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Cranbrook Herald Mar 17, 1910

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In the Herald Bays—Try
Our  Local • Columns
Wii ill,*   n, 11   equipped   to
turn ,.i;l the bed i*lu*s
of »,,ili
The fust thought that strikes one
'on reading this contract ih that it
I bus been framed with tbe express object ol courting a fight with Ottawa,
a conflict with Dominion legislation
'The attempt to control rates (see.
P/>i<ni/i I ^  to 01    'n,,n    P"illts outside     the
Ivl mIl I province; to keep this and tbe whole
I line outside the jurisdiction ol the
Dominion Hallway commission (.same
section); to prevent (sec. iTj the
On 1-Vhruury l.ltli, which was the j few were able lo gain admission* road being al any tune brought, un-
The evidence of three boys who were dcr tho Dominion Hallway Act as a
witnesses ol tho hold-up was taken, road for "the general advantage of
* | bul though thev all told a consistent Canada"; the incorporation ol Mac-
story, Ihey failed to identify the ac- ken/.ie and Mann and others as a new
cu'scil.     The next witness was   act- provincial    company—tlie old    thing
means can vet be found to block thin
most vicious and villainous bargain.
Hugh Watt. Vi n.
Kurt Steele,  (Ufa  March,  mill.
Preliminary Hearing of Suspects Now Under
Way at
lust mont.li
s  |.in iIjiv ii
I Hu*
Ilia ..1   tin*
Crows   N'obI
company, i.
during I...1.1
l|l  Wl
s   sur-
cossfully carried  .ml ul
wlion    .1.
W   (julnniiy
nml '
Ilnii.l, two
,1 llm iilllir
ilnrf i
f      Ihr
,001111 )',
bringing Uu
nisll I.*:..ills
.,1 il>
• ilnv's
iM.Mfl.'SS       I
. II...   Iionil
II   f.'.T
mi*, vvcro ci
inpclictl i.. 1
mil n
I'I'   III.'
receipts, »l
nil   Mm   mi
,,   Inn
Sinn*   Ih
1   lit)
.'    llic
Jlolico l.avi*
iri'li mlletlj
g      ,,ll
III.'   .'it!*..   Ill)
1 nn Ktliluv
ll   Ills
tlioy sneccot
nl in iillnlii
K llir
..f    llirco ii
I'll   un suspi
-inn •
1 lining
Implicated in lhe a Hair nud on     tbe
lollowing dav  LliC)   arrested   Ibe local
provincial    constable of Coal Creek,
named   Fred    Varlow, ns an neeom-
plice.    The preliminary hearing was
commenced   on    sum nav afternoon
beforo Stipendiary Magistrate -i   S.
T.  Alexander, and all  the prisoners
pleaded     nol    guilty,     but onlv the
evidence of Chief of Police Cop' Dow,
of    Cranbrook      who arrested John
Belanecr. was    taken
was made till Monday
the     resumption (<f  ' the he
Monday all    the accused were reprc-j Chief Bowcn gave evidence as to   th.
sentcd bv council and Fred Uelanger, I arrest of   Provincial Constable Var-
,lohn    Belanger.     Nat   Babcoc*. and  low and   also as to    certain admls-
Constablo    Kred Varlow were    once I sions made by Varlow after bis ar-
more placed on trial.     As nil      the  rest.     Adjournment was taken until
parties   under   suspicion     are     well   Monday next and it is expected that
known in the district a large crowd  the preliminary hearing will last   at
assembled   al  the     court house, but ; least two or   three davs more.
under a new name—"the Canadian
Northern PACIFIC Company," all
show the spirit of the government
aud iheir determination, by trampling on tlie plain provisions of our
constitution, the British North
America Act, lKb'7, to provide for
another election cry as (be defenders
of "provincial rights." Makers ol
laws should not be breakers of the
law or the constitution. Let us see
what the H.N.A, Act says in relation
to railways. Section 02 enumerates
the subjects regarding which the
ilifossion aliened to provincial legislatures "may exclu-
made     Ity the prisoner,  BlVely   make laws" among these   lie
lug Chief of Police Bowcn and a
legal discussion was aroused by the
several counsel Tor the defence, 'whin
be nt temp ted lo give certain evidence und when the court adjourned at
D o'clock p.m. the admissibility of
the cvldenco had not been decided.
The preliminary bearing was resumed al ll o'clock mi Tuesdav at-
leruooii, lhe first witness called being Acting Chief of Police H. Bowcn.
Tin- creator part of the session of
the courl was taken up in leeal arguments as to    the admissabilitv of
evidence   of
have   been
Fred Uelanger, lo   ibe police on the ing—sub-section    (10) "Local works
night of his arrest.     The court held . "and   undertakings   OTHER   THAN
that the confession should go in     as | "such as are of tbe following class
Aiu'UBiKiiop McNeil when
When Archbishop Neil McNeil,   the
recently     appointed prolate to    the
see of "Westminster arrives In     Vancouver   from    Newfoundland shortly
after Easter,   immediately steps will
be taken    toward  lhe foundation     of
several new Roman Catholic parishes
i   Vancouver city.     This was inflated by Mgr.   Vugustlne Dontenwill.
One of the lirst of tho new parish-
i to be formed will be in Kitsalano,
where the large large increase       in
population during tbe past year   will
essitatc the building of a Roman
Catholic church,    it is probable thai
this church, to be erected In the extreme west end     of the citv. will be
of brick on a foundation of nIouc, although no    definite   pjans have yet
been made as     to the material       ol
which it shall be constructed
About a week ago a Roman Catholic parish was founded in Mount
Pleasant, nnd it is probable that upon the arrival of the new archbishop
a parish   wilt    be founded
evidence.       The case was then
! jotirnod until Wednesday.
i    Mr.     M. A,    Macdonald, of Cranbrook, is    appearing   for the Trites-
News which will bo of great interest to Vancouver residents and provincial Investors generally, as indicative of the almost     magical progress
and growth taking   place in Vancou-I
ver, is tbe announcement made      by |
the directors ol the Dominion Stuck!
aud Bond Corporation, Limited, that j
they    have reorganized the company
and Increased the capital stock     to
$3,000,000.     This increase in capitalization is rendered necessary by   the I
rapidity with which the business   nf j
tbe corporation  is growing, and    is
directly in line with it* contemplated protects,    wbich  include  the erection of a   magnificent new. modern,
ten-story office building of brick and
From the beginning, tbe history of
the  Dominion    Stock and Bond  Cor-!
poratlon, Limited, has been one    of
remarkable success, constituting     a|
fine record o( progress which is   all
the more praiseworthy because it is;
Ing mining engineer.     Mr. George II.
iSalmon will    continue to occupy his
; present position as     managing (iirec-
j lor.
The    certified    statement ol    the
auditors of    the Dominion Stock and
I Bond     Corporation,    for     the three
.mouths ending January Hist. 1910,
shows undivided profits of over thirty per cent (80 p.c.) for the quarter
ou its present capitalization, which
augurs extremely well for shareholders, and indicates that before    long
j blocks of stock will be guarded as
zealously as those of older trust
companies and long established
Only 10,000 shares of $100 each are
offered for   subscription, for    which
la great number of applications have
alrcadj been received, All shares
are being sold al par. and the full
amount received paid into the treasury, less expenses for the sale of
nd handle    bonds ■
now proposed
f tbe corpora
funds for clients,
aud    debentures, It
to    widen    tbe field
lion's actlrlHes, to Include those ol
a loan and savings business, administer estates,     Invest funds for clients
and other duties ,.f ,i fiduciary     nature.
In addition to its  Vancouver bus:
dess,   the  Domfl   StoCK   and    Boi i
Corporation conducts a branch office
ai N'anatmo, where a considerable
volume of business is transai I I
ii is theli InU nl oi ■■ open other
branches in'different towns nnd cities
throughout the province as opportunity offers
plans nn no* <■• rl loi a
len sjon, building,   ( n<tisting ol  llfl
OflfeCS      .oul   13     BtOl ■ 5       III   "lit.eieii!
sizes, ami a ground Ih oi bascmi nl
containing i W0 to I OU .!■■ deposit
boxes ..( rarious il ■■«. t.. be erected
iu a central, loi atl m In \ ancouvei
This building will i■•■ entirely mod*
era throughout, with boi and i 11
water, steam   heal. el ci ricity, c m
pressed an, lelepl e, signal and fire
alarm systems, and w ill be, In evi 11
respect, the seal thai modern engl
iH-eiing, architecture and ounati uc
tion    can     prodiii o       lb.   •   "   ateil
iust is in ibe neighbor! I ol 1100,
This increase m capitalization and
business expansion will In no degree
Interfere with il"* preacnl aclivitici
ol the corporation, which will con
tiniie as usual     Thus the money In
\esled will    be put   t" WOVB at oiici ,
and Immcdlatoh he*ln earning Intel
esi f..i it- owners, foi ihere will lie
no dolai, as |n bull ling up a new
business The location of the pre
sent offices ot the '
und Bond Corporation Is an exceptionally favorable ■ n being on tno
ground floor ««( Ibe Winch bull ling,
near the new post ofllc •.
\s an Institution is i niv the
lengthened shadow ol a man, the
success of anv financial organization
depends almost wtmllj upon the char
iu let and nblltt]  nl tbe men at    the
bead or affairs     ll -n ■ thr Dnmln	
stock and Bond Corporation is par*
Ucularh fortunate In having ou it-
board of dlreeloi ■ m n ol the gnat
est prominence m the province, «i»
have proved sucoemful in all their
under tali logs, ihrewdncas and nones
The nresidi-nl of 'be corporation is
lhe Hon Puce Klllnoh, chief com
inissioner of lands for British Columbia, and president of the Imperial
The directors Include such prominent men ns .1. Arbulhnot, president
of the South Wellington Conl Co.,
Ltd., and the Paeiiie Coal and Coke
Co., Ltd.; M Carl In. president ol
the Camidiati Northern Conl Co..
Lid.. Saaiiieli lumber Co., I Id , und
Barcl,iv Sound Cedar Co., Ltd., Vice
President nl He itank ,f Vancouver;
il, A. Hnnev, K.C, liiirrislcr-.il
law, dlreotm of iiir Bank ol Vnn-
COtlvir     ami   Arlbur   I!.     Ileptuini,
a I.mi:, ci M.K., its a , commit
es: (a) Lines of      ••      railwa
"connecting tlie   province with   any
"other or others of the province, or
.,., ,   ....      "extending beyond the limits of   the
1 a remand  Wood company. ["province."    ' This    was   good   old
morning. On| Yesterday the confessions of Fred, Tory legislation, but being now un-
iinl John uelanger were .put in and der administration of a Liberal government at Ottawa, the dear and
pure and loyal old Tory soul revolts
and refuses to submit. Those twin
and lofty souls—Bo wscr-.Mc Bride—
are no mere provincialists. British
Columbia is an empire in itself. It
must legislate independent of Dominion or imperial laws (the B. N. A.
Act, to wit). Ami so we have our
premier in his peroration exclaiming
grandiloquently: "I think we iu this
province may justly claim that Hie
work for which wc propose to claim
the principal credit is by no means a
provincial work, but rather it is a
federal work, it is a national work,
aye an imperial work." And he repeats: "The work this government
bas undertaken, in bringing the Canadian Northern to the coast, will
be iu all its incidence an imperial
Then why, if this road is really aud
rightly an imperial or national work,
should a lone provinve he forced for
party reasons to bear the whole burden of its construction.' It aspires
to be transcontinental, but it can
never be either national or imperial
so long as it runs (as it does)
through a portion of northern Minnesota. Still it should be assisted
to reach the Pacific—by the Dominion, of course, and if Mackenzie and
Mann can sav that thev applied to
Ottawa and were refused the aid to
whleb tbey were entitled, then they
might he excused for their application to the province. But if the
question of route bad Influenced the
refusal (supposing there was a refusal) than I must say that Ottawa
snowed infinitely more wisdom and a
better appreciation of the needs ol
the province than did the Victoria
clique.   *      '
One of the most disquieting features
of tbe premier's lull is to be found iu
section I, where it provides that
blanch lines (called "additional lines
of railway") may be subsidized to
the extent of 145.000 per mile, principal aud interest, but neither mileage nor time limit is fixed. Surely
tins is a blanketing of the province
and an overwhelming of its credit
with a vengeance, the forcing of us
all Indeed into the condition of serfs
to those hold railway buccaneers.
Mackenzie and Manu Did the electors in November last imagine thev
were putting a yoke of that sort
around their necks when thev voted
10 wildU for the Tory candidates'
$.15,into per mile for braneh lines'
and apparently no charters needed'
all practically to be arranged bv the
present matters of the legislature,
whose masters in turn are of a
surety those aforesaid buccaneers
We have all heard tin- boast that
the grade ol the C N.lt. would he the
best in the province, four-tenths of
one per cent, but the agreement does
imt bent Hint out, by paragraph 7
On Hie grades and curvatures are to
In- determined by "the character of
the country " why, were we reallv
wrung in Blinking that those wonderful wizards of railway construction
knew all about the country their
Inns were to traverse'' Must be
so. Evidently they knew more
about our Tory rulers tli.iu about
our country.
The standard n( tin- finished road
was to he a tory high one; it is only
of new wage schedules pre-
charaotertzed by permanence and psred recently by the Canadian Paci-
Itablllty. Originally established tolflc and Grand Trunk conductors and
buy and    sell real estate, to invest j trainmen ban- been approved by   the
brotherhoods and submitted to Ha*
mpanles. The committees will be
back in Montreal this week to discuss
details with tbe rallwaj oihcials as
in tbe past, but it is Intimated   that
be proposed schedules must be accepted In their entirety to avoid
trouble      On the other hand,  it     is
understood from the attitude of offi
cials that one
Lemleug act i*
ligation under
\n iiisi.imv     ol   the   manner
which Cranbrook merchants are i
rd in the matter ol Height  rates     U
exemplified    in   the    following bills
i. i.l   bj     the Herald   on a shipment
from  Toronto.      Freight
■ .    Toronto   to Calnrj. 133.9-1;
to Cranhrook $M 94.      It's
>u  haul  that  costs,
lion   A. Vi   At water, K.C, former
provincial treasurer ol Quebec,   who
n tui ed to Montreal recently from a
iwo months' Visll to Britain, says
the general vt
'iv vras tli.it it would Ih- far battel
for Canada to build her own navy
lli.iti to mate iinv monetary contribution to Hie imperial navy.
Th - general ouinion I gained     i"
be that of   the     C.N R. in the
iu the mother OOUn-'PnUries "when first completed     and
ready tor operation'—not niuch     tu
brig of after all.     The standard    of
wages are also to be high; it is    to
be only that (c) "currently payable t<
workmen and   laborers"—no "white'
where it     should     have been befor
England,1' said   Mr.     Alwater. who   'wm..... n "     So all material     and
was a minister in the last provincial   supplies *- r tn be nought    in     the
government, "was that  pro»lneej it la only io be when thev
i onscrvath
«■• should earn Ihe respect of Kng
land much more bv showing capacity
to defend ourselves than we could
>\ anj mew money contribution. The
tatter would scarcely be noticed in
SO neb a counlry as (treat Britain,
unless much greater and more permanent lban anv naitv lure dare ad-
lovat", but the idea ot actual physical participation fires their imagination iitst ns it did In the South Alri-
an war/"
The appointment ol Vi
Father ll. Btmoz, 0. M. L, ns prefect
apostolic of the Yukon has been ratified, and It Is understood thnl energetic missionary work will be undertaken in that territory this year,
Ou Sundav evening last lhe Kdisoii
theatre was crowded to the doors
with men, and scores were turned
away, when Dr. E. W. Connolly gave
his address, illustrated with lantern
slides of actual photographs. The
doctor dealt in plain and direct language with the awful scourge, which
is installed iu our midst, whoso ravages are greater by actual statistics than cholera, smallpox and yel
low fever combined, sapping the
foundations of society, poisoning tlie
sources of life, rendering existence
miserable and deteriorating the
whole family.
His bearers were startled when tin-
speaker showed Hint atl of us arc exposed to greater or less extent,    bj
imply drinking from the same public cup, being shaved with the same
razor, smoking the friendly pipe ot
using a lead pencil in a public place
(/noting Dr. .John Wyeth, the eminent
surgeon and author, ii was shown
that 90 per cent of all cases of locomotor ataxia, and most all paralytic
attarka, hi iht cent ■ all deaths
from Inflammatory diseases peculiar
to women, at least 50 per cent of all
operations in gynaecology, as will as
2li per it'll I of all blindness in infancy aud childhood ale due to these
Speaking of the causes leading to
the present conditions the doctor
spoke of the foolish n.oe'i modesty
of the parents, the want of knowledge on the part of young men and
girls, and gave as the best rem
edv. the education of our young
people and the removal from oar
midst of the institution which is
the root of ihe entire evil.
The meeting was closed by singing
God Save the King, after wliich three
rousing cheers were given the doctor,
in appreciation uf bis solemn, but
kindly warning. Similar meetings mav
Ih- arranged for ai a later date.
Literature bearing upon this im-
portanl theme was also distributed.
It is Hie intention of those who are
worklne for Improved social conditions to continue this educational
pollct iii other ways, and bv the distribution of up-to-date Information
amoiit? the men iu the lumber campy
and elsewhere to create a sentiment
in favor of higher Ideals aud more
exalted citizenship.    No charge  was
if course made al  ihe meeting,   and
io collection was taken
The Herald had a dial recently
with Mr. James Finlay regarding the
campaign it recently inaugurated for
the exploitation of the zinc resources
of Eosi Kootenay. As every reader
he Herald knows, Mr. Finlay is
intimately associated with the Sullivan mines, and has made it his business to ascertain accurately the re-
oiirces of thai property, as well as
f adjoining properties, in the mater of zinciferous ores. Whilst endorsing all that has so far appeared
these columns ou the subject, Mr.
ila- drew particular attention to
ihe Stem winder property, located on
Mark creek, between the North Star
and Sullivan mini's, two miles above
Klmherlej This property is owned
by Messrs McKenzie and Mann and
gives promise of being exceptionally
rich iu ziuc ore. Recent assays of
re samples from this property have
;lvcn returns of lead IN per cent and
inc 21 per cent, whilst in other
amples, the zinc returns have run as
high as 15 per cent to "ui per cent.
And what is specially of Interest is
that there are now upwards of 700,-
1)00 Ions of this rich zinciferous ore
blocked out.
H is surely unnecessary to adduce
further evidence of the existence ol
rich zinciferous ore bodies in this
section to arouse the board of trade
nnd oilier interested parties to the
urgency of at mice taking steps to
tccure the co-operation of ibe Bom-
Iuion department of mines iu ihe
work of exploiting these resources.
(50.000 is being provided bv the Dominion government lor this very purpose and it is up to those specially
Interested to bco thai a fair proportion of this sum is expended in East
Kootenaj      GET Bl S\.!
The district lumbei mills are all
either started 01 getting in shape to
start up on tho seasons work. The
Standard mill got started this week.
The Staples mill at WycIIlTe will be
started up this week and the C.N.p.
Co.'a mill at Wardnei ill be operating ou Monday next The Taylor
Lumber company al Kimherley expect to start operations next week
Of the King Lumbei * ills, one will
start up next week and the other
four miles west of town, known a
No. 2. will be nnd .way in twi
ilrel Lumbei
resume opei
■ iwii weeks
illla through
: -mdi       so
can be got on "equally |a\orahle'
terms aud COttdiUonj 'tis elsewhere
In (ael all the "loopholes" ore big
enough for even Ban Mann to     get
That's m curious provision iu it)
thing the amount of work to lie done
the lirst vear as "the COST EQUIVALENT of fifty miles ol line
Another "loophole" there. We were
to have wonderful competition and
reduced rales all round on tbe ad-
Mr. At water remarked that hither- vent of this new road; the fact is
to there bad been a certain patronlt- th* agreement Hi ami (ml opens the
oig air in Ktiglaml regarding Canada, *«*' W « m*11 "u| '" "»' C.P.R, nr
because they knew if we ever got n^^ affected companv We were
Into trouble thev would have to pull ,n h"vp aJI "eniritv for our "ttaran-
■M out. But Ibis would all end if tw> « llrsl mortgage on the WHOLE
t'anadii bad ber own navy, which she r°sd within tlie prnvlr.ee; now "all
must eventually have, and the siM»ner terminals" are tn lie eveir.pl*
the belter. Altogether a earelul study   nl the
-| agreement    and   the two   confirming
Acts  gives the   elm rest proof   that
LOST—A     nil 11 i-old locket    with  the lawyers of Ihe I'SII   were      In
Masonic emblem.   Kinder please    re- astuteness tar ahead of anv lhe   i»ov-
iiiin    tn   C, II*    Allison, Cranbrnnk eminent or    eien the whole livisla
Brug and Bonk Co. m  farv rmiM    produce     Surelv    some
weeks time. Th'
company also expect I
at ions within the I
Several ol the small .
mil Ihe district have
started up.
Lumtiermen general'
hopeful spirits just at
logging season, on ti
eminently satisfnct-i
look lor sales is exc-p
Mr M II. King. wh.
Tuesday last from a •
Calgary,   speaks  verj
of the ii'ltlook foi     It
try during ti unit
extensive railroad     o
wav and the large del
elevators pomt  to a '
lumber     manufacture!
does    Mr    King tee ■• -     	
for tbe lumber manufacturers, but in
also    Hunks   the outlook    specially
giM«| for tlie retailers
I t
are in verv
present.    The
whole,     was
and  the out-
..iaih bright
-.■turned on
lacas trip to
lumber Indus-
I \e.ir The
rations under
and for new
■y season tor
Not on.y
bright   future
i Nominations f,,r the municipal
elect ions took plat e in Eeruie on
Tuesday, when Hie lollowing candidates announced lucir intent ion nf
seeking elect ion For mayor, Sherwood Hcrchincr and I I. Gates
Kor aldermen: S r Wallace, Vi. 0.
Barclay. (I K- Johnsi ll, Tims fleck.
Win Scott, W .1 .1. Morrison,
(•'lance. While, I. I McDonald and
Patrick Kenned)
Ice eream al Tlie Balm.
S. J. Sharp, general agent west-
Sri! lines CP.lt. steamship company,
was in the citv Sunday.
I). T. Main, locomotive foreman, of
the C.P.R. iu this citv, lias been
transferred to Nelson, as master
mechanic. He will lie succeeded bv
Qcorgc Brown, of Winnipeg.
W. II. Mitcheltree bas accepted a
position with P. Burns and Co. at
Lethbridge and left for that place
on Sunday.
Do vour own advertising, Make it
a study. Study the wants of your
Irade. When you get something
they want.: let ihem know it. . Do
what vou sav you will and the re-
waid is yours. ' Advertising is a
BtUdy and the man who imagines he
has learned it all i.s making Uu
mistake of bis life. You cannot
succeed on your reputation as a
good writer. Vou cannot succeed
on vour reputation as a good bookkeeper. Vou must have other essentials, and tbe chief of these is to
be able to get near the buyer and
to inspire thai confidence which will
induce long-continued mutual good
feeling, aud to this end the newspaper is yours.
Anyone wishing to build a home
convenient to the C.p.B. shops
should take a look at a new addition to this city, which is now being offered for sale by Beale and El-
wel, real estate agents, and known
as the Wardman addition. The
property is about three minutes
walk from the shops aud with tbe
exception ol one corner, is level and
good building ground. Tlie property
lies between French and Watt
avenues, when extended. The sue
of the lots makes them attractive,
being SO feel frontage and 1J7 deep.
i|iiile large enough foi a residence
aud small garden The lots will
cost very little to clear, as all timber has practically been taken oil.
Exceedingly easy terms of payment
can be arranged, placing them, as an
investment, within the reach of all.
Leave your order early for cut
(lowers and Easter lilies loe Easter
Sunday.—Campbell and Manning.
Medicines    thai  aid nature are   al-
.cays most successful. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy acts on this
plan. It loosens the cough, relieves
the lungs, opens the secretions and
aids nature in restoring tbe system
to a healthy condition Sold hy all
Iruggists and dealers. t-tf
WANTED—\n apprentice ■* Improver for dressmaking Apply Miss
Kerr, care ol Hill and Co ;t
The funeral of the late ('has Vrooman took place on Monday afternoon,
Bev.    E.    P. Plewelllng officiating
Tlie   following   acted   as   pall-lM-arers.
W o'lieatn. *t McDonald, o Lloyd,
L. Clapp, F, U Reeves and .1
Campbell.      Mrs    Vrooman. the art-
dov of deceased, armed in fbwn
from Winnipeg on Kridav to enquire
into the circumstances attending Hie
.bail, of ber husband, Short!) be
for,- she receiied news of her husband's sudden demise, sin had reived a letter from bim. in thi
urse of which, he wrote that hr
,is greatly worried over sum*- mat-
r as to winch lie bad toW tier
nothing, but promised to do so when
In* came to Winnipeg Which, be said,
he was contemplating doing at onoe
Krom tbe tone of this last lettc!
Written bv Chas. Vrnnman to bis
wife, it is obvious that something
was preying on his mind, about
which she knew notbins In Hie
course ol tins letter be wrote: "I
will tell vou the story Irom begin
nlna to end." That something had
been preying on bis mind loi a l<
lime past, Mrs Vrooman fell e
tain as whilst his conduct to ber
was always most affectionate, she
had repeatedly noHced that he
would at times become very despondent and melnnebolv As Mr. Vroo
man bad so recent.* written to s,,\
that lie wns com' tn room ber In
Winnipeg, the    news of his untimely
end nalurnlh came as a wry great
shock to hht wile.
C. P. R.   Y. M. C. A.
Description of Building To Be Erected Alongside
St. Eugene Hospital
The plans of the proposed C.P.R,
V.M.C.A. building, which have been
ii view in the window of the Herald
all the past week, have attracted a
great deal of attention. ll will luted with general satisfaction that
this issue uf the Herald contains an
advertisement calling for tenders for
the erection of this building.
The proposed building will le a
frame structure, 90x30 feet, cottslstring of a basement and three storeys
he basement will be divided up \>
s to provide accommodation lor a
howling alley, billiard room, fuel,
boiler and Btore looms and a lavatory,
ibe ground floot comprises a    very
spacious and handsome rotunda, with
ingle nook and open Ure place, the
secretary's office, library, lounging
room, dining room, kitchen and pantry.
The two upper floors are divided up
Into single and double tiedrooms, the
flrsl flooi t iii !. sis double bedrooms, i. single room . 3 bath rooms,
a lavator) aud linen closet.
The sea nd I mtains two large
dormitories, i double bedrooms, i
single roi ius, lavat iry,
janitoi s closet ami . tinsel So
far a- is I: turn ai pri lent, the V
M     C is tu lie located
the other side ol tii ■ trac , west ol
St. Eugene li spital and In line with
other compan}   ■ i that i [do
The   Cranbrook   Agricultural    asocial ion held their   annual meeting
or the election   ol officers In      the
Cranbrook    hotel   committee rooms,
March lltli.  1910.
Mr.   William   Hamilton,   president,
•etipied the 'ban and sounded    the
gavli ui 8 W p ui-
iii his opening address the president
made    the   Following    recomowoda-
1st—That election of officers' lor
1*111 should take place the lirst week
in January so that the government
 id he advised bv the 1st ol February.
id—That honorary wee-presidents
he elect iii to represent outside
3rd.—That a committee of five t5j
be appointed lo reuse tbe prize lis*.
,iud that an active interest to taken
Hh—That all fruits preserved in
alcohol be debarred Irom competition,
h—That only dOgl for which
their owners   bold pedigrees will be
Bowed to compete lor prizes.
nth—That substantial prize be
given for general purpose horse.
Lh.—That prfxes t«e offered for butter.
Mh—That a committee ol three
(•*) be appointed to arrange with
Park Committee for }oint exhibition
that failing satisfactory arrange
meats a stock company he formed
Tbe president also stated that the
government will allow one dollar per
member, and I or 10 per cent up^m
last year's prize Ust. In order to
benefit by the government's assist
ance we must send in our list of
members bv -fune 1st.
The following officers were then
elected for the ensuing year:
Honorary President—Wm. Hamilton.
President—Oeorge Tisdale
1st vice-president—Arthur Ward
2nd vice-president—Wm. B B**rd-
Hon. Sec.-Treas— DeVere Hunt.
Hon. vice-presidents :—
J, Cook—C;eston.
It. Kimpton—Windermere.
R. atcNair—Skookumchttct.
otis Staples—Wycliffe
Vi  s. Santo—Thunder Hill
T. c. Douglas-Bull River.
K. Anderson—Wardner
A.  Doyle—Fort Steele
l"  Woods-Cberrj Creek
Fred Adolph-Baynes Lake.
A* Hodgson—Marysville.
M. Phillipps-KIkmouth.
Kr.it Roo—Tobacco Plains
Frank  Demsier—.laflray.
A* B. Smith—Fort Steele.
A. E. Wat to—Wattsburg.
P. Lund—.Marysville Junction
Tbe meeting was dosed by a lew
words trom the honorable president
asking each one to do alt in their
power to make tbe coming exhibition
a great success. He pointed out
lhat we were fortunate m living in a
district unexcelled (oi its climatic
Conditions, fertility of soil, and rail
wav facilitiis, and that to dttnott
-.Mate the wealth ol our heritage and
reap the results, we Were only asked
to till ant     plant,  nature would d<
Tiie   lest
es a personal exj    natln    lij       the
mi 11 man ■■ im lhe Pugol
" mod conditions lifferent,    and
ing   according to (trade is a real
•lection •■   I  salt    .... I i tho mill
w ho ::,.i\  ih< s safel) contract
i a I n mil      ixtant
l*ocal log pi III elj  remain
the)   *.;■ ., m mth or six
•eks to conn •       will prob-
-jIj weaken *, trifle      Mai ,    ol   the
logging   camps wil     gei going      iu
Man :. .. id t ■   the iiiini-
'■ i ol pieces placed In the water will
gradually cxerciw   an effect  upon   the
-'•nation      True, there will be   more
Hi ai ;reatei demand,
but thei      will     also be many new
logging camps
While       ■ mills    are well
stocked v*. [th ord rs, there ..re reasons fi : • lit ring tl at many of the
pra ■ yard nn n arc holding back
in the t-\     tatioi of lum.
ber in the - ... rnewhat.
1 -'     what .. to adopt
.his viea  Is nol apparent, and    the
Western Lumberman is inclined to believe    Um   poBci  i- a mistaken one
' It  to the loss of
he experiment! ■ If ever   there
as a time Iston ol Canada
bei  -• -. [| [i an Justi
fied highei : i ia the lumber business, Us tit and in the
case : • Bri • Columbia mill
owner then the ad Htional factor
that the act eovernraent in
Rtsntins i ■-, timber licen-
• ' In the near lu-
* in   '    ..             tntial Ini rea Be      In
the :,',ly      in
:.«•-■ •'re.
Bach    dav   continues   to add its
quota of sunshine to tbe bright vista
before the lumbei manufacturers of
British Columbia, and the opinion is
general that unless something ol aa
unexpected and untoward nature in
terrenes the   vear 1110 must of ne
cessitv   tn on    record      as one  of  tbt
Diosl prosperous known to tbe lumbermen of tbe coast and mountain
The present basic price of common
lumber, l.o.b Vancouver, is $H, with
sonic mills asking and receiving fl
to which figure the all-round pi ice
likely to soon advance.    Logs remain
fairly firm at the prices bxrd by the
Britisb     Columbia  Loggers'  associa
Hon   last     month—graded    fir    and
spruce at fi and   '■ nnd   l\l. camp
run,   flu. and  cedar (torn $.t to fin,
although it may ■■•• said   right   net
thai   the mlllmen do not   take kin-ll
to the grading plan, preferring      t
••net a lump price pei inoustisq (or ■
boom of timber alter Inspection, The
.'ael     that  most    of ibe logs cut up
the    const are   lowed to the North
\ati'otivrr I mill;, grounds l.inliUt
Tbe Llm i nshin handicap ol 1,500
sovereign! -.. mile wm won on
Tuesday by K V Scfaiff's Cinderella,
t. 21 I      I to 1   -i  Hare's Pore-
r.: .'.-■■' II. 7 sl 10 to 1, was
second, and \ g Belmont's Normal: III, • is tl Ird. The
fai rite Chi " Daisy, was unplaced.
Women ■. ire declared
to i>- a : ■■ and an anti-
hatpin ordii i ben < rdered
drawn up larj committee   ' "-■ ' "■ *.'• moil
(ne act! tk'a crus*
ade against thi b i ulmin-
ated uf a publ
nat| ins won place   "shall
nol ■ v •   : - than * oe-tnird    of
nl       the
Several tl I former mem-
ben ol th y Rifles will
assemble fi m all ;< irt - '■! Um i n-
tlneat at 1 , lor a
reunion In i I the semi-
centennial ol * regimen! The
festivities will HaturdayA,
Tune  l*'-b.   wi!h  h  tee ;• :'.:,  a1     gOT-
prnment : r, the Ih ut-
enant-govi i ■   i aot-
ablea, bt lag an  i ■ *   ol    tlw
enu r. ■■ • ■ On laj a moo*
itei lembets
and the pn eri will u-    a
unique a0ah D iring tbe sreak,
grand hi loi ■    *        a si ste
nnlj equal] at 1 ■. ebei Tercen-
lenarj, everal
thousand Rose-
dale athleth gi i * In ad lltlon,
there rill hi i ■■• - rial meet*
mes of oM comi
la uar!; .".. i iowi and <It? in
tb,* in.-* inioi and man] In the
I nited States and rfeewbere, are
men wno I ed In tbe </ll<M'"'*»
Own, an'i • . rrtennlal oonv
mittec is ii. i, * . ■ ....- pereno*
allv In toucl a It •• mat | ol
'la-rn as possible To thai snd.
it will greath fai 111 iti atttn if
the ex-membei i wbo i .■ II aill al
nniT communicate arith the permanent secretary, Mr. *; I I I, ll
King Street Kast, Toronto
 ♦ ■
Chicago, M n. h r» -\ dale lor a
strike ol 70,000 firemen, hostlers and
.*: . .. i . ni lortj elgbl western
railroads i h transmitted lo
H,. general snagel ol railroads lo-
Imorrow ao >rdin» lo tt S Cartel,
presldenl nd ' i    Brolh rhood ot |«o-
.live Fin
and Englneei TUB   (,'ltANHKOOK    II KHALI)
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements hove recently boon completed under which tho branches
of this Bank ore obis to Issue Droits on the principal points
In the following countries:
1'r'i-li Cochin-China
Great Britain
l-aroe !sh ^	
R. I'. Brymner, Hanager Cranbrook Branch
Iialy   ,
Plllillpltic Islands
South Africa
Straits Settlements
West Indies        m
and elsewhere
■ following—
Wo lmve a full stock of tin
in both bulk, nud pnckfigo.
:>!,„ IlimU
limner., CnuIpj-c in ,1 Intpldi nils
I J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C.
mm.       I   Incroatjo over l!)US
| Amount     Per Cent
j Applications Received 	
$1,230,000.00 £271,000.00
28 p.C.
1 Policies Issued (commuted amt.) .
20 p.c.
Premiums on Same	
li, fi2it.no
41.!! p.c.
Premiums nn Insurance 	
61.0 p.c.
Interest on Insurance Premiums ...
1 Interest mi Investments	
14.« p.c.
Bealli Claims Paid	
(2) 10,315.88
'.'ni ul Disbursements 	
12.8 p.c.)
Cash ami Loans	
51 p.c.
1'iital Assets  '
38.5 p.c.
Reserve on Policies	
10!).!. p.C.
Excess nf Assets over Liabilities .,
18.8 p.C.
36.6 p.c.
Officers  and   6
sard  of  Directors
It. E. Sprague, Winnipeg
J.T. QORDON, M.P.P., Winnipeg
President Sprague Lumber Co., Ltd.
President Gordon, ironside
Hr. E. S. Popham, Winnipeg
& Fares
Viee-President Great-West   Perman
President Standard Trusts Co.
8          PIBHT VU IM'ltOIDENT
ent .Loan Company
C. V. Carrulhera, Winnipeg
L   Nicholas BAWLF, Winnipeg
General Manager Canada West Fire
2    Presidcnl N. Bawll drain Co.
Insurance Company
|      Director Hunk of Toronto
Dr. (J. A. Charlton, Regina
fi       KEUONl) \ M U-p RESIDENT
1   R. L. TAYLOR, K.C, Winnipeg
9   Director Oreat-Wcsl Permanent
Provincial Bacteriologist
Hon.  A. C. Rutherford,   Edmonton
Li               Loan Company
Premier ol Alberta
i]      linn. R. Rogers, Winnipeg
James Murphy, Fort William
I   Minister ol Public Works, Man.
Wholesale Coal Merchant & Importer
i                                               MANAGE
G lllltRCTOR
I                                  J. W. W. ST
A great many la liners and residents uf small villages and towns
raise poultry, yet the extent of the*
poultry industry is seldom realized.
Still less certain iu the minds of
must individuals wliu raise puultry is
the amount of profit tu be derived.
Thus the lack uf inluruiatioh ol
economy in tlie business is altogether
due tu carelessness and inattention.
It is us easy tu run a poultry business as any other business, ihe essential point upon which success In
poultry raising depends is detailed
information on its various aspects,
construction of suitable houses, the
arrangements of proper runs, cure
and feeding of young and old fowls,
recognition of . the prulitablu laying
age of fowls, and attention to sanitation.
It should never be forgotten that
as soon as poultry raising is undertaken ou a laree scale and fowls are
kept confined ou relatively small
aroas in large thicks, the liability
ol disease, from contact and accumulation of filth, is greatly increased,
If poultry houses are clean and liuit-
wasbed and coal oil painted on roosts
Lliere will be fewer lice and more
cixi's. The best wav therefore of insuring continuous, sanitaty conditions for poultrv is to an an e the
whole plant with reference to the
ease with which it can he kept In
this condition. The next step is to
determine tlie breeds which will he
raised, and to secure suitable i"f,,s or
fowls for starting. 1 would sUtrgCSt
for farmers, who raise for both purposes, ei'irs and meat, the Barred
Plymouth Rock, which attain a good
size and are profitable winter layers.
11 is a recognized lact that the
Brown nud White Leghorns are
cbu'llv raised for the Teat number of
c""'s thev produce.
It is therefore an east- matter to
secure eggs from anv ol these breeds
in large quantity within short distances and thus avoid tlie dancer of
Injury to ettgs from Ion" shipments.
If more than one of the breeds be
kept do not cross them as no good
results can come from such a policy.
It is also of great importance to
remember that pullets during their
lirst laying season lav more eggs
Ihaii during any subsequent laying
season, and therefore from a business
standpoint it pays to fatten them
nd sell them for meat at tbe end of
the first season. The onlv exception
to the rule should be made iu case of
bens of exceptional dualities which
mav be kcot for two or three vears,
aud their OtrtTS used for hatching.
This plan has an especial advantage
in the fact that the fertilit'- of the
ep^s of two or thrcc-vear-old hens is
somewhat higher than that of the
eggs from pullets. Likewise raising
fowls for meat it should he remembered that the greatest profits arc
always derived from young fowls.
Vouni' stock will gain double the
amount of flesh from the same feed
as older fowls.
Perbans the greatest source
expense in keeping poultrv is the
feed. The farmer can and should
produce nracticallv all the feed needed for his noultrv, Fowls need in
their dnil*- rations a mixture ol
green Iced and animal feed. The
green Iced mav consist of clover,
crass or some kinds of vegetables.
The list of grain feeds mav include
wheat. Iiarlcv. buckwheat, crac'el
corn and a few oats about three
limes a week, also Teen cut bono
pverv other dav during the winter.
Crit should alwavs he present, while
skim milk and house scraps f'-r m*
.reduction are cood feeds. All "rain
should be fed in litter. Small potatoes boiled, mixed with shorts and
fed once a dav. will lie lound beneficial.—Canadian Farm.
Nervous Exhaustion
Nervous exhaustion, tlie ailment
of the nge, results from the destruction of nerve cells by overstrain faster than they are rebuilt.
The only remedy is I'ood, Rest
and increased nerve repair. " As*
AYA-N8UKAM." 18 and makes
possible this cure. It feeds the
nerves, induces sleep.qulckens the
appetite cud digestion, restores
buoyancy of spirits. $i. 50 per bottle.   Obtain from the following
A, II. Sinlth-Korl Stcolo.
A. K. Walls-Wnttsliurg.
I'. Lund—Mnrysvlllo Junction,
Tl... Hunting was -'•"s*'*1 '.y " .'"!
words Irom tho honorable president
asking oaoh one lo do all in tliolr
nowor lu rni.l..* U..' coming exhibition
ureal success. IL' pointed out
ihal wo »er.* [ortunnlo in living In a
district unexcelled lor its ollrantle
conditions. icriilit' ..I sell, and rail-
ray [aellltks, .."'I Ibat to domon-
trato the wealth ol our heritage and
cap Hie results, wo were only asked
11 till and plant, naturo w
the rest.
11.lid do
.1  A. MAl'KAItl.ANI*:, A.I.A., Winnipeg
WARD & LITTLE, District Agents. Cranbrook,B.C.
AAA A AAA A AA AA A A A A A AAA A A AA A >AA*aaaaaaaaaj.aa44A
If you stop here once
you will look for
the 'bus when you
visit  Calgary  again.
li. L
Tlie   Cranbrook   Agricultural
soclation lichl tl.fir   annual meeting
fur the election   of officers in      the
Cranhrook     hotel   committee rooms,
March 11th, 11110.
Mr. William Hamilton, president,
occupied the chair and sounded the
gavll at 8.30 p.m.
In his opening address the presidunt
made the lollowing recommendations:
1st—That election ol officers lnr
I It 11 should take place the lirst week
in January so that the government
could l* advised hy the 1st ol February.
2nd.—That honorary vice-presidents
he elected to represent outside
3rd.—That a committee ol five (5)
be appointed to revise the prize list
nnd that an active interest to taken
Ith.—That all fruits preserved in
alcohol be debarred from competition.
5th.—That onlv dogs for which
their owners hold pedigrees will he
allowed to compete (or prizes.
i.lh -That .substantial prize he
given for general purpose horse.
7th.—That prizes be offered for butter.
A Full Line (if
Corby's, fl loderhnm A Worts, I), lit nun Walker A Sour live Wliinkiwi
Dttwion's, Kilmarnock- Mouninin Pew, Chnlletifto. tower's*-and
oihoi Urn mm • f Seoieli Will* kiei Iconi nu-nn i- lo menili ti*
Melchor'fl Itwl Cross,.I  DnKnynor's,Gordon's,Gllbey's,
Wllnnn'i*, nml rnnlw I'lymoiuh fllns.
Schtltx ami Fernle Pen I fieidp lleers, Pom Ale, Gulnetsef Ktcnt
■ liny A Grain.   I'rleea always riplit,
I   I.elroltfcCo
stli —That a committee uf It iree
(8) be appointed to arrantro with
Park Committee lor joint exhibition,
lli.it failing sntisfactory nrrutige-
meuts a stock company he formed
The president also Stated that the
government will allow oue dollar per
mombcr, and IS or 10 per cent upon
last year's prize list. In order to
benefit by the government's assist
ance we must send in our list of
members bv June Ist.
The following officers were then
elected tor the ensuing year:
Honorary President—Wm. Hamilton,
President—George Tisdale.
1st vice-president—Arthur Ward.
2nd vice-president—Wm. I). Bard-
Hon. Sec.-Treas.—DeVere limit.
Hon. vice-nreslden'ts :—
.1. Cook—Creston.
It. K imp ton—Windermere.
It. McNair—Skookumchuck,
Otis Staples—Wycliffe.
W. S. Santo-Thunder Hill.
T. C. Dowlas-Bull Rlvor.
K, Anderson—Wardner.
A. Doyle—Fort Steele.
V. Woods— Cherrv Creek.
Fred Adolph— Hayncs Lake.
A. Hodgson— Marysville.
M.  IMiilllpps-Klk'moulli*
Fred Roo—Tobacco Plains,
Frank Derosler— .ladray.
During recent years so much attention has   been   paid     to   the wheat
growing opportunities of   the   three
prairie   provinces, that comparatively little attention has
been        paid          to       the agricultural   opportunities     ol   British
Columbia.     The lact that most    ol
the land on the prairies does not require to be cleared, and that where
there Is timber, it is mostly ol      a
light nature, and also that      about
ninety per cent of the land in      the
Pacific province is more or less heav
ly Umbered,    is, to n large degree,
responsible   for this condition.     But
lose     study   of the situation reveals the fact that Hritish Columbia
possesses other advantages, which iu
some degree ;it  least, offset the advantages enjoy, d by Alberta, Saskatchewan     and'  Manitoba.       A great
many vears will (tit by before she is
able' to   produce   enough agricultural
products to supply her home market
—a market thai Is   constantly growing aud expanding—In some lines   by
leaps and bounds.
Putting it in round figures, seven
million dollars a year is annually
sent out of the province for agricultural products. A million dollars a
year is sent oul lor poultry and eggs
alone. Considerably more than a
million is sent out lor butter. Condensed milk * to the extent t.f two
hundred thousand dollars is annually
Imported. Bacon, hams anil cured
meats from the outside arc annually
consumed to tho extent ol over three
hundred thousand dollars. Lard
comes along at close to the two
hundred thousand dollar figure. And
it continues, all along the line,
until the startling total of seven
million dollars is reached.
An Interesting thing about this
large annual importation of agricultural products, is that only five million dollars worth is imported from
the other provinces in Canada. The
balance is imported from other countries. So lhat while there is room
for tremendous development belore
British Columbia will he able to produce what she consumes, there is
still two million dollars of a market
for the other provinces to supply
before the production in the provlncQ
is increased at all.
A large quantity ol mutton is Imported from Australia, cured meats
and lard from the States, bay and
fruit from Washington, etc. Considering the great increase in the orchard acreage ol the province during
recent years, it may seem a little
strange that fruit is still imported
iu large quantities, but such is the
ease, (tf course, a great deal ol the
fancy fruit is imported, but a much
larger tonnage is imported than is
exported. The records of the Canadian Pacific railway also show that
fifty per cent of'the fruit shipped
over its road from British Columbia
points has been consigned to other
points in British Columbia. And
in one year the fruit importations
amounted to eight hundred thousand
What then is the matter? Surely
province making such extensive im-
portatlons offers a wide field to the
energetic agriculturist. It does, It
would take too long to discuss the
situation in detail, but I propose to
go over some ol the difficulties briefly.
Perhaps the most important is the
one I mentioned at first the difficulty in clearing wild laud. Of course,
there arc some sections where the
land is open prairie, and the clearing
is comparatively light, hut the great
majority of the arable lands require
to be cleared. There Is said to lie
a larger proportion of open prairie
land in the northern section, which
will be traversed by the Orand
Trunk Paeiiie, than in nny other district
Another greal drawback is the lack
d transportation.   At present     the
growers have lound that a flock ol
poultry are a very valuable adjunct
of the fruit farm, and the production
•r eggs and all classes ol poultry
has increased very materially. But
at tlie same time the population, especially of the coast cities, has increased so last that the increased
production is hardly noticed.
A very profitable branch of agriculture that has been much neglected in
tlie province is that of sheep raising.
There are large areas of rough land
at high altitudes which are ot little
value for any tiling but u sheep pasture. And yet with an area ol three
hundred thousand square miles iu the
province there are less than thirty
thousand sheep. It is true that the
sheep herds suffer to some extent
from coyotes and panthers, but as
settlement increases these appear to
be getting less and less, so that not
so much may be feared In' that direction. Considering that ttic importations of Australian mutton are
heavy, it would seem high time that
more attention should he directed to
the possibilities of this industry. |
There are many complaints that
the province is suffering from the
lack of a progressive policy for the
settling up ol tlie wild lands. It
has been suggested in some quarters
that it would be a good investment
upon the part ol the government to
make small loans to actual settlers,
as is done in New Zealand, and taking a lirst mortgage security <m
their land. Settlers could then procure money at almost one-half the
rates now charged by private corporations. Land mortgages run
irom eight to ten iht cent ami sometimes higher. The government could
secure money for a little better than
four iu the great money markets ot
the world, could loan it out at five,
and still make enough profit to cover
clerical expense.—(Special correspondence of Canadian Farm.)
Garden Freshness of "SALAM"
Fresh and fragrant from the gardens of the finest tea.
producing country in the world. Ask your grocer for
a package to-day—you'll like it
 Black, Miicd snd Natural Green, 40c, Out, 60c und 70c por lb, —«
Imperial Bank of Canada j
whole of the country lying north of
the C.P.R. main line is without rail
way.       In the   Windermere   country
the settlors have been looking eagcr-
Iv for a railway lor the past ten   or
fifteen years.    'A company of charter
mongers have had a charter for about
that  length of time, and every   lew
years the government 1ms been in the
iiahit of civing them an extension of
time.    The Simllkameen country has
suffered Boverely In this regard, some
old   settlers oii    Anarchist Mountain
having hauled their   produce twenty
land    thirty    miles   to n   market lor
I years.     A number of new roads    at
; present scheduled   to construct lines
hi the   province,   will help the situa-
t tion, but Hritish Columbia will still
| want more and more railroads.
\   The   development    of horticulture,
and the cutting up of the big   cattle
ranches into small tracts, has lately
been a feature     which has increased
production.     Not alone has it meant
the planting    of orchards, but   fruit
the Standard of Empire.)
The news that a contract has been
let for the building of the lirst sixty
iles of the Kootenay Central rail-
wav means a great deal to those
who know their Hritish Columbia. It
means that the Columbia vallev. a
district which has at least as great
potentialities for fruit growing as the
Okanagan or the Kootenays, is at
last to be opened up to settlement.
Stretching for 1(10 miles from Golden,
on the main line of the Canadian Pacific railwav to Wardner, on the
Crows Nest branch, this beautiful
vallev has to a great extent escaped
the notice of the ordinary tourist
who ventures little distance from the
stablishcd track, and who leaves the
hvwavs to the prospector or the
more adventurous sportsman.
To the prospector and the sportsman this valley is indeed well
known, and most of the old-timers
who have squatted on the ranches
that dot its slopes have wandered
hither in search of lead or silver or
gold, if not in chase of grizzlies or
mountain sheep.
The soil is a clay loam, and the
rainfall light—an average of twelve
inches to the year—so thus irrigation
is essential for successful fruit growing. Various irrigation projects are
alreadv in band, especially one large
scheme in the neighborhood of Lake
Windermere. These various undertakings will now probably be consolidated under one comprehensive plan
such as that which has made the
C. I*. H. irrigation block in the Cal-
gar- country so pronounced a sue
The land is not heavily limbered,
so that clearing is light— j.i an acre
liberal allowance. The cost ol
a stumping outfit suitable to the district would not he more than £30,
Moreover, the land lies iu wide terraces, so that the cost of breaking is
no more than it would he on tlie
prairies. Alfalfa   and   all (odder
crops grow to perfection, and the
combination of orchard with mixed
farming—the most economical system
of agriculture iu British Columbia-
is therefore eminently suitable.
One great advantage that this district has is its proximity to good
markets. The mining towns of the
Crows Nest Pass are close at hand,
and there are no better paying markets in the world than these. Further, the prairie districts round Macleod, now rapidly filling up with
failed States settlers, arc at only
a few hours' distance. It will be possible to market strawberries In Cal-
garv ur Medicine Hat on the afternoon of the day In which they are
picked at Windermere. That means
money, and a lot of It.
Owing to the absence of railroad
facilities up till now, the price of
land is still very low. £1 to £6 an
acre buys land very similar to that
which costs £11) an acre in the
The charter of the Kootenav Central railway was recently acquired by
the Canadian Pacific railway, which
has lost no time in turning its acquisition to practical advantage. The
route has been carefully located, and
gradients have been secured at less
than one-half of one per cent. Low
gradients mean cheap freight rates
fur produce. The line will be extended as settlement pushes along
the valley, and will probably be completed in three years as far as Golden.
From the tourist point of view,
this railway will open up one of tlie
most beautiful districts in the Canadian ltoekies. Tlie train will pass
a succession of magnificent panoramas of river and lake and snow-capped peaks. The summers are bright
with cloudless skies, and the winters
comparatively wild. At present
Windermere, in the heart of tlie valley, is most easily reached hy
steamer from Golden, but there is
also a trail tor those who ride or
RESERVE     -      -      -
5,000,000 00
I). It. VYILKIK, President.
Accounts of Corporations, Municipal it .,-h. Merchants,
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued nvnilublc in nny pnrt of
the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT- Special attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of SI.ml and
upwards received and interest allowed from dale of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch. H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
Principal's Office
Don't Forget we are having arrivals
twice a week of
Try our noted Cambridge  Sausage
It is delicious.
p. burnTgi CO., ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
General Insurance Agents
The Dominion of Canada, Guarantee nml Accident Insurance
Company, are writing a  special Accident  nnd  Sicltmso
Policy.   Let ns show yon their rates.
B. C.
J. MANNING'S, Cash Grocer
cause ol the birds' aflrlght tlie proprietor saw a dirigible balloon, wlilcb
tbe birds had probably perceived before It became visible to him. He
learned alterward   that deer, brows-
  li,** |i To lleldB, had been IrlRlitcned
European sportsmen are beginning 1 bv the sight ol the airship or bv the
lo tear that game will be made noise made by its proncllers and had
scarce by the multiplication ol aero-1 lied to the lorcst. All animals were
planes, balloons, and other aerial terrllled by airships. Partridges,
vessels. It is well known that where Iquail, and other game birds crouch
many kites arc habitually flown they and hide, whllo domestic towls utter
have the cflect ol driving the gun* loud warning notes the instant they
In other districts. The effect ot a'perceive the monstrous bird of prey,
kite, however, Is very small in com-i The Swedish    aeronaut Von Hoflken,
parison with that ol'an aeroplane or
a dirigible balloon.    A Herman landowner, strolling over his estate, saw
two   black storks   which     had been
standing,    with   a number of duoks,
on the hank ol a pond, suddenly take I      .. ....
to flight, without apparent reason. I seldorf to Essen the aeronauts uu
The next instant the ducks, quacking board noted that horses and cattle
loudly, took wing and were soon out galloped frantically over the flelds
| of sight.    Looking around lor     lbs on catching sight ol th* airship.
while sailing at a moderate elevation, observed that elks, foies, hares,
and other wild animals fled at his
approach, and that tbe doss ran,
howling, into the houses. While the
Zeppelin III," was going Irom Dus-
According to Electrical Engineering, a definite proposal has been
pin forward lur Ihe construction ..I a
tuimcl iH'twccii lieumark anil Sw.-dcn,
starting at Copenhagen, and connecting up with Milium*. Connection
would lie made on the way with thn
small islands ot Amager and Kail-
holm, and the electric trains which
It is proposed to work through tho
tunnel would run on the surface ol
these islands, in order to reduce the
underground journey as much as possible. If tlie scheme is carried out,
it is estimated that the trip could he
made in one hour and a hall.
BRUSH makes every bath a recurrent delight. Se* our window.—
Patmore Bros.
News of the District
■ Written by Bright Correspondents ani Gleaned from Newspapers
■lavar-JB sirvsrMi ^>s*TNai>tTsD<*«*>*rsitssj*>*r<«a<>jr^*v>jrs*T>a
■*>*»■■*■-sal >**r>»r-.
(Special corrcspomlonco.)
It. Weaver, ol Victoria, is in town
this  week ul. Ill.sll.08s.
II. Powell, ul Cranbrook, wns ...
town Wciin.'s.iiiv lust*
I1. I,nml, ul tt.ii.l...*., wns nn lilko
visitor ...... day lust week.
mvcryono is very glad to hoar that
Mh.s Irene lint/, wi... l.u.l ii had
turn lust Saturday, is much bettor.
Miss Ilui/. has been in lhe si. Union., hospital Lu some lliuo. but il
is hoped by hot ninny I.l.*...Is Unit
she will lie anions tl.t-.n ...'...in in the
near future.
Prod (lellnr wns in Oatoway a lew
days Insl wee!,.
Kniniis IIumiis. ul l'lngBtono, wns
iii town .... liuslnoss Tuesday lust.
Mr. nml Mrs. He... Stevenson were
iu Klko Sunday while uu their way
lu llnlluwiiv.
Qlen Cninpholl, who lias l.e.n looking ..(tor tin* North Star Interests ...
Iliinliury Im Un* past winter, returned hum.* Sunday in resume his
work win. that company hero.
Mrs. (leu. Cook arrived from Manitoba last Thursday lo Join her husband bore, whore (boy will reside.
Tho Merchants Dank .if Uanadn wns
opened for business lust Monday
morning under Uu* management uf C.
11.  Wiclisi.li.
.1. A. Thompson wns in Fernie on
business  last  Tuesday.
Qoorgc Thomas led Wednesday
morning fur Ontario, where In* has
been called un account ul Illness ul
bis father.
.1. Toitlinnler, ul Michel, is visiting
his wife nml family this week.
|        GATEWAY ♦
.♦ ♦
(Special correspondence.)
Mr. W. Leacoy, provincial constable
from Elko, was iu Gateway on Monday.
Mr. Mills paid a visit to Eureka
last week.
Mrs. Bancy, uf Eureka, Mont.,
with her sun Force, arrived in Gateway on Saturday and is the guest ol
her sister, Mrs, Fred Hock,
The ladies ul the Mothodist church
in Gateway had a social iu Gateway, Mont., uu Friday night. There
was a very dainty supper Bcrved.
There was a very fair crowd lire-
sent. The Indies report Hint they
cleared alm.it forty dollars. The
muncy is lu tie used to pay the parson that hulils service in Gateway
every two weeks. The following
program was gone through during
the evening.
Song—"Won't Vou  Buy My Pretty
Flowers" ... Hy Ten Little Girls
Uecitatiun—"Tlie   Preacher .is   ....
Vacation"   Addlo lime',
Reeltatlon—"What it   Cost bim"...
  Laura Miller
Dialogue—"The   Fruitless Tree" ...
  Three Little Girls
Vocal Solo-"A   Toast    tu Hie Old
Folks ut Hume"..Mrs. I*. Lenwood
Uecitatiun—"We've     Always   Been
Provided K..r" Vuia Brock
Heeitiiliuu—"Tlie Thanksgiving Turkey"  Mrs. E. Sheldon
Recitation—"A Prayer ol Thankfulness"     Gladys Brock
Vocal   Sulu—"Aniiie  Laurie"
     Mrs. K. Mitchell
Recitation—"The Child's Question"
  Mrs. c. Lenwood
Uecitatiun—"Tin*     Pace      uu     Hn*
Flour"   John Leak*
Song—"The Negro Camp Meeting"
Mn   i:  Sheldon
Dialogue -"Woman's Rights"
Song—"The Bird   With the Broken
Wlm*." Quartette
Mi. F. Downs, Irom Flagstone,
passed through Gateway lo Bonnets
Ferrv on Saturday
.inn Wnis,,n nn.] i'i.* i i: ** . .
spent Friday nlghl in Gateway.
v *
% HOSVlfcU' I
♦ ♦
(Sprint correspondence.)
Fred Qordccn mil Jessie Cameron
wore married nt 8.30 p.m.. ui tbe
(jin-ens iinti'i on Wi'ihu-siiiiv. Marob
oili, by Hn' Rov, Loe. Ootli par-
(Irs wen- from Cranbrook.
An accident occurred in tbe mine
about 7 o'clock Haturdaj morning,
When making tbe last trip out, the
motor, wliich handlea the c.irs in the
mine, Jumped tbe track nt No 8
south nml pinned (lie brakomaif,
Steve Holowcbuk, between tin- motor
nml tin* main timbers, liolowchuk
wai ut Die time ol the acctdcnl
riding nu tin- cowcatcher. Hi:. lens
were badly Injured, several HgnmcnU
being lorn.
Are You Satisfied?
Ar.* ynu ni.lislinl wlllt your
priRi'iit  Milk nml   Butter
If Not, Try
tliu   Duller nnd  Milk sent
out liy
(Innrniiti'cil  Pur.*, Clean,
nml Fresh.
Wo firo prepared lo till largo orders
* *
♦ X
{Special correspondence.)
.1. Miller, roprcseiilihg P. Burns
mid company, of Foniiu, was in
town Insl week nn business.
Dr. Itutledgo. of Crunbroolfi was
here recently allemllng lo his tick
I. ll. Willson, formerly the popular
agent nf llie I'-I'.U. at Crattbrook,
wns u visitor here, this week in thu
intorests of liis new firm.
Airs. .1, Gordon Sutherland, ol
Cranhrook. was .hi [ut «■■■> Mrg
10, S. I ionic for a few il*•/« lusl
Mrs. Davidson, of Harrington,
Wash., is wsiliiij; in the city with
her parents, .Mr. ami .Mis. A, (.'.
(Julio a number Irom lien- attended
the U.mlitcr dance Insl week and all
reporl liavlng bad a most enjoyable
Lime. Among thoBO Horn here who
attomlod were the Mosdamcs Sutlier-
land,  Wright,  Coolie,   Hvlamlet,      An
deraort,    ttogora anil   Misses Wright,
Uylamler,     Wlddleton,    Emory    mid
Messrs.       Suther'Mid,       Kaiiitcrniaii,
A rend I, Johnson, "Barney" Mulliern
ami   il.iliislrniii.
i/iiite a number ol the mill hands
uiv reporting for work. Among tbe
latest arrivals being' Messrs. I<\
Smith, iv rtyan and Vi, Chambers.
T. -\l. lioherls, of t'nuiiihi**.., was
here on business this week.
Pat MnliVit, who has hem with the
Kast Kootenay Lumber company for
a number of years, has resigned liis
position and is moving his family to
Cranbrook, where he will be employ-
d with the C.IUt. land department.
A. K. Hnirni-ruiaii, of the offlce
Stall "f the Kast Kootenay Lumber
company, left yesterday for Spokane,
lo enjoy a few days holiday.
Considerable interest is felt here in
regard to the many persistent rumors which are heard in relation to
the Kootenay Central coining in at
litis point. It i.s confidently expected that this road will join the
main line of the C.l'.lt. at this
point, or quite near, and a busy and
prosperous summer is looked forward
The C. P. II. land department had
a crew of men hero all winter clearing land quite close to the station.
The clearing is now almost completed and stumping operations will
soon Im* commenced) after which wc
understand tbe land is to be (Subdivided and sold, and nn doiilit there
will he a greal demand for this, as
the soil ami climate here is especially adapted to small farming.
; ;
♦ ♦
iKrom the Movie Leader.1
Joseph Cosavcllo has resumed work
on tbe Rico group, which lies just
north of town.
Work is being rushed on the new
additions of both the International
and Cosmopolitan hotels. At both
places ihe lathers and plasterers are
busy. The inspector will he here
about the 21st of March, when the
new improvements on all of the
hotels will be inspected.
Chas. Bleset, superintendent of the
Snowsboe mine at Phoenix, and i«*r-
lueih of lhe St. Eugofie mine at
Movie, is putting in a big tie mill
three miles cast ol Yank. It will
be a portable mill and will be run
hv electric power. The mill can Im-
moved from place to plate within a
certain radius of the power plant,
ami ttie power will lie carried bv a
wile  to  ibe mill.    The new   null  will
give employment .*■ about forty nun.
If anv man in Movie wishes to
shout mid yell ami use profane language he bad better lirst seek some
secluded spot out iu the woods t,, (OW
:., gives vent to bis feelings. Con-
stable Dlnmnore     Intends to put     a
quietus to tins soil of thing on the
streets, and his action will meet with
general approval. Onlj a few nichts
ago tlie constable got up out of bed
.uni weni out and gave a bunch ol
men on thr street a severe reprimand
foi   ihe language tbey were using,
The Aurora Mining and Milting
company have let a contract to ii
V Brcnion for the hauling of luu
Ions of on- from tbe mine across
Hie   lake   to   the   platform   near      the
railway on this side Already BCV
oral Ions have hern brought over.
Tbe company is In communication
with several smelting linns and it is
Uni   si'ttte.l  Where  the ore will he
shipped, hut it may he sent to Europe,      The mine run samples of     thp
ore go about M per cent zinc, 25
in r cent lead, and 22 ounces iu silver
to the ton. There is a hie body of
ore blocked oul in the mine,
4< 44*4+04 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*'
(Special correspondence.)
The evening whist club will meel
al Mav ties on Thursday, March -list,
instead of March 21th, as previously
A number of the W.ildo people are
planning to go to Klko fur the
ball on March 1711).
The proceeds nf the calico ball at
Waldo were SNO.II.), instead of 120,00,
as erroneously stated lu last week's
: x
(Special correspondence.)
•Mis. Wm Crosby spent the weekend visiting friends iu Cranbrook.
Mr. and Mis II. Albcrlson vlsiteb
the citv Friday last.
Mr. Kaiser, of Vox Lake, Wisconsin, is visiting bis brother, Mr. ii
Mr. Um. Crosby, brothor of Mr.
Iter) Crosby, accompanied by his
cousin, Mr. Uoudleday, of England,
arrived last week ami purpose making Iheir home in the land of the
Mis. ,1. McLean, of Cranbrook,
visited her (laughter- Mrs .1. Little,
Monday last II. .Benson and W
Hisset ltd lor Spo!tanc on Monuaj
Master Harry Rounds had the misfortune io trot tlie ends taken off two
of his lingers, as a result of gelling
then caughl under a truck in the
lumbei yard.
Mrs. li. Austin, who has been    iu
pour Ileal til lor sou e lime, was taken to ihe hospital for treatment on
M lav. Word of lier speedy recovery is anxiously looVcd for here
C. M. Iv.I wards returned last week
from a trip into the Curium district. In the course ot a chat with
a Herald representative, he had the
following lo say. iu reference to the
outlook up north.
Preparations are being made in the
Cariboo district for the handling ol
the very large number of people who
will undoubtedly go into the Nech-
aeo, Fort George, and llarknville
districts during tbe coming season.
The express company are doubling
their supply of horses for tbe stage
line, which'will mean that about 200
head of horses will lie. in constant
use for the passenger trallie alone. A
big steamboat is now being built at
Soda Creek to run from that point
to Fort George. This boat will
have fifty staterooms and all the latest improvements iu the way of electric light, etc. By means of stage
and steamboat it will be possible to
make Fort George from Ashcrofi in
less than four days. The equipment
and organization of the stage travel
is a grent credit to Mr. West, the
manager of the It. c. Kxprcss company, who today are operating tlie
loupes! stage line in America.
At Fort George a verv lame number of lots have been sold in tbe various sub-divisions, imt quite where
the railway townslte will "tie, will
not be known uniil tbe railway decide on ilu- site for tbe divisional
point A sawmill is in operation at
Fori George, which will supply all
local demands.
Land in large quantities is still
being stakul as far north us Macleod
lake, hut OS the snow covers the en-
lire country, the qualltj can only
lie an unknown quantity, Acreage
without regard to nny thing else
seems lo be llie object iu view.
There undoubtedly will he a large
Influx into the Fort George and
Neibaco country of laud seekers.
in the mining districts of Quesnel
Forks and Barkcrvtllo various enterprises are being put into working order. The largest of these is that of
the DeBotse company, on 20-Mile
creek, a fork ot Quesnel river. About
Mil) men are now at work building
the dam, digging tbe iii mile ditch
and oilier won*. This docs not include the numerous indirect employes,
such as freighters, of whom there
are at least lifty, hauling machinery
cement, piping and iron hands tor
the     lu.    wm.len    svplmi,.       About
H.000,1     will  he spent   before    tbis
hydraulic plant will he in operation.
It is expected to save the platinum
as well as ihr gold ou this claim.
Patcnaude ami others are lining up
one of the old Hobson claims    near
the Forks.
Barki rvillo is also preparing fur
the spring work. The Lafontuine
machincr) is being moved to tlie Bonne] property, on Little Vallev creek,
(o tesi  lhe' deep ground.
The Wing claim deep diggings are
also to he worked shortly, new
pumping machinery being installed.
John llopp will employ about ltlb
men to run his live hydraulic claims,
Quartz mining can hardly be said
to exist, but a gold discovery oi
Grouse creek, was bonded to C, K
Law, of Vancouver, just befor
On Quesnel river a big body of gold
quartz has jusl been reported.
During the past summer a verv
large acreage of dredging leases were
staked, but as far as can be learned
there is no Immediate probability ol
a dredge being Installed.
Tlie (irand Trunk will make a great
difference to (he whole country generally. The large areas of fanning
land will have a grand local market
with the mines right to hand. The
possibilities for hydraulic and dredging gold mining are verv great, as
except near Barkcrvllle ami Quesnel
Forks, nothing Iml the rich easilv
got nl have been worked,
Anv one contemplating going to
the Cariboo country should have
plenty of money, mid further, anv
land seeker must be prepared to purchase from one of tbe numerous land
companies, as anv land near the O
T. P. has been nllennted from the
government tor some time.
The sum of tli.OOU has hi en offered
by the H. A Masscy .state towards
the new Toronto ttome.Vs Christian
Temperance I nion i- tiding, contributed on ii r„:,_ opened free of
(Contributed.) j
Tbe brewing   industry in all parts'
nf lhe world seems to have been   hit
hard during the last year.
Reports from various European
cuiintrues indicate that there has
been a constanl falling ofi in the
production of beer, and the profits
on brewery stooK. Hie brewing
concerns of London, England, according to the reporl, for the ti cal vear
enuiug Sept. 80, LIU", had a very
unsatisfactory year. Profits declined
greatly, Uu consumption of beer fell
oh, and the industry experienced a
very decided depression in every way.
The reports from Continental
Kurope are not anv more uncutiraglng
(torn tbe iiquor standpoint, The
brewers of Wurttcmberg have been
compelled lo raise the pine on beer
L.U5 marks per hectoliter since the
consumption of beer has ^.lovvn less.
Throughout Germany reports indicate
that the membership of total abstinence organizations has Increased
over [Jj.uuu during the past twelve
month:., aud the brewing interests
are naturally excited.
It is ibe 'same sioiv in Austria,
where last year Hie output of the
breweries decreased 1, l-il.ln'i hectoliters, and lhe record llm i.u for
1910 Indicates thai ibe rlci rcaae will
probably be siill larger Ihis -.ear,
Ii;. a voir ol ;:i lo nu :, ■ Bolgian
Chamber of Deputies has taken action denying any Inherent right of
retail liquor dealers to l,i   licensed,
Sweden has establis n tl special
schools for teaching total abstinence,
under the organization ol the Swedish government, which i^ already
having iis effect upi it the liquor
question in tli.it country, while
throughout Switzerland ..■ agitation
against Intoxicating liquors is hearing fruit everywhere, and the consumption of beer is graduallv on Hie
The production of beer m Hungary
in imin-imm n moil li led in 1,023,100
hectoliters (1,011,557 V* S barrels),
as compared with 3,15l,0li0 hectoliters (1,805,103 I". S. barrels) in
1007-1008, a decrease of l.i.S,.'.in I .
S. barrels.
During the fiscal vear IU07-1008 the
Lit breweries of Bohemia produced
9,018,130 hectoliters (,s,'il,iill U. S.
barrels) of beer, uu increasi if 5 per
ccul as compared with the preceding
fiscal year, while ihe number ol
breweries was reduced by nine—
American Issue.
The average annual Income of the
American liquor dealer, nceording to
a recent estimate, is over *!.7.iinu.
These ligures are basctl on an estimate or 'ui drinks to    a galli f
Whiskey and 12 glasses of beer to the
gallon. Many .saloonkeepers, however, hy generous adulteration, make
a gallon of whisker yield 70 drinks.
One village saloon keeper took in
over the bar (2-1,000 a year, and bis
onlv competitor in the village took
iu $10,000 vearlv. These men were
getting rich, while the village community was being impoverished. This
i.s the experience of thousands of
similar communities all  over the
country, where the saloon is gradually absorbing the wealth and manhood, and sapping lhe morals, and
ruining homes, and yielding nothing
iu return.
On Saturday evening, lhe 7th, while
reluming home from town in company with bis brother, .1. .1. Harvey, a young Manitoba farmer, living
four or live miles north of Oak
Lake, gol out of the rig to go to a
neighbors to spend the night. Nothing more was thought of this, although the nlghl was a bad one. until Sundav morning, when the brother with whom in- hid driven was going over to the neighbor's, saw an
object on the field, and on going over
to get a better look at it he found
it to he Hu- body of his brother.
I>r. Olingnn. of Vlrden, was notified
and today held an inquest, the lury
bringing    in     the following verdict:
That .J. .1 llarvev came to his
death by cold aid exposure while
Intoxicated and Ihal no blame is attached to anv on, ■;, connection with
his death; onlv tb,- party who furnished him with tl..- liquor, and we
are or ibe onlnlnn that said party is
answerable for in- death."
Are you frequently hoarse? Bo
you have (hat anything tickling in
your throat? Does your cough annoy you at night, nnd do you raise
mtisous In the morning? Bo you
wanl relief? If so, take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and you will be
pleased. Sold hy all druggists and
dealers. 1-tf
FOB SALK-Trio of Cornish Indian game, Ist prize winners. .].
Barrenu, Medicine lint, Alta.     1-tt*
WANTKB-Agcrits; we want hustlers everywhere, loenl or traveling,
to sell men's high-grade, made-to-or-
der clothes from our up-to-the-munnte
spring nnd summer samples; libera)
commissions; write today. Begnl
Tailoring Co., Box 18(14, Calgary,
Alta. l-3t«
Tenders for Buildings
SKALKI) TKNDKBS for one or
more will he received up till noon
;tlsl March, LUU, at the Odice of the
Division Kngineer, Calgary, for (A)
Material and labor. (It) Labor only
lor the complete construction of the
Beglna— Hrick freight shed.
Moose .law—Kxtension to present
frame freight shed.
Weybiiru—Kiaiiie freight shed.
Medicine Hat—Brick machine shop*
Coleridge—Kramo locomotive foreman's cottage.
Coleridge—3 stall addition to hrick
engine house.
Lethbridge—Kxtension lo brick
Calgary—18 stall brick engine house
aud attached machine shop. Addition to present brick machine shop.
Station addition to new stone building.
Bed Beer—Brick station,
Banff—New station building.
Laggan—Station building.
Macleod and Crows Nest—(i stall
addition lo brick engine house.
Cranhrook—V.M.C.A. fraiu* building.
(iramim aud High Biver—Frame
freight sheds.
C. P, K. class "A" stations at-
Morse, Bush Lake, Marquis,
Lorebum, Strougfield, (ilenside, St.
Alphcge, Tyvan, Krskine, Strome,
Brocket, Covvlev,  Lundbreek.
C. 1'. 11. Standard No. f> stations
at-Walsh, Shepard, llillerest, Blair-
more, McOlllIvray, Natal.
C. 1'. It* Standard No. 1 Section
Houses at—Weybiiru, Stougbtou,
Pitman, Fronde, Beverley, Tompkins,
Cardell, MacKil, Cummlngs, I.ar-
mar, Carlsladt, Stohart, Cas-
sils, Bow        Island,       Barn
well, Lethbridge Junction, Mitford,
Keith, Yoho, Oarstalrs, Bidsbury.
Bed Beer, Rosebud, Nctook. Tut tie.
Nisku, Lfugbeed, \V6odhouse, Clares-
holm. N'anton, Aldersyde, Midnapore.
Bin nits, Kingsgate.
Plans, specifications and full pat-
ticulars can be obtained at the Office of the Assistant Chief Kncincer.
Winnipeg; Division Kngineer. Calgary and Berideiit F.ngineers at
Moose .law. Medicine Hat and Cranbrook.
N. '•:. ]tr(„,ks,   .
Division Kngineer.
Calgary, March 15th, 1010.       5-11
Tenders for Concrete  Work
A greal man has just passed away
iu Havana. Mat.) a smoker, whether he were of t!  wbo scrupulously
remove the label Irom the cigar before lighting i'. or of those who
leave it on in .ill its glory, must
have wondered 'M tie product of
Cuban   plantations    should so often
bear the very mi Spanish name ol
Bock. He mlgbl have wondered
even more if be had known that t
the personage nf thai name most of
the reputation .r I dispersion of the
Havana cigar i*. die. Don Gustave
Bock, bold Oustai B ek, landed in
Cuba lifiv veal .-■» with '.be tier-
man equivalent nf the traditional fiv.'
shillines iu his pncVct. lie looked
upon the Cuban cigar industrv. nnd
saw lhat it  was ..- Mr. H.ild.in*- s.iid
of the Briiisii army, in need -d
ideas. Cuban ei.mn wen hi,own
onlv to the well to-do cognoscenti of
a few countries tw-y made no nourish in the world thev wen- unattractively packed; ihe inlanders knew not
how to push a tood thing; the Havana cigar bad i -ven a red-aml-gold
label. Don dustavo, when he go)
uiion tils feet, soon ehnnueil nil tbis.
He first made tie Havana n thing of
hcautv as well as n |oy for thirty
mlntltes. lb- forced bv slratn'-rcms
nn enlrnnce to l-be l'nilel stntc;
and the French markets, nnd showed
the war to ever*' nntie<* ntantcr in
Hie islnnd, to nny nothing cf opening
Illimitable vistas of business to everv
ci^nr miker in t'e world who wis
wilBmr In nnlm on his wpren ns tin
"cnnlne "|'|mi de Cubn " And .-nw
Don fhtstflvo nock has died in Havana, the citv of htg triumnhs, surrounded bv the fietor'es nml warehouses |t>nt bis ('..i-rev and neioucti
called Into bein*   Ihe rrenlor    of     :>
world-trade Oerman bu«lnen has
never played a more striking part
SEALED   TENDERS   for   one or
more will lie received at the Division
Engineer's Office, Calgary, up till
noon 31st March, LUU. (A) Material and labor. (B) Labor only, lor
the complete construction of the following:
Concrete Subway at Albert Street,
Concrete abutments for steel
bridges at mileages 31.6, 22.S and
20.8, Moose .law section; K7.li,
Swift Current section. 91.0, 02.0 and
100.1, Portal si^tion.
Sedimentation liasins at Brinkwitt-"
ter, Rouleau and Milestone.
Concrete abutments tor steel span,
mileage 65.9, Calgary section.
Double Id1' concrete arch culvert,
mileage 25.5, Laggan section.
Concrete abutments for steel span,
mileage 117 6, Laggan section.
Concrete abutments for steel span
at mileage 10.2, Bed Beer sertion
Kdnsonti >n BCCt ion—Concrete abut -
meiits for steel span, mileage 85.1
and H1.2.
Concrete for subway 1st Street.
Kast, Calgurv
Concrete abutments and pier lor
overhead bridge, K. Calgarv. with
pile approaches and deck.
Cranbrook sction—Concrete abut
meats for steel span, mileage * 2 and
Sirdar section—Concrete abutments
for steel span, mileage il p and n2 I
Plans, specifications and lur t be!
particulars can he obtained (<>r    alt
the above at the Otlice of the Assistant chief Engineers, Winnipeg,
Division Engineer, Calgary, ai,.1 r»
sidenji Engineers Moose Jaw, Medi
cine Hat and Cranbrook.
I!. R. Brooks.
Division Kngineer
Calgary. March 15th, 1010.       :Mt
The first regular air navigation service in Kurope will he inaugurated on
Mav IS. Regular trips will lie made
from Munich, Bavaria, alternately
to Stambcri! and Oherammerirau. A
dirigible balloon of tin* Parseval
type, having a gas capacity of t;,7.i
cubic metres and driven by tw
motors of tbu horsepower each, Kill
be used.
The aerial carriage will iiccoiniiio-
date twelve passengers besides the
crew. The fare for the round trip
to Sternberg will Ih* V*'* and.lor (he
round trip tn Oheramnrcrgau ||W,
Tlie regular sec vice will close tor Hie
t MISS   CRANDAL,   B* A.,   Teacher
♦  _ jj
♦ School   opoued   •)miliary   lt'tli.      Pu| i.s   will   bn < >
s> received   ut   any   time   on   ajipl ien tion   to   tho \\
J Board of School Trustees, ''
X S.  11   lloSKlXS. |J
t Secretory. n
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•a* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«>.>
i ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^ ♦<>♦♦♦♦♦
IS '    '
why  not  Imvi*  il.
COSMOPOLI T A N     HOT E 1.    1! A K
Every ilny in tbe week except Sunday*
E. H. SMALL, Prop.  !!
season on    September  1.     An oiTucr
from    the   German aeronautic corps
'as been detailed u- serve as ciptam
f tin  dincihle.
Every owner of a bath tub should
have a Knickerbocker Spraybrush—u
makes the bath a delight — Patmore
Trench's Remedy
Epilepsy and Fits
A BKAM.H OFrlLfc hi*, ^t-- ts.*^..tt*A
•tl*j* St Jame." v. hac':*•», T"roc:o.
Tliil HDpflrUat t.^-Ojce f*rr ; » rf p*ie*t
beinif ffil^cedio th*.»e rr*vi:::a»rin E^-nr*.
Um«Ip-PBt[pUkac*. •!.'"•: bUf tii •..i-.
quarter do. I3.T3:   pettcci cr tSBftH ...*:.*%
•"iO"iici.,;...«: .1  ■■•■(••
•-.' ir, tut's* tm*M*t**, tcRCNto
Pfi'phkt m->'(d(ree*>u *pp :c»t:c-
B*-*v,r- bt -pjrro-i»  ftniUtJoB*    A :p«k.
*%**  t rre:iu - I:--.-.cJ'* :. i*: ^-»r c=r •:*:.*.
~k mii to •::".:  -..---. cor.dlt;oa OS **i.L ted.
for yourself my
North and South
Xeal Estate Propositions
They arc* utiexci-llc-,1 ai.il ure 6ure
money makers.
Verv   easv   lernis.
See me for a good
TAKE NOTICE that 1, H>J<* lidt-
r, of the City ol Cranbrook, in ihe',
Province *jI Uriti*>h Culurahia, AgMt,
ialaid tu -.pjity to the Hoarrt ul
Licensing Coninlssioocrs ol the City
of Cranbrook, at their next regular
meeting tu be held thirty days after
the date hereto at the City uf
Clanhruul:, lur the transfer ol tbe
hotel license held hy me with re-
spect ;<» the Uentwurth Hotel, situ-
aic un Lots 13, li snd ll, In Block
It, ol tbe City ol Cranbrook, to John
Hugh UcDon'ald
l)ate,l   at Cranbrook, B. c ,    this
21st day ol February, A. II. IM0
'il-'.t V. Hide Baker.
T.J.Wilcox, Royal Hotel
!«.. P.O. !•"« -I..7 ' '
!; The Finest Drivers
t'p-lo.ilnle Uif>
. .
i   WM.    KERR
, , l'r,,|,ru-.„r * . KiS'llll . IK, 11
' IIA.MII.KY'S Ol.ll Sr.lMl
Hood Sntldle Horses 11
i *
Afir<m« tMiittng k vhttrh m>4 <1*»mpt t«n »«
qmi> klr M<*rt*in »mr i.|.mn>ii fr«« vbathar *n
i.itrnti..*) tt iirt.hui,i* t»«ii»a'.*abt!*V-f"'i>»wn1f»v
ti.-initfirtl'ift.nlMs.jillsJ. MRDNQK onI'aifLU
irtil rrns. • »M*wt •■I'Tipf fnf fK^arilifMIM'ta.
I'litfT.ii turn llir-itub Hunn I i'j, rtctin
ll».-ufr-rfiff, *iili..ul€h»f««,tmb«
Scientific Hmmn
A tikivtonrrflT HlnMralMl Wtwfely. l*tr*m rtf-
- ul»i."i. »f >ny » .i.titif )*mh-m1. Innn for
Cu ..u. |»r. ■> j—i, ******* fnp*Ml.   ......l br
TAKE   NOTICE   that ffilbelmlo*
.Mfjfci, of C'ratiliiuuk, i; (.'., occupA-
tlon. Spinster, totendt to apply lur
perrr.ibbjon tu p.; . ,..-. the lulluwing
described larid.-*,
Coaunencing at a pu^t planted    at
the    soutlreabt     lori.cr ul Lot 'JfsOl,
Group One, thence wwtb 2it chains,
more "r less, to the north Doundar?
of   Lot ISM, thence   westerly along
said boundary wrentcen (17) chains,
mure or less, to the west boundary
uf Lot Mil, thence northerly along
said west boundary a distance of
twenty (2'») chains, thence eaet
■eventeen f 1T > chains, mure or less,
to the point ol commensement, containing thirty-fnc ($5) acre-, more
DI less
ttUbelnilu Hon, i.'icatur,
per .1. (i Cammlngs, Agent.
Dated Kehn.ary 5tli.  1910,       5t-9t
Jewelry tngraving and
ignis lur th* Un,,,,,. Kou «'«ier-
i,M„,f L**ih*i I'm-.hi.v. .iu.I, b**pa
■mt   »i„,»   *'uht iiikI  ihs   n.*t  dty.
Small tsmr-l* bos ." .*..*
Sbtsl aluk ti.'l Mu-ical BappIlM
[Nest door to Pioepectoi Office)
Is prepared to supply help, skilled or
unskilled, on shortest possihlo notice, tu find rinployinent and guar-
arite*     positions   when    sent out; to
rent  bouses   and  rooms ami t<> s«ll
you fruit lands or other property lur
a small commission.
Addnss-W   Parker, Ml llaker St.
MARCH 17, 1910
ily the Herald
Publishing Company,
J. Deane, Managing Editor.
The Naval Bill lias at last passed
second reading. At the last moment Mr. Nortlirup, a Conservative,
moved the six months hoist, and,
Bt range tu relate, practically, the
entire Tory party voted l.i Invor ol
thus in.leii.iii.lv postponing aotlon on
tho purl ..I Canada In tno direction
,,l assistance to the motherland,
SUM mure slrannc is Hie lact that
every Conservative, ineiiiher [ruin
British Columbia voted to till tho
naval bill ..[ u.e government, The
uibeial record ..I votos and nroceod-
ings shows thai .Messrs. Barnard,
iiuirell, Cowan, Cloodovo .....I Taylor, all    voted   '".'     tlu* do-nothing
policy ui Mr. Nortlirup, a i si -
tirelv at variance Willi tlie well
known wlslios uf the overwhelming
majority ot British Columbia electors
i    al   ibe  loglslll'
were nul lacking
Tbe closing
Inn- last week.
Interest. Tin* usual slaughter nl the
lambs took plaee nml un this occasion there was ibe characteristic display of contempt lor working class
Interests on tho pari uf the .Mellriib*
government. A number uf bills,
framed lu protccl llie interests ul
wage workers bad been left to Ibe
liml ami line alter ll.e other wns cyn-
icallv disposed .,1 by tho government
majority. An amusing leature ..I
Hn* votes on these occasions was the
smart manner in which the governnienl bad arrnnged lor a s Iccl minority of iheir supporters lo give a
useless support tn these measures. II
Inn imt been decided in caucus to kill
..IT these labor bills, permission was
gi.eii certain government   supporters
In easl their VOtCS ill favor nl ib.-lil.
so as to save their laces with Iheir
constituents. Doubtless the ruse
will prove profltnhlc, lor far too
many wage-workers look no deeper
than Ibe records <>f voles east
siring uu a enndidntc's claims f,
their support,
Plain Talks to Women
A little child ran crying to her
mother the other day with a
nasty flesh wound and asked for
There lies a more powerful argument for
Zam-Buk than even the scientists can bring:.
The child had bad Zam-Buk before, and
knew it eased pain and healed.
Zam-Bulc works in two directions. Prevents worse results from a skin injury or
skin disease (such as festering and
blood poisoning) while it repairs the
damage already done. Zam-Buk is
entirely herbal, is pure, contains no
trace of animal fat or mineral coloring.
Surest and quickest known healer.
Mr. Walter A'liniB, 177 Railway Are.,
StniLfui'l, l»yil—"My mm, William,
vvlnlo playing biirnfooLud «(M*utth« tiwolt-
t uni, cut Ins litil* tot) un llm iliarp edge
i.f it pine of tin. Tliu ton wm cut at tno
flrifc joints ami alnuwt •avert) i from the
foot, My wife hurrieilly bathed it wilh
warm water, •ftcrwanll applying tome
lint thickly iproad with Zi.ro link. The
ln-.i'mg Imlm quickly checke-l the flow of
bl'-i.-l, tutted and aoottied tht pain, and
/.n-vnridtd infl Litriniittioti and more sariou*
reaulta. Io ■ few weeks Znm Huk
Imaled tho wound » nicely that my i">
wm able one* mora to go about, M-anl-to
to wear hit ihoei without the illghleat
inconvflDJenee, Not only ia Zam Ituk
Taluiihlefor wound*aniii.utn.Imt. ii i.l.im
an embrocation, I have alio found ii
etfectiva for rheumatic pains."
ulif tt, c«W cracki, and all ikie dlHawt. Drug.
ltiitaandMerM,IOnbol. orp»t In* from Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto, tot prim.	
Rambling Reveries
tide scan tbe page of our life during
tlie day, discovering all mistakes, and
ever afterward strive to avoid a repetition of them.
All Indications point to a very
imsv spring and summer in this section i»f the province. The lumber
Industrv promises lo bo exceptional'
iv active, Lumbermen anticipate
quite (lie busies) season they have
experienced In vears past. Mills arc
re-onenfric or Retting ready ti> make
a fresh start, anil within two weeks
tin' bulk of the mills in this section
will be Under wav again. Then, will
he a treat deal of railroad work
underway all over the province   anil
whilst, iu the immediate vicinity    of sources of   this    district.     As prev
Cranbrook,     lliere   will be no actual loiuly    reported,    Hon. Wm. Tcmple-
licw const met inn       work   underway, man, minister ol mines, is wearing b
there will he it great deal doing    in vole of $50,000 to be expended       on
llic wav ol betterments, whilst      a this work aud it is imperative   thai
start i.s to Ire made, from Klko,   on proper   representation of   Kast Koo-
UiC Kootenay Central railway. Huild- tenay'.s    resources   in this regard he
itic operations   promise   to be brisk at once brought   to his attention, in
and a gceat deal ol government road order that a fair proportion of this
and bridge work will be carried   on. amount be set aside for work in this
Miu the    whole,     the   coming season locality.      The     president     of   the
promises to In- an exceptionally busy board of trade,    Mr. M. A. Macdon-
; ■   with abundance of work for   all aid, has been out of town   this week,
in search of it.      The plans of    the attending   court    at   Fernie,   which
C.IUt. to    clear oil and settle     up probably accounts for the board's In-
blocks ol   land    in the vicinity      of activity, but immediately upon     his
Cranbrook, will     have a   material I v return, steps should he taken to pre
beneficial effect,     Reports from    all pare a strong   case    for roprcscnta-
wiien  |tuart,'rs a" Point to an exceptional- Hon at Ottawa.
Iv busy season, in   which Cranhrook .  4.	
business   men should largely partici-J
pale.    The opportunity is at    hand     CAUTION.—]    have no   drummers
and it is (or them to prove     them- carrying   sample     books or making
selves alive thereto.      An additional house to house canvas.     Anyone <io-
faetor making for   the future   pros- ' "
per Ity of Cranbrook, is the announcement that the ('. V. R* propose to
al once set about the complciton
of the ('rows Nest road to the
coast, via tlie Hope mountains.
ing so and using Carr's name will he
prosecuted. If vou have not yet
seen the 11)10 wall paper samples' a
postal card request will bring them
to vou: From R. C. Rarr, the up-to-
date wall paper store. Phone 321.
P. 0. Box 816. 3
Vie must again impress upon the' The Fink Mercantile Co. have a
hoard of trade the importance of shipment of seed potatoes to arrive
taking earlv action in reference
the   exploitation     of    the   7.inc
to   next week—the Early Rose aud
re- Ohio varieties.
Subscribe now for
The Herald
(lur .Agent is canvassing tin* surrounding districts nml is authorised
1.1 give with overy nui.l in advance Annual Subscription to lhe
Herald, one year's subscription to either
[ither ..f which  pablioatlong will be found of great value to those interested
in ll... enlliviiliiin of the soil. Ihe raising of lire stock, or any other
l.nii.i-l. of tin* Forming and Market Gardening Industry.
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Subscription Price for One Year
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Prwonl SnlwiTJlxTB may take advantage of these offer*
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Alas! how little do we appreciate
our mother's lender love while she is
wilh us, Ihougli dutiful and devoted
to her. After let lips are closed
forever, an.I we Itnow she will never
nu.ro lead us l.y her counsel, cheer us
alone the pathway when thorns
pierce us, shadows gather over us,
then we turn memory's pages and
loci lhat if ni* only hud mother hack
lu.w many rays ol sunshine wo would
tiring into her heart. So many
kindnesses wo might have shown her
il we had 1.nly known she was going
away so soon l.< return no more.
How often these thoughts have pass*
...I through my mind since my sweet
..Id mother loll mc, nud I do not
douhl hut all who have lost a mother
feel the same.
"Yet oft as I look backward o'er
the long waste ol years,
My heart is lilled    with sudden pain,
my eyes grow dim with tears,
As 1 cull wilh vain regret and many
a secret smart;
How oft in times of waywardness I
grieved her tender heart.
We feel that while we have grieved
her many times, her love wrapped the
feel lhat while we have grieved her
many times, her love wrapped the
"mantle of charily" about us. This
is comfort. To those who are blest
with a mother let us beg you to
treat her with the tendcrest care.
Kor no matter bow you treat her
when she leaves you will feel many
If you ask a child where home is he
would say where mother is. Home
ol our childhood, where mother
reigns queen, soothes our heartaches,
ministers to our needs, protects
from the blasts of Hie. But we
must strive to secure the home
"where they know not lhe sorrows
of time." Home beyond the dark
river of death, where no sweet ties
are severed, no tears there, no fare
wells spoken, with God the Father,
God the Son, our Savior, our mother and lather, brothers and sisters,
all there, in that licaiitil.il "home of
the soul."
There is nothing lhat is so cheering to a mother's heart, and such a
rich recompense tor all she has sacrificed aud endured, as the kind, affectionate remembrance ot her children. There is nothing that can
adorn man or woman more than the
tenderness and gentle care they
manifest towards their aged parents
they lotto? on the borders of
another world.
Don't worry about something that
you think may happen tomorrow, because you may die tonight and tomorrow will find you beyond the reach
of worry. Don't worry over a thing
that happened yesterday, because yesterday is a hundred years away. It
you don't believe it just try to reach
alter it and bring it back. Don't
worry about anything that is happen-
ing today, because today will last
only 15 or 20 minutes. Don't
worry about things you can't help,
because then there's no need to
worry. Don't worry at all. II you
want to be penitent now and then it
won't hurt you a bit, it will do you
good. Hut worry, worry, worry,
Int. fret, fret—why, there's neither
sorrow, penitence, strength, penance,
reformation, hope nor resolution in
it.    It's mere worry.
Don't be afraid ot a little tun at
home, good people. Don't shut up
your house lest the sun should lade
your carpets, and your hearts lest *
laugh should shake down a lew ol the
musty old cobwebs that are hanging
there. If you want to ruin your
sons, let them think that all mirth
and social enjoyment must be left at
the threshold without when they
come home at night.
The sweet Influmces ol flowers are
a source of much pleasure. Home
does not seem like home, where there
are no pure, sweet flowers blooming;
they cheer and relresh us beyond
measure Music is no less Important
in making In,me happy; there should
Ite some kind of a musical Instrument
In every home, and II no instrument
can be had, there can be singing.
Sympathy and love, devotion to the
interests ol others, instead ol the interests of self, is an Irresistible tide
carrying all before It, sweeping away
unsindness and smallness and Jealousy, and carrying those who are
borne on its stream triumphantly
over the shoals and quicksands ol
daily worries, and relations which
can make life so tiresome and so unsatisfying.
1-laeli ot our lives Is an open page,
upon which wc are continually making impressions. How cautious
should we lie lhat those Impressions
be beautiful.       Let us then st *ven-
No general rule can be laid down
lor the training of children. Take
your child and make your rule to nt
him. You cannot make a child lit a
rule to save your life.
This is un old Buying; but it is
true in liusiiuss as well as anywhere else, and those who do not
get a
Wringer or Washing
at tho prices we are offering Ihem
will be in tho losing class.
< >
hit'iirpnrnteil 1HII1I
Head Office: Montreal, Quebec
CAPITAL PAID UP - - $ 5,000,000
RESERVE .... 5,700,000
TOTAL ASSETS   -      -      -      70,000,000
II. 8.
K. I„
HOLT, 1'retiilcnt
l'KAMti, General Milliliter
Accounts of Firms, Corjiorntions nnd Individuals
Out-of-town business rocoivoB every attention.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. -Deposits »f $1.00 and
upwards received and interest allowed ut current rule.
No formality or delay in withdrawing.
A (lon..ml  It-inking business transacted.
Cranbrook Branch: W. A. SCHWARTZ, Mgr.
The quotation is not so well known
ns the first one, but we believe it
is equally as true; and if you
see your wife hesitating about
buying a new washer or wringer,
conclude nt once that she has been
won by our reduced prices, nnd
don't waste any time in fulllilling
her wishes.
Prices Same at Last Week
************ ***********
Even if you're not going to appear in one of our Smart
Suits on Easter Sunday, you'll certainly want to trim up
with a new Hat, Tie, pair of Gloves, a pair of Shoes, or
something fresh in the Toggery Line.
On the first day of the month,
after they heard the clock strike
twelve a warm discussion took
place in McBride s Hardware Store,
Cranbrook, B.C., between a snd
iron aud a Souvevir range.
When pressed    lor an explanation,
order to smooth over things,   the
said iron said the range got hot and
flew oil    its base because it was
black leg and a fuel.
The range turned its back and said
the sad iron without reason went off
the handle. At this the jacknives
opened up and handled some cutting
remarks which caused the cose to
open and request them to pocket
their insults; but they refused to
back out ol the discussion or shut
up. It bad grown so spirited that
the thermometers dropped some remarks and then got hot and went up
in the air.
Tliea the chisel cut in with s tang
to its firmer remarks, but the auger
bit It because it had bore enough.
The plumb tried its level best to
square things, but everyone was
hot that a bar ol solder started to
run and was lead away by a handsaw which was screwed up tn such a
pitch that it showed its teeth and
said it never saw such cutting up.
Hut the ice cream Iree/er kept cool
and turned around with an icy stare
because it is quicker than lightning
when It is stirred up.
The range lost Its pipe and could
not smoke and began to elbow its
way along as tlie hose turned to rubber and started to spout, but was
shut off when the gun went off halt
cocked and plugged It.
It began to quiet down and did not
was grater as a bob nail raised its
head and in a rasping voice said:
"lllrss my sole! I hope this is the
Hats by the Best Makers
$3.00 $3.50 to $5.00
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A. O. PYE |
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DEZALL'S   lll.ll   stand
Both Single and Doul.'e Driver*
lnr all pans of ihs District.
Demi Saddle Horses Good Totiio.it,
Up-to-date Rigs      Moderate Prices
D0UAST ft DEACON, Prop's
J. F. DK ICON, Manager
I'hone 91
I'hoi.e 91
^^^*^^^^^^^^^*^^^^^^^*^^^^^*^*^*^*^s ,
Lots 50 x 157 feet.
$5.00 Cash; balance $5.00 per month
and interest at 8 per cent.
CRANBROOK,      -      B. C.
Mat. In B. C. for B. C. Condltk>ri.
by thi
•    •.«*..
if you want a sure invraltncnt, slid
one thai will stand the cloicti
Inspection, write
********************************************* **********************************************
We are Headquarters for
See Our Window
The Beattie- Murphy Co., Ltd.
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to our Advertisement on another imjie of
this issue.
Take advantage of Ihe exceptional opportunity for Investment in Lethbridge.
Think  it over, then act quick.
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Ideal Presents
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design nnd tlie l.t»*l value
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can Ih,* dhtiiinrd *
at the
< ********************* **********************
,, The junction rftheGroal Norlhetn Railwa) wtthlhe
.. 0.P It., and it is bound to bea Railway Centre
, i Tho Rneil Kniklontlal town in Kail Koolenay nnd adjacent In the
.. Coal and Oil Fields.   Beautiful rcenery nnd dikes.   Th,. Klk Rlvei is
.' conceded »■ on he iilgliu of tho Rockies
J ' Ptlceof lots IT",.... corners and »*'.i..*0 Inside), terms— M ,'a.li,
(, balance Oand l. months al **■ per cent Interest.
', ', Apply i„T. il. ProcMr, i *,*,„.ml jianiiBiT. Tlio Kooltnsy VallersCo,,
n Nelson, B.C i or lo Joe loslln. Local agent, Klko.    '
j! Are You Looking
For Land?
I'.M.I.   ON
who have the Exclusive Sale
of over
which they are selling at Owners' Prices
From $7.50 to $50.00 per acre
; Office—Armstrong Ave, Cranbrook
Brltlah ('..I l.in.
TerniH Moderate,   P.O, l'..x lm",
Cranbrook)  -  Hihlsh Colnrnhin
Tain pains to hear hoth sides ol a
story before you come to a dcoUlon,
JumpiiiR nt a conclusion, one time
and another, lias Ml,*.I tin* world
with enemies and il.'lw.l It In
blood. Hall lo hear l.olh Mill's of a
slory before yon sneak.
II there is anything Kim.I bclni*
done in any place where you happen
to be, push)
IIA.I. TOO A DftBTorblriimanbllfa*
",'",'"''':.. v,.""1'1,!1"!"'-"'""'""."!.!..	
,,i,i.*,,ii..   W.wmcso»lsaek IsdebtedMO
IIyou nri.lii.n.i,|,l,,
. v" 'iOiM-ANDKBol ThoMiilual Lit*
ni ns* Tors, Vanconver, ,ho« *,,u. Hn,*!,
l„,ii,i™. as; 01 i sci.isi.   pl.M.nd.
.inn™ linn «„. »a.in-„„, a ._„,.,
,*.,«. »l I o*|i rili,111.11111I.
I,..,l.v sgenls wtmo*,!. j ,4t"
Ohamlicrlaln'i .stomach and Liver
Talilols are safe, sure and reliable,
nnd lian. bean praised by thousands
of women who ham been restored to
hralili tliroiiKh their gentle aid and
Dtiratlvo propertlesj Sold by all
druggists nud dialers. n|
Pot tlie man of huslness-tlie Knickerbocker Sprnybrush—an Invigorating shower—the bath DE LUXE, See
our window.—I'atmore liroi.
Jew Cremc.
Watilfii J;ii vis, of (lit Nelson Jail,
was a visitor in town last week end,
Tin- Sjiraylimsli, fur the liatli Incomparable—Patmore Bros,
Ifeat Evangelists Lewtas ami RCod,
Methodist church.
Latest la-ilifs American bIiocs at A.
C. Pye's.
Mrs. II. Y. Parker will receive
tlie second Wednesday ol each month
instead ol   tlie first,   as formerly.
Hear Evangelists Lewtas and Rcod,
Methodist cliurch.
The Knickerhocker Spray brush—a
revelation of cleansing efficiency. Sec
our window.—Patmore Pros.
Dr. Hall wishes to inform his
friends and customers lhat lie is not
leaving the citv, as reported, and is
still to be round at his old stand as
Hear Evangelists Lewtas ami Reed,
Methodist church.
The Knickerbocker Spray-brush—for
service, cleanliness, health and
beauty.—Patmorc Pros.
William He I by, Mason aud Kiscli
piano tuner, will be in the citv this
week and next. Leave vour orders
at the Cranbrook hotel. 2-2t
The Knickerbocker .Sprayhrush—for
men, women ami children.—Patmore
WANTED*—Ladles', gentlemen and
children's clothing to mend; also
tabic linen, bed linen ami hosiery.
Mrs. Isabel Butler, French Ave.,
north of the bridge, p. 0. Box
811. 2-1t .
Sec our window for tlie Knickerbocker Sprayhrush .—Patmore Pros,    j
Pure, clean and fresh milk and
butter. Apply to W. B. Pardgett,
Cranbrook Hairy. 1-tt
Superb iJihcii Olives in liulk, 65c,
per quart —Campbell and .Maiming.
For thr man of sporis— the Knickerbocker Sprayhrush. A cleansing
.shower.—Patmore Pros.
pen ol Rhode Island RcdS; pri/e winning stock, price $3,00 per 15 eggs.
Also one Rhode Island tied cockerel
for sale. Price $3.00.—Mrs. Hen R.
Keer. 3-11
Hear Evangelists Lewtas and Heed,
Methodist church. ;
Harry Shaw, who was recently j
sentenced to six months hard labor
in Nelson jail by Police Magistrate'
Ryan, appeared 'before Judge Wilson
iast Sat unlay, who re
duced the sentence to a term ol
imprisonment of one month and a
tine of ISO.
Hear Evangelists Lewtas and Keel.
Methodist church.
A special meeting of Cranbrook
hockey league Is called for 8.30 tomorrow (Friday) evening at the
Cranbrook hotel parlors. A full attendance is requested as business of
Importance will be dealt with, in-
I tiding the disposition of the Herald
up for this season.
Hear Evangelists Lewtas ami Reed,
Methodist cliurch.
A timet and pretty wedding took
place at the English church on Tucs-
lav, the 15th inst*, when George
Lloyd was united to Miss K. Stamp,
formerly bookkeeper for Peale and
Klwell, by the Itev, K. P. Klewelling.
After luncheon served al tho Royal,
the happy couple left on their honeymoon trip to Vancouver
Hear Evangelists Lewtas and Hee.l,
Methodist cliurch.
Airs. A. K. Baker, who has been
spending the winter with her daughter, Mrs. K. F. Johnson, left ou
Tuesday fur her home in Water-
down, OnL. accompanied bv her
daughter, Miss L. Baki-r, formerly
with II. S. Aikins, of The Palm.
Miss Baker has been in Cranbrook
for several vears and will he missed
by a large circle of friends.
Hear Evangelists Lewtas and Reed,
Met In nl is: elm n'ii.
With impressive ceremonies Vancouver Free Masons dedicated their new
vm..mm Masonic temple on Tuesdav
afternoon. The building is the finest and best lit led on the coast fur
the purposes nf the order. Six hundred members of the craft joined in
the ceremonies, inarching from the
old quarters to the new hall. The
ceremonies were In charge of the
Most Worshipful Grand Master ll. II.
Rich, of Ladders, assisted hy Deputy Grand Master Paul, uf Victoria, Grand Senior Warden F J.
Ilurd, of Vancouver, and Junior
Warden A. II   Skey, nf Kamloops.
Hear Evangelist* Lewtas and Peed,
Methodist church.
An interesting debate was held hv
the Presbyterian Guild ou Tuesday
evening, when the following resolution was argued for and against:
"Resolved, that the organic union uf
the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational churches is desirable."
The affirmative wns upheld hy It. S.
Garrett (leader), Mrs. J. F Smith,
Miss Stewart and II. Campbell. Tho
negative was argued hy A. Adair
(leader) Mrs. N. C. MrKinstrv, Mrs.
Main and J. A. McCallum The debating was spirited and much light
was thrown on tbis niicstion of vital
interest to the churches concerned
and to Canada. Some fine points nf
order     were raised,   which added to
Llic /es: of the cuiiing. A ballot
oi tlio.se present was taken, Intended
to be on the merits of the arguments
rather than on personal opinion. The
resolution was lost hv a vote ol
twenty to eleven. Air.' J. F. Smith
Hear Kvangelisis Lewtas ami Reed,
Metlnnlist church,
Good errand hoy wanted.—Cranbrook Drug and Hook Co.
R. flirt/, was down from Elko this
week to visit liis daughter, who is a
patient iu   the St, Eugene hospital.
Nice spring chickens, j.ist what ynu
waul, at P. Woods aud Co.
C. H. Ward returned from u business trip to the prairie on Saturday.
Snappy suits for snappy dressers
at A. C. Pye's.
II, Barrett, accountant for J. G.
McCallum and Co., Is confined to the
bouse with tonsillitis.
Choice conking ami eating apples.—
Campbell and Manning.
Jersey Cremc,
C. A. Crysdalo, of Vancouver, provincial manager for the Monarch
Life Assurance companv, was iu the
city the lirst of   tbe week.
Garden seeds at the Cranhrook
Prug und puok Co.
11. Bcntly, of the local C.P.R.
shops, was taken to St. Eugene hospital on Tuesday suffering from typhoid fever.
Vou will want something nice fur
your Easter dinner. We have it.—
P. Woods and Co.
Mrs. Waldie, of Nelson, accompanied by her two suns, Masters William and Fred, are visiting -Mrs.
Hugh Stewart, Armstrong avenue.
A few nice potted plants for Easter
at Campbell ami Manning's.
c. L. White, or Vancouver, C. p.
R. auditor of superintendents' accounts, arrived in the city Sunday
and left on Tuesdav for Medicine
Breathes there a man with soul
so dead that wouldn't buy a new
Easter tie. We have Borne beauties
at 75c—A. C. Pye.
R. S. Fletcher, ol Winnipeg, superintendent of western agencies for the
Monarch Life Assurance company, is
in the city this week conferring
with the local agents, Messrs. Ward
aud Little.
Jersey Cremc.
We have just received a full line of
children's go-carts, carriages and express wagons.—C. M. VanWormer,.
The Knickerbocker Sprayhrush—a
shower bath in your home at less
than one twentieth the usual cost.—
Patmore Bros.
The fatal accident to Prakeman A.
A. AlcPeake, which occurred at Ferine last Sunday, was learned of with
very keen regret by a large number
of friends and acquaintances in this
city. McPeake was thrown from a
caboose aud his head struck on a
rail causing a fracture of the skull,
which proved fatal. The remains
were brought here and a funeral service was held uu Tuesday afternoon,
after which they were shipped to St.
John, N. B., where the interment
will take place. Deceased was only
30 years old.
(Jel your bunks and magazines at
the Cranbrook Prug and Book Co.
Just arrived.—Another shipment of
the famous antuiuatic New Ray-
motid sewing machines. Call and
get our prices before buying elsewhere.—C. m. VanWormer.
Blue and white Tuscan china, open
stock pattern, verv dainty, at the
Quality Store.—Campbell and Manning.
Last Saturday evening lire destroyed a shack, owned by W. It. Beatt'y,
near the C. p. R. depot. The blaze
was the result of the contact of a
lighted candle with gasoline, stored
in the shack hy Cranbrook's hot
tamale purveyor. The shack was
pretty well destroyed, but iis it was
insured for 1800, the owner sustained
very little loss. The tamale man
did not escape so easily, being badly
humid about the hands'and face.
If You Do Much
You will mi rely tin.I that it will
pay you tu get a good Fountain
Pi n. It ih the most convenient
writing instrument ever invented,
to say nothing of lis surerloihy
over ordinary pen* in point of
neat nets.
Wo handle the celebrated Waterman's Meal Pen, which poll from
|2.50 to ^ U0.   If ynu have » pen
that does not give satlsfsctlon
come in mid let lit adjust It, We
carry a complete line of Mk. nibs
W. H. Wilson
Jeweler & Optician
■   Do you want a nice turkoy for your
J Easter dinner?    Wo can supply you.
, — IV Woods and Co,
j Kor Easter novelties, go to tho
Quality Store .—Campbell and Manning.
PAPERS ure the most ARTISTIC
ever shown in Cranbrook. It will
pay vou to call nml examine them,—
Jersey Creme.
The Opera bouse, under the new
management of Messrs. Fraser and
Faruuahrsou, is playing to good business nightly. All tbis week the
Summers Stock companv have been
the attraction and thev have given
general satisfaction. "The Christian," Hall Caine's powerful work,
will be the attraction tonight, with
Belle Stevenson as Gloria (*>uaile. A
matinee is to Ik- put on on Saturday
at 2..'i() p.m. There is not a dull
liniment at the Opera house performances now. Bel ween acts good
vaudeville turns are provided, so
that Ihe theatre-goer gets good value
.or his money.
and arc now readv lor all kinds of
painting and decorating.—B. II
Delicious breakfast bacon, sliced
just right and fresh eggs at the
Quality Store.*—Campbell aud Manning.
Vour Easter dinner will not bo
complete without u nice roast of
lamb. ('all at P. Woods ami Co.
aud vou will   get   the best.
The ice carnival last Friday night
at the Arena rink proved a very enjoyable event and was well attended,
despite the fact that tbe weather
was hardly propitious for such an
affair. The costumes worn were
generally very good, prizes for the
best were awarded as follows by tlie
judges, Mayor J. P. Fink, Mrs. O
Erickson and Mrs. F. E. Simpson:
Best lady's costume, Mrs. A. L. McDcrmot, "Cleopatra," best gentleman, Hare Patmore, "Centurion,"
best girl, Miss Laura Richards, the
Cranhrook Herald; best boy, Ralph
Laurie, tramp. Prizes were awarded
as follows: Lady's, cut glass fruit
dish; gentleman's, silver soap box;
girl's, pair kid gloves; hoy's, pair of
ebony military brushes. This class
nf amusement has taken a strong
hold and next season the Arena rink
management will make an earlier
start with them.
Cut carnations, daflodils, hyacinth,
roses and violets for Easter at
Campbell and Manning's.
Vou want what you want when
you want it and you can get what
you want at P. Woods and Co.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets invariably bring relief to
women suffering from chronic constipation, headache, biliousness, dizziness, salluwness of the skin and
dyspepsia. Sold by all druggists ami
dealers. 1-tf
The funeral ot the late John Houston took place on Tuesday afternoon
,n Nelson and wa.s the largest in the
history of the city. From 1,80 to
3.30 o'clock the body lay in state
and hundreds who had known the late
John Houston in the vigor of life
looked for the last time upon his
features. At the latter hour Dr. J.
T. Ferguson conducted a brief service in the presence of as many as
the parlors would hold, two or three
times the number standing outside.
The cortege as it proceeded from
the undertaking parlors to the public cemetery, was led bv the citv
band playing "The Dead March in
Saul." Next walked the members
if the city   council and the city of-
J ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦Q»»»++#,M»»Mm
MARCH  23,   24
,, We have pleasure in announcing our Spring Millinery
; ; and Costume I Ipeaing. I In tlio above dates we will display
th.. Litest American and Parisian Creation* in Hats and
N.B.—Owing to an error this opening was nnnounced in our
l.ill to slurt on Tuesday. March JL'iid.
********************************** ***********
will have her
Spring   Millinery   Opening
On    March   23rd,    24th
Showing tho Latest in Early Spring  lints unci
Easter Novelties in Ladies' Wear.
Special orders taken for Kabo Corsets made to
order; also showim* a very special line
of Importo-d Cape?.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»»»♦ »♦++ MMMMM
fliciais- The Nelson aerie oi the
Fraternal Order of Kacles, of which
order the deceased was a member,
had next place 71 strong. The pall-
hearers. .1, J, Malone. F. Teeuel.
Iv E. Phair. J. A. Cilker, Thomas
Madden and .J A Irving, followed
with ihe hearse, ami a larze number
ot convevames. About ono h-mdred
men marched behind the conveyances,
beside hundreds ol men and women,
bnvs and eirh. who kept to the sidewalks. As the procession passed up
Stanley street, several hundred    pu
pils of the public school were drawn
up in front of the building in orderly
ranks. The pupils ot the high school
were also present.
Patmore Bros are to be congratulated on bcinp able to secure the
ajtency for the Knickerb.-cker Sprayhrush Theso brushes are a boon to
the bather They are made of pure
para rubber and comprise a brush,
shower and sponge all in the ono
article. Kn-r- owner of a bath tub
should have one. See our window.—
Pafjnora Bros.
Profits earned for the last quarter
at  the  rate of  Igjjjj   |n*r annum.
The reorganization ol tbe Dominion Stock and IWnd Corporation,
Limited, rendered necessary by the phenomenal Krowth and expansion of
their business, offers investors a chance to share In the enormous profits
made hy turning over Vancouver real estate, loaning money on first mortgages, the general trust business transacted hy the Corporation, and tlitre venue from their ten story brick and stone office building, to tie erected
in a central location.
In addition to this substantial income, shareholders will have other
advantages in the shape of first privilege ol borrowing money on security.
and in During or Belling real estate In Vancouver, or at ' any of the
branch offices ol the Corporation, and their interests will be thoroughly
safeguarded by experienced and competent men*
The Hoard of Directors includes a number of the most prominent and
successful men in the Province, who thoroughly investigated the business
and earnings of the Corporation before joining the Hoard. Their names
alone are sufficient guarantee of the stabihn and hieh character of the
Hon. PRICK ELLISON. Chief Commissioner ol Lands foi Hritish
Columbia; President of the Imperial Fire Inderuriters PRESIDENT
J. ARBUTIINOT. President ol the Sooth Wellington coal Co,, Ltd.,
and Pacific Coast Coal Co , Ltd.    DIRECTOR
M. OARLIN, President of tlie Canadian Northern Coal Co., Ltd.,
Saanlch Lumber Co., Ltd.. and Barclay Sound Cedar Co., Ltd., Vice-
President of the Hank ol Vfthcouvri DIRECTOR
J. A HARVEY, K.c, Barrliler-at-Law. Director ol the Hank of
Vancouver      . DIRECTOR
ARTHUR E IIKI'IMHN. \.l \| i; . i I M I. . KS..V, Consulting
Kngineer . DIRECTOR
TAYLOR a HARVEY, Imperial Hank Building, Vancouver, B  C
CHAMBERS a WILSON. Vancouver, it C.
CHAS. Hancock, Winch Huiidmg. Vancouver, H c
WINCH BUILDING, Hsstlngi Street, Vancouver, H. c.
The time is coming when you will not be able to work as hard as ynti
do at present. Make the future Safe Provide fur your old age, and for
vour family. Increase you income by sharing in (he profits of an established, conservatively managed, and rapidly growing financial institution.
where there is no element of risk or chance for loss The history ot chartered Banks and Trusl Companies in Western Canada demonstrates that
shares will Increase in value with great rapiditv
Ili.OOO shares of Jli'd each are now offered tor subscription on terms
of $20 on application, tin on. allotment, and the halance at the rate of
SIO at intervals of thirty days. Write TODAY for copy of prospectus
and statement of earnings.
Registered Offieo- Tin* Winch HniMing
HASTINGS STREET      • •      VANCOUVER, B. CHE   UitANliltOOK    UJMtAi.ll
S5^Sg^gg^^--ggg-^S5;'mggjgSS SSgSgSggggggSSSgSgpSS;
Our Entire Stock to be Slaughtered for Nine Days.    Every Article in this Large and Up=
to-date Stock Reduced
AT 8.30 A.M.
Having bought the entire Burns Brothers' Stock at a very favorable rate on the dollar, we are enabled to put on the
greatest money saving sale ever know n in the history of Cranbrook. This sale, at the beginning of the spring season,
gives to the people of Cranbrook and district the most unusual opportunity of buying New Spring [Merchandise at
greatly reduced prices.
It is impossible to give a full list of the enormous bargains offered, but the following list will be sufficient to
convince you:
Ladies' Suits
1 only
1 only
1 only
I only
I only
Navy, Si/..* RO. Now Style, regular
$26.00.   Sulo price      - - -910.00
Myrtle. Size 114. Nicoly trimmed
nud tailored, regular $20.00.   Sale price  10.00
London Smoke Grey, satin lined, up-
tu .Lite in cut.   Reg. $88.00,  Sale price  18.50
Fine Panama Navy.ailk trimmed in.il
lined. Size 811, Reg. $88.00. Hale price 24.50
Misses Suit, Navy. Regular $15.00.
Sale price - - - 8.50
Ladies' Rain Coats
1 only -Grey Craveuettu, reg, $7.50. Side price $4.50
1 only   Olivi 18.50.    "      "    12.50
I only   Grey      " "   10.r,0.    "      "       7.50
I only   Olivu "   12.00     "      "      0.50
I only   Olive      " "   10.60     "      "      7.50
1 Grey Braid Trimmed Cravonolto, Reg. $12.00
Sale price ....   8.50
1 Castor Rubberized Coat, rcg.$20,00 Sale price 111.50
1 Navy Rubberized Silk Coat.   Regular $24.00
Sale price .... 14.50
A Few Dozen Ladies' Lace Hose
Regular 85o.
Sale price llic.
Children's Worsted Hose
Size N. Regular 45c. Sale price .15c.
Size 7 J. •' 40c. " •• 30c.
Size 7.        "     35c.       "      "   25c.
Reductions in Carpet Squares
500 yards Colored Wrapperettes
A good lunge uf patterns
Regular Inc. a yard        -       Sale price 11 c.
Regular   $H.50 Rugs
Regular $10.50 Rugs
Sale price $6.60
Sale price    8.50
Tapestry, Wilton, Axminster,
and Brussels Rugs
Ladies' Dress Skirts—Specials
8 Grey   Tweed   Skirts.   Spring   weight,   reg,
$6.00 to $11.00.   (tale price        - -$11.50
2 Black Milton Skirls, reg. $7.50. Sale price 4.50
1 Navy Serge Skirt, reg. $10.00. " " 5.60
1 only—Taupe Panama, reg. $6.00, " " 4.75
I  tiol ..f Moire Underskirts.   Regular $2.75
Sale price . - - -    1.03
Ladies' Delaine Blouses
Spring weight.    Black and Colored, nil slzei
Regular$8.60 fur $2.50
2.'.I5 for   1.115
A Special Line of Dress Ginghams
in Cheeks. Stripes, and Plain Culurs
RegularlSo,     -      Sale price 10c.
At similar reductions
Big Snaps in Carpets
Regular $1.00 All Wool Carpet. Sale price, per yd. 78c,
Regular 110c. Union Carpels.    Side | rice, per yd. 45c.
Regular  $1.05 Wiltuu  Carpets.
Sale price, per yd. $ 1.55
Ladies' Shoes
HO pairs only of Ladies' Fine Slims in Patent.
Vcci Kid and Dongola. Regular prices
ranged from$8.50 lu $5.00 Side price unly $2.00
Big Reductions in Staples
During the Sale we give n discount
of 10 per cent on nil
Men's Spring Suits
This is nu opportunity that no man can afford to
pass by. They ure all reliable gowk, backtd by the
Maker's anil our own personal guarantee.
Men's Fine Tweed and Worsted
Suit?.    40 only
Well trimmed and tailored by Canada's Best Tailors
The regular prices of Ihem suits ranged from
$12.00 to $15.00.   Sale price $9.05
100 pairs Boy's Tweed Knickers
A good wear-resisting cloth
Marked for this sale 50c.
Big Cuts in Men's Shoes
One lot of Men's Working Bouts, blucher cut, Fulid
reliable goods.   Regular $8.00 to $8.75 vnlni s.
Sale price $2.25 and $2 50
A Big Cut in Serge Suits
85 only—Men's Blue and Black Worsteds, made by
Fit-Reform Tailors.   Regular $20.00 and $25.1.0 values
Special Sale price $15.85
A special lot of Men's Fine Tweed
and Worsted Suits
Imported cloths, up to $22.00 values, fur $10.00
Genuine English Whip-cord
For this Sale, only $3.15
Blue and Black 8oz. Denem
with or without bibs, Union Made, 00c.
One Lot of Men's Fine Shoes
blucher cut, boi calf, worth $400
Special Sale price -      - $.LOO
Men's Fine Shoes
Big 3 Polish
2 tins for Re.
Packard's Combination and Liquid Dressing for 20c
Men's Soft Felt Hats
Up-to-date shapes, $2.50 values for $2.00
Other lines in proportion.
Men's Fine Negligee Shirts
Worth $1.00 and $1.25.   Side price 86a,
Assorted lines of Black 8itcon Shirts, for S.'ie.
Men's Horse-hide Gloves
Regular f 1.00       ■       Side price 05c.
REMEMBER—Sale starts Wednesday Morning, March 16th, at 8.30, and lasts NINE DAYS, ending Saturday Night,
March 36th.   Shop early, as we cannot guarantee to replace sold out lines at these prices
This is positively a Cash Sale.   No Goods Charged or Sent Out on Approbation at Sale Prices
MARCH 23, 24 AND
**«>.'^'^-\'\'\'K'K'*V'\'\'\' TI1I0   CHAMJHOOK    IIIOKAI.I)
.   »UU     8r?l}lVP     „
041. OuOVlW&ii
'^tKrhOM* jUy <vt*ui pftv**
-%t*!<u. fW-^
1,ik1Io8'ili.il CI.II.lion's to he lm,l nl.
Quntluinun'a ,*.... bo ouLhIiiikI nt
Pink IW.Tcniilile Cn.'s Store
jt5o«s Not
Get Dull
A NEW ONE li it does
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work is our advertisement, l.nl w*
tint tliis ml in llm He.i.1,1 lo
,*lii|,Mll:*i. il.
Ne:u Lower Armstrong Avenue
* Piesidenl: T. 8. Gin, J
T       Secretary: 3. Macuunami       z
x For Information recanting Inn,Is x
* .oul   agriculture   umtly   ... the *
* Secretary, Ornnbrook, ii. C. *
Old Curiosity |
JOSEPH H   Mcin-IN.  Proprietor
Doaloi in
All Classes ot Second.
ll-tlld I.(Mils
Furniture ..I All Kinds, liolli
N,*w »**.| *-,*,*„n,l lin.nl
Sage's Old Stand, Hanson Avenue
rnnNi: aai
Tin* UndlnjrPrnll Bton
Ohoico Tangerines    i>* uigei
l.rnnniH [SunktrH Hr.ui.l)
Hothouse Uttitco    Rlmlwrb
Colory   Itlpe romatoci
Stewart'* Inn' Clioeol iloi
• Phone Tit Armstrong Ave
 lie O.r .1  Stollnn
ay, March 20-th,
n hi
and Hi"
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to lomi on favorable termc
i'cloch ii.m
diction    ..
ami blessing
qhnbiliIj NUiisma i
Mrs. li. Bent
I'nln. Sunday-.—Flrsl i
lligli mass ui 111 o'cloi
of the I'alms. Process
school In,... Z in I
Rosary, sermon and hen
7.:|h p.m,
Dll     Holy      'I'll.us.lav,
o'clock.   Night   prayors
nt 7.30 p.m.
On Good Friday morning Bervice at
8 o'clock. Evening service, Bermou
and way of   the cross al 7.30,
Ilolv Saturday, morning service
will hogln »t . hi'. Blessing ni the
new lire and Paschal can,!].*. Reading of Hie prophecies. Hlessing of
the water for baptism,
Easter Snn.lnv, masi
I huh mass ut 1(1.80,
\. B.—The pastor will In* at Hie
church during Un* afternoon .,i II*.ly
; count nf    llie
eluding .luin.nes
ecus.*      II tlie
toniey-gonoral I
tliev make the hi
g, through?    Is ii simply
Lhe temperance party?
Trusting that oui m. mhef lor . . u-
lir<.,,!> will enlighten i s on these, . i.l
others mailers, that may In* broached
; when lie meets his coiisluUients.
I am. vcr,  trulv,
Cranhrook, March 10th,  I'M...
********************* *
********************* »
1.  is nol gel
known ih.n
Ton, li,*r i,| sirniL* nn I
SimimIomI limn Il«
I'll.Illl   TIIAINKH
I'llllM', •-'•".:l      CltANIlRDOK, III'.
Lessons in Mimical Theory
CRANBROOK,        •        11. 0.
I Evangelist
Reed, from
series of Bpeoli
oiiisi church,
March 17th, a
weeks,     even
lluvs.     All  llu
Messrs. law las and
K'olmi, will conduct a
al services In the Moth-
commencing Tlnnsil.i* ,
I s, continuing; lor two
ning cxoepl Sntur-
tulnr meetings    of
Miss Mabel Well-nan
Pistils! and Tucker
l'|.rlifl,*iili,,l |,ii|,il of
(IlllmlllB M..1I.-I ol Wim.ijn,
Physicians and Surgeons.
•Mice it Residence, Armilroni Art
Forenoons - - - - 1.00 to 10.00
- 1.00 to
Evenings -
Sundays -
- - 7.S0 to
- - 2.30 to
II to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
ORioe In new lie!.! Block
.'RANBKOOK -       -       - B. O,
Cranbrook nnd Fort Steole
t   .1. G. CUMMINGS
J IKK'IUTIll\ KMilNlilk
1* .. hoi 918
I.l X„ 148
Cranbrook, B.C
PI.AIE     TO      (..*'T
(liiiili MEAL
verv kin,
by the .
in any ,|ii iiitny,
, In
Ornamental SHRUBS
Grown tn sail ilia 11.0. Ollmnto
Oatnloguc fn*e l*y lunil.
Royal Nurseries and
Floral Company, Ltd.
7*1 Granville Sheet
P.O Una 10113  Vuneouver.li ('.
B.   C.   and  Surveyor
CRANSROOK     -      B. C.
I*', c. Rtra II, P. I,. 8„ H 0.1.. B.
A. I. Hobortnn, B.O. I., s.
Dominion nml British Cbliimlria
Illl1 cliurrli will slaiiil nu nlir BMC for
tins special ofTort, nml ih'- mcmlrera
ami Mends are BSki .1 in do their
host in attend ami in bring others
with thorn. It'iili Rontlcmen arc sin-
kith, ami llu- highest itfiii'iici's have
been forwarded tn tin- pastor regard-
lug tin- wnrk of tlio evangelists in
other places. Mr, Lewtas, wlto is
un ordained eldor in the Methodist
Episcopal church, has recently hrld
successful meetings in England, irc-
laml ami VValrs. lie also visited
Prance, Switzerland, Italy, Greece,
Turkov Syria, tlio Holy Land ami
I'jffvtit for no other purpose than to
gather now thouglit nud Illustration
for his lid' wnrk as an evangelist.
jMr. Reed, who is also very highly rc-
icommcnded, is now mi his third year
| wilh Mr. Lewtas, as liis sing.T and
| helper. These gentlemen have no
sensational methods, ami their ono
desire is to win men and women for
Christ. A.s'tar as it is possible, the
mombers of other ciiiiniu'H in the
city are asked to eiHoperate with us
iu this effort to Improve the spiritual life of this community.
KNOX PttESBYTEMAN ('111 Itt'il*
.March 20Ui.
On Sabbath evening next at 7..M
the imstor will discuss God's speeial
providences as manifested in Ihe recent numerous accidents and calamities, their rcctincilatioii with a loving Father and their Intended lessons. The usual stated services will
he held on Sunday and throughout
the week to which all are cordially
The Itev. II. G. Estabrook, ol
Summerland College, quj field secretary for Hiitish Columbia missions,
will speak at the 11 a.m. service;
and the pastor, Charles \V. Ktitg, at
the i.*m p.m. service, Ililde ijebool
3 pin. A cordial Christian welcome to all.
In their India ami Bolivia mission
work Canadian Baptists are charged
with the evangelization of over four
millions ol people, the wreat mass of
whom are in the cruel superstition
aud darkness, the moral and physical
disease ami degradation of heathenism. The work is comparatively
young; an.I while progress has been
made, feu. if any, other missions
having had su large results for tho
time, men and money expended. Still
the need of tbe unevangclUed multitudes 1-* appalling. With our total
Canadian and native si ail uf tun
hundred ordained and unordotned
missionaries, pastors aud evangelists
there is an average parish of 20,000
to each of these 200. Think of if
Canadians have a Protestant ordained pastor to riery 700 or 800 people,
We have the noon-day sunlight.
These unevangeiized people have the
darkness of Ignorance, sin, superstition, crueltv, hopelessness, sorrow,
suffering, The Toluga is our brother
iu race—the Caucasian. Converted
Irom Ms idols to Christianity and
educated, he makes a splcmlid sneei-
niiu of manhood and citizenship. More
than ten thousand TclugUS have
proved this hv their new, white
The marked feature of the work in
India last year was the distinct advance of the native churches in sell-
summit and in native evangelistic
cITort. Under the training and direction of our missionaries, the na-
iive workers in twos and threes have
gone foi ih on evangelistic preaching
tours. Thev have had "wonderful
times, were received everywhsre with
courtesy; had largo audiences ami
Rood hearings." The field is largo,
white unto harvest and the lahonrs
are few. pray ve the Lord ol the
Cranhrook Baptist church makes
its annual offering lor the support of
this treat work on Easter Sumlay,
the 2710.
thing after
'id in the
EOS.      Ul
ial prayer meeting, sum
the Methodist typo, ■
bouse nf commons once
,i is even less known
ibat the mi el ing ha
every parllamentarj
last 7i years \<>
originated the idea,
-1 tiii' i roocedings,
f.llh   noted each  w
In en held (lu
session fin
one Knows
hut the rec
which are li
i*. show lha
11 ii-
lhe vi ar is.,.!, the well known Ojialc-
er, Air T Powell, and the Evangel -
cals, sir Goorgc Grey and Mr. fcach-
arv Macauloy, were in constant attendance.
one ol the moBl regular attendera
in later years was Sir ,lobn Keun-
away, whoso patriarchal bcord ail
massive figure made him a stri ing
personatltv in an assembly which will
unfortunate!) seo him no more, lie
was Invariably accompanied hy Colonel Williams, a brother ovangelieal,1
who will doubtless he often lound in
the     qillet   room   dui in;; the pn enl j
The prayer mcoting is held ia a
mom granted for the purpose hv the
sergeant-at-ainis, and is restricted to
twenty minutes. Th:1 proce 'din/,-;
are  verv  simple. AI   each  weekly
meeting a president for the lollowing
week is chosen, (in the day ol as-
senihling—Tuesday, ul live o'clock—
the presidi'iit for the dav opens the
meeting, reads a portion of Scripture, and either odors an extempore
prayer or calls on one of the members to pray. Two or three others
offer short prayors, nnd the meeting
closes with the benediction.
im- movftl Ids LAUNDRY
next to lh» Vnnihiun 1(i-h| >if-
nnt. Vnti Morni Birwt, wbera
piiirnm ni'i.v lenvs lltelr Iimiu-
ilrv. inn) Hbom nil im-mi'-^ will
bodoni-    It* nl l.niiiulr.v In It.*'.
Louise and Van Home Streets
J.   W.   IM'TlaKIMJK
\ niHiNARv suitaeoN
Grndcnlo   of   Ontiirio   Veterinary
Online, Toronto, in Inph
Orfl'toattandlMalllstol UeKIt lp*«
v riiDH-v Oollnr Chicago,
in 11) o
Niin- j1 pun i'\|i«*rjfii.i> hi Vfiiriiiiir.v
prnctlcf in Mitniiuiut
Dtllcc-iml do'ir tt Poil Office
Phase IJf      •      P.O. KM IHS
Klghtonll —ft. II. Bbori's ltt»ld <•
Editor Cranbrook Herald:
I notice    by report of proceo
.Mr. John Danville, tin- balloonist,
who recently crossed the Irish sea
ami Journeyed hv the balloon St.
Louis from Dublin to Macclesfield, in
an Interview gave some further interesting information relating to the
As the balloon was nearihg Holyhead two largo ships slowed down,
apparently to meet the balloon, those
nn hoard evidently thinking that lhe
.St. Louis was descending, Wh.n it
was perceived that the balloon was
on her course tho ships resumed their
A verv heavy snowstorm was encountered when the St. Louis, with
its two occupants, was passing over
Wales. The balloon was then at an
altitude of 8,500 feet, and the thermometer registered -7 degrees of
A hnr view of Liverpool and Hir-
heanbead presented itself to the aeronauts as thev sped on their Journey,
The highest altitude was attained
shortlv afterwards, when lhe balloon
was tn the north of Chester. The
height at this  period of the journey
was 10.000 feet
As the balloon was on its way
towards the Peak district pf Derbyshire it was necessary fur the aeronauts to decide either to make the
descent some distance short rf tlie
hil's or proceed right our them to
Lincolnshire. The strong wind made
it riskv io descend on hiirh ground,
and eventually they landed comfortable on a hi-- "•"ass fnld three miles
from Macclesfield.
The journey occupied I hours 15
minutes, the distance covered was
Kit miles, and the speed 31 miles an
Sir George White, the tramways
magnate, stated at a meeting of the
Bristol Tramways commit tee that he
ami his brother had determined, nt
their own expense, to develop the
science of aviation from the spectacular and commercial points of view.
They had already ordered several
aeroplanes of the best designs, which
would he delivered iluring the next
two or three weeks, The intention
was lu develop a British industry and
make Bristol its headquarters,
lie added that he believed in a few-
years' time a Kreal deal ol carrying
would he done liy means of aeroplanes.
In an Interview Sir (iei-uc said
"We have ordemi three types of
aeroplanes with a view to testing
thifr practicability :-1 rsHaollitv
When we have determined which is
best we hope to establish a manufactory at Bristol. We believe there
are great developments ahead in
pard to aviation, and wc want to secure for Bristol a share in the large
industrv which we believe will result.
"Wo expect delivery ol the aeroplanes that we have ordered in about
one month's time, and during the
coming summer we hope t,. hold demonstrations in public,"
The project for an airship service
between Paris and London, crossing
the Channel from Calais to Dover,
has taken another practical step forward, the company having approached the Dover corporation last month
lo approve the nocessarj stops in
connection with the building of sVds
to house the dirigibles ... he employed on the service.
The company   c inccrncd    is    ihe
Transaction    companj    Paris, hon-
[don, nnd their     secretary,  Dr. t'an-
iu writing tn     the
that   Dover
ted as     the
.use     their
How Gold Dredges Get the Gold
The d«p liilli nnd turned mountiini of the Klondike region (jive 1
tisc lo numbeileu imall ittcami, whjch become from time to lime
with the mellirtB of the mow*   die cloudhuitli and heavy rainn  lo
which the cotnliy iifuhjeci-Mijingluircnti.
Hie'ii'nding of the glacial and die cmjioi* of ilicic turbulent
ilieani) bring down locks, und and gtavel from llic mountain rJepthl
end fjslncwcj wlieie man has never yet penetrate:!,
In a region where ledrjei of GolJ-bcarini; Quartz are a prominent
feature in the foimadon. it iinatural thai lhe*e (orcetol Nature ihould '
le-r awcy quantities of exceedingly rich malcrbl.
Ihi) procerj han Lcen yoin-^ on lit a<a.   'llm hidden .lore! of j
Cold away i;i die hills arc inexnaUttible,
The lUlh oi lhe (orre-.j i» w im.Kluous lint even bouldcri of
considerable lizc are bono i.i their course, and only when Naluic
li.ii ([.enl hcriclf do lliey find a :r*lin^ ptice.
I lie broad ciec!;s   lhe wider reacliei of llic rivcr-fiulcl the ,
ilicam, nnd the Gold, in die form of niK'geli,  grafni and  Hakes,
rapidly setllei.    Gold is very hcivy-her.ia than die rock ilsclf, and i
once il finds a mlim; place, lifis down ihroUjh the light Hirface mud
and (and until, by force of Gravity, it rcichei bed rock.
Where the comsci ofiircami have been changed, the n'clieil Placer
Minn mc found i.i their old bcdi. Bul in ihe larger, const ml -streams,
(hue rich deposits are beyond the reach of merely human agencies,
It remains lor lhe Gold Dredge -fallowing lhe heavy nuggets j
nnd particle* of.Gold down Ihrotijn t!-.e overlying atrata in die mh
and Iwndicj n| the river, b recover there rtorw of Gold from die j
Ircaiuic-hoiiK. of Nature.
'I he long armi of llic Dredge, Wl'tH their cndlcsi chains of bucket ,
icoo[i», learch down, down    through aixly feet of waler, land and
Kravct.ifncedhe- unlil the Gold sediment, and finally bed rock ftaftlf.
often overlaid with nn actual coverlet of pure Cold  die hoardd '
accuui'ilalion ol eenlurie*—il reached,
I he Gold Dredge bringi j,» thii material in whole*ala quantldei
—ircili it with KlcndRo accuracy to   lave   the   linrit   patliclci  of ,
Value •Hpanla lh« Jroti—and for i!.c fail time liyi hare to ihe hand
o.  man ihii Virgin Cold.
While pcnonally prercnl nn our property at Stewart River, .
Yukon Teuitory, Klondike, ScBiemb« hi, I taw wilh my own '
cyci a clean-up from our b'rst and iiiialler dredge, netn'ng $ j 17.50,
and tln't wai preceded only a few dayi hy another cktao*iip from
lhe mine dredge ■mounting to $1263,66 in Gold. I mw thli Cold,
pallietcd bom the gold-saving Libia of our Dredye, moulded inlo
bullion—a folid bar of Cold,
With such reiulti in light, we nre bending every effort to get twenty
oftheie mammoth Dredge* at work on our property. ThUwmrner,
our iccond dredge went on—larger and Wronger than the lirsi -and ii
already at work.
We control hy direct leaie from lhe Canadhn Govcmmenl, One
Hundred and Five (105) mile* of Dredgablc Gravel on the Stewart
River, eighty miles from Dawwn Cily, in the Klondike. We have
i..,'"".! lhe gravel thoroughly with Drills, and it hai been proven rich
throughout. As a mailer of fact, the lile of our holding* wai recognized,
even before lhe Gold Ruth in 1898, lo be rich in Gold-it ii a
maltcr of public record that the Cold is there—but to located as to be
difficult lo obtain by any hand method. And Fifty dredges could
nol exhaust thii area in a Hundred yean.
With a proportion *o rich, the payment of dividend* and the
continued work of development can caiily go hand in hand.
To hurry thii work of development now, we are marketing Treai-
ury Slock in our Company.    Three thousand itockholden, many of
them well-known in lhe Canadian country, arc already on our books.
This necessity for Capita!-a  Dredge coils upward* of $100,000
futnhhes your opportunity lo participate in a wonderfully rich venture.
Our Company is formed of the pick of broad-minded buiines* men
-Governor Ogilvie, of the Yukon Territory-known and reipected by
the whole Canadian counlry, at its head. It is economically managed,
with no salaried official*, no Bonds, and no Preferred Stock.
But lhe whole slory is told in our illustrated Protpeclui. The
Coupon will brin^ it to you. The supply is limiled. Fill out and
mail the Coupon to-day.
Gold Dredges are making millions,
Yukon Basin Gold Dredging Co.,
O. W. Clnwson, Trcns.
649 Somerset Building
Can ft da
Please send
>r-e, postage pre*
paid, your largo
illustrates Prospectus,
aha free Booklet en Gold
Dreagirg. with full partktf
,*■•''    tars by return mail.     It is
;, uderstood that.' incur no obligation
wh-iui-erin making this rtouttU
Any Available Dominion Lamia
within tbe Hallway IMi in Mulish
Columbia, may hi- hoiuuatcadud hy
any jiejKim who is the solo head ol ,1
family, ur any mate over is yearn uf
a&v, to tin: extent ui pno-quartcE section ui Kill OCICS, more ur less.
Entry must be mudc personally at
the loca] land ollice lur the dtslritl
in which Hie laud is situate. Entry
hy proxy may, However, hu made on
certain conditions by tbe lather,
mother, son, daughter,   hrotber    or
ister of mi intending humesleader.
The bomesteadot is ret|Uired to perform the conditions connected ttieie-
Witll under one uf the lollowing plans;
(1) At least six months' residence
upon ami cultivation of tbe laud ia
each year (ur three years.
121, If Hie lather (or mother,
il tlie father is deceased), uf the
homesteader resides upon a farm in
llie vicinity of the land entered fur.
tlie requirements as to residence may
he sati.slied by sucb person residing
wilh the father or mother.
(3). If tbe settler bus bis permanent residence upon (arming laud
owned by him iu the vicinity uf his
homestead, tlie requirements as to
residence may tic satisled hy residence upon the said land.
Six months' notice in writing
should be given to the Commissioner
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention tn apply for patent.
COAL—Coal mining rights may be
leased lor a period uf twenty-one
years at an annual rental of U per
acre. Not more than 2,570 acres
shall he leased tn one individual or
company. A royalty at tbe rate ol
five cents per ton shall he collected
on the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy ol the Minister ol the Interior. 2-9-261
that thirty 1
to apply to
Lands  and
prospect   for
ays alter date I intend
10 Commissioner oi
Works for   a license to
■ oal and petroleum on
. 1 *.,,**,,       —
Ia.k.i. No. 88
of   PS I HI AS
tin* following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted adjoining the N. E. corner ol the Mrs
13. M. Livingstone coal claim on tbe
I'liithead river. East Kootenay,
wliich point is approximately 158
chains south and IT chains east ol
the S. K. corner of Lot 8383, Group
1, Ihence south Wi chains, thence
east at) chains, thence north BQ
chains, thence west >(l chains t *
point of commencement, containing
010 acres, more ur less.
■I. a. Cnmmtngs,
Staked Feb.  10th,  niO.       51-t.t*
Obex t.vr
Cranbrook, K C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall
.1   M. Boyes, C, C
J. L Walker, K. ol R. A S.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Meets every Monday
night at    New Fra-
rnity   Hall.    So-
cordially invited.
C. .'?. Little,
journlng OddfeHon
Vi. M. Harris,
X. G.
, diiiRs
111 provincial house that on tho   last
day of the session tn> h-ss than seven
labor bills were killed hv tho govern*
incut, and while I am ready tn    admit    lhat    our member. Mr. Tims,
Caven, voted for at least one of tb-
said     labor    bills,    1 would like to
draw attention to the fact that    we
were told if     we sent a goVOtnment I duruy, of Paris,
supporter   to     Victoria the district oornowtlon     mentioned
would   must     certainly be   accorded, ami Cnlni.s had been iclei
largo grants    lor roads and bridges, sites for tbe sheds to 1
which has already been fulfilled. | dirigibles.     Their first ;
I Hut, as an elector and an advocate; he of the Belglquc-Oodard tvpe of
of working class interests, I would four thousand square mains, and
like tuns!; if the presence of Mr. the Zodiac in., ol sixteen thousand
I Tom    Caven ami   Mr. Schoflcld have  metres,
such nu influence- with the govern- Dr. Candnrey state! that the
ment in financial aid, why is it that .French ministry of marine bad union labor measures tlie 'government * mlsed to give the assistance nf tor-
turnrd a deaf ear to the demands ntjpedo destroyers to accomoany the
labor? Perhaps our member may .airships across the Channel in the
be able to enlighten us OI course, preliminary trips, and he asked the
personally, I am not surprised, Im-' council's MVico »s lo tho best site
cause in 11108 and lull!) tbe records off for the airship sheds. The sites at
the house abound with measure after the* Northfall Meadow, where lllerlot
measure rejected by the Tories and landed, and al Kopewalk Meadow,
Ileal Kslate Voteel for by the Liberals and Social-] Whloll Latham chose for his l.onlimi,
Isls. I were   considered the     most suitable.
Ollice-Nextdoor to Ami now I come to the new liquor iThc next move lies with the British
I'otiiOffice act, which Premier McBride and Mr.'war oflloo.    which will   be asked to
Coiim in and let mo quote you rates     Bowser say may he rejected on   nc- approve the granting of a site.
W. li ftsattr, PuiwraJ Director
Cranbrook B.C.
SEALED  TENDERS addressed to
lhe Postmaster General, will be received at Ottawa until noon, uu
Friday, the 1st April, lur the conveyance of His Majesty's Mails, uu a
proposed contract (or lou*. years,
fourteen limes per week each way,
between Cranbrook and Railway Station, from the Isi July next.
Printed notices containing further
Information as to conditions of proposed contract may l.c seen aud
blank forms of tender may be obtained al the post office of Cranhrook, and at Hie ollice ol the
Post Ollicc Inspector.
Post Ollice Inspector's Ollice,
Calgary, istli February, 1910.
I>. A. Bruce,
51—It Post Ollice Inspector.
SEALED   TENDERS addressed
the Postmaster General, will be received at Ottawa until noon, on
Friday, the 1st April, for the conveyance of liis Majesty's Mails, Ou a
proposed contract (or tour years,
fourteen    times    per week each wa>,
between Movie and Railway station, from the 1st July next.
Print ed notices containing [1 rthet
Information ns to conditions oi proposed contract may t.e seen and
blank forms of tender tuny be obtained nt the post office ol Moyie,
and at tbe office ot the
Post Ollice inspector.
Post Office inspector's Office,
Calgary,  18th February, 1010.
I). A. Bruce,
Rl-.1t Post Office Inspector.
IN    THK   84ATTER   OP AN APPLICATION for the issue ol    a,
duplicate Certificate ol Title    t»
Lots 19 and     2".    Block 13 ar.-! ■
Lots 3 and I, Block 31, Addition'
A.. Nelson Citv. Map 349.
that it    is   my intention to issue at
lite   expiration   of one     month after ;
first   publication hereof a dupli-j
cate of the Certificate of Title      to|
the above mentioned lots in the name i
of Peter Lund, which Certificate1    is !
dated    the 2nd   of Aucust and num-
bercd itjia.
s. n. ri*
District Registrar
Land Registry Office,
Nelson, B. C .
It March i:th. 1910. .
irinrtruvk (.utf(c. Ho.U
Kt-C-IUi   U.fVllQfpl  ui
tSa uird    Thotrtrtajt
al tvtri  -mtaia.
Visiting .br.fctT._en welcomed,
W. II. Wilson. Vi. M.
Connolly, secretary*)
B. W.
; Presbyterian Church
Sundav niuraiiig service At 11 '
Sunday   evening    service
7.30 o'clock
Siinil.li?      School   and     HiMe ♦
Clan at 3 o'cl.«k *
PretbTtotian   (luild. T-ies-Uy, ♦
at H o'cl.rck ♦
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Heel ever?   r'rWa.     evening al S
.... . in Oarmen'i Hall.
V. W. Reeret, W. P.
Wm. Anderson, Secretarf.
Visiting nretbren cordialljr invited.
Meet al 11. ol L. K. Hall iai  and
. lib Salutdaf eacti montn.
Visiting bretbiefi alwavs welcoma
Abel Hotsman, W. M.
,los. Wallace. .Secretary.
Xo. IS.
Meets every second and   l.,urlb Wed-
...s'lay at Fraternity Hall.
I Baptist Cbuccbjl
Paitor, Charles W. King.
Parsosage, Norbury Avenue.
'Phono, 281.      P, O. Box 267.. .
Regular Services.—*Sunday, 11
a.m. and T.... p.m.; Bible
School with Voung Ladles'
I'liilethra and Young Men's
llllilr Class, 3 p.m.
Monday, Voung Peoples', 8
Wednesday, Mld-Wetk Meeting,
A cordial   Chris'.lan welcome' *
'.. all
Rebekalu  cordially in-
V.   II   McKarlane, X.O.
Hie-tenbotharn, Sec'y.
Meets in   fraternity Hall First and
Third Fridays
Hazel Bownesa, M  E. E,
Annie Boyes,    K   ol H. li S.
VltltlDg monberi cordially invited.
Life nml Fire Innuritrieii
Provcnzano & Sacco
Goneral Merchants
employment Agents
CRANnPOOK     -     D. C.
t. 0. BOI IM PHIMt M4
Hi.-i'li|.itirl.*rH for nil  kinds ol
s ttisfnolion Onnrsnlecd
Tl... Sh,... Speolnllsl
Nelson's Leading Hold
Itonilllt Willi llilllin.    'IMlOtia in
every room
Barber Bliopon lhe premises,
Tliornntflily u|i-i(»-liiti-.
Kates, $2 00 a day and up.
P, WBLU, Proprlelor
TOM KIN, Mm.nger
If you   want   satistacthn    wilb
your washing   send
it to
Special ptieei tor bntly wnrk.
nttla 1.
Heel, tin
mailer how
.IHti.li.i,'*  r
iturn empty Iwittles,
tin! e
e v,
1 yoof iu
1    ISI
i nd! num.!*:
:. 1
ir. »:.<i.i
l,< nil 1
iH'B*.'"  '
r,.!,. ,lir«*t
n,l  on
<   In    I'hl
li   Wri,|,jrt*r
<!(♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•)♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦'♦▼♦♦ ♦♦♦♦•/•••'•»••
Norl.ury   Avenue,   opposite   Curling   Kink
P.O. Box 810     Telephone 321
Cranbrook's Up-to-date
Wall    Paper   Store
Wall Papers
Stripes, Floral Designs, Crown anil Base Effects,
Varnish Tiles, Suiiitns, Crepes nml Burlaps
Positively 1910 Designs and Colorings, at Factory
Prices plus freight
All orJura [ofi with J. l>. McBride will receive
prompt attention.
Cranbrook women ((.Ik will not
laci opportunity "• bedecking them-
mIvcs wiib Lhe very latest in Easter
millinery, or, at Uast, ol Inspecting
tlie luteal creation:-, ol ibe great millinery artists o( New Vmk ami
Pans. The McCreery Bros., successors Lo Hums Bros.,.ami Miss Mo
Leoil, Cranbrook's leading milliners,
have spared neither trouble nor expense in securing (or llic benefit nt
tb. ii piilron's some of lift' verv latest
designs in bats, appropriate to lhe
carl) spring.
I lul j contributes fantastic weaves
in braids; Bohemia fascinating ornaments in myriad forms; Austria and
normally contribute dainty llowcrs
without et|Ual; Prance produces alluring weaves in fabrics ul silks ami
a bust uf novel Lies impossible tu
enumerate here; Swiss laces, English
shapes and felts; gorgeous feathers
from tin* tropical islands, braids and
silks from ibe best looms have been
swilled bv thclt buyers ami will Iti
open t" tlio Inspection ol   Cranbrook
ladies next   week.
Easter coming su early tbis year
will ha\e the cfTcct o( giving the niil-
llucry irade a double season, and
Miss Mel,cot) announces that whilst
next week she will have on view her
early spring creations, she will have
a further display mi .May 1st ol summer goods.
Tin styles must in demand tbis
season will In- deep turbans, bicurn-
es, Napoleons, Greek turbans. Some
nf Ibe Napoleons lo wear witb blue
costumes ate shown witb gold cockade ami blue ribbon bands crossing
the crown, characteristic nl tbe empire period. These are unmistakably
French and are pronounced to be
simply ndorable,
McCreery lints, are showing some
exquisite creations, one, a Paris bat,
of i!i. black picture variety, trimmed
with ospreys and black lace, and
another, a toque turban, trimmed
wiib Wisteria, which promises to ire
a favorite shade Ihis season, are
particularly captivating. On Wcd-
iicsdav ol ncxi week the local milliners   will open   iheir parlors   for tbe
Inspection Ol the ladies, who will
Hun he aide lo cather a far better
nba of the Bprlng fashions than any
mere man can hope in portrav tor
their benefit.
Ice cream al The Palm.
Messrs. Moran and Mead, of the
Creston hotel, have received Iram
Mltcholl and Oarrelt, the Cranbrook
taxidermists, a splendid specimen ol
a goshawk. The bird was shot by-
Mr. .Mead a few weeks ago in Creston und it is now mounted and on
exhibition in the Creston hotel. It
is considered by naturalists anil
those familiar with tbe habits o|
birds of prey, that a visit from one
ol these pests of the air is very unusual at this time of the year. This
particular bird has gained quite
reputation in Creston. It bas been
llie terror o( all tlie chicken fan-
ciors In the district for the past
winter, aud many an aggrieved poultry man has taken ashot at Mr.
Hawk, but none succeeded in doing
die trick. ll appeared Lo have
charmed life.
Ucorge Mead has had troubles of
bis own with that bird, for, mark
ye, Mead is the premier producer of
game (owl and pigeons in the province, us wc all know; and when he
publicly registered an oath that he
would send that bird to "Helen
(tone," it was generally conceded
i bal something would shortly drop,
lie has mhfined his word; the bird
is down and out. It is stuffed and
now adorns the interior of the Creston hotel, and Mr. Mead, as well as
the rest of the chicken fanciers ol
Ibe surrounding district, lake a peculiar satisfaction over the fact.—Cres
ton Review.
Tbe last game of the season takes
place tbis evening, Baptists vs. Presbyterians. The game played
Thursday evening last between the
same teams, resulted in victory lur
the I'reslivteiiaiis,     by a score of 15
to   I.
The Ladies' Aid ol the Methodist
church will, as in other years, prepare some good things for the people
of Cranbrook at Easter-tide. No
une need worry about the Easter
dinner, as delicacies to suit all
palates will be on sale by the ladies
on Saturday, March 26th, at some
central place in thr city, to be announced next week.
Fresh Florida tomatoes at Pink's
Pure Food Grocery.
A splendid Wintry. consistiiiK of 100 Volumes of tho
World's Best Literature in a ImmlBoine caw, will lie uiven
FREE in any Ohuroh, Lodge, or Institution in Cranbrook or
District  il.at con secure llie largest number of votes in
it"h favor.
Th.. merchants liii.'l below will give with each 10 cent
purchase n vote. A ballot bos is placed in Bt-atlie-Murpby
Company's Drug Store whore voles can be deposited.
Th.. Herald will publish the respective standing of the
contestants each week.
Tlie Library is now on exhibition in the window uf the
Pink Mercantile Company's Store.
The Herald will give 100 votes to every new subscriber
(annual) during tho contost,
Tlie contest lsgins Mar.li Ith and closes August 5,11110.
Remember Votes can only Ih. obtained by trading with
tl... merchants list..I below, ni.il every dollar spent at any of
tins.. Htor.s entitles vou lo III votes.
I:ink Mercantile Co.
Groceries   !
A  C. Pye •
Hen's Furnishings
Patmore Bros.
Tinners & Plumbers
Hill & Co. .       .
Drugs & Stationery   .
Dry Qoods
Tlclntyre & Rrickson, ''*"•■-'• KXppTiles,",, """"'
Cranbrook Opera House, I razor & Farqubirson, Prop's.
• In Rnslneis For Yonr Amni-einQnt'-
I nr New Annual Subscriptions to lhe Herald, 100 voles
... I
♦ '!
, *,,
Why don't you Dress like the City
Chap in Stylish Clothes?
Veil   nude,   perfecting   Clothes
oi attractive material and pattern
Clothes that look as if they were made ior you by a leading
city tailor, you know.
Perhaps your tailor can't give style to the clothes he makes—
But we can.
When you order one of our
Special  Order  Suits,  it  will be made  by  the   designers  wlo
originate the clothing fashions.
it will have all the snap and style of the ready-made clothes,
will fit yoj perfectly, and will cost you considerably less than you
now pay for an inferior suit.
************************************************************************************************************** x
************** *****************
Oct vour Easter dainties at the
Ladies'  Aid cookery sale, March 211.
Mrs. J, S. Staples, ol Wyclllfc, was
a visitor in town this week.
lee cream at The Palm.
C. E. Ayre, ol Elko, paid Cranbrook a visit this week.
Very choice, juicy and sweet Mono
lulu pineapples at Stewart's.
Jos. Daly, ol Sirdar, was a visitor
to town mi Tuesday.
It. M. McKibbon was over Irom
Itossland this week.
K. II. S. Ilugler, C-P.R* brakeman,
has been removed to Medicine Hat.
I1. Lund was in Irom Wardner yes*
It. T. Richardson was in Irom
Fort Steele yesterday.
Get vour Easter dainties at the
Ladies' Aid cookery sale, March 211.
Mrs. C, l> Rodgers and son, were
up Irom Creston during the week.
0. D. McNab was down Irom Waldo
on Tuesday.
Ire creim at The Palm.
Wm. Gosnell, tbe Nelson brewer
was in town this week.
R. D. McDonald, ol WycliBe, was in
town   the early part ol the week.
"Suncrest" naval oranges—juicy
and lull flavored at Fink's Pure
Food Grocery.
It Crooks has accepted a position
in   the C.P.R. freight offices.
Miss May Peterson, ot Spokane, i:
the guest ol Miss Irene Deacon.
Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! Complete variety ol garden and flower seeds at
Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
Graham Donahue, Wardner's postmaster, was a visitor to town this
"Hazelwood" buttermilk at Stewart's.
W. It. Koss, M.P.P., lor Fernle,
stayed oil in town Tuesday evening,
leaving the nest morning lor home.
Miss Mary Palmer returned on
Saturday Irom a lengthy visit with
Iriends in Creston.
F. K. Simpson lelt on Monday's
Fiver on a business trip lo Minneapolis.
Miss God will be pleased tn see all
her old Iriends and as many new ones
as possible at Fink's Pure Food Gro-.
cerv this week and neit.
Horn—At Cranbrook, It. t\, Friday, March 11th, 1910, to Mr. and
,1. W. Edmonds, a son.
F. I). Patton and bride returned
Irom their honeymoon trip on Sundav.
Fresh buttermilk at  ihe Palm.
Business men it no tailed to read
the eastern departmental stores
advertisement in last Issue should
nut overlook it this week.
Miss (loll will demonstrate the
lamous Tuiedo specialties all this
week and next at Fink's Pure Food
(Irocerv. Ladies, come in and see
Miss God's wav.
The C.P.R, have started the run
struction nl another team track.
This has been badly needed lor sonic
lime and will prove a great convenience to local shippers.
Choice spinach, asparagus, cucumbers and lettuce at Stewart's today
George C. Egg, ol Fernle, representing the I.C.S., In place ol .1. W
Dennett, now editor ot the Fernle
l-cdgcr, was in town during the
J. M. Scott, assistant passenger
agent ol the Southern Pacific, Portland, Ore., and A. II. Spcrrv. tten-
eral height agent C.P.R., Portland,
Ore., nassed through the city on
Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! Complete variety ol garden and flower seeds at
Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
M. A. Macdonald returned Inn..
Fernie last evening, where he has
been acting as counsel lor the Trites-
Wood company in the preliminary
hearing ol    the t'osl    Creek hold-up
"Patrick, the Patron Saint ot
Ireland," will be the subject ol a
special sermon by Rev, Clias. W.
King, Sunday evening at the Baptist church. A cordial welcome to
nil wli.. wear the Emerald.
Si'cils' Seels! Seeds! Complete var- !
iety ol    garden anil   flower seeds at
Kink's Pure Komi Grocery. I
A marriage took place this alter-,
noon, Rev, E. P. Flcwclllng official- ]
ing. The contracting parties were
Percy .Johnston and
vised the young man that no such
rule prevailed in Canada and that
his ignorance of the law on the subject was no excuse. The weapons
were confiscated.
Tenders for Buildings
Miss Jennie'
|   SEALED    TENDERS lor one or
,   , ...     more will    be received   up till noon
A meeting ol the executive ol     he 3,,t Marchi .*•.„  at the imQC o( the
Cranbrook    board of   trade is called Division   Engineer, Calgary', lor (A)
tor Minorrow^rrulay) afternoon^at Material and labor.    (B) Labor only
lor the complete construction ol   the
llegina—Brick freight shed.
Moose    Jaw—Extension to present
frame freight sited.
Wcyburn—Frame freight shed.
Medicine Hat—Brick machine shop.
Coleridge—Frame    locomotive lore-
I o'clock, by President M. A. Macdonald. Business to arrange tor annual general meeting and consider
other matters of urgent importance.
A lull attendance is requested. Meeting place, Cranhrook hotel parlors.    I
Miss (loll is here again and will be !
pleased to show the ladies ot   Cran- ,
brook and     vicinity   all   the newest   l"?,",s ™tl**SJ*  .„     ,,   .
wrinkles   in   Tuxedo    specialties, at     l plerldge-8 stall addition to brick
Kink's Pore Food (irocerv. , onfsSne houase.
, . .,    ...        '    .. Lcthbridgc-Extcnsion     to     brick
Interest in the library voting con- station.
test is now pretty generally aroused. |   Calga'rv-18 stall brick engine house
The   results   today arc    as follows:  and attached    machine shop.    Addi-
Mellinilist    church, 526;   St. Eugene  tion to  present brick machine shop.
hospital,     IKI,    B. "I L*    F* & K.  Station addition to new stone build-
lodgc, 110; English church, 250; pub- ing.
lie school, 2.10;   Baptist church, 229*, I   Red Deer-Brick station
Presbyterian church, 222.     It    will |   Banfl-Sew station building.
be seen that a new competitor lor
tlie prize lias entered the race, namely the 11. ot L. F. ,v E. lodge and
it lias made a good start.
(Id your    Easter   dainties at   the
Ladies' Aid cookery sale, March 211.
Laggan—station building.
I Macleod and Crows Nest—6 stall
addition to brick engine house.
I Cranbrook—Y.H.l'.A. frame building.
Graniim    snd   High   River-Frame
freight sheds.
No special features marked the ob-,   0.   P. R.  class "A" stations at-
Morse,      Rush      Lake,       Marquis,
Shepard, Ilillerest, Blair-
Iv.    Some few were
dav   wearing   the
locally   there   was
ration ol   tho   occ
Steele tonight the
ored hv a grand masked ball, -.„ ... „ ,, „.„. . *.„■ ,-
which invitations have been widely , m"tc' McOllllvray, Natal,
extended. The stall of the Herald.,0' ■'• "• Standard No. 4 Section
have to acknowledge with thanks an Houses at—Weyburn, Stoughton,
invitation to attend this jovous les- Pitman, Froude, Beverley, Tompkins,
'—■'■■" "--■••'•■ Cummlngs, Lar-
Stobart,     ('as*
Ice cream at The Palm
Cardell,    MacKid,
mar,      Carlstadt,
sils,            Bow       Island,   '   Barnwell.   	
There is quite a sentiment around J™, Lethbridge Junction, Mitlord,
town adverse to the erection of the Keith, Voho, Carstalrs, Didsbury,
C.P.R, Y.M.C.A. on the other    side J*™ "»".   Rosebud, Netook, Tuttle,
if lhe track. It is generally con- "'•■ui Ltaghced, Woodhousc, Clarcs-
sidenil an ill-advised move, but tlie John. Nanton, Aldersvde, Midnapore,
location ol the building is a matter . Burmis, Klngsgate.
lor the C.P.R., who arc providing! Plans, specifications and full pat-
tl.e cash, to decide upon, it is lelt ticulars can be obtained at the Ot-
H.ai it a public meeting ot citizens flee of the Assistant Chief Engineer,
were called to discuss the matter and | Winnipeg; Division Kngineer, Cal-
stcps taken to provide a good site gary and llcridcnt Engineers at
on llic city side ol the tracks, the Moose Jaw, Medicine Hat and Cran-
CP.lt. might    Ih. Induced to change brook.
the I..cation.    The suggestion is put, N. E. Brooks,
forward and it is   now up    to    tlie Division 1"
citv council, board ol trade   or   any     Cnlgnrv. March 13th. 1010.
Ilicr civic institution to lake     tlie j—'	
...alter up, if deemed advisable
Cranbrook Trading
Company, Ltd.
Phone 183
P.O. Box A
Leave your orders for all kinds of
with us.
We handle only the
'Rising Sun' still Leading
If you want the best carriage for
the least   money, call at
our store.
We handle
"The ricLaughlin"
subway 1st Street,
Concrete  for
Kast, Calgary-
Concrete   abutments    and pier lor
overhead   bridge,    K. Calgarv. with
Division Kngineer. * ,„!,, approaches and deck.
"""        S-lt;   Cranhrook section-Concrete   abul-
— ' incuts tor steel span, mileage K.2 and
.,1   CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY |   Sirdar  sectl..n-C rrle ahull ,
  I tor steel span, mileage 11.0 and 68 H.
,       If     j        t      f. mt    . I    Plans,   spcrinratioiis   and    further
■"",■', 1 enders lor Concrete   Work particulars can be obtained for    all
""•■■:   . Ihe above at the Ollice ol   the    As-
.   .,      ... , .,      i.     ,     _ slstant    Chief   Knglneers, Winnipeg,
tahk     this    winter   gelling It mo     SEALED   TENDERS   lor   one or  Division Kngineer, Calgary, and Ite-
shane lor selllenient this spring.    In more will Ik* received at the Division Kldent Knglneers    Moos., .law, Modi*
I ne course ol   a   lew days stumping Kngineer's   (mice,   Calgary,    up till cine Hat and Cranhrook
machinal are due to arrive Irom the noon ,11st   March, into.   (A) Mater-, ||, y„ Brooks,
Tangarines    and     Sunkist
.ranges at Stewart's.
Tl... C.P.R, land department
I ii engaged in dealing some
■el acres   ol land   at .laflray
easl,   when      the    work ol clearing ial and' labor"'(jl) Ubor'oniyT "for! Division Kiuti'iiccr
will Is* completed.    The land will be  the complete construction ol the lol-     Calgarv. March 15th   IBM        ■ "
l,t>K>ku   ..nil       ,liv_     I..U.I....- ' ,
cut up into ten acre blocks and   .lis-, lowing:
posed nl to settlers. If these blacks
he s.iceesslllllv disposed of, other
plots ol laud will In* similarly dealt
Concrete Subway at Albert Street
Concrete    ahutments    lor
bridges  at    mileages 21.il, 22.5 and
-•> H.    Moose   Jaw     section;     07.0.
, ,, ,,    ... , , Swift Current section; 01.0, 02.0 and
A sentence ot three months in Ne - 1004   ,,ort„      „
son lail, coupled    wilh a One nf till,.   „ .._   ...     .    ,       *.-._,..
was the    iienalty Inflicted upon      •     -^mentation basins at Drlnkwet-
Fresh buttermilk at The I'alni.
Police   Magistrate Ryan today   or-
.   .  dercd    the   extermination   of a dog
,wc'  awnct by Mrs. Vnughnn on the   ap-
'    "■ plication   ol    Mr.    Dick    Stewart,
whose   son   had been bitten by   the
toung (Inliclan, on Monday last   by
ter, Kouleau and Milestone.
Police Magistrate Ryan, for carrying    ''oncrete abutments   lor steel span,
concealed    weapons,    to   wit,   a 11 mileage 05.0, Calgary section.
calibre Colt revolver, also for
threatening another man with . a
knife. The prisoner, hy way ot
apologv, (or carrying the gun, intimated that in Chicago a year ago
be hnd been inlormed that when he
bml upwards nl $50 on his person
he was at liberty tn carry a revolver.    Police    Magistrate Ryan   ad-
What sunshine la to (lowers, amiability is to the family. Cross
looks and    cross words    dwsrt and
Double 10' concrete    arch culvert, .t.rvnih. ..,,,u „i"iiml. .7ZHI* ,7J
mileage 25.5, Uggaa section.       .   •,"•"• «ie souls ol those around us.
Concrete abutments lor steel span, ~~~~
mileage 117.6, Laggan section. j   In these days ol scramble and rush
Concrete   abutments lor steel span  we often    wish that the boys would
ments lor steel    span, mileage 65.7  ln *•"   oM    UUn no"0. "Festtas
I 67.2.
leoW'-hast-en slowly.       Scores   d
young men arc betrayed into imprudence by their Impetuosity. Tbey
nre always in haste and always d.s
How olten the leelings arc hurt,
the heart almost broken liy an unkind word spoken at a III...*, perhaps, when the heart was hungry lor
kindness and low. The tongue has
lieen the weapon with Which loved
ones have hceii driven out into the
world to seel, for what should tn* the
rightful portion ol earth's children—
kind and loving words. On lhe
other hand, many a heartbroken
creature has entered into the Until.*
of life with renewed efforts, uued on
by kind words ol encouragement
"Have faith." Unhcllcl is the
most unsettled and unstable tiling in
Hie. Lack ol faith in one another
leads to a life ol suspicion, selfishness, without sympathy and congeniality; it destroys tlie germ ol happiness, wrecks peace and clouds tbe
sunshine of lite. It estranges hearts
that were made tn love, and severs
unions that have been declared that
"man should not put asunder." No
words mean more to home, happiness snd heaven, than these, "De not
laitbless, bat believing." THE   CHANKKOOK   HICHAM)
t*< at*,
875« n
re yi us mud
not merely
cough thoroughly i
fir good and always,
cough remed'
•OSSHioli I .-.a***"
,s*iH»i.*s syniit*
it T»rS rod II it n,I
Urie Bottle sic
ll.,* ,il IS r,iiv,lrr. IJc,
1 mil all 0..-.1.1—
ien s byrup is a cure,
eviative. it cures the
nd permanently—
It docs this because
it is the only cough remedy that leaves
tlie system strengthened. No other remedy
is the same nor can luiye the same
reniaikabki trativejicuicr. A few doses
thecough, One bottle gene-
it when taken in time, Do
let rei ledics, I let the best.
Mathieu's Syrup strengthens
the vitality ol'
will reliev
rally cure
not try o
lhe lungs
the whole
Give ii I..
nnd hti/r.'s ii/i
vour children ■
I*.   nun
lien jot
It will
Win n fevoilsln
the grenl I.
The headache, I
J. I.. HA
ii  off,
AAJaJLj«U L..f ljj
Ol 'tbt- and Cod Liver OJi
i ., etnnp I'll    !.   *   l.llrl    Ml I hint'.  '-' n
li, lie   remcilv,   .*, *   nl'. ,':**..  with   Math:
, nclle   ml lever. ill n
IIC .' *.   I , Peons,
■ l Inntnutly vanish.
HSBBtflaaetsstBmxJk"'  "** ~'■'•"•"■■< ifir,'*;-""'' jmi&mi
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j The wedding day has not vet boon
.set, but iii aliout flvo years—It may
ibe a few months cariicr nr a few
months later—the Canal Zone will
( ny the scene of an Impressive core-
'nioiiy; tin- i-ivjli/.i'il world will look
on with intense interest while a re-
|prosontativo of llic greatest republic
of history speaks the words which
will soli'iuiii/.f tho union of the
world's grdatcst oceans through the
most stupendous engineering enterprise in the annals of time
It is a pity that the work can nol
he completed by September 25, iui-1—
tlie four hundredth anniversary ol
tlie day when Balboa sealed Culcbra
hill ami looked down upon lhe placid
waters of the Pacific; but that is
too much i" expect, although under
very favorable conditions, ships may
cross the isthmus by the (our hundred aud first anniversary.
After one lias been here a few
days and lias fell the growing enthusiasm which the project arouses, litem understand how the idea ol a
canal at this point has for nearly
four centuries haunted the minds id
As early as 1520 the king of Spam
caused a survey of the Isthmus lo
lie made with a view to tho construction of a canal, but a successor
lo the throne became alarmed lest it
might inure to the benefit of othei
nations and the enterprise was dis-
couraged until lhe eighteenth century.
While Balboa, Plz'arro and Gonzales were speculating about u canal
at Panama and llaiien, Cortcz was
looking for an international route
farther north and reported favorably
on the advantages of Tehauirtepcc,
Two and a half centuries later the
NIcaraugua route was Investigated
and from that time unlil Do Lesscps
began digging in IH.S2, tho plan of
joining the oceans was urged with
increasing force ami frequency by the
representatives of different nations.
Survey followed survey, plan followed
plan, and report followed report,
Americans and French leading in the
wnrk ol investigation.
The discovery of sold in California
quickened interest in a route through
or across tlie Isthmus ami iu ls"i"»
an American company completed a
railway from Colon to Panama, following the general line of the present
canal. It is not surprising that this
line was profitable, notwithstanding
the ilillicultii's attending its construction. It may moderate our
indignation at tlie extortion some-
limes practised by railroads in llie
United states, to know that at one
time the Panama road charged twenty-five dollars for carrying a passenger across the Isthmus, or about
fifty cents per mile, and even went to
the extreme of making a track-walker pay ten dollars for the privilege of
going on foot!
The railroad now belongs to out
government and is operated under
the canal commission, first class
passage being reduced to five cents
Iter mile, and freight to about one
dollar and fifty cents to three dollars and fifty cuts per ton.
In considering the canal, the subject naturally divides itself into two
parts—tlie physical canal that is, the
actual work of construction, and the
commercial canal, Including the In-
fiuence, direct or Indirect, wliich it
is likely to exert ou trade and civilization.' I shall observe t'.iis division
and consider the construction of tbe
caha) in this article, leaving to the
next the discussion of the project as
a part of our nation's contribution
to the world's welfare.
I find myself substituting the word
"large" for the word "great" In
describing the canal—it is really a
simple enterprise, multiplied until it
amazes one by its bigness. It iu-
rotves the ' dredging of a canal
through swamps aud out into tbe
oceans; the building ol locks and
dams and the cutting down ol hills.
but  these things are not new.
We are deepening harbors all the
time; here wc extend the harbors
mc distance Inland—but the principle is the s.i.n We have built
hundreds of locks and dams; these
the largest in the world, but a
lock is a lock and a dam is a dam.
We are excavating constantly; the
Culcbra cui is gigantic in dimensions
inn it differs from others only in
the time necessary and the money
The dredging will fake out eighty-
five million cubic yards of earth, the
welve locks will contain four and   a
half million cubic   yards of concrete
mid   the    steam   shovels will remove
seventy-eight     million    cubic   yards
from  ' the   cut,    but it is purely a
roblcm In     mat hematics.      That  it
an be done and will be done, no one
an doubt who will inspect the work,
(tf the sixteen miles of canal     between the locks ami deep water more
than half the distance has been dredged; of ihe dirt to  be removed from
the cut more than half is gone,   the
locks are   well     under way and the
fiat un dam is rising*
Tbe sea level canal is generally
called the ideal canal and vet tn be
leal a canal must tit into its surroundings and a sea level canal
would not fit into the conditions
The tnlal length of the canal is
fifty miles. From the Atlantic ocean
In Ihe CS.itnn locks, a distance nl
si'ien miles, a channel five hundred
feci wide is being dredged. Thi:
channel is forty-nine feet deep at
mean tide—the tide varying but eighteen Inches on the Atlantic side.
At Ont un n dam is being thrown
across the Chagrcs river, which will
raise the water tn a licieht of clirh-
tv-five feet above sea level. This
dam is the only feature nf the canal
which rivals the Culcbra cut in interest. Advantage is taken of two
hills, one nt the east side, through
which the locks nre built and one In
the center through which the snill-
wiiv passes. The dam itsolf will be
seven thousand five hiuidr'-d feet long.
The concrete dam Ht the spill-way
will be surmounted bv steel sates
which will control the lake level and
giro protection a'fttest all nossihle
floods. The flat tin dam will, when
completed, create n lake With a surface area of one hundred and sixty-
fo-'i- smiare miles.
The ca'inl rims for nhout twentv-
Ibree miles thrnueli t*'is lal'c and
hn* a Imftntii width of one thousand
feet for sixteen miles, a width of
Mtrhleon lu'mlred feet tor four miles
and n width of live hundred feat for
three miles. The canal varies from
eighty to forty tool In depth along
thi:;   section nud    rcqircH hut eleven
million yards of oxuuvaUoii, of
which oul)1 [out million yards remain
to be taken out.
This lake also furnishes an anchor-
ago basin of fourteen hundred acre.,
and the fresh water will rid the
ships of barnacles anil otlier bcu
Tbis lake, formed by the Chagrcs
river, answers scu-ral purposes; It
supplies all the water needed for the
IoCaS and for the general ion of electric power; it Buves an enormous
amount of nigging ami, most important of all, converts the Chagrci
from a menace into an invaluable
ally. At present its Hoods are the
terror of tlio Canal Zone, but when
it pours its raging torrents into a
great lake, it will be harmless. Al
its maximum it can npi raiso tho
level of the lake more than two tee'.
and ihe lake level can be lowered to
receive ihe Hoods when the rainy
season  begins
Tire Culebra cut presenl i the most
diiheult problem—at least the problem which has been most discussed.
Kor more I bun nine miles the canal
runs through a range of hills where
the excavating exceeds one hundred
feel iu depth and is, at llic present
point, five hi-mired ami I utiv-four
feet  deep       The bottom width of the
canal throughout this section is throe
hundred Teet, exieuihd to flvo hundred feet at curves. The French began their work on the canal al tlto
highest point, but the cresl ol the
ridge is narrow and then plans contemplated a width of only seventy-
two feet.
When Ihe American c mission entered upon the task .hue was a
prism containing seven.\ eight million cubic yards of earth and stone
to lie removed, hut such satisfactory
progress has liebn made lhat the sum
has already been reduced in thlrty-
eiglil  millions.
This cut is a hive of Industry; some
are drilling and blasting some are
operating immense steam shovels,
some are hauling long trains lo the
dumps and still otheis are moving
tracks, running levels, etc., etc Tbe
dirt trains contain from eighteen to
thlrtv cars and one hundred ami for-
tv-seven trains are loaded dally in
the cut. The unloading is dime hy
means of a steam plow and hut seveii
minutes is required to unload a train.
Then a steam spreader comes along
[ind scatters the dirt and a track
lifter follows and moves the track
over whenever necessary.
A Compensation Act tor workmen
has been introduced bv the .Manitoba
royal commission, It provides for
com pen sa lion from the employer
where a man is injured in the course
of his regular employment and is
disabled for more than two weeks.
It also provides for an Indemnity for
fatal cases.
A new world-combine to be Known
as "The United States of tile World"
with the object of an international
union und permanent world peace, is
now under way at the instance of
the World's Federation League.
Among its plans is an International
court to be in charge of a union
navy for common defence,
"A world-wide scheme of philanthropy, stupendous in its scope," is
being'worked out by John i). Rockefeller, the oil king, hy which he proposes to give away liis immense ior-
lune for the betterment of mankind.
A bill has been Introduced in the
t . S. Senate, providing for "The
Rockefeller Foundation," by which
the work will be organized and carried into effect. Mr. Rockefeller has
already spent $53,000,000 in educational work, besides oilier enormous
sums for missionary work at home
ami in foreign lands.'
Among "the dying nations" M.
Rerie l.avnlle, a French writer nf
high repute and a keen observer, has
classed bis own nation. He knows
his fellow countrymen well and declares emphatically that his people
arc a decaying race. The hopeful
thing iu his unwelcome estimate is
that he fearlessly uncovers the real
cause of the nations rapid degeneracy.
This mav prove half tin remedy, lie
specifics the causes: increasing" sensuality, diminishing birthrate,
growth of drunkenness, and the loss
if spiritual ideals—a havoc-working
combination, tho.' A wider open-
door of hope for llic nation is suggested bv a recent Review editorial:
There is a remarkable siiiii of revival
growing out of the separation of the
church, hnlh Human Catholic and
Protestant, fn in tbe state.
There is a remarkable movement nf
.Jews from all parts of the world into Palestine. Tens of thousands
have already settled in the Holy
Land, whoso plains and valleys, including the richest properties, are
being bought up hv Jewish hankers
and siiydicates* Modem farming
methods, homes, schools, synagogues
and hospitals are transforming the
country into a garden nf plentv. This,
the result of llic new Turkish constitution ami open door. Tbe .Jews,
world-wide, are organized tn purchase their old hoina land "ns an
everlasting possession." Tbey have
the means in cash ami International
political Influence    The forecasts   id
nliirles ago arc now rapidly taking
Fully nine out of every ten cum*
nf rheumatism is simply rheumatism
of the muscles due to cold nr damp,
or chronic rheumatism, neither nf
which require nny internal treatment. All that is needed tn afford
relief is the free application of
Chamberlain's Liniment. Give it a
trial. Vou are certain to be pleased with lhe quick nliet which it
affords. Snld by all druggists and
dealers. 1-tf
After a debate which lasted Binco
February 8 and which has produced j
nver one hundred hours of speech-
making by some eighty members, of !
whom a little over half are members
of the opposition and which constitutes one of the longest discussions I
mi any one subject in the history ofi
parliament, the vote on tbe opposition amendment to the naval bill I
which provides for the establishment
of a Canadian navy Involving an j
Immediate building programme of
eleven vessels with an expenditure oil
some $12,000,000 on construction and
organization account and an annual J
expenditure of something over
$3,000,000 for maintenance, was taken iu tbe commons shortly after mid-
nlghl  of Thursday last.
The supporters of the govcrhmenl
lined up solidly for the hill. Every
member on the government side of'
the house who was able to be present
cast liis vole against both opposition
amendments, Mr. Monk's amendment providing fur a plebiscite "I
the eleotors beforo the country was
committed to anv naval policy was
defeated hy a vole of 178 to is, and
Ml, Hi*Mini's am: ml men I was turned
down bv a vote of l.i.1 to 71. Messrs.
Blomlln, Lorllo, Forgot, Paquot,
Nanlel ami Clare deserted their leader and voted against his amendment
Mr. Monk did not vole,
When the vote nu the main (jliestlon
al the second reading nf ibe lull was
aboul to be taken Mr. Nortlirup, of
tbe opposition front benches, asked
that the vote hi- deferred until Friday, Sir Wilfrid Laurier courteously
consenting, noting that if the opposition members did not think they
could do themselves justice then be
bad no objection to giving them a
little more time.
A final and despairing cITorf the
iii-xt day on Ibe part of the opposition tn evolve a semblance nf party
unity from the chaos which has prevailed within their ranks since tbe
inception of tlie government's, naval
policy served only to emphasize ihe
hopeless position In which they have
placed themselves on the iiuesti'on of
naval defence, and lhe united Strength
of the governnienl.
After another day's talk much of
which was wearisome repetition of a
now familiar tale. Mr. Northrup's
eleventh hour amendment, Intended to
weld tbe various elements iu the. opposition together, was defeated by
ll" to 7N, a government majority of
II, and immediately afterward the
naval service bill was given its second  reading hy the same majority.
The contortions performed by Mr
Uordcn nud bis following since March
of last year1 were capped bv the extraordinary position assumed bv
Mr. Xorthrup with the consent of bis
leader. For five weeks- the opposition has been shouting their loyalty
from the house lops and prating
d a dire emergency demanding immediate action on the part nf Canada, and yet thev saw no inconsistency in putting forward an amendment which not onlv nullified their
previous policies, hut which was intended to postpone Indefinitely anv
practical step toward naval defence
on the part of the Dominion.
It was not necessary for a single
Liberal member to expose the absurdity    of   lln-   opposition's     latest
move. That was very effectively
done bv one of their own associates.
W. F. Mclean, who, in a speech of ro*
freshing candor told the so-ealhtl Im-
jierialist parly what he thought of
their short-sighted and unpatriotic
attitude. After declaring that he
was entirely mil of sympathy with
all ihe amendments emanating ' from
ihe opposition, tin- member f«.r South
York showed his contempt for the
party to wliich he is allied by staving away from the division. The
climax of absurdity in the Conservative position was reached when Mr*
Nortlirup, who fathered the amendment to give the bill the six months'
hoist, gravely announced that Canada bad no right to build aud control a navy of her own," and sm;-
gested that before emharkimr upon
such a course the question should be
submitted to the supreme court.
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What the Laws Say
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lhe people, tbe people want protection,
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Canada medicinal and toilet preparations compounded by expert chemists
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NA-DRU-CO Preparations that ««
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II wc put lha Trade Mark on one dp
in . ■■:.*. .      proceeded to i ilvcrtise
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foi   copli will
not keen on bi ;*.:■   unrel     1      da
Mull i.. ci for quality
by ovei .   red and you It ive our
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.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^,^^^,^^^5^55?^.^^^,^^^^^^^^^^^^ TILE   CHANHKOOK   HERALD
(A True Story]
rliilil. llhiil. In Hn. .V
.Ml llltflit"
ND when w» -iiilk'il dim oul of tlio tldckot
lu> wan ns ' ilch wild burrs im u cushion
with  pins,"  laughed  .Mt'iririf.   "Seldom
have I m-i-i. „ sorrier sight Ih; stoi.ii there
ruefully plucking tlto clinging things frora
Mm. Hut li would tiiiva tnkoii tin If a day to get l bom
nil loose, lie looked for nil the world like n rut
country mot) (iml In u rusty plough coat."
Tin1 company Inuglicd loud nml long, it was in n
condition fur eitsy laugbler nml tbe picture buiii-
moncd up by the spenkcr »vns much to its liking in
tlie provnlllng mood,
"There Is n ctttastroplio fur a horseman such at
Hook would have us liclit've lie Is." remarked Marrow. "Why, since he on tlio "ii furlough n week ngo
wo hnve board nothing mil bow ho cluttg to tbe saddle
during sore mischance or rwlo so mau.v tongues without dismounting, or tnmed a Dory mount thut had
loon despaired of by tlio mosl masterful."
"Ob, 'tis naught to the discredit: of the gallnnt
Major." said Merrick. 'Wlm lias not been unhorsed
nt some tiino on a hot chase? I did tint say that hi*
rut n most laughable figure."
"And woll It serves hi in," persisted Harrow, while
smile and murmur applauded, -No doubt Major
Hook Is a most fearless and worthy officer. Hut X
strikes me ns most fitting lhat pal upon his easy
boasts he should have had a fall. Itlght well would I
have liked to see it."
"It was woll worth the viewing, -so neatly and completely was he transformed," said Dick North. "What
did not add io bis pence of mind was that Elizabeth
Winn rode close behind tilin and was a witness to hU
discomfiture. KIIz.iIm-iIi.asked hlm-poiitely If he was
hurt and In making anavtor he fnwd mid fumed like
a man with a hundred (westings U|sin him."
Another shoul gi.etnl this additional bit of-color
"There you have given Ills real w mml." said Barrow. "Kl Ism both saw in.' fall? 1*11 wager he was In
fighting temper at that. !t is hard enough that ne
should plunge into a thin-jet of thorns, but that he
should suffer such misfortune under his lady's eye
was the very mntlctoustl <s of evil f.Mo"
"Lot ns mil htm sir Burr ni My Lord Thlitle, or
some snch title tb.it sliall serve to remind bim of the
matter," broke In Citnton Wright. "Tor myself, I hnve
found his large moiiilifiils .>r self-praise most difficult
to endure"
"It would not he well to enrry the joke too far."
snld Merrick, wbo was some year-; older than the
rest of the company. "Ho fa. after all. ;i man well respected ami reported. M ireover. lie is ibe guest ef the
Merrlwells. and I would nol hnve him say that the
folk of Queen Anne county lack In hospitality."
Hut Wright pounded iili (K'Wter mug upon tlie (Abb
"tt has never heeii said, nor Should li ever be. teal the
fulk nf Queen Xnne county Inek in spirit, oiiiicr." he
said. "He comes here, n snlon soldier nnd swings
the high head above us mightily, i nave no quarrel
with ihe man. imt I mnsi confess thai I should like to
! r his pride i lilt."
Harrow led tho applause at Ibis assertion, ind h
was plain tbnl no ureal lore for Mri^r Hooft held the
hearts of Ibe young, bird vUir.-a.. harder drinking
aristocrats of the ncighh
Merrick, who wns mere an Mom, tircndr regret to"
the success of Ills tale n. il sought to mum ibe •urr-n!
Elizabeth Winn.
'Tome, Mnsli r Clinton i think i »
pinches.   Perhaps, now, v:
bravo Major n trifle too mil li
you. ehY
"What Miss IJIIintwi i i - In i ear •■ tlir-e
to Is none of ni) Inleres*.' said CHut}>h -1...1M. tlu-h
Ing n little :u the rend? ntigh linn -vent ar.iuud 'lis
tiilile ai bis exiiense "if kbe prefer*, lie added, with
a sneer, "to tide oacli uiorulng with an i-semi who
may Ih- drop|tcd Into an) wuystde bp«h it I- «i" prlvl
lege. The point Is that the fellow his provrd '.mseif
empty ami ridiculous In liH sinn-cit Hid that ■•■■ need
no longer swallow It."
Sucb was tils slalom mm* bill ns he wns riding over
to town the following morning in- rave iippnr*mi prwtf
of a more complicated .ttlludc owa ■■ tbe 'slt-r
Tor mi iho road he passed JKaJnr llnnk nn his hai
mare cantering by tho «J.- -f KlbiaMh Winn, .iiid lis
f row nod angrllj Hook noswercd ns *tUJ salute ipibe
as stltlly ami Uu- girl respniitcd «Mb i ph-awim nml
The l»revlt> uf lnr greeting spurred smut- thought
In him, for a short distance beyond tbt-a- in' pnt'ecl lip
sharply In a cloud of dibit, wboehd and >in.'g<>il Pi
pursuit, "oh. Miss v\ nu,' lie railed with ninlber
11 ml still stllTer nckuowlcdgiifeiil of Me* em I ma of
Hook, "may I bavoa Word -villi youy
Mir ilauced at bliu ii ■ sunirlse hi tho request,
but Major II*"-!*. hwlaDtlj drew off In one side ".Vint
H li, I'llnioiiV" sin' asked, Willi ns|wrlU
"1 only waitttil lo know Wbuthgr ypU are Wlltltig tn
th-onuipaiiy pie lo the I'arious' dniiet) (o*nlgbii" he
hihwired, iwllcblng bis boot uneasily.
"What a sin.- boy you are. riiuum.' she n us wend
with reddened cbcefc "to *u>r* me ou tin- roil'J ami Id-
undo such a question. I said t would go with vou
full two Weeks ago."
"I—l thought you mlgbl have changed your mint!."
be answered, sullenly, looking away.
"bid yon? Well, had you made many such exhi'd*
(Ions as this In the meanwhile I might very weP hive
done so. However. I suppose It Is to» In'e now'
Willi a quick turn she JeHly brought m-r bnek to him
and a moment later was mice more at the -Ide tir
Mujor Hook, leaving Cltllttll lu a very unpleasant
frame of mind to lake what COhlfol In might from
ber parting phrase.
He resumed his course al a mad gallop as Mi.- most
available means of roll whig the BjDinuWbnl confused
but aone the less nnlllfnl emotions that he now ear
rled with bim.   l-'or more I ban a year be bad been
§r **■*-*- r rn'mm $j - 'fsm
fi ■ 'l /■'>.*
further discussion onaniisiary
demand satisfaction."
Hook looked the Agora Of his
scornfully. "Whaty he cried.
anco tn consider yourself entltl
laughed,   "lie
turn to
opponent up ami down
"Vnil pare the .is<i:r*
■d to a ireetltm':"    lie
•kerel Count yourself
lucky, my youthful friend, that I did not dust your
Jacket more thoroughly."
"Will you fight?" asked Clinton, steadily.
"I do uot tight with children." said n.^.k
"Then  perhaps ttiat   will  make you." said Clinton.
Before any member <*f the surprised (roup eoultl make
a move he picked tip a tankard half full of ale from
Ibe table aud threw tb< ulents Into Hook** face
Tbe next instant the company had divided, half
swarming about ca.-h belligerent Hook, sp uttering
ami wrathful, was forced from tbo Inn nnd Clinton
was held there until iho nther bad been escorted to i
■afe distance.
"You'll have your hands full. Clinton,'  snld Borrow,
stinking his head.
The Day of Conflict.
■ hope so." returned Clloton
"Will yon
t*d in his new found
came the tra.e voice
the accepted and favored
In some mysterious way
analysis he M-eimM to h.n
the last tveek I.mo had
Struck a  shrvud rlir hut
•avalier of Elisabeth Winn.
quite beyond his power ot
c lost ail nis ground within
iUlTered ami initio had been
t moment before.   All tot*
a spirited and a lovable ami a mettlesome boy.   Hoy he    fall In witb.   His present sture of temper found a «'
. jthne
•  RlVtll
was intengelj galling, aud '>ui one mei was now clear
belore him. Major Rook was the solo cause of It
all.   He had decided that during the rtcenl Incident
Rlliabeth had her nwn 'erslori of the sltuaHon
whleb -in. confided to ber sister while they were pre
paring for the dance inn evening.
"I hope nintou will wear that new black SUll of
his." snld Hetty, pensively, after Important matters
<»r rosettes ami slippers and lace had been setiwi. 'it
adds three yean* to tits rge, ■ ueclntv and mils won
dprrnlly In dlstln^tlm i dignity."
"I am n.>f greatlv Intenwted In what Clinton wears."
retnr I Kiixaheih. tartly,
A   Presumptuous Boy.
"Well: Hero N' news IndeedI" exclaimed the elder.
"What is wrong now between yon nnd Clinton?"
■t know of nothing that is right." said Elltnbeth.
"lie is iiii pi -Datum) am! a most presumptuous '--v    I
regret lhat I should have allowed myself to lie seen so
much iii liis company. He has becc inlte unbearable,"
".Mart eK and marvels!    Wlial has he been up l"V"
"Why. It Is his maniier since .Major Hook has I n
here. I am io no way bound to Clinton Wright. I can
recall no anlhnrity that ho holds upon mv act Inns    lu
-..in.' t i nnd stupid mood he took a bitter dislike to
i jt*■ Major and baa lieen most rude in treatment of him
whenever we bnve chained in lie together,
"Nor Is Hint all. Last nlghl. while sluing In an Inn
with leiinhi •oinpjuiioiiH in> microd utoal dweourteotia
remarks eoneernlug Major Hook 'Chore was a mishap
in tin- hunt, as you may have beard: sin li a one ns any
rider t- likely to hnve, ami Clltiloti made it ihe basis
t< i sldrting comment,   li was all repented to me,"
"Then   ll   was   true   ihal   tlio  gallaui   Major   went
srr.iodiiiiig in a brier busbr naked Motty, sfyly,
l,llral',-tir» clear blue I'ji',*. siiti|ipii|.   "What  IbouV
An nreldenl in the Held is nothing for horsemen, or
in i-cwooii-ii either, lo laugh ai"
"Perhaps ho never bad lime In acquire skin in baud*
ling hoi'srs, tii-iug occupied with military matters,"
siuvesird Hetty, Willi an artless nil-.
"I ban vet- know n you so pi naturcd, Hetty." snld
her slater, with some warmth. ".Major Hook Is a mail
nml ii subtler, lie sun service during the lute wm
wlih limit Hiltiiln, ami If lie never look purl iu nn
engagement b was m>i because he did ma do his duty
ami follow order*. He surely proved ids courage as
triilv as nni*i of our friends who stayed ul home."
"Hill what has (his to do with Clinton) He was loo
young to make even a picture soldier, so you eaiiimt
bold bim at a disadvantage there."
"Tmi young! There is tlie phrase, Holly, be Is a
wilful and a wayward child. He la ks true restraint
and |n ll-.li I wonder a I myself that I should tune
been so long iu discovering It. He talks I.l behind the
bin k of a gem Ionian who is eminently his superior Pi
nil tilings iii.it make for merit. That armies that be
Is not uhlr a boor, Imt something cnwnrdl/, I am determined tn • nil our friendship to an end."
"UltxalH'th. yoU are wrong," snld Helly. derisively,
Miming her daik eyes liism her sister will a rewtlll
thui ns gn'itl as ihe younger had shown. "I kimW
nothing to Hn- ills mill of Major Hunk, but Clinton l-
is. I grant, and be Is n boy with whom we have grow
Up. He loves you nnd I mn nol ready to say you do
■ml love him. Surely, u week ago ihere was little
doubt of It. You have allowed the attentions of an
old«T iimn. n stranger to our people aud our community,
to (am your bend. I can see the trace of his own siig-
iuis In your words.   You will he sorry If you allow
den relief and be gathered tbe burrs until he hold n    fii,l]Uli, !(i. ;inil. remained ereel ai bis mark,
ball of them as large as his fist.   Then he returned W
the Inn.
The company.was seated as usual about the huge
round table," where pipes and tankards were served.
Clinton took up his stand nt the fireplace, whore he
leaned carelessly.   In; this position  be was directly
this now fancy to interpose a permanent obstacle be-   back of Major Hook, who was holding forth eloquently
en you mid Clinton."
"Heigh-ho," said Blhiabeth, who hnd suddenly regained her composure. "That is quite enough for
once, Hetty."
"Very well/' answered Hetty. "But unless this nf*
fair has gone further than I think I am fairly sure
how you would choose tf Instant choice lay between
"You may he sure of one thing. 1 should never
choose one who was not manly and courageous and
Worthy," said Elisabeth,   "And I'll leave you to guess
who lhat may be."
The Lash of Words.
If Clinton had been bewildered nnd hurt hy the
change In Blhtabetb. he was rendered finite desperate
ami hopeless by her treatment of him while they were
together lu the coach on the «ii.i to the dance. She
answered him shortly, and when he strove to over-
eome her cnprlolousueaa she opimsed so many start*
Mug defences to his overtures tbnl he found his sole
safety In retreat am) alienee.
"1 take this m.i*i unkindly of you. Klhmheth." he
said, as the swaying vehicle was tacking up to tbe
Piirton door.
"Take It as you like. Clinton." she answered, "and
ir lliere i" nny matter I particularly deteal it Is in bear
a whine."
Me lumped at the lash of words ami said no more.
Once inside he kept mil of her wny as much ns posst-
hie. nursing bis bitterness,   it irtesy be could do
uu less than go through a minuet with her and he
paced the sIciH lu oomo fashion,   After that, though
he was Kloils thai his m-u t■: irk SUll became him
remarkably, he suikeiUu ihu imrkgmuud ami would
nol neeepl Ihe cot comfort nffrml him hy kindlier
maids,    Meanwhile she danced frequently With Hook,
It was worst- when be look lier home    He sought
his own corner of the conch and ul mU trying t"
banish from his mind the Insistent ihotiBhl <>r her
soft, tiliiiy draiwrlea that t -bed ids hand, tb.- pres*
sure «-f her shoulder win-n a Inrrh threw her toward
him. l-'or a moment, boron- Hn-.- reached ber home, be
i bought she had relented. Clie made some ensual remark ami Im answered eagerly.   Itut hi* t mod
io tiring bark ail her Irritation ami he subsided in
one nf his negro servants had ridden bis favorite
horse as an escort, and after the Winn mauslon was
reaelud be ordered the coach boi npty and Hung
himself Into ihe saddle. He made the distance to the
inn tit a reckless pace ami sel himself to a bout with
the brown ale in iwtulani resolve todruwit his trouble-*.
Hut evep here, it seemed. Ills evil genlils mutt loi
low. He was no more than Well settled With -i group
uf congenial roiiugsiers than Major Ifook entered the
place with .Merrick.   He airs,- limned lately nud left
the lun.   um Id the t I nl'-hi nir once more, he win
under MmI whether la bewail ids lol to the stars or err
ai random with Ids sorrow, Starling off III rough a
Held, he forced through n growth of dried nud crackling bushes Hmmi till tig his sinkings nfur the encounter, ho discovered thn he had necuinulnlcd a
iiumlur of burrs thai clung tenaciously In Ihe silk
As he began to r» ne Ihem n madcap notion seised
him, a humor such ns an underbred schoolboy might
on some subject of politics •and had taken no notice ■ f
his entrance. Peeling; off one of the burrs from tbe
hall. Clinton shot It with n flick of his forefinger and
h lodged on Hook's back. (No one was watching snd
the Major wns unconscious «f the tiny Impact Clinton continued to shout Id* spitruiU-s** missiles until tbey
had gathered like a swarm of Insects between Hooks
shoulders He took much Satisfaction from Ibe result.
but it was necessary! thai] the victim should lie Informed,
"Ob, Major Hook, he sold rnrelessiy, "yoni servant has neglected to remove all the traces of your
ml snd ven I u re from your clothing. I perceive."
Hook turned aroundiwltfi a frown.
"Did vou address me, sir?"
"I did." rejoined Clinton. "I snld It was erldent
vour servant took small pains with your attire. Y"'i
still benr with you the marks of your Into accident
ou the bunting Held."
A Lesson in Breeding.
In turning tbe gallant Mnjor had brought bis back
to tbe company so that tls- layer of burrs was pre-
sented to general view. No open comment upon his
mishap hnd yet Iwen made, but those who bore some
little III will against him found an opportunity here '••
let him know that they understood tho full rah '
the Joke. The ripple of laughter left Hook white
and furious. Putting Up a luiml. be discovered Hie
malicious trick that had m-i. played upon hll.i He
left the table and walked over 1" Clinton, riding will»
lu hand. .
"There are some pranks that rail for a lesson  In
hr Hug." he said tensely, and reaching out a baud
he caught Clinton by tht shoulder.
Ti oinpanv fell InntJuitly stlenl and Merrick and
others start.d from their places    "By your leave.
Major." said Merrhk hastily, with a court i- nml
deprecatory gesture. "I Inist yon will nol nil ■«
vour verv natural Indignation to run to extremes
Clinton bus been guilty of a UM) thoughtless and ii ■■
worthy offence, l am certain that be will render all
necessary apologies,"
The falling of Hook's band i poll his s| d.-r bad >'i
effect u,hin Clinton's petu nnt Mission -t- sudden a- tin-
swoop of an lev shown1 ulna a heated runner N-*
si.kiI erect, facing Hook quietly, aware of the rblhl
Itbliess and liml taste Of bis  iffr-mi.   He saw Im	
dlillely that It should he III- part us a grnih-m.i '
lo make mil apology. Hut w die Morrh-k W'.a* S|ieak-
lug HiH.k's whip was curling III IRe air. " I Iff I-.*
needs n switching," cried the Major.
••stop:   Don'l strike:'* shouted several, and Mr*
rick leaped forward just loo la c to i rcept ti.
lug blow about Cllnton'a neck aJid shoulders.
■•Now he's done it." brentb.Hl North, for lie
RWtfl glimpse of Clinton's blaaltlg eyes    The !a-l 	
un- had wrought It.s iraiisfoninlloli In Ihe Imoafitv
youth    Under liml stroke tin- tears of bopimfd f-it
away and he felt nnd knew   he power of hood.
ready, romrulled nnd tiro. Ili-threw iff Itnuk ■> grasp
with a slight cfforl and stepped back, speaking in low
even tones
■■Thii will do. Major Hook." ho said, "t w is quite
r,.adv to make the pro|wr repnrattott,   Vour tuipinise
 iv  heedb-slioss Is. ol COUWie, BtUll its maKos Uil
"I sincere!
act for me, Tom
Ami Barrow, who had nol unite adjusted himself
to this new- Clinton Wright, made baste to consent
The mutual feeling of the adversaries would not
permit tbe matter to rest over night. Within nn
hour Merrick came riding back as Hook's representative, bearing a formal challenge and per-«onnll.v
most Chagrined over the affair. He. too, had failed
to gauge the full Importance of tbe change in Clinton
nml undertook to berate 'din for his Impetuosity.
Clinton stopped him sharplj
"I will ask vou to remember, Mr Merrick." he
said, "that your business I* to confer with Mr. North
I am quite capable of censoring my own actions wl ■
ever occasion arises."   Merrick stared *u bim a moment nml then decided that be bad i-v-i hold his peace.
Jus: at daybreak on November 19, 1810, Clinton and
his second left the lun nnd rode to a ciearlug ul tbe
top of a low bill some two miles distant, which had
been chosen a* tbe place of meeting. They arrived
to Snd Hook, Merrick am! a surgeon of the netghlior-
bood watting for them. The ground was quickly
paced and marked, the pistols loaded and the two men
took up their posit   us
Thev were placed ten feet apart. Hook had i mn«l
his uniform ar.-I mad.- a handsome mnrtl.il lenre as
be sto<sl "raiting for the word. Clinton stiii wore
the bl.-Kk suit In which be had attended the dance.
as It soeniofl to him. ages spO. He wns perfectly
calm bis t.rsin was abnormally clear and be eon-
centrated bis thought with purposeful Intensity up""
the right breast of bis enemy To Barrow and Merrick he was a total stranger. 1" Hook he w*< -hi Impudent, presuming lad who must be taught hi
ners. Within himself he rej.
"Are you ready, gentlemen.
of Merri'k.
"1 am ready." said Clinton.
-Ready." -aid Hook.
"Presentr    Both daclllsts  raised  their  wenpooe
to n level.   Tnere  was uniblog to "I «e  between
them In steadiness   i •! deliberation of aim.
■•Fire:   Oner	
Tin-  pistols  spoke   with  n   single  rolce.   Clinton
rVM  Ida arm extended a  moment, then dropped It
with a groan and sank limply m the ground.   Hook.
■in,! in, d erect ai bis
Barrow ami Ihe surgeon hurried to tbe wounded
man and found that the ballet bad passed through
his side He was In great poln, but retained full poa-
nesodon of bis f- cultles
"Barrow." be said, faintly, "I demand another
"Impnoslbfe. Clinton." rerurned his second, bending
over biro. "V..ti are nol able to go farther with the
affair." .    ..
■I demand another shot. Barrow.' repeated Clinton Bercelv. "Carry that rocMage i«. Book. My proposal is that »<■■ be placed side by side oa tbe ground
while we lire again "
Barrow had no choice but to furry the request of
hi- principal to Merrick, wbo comtnuulcated it to
Hook. After some minutes Barrow came back with
the answer.
"Hook i* willing lo glre you another shol ir you
nre able lo stand.    Very properly. I think, lie n-fiis.-*
i„ fall In with yonr suggentl f fighting a prostrate
HBarrow." snhl Clloion. "feel in my coat poeket,
Harrow olieyed and drew oul n large Iwndans baud-
kerchief.   "There i- a -p-ui sapling Just back ot us.*
eontlnned Clinton     'Vou nnd tbe surgeoi  must prop
  nirsliisi It aid secure me In an upright position
wiib that handkerchief.   I'll bavi another shot at any
Cost "
aghast,  "il\4  \n   uu-
ukly. "have I got tu
st lug-
bad n
"Bui. Clinlito." sakl Barrow,
bi'ard of.    Von are mad."
"pamn o.n." sakl Clinton, we
tight you too'      l»o what 1 tell •
Barrow dared offer no farther objection and, win,
tin- asulsinu f Ihe surgeon, dragged bis principal to
the tree. Bj (tasslng tin- handkerchief onder Cllu^ou'a
arm" they were side to support him, tut if leaning, half
hanging, «n ibat his feel touched tbe ground Book
wati ii,',i these preiairatlona with a frown. He bad
given hi- answer with He- full belief that his sdver<
sary would Ue unable lo meet the conditions But it
whs I... Iih* In ilrau baek now-.
Himk's irndtbui was changed so that he stood ten
f.i-i fr  the tree awl lb* weapons orere loaded once
unite i llm, n was not a reaaeurlng Dgure la face,
full-, with drawn, diatortctl featureaand biasing eyea,
he glared iqsin his ojqiooenl with a terrible look of
bale and des|oilriag rewire Tooy eyed v*u u other u
iiioiiii-ni uIili lowered pistols, Than taa signal >umu
"Are \> u rejdj   geatlemen I'
"Iteady," lha) anawvrad,
■ l-Tvaentl" L'pcume ihe pistola, barrels Saahtng In
ihe uewlj risen sun.
"Fin-:" 'i to it- was no delay this tino- Merrick
had no more than started tic word when a sharp
.niilli- explosion rang nut. Hong -;..t:: i,u liis heel
uml dnqined Instantly. Clinton, peering -ageri)
tlirougli ii"' sinjhe, caught n glimpse ot the fallen
man. Tln-n hi-* tlmlis relaxed, the pistol sllpiietl frutu
bis grasp and i» -auk falntlnc agalual hi- MUpfmrt.
.vi thai ill-Milt a shrill cry startled the thrw spec*
i„i.r-   Tin" looked to oeo a horsewoman d«sh out
ill Ibe  uii'ii-   "nl Into the open *.|,jici-      h  •,*, , *  |    , ,
Ih-Hi Winn.   Hfie threw herself from her bonw  nbd
OtlHal,  wiile i-\mI  and   paitlllig.  looking from  one  lit
•litter tf ihe odiersarleo, The surgeon had Just sev-
end fllllloH'e luiudkercblef ami was loweriug him.
limp ami tincoiiacJatu, to the ground    Rllxnbeth heab
laiid ; ituetit, then, with another cry, ran fi rwnnl.
iflUghl  Clinton  in  her arms and  pillowed Ills  head
ugnlusi her breast.
The l.i--s of 'xiih men hung In the balance tor
days IH I linn lol) both recovered. Majhi Hook re-
,,ni.r.t )•• im- army as soon nn he was nlilr lu irau-i.
Alaitll a monili after his departure Clllltnil  Wright
nnd KIlKiiltetli \\ imi  .retl mnrrh-d. THE   OBAN ROOK   II KHALI)
Anything  and   Everything   in   every  line   of   Trade
Everything  from  a  Needle  to  a   House  and   Lot
Dry Goods
Ladies' Wear
Men's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes
Trunks and Valises
House Furnishings
Smokers' Goods
In this issue the Herald presents a combined list
of goods, with prices quoted and suggested, such as no
Eastern Departmental Store can rival—in variety of
stock, newness of guods, quality, style, nor yet In price.
The combined stores of Cranbrook can easily
out-rival any two Eastern Departmental Stores in the
stocks carried, the prices offered and the quality of
goods sold.
Investigation will prove this point beyond question.
By trading in Cranbrook you have the opportunity
of inspecting the goods and comparing prices on the spot.
You save time, trouble, postage, and express. You see
the goods you buy and buy the goods you see.
As to Prices!
On investigation it will bi found that the Eastern
Departmental Stores do NOT sell the same quality of
goods at lower prices than the Cranbrook Stores. You
may  think   they   do,  but tlie truth  is they do  not.
A comparison of the Eastern Department Store's
Price Catalogue with those of your Local Merchants
will prove the most convincing argument that
It Will Pay You to Trade
in Cranbrook
Just make the comparison once or twice and convince
yourself. In the meantime read the advertisements in
this Issue. There are some great bargains offered. See
the goods, get the prices. Examine the stocks and
the rest may safely be left to your judgment.
School Books
School Supplies
Musical Goods
Fancy Goods
Drug Sundries
Photographic Supplies
Farm Machinery
Legal Help
Medical Help
Veterinary Help
Money to Loan
And   other   lines too
numerous to mention.
, „.
... •
,,. •
, „,
. ,* >
. >. •
. >• •
, i.,
,,. •
Read the Cranbrook Herald each week. It contains the fresh, bright store news of all the Leading advertisers
in Cranbrook. You will get up-to-date news about stocks, goods and prices---not the big city store catalogue
style printed maybe six months or a year ago. In addition you will get all the news of the district, special pages
for the farm and the home, and an original editorial page. The Herald--an up-to-date local paper-only $2.00 a
year.    Send in your subscription now.
************************************************************************************************************************************************************** <
>*********************************^  •>♦•>•>•>♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦.>♦.>♦;
ll,,... \. tt. Atwatcr, K.C, lorrnot
provincial treasurer ol Quebec, who
returned lo Montreal recently Irom u
two mouths' visit to Britain, says
ll,.- general view in th.* mother eountrj .-.is thai it would tic tar better
f,.r Canada to h.iii.l her own .,., *
Hi.oi in make any monotary contri
iiuti.m io Hu. imperial navy.
"'I I..* general opinion I gained    in
! England," said Mr. Atwatcr, who
was a minister in the last provincial
Conservative government, "was that
wc should earn the respect ol England much more liy showing capacity
to defend ourselves than we could
hv any mere money contribution. Tho
latter would scarcely he noticed in
so rich a country ns' Oreat Britain,
....less much greater am) more permanent Hiuii any unity here dare ad-
dovate, hut the idea ol actual physical iiaitici'iation Arcs their imagination lust us it did in the South Alri-
can war."
Mr, Aiwatir remarked that hitherto there liml Ih-cii a certain patroolz-
ing air In Kngland regarding Canada,
because tbey  knew il we ever    got
into trouble they would have to pull
us out. But this would all end il
Canada had ber own navv, which she
must eventually have, and the sooner
the better.
Each day continues to odd its
quota ol sunshine to the bright vista
before the lumber manufacturers ol
British Columbia, and the ..pinion is
general that ui.less something ol an
unexpected and untoward nature intervenes the year 111 I (I must i.l necessity go on record as one ot tlie
most prosperous known to the lum
bermen   of the    coust and mountain
The present basic price of common
lumber, l.o.b. Vancouver, is SI 1, witb
some mills asking anil receiving »l.i>,
to which (iguro tho nil-round price is
likely to soon advance. Logs remain
tairlv firm at the prices fixed by the
British Columbia Loggers' association last month—graded llr and
spruce at $7 and S!l anil $12, cnnip
run, tin, and cedar from til to till,
although it may be said right here
that the millincn do not take kindly
lo the grading plan, iirctcrring to
oiler a lump price por thousand lor a
boom ol timber niter Inspection. The
lacl that most of the logs cut up
tlie    coast ure   towed to the North
Vancouver booming grounds tacilitat-
es a personal examination by the
mlllman or his agent. On the Pugct
Sound conditions arc different, nnd
buying according to grade is a real
protection and safeguard tn the mill
man, who mav thus safely contract
for a boom 200 miles distant.
Local log prices will likely remain
as they are for a month or six
weeks to conic, when they will proh-
nhly weaken a trifle. Many ol the
logging camps will get going in
March, nml the Increase in the number of nieces placed in the water will
gradually exercise an effect upon the
situation. True, there will lie more
mills und a much greater demand,
but there   will    also bo many new i
logging camps.
While the coast mills are well
stocked with orders, there nre reasons for believing that many ol the
prairie yard men are holding hack
in the expectation that prices ot luin.
lier in the spring will sag somewhat.
Just what has led them to adopt
tbis view is not apparent, and the
Western Lumberman ts inclined to believe tho policy Is a mistaken one
and likely to result to the loss ol
tlio experimenters. II ever there
was a time in the history ot Canada
when general trade conditions justified higher prices In the lumber business, the time is now, and In the
case ot tlie British Columbia mill
owner there is the additional factor
that the action of the government in
granting pcr|ictuity of timber licenses is hound to lend In the near future to a substantial Increase In
the stuinpnee. nixl consequently lu
the cost of manufacture.
1 McMrcgor (lourlay Co.'s Lightning Flooring Machine, planes I.l
Inches wide, 6 Inches thick, with
Shimer beads tor matching, almost
new, have to move lo make room lor
other machinery. Will exchange lor
The Western Planing Mills Co.,
3-tl Calgary, Alia.


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