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Cranbrook Herald Nov 30, 1911

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Array V
We are well equipped to
turn out the best class
of work
In'tlie llornl.l Pays—Try
Our   Local   Oolumni
NO.  18
Medal for Cranbrook
Editor Tho Herald:
Sir: In 10OB Ibe lion. llr. Young,
the minister of education, Uilil Mr.
foot.1, eluiiimaii of tbe t'billiwack
school board, tbat tlm governor-general's hi nu/..* medals were given
"when* there was the most ot the
gleiitesl t'oiii|ii'tlllnii al llie high
school enl lame fXiimimil ions."—ll.C.
Journals, 1010, page 35).
The foil, wini: Table "It" Won
sl)OU.'B Hml ('riiiiluniik was enlltlial lo
a medal Iiml year. Tlie table is arranged Irom "tunny" down to ibc
lowest number llial passed tlie entrance I'Xumiiiuliiiii in a district to
which a medal wus given, Tbe figures
afler llie district are (lie credit
marks obtained bv (lie best pupil in
tbal district. Tlie districts iu capitals ale those lo whicli a mi-ilul wus
It will be seen tliat Crunb'rook bail
more competition than live ot the
districts to which a medal wus given,
also thut Urnnbrook's best scholar
got more credit marks (ban the best
in thirteen districts to which a medal
was given; ycl il got no medal!
The publication of these facts may
help Mr. Caven. M.P.P., lo ge! jus-
lice for t'ranbrook at the next session of tlie legislature.
.1. E. Muir.
TABLE "B"-1908.
main  VICTORIA 	
311  NANAIMO 	
17 I'hilliwaek  >	
16 Saanich 	
15 I'hilliwaek (rural) 	
IS South Vancouver 	
12 Cranbrook 	
III New Denver 	
10 Pcaehland	
1(1 OOLDEN 	
8 Pentielon 	
7 North Vancouver 	
7 North Cowichan 	
7 Delta 	
7 Maple Ridge	
li Grecnwoott	
I! Surrey 	
A Salmon
5 I.anglcy	
5 Trail 	
5 Kernic 	
5 Mission 	
1 Arrowhead .,
1 Esslngton ..
I Mats-qui 	
I Enderby 	
... 827
.... 798
... 769
... 770
... 785
... 861
... 711
... 738
... 830
... 078
... 773
... 6611
... 733
... 715
... 807
... CII8
... 697
... 819
... 748
... 71!l
... 775
... 656
... 662
... 053
... 719
... 692
... 800
... 698
... 618
... 681
... 777
. 7HI
... 681
... 690
... 729
,.. 690
. ::i6
Gambling Games
A meeting if the police commls
sinners was held mi Monday afternoon, ai which wen- present Mayor
Hunt. Messrs Hyde Baker nml Joseph Jackson.
It wns  resolved tlmt the lollowlng
notice  i*e placed in the loeal papers:
"The   police    commissioners     have
le.t ini'ii    Indirectly    that    gambling
Kames aie being uin ill Ihe citv.    the
commissioners have decided to    take
even step in then power to stop
Midi gambling It would strengthen
the hand* ol the polite commissioners
vety much it anv person having emu
plaints to make In tins respect would
do so iii writing to the chief of    po
lice "
The cbicl    oi police was Instructed
to obtain such assistance, as he  maj
deem iietvsNtin
The Ladle* Aid of the Methodist
Church will hold a sale ol work on
Saturday. 16th December.
V. Con/ens was- down from Wanlner
during lho week.
Horn.—Sunday, November I lltli, to
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. MeKownu, a son.
Mrs- (leorge .lames, ol Marysvllle,
was in town on Saturday.
Mr ami Mrs- T. McVHtte and Mis..
-flalbralth an1 in town Irom Kort
Harold B'ddcr, of Marysvllle, bas
moved i.ver to Greenwood, where be
bas secured a position in lhe smelter.
Poihnasior Henderson is having
ccrl itn alterations made in the posl
offlee with a VtoW to facilitating dis
Intuition of mail.
Mrs* F. M. Mcpherson, Garden
avenue, will receive for the lirst time
fdnrc cirininjg to Craubrook on Friday
alterftoc-n, December ltd.
Commencing next, week, the Operatic Society will meet tor practice on
Thursday evenings instead ot Wednesday evenings at tin' Y.M.CA. hall.    \
It, P. Moltalt will open up a variety business on or about Dccombei
12tli in the promises lo he vacated
hy Messrs. Ileale ami Klwell. He will
t-any a lull lint' ol Xmas goods,
A. A. Paul) has disposed of Iht- Al
I,ni Ait. Photographlu studio to
Jos. (lald/aiski. Mr. I'null is mining to Itoss I niul, whore he will open a
studio.     He has done well  here   ami
wishes to thank all his patrons.
Advertisers are earnestly requested
It. prepare their copy for the Herald
Christinas Shopping issues, December
71 li aud lltli, as early as possible. It
you want Craubrook people to do
their shopping tor the Christmas season early, en-operate with us by let-
ling them, know iu good lime what
you have to offer.
A. II. DeVYolf, the surveyor, hns
returned from the Fort George tlistriet, where be has been engaged in
surveying land for a Iceal syndicate
the past four months. Some interesting notes of bis observations >n
this northern district have unavoidably been crowded out of this issue.
After using tobacco for seventy
years, Dr. Pearson, the Chicago
philanthropist, has dccitUd to give it
up. As remarked by tlie Chicago
llet-ord-Herald, "Ik* evidently fears
tbat the habit may fasten Itscll upon
him if he doesn't throw - it off now."
Dr. Pearson is only tiinetv-one.
Tbe World's Fair, the Auditorium, December 6th, afternoon
and evening.
West's minstrels will be the attraction at the Auditorium tomorrow
(Friday) evening. These ever popular entertainers are sure to prove
a strong attraction. Their programme this year is said to be far
better than ever before, which means
a splendid evening's amusement.
The \ear Hook o[ Hritish Columbia
lot 1911 is just to band, a little late
but still very useful. Mr. R. E.
(Josnell, the editor, of this handy
publication, devotes a great deal of
pains ami practical experience to the
production of this work, which
should find a place on the shelves of
every person interested in the progress of this province.
Ton Han, an old resident ol Cran
brook, died at St. Eugene hospital n
Sun-lay last, of typhoid pneumoni.t.
aged in. Deceased had worked
Ins ttaiii* as carpenter in tills eil.
foi several years and. (or a tun.
had acted as bartender at tho Queen'i
hotel. The funeral took plan* Oi
Wedioariaj   and was largely  attcndci.
Yesterday at Leask ami Johnson's
amp near Benedict Siding, a Swedi
named .lohn Anderson, was (atall.
itijm.il by being struck by a falling
Ho was picked up uiieonsciu*.
ahd placed <>u tbc train to Iv
htoiin'ii inio town, hut death ihc*
red It fore his arrival here. iVeeasl
was aged forty. His family reside
in Sweden, hut a nephew resident .■'
Rcveixtokc, has been communica'.,**i
with     relative to   funeral    nrrangi
VY.   II. Wilson,   the jeweler, has       a
veiv attractive and novel advertisement in the shape ol an electric sign
projector, wbieh Is .- distinctly new
advertising feature. It consists of
ii Neinst lamp, which is heated by
■onncoting it to an ordinary Edison
locket, and produces a light' of about
100 candle power, and is greatly aug-
milted hv    two very powerful lenses.
Behind lho lenses tho advertising
disks ate placed, nml tla* different
wordings of tbe ad, tan Im* thrown
any distance up to thirty feet. This
ml. which is thrown on the sidewalk
ii front ol Mr. Wilson's store has
treated a great deal of amusement
and comment.
The World's Fair, the Auditorium, December 6th.
llev. t'huH. II. Hueslia, field seer"-
tary of Lord'. Day Allianee, was in
town im Sunday and preached In the
Presbyterian and Methodist pulpits.
At lhe elose ot the evening services
a union meetlni! wus held in tne
Methodist church al which officers nt
the local Lord's Day Alliance lor
the ensuing year were appointed.
Theae are: President, W. II. MoPar-
lane; vice-presidents, the clergy; secretary-treasurer, It. Hacklyelt. A resolution was unanimously passed requesting .the attorney-general to
Hunt permission lo prosecute under
the Lord's Day Act wherever it was
iniidc clear to hlm that tlie act Iiml
been vtoliiled. ami responflible parti.'s
wen prepared to lay tuformatUn.
Provincial Tories
In Convention
Great Gathering at New Westminster — Addressed by
Premier McBride—Election of Officers for
Ensuing Year
Tin* iilih annual convention of tht* and while it always desires to pro-
Conservative Association of Dnlish teet the aborigines, strongly believes
Columbia tool' place on Friday    and that something more should bo   done
Salunliiy ol last week at New Westminster. There was a record at-
lendnnce ami the utmost enthusiasm
was displayed. The thief feature of
tht* convention was the address hy
Premier McBride, a full report of
whieli follows:
Bringing a message of appreciation
from Premier Borden for the efforts
of tin* people of tliis province, which
culminated in the sending of a "Solid
Seven" lo Ottawa, and confidently
asserting that tbe questions which he
aiid his associates bad put before tbe
Dominion government for solution
would he satisfactorily answered
within the next few months, the
pren rcr of Hritish Columbia on Kri-
ri.ij nulicsscd from tho platform in
St George's hall, New Westminster,
tl'; larrest convention of provincial
( "i .11 .vaii'es that has over assemble.'.
I'lte frentier, who was preceded by
nor.. A. E. McPIHIlips, K.C, president of the executive council, und Hun.
W. 15, Itoss, chief commissioner of
Iambi, was given a tremendous ovation as I.e matte his way through the
Mining of his supporters to the platform. The chief of the Conservative
party cl llrilish Columbia was vls-
ably atneted hy the wtrrnith of the
welcome accord- d him. There was
another tumult of chirring as he rose
t'i his feet ami in a few brie! wonts
athmwledged the greeting.
"I feel "with you," saitl tho premier,
"thai this is. Indeed, a time for congratulations on the achievements of
the Conservative patty in British Columbia, and generally in connection
with the new staif ol the public affairs in mir country.    When we   first
held a convention here, we did not bread and were Riv*en a stone
enjoy the privilege of government on
party lines, and some time later the
records at Ottawa point to the conditions thai made it possible for seven Liberals \n tie elected in British
Columbia. Now, in 1911, it is with
reasonable pride thai we look back
upon the work ol our part) which has
resulted In tbe election of seven
Conservatives to the Dominion
house. Not only do we view with
pride tin- achievement of the people
of Hritish Columbia, but also the
achievement ol tho people of Canada
in electing Mr. R. l.. Borden to tho
first public office of om country.
"Now is the time to conserve toi*
tun own kind, the wonderful resources
ot this glorious province. We have no
quarrel with the Orient, bul we havo
no points to decide with that part ot
the world, amicable or otherwise. Wo
have only our own homes to protect
and bold. Let Japan keep .Japan lor
itsHi ami China China, but let us
sacredly guard Hritish Columbia for
development h) out own British
people. Am! affairs nre assuming
much greater Importance these days.
Plans .ii«* l-eiug conceived in an imperial way, in the development of
which British Columbia is destined to
play an important part. Wc have
every righl lo expert that this province will be properly protected. I
in the way ol settling up reserved
"We have just reasons for congratulations in that we arc now able lo
look to Ottawa ami recognize that
at the bead of the governmenl is a
man of our own political faith, who
has already begun to measure up to
tin* responsibility of his high olliee
and is hound to add some brilliant
chapters to the political history ol
Canada. 1 was able to meet Mr.
Borden at Ottawa, and he desired mo
to convey to you and to the people
of British Columbia his appreciation
of the sterling efforts on his behalf,
and to congratulate you upon the
election of seven Conservatives, (Applause).
"I am not going to say that there
was a failure upon the late government to accord us any hearing iu
connection with the many vital problems that arc demanding attention in
this province, but I think I can safely
go so far as to say thai in the
course of the different missions,
wben delegates went lo Ottawa from
British Columbia, that neither was
the attention paitl to bequests nor
that reception accorded to delegates
which the importance of this province and of the questions involved
warranted. Surely we should expect
at the seat of a national government men big and
broad minded, and generous enough to meet us and to extend tu us tin* courtesy whieli our
official position entitled us to, and to
transact business with us. Au exposition of tho relations between ibis
province and Ottawa in the past
would go to show that wo asked for
'"Now we are just home from onr
last visit to the national capital, a
trip which 1 felt, in view of the
important business Involved, could
not brook delay. Tlie question «1
'Better Terms' is still an issue, but
we have .Mr. Ho idea's promise* that
wo would Ih* able to refer this matter to an impartial commission and 1
am satisfied we shall not lie disappointed on the outcome.
"Let me reiterate sentiments which
I have voiced before. We desire
liritisli Columbia to la* a white
man's country.
"We can look to Mr. Borden to
give us a satisfactory answer to our
quest urns within the next few
months, and iu the meantime let me
remind you that in all fairness to
the Domlplon cabinet we must not
expect to have such vital Questions
answered on the spur of the moment,
especially when there are other parts
of Canada to lie considered as well.
"Now, speaking to you us Conservative workers, let mo congratulate
you mi your splendid achievements.
The late campaign was clean w< rk
all over tbe country. We have held
out no bribes of olflce. We have
encouraged no man to look lor hi nors
or rewards. All that has been promised is honest national government.
We have sent  lo Ottawa seven vigor
ous men. More will yet be said ot
these men. Personally let me tell
you that our province should be
proud of our representatives ut Ottawa. Let me tell you that then-
is not one of them who is not worthy of the highest political gifts
which Mr. Borden could administer.
"No    word   which I can command
"Then Ihere is llie nuestlou ol
lands in the railway belt and iu tbe
Peace Biver over which the provincial govcrnmeni desires to have au-
thority in orher that the development
of this province may  be accelerated.
"Tbe question Ol water rights is a
pertinent one at the present time, demanding immediate action. Mr. Boss
ami the    attorney-general have come can adequately    thank you tor     the
t. uu arrangement    with Mr. Borden,   work    you did.       Pot myself I fed
which, although    1 am not in a posi-   thai     I am    able to    recognize my
tion to make    a public announcement   many
upon today, will commend itself
all present.
"Wc ventured to point out to the who aro about as tine samples of
prime minister that our fisheries re- Canadian manhood and British ctths-
qulrcd a great deal more protection unship as man could desire. It may
than tbat accorded by the cruiser '•" with bad grace Irom my lips, hut
Kestrel. We have in the new minis- » may state that I think we have
ter of marine ami fisheries a man tried" to conduct the business of
who will familiarize himself with British Columbia in a straight fur-
conditions. Mr. Hasten himself pro- ward manner, putting the welfare of
miscd me thai be would come to Uie  the province first nnd the business of
you did.
I am    ubl
shortcomings.       But  I havo
la-en but veil up   hy the thought tbat
i I have supporting me thirty-nine men
coast before long, nml I have no
doubt tbat there will be a proper adjustment between Victoria anil Ottawa In regard to our fisheries.
the Conservative party second.
"In conclusion let me state that.
if the ideals, which have actuated the
Conservative party in British Coltlm-
"I pointed out to Mr. Borden the bin and in Canada during Ihe last
necessity ol making use of large campaign are kept in sight, this
tracts of land held as Indian re- province and this Dominion may look
serves, hut now lying waste. Tlie to see the Conservatives in power
province    is alive to    Ibis situation 1 (or cm Units "
SKClll-.T.iUY'S   RRPOltT.
The      following  is  the  report      the
secretary, Mr. .). B. Williamson,    ot
Vancouver, made to the convention:
As you know, since we presented to
you our last annual report a Dominion election bus taken place, and tbo
Conservative party in this province,
and throughout the whole Dominion,
bas passed through an ordeal which,
despite the fact that the question at
issue was one which gave us a decided advantage, tried every point in
the arm of our organization. That
our organization in the province ot
British Columbia is in good working
order is irrefutably demonstrated by
our overwhelming success nt tbe
polls, where we, not only held by
large majorities the seals we had,
but wrested from our opponents the
only two Dominion seats which remained to them in this province,
namely, Nauaimo uml Comox-AHiu.
With this election fn view, your
executive worked steadily from     bhe
Icommencement of their term of office, always aiming to pet feci ami
strengthen Ihe organization at
(hose points which were considered
weak, and in this work they have ut
all times received the hearty and
whole-souled support and co-operation
of the Conservatives in these different
localities. With this end in view,
your executive early this year secured the services of Mr. Tbeo. Wad-man,
secretary ot the Revelstoke association, and Mr. Ben A. Cunliffe, in the
ridings of fhilliwack, Dewdney    and
J Kichmoud.
i In the Columbia riding, Mr. Wad-
man accomplished splendid results;
whilst in .Chilliwack, Dcwdney and
Richmond, Mr. Cunliffe was equally
successful in an using the different associations to   the responsibility      of
I iheir work, and in forming new
associations; with the result tbat
these bodies made determined and
successful    efforts to clean up     their
! voters' lists, and to register new,
voters. i
The result uf these efforts is apparent in the polls at these punts. |
Later in the year, when the probability of au election became almost
a certainty, your executive determined to make a strenuous effort to re-'
dii-iii Nanaimo and Comox-Atlln.
Messrs. (J. 11. Barnard, MP., and A.
E. Planta (-unseated to give their
time and energy to an endeavor to
get  Nanaimo into fighting trim. i
Mr. Ben A. Cunliffe was engaged to
make a trip through the riding ct
Comox'Atlln, in order to pick out
the weak rpots, so tbat when an elec-
i ion occurred, we might be prepared
to render assistance efficiently to
that constituency; and the information so gathered was of inestimable
value li us in ' the campaign wbieh
followed, for, at the request of Mr.
Clements, the Comox-Atlln campaign
was managed by Mr. Williamson and
Mr. Cunliffe, the secretary and assistant secretary ol ihis association,
as lhe office of this association was
acknowledged to he the point most
easily available frum all points of
the titling, ami these gentlemen had a
mote intimate knowledge of the constituency as a whole than any one
else who   was in a position (0 untie r-
] take the work.
i Tbe congratulatory letters received
i from all parts uf the riding express
the satisfaction of tin* electorate with
' the conduct of the campaign. During
[lhe campaign, quantities ol literature were distributed by this association to all the ridings in the province, ami wherever assistance was
requested, we endeavored to    supply
it. |
f During Ibis year, we have endeavored, as in years past, to keep in
touch with the local associations
by means of circular and personal
letters, anil the volume of correspondence has been very large, some
five thousand   communications having
been handled by the secretaries.
Your executive has, during the past ,
year, lield the following meetings:'
November 18, at Nelson* December fi.
at Vancouver; January 33. at Victoria; April 7, at New Westminster,
April 8, nl Vancouver; June l". at
Vicloria. November t, at Vancouver,
November 32, ai Vancouver, and this
morning here, nt which much business Important to the part* in this
province was transacted. '
(Continued on page five). I
In Lodge Circles
1. O.  f*\
Since re-organization two years ago
and through the co-operation of the
members and officers, the court is
prospering. All members and officers tf the onlei in California, Arizona, Washington and British Columbia are entitled lu fret hospital
treatment and ii is bolted soon to
have free medical and surgical treatment. The order has purchased and
equipped a splendid tubercular sanitarium in New York State It bas
also, through the wisdom t( tbe
supreme chief ranger, Elbolt Stevenson, acquired, and now owns, a beautiful tract ot land, situated in tbe
lA pez Canyon, in the Sierra Nevada
mountains, about t wenl y-n\ e miles
from Los Angeles. It was purchased with the idea of opening a second
sanitarium when funds would permit
The court this year gladly responds to an appeal (rum Bro. Frank
13. Hand, assistant supreme chict
ranger "fur the orphans at Christ-
mastide," and who would not aid
in (living the kiddies a Joyful Christmas and especially th** motherless
and fatherless little ones''
Election of officers ukes place thr
first Thursday in December, when
there will he a social time spent and
baked beans, brown bread ami coffee
will be served. All are assured o
welcome at our meetings thr first
and third Thursday of each month at
8 p.m. at Carmen's hall.
A. 0, K
Por men ate mad*   fur soviet*?   and
mutual fellowship.      Wi     aie       not
born for    ourselves alone, but ever]
man has somo right ami interest    in
us, and no man can live happily     in
this  world  exempted    or   pp*- Begad
from being in lus place MOM       way
bene rn ial and    useful. So spake     tbe
Itev   Dr. Calway years ago. but   long
before his day thousands of year*
fact the human race bad learned   t
necessity     for combined action
order to get     the best out of Itsdl
Did no* Imperial Rome have
death clubs and Ancient Greece its
like institutions'* All the way
through the ages we can find evidence
ihat man has realized that ft*** was
not borne for himself alone, hut that
he had a part to plar fn a social order nf things, if his life was tn be
spent t«* its full advantage
Nn man ear. tell when Forestry
came into existence, its beginning is
lost in the far away history ol a
bygone age. but like many other notable and splendid organUfttfofls it
had its inception in the sea girl isle
of Great Britain t p to the end uf
the 18th century tin* rulers of that
country     considered  themselves in
duty bound to wage relentless war
against anvthing savouring of secrecy. Consequently the earl? members of the order held their meetings
oftimes in the shades uf those forests
tbat were sr plentiful in Britain in
the days previous to our modem
commercialism It is recorded that
tla* wiKMllands of Hampshire, particularly tlie New Forest, was a favorite
meeting ground, and there are students uf history, who will stoutly de-
dare that Kobin Hood and bis gal
lant band were fully paid up mem
hers in goud standing in the Ancient
Ordet ol Foresters. Suppose that
for one brief moment wr take
peep at one of those Ancient Forest
meetings, what would we see** A
group of merry faced men setting m a
circle, with a cheerful fire in the
center, at one side the stump ol
huge oak or ash tree on which
standing a good sized sand glass
indicate ttic passing hour In front
uf each man there ts another good
sized thing, which in the.se days is
perhaps considered very shocking,
namely a |00d, a very good, fdwd
tankard of old British ate Whilst
the ah- is  being quaffed, tlw     chief
raiigei lias called on the best singer
in tbe euinpanv to warble "Tin* Miller ol the Det," ur 'Has Anybody
Here Ben Kelly** " The said "Kelly" being tlie individual in command
uf the King's scalpeis Tbere arc
many who claim tnat records are on
hand which prove that whenever
"Kelly" appeared oa the scene after
the disappearance of the 23rd tankard, he liittisell was oHtfMS scalped,
so often in tact, that he found it very
necessary to keep a stock always un
After this little conviviality, the
court would go ahead with its initiations. Tfce members would form
themselves into two long lines, each
sturdy yeoman being armed with the
limb of a tree. Between these two
lines the candidate or candidate:
would have tr pass, and in passing
would receive the "tanning" of their
lives 'Ibe object ot this delicate
operation being tc test tbe sourags
■sd endurance of tbe weuli-he (■••ras
ters. If they failed to stand the
"pressure" or failed to cany the
necessary lubricant afterwards in a
manly fashion, why they were rejected Or black balled, as -,Ve say today.
However, In tbo year 1700, we find
the order somewhat modernized. Tbe
first court being established in
Leeds, Yorkshire, but owing to the
dislike of the ruling powers for secret, or what was known as corresponding soeietn-s, some ten years
elapsed before* the known membership
totalled one hundred. A ceuturj lat-
ei the total membership exceeded
900,000. Tutl.n ,' ,. well over
1,000,000, its courts are scattered
nut onl} all "-ci tho empire, and -a
goodly pmioii of K in pi b ll urfl
Instituted [n Cenir.il America, lho
United States. Dutch Guiana, Hawaiian Islands, Haytl, etc., etc. In
regard to finance n ranks amongst
tbe best, lhe ordet having received
special commendation from '.in* royal
commission appointed bj the governmenl some few years ago lo inquire
into the Onanclal status »>( such orders doing business In Canada.
Court Cranbrook \\.t> chartered In
1908 and like all such institutions in
this western coantrj )..i~ had its
trials and troubles, but in common
w'th Ht, . onfreres, aho
unique period ol prosperity, :*i
cc«scx|ueuce *. e great old
time at bom.' and dance ts to ho
held m the Auditorium on tlie evening ol Deccmbe! 38th next On that
evening the Auditorium will be gotten tip to resemble as much as possible the Olades ■ ' Shen i Forest,
when- Robin Hood and Maid Marion
passed so man) happy, if anxious
Manual Training School
As intimated in these columns some
little while back, It ia the Intention
of tbc b< ui I of scho I trustees to
rndeavt r to have established in this
city a manual training school, With
this object in view arrangements
have been made, whereby Mr. H. Bunnell, provmdal, Inspectoi of manual
training sdr-ools, is to pay this city
a visit tomorrow and meet tha
school trustees In the evening and
discuss with them ways and means.
The schod trustees bsve arranged
to meet Mr. DunneB in the high
school room at the public school
buildine at BJH) o'clock tomorrow
(Friday) eveaiog. Thev have invited
to meet with them the members of
the city council, mem Iters ol tho
bfiard nf trade, and such other citi-
sens. including ladies, as may be in-
terested .-. this movement. \ largo
and representative attendance is an-
Hcfpated, a- everyone musl t^ocede
the advantage to \*>- secured by tbo
establisnrnent     of a   manual training
hool within the city limit-..
DR  'EARNEST H M.I. .eiMiNti
Acrangementj an beii: made for
two lectures lo be given in Cian-
bro«A by i)r Earnest Hall, tbo well
known physician iii.-! surgeon ol Victoria, B.C., and Dr. Spencer ot
They will arrive on Monday, I>ec.
11th ar»d at I p m. will lecture to
women only, and -*\ H p.m. Dr. Hall
will give his famous lecture to men
only on "The Fad ol Alcohol Disease and White Slavism, Ulu trated
by a large number ol slides Mr.
Hall has given tfaia lecture In many-
places, both In Canada and Ibe
United States This will be a splendid opportunit} to hear what science
has to say on these questions so
vital for society. Further particulars will be given next  week.
At   Christ    church, bj llev   B  P.
Plewellfng, al I o'clock lasrl evening,
('has. Henry Ci Ulna ol tin- cite,
and Miss rtlHtte Rachel StubWns, also ol tins cltj wen uoiu d In roar>
eiage \ftei itn* wedding ceremony,
the newly married couple, attended
by a large numbei cl friends adjourned to the i.-s|-i.iiM ol Mis.
Hurgatroyd, uhete H dainty marriage supper was thoroughlj enjoyed.
Later in the evening Mr. and Mrs.
Collins left bj the Flyei on I visit to
the home of the bridegroom's mother in Manitoba Miss Jessie Mur-
gatroyd acted as bridesmaid, whilst
Mr Chas A. Coopei acted a groomsman Mr and Mrs Collins will return to Cranbrook aftei a short stay
in Manitoba and take up residence in
town, Mr. Collins being employed ia
the ( .P.R. machine shops The newly
married couple were tho recipients or
a large number ol handsome presents,
including a purse or gold from IIK1H-
bCTI ol the VM C A, at wbieh in-
rrtltutton trie bride bad been employ- THB OBANBKOOK   HJ5HALI)
News of the District
(By Fred Boo),
MeKe.-'s    hunt iug
lefl     loi
grounds i
ami a let
the tleei
Mi .   I.
Kernic . i
returned   from South Fork
a-iiing wiih twenty-onosdcci';
nl Uin C i' R. Inllow     pott
with twelve deer; Sam Wil-
,.   [;,,..  Uni   one.     Several
in     the eily limits
The writer got a dandy
\   w. Blensdeli; C. Klln-
.1. Schudle, J. M. \gnow,
Uie   l.mlgc    Pole Hunting
la;   There nre      In
i   i , :■,    Steele,     ltoosvlll
rrom the Flnlhend hunting
,.!■ the i lly.
U   ilMihii.nl. in,.I son   v
ilKit's lasl week pnd.
Bobby  Bake, the druggist, was   np
in Cinnh It   siiini.n     and returned
with ,i i 'in is Unas tree smile mi his
fa.-I- and Ih- promises to havo the
i la Vi'i.i"   i'i.ds on the     loail
ever shown In Klko. Bob's a hustle)
ami stnib *  while be hustles.
if you an- imi sun- of a man's
i.-.tl standing you can usually cslim-
iii-' ii Ir. Lhe way he stands wiih
tin- lown hanker.
li isn't Hn- :..-.   that kills, it's the
\VM| I '.    nVi'l    til'     I"
Hill',    Ui Lcod passed through Klko
Inst  i   if if had a load
mi   i.    mil tl .1   big .:   a haystack.
The coppi i piopi nil*, across the
hordei mi Tobacco Plains an* causing
■i ii   i ,t Itement ami on our    re-
turii i'  iii tc will give further par-
lictthn       'i hen  nre some good prop-
erlii     i,      Bhillipps    Creek.     Nexl
splint*: tliere will he .something dt
in ihal ^H^
I' I.    tt nc    i      crowded     with land
I..tlihridge,     Taber,
ardslon and Macleod.
!■ undei       uf     ihe
■ i tin burg, wits in
eekt i       i
Mill.uie j	
Mil !■ I'm   .-I,  Ibe
town, nt tl ma
Klko I.! ' looking like a peach
on   a    gai ih i.     \ .ill nnd fd lim; like
fori*,  null  lords.     Flagstone     i-
pJacr before long,
i north wesl fiom Ifuos-
n ■■'■■ ■:     ratbei     Mian tn mention
mil weallicr, but the
in i way in gel   the   human machinery iu running   smoothly Is tu luhrl
call' w itli ' .!• '"i   nil
-tap.i . Thompson, proprietor ol
Hn- Columbia hotel, has secured a line
'h-1  Ir ..J i -I  i,i, tut* .um bar.
mi, Munkmnii and bis siafi of C.
1'. R, euglncei . l.ft loi the Windermere country Tiiej have-been down
on the Bn ■ i al e-Waldo-noosvlllo
■xteiisim,. The)' an* n tine
nun and all d g with      thf
C i' i:
en. ■ i
righl foot.
M   I'hlllipps, ol Frultlands,
on hardi I in    South Kast Koo
\\.\    in  IU.. KatunJa].
The Cons r-.i'i.i'   an- getting
in Klko.
Two gentlemen were in Klko     this
.  i., in       Wilson     Bros
wholesale grocers,   Victoria,     taking
ordet ■ lot   uilphui  and  molasses   ami
othei mu ill al Instruments.
In a pail"!  tliere were ihree
A maid, a par loi lamp and he.
Two's companj. without a doubt,
Ar*1  >o Ihr parloi lamp wenl out.
The   Ant Chilltpps company played
iwo    a Ji* -     ii>    Klko to   standing
I....i  mnki    Ihi  w id-, nut gold.
The '"nil are ■ losing down aud
everything points lo a qulel wlntci
ami in. doubl tb.- merchants through-
oiiI the pa uill be called un tu
carry the .weal shop patrons through
the hard I mi 'I he diortesl mad
lo ; i ,i • i. ami elen al rest is a clean
receipt from youi grocer.
Two commercial travellers and sixteen pul ti. < :. istered In Klko this
week it lhe n-t.nl merchants ot
iln* Bass   wt,niii organise it      would
help tbi- t.itmrts ui   \lhi-rta nntl     the
pralrlc   provinces tu get plow plloii
nii'l harvest band       It's when* nine*
■ I     Hi*' freaks that nre on thr
I".nl    li-iiild  be.
Tin- S*oi Mi Mat mill and planei
closed down fm repairs Monday.
Um Kelleher came in from Seattle
t" rhril his pan i '
While Charlie Klingensmith is up In
tin- mountains hunting tint. Mr.
Klingensmith i- making sunshine In
I*; ii....
"Faith''   will move mountains, imt
make < ihi a Indy weather.
IcKei       ■ .. tlnn thi   Klk pool
 in .1 populai
F. Downs and Mt. Bub, nf Flag-
stone, w.I. Klko visitors tin- week
Mr. Downs Is lhe man ihat put
Flagstone mi th.- map. a bora booster, and  i    man tha' always delivers.
the  g Is.
A special ' .1- h avea i 'algary this
week I     i mc In charge of Pre-
shii iii Cook, ui the Letbbrldge-Woy-
burn Realty Co. Thev have wired
ahead fur accommodation for between forty and fifty people. Mike
Boesi-r is supplying venison and black
ciinaiit |i ll) both raised at Flug-
stone l"i Hn guests, who will be
hant|iii'ititl m royal style with     the
trimmings. The      Musical  Listers'
Concerl and Comedy people have been
spetiaih engaged '■• entertain the
visitors Flagstone is sure a coming
city of tlolden opporiunltles and
sudden wealth.    Remember the above
an-    I.ii t   ,  ami mu   imputation for
tt-i.ii n \      throng! i tin* whole rlls-
1 rid   i W0| 111   mute  tn  us   tliali  un
told  gold.
(Special correspondence).
a number of the Juveniles of Ward-
laid up    with   the cliicKen
With   Billiousness   and   Skk
Mr. Steve Hiitbcrford, C.
agent, left a few days a*i> to
a position on lhe prairie.
Mr. P. LUIld spent the week
with friends ami relatives iu
Stearns     and     Miss
were in Cranhrook
Calgary, Alberta, July s. PHI.
I was a great sufferer for a long
time with Billiousness, Sick Headache
and Liver Trouble. Nothing seemed
to do me any good. I had almost
given up in despair when I decided to
After taking aboul half a box tin'
headache slopped and my appetite
improved. I have jusl finished the
fifth hox anil feel as well as cvt*i. 1
can heartily recommend Fig Bills for
Hazel |stomach   and    liver     troubles,.—Mrs-
P. U.
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
Thursday,    visiting     Mr. Slearns
lhe St,  Kugeue hospital.
Mr. Swnnson has accepted the pi
lion as CI'.B. ticket agent here and
moved liis wife aud family a few days
ago. They are now comfortably
Bottled at  the depot.
Mi. Geo. Powell, of Cranbrook wuj*
heie mi business a few days ago.
Mr Bert Furlong, one ol Wardncr's
old time popular chefs, is spending a
few days with Mr. antl Mis. Wm.
The many friends of Mr- F. M.
Stearns were very pleased to see him
sufficiently recovered so as to he
able lo return home this week.
The C.N.P.L. company have completed their fine new butcher shop,
and the first shipment of meat will
be on hand this week. A good
Miit ment of all kinds of fresh meat
always ready, and au experienced
hotelier ready to serve tbe early cus-
lomers witb the choicest cuts.
Mr. Skead, of the ofllce start o
the CPU. lie camp, was called li
Nelson lust Thursday afternoon m
Policeman ISggleshaw has returned
from Michel, where he hati been \<
couple of weeks ami has been very
busy for a few days getting his office
'nn* in good shape fur work. Mr.
I-Cggloshaw has math' an excellent be-
[iiilllng and it is tu be hoped that
tin- (rood work may continue.
Mi. Bradley, of Cranbrook, wns
licrc on business last Saturday-
Mr. Wm. Barclay returned to
Wardner last Sat unlay and has been
appointed shipper for the C.N.P.L.
Co., for a few weeks.
Mr. Arthur Lund arrived from tlie
uairic a few days ago. lie will be
here lor a couple ot months.
A iiumih-i of the friends and acquaintances of Mrs. .J. A. Anderson
■.-.atbeted at her home a lew days
ngo to spend an evening with hei
before s*he left for Calgary, where she
goes this week to join her husband.
Mr. ami Mrs. Smlerland have moved
into tlu* house recently vacated by
Mr. and Mrs. Iteame.
Mr. Christopher McNeil spent last
Sunday with Cranbrook friends.
Mr. Louie Dcllno spent lust Momlay
with friends here. Louie inlemls
■{ding easl to spend the winter
The C.P.It. boys at Tatonga are
making arrangements for a datice to
be given by them on December 1st.
Ihey have sent out a large number
d invitations tc their friends but
ihey have assured us that any one
desiring to be present will Ih*
coined hy t Item - A special
will he run over the Kootenay
tral railway and busses will be
hand to convey passengers to
frnm tin* train.
Mr. Arthur Lund and Alfred John-
in spent last Sunday with Cranium k friends.
Mr. Mtl.i-iin. ut Montreal, renewed
Id acquaintances   here last  Monday.
Mr. Pike, ol Vancouver, wus here
mi business last Tuesday.
The teachers and pupils of St.
"widrcw's Sunday school are making
arrangements to hold a Christmas
tree shortly.
If your druggist told you that
you i ..uld simply wash away that
awful itchy Kc/cma—yes— that the
very lirst drops ol a soothing, clean-
ling wash would give you instant relief, it would seem too good to Im1
true, wouldn't it?
But it is true, every word. Wc kee
on hand ., supply of such a liquid
known as the D.D.D. Prescription fi
Kt/ema, because we know that this
wonderful compound of Oil of Winter
•n. Thymol antl other ingredient*,
actually does wash away Kc/ema and
all other skin impurities—that it
tears the complcxicn over night
ami leaves the skin at* healthy and
smooth as that of a child
We could mt recommend D.D.D. su
positively unless wc knew of tlie
nderdl cures wrought by this
remedy. We vouch lor the merits of
D.D.D, and know positively that it
takes away Ihe itch instantly. When
your own druggist can give you certain relief from that awful Itch, you
don't need to suffer another day.
Wash away all your skin troubles
witb D D D and tlten keep your skin
perfect condition with D. D D.
Soap. Let us tell ynu more about
I Lis wonderful remedy, or write the
D.D.D. Laboratories, Dept. C.C., IB
CotboUme St., Toronto, and get
their free trial bottle.
CllnbTOOk Drug and Hook Co , Ltd.
Maty Kllson.      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Sold   at all   dealers in   25 and 50,
cent boxes or mailed by The Fig Pill
Co., si. Thomas, Ont.
Sold by   The Craubrook I)
Book Co., Ltd.
CAPITAL,- $10,000,000 REST,-   $8,000,000
of The Canadian Bank of Commerce will receive deposits of $i and
upwards, on which interest is allowed at current rates. There is no
delay in withdrawing* tlio whole or any portion of the deposit. Small
deposits are welcomed. A234
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, to be
operated by any one of the number or by the survivor. A joint account
of this kind saves expense hi establishing; the ownership of the money
after death, aud is especially useful when a man desires to provide for
his wife, or for others depending upon him, in the event of his death.
W. T Rrymner, Hanager Cranbrook, B.C.
Tissue of Perjuries
Mis Honor Judge Langcllcr in tin
court of sessions, Quebec City, ha*
dismissed the complaints against Mr.
I.. Letotirueau, M.L.A., and Klic De-
peyre, charging these two with having bribed Bene Leduc to resign bit
seal in Quebec Ea»t in lhe last general elections.
As will be remembered both Le*
toiitneaii and Uepeyre were accused
i»f liavfaig offered Leduc the sum of
live thousand dollars and a governmenl position with au income of
fifteen hundred dollars a year to drop
liis candidature ami let Sir Wilfrid
I.aurier in hy acclamation.
Judge Lnngcltcr dismissed the
charges tn the grounds that the complaints were unfounded ami that
there was no case for a jury.
Leduc.s story of having been given
live hundred dollars while under the
influence ol liquor was false, he said.
Since Leduc showed sn much indignation at being bribed, why did he nt t
redeem himself on the following day
by returning lhe money, asked the
"By his keeping the money he, according to law, was guilty ol the
same crime as those whom he accused
of bribing him," continued Judge
Langelicr. His honor concluded by
stating that Leduc's evidence was a
tissue of perjuries.
For pains in the side or chest
dampen a piece of flannel with Cham
lierlain's Liniment and bind it on
over the seat of pain. There is
nothing better. Kor sale by all
dealers. -ll-tf
Applications will bc received by
the iindcrsititled not later than Saturday next, December --.nd, 1011, for
the position nf Janitor in the New
City Hull.
Applicants are requested lo state
age ami salary* required.
City Clerk.
Dated ai Cranbrook, B.C., this 29th
day of November, 1911. ia-it
I will not lie responsible for any
lehts contracted except hy myself and
ny wife.
L. A. Brault.
Cranbrook, Nov. 28, 1911.      IK-It
w w^f> •>*> f> •>•>.*>»> f>.w0t  ***t> + Wf>*>*>*1>>>*>*>
Have n very fine assortment of
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All trees offered for snlo art- grown in onr own mii'srrirs on
the Coldstream Estiito
V. D. CURRY, General Agent VERNON, B.C.
************** 444*4 4 4****9**
\ Imperial Bank ol Canada'
capital authorized -
capital subscribed -
capital paid up   -
reserve fund       - .
total assets      - -
Ii. B.
WII.KIK, President.
Merc limits
Accounts   of   Corporations.   Municipalities,
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drnfls and Letters of Credit issued available in any part of
the world.
SAVINGS IIIOl'AltT.MENT-Special attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of JUKI mnl
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
■f Wf ?f f f ?f f f f ??W¥¥Wlff f fTf ?f S??V? ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼
A Good   Home
is what is dear to every man. A homo
is when; Peace, Comfort, Contentment.
unci IMenty is found. That is tlie reason
men throughout Hritish Columbia, when
"Cnuibrook"' is mentioned think of the
provisions *Tos. Mnuilt hns made for an
B ideul home nt the
Canadian Hotel
bOUM sinlalilc for
l.iil, etc;     IHI prt
Uriah! iiISit
rv    larRc   ware-
ttirnitur,', planus,
iiiiiiiIIi     Apply
of TAR   a.       *
DUtrfsstora ttr Wc iters Caaitfs
Wtss-hsjf. Mmslss. Vsscssvcr. Sstltsioos
thut tht* aim vi* tiifntlone-tl Ktmiin M.
Livingstone has tilrd n petition tn
the judge nf this court, brim* the
Countv Court of tin* County in vvlurh
tin* land In question is situate, for n
il.tltinitioii that sho is itititltil to receive it lease ol stieh land under the
Coal Mines Act nml \tnnidinu, Ails,
which saitl land is situate on
tba Klatltead Rivet iii the District ol
Kast KooteiMy and Is desrrihnl as
Commencing at a |»>st planted at
the northeast corner of the Mrs. K.
M. Livingstone claim at or near the
south-east corner of the Catherine
Good claim, Ihence smith ho chains,
thence west 80 chains, tlicuct* ninth
SO chains, ihencc cast SU chains in
the place o( commencement, containing tilu acres, mora or less.
that His Honor Peter Kdmtiud Wilson
Judge of the said court, hy order
dated the loth day tl November,
It'll, has ordered that any person
having any objection to the prayer
ol saitl petition liein-; granted shall
on or before the 10th day ol January* 1813, tile with the Registrar ol
said Court at Cranio mik, B.C., a notice ol stiili objection antl shall at
the same lime serve a demand in
writing upon ihc petitioner or her
Solicitor lot a copy ot the said petition and the iilli'l.iul w*i.tying the
same, anil shall within eight days
after the service of said petition, llle
and deliver a reply thereto, with
leave given tn nit parties to further
Ami the said judge hns further ordered lhal a Copy of saiil petition
and affidavit shall be delivered to
any pany nn application being mode
in writing to ibc petitioner or her
And lhe said Judge has further ardent) that the said petition should
In* heard at lhe Court House, Cranhrook, It.c , nu the 12th day of February, 11112, at the hour of 10.30
o'clock In the forenoon, local time.
Dated Ibis 10th day of NovemliT,
This imi ice was Issued hy Oeorge
Herbert Thompson, whose address fnr
service is Roid Block, Baker Street,
Cranbrook, B.C., Solicitor lor the
petitioner, who resides at Cranbrook, B.C..
(i. \v. K. Carter,
Registrar ol the County Court ol
Kast Kootenny lleldeii at Cranbrook, 4*1 r»t
*   THE •
«     Columbian     »
« »
4; ia a iriiiiriinti-c.l pulley. That Is, -^
ji -atit-f'trtii'ii isgiiatiinti'i'il iiietety »
-i respect.   The _
« Nelson Iron Works Z
, Has an  ever increasing Itock.
. Write them for particular..
FOR SALE.—Single harness, almost new. Apply It' X .1, Hn.iM .ni-
flcc. lull*
Low Round Tilp Uni,- ii,
Tickets tm fale
iioi.i1 to return within ihitu
Ticket** Issued in connection
with Vtlsntlc Steamships will ho
nti mile from NOV   llllli to |>Kt*.
8lst| I nol ut1! ve, mnl Iiu lied loHve
nn hi i In*- from iluli* of i-MH'
I-'iiit*ft K.| ipnient, Sttinihinl
P Ml Glass nml rnurlst Steeping
Cars, Dining Cars nn nil th ouxh
Compartment— I.ilium - Ohncr-
vation Cur on "Imperial
Apply to nenreiit 0.P K. Agent
full infnr
 ormntion. nr     	
v. a. McNEiuie,
District Pin-meiijrer Agent,
Cn.Kr-.ry, Alta.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; nt-vcr fails. Tlnae
pills nre exn-eilit'i'lv |tinvmliil In rug'tlatlng tliu
guuenitlvi; |i<irlii'ii i'l thu f.-inak* system. Kefutti!
all cheap Imitations, Ur. <lo Tmi'a are *vil,1 nl
Ifta hnx, or Ihrnt* l-r Itll. Mail-.*.! to any a.l-i..—.
Th* Suftbell Druff Co.. St. Cntbarliit-a. 'h,t
Kor salo at llontio,  iMmpliy  & Co.,
Oppoaito O.P.H, Shiiion
THR    PLACE     TO     PUT    A
0001) MEAL
Norbury Ave., nexl In City Hull
lliiniliiiini'li'i'H  fur nil  kinds ut'
llu pairs
Slltisfnclinn (illlinilllri'll
Tin*- Shoe S|n'i*i)ilisl'
Provenzano Bros.
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. 0. BOI 194 PHONE 144
II yuo want satisfaction witb
your washing   send
it  to
sj'i-.-ial prices for family work.
Nelson's Leading; Hotel
Rooms with HitiliH.   'Phone ih
every room
Barber simp on the premises,
Thorouifililv ui. in.Iiu.-,
Rates. $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
P. TOM KIN, Manager
Rnahles trailers throughout ihc worlil
to communicate direct with English
in fnrli class of gooils. Reshles holug
a complete commercial guide lo I.mi-
don and lis eubiirlis, the directory
contains lists of
-.villi  tin* Goods   Ihey ship, uml   the
Oulonlal iiixl   Foioign Marked they
arranged under tho Ports to which they
sail, an! Intltcstlna tho spptoslmate
of leading Mannfaelnrers, Merchsiits,
etc.,In tlu* principal provincial towns
nml Indus tils) centre! of tin* United
A copy of the current edition will be
forwarded, freight pai<l, 0:1 receipt of
Posts) Order lor 80s.
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise their trade cards for20s.,or largre
it.lvt'ttiM-iiii'iitr* from i'l1*-.
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
21 AlKbarth Use. Load... B.C.
East Koolenay
Butcher Co.
Dealers In
I'Yt'sli nml t'urnl
Poultry, (i.iiiu*  niul Fish
in S.'iis.-ii.
East Koolenay
Butcher Co.
The Old P. Wood's      .,
Business. c>
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
! A modern equipped Onfeal modersle
Rates 11.00 and up per day
Corner of llowant St. and KiMit Ave.
Onr I'll- meets all train*.
1   The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr.
Dny ['hone 233
.M i! 111 I'hono 8B0
Dr. Mattel's Female Pills
Prescribed ami recommended for women's ailmcuis, a scientifically prepared remedy of proven worth. The
result from their use is quick und
pt'itiiiiiitiil. Kor sale ut ull drug
stores. ;, luDcifi
4 *>**> + *>*>* *P++**>W*>*>W*>W
4 t
t     Ihiildcr nnd
t     Contractor
optin 'riiiiksnnil Coiiorclo
Work Konornlly n *
s|i..i.'illy. *
♦ ,M^tmm,Ami
J Estimates   Freely Oivcn. t
♦ P.O. iiox 316 ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ Cranbrook, B.C. ♦
- ■■>' ■■■' -^, ■  ; /7.
TlnLonillng BnalnMa Colleuo
ol the N'oriliireal
Whororoung pooplo can rwelve
n thorongli bu.liie.. training. .
«     i 'JWEKtlAl IAW, ETC.
Ia iii "t'.-iiiii twelve month.in
the y.'ilr.
,n,i entrance examination.,
hi'iir'l anil loom hi very reasonable rote..
\\",. .,','nro po.lllon. lor onr
,tn >ei la.
(lur new l"':iiiti[iil!y illii-'iiii.'il
riiuili'L'ii,' .enl f ij'i'ii rer(iieat.
Write loi ii NOW :
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
in A Ma.li-oii     -     SPOKANK
m-*vi:is are: fair, and my I
cvke*. are: permanent
*ji«rmaliirrhi"'a. Or,ank Wraknt,.,
1.0,1 »i."r. V.rkocclc. ll.Jrocclc. C< «■
lr.iil.',l Ili.,ir,l.r- M'.'.iii, hl.-.id I'til.oa.
Plica in.l Slrklurca - nulorln** nil
illii'ili'l organ. Ii'lloriiiuhiii.lln'.illliv
m'li'.ii in llu- aliorlt-.i co'-il'l,' .pare
V18I r
Cf* all lb* torn* n) l'1-..^-..i \i..,
Pot inltatlor and In Irorllvt- booltlrl !«*
nl olli i l>.< mull
Pelting om  fiMr-miuil i<> fhc
M    ii l.i.n  llSCk,     I " I'til.
I'lhh weekly.   KiclnsWs lerrl
The Weather
Wnrrii tin- Si'iiiNiiiiin   iiml    '
j j iln- lime fur Iiiu iiniii' liiini
D in* I< nl  hnml.
Nn ilmili! some will mnk.'
| ii .'iii.'li.
1     I «•,..,I,| like to Blalotlml I £
pi lllll fijly   | a I. -1..-11. a |   lo
S naliiR  iln-  must   iipii'.ilnii-
p   llll'tllials. Willi Hll'HIllllI |KI|MT
| form.
I Geo. VV. Wilson
i'l lliiiisnii  Avi'inii', I'mnliriHik ih
Zam-Buk Will Cure Tliem.
to Dunfermline. Before leaving there swept tlio
wasa hostile demonstration on the J bul unnecc
part of tliv mothers of some of the mechanical
delinquents. Before tin* brake had volutionuje1
arrived at Dunfcrmllno tbc mothers of j ture bin !i
some uf the lads had reached the in every i
eily, and in front of the sheriff court J ity. Tin
indulged in angry protestations. The! ami distill
whipping was duly carried out by a j as oi comi
police oHlcei in presence of the medical officer of   health, wlio in      some
Tlie particular danger of chapped
hands and cold cracks (apart altogether from the pain) is that tbe cold
is likely to penetrate and set VP inflammation, festering or bloptl-poison,
Directly    the skin is broken by       a
cut, graze, or scratch, tu* dinted   and	
cracked   by the action of the      cold cases reduced   lhe  punishment   fromfethici
winds and    water, the one necessary  four stripes lo three. j   Tin
precaution is to apply Zam-Buk free-1
I depu
It would be easy
show how new
ns' not only round manutac-
iiuiii-tliate influence
nl ol human aeliv-
fiu the exchange
thought as well
Tli«'> made new
i politics, 111 literature,
the dtaimi.  philosophy,
Tho pure herbal juices from which
Zaiu-Buk is prepared are su perfectly
combined that the immediate cllccl of
these Zniu-Hiik dressings is soothing,
antiseptic und bomMng. Pain and in-
llammntion are allayed, disease germs
expelled from ibe wound or sore, i
the latter is quickly healed
/am link ts not only a powerful
healer and skin purifier,; it is strongly
antiseptic ami germicidal, nnd su
forms lhe ideal protection for tbc
.skin against disease germs.
II quickly heals cold cracks, chaps,
chilblains, cold sores, etc.
Mrs. (). M I'hoei), Netichatel, Alta.,
writes! "I must tell you bow pleased
I am with Zam-Buk, My husband
had au old frostbite mi his font tor
many years, and bad tried almost
every known remedy without any
effect, but the tiisi application of
Zam-Buk seemed to hotp him so
much thut he persevered ami tbc sore
is mow cured, We would not he
without Zam-Buk in the house."
Zam-Buk is also a sure cure [or
piles, eczema, ulcers, abscesses, scalp
sores, blood-poison, hail leg, eruptions, etc. Its purely herbal composition makes it the ideal balm for
babies and young children. All druggists and stores sell Zam-Buk 50c.
box* or post free from Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto, for price. Try also iZntn-
Btik Soap, 25c. tablet.
^^^^^ *>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
An important coal seam has been
discovered at Leigh, Lancashire, as
tht* result of nearly twelve months'
work on the part of the Westlelgh
Colliery company. They have just
reached, at a depth of 2.-0 yards, a
splendid quality of bouse coal which
will occupy over seven hundred men
nearly thirty years. As a supplementary shaft will have to bc Mink
and engines and plant erected, it
will lie over twelve months befut*
the mine is iu full working. Mean-
white forty miners are to commence
immediately to open out  tlie mine.
A tragic record of the death loll
levied on helpless non-combatants in
industrial warfare is disclosed in .i
report by tbe Liverpool medical nf
fleer of health, Dr Hope. During the
strike period in Liverpool the infantile death rate from summer IIU.esscs
rose until 27 per 1000 was reached in
the third week in August. In the
first week of July the rate was only
17 per 1000. The Increased number
of deaths in the lasi three months,
as compared with the average rote
for tin* previous five years, was 813
Even after the strife ended the death
rate remained high, 2ft pel 1000 being
recorded in the la-**t week ol Scptcm
Karl Kit'wiilium has established n
pottery nt tbe minim: ritlogi ol
Iloylaud, neai liiiin*-li*v In ordet '■>
provide n new Industry foi bis ten
ant*. Coft.1 mining in tin- districl ia
•In liMtu. ami the villagers are do-
lighted nt Lord FtUwUUam'a ac
Hon. Tbc Milton pottery, is tb
new venture is raited, has » kiln of
ibe mosi up-to-date design, with ac
I'omiuodntiou fin three hundred dozen
pot!*)       The tiist  burning was rtw.'.lU
proved, nml turned oui a huge sue
eesi     The earthenware is ■>( the tm
est quality, uml has    >< landed    .i
rcodv Mile in tlie district Tne de
iiuinil. in fact, i*- greatei than the
supply, .md plan** have alreod) been
prepared fm new buildings lhal will
enable the output ot the poller) to
Im* InePDHsd It i** expected that before h»tx (he new Industrj will pro
tide employment lot u huge number
of tin* rllmgpti
Koi low hundred yenn Ibere boi
been n iti'nv controversy waged round
ibc question of tin* supreme ohtol
Wnririp of Plan Donald Tin* three
ctaimanls, tlw chleh ni tbe houses of
•lllengniry, of ClM ItotuM. and Sit
Mctm-dci Boswell Uttfldomild (who
has just esttblllbed his rlgM t.i the
baronetcy of stent) have agreed ihat,
while 111111' of iiieni abandons ins
claim to the supreme chieftainship,
tWt are    to cease from active    a**
sertlon o* Iht'ir claims, and wl any
-Question of precedence occurs the
difficulty Is   to  he solved by casting
ienl corporation of iln* city
_^^^^_^_^^_^^^^—_     if Liiiuiim I very jealous -if its 11ad
Mr. Ivdiiiiind (losse has rudely dis-' ilions and privileges which are men-
Llirhcd Ibe placidity of literary lite need In tin1 competition 'if
in London- He has had the tcmer- stittniuns and it realizes ibe ucces-
ity to suggest thai be would burn ■ sity of having u leader witb fighting
the hundreds nf thousands of books in strenatih and lighting spirit
our groat libraries that are alleged U> Among all the possible champions
li* superfluous.       From every cornei jibe one upon
of the liritisli Isles Ibis proposal has
called foi lb shrieks if wrath ami the
clamor of applause.        Authors, pttl.-
Itshcrs and would-be litterutcuts   are
eagerly discussing the dictum, and by
then) at any rote are coals of obloquy
being heaped   ou    Mr. (JosSc's la-ad.
Mr. (losse is     librarian to the bouse
of lords, und    everybody must    feel, /deiied by deft
distinguished    man ot letters thoogn I body.'s utaugli
he is, tbat Ih* has Imbibed something | strongest   at
llie   clliiice  UliUlli-
luniislr rails for his Irresistible enthusiasm .mil energy, is Sii Thomas
Crosbj, who was eitftty-onc last
birthday. In ibe hour nf its greatest
need the corporation turns lor help
tn tin- i.id.si lord mayor evei appointed iii ii-' hlstor)
Tin- Dcrdesl ol Hit- Unionists, mud-
nf    tlie malicious spirit    which    iu-j
spires     every     librarian   against   au!
author.     As for the suggestion, thei:*
nro a thousand objections to it,   but
ihere are also many things    to     he
said in favor of il.     Chief    of     the.
arguments in favor of the proposal in | ,,|,i [u 18.12    wli
Mr. Oossc's eyes-thoiigh he does not | Bill was passed.
must be the fact that the
librarian's labor woild In* very considerably shortened.
Mr. Plowdon, most celebrated of
Bashaws, has earned the gratitude of
every man by his pronouncement that
women should be obliged to lake out
licenses (or hatpins, remarks a Lou-(he j
don press correspondent * But, if
anything, he does not go far enough.
What we want is the passing of a
sumptuary law against hatpins,
which really are a menace to one's
safety and comfort, especially In
buses, where it is next to impossible
to avoid a jab if one's fair neighbor
moves her Lead. In this respect, at
any rate, 1 feel inclined lo agree
with Mr. Kipling's assertion that
"the female of the species is more
deadly than the male." Man has,
anyway, sufficient regard lor other
people and sufficient good sense not
to make bis attire a matter of serious danger to the publie. Why women should he allowed to wtf.k
about with their headgear bristling
with a whole armoury of miniature
bayonets is more Ihan I can imagine.
Some of them ought to he charged
with being manifest dangers to the
well-being and comfort of his majesty's subjects.
eek the fiercest and
them    la lead lhe
e And   be nf
Hit*   flashing eye,
* dauntless and un-
tbey acclaim chief
Lord    llalstmry,    aged fourscore
•i and six.     He was seven   years
the great Reform
Had bis lordship
despelate  aiKciilu
the dougki) bladt
the stout limb, tl
conquerable win m
Men Who get Their
Opportunity in Old Age
lots for the occasion ft has also
lieen decided that henceforth Sir Alexander Dosvlllc Macdonald is in be
entitled to assume the old title of
Maodomld of the Isles
An Incident unprecedented in
In order lo pn ve Ihat old age do
imt neccssarilj   imply inefficiency
philosopher  draws attention to
fait   that   the new Lord Mayor        of
London, Aid. Sii Thomas Crosby    is
eight] -nn.* years of age.
At a recent swimming match in the
Serpentine the contestants were a
number of hardy fellows who take
theli morning plunge ihere winter and
summer, and Ihc winnei wns an athlete <»f seventy-five.
lu Doreheatei a new play was re
hearsed the othei daj written by
Mi. Thomas Hardy, lhe distinguished
novelist, who Is in bis seventy-second
' i ni The leadei ol the new move
ment in Ihc English Conservative
partj which has been organised foi
Ihe purpose •( giving fresh viialm
to ihc lii-tinn ■ ausc is Lord Hals
bury, who Is eight) si\
These (acts seem lo Indicate that
Ihc ..bi generation is knocking at the
<t, oi I;  looks     if ibe old        man
trim ipba.nl is returning to his ,m
cient master) ol the world. The
middle itgiil phllosophei maj content
hlmsell with some simple bathroom
exercises while be patiently watts foi
lus opportun n tu lake bis place
among lhe victors
Then came the scientific revolution
ate in" iondilions of life and
thought and activity New discover! m i it mi' material!teed In the
wonderful Inttei balf of tlie Victorian
era in .i fruitful crop of new mcchan-
I. ai inventions .nul appliances which
led lo n< h methods and processes and
opportunities, The typewriter, the
telephone, ihc motoi cai un-tight a
wonderful change m business condl«
tlons it came with such magical
suddenness and completeness that the
uld.*i men wen* unable to tcnli/e it,
much  less    lo   accept    its meaning.
Take ibai confounded thing away
shouted old Jobson when he heard the
click of ilu* lirst typewriter. "I like
lo talk to a man face to face; there
shall never be one of those maddening inutilities in my establishment,"
declared old Pobson at the ring d
iln- liist telephone. "A pair
horses will take me as far and
then developed liis octogenarian vigor
tliai fateful measure would probably
have been defeated, and what we call
democracy strangled at its birth.
It was the scientific revolution cl
tlie closing years of the nineteenth
century whicli gave to the young man
the temporary predominance of which
now in danger of lieing dispossessed. Prim to that, as students
of social history ■ are aware, the
world's affairs wen- controlled by
men of advanced years*. The young
man had his pface in llie world, but
it was a subordinate - place. He (ltd
what bis senior lold him to do, hut
most of the vital work of the
worlil requiring supreme elTort and
skill was done by the greybeard.
They s.'l au all-pervading new
movement and carried the young man
at the bead of ii to the dominion of
the world. In lus arrogance he
Hit light jt was be and 'not tlie machine that bad conquered. His loud
boasts resounded above the universal
wheel-clicking of bis engines, "(let on
or get out," he yelled as he swept
hy with bis internal combustion engine ii> die humiliated pedestrian oldster. 'Too old at forty!" his
paean ol victory, cum* to be regarded as*the expression of a fundamental
truth. Professor Osier achieved a
great- scientific reputation by declaring that all the great works of 'the
world bad been accomplished by men
between the ages of twenty-five and
forty and thai progress would not
lie Impeded if all men of sixty were
exterminated. .
And all this notwithstanding, hcee,
after the lapse of only a few years,
we see tht* old man triumphant climbing back io his ancient scat of [tower.
His defeat was only temporary. His
superior vigor could notj be kept under for long. He has re-asserted himself
The processes of world-change are
not continuous antl unceasing as the
unthinking believe. There are well
defined periods ol rapid ami abundant
productivity in discover] ami invention, alternating with periods ol
gradual, almost imperceptible, development. It would in* easy to sliow
bow mi. li a In let period of rapid
change came with tbe Invention of
Hie steam limine and was marked by
the temporan subjection of the aged.
It was followed b) the long period j
ol slow development, dining which
the oid man re-established his m»*s-
Business Man's Most
liffeciive Ww.pon
Advertising I, u„. i„1Sj„,.ss ,„,„•
musi elfcctlv. ireapon. Thetij was
I'll"- when n merchant (bought hi'
was eontcrrlrj, a faun win,, |„.
sorted an uiliiniMiiu'rii ir, a
papei The live business man
know, thai money .pent in
napei publlcltj is an Itnetrtment that
produce, law return*, but, there may
sl111 to' ' I, liw ami tliere. 'examples ol tin' muss-grow n merchant
wlm is coirtenl ,„ .j,., w,,|| mmf/ll
alone," nml lus „„ ambition i" Im*
prow hia bu.lneta. \i the a„mia|
meeting ol llie Canadian Press as
Mii'ialinii In'lil m Toronto, 111,' presid-
i-iii, ,1. P. M.ckay, ol tl.' Toronto
Olobe, in Hr n iirso ol an Interesting
address hail the lollowlng |„ say
about advertising:
"Tbe lintc has surely gom- hy when
wo need    i„ ,„., pardon ol niiv busi-
n. ss man lor calling his attention to
oi his need   of advertising, The article
No Other Hosiery
Offers This
fFoot-clothing ilini lits wiih 111180111(0 perfection, for1!
treasons you will readily see if you'll dlance at tlie^
J picture here . . . the only hose made llint is pernio- ,
fnently shaped to the foot nnd leg, and that is both
[Seamless and Snug-Fitting j
You woultl not think of buying hose with n seam up the front
j of ihe leg , . . . wouldn't tbnt be ugly mnl uncomfortable?
Probably ynu buy  the Mini  with n seam up the back only
\ because you didn't  kiww   (here wus it kintl free from  that
^ discomfort  and   uiulghtliness,    There Is,  however,   You
can get the better kind in uny weight  or color if
buy hosiery iiiude by
Penmans  Limitet
Paris Canada
U.d«rw..r,   Swcal.ra,   Hoaisry
Full Fashioned
********************** ************* **********
** *
You Choose
the Cut
• 1—1 '■■ —■»«— ——
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to loan on [avorable terma.
Bvory care and comfort
A home from home
Bpecinl attention   in  cai-ea „f
Maternity, lilii'umaiiain
and I'lit'iiinoiiia
Terms  moderate
MRS. R. BENT, Matron.
I'■'>• i'"' IM a a;.'i
Physicians and Surgeons.
Idle, at Rnldeic.,  Arni.trofig A..,
Forenoon. - - - - 1.0(1 to 10.00
Allernoon. - - - 2.00 to  4.00
Evening. - - - - 7.10 to   i.30
Sundays - - - • 2.80 to   4.SO
•HANlll'oog :>     1    h    H    I. O,
a T.r-iia «
* 'ranbrook     Lodge
No. Si
A l'\ ,t:  A   tl.
W™y''iii \*   !;'-liI''r mi-'cMngs oo
K'-sV^/V  '    the   tiiinl   Tburidsy
Wp of every month.
VisitIna brethren welcomed,
A. C. Shankland, W.M.
B. w. Connolly, Secretary.
Crescent Lodge No. 33
Cranbrook. n. c.
Meet,   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall,
T. O, Jones, C. c.
.1. M. Boyes.K. "I i:  N. S.
Visiting liriiliren   cordially invited
to attend.
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
• WW***rWW*>*>WW*******<>*>**>*t>**W\
*,*,—h*,^,,.^,,— which we   ha\e Tor sale is tho nival-
.,.„,'klv as 1 mi (o go," said    „l,.„,t Sn,li„K „,,,,. j,,      the. «!*,„-
I llotaon when lire motor ear eame.    | ,|av.    ■,•,,,. ,lomtt)totl „, (.nna<la      „
„  ,   '  "" ^nselousnea ol iheir liseli „„,. „|  „,,. s„,lt(.st. ,„^m,.
lho own personal powers Hie Due old hois advertisements  In lho amrld i
history ol  DunlermllM sin-nil Court deaplted llicsc mechanical .levuvs ami ,,i,i', r,.mu'  ,, , .
bulldimt. occurred reccntl,, when no  loll  0I  ,„ to Un     v g   o   , ,,    ,0ni        '„ ,»   ^   ,
Irwer  than   twr-nty-six boy.    were men.     Tho resull. wero soon appar- ,,,„„?'J     '" "" °v?rtair"
MrcM lor malicious mlsclriel. At the ,,„.   The man ol  superior strength,aJ^iti„.„ ,,.,""" '   "",'''T
Co* ol the trial   a. Lochg.ll,       „    k ,   , „,,l hrnin      L aru SS. 7 tSSiS T^t H
hralee wa. procured, and lho    leovs, no match lor the man with .he   ml "      ,* hen    o     '        ", " „T'
Kc^p-Hed  hy.   pullee    l^'lor ehlne.     The power Up.ylng    jj £^J2£ ff *?gg*
mi ku.   nwtabto..   W.re ewWeyed chine with Ihi' y„u„„ man behind    |,   « „y ,„, 11„M1(.„>.     JSLTlJ
Palace Hotel
BOLIJNS BB08., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER       =       B. C.
Two hundred oleKantly fnrnishetl rooms. Dviry modern
convenience. Kleviitorservice. Uafe in connection. Rooms
$1.0ll per iluy nml upwards.
VTp.conatry visitors lo tin- 'IVtiu'iiiiiI City will Iiml every
convenience uml comfort ut tha Granville Palace, special
attention being paid iu their wants.
UK. P. li. MILES
I to Vi a.m.
1 to   • p in.
7 lo   8 p.m.
Oflioe In neve It-l I |llUiS
McVITTie    &    l>ARKCR
Oranbrook und t'"urt Steels
| j. a. cumminos  I
I £.!'*.'.."!,■*.''■ Cranbrook, B.C. X
B.   C.   land   Surveyor
CRANBROOK     .      B   C.
Ast for flalcvM LITHIA WATEI
For /ainiljr n.e thvrv ia nothiiii,
*n wlioleaotoe an-l bo oiire .a
W. R. B#»ttr.  rtoMMl  Mreelat
<*.-•!.t..f.».i f: c.
Winnipeg  afaowlng that during     tbe| mood, "was   thr  onlj time I    bare
year over  two and a quartei milHon ever beard ol tne Lord i Prayer being
dollars    will be sprnt in  advertising I received with applause
by tlw*   dominion, provincial and city ' ■—       *» —
Rowrnnienti of this country. Certain!
it is that when taxpayers art* willing !
le have such a huge sum invest til in
advertising it must be an article ot
merit in which we deal nnd not onr
to be spoken of shamefacedly; as ha-
too often been the OMB in tbe l**<>st
What advertising baa done for Canada it ean do for an) honett, aggrrra-
sive, intelligent builncaa man in
Canada. Advertising is a Commercial power tbat can do more tu direct the distribution ol both Ibe
m-ee-ssarirs and the luxuries of life
than all tbe tariiTis tree dertsed
and we are not um* to our opportunities if we fail to take advantage of
all the means at onr command to
so direct public opinion thai newspaper space will more and mote become the recognized medium ot communication between produoei and
'I am pleasetl tn rnoiiitiii inl (liain-
berlaln's Cougfa Itemi-dy as the best
tiling I know if and safest remed)
fi-r coughs, ooMs and bronchial
trouble," writes Mrs I.. It. Arnold,
ol Denver) Coin. "We have used it
repeatedly ar-d it bus never failed t<>
giw relief." Koi t.iit- by sll deal
era, tl-tf
I wtutl i.
purchase itmbi i       *--t
Apply r   0. l»i ll .
Ii. IV
Cranbrook Collage Hospital
Titiiis on Application.
Phone 259 Matron.
P. o. Box -Ci   Armstrong Ave
Dr. M. E. Hall. D.D.S.
Crown and Mri-lL'** Work
n specialty,
Phono No. i"*' •     Armstrong Ave
Cranbrook, B.O.
v.in Horn. Btrrel    opposlts  Dtpol
Mr. .lolro Redmond,    M I
soon- inh'trslitii;   stories of hia    last
Ami-riran trip nl   a r.rrnt public din*
wr      At .  Nnn-ii nlotmlsl Prosby
irtiiiti university, wtierc Mi
■wa. in.it.Hl lo   address th.
Horn' nl whom w.ii- llomsn t'atliolii'*
Farther Clune,   who was prosent, ws
out ol romplimcnt nhli-A to op,'n   III
irai'tiu** willi pnyei       Fatliit Cluii.
said the  Lord's i'rn\rr, aa   Uie only
prayer which he Hioiinlil wool'
May Be Made Strong at   Small
Expense and No Risk
There are hundreds of women In
( thin   vicinity,   weak,   thin,   rundown.
; tired out and nervous. Buefa wom***ii
* need Vinol Just as mueh as did Mr**
i Jane Pepper, of 2.107 Howard atree:,
San Francisco, Cat. who says:
"I have used Vinol for gome time
with particularly gratifying results I
wns run down, weak and debilitated,
and my appctlto was gone After tailing several bottles of Vinol I fotitrl
Redmond my condition greatly Improved, and
tudenta, do not hesitate to recommend Vtr, -I
to anyone similarly affected."
Vinol Is not a secret nostrum, but
a delicious cod liver anil Iron tonic
without oil, which will rreate an up*
. ..petite, tone up the digestive organs,
be onl\ ma«K0 piirfl t»]oo«l and creatu strength
Id     not |    xry n bottle of Vinol with the tin
Oaniaaatull .loekol
Repair, I ir sb it, always
ill at',> k
M«t. in    Fratoriill)- Hall Fiiat ai:<
Third Kiloayt
T   Fraser, 1:   1
It. Mm Klnnon, U. II   an.l C.
Visitiiig m.s'.cis cordially invited.
1.0.0.F., KEY CITV LODGE, No. II
#*«A.       Meeta everv Monday
nlghl at   New Fra-
^^^^^^^ tcrnity    Hall.    So*
loumlng Oddlellow. conliallv luvlt.d.
I  A  iii     ■ W. M  Harris.
N, (I. Seo'y.
DURHAM ENl  ', , ,   mi   12,
EdeeU : I  1   .. ,; e-'!,iya
in eaiii month.
A   ivriii.i!  iv. •■.!       lo
visiting In.     :
(lllncls July  Ist to Di  •    «1   11.t
i'. I'-ll   Clayl
Scribe-W. M. Han
No   [J.
Meet, every second  and   lourUl Wed-
ce.'l.y ,t Fraternity Hall.
Soj'iurmi.g   Rabekah.   cordially in-
M: ■ ,',(ia Hickenbolbain.S O.
M:;s M. Hickenbotliani, Sec.
M*et, in CartDeo'. Hal] Second and
Fo-jrt!. ".::■:.:■ :■..:.: nth at •
p rn. itiarp.
Wm. Anderson, Chlel Hanger.
L. Bent, Secretarv
Visiting tiret*reri it.ade welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall first and
third Thursday of each oionth at
• p.m. sharp
Mrs   Lord Hayward.  Rec   Sec.
IV. B   MeFarUse, Chief Ranger.
Visiting  brethren made welcome.
.Sunday morning service at 11
.Siir.d*y    ever.ing     larele,   at
'i.iD o'clock
Sunday      School   and    llitilc
l.'lasa at 3 o'clock
x   Presbyterian    'iuild, Tuesday,
Z at 8 "'clock
! Baptist Cburcbl
• t
J Pastor, II   S. Speili r. J
• Parai/nage. Korbory  Avenue.
■ 'Phone, 2H.      P. ti. Boi 2.7.
Regular Ssreleesi—Snndar, 11
,' a.m.     and    7.30   p.m.,    Ilible
, School     wi'h      V sng   Ladle.'
i Phllethea    and     Young   Men*,
i liliile I l..s, i p.m.
'   Monday,    loui.g Peoples',   .
, p.m.
Wedne.'lay. Uld W'-ek UesMSff,
A oordial    Christian  WSlOOBS '
to all. .
::   farmers' institute:
' ' I',,-  I.i.'      1    *   till!
1       BafirstarytS  MacratiaAtp
,, Pol  Mil- -i ii,al li 111    ".,11'liin; Intnl. ,
< i an,!   agriculture   apply    in the <
' ' Bocretary, Cranbrook,!.. C.
ii Meeting
] |       Kv.ry ad Ivednenl.y       .
************ **********
1»* likely to ollniil anybody, and     al  dorainndlns that your money will bo
Hie end ol the prayer tin- whole audi-'returned If It doe. nol help you.
<itfe atond up ami *...l'l "Mm-n," nml I   Ciinliroiik    Drug    .mil   Hook Co.,
applauded.    "Thai,'   adilnl Ml   Itnl I I ruiihroiW, II t'.
\Mi CHEMIST-Charges: Oold,
I .lifer, copper and lead, 11 each,
gold-allrtr, tl 50; .llm-lead, ti.50;
jgiil'l silver, wilh copper or lead,
' 11 in. tine, It. allver-lead-rlnc, 13
Prions for oilier metal, on application l> il Ho. CD., lias, Nelson, It IL IS tl
TriADr. M.naa
......-^^^^       Co.Yrti^HT. Ac.
awfflB. Witt a. a  "nn,,
inl vi, ..- .'    .,,,,.,     ,i ir.. "I.Mhw an
,.,',,",,l  ,. 1 '       ,     .  I  ,  ■ ■■•■     '     :, „,„„l...
'■ti..',,"l.' '1,1. HAKDCOtlR "•"'.ti'uui
■nil In^. ,,,l,.t -.,;   • f- r .■ „t : . I..I.I.U.
I'.i.'iu l.k.n iiruaah Una. .1 lu ihUt,
pf.bil,  ll... ■   1   ,:l . [,-,.", I,, I',a
Scientific Hmerican.
■t     tl**vl*.vt»T    li. IS*r*l.-l    »*r*.-T EMM    *1f.
tu*»*Aof**-*.. ..i, r hi, WMUiffak,i> C. THB ORANBUOOK. HERALD
Bv tbe Herald   Publishing Company,
tr". J. Deane, Managing Editor,
CK-.NBK00K. B. C. Ntnemhcr -H'. I'MI
Special prominence is given in Ihis
issue t«> it rcporl nl the Conservative
convention .ii New Westminster, tor
reasons thai should be sufficiently obvious. At the present time the Conservatives are in power al OMawn
uml at Victoria. In Ihdr hands
rests, io u verj large extent, tlie Immediate lulurc ol iliis province, i pi n
tin- wisdom they dlspla) In'deallng
wiib the various Incidents of administration depends in great measure
H„- progress ami prosperll) i.i Hns
province,      Hence it Is tif    the nrell view of tin* agitation now In progress
jtllpni tance       llial     i-lertiils   ij-lit'l.ilh    in   tills Cltj   for   the Securing      nf        il
should bo kepi conversant  with    the [ suitable open    span* wit iun   the ell)
Mt. ll. Dunnell, Inspector ol manual
tunning schools, fm the purpose of
discussing willi hlm Uu- possibility of
securing    lite establishment in    Hns
Tin- mayoi ami aldermen Imve been
invited in attend ibis mcciiing, ami
il is ilie wish uf tin- truslres tin
;is many as posslblo of Lho parents
nf school children should attend alst
There can he no qticst it it hut that
ibe establishment of such an institution in lliis city would he a movi
in the righl itii'i-ction and it is
iju'icfnir, desirable dial all parents
si, minded, make a point of attend
lug Ibis meeting, in order that tin
Inspector may appreciate tho (acl
that Cranbrook citizens recognize Hi
Importance of provision being madi
tm 'Ms form of Instruction for !h
youth of lhe city,
The following letter written In llie
medical health officer of the city of
Vicloria, on ilu* subject nf recreation
grounds,   is   of    li.tercsl   locally   in
policies ami Un- administrative methods advi cated bj thu Const rvntiives,
Onr reports are compiled Irom Conservative sources, so thai lliey lo.t.
he accepted as entlrolj fnir lo Ihat
party, which is as u shouiil In*.
There ait* lessons for the Liberals in
take t<> hear) from ihis report. Organization is essential io iin- success
of any political part*, and llie Cot.
servalives in tins province display n
strong grip ol tins fact. Despite lhe
fail thai they have held ofllce iu
tins province foi several years, thej
have never b-1 up, their motli ap
parent ly is: "Organize! Oeganize! ami
still Ormnize." That close adher-
Mice to this principle has proved pin
(liable in their rase is quite obvious.
Perhaps our Liberal friends mav sn
the point ami get busy.
mils    for a playground   for       H
I feel iii.it I would he negligent of
my duly as medical health oflicer of
Ibc eily were I to allow tho by-laws
for park purposes lo go before tin
people without a won! of advice.
In a report to the council in May
1910, I suggested that it would be
wise for llie city lo secure sites at
various parts of tlie city which could
lie utilized (or park purposes. It Is ;t
groat pity Unit il hud not been done
for since then property has advanced
nt per tent in value. 1 am nf tlio
■pinion thai tbe corporation should
now make ample provision for open
an spaces throughout tho city. Property is li und in, advance and any
land .secured now will in- a good as-
s;*l.      As for    the necessity    of those
>;icii ail spaces   in eilies, then*    can
Tie-    Herald desires lo call special   ■"' ",l quwllon.      All   modern cities
attention    m an announcement     np- j n1 1,,r l'""**"' ,la> il,r l'" vi,linB *uHl
peering elsewhere in tins Issue to lho  ■'■li"vs-
effect (hat   the board of   scl  trus I    '"'■ l,,,Wiinl    A   KWIv in ?,,s m'iU'
lees     will, mi    Fnd.u  evening, meel   (-'1 "<"'' sn>*8' ,,K»«*'» In «» (,*'n.
*,llr,  after      nutrition,   is   the greatest
brgienic need of puberty."   Dr. Holt
*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   (|] 1)|S    work   ([| .M)Iscases oI vim.
nn" also very strongly emphasizes
lire necessity of fresh air for child
nti. It time ami space would permit I could quote scores of authorities mi the subject, Int I think it is
*f   Incoming so generally  known that   it
Chapman's Agency
Repair Department
All Kinds ol tiirniluri I.Vp.iircl
I'pholaltrin,, M.IIKM Unking.
Now ia tbc lime lo have your work
] 't do... bclore Ihe rush be|in>.
i   unnecessary/.
lAcnise in llu' open air is lient'tiiial
, iii"iiinlly.   pbysloally, morally, econo-
! micail), us   well  uh    Irom 11 lirnltli
t ! standpoint.     II is a well known Iiu!
I ! Hi.ii light ami Btntslilne are llir   best
*^  germicidal   agents    we have.    Very
♦ rarely is a contagious disease     c
Chflnnifln'*; Airenrx' •  traded    in   the open air.     l might
vua|jiiiuii >rtgenc> ♦; mM to imiVc. lhl. ,.i(.ls |    hav
N.rb.ry A.e.uc. Near Hn: .adll.rlwn J ' Mini above, in (act one might vail
* ! volumes on      Hn-    sulijirt,    Imt'    1
**********  lliliil! il will nut In' necessary lu    di
is the time to
buy your
We  have  just received a consignment of the  latest styles in
Ladies' Collars, Jabots
Ties, Etc.
These are all laid out on our
counters for your inspection. Call
and make your selection before
the choicest  patterns  are  sold.
mon* than draw the attention ol the
citizens tu the matter, when they
will see I heir   duty to their children.
I iln not hesitate to .say in conclusion tlmt if the citizens uf Victoria
do imt provide places such as referred
lo ihey will pay for it in the lives
niul health ut thoso who are coming
after them.
Geo. A. B, Hall,
City Medical Health Officer.
Victoria, B.C., November 15, 1811.
Sundays—Low mass at 8.30 a.in.;
Iligh mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Benediction*- at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at 6 a.m. at the
Father IMumondon,
Parish Prleak
Rev. W. Bison Dunham, pastor.
Sunday services: Rev. Dimuiick, of
[■'en lie, will preach al 11 a.m. ntui
7.3il p.m.
Sunday school and Bible class at
3 p.m.
AI the evening service the choir
will render special music.
Ml are cordially invited to the
above services.
Dccf 3rd, 1811,
Morning service at  11 o'clock.
Sunday school and Bible class at   3
Kveiling service at 7.30 o'clock.
I tegular  managers  mooting  Monday
December lib al 8 p.m*.
Voting People's Guild on Tuesday at|
8 p.m.
choir practice on Fridav at 8 p.m.i
1,H h
r s
ay was continued throughout the
week, but unforInnately spaa*
not permit of publication of the
es in this issue. In lasl Thnrs-
*. game, Block 88 vs. Tigers, the
•I won. In Friday's game, Bak-
Sniith vs. Ramblers, the for-
won. In Monday's game, Cl*.
Shops    vs.     Sharks, the former
Halsall & Co.
Ladies', Misses' and Children's
Armstrong Avenue
A in cling will be held next
Wednesday evening, Dec. 6th.
at 8 o'clock, in the Cranbrook
Hand room, over Cully's cigar
store, for the purpose of form
ing a district Trades and Labor
Council. Trades unionists and
ill interested in labor matters
should attend.
 Ti   ■■'        il.
Among the attractions at the
Auditorium, December 6th, will
l>c Fancy Dancing by Miss
Kumsey's junior pupils, and a
repetition of the Minuet which
was so successfully performed
last summer by eight ladies, a
*-*ong Cycle by Mr. and Mrs.
Stevenson, a Solo Dance by Miss
■*'iimsey. and a one-act farce
with a strong cast,
Unloading today: Two curs ol No.
1 lii*d oats anil chicken wheal.—
Canipholl anil Manning.
I wiinl. to purchase   timlier        foe
iiiiilivniiii.    Apply I*. o. Drawer li.,
ly. 'i«-:n*
Hi-fun' making a selection*, sit our
Hloek of Xmas stockings, crackers,
candies, etc.*-l,lltlc and Atchison.
FOR SALE.—Household lumlture
lor linlil housekeeping. Phono 1(2,
city. -18-lt*
Toilet     si-Is    Irom ,$2.5o lo Jlllin
per M'l, over   twenty patterns      lo
rliiMisu Irom.-—Campbell ami Manning
WANTED.—A young girl about fit
iiiu in look sift.'i children ;ii,,i h,,,
with housework, Apply tn Mrs
I'. A. MoKowan. 1*1-31*
POR RENT.—Very larrjj wave-
house, suitable fur fiiriillurr, alanos,
feed, etc., $10 per month. Apply
Herald office. 4S-t!"
Visitors to frunlirook iuvarlalily
nsk if <>ur china Is not too high class
for a small city. This Illustrates
Hint those who are nol in touch with
lho trade iln not realize tho cultured
iiisles of ilie oltlf.ons -ami ol course
do not expect to see a collection so
exquisite outside tlw larger cities.
IVe Invite everyone, who could not al-
ti'iiil nur opening to come, in and pec
llie beautiful pieces   wo are showing.
■Tli.! Kink Mercantile Co., Ltd.
FOR liKNT.-Viry, large warehouse suilnlile for lumlture, pianos,
Iced, etc; tin per month. Applv
Herald office. 4741*
Pull and Complete Stock
Hockey Sticks, Pucksand
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware, Stoves, House
Furnishing Goods
CRANBROOK,        ■        B. C
The old lady seemed to nave somo-
thing on hoi- mind, and she let go when
her dnughter'ti young man called.
"Mr. Simpson/' she began impressively, "a friend of mine Informs me that
you are employed by a firm ot pork
-Yes- -that is so," faltered the young
"And," went on the old lady, trembling with indignation, "you led Mary
an' uie to believe you were a cos-
"Well," replied the detected swan-
leer, "bo I am, In a kind of way. You
lee, 1 put the tights on tbe sausages."
Miss Woodby:— "So Mr. Smart really
said be considered me very witty, eh?"
Miss Knox:—"Not exactly; he said
he had to laugh every time he met
"You need not hesitate about smoking that cigar. It Is my favorite
"Smoke them yourself?"
"All the time."
Tbo man looked at It suspiciously,
lighted the torch, and took a few puffs.
"How do you like It?"
"Well," he replied guardedly, "I was
just wondering."
"Wondering what?"
"If you have to get a permit from
tbe health officer to smoke them."
Softly he Inserted his latchkey,
softly he let himself In. And softly be
stepped np the staircase. And softly
he entered bis bed-room.
Ye llttlf fishes be praised I She was
With a silent prayer of thanks ha
began to disrobe. But suddenly ha
was arrested by a movement from tha
bed, and ha dived under It
"Edward!" said the voice ot  bit
wife. »
Edward did not respond. -'
"Edward!" repeated his spouse,
Still Edward did not respond,
"You'd better come out, Edward,"
she observed ominously for the third
time, "for I know perfectly well you're
"Bless my soul," exclaimed Edward*
creeping ont shamefacedly. ''How extraordinary! 1 must have been dream*
ing that I was out motoring!
"Gentleman," said the candidate, "I
am hero—***
"So am It" shouted a voice.
"Ah!" said tbe candidate, suavely,
'but you are not all there!"
anyone nen-lluK
(juMily nv.TN.iii
-Trade MAnas
copvriqhts ac.
■li nnd dr-Ncr'titinn mtij*
r ojOtiloil trt-o wi,ptln.f nu
Ue-Mi nnd doner'tit Inn truri)*
-- - - !■«'!'' 11 frt-o *i,t>ihc*r nu
mvi'tiiimi in iir.'li.ii.ly rriii-tii   tijaj.'cminiii»il«,.
■'Vl .II^OeOORcuPaicLtt
■etit free, i Mil.-.-t ni:i.-*<
I'uleiitt* tiikrn uin-iii-l      _ .
special rotter, wit lima, sblKO, la tha
Scientific American.
A li»tiil«.>ri-,-!v ltllHtnt'il WFchlY. Uri******. rlr
■ lfklMi.ll nl ;mj p>-h 11I1II1* jilillitl. Icriii tor
I'atu.t-., fii.tr. 1. yi-.tr, ihjhihk'- i>ii'it«lil.   hold bv
iH'd m-w»<l.'..li i».
DIUNN & Co.3='-3«*-«,. Hew York
Owiub 1 iiti.-.t. m V Rt, Wn.hiitfjton, DO.
PHOPtrlTY    lj
> i . 1  .
il I! i' Ir '.„
.[ II .1 11 ia!
if 1 .1 r ir 1
OAUlAtY    ■
r TT 11 'i 1
1 a 11  1   'i
ii ; J j •: I
:: t'M.ii,] \
arisitw 1
f \ ■    ■■ Li
1 ■■■ ■ a
Inside Lots, $200.00.     Corners $225.00
Raworth Block - - Cranbrook, B. C.
Your Xmas Gifts
Now is the best time to innlti! your selection of Xmns
Gifts while our stock is complete.
Never liefore Imve we shown such a complete
STATIONERY. Miike yonr selections now mnl
Imve them lniil aside for yon.
Don't Overlook the Fact
Tlmt we always have a Krailuatc ami i|iiulitii'il Chemist
to dispense your Prescriptions at our store. Dispensing is our specialty and we know it thoroughly,
Ask for your Prescription and liriiii* it to us.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co., Ltd.
P.S.—We arc always at vour service.
not i nly to secure financial returns
on Uu' enormous capital lavcstcd,
Imt in nii.lv,. possible lhe passago ul
lhe world's fleets without coafusion
ur delay. The commission Is already preparing much Information on
tln'si" points for the guidance ol
congress  in   legislating ni'xi       si-s-
The ('oiiiinissii.il   is insistent lli.it
Uu- revenue  of  the canal shall go
lo pay not only Die opcratlag expenses,    Imt   to repay lho
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol «ai«ea na,, tm*. i» the b«iy
"  "H ' lo Ita proper tendon i reatore,
. im ami vitality. Premature decay ami all eeatinl
weakneaa averted at wc. naMpfcaaa** will
nalie vnu a new man. Price M. boa.or two (or
■V Maile.1 In any addre,,. ftMSewWUDnu
i in.. St. CftttuarlDM. Oo*.
For sale at llcatlic-Murpliy Co., Ltd
Raphael Tuck is a name very much
in tbe public mind at this season ol
the year. Every Christmas-tide this
well known Old Country and Montreal lir in of Raphael Tuck and Sous,
Limited, issue a. de.ightfully varied
assortment of seasonable greeting
cards, toy books and novelties, and
all In the very best workmanship, lu
Ihis city tltose goods arc handled by
the lleattic-Murphy company, and
they already have on hand a stoek
that will bring delight to the hearts
ul a large proportion ot llu- youngsters ol this city and district.
The Herald has received direct Irom
Iln' publishers a large parcel of this
linn's holiday publications and il is
ly hinting at the truth to remark
Ihat tliey certainly fieri all previous
■Hints in Ihis line.. To particularize Is somewhat difficult when every-
tliinii is so good, but special attention may lie directed to the Dickens
calendars, in view ol lit.- commemoration ot the Dievcns centenary in 1912.
Another delightful production is the
Children's Shakespeare, by E. Nes-
bitt, with a foreword by f>r. F. .1.
It is in tlie production ol picture
and toy books for little children that
Raphael Tuck and Sons elect, 01
these practically an endless variety
arc to lie had at relatively small
cost, any one of which may with
safety be placed iu any child's hands.
The work throughout is ol the very
best. Raphael Tuck and Son make
a speciality of autograph Christmas
stationery and private greeting
cards. Their productions along
these lines this season arc more
popular than ever, including upwards
of a thousand entirely new designs,
inexpensive and wonderfully varied,
appealing to every cultivated and
popular taste.
Completion of Panama
pi t .il
Invested. Every legitimate means
fot raising revenue should lit* adopted, says Uie report, whieli recommends iti.it tla- governmenl shall
not only supply coal and oil t-*i it*
own vessels, hut shall sell the commodities i«> merchant shipping. Tlu*
existing commissary, manufacturing
plant and laundry, it is urged,
should bt* continued for the beneftt nf
goverutncnl f< rcea and government
ownership t>t public utilities is proposed in a recommendation thai
tin* commlasiary furnish all these
things to shipping passing through
the canal for n contWeration. It is
suggested that the govcrnmeni should
sell tools and appliances needed by
ships autl Bbould actually undertake
to dock and repair ships in the
neighborhood ol tht* can.il. For that
purpose ihc construction ol a dry
dock ami machine shop is recom-
The commission has ghen much
thought to the disposition ol land i»
ihc canal zone, Important because i.f
its bearing upon tbe future administration ol the *one and the opera-
■tion ot the canal. of the 130
square miles of land in the /one
the governmenl owns 80S, ol whicli
DO miles are occupied by the canal.
A large part of the government
lam! will he required for military,
naval and other official purposes.
It is deemed essential that
Spanish law shall (milium* to
vail to prevent friction with
neighboring Panamanians in
cities  of Panama ami Colon.
The Commission wishes to j;.'t
of the great body ol foreign laborers wbo win* Imported to dig ihc
can't as soon OS the work is com
| pletetl. They now populate the established townsitcs, ami tin* commission  declares  that they should     be
Foreshadowing the early completion and opening of the Panama
canal, the Isthmian Canal commission, in its animal report just made
public recommends congressional legislation governing canal tolls, organization for the operation oi the canal
and for government of the canal
zone, utilization of canal revenue to
pay operating expenses and to repay
the capital invested and other action. Expedition is urged in order
to advise tlie commercial world of
the  use  it may make of  the   great.
waterway, ot    the cost   ot sending! repatriated niter work can no longer
ships through it and just when it will | bo  given them.
be opened.
TIjc commission wishes to give at
least eighteen months' imt ice of the
rates to permit the world's maritime, interests time to readjust their
routes, to build r.ew ships and organize new transportation companies.
It is also deemed desirable to put
(lie canal to UN as early as possible,
As to tne form ot government toi
the /one, tlm commission directs
special attention  lo the mllllar] ne
eessities,     the eanal li-ing deemed   a
mill tar j asset, in conclusion) the
commission holds it essential tlml
an entity be established and sn
organised that nny mill tar) ion
litigeiicy can bo promptly met, THE   CBANBROOK   HERALD
Provincial Tories
In Convention
(Continued from page one).
At the Iirsl meeting, a resolution
was adopted regarding resolutions, in
whicli it was decided that Ihe associations be asked to stud in their resolutions lo you? committee, prior to
tlie annual meeting sn Unit they
could be submitted to nil Hie other
associations for their consWeration.
This, as yon know, bas been done.
At that meeting, also, » committee
was appointed to draft nmondmeuts
lo the Provincial Elections Act, foi
submission to the attorney-general.
Shortly after lhe flrsl meeting, a
vacancy was created iu your executive through tbe death of Mr. Osborne
PlimkeM, the sen mi vlco-prcsldcnl,
one of dm slamiehest friends am) enthusiastic party workers, lo whom
we wish lo pay a tribute of respect
nnd admiration liolli as n man ami a
politician, for ln> was a good Friend*
nml his political enemies were nl-
ways sure that in him thev had a
square-dealing opponent.
The SCCOml    meet ing  was held        in
Vancouver, December (J. where the
vacancy in the executive was tilled by
tilt-appoint menl of Mayor Lee, of
New Westminster, to the position.
The third meeting was held in \ ie
toiia, January 2-i, 19.11, and prior to
the meeting, tbe executive met with
the executive council or the provincial
government, ami presented to them
the resolutions passed at (he Seisin
convention, together wilh the amendments to the Elections Act, prepared
hy the committee appointed for that
purpose. These resolutions were
favorably received. After this meeting
with the government, a regular meeting of yonr executive was held, when
it was resolved to place in lb
Mr. Wa-dman ami Mr. CunlifTc.
At this meeting the secretary
instructed to send samples of registration cards, and explanatory circulars to the local associations throughout the province. This was done,
ami a large number of the associations have adopted the card system
of canvass. We still think this the
most satisfactory method of keeping
track of voters, mid arc advocating
its use  wherever organizations exist
On April 7, a inectiinr was held in
New Westminster, at which reports
were read from Messrs. Wadman and
Cunliffe. The issue (d a ban.I lool.
rn organization, whicli had been prepared hy your committee, was authorized; these hand-books have since
been issued, and have been greatly
appreciated by the workers throughout, the province.
At this meeting, Mr. W. w. Foster
asked for his release from the office
of president ol tlie association, owing
to bis appointment as deputy minlstei
of works. Ynur committee acceded
to Mr. Foster's request, at the same
time expressing to bim their deep
regret at losing him; and they wish
in this report to voice their hearty
appreciation of the excellent work
tint In* accomplished during bis term
of office, such     I.iel,     sound comtm n
sense and keen insight ol men and al
fairs, as is his, |g seldom combined
in one person, ami ihe Britlth Columbia government made an excel len 1
choice in selecting bun foi lho posi
Iii ii he now holds,
At the meeting held in June 19,
your commit i,i' decided upon llieii ac
ti.m with    rr, in il ii. Nanaimo    am!
Cornox-Atlin.      Which we hat
explained iu the earlier pan
report.      That then decision     was
wise, is borne oui by Ihc results    at
Dming this year, new associations
have been formed nl l.own Skecnn,
Powell river, Cumberland, Clnyoqtiot
Wellington and Ocean Falls m |hc
Cotnox-Atlfn lidtmf at Fn Id, litis
coe, Galena, McMurdo nnd Beard's
Creek, in Columbia Riding; at Wil
low Point In slocan; nl Needles and
Arrow park, In Vmlr; at Frasci lake
lu Cariboo; at   Noi id Hen,|,    i nwfi
Nicola and Nprn.v's    llml|,  tn   Vale
at ('base in Kamloops; al Kercnum in
Similkumeen, at Okanogan Falls
townsite ami at Nanaimo
Central associations bate also been
formed In Albernl, Revelstoke, Co
hunt.ll an! Vmii rid In-1*:. Despite
this active work, am! tin* good     re
lUftfl accomplisli.il,   it   has been       as
difficult as ever to [)•! adequate fundi
tor the prosecution of the work, and
many ridings me si ill delinquent ll
Is desirable that an association ol
the strength and Importance of this
one should have au office of its own
and. to secure this, ami the necessar)
help for organisation work, wo require considerable financial support,
and fot this reason, we wish lo urge
upon lhe delinquent associations the
crying Med that we have of their financial support.
This continued organization is rendered even more necessary by our
recent successes; for, the reverses
that our opponents have suffered will
simply have the effect of causing
them to look to their arms nnd redouble their efforts to bring nbrtit
our defeat when an election next
occurs, and it behooves us to see that
no opportunity is afforded them of
again gelling even.
As the most effective means of
keeping    our associations throughout
all times prepared to meet oui
pnnenis in an electoral struggle, we
wish to suggest to the Incoming executive ib.> appointment of a permanent travelling secretary, whose business it would he to visit the diHereiit
local associations, and cheek up the
work of the officers,
Wc have [omul that this method
produces the results, as the members
of the local associations arc in tbat
wav urged to greater efforts, and Impressed wiib ihc Importance of their
offices, Dili experience of the pasl
tear bus shown us lhe need of such
a pi'iimim-iit officer, who can always
be in i b with ilu* different associations, regardless ol any change in
the personnel or the executive. 'We
would commend this to your earnest
as leader   of the   Cotiservarivi) party
in itn* Dominion.
Mi. Green said ihat tho resolution
was om* that carried itself. The
cheers that followed showed this aud
tin* final passage was a rafter
.■.linking shout
The next resolution caused jusl as
much enthusiasm. It was moved by
Mr. !■'. E, Starkey and seconded by
A. !■;. Wans, of IVattsburg.
Resolved thai this convention again
ii record
■ foniidi'ii
isb ('(.lim
llu' iin'ii
continued nnd unit) the government
a so ably presided
. ibe Hon. it. Mc
Mi.   Me
ulbberl m
Mi. li.
i veil     and
F, Green,
■ wii
eas the
lhe p.'es
business of tlie prov
Columbia   has out-
Tin- treasurer's i
as follows:
Disbursements ... .
Hal. from Nov., 'l
|IH1    cash   r.reivt
(All sources)
Overdraft at bank
ll  for lllll  was
Total   SluliK.ll)   $4S68.10
II. -I. A. Burnett, N. VV. Auditor.
Slgded by 'I. I.. Edmonds, treasurer) who during the course of the convention received donations wiping out
the overdraft.
Friday afternoon session of the convention was almost exclusively devoted to the selection of officers, keen
rivalry being displayed in Ihc contest for ihe chair of third vice-president—the constitution having earlier
iu the day been amended, on the motion of Messrs. James Critcblcy of
The Islands and S. T. Croot, of Vancouver, to provide for three instead
of two vice-presidents as previously.
The promotion of Mr. V7, M. Mc
Kay to ilu- presidency was by uiiani
inous voice of the convention, upon
the initiative of Mayor Lee of New
Westminster, seconded by Mr. Leonard Tall, president of tbe Victoria
Upon the im tion of Mayor J, T,
Robinson, of Kamloops, seconded by
Ur. S. Churchill, Mayor I.ee of the
Royal City was with like unanimity
elected first vice-president, and Mr.
w. T. Shalford, of Pcntloton, on the
moiion of Messrs. H. F. Green and
ll. I.. Edmonds, second vice-president, each of the new officers acknowledging the honor bestowed upon him
in well chosen terms of thanks.
Fm the newly created third vice-
presidency, a sir,.munis contest de-
celoped, Mayor .1. T..Robinson, o;
Kamloops, lid, ll. M. Fullerton, ol
Victoria, Mayor \. K. Plant*, ol
Nanaimo, Mr. Leonard Tait, also ol
Victoria, and Captain Arms-iron**;, of
Golden, all lieing placed in nomination.
The real contest quickly presented
itself as between Mator Robinson and
in populai president ol the Victoria
association, ihrec ballots being necessitated before lhe final choice ol
the convention could Ik- announced as
Mi r.tu On Uh* hist ol these
ballots Mayoi Robinson led wit-h a
total ni US, Mr. Tait polling 126,
Mayoi    Plant a 01, and Captain Arm-
! I        The  iiilcs of  the 08801 ia
lion providing loi a major it j vote
.is necesini \. the nam.' of Captain
Irmitrong was drt pped and a sec
nnd ballol spread which gave Mayoi
Robinson 181, q gain of nineteen, Mi
Tall added -I votes to his previous
total, or 117, and 39 votes being re
corded toi Mayoi Plants, On the
ihiid and final ballot it was evident
Ihat the Plants contingent bad
swung to Hi.* othei Island candidate
remaining In the running, as a ro
suit of which Mi Tail was declared
third vice-president, wHh 172 votes,
lib   vi i j   formidable opponent having
s it li.'
The election was immediately made
unanimous upon Mt Robinson's cordial motion, each of the erstwhile
i ivals being loudlj cheered,
Kor the secretaryship also a con
test developed between Mi. J It.
Williamson, uin. has efficiently dis
charged the" onerous duties ol
Hn posl during some three years
past, ami Mi F (i T Lucas, a son
*'i ihc presenl representative of Vale
iu the local legislature, nnd - llta
Mi Williamson—a resident of Vancouver. Victory in the keenly con-
I cs t til elect ion neccssl t at etl rest etl
wiib Mi. Williamson, who polled a
total of 211 to bis opponent's otic
hundred and twenty.
Tb.* iv-ebcltoii of Mr. II. L. Edmonds, of New Westminster, as the
association treasurer was by unanimous vote.
confine the privileges fn connection
with the fishing Industry, [n so far
as the Issuance ol licenses aro concerned to men if the white race exclusively.
The convention advised thai the
import duty on American fruil should
be brought up to lhe level of the
duty charged on fruit entering the
United States, and further thai
present rate of duty on consigned
goods Ik* strictly enforced.
It was decided to ask the Dominion
government to incorporate in th
permanent policy of the departmen
of the interior the principle of givm
British Columbia its proportional
share of advertising m the countrle
from which immigration is drawn.
A royal commission was asked fa
to inquire into tht high cost ■
living throughout the Dominion.
grown   Die presenl harbor,  facilities, Tho neccsslt) ol building a hospital
•i'"1 tor the treatment    of advanced cases
U'heieus the opening ol the Panama of tuberculosis was broughl to     the
canal will i*cvoltitloni/.c the shipping attention   ,.f the    provincial govorn-
iiidusin ..I tlio Pacific coast, making ment, ami it   was advised that when
Ilu Imt fncillties   lhal     are now adt- such cases came from outside ol   lhe
quote toi   the business ol the various province, steps should lie taken to see
ports     im ally      Inadequate     after that    the    municipality ..r   province
|!,ir,: from    which they came should       |je
ll is therefore hereby resolved that made responsible    for their maiiiteu-
ihe    Dominion govcrnmeni    bo    re- anec.
specif Ull)    asked     to carry out  such      A  resolution    was passed i giatu-
ports on this coast lating the Rt. Hon. Joseph      Chamberlain     upon   the fact that  some of
was chosen as the meet-
■the nexl convention of
Columbia Conservative
Mr. R. R. Mailliintl, chairman of
the resolution commit tec, pointed
out tbat the committee had been
forced to cut out all thai was particularly local He then called on
Mr. II. P, Oreen to move the nrst
Resolved that tins convention extends its heartiest congratulations to
the Hon. R. L. linden, K.C, Ml'.,
upon Ids accession to the premiership of Canada, und places on record
the province in fighting ahape, ami at  iis continued   coulidcncc in bis policy
work   ai  all tin
as shall ensure the Dominion of Canada being full) enabled to participate his most <
iu the enormous benefits that must about to be
accrue to every part of the continent! Revelstoke
of North America thai has placed It- Ing place of
self iu a position lo lake advantage the Hritish
of the opening ot said canal." association.
The next motion was moved by
Messrs. <i. H. Monica and A. T. Esse ry:
'"Whereas the annual  increase
the    population of Hritish Columbia
from immigration is obtaining    very
large proportions;
•'And whereas there is every reason
to conclude that this annual immigration will m.i only in- maintained
but also greatly increased;
"He it   therefore resolved thut
the opinion of this convention
ime has arrived when the provincial Us next session to embark upon a
government should consider the    ad- progressive       railroad     programme,
visability    of   constituting a depart- which   would eclipse anything  ler-
ment of     Immigration, presided over, taken in the past and which     would
by a responsible minister." place British Columbia. Canada    and
Mr. II. T. Thrift moved that the empire in a position to sccun
whereas the It gged-ofl and wild lands great commercial benefits from the
of the province are not developed completion of the Panama Canal,
and made productive as rapidly as were made by Premier McBride at
lhe requirements of the country   de-  the banquet   given the    del. gales lo
The   to
was given by M
former minlstei of 1
and a reccnl president
lieinti acceptably
Black ol
many lines. I
The     speechmukil-g    .,f ||„. evening
was ..r    uniformly   high   order, the
toast list h.-ing rationally  limited   lo I
lhe hniltbs of   his majesty   the king,)
accorded   the customary loyal      and
musical honors; "The Dominion Government,"  "*The   B, c   Conservative
Club of       Vancouver"      nnd     ".The;
Press."      Tb.- toast    of tbc federal]
F. Oreen,
ami work*
ihe   nssoc
knowlcdgcd by Pr
Conservative club of Vancouvci,      in
the absence of Dr.   Alfred Thompson,
M.I'. nf the Yukon, who hud expected
io be present.     Thai of tire association     was given b)    Mi     II. L. Ed-
monds,    and appropriately responded
ilonl    MacKay; while elo-
e io the multiplied      ex-
■f tie- weaker sex, in giv-
lies- toast, such few    deserved    compliments   as wen*    ovei
looked being   remembered and admil
ably   expressed by Mr. \. E.   Watti
of WatUburg, in response. Ili.i'i con
pllment to the slandanl ol journal Im
main In I ned in itut ish Columbia   wn
paid by    Mayor [Mania, of Nnimlnv
in asking the assembled company   I
drink to the Fourth Estate, fitting n
spouse being made iu behalf oi     hi
confreres in Mr. K. E. Closnell.
h\  Pre
i.g the
Announcement that  the Duke       f
Connaughl  bad personally stated     |
bim   in an interview al Ottawa that
his royal highness    purposed visiting
in   Hritish Columbia next year, and ihal
the the provincial legislature Intended  ai
He it resolved thai the government
be urged to take such action [or the
purpose dI rap,.lly ami expeditiously
eradicating the stumps and worthless
limber from the land, without so
much expense as is now entailed in
the process ol clearing lands.
Mr. Harry Potts seconded and asked thorn tt listen to an ordinary
logger in support of it. Much of the
forest lands once cleared was first
class agricultural laud. The cosl of
clearing to agriculturists was at presenl   prohibitive. They   were  sadly
lacking in population and it was
practically impossible tor the ordinary settler to clear bis land now,
i wing to the cost The resolution
was carried unanimously,
Mr. Leonard Taft moved tliat:
"Whereas, roads and highways are
greal factors tu the development and
protection -l our forests and mines,
ami means ol improving transportation all through Ihe country;
the fifth annual Conservative Convention by New Westminster Conservatives, at which Mayor Lee occupied
the chair.
The premier replied to the toast of
"Tlie Provincial Government," proposed by Mayor .1. T. Robinson. o(
"I was privileged to meet H. R. II.
the Duke of Connaughl in Ottawa
during my recent visit to tbe capital," staled the premier. "In lhe
course of our conference he gave me
this message*
" 'Mr. McBride. I purpose coming
to British Columbia next year- Vou
may depend upon it I shall find nn
way to the coast in the year 1012." '
"I think it is a very fortunate
ihing (or Canada when such a personage as the King's uncle is sent
to us, and when I consider in conjunction witb this that Mr. Itnuai
Law, a Canadian born, is lo be the
premier ol (treat Britain, 1 ant led to
believe that  things are happening im-
rhcretore,     be it resolved,    that  serially, and happening very    quick-
iliis convention thinks it highly desirable thai .i Canadian national highway should be buill from the Atlantic to the Pacific, als.. reconnnettds
to the provincial government that
thej should co-operate with the Dominion government increasing their subsidies toi the building ol new colont-
■ ation roods and connecting up the
already existing highways, and expresses tire opinion thai tlie counties
and municipalities of the Dominion
sbonld encourage more efficiency iu
ibc    construction    ol roads    within
c   Horstead, ol Nelson, moved
nf Cn
* Being one of the visitors in London during the crowning of King
Oeorge, and lieing a visitor in au official capacity, as the premier pf this
province I came into touch frequently
with tbc most representative men not
only of the Old Country, but of every
part of the overseas Dominions, ami
it is no exaggeration to state that I
observed that Canada and British Columbia, as one ni the strong factors
in the composition of this Dominion,
were looming large in the eyes of the
Whole empire.
"Tire Panama Canal will mark a
Whereas the mining industry j revolution of geographical conditions.
I.i has assumed such peopor- { British Columbia will Ire brought
tions during the past few years and into close touch with the markets ol
in vies of the prospective tuturc for   the world.
tins Indus tr) artd llie necessity tor| "Ui me tell you that tbo legists-
iis cncourafl'mcnl by every possible ture of British Columbia is hy no
means, therefore bc it resolved that means satisfied with what has been
ihis convention strongly urge upon already well accomplished," said the
the Dominion government the neccs- j premier, referring lo railway con-
sin ot creating a porlfo-lo ol minis*, struetlon In ibis province! "We aie
try of mines, such minister to de- preparing to submit to the legists-
vote bis s.de iime in the conduct ol '«"■>' and to t*»« people ol this prov-
tli.- departmeni of mines. |**n«    saaed railway protects    which
On moving Ihe reso  Mr. Ilnr- **" mtUm "■' '" lhe *Tt1"     p,ans
stead expressed regrel that such a ,hat *"' *■* formed by Canada
portfolio had not hen given to a ,,,r •wur"« ,M'r ««■••• ■»»« n|
British Columbia member, as II was lhp commerce consequcnl upon the
of peculiar and far-reaching import- <™pletion «■* "j Panama ("anal. I
once lo British Columbia. n"fht **? *•* ,tl" wl0Ui lta"  .f,f
Mr. P. .1, (.leaser seconded antl the rat,nwl »«<* " WJ, *****
resolution was enthusiastically and T'trUCted*. *!!! '"' ™- ,n !fcU°.ni
unanimously carried.
A resolution was passed hy the
convention urging the construction of
a line of railway from Vancouver to
the Peace Jliver district; also the
establishing of railway connection between Vancouver Island antl tbe
mainland. I
Tbe    appointment of a commission
was advised to   look into the silver,
lead and   zinc industry hi the
I nee.
A    resolution asking ihat  the I)om
of the country where tliere will he
every justification for their construction, I think when this government
has carried to completion its plans
that llritish Columbia will have been
(■liven a place in llie industrial worlil
tbnt no other province ever measured
up to."
The speaker then referred lo tin*
work the government bail already ae-
complished, and stated that the R0V-
. crnment in embarking on new schemes
of development would enter upon
them in a sane   businesslike manner
I n IKivcmmcni   take steps to   re- am| wjthmi, •„,,,,,.,,-■,■,,,, tho financial
i""* 'Vsi■■■■,' I ilgrntlon was amend- Nlat(18 of Hr-tjsh ,*ll]milidn.
etl to   read "eliminnle Asiatic imml- Announcement was mad.- that     the
gration altogelhei." i Taxation eommiss had prepared lis
It was given  as the opinion of the findings nnd It was Intimated    that
convention Ihnl the lime has now ar- the methods ot taxation would he  ho
rived when steps should he taken    to ret4|uated     as to give  relief   along dealers.
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Colin Campbell. She was a woman
of remarkable beauty and rcmarkabh
lersality. She hati been editor, art
critic, novelist, p.aywrigbt, singer
and painter. She was an expert
swimmer, a famous hcrsowoman, and
the Iirsl woman in England to take
np fencing and advocate its virtues
as au exercise and a means of acquiring grace and carriage She was ,i
daughter of the late Mr- Bdmond
Blood, of Brlckhill, County Clare,
Ireland, and her engagement t< Lord
Colin Campbell, youngest son of the
late DnVe >d Argyll, in 1881, came ns
a surprise lo society. In 1881 si v
iaitieil a judicial separation, ami al
terwards she and her husband tiled
cross-petitions for divorce Lord C du
named ihe then Duke of Marlborough
Dr, Bird, Colonel Butlei (afterwards
Sir William Butler) and Captain
Shaw (after Sir Eyre Mossey Sim'
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petitions were   dismissed, the
finding all the charges unproved.
Johnson and the Craft
There was submitted at lhe nuai
terly communication ni Grand Lodge
if Scotland, held In Edinburgh recently, the report ol the proceedings
at a meeting of tbe grand committee,
at which a letter was read colling
attention to ibe  circunutancei    al
tending the nomination and Ibtttation
id -tack Johnson, tlie colored heavj
welgbl pugilist, i.y the Lodge Porfu
and Kincardine, No  IU
In the resolution ol tin- commit! <-
it was stated that the grand lectT
'.in wu Instructed to request tbe
provincial grand lodge of Forfarshire
t<> Inquire into tbe circumstances of
the nomination and Initiation.
It was ordered thai the result of
the   inuuirv   i-e reported   to   grand
mitnlttee, ai.d meantime the lodge
was Interpellod from conferring ouv
further degreei on Johnson or re
questing any other bulge to do to
pending the Inquiry nntl until ibe Interrelation in- removed by Instructions of mam) committee
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1,20(1 barrels of potatoes. 900 barrels of turnips and other roots; sixty
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Sir Oeorge Newmai., lhe chief medical officer ol Un* lirltirh board
education, has issued a valuable    n
port of the   v,i.il. .,f  in-   department
for the Insi  year.      Ills general conclusions     aii-   tvttltj    ttppti I ni -.     He
found that oui oi the fi.tiuu, i regis
tered si*l I    ehildren ten per     cent
suffered   Irani    serious deteel   of vision, three lo live pn cenl from   de-
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face Sii (loorgi points oui how   Ihis
'formidable category ol disease    and
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ai.d   soil of     lll-hettlth In the adult.
1 road readies ol the lordly h
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Lppreciales the merit of Ihc
product.      Al Si. .lolin thej       are
transferred  either   to   ih,- ti'.g frost
prool warehouse on the docks of   are
,fiplaced iinmcdtalch aboard a waiting
ess I thai   will convey litem to  the
,   fui south.   A line stghl 11 is to    »v
nine nlglil    in   'he fall lhe Uh olec
tic liglited   warehouse piled       willi
...i ami.   ol barrels of native growi
system, I hero    should
of 1200 barrels ol po
ilumsatid barrels should
he marketable     und saleable lor cash
directly fiom    tlie field or at     any
lime between   harvesting ami      tbe
folli wiiii; spring.    Thir nop wil not
■lohn   Incur anv large   outlay   for commer-
low-lj*-' cial fertilizers      The barnyard man-
stream   ure will     m t he applied    to       lhe
rover- potato field   but Uw soil will he    In
Tliesc such condition    thai from 750      in
1,000 lbs. ol commercial fertiliser per
acre will give   as large a yield as is
consistent    with   high   quality.   The
cosl   nf   raising      and      harvesting
s.inulil nni exceed $10 per acre or   a
cosl ot Inc. per barret.    Tbe margin
of profit    will be bet-ween Uittt    and
tbe price received.    The potato grower wlm makes liis potato crop a pari
of some such system is not dependent
Hum       tin-    condition of the potato
marl it.       lie has an opportunity ol
 iug the crop into money by     Increasing bis live stock,    lie can take
..ne .d all  small  or otherwise       Un-
marketable    potatoes and when they
iced in* is in a position to
.  |HT   !
■ Sam
..1 ill'
"1 ll
lasl ll
'il  i'>
apples i
Thus, concludes    Sii Oeorge,
medical Inspect ion and t realtnei
children are absolutely  necessar!
men's in  iln- physhal in*,ilili
fitness id the whole nation.
Headers ol .ill ages nnd a I cln -
will regrcl to learn *>f Ihe death *>t
Mr. VV. eiort Russell, tbe well nn n
novelist, it Im pas . d awaj in his
sleep the oiln-r da) af the n ■ id
sixty-seven Mam   of  In-*  exciting
stories o. tlie sea were written while
their aulhoi wa endui Ing the cru I-
h-st physical torments, For twenty-
two years Mr.     Russell was crippled
wiib gout and rheumatism, Hi ill
neither walk noi write, ami had ••
dictate bis sfi.ti.-s to In*, son.
TaIR to Poallrymcn
Ml ibi'.e .ne tights you m;.*. see
i i'-i  lime and they are m than
risllc of tin* ngrieultu
-. ii,    province   as .
irains of the west, the
presses of the Niagara I
III ■ os carts laden wilb
the Annapolis Vnllcj in Nova Scotia
Comparatively speaking, potatoes are
a greal crop iu New Brunswick antl a
; i iice   ol    wealth to   its  farmers.
I'hcro   are potato    specialists there,
I ;i   ihere arc cxpcrl Iruit-growcrs,
thu cattle raisers, and dairymen in ottaet
i   ol   ..iirls of the Dominion. And yet   tliey
eh*    ua) ihe business is only la its infamy
und   .0.1 fbai much is nwniting lo lie done
in au experimental way   in order     to
,i.« reasc the output nnd to slit lut-lli
• improve the quality.
Carleton   County,    on the western
border, watered by tbe upper reaches
. i     the St. -11111(1 river, and      with
IVoodstoch its us leading town,    has
long been     the banner county in the
province so  fnr as potato growing is
n ei rned.       In 1010   if    had 8,780
acres under  cultivation, with n  pro
lion of 1,137,080 bushels  or lis.:*.
bushels  to ibe acre.        In   L000,  flulu
B.01U aires it derived 1,800,(170 bush-
Is or  2U1.I   bushels to the acre. The
nunc y'..r the province struck -i re
cord of LS7.1 bushels to the acre
■, I. ii.ria County, to the nortii ol
l'nr let on County, ami immediately
, nt;.. in mu \roostock County, afford)
considerable excellent potato raising
I.K-'TI RE TOI R, VIsitim;
Rev. \v i:. Dunham's expert knowledge nl poultry ' I" lag taken ml
vantage ol by tbe provincial departmeni ol agriculture, which ha eitgog
eil bim lor a scries ol lectures in
dlderent parts ot the province, Mr.
Dunham lias ulread) started out. Ile
Is tti lecture tonight nl Kelownn ami
ou the lull..win.* (our nights, will buslr.-ls The acreage Increased
speak at    ill lie rent points     in    thai   steadily up to 1000, but it has fallen
neighborti i.    Il«- will nexl      visit   ofl Botnewhol In Hit last iwo years.
Crawl.oil Hav. Deceiitbt i   ISlh; In- .it -
Creston, December mill   n. h I ten* 11   l
land, lu fact, tbe entire voile;
lhe st. John elver is well suited for
this purpose, though potatoes are
als.i grown   extensively    in the
eastern counties ut Kenl and Westmoreland. Opinion is divided as t.»
ibe besi land, some favoring On*
i I'i'.T St. John valley and others
the portion between St. .lohn am!
Frederic-ton, Inking in the counties ol
Kings, Queens und Sunbury.
Tlie entire acreage under cultivation in llu- province iu 1010 was
17,74*1 and the yield 11,007,270 bushels. In Uinu it was lT,s-.:t acres and
the ybld    was   nearly   nine million
December     80th;
Hist. Queen's Hay.
Kasl...     l    .
lit. ■ ml i-i 32nd
Potato Raising
In New Brunswick
(By W   \   Vndrea    in lire Fanimr1
Mags ti i
Out of the darkness ,,f an autumn
evening, a long, slow moving freight
train  comes    rumbling and creaking   *Hh unit
larger growers ..( point
Im..' usually from fltty to om- hundred acres ol Ihclt farms planted out
. .1 h year, growing lhe potato ns one
i rop   tu a rotation.    The prni ties i
in   folh w q potai p wllh   oats
■i- ile.I to clover, Oku after taking oil
'in     < rop      i.i   tlnVer   to   plQUgh down
ii" aftermath ot second crop. This
practice not only keeps up ibe suppl) ot vegetable matter in the soil,
which a commercial lertilitei does
nol supply, bui lhe clover crop adds
eon 'l Table nitrogen and in a urso
nf time s.. Improves (lie l< rlllit) ol
land thai full crops i on bc grown
small   uppl lent Ions ol let-
The usual e<iulpmcnt to be found on
tlie potato farms of    New Ur tins wick
 sists  oi a    potato planter,       of
which there are several varieties on
tbo market, the best being capable of
lantlng irom live to eight acres per
lay, a potato cultivator; a potato
■*. rayer and   a   potato    digger. This
cfuipmeni will handle up to twenty
acres quite satisfactorily ami il lias
been figured out that the cost lor
twenty acres averages about Sii
cents a battel on the crop raised.
Outside of small iiuanlities of special varieties marketed locally, the
Mw Brunswick en p consists ol
smooth while varieties of the Delaware type. A number (if \miities ol
different origin arc growo bui they
are ho nearly similar Ihat they arc
.ill classed as Delnwares. A favorite
early   variety,    whicli can bo grown
atisractorily, is tins Irish Cobbler,
which was introduced sonic years
ago. 'lliis can Im* dug aud st Id
thin* weeks earlier than lb.* Delaware, thus giving the farmer an
opportunity to market a lot of potatoes before the larger crop is ready
lo dig, in the Shedlac district on
the cast coast, whence potatoes have
.ecu shipped to the British West indies for many years, ,\ red variety is
into   Ua- situation,    report u
outlook   nnd perhaps nol as r
und sales agenl     for   New in
shipments.   This  plan  had   Uf*
vantages from   lhe standpoint
larger shippers,   and some ot     the
men    sent their own ropresculntlvos,
in ihe mean lima the   matter of storage lor potatoes   awaiting shipment
received somo consideration, and    in
response    lo th.* request ot tho Produce    Shippers' association arrangements w;cro  made by the gorernmont
fur lhe
Will", boll,**:
nil  Hie
up of a Ii
whuif at
In he in  11
secured  wh
from  New
ui deal i
I3rnnsw.i< .
lion        i,.
und  well ui
Cuban potato trade wai
oi.ind of u trust
potatoes il
, ,l.is
rid w
s assni;
■f   then
pensive lieen
I, I.ii!  their
suit   oi this
new market
import     of
barrels,  New
lllll  not get
Tin-   Now
In sell in oppos.
mmcnsclj   weal lb)
i om) ine,   uml     in
supplies, inr     not
■lie.in shippers offering
docks, but  the liritisli
ml Clcrmany wen* also
brood.       A  number   ol
wl largo financial risks.
m   even taking out     cx-
ICS,  so as  to  be  aide     In
stocks in Cuba. The n-
heinic effort, to gal 11     a
was that nut id a total
some 000,000 or Tim,turn
Brunswick supplied over
his gave nn opening'    In
weighs somewhere about fifteen stone.
She could pick me an' you up like—like
two Ioiivuh o' bread, Tommy."    -
Mr. Huimm' scratched bis head per-
...   | ploxqdly.
1        I    "I'm surprised al you marrying Into
such a family—meaning no disrespect
lo the misses, o' combo.   You can't
use n gun, can you?"
"A nun?"
"1 was thinking you might pretend
la go stark, raving mad."
"Iloho! She'll have me put In Col-
noy Hatch. Nothlng'd please her better If il wasn'l that the wages would
slop coming in."
st proof! "Look here," said Mr. Dunnor. "tve
Vi»rI sti i gel an Idea. Supposing someone else
does the trick for you—scares hor out
of ber life ho thai she never wants to
Hei foot in your place again?"
"That's about H," replied Mr. Mid-
dledllch; "bul he'll have to be about I tbal ber liusl
foot blgii un' used to managlug |    "I'll trot ui
•il out Mr. Middle-
of clothes, shirts,
ib itied you out."
you lout?" gasped
watch nml chain-
"My ivhnl. ' c
ditch In Btidden :
"Your new  ku
boots- -in fnct, lu
"And what hit
Mr. Middledltch.
"Me? Nothing. V*m Bee, I disturbed
him—and, besides, he wouldn't think
an old linly like mc had anything
worth taking. He was loaded up with
yonr things- -walked out backwards
with 'em In one baud while the other
pointed tho rovolver nt me. I was
never so seared in all my life—an*
Hannah sleeping like a top upstairs,
t        *****       *
Mr. Middledltch mado an early morning call on his friend Mr. Dunnor. Mrs.
Dunnor opined the door to bim am)
surprised bim with the   Information
1 wus ill lu bed.
n' see bim," snld l..*.
"He won't," rotorted Mr. Dunner, I
•'he'll jusi I).* tm ordinary desperate '
burglar with a rovolvor—a caBual ao*'
tplttlntttuca  o'   mine;   'fed  Climes   by |
A smile
lighted up Mr. MlddletlltcirH \
"bo's i
all int
Cuba and now tbc Cuban polnto mar
i.ei is mainly supplied from St.
John. When as lasl year, the Canadian market was short, New
Brunswick drew on Maine lor sutli-
cietil supplies io make up the requirement. It is estimated tbat 150,000
barrels of Maine potatoes went
through St. .lohn hist fall and win
iii consigned lo Cuba.
There are probably from thirty    in
folly shippers   of potatoes in      New
1 runswiek   loc
through Uu*  pi
llitn r Tbe provincial departmeni
ol agriculture advocates strongly
lulling live stuck on lhe farm. When
,t fanner has no live stock am) any
lai .'*■ quantity ol unsaleable potatoes, he bas nol much chance to
avoid 1< ss, but if lie has a stable
ruh of stoek, tin-re is an opportunity
ol selling unmarketable potatoes lo
good advantage by feeding them t.i
Hi* stock.
',n expert,      Writing   on the     best
methods nf growing potatoes in New
every lid Ing all the way up Brunswick, oilers lhe following plat..
JsiiH-k and Prederlcton Ile assumes n farm ol 75 acres ol
branches, in fad right along Uie cleared land, well drained ami cap-
valley of the st, John,    some      ol able  ot    cultivation,      Dividing the
tbflll  will     even  get OCrOBS   lln'lioi-   html into HI in 11' plots,    tie would tit
del    into   Maim- ami   rill Alongside is   acres ol   imtAtoM    am!    roots,
Into ihe yard nl Mc Adam Junction,
importnni iai1w.iv center near tin-
American border in Western V w
Brunswick, As the big box cars
rock along past the station |lat-
form, one n> ttces a conspicuous while
paii.i label on Uw side ol each 11
reads. "Potato Car, Return When
empty to McAdam Junction." This in
the beginning ol the stun if potato
transportation, fnr Uicsc cars ore
empties coming back from Uie wesl
to Is* loaded   with llie produce       of
Another harvest
Tomorrow you   wAl mc Ihem dropped oil
the    W
Tin* theory generally advanced for
Hi* superiority ol the New Brunswick
potato is that tm account of the comparatively cool, moist, climate, the
potatoes keep on growing longer than
usual and arc green and vigorous until the frost comes, whereas in sections where there nre hot, dry Augusts and Septembers, potatoes die
down early in August and bake and
otherwise deteriorate. This weakens
hem for seed anil bints tlieir quality
fm food. New Brunswick potatoes
almost uniformly turn out linn, are
ll nf starch, keep well autl havo a
deasant flavor.
Back in ihe littles and si\tit-s and
n fact down lo the time of the
Mi Kinley tariff, large quantities of
v Brunswick grown potatoes went
Boston for distribution lo New
Knglaml points. Since then, how-
ver, tbe duly has prevented the
hlpmcnl oi any largo quat.lltics to
the American market, except in years
wben tin* price got sufficiently high to
in r ii profitable, There are still
s me potatoes going tit Boston and
ihe southern states.
Aboul 1003-1 (be potato crop in
Ontario was u failure and a tew cars
were tenl into that market from
New Brunswick. The following year
an njrcnl of the C I'll, interviewed
Toronto ami Montreal produce deil-
its ami supplied them wiih Information about growers and shippers iu
the eastern provimv. Tl.is, wilb the
atari matte in the previous year, reunited in over 2nu cars being shipped
west in HUH. Since then business
grew with Ontario, as not only did
consumers lind the edible quality of
the New Brunswick potatoes excellent, but Ontario farmers found tbe
seed potatoes gave splendid results.
The western business developed large-
Ij until Hino when Ontario ami Quc-
bce and iii fact oil potato-growing
iitries had bumper crops nml
ithrr outlet for New Brunswick's
production had to he found.
Several meetings were held li,- tho
Produce Shippers' association! at
which members of the New Brunswick government were present, ll Was
proposed ut ilrst tbnt -the governmenl shotllb he asked to pay tha
expenses of sending a man to Cuba
and   other soul hem markets to look
us point!
ntralize this bus!
along up-to-dntt
rm is already con
al ilit'y of putting
packages of high-
rade potatoes, ami thereby gaining
n exclusive trade. If this is doni
ml eflorl-s arc made to improve tht
•tput of the New Urunswicl
inns by experimental work, then
m   he little doubt  thai   these pottt-
al present to c
ss and develop i
rs. om* large i
lering     tbe uilvl
special branded
w fl become   failio
mi;   PERT1LK
One favorable feature that makes
the St. -lohn Valley an ideal place
for raising potatoes apart entirely
from soil nnd climatic conditions, is
the case and cheapness with which
the potatoes can be shipped to tidewater. Tie St. John river aud its
tributaries water an aria of two
thousand snuaii- miles, within a
distance of five miles of On* river.
Carried iu scows, potatoes can bo delivered in St. John from this dlatrlet
at 5c. per barrel free on board steamers ami to Boston for from 12 to 20
c nts. Shippers can send up-river
a sew loaded with two thousand empty barrels and bring it back in a
few days' lime with a load of I2tui
barrels of potatoes. This cheap and
expeditious way of handling the,drop
gives New Brunswick a decided ad
nun imiw
t?be wns n "terror," to quote Mr.
Mlddledltcb'a own words, Some three
mouths before sV- had come for a
couple of months to boo "hor dear
daughter Haunan." Perhaps she noticed the unwelcome glint iu ber son-
Inlaw's . >e when Bho Books ol i standing the visll for u further day or two.
Anyhow, she wns t-itlll tbere, und. to
ihe unhappy husband, tt seemed na
though slu* was likely to be a perms-
in ut r< .-ml. nt.
During tho first few weeks Alfred
Middledltch, rinding bin pretty broad
hints Ignored, lal blmsell ito iu choice
Barcastk Bbsfts,
"Wbsn's the farntture eon Ing along,
mo?" he asked on one occasion, und
wan mel with ibe prompt rejoinder:
"Not mull    send for It."
Mrs. Barah Tyson itlmt bains tbe
lady's name), ws> a brawny, largs*
limbed woman with "n will of her
own," which win, as a matter of policy, wns aiwaya set In direcl oppost*
tbm to thaj ol !.■ r daughter's husband.
Mrs. 'I'vi in |*od lorao v< ry modern
niiil dccldt d vli wi a . lo relative Imp *r-
lance ol  the sexes, uml theso views
she practised to euch g I effeel thai
Mr. Mlddlcdli h soon found hlmatU
dethroned bi master of ibe houia—s
mere cypher; a wai o-earner.
In tin bi dlstrei ning etrcumstancei
lie confided Ibe Btory of his trials and
humlllatloaB to bis friend Tom Dunner.
Tbnt gentl man responded with n half*
pitying, hnlf-contemptuous smite.
"A iiiuu who) lets n woman sit on
bis cheat ain't tt man!" exclaimed Mr.
"Well, what would yon do'.'" naked
Mr. Middled!ick, stung by tho empua*-
Bis of tlm definition,
"Oo! Mc! Why, my wife's ma
comes round to help with tbe washing
toll you whal," be chuckled,
it my tun permission to ransaok
Inlaw's bolonglngs, and keep
ir's worth carrying."
.i tOOd us done.    I'll Klvo Ted
tho tip, an' we'll arrange time
nu' date later," said Mr. Dunner.
"Ted'll Jump ai a nice soft Job like
(bat. 1 suppose you wouldn't mind
giving Ted half n quid nn a sort o'
deposit—jusl to show It's all fair an'
square like. I'll give It to 'Im when I
mention if i" 'Im tonight There's no
need for you to be dragged Into It.
You don't want to meet Ted. I'll arrange everything tor you for nothing—
as a pal."
"It's very good o' you, Tom," said
Mr, Middledltch, "I can safely say
tbe burglar's no pal o' mine, can't I?"
"That's my idea," chuckled Mr. Dun-
ner. "You're not forgetting about tbe
half-quid, tire you?"
"Ob, o' course!    Here y'are."
4 9 4**49
Mr. Middledltch was Informed that
evening by his friend Mr. Dunner that
nil hml been satisfactorily settled witb
bis friend, the cracksman; and Ted
Climes, bavin*; worked off outstanding
engagements, was ready to burgle Mrs.
Tyson's room on ibe next nlghl or the
small hour? following.
"He asked me," said Mr. Dunner.
"whether the gentleman employing
hlm could spring another five bob
down. I toltl htm I'd see what you
"He'll have all he takes." grumbled
Mr. Middledltch. "The old girl's got
some decent jewellery--gold watch,
necklet, rim*.**., an* such-like."
"Ted Climes wants to do the Job
properly," explained Mr. Dunner. "You
wouldn't like him to go without the
revolver, would you? We don't want
any gore spill: an' If he bashed her
one wiib his Jemmy in the heat o' the
moment it might be awkward."
"We'll have none o' that." retorted
Mr. Middledltch, "l don't want the
bedroom rug spoiled. Why can't he
lake the revolver?"
"Look here, he's pawned it. 1
wouldn't spoil the Job tor the sake ot
five bob tf 1 was you."
Tbe money was produced and handed
over, and Mr. Dunner promised to -cud
it nt ouce to lilts friend the burglar
tor the redemption of Ins trusty weapon.
"Mind you," saitl Mr. Middledltch
finally, "not another halfpenny do 1
pay out. An' when the job's done I
know nothing about it, an' I don't want
ever to ace Ted Climes or hear what
he's got, or anything."
"Trust me an' Ted," whispered Mr.
funnier with a knowing wink.
Mr.  Middledltch   came home from
work on the following evening looking
very serious and thoughtful.
"Sad thing! We never know whosu
turn it's going to be next, do wo, ma?"
he remarked with a heavy sigh, as ho
sat down to his tea.
"What's tlie trouble now?" asked
Mrs. Tyson. "There's nothing the matter with yon. bar slugglshnefla."
"I know there ain't; It's one of our
chaps at tbe works. Got caught In
some machinery this afternoon."
"Carelessness, I a'posel" retorted
Mrs. Tyson.
"Dunno, He's booked; not expected
to live the night. Keeps calling (or
me. Our governor says I'd better go
as soon as I'd bad my lea and alt up
with him."
"Your governor lias no claim ovei
you in yonr own time," emphatically
declared the old lady.
"lie—he wants me to do It aa overtime." ventured Mr. Middledltch.
"That makes all thu difference.
Hanmili, ymi ran bnvc tlmt new bat we
were looking al this afternoon. Alt's
overtime money will Just come, in
Mr. Middledltch went off to Bee tlie
Imaginary patient, puzzling out the
problem of n "time and a-quarter" for
eight hours at Bsvenpenes-halfpenny
an hour.
"Six an' threepence io fork ouH" he
groaned, "This is com In' a bit moro
expensive than I bargnlned for."
To pass away tho time ho called on
bis friend Dunner and stayed with lilm
until midnight, when, receiving ibe
delicate bim that Mr. Dunner "didn't
know 'owever be wns going to wake up
nt six In the morning," be look his
departure and roamed the streets un*
hi daybreak,
He was cold, hungry and miserable
when he lei hluiselt in eventually, but
he smiled hopotUl.y when he Ion mi bis
mother-in-law Bitting up waiting lor
'Pore old Bill," ha muttered, "laaw
the lasl of
"Alfred." broke In Mrs. Tyson, With
an Imperious gesture, "something serious bus liMppened While you weru
"Something's happened?" queried
Mr. Middledltch, gaslng at her with an
assumption ot bewilderment. "Nothing—nothing tho matter with Han-
"No; burglars, Alfred. They would
come the night you were out."
"Watched mo going. 1 dure aay," suggested Mr. Middledltch. "Were there
many of 'em?"
"One is quite enough, ihonk you; especially a great murderous ruffian
wiih a rovolvor,"
"Itello;   v
to yourself
Into the le
lllellil iteow
"I'm ill; ■
for   fun?"
"I don't '
Mr. Midi) I
wnni you lo
Tod Clltm :
ii have you boon doing
h* united when ho got
ii im nnd discovered his
r nnd ruining in bed,
ai do you Ihluk I'm hero
m io disturb you," suhi
Itch Bootblugly, "but l
. ii" n fuvor,  i want Mr.
id :
in in
wanted  to BQt
on hi
I'ulurly.   1 want
ibiitil Until here
-Mm," retorted Mr,
-I do now,
to uslt hlm bi
"You con'
"Why not?"
"Becauee  there aln'l  no such
son," replied his friend slowly,
"Ain't no such - Who broke Inio
my house last night?" demanded Mr.
"I did."
"You?" roared the other. "Oh! You
did, did yon" Then. Mr. Tommy. IM
Just trouble you for my watch ami
chain, my clothes, my uoots. my "
"What arc* you raving about?"
"I'll rave you in a minute If I don't
get 'em quick, Oh, an' my money; I
want fifteen boh off o* you!"
"I reckon I earnt it," groaned tbo
man lu Hie bed.
"P'raps you earned my suit o'
clothes an' my "
"Didn't I t.ll you I know nothing
about 'em? I never took a ha'porth—
didn't get the chance.'
"Then what did ynu do?" asked Mr.
Middledltch, despairingly.
"1 broke in all right," replied Mr.
Dunner. Ironically, "au' I got to the
top o' tbc stairs, an' then—then your
ma-in-lnw came out."
"I pointed lb*.- revolver nt her an'
Bays •bands up'! The next thing 1
remember was something sudden happening, ll musi have been the poker.
Whin I enme to I was at the bottom o"
the stnlrs With my head between my
legs. She was standing over mc—an'
—U9 she was master o' the situation,
there's no denying it. She asked me
If I wanted any more,
bad to—to—confess."
"You did, you—you Judas!" hissed I
the furious visitor.   "But she swears
VOU took ull my ihlngs."
"Then she's a—well, she's no lady!"
retorted Mr. Dunner.
Baby carriage tot sale Ir. good
condition. Apply Box .'I, Herald office. 46-tt*
Unit thirty days alter date I intend
lo npll.y to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner ol Lands for the District
ol East Kootenay lor <\ license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
tho following described lamls, located on tho North Fork ol Michel
Creel', twelve miles north ol Die
Crows Nest Pass Branch ol the Canadian Pacific Hallway:
Commencing nt a post |4ai)tcd   ut
tin*   theast    corner of   Lot illli),
thence Sll chains south, thenco KU
chains cast, tliet.ee Kl) chains north,
Ihencc «D chains west lo place of
beginning, containing aboul till)
a. iiopson, Locator.
.1, I. Thomas, Agent,,
Located Oct. Und, LIU. 44-5V
1 nm |itv|mn*tl to fertl
n limited number of
horses niul Cllttlo for tlio
winter months.
For pnrticulnrs apply
P.O. Ilox IM
I -
' '
i •
' I
• I
I i
i i
i •
' •
I '
• '
. i
i i
i i
i •
. i
• •
i •
i •
I i
i •
ao ill the end 1 j *
Having |>lir,'li:\afil tlmt
will nerve a limited number
Kon-Registeted Cows - $S.C0-<
I'ewi-'i'H-.l 1'i-wn - - $10.00 1
Fees payable at time of ssivlcs
Then* are used in the Army 28.&00
horseshoes every month.
. TAYLOR, Proprietor S
li.C. Hairy, Or.nbrook,        Z
!,!*».—Any person bilnfiicfl-in} X
' aborted cow will be chft.ge.1 * l >... X
10-81    *
************** **************
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Fruit, Agricultural, (irn/inu and Timber Land*.
Insurance, Slocks nnd Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers in Lumber.
Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue and
Baker Street.
************** 4**444 4*******
locorporatrd .win
Capital I'niil l'p $6,200,000 Reserve $6,-000,000
Total Assets, Over $95,000,000
11. S. 1IOI.T, Prwldent K. L. PRASE, General Mana-pr
Account*ot 1 nun.Corporatloriiand Indlvldaali 10Iidled.
out-of lown bnilnoai receive! r**vory attention.
BAVIMUH DRPARTMKNT   Deponltvol $1.00 and DPVanli received
and Intoresl allowed at correal rate.   No (otntality or delay in
A 0 moral lUnHnji Biiilncfitrantacted,
Cranhrook Hrancli : T. It. O'CONMII. Manager
************ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^•♦•♦•♦♦♦♦••♦•♦♦♦*>**>
******* *************
it's   Ihr Siiitif I'lni
'I'll.' I'liti'c tlmt is I
IhkhI  ii:i  till'   lt« st
llt'tllT   lllJItl   till'   Kl'Hl
The Cosmopolitan
If you oomo onoo,
Vou will COmO ni'uin
K. 11 small, Proprietor
when Hetty an' mo I mi fi™    %Z e?Wd   "?. a,,!enllvo
auditor.   "You—you law hlm!"
'.'Saw hlm!    Yen. it's 0 wonder I'm'
nlive to tell you.   I disturbed hlm, and
he covered me with hit* weapon and
threatened 10 blow my brains out if I
moved a miiHele."
''Did- did be oseaiw?" Inquired Mr.
"Of coune bo did.. What could I
do but let htm tnke. what he'd got?
Better tbnt than haw your brains
blown out."
"Certainly; did he tako much?'*
"Quite tiiitiugh.   There   woe   your
or nilntts the It
noes to the Empire!"
"She's one 0 the good-natured ■ort,"
BiicKtHied Mr, Mlddledltoh. "What if
Bhe wai lliV mine?"
"I'd 'out' h.r; blow me, It'd he a
•ileuftuie to do a month for tbo prtvl*
iego. I'd ns'.; ber quiet nn' olVlMIKe at
tliHt to take her body off tha lueinl*
nets. If she I'dlnt-hlunlt refused. I'd
catch bold t.f her nu' drop her noun*
"My nm lu-'tuv," said Mr. Middle*
ditch, nulotly, "is aboul llvo fool eleven; title iti im bruud us Bite's lout;, un'
ll. L, 8TKPI1KN8, Prop,
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money'* Worth.
********t*******************************4***, THK    CRANBROOK    HERALD
We're Running Strong [
We are the only Drug Store in the interior of
B.C. that employs exclusive Prescription
Every prescription dispensed by tis is tilled by a
qualified, competent druggist. No amateurs are
- allowed to experiment on your health.
Air. Frank Murphy, I'hin.ll., lias exolusive charge
"f this department. Vou have known him and his
work for the past ten years. Enough said. He is
assisted by Mr. A. I*. Noble, a member of the Pharmaceutical Socioty of Great Britain,
Good Drugs and Good Dispensing
V"ll I
Iiy ii
nl Biiongli, Vou muni Imve tlio B,-M, quality o[
io. Vou .'.in only gel il here Wo are always al
Borvloo   day or nlghl, personally, by'phone, or
And ilnn'l forgot we liko Iii Hi'i've Hie children jusl
an lie do ihc pnrouts,
If yon nro siuk, coiibuII yonr doctor, ami wo will do
lhe rest.
110,000 pri'Hi'i'ipliiniB speak fnr Iheuiselvis.
We are the Prescription Druggists
Christmas is Almost Here
and wo nro very busy unpacking and placing the llnest
stock Hint, enn be found any place.
Vmi will nute the absence of cheap shoddy iniila-
liiui goods,
Call and see us any lii.it*.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The $gWgJ!Jl Store
Cranbrook - - - B. C.
********************** **********************
Do You
Know Diamonds?
«^. Chrlstmns.-Httr-d und Harris.
A I    Barielo Bcdsl-the beds that are
• made right and priced right.   We
have them in enamel and brass.—
East Kootenay Produce and Provision House,
We ineati. enn you judge of their
lustre, indinnco and pin iiy by
looking ut thorn V Wo ibink not'.
Only au e.xnerl enn <lo thai; only
a |ierson who handles Ihem ull
ihe time can really judge these
Why not buy Diamonds
that have been judged ?
You'll Und ;i splendid tisaortmont
bete, in nlmost any stylo ol tei-
ting. We have just received
another ihlpincnl »i Kightoen
absolutely |ieifect Monet in Tif-
fiinviin.l nho\vy TIlTnnysettings,
whicli mu from 5"in to (75 each.
Tliere make a nice Xmas gill and
at n pojiutai pi i.e.
Am wuy, when you begin to
talk hlamomls, here is tin-Mote
to look np.
homo on
T.    (.ill und baby   relur*iii|
Saturday from tin* Cottage
t'holcp i king and eating atpples al
Little and Atchison's.
Mrs. A. Shanklatul ami children rr-
ti'in.il home on Monday last Irom
the Cottage hospital.
New Smyrna layer figs,—Campltell
and Manning,
Mrs. J. I). Murray will receive on
the second Thursday ol each month
hereafter instead ot on ilu* bwuitd
Tuesday as formerly*
See oui illsplaj ol Chii-.im.is
ties.—The I'alm
i\ Itungerford Pollen return.'
\vi">ii Irom a . Iall lo tin- roa*»i
New    osboiiii'.ti' ol initdlf-
Tho Kmpiit    range pleases    every
housewife.    They are real gems    to
cook a perfeel dinner. Sold only   ol
E-K.'P   &   IV House.
j Rev, <; ,\ Wilson, of Vancouver,
[superintendent ol Preabj tcrian Home
; Missions loi It P., has boon a visi*oi
I in town tins week.
Our chairs and tables for Christmas trade arc priced right to attract your custom. East Kootenay
Produce and Provision House.
li Dimock, formerly i>t Moyte, noi
Eitgnged in mining neai Plncher CricH
Vita., i*.    spending a few days      In
One Car Cullers of All Kinds
Come fn and I (ink ihcni liver
Double and Single Harness
Sleigh Hells of All Kinds
An:l Id us make suggestions for your
We have boon thinking for you
for niut months, and Imv.-now n
eoiii|.lete slock oi all tlie latest
designs. Pon'l t>nly look in our
windows bul walk i iglil in.
Khouhl yon bo out of town and
oannol managetosuo .mt Moult,
write for our catalogue, Tba
prices, ijimlily und design will
com pare   fnvoiably   with    uny
catalogue  ) nigbl   Imve   re
Jnwolnr*.  And  Optician*,
Orders by mail promptly alien"
tied lo.
Sew    nuts of
uml Harris.
aiieties.— \Vnrd
15. 1- Gwyiiue, formerly of Mo\. ,
has rented ope of lhe large stores i*.
lho Bakor block, Van Horn- ".vent.,',
whe:e Im is opening op n contccth1!)**
cry Mid cigar .slore.
A foil measure of value is what
you get in our new furniture department. Call and see for yourself. East Kootenay Produce and
Provision House.
flet a brick of Hozelwood ice
(•ream for your Snnila*, dinner.—
Little and Atchison.
The always popular West Minstrel*
ate to be at tin* Auditorium lo'iiur-
row (Friday) evening, ami despite
several other attractions will undoubtedly play in a crowded i tt?.
Allen's sweet t-iilei, made horn se-
lected apples.—Campbcy and Manning,
Tho Arena rink has been m *.!•* n ■ t
con' -nii'iii foi palrons lit tne addition of ii refreshment
booth, open day and
nigh!. Arrangements have b-vii " ;;>:,-
for llir city band lo play ul Ibc ihi*.
iwi :• j week,
Stoves, Heaters, Ranijvs! See i
our stock before bu\ ing;. For style*
finish and price they are unap-!
proachable East Kootenay Produce and Provision House.
Si at kfi served from 9 a m. to 10 :''11'
p.in Fusi class service guaran twd,
-Tho Palm.
fruil at     Little and  VUhi-
W-u .Joanne Russell, |h rsor.il! ■ •**
lightc i Ii. i audiences al Ui Au l!t<**i -
lum on Mottdaj and ru sdaj ■ •■ * "--*
t.i i iu woeic    The same c<j " ■■:
said,   llinvev, :     o|    !,,      iupp -.       .', h,i 1.      j
was lamentablj nn ah Mi • It'i&sell j
la .i bt Igfht, v tsatiic actr ■■- and i j
should    Bwurc  more    adequate sup   j
Cholt c it. sii candled peel f"i |
ChrisUnas tfndc.*—Wnrh and Harris,
Qus Ei ii kson n lurai d tin- wttik
from an ofBi lal lour ol bispection ol
r P it linos .if Rossland and Onwd
Porks II.- will in leavinn shortly
in Inspect the lines al Nicola and on
Vnncouvpi Island
Hm Christmas goods an arriving
dally.—Little and  Vtcblson.
Oolden Itussrl nnd II. C. snow
apples*—beautiful stock—ol Pink's
Pun* Food Orocerj
•:l«ur. I:eeil, Poultry Supplies, Carriages, Saddlery,
Implements, Harness Repairing
Commlssfonei Rei , oi the Salt i*
lion Army, i< lo dellvct .i lecture in
town lomorros (Friday) etentng, la
th.* Presbyterian church *l. V. Fi"k
will prestda and Mayoi Hunl will deliver un address ol welcome.
\ largo shipment <■( Fry's pure coc-
,   chocolate, milk chocolate,     nul
liais,   etc., absolutely   pure goods.—
Campbell and Mantling.
A meeting ol Ibe Women's Institute
will be held nexl Tuesdaj eronlng iu
Carmen's hall. The principal imsi
ness will In* lho election of officers
auh ihe exchange ot Christmas
Christmas Shopping
Ij'iat year you iliil it earlier than ever before. This year we want to urge everybody to
do Ihis Bliopping N( l\V, It in needless to point out the many advantages of early Bhopping- full
stocks to select from, better Bervice, Jess worry, etc., etc.
This ston' hns been preparing for months to offer to ita many patrons ihe very best lines
niul the newest iih'as in everything,
Hiivi- you Bi-t'ii our greal values In indies' routs ?
Light Brown, Diagonal Stripe, made from a Una All-Wool Tweed,   Trimmed wil
buttons mi bIi'i-vi's, poi'ki-ts uml buck,   Hood lilting Military Collar
Plain Mid-Grey Tweed plainly made, but the mater
lal is heavy weight, gotal quality, military collar
Electric Blue Coot with Bailor collar trimmed with      |Q aa
lilnck braid.   Exceptionally dressy, Bpecinl value     lO.UU
Gloves are nl-
ways much in
evidence nsgtfts,
This year we
have some splendid lines in tin*
fine si nil* ns well
as  tliu  heavier
That is Stylish and Serviceable.
Splendid Ovoroonta in Good Cloths in Stylish
Brown nnd Green Tweed Mixtures
Pit Reform Overcoats in the very latest patterns ami styles.
made from the very best All-Wool .0 aa a. no aa
Tw Is and .Meltons lO.UU 10 ZO.UU
I Mir Suits start ut S7.H0 uml run to $110.0(1. We have some
splendid values and the right stun" backed by our "money-
luiek" guarantee.
Did it ever occur to you what an excellent gift a dress suit
or Tuxedo would make. Kuch year it is lii'coming more popu-
lir.   Think it over.
gloves.   Wo handle the well known  IVrrin Gloves—fully guaranteed—and the Surgeant and
H. It. K. lines in die heavies miikcs.
Great Variety of Shoe Styles
Al this t-iton* you will Iiml the best
assorted Blocks <>f Ladies1 Footwear
in Hit- city.
$5.00 Special If,1:9'"^'"'"1;
~ r Until.n Calf M'tiit
tli.- 'Ir.'ssioHt Hoot vol shown.
Ash to sii'our Iiiu assortment nf
Evening slippes a.
The Popular Sweater Coat
Tee most popular, comfortable and useful garment of a ladies'
wardrobe. Tliey make a most appropriate Christmas Gift and we
have them in all the colors—Navy, White. Maroon, Brown, Grey,
Cardinal, etc.. and also in the color combinations and ditrureut styles and weaves of the
long uml short models. The prices are from
$2.50 to $8.75. They are fast sellers so mike
ymir selection now.
—to cur iloie
and we'll tit you
with a pair ol
you can walk
right in. Reprili
insure perfect nt
and cemfort.
ate   lhe greatest shoe-values
in lhe woild, and we have
the cxcluiive sale   of
them in this community.   You can take
our   word for it—
Regali give almost
twice the service of
ordinary shoes.
New Arrivals in Fancy Goods
and Novelties
This week we hive put into stock some of the newest things shown in
fancy Linens. Stamped Linens of All Kinds, Cushion Tops in Iteautiful
Designs on Velvet, Satin and Silk. Barettes Combs and Hair Ornaments.
Hand Bags in Velvet Tapestry and in the various kinds of Leather. These
were imported from New York specially for our holiday trade. Space does
not |«nnit a description of these goods, but a visit to our store will reveal a
host of givable tiling, that are tht .Vftrrxt Obtainable.
cJktr^trnav/. Antt
Sale of Millinery and Suits
Our Lale of Millinery nnd Suits is now in full swing.      Pine liar-   *•*•*•*"** •*•"•'-
gains are being plotted up.     Avail yourself now of this splendid opportunity.
V3 Off Every Trimmed Hat
!/4 Off Every Ladies' Suit
with other.:   Carrots, (Mi. mmm*. hearing    sl"»ini; reports    "I invest- j   vVaptan". pure nines meat      aad J partment.—The Kins Msreaatlls   Co.,
11.11; hei'is    11.50; parsnip., tl •"'. meal    possibilities    in Panada uml plan pudding..—Campbell    and Man-' Ltd. j
uMiaite. tl.'m   pri nm lbs. ui E.K.  thcas haw prepared Hi>- Bnjllsh pun-'alng. \  ,
P ft I'. House, li, f.n..raiilt uml even eam-ili i" on-   i   Leave rout   orders earl] loi
'•nl. i Iln' iavtstmcal •'(   tli.'.r capital | flower*; tor   Xnias.—faiiiiiU-ll       ami
,„    raoadLn   sadertaklap.*'    Mm'   "«nil»'Wn.    siomacb and Liver Mannin|(
I rablell dn   net   sicken or grip., and i 	
A ti-spi nsilile    London, l-liu . in in.
may ba taken with pertsol sslct.  by I   wantko.-a eomp>t«nt naM    at
th.   moat   di-lnmc wiiman or       the 0||W      A|iplv        ,,      Mt. ,„
'    vininRrst ilulil        Tlie old and feeble (ircOT ivn
'"' t will alto Tind    them a mo.t suitable 	
remedy lot    siding ami strengthening,   choice   celsry and lettun
1 ilieir weakened digeation and Inr nf-land Atchison's.
at Little
wrttllBJ    In a local real .state man
sav:   "There a.a*iiis to bo arerj pi" I ~~
Imtaili.v Uml In «'   ■l"*1    ainn-l-NVu     sl.rt
nt)       short Urns        there Chtlatmas .m.*i Irolta.-tt.it.i
will Ir in    lliis eiiiititrv an extensile I Ian is.
boom ui connection with Canadian in-j ——
reatmmls,    am!    mon partlciilarlr    F()|( s V..K _■■„.„„ tl<rtiSM'la.g.'t! '•"'"« ""' ,",VU'|R     For    mit    by
loon baring land a*  Ihdi baata,  li wl| m , „„ iHflm „, ,llV ,„,..' all dealers. 44-U
is portcctly   clrai to us thai C*a*,m{ „,,„, ,.,„.„, »„, ,„, ,,      ,! 	
'"an l" "Illons only need to      la'        _„.  ,,  Wl,M,„|       ,,.r „
placed iK'Inre ibe BngUsh public in a|    ' i   Your wife likes prettj china—eviry
tlmrniiglilv competenl manner in otd* --~ , lady does—make your »lte's taiv rad-
rr to reap   a ri. 1, barreal nl    I'm '   lloma made candy 2nr. |aT tl,.   Svlsnt by buying net ono id the prc'lv    sweet apple  cider at little
Compare   Ihess prices and  quality I IM capital.    On at hands we    ar- lurdaj onl) — The Palm. [pieces   from mir Inimitable china de* Atchison's.
pair   i>
shaft!., almost     neu
Hox r,.
IbraW nflire.
rciiaiHisiarr!ir''ii'iir'!r|;i»:!■■, ii'rpr^ie'ifenrieuariaiajaransraiaaraaiHEic^ \rtsaB'asiii®B,ffiiBBa'aiaisa^^ jSHSEEiaasra'aajEa
" "SEE BINNINGn For Xmas Photos, Art Pictures, and |
Picture Frames !
li''icTe!V'li'lH!,li'lii« THB UKANIUIOOK   UBKALD
Farrcll vs.
support In the Idea that posts Nos.
1 mnl ■> arc ".is neat' us possible" on
\ lhe li I .un vein in ledge nr oihci
R.   a        .       I    deposit el   mineral In nlace, or      I"
ten et al. ^ ^ >•■>■> « ■
■   MR.  JCST1CE i l.KMKST.
ICI tl
ledge or other   deposit
 , ; indicated  lit   "discovery."
! As 1 have Haiti, there is no "rock hi
In these Ihrcc cases whieli hj con ' j,,,„.,," or ativ 0[ ,)„. location lines ol
sent wero tried logeihet the various ^^ claims; but if. notwithstanding
plaintiffs claiming to be the holders |(|js ^ ., -s 1(1 1](. r,ssum«l that
ol certain mineral claims seek let an ,*iv \uvay\un \\w* ,\K follow a vein tn
Injunction restraining Uu- defendants u>(lg) Q) l[l.,tl„l. lti tt^ch the locatoi
Irom trespassing upon llie ground ]|aij |(f) i„luW|W|K(. 0Uier than a gen-
covered bj the claims nml Irom cut |i|((| ■-Ill|1A!,..-.,,. nm- jn ni.n particulni
ting    itii'l    carryinji nhei   ilisi]|,,  mincl-n| .,,,,. , ledgi * ot    de-
1 hereon and   ihcretroni   nnd toi da .   llKimiij  ,,,.. ih nn easterly-ami
iiiri's, westerlj   dirietton, and il we assume
By   boc    3tl   »l tin     Mini ul    U*i   tx.ri\m ,|i;il   ihc locatoi was Just Hied
(U.S.Il i    enp   L33> non nw\, general knowledge In   con
dor by record ol u ■ lal ■ '■■■',;    ,,.   [\nx\ i,      various dl cuverit
emit hit t.» certain surfutH- ri its nml (,,yillilh,| .,, Fvhk>need the exlsten i- ol
i„, others, vli    "lhe rig! '        ■   ,|1(. >ivi.|n oi ledge" on which in  plae-
ainl possession ol I hi ui mi "I idi (| ]lllsK Noa i BBfj ■_. ,., |,|H lucatton
claim, including the use ol all the |,nP ,Urll -,.. VVBH KuUl> ol u cleai
timber thereon    i >. tht purpo -      ol  violation ol sec, l'i In locating     toi
rt-lnniog and gelling Irom nml i  Iiih u\lliri[\gi   including hiuiBclf, two
such claim Ibe mineral coiiinmcd ll||i|v upon the name vein oi lode.
therein."       VI the dat- i    •■'■•   \.n\ i\m-c iS Iin evidence upon which
complained ol n tn \>a es ibc , rat] ||hij llh, or(|pI nl location a ns
ground covered hj Ibe defendanl L(| _,, (,.. t (|ia- victoria No. I Is fl
operations was unoccupied I nt Is io ,iinl li(.ill|Mll [S0 [ai aii tins particu-
snv, there was no actual pass»sslon ju|. ]Hllllt ,, concerned) and No. 2 In-
thereof bj Hit' plaintirEs ot by anj Ul]|)|_ -pilori. [Si however, m mj
.tut- on th.-n behalf nn which reliance ll]Htll((|li ,„, wnrranl toi an*, such
could be placed ns throwing upon the assumntion as I have suggested, and
defendants the onus uf iustUying therefore tbc ground laken in the
their entrj The onlj possession I precedlns paragraph is to i
which iln1     plaintiff   could se ifllclent lo dispose ol Ihese
would h<* ilia' constructive possession Mr iiamilton lurthet urged thai
which follows and depends upon sid(, ,111(. location,' us be called it, is
pri ol ol title.    In cithei view, there   ,*■, .,..■__     |ty »8|jc \m. location"    i-
lore, whether   upon the Ian na    meant the    Inking of the entire 1501
see. 2(1 oi upon the tacts the onus is |rt., ,„■ n t.|0|m (lli „■„, su|(. oi Un
upon tin* plaintiffs to -.be* title or, |ocntlon line. In 1803 [V 12, See.
n, oilier winds, to provi that thej ■,, 1jlls ,,,,,,1,. „. location was p'.'es
were ila- lawful holders h*. ninrd ol ,.u\..,\ |i(l, Ml u,,. following yeai il
the claims in question, Tin*) ■■■ al wm ntmit'luncil bw1 thu method now
lege In their stntemenli ofelalm.no , .,,...,! adopted; B.C. Slats.
in terms hui in elfect, and ll ;,■..;, c   a», Sec, 3.     II ma) be thai
linns along this Iin ■ are eul   ;orii al ;   ,. Wfx   ,,,,, ,. emplated thai n minei
denied in the statements nf defence      lV(.,.|,| ,lt  should run Ihe risk   which
Two groups ni   claims come    Into   |l(1    v,(,ui,i   |aeiii hy n side lino loca-
t|iieslion    iin* *,Vi, r.-M,,  ■ ■■ ■        ■,,,„. o|   losing Ins mineral by       ;.n
tlftling   of eight     ela :'      ■!i    alteration underground in the dip    of
lorln V"   1. Victoria So. 2, ami      u   ,hl. V(.|n or |ejgCi
•„, i,.   Vicloria N'o   R, ami tin    'Vie      However that may he, 1 should lies-
lor group,"   called Vlcloi   So, I and   |!atl. (ll [,,,1,1    ., ^e ilII(. iucat|on in
si. ,.ii lo Victor V*. I. Italiri   under   the   presenl Act.    thi
The eight   claims    cl the   Victoria nrgumcnl is Irased largely upon    Ihc
group   cover what  is, roughly   ipeak   examples  given In iln* Act ol various
inn,   a      rectangular    parallelogram j modes ol laying out claims; and 11 Is
over u mile In length and ovei ball a arguable thai the text ol Sec. IB    Is
mite 01 breadth,     The location   lines! literally   compiled    with   hy stating
nl the eight claims form one contlnu-  thai no Ice! lie to the iiu.1u and 15011
011s and nenrl)    straight line through  fn»i to the left.       But I need      not
ihi* center ol '-ns parallelogram, foui   htbor ihc point, as a decision upon it
ol    ihe claims lying on the      north  is not in mj view necessary i"    the
sub* ol   this i-.iiii-i  Une ami Imu    "ti disposltioii ol these cases, and I verj
the south,      There are   thus, ii will   intidt iiislik,. in pen ohitei's
be Been, only four location lines   loi     Kor ihc same reason 1 express    in
the right   claims,   Nos. 1 nnd 1 Imi    o|V.n|ou   upon the manj c-thei    qucs-
ing a common local  line and so on   (inns urgued   before mc at ihc trial
us to .1 and I. *"i and ii. ,tntt 7 and R, I always feel a distrust <i* llie llior-
The claims wen* located bj tin pl-iin Diiglmess of mj consideration ol
HIT Chas V. Farrcll as igt'nt foi the points which I am nol driven to ile
plaintiff,   Mamie Karrell .1   U\     So-   - ide.
I ami 2. as agenl foi 1 lie pla iitit) Hie ground upon which I hold the
Octavia Fnrrell .1 to I nml I, acting claims ni the "Victoria Oroiip" in-
ff»r himself as to N'os :, and B and . .1 id applies with equal force to
agent tor the plainlifl Timothy l"n the claims of the "Victoi Oroup."
it*ll as to Sos. " and B. Kacli I'he location Iin,-*. adoplwl were the
plainlifl tltcreforc, it will lie seen, hie Inns of other claims and were so
claims tn l«,- the holdei of Iwo min adopted mule without reference to
oral claims lying on llie oppi iti any vejn or ledge or deposit Indicated
sides of a common local "ii Iin*1 \ »i evidenced hi tlte locator's various
discovery ol rock in place, the basi di coveries, 01 hy anv othei rock in
and condition precedenl of iln- rigbtiplace. The discovery posts are all
to proceed to location, 1 allcgti] i,*, humlreds of teel awaj fi"in the loca-
(*has. ('. Parrel) to have hem niailc Hon Inns and have no reference tbal
hy him upon each ol these eight I can appreciate to any viln or ledgi
claims, in the case '•! Sos, 1, 8, 5 nr deposit upon which posts Nos. 1
and 7 at points .sum,- distant in th and 2 ol the location lines might he
south of tin- location lim- nni! 11 tin1 ipposed to be placed There is no
case nf N'os 2. I, D and H at ptittts rock in plan-" discernible anywhere
to thr north nf thai line; one di along the location lines. As lo both
covcry  foi nnd upon each claim, The groups   ol    claims   Chas, ('. Parrell
various discover) posts hear no    relation    whatever, mini in tai        01
Intention, to lhe location llm s;    ->i.
in express It cnaversety, llie location
lint- nl each nt these claims was n\i,l
tiv t'hns.   V. Farrcll cntirelj wltl«»ut
reference lo  Ibc win or i> dge 11 il.-
posit of    mineral in   plat    *■' 1 leni 1 d
nr  Indicated   ol the vol loiis    ill ' m
ery" posts,    These "discovery" posts
are in no   Instance upon the location
line nr neat   enough thereto
talc anv relationship    betv
There la no mineral in pla< > <i   .
ii»i»*   anywhere    along    Ll
A clearei disregard ol botli llie letter am! spint <>r lhe "Mini ral \< V
11 would ia- hard to imagine Vs 1
rend tbe \ct, iht Hi in entlal steji
in the acquisition ol .1 mineral ■ l.nm
is ,1 discovery ol * rm k In plat It
is will. .1 view 10 wlnnii itn* ra
trniii iln- i.-in 01 lode 01 deposit indicated '.r evidenced bj tlw rock
place at "discovery" that the Irec
miner proceeds in loeatt a mineral
claim. This Is "the Vein, n 'edge"
referred to In >*•< 16 which provld **
that posts Nos 1 and 2, mai
two ends ol tlw location line shall
lit* "placed as neai .1* posi iblc nn
(he Inn* <*i tht* vein 01 h d • Thi -
view is emphallcalt) supported bj lho
examples given in the \i 1 ot various modes nt laying oui claims." in
each nl the three example, the discovery posl is un the location line,
I do not say that II inns! be eXai tl)
on the lini* \ vein or ledge, pro-
perh s.i called, mav nol lollou a
straight line, and the straight line
required between posts Nm ■ and i
may often leave discover) posl
om- side. Hut the three posl
I think, Ih- on one ami the same win
or bilge m olhct deposit. \ .1
mattei nf fact there is nothing In
the    evidence    to give Lhe slightest
Irnnkl)   admitted that be chose    his
lines bo as ti. occup) all tbe    grountl
and leave no tractions     H,- certainly
did nm, in my opinion, place, nor did
he tn to place, the pouts ol his location lines mi ihr hue ol an*, vein    Ol
ledge   or deposit Indies ted as evidenced by In* various discoveries or    b)
an. othei    Mirk m place. Thai  being
the plaintiIts never became     the
lawful   holders of llu se 1 laim 1    and
have ii<>    status to quest ion the
acts >.f the defendants,
ih,- action   mie.t I,,- dismissed with
\\   ll   p  Clement, -).
Sn,    21st,  IB)]
Nishiyaina Acquitted
11    ll,.111.1 I',) -1  l'.. Wilson presid,
11, lhe count i « "in 1 bulge's 11 im
inal court on th.' 20th Insi . heard   a
.1 theli ol property against a
.lap named Nishiyaina, in whirh Mrs.
! 1' k    I.am claimed to hold a special
ilerest to iln* extent nf $1500*0-0 and
ol Fraudulently transferring his stick
amounting 1*1 $8750.00 iu tho Cran-
b 1. Saw Mills, Ltd., to the prejudice ">f Mrs Lum, who claimed lhe
right to have ii held as security for
At the preliminary hearing before
Magistrate Ityan, Nivhlyama was
committed for trial before Judge Wilson.       Tin- evidence   ol    the crown
witnesses      went   to      show     Ihat   in
July, 1010, Nishiyaina borrowed
11500.00 from Mis. Lum, both parties
knowing it was loaned and borrowed
ha Investment in the ll. K. Fuln
Lumber company. An agreement
was prepared between Ihem iu rather
■    ti mi*,   setting ..ut that     Mrs.
I.'il.1  :.l Id     hair a  innttgagc oa
Klshlyama's Interest in the Kutn
company as security. In January,
1911, the Cranbrook Saw Mills, Ltd.,
was formed, taking over tlie assets
u| the ll K. Kula company and Nishiyaina was alloted $3750.00 stock In
the company, $1500.00 ot which was
represented by the money borrowed
from Mrs. Lum.
Mrs. Lum, In cross-examination by
Wi Macdonald, ildmitted lhal Nishi-
yaraa otfored when the new company
was formed, ti give lo her $1500.00
worth of Ibis slock bul she refused to
lake it, demanding her money hac't
in cash. She also admitted tliat she
would nol lake the wlnde $3750.00 ll
iflered, Th.- Cranbrook Saw Mills,
Ltd., ai Hns time negotiated a loan
un theli plant ami assigned all theli
imi. iis collateral security to the
mm limps'.    Nishiyaina jnincd in Mils
assignment        bill     (11(1      ItOl      nsslgll
$l250.on worth nl his stock, reserving
iins lor Mrs. Lum, $260.00 ol the
amount borrowed having already been
taken up it was for thus aairigniug
all his slock that be was charged
with fraudulent assignment ami theft
properti In which Mrs. Lum
claimed t" have a special inlcrcsl.
for (he defence the witnesses
showed that Mrs I-.tiin was offered
this stock bul refused to take II
and I'aiilu'i thai the $1500.00 worth
uf stock was not assigned and that
ibc agreemenl and arrangement between the parlies did not oblige
Nishiyaina In bold more than
$15(10:00 of the stock for Mrs. Lum.
It was also shown that Mrs. Lum
had already sued and recovered judgment fm* ihe 11500.00 loaned nml it
was claimed that she couldn't claim
the slock after recovering judgment.
Vflcr argument tbo judge reserved
in** decision until Friday, the 21th
inst., when be discharged Nishiyaina
holding Ihat il was not shown that
Mrs. Lum had a special interest in
the stock in question; also that if
ihere was any offence ii would be
committed, nol when the transfer
was made lo secure tlie loan, but
rather when the Kuta company transferred their assets to the Cranhrook
Saw Mills Co., Ltd., Nishiyaina joining iu the transfer ot his interest,
His honor found however that nn
offence as charged was committed or
nn guilt) intent shown on the part
ul Nishiyaina.
<;. II. Thompson appeared for the
crown. M.-\. Macdonald for the accused. NUhivatnn.
I Industry in Nova Scotia, Ontario and
! ihe Hood Rlvci   Valley,  li has an lli-
: terestlng   storj     aboul   New   Bruns-
! wick's potato fields.   Moreover,      it
In is ilu* nail   nn   ihe bead wben     il
I shows  ns   Western   farmers the need
t for   going into     mixed farming here.
! Mi nlace    is getting over-run    with
I weeds, ami  I have simply gol u      do
something along tbal line.   There are
I several other     articles     that       are
Imighty Interesting,   while the editorials,   which     an-     twelve in mmilicr,
are slum, crisp and full nf vigor.
I    "I believe   it     would he a mighty
' good thing to have (luring ihc    long
I winter evenings-." said Bob,
j    "Yes,'- drawled Sandy, as he hunted toi a     i inlcli in lighl   his    pip.
i "We need |i si such c'nss of reading In
. .mt rami homes, ami the goml     wile
1 will be ml lit)   pleased lo nee   those
j cuts of  fn in. n and patterns    which
: mi 11 ,    1   ii ..  pages ot the magn-
I /in.',      Wii     I   Urn.  il   is a  hummel  "
1 "Where did 1011 sii) II was published? I Ihiuk I will semi tm u sample
eopj "
! "I siv," said Sandy, "thai the
t'ranbrooh Herald is altering in give
us tin:-, magazine inr a year along
wllh theli papei for $2.00. Your easiest iun wMI be in im 11 in antl sec
llinn and you h ill sai.- a big penny
WANTED.—Second hand set of
Democrat harness. Musl be strong.
Apply Hox 2,  Herald t-tliec 15-tf
Britt gets Four Years
On Friday, the 21th inst., .tames
Drill appeared before .Judge Wilson
,,n four charges of forgery. He was
committed fnr trial after preliminary
investigation before Magistrate Ryan
and through his counsel elected
speed) trial. Britt op the 27th ot
October attempted to raise money
in lhe city at different holds hy writing nut bogus chci-ucs, (wo ot them
purporting to he signed by Campbell
and Manning and two others by one
Charles Day, a fictitious person, for
sums ranging frnm $20.00 to $30.00
He had succeeded in cashing one.
cheque only when arrest etl. He
claimed that he was befriending a
ladj and child who were aecompany-
iipr him in Spokane, becoming
■.Handed in Cranhrook, where, in order to get money lor their support
he endeavored to raise funds iu this
way. Mr. M. A. Macdonald, who
appeared for the accused, stated to
tin- court that he had made full In-
tjuirifs into the tacts and satisfied
himself that  Britt was guilty of   the
■fence charged, Britt himsell admitting -1 and therefore entered a plea
. 1 RuHty*. Mr. Macdonald asked
that the youth of Ibe prisoner and
the fact that it was a first offence
should he taken into consideration
autl as much leniency shown as was
consistent with the demands of jus-
lice. '.. II. Thompson appeared for
tli- crown. His honor questioned
Brill about the matter, getting his
version of ihe ofTencc from him, anil
imposed a sentence nf four years in
West minster penitentiary, intimating
to the accused that by exemplary
conduct there he  could get It.mater-
Ih reduced,
You Can?
llclln1   tdd   man.   What's doing'"
1 iln*   salutation that Bob Holth)
gave his neighbor Sandy Macl'hcrsi.n.
iluy mel     upon 11 main rnad    the
h.r day.
"First rate, Sandy. What did you
get for yt ur wheat?"
l'I only gut Mi cents, hut as it was
,i trifle soft I was mighty glad tn
get  that," answered Bob.
What's     the red book yon      have
then* on the seat*?"Inquired Sandy.
"Oh! this—'" answered Bob.
"Why this is lhe November number
man named Williams gave me down
town ihis afternoon and I subscribed
toi it for a year. 1 tell you it is a
is that published?"
"In Toronto and Winnipeg 1 think,
li is a monthly, now just In its
third volume, nnd it is chucked     full
,if g I   articles    for   ibe form, and
ihe beauty uf it is it has over nne
hundred pictures of farm lite that arc
well taken and well printed. For in-
s 1.ime, it reviews   Uh- apple kbipping
an exhati :• 1 1 irve system with
alcoholic: tiinul.." ■■•V.; hhorteus
jjtliL* road lo physical collapse,
The first tnic step towards re-
jrebiulding the v-orn out uerve
fibres,! hichc  n best be done with
1 Lecithin, the fonn of i/hosphorws
required 101 nerve repair.
[the    ne;w    RE M r_ D v    FOR,
;    Nervous •rL);h?u-iticn
contains lecithin (concentrated
from   thousands cf  eggs) and
makes possible this cure.
I    [tfeedsthenerves.quickensthe
I appetite, aids digestion, induces
I >lecp, and soon restores full nerve
j vitality.
The beneficial effects are evident
almost from the first dos?.
Uox.tattle. •] iilayi' trentmrnt $1.M,
lini^gi-is, Craubrook, B. C.
1 tiivi 1 ?; Lawretie* Co . Bole Mfrfc. Montreal.
Write them for free book un Nervous
Tenders, addressed to the under
dcrsigncd, will be received up to December 16th, 1911, fnr stumping and
ploughing Lot 8110, <i. 1, Kasl Knolenny, containing 181.5 acres, more
or less, the said lot adjoins thu
liritisli Columbia railway and lies
midway between Mayook and Wanlner
and has been .slashed and burned,
The lowest ot any tinder not necessarily accepted,
a. II. Webster,
Land and Timber Agpnt,
British Columbia Land Dept., CI\R,
Cranbrook,  B.C. 17-3t
■•till^l^i^cyt^-^^rDlJ t^c!J^i^Mcd'^i^fc!.ldcflt2J%
I The Ad. Thai's Worth
I A Dollar to You
j2j mny bo in this Issuo- ni.il 11 ra
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Make the Search        |
I ;is   an   uxpuriuiuut S
?•&■*•"•> r*; '   .   • .        .'.„■, :■'];■■ ^
1, tleitii-iii Itungerford Pollen, of
Cranbrook, by occupation a Farmer,
give notice that I Intend on the
12th  dav of Becombor next, at eleven
o'clock   in   the fore i, tn apply  to
the Water Commissioner at his office
at Cranhrook for a license to take
and use half of one cubic* rool q|
water per second from Ta-Ta
t'reek, a iiihntaij ol the Kootenay
The water is to be .used on Lot
334, suh-siflious 1 and Tt, [or agricultural purposes, autl the point of diversion Is about J-mllo above 'he
mouth  of  the creek.
c. Hungertord Pollen.
Dated lliis second dav of Novcmlier,
1011, 41-51
ur near 2 miles or 100 chains east of
tbo N. Iv corner post, ot Lot luti-i
and being the N- W, corner post of
tho .John Virgo claim; thenco running
.su chains south; thence cast Kb
chains; thence north 80 chains; thenco
wost Hit chains to a point of commencement, making 040 acres, more
or less.
Located this    28lh day of October,
• lohn Virgo, Locator.
Baptiste N Lamerioux
his mark. 4I1-5L
commencement,   making    uio  acres,
mote or less.
Located Lliis    2Slh day of October,
.iiilm Virgo, Agent for
Anna ltadcll, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
his murk. -Ill-fit
thai, thirty days afler dale I intend
In apply to the Hon. Chief ('ononis
sioner of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal ami pel
roleum on the following lauds situate
in Ihc District of Southeast Kon-
leii.tv, itriiish Columbia, in Block
Commencing nl a post planted al
ui near lhe N. 15, corner posl of
l.ul lliii:! and being tbc S. W. corner
posl of Anna ltadcll claim; Ihencc
rt)lining cast Hii chains, thenco north
8(1 chaii.s; thence west Ml chains,
thence south 8U'chains tn a point of
commencement, making 040 acres,
more or less.
Located this 31st day ot October,
John Virgo, Agent for
Am.a Radell, Locator.
Hapiiste X Lamerioux
bis mark. 4G-5t
that thirty days after date I Intend
in apply in the Hon. Chief Commissioner nf Lands arid Works for a
license tit prospect for coal ami petroleum on lhe following lands situate
in (he Blstricl of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, iu Block
Commencing at a post planted at
i.r near 2 miles or UU chains east; of
the N. K. corner post of Lot 1063
and lieing the N. E. corner post of
tho Anna Radell claim; thence running west 81) chains; thence south
80 chains; thence east 80 chains,
thenco north 8il chains to a point of
commencement, making tr to acres,
more or less.
Located this 28th day ol October,
John Virgo, Agent for
Anna Radell, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
his mark. Hi-at
that thirty days after date 1 intend
to apply to the lion. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
license Iti prospect for cnal and pel
rnleuui nn tin; following lands situate
in the District ol Southeast Koolenay, llritish Columbia, lu Block
Commencing ai a post' planted nl
or near 2 miles oi   100 eliains east nf
(he  Hi easl  con.oi   post nf        Lul
1003 and helllg I In* H. IV. corner posl
of Oraee limlcll claim, thence run
ning cast .so chains; (hence ninth 811
chains, (lieiico wesl 80 chains, tbenco
south Mi eliains iu a polnl of ci m
inelicctiient, llinkltlg lill) aeiiS, luoie
ni less.
Located lliis 28th day of October,
■lohn Virgo, Agent (or
Oraee Radell, Locator.
Baptlsto \ Lamerioux
his mark. lfl-51
thai thirty days alter date 1 intend
to apply to the lion, chief Commissioner nf Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lamls situate
in the District nf Southeast Kootenay. llritish Columbia, in Block
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile or 80 chains cast ol
Cist No. Tiss o( Lot numbered and
being lb' N. ff. corner of said lot
and being the S. ff. corner post of
Anna McDonald claim, theme running
east 80 chains; thcr.ee nortii 80
chains, thence west SO chains; Ihcnc
•south 8ii chains to a point of com-
inencemcnt, making ion acres, more
or less.
Located this .list day of October.
.L.liu Virgo, Agent for
Anna McDonald, Locator.
Baptistc X Lamerioux
his mark. 40-61
that thirty days after date I Intend
to apply to lhe lion. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Wotrks for a
license to prospect for coal ami petroleum on the following lands situate
In the District of South-east Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block
Commencing at a pi st planted ut
or near UU chains north of Lot 7488
and being ihe N. ff, corner of said
lot, nnd being) the S. W. cornei post
of Anna McDonald claim; thence east
80 chains; Ihence north 80 chains;
Ihence west 80 chains; thence (south
80. chains to a point of commencement, making (iio acres, more
Located this 31st dav of O-ctflfber,
John Virgo, Agent for
Anna McDonald, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
bis mark 40-"»t
that thirty days a.ter date i intend
to apply to the Hon. Ohte! Commissioner of Lands and Worts for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on tho following lands situate
iu the District ot Southeast Koolenay, British Columbia, in Block
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2ft chains north of N. W,
post No. 7488 ami being the N. W.
turner post of said lol aud lining the
s. k. comer post ot Anna MeDotlllld
claim; thence running west 811
chains; thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 eliains, thence, smith
811 chains to a point ot commencement, making tilil acres, more or less.
Located tins 31st dav ol October.
John Virgo, Agent lor
Anna .McDonald, Locator.
Hapiiste X Lamerioux
bis mark. 40-fit
sioner   of Lands     nnd   Works   Jor n
lhal. thirty days after date I intend
to apply lo the Hon. Chief Commissioner ot Lamls nnd Work? for a
license to prospect tor coal and petroleum on the following lauds situate
iu the District of Southeast Koolenay, British Columbia, In Block
Commencing at a    post planted at
that thirty days after dntor 1 intend
to appl'* |o the Hon. Chlel Ocmmls-
licenso to pruspi-H for conl And pet-
roleum.on the following lauda situate
In the District ol Snuttocast Koo-
teliny,   British   Columbia, iiu    Block
Commencing at, n post, planted at
or near 2 miles or BIO chains east of
northeast corner post of Lot 1063
and being (he S. R, corner post of
the Anna Radell claim; th'-mv running north 80 chains; thence west 80
chains; thenco south 80 chains;
thenco east 81) ctsiias to a point    of
that thirty dais niter dale I intend
in apify to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and lo the Assistant Commissioner Ol Lands fm tho District
of Kast Kootenay tor a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
ihe following described lands, located on the Ninth Fork of Michel
Creek, twelve miles north tit the
■Tunis Nest I'.i^-s Branch ot the Ca-
Aadlan Pacific Railway:
Commencing at a post Ranted   at
lhe southeast     corner    ol   Lot tilll
thence   80 chains north, thence      80
chaii.s east,     tbenco 8" chains south
thence 80 chains west lo place ol beginning, containing about 640 acres.
David Still, Locator
.LL Thomas, Agent. 41-5C
ihat thirty days after date I intend
to apply to tbe lion. Chief Commissioner or Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on tho lollowlng lamls situate
in tbe District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, In Block
Commencing at a post planted at or
near two miles cast of tbe 23 mile
posl of C.P.R. survey on west side
line ol Block 4503 and being tbe N.
ff. corner post ot IL Mason Raburg
claim; thence running south 80
chains; thence east 80 chains, thence
nortii 80 chains; Ihence west SO
chains to a point of commencement, making 040 acres, mote nr
Located this 10th day of Ootober,
A, W.  Beldcn,  Agent for
11. Mason Raburg, Locator.
Baptiste \ Lamerioux
his mark, 45-51
Hiai thirty days alter date 1 Intend
to apply to the Hon. Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works (or a
license to prospect for eoal antl pel
roleum ou the (allowing lands situate
in the District ot Southeast Koolenay, British Columbia, ia Block
Commencing at a post planted   at
or near 2 miles east     ot the 25 mile
post, west    ho buy   ot Block 4598
and being the S.W. crrner post ot
Lilly Hand claim, thence running easl
80 chains; thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains; Ihence south
ho chains to a point of commencement, making ttlfi acres, more or
Located     this Hllli day ot October,
A. W. Belden, Agent tor
Lilly Hand, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
his mack. V»*-'i
that thirty days after date 1 intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal aim) petroleum on the following lands situate
in the District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, In Block
Commencing nt a post planted nt
or near 3 miles east of the 25 mile
post, west boundary line of Block
4598, and being tho N.W. corner post
of Lilly Hand claim, thence tunning
soulb 80 chains; Ihencc east 80
t'hains, thence north 80 chains;
thence west 80 chains to a point of
commencement, making 010 acres,
moro or less.
Located this ltlth day ot October,
A. W.  Belden, Agent for
Lilly  Hand,  Locator,
Baptiste  X   Laineiiniix
his mark. 45-51
that thirty days attor date I Intend
Li apply to the lion. Chief Commissi! net of Lands and Works lor **
license to prospect for coal and pel-
inleuiu ou the following lauds situate
in tbe District ot Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block
Commencing at a post planted at or
near the 21 mile post of the C.P.
R, survey, being west side line ol
Hloek 4503 ami being the N.W. corner post of the II. Mason Balling
claim; thence running south BU
chains; thence cast 80 chains; ihence
north 80 chains; ihence west 80
•bains to a point ol commencement, making 010 acres more or
Located this 11th day ot October,
Hoy Allen, Agent for
IL Mason Raburg, Locator,
Baptiste X  Lamerioux
his mark
A. W. Belden. ■.■'>.* t
that thirty days after date I intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands situate
in the District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east of the 25 mile
pi st of the west boundary of Block
1593 and being the N.W. corner post
ol Chas. Kiske's claim; thence running east 8n chains, thence south
SO chains; thence west 80 chains,
thenee north 80 chains to a point id
11 inmenccmcnt, making ton acres,
more t r less.
Located ibis 16th day of October,
A. ff. Belden, Agent toiv
Charles Kiske,  Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
bis mark. 15-51
Hint thirty days after date I intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lamls situate
in the District of Southeast Ko»r
may, British Columbia, In Block
Commencing at a post planted nt
nr near 1 mite east of tlie 25 mile
post of the western boundary ol
Block 1593 and being the S. E. corner post of ('has. Kiske's claim,
ihencc running west 80 chaii.s, thenco
north 80 chains, Ihence east 811
cliniith; thenco south 80 eliains to a
point of commencement,making 1.40
acres, more or less.
Located this 17th day ol October,
A. W. Belden, Agent tor
Chas.  Kiske,  Locator.
Baptisle X Lamerioux
bis mark. 46-51
Ihat thirty days alter dale 1 intend
In apply In the Hon. Chief Coiiiiiun
sinter of Lands and Works (or a
license In prospect    for eoal and pot-
leuiii on the following lamls situate
in tbe District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block
Commenting at a post planted at
1 r near 2 miles east of the 23 mile
post of C.P.R. survey on west side
line of Clock 4598 nnd being the S.
W. coiner post ot II. Mason Raburg
claim; thenoo running north 80
chains, thenco east 80 chains; thenee
south 80 chains; thence west 80
chains to a point ol commencement,
making (Jib acres.m ore or less.
Located    this 10th day ot Ootober,
A. W. Belden, Agent for
II. Mason Raburg, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
his MIX. ->tV5t THK |0*&AJN BROOK   HUB ALU
llial thirty days uflcr dato I intend
to apply t" the Hon. Clilel Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for a
liconso to prospect fur coal and pet-
rolonin on the Follcnving lands sltaatu
in tin: Districl ol Soutlwasl Kootenay, llrilish Columbia, ia Ulocli
Commencing al n post, planted nl
or near   where ihis claim joins li. .1
Fitzgerald's   claim on Iln rUi wesl
corner  . nsl Ijonndary   ol   llloch
1503, mnl Inlng tho nortii wesl col*
ner posl i i Nolllo Sylycstor claim;
tlieiin' easl 80 chains; llicnco Koutl
mi clialnsj (lionco wesl
il.enec nortii no chains lo
commencement, making B-lo
more ur leSB.
Located  this   3011] day ol
Hoy Allen, Agon.1 [or
Nellh, Sylvcslor, I
Witness !—
Hapiiste \. Lamerioux
his marl'. 45-61
llial thirty days nltor dale > Inlenil
In apply lo Uie Hon. Chlel Commissi! ner ol Lands and Works foi a
lo prospect for coal and pet-
on lhe lollowlng lands siinaic
Histriet of Southeast Koo-
Britlsli   Columbia, in   Block
Ihnl ihiriy days alter dale I lotend
li apply In Ihc llun. Ohio! Commissioner ol Lands and Works lot a
license lo prospecl lor coal nail |id-
lulciun on the lollowlng lands situate
iu tho Districl of Soiithonst Koolenay, llrilish Columbia, In Block
Commencing al a posl planted nl
ur near where lliis (Cairo joins .Ino
MaeOinnis claim on sotllli-wost coiner post on easl In miliary oi Block
1508 and being tin- south cast ouii-i
post ol Eloise MaeOinnis claim;
thenee wesl sn chains, thence north,
nn chains; thenco cast Sll eliains,
thoncc suiilli mi chains lo a point oi
commencement, making nm acres,
more ur less.
Located this 1st day oi November,
Hoy Allen, Agont Tor
Kloise MaeOinnis, Locator.
Baptiste X. Lamerioux
his mark. 45-51
in lhe
Commencing at
or near I mile
corner post of II
boundary ol Bl
Hie north east c
Kikgcrnld   claim
ly days alter dato 1 Intend
to lie lion. Chict Commis-
if Lands ami Worts for a
i prospect Tor coal and pet;
It Uie [allowing lands situate
a post jil
west oi lu
l'. Bennett
ck 4503,
'llli't post
niul al
on easl
liains; llii'iici! wesl Sll cllt
north m'   chains,    Uionce
'liains lo   a polnl ol i	
nuking iiiu acres, more or
Located   lliis Ist day ol
ami In
of 11.
out ii
IS.    Ull
I lleellll
Hoy Alien, AgOlll  for
P. .1. fltegornld, Locator.
Bapllslc \ Lamerioux
liis In.iiI.. 4
al. thirty days alter dale I Intend
apply to the Hon. ciiici Commit,-
ner of Lands ami Works lor a
license lo prospect " for coal and pel-1 license l
Icum uu the lollowlng lands situate Irolcum ,
in I lie
District   i.
t   Southeast   Koo-
, in   Bluck
ncnelng nt
a posl
lanted    at
or    in
III    one lllll
•     soul!
of       till
in rlli
vest    conic
claim ou
post of
insi lion
Nellie Syl-
daiv        of
1503 and 1
dug the
posl    „l
llu nee     ci
-1   Sll  ill
iins. thenci
80    chains
west      811
thoncc ii"!
III   SU  ill
iins to     .
d    commencement,
naktng 040
in res,
more oi less.
till  lliis  1st
dav ut
Hoy Allen,
Agent f
eloise Macglnnli, 1
tifte  X   I.II
liis mark
Hml thirty
lo apply !
sillier   ol
days after dale I   Intend
o the Hon. Chief Comtnis-
.amis   and   Works    for a
ol   Southeast
Columbia, in
that thirty days after date I intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Com mi s-
of Lands ami Works for a
to prospect' for coal and pet-
on the following lamls situate
Districl ol Southeast Koo-
Bflttsli   Columbia, in   Block
iu the
Commencing at a post planted »l
or near I mile south of (has
Kiske's claim, nn cast boundarj) ol
Block 1503 and being the south.wrst
corner post of H, Mason Raburg
tlaim; thenco north 8d chains; tliencc
east no chains; thenco south mi
chains, thenco wesl su chains to a
point of commencement, making ••\"
acres, more or h'ss.
Located   this  30th dav of October,
Rt y Allen, Agenl for
II. Mason Raburg, Locator,
Baptiste X Lamerioux
his mark. 15-51
tin:   Dis
tenay,    British
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles west of II. I'. Bennett's claim on south-east comer on
cast boundary of Block 1503 and being the south-west corner post of
■ Inn. MaeOinnis claim; thencu north 80
chains; Ihence cast 80 chains, thenee
south 80 eliains; thence west SU
chains to a point or commencement,
making (ilu acres, more or less.
Located this lst day of November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
.Inn. MaeOinnis, Loculor.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
his mark. 46-5t
lhal thirty  days afler date I   intend
lo apply   to Un: lion. Chief Coiiinus-
sloner   <.f Lands   ai.d   Works    for a
prospect   fur coal and pet-
tlic follow ing lands situate
1 cense to prospect fnr coal and pot-
loloum on the following lands situate
n ihc District of Southeast Koolenay, British Columbia, in Block
Commencing al a post planted al
or near where this claim joins Chas.
Q-ruwell ojaim on east boundary nf
Block 1603 and being the south.cast
corner post nf .Inn. Macfiinnis
claim* thence west so chains, thence
nortii Sll chains, there.* easl 80
chains, rhence south su chains in a
point of commcncemcnl, making 040
aires, more or less.
uili iiu
v .-.I October,
A gen
X I.
ial thirty
to apply   I.
days after date I   Intend
i tho Hon. Chief Commls-
that thirty days after dale I Intend
to apply io the Hon. Chief Commis-
sii net of Lands and Works for a
license to prospecl for coal and petroleum on the following lands situate
In the District ol Soulheasl Koo*
teuaj, British Columbia, in Block
Commencing at a post planted at
or near one mile south of the southwest corner of II. J, Cummii.gs'
claim on east boundary o( Block
1508 and being the south-west corner
posl of Um. \. Kerr claim; thence
north K" eliains; thence east su
chains, ihencc smith Sn chains, thoncc
wesi sii chains tn a point of commencement, making 040 acres, more
or less,
Located this 23rd dav of October,
Hoy Allen, Agenl for
Wm. .\. Kerr, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
bis mark. 45-51
thai Ihiriy
to apply
ing the si i
I iecust
in  tlit
is    HEREBY     OIVKN
days alter date I   Intend
the Hon, Chief Commis-
suilr.-easl corner    post      of sioner   nf I...
lo prospect    for coal and pel-   license lo proi
nn the following lands situate   roleum oa the
tbat thirl)
lo apply
of   Southeast
Columbia, in
ays after date I intend
lhe Hon, Chlel Commis-
'ids and Work, for a
spect for coal and pet-
llowlng lands situate
sioner    of Lands   and   Works     for a
ihat thirl) da;- niter date I tm i.i
to apply in Un* Hon. Chief Commissi! ner ..[ Laml.-; and Works foi a
license in prospecl fnr coal and pi *
lnleiuu mi ihe following lands silwnte
in the District .-! Soulheasl Koo
lenay, British Columbia, in Block
Commencing al .i posl planted .it oi
near, lliis i laim joins ll Mason
Roburg's claim on north-west cornei
on easl boundary nl Block 1191 ,. |
•being the northwest oornei p. st ol
Wm.   \.   hell     .hum,   llieniv east   Mi
chains;   ihence    south    so    chains;
theme     west Ml chain1;    11), nee n H "
sn    chains tu a    polnl ol commence
menl, making 010 a. res,    more     oi
Local -d this    :{nili d.u ol Oi'
Roy Allen,  \gciH foi
Wm. A. Kerr, Locator
Hapiiste \ Lamerioux
his mark, 15 51
thai  Ihiiiy   davs a tier ttoti
lo apply   lo Un1 He
su iici    of Lands   m
hat thirty days after dale I Intend
t> apply to the Hon. Chief Conmiis-
o ner <if Lands and Works for a
iceiise lo prospect for coal and petit, leiim on lhe following lands situate
in the. District of Soulheasl Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block
Commencing at a post planted at
or near. This claim joins the west
md of    Chas. Kiske claim   or.    cast
I idary ol Block 1503 and being the
Minih-easi corner post of M. T. Ro
burg claim; thence west sn
ehains, ihence north If) chains, thenee
easl Mj chains;*, ihencc south lo
chains to a point of commencement, making 040 acres, more ui
Located this 1st day of Nov.'mini*.
Roy Allen, Agent for
M. T. Raburg, I.icator.
Baptiste \ Lamerioux
his mark. 45-5t
in lhe Districl ol Southeast Koolenay, llrilish Columbia, in Block
Commencing af a pi si planted at
i r near where this claim joins Nellie
Sylvester claim on north-west corner
cu east boundary of Block 4503 and
being ihe north-east corner post of
Jno. Macginnis claim; thence south
Ml chains; Ihencc west 80 chains;
ihence ninth 80 chains, thence oast
811 chains to a point rf commencement, making 010 acres,    more     or
Located this 30lh day ol October,
Boy Allen, Agent foe
Jno. Macginnis, Locator.
Baptisle X Lamerioux
his mark. 45-51
that  thirl
lo apply
sii net    of
license Ui
* to tin
of Land-
to prospi
on the i
i after dale 1 Intend
lion. Chief Commis-
ai.tl Worl s for a
it h.r eoal and pet-
Ilowing lands situate
of Southeast Koo-
Columbla, in    Block
in the
Commencing at a pnst planted at
or near one mile south of Chas.
|GmwcII's ilaim on cist boundary of
Block 1503 ami being the south-cast
comer posl of H. P. Bennett claim,
thence west 80 chains. thenee north
80 chains; tli,nee cast SO chains.
Hi.in,- south 80 chains to a pclnt of
i ■•niiiicnc.ir.et.i, making ti 10 ad" «"
more or less.
Located this   SOtli day of October,
Boy Allen. Agent for
ll   [», Bennett   Lcest-ir.
Baptiste X Lamcrioiix
his mark. *t5 5t
that thirty days after dale I Intend
to apply to ihc Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works for a
license to prospect for coal ami pot-jUcenss to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands situate roleum on the following lands situate
in the District of Southeast Koo- in tbe District of Soulheasl Koolenay, British Columbia, in Block! tenav, Brltlsll Columbia, iu Block
1508; (503:
Commencing at a post planted at Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile south of Block 1038 or near where ihis claim joins Wm.
on east boundary of Block 1503 and A. Kerr's claim on south-west corner
being the south-east corner post of post on east boundary of Block
Baptisle Lamerioux claim;, Mieuce 4693 and being the north-west corner
west 80 chains; thence south 8il posl of Chas. Qruwell claim;, tlicnce
east Ml chains; ihencc south so
chains, tlicnce west KU chains, thence
north 8fi chains to a point of com*
mencementi making oio acres, mou
or less.
Located this    23rd dav of October,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Chas. Qruwell, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
his mark. 15-51
mclng at a post planted at
'i near 1 east of Win. A. Kerr claim
'ii cast boundary of block 4693 ai.d
doner of Lantls ,,f Works for ;
Kloise MacGinnis1 claim; thenct
south *siJ chains, thence west m
chains; thence north 8n chains
ihence cast HO chains To a point 0
commencement, making (Mo acres,
more tr less.
Located tins    80th day of October,
Hoy Allen, Agent for
Kloise Macfiinnis, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerkux
bis mark. 45-5t
of   Southeast
Columbia, in
Koo- in the   District
Block  mnay,    British
Commencing at a post planted at
or neat* re-staking of claim 1331,
this post planted in south-cast corner nn east boundary of Block 1693
and being the south-east corner post
of Arthur Perham claim; thet.ee west
80 chains; tlicnce north 80 chains;
thence cast 80 chains, thence south
8u chains to a point ot commencement, making 040 acres, more or
Located tins 33rd dav of October,
Boy Allen, Agent for
Arthur I'erhain, Locator
Baptiste X Lamerioux
bis mark. I5-5t
chains, thence easl KU chains; thence
north 80 chains to a point of commencement, making 610 acres, more
or less.
Located this    28th dav of Ootober,
Baptiste X Lamerioux
his mark
Roy Allen* 45-5t
that thirty days after date 1 intend
lo apply to tlie Hon. Chief Commissi* ner   of Lands   and   Works    for a
Ihat thirty
lo apply
days after date I Intend
i lhe Hon. Chief Comuus-
license to prospect   for coal and pet- aloner   of Lands  aixl   Works    lor «
laj s alter dale 1   im. nd
to applj    to lhe Hon. chief Commit*-
Mi ner   ol Lands   and   Works     for a
lieeiiso tn prospect    for coal and pel   |'
oi   the following lands situatt
tn the  Districl   ..f   Southeast   Koo
li lift),    British   Columbia, In    Bit
Commencing at a posl planted at
oi near I :! mile south or Lol
No, 1631 in easl bt undary ol Block
1593 and being the south west , ornei
ol i has. I'is'c claim; thence i.orlh
Iti chains,   thenee      east   SU     chllins,
thi nee*  south  10 chains; Ihencc   west
hains   to a    point  of commence
nn i *.   nuking 640  acres, more      or
Located (his lst   dav of November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Chas. Kiske, Locator
Witness -
Baptiste \ Lamerioux
his mark. 45-51
\ ■ ri*'i: LS HEREBY GIVEN
that thirt) days alter date I intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commis
sii ner   of Lands  and  Works    for a
tns-c tn prosed I     tot COal and petroleum on the following lands situate
in the   District   of   Southeast    Koo*
kjtenay,   British  Columbia, in   Block
| 1593:
Commencing nl a posl planted al
or near whei this claim Joins D. J.
I.i-gerald'*: claim nn easi limn lai;
..( Block    1693 and being the    norih-
WCSl   cm ner    post  nf Nellie Sylvester
claim, thence    easl so chains; thence
SOUth 80 Chains; Ihence west 81)
chains; lhcr.Cc north 80 chains tn u
point nf commencement, making (ilu
.H-i*. s, more or less.
Located this 30th dav ol October.
Roy Allen, Agent for
Ni llie Sylvester, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
bin mark. 45-51
(i1\ EN
1   Itttnul
Chief Commlii-
Works    for a
license to prospect fnr eoal and petroleum ou the following lands situate
in the Districl uf Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block
Commencing at a post planted nt or
near where this claim joins the
north-cast corner of D. J. Fitzgerald's claim on east boundary of
Block 4503 ami being tho soulh-easi
corner post of Nellie Sylvester
claim; Ihencc west- 8(1 chains; thence
nortii SO   chains;    Ihence   east,      Ml
tbat thirty davs after date I Intend
lo apply in the Hon. Chlel Commissioner of Lands mid Works for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands situate
in the District of Southeast Koo-
tenav, British Columbia, in Block
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile south ot .Ir.o. MacOln-
that ihiriy  days after date I   intend
In apply tn the Hon. Chief Commis
sll net ol Lands ami Works for a
license lo prospect for coal and petroleum on tlie lollowlng lands situate
in the District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, In Block
Commencing nt a post planted    at
nr near   where lids claim joins ('has.
on  Gruwell  clain
east boundary     of
nis  claim on north-east corner
east boundary of Block i;*'.i'l ar.d Tie-1 Block   4693 ami being the south-east
jug the north-cast corner post or    H. (corner      posl of     .Ino.     MacGinnis
P.    Bennett   claim;   thenct'  south SO claim;  Ihence west Rfl chains; thence
chains; Ihence west 80 chains; thence  north so   chains;    thence  east      80
Chains; thence south Hf) chains lo      a'north SU  chains; thoncc    cast       80[chains; thence south so chains to    a
point    of commencement, making 0*10 j eliains    to a  point   of commence* point of commencement, making otn
acres, moro or less. incut, making fill) acres, more ir less,   acres, more or less.
Located this   1st day of Novcmlier, J   Located this   1st dav of No*
Hoy Allen, Agont for
H, P. Bennett, Locator
Baptiste X Lamerioux
his mark.
Roy Allen, Agent for
Nellie Sylvester, Locator
Baptiste X Lamerioux
bis mark,
Located Ibis    80th dny of October,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Jno. MacGinnis, Locator.
Haplislc X Lamerioux
hli mark.
roleum on the following lands sit nat
in the District of .Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block
Commencing at a post planted at
or near where this claim joins
south-east corner post of Chas, Gruwell claim in cast boundary of Block
iVc, ,Unl being the south-west corner
license to prospect for coal and pet
roleum on tbe following lauds situate
In tbe District ol Soulheasl Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block
Commencing at a post plant-d at
or near where this claim joins Jno.
Macdii.iiis' claim on east boundary of
Block    1593 an(| tteing tho somn-tast
posi of Arthur Perham claim, thence corner post of Kloise MacGinnis
claim; tlicnce west Ml chaii.s, thene
nortii 80 chains; thence east 8
chains; thence south 80 chains ta
point of commencement, making Rid
acres, more or less.
Located this    30th dav of October.
Roy Alen, Agent fcr
Kloise MacGinniss, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
his mark. 15-51
north su chains; tbenco east su
chains, thene-' south 81) chains,
thence west Ml chains to a point of
commencement, making 610 acres,
mote or less.
Located this   2oth day of October,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Arthur Perham, Locator.
Wil ness:—
Baptiste X Lamerioux
his mark. 45-5t
that thirty days after date 1 intend
lo apply to the lion Chlel Commissi! ner of Lands and Work.*, f„r a
license to prospect for coal and pct-
rolcum on the following lands situate
in the District of Southeast Koo'
tenay, Hritish Columbia, in Block
Commencing at a post planted ,u
or near where this claim joins
si nth-cast corner of tl. P. Ben
Rett's claim on east boundary ot
Block 4593 ami being the south-west
corner p. st of D. J. KiUgcraht
claim; thence north 8u chains
ihei.ee easl 80 chains, tliencc soutti
80 chains, Ihencc west 80 chains to a
polnl of commencement, making nti<
acres,   more or less.
Located this 30th dav 0f October,
Boy Alien, Agent for
D. J. Fitzgerald, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
his mark. 46-51
days after date I   intend
thai Unity days after date I intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissi* ner of Lands ami Works for a
license lo prospecl for coal and pel-
roleum on the following lands situate
in the District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block
Commencing at n posl planted at or
near where this tlaim joins 10078 on
northwest corner of east boundary of
Block 1593 and being the south-west
corner post of Arthur Perham claim,
thence i.orth 8(1 chains; thence east
mi eliains; thence south Sii chains;
Usance west HO chains to a point rf
commencement, making i; in acn s,
more or less.
Located this 1st dav of Novrmter,
Roy Allen, Agent fot
Arthur Perham, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
his mark. 45**5t
that thirty days after date I intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on tbe following lands situate
I n the District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block
Commencing at a post planted at or
near, this claim Joins D. J. Fitzgerald's claim, post planted one mile
north on east boundary of Block
1603 and being the south-west corner
pest of Jno. MacGinnis' claim
thence north 80 chains, thence east
Mi chains, t hence south Mi chains
thence west SO chains to a point ot
commer.cvincnt, making trio acres,
mure or less.
Located this   80th dav of October,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Jno. MacGinnis, Locatoi
Baptiste X I.am eric tH-
li is mark. 18 '<
that thirty days after date I Intend
to apply to lhe Hon. Chief Coinmis-
llonec of Lauds and Works for a
license to prospecl   for coal and i**i-
that thirty days after date 1 intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Coinmis-
sirner of Lands ai.d Works for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on lhe following lands situate roleum on the following lands situate
fn tlie District of Southeast Kotr in the District of Southeast Koo
tenay, British Columbia, in Block !tenay, British Columbia, in Block
1593: 1508:
Commencing at a post planted at Commencing at a pott planted at
or near where this claim joins Wm. or near I east of Win. A. Kerr claim
A. Kerr claim or. east boundary of on east boundary of Block IVi. and
Block 4593 and being tbe north-east being tlie northeast Corner post nf
corner post ol Chas. Gruwell claim; Eloise MaeOinnis' claim...Ihence south
thenee south 80 chains; tlicnce west 80 chains; thence west'80 chains,
90 chains; thenee nt rth 80 chains; thence north Ml chains, thenee cast
80 chains to a point rt rnmiiiciiir-
ment,    making 01(1 octet, more      01
Located Ibis    30th day of OctoiK-r,
Hoy Allen, Agent lor
Eloise MacGinnis, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
bis mark. 45-51
thence east 80 chains to a point of
conimei.cenienl, making filO seres,
more or less.
Located this    80th day of October,
Roy Allen, Agent tor I
Chas. Gruwell, Locator. '
Baptiste X Lamerioux
bis mark. 45-51
that thirty
to apply to the Hon, Chict Commissioner of Lamls and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands ittoatc
in the District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Bluck
Commencing at a post planted al
or near ^.-staking of claim No 1333,
this post planted in south-west in
east boundary of Bluck 4603 and being lhe northeast corner post ol
M. T. Raburg claim, thence west 80
chains; tlicnce north 80 chain-
thenee cast 80 chains, thence south
Mi chains to a poir.t of commencement, making 840 acres, more or
Located    this 2Jrd dav of October.
Boy Allen, Agent for
M. T. Raburg, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
bis mark. 15-5t
that thirty days alter date 1 Intend
to apply to the lion Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on lhe following lands situate
In tbe District ol Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block
Comment ing at a posl planted at
oi neai This claim joins Chas.
Gruwell s claim on b itb-wcst cor*
ner, on east ho ndarj ol itock
1503, ..nd being the north »*cst coi ■
ner post cf H I r immlngs' claim;
thence   .-*.-■   - ihence   south
80 chains, thence west 80 chains;
tbenco nortb 80 chains to a point ol
commencement, making o 10 acres,
more or   less
Located this 23rd day ol October,
Roy Allen, Agent for
ll. J   ctimmings. Locator,
Witness —
Hapiiste X Lamerioux
his mark. 45-51
that thirty days after date I Intend
to apply to the Hon. Chicl Commissi' nt-r of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum un the following lands sHuatc
in the District of Southeast Koo-
tenav, British Columbia, in Block
Commencing at a post planted at or
near where this claim joins the
south-east corner of M. T. Raburg
claim in east boundary ol Block 1503
and being the south-west corner
Win. A. Kerr claim, thence east B0
chains, thence north 80 chair*
thence west mj chains, ther.ee south
Mi chains to a point of commence
ment, making t* 10 acres,     more    oi
Located this 30th day of Ootober,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Wm. A. Kerr, Locator.
Baptiste X Lamerioux
his mark. 45-51
ihat thin*. <la\*> after date I intend
i«* apply to lhe Hon Chlel Commis
su ner of Lands awl Works for a
license to piospect for coal and peV
roleum on the following lands situate
the District of Southeast Kotr
tenay, British Columbia, fn Block
Commencing nt a post planted at
or near where this claim joins the
north-west ccrnrr of claim No. 10078
01. east boundary of Block 1593 ami
being lhe south-east corner post ot
II. Mason Raburg tlaim. thence west
Mi chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence south
mi eliains to a point ol commencement, making fl 10 acres, moie 01
Located this 1st day of Novcmlier,
Roy Allen, Agent for
II  Mason Raburg, Locator
Witness —
Baptiste X l.amerloui
his mark. 45-51
that thirty days after date I intend
•0 apply   to the Hon. Chief Commis-
loner   ol Lands  and  Works    for a
.cense to prospect fur coal and petroleum on the lollowlng lands situate
in the Bistriet ot Southeast Kootenay,    British   Columbia, in   Block
Commencing at a p*M planted at
or near re.slaking of claim No. 1335,
this post plant-rd south-west corner
on east boundary of 45*' i and being
tbe mirth-west corner post of Mason
Raburg claim,' thence north 80
chains, rhence east 80 chains, thence
south £0 chains, thence west 80
■bains to a point of commencement,
making 040 acres, more or less.
Located this -ird day oi October,
Rcy Allen, Agent for
ll. MaaOn Raburg, Locator.
Baptffte X Lamerioux
bis mark. 45*5t
ihat iblity day-, after daic 1 intend
to apply ■.., the iiy.-. Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works lot a
license to prospect for coal ai.d petroleum on the following land:, si'uatc
in the District of .Southeast Koo-
tenav, British Columbia, m Block
Comm*'!.. [ng st a post planted at
or near l mil .. ■' Us "H mile
post m" the west boundary line ot
Block 1508, and befog tbe K. E. corner post of Chas. Kiske's claim,
thence running west 80 chains,
thence loath B0 chain thence east
80 chains, thenee north 00 chau.s to
a point of commencement, making
040 acres, more - :   -
Located  this Kin da) of October,
A. W.  Beidcn, Agent f< r
("has   Ffoke, Locator,
Witness —
Baptiste \ Lamerioui
his mark. 48-Ot
that tblrt) days after date 1 Intend
to apply to the Hon Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works f,,r a
license to ptOSpei I for cool and petroleum on the following lands situate
in the District ot Southeast ho..-
tenav, British Columbia, in Block
Commenting at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east of the U mile
post of ihe west boundarj line of
Block 4S0S and being Uh S W. corner
posl cf chas Kiske's claim; thence
running north so chains, thence cast
811 chains,    thence south mi    chains;
thenOBWeSl *■" chains t.» .1 point of
commcncemnit, making OW acres,
more or less.
Located this 17th day ol Ootober,
A   W    Beldcn, Agent for
Chas   Platte, Locator.
Witness —
Baptiste X Lnmt-rioux
his mark. I5-St
I 10
(t'i |pr*r    "-**!*^e#5
Xmas Catechism
Question: What is the chief duty of men
and women?
Answer: To buy Xmas Presents early, while
there is a good selection, plenty of time to
choose, and clerks are not too busy.
We want the Fathers and Mothers of Cranbrook to see our collection ol
Call early and  make  your selection.    We   will
store the goods and deliver when you desire.
Co-Operative Stores
Iiy |,ov
"Nitn CllUim,
Spanish style
Rare Musical Treat
The Kiiih'h.s ol Columbus not alom
placed the real music lovers of Cranbrook under a deep obligation lo
tlirin nut also scored an unmiatad
aide hit h> inducing ihe Schubert
Symphony club to give a concert
heii- under their auspices on Kriday
evening last.
li is nut* that ie.itInl performance***
und all kinds ul musical pltllc (if that
term oven hall describes the rotten
ness of the miserable encophonj we
aie sometimes victimized wiiin Imve
attracted ami will continue to at-
trad laryt.'f houses, but even as   one
cannot make a silk purs it    cl    a
inn's car, so, tliere are pars you
cannol charm v»nli ait ami harmon
les beyond then educational reach ami
comprehension—howevci    long    inch
cars may Ih*.     The elect o| lhe musi
<al amateurs of Cranbrook wen- pre
sciit and those who were absent were
prevented ht causes beyond theli
No mattei how prosaic ve maj he;
im mattei how* close are slick tu tin*
grind  and   llie   L'lline ol   c.lttiiii'*       otlt
necessary bread and Uw scrape ot
butter tbnt goes therewith by way
oi special reward still there is lurking m most ot us a longing (or thai
something which lift-* ns to the higher plant' where the worry of dUi
lite and Its cares seem all trivial,
lade awaj as things o[ another sphere
and are forgotten As the phrase
goes, sre "got <>-'t "I ourselvi snd
arc all ibc bi-itct lol it ItcuvHiahlc
recreation Is Mceasarj tor us all, ami
in pursuit ot it we ail take a    chaine
now ami again Mm- limes out of
ten, h'-nun*, for mmetbtng really
worth while, wc encountei iil.iiant.
brutal ralgarlty. obacenlt) veiled ami
uiivniid, ran-timc   nt and    t.ch.oille
loity tihii rats n.w York latlurcn.
otttcoati oi tin "preteab," snd doomed   to    the  mad f"t   thtlt   limitllu.lllt
mi', sinmtm Bored to death ere
conn- awS) and make nm "N,\,t,
now asm*':, fot I've intm stung by.
iln* same old scrags ot mutton undressed to look like lamb " So it
CMpes )•> pass that tin* good sutler.
lor the offending of those who um
the so-called "musical comedies" but
Which arc iu truth uml fact, tin- wry
glaotnteat kind ot mnKir.il tragedies
lor llu SB who nre unlucky enough to
nave to listen to ihem. Once Bhere
came nlong » gang wherein there figured n prima donns whose facial pro-
tobersnea was of so retrousse a type
Unit she could pre!h well look dawn
ber nostrils She bad n voice of the
quality of nu oc.ttma with a mechanl-
oal shuke attachment produced, apparently, by a kind <*f wogglement ol
one heel Add to this tbat the
Ltd*,   laid on    hei  path)   with a brick-
layer's trowel ami vou have a picture
of ihe  avenge obi musical   comedy
Idi let  who Would (illli ravish ik into
th- heaven ol musical delight at the
I uin* of $2 per head. She wus aided
Hi Iici fUtMimklng, save the mark, Iiy
a Scotsman, a supposedly comic
Scotsman, who wore liuhts under hia
kilts and bad the remains of a voice
ihal originally must have been a fair
imitation ol a "busied" foghorn(
li.ii show was a terror, hut there
have been worse crews ol pirates
; ...und cruising round west of the
Rockies. Of course, as someone has
said, lhal class of stuff is exactI)
.Wmi pleases people who ait* suited
li) thai brand of amusement; bul
these who attended lite Schubert
Symphoii) club concert do not hank-
el alter thai variety of entertainment ami, thanks In* io the Knights
of Columbus, for once in a way, tiny
reallj and truly got more than value
ft i   I lieu   money.
li is liillnnh io deal with the en-
lei'talnmenl Itself, in that, it some
if ihe items were had one could use
ihem as a background lo brlifcton the
high lights of those that were bet-
hi. hut where    all tbe items    were
anything the instrument is capable ol
und the true feeling ot the musician
is there in plain evidence. He was
taught iu Chicago. Would you think
that lhe city of Upton Sinclair's
".Junglo" could nurture and train
such art? But do not forget it is
the home of the Chicago Symphony
i lehcstra. Purccll can he. as great a
violinist as his ambition dictates. He
has the art. Beauty of it all is tbat
ht- is absolutely free from affectation
or '"sldo."
America any national music'.'
the negro melodies, and even
of them, tliere appears to lie
The ipiostion was suggested
* I'urcell singing Do Kovcn'i
an imitation of Un
which came in with
iti/ett's Carmen. Do Koven
claimed as an American, but the
song mentioned is only a poor enough
composition. Tin* singer did the
composer ihe honor of pulling moro
inio il than he ever dreamed into
either the music or the accompaniment. She responded to a great encore with what many consider the
gem of the evening, "All That I Ask
Is l.o\e." The violin ohligalo played behind the scones
would almost tear your heart out.
li was exquisite singing. It is impossible to describe tlie purity and
perfect levelncss of her tone. "Ctm-
lratio," said an old Italian voice
producer, 'is the voice of the angel
who said 'Hail! Mary." ' That helps
om* to understand.
The concerted pieces were fully
Worthy of the solo pails. The
pianissimo passages, notably iu
"(lid Black Joe," laded lo so faint a
whisper or harmony that one listened
htealhless as if breath would hh,\v
Hie si rain away.
Anna Weather Ington was capital in
botli her monologues, By the way,
both were heartily encored. We know
whal lhal means in the monologue
class. 'The Manicure Lady" was
ureal, a splendid sarcasm. Pity it is
ihat some ot our rising young lady
assistants and others could not' sec
Uu* point of her pretended Indulgence
in Uu- Infernal gum chewing habit. Il
is a worse ohession than tobacco
chewing autl fifty limes more exasperating lo the nerves of those win
have to witness the crime in action
'■(lee," saitl one coming out of the
opera house, "wasn't thai nianicun
girl just swell?" "Wonder," said tin
oilier, "what kind cr gum she was
ehewin' You bet, it chewed good."
This was said wistfully. Imagine a
wistful gimi-chewer!
ll is satisfactory to have to record tbat a substantial sum was paid
over lo the Sisters of the St. Eugene hospital as the result of the
visit of the Schubert Symphony
quartette who have furnished us with
n standard to measure future performances by. "Nearly Osgood as
ihc Schubert quartette," will he the
high water mark of compliment lill
ihey conn* hack again.
ami    some supremely si,
of   contrast  is almost de
was good to unit- ilu* freshness
legam-e of      lhe holies' evening
luiiics, their easy* air of reserve
cud refinement and ihe entire absence
<f 'show   od."       Some people like,l
Ibis ilctii, some tliat, some the other,
Ian it cannot tie forgotten that Miss
('order** singing was a gnat feature,
she gave a wonderful Illustration ol
Cu- capabilities and range ol lite
soprano voice in the arts fiom Rlgo
leltn, ihe theme of which opera was
taken t*\ V'vrdl fiom Hugo's 'I.e Boi
s'Amuse." She is quite young, uml
it twenty, hui possessed ol a ijtorious
mice ami all ihe technique in tin
operatic world, in this vocal tour
ih* force hei voice tippled ami trilled
like a link am) hardly a lark oi
them all would date Ih Lo Unit h . i
1*.  Hat   in    all she accomplished       so
null)   (ami without running Up    the
Steps ol the scale |o reach |t, cllliei)
that it almost passed tiiinol ic.-il \t*-
i-I       tel.ite ailem   Was  proved      once
inr ii iii. Responding to an ono re that
w.i. nol io be denied she sang that
song which is paii of the heart >•!
the whole world "The Leal Rose nl
Summer," known In tin* Irish as
"The Moreen." Therein she found
In i o*M n heal t am! (tang (mm il.
When all is said, il is Ihe nilistle
touch of enthusiasm, putting one's
soul into tt, thai constitutes lhe last
word in lhe art of either singing or
playing Loots Cordet will not be
forgotten easily by those who had
the great pleasure of heating her.
A virtuoso on anv Instrument indulges in virtuosity; that is, the last
refinement of mastery over the manipulation of the Instrument. Vou associate tin- idea with an elderly person, like, tor instance, what Abbe
I.iw* appears in his poi trails.
Thomas Vincent Purccll is a true
\iiiiiisi. fm all Ihat he is only twenty-1 Wo years ot age Balancing an
eel on the end of your nose is easy
compared to ihe feats ot Utpplo
■topping and fourth position huiimui
iis   he tan accomplish  Ih* enn      do
When application was mad.* at
Vbergavenny, Wales, for a license to
sell intoxicants at a bazaar at the
town hall in aid of lhe funds of Holy
Trinity church, Alderman Poster, a
magistrate, said bt* could not give a
stent vote of consent, The application had been previously before the
ci urt ami refused, and it was not
creditable to any Christian church to
make such an application, fn his
opinion the eare of souls ami the sab1
of intoxicants were not good bed-fellows. He could not support an
"unholy alliance" of that description. The mayor replied that he
could not see any barm In it, ami thr
application was granted.
"I do not believe there is any other medicine so good for whooping
cough as Chamberlain's Cough Remedy," writes Mrs. Francis Turpin,
Junction City, Ore. This remedy Is
also unsurpassed for colds nnd croup.
Kor sale hv all dealers. 44-tt
The World's Fair, the Audi*
torium, December 6th.
Cardinal Dr. Bourne
The Most HoverOnd Francis Bourne,
Archbishop of Westminster, has received Hi- Intimation that he Is to lw
created a cardinal at tne Consistory
to he held iu ltome ou November 117.
Since (he death of Cardinal Vaiigban
iu 1003 England has not been honored
with the Bed Hat, so that the elevation ot Br. Bourne will bc more than
over welcome to all Roman Catholics
in England. Br. Bourne, who is ono
of seventeen on whom this new dignity and honor arc to be conferred,
will leave London for Rome this
Tho archbishop is a Londoner, having Ihth bum at Clapbam on March
23, 181(1. He is, therefore, in his
fifty-first year. He is tbe son of an
Englishman, Mr. Henry Bourne, wlio
was principal clerk in tlie reeciver-
goneral's branch ol the general post
otlice, and who jollied the Roman
Catholic ehurcli on his marriage to
Miss Ellen Bryne, a Dublin lady.
Dr. Bourne will he the fourth cardinal archbirhop of Westminster, his
predecessors having been Cardinals
Wiseman, Manning and Yang-han. He
received his first ecUfoslastlcal training at t'shaw, Durham, from which
lie went to St. Edmund's College,
Ware, owing to a fear that lie might
contract consumption Ir. tbe north,
his brother having died from tliat
disease at t'shaw*. From Ware .lie
wenl to St. Thomas's Theological
A communication has been received
by Rossland Aerie, No. 10, Fraternal
Order ol Eagles, from Fred J, Lynch,
of New Westminster, deputy grand
v.,.iih> president for Western Canada, intimating lhal steps are being
taken to secure adequate representation for Canada in the (irand Aerie,
says lhe Rossland Miner. It is sug
grilled tbat for that purpose Canada
shit I be   divided    into live districts-.
md ihe name of   ]•'.. S. II. Winn,
I'ossland, is mentioned as deputy
for ilu- district reaching fi.iin Arrowhead to Michel, including the
Boundary country. The Rossland
Aerie lias been askiil tor its views un
ihe matter.
College at Hammersmith. Then
studied at Paris and at Louvain,
As archbishop of Westminster his
greatest work was the organization
of the Eueharistic Congress, the most
representative ol any Catholic assembly ever held ir. England,
Dr. Bourne lias secured for himself
a peculiarly strong position, because
of bis steady devotion to tbe. purely
spirltUfil and priestly character of bis
high olliee. He Is tbc only Archbishop of Westminster who has ever
been Invited by tlie King lo Buckingham Palace.
(if the other sixteen new cardinals
two are Knglish-speaking prelates.
They are Archbishop Farley, ot New-
York, and Archbishop (VCouncil, of
Boston. Only six, it is interesting
to note, are Italians. Four of the
new cardinals are Frenchmen. Mgr.
(intuitu di Belmontc, who ligiind as
the Pope's envoy extraordinary at
ilie coronations of King Edward and
King Oeorge V., is also among tlie
new cardinals.
Tbe Archbishop of Westminster has
also received Apostolic Letters
whereby new ecclesiastical provinces
an* creeled at Birmingham ami Liverpool, anil the present bishops of Birmingham and Liverpool are raised to
the archlcpisoopal dignity. Tlie
Archbishop of Birmingham will have
as suffragans the Bishops of Clifton,
Mciievia, Newport, Plymouth ami
The suffragans of the Bishop ot
Liverpool wit be the Blchops of
Hexham and Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Lewis and Salford. The
A rchblshop of Westminster remains
tbc metropolitan ol the sees of
Northampton, Nottingham, Portsmouth ami Southwark, and is grant
eil preeedence over til the other archbishops ami bishops, with the right
to   convoke nml   preside at all meet-
Good Clothes
Do not forget that
while all clothing is
bound lo wear out
and lose its shape—
the clothing that is
likely to retain its
line appearance and
perfect lil longest is
thai which has a
foundation of honest
materials and earnest, careful workmanship,
For this reason,
outside of lhe question of price
Xmas Goods are
now here
Our stock is now ready
(or your inspection
nigs of tire I li.-rar.liy. to ai't as representative ol the episcopate in all
ollieial negotiations with llie government, and to tlie use ot the throne,
pallium ami ar.-hiepiscopal cress
throughout tlie whole ol Knglanil and
\ Typewriter for Sale |
Remington   So.   7.   with .
tabulator!   Cwt $112 cnih.
', Wry litlli, lined.   In perfect \
order with nil the usual n.Tet.-.
; sories.   $7"i takes It,    Apply
11<> Underwood. Humid otlice.
Wo represent all the old r. -1 i.-11 ■ 1, -  fire Insurance
Do you carry choiikIi Insurance on your property?
If not. gee us at once ami f.-t our rates.
We have a nice plant, re 1 House will, waler nnd |
electric Unlit, FOB RENT,
Kstalilislii.l 1807
of William Wilfrid Hinsdale, laic ol
Ibc Town ot Crunbrook, in the Province of British Columbia, Laborer,
Notice is hereby given that all persons having any claims or demands
against tla- lute William Dinndale,
who died on or about the twenly-
sccond day ot December, A.D , l»iu,
at the Town of Cranbrook, in thu
Province of British Columbia, arc required lo send by (tost prepaid or In
deliver to tlie undersigned, Administrators herein (or the estate ot William Bins-dale, their names and addresses and full particulars in writing
ot their claims and statements of
their accounts ami the nature of the
securities, il any, held by them.
And take notice that alter tht* first
day ot January, 1019, tlie said administrators will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased
amoiti; tbc persons entitled thereto,
having regard,only to the claims ol
which they shall then have had
notice, and that tbe said Administrators will not be liable for tla* said
assets or any part thereof to any
persons ol whose claim they shall not
then have received notice.
Dated at London this nisi da)-   ot|
November, A.D., 1911.
London, Ontario,
Administrators for the Estate of William Willrid Hinsdale. 4M-.U
Cranbrook Steam Laundry
Wc are now ready to do all kinds of laundry
work quickly and by the most approved sanitary methods.
' FREE SENDINC tor nil Renllemen's apparel.
* I.:.iiuilry promptly called for and delivered,
• Watch for the uiinoumemciit of our Formal
OPENING DAY for the LadiesoC Cranbrook.
• lle^inmm: Dee. lst »c will do " Ituuuh Dry "
work one.-a week.   Cull up No. 65 for particulars.
* Inspection of the Uonoral Public invited nt
any time.
* licntlcuien ! Don't forget we sew your but
tons on FREE !
We hnvo mlilei 1 a night watchman to onr force, lo protect our patrons from danger of loss Iiy tin*.
Cranbrook Steam Laundry
McKay   *   .lai'Kao.
Arrange lo meet your
friends here
Sandwiches a Specialty
Phone 56
~^~       . .tv sTORg
Protect Ymir Health
Iiy ItiiyitiK Pure Pood
We hear much about the hij-h cosl of living,
You can reduce your account on our quantity
price. It costs us considerable lo deliver an
order to your house every day. Buy a month's
supply and see what you can save.
Everything in line lor Xmas. Some especially good things in our China and Glassware
Campbell & Manning


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