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Cranbrook Herald Jul 14, 1910

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1UL 18 WO      JJ
LegflNatl'i Llbrsrjr
V -V/c/TfaWKjli
In tho Herald Pays—Try
Our   Local   Columns
Ve sis well  squlppsd I.
luruouulio lieildsss
No. 20
Watch Wardner Grow!
Little Lumbering Camp Promises Soon to
Become Thriving Center of Varied Industrial Enterprises.
Commemorate Battle of Boyne ;New lndustryfor E- Koofenay
General Manager   of the Crows Sesl
Pass I.ember Co,
Wardner i.s booming.
And there are abundant reasons [ot
this cheerful condition of affairs.
In the lirst plan- Wardncr is the
center of tin* operations of the Crows
Nest Pass Lumber company, lhe
place where the head olllces are located, where the managing director,
Mr. Peter Lund, resides.
The C. N. P. L. Co. is one of the
big industrial concerns of Kast Kootenay, employing a large number of
men and steadily branching out us
business opportunities warrant.
It is no wonder that residents ol
Wardner have confidence in thclt
prettily situated burg, when thej
note the improvements of a permanent character the big lumber cm-
puny have miller way and in contemplation.
dust at present the company arc
hating installed a water jacket burlier, upon a solid cement, louutlathm,
which means an outlay i>f fully Sift,-
000, an investment not to be contemplated if there were any doubt as
to the permanency ol milling opera
lions at Wardner. hi anNtItion, the
company have erected recently several
handsome cottages (or the use j-i
married employees, and this policy is
being farther enlarged, More •■•
tagCS are going up and water works
are being installed.
Indications ol stability thai cannot
fait to impress every visitot
Coupled with the large li .•
ami Improvements of a pcrman nl
character now being made by the
lumber company, i* the large Inv
ment made bj Mr. Peter Lund himself, tn the erect! f n really palatial residence.
Some lime ago the Herald
i*d n brief description ol this splendid
home, which is now Hearing
tion.     When read)  foi dccii] all m It
will     eel tainl)     lie lhe hai '
private   residence tn Kast  Kooh
and nol onl)  I-  .I .i hand omc build
Ing, but    it    Is fitted    up I nl
wilh careful   consideration loi     the
comfort and convenience ol Its I
The house is cortalnl)  one ol    " ■
show features ol Wardnet, and
be of ii fai more pretentious spot
This handsome building tins    wrll
been described ns "a tnonumonl
Mr. ivter   Lund's faith In the  -oi i
u\  .mil his loyaltj    t.»  bis     borne
llm   whilst   wardnorites full)      np
preclate lhe Importance ol trie   ' v*
P I,   Co, in lhe general welfare     ol
their town nnd recognise tl .*■
toiore there has been precious little
else to aOCOUnt  foi   it - COnstanl    |l il
per Ity, they now have In view    new
industries, new    channels "I pi I
ii v. ami look forward expectant!) lo
the day when Wardncr will assume
rank as one of il" busiest cities in
the interior Thai the Wardneritea
do not base Iholr expectations upon
the flimsiest ol reasons will readily
tie gathered by auj one who will pay
the little town a visit and look Into
conditions ns Ihey are today.
Along with the steady growth of
the lumbering industry, comes a more
intelligent application of labor tn (he
agricultural resources or the district. In this move, an impetus lias
been given by the enterprise of Mr.
Peter Lund, whose ranch is another
of tlie show spots of Wardner.
There is abundance of (food land surrounding Wardner, much of which is
now-known to he capable of biioccsb-
ful cultivation. The construction of
tho new bridge across tlto Kootenay
river at Wardner has given quite n
boost to the town, niiuMiit' more ar-
Oesslble nearby farming I units nnd
providing a great convenience for
■ettlers,   north    of tbe   river,   wbo
j heretofore had lo gel in and out bv a
] far less accessible route,
Mill lust nmv vYanlncrites are special!] n.i Im .nl hv the construction ul
■' (he K.C.II. Already the Ilrsi cutis
of trace   builders    is ou (be ground,
I camped just four miles easl ol     the
tnWII III .lllkesoll, a C.P.It. Bhlltg
1 nl will be Hying in a few days, if
of track builders is on the groun.1,
Messrs.  Murns and .Ionian, the   ei n-
; Hnclors, timlcr Foley, Welch and
Stewart, and busily engaged ui (•<
Inhlishlng of enmps, arranging for the
IraitHporlatioii of machinery nnd
plant, ami necessarily make Wardner
their headquarters, l-'or the remainder of the year Wardner is hound to
he   exceptionally     busy as   a coiise-
: queiice of this railway worn* The
little town is crowded lust now,
bouses are at a premium, and ill
available accommodation is taxed tc
the limit.
Puture prospects, judged la the
most conservative light, are cerlal-i-
ly good. The lumber industry, allowing for periodical tits of depression, will steadily increase in Importance. There is absolutely no
prospect of any early decrease in otu-|
put, save temporarily, because ot
market conditions.
lu fours;1 of conversation with Mr.
Peter Lund on the subject of lumbering prospects In Kast Kootenay, n
Herald representative received the
most positive and entirely reliable
assurances on  this  point.
Asked plainly as to bis views of
the probable life of the lumbering
dlistry in the Wardner section,
Lund replied that bis company could
maintain their present output lor at
least another fifty years. He went
on to discuss this question more i'.l-
ly and expressed views that will
prove full of encouragement to every
resident in Bast Kootenay. Dealing
with the conservation problem, nl
which he is a keen student, Mr. Lund
intimated that in his view there need
he no fear of the lumber cut of thli
province being exhausted, provided
systematic conservation tie adhered
to lie believes that with proper
conservation methods strictly and
continuously enforced, the growth ol
new timber would saline to keep all
the mills at present in operation c "■-
linuously employed,
What tbe K.C.It. wit! mea-i to
Wardner is at      this     moment purilv
problematic, hut that it will nake
for its growth is as clear as an
thing can in* The new road will
open up agricultural and mining
lands at present Inaccessible or i-r.io*
tically so, The settlement ol Ibese
lands au*i the operation of the mines
will provide Increased trade ■■
Wardnet as it will lot Cranbroo .
Fort  Steele and other nearby  towns
Vnothei source ol future prosperity
ro which all Wardnerite eyes arc
turned is tbe Hull (liver Klectric
Powei undertaking. Klsewhere it*.
this Issue reference is made to this
vast undertaking and to the Industries that arc like!) to spring then
from Chic! among these, Irom a
Wardnei polnl ol view, is the prospective establishment of paper manufacturing works at Wardner. These
would give employment to a large
numbet ol nun and make for the pet
manencc ol the town.
People passing through Wardnei on
11 alas are nol apt lo form any
low Ing opinions ol the natural
bcautlri ni this spot But the H*l
tor, who stavs uff there for a tern
days, will quickly perceive Ihni
Wardnet Is reallj charming!) situated
on the banks ol the KoolenaJ river,
anil tl at the views in ellhi i dliw-
lion, east and west, can hardly be
surpassed in this section ol the prot
Climatic conditions are favorable In
this   sect ion Growth    Of gar len
stud and fruits is well advanced, and
whits! lliere is the usual complaint
Of early frosts, common to this sec
tion, that is an obstacle that will In
abolished with the closer settlement
of the lands and the provision of air
Altogether a visitor to Wardncr
cannot but be favorably Impressed
with the future prospects of 'he
little town. With its present resources, nnd tbe development id
others, known to exist, there is no
reason why Wnrdner should not maintain its present status nml, in the
Course of time, grow tO be one of the
big centres of industry in Kast Kootenay.
Pin: NALPl-Homc with all conveniences, I urn I shed or unfurnished,
reasonable price and easy terms. Apply W. M. I'etlet, Armstrong Ave.,
Dakar Hill Kit
Orangemen of East Kootenay impressively Celebrate
the Glorious Twelfth
Tuesday last, the Glorious*
Twelfth, was honored in enthusiastic
style by Cranbrook Orangemen, assisted by members ol the organization from all along the Crows N'csl
line, Creston and Kernie being particularly well represented.
The parade from tbe Opera house
lo the Irand stand, iu front of the
government building, was tlie spectacular feature of the celebration, Tito
procession was headed by 1!. A. Kras-
erj mounted ou a white horse, impersonating William III.     The    city
hand       followed      Olid   llicll   Cilllll'   tae
long ranks of Orangemen iu full     regalia.
At   the band stand,     J,  Caniplicll
Lev. Grant, ol Kernie Itev. Mr,
Cl ran t expressed his pleasure ai being privileged io address a gathering
of Orangemen, although nut hlmseil a
member ol the organizaium. lie -,* 11
that bis reason for respecting       Lhe
: Orange order in Canad.
they represented a bod)   ol  u
tensely loyal both to Canada
empire.     Thev   were men  who
; rise as one man to prevent  j
, tempt tu bring nhout tin* sevei
Canada from tbe empire.    Mr,
j then went on to eulogize Cam
; vastness, its great polentlnllll
1 concluded will) an ctoquci
i the principles    of Orangi
ihe said,  represented those prlncip
nice nt
la, its
S.       ll.*
logy ol
W.M., of   Cranbrook lodge, preside 1, j without     which no
caii lu
and after a few opening remarks called upon Mayor Kink' to extend a welcome to the visitors.
Mayor Kink said:
"I am glad to have this opportunity of saying a few words of welcome
to you here today. Cranhrook lias
been much honored this year by
its from many of the different organizations, and, sir, wc an* kIh-1 to
have you come, we are glad to have
you take away our best wishes aud
will be more than glad to have yon
come again. I know but lit lie of
your order, but, sir, I will venture
to say that if every member of your
order practices in his every day life
Ibe motto: Do Itfgilt, Pear Not, at-
will err but little, and will not only
deserve, but will enjoy the reined
and good will of all. I am glad to
see yon meet together today; 1 think
that it does yon good to exchange
ideas and talk over lodge matters ol
the district; it helps you and it
helps the lodge     I trust that    your
meeting will be SUCCCSsfu) in eve:)
way ami that each and every one Will
enjoy, lo the fullest extent, your visit with us here today. In concluding I wish again to extend to you a
most  hearty  welcome."
Mavor Kink's remarks were verj
cordially received and be was accorded a heart y round ol applause .ip-'H
resuming bis seat
W   M    Campbell  next   called    Upon
strong and great, Ile defined the
principles of Orangclsm as being
"Civil ami Iteliglottfl Ltliertv."
Orangemen, he said, were handed together for the defense of these principles and for that reason he i is
proud to address them. Mr. Granl
intimated that lie would have spoken
at greater length were it not so lol,
as it was be closed by thanking the
Fernie lodge for according him Mi'
privilege of being with them on this
He v. c. o. Main was next called
upon. In his opining remarks Mr.
Main apologized for having nothing
new to say, having delivered himself
of his ideas on Orangclsm in lhe
course of a sermon last Sunday ceiling and he thought il would be most
inappropriate to deliver a warn.el
over sermon on a hoi afternoon.
However, he proceeded to dlscius
briefly certain principles of the order
and the necessity for the perpetuation of Orangclsm. He contended
that by virtue of the religious llbert*'!
now prevailing there had grown up
a great diversity and ihere was necessity for some specific organised
hody to bring the various branches of
protestantism together on a conrnon
platform and with a common policy.
Tins, he claimed, the orange society
does. The aims ol the society were
to preserve religious nnd civil liberty.     The organization had    nothing
against their Itoman Catholic brothers ou religions lines. We e.
from them on their attitude towards
civil affairs, Wo wain to be Iriends,
give them absolute liberty in their
religious pursuits and expect llic
same treatment from them. Concluding bis remarks Mr. Main expressed tin' hope that the excessive licit
would not cause anv ol the brethren
to indulge too freely in liquid refreshments.
Organizer Whitely followed. He
welcomed bis brethren frnm along the
Crows Nest line on tbe 231)til anniv, r
sary of the battle ol the Boym-,
which wus lieing celebrated today
wherever the Hritish Hag Hoes
Orangemen, he .said, were llie mosl
misunderstood and misrepresented
men in the empire. Tliey were >■ It-
posed to be actuated by animosity to
Itoman Catholics. Nothing could he
more false. Tbey bad no Ill-will towards Itoman Catholics, hut betluved
in equal rights for all and special
privileges for none. Their differences
with the Roman Catholics were due
lo the fact that the Itoman Catholic
cliurch was not only a spiritual body,
bul one of the strongest political organizations on the face of the globe,
lu order to disabuse the minds of nny
who might think that Orangclsm was
hostile to Itoman Catholicism, Mr.
Whitely said he would discuss lhat
point briefly, as it was one that <
repeatedly raised by opponents of the
organization. lie declared lhat
there was not a single word in the
obligations of any one of the sixteen
degrees in Orangclsm that expressed
anything savoring of host/Hit) to lhe
Itoman Catholic church. It v'as
claimed by some fault-finder'. that
their 12th ol July celebrations were
an insult to Roman Catholics, Nothing could In- more absurd Theli
12th of July celebration was held tc
commemorate the battle of the
Boyne, one of the greatest battles i..
Hritish history, which conserved to
the British people religious and civil
rights and liberties. Every Roman
Catholic could heartily join with
(Continued on page eight.)
Prospective  Early Establishment of Paper
Manufacturing Plant at Wardner
Bull River Electric Power Company's Project Will
Prove an Important Pactor in East Kootenay's
Some few weeks back tbe Herald
devoted space to a brief reference to
the great work being carried tail by
the Bull River Klectric Power c*i„i-
iv. on Hull river The Importance
the undertaking seemed to warrant closet Inspection and consecutenl-
ly a representative of tin- Herat I re-
eiilly paid a visit to the scene ol
A two   hours   flrlvc from Wardner
north, through lovely mountain seen-
ry, brought ono to the canyon id tbe
Hull RIvci falls, where .Mr. lien     K
Henderson, managing director of   the
Company, resides, will) the bul'-. ol
the men, at present engaged on the
work id building Ibe immense Hume,
This i.s a delightful spot, to - u
which alone Is well worth the   lime
pent in getting there. The tall, nre
very line, although not HO cvlctiM-.-
lis those nf lhe Klk river.
The bin flume is, so lur. the eb,, l
wort accomplished by the com pa;;.
It is practically linished now, mid Into Hs construction has gone two and
i quarter million feet of lumber. To
be more exact, the Hume is 92(10 feet
in length. H! feet wide and seven nml
n half feet limb inside. The construction of this Hume entailed a
good many engineering difficulties, a
very large expenditure of money .iiui
the exercise   of a remarkable derree
f persistence and faith on the   natt
t the promoters. But the hig undertaking has been pushed through
in spite of everv obstacle uud In   the
llirSP of a little while a start will
be made on the erection of lhe [lower station and the installation of the
necessary machinery.    The site   if
the power station is right on the
hanks of Ihe Hull river, more Hn i a
ile below the falls and 27.1 teet below tlw- end ut the Hume, thus alii.id
ing   the   pressure,     witb tbe water
available, lo create upwards of ... ,-
mm horse power.
It would require the expert knowledge ol an hydraulic engineer to
give anything like .*■ accurate description of the engineering features ol
ibis undertaking and to describe at
all adequately the many features
that Impress, even ibe Ignorant ■> i-
slder, with the enterprise ol the men,
who have undertaken "bis great ivotk
and with the skill that has been displayed in turning l «ounl ph) :ioal
conditions lhat mlgbl well have discouraged the most intrepid.
Just before ti t ol the flume
is reached, a spill wai has la-en •< ti-
itructCtl, which I permit of the
disposal of exocu water. 7 .is
spill way uill constitute a fall d
rare proportions, Tl • section ->i
the Hume where !h< III wav is c ..
itructed has   been     'ill  or a    solid
rock foundation, Inc overflow
water will pour * *wn the rocky
moiiitlain side lo the river below, a
depth of upwards of "*'• feet.
The Hume is capable of earning
ofi the full (low <f Ihr Hull umt from
the point of intake and the dam at
Ibe intake will he mi i .instructed is
lo divert the entire course of the
river or such proportion of it as may
lie desired.
The uninitiated mljchl juseiflablv -a
press surprise al the Inrge expenditure Incurred bv the promoters of
Ibis ntldcrtaklng, for from casual olr
servailou there does not appear Io
be Immediate!) at hand ibe depend
lor power thnt will I* requisite lo
Utilise the product they will have for
sab*. Hut a few moments converts
with Mr Henderson would qulchly
dispel all such doubts Mr llendi.'
Hon, it is almost unnecessary to remark, is of Scotch extraction.     He
migrated  to tin- t idled *tales  when
bul a lad of 15.    Turned his     banu
to whatever offered, and after a long
apprenticeship to the lumbering business,  found   himself actively engaged
iu the Hour milling business.     He Was
thus engaged, in the State of .South
Dakota, when lie flrsl learned   of lhe
Bull  River Palls.      l'ui**kly .jr.. .
the   possibilities  of   this  power    project, he hurried to Hritish t'olumbln
and headed tor Hull River,    lie - ire-
fully examined the situation, satisfied
himself as to the demand f.>. powd
when procurable,    secured the i.- I
lo Utilise this     power anil  thet
toned back to South Dakota tu Mi*
the capital wherewith to install   the
flume and necessary machinery,      It
he bad a good thing and with cbarac-
ibis money, hut  Mr.  Henderson ' t •*.■
was not the easiest matter t.,   roi
terlstto Scotch pertlnaacilj si
bis   guns and    in due course secure!
sufficient     capital  to   make a slut.
Later mi, some of those who     bad
put thclt    money Into the und r ..
init. came out to British Columbia to
tec what     he   was doing,     AI Oral,
some   of them,     were more or less
reared by the apparent obstacles    in
the way, but a few days spent       on
tlw spot   enlightened them as ••» the
possibilities of the undertaking    and
since then Mr. Henderson has      e*
pcrlenced no difficulty In raising   all
the funds necessary     to tie- prosecution  of   bis big   project.      Already
over $200,000 hnve hen expend) I a" ■
before the fust dollar is earnc-l    ut
tlie sale of   power a further expeni i-
lure over $300,000 will be nccesimri
But that money will be readily avail-1
able, the Dakota and Wisconsin   i <■
interested iu the project have       Ri
abundant   confidence   in the ultima!
money making   possibilities of    -b
(Continued on page sis.)
The Increased price and diminish.1!
supply of print paper was the nrlli-
clpal subject of discussion before the
representatives of the associated dallies ol New York state who met u
Albany, V V., in connection with the
annual meeting of the New v..it
Press association, which opened its
animal convention there last Thursday *
The discussion was led by Mr. John
Morris of the American Newspaper
Publishers1 association. Mr. Norris
said in part:
"The price of news print paper
covers all annual outlay of sfxl)
million dollars. It is influenced by
a gentlemen's agreement which is
try ng to force an agreed price. The
paper mills insist upon knowing '.he
buyer's name and the destlnath ;. ic-
fore tbey sell it,
"Kor lwent) months there It is]
been nn obvious effort to restrict ihej
output. Within three years we bav«
had three print paper famines. The
print paper makers of tbe country
have kept the stock of paper on banu,
for all the newspapers uf the country
In an average supply of less than
eight days Tbe mill owners admit
that they bave produced onlv '■' ,it i
cent of their capacity. In New Voifc
state we are cutting Umber .in
times as fast as it is being produced. If we continue we shall n-'t
have a sawing slock left in the state
in twenty years."
Reports of prospective paper famines dime from other quarters In
fact the American print paper nip-
ply is in a very precarious condlti
iust now and it is quite obvious tbal
Canada will shortly be the supply
point of the entire American continent. It Is .well known that there
are abundant sources of pulp wood In
British Columbia. Alreadv najv-r
mills are being rrtablished in this
province and foreslghted men. interested In the production of paper, iron the alert to h-cate 'he best til ta
ttoos at which iu establish paper
manufacturing plants. in view of
these circumstances it is eminently
satisfactory to be able to state positively and without feat id contraction, that right ben* in the t'ranbrook district there exists every factor making lor a successful paper
manufacturing industi •
Wardncr would llkelj prove to be
the most convenient location for the
manufacturing plant. Pbe source of
supply would be the Hull river, lhe
St. -Mary's, sheep creek and While
river, where practical!) Inexhaustible
supplies of pulp wood can bo obtalc-
i-d and easH] transported \o Wardner,
Tho power to operate lids proposed
paper manufactory can be obtained
(torn tbe Bull River Electrical Tower
company,     it takes I0,t  electrical
horse p wei to operate a bundled ton
papci ii ill. This su] pi) could bo obtained Irom the Bull liner Power
company, which will short!) lie in position ','> contract lot twice tbnt
amount if nccessarj With the raw
product available in exhaustible quantities ami the opera til . power easily
accessible, there is but tin question
of a market for the manufactured article to be considered and witb ihe
growing sesreit) ol p <;> on tbo
American side and the rapidly increasing demand- foi paper throughout Western Canada, ibe market
problem should not prove difficult of
Very briefly reference is made ia
the foregoing I ... should in the
near future ;: ■ ■ | be oi.e of tbe
biggest li lusti .-. li rtakings, tributary to t'ranbrook. The essential
requirements for tin successful operation of the paper manufacturing industry exist at our doors, it is
therefore up to us to see that rarly
advantage 1* taken of the same. This
is work in which tbe Cranbrook
board of trade publicity department
can interest itsell etfectively. Get
It was not the fault of Mr. H. 1.
Hordcn and bis little group of lieutenants that hie recent brief tour of
Ontario evoked little enthusiasm and
even attracted little attention. Tbeyj
did the best they could under the
circumstances, but the conditions
were against them, as they will lie
when the second tour begins some
time later, remarks the Toronto)
Globe. The announcement ol a surplus of twenty million dollars on the
financial transactions of the last fiscal year was a cold douche t-i pesai-
inistic office-seekers, and the changed'
attitude "I the Tinted States toward
Canada in the matter o! reciprocity
proved discouraging. Quite as much
so were the repeated announcement
of the construction of transatlantic
steamers of a high class to do without financial aid the work for which
this country formerly paid large av
niial subsidies It i.s all very well
to say that these conditions would
have come about in any cas--. I ut
this is not the way they are regarded by ttie electors. They believe
the details aud provisions of 'lie
Fielding tariff and the construction
•if tbe National Transcontinental
railway had a good deal to do wiib
Treating tbeui, and nothing Mr. Borden can say will suffice t,i change
their opinion.
Mr. Horden made a scrloui error ol
judgment in singling out lor persistent and unfair attack the second ol
our great transcontinental railways
It would be useless if it were true,
and it Is irritating to Ww public
who know it is nol true, to say nr
even impl) that the unexpectedly
beavj coal ol the national line is
tne t.t "graft." it is due to causes
that are known lo every Intelligent
observer Ol current events: difficulties of construction, scarcity of
labor, the biph standard of tlie work,
and the handicap of a lime limit. In
spite of these obstacles the system is
nearing Completion, and the people ol
Canada rightly regard this as an exceptional undertaking both in magnitude and in success Its effect in
i roadcnfng the eouatry as it was
formerly known to Canadians has
made mere partisan Rrumhlinn ol no
But Mr Horden has erred als.. in
making a very unfair attack on the
government In connection with the
I'liih.e bridge Had it been completed Without n collapse and proved
safe and serviceable as part of the
National    Transcontinental   rallwaj
little would have been heard ol Hip
earlv stages of its financial history,
when a few enthusiasts were advocating what nobody else   bad     any
fa:-:; in Everybody now expects the
bn-ige tu he completed on the pre-
ser.'. plar.s by some competent firm.
Mr. Borden's treatment dI the whole
subject is ungeneroij am narrow-
minded, and therefort unpopular. He
would do :; uch better to cut out o(
his speechc*- ali reference to both the
railway ar-d tbe bridge, and confine
his criticism to the purchase and
construction of local wharves.
For much the same reasons thu
public take little interest in his attacks on tt* government in connection witb the dispensation ol patronage. He knows perfectly well
that the practice lias been from time
immemorial to appoint political partisans to office, and that ministers of
each party have done io. It is
greatly to tbe credit -•! tbe present
government that it bas made a good
beginning In •.'.■ substitution o7 a
better method, selection bj means
of competitive examinations, This
bas been made applicable to the
whole of tbe inside service, and to
that part of tlw- out line service
which is in operation in the vicinity
ol Ottawa. Prom present appearances it wilt not be many years until the whole public service bu been
subjet ted to a ra icfc     re
form. History will do more lustlca
to the Laurier reg this regard
than Mr Horden is prepared to do as
a contemporary who expect! to have
a cbar.ee to utilise the system prepared for him hy the men against
whom be bring   ra ling ai i ti rHona,
MANITOBA    i.i. .' l IONS
With lbs   r-'. ill la three Dr     four
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the returni of tl ■ ■.. > lection in
Manitoba on Moods] ■  that    the
Roblih   gOV| :       * *. ,n-
ed b) a majority tbal will pot differ
by more than one or two from the.
division that prevailed n tbe legislature during the ■■! three
and a half years .\i an early hour
yesterday the available complete returns indicate thai tbe Liberal »■«■
sttion has carried fourteen seats, a
gain of one, Later returns may
chance this in oni i r two In la O ,
hut on the whole the ■*■ rdlcl ol tie-
electors of tin* province differs littK
if at all, from that rendered ..ru
tbe Koblfn government made its last
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show CaSO tables, witb SbOW casts to
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to w. ii Wilson tfl-lt
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iiiviraii   Mooiitiwiio :ill,i. TUB   CH.A.NH1MJUK    IIKKAL1I
Hot an Enterprise
for the      I
liy John W.-iiiamakir
IF there is one enterprise on
earth that a "quitter" should
leave severely alone, it is advertising. To make a success of advertising one must be prepared
to stick like a barnacle on a
boat's bottom.
He should know before he begins
it that he must spend money-
lots of it.
Somebody must tell him that he
cannot hops to reap resultscom-
mensurate with his expenditure
early in the game.
Advertising does not jerk; it pulls.
It begins very gently at first, but
the pull is steady. It increases
day by day and year by year,
until it exerts an irresistible
Men Earn Money—Women
Spend it
If you really doubted this statement, you rouM easily
prove its truth.
Take any department store that Vou know. What percentage ol' floor spaee is for strictlj men's goods?
Or take tho retail distriet in your own city. How many
•tores aro there in which mosl of the customers un* not women I1
< *r tnke your own family.
Who's the Buyer in Your
Tin* mini wlm tu,l:iv can nfTord Family oomforU oan't iitTiinl
tin* time in buy them.
Sn tin' iiiM'si:wiii: becomes ll"* BDTKR,
Sin* buys, the foal the furnishings the toilet goods llic
clothing for herself ami chihlren and practically nil the household supplies.
And the Buyer fur tho family Is of more Importance in
iii.i.i oampnigua than is tin1 Buyer lur the slur...
The women of Cranbrook and
surrounding districts read
The Herald
You  will   find    no   waste
circulation in the HERALD
if yours is a Household Article
SCOTCH      COAL    MINE".     NOW
I Melbourne, Australia, July 5.—The
mint! boy who could liwjp sweet ti-m-
l-ered; tlie miner -Alio could be. mi
"agitator" without fuming and raining; tlie labor leader who could
smile us he worked—this is Andrew
Fisher, child slave in ihe coal pita ol
Ayrshire, Scotland, and now prime
minister ol Australia.
1 It's—well, much like the bottom
■ side of the hereafter—to drag vour
"burden, tiring, through the coal*
dark" underground, when yon have
not readied your teens, and would
laiher be romping on the heath oi
flailing, or hunting,
Unl Airily didn't cuss tlie wol 1!,
bad us it was He Bullied and A'htolled, and nl twenty matte his wa)
I., lhe gold li.-lds of Australia. Here
bis cbi-eiy ways made him a leadei ol
men. lie has helped weld together
Ibe Labor party through which he
hopes lo make Australia a plan'
while boys won't have to give i;p
their boyhood to greed)' capital, a-
Andy did.
For the miners liked this very li.*.-
nhlo Fisher, und liis advancement in
bis trade union, where he became immediately active, and in the Labor
party, was very rapid, lie represented the party in the state parlit-
mciit of Queensland in 1k.i:i, ami ins
been in politics since. He viiB
prime minister in litOB, but as the
Labor party did not control the lawmaking body, In had no support. Now
his party controls the government
Ile is not a brilliant orator, but
speaks clearly, forcibly and briefly.
Never before in the history of tlie
world has a great nation of people
been absolutely governed by the laboring men. Hut this is the condition in Australia in the year 1810,
Labor, politically organized, completely controls tlie government.
The cabinet is not filled with lawyers, much less corporation lawyer*.
There's just one member of the bar
in the ministry, \Y. M. Hughes, attorney-general, but he is u lawyer
for working people and not for capitalists. Andrew Fisher, the prime
minister, is a mine worker. F. I,
Itayehelor, minister ol foreign affairs, i.s a metal worker. Josiah
Thomas, postmaster general, is a
miner. Senator 1'earce, minister fir
deft-use, is a carpenter. F. (i. Tudor, a hat maker, is minister of trade
and customs. King O'Malley, a
newspaper reporter, is minister nl
home affairs. Senator McGregor,
vice chairman of tlu- national council, is a day laborer.
Tlie official Inures show lhat the
election liy which the labor party got
full control of the government was a
landslide. In the last senate, tlie
fused Conservative and Liberal parties had ^1 representatives: Labor
15. In the new senate. Labor has
33 representatives, while the fusto.i-
ists   have Imt   13. The old lioilM
contained IQ Fusionists. 29 Labor-
itev In the new bouse there arc
il l.aborites. and bur 31 Fustonlst-i
The anti-labor majority of 2* has
just been reversed into a Labor .i,.i-
jority of 2:i, The Labor party elected every one of ibe 18 senators In
lhe six Mates (there are \s others
who held over from tlw last parliament), and won Iii seats In the
bouse. Former Prime Minister Alfred Deakin's combine of free traders
ami protectionists is so badly defeated that it will probably break
Among the eauses of the political
revolution are the action of the
tate government in New Souvh
Wales iii playing into the bands nf
Hit- coal trust during the great strik-
when it enacted a law outlawing
strikrs and boycotts; the reckless extravagance of iln- l»(*akin administration, and its refusal to enact progressive legislation which had been
promised to the working people, sham
tarifl lights io distract ihe attention
of the workers Irom Iheir grievance;.';
the growth of trusts, nnd ta\-dodg-
ng by tlie rich.
The people smashed "state's rights"
at the same time, in a referendum,
hy voting lo Rationalise state debts
and Centralizing the public financial
power in the national government.
This is the entering wedge lo make
ibe federal power dominant, and the
slates subordinate.
There is* no one-man rule in the
new Australian scheme of things. In
tlie United States the president appoints the cabinet nud the speaker
(or n packed committee) selects congressional committees. Here :abi-
net ollieers and the speakers id
houses and commit U-enien are sel-'ct-
isl by hallo).
The curse of Australia has been
the ownership of great tracts of laud
hy individual owners. Many of the
greatest holdings arc in the hands of
men who live in Kngland and have
never even seen their land.
The single tax   has heen invoked tn
cure this evil.    Lan-d is taxed at its
n-al value and idle land taxed just as
J land in use is.     Improvements    arc
not   taxed.      The result    will be to
break up the gruat estates into small
farms and to free opportunity      for
labor nnd     industry to unite    with
1 nature1!*    bounty in    supplying food
Clothes nnd luxury for mankind.
I   The    new   labor government conies
into power liml ing a four and a half
million dollar deficit, but the   land
tax is expected to make short wo
of that.
Australia has Hs trusts, too. 'I!
coal trust is the most cordlallj ....
ed by the people, and tin- labor ^.i
eminent will go after it at once. \
lorney-Qcneral Hughes will protne.,
the trust under the anti-trust ia\
which was a joke under the Deal;
administration. But the prosi *
tion is only a preface to thi' lakii
over of the coal mines by lhe :_,.
eminent, The Labor administrail
promises to tnke over and run ,:
Other bills being drafted provie
for a state hank, old age pcnslum
national insurance, civil equality <
men and women, national initial!.
and referendum, exclusion ol Chine:.
ami Japanese coolie labor, anient
ment iu arbitration law, and limit!
lion ol bond issues.
Tho Labor party is moderate]) fo
protection—what ii terms "new" pn
lection. In Industries In wbic
trade union wage scales and loim
receives nul protection, a modemt
revenue tarifl will lie permitted
Where mists and monopolies cxh
turin duties will be Abolished
Australia is as large as the Unlit*
Stales, exclusive of Alaska .md tb
island  possessions,
(Winnipeg Tribune.)
The directions here given for keeping cool are absolutely infallible,
They have been tested through more
summers than it is necessary hen- to
confess. The whole population nj
determined to gain an Interior temperature that makes the thermometer
a liar on its face. In fuel, most of
man's life is spent trying to deuy
the implications oi that Interesting
Utile wall decoration. When it Rays
our blood is slowly congealing, w
give it the "short am! ugly" from the
lop of a furnace, and when it indicates that we're about done now, \vu
Circumvent it from a cake of leu
In the lust assize the thermometer
will be the chief witness to human
Hut that has nothing to do with il
—no man ever kept comfortable In
the companionship of a thermometer—
and ihe directions here to be g!v*;il
concern the most approved method o\
keeping cool.
First, keep your mind constantly
fixed on the weather. Never lei
your thoughts- stray from the sultriness. If tbe glare ol the pavements fails to excite your Imagination, think of Sahara, think of—
still, there is no use in growing profane over it. As an assistant to
this mental concentration, make Hie
heat the topic of constant eonveriii-
sion. Buttonhole every acquaintance
ymi meet, and ask him if be doesn't
think it is hot; perchance you may
get a new light on the subject, he
may have a superheated adjective or
two fur yon to coddle in your mind,
and so help you to keep up a mental
correspondence so lhe atmospheric
Having secured tin- proper mental
adjustment, proceed .is quickly as
possible to lhe mechanical aids to
coolness with which our modern civilization has so abundantly favored
us. Whenever possible sit under canvas; canvas has an ancient affinity for
lk' sun's heat, and you know what
cool combinations affinities are. Never go tar froui thu vicinity uf an
electric fan. Klectric faus are chiefly useful in stirring up the overheated atmosphere, and win* knows but
your good luck may bring you to a
corner where the normal amount oi
hot air has been piled up aud held
there by the whirling air propeller,
thus satisfying you that all that
friction and electricity ean do is heing done for jour comfort.
Above all things, never look 'or
coolness at home. It is always
somewhere else. It will pay you
to suspect the sanity ol those who
say they find comfort al home. You
know different. When you want to
be cool, go downtown. Get on a
street car with the crowd. Sever
ride ou a boat thai does not carry
an excursion of some kind. Wives
and mothers may receive a valuable
hint here, which is: Sever take the
children to the park except when '.lie
band plays ami thousands of persons
are present. The greater the crowd,
the lesi opporlui-'t' licit bis to
get at the children. Vver take a
trip in the morning when passengers
are few. Always wait until everybody goes, along lit''' in the afternoon, so that all of > "1 can he cool
together—coolness  loves companv.
Now, as to swcatii... -never let a
drop of sweat roll ofi \ou without an
exclamation of anxiety. It is very
dangerous to sweat. It's a sign -iv.i
are incinerating—you'i" being ne-
mated before your own eyes. What
If it does help lhe skin to breath?
easier and carry ofi waste matter
that would otherwise slowly coo-: in
the ducts and increase the bodily
■heat—doesn't it wilt the co'lui?
And when a man's collar is wilting,
isn't he "jutvt boiling?" Therefore,
get into a mental sweat whenever
any of the real Ihinn makes its appearance on your skin.
And fan-fan-fan' Let nor your
tanning cease nor hesitate an instant'
Rome folks say excessive tanning
makes you warmer, because of 'he
physical laltor involved, also because
of the contrast between fanned air
and the stiller air that surrounds
you when the fanning ceases. Hut,
you're wiser than that, sn you   put
keep ou a pumping your elbow, and
swat the brcive both ways across
your face.
Now, that's the prescription. li
you should happen to forget any part
of it, and in :i period of quiet relaxation should believe yourself to ne
growing really cool, lie sure that il
is only a delusion of mortal mind. a.
semi-hypnotic state. For how tun]
any person be cool without -nn.L,-
gling strenuously for if
Never let your mind become full) '
engrossed in your work. If you
liml your task becoming so interesting as to take your mind oil the heal,
stop at once, go lo a window, ga?c
in anguish at the hcat-uuivcr of the
pavement, say "Whew!" several
times, and look at tlie thermometer—
the thermometer is always reaanur-
Ing. If your boss is working aw ny
in apparent disregard of the heul,
don't he fooled—he's only putting on
that C0o| demeanor to deceive you.
Vou jusy keep on mopping your face
and wishing you were al some re-
It only remains to be said tlmt,
tbis is the only popular prescription, ■
Kverylmdy Is taking it* AND]
If you want to really keep cool, ap.
ply it backward.
whoso lands are- likely to
I..*    ; roposod work's,
■  )•■'..*11ti point      of
bcluw    the outlet;
feet In pond 13,520 .sq. ft.; 9 feet   in sees who i
Pond 15,380  sq. ft., it) feet   in pondjbe affected
17,040 sq. ft.; 11 feet in pond 2Q,30UJencc In altil
sq, It.; li feel in pond 24.UUU sq. ft.; | either above
The quantity u( water would not ox- None,
coed iu acrc-f«et.    The land is    the     (m).   T-hc nam -ompany in
property uf the applicant.    It is not full:    The Pacific Erpli ration   Corn-
intended to store the water in    any pany, Limited.
natural lake.    The water will be run,   (n).   The head office: Nelson, B.C.
Ihiough a lull tuce uud used for generating power lor pumping the water
for irrigation and the surplus water
will be returned to Adolpb Creek.
(o). Tlw capll
showing iunouni p
wh it'll $
(P).   Copy of
tj).   No   Crown land will be occu- Memorandum     of
pied by the proposed works,
(k). The date of posting notice:
The 24th day of June, mil, and application will be made to the Commissioner on the first day of August
(I). No riparian proprietors or
licensees, or their lauds, will be al-
feoted by the proposed works.
(Signature) Adolph Lumber Company
per F. W. Adolph '
(P, 0. Address' llaynes Lake, li. C
By Harvey, McOarter a Macduuald
Tft-ir .Solicitors
how    divided,
up: $301,00*1, ot
Is fully paid.
parti    ol    tfie
'tssociat-i >n    as
>ed   application
The moving pictures ol the Johnson
and Jeffries fights are being prevented,
in many large cities of the United
Stales through a fear of the renewal'
of the race bitterness, as well as a
possible lowering ol the moral tone
uf people. This means a heavy loss
to the syndicate- wliich purchased
rights to produce the tight, paying
Jeffries $00,088 and .lohnson $50,000.
They also gave Hickard and Glcason
each one-sixth interest iu the pictures. It. was said the promoters
expected to "clean up" $1,000,000 In
the next month.
The first places in which the bars
were raised against the pictures were
Washington, D.U., and Cincinnati.
New Orleans was followed hy Atlanta, Oeorgle. At Johannesburg,
South Africa, the moving picture
show proprietors refused to present
the pictures because of latent race
antipathies. The board of police
commissioners of Baltimore will ass
the mayor to forbid the exhibition,
and public sentiment iu St. Louis is
.so strongly against them that a national movement is being started
there to prohibit all such shows. Detroit's mayor indicated he might forbid all exhibitions. The United
Societies ol Christian Endeavor,
which has branches iu every city and
town in the country us well as In
many foreign couiiries, has begun a
campaign against the exhibition.
London, July 6.—The Cape Times,
commenting on the celebrating ot
Dominion Day says: "It is not
enough that Canada's graceful recognition of South African union should
kindle recipcoeity of warm mutual regard. It should be intensified and
solidified iu every possible way. Our
producers and merchants should
build up trade with Canada."
The South African News testified
to the regard which South Africans
entertain towards Canada, and expresses the belief that the former
have much to gain by Intercourse
with Canadians and to study Canadian institutions by fraternal relations.
that an application will bt* made under Fart V. of the "Water Act,
im'.-," to obtain a license in the|
Southern Division of East Kootenay|M p0Ww
District. j    PMiflc
(a).   The name, address aud uecupa-j 1')'
tion of tbe applicant   Pacific Exploration Company, Limited.
(b). Tlie name of the lake, stream;
or source: Elk River.
(c). The point of diversion: About;
one mile south of C.P.R station at
Klko, B. C.
(d). Tlie quantity of water applied!
for: 400 cubic feet.
(e). Tbe character of the proposed
works: Hydraulic power plant and
necessary dams, Humes, pipes or
(f). The premises on which the
water is to be used; Fart of Lot j
4589, Qroup One) Kootenay District,:
about I mile south ot Elko.
(g). Tbe purposes for which the|
water is to 1* used. Power and!
(i). If the water is tu be used for
power or mining purposes describe
the place where tlie water is to be
returned to some natural channel,
and the difference In altitude between
point of diversion and point of re-,
turn: Point of return distar.t about
two and a half miles south, and altitude 35U feet lower.
(j). Area of Crown Und intended
to bt occupied by the proposed works.
(k). This notice was posted on tbe
15th day of June, 1910, and application will he made to the Commissioner on the 15th day ot July, 1910.
tl). Give the names and address-?-
of any riparian   proprietors nr licet-
authorize   Uio
ami worki.
(a). To obtain water rights eitket
hy location, recording, purchase or
assignment at id do utilize such water
and water power for genera tin*'; power and electricity.
(I).   Tu    eoi  ' o|erate   »d
maintain electric worl *. pswsr
wor-ks, generstli . an 1 such
other comvenicn -■ ...   .*• acces
sary for get eral eit)
tg).   To prod ice •». ■   . li  any msn-
17-51' lu'r a,-(' °t ■l*-v •• ■' ■
j   th).   T.> nenerat< electricity lor lig
    lit, beat. raUos      ol
| motors-, engine? ai        i   iniry oi all
j kinds, ; t. ■ *,.    . . ,   driving,
hauling,     ifting, smelting,
dulling, n  > pther
purpose which If can be used, -cither
alone or In connection with snj utlt-
Bxplorati       oi ...;.*, Ltd.
Johj u   i alls,  '. -: i
B i l"-5t
IS to 20, MO
l!riii**h Columbia
Prizes & Premiums
i.  ■ ■. .*
1   V
So | ■'
in Speedlt: I
Wood C
. , ii.  all
* uht   on
: i,'.until
.',-■■      on I
i . | show
If lhe 1   ,.i- •■-.'
■   r rot tins
!'•■■.' 1   • ■       ■ ■  Hnnl Club
Enti •*■*      ■ in.
Writs for ] i tl   i formation t<>
Maosgi . - ■ ■ ■ ■    "■■.
Vai      ■• i * '  *■ elation
2lij CONNOLLY. II. ...
V.    . : ■ ■
91    SELBV, Vi. A   .    ...
********************** ********** *************
x *
- It is lhe Same Place
The Place that is l-upuliir
Ciocl as the Iit.st
Better tlmu the Real
that aa application will be mads under Part V. ol the "Water Act,
laO'J," to obtain s license in Cranbrook District.
(a). The name, address and occupation oi the applicant: Adolpli Lumber Company; Head Office, Barnes
Lake, B. C; occupation, Lumbei
(b). Tbe name ot the stream or
source from which tbe water is proposed lo be delivered is a stream lining on Lot 1119, and flowing into
Rock Creek on Lot 831, said stream
to be known as Adolpli Creek.
(c). Tbe point of diversion is the
S. W. quarter ol the S. W. quarter
of Lot 319.
(d). The quantity ol water applied
lor is ten cubic leet per second.
(e). Tbe character ol tbe projioseii
works: Dam, ditches and flumes.
(I). Tlie premises on which the
water Is tn be used is the S. Vi.
quarter ol Lot 319 and part ol the
S. E. quarter ol Lot 319.
(g). The purposes for which the
water is to be used: Irrigation and
pumping water lor irrigation.
(h).  The area ot land intended t
he irrigated is the S. W. quarter ol
Ix>t 319 and    40   acres in the S. E.
quarter ot said Lot.
(I). The reservoir lor storing will
be lliOd leet north and 1S75 leet east
Irom the S. W. corner post ol Lot
319; the means will be a dam built
across the said creek; the area ol re*
servoir nt different heights of water
will be as follows: I loot in jioml
Ml) sq. It.; 2 leet in pond 20(10 sq
It.; 3 leet in pond 3150 si| It.; I leet
In pond 4100 sq. feet.; 5 leet in pond
6900 sq. ft.; 6 teet in pond 10,080 sq
ft.; 7 Is**,    lo   pood 11.1(0 sq. It ; I
The Cosmopoitan
If you come '■■ *
, Vou will **' rue again.
E, H  SMALL, Pbopbietob
******************************** *************
g The restless are rested
S The hungry are fed and
Q| Thirst Is quenched
at the
1 Canadian Hotel S
II you stop here once
you will look lor
the 'bus when you
visit Calgary again.
»♦■>«♦•>«. 4>*>«*4>a>«*»*>4> THE   CRAiNBKOOK   HERALD
2.00 A YEAR
JULY  14, 1910
Hy tbe Herald   Publishing Company,
Deane, Managing Editor.
li ib ul interest tu uot* that tlie
provincial government have alri-u-iy
elected Holland as a sit* for a We-
illustration orchard. So Iiu w
word baa beeu reoeived hen- ol t
site having heen selected in ilir Utaiv
brook district tor a demonstration
orchard. We do not begrudge Ross-
iaud tbe attention paid tu it by ihe
governmeul in this particular, hut
ussuuiiig, en Me du, tbal the , government's object is tu encourage ag-
ricuUure throughout the ptovinw,
we cannot understand the delay in
selecting a site, or several sites iu
Kast Kootenay for demonstration
farms. No one can visit tbe varioi's
puiiially settled districts cuutigtnnii
to t'raabrook without realizing their
lioteutialities. Undoubtedly there is
a great future lor Iruit and vege*
talile growing iu East Kootenay, but
before anything like rapid progress
will tie made there must be a certain
amount ui experimental work A me.
The provincial department uf agriculture could very materially assist
in (be development of tbe country
surrounding Cranbrook by inaugurating a series oi practical demonstrations in fruit and vegetable culture.
If the minister of agriculture lias
been sufficiently impressed with the
llossland district tu authorize t.'ic
establishment ol a demonstration
farm iu that section, it is incredible
that be will nut provide fur tin*
tablishment of several in tbe Urair-
brook district.
The rules and regulatiuus ui llie
provincial department of education
are, pre.-fiimuhl), not as those of llie
Vledes and Persians, and for good
cause can be iiitKJiiit.il. A rule ol thi'
department is- that before an assisted
public school district can be created,
there must be a minimum of tin
childreu uf school age. The rule is
doubtless a wise one, but 'circumstances may arise, where to adbi rd
to it too strictly would be eminently
unwise. A case in point has beeu
brought to the notice of tlie HuraiJ
uud we hasten to give publicitv tu il
in the hope and the belief tbal the
powers that be will take heed and
grant redress As is pretty well
known tu Herald readers, active
steps are being taken by a number of
energetic men to utilize the great
natural wealth contained in tbe Ru-I
river, by diverting that stream to
power purposes. These men, in several instances, have brought itn.r
families with them and at Uie present linu- ean assemble nil** riiildrvn
by school inspector ll. (i. Deane.
limit set by Ute regulations ot tha
educational department, and
sequent!)- their application fur an a*+-
siated school tins bw-n turned down
hy scgoot inspector II- ti* Dean.
Undoubtedly the inspector wan only
carrying out his in struct ions iu tun
ing down the application, but wc
think that the education departmen
when its attention is drawn tu tbe
(acts of the case, might well grant
a slight concession to these Hull
Itiver settlers and allow Uiem the
advautage of an assisted school. The
(acts of tbe case have been placed h>
fore the premier and the minister of
educatlun awl the Herald believes
that electors of Kast Kootenay ns a
whole would heartily endorse action
mi the part uf tlie department authorizing tbe establishment uf an assisted school at this point. This is
a matter to which the Cfanbrootf
lii-uri] uf trade might well devote -U
attention. The men interested in
the Uuil Itiver Electric Power com
pany bave shown their faith in U.e
country by very large Investment >t
capital [n an undertaking that will
inure largely to the benefit of thu
whole of Kast Kootenay. Men ol
this stamp merit every eflUHirttgeHi-'.it
that can he extended to them and
the least this province could do ti
murk its appreciation of their inter
prise is to facilitate the provision ol
educational facilities fur their Httli
ones. The Bull River settlers stand
ready tu erect a school building and
to kivp same provided with fuel, if
the department will allow them A
teacher.1 We hope and expect in the
very near future to he able to announce that iihe department of educa
tion has seen lit to meet this case
in a generous spirit and to allow an
astfistrt! school to be established
there right away.
The third anniversary number of
the Vancouver Saturday Sunset is a
production both typofcraphirally and
in the matter of illustrations, thnt I*
in every respect worthy Ol the occasion, a production of which both
Vancouver city and the publishers
have every reason to be proud.
A meeting of the cily council took
place last Monday evening, Mayor
Fink and Aldermeu Hunt, Patuiore*.
Campbell and Green being present.
A communication from the Cranbrook Electric Light company asKing
lur release from guarantee of $3,1101*
tor tbe improvement ol then plant,
was read and on motion of Aid. Hunt,
aud Caiupuell u wus decideU lliai inc
city solicitor be instructed to gram
lla* release asked lor, Ibe compan)
having carried oul lllOir couiruct ill
every particular.
Another coimiiuiiieaUi-u was froill
mc salvation ahuj, asking lot tc-
luud ut ibe taxes un their cii) property, aiiiuuiiiiug to $12.50. On u.o-
uuii uf Aid. l'aiuiure ana Campbell a
;rant ol this amount, iu lieu ui
xeuiption, was aulhori/cd.
The next matter to be dealt with
was iu connection wnii a coiumuiuc*
atiou from It. Stewart re removal ui
iwu houses irom the old reside
district io a loealiuu uu HaO-jon
avfinuo. This subject caused a good
deal uf discussion, ihi- prevailing
llmeiit being opposed lu any SUCH
privilege being grauteit, bul, us liicie
vvas nuthing iu the city Inlaw:-. 9o\-
eruing such a case, the uuly course
upeu tu llie COUUOil was lu giant llie
asked for permit, which, uu motion
Aid. Hunt aud Campbell was ordered iu be issued. Mayor Kink expressed the opinion thai if there were
aii)thing in the bylaws tu warrant
bis doing su he would oppose ibe motion. This view was endorsed by all
Uu; aldermeu, including the mover
aud seconder of the motion, and it is
practically certain that steps will ue
taken at an early date, by the Introduction of a bylaw, lo guard
against the repetition uf anything 01
the surt.
Tbe liuance committee's report wus
considered and the following accounts
ordered paid:
File department  $ 1811.2!
School Hoard orders     .'t.j.uii
Frank Oezall       22.0"i
1 I I.l.
17 Uf>
aud ne
(Special to the Herald.)
Wuiilner, .Inly ll.-The little town
( Wardner was in great danger ol
being swept from the map yesteidav
by a bush tire, whieli raged (uriouslv
most of the afternoon ami uil night.
A heavy wind was blowing, Which
made il spread very rapidly
(led i lu- best efforts of Iho*
tried to delay its progress,
origin of the Die Is unknown.
11  originated    some dislunce away,
blu-k on the foothills aud st       the
company's mills aud yards were in
great danger Several ol the res r-
euccS near the V. I*. It. trucks were
threatened, but by every avallahle
man turning Oil I wilh his shovel, tin
course of the lire was turned.
(Ireat excitement prevailed until
evening, scores of people having
packed everything they valued must.
in case the worst should come.
At the time of writing the gre.i est
danger haw passed, as the fire has
now reached an open space.
Some time through the night tht
four men who were reported losl In
tho (James were found by the tire
fighters and rescued.
The loss of property cannot hu
readily estimated, as it has burned
over u verv large area.
A. Carr	
Water wurks gang   ....
.Street gang 	
Iteiniiigtun  Typewriter
0. H. Thompson  5.1HI
W* Kerr, City Livery  s.cu
R. S. Oarrett  8.fi
R. S. Garrett   ■Lull
McCallum &. Co  2.11
•School board debenture acct. 7.21
brvcy,  McCarter   aud Macdonald—Litigation expenses. 885.-In
City clerk     67.1.'.
Police payroll    3-iO.OIt
W. A. Rollins   II
(i. R. Leask   5.00
Fast  kootenav   Produce   Co. II
Fink Mercantile Co.   6.62
Kootenay Telephone Lines .... 11.00
Cranbrook Electric Light Co. 113.60
II. Y. Parker   1.10
King Lumber Mills   100.0:
A. A. MacKinnon   2.f»u
Cranbrook     Sash    and   Door
factory   2.60
F. J. F. Perry     W.M
Worden—City  Transfer  Co.... liG.'.ifi
Applications from Slalertown residents, Mr. .1. II* Caslake and Mr. II
White, re water connection wen di.
cussed and referred to the city gollc
itor and the eitv engineer, in con
junction with the water committee
to whom power was given to uct.
Tenders for tne removal of tlie tin
hall were opened as follows:
R. S. McNeil, $895.
Worden and Nesfcitt, SiiaO, and .■
second tender from the same parti.',
of 1725, this latter to include cost of
cutting electric and telephone wires,
which their first tender expressly excluded.
After a prolonged discussion, pm
and con, tbe whole matter of the removal of the lire hall was laid ovei
until 10 a.m Tuesday, when tin
council, in a body, proposed to vi*-il
the new site.
thi motion uf Aid Hunt uud Crttup
bell the matter of extensions and un
provements to the cemetery was tti
fcrred to Hie board id works and lit
city engineer
The meeting called fot Tuesrtn)
morning did not eventuate- and ,
special meeting of t-he council i
called for tomorrow evening nt S.3U
o'clock to deal with the unfinished
Sundays— Low muss at 8.30 a.m.;
Iiigli mass, 111.30 a.m.; Stuuta*. selioo
(rum i to 3 p.m.; Rosary and llei..*
diction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ol olilijja
tion—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass al ii a in at tbe
Fatlw  L.  CluM-cl, O.U.I ,
Pariah Plant
TIk* lollowing ministers ..I lit.'
MeMiodist cliurch are in tin.1 cily
transacting important business in
connection wJtli it,.*, work ol Uie various circuits iiinliT llicir charge:
Rev. s. Cook—Moyie.
Rev. o. II. Hamilton—Khnherley
Rev. K. .1. IMmmlck—Fernie.
Itev. (). T. tlHHinowiili— Micttel*
Rev. Ebv and wile—Hosmer.
Rev. P. J. Rutluirlord, ll.A.-t re*
ton, financial secretary*
Tlie quest i(*ii ol an aggressive evangelistic policy, together with temperance und moral relorui work gen
trail), will engage the attention ol
tin* session (or some time, and it ..*.
uot unlikely that a protest will le
wired lo the attorney-general re Ihe
Importation nl the light pictures, is
being detrimental t„ the wcll-lwil-jj
ol the community.
.Inly lith.
Services in the morning at 1..
Evening at 7.30.
Sumlay school and Hible classes ul
During the Imt weather all lhe
svrviccs will be curtailed aud tbe
building will Is* kept as cool as possible.
Visitors will always Und a wei-
Comc, anil those who arc uew-eonieH
to the city, are Invited to call nt
llie jiarsonagc ns soon us possible alter their arrival.
Tin* Epworth league service is
held at 7 in tlie inner vestry beti.ro
the evening service, to which all
yniin>*. jteople are iuvijeil.
Tuesday.—Temperance address i*y
the Rev. ('. IV. King at 8 to Iho
Epworth League, All nre invlvl
Sunday srlnm! committee meeting lo
arrange (or |iicnic ut D.
Thursday.—Prayer service at **
There win    lie an ..nit.il ..jm*h alt
service at tb.* ('. (", s. cornel
Sumlay evening nl D, conducted
tin* Rev. II, Hughes.    An organ will
i.,* mm',1 (nr assistance iu tin* sin*
[iml iill wh,,    ean help nre |tqWSi»*il
to    ennie.     Many a iion-chureh t!
has been ln-l|.«*.t   by siieh means
these, ami Christian jh-o|i|,> are urg,sl
to arouse themselves to (he nrnl ol
sane and earnest .lii.rt to   reach '.I
(nun in (he   street    with lhe flow!
Mrs.    E      E. Day, ol    Kalispel
Montana, and    little son Is visiting
her mother,    Mrs. Rurge, at     Perry-
Mr. HoyU>, ol Perry Creek, is 1,1
town today to meet his wile ami
children, (mm Iowa.
Mr. Royntnn, o! I.af'rnsse, Wi..,
will be at Perry Creek on tbe J:',ili
to make tbe clean up lor Hie summer, alter which the (Ishlng in I'crrv
Creek will be eicellent.
There have been many visitors lo
Perry Creek during tbe past wee*i.
Mr. Staples' surveyors have been
busy surveying his tirnbrr armiu.l
Perry Creek
July 17th
M,inline, service at  11 o'clnek
Sumlay  school nnd Hihle class     . I
3 p.m.
Evening service al 7.30.
Younit People's    Oiilht on Tuesdav*
at 8 p m.
C. O. Main, Pastor.
At the Presbyterian manse «>n
Tuesday evening -lames \nderson ol
Vancouver, and Surah *l. Crawford,
ol Winnipeg, were quietly maul,* I bv
Rev. C O Main
saw mill cutting the timber for the
Hume nud for other purposes. Thu
laml, too, in this section, is of excellent quality and will some d.iv
be settled up. Water for Irrigation
purposes can bo provided easily. !;i
fact the powei com pany hove in view
, project fm Irrigating a splendid
Iretch of level land between III 11
river and the Fort Steele road, which
when cleared ot limber, should pm
vide ii large number of fruit lain.:;
It is   fliilicult  to over-ostiinalo    lhe
possibilities of the section of i nliy
in which this hig power plant   i-  1"
Oft ted.     One on wily imagine llm!
beforo many years elapse, what * *
now practically a descried sect'.on,
will he a thickly populated, tlur.i.."*.
sett lenient. And -Alien this coui'Ji
iIhiiiI, as come it assuredly uil I,
much of the credit will tic due i i lhe
lo res i glit ami pluck of Cleorge K.
Henderson and his associates In tire
Hull River power project,
•>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ■»♦•»♦■»•»♦♦♦•»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•*>♦♦
It Pays
McCallum & Co
The Hardware Men
(Continued Irom page one.)
A carclul survey of the situation
will quickly couvinve even tlie most
sceptical ol the possibilities ..( this
big undertaking. Within a radius .,(
Ii.llv miles, taking .Movie on tin*
west and Frank, Alta., on llic east,,
there are prospective demands lot
power ol practically unlimited volume, even with the development ot
today. It will lie possible l-o pro
vide tins ji,,v\,*r at a cost away below that ol coal luel, even at the
cost ol coal, the electric powet
would represent a great cv-oiioiny
ovcr the cost ol handling coal, so
that it is obvious thut there will lie
a large demand lor ihis j-owcr, not
only Irom mining undertakings lull
from other industrial concerns now
using coal as a motive power.
Whilst at tlie outset it is probable
that the power thus generated v. ill
mainly have to be disposed nl a-, a
distance, it is a|ipurenl Irom a
survey ol the country through which
the flume runs, that right at home
there will soon be a demand lot
power. A great mountain ,.| hematite iron ore, overlooks the s|n,I
whir.* is located the headquarters of
the Dull River Power company's con*
strutton .'amp. This property,
known as (he Dull ItlVM Iron Mine,
bus an exposed vein, 70 let! .vide,
ol high quality hemalile iron or.., a
vein that  is known lo extend lor    a
distance ol o.er iweniy miles along
tin* Hull river. Samples ol this
letted by Chicago >.\|M*rts gave ihe
Is'st of returns, and one well known
ironmaster, to whom tbe samples
were submit ted, rx|.ress.it tlie ..[ ili-
iou that with ore ol lhat class, be
could Increase his prmluci 5(1 |u*r
On the Hume side ol the river then*
are tlie Ida anil other properties,
curriinK hi<h values In copper and
lead. At present lliere is nothing
dolii-r, nn these |irnpertirs. bill Willi
improved transportation facilities and
lis* provision ol cheap power there
is every nnson to ei|iret that Ihey
will lie operated.
In nildllion to the known mineral
wealth right nt hainl, there is Inc
|ir„s|,ert, .iiiiui,si to elsewhere in Ibis
issue, ol tlie .•staldishmcnt ol a big
paper manufacturing Industry. Abundant pulp ean lie obtaini-d cheaply and
close at hand,
j That there will lie extensive lilt.V
bering operations prosecuted in thii
section ol tbe district Is apparent
Tbe power company bave their own
■V meeting of the Cranbrook Agricultural Society took place Inst
evening with W. II. Wilson in the
chair. There was a disappointingly
small attendance. The resignation
of (i. 1'. Tisdale, as president, wai
accepted and W. II. Bardgctl eieciel
uk his successor. The lollowing
were appointed as an executive committee, Messrs. W. ti. Sawyer, Tins
holm Benedict, Hamilton and I'hos,
A communication from Mr. K it
Benedict, secretary of the Cranbroo'it
board ot trade, iu reference to i in-
forthcoming Dry Farming Congress
at Spokane, was read, and in response thereto the following ci m-
mil tee was appointed to attend tn
the matter of gathering exhibit*:
Messrs. Sawyer, Hamilton and Bliril
The dates for the forthcoming un
ricultural exhibition were provisionally flxed as follows: Scptembir
21st uml 22nd. These will hold il it
be foun-,1 that they do not eonlltd
with those of *any other nearby exhibition. It was arranged that tlw
executive of the Agricultural Ass illation .should meet ul 11 o'clock Hits
morning in joint session wiib the .t
bcials of the Cranbrook Park Association, with a view to perfecting at
rangements for the forthcoming exhibition. At the meeting tins
(morning, Br. Koutledge was the o*.lj
representative of the I'urk Association in attendance and he did not
feel justified iu finally accepting a- \
ppipos-iiitiu advanced by the Agricultural Society. A further meetinp
is to tie held ut 2 o'clock tomonow
alleiinii.il. at which it is expected
then* will be full representation ■
the Park Association.
(It behooves ill those concerned t
at once get down to hard wort if
there is to tie nu exhibition lW*
year. There is no time to lose, ihi
pri/e list should be issued ut nnn
nnd systematic efforts put for .--ll
to interest the fanners thmughoi!
the surrounding districts I'm.*
brook can hold an exhibition that
will in everj" sense bo a ercdll u
Kast Kootenay. It is up to tin
directors nf the Agricultural Assoc!'
ulioii In see that nothing is left undone from now on to ensure the com
ing exhibition, being In every v
sptvt worthy of Cranbrook and «'
t-he splendid district of wliich it i'
tbe commercial center.—Kd. note i
liiiwiiuri I IWJII
Head Office: Montreal, Quebec
CAPITAL PAID UP     -       -     $ 5,000,000
RESERVE ....        5,700,000
TOTAL ASSETS   - -      70,000,000
II. s. IIOI.T, I'riisliltml
K. I.. I-KAKK- (luiioml Mamigur
Ai'i'iiitiils   nl    Kiniis.   ('ur|H)i-jitiiiiis   mnl     Iniliviilui.ls
Out-of-towJi  biisiiiuss rocflivoa every itlteiilinu.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.   Daposlls o( f 1,00 and
iiinv.inU  reneiveil   uuil   intere-it   allnweil  at   eiirreiit   nite.
Nu i'.irnii.lity nr delay  in  withdrawing.
A General  Bunking business transuded,
Cranbrook Branch: D. D. McLAWS, Mgr.
In .lune*. 11(07. at Antwerp, Belgium,
Pabst   Beer
knocked onl all other
Beers of the World in the First Round
Wholi'Sni-i win,. Merchant
l.nai Saturday's game wilh Moylc
resulted in u tie, score si.mhIii^ i to
1. Next Sunday the local lean:
rock to Mi.vie to [day the first game
in ibe series for the Mill/ trophy.
There has been no lack of hall Uil*
week.     Monday unJ    Tuesdaj  even*
inns the 1mc.iI snui-r nine lined up
aitiiinst    the    Kelson nine and upon
each occasion plated all iiroiilul UlOil*.
Tlie score lhe nisi nlghl ua*. I« in
7 in tutor id Un* lioine le.itn, mil
on Tiic.sdat evening llie home bofi
ORain Won out bt a seorc of - to '
The juniors ployed a name Ti.es.u.-,
alleriMNin uith tbe juni >rs ol MojrM*
lieatiiiK Iheni hv a BTom of 111 to I
A ivmmiI Utiini- is (iroiuisid lor Sa
turii.u evening when th;- local ben
lors will line 11■ ngolnsl a temn lion
Hlaiiinoie.  Alta.
Toi.inlit there will be a (irrtlv ex
Iiiiui :on of luis-'liiill In a niali'h bo
Itvevii llariiiont Hall and (be Cos
ino|ioliiaii hotel. This |»oinise*r lo
be one of Ibe most CXClttng ol ihi'
season's contevts
♦ -
A bad bush lire broke out a day td
two niro neai Kimberleyi caused
the (M'.R. steam shovel. Dlslriel
Fire Warden lleiison soon had a large
gain*, of men nt work Oghliii.*; Ihf
fire and lucceeded in getting it under
control. Other bad bush lires h.nc
started up recently In ihe surround
ing districts, necessitating constnnt
activity on the part of lhe Wnrd-'n*
Happily this season, despite the e\
erptiotial drniess, has heen compara-
lively free Irom serious hush (IreH,
due In the careful watch id tie war
IWhatevei yon have in ilicwoyof Ladles'and tietit'b Clothing to te
pretsed uiul put into new shape Spain, --eii.l ii to iib uikI
we will guuranlee the remits.
I        We call for iiinl deliver goods, and our prtcefl aie honest.
•■»••>.<>«>•••'>••■»••-»•>■»■»••>•» ****************
Haying Tools
We have a full line u( Forks, Hand Hakes, Scythes
and Snaths, Qrindstones and Whet Stones. IK't-rinj.
Mowers  and   Makes, riachine Oils and  Uil   Cans.
Wrenches, Hay Fork Kope and Pulleys,
J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C.
'. ************
For Sale at Owner's Price
326   -   ACRES
I \ mill's from Oralibrooli
All lirsl .'lass lund oiisily oloared, nml 'im I'i*
irrij{i.t.'<l. II.Hi'l lniiiiliii*,'s ami plonty of Witter.
:i acres clenml ami ioI mil in fruit, I.nml
adjoining ihis is Belling us hij,'li ns 1800.00 \w inn*.
Price  Only $30 per  acre
lliiulialf t'nsli, l'lilaii'*i*il (irrongell,
I'riuilir.Hik. B.C.
IM). II.i\  III
Rhode Island Reds
for Tale
Pine   tiled rockervls, fl f<> eioll.
thli   spiiii*;  hlnls,
Kor h guud rountl ruast ul uwl see
F. Woods Md Co.
tloilti*  1   to ."i  p III.
SniiHiltiy 10 n.iii. to k p.m.
S|.f« iui imuri* em i'e arranged m I en
ArmstroPK Aveiiuo
Near lelephon. Otlice THK   UttAJNBUOOK   lIKUAt,!)
*l-|)ly 2i inch Trace, combination Skiiliiinjjr Breeching, Boston Team Collars with side straps and
hangers or <|iiartfr straps. Martingales anil  Pole Straps—Our own manufacture,    Price Satisfactory
Cracked Corn
Whole Corn
Feed Peaa
A Big Stock
Means Hard
Tluil is ulml we have mi mir
liiiiitls Hum week Uiul link 1 lit*
imllllqetli'O <>f the pit hit- lur
what incoiivoiiioiiuu wc uro
eutiBiiiK tliem, <>nr now
li.xturus liave arrivi-il, iu instill] ttii'iu 111 win a tlie olmiiK*
iiiu over of our itlllliotisu
stuck uf Stulionury, Books,
Leather Goods, liuiss Wuie,
Drugs, ami Toilet Articles.
It is hanl ou us uud haul oil
you. Wo have been working
overt) mo uml our staff of
clerks have been doing tin*
same. To move a Mi*, stock
is a hanl job. We have the
stock as tin- pni'Iir know.
Next week all will bo over
und then tlie Mir store, llie
bi-^ stoek. ami tlie modern
equipment wilt In* in shnjK-* j
for you Tn the meantime I
we are doing all iu our [lower i
to meet the demands made
upon us, mill we are glnd
that ymi are good natnred
about it.
PS. Tin. Preseriplinii Department is kepi lni**v ;K
usual because Proscriptions
put up hare are always
Fishing Tackle
We have jusl received « (well assortment nl Hies;
the ones you have
been looking lor,
are now here.
Hardware-   -  Cranhronk, B.C-
Co t<> Stewart's fountain these liol I
days Ue dispenses i-*ini drinks thai
touch tin* right spot.
organi/cr Trotter, ol tin- Tradra
nr il I.iiiiur Congress oi Canada, is lol
pity   * 'rutin I. a visit on <>r about |
August 88th.
Kor whrut, oals and hay are \. C.j
Hownrss. 17-tl |
(V .1.  Little .inil IiikIi- i.tii.I. ,|
town yesterday and lune taken     li
resldencfl t»n l^enwfck avenue, in   tl
in.iim* itrxt do-Hi in tin* PfMbyt-erin.il
fttets, all mw, llc-C. IV s
III llllOIII  Mil* rlU 111 tllllljj lnr ll„. In,|v "I
.nml clioliw, Muli* ii a iliiiinoiiil iii.l
11: I'll y.ni'li nnll llm ui ■ I uml il,.. iiu,.*
lOO*   "I ' -'• .... lun lier kimls'il
illll*l<—llnliy ilnjis, Mrlli hi , .i.ijr*-..
-ik'n.'i rinj*-. nail Boniiilesi) weil.tlnv
rtaiis, Ciiii,|I,.ii. in nnloty, Kjilemllil
In quality aad runaoiiiilile in jirlcc
Hazelwood in cream at Stewart'.-..
Mrs. M. H. Kinfc arrived in town
on Tuesday Irom Vancouver.
Prints, all new, I0c.-C. c. s.
Mr. Swan, manager ol tho Imperial
Hank in Moyie, is in town.
Harden Party Methodist Lawn,
Friday, July 15.
Jos. Walsh was in from Kort Steele
this week.
Wry choice Ring cherries at Slew-
Mrs. Wm. Pettet will nol n-c-.w
again nuiil September.
Prints, alt new, 10c.—C. C S.
('. I*. McNah was in from WaM<
during tlie week.
For wheat, oats and hay sit a. c.
Bowness. w-it
('. Hood, general fuel agent western
Ini's, C.P.R., passed through '.own
• ui Monday on 211.
Prints, all new, |0c.—C. ('. S
Oeo. K. N'ussi'i, travelling agent ol
tin* Chicago iiml Northwest-era, was
in town on Monday.
w   11. Dardgctt   ami wile returned
from Calgarv Kriday, where ihey
tended the fair.
Choice peaches, plums and apricots
at Stewart's.
\. IE. liiiimii.ui. advertising man .-
er of tlu* Financial Post, of Toronto,
was in town during the week.
Tbe C. C. s. unloaded a ear ol ne*
furniture this week.
Mil. I. Utddtngs bas eonie le Cr.iii
brook to spend her holidays ill
Mi. anil Mrs   K   ll   Patmore
• H LV.-w.iM papers cheap a;
SI irl 1
Born— \t Cranbrook, It. c, on
Sunday, .lulj 10th. 1910, to tbe vif,*
■■■ Di   I    B   Mile    .t daughter
Prints. .,ii .,. a, [Oc -c   C. s
Mr. .iii.l Mis Seatle, ol Let)
bridge, rlsiltng     Mr*.
M   A   Beale
Kteah kiiliti mutton a ipeclaltf .*»
P  Woods and fi'
Mi and Mrs \ C Kelson .-■.•i
lit and Mis Orern have go • >
Windermere (01 .1 stioit vacation
Sumliirr   goods  al   fi.e.eoitl   prliYS
at Ibe Pink Mercantile Co . Ltd,
(tardea part) on Catholic ch rch
grounds Jul) 19th Hand in attend
Uarden Part) Methodist I own.
PiitUyi Julj 15.
Hits Kti ns, daughtei ol Captsla
1 »i 1    ol Montreal, spi ■( rwada;  in
the    c|l \      Pn   gupsl   nl    Mis.   Illl 11,
Prints, .ji tn ... 10c   i'  i'  s
Mi  ami Mis  ii  Hiekenbottia id
theli ttanghtci \ds returned bonii
last Saturday, allci having spenl a
vin enjoyable holldaj at the cons1
i i.i* bearing ol the cl .*•. n-t-itaat
Indian Mike Utchel hn. been .it i*uii<-
■il until nr\i mes ■■• alto1! ol Indhn
Vgpnl Galbraltfa bel      'i    nt
MonlM rial   lime Juice, the old r
able brand.—Campbell ami Mannln
Oscar Neiison   led   yesterday   I-r
frank,   Alta ,   where In* will  Ih'     in
gaged on c c R. bnslness lor three 01
four days.
Itev, c w. Klngi who has l^vn al
tending the Baptist convention of
the coast, expects to arrive home on
Satunlay ami to nccupy the pulpl! ..t
both services on Sunday,
Large consignment nl suit cai
telescopes uml grips, also trunks, ii
McLean's, the Hid Curiosity Shop.
Very ehrap.
C. 1). Jarvis, of Nelson, who CIM.
un here to lake lha i-i.u ■>■ ni Mr. S,
II. lloskins 111 ihr gmcrnment olflCJ,
did not remain long. He could not
stand the nltitnte nnd returned
A Slav, rtnployed at Ihr Wardner
uaill, was   biought intu tat aoapttal
'•" Tuesday, Buffering irom a wvetc
: B8W     Ctrl  to his   arm       )|.- is ilulliU
j well  ami will  nol   Ins.- Ins arm
j   Anyone, leaving town willi furniture
, to sell, M-e McLean, of lhe Old Cur-
■ losiii Shop     inst prices paid,
j   Prints, nil new, lUc.—1\ C, s
Mil DeVere Muni lelt for Winnipeg on Tueada) to at lend a meeting
"i the agents of the Prudential Life
Ii.siiiai.ee company, lie will he hack
Iho flrsl of next week.
Prims, all new, 1O1 — c. c, s.
Miss Maud llickenhothain left 1.-st
Mondny on the afternoon train fur
Itussell, where .she will spend a few
days, continuing her journey to Winnipeg to see the exhibition, retumi.g
home b)' way of Calgary.
JULY.—Wall papers cheap ■ at
Mr. .1. Holier ts and his sister hnve
taken up housekeeping in tlw residence recently occupied hy Mrs.
Strang!) on Hanson avenue.
Prints, uil new, 10c.—C. C. S.
FOR SALE—One lour horse Sweep
horse power, in good running order,
cheap.       Apply to T.    .1. Mott, Wv-
cllffe, a. c. ih-h*
Oeo. Stewart, of St, John, N.B.,
has accepted a position with the
Heat tie-Murphy Co., Ltd. Mr. Stew a-1
conies highly recommended as a
thorough ami reliable druggist. t
Choice chickens   at  P.  Woods and,
The Beattie-Murphy Co., I til,
have leased the lileasdell store in
Kort Steele and will put in a *•■ r-
plete stock of drugs and stationery j
at  that point.
Fresh Hazelwood buttermilk at
Stewart's, •
The   Kootenay    Telephone    Llliiw, I
Ltd., have just 1 1 pie ted the installation of a  switch    hoard at Waldo
They have also   imitt metallic    circuits all through that distriet.
Garden Party Methodlat Lawn.
Friday, July 15.
The city hand, under Hai1-.l111as-.tr
Corrlson, gave their usual weekly
concert at the hand stand last Thursday, The music was excellent and a
large crowd ot citi/eus was present
TO RENT—Large, basement warehouse, dry and cool, $10 per month.
Apply at the Herald Office. 14-tt
The Hoys' Brigade w , meel at
the Oym on Monday aftci*,oon iiM
at - o'clock Members are rcjuesUd
to bring a lunch ami a ttiwi-**—., * h
is proposed to go lor 1 twim in .1
lake not far (rum town.
J. L. McKay, o( Sinclair, sixteen
miles north ol Windermere, who, witb
his family, has been s|H'iuling tie
past two weeks in town, the guest o,
Mr and Mrs. Oomer .tones. returm?dj
Lome yeatenlay morning, in his m*w
Bufck motor car. SL
Nice veal at P. Woods and Co,
One ol the features of tin* evening
at tbe Catholic church garden parr.,
Jul] 19th, will In a guessing cor
test, with a bottle of beans. *v
haniisoineU embroidered cushion will'
be given ns a prlie to iht* one who
guesses the neareai to the numbci of
U-atif. in the bottle. Ten cents a
guess, ■
Prints,  nil new, |0c —C. C, S.
In thr Count) court this week Mi.
W V (iurd. on behalf ol the P.-*,>
ihi" Lumber company
made        application lo fix
lolls roi lhe us.* of improvenu Irs
on  Lamb   eteek, near    Moyie,     Tie
matter was adjourned until Septein-
Imi Hth, to allow all parties IntcrtMt-
11I an Opportunity to la* hear: |
Anyone about taking up housekeev-
ing had better see McLean, of the'
Old Curlosltj Shop Me has eveiy-
Ihii.g on the easy monthly payment
plan j
\ sure indication of the Steady
growth of Cranbrook is shown in 'he
Increased receipts at ihe t'ranbrook
provincial government agency n-flrc,
The receipts during June were ihe
greatest in Un* history ol lhe agenev,
The assessmenl collection! nlone
amounted to $ 11,000, upusrds ..f
U aim greater than the collections at
tin-  Nelson agcnc\.
The ('. C. S. uiloaded a ear of n*">
fnpilture this week.
In the library voting contest there
is apparent!) a hard light on 1.''*
tween the Presbyterian nnd Methodist churches This week's polling
shows the Presbyterians soil in  the
lead with .1 total vote of M.MS. The
Methodists come second with MMK
si. Kugene hospital is third with
93,811, II. of L. V. nml |*:.. T11h;
Church of Kngland, 3789; public
school, 1016- llapsist church,   un.    i
Oarden Marty flathocJUt Lawn,
Friday. July 15
Kor wheat, oats und hay wr A. C.
Bowness. lf-W
Aid Jos. CiimptH'll has retuimd
from Calgary, where he took In lb.
exhibition ami found It entirely satis-
lactory The nhowings In grain ami
cattle were exnptUia-aUy guud    The
attrncllons, particularly th.' Nev*asB*'i
Ladies' band, were also excellent
Kiglil never wnrngetl an) ono—Hint
is uur policy.-—Fink Mercantile Co
Preserving cherries at Stewart's,
Jerrj Polrler, a young Krcnch *'.-
nmlfan, employed .11 the Wardnei'
mill, was brought Into tin* hospital
lasl Kriday night suffering Irom .1
seven- fracture of the skull       A  poi-
Hon of lhe h  had lo i>«< rcmmiit,
but tlie brain was not Injured. Win! I
Polriei was for several days in ,1
Romf-unconscious condition, he is now
coming round nicely ami lliere. is
every prospect of his complete recovery. Just how he got linn is not
known. He was picked up by follows
employees near his working place ami:
there i.s no direct evidence of how
he came to receive the blow liml
fractured his skull.
Daddy Coflee, put up in glass jnrs,
Try one.—Campbell nnd Manning.
Fresh creamery and dairy butler.
Always fresh and nice, at Cntnpkll
and Manning's.
CRESTON LAND-Seven acres I'me
bench land under cultivation; five
from .stones; wire fence; good shack;
will sell on easy payments or , e--
changc for laud property near Crnnhrook, Apply to owner. Box 2-\\
Cranhrook, B. C. 2fl It*
For wheat, oats and hay see A. ('
Howness. 17-tl
Mr. Qeorge Hannant's little son
Warren, aged three years and tw 1
months, died iu Mrs. Bent'.; prlvali)
hospital on Tuesday and was buried
from the Methodist church on Wednesday morning, Mr. and Mrs. tlau-
nant were af their ranch at Wasa tit
the time, as tha little fellow scenic I
to be improving. Miss I,. Maedoi.-
ahl, niece of Mrs. llanuant, was in
constant attendance upon the child
until tlie end came on Tuesday
morning last. Revs. S. Cook and
K. J. Rutherford, B.A., assisted the.
Itev, It. Hughes at the funeral ser-
v lcc.
KOR SALE.—One (our horse Sweep
horse power, in good running order,
cheap. Apply io T. J. Mott, Wy-
cllflc, It. ('. is-ii*
WANTED—One flrst-clnss top loader who understands loading cars with
horse jammer. Wages Mill.till per
month and board. .Apply the Green
Employment Agency. Kernie, B.
C. 2rt It
Beech-nut sliced bacon In glass jar*-.
\ lew slices of this and a fresh egg
tor breakfast will maki- you smile all
day. Kor sale by Campbell and Man
There passed away the other day ai
Hanbury, Mr. John CraiRle, iu his
eightieth year, at the home of hi**
son, .Norman Craigle, J.P. Deceased was one of the bcsl known old
timers in the interior. Ile had beeu
connected with many enterprises
throughout the province The la'e
John Craigle built the gold dredge on
the North Thompson river, in the vicinity of Kamloops. II. also limit
ihe Wardncr mill, a contract he undertook al the advanced age of 7 i.
He leaves ,1 widow and nix children
to mourn his loss. The widow uud
one son, Norman, reside at Hanbury.
The other son li\es nt Greenwood.
The four daughters are married, one,
Mrs. It. K. Embree, resides ai Hanbury, another. Mrs. K Penson, at
Wardmr and two others are living ,11
Ontario. Deceased was a native nl
Perthshire, Scotland, and came to
Peterboro, tint., when only six years
old. lie was engaged in the lumbering business in Ontario, migrating lo
11. C. fourteen years ago The f literal iiH«k place from Beatty'a undertaking rooms on Tuesdaj afternoon,
Rev. C. O. Main officiating.
Oarden Party Mtthodist Lawn,
Friday. July 15.
TO ItENT.-Comfortahlc front
r*M»m on Armstrong avenue. Ad*
dress Boy S., Herald office. M-'l
Preserving raspberries ill he a
short crop. Leave youi orders (..1
ly— Campbell ami Manning
A very sad ease is Jusl now 9CCIH
pying the attention of tlie provlnclil
1 hi 1 in- Lust Monday, Miss Agnes
Siui*h, a sister ol Mr. Willi- 1
Smith, the well known local gardener, went up to Wycllltc to act .-s
eompanion to Miss Staples. During
Monday night or earl) on Tuesday
morning, Miss Smith left ihe Wycllltc
house attired only iu her night dress
and slippers, with a shawl over lur
shoulders. The shawl and Blip in* is
were iliseoveii-,1 later on on the rivnr
bank, but since then Miss Smith has
elitdid every ctiorl o( the searchers ti
recovet her. It was tirst thought
that she had drowned herself in the
river, hut ni a lete hour last evening
she wns seen on the hank ol the rlvt"
overlooking Mr. staples' house. lie
dians employed to lind her, hastened
to the spot, hut she had again tii
appeared and p to the time nl g
ing to press no *urlhrr word of lit
had been received. Miss Smith wa
known io lie mentally unbalanced,
bat It wm thought that Uie change
to WyeUfte    would   piovt tenrlkU.
Mr. William Smith left for Wyclifo
Immediate!) upon receipt of word ui
his sister's disappearance and k. *
since been engaged in the search toe
The r. f. s, unloaded 0 cot ■>[ new '
furniture this week.
l.elhbritlge Herald; Bupt.  I ien,    ul
the Cranbrook divluloii oi the C,  l'
ll., who \h in the city,    in an unntll-
eial   conversation    with the Herald
this   (Tuesday)    morning concerning
llie much talked of changes on     thu
road, said that they were the      uui-
, coi ue nf complaints of the passenger
crews themselves, who, through their
grievance committee, had asked     for
compensation,   as   they   could    uot
make big enough mileage running mi'.'
of     Lethbridge.       While  the chanrc
benefitted the    railroad by releasing
two or three locomotive.-, the change
probably would    nut hint* been made
but for the men's overtures. In   his
opinion   Lethbridge     would   always
have to he the chief railroad center;
of Southern     Alberta and a terminal ]
divisional    point,     for all     east and
west  hound  Irilhe.      In  reply  lo  llm;
statement made by some of the trainmen that freight crews    were    iieliig
moved from Lethbridge, he said llm- :
ihe fluctuating condition of traihc c;n'
western lines compelled the railroads
to move crews around continually. Al
present    there is a  vast   volume     off
c.ml IraBlo coming oul of the Crows
Nest ami going north   lo th-   Orand
Trunk and Canadian Kor thorn   lines ■
who are storing great dumps of coal ,
to provide against emergencies,    Tomorrow   the movement   might shift 1
eastward, and news    would have to]
he moved around again-    lhat there
will in a few weeks he a big freight
movement eastward from t!i   Crows
Nest, he    declared   to in- absolute!)
certain, as   coat dealers in Moultoba
and Saskatchewan have store:   practically no coal, and hardly any    coal
has gone east this summer, except ■'■ t
the C. P* R.'s own use.     Thut, too.
probably accounts for the truir.mun's
complaint that   the east h met; Unfile    from    the   '.'row has b'vii light
during the past lew months.
Our grain led pork cannol Im
equalled.—P. Woods and Co.
Soreness of the muscles, whether
induced by violent exercise or injury,
is quickly relieved by the Iree application ot Cham tier I aiu's Liniment.
This liniment is equally valuable for
muscular rheumatism, and always affords quick relief. Sold hy all druggists and dealers. lU-tl
Choice apples ami Bartlctt pears at
Stewart's today,
K. II. Small, Vic. Rollins and Jltn
Brown have returned Irom P.Ctiti.
where they wen* interested spectators of the championship fight between Jeffries and Johnson. If
spaee permitted ft would be both
easy and interesting to run oil .
column or two of pithy comment upon the hig event ami attendant eir-
cumstances from the stories related
by our Cranhrook boys of their experiences going ami returning ami at
the ring side. Mr. Small was chiefly Impressed by the splendid handling
of the hig crowd at Reno, both at
the ring side and in the town, lie
speaks highly ot the care bestowed
upon all visitors by the citizens ol
Reno and the entire absence of anv
attempt to graft. Prices v.ere reasonable for everything and there was
an entire absence ol rowdyism ui
nny other object tollable feature in
the little town There w<:>- pick
pockets present, as a matter ol
course, and they did a roaring wade,
some of the wisest sport'- being
touched for all thev had on them. Despite the crowds that filled Rsau out
boys were very comfortable, having
quarters on the Pullman ear .:. wl fh
they travelled Ir en Spokane :<< thi
seem* of the tigh*. Klgbty-flte r,»ev
ul trams eonveye*) spectator** io the
tight and the vast crowds wen handled with rase In '.ho town, at tie
ring side ami at the depol 11 ** •■**
a marvel of organization, particu 1-
ly the manner in which she ilwu*
sands who crow led to ■'.''■ .:■'
arena wire seated Kver> mat- v-1'
had paid for a seat irci'ted Ihe wai
he had paid for (if the light
self Mr. Small Ind little to add In
what has alre.i ly been publlshd
Jeffries was not ■■. it Irom start to
finish. The close "I the contest :■ o\
most people by surprise There was
no confusion or demonstration of nny
kind. The thousands poured out oi
the arena as quietly ami orderly us
if returning from -i funeral and tif'-'ni
minutes later the first of the special
trains pulled out nl Reno. From a
close associate of Jeffries Mr Small
learned that tho big white bruiser
was practically a nervous wreck !*c-
fore he entered the ring* This ci-
d it ion was probably due to the f.ic
that on tbe dav preceding the flint
nnd on the morning of the tight, he
was literally Inundated with telegrams from all over ihe American
continent from hackers, urging hl.n
to do his best, "1*. thev hnd all the'f
money bet on him " such a flood
ol tctrgiiuiui    was enough to uaac'vr
Finish is the
cheapest par*, of a
shoe—wear is the
the most difficult.
Common shoes sell by their
shine. Slater Shoes—price
branded by their makers—must
wear well. Your foot tells
instantly whether the shoe fits
or not. Goodyear Welt means
smooth insole- flexible, strong.
Slater Shoe
F°' «- foS.00
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Store
any man and it Is believed wai largely responsible fur tbe utter failure oi
the lormer cbamploo to make iny-
thlng like the showing that was expected of him. It was a most enjoyable trip in every respect- and o r
Cranbrook boys r.-'.urncd without nav
ing been subjected to raids ol pi-:'**-
pockets or other mishaps, well pl-1;-..-
eii with their outing and the evj r-
ience of one of the greates*., and
probably the las', of big pri/* fig'i*.
DRV  aooD-i  &   PANCI   JEWELER
Call ii iii» More end .-ate yourself
dollar* and -.enl-
Armstrong     Avenue
Oppo-- le   P. Wrod* 4 Cft.
that thirty days after date, [Jatcad
to apply to the Chief Comsiisftone*.
of Lands and to the Asslsiint Commissioner of Lands f.»r the district uf
Kast Kootenay, lor a license to pro-i-
pect for coal and petroleum un ihe
following described land, situate on
tbe North Fork ol Michel CreeX,
ahout she nubs north ol th- Caaa ■-
ian Pacific Railroad, and lying east
Of the .Mclni.es eroup and nwlh ul
the Crows Neat [*asi Coal Company .
1.   Commencing at a post  plant? 1
me mile    north of a point < lit*   mite
•ast of the Intersection of the   *-as*.
side line of the UdnneS Group    aad
the north side line of the Crows V-.:
Pass Coal Company's land, s^id post
being the initial post of \   K  War*
land's    claim,     and marked "A.  f
Wayland's   northeast corner." thence
M) chains   west,    thence    •*<• chains
mth,   thence  mi  ehains east,  thence
1   chains north     to placv of begin*
ng, containing about 840 acres
a.  K   ffayland, I .cator.
Located .lune nth. 1010.
'- Commencing at a pm*. planted
at the northeast corner <.' a E.
-iVayland'i claim, the same being '.-.»•
initial post ol I. Burke'i claim, u '■
marked "L. Burke's northwest corner," thence v" chains east, thenoe •'
Chains   south.   Hi;.r«-   SO   CltaloS   WtSt,
thenee BO chains north la niaer    "f
beginning, con I iii Inn B40 tu es
I.. Burke, Locator
\. i: Wayland, Vgent.
Located June Uth, 1010
3. Commencing at a pos* planted
at i. Burke's northwest corner, same
being the initial post of it Covington's claim and marki-d "l( Coving*
ton's southwest corner." thence Ml
chains south to place of beginning,
thence HO chains west. thenee W
chains east, thence SO ehains north,
containing about ■•■" acres.
R Covington, Locator
A   K. Wayland. Agent.
Located .lime lith. into.
Calgary, Alberta
Re*hJestiil id' fit) Scto-al LrUirli,
uoder ibe d'rt-ctles r-t tbe Cbsrck
of hetlacw
I'n-j.   'i' ■■ r       '  i .*. i• r-1*y
Slatrlcalu ma
Art Bxaminmtl
Special ■ I nlture,
Domestic -..■:■■ . ■ ■         L*n|
tur»*.  Fiei 'i     ■;"■-■.. i oi
varsstfon, etc.
Crfjiiiiit'   y .■■ 1  l*!ii.d-"|Fanr>n
Oat-door   Drill,   Ti ni       Cii
qnet,   Basket.l
*■■:. f| .-■
1. Commencing at a post plant*ed.
at It. Covington's southwest corner.;
same being ilu- initial post of it. fj i
Rclden's claim, and marked "It. il
Rclden's southeast corner." thence j
10 chains     west, thence n0      chains
north, thence m* oha(m east,   thence
chains south to place nf beginning,
ttalnlng aboul nio acres.
It   (I   Iteldeti, Lncalnr
A   E  Way-ami, Agent.
.ocatU-d .luue  Mth,  I'll" 20 M»,
I Ihcakhful
■    I
wid i tt    ■ '.
you -un it
you ever tailed In lew
with li        irl  tl
make a puddii Kottow
the din i' '■;• ■■■ "■ "       ■ '
White \!  im'    i        r. and yoa
tan make Rnc-gi
llcloui ice to nm ihal will mike
tiir whole    ..    r, Come I
and ta •■ ■' •■■
"The Ramie Store" THJfi   CRANBROOK   HERALD
(liy Hugh Chalmers)
This question ol advertising is, ui
course, a very bit; u111'- ' think
advertising i*-* the biggest tiling In
Hie world, from many standpoints
In ihe Ilrsi place, there is more
luonc) spent on u than on almost
anything else, and it also has tu do
-a Ith the world's biggest problum-
tne world's biggest problem loday is
mat ot distribution ol llie goods
i...in wnere thej arc to where lliii)
uiight tu be. Advertising is une ol
thu big factors in that distribution.
Advertising and salesmanship nre
llic. chief agents ut distribution. Tlio)
uro one and the Bntno Ihlug, practical!) . because all salesmanship is advertising, ami all advertising buIos-
inunship, in my opinion. Atlvirtls*
ing is salesmanship plus uuhllclt)
Salesmanship is advertising plus get
ling the oilier signed.
Two other factors ul distribution
are transportation ami population
Ue must have the population nisi It
create the demand, and then ft'U must
have the transportation, anil I believe
loday that the question whieli it
agitating the country—that ol high
prices and tlie Increased cost ol living
—is largely a question of distribution. If goods wen- properly lis-
LrUnited in certain parts ui ihe country there wuuld uol be such high
Now advertising, in my opinion
needs one thing most ol all, ami thai
is: jt needs to be advertised.
1 think most advertising men un
loo close to their businesses tn real
i/e that every hud j dors nol belle vi
in udverUtflng; thai a great nuiiiliei
oi people—thousands and hundreds oi
thousands of people—still believe thn
they buy goods cheaper from cull
eeins who don't spend bit; money i
advertising than Irom those who tlu
Of course, LlioSC of us who are clos
to that proposition know that i
wrung. We know that advert lain
creates a demand, and creates it i
such volume lhat we ean ailotd I
make, and do make, articles clicapci
an.i market them for lew*, money llini
otherwise could he done. Hut lot
of people need to he told Ihal.
Those of you who have traveled
abroad know that advertising is nn
known In Europe; over there the surest sign thai you are a fakir is that
you advertise. Advertising iu this
country has gone through a greal
change in the last ten years—yuu
will atl admit that—because Ibtrc
tune been mure Integrity ami mote
business methods put Into it iliau
ever before. Mul many people vet,
as 1 have said, don't believe ii. it
and it is up to the advertising mei
themselves to teach people to belicv*
in advertising,
Now salesmanship gives   Ludlvl.luiil
lessons, while advertising conducts a
public school, Iwcausc a salesman is
privileged to talk to only out* or
two persons at a time; hot the advertising man is a man who is Miking io millions of people at a time.
in final analysis, what is Hit* object of advertising and salesmanship'.'
To distribute goods at a proiit How
can it best be dune'.' By teaching
the prop!,-.
Then- are three ways of sell ing
goods: lirst, orally, second, b)
printed matter; and third, by pictures, These are the only ways ol
selling goods,
\ou then, leaching is one thing
thai puts all FHilcsmuiishlp and all
advertising on the same basis—mi
are teaching the people all the ti
There is no greater builder ol <
lidenre— am! that Is the bedrock ol all
business—there is no greater builder
of confidence tbun advertising, because big advertising looks like big
sales, and unconscious!) creates confidence in the minds id the public.
Now, I believe, gentlemen—and 1
am talking to you plainly us an advertiser, as a man who spends his
immey with you—1 believe II there
was ever a time for specific statements iu selling the goods ymi nre
dealing in, that loday is the time-
the direct statement period—when
people are interested in knowing
exactly why. Today is the time lot
reason-why advertising.
I have been in Jlic manufacturing
business all my life, and 1 found oul
a few years ago v.hy il wus easier to
make things than to sell them. Anybody with money can go into the
manufacturing business, because money can buy machinery, materials, and
the services of men. Hut it does
not follow that because any man
make things he can sell them*
Now, what is the difference? The
difference is this: In one case you
are dealing with methods of machinery; nnd in the other case yon nre'
dealing with the human mind. You
can pretty well gauge, in this period
of automatic machinery—hnw much
you ean turn out. But when vou
come to sell it, you are dealing with
the human mind. You cannot measure It, Why? Because the human
mind has prejudices ami is subject to
change. So I say In nne case you
ean measure what you can do, and in
the other case you cannot.
As to the selling proposition: When
a man makes a sale, that sale dues
not take place in the order-book or
the check-book or the pocket-book;
hut every sale thut Is made today -
whether II is- a paper of pins or a
railroad—lust takes place In the human mind Kortiuintcly for us, hu
inanity has always wauled teacher-.,
and the man who wants lo succeed
today will go into the leaching business and convince the people to have
confidence in him and In what he has
to soil.
Advertising and salesmanship form
a connecting link between Invention
nnd use ul an) article, I ean say
without tear of contradiction thnt advertising and salesman ship have push-
i the wmlil ahead commercially fas
ter than anything else. Why? He
cause they teach the people that
Ibese Inventions are the things   tho)
gilt tu have; and because the best
Invention in the world wuuld be useless, valueless if people did not know
about   it   ami   use  il.
I go a little farther, perhaps, than
some advertisers do in ibis mallei
<d postal lales which the government
is agitating jusl now, l think u*.crj
publication should stand Us just ptu*
portion, but   I  should hate to see HU)
discrimination which would place advertising im a different basis. I
honestly believe that the advertising
section and the advertising pages ol
.ill publications are just as much ills-
scnt Inn tors of news and as Important
in Informing and leaching iln- people
as the editorial pages are I know
a ureal many people who wouldn't
'..ike a magazine if the advertising
wm omitted.
Coming hack again lo the subject
nf salesmanship, printed salesman tlilp
—whal is salesmanship? Salesmanship, in last analysis, is nothing
more or less than making the other
fellow fei'l as you do about the
Roods you  have  to sell.
Now then, Imw ean Hint he itonef
Is is done by appealing to his mind
it is done hy argument; it is done
hy direct statement.
And right hi'te let uu- sav that in a
greal deal of advertising copy wi
sliool over lhe heads of about nine-
lentlis oi our renders. Vou are appealing to a man's mind when you
sell him something; and you cannol
convince him until he understand;;. He
will not understand unless yuu put n
tu Anglo-Saxon words, the sinullci
the heller—su thai the man who has
no education can understand what
you are talking about; then it is i
cinch  lhat   (he college graduate  v.Ml
Advertising is a process of sales
iiinnshlp; bin it is mure (ban sales
mauship. Advertising means the Insurance of a continuance of trade.
There are two objects iu advertising;
first, to sell ihe output—ttrat is the
first object of anybody in advertising;
and second—no less' important than
ihe first iu my opinion—to establish
name and insure the continuance
tin- business,
li I were absolutely sure I could
sill all our putput during 1910, I'll I
and 1012, and had a guarantee of il
in my pocket, I wouldn't spend a dollar less than we are spending todaj
iu advertising.
Because my vision of uur business
is not hounded by the year 1013. Wc
want to continue lo advertise in order tu insure that uur business will
continue. When you shut on advertising you    shut off your sr'irce    ni
supply. In unlet   to sell «.nc thou
sand automobiles we have tu eonviiict
a million minds.
There are, in my opinion, live
things that are hurling advertising,
l-'irst, we will have to clear up the
agency .situation, ami convince people
that agencies have the lirst essential
lo success—absolute honesty.
And the second thing is no less i
portant   than tbe first,   and thai
ihal publication circulations shall  he
just what tbey are presented to    he
If I buy 5,000 axles for automobiles
and they only deliver -1,000, you cai
rest assured I don't pay for the   llvi
thousand; why should it lie ill He run
iu advertising?
Then again, there is too much o
bad advertising—loo much of whal I
might call, to use a slang expression,
too much "hot air" in advertising
There is no mystery about  writing
K I copy; there i.s nothing to it tut
good, common, hard sense. That i-
all then- is to advertising anyway.
Writing copy is tn a very urent e\
tent saying to your reader what you
would say to    him if you wire
front of him.
I also believe thnt tho first few
lines or tusi paragraph in any ad
vortiscmcnl is    the most important,
because Whether or nut a man    read
all tin*   wa\   through depends wholly
on you.
lu selling goods   you   arc throw In
thoughts a I a man—whether you
throw ihem orally <u ou paper
doesn't iiinke any difference—yon are
throwing thoughts ul that man, and
Ills brain ralches just whal you j
throw aL him. So ymi can't throw
nslnccrity ami have him catch sin
eerily, lie is unconsciously affected
by your sincerity or Insincerity.
1 waul to say again, in conclusion,
that I lelicve that tin- publisher, the
advertiser and tlto public are nil
hound in a great community of Interests iu this advertising business; beau so lust iu proportion as the publisher keeps his slicei clean—keeps
s editorial page right; obtains the
reputation of being loo pure to he
bought, too brave lo he bullied—docs
he make those blank pages that he
tells   valuable   to    ml ver Users;   and
ust  as the people beli.'ve in the chiu-
icter of tho publication, in just the
same proportion Will Ihey bollovc in
ihe character of tlio advertising     it
he married
<>|.T|. i:i;s not TO MAHHY.
\ copy of a curious order on the
subject o( soldiers ami matrimony
recently issued hy Major I , \V.
Kvans, ni ihe ltoyal Engineers, lo
his command ii; the Bombay Presidency, has found its way to England.
The order reads thus:
•■ \t this, tho commencement of the
lenvo season and of spring, when a
young man's fancy lightly turns lo
thoughls of love. 1 wish to make
clear to everyone my ideas- on lhe
subject of marriages in tho corps in
lhe future.
There  is a  saying   lllttt'.-
t'olonels     must
Majors        may
Captains    should nnt^^^^^^^
Subalterns must not   ,
which exactly expresses my feeling;.
I'oona   and     Kirhee are    expeusiv
places,   uml     every    married   officer
makes the mess bills of the rest bigger (il makes no difference how much
money he has himself).
Again, it is onlv fair to a lady
that ber husband should pay her attention, and give up to her much ol
bis time. Captains ami subalterns
who have lo know their men, io
work them them, to play game
work  with    them,     to plav      games
Iii Ihe IUV.D. and M.W.S. it is
quite different; a captain has no men
tu look after; he has no mess, and
wants a home, and he draws more
pay. The house accommodation is
also very short in Kast Kirkee
Kor all these reasons lhe commandant expects that after this date any
Captain or subaltern who contemplates taking to himself a wife should at
the same time ask to lie transferred
to some other employment."
The signature of Major Kvans ns
commandant is appended to the order, which is issued lo the Third
Rappers and Miners, and headed
■Married Officers."
Nine times in ten stomach derangements nre responsible for sallow complexion, dull eyes uml thin body. !
ll is the stomach lhat supplies
nourishing blood to the muscles, the'
nerves, uml skin. If the stomach is
healthy, plenty ot nutritious mailer
will bo absorbed by the blood. If llt
is nut healthy, the food will ferment,<
and undigested, will pass along
through the bowels, furnishing so
little nutritious mailer that the
blood becomes Impoverished, ami the
glow of be..llli vanishes.
If you suller from netvnusness,
sick headache, belching of gas, sour
laste iu the mouth, heaviness after
catiu.. or uni oilier miserable stomach disturbance, you need Mi-u-nu,
and the sooner ynu gel il the ipllckoi
you will lie healthier and happier.
It will relieve any distressed stomach condition almost Immediately. It
will cure if used according to directions. The Bcnltio-Miirphy Co, sells
it for r»ti cents n largo box, and they
think enough of it to guarantee it to
euro Indigestion.
According to the Railway and Engineering Review, passenger train
No. 1 uf the San Pedro, Los Angeles
rfc Salt Lake railroad holds the Indisputable record lor slow-speed t uiv-
el. Oil December .'list il Started tot
Salt Luke City, listed as u "fast
train." It was caught by the storm
of January 1st a short distance east
of Caltonte, Nev., which washed out
the track before and behind it. On
May 17th it arrived at Salt Lake
City, 187 days out from Los Angolas. The passengers were transferred by wagons on .lanuary 10th; u
Pullman portor stayed by his ear for
a month; and, subsequently, a rail
road watchman was the only guard.
Teething children have mure or less
diarrhoea, which can In- controlled by
giving Chamberlain's folic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. All that
is necessary is to give the prescribed
dose after each operation of the bowels more than natural and then castor oil to cleanse the system. It is
safe and sure Sold hy all druggists
ami dealers. 1'Mf
The Improvements which have been
made iu lhe Siberian i ail road have
made il possible tu accelerate the
train sen ice, and reduce the time
between  Moscow and   Vladivostok   b\
twenty-four hours. It is now possible to leave London on Monday and
reach Yokohama, .lapati, on Ibe
second Monday following, Ity taking
the fast Canadian Paeiiie steamship,
which leaves Yokohama on Tuesdays
lhe     tourist,   if    he so wished, could
reach Vancouver In t went y-six day s
alter leaving London, and in thlrt)
sfM-n dais aitet setting oat
on liis world -encircling trip he would
he again in London- This, he it
noted, is less than one-half the time
laken hy Jules Verne's traveler in
his trip around the world.
' tOrnO*!Ogi3ty saVsi referring t(, -.],,-. ir.fantile death rate
' from intcaiinul diseases and diarrhctsi spread by the house
fly, he believes that the BO'CallwJ harmless ily is yearly cans,
injr the death of thousands ef infants, as well as spreading
the germs ul" typhoid fever.
nre llic only thing that will ml >uiir house of these dangerous
Bronchitis, Croup, Coughs and Colds, cr
money back. Sold and guaranteed bv
the Beattie-Murphy Co.
The summer girl must buy her
clothes somewhere, and she buys
ihem from the store that advertises
in the Slimmer time. The baseball
fan and the lacrosse enthusiast is
kept in touch with the dates and
hours of the sanies because of the
advertising the clubs do. The man
whose delight is in fishing refits with
purchases from stores that advertise
in the summer, and the man who
has "a little place in the counlry"
buys the seeds fur his garden and all
ihe necessities from the stores thai
know the value of publicity.
The coming of summer does nnt J
do away entirely with the demand
for many kinds of goods that are!
sold in large quantities throughout.
the winter, and at the same time it
does bring into keen demand n few.
lines that are saleable only In the
summer. Watch the Herald and yon
will notice that the successful businesses nre those that advertise all
the year round.
We have a nice collect Iou ol
Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and
Hedge Plants, which must bu
sold to make room for others,
su send iu your orders for (''all
planting us soon as possible.
Aeaeia (lllock Locust)
Kim, American
Maple, Norway
Maple, Purple
Maple, Sycamore
Poplar, l.uinliardy
Spruce, Colorado Blue
Spruce, Norway
Thorn, Double Pink
Thorn, Double White
Thorn, Double Scarlet
Walnut, Black American
Ami many others.
Write fur prices tu
Coldstream Estate Nurseries
Proprietors Coldstream Ksti-tc
Co., Lid)
TAKE NOTICE that Kenneth 11.
Carrutbers, uf Moyie, B.C., occupation, Mining Engineer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following descrihed lands:
Commencing at a post planted
twenty (20-) chains south of the
northwest corner of Lot 2089, thence
north sixty (60) chains, thenee west
llfty I"'11) chains, thence south sixty
Kill) chains, thence enst llfty (fill)
chains to the point of commencement,
excepting    the  railway  right-ot-way.
Kenneth B. Carrutbers,
Dated May 7th, 11)10. 10-01
I   I
W. P. GURI).
Barrister, Solicitor. Etc.
Money to loan uu favorable Ifino*.
An order has been issued by the
railway commission directing the Canadian Pacific railwny to revise nnd
re-issue special tariff rates on coke
aud coal from all shipping points on
the LethhridRe, Crows Nest and
Cranbrook sections westerly.
Tin* ...ilhraiih Coal company
whose collieries ure at Lundhrcck
Alberta, charged discrimination iu
favor of Lethbridge, and an order
follows us a result of the investigation.
Mrs. E. Bent's
I*'very care nml comfort
A home from home
Special attention in cases of
Maternity, Kheumatisiu
mnl Pneumonia
Terms moderate
P.O. Pox 'ihi. I'limit* -J7.1
IVn.-htT ««1 Strinp und
siiimhiol InturiitM-iils
PIIONK '-'">:{      CRANBROOK, B.C.
Miss Mabel Wellman
PUilit and Teacher
IVrtillmo-d !-u|.il of
(Inbtvillfl Molb-t ol Winnipeg
about our lioitleil goods.   We life no
adulterations Ot piet-eivuli-.es in our
lemon soda*, sarsapatllln, ginger ale,
and other carliouated drinks.
are healthful as well at- refreshing
and palatable.   Shall we fend you
a ease Just lo see bow good they aie,
especially at this season7
East Kootenay Bottling
******************************************** i
< *
Electrical Supplies
and Fixtures
liuviiij. opoiii.il ii(i ljiisiiK'88 in the C'riiilircok Until
I.I.H-k wi* nre reaily In snpiilv your nee.ls  in  the
above lines.
We hindle Electric Flat Irons, Fans. Desk Lamps.
Toasters,  Collee   Percolators,  and  Warming  Pads.
We have a nice assortment ol Homes,
Shades. Lamp* and Fixtures.
We make a s|*4-ciiilly of lloiift* Wii inn.   I lnr prices
ure rei.Boniilile. anil we wontil  Ih* |.lt*itt.t'il   tn  have
you cull ami ins|i.*.*t ..ur stnek.
The Quain Electrical Supply
Company, Limited
********************** ***********************
|S.   *     to cut off and we will come pretty J
\ V    near yetting eXttetW the quantity (
you want.     Ymi don't have to ' ■
worry about the qitnllty of our . *
meats.   We inke to nilieli pains ■
,       in select in j* litem tlmt you enii lie ] |
ilKRiireil tliey ute llie elinleef-t to « *
he had,   Ami a trial will prove il | |
P.BURNS&CO.,Ltd. \
Physicians and Surgeons.
()Hu*« at   Itnlilract,   Anu.limn   »..
KorenouM - ■ ■ . loll to ID INI
All Promina - - - 2.00 to   4.00
EvrtUina - - - - 7.S0 to   0.30
Sumliiys - - - - 3.30 to   4.30
CRANHROOK :.    ::    II    :i    B. C
> to 13 a.m.
1 to   8 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office In new Held* Itlink
CRANBROOK -       •       - B. C
Notary Public
lu CoamojioHlaij Hotel
Crunlirook mnl Fort Steele
j. a. cumminos ::
WjM' Cranbrook, B.C. *
poytf vmfl.
, Bulk   8f?U,VP f*
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Pink Mercantile Co.'s Store
Does Not
Get Dull
A NEW ONE II It does
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work ia our Hilvertiot'iiiHiit, Imt we
\mi tins ail iu thu Ikuiltl iu
euipliiM-nz-t' It,
Ne*r Lower Ariufltruilii Avenue
TKI.KHlONr. 114
B.  C.   and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    •     B. C.
[.ilu an.l Kin* IiiHiirniire • Keiil Fntute
Ollice—Next iloui tu
I'oil oili,*,.
Come in unit let me i|tiote you rates
Ask tor lUlcyw LITHIA WATEB
For family hho there is notliing
iu wliolcflotiifl and io puro ai
i        President : T. S. (im. ' '
Secretary: 8, Macdonald ' '
Kor information  regurdintt Intuit*, i .
mnl    iitfrieiiltim-    apply    to   the < >
Secretary, Cranhrook, B.C. ' ■
Meeting-" ]'
Every second Wed nt*** iluy ' |
The (-tailing Hrult Store
St raw hen iec     Straw ben it h
Stocks mnl .hu krone-,
Ciet-toii.iiriviiifc dully
lli-.'h Grade Confectionery
It axel wood Ice Cream j
Phone 7ri Armstrong Ave. ♦
0|.po*.lta l.'.l'.K. Snttioti
TIIK    PLACE    TO      (•■•VI'    A
Il.'inli|iiiirti is fur nil  kimla (if
Satisfiit'lioii iiit.-iraiitiTi!
Tho Shoe Specialist
If yoll want a Aral olflia bath, haircut, sliavei shampoo, or anvil lug
in the Hiiiher line, cull  uml   give
uie a trial
Provenzano & Sacco
Gtnaral Maretianta
Employment Agonts
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P.O. 801184 NONE 144
W. It. HM.tr. K.liM.n.1 Ulrwclor
Cnnbmk B...'.
F. C. SwainiHll, II. I.. »., II C. I.. S.
A. I. Hi.lwrnoii, 11. C. I.. S,
Dominion anil llritiali Columbia
P.O. Draw.. -M WCTNU.I.I '0 '9 '»II|a*'.«W '|»1<>H iwiu»3
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illy Hugh Chalmers)
wl ver Using
nil  USD v
without ii
il ilu* wo
ter tluin anything else,
cause they     teach    the
these inventions an* the
night tn have; and lieca
ess, valuoleu
nhout it anil
1 ga n lltlli
Bin ne advert!*
of postal rale
is agitating Ji
publication sh
Thin uuestion
course, u very big one. 1 lunik
advertising ii Lhu Diggesl thing In
iiu; world, fruiu many stauduuliiU.
in the lirst place, there is more
mono) spenl on il Hum on almost
anything else; and it also has in do
,'.uli lhu world's biggt-st problem—
hie world's biggest problem today ii
inut ol distribution ol lhu goods
Irow wnere thej aro tu where th")
ought tu be. Advertising is um: ui
the big factors in that distribution.
Advertising und salesmanship nre
Llie ehicl agents ut distribution. They
aie uou uud the saino iliui!;, pMcll-
eully, because all salesmanship Is advertising, ami all atlvtirtlsjng salesmanship, in my opinion, A-dvirils
ing is salesmanship plus publlelty,
Salesmanship is advertising pins gov-
ling tin- order Blgnctl.
Two other factors ul distribution
an- transportation uml population.
\\c musl have ihi' population first le
■ ii-ui<- Lhe demand, uud then we must
have Un- transportation, nnd 1 believe
lodnj that tin- question which is
agitating tin- cyimtry—thai ol high
prices mnl Uu- Increased cost ol living
—is largely a uuestlon ol ilisiiiini-
lion. II j;ooiis writ- properly ills
trihiited in certain parts ui the eountrj there would not he such lugl
Now tvdverllsing, in my opinion
needs out* thing must ol nil, uud thut
is: it needs io in- advertised.
I think most advertising men
ton dost- to their busim-ssi's lu
ize  lhat  everybody does not li
in advertising; Lhu I a ^n-uL   m
ul people—thousands ami hundreds ol
thousands uf people—still believe 'imt
ihey Ini)     guods   cheaper frum con
cerns who don't spend big money   I
advertising than from those who tlo
of course, those of us who arc clos
io that proposition know  that       i
wrong,       Wi- know thnt atlvettlsln
creates a demaiid, und creates it    i
such volume that we run afford      i*
make, uml do make, articles cheapi f
uud market them for loss money thai
otherwise could hr done.       Bul lot
uf people nml to he told Dial.
Those of you who huve traveled
abroad know thut advertising
known in Europe; ovei there it
est sign thul yuu ure u fakir is lhat
you advertise. Advertising in Ihis
country has gone through a great
change in tin* lust ten years—you
will nu admit Lliutr—because there
have been mon* Integrity uud mon
business   methods    pui   into it thai
ever before. Unl many people yet
as I have Bald, don't, believe in it
uml il is ii]t tu the advertising mei
themselves to tench people to hcllcvi
in advertising,
Now salesmanship gives Indlvl lual
lessons, while udverlislng conducts ti
public school, because a salesman i-
prlvllcged to talk to only one oi
two pei sons ut u time; hut tlie advertising man is a man who is talking to millions of people ut u time.
In imal analysis, what Is the oh
jeet uf advertising uud salesmanship?
To distribute goods nt a profit How
can it best be done? Hy teaching
the people.
There ar.- three ways ol selling
goods: first,    orally;   second,      i>>
prilllcd matter, unit     third, by      pic
tures. These ure the only ways ol
selling goods,
N*o*a then, teaching is one thing
thut puts uil salesmanship nnd all
advertising on the .same basis— w"
un- leaching the jteople all the time
There is uo greater builder ol ton
Ddeitcc—and that is ihe bedrock ol all
business—there is no greater builder
of confidence than advei Using, be-
i-aiise bi|r advertising looks like hig
sales, ami unconscious!) creates confidence ill the minds ot the public.
Mow, I believe, gentlemen—and I
am talking (o you plainly as an advertiser, us a mail who s|u*iids bis
money wiib you—I believe II there
was ever a time lor specific statements    In   selling the g Is you are
dealing in, thul today is the time—
tin' direct statement pel iml—when
people are Interested In knowing
exactly why Todaj Is the time loi
reason-why advertising
I have been    in *ttw manufacturing' because* whether
rail roi
n ess a
to sell
t il iv ll paper rd pins of a
[—first lakes place In the Ini-
ii.,] I'oi'Uinnlely fur us, hu-
I ,i, always wanted teachers,
* :i an who wants tu sruceocil
... ill go into lhe teaching liusl-
,il convince tlie people to have
ice in him and in whal he has
■rtising and salesmanship lorm
ecting   link   between Invention
;c ol ait)  article.     1 can     say
ir ul contradiction thnt nd-
ml salesmanship have push-
Id ahead commercially fas-
,se the
the world would be
s il people did not
farther, perhaps, t'
■s do iu ihis mat
which lhe governm
l now. I think ;■'.
ilil stand its jusl  |
portion, hm I should hate to mt nit)
discrimination whieli would place advertising on a different basis. 1
honestly bcllovo thai the advertising
Bcellon ami the advertising pug'';, id
all publications ure .just us much dls
seminntors ol news and as Imporlmit
in Informing and leaching the people
as the editorial pages are 1 know
,i great many people who wouldn't
lake n magazine if the advertising
was omitted.
Coming hack again lo the subject
of salesmanship, printed salesmanmip
—whal is salesmanship? Salesmanship, In last analysis, is nothing
mure or less than making tin-    other
fellow     feel   us you    do ill I      the
gootls you have tu sell.
Now then, how fan Unit be done?
is is done hy appealing io bis mind
11 is done by argument; ii is done
by direct statement.
An,I right here lei me say that in a
groal deal of advertising copy wi
shoo I over lhe heads ol about nin.-
lenllis ol our leaders. You are appealing lu a man's mind when yon
sell him something; ami you cannot
convince him until he understands. He
will not understand unless yuu put ll
in Anglo-Saxon words, the sinullei
the heller—su thut the man who has
no education can iiiiderstai.il whal
yon an* talking about; then it is n
'inch that the college gradual* will.
Advertising is a process uf salesmanship; bin il is more than salesmanship Advertising means the insurance ol u continuance uf trade.
There nre two objects in advertising:
hist, to sell the output—thai is the
first object of anybody in advertising;
and second—uu less' Important than
tin* iir.-.i in my opinion—to establish a
name ami insure the continuance of
tin- business.
li I were absolutely sure 1 could
sell ;ill our piilput during 1010, 1911
nnd 1012, ami had a guarantee of
hi my pocket, I wouldn't spend a dollar less than we an* spending todnj
in advertising.
llecausc my vision of our husluess
is nol bounded by the year 1013. W
until to continue tu advertise in ot
dci to insure that our business will
continue. When yuu shut un" advertising you shut ofi your a**irce of
supply. In order to sell one thousand automobiles we have to convince
a million minds.
There are, in my opinion, two
things that are hurting advertising.
First, we will have to clear up the
agency situation, and convince peopli
that agencies have the lirst essential
to success—absolute honesly
And the second thing is no less Important than the tirs't, ami thai ii
Lhat publication circulations shall in
just what they ure presented lo he
If I buy 5,000 axles for automobile:.,
and they only deliver 4,000, yuu can
ust assured I don'l pay for tlu* five
thousand; why should It he didercnt
in advertising?
Then again, then* is too much    ot
had advertising— t nuch of what   I
might call, to use a slam; express!
too much "hot nir" in advertising
There is no mystery annul writing
g I copy, there is nothing to it Iml
good, common, hard sense.     That ll
idverttslng anyway.
is io a very grent OX-
your reader what ynu
him  if vuu were     in
uii there is to i
Writing copy
ten!   saving to
would say  to
Iront ul him.
1 ,.i u believe
business all my life, and I lound out
a lew yean ago why il was easier In
make things than to sell them. Anybody with money can go into the
manufacturing business, because money can buy machinery, materials, ami
the services of men. Hut it does
not follow that because »nv limn can
make things he ran sell them.
Now, what is the difference? Hie
difference is this: Iu one case you
an* dealing with methods of machinery; and in the other case you ate
dealing with the human mind. You
can pretty well gauge, in this period
ul automatic machinery—how much
you can turn out. But when -.ou
Come to sell it, you are dealing with
the human mind. Vou cannot measure It. Why? Heciiuse thr human 1
mind has prejudices ami i*. subject lo
change. So I say in one case you'
ean measure what, you can do, and in'
the other case you cannot. |
As to the selling proposition When
:i man makes a sale, that sale does'
not take place In the order-liook or,
the iheck-houk ur the pueket-book,
but everv sale thut  Is tmute today -
lh.it  the     lirst few
lim-s or flrsl paragraph in any    ad
vcrtlsrmcnl Is    the most Importnnl
or mil n miui   r..id-
all   the    wa\   1! rn  . I,   depends  Whollj
on you.
In selling goodi   you    uie throwing
thoughts nl u m nn—whether
throw them orally or on p
doesn't make any difference—you
Ih rowing thoughts at that man,
his brain catches jusl what yuu
throw at hiiu. So you can't throw
sincerity uud have him catch bin-
rily. Ile is unconsciously affected
liy your sincerity or insincerity.
1 want lo say again, In conclusion,
that I believe that the publisher, the
advertiser and tlie public are nil
hound iu a great community of Inter-
ists In this advertising business; bemuse jusl in proportion as tlie puli-
Isher keeps his sheet clean—keeps
lis editorial page right; obtains the
reputation <>f being too pure to ho
bought, too bravo lo be bullied—does
he make those blank pages tlmt he
sells valuable In advertisers; .uni
iust as the people beli.'ve In ihe character "f the publication, in just Uie
s.unc proportion will ihev believe in
tlie character of ito- advertising     it
\ QUAINT   iHUM'.l'   I'm
A copy of a curious order oil the
subject of soldiers and matrimony
recently issued by Major I . W.
Kvans, ol the ltoyal Engineers, lo
his command in the Ilouibay Presidency, has lound its way to Kngland.
Tin- order reads thus:
"\t ibis, the commence men I ol lhe
leave season and ol spring, when a
young man's fancy lightly turns     to
tl ghls    ol love.     1 wish lo make
clear lo everyone my ideas' oil the
subject of marriages in lhe corps [u
Uie future.
There is a saying thul.—
Colonels      must
Majors       may
Captains    should nut
Subalterns must not ,
which exactly expresses my reelings.
I'oona und Kir bee are expensive
places, and every married officer
makes the mess hills ol the rest bigger (it mokes no difference how much
money he has himself).
Again, il is only fair to a lady
lhat her husband should pay her attention, nud give up lu her much oi
bis time Captains and subalterns
who have to know their men, lo
work them them, to play games
work with them, to play gaiiief
In the P.W.D. and M.W.S. it i:
unite different; a captain has no men
to look niter; he has no mess, and
wants a home, and he draws mure
pay. The bouse accommodation is
also very short in Kast Kirkee.
Kor all these reasons the command'
anl expects that after this date an;
captain or subaltern who coiiteinplat
i*s taking to himself a wife should ut
the same time ask tu Ih* transferred
to some oilier employment."
The .signature of Major Kvans
commandant is appended to the
der,   which   is issued     lo tbe Third
Sappers   and     Miners,    and    headed
"Married Officers."
Nine limes in ten stomach derange
meats are responsible for sallow com*
plexion, dull eyes and thin body.
It is the stomach that supplies
nourishing blood lo the muscles, the
nerves, nnd skin. If the stomach is
healthy, plenty ot nutritious m.u.ie
will be absorbed by the blood. If It
is not healthy, the food will for ment;,
and undigested, will pass along
through the bowels, furnishing so
Utile nutritious mailer lhat the
blood becomes impoverished, and the
glow of health vanishes.
If you stiller from nervousness
stick lienilache, belching ot gas, sour
taste iu the mouth, heaviness after
rutin., or am oilier miserable sloin-
iifh disturbance, you need Mt-o-na,
and the sooner you get it llic ipiickei
vou will he healthier ami happier.
It will relieve any distressed stomach condition almost Immediately. It
will cure if used according lo direr
lions Tin- Ilea tile-Murphy Co. sells
it for fill cents a large box, and ihev
think enough ol it to guarantee it to
cute  indigestion
lie married
Teething children have mure or less
diarrhoea, which can lie controlled by
giving Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
ami Diarrhoea Remedy, All that
is necessary is to give the prescribed
dose after each operation of the bOW
els more than natural and then cas
tor oil lo cleanse the system. It i
safe and sure Sold by all druggists
and dealers. ly-tf
The Improvements which have been
made in the Siberian railroad have
made it possible to accelerate tbe
train service, and reduce the time
between Moscow and Vladivostok by
tweuty-foiii hours. It is now possible to leave London on Monday ami
reach   Yokohama,    Japan,  on   tb
second Monday following    ity taking
ihe fiisi Canadian Pacific steamship,
winch leaves Yokohama on Tuesdays
lhe    tourist,   i(    lie so wished, could
reach  Vancouver  in  twenty-all  days
niter  leaving  London,  and  in  Unit)
seven      days    alter    setting      ihi
on ins world-endrcllog trip he would
be Bgalll in London, This, be il
noted, is less than one-half tbe time
taken hy Jules Verne's traveler
his irip a round the world
Ui. lauru-jn h>. in&witt., uunitiaioii tn-
tOHIOiOgij*:-, «ay*i referring to the ii. fa utile death rait:
from intuaiinal diseases and diarrhau t spread by the lions***
fly*, i'.e believes that the so-called harmless fly is yearly tans,
ing lhe death of thousands cl" infants-, as well as spreading
t,.e yen us ol typhoid fever.
.-ire the only thing that will rid >our home of these dangerous
I According to the Hallway and engineering    Ueview,   passenger     train
| Nn- I of lhe Sau Pedro, Los Angeles
& Salt Lake railroad holds lhe indisputable record for slow-speed travel. On December 81st il started tot
Salt Lake   City,     listed as a "fast
i train." li was caught by the storm I
of January 1st a short distance easl
of Call elite, Nev., which washed oat
the track before nml behind il. On
May 17th il arrived at Sail Lake
City,  137 days out     from l.ns AligC-
■ les. The passengers were transferred by wagons on January lflth; a
Pullman porter stayed by his car lor
a month; and, subseipienlly, a mil
road watchman was the only guard.
Bronchitis, Croup, Coughs and Colds, cr
money back. Said and guaranteed bv
the Beat tie-Murphy Co.
The summer girl must buy her
clothes somewhere, and she buys
ihem from the store that advertises
in the summer time. The Imsehntl
fan and the lacrosse enthusiast is
kept in touch with the dates and
hours of the games because of the
advertising the clubs do. The man
whose delight is in fishing refits with
purchases from stores that advertise
in the summer, and the man who
has "a little place In the country"
buys the seeds for his garden and all
the necessities from the stores thai"
know  the  .ahie of publicity.
The coming of summer does not ]
do away entirely with the demand!
for many kinds of goods thai arc
sold in large quantities throughout,
the winter, and at the same time it
does- bring into keen demand a few
lines thnt are saleable only in the
summer. Watch the Herald and you.
will notice that lhe successful businesses arc those that advertise all
the year round.
We have a nice collection  of
Ornamental  Trees, Shrubs ami
Hedge Plants, wliich must be
sold to make room lor others,
so send in your orders lor Kail
planting as soon as possible.
Acacia (Black Locust)
Kim, American
Maple, Norway
Maple,   Purple
Maple, Sycamore
Poplar, Lombardy
Spruce, Colorado Dine
Spruce, Norway
Thorn, Double Pink
Thorn, Double While
Thorn, Double Scarlet
Walnut, Black American
And many others.
Write for prices to
Coldstream Estate Nurseries
Proprietors Coldstream Estnle
Co., Ltd.'
TAKK NOTICE that Kenneth P..
Carrtltltcrs, of Moyie, B.C., occupation, Mining Engineer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
twenty (120) chains south ol the
northwest corner of Lot 2099, thenee
north sixty (till) chains, thence west
llfty (50) chains, thenee south sixty
diii) chains, thence east fifty (5»)
chains to the point ol commencement,
except ing    the  railway  right-of-way.
Kenneth II. Carrutbers.
Haled May 7tll,  1910* l«-9t
W. P. (IURD,
Barrister. Solicitor. Etc.
Money to limn on lavornblii terms.
I'llANimooK.imri'lNIl   COLUMN.
CUM.     AND      COKE
Mrs. E. Bent's
II!very cine ami comfort
A  home from  home
Special attention in caves of
Maternity, Mheumattsm
uml Pneumonia
Terms   moderate
P.O. Hns .nt. H.oiii- ."Ttt
Ti-.nli.-i' "f String" and
Stn tula rd liiHtnim*-ula
1'IUiNK 25a      CRANBROOK, B.C.
Miss Mabel Wellman
Pianist and Trichcr
IVriiliYnoil pn-dl ot
linl.■-'illi- Mullet ol Wlniilpt-*.
All order has tieeti issued hy the
railway commission directing the Canadian Pacific railway to revise and
re-issue special tariff rates on coke
and coal from all shipping points on
the Lethbridge, Prows Nest and
t'ranbrook sections westerly.
The (ialbraith Coal company
whose collieries are at Luiidhri'ck
Alberta, charged discrimination in
favor of Lethbridge, and an order
follows us a result ol the investigation. I
about our bottled goods. We me no
adulterations oi pietetvatlve* in our
lemon soda, sarsanaitlla, ginger ale,
ami Olliei c:i 11*omit ed drill lip.
are healthful as well »■*• refresh! ns
ami patutahle.   Shall we semi you
acatejilBt to«a bow good tbey uie,
especially ut this reason?
East Kootenay Bottling
Electrical Supplies
and Fixtures
lliiviiiu' o|n*ii..l up business in the Cr-mbrook Hotel
liloek we are ready I" supply your ncetla in lhe
ulrnve lines.
We lundie Electric Flat Irons. Fans. Desk Lamps.
Toasters.  Collee   Percolators,  and  Warming  Pads.
Wt have a nice assortment ol Domes.
Shades, lamps and Fixtures.
We make n Bpcolalty ol Home Wiring,  < 'nr prices
ure reasonable, nml we would In* pleased i" have
you call uiul inspect mir stm*l..
The Quain Electrical Supply
Company, Limited
! I******************************** **********
********************** ***********************
t„ cut off nml »i* will oome proltjf
nest* Dotting B.xocll" Ilia quantity
yon want. Ynu ilon'l Imvo t.»
worry nlmnl llie iji.i.liiy nl uur
ineKli.. We inki* m Binrli palni
in selecting them tln.i yon can l«
assnra.1 tln*y are lite choicest ti.
licliiul.  Anil a trial will prove it
P. BURNS & C0.,Ltd.
Physicians and Surgeons.
OfTir** at Knldeaue, Armitroug At*
Kntt'll'i.ilis - •
AfttTMHIlm   -
ttrrnlngs - -
.".illiilaj-s - -
> 8.00 to III IHI
2.00 to   4.00
7.80 to   8.30
2.30 to   4.30
::    i:    :i    a. C
l)K. P. B. MILES
IIKKll'l*.   HOURS:
• to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p DI.
7 to   8 p.m.
OUii* In new Held' Biuck
CRANBROOK        -      -       - B.
Notary Public
III Ci,-mop. >!il ii ii lluti'l
Crnniiroiik anil Fort .Steele
S>tc*XjtUAAO<>  Iff
>ru*v • Udi&o* \%&*iwl
a** <^M>*%tmtud,
\pf V*wyr*y*.(nilti,o. ih
..'Bffclu. 8**v- of
»■>■*.■>•.•»■»■>*><.■>•>«■»■»■»*»♦*>♦■». ;
'lil Nu. 148
B.  C.   and Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
Lift* nml Fir,* liiH.irat.fK - I'l-itl Kpt'ili*
Ollice—Nexl iluol to
Post Ollice
dome iii uml let me i|tiote ynu ratea
For family line there ia nothing
*.„ wliulemime anil ao liure aa
1,'iilloB* iiii.I Clillilroii'atolieliail hi
OutiLlaiiiuii'a can hoolHiiliiPtl »i
I'ink Mercantile Co.'s Store
Does Not
Get Dull
A NEW ONE 11 It does
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Ullr work I. nnr Htlvt.rtiHt'iiient, >>n! we
put thin ail in llm llerulil lu
einjiliil*.!*.:,' it.
Near ij.wer A-niatrona Aveima
TKI.KI'llllNK. 114
',: CRANHKOOR-l-ERNIl-        *
' '        I'lfniilent : T. S. tin i.
] |        Secretary: S. MauUonaI.D
i i Kor tii[i)iiiiiiiii»n rvgnrdtng Imnli*
i > nml    aitrii'iiltun-    Hl>ply    to   the < i
11 BeereUry, Crmilirimk, B. C. * *
'' Meeting— J'
) J       Every ipcond Wednerdiiy      'l
TlieUmilag Fruit Store
Stmwlierrlei     Btrawbettiei
Stm'kt* nnd .Im kf-oi n,
Urei ton, a riving dally
11 it'll Qmtle Confectionery
lU/ehviKul IcoCream J
Phono "i»     •     Armetrnni* Ave. ♦
Ojipoalte (.'.|..H. Sttitinii
TIIK     PLACE     TO      ("VI'    A
Hi'iiili|iiiirt<r8 fur nil kinds »l
Sat int':irtii in I tun run I ni I
'YUo Shoo Spi'i'iiiliHl
if ymi iviini ii iiiHt oliua imiii, Imir
out, iliavoi Hiimiif or aiiytl Ing
in ilu* Barber line, call anil girt
mi' ii trial.
Provenzano & Sacco
Gantral Marehanta
Employment Agants
CRANBROOK     •     B. C.
P.O. BOI 184 PHONE 144
W. It. Il^.t.y. Vun.nl Hit. .*t...
Druibruok P. C
F. U. Swannell, I). I.. S„ II 0.1.. X.
A.I. Ilnlwrtion, It. 0.1,. 8,
Dominion anil Itritiali Oulnniliia
b. b. waiker, pr.ti*ent l Paid up Capital, $10.000,000
ALEXANDER LAIRD,General Monajei j Reserve Fund,  -   6.000,000
Branches tlirouuhout Canada, and in the United States and England
banking business.    Sales notes <
News of the District
closely contested. Tlio baseball
game, resulted in a win for (lien
Lake, the game    was well contested
cry Ihcilit
others foi Ua* li
bo ensiled or till
farmers and
insnetion of their
ii for collection.
, muy lie o|H*
deposited or
wny  Willi equal facility.
ed by mail  and
'ithdrawn in this
H. T. Iirymuer, fla-iager Cranbrook Branch
********************** **********************
Merchants Bank of Canada
Head Office, Montreal
!•'. HKIIDBN, il
unl Raiiktiijj Hii-.iui!.H tmiisiu'ti
cited.   Uejioaita ur willi
■nil Malinger
.1.     Illlt-llf-leWII  tl'I'U
may 1*,* made l.v mill
11,00 ojiena nn account Interest |ialii tit liiglieal cmreiil inten.        ♦
|   Elko Branch:   C. R. Wickson, Mgr. |
Engineers,  Founders
and   Machinists 1
mu II.
I'. 11. Hex 888
We are Specialists in Saw Mill Machinery
and Repairs
We make the Best !-;iw Guide and Arbor in
IJ. C.   Any size required.'
*********************** **********************
A splendid library, consisting of 100 Volumes of the
World's lit'st Literature in a liaiidsoinc case; will he givon
KRKK to .my Church, L »l--r«*. or Institution in Cranbrook or
District thai can secure tin- largest number nf votes in
it's favor
The merchants listed below will give with each lOeenl
p troll iss a vote. A ballot bix is ptaced in Beattie-Murphy
C impany's Drug Store where votes ean be deposited.
The Herald will publish tin* respective standing of lhe
contestants each week.
The Library is now on exhibition in the window of the
Fink Mercantile Company's Store.
Tlie lleralil will cive li'O votes to every new subscriber
annual I during the contest.
The contest begins March Ith anil closes August 5, 1910,
Keiui'inlvr Votes ean only be obtained by trailing with
the merchants listed below, and every dollar spi ut at any of
these stores entitles yon to lo votes
Pink Mercantile Co.
I* s* ..
A. C. I've  •
Patmore lints.
Ileattii--Murphy Co.,Ltd
Hill ."v Co.
riclntvre & Erickson,
& Plumbers
1.   •   Drugs & Stationery
Dry Goods
»'*v,*!iv, Ktnimviii**, iiii.I Masieal
Cranbrook Opera House.
• in iiu-; ■. i.*
K. A. Fraser, Proprietor
Y.iiir .\iiiii*>cii,fiit"
I Or New Annual Subsiriplions lo lhe Herald, 100 voles   2
********************** >«.••■>•■>«■»■> *************
>*** ************ **********
bay nt  i'iik ;;
tin*   I..-.I   Uriel,
osloni iniiiitiv  t'<iiiiiiii,ii or Pms8pd
<**>*>•'**><*•>*>*>*> 4 *>*** •> i ♦♦♦♦♦<•*:•<• •> o <••>•:• ♦
.> THE ROYAL IIOTKI..       ***\***    E. W. WIDDOWSON, ASSAY- •>
*** Mrs I, V. Roberts, Proprlc- «L> |**>,ER AND CIIKMIST.-Chargcs: ***
*** tress, ***'*** Oolil, silver, copper or lend, $1 ***
-fr Cor. Stanley nnd Silica Sta. *** |.> eacli; gold-silver, $1.50; silver-*
<• NELSON, D.O. <•  -fr Irnd,   $1.50;    gold-silver,   with ■*>
•fr Free carriage or tins from all -fr <fr Copper or lead, $2.50; zinc, ft!; •;•
*** limits and trains. -fr •:• silvcMcari-zinc, M.     Prices lor *
■fr Rates, $t and $1 50 per day. «fr fr "thrr metals on application, -fr
-fr Itemembrr our 25c. Chicken -fr'-frl.ong distance 'phone 117. P.O. fr
+ dinner on .Sundays. 4R fimfr ;fr Boi, HI OB, Nelaon, B.C.    48-lyfr
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr -fr -fr fr •:• fr fr fr *fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr .:..:.
♦ *l
(.Special Correspondence.)
Mr, John Keid, superintendent ol
roads and bridves, was n visitor in
Lown Tuesday.
Wm. .Manii'llv, the man who    look
charge ol the    building ol Lhe
ner traffic bridge, was In lowi
Tuesday on business.
Mr, Len Renwlch, st-drakeep*.
Oalloway,      spenl     Tuesday
Inn,ils here,
Mrs. Fred Speaker and children and
MIbh Amy Sheppard spenl Wednesday
lasl willi friends in Cranbrook, ■
\h. Irving Willson, ot Vancouver,
ealled on friends liere last Thursday.
A carload ol fine horses arrived
grading ol the new Kootenaj Centrn ,
here last week '.o begin work on the
Mr. I*. Lund was in Oallowaj last
Wednesday on business,
Mrs. c. W. Smith, uf Fernle, \\;is
in town lasl week on business.
Mr. Lock, of Kernie, was doing
business In town lasl Thursday,
Mr. Joint McNelsh was In Crau*
brook last Friday.
.Mr. Fred Speaker has severed his
connection with the Crows Nest pass
Lumber company as bead shipper,
.in,i left town on Wednesday »isi
for tin: wesl. Mrs. Speaker uiul
children will remain here for some
Mr. Herb Kelt spent the WCOlt-Clid
willi Elko friends.
Two new llelnt/iiian pianos armed
in town last Friday, one for Mr.
Kred Penson and the other lor Mr.
A. Sheppard.
Dr. Lee wus In town on Friday lasl
attending Mr. Jerry I'olrler, who
met with a serious accident while .ii
work in the saw mill.
Misses Aliee and Josle llavill are
spending a few days with Cranbrook
Mr. S. C. Smith spent Suiuia.
last in Cranbrook.
Mrs. Otto Wlsiicr is visiting Cranbrook friends this week.
Mr. Oeo. Willson, ol Calloway, returned to Wardner last week t-> become shipper for the Crows Nest
Cuss Lumber company.
Mr. Harry Storcr was in town on
Monday lust.
Mr. Henry La Pofnte returned on
Monday afternoon lust from his holiday trip.
Miss Verlr Martin arrived from
Nelson on Monday afternoon ta spend
her vacation with ber parents litre
Wr wish to congratulate Miss Martin
on her success at St. Joseph*:
school, Nelson, she having won twi
gold medals, one for Christian doe
trine and the other for proficiency ii
Miss Lucy Sheppard arrived liomi
mi Monday afternoon from Vaneoii
ver, where sin* has been attending
high school,
Mr. \ i\ Mi'Kinsiiy. nf Cranbrook, was in town last Saturday
demonstrating Ids electric vacuum
from start lo finish. The greasy pig
was won by a neighboring rancher,
iu fact it saw in him u haven "I
rest and ran Into his anus. A
bloodless Invasion ol Canada look
place, a hungry crowd of Americans
Look charge of the Royal hotel and
took advantage ol the woll known
liospltnlitj ol mine host Vincent. No
attempts io cater to the needs ol
the people having been made on the
American side, many private faiml-
ies entertained to tin' full capacity of
their houses, ami many people brought
baskets and plcnlced iu tbe many delightful spots near Oatcway. 'lb*'
dance in the evening was well attended—the hall was full without being
crowded, The only drawback was
erywhere and    in
Summerland, B, C
■UBSES FOR l-Jlii-l'.'ii. 1'NM two
ivt'iniiy. I'lilli'iieiiiBli'iculiiiii.ii. i'uiiiiiii
.ii>i*iu|ili>   uiul   tyiiewrilii.it.   vi it'll!  u:
umental mimic! physical culture, etc.
The bU
i> ludy student residence.
Charges moderate.   For pnrticulars address
Ml   ONI*   COI If tit    fO"   THE    INTEfl'OB   Of
Imperial Bank oi Canada
CAPITAL PAID UP     -       - 5,350,000.00
RESERVE      .... 5,330 000.00
ly wns the guc«l
num. She  won
(Specinl correspondence.)
Divine service was held in old
Waldo hall on Sunday afternoon hy
tbe He\. Illy tbe and on Sunday
evening bv the Itev. Thomas,
Tho Rev. Blytbe, of the Episcopal
church, arrived last week from Ottawa, Ontario, and has taken m. Ins
duties ju Waldo and vicinity.
Mrs. McNah, children and maid
leave for tbe toast on Saturday tt
he ahst'iit some months. Mr McXat
win accompany Ihem and remain fot
a short time.
dust, dust, dusl
Miss May Itoo, of Klko. It. r .
iln* guest ol Mrs. Joule for the
bra tion.
Miss Jessie Mnrr
of Mrs. Harvey V
tlie ladies race.
Mrs. I,. Hrown, daughter of
E, W. Hut Is, has a son, horn
day, lOlh inst.
The mayor of Gateway returned t
town on Monday, July Ith, afle
tiuite a long absence.
Dr. McVeigh arrived in Oatcway
Wednesday,     lie takes the place
Dr. S. A. K. White, who is appointed a dairy    Inspector under the pro-
ineial government     and is stationed
ii Vancouver, H. ('.
• w
w X
I From the Leader.)
James Roberts, secretary of ihe
Movie Miners' union, will leave nexl
week for Denver, Colorado, wliere be
will nttentl the annual convention of
the Western Federation of .Miners,
which opens ou July tttth. He will
be away almost a month.
Rov. Father Taveruier, until recently parish priest of Fernie, is now
located at the St. Eugene Mission,
and is the superior of the Fathers ul
the district. Father Taveruier will
have charge ol the Catholic church ul
Movie, and other places along the
line, thus relieving Father Jhrk, who
assumes charge ol the Indians. Father Taveruier will hold services at
Moyie next Sunday, July 17th, at
tbe usual hours.
John Reid, government superintendent of roads lor tbis district, wus
in town yesterday perfecting arrange-j
tnents for starting work on Uie
wagon road to the Society Oirl mine
and oilier properties in that vicinity. I
A crew of men will lie put to work
next Monday, and the road will
probably he completed within sixty
ilavs. This work will Ih* of great
benefit to the camp, as it will make
it possible for the Society Oirl mine'
to get out ore and make shipments. J
Plans are practically perfected for.
tlie erection of a mill on the Aurora |
mining property on the west side of
Moyie lake. There is uo question
about tlie concentrator being built,
and if the plans are carried out as
outlined the plant will be ready to
handle ore this fall. Superintendent
Dimock has just returned from Denver, Colorado, wliere he was Inspecting several different mills that art-
treating ore similar to that found in
the Aurora. Not only did he Inspect the mills, but he had a thorough test made of the ore taken from
the Aurora. This ore runs higher In
/inc than any other found in East
Kootenay. At a meeting ol the
Shareholders held in Movie a few
days ui;o the following board of directors were elected: J. W. Fitch, president. J. I). Mellride, vice-president.
II. II. Dimock, A.  D.  Cuuieron,  Jas
li. H. IVILKIE, PrMlilent.
Ryan, )'■ F. Johnston and D.
1. F.l-
nier.     W   i.   Heid, secretary
if  the
company,     was re-appointed   t
I fill
that position.
(Special correspondence.)
Hn Sunday, the *.rd instant. Miss
Bessie, only daughter of Mr. tint
Mrs. Lemuel Carpenter, was mar
ned iii Kali spell to William M , eldest son of Mi. E, W. Butts. The
young couple are grcftl favorites on
both side* ol Hie line and received u
most enthusiastic welcome home on
Wednesday. (hi Thursday, Mrs.
Hulls, mother of the bridegroom,
ga\e a dance iu the Oatcway null iu
honor of the bride, who wore     ber
wedding dress and white roses and' most enjoyable time Is anticipated
sweet peas und made a lovely l'lc-l The hoard has also asked the city
tare of youthful happiness. A supper council for a grant to assist it iu
was served at midnight and dancing making a display of Hie products of
continued until tbe small hours of this distriet at the Spokane Interna-
the morning. Mrs. Carpenter nnd tiotii! exposition in October. 'I lie
Mr. S. P.    Johnston kindly supplied   management of the    Spokane exhlbi-
Keruie board of trade havi
tnade an innovation in the banquet
ting line uml are forming n joint
committee of ladien and gentlemen
to arrange a programme lor the annual banquet of the board which is
to take plate on August first. No
liquors are lo be served and the
ladles arc to participate in the banquet and ihe carrying out of a most
elaborate piogramine. Invitations
be sent to members of the hoards
thut an application will be made
under Fart V., of the Water Act,
1009, to obtain a license in the Cranbrook Water District.
la). The name, address and occupation of the applicant: The Hull RlVCt
Klectric Power Company, Limited.
Wardner, H. C
(h). The name of the lake, stream
or source is: Hull River.
(c). The point ol diversion is one
and a half miles up stream from Hull
Itiver Bridge (pack bridge.)
(d). Tlw quantity ot water applied
for is: Three hundred and forty cubic
feet per second.
(e). The character of the proposed
works: Power works for the generating und utilization uf electricity under authority of the (Company's
charter. (See Act governing sections
(f).   The    premises ou which    the
water    is to     lie used:    The power
works  above    referred    to and such
.,[' other places as the Company may desire to sell power.
(g). The purpose lor which tbe
wuter is to Ih- used js for developing
power for the purpose of the Com
pany's undertaking,
(i). if the water is to be used for
power purposes, describe the place
where the water is to be returned to
some natural channel, ami the dibci-
diversion and point of return: The
water is to be returned to Hull River ten thousand feel below the place
of diversion. Difference in altitude
between point of diversion is two
hundred ami sixty-one feet.
(j). The area ol Crown land intended to Im* occupied by the propos
ed works, so far as is known, none
(in).   Tlie name of the Company II
full is: The Bull River Electric IVw
er Company, Limited.
(li).   Head office: Wardnei, H. C
(o).   The    capital,    how    divided
showing amount paid up: The capital
. is Two Million Dollars t$2,000,000.00)
I divided into (2,uon,ouo) shares of One
■Dollar ($1.00) each.    Two   Hundred
and Fifty   Thousand   Dollars   ($250,-
000.00) paid up.
(p). Copy of such [/arts uf the
Memorandum of Association as authorize the proposed application and
"(e). To carry on the business
"a power company iu uil its branch-
"es; to exercise and enjoy, on com
"plying with the provisions ol tht
" "Power Companies' Relief Act,
"1902" and the "Water Act, 1909/'
"all the powers, rights and prtw
"leges which a specially incorporated
"company may acquire, exercise <
"enjoy under tlie "Water Act, 1909'
"tu construct, operate and maintain
"electric works, power houses, gen-
"crating plants, und such other ap
"pliances and conveniences us are ne
"nessary and proper for the general*
"ing of electricity or electric powei
"or any other form of developed pOW
"er, and for transmitting the same
"to be used by the Power Company,
"or by persons "or companies con-
"trading with the Power Company
"therefor, as a motive power for the
"operation of motors, machinery or
"eleotric lighting or other works, or
"to supply to consumers for heat or
"as a motive power for propelling
"tramways, or for driving, hauling,
"lifting, pumping, lighting, crushing,
"smelting, drilling and milling, or
"for any other operations to which
"it may be adapted, or fur an) o''-
"er purposes for wliich electricity ot
"electric power may be applied i-r
"acquired and generally to own and
"operate water works, water powers
"and electric appliances.
"(f). To construct, equip, operate
"and maintain telegraph and We-
"phone lines, electric supp y inns,
"cable or other tramways or street
"railways tor the conveyance ot
"passengers and freight operated bf
"electricity or other motive powil
"and to hold any and all rights, u'il
I "privileges and franchises [neldrhUl
■ "or necessary thereto,
"(g). To supply compressed air,
'electricity and eleotrle power, i I
'any other form of develop*! power,
'to consumer.*, for any purpoan i i
'or for w Inch compressed at I.
'electric power, or any other form ol
'developed power may be applied oi
(k). This notice was potted on tbe
lith day of June. 1'JlU, und appllcf
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants,
Farmers nnd Private Individuals invited.
Drafts und Letters of Credit issued available in any part of
the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT - Specinl attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of I1.U0 ami
upwards roi
■'I nml interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: H. w. SUPPLE, Mgr.
Grenestuf, the great  dust  and
germ killer for sweeping carpets,
ruga,    linoleums,     and     floors
I Campbell   &   Harming j
• *♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-!
International Brokerage Company
Financial Agents—Wines—Real Estale
1 mm: u   u
K *.**.-. Ol   Un
s;; I'KNiii.k STRKtn w
VANCUINEK   k,,*p,   ur,
ps growing  W.-st. which
between   il
two   cities  ON
inj. Kust. WESiniNSIEK
ueans thut property lyiuj,'
A   CAkLINb   is   Im'iiiim'i lu
We have a I.*** lot» for tale on the VANCOUVEP-NrW.
WESTMINSTER CAK-LlvE right at Jubilee Station, font
minutes ron from Central Park mi'l only twenty minutes
run Irnm centre ol Vancouver. Lots are high ami ilry.
Si/... '*'! by I'**", f***-: I'ric* $750.00 *-.ii*li. We recommend
them **i- !t l'** ■-'. investment.
Write for fall Dtrtico
to il. T. KCM1EKS.
*********************** ********************
We have some
City Property
i '
The 5 acre*; we advertised last week we promptly sold
but we have another
to..ff.*r fur Ihii week
d turn b, of which 9 ire cleared nml under cultivation adjoining the City of Cranbrook on I.un.s*l»*n avenue*. Dwelling
liousi*. stable, ohicken house. St Joseph's Creek runs
through the property, Price for tbis beautiful piece of
property, only
Terms, $1000 cash, balance lo suit.   Hee na al once
.   •kAAAAAAaVaVaTu
»♦»»»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦   ♦♦•
Iln1 music
Tuly Itli,
way. A largo crowd Irom lha
American .unl Cnitnitiiin ahh-n ot Mir
liiir     KiitliiTtd    1°    -Hi'liiati' ihe
"dim inns Fourth-" Tho day i»:tss-
i'.l without the sinalh'Kt accident, nil
tlw events on tlie programme     were
tlier cities «nd their wives, and a  tion will tie made to the Wai
inissioner on Tuesday, the 2<>th day
uf July. I9lu. ut two o'clock in lhe
(1).  (ii»e the namei and addrc    *
of any ripuniiii proprietors or licensees who or   whose lands are Mitel)
to be adect-eil hy the proposed wofki
1 tion 1ms granted space for an exhthi- eittier above or below tho cutlet: Tho
Canadian   Paciflc   Railway nompanyl
as owners of Lot Foui Thousand Five :
Hundred   ami     Ninety,   Oroup One,
Tht Bull Itiver Electric Powi: Com
pany, Limited,
Per "O   K. UeiuU*r.<ii.    Mn.eti/.it      |
ii r,t'
HMO, is a day tonir tn be   tion ol the produrts of Kast Koote
Thu Prettiest J*pot in B. C.
I'V <T   \l MIV'**  I IKK. II' Mill- H'l.M
ri*!iii'iiih,'i,'il   in   the annals   nt flat.*-  nuv .listriot nml   Uie Kast Kiiotenav
Associated Boards nre arrtinioni; to
lin.i* an exhibition representing the
proline'*, nf (lie entire district, and
it is in conjunction with this movement that the   Kernie board is acl-
MtliY-vil I.K.     BRITISH     COLUMBIA
lust received a consignment of new boats
to be placed on the Lake at once
lor lurlher inlormilion call up       PAUL HANDLEY,
Central Hotel, Marysville, H. C. THE   CflANiiaOOK   HJDUALD
Port Arthur   turned   onl en masse
last   Thursday   evening   to   welt e
Sir Wilfrid Laurier and his party on
their arrival to commence the tour ui
tin* west. Thousands ur people cheered the party at the depot and
through tho streets to the residence
of James Conmec, where an informal
reception was held. The city is decorated.
After spending the nlghl quietly ut
thn home of James Conmoe, M. P.,
Sir Wilfrid Laurier oil Friday morning was entertained by an automobile
trip about the city.    He visited the
[land or any nation.     He litis gone to
j his fathers with the proud title    ot
Edward, llie Peacemaker.     I        can
speak with some knowlcdgo and some
authority when I say the King of today is a worthy sou of his sire.      1
believe Mint like Irs father lie    will
llie able   to    say at   the   end of his
term lI have striven to do my fluty.'
(My last words are that in this   age
. ami in this Canada of ours wo    «*ay
as in the days of old, 'The King    i-.
■ dead; long live the King.' M
Winnipeg, July 1:1.--Sir Wilfrid
Laurier was accorded a great reception on his arrival hero this morn-
,ng. More than a thousand ol liis
admirers waited al the Canadian
Northern station ami when the train,
which was one ol the flrsl to travel
charged with unlu.'rncss toward Man*
iloha, In- expressed a sentiment
which, he said, mis animated liis llie,
"If there is one thing iu which 1
pride myself," Iiu remarked, "it is
that I have wonted to be fair ii.ul I
jns't iimler all circumstances, Is there
any man in ibis audience who vtltl
charge me with ever having acted unfairly to anybody? I lay my ow,i
record and my whole life before the
people and 1 think they will say that
my policy has- always been the policy
of harmony and conciliation. I a*u
no longer a young man; I have not
many years to live; but when I ant
iu my grave, uo man will be aide io
nay that Laurier has favored discord
iu this land."
He predicted a still greater ful'-re
[or western t'anada. "It's past nml
present are glorious," lie said, "but
we are only ou the fringe of wlmi i*
to come. Canada will be rccflgnUMI
all over the world as one of Uie
grentesl nation*; ol Hu* nrllish -
lions of Ihe four degrees. Four in the
Orange, three in tbe Purple, four in
the Blue and .six in the Royal
Arch. Tuesday's ocltibratioii was tlie
first iu the interior nt which the
three lodges took part, tint hereafter
It is expected that this will he the
rule. .lust where the celebration
will be held next 12th July is nol
known as yet, but it will likely he nt
either Creston or Fernie.
RT. Hon sit:
Premier ol Canada, Who is  So
various industries and elevators, including the dry dock under construction. The trip was followed by a
cruise on the hay in .fames Whaled'H
yacht. Lunch was served on the
bout to the premier ami his parly,
uud a number of prominent citizens
At l.lti the parly was turned ovei
to the Fort William reception committee. The programme lor ihr
balance of Sir Wilfrid's stay in the
twin cities included a presentation oi
a civic address on his return in purl
Arthur late Friday afternoon In
the evening he went hack in Fori
William to deliver a public address,
after which he returned t<
Port Arthur He spent s...
day quietly       in       ibe ul.,
leaving in the evening for Winnipeg hy
tlie (Irand Trunk Pacific.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier had au eventful
day on Thursday, when he expressed
at two large gatherings Ins appreciation or the primely welcome extended him by citizens of Fort William
and Port Arthur The outcome of
the premier's inspection of the twin
cities was tbe remarkable prophesy lie
made at the Lyceum theatre when he
said he wus Impressed by the magnitude ol tbe future which lay before
them. "I see," he said, "before mc
not so much of Port Arthur or Fort
William, but one great city covering
the western shore ol Lake Superior,
which will lie one iu intent aud purpose as it ought to he." Sir Wilfrid spoke as though great possibilities are associated with his visit.
"I am here on a great enterprise,"
be said. "I am grateful that in this
the first step I make in this tour 1
um received not as a leader ol a
party hut as a fellow Canadian " lie
did not desire any party significance
fo tie attache! to his visit. .-t
Wilfrid delivered u great patriotic
address- in the arena at Fort Wil
Mam at night. He said there would
be no election until the government
arrived at the time fixed hv the constitution The object of his - <sit
was to become better acquainted
with this new and rapidly progressive western country. "We want tc
see," he said, "with our own eves
tbe new communities, cities, towns
und villages which are springing i-p
in every direction almost by magic.
It is to extend a hand of welcome
to these new fellow citizens who
come to us from various parts of the
world to make their country our
country, It is to ascertnin the wants
and requirements of these communities," He prophesied that the wheat
of tbe west within a few years
would reach a billion bushels At
tbe conclusion of ii stirring address
Sir Wilfrhl paid a remarkable tribute
to the late King. "The Klmz of
Kngland wilt he the King of Canada's navy," he said, "the Canadian
parliament is » parliament of tlie
King of Rngland. We lost, a few
months ago, our late King, who was
DM of the best and wisest sovereigns
Ual was ever on the throne ol Knjr-*
w ou   Tour   of    the    W.
over the (irand Trunk Pacific ir
Fort William to Winnipeg, stc-ir*
into the depot, the premier \
greeted with hearty    cheers.       When
(Continued  from page one.)
Orangemen in celebrating this gr
bailie. Another charge brought
Ugalnst the Orange order was that it
was a Tory organization. This In
claimed was equally false, it ,vas
due to the actions of Orangemen, in
large measure, that ibe Liberal parly
obtained office in 1800. On that
occasion the great leaders of Uie
Orange order look the stump against
the Tories because of their attitude
on the school question. Orangemen,
whilst forming a political organization, stood for principle lirst, and
was in no sense u party body.
Another objection raised to Orange-
Ism was that sometimes an Orangeman was seen to be the worse for intoxicating liquor, Mr. Whitely declared this to he a very silly reason.
It was quite true that there might he
drunkards in the order, but it was a
hard and last rule of the order, not
to allow any drink seller to be a
member of the order. He went on
to tell of the fine class of men who
were members of the organization iu
11. C. and throughout Canada.
Mr. Whitely then gave his reasons
lor believing Oraugeism to still lie
a necessity. Ile said that so long as
the Roman Catholics' motto remains "Semper Kadeni," Orangclsm
must be perpetuated. When Roman
Catholics cense lo interfere iu polities, then will lie the time for Orang***
men to disband.
Mr. Whitely suid that HI per cent ol
the population of Canada were Catholics, bound to obey the pope's die
turn iu all civil affairs as well as religious   matters.       Hence the neees
lu; raised bis hut and bowed his ae-|slty for an organization such as the
kiiowledgmciils from the platform ol
the observation car there was eve*
greater enthusiasm. Some of Winnipeg's umst prominent citizens wet-
on huml to meet Sir Wilfrid and e
seemed to be greatly pleased with
the demonstration in his honor. Sir
Wilfrid and bis parly were taken ll
once on uu automobile trip through
the city uud fluting the period i-f
sight-seeing the premier rcpcatcdlv
expressed bis astonishment al the •ie-
velopmcnl uiul expansion that h.< 1
taken place here. Ile was asked I.]
newspaper reporters to give an opinion on tbe results of Manitoba clee
tions in which the Conservatives
Scored a signal victory yesterday bin
naturally he declined In say :i«*
Orange order,     lie claimed that
! the   province of   Quebec Protestants
j were not fairly treated and cited t,
instance of   a   ease at     Sore!, One
where n     Protestant anil     bis wife
' were  refused  the necessities of    ltd
on tbe orders of    a Itoman Catholic
•priest, and were finally advised     bj
! the   mayor   nml    chief   of police :«
leave the town.
As a further reason for the net
pctuallon of Orangclsm in R. C. Mr
Whitely referred to a quotation in ti
Victoria, 11. C, Roman CalhoiU
paper, demanding separate schools.
Separate schools ure regarded by
Orangemen us n menace to the well
being of a nation, a breeder of so.'
I.iriun animosities uml a tltndtai-CQ tc
the training of good citizens. With
ibese reasons to guide them he hoped
that every Protestant would either
join or heartily co-operate in the
work of the orange order.
Mr. Whitely followed witb further
references to alleged statements by
Bishop Macdonald, of Victoria, in reference to the separate school uues-
tion, in course of which the bishop
wns suid lo hnve warned Ron
Catholic parents that in allowing
their children to attend the public
schools they were making them liable
to "eternal damnation." As u I'm.J
reason why Orungeisni should be
supported Mr. Whitely suid thai it
stood for the maintenance of British
lie concluded by giving some
istics ot the order's growth, pointing
out that there were now nittf lodges
In It O. nnd that in the llrltlsh Chi"
nire there were over *.■.•* million
members of the orange organization,
and that there were upwards of
lim.nnfi in the United States.
Rev. f  .1   Rutherford, ol Creston,
. was the lasl speaker. Mc Very
briefly expressed the greetings til
Creston bulge to the assembled aud-
ience nud then retired•
At the close of Mr. Rutherford'',
remarks, the procession reformed,
ami headed by the baud marched hn k
to the Opera house, where a reception in honor id the ladies was held
Organizer Whitely said u few appropriate words and then - freshmen's
were served. At the close, members
dispersed to take in the ball games
AI night eight tbousui I people
crowded into she horse nh»>w nmpl**
thcatre to hear Su Wilfrid .in,l .>,,*
other ministers accompanying bin.
Hundreds were turned away. Sir
Wilfrid received a tremendous ova-
slon on rising to speak, ihe clircrln***
lasiting Tor several ml miles,
The premier was accompanied i>;
two mem Iters of his cabinet, Hon. d,
P. Graham, inlilsler ol railways und
lion. Wm. piti'.iey, ininist'- nl waterways and cu'-a' *.
Sir Wilfrid itvpret«cd rteai mm*
faction at the tremendous growth <f
Winnipeg since his i;.*-1 vts|i fourteen
rs ago, and he clawed lor Mil': remarkable development In the \ e ■
ie credit fnr bi*. ■» .ii aili'iiiiM*,-
tlon, "Wc ui"ht be told," he said,
"that providence has made this western country hy glvln" us ircd crop,
.unl si. forth, bui providence does nm
give ymi railway transportation
Transportation «-f tins description i*
a work <,i men.      I claim f..r    ut)
government thai we bine rodu I   - .
Ibe farmer of the west iln* cult ■ f
transportation    i.-*, al least :t;    pec
cent.     This has added s,, uiucli to his
profits, und hu; heen responsible tn
snme measure lot Ihe prosper It) -i
the west."
Sir Wilfrid spoke of Im n-as.sl Irani-
portatlon facilities, "Hut when wc
say we have done so much, ' be re*
market), "wc do not mean it to he
understood that we hnve done everything, lhat we have nothing mure ii
do nml Ibat we an going to rest un
our onrs." He added that he Imped a»d *& the town.
to live to see the day tbe Snskntch'-j •'• Wrt evening the member* ic-.is-
wan river would he made navigable Bomblcd nt 8.80 o'clock, wh n -1,--
from the foot of the Rocky Mouit- &** work was exemplified.
tains to llic city of Winnipeg nnd >iyl Creston lodge wus well r*-prcseti»cd
this means a waterway completed to nt the gathering, upwards of flfty-
tho Atlantic seaboard. "I hope to four members putting iu an appear-
live to nre this complete eomtmmlci- wee. -PWnto lodge turned out over
lion," he said "it is not a dream; 'nrt.v strong, cranbrook lodge * is
t will Bomo lime he nu accomplished  represented by over fifty memtiers.
fact" ) 	
Sir Wilfrid vindicated ilu* policy id It wns an all night session uml not
bis- government in their treatment of until 4 a.m. Wednesday wus lodge
the western provinces    and on being called off.      There were exempli tie*
Banff is in have a serious rival in
the ilasper park in the Yellow i.cui
Pass, ai.d us soon as the main line'
of the <;iuu.I Trunk Pacific reaches
that point, the (unions mountain resort west Ol Calgary will have lo
look to ils laurels.
Tbis is the opinion of Mr. Howard
Douglas, Dominion commissioner of
parks, who is now located at Edmonton, although be was [or many
years superintendent of the Banfl
National Park.
"Nothing will in- done concerning
the development of the .Jasper park
until the completion of the (l.T.IV to
tbnl point," suid Mr. Douglas, when
discussing the new park, "hut you
must remember thai .(asp* r pari;
comprises no less than 5,100 square
miles, and possesses all the natural
attractions of the famous resort at h
BuniY, to which when tbe completion
of the o. T. P. justifies its development it will prove no mean rival."
Mr. Douglas recently returned from
uu Inspection trip over the park ut
Walnwrlgbt, Alberta, in company
wilh It. H. Campbell, ihe Dominion
superintendent of forestry.
"The buffalo herd in that purt ure
in splendid condition," suid Mr.
Douglas, "and they have increased
beyond the most sanguine expectations. There are al the present
time ten young calves and at least
fifty more are expected. The herd,
including tbe ten new arrivals, now
numbers no less than K00 head, and
this is no mean number, considering
the scarcity of buffalo in the world."
Mr. Douglas also stated that in addition to the buflalo there are in the
park at the prescnl time two moose
and four elk, and to those eleven
moose and two more elk will shortly
lie added.
Thirteen antelope from Southern
Alberta will also tie put in the park
shortly. These animals were
caught at Brooks, and are being held
there pending their removal to Walnwrlgbt.
Deputy Minister Scott, of the department of agriculture, has been in]
conference with the provincial exhibition commissioner, Mr. Bullock-
Webster, and lhat gentleman's first'
assistant, Mr. W. .1. Braudrith, the
latter of whom left last week for
Winnipeg, where the first of the I1rii-|
ish Columbia displays for the season
will lie made from July V*i to .Inlyi
28. Afterward*; the province ft ill I
exhibit at Brandon, from July 25 to
29; at Regina from August 2 to "i; at
Saskatoon from August !) to 13; at
Medicine Hat from August 17 to 111;
and Kdmonlon from August 211 to 2C.
representation ut the Toronto and
London exhibitions coming later.
The special feature of the British
Columbia display will be fruit, both
fresh and bottled, included in which
are to lie strawberries, raspberries,
blackberries, red, white and black
currants; gooseberries, cherries', apples, pears, crab apples, peaches, up
ricots, nectarines and tomatoes. Excellent representation also is promised for British Columbia timber, and
tlie far-famed trout of Kaslo, to be
shown fro/en In ice. Tlie Iresh trillt
display will he supplemented hy daily
receipts Irom the west, arrangements
for the transportation of such having
been made with the Dominion Express company.
In addition to tlie many uUraciiout
on the Methoiist lawn ou Km-iei
evening, wltcn the city band will Nn.
der u good progrum nt intervals, the
following mimh-crs will Ih- given al a
special concert iu the Albert hail,
adjoining the lawn twice during lhe
Quartette Yip—"I Addy"	
By the Harmonious Pier oils,
Solo—"A Oo-mI Time Tonight" .    ...
By llerr Yon Touin.
Solo—"Queen of the Earth" 	
• By Carl Joseph
Solo    aud    Chorus—"The  Vacant
Madam Pierrot. \
Solo—"A   Thousand   Fathoms Deep"-
By Waldorf Henri. j
Solo and Chorus— "Only to Sec Her   i
Face Again." 	
Quartette—"The Maple Leal Forever'*
The Harmonious Pierotts.
lu addition to ibese numbers    the
celebrated Oirl Scouts will also sing,!
nnh the Pacific Quartette will ravlfb
the hearts of all lovers of harmony,   j
Balloon ascensions during the evening.      Candy nml flower booths will
lie managed by attractive ladles,     *i
splendid  refreshment   buffet  will     he
opened, not only ice cream and coke,'
Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Facts that are Facts
IVo  linvi* always   triul  to prcrim*  lhu  n*ij*  lirut   jimlfl
available, uml jndgiiiu  from tin: friuiids we  liuv.* tiiiitlt', •
wu have atii'd-i-ilit'il fairly well,
\Vu  luiy direct  from   tin*   bout   nmker**.,   in   consequence
uf this we   buy  ut  lowest   pi lees   uml   selilum   receive
unsatisfactory u-jo-Jb.
\\V Kiinruntce every article we sell ami  will  lu* glad to
return your money if we misrepresent anything.
We  soil Johnson's  nml   Campbell's Clothing- nml   they
nre tin*  best makes in Canada.
We  sedl   Penbody's Over-Alls. Signal  Shirts, Bin  Four
Gloves;   Envictus,   Hunt   and   1'aylout  Shoes: uil  union
nmde and guaranteed.
Wo   art*   giving   a    Discount   uf   20*,^   on all   Summer
Suits,   Huts and  I'anvils  Shoes.
435 Acres of  Land
•iii acres untler eultlviitiou
1 million feet ui' Saw Timber uu Itttul.
•11) acres more or I.*bs of Kin* Clay.
110 acres or more suitable lor cultivation.
Hotel of is r.i mis, furnished.   Hotel licence secured,
All necessary uul-luiildiiiKH.
•Ill acres of liny.
I  Bpnn of Horses, value $.125.00!   1 new Democrat;
Wiiuji.iu: sel Democrat Harness; 1 Lumber Wagon;
I Slid: I Mower; link.., Harrow,anil 1'luunli.
I Mill- Cut mnl Culf; nlso Chickens.
Situated 10 miles from   Cranbrook  on   ;
Government   Road
Mrs. E. B. Burge, Cranbrook, B.C. il
lienernl Delivery
LIMf * I I
/'   Tli-lflIlll-t.li.lrMv-.ll.vl  V
1-.1I  tb-*  f.t.r Mm...I   I.r \
I11M.Hu thi (■mi.. ......Lln.-t   %
I.. dlm-Huii-i un lii« i-*x  **i'h    *»
the wonderful headai ' " CUtB
8*Al Illl.'. S
18 ilia box. 25c- S M
everywhere. II y r
dealer dues not k.. p
Ihem we null b. x on
rvce<pt of 2-Sc.
J. I. Mnthltu Cft- r    . •,
Shrrbnh.ht, I'. «|.
Imt iiiiv Hamtwiclx'K, cold tim^uc Wltll
..iiiails, jellirs and wliipjH'd cream, a'
sorts nl cool drinks, tea anil police.
No children van tic admit tn! without
parents or guardians. Friends arc
nuked to assist the managen.ctil i'i
protecting the flowers and lawn Irom
rough usage. Charge at the gale
lf»o., but this ticket will he redeemed
at the ice cream counter, sn
is practically admission free
certs nnd refreshments at n
thai   it
We sell gouils that WC are not
afraid to guarantee.—Kink Mercantile
Co., Ltd.
A local tennis tournament opeitO'l
on the Cranlirook tennis eluh grotim-*1
this afternoon.
In the recent Calgary tennis tournament, II* (I. Garrett, formerly if
this city, aecuriHng to a Calgftry
Herald report, distinguished himself
iu the open singles. The llcml.t
says: "(iarrett's play was splendid
throughout, his driving and placing
heing almost perfect."
The   wholesale      IM..I11 ■ 1 ■ 11 - ■ 1 ■      tot
Western Canada of .Mathieu's Nervine
Powders, uml also ni Mathieu's Syrup of Tar uml Coil Mvei (Ml, (lie
great remedy for Coughs, aie
A. Carney, provincial t.iinliir In-
Rtteolnr, was in town yesterday. Mr.
Carney recently returned from a trip
to Winnipeg. Ile reports thai whilst
crop conditions in Southern Alberta
nnd Southern Matiit-oha nre not very
promising, the outlook in other parts
of the prairie provinces is fairly satisfactory. He sees no reason *vhy
local lumbermen should he uni'iily
nlnrmed at the situation.
For wheat, oats aud bay see A. C,
Bowness. 17-tl
Don't overlook thnt snle at Kinli
Mercantile Co. You can save money.
Read tbtti ad.


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