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Cranbrook Herald Aug 15, 1912

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Array '''gis'ul
Wa are well equipped to
turn ont tba but class
ol work.
In tha Herald Pays—Try
Our   Loeal   Columns
10c. a line
NO. 3!1
Kew peopli1, even In Uie west, nave
un Idea how lust Hml areir Is lining
up. Sum.' Idea may be obtained
from Hie passenger In.llic that leaves,
Winnipeg every night on the trains of
the Canadian Pacific railway. Trains
No. I and 2, tbe Imperial Limited,
are now operated between Winnipeg
and Calgary as solid sleeping car
trains, ami are made up ol lhc latest
tiling In equipment. The first ol the
curs were operated iu the west by
the special train that carried the
llritish maiiiilacturcrs through to the
coast, and these cars will soon be
the standard equipment on all the
transcontinental trains. These cars
arc being turned out ol the shops as
last as possible, tbe Drst ol a targe
order placed by the company.
The cars present many new lea-
turcs in dining and sleeping car
construction. Within tbey arc ol a,
massive square design. The walls
arc finished in inlaid mahogany and
the ceilings are decorated in gold
leal. Tbe electric lights, built
close to the ceiling, are equipped
with Tungsten burners and have
Irosted globes. Altogether the interior appearance of tbc cars Is most
pleasing to the eye.
In the dining cars many Improvements have been made for the handling and storage ol provisions. The
refrigerators are electric lighted, and
have sliding basket shelves, which
are easily kept clean and sanitary.
Roth the kitchen and Uie pantry have
copper lined II. ors. Locker rooms
lor bar and pantry nave been more
advantageously placed than tbey wen
formerly. Kach diner bas a large
locker room in the vestibule tor thc
street clothes of the employees, keeping then, out nl thc diner proper.
The   sleeping  cars    contain large,
comfortable    berths.    Kach berth is
electric lighted, with a Irosted globe
over the light so tlmt il sends forth
a mellow    light that will not affect
the eyes if one wishes to read      for
any length    ol lime.       In each car I
there is a large dressing room      and |
toilet for ladies, spacious and   mod-1
ern in every respect, an improvement I
nn ears previous], constructed. i
The door ol the slinking room is ol •
inlaid tile,    the most saniturv      ar- ,
rangement that   can he lound.      All
lavatories arc »l the dental type.
The aim, sphere In each car is kept
lii'sh   and    clear,      each rar being
equipped with patent ventilators   ol ■
Ihe eihaiisl type, which drive impure,
air out uf   lhe ear, hut prevent dust .
anal .'.inlets Irom eni.-iing    The same i
system keeps    Ihc car free       from I
.1.aught* |
The cars arc equipped wilh patent I
bumpers, which arc always tight, '
and present a smooth path Irc-m car I
In rar. |
Drinkiag lank*   on the cars     are ,
supplied wilh li*'  Irom the vestibule i
ol the car st. thai passengers      will .
no long.-, he bulhcri'd hy the iceman
win. has been accustomed to shoulder
his way among then, al supply   sta-
All ol there new cars are known as
class (I ileepert, as the na.iiin all
begin with that Idler. Some ol those
already in use on western line, are
thr (Iiniii. llraeellrM, Orasnett,
fluallell and llrasahill. Kach ol these
train* has a compartment ami observation ear no the irar, Ihe new
■me* ol this class being named Irom
the many lamous mountain, on the
line -.1 Ihe Canadian Pacific, like
Mount Roger, Mount (Irey aad
Mount TremManl.
A few ot Ihe new    diners aro also
in use, the names nf some nf     those
already in western lines being Urchin, Alnwick and Appleby.
The game regulations lor the year
1913 have been issued, and include
•he lollowlng ot special interest la
Ihis district: llrnnse of all kinds may
he shot hi Ibe Cranhrook aad Fernie
elect.ral districts, trom Sept.mlatr
2nd to October 15th, both dates inclusive. Prairie chicken may also
to shot ta   these two districts     be-
Mayor llowness presided and Aldermen Cameron, Clapp, Campbell and
AicIm-soii were in attendance at the
council meeting on Monday afternoon.
A communication was received
Irom Fred Wasson intimating his
intention ol entering suit against the
city Inr MINI damages, because ol
change ol grade ut road to levels established in IMI. The communication was referred to the city solicitor,
Thc city clerk reported the result
in the recent vote on tbe sewerage
extension loan bylaw.
On bchall of tbe board ot city
school trustees, Mr. H. White asked
tbat the balance ol cash Irom the
original appropriation (or public
school buildings, some 13800, be
placed at the disposal ot the board.
There was some discussion as to
whether or not tbe trustees had already received this sum and the
matter was referred to the rity
clerk and city solicitor to report at
the next meeting.
On bchall ol tbc local lodge,
I.O.O.F., Mr. H. White made application to purchase a block ol 14 lots
ia the city cemetery, lor which they
were willing to pay $5 a piece.
This matter was referred to the
health and relief committee, with
instructions to report at next meeting.
The tollowing accounts lor the past
month were passed aad ordered paid:
City eagineer'a pay    roll ...JlllO.M
Police salaries  .
School board orders 	
Fire department  pay roll
City salaries 	
H. W. Henry (Btectioa bylaw
Ne. IN)       10.00
T.   M. Robrtts (Election bylaw No. 10»)       35.00
City clerk's sundries    I9«.Sn
Cranhrook   Sash    and Door
Factory    350.14
Herald Publishing Co	
W. E. Wordca 	
H. A. Stinson    	
Arche Waller 	
I. W. Rutledge	
Metals. Limited, Lrtlrbridft.
1, l>. McBride   	
Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd, ..,
Ilealtle-Murphy Co	
Cranbrook   Foundry and Ma
chine Shops 	
Canadian Brass   Co., Ltd. ...
Kennel and Ksaer Co	
T. N. Parrett 	
A. .lolille  _
Ward and Harris 	
F. Parka and Co	
1.1*. r.o
Cranbrook Trading Co.
W. J. Sell,)' 	
Cranhrook Steam Laundry ...
:• H
I'roapector l'iM,lr*biat Co. ...
S. R. Roe	
I.iddicoal and Waller 	
School board orders 	
Arnold and Roberta 	
Craabrook Eleel rlc Light Co
Koolenay    Telephone Lines,
Ltd .'.	
•Main Electric   Co., Ltd.   ...
Sewerage payroll 	
Craabrook   Sash   and   Door
Co., Ltd  	
W. E. Words. 	
City   livery   (J.    A.    Mac-
'.luhn Oalt Engiarerlag Co....
Kootenay    Telephone   Lines,
T. N. Parrett ....'.	
F. Parka and Co	
Patterson Bros.          	
Washington  Brick, Lime and
Sewer   Pipe Sales Co.    ...
Craabrook   Foundry and Ma-
Ira A. Foster
been given tree treatment at the institution during the past year. This,
however, proved to he incorrect. The
men treated there, alleging to come
from tbis city, hail nut resided within thc city limits.
The customary grant ol tion waa
The report of the resilient engineer
representing tbe Oalt Engineer ng
company, was read as follows:
We have the honor ol submitting to
you the lollowlng report on the progress ol the sewerage works:
Sewers—Tbis part ol the report
covers to August 12th.
E. Hanson lane completed. Man-
boles are all. completed. There are a
lew things yet to be done to complete these, such as fixing chains to
flap valves, etc.
Pipe laid, 1152 leet, 17 manholes
Disposal works.—This part ol the
report covers to July 31st.
AH concrete work has been finished.
Two-thirds of the stone for fine filter
has been screened and placed in position, 200 cement blocks have been
laid in place.
Thc report was adopted and the
city clerk notified to advise tlw Oalt
Engineering company that so soon as
the money originally provided lor
this work was exhausted their services would be discontinued.
J. H. Caslakc applied for removal
of a sand neap on Hanson avenue, ,i»
Iront of his residence to permit of
his putting down a cement sidewalk.
Relerred Jo the board ot works.
Bylaw No. 113 waa finally passed
and adopted.
Council then adjourned until I p.m
A communication Irom the Tran-
qulllr Sanatarium regarding the
city's annual contribution waa read,
TWa nmrnuriratiun laNraaM that
IwuCraaarook   city raf.l--.ta     to*
leaches hlm that swearing is the
most miserable form of.giving Impudence to the Almighty Ood, and
nasty thuiigiits ami aota are simply
thiugs which a slii|i-sli*|ii', healthy,
clean-limbed lad never feels the
power of."
A meeting nf the executive of tlw
local Boy Scouts organization was
held on Wednesday alternoon, at
which steps were taken to serure tbe
necessary uniforms and equipment
fnr the youngsters.
Tbe total cost ol each outfit will
not exceed 36.50, and it Is planned
to secure sufficient outfits immediate-
li to supply those ol the boys who
pass the Tcndrr'oot examination..
The idea of the executive is that
the boys should each contribute hall
the cost ol tbc .utlil, Ihe executive
finding the balance, through public
contributions. In paying lor their
.ut.its the youngsters will be allowed plenty of time in wbieh to earn
tl>c small monehly sum necessary to
make up the total ol their share,
The uniform will cnslst ot hat
ami chin strap, shirt, nickers, necktie, stockings, lanyard and whlsele,
kit bag, etc.
Tbe boys are turning out regularly
lor practices, etc., and altogether a
veiy healthy interest is aroused in
ihis movement, and once the uniforms arrive, il Is anticipated that
this interest will greatly increase.
The Archbishop of York recently
wen. to SI. Savior's church, WII-
miirgtiHi, where he was .net hy
about 200 Hoy Scouts. "I know a
good deal about tin' Seoul move-
•I." said I.r Lang in tlw school
near by. "When it was just beginning, Oeneral lladen-Powell used to
talk It over wilh inr, and I know
very well what he bad In Ms mind
when Is- present.*! lo tbi* count ry
his great idea ol applying all his
methods nl Scouting, which had hern
learnt so wonderfully in South Alrica, to tbr good nf our country
The Scout movement," continued
the archbishop, "is especially trying
to stamp out one ot the most evil
things that anyone could sutler Irom,
and which has done more damage to
England than anything else, and than
is loafing. When boya reach tho
age when they leave school to start
work, this mischievous habit comes
In, a prey to passing.impulses and
evil. The Smuts take bold of a
youth nnd tell him (bat he boa
something better to do with Ms eyes
hands and (brain. Thc movement
I breeds a sort ol Inner disgust and
contempt at things which appear rn-
' Ural to  the  uatmlned *-«•*,     tt
Editor Ttie Herald. *
'I tear Sir: Kindly insert llie following i-oiiiuimi(cation in your valued
paper, as It seems iieces..ary that
wo should explain tn tlu* public onr
position regarding ito teaee surrounding the new post oljtoe building.
It is quite evident Ihat the i.ulll
pushing staff- ot Xto "Mrospeelor"
weekly, has a grudge against this
building, for from time to time several squibs have appealed in that
puhlieaUon knocking (his building, or
tin* material i.f whieli it Is being
constructed, liis latest "kick" Is
directed against the fence mentioned
above, as contained in Ito July 27th
issue of the "Prospector" and reads
as follows:
"It Is high jtimc the Itoarls mu-
"rounding tlie new post office were
Mremoved. These arc only siippnted
"to be placed an uud .1 buildiug in
"course of erection for the ;*ublie
"protection. As tot* building 1* nl-
"most completed and the new nm
"•■Iele sidewalk that had been laid
"in eon nee t ion is hard set, 1'ire is
"surely no excuse for these icniain-
"iug a constant eye-sore and in-
''convenience to pedestrians. The,
"city engineer should get busy and
look Into this."
Kow, according to bylaw v» 1-1,
of the Corporation of Uie City id
Cranbrook, clause*-: 18 ami 19, we are
required to erect a board feme
around this building, as we
lure done, and maintain Same until
the final completion of th-* building;
tailing which we could be held liable under tbe penalties of this bylaw, a
We ure quite willing to remove the
"Constant Eyesore," as cur friend
in the "Prospector" Is pleased to
call it, as evidenced by our loiter ot
July 20th to the city council, which
we give nelow:
The Mayor and     Aldermen, Corporation of   the    ('ity of Cranbrookt,
Craubrook, B.C.:
"Dear   Sirs : In   view of tbe fact
that   a   number of   the ratepayers
and   citizens of the city have     repeatedly asked us to remove       Hie
fence   surrounding tbe new post of-
"llcc building, whieh is being erected
'under permit No. 35, we have    de-
'cided to do so, provided the     city
'will waive sections IR and 19      or
"other   sections referring to     build-
"ings,   etc., in bylaw No. IS, releasing us from,   and accepting   them-
'selves.    all    rt-s|»onsibilily for any
accident  or   injury   to the public,
"wbieh might occur through.material
'or anything falling from this build-
"ing lo tbc   streets or on the prem-
' ses.
"We are in a position to remove
'this feme immediately, hut w«
'want the city's assurance that we
'will not lie held responsible for any
'accident or unforeseen clrcum stan-
'm which might occur.
"Awaiting your earliest replv, we
"Yours truly,
"McCallum ami Cc."
We trust ihis explanation will
serve to enlighten our friend the*
quill pusher, and the public In gen-
'eral, as to our position in this mat-
I   Hoping   we arc not taking   up too
'much   of  your   valued    space, and
' thanking you tor same, I am,
Yours truly,
J. O. McCallum.
Cranbrook, II. C.j Aug. II, 1912.
To many old residents in Ihis
province, news of the death of Marshall Dray, of Nanaimo, will come
wltn sincere regret, Marshall Hray,
former mayor ami lor years provincial government agent at Nanaimo,
d'ed last Saturday. Mr. Hray was
born In Oakville, Ont., in 1810 and
came to llritish Columbia in the
goM rush of '62. Three yeara ago
In- was stricken with paralysis which
took away hia power 11 speech.
Mr. A. E. Watts, ot Wattsburg,
ha* recently completed tbe purcbaie
nl tla- CiMbrook Lumber company's
mill, aad intends re-erectliiK the mill
in the midst ol tbe timber north ol
Wattsburg. lie bas made provision
Inr Uie transport ol the rough sawn
lumber by Hume, instead nf by the
usual expensive methods, either by
mid, rail or watei. The method litis adopting is in use in the 1'nt.e.l
States, some great milling v.-nk-erns
transporting lumber Irom 10,000 leet
altitude, lor a distance nt 72 miles
in Humes. ,
Discussing this latest venture, Mr.
Watts said:
'Seeing "hat tbe government
which attaint*! power .hi a protective:
platform ignores its own policy, and
refuses protection to the only unprotected industry In Canada, and will
not do its duly to its own strongest
sii|<poilcrs in the west, Ibc mill men
must find Home means ol pt-ptcctrnq
themselves and ol meting the ruin-
r.l* competition of Hm. I'. S. inillii,
whieh are siill dumping lumber on
tn Caoad an marU'ts The method
I am adopting is one Hml has been
found v.-ry satisfaetoi y iu sitiiilua*
districts in Ihr I nited Stares, and
I leel sure it will prove equally sue-
cesslul at Wattsburg."
*■ » ■  ■
- Well-known Wycllffe Lumberman Succumbs
to Injury to Eye
(Speeial correspondent,.
Halcyon, II. ('., Aug. ll.-Mr.
Trimble, government road superin-
l.ndent, was here during last week
mi official business in connection
with the trail, which is being constructed. Irom this point to flalma
Hay. lie gave orders to the fore-
nun, Mr. Andrew Ward, to complete
same. This trail, which is being
built on- wagon road grade, passes
Dirough some very line agricultural
land, and .Mr. Tremble stales Ural
when things warrant, the trail will
In- widened into a wagon road.
Mr. A. O. Meeker, the popular ('.
1- II. .inductor, ot .Midway, Is here
enjoying the water of Halcyon. Ile
still lias his pumpkin story to tell.
Mr. and Mrs. droves, of Itegina,
are here en'oying quiet llle alter
their experience of the Rcgina cyclone.
Mine Host Boyd took a party nl
enthusiastic fishermen to St. l.co.i
Sunday. They, returned with
about twenty very Hue speckled
trout. All who went speak in glowing terms 11 .the line lashing and
scenery io he had aad seen tn and
around Halcyon and Ht. Leon.
Dr. Brett and V. H. Mcintosh a.l-
vises the management that II is
their Intention in the very near luturc In add lo the present building,
the hotel at present lieing con small
In an-'iiiimiNl.ttf the travelling pule
Tlie new iiugstnn I'reek recently
completed by the Canadian l-acinc
Lumber company is tunning to it*
lull .-..parity Mr. flibhons, the
general manager, of the above corn-
pany, states tbat it is the intuit nm
ol the company to run the mill thr
year round
A pretty wedding wus solemnized
in the Mission church at Macleod on
Monday morning by Uie Itev. Father
HlauncbeU, when Miss Alice Staple-
ton, of the city office stall at Macleod, formerly ol Petrol la, Ont.,
was joined In matrimony to Mr. 0.
A. Tapp.
The bridesmaid waa Miss C. Pil/-
patriek, of lethbridge, while Mr. (I.
II. Thomson performed tbe ditties of
Ttie out-of-town guests were Miss
StaplcUm, ol ('ranbrook, sister of
tbe bride, and Mrs, .1. 1/ce .Johnston,
of I.ethhrWge, sister of the groom
floth youag people are exceedingly
popular Md have tbi' bert wishes of
a boat at Mate.
The lamentable death at Otis Step- 'ftiug purposes, Tbe business be
les creates a most serious gup in tlk* founded is a most Important asset in
linfc of tin* foremost men of British the
Columbia. It is idle tn speak In a [my
ease like tbis in tin* usual platitudes | million feet
Ileal li bas railed u great man nut of
Uh* Tiring line, and the ttest of us,
officers uml privates, knowing It and
deploring It say nothing o( the regret which stirs us too deeply fnr
On Saturday, -'ini instant,, while
llshiitg nn St. Mary's lake during a
strong wind, Mr. staples unfortunately got ttie hook of one    of      his
files driven through the corner of one  furthest   hmns
•mniereial life of Kast Koote-
Tbe mill cuts about twenty
yeai with aii« ther
a»I tl»- limits me calculated to be
able to supply that output for the
next forty years. A few moments
consideration wi 11 help one to a
conclusion on the matter of tlie
value ot Ibis great estate as it
stands. On the enormous value it
will imquestlobsbl) grow in Ihe fu
lure it wen Idle tn speculate, for one
thing, probably by tbo time ihat tin-
eye,, whence the point and barb rurv- [ |„. a
nt  Uwn   will
crop read]*  (nr the taws
od round and protruded through    thij'where the present opemtiora an    fn
pupil.     Thi! pain must have been ei- . progress.
eructating; yet, witli thai barb still I Utterly be allowed tin* mon serin position lie took the boat down ji-us conduct of tbe business to de-
the lake and then drove liis ear a vulve mere and more oo Iun sons and
distance ol twenty miles l** ttyclifte. devmed himself tn showing what
All this without a whimper of conn Kast Kootenay could do as an »g-
plaini Tlie man bad the It-cart nl a droitural distriet Without going Itt-
lion, As qnlikly as possible he was i„ details it can be saM that tbe
attended by his son-in-law, Pr. K. IV. taosi practical proof of the success
en, who recognizing at once the ,,( bla fanning operations Is the fact
very serious nature nf the accident 'than be raised the price nf land on
hastened Mr. staples to Spokane im tlie st Marys Prairie, where he till-
Sunday fnr treatment by the eminent t-t onite extensively. In six years
ocular surgeons Doctors Vcaeey and from a dollar an aire nr so lo prac-
Thompson, From thc tirst it was tteally any price the owner-, wish to
Clear to both Doctors Oreen and a**k inr the land ol that area Only
King that the eye could not possibly | the other day when Arthur S. fiood-
bc saved and fears appear to have eP nejgncd his seat in tin- iKmiinion
been entertained by both that some house, all that Otis Staples bad to
danger more grave than ihe loss ol do Warn to raise his band 10 get the
the eye was involved. best and high---." honor our public
At the Deaconess Hospital, Spok- could bestow mi hint. He had oaly
ane, Ute ease progress. «l fairly well to express the wish and he would
for a day or two. On tt'odnesday. have been MP. for Kootenay.
7th inst., Dr.   and   Mrs. Oreen went J   A newspaper notice can only touch
down to see him and found him do- [ on the broad effects, tbe prominent
ing so well, all things eonsidercd. ft*atun-» of a man's life and character
that the doctor expected to be able ' which appeal to the public eye. CMef-
to, return home by Thursday. How- Mt of these was his utt«T manliness,
ever, symptoms of meningitis. pr»- 'lie stnr*d up, fr.ur-square. to every
bably Induced by Uie wound In the wind that Mew. The unflinching
began rapidly lo assert them- pluck arid deadly determination which
selves, and it was deemed advisable marknt his cnoduct Jt#-r his most
to call tbe members .,[ Mr. Staples a^onirine accident was Uk force
family round him. A special train ahich led bim to make every rang
fnr this purpose was re-|Uisitiunt-d by f nf the ladder ol liie a step to an
Mr. t\ It. Staples from Kingsgate to joAee higher and more horn-red Yet
Spntane. Tin- end came about lu that determination never held control
p.m. on the evening nf Kriday, 9th for a second unless the course was
Inst. Less than a week from the approvrd by manly honor, unbending
lime he had set nut for tlte lake on a   fan-My and    xto imt/>u-id'*d gHN-t-Y/C-
pleasure trip,
(hi    Saturday evening   the r. mains
if Mr. staples, accompanied by    his
ity of a great, warm heart.
The moral worth and example of
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ tbe life of such a man is a great
BOM Bayard. Klmore and Chester, 'ptiblu• asset Its withdrawal by a
Dr. Green and Mrs. Oreen, with ' m*i untimely death, lor he was
►me other intimate, relations aad 'phvsii-ally and inentallv tit for
friends ,4 the family, passed through 'afH,ther twmty-f.vc years of tile, is a
Cranbrook on the Spokane flyer    on L
serious loss to British Columbia generally and Kast KooUs-ay particularly.
His childtiri and grandehildren will
carry on thc splendid traditii/n of In*.
life. In saying tbat tbey hate already proven their fitness in tois
regard the Herald \pmU aoi »lon<
lor its-ll, but    fnr tin- enlitr public.
and on behalf nf tlte public lUtO      thr
paper tM*gs them to .i* irpt a very
e„r*-f*sT word nl sviiipathv in their
Th<* liint-ial was t«> have taken
plate at Stillwater, Minn., on Tur*
day ..(t.-iniN.ii The Mountain l.um-
befmen't association, of which tlw
decetacd was ., past presHleot, and
always % refj active member, instructed their sccrrtary, Mr. W. A.
Anstie, of Calgary, to have Inr-
warded to Stillwater a suitable
wreath, as tokrn rf their respvet.
Mr. (Mis staphs wns a member et
Xto Masonic cralt, -acupyiag, iu
years gmie by. high offices tn the
order.     He vas also a Knight Venn
thc way to Stillwater. Minn., foi
interment beside the late Mrs.
Staples, An caormotu crowd ot
CranbriMik people gathered on the
platform to pay some small mark of
respect to his memory, No dnuht,
but for the very heavy rain which
was falling at the time, tin* crowd
wi-uld have been dniibled, large
Uminch It was
Born in York County. NVw Brunswick, (h tuber 27th, IKI7, Otis
Staples, with bis brothers, moved
inio 11m* neighborhood ol Stillwater.
Minn., about forty rears ago It was
here thai Im* b-arued tin- practical
pari of Ihe lumber business in the
almost Incredibly rough and boisterous logging ramps of those early
days. As time went on he advanced
himself from post to poet and after
while made himself the owner ot
extensive limits, power plants and a
large employer i f labor Ahnut thi*
year Ithil tlie Minnesota limits were
practically exhausted and he found a
new location alon|Q the Itanks of
Cherry    Creek,    Perry   Creek    and  plar.   awl a    charter member      id
around where Wycliffe now stands as
a monument to his    enterprise.   The
WycllHe mill contained many features
then new to h.mlVring practice      in
■ Kast Kootenay and he was thc verv
first to introduce railroads for   log-
Selkirk I'rcceptory, No. I'i. of this
citv. Telegraphic inslructiofw were
sent tn tli-' secretary ot the Blue
lodge in Stillwater tn procure a
wreath on behalf of Sc-lltlrk Preoep-
tory. THJE
Every road is a good road
to him who owns a Ford.
It is not confined to the highways—it takes the by-ways
always with equal ease. Anywhere a cart will go, there
the Ford will carry you in
comfort and safety—at a fraction of the cost.1! It*      T"Z".
75,000Ford curs ulr.-a.ly sold this b.'iison
—-onii-tliird of America's product. Five
|iiu)9i'ii(.'iT touring car $H50 three passenger roadster $77.")—torpedo runabout
,$77ii ileliv.-ryciir$M75-town car $1100
I'.o.li. Wiilkirvilli', Out., complete with
nil equipment, liet ontalogue from
Kootenny GuraRe Oo,, Cranbrook, B. C.
v.iroument. of the' soil to the allurements ol our great cities. Hundreds
awl thousands, II not million*, pass
into other lands. I am not surprised. When the just reward* uf labor
ore given to those, that labor not,
and where those who do toil ate requited with wretched wages and still
more wretched houses, you will not
keep the laborer on the land"
If, as expected, the British Liberals idcntily themselves with tlie
policy ot taxation ol land rallies
their platform will represent a tremendous advance on anything that
has gone belore. And navlng tbe
record ol t-lic past seven years In
view, that s saying a good deal.
Kor, II carried to its logical conclusion, taxation ol land values means
tlie nationalization nt the land. W th
such a platlnrm the Liberals would
probably rapture the bull! ot the Labor and Socialist parties.
that it ls my intention to issue at
the expiration ol one month after the
lirst publication hereol a duplicate ol
the Certilloata ol Title to tke above
mentioned lot in (he name ol W. M.
Leete, which certificate is dated the
25th da; ol July, 1898, and numbered
Sam'l R. Roe,
District Registrar.
Nelson, B. C,
37th July, 1912. 31-4t
Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
Every tennis or ball player, every
swimmer,  every canoeist, every man
TH VT or woman wl"° lnvcs outdoor life and
exercise, should keep a box ol   Zam-
Huk bandy.
Xam.Buk is a purely herbal preparation, which, as soon as applied to
cuts, bruises, burns, sprains, blisters, eec., sets up highly beneficial
Kirst, its antiseptic properties render Die wound tree Irom all danger
Irom blood poisoning. Next, its
soothing properties relieve and ease
the pain. Then Its rich, herbal
balms penetrate the tissue, ant set
up the woaderlul process ot healing.
Ilarlied wire scratches, insect sting*,
taught by lhe late Henry (reorge. .skin diseases, such as eczema, beat
Land reformers sec much significance rashes,     ringworm,    babies'      heat
in the   results in   three so.iseci.tivc "»"*». <*»''*d    P"f -   «•» J"*"*"
,    .         all quickly cured by /.am-Bult.       It
•by-elections which recently took place, ^ ^ mi mtn ^   A„ ing.
in England. Kis(s   an,|    stores.       Use /.am-Buk
The first ol   the three by-elections Soap also; 29c. per tablet.
in ijuescion    was tbat in Northwest  —	
Norfolk.       This   was won by E. (I. |,|nyt1 Oeorge ls preparing lor anoth-
Ilemiiierde, Uie youngest king's conn- ,.r great attack    on the landowners
There arc looming up on the British .political horizon sinus ol ii slu-
pi'iuli.'is land relorni. This reform is
to be none other llian the application
ol the principle of luxation ul laml
values, based to sonic cr.telie at
least   upon the  single lax doctrines
e-   I,Kik small.    Ills plan is nothing less
"'  than a    tremendous scheme ol    land
l» . taxation, based   on tbe single    tax,
tlie    economic   heresy    promulgated
sel at thc    llritish bar and recorder j which will make his previous efforts
ol Liverpool.     Mr. Hcmmerdc
presented the sale Liberal seat
East Derbyshire     Irom January
December, llllll, but gave it up       to
undertake the rather   hopeless    task
ol defeating one of the Conservatives
al   Portsmouth,   making   this   land
qiH's.tiiin a  prominent Issue in      his
campaign.     Mr. Ilcmmrrile was     ile-
fcatcd, but now, after nearly      two
years, he  returns lo the house      ot
.'ominous as the winner of Northwest
Norfolk after a   light in which       he
made the question of the taxation ot
land values the chiel issue,
Next came the victory ol Sydney
Arnold in the by-clcction In tbc
llolmllr.ti division of Yorkshire. Mr.
Arnold con.luct.-d his campaign on
the same land policy as advocated by
Mr. ileiiinierdc, cutiphil with retrenchment in armaments. Although
opposed by a Unionist, whose long
suit was an attack of the insurance
bill, and hy n Labor candidate,
whose ho|iex lay chiefly in the miners' discontent o-'er the Minimum
Wage Acl, Mr. Arnold di-fralcd each
of his opponents by over a thousand
Third nnd last in llie scries came
llanley, where It. I.. Iltithwaitc, a
Itadical of imperial reputation nud
an uncompromising laml relormer,
was also elccled over a Unionist
and a Labor candidate.
In the Unionist press llu- MWjfjtb-
erul challenge is recognized, uml not
a little alarm Is evidently l*'lng lelt.
The Call Mall tluzelte, for iiislance,
says: "Mr. Lloyd Oeorge I* preparing
Ior a gambler's throw to re-establish his petition in tlie party. The
new pulley is, in fact, a development
•ilj the single lav proposal ol Mr.
Henry fl.tirge, the American writer,,
which suggested Ihe extinction of
rent hr taxing the landlord up, to
thc lull value ol his land.
The whole thing is a party move,
ol course, a 'little liver pill' to remedy the torpor from which J.lberal-
ism is beginning to suffer."
Another London Unionist paper,
the, Express says: "When Mr. Lloyd
Oeorge under his 'grcnt' budget ol
1909, undertook a valuation ol all
the land in England, the lExprcas
predicted that thc valuation would
tionali/alion, and not as the cnan-
rellor of the exchequer and his
cellor ol the exchedner and hi*
henchmen declared, merely for the
purpose of the comparatively light
taxation under that budget. Developments iu the last tew days prove
llu- truth    of thi* prophecy,        Mr.
Hundreds   killed  and between   FIVE  AND SIX
namesake, tile late Hr. Henry
I Up to the present there has been no
parly as tn thc adoption ol a new
official announcement by the Liberal
uud advanced policy on the land
question. Nor is it likely that any
definite programme in this regard
will be formulated until tbe labors
ol tbc committee oo local and imperial taxation, appointed by . tbc
cabinet, are concluded.
It is interesting to recall tbat in
May- ol last ' year more than 170
Radical and Labor members ot the
house ol commons memuralized the
government In lavor ol lurtber land
relorm. Tbey waited upon Premier
Asiinith and Chancellor Lloyd Oeorge
representing to them that the separate valuation ol land, which was
lieing carried out all over the United
Kingdom, would provide a Inundation lor giving tbe people a mere
equitable distribution ol, the burdens
ol tbe state, and at tbe same time
open up Ihe land to those who could
make the heat use ot It.
Ruth ministers expressed their
sympathy witb the views ol the delegation. Lloyd Oeorge, especially,
admitted the urgency ol the problem,
but be pointed out that it hod obviously to be considered in connection
with thc readjustment ol imperial
ami local taxation which waa then
engaging attention. He suggested
that some members nl the deputation lay Iheir views before tbe commit'.*' on Imperial and local taxation, and this advice, It is understood, has recently been acted upon.
Mr. Asquith declared tke question to
In one ol great Importance, both la
its urban and ita rural aspect, and
for the moment he tlaiught tbe rural
aspect the more urgent ol tbe two.
Towards the end ol the lollowlng
November Lloyd Oeorge attended the
annual imeotlng ol the National Liberal federation at Bath. During the
course nl the greeting tie chancellor
made the lollowlng significant declaration:
"What is the most urgent nerd ol
Britain today? tt Is the regeneration ol rural Britain, and you will
nnt do that without a complete relorm ol the land laws. Wbat It happening now* You have got millions of robust citizen* driven ky tht
present system from the healthy en-
Reports Irom Constantinople Indicate that the great earthquake which
was felt through a large part ol
Turkey was accompanied by much
heavier loss ol lite than at Drat stated. The newspapers estimate the
number ol victims at 1000 killed
while tbc injured are said to number
Irom 5000 to 0000.
The details of tke earthquake,
which are coming in slowly owing to
the interruption ol Uie wires, Indicate
that the seismic disturbance was
widespread. Several hundred persons have been killed, thousands are
homeless and outbreaks ol fire have
occurred in many towns and villages.
(Ireat destruction has been caused hy
the upheaval.
Tbe entire dlatrlet between Constantinople and Adrinnople felt the
shock severely. Fugitives Irom
Myriopbilo report 300 killed and 600
injured. The town wat burning
when they lett. Oanos-Hora hat
been wiped out, 80 persona being
killed and 30 Injured. The wrecked
buildings took Are and most ol them
were burned. Shar-Koi was destroyed and two nearby villages were
cngulled. Adrianople suffered little
damage, but Tohorlu wns partly destroyed by the earthquake and Ore.
The center ol the disturbance appears to have been in ttie region ot
the Dardanelles. Eye witnesses Iron
that section give harrowing accounts
ol tlie havoc wrought. Tbe majority of the bouses in Onllipoli are la
ruins and tbe people are camping la
the rMds. Tchanak-Kalessl It la
an equally bad plight, but tbe loal ot
lilc in these towns is small, althounb
tlte Injured are many.
Warships anchored in Ihe Dardanelles lelt tbe shock severely. It wai
first attributed to Italian torpedo
boats. Tbe captain of the American steamer Virginia reports that
the lighthouse at llanos-Horn ta tht
Sea ol Marmora has disappeared nd
tbat tbc villages in the surrounding
country are in flames. He wot na-
able to anchor and give asaiatanot
because of tbc violent movement ol
the tea.
i I
that in pursuance el a rituiuli in
passed in CounoU aswinbi id on Ihi
5th day ot August, 1912, tbe Municipal Council ol the Corporation ol
the City ol Cranbrook intend! to
construct the lollowlng work at lia
local improvement namely:
l"A 13 foot cement sidewalk commencing Irom the Intersection ot the
alley on South Baker Lane and Van
Home Street, tbence to corner ol
Baker and Hanson Streets, in Block
Also a 12 foot cement sidewalk
along tbe south tide ot Baker Street)
in Block 90."
"Alto a 13 foot cement sidewalk
along the south tide ot Baker, Street
on Block 19, where required."
"Also a 12 loot cement sidewalk
along tbe south tide ol Baker Street)
on Block 38." .
"Also a 13 loot cement sidewalk
along the nortb aide ol Baker Street
from tbe; south west corner to the
south eaat comer ot Block 93."
"Also a 12 toot cement sidewalk
on the north side ol Baker Street,
on Block 94 to the south east corner
ol Lot 12 in told block."
The lands immediately benefited by
the said workt and Improvements are
us follows:
Brisbane, Australia, Aug. 13.—
Sweeping legislation, baring lor Ita
aim tbe maintenance nl Industrial
peace, has been introduced In tbe
Queensland legislature. It provides
lor special board* ol arbitration, the
prettdbtg officer being empowered to
medial,' at Ihc request of partlrt to
a dispute, or to call a compulsory
conference. An employer laillag to
abide by the award ia subject to a
tine of II350 and nn employee to a
Aneof 150.
Any person Inciting a strike It
liable to S2M raw. Strikes and lock,
outs arc unlawful until a compulsory
conference has proven abortive, two
weeks' notice given nnd a secret ballot has sanctioned such action.
Tbe proposed bill, which his the
backing cl the government, is tn outgrowth ol the disastrous general
strike In Brisbane last winter, when
43 unions called out their men ta
support ol the tramway employer!.
CATION lor the ittue ol ! duptlcuta
Certificate of Tttte to Lott 1 ud I,
Block 41, Tow*    ll   Hardier, 1
Ft. Frontage
Ft. Frontage
Ft. Frontage
Ft, Frontage
Ft. Frontage
Ft. Frontage
m                          »
EN that the
report ol the City l*.n-
glneer md
Assessor made It pursu
tnce ol  the Local Improvement Oen-
rral  By-Law
it opei lor Inspection
nt the olliee
ot tht City Clerk    nt
the City    Htll,    Cranbrook,   B.C.,
during ontat hours, and that It ii the
intention    of tbe Council to     make
tuck assessment upon   uld land    ot
real property   Immediately benefited
lor Ihe   worki or improvements    at
in tbe said rtpott let out and     tor
the amount net out la tucb report.
And    lurther take notice that   all
persons concerned are hereby notified
that ualeni the majority of the own-
era af tin load or real property    to
be assessed or charged In respect   ol
inch work
repreoeuelog   at     lent
one-halt    In
thereof, petition
tht  Council tgaintt tuck luecinunt
within IHteen
dtyt titer publication
ol tail notice, tueh work shall     be
undertaken nnd  proceeded with    by
the Council ind the cotta thereof na-
tetaed against   the property affected
ll provided for hy tht bylaw in Hut
behall  and
by tbe said report and
Dated  thi.
day ol   August,
City Clerk.
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l-nrg* ground*. mugnifWnt huil-linn,
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There is no great potentate about
whom so little has been known as
thc Emperor Mutsuhito ol Japan an.]
nt. ruler of today who has made so
■great a mark in history as lie who
has led his peoiilr from fcinlalism ami,
an effete Orientalism In the forefront
of western civilization.
In the reiirji of a sinirlc monarch
Japan has emcrgi-fl from an obscure
ami unknown Asiatic kingdom to a
great st'lf-ii<n-i-iiiiin; nation which
has incorpnrat.il into its customs of
government und education the finest
products ol western achievement.
Tho empire nl Japan shall lie
reign.*! over and governed liv a line
nl eii.iierois unbroken for ages i-ler-
This sentence, the first article In
the constitution nf Japan, contains
in its brevity and simplicity tlie
keynote of the government of Japan,
apart from which no consideration ot
Emperor Mutsuhito Is possible. It Is
thc simplest expression ol tlie. Japanese belief in the mythical divinity ol
the imperial lainily and the eternal
continuity ol the sovereign power.
The man in whom this power is
centred has held it Irom 1887,
throughout thc period ol the awakening nl new Japan. He was thc
122nd emperor ot his line and his ancestry is traced unbroken to the year
t60 n. C. At that remote date even
the emperor was regarded as of divine, immemorial origin.
The figure of the man who brought
his empire through one of the most
remarkable developments the world
has ever seen has heen almost obscured. The world knows little and
bas seen less of this diminutive ruler
whose people it has learned to respect. Florid ol countenance and
sombre of mien, with the great,
drooping moustache of a mandarin
concealing his mouth, Mutsuhito bore
little outward mark of the mighty
Through the rec. rood centuries the
emperor has been thc one unchanging
figure in Japan. Enveloped in a limitless put he has remained thc lined
point ot Japanese national _ life, so
that bit sanctity and inviolability ot
person are now nn more questioned
than the rising of tbe sun. So tar
above the piano of toe European doctrine ol "divine right ot kings" do
thc Japanese held their emperor that
his sanctity it almost independent
ol his personality. He it invested
with such high attributes that no.
emperor could hope further to elevate his position la tbe national
mind by his own acts. There it no
adding to or subtracting Irom the
emperor's powers. He combinci
within himsell all the rigbtt to sovereignity tnd never was bc lorced tc,
contend for the preservation ol those
rights. Tbe power* ol government
now possessed by the people ot Japan were freely given them by Emperor Mutsuhito; not one was wrested trom him.
This very exaltation of tbe emperor's position Is largely responllMc
lor the hasty conclusion of western
observers that Mutsuhito waa but an
inanimate lorm about which all tbe
outer vestments ol sanctity and
sovereignty were draped by the
ruling classes. Since tbc reported
imminence ol his death became public
this slighting view ol the emperor
hat been widely spread.
lusl how much credit fnr national
achievements must ot necessity be
given to Mutsuhito cannot be appreciated until one recalls tbat during those decades ol transition the
emperor held undlmlnlined the authority transmitted to him through tba
•get. Ile has possessed throughout
his reign the perlervid devotion ol
his subjects tn a degree equalling a
religious worship. Ile has been Iden-
tiiied with, all that is Iheir own,
with tbeir beautiful Islands, tlieir
religion tnd their language.
He hat represented no. conquering
race, no alien estate, no compulsory
end. He bas been Japanese, ol
Japan, and Uie Japanese. Tht meta-
morpbctls ot the nation and Its
people could not have taken place
without the leadership ot tbe man
who held such a Place at Mutsuhito
held at emperor. Opposition trom
him< would have stemmed that Inflow
Irom the Occident and cut ot abort
at my time die national career of
which he was unquestionably tbe
(Ulde and tbe inspiration.
Emperor Mutsuhito fell It to bis
ministers to conceive, to plan and
to mn.lt.   Vot MMtJi,   rar
self, he reserved   the olllcc of nrliiU'r
j when questions    ol policy arose ami
I ol leader when lie hail mado hi* decisions. Perhaps hi* mosl ilis-lin-
guishlng chariieterislic as a sovereign
was his soundness of judgment and
his ability to consider opposing.
views iu the councils without prejudice.
| Possessing the genius f,.i selecting
t-apahle and wise men to advise uml
to execute, he lias been willing to
accept    their  counsels   niul sanction
'tlieir derds, bringing to his Cask a
remarkable fund of common sense anil
practicality, It is said by authority the   more reliable iiceiiiisc     cot
{'Japanese t-lisl Emporox Mutsuhito
was never   Influenced    in his action-.
.by small   men     ol     sina'I    niolivis.
.Those whose counsels ho accpi.teil
have proved to be Uie greal men of
iiioili-in Japan Once accepted Iiy
the emperor, these counsellors had
his unwavering support Thej were
not obliged to manoeuvre for a place
al the Hirone.
I Tlie llle of Mitlsulilto was the life
of tlu- New Japan,    It was torlunale
:for Japan that lie   siiciti-.Ii d to   the
, sovereign power not only as a
young man but in tlie very dawn of
the new era. This happy combination of t-ircimslani-fs mado it possible tor Mutsuhito to lake, at onco
the position of leader and to hold it
to Uie end."
Mutsuhito siii-ct'i'tliil In the throne,
in January, 1,867, when he was 11
Years ol age. lie was the second
son ol tho Emperor Komci, and bad
been proclaimed li.-ir-aiip-.rcnt in
I. lie was crowned at, the ancient capital of Kioto in Ootober,
1866, and was married to lhc Princess Haruko in December, ol that
His accession came at the very
moment ot ihe Iall ol tin' slioguiuiUi,
that olllcc ol generalissimo whieli hail
lieen converted, in tho hands of powerful men, into a 'military dictator-;
ship of tho empire. Tlie lirst two
years ol Mulsuhito's reign sin. Uie
succcsslii! quelling ol all rebellious
uprisings among followers of the fallen Shogun.
After tbe death ol feudalism 1..
1871 Ihere followed n rapid succession ol events    which marked      thq
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stages in tlw discarding of Orientalism and Uie adoption of western civilization. A ccntrali/.ed bureaucracy
arose on the ruins ol feudalism. At
tlie same time ull social disabilities
were removed, Huddhism .HscsLiblish-
eil us the religion of the curt und
the stuff and religious freedom de-
cliueil. Imperial mints were opened
uml the Institution ol postal, telo-
j',rupli uud ruilwuy systems, projected.
lu 1873 cume, In heterogenous array, the use of vucinnulion as a pro-
venlivc of the disease which hud often devastated tlm population of
Japan; thc European calendar, photography, meat eating niul countless
otlier Western institutions and ..is-
totns. Iu thut year also European1
dress wus adopted as Uni court attire and the wearing of thc queue
was interdicted. Persecution ot
Christians was slopped.
Tbe crowning event ol the reign
was the war with Russia, which result.*! in tbe defeat of what was
then regarded as the most formidable military power in Europe and
gave Japan a leading position among
the nations of thc world
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r>tnl.li.lii-<l Im-"     O.niliilllillwl **J twalil.-liv. .rM*.
Representative: P. H. WORTHINOTON
-W. Iiii-'" l-'VAKF itock In Moltloal. *tal, Wwl.li', JostUkit, I'm'.
C niiig.-. Onl min. Nnrttiart Hp* tad Was"'*"! .
•   In-..rp..r;.t» :   ]■'.''
Capital Paid Up S6.350.000 Reserve $7,450,000
Total Assets, $110,5x11,511.19
II. S. IIOI.T, I'retiil.nt      K. I
i'F.ask. (ienertl Mtntirsr
Account* ol Firm*. OorponUonl anil Imliviiliial, Rolicild.
Out-of town Im,in..* ri-i-.-iv.-a ..-fry attention.
BAVI1KJ8 l)KI'AKTMENT-l»po*it.ol 11.00 ami DDWSrdt retelrtd
toil interest alloweil at current rate.   No formality or ilelay in
A 1 M'tiera! llankins llnainelstruttcteil.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager      |
A Good  Home
it wlinl it 'li'iaf lo I'vvry num. A home
it wbsra I'eec.-, Comfort, Contentment,
nnd I'l.'i.ty it found. Tliat it the reatoi.
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranlirook" it mentioned Hnnk of tht-
provisioi.a Jot. Brault hat mad.' for uu
ideal lionif nt tht-
Canadian Hotel \
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
W. F. U.IINSON. l-roprletor
By ttie Herald   Publishing Comjiany,
V. J. Deane, Managing Kditor.
CKANBKUOK, B. C August 15, 1912
Notice to Advertisers
Notice is hereby given that all
changes of display advertising
must reach this office not later
than noon on the Wednesday
preceding day of publication.
Copy received later connot be
guaranteed attention.
Thoro would appeal to bo >omo
parly scltlomflirt of Canada's policy
in r-ogawi to hot share in tlie cost of
ma.nlcfia.in* ol tlio nan, In viaw,
Irom recent London advices. Hon. ll.
I.. Honii'ii apparently recognlws tho
futility of his recent, utterances in
this regard ami is now prepared tn
advocate a "rmitid table" conference
at Ottawa, at whieli lit. Hon. Sir
Wilfrid jLfttirlcr. nml other Liberal
leaders will he present, to consult
with Mr. Winston Churchill, first
lord of 'the admiralty. Tbis Is putting the plan outlined in the London
cable- despatches very briefly, but
qui In clearly. Whether or not Sir
Wilfrid Laurler will see his way
clear to participate in such a conference remains to be seen, but it Is
reasonably certain that the Liberal
chieftain will be ready to make aay
sacrifice of party advantage to aid
in the settlement nf a question whieli
appears to be entirely beyond Uncapacity of the Tory leader and his
counsellors. It is to to hoped that
the talking aboul Canada's participation in Oreat Drltaln's naval affairs
will soon cease and that soim'thing
practical will shortly eventuate. Thc
original Lffiiricr policy seems to be
the one solution of the problem that
will appeal most strongly lo the
Canadian people as a whole, and one
cannot but think tHiit in tbc outcome
Hon. It. L. Horden will be compelled
to adopt it, along Hues sufficiently
modified to save his face.
For a long time past the Herald
has been persistently and cnnslstciit-ly
advocatiuc a vigorous policy ol land
settlement, witb particular regard to
tlie Kast, Kootenay tlittriet. At the
outset our efforts In this direction
were condemned by the Mcllride
government organs, as purely partisan attacks upon that administration. However, the facts are gradually penetrating the editorial offices
of somo of lhe chief organs of thc
Mcltride administration and more or
less frank appeals arc lieing made to
premier Mcllride to arouse himself
to the necessity of grappling with
what is undoubtedly the greatest
problem confronting this province at
the present moment.
A tht it! onal and extremely satisfactory endorsement of the Herald's altitude on this subject comes from
such an entirely non-partisan source
as Archbishop McNejI, nf Vancouver,
who, in tlu* course nf a recent public
address, delivered before lhe Progress cltlb id the Terminal City,
spoke with unusual force and emphasis tn the subject of land settle*
limit in this province and of the urgent duty of ibe government nf the
day to Ik- up and doing-
That the settlement of Die country
districts is aol at all in proportion
with the development ot Vancouver
and other Cities of llie province nnd
that the future of Hritish Columbia
should tw insured by. the creation of
substantial farming communities,
was the statement and warning given by Archbishop McNeil, in tho
course of his address.
"I wish to state this." pronounced
the .irehbislu p in concluding a not-
aMe spi*ech. "Vou, the business men
ot Vancouver, m-cd a buffer between
you and—I will not say a slump or
panic—but rather a stringency. Vou
are on tho crest (,f the wave at the
present time.
"It a l.uropcan war brottO out,
Vancouver would In* one of tbc places
to to hardest hit, ns Ruro|iean capi-
3 f
tal, whieh has been and is onft ol the
big factors in tlie'building up of tbis
city, would be deflected.
"Mining and fisheries are Industries
conducted by a few wealthy men or
companies. in times of stringency
they can close their purses ami wait
for better limes. Hut in a large
[arming community you have men
who cannot close down. They must
sell their produce and thus, iu times
of stringency, thc burden is equally
shared, as they must lower the
prices ot foodstuffs In order to sell.
In this manner hard times may he
bridged over with a minimum of discomfort.
"The man who comes here, who
should go on thc farm, gets employment as a laborer at fairly high
wages, and catching the spirit of
speculation, puts his money in a
town or city lot. He tries to get
out on Ibe lund eventually, but he
finds he cannot sell his lot with thc
present current high prices.
"In tho lower Fraser valley there
is a magnificent tract of a country
tbat should be all settled by this
time. The government has spent
$1,000,000, more or less, In dyking
that part of the province. There ale
thousands of acres of dyked liver
bottom laml In the lower Fraser
valley that are not being used today.
They are unoccupied because the
speculators are holding them for
high pr ces which thc intending farmer cannot afford to pay.
"In my opinion conditions are sucli
that tho government is Uie only* or*
gani/ation capable of handling tbe
problem', In New /calami eighteen
years ago the government .organized
a low rate of interest tor farmers
loans. Get after the government
and Influence them to organize a
loan department that will take mortgages at a low rate ot interest and
ut a minimum ot cost."
Archbishop McNeil's remarks naturally had more specific reference
lo conditions on thc coast than to
those prevailing in tbc up-country,
Hit they none the less form an effective criticism ot the government's
apathy, throughout tlie province iq
tikis connection. Here, in this great
Kast K co tenay country, we know
that tbere are thousands upon thousands ot acres of the finest agricultural lands lying useless, because of
the very difficulties outlined by thc
archbishop. Wc know that it tbe
Mcllride, or any other government,
would tackle tbis question In the
proper spirit, in thc course ot a very
few years the Kast Kootenay district would In producing agricultural
products, of one kind and another,
including live stock, fruits and vegetables, that would make an enormous
d (Terence in thc totals of food
s luffs imported from the United
States and other countries, besides
.Hiding immensely to the prosperity
of the towns throughout tbc distriet. Conditions are so obvious
that it is remarkable tbat llie Me-
Biiilc government do not make some
lumest effort to grapple with the situation, and it is more remarkable
that the electors do not insist upon
some definite action being taken
From present indications It is
clear thai the people of the whole
province are becoming alive to the
urgency of tbcT-,ituat.oti and the Mcllride government will either have to
get busy, or give way to an administration   alive to the best interests
t the province as a whole., A large
measure of support has been gained
by the Mcllride government because
of Its railway policy, but no matter
how good that may have been, and
much of ft is open to serious criticism, it inust.be perfectly obvious
'1 ha t wit Ikki I some active, well
thought out scheme for the settlement of the public lands, ttie best
of railway policies cannot in tbe
long run accomplish a great deal. It
is true that there arc difficulties in
the way, but no greater than have
lieen met and overcome etsewfiere in,
the world. Premier McBride might
study with advantage what bas been
accomplished in tlie Australasian
colonies, particularly in New Zetland.
The Crnnbrook Tennis club will
bold an American tuurnamrnt on
Saturday n.'tl, August I7lti, ami
lie annual club iniirnainriit will
start nn Muml.-iy, August 19th The
0. iniiiitlii'   requests   all members to
Dr. C. Gordon Hewitt, Dominion In*
tomologlst, says, referring to the infantile death rate
from intestinal diseases and diarrhoea spread by the house
fly, he believes that the so-called harmless fly is yearly causing the deatli of thousands of infants, at well as spreading
the germs of typhoid fever.
are the best tiling to rid your house of these dangerous pests.
see that their names are entered for
these events and make them a hig
success. Tea will be provided as
usual at  the courts on Saturday-
MESSRS. C. A. COCK AND .1. 11.
Tboro wns a fairly good attendance
nt tlm meeting ol tlio Parmer's Institute last evening, when excellent
papers wero given by Mr. ,1. II. McClure and Mr. 0.   A. Cock.
Mr. C. A. Cook gave a paper on
tlie breeding and bundling .,( sheep In
tbe Itowney Marsh country ol Kent,
England, anil described in detail tlte
operations ul tin- llm-k muster and
bis helpers ilir.iii.gli.nil Ihe year In
ehe Inline of the Itowney Marsh
breed of she.1i, relating the precautions necessary to successfully
li,iiniii' a flock where by reason of
tbe wrt many difficulties arc encountered In the work,
At tbe close nl Mr. Cock's remarks n number of tin1 members present discussed tbe p. ssiliilltlm ol
sheep breeding iu Kootenay, and the
sense ot those present was that it
would nc almost useless to attempt
it, except in coyote prool enclosures
as is done in Oregon, Calltornla,
and otlier states uf the union. At
llie usual price ot mutton here even
thus outlay ought to bc well repaid
as the vegetation is tar better adapted to sheep than to cattle
Mr. ,1. II. McClure gave a paper
on strawberry culture, in whieh he
slated that a peculiar characteristic
ol this district in bis experience was
that manured lands gave lar too
much plant growth to procure tbe
Inst results in Iruit.
He emphasized the netd ol trc-
if.icnt working ot the soil before
tween rhe old matted row _ and the
possible store of moisture, and said
his -best results had been where he
retarded the growth of the plants
lo be act until alter the transplanting was accomplished. He lelt convinced that by digging the fall belore and carefully heeling in over
winter this was most easily accomplished
Mr. McClure much preferred the
hedge row, a midway system between the old matced row and the
bill system, as neat suited to
local conditions and recommended
thc twelve tooth cultivator as the
most, fitting tool for use in tlte
strawberry plantation, especially'
where moisture was lacking. Spcak-
ng nl winter mulch. Mr. McClure
lelt that one was always safer to
apply this, although lie had not done
so last year, hnj such a winter
could not often Hie looked Inr. On
the question ol removing the mulch
an animated discussion ensued, one
member recommending chat it be
allowed lo remain and alter the
Iru ting season burning it oft along
with the old foliage ot the plantt.
This Is a plan olten used In Uieeast
bul tbc tense of the meeting teemed
to be that such a method was too
wasteful ot vegetable matter to be
employed in a country where tht
soil is already depleted of such matter, as well as the difficulty of putting out Tire in the summer here
with safety. After a rccoinmrndt-
lion nl sorts lound adapted to the
district by'Mr. McClure and tome
general discussion nl the laxity ol
enforcement of the noxious weeds
act by the government authorities
the meeting was brought to a. clone
by a hearty vote ol thanks to Mr.
Cock and Mr. McClure Inr their Interesting papert.
Siir.dajTt-l.ow   mass at «..W a.m.;
high matt, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
Irom 1 to 8 p.m.; Rosary arid Benediction tt 7.M p.m.
Mondi'i tnd hoi; dayi ol obligation—Mts* at I a.m.
Week dtyt-Maai at I a.m. tt tht
P. Pltmondon, O.M.t.
Itev. W. Elton Iliinham, pastor.
Sundty services: The pastor will
preach tt II a.m. and,7.30 p.m.
Mnralng tubieet: "Freedom."
Evening subject: "Sit."
The evening subject is the first in
a series ol lour discourses on "List
Chortl tnd pipe organ selection*
will to tendered at every service.
Pastor, Rer. W. Kelman Thornton.
Morning, II a.m.: "The Study ol
Comparative Religion." Mohanimed-
Evening: Parable ot "The S—"
S. S. and Bible clots, 3 p.m.
Guild, Wednesday, 8 p.m. Topic:
ChrlsHu Tact.
t   i   —
Sunday morning, 11 o'clock—Holiness meeting.
Sunday alternoon, 3 o'clock —Free
and easy meeting.
Sunday night, 8 o'clock—Salvation
Bible lesson: "The Maintenance ot
Oood Works."
Tuesday nljht, 8.:iil o'clock-Special lecture In Knot Presbyterian
Thursday, 8 o'clock—Holiness meeting.
Saturday night, 8 o'clock—Praise
The above services will be preceded
by open airs, to which all -have an
invitation to attend, Irrespective of
class or creed.
1)0 not torgct the lcoturo by Col-
cncl Uaskln, iu tho Presbyterian
church on Tuesday, August 20tti, at
8.30 o'clock,
Kiwl'k A. Stride, Capt.
— .♦——
When in nml call Blondy. Phono 02.
Tlio C.C.S, seem bent on doling
out their slock of clothing and
Horn—At the Cottage hospital,
Craubrook, on Tuesday, August IS,
1012, to Mi. and Mrs. V.i E. Turpin,
a son.
II you want a reliable and reasonable job ol plumbing done or sewerage connections made, call up Ed. K.
.lohnson, 'phone 287. 28-tf
The C.C.S, seem bent on closing
out their stork of clothing and
VV. steward has sold his former
residence, on (-ranbrook street, -to
,1, A. McDcnald, and is moving Into
his new home on Iximsden avenue
Little and Atchison, headquarters
lor llauelwood ice cream, Hazelwood
double Jersey buttermilk and Hazel-
wood creamery butter.
Thr prices ol suits at tbe C.C.S.
would indicate that the closing out
is their intention..
Dr. Corson, ot Fernie, district deputy grand master, A.F. & A.M.,
arrived in town this afternoon'. This
evening be will pay an official visit
to Cranhrook lodge, No. .11.
Heinz dill pickles, 20c. a dozen at
Hard and Harris.
Wc recommend a visit to the C.C.
S. for real close-cut prices on men's
E. Corbett plucked the blossoms
off his apple trees early in the
season and to his surprise they Imve
blossomed again recently, something
quite unusual at this time ot the
year in this district.
Peaches, plums, pears, water
melons, tomatoes and green peppers arrived Iresh today.—East Kootenay Mercantile House.
We recommend a visit to the C.C.
S. lor real close-tut prices on men's
Barney OldOeld, the speed king of
the world, is to give a speed exhibition at thc lethbridge fair on
Tuesday alternoon, August 20th. Ha
will have two componloos with
bim, the three giving thc most sensational races and speed exhibitions
ever given anywhere. SS-lt
To arrive next week direct trom
Milttfl, Washington, a car ol peaches,,
plums and pears. Choice Iruit lor
canning.—Campbell and Moaning.
The catalogue houses arc awfully
annoyed because the C.C.S. continue
to sell 12 It. linoleum tt 62|c. a
square yard.
Drs. King and Oreen have added a
Ford runabout to their automobile
stable. This admirable machine will
enable them to get about a good
deal more quickly and ot leu expense than in using their big machine* lor visiting patient*.
Preserving peaches, plums, pears,
will arrive Iresh on August 20th —
Ward and Harris.
F. O. Hassard, weteern manager ol
the Financial Pott ol Canada, published at Toronto, bat been In town,
sizing things up tbe put day or
two. Mr. Haiiard has been very
favortbly impressed witb the outlook and will hove nothing hut good
to soy ol Cranbrook and Cranbrook distriet in hit reports to the
Influential financial journal In represent*.
(let your preserving peaches, plums
and peon next week Irom Campbell
and Manning.
The Ideal
ns shown by us will lill
A Long-felt Want
Von put your ontiro din-
m-r in tho coukor nntl
tlit'ii forget it. (io nbont
tho house iloinu; other
house work if you want
to. The trusty little
whistle culls yi in it more
water is needed, Will
In- plensi'ii to have you
look it over.
F. Parks & Co.
Cranbrook    •    B. C.
Tenders for Refreshment
Booth on Fair
Tender* will lie received Iiy
the iiiiili>isii>ned nu to Moii-
.lay, August lllth, for the exclusive privilege ut a Refreshment Booth on the Exhibition
Grounds during the Fall
Fair, September lllth and
The highest or any Under
not necessarily accepted.
Terms    and     application
forms can lie obtnined of
Armstrong Ave.
small or large quantities.—Tlm Kink
Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Muck-leg, or symptmatic anthrax,
is reported,to bc more or less prevalent in certain portions of the district, particularly on the SI. Mary's
range. Veterinary-Surgeon Dr. J.
W. Rutjedgc, bos been out investigating during thc past three days,
overhauling some 701) head, -130 ot
which he Innoculated. lllack-lcg is a
stationary infective bovine disease,
that, ls to say, it is confined to
certain localities and sheds, where
It rrmuics throughout the year. It is
specially active during the warmer
months (.lune. .luly and August) and
occurs chiefly on swampy ground. As
a rule only cattle between the ages
ot 3 months and 4 years become at>
feeted. Next, week a special article will be devoted to .this disease
for thc benefit nt cattle raisers In
the distrlot.
25 per cent discount nit linml-
painted china. You ean aft. id tn
buy yonr Xmas presents now.—Campbell and Manning.
During the past few days tlio Herald has laken occasion to discuss
with a number nl locaj nnd district
lumbermen the situation, so far as
their business is concerned. On
every hnnd the Herald learned that
business was good, and steadily
growing. Orders trom the prairie
provinces are beginning to pour in
and with the prospects ol splendid
crops it is fairly certain that the demand will ii.t only keep up but that
it will very severely test thc capacities nl tbe various mills to meet
requirements. Notwithstanding this
marked Improvement in tlm lumber
trade, there is still cause fnr complaint in regard to thc IKmuinlon
government's course In tlie matter ol
U. S, shipments into Canada, but in
view nl Improved conditions over
on tho American side thai Is not
likely In affect thi' Mountain lumbermen tr, any very appreciable extent
during the remainder ol tlie present
A ear nl preserving Iruit to arrive
next week, peaches, pears, plums
and prunes.—Campbell and Manning.
We have some mure nl those f 18.00 I
suits. Selling nt less thnn 810.00.- I
C. 0. S.
AOENCIES WANTED.-Wo desire to establish agency at once witb
seal estate firms, and live wire talesmen for quick aggressive campaign
covering Western Canada. Appropriations tn make proposition known In
your locality. We furnish literature
and window decorations and if ncces-
II. T. Brymner, manager ot the
local branch ol the Bonk ot Commerce, is back Irom Dawson City,
whither he journeyed rn bonk business. Mr. Bryrnner«enjayed tlie trip
in aad out immensely, but wn not
greatly impressed with Dawton City.
Thlngi ore very quiet there, most
ol tbe business being In tbe hands of)
o tew big corporations. Mrt. Ilrymn- , sary co-opcrntc by sending special re-
er bos tlio iriuired borne from prescntatlvc to your city. 8100,000
Proctor, where she has heen spending to be expended on Improving proper-
tbe put lew weeks. , ty.      Write at onee tor pltn.-Beck-
— man and    Elliott,   1208   Dominion
We will have a ipedal consignment .Trust Bldg., Vancoiivcc. B.C.    32-41
of preserving fruit* In about Tuesday |   The prices   of tufts at the   C.C.S.
or Wednesday ot next week—prunes, , would indicate that tbe closing   nut
nttcbtt, plums, peon, etc.    We will ' it their intention.
be glad to  quote you   friers      on | ——
Halsall & Co.
Ladies' Wash Dresses, $3.00 Each
In Ginghams, Indian Heads anil Colored Muslin
Ettol'ts.    Re-ruler value ifl.iil), $5.00, niul $11,01).
Special Value at $3.00 each
Misses' Wash Dresses, $1.50 Each
In Iimiliums. I'ei'cati'H, AlmlrnitBcfl uml luiliuii
Howls. Very latent styles. Sizes S to II yearn.
Homiliii' value $2,00, $2,25, .$-i..**it», $8,00,
Special at $1.50 each
Children's Wash Dresses
In nixes J year to ,S years. Lawns, VoolingS, Glllg.
hiims, Percales, Eto.    All ami every garment lit
Very Special Reduced Prices
A LAKGE LOT on Block 1H4, near the Public Schools,
212 feet by HO feet, with house suitable for u small family
and lettinit for rent at $S,00 per month and prosenlly occupied by a tenant.   I'rieo, with fee simple title,
$000.1X1, Cash uud terms
illli AORES, in fee simple, one million feet timlicr. excellent eiulit-rooui dwellhip, house nn.1 ollices; abundant water ;
2n acres under cultivation.
ivii.iiim. Cash nud terms.
Host buy in the Knoteiiiiy country.   Convenient to rail and
00 ACRES- Crown granted. 15 acres under cultivation,
5 acres Almost ready for the ploui-lt. $1,oihi wortli of Ions
on land: 1 team of horses, Wilson and harness, mower uml
complete outfit of line agricultural implements; boiler and
engine with cordwood sawing outfit; ton room dwellinu: house,
water in kitchen: burn with new buy currier fork; carpenter
nud blacksmith nliop, fully equipped. 1211 chickens, incubators! br.Mi.lers,   Will sell as a tioini- concern—
Shi.iiiin. Cash and lerms.
1 guarantee the forcKoing to I*. well worthy the closest
investigation by prospective investors,
Raworth Block
f> **********************
COME      COME      COflE
to bo held at I. O. O. F. Hall THl'RgOAY EVENING,
AUGl'ST liith, 11112, ot H..1H p.m.
Gcntriil Mnnngrr
AMlalnnl Grn.n.1 Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Interest at the current rale is allowed on nil deposit*, of $1 and
upwards, Careful nllc.ilion is given lo every naniinl Small i.ccountt
are welcomed.   Accounts mny bo oponcd uml operated by mail.
Accounts mny be opened in the mimes of two or more persons,
withdrawals to he made by nny one of Ihcni or Iiy the survivor. g,,
R. T. Brymner, "lanap-er Cranbrook, B. C.
W. t.awson, ot Moyie, has started
a. lime quarry on the west side, of
Moyle lake. 33-U*
. .   ■     i
"Tbc terms ol today are very con
"How do you mean?"
. "When ynu hear a man talk ahoul
muck-raking ynn do not know whether lie Is reading the popular nisga-
zines or stinting a suburban gtt-
ikll."-El. .      , i
__________ THE   OKAH^UUK,JJlJUBAl^...
LOOK for Saturday's announcement at the
Auditorium for VAUDEVILLE next week
along with a nice new line of pictures.
Change of pictures every night.
Roller Skating Tuesday & Thursday
After 10 p.m. nml every afternoon
A Safety Razor for
a Dollar
It will pay yon to invest in a (JEM JUNIOR, with
seven Ditmunkm-iiii Bhulos, or an EVER READY, with
twelve blades.
Extra Blades, 75c. a doz.
Wn have all the olhor makes too, im-ludiiiK THE
ZKIT, al p.M.
I'nine iii and let us show you
Also The Qem, Anco, and Griffon
Automatic Strappers
They nro money savers
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The 1%Q*A_L Store
Cranbrook • - • B.C.
In Advance
The mail order house tnyi:
" Send nt the money nnd wo
will tend you tho goods.
We tay: "Choose, then
Wo offer you tlio opportunity of exaininiiiK to your
heart's content, and then
please yourself about aecep-
ing or otherwise.
Don't you think this is a
far safer and more natural
way to thop than to pay in
advance for aoniethina; yon
have never even seen ?
We think it it, and if you
will Kire ns a chance wo will
demonstrate it to you.
.'hi*. McKowan is cnioilng a -a
caiiiHi and is vi*iling al the c,.a*t.
Clinic walerini'liin* nml ciula-
louncs nt Little and AlcltisonV
The C.C.S. imiH.ii nil their lino
hums limn Scotland.
Mi** N. T. Mrtlenigal left this
week for n ehree mouths' visit at
In'r ..hi biimc at Politer, Ont.
Tln> C.C.S. Impoil ||| iheir linoleum* In.iii Sctitluml.
II. A. Krnser It'll en Monday |,n
Knnsas city, where he will enjoy u
slum vacation.
full line (d Hein/. pii'Mc nml
lelisncs — Ward and Harris.
Crib apples tor preserving ut
Kink's Pure Fond Grocery.
Mrs. W. I.anc Holmes ind daughter, ot Brustells, Out., are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. A. II. Macdonald.
Crib apples lor preserving it
Kink's Pure Food Grocery.
Shoe shine, 15c. for 25c bottle.—
Miss Kannv Dick will resume ber
position at tlw public school after
the summer vacation, conducting the
entrance class.
Regular (3.50 toilet lets for 12.50.
—Campbell tad Manning.
Shoe shine, 15c. tor 25c bottle.—
Mrs. K. II. Mcl'bcc bu returned
Irom a visit to Alberta, accompanied,
by her titter, Miss A. Ettas, ol
Brandon College.
When ia need call Blondy. Phone 63.
A great hunch ol shoes to close
nut, just a little above halt price —
C. C. S.
Dr. Hugh Strug, of the Goderi.h
Collegiate Institute, iconmptniod by
his daughter, Miss Grace Strug,
were visitors in town Wedactday,
guests nt Mr. tad Mrs. A. B. Mac
i'iall apples lor preserving at
Kink* pure Food llrocery.
Any person requiring their bath
nsun, toilets, etc., connected to the
silver should tw Kd. F. Johnion
Estimate! furnlihed. Call 'pkolc
287. Il-tl
Shoe shim', Ite. for 25c bottle.—
M. I*. Vlllcneuve, sccre-tnri ol the
Kimbcrley Miner* ualnn, wis down
I. Moyle thi* week looking alter the
members who are working la that
camp. The Movie union fits been
amalgamated wllh the Klmlierlcy
l'hone 1S.-I
Slore opposite ttation
Prizes for Fall Pair
For beat array of Fruit and llerries put up in " Economy Jm"—Oim dot. each pints, .pawls, and half-Ballon
"I.cononiy"jartando«|)i     Value $4.55 ',
M.   .... 5ir ,boS.t "ny,?1 rimeA, BitcuiU, etc,, mule  from •
1  -Mother 11 tuvorite^'or-Prideof AllicHa " Flour - fiOlb. '
;   tack ot "Mother t Favorite" ami HO lb. sack of "Pride of .
i   Allierta," r    Valiit* $8,115 ;
i For terond bett-23 lb. of eneh. __ $1.!H) ;
!   tt   V("£'.\n"Jho*,mt¥n.)'ni »-«*«on of Live Stock, i ;
,   Hnmi. Cattle, Pirs, Fowlt, Eta. n receipt for 110.00 for, or !
j   at a payment on, any thin,, in our carnage or oaildlery 1 inn.
; For farmer who hat bnt exhibit ot Fruit, VegeUbli**., • '
,   and tlraint   A |10.0|| reoiipt for. or aa n payment on. any- ' J
;   thing in onr wagon or implement line.
Oet Busy and Win These
l goods.       nargalii   priee*
nd Manning-
It iiniv In that your eyea tiro
becoming weaker anil yuu aie
afraid tn arknuwleilge it. That
Ih tlm wiiy witli u k'khI muiiy
peuple, Imtli old and young. The
young, partiuuUrly, aeem afraid
to admit their failing eight; hut
it i« no novelty nowaday! and
certainly no dlwrace. We will
remedy any defective eyeifght
quickly, accurately, and at low
Jewelers and Opticians
A Ane line Of fresh fruits at Llttlo
and Atchison's.
Canadian and i'jiglisli folk want
Scntch linoleum. The C.f'.S. price
on 12 It. wide is 63J cents.
Professor Elston, ot Ottawa, was
in town tlie first of the week. Mr.
Elston is making in examination of
the geology and soil in this district, lor tlie geological depart menl
at Ottawa.
Canadian and' English Inlk want
Scotch linoleum. Tlie C.C.S. priee
on 12 ft. wide is 62! cents.
Mr. Thos. A. Withy, of the Oarrl-
son Club, Quebec City, Is shortly to
start across Canada in hi* automobile. In due course he will reach
Cranbrook and will lie welcomed nnd
entertained here hv tbc Cranlirook
Automohllc club. Mr. W. H. Wilson,
thc local secretasy, is in correspondence with Mr. Wtlby.
Children's souvenir ehina mugs 15c.
etch. Regular price ita:. and Inc. at
Fink Mercantile Co.
A great hunch .if shoes to close
nut, just a little above half price —
C. C. S.
In a brief local niinnuncement last
week regarding the resignation »rf Mr.
P. DcVere Hunt, as secretary ol the
Agricultural association, an error occurred. It was then stated that Mr.
A. R. Smith would temporarily lil.
the position, whrrca* Mr. It. V.
Davis was appointed to the vacancy.
Try a pound ot Ravawa tea, 35c.,
SOc. and fine a pound — Ward and
Shoe shine,    15c.
for 25c buttle.—
Or. Klliott Rowe, Vancouver city's
publicity agent, is shortly to visit
this city and deliver an address on
publicity matter* generally. A treat
I* in store for all those who take
this opportunity of hearing one of
the brightest public speakers In the
When ia need call Blondy. Phone (SI.
Shoe shine,
15c.   Inr 25c liiillle.-
I*. II. nes Reed, held nl llie provincial met.'.iriiliiiii.'i.l department,
recently returned to Victoria,   Irom
1 trip Into the ' Carilmo district,
where he examinee the meteorological stations it Marker, llle and
t-.H-incI, nnd tins seme new ones,
which hive heen opened up. This Is a
very.interesting itttcmcnt ol tact,
tnd It gives rl»e to the aueitlnn:
Why Is there nn meteorological station la Eait Kooteuy*
Special lor   Saturday: Cantaloupes
2 lor 25c—East Kootenay Mercantile,
A gre.it hunch nf shoes lo close
out, Just a little .hove hall price.—
C. C. S.
Many Cranhrook residents, particularly all curlers, will heartily sym-
path re ln the regret of Fernie citizens over ,ih • loss ol llev. II. M.
(Irani, wbo hns tecepted I call to
Vancouver. Rev. Mr. Orant la is
well known in Craubrook at he wit
hi Fernie tnd certainly he could not
elsewhere hive been held in greater
respect and adi-ellon hy any community. __
Shoe thine, 15c. for 25c battle.—
Clotlng out sevrril Unci ot crockery aa* thin to mito room tot now
■Maurice Qiinln is hack In town
alter several weeks spuit In the
east, mainly at Ottawa. Mr. 1'iiain's
.astern trip was made principally
in cormectloo with private business
interests anil Ik' reports very satisfactory results, ol which more will
bo heard in a Ill-tie while.
Olir ehina and glass sale has been a
grand success. Every housewif'1
should take advantage ol this—ol the
bargains wc are offering—The Fink
Mercantile Co., Ltd,
A great Itiiurl, nf shoes lu cltlflL'
eut, just a little ahuve hull price —
I'. 0, S,
Call up Ed. F. .lohnson, licensed
plumber, and gel. an estimate of tbe
cost of yonr sewer connections-
'l'hone 207. 28-tl
We have sonic more of those (18.01)
suits. Selling nt less Ihan $10.00.—
C. 0, S.
Lists ol members nf tlie first convocation uf the University uf Hrilish
Columbia hnvu been issued, but so
far the names nf Ki.s-I Kootenay representatives have been conspicuous
by their absence. Why, oil, why,
this persistent neglect ul East- Kootenay? Tliere arc men resilient In the
East Kootenay fully as well qualified
to act in this connect ion as any one
of those whose names Imve so far
been published.
I'lliine 75 tor anything ill tlie
Iruit line.—Little and Atchison.
We have sonic more of those $18.00
suits. Selling at less than tio.no.—
<*. C. S.
I V.islerday alternoon (Ieo. lluggartb
started .iff in his aiitomo-
. bile lur Pernio, to witness lhe ad-
[ verlis'M prize fight fur last night,
Mullln vs. t'urver. Ai-comuftiiyii-rg.
him were V. Hyde linker, P. E.
Wilson, anil Cory Dow. Unfortunately the fight ilnl nut take place. For
some reason, not- at present lou wn
here, Carver, ut the lasl moment,
declined tu enter the ring. .lim
Hates, ot this city, was present lo
act as refer.*'.
Tlm catalogue bouses are awfully
annoyed la-cause the C.f'.S. contlnue
to sell 12 ft. linoleum at 112'c u
square yard.
Call up Ed. F. .lohnson, lioensid
plumber, ami gel tn estimate nl the
cost ol your sewer connections.
Phone 267. 28-tl
A man named Geoffrey Qrlmorc,
dropped dead suddenly at tlw Canadian hotel last Saturday night. He
was about filty years ol age, a widower, snd practically unknown hereabouts, A brother lives In Quebec,
who has been communicated with
and pi-iidinn word from him the body
is being held lor interment. Dr. J.
II. M. Bell, held an enquiry into
tbc death, but nothing ol uiouieiil.
was elicited, save that tbc deeeas.-.l
had complained nl heart trouble, and
some time ago had been In the
hospital tor treatment.
Souvenir china at less than tlw
makers cost at the Fink Mercantile
Co. Now is the time to lay in a
store ol Xmas gills.—The Fink Mercantile Co.
We have some mure ul those 118.00
suits. Selling at less than SI0.M.-
C. C. S.
New stock is being placed on the
shelves dally at the new boot and
shoe slum uf Campbell and Oarrett
on Nnrbury avenue. All the general
merchandise good* have been .'leaned
oil the thrives and iepla.nl wilh
strictly boots und sIiim's. Thi* store
has been neatly decorated with a
large number ul mounted wild game
heads anil (lowering put* and 1* .mini the most attractive stores in thc
city. Their ad. appears in another
Catalogue houses du not Intereit
Craabrook folk thli lummer. The C.
0. S. close-out sale has In-.ii the big
attraction. When ir. n beds sell at
12.75 and men's suits at »7, 18 and
$10, wo can well afford to cast
aside the big catalogue, and go
where we can see what we arc buying and have the goods delivered free
ot charge.
Any perion requiring their bath
room, toilets, etc., connected to the
sewer should tee Ed. F. Johnson.
Estimttet furnished. Call 'phone
107. 28-tl
P. DcVere Hunt has imt returned
Irom a very enjoyable and successful
business    trip   through   Ihc Paynes
-Campbell holdings and are now beginning to
see success abend ol them. Mr. Hunt
speaks glowingly of the hearty wei-
ciilue and cordial hospitality shown
bim throughout his trip and expresses the opinion that the Baynes
Lake district will, in due course, occupy a very prominent place, iu the
returns of provincially produced fruit,
anil vegetables.
Choice green corn, celery and ripe
initiators at Little and Atchison's.
We are now taking orders tor preserving peaches, plums, pears, etc.—
Little ami Atchison.
Lusl week we furnished three
houses from tup to basement— C.C.S
The C.C.S. furniture prices are
lully 20 per cent lower than otlier
lumlture dealers. We make Ibis
statement after investigation.
sheriffs have been uppulnled and
reappointed for the province. Tbe
Inst (lazette contains the names ol
the tollowing lor the County ol
Kootenay: Sheriff of North-East
Knutenuy, Henry Counel!
Mnore; post office address, Oolden.
Limits of Jurisdiction: That portion
ul thc County ol Kootenay embraced
in tbe Columbia 'Electoral district.
Sheriff, of North-West Kootenay, William .1. Law; posl office address,
Revelstoke. Limits ol jurisdiction:
That portion ol tlie County of Knot.'-,
nay embraced in the Revelstoke Electoral district. SlM-rifl id.South
Kootenay, Samuel Parker Tuck; post
office address, Nelson. Limits ol-
Jurisdiction: The remainder tf the
County ol Kootenay.
II you want a reliable and reason
able Job ol plumbing dune or sewer
age connections made, call up Ed. F
Johnson, 'phone 267. 28-11
We recommend a visit lo thc C.C.
S. lur real clnsc-. tit prices on men's
W. Mag.mii, lugging superintendent
at Wardncr for tbe CN.P. Lumber
company, called at Uie Herald office
last week end in reference to a notice appearing in a recent issue which
might be thought to refer .lb the op
cations at bis company's camps.
Then- has been no trouble at their
camps and wages ol $8.00 a day and
board are paid to driven. Subsequently Mr. Magoon informed tbe
Herald tbat he had met tbe individual responsible for tbe objectionable
notice appearing in tbs Herald and
obtained trom bim an apology for
any reflection tbat may hive been
cast upon the t'.N.P. Lumber com-
luiny, hy its publication.
Just, the thing for picnic sandwiches, lunch tongue, veal loaf or
thicken loot at thc East Kootenay
Mercantile Howe.
Wc recommend a visit to the C.C.
S. for reat close-cut prices on men'*
Chit. R. Ward, tbe genial manager
ul the. Craabrook Agency Co., drove
a Herald representative over their
new sub-division, tbe lluroi Vista
Hardens, thit week. This property
was formerly tbe farm ol Mr. .1. P.
Leslie, 320 acres ol well iloord bench
land, overlooking tbe city, one mile
to tbc south. Tbe situation could
nut be more ideally selected Inr suburban res deuce property, a* from
any point on the property a brood
birdseye view ol tbe whole valley lies
in panorama north, east aid welt.
A visit to tbe. gardens ol Mr. Leslie
is a delightful and illuminating experience, a great variety of vegetables growing here to perfection
Con, carrots, turnips, lettuce, beets.
rabbage, onions, great field* of potato.'*, peat shoulder high, bean*, tail
alter vegetables betides j young lour
year ohl orchard. In healthy vigor,
hearing pears, plums, apples and
crab applet, prove tbe producing
quality of this Und. Near Mr. I««-
lle's bouse a flower gardea, under the
earelul trailing ol Mrs. Leslie, li *
veritable riot ol color, and tbe varicolored bloom*, beautilul tad odnr-
out, could aot be eicdled In more
tropical refloat. A ■umber ol new
housci are bring rieeted .ait ia that
direction and we understand a number of other* are contemplated within
th.' near luturc. While Crtabiook I*
growing tepidly in all direction!, the
extensive growth seems to be toulh-
ward aad la this direction some of
the moot desirable location* eon be
lound In those offered by the lluena
Vista Garden. On tbc south went
corner ot Ibe property a little lake
lies bidden by (be giant fir* tnd
stores wtter tor summer irrigation.
However, this Is onnecess.it as tbe
land Is ill lub-irrigtted, the under
'ground it ream* ranging Irom 3 In 1*1
Inl under the surfice.
We will have t special coatlgnnient
nl preserving Iruita la abort Tuesday
Lake district. Mr. Hunt reports or iWednetday ol ne«t week-prime*,
lallilactory progress l*lng madu on 'peaches, pl»m», pen*, etc. We will
every html by the new »ettleri in I"' *M *« l-mle you prices in
that    district.      The.   have had to sm»" "' l»1"" ««anlltl-».-T*e Fink
Sensational Bargains
We haveonlv a few llatri left nml
theieate to l)fl quickly cleared out at
Take h.Ivnnta^e of  thin irliance to
secure atmirtthutfor a final I .ml lay.
Dainty lllouio. nml Bl.lrt Warn,
madu from Fine Linen anil I.awn,
prettily ulmmed with Embroidery
ami I.ure, with high m.,1 low neck..
We are gelling lliem al a iliai-ollllt ol
almut 25 PER CENT. Yuu ibonld
Out Illi.a Illi,.
Notable Shoe
A iplendi.l tuortment ol Hen'.
Ian sim... |n m„-k and Tan, Ouu
Mcial. Velour, u„s Calf ami Patent,
button ind '..i.e ■tylet. a.,. |„w
aline in Itock
Fur it few dan only
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
The Canadian Mortgage
Investment Company
I liter
;      Loans on Farm Properties
i AdvMCM made at current rate* of interest
to  improve  farm*,   hoy   mote  land,   build
hi>n«e« or   Lam*,  huy »iock or machinery,
i-»y ofi exiiting claim*.
P-orrott***-- ate   .riven   tiik   PtlflUOl   or
Rsnccm tiiub Monoaon by annual repay.
merit? <>i, ai*connt ol principal, latere!!
i **»-;i.: on amonntf *o repat-1.
Beale & Elwell
Are on a par. Time
waits for no man, neither
does the value of property Secure
a few acres close in now, while you
can afford it There is no better
lice tevere difficulties In one    way
Mercantile Co., Ltd.
and   another,  Imi,  iinuillwiaiidlie;. I
they ant ilayrd tnaulullt ky   IMr j  TV  C.C.8.   (Mat.it*   prttet   at*
lull. -" per cent Intti-t lli-ri i.ttirr
furnitute deati'r*. We mate tin-,
statement alter intcsligatlon.
Under the "llihllc Inquiries Act,"
Menn. « II. Il..ll..m! Keary, ot
V.t Ui'stmin.tcr, II. A. Mcl.ran, K,
.' . ,,l Victoria, tnd A. I: Hull tur.
rM>-i-.ii law. nl Vincouver, will in-
n.il.e Into iln- prevent iiatem ot
munlrtpal fovrtnmcnl In the province, alieltier "....-I, tyiteni I* outhor-
J ltd by ipeciil wt ei tha ItaUttttre.
|.ir ht anv patrol law relating I..
Iiiiiuiici|>elilir>i.  nni iJiiir within    the
mii|ii' nl tlieir inquiries the con.tttu-
tlnn and nuwet* nl iiiunieipal eoun-
l.-ila. the i|iiallfieati.«* of voters, and
the adniiiiialratori <f jiwllcc within
;llic iiiiininiialitie*, und irrnrrtlly    to
iniiiilir Inlu all initleri municipal.
j Tlie imnmiMinn »ll| meet in I'lln-
lliiool, on frldar, Septeinlier ISth, tt
in a.m. tnd at Kernic the «ame day
News of the District
(By Prod Hon).
Tlii'i'e arc somo people wlio are able
In doty convention utterly and commit llie gravest indiscretions without ever 'K'iiiB touml out. Thoy seem
ablu to get away with almost any-
thiiiR, and Iroauontly great sinners
lliniigh they have linen, tliey die re-
sin'ctoil and admired. People gather
at tlw luneral anil say nice tilings
about lliem. The minister praise
their noble- ami lofty qualities, It
was Shakespeare who said, '-'The
evil that men do lives after them,
The good is ofl interred with their
bones. It might hnvc liuen trans-
|ins.*l to lead 'The evil thai men do
is often hurled with Iheir bones,
While many believe them to have
been saints.' " Sn much tin' those
wlio do as Ihey please, when and
where and how tbey please to do it.
(in lhe other band there are sonic ol
lhe most innocent people who simply
can't keep out nf trouble. II there's
any kind of trouble or scandal within
n hundred miles nf them, innocent.
though lliev !»', their enemies will
Invariably drag, them into it. Just
their luck, .Maybe the habit ol being goml detracts from them their
resourcefulness when they become
mixed up In something that luoks
raw. •ihey simply speak the truth
right nut and blush a little. An
iiesignilit'i-nt white lie might have
saved them but tbey wouldn't lubricate fnr wurltls. Tile ..lily eonelu-
siun we can come lo is tu keep on
hustling and advertising, iiverytbinij
cuiiies tu liim who buttles while he
.Messrs. l^-nsk nud Johnson,- who
an- put ting in a new saw null al
Klko, brought Iheir families down
lliis week. Mr. Joliusuii is building
a palatial residence, turner of Spad-
ina avenue and i/neen's Park road.
air. I.eask will build either on Knob
Hill or Riverside avenue.
Mr. A. Carney "lllytlie Gay," arrived in Elko Sunday morning and
immediately began spreading tlie
sunshine with a new poem eltlitlcd
"Walk, i.osh Darn Yuu, Walk." The
heroes nl the poem arc Klko residents, who lelt Klko last week In an
auiumobilc and returned weary and
tool-sore afld louking as II they had
loads nn tlieir minds as big at a
haystack. They left Klko going
down the Itooivlllo road and lecling
like lorty nullum lords. A well
known luce horse uwncr, livery and
pack train proprietor was seal.xl
with the chauffeur, who is the acknowledged llamey (ildiield, of the
whole dlatrlet, and tlu: Iwo got into
u treated argument as lo the rules uf
the mad, the liveryman claiming
that on discuvering au approaching
leant llie fhaiiileiii must stop offside
and cover his machine w th a blanket
painted tv i-urrcspund with the surrounding scenery. The I'b.iulleiir said
it was nu such a gosh darned thing
when a white tailed deer crossed tlw
road followed lit a mountain liun and
our Imlil rhaiiili-iir turns into the
.base and bingo a busted tire. This
delayed ihe |oy riders lull) twenty
mimit.-s, and starting again they
si mu reached Long Prtlrit and ran
int., a herd ul cattle lielunging to tlie
I'uarler Circle Ihree rami., killing a
time teal uld steer and stampeding
the rest. They erussed the (ireat
Northern track at an angle ol lorty-
liie. and un duwn Itawlilde (lul.-h unto lhe Plains uf Waldo. The wind
shield out ol commission and going
su last against a bead wind it wis
impossible tu hold any conversation
und sweet peace reigned supreme.
Thej .-miml at I'ast le Kng, and
Ihi' hunch were totally entertained
by    Mrs.    Palmer.     Letting Krag
they slipped tlit..ugh the iv.kj.Is liko
a conn In a melon patch and pulled
up at Waldo and were entertained by
President I'. McXab, ol thc Waldo
board ul trade, and had a very enjoyable visit, and here met A. W.
MtcKcn.lc, rf Spokane, who sells tbc
celebrated Simonds saws and declares that no person ean mako saws to
saw like his saws can saw. Tbe
crowd insisted on MacKcnztc joining
the parly nnd coming to Klko, where
the tourists leave the C.P.lt. trains
to take in the fascinating sights of
thc old historic burg, surrounded hy
■pntkling glaciers amid scenery that
can't la' equalled nn the continent nl
Kurope. They passed through lleau-
tilul llaynes, calm and nc.nvliil, but
•ltd Ihey were outside Ihr .Ity
limits  he    turned    the huut
loose, uphill and .lown dale and as it
was getting dusk the liveryman insisted on the chauffeur running his
machine according, to Hoyle and thinks of the road. They had reached
ihc foot nf the Mott grade and tlm
chauffeur, mad as a wet hen, demanded to know what'were thc rules
I the road alter dark.
Weel, Hilly, at night yc mon send
up a red rocket every mile and then
wail ten minutes for the road to
clear. Then yc mon go vary careful
ye ken blowing your horn and' shooting Human candles. You have oil
heard them say that patience, perseverance and sweet nil would make
hens lay.
Hut all the persuasion those men
could use that bu//. wagon would
nut climb that hill. Thoy took the
machine apart and rebuilt it, but
nn good, and it was walk, gosh darn
ynu, walk, and they came into town
the hack way and In at the back
doors, After satisfying the Inner
iiiuu they look a team of Ivory
handled mustangs to bring tla- disturbance into town. They got tlu
blamed thing onto the grade so no
une could pass and came in lor two
mure teams, -and held two livery
ig* and another auto until midnight before tbey could get passed.
MacKcnzie told the writer that for
concentrated,   triple distilled, double
iss excitement, he certainly would
1,'ftinunend Klko. When any ot tbe
party was asked about tbe trip
tbey politely asked to be excused until they took a long rest.
IV. J. K. Hiker, O.K., ot tho
t'trugraphical survey, stationed it
Hm sville, wis called to Nelson thli
The Hon. W. II. Hots, minister of
lands, Victoria, will visit Elko in
the near lutur?.
Miss K. May Roo it the guest ol
Mrs.' 0. 11. Scott, ot Nelson.
Miss Irene    McKee, ol Kilmarnock
Castle, College avenue,    returned al.
ter in extended trip uf six  weeks to
j oust cities, returning via Calgary.
II y. u arc happy you are wealthy
Wealth can't buy happiness.
M. Uorman, chief ol police, said
lliat automobile Ujf wai a Urazilian
picnic lor lair.
P. DeVere Hunt is Paul littering
about tire Itoosville valley silling
tweet peas and apple blossoms.
i barlie Kay says tbe next lime he
goes out auto riding he's going to
lake a diamond drill wilb him, at
the blame things always break down
ivhcie you can't get a drink.
Mackenzie says lor chaulleur'i Elko
sure bas the pick ol the Iruit basket.
Seventy-live people Irom Cranbrook
Hilled Klko last week. More to follow.
Alex. Ilirnic tayi he will, at the
next board ol trade meeting, held In
Jku, md nuke this motion: -'That In
cote a horse or learn will not piss
an automobile tbc chauffeur mutt
take the machine apart is rapidly as
possible and conceal the parti in
tla' grass."
■ ♦.	
(Special tuttespondrnce)
A. Johnson ind A. Lund spent last
week up the river, returning Sunday
A number of young People Irom
ben .Irme to Sand Creek oo Sunday
and spent the day fishing.
Mts. A.     Kmbfce, ol Hanbury, II.
, lelt on Saturday last tor ber
borne, alter spending the week with
Iricnds In Wardncr.
.Mr. Wallet Magoun, superintendent
ul thc C.N.P.L. cninpaiiv'* logging
department, was In Crinbcook tut
Mr. II. 0, Katun wot with Iricnds
In Cranbrook list Friday.
Mr. and Mrt. P. Lund motored to
Galloway, II. ('., list week lo spend
Ihe dty with friends tliere.
Mr. ind Mrt. Utadlry, ol Crtn-
brook, sp.ul list Friday with Iricnds
in town,
Itev. Staylry,...! Chicago, arrived
in town lasl Sunday to be lhe guett
ol Mr. und Mn. P. Lund. Mr.
Staytcy w II go up the river lor a
lew days Ashing.
Mr. C. M. Prntock was in Cran-
btonk lilt Friday nn hiisincat.
Mrt. Wm. Silllker spent Tueidaj)
last wilh Cranbrook Iricndt.
A number of ftlendi gathered it
the home nl Mr. tad Mrt. August
Olaon lasl Saturday night
lo trip Ihr Hghl fantastic.
Mr. Harold Hurl ag, ot Craabrook,
Talk*., SuiU
SOLO ,1 to, wn, site, ...rr .bar* la
CaB.d,-ta, Din. la tba pwk.t.
had lo. „npl„ ol 111! "Kln,'i on-
Mil, aa, .1. Bllula, toga -ilw.nl.
Aik lb, clolhli. lo root towa or .ill.
,llKl-bB|....dr, Limit,,, MoBUaal,
•n«Hti»ll I.tlartat
O. Pred Jolniatun, Ferule, B. C,
was with friends in town last Saturday.
The remains of tlie infant son,
William N-lghtcn, of Mr. and Mrs.
Whalen, ol Jaffray, were brought Into Wardncr last Monday at noon
and buried in the Wanlner ccmc-
lery. Thc llttlo Itilow, who was
less than a month old, was' only
sick n few hours.
Mr. ,1. P. Hanson was In Crau-
lir.Kik .last Saturday on business.
The nlghl work at the sawmill
came to an end last Saturday night,
owing to the scarcity of ti-gs.
The little     Misses I), mill T. How,
I Cranbrook, are spending a few
days wllh Iheir aunt, Mrs. Otto
The band buys intend giving another dunce in tbe Library hall this
Friday evening, August lOtlli Everybody welcome.
Kuntani'lli, the hypnotist, gave a
performance in the opera house here
a lew days-ago. In connection, with
this was a vaudeville, whicli was
very interesting. The performers.
lelt on tne afternoon train Sunday
fur iwlnls east.   •
1)1.1 you   succeed iyi getting   that
manager lo engage y.,u?"
Yea.'    He is going to let mc play
the part cl a walking gentleman."
"Well, you can walk all right,   so
you'll merely have to learn thc other-
Grief url Worry
drain the nervous system with
disheartening rapidity. ' Lack
of interest, lack of appetite and
insomnia result.
The first step towards recovery i
lies in rebuilding the worn out
nerve fibres, which can best be
done with Lecithin, the form of
Phosphorus required for nerve
repair. .
—Asaya-Neurall -I
Nervous Exhaustion
contains Lecithin (concentrated
from thousands of eggs) and
makes possible this cure.
It feeds the nerves, induces
sleep, quickens the appetite, aids
digestion, and soon restore* full
nerve vitality. The beneficial
effects are evident almost from the
first dose.
llo*. bottle. ...lay.' .....men., pit.
OlitaiB (run. llie lrar.1 ag.u...
lm.ggi.bi, Cranbrook, B.C
Writ. UWM lor In. book ua Ncrrau.
•I.H'ATION for the Issue ol a duplicate Certificate ot Title to IB undivided 1-3 ot Lois 20, 21, 22, 29, Block
1:   Lots    10,    11, 12,  IS,    14,  15,
10, 11, 1», 20, 21, 22, 23,
24, 23, 21, 27, 23, 1*, SO,
it,    31, 37,  Block  3; UU S, I, 10,
11, 12, 14, IS, 13, 17, 11,
20,    21,    23,    21,    25,    17, Block
Lott 14, 15, 11, 17, 18
IS, Block St Lott 15, II, 17, 18, It,
23, 23,  Block   I, Lots    1, 5, IS, IS,
11, 17, 11,   11, 20, Block 1; Lott 1,
3,    4,    5,    11,    11,    13,    14,
15, 16, 17, 18, It, 10, Block
8; lots 3, 7, t, 18, Block 10, Lott 2
7, 8, 18, 23, Block 11; Lott 8, t, 10,
IS, Block 12; Lots 8, 7, 8, «, 10, 11,
12, 13, 14, IS, It, 17, 18, Block IS)
U.U 8, 7. 8, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
IS, II, 17, 11, tt, 10, Block 14;
Lott 8, 7, I, I, 10, 11, II, 13, 14,
IS, 17, Block 15; |,oti I, 7, 8, I, 10,
11, 13, 13, It, IS, 11, 17,
18, 11, 20, Block 18; Lott 8, 7, 8, t,
10, II, 12, 13, 14, 15, It,
17, 18, It, 20,    Block 11; Lott I, 7,
t, It, 11, 12, 13, 14,
IS, It, 17, 18, It, 20, Blot* 10;
Lol*    t,    7,    8,    I,    10,     11, 11,
13, 14, IS, 18, 17, 18, It, 20, Block
22; Lott 3, 4, S, I, 7, 8, I, Bloek
23, Towa ot Kimbcrley, Mtp 184,
and ill that pari ol Lot 1358, Oroup
One, not Included in tbe said Town-
that It It my intention to issue tt
the expiration tl one month alter thc
Ont publication hereof i duplicate ol
the Certificate of Title to the above
menlioned lot In the name ot The
Port Steele Development Syndicate,
limited, which Certificate it dated
the 23rd dty et April, 1810, ind
nnmbr-icd SttSK.
Sam'l R. Roe,
liistrict Regittrar.
Nelson, B.P.,
22nd July, Mil. .     tt-4t
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
Nineteen Years the Standard
Prescribed and recommended lor women's ailments, a scieutllically prepared remedy ol proven, worth. The
result from their use is quick and
permanent. For sale at all drugstore!
* TIIK *
* »
* Columbian     »
* •
4 i* a guaranteed pulley. That is, .*
■M latilh-ulioii is guaranteed iucvery —
*. respect,  The „
J Nelson Ironworks*
t linn mi
iin'ri'ilniiiK   Htork.
Tj Write llu in dn' (nuliruliiiB.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with Btttlm.   'I'lione In
overy room
Harbor Shop on the preininei.
Thoroughly up-to-ilate.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GRO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
B. TOMKIN, Mantger
I (.Villi IDIIH* tn
(■x|ipcti   to   lx»
I'lltVtl       If   Utllllt*
me tu cure you.
I'tll'-M      I      klHIW
tliat I iun cure
yuu I will tint accept your cane,
ami lu every In-
Htanod I treat hy
inr own original
ml viinceil and
rtcieiitlfle method-*.
Sftnuttrrhoei, Organic Wcakacw,
Lail Vlier, Varicocele, ttyinctk, Cm-
tractri DlMrteri, Specific E\—i Pel»a,
Mm ut Strlctarei — restoring all
affected orpin* t imorinal and healthy
action In the Khorteei possible apace
of time.
.'n all III. fornu. nl lll*ea*M nt Men.
Cnnaiiltnlinn ..ml iunnirlivi' booklet free
nt i.tH.-t' or h.r iu nil.
wm ti yuir
Qntcklr urtruii
. 'tni-i nun	
pttente liken tbrour-lr, Mmob ft Co. ter-eta
CfreW nc-tlcf. wfltwot eliitwh Ml A
ScieNttfic Hmerkait
MakM MoriWericof
Deep-eeeud and appareatir hopilwi caaea af
etatlea, Lumfaaco, Gout. M-Nrafcrfa and all other
.mm at fiSp jrt-aH at onco ta Abbott Im.
Rheumatic Kiawrb. lika aa angel af mmrty It
fcaa -r.v-.-a InsUnt reMef toaleep fofsatetw. mfferefa,
Hf ted Um* from tod* af agony aad fer M rears
aaa been curiae wen. wnwin and ehlldren for
whom titer* teemed na beta. J net a few bottle*
htvecttredcaeeeof fram M «* 90 yean'dumtlon
and today It sunda unrivalled aa a quick, eafe and
\mmm nHdfc tnattMBt for aft nrit add BE
aiaie,inakhldnaf»-»a.  Ut a dollar bottle of
awfJwW   *jEj bSJHHBi]-' fSSBSI*
e*d -roue peine al *■***-—eUrt your cere tadty.
Sent pre-Mkl hf AUrrtt Rm^ Til 8. Dearborn Bt,
Chkace, 111., If roar druggist dee* rot hav* N.
Sold by tbe Cranbrook Drug ud
Hook Co.
% East Kootenay     §
•        Butcher o. •
| meat warn
a -—    -
6 Dealer* In
O Fn-ili nnd Onrcil
B Mnnti.
"   Poultry, Game anil Fith   ®
• in Beaton. ®
I East Kootenay %
%        Butcher Co. •
® —•sssa^ssfssssst ®
®     The OM f. WNtTs |
a         "*-*—
Imported 111 till' i,riitilinl aeal.'.l iiHnket*
Ir.un Hint.... ,V Sim*, tbe Kltlir'a Siaalaiui'ii,
Hi'.iiliiiir, Kiiirliiuil.  Heml Inr i!ainloj,rile.
A. J. WOODWARD, Sole Agent
M'JCIrnnvillnSt., Vnnniuver. Alan Vlrturlu
Craubrook     Lodge,
No. 34
A.F. & A. M.
Regular meetings on
tho   third   Thursday
ol every mouth.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
D. J. McSweyn, W.M.
J. S. l'cck, Secretary.
OitrxsouNT liUiiuE No. :i:i
Cranbrook, U. C.
Meets   every   Tuesdty It 8 p.m. it
Fraternity Hall.
N. S, Houston, O.C.
P. A, Stride, K. el It. & S.
Visiting brethren   cordially invited
to attend.
Meett every Monday
night tt New Fraternity Hill. Sojourning Oddlcllow* cordially invited,
11. E. Stephens, W. M. Harris
N. O. See'y.
Meets first and   -third Wednesdays
in each montb.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Officers July lit to December 31st
C. P.-H. Clayton.
Scrlbe-W. M. Harris.
No. ID.
Meett every second tnd  fourth Wednesday it Fraternity Hill.
Sojourning   Rtbekthi cordially Invited.
Mist Nellie Baker, N. O.
Mrt. Anna Beattie,   Rec. Sec
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second ind
Fourth Thursday ol each month it 8
p.m. sharp. '
Wm. Henderton, CR.
L. Pearron, Sec., Box 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome
Meett in Carmen't Htll fltat aad
third Thurtdty ot etch montb at
8 p.m. shirp.
Mrt. Lulu Hayward, Ree. Sec.
W. B. McFarlane, Chlel Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meett In Cirmen's    Hall 2nd   tnd
4th Tuesday every month it 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   cltl
N. A. Willingrr,        W. C. Crebbla
Pret. See'y.
P. O. Box US
Visiting memberi cordially welcomed.
Cranbrook   Lodge N'o. 1048.
Meett every   Wednesday night at 8
p.m. in Royal   Black Knfghti   Hall,
Baker Street.
32-tl        R. S. Garrett, Secretary.
X   Sunday morning twice it 11 i
w       o'clock x
1   Sunday   tvtaltg    itrvlct   atf
T        7.80 o'clock **
f   Srndiy     School   aad    Bible
Out it I o'clock
rrntjytcrlan  Guild, Wcdnca-
day, at 8 o'clock.
I i
| Baptist Cburcbj
Ptttor, H. S. Speller. H
Ptriontge, Norbury Avenue.
■Pkone, Ml.     P. O. Box M7.
Regular Servicet:—Sundty, 11
t.rn. and 7.80 p.m.; Bible
School with Young Udiet'
Pbllethet tad Young Men't
Bible Cltu, 8 p.m.
Monday, Young Ptoplet', I
Wednetdty, Hid-Week Meeting,
A cordial Ckrlttlta welcome
to ID.
Pretldeat: T. 6. Out.
Secretary: 8, Macoonai.u
Z For inlormltion regtnling lan.li ',
4 tnd  tgricnlture   inplv lo the i
* Secretary, Oranbrook, B. C.
* Metting-
Evtry tecon.1 We.lnM.lay
Electric Restorer for Men
Phoanhanol reatorc, .vary nerve In the bu.ty
1 ,." 113 proper tenelon I rcture,
vim nm! vitality. I'rematuro decay and all aexual
tvealcneae averted nt once, Phoaphoaol will
Illake ton n iiuwnmn, I'i Ice Ilia box. or two ior
s-i. Mailed to nny mldresi. The UeolwU Drag
Co., St. C.tlutrln.n, Ouk
For sain at noattie-Murphy Co., LU.
Tlio Leading Rnsiness College
of tliy Nortlnvost
M'lioro young people enn reeeive
n thorough liufiiiie** training.
1b iu ntiBeinn ttvelvo montlifl III
the year.
No untriinoe examinations.
iliniril anil room ut very jeilBon-
alilu rate*.
Wu Hi'i'iit-.i positions fur our
Our now lii'iiiitilnllt' iliumrntei!
I'litiilngiie hi'iiI lieu tf|iiin r.'i|iii'*t.
Write lor ll NOW!
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
lab *c Mnilteon    -     SPOKASK
I Archie Waller I
Builder and'
Soptlo Tiniks uml Concn-Ui
Work Kunt-rnll)- il
| Estimates   Freely Oiven. |
P.O. Box 346
| Cranbrook, B.C. |
W*9*WWWWW 'F'F Tf?*f-P*f-f?f'?'ff *•
0|i|iii»ile C.I'.H. Stiilioil
THE    PLACE    TO      OUT    A
Hfiiilipiiirtr-re for all kintlt of
Siitisfnction Gtmrniitecil
The Shoe Spocialitt
Frank Provenzano
General Merchant!
Employment Agentt
CRANBROOK    •     B. C.
r.t. mi**       nmitu
Ii yuo want latislaction with
your washing  send
It to
Special prices Ior lainily work.
Curries a (till itock nf
Repairs for nlwve always
in Mock
Sin.. aa..r to F. T. l\ 1'KltllV
,^^_^H^ ■tu* —
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to loan on fnvoriilile terms.
Lake View
St. Mary's Lake, B. C.
(lucsls convcyitl from
Maryavllle to the hotel
by motor car or ti-nm.
Excellent Fishing Resort
Gnaolinn nntl Row
Boata for Hire
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Physicians and Surgeons.
Ollce tt RMldeitt, Arniilroni  t.i,
Fnrenuoni K.uu lo Id nil
AlteriHiotil ■ - - 2.1111 tu ..till
BveiiliiKi - - - - 7.HII to H.SO
riumlajrs . - ■ ■ 2.80 to   4.111
ORANBROOK :.    I.    il    it    H. O,
• to 12 a.m.
1 to   • p.m.
7 to   * p.m.
* omen in Hanson Block.
t'RANIIROOK -       -       - B. 0,
H. E. HALL, D.*D. S.
Crown ami Bridge Work
.   n specialty.
Office over F. Parks Hardware
Store, Baker Street
Phone No. 2!)0
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
Phone 25(1 Matron.
P. O. Bos 845    Armstrong Ave
Cranbrook and Fort Steele
IWI0ATI0N Ef.0lf.Eeil
:?M!S' Cranbrook, B.C.:
B.  C. land Surveyor
CRANBROOK    •     B. C.
A. M. Can. Soe. C. K.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Office over Cranlirook Urur. antl Hook
Co'*. Store
Telephone Ml P. O. Ron :IT
J. Q. Mitchell
Oame Heada, Blrda, Rust, Pish
w. a. Bmiit. mmi nirwiu.
Cranl.ro. H.C.
Phone IIU!
Sorlmry Ave.', next In Cily Hall
Day I'lione Ml Night I'lione :IMI
lt\ lw lak-jria UTIIA WATEI
For lamlly rise then-1* nntl.li.it
to wliolemmi an.l so pure a*
Electrical Engineer
Isolated Plants tor Light nnd
Power in Mills, Minea, Etc.
Municipal Inttallationa anil
B. C.
Dr.de Van's Female Pills
Are»iibl«FrtfKhf-»fuUtofiBoverUiU. Tlietw
pllli in »CNdin|lr powerful in iriuUtln-- the
ftMrattte portion rj||Veleinate.*ritem. Hefust
all cheap Imltatlont,   Dr. M na** are to14 M
For tale at Btattt. Uwn*r 4 0*.,. THB   ORANBROOK   HJSHALD
 **•*****••••*••** ♦♦ •••••••v.'.**** f*!»***!~*^?*?-"^*?*f»*****'**!* ******** ♦ *********
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.ee*. **************** ******** * *********************************************************** >«»s»V»V<*7>»»
********************************* *** 444**************44***************4444444******** ********* 44**************************i
is a problem that affects, in a greater or less degree,
every member of the community. It presses hard
on some, on a few its effect is a negligible quantity.
THE enterprising merchant is thoroughly
alive to the fact that the high cost of living
is in many cases an oppressive burden. He knows
that the margin between income and expenditure
is often a very narrow one, He buys newspaper
space to let people know that he knows, In short,
he advertises.
The merchant who advertises has something
worth while to tell. That stands to reason, doesn't
it, because newspaper space costs money ? It will
pay, , you, therefore, to watch carefully the
announcements of the stores that advertise. You'll
find all the good stores advertising in
* I r H E persistent reader of newspaper adver-
■"■ tisements has discovered the best way to
combat the high cost of living. His dollar has a
greater buying power than that of the non-reader
—or spasmodic reader—of ads because he employs it with more knowledge and more discrimination. It is an easy matter to cut down
your living expenses by fifteen, twenty, or twenty-
five per cent.—and even more—by being a caretul
student of the daily store ads. In this way you
will get " wise" to values. You will ask for the
advertised article at the advertised price, and you
will know before you go shopping what you are
going to pay.
Study the Store Ads
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeweeieeeee.eeeeeeee.»eeeeeeeeeeee»eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee«e>*.Meeeeeeeeieeeeee«eeeeeeeeeee<**>eeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Begin To-day=Bc an ad student and then watch your
bank balance grow
********************************************* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦~**»»f**>+f*»*»"!*^ >M
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ******** rn***,.**************************************************************************'*** ee *********
Making light audible, causing Uie
sunlight lo roar and the moonlight
lo be distinctly heard—these ire
sonic ol the ual.i.'v.'.iiviits .-laimed by
a remarkable instrument known as
the "ofitophoue," which was among
tbo inhibit* at the Optical convention exhibition, opened at South
Kensington,   London, Kng, recently.
Mr. Kourncr d'Albe, tbc inventor,
i* lecturer in physics at lliriutngfcaiii
University. Ill* invent..* Is bunt
on the well-known property possessed
Iiy selenium ..( changing its rosist-
ntn'i' when illuminated. That properly wai, discovered in 1*1* it Uie
rahle slat ion at talent ia, in County
Kerr)'. A sensitive indicator cu be
marie tu move by merely holding i
lighted match over a selenium cell, to
which is attached in electric battery.
Thi* movement is In the optophone
aiUu-liial to a telephone arrangement,
ami so made audible. By thi*
mean* It is claimed that though the
blind cannot actually tee, thoy will
la- able l« luetic light by tke sound.
A striking cxm'nmcnt with the optophone Is cipcricuccd by pointing
tbc camera-like hoi ho t window ind
adjust to "iHenee." Then 11 the hind
is pused terms the open end its
ptasige It indicated by a ratping
sound. If the Imtnunent It adjusted lor dtratMM light produces t
sound varying with Hi Inttniity.
Moonlight can be distinctly, heard,
while sunlight mikes n roaring
The sound ol the passing of t tha-
dow is described by I representative
nl lhe "Dtlly Chronicle," who tad
math- himself temporarily ttghtleii
hy placing a thick bandage over Ml
eye*. "The shadow whose passing
I heard," he writes, "wis cast hy a
sheet ol thick blotting-paper that hat
htm Interposed between ta arc electric light tnd the open end ol a
small raraert-llke hoi. 1 had, under
tha   Invmtor't   dt.tttttat,   slowly
moved t twitch on the optophone,
and, as be put it, 'adjusted it to the
ilrnoe.' With highly sensitive telephone receivers, such at ire used in
wireless telegraphy, fattened over my,
head, I heard not a sound. But the
moment. Mr. Fournier d'Albe Interposed thc sheet ol blotting piper a
ticking or rasping tcund reached my
j can. I wit listening to tlw pissing
ol the shadow."
"Vou say you can hear moor*
light?'' taid somewhat incredulously
a student who wis one ol a small
company In a lecture room at the
convention. "Yes," wit tbe quiet
reply; "moonlight is quite audible,
through the optophone, aad the sun
roars like a cataract, on account, of
curse, ol its more interne light"
A silence, not sceptical, hut suggestive ol slieer bewilderment, lelt
upon the comptny listening tc tho
inventor, tnd their amazement was
Intensified when Mr. Fourntcr d'Albe.
went on to tpeak ol the possibility
ot discovering the light ot stars tbat
are not visible, it lay rate, through,
nny ol the telescopes at Birmingham.
I'niversltr. Thit would teem to
bring tbe "muilc ol the spheres"
within the range of human experience, i truly remarkable achievement.
The optophone, Mr. Fnurnfer d'AIha
explained, Is lulled lo totally sight,
lest persona, and It ol little ute to
those who are only partially blind.
Thc latter, it a rule, can distinguish
between light md dtrkness, ind,
generally speaking, cm perceive tl
much light is is indicated by Uie
r.pUiphoBe. A teriet ol practical
tetts made with the blind have bees
to sucoesstul that much mon it
hoped lor In thlt direction hy      the
Edmonton, Alta., Aug. ll.-Mn,
Elizabeth McPbeetart, ot Cl.rk.too.
Watt,, who describee herself aa a.
loaely, widow ol U jean, easily aad.
unincumbered, desires a husband.
Sire also wants to make ber future
home in Canada, but says ttilti emphasis in a letter to George S.
Armstrong, mayor ol Edmonton,
tbat no salaried man need apply,
Ior the reason, a* she puts It,, "a
middle-aged man who is working lot
someine else is a failure." The letter follows.
"I bear there are many well-to-do
men in your country wbo want
wives. I am a widow, 38, so family
ties, who came west thinking I
coukd do dressmaking and get a
little money ahead and some property, but living expenses have grown
st.-i.tily hlpler ncii ,;>,,es harder s.
Ihat 1 cannot earn more than my
ex|ienses, and 1 am breaking down
ray health sitting indoors year in
aid year out, so I leel tbat to save
my strength and health 1 must get
to a cooler climate.
"I came to thc Northwest from
Pennsylvania, prior to which I lived
in New York state. 1 have t good
education, but cannot stand the
exam, for a teacher's certificate here,
so I do not sec liotv 1 can get into
anything that is not indoor work. I
would like to go to Canada, but
would not like to go alone.
"Ot course, I am not young, neither am I pretty, hut am as good to
look at, and ts well dressed it finer
women I see, who ire younger, ind I
tm not proud it thtt. 1 want a
companion my own age or older. Ho
must be well respected, well groomed
tnd i good ti?.o. English, Scotch on
American; a business man, stockman
or rancher, and a man who would appreciate a good home and companion, not a drudge, II you know ot
any such person, please give him my.
was in places   coverall by patches of  dry, scaly material    tnd the itching
thtt Oretta Vicars Burden.- ol Toronto, Ontario, spinster, wilt apply
Ior a license to take and use 2 cubic
leet per second ol water out ol Lewis
Creek, which (lows in a westerly direction   through Lot   "210 and otber
lots,    tnd empties     into   Kootenay
Rivet near Wata, B.C.
The water wiS be diverted at a
point about U miles from the mouth
of Wolf Creek aad will be used lor irrigation   purposes on the land      del-
When a doctor endorses a preparation it means more than an ordinary
testimonial His opinion is always
that of thc professional man devoted
to the wellarc of the people.
Dr. .1. J. Boyd, Covington, Tt-.ui.,
says: "I    leel it  my duty    to .write
ttas incessant. Since using llerpieide all tliese evils have disappeared
anil my hair is soft, smooth and
growing. Hair his grown on spots
before but ttdnly covered."
Newbro's  Herpicide is the original
remedy to kill the dandruff germ and
this for ihc bent'lil uf those suffering stop tailing hair. The terrible itch-
trom dandruff. In the average ease 'Ing which goes with dandruff Is allay-
a fete applications of Newbro's tier- 'eil almost at once.
Iiicidc will remove all dandrufl. It Is A|i|ilications may be obtained at
advisable to continue its use Ior ll.e leading barber shops, lie sure you
several weeks." | get genuine    llerpicide.  Send 10c. in
Tbe words of   ,1, II. Thompson, M.  postage lor sample and book to   The
I), No. 2 Burrough Place, Cor. Hoi-   Herpicide    Co.,    Dept.   II., Detroit,
lis St.,   Huston, Mass., aro not less   Mich.
enthusiastic: "1 can only speak      iu I   Newbro's Herpiclde in    50c.    and
praise cl .Newbro's llerpicide. It    is  $1.00 sizes is sold by all dealers wbo
all that it claimed nnd perhaps more. Ign,riint« u to do all that is tlalm-
Hcrpicido not only cleanses tbe scalp   ^      „ , tttllfcl.
but brightens the hair, gives it    llle I .......
ind makes it soft." ;»""**'>  wlH ta re",wl*!d-
Dr.  T.    A.  Moure, Duncan, Ariz.,     Brattle-Murphy   Co., Ltd., Special
writes ol his experience:    "My scalp   Agents.
Irom mouth ol Lewis Creek and will
be used for irrigation purposes on tbe
land described as Lot 5157, Group
One, East Kootenay district, Prov
inee of British Columbia.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 10th day ol .luly,
1113. Tbe application will lie hied
In tbe office ol the Water Recorder at
Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections may bc filed with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller ot Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Gretta Vicars Burden, Applicant
by Oordon It. Johnson, Agent.
Edmonton, Alberta., August 13.—
Statistics compiled Irom government
reports show that in comparison to
population Alberta his more automobile* than aay other province ,1a   the
Dominion ol    Canada,   there   being public,    is a line ol (500
3,000 cars or one to every 124    per- months in jail,
sons, estimating the   population    at !   tt is climated tbal fully 25    pet
371,663,     Manitoba is second, having cent  ol the automobiles exported by
one car    to every 152 in-rsons      ..( manulueturers in    the t'nited States
its population ol It.'..'ill, while Ilift- j*    shipped to    Canada   Thirty-two
ish Columbia hns third plate, report- hundred    and seven machines    were
Ing   one auto Ior every IR5 persons bought in the States in 1911 and It
ol a nopiilatl.n of 392,480, is   expected   thai    more than 5,(100
Saskatchewan It fourth ll has will come In this year. The average
2,5117 cars, or one lor eaeh I til per- value ol ears shipped Into the Don.-'
lontd Its population of lr.2,432. '"ion by American manufacturers
Ontario hit the Ingest number ot »»» N.M7. Knglish manufacturers
ears, reporting 7,3.18, or one tor each shipped 240 cars, ol au average value
J44 ot a population ot 2,523,208. oj II,SOU, to Canada last year. The
Nova Scotia has the smallest num- foregoing figures do not Include tires
ber cl automobiles, there lieing one *** accessories. Canadian manutac-
to each 852 of its population, whiol. .*■"«*• »»d American builders ails pliced at 493,338. New Brunswick., sembling cacs in Canada alsu report
wit* a population ol 351,880, has increatet In builuess, saying they
S94 autos, while the province ol h»ve oo dlfflculty in disposing i.i any
Quebec, with 2,003,712 population, vehicle that comet up to the tnaik
reports 801 cars. WANTED -Two or three lurulsbcd
ITInce    Edward Island Is tho only , nam,   suitable tor iM-neheeping    in
province In tho Dominion which pro- 'good location; occupy about Septem-
hlbits the use ot motor vehicle,    tn j,icr n,,t      W?    P ° Bo«   Ms.
lots and empties into Kootenay river cribed at Let 8527, Oroup One, Koo-
near Wata, B.C. The water will bejteoay Dittrict, Province of British
diverted at a   point about two miles i Columbia.
Thit notice was potted oo the
ground on tbe 1Mb day ot July.
1912. The application will be Bled
in the office of the Water Recorder at
(ranbrook, B.C.
Objections may be filed with      tbe
said Water    Recorder or with      the
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Richard J.   Plaskett  and Edgar    I..
Burden, Applicaets.
by Gordon It. Johnson, Agent.    3u-4
Kor a License t., Take and I'se Water
that Orrtla Vicars Burden, ol Toronto, Ontario, Spinster, will apply lor
a license to take and use two cubic
feet per second ol waiter out ot Woll
Creek, which llott* in a westerly di
rccl.ii,n through Lois Iii and otter
lot.s and empties into Kootenay Kit-
er i..-ar Wasa. 11C. The water will
be diverted at a point about I - miles
(rom tlie mouth ol Woll Creek and
will I*. used lur irrigation piirpow*
on the laW described as Lot 545;,
Or.up (Hie, Kootenay District, Itot-
ii.ee ol British Columbia.
This notice was posted on the
ground on thc 16th day id luly,
1912. The application will be Meal
In Ihe office ol tin' Watt* Recorder at
t'ranbrook, B.C.
(injections may he lih-d with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Gretta Vicars Burden,   Applicant,
by ll.ird.in R. Johnson, Agent.
that Richard 0, Plaskett and Edge.
Litingstone Burden, both ol Toronto,
Ontario, Travellers, will apply lor a
license to take and use two cubic leet
per second ol water out <* 1/ewis
Creek, which flows In a westerly direction through Lot* 7210 tod othrt
lots and empties Into Kootenay Kit
er near Wata, B.C.
The water will be, diverted at a
point about two miles Iron. the
mouth ol Ixwls Creek, and will be
used Ior irrigation purposes on tbe
land described as lx>t 8527, Group I,
K.olenay District, l-rotlnor ol British Columbia.
Tbis notice ttas p.«t.*t on tbe
ground on tbe 1»» day ul July,
1912 The application will be tiled
in the office id the Water Recader at
(ranbrook, B.C.
Objections may be liled with      tbe
said Water    Recorder or with      tht
Comptroller ol Water Rights, I'.ili.
ment BuiMingi, Victoria, B.C.
Richard J.    Plaskett    and Edgar I.
Burden, Applicants,
by (lordon II. Johnson, Agent.    30-4
lit  highways    and In puhlic places.
Tlm penalty tor    violating this law,!
which wat enacted liccausn It     was
thought to be lion-tsary In public in
terest tor the sulci)' ul tbe traveling
For a liiceate to Tike lad Use Water
For a Livens.' to Ta*>' u.al Use Water
that Richard .1. Plmkrtt tnd Edgtr
Livingstone Burden, both ol Toronto,
Onturlo, Travellers, will apply for
license lo take and ute two cifriic feet
per second of water out td Woll
Creek, which flows ia • va.rat.-rly direct on    through    Ut It and other
tbe intention ot John McTavish lo
apply lor a transfer of hit liouoi license lot the Wcntworth hotel, situ
tie on lott 13 and 14, Block 91, Cran
brook, B.C., Iron, tbe said John Me
Tat ish to Dan A. Milkmaid, ol the
said City ot Crtr**ook, it the nexl
meeting ol the Mi-ease I'«wrdssloners
lor the City ol Crtnbroe* hrkl thirty dav* alter the 8th diy ol August,
Haled at Cranbrook, II. ('., this 5lh
day ol August, 1912.
John McTivl*
Vancouver, Aug. 13—Bishop Casey,
ol St. John, N, II., is to lie tbe nexl
archbishop ol Vancouver, succeeding
Archbishop McNeil, who will    leave
his affairs in order.    Tbis much    is
Forty engineering crews, consisting..    ...
„l 800 men    with  teams ami    pack if?' T»™to «• s?m «*• Mn
horsos, will b,- set into the fieltl at ,,lls,■«»•» "' «*r-    ™8 ,m" , „
once to    make   preliminary s„rvl,V!) ."'"ta".   tl,«,gh-the announcement has,
for tin- Northern Ttrrltorlal Rallwav !'"* !'H **?*    **">**_**       'om
company-,   lino Irom Edmonton     tr-'""""''    The new arcliblthop,     It is
title    water at Fort Churchill      oi
Hudson's Hay.       This is to I* pari |
nlt a system nt 1,15a miles, from Uie
Uudson'-s Bay country to Port Es-
Binfijton on, (he Pacific coast, con-
ncct'ittg il-Mmoiiton with Lac La
Blchc, Fori McMurray ami Lake Athabasca.
II.  (I.  II.   Neville,  ('.   E.,   Btotlonttl
at Edmonton, chlel onglncor for the
company, which   is i.nniim. by      a
Hritish sytHtieati* ami eapi1ali/ed(ut
f lo.iMin.onii, has covered every portion of the proposed route ami, is
fully satisfied upon the engineering
problems presented In tlio construction of the system. Thc route is thus
described in, the charter granted by
the Dominion government, whieh
Rives bowl ini- [lowers amounting to
$10,000 ft mile:
"From a point at or near Kort
Churchill or Kort Nelson on the
Hudson's Ray, thenee westerly to a
point on the north sitle ol WbUastcn
in the province of Saskatchewan,
thenee westerly to a point at or
near the south shore ol Lake Athabasca, in the province ol Allierta,
tbence westerly nnd north ol thc
Peace River hloek, tliencc southwesterly by the nearest "possible route
ihr-niL-h the Itocky Mountains to a
point on the Pacific coast at or near
Port Essiiigtoti at r,r near the
Portland canal, and from a point on
the said railway near the crossing of
tlie Atliabasea river, in tlie province
of Alherta, thenct* southerly to a
point at or near Porl McMurray,
thenco southerly ■■> a point at or
near Lac Ln Hfche, thence by the
most feasible route tn the city
Kd mon ton."
Plans are under way to ln-gtn grading work early next season, when tlie
laying of rails will also Ih* carried
nn, and in two years, acccr-dint' to
present calculations,, tin* line Is to
In* in operation from Kdmonton
lIm- shore ol Lake Athabasca, opening
to commercial develt pim-nt tin' vast
mineral and timber wealth of Al- ,
bertn's farthest north. The company
will then proceed with tlie construct ir.n ot the line in tbe province,
of Saskatchewan. The Edmonton
tnl ..n will he built later. The line
from Lake Athabasca wasterly will
tap the rich agricultural resources
ol the newest north, t-onliniiitif-
thence to tbe Pacific coast.
Tlie Northern Territorial Railway
company will operate a Hue of
steamships from Its Hudson's Bay
terminal to ■■ llritish port. En-Oncers1
in Ur employ of the corporation
have made a study ol thc construe,
tion id ice-breakers In tlu* Haiti,
ami are now working on designs of
vessels capable ol meeting toe ali-
iii.rm.il conditions which prevail in
tlie toy Tliey will also superintend the building of thc fleet.
Ttie complfcion of tbe railroad
means the oticiiiiig of a vast empire, which only a few years ago
was regarded as a barren waste and
useful only as a hunting ground let
tlie fur-trader and Uh* sportsman.
The. railway will criss-cross Xto
northern part of the province, of
Albertn with development lines and
shift its center of gravity and ol
population many miles northward,
and with the development of, the
resources ol thc Athabasca country
there will he created populous towns
und cities and the establishment of
manufactories tm Hie rim of thc
Arctic circle, reclaiming a veritably
wilderness to the uses ot man.
Another important outlet for the
north country is a system projected
by thc Alberta, .Peace Rlwr and
Eusi--rn Railway company, capitalized at 110,000,000 under.! charter
granted by the Dominion government
tn WW. II. Muskett King. presM-
ent of the corporation, now * n the
way to London to Cooler with British capitalists interested in the
enterprise, said in tbe course of an
interview while in t'.dmont-n:
"I am greatly Impressed with the
country and its possIbfHeiet, I hav.*
spetit a month looking it over and it
is all and much more than 1 was
told aln.ni it. The railroad li
going through."
The route for which the charter
was granted lieglns at the International boundary, southeast  of Pinch-
expected, will arrive in Vancouver in
a very few weeks to assume the
duties of    bis new position.
The Might Rev. Timothy Casey,
DI)., was born at Klumeridge, Charlotte County, N. B., on February
20, 1862. Ik- was educated at St.
Stephen (Jlaminar school and St.
Joseph's College, Memramcook, N.
B., and pursued his theological studies at Laval University, from which
he received the degree of D. D. in
I HI)!), lie was ordained a priest in
i/iii-Imt on June 20, 188W, ami im-
medlu'tety became curate at Frederic-
ton, subsequently he was
successively rector ol the cathedral
at St. .John, chancellor of thc diocese and rector of St. Dunstan's
church, Frederic ton. On September
80, IK'*'), \w was made bishop ot
It iua ami coadjutor bishop of St.
John, with the right of succession to
the late Rt. Hev. John Sweeney.
Since WOO to Iras been bishop ol St.
Otltnwa, Aug. 11.—Although Sir
Wilfrid Laurier, in accordance witb
his long established plan, declines to
, be interviewed in reference to tbc
nuval situation, it is generally un-
dcesfood at tbe capital that he does
n- not take kindly to thc proposal that
In* should participate in a-conference,
the object ol whicli would be to evolve a naval policy agreeable to all
parties, thereby , removing the naval
loiestion Irom the sphere of politics.
i Sir Wilfrid, it is understood, takes
*n ;the view that while an opposition
need not ol necessity criticise all
government measures it should not
put itscll in such a position tbat it
would not be at liberty to do so.
Such might be the case were he, as
leader ot tho opposition, to take part
in a conference. lie believes tbat
tbe navy tfiestlon constitutes a
problem w th whieh tbe government
of lhe.day must deal, and that the
legitimate function of the opposition
is to ac-qiijcscc in or criticise the
government's proposals as.it sees Ht.
On Monday, August 27th, the public school will rc-(»peii lor the lull
term. There will be some changes
in the teaching staff, which will be
tiia.l.' up as Intlows:
l-rlneipal, I.. .1. Cranston; Miss
Hick, Miss Suttabr, Miss Hiscocks
and Miss 1'artu riant, ol lasl lermjs
staff, and Miss ItrcMrt, of Wasa,
ami Miss Cartwrlght, ol last term's
liarkis, ol Jaflray; Miss MeDonlad, if
Orinttpwn, Ouobec, and Miss Faulki-
ni'i. nl l-Vri.i.', all the latter being
ni'iv ini'ijilirrs ..I tbe teaching stall.
Edmonton, Alta., Aug. 13.—When
the Duke of t'onnaught, governor-
Kcneral ol the Dominion of Canada.
arrives in Edmonton on the morning
I September 3rd, tbe new parliament building, erected at a cost ut
11,500,000, will Ik* in readiness for
occupancy. His Royal Highness
will remain in Edmonton until the
inthi of September -1th. One ot tbe
(unctions in his honor will tie the
governor's ball. Ior which invitations
ill lie iwml in a few days. Mayor
Oeorge S. Armstrong is arranging
lor street decorations. Edmonton
will In in jgsla attirr during tne
governor's stay and the representative of the crown will be received
and entertained by officials or thc
clt) and province. The Dyke will
make a short st*y at Red Deer on
Septembet Sell, arriving at Calgary the same afternoon, going
thence to Olelchen on .September Tib
,'l"|. '-■■'■n v~TT¥l~TTi"'Tr"1 '"
is estimated that the wheat crop
alone will be fully 25u,ul)0,Of>n bushels. -Most of the extra help will
come frum eastern Canada, and tbo
United States. The maobincs will
be sent into the field about August
15th and tlie cutting should to ' In
full sway about August 20th. This
programme wilt put all grains, Including oats, barley uud flax, in
stuok hy September 15t*h, fully three
weeks ahead of previous seasons.
Hundreds of thousands of acres ot
laml have been added to the wheat
area In Allierta and neighboring provinces in the lust 12 months and as
many more are devoted to mixed
farmingl dairying, hog raising and
poultry growing.
Ottawa, Aug. 18.—The altitude ol
the government in relusing to collect duly on sized lumber entering
the prairie proline's which the exchequer court Iras decided Is dutiable,
until the appeal til the supreme court
is heard, bas brought lorth a vigorous protest Irom tlie llrilish Columbia lumber Interests. Oeorge II.
Cowan, ex-M.P., counsel tor the
lumbermen, was in Ottawa and protested to Hon. .1. I). lleid and the
acting premier, Hon. Oeorge II.
Prrley, against the custom* department not collecting duty until tbe
appeal, is heard.
I I s understood the government
has refused to change it* stand, and
will continue to allow lumber to enter Iree until alter tbe appeal is
heard. The government Irom the
lirst Ira* taken the stand tbat Ihe
lumber Irom whieh thc dispute arose
is not dutiable, though the exchequer
court has decided against tt.
The stand of the commissioner ol
customs," said Mr. Cowan, "is that
there is no law to administer, because thc notice ol appeal suspends
lhe law and nn action can be fallen
until the supreme court cane is
Mr. Cowan disputes the stand, am)
claims Ihat duty should have been
eollecled as soon as the exchequer
court decision was given. ft
In Ottawa despatch says: It Is
very possible that next session an
additional portfolio will lie created,
and the west will.secure a fourth
minister. It is understood that,
strong influence Is Mug brought to
bear by the mining interests to have
a minister ol mines appointed.
Formerly the department of mines
(Was ander the minister ol Inland revenue. Last session the branch was
transferred to the department, of the
interior bin Ibis Is a very busy
branch and too much so fcr tho necessary work.
. 1
The "Over Seas" Club
Last Tuesday evening the batchc-
lors entertained the members of the
local Over Seas club, and u right
good time they provided. There was
music and cards -to start with n.i.l'
a Jolly dance to conclude the evening.
The Creston juniors journeyed to
Cranbrook last Monday afternoon,
determined to avenge their defeat of
tho previous week, when the Cranbrook juniors beat them 14 to 11.
However, whilst their intentions
were gcod and thev did their level
best, the Cranbrook boys were again
too many tor them, tlie final score
standing at 21—12 in lavor ol the
In,mc team.
The Creston youngsters are game
sports and promise to come back and
'.lick the stuffing out ol Cranbrook's
junior nine. Our youngsters will
pivc them a hearty welcome any
time, also another good licking.
mdon, Aug. It.—The condition nl
fieneral William Booth, the com-
in.inder-in-cliiet ot the Salvation
Army, wbo was operated on ln May
last lor the removal nl a cataract
Irom his Mt eye and who is      now
  totally   Mind,    is    growing worse.
| Hi am well Booth,   chief of staff     of
Colonel flaskin, chief secretary    of  the    Army,    and a   son ol the aipl
Salvation Army operations   In West-  Salvationist,    prints    'Uie following
ern Canada, will visit Cranbrook   on   aiiiuitiiicemcnt in the War Cry,      the
Tuesday,    August 20th.    A   lecture Salvation    Army    organ: "I deeply
will be given   in   Knox Presbyterian   regret to tay that our beloved n?n-
cliureh  on    Tuesday   night   at 8.30 'era! is not sr well  His doctors    re-
clock. | port Indirect    that the improvement
The colonel has had a great deal ol   in the general's   health has nnt been
experience in   all branches    ol    the [ maintained.
Ito officially open Ibe irrigation wnrks
near that town.     Afterward be will
er Creek, Alia., and runs Ihence to ivis„, y.K]eoii Lethbridge, Medicine
Plncher Creek, thene.' northerly and
west ol Pigeon Lake, west ol Edmonton, and thence to the neart of
Peace Hlvcr country, and from there
directly east to a point on Hudson's
Hay; also westward Irom Port McMurray to Peace Itiver Landing and
to the Pacific const.
I        ■*
Tlie Young People's elub of Knox
Presbyterian church will entertain nn
the "lawn" at Mrs. Havls1 Oarden
avenue, on Monday evening, August,
l!)th, I8I2. Supper will lie served
ot 7 p.m.     A hearty Invitation     is
Hat and lour Hritish Columbia.
Edmonton,   Alta., Aug. 13— Fitty-
M'ven   thousand Ave hundred harvest
hands. In addition to those now   ot
the ground, will be required in    the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ prairie provinces lo gather this senr
given In nil Ihe young pisiple ul Ibe  son's rrop.      This is 11,000      more
ei ngri'Kiilliti. men Ihan were rcipiiicd lasl year. It
S. A. work, and this lecture will bc
well worth listening tn.
Previous to the supervision ,,| i:..-
Army in Western Canada, thc colonel beld lhe position of field secretary lor the Dominion of Canada.
Major Oreen, the divisional commander 11 this province, will accompany the colonel. The major
will greatly assist in the musical
Ho not forget the date, Tuesday,
August 20th, the services commencing piinctutlly at H.'IO.
The members ol Kimbcrley Miners'
union, N'o. 100, are arranging to
build a reading room al Hie Sullivan
inlne. The building will be 16x28
let in size and will cost about 1300.
Work nn II will be started at once,
and 11 will be ready to occupy by ,
September first. The books Irom
the Moyie union library will be used
tt t nucleus lor Ihr new reading
room, and additinnal newspapers and
periodicals in Ihe English, Finnish
and Italian lane-lanes will be procured. The new reading room will
prove a great convenience ami comfort tn the men rinptoycd al the
"Tbe general's heart is not strained, and if only his sight were restored, be would 'mickly regain much
that is now in danger ol being lost.
The general, speaking ot his own
weakness and pain last Sunday, said:
" 'Ask the people who love me to
pray lor me.'"
In Ibe Brunswick Bowling alley
league recently formed considerable)
Interest Is being taken tnd some
good scores arc being made. Tire
standing ol tor teams to date are:
Milne, average, 1118; .McLaws, average, 456; Sutherland, average, 45l|
Brown, average, 140. Milne's team
has a good lead lor the pennant in
lhe three games tbey have contested.
Poll, wing
Stong ... .
Williams .
Topham ...
Turnley ,.,
was   Monday evening's
...180 IM
.163 444
...161 148
...171 Ul
...133 160
206- 495
166- 473
176- 457
175- 457
180— 513
788 752 tlS-2453
...160 170 167- 417
...166 156 121- 443
.lit 103 157- 378
,., 05. 127 115- 337
.181 161 173- 515
IM 717 733-2170
Kamloops, II. C, Aug. 12.-W. B.
lames tnd a Japanese named Taka-
hashi were hanged in the jail here
on Friday last. .lames, a young
man who is said to Imve come Irom
North Dakota and to have been
known also as Walter Palke, shot and
killed Constable Astern, alter the
latter bad arrested him lor holding
up and robbing a storekeeper. Taka-
hashl shot and killed a lellow countryman In bis bunk at night.
Two hours bcf. re be wts hanged,
James made a bold attempt to escape by throwing pepper in the eyes
ol Keeper Sllton. The latter, however, though hall.blinded wat able
to overpower .lames, who went to
his death wieh a smile on bis laee.
Tbe memorial erected to Cecil
Rhodes on toe slopes ot Table Mimn-
. lain, Cape Town, and unveiled by
I Earl (Irey in July 5th Is both meg-
nilicenl and appropriate to the man.
I The site was always a favorite one
[with Rhodes,'wbo believed that thc
, view Irom the etstcrn spurs ot the
mountain excelled any other prospect
In the world lor beauty. He mado
! a broad road to it and placed a teat
there. From it a very dm view It
obtained ol Table Bay in tbe Atlantic to the north and of Fake Bay in
the Indian ocean to the south, as
well aa ol tbe Cape . Flats and the
distant mountain ranges stretching
lor a hundred miles to the east and
Not tar trom thit teat it was hit
intention at one time to build a
greal temple, as he called It, the object of- which waa twofold. He In-
traded lo make a huge enclosure tor
Mt lions, in older that they   might
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bc housed with the greatest possible
freedom and amid natural and bcait-
tiful aurroundings. Tbe idea In his
mind was that the lions, enjoying a
large range ol liberty and magnificently housed, would attract people
to thc mountainside, where art and
nature together at their best must
lift them out of themselves and Inspire them with lolly thoughts.
Thc monument has been built ol
tlie granite which lorm* the natural
base of Tabic Mountain and has
been worked to a texture which is
not so One as to be out ol scale
nr harmony with its mountainous
In front of the monument is the
statue "Physical Energy," by Frederick Watls, It. A., representing a
man reining in Jilt horse alter some
■vent deed and scanning the future
for the nexl achievement. It was not!
design.*! hy Watlt especially lor
Rhodes or his monument, but was
presented as a gilt to South Africa
out ot admiration tor the genius ol
Cecil Rhodes.
Suggestions were made In place if.
elsewhere. But It was Rhode's
dream In make the Cape Peninsula
thc cuter ot art and lieauty in
South Alrica. , It seemed natural,
therefore, that this gile of tht.
greatest ot English artists should bc
land in Rhodes'* muniment nn
Table Mountain.
The eight lions, lour on cither side
ol the portico, arc tbe work ol    the
late J. M. Swan, II. A.
Whilst tbere is nol much doing
these days hi real estate circles,
Mrssrs. Besrc and Elwell report several large sales ol acreage that indicate a growing interest In tbe lands
Immediately around the city I. r
mixed (arming purposes, fine ol tliese
sales was ol 1110 acres south ot
town, another was a block ol 850
acres sold to Manitoba people. This
land is situated north cast ot town
and will he operated as a dairy-
farm. Yet mint Iht fairly large
transaction was the purchase ol 160
acres, close to town, by the Hamilton Powder company, upon which
they have erected a powder magazine. In addition to these
acreage tales, Messrs. Beale
will report the- sale ol several Ave
acre tracts, and ol a i. use and lots
at well   as   scleral city Iota,       at
Anyone found trespassing ou Uie
Burdarrock properey, tormcrly known
aa I-atton's Lake, will lie prosecuted.
■I'Mil A. II. I'layle.
Large Warehouse.—Apply F. J.
Deane, Herald Ofllce. *tf
House to let Irom September lst.
Furnish.*! or otherwise. Apply 1*. O.
Box 885, Cranhrook, 33-lt*
FOR SALE.-tlne   team   heavy
draught horses.      Apply D. Flnlay-
I son, Mr. Robinson's saw mill, Cran-
| brook. 33-lt"
WANTED.—Situation to cook lor
Irom 40 to GO people by experienced
married man. Want all winter's
job and ean leave September 1st.—
It. Sparks, (Wlin, Idaho. 33-31*
FOR SALE.-20O spring chickens;
10 turkeys; 3 incubators, 1 brooder,
set single driving harness; 8 acres of
land, closest acreage to lis' city,
with :i dwellings. Apply alter 6
p.m.—Samuel Macdonald, back of
hospital, King St. 33-21
FOR SAl.E.-l'ireular sawmill
machinery, complete with edgcr,
trimmer ami sorting rig, in flrst-
class running order; also alt up
p-irteiraiiccs thereto, Capacity
70,000 ft. II. M. per 10 hours. Several loKiShig trucks and sleighs and
general luggers' outfit. Als. two lots)
ami nfftoc building, comer linker St.
and Fenwick Ave. For lurther par-
tiiiilars apply to Tlm Lund Lund ami
Developrneiit  Co., Ltd. 83-tl
AGENTS WANTED. - 11 you ean
hustle apply In writing to Sales
Agency and Adjustment Co.,' Boi
316, Oranbrook. 21-11
Collnetlons.-I.et    ut collect     your
rid tceoupts.    No charge It we don't'
collect.-Sales     Agency and   Adjutt-
■ncnt  Co.,    Box    316,    Craabrook
B.C. U-tl
belt. Also carriage, saw, and otlier
parts lor sawmill. Apply to ('. A.
Manners, Cranbrook. :iti-lt
1.0ST.-A Collie pup, aged sit
months, answers to tin- name ol
'Sandy,;* ' has long red hair, lour
white teet and white throa't. Please
return to Herald office.    Reward.
Mrs. .1. S. Mennle, Lumsden avenue,
city. 28-tl
Several miles ol telephone wire, in
150 leet lengths, suitable lor tenting,
can be purchased at bargaia prices
Irom tbe Koolenay Telephone Lima,
Lid. Apply to J. It. McNabb, manager. .1011
TO RENT,—Warehouse or storeroom space at reasonable rales. Furniture, pianos, trunks, buggies,
sleight, etc., stored In good dry
warehouse. Apply at Herald office.
Phone 18. 27-11
WANTED.-A nurse maid to help In
light housework; cook kept. Apply to
|Mrt. V. Hyde Baker. 27 U
WANTED.-By Ihe W.   0. T. ll,
mothers for thc young girls, who arc
out so  late at night, wilh quc'stion-
able young men. 31-lt
The Home Bakery
ltonsnr Fb.uk, Prop.
Fresh Brtad, Cakes, Pks, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbury Ave.       Opp. City Hall
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
WANTEI'.-dlrl   lor general ho«ic-[
work.    Apply   Mrt. O. W. Patmore,
city. Il-M
FOR SAI.E.-Yonng plga.
Brault, Canadian hotel.
Apply .1
•    30-21
FOR   RENT.—Three    room apartment, partly    Inrnlshed,   near      the
large i freight sheds. - Apply W. R. Beatty,
d El- city. M-u
FOR SALE.-Waterhfliise engine,
mounted on wheels, 20 h.p.,. ID Inch
stroke, center crank.., H It. ten   Inch
A modem e.|uippa.l Ctlt at moderate
Rales 11.00 anil up per day
Corner ol llowanl Kl. and Ficnl Ave.
Onr but meet* til tralnt
Tht Ceear D'Alene CempMiy
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary


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