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Cranbrook Herald Jun 21, 1917

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At the meeting held In the Auditor*
lum on Sunday ovonlng. over fiiio people wore present and when a standing
vote wns called for In favor of con*
Bcrlptlon not n Blnglo person romalned
A. i'. Ilarshaw, Supt.. i P, It. pro-
lu opon lng tho mooting tho chair-
mini asked tho audience to bow their
heads and spend two minutos In silent
uml solemn meditation in memory of
the brave heroes who bad fallen fighting to preserve the liberties of mankind, he then called upon tlie audience
to sing "Nearer My Ood To Thee"
which was accompanied by Mrs. Wallinger's orchestra.
The chairman stated that 50 invitations had been sent to the leading
citizens Including lady speakers, irrespective of political leanings, the
meeting was strictly non-poHtlcal, and
was called for the purpose of ascertaining the feelings of all classes with
regard to the burning question of conscription, any person wishing to speak
for or against would be welcomed on
the platform, and given a courteous
He was very proud of having tbo
honor of presiding at such a meeting
and was glad to see such a large
gathering, and called upon the Secretary, Mr. C A. Cock, to lend correspondence:
Thc Hev. Futlier MacUuiri', 0. M. I.,
wrote, he could not attend but that
the teachings of his Church were that
all must obey those in authority.
Mr. R. K. Beattie. In a letter, expressed his regret that a previous
engagement prevented his attendance
but wished to go on record us strongly
In favor of conscription, It was our
duty to help our motln.'and. but
thought conscription of wealth should
be included in the measure-
Mrs, Leslie, Regent of the I. 0. I). 10.,
deeply regretted she could not be
present to express her views owing to
severe illness.
Lieut. W. S. Samo. the first spenkor.
said: "As a loyal citizen of Canada
I am pleased to have the opportunity
of expressing my views on the greatest
question before the people of Canada
today-Conscription. Throughout the
Press discussions upon the subject, I
have failed to see one good reason or
excuse set forth why conscription
Hhould not be enforced at this critical
period. Why do tho people of onr
iclorious Dominion wait until it is inn
late or be forced to render their services in defence nf onr country and
Empire? While Canada and her loyal
citizens have done a great deal she
has not yet completed ber task nr done
her duty until the very last mnn has
responded to the tali While 1 mn beyond military age 1 am still nol so
old but am Willing tn place myself in
whatever capacity 1 am most capable
to fulfill In defence nf my country ami
King which Is th.* duty of ever) trm
loyal citizen of Canada "
Mr N. A. Walllngor then addressed
the meeting stating Thai in the
event of no assistance being forwnrded
to the men at lh.- trnnt nn BCCOlinl of.
selective conscription being turned
down, the nation would un down iii
history as quitters ond desortors in
spite of lb'- fact that nnr .Hiroea al Hie
front have done ami are doing things
to make us proud to bo BrltlBh ami
prouder still to I.,- Canodlans An*
we going In stand im an> Buch reputation?    A reputation that  wlll be .-1111-
leiTcd mi the nation by Quebec backed
1 up by her political friends. It Is
I monstrous to suggest Ul and yet what
alternative have the uinl-conscrlptloit-
Ista to offer In Its ylnec?
TllO refusal to send re-lnforeemeuts
j now is tan tu mount to uiurder, ami
! every effort should he made to see that
; everything that is needed at the front
I lu mon, supplies or money must be
Patriotism surely must be the gold-
: ing star of any people that desire to
become a nation, even if not entirely
'< compatible with religion, we must not
j forget the first injunction If we intend
j to  obey  the  second:     "(tender   unto
Caesar the things that are Caesar's,
Mr. B. E, Howard, Manager, imperial Bank, being called upon stated he
was strongly In favor of conscription
and believed the whole west wns. In
the east tbe anti-eonscrlptlonistR only
were holding meetings to express their
views, and It Is time those support
ing conscription did some of the talking.
"I am not a partisan," he said." but
such few votes as I have cast happen
to be Liberal."
Mrs. .lohn Laurie wus the next
speaker. She said: "When 1 was a
girl lu England quite a long time ago,
I used to see numbers of young German boys, from fifteen years up, who
bad been sent over Trom Germany by
their parents to escape conscription,
i thought It wns a terrible thing that
those boys should have to leave their
native land because of such a law. and
live among total strangers, who spoke
a different tongue, and so 1 had a horror of conscription but now I believe
the time has come when we should
have conscription in Canada; we must
hnve It if the war is to bc won and I
believe It will work perfectly If a
wise exemption is used, for instance
perhaps a young man of twenty one
years or over is the mainstay of the
family, the father not being able to
snpport-thost- diq» mluit on him; In
such a case it would not be wise on
the pnrt of the government to conscript such an one, as provision would
have to be made for the maintenance
of his dependents. There are plenty of
men In Canada who can easily be
spared, who would never volunteer,
they think It is not Canada's war.
(Continued nn page fotirt
Otto Olll, the youog son of Mr. T. S,
Gill, Was brought befor« stipendiary
magistrate Arnold, on Monday of thl*
week by Provincial Constable Kerr,
on a charge of wilfully wounding
certain cows belonging to the St.
Eugene Hospital and Mr. .Charles H.
Shepherd on the 20tb May last, Provincial Constable Kerr prosecuted and
Mr. Nlshnt acted for the defence,
Evidence was given at considerable
length on Monday and Tuesday by
John It. Pocha, employee of the Hob-
plUil. Ford Ryder, C. 11. Shepherd.
Robert Anderson and Constable Kerr,
which proved beyond a doubt tlu.t the
East Kootenay Fall Fair will b>
held at Cranbrook, W'eduesday and
Thursday. September llMh anil 13th.
A special meeting of the t'ranbrook
District Agricultural Association
executive was held at the office of thu
Secretary, City Hall, Monday evening
June ISth anil a considerable amount
of Ira por tan I business wns transacted.
A committee of tl.e President ami
Secretary was ;iiijn.mi>-ii in make arrangements for disposing of membership tlckeis. The committee on prize
list reported progress and asked for
cattle had been shot by someone using an extension of time, hut expected
a rifle, but beyond showing that j to have the list ready i'or tin* printer
the cattle when found by their own- j in about a week, The Secretary was
ers were near Mr. Gill's property on , distrusted to write the many wholesale
the Wycliffe road, there was absolute-; houses doing business with rranbrook
ly no evidence whatever connecting! merchants, for special prizes. It
young Gill with the shooting. i was suggested that the management
The magistrate dismissed the case, give a prize for an automobile slow
Under these circumstnnces tt seems [ race, nnd this wns left lu the hands of
rather a pity that a young boy who j the sports committee, nlso the question
has always borne a good reputation j of arranging suitable prize for the best
around lown should be given the un- decorated automobile.
pleasant publicity attached to the lay- Tho Directors also discussed the
lng of a aerlous charge of tbis kind . mutter of having a  "muckers" con-
Toby, an Indian, came before Judge
Arnold on remand on Friday last
charged by Indian Constble Ryekman
with being drunk. Toby was found
gllty and fined $10.00.
V C Kerr was nlso before the
court on a charge of attempting to
sell Hquor to an Indian Kerr plead*
• .I guilty and paid a fine of $60.00.
On Tuesday Maurice McOregor appeared to answer a charge of common
assault and also a charge of using insulting language to a lady on Van-
Home street After bearing the evidence of witnesses the accused was
found guilty on both charge'. The
chief In prosecuting pointed out that
Mien were a lot nf lonely women In
Cranbrook. and that then- were likely to be more, women whose husband"
were flghttne at the front, and that it
Was up to those who remained to give
the^e women full protection. The accused was fined $16.00 or thirty days
on  each charge,    The fines were paid
Worry is Worse than Work
Oh read by Mrs. .1  w Rnonto beforo
tbo Women's Institute)
Worry bus been .ailed "\Vomt*n*i
worst emotion". It Is almost unnecessary to dotlne or describe It. It lakes
most often the form of vain regrets
over past errors and groundless fear
of the future. A morbid distress over
whut Is past or what might have been
or a vexing and distressing anxiety
and a type of fear which may lake hold
of an otherwise healthy mind but
whicli If Indulged In may in time lead
to serious derangement. According to
an eminent authority "it is the one
great sliortcner of lire under civilization' as It certainly te one of the
things thnt makes life less worth living. Of nil forms of worry, the financial Is tho most frequent and for ordinary minds the most distressing,
there Is almost nothing that the worrisome do not worry over, .
Often worry Is one of the results of
overwork, oftener still nf 111 regnh-.ted
work, but oftencRt of nll of nn III regulated and discontented mind. Work
may be defined ns the continued application of strength or energy of
mind or body in the accomplishing of
nome task. There are many klndr, of
work nnd nt least two kinds of work
Art, those who aro tnternuted In or In
tov* wMb their work and thme who
do II merely from a sense nf duty or
under the compulsion of necessity.
Work thai we have to make ourselves
do is nf course much harder than work
that we delight to do whether It he
head work or hand work. One may
have a tusk that calls Tor close and
keen attention, although in the doing
of It one may not he called on to move
hand or foot which may tire one more
than work for the same time straining
every muscle of the body,
But easy or hard work Is less wearying and wearing than worry which Is
as bad for one as grinding without
grist for n mill. Worry Is a morbid
exercise of mind and nerve resulting
nl ways In excessive strain nnd con
sequent   wasteful   expenditure of en-
rgy nml exhaustion of vitality with
nut any consequent healthful reaction
leaving tbe one who Indulges in It or
who lias come under bondage to it
wearied without work, irritable without warrant, nnd most unreasonably
depressed. Work, on the other bund
within the limits of one's strength Is
healthful exercise of the bodily and
mental powers ensuring the enjoyment
of the luxury of resl and r,nnnd sleep
and resulting in the renewal and increase of the energy expended.   Kxer-
clse which may he regarded ns a form
of work Is universally acknowledged
fCuntr-m>4 en page four)
against him without more reasonable
and probable cause for doing so.
It appears that there have been
complaints about the amount of Indiscriminate and careless shooting
that has been going on in the neighborhood along the Wycliffe road and
this kind of thing should of course be
stopped for the safety of the public.
The Provincial Police should be
encouraged In their efforts to locate
those responsible for such careless
and dangerous actions and have them
punished but they should make more
sure that they have, found the right
person before laying a criminal
charge against anyone.
In this connection it might be well
to remind parents of young boys that
tbey should he earefut to see that
their hoys arc not allowed the full
use of firearms. No boy under lfi,
according to the Game Aet, is permitted to use firearms unless accompanied by an adult. This Is a wise
provision and no sane person will object to the authorities seeing tbat it
is more generally observed.
France. May -0, 17.
Dear tdtnber— We Iiav* at last a.
rived in .''.-..h-*-*    I hav*- seen severa
of the Cr ,'i*.ok boy.   Tlglin Mr*
redy and *Jer: Parker are in the same;
livlsinn m 1 ra in, both locking very !
"'ell.   W . be going up t -e line very !
shortly n ij vet'eve me t "at's what I'm
looking f'-.-i-d to.   Wa are drsftid
to the 61 1 Battalion, tc I see Capt.:
Hicks. Ve--; Rlckards anl the rett I
of the boys.   My address will be 64th
Battalion Ca-trit'r-2], B. E F„ Prance <
We have .*>
ti. |*ir*'»a :*.
it. whai we
say   In       r
-orr-v ■ d
••e so rtrn 1
expect b'«
«li.   ■.»    Fn
ucc is •y.'ft*
1 preliv co
. ;» •• far a
I've 'cn of
We hav
, a' qniie a 1
:t of rain In
the last ■ <i
, s -f lay«
iM.'«  thlaf.*
a little damp but that is all. We are
under '.r. is o«-o.' h°.-e Bc ■ • n Mtttp
cold at n^hi-J T • fir*i nigh' Wfl
got here 1 and my pal slept out, as our
luck won . hate :' it just poured wltll
rain so w* «»•« 1 li".'t* d.*- « p when we
got up In the nmrulng. The hard tack
und bully bei! are .iust fine over here,
but a fellow with poor teeth shouldn't
be laying around in this country, that
is if he wants to eat anything.
Must elnsv now. will write as often
as I can.    Hope you are all  well at
home,    With  love to ynu  all.
Yonr loving son,
Gordon iWalllngeri
lu County Court heard la-l Monday
The ruse of II. L. Sawyer of Kings-
gate against George Millet! of Klko,
which was tried here by a Jury early |
in May and in which the jury answered
certain questions submitted to them
hy Judge Thompson in such a way
that the lawyers on both sides contended that their client should win,
has now been decided by Judge
Thompson In favor of the plaintiff 1
Sawyer. The Judge holds that although the answers to some of the
questions were rather obscure ond
perhaps a llttle Inconsistent, still it
Is* his duty not to censtrue ;helr findings too strictly but *o gafiior from
the whole, of their findings tn conjunction with tin' evidence at the trial,
what the manifest Intention of the
Jury was and give effect to It. He has
decided that the Jury's Intention was
to give a verdict for the plaintiff
and that there was sufficient evidence to Justify this verdict and directs that Judgment shall go In favor
of Sawyer for $.ff)0 and the costs of
the Court,
Mr. W. A. Nisbet acted for Mr.
Sawyer and Mr. P. 0. Lawe of Ferule
and Mr. Spreull. appeared for Mr.
test ns an attraction to the Kimberley
miners, and the nnoBtlon of lumbermen's sports, such as log loading, tie
making, find sawing contests were
dealt with. It is the intention or the
management to interview every farmer in the District, with n view of inducing them to bring in exhibits, and
so take a live Interest ill the success of
Kast Kootenay's 1917 Fall Fair. The
ladles of the district are also urged to
prepare their fancy work, aud special
inducements will he offered fnr best
home, cooking. The advisability of
having a baby show with special prize,
for siime. will be considered at the
mxt meeting of the Association. It
Is to bo hoped that the citizens general
ly will lake a keecner Interest In the
success of the Fair as it Is only by
co-operation that success is attained.
The president of the Far,, irs Institute
and the Poultry Association. Messrs.
E, 11. McPhoo and R T. Cooper.res-
pi ctivcly, have kindly consented to
assist on the directorate.
Don't knock, lot's all boost.
Cran brook Pupil** ''uke Good Shnwi'mt
On Wednesday afternoon an opportunity wn* nffordtd to the parents
and the pu ili< 10 visit tlie Manual
Train in j* Oe.ire -it the Cranbrook
Central School. The work accomppj'n
ed by tli* pupils curing the terra wilt.
exhibited and .Mr. Mlchelmore, the in
striictor explained the educations,
object 0' tlle \nrlciis operations ::i
volved 11 the vlsitois.
The ii:., of ti ,. p -ure during ih.-.
past month 1 ..»>* 1 eer to stimulate thi
enthusiasm 01 the boys by directi.14
tholr eu**!'!.'e.- to th production or
articles ol lea. u>L so that tbey may
not look upon the work as a mere lesson iu woodwork but turn their ill'il'l-
to production as a hobby. From the
busy and interested appearance of
those in the class at work that after*
noon the efforts along this line seem
to have attained a good measure of
success. Among the practical and useful articles to be seen In the exhibit
wire tables, benches, drawing Itoards,
writing decks, chicken feeders, beehives, etc.
During the term the im. "nvement of
tli' school and grounds ims also been
augmented in a practical manner by
the erection of L'OO feet of fence a-
round the school gardens, a bicycle
rack for six machines and several
Items of cluss room equipment which
have lieen built by "Tie scholars. A
nucleus for the High School physics
laboratory hns been formed by tin* construction of scientific apparatus and
in this way the students are encouraged to add by their own effort to the
effectiveness of their own preparation In the race for efficiency.
In view of the ever Increasing world
competition and need for production
at the present time this term of education in accuracy and economy cannot be overestimated and with our
splendidly equipped centre which compares favorably with those of any nf
Hie larger cities In the Province, Cranbrook Is in a position to give to the
boys here a training whicb will en*
tbem to compete lu even terms with
those from other parts of the world.
The wood used is ililcfl/ local
grown pine nnd the expense for material Is In the neighborhood or fifty
cents for each pupils per year, which
is not a Inrge amount of outlay to expend on making onr hoys useful and
self reliant citizens with an Inclination
to utilize their spare time in pursuits
of art nnd utility.
The following letter of acknowledgement was received by the I.O.D.E.
from the Oversens Cluh. Aldwych,
"The Overseas Cluh grnlefully received from Kuskanook Chapter I.O.I).
BI., Cranbrook. Canada, the sum of
rO.fi.O. as a contribution to the Overseas Cluh Tobncco Fund.
Thu money will be expended In to
haecn and cigarettes Just as the donors
have requested, and the parcels will
bo sent nfr through lhe Military nr
Naval Forwarding autborltlea as
prmaptly at posslhle."
Matters   Of   Immediate   Importance
The Editor of the Cranbrook Herald
Dear Sir.—I would like through the
columns of your paper to draw the
farmers' attention to the need of certain efforts on their part If we wish
to make the work of the above body
of service to tbe community.
First there are the crop competitions, one in potatoes and one in
The first   should  hnve a   full  entry
list   in  11   year like the present  when
nll the forces of the country are try-
lng  to  Increase  production.    A  man
may select the best quarter acre he .
has, giving his position at a later dale I
when far enough advanced to compare,
the   prizes   are   ample   although   not ;
quite as large as last year but at least j
six prizes in the class and each winner will receive a bonus of $.r, for a 1
record of cost and methods used in 1
producing the crop, on forms supplied
free by the Department.
In wheat, we are trying to secure
a mill and elevator through the efforts of the Board of Trade and lustl-
lue. We need, and expect some assistance from the government.
Now, I do not know nny one thing
that would hnve nion- Influence nn the
government than a report from the
Minister of Agriculture that bis crop
judges, when making their Inspection
of crop entries In Cranbrook District
had tn visit every farm on St. Marys
prairie and any other part of the
district growing wheat, as every man
hod made an entry In the competition.
If, Mr. Editor, that judge had to
spend two days of solid work In the
district instead of a couple or hours.
It would place Cranbrook on the map
aL-rlenUnrally as a producer of wheat
and potatoes and facilitate negotiations very much.
I have. h«d Inquiries as to what
ebunce a dry farmed crop has against
a watered one, a new land one against
one on old soil. etc.. The judge?
have always been well enough versed
to make tbe proper allowance In sueh
matters and I do not think 1 have
ever heard a complaint on tbis scon
The officers or the Institute have mail
one trip out trying to Induce entries
but It is impossible to go to everyone
or to catch each at home.
Kach entry Is one dollar for each
competition over aud above membership fee and as a rule here, ahout
seventy per cent of the entries get iu
the money list and every winner get*
?5 for a record of his operations which
can be made out in about five minutes.
Potutoes. one quarter acre, wheat nne
acre. At the same time let nu remind
all interestLd thnt any membership
fees received before July 1st. nt Sl
each, are (.-..plicated by tne government to same i-mount up to $5, after
that we lose :''.*=: government payment
hence If >oi mve nt.- re,icwe-| e.nd
intend to. you give dni.b>v by doing
it at one.;, the president, Mr. K, 11.
McPhee Is cashy seen 0: send to the
undersU; ul.
i'f nrs trill*-*
A.B. Sn'".*li
Big Reductions fn
Ladies' Spring Coats
and Suits    3    3
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A LL Ladies' Coats and Suits
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cent less than regular values.
There are many styles lo choose
from and no two thc same. Now
is your chance to get a Coat tor
the cool evenings They are in
all the New Shades of Paddy
Green. Mustard, Orange, Creams
and Black and White Checks
with colored trimmings.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Uouds and Clothing Stores
3 V *a . .<l/\> »1    ts\fmm i,r*ftmemt\s*4*s,mr\t\ w , ,l\s\ a.    ,l\s\ m, , ms*Qmmi
S.   II.   ri'MPKM.Y   BIKS   AT   AUK
ok ;».
Marrlied Willi Sherman In II"' *»<«
Ail<* Kntfrinit War al I.(*s*e
Than ill.
(The* foHowlnn ace.*u.rnt le- lakren
Irom a re*ccnt issue nf tlii* Portland
Bvenlng Telresrani and handed to us
for reubliration through the kindness
of Mr. Sam K. Plimpelly, son of the
de-c eased.)
Samuel n. Pumpelly, a Civil war
veteran and Grand Army man. riled al
his home. 6010 Forty-fifth revenue.
Southeast. < Portland. Orepnn.) trt fi.f.O
o'rloek yesterday mnrnlr.jr. after an
lllne! s eitene'.lnE over a period of more
than five \vt**ks
Mr, Pumpelly was horn near Amelia.
Clermont enunty. 0.. May 20. 1841.
When he was about a year olel his j
parents movod to Mirryrvllle. Ky,'
where they re-sldi'd at the* breaking out j
nf the Civil war.
Soon after Fort Sumter wns flrer! on
Mr. Pumpelly. IS years ole!. enlisted j
In eompany A. 10th Kentucky Infee-.try i
as n private*.   Ile'lore starting for the
front he wns made a lieutenant and |
later wns rhnsen captain of the rom-;
pany.    Ills regiment participated In
some of the most derisive engagements
of the war.
While with Sherman on his memorable march to the rea Captain Pumpelly was severely wounded at Reaaca,
Cn.. May 14th, 1RM. He returned
home on a furlough. After his partial
recovery he wns placed on detached
duty nt I/rulsvllic, where he remained
until peace had heen concluded.
ln Illinois he married Miss Olbbs,
the daughter nf a Baltimore sea cap-
tnln. r.2 yenrs ago. Several years
later the fnmlly moved tn l.lnr.ele
county. Minn., wliere Mr. Pnmpollj
served ns county auditor for eight
years. The family hns lived ln Portland since February, 1004.
Mr. Plimpelly was well known In
this nistrlet on account of large In-
teres!-, be possessed In mining proper-
tlra on •»• St. Mary pralrla.
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IV. J. ATI IIINOV Manager.
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\texl n. I'tisl odicc
V,  1
V. m. C fl.  6R1CC
Hours ■; n.m. lo 8 p.m.
Icaular lllnuor .V Sluerl Orders
Ilea   mable Prices
IIPI \  III Till) I'l Illl
rl   Tuble   (or   Udles.
wltlcli Alii.'.I nations aro making sucli 1
heroic sacrifices., und ot Hues., win. se*e '■
in Hi.- trlunuili ol Oorman aims tlio
end e.f all tilings which thoy count
most dear mnl snored.   Canada must
raise tho men most necessary tie linlel
tllat Bcctlon eel thc llm' which has heen ■
' consecrated lo Invincible victory  ley
; the bluoil eef brave men who linve given
; their liv.'s u sacrifice lo Freedom.
| .'It is the intention of the Oovorn-
in.'nt to introduce proposals for com- J
pulsory enlistment, ley selective elruft.
eel' the llli'ii rcilllll'cd tee I'eilit'nri'e tilt*
Canadiiiu  lino and to maintain thnt
section  e.r ilic  Allied  front  al   lull
< fighting strength.   No true patriot ur
I friend  uf  llborty   will   Bhrinlt   from
I ilils sncrlfce.   Canada can der no loss
; nnd be true to herself.   Thel an bo
uu rebirth for this Dominion, no future of enduring grontuoss, no social
reconstruction  een  sure  foundations,
. until the nation with inherent splrlt-
i mil insight discerns the real Issues nl
i stake 111 tliis war. nml, yloldnlg nil ill
tin. spirit or trite Bacrlfleo, tubes her
stand by the side of Belgium uml bleed
I'lll-: CKANIIKOOK 11 KHALI' I ine nnd Indomitable Britain nl ■»•■
 born America to tight In the victorious
      ,   end the battle of civilization, of rlghl
l.s |    ttee'Uv    lev     lei'    I rilllUruUK , .....
I and justice, agalnBt brute rori'e nnd
Pk^YAZ. 1
*\mstSn.          HaW
nu Empire Ititli.i Is un Empire. Mut
wo urc :i system <>r uatioiiB. Wo nro
nui ;i Stato, liiii f community of States
pud until us, We ure fnr grontor thnn
uny Empire whicli linn ovor oxlstt'il,
und hy u ini', thia nnclonl oxprui imi
wo I-.ally iii r.ii: ,■ ii ,* in..in tncl thai
nnr wluili [in !th i '' rilffi y nt, uud
tImi wo i i'o nol . no si.iir or nation nr
empire, l-ui n whole world hy our*
1*1 v
u I'
I intolerable despotism.
Cmiihrook, It. ('.. .lum' '-list. 11)17
i.o.o. r.
Meets evory
Monday uight
ut Fraternity
k   Oddfellows
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Meeta every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in
the Fraternity Hall
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P. O. Box 522
Visiting brethren cordially Invited tn attend.
Meets In Muplo Hull second
Tuesday of every month at 8
p. in.
Membership open to llrltlsh
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Parish Hall
first Tuesday
afternoon of
every   montii
I.i id by i'n,v. Government.
3pi i in! utti ntlon given to Nervous and Rheumatism rase; by
ViiiiH Kit> Trent mon I
Build up the system and
stendy the nerves through Elec-
tric Vibration, Internal Exercise
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a por-
/'.'   ■       "'   ■    ~——~m_———**——————m_———————**—~——*——**,
.   , ',MiC;ti;: l'*m* I any patriotism and to eachew any pub-
™ CX.S^      Pres,, Mrs. W.   i|c demonstration that may directly or
McFarlane,   |ni]|rectiy supporl or tend to support
Secy, Mra. J. W. Burton, P. 0. Box 621.  ^ m &t (|](. n.(m| t][(i r(i||nptH trom
All ladles cordially invited. whnM|  mflke M  ||rou(, ,(| ,)(, m%m
und prouder stilt tn he Canadians.
Of courso, a clasri ,n a -i ■linn,
ahould not he blamed I'm- doing as the
school iniiBter direct:-:, it is still In
leading strings and certainly lias no
mind < i' ii imi; il is not old enough
to bo truHtcd wltli Its own thinking,
and having nn bnckbom of Its own it
has tu wall fnr the word nf command
to opon Its mouth,
All this la apropos nf tbo mooting
held at Die Auditorium lasl Sunday
i evening when tbe feeling of the dls-
! trlct wa*. asked as to the :esslty ot
j sell ctivo  coiiBcription   of  men    and
j money   being   Imposed.    One   would
think. In all conscience, that at   a
j time like this, tlio Iniquitous bead ot
party  politics  would  nol  rear itself.
bul ii did, and the schoolmaster's nf-
i frighted   children   were  conspicuous
hy iii< Ir ubsi nee, with the oxcoptlon,
[ may they bo uloRsed, of two or three,
Thn petty excuse of a Sabbath dny
meeting certainly Ones not hear out
: sample sel by Onr Master, in the
Incident of lho nsa fallen In tho ditch.
imt of emir •■ our men nl r • frniit.
urn nol nn Important as a mule in u
ti le to torn.' pi ople; i arty
politics first, the real nowlioro.
lh mill, Limited.
u. A. Kny, Manager
M.   \.   Heale,  SecrPtnrj   ami   K rj    "A tr.'motulous responsibility rest
1 upon those wlm arc moulding public
opinion and guiding Canada's Bteps In
the momentous decisions which tlte insistent demands of a terrible wur force
LA CHI EH AM) nil'KKIAL UNITY | "Don the country In this supreme hour
of liumun deatlny."
■ Wilfred Laurier docs not heir
fast wan'-'i, repnt ition as a
if Hritish patriotism and
purpose, when ho seeks to bollttlo
implishod by tbo recent
conference nf Imperial statesmen iu
London. In n statement to the Brlt-
if Commons, Premier Lloyd
George declared that tbo Inauguration
of an.annual Imperial Cabinet, to discus.- and advise on matters of Empire
policy, constituted tin* greatest step
sl taken in tlie constitutional devcl-
n nf the Empire. Tho same in-
■lalinii te given by tho Britis!
, the  Liberal  Loudon Chronicle
■a lias heen be-
tlic Overseas
lho Motlu rlnnd. Why.
in the fnee of sueh statements from
lin- highest authorities, and despite
changes whicb be must know completely alter nur status in the Empire,
Wilfred Laurier slur over and
■r al whal has been achieved?
successive Imperial Conferences
:■ Wilfred shuid boldly iu the path of
ill attempts at closer Empire eon-
notion. Cnn Hritish Canadians who
li im lo see tin- Empire knit more
Insely togi ther be blamed if, In view
u iii:. record, they are compelled to
lelleve that when Sir Wilfred now
ilightlngly declares thai lhe latest
ittompts at. closer unity fulled, the
vfsli is father tn the thought.
Tliis heading may lie misleading tn
who desire more knowledge nf
i the modus operandi of politics and the
1 Inside   working   thereof;   this  article
j is merely in call attention to the way
tiiat one class of Sir Wilfred Laurier's school in its beautiful humility
ml unquestioning obedience bus d:
;led by silence to humbly deprecate
jl Mot2tft.fr&&|fl
MB Jl IN A If 1)'S
.  — Ll:. . '        \
Rulatlnif I'lll (or V* JiSn Iw- r.i c   ,.■■.--
(In,   Bolt] i i nil |i rf, ot mulled tonitj
address on ri - ■ ; i.i,     •■    i ni. -etui xi. Dm u
Vitality; (nr Nerve ti i Hmin; Intreatwi, Mgroy
mutter'   ii i. illd* tm Up, f.i u !iox,i>r
two for $.1 ut (trittf Mori** nr by mall on receipt
ilprico in,. Hi oi Pn .. i u Ht, Cutburlnei,
Htolen propi rt) in the value .
$(15,00 w.\. n rov red by lhe Pnl In
bei montii and dm ln« lhc preceedln
month tolon m th ■■ valued al ovc
(00.(10 wh rn inn I tu Hie rlgltlfu
(Prom tho Toronto Qlobe)
"Whal Is Canada's duly in tills duy
of testing?   The responsible head of
tho UoVornmonl comes back from Kurope wiih a mespngc to which Canada
must mnke answer,   li is the call for
more men overseas, for fifty thousand
or one hundred thousand men.   Will
anyone In Parliament tu- the country
orlously contend thnt this call  fnr
help   that thia call from nations to
whom Canada nwon her birth uud hor
civilization    would be   turned down
with the flippant Irresponsibility with
whicli lhe Blacker at tho street corner
iRiiorea the recruiting sergeant?   Cnn-
adu  linn gnl  Uie men nml can spare
' iln- mnn If those who sit In tbo seats
; of the legii lutnra and connaollors of
' the notion    nj   the word.   To defeat
(Iermany on lite battlefield, In realore
pence throughout the world, and make
tin   deed- of Cnuiidn in tins struggle
an Ini plrntton and n guide to gonorn-
j tioim unborn, hi the high prlvllogo uml
J duly nf all   win. eberltdi  Ihe irleubi fnr
THK    FA1LUKK   OF   LAUttlElt
Wi cannot pretend 11 bo (.urprlsed
at Sli Wilfred Lnuri*»r'*j amendment to
.submit the conscription bill io the
el-'"lors nf Canada hv ivfHrendum.
IHs whnle attitude tlnce lhc com-
iii. nceinent of ihe war hns no! inspired
hope fnr any other result. Mis great
Influence and prestige amongst hla
followers in the Province of Quebec
might have been effectively employed
to bring the more turbulent element
into Mm* but Instead he endeavors to
gain political advantage by costing
tbo onus on to tho shoulders nf the
.Sir Wilfred claims that tiiere never
wus any danger nf Invasion of Canada
on the part of (Iermany.
lias Sir Wilfred proved himself to bc
the possessor of exceptional prophetic
It wns only a short period before
the declaration of war that he and
many of bis colleagues were declaring
with emphasis that there, wus no danger of war with Germany, the result
being that the construction of three
Canadian dreadnoughts was rendered
impossible anil a wrong Impression
conveyed to (iermany of Canadian
loyalty to the mother country at the
most critical time,
Sir Wilfred adds that he believed
nines he imagine the danger is past)
a (Ierman victory would envelope Canada in the black shroud of Germnn
insolence, cruelties and barbarities.
How could all this be accomplished
without invasion?
The great aim of Germany wns colonial expansion and the frustration of
their original plan of campaign during
the early stages is regarded by historians ot the Great War in the light of
a miracle and due in a lurge measure
to the Indomitable courage of the-
Allied troops.
The menace of invasion faces ns
until German militarism is utterly destroyed and to attain this result the
whole resources of the Kmpire must
be utilized. Delay tn re-lnforcing the
troops at the, front means prolongation of the war and the unnecessary
loss nf thousands of valuable lives.
Sir Wilfred is asking Canada to
submit to this delay apparently out of
consideration for the feelings of a
small nnruly element,
Sir Robert Borden declares that the
Immediate re-lnforcement ot out
troops is urgent, insistent and Imperative; he speaks with Ihe voice of full
authority aftor first hand investigation.
Necessity knows no law.
This Is not the time for quibbling
and fine phrases hut for quick action.
Prompt and vigorous action on the
part of the Government will, we are
confident, gain tin* endnrsullnn nf
every right thinking man who decides
and acts according tn hla own conscience and Is not a hidebound slave
to party,
muny States, and all aorta of commutes, under one flag:.
Wo   uro   a   system   of   Stale.'.,   and
not,   I   think, [a  stationary  system,
Inn   a  syslem  always  going  forward
to new destinies.   Take the position
of that system today,   Mere you have
the United Kingdom with a number of
Crown   Colonies.    Besides  tliat, you
have largo Protectorates like Egypt,
an Kmpire by itself.   Then you have a
great Dependency like India, also an
Empire  by  Itself,  where  civilization
ha i i xlsti (l  from   timo  Immemorial,
Wo are trying to see how Kast and
West can work together.   These are
enormous problems; but beyond thnn
wc coin.' to the so-called Domlntoni
almost   Independent   in   government
themselves, which have been evolved
on tho principle of a Kuropean con
stltutional  system  into almost  hide
pendent Stales,  but  who  all  belon
to thia community of nations, whicli
prefer to call 'the  Briti h Common
wealth of Nations.'
Vou ecu aee tbat no political Idea
which we have evolved In tho past will
applj to this world which la comprlacd
In tin* iiriiish Empire; and any nnmi
we hnve yet found for this group ii
Insufficient, The man whp will Hnd
a proper name tor this system will,
I think, do real service to tin* Empire
Tho question is, how an* we going
to provide for the future government
of this Commonwealth? An entirely
new problem Is presented. If 'you
Wii.it lo see how gnal it is. you must
indulge in comparison. Look at the
United States, There you find what
Is essentially one nation, imt perhaps
in the fullest ^'n::.\ hut what Ie more
and more growing into one nation;
one big state consisting, no doubl.
Of separate parts, but all linked up
Into one big continuous area. The
United States had to solve the problem which this presented, and they
discovered the federal solution n
solution which provides subordinate
parts, but one national Federal Government and Parliament tor tbe whole.
Compare with tbat state tho enormous system which is comprised In
the British Empire. Vou can sec at
once that a solution wheh lias been
found practicable In tbe case of the
United Stales will never work in the
cuh' of an enormous system snch aa
we arc trying to work out tor the
Whal 1 feel in regard to all the
empires of the pant, and even in regard to the United states, Is thai the
effort bas always hem towards forming one nation always one nation.
All tho empires we hav.' known In tho
pasl nnd that exist today are founded
on the Idea nf assimilation, of trying
to force human material Into one
mould. Vour wholo Idea and basis is
entirely different. (Cheers.) Von do
tint want to standardize the nations
nf the British Empire; ynn want lo
develop them toward'.' a grenler
nationality, These communities, the
offspring ot the Mother Country, nr
territories   like  my own,   which  huve
been annexed arte:* the vicissitudes of
wsir. must not be moulded In any one
pattern. Vou want them to develop
on tin* principle of Be If-government.
and therefore yonr whole idea ia different from anything that has ever
existed beforo. That Is lho fundamental fael we have to hear in mind
tbr.l this Brltiah Com mon weal tb of
nations doi a nol nlnnd ror standard-
beat ion nr conventionalization, but ror
the fuller,  ru her. und  moro lif" of
wider Issues that are at stall'. You
cannot make a republllc nf the British
Commonwealth of nations.
If you had to elect a ProBldent, he
would have to bo it President not only
hero In these Islands, but all over Ibe
British Empire—In Indlr., and in the
Dominions—tlto President who would
he really representative of all these
peoples; and horo you would bo facing
un absolutely inuoniablo problem,
(Cheers.) The theory ot the Constitution Is tliat tlio King Is not your
King, but the King ot all of us. ruling
over every part nf the whnle Commonwealth of the nations of the Empire;
and If liis place should be taken by
anybody olse then that somebody will
have to bo elected under n process
which  will  pass the wit of man to
devise.     Let   us  be  tllimUflll   for  mercies.    We liave a klllgBhlp here which !
|a  really  nol   very  illfforenl   from  a
horodltory republic,    I am Mire that ■
moro and moro in die future the trend
wlll he i-i thiil direction, and I shull
not bo Biirprifled to se ■ iho lime come
when onr Hoyal princes, Instead of
gelling their consorts from among j
tbo prlnci Huge of Centrnl Kurope. will
go for them lo tho Dominions uml the
outlying portion* of tbo British Km-
pire.    (Laughter and loud eboora.)    I
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.n:Au:its is row,, ivoou and mi:
A Hth Is  fm- lhc  hi mollis   >l assoy- llnri'is  Miirhlm-ry
(ilnnl iNimti-r        McColl's oils.
miTOll   TIM lh     W.YVAYN   ON    THL   JOB
ill  ll!"   rj:. t 1- .,1 ■■   r,i>]|VV:* I ll   ill   It.
We reproduce pari  of tiie speech I    Kven the nntlotiH which hnve foughl
if Qeneral Smuts nmde on the 15th | atctiliiBl   it.  HUo my own, iiuihI  fro!
iiltn In tlto llny-il Gallery of tho House
of Lords. Tin* Bpeecll Ims been considered so Important that the BrltlBh
Qovernment bus arranged for the circulation of half n million copiea nnd
hns also had it tranfllated In other languages:
Imperial Itcliitinns
Compulsion Ib uo new thing; we \
live by compulsion, pny tuxes, keep j
out burglars, loch up evildoers, clothe
ourselves, all by compulsion. Com-
pulsion is only felt a compulsion when
men have not reason enough to do
tbo necessary thing willingly.
Sir Robert Burden assures the country that the need of reinforcement of
the Canadian Divisions Is "urgent,
insistent and imperative." and he Is
in :i position to know, in the face of
this, opposition to conscription Is
treachery to the bravo lads who are.
fighting tor Canada at thc front.
We stand at thc parting of tlio way.
We may lose the war- wo may win it.
If the nnH-conscriptionlEts confusing
'heir how's with the catch words of
party politics, win through tlicir
shouting, win in Canada, Australia, j
Btiaala, and Englnnd. for unfi rtunate-!
ly in each country tbey have their
representatives, then we stnnd to lose.;
Do the sons of farmers In Canada .
realize thai ir the country that gave
tbem birth should bo defentod in the
world struggle against tbe military
despotism ief the Teutons, tbr.l nil
Canada would be subject to permanent slavery under tho heel of thel
(Ierman oppressor. How can tbo sons
of Prance, in Canada, carry out their
threat of fighting the protectors of
their motherland ngahtsl the puomiea!
of France.
(The following letter has been hand-
ed to us by Mr. Thos. M. Roberta
for publication.)
To thc Secrotnries, Returned Sol-'
dlora Employment Committees, of
Brltisli Columbia.
Dear Sir.- We are today advised by
the Board of 1'cnsion Commissioners
for Canada lhat thoy are desirous ot
securing returned soldier applicants
with clerical experience for their stuff
nt Ottawa. Female dorks and sten-
ographers are also required. Preference will be given to dependents
of soldiers. A representative of the
Board of Pension Commissioners will
visit Victoria on or about June 12th,
for the purpose of Interviewing applicants. Names of those desiring to
apply should he sent in immediately '
to the Secretary Provincial Be-
tiiriH'd Soldiers Commission, Parlln-'
ment Buildings, Victoria,
Yours faithfully,
.1. ll. Hill, Secretary.
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Thero remains the difficult question
of the constitutional adjustment ami
relations of the British Empire. Al
a, luncheon which was given Rome
time hack hy tho Kmpire Parliamentary Committee to the delegates to tbo
Imporlnl Conforence, I said rather
critically tbat I did not think it was
a matter In which we could follow
precedent, and I hope yon will bear
with mo tonight if l say a row word.
on that theme. I think that we are Inclined to make mistakes In thinking
about this group of nations to which] there an
wo belong, hecnilao too often we think mast i*i !
about it nr, ono state,   Wo are noi ,.   firsl    la
ate     I   think  tho  very  oxproaalon   (CI w n I
mnkoa  people think  Ihet   we nre nne   Bon reci
inmunlty, to  which  the  word 'Lm    ihe  pn ll
pire'  can   appropriately   b.* applied ; rotiutrj
Gar many te un Kmpira.    nnme was* I sm su
tintt  llieir Interests,  Iheir lnngnnge,
Un ir religion, are n   ante *nnd as ae
euro under the British  flag, lis tho o
of the children of your own liouso*
holds and your own blond,   ll la only
In proportion na ibis is realized Hint
yon will ruirill the true mission which
io   yours.     11'here, s, i    Then fore,   ii , ————————————————,
m*. to mo that there Is onlv ono  BV13R POSSIBLE TO ABANDON THE
. ... ..  " ."..™" ...    I USE THEREOF IN ALL OTHER Alt*
lly tlte King.
A   lM{l>n,.UlU'lON
flenrg* K. I.
We. being persuaded that tho nb-
.stemion from all unnecessary con-;
sumption of grain will furnish the
surest and most effectual means of
defeating tho devices of Onr enemies,
and thereby of bringing the war to a
speedy and successful termination, nnd
oul of our resolve to leave nothing
undone which can contribute to these
ends nr to il"1 welfare of onr people In
these times of grnvo stress and anxiety
have thought fit. by and with the advice or (inr Privy Council, to Issue
this Our Royal Proclamation, most
earnestly exhorting nnd charging all
thoae of Our loving subjects the men
and women of (inr realm who lmvo
the mentis of procuring nrtlcles nf
food other than whenten corn ns ihey
lend i their own Immediate Interests,
and feel for the wants of othera, e -
pei lally to practise tho grentcat ocon-
oioy and frugality In tlio use of every
species of grain, and we do ror thl
purpose more particularly pxborl and
chnrgo all heads of households    /    /.
FLOUR   IN   PASTRY   and   mor    r
mlntlon, and that Is o solution sup-
i " > by our pas! (rndltlona the trad-
oi - of freedom, self-govern mon t,
ind of the fullest development.
Hie  King und  (lie   Kmpire.
Given nt our Court nt Buckingham
Pslnco this second day or .May In tho
year of nur Lord 1017 and in the
seventh yenr of our roten,
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I'll o m: •»:
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Judge Thompson Is holding Court in
Wilmer and Golden this week.
Mr. Louis Wlhchet of Chlcagq was
a visitor lu the eity last Tuesday.
Mr. Robert Finlay of Wasa was in
town over Sunday.
Mr. and MrH. N, T. Gardner returned
io Calgary nn Tuesday by motor.
Tho VV. C, T. I', will meet at the
home of Mrs. (leorge. Bassett, Watt
Avenue, on Thursday afternoon at
3.30   ah welcome.
John Phillips, rancher, south of
town, lias returned home after three
weeks at Fort Steele shearing Doyle's
(iorerimicnl    Ution   Is
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vusi i'   MilMan   i'nn
I'enallj for Infection,
On Tuesday. Mrs. U. H. T)iomi*)n
and Mrs. A. B ..Macdonald were hoBt*
esses at a delightful luncheon at the
Qoir Club; Mrs Tweed of Medicine
Hut was the guest or honor.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. A MacDonald of
Newgate arrived in the city Saturday
for a short visit with Mrs, Macdouald's sister. Miss MeDougall of tlie
NursiiiR staff of St, Eugene hospital.
I1*, and 45 yearB inch
resident in Canada, to
to leave the country i
without  tii
other pe
■  It's
at lh
■ Sine
S,   lly
0 Wl
ok In
Un. rl
rick ee
tun is visiting
Miss  Kdith  McHride lefl   oil  Smid.iy
fur a short visit to Spokane.
Mrs. It. II. Hoss rrom Sirdar hus
been spending a few days iu town.
Mr. ,11. H. MacBeath of Vancouver
is a vistor in the eity tills week.
We dye shoes and make them like
new al the Star.
Mrs. W. M. Parks left today for
Trail to visit with her daughter, Mrs.
L, Crowe.
Mrs. J. R. McNabb returned to Calgary on Saturday ufter spending several days in the city.
Have Binning do your picture framing.
Miss McCarthy of the nursing i
of the St, Eugene, Hospital rotui
last Friday from Creston where
had been visiting her parents, Mr
Mrs. McCarthy, for some time
Mr, G,   Kolin, the genial mam
i.r the Universal Film Manufactti
en's exchange at Calgary was in
city  last  Sat unlay Interviewing
manager of the Rex Theatre.
We wish tu eoirect an error made
I by us In the IIuiimhi Manure ndver-
I tlsemenl of last wwk.   Tbe price of
! the Ford tur delivered at Crnnbrook
is *;.lii. ami not *MHt us stated.
Special this week for cash- B, R.
Tea 45c; Itamsays Sodas 35c; Apples,
(Wagner anil Roman Bounty) $2 per
box, 4!bs i'or 251',—Cranbrook Trailing Co. -•*'--■'
On r)rMay and Saturday of Ibis
week wo will offer 1211 dozen while
Japanese cups ami saucers, regular
price MMK tor fcMHl per dozen,
lt. Manning- Md.
Under an irder-in-Council, brought
into effect on May 24th, at Ottawa,
it is illegal under heavy penalty for
any male person within the ages of
. ordinarily
■ ur attempt
ny purpose
written permission of a
migration Inspector or
rson authorized to grant such
on, who must be fully sbMb-
Hed by sworn declaration that ihe Intended departure Ib nol witli the ob-
.1". i ol avoiding liability to be called
upon i" render mllilarj or other Ber-
nf | rtco ' h Ii li might conduce towards
ed: nip -I,...,-, ol hi- Malestv and his
lie j Allies in the presently prevailing war •
"(i: Violation of the regulation is pun-
| slieble by a fine not exceeding ?2,G00
or imprisonment nol xceeding five
er year-, or both tine and Imprisonment,
|)| (lea in every male per
son   with!
mi duty oi
trains, for
uia. Will
i  uf  tlx
illltarj «
nt.ers of
street c
s wlthh
duties ;
ilfled, save '
aval rorces
(vs of boats,
etc. plying
ad without
■(■ parform-
neinberi of
II you contemplate ordering ii quantity of groceries
submit vour proposition
lo us. on,, deliver)' anil
eusli with ii reasonable
sized order will uiiike eon.
sitl.Tiii.lt* difference in the
eost ol' Ihe goods.
j    ocuviis
. mmtnotsiiiou
Little & Atchison
I     There   will   be   a   meeting   of   the
  i Farmers' Institute on the afternoon
Mrs. M. L. Howard is spending n Lf the 30th at 2:110 In the City Hall,
short vacation in Blairmore and Loth- important bwslnfess. Pull attendance
bridge. j requested.
We are carrying a full line of boots |
and   shoes.— Cranbrook    Exchange,
\rmstrong Ave.
*■>>,A «■..
Can yon think of any reason why
there-should noi ho one In your
Mr.. H
guest   at
Mclntyre of Victoria was
the   Cranbrook   Hotel   c
Mrs. W. A, Walsh and little son,
Edward, left on Sunday to spend the
summer in Moncton, New Brunswick. \ ?ega! sho'
Mr. J. \V. Itobtnson. who was formerly president of the Robinson-Mackenzie Lumber Co, oi this eity. but
now a resident of Calgary, was a
visitor in the city tills week on business and incidentally renewing old
To Obtain I'ormll,
li is ur the greatest Importance for
anyone desiring to temporarily absent
himself from Canada for a legitimate
purpose to familiarize himself with the
rei;uhifo. s, whicli are explained In the
official announcement. To obtain a
permit it is necessary to make application on n printed form ohtalooblo I'rom
any postmaster or railway ticket agent
Cbc Ulasa fiotel
Hunting and Fishing
M______    -
~ B**t",s->"- WSB^BStW*.      : '' ■•'■'''' ■ tt;Jaw,*
_\_W*\W'^   ■■-v.'dX
__ \S24i:*.*'; mi..'--ir~7r:'Z:-P' ": '■„■     IV'
-« tm i\ i \\ tut"
The 1917 Ford Touring Car
$495.00 f. o. b. Fcrd. Or!.
Vim pay less for this car imi li gives yon more
enjoyment, more mlleagi and longer service than
ilmsi which cosi in >re.
The touring car ui\"i*s the utmost In automobile value, pride of ownership and eco muy
Buy a Ford this year and save mor.ey.
$560.00 Cranbrook
Unionist Investments DO.
onus niiisL be filled up in dupii-
Formal permission to leave the
ry. U granted by tho Immigration
'tor, in Inscribed on the duplicate!
i [s thou retained by tho appll-
of i
m   Hn
Mrs. John Miller returned from Vancouver Thursday where she has heen
visiting   her   parents..
Hemenibor that our speelal sale on
: china will only last the remuimliv oi
thi**  month.' Ira  IL  Miintiii.tr.
i    Neal 4 roomed cottage in Slaterville
Iter sale; large lot; (nly $176 on forms.
. pply to Beale £ r n-'.
Mrs T. S. (Jill left on Monday tor
Morris. Manitoba, where she will
spend u  few  mouths  vacation.
and  Mrs.  II,  J.  McEwen    of
r are visiting in the city this
Expert piano and organ tuning, repairing ami regulating, K. a. Parker,
phone 311, P, 0  Box 528, Cranbrook.
Aft, W. *?* Purnn, (ranbrook Kxchange
Ulectrical UieginKrlnfl
sr by corrHpoiidtiiw
Seaman*, Sthool     Navisntittn S.l.ool
J«lr uJ Aua.i.t Urtenihct lo Aptil
II CKO. V   CHOWN. R........
Mr. and Mr:
rivp.l In the
ests III  tlio
. Wiii. Archibald e.r Trail
.■Ity Wednesday mid are
Cranbrook Hotol.
Mr   K   V
Lnngley e*f Snokano wn,
it ih,* Cranbrook Hotel .en
Mr. lm Aldrich uml 11.
mi Saturday for u trip i.
Mr    lldrlch'a   now  Kuril
1 Lacoy le'ft
Spokane in
Mr.   .limit's   Storks,   t f   Stork   nnd
Ji, kt on, Creston, has been visiting In
, tin- city for ii tow daya,
\Vc are. currying a feili Inn* of boots
[ md   shoes.-   Cranbrook   Exchange,
Vrmsirong Ave,
IN THB MATTER nl iiu* "Und
Begletry Act" aud iti tlio manor Lot
Bi lile.il. 11, Town ol Klmborloy, Province e.f Brllleli Columbia, Mop 004,
have tl<
imiki* :u
tlmo  i*.  tlio  llORl   time-  to
rliil.Inn's   iilinlos   tukrn
appointment today at llin-
To whom it may concer
VVhereae prool ol tho
follOWing    title'    eli'e'lls    lit
mentioned land* (Intor nlln) lmvo boon
filed nini in.. iiuiii.'ie i
Crown (Hunt dated llii May IMI7 li>
H.ili.'lt ll. Jennings of l."l 181)8, Urolip
I, Kootenay DUtrlct, Province nforo
Conveyance dated 14th July 1808
Robert 0. 'ounlngs I" the Fori Steele |
Development Syiidlcntn Limited of an i
undivided two tliinls Intoroal In until!
I'linrcyaiicn dated I4lh July 1MB
Hob.'ii i). Jennings to Charloa Bat-
mere of an undivided third Inlcroal
In  Mitel  l.nl.
Conveyance dnlod inth Pobrunry,
llioo. ciinrii's B8tmero to the snld
Syndicate ot nn undivided tlilril in-
lon*Ht I iisnlil Lot :' (Intor alio).
Thin Ih lo glvo notlco to nny one
inlo whoso possession tho nforosald
title doi'dn may lmvo como and who
hus nny knowledge eef the wnoronbouts
of suld dpoils to dollvor tlio same to
Arolilo Donaghy, Dopilty lilsirlot It.*n-
Istrar of Und Titles, Nolson, 11. c.
And fnrllie'r lnko notion thnt nt tho
<.*iilrntlieu of llilrly dsys from the
data, of the rirst publicntion lioriiof
tho aald l)e*|enty IHslrli'l Itoi'lstrar
wltl nrorooil to Insito a Corttflcnte
nf Indofcnslbli. Title' of snld lanels In
the pernio eef Ellr.nboth Mnnnors Poole
of Klmborloy. n. <'., einlosn In the
mnantlmo valid objection lie- mnde lo
mn In writing.
Dlllod   nt  Ni'lson.  II   I'.,  Ihis   Hist
dny of May. Mill.
A. llnnagliy.     •
llenulv District lloplslriir.
Dal* nf first puhlliiitlon Mny 3lnt,
tHt. W«
Tlio nn.ny fri.'ii.is of Mrs  Korrlgan
of Jaffray who underwonl a serious
f the oporatlon   al   st    Bngone   Hospital
nbove  nboul ten days ugo, will bo ploasod
1,IM''11 in loam iiml slip is convnlesconl nnd
\iii'.is to return hnmo shortly,
Mr, Win I*. Baker nml Mr. Bbor-
wood liukor of MoiiIsIh'o. Mleh., who
nro prominently interested In the lum-
lei'rliig Industry In Mils illstrle-t wore
visiieers in tlio city last Tuosday.
Mr nml ^Irs. F. II.. Korrnnliull nf
Wlnnlpog wore visiting in tlio city nn
Monday. i*uosts al tho Cranbrook
Mr. II. M. Smith, representing tli
Co.. arrived in tlio olty
Tuesday with his largo display   of
slioos.    .Mr.  Smith   for   many   yours
has visited Oils city representing the
Slater Slleee I'ee.    He- loft on Weillles-
Tiie death occurred on Saturday
evening lasi at eleven o'clock of Mah
Quon Ton from cancer of the stomach.
Dcceasod wns in his fiftieth year and
has been a resident of t'ranbrook for
the last ten or eleven years. He la
survived by two brothers, I'bas. Slnp
and Ma Sim. anil a wife anil four children in China. Tbe funeral was held
on Wednesday at 3 p.m,
For quick Bale—10 acres of improved property mile and half from |io*t
office; 4 aires under cultivationi over
100 bearinp apple trees and small
fruit: two storied dwelling house.
9 rooms, cost $1600; good well water:
land under Irrigation. Property
worth $-1000: goinn for $1076; easy
terms-Apply quickly to Beale and
Klwell. t'ranbrook, B. C.
Tlie annual picnic of Knox I'n>-*hy-
terian Sunday School will be held
nexl Saturday afternoon, June 23rd.
AutiHiiobilos will leave the Sunday
School Boom Continuously from 1 to
i: 30 o'clock to convey the children,
parents and] friends to lthe picnic
ground*!. Tho members of the Church
and congregation are urged to be
present and to assist in making it an
enjoyable afternoon.
Mrs Wm. Small arrived in the eity
Sunday and is the guest of Mr. and
Mrs, A. r. Bowness. Mr. and Mrs.
Small and family will be remembered
hy olrl timers, having come to Cranbrook in l!tno and remaining till 1009,
when   they   removed  to   Spokane  and
later ret tied In Vancouver. Mrs,
Small I:- delighted With the apparent
Improvements around ('ranbrook since
her last visit here about four yearn
Mr,, and Mrs. Norman d fiaidnrr
of Calgary arrived in the eity last
week on tlieir honeymoon and motored up the Windermere Valley, return
er residence
< .if four por-
. Identifier*fr.ii.
;<m  for (lesir-
nf  eyes   aud
thereto i
llkcno a ■
The de
the appl
Infer- p
peace or
'■anl and must ho ke
for production at th
'mmlgrntlon official.
The Information i
application  achcdulo
Name and address
|> te of birth.
Nationality and I
at nrcrent ncldroas.
Names mi1 addrcsi
sons for roference ap
Destination  and  r<
lng to leave Cnnntla.
Expected length of
Height,  weight, cn
Each schedule nwit have attached
photograph that Ib ii good
f the applicant,
durations must bo signet! by
c* "i and sworn to by him
notary public, justice of the
tlon must be sinned by a
sponsor, wlm must be a bank manager,
chief of police, clergyman or Dominion Government official, who must
state how long be has known the applicant, tliat he recognizes tbe photograph as n good likeness, and that
lie believes the statements iii the Information nr* correct.
Some Speeial Provisions.
There wilt bo special provision
mnde for people living on tbe border
in such places as Windsor, who daily
ciuss to work In places in the United
States like Detroit.   Commercial trn-
■ hnve   their  certificates
■ that they wlll not have
fresh permit for each of
ni  irlps.
The order-in-.'oiincil is now operative, but for tbe first few days officials
will lie allowed to exercise some discretion. After a few days the provisions of the order wlll be rigidly enforced.
Tlii-- order Is In force front Const
to Const.
vellers   in
breakfast, and sends bim off," said a
bright youth, -'Then she gels me up,
Kits my breakfast, and sends me off.
Then  she gives  tl ther    children
iheir breakfast and sends them I"
school, and then she and tin* haby
have their breakfast." "Are you well
paid. "Father gets two dollars o
day. and I got three dollars a week "
"How much does your mother gall"
Willi a bewildered look the hoy said:
"Mother 1 win- she doesn't work for
anybody." I thought you said she
worked for all of you". "Oh. yes, she
does, but there's uo money In It."
Be Overdue Payments on AppHfrtllnns
In Piirch»»e Crown Uraiit I.iltnls
In British Columblu.
Xotlee Ih hereby given that, under
the provisions of the "Soldiers' Homestead Act Repeal Act," any person who
did   nbt   apply   under   the  ".Soldiers'
. Homestead Act, lfli«." to complete liis
application to purchase, either by payment in full or by the selection of a
proportionate allotment, may. by proving Ills interest and paying up In
full the balance of the purchase price
1 and   taxes  before the .'list  December.
i 1017. obtain a Crown grant If proof
satisfactory to the Minister of Lands
is furnished that sueh person is suf-
ferlng Injury through absence of notice, or otherwise.
And further that the Interest tn un-
■ completed amplications to purchase
held by any person on Active Service
may be protected by notification to the
Lands Department of the fact that
snch person is on Active Service and
! by the filing of proof or the interest
of such person..
Further information will be furnished on request to the Deputy Minister
1 of Lands. Victoria. B. C.
Let us .make you acquainted
with the new, luscious
<i«>>   saw:   ok   lots   iv
KiMisiiATt: Towvsm:.
It's all that
the name
Wrigley quality-
made where
chewing gum
making is a
/Vey three flavours
Chew It after
every meal
Furowill elarlini* Stolla,
duel iice-ele'il nne* Illeere' Rnget!
ol il'iir.
Anil ink., veinr rest;
(Imi called ynn lionic
And tlinnglit  It  boBt.
Weep nol, mother nnd sisters, fnr me.
Por I mn wiiiilnc in Glory for tliee.
Died In Montreal, Provincial Monastery Convent, Saturday, June 9th.
Miss Stcllii Beatrice, .leui dauglilor
nl Mrs. Is. Dear, m 10111. si . Kingston,
om. Mr* i. Lewis rn Cranbrook Is
a sisii-r. nie.'el 24 years and '■'. montlis.
Ing sniiiliiy.  Mrs. Gardner (nee Oert- [ lier
nult' Hindi was a feirnie'r resident eef I lli
Cranbrook, having lived here wltli  s.
her parents fur many years ami was
a graduate nurse of St. Kugene Hospital.   Mr. fliirdner was also n resident
of this eity nt nne time Willie representing ihe Swift Canadian Company
in this district,   Mr. Gardner   hns
recently beon promoted, hy the Swift
Canadian Company, to n post tn lie-
Mrs. J. M. Robertson received word  Bhl|1 wll(,rp ,h,,j. wm nm)(p tMr tllt.
of the serious illness of her fntlier nnd ' ,lri, |,nmG.    j|r. „m|  Mr.,. Gardner
lefl  on  Tuesday  for  fort   Elgin   to   wori> „,nrr|ort „,  t\lr. -,„„„, of    B|r,
visit wltll hlm. Gardner's   parents-   In   Cnlgnry   by
  Archbishop McNnlly,
Mr. Charles Firth ol Vancouver re-;  ,	
presenting the Dunlop Flro nnd Hub-  III tVlllKIIIK    llKltAl.lt    RKI.0t.t3
leer Company wns R visitor In the eity
Inst. Saturday,
e e
liter, "ar
• n
Wil J
i   r
in e
a    ll<
And the office boy, gathering them nil
Inlo a waste' basket, illil so.
linn nfti'ii tho husband who really
loves liis wife neglects the little
expressions ami octs of love till love
Is Blarvcd! Ib'« often the sun fnllK
lo appreciate the lnvltig sacrifice of
thc mother!    "My mother gets my
father   lip.   hllllils   the   fire,   gels   Ills
Wash That
Itch Away
■ Mnglnre anil Wllforel Itriiult arrived
homo nn Saturday from Spokane
where they have heen attending Hie
Gonnngn college.
Previously pcknowlo
All.  Macdonald	
Mr. It, K. Oatwny's
nf Creslon	
!     Tli
eciellia    wil.
..*.in,sr, »««lt t'  ''
. .n mi ilinl. ly Hint
■,■;.',""• "'""sensation nun
children .„ |„k,.„ „wny
 1,26, ponotrnles  tin
 Si;.Hi  relief from tin
ihsolutoly no sufferer from
in ever used the simple
U mid iliil not r.*... iin-
ondcrfully calm, »**!
nines when lho Itch
This soothing wash
pores, gives Instnnt
ims.' distressing skin
Mrs. II. Mclliinnlil of llie W.'nt-
wnrlh Hotel, Is visiting at Klrdnr nnd j Henmne- On Tili'Mllny, 19th lnsl, to
while Ihere will' be lhe guest or her | Mr. nnd Mrs. II. 0, Senmon. al Mm |
sister-in-law, Urn  II   H  llm. Bant'a HesplUI. a sots.
The Crnnln
in.li Urim a Hiiok Co. Ltd.
reinhrnnk, II. f"
Tivt* Uitiiiid
there will h. offered fer sn'e ley l nlt-
llc auction at ihe Klngocrtc Hotel nt
Kingsgate, II. C, on Tuesday the ?,nl
elny of July. 1H17. at S.:wi n'cletck i*. lhe
afternoon, Lois 1, I. and 11. In the
Townslte of Kingsgate, heing n i (rt I
of Lot Nee. iti-'.',. Group One 111. Knfite-
niiy Dislrict. Terms: One half cash
and the balance In twelve months,
with Interest nt tv ■ por annum.
Crown (irnut Ke.e $10.0(1.
Dnted ct Crnnhrook, B. C. June Sill,
N. A. Wallinger. Government Agent.
Coal mining rights of the Dnniin-  ,
ion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan anil
Alberta,  the   Yukon  Territory,    the
North-West Territories and In a portion of the Province of Brilisli Columbia,   may   he   leased   for   n   term   of,
twenty-one years renewable for a further  term   of  :'l   years   at   un   an-1
mini rental of $1 an ncre.   Nm mure
than 'l.tittn acres wlll he leased to one
Application fetr a lease must be
made by Ihe applicant In person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district In which the rights applied feer
nre situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, of legal subdivisions of sections, and In unsurvey.
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant himself
Each application must be accompanied ley » fee of IE which wlll be
refunded if Hie rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royally shall he paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rat*
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish thn Agent with sworn returns
accounting for lhe full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the cool mlnlne
rights are not being operated such returns should be furnished at least once
a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only.
For full Information application
should be made to the Beorotary of
the Department of the Interior. Ottawa, nr to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands,
W,  W.  COP.EY.
Deputy Minister nf the Interior.
M, ll —Unauthorised publication of
| this ad.erllsfment wlll not be paid
Get it wherever
confections ore  sold
Sealed Tight—Kept Right!
The Flavour Lasts
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Ofllce, Smelting and KeflMng Department
s ii i: i, t i: k s an ii  u i; v i n i: ii s
inversion nnil I se
Tl e .: ■ ■  firsl publication of
Lice I    lune 7i!i 1917.
Consolidated Mining and Smelting
Co., of Canada, Ltd.
J   K. Cram, Agent.
Take notice tluii the Consolidated
Mining ami Smelting Company, of
Canada, Ltd., whose address i- Trail,
II. r., will apply tor a license t" take
nml Use 500.0 galls per Jl hour! nut <'l
a   i-prlng   which   How-   sotltl - i'l>    I
drains Into Sullivan Crei K sin nl Klm-
borley townslte. The wnter wlll he
diverted from a spring abi m I i eastern boundary of Loi .'., Hloi 1. 10, Kimberley Townslte, or npiw Ite ' I loi
mi Boundary stn-it. between E [mere
and Kimberley Townsltes. Thli nniln
was pnsled on the ground nn I ■ -': ■'
day nf .Imi'' 1017, n copy nf this nntli c
.mil un application  pursiianl  thereto
uml   to   tho   Waler   Act    I'M I
fyled  lu  tl.e iiffice nf the Wntei   Rn
eorder  nl  Crnnbrook     Ob ecllni     In
the application may be fyled wit   Uu   '"
said   Wai.r    Rocordei    oi   (lib the      I ted thl   fethdoyol May, 1917.
Comptroller of W r Rlghl . Pnrlls Flathead Petroleum Co..
mem Buildings, Victoria, li C. wlihlnl Locotor
thirty daya after tho flrat appearai | Lea Wardwoll,   Agont,
of Oils notice, iii n local newspaper.  88-ISt,
I ERNIE in - I l.'U T
III.trlcl of I n-l Knnlenil)
N tl     li   hereby given  that sixty
iIb)    afi r date   I Intend to apply to
'   ■    M nl   ti ,    ul    I. I~   for   a   license
'.i prosi eel ror conl and petroleum
ivi: the following described hinds,
iiu..t- In Bloi I. 1593, South Bast Kootenny, i*. ' Commencing nt a post
;.Inui"! at or ii-iir Ihe south easl -or
ner ul ini "L'SO, Iheni ■ su chains North,
i, aim VVi t, .iimiii in i luilns gnuth,
tlioill l" ' lialns Kast, abntll in clinliis
South, them ■■ about 10 i halna East to PAGE Kuril
THURSDAY, JUNE 21st, 1017
GUM) & SI'ltil II.
Ilnrrlstors, Etc.
\\. I'. Gurd 0. J. Spreull
News of the Surrounding District
Green * U'tteKiimon
slcluns  uml   Surgeons
at 'reside ,  Armatrong
tuns 2.00   ii   4.00
.     ?.::u to   s.:io
 2.;!0 tu   4.20
| manv. I
| of Mr.
,eii -vi r from Inst week.) have th
and Mrs. Edward Nordman of i five yenrs.
have  i einlv   visited   friends I    A   lottor   Horn   I
i(. I brother  of  Mrs.   It
p. Mend and children of Leth-( states thai
nro   licr-   us   Mrs.   Bonner's 1 nnd ti
t present, The many fri
il ,\lr>. Innocent nro gh
i in tlii'lr miilsl again
I  arrive
mil   Mrs.   II.
.lum. rtth.
tt'.  II..
John   Kelly.
tho hospital
t Seaford Camp, Sussex.
 ml Corpl. Colin   Dunlop nr- in
-lass <':'. nml only Hi for llghl duly
I Corpl.   Dunlop   has   mnv   aliilosl   re
ilr of covered tiie use of his ami,   Pte. Rolls
also  said  Hun  lie  had  seen  nboul   it
Laird I dozen cruulirook boyi   •'	
to spend n w
 ibrook on Thursday I Fred Pye, who now hns Ins conni
e, John Cameron nnd Jus. j sion; Sergt. Host and William Ros
from Ainsworth last week Visitors this week were: .1 I.. I
mt ami flBh-! cock; A. I'.recn and c. S.I rest "t i
e*k c
.imping i
if   I'l'.'U
I   I In it:
lilt. I'. It. SHU'S
In [lauson Block
|e In  12 lllll.
1  ti.    5  Pill
I.lci n   ,1 ly Provincial Qovt.
.MulciTitev  i.i.l III nil Nursing
\h   agi nnd Rest Cure, Highest
References,   fair  terms.  Apply
MRS   A. S M.JION. Matron.
Phono 259 P. O. Box 846
Ail.ir.:  ,Gnnli u Vve., Cranbrook
Civil it
nl Mining Engineers
li. 1
. Lund Surveyors
' |
. 11
ll 111*.
ii' 3113,
it Phono li:,
Ave, nexl
o City Hull
Tcncher of Plnnoforto
Crnnbrook, II. I'. Box 880
u over frum inst  woek.l
innfurd Crowe nnd bis mother,
111 .   .1
Crowe, of Fori Steele, passed
i nr,ni';
i Wasa this weok on route in
. in tholr new Chevrolet.
I. Clarke passed through Waso
this  »
eel  her  way in Athalmer,
n c..
in spend n few duys tho guest
of Mr.
A  Mnoro uml friends,
Jus. McKay nl Athalmer pussed
thn in
li Wnsn litis week en route to
unk i„ Bpend n fow davs tho
if Mrs,  A    Clarke.
s;iv  nl'   tt'.tll'   Creek   spi'lll   11   I'l'W
. lines
ii ' Fnri   Steele  ami  Cninbnuik
Ini' w
L. Millar of Wasu spent Sunday
lnsl ii
Curt S lo.
Fred Harr. Miss Perry and Miss
j Hush
nntored to Fort Steelo Sunilny
I    Mrs
s. Jelfery is spending n few
ldays 1
I Fort Steele wltll her mother.
Quartly motored to cranbrook
nn Th
irsdny lnsl.
i     II.
lurr Hpeut Friday last iu Cran-
ciirs wenl from Wasa to Cran-
on Friday fm' the Mutt und Jeff
■ hull.
and   llrs, T   1 sk spent the
' iveek
•ml in Crnnbrook.
'     Tin
1 ndlos ef the  Rod Cross  will
dnuee sometime Ihis montll nl
tu.   \
tvnsi School House.   Mr. James
Marysville wlll furnish the music
Martin   uf   Crunbrook pnsscd
gh Wnsn litis w-ek eii  route to
Flats uml returned June 4th.
il. i
rge liniiiiet uf Skookitmcbuk has
ised u  new "runabout" cur, n
Mi I.u
Igltlin, also a truck i'or hauling
r around liis mill nl Skookum-
nl ilk.
und Mrs   F. Smnll passed thru
'■ Wasa
lllis W'eeli ell  I'llllle to S|iok.'U!C
iiiiiI Mrs.  Innocent from Kong
j Kiuie
passed through Wasa on Friday
They are spending some time
1 ;H  Fi
'i Steele visiting witli friends.
-   li. Crnwo of Muyook was ,i
M.iiiliiiia Rcstiuiriilll
Meals nl All lleeurs
Cigars. I igurelles und Cnnd)
Oppo Ite lhc I'.uiil. nl Commnrco
V:i*u visitor on Sunday.
Miss Margaret Turnbull of Wasa has
ettirnod from Vancouver where she
as heen visiting friends for lhe past
bridge; (i. Erickson of
Indian Constable Ryckm
brook;;   Roborl   [llnnlng
lt I   in'  Crnnbrook;   X   Dnwen
Crows Nest Lumber Cn., Ituy Knl
of ihe Raymond Kulglil Sugnr t't
Apprnxlmntoly len enrlon h  if I
p-i  week are shipped via Furl Sl.
hy Knot iv c mtrnl from ''■ •,' * >
l.i oiler Co., to Wardner.
Misers Burns mnl Jordnn nru il
pn oul collecting ui Rndluui .''I rnllj
cms nml locomntlvos thai .\ ir.. used
in the construction of Hi ■ Kontteuny
.'e.i.ii'l. Theso will be shlppe.l In
l'ci'iu iii accordance with  i  mnlr.t.'i
Mr uml Mrs. Tliomns cluiviil-ir
ami family of Washington are in town
fo,- ,i lew weeks prior to going lo tl.e
V'.d. r Mine wliere Ihey will llve.
vis'tors fn lown lust v.. el, wore:
Mrs .1 s. Neall ami child; Mr* Hav -
Huiriie. of Republic. Wusli., il. J. llayh
Croston; Mr. and Mrs. Rutledge, Cranbrook; Chins. King. Calgary; Fnii
Currie, Wasa: Mr. nnd Mrs. Quartly
Wasu; I). Jackson, Chicago; Mr. and
Mrs. W. ll. Turgln. of Spok	
Pie. Peter Burke of Royal Scots,
a cousin to Mrs. II. T. Richardson,
Fort Steele, has lately escaped unhurt
from a torpedo ship which was on Ils
way to Egypt. Very few were lust at
the. time.
A inolier party consisting of Mrs.
Crowe, nnil sons, Itatifoi'tl. Retherl am]
Wallace, Mrs. Jeffery, Mrs. chirk. Sirs.
J. McKay and Mr. and Mrs. Moore
and fumily nf Athalmer spent Intel
week-end ut Sinclnlr Springs and
called In ui Holden,
The wnter ill the creeks and Knot --
nny is becoming hlgbe.   .very day,
E. Staples of Wycliffe motored lo
Fori Steele and Wal'illier on Tuesday.
Corpus Chrlste was observed uu
Sunday ut the Mission hy thnusnnds
ul Indians and many whites. A
solemn ami Imposing service wns IiiiiI
Wo regret tiiat an old timer, i'nl
Doherty, a prospector, wlm came in
1804. bus luul to return to lhe Crnti-
Iti'iiok Hospitul I'or li'i'iitineiit.
Another old timer. Win. Houstwlok
has been obliged lo go to Femle lies-
pltal for eye treatment.
Capt. Flemyng, brother of Mrs. I!
I.. T. Ilalhrailh. has gone to Calcutta
tei recuperate. Another brother, Pte
Flemyng, has enlisted fur military
border duly at Afghanistan.
ul Fi
If vou want satisfaction
wiiii vour washing
send it lo
Special prices for familv
ner In his
■ was still
sl   week. I
irt Steele, now
ie. al   Halifax. In a
• lasl week, said that
1'. I), loess 1111(1 liked
il boon witli John
Walsh, of Fort Steele, on a torpedo
boat anil had seen verv interesting
sights. Th- weather in Halifax, ho
snld, was most disagreeable—ratn iiiiiI
fug mosl of tiie time. He bud met a
lew Vnncouver nnd Victoria hoys
Ihere wlm were going overseas any
day. Archie has lately lenrnod semaphore and has sent signals lo different shins which, in' suvs  Is verv in-
i.KO   MITES   ItV   llllll   IIIIII
I le
Forwarding   and   Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge and lircenhlll Coal
Imperial Oil Cn.
I'lstrbullon Cars a Specialty.
II nij-1 in: nml Transferring
Given prompt attention
Phone 03
Mr. and Mrs, J. w. Innocent, who
havi* recently returned from China,
where Mr. Innocenl has lieen many
years in Hn' imperial Customs, are
spending a lew weeks iu Furl Steele.
Mr. uml Mrs. Innocent mav go lo England wliere their son. Lieut. Arthur
Innocent  of tlio  Warwickshire Yeo-
General Slerclinnt
Employment Agent
P   O   Box  108 Phouc 244
lis per word for first week, aud lc per
word for eacli week after.
ROUSE KOR SALE- Appl; I illl-
ion Express Office. US-It,
- Specialist
n f'uitriinterd
for all kinds of
two   i»mit   nits  run   sai.i-:
heap    Tli" Kootenny Ouragc.       25.
: HAKE li V
hi. Frame, Prop.
Inki's, 1
unit i
o :i7
Opp  city
WASTER AT OM'i: Inn gJrls for
hotol work, wag-s $30.- North Star
Hotel, Klmborloy,
Spokane, Washington
tin:  iioti i, WITH  A
Tills     llOUSQ     ImH       t'lO
happy distinction or bo-
lug tli'- favorite. BtOp-
plng place in Spokane
fm- the people ot British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage mnl do
everything in nur power
tu make ynu comfortable.
dur location I." excellent --
cIobo in Oreal Northern Station
ami 11 W If -v N.* Milwaukee
terminal, ami within a mtnuto'H
walk from tin- principal business
houses ami places of amusement.
Nee   NtimiiHliin   on   Hoof
iim:   itiii'HARit   ri.wrs $1.(10
;i dozen; ilellvored anywl.orG in Cranbrook,   llnx is. Cranbrook, B. ('. 'Jit-tr
To w:\T   [-urge airy front room
in Armstrong Avo, aboul one block
nud :i imil' from Baker si. Apply
['ranbrook Drug & Book i'n.        22-tf
IOI: SAI.I I in-' 1 min IVrcltomn
mares, nboul IfiOl cli; also register.■,] Holstein Bull Calf 3 months old.
Apply Box ii. Wnrdnor, B, C,      2B-4t*
TO  III vi
chiding wai
I (Mir pMiini'il frirntsbml
lib bath ?16 per month In-
[i i*. ;M i. good stable nnd
. oloctrlc llghl.   Phono 317.
I hit s \ i l    Smith Motor Wheel, \u
good condition; cost $DB, will sell for
$50. This motor can be ntlncbed to
any bicycle converting ii Into o motor
i.vrlr.   Apply in Herald Office.    'Jl-tf
MASON mill ItlSIII I'I ANO, cost
$700, in splendid conditloa, for quick
suit; $185; nnyone looking for first
class instrument I'm- absolute bargain
price, now is tin* elwnco.— Apply
Kilby, Armstrong   •.venuo,
can obtain constanl employment with
us; full nr Hparo time, hy representing ub locally or trnvelllng. Apply
Immediately B. *'. Numerics Co, Ltd.,
m.i:,„ Till   Wo. W. Vnncouvor, B. <*.
POR SAT.i:   One registered Jersey
Bud   (Dtiror)   Hilar pig mn* ycur old,
$35;   hoar pigs, a  brooding, fur-
rowod  in   March, $16 oach,    All  us
good us Hi.' best.    Particulars of C.
li   Fleetwood, Wnrdnor, P (>. it C,
:;:. it*
tl.cft over from Inst week.)
Daylight saving on a Dominion wide
basis will In* a success, and only mi
that basis can it be mado a success.
Tbo local papers all reported tlm big
auto meet in Elko Inst week and tin*
patriotic dance at Waldo, hut no mention nl' the adventures of Kllburii Lunn
President of the Joyriders Boglcn,
who operates the Elko-Waldo Auto
Stage, who left Elko the ntgbt ol1 the
bit- auto meet with a barrel m' Ice
ream mi the left fool hoard and a
hive of pedigree Italian honey bees on
tbe rlghl loot hoard, a Baynes Lake
'anchor along side the driver and tbe
Maharajah of the Silken Turban,
Waldo, in the back scat. Wriggling
Iheir way through the fifty nutos mi
the main street of Klko tbey left tlie
old historic burg for Haynes and
Waldo, fifteen minutes late, when Kll-
burn opened tbe buzz devil in tin- h -4
notch and nil went well until tiny
mude the turn near Adolpb's .Mill on
two wheels and run into a mongrel
dog nnd turned turtle. Tl.e driver
was thrown ont into ihe rond. tlm rancher knocked unconscious and the
Maharajah with tbe bees under the car
Several people who saw lhe accident
run to give assistance hut tbe bees
thought different; they had the Maharajah uml the Ice cream and the way
tliey sang hum sweet hum. made tho
spectators feel goosoy. Several at
tempts were made to got the Malm
rajah from under the wrock.his tin
ban was unbuckled and patriotic son*.'
were surging ont of him In chunk
It was a pleasure excursion for tli
onlookers hut double distilled dam
nation for lhe Hindoo. However,
there happened along a bee expi rt
whose magic got the bees under control and put them un the side of lhe
road aud covered them over with
sicks, got tbe car to tiie blacksmith's
shop and the rancher under the medical care nf Dr. Black. This all happened while the auto meeting was
taking placo In Klko. After the meeting tin* cars all pulled out for the
dance at Waldo and it so came to pn^s
lhat one nuto was away behind the
others as the driver had several young
ladies in the cur and was unt breaking records. It was quite dark and
in making the curve tin* hcndltghl
flashed on what seemed in be a man
and thinking lhat something Berlons
had happened they not mn to Investigate   and   when   Ihey   lil'ied   up   tbe
covering they f0 1 out  that  bojiio*
thlng had happened uud was happening, right then, ami llie yells those
young ladies let nut wen- more terrifying than the hail nnd darkness ever
was on the western prairies, and hid
a suffragette tea party In Ibe House nf
Parliament beaten down to a pink
tea. And the first District Auto meet
was re.*|"iisible for tbe blggesl assembly of nutos nt one time in Elko,
Tbo most exciting times ever seen hi
Baynes and the hest dance ever In Id
in Waldo.
Harry ('. Abrnuis one time sales
manager for Phil Armour Co., Chtcagi
witli headquarters at Nelson is now
with tbe Emerson rhonoL-rnph Co..
Now York. Harry wns nne of tbo
best known travellers nn Ihe road ami
Jim Thlstlohenk says he could sell
snnw shoes jn Texas In July or Ieo
cream in Alaska on Christmas Hev.
His jovial personality nnd pleasing
voice with a budget of funny stories,
mnde him very popular with lhe boys
and merchants along the Trows Nest
"Some men nre so full of conceit"
says Jim Thistlebeak. "that they constitute n parade when wnlklng hv
themselves, and remind you of a lu-
kov walking on a Imrb wlro roiioo,
and slill vou can'l always toll n man's
action whether he hut blue blood in
his veins or bus tho book worm ail
Chief 11 Provincial Pol lea W. Ist.y
will In t-.lK" tblfl week and K'lntei ay
IMvor points Inspecting Ibe hotels.
{Contlnu ; from pago one)
Wake up men, it is very much Canada's war although it is being fought j
on tbo field of Flanders far across the
bl»u, thanks to those bravo souls wbo
kept tho enemy at buy, until England
could gol hor army across the Cbnnnol
Cod help us if ihe Huns over reached
this side of the Atlantic, it would be
too  late  In  fight.    Yes.  we must   have
conscription, not by referendum, for
Hint would waste n lot of precious tlmo
lull at once.
I believe I am rlghl in slating Hint
discharged men have recently been
culh ii up ngain ror examination. Lei
us conscript tin- whole manhood ot the
Dominion, nol alone Hn- British hy
birth, and naturalization, but aliens,
other than enemy, wiio came in Canada in heiler tlu ir condition and eu- j
joy civil and rellglouB liberty; if a
country is worth living in it is worth
fighting for, yes, dying  for. if used
!"■.     Many   hnVO  been  called   homo  In
tlieir native land lo join the colors,
bul ih.-y did unt respond; they pr-'
for thai others should fight, wllllo Uny'
stay her.' and get tbo Jobs loft by our
boys,  often   al   on   increased   wage.
If Ihey will not. fight, I would (h port
Mi.'in; some will say, -hut the work
must be done;" surely, then why not
release those wnr weary men wbo
went with tlie first contingent in tltt-
obor of Bill—thnt never to be forgotten year when war wus declared on
tin* fourth nf August. Multitudes uf
our fittest and besl volunteered; tbey
did nut wait for commissions; "train
us as uuicltly as possible" thoy said,
"ami let ub get overseas tliat wo may
strike nt thai terrible power tliat is
threatening the world wltll militnrbm
aud autocracy from all walks in life,"
Tliey left their all and went to fight |
for nur protection; can you not eoe
them marching along tbe muddy roads:
in [''landers carrying those heavy
packs! and listen! tbey are singing
"It's a Long Long Way to Tlpperary,'
but my heart's right there." Yes.
iheir hearts are witb us and we must'
show them that nur hearts ure with \
tliem. Setting aside party, creed and
prejudice, let us dn all wc can to
back conscription in its fullest sen
and provide rc-inforccnients for the
thinned out lines of our gallant trnous, '■■
heroes nil."
.Mrs. 1. Baxter stated she did not;
expect to be called upon but wished
conscription every success.
Mr.   A.   13,   Watts   was   then   culled.
upon,   lh' suid:
"The answer of the people to the
question nf selective (-(inscription will ]
bave n far greater Influence nn the '
fitiurn destiny of Canada than is gon-1
.'rally Imagined, if the slackers, trait-j
ors, ami their followers hnve their way
the prestige of Canada  will he go'io
Cor over, Canada will stand alone in i
degraded isolation amongst lho civil-1
Ized nations of the world, a defaulter
In her duty to humanity, a shameb ss
betrayer of her sons who have won
for lur a brilliant fame not equaled in
history, ancient  or modern.    Aro wo
'n barter that fame for shame and d!s-
Will the people permit the Infamous
betrayal nf the hoys ut th- front at
the instigation of tho traitors of Quell their supporters who declare
a handsome, easy, upholstered
settee which will fit in any room
Is a compact, handsome piece of furniture, the ends are solid oak. fumed finish;
d   »u    -—1.       —*.•        t*     ii-         . m\ the mattress is made of soft fluffy cotton.
By the simple operation of pulling out the .           ,   . .   ,   «           ,.     ,    .
n        •.ltli           i           a i. and covered with the hest quality denim,
aeat and lowering the back, you have a 4 It. .     .      ..   .   rni    .    ,    •   .  \          I
r r. to  i   c .              i    ;ir*i    i* closely tutted.  J he hack rait he lowered
to threi
x 6 it. Bed of strong ancle steel, finished in .        ..., . .
.... * i    I        ,i»iii *o three dillereiit  niiijlcs, ensuriiiK  the
OTudizcdcopiH-r, with the celebrated Alaska , , ,■ i    ■ • . •
ii i        , I, ii snme luxury ami ease ol the hi^liest unco
twin wire link spring attached to cai-h end /M    # _(. ,, or
of the frame by seventy evenly tempered
lieliml springs; very comfortable to Bleep on.
Makes a most desirable extra bed for (he
home. Size of seat, 2 ft. 0 ins. x 4 It. 0 ins.
Si/e of bed, 4 ft. 0 ins. x 6 ft. 0 ins. Weight
120 lbs.
Ask your dealer far it, or writ*
us for th* name of nearest agmt
The Alaska B.C. Bedding Co,
Makers of Bedsteads and Bidding
Momtm\*Mktr arias llifth Cttul*
sfstty I'tvtkW
'the iie-I lm.kinc uml   iiin-l t'oiiifiirtabla
Bteel vouch Oil lilt! market. Ash your dealer.
wives, sisters, fathers nnd otlier relatives of the veterans, u mighty host
whom the gotliloss Nemessls wlll   as
pire, be poinle.I out tluit the original
plan of the Qerman campaign contradicted this view, thnt this plan of cam-
palgn hud beeu order preparatiun f :
The young und Irresponsible Black-1 over 40 years aid they had I'Urreil on
ers living in case ond luxury will find I not oue chance in n hundred nt' Its
more thun  the   consuming,  flaming, i being defeated hut tbey Imi mlscnl-
flnger of scorn scorching their craven   ciliated on four chances.   Th.. *■;.!-
hearts, bye and bye the young girls  horn defence o*. Belgium.   The declar-
will tell them thoy prefer a dead hero ' niton cf wnr by Kngland.   The tmex
i dead hero   atlon cr war hj Kngland,
■Tt"d determination of tli
ii'niil! iu v. from page oiu 1
as essential to good henlth and to the
highest development nf the utmost vigor of mind und body. Indeed, there
are those who say thai even those
wbo work hard would bo too better of
systematic   ox^reiso    n   addition   to
Dominions   i
he Mother-
id the
f Paris
c Rus-
i nui
ouiil i'.
to u live coward, they will be boycotted by decent  society, tbey will sink
to oblivion and go to tlieir graves witb
craven hearts, quaking with fear nnd
disgust   wltll   themselves   and   in   the
great beyond thoy wilt curry tholr self
mado hell in their hearts.
Posterity will loathe and curse the
I traitors, in   proportion  to  the glori-
flcation wnn by tbe borons who will
live fnr ever, let us strengthen  tbe
hands nf those in power with encouragement to compel shirkers to tlo their
Mr,  Watts stilted be was  going to
present a resolution nnd said: "Thnt
iis sn many Indies were present with
sons aud husbands in tbe fighting line.
some of whom hud made the supreme
sacrifice, und many wore wounded, it
would  be appropriate If one of tho
mothers would second the resolution.
Crnnbrook occupied tin* proud distinction ni' having sent more volunteers
than any other district in  proportion
of Its population, and it is only fitting
i and   proper   lhat   those   left  behind
i should ho  willing to pay tribute of
j respect und admiration tn those fighting nur battles.
lie therefore moved:
"That this meeting of tbo citizens of
Cranbrook district, wish to show their
highest esteem and admiration for tb
volunteers who have joined the armies j ,s |](J nU)(,r nM|rs(i n])),n  ,]lp Mood of
fighting for the liberty of mankind,
and the oppressed nations of tbe earth.
the seas to stt
nd tlie i i omltnblc co
t'i ■ ' oontemp i -i liti'.-- m
which Camilla 1 as pluyed fu
I an H * th m briefly r >v.-
: Inn c' can.palm*— the sol/ tv
and doi. at of Vronce befor-
Bian*,\imiCJ had time to ful
ize followed '.y the crippli
sin so us to * lit hor out of t'.i
and High ibe ittack on Engl
which Uu* ui'iin nini and obji
Herman cam*:.len— colonial -
nnd Cnimd'i rt. ' one of the I
tbey were ,t:vr. How tli m
li» suld tliis is not Canada'-^ »;■; ? It
was wa ni icli Canada's wa England's
'■r und Jie f.tedom and Bacurlty we
wtu- today o.ijoylng was i'n > to lho
unexampled bravery of the lads at the
front. He did not believe ther.' was
a   single  anti-conscriptionlst  of any
The worst of all kinds of worry is
worry over ones work; thoso wbo have
tried to ride a bicycle will fear thoy
would run ngalnsl nny object the surer
: they wnuld he tn strike it no mutter
how hard tliey worked the pedals or
handlebars to avoid it.    If worry be-
forehund  does not  help  matters and
: worry afterwards  is still  more silly
i and useless tiie sooner this weukenlng
1 leak  nf vital  energy is stopped the
| tie' more strength  we will have for
the doing and enjoying of our necessary work.   One of tho world's busiest
men   of  his  dny  accoun tod   for  the
amount of work he was able to get
through  by  the fact that  he did his
work   but   on "   while   muny   people
worried over theirs bub before and
after tbey did it.   There is both philosophy uud  reason  In  this me1.ami
Don't cross tho bridge till you come
intelligence who deep down in tlio I to It. Sufficient to tho day Is the evil
bottom of bis heart did unt feel that  thereof.
conscription wus tho only adequate j Someone may be thinking It nil
means by whicli those brave lads j vory wo*| t0 nuote proverbs; what wo
could receive the support they were would like In know ts bow to stop
asking for. , worrying.   Thero lias been a frond deal
Mr. Chas. A. Cock said that until- written Intely of a new method of
recently he had been strongly opposed j treating nervous troubles from which
to the idea of conscription nnd had we may learn something. The
hoped it would not be needed, but
when voluntary enlistment fails there
j mon ninny of whom we know, whose
] spirits pervaded tiiis hull in which we
tbey are reudv to betray and even fight
the saviours nnd prnteetnrs of their | ^ lli*irM   ur h"^ t0 BUbscrlbe
Motherland, Prance.   Is Canada to be to :l I'^manent memorial which will
dominated by such poltroons?  Are the | »*»'"' tlirou8n  t!,Q *&* to come to
people of this Dominion  to be thc kwp tlw memory of tlw bmw before
slaves nf such black hearts?   Cun wel l"1st,',',t>'*
forgive the once eminent politicians
who pander to such ingratos who forget their land of birth?
Tho promises we mude Were cheered
to tbo echo, are we now going to revoke them, have we kopt our plighted
word? I will remand ynu what we said
As volunteers ynu will enjoy the proud
distinction of having the gratitude and
the deepest appreciation not only of
tbe peoplo of Cnunda but nf the whole
'■ivilized world. You sire going on the
highest mission over given to man.
that Is to destroy the last great vil-
UnnoiiB military nutocracy which linn
been a menace to the peace nf the
world for a generation.   If you buc-
i I Hie end of wars may follow* and
Hie peace nf the wiirld be assured.
Some of ynu may full. We hope not,
If   ymi   dn ymi   will   live through   the
• i-es for ever iii the hearts and nffoc-
Inim ..I' all wlm love honor und liberty, if the ranks nf tbe young aro do-
pletod we promise you even us old
imn   we  will  follow  and  lnko  your
Those wiio return us Victorious lier-
nen can red assured thut the ancient
practice of forgetting those who fight
■he bnttloa after the fight Is wnn,
will tint he repented In ynur ense.
We nro proud of you wltli u pride
thai makes the red blood tingle, we
know yon will dn ynur duty nnd woo
tie to those of ns If we forget onr duty
tu ynu.
'lm bei.1 nud kindest wishes Will he
ivi;   wth  ynu.  wltll   practical   siup-
iort to Hie last man and the lust, dollar, peoplo nf Craubrook hid you Godspeed with wishes fo rn speedy victorious return.   Adlou.'
Nave wn dono our duty?
We encouraged lhe boys to go. bow
Ttiat the proposed memorial shall
bo n large marble obelisk, that upon
one side shall be engraved in relief
tlw names of all who have died for
their country, on nne side tho names of
the wounded, on the otlier sides tbe
names of all  who have  volunteered.
Tliat the names of all subscribers
shall be published, a list shall be
engraved in parchment and deposited
In the marble crypt."
The resolution was seconded hy Mrs.
John Laurie nnd carried.
After a musical selection by tbe
Cranbrook Orchestra, Alderman A. A.
MacKinnon briefly addressed the
meeting expressing himself in fuvor
of conscription, In fact be thought we
should have had It two years ago hut
suid Hint be wus not nwnre tluit tbe
Mayor and Council hud lieen invited to
address Ibe meeting.
Mr. (Ireen being culled nn dwelt
briefly nn the causes nf tbe war. lie
could unt suy thai the voluntary system of recruiting in Cuiindu had been
u failure, hul the cull for men to carry
the war tn u  victorious end hnvlng
passed all estlmnlhui. It seemed Hint
Hie only solution In nhtnlti men to fill
the gaps, wns, Hint the situntlon
should be sludjeil by :*, body ot men
which could determine what Industries wore essentiul only nnd whnt
men could ho spared. Cranbroolt district hnd enlisted over 1000 men from
till callings* railroad, mining, lumbor-
Inn und civilian nnd these were tlie
men tluit were asking fnr assistance,
M, A. Beale, tlw next speaker, stated
he wbolehenriedly believed In soloctlvo conscription ns the only adequate
menus whereby the force at tbe frmt
could be maintained at full strength.
Ho thought tho mensuro should nnt
^^^ 'ivod those who returned I he mixed tip In party polltl *s bneaufie
wounded? '. tbo safety and good nanio of th" nation
At the present time 1 will not erit-1 wus of vastly greater Importune ■ than
Iclzo those In office guilty of neglect,' tie safety and good nnnio of an • pollt-
j wo will pass ovor thai If thoy will do   'ul "arty.
, bettor rglif now and in future. [Ie   said   It    .mis   snoT*ti'iios   lierri
Sir   Robert   Borden   says,  tbat  the    hat   this  was  nol   Canada's  war, li ■
i veleruus will rolurn with rime In tlm'r ! hopyi1 there w< n   not muny ir. ('ran
I hearts, and we must agree it would bo ' brook who hold Hint view nltliough hr.
! justified, hut more even u'on thnt wlll i .mow of imnie, 'ho belief was nlso hold
traitors attd ttwtr ennaorts have to by many thnt wo worn merely helping
I fenr.  and  Hint   Is.  the   IndlgnnUon, | •',*  Mother Country, dntng nnr uit io>
scorn, nnd    Vtngonnce uf    inuthors,   Nipt at t ht>r as part of the llr.'h i K;u ,
idea Is tn work through what Is culled
the   subconscious   mind.     The subconscious mind is the mind that works
while we ure asleep ns woll as when
we ure awake.    When the conscious
It is resolved that the citizens of | w ~g^tf" an{, th01Jfmnda nf nthprs j mlnd ,B Cn]mod nnd ns far as possible
from alt over the Empire called aloud  inactive the  Uno  of thought  which
for  conscription,  that  the sacrifice   is contrary to the ono which is tbe
thoy have mnde may not be in vain. ' ~ '     '■'" '" ~~
upon  this may rest  Hie winning
losing of the wur.
ihiso or result of tlie trouble is re-
r pentedly suggested.  This may bo done
,..,..,sa    A victorious Km- ns one is just fulling asleep.   Just be*
pire or slavery  undor the Prussian : fore falling asleep at night or when
heel.    One lias n certain  feeling of waking in tho morning ure said to be
shame that conscription hns to come, tho  times   when   auto  suggestion  Is
but it Is overshadowed by the know- most effective.   Many have learned by
lodge that millions in the old land. Bad  experience that  worrying ahout
nnd hundreds of thousands from tho anything before falling r.sleop is liable
Dominions, over sons, lmvo gone cheer* to persist  through the night nnd to
fully and gladly to fight the Empire's result in a restless sleep disturbed by
bnttle In Europe.
N. A. Walllngor moved the following
resolution,   which   was   seconded   hy
nnd  |ias
-inr; dreams. The aim of nuto
tion is lo substitute hopeful
its which will displace the
■com' thoughts nnd cause the
wearied troubled one tn wnke un re*
lloved. refreshed nnd encouraged.   It
Alderman v A. MacKinnoi
soil unanimously:
"That this meeting Is desirous nf u. ,.(|l| |h;i! 1H||1 whn fffl(J ., vjr|,m nf
expressing Its opinion thnt selective worry Rnd wna found herself after
conscription nf men and conscription | GXClalmlng, "Oh dear." with n burden-
or wealth Is uhsnluH'ly necessary fnr '   (1 ^   fffl|| ,,,,, ,(( ,h|nU „f „,,, ,„|Uiy
the preservation of the rights nnd r0MoM „il(1 llll(| ror gratitude nnd to
liberties of mankind helping tlw ' ,*,,.,(iV(, ,:,;M |n-*tend nf "Oh donr," she
Allied ArmloB to a eompleto and flnn1 wm,|,j R(lJ, "*>ni'se the Lord" Tills
victory, nnd to ensure thai Canada B*,0 d|,i, ofton repenting (the |03nd
takes her legitimate plaee in this sue-1 pBn|ni  ,,„. |lor **ncourngomonL    She
oess by devoting her who neigy uud ! B00n improved In health und overcame
making overy sacrifice to support and Uin ■,„,,„ n|- siy,(im; ,im] became uh
strength'*!! her force*, al lho fronl" e|,0prf,,| M BhR |m,| |,00„ doloful hr-
lot" This in n kind nr rullli cure that
ynne who is wilting In
1'aitli in the ivlsdntii and
fan nvor-riillng Providence
Mr. .1 P. lliitclicrofl staled he
111(0  to  u'u'.e  u   few    remnrks
wus Invited lo Hie platform. II
be would like in stale thai there v
no nocesalty for n now conscrlpl
low as one wus already hi forco In
Canada  whicli  was unite sufficient,
that tho people Of Quebec were loyal
tu Canada, and  ll  wns not  right  in
criticise   tlieni   iu   the   manner   which
hnd lieen done hy snme speakers, Mint
it  was understood   thnt  those   who
preached conscription did not wan
go themselves, nnd further thn"
meeting had been culled to consider:
conscription   nnd   not   memorials   to j
soldiers, most of tlio talk hnd tint been j
about conscription.   Dr. droon in ro-
ply suid that the speaker wus wrong
m,   is open to
rt|1,  iryll wh,,
„ I ami in  lhe effect nf BtlggOBtlon nil UlO
subconscious mind.
will nnt Buffer with Biinburn or bent
rash it you uso Xaui-Buk.
Tbe Superintendent <»f S.A. Frssb
Air Camp m Clarkson's, Ont., s»/s.
■" We always keep a uupply of
Znm-Buk at our Children'* Camp.
We use It constantly for sunburn,
Insect stings und bites, us well u
....   for cut:;, bruises und sores, and b*>-
In his remnrks ubout those speaking ,   liove ,jiPre j3 nothing to equal It."
in favor of conscription not being wil-        - ■ 	
ling to  go.    To   his  personal  know- |
ledge severul speakers on thnt plat- j
form had volunteered nnd  were anxious to go, but being physically unfit
they were not accepted.  The chairman
remarked that Mr. Hutchcroft must
hnve misunderstood the resolution us ;
ho had voted In favor of it und Handed the resolution to Mr. Watt*   who
r«ud It »ut asal"
Zam-Buk ls especially suitable for
a child's tender skin, owing to IU
purity of composition. It contain*
absolutely none of the coarse animal fat or harsh mineral drug!
found lu ordinary ointment*.
All Henh-rs, £>0c. box.


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