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Cranbrook Herald Jun 8, 1911

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Array JZ
We are well equipped to
turn out tlie beat clan
April 21 )| '
In tlie Herald I'nyt*—Try
Our   Lot-ill   Columns
lOv. u line
NO.  Hi
Next Week will be a Busy One for the
Three Link Fraternity
Members o[ tin* Independent Order
ol Odd Follows Irom all parts of tlie
province will lie in Cranbrook next
week to attend the thtrly-seventh annual session ol Ou* grand lodge, With
delegates and visitors It is eipeetcd
there will be ai least two hundred
members ol tho order in tbo city
The .supplying ot accommodations
ami entertainment Tor this number
will be no, small task, but there is
im doubt Cranbrook will rise to the
occasion as she has done many times
tenay affair, for at
tin* last session ol the
grand lodge is really an East Kootenay, for at the last session tf the
jiraud lodge all the lodges along the
Crow made a Btrong pull lot this
year's session to lie held at t'rau-
The following comprises the committee in charge:
II. White, chairman; W. M. Harris,
Chat;, Ward, R. K. Bcattle, J. P.
Kink, K. It. Morris, V. S. Liddlcoat,
W. s. Hall, II lllckenbotliom, W, S.
McDonald, .1. Manning, II. Hallctt,
II. .1. Lowes, n. V. Brake and K. J.
R. I,. Webber, grand master, is
still very ill in the sanitarium nt
Kamloops, and it is doubtful if he
will lie able to attend. I it case litis not able to attend his place will
be filled by W. II. Culleli, deputy
grand master.
Following is the programme for the
lour days' session. The general
publie should beat in mind that on
Tuesday evening at the Auditorium
the Decoration of Chivalry will be
conferred, and then- will Ih* an ...address of welcome by the mayor. This
mot-ling will be open to everyone.
Monday, June 12.—Funeral Aid
convenes at in a m. Department
Council Patriarchs' MtlUtant at 2
p.m.       Monday   evening Instituting I
Subordinate Encampment at ft p.in.
Tuesday, .June 18.—Grand Encampment opens session in I.O.O.K. hall
nt 10 a.m. Kehccca Assembly convenes in L.O.L. hall at If a.m. in
the evening at tut) p.m. at the Auditorium the Decoration of Chivalry
will he conferred. Also address ol
welcome by the mayor ot the city.
Wednesday, Juno II—Grand lodge
opens in I.O.O.F. hall at 0 a.m.
Exchange of greetings Grand Assembly and Grand Encampment at 0.45 a.m. General routine business 10 a.m. Afternoon: Amusement. Nomination and
tlectlon of officers at ft p.m. Entertainment by Maple Leaf Rebecca
lodge at 10 p.m.
Thursday, June 15.—Grand lodge
general business at ft p.m. Afternoon session opens at 2 p.m. Installation grand lodge officers at
7.30 p.m. Grand ham-net in Auditorium nt 0.15 p.m.
Following is a list of the grand
lodge officers, as elected at the session of tbe grand lodge last year,
These will all be present this year
with the possible exception of tht
grand master.
E. L. Webber—Grand Master, New
W. II. Cullen—Deputy Grand Master, Victoria.
W. A. Johnson—Grand warden,
Fred Davcy—Grand Secretary.
C. A. Chapman—Grant! Treasurer.
H. T. Fulton—Grand Representative, Nanaimo
W. H. Laird—Grand Chaplain
E. I). McKclvey—Grand Marshall
W. A. Jackson—Grand Conductor
.1. McDougall—Grand Guardian,
On Friday last, Nick Yosky, a
Slav, who has**figured in a few episodes with the police, came into
town ami proceeded t» get violently
drunk. While in this condition he
rambled into tin* Canadian hotel.
where be made things Interesting
for every one, used tin- wort! kind ol
language ihat even those foreigners
become proficient in, ami, to snow
his Independence and disregard for
Canadian manners ami customs, shot
ed bis arm through Hit- glass portion
of   the otttet    doors        ll"' polite  ap
peaicd on ilic scene and Nicholas
gave them a warm lime ot It on the
it reel ami in    the nil- On Tties
dm morning he came before Macis
tiate Ryan, heard the case proven b)
Joseph Varlliehu, bartender nt the
Canadian, lisiei.nl to some selections
Irom his past record and started, as
n consequence ot his conduct ou a
three months sojourn in Nelson (all
with haul labor Some people think
Hal n    forelgnci  gels     mote lenient
sentences than those ,.f our countrj
li certainly did not work out so in
lliis ease
Prank Wright, heller known ns
CmiJ Kelly, gave a fnr exhibition
ut bis blackguardism in presence    ol
the   Sisteis anil  patients al   the tlOS
ptlal ilu* nUiet evening Chief Mow-
was sent lor ami gathered in the of
(emlei Wright, oi Kelly, is anothei
publie character with a record in the
police court The chlel proved thai
Kelly was very drunk and very offen-
sive nnd that, on the whole, be is
not what might he called a desirable
eiti/en. The     magistrate   called
Wright's attention to a certain warning tl at he bad given him on a
former occasion. Wright quite clearly remembered tlml tbe warning had
relation to a possible sit months
stay at Nelson if be again ..(Tended
TIiq magistrate then told him that
the people of Cranbrook were tired
of his exhibition-.- nnd that he had
grown to he nothing less than a public nuisance, Ho sent Wright to
Nelson for the six months which
Were promised him in the event of
another lapse from virtue.
Dune. McUuii took He prisoners
to Nelson Tuesday.
Hundreds ot Calgary citi/ens, in
every walk of life, from the wealth
leal merchant's ami best known pro-
fesslonal men in the city to the hum
blesl titv employee attended the funeral of the late Reuben Unpen
•lamleson on Sunday afternoon, while
thousands    of    citi/ens lined     On*
streets, and bared their heads in silent reverence as the hearse hearing
the  casket     passed them It   is
doubtful if tliere ever was a bigger
or more Impressive funeral held in
Calgary, for when fully spread out
the cortege was more than two miles
in length, while the floral nfiermgs
were piled high around the casket
and In a special floral conveyance
Thf IhhIv i,f James lull, which
was foiitnl iiliuui flvi- miles from
town last Tuctdfty, will Im- sliippril
past tu lu-. relatives at Siralfuril,
Ontario. Deceased was a un'iniii-i ol
Mum lodge, t.O.O.P. uf ihat city.
I,ast Kriilav Hill was s,'i-n dressed
in liis wurkiiiK iluilii's K"iiiK towards
A.    A.    Miirkuniiuii's foundry, wfi.'ii-
fn> was employed, ll,- did nut ro
to work, Imwi'ViT, and apparently
ilnippi-d mil ol mkIiI. Tuesday his
body was found by the mail side out
near Ihe Hour raneli west of town,
anil was partly in a pool of water.
There wns no apparent cause for
his wandering away from town, lllll
wns twenty-live or twenty-six years
of ni:e and powerfully built. He had
been in Crnnbrmk about two years
and worked at his trade as a
machinist. Whether he fell into the
pool of water ami wns drowned nr
whether he died Irom other causes
will never be known.
The Coleman Miner has ceased publication. This makes the fourth
newspaper along thr line that has
gone out nf business within the
past sis months The Michel News,
HiMinrr Times, Moyle Under and
nt w Ibc t'uannan Mian.
Operator* and Men Simply Waiting for Something to Happen
The labor sit nation remains practically as il has been since the adjournment of the conciliation board.
The parties seem tt- feel that Dr,
Gordon was riiqhi when he deprecated
any further attempt to bring them
together until the whole situation
has been thoroughly investigated by
the board,
While there is no change in the
situation as between the operators
ami men there are features that Indirectly indicate, a rather gloomy
prognosis. The Crows Nest Pass
Coal company have dispensed witli
the services of all but heads of departments in their office staffs. This
in itself is significant. The large
western consumers of coal ami coke
have seriously turned tu other sources of supply and are preparing tr
continue operations independent of
supplies from this district, and the
Great Northern (railway has ample
fuel supply from the mines in Wnsh-
ingtin at prices which make that
road independent of these mines. The
Canadian Northern railway and the
Grand Trunk Pacific art* hauling coal
from tbe Grent Lakes. The installation of oil burners on the mountain
section of the Great Northern is
proving a boom to that road iu the
matter of saving on cost of fuel ami
The Ore in the big mine at Michel
makes the probable date of re-open-
ing that mine problematical. Had
the mine been working the fire would
have been discovered in the incipient
stage nnd either scaled oil' or extinguished. This mine employed about
live hundred men, Other mines in
the Pass have suffered physically hy
the cessation of operations ami
would Im- unable to operate with" a
full force for some time even if the
labor trouble were sett lis! at once.
Tlie-result of the long drawn out
struggle in Nova Scotia, where the
result of final settlement is a distinct
loss to the miners, is making the
local miners canvass serii ttsly the
Wisdom of their course in lying up
these mines without an investigation
Many of the men would welcome an
opportunity to go back to work at
the scale offered by the operators at
Calgary. The great majority of the
foreign element are prepared to go to
vvi rk at any time.
It is understood that Dr. Gordon
leaves Winnipeg at the week-end and
thai the sessions of the conciliation
boanl will be resumed on Tuesday,
at      Coleman.      Uta— Fernie   Free
A meeting was held In the hand
room last night for the purpose of
electing officers and generally reorganizing tin- band, which has been in
had shape for the Inst few months.
Mi \. i.. McDermol was elected
president, ami Messrs. W 11. Wilson
and O. Patmore vice-presidents. Mr.
(i Ingrain was appointed bandmaster
nml the executive committee consists
of vhe above named officers with the
addition of Messrs. E, If. Reed and
.1, A. Thompson. C. McCowan was
elected property man.
With the new interest infused in-
t. the members by lasi night's
meeting, Ihe hand will undoubtedly
become an organization ot the first-
elass ami a credit to the town.
Twenty nine thousand dollars arc
offered iu prizes and purses ot the
forthcoming Calgary Industrial exhibition to he held al Calgary .lime
mull to .Inly Till, and in addition lu
this, Ireiglit Iraiisportntlin Is paid
by the exhibition company on all exhibits originating in Alberta In
addition to a splendid display ol
live stock nnd industrial exhibits,
the best programme of attractions
ever Been iu Canada west of Toronto
lias been provided, and. it is expected
that fully one hundred thousand visitors will nttend the exhibition. Almost everyone will lie Interested In
tlie dnify llights of Strobel's aeroplane, and Hie ili'iiiotislr.-iplons of the
Mono Kail car, to say nothing nl the
Orcwurks, music nnd other attractions which nre the best thai money
can secure.
I'ri/e lists can he hud un npplien-
tiun to Hie manager, E. I.. Milliard
son, Victoria I'ark, Calgary, Alt*,,
and culrir. close on Jane talk.
+ + + + + + * •!• * + •!• •!• •!• +
* •!•
+        TAYLOR IS COMING. .).
.[.     Hon. This   Taylor, minlstei .|.
.J. ol public   works,   left Ravel .].
•J. stoke last   Sunday   ami is on .J.
+ liis   way to   East   Kcdtvnay. •!•
.J. He   spciii   two   days   at ill, .J.
H- [laloyon Hot Springs, and was »l>
•J. expected   to arrive at Nelson .}•
+ yesterday.      He   will   in- In +
•J. Cranbrook   Friday   ur Saiin >\.
•r- ilav. •!•
+ •!•
+ * .j. .[. .]. .j. .].4. * .[. .i. .j. .j. ,|,
Society Girl Company Shows Big
Gains During Past Year
The third annual meeting or tho
Society Girl Mining Company, Limited, was held at the office of the
company at Movie on Tuesday last.
The report of the directors submitted
to the shareholder.s shows thai splendid progress has been made hy ihr
company during the past twelve
months. One year ago there was
little ore in sight and there was a
deficit of over $1,000. Ntnv Ihc
company is out of debt, has a good
hotly if ore in sit-tht ami is in sphn
did shape for continuing Ihe work of
Since the last annual report was
rendered develowpinent work litis been
enrsied ou as follows: Drifting, two
hundred nml eight feet; cross-cutting,
twenty-four feel ami Wising scvcnly-
live feet. This work was done at a
cost of nine dollars a fool Crude
shipping ore was encountered in the
west drift one hundred and thirty feet
from the main tunnel, ami was followed on the vein one hundred and
ten feet. The face of the west drifL
is stiti in concentrating ore Prom
the stupe ami development worn
since the crude ore was encountered
last December, the ore broken
amounted to approximately twelve
bundled tons. The milling ore is
still on the dump and over three
hundred tons of crude ore were sold
at the Trail smelter. This ore
netted the company with the government bounty $3,100.18, or about
MO.20 per ton. The ore being shipped now is of better grade than that
shipped last winter. The ore now
runs from fifty to sixty per cent iu
lead and from ten to twenty ounces
in silver. If the e* mpany makes as
gond progress during tin- coming year
as during the past year the shareholders can be reasonably sure of
netting a dividend.
The   following    board of directors
was elected for the ensuing year:
C. C, Farrell—President.
R, ft. Qwynne—Vice-President,
■f. P. Parrel!—Secretary-Treasurer
Philip Conrad and F  J, Smyth.
(iillespies Limited Open Branch
Real Estate Office Here
Intend to Have Sawmill Running
by First of August
The organization "f nur company
now complete, and we are ready
to begin active operations at once,"
said It. Campbell nt Movie last Sim-
day after returning irom Vancouver.
Mr. Campbell is president ol the
Campbell Lumber Company, Limited,
which has recently acquired extensive
timber limits near Kitchener. "In
these limits," continued Mr. Campbell, "there are six thousand four hundred acres and some <f
this land adjoins the Kitchener
townsite. A good portion of the
timber is white pine, which always
commands a top notch price in this
country. A sawmill was built on
these limits three years ago, but
only ran for a few months. This .mill
will be overhauled and will Is* put in
shape to have a daily capacity of
thirty-five thousand feet of lumber.
We expect to have it ready [or running by the first ol August. A feature new to lumbering operations iu
this part of the country will be an
aerial tramway to convoy the logs
to the mill. This tram will be
eight thousand feel long, nml when
used will have a saving of $:t a
thousand t ver the.old system of
getting in the toga These trams
for logging purposes are used quite
extensively In South America."
Associated with Mi Campbell are
Angus C. freeman, a railroad contractor ot Calgary, and .lames T
llurgess, of Kitchener The company is capitalized .it 5100,000, divided Into a thousand shares of a par
vale* ol 1100 each
■l A. Gillespie, If. n. Armstrong
ami ,). A. Hlair, the head men of the
real estate ami insurance firm of Gillespie's Limited, with headquarters
;ii Vancouver, are in town and intend opening a branch office iu
Cranbrook. They will be prepared
to carry ou a general real estate ami
insurance business iu this city. The
following article iu connection with
Ihe firm's business is taken from a
recent issue of the Vancouver Daily
Gillespie's Limited have purchased
some twenty-five acres Immediately
north of Burhaby Lake, facing on
ihal important highway—the John
stoii road. This properly lies in l>.
I.- BO, 130 and 137, and is one of the
most desirable pieces to he found in
all Burnaby, Gillespie's Limited
have shown judgment in securing
such a fine tract.
The li. c. Electric Railway cm
pany have a franchise to run un tin
Johnston road, while the Western
Canada Power company have secured
the widening uf tlie Johnston n ad to
ninety-nine feet, ami are erecting
their poles on the thirty-three feet
acquired in the widening of the road
This will be the greal highway from
the heart of Bitmahy io Vancouver,
New Westminsler ami the C.P ll
properties ut Co put Jam, Westminster   Junctl  the   Pitt river, Port
Moody, etc., etc. We look for greal
developments of the Johnston road
What with Ihe Western Canada Power company's franchise ami both
companies passing along right by it,
shis is a winner' Money will he
made there.
We understand that Gillespie's
Limited are putting this on the mar
kct in hig lots, nml at popular prices.
Ilumahy Municipality is spending
$1,000,000 this year on roads, sewers
and water, the Johnston road alone
receiving attention to the extent -if
twenty-five thousand dollars, while
the Philip road is receiving attention for seven thousand five hundred
dollars, making thirty-two thousand
live hundred dollars being spent on
Ihe two roads bounding this tract.
Which makes it a money maker.
Itiirnahy will unquestionably he
Vancouvcr's largest suburb, and he-
fore long will he asked to come into
the city. It now has a population
estimated at ten thousand ami it is
confidently believed will have fifty
thousand in five years.
Fruit Tress Flourish Where Once was
Jungle of Poplar and Birch
Word was received at Cranbrook
yesterday that J. J. Woods, of Fernie, was the successful bidder on the
contract for building the government
Indian school at the St Eugene
Mission. The cost of the building
will be in the neighborhood of one
hundred thousand dollars, and will he
one of the finest school buildings in
Ihe   west.
NEW C. P. R.
The new time card on the Crow's
Nest division nf the C P.It went Into effect last Monday, June 5tfa
No. 313, westbound, is now No
MS, ami reaches Cranbrook at 13.45,
Instead of 13,90 as formerly
it. 111. eastbound, is now.Ml,
hut with no change of time.
No. 7,    Soo-Spokane.     west hound,
now No. 11, with no change
No. s, Soo-Spokane, eaatbound, is
now No. 12, with no change,
No. 811, local, is now No. ."ill.
ami reaches Cranbrook nt 22 55, instead of 33.30 as formerly.
No. 312, eastbound local, is now
No. 512, eastbound local, is now No
512, and leaves Cranbrook at  ," am
The Kimherlev train leaves Cranbrook every morning, except Sun-
tlavs, ai 7.10, instead of B.30 a*
The OroCOWOOd   smelter has 12.">i»o
inns of coke ahead ami will Import
more from the east if necessary The
Granb] eoinpanv has ordered twenty
thousand tons of coke from IVnnsvl
vnnin This will last the tug Mueller lor fittv davs nnd if the Crows
Nest sluke is not -etilrd in that
tune a Ireih supply will be ordered.
Ten years age the C.P.R. steamers
running on the Arrow lakes between
Ftobson and A now head called, now
ami again ai Deerpark, bailed ai unnamed points still more occasionally
to drop nil a party nf prospectors,
dn ve nu tn Nakusp and Halcyon ami
for the rest moved in a loneliness
that was profound. h was more
than that, it was actually forbidding
The sanctity of the sleeping fake ami
tin- quid mountains Imaged in Its
depths repelled all Intrusion, Al
long intervals some water fowl rose
from the surface and fled miles away
io some quieter reaches where the
noise of the boat did not penetrate.
Save that their was hardly a sign oi
life along Ihe water or b)  the slmr.-
These Immemorial conditions have
all been altered What appeared a
few years ago to he a mere Jungle of
poplar, black bitch and brush lying
between the rocky hills and the
shores of the lake has been opened
up iu many places with garden pa'
'■lies and orchards each with it-*
little home dose by the stream that
comes tumbling down Irom the hills
il     llle bat k.       AS    ihe    brush f.oes
down before the plough and the mat-
lock, the lines or fruit tree* be-
tln to show and between the rows
the strawberries ami garden stuff begin to arrest themselves in a healthier green and a sens,* ,.f being cultivated and looked after.
Around the Nairows there are settlements every half miles or sr and
.ill bearing the most alluring and
suggestive names Like the fruit
they grow there these nanu*s can bo
rolled as a sweet tnotsel under and
over the tongue Ft r miles the
steamer jogs from one side to the
ntiu-r of the river. e<.nnectir*g the
upper and lower Arrow lake getting
ofl nr taking tip passengers and
freight At each landing all the
people come down to see what they
may s«*e and the small bovs art-
sure to be strongly t*. ;he front,
clothed jor the most part in some
excuse for a shirt, a "trallus" or *■...
the ruin of an old hat and a fishing
pole. No kit! is complete without a
fishing pole ami a pup of sotr.e kind
The excitement of the landing touches the passengers and even the r< ust-
abouts catch the onta-ziori Watch
them as they heave the ear.tt plar.k
ashore under the eye of the profane
mate. They do it with an air suggestive of foreiiryi part-, the mystery
of the deep seas and a touch of the
style of the Mauretania thrown in
for good measure Most *>f the kids
ashore ion.*. In be n ustahouN with
the right that belong thereto. TIhtc
are always a few sensible, thrifty
COWS in sight lazily- era/Inn in time
to the clamor nf their bells They
keep their serenity and calmly brine
home their fifteen quarts of milk per
day to finds its way In the steel
churns tn Nelson anil other places in
foreign lands As we back aw iv
fnun the shore and head along up the
lake the little plan- with the lovely
name sinks back to its work nf home
making and clearing and Hi.' deepest
peace s,vins to be over it all Surely
there never was such a transformation if a lonely country In so few
years Here at the place with the
lovely name the writet dropped .1
deer a half do/en years ago v close
m the lake that its nose lav in ihe
waters It had been gra ing where
the Jersev cow hist was feeding a
moment ago
The old-timers of ihe 1. rdi...
would marvel at the chnngtes around
Galena Ha v. near Urn w head, fm
there ihe *. irgln forest and low - ■
<nd growth is fading out into wide
sweeps of cultivated land Thai
country around that hay will s,Mtn
be a land of apples and In:;' ol .ill
Years ago IV.irton l'ii\ h.nl .t
ipasmodlc mining boom, ";ii of which
<;t.-w ,1 big hotel Which proved an
interesting land mark wnen tht boom
had died down The little |
now enjoying solid prosperity ^■•■'<\
the   s'KVess   «>f    farn it ■
growing in its Imraedlat' 1.. Ighbor
ho*>d. It is said to even hav* .1
weekly paper ami a- f'-r push and
vim. they simply overflow Down
through Burton will come the
trans-provincial automobile roa I
fiom the coa^t on its way tn ihe
prairie countcy. it will not he ihe
fault of the men of Burton if they
will not make h--r name heard of far
and wide.
Nak-ijp is the Ilelfav. oi the Kike-
Hid pi.-sfsses quite a shipbuilding industry Only tbe other day it launched the Bonnintnton. the largest
steamer of the CPR inland fleet
and a really fine boat She bos live
decks and will be able to aa"iumr~
dat*1 about three hundred passei;^er>
At every print along the lake
-: ;• • •■vrK-r-- a stream conn
there is bound to be a land company
in operation with a bii: clearing at
hand to show what a trit'e of capital can do in the line of clearing
and fruit and vegetal.!, growing
Note Henata, Fdgewood and Fost-
Th*- facts which have been demonstrated In the frpit growing industry
in Creaton, along the Kootenay lake
and West Arm and ahont Nelson an-
being proven in hundreds a potnta
along tl> Arrow lakes Land 1- still
to be had at low prnes al".,.: Uw
shores, as the Climate ■■ ..
perfect as it is possible tn find and
ea<h little comr*>-jnity has its
little school for the kiddies, it is
not to be wondered at thai the
shorrs which a few years at»> were
saered to nothing human save an
Indian or two, are now being thickly studded with comfortable,
looking homes.
An exceptionally larne gathering
attended the Canadian club dinner a*
London, on June 1st. at which Lord
stratheona presided Among those
attending were Sir Wilfrid l.aurier.
lion I. P Brodeur, Sit Joseph
Ward, Hight Hon Lewis Harconrt,
Premier   McBride, Hon   W   J   Bow-
... Sir S Walker, Hon C W
Brown, t; .1 Ihsbaiats, Col Sam
Hughes. |ir J A Macdonald. Sir
William Mackenzie, Sll Donald Mann.
Hon Walter Scott and Hon A 1.
Sift, n
premier Laurler, retp.mding to the
toast of "The Dominion," delivered a
lengthy eulogy mi Lord Stratheona.
and afterward, ipeoklog if Canada's
growth, said the country bad reallv
only been discovered within the last
ten or twelve years It was a new
eonstallelion in the western sky, a
lam) fit for hardy nun and Offering 1"
all those British institutions which
Canada cherished as the apple of her
eye. She was the pride of the 20th
century, a gem in the British crown
Sir Joseph Wart sold he regarded
Canada as the halfwav hOUSC between
the people of the Pacific ami the
i nited Kingdom     lie realised fully
that in future years there would In* a
much closer connection between fan
ode ami Australia ami New Zealand
What was Wanted WOJ that distance
be annihilated so that New Zealand
would tie within twentvtiie (lava of
London and  thirlern of Canada, the,
would draw the people ol New '/>.,
land to Canoda and make all the
parts ol the empire one in reality.
Sir K   Walker said ihe greal proh
lem before  Canada was one
ing the immigration ol   varfot 1     na
Mortalities   a    pan    ol   the British
•The Harrier," as presented .
Vudi tori urn    last  Thursdaj 1
proved a very ntlstactorj Intcrprei
attoa of Rex     Beach's stirring Alaskan story The sevet.il I bat
w.re cleverly interpreted, notably
those of poleon floret, tbc Fret.fit
Canadian, by George Cleveland
(»ah* by William Chapman, Stark,
prospector, gambler and all round
bad man, bv Verne Laytoti, Nccia
dale hy Miss Barham, Alluna, <iah\
squaw by Marlon Cblvln. Norval
McGregor*! captain Burrell was
somewhat stilted, although in the
closing scenes be quite rose to the
occasion The scenic arrangements
and costumes were reasonably tmo
to life and the whole performance
was admirably in good taste
"The doctor Im** limited me to one
smoke a day."
•■That's easy;   nevei le1 youi pipe
go out " TUB   CKANHltOOK   It KHALI)
(Canada Lumberman, Mav 1st, mili
\ Imllclln ui tIn- I'nili-il siiiii-s Drparlmiml ul Agrtetilliiro recently i»-
sui-il i-iiiiliilns llu- rollowfi.g information relative lo tin- foresl resources nf
Hi,- world:
Tin- I'.ircs-l.s of Knropo occupy an arcn   nf   750.000,000   acres,   abo.il
:il per cent, of Hie total land arcn m' tliu continent.      Tlie most) w M
cm ■>■ is Kinlainl, followed Iiy  llosnin ami   Ileczegovlnn,   ami   Swollen;
Uie least wooded countries are Portugal anil (Ileal Britain. Tin- proportion nf forcsl area decreases from Un- north ami ensl nf Kuropc l<>-
warils tlio south ami west, Russia, Finland, Sweilcn ami Norway togclili-
er possess .ris;l,uiiu,ilini acres ui forest, or ?W per cenl uf tlie total forcsl
urea iu Kuropi'.
Tin- following labia slmws ilu- arcn under forcsl, tlie percentage of
ilu- lotnl luml area under forcsl, ami ibe toresl area per capita Im- mosl
uf tlie Kurnpt'iiii countries.
Total finest   l-'nresl area   I.nnil area
area,    per capita, under fun-sl.
per coat.
acres.       i
European Ifnssin 	
IS 75
Croatia ami Slavoulo 	
1 01
llosnin ami Herzegovina 	
Total      62,837,(100
Sweden   10,300,000 0.7 ls.fi
Ocrmnny   31,0110,000 .112 25.8(1
France  21,1121,111111 111 18 5
Norway   10,818,000 7.0 21.0
Spain  (-1)111,11115,111111 SK 13.0
Italy         IU.1I5,  :il 11.28
liulgarlu        7,003, i 2 I               30.(1
II mnla   0,3117,1100 I ns ih.ii
llrlllsll Isles   :|,ii:iii,iiiiii in               I ll
Swil/erland                                             2,1111, I in 20.0
flelgliim                                  1,301, i .3 17.7
Si-niii   :},,si;5,iiiiu 155 :(2 u
inh, i i-iiiintrles 2.127,111111
(Irnnd Total 7.10,113,000
in lho forests uf mm Rurnpean countries, except iu a lew localities,
lilili- is known either as lo the (iua.itiiy or the (|iialily nf tin- Umber.
Tbc following Inlili- shows ibe extenl ol tbe forest nren In countries outside Kurope, so fur us is known:
Asiatic Russia   318,030,000
India  1 iu,nun,iiiin                  3111
f'nylon   0,7113,0110
• liipiiii   57,7ls,uml
Philippine Islands   1:1,111111,nun
itiilisb Auslrnlnsla   i2lt,72li,imo                 Id 8
f'lipo Colony,   Naial,  Swaziland and
Transvaal   iiil.iimi
Madagascar    2.1,0011,11011                 1:111
llarliar) Stales       0,527,0011
Central \frlca     321,111111,111111
Smith America (tropical)     53s, ,	
Wesl Indies   12,(1011,0110                  ia; 1;
Canada   7.10,300,11011                  :is.n
Mullen  35,111111,111111                    5 1
Alaska             .. Il17.lu1ll.m1n
I'niiiil Stales uf America   515,0011,11011                 20.0
Certain other countries*  0,870,000
T, lal  3,050,208,000
'Malay States, Straits SclllemcnU, Cyprus, Java, Hawaiian Islands anil
The iiilal forest area ut the world,   so  far as  shown   In   Ihc nhovc
tallies, is uver  3,800,000,00(1 acres   T„ ibis si hi   In- added Hie area nf
Ibe forests uf China, Corcn, extrn-trnplcal South America, uml pails- uf
Africa, fur which there an- un available data.
All figures fur foresl nren an- more or less approximations. While thu
figures for Ihe forests nf Austria-Hungary, Ocrmany, France, Sweden,
Norway, Finland, Belgium ami Switzerland may In- regarded as fairly accurate, those fur 1 In- Russian, Canadian and United Slates [uresis are
mily quite approximate. The Immense Inresl ureas in Russia, Ihe United
stales ami Canada Include 11 large proportion, ol luml at present unproductive, such ns swamps, burns or lands which sooner or Inter will bo
laken up fur agriculture, ns well as forcsl land proper,       As ni ihc lig-
iirrs allowing the percentage ,,1 foresl land in the total, il  si In- borne
in mind thai Hie proporti f forests tn total hind   area varies greatly
iu different pans nf Ihe same couutry.
fins Aiiili-eii. uf the Queen's hotel ai , Mr. T. .Maim- Daly, formerly miu
Cranbrook, who Is erecting a ne» Islcr of the Interior ami m presenl
11,,hi ai   Kitchener has already   Un- police magistrate  nl Winnipeg,    has
(in  wins   up   fm  Ibis new hotel,  compiled a Very   useful wurk mi pro-
tth.i-h will In- a hue building Mr cctltirc In criminal law for die gultl-
Aiiih-i-ii proposes having all modern once uf magistrates. The work bus
conveniences in his hniet, including been broughl down lu dale nut only
electric light. Ins in statutes, hut us tu decisions.
In Its presenl condition lite Conservative party was described in
Mr. V. I.. i-'owke, M.P, fm Smith
Ontario, at a reciprocity mooting al
Whitby, Onl., last week, wlilch was
Addressed by lion. A. (i. MacKay
and himself, as a "Higgledy-piggledy"
mess, at otitis willi one another."
Sometimes, he said, Mr. Borden was
leader and some times tu- was nol.
If lie were nol a man of large views
he would not Ik; able U) hold tin-
place he dies. "1 believe -Mr, Bor
den is a great, noble-minded mini,"
said Mr. KovvKe, "who wishes to-do
his best for tht: people of the Dominion of Canada; hut lit* is surrounded
hy a following thai renders lingo lol')
any good qualities he mi^M possess."
After expressing a sense or grali
tmle to Hon. Mr, MacKay for tlie
high public service lie has been rendering hy. the interest he lias- amused
Ihrough discussion ol reciprocity all
over Ontario, Mr. Fowko, in speaking
ot the debate on reciprocity in tlie
house at Ottawa, said it was- well
known that the Tory party was
divided, a very considerable number
knowing thai if Ihey voted against
reciprocity they would seal lheir
doom as politicians; so Ihey raised
every side issue in nrder to obscure
Ihe real issue. But the Conservfl
lives must face a vote on this issue
ami it would lie carried, he believed,
hy a large majority.
Hun. Mr. MacKay, In dealing with
Ihe historic pail uf tlie argument,
which in his hands proved a musl
powerful contention for ihe agreement, read from a Conservative campaign fly-sheet used in llu* general
election of 1900, entitled "Markets
fm Farmers," the following sentence
expressing the aim of the parly in
lliis regard: "Access d llu* Canadian market for agricultural pro
duels of the United Stales only on
condition Ihat similar eiitniaee shall
he given for Canadian products into
their markets." This had been the
Conservative party's attitude until
last January, as lie showed hy quo!
ali< ns from Sir .lohn Macdonald and
from an article hy lion. Oeo. E.
Foster in tin* University Magazine of
last December.
Answering the criticism alleging
secrecy in the tariff negotiations, Mr,
MacKay quoted from the speech from
the Throne on the 17th of Novcmnei
last, indicating their extreme open
ness, ami referred to the declaration
of Mr. Nnrthrup, of Belleville, that
"if such a bargain as thai could he
made, Ihey would all throw up their
hands for it." No man on either
side had up to January expressed any
opposition to some such agreemenl
being made. Down lo tin* 1st of
January lasi no Conservative had
opposed il, ami the Liberals had
taken their stand for it as far hack
as 1*03.
The conduct of the opposition in
lighting the tariff agreement was
severely criticised by Mr. MacKay
lie argimd that nn self-respect Ing
Canadian would think of handing
over Ihe government of the eotmtr\
lo men who could not govern them
selves, and who were constantly
quarreling among themselves over
trilling matters.
Discussing the question "hy and
large," Htm. Mr. MacKay pointed
mt Ihal the United States'is a consuming country, where sixty per cenl
of its people are urban ami consumers, and forty per cent or less are
rural producers; Canada, ou the i liter
hand, is a producing country,     wilh
hose proportions reversed. II was
better, In- nigucd, to have three
markets1 titan two. And he showed
by ligures whal ihe trade might he
with the duty removed.
Mr. R, It. Mowbray, who was
chosen as ihc local candidate for
the legislature ul a convention in
llm afternoon, speaking as a fanner,
said that he could nol understand
why any farmer should be opposed to
llu- reciprocity agreement, Ho
thought il would he of advantage l*1
hiin, ami if il helped Hie fanner il
musl help every other industry. "If,"
said he, "1 cm, while living outside
the city, place my products upon tho
Toronto markcl ami nol he compelled
to pay $2."j lo $30 in order to he
permit till io gel them there, l
would have no desire to tie uuuexed
to ihr eiu oi Toronto; bo if tho
tariff is removed noon natural pro
dflicts we have tin cause for feeling
Ihal we should he heller off if annexed lo ihe United Stales."
MAX Bt00M#
60- MORE 60
•-3FTHB Season-
-! This Company brought here especially for the Grand Lodge Meeting of
the Odd Fellows
$2.00, $1.50, $1.00
FOR SAI.R.-llaliy onrriago, nl
most now, *!"■ Cost $211. Apply •' ,
I In alii office.
Archie Waller;
5     Builder and
Sop tit' T.mks nml ('uncivil
Work Kuiiomlly u
siJooirtlty. I
. Estimates   Freely   Given.
P.O. Box 340
Cranbrook, BX.
I, Simon Taylor, of Cinnhrook,
lumberman, give notice ihal nit ihc
15th day of .June, 1011, at eleven
o'clock in the forenoon, ! intend lo
apply lo the Water Commissioner at
nis Office iu Cranbrook for a license
io take and use one quartet of a
cubic foot of water per second from
a stream ou Lot -1502, near Vahk
station, iu the Cranbrook Water Dis
trlct. The water is to be taken
from the stream south of the north
line of l.nt .'. of a sub-division of
Lot 1502, and is to be used on Lois
3 and 8 ot a .subdivision td Lol
151)2, as shown ou a plan prepared
by .1. T. Lalillaw, B.C.L.S. ami dated 1th July, 1010, for domestic purposes.
12-"it Simon Taylor.
How Old People
May Prolong
Their Lives
At advanced age tlie organs act
more slowly than in youth. Circulation becomes poor, blood thin and
watery, appetite fitful, and digestion weak. This condition leaves
the system open to disease such as
Coughs, Colds, Grippe, Pneumonia, Rheumatism, etc.
VINOL is the greatest health
creator nnd body builder we know
of for old people, as it supplies
the very elements needed to rebuild wasting tissue nnd replace
weakness with strength.
IIKit*?; IS Tilt ciHMIP
A cn*e U rrr.iril.il in Alliiitiy, N. V.. nf
» womiin wlm fell flit' mi lii-raking
ilm* n Ity iijfu nml WM tliMHiiril In Ilia
wmIi uml reelilf eiiliilltliin nr old lit-iiLilr,
Slie hull no MrrtiKtli mnt Ho- «llKhtef,l *i-
•rllau tired Iter, lint tlMU, iimilo her
well mid alronj;, unci mIm* ■Intra that die
t**\» len >».iii-  .'.■'■■■'(.•"r limit alia did bti-
for* Uklng VllfOL,
We ask every aged person in
this neighborhood to try a bottle
of VINOL with the understanding
that we will return their money if it
does not prove beneficial.
New Season's
Just Arrived
Up-to-date  first • class
Paperhangcrs to hang
B.   H.   SHORT
The Painter and Decorator
Armstrong Ave.
P.O. Hnx ,u Phone in
_j Marks
Hre/niio ■.cruling a r-ketrti nml detcrlptlon mit**
■-ji'Miijf ii'.ri-rfnif] i,iii' or-lllloii free wlniltnir tu
IllVOIlOmi |l probtltllf imiuinitila Omnium ten.
i ".,,. •< n, .If ,-...,(USaiittnl. HANDBOOK °D t'»'"i-U
Hunt free, ol.lest humi,'? forleciiniicpatanti.
I'HtMiM taken tliri.u,fti LMtinit i To. IMIlTt
ijuvtftl ratio, without ctuiim In tb*
Scientific American.
A httntUotntitr llltuttTil*d wMttljr.    Urawt ctr.
■ iilutinn  of nni   w-ii'Mlil.'  Jiiuiiiil.     la-fiitH   lur
rut! nils, |.i.7.'< ii y.'iir, ihmUmi! (ituyn,ltlu   Hold Lij
llll UHWUll-ollTtV
Uraiicb Ullli-u. t',16 K fl.. Waihluatuu, I, C.
East Kootenay      ®
Butcher Co. •
— . IS)
Hi'lilrra III ®
Fresh unit Curt'it ®
Ml'illH. @
Poultry, (lain,) anil Fiali ®
ill   Sl'llHlH). ®
GIVE    UK   A   TKIAI. |
East Kootenay §
Butcher Co. •
The Old P. Wood's ''..
Business. ®
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modern equipped Cafeut uioderate
Kiiu-H f 1.00 mill up per titty
Comer of Howard St. ami Front Ave.
Our l'u» meutfl all traine
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J.C. Callahan, Mgr.
TAKE NOTICE that Wilhemlna
Moss, of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation
Spinster, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following des
erilied lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast corner or Lot USUI,
Croup One, thence smith 20 chains,
more or less, to the north boundary
of Lot ts.ll; thence westerly along
said boundary seventeen (17) chains,
more or less, to the west boundary
of Lot Rill, thence northerly along
saitl west houmlary a distance o!
twenty (20) chains, thence east sev
en teen (17) chains, more or less, tt
the point of commencement, contain
ing tliirlv-five (M) acres, more oi
Wilhemlna Moss, Locator.
Per J. Walsh, Agent.
Dated April 8th, 1011. 8-0t
TAKE NOTICE (hat Annie Mer-
Ington, of Cranbrook, occupation
married woman, Intends to apply for
pt-rmissii ii to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-east corner of l.nt 10007,
Group One, East Kootenay district,
thenco west 2ii chains, more or li-ss,
so the east hank of the Kootenay
river; thenco south easterly nlong
saitl bank of the Kootenay river a
distance of 80 chains, more or lest,
lo tin* west boundary nf Lot 31 ft,
Group One; llienee north along said
west boundary a distance of 2il
chains, more or less, to point of
commencement and containing forty
acres, more or less.
Annie MorIngton,   Locator
Stewart Morris, Agent.
Staked May 27th,  1011. Ifi-ilt*
Wentworth Hotel
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A tuliiible French regulnlor; never fails. These
pills am (jxcecdiiii-ly pnwi-iltil In n.'ttiiUtiitj' tl.c
KViieralivu [lur/timi ol tliu lemalo syiletll, Kefusu
nil cheap ImitutluiiH. Or. tie Van'i aie milil al
•Vjiiii Imx, or tlirei! lur fill. MaikM t.i any ii.l.li.'^.
Tl>« SoolMll OruK CO., Nt. O-ttlmrlocif. Ont
For salt* at Beatlo, Murphy & Co.,
il|,|„,»il,' (J.l'.R. Btullon
THF!    PLACE    TO     ORT    A
W. F. ailRO,
BarrUtcr, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on favorable terml.
tli'iiilijiinrli rs  fnr nil  kinilH of
Hatiefaotlon Gttarantccil
Tlio  SllOO  Spi'i-ialiHt
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     •     B. C.
P. 0. MX 194 PHONE 344
tt yoo want satisfaction with
your washing   send
it to
Speeial prices lor huuily woik.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
ItouioH with Hatlis.   'IMione in
every room
Bartwr Shop on lite pietiii-es,
Thorouglily up-tOHl»te,
Rales, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
B. TOM KIN, Maiiuger
KnaltlcH trtiilein throiighotll the worlo
to coinnionlcute direct with English
in each claii ol good a. Uesldes hoi tig
h complete commercial guide to London and ito Buburus, the directory
contaiiih lids of
with  the Goods  Iheyshlp, and   the
Colonial and   foreign  .MatketH tliey
arranged under ihe 1'oite to which they
•jail, jiifl indicating the approximate
of leading Uanufauturers, Merchants,
etc., in the principal provincial town
ami Industrial centres of tlie I'lnted
A copy of the current edition will he
(orwaided, freight paid, on receipt of
Postal Order for Jits.
Dealers seeking Agencies can a.lver-
tise tlieir trade cards for 20s., or largre
advertisements from 00s.
The London Directory Co., Ltd
25 Abcbarch Line, London, E.C.
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Railway Rett in British
Columbia, may be liomesteadcd by
any person who is tlie sole bead of a
family, oi any mala over 18 yiars of
age, to the extent ol one-quarter
section ol 1U0 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land oflice lor the district
in which the land is situate. Entry
by proxy may, however, be made on
certain conditions by the fattier,
mother, sou, daughter, brother oi
sister of an intending homesteader.
Tho homesteader is required to per
for, the conditions connected therewith under one of the following
(1). At least six mouths' residency
upon and cultivation ot the land in
each year for three years.
(ll). II the father (or mother. If
the lather is deceased), of the
homesteader resides upon a farm in
tlie vicinity of the lamt entered lor,
the requirements as to residence may
be satisfied by such person residing
with the father or mother.
(8). If tho settler has his permanent residence upon [arming land owned by bim in the vicinity ot bis
homestead, the requirements as tu
residence may be satisfied by residence upon tbe said land.
Six months' notice In writing
should be given to Uie Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of
intention to apply for patent.
COAL.—Coal mining rights may be
leased for a period ot twenty-one
years at an annual rental ol $1 per
acre. Not more than 2,570 acres
shall be leased to one individual or
company. A royalty at the rate ol,
five cents per ton shall bc collected !
on the merchantable coal mined. •
W. W. CORY,        j
Deputy of the Minister   of   tin   In-'
terlor. 29 Mt'
ICvury ,aif uml comfort
A In,mt' from In,nut
H|,i'i-iiil attention In oar-en of
Maternity, Rlieninftttuni
Hllll   I'lll'lMlllMlill
Terml inodorato
MRS. E. BENT. Hatrim.
Physicians and Surgeons.
unlet at Itnlit.a,*,  Arm.lrmii 4«,
KurmiHHM • Oil ti, III nil
Afl.mooiii - - ■ 2.011 tu 4.00
KvFnlng. - - - - 7.10 to n 30
.SuiHlari .... ,.80 to   4.80
UKANIIKOtlK  :i     II     I.    It     ». l\
• to 12 a.m.
1 to   fl p.m.
7 to   • p.m.
tlflia, in nc* Held lllurk
DRANHROOK -      •      - B. 0.
Criintiruuk uml Port fSteelt*
iKRitmioN hmiini;i:h
Cranbrook, B.C.
i , 'I .-I .No. 113
' ;♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•
B.   C.   and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK     •      B. C.
Ask for Htkyu LITBIA WATEI
For Itirnily u.e tliure ii nothing
po wliol.'atiiii. ami io pore a.
Van Home Rtrret   topponite   lV|t.u
W.  It.  DfMtty,  KiU'Til  lH:.,'tor
Crttnbnwk U 0.
Dr. II. C. Hall, D.D.S.
t'ruwn unit llriilm1 Work
u speotalty,
Phone No, 2110     Armstrong Ave
Cranbrook, 111'.
i: CRANHROOKI liRMi:        ! I
''      Protlitonl ■ T. S, .in i ' '
11      ReeraUryi s. M.ooosai.h      ] i
i , For illl,llliii,lD„l   1,-Ktli'lln,' lull,la , ,
< i anil  igrlenltnre   iti'plv   to tint i >
11 H,t,'»«iM,v, Oranbrook, li. 0, ' '
1' Maatlna ' '
J |        Fvi'iy Bccon.l «ciIiickIiiv        ]'
Alwtux tlx* Hi--1 Quality un.1
qulch 8,'tvi.o. llii><im-»»Mt<ii'*
l.llllt'll.     Il|" "   I'll'   H'lll  Nll'l.t.
.1. SAhAlill III. I'lllll'.
DatM March IMh, HI I.
AM) CHGHIST.-Cturgea: Gold,
stiver, copprr and lead, $1 each;
gold-silver, tl.fiO; silver Icail, (1 .SO;
gold-Silver, with copper or lead,
12.50; line, S3; silver li-ail /iiii-, 13.
I'rk-t's for nllit-r mctalH on application. I*. I). Hoi CD., 1108, Nelson, 11. 0, I, ll THE   OBANMtOOK   H£11AJ,D
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents
(Hy Km! Roo.)
Tin1 greatest joke in Klko litis
week was a east- i f rhriilmili      from
Croat     Hit'    Hood   Valley ot ihe
Kootciiays, Compare!) lo llu* pro-
iliicl of Un* fertile valley of Tobacco
Plains il looked like pipe stems to
fence posts.
Andrew Kennedy, Uie Int- man, received another largo eoiislgnmoiil ol
Dago's from   Tom   CI ill, Cranbrook,
Mow iluili Ihe tittle busy bee
Improve eneli shining hour
Making hone) all (be day
Tu eat   wilh  I'inl  lloo'H Until'.
The (nni orchards mi Tobacco
Plains an- looking line, amf alfalfa on
Ihe old Phillipps much, al the
boundary line is ready to Oill,
Tbe mines on Tobacco plains lu-
iline lltitlf capitalists to fume in
anil "The Copper King," owned by
■loo Tetraiilt is the richest mine iu
Lincoln canity, close to the international boundary line, locator! in Will
and live hundred feet of tunnel has
been driven, and ihe showings of
slate is nothing less than sensation
al. Keep your optics nn Hoosvllle
and the Big Red Apple country. This
strike will he Ibc means of opening
up one of the richest mineral districts- in Northern Montana and
South East Koolenay,
M, Phillipps, of Pi nit lands farm,
Klk river, bite pioneer orchardist of
South Kast Kootenay, the Iirsl man
to raise apples on Tobacco Plains,
owns some line copper properties
within two miles of the Copper King
mentioned ab< ve.
Thomas Letcher, W. 0. Barclay,
.1. McLean, of Penile, visited Roos-
vllle last Sunday, making the trip
from Fernie tt Klko, then to Roos-
ville, then across the range it Gateway, back to Klko and then to Fernie, ant] iu a little machine they call
a Ford and it sure has the big
one's U-.ii off the road for mountain
climbing and hunt lug the sociable
Praying is all right if you have
plenty of time, but for quick returns
use a little printers Ink.
Klko will tcet ;i greal boost at the
coronation in London this month
The writer will have a display uf
fishing tacklo on the All Red Route
al the Crystal Palace show.
A letter mailed in New Zealand ail
dressed to Fred Roo, "The best town
iu It. C " came rlgltl through to
Boost and smile.
Tobacco Plains needs settlers,
that's all. We have everything else
Now, then, no crushing
Mrs. Fred (.ledbill. Sunlight Cottage, North Star Park, gave a verj
charming five o'clocker last week.
Fernie and Waldo played ball last
Sunilwav       Ferntc tonk second mon
(Received ton late lor publication
last week).
Victoria day celebration, May 2Uh,
was a inu. success Irom every point ol
view, but the weather, and. to quote
the man from old London, ii was rotten li was as cold as the ice
cream, and al times ihe wind
would blow tlie bottonholes out ni
your summer underclothes Visitors
began to arrive on ihe 23rd from the
north, cast, south and west From
the sunlit was the Llndey Shakespei
urn comic opera company, Irom
Whitrtish. Montana, playing "Whal is
Home Wllhoul a Doorknob?" The
Cold Molasses, I United, i rosslng ilu-
burning bridge in ilu- third ai l wa-i
ilu* strongest feature In the plaj ami
was the means ol bringing the lead
inn characters before lho curtain
Vnothei feature Irom Uie south was
Loud Mouth Charlie, with a devilfish
captured new Llbby, the wormwood
of* Ll net In county. A hits hunch
enme iu (rum llberts on the 22.20
train, and reported that sleighing
was getting pooi oul in Vlberta The
committee had all arrangements
completed, bui the wenthei ami ihc
unsettled conditions made the com
mil lev mote than anxious, as ige
(iieai Northern rallwa] demanded  a
deposit   of  two haunted dollars       f, t
then train rrom Eureka, the count'.
teal of Lincoln county, to Klko and
return       The   morning ol tho 2Uh
broke, bui not until Biter seven
o'clock was anv move noticeable, the
weather dull and cold enough to
tree/e an Ice berg The citizens
commenced to decorate and hoist the
good old L'nlon Jack, the flag Dial's
braved a thousand years the battle
nml tbe booze. The first excursion
train arrived rrom Cranbrook, bringing the Italian brass band, the
Wanlner wbirb-rs and visitors from
Cranbrook, Fori Steele, Wardncr,
.1 affray, llanbury ami Galloway, The
band played "God Save the King"—
appropriate to the day's celebration
—and put a little life into (In* whole
town by playing "When -lohnny
(Vines Mnrehing Home" ahead of tbe
excursion Id 8 from the wesl. The
next train lo arrive was the train
rrom Eureka. The marshal of the
day, mounted upon a beautiful while
steed, rode by the Prime of Orange
at the Hat tie of ihe Itoyuc, Uw
steed being loaned by F, W. Swain
In the occasion. When lho train
milled into the Qrcat Northern pala
tial depot the band played the
"Star Spangled Banner" and the
glad band and freedom of the city
was given the visitors by tho president and reception committee. The
marsha (headed tho procession, the
band playing the rollicking march
entitled, "The Boys we Love to
.See.:' Tbc marshal ami band proceeded right along Main street down
to the C.P.R. depot, arriving just in
time to meet the third excursion
train, from the mine towns1, Michel,
llosmer mid Fernie.
Tint) train brought two more ball
teams and the day's sports common
ceil Iiy the Waldo and Michel Uisehall
teams. These two teams put up
the best ball gume ever played iu
It, ('., ten innings, I to ll. At the
close of the game dinner was In order, and Ihe bt tels, cafes, church
booths and .stores were crowded to
the limit, while the band played
"Pour Out the Rhino Wine." Al
13.30 o'clock the president, committees, marshal, and band met at
Carter's ice cream parlors with
Hlack Hawk's hand of Indians iu
paint and feathers. Their costumes
wore tbe most brilliant over seen iu
this part of 11. C. Every Indian
walked like a hero in a moving picture show, and the uniformed band
played "I Wish I Was in Dixie"
(it was so gosh darned cold). dig
Black Plume wns awarded the first
prize and Miss Hotty-Hole-in-Hcr-
Stocking the second prize for best
costumes, The three horse races
were pulled oft without a bitch.
Wrestling on horse back was ono of
the strongest features on ihe pro
gramme from a spectator's point of
view and drew the largest crowd of
any of tho events. Lone Wolf,
Shooting Star, Black Rabbit and
Young -Man-Afraid-oMiis - Moccasins
wore the contestants, Lone Wolf winning first and Black Rabbit second.
Tepee building by two teams of
dusky belles caused considerable excitement, god it was with difficulty
they could get sufficient room lo
build their Rocky Mountain homes,
whicli took Miss Opbelia-No-Eat-Dog
and Hetsy-Fly-up-tlic-Creek just twt
minutes uml three seconds to win
first money. Wardner and Fernie
played ball and tht- game was won
by Wanlner, leaving Wardner and
Michel to play for tbe one hundred
dollar prize. This being the final
game, was the most exciting, and
Lei ling in the first inning was
Strongly in favor ot Wardner. who
scored ■'( to 0, but Michel, in spite ol
the sirike had lots of money to back
Ihc home team, ant) finally won the
game, 7 to I iu favor of Michel, ami
they immediately left on the Greal
Northern train with the money tn
tlteir jeans A strong feature with
Klko is to pay the piizc money the
minute thai it is won Had the daj
been favorable fur the occasion toe
town would have been taxed beyond
its limits in the way ol food, as
the residents ol the town had been
called upon tbe rig) of the cole-bra
lion and on the morning gf tbe Mt*
there was not enough grub in town
lo bait a mouse trap, until the pas
senger from Cranbrook came in with
i supply ol bread li was a shame
n do it, but when Klku gees in f"i
elebratlng, toey go the whole hog
>r none Its a day that will be
long remembered by the participants
and the only thing that (ailed 10
score was the weather man
Free Press).
left    for Montreal
(Special correspondence).
The  Waldo   whist club was enter
lalned lr. Miss (lertia.lo Fo\ al tlti?
home ol Mts Milm*. on Wednesday,
June ist Mrs n. w Hart, ol
Baynes, attended
Mr       E   11        Ai nol i
Spralngc   are    Cranbrook
Steele vislbols
Rev   Father   John celebrated mass
at the   old  Waldo hail on Sunday,
lllll'* -Jill
We    nie glad to     know thai all of
our new settlers have Iheir potatoes
planted and are now busy loncinsj
Messrs Mangen and Vow have
purchased a line team of mares
We are .'.lad to report that tbe
Waldo baseball team sent the Fernie
learn down lo defeat Waldo is to
play Cranbrook next Sunday mi tbe
Klko diattii ml.
The G. N depot bns been enlarged
ami painted. This has long been
badly needed and will be appreciated
by everyone.
Mr. Wm Barber, the 0. N. agent,
is away (or a short holiday. He
will see some Spokane sights while
away. Mr. Carlyle is taking his
Mr. Ilanlock, the painter and de-
corator, spent Sunday at his home
in Fernie.
The Baker and Ross mills have
shut down on account of the high
Mr. .1. A. Tormey and Mr. Sehan-
weeker made a business trip to Klko
on Tuesday.
It Is good to hear the water rush
Ing through the flumes again.
Messrs Barnard and Wimbles have
completed their respective homes
and are moving in this week. Things
ate done la
(From the
l)r,    Asselsline
last night.
Bob Moore has purchased the St
I-'.lmt hotel in Edmonton,
Yesterday Mayor Bleosdell and
Mrs. Bleasdcll celebrated the 30th
anniversary or their wedding day
■I     W. Robertson   and   J,   Lumllc
have been  elected    OS representatives
to the grand lodge,   whicli mccl
Cranbrook on .lime I Kb
Census Commissioner Roberts, of
Cranbrook, was in Fernie on Monda)
instructing the enumerators of me
district in their duties
The average attendance at the
Fernie public schools for the month
of May was 607.50, which is 1.81
more than for April and 175.65
more 1 han for the rorresponding
month last year. There were 580
pupils attending the schools during
May, eleven loss- than during April
nml one hundred and thirty more
than during May, 1010.
Tbe police commissi! ners met on
Monday afternoon to deal witli the
situation arising from tlie resignation of Chief Clerke, who is leaving
for Vernon, Constable How en was
promoted to tho position of acting
chief at a salary of $1110 dor month
and T. Beck was put on as constable
at  ninety dollars per month.
The forthcoming nuptials are announced of Mr. Fred Adolph, of
Baynes, and Miss Eleanor Philip,
daughter of Rev. John Philip, of Essex, Out, Tbe ceremony will take
place nl tbe home of tue bride's
parents ou J lino 20th.
(Special  correspondence).
lames Bates, tile game warden ot
the Cranbrook district, accompanied
by his wife, visited us at camp last
Saturday, after    which be sojourned
l official business.
Graham Bonahoc, the genial postmaster at Wardner, and the civil engineer of the Kootenay Central railway, drove from Wardner lasl Sun-
lay, and visited Mcnz.le's camp.
Harry Henderson endeavored to
get bets, two to one, lasl Friday,
that the following day he would get
a hear. No oik* seemed to "bite,"
however, but tlie following evening
be returned with a flue brown hear
pell, weighing abi ut twenty-live
pounds. Now, the question is: Bid
Harry shout the bear"' Reports are
that he carried the pell for a distance of twenty-Ore mites, from up
tlie river, and il is a beauty.
Mr. Brooks a C.P.R engineer
drove to camp last Thursday to
look over our power proposition, rc-
turnlng well satisiied that there was
greal  power here.
Tht- Hall riVCt is on the rampa|»-
these days, not throwing ibe dust,
hut receiving the melted snow Irom
ifl ibe mountains, which has swelled
its ti rivnis, t(> an enormous extent
(too K 1 lenders.>n rettirniil from
his Crows Nest Pass trip last Saturday Noi having completed the
busim-ss he was looking after he returned to Fernie last Tuesdaj
Carpenter and Hales are sinking  a
baft  ten   feel  square on iheir placet
l.iltii. and al the depth of six feet
encountered a huge boulder, whicli
has caused litem considerable trouble.
having had io put in several shots
Mr Carpentct thinks ii is easier to
drive "niggers" in Texas than to
drive a drill in a hard It C rock.
But he has tlie southern "stay witli
ii" in him.
Mrs ll II, Henderson, little Eva
and Mrs Geo. K Henderson went to
Fort Steele last Tuesday fur a lew
days >" visit with many friends iu
that  nil
Four C.P R surveyors arrived at
their headquarters here last Monday
and    will immediately run a line for
,i wagon road up the river tt
i ramps.
<K|M-iiai  eo respondence).
Miss Beatrice 1 lei ft spent a lew
days with friends in Cranbrook lasl
Polite Constable Ailney took a prisoner to Nelson jail, sentenced for
six months, because be would      not
R. II Rohan returned from Sand
IN int a few days ago.
Alfred Fletcher spent a few days In
Movie last week,
Mr. ami Mrs. Fred HamilaVn left
for Kipp. Alta , last week.
Mr. Anderson, Ore warden, spent
a few days on the prairie last week
Mr. IV Luml wns In Cranbrook
Tuesday last.
.lohn llnlfstcd and A. Pickering
took in the circus at Cranbrook
Mi inlay last.
T..E. Wright, engineer at tbo planer, was in Nelson last week, attending the exammatii n
Mr Tve, engineer on the Kootenay
Central, was iu Crnnhrouk last week
on b us i lies mi
Mr Manning, of the C.P It tie and
tbe true bachelor style'lumber mill,   was in Crunhroo-k Wed-
Dr. Mattel's Female Pills
Prescribed and recommended [nr women's ailments, a scientifically prepared remedy of proven worth, Tlie
result from iheir use ^ quick and
permanent. For snle at all drug
stores. MoDelS
Mrs. John P. Hanson was a Cranbrook visitor lust week
Iv s. Gober-g was taken in the
Cranbrook hospital lasl week. A
chain hit him on Ihe Tout
.Mi. and Mrs-. I) MeOinnls were
Cranbrook visitors Thursday lasl
Tho Wanlner brass li.tml was organized lasi week h st.nts oil
with between twelve ami fifteen
pieces Here's wishing you all sue
cess, boys'
Messrs. Morrow ami Rant? wore in
Cranbrook Thursday last mi business.
Mrs. Sheppard spent ,i few days iu
J affray last  week
Mr ami Mrs. Rlendohe were iu
Cranbn ok last week
W. ||. Wilson, the lewcler, of Cranbrook, motcrod to town lasi Thursday and from here he drove his ear
to Wuldo, accompanied bj Mr Ho-
Mrs. Stearns, wife rj the mill sup
erintendont, accompanied by her family, arrived iu town Friday, and havti
commenced housekeeping
The high water in the Hull Rivet
has stopped all work in the C.P.R.
eamp iu that vicinity Two bridges
washed away and In consequence ii
is impossible to get provisions into
the camps.
Roger Lund arrived home from
Spokane Friday. Get your hand iu
Roger and show the Cranbrook boys
that Wardner is still un ibe map.
Miss B. llerie wns an Klko visitor
Mr. Mt-Neish, government road
foreman, Fernie district, was in
town Saturday overseeing ihe re
moval of logs Hint endangered the
Wardner traffic bridge
Mrs-, R. A. Green was a Cranbrook visitor for a tew days last
Mrs. Morrow returned home last
Friday, after spending a couple of
weeks in Spokane.
(Special correspondence)
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
V. Desaulnfer on Friday, .June 2nd.
Miss Agnes Campbell, teacher in
the junior department of ihe Moyle
school, is now on her way lu Kit inland to attend the coronation, Miss
Lniner is finishing Miss Campbell's
term in the school,
Following are tbe officers elected
by Wilder lodge, No II, l.o.O.F..
for the term commencing July 1st:
K. 1. Huti, past" grand; A C.
('lark, noble grand; -lames Roberts,
i-Riand. N W Burdett, secretary;
Chester C. Hack, treasurer; W. IL
Laird, trustee.
Goldwin Stewart and Hugh Macdonald will he leaving Moyle about
the middle of the month foi Wilim-i,
where they will engage in the clguf
and tobacco business.
Cbas, Stagg, ollt' "f the heaviest
property holders in Movie, is hero
from Greenwood putting hi* bouses
in repair
Tbere is general regret in Moyle
over tne death of Mrs Goo. Turner,
who passed awaj at the st Eugene
hospital at Cranbrook last week. She
bad lived in Movie for several years
and was highly respected. For nine
months she was in llu- hospital, and
during that time underwent several
serious operations
Rev. Fathei Heck held services in
the Catholic church Sunday.
In the lire at Sllverton last week.
which desi roj ed almost an entire
business block, several former Movie
people suffered considerable loss K.
Patrequln and family lost all their
household effects, and "Billy" Whitehead escaped in.   lumping from      a
second story window However, all
of his clothes and his raonej real
up in smoke.
Mr. T F Townsend, of Kingston,
is the new minister in charge of the
Methodist church here.
and eveiytblng is Is*, we baow.
stsdar last.
Sllverton After Fire.
The town ol Sllverton itncfl the
fire is maiin.il,'- taking on Its normal
appearance, except in tbc desolated
block where tbe last smouldering
embers have died ami nothing remains but a blackened waste,
An air of cheerfulness prevails ami
those who suffered the most seven
financial loss are already bust!] en
gaged in retrieving their fortunes
■lames S Rankin, of Vancouver, is in
town engaged In adjusting losses toi
the insurance companies, wbieh will
approximate so.Tun tn ifa- following
companies: Loudon and Globe, 12,000;
Western      Canada,     13,000     Hudson
Bay,   11,000;  Ptaocnli    ol   London,
I). Brandon, proprietor ol Ihe Selk
irk house, will soon hive the large
addition lo Ins hotel completed,
whicli will make it one of ihe most
commodious    nnd     well     appointed
hotels in the interior Patrons of
the hotels wbieh   wfrr burncH     ire
being     well fed       and housed at  the
Selkirk and private 1 sea, so    ih.it
tbe travellliiK publie will he put lo
at laroftvraifBve
{Baptist Gbuvcb
♦ l'antur, Cbarlei W. King.
I'arBouBKe,  Norbury Avenue.
'Phone, 284.     p. o. Boi J«7.
Regular Service.:—Sunday, 11 ',
a.m.     and     7.30   p.m.;    Ilible ,
School     with     Young   l*ilw'
I'lillrthi'a    and    Young   Men'. '
Ilible Cla.a, 3 p.m.
Monilay,   Young I'toplea',    I
, p.m.
Wednetday, Mid-Week Mis-ting, <
A cordial    Christian welcome *
to all. <
* ff>
* IT IS *
* TO »
«     SEE MY STOCK •
Bending your mone)
* to outsiili! points, unit run- |f>
* ning tin, risk of your onion *
4 being othi-r tiffin what yon *
,; n-iilly wanted, or being de-.,
* Inyed on the rood.   When 1 *
* cim supply you >
?with   ANYTHING    in   the*
, line of
_. in,,- in
* »* *
« Music or _
« Musical Instruments >
«    TltV IT JI'ST ONCE.    »
«   M
iAt.lill, NRAII
BOX 934               PHONES 306, 335 *
CRANBROOK,   B.C.         •»
52-tl »
I'llllM-: 810
1'.... BOX u,ii
Twenty-live yearn' practical experience.
Kive years Impeelor ol nuisances.
Plumbing nml Seasge Expert lor Sarin
tion—80,000 population,
ti very tli Ing In Tin am) Hieet Iron made
to older
ll,.t Air Furnaces,     Hut   Wuter ami
SlCHIIl lloileia
"AT IT HERE Slim l*)MV
with us me*/ vmvnnn
•#EmtPfTft0tlTflL> :
WITH the viny mvuiiui
fl P03TriL,6nirtij
youR wcie tripcmas
vhihiiovtd Mir* w
SIMtLP YOU t1r1VErin>
Wt/K (IHR rUHSirtG
gVMvccraver B.C.
Note the variation in the lize of the three
loaves of bread. Quite a marked difference,
itn't it ? No. 1 is from SEAL OF ALBERTA
the Faultless Flour; No. 2 it from so-called
high grade flour; No. 3 is from a second
grade flour. The same weight of flour was
used for each.
SEAL OF ALBERTA flour makes a larger
loaf because the gluten in this flour is of
better quality, and you know that determines
the quality of the bread. Then it will absorb
more water—there will be a greater expansion of the dough, hence a larger, lighter,
richer, finer flavored loaf—qualities you
always seek, but sometimes miss in other
brands. It's all in the flour. USE SEAL
OF ALBERTA. Speak to your grocer
about it.
Read the next announcement — it will
have something of interest.
R. T.Brymner, Hanager Cranbrook Branch
A  Good   Home j
is what is <lear to ererj man,   A home *
is where  Paaoe. Comfort, Coi.tciitnient. *
ami Plenty is found.   That is the reason A
men throughout British Columbia, when
"CranbrooV' ia mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Hrault has u.h :■-  for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
********************** i
Special Sale of
$2.00 per Sack
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
CRANBROOK - • -        B C
• We Are Not Two Faced •
• But there are two sides to our Flour a
_ and Feed business •
• •
I Quality and Prices •
9 Where your dollar goes the furthest •
Where to go for First Class Job Work ?
Br the Herald   PiUilishiiiK Company,
P. J. Deane, Managing Editor.
CK4NBK00K, B.C., June 8, lilt
Ni-xi week tlio dilil Fellows' Riniul
lodge will convene In Cranbrook, and
for M-vi-ral days tbo ell) will lie
crowded with visitors, Tlioj "ill
como from all ports of lho province,
anil almost every city anil town will
in- ropresontcd. Subofdliialo lodgos
send Hun besl men t" these conven-
1I0119, mi thai in those sessions there
is a IiIrIi Btanilo.nl i'l Intelligence
Tin- Odd Fellows' , rilor is among the
largest seerot societies in the
world, anil its Influence is for Ibe
I'liinmon good. Therefore, all llu
\isitors should In- given a worm wel
come lo Cranbrook. Their sojourn
should I* made as plcosonl as pos
sibli-, si, thai tboj will return       i"
their In s with a high regard     Im
t'ranhrook's liospitoltly ami with llu
feeling Ibal   Ihis    is obolll   --ll I)
spot mi earth."
Money will lm\ a reputation, but
11 will mil purchase, a cliarocter.
Titos*) win. make ilu- best hm- ol
ilnn 1 ■ have none to spare.
Tin- pawnhrokei prefers llu- peoph
win 1 hiivc mi mlecmltig final I ties.
(im- ni Ihe beautiful Hit lights of
lite siasun is ihal the coal iloalei
iniisl buy ice.
One advantage a census enuineratoi
has is Hint lie can "lake Ihe eoiint"
without losing Un- decision.
As a ivsiih-iilial city Cranbrook has
a splemliil reputation, anil such a re
pulatloii is a good asset foi am
Then- is a heap if IrtiMi in the old
saying Ihal one flower in a sicl. room
is betlei ihiiii a rose garden nn n
Tall, ng about Ihe foulalii ui per
[ii'tnal youth, a gtmil ciiens eoincs an
near in it as any tiling we know ol
Tine, Hi.- banana crop is a little
backward this vear, hui ihcru is nn
occasion in become alarmed about It
'(Niceii Mary's corcnatlon    train iv
twenty yards   long.    However, n
will he run in one section anil nn
schedule time.
Vii exchange asks: "Can St Law
lelK-e He l-ailil.inl  Willi SaM> '"  He
peniis nn how big the ntiter fellow is
Saints an- some crusty at tune*.
They an- long on beel ami Ice
cream in S|n kanr \ week ago
Sunday  DfiOO  gallons    on   beei ami
fllllll   L.ralh'lis   nt     ice  i MM III   Were   COH
siimetl in tli.il city.
Tue Spokane Inland Herald went
behind over half a million dollars
during Hie year it was running My,
What a Cflmp Ihis would |>ut in BOtni)
new-.palters ni the Kootcnays that
we know ol.
experiments    have shown  thai al
I.1K.1 roots can be s. treated sn Unit
thev can be usetl fur fond. The*, ansa nl |m Ih- highly nourishing ami |ial
.liable      The ll-OVCl im dmiht  will he
made Into a new biaud nf cigars
Idle money is as unproductive ami
as valueless as idle hands The did
lur till llu- go is the dollai that
counts. The busy dollar is the * nly
dollar win. ii has any substantial
value, fnr it expands commerce, nive*
employment la Idle men ami women
and keeps the wheels nf Industrj nn
ibc move,
There is nothing slow about Mon
treat puiiir melhodi i\ woman
holifleil Ibe department that Im hus
band was preparing lo hang hlmsell
the ullici.ils promptlj   wrote  .1  lei lei
tn inm demanding an explanation
The communication wax forwarded lo
Ihe dead leltvr ofllf*
Tbt'   itorj is    tn tn Ha- t'algarj
Rye Opener:
A chn]t walked Into tho   olBcc ami
"Allow    lilt-   In     submit  this beat
■'iiur iiMdeis don't want hear stories     They want something spiry "
"Well, ibis is a storj about a
cinnamon in\u "
Recently Colonel Roosevelt garo
forth these solemn words! "BeWUTfl
o| those persCOl who unduly attack
wraith Meware of those who eon
ftUntly launch llrttdes against the
wickiilness of one class of tJMOplfl
lleware  of  Hie  ileinagngllr'*  .IllJtt   so,
roloncl, we are with you. \\V an-
.n-.iiir-i the demagogues and we be
IieVi* that wealth is nol necessarily
criminal That In nest wealth may
he arhieied hv an American or Cairn
than has been one <>i nni bn.ists fm
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol ["j""tv"* p«va In Uie bo.iy
 I——__ tn Its imiper tension ; rust
" "" r" ' *" its proper tension ; r«lor«i
tun nml vitality, Premature decay uml till lexual
wealctiBll u-vetted at once. Pboapbotaol will
make you a new tuati. Price IS a bin. or two lor
*S Mailed toniiyiKlilreiis. TinsScobull Urujj
Vo„ St. I'MlliAt-luea, Onl.
For milt* nt Bcntlo
ihy  &  Co.,
('oii)iiu-nting tm the insignificant
sum subscribed for the George's fund
the Hamilton Herald considers il an
Indication thai lho public is becoming n little weary nr continual "leg
pulling." A few people willi flbuntl-
nitl leisure devote, their talents tn
creating subjects for nunc or less
Hilar contributions,
Some men's idea of a vacation is a
souse wllh old clothes) on.
I .ft tin* average wiseacre talk long
enough ami he'll contradict himscll
on every material point.
1 never saw any one so consclcnl
inns (hat lit-'tl run after a conductor
tn |ia\   a skipped fare.
When a man starts out to burn up
money he can always liud more
matches than hydrants.
"Have you     a tug that needs beat
ing?" asked the hobo.
"Heat it," said the woman briefly
\inl he did.
Patrick Casey, old-llmc hall play
er, who is under sentence of death
fnr a murder committed in fl old flc 111,
\ev , nclcd its umpire in what prob
ably will he his lasl hall game, al
the Nevada state penitentiary the
|*'nr some time two convict ball
teams have been practicing within
hearing ol Casey's cell, After following the progress of the gome by
the crack of the hat ami thud of the
ball into fielders' gloves, fancy ap
pealed to Warden Hay Baker for the
privilege of seeing and umpiring one
more game,      lie was allowed lo do
\ I though many changes have been
made in llu- rules since Casey's Incarceration no kicks were registered
ngntnsl his decisions.
Two hundred delegates attended Ibe
session ol Ihe Masonic grand lodge of
Ubrrta, which was held al Band
last week. The oidet has been making wnmlerlul strides in the prairie
province. In 1009 when the grand
bulge was organized, there were eighteen lodges with a total membership
of somewhat less than eighteen hundred. The last rfeport presented
showed a vastly different condition ol
affairs. Instead of eighteen lodges
with eighteen hundred members there
are now not less than sixty-four
lodges In the province of Alberta
with n total membership ol four
In ih~.» there was gold excitement
mi Rub) Creek—not the Ruby Creek
that flows into the Kraser nine
miles below Hope, hut the Ruby
Creek In the Steamboat. In thai
year there came to Hope James Cor-
rlgan, W. L Klood and W. A. Star-
rett, all id whim still live iu Hope,
and after William Yeats, the pioneer
ni the district.
All three went Into tbe Steam
boat district. Flood and t'orrigan
together, These two built a raft
to float tb wn the Skagit river to
Ruby Creek ami the point from wbieh
ihey sailed Ihey named "Steamboat
Landing," their raft being honored
with     Hie     title of    "Steamboat "
From    this   tin*    locality  became
known as "Steamboat," and for
want nf a battel appellation the
teim was finally applied to Hie
neighboring mountain, hence "Steam
boat  Mountain "—Hope News.
Land at Reveistbko has risen one
hundred per cenl in n month. This
rise in values ts dm- to tl'e bin undertakings under way. The Dominion Securities, Limited, just organized, proposes to dam the river nt
Revelstoke and creel n sawmill that
will tut two hundred thousand feet
per day. nml also erect a pulp mill.
In order to l.c permitted to dam
Ihe river the company will have to
construct a lock for the passage of
the steamer that now piles on the
river. The unsold portions of tr*
three ti wnsltes at Revelstoke lias already been secured under one owner
At the Auditorium Monday, Tuesday anil Wednesday nights .lack London's trip through the South Sea Is
lands was presented hy Richard
Penny. This is a beautiful trava-
louge by Martin K. Johnson, who
made the trip as a companion of
Jack London, who were the only
while men who ever visited some
of these far-off native lands. There
was singing by Miss Osa Johnson,
and Wtllard, the man nf mystery,
did some clever tricks In hypnotism,
mind reading and modern magic.
M, A. Heale and K. J. Deane will
represent the Cranbrook Masonic
lodge at the session if the grand
lodge, which convenes at Victoria oil
June 22nd,
Following are the othcers elected
h) Key City lodge No, 12, foi the
ensuing term:
Karnest Patmore—Junior Past
J. A.1 Ferguson—Noble flrand.
II, J. Rendall-Vice-araiui.
W. M. Harris—Secretary.
W. S, Hall—Treasurer.
These officers   will he installed   nl
the first regular meeting in July.
At the regular meeting of the
Knights of Pythias lodge Tuesday
evening the following officers were
elected for the term commencing
July 1st:
r. (V—T. Cii'iiier Jones.
V. C—C. K. Porter.
Prcl.-W Houston.
M. of W.-J. Clark.
K. of U, and S-.l. M  Bnyce.
M. of f.-i*:. A. nni.
M. of K.-J. L. Walker
M. at A.-S, Griffith,
I. (I-A. .Mine.
0. G— Not elected.
"A Winning Miss," with Mas
Bloom and an all-star cast, a, new
musical comedy by Woolfolk and Ai
lerldge, after a run of all one season
in Chicago, will he the attraction at
the Auditorium theatre ft r one
night ou Wednesday, June 11Hi
Pint, plenty ui action, beautiful
scenic effect and a large chorus ol
pretty girls contribute to .make this
a gala ofTeriug. The songs and
music an- bright and catchy and ni
the typical Woolfolk standard of efficiency.
Mr. Woolfolk, who presents "A
Winning Miss" ranks high ns a prt-
duccr of musical comedies, and as la-
has given his particular and undivided atteiitii u to this offering and has
succeeded in bringing together tin
strongest snppi rt that has ever surrounded Mr. Bloom.
Sundays—Low mass at ».SO a.m..
nigh mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday gdioo
front 2 to 3 p.m.', Rosary and Bene
diction it 7.30 p.m.
Mondays ud holy days of oblige
Hod—Mis* it 8 t.m.
Week dayi—Mm at I a.m. at the
Father Plamondon,
Pariah Priest
i S|n-cii,i  correspondence).
Trinity Sunday and SI Barnabas'
Hay. Holy communion ui s a.hi
.Malius and Litany II a.m. Children's service -'f p.m. Evensong 7..'tM
'llu- woman i>f loony who has itood
health, good temper, good sense,
bright eyes and a lovely complexion,
the result of cornel living anil good
digestion, wins ilu- admiration ol Hie
world ll your digestion Is faulty
C*hMnborlatn's Stomach ami Liver
Tabids will corrccl il For sale hy
nil dealers IHI
Ur. English, of Itosslaitd, is taking
a post graduate course In Europe,
It costs ten cents a pound lo *.>nck
supplies from Hope to Steamboat.
Alaska now has 8*108 miles of wa
gon roads and trails.
The circulation id Ihe Calgary Kyc
Opener is now twenty-sli thousand.
The mines around Itepuhlic are iim\
shipping on* to Anucniidu, Mont.
The (loat river bridge was coin
pleted this week.
P. I.uiul has fifty acres planted to
potatoes at Wardner.
The Kootenay .lain company has
opened its new factory at Mission
Ireland's population shows a de
esease ol nearly eighty thousand
since tlie census of ten years ago,
Tlie Sons of    Ktigland lu Winnipeg
held their annual church parade
There are now over lour hundred
employed on grading work on tlie
Kettle Valley railroad.
' .1. I,. Itultan, mnyor of Fmlerhv,
has punhiised an automobile and will
motor lo Km I    (leorgi* Ibis summer
Glass Rolling Pins,
Aluminum Funnels
Aluminum Moulds,
Aluminum Cake Cutters, 15c.
Rotary Cake Cutters,
Garment Hangers,
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware Merchants
CRANIikOOK     .     B.C.
"Who wears the spurs must win
ihem" doesn't apply lo telegraph
"(.Jiiit belli' hogn and raise some,"
was the advice ol a country banker
visiting Spokane recently.
Sis- blocks llm
Will   I'll
si over     a
million dollars c
irh   ore
being hiiill
in Oolgary,
The infant mniinlily rate iu Montreal is the highest of any city in
Western Canadian commercial travellers want a grand council of   their
The thrifty Utile stale of New
Jersey docks its governor's salary
when he is away on a lecture tour.
When tbe new scenic railway is
completed North Vancouver will he
the Coney Island of the coast.
The population of Japan is Increasing nt a rate or about half a million
a year.
Canada buys more automobiles
from the United States than any
other country.
Revelstoke is faced hy two heavy
damage actions, the one for ten Uiou-
saml dollars and the other fir seventeen thousand dollars.
and Kitchener   will -soon rival Yahk
in activity and size.
The people of Sheep Creek, in the
Vmir district, will petition the government for the appointment of u
deputy mining recorder.
The Trades and Labor C( tigress
will this year meet at Calgary. The
convention will open between .September 11 and 2li on a date to he
A French chemist claims to have
made a practical alloy containing
more than ninety iper cent magnesium
a feat that has haflled scientists for
Lloyd George, speaking at a ban*
ipiel to the visiting premiers, said
Ihat (lie dominions were destined to
surpass Ihe mother country in popu
lalion, strength ami position.
The Western federation of Miners
has liei'tt granted full affiliation with
ihe American Federation of Labor
The issuing of a charter was made
public at the heatUpiatters of the latter organization ou June liud.
11. O'B. Kitzderald, of Creston,
has been appointed C.P.H. patrol lire
warden, under Fred. (I. Little. Mr.
Kit/.derald's territory will he between Kiteheher and Kootenay Landing,
It is uncertain when grill, which
originated in .Scotland, was first
practised in that co-untry, hut the
game was played hy all classes there
to n considerable extent in 112a.
The inventor of the first lawn
mower has just died at the age of
sevent.y-sevt'ii. The lawn mower is
Ihe razor of the American ilooryard
and has tidied up the home plot as
nothing else could have done.
"What- are you   doing these days'.'"
"I'm winding up my father'n es-
"How m*icll td an estate did lie
"Nothing hut a Water bury watch "
Odd Fellows' grand lodge, Crnnlirook, Juno lllh-
Masonic grand lodge, Victoria,
.tun.- 22nd,
Calgary exhibition, .lime 30t» in
.Inly 7th.
Convention Western Federation 11
Miners. Butte, -Inly 17th.
LothbrliMre Agricultural lair, Annus! 23rd to 25th,
Cranbrook Agricultural Association
fair, September Utb and 2Hlh.
Nelson fair, September 2iifh lo
Spokane Interstate lair. October
2ml In sfh.
The Cranbrook Prospector will
issue a coronation number, It will
be mil about -lime 201 n
'['.    (;. Wvnii,   formerly   ol Prince
Rupert,   lias arrived al lla/ellon to
assume charge ot   the police disliiei j   Wanner collapsable go earls are the
with headquarters llun-. :cheapest and most durable earls   on
  the market.—C. c. s.
A nranci hall will be niven in Bast's | V. Hyde Baker anil C. M. R.1-
hall ai Creston on Coronation tiny, wards are over in the vicinity of
June 22ml, under the auspices of the;Kaslo on a fishing trip.
male choir nf ihe Catholic church.
I!, s.    Brown has been selected by
the hoard ol police commissioners ol
Folding, rubber-tired go carts,
$1.75.—C. 0. s.
Mrs. Murphy, ol Creston, was a
nuest at    tho    Cosmopolitan  hotel
Merrill ns     chlel of police al a sal-! Monday.
ary ol one hundred dollars per  nth |   There   was not a death of a t'ran-
  . brook resident during the month   of
I'ini-lii-r City has laken another step ; May.
towards being a real citified town by
having n waterworks system Installed.
Folding,    rubber-tired    go    carts,
Jl.75.-C. C. S.
Monilay  was observe* as a holiday
by the merchants in town and all of
Last Saturday Constable Dunn, of | tho principal places were ciosed,
Creston, took  back    lo   Porl   lllll,     Folding,   rubber-tired    go    carts,
thirteen Italians who were trying to  $1.75.—C. C. s.
evade the curtoms officers. |   Three   bears    were killed at the
  j Sullivan    almost     within  as  many
Several new   houses nre being con-j days,
lomplaleil al  Kitchener ihis summer!   ,\ large residence Is In course     ol
saves fuel also the hot hours spent in
henting the old fashioned iron
over a hoi stove.
Wc will be pleased to place any article
we handle with you for
Phone us, or still better, call on us and
have these devices demonstrated.
Davis Bros. Electric Co. Ltd.
The Expert Electricians
Sucn.'Bsors to
erection at the Sullivan mine tor
Hurry Gamble, the foreman,
FOR ItHNT.-Two furnished rooms
with or without bpard. All conveniences.—Mrs. tl. ll. Powell, Garden
avenue. IS-lf
With I silcli a heavy fall of snow
last winter ami a backward spring
very high water is looked for this
WANTlOD.-llorses and cattle to
pasture $ 1 .fall per head per month.—
E. iVrbctl, Craubrook,   B.C.    15-11
A. II. Tiiles, of flu- Tritcs-Wood
company, "f Fornlo, wns In Cranbrook on business the first of the
A. Ferris, foreman of tho carpenter
gangs at the SI. Kugcnc ailll Sullivan
mines fur the Consolidated company,
was in town Monday, having come
down Irom the Sullivan.
.lames Gill, n former resident of
Craubrook,   hui now  n    prosperous
leal eslate owner iu New Westminster, passed through Cranbrook
Monilay en route lo Pineher Creek.
One New Canadian Swenson's
Stumping Machine, with complete
outfit ready (or work. For sale at
a bare-aim— Cranbrook Trading
The tennis club had a spirited
tournament last Monduy afternoon.
Nelson lias challenged Cranbrook lo a
match un Coronation day, to he
ployed ul Nelson.
II. B, Bcnttlo returned lust Snlur-
ilay from Vancouver, where he was
on business lor severul days. lie reports everything flourishing on the
Wuulnel go carts.—C. ('. s.
Bookkeeper and stenographer desires position. Married. First-class
references, tixperionoed in lumbering
and mining work. No. K, Herald office. la-Ill*
• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••a
Joseph Ryan
VY iiitlerniere, 11. 0, 573 acres, situuu-it un
t'uluiiiltia Hiver, botweoi) Columbia ami Win-
dormere Lakes, in tbo most fertile and beautiful part of the Windermere country. Fee
simple title, unencumbered. Prior water ri^ht
to 150 inones from Coldstream Creek. Large
portion sub-irrigated. Excellent dwelling
liuus,• and uut ullit-i-B within liulf a mile of tlie
Fiiiruiount Imt sulphur springs. Oldest
orchard iu the Windermere, tnliinitnl free
range. Kouteiiuy Central Kailwny, now under
construction, surveyed across two of Hie tots.
Nine liead of limses am) 15 head of stuck, with
complete equipment uf farming; implements,
&o. House well furnished, Will In-si,Id as a
guing concern, fully equipped, for$28,000, one-
third cash and two minimis at fi per cenl,
Without stock and equipment, $22,500. ^aiue
SANCA directly on tlie east shore of Kootenay Luke,
one of tliu must beautiful situations in the
Kootenay conntry, 52 acres of prime fruit
hind, close by Myrtle Creek. Very little
clearing. Fee simple tile. A bargain ut
$100.00 an acre will sell at $115.00.
40 ACRES <>t Prime Fruit bands near Creston. Uncleared. Clearing, fencing, plowingaudlayitig
down in clover will cost about $85.00 an acre.
Water right across it. Some beaver meadow.
Tlie picked laud uf the district. Apply fur
price and terms tu above.
laroe timber tracts and coal lands
held dnder leask wanted tu
Accident, Guarantee and
Life Insurance
R.aworth Block,
Baker St.,   Cranbrook.
We otter 3 Special Numbers of tlio famous Parisian Corset,
You can save money baying your Corsets liero Saturday.
No. 1
Parisian Corsets
at 89c.
Made of   Inst    English
Contill. Newest shapes.
Luce trimmed and Hose
Sup|H,rlers at taehed .
• •ur regular $1.25 line.
Saturday at 89c.
No, 2
Parisian Corsets
at $1.49
A lieuutifiil titling Corset. Tlie comet shape
is here. Made of h|u-
chilly select,-d stuck and
splendid value nt 12.00,
Saturday, clearing
at     $1.49
No. :t
Our Best Number
in Parisian Corsets
A perfect lilting corset
in every way. All sixes.
Made of very best material and front and side
Hose Supporters. Our
regular $1150 Corsets for
Saturday only        $2.89
10 Only
Jumper Suits
la tliu,-a ami Natural
Shades uf I in I iii n lied
Suiting anyone. Salur
day at exactly
Two Special Prices
Boys' Shirt Waists
No. I
Neat slripe effects willi
delacliabli. collar.    All
Saturday only 49c.
No. 2
Light grounds with neat
Stripe and Spot Effects.
Perfect washing materials, t lur regular $1.00
value. Must clear Saturday at    59c. THE   CBANBHOOK   PLBHALD
Does Quality Count With you ?
We carry the
Wyvern Hammocks
recognized as the
Then Ihc prices are right from $2.25  to  the
Couch Hammock at $18.50.
Come in and see them
The Beattie-Murphy Co.,
~.     „ .    .       .» LIMITED
The Prescription Druggists
Cranbrook, - - British Columbia
Don't wait
)fepffi$ffl>   until  the
out and you are
compelled to stop
work. Many people must
overwork Ihe eyes, but
none need permanently
injure them. If the vision
feels strained, get the proper glasses at once.
Bring your eye trouble
here. Our business is to
correct defective eyesight.
Jeweler and Optician
•!• •!• •!• •!• •!• •!• •!• •!• •!• •!• •!• •!• * +
•!• *
+       TO ADVERTISERS.        +
•J. Changes of advertisements for •!•
+ the Herald should In- handed in- •{.
•!• to tins office noi Intel than $•
»!• fi ur o'clock on Wcdnesdaj af •!•
•I* fernoon to insure being ui- .J.
•j. tended lo, n is. the Intention •!•
•!• of Ihe Herald lo he onl early +
+ each Thursda) •!•
•!• •!•
... ... .,. .j. ... .j. .;. .;. .;. .,. .1. .|. .j. +
Basil Stnplra, ..i WyrlllTe, In in
Fred Ryckmnii rami' down from
fntgarj  this week
li l> lluggart, .'i Mnrysvilh . is In
hVililhiK, rnlilti'i llred go rnrls,
I-1.T5.—V  V  s
R. \ Mill wns up 1.1 Moyle lust
Mrs 1: \ lllll I-, al Moyle vlril
iiik witli Mi  anil Mis  .1   \\   Pitch
Don'l fail to Bee the Plus Mi it nn
tilr r.   window  ..I t * "ti shoes
"Oovernor" ilamu n won in town
a time oi two it. in u.is.i tins week
in Ins Hm. 1, niotoi 1 at
l*'n'il lliii 11. freston's leading
dairyman, was In (own yc* tenia)
A ll St.'u,in (.iiiii' down (mm
Moj In yesterdnj
Law n inowei • anil Bnnlcn hose .it
Pnlmorc Itros See oui new molded
hose     rins is iin- iii-si ii ', going
I'.itin.ih- flros
it  Poller,  litj wiglneci ol Pel ,
was  registered   nl    the    I'rnnbroox
hotel ttViliiisti.i'
Mis r 11 Mill will not receive
un Wcdncsdaj, •lunc l nil oi again
iins Reason,
V llydo linker, r M Kilwnrds
nml Oeo U *uv ui nn ovi i ill '. a. \
In nti a fishing 't,|)
Wagner go carts.—('. C. S.
The session ot the county court
opened litis morning, .Judge Wilson
A .sou was horn to Mr. ami Mrs.
P. DeVcre limit on Monday, Juno
Tim Furrcll killed a bear at the
Society Girl mine, Moyle, Monday
Stop! Think! $5.00, $5.50 autl
$6.00 shoes for $3.00. .Set1 Kink
Mercantile Co. window....
.fm- Hoyle, a cook at one of the
government road camps, is .spend ing
a few days in town.
A. B. Grace, representing the Pros
[lector, war down to Pernio Tues
Frank Murphy, if tlie Heat tie
Murphy company, was in Moyh
Wagner go carts.—C, ('. S.
The sawmills along tlie Crow an
running full blast, and some of them
are worving tli utile shifts.
If tho weather is favorable next
Sunday the Cranbrook ball team
will go lo Klko ami have a game
wilh the team from Waldo.
There will be a dance tonight at
Ihe Auditorium after the show.
.tolin Haddin, representing tho
.lohn Oalt Engineering company, of
Calgary, was iu Cranbrook yesterday.
Mrs. M. .1. Ilonner is down from
llbyiv r.I it-; vis'*..» vth Mr. ami
Wii      MiTavish, at tbe    WentworU:
Mrs. Isabella Whitehead is out of
tin- hospital and is stopping with
her daughter, Mrs. McTavish, at the
Went worth hotel.
Vou wili be as light on your reel
as on your pocket b»>ok if yon buy a
pair of Ihe Fink Mercantile Co
$3 on shoes,
Arthur Ward was out to see hi*
meadow ranch at Swansea Tuesday
He expects a bumper hay crop this
There will bc a meeting of tlie
Farmers' Institute at eight o'clock
next Wtih.csda> evening In the Y M
C \  parlors.
We have just unpaeked a shipment
of Popliam Bros famous Salome
chocolates.—Little ami Atchison
The Y M C \ have marked of! two
tennis courts near the cricket ground,
and are starting to level them oil
anil lix them up on Tuesday next,
(iin K Leask ami company are
erecting a commodious bungalow (or
I' Mallatidaine ou his property neat
V   llydo Maker's residence.
Wagner go carts —C   r. s
\ 1 Tito, a Japanese, is having a
store building put up near (he powei
house      Leask   and COtnpan)       have
ihe contract
i> .! Elmer, WrWtern agent for tho
celebrated David Harum cigars, wan
dt wn to Creston, Kitchener and Sir
ilur this week.
Keep your kitchen cool h\ using
our "Florence" wlcklcss stove Just
likr gas Have vou seen It?— Patmore Bros..,,
Fred Small, assistant collector of
customs at Kingsgatf, came up on
Tuesdaj ovonfng'i Flyer to spend a
day or two in Cranbrook,
"The Isle of Spice," which was nt
the Auditorium last Saturday evening, was otic of the best shows that
ever came to Crnnbrork.
If vim are Interested in baby comfort buy a Wagner cart.-CCS.
Cull ana tm our itwk It will convince
you tlm! you csngvl u iiiirli slui erUclc
right hero In Cranbrook nt u roMonablc
price. ^______
Jeweler* and  Opticians
u. I', it, Watch Inspectors
Those having use (or light
spring wagons lor general
utility purposesshould nee the
handsome vehicles in our
st lei rooms.
They have many points of
superiority over the older style
wagons. They are reliable lo
every way, made ol well
RSHHoneil wood; strongly
i rutied. Wheels are ol second
growth hickory.
This is a line all-around
wagon (or the huslneis man
or farmer. McLaughlin make.
• The Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd.
Oliver Hristow, who is well known
around hose, has accepted a position
as salesman for the Cranbrook
Agency company,
E. s. Scliollicld, in chargti of the
government geological survey, was
in town Wednesday getting supplies
for bis camp out In tho .St. Mary's
country, where he it, at work.
No other go cart has tbe attractive
appearance of tlie Wagner.—CCS.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Hutch wish
through tho Herald to thank their
many friends and sympathizers during their recent bereavement In the
loss of their daughter, Hat tie.
J, P. Fink, head of the Fink Mercantile company, was down to
Baynes Lake Monday and Tuesday.
All Odd Fellows should hear in
mind that a lodge of the Encamp*
ment will be instituted here next
Monilay evening.
If it is fresh fruit you wutit, 'plume
75.—Little and Atchison.
A. Qrenicr, who some years ago
conducted a hill posting and advertising business iu Cranbrook, returned
this week from Ureal Falls, Montana, and may decide to again locate
The Imperial Hank of Canada has
opened a branch otlice at Windsor,
Ont., under the managemens of Mr.
(!. J. Lackiier, formerly manager at
Essex branch,
Folding, rubber-tired go carts,
$4.75.-0. C S.
Miss Bessie I've, who litis lieen attending McOIll College, Vancouver,
has received word since returning
home that she was successful in pass
ing the examination in arris, which
was hchi recently.
How about that "Fb rence" Gas
stove for your summer cooking. It
is sure the thing —'Patmore Brow.
E. H. Rtdor, timekeeper and store
keeper at the Sullivan mine, is leaving Saturday for the Porcupine camp
in Ontario. Chester C. Buck, assistant accountant in tbe Sr Eugene
..dice will take Mr. Rider's place ai
the Sullivan.
Folding, rubber-tired go carts,
vl.;-, _f   c. s.
Mrs 11 ll. Lcfurgcy, of Summer-
side, P K l , and Dr. Sleeves, ol
Salem. Oiegi n. are in Cranbrook,
and are the guests of Mr. and Mrs
K. H Small, t'hev will be here for
four or five days.
Folding, rubber-tired go cart*..
$4.76.-0, 0. S.
II \ Deagon, who has charge ol
Un* boarding house al the Sullivan
mine for several months past, is giving up his position ou tlie tenth of
the month
Cap) S !> Pompelly has returned
from tlie south ami lias gone up to
his claims in ihe St. Mary's country.
The captain always spends his winters in the south, hut as soon as the
robins begin to chirp you can depend
upon his return,
Choice ripe tomatoes at Little and
Myers nnd Yicts are moving Irom
their old stand ou Hanson avenue to
the (ieo. Powell building nn Cranbrook avenue. They are putting iu
an up 11 date cleaning and pressing
Folding, rubber-tired go carts,
$4.75.—C. C S.
Ret w .i MacQuarrle, B.A., ol
Yellow Grass, Sask., Is here relieving RoV, C (I. Main, of the Presbyterian church, win is away on his
vacation. Mr. McQunrrte preached
his first sermon in Cranbrook last
Sunday and made a very good Impression.
Folding, rubber-tired go carts,
t4.75.-C, C S,
lie v. Mr. Dunham, of Dawson City,
tho new pastor for the Cranbrook
Methodist church, is expected here in
time to hold service next .Sunday.
Corpus Christi falls on Sunday,
■tunc eighteenth, and there will lie
the usual big ceremony at the St.
Eugene Mission.
Wetasklwln creamery butter at
Little and Atchison's. |
A hush fire got started near Yahk
last Sunday, hut Thos. Bates, government lire warden, was soon on
the ground with a force nf men, and
had It out. This Is the lirst fire reported this season.
When drinking buttermilk, drink
Hn/clwood Double Jersey. It Is
much superior to any other, Wc
have it—Little and Atchison.
The coal miners' strike in the
Crows Nest Pass Is not affecting the
C.P.R. business here tt, any great
extent. As many train crews are
working as before the strike, ami the
company ihavo plenty ol coal on
hand for their engines.
Wagner collapsable go carts are the
cheapest anil most durable nuts nn
the market.—C. c s
It. L. T. Galbralth, dI Fori steel.*.
government Indian agent, is al Creston taking the Indian census From
Creston he will go to the \rrow
lakes, where there is another small
hand of Indians. There are some
six hundred adult Indians iu Mr
(ialhraith's district. They have just
about held I Heir own numerically
since the last census was taken.
New potatoes at Little ami Atchison's,
A, H. Mackenzie, a real estate and
insurance agenl I I Rossland and secretary of the Associated Hoards of
Trade, made a trip In motor cai
through the Windermere valley this
week. lie lefj Wllmei Monday
morning unit was in Cranbrook in
time to catch the westbound train,
and reached his home In Rossland
the same evening, Tin-, is going
some for fast traveling.
WANTHII.-HtV' with d pony to
herd a bunch if cows, \pply \V. ,).
Atchison. 13 3t
Father Choinol has returned to
Grand Forks. He was delighted to
meet so many of his old friends lu
Cranbrook and was surprised nl tho
growth the place had made since he
was stationed here,
Died—Al the St. Eugene hospital
ou June 5th, Haltie Lulu Hindi,
aged tl years, daughter of Isaac
Hurch, of Wycllffe. The funeral was
held Wednesday afternoon from the
residence ot Thomas Leask.
Folding, rubber-tired go carts,
$4.75.-0. C S.
Al. Jones was tb wn from Kimhcr
ley .Sunday. Mr. Jones is owner of
the Quantrillc group of claims, which
lit* between the North Star and the
Stemwinder, and is preparing lo
make a shipment of ore io the sine!
ter at Trail.
Wagner go carts.—C. c s
C. H. Garrett, the taxidermist,
has Ih'i'H doing a rushing business
lately, having hud no less than seven
hears to mounl during the pasl
week. One was an exceptionally
line specimen. H was killed al the
Sullivan mine a few days ago ami
was brought down by James Gamble. This bear measured eight feet
in length.
Constable Adney, ol Wardner,
passed through lo Nelson last Friday, having in charge an old lime
prospector, well known in ami around
Cranbrook, these past ten years,
named Tom Gilpin. Tom was sentenced to six months' Imprisonment
on a vagrancy charge by the Wardncr
Justice. Poor old Tom would he
better off in the Old Men's Home at
Kamloops. lie is an old timer and
in very poor health. Years ago he
was well known iu these parts, but
of late his health has [ailed, be is
now partly paralyzed, and has managed to exist mainly by petty depredations.
The uniform success that has attended tbe use of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
has made it a favorite everywhere
Il can always be depended upon. For
sale by all dealers. 15-tf
C. O. Demaurez is said to be making a big success with his boat pro-
pellor. He is in Fresno, California,
and is having a one hundred foot
boat built, upon which to make a
practical demonstration of his invention His company has been reorganized ami is now tbe Demaurez
Stock is said lo Ih- *.*» a share, and
American Propelloi company. The
very little for sale at that price.
There are several shareholders in
Fernie, Craubrook and Movie.
It is worse than useless to lake
any medicine Internally for muscular
or chronic rheumatism. .Ml that is
needed is a free application if Chamberlain's Liniment. For salt* by all
dealers. l.Vtf
There isn't a question ol the supremacy of the Woidf.dk musical
how iu Its particular lield of popular entertainment, ihat plays the
Auditorium theatre Wednesday, June
14th, with Max Bloom, and some
sixty people in " \ Winning Miss."
This* is the same production that
ran all season ai tlie Garden theatre
In Chicago. "A Winning Miss" is
an unusually novel entertainment "f
the happy son, a unique comedy
wit,h decidedly refreshing features,
Little and    An bison, headquarters
for Ha?elw I iic I nam and Haul-
wood Double Jerscj Buttermilk,
The   pint  of ground west nt Ibe C.
P. R. station is commencing to look
very attractive, and furnishes a
beauty spot ftr the traveler's eye to
rest upon. There are some olbcr
points along the line where the C.P.
R. could do some .similar work, and
one of those plates Is Movie.
Live man or woman wanted for
work at heme, paying $2.00 or S3 00
per day with opporlunll) to advance. Spare lime can be used.
Work not illflicult   and requires  no
Vou are acquainted witli tlie
ilem'rability »f the MODERN has
RANUE for cooking '!
Yi-s ! Well come in and let us
nlniw you our new
" Florence" Wickless
Oil Stove
whieh gives you all tlieiiclvniitiipB
if the (IAS RANGE ami ut a inueli
less rust. This ia something out
ol'the ordinary in oil stoves and
will be sure to please you.
experience.   Winston, Limited, Spad-
,na Ave., Toronto, Ont. KKit
WANTED.—A good girl for general
housework; reference required; enquire
hetwceii ten and twelve iu tho
morning, either at Auditorium nr
W. Guerard, Garden Ave. 16-tl
Employment wanted by man from
England. Handy with tools. Good
rough carpenter. Apply 11. Rogers,
P.O. Cranbrook. Iii-lt
Wagner go carts.—C, C, s.
Mr. V. Prflallo, of Vancouver, and
Mr. S, Hopkins, ol Alberta, spent
some days Ihc end of last week look
ing over fruit lands iu this district
Tliey bad looked over considerable
laud between here and Vancouver,
bui concluded that they could do
heller al Cranbrook than anywhere
else ami so took nn option > n a
portion nf II. II, McCIure's land
These gentlemen Hinted that it was
their intention to return during the
season and complete •ihc purchase
and lake up their resilience on the
The Craubrook city council has given a grant of fifty dollars a month
tn the Cranbrook baud. This amount
will be paid each month until December thirty-first of this year
At the same meeting Tuesday
evening Dr. Connolly tendered his resignation as medical health < Ulcer.
The appointment of a successor was
referred to the health and relief
Accounts to the amount ol eight
thousand four hundred and thirty-
five dollars and sixty-five cents were
passed by the finance committee and
ordered paid.
Vancouver Strike
Thirty-five hundred men of the
building trades quit work at Vancouver Monday iu what was technically described as "cessation from
labor." To strike is illegal by federal law; hence every man Individually acted anil failed to ap'ieur for
All union carpenters are out, but
the bricklayers refused t< Join them
ia various parts of the city. ^
■ It is estimated that work has been
stopped nn_ two-thirds ol tin* buildings, but many non-union carpenters
are working ami all bricklayers are
pparently employed.
Street railway men, teamsters,
etc., refused tn join the strike. Curiously enough street cars stopped
in the mt ruing for half an hour just
lifter eight o'clock, the delay being
mused hy ordinary trouble on the
high tension transmission line out-
nh* the city. This line ami the
company's buildings nn* Ming guard*
Strike leaders asserted that the*.
had gained their end as well as they
expected, declaring that street rail
war ami other unions did not quit
because it was not necessary in the
interests of the strike Master
builders declare that their jobs arc
progressing as usual and that ihe*.
had more men apply for work thai
morning for open-shop J| bs than they
could provide work for.
lu the big uptown buildings work
seems la he progressing as usual, but
there is a great crowd of union men
around Labor hall.
Several demonstrations nf a more
or less peaceful character market) tbe
progress of the general strike in the
city Monday. A crowd of live hundred men gathered in Cordova street
near tbe waterfront, late iu Ok* day
ami endeavored to induce a number
uf workmen engaged on a building Ul
leave their occupation. A force of
mounted police kept the strikers on
Ihc move, however, and beyond a few
scuffles and the making of several
arrests nn disturbance tonk place.
The mounted police are pat tolling
the streets. Information has been
received from the International Ty-
|n..'i.iphii.il   union rrliislug (lie meiii
Wearables for Women
That are Stylish and Comfortable
Trill-: hot days nre here and you will want clothing tlml
*■    will be cool nnd at the siiine time dressy and serv
These are the features which are outstanding iu our Bummer Wearables. ,i
White Dresses
Prettily trimmed with  Luce and Embroidery! very dn-ssy. $6,80 Up,        S?
House Dresses /J ,;: ;.-
In blue and White, Black and White  /
Stripes and Checks, ...    .   $2.50 Op '
Wash Suits and Coats i
A good assortment in Plain White and
ujlors       $0,25 to % 16.00
Summer Millinery
Xo doubt you are
thinking of  New
Millinery fur your
Look  over   our
New Creations
1   I
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
tiK.ui omi'i.  rtiROKTii
CAPITA! AUTHORIZED                    • -                SIO.000 00i' I .-
CAPITA. PAID UP      - ti.T.i.m-, ,.'
RESERVE FUND         -                • ■               $!.:.;. un ,„■
11   II   It'll.KIK. I'mi.lrnl HOJi l.nl'l JUHIIV   Vto I'r, Mm
Account. „f Corporation!,   Munlclpalitlet, Merchant!, tn in*-'
iititl Private Individual! Invited.
* Dralti* anil   Letter, ol Credit  i.aiit-.I   .vHtl.Me   in   anv   part •
* tin- world.
i        SAVINGS  DCPARTMENT.-M'*i»l   nueim-ii  given   i
a)   SavTnir! Bank Accounts.   I'e|,.,-ua„lll.(ai and upwards teceived ai
* ililurei<t allowed fntni date ■>[ de|-orit.
♦  Wilmer Branch
W. R. GRL'BBK. Mgr
************** *.*.*.***********
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Fruit. Agricultural, Grazing and Timber Lands.
Insurance, Stocks and Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers In Lumber.
Office : orner Fenwick Avenue and
Baker Street.
bers ot thf local unalon permission
lo take part in the sitikt- us. they
had requested.
BOWMAN    l.i MliKK CO   FIIIK.    ,
The   Bowman    Lumber company*! ;
plant ami mill at    Revelstoke, toge- j
thet with between six   hundred thou-
land and seven hundred tnuusatni feet
if Btorage   logs wenl   up   in smoke I
Monday n^lii in   '*ru* "f tin*     most
spectacular   Ores    ihat   ever visited '
tnat city.    The mill and plant were'
valued ut   from   forty thousand dollars tn    lift y thousand dollars    and
employed a force ol between fifty and
sixty men, as well as a lanM- number
n( cruisers,   who will in- temporarily
thrown cut <f   employment, Wbethei
the Dominion   Sawmills ami Lumbei
Co .   Ltd ,   which  recently absorbed
the   Bowman   Lumber Co , Limited,
will rebuild here, is a question
Thr   damage Is   said   to  be fully
i overed  by Insurance.
New   Vort -Bar silver, 5*     l.*ud
SI *iij.
London.—Lead,  £13.. 2s   Bd
ui ping cough   is   nut dangerou!
when the cough is kepi lni.se ami ex- ;
pectoratlon easy by giving Chamber.
Iain's fniigli Remedy. It lias i*i-n
nsi-,1 in many epidemic, of tliis dis-
rase with [M-ifi-ct success. For sail-
by all dealers. IMI
1, Allen llariiliaiilt, ol Curton
(Yahk P.O.), rancher, glre notice
that on tin- 19th day ot .Inly, rill,
at etelock In tin- loronoon, I Intend
t,i aoply to iin- Water Cotnmisslonei
at tiis office iii Craobrook Im a li-
ccnao to take and use one rnlilc foot
of water |»-r second Iruni Klmera
Creek, in the Cranbrook Water lHs-
Irict. The waler Is to lie taken
fi-uui tin- stream about in chains upstream from S. W. curlier uf Lot
D101, flump One, Kimtenny District,
and is to be used on said Lot filfii,
fm Irrigation purpose!
IBM (Signed)   Allen   ll.illlli.llill
For Sale    :
Terms Ihe Easiest
*************** THK   UHANBKOOK   H.ERALD
Columbia-Kootenay Valley
Descriptive Article by F. J, Clarke, Secretary.
Bureau uf Provincial Information
Tin* fitness ol Columbia-Kootenay
Vallej lor all branches ol agriculture
has. hri'ii demonstrated by actual results secured by tire Bottlers. All
experiments intelligently made have
proved successful, and when followed
by more extensive operations have
Invariably proved satisfactory, failures liave occurred, as is Inevitable
in a new field, hm these were caused
by lack of knowledge of local climatic conditions', through carelessness,
or ioo little nttenllon to detail
The vallej lias been visited and re
ported upon by several agricultural
experts, among   whom may be   men
tit il     ProfesBor   Frank   T   Sbull,
M A . F I.C , V CS . chemist ol tlie
Agricultural Departmeni of Canada;
Thomas A sbarpc, superintendent ol
Die Dominion Experimental Faun nl
Agassi?., ll r . M s Mlddleti n, horticulturist, Departmeni of Agrieul
Lure, II C.; iiiid E. W, lletirtley,
horticulturist, Ouelph Agricultural
College Tin- unanimity ol these re
putts mi all important points—cli
mate, soil, adaptability—constitute
their chief value, anil remove all
doubt as in the exceptional merits
nl the valley as .1 profitable Held toi
general farming, fruit, live stock,
dairying, and poultry. As it would
In- Imporslblc to secure more eciicln
slvc and reliable opinion of the ag
rlculttiral merits ol tin- valley, much
of what fi Hows is borrowed from
these reports, supplemented hj tin
results if personal observation by
Un- writer in tin* autumn of I (WO.
North of Oolden the valley is nnr
row itittl as a rule heavily timbered
There are small, isolated patches ol
land that mlghl be brought under
cultivation, hm the extent of this
is inconsiderable, no extensive area
that could he elassed as agricultural
land being found -until ihe I ppet
Frasei Valley    and  the   Tele .Inune
Cache ei try is entered   The     land
ErUrrouiidiug   Oolden,   ami    for   lift)
miles     south,  is     pill tiipla iiy     well
adapted li bay, grain, ami stock
raising, and there art* a lew n ml
(aims close to the town nn which
good general crops are grown This
portion of the valley averages* about
three to fun miles in width. The
bottom lands, being marshy ami ilu
soil rub alluvial, produce grent crops
ol wild hay, while the benches vnrj
from a sandy red claj tn a heavj
red clay with a fair proportion 01
deep, rah black loam. Dairying pays
well, milk selling al forty rents n
gallon, and butter thirty-five cents .1
pound in Oolden, while potatoes (pro
ilucing as   1 li as> six hundred bush
els to lho arret sell at (2 on tit*'
Al Spllllmachecn, eighteen miles
Mm ill nf Qolden, ami at oilier points
lietween there ami llrisco, fifty miles
south <>f Oolden, ihe soil is nf the
same good quality, fruit, vegetables,
native ami cultivated bay, clover, and
alfalfa j ieldlng nbundantl). clovci
ami timothy ret urn, fn some in
stances, ovei three tons to the acre
(in tin- Ft ratci ranch. Sun-lair creek,
oals went eighty bushels tn tbe acre
ami the straw was six feel in height
on l'.tkp.itk Ranch potatoes, some
uf which weighed over two pounds
each, averaged [out hundred bushels
to the acre, ami twenty-pound cabbages arc quite common in the dis
trie! Wealthy, Ben Davis, Woll
River, Duchess, Yellow Transparent.
and other varieties of hardy apples
produce well and show no injury from
winter fronts. Cherries, plums and
strawberries and othei small fruits
give splendid results Oats sell for
twenty dollars |H-r ton on the farm
and- wheat from thirty dollars to
thirty-five dollars per ion Alfalfa
yields heavily, ami three, and even
four, crops in a .season are tut
South of Briscoe there i** a marked
change In ihr   character of the coun
In Tht-  valii \  broadens and       Is
more open with lighter, soil, covered
willi bonch grass am) sage hiuvli, and
initial inn becomes  necessary,     but
water fur Ihal purpose Is easily applied fn in the numerous mountain
streams flowing Into tin- Columbia
Indeed, water is so plentiful 1b.1t in
some Instances settlers have made
the grave errnr ol Using too much,
ami iu ci nsequenci their low-lying
fields art- water lugged ami barren,
an rv I which may only he over-
watci in the soil is also said lo
water in Oh* si il is atso said to
cause summer frosts, ami. according
in professor Sharpe, the Injurious
imVlrrlgatton is ofteq the result of
natural causes He points mil that
stinc streams emcoglng from the
mountains flow over beds    of gravel
and •■Hid which form sink-holes and
convey a large percentage nf the water by underground passages oi see
page to uie lower benches, where 11
rises tu lira surface, souring the
si.il, creating alkali, ami making tit*
surroundings susceplfble ti frosl
These conditions occur unh m Isolated eases ami they  will ilouhtlets     I*
overcome in time by the skill of the
irrigation engineer.
Tin- valley from Briscoe southward
in Canal Flats, being rrom six to
led miles wide, is favorably affected
bj ilie warm Chinook winds, nml the
temperature, is turthor moderated by
Ibe presence of several lakes, the
largest being Windermere or Lower
Columbia lake, and Upper Columbia
lake, which are respectively eleven
ami fourteen miles in length, with an
average width of one mile and a
half. U is beautifully timbered
with fir, spruce, poplar, and1 birch,
with open prairie spaces, park like in
appearance, The timber being light
would he easllj cleared, costing] nol
more than twenty dollars to twenty-
five dollars per acre. Mr, Middle
Inn says of this district: ''This is
certainly the beauty spot of the
whole volley, varied as il is by
lakes, streams, prairies, benches and
mountains. It is truly the paradise
uf tbc tourist, tlie hunter, the angler,
and all lovers of Nature."
The composition of the soil varies,
due tn altitude and other local conditions, but, as a rule, that on the
eastcrn s,de of ibe valley is llghtci
Ihan un the western side. The east-
em slope is also a 11 file drier, and
irrigation is more necessary, due
principally t< the fact thai the snow
melts so rapidly under the influence
id the Chinook winds and ihe after
noon sun Ihat tbe mo.sliire runs off
instead of penetrating the soil. The
growing season begins about two
weeks earlier, as tlie eastern benches
gel all the warmth of tbe afternoon
sun long a let tin se on the west are
in shallow. In 1009 ii was noted
that the strawberry nop was ovei
on Ibe east side before that on the
wesl had ripened, and the same
would apply In all kinds of early
vegetables ami fruit, a fuel which
cannot lie regarded as a drawback,
as the latter crop is just as valuable,
ami the difference in lime of ripening
will enable   the growers    to employ
Hie same gangs of pickers,  In        the
mutual advantage oi both, as the
longer season of work should attract
Inbor lo the valley. The soil of the
district, in common with ihe rest of
ihe valley, seems specially adapted
tn garden vegetables, which, given
proper attention in tin* way of cut
livattnii ami waler, attain a si/e ami
quality unsurpassed by any other
part of British Columbia.
Considerably more than half the
cultivable land ol this pan of the
valley lies on the wesl side of the
Columbia river, and the soil, as a
rule, is rather heavier than on the
east side It varies from a deep,
heavy, grey clay loam to a trille
shallower red clay loam, with a clay
or well-cemented gravelly subsoil
The limber is heavier uml more dense
on this side, except upon the lowei
levels, where it is lighter and more
(scattered, Then- are many mountain streams, and in ihe lattral valleys formed by them are targe ureas
of fertile land. Some of the largest
of these creeks an* the SpIIlimaohcen,
Bugaboo, Salmon, Nt. 2, No, :i,
llorst-lhief (or No I) Toby, Dutch
and Finttlay. Much of the bottom
lands ou these creeks is very ricli
clay loam, which, with tbc genth
slopping benches, are well adapted to
mixed farming, dairying ami fruit, lu
the lowlands, however, there is al
ways the danger ol summer frost
and lo avo.d this tbe Blopes and
benches should be chosen for orchards Rome authorities placed tin*
limit of successful growth at 2,800
feet above sea-level, but actual experience 111 ibis valley proves the exception to ihe rule, for good crops
ol vegetables an* raised al an altitude of 3,000 feet, and in one instance Early Richmond cherries have
home profusely and ripened thorough!) every year at 8,300 feet
Windermere district has more cul
tlvaled land ihan any similar •sized
area in the valley, and its few fruitful iiclds and orchards present un
ibject lesson which Bhould encourage
furl hei development. There are
housands and thousands of acres
lying waste, or affording pasturage
in small, scattered bands ol cattle,
which only require a little exertion
lu make them productive ami profit
able, Tin- soji ncrc, as in other
parts of the valley, varies slightly in
ts character and composition, but
it is all of a nature which the appli-
ltion of irrigation will render highly fertile Kimpton's ranch, overlooking Lake Windermere Least side)
is a con vine'ng proof Ol the capabilities of the valley. Wheat, oats, barley, hay, clover, alfalfa, all kinds of
roots and vegetables, small fruits,
apples, plums, uml cherries growing
luxuriantly; horses, cattle, sheep uml
bogs in the pink or condition;*!fowls,
(links, geese and turkeys plump ami
healthy, almost everything that can
In* raised on a farm, in fact, a pie
1 use of prosperity ami 'ndependence,
This ranch is said tn return Irom
$5,000 to $0,000 yearly, and it Ik but
portly cultivated The results of
Mr  Kimpton's experiments with dif
fereiit kinds of potatoes give H good
Idea of the productive qualities if
the soil. From 3 Iks of I ncle Sam
potatoes be got 2\ 1 lbs.; 3 His. ol
Carmen No. 3, 2'M lbs,; Superior No.
7, 253 lbs. Oh Ihc wesl side of the
valley ui'e several good ranches, none
of which has reached what might be
called a high state of cultivation,
bin enough has been di ne tu prow
tbe fruitfiilness of the soil. On some
of these west side ranches irrigation
is not practised, but its advantages
are manifest in those ou which il is
used. Better crops of grain, bay,
uml vegetables could not ho wished
for anywhere. Poultry arc raised
extensively and do remarkably well.
Fruit has been tried un all these
places and, where the necessary care
bus been given, excellent results are
Near Wiltner (west side) Mr, R, R
Bruce has- established a nursery    de
signed to   supply the valley       with
carefully   chosen     and   acclimatisi-d
fruit trees of the most suitable vnrie
Lies.     This nursery is at an altitud
of   2,Kill feet, the h ghost in Canada,
and tlie young   stock is clean      ami
sturdy,   showing no ill effects    from
frost after    three and   four winters.
The output  should meet  with     fttVOI
from the fruit growers,   for il     will
In   a large extent     replace imported
stock   which,    owing to slow Iran
puliation ami numerous transfers
route, often  reaches  the  buyer   coi
pletely   killed or    damaged   beyond
South from Windermere lake l"
Canal Flats Ibe contour of ibe valley
and tbe soil arc similar lo thai nl
ready described, There are several
ranches showing good results fn m
cultivation, hut most of ihe laud is
Idle. On Hankey's ranch (formerly
Brewer's) is an orchard planted fifteen to twenty years ago which has
given plentiful crops every vear since
they came into bearing. The varieties are Wealthy, Snow. Fameusc,
St. Lawrence, Wincsap, Alexunder,
uml several kinds of crabs. Three
trees-of Transcendent crabs In this
orchard produced $~>u worth of fruit
in one season—over Sin per tree. An
acre producing in the same propor
tion would give $1,332, The trees
in this orchard are tbe oldest in the
valley are are as fine, clean, healthy
a lot as could be wished (or. Nearly
every ranch in tbe valley, from Gold
en to Tobacco Plains, has its few
fruit trees* or small orchard, ami
Wherever these have been cared for
they are nourishing and free from
disease—even even ihe most neglected
re still bearing fruit In fair quantities, During Mr. Middelton's tour
through tbe valley, be found only one
instance in which fruit trees had been
seriously injured by frost i and in
that case the trees had been planted
iu a low lying place totally unfit ted
to fruit growing. After leaving the
llatikey ranch, at Fairmont, there
are fewer ranches, although the qua!
iiy of the land Invites cultivation
\t Santo's ranch, at Ibe southern
end of Upper Columbia take, there is
a four-year-old orchard from which a
considerable crop of apples ami
plums was picked in ibe third year.
Canal Flats, as tbe name indicates,
are low lying ami only require drainage to make them the tiest of hay
land. South of Canal Flats, where
the Columbia valley merges Into the
Kootenay valley, are large areas of
splendid 1.nni "fit fnr anything farmers need to grow," as Professor
SharpC puts It. He describes this
district as well suited for uny farm
crop nnd fur small fruits, hardy
apples, hardy plums, ami Russian
cherries, uml would give line crops
ut clover, sainfoin, alfalfa, grains
and roots nf all descriptions There
an- beautiful stretches nt this fine
land ui) along ihe valley tn the
International boundary; to describe
it in detail is only lu repent one's
words. Ai Hansen's, Wasa, Klku,
Furi Steele, st Eugene Mission,
Cranbrook, everywhere thai ibc land
has been cultivated it is repaying
the outlay and work With big inter
(To he continued.)
Annual dues on   water records and
water   licenses1   fell due on June 1st
.1. F. Armstrong, water commissioner for the district, says that he has
been instructed not to accept these
dues ou records Issued under Un*
Land Act, ihe Mineral Act or the
Water Clauses Consolidation Ad unless accompanied by a declaration
that actual beneficial use uf the
watcr is being made and that works
have been constructed.
Indians' Poisoned
An mid   Cherokee Indian    recently,
gave    away the   sterol how the In-1
illans of olden    limes used in poison
their arrowheads lor war purposes or,
tor    killing hears,   snys   Ilie Denver
Times.      They took a IroBh doer liver, fastoned it in a Innfi liolc,     and
then wenl   lo certain places     whore
Ihey   know    they would tiiul rattlesnakes in nliundanco.
About midday Ihe rattlers are all
mil in' their dens, colled up In the
cooking sun Tin- bucks would poke
the Iirsl rattler Ihey found with the
liver 111 the 1- ng pole. A rattler, unlike    on ,11     nnkes, always bIiows
flglil in preference lo escaping.' The
snake would thus repeatedly strike al
tlio liver willi us fangs iiniii its poison was all used up, wlicreii|ion II
would quii striking and try slowly I"
iiniii- nn. The bucks would then
hunt up anothei rattler and repeat
tlio performance, keeping mp the work
until Uie liver wns well siiukeil
willi snake poison.
Then Ilie polo was carried homo
and fastoned somewhere In an ii|i-
rinht position until tho liver became
dry as a I.     The liver   was then
pounded to a line powder and placed
in a buckskin bag, I" lie used as
needed lur their arrows This powder would stick like glue in any
moistened surface and was death to
any creatine which il enteral on
Quartz at
Fort George.
To the west of Fori George town-
site, and only a mile from its boundary, lies u huge hotly of free-milling
gold ore, pronounced by nn expert
mining man lo be the largest body
dI ore he has ever seen in British
Columbia. The firsl discoverers ol
ibe mineral were \ B. Clarke and
Charles Whltmeycr, who staked
claims on -their discovery last fall,
devoting the winter to development
work, Tliey sent several samples ol
tbe ore to reputable ussuyers in the
United States and Canada, receiving
assays showing gold values from
eight dollars in two hundred dollar!
per ton. Nearly thirty claims have
been staked autl the cftlm holders
many nf them experienced iu mining
mailers, have the utmost confidence
In the discovery. A number ol
Ihqsj! interested will form a group
and prosecute vigorous development
ibis summer.
James Hawthornthwaite
The Saturday Sunset says thai
■lim llawthornthwaitc's Socialism
was nevei convincing. In the first
place that name was never Intended
fur n Socialist. It is distinctly
aristocratic. About it clings the
atmosphere of ivy-covered turrets ami
baronial halls with picture galleries
of ancestors nnd coats of mall thai
look like siiperaiiuatetl base burners.
Your Ideal Socialist, is an aesthetic
gentleman with burning eyes and the
pale glow of the divine alliums illuminating a high white brow swept In
intellectual looking locks ol hair
that meander in careless abandon
across the classic expanse nf bin
brain cache, He is pale and hungry
looking like Casslus. His clothes
lit loosely about him and be goes
aluiit with an abstracted air po:i
dcrtng upon the problem of life 'lb.it
ll tin- average mental por'-tnll nf the
Ideal Socialist But t omnidi ll.i*\-
Ihotttthwaitc*—when be wis n comrade—was not that type ol Sociu1'*;.
lie is big, bluff, hearty ami rubicund
with an appetite li r the good thiius
of life and the ability to get them
and bang onto them. He is u money maker ami now he has money
Americain Lead Duty.
Tin- British Columbia Mining and
[Engineering Record snys: "American
b*ati producers represent the tradition hug when they ask an Increase
iion.il hog when Ihey ask an Increase
lanl rale of one and n half cents per
pound, Hud it not been for the en-
erprisc of the Canadian Mining ami
■melting company, coupled with Uie
Dominion lumps, the American tariff
would have ruined h-ad mining in
British Columbia, just as the iarilt
m zinc ores will hamper that class
>f mining until home zinc reduction
works are established, or reciprocity
is extended thereto and lho larifl
bars pulled down."
has divorced
the idea that
cool, comfortable
summer  suits need
be ill-fitting.
Fit-Reform 2 piece
Suits have the style
and shapeliness ol
the heavier garments.
The wonderful Fit-
Reform system of
designing and hand
tailoring makes litis
Sole A;enls in Cranbrook.
Be a Well Man!
If .vim nvi! ii sink mini. Bntfering from
any ilisunliT. we can euro you Permanently.
Vim do not tmvo to linger along sutferinu
from illsi'iiso, because wo nn- medical
specialists willi many years' experience
treutltig mill curing successfully nil men's
A Bttre, ,'iint pornmnent cure in all diseases of
men, Nervous Weakness, Varicose Veins,
Hydrocele, Nervous Ailments, Hlood and
Skin Disorders, Sores, Ulcers, Kidney, Bladder and
Rectal Disorders, nnd nil s|n'i'inl (diluents common to liu-n.
Bent Anatomical Museum in the North-west.
Consultation Free
Tt you cannot conic to Knoknne for free consultation
now. write forour free booklet.
Dr.   Kelley's   Museum
2io Howard Street, Spokane, Wash.
11. L. STEPHENS, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel wilh "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
imperial Bank of Canada jj
CAPITAL PAID UP     -      -
RESERVE FUND        -     -
ll. If. WILKIK, President.
Accounts of t/orpomtions. Municipalities, Merchants.
Farmers noil Private Individuals invited.
Drafts nml Letters of Credit issued available in any part of
the worl I.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT -Special attention
given to Savings llauk Accounts. Deposits of jl.lHI mid
upwards received and interest allowi-d from date of <lc |Kmit.
Cranboork Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
TO RENT.—Large basement, cool
ami ilie. Apply llm 1, Herald of
Whooping; iniii'.ii   Is   mil dangerous
when Ilie COllgll is kl'Ilt  looBO mill l'\-
pcctoratlon easy Iiy giving Chamber.
Iain's Cough Remedy. It has been
nseil in  many epidemics  ol Ibis dis-
easi- with pertect. sllrcess. For si,Ie
by all dealers. tilt
8-room 2-story Plastered Residence
on corner lot. Electric light, water,
bath, closet, cellar; fenced on Baker
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at • p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
.1. M. Boysc, C.C.
F. M. Christian, K. R. & S.
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
tu attend.
Meets every Monday
night at New Fraternity   Hall.    So-
liinniiiie. Oddfellows cordially Invited.
R. II. Patmore W  M. Harris
N. O. Seo'y.
Criuibrnok     Lodge,
No. Ill
A.r, tin
'i'*  Regular- uie.iil.iga on
the   third   Thursday
nl every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
A. 0, Sluiiikliinil, W.M.
B, W. Connolly, .Secretary.
No.  19.
Meet! every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Hebekahs  cordially Invited.
Mrs, W. F. Cameron, N, (I.
Miss M. Hickenbotham, See.
Meets In   Fraternity Hall First and
Third Fridays.
T. Eraser, E. C.
M. MacKinnon, M. ft. and C.
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday of each month at I
p.m. sharp.
Win. Anderson, Chiet Ranger.
L. Bent. Secretary.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall first and
third Thursday ot each month at
s ii.iii. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu Hayward,  II,-,'   Sec.
W, II. HcFarlane, Chlel Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
| Presbyterian €l>urcb |
Sunday morning service at 11 J
♦ Sunday   evening     service   at ♦
* 7.90 o'clock
Sunday     School   and    Hlble
Class at 9 o'clock
t   Presbyterian   ilutld, Tuesday, %
w        at I o'clock
(1801) 51171
Will stand at mv ranch at
Wardner. It. O.,
Every Saturday, Sunday
and Monday
And ut Mr. Solmd's, Hull
River District,
Every Wednesday and
Tin* horse ia well lircd
and built,witli Inls of ixtwor
and clean tmnc. Wciujil
between IttOOBiantl 17001b.
MnrcH brut l,y lenson or
insure foal al owner's rink;
lull ,'Vi-ry c-ire will boeior-
Read the Herald, $2.00 a Year
The   " IwiIh'I "   lias   ln-en J
put in couiiuissiun and is tied
up at Allialmer.
Convenient for passengers
f online; either lay boat ur unto- *
mobile. •
Motor Imnls. canoes or rigs X
<£ nrrnuu'cil form. Isu.nl.
*i--*-*^-*--*-*-*--«------ - > - - -- - - --
An Interesting personnlity has arrived in London from Sew York
Tnis is Mr. Klyo Sue I mil, who is
engaged upon .. world-wide tour in
lho interest* <>i international peace
Mi I■■ iii haii a 1 read) I .veiled exten
slvely, and be has don< ,i greal work
in ilu* States, whore ha was ono ol
Ihe stall lei tureni ol Ihe \
Peace socle!). nnd n i lei president of
i lie area! l aki s International Vrblt
ration Socli tj lie In Bald to bi
tlie liist gentleinnii
in a world tout in the Interests ol
peace, and he expects to remati in
Ijifjlaiiil for nbout Ii ut oi five
months     Uf in ,i natli i oi .lapan
In lho presentT ol a great nrraj ol
dlstingiiislied ilsll in Prince Art hui
nl Ctiiiiiai'v.Iit opi ■ ed
exhibition at tlie Whit* t'itj v "
Ing approat bin t the inngnli
tins exhibition ban hei n i en in Lon
dim, pnd ii forms n Irlkln nb 111
lesnon "f   tii< il the cm
tun' ol tht- i ■  remarkable exhlb
ik .ii Un* Hhephi l.i'   Itu ii exlitlrit	
i*. ilu* I gaga nl \. ro probabl) the
onl) anltnur mililnrj ensign extanl
Tin* Itoman k gloi ■ cai rled two me
tal standards, whleti \■. t, -.. at red
that none wa** wit n nili '"I whits! ,i
single soldlei llvi il fine was the
hiagte ami the othei Ihe linai n I hi
. no mi vlen al ; i - xhlhll on Is the
onl] specimen Known It wni dug up
in i\m'\ Rome when aboul i RS . and
is still in a flm (tali "i pii lervs
tluti As it ha "ii ii-- central
medallb n a port rail ol the Kmpcroi
Nero, there is strong evidence (hut
ibis was tin* standard i i Ihe Ninth
IsCglon captured bj Ihe Britons undei
Queen nondlcen \ very beautiful
piece ol work, it is in the farm ol .i
cross, wilh three bronze rings one
above tbc other forming tho upper
part Tho cross piece consists ol a
few bars in tin- form o! tho pediment "f n temple, and tbo lower portion la a larger ring containing ibc
mcdaltiiiii in its center.
An Important development nf rural
housing has been inaugurated by Mr
•lohn Hums al Bvftoet, Surrey, A
scheme under tho Town Planning Aol
is being carried out, and, wlien completed, some eighty fk tinges will
have hern built at a cost nf BUO.OOO,
At preNeut (bitty COttOgCfl bavc btvu
erected, together with fourteen Binglo
[iiniii Hats with a bcil alenvy ami
eighteen three-room Hats, Each cottage ti.it three bedrooms ami a bath,
ami all an- supplied with electric
light and gas (nr cooking purposes
The rental, including free electric
tight, ranges from 3s. Ud. to 7s. per
week Haii1*- and taxes will be collected weekly and shown In a sepai
ale column iu tbc rent-book, Kaili
house nas b small garden,
Colonel sir Edward Rradforn, who
;t 'it 1890 to 1003 was comratsslonei
.I the metropolitan police, ami sub-
Bcquently offit lated .is an extra
rquert \ to the late King Edward,
died suddenly last week end Sli
Ehward appeared to !"■ In his usual
health when lu* left lus town residence in tin* morning, and be returned
home to lunch He let! again in
tbe afternoon, bui bad only proceeded
,i short distance when he was seen to
staggci suddenl) and fell to the
pavement n< was carried batt*. to
the house, ami died ball an linn lai
pi sn Edward was a ureal friend
ol tlie late King Edward, limn in
1830, in' had an adventurous ami
brilliant i areei lie |olned the In-
iii.in \iin\ at the age ol seventeen,
and served In the Persian campaign,
1857, and hi tin- Northwest provinces
1858-0 lie was in Lucknow during
tlie Mutlnj Sti Edward was a man
,.i greal courage ami presence ol
iiiiinl While out hunting In India
hf m.is knocked down l>v a llger
Mis WbltelaW Weill, wile ..( tin*
Vnirrican ambassador, amared London i>\ the dress she wore al tbc
duchess ol Devonshire's ball It was
made ol mothei ol pearl and crystal
lieads sn closely worked logctbei us
to actually form lho material of
ilntli Tin* skirt was plain, but tin*
sleeves ami body were bung with
deep ami heavy fringes nf crystals
more than a fnnt li in* and over this
corsage was a network of pearls besides her other jewels. Mrs. Rcld
remarked tbat she could never wear
tbe gown again because nf its threat
weight. She showed her fatigue i,y
sitting tho greater part ol the evening in tbc big drawing room, not,
moving until supper.
Thcro is one mcdlclno that every
family should be ninvliliil with and
especially during the summer months,
vl/: Chamberlain's Collo, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. It is almost
certain tn be needed. It costs1 but
a quarter, Pan y< u annul In be without      It?      Knr    sale by      all
dealers, t-vtf
Even if the American tobacco trust
i> dissolved [| will be able to plug
along.-—»Vancourer Province,
A western editor In announcing his
retirement, stated that he had just
purchased a hat with his seventeen
years' savings h is pleasant to
heai these stories of success in the
profession — Calgary Herald
Sprinkling its food with quinine is
said !.■ Increase the egg production
,.f the hen This looks like taking n
f. ui advantage ol an Industrious lien
with a feverish desire to lay.—Vancouver Province
The Mounted Police have the reput-
alien ol catching anything they go
aihi itui iif Calgary officers are
imt elated ovei catching the measles
Instead ol being men ni mark at the
coronation tbcj arc'now mnrked men
in quarantine.—Merrltl Herald.
The woman with the harem skirt
has nothing "ii President Tali, so to
speak lb- is trying tn get around In
.i split pain —Chicago Journal.
Figures cannot lie and the census
men object tn anyone lying about lit:
Hies —Vancouver Province.
Winn Hon. IV. S Fielding meets
linn David Lloyd George in England
they can congratulate each other mi
being the mnsi successful finance ministers in the empire, nr lite Whole
world fnr tbat maltcr.-l.othbr.dge
It is stated thai Ibe Chinese tax
,, iieti.il ai Vancouver in May
amounted lo over 1190,000. This
means thai two hundred ami fifty
Chinese Immigrant! were received at
this porl alone. At this rate the
Chinese Immigration bv way ol Vancouver wniiid in- three thousand a
vear —News-Advertiser.
over in Grand Porks they are picking ripe wild strawberries, since
the Hot Air Line was built that
country has resembled a conservatory.—Pernio Free Press.
Cut ton's Weekly, lho mgan of Quebec Socialists, has a startling six-
eoliimti llare headline reading:
"Socialists nf Canada fasten ytnisei ves upon your own county with
Ihe linn resolve nf tanning tbc political bides nf all capitalist polltl
clans." Hut it lines tint make spec
ial reference to .lames Hurst ll.iw
th—te-Vlclorla Times.
Are a valuable and nutritious laxative fruit, owing tn an active medicinal principal.
contain the active principal nf FIGS,
combined with other valuable medlci-
incuts, ami arc guaranteed tn cure
all dealers 35c pel box, oi The Fig
Pill Co , St. Thomas, (int.
Sold and    recommended     by   Tim
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co , Ltd
Nelson, B.C . Riflo Range.
envelope "Tendci far Construction nl
Nelson, B.C., Rifle Range" and addressed tu the Director ol Contracts, Department ol Militia ami
Defence, Ottawa, will he received until noon, the 15th June, fnr tho
construction ol a Uitv Range at
Nelson, B.C.
Plans ami ipcdflcalfons may be
seen and tull Information obtained At
the nltice nf Ihe Dlctrlct OfllCct
Commanding Militarj District Nn
ii, Victoria, it v , the Director ol
Engineer Service , Headquarters, Ottawa ami tli*' Ofllcer Commanding
102nd   Itegt   Nelson, It C
Tenders must be mode on the ("nn
supplied by the Department ami accompanied by an accepted cheque on
n Canadian chartered bank, fur ID
per cent of the amount of the tender, payable to the order ol the
llnnnrablc the Minister nf Militia ami
Defence, which amount will in* for
feited if the party tendering decline
tn cuter Into a contract or fail In
enmpieic it iu accordance with the
The Department does not bind itself to accept the lowetl or any tender.
Eugene Fleet,
Deputy Minister nf
Milllia and Defence
Ottawa, Mav s. Nil
Newspapers vull imt he paid if they
Insert this advertisement without authority from the Department
IIQ. 18-115-8 M-Jt
that 30 days alter date I Intend tn
npply to ilie Honorable chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works for a
license to prospect for cnal anil pot
roleum on the fallowing described
lands, situated in the District nf
South East Kootenay, Province ol
British Columbia:
Commencing at a post at the
northwest corm-r nf olaus Jeldness'
claim ami also at the thirteenth mile
post of the C.P.R. survey line, thence
south Ml chains along the C.P.R
survey, theme east Hft chain!; to Lot
\... 6080, thence north along the
surveyed linp nf l.nt No. t-''**'1 s''
chains, thence west Ml chains lo the
place oi heginnitiL*!, containing 6M
acres, more or less.
Dated May 10th, 1011.
i2-.rit olaus Jeldness, Locator
thai -tn days after date I Intend tn
apply tn the Honorable chief Commissioner ol Lands uml Works for a
license in prospect fur cnal ami pit
roleum on the following de* lined
lands, situated in the District ol
South East Kootenay, Province ol
British Columbia:
Commencing at a post at the south
west corner of sigriil Jeldness'
. I.tun. ami being at the thirteenth
mile   post     nn    tbe C.P.R.    survey,
thence north mi chains aim..*; the
Mid c p r survey to Lot No. f.'in.:.
one nf D. s. Corbln's claims, thence
east mi chains along the said mrvej
nf Lot No. BflOS, ti the survey llm
ol    Lol   No.   BOOS, thence south BO
Chains ilong the surveyed line nf Lol
Nn. B091, thenco west so (bains    to
place    of beginning,    containing BIO
Bern, mere or less.
Hated May 10th, 1011.
sigrid Jeldness, Locator,
Olaus Jeldnott, Agent. 12 fit
T Capital Maid L'p $ Reserve S6,900,ooo
Total Assets, Over 5*95.000,000
H. S. MOLT. Prcsideu      K   L. PEASE, General Manager
A com is of Firms, Corpora (loiif and Individuals solicited.
Out-of town business rece res eve 1 mention.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENI -Dei -liii of 11.00 and upwards received
ami Interest allowed at current rate.   No furtualiiy or delay In
i      A General Banking Bnetnesstrat iaii"*1
I Cranbrook Branch: I). D. McLAWS, .Manager
**'. ♦ ****************** ********** ♦♦♦♦•>♦♦♦••>♦♦«
X It s the Same Place
5 The Place thai is Popular
♦ Good us the Hist
* Better than tin- Real
The Cosmopolitan
If vou come oiiii-.
Vou will come again
******************************** ************
Carries a full stock 01
Repairs for above .th*. .n *-
in stoek
JUNE  30th  TO   JULY  7th, 1911
$29,000 00 in Prizes and Purses
Freight pit I on nil exhibits originating In Alicitu.
The best special Features erar lean In Canada west *-f Ion nto.
Including i
Muilc hy tin lii'.tl Rifle Itrnimeutal llmul nml other High
rin,. Keatnrea
Pari M'lt'ii'l Machinal to be naed fnr tin- mat tlma In Waatarn ('a,,n<la
HI tlii> Exhibition Ktut-a
Itnlucftl Partenger Ratal
.Inn,- ISIh
BIIKRIFF I. B. 0. VAN WART, Prwldent.
COL. JAS. WALKER,   I ,.     ,
E.J, DBWBY, I MoP'eildenti,
I'ri/f Mafj an,] ,iii„-r Information fn m
B, I.. RI0IIARD80N, Hanijir,
1.1 :ii Vlotorla Park, Calfary. THB  0ENBB00K   riKKALD
•!• •!• •!• •!• •!• •!• •!• •!• •!• + + + *
Al tlio  meeting ni   lho city
c, unci]    lust   nlghl   the i -
trod lur Installing the sewer-
ago system was awarded Iiy
the following resolution:
"Moved Iiy Aid. Johnson anil
Aid. Campbell that tbo mayor
nnd iiiy council be authorized
in enter int" nn agreement
with the .liilin Qall Engineering! company, ol talgary, lor
the supervision "I the construction nnd Installation dI
tho Bcwerage system on n
basis ol ten per cenl "f the nc-
tmil cosl iii the city, and
tlinl the city solicitor be Instructed, lo draw ii|i an agreemenl i" mi- effect."
The agreemenl was read
clause by clause anil was passed Iiy tbo council. Tin- sis-
imi is iii iir Installed bv No-
vember 30, 1013. H will cosl
about ninety-tour thousand
dollars, which Includes engineers' tecs and all expenses.
Mayor Hum. Mil Johnson,
Aid Taylor, Aid, Bowness,
and   Aid    Campbell wore pn--
j. .j..}..[. .1.... .J. + * •!• .1- •!•
The putting in ol lho sewet s\s
inn in Cranbrook will give em
|ili,yiii,'iii. to at least ono hundred
null Tins will mean a substantial
Increase in the payroll ol the city
Tin* iiKiii-iiii-iit provides that ne
Chinese or Jnpauese shall In- employ
Work on tin- Hanson hlock has l«en
stoppcil for a lew days while wail
Ing for the steel to arrive The Iirsl
sinrv ol the cast and wesl brlch
walls are up anil also the pit In Hi ol
the west wall. <;■■" K Leask anil
eninpany, who have charge of the
work, have transferred the brlcklaj
eis In the new iit\ hall, where
work is isoing nlong at a good rate
There an* eighteen men working.
'Ihe wedding of Mr. l-'nil Kgc . .ami
Miss Vllcc Keitis look place ai
Moyle yestetilay morning at the
home if   Mr.    ami   Mrs. A   Kerr is,
Ihe parents nf the bride. The i ere
ninny was performed by llev. \V, I
MuiiV'iaiiii-. nl Uranbrook, .lames
Gamble was groomsman ami Mis.
Lottie l-Vrris, sister nt the bride,
was bridesmaid. Several (riemls
were present. Mr atul Mis. Eg),1
enme in Oranbrook mi ihe after
noon train ami are now at the t'ran
brook hotel. They will make their
li.iini' at Kiinberley. Itoth have a
host ut friends in His part ni
ihe distrlcl who loin in wishing them
all kinds nf happiness ami prosper
Thousands of women owe their
v. mt liin I appearance to Ncwbro's
llerpiciilc. No matter whal may bo
her age, a woman with a nice lieatl
of hair, hair thai is .suit, glossy and
fluffy, always look's, younger than she
I'tcrpicido makes tho hair beautiful
with that sheen and shimmer which
is so at tractive and always indicates
a healthy, natural growth, it keeps
the scalp liee from dandruR and the
hair horn falling out.
There are remedies said to bo
"just as ("tood," Imt tlerpicldo is the
gcuuini) original dandruff! germ destiny er.
One dollar size bottles sold, under
a guarantee hy loading druggists
every where.
Recommended and applications
made hy the best barbers ami hair
Send 10c. in postage fnr sample and
booklet tn Tho llerpicide Co., l)opi
It., Detroit, Mich,
Heattie Mmvliy, l*n-h Lid., Special
\ gents,
Tin* management ol Vancouver's
"Made in Canada Fair," are to I"'
congratulated on the splendid attractions tliey have secured ft r the week
nt the fair, Irom .June Mt.li to June
32nd, Inclusive, While Hie list is by
in means complete, enough has been
definitely arranged for to ensure the
keenest Interest on the part of Van-
couvcritcs and visitors,
\ programme committee has been
appointed lo arrange for a program
every forenoon, afternoon and even
Ing. These will include band eon
certs, ihniuses and vaudeville per
im malices. The different t heal res
ol the iitt are sending their best attractions. There will he (1 rework
displays every evening. A (lying
machine will he demonstrated uw the
grounds; it weather conditions are
favorable there will he (lights daily.
The leading merchants in the whole
Dominion an* sending elaborate displays <i| iheir product, Dancing
pavillions are being built.
The Made hi Canada Fair celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary ol
Vancouver's existence and the coron
atimi nf King Oeorgo at one and the
name time. The proceeds will be
devoted ti ihe founding nf a convalescent home, lo supplement the
work ol the local hospitals. The management have laid in a supply ol
lim,null tickets, hut it is doubtful if
this supply will bo adequate. There
will Im* special low excursion rales
on all lines running Into Vancouver.
The   fair   will   prove a    magnet to
tl sands because   it offers a chance
It visit the city at low cost and
lake part In the greatest patriotic,
Industrial, commercial and social to*
Ural ni a whole quarter of a century.
WIIHb—lie   calls    himself a I an
(Jillis—Nn wonder; everything he
has nn is charged —Judge.
A ureal deal of Interest is being
manifested throughout the Boundary
country iu anticipation of a general
good time al the Knights ol Pythias
pivnie tn he held at Cbrlstena lake
< u Coronation day, June 32nd. The
indues iu Phoenix, Greenwood, Grand
Porks and Midway will participate.
Editor The Herald:
Kir: It gives tno much pleasure to
announce the result of tho recent
competition instituted by myself, in
regard to a model lesson on forestry.
The various papers submitted were
passed upon by Messrs. A. s. Good-
eve, M.P., and V. J. Fulton, K.C.,
and in their opinion the lesson submitted by Miss Annie S. Clark, principal of the girls' central school of
New Westminster, B.C., is entitled to
the prize offered, and in accordance
with this decision a check has been
mailed to Miss Clark.
A, C. Flumerfelt.
May 89th, 1911.
Whal is saitl to he the largest individual lumber order ever awarded
one firm In the Pugel Sound district
was placed with a Seattle linn re
cently by the Grand Trunk Pacific
railway. The contract calls I'm
eight million feel of lumber to .»■
used in railroad construction in British Columbia. The lumber will bc
sawed bv Seattle mills,
Morse power is an engineering
term Indicating the rate ol doing
work. Theoretically, an engine ol
ono horse power is* capable of raising a weight of t-hlrty-three thousand
pounds nne fool in one mttiutc. Watt
introduced the term, bill modern experts claim Ihat the estimate is too
Have a heart (that never hardens, a
temper that never tires and a touch
Ihal  never hurts.—Charles Dickens.
Dear, dear! How long Dickens
has been dead! Writing (or our day
he would have said: Have a liver
that never hardens, a tire Ihat
never punctures and a touch that
novel fails to land something.
M. J. Torpy, who is Interested
with Michael Gill, tf Movie, iu a
tract td laud in the lower Movie val
ley, was in Cranbrook a few days
ago. Messrs. Torpy and Gill have
one hundred and sixty acres of laud
subdivided Into ten acre blocks ami
have already disposed of quite a number of them. The land lies not far
south of Cutton Junction. Mr
Torpy says that wonderful progress
is being made down in that porl inn
of the valley, and that tbe land and
the climatic conditions are on a par
with thoso of Creston. There will
be a good crop of fruit ami vegetables down there this year.
It is a question with some which
is the cheaper and safer, a mule or
an automobile. The mule must have
corn, hay, oats or grass. He may in
the meantime get to buck jumping
and land you in the middle nt a
mud hole or on lop ut a pile of
rocks. The automobile eats nothing
but gasoline and when at rest In as
harmless as a cat. But when iU
gets to running it gttes It blind and
is liable to want so climb a telephone pole or jump of! the bridge,
Mules and automobiles are really
both dangerous. Therefore we walk
—Madison Hustler.
^A   I830
■ <TEA
"H.MB." . . $1.00 lb.
"5 O'Clock," . .60c. "
"Old Country,"   .   .50c. «
"Capital Household,",40c. "
At Best Shops
Anyone who has hoard 'Judge Ryan
tell a story appreciates the (luency of
Ids language. Ills words (low like
nil from a jug, and he has an Unlimited fund or adjectives at his command. The other evening nt the
Cosmonolitan hotel the judge and
some others were telling stories, mid
finally the subject drifted to gnats.
The judge was telling nt an incident
that happened at Hie last Dublin
fair be attended before he left Ireland. .It was about a gnat thai
broke out nf his pen and took after a
boy. In finishing lho story the
judge rose from his chair, knocked
the ashes from his pipe and delivered
himself thusly:
"The goat hurled the previous end
of his anatomy against the boy's afterwards with an eagerness and vein
city which, backed by the gnat's
avoirdupois, imparted a momentum
that wns not relaxed until the Instigation of tho vehement exasperation was landed nn terra Jirma, beyond the pale ol Ihe goal's Jurisdiction,"
A correspondent would be Informed
as lo the "precise meaning)" of the
word "gink." We may say thai Ihe
beauty nf this chaste little Wordlet
is that it has im "precise" meaning.
It covers a multitude of beings,
chiefly human, ami has an elastic
quality of application ihat is a mar
vol of convenience. Ii is naturally
Indefinable since it is employed nn
ilu- spur of the moment ti designate
anyone who cannot bc readily defined. For'Instance, the gink who asked for Information—pardon I the Inquisitive and mildly facetious person
who asked ur for this information—
hut there's you are! You see, don't
you? A "gink" is a word only, or a
substitute fnr words. It is a language shorthand fnr busy and careless
people, a short cut in expression.
We never heard lho term "gink"
applied In a female human being
whether a lady, woman nr person,
so we may hazard ihis approximation in dt liniieness.  negatively stat-
l. that a "gink" is not a female.
Wc Imagine that the feminine form oi
gink" would be "skirt." Par example (get that dilettante or delicatessen touch) "He mlghl say, "That
gink takes a skirt to the show every
other night."*—Pernio Free Press.
For One Week Only
Here's the greatest sale of Men's Shoes at a low price that
;   ever saw the light of day.
For beauty and newness of styles, high-grade leathers and
workmanship and finish, these shoes have no equals on the
market.  Black and Tan Leathers.   Many lasts and styles in
The Invictus
The Hartt
The Barry
The American Gentleman
At One
Our Goods are
Choice Shirts
The no-vest  season is here, and it behooves the particular man to look well to his shirts.
We are showing Exclusive Shirtings that are distinctive in character and handsome in patterns and
color harmonics.
It will be well to make selections early,for the first
warm day that comes will cause a rush for the handsome new patterns.
Ladies1 Hosiery
We have also added to our stock a complete line of
Ladies' and Children's Hosiery.
See our window for these.
Phone 23
Phone 23
The fame ol Tabor's opera house at
Denver is widespread, So, oaoc,
was that of lho Colorado senator
who built ii and gave II his name.
Hi* was noted for liis wealth and no-
torlous f.,r liis Ignorance. When Mr.
Talior determined lo imihl a theatre
in Lcadvlllc, tic announced Ihat the
new structure would make his llrst
look like a shed. The decorations
especially would ho.unlque. He srnt
t,i Italy lor tho decorator and gave
him carte blanche, Nol until tbc
work was approaching completion
did Tabor lilmsclf como near It, and
ilieii only because lho decorator had
senl him word that he would like his
opinion. Tlie decorator accompanied
him all over Ihe building. Alter
careful scrutiny Ihe senator declared
liitnsell quite satisfied.
"flul tell me one thing," he added,
"what mini are vim making famOu..
hy putting his pnrlrntt up Ihere'"
"That, sir. is a true presentment
of Shakespeare."
"Wlin is li,'"' asked the ex miner.
"Why, Ihe great drniiiiiTisI, ol
course—nol only Ilie greatest playwright ol tlie World, but Ihe src.lt-
est pool also."
"Well, lie    may have la-en all that,
hui I never heard that be did much
(nl l.eail\ille Paint him "ill ol
that ami paint me in."
Anil II vim don't believe Ibis story,
co to Unilvlllo and you will find Mr,
Tabor's portrait overlooks the auditorium,
F. •)■ lieane, managing editor ol
the Herald, left last Friday with his
wife ami daughter for ttie coast,
They will he away about a month,
and will spend most ot their time
in Viet, ria.
FOIl SALE at a bargain-One
good second-hand McGregor ami
Gourtey Q.Y. ti"xl5" planer and
matcher- For particulars apply to
Crows Nest Pass Lumber Co., Limited, Galloway, B.C. 14-81
1, Allen llaliihardt, of Cilr/.on
(Yahk P.O.), rancher, give notice
thai on tlte 13th day of July, 1211.
al elelnck in tbc forenoon, I intend
to apply to tlie Water Commissioner
at his olllce in Cranbrook for a license to take and use one ruble foot
of water per second from Klmera
Creek, in the Cranbrook Water District. The water Is to be taken
from Ibe stream about lu chains upstream from S. W. corner id Lot
mill, Group One, Kootenay District,
and is lo lie used on said Lot HUH,
for irrigation purposes.
Ill-fit       (Signed) Allen ilarnhardt
We,   Fitch and Hatolwoi d, ol Movie, lie   contractors, give notice that
I on ihe sixth   day of   .luly, 1011, al
' eleven o'clock in the lorennon, we tn-
- lend to  apply to Ibe Water Commissioner al   his office in Cranbrook lor
a license In  take   and use ten cubic
feet   nf   water    per    second    from
llridgc Creek,   a     tributary   ol the
Moyle   River, In the Cranbrook Wnt-
er District,      The water Is to ...   he
laken Irom tbe stream olioiil      two
and a   ball  miles above   Its month,
and is to be  used on Timber Permit
' |   ol Lol ir.lil (or limning lies and logs.
w i«-r.t
tbat we intern! to apply to the Chief
Commissioner *>f Lands and Works
for pel mission to purchase tbc billowing described mill site, sitilute in
South Ensl Kootenay Bislriet:
Beginning at a post planted at the
Interjection of the western boundaiy
of Lot Number 30611, with the right-
ol way ol the Kootenay Central Railway; thence south M chains 11 links
east, twenty-seven (2i.00) chains,
more or less, following the northern
houdary of the Kootenoy Central
right-of-way; thence north twenty-
eight (211.00) chains, more or less;
thence west fourteen (11.00) chains,
more or less, In the boundary ol
Lot Number 51; tbenco tn a northwesterly direction, following the
boundary of l.nt Number .11, to the
east boundary of Lot Numhehr 3060;
thenco cast three f'l.liO) chains to
the north-cast, corner ot Lot Number
HOGO; thence south lour (I.mi) chains
to the south-east corner ot Lot
Number 3060; thence west two (3.00)
chains, more or less, to the place of
beginning, containing forty (10)
acres, more or less.
The Bridges Lumber Company.
.1. F. Bridges, Locator.
Dated this 26th day ol April,
Mil, IMt
I'liiler mill by virtu,' of the terms uml conditions contained
in « certain Mortgage dated the It'.lth day of March,
A.D Will, uml duly registered, and upon which lliere has
been default in payment, there wilt be sold by
nt tlio Royal Hotel, in tho City of Cranbrook, Province of
British Columbia, by P. It. .Murris, auctioneer, on
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, tlie following lands :—
Being Sub-Divisions Ono. Two, Three, Four, Seven and
Eight in Lot Three Hundred nml forty-one ill-Ill. Sub-
Divisions Three. Five and Si.\ of Lot Three Hundred and
Forty (H40), and Lot Number Seven Thousand Three Hundred nail Twenty-six (7820), the whole containing Ono Thou.
snuil Seven Hundred and Sixly (1760) acres of land—and lilt
the said lauds lieing in Group One, Kooteiiay Oistriet.
Tlie above consists of ut. excellent tract of uiljninii g
prairie lands -practically all of same lieing ready for cultivation.
The laiuls are iu Ih,' famous St. Mary's Valley ami are
situate within len miles from the City of Craubronk.
Th,' property will lie sold on bloc or iu separate parcels to
suit the ptirohasora,
Terms ot Sale: Ten per cent. il,'|Kisil at the time nt sate,
tlio balance in Thirty days or at such linn- as may be
Further particulars ami condition! of sale will be made
known nl tho tltno of sal,' and maybe had from Ihe under,
signed Solicitors.
Fuller particulars ns l<> Hi" mil uro of Ihe lauds may In'
obtained Iiy application personally or by teller, front lho
Dated al Cruiihrook this filli day of .IIIlie, lllll.
Solicitors for the Mortgagers
F. 11. MORRIS, Auctioneer.
170     Hughes, IteV. R |    Resilience


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