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Cranbrook Herald Mar 19, 1908

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$2.0.1 A YKAll
THE   PAPEB   THAT   IS   BEAD   BY   'llll*:   PEOPLE
MARCH  19,   1908
**************■******<><■* **** -»»^-»»-»»»»»»»*»»»-»-»o ***********************************************************************
v;  v OALUIIEH, M. p.
i.l.i .
Ml.KM'       I-.      ''"I
■.mil, mos
Kitiltn llernld
I Sa I   Sn    I'ii nnt   	
ll'.illi   ..ff....   if.   ..I   i
,*n.i|..l.iliil.il|.    I
tin,nil I., ul... I. ...ii
K.■>,,, .i in I   mn
palatini*. ,„*» I,,,,,,. 1
l.-l.l pun* with in.I i.n
,,. llu- I..nn It-, li. .
Hull's, ami  I  nn. I fl
l-dltlhg  I.i..|
.||. I,.. Iff ncl). ,*.,;„ I. .
W.ll.  I.f.i   Wishes  Inl
ill, I. f
mi iln..
ni  i.npi-
..I ,1
wen- in here lioforo tin- rails came.
| I icnicmhcr llu* tlrsl glimpse I gut
nt tin. l.HAifilf t.n- Hint, is iill there
wii-:. when I drove In from Kootenny
t..:,,I,>,f. it u.if ii l.finiiilni clem
iln. ni .limitary, is.ts. Tin- stage
drive, iiitll.il up .it llu* nlil .'.:..iim ok
Imli-l ..ml ..ml "Merc um aie sonny
I'.,-.- .!•. i..n hi,., iln* prospects Im
•I.ui'   Ims ness   Iiii,''"     II   ecrlnlnlv
in Nt' w  IIOS
Vull- -('nil
ll.lt.SC   i.f   .'iilllttli.il-
March :., Inns
l.i-il   "(I'll  Mini:'
Xnn ilt-si-rvi- success nml tin- I'rmt-
I.If I.l,       llll'.ll.l        Iff    Iff I llfffffllll.
Even* inn" win. litis w.in-'-fl >l    grow
until     In.l il   il     is      IMS Iv   tin-   Insl
weekly ptthl s!n*l in Hie w'esl. Will
fi-t-l  more like     .-nnirriilultlliug t'l'ltn-
hr.-ok Hi.nt iln- iti-uiifii t.ii- n. the
Herald.     Tin- lleralil is i'i
______K^ *.-(•''
B   H* <
W w
^   iSS
__\      :■'-'.$■■
__W     '■      '■>}•**'.:.
K ■«*■
Mf *.■';'-.
__M     ^_T.':
V.   A.   Kill.I.INS
Hi.li-l Prnprlrtm
Cranhrook, Feh  381
Mv l.i'ai- Simpson:
Along with i,..it .-:: .*■ I i
I Hniiii I can class ,**. ell
llm ..id t i   ..i .,,'-. nl
mil. I:.-.I    u.in	
if,,I   I II  if .n I,   If ..   i
tu>. tn    say   thai tl    If  i
Is lllll.   v Iii.  I, ■.' Iiiiliifin |r :
i'i.iiiiii,.1.1, .uul the disti . *
iiiinil    ihere   Is tin i.-in-   :
good vnu ami Un- Herald h
■V ****** t*-OQ<>************** >*
I I,
best as;. I
I li..iv  lli.it    .'I..lilu.inI:   slinivs
That Hit*   Herald    m.i  pros
Hie fllllili. .is ill ll.e pesl, lll.lt
-(.I.l Man" nun* renl mn* t*.
..inn .i ami 1 li.,i t'ratiln-n.ik
nlwavs In* as good a ti.uii .is
Herald is a newspaper, .... mi
ings tn yon mi ...in l.-i.i*. .i;
Vi.ni   veiv s ncre'i.
Dim. an
v   in in-: i.-AKEi!
Towns in  \geitl .m.i I'aplla
Clllllhlnoli.   11.   I-..   Mat     "..
Heat* Siiii|is..nl
1 want I., congratulate :..i ■■
tenth anniversary nl t'«.' pi.lili
ul tin- Herald, appreciating as
thai, tin*    li.i al.l   has I  a
(actor in Hie ailvaiii-ftii.nl ..I
brook ami Hi,* district.
I well renu-mhe. lhc flrsl iss
1K.IK ami wli.it a wonderful II I
thoughl il 1" hnvo a real tu »
published in tin- wilderness as
..rook was l-ln-ii.
AS   III.   lllf   flltUlf  ..(   l'l.Hi''!   - '
Soulh Kast K -mn. I If.
wins have li.i.I. I'Mii ..Hfi i.
evidenced l.v nn living here tot
ty tw.. ..mis, i«,-in* ,,( which
spent   ulirn  there was.  al   all
tli.l in.l look very bright, combined
villi the fact tiuit it wasn't necessary in tako .nv hand nut, of my
limits pocket to euiiiit- my clianae.'
I found a good friend in Mr „.
t.eili'li .il tin* s.ivvinill anil during the
liic iiiinillis spent in liis mill I cer-
1 sillily I:.ul ii f..isl l inn- nml lots nl
lin, I in.tii. Ami just licit- let n.e
s.n- I never int-l a better hunch of
fellows lluyi Hie lumlier jacks at the
i-.il I filch mill. Kvcryhody were
Iiieiiils .uni   everyhody shaii-d    with
ClICll    I.l llff. '
\ f I i-i' a luiril ilnv's wnr'.* we \v nit,l
snmel iit.es come down uml see Fuel.-
.Mm ami I.'alii llie lull's! news, as to
nlii'llic. llu* railway was going to
siitic Crunhriink ami put us mi the
iiiiiii, ..i ivlicll.cr it would go In I'nrt
Steele       ,milIn-i (.uiu nl pleasure   in
llm-ii .1 -is   was li ine down    for
Siin.-i-ii ilinin-r ut tlm Cranhrook
li.iti i        Tlii.sc   weie   great   nieuls
 si  I served l.v Mis. Morrison,
»ln. w .s .. friend nf nil tl... hoys.
II .* ,.f , !■■ i-.iict events during those
 tlis was    tlie lirst church service
1...I In. ll.*.. Ilnnciin, ,.1 Port Steele,
in i'i. [ii.s.-nl (/neon's hnlel. We were
..|i tli.*..- anil i-vi iv pcismi seemed in
li.i.i- .,  good   Min.*'.
Tli i, -s erc-il  along slowly.        Mr.
!-.,.,'■■ *.l a lit He grocery   stor
Sun   Morrow    a      lillle barbel   sll..|.
(lei..go Mine.* came next with his
lial.lwiire store ami was [i.ll-.v.eil
an' mv lillle slock of drugs, etc.
I ii 'I wa*. in .lime, isns.    Prom that
ii.- ii iln- i..un m...me! for a year
\,-w st.i.s win- opened up amt new
Imnses inn* hunt, nol withstanding
.11 Hie prophecies nf the C. P. It.
si .um... iln* nulls! playing out, etc..
lhc |il.ic* grew slru.lili until it is .,,-
il.n  tin* I,--.1 town ,,[ iis sire in Can-
Manager North Star Mine
I' ■ liprlcy, II   i'    Fell. 2(1, 1908
i*-.   I      Sl.i.pson,    Esq.,  t-Iditoi and
1,1       Manager Cranhrook Horald, Crnn-
i.!      I I.', II. ('.:
■ Sit ll .ui..til-- mc great plcn-
rc ... snv .i good ni.nl fnr il.'- II,-i
i and it. encrgc.it manage. I
le In fi. ,i is.nsI..nl ic nl..i .*. i, ni
ii ci .i ncepl ..n ami I hear.
. ,i tee wilh nm when ...,ii .,1 ii,
' ■■   ■■ i ivcclil) pulill ihnl in    u.c
'       I. I sec .i   ......I mau) dallies
1 1    reason lo I,* pnuid
I* il you will tift   vour
i Hie people ..I lhe ills-
inlly Cranhrook, wake up
ivhal vnu niid vou. papi i
* Hi in     Hoping Hint you
is rapidly approaching when gardening, fruit raising, uml certain lines
, i Im iniiii-.. wall prove a wonderful
- i.t* in adding io the prosperity
nl ..ur district. Markets In. pro-
duels ..' Hiis diameter nre improving
-...ii In- yenr ami willi the vast coal
tleliii i.i tiie cast ami the Increase in
lhe liimhcrlug nnd mining Industry in
-fi    i vii Immediate district,    were
I   li!
I lie  III
id     lllf
X.  Ylel.eiul I'ntt.iii.
.1.   II.   KINU.   M.I'.I'.
Ct-iii.'.rook, ll. .'.. Mu.-. Hi. cits
I*', 1*:, Simpson, Kiiiim* ,,( lleralil:
lle.tr Simpson: I wlni. to lake litis
iiiipii.lttf.ity of rnngrnluliiting you on
tin. lentil itiinivcisiiiv o( iiu- Urnn-
il; Herald. Hv llm large circulation vour pnper lias olititinctl you
Itavp Ie-ii enabled lo nccompllsh a
i-. .1 .'eil of good f„i lllis district -!
.*!..! l's* province, in making known
our v.-ondcrtui resources in
mv tf'tis of Canada uml the Unlt-
tiict in which wc have sn much con- work   kept abroagt    of Uio      times,
fidencc. ity your Increased circulation and t-h*
Cranhrook is nnw the Imsitu-ss ever increasing number ot orders
center nt a large and rapidly grow- bunded in to jour job work ilept, you
ing community and will keep step know, as we all know, yuu have
wiiii tlm growth ul the district, liiuade a success.
ticiicic tin* He,iid in tlie future, as lt is true that iuu have nude
in tin* past, wiil continue to stand enemies. What successful man has
tut wliut is best Ior tin: distiict und not his enemies? Vou have tlw t-uu-
for Crnnbrook, solution, however, of kimum,*:    tbat
W i-i,llu
seems ul this time no limit us In tlie
iiiipriivciue.il of llu- condillnus      lor
lllll    people.
Wishing you nml llu* llcrnld      the
lest  success   ii  the coining yenr,
1  remain, yours truly,'
.1. II.' King.
fnr the dislrie
In keep up llu
lhe lli-iiiId am
.iive llieir slit
May vou liv.
guild   v.*.,I'i.   ,111,
all cm -Inl '
re ■■(   immperll
mother   ten
tltcy have hud
Mrs,    s.'c'l   as
in   I'f I'.-.l.
Vn'iis trulv,
V.   A.   il.
c. a. now
.mt ni  t'te belie!  Hint   when     the <*I.Iol of Police
■•.•its of litis district nnd of the Cranbrnoli, II. ('., Pel.. 2.i, p.08.
i-ic" nf llritisli Columbia urn Dear Mr. Simpson:
f generally known through pasl- I wunt to say lhat I have been
t'.iiii-ili, England and the I'ni.i-il l.n years Iu lhc district nnil Iiii v.-
i-s, Hnil Hi'* tide of immigration now ns I nlwnys lmve hud. every
hus heen     flowing to the prairie fill III in  it.     I  hope licit   the lleralil
■I- will lo a great extent turn will
direction of Hritish Columbia, past, lo
;....| lumbering has done   much district.
In  llllllli lip South   Iff I   h....Icll. I am satisfied thai Hit* tunc
llu- future, ns in   the
l.iinsl  Cranbrnnk nnd    the
Wishing you every success.
.'.  A. Dow,
Chiel ot Police.
lui|i, 11
I,I Ih*
letll   I"
.in.I   ll.l
in  lhc
IV       lll.lt
g        of    .
iii  mv  .
nn- ven tunny things
old times. The
ever came lo town
i man nml his wife,
Id store, the present
Then- wiis no ft-onl
c Iiiii lhat ilni not pre-
person pnylng their ,8c.
a good tune,
lb.- In I pnsl ott.ee was in lhe bar
ol lbe Multiloba hotel, Iml some
prn| '..* objected to going to n l-ar-
i... nn nu their mail, so Ihey truns-
i,iif.i ii i.i mi front window, where
even  nil-un helped themselves.
The in-i bride lo arrive iii town
was Mi-, .lot... llii.fb.soii. nml vou
in.ii be sun* she received n very
Infill welcome from every perron.
Mulch nas tin* envy ot us nil mut
in un the pleasant evening we used
t.. siie.nl nl bis cosy   .iniiii*   .at    tne
id, Mr. Ftlltor, Ihis will
inl slim;, hut  hclol'i-    I
* mciiiion   one other   tins
I'liri.iiiic. 'I'he issue ol
llernld.     Every person's
n it mul we nil sent cop-
II   was Hit- mosl  inler-
-i* I nvcr road. I .....st
i. n, sn, mi  the stand-
i* |, i.niicil      While we
agree with von in   your
1 l
•i a thoroughly clean
nelson ilitics       am.
ash*., always worsln^ wit
in-i-t  in   view, namely, the
i. ..f Cranbrnok nml South
lmi in., io ...iii'.ralulnl,- -.•nn
th,. best weekly piper Pint,
in nil lllis In..-i.l domain.
Voins tiiilv,
II. I-'., licit.ie.
ninl purposes, nntli
lhe m.i
Mall) were lhc hardships I hi I     mv 1
III.bet   mill  I  Inill I" iml  up mill lllll If C. SMITH
■there wus nlwnys Hint taltb In    tin- Ex-M. P. I'.
tulurc  Hint   made even  lhe hal.l-h.ps       ('rnubrnnk   1.   C    Feb   11   11108
appear light. -,„„. '*,(,.   Simpson:"
The development wiret li-ts ale ,,..,„„, *„,„ „,n .Hsirlrt in 1RS3
place since the ililve.it. ot lie l.ulwuv , .,.,,,,,,,1 .,, ,,,,„.. *-,„,,„ , t.*tmi
lias fully tiia.li-up for wlml 1 hud to ,it „„„ r|W „.,„„ m<l till Iflli:.,
pi through.    Mv on y regret is mat wilm   , Wl,nt ,„ :ivl. on my   presmt,
my fntlici
•oul.l nol  linvc livc.1    In
ich on the St. Mary's prairie.    I
llml that tlu- limit    nn the St. Marys
have seen mnre nf ihe development ol
tho distiict than he did. ji.al.lo is vcrv prodttotlve even In dry
I trust that the nest decade will he >        .„„,   , -,lm    w„„ ,,„*,.,.„• w|tj,
as lull of    Ptospcrlty  or Cran rook, ^ |tl „,       ||lrm,     |n     mt
the d.slncl, .he llcrnld anil inuisell, (|is1|il,(       ■ ,|||V|, .l|wnvs ,,„,,     (afth
as the ..-ti veins jus. pnsl. ,|n this  country nnd    I believe now
Again  wishing you ctci.   suitess.     ||n| j( js     ()V^ ,n ^ , ,.m[.. sm,
1 remain very truly yotirs, l(rl||, R|.mv,nR MljMH  lm. )t    wl„
\. iiiiiii ..user.    „, „|,eni|   much    more   rapidly than
.,,   ....,.,........ ilielelottire.     I subset ilieil Inr iK-e ller-
llll     ...UIIH
I len I   Su
ion uml  tin
Wc sometimes licar .be ret.
I Ui.it. ami   remuuiber   thut ihe "woV
; lllei     nial.es   but lew liu-iids.
In jou, 1'i.iitbiook ami Cist kooteiiuy has ut all times, iu season    aud
ut. bad an Insistent booster.     1 al-
' must think that t-iuttbtuuk is, excepting, oi   coin se, the large commercial
iiiiics, one ot the tiest Known towns
irk .but :
ni every success, you have fought a clean fight      Your
Vuuis faithfully, news, whether ihev were right      ut
w. T.  Reid.   Iwiong c.cie must naturally bv      *
  diiteici.it* oi opinion, ban* lieen      es-
M. A. BEALE lucssed in nu uncertain manner, and
e ami Ilea!  Kstate thai 1 consider is one ol Hit- secrets
..li   It   i'    F.*b   I-'   us    I0.'   I0ur!   success.      Lout uvi-rlu-u*
Cranhrook' Herald '
Maui congratulation
c.niituook Herald   upon1
reaching its tenth anniversary nml lj
hope lit.it during the next ten
iis    circulation   will Increase      u-n
times     over am!    thai     iis worth]
li""" "i"l*v";i"! 'IV1'1",1"1 '". ''".v"'"'*-" -"" u taioh and ,. is chiefly    to
.""• I"""1  »urk "'  lst'ne '"'   *r-"--;y,,u mut  ue owe that (act.
In tins  wudd it   is*   Um olten the
, i   ,   .     . .cuslon.   lo    wait until a  nun leave*,
1 ,'"1" "' 'IsUlct is nol making tta u,„„     „,„.,,„,, lus ,     J
c '  litoutess    uml     thnt wc     I'-t.e c.uisitl bv ileutli „t ollicwisc,    Mon
will,   titlk when   It!!' SK^0"  s ,votk ,s  tMM>
'" '"" Vnn k is »""-,   '.nil Hoes not scan to' mc tu      be
rii mn a iii.iii :i square deal. Tat
l.n. clots' ate nlways with us and
always only too pleased to give thvit
np.n.un, ami I slnccrcl) mist that
on tins occasion -.1 your tenth an-
luMisaiy, you will receive such an
expression ot public opinion that will
conclusively prove lo iuu tint vour
label s loi the good uf tliis district
ban* been recognised ami appreota-tal.
Wishing ynu continued success and
prosperity, believe mc,
Very ttulv yours,
Thos. M. Robert*.
Veterinary Surgeon
Cranhrook. II. C., Feb. 29, 1908.
Dear Simpson:
1 want lo wish yuu an.l the Herald
many happy teturns ol the tenth an-
ntversary. The Herald lias always
during those ten years, done every-
ttung thut it ecu!- lo advance the in-
tetests ol the tlist.ict.     I wish   you
tn vanish tiff   tin-   map; presumabl
The same cry  wus heard  ten     years)
ago'ninl Uie same people   would   not
hall* paid $200.00 ll.l .lie Insl lot 0U
Unkcr streel in llu.se ilays. )it look
at   t'l.iul k ami tbe illsll et  I...lay I
When I a'rrivwl in Foil Steele m i
Mm. 181.7, Soulh Kast Kootenay wai '.
practically unknown, Fort Steele was
lbe only town nml tbey weie then |
congratulating themselves over the
ehntigc in tin- postal service Irom a
iiioi.tnly ... a n.rtnialitly delivery,
mul the mail was brnu^bt in In stage
Iliun Uolden. The North Stul was
the only shipping property in the
district., no Feruie coal mines, no St.
Eugene, m. Sullivan, no Marysville
smelter, uo lumber nulls, no other
tonus und no means o. transportation into the country except bj |
stage or boat or cayuse, nml this
wus only ten years ago. Now take
u cursory glance over the district lo-
dny. Crnnbrook ami Kcrnie each
with u population of abuut 31m.
seveial other thriving towns, one ol
the lurgcsl conl fields in the world
and Hn- biggest silver-lead   property
mi the American continent, both     in; tit the next   ten ;t-ais than tbe
active operation, nut to mention   tlie years just past,
ui bet  piopeiits now operating    anuj    1 remain,
the Marysville smelter, railway dlvl-
siuual   point,   'timber mills too nuin-|
cuius to mention, valuable timher re- T. D. CAVEN
MUtiecs, iruu   deposits, water power,! Conductor
lin- clu) depnsiis, lami luiirts       ami I "cranhrook, B. C, Feb. 21, 1908.
Hull land ol ll.e very best and       we near sjlnpson:
ure told hy csperts that we can grow j   |„     „,st,ing   vou manv   happy  t»-
lhc     best   quality   ol   Iruit,     What ,„-llS   „(    the  |ierald-s'birthday,    I
■s   "<'1 si Id like to sav that I have    al-
every success ami tmst that the
growth of the district, Cranbrook
and Uie llenii.l, will be even greater
erv trulv vours,
'   W.  S.  Bell.
w, p ni'itn
nltronk, ll. ('.. Feb
Ml.   I ,1,1,.,
Iii response In voir letter "f    "ie m-ijci
fiih insl. I Inl-e ml'ch plcnSiirn    tn . |„ms
saying a few words nhoul  lhc c-ndi- ,,,lnt,i
lions   iu   East Kontennvl hot
nml new.     th.. llernld   has lu
j liv.. like enthusiasm (if a number ol
I ei.tei prising citizens, lhe district
| it i.uld nnt have   renched ils prevent
I ailvniicejiir.it.    1 am u grent P'"-'
Pioneer Merchant
Crnnbrook, B. C, Feb. 2fi,
■nthtisinsin.    Vou e.tll i.     ''   affords   mu   much pleasure   to
Q."     Very little is ever ne- comply with   ynur request to   write
id   unless' backed hv rgv, something fnr   your anniversary edi*
ily bv attracting capital,  it  tion.    'Pen vears ago Inst November
     i-n'oral'ly necensniy in attiac.  1 went io Wardner to engage (n busi-
lait nml ctpahli* an Itistorinn ol   'be ,.,,„„.   r,,^, ,.,„'llrs iv],,.,, capit.,1    ,t,.- ness and yuu   were one ot the   first
dislriel since ii ht-n.ii! to put on   ine nmufa ,*     «> nt-i-,1 tnnticiilutly cm- limn    whose  acquaintance   I   made.
ippcuiiiiice ... riviltatl  ihnl  (hern ,,,,1 ,„ mis district,   ami   as' ymir Since then nt Wardner when you were
s very littln Im* un- to niltl. Vour ,.,,], 1IMIIS [|ftVn on,.,, polnteil nut, Ut.ro
i.s ample opportunity tor its npplien-
llnn lo nioiiev-tiiiihiii*; niterpllscs. 1
lirllen. Ihal thoro is nn opporlim'ty
ll.it* liiulilllaetuiers nl v.u inns kinds i.l
Wi-odetl nit.eles. 'lhe waste ol i.ui*
i n ills could he put lo pru.lt ami Use
I limlcitil ol being los. ns a. present.
I Agutn, mosl n[ um* readers win
i im v.* observed thai thoro is itoglnn tig
!u I  nl ilcleli.piuclil   alung ugrtctil-
! litiui lines. The timber naving in en
lent away has tliscloseil large arcs ol
valuable nrnblo lamls. nml which,
with snmc Irrigation, enn he made
i most productive,
I Looking over lbe past history id
llu. development of Hi.* district, wo
nee a clinngo from period to poitoil.
Pnst thorn is the placer *;nlil mining;
then thoro is a period of quiet, tol-
lowcd ntiitiii hv n tiini- ot prosppnting
in..I develop cut in qunrti mining.
I Tbis in turn gives place to Hm
i liinher Industry, nnd before it -hall
lune diminished in importance, ng-
lii iillulc w.ll he cstnblishel as an
industry nt nt least equal lm|i'.rt-
iibl from lis Orst issue nn.l whilst I pspcr hns nlwavs been In close touch Unci1, This can be foreseen. Win
In with the interests nt the district nnd
tl.. wc need in convince
Cranhrook is here to stay ami      tbat
|,*ir,*i iated    the  way  in which
she i.s si-l-.ii.i1v growing and will ton- ,.|(,- n,.;a|rt ],as sl0„_ Ior'everyt-htof
tinue to mow und prosper' ,„ promote    the growth and welfare
I  sincerely  t.ust ami believe      Mr. ,,,   Cmnbrook    and     the   district ot
illtor,   .hut the    Cranbrnok Herahi *.*.|sl Kootcnav.     1 was one ol   t-he
will keep up Ils Kiir.il wnrk nl
past and    continue to flourish
several more ten years to corns.
Vours truly,
M. A. Ileulc
City Clerk
Cranhrook, il. C, Feb. HI, '08.
Iii'ur Simpson!
I cannot let the occasion of the
Herald's tenth "birthday" pass without a few- winds ot congratulations.
It is nnt necessary tm me to icll
y„u that you have made k>>..'I during
the pnsl len years, you know      you
lirst   to reach     Cranhrook   over the
Pnslmnstcr ifip put „cn eye to eye with you
Cranhrook, March I, PUIS, all matters still I always road   your its wonderful ndvanoomr.it. in      tl.e
Dear Slmpsim: 'paper and consider thc Herald a first past lew years was predicted l.y ynu
Watching the growth of Cranhrook, class weekly,
Irom the time tho Orst ln.il.li...;   was.   Wishing ynu every success,
erected, was rather a serious    and Kuithtullv yours,
■Ion business  lot many   ol us who I E. 0. Smith.
prediction lo which mnny were
stow to give (nil ereiloit-*-, it, the
time. I bellpvn that 11 It wen, nnt
lor tho enthusiasm ol your paper snd
c.ows N'ost   Pass   rai'way and went
tht.nigh all thc trials and tribulations
nf    construction,   hut hum the first
moment I laid eyes on Cranbrook and
I bought   over her    position on   t-he
map, 1 was convinced that Cranbrook
have; vour   transition from the    old was destined   to be tho   commercial
building nn l.urick avenue to Hanson center ol the district.    This was ten
iavenue, nnil Irnm Hanson avenue    to years ago and   during all that   tlm*
leil what will arise thnt, we   no manager     ol   the   Wanlncr Interna- your present location, has not   been 1 have seen no reason to change my
,„,t   ora.ee"     Perhaps new industries tlonni and Cranbrook, will, the Her- like the Irishman's reason for   mm-: ';P>«™, •»' 'W "°-v as I salSt-hm
nf tmianltuilo mav ..,-..-lot. lhat,   wilt aid,   we have had   pleasant business Ing, "because it was cheaper tn movo that  t ranbrook anu-  F.ast  Kootenay
s evn thoVrlght future which relation,. than to pay rent.''     increase n. bus- generally   s   destined t<« become tta
vnu nreillet. for us. Ilurlng that time wc havn been do- Iness has compelled you to keep mm- very best part ot Iln. sh Columbia.
Yours lailhlully, inn;   What   wi> could in our dltlerent Ing nnd    It is highly to ynur   credit I Vours sincerely,
W. F. (lurit./ways to help along the town and dls-jthat you have, especially In your job Ibomas Cat*, 1.)
VI   D   IIII.I.
Pionoci Merchant
Cranbrook, ll   ('.. Mutch 12. 11108.
F   I*:. Simpson, Editor lleralil. Crnnbrook, II. C :
DCnr Sir:   I  suppose  lliul   I   limy    lie
classed us an oltl-tlmer in Cranhrook, us I In.nighl my lirst stock ul
goods iii    tlu- town in u trunk    anu
rented a smull  tn in what js   nuw
tho Manitoba hotel, lor u stmc      \i
till' Cllil  ol  live davs   I  hud to go buck
lo l.cihhrnlgc fm two trunks lull id
gnnils in meet the [iicrcnsltig dcimiud
uf the growing town >.f Crnnbrook
It was no easi task in those ilnys
to travel fn.tu Crnnbrook to Loin
bridge ami return on construction
trains, hut the enthusiasm Hint seem
ed to prevail among all of the iii-upl.'
upon lhc opeling   up ol   llu-    ti.-w*
Nes. Pus- i I, ..I u   dislriel ol Blll'll
vust resources mnde iln* ihiliculii
that  in* .net   with seem  lulling    in
********************************************* ****************** *******************************************,„**„$
mil's .is waterworks, upholslet'e-d and lhat it is boiiifi managed and
ns, Ostcrmuor ma tresses and cold edited hj the same energetic proprie-
ra-ge turkeys    as absolulo necessU tor.
deed iis compared with the possiliili-
lii's uf tin- future. From a business
standpoint I have always bad faith
in Cranhrook and Suuth K.isi Kootenay. At that time there w.is nothing here in a liusiiiess wav, ur along
the line of tlio Crow, except that
created by tin- demands uf those employed un enlist ruction. Hul after a
careful review uf tbo distiict, Inking
Into consideration the mining resources amt als.i a possible development uf the prairie provinces, wliieli
would create a demand fur the timber resources uf this district, the development uf the coal areas in the
Pass, all uf which would mean an
immense traffic over ihe uruw, resulting in the employment uf hundreds uf
men in railroad and sawmill work,
convinced un' that Craiibcou!*:, situated as she was. must in thc future become a greal commercial center. This
would natural!v mean good business
Ior those who would locate here, carry the goods that would meet the demand uf the peuple and ipiuie prices
that would satisfy their pockets.
'Hut is why I lueait-,1 permanently in
Cranbrook, ami I have never hn
reason lo re^iet it. li is lhc best
town tit ils size in 0'nnaila, it Ilis
a magnificent climate and as line n
lot nl people as can be found in an)
town upon the American continent
As I'u tbe Herald I have not much It
say. Thc editor seems lu have iliun
what he could fm thc advancement uf
the tuwn and iMstncl and from my
own experience I know that it is a
valuable advertising medium. Y«u
might Improve yum paper hy change
uf politics, bul lhat is your business
und nol mine. However, I cougrat
tilate you un reaching your tenth
year, and trust that the Herald may
li** as successful in the future as iii
the past.
Vours vcrv truly,
W. I). Hill.
Hotel Proprietor
Cranhrook, H. C, March 17, 10OK
Dear Simpson :
Replying to your request fur a few
words Irom old-timers. I can lay tic
claim to being an old-timer in ISosl
Kootenay, although I came to this
valley in 18111, fur even at tbat date
there were many men and women
who had been here for years before
that. It is interesting to note tne
prugress that has been made in Mast
Kootenay in the comparatively sln.il
time thai I have been here. There
Wus in. sueb tiling as a newspaper in
tlie distritt ;it that time, uur was
there a Weekly paper in Britisli Columbia doing the good work fur the
province lhat llie Herald is doing for
lies.        Tliis is.
..ml progress is t
one am glad  lo
giessmg sn    nip
tialli   as  it   is.
Hi tu Id  has  Wou
tl.e development
South   Kast   hoi
course, progress, In    ."
ys good ami I lor hope It
the country pro- ibe Hera
ihslaii- lin
sav 1
idei   thai     ib,.
in   h..\
ml  al..
iv an,I  I  wish tu
convey to vuu mv einvgrntulatioiu. un
Hie   llfl.llil's   tenth   blltliil.il    an.l I
trust lhat at lhe end of a'tiolliei lu
years the Herald will still be doing
Hie a i   work    uml. i  vimi  inumtKc
elusion allow me 1
will lie ni) pleasure to see
-l .uul its popular editor cuu-
prospei lui years lu come.
!_■ vou for the courtesy of
iiiplcd un name witb the
is!, I remain,
Yours very trulv,
(I.   II.  Miner.
i, I.KI'tVIl
omvi  Lumberman
it  C„ Mai. ll, cms.
Alta., Mul
Deal Simpson;
I remember very well tn is'tT when
ion were running the W'utditei Intel
mil hm nl and 1 rem ci ii be i tlie first ls-
•,.n' uf the Herald in Match, 1KUS. In
Lhose davs it was a small beginning
mil) and' when 1 pick up tbe Herald
Loihi) I can see what vast si rides il
lias made since that time. As for
the dislriel, 1 have always had faith
in H, and even today the development
is only in its infancy. In a few
rears yuu will see the whole count ri
wm ' yuu in Accept my emigrations un ihf tenth anniversary of
well remember the first issue   t»f
impel mid wlinl tbis part uf the
covered with orchards and -
farms, which will mean a Iremei
Increase iu population. I ui-.li
.oui  ibe Herald every  success  [ut
Yours Trulv,
I.'. '.I.
Hotel Proprietor
'ranbrook, It, {),, Feb. :!.■, cms.
I'e.u Simpson:
Ten years ago yuu were here and su
i'as  I.     It is a great  plasuie to me
u wish vuu   manv happy returns uf
he Herald's tenth' birthday.I  believe
n lbe   future uf   liritisb     Columbia,
Kast Koolcnav and Cranhrook and   I
ti sure that 'the Herald has been    a
eal  factor iu advancing the growth
i this part of the country.
Wishing ymi every success,
1 am yours trulv,
I''. II.  YaiiMeear.
bail    Wli.i
My Hear "Old Man":
I tbis, the tenth minivers;
the Herald's birth, let me wish yon
many happy returns of the day.
While we may disagree in our politics
mi.l religion."we do agree on "hoosl-
('ranbrook     and    the "Banana
Ails   like at- thnt  time.     We
t might    be called strenuous
times in tln.se davs, bul  we all knew
Uiat ihe future of this district       was
assured,     li  is true thai everything
• has gone "ahead faster than we
thought possible in those days, especially along the lines of lumbering
aud snwmilling, 1 thoroughly believe in the Crnnbrook district   "and
f believe that tlie future has very
bright limes in store fur it. 1 trust
that during lbe next ten vears the
Herald will become a duifv and that
you will still be at the helm al the
end of ib.ii   lime.
I e,linn.i, however, miss this op-
puriimih of telling vou,Hint I dun't
like your politics (no nlfense) but I
consider it is more your misfortune
than io:ir fault, therefore, you are
more io be pitied tlmn censured,
I am glad to nnliee, however, thut
yuu are making an effort towards
placing yourself mi the independent
list vide vuur article iu last issue of
lbe Herald re McBrido's bargain with
Uie (i. T. iv terminals.
Yours very trulv,
I A. Leltch.
Hell." and one fact that your paper
is "one of the best." In fact it has
ys been a mystery tu me why
ion should remain uut uf the polit
1 pale
However, "here's tu it," thai we
may live to light many a battle iu
the future, and be as good friends as
we have been iu the past.
Yours very sincerely,
6, II. Thompson.
Wholesale Liquor Merchant
Craubrook, li. C, Mar. Hi, '08,
r.  Iv Simpson,   lisu,, Kditor   Cnffi-
bi'ook Herald, City:
liear Sir:  I  take greal  pleasure   in
ace. ding I., the request contained    in
your communication of the 15th    of
February  lasl.  [or a   few  words    on
the occasion of the tenth anniversary
of the Cranhrook Herald.
On Tuesday, the ___iii<l dav of March
IKII8, a bright but very modest little
sheet, called The Cranbrook Herald,
made ils bow to the people of fran-
.f reason, but that is     vour NiJ'uuk an.l South Kast Kootenay. Thc
nit day was no duttbt
is but modest enterprise. Its
icnt consisted of a Washington
press   and    several fonts
0.  II. MINK It
An Kurly Resident
Winnipeg,  Mun., Mar,   lu,   'OS
Mr. F. K. Simpson, Cranhrook, B.C.
Dear Friend: 1    beg to acknowledge
receipt of your letter of tbe lath ol
February tu   the effect  that  vuu   inlend to celebrate thc Herald's lentil
anniversary    hy    publishing  it    few
words   from   some uf  the old-timers
who have watched tbt- growth of the Upbuilding of the :ity and Hi
paper and town since iis inception.     trict of South Kast Kootenay
Cranbrook today. Tbe mail service
in those early dais wns vcrv irregular nnd nt lung intervals. I shout,!
like to sec some uf lbe people who
kick al the Crow mail train being is.
minutes bite, getting their mail once
a month ami ilien sometimes a week
or so late. But these were tlm conditions in lbe obi limes and no one
kicked. We looked forward to the
construction "of the Crows Nest railway then in much tbe same wav ns
we'look forward tu the building uf
the Kootenay Central now, Back in
the nineties wc were content to get
a pail of water from tbe nearest
spring, lo sil on a bome made chair.
to sleep un     a bed of linv and       eat)
mowacb   and    s    dough bannock,
whilst today tin; advent of tbe railway has     made   us look upon such
1 arrived at Cranbiook, or ut the in
place where Cranbrook is now located
uu the evening of March 12, 18118,
aftei a walk of some 12 miles (rum
Fun Steele with my uld friend,
.lames Kyan. I wus naturally tired,
having been on tbe road from Winnipeg fur sunie seven days. I was very
much surprised tu learn upon my ar-
livul that a newspaper had been established and that the first issue was
tu appear the fuliowing week. (Notwithstanding the fact that nut a
single mercantile business hud as yet
been established iu the tuwn.) Those
oi us win. lived in C ran brook liolel
.out in the vicinity uf Leiteh's sawmill, naturally wondered what an
nlil ui would liml tu say in such a
rural il.strict, with a scattered
population ol forty tu lifty people,
i.m miles from a railway slutlon ami
uul) a weekly mail. But, strange lu
s.n, when a few uf ns wbu wero
gathered at the Heru>d ollice tu see
the first paper come nil the press, we
round upuu examining the copy that
il was full of news items aud predictions which have nearly all been fulfilled.
It wns my lot and pleasure to live frolt
iu Cranbrook for five nml a half pL>o|
years nnd during those years ibe p-.n
towii continued to grow and present a Culi
mure    prosperous   appearance,    due
rgely to the optimistic spirit and
stick-to-it-ivencss of the Herald.
On my visit to your city lasl
month I was ugrccably surprised tu
find such a substantia'! growth, nut
inly iu  tbe business section,  but    I
Aside from the hopes and confidence
uf Hie peuple there wus practically
no thing than that would indicate the
state ol prosperity and progrcssivc-
ness thai Cranbruiik has attained at
the present day. The progress of
Cranhrook hns been the progress ol
the Herald. From the date ol its
first issue the Crnnbrook llernld
nugiiriitcd a campaign to bunst Tor
Cranbrook mul has fought vigorously
nlmig these lines for the past ten
leais. I therefore maintain that it
Ims been a dominant factor in the
this period Cranhrook has grown
trict have proclaimed it iln
The Cranbrook Herald today is
equipped with all the mosl iiiudern
machinery required In an up-to-date
printing office, adding tu tliis the
fact that Mr. Simpson invariably
surrounds himself wiib a stall uf men,
who fur competency and loyalty, are
unequalled ami unexcelled, the
mil uml consequences are Uml the
job work turned out In ibis establishment is ihe very highest standard
uf tbe printers art.
In its editorials tbe Cranhrook
Herald has never attempted to please
everybody, as ibis would tie un im-
possibilllv, and it is a well known
fact l li.i I ibe man who was to publish
a newspapei to suit everybody, fell
out of Noah's Aik ami was drowned
F i: Simpson, rounder ami editor uf
the Cranhrook llernld since its origin, has earned f..r himself lb.- reputation uf being une uf the best
and mosl successful newspaper men
in British Columbia,
I congratulate Mr. Simpson upon
his energy and enterprise, upon ibe
dilllciillles be has surmounted, and on
the success be has ahead-, achieved,
and I wish for him aud the Crnti-
btuuk Herald tbe fullest shale uf
ib.it prosperity which 1 predict for
lbe ful ure of Cranbrook and Suuth
Kast Kootenay.
Yours very truly,
A.' L. McDermot.
IH-.VI-.ui-: HINT
I'laubiouk,  B,  I'-,  .M;ir .'1,   Cms.
Bear Simpson:
Bear Sir: Permit me to offer my
sincere congratulations upon this, ibe
lenlb anniversary ol ynur paper.
I king back 'leu  years upoa     the
almost vacant prairie, witb its' one
or two insignificant shacks, though
even in ils bareness it was a beautiful sp-o'l and try now for an instanl
lu portray ii as it is my thoughts
ami pen alike fail me. And I realize
how almosl impossible ii is to convey
to another lbe marvellous change
which Ims taken place, bow ibe home
of the gopher nnd the sweet glazing
spot uf lbe cattle has .sprung Into
olio uf ibe must promising cities oi
(be interior uf liritisb Coiumliin.
A city, sir, which, notwithstanding
its phenomenal upspringlng is yet
ly In its infancy as regards ibe future, fur what is there we have not'
Possessing abundance of the mus
productive land, plenty of wood, wat
tnct I bave derived a great deal of surroundings. (let busy and keep
comfort ami pleasure Irom its      very busy fur labor is life.    Looking buck
iptej and interesting pages. During ten years une .sees many obanges, sees
I bat time I can con sole nil ou sly say much lhat bas been accomplished. A
Hint  you have never overlooked     an forest   converted into a busy  center
pportilliity to clearly and indiscrim- populated bv several thousands ut
iuaiely place before your readers the people enjoying almost nil modern
' the dislriel ami all facts per. Iadvantages, railways, telegraphs,
Lulling tu ibe development of bhls't'leetric light's, telephone, water sys-
locnlity, as well as the province    at tern,      civic    government      modern
large,     ll has been with great satis- schools, rellg s privileges.     Surely
faction Uml t have seen tbe Merulil ten vents of activity un lbe part ol
grow   from a tiny village newspaper!men and women of nil nationalities,
i ihe   musl Important     anil
lbe musl   highly  appreciated    weekly
i small   burg uf     about sixty
to be one of the most     pros-
am! up-to-date cities in British
u'umiiia, ami     is the acknowledged
ommercinl nnd industrial center    of
'ast    Kootenny.      The     Crunbruok
leruld has kept pace with the times,
n fact  it bus heu.,ed the procession,
inl where do we lind it today?    It is
oneeded tu be the best weeiily newspaper   published  in   Canada.     erom
wish tu  speak   more   particularly of the dnv'ofits inception Tt lias   mafn-
tbe residential part which would be a lained'a policy uf independence and by
it iu ii city of much Imn
I  also found lhat   Ihe office uf    t
lleralil is now equipped with lhe best
popii- strictly adhering tn this policy.     ft
bas reached   one of the highest, positions obtainable in the  weekly jotir-
.   .. ti.ilislie     world.      As an advertising
machinery    Unit   money   can procure medium ibe business men ul this dis-
er easily obtainable, nnd a climat
Iban which there is none hetter for
raising and properly maturing fruit,
grain and vegetables. Aud is not
Ihe boundless prairie holding out it
arms to us in appeal, calling upon us
tti plant, dig, delve aud prove our
wonderful inheritance. Surely our
future should be a great one fur an
not nature and the "Cranbrouk Her
aid" working hand iu hand, the one
to produce the fruits of the earth
the other to disseminate knowledge
eiicuiiruging us to make Kast Kootenay one of ihe most des:rahle districts iu "the orchard of the Umpire."
Yours faithfully,
DeVero Hunt
One of Cranbrook's First Contractors
Cranbrook, B. C, Feb. 21.  ns.
Mv Deal Simpson:
On the tenth birthday of lbe Her
nld I am phased lo be allowed ti
express myself as to my opinion n
the future uf Crnnlironk and Kast
I have every faith in the future
lliis country and uur city, su much
in fact, thai I am at present engaged
iu building wbut will be one uf Hie
best residences ever erected here.
I believe lhat the next year ur two
will show progress in tbe district
which w.is Imle expected five, six or
«even years ago.,, I wish you and the
Herald  every  possible success.
I remain, yours trulv,
Oeorge IL I.eask.
C  P.  it.  Kiigint i
Cranbrnnk, It. ('., Feb. 2-i, lftllK.
Mr. V. K. Simpson:
Dear Sir: t'ranbrook is ten years
old und so js the Herald, I was one
of llie lirst engineers to pull a train
over the pike into Cranbrook. During
tbe ten years just past Cranhrook
and the distiict hnve made wonderful
strides uud it is my hope that they
will continue to do so iu the years to
Wishing lbe    Herald
every success.
I remain, yours truly,
and yourself
Mr.   F.
.loe Daly.
ows "Nest   Puss Lumlier |
publications in ibe interior uf British
I   Irusl    that   Ibe  lleralil  and     its
liiin  will continue to enjoy      that
.uii,i.'Ncc    unit   patronage    of   the
Topic   uf     Suuth    Kust    Kootenay,
wlllcll Ihev so     justly deserve,     and
Unit  "Old Mun" Simpson mav     live
fully realize lhe possibilities    and
advantages uf South Kast Kuotenav
imi British Columbia for the ud-
viiiicement of which he has been such
an ardent  exponent.
Yours very trulv,
V. Lund
An (ul Tinier
Wasa, B. C, March 5,  IMS.
Dear Simpson:
I .uu glad tu coiigratutafe you and
lbe Herald ou ymir lenlb anniversary
As yuu know I am uu old timer it
the district. I came in from Bevel
stoke in the full of issii nml took up
uiu acres at Wasa, tu which I hav
udded, irom time to time, land hy
purchase so that today I have about
lUOO neres. To get into the country iu those days meant coming in
hv pack I ia in, wliieli I did. Mv
lirst saw mill I brought in in IKK*
by steamer as far as Windermei'i
mid then down tbe Kootenay in small
limits. I brought this in to lie ab-e
■ lu supply lumlier tu build, nut only
my own buildings but also police
barracks ut Cut Steele fur the
mounted police. It may be of interest fur yuu tu know that I ran
the vcrv flrsl saw mill in Cranhrook,
It was located at the north end uf
St. .Joseph's prairie and I put it
Iberc lu saw 200,000 feet of lumber
lui llu- lale Colonel Baker. This
uas iu 1SS7, twenty-one years ago.
lu the old duis there were vcrv few
people in lbe' country, but all' that
there were were friends. We hud
no troubles (uf course that was he
fine there were nny lawyers o
preachers in ihe country), and w
bad a sufficiency of money (this was
before there were anv hams) to
entry us along, I planted apple
lnes in ISN7 and got my lirst crop
in 1 Sim, und from that day until
Ibis 1 hnve had every faith in tlie
ful ure uf Kast Kootenay as a fruit
country, Hallway transportation
bus brought about hig changes and
lhe building uf the Kuotenav Central
will revolutionize that part" of thc
district in which I am most interested. As for lite future of Cranhrook
I am satislied that it will he a
bright one. I have considerable
property in that' citv and I have
recently added tn that.
Again 1 wish ynu and your paper
all the success thev deserve for tlie
support ami belli it" has given. Cranbrook and the district.
Faithfully yours,
Nils Hanson.
"Though    we   may travel     widely
through the    world,   ami     life may
hrintf    tu  us many   changes uf scene
and vicissitudes uf fortune, yet     we
fated  undei    different   sislctns.   f.itui
i.n  wiib customs that ruled in I hell
(articular  I ie  luwu, each bringing
iis in   hei     quota, giving checrfiill)
Ilieil   ll uili, experience, tunc     anil
money so thai they might build    up
for tficmselvea and help build up   foi
thers    something   resembling!    that
wav oil somewhere ibci  learned   to
nil  Home.
Yours sincere!),
0. T. lingers,
The  Pioneer  Fruit   Glower
Cranbrouk, It. ('., Feb. _»ii. cms.
Dear   Sir: Yours uf February     1st
o liiiinl.     Yuu kiiov
writer, but  a tiller of    the   soil.     I
ippieeinle (be stand tbe Herald   hn
always laken to build up Cranhrool
iitid   Kitsl Kootenay in   genera!.     In
placing before tbe public thc    want;
uf the dislriel nunc is   more import
mt  than Ihal    of good roads.     Sir.
ii my estimation, trail building time
is past, but s'till it goes ou.     For al
the money expended upun roads      in
this   district    during     the last    ten
years,      twu    miles   uf    tiirnpikcd or
macadam road cannot1 be found      iu
the   distret.        (lu west  from Craubrook to    Watlsburg,   where enough
money has been expended to turnpike
lbe whole    distance,  make all iieces-
uid grades and wlml    have
yuu got?     A    trail,    where   a    man
make the   journey ought  to have
ceident policy even iu broad daylight nol tu speak of night.     If   the
lumlier    companies ndopled the system of rond-biiildilig used bv the government  they     would soon go uut ut
business. ]' think Hie people of lbe
distriei should make a claim fur better roads, as (bey have t.. do lbe
heavy hauling over' them.
Wishing yuu everv success,   I       am
man's Iool if he be base enough to
stoop so low as to use it as a weapon
Might I refer tu the famous legend
f lhc banana belt'.' There are
people who say lliul the reiteration of
the words makes (hem tired; hut their
weariness is a small matter when the
ncl result of Hie repetition of the
phrase is to make Cranhrook ami its
district a null growing ureu ol enormous potential value tu iiu- province.
I note with pi ensure tbat the frame
slimline in winch lhe lirst plant
was housed has grown to be nulbiug
less tlmn lhe Ikiald building on
llakci sheet, and that tbe new blltiding js nlremly found tu be too sn nil
fol the in,i.'Inn, n and slock and Is
being extended iu meet trade requirements The fact is that the Herald
r. growing lastei than Crnnbrook, ami
is nuw   lew ing business c.uil t ibul lulls
on ever)   fown horn Lothhrldge    to
\el,-..ii    and even    fr  those cities
also A slim I time ago I hud un
iipportitnliy of proving that iu a
ell) iu Luwei Ontario with a population uf     iipel'    20,1  peuple. tbe
Christmas uumhei of I liei i paper did
not compare in any respect with tbu
udinaiv weekly issues of the Herald.
it Ciniug    lhe     progress      of
your paper fur tbe past ten years I
trust that it imi) be only a sample
of iis advancement during Uie ten
years next before us. Further, 1
tope that till ting the years to collie I
■Iiiiii have lbe continued pleasure of
'ongriitulatlug you on the excellent
ent'iires uf your paper, while dilVer-
ng from its politics, as heartily as I
luiiv vours.
Wm. HamiHun.
C Willi
Dear Mr. Simpson
I    understand   tl
March is the I .-nib
C. I). McNAB
II.   C,   Feb.  22.   lilllS.
Hie   1-Mb     (I
Iversary ol lb
}__. . .-'-,*:;
KV*.      -V'-IS:
________,-'■ --Vs'-ii*.
___________________________K 3J*J§£
-. vrvs -■'.f#ssp«SH»
k;'£,j_m   m
never R.nw uld in mu lu-urls, nnd
nothing enn toko nwuv Iron, us the
memories ul our cnrlv years or des-
Toy ll.c nlTi-clinn thnt ive held lor
Iml which, us a child, we learned to
nil home."
Tha. is Ituiv Governor Hughes,    ol
New   Vork, expressed   himself when
.i'oi-ntly nddrcsslng n ...feting In   his
uld   home   lown.      Most   of       the
peoplo of llm west look hack to some
Wiiidner, II* ('*, Feb. 27, U8|sj.ol on this onrth thut is dear    to
Is. Simpson, Editor    Cran- llu-ni and   lbe   words of    Governor
lirook Herald, Cranhrook, II. ('.:   'Hughes aptly  expresses   Iheir   scnti-
Dcar Till. Simpson: I am in receipt uf ...cuts.
ynur letter  referring tn the birlitduy    ft is well   lo keep   and   feed   our
of your vnlitnble pnjicr, the ('runhruuk sentiments,    we   arc    nil tlm hotter
iiipcr, t
nly say
Herald. I wish lu say ut this lime
that I have ulwuis approcintc-d the
way iu which the Herald hns bunst,*..
the district nnd I hope thnl the next
tei years will bring ynu even better
success tbu.. tin- lust ton.
Yours trulv,
t:. 1).  McXnli.
1). *I. EUIIER
The East Kootenay Hustler
Cranhrook, March ik.1i. inns.
The Editor Cranbrook Herald :
Knar Sir: In reply lo ynur letter
asking .l.n. I say something in commemoration ol .In- tenth anniversary
of the lleiald, I rccnll that n Mr.
Wentworth had chargo uf the paper
in Cranhrook while yuu were engaged
editorially in Wardner. I remember,
too, when you brought over lour
flrsl pli.nl and type in u farmer's
wugon ami not n very big or very
pretentious wagon at that. Possibly
you had two wagons, but I um sure
thai you had one. It would lake a
few ol the biggest freight cars on
the C. P. H. to move lhc presenl
plant, anil typo discs. Hul ihniinh
smull ll.e bc-jinhln*-, I hero wns n
Niagara uf dynamic force in the "Old
Mnn" lu-hlitil tbe little press. Wonderful I., relate, during Uii.ro ten
yen... the "..Id Mnn" bus .ml piuwn
nny older mun liv even nne dav. It
appears in mc .but lbe chlel capital
ol lhc Herald in those undent times
consisted in    mighty  rgy uml   nn
iinl.tuiii.leil In I Hi i,, Crnnbrook nnd
I.U-.I Kootonay, nl potency sniiieicni
In mine linker mnuntnli. from its
...ck found...ions—II such mi eltorl did
nu. Injure the landscape.
II   is  good   In  lie  ,,|,|,.   I,,  sill      Hint
in grenier   inonstiro   than   oven   the
(Hd    Mini" ilnri-il drci.ln nl In     his
quieter   null   more lhnuKhilul      	
mollis, bis hope unit   tulth hnve Ins.
realized int.. ampin jiiKtillfiilic.il     l.y
the   progress ol the country nt    lus
As ii .'niiKilViilive I hen* weie i lines
when I tumid uul, und did nol, agree
will, the politics nf the llcMl.1, nnd
thorn may he limes In tin- fiilur
when il nnd 1 shall he at pnlilienl
iHvergcnco; hut nl lhe sumo time, I
nm proud tn admit Hint the man
who ruled ils poller has nunc mnre
lor Crnnbrook nnd the district nf
which it is Hu- center ll.au anv dozen
ol ...en I could nuine after an hour ol
thought. It is also u pleasure In lie
able In sav that the licrnlil never
pe.niilli-il ils columns lu be Uu-
medium of hurting nny man's fei-l-
ings, or for either personal abuse or
political blackguardism so readily
resorted to by organs that would
lain hulk large lu the public eye. The
.uc nlwnys il.uii..
^ nui*
verj li-.tti-.
I). .1. Elmer.
Cranlirook, It. C, Mar. 12, 190d.
I-'. '■'. Simpson, Esq., Crnnbrook, ...
Ileal* Sir: I nm reminded liy      the
ilimc ilnle ibul ii     week Irom today
will he Hie tenth nnuivcrsary ul   the
llernld.    As une nt the uld timers in
licrnlil.     I can only say Hint during citizens lor thnt but wc must adapt'lleralil was wiso enough to'recognize
uy ten   years residence iu this   dis- uiitselvcs to our   new and    changed that there is filth in plenty under any
i,ut* "fair city." allow me to say
tb... I irusl the llcrnld inuv see many
returns ul its "Nu.nl Day" under
ymir editorship. Do you remember,
Kr.-il, Hiui ils just iniic years a*-;..
1 nu-t ymi hetween the Cranhrook
hotel and townsite ollice, .uut hearing
I wus looking lui u location, you
nit.e me a great "spiel" on lite wonderful poss'liilit ics nf Cra.tbr6ol.-s
future. It Wiis hard In believe at
Unit time nil ymi said, but ynu certainly "boosted" Crnnbrook that day
nml us fiii ns I nm awaro ynu have
been guilty nf the satno tiling ever
'I'he growth uf Cranbrook bus been
reinnrkn-blc, when we consider we
lmve never hud a innd honm. lint
people recognizing from its central
position mul lovely climate, Hint il
would be n desirable place to locate
in, have built tln-ir homes uli over
the grou.nl we used to stroll over
nine years ago.
Sincerely vours,
Wm. V. Tnte.
It. I.. T   (l.M.l.lt.MTH
A Pioneer ol 40 Years
Fori Steele, 11. .'., Mar. .1, 'OS.
[-'. E. Simpson, Esq., Crnnbrook, ll.
Dear Sir: Absence front home prevented tne   answering    your circular
letter n. February 15th, and replving
tu some.     I may snv Hint I nm ' so
busy ul presi'tit lliul it Is Impossible
fm* me lu Willi- nnvthing fur puhlien-
However, 1 may mid Hint I wish
llu- Herald every success, nnd trust
Hint its future iiill be us prosperous
us its- pust.
He loyal In yuu. town, tl.e district
generally, und ynu nre humid to sue*,
With vcty kind wishes fni the ller-
l.l's inline prosperity.
Yours very truly,
It. I,. T  (l.illll.iltli
Cranbrnnli. It   (' . Coll. 2S, 'Its,
Hem .Simpson .
As i id lime, hero I have always
.end Uu- liei.iiii nub iiiuiii   pleasure.
. feel llml v  popni has done    an
Immense nm.mi.l nt annd lu llu- way
nl bringing firnnlirmih nnd the     ills- -
l.ii'l   lief  llu lit f  Iln- peoplo
ul lbe e.isl nml Ihe Slates. | hupe
Unit lhe next len yeurs will show
ns Hindi -growth ii. Eusi Kootenny,
.'.ii.ih.uuk nnd Iln- lleralil its lhc leu
jli.'il   pnsl.
Yuitrs truly,
John I.eask.
Locomotive Enginco'*
Cranbruiik, It, ('., Feb. Ill, 111011.
F. E. Simpson:
Itciir Sir: I came to Cranbrook
with cons.ruction on the first, freight
train and lmve been here ever since,
except when I was in South Africa
with the Stratlieona Horse. Cranbrook has grown all thc time and it
will keep on growing. Hope vou
will have as much success with tlio
Herald In the next ten years* as you
have had in the past.
Wm. O'Hearn.
*********************** ********************** 4
************************** *************
The fl.s-1 issue of the llernld undoubtedly marked Cranbrook's Natal
Looking back over the vis-la of len
years, at the lirst issue uf Hie Herald, the old tin.,-,* set- mnny things.
that bring to his memory roniitrisccn-
ces of happy, though perhaps strenuous days, spool hero during the con-
ntruol I ..„> .'row.    Memory    is
a blessed .h.ng. We line to rc.no.ii-
hei llu- ...anv pl.-asunt day.
Iii.iiis passed w-itl. old Iriends, with
whom we have talki-d, worked mul
smiled in pioneer davs. Somo nf
those ohl Iriends, alas, have .*.oss,-.i
.In- Great Divhio ami lune joined Hie
choir Invisible in Hn* Iminorlnl
"lii-uuilful   Cranhrook," Is
dnulile column headline of the
article of Hie first  issue ut the Herald     This iiiiiiii- fm I'.auhlnuli    and
the   term "Hannna Hell" lur      Iuc
district, have become classics. Crnnbrook as the hub mid business center
ol the district was editorially    pro-
dicleil, ii. the .list issue us   follows:
"Wilh all railroads lending to Crnnbrook us- a common center, il      noes
not take a very wise poi-son to foresee the result ul development  in this
particular sot-linn."    Tnis was   suiil
when   Cranbrook consisted nt a "lar
flung   teuoclcat)   prairie,"   to    quote
Kipling, win. three or four buildings
on it.    That this prophesy has come
true is evi.ln.ceil l.v whin' has      no-
curred since.     The following   tnken
fr  the first page ol lbe Ills! number of Hu- licrnlil   shows Hint     oven
in the  days of   Crtinbronk's infu-ncv,
"the   handwriting   upon   lhe   wall"
...Id nf the great future In store   for
the embryo city:     "Eur four Hint it
...ay In- tlnulitiil when the question ul
Cranhrnnk's central Incut,'.... is   pit-.
sent,*.!,   lhe   following figures       am
Cranbrook to Port Sleele. I:! miles
Crnnbrook to Wasa, 21 miles.
Cranbrnok to Misslun, f. miles.
Crnnhmnk .„ Wild Horso, .,. miles
Cranbrnok lo Nnrlh Slur. 2tl miles
Cranbrook to Swansea, 11 miles.
CratibriHik tu Moyie, 22 miles.
Cranbrook lo Kootenay    lake,    sn
To go Irom Wardner tn Swans-cu
one must pass through Craubrook
To go (rum Wardner tn Movie onp
must pass through Cranbrook.
lo go Irom Swansea to Port Steele
one must pass through Cranbrook. I
lo go Iran Port Steele tn Moylo
one must puss through Cranhrook.
To go fro... i.ioyic lake points tu the
Missimi un,. must pass through Crnnbrook. To go Irom Banners Forty
to Port Steele une must puss thrnugll
[.ranbrook. To go from Purl Steele
to Kuskuniiok one must puss through
Cranbrnnk. To go from Kuotenay
or Moyie lake to Wild Horse ono
musl puss through Cranbrouk. To
go from Port Steele or Wardner t,.
the St. Eugene, Lake Shore, Palmer
liar, .Moyie and ...anv other prominent mining properties mie must puss
through Cranbrook. Thus it cm.
easily be seen that Cranbrook commands a central position, and upun
the completion of the road, will be
the natural point fur nil people to
reach otln-r localities in tho distiict "
This was written, In- it remembered,
six months before the railroad reached this point, hut, that faith in the
luture of Cranlirook and llie district
wind, has ever been lhc lending characteristic nl the people ol Crnnbrook, was enthroned in tin* hearts ol
that little hand ol piluiiins as much
as I. is today in the heni-ts ol everv ,
resident ol this citv. lu memory
one can sn- thai lillle hn.nl waiting
patien.lv outside Ihe shnck, ivhlcn
was Hunt the Herald ollice, for u copy
ot Cranbrook's lirst paper. Ii is recorded in Hn- lirst issue nl the llcmlil
-that a religious service was livid in
the dining-room of Un- Ensl Kootenay buli-l uu Sunday, tin- I .si i, ,,i
March, bv Hie llev. .1. li lliincnn
M.A., nl Fort Steele, This wus the
lirst church service lietit in I'rnn-
brook, An item in the local rottunn
reads: "Hall the population ,>! t'r.ui*
brook went ove. tn Putt Steele In.
the St. Patrick's   Day   bull nn tlm|
17Hl."      All  es.lmule  uf   t'lanliiui,.v
population onu he gathered from thei
fact Hnil two democrats luok hall
the population over. Mnurlcp tyuain
now superintendent, fm- the Electric
Light company, is spoken •>. ns repairing    tl.e Iclephi     line hei ween
Port. Steele and     Swansea,     tl   II
M.ii.-i  wns uiixjiiiisli   walling fur tlw
four horso leant which uus bringing!
In bis lirst stuck n. h.iiilw.iii-    Irom
Uu- railway al Golden     Tbo   Cranbrook    Lumher company, now      tho
East   Kootenay     Limine eompany,'
wen, busy   sawing liii.ihci  ul     their
.its. null, which wns sllunlcd   ivhoro
the Japs ranch, suuth eusi  ...      the
town, Is today,    The..- wore n. I      n
groat iiimiv   advertisers In Hie llrsl
issue       nl the Cranhrook,
llernld, but among thorn were
lhe .Heat Northern railway, tin* C.
I'. II , lhe East Kootenny hnlel,
which in those days wns ownnl ami
run hv Mis. Donahue, Ocoree 1 ■ 11-
lia.d, ll.e blacksmith. .1 II Slhbald,
(he contractor, Hi,* Cranbrnnk liolel,
then undei .be management ol ttynn
& Morrison, ..... Cranbrook Lumber
company, in whose adverl somen.
rough lumlier Is ip.ote.1 at I lli n ihuti-
suud uml No. I V. joint ceiling n|.
ll!* a thousand. The olliciul directory published In (he lirst issue of
the Herald, shows thnt J. P. Armstrong was government ngenl nnd
gold commissioner, C. M. Edwards
as mining recorder and Charles .'lurk
us collector ot customs, nil of Port
Steele. The first issue of Hie llcrnld
was lour pages, all home print nnd
Iron, then until today every line of
the Herald lias been printed in
Cranbrook. A patent inside has
never been used. Prom this smull
beginning with only ten advertisements, the Herald has grown to eight
pages, carrying over one hundred advertisements. ,
The job plant of the Herald is onu
ol the very best tn Western Cnnndn,
and as a result tbe work of the ofliee is increasing week by week. It
pays to give the people modern printing. They believe It is a good Investment. |
Editor LottrbrWgo Daily Herald
Lethbridge. Alta . Feb. 20. '08.
Mr. P.    E.   Simpson, The    Herald,
Cranbrook, B.C.:
Dear Simpson:
Thc Cranhrook Herald is ten vears
old. It has made goud use ul those
.cars. Every year has seen ii advance "mil today I cau call it, wi.h-
.".1 f.-nr of contradiction, the best
weekly    newspaper     iu nil Ca
That's u p. ei iv li <l fi.ilfiifiii. hut
it really is the best I lmve Boon, anil
I  mul*  say, only   the best  ol the   ex*
ch.mut". catch my eves, tlie pool ones
drop int.. the WOSlopupo i l-nsl.cl
wiilium Mmi oponod. Tin- Herald is
lui.;!... ami .hut Iiiuii nf u weekly is
.1 Millie utticlc iu Uu* luml. It IS
fentloss, nnd Unit is uncommon with
ihe weekly publisher who usually
bonds the knee in even* ndvert-iser
nn.l inh work client, II is well
written ninl newsy, mul thai is due
In tho "Old Man" whn was burn
with u lend pencil he ween his lingers.
Success tu tin- licrnlil und to
Crnnbrook. The Herald and t'run-
brook go hand In bund, und the sue-
cess uf une means lhe success ul the
ihe other.
Vours sincerely,
W. A. Buchanan,
Editor Lctlthriilgo Daily HcraM.
F. .1. DEANE
Editor   Nelson   Daily   News
Nelson Dally News, March :.: On
llu* in.h nl this month the frun-
,brook lleralil will celebrate its tenth
anniversary, ten yeurs uf fattM.il
service lu the district in which it
iitcul.ilcs During this period the
pnpor his lu-i-ii under the side bust
hiss uml e.-liioriul management ut F
1*:. sinipsiui and in every respect bis
iiiunu'gentent' hits been successful. The
paper bus grown iu even* respect. II
is I.•lav i|iiilc nne id the best weeklies piihlislii.il in western Canada. Its
news sorvlco is kept s-lricllv tip-to-
di.c uml ils nlilor.nl policy has
iilwuy.i heen cliuruclcrized by scrupulous fairness and n hroud-mlndctl outlook um.n public i,li.iiis Unit has won
nnd h,-'il fm* it the support of many
people who do nut agree wilh lhc
Iml'ti.-ai views ol the party it supplies. .Mr. Simpson bus' shown a
proper appreciation of the requirements nf n live weekly newspaper.
Hi- has kept tn the lore the local
news nnil llie Incul requirements and
■in season and out of season In- leas
heen an entl.usla.stlc nnd withal entirely reasonable booster ol .'run-
brook. The Cranbrook llernld bus
cnoviil ten years of comparative
prosperity, it is firmly established in
llu- affections of iis numerous rentiers
mill the future surely holds for it even1
greater measure nf prosperity and
usefulness. We heartily congratulate
P. I*:. Simpson upon thi- success thu*
has attended his elfurts mid hope nt
Ihe end of another decade to ho   able
rejoice with him over still greater
Iiii 11
nut   t
to on
il lllll'
Editor .tluvie Leader
Moyie, D. ('., Mar. !., 1908.
a llcrnld:
publishing id a weekly news*
fur ten years moans the getting
f ii20 issues. With seven days
ch issm-. It means thut vnu hnve
.■d 3,010 days.       This' includes
which it bus been su iiitpnrlntil .i
factor. In iihfiillci-liig nnd cheerful
phnnipionshlp nl the hcsl in.rres.s .*i
iiistitiicnts ihe lleralil is *, con I
tu nunc.
Faithfully yours,
IL J. .'In.:,
Editor Nelsnn Daily Canadian.
Editor ...illicit si.11
(.olil.-n, II. ('., March :
Manager   Cranbrook   licrnlil
brook, It. ..'.'
Dear Sir: It is will, grcnl pleasure
Uiat we lii-ke advantage ul tl ppor-
liinily .literal tu congratulate ynu nn
this, lhc tenth iinnivcrsiiiv of llu
establishment uf um- uf Hu-' brighten!
newspapers ui the Interior uf llrilisli
" .lumhia. Wc sav "brightest" ml.
vi.si-.-lly, because the Herald is, mil
always lias been newsy locnlly, and
brief, clour uud forcibly in ils editorial comment. To mid tn this is
scarcely necessary. Siillice it lo say
that lhe Herald has boon n potent
factor in the advertising of the Immense resources of the whole uf (lie
Kootenay district, that it is une oi
the lirst papers we look for among
uur exchanges, ami Hint wc sincerely
wish it the prosperity which its
policy niid entvrpriiic deserves.
Sii.cc.-ely yours,
Ooldcn   Printing  & ' Publishing Co.,
per Rohert   Dunn,  Editor.
Sundays, nf course, but there aro
few publishers who do not devote a
portion nf their Sundays to their
business, il it is only clearing tlw exchange table. As a neighboring
journalist I have watched very closely tl.e progress of the Herald from
iis issue of Volume 1, Number 1, until thc present time. I remember
it when it was set by band,
and was run* oil on a
Washington hand press. Now the
Herald has modern and up-to-date
printing machinery, and I do not
know ol a better equipped country
olT.ce in the province. There is nothing succeeds like success, and the
Herald has certainly been successful.
True, you have not pleased everyone,
but a newspaper man who pleased
everyone would be no good in any
ciitiimiiiiity. But no one can accuse
you of being disloyal to your town
or of not doing your best to promote
the best Interests of the district. Be
ing on the wrong side ot politics is
really the ono regrettable feature
about the Herald, but the editor will
no doubt sec the error of his way
before another ten years have elapsed.
Ten years hence I have no doubt
the llcrnld will be run oil nn a Hoe
perfecting press nod Its cdttur wil.
nwn an automobile. My wisli Is
Unit tho same man who brought thc
paper up tt. its present state nl perfection will still Iw at the holm at
that time.
P. .1. Smyth.
Editor Nelson Da.lv Canadian
Nelson, B. C, Feb. 28. 1908.
Mv Dear Simpson':
tho Cranbrook Herald will shortly
celebrate Its tenth anniversary of Joyous ami useful existence No other
ftaper In the province has moro
Mends and well-wishers. It is a
welcome visitor to every ollice and is
redolent ol the activity, Ihu ambition and the confidence of the town
and   district   In tho upbuilding      ol queut subscriber!     Ho hns to submit
Editor   Vancouver   Saturday   Sunset
Vancouver, II. ('., Feb. 27, 1008.
F. E. Simpson, Esq., Editor ami
Manager "llernld," Crnnbrook,
H. C:
Dem* Sir: Replying tu your circular
nf the lath Insl. I woulil s.n* tli.it
It gives me plenstiiv to bave un opportunity nl expressing to yon thc
ippreciut on I have ulways fell for
Iho Cranbrook lleralil. I li.uk upun
il as the undisputed lender id lhe
rural press uf this province in editorial, news mul mcchantc.il nppenr-
aucc. I luok fur it amongst mn exchanges each week, und road lhc
"(ltd .Van's" comments witli interest
nnd profit, I trust thai both the
Herald and its editor will lung he
spared lu Hritish Culumhin, fur we
lu-i-ii such men and papers iu the
building ...nl development ul this
With kind regurils und hcsl wishes.
1 am
Vours vcrv trulv,   .
Jiihh P. McConnell.
Editor Salurday Sunset.
Tin- Lelhliridge Daily Herald: The
Cranbrook llcrnld is len yeurs      nld
ust lbe same age as' Cranbrook.
Cranbrook -bus grown wonderfully in
recent years ami is one ot tin- best
nnd mosl progressive towns in British
Columbia. Fur its position today it
has much to thank the Horaid and
"Old Mun" Simpson for. 'I'he Herald ami its editor have everlasting!,
boosted Cranbrook. II regular advertising rates hud li-ct-u charged .hut
town lor the publicity the llernld
gave it, Simpson would have boon
able to buy out Rockefeller's Intcresl
in the Standard Oil company long
ago. The Herald is one uf the licit
weekly papers in Canada and       Un*
'Old Man" can set the puce as the
best news gatherer and clearest and
brightest writer in Western Journalism.
Editor Grand Forks Sun
(.rand Forks, B. C, Feb* 23, '08
Mr. P.   E. Simpson, Editur    Cranbrnok Herald:
Dem sit-. It ailt.i.is mc great pleasure tu take advantage nf the opportunity tu cuiigiatiiliitf the licrnlil un
this auspicious occasion, its tenth
birthday. It may nnw saloly bo
ciin.'ccltucd that tbo paper hns
weathered nil the infantile ills that
young Journals tall heir tn. I hope
that 1.0 vours hence it wi,l Im able
to celebrate its 100th anniversary,
and that I will be present un thai uc-
casiiui to join in lhe festivities.
These good wishes are sincere.
I havo always resented the Imputation that it is impossible tn conduct
a country newspaper business fur nny
considerable period of lime without
becoming Intimately acquainted with
the slu-rill' in his official capacity.
And the stereotyped phrase that tho
jniiriiiilistic profession is only a
polite substitute for mendicancy is
my especial bole noire. The only
use I have lound for shciifis up lu tho
present time Is to pump them Im
news, und as fur mendicuncy, I tin.I
that thc public (especially thnt portion of the public who arc on Uu- de
llnqiient subscription list) owe tho
newspapers a living.    The poor delln*
j lo ii preparatory course ol roasting'
iin lliis world, niid alter lie dies be)
receives the finishing touches. It.
bus ulnars been a ...outed question as1
'In uiu. is belter qualilied to con-j
.Iuct the country newspaper, the!
editor nt lhc man who owes four or
iiu- .curs back subscription. Public:
opinion un this question ls quite di-;
ictj;,*ut, but the prcpundcrance ot',
evidence appear tu lavur the latter, I
probably because be is more numer-i
oils. A referendum vote would!
probably cist lhe prize to him, un-j
less the people voted .igainst their
uuu interests, as they often do in.
provincial elections.
I mn liinily ut the belle! that. Ior!
u capable mini, lhc dunces nl ac-'
hiovlng success in the puhiicat nm nl
u i*.i.intry newspaper ure equally us'
good u- in any other line ol business.
..|* ptule.-siun, ft takes brains ami
ci.intnuii .sense tn bring to a success-;
ful termination any enterprise. Wc,
nowspupcr men Hatter ourselves that!
ive possess a little mure grev matter:
llnul the ordinary mortal, but lhc:
-■i mini public ure often loth tn give
us lull credit fur uur claims. How-
over, uc should not kick too vignr-
nitsly nn this account, because no
loubl SI. Peter is keeping an accural.* record ol our maniluld virtues,
ami wo can afford to to Wait fur an
.,*.!.-ipniiu reward of them until wc
reach the Ooldcn city.
Again   wishing   the   Herald    many
birthdays,   I am yours Irater-
O. A. Evans,
Editor Orantl Forks Sun.
C. P. R. Engineer
Cranbrook, II. C, Fob. 26, 1908.
lieu- "Old Man:"
I've boon here a long time, ten
years. I believe in Cranbrook and
I'ranhrook's future, and have read thc
Herald ever since 1 came and shall
continue to do so.
Ui-liing you every success.
Hugh Brock.
A Pioneer Known to All
Crjubrook, B. C, Peb. 20, '08.
■Say Simpson:
Ive been bore since Adam was     a
smull buy.   I built the sidewalks In
Fort   Steele and    I am a great be-
in East    Kootonay.     I expect
lure for the next ten years and
tin- llernld and yourself   will
I'll see you when I    come
Herald's First Employe.
In he
I   I	
he  lu
Ben Pugh.
President Crows Nest Pass Coal Co.
Toronto, Ont., March 6, 1908.
F. E, Simpson, Esq., Editor ol   tbe
"Herald," Cranbrook, B. C:
Dear Simpson: I am delighted to
have the chance to congratulate you
ilium the tenth anniversary ol the
lottmHng of your paper, which you
linn- so successfully carried on in all
ils essentia! departments yourself
.luting all these years.
The Herald has always struck me
as being an eminently fair, and at
ila* sunn, time, outspoken and deliberate paper as to its views, and has a
I.riglil nnd attractive makeup.
Vuu havo done a great deal to
hniiii up Cranhrook and Its surround-
ings, und are, I believe, quite right
in ynur splendid optimism as to tbo
fu. uie of East Kootenay. A great
deal can in- done for any community
hy a sane and conscientious press.
I hope tho next decade holds for
yuu und yuiir paper all tha. you   de
serve, which is* a great deal ol   good
fortune arid success.
Vours sincerely,
G. li. S. Lindsey.
Cranbrouk,  II.   C,   Feb.  4,  1908.
Dear Mr. Simpson'
I was one of the first conductors
to reach Cranhrook over the Crow
and I   have always   had   unbounded
fa th* in the future ol   this town   aad
district.    I hope the next ten   yean
wiil ho as good as the Past ten, both
for Cranbrouk and the Herald.
With best wishes.
A. J. Martin
The Herald has a legitimate circulation thai it is proud ol, and is con*
ceded hy its 100 advertisers to be a
first-class advertising medium. It ia
circulation tbat counts with Um
man wlm wants to advertise. TJ
•WITH Till:
(Hv Father Coccola.)
.linn -ill,i drinking. Tliis
much Ior the security ol
os, .ni.i the mounted police
lui. nml soon a garrison
i i.tn- hundred men, under
n.nni ol Major Steele, i.i
established    llieir barracks
(Reprinted trom the   Christinas
' tion uf the Herald 11102.)
It has boL'ti abuut fin years      since
the   Roman     Catholic' missionaries
made their    appearance in the    district.      The   monument    to   Father
deSmet. who crossed the Rockies   In
1842 near   thc head ot the Kootenay
river is yet tu be- seen, consisting   o[
u cross covered wilh moss and   surrounded witb stones.     Men til learning and observation  they were,    ami
aftet seeing the timber of the val'eys,
the formation ol the mountains,    tlio
toys and ornaments    ol the Indians,
made uf galena, gold quarto and cual,
they prophesied     that  Kootenay was
to draw   the attention ot the world.
The redskins thru bad their     camps
scattered an.uml what is today called
Tobacco Plains,    Irom a lillle patch
o! ground where tho weed    nl which
the Indians are so fun.I. was thriving]
favorably.        The buffalo was       the
greatest  spurt  and resource ol    lhc
Kootenay   Indians,  who would cross
the mountains for them,     Tins    ibe
Blaokfoot ami Blood Indians did   not
like at all, ami sorlous hatlles would
ensue, ami     although the Kimleunys
were fewer iu number, they       would]
come uut victorious; Uio rule       was
five Blackleel  lo one Kootenay,   The
missionaries   struck    by tho Intelligence and firmness ol these Indians,
considered ii a good beld lo east   thp
seed of Christianity, whose fruits nhd|
civilization, good morals aud a hnppi
life,     Year after year the nilsslimar
ies came lu instrucl the natives,   but
owing to  iheir  roaming  disposition
no mission was established ur build
ing put up, if we except the      small
log buildings whoso foundations    can
yet be seen.     In about  180.1 the   excitement    uf   tbe     Wild Horse Creek
placers     iil trnctctl     thousands      ut
whites, and a.s llu- Indians were employed fur packing, thoro followed the
establishment; uf permanent camps in
tbe upper Kootenay.    Tbe missionaries did nol   miss tlie chance tu settle
down and dn solid wnrk.     The    St.
Marys valley appear** V them to he
the    ideal spot fnr a mission..     Tbis
point was centrally situated,      with
good    lamls covered     with sufficient
timber for the construction uf houses
and fonces, beside St. Joseph Creek,,
with ample supply for  irrigation.  In
1873 Father     Fouquet, with Brother
Burns, landed un the spot where lbe:
Mission   stands     nnw.      In a short
time a log cabin was up, divided
lour compartments fnr tlie      umn
floor, and     sleeping nccommounth
pletud.     It was not without trouble
tbu tbat  Ihe parents cntild be induced   to;
were Id  "lie    children come,     though the
,.t sisters    bad    charge uf the schools. I
tia- iiui when Hie children appeared   wiib
ivi-d their     new  suits,     healthy  and tat, I
:it everybody was pleased.     As soon as
But tho young     bucks ihev     could speak     English a band-
,ti- looked wilh   enw upon' tbe beautiful master was secured from New   West-
limus   burses   ami saddles uf ibe red- minster, aud since concerts have been
"     ,,d wnuld bave only been   too'ffiven by Mie boys in all the towns m
o trv     their    strength with Easi Kootcnav and sume In Albeita.
The prudence and firmness ol From tho beginning the school    has
coats, .
lbe ent
and pri
on lb
uiandcr saved     the
ented   conflict ot ai
ol November, 1881
nf Ci.
iquet was replaced liy Father
.,  wbu. being an old friend nf the
mr ami uther officers, would     give
Sunday in town, one tn the garni in Fori Steele and lhe uther In
Indians at the Mission.   Imt    the
ll ilie
I   llu
because uf his.
poller.     Tbe   	
ail   the natives,  ami   I..Id  tli
boilig lhe father ol both  India
whiles, he wanted them to live
ly.  tbat  lhe    mounted police
cutne mil  In abuse them,  bul   t
leet  Ihem ami keep order.   Soi
the  Indians     were vexed at   Hie     remarks ami  i.dd the priest thai-    they
hatl driven white    men out. of     the
country before and could  drive    liim
..ul*    ti....     "Nothing uf     tbe bind,"
said the   priest    coolly.     "A father
fault   with   lbe   priest
friendship with     lhc
lest    then gathered
I»»-»-.•,   .,-uvcn  ma children,   aud
■i children never abuse their fa Iht
I [ bring senl there by his super in
rlesl     wnuld tlie, but nut     go, ai
he\ could    kill liim    at once'if tin
.isiu-.l."      This brought   the iiallv
.. beiicr   service and   even ailachi
tttuation been n success.     The orchard,      the]   The
y    kind,  large garden, tlie    fields which    sur- people
Father rounded    the buildings    are a proof neglected, and
that  the teachers amt scholars   have ecclesiastical
nut been idle, ami those who      have with     the
left school did    not lorget the train-,worldly,
ing,    They are now   building    comfortable cottages for themselves    and
their friemls.       The average number
ol pupils is nu. picked up (rum    the
five   hands   that   cuiupnse   tlvc   KoOte-
bo Hint every band     will
ilni by the school.     In work-
....„ ....   Ihe redskins the Mission    did
not iiegleel  llie whiles who were visit. -.1 ai their homes regularly twice a
1 year,   trom    Windermere    to Nelsnn
an-1 Itobson  in   Wist   koolcnav.     lu
sickness m accident the pr'ests    had
tu act tis doctors uf ibe body as will
ns of ihe   soul,     The prospects    nil
>k m 1888, llu- area! Nnrth
1113,  uu.I lhe Sullivan group
i.r intruded   men   ol    all
es  i„ tfie district.        The
im: lbe central pnint,    was
1 rendezvous aud many     a
I se was su crowded  ihat
Impossible tu walk mi       the
'imn stepping nn some of the
ami   Rleeplug   travelers.   M incoming tn tlie Missiuii      tt.
ii.,lie.i! treatment from     the
witb   the school  sisters       as
It   became  necessary  lo pul
ew    ami larger   house,    with
hie rooms, which was   done
A  larger and belter church
leil.  but     where to gel     the
vas     a   hard question       tti
Divine Providence came     tii
te.     Thc priest  had told  th
tn   prospect  a.s   the       wb.t
men   were doing, and not  lung after
Indian Pete came in with a piece   uf
gnleim the size of au egg, but would
uul tell    where he bail found it.    He
said thai ihey always accused      the
Indians nf     laziness and   he wanted
In see what   the   priests were     gtmd
fur.     and    fni- them    to go and see
where Ihe prospect was.     Tliis they
did, in    eompany    with Mr. Cronin,
win. happened tu he Visiting  the district.      Father  Coccola,   under     the
leadership    oi Pete, left for    Movie.
Prospectors had notice ol tbat     and
ial     welfare ot       the Glasgow Station, Ont.) and under his
ibrook has never   been care thc field    became an augmented
the growth ol things charge, with the privilege ot calling a
has     been  in keeping minister    ot its   own.      In August,
dvnncemcnt   uf thimrs
ell 1
elm re!
, wlllcll
WIIS   1
ill    Sell.
-,   181)7,
- w
I.l     l.y
tin- It
er, i
1 1
iuc ri-c-
lui 0
lc. 1
il i
mv i
i tin.' new priest.
d   young bucks   wl
si-gralnl, drinking
us    checked    ami
loon lhe
i Were su
md gnmb-
_______ peaceable
broke uut.   again,      (
i   had bought   the  Cranhru
and when lie came tu telle
rie,  Isidore and bis men,
■    living   fur years    on 11
er uf ihe purchase, opposed
i,l rcsisteuce.     lu order tu
hie,  Major Stride, wlm wa
u settle   the   difficulty,    s
i' good land nn the west
Koolcnav river, am! ask.,I
liundiHi Cranbrook ami
there. Bul Isidore would
;.. satisfaction aud messengers
l unci' despatched to Wesi Kno-
.iiid smith in Flathead to have
' Indians rise up and drive Iho
[whites awav. Tlie priest was informed secretly by some of j,hc n I
d Iml mis, and prevented the rising. Hut even then Isidore would
not uo away from Crnnbrook. Al
Major Steele sent him an ultimatum (u be translated lu him liy
iln- appointed interpreter. The contents were to the effect, that Isidore
must leave Cranbrook at. uuee and in
return a square mile of good laml
with irrigation ditch, would be given
him, and be should be paid for all
the improvements that he tir bis
peoplo had made. And if ho ii.
nol leave, Major Steele would proceed wilh his men and force him uut.
Isidore would not answer.     Then Hie
the     watch,  bul   were     led
Tbe place where Pete    had
lbe round  lbe galena  was nol  very     uu-
and eoiii'iighig Iml      Ihu     croppiligs were
l-hey  good  iiidicnlions     and   three    claims
were staked,  the     Si.     Eugene, lhe
Peler ami     the I.ureto.        Men were
pat  in work and Mie prospects    took
llu- appearance of a   mine,   which   al
lasl was sold and    w tb the proceeds
Pile bad a bouse built and his    farm
stocked.     The balance went to   build
ihi' beautiful new church which       is
ibe pride uf tbe nations and the   admiration uf lhe whites.     Since peace
was established between the     whiles
ami Indians, ami drink ing and gambling have breii     checked,  lbe Indians
have      prospered, Tbe     Mission
brought inlo the district regintcrrd
slock, which have greatly Impnmd
Hi.' horses and cattle, and the progress is remarkable. The const riu-
lioii uf llie Crows Nest Pass railway
ni'c-rssifnted a larger hospital, with
accommodation fur Hi patients, but
during an epidemic id fever M
pill len ts were treated at une lime
atid hundreds uf miners aud railroad*
fis would have per shed had it not
lii.-ii fur ibe St. Eugene hospital, and
the S'sh'is uf Charity who won    the
a lire 11 f the public.     After       the
construction nf ibe Nnrth Star
branch, Hie Si. Eugene hospital
ceased In be a central locality and
Hie Sisters built another iu Cranhrook, much larger and more comfortable.
An (lltl Timer
Slok-e.     Tl.e     ltevercnit     Hav.
I.eccliaiti uus llie first  resident
tur.        Tlie   |ires...|il   iiicniiilienl
.1.1- llev. Kloivelllng.    il cull lie
uf t'lirisi iliiiii'i Hint  il   was
anil lius    lieen    conducted ever
1808, a session was formed and
i Messrs. M. McEachern and (1. Bremner were chosen elders. At thc
snmo lime a communion roll was
'formed with twenty-eight members,
of lhe above elders only Mr. Me-
Enchorn remains. And id the twen-
ty-cighl charter members only the
following are slill connected with tbe
church: Mr. and Mrs. McEaeheru, Mr.
aii.l Mis. S. Richards, Mis. A. Lottcll
iii.,1 Mr. and Mrs. Tate. After Rev.
Ill Young's pastorate several men
supplied fm- a number uf months,
among whom    were Rev. A. D. Men-
'/i.s  w  uf Beachburg, Out.), Rev.
i li i. Cordon (now nl Forrester's
j Fulls, nut.}, Rev. David Lang, (nuw
<>f si. Andrew's ehureh in St. .lohii
lu May, llllin, the ynung
.iinui became selt-sustainlng
led ltev. W. ti. VI. Fortune,
f Alvinston- om., to be llieir
in,let Mr. Fori line's vigor-
ustmale grenl progress was
A manse was built in I Oil I
ui Iwo nf ihe besl lots in Baker Hill
al a eusi ..I abuut $111100. By 1908
Hie mile ehureh had become inadequate ..iui the congregation moved in
eteet a new building. The uld
church was moved to the rear of the
lnts and ihe present building was
circled in its place nu the enrner uf
lands sire, t ami Armstrong avenue.
Tbis building, a cut uf which appears
in tliis .irlii'b'. is one nf the finest
church buildings in the interior id
llrilisli Columbia, ami is a lilting
monument nf the devoted energy of
llie pastor and peuple whn erected it,
as well as a great credit to tlie vigorous tuwn to whieh it ministers.
This ehureh property now represents
to the energetic congregation, the
handsome asset uf $10,000. Tlie
floating debt is so arranged to be
)J::iil nit in Ibree years from the regit
!N. It.)
nml eal
B.A., <
to $3,842.00. An addition to thc
present building will, il is hoped,
shod he possible, as lhe present seating accommodation is tun small, and
the Sunday sehnul is in need nf mure
The litsl Bnptlst
ized in  1000 liv  lbe
who labored abumt
■hiireii w
ltev.  P
s organ-
nil       with
The first building in Crnnbrook
wns tlie Crnnbrook hotel. Built December, 1897. Ryan & Morrison
were the first proprietors.
The first religious service was held
on March 20th, 1898, bj- the Rev. .1.
... Duncan, in the dining room ot the
East Kuotciiiij* hotel.
Tlin fust arrest was ma-do hy
Provincial Constable Barnes on March
14, 1K*)S.     Tl.e offence was tl.i-lt.
Tlm first lumlier mill was establisli-
i-.l in tlie lull ol 1897, by the Cranlirook Lumber company, of which a.
I.cili-li wns tlio head.
Tin- first gonernl store was opened
In* W. K.nnke. in May, 1808, in part
of the build...**- now occupded liv Iln.
111 nl   !elc|iliiilie  line was
ft iiniii uu), lu Su'iins.-ii bv
I, in April, 1898.
(Irs! iiolilicil meeting wa
I.     It was C.I..
.   IllSt    111. I-I ilif   ,111.1   li,*   IVUII
i .*' .li. ii t.n .lulv Til., 1.198,
.*,! nth'
. ill-mi.
.lull May, 189;
t.i dieornloi
in,  Mu
si Imrlier slit
lie   fl.iilcl   In.
I   11. K,
c   lie
Frnm a book by J.. A. I^ees
,1. Clutterbuck, called B. C.
upstairs.     The. sitting room       was
separate from the chapel by a folding
door, thus giving space tor quite    a
large audience on    Sundays.     Little
by little the Indians came to   build
their homes around     thc Mission or
ground bought from   the government
by the Fathers, and     in 1880 helped
the   Fathers    put up a log   church,
-40x45, and began t.o till thc laml hern
and there until a reserve was alloled
to them.     Father Fouqtiet had      au
assistant     priest, and   the spiritual
wants of the whites as well as thai
ot thc   Indians of    Tobacco   Plains,
Windermere and Kootenay lake   were
attended.      Thc    missionaries    well
knew that the only way to civilize a
nation is to educate thc youth, but
how to come to that since the patents would spend the greatest part
of tlie year in hunting, and how lo
take tbe children as boarders, should
they remain at school when they saw
their parents starting for the'luml,
how to feed tbem and clothe them
when supplies were so uncertain ami
so dear. Thc solution was the necessity of farming on a greater scale,
and stock raising. At, onee a (lour
mill was sent for, a hand of cattle
brought from Walla Walla, a log
house erected for school purposes,
But where lu get Ihe leachels? Application was made to have Sisters
Irom the Slates, but when they
reached Sand Point, Idaho, bv Uio
Northern Pacilic tbey could nol liml
their way tn Kootenay and lliey went-
to some of the surrounding new|i,t(orproler came to the father's
towns In loach. Jusl then sorlous.house insisting that, thev provunt
trouble arose between the whiles and bloodshed, Fathers Richard aud
the rod skins, and the school pros- Coccola then went to Isidore ami
pects were dropped. In 1887 Uio overtures weie made, to tbe
remains of twn white men had boon who answered: "Next y
found on the mad between Wltldor-Uml plow on my land at- Joseph'*
mere and Ooldcn. Indians were bus- prnirlfl; 1 would rather die by a
pected and one uf tbem was arrested I bul lot iban bv starvation." "Isidore,"
and put in jail at, Fort, Steele (then snid Father' Coccola, "Ihere is nn
Oalbraith's Ferry). Thc Indian fear of starvation as long as I am
chief, Isidore, displeased wilh this;horo. I bave seen the square mile
proceeding, started at the head r,f 30 of land the major otters vnu and it
men, all armed, and on the 11th of is the best in the country; good
March, 1887, broke the jail and lot soil, splendid meadows and immense
the prisoner free, saying: ''It any ot pastures, and besides ahoul S500
my men do wrung, I am willing to cash fur your improvements ai Cran-
bavc them punished, hut it was not brook, Why should you expose your
right that, without any proot, In- life and tlie lives of your peoplo?
dlans shou.d he put in prison becatise( You will he responsible for ail the
white men are found dead. How.bloodshed bctore Ood and man."
many Indians had been tound dead. "Very well," answered Isidore, "I
yet no white man had ever been out am hound to follow the priest's ail-
in Jail." Through thc influence ol vice. Peace was then established in
t*te Fathers, Isidore brought the ac-Jthr district, and in the fall ol ixxs,
cused Indian to court on thc day of the pulice returned tn llie North-
assizes, ami not being found guilty,! west. Then our school projects were
was set Iree. Hut the Indians werotu be carried on. The government
exasperated and ordered thc constable^realized lhat it was easier and
and several others to leave the dis* cheaper In civilize Indians hy schools
trict within 24 hours, and this   tbey than by the sword,    nnd in October
had to do.    A number of young bucks 1890,  three    commodious    buildings'  -	
talrlng ndvantage of the troublesome one for the hoys,    one for lhe giris half a million dollars, today it
times, started     In uu a career      of and a third for the staff were   com- over nine millions.
I   shall
W. .1. Clutterbuck, called B. C. 188'
the fuliowing extract, referring to
Crnnbrook as it was twenty-one yearn
ago, are taken. Speaking ol tlie
trip from Oalbraith's Ferry (now
Fori Sleele) to Cranbrook the book
says: "The trail to Cranbrook lies
lusl through low flats covered with
eh, dog-willow and other small
uh. Leaving these it mounts a
sleep hill and comes into a land ot
alternate prairie and forest, in which
lhe tamarack, a gigantic larch, forms
a striking feature. And what a
walk it was. The light ol thc selling sun glowing on those wonderful
ivd-barked trees, making more glorious hv lhe contrast with their long
dark shadows, the brilliantly lighted
glades uf yellow grass, and tinting
with the same ruddy hue lhe foliage
wliieli half concealed their stately
pillars, its delicate needles already
turning into gold under tbe Midas'-
Much ol King Frost. At last we
came to two miles of a hugr grass
plain, known as .Joseph's prairie, and
Hie harking of dogs, the neighing of
horses, and lbe dim nut line of a confused liuddleiiient ot buildings. A
duni thrown open and a huge cherry
Kngllsh fireplace, a welcome and we
re snfe at Cranbrnok. And tbat
lit we ate a dinner fit for the
Is. a square Itlenl We had almost ■
said, hul it was more—ll was ueta-
gniml—drank real whiskey and waler,
ami slept in real beds. ' Time will
Hid permit us tn tell of all the kindness we received from Colonel Baker
•md bis sun while in Cranbrook. j
Cianbiuo', is a large farm, tlm
prtdo uf Colonel Baker, and
eei l.i inly the      most      go-ahead
place we have seen in the country
and ahsnliitelv delightful as a dwell-
nn place.
without the aid ot outside help    and  Ing was dedicated and formally open-!encouragement p
has always     been a     self-supporting ed hy the llev. C. W. Cordon (Ralph!** r°1' tl,e ,la>'
parish.       In 1KH8 the   congregation Connor)   of    Winnipeg,   iu January,
conslsted of abuut   111 pel
dav the attendance     is in tht
horhood ot 300.
The year 1808 marked the
up ut ihe Kootenay district through
HIOO.     The magnificent bell      which
peals its invitation to worship every
. week,     is thc   generous   gift ot Mr.
• lames Finlay. In October, 100H,
i'i;*      Mr.   Fortune   severed his connection
with the congregation, and a unani-
pcninti mmis call was extended to the   pre-
,ent pastor, Rev. 0. 0. Main, M.A.,
the building of the Crows Nest Pass  It,  p., who, prior to this had    been
  engaged iu mission    work In    White
lloise, Yukon Territory. Mr. Main
began ids pastorate on'the first Sunday of 1007. The congregation now
numbers PIT families nnd Hu persons
mil connected with families. Thc
membership has grown from 28 to
!:_■■(. There is an able body of nine
managers, and the session now consists of five elders. Besides these
there is a Sunday school roll of 125,
as welt as all the usual department
in church work.
railroad. Cranbiook was chosen
divisional point and rose quickly in
to prominence. The pioneer Presbyterian in Cranbrook was Mr. Ma-
sun, who, iu the spring ot 1SSI8, con-
ducted the first Presbylerian service
in the town in the old Enst Kootenay
huiel (now the (-hieens.)     Later    iii
p. II.
with |
In 18(18 the provincial government
nflice was in Fort Steele with .1. F.
Armstrong as government agent and
gold commissioner and C, M. Edwards was mining recorder. Today
the ollices of lbe provincial government' are conducted in the new and
handsome building owned jointly by
tbe province and the city, the following stall Mug in charge: .1. F. Armstrong, government agent and gold
commissioner, A. C. Nelson, assessor
and colleetur; O. Goldie, accountant;
S. Hoskins, N. A. Wallinger and    H.
Clark.     The assessed valuation      o!  , „ua ^
the   district in    1808 was less than'of the famou:
ibe summer of    1808, .1. It. McPhcr-
sou,   U.A.,     of   Queens   University
ml the district was funned
The first act uf ministry performed
hy (he Catholic church in Cranbrouk
wns lhe baptism of a child nf .losepb
Brault un Oclnbei 22, 18118. The
fir-it mass celebrated in Craubrook
was in lbe home uf Mrs. Thomas
Kennedy u -tuveiulrer ut the same
yenr. The parish was put iu charge
Id the lale Father N. (Juliette, and
services wero enutimiiil in the bome
ui Mrs. Kennedy until Seplembvr 10,
1X011, when ihe present ehureh was
litsl used fur service. The edifice
was given its formal opening bv the
Kil'Jh ltev. Poutcuwell, bishop ol
New Westminster uu September I
18111). lu December, 18110, the Cuth-
niie chinch bad a congregation id 21
families, whilst. IinI.iv Ifi families are
registered as adherents besides a
number of single persons. Father
Oullotte left here in 11105 nnd his
place was taken bv the present parish priest Fattier Chojnel.
 ^     is  the
McEwen. assisleil bv tbe
tors.    The ltcv. I). Ilolloi
with   the   church for om
the Rev. F. W. Ativaehe, I
the church fur fullv  twn ;
half and did a gnod work
t_. Slont (student pnstor)
the church inr eighteen monllis.
tor Slont having In go back lo
lege, the church called Ihe Rev
Goodfieid, B.A., whn remained
the church fur fullv n vear.    Tin
sent, pastor,    the Rev. W. O. Ti
has been with    the church for
last nine months.      The membership
is fifty and expect tn grow with   the
growing eity.
The  lit
The fust en
' II Sthbal
IV,  18)18.
hlacksmilh w.
-.I.iI-inl in -la
.n,.! builder was
stalled in .l.il.u-
.1.   II.
lirst  livery
si able
as run   hv
I'd in May.
The lirst    government notice    was
published    in  the  lleiald uu  Mav Hi,
^^^^     1808.
I continued j --
year, llieu|   The first lire insurance company lu .
tiled witb do business in Cranbrnnk was      the
ml a Imperial.       -I.   Hutchison  was     the '
first agent.
lirst  gent's    furnishings stuie
ipened by   l.cilch brothers    on
The Salvation Army commenced lis
operations iu the city nf Crnnbrook
ou January 12, 1007. The opening
services  were conducted  by Cap till us
The firsl druggist was R. E. Heat-
The first brass band was started bv
a Mr. Reed mi August II, I8t>8.
The first locomotive ran inlo Cranhrook August. 15, 1808, Hugh Brock
was the engineer.
The fn si babv was bnin in a ear
un August 20, 1808.
to a regular mission field.
Iho,   The Methodist church was built    In
________________ was the vear 1800, the Rev. George Smith
succeeded by .1. Ball, a student or.being the first pastor. The Rev. .1.
Manitoba college. Funds were very hv. flowering, B.A., nnd Hm Rev. S.
soon collected to tlie amount of $8-10 .1. Thompson followed. Tlie present
and the little church (now used as a pastor, the Rev. Rolierl Hughes, was
Sunday school room) was commenced I appointed lo the charge last .lune.
Nuvetiilicr 1st, 1808. It was built,The membership now stands at IHO,
bv A. D. Grant and opened for divine j witu 125 adherents. There Is only a
service by Rov. Robert Frew, of!small debt on lhe property, $360.00,
on December 11, 1808. Tilts which will shortly he wiped out alto-
was the second church in Craubrook, gelher. The Sunday school, under
the Anglican iieing the first. Thc the superiiitendeney of W. T. RcW, Is
church was called "Knox" In honor;in a healthy condition, the weekly
The field -average   witli^the    Men's Own being
iiutiiiiiuof 1808 Mr. McPhc
The pust office    was opened
Septem-hcr 2, 1898.      It. E. He
wiis then its imw postmaster.
ou $
The flrsl   tc.slllaintit   V
tafc, opened Seplelnliei
Frank II. VanDcear, mn
m ihe Itoynl I -I-
The    fll'Hl      whulesale
Was  opened   Septembi'i
[Thomas A   Kennedy.
Fust     iiinliiig uf tin
Trade  beld  Oololii'l   -ir>.
Ihe   It.
,   18.18,
Itquni    store
I.'i,  1808,    by
ipeiied, Christ ehureh,
Fust law liim,  It.
C nne   limn    Full.
:s A   llnehmer
Sleele,   Ortuhel
Tbe lirst howling alle
bv tbe I,ile Tim l.nve
' was opened
in December,
is advanced rapidly. __ Mr.  Ball
The first fire occurred on November
12, isiiH, in the office car of Accountant. Stuhbs, ot Ihe hoard,ng d.v
„ ,    «   , , i  ,      7"   parlment 0. P. It.
Moore and    Davison,    nssisled       by 	
Captain Laidlaw, id Feruie.    Captain   ,.   .   ,
Moore farewelled on .lune 21,       anil'   The first butcher shop was that of
Caktivin Davison   took   charge,   with M.     Mclnnis,   opened   in Decemlier,
Lieut. Cosmaii as her assistant    and 1808.
labored faithfully lo make the work aj ——
success.    On November :ird these of-'   The first,   dauco   was held in    the
fleers farewelled and on the Sth Cap- IVfdue block.        Now the C. C.  S.
tain    Moore returned   with Captain "tore, on December 10, 1808.
McMillan    as   her assistant.     Since ■   	
the opening,    fourteen   months ago,'   The first lecture was given by Rev.
over six hundred people have attend- P- W. Frew, of Nelson, on DceemtrtT,
ed the services and over thirty   con- 10. Ifi,m;    Thc siihjuct was "Europe
verts have been registered.   The   of- Revisited.'
fleers are always ready to lond
_     ,      ..~.  —-      was over 100.      The total    funds raised]helping hand to any one iu need    oil   The first newspaper was tbe Her
followed by Rev. II. Young (now   of last year Ior all   purposes amounted helfc _^f    \_\i* SECTION ONE
i ,. ii ,
.... i..
, i. >i.
, ,t.
..' ■
... i
. ,.. i
. i „,
, .i ii.
. .i.
' '♦♦
. ii ,
"». >
... H ,
... 1.1
. .*■ i
Only a
Few More
The Sensation of the Year
Only a
Few More
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**********************:***.******************.********.****JUU TUB CRANBROOK   IIKUAt,U
I. S. WALKER, President
ALEX. LAIKll, (i.ueril Man.(er
A, B  IRELAND, Superintendent ul
Paid-up Capital, tl 0,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Astcta, - 118,000,000
Branches throurhout Caaailii.~a^TB~ibe D««e« Stall* ul Batfud
rii-tor, open, .i-.use.     It. I'*-.. Boat.
iiiiuni(p-r,   Tlio .'iiniitiii... Jn,..*!,
-.s tl -re wiis llrullIt.  proprietor    Dkllsm.  llit'ii.i
>'"'   * 6 ol   1808 t.,,.re was j    A    „ ,      manager,   Wmitwoi-.l.'
Iitiiok, i  tin- Into H*   I. Ka»Ke, -nil, Hor(lM   publishing   companj-, 1-'.
the ni
Deposits ... SI t.i>d upwnrdi re«lv«4, and lutera-rt altowW »t
rent roles. Tl.e depositor is subtest ta M **i*j maate*aT ia
withdrawal ol tbe whole or sny portloa al tha ttpvae*.
I             St
ililt-      own
-.1      by
1.    It.
I.ui,     ami
i        It..
ol,      witli
|,isl      li-ll
ts prop-
yea rs
t,   ll'SS   lllllll
III. Ims-
cuts in    ■'
iis      f
lis: ll.is
i*t ,v Langln, livery
Iron .uuiil
rv    nml
If If  Hi
/.ill Brother
■i, livery
iijnl    li
itol, Frank
il. Vnii-
,    Tl.miiiis
W  lli-.i
Iv.   tlllill'l'lill.
nm par-
■ii    (li
*■■   li.iir sit,.*.-      uni.
111 llll'S
'.*;      SI .ii
' I..11..-
sll. .llilll
nif.   I*:
e gallery mil
.1. 51
tli.  shin
maker; Boal
• A-  Kl-
,1       ,'Sl.l
if    ..'. II.
mil    up
ii-inti,  Miss
Tlio 1
iilm, i-iiiiily
Express Wagons and
Children's Carts
At 25 per Cent. Discount
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for Cash
Come Early before they all go
Hillcrest Townsite
Now on the Market
$200 to $600 Each
Terms: One-third cash; balance 6 and
12 months with interest at 6 per cent.
Family   Groceries
Iml embraces a great many tilings, ami s li.t would UII a
i*iv-|i;i|...i. Si, wo -.Imply wan. to iinpreu tha hot that our
took i null nines all the line, nooili-il in a home and nmiullv
nn iml in n i irurery.
\V,- -,11 ive In linv,.
ill good.,
tltilll'liretl l.i.nnptlv.   Telfiilinn,*
solicited. i
... ... Mi-ninni.
ll.irthviiri. Mi'ii'liniil.
Hull Aikins, proprietor; •' !'■ *lt'-
Ciillim. a »',).. iiiinHnii.'; Ci. If. It,-"!
,v Uii., ilrugglsls ami stntiniipra U.P
.Miiniiiili.i hotel, D. A. MoDomild
proprietor; Hlnh.o Bros., clothing;
Binning, Hm photographer; Arnold .v
Roberts, real csliilo; Tnrli-y .V:
Smiili, i.iiiiilii-rs; ..'. K. Tato, Jfi.vf.l-
ntiil optician., K. (Juili'tis harbor
snop, lily's rostatira.it; A. C. llmv-
iii-ss, wliolesale liquors., .liilu. Leask,
mcrcl.nnl tailor; U. McDonald, cigars,I
I Iron... nml liniiti't' shop;  V,  Ilviii-
i.nlii-r, real   estate an.l townsite   nl-
, .-f.iiiliiii.ili hotol, Hoggarth A*
Rollins, proprietors: T. E. South,!
burlier shop; VI. Warned, ilruylng uml
transfer; .!. T. Rogers, groceries uml
ts ninl   sluies,   I*-. Perry, (Iraying;
itli,i»ik Trn.iing cnmpuiiy, Hour,
Ift-il, harness, agricultural implements, waggons, ill/:.; Crnnbrnok
snilii ivnter factory, Sti-veii-s <v . .iipp,
**** ipi-ioU.rs;   l.i-zull  bruilio...,    Ji.urk-
R. Simpson, manager; Tho I'liii.tillnn
Bank nf Commerce, It, 'I', lirymner,
manager; (I. l.ousli & Co., Iu.ll.ler6
nml i-iinlritL-liirs; Cranlirook Sash &
limn factory; King'Limber Mills,
l.nl., M. I). King, managep; ... P.
litM.-lic-ri.lt, liiiil.l.-r       uml    cim-
irni-lop; VI. Clinc, harbor, it.
nil nlghty-llve places i.l litisiiioss, .ml
i tiling .In*   i').iii.'s..'   uml .Jnp.ii-.eso
stiiri-s, laundries ami ji's|uut*iii)1s.
('.iiiibiiiiik, |). c. Almi'li is, inns.
I-:,In,.i I'lmiliiniik ll.-r.iiil, ('rn.|li|*ook,
Ii. .'.:
Dear Si.: In ymir valued issm* u.
iln- ._itI. inst I noticed uu editorial in
(t'i'l.iiii t-iimpl-nints against tho
teachers in tin- public school. This
i|i|icjc wus headed "Should tto
Shippi'il '' |n jl yuu make llu-
charge ul brutality again*.*! nil the
tr.i.'lu'js in ilie school, ol* lit least
ynu Hindu a very sweeping statement
which     might    very easily     iiiciiulc
Spokane, Wash., MarC IB.—A bandit hoarded the mail car on .he westbound limited of the Great, Northern
railroad ut Hiiniieis Perry, an hour
before daylight today, bound the two
iniiii clerks and robbed .he mail car
nml delivered way stii.-ion mail lor
I.... miles. Thei. he dropped oil the
.ruin and escaped. The.robbery was
nut discovered until the train reached
Spokane live hours after tho bandit
lni.ir.led it.
'riie brain cnrrled the through mail,
mul iiiiit'l. of it was registered. The
amount stolen will not he known until the registered ...uii has been chock-
iil up.
When tin" train arrived at Spokane
ti H.3.1 o'clock today tlie mail car
uus closed. Employes at the station opened the car ami found one ol
lite mail clerks lying l.i.nml nn (he
uuiil sacks. 'I'he oilier wus locked lu
closet. They snid that a bandit
Ini.itiletl llu- car at I.onners Perry, n
division lllll miles oust ol   Spokane
11 ilfii'il the enr as the train   loll
Hunlieis Kerry, subdued .he clerks
.villi ii revolver, uml bound Ihem uml
wenl throgli ihe registered mail. At
regular stops tho robber threw on
tin- iiiuii suck Im* cneh pojnt und Iool,
llu* nul going s nek, hut. ut smaller
places, where .lie train does not s..,|i,
In- did not throw nil the mail.
lie juiuiiiil oil thu train two mile
ensl nl Spokane.
M.iil clerks Stiiiniill nn.l Nvslun tonight i..hi u. their experience. Loeked
in u closet hardly two led. square,
Nvstitn utmost suffooiited alter llm
train had liulli-d inlo Sunil Point, 8*1
miles west of I.nnneis Porry. Kupiilng
on the il.inr he pleaded with the rnh*
her to nl.oiv him some fresh air. The
h.iiidil fcsponitod willingly, leaving
the ilonr ajar abqi.t. nn incii, secured
with il piece ol rope. Twice uf.
Wiiiis the rphhir ceased his work ol
rifling tin- ninil sucks tn Inquire lipw
Nystiui wns feeling. When Sluii||if
remonstrated with his cnp.or .Inn
llu- lio.-ils which bound him were culling In.11 his wrist?, the rubber loosened the tellers somewhat ami inailo
every clt'int to mnko II in i-ninfortnlil,-
as possible for his victim. While
lipping open the registered sacks the
robber dressed like a mail inspector,
cut uiu- of his Angers, and mnny
pl.pc.-i of .nnil were blond slained
it llll II I 111 E^ IJ . . 1   i }       I.,,,*...-, 111.   1.1,11
ill.     As you have done this i   think
■lie teachers havo a right to nsk   tor
und l.iiiutir Men-limit.
< ***************************
Iho best wearing: ami quickest
ciitlinjc stones. We have them
ior all  purposes.
an exjil a nation tluough tin' samt.
medium t-h-at tlie charge was ii.ailp.
Heganling complaints, I may s.iy
Uiat, tlunng the time 1 have lieen
principal ot the school, there has
been lmi one complaint made to me
concerning the punishment dealt out;
hy the teachers. In that particular
ease (hy matter was apparently
successfully settled.
As principal nf the school all pojij-
plallits against any of the teachers
should come to me and as I staled
above, there has heen hut one complaint, made to me.
In speaking ot the causes of this
so-called brutal treatment you men.
tion, "trifling violations of roles."
Now I may sny that various occurrences which 'would he regarded as trilling violations to one not well in
formed in such matters, are really
most- serious as to the manner ii:
fleet   the general diseip-
smiths; I). Johnson, builder and con
tractor, Kerrigan's brewery; A
Doyle's livery slahlB; City bakery, R
Seymour, proprietor; C. 11. Van-
Wormor, second hand store; Cranbrook hal.erv, F, Kiiiiimer, proprietor; .1. II. McLean's second hand w\iM\ they
store; (i. Panott, blacksmith; lm- H-M of the school
pedal Bank ot Canada, J. V. M.I '» conclusion, I may say that, al
Pinkham, manager; The t-algary though wc as teachers "make many
Cattle company, butchers; Burns mistakes, anil are unable to carry out
Brothers, dry goods and gents furu- all the suggestions made by the dif-
ishings, S, .1. Mlghton, tobacconist, ferent parents, yet 1 think that any-
.). I). McBride, hardware; Campliell A- "ne who has a complaint would lind
Manning, groceries; Cosmopolitan us willing to listen to and to take
liolel, K. II. Small, proprietor; Hill all means in our power to correct
& Co., dry goods and gent's furnish-!«ny mistake that we may have made.
ijjgw, I'- Burns a* .Co., butchers; J.| Thanking yon for the space In your
Wolf, shoemaker; Hugh Stewart, gro- valued paper and for your kindness in
■erics, fruil, and confectionery; Hill all"wing me lo give my views ou
»VCo.,   furniture;     Frost    lnveslmeht i,lis subject.
The news of thp death ot M|s,
George Wales, at Claresholin, i|.
Iictta, will conic as a shock to the
many frU'iids of Mr. Wales in Cranbrook and Ihe dU|ric|,. Mrs. Wales
visited Crnnlironk sopip Unit* ago
with her hiislmml ami made many
friends. Cleorgp Wales was au o)d-
timei in Cranbiook, coming here in
18(18 and has a l|0Sl of f)i|U|tU, who
iliinl. the world of hiui. and who will
all sympathlzn with him lu his great
loss. The lleralil, as one of these
many friends, extends its heartiest
sympathy to 1)1)1) iu this lime of his
Golden l.aeed Wyandot tcs and Bud
Bocks. Good winter layers, unfertile
eggs replaced. Per 'setting ot 1.1
Stocks A* Jackson
Creston, B.C
100 loads absolutely dry slabs   cut
Hi inch and furnace length,   13.00   ;
l"H'f|-        Apply tP    pprpy Haywfiiti)
i^l'aiilironk, B. Q. '    ^-i'f
mpnny, real estate; Dominion Meat
iiijiuiiy. butchers;  Imperial      hotel,
P.     Malhesop,     proprietor;   11.    H
Sti'ort, painter  and   dec
********************** ****************,xzir
The Home of L'p-to-Datc Tailoring
In s|irint- N.itt.r.- ort-ntos .mow in Held ami forest.
Wlml iin.ri' fitting timo to ilisonrct the soinliro dress nf
winter nnd urriij- oneself'in clothes wlncli Klli..i;ly
ri'lli'i'l llu- joy ul' life outdoors under stiiiuy skies.
Vinit refill reviewof.onrspring exhil.il wHIsti-g^es.
tin ii|i|ir'iprinli, selcctiou.
11 Leask C& Henderson
Till.   I'I'Tl. I.ATl:  TAILORS
I am, yours,
F. R. Anderson.
The llcrnld published whut it did
for, t.'rnii-'"' 'Ito statements made hv other parties, II it is in error, it roRrels il.
Tlie llcrnld uppreelales iln- fuel that
the h.l of n school teacher is not nn
t-iisy   .m.i Hint ih,. teachers deserve Uu* hourly support of tho. public.
Does your
Feed You
Dr. H. Snow, tats Senior Surgeon, Cancer Hospital, London,
wrote. " The maintenance of
sound nerve equilibrium by scientific tissue nutrition like Bovril
will do more to stay the ravages
of any malady than a century ol
medical progress in drug treatment.''
"Bovril" is all beef.
Sold by your
Druggist and Grocer
in bottles containing
I oz., 2 ozs., 4ozs„8 ozs., 16 ozs.
.in i
A. 1
i-'. w. .ihi-:i-:n
I'liysieiiin uml StirKcnn
.k living ,v Cleaning company,
■me Powell   proprietor,   A. Qren-
hill poster und dis.ributop; II.
land, shoemaker; L. Colin, tailor;
W. McVittie, Innd surveyor; The
sped or, newspaper office, A. B.
it, editor; Patmore Bros., hnrd-
I-, .lulin Manning, grocer; i'rnn-
.k I'i "-operative Stores, dry goods
furniture. W. B. McFurlune,
iger;  Henttic -fe   Atchison, drug-
nnd stationers, The Fink Mer-
tlt- Company, departmental store;
.. McDermot,     wholesale liquors;
Queen's hotel, O. Anilecn, prop-
SI.     I'llll'lcli's dill*      ivns i-eli-lil.ileil
|.Hi 111   In      t'l.inlitooli.        Slinniloelis
iin Hie lull ton hole nn.l lhe green Hue
iv III Iho golden hnrp ..ere seen i.n
eini -.uio.       Spenlilng In u Scoleh-
|iiiuii iilui im*. illiporlliiB a green rlli-
run.    a Il.-t,ii.1 roprcscutiitivc nulled:
| •'..'111   ill.  you      Weill* it  green   lilll *'
i Vou an* m.i mi   Irishman. I'me,"
ri'iilliil tin- Soil, "Iml     SI. I'.iiiiek
ill'ns it Sei.ti-luiiiili." Ami lliis is n
fuel. St Piitrieli or Pntrieius wus
tnnn  near .In* presenl   site of  Kilpnl-
Irick. Scotliiiul, .....I went Iii Ireliiinl
somcivhcre Iteitveei. IUI nml Hilt A.
II., ivhere lie eslnhllshed schools uml
in'ssinns fm the ndvulieemeiit of the
pngull Irish. Mnny iiiirnelos nre n.-
triliiiteil ... him, espct-iully the     .'*.-
|pulsion ol all venomous reptiles from
thi' island, llis works, or rather
lhe works nltriblltcll to his pen,
were published in 11151. In* Sir .lames
On the lusl dny of tbe session of
the provincial house the Liberal members presented Dr. King, who is tho
Liberal whip, with a scurl pin which
took the fiirni of n golden whip,
studded witli diamonds and pearls.
It wns a ven* appropriate gift sc-
knowh'dgiiif. tin. good work ..lint, the
doctor hus i|„m ns whip lor the
Drillers ip
Farm  Land.*
fully selected Hurts of both wild
mid Improved lands .it attractive
prices nnd easy terms.
Prult Lands
We ure sellin*; the best live uml (en
.iii.- irrigated truels in II. .', r.n.,.1
so.I, level luiiil, bountiful scenery,
uml good location. (in.ml n,»',i
m-lees. Also large tracts suitable
Im subdividing K.-isilv Irrigated,
full for list.
i'i in ber
Hull, largo nml smull Irnels. lOjcel*
lent limber, and on good driving
streams. Rock bottom prices. Von
eon iilTont lo invest in these.
Fire Insurance
, Wc ure now representing some ol the
i very best, and strongest fire insurance
companies, ones Mint have been tried
and found conllagrulion proof.     Your
lu    und    business   should he well
We respectfully solicit your business
lit. nny of the above lines, and are
In u position to give you the very
lies., service nnd fair treatment.
Kvery'dt-nl us represented. Full list
of property will be furnished on ap-
plicntion. Lisb your property with I
us Tor quick sales. 5241
The Frost Investment Co.
Limbs Weakened by La Grippe
Made Strom; by Zam-Buk.
Mn. T. Brixton, of 5 Woodworth A»e., St. Thomas, Ont., -Mjt:
" 1 bad had some experience as to the efficacy of Zain-Bnk in healing sores,
cuts, etc., and had heard rood reports from friends who also tried this balm,
iu when a ye;u »■■<> my little in.l, foui veais ol age, was left wenk in the liml.s *s the
mult ul * uveie attack "f irfliKMiza, I l.e^n rnl.hinp in the Znm-Buk. Mis legs
were 10 weak lie wniilil tremble ami shake an.l was unal.le in staml for any length of
time. Frequent Bppllcslloni ol this oinlnient well inM.e.l in, seemeil in itrengthea
him daily, ami in a vety liiort lime the sliakiny mul trembtiite in hti liml» h>d been
Unisheil nnil lie *unn n<it sti.nnj nml able t" nm ulimit, thanks to Zain-Bnk."
Zu.i. Hnk U .. ipViidld einbrocalttn for rl.cuii.atiM
uaht'lii'l Lain..
Z-im- Buk ciirn culi. bum*, jcaWi. uli
mill blnod *,'-..... !.:..! 1e|l. «all .l.o.....
akin i..J...i.r*,.,i .11.
mm«. ot »I1 HO"
and d.UB«ll.lS JM, I'-'
,.r ftvni Zam lt.il Co
Toronto. P"" l>»"d I.'
piki. jl»mfur$i .*
ml   li   uilliuul  equal
1 nil
SanJ coupon and
ic. Mamp for frat
■ m.il.le   ia /h.i.-HuIi
Co., Tw«i».    .iKj
I Imperial Bank of Canada II
$4 360,000
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on Deposits from date ol deposit
:: Cranbrook Branch = J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.::
:\ zA Friend in Need! II
For Rates, see
Peal Estate
I Get Your 1908 Diary*
I'f you lmve nfvi-r kopl a iliary, why not start mi .Ian, 1st ami
J |  krt'i) a I'l'ciinl nf tin- ilnily ovonts iluring tlie yoar.    \t takes ] [
(  vorv Nttli'thiiH caoli iiiirhi  before rntifiiiLr to jot riuwn the 1!
;  prhici|jtil hiipptaiiiigs of tlie day, and it's a groat pleasure nt '»
(  thi' end of tin1 year tn look tbt- book over.  Sometimes rwurds ] \
of tliis kind prove of great value,
Ul us bIiow .v..11 nur ||m< liii.> i.f 11)08 liiuri.'H.
Jinvr ili.'iit nt  nil jirlriW, from 50c to  $8.00.
Oraduatcd DrujtRists Phone 74
*    ■ Quality Counts
I   Campbell &  rianning il
******************************************* >
< *******************************************
I:  Phune 57 Head Office. Calvary Alia.  ;
]j iiavi-: vou Ti(ii.i>
I Armour's Brand Skinned Hams ? I
I 1 'I'licy ...-.- li*,....... 1.1 iilii.iiliiti.|.v .... wi.hI.- ..1 tli,.in,
II mi Hi,. I'm. Ims ..II In.,-!, tiikt... 1-IV Tin. Bwuulesl
]! nn.l lit-Ht riirril Iiiiiiih mi th.- ...i.rl.i'1. (liv.i.iBn
-. trial onlfr, ...ul wu nro sura yon will nsti 110 ot|ipr.
j| The Dominion Meat Company, Ltd.
Conic mul |iluy Hu- slni iiiiicliine nt 1.I)*'*,.
Our 25c. Business Men's Lunch served daily (ram II lo 2.   *
 — —
..J TIIK   -TIIAMIMMIK    11 Kit A I. U
t.. ,
< ,, i
. ,. .
. ii ,
. i, .
. .. .
It is a pleasure to get what
you order when
you want
• §  I
That is the beauty of
buying of
They are prompt and reliable
********************** 4
New Miiiiiini'iiii'i.t lii.iirov.il in Every Way
Cranbrouk,   B. C.
GUST. ANDEEN, Proprietor
.lur Motto : " Tin- Host ia None Too Good."
Manitoba Hotel
dan Mcdonald, proprietor,   cranbrook, b. c.
Headquarters for
'Hit. Manitoba in no tit rally lorultnl and hm one of the tost diniiigrootiiH
hi tlie city.   Tht* bar \h Hiipp|i-t>d with the l*«t of Liquors at i.l Cigars
********>********-**-* *-**-*-*JSSi**-*-*
Hotel *& s
Oncili Coaler. • Specially
flood Subtler !■ CuiMC.taa
Nr.te.t to mil,...,.I am. ilepol.     Ha, ereoaiuio,..-
.Inn. for the public iuie..uiille.l  In Cranbrook.
Ho. and Cold Huh.
hog-garth & Rollins
 Proprietor.        j
I       ______J    In,,J. I,,,,    Iiilnii   ,,....■*
, l'l I, , ,.I,II,..I'I,..,. IIIIII,! ,11,11,1 I",. Ill,.l,11,1^
The Cosmopolitan
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
"I't"l'111 ri I ITT■
iiii i i i i i i 11111 i4-i 11 n 1iVhViVi1111111 "11 i»"a
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********************
: Nice Poultry for Sunday Dinners
Many Kinds of Fish
Fine Fresh Creamery Butter
i P. BURNS <a CO., Ltd.
fit..   Mll:....KS  FIRST    CIT.
Top Row—0. E. Murphy, Joseph .lackson,
It,.liinn Row—James Qrcer, Mayui (.  T
.... Ml..
.1. I'. Kin!., .1   I'. Tisdale.
Knurrs, H.  Ilnli111l111ll1.ini
TIik present city council and officers
consist <>[ .1. P. Fink, mayor, James
Hyuii, V. Hyde Haker, J. Jackson,
O. Johnson, I\ DeVere Hunt ami
James Henderson, aldermen; T. BI.
Roberts, city clerk; James Arnold,
city treasurer, 0. H. Thompson, city
solicitor; E. W. Connolly, M.D., medical health officer; police department,
0. A. Dow, chief of police, I). A.
McLean, constable, and 11. Moore,
jailer; tire departinent, J. I'. Kink,
chief; Ira Manning, assistant chief;
K. V. Johnson, secretary; James
Foster, eity teamster. Tin; hoard ol
school trustees are Messrs. J. A-
Harvey, .1, ti. McCallum uml (i. T.
Rogers, secretary.
The assessed valuations of lhe olty
since incorporation are as follows:
IHflil—tflQQ, I S3, taxation IK mills on
Hie dollar.
11107—$8711,(187, taxation 22$ mills
on the dollar.
same as 11*07.
The assessed
school district
being a three mile radius.
1907—$ 1 »0,Ofta, taxation Ii mills on
the dollar.
1908—$23(1 805, luxation n mills on
the dollar.
taxation   probably
valuation     for    the
nils'ide    the     city,
That business has increased , liy
leaps and bounds during the lirst'ten
years of Cranbrook's history is
shown by facts and figures. Ten
years ago about eight passengers a
day traveled on the trains to and
from Cranbrook. Today 2iili to'300
persons are carried. In IK-IK three
cars a day of freight were handled
j whilst today the average Is three
hundred ears.
| The Dominion Express eompany In
1899, when the office was lirst opened, handled '1 to 0 packages' a day,
whilst, now over one hundiisl pieces
aie handled daily. Cranlirook has a
larger express business than any
town iu East Kootenay and more
business, according to population,
than any town iu Britisli Columbia.
The despatches and telegraphers department of the C |». |{. shows a
gieati increase iu staff. In IN!)!),
when the despatching ofliee was lirst,
established, thu staff consisted of a
chief despatcher, two despatellers and
one commercial operator, in all four
men. Today there are a chid despatcher, an assistant chief despatcher, nnd eight despatches, besides
three commercial operators, thirteen
men iu all. I
Telephone communication came early to Craubrook. Maurice (Juain
built 21 miles of telephone line in
181)8. Since then thc telephone business Ims increased, very rapidly until today the.. Oranbrook telephone
lines have over 000 miles ot telephone
wire in tlie district. Craubrook
the*old days was lighted by coal oil
lamps and candles, whereas loday
Ihere is an Cle'ctlie light system
owned by the Craubrook Electric
Light company. First barrels were
hauled from the creek [or water sup
ply. I.atci tanks were put on, hut
now we have a waterworks system
second to* none iu the province with
a pressure ot iuu pounds to tbe
sqiinro inch, which assures ailtniiahl
un.' protection.
Taken up: One red and white
call.        Owner can have same      by
proving property and paying charges
R. II. Bohart,
fifl-.U Wardner, B. C.
Perry Creek hotel and ranch.    For
particulars apply to Herald office.
■'  ...     ji-'-W;  '
i tm
„. ..x.xJ.tf ■
- 1
mmmTi* ,
'   &   ■*«.■. f^ff*
--UPv^ —   *.
■.nm**.**?' '
« WW
1         J*    .,,,.                      •%
*     i- A,.-.          -1
,i ilyyw.mwH /
' 1 i WkZFk* \
W    \ '*
F      r *
XfiifeSBH !*&-"
——^~y : -~ it l^T-Jzs^n
W"'H         *1
\\\mx*s&\ .
r      y
.1,    -   :
<* i          *,
,^1-S,   Sa   ,...
IM     ■—-r-i^
"■TV*- "'■^S^^'-lPI
;;n,ill;     EVENTS   WHICH   TOOK
DtlRINO     THE    HERALDS       .
Thu Uultetl Slates battleship Maine'
I.l..wii up in   Havana hai hoi   Oil  Feh-
luaiy I'* inili'peiidciicu ol Cuba recognized hy li. >S. congress Apcil 20,
iind war wilh Spam declared the
same day. lu a w.u ol one hundred
and thirteen days Cuba gains her in*
dt'peiideitee,- and after four hundred
years, Spanish dominion passes Irom
the Western world. Some of the
notable events of the war were
Dewey's destruction of the Spanish
(leet in Manila hay, May 1st, Schley's
and Sampson's destruction of Cer-
veta's lleet off Santiago, July 3rd;
Porto Rico captured, July 28th;
peace protocol .signed, August \U\%
Manila surrendered, August 13th;
treaty of peace signed, December 1(H
In Oieat Britain, the people regardless nt party, united iu lamenting Uie
death ot William Ewert Gladstone,
England's "Grand Old Man," statesman, orator, author, scholar, theologian uud four times prime minister of
England. In Africa the Anglo-Egyptian army, under General Kitchener,
pursued its conquest of the Dervishes
and by the victories ot Athana, Om-
durmau uud Khartoom reestablished
European control over the Egyptian
.Sudan, and avenged the fate of Gordon. Friction Continued in the
Transvaal   between the Boers      aad
outlanders, Iu Germany thc ex-
ehancelloi Prince Otto voti Bismarck,
died, the foremost mau of Prussia
since the time ot Frederick the Groat,
diplomat, statesman and "man ot
hi....a and iron," erealet ot Gennnii
unity mid architect of the German
Empire. The Euipn--., Elizabeth ..1
Austria, wliile traveling in Switzerland was ussassiiialed by iin ,iu.n-
clllst, In France, gieat uxclluinenl
prevailed over ihe Dreyfus affair; the
Jewish officer was ai a great nntad
vantage owing to al.tl Semitic plcjilit
ice In the army. A Fieuch liner, ihe
Hutu guy ne, was lost at sea and UUU
persons perished, lu Holland the
young queen, Willieinlnu, was crowned. The Island of ( rele is com.
milled by the allied powers to Uie
rule of Prince George uf Greece lot a
term of years. China, iu return for
'a loan with which to pay the Japan-
'ese indemnity * opens her rivers to
furelgir trade. Russia, witli threats
of invasion, forces China to yield' to'
her the stronghold ol Port Arthur
'and Talicnwun.
the in
the i
The dance given by .the C'ranlirool.
citv band oil last Tuesday evening
was a groat success except in r»iie
I particular, and that was that a large
enough number of tickets wero not
sold to give the hoys the amount ot
money they needed t.- liquidate their
obligations. This is a great pity
because the band is really a valuable
, asset to the city and lhe boys are tln-
l.ing everything iu then power to keep
111  wh
I In
ed IH
I of
1 tl tut ion up to a high standard
about it 30 ou Tuesday evening
2..'ill on Wednesday morning
followed dance to the strain
.ty band's orchestra
tii-iil about midnight,
was pronounced excellent
present and everybody hud 1
time. Mr. Austin, the baud-
'i, and all the members of the
deserve great credit Ior the way
ilch the hall was conducted, The
iiastcr and members ot the Craned y hand desite to ex pi ess
1 hanks to alt those who uss.st-
niakina Hie affair a success.
' . ■■	
The Herald is now prepared to furnish pay roll sheet? for lumber, log-
gt'ug anil tic camps on short notice.
Get acquainted with
Blaek Watch
the big black plug
chewing tobacco. A'
tremendous favorite
everywhere, because of
■its richness and pleasing
flavor.   • _~i
Th,- .-sill kiu.wnBenoal Muivbant
Dealer in
tlnrm^ mil SadoIcK
Miner*'   tnd    Cms
pclurs'   Su|»ptif>
Iln  li.i.>ds
- I'l.-iitii-J tn nink-K
;iiif,i»iiii,i*im>frf*~Mirfr l»' T-nrries all   kinds
nl nii'ii liaiuliiM', ami iwt.iveil the
st... k (if FtshinK Tackle ever -awn here.
Some jealous |&f(KW might call me n jjiVk parl
Liar ;     *
*      .      . • Produce
Hut Kii-il Kit, is liuiipy *
1 IU .mil anil C.ndi
Liii.wii.ljtlml In. li..s.ir--|jii.a.ion,.ip  ... ,„dl„ llir,os
ELKO • ■ ...
,7 . , .*       Fi>h.«i r-nk.t um
.,..* vi-iui-uy nl..i*l. is »,'irtli inure to Imn        c«.clei Hi. li.h
* ilmii uii.'.M -^..1.1.
mtD ROO, P**aH*tor 9
ROOSVILLC, B.C. Il.k... II C.        *
Tli in Hotel has uKiiyi been the leader
iu iU line, mul will be kept up to tin*
at.iml.tnl. ll you waut to unvl Uio
(H-ople, enmo to the Queen's Hotel,
Queen's Hotel, Calgary
New an.l Strictly first-Claw
American I'lun. $2.a0 per day op'
Harisev. Proprietor.
Telephone »uou     ,,
. i
i -
. i
Cor. Seymour nnil Cordova BU.
OppoateO-.'. It. Station
Vancouver, B. C.
■       • ■ ®
g Canadian Hotel
One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- £}
brook.   Warm rooms, good meals £|
arid a bar stocked with the best
a s
1 Joseph Brault, Proprietor |
Wentworth Hotel
CORBETT 4 CO.. Proprietor.
B. C.
Thi* ii the hotel that tbey talk abort.
Who nre " they M ?
The people.
Why do "they "talk ?
On account of tlie good meal*, the comfortable rooine, llm excellent service, and tlie. ...mlial, coiirt*ou* treatment accorded to all. Kata
meal at the Wentworth and you become a Wentworth booster.   Try it.
0. M.  VanWoimcr, Proprietor.
I lor si's, itoves, new and second
hand furniture, stoves, ' tinware*,
crockery, glassware, anything and
everything from a white elephant to
a white mouse.
You'll be surprised how far your
dollar will stretch at our store. Come
und gaze upon us and % out stock.
It will save you money* and put a
smile on your face.
j: One Team Pure-Bred Gray :;
Percheron Mares
Woi--.it  1*10...  uml   IIIBO.    Well , >
lirokon, gentle; wrirk together <ir
niiiH.a. - Apply
Procter, B.C,
Handley Livery and::
Feed Stables
Rl(i, RUinf Hotms and
Pack Horses for any
part ol tbe
Praaident: T. 8. Qui,
herratary: (.iorub Ahiiivuktii
[ Kor MluruistL.ti ra«n..lii.|! ln.i.l-
, an.1 igrMultur,.- apply to tlu*
, •^•rawry; Cranbrook, I*. 0.
♦♦♦•♦♦m-m-mmm-x-m^mI ***************
. * ' i     . i      ■ i   i . ..    ! ' THE  CRANBROOK   HERALD
fU.O.1 A YKAlt
MAltCH   III,   li»08
By tht Herald   Publishing Company,*l
Kd.tol and U».i*.»...
The Herald la worlb 1.0 a year, ll
cu.la only 13. No uiao ... Soutll
fcasl Kootenay cau aloid to be w.Uieui .1, aud eve.youe I.V.UJ oU.Mda ol
Un district, »bo Is Interested iu lite
.lo-iie.v. ol tb.s at'Cioii, sliould read
11 ll publishes .be news wbile il .a
ucaa. .1 ia loiilio.li'd ab.--ii.uu-.) by
lbe publishers. No clique, iiail| or
uid.viihul dlctstcs i.s policy. It
don't try lo please lbe people, ll s
desire .» lo publish a newipMm that
Wit. be a credit to the cowuiuui.y.
Send iu your subscription aud you
w.ll be il.uul.tul ever aXerward.
Advertising rales S. per inch per
otui.t... no un".' at... uo leas.
Keailllig mallei- 15 cents per Hue
to lion-aili-ertlscis; lb Mills per line
to legiilnr aUvertiseis.
II you desire lo rend, lhe people ot
tlouth Enst Kon.i-iniy you must ad-
veilisi* in '.'ht- Herald.
Tin- 11.*I.il.l Ims a flrst-elass job
liiiinl. .uni ils work is ol tlie best.
The Hcruld don't wan. charity. It
wants .i square den. on your job
woik. I. ue can't suit ynu in quality anil price, kick, uud send you.
work to some Clicnp ...ihu house in
the eust that neve, spends a cent in
_l^^ ^7^ ^&^^^^^^^f*^^^Q*^^a—
5,251 *\ Month
Thin in ilif guaranteed   rii-
I'tihiti.iii of tlie I lei il I.l
I'retiH room and HuhMirip-
linii liniH ii|n-n to iuvenliga-
tion by -4.lveiii.icif at any
The Herald given a d .liar
in value toe a dollar in money. The advertiser ha* the
nght to know what be ie
receiving for hie ■ money.
The lleralil in one paper
llial con Mm iiiveKiitigiilion.
1, *\ li. Simpson, manager of the
Grin brook Herald,, do hereby state
that the pressman's book's show, and
that I have every reason to believe
tbat the circulation of the Herald for
the past seven months has been
36?fl0 copies, divided as follow*.**
September ...
November ...
Issue of Dec.
Issue of Dec.    _
Issue of Dec.   19
Issue of Dec. 20
December ..
Issue of Jan.
Issue of Jan.
Issue of Jan.
Issue ol Jan.
Issue of Jan.
;.....! 530
...;.. 1.135
in the books ol Heaven. Wc may
live many y*»rs yet, but we trust
thai wr will never forget what we
owe that good soul, and thc good
deeds that he performed. There are
iiieii in Soutb Kast Kootenay loday
who remember the nj»me of Horace
Brown with reverence, and ii is simply because be was a man, and one
who showed himself to be a mun in
all bis dealings witb mankind.
Those who lived iu Craubrook ten
years ago and are living In Cranbrook
ioda>, can fully appreciate tbe
growth of tlw towu ami tbe Iuc reuse
in prosperity that tbe people lmve
cuioyed. As ts -shown by many of
those who bave let tei s iu ibis Issue, there was not much to Cranbrook ten veat* ago- l^rlups tbem
are tew who cm appreciate tnls fact
more tbau i'he editoi ot the Herald.
With Ihe lirst issue of llie papii there
Were about tweuty-livv bona lulv sub-
ay libera, mid jet with all the work
that has been dime since on this
paper, probably there will never be
an issue sullen out with more pride
than l bat first paper, ll did not
tout a; a much iu the way of news,
and there WW a dearth of advertising patronage, and yet in all the
newspaper Jlperleucc of some
twenty - live years     of        the
editor of this paper, no journalistic feat has been accomplished
lhat gave more intense satisfaction
than the issue of that paper. it
predicted many things tor the town
and rliv district, and these prediction*
wort? based upon a careful study ol
the conditions of that time. Kvciits
that have followed year by year liuv<
proven that the prophesies made a
that time must have been In a hum
sure ut least, Inspired, for all of
them have been fullilteil und many
things uot dreamed of then have
transpired, that have resulted in a
great benefit to the towu of Cranbrook, the district uud the people
When we started 1 he Cranbiook
Herald we hud confidence in the town
and the district, as we bad given due
consideration to the resources of the
district. Most ol the business men
in Craubrook today came in like wc
did, mi a shoe string, but by their
business ability and energy they have
made good, aud today there is uo
town in the west tbat bas a class of
business men with belter standing
lhan those of Craubrook. The business bouses of Cranbrook curry the
largest and best selected stocks that
can be found in Western Canada, and
lurtlieriueiv Uiey are men wlio moKe
irade by their courteous dealings
with tbe people. These are some of
the reasons why the trade naturally
gravitates from all over the district
to Cranbrouk, and tbe more that the
people come to trade with the mer
chants-of Cranbrnok the better that
ihey are satislied.
All that Tbe editor ol the Herald
possesses ou earth, including his
property, his business, his wife, In
(Jog, is centered in Craubrook und
he expects to live here, publish tne
Herald and do all be cau for the advancement of tbe towu and the district so long as be lives. He is
proud of tbe fact tbat be is a citizen
of a town that can boast of such
class of citizens that make up the
population of Craubrook. Tbey are
whole-souled, liberal iu their views,
appreciative of what is done for the
community, aud ready to do all iu
iheir power to advance tbe best iu-
teres ts of tbis section of tbe country. Tbat js why it is a pleasure to
run a newspaper in a community like
this, and as long as the present editor of the Herald is io charge of the
business, he wilt never cease to show
bis appreciation' ot tbe good will of
the people of Cranbrook and the district.
January  u.itos
Total for seven montlis.30,700
Average per month  5,251
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 1st day of February, 1908, ut
Cranbronk, B. C.
John Hutchison,
A notary public iu aud for the Count
of Kootenay,  Hritish Columbia.
***** 44mm444*4&4Mm444<tW
lt.  T.   UllOWN
The present editor and manager ol
the Herald would surely he an)Iks in
his duly, if he did not refer upon
ibis, the tontli mmlversury of tins
paper, to II T. Brown, who, with
ihe Herald editor, founded t-he Want-
ner International, ami was (be original partner with tlie present editor
of the lleraht iu llie establishment of
tbis paper. .Mr. Drown died sewn
years ngo, hill be lelt behind him
here in Kast Kootenay .« memory
thai will be revered by the old-timers. Ood never made a belter mun
lhan II. T. Drown, lie wus the man
who brought u s into this eountrv,
broken in health and in pocket, and
did ..Jl ihal he could to make our conditions pleasant. During the short
time thai we were associated witb
him, there wus never a word of disagreement or dissension. He wus a
gentleman in spirit and u gentleman
in action, and there is not today a
man living who knew him in ' bis
lifetime, that would say a word
against him. We loved II. T. Brown
for his good qualities, for his human
nature, and for (lie charity of his
soul. He loved humanity, he loved
nature, he loved all lhat was g«»od ou
earth, and the gond aets that he performed during his lite time we feel
■ure are now recorded hy St, Peter
The Herald bas spent a good many
hundred dollars to increase its circulation for tbe benefit of those who
give it advertising. It might be
well at this time, to state that the
Herald does uot make a cent out of
its circulation, since the cost ot
producing a paper the size ol the
Herald iu a towu like this over-
tiuluuccs any amount tbat it may receive year by year on subscription
Vet the Herald has done all in its
power tit secure u circulation that
would give its advertisers the best
service possible iu this district, aud
lhc results show that it has been sue,
cessful along tbis Une. The Herald
does not believe io asking advertisers
to pay a high price for space unless
it can givr value received. That
wtiy it bus kepi up its campaign lor
an iucreased circulation and will con-
Untie along this line as long as the
present manager is in charge,
A not hei tiring that the manager ol
the Herald is doing in thc way id
publication, aud that is (o publish a
paper that the people want lo read.
line of the best compliments that
Ibis paper ever received was (torn a
lumbei jack that came into the ofliee, aud said: "Keep printing your
paper uu the same stuff that you
have beini doing bivausv when ae get
it iuto camp il goes from shack lo
shack until it is worn out, and il it
was printed ou a poorer uuality of
paper it wouldn't las-t as long as il
does now.1' We appreciate the
words of Ihis mau wlio came Irom
the woods, aud yet he expressed ih
bis way tbe feeling that the peopl
of the district generally hold in re
gard to tlie Herald.
This issue of the Herald is -gotten
out wiUiout any extra advertising, a*
the manager desired to make it an
edition tint would not be to the expense of tbe business people of Cranbrook, It would have been an easy
matter tu have secured two hi m.i ml
or three hundred dollars worth of
extra advertising from the merchants
of Cranbrook, rf we bad wanted to
usk the people for their business. The
business mm of Cranbrook have always been ready to respond to any
expense for advertising made by the
Herald, but in this instance we looked upon the matter more as a question ot sentiment, and therefore had
no desire to ask tbe merchants for a
dollar's worth of advertising, not-*
withstanding tto. fairt that this    edi- '
energy and eiilerprise in lhe early
days of this district. Cranhrook
owes a great debt lo Colonel Maker,
nnd the Herald trusss when lhe town
grows older, some day the people
may join together In n public recognition of the great work performed by
tlml gentleman.
If vou like the Herald, subscribe for
it. lf you cnn'l afford to do Unit,
borrow ii from vour neighbor, AI
any rate, don't fail to rend ibe Her
Kverv mun in Crnnlironk should see
Ihal his premises aie in ,i good con
dilion al the beginning of suiniiicr, so
fai as ine is concerned. Cranbrnnk
cannot afford a lite al  this lime    and
the carelessness ol one mn *    re
snli in ,i dlmislrous coiitlngrtvtli
he nets home he will .toll 'Old Man'
Simpson how small the circulation of
bis paper i.s compared with the Empire '
have another guess com-
r. !». K. KINKD
Macleod. Alia.. March 11-The C,
IV It, companv was today lined t'_.UH
and c..sis tot working Operator Mul
leu on Sunday, December 15, withoui
all..win.i; 31 hours' rest during the
succeeding kIx days, contrary to lhc
Lord's    Day  ncl.     -Mullen is        the
operatoi  u|  whom ibe blame    lot
the train accldciil at Brocket!
as Ii.mi.I la
ill li a
leul  rests.     Tbe case
Magistrates Stearns
/Liberal District Tinier lhe Mcllriile Oovi-riitiient
From tin* Vannouvc
Oonservntivt- District t'luti.-
Saturday Sunset
Sunn- (iovenmit'iit
lion is nearly double in point of circulation of the regulai' edition of llie
The Herald believes iu boosting
Cranbrook uml the district. It has
folioweil this policy from lbe lime
it was established and will continue
to do as as long us the present inan-
iiicnt is in charge,
ugeineiit is iu charge,.
A casual review of litis edition will
show thai rhe "Old Timers" of
Cranbrook ure as a rule young meu,
even today. That speaks well for
Tbe people of Cranbrook have 'every
reason in the world to back up Mayor Kink, who is also the chief of the
lire department, in every suggestion
that he makes for the safety of tlm
lown and those who attend the public schools. This is no time for red
tape in the discharge of public duly.
If u lire were to occur in the school
house and one to twenty-live children
would lose their lives, .then every person iu Cranbrook would say' thai
Mayor Kink was right. The "Herald
takes the position that now is the
time to say that Mayor Kink is right
and make provisions according I obis
Unfortunately the Thuw case is
brought to public notice again by the
application of Mis Thaw for a divorce from her husband. Will the
time ever come when the Thaws will
pass from public notice?
John Houston, editor ot the I'riucc
Uupert Kmpire, is doing a great work
for the new north. The Herald is
willing to bet dollars to doughnuts
that when the next provincial election occurs John Houston will be
u tnenibe r of the provincial legislature. Such a result will be a just
reward for a mun who is willing to
sacrifice his time ami his money for
the sake of the people.
The Herald has heen criticised (or
boosting Cranbrook. The Herald
will keep on boosting Cranbrook for
the next ten years aud allow the
criticisms to come with the same
Tbe Herald hus done what it could
for ('tanbrook and Kast Kootenay
during the pust ten years. During
the next len years it wilt do a thousand told more.
A number ol those who have written letters to the Herald for this issue  have   referred   to  the  politics    of
th litoi. The editor ol the Herald took three years to make up his
mind as to what policy-he would fol*
low regurdlng the political conditions
of this country; and from his-train- Idling like twmiv-livi  fonts cl     new
ing and belief,' he wns led to      ,'oiu type, so.as to   he belter enabled   to
his fortunes    witb the Liberal parte nieel  llie demands of the public.     If
of Canada. Thc editor of lhe Herald von wan) a good job in the printing
did    not ask   anybody as     to what iiue conic to the Herald,
policy he would pursue, hut depended
Those who have chllilli-li al
naturally feel nervous so t.u a
is concerned ll is up io lbe
tecs lo do all in their powei  i>
vide    Ibe   sel I  house      wilh
means of escape in ease of a  lin
panic, Craubrook does not wii
repeliti I a Collingw I .lis
Subscribe ior the Herald.
If vo
pay  it.
owe the Herald
Wc need lire
,' ■»♦♦♦♦♦♦-»-»-»-»♦-»-»-»-»-»-»«♦-»«
Hems <>f news occur penloiHcally In
[this town. The friemls of lOrln aie
bottling an enict 'in III mcnl tbis evening
In the Moi In hall in honor of St
I',iiui'].,  lhc patron saint  of  Ireland
Tl,.- Herald has a lot
Kast   Koolcnav, ami  il  Is
Ibem.     The  lleralil  uls.
enemies, and as it has e,
it is proud ot tbem also.
upon his .-own judgment. He is not
a trimmer, nor one who trims his
sails to favorable winds. lie has
fought battles in the past, where lie
bus been loser and where he has been
winner, and he is perfectly willing to
light battles in the fulilre along tne
lines ot his judgment hnd bis principles. But no parly can hold him
when he thinks that party is wrong.
He is as willing to criti-M.se the Liberal party;- Wheu he believes that the
Liberal pa-fty is wrong, as be is
willing to give credit to the Conservative party when he believes t.,\
Conservative party is right. No
politician or clique of politicians
have a string on the Herald. It is
Independent, inasmuch that it owns
its own plant and pays its own bills,
and the editor has uo political aspirations, but has only one desire,
and thai is to give the people of
Kast Kootenay a weekly paper thai
is better than'any weekly paper that
is published in Western Canada.
The Herald takes this occasion to
extend its thanks to the people of
Craubrook and tbis district for the
kind words that have beeu said, regardless of business conditions and
political affiliations, ft pleases the
Herald lo know that the people generally appreciate what it has tried
to do tor tlie advancement of the
town unit the district, aud it trusts
that iu the future il will be utile to
do still more for the prosperity of all
The people of ('ranbrook should
unite to a man to do nil iu their
(tower to make the first race meet a
great success. If this meeting is a
.success it will mean the bringing of
thousands of dollars to Cranhrook
and the men engaged in business iu
this eity. There are a few people
who ure putting up money and making many sacrifices in the interests of
this meeting, and everyone who is a
resident ol Cranbrook should neglect
nothing that will contribute to tlie
success of this venture.
The continued demand upon lhe job
work department of the Herald is
the best evidence iu the world that
this paper'is giving every satisfaction to its patrons. This result is
accomplished simply by the (act lhat
the Herald pays the best wages am'
employs the most competent artist
in the typographical art. The Her
aid bus one of the best equipped job
Manager  Cianhron
There is no question about        the-       l)l'oolc' -■• (
prosperity of Crnnbrook,     Any town
that can keep iwo picture shows   going on a profitable basis must    have
(lie population.
One of the best  evidences of
piospet'Jv of this towu is lhc
that, the holds,  although (tight
number, are     crowded almost
night.     In fact  some nights
arc people who  are unable to
rooms owing    to the   crowded conditions.     There is nothing that speaks:
louder for the business of the   town
lhan ihe crowded conditions of    the
Tbe following   subject   was debated
.f friends in I last evening h\  the members ot    the
prowl      oi] Debating suclety: "Kesolved, That the
has     somo Pen is    Mightier   Than the Sword."
rued    them,  Messrs. Moore nnd McCreo spoke    on
il.<- atlirmalive and Messrs.  Campbell
Uml McKay on    the  negative, which
C. Herbert Moore, mayor uf Spok- was thp winning side. On the 9th of
uue, will issue a proclamation in    a March the ladies debute, the question
few  davs   selling aside     Saturday, of   "Women's Rights,"   namely "Ho-
April 18th, as a special arbor      and solved    Thai    the   Time   Has Come
cleaning day.     The work will be car-j win it Women Should he driven       the
ried    out under the direction of     n iiighi of   Krniichlse."     Misses Sten-
coimuittco of citizens nnd it  is     es-» S(,n, Duffy, Anderson and .Mrs. Patre-
pected     that between forty and lifty\ini\n   pleaded   tor   woman's suffrage.
thousand    umn,     women  and  school \\\-\\v Mrs. S. Moore und Mr. Sower-
cliitdreu will turn   out to help el-fan \m\\H sjioke   against granting      the
up and beautify the city.     Ten thou- privileges of the ballot box to women
sand packets ol llower seeds will    he Tho debnle was Interesting and      in-
dslrlbiitcd 1" the scho..l children ntnl!structh'c.     It had also the smvpathv
these will he planted  in plots       otj„f   numbers.     There was a good nt-
gn 1 lu various parts of the   city. ■ tendance of the citizens.     The   vote
Why not an arbor da; tor Cranlirook? jfcloail ;-jf, for granting the right      of
——♦  franchise   lo   women and 21 against.
THK    IIKItALD AS     AN  ADVKH- The subject of a previous debate was:
TLSINC MEDIUM "Resolved,    That the     Press Wields
■'- ■ ' Mi.re Iniluence ou Society than    the
Pineher Creek, Mar. \1.   »•  Pulpit."    The speakers on the afflrnti
Herald,      Unit- ntlve side   said    tbat   although the
|voice of the orator had charms   and
Dear    Sir: 1 urn   pleased hi   state \\w preacher bad greater educational
thai ihe page advetlisemeiii  I had In influence,  yet the press had advanced
the Herald n few  weeks an.,, ml ver- |,v sueh leaps and hounds that      the
Using Canadian Northwest Oil   com- editor reached a greater number than
] puny     shares, proved lo he a     very the   preacher.       The affirmative side
the profitable investment, as I  am    able won.
[rtet, to say thai  wc received direct    beuo-	
' i„ hts- from Ibis advertisement. The:
opportunity tor safe investments offered by the company ami the Herald
as an advertising medium combined
to make the advertisement a most
profitable one for lhe eompany.
Vours vcrv truly,
M   I).  Couch, ngo
Kor ten vears the Herald bas
boosted for Cranhrook, Now for the
next ten years. 1
The l*. P. It- und the fl. T. P. will
expend seven million dollars iu British Columbia during the next year.
That is hound to make this province
Where is our did friend It- T. Lowry'.' He has been very i|Ulet in the
past, few months.
Kvery citizen of Cranbrook should
lake il upon himself to sec that his
yard and alley is cleaned up as soon
iis tho frost is out of the ground.
Let ns all join together and make a
"Cranhrook Beautiful."
A woman in -Utah last week died
from tight lacing. The Herald
would regret to chronicle a disaster
of that kind in Craubrook, and yet
if there is not a reformation on the
part of some people it may be forced
lo do so.
Last, week, for the first, time, motor,
cars traveled the street of Jerusalem."
The next thing we will hear ot is
flying machines in heaven.
In this issue of the Herald Ihere
is an article dealing with the late
Colonel Baker, founder of the city
of Cranbrook. Mr. Maker was a
gentleman who endeared himself to
all with whom he came in contact.
He was a natural horn gentleman, a
man who by his actions won the respect- of all who knew- him. He
made Cranbrook in its beginning, uud
he made many sacrifices to accom-
p.isb Ihe cud ihat he had in view.
Tho Herald joins with the sentiment
expressed by his son, V. Hyde Baker, iu expressing the regret 'that- the
Drink Home Beet
Hiilii-it  l-.mi»lrn.)
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returned on tire sume stpiimcr. When
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
There arc two  royal roads to jj
offices thcie is in Western Canada, lutu Colonel Baker could not have'
and within the last two weeks has! lived long enough to have seen the
installed new machinery ami      some   magnificent   results that followed his'
One is to love your wife.   The ;:
other is to
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List  Monday.
II.    White,  customi officer, visited
Movie yesterday.
Mrs. II. L.   Sawyer, of Marysville,
is iu town today.
Mrs   McNeily. of Wyeliffe, was    in
town on Saturday.
Dr. Colfln, ol Moyie, was in Cranhrook ou Saturday.
Oeorge Kennedy leaves for    Prince
Ituperi next Monday.
Superintendent llrownlec went west
on No. 5 on Tuesday.
F. W. Ketsell, of Wattshurg, wa* in
Thi- hig Bale ihat   was Inaugurated
In  inn a  Co   hist Saturday       lias
proven ,i marvelous success     Crowds'Cranbrook yesterday
ni people lmve Invaded the store dur-    p. r, yates, ol Wyeliffe, was      in
,.;. the days ..i the sale to take ad- Cranlirook on Friday.
ZK..°ll! cLse^of'iocils ,-Sl   •'«"■ *Vtoi <* Marysville, was in
ii,mini...I,. Iml  those   Iiiiiii ..»• sui '   ^'   Mel iirlliy, n. Marysville, w-*.s in
 hm*. .owns h.ive nun,, here    to Crnitbrool. .... Tuesday.
i.il,.  iiili'niiliiKr ut .lu- low [trices nl-l   I*:. K. Mackey, nl Marysville,     wus
 I In Hill .'. I'.,  ul   lliis      (Inn-'in 1'unlirni.k ll.is week.
Ml   Hill fi.iliil In tin- lleiulil    yes-l   |>a„l lla.till.-j-, ... Marysville,      was
'■-   was confident that I,, Cranbrnnk yesterday.
law Unit the sale,   .,   M   McDonalil went In Pernio
if.I.,i    Uiat    I
.liinn.: the Mil
ii.uilil   I ii In- ..uuiil Im alile
lus stock tn
pulii. win-re   he
legal  bl.sil.pss  yesterday.
I akon   snlo to some desirable1   "Ms Staples, ol Wyclllle, eame   in
purchaser nml llius givr him an   op- ,r'"" "•"' Kasl yesterday.
in.iliiiiily I,,    follow liis physician's    T. (Ilillaiiil a.i.l wile, ol Kernie, vis-
iiilvii-i* ninl take a    much ii.ssliil rest, Red Cranbrook on Kiuniay.
[linn business cares    ..I at leas,     a    Mrs. ...     K.   Brandtw, ol Wvrlllte,
was in Cr.inl.rook on Krhlay.
II. Mullet!, ot Marysville, was   registered a. lhe lloyal yesterday
A. K. Fisher, solicitor   ot   Kernie,
was in Cranhrook nn Saturday,
(I.    R. L.   McKinnon, nl   Wyeliffe,
nnl.lln,    March 17.—Tommy Hums,
Iho Ciiiiiiiliuii, nuiili. short wnrk      ol was .in Cranbrook on Saturday.
.Jen.    Roche   llm    Irish heavyweight;   ||, W. Held, the   Swansea sawmill
iiiiiiii ii, .1 the theater loyal     in nullli was |„ town on Saturday.
ii.' I.."...... thSi,lwfn™tMtakiang »"»•;" •''-""■"«»■"" *»t
ll.e count in 1 minute and .10 seconds    '•• "Hson and wile, nl Wattsburg,
filler llie Unlit, begun..  The prize wus were Cranbrook visitors yesterday.
ersWo   Nurseries, flnuul Forks,    II, *7,r,l.l. and Hums had backed himsell    .lames Kinlay, manager nl the S..1-
C 52-11 for (7,0.11. besides. ilivaa mine, was ln town yesterday.
We Irauie pit-lures.—C.C.S.
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C. C. S.
Suits:   Black or blue seise  117.50.
c. c. s.
.1. MacKetirk, ol Watlsburg, was
in (ranbrook on business yesterday.
C. R. "Sugar" Dixon, ot Calgary,
was a Cranbrook visit.it on Tiles-day.
A. J, Mott. ol Fernie, was regis-
tcrod at tbe Cranbrook on Saturday,
Thomas Cole, manager of th.
lloyal hotel, visited Marysville today,
.1. Bailout, the well known accident
nsui.ni,*,- man, js in Cranbrook v.-
A Carney, provincial timber Inspector, was* in Cranbiook on Salurday,
1.  Patmore It-It lot Victoria yester-
:iy to take tiis* final law cxaui.na-
Oeorge Laurie, .be archbishop ol
Creston, was m Cranbrook ovet Sun-
W. and It. E .Mi.llat, lumber dealers
i.l Clarosholm, Alberta, are In town
A C. Nelson lias been ou the
list this week with grippe and
II. King will receive
second Tuesday t.t
.Ve Iiiiiiii- pictures.—C C.S
Ladies' shoes 1-:. nl. —C.C.S
Old luriiituie Ior new.—I' l' .
We make cosy corners.—C.C :
Irini bills at 15.110—C. C. S
We make suits at $.7.5...-.'.
Suits made to lit, J.7.50.—I'
Dresser and stand, 112.75 —
Furniture  bargains    even-
********************** 4
Hobart,   ono of Warduer's
was in ClranhriK* yes-
Mrs. J
hist and
K. II.
hotel k**pers
Hastino's imported gratod pineapple
just received at Fink's Pure Food
A. E. Watts, of Wattsbttrg, was iu
town yesterday for tiw Conservative
D, BreokeurJdge, ot Kimberley, was
down to Cranhrook on business on
O. Erlcksou has had a long distance
phone put into the C. P. R. mill at
Mr. and Mrs. Morrison left Cranhrook last Monday to reside at Mer-
vitt, II. C.
Mrs. .1. C. Oenest wilt receive between 4 and 6 p.m. on Tuesday,
March 24th.
E. 0. Smith, the well known St
Marys prairie pioneer, was in town
ou Tuesday.
Frank Dickinson attended the dance
at the Elk hotel, Elko, on St. Patrick's night.
W. A. McDonald, K. C, ol Nelson,
was in Cranbrook on ltsgal business
on Saturday.
Mrs. John Kiiigall Smith returned
from a visit to Fort Steele on yesterday's train.
(leorge Hoggarth was confined to
bis bed with tonsilitis for several
days this week.
C. D. McNab, manager ot the lUkei
Lumber company, at Waldo, is in
Cranbrook today.
C. A. Oaskill and wife, of Kimber
ley, were registered at tbe Cosmopolitan yesterday.
II. C. Adney, provincial constable
at Wardner, brought in a prisoner
from Fernie today.
Maurice Quain will have his automobile going tonight, thawing out
frozen water pipes.
fir. Harvey, who bas been spending
the winter in tbe east, returned to
cranhrook on Monday.
KENT. Apply Frost Investment
Co., Cranbrook, B. 0. 52-lt
W. Carlin, the well knowu Fort
Steele merchant and lumberman, was
in Cranbrook ou Tuesday.
Remember those Pantry Cabinets
that Patmore Bros, are selling at
cost.    See them at once.
Canadian and English Stilton,
Swiss, Limberger and Edam cheese at
Kink's Pure Food Grocery.
N. C. McKlnstry who has
getting out   ties at   Jaflray,     came
home to Cranbrook on Tuesday.
George and James Leask went to
Spokane on Sunday on business connected with their rotary engine.
WANTED—Young man wishes room
with modern conveniences. State
terms.     "J. F," Herald ollice. 51-lt
WANTED—A position us sawmill
engineer by a licensed engineer. Apply 11. McMillan, Waldo, B. C 52-at
Mr. aud Mrs. .1. A. MeAuley leave
next Monday for tbe State of Washington, wnere they will reside in lu-
The body of Mrs. Tito, who died
at Sirdar on Tuesday was brought
into Cranbrook yesterday tor interment.
Gomer Jones, chief accountant tor
the Crows Nest Pass Lumber company at Wardner, was in town last
Linionera lemous and Golden Flower oranges are the besl California
produces. That is why Fink's sell
Tbis i.s the time ol year when
everybody is (lncky about,their eating. See Fink's variety of appetizing relishes.
E Home visited points on tlie prairie us far east us Iteglua last week
in the interests ol the East Kootenay"
Lumher company.
Ladies* shoes l-:t oB.-C.C.S.
Frank Angers, wlm has bwu trap-
uing on Find-fey creek all winter,
shipped about 1700 worth of furs to
Montreal recently.
Mr. and Mrs. A, Leiteh entertain •
a large number ot Iriends at their
home on Tuesday evening, the 17th,
at military euchre.
The opera cloak, which was drawn
for at the new opera house was won
by Miss Vera Patmore,
number being 139.1.
Get one of
C, S.
-Judgu Wilson went to Fernie today |
to hold county court.
Anybody found guilty of destroying
hills or billboards will to prosecuted
to the lull extent of the law by the
Association of Bill Posters.     52-lt
V McLeod Curran, N. Hanson, F.
It. Morris were iu Calgary last week
to attend the Donohue trial. They
were not called as witnesses, however.
In addition to the lady's hut to hi'
drawn >tyt at the new opera bouse,
Manager ^Mellenry announces that a
gentleman's Sjo Stetson hat will he
drawn tor.
!■: IL Arnotl, ot Loudon, England,
arrived in .Cranbrook last Monday,
Mr Aniott is most favorably impressed with the country nml may
locate here.
FOR SALE—A practically new
Kant organ m ^.-.hI condition, piano
case. Suitable for a small chinch or
parlor. Apply to Father Choluel,
Craubrook, li.  C. fil-tl
C. M. Edwards and GeorgO Hunger-
ford have' returned from tht- north.
Oeorge llungerford arrived in Cranhrook tiHlay, Mr. Edward-: remaining
in Nelson for a few days.
Conductor and Mrs. W. II. Briggs
ami children left yesterday on a 'mslt
to the parents of Mrs. Hriggs at Detroit, Minn., and will be goile for
six weeks* or two months.
S. J. Mighton has had a number of
very handsome new show cases placed iu bis store. Mr. Mighton lias
oue of the most up-to-date tobacco
stores in Western Canada.
J. A. Vouug, ot Hamilton, (Mil., a
past grand master of the I. (I. O. F.
of tbat province, representing the
Carey Safe company ol Hamilton,
was in town over Sunday.
The people's choice: Fink's Batty
Rose design Limoges china is last
becoming .the favorite. It ih such a
dainty paftern that it appeals to
every admirer of high class art.
Sy mining ton's imported Hour is so
different Irom the local kinds- li
has tbat. true rich delicate flavor not
found in any of the other makes. Ask
for Symmiiigton s.     Fink's sell it.
of fund suitable for fruit growing ami
general farming. State terms.
amount ol improvements aud loca-
ion. Address lleralil Publishing
Co. ai-at*
The temporary post ollice. building
was moved ten inches on rollers ou
Tuesday. -■ After the building was up
it was found that through a mistake
it wus built ten inches on the next
A. L. Murphy, one ot Marysvillc's
citizens iu the old days, was in
craubrook. at tho end of last week.
Mr.- .Murphy makes his home down In
the big red apple country of Tobacco
W- R. Ross, K.C., M.P.P., of Fernie, passed through CraiihrooK on his
way 'home trom Victoria ou Saturday. Mr. Ross did not have au extra JiiO.Olio ii) his pocket tor the
i ranbrook district,
There will be a concert at lhe
gymnasium on uext Thursday evening
trie -itnh 'inst. Boxing, fencing and
gymnastic exercises, as well as singing by the best local talent, will be
some of -the features.
Give us -the opportunity to show
you whatjthe beuelits and advantages
of a Cabinet Pantry for the kitchen
are. We are giving you the opportunity to.secure one at cost. See us
at once, -Patmore Bros.
Tbe Craubrook city baud gave nn
opeu air concert outside the post ollice at noon on St. Patrick's day.
The programme consisted mainly ot
Irish airs; which were much enjoyed
by the people of the city.
Au advertisement for land iu lasl
week's Herald has already brought
over a dozen answers. Tills shows
tbat the Herald is a splendid advertising medium for this class of business as well as every other.
be received by the undersigned up to
April 15th lor the hauling ot tout
million feet of logs. For full particulars apply to Robinsoii-McKenzie
Lumber Co., Ltd., Cranhrook, 11.
C. 52-3t
J. A. Gillespie, manager for P.
Burns & Co., while on his vacation,
visited Prince Rupert. Mr. Gillespitt
says that Prince Rupert has a magnificent harbor and that the townsite is
a ;beautiful one.-- Nothing is doing
there,, however, and lots will not be
placed ou the market until September. >
FOR SALE-White Plymouth Rock
eggs from thoroughbred fowls lor
setting, $Z\ per dozen; Barred Plymouth Rock eggs for setting, $5 pit
IUU; thoroughbred bronze turkey eggs
Vt tor IU; Uncle Sam potatoes fur
seed, $2.50 per cwt.: Scotch - "llie
pups, tft-.uu each. William Hamilton,
Box 93/ Cranbrook. 51-tt
Always the Best in Moving /
Pictures and Illustrated     //\    /
Songs. Ai*\t\Y/
»^-\r f      Every
♦ Amusing      * ^
X Instructive,
We frame pictures—CCS.
Iron beds at $5.00.—C. C. S
Ladies' shoes 1-3 oil—CCS.
Old fiiriiiturii tor new —C C.S.
A.    C   Blaine, who    has been
Craubrook some mouths m the
ests     ol   Blaine
hit   fm   Vancouvi
Au   error   crept Into   the Herald's
article   on the   Ganthon)   entertain
in meat   two   weeks ago.      In       that
nter- article it was stated that Willis     --V
Brothers, Limited, CoSKrove were responsible toi      thc
vesterd.iv,  where appearance    ot     "Bob"    Smith, ih©
he will be in the office ol tliat iusti- meswnfw   ol    mirth, In Cranbrook
tul ion.     Blaine Brothers aie putting'The Herald has learned that       Mt
in ii modern up-to-date factory    lor'Smith     was    not    brought here by
tm-    manufacture of mens garments, Messrs'. W.Ihs & Cosgrove ami       is
ail ot     which     will hear the Union glad to nuke this correction.    It   is
label.     A good deal of the slock    inl bad enough to     have brought   Gan-
tlns company is    held bv  Cranbrook! thony low the eountrv without being
p.-nple.     Mi. A. (i. Blaine will be in'saddwd wilh "Bob' Smith.
< ranbrook    in a few   days to   look
alter the company's business.
Mr. J. A, Tully, of Peterborough,
Ontario, who is now traveling
through British Columbia in the interests <if the Odd Fellows Relief as-
soclution of Canada, arrived in Cran-
broos on Saturday last and remained
a couple t.i days. He was entertained hv the members uf the local lodge.
Mi fully, iu speaking ui the wonder-
ml growth of the order in Huti-.ii
Columbia and Alberta dues nut (ot-
get i>> sav that down in Ontario tbe
l.n ii
The moving pictures at the new
opera house were very gm.nl indeeu
this week. "A Life tor a Life ' ami
"A Doctor's Conscience" were very
dramatic. "Tbe Drunken Motor Cyclist" and the ■'Haunted UeJroom
*ere very amusing- K. W. Reeves
sang "Darling Sue'' in bis usual
splendid style.
At the   Edison     theatre     "Police
Dogs   ut   Paris,"     a "Clever    Bur-
Iso doing its duty, baviug'glaty,"  "The    Spanish Dancers   and
it at lli institutions       iu|tae "Wrong Flat'   were the pictures.
■ last vear.
thai provin
Mr. .1. C-.
the Piitmore Br
become a member of the above firm.)
.toe is    well   known along the Crow,!*
all of which   were good, the "Police
i'.~n>iw.       iIdoz-j ' profeaWy- being tne nest
ii y,     liable mgM .rimj.     t()   Spuu-      wa,_
err well received.-
■ tii-r,«u    .-.i-'i.^    -.il'*   \  t''*. i I
iti his line in the w
a   strung' ndditioi;
force ol ihe firm,  ■   ,-,*.,..*-.<■ .«.   .-« ...*.-.
tto repututlon ol turning out the Tuesday, the 23rd and J4tb. The
hesi work in tile district. Their line!advance agent says. "An entirely
comprises steam,-hot water and hot]new programme will be presented
ait Heating, plumbing, and all kindsj.sew .*ce-cery, new costumes and sev-
oi sheet metal work, including blow-jcral Lew aad novel features have
ci systems for planing mills
Wlllcll  they aie experts.
the best mechanic j
■st. and will make!   The Minstrel Maids will play        a
to    the working I return mgagemeui at the new  opera
who have already j bouse for two nights, Monday     anu
been added.    Misi Ruby Lang
sing • "I'm Afraid M) Come Home
tbe D*tk," wbica is a bit nightly
lie i.t-** __'s.c.l i-.-L'-t-J;. tbat tht-
Ma»ls are prtstnt.tig is entit.iil
■■pUer*. and Pikers Krom Budweiser
Park." In tins Mis-, K.v linilni a|i-
pears in * Dutth character un-i Is tne
leature ot tbt bill.
The announcements _r_* „tit statiogl ——'
tiuit tlie opening meeting ot ttie| The Herald desire-, to c-ugratulate
Western Catiailu Turl.association ffilllMessrs. Shteley &. Martin, uianag.-i-.
Like place ..i Cranbrook on May 18 ol tbe Bcgg»' Prince t.peia company,
ami in nexl. President V. A. Roi-1 lot the magnificent entertainment to
llns, Managing Director .Iitint-s Kyan. the public Friday evening in tne
uml Secretary T. M. Roberts haveipiesentation of that popular ope™
their liiiiuls lull answering inquiries -Fra IHavolo." It is seldom lhat a
mul conferring with this or that per-} town located as Cranhrook is, aw.ii
si.ii uml among themselves to see to* up here in the mountains is visited i,\
it that tl.e spring race meeting win)an organization ol such merit as t.»*
he an uinitialili.,1 success, lt is un- rfeggar Prince (^pera company. Tin
ilcrstood that at least one hundred Herald f«els like forgiving Motsrs.
horses uili lie here for the races so Willis a. Cosgrove Ior any transgns-
llinl il is alimeit a certainty that alljsions in the past along the theatrical
tin- events will nil so that two lines, since il is due to theii euorts
splendid ihiis of sport may be looked'that .he people.of Cranhrook were
Ior with c.iiiiiilt-ncc. ii.ntry lorms given such a treat. It is Hardly pos
ttiil hi* senl out nl an early (iate.js.ble that anyone who was piescnl
All races will lie conducted under the( Friday would say one word ol coin
rules nt tin- Aiiieliian Trotting anu plaint. On the contrary, all set-men
Running association.     All entries lot, to be   enthusiastic   ovei the singing
lie  1
O.   If        I
billed tor
evening <>
ways pop
place on the IMh must ] and work ol the company.   Mr. J. C.
i    o'clock on the afternoon]Taylor has a magnificent tenor voice
llh anil     entries for events! wn.le .Miss Klhel Halch was chaimmi*,
lhc llllli must  In* in      the both in her singing and acting,     aim
h.uiils In .'i o'clock on lue the chorus was pleasing in the    ei-
ilu* 18t-h.     Racing is    al- Ireme.   On Saturday evening the com
lal   III the west an.l there is .paliy. pre-sented    "The Chimes o!   Not
with llu-   spleiul.d    track.maUi,    which was also very   rouc.i
beautiful   surroundings     ... enjoyed. The quintette was exception-
llollld nut lune one of the ally good,   (hi the whole the  Ueggai
There are a nnm.M-r ol new   names
(o ts- added   to the telephone directory.      II. Pcttel, 165, Win. Petiet. -nil:
156; .1.    Jackson, It4; R. A. Mcl.m
nel,   lllll,   ,1.  McNabb,   Wi,   V.  Hen-
no, l.iiining.   the pti.....gi .ph, i. I.»i
...    (iiitlin, is..,    Manager Catradlar
Bank nl     Commerce,    rieiilencc, BI;
Siiih-rinleiidl'n. Hrcwnlec, '&.    A hew
directory ?will Im- issueil about    May
1st. _
l.ailics' shoes l-.l oil.—C.C.S.
Burns   Brothers bave a* niagu.tre.it
display of Mm- latest creations      ol
French. Kngllsh and Aiueiican.      mil.
iiuery.     In the decoration ol       the
windows flowers are bmuglrl into tht,
the winning scheme with wondertuf ell'ect, making
.the exhibit a thing of beauty. Hums "|'*',
I Brothers are artists In wifidow dress-  .,.
those Pantry . abinets j„g mi y,,, jflect t-hey haw this week!
very  besl race
ft.lie's   III
at Patmore   Bros, and   nave    your w*"t|, the floral wheels at the back oil
kitchen arranged conveniently lor the t|,_ windows is altngetln* charming. I .,,.,,1
Lady ol the llouse.    Do it now.       |   The mk MmMlih company   _.]%. [
C. K. Stewart, president of       the Se. Patrick's day windows, the colors. way
Stewart Manufacturing company,   of Mug green and    white.    On       the|agai
Woodstock,   Ontario, stove manufac- jrwit'.s     furnishings sWe the window
Hirers, was iu Cranbrnnk this week, aas decorated in green ties of   Irish
The Frost investment company will poplin. Mr. l.aidlaw had a grocerv
move into their new office, in thei window, which was a dream- ulives,
^temporary post office building, as peas, green pickles, everything green.
soon as it is completed. This com- Shamrocks and green and white eur-
pany have large land interests in tains- In the center was -i lar^e
South East Kootenay and do a gen- frame with the legend "There's
eral real estate and insurance husi- Nothing Too Oood for the Irish" in
ness. green letters.
ii'.ikaiv Daily NVws. Maieh HM
Th.' killy News lakes much plea-
s.n.' in extending due felicitations to
its esteemed weekly contemporary,
ihe Cranbrook Herald, on the holding
..I it* tenth anniversary next week.
Iiiitiiiii; the ten years of iis existence,
Mi 1- K. Slinpnon, the present) edi-
lui, lias held down the editorial
sanctum, ami has continued to keep
his charge in the van of Western
iiuWBpapcrdom. The Herald ha
alwitvs (ii-i-n a strenuous "booster"
if Cranhrook, week in and week out.
thai     should   not   he   looked upou
is a deHuqiioncy—for. Crnnbrook, from
ill reports, Is a real live town!
The  Daily  News  trusts;  that       the
nl man'from Cranbrook will long
pnrcd lo guide the Herald on it
uf inililir eiiliglitenjiient,       and
nam extend to that paper heartiest
ungrat uiat ions     on  reaching       the
kittenish" age ot leu.
Hum—Al   Cranhrook!  .11. C,      01
March    15,  1908,    to   "Mr. and Mis
Arthur Ward, a daughter.
Hum—At    Crnnhrook,   H.  C.      ot
March In,- LD08, to Mr. and Mrs.   Al
bert Carter, a son.
Prince Opera company is one ul thr
best attracthons that has appeared in
Curihr.Kik fur some time.
Mrs Whit-e-Fu-ser, wife oi HN W
MP inspector Wlnte-Frascr, who
was stationed at Lethbridge in the
early nineties, *», died recently in Europe. Sup«^ite!i*4eTit and Mrs. White-
Kt*ser were making a tour ot the
continent when the latter was taken
ill. They afw well known throughuut*
Hie w«-st, having been stationed at
several  R..N.W.M.P.  posts-
(Captaan and Mrs. White-Erase
lived al Wardner in 1897 and both
were well known to the old timers in
this district.)
Some of the boys around town broke
into the curling rink last week and
broke two curling stones lu hull,
chipped two or three others and lore
tbe handles from some more. This
kind of thing is beyond a Juke
youthful folly anyone will forgive,
but utter destruction cannot be tolerated. It is understood that the
police have track of tbe hoys and thai
they will be dealt with as they ue*
mmni: l-u.o^di. *
High-Class Dressmaking'  T
ado Cos.uiiies.
Waists     Aiiytliiin:
Children's Wear.
P. tt. MOUSE   Upstair.       ♦
News of the District
J Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned Irom Newspapers
Miuiufnc-luriirs .uul Di-iili-rs'
Detail \V...*I, ii S,„-i-i.*iliv
When You
Come to the Metro-
p >li-« st:iy. a*t,.tlJj!i. |
Palace Hotel*
Stephens & Rockeniinri •
Proprietors,   'ih
Opposite C. P. R.
tat ion       .
$1.00  i>k« day.;;
Calgary, Alta.
l-l 1X0 .wl' l.lillMS
High i'i..,- Iim.-.. Miuiic .
Always l'|i.lii.ilule
Open i-n Out ni lown Urtgiige1-
.Ml li.f.l-     LK-yNltkOllk. tt. c
McVirrib& PARKER
Provincial Land Surveyors!
RtlLWlV   isl.   ..IMNIi   Islll-iHHkl.TIi
oKl'ii'l'.*-   M'  I ni:r si*i*:i*:i.i:  ,\NI
Fort Sleele I* O Box alii.
Uiaiiliiiwk I'. <i. Ho*, II.
Telephone .7*1.
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work ih om ndvertlsumetH, hm wi
put thin ml in ihu Humid to
umpliaeiite it.
Near Lower -IriiiBlrony Avenue
One Way
olonist Rates to Alberta
and British Columbia
Toronto BrnnUord, Uuelptfr,.
Halt. London *$H».0<5
Do,, via Chicago.
St.. .lohii-rioiiclon
♦ t
(From our own corrcspoudeul)
Hubert Sktlbeck and James Skeltou
left foi' (ileal. Fulls, Mont., Ihis
Wm. Con-ley, of Wisconsin A Mun-
ii c. ol Ohio, iiuil .1. Thompson, of
[■•wa" .iiiiviil iii Elko this week look:
ing up fruit land. They camo 111
[turn Nelson .md were surprised with
tin counti>' south, ami especltilly the
orchards where ihe tii£ red tipples
giow, ah three bought land and
i.-ii  im  tht'ii homes to return      as
•80 is possible, no doubt wilh      all
llieii relations, Vie understand ihat
Kelly, <'i Nelson, of Kootenny Belle
cigar fame, will make a hid for   the
Lilian'., leaf flop on Tobaeco I'laltis
ijiis tail and thai Fred Starkey will
itv to net a comer ou the gooseber'
ties that look like pumpkins alongside the smull stuff grown nround
Nelsuii io mix in, ami help tlicit
sole.,    Nelson papers please copy.
.Iiihii McCrea, contractor, is build-
mi; a iine' resitleiiee oil College avriuie,
tm .Mt. -lohn Mott, who will soon h
t.'.W.iiif!,''-tlu- Hoffman house.
Don't     tor get     in case "(Uii Man
Simpson overlooks  telling you,    that
Klko is the greatest fishing resort iu
Boil Hi Kast Kootenay, ami that
jusl      got   in     a carload     of lishing
Incklc that catches the lish.
hYed ZelUus, manager of the Qunr-
leVl'irele Bar Horse ranch, west of
the lown, went down to Tobacco
I'lilliis to'round up some young stock,
Mel-:wen & Shea, who are Inking
over lhe Hoffman house, entertained a
large party of their friends lo a
jntio-v dinner tliis week,
Mike Kilersgaard came down from
Via-nhrook and     registered at the
■ '..lumhia hotel.
Tlie-Fourth Koyal Irish Hibernians
i.:'. Klko, will celebrate as usual.
'Phe two McKee hoys, cousins IVr-
f^-'iiiid Elmer, both having undergone
i.pt-ru'litins, are making rapid pro-
gfiWss ami their Iriends who have
hce-Ti- able to visit them from time
lime speak very highly of Mie
Ci'anhrook hospital stall. The two
hoV-s are sons of "Hig .Iim" and
Oeorge McKee, of Klko.
It will pay you big dividends tn
read the Klko advertisements iu this
Independent and newsy journal.
Invitations are out for a hig St.
i'^trifk.'s dance at the Klk hole!
Tuesday evening and a big crowd is-
company's grain elevator of that lice of the company is now in Movie,
place. Miss Wells was a native of and this may he made lhe p.'iiii.iiienl
England, Imvlug come to Canada only headquarters. The mill here has n
,i short      time ago and was married  hig season's cut ahead of it.
I.. Mt.  Wales about  sixteen     months. 	
;,.,,, I   -toe Oouplll is   now organizer   lor
  | the Order ol Owls.     He was in town
St. Patrick's dav was quietly    oh-, this week f"i the purpose ol starting
served  in Wardner.     The only     real n nest of lhat order.
evidence of il  being a lavish displayl	
of green ribbon, Bruce McLcllan is hack f  p. K
—■;—+—.,—■.■— ll..   where he spent   several    .  months.
llis cousin,  ll.-aih  Dutanl, came wilh
.lohn    Mel ver fame     ovei
Phoenix this week,     .Mr. Mel'
in Moyie and    worked at  the Si    llu
gene some six or seven yours ngo.
s are still rubbering around
On account of the recent storm lhe
iee cream parlors in Elko were closed down several days.
Chief .Joseph David, of the Tobacco
Plains Indian reserve is going into
Hie poultry business on a large scale.
It's quite possible the B. C,     government    will build tbe proposed uiii-
sity ut    ..iko on account of    the
mess to the hig red apple    i.oiiii-
(From our owi correspondent)
Mr, Otto Wisner, who has been in
Marysville for the past- few wqnltf,
ai rived home a few days ago for a
short holiday. He will return agaftn
'u a couple of months. Mrs. WMsinir
ill accompany him.
Mrs. Lund spent a tew davs      last
week visiting friends in Cranhrook
Mr.  and     Mrs.  Fred  Leard        and
Iil Me daughter     Margun-t,  who have
spent  the past three months at their
Id lioWe in New Brunswick, returned
o Wardner a few days ago. ^
Mr. P. Luml spent, a couple
lays last week in Marysville
Kimherlcy on business.
(From thc Fernie Fiee Press.)
,.,   ,. ...    ureal preparation is lu.....
,         V,,',t    •v;r,lu."'   S\Tfte(l Hw animal  Knights ol I'vthi.i
laying    then    steol     into Michel on ffhjcIl Hill ll(. -*%■ , „ , ,
Mondav   lasl ami the lirst tram    pas-  M(,m|iiv   \|nrch ;tl)th
siil ovei   the    line from Feruie      lo 	
Michel  Ihal day        Passenger service     A,   M     |lV llr„|lJ)l.(i jllllh lo;v|| yo-
will nol be supplied imiii after    the t,.,,,.iv unoxjootmlly allei  nn nbstneo
government Inspection,   lt will Ih>   a (t> BOvcrnl vears       \l ins lieen mil
couple of weeks yet before the road is |ng hla hnmb lately nroimfl Klko   ami
properly ballasted.     It was     found Tobacco Plains
necessary to   construct u temporary [ ,
line for about a mile and a hall near Wht|0 n.nvmk-train was doing somo
Michel and the construction crews »re'slli:iltills n, Aiaridgo Monday night,
—W hard at work making tliat part ,|H. honrdlng ear was humped so
hard llial the hul walci -lank was
Chinaman was scalded
When the train reached
present city firo department consists
of a good fire hall 'with hose tower
ami fire hell. A hook und ladder
truck with a full set ot wall aud roof
ladders, from 12 to 45 feet
length. One hose wagon, team of
horses and lire harness, three hose
■els, SliOO feci of hose, 2 sub-stations
id 11 hydrants.    The water     jires-
irV is about     lull pounds to     '■■the
re inch.     Following is the    per
iel of    tlu* f ranbrook' lire department  today:
.1.   P,  Fink-Chief. -   "
Via Manning—Assistant Chief.
Vl  Me/all—CaptulU. , "    **
VI. Hay ward—Foreman.
E.  K.  .lohusoti—Secretary.
.1.  Foster—Driver.
Firemen—.1. K. Davis, it., D. Brent
ner, .1. (i. Sutherland, VV. Delleck, (1
Recce, W, Miller, .1. 0. Newmarsh
\. Vroom, .1. Breckln, .1. McKett/.ie.
P. Haywood, W. Harris, W. Harri-
anii.    ' '
The high standing of the present
lire department is due to the energy
of Mayor. Fijik, who, ( at the reuuest
of lhe people' tetainetl the' positU
Mr, Fink' has been untiring in liis
eUnits, and has saved lhc town thou
sands of dollars, ..ml his advice oi
these matters, is entitled In the
greatest consideration.
permanent, hut a month or six week:
will uo doubt see tho completion    ol upset ami
the work. quHo badly
Mayor Tuttle   returned on Monday
from a trip to the Okanagau
Moyie Dr. Collin was called
lieved    the   "Chink's"   sufferings .is
°"11- much as possible
Mi. Ho wells Frechette, recently ol
the U. N. p. Coal company's staff
here, has heen appointed to an Important posilion in the mining department at Ottawa. His friends
here extend congratulations,
Mrs. I). D. Davies and family will
leave tm* the east ill a few days to
join Mr. Davies.
Miss Grace Dudley left yesterday
for Movie, where she will spend
a couple of weeks.
Humor has it that P. Burns & Co.
aie negotiating for the purchase of
the old Victoria corner and that
Ihey intend to erect a brick block
hi it.
A number of local Odd Fellows
journeyed down to Coleman ou Monday last to Institute a lodge of tto
iriler at that point.     The new lodge
mil   willi a membership
Banking shows a wonderful increase in the past ten vears. In
1808 ihe Canadian Bunk of Commerce
opened wilh a manager, Andrew
Scott, nnd one assistant. At. the
present time the Bank of Commerce
and lhe Imperial Dank of .Canada cm-
ploy iu their Cranhrook'.branches tif-
teen people, and do a business ihal
aggregates hundreds of thousands of
dolla(s a year. At "tlie present time
11. T. Brymncr is manager ol the
Canadian Dank of Commerce nnd -I.
F. M. Pinkham is manager of lhe Imperial.
Tlie'Ci-iiiilirooli  lire* ilepiiltini-iil  liml
it*,   origin in     1N.IR.      .1. l'.'l-'iiili,
Ciaiilirook'.s present   mayor, orgiini/.-
',1 oil ii little tin- brigade ;it thnt. lime
sixty-two. Among tlio.se Iron. Ker-
who a.tenile.1 were: ..ol... I.m.dif,
Heck, A. (lillespie, T. Hell, K.
Handley, W. .1. Blundell, A. Campliell, ltev. Williamson, ... N. I
Dudley, I--. 'Vnliee, Dr. Wrigglesworlli,
1. I*:. Covert. Hepresentntives from
Cowley nnd I'inclier Creek lodges
were also present, .tut Kernie lodge
ili-giee team put on most of the
The Kll< Lumber company's-planing
mill commenced the season's opera-
lions on Monday last. Tlie sawmill
will not he ready Ior operation lie-
I'ori- lhe middle of April.
The local gun club wil! shortly hold
a meeting for re-organi/.ation purposes. The cltlb will be well tilted
1 lliis season Ior trap shooting,
having purchased two ol the most up-
o-iliile traps on the market. Nelson
luh have already organized anil held
their lirst shoot for the season the
Iher day.
Win. dottle, of the Fernie dairy,
had a Utile experience with the C.
II. local on Tuesday last that he
will not soon forget. He was hailing u load of lumber tu Cokato and
wlu-it crossing the track one mile wes*
.[ h't-irnic his load got stuck on the
1-ailro.id crossing and no effort ol I.is
.ean. seemed to be able to move il.
.miking up he discovered the local
boll, three hundred yards away
rapidlv hearing down upon liim. The
iiigineer and liremcn both jumped and
(l.irrie drew hack leaving the team to
(licit fnle. The engine struck the
.1 fair and carried horses ami
sleigh nlioilt seventy-five yatds down
the truck lielorc it stopped. Neither
horse wns seriously injured and with
.lu- exception ..I smashing the sleigh
iliiiiiagc resulted.
vnu. mi
•-..-.•-'. I.-,
•SO.-',. I,",
Tickets on S.-.lc Pel,.   ...Ih'to
April -ii/ili, ioos
Corresiioniliiiglv • Inw   rale 'from
intermediate polii.A
For fill llie,  |,a,|i_„la,, .:, 1 ■ -,, r.  or
C. fi. McPHfiRSON, | Mo*.
n.i'..... ,,;,,; A
WINNI.'UK. lif* XKi.siiv. |j
Mr. Corsh, ol the    Uus! K
I. her company, of Crntiiliroob.
icon! employe ol the 'Crowi
Pass I.umber companv,  ieiH-mt-4
.Hilii.iintnnces in town last week,
The Utiles Aid ol  Ihi* |--esln'(
.lunch inel. lot rc-urgnnlv.itlioi '
Thursday nlternoon, It ».,s (lecldeil
till.I the meetings ench month wn.ll.
In* helil ul the homes ,,t th,- lailicn
A liu-iuii will he given, hv Hu- |.„li,-
lu the hf.it  lulute.
Mr. nnd Mrs. iitti, Wimier nml Mlsi
I'. II. .lohlisiui. euyiyiKl th,. i|anee giv
en i.i the Klk hotel ut Rlko hy Mrs
Klin-gensiiiiih nn Tuesday cvenini
The eqlli|llllelll   consisted  nf .1       hanil
hose wagon made Iroui an old delivery rig. 'iiu. feet of hose and two
hydrants connected Willi tin* C'.I'.H,
pumping sl-uiion nml taiiK, This ...is
before there were nny jvatotwiirks.
The lire hull iu'those du'ys'wiis a
small shack. ... I'. Fi.il- lias heen
lire chief ever since, except for a
few mouths, "iltiee veins* ago when
F. ... Bradley acted as chief. The
fad  Uiat, Cranbrook has hnil nn set*-
I! F Ileal lie, who is the presenl
postmaster,  was  the    lirst anil     lin
hei*  chain*!- ever since,     lu    IStlli
lhe revenue ol the Cranhrook. post
i.Ilice was less lhan $200. Today t'
reVolllie is in excess nf -.ill,1.(1)1, . In
is.ls Mr. Hi-attic hnil an assistant
Miss (Irant, nnd fnr the first lout
years lhe post ofliee wns run nt
inss in the postmaster.' At present
Iho stall' consists, besides. Mr. H.snl-
tie; nf Miss McKay, Miss Tannhauser nml Miss Moran.
In January, istls, the customs cul
lections fnr llu- nutport. of Cranhrook
were $1 lli. Iii January ol this year
.hey reached W,5nu. The inland revenue collections fnr the vear ending
March .'.1st, 18t.lt, were'$7,828 .tin*
the vein ending March Hist, inns,
they were $10,01)0,     W. S. Keay was
I'luiiluiink Sash and Doot Factory
the first customs otlicer here am
since llu'ii the ollice has been tilled h\
K. II. Small, A. ),. Mil.eriiHil ami
llu- present collector, II. White. "-l-
yosl ollice mul customs liusiiiess
Increasing so rapidly that the Dominion government are ahoul to build
Iniiii- federal huililing iu Cranhrook I
lake care of these two. branches., of
the- public service. It will >takt
some time for this building to tit
lonipletcil. Mr. Beattie is erecting a
temporary post o'tllce to'take care of
llu- business in lhe meantime, as lhc!
•post ollice has. outgrown its present'
The new federal building,
r *******************
<Fr»m the Moyie Letter.)
Th.- election ol officers ol the Movie
miners uoi.ui took place last Saturday, bu. was not completed, owing
to'the inability to elect a financial
secretary, There were lour eandi-
ilatcs i.ir the office, hut thc highest
one failed to gel a plurality ol the
voles cast. Tl.e two highest were
Thus. K. Kellv, tlie present ineu.n-
heni, ami James ll.il.erls, former secretary, A ballot is being laken on
ihese men today. j
Fourteen, candidates were given the,
lirst ijegrca nt lbe K. nl I', lodge
Tbu.j-.ilny night.
',M.ss Mn.nl ...olen, who for some,
Ill-lie held' n position ill the Movie
li,.-.] office, is now iu Phocnix-
ioiis lires is very largely due to tin
energy and experience of Mr. Fink,
who Ims been a member of the lire departments in larger cities than Cranbrook. The position of chief of the
lire department is not'a pleasant
one. Many times it becomes necessary to insist upon citizens bunding
chimneys, removing rubbish ami take
other precautionary measures at.
which ihcy take umbrage. Many
people Hunk' that because, they own a
building mid the stock In it that it is
simply their own affair il the building burns up. This might he true
if the huililing was an isolated ono
mul Hint in case of .fire the owner
could hi* lhe only looser. When,
however, the fact (if nne huililing
burning endangers others, perhaps the
Stewart, general superintend-1
it l.e   .Consolidated Mining   A*'
) Mrs   Fred IjraiTd i-ccl-iv.il word lli
week lhat her sister, with whom
hnil l«-en visiliiag in tl„* easi, dint
her home a lew -rtayri ago, after
lingering illness,     Airs. I.cunl's in.
fiic-iuls hern iixteml sympathy lo
"• this tiimi ol bereavement.'
II.   Biillnirt  was in Urnnbr.
eek, on. h.«,iness.
.ifcim-ss. L   .loe.
—— I limber
received tm Sunday    ..nm Vv
Word was received hn Siuul,,
the deiiilli of. M|rs. Oerwge Wales
, ureslioliii. (irea,, sn)ypalhv I*
ell I.n* Mr. Wales, who is ,viil,-l,
known hero, having been in the ctii
ploy of the Crows Nest -Pass Umbel
conipnny here for several years Infoi,
H •''j'"--*'**- to Clarcsholm
whcic ho became     manas.ei oi      r
(Smelling c..m|»aiiy, is expected   hack
ii  the ,-ast with Ills bride      some
.  'lime next week. I
'.'"'l   W. II. AMridge, manager ol       the
1 Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co..-
ivns over Ur Moyie this week looking
mer the St.. Kugene. He and (.. <>■
Kamm were also *,wn to Hosmer lor
h.i ilny or two*
Ine Baker, wlio at one time ran   a
shop in*  Moyie, was married
toria on    Match 5'th to    Mrs.
I.my Spoerl.     They will reside      in
! ... A. Dewar has tendered his re-
■.icinatinn as initnager nl the Porto
|Kloo.Lumber company, and-I. A.
5 Inb-iislnn, ol. Winnipeg, has been ap-
. ...jluiA-d his vucoesaor.    The head   oi-
whole city, it becomes thc duty nl
the chiel ol tlie Ore department to sec
that every means is taken to protect
property. This J. P. Fink has done
and dune ln a conscientious manner
tor len years. This Is why, even'
When elected mayor.the people asked
Mr. Pink to contlnuo as chlel of the
department.    The equipment ol   the
w Inch will he one oi the best.
Kootenays^.. will he. located dire
opposite (lie ..ernlil-biiiltllng.
....onk us    CRANBROOK
Any available Doiuiuiuu Lai.ila
within the Railway Belt in Urltnh
Co.uiu.iu, mav be timm-su-aded by
auy person wbu is the sole head ol t
family, or any male over Is years ul
age, to the exleut ul oue-uuarter
section ol 100 acres, more ur less.
Entry must be made personally at
the lucal laud ullice (or tbe distrlul
iu which tlie land is silu«ie.
Thu homesteader is required lu per*
[.uiu tbo tfonditious coiiiR-uted then-
with under one ol the following
(!) Al least six luuutbx' resideuct
upou and cultivation uf tbe land iu
each year (or three years.
fi) II the father (or mother, II
the father is deceased), ul the homesteader resides upou a larm In Uie
vicinity ul the laud entered lor, Uw
re.|..ireineii.s as lo residence may W
satislied by sueh persou residing w.Ui
ll.e father or mother.
li) 11 the settler has bis permanent residence upuu fatuiiug land
owned by him in the vicinity ul his
homestead, tbe requirements as tv
residct.ct may be satisOed by residence upou tbe said laud.
Six mouths' notice In writilif
sliould lie given to the Cnmmissiuiiei
ul nonunion Lands al Ottawa lit intention lo apply (or patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at
S10 per acre (or soil coal and MO
for anthracite. Not. more than 920
acres cau be acquired by one Individual or company. Royalty at the
rate of ten cents per ton ol 1,000
pounds shall be collected on Uie
grown output.
Deputy ol Ike Minister ol Ik* Interim ■
CI RSI' ol' all we
' ask you to view
correct styles —
Fit-Reform sets the
fashions. What
appears in the Fit-
Reform Wardrobe
i.s accepted, without
question, by Can-
nda's well-dressed
Let i.s show you
sunie of the many
new Suits and Overcoat*-, for spring.
Cranbrook, B.C.	
Railway Equipment
New and Relaying Rails, Shay Cleared Locomotives,   ;;
Heislcr lieared Lucrmolives
Logging Cars and Trucks, Sawmill Machinery,
Safes and Vault Doors
tt'rl.cs im* prices nn.l Catalogues:
I Gorman, Clancey & Grindley, Limited \\
at    .„„._,,...   „  ,. SSO .111. Ave. West        7S0-2-4-0, -till Street
•P- M-l-SO.N, I.. 1 . CAI.UAIIY l'l.MONTHS, ALTA.
|   Pabst ! Pabst! Pabst!   j!
-Just received n OAR ..I' I'ABST BOTTLED BEER
lli,. BEER of QUALITY.
,. Whiles lie Wines, Liquors and Cigars
CKANBROOK, II. C.       -       ■       PHONE 17
v^n .^a^^.^^**^*r^*^*•** ^*^^.**^^.^^^^.^^.w^w^^^.^^.^^.*^.^^.^^.^^.*a
Masefac.srcrs e.
knughand dressed
^5.    Also all kinds ol
.liilfruy, Kymi anil
O.'.itilirooK, ll.O,
Head 0H.ce, • Craabroek
*»*••*****. *************ifi'W*
********** » *************&
****************** *******
1,1 s.-li-ot your
Now I lesions, Cilnriiins. Eta   <.
B. H. SHORT ii
The Pslnler. ssd Decera.or.
Wi. employ tirslcliiHH |i:iin1ers
.mil |)a|n-r lniup>rH
********************** ********************* 1
Try a   Cn.-M.- of
Two lio/fii  IMiiIn   %t.$o
IS I lllll   to  lliiiniii'Hs".    Tin'   fillOBl   iHiVOnigO  nn   tlio   nmrkrl
fur I'iiinilv a ic I Llll ilo mm.'.    lni|iiirlH vigor Hiui
lirallli, uml Loiiua up llii< 111 uly i;i-iii>nilly
llrcwcr, Oral.brook,  II. I!
A. C.   Bowness I
Wliolusnlo I .oiilur in
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
We make a specialty of giving prompt
attention to Mail Orders
******************* '
Murphy & Kisher,
Parliamentary,     Departmental    ai...
1'ateut Ollice Agents.
Practice Belore Railway Commission
Ctmrles Murphy. Ilarolil Kisher.
Crescent Lodge Nn. Sii
Cranhrook. B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at H p. di. at
New  Kra.rrnHy  Hall.
... ... Henderson, K. nl It. & s.
IV. A. Hollins, 0. 0.
Visiting   bietliit-ii  corillally Invited
to sliced.
I.6.0.P,    key Clly L«l|.
if**  No. 4!l, Ui-ets every
***% *$****%**  Monday     night     a.
New    Fraternity   Hull.     Sojourn-
IniS oddfellows cordially Invited.
I''.   If   Haines, Win.   I tail is,
N. .1. Si-n'y.
C r.lllll..nk I.iiiIkc, N„. ,1.
' V I*, a v M.
.1.   W.   HITLEIHIB
l.riiiliinle ol Ontario Veterinary
College, Toronto, in 1898.
lii'iulniite iiiii. Medallist ol
Mi-Killip's Veterinary College,
Chicago,... WW.
Mm.    years'    exiierienee    in
Veturinnry prnetiee in MunlUiha.
Office a. Cranbrook llolfl.   .
New and Up-to-llatc
Over tin-   Frost   liivi-stiiitiiit
Co.'s Olli.'i.
llcgiiUi iiu-ellnK. on
te. tiiinl Thunday
ul rvi-iy  month.
Visiting hreth.en welcomed.
S. II. Ili.sliins, W. M*
!•:. W. Connolly, secretary.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
, Meet every   Friday     evening at t
t|.*l...'; in Edison Theatre.
Thus.'Cole, W. I',
.'has. Smith', Secretary,
Visiting brethren cordially  united
.. '  CRANI.KOOK '
.    Meet at H. of' 1.   F. Hall 2nd   aud
-Kh-.SaUrd.ty each month.
. Visiting hrethd-n  always  welcome
-.      :' ...* JO. l.iitfiK.in; ,W. M.
" .li,li'li'Mi*i'.;iil(-lil*.in, lice. Sec.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
I      C, H. DUNBAR       J
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary    J
Public, Etc. {
Cranbrook,    •    -    11. C.   .
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave
Forenoons 9.00 to 10.00
Al.erliniins - - - 2.110 tn 4.00
Evenings - . - - 7..10 to 8.30
.Sun,lays ... - 2.S0 to   4,30
CHANKROOK :.    ::    .:    ::    B, C.
DEN! S r
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   ~ p.m.
7 to   8 p in.
Office nm. t'esiili'iiee mi A unstrung
.  oi-'i.'ici*: nouns:
■■* •'     •    'It to 12 a.iu.
•   1 to l6-.Ji.ni.
7  In 8 p ....
.(.Iti.-e in ney. 11-fl Ml... I.
C.tANUl.tfl.K' -       -'       - I
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms .villi Baths,   'I'liuu*. iu
every room
li-iiiiei* shop uu tli,, premises.
Thoroughly up to .hue,
Rales, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. I'. IVI*:I.I.S, Proprietor
II.  TOM KIN. Miinugei*
\ Old Curiosity
JOSEPH H. Mlt.iAN. Pr.iprltliir
All Classes of Secondhand (ionds
Fiirnil.no uf All Kinds, lull.
New uu.! Seeoml.hanil
Sage's Old Stand, Hanson Avenue
W. 11. H.-UI11*. Funeral l.irei-tar
Cranbraok II. I*. I'I,,,,,.   N„. S9
Ropnirii.K n Specialty
Aikt-i.s llloi-k. Craiilirooh
Be   Up-to-l)ate,   Get
thu Habit and
,; for j.sc.
Clint. McDonald's
Cigar Store, Pool Room and
Barber Shop
MASONIC  HI Oik     <     tRANHROOh
■ III 11111 ***************
.Ml B.C. LlNII Slum 'ks
', 'i',."\'.',"n'.r Cranbroitk, U.C.
' ,♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦
Neil   and :*,*.'..ifl I.ai. I     i lllll-
ilillil or  American null., i, .il.lil.it, '
uu .iilll.l.
Uuloruurus in Ciiiil.i.....   link
Memiiitilt! Co.. V.  Ilyilii  linker,
W,    II. Wilson  iiii.I lli'lil's Dry
< . (foods Store.    Ail.liei.ti :
P. o Bus Iuu*:       Calgary, Alia.
is now located in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to-
date and is modernly equipped
to do just the best work In All
branches ol thc tonsorial art.
Tlie French Dry Cleaning process
enables un to elran mens (funis, sails
Mini W dittos, ladies stills ami skirls
In stieh • a way tliut ttiey positively
look as.good as Dew.
Wl> -are exiii-rleneed dyers ami clean-
ers, tlKtrclorc, we do not reqiiiro to
send anything down east pr up west.
»™W\ J. LEASK, Tailor
Drink Home Beet
It Is Pure
It la Healthy
It Is the Beat
ft. Steele Brewing Co.
March 22nd, 1898, first issue ol the
Cranbrook Herahl.
May 1st, IK9K, St. Eugene hospital
at the Mission opened.
May 21th, 1898, firs. Queen's birth-
day celebration in Cranbrook,
August 23, 1898, the steel re.ictusl
September 2. 1898, post office opened,
September 8, 18118, passenger combination coach put on the train.
October Ith, IMS. lasl spike driven un the Crows Nest Pass railway.
lanuary 1st, 1899, Cranbrook i-
made a port of entry.
February .mi, 1899, ('. 1'. I| headquarters opened al Cranbrook.
March 27th, 1899, lirst murder committed in Cranbrook. I'. As.e, an
Italian, killed Edward Ryan hv
shooting. He was sentenced ti,
death, hut. this was commuted ... Ills
imprison ment.
F. E. Simpson.
September    13,  Lord  Min.,., p
nor -crucial visits Cra.ihr.Hili
September 2(i, 27 and 28, 19.11,
three days (air and rare meeting,
•luly isl, 1899, Cranhrook has
(list race meeting.
February 10th, lllllll, Kast Koute-
nay contingent Stratlieona Horse,
lelt l.ir South Alrica.
.lune l.st. 1900. death ol Horace
Brown, who started   .be Herald wilh
May 22nd,
IM killed.
November 27th. 1902
opens in Cranbrook.
Imperial Hank
■ Ijituurv
April 29th. 1903,
July   tith, 1903,
bounty begun.
O-ilpln's lire..
Frank slide.
May  19th,  190*1, government nfflci
moved to Cranbrook,
.linn- 2,  1904,     Mr.   Ryan sells ol
llu* Cranbrook hotel.
May 23rd.    1905,    C   I'   R   station
collapses, 11 injured
■ lune 1st.
I.liiivn in.
The Blue lodge of Free Masons w.is
instituted in Cranbrouk on Apnl 2iwl,'c    ... t
1990.     Ales. .Mofint    was    the    lirst     	
master. the membership ai thai
time Iieing 211. The present iiiasi,
is S Hosfeins and the membership .
The Royal Arch chapter was inst
tiit.tl September 23rd, lsiin. with
membership ol 10.    .1. F   Armstrong  Vallev
was the   presiding   officer.    The pro- [erincs
sent presiding officer is A. ll Fenwlck t,, n,,.
and   the membership is 61. lahnwid
Tlie Preceptory was instituted   IK- '
uiliei   Ith, 1906.     The first preccp-
I  was A. B. (.race.     The ineiiilier-
•ip was 20 ut that time.     The pre-
Marysville smeller
ovombe. 22nd,
beoomes a city.
ti.st  mayor.
f.   T
Itogers elect
I. i.s stated on excellent authority
that thu Spokane Flyer wil. be put
i.n again between tbe 15th and 18th
n( April. Tbis is excellent news
tu the peoplo along the line ul the
sent   membets-hip    is 34
Armstrong is the precept
nd .1.
The. Key City lodge ot I. O.
was Instituted in Cranbrook in
by members o[ the Nelson lodgi
K. Beattie was the first N. ...
F. E. Simpson the first V. (..
membership was then aboul 30.
present officers are F.  E.  Haines   \
II., V. S. I.iddicoatt, V. 0.1 IV. liar
secretary .uul .1. Alanning treasurer.     The membership at present
There will he    a special game    ol
basket hall   at the    Gym on Friday! meadow   land    north    ol my place,
night to close the season.    A   goodi with waler right, western slope, partly improved, Ior sale.    Must he seen
I have 21)8 acres ol good Iruit   and
game is promised. The boys hope
there will he a record attendance ior
the last game. The ladies have
heen asked to play again, hut prctcr
to wail until lhe (all, when it is re-
. r|ed that several ladies' teams
will he   on the  sohedule.    The Gym
'oiuiert will rake place on Thursday*
night, March the 2t*th. A splendid
programme is in preparation. All
who want a good evenings enjoyment
hould keep this date clear.
to tic appreciated, $25.00 per acre.
t have 80 acres south ol me, crossing
the valley, stream running through,
western slope. 1,0110 apple trees
bearing, on joining lot. Small Iruit
nn the place, partly cleared, crop ol
oats last (alt. Also spuds, beets,
turnips, onions, carrots, corn, tomatoes.    Cabin on the place.    Fenced;
This    lodge   was established
February     21,    19U7,   Mrs.   P
Dingman being the lirst N. G.,
Mrs. II   V. Parker, V. O., and
Ethel McKay, secretary.     At
sent there are over 80 members.
S. It. McLean being the N. O.,
T. S,   Gill, V.   O , and  Miss
-.ohiiston, secretary.
flie Knights ol Pythias instituted
a lodge In-Cranbrouk on December 1,
1903. The lirst chancellor commander was T. M. Roberts and the    m -
bership was 30, James Arnold
was the first keeper ol seals and records, Irom mo.1 to .9011, at which
latter dale he look the chair. The
membership then was 30. Today tin*
membership is 90 and the chaneelloi
commander is now W. A. Rollins
March 22nd
Missionary-   ,|.,y     MunM„-.    M,n.,e
I o clock.      The    Sunday school
'•'' -. ■   and .Mens Own      will
ig missionary meeting
Iternoon ,,i .. o'oloelt.   There
mn   he   recitations   and missionary
hymns,    and a  s|„„, a,„i Interesting
.ilk on the subject.    The parents   ol
[he children an* especially invited to
lu*   Iiieseiit      Evening service       at
Subject   loi    ihscouisc:  "The
' Ce Dn Bones."    The   ol-
"i   Hit .lay    will   be devoted
Mission work at home    and
abroad.     A henrn invitation    given'
10 .ill.    lhe hatl anient „f tta l.or(f*.s
•Suppci will ht administered      alter
the-service ntit Sunday week, March
-llh. in the morning.
Tuesday—Devotional service at 8
Halnosday-Epworth   league   social
■ne.ijl Dr. Connolly.
'Gymnasium concert   and
presentation oi cup     to the wiuuiu;
n.i-shei lull team,     Set other nonces
lol   pal titulars.
All Stylos and Cnlon     Mado on
Short Sotico
Armstrong Ave., Cranlirook
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦0«-v4 *?♦*-»♦
' In
rilJ» a PAPER CO.. LTD., UF
Tho Hiiiisli Can
Papm io., Ltd.,
nnw offering lai
second issue ui
Shares in blocks
sbat'u, eaoh mo sliare
Ijuihi.i   ul    13 sliai
tliitu Wood 1'uli,
-t \ ancouTor,
mbscrlpUon their
luu.ouu Prelerenco
l iuu at $1.00 pei
entitled to
ot    Preferred
At a recent church meetinn of the
Methodist members the following'
were eleolod to sit upon tlif quarterly board fur the new conference year
winch commences on May 1st: Mr.
I. E. Dickson, Mr. O. Reece, Mrs.
I R. MoNabb, Mrs. (J. Powell, Mrs.
E. Patmore, Mr. H. E. Connolly,
Mi. A. Vroon,.
$40.00 per acre.    Cash   only
will only he sold to actual settlers.
Nu speculators (save time) need apply. 1 give no options and caob is
the only thing tbat will tlo business.
They spent twenty thousand dollars
on the mines here last summer ami
'they ate a sure thing and Ihis laml
will double in price in two years, or
1 will return ' purchase price ami I,
pot cent interest if purchaser is nut
satislied in two years from time of
Fred Roo,
52-tf Elko, Ii
On* of the Best, Equipped Hospitals in Canada
Livery  *£
Teams and drivers furnished for my
polnl la Ihe district
A. DOVI.R, Manapr
.'ranbrook, I.. .'., Mar. Ill, .9.18.
p.-ar Simpson:
\,.thin,, advertises a town lor good
or evil Mt much us its paper. Cranhrook tins heen fortunate in having
iroui lhe la-ginning what is termed a
"good lively" weekly in '"The Herald." 11 llns always "Insisted"
I'lalibl.Hik, supported Its insliliiti.sis,
advertised Its advantages, und pre-
illcted its Iiilnii* Kep. at it lor ten
years and never gol weary ol the
nsk. Con.Iiiiii- .he good work and
may each succeeding birthday bring
you m.uc prosperity, a bigger circulation and a satisfactory hank account,
O. T. Rogers.
Everybody In tlw distiict will be
glad to hear that Mrs. Donohue has
won her law suit, ".lack" Donohue
dinj something like a year ago without a will and some of his relatives
disputed Mrs. Donahue's rights to
ills estate. Mrs. Donahue offered to
compromise on a hasis ol some $10,-
000 or -Mli.OOO, hut Ihis was declined. The suit came to trtol last
week in Calgary, and the plaintiffs
were non-suited, leaving Mrs. Donnhua
in lull possession ol some Olty
sixty thousand dollars.
A meeting ol thc Conservative association waa beld ln Mighton's ball
A lodge of the Lnval Orange order
was established in Cranbrook iu
November, 1901. The master at
that time was Thomas Boyter, the
membership Iieing 10. Today the
membership is 25 aud J. E. Larrigan
is the master. A Scarlet chapter is
to he instituted   shortly.
The Cranbrook Aerie ot Eagles
was established on .lanuary 25th
1905, with 05 members, and VI. ll
Hill as master. The lodge has now
150 members and Thomas Cole is
the muster.
A Nest ol this order was established in Cranbrook on November 28th,
191.7, with a membership ol lllll, (1.
IV. F. Carter being the lirst president. The president now is I). McLean.     The membership is 115.
Stock.       The second   issue is living
sold at the same . price as tile lirst
with the exception that the first IUU,*
Dili) carried a bonus ot 2a per cent.
This stoek is entitled to an anmial
dividend oi 7 per cent, i, c: Commencing November 1st, 1908, but
unlimited us        to        further
dividends. Alter ; per cetft
heen paid upon the
plclciicil anil common, huth sti-cks
Ihcioultcr participate equally, Pay.
slock are as [oilows: ie
pur tent on    application, ij per cent
lloiuieiit, balance in ■> tails ot Ju
e company have purchased a
largo ttacl ol land on Howe Sound.
2;', iniiii Irom Vancouver, .it the en*
iiiuiii- ..I K.iiiiy River, upon which
Iney lune been granted tl.e yvater
rights and where they alt now rustling woik on the first unit ol their
plant, 'i'he entire plant when complete will have a weekly capacity ol
ISO tons ol newspaper and 279 tons
oi wrapping paper. Mr. Sylvester il
Faulkner, ol the llrilisli Columbia
Trust Corporation, Vancouver, is
President ,.! the Company and the
te all well siiowu, substan-
s men of Hritish Columbia. 52*2t
lbe Dr.yia  ii „!i*irc-
prompili tu orders
AND M.iUN'.i l']i\f.
- reRuH.
<■ I-
■ Tin*: BEST i'f .'"Al.
■r- SI '. 'II ilir f Irom
, il i   ff   ■     , I.,.,.
.[.I.* i.. thi
um,*,. in  I r_hl.*,..._   [luid   ! V
. ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦♦♦♦•»♦
' i   l linn K  Iiu    IIUI SE
jI'IN'ii li
Pliont- 7S 1 i ni .- .y,,.
• *********************
last evening Ior   the elee.ioti ol officers    am.   other business.    The tot-
lowing were the officers elected:
Honorary President—A. 1.,-iteh.
President—D. .1. Johnson.
Secretary—... T.  Rogers.
Viee-Pr.'Siilents—I.   A.  Harvey,  A
Lei.cb, 'I'. D.    Caven, Wm  O'.leain,
I Wm   Small, .1. D.     MrHr.de and .1
I Hall.
Tlie executive committee consist of
I .be lollowing: P. Luml, Otis Staples,
|W. D. Hill, V. Hyde Baker.   .1.    A.
Harvey, S. .1. Mighton, A   II. Grace
and II. II. Short.
A large subscription was taken up
and il. Is understood thai 125 each
was subscribed hy the officers ol the
A junior Conservative association
was lormed but the officers have not
yet been announced.
■ ■   ■ I.	
The first school opened in Cranbrook was In the summer ot 1898 and
was an assisted school in a little
building on Armstrong avenue, airs,
Pinkham, then Miss Keoy, was the
first tcaoher, o..d there were about 8
pupils. At present the total enrollment Is 245 and the schools consist ol six rooms with a staff ol six
vcrv excellent teachers as follows:
F. R. Anderson, H. A., principal;
Miss Caldwell, Miss Taylor, Miss
Ross, Miss Hall and Miss Fraser.
Do not lorget the snap on Perleet
Pantry cabinets    at Patmore Bros.
Tbis brotherhood was established iu
1900 with .1. Buckley as the first
master and the membership was 9.
The present master is C. H. Knocke
and .he membership is 102.
This brotherhood was established
November 26th, 1899, when it was
called the Brotherhood ol Locomotive
Firemen, but owing to the fact that
so many engineers belonged to the
order the name was changed in 1997
by adding the word englnemen. The
first master was the late E. G
Brown and the membership was 19
The present master is -I. F. Sarvis
and the membership is "6.
This was established on the
"Crow" in 1902. Tbe first chairman
sras I. H. WlHson and the membership 0. Tbe present chairman is W.
Summerton, ol High River, Alberta,
and tbe membership is 30.
This society was established in
Cranhrook in 1902. W. Pette. was
the first chief carman and there were
12 members. G. D. Abbot Is tl.e
chief carman and there are 20 members.
This order was established in 1899.
The first chiel engineer was Thomas
Drummond and .ho members numbered Iwelve. A. that time the mem.
bership is lorty and the chiel enginert
is George Johnson
..aled tenders addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed -Tender lor
Uniting Post Ollice, Vancouver, I.
' will he received at this office uuiil Saturday, April 25, l'JUS, iuclu-
dy, Ior the construction ol a
heal iug system ior the Public Building at Vancouver, B. C.
Plans and specifications can be
seen and furins ol tender ob.aiu.sl on
application al this Department, Iron.
Mr. W. Henderson, Superintending
Architect, Victoria, B.C., and from
-Mr. Charles Tossell, Clerk oi
Vancouver, B. c.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
iiiadc on the printed lorm supplied
mil signed with their actual signatures.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, made payable to the order of
tl.e Honourable the Minister ul Public
Works, equal to ten per cent tlu p.
c.) oi the amount of tbe tender,
which will be forfeited if the person
tendering decline to eater into a contract when called upon to do so, or
if he tail to complete the work contracted for. II the tender be not
accepted the cheque will be returned.
The Department does uot bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
Dy order,
Fred Gelinas,
Department ol Public Works,
Ottawa, March 12, 1908.
;;Eoa sittings
1 SALE t
' - lilu.-    Barred    1  i
'J     Eggs, per selling
\ I 1'er li.i
i , Mammoth Pekiu '
■ 1      per 10
', '. Good ll.ii.lv -■■i'.
, , 11.00- per    hnnd.i
' . thousand — Ipi li
1 ssi
.. »•-, I*.. X
sge,        ♦
(2.00 t
v Hants. ♦
■ "■:
I            Silver Creek Ra,                 J
CRANBROOK,             -      U.C ♦
'*. ♦
Cranbrook Trading Co.
companies to inspect our
We have the real thing
you want for logging
Strongly Built
Specially fiuilt
You cannot find their equal
We guarantee them to give
A pleasure to show them
Prices Low
Flour and Feed.   Seed
Grain in Season
********************** **********************
Selling At cost.
This brotherhood was established
... 1991. Conductor Corev was the
firs, chlel conductor ol the order. At
that time the membership was only
15. At the present time there are
53 members and D. Hopkins is the
chief conductor.
This association was established iu
Cranbrook on May 17th, 1993, and
was organized by S. McDonald. H.
Eaklns was the first master and the
membership was 10. The present
master is D. McLean and the membership is 23.
This association has no lodge In
Cranbrook, but thc members are under the Jurisdiction of the Calgary
lodge. ... Batbis is the representative.
I.Ike the boitermakers tbe blacksmiths report to Calgary, where tbe
lodge is loeaM.
Exclusive Agent, Cranbrook: G. T. ROGERS
Tlm lown ol  HUIcrwl  in ■Hufttad wi'hin l«w thnt.
entruncoottlw Kraik mltio, within tUr^iimrwritot'*
', witlii*i thr.'"-<i'inrt
nf u nul- ol tV Staple Lfiil ii	
n oi ii milo of the Leltch Oolllerirt u4,*tthfapa*hfllfti
An hot i.iiuirTKN THOUSAND DOLLARS Iuu |u
liiriiilnri. i-t being iti.tnUeil 'IVl** are Mo-iidy fori.,
town The HILLCBE8T MINE fATROM. nv-riiin-.
$2.1,000 tier in intb, wlni.- llie eumtiinwl payroll o. tbe
town rill,* ll, iil.n.it
eon fl.-.
SIIMH per Moatb, All From Kites Within One Mile of Town
ptioaol bu will beannonnml sliortlr. Hill, i
k.-t for two.veitr* .nul Iiil* liy nil t.-Ht* |,rnv,i.
conl in I'linifl i.   It ImniHii whit* MD »'■■■ I»«l'!
.-uili Im* boon on
it iln. higtiwl ffTftdo
itely two from clinker
For further partlculara apply to
****************************** THE ORANBROOK   HKltALl)
Cleaning and
Neatly Done
any taste. •
Buster BrowM
Cleaning and
Neatly Done
Our Guarantee of Satisfaction or Your Money Back
:: Presbyterian Church:
Sunday morning service at 11 [
Sunday   evening    service   at ]
•   7.30 o'clock
. >   Sunday      .School  'ami     Bible
Class at 3 o'clock
Presbyterian   Guild, Tuesday,
ill (i o'clock *
and a
B. B. B.
solid comfort
The Tobacconist
I Fort Steele, one in a tent, the
uther in a. shack.
Although Cranbrook then, was not,
occupied uu important potation
because it hold Hyde V. Baker the
Pooh Hah, the Knhinson Crusoe ot
thu Selk Irks with his man Friday.
It was a pleasant oasis, not in a desert but surrounded with the possibilities in embryo ot a prosperous
Movie city was at that time tar in
advance ni Cranbrook. It boasted ol
an hotel and store. Tlie hotel was
a Ion Iml, but it bad a hoard lloor ol
wliieli the owner was very proud as
he had reason to be, tor he packed the
boards himsell irom Fort Steele, *i2
miles.     He laid tbe lloor when green
nd like all quick workmen be chose
witle boards, und the enicks were in
proportion when dry. Oue day whin
his hack was turned 1 saw all the
plates ami saucers, knives ami forks
disappear tbrougb the eraeks, tho
cups wero » little    loo bin, ho said.
II was a floor that saved tnnn >'i
sweeping up ii yon swept crosswise.
The most oxactlug guest was never
known to ask tot more ventilation in
the bedrooms, generous provision was
made bv presorvlnji tint openings between Hi.' logs in fliolr natural stale.
•Undid  UK
all* i
olonel *
in .'un
■s     .
lllllll*. 1
s   wl
0   each,
was a
net l.n
11*1*.  .
s every
ill*, 1,.*
uul li. >
i*li i n
mnnis 1
In- ni,-,
very valuable mining con
from the Sultan of Turkey at
loped a number of copper pr
in llial country. In IHH'I
linker joined his sou, V. 11 yd
niiadn, uud together they ,
i. llritisli Columbia, by w
United States, .coming int
with a pack tra:
nl. Idaho. First the colonel Look
la ml on Skookunichnck creek, Imt
s was abandoned the following
ir and what is now Crnnbrook was
rch.iscd. Farming operations were
mice begun and cattle and horses
I.-   brought    in.     Shortly      after
cssioiis classes in the community. He had a ing fo this, a kind and* sympathetic
d dove- faith in the future of Canada, British pioneer, then living at Crows Nest
iperties Culumbiii and Mast Koolenay, whieh lake, seeing the torture we Were un-
iloncl never (tagged and was never tired of dergoing from their attention, in-
talking about, the possibilities of thc si.sti-il upon our accepting a present of
country. A staunch friend, a gener- some marvelous remedy which he had
oils and honorable opponent, a man in his shack, consisting of oil of
of lhe greatest refinement aud cloves diluted whieh was to be np-
eotirtesy, he was a perfect type of plied on any exposed part of my
lhe old school English gentleman. . hody. We were very grateful lo
The memory of Colonel .lames Baker ' him' [or his kindness, because for
will live always in    Cranhrook, Kast about ten minutes    after application,
Kuotenav and British Columbia.
IM t.
lit al i
[■dit it
I .i
ranbrook, H. C, Mar. I,
• Crnnbrook Herald:
Sir: I beg lo acknowledge rc-
tf your circular letter uf recent
in wh ch you request the "old
*' to write you a line for pub*
.ti   in   your    tenth anniversary
m-xl brothel w;
did a grenl dr.,
planting liiduslri
stale of perfect li
grenl breeder of
Valentine Itaket
llaUi't Pnshn, wl
lohn H.ik.
» bring il
i Ceylon i
hormiglibreil h
l.i'ller   1 wi
was consider!
prlnit Milling nt Cranhrook (which
The by Iho way, was given lo the
who In ihe colonel in memory of li
ten home in Kugland).    Michael Phillips,
time,   w.is  tl
served  Willi
Turkish troo|
isll   war   ami
dar of   tho
hook "Clouds
known 1.i all stinl.
tal.     James Baki
tliis sketch    was
sides.     Sailor,  s
politician.     Hi- <
d the
Si r-
ihiid brother
tinction with
in the Knssi.i
erwnrds became
yptlnti army,
the Kast,"' is
nts of things Orion-
i", the .subject of
a man of manv
Idler, traveler and
itcml  the     Indian
Tobacco Plains, lold Col I link-   Im
that  he believed   there was    eoal   ih
lbe    Crows    Nest   Pass.      Colonel   111-
ier,    in   company   with the Hon. 11<-.
VV.  Aylmer and the Pernio brntli j nn
iinineiliately put  men in work nn I Im
■ I is now known as Coal Creek, i.t B'Ol
n pleased to lie classed as one of
the "old timers" and in that respect
comply wilh your request.
I came lo Kast Kootenny in September, 18117, and located iu Wardner
where I remained for almost one
year, removing to Cranhrook iu
August, turn.
Those of ns who located al Ward-
mi had great hopes of seeing the
C. P. It. headquarters located there.
In this we were disappointed, us wc
discovered that Cranhrook hail lieen
selected. In 181)7 Craubrook was
plaitically unheard of, but early in
lusl* we'were convinced this point
was to become the commercial center
id the district, and lhe members of
nut firm decided, iu order to protect
mir interest iu the district, to open a
hraneli licre. This store became the
head ollice of the firm and tbe mother
stoic al Fort Steele ami hraneli at
Wardner closed into the Cranhrook
stoic Our business has shown nn
increase each year and linally outgrew the old quarters, compelling us
to creel larger premises. It- speaks
volumes for Craubrook and district
when wc say .we have one ol lhc
finest furnished stores in the whole
of Canada. When 1 arrived in Cranhrook in August, 18(18, there were in
buildings on Baker streel and "i residences on Baker hill. Cranbrook has
I Indeed been fortunate iu never having
[experienced a "boom," yet 1 doubt if
any lown in Canada cau show more
progress than has occurred here during lhe past ten years. Tbe district
[nf South Kast Kootenay, I believe,
has resources which will compare
favorably with any pari id the
Dominion. She lias timber, fruil
! and farming lauds, mines ot proven
value, cual in unlimited quantities
• nml a climate which can nol l.e snr-
I passed I believe before another ten
I'years luivo lulled by we will BOO
| iiiani Inrgo orchards throughout tho
strict.     Wm.  Hamilton and others
I we were practically tree from annoy'
l aiice, hut, the color of our faces grad-
, ually began to change until our ar-
[livul in this beautiful valley, when
we looked more like Indians than
anything else. To make'things
worse tlie beauty and lhe fair of the
whole of South Kast Kootenay bad
gathered at Norhurv's ranch on
that day, and afterwards we found
onl ihat the question of the hour,
since our arrival hail lieen as tu
whether this was our natural color,
or whether we would look different ii
we were washed, and so on. (Ire
ted, beyond a doubt,
i llie soil and eliliiate are es-
allj adapted to fruil growing. J
lhat 1 have now occupied tint
ll of your valued time and space,
having such confidence In the
.f South Kast Kootenay as
navy at an early aire, hut soon exchanged the quarter deck for (he
charger, entering tho Royal Horse
Guards (the Blues) but on Ihe outbreak of the Crimean war he exchanged into the Kt li Ring's Koyal
Irish Hussars, with which regiment
be served throughout that
pafgn- Kolumlng lo Kugland,
peace was concluded, he found that
the volunteer movement had just begun and it. was he who Instituted Iln
Cambridge University   Volunteer   re
?Intent, one of lhe lirst iu Kugland.
le became the lirst. cnlnnol and commanded    thc   corps f.u    some   time.
prospccl    and lind   out     what      Hie I I have, it is always a pleasure to it
coal measures really were.     it    was   what 1 can     to advance her Interest.
soon demonstrated   thai  the    seams, fn closing I wish to congratulate you
Its were of   immense   size nnd the fields lot] lhe success vou have made ol vour
ell  were   eventually    sold lo the Crows! business.     I am sure vou have ' ae.
Nesl, Pass   Coal company.     The .IV|,omplisbed such magnificent rcsulls by
in ■ being broad-minded in your views and
a.;furnishing your readers with what is
•oiieeded to he one of the best week-
y newspapers iu the province.
Yours verv truly,
J. P. Fink,
oi eoal in paying quantities
the district made   lhe   advent   oi
lailway a necessity.    Colonel   Hal
worked   early and    late tn this end,,
which becamo a    fact in 18118 by lhe
opening of the Crows Nest Pass railway.     Whilst Ihis was going on, (he
colonel   hecame   a    member nt    the
provincial legislature.     This was   in
lKKii. afterwards becoming provincial
secretary, minisler of mines anil edu-
eam- I'litinn.     He continued n member    ol
when lhc house    until HUM, when lie dropped out of politics and shortly nfter-
ils returned fo Englnml where  he
Heal Estate and Insurance
Craiibriiok, B. C.,.Keb. 28, 11108.
Dear .Simpson:
Kast -Kimtenay has changed a
great deal since .lime, 1806, when,
latter coinbig through tho Crows Nest
1 Pass bv    saddle and pack horse from
Later he became possessed   ol   some liml   a    host of   friend
leslded, In Dorsetshire, until his Pinober Creek, we struck old Nor
lenlb, winch took place in August, i-i.mv's ranch ml a line Sunday after-
tut.. A man of th,. |||gi1Cs| prlp- noon. Imiklng and lecling very much
npies a haul worker, bright and I the worse for wear and tear, tile
lewd  business man, Colonel  linkerImosonitoca being perfect beauties and
•'It it be first 1 bad ever experienced. Add
cliil were missing. After he had his
breakfast he went out again on a
fresh saddle horse to try .and And
llu: missing horses. Grey bum did
imt come hack to camp that night
ii..r did he turn up the next morning. A search party went out aud
were unsuccessful iu Iheir search. In
the meantime a heavy snowfall had
laken place A haifbreed tracker.
la-Valley by name, was secured, and
he in company Willi Sergeant Percy
started out. ' After a number of
hours tbe haifbreed came across a
number of lumps of snow evidently
shed from lhe hoofs nf a horse that
was shod. The police horses were
the only shod horses in the country
at that time. Following up Ihis
K. Walts.)
st rugging   thr
io had
> hump:
(Hy a
In some parts
Cedar swamps when
sunk to their saddle
to Ih- relieved of tl;
thev could extricate Hn
(hose in lhe saddle had to i
and hop from log to log or 1
of higher ground and now and then
miss; and hit the soft spots, sometimes walking, riding or swlmlng, we
slowlv wended our wav through the
startling beauties of 'the most picturesque pass of Uw Rockies. Fortunately there was nol much <<i the trail
I'lintiiiig through swamps.
ing  feature  was the  rich
\ allev found Grcybnrn's fur    cap
and eventually his body shot thr li
lhe buck. There were about evidence-: of two Indians having done the
deed as the horse was found shot a
shoil distance awav. Two Black (not
Indians. Star Child and Pleasant
Kump were tried for the murder at
were those, everything ymi Fori McLcod buf there was not sillfl-
helougfd to everyone else. Yoii'cient    proof to   convict tbeift.     Star
wauled to borrow something, you I Child shortly afterwards was convict
just helped yourself aud allow the! eil of horse stealing and served three
teal owner to take It back again at j years in Stoiiey Mountain peniten-
his own convenience; if anything was jt [ary dying shortly after his release,
missing you knew at once that    you S nee those days the country 1ms. of
had b-nt it to somchndy. The question was "who has heen here lately."
A great deal of business was done by
1 raiting, that is, allow transactions
to go on Imt ween parties tor a long
time and then square up at the end
of three or four years. It generally
came out about oven. Then the
railway came, disturbing flic peace
and calm of the valley, not Dial- ii
wasn't' most welcome, and with it
came the change. Prospectors rush
iil Into the country und mining was
the absorbing topic and engaged the
attention of all. This passed away
leaving good work done, in the shape
of the St. Kugene, North Star. Sullivan mines and other developed pros-'
peels. Then came the rush for timber, whieh has also brought to stay,
a great many sawmills with large
payrolls, converting the products of
the earth info cash, and now we have
Die laud, the' best of all,'something
that cannot he destroyed. Onee
laud, always laud, improving in value
all the lime, and "fortunate is Unman who owns land iu this beautiful
valley, where almost everything will
grow, where prices are tip top,
Where the market is unlimited and
where the climate is superb and a
man can ride, drive, fish and hunt to
his heart's content and where can he
found as delightful a loi of people
as you could possibly wish for. Kast
Kuotenay has lieen my home lor the
lasl l:: ' years and il has certainty
treated ine well, and I thank Mr.
Simpson for asking me In give bim
something to put iu this edition and
for tlu' liuiini be thereby confers iu
classing me as au nidi liner, who are a
Kcpcrale ffcuii ol each country, and
to be held hi respect, tbey are a cut
and dried specimen of humanity, their
faults and good qualities ale known.
Vim know wbal they will do and
what ihey won't do, Ihev don't, gel
mad and ihey don'l fight, if they
do, (hey are creating a breach of old
time etiquette aud should he suspended from Ihe order.
Again thanking you, Mr. Kdilor,
Ydirs faithfullv.
1-:. Klwell.
p. ii. Moitnis
Crnulirpok, B.C., March 17, 11108
Dear Simpson:
lu reply to your request for a
few words trom old-timers lor the
tenth anniversary edition of the
Herald, perhaps an incident which
occurred in 18711 neat old Fort Walsh,
where 1 was stationed, as u member
of the Northwest Mounted police, at,
thai lime, may he ol Interest. To
save hay, it wns the custom to herd
the police horses day and night, driving them in morning and evening to
he fed oats. Trooper Grnyburn, a
son of Captain Grcyburn, of Ottawa,
was the night.herder on one particular night, hi the fnll of 187-1. He
drove lhe horses in as usual in the
morning and it   was lound   Uiat sev-
cotirse, developed wonderfully. I am
a great believer in the future of the
Cranbrook district, along the lines of
fruit growing and mixed farming, so
much so, in fact, that you could not
drive me away Irom here. I wish
you and the Herald many happy returns of the dav and everv success.
Yours faithfullv,
F. R. Morris.
Ho lei Proprietor
Cranbrook, B. C, March 5, 1908.
Hear Simpson:
1 want lo congratulate the Herald
and yourself upon your tenth anniversary. 1 came to the mountains Orst.
in '|88*» and to Fort Steele in 1K!)2.
Cranbrook's Firsl    Hotel   Proprietor
vegetation at an altitude of over
4.(lllll feet, except for nhoul 00 miles,
where a forest lire had burnt all up
including the old bridges, consequently it was necessary to ford nr swim
the streams. When crossing one ot
these where it enters Ihe Klk river,
two of our pack animals were swept
off their feet and carried down the
Klk. They had all our blankets and
extra clothing. Wc never saw thcui
again. The nights were rather chillv
without blankets, and the only city
in the pass in those days (nearly
eleven years ago) was Fernie, which
consisted of a small hotel a.i.l ;i st in:
iii a tout, with no bargain counter
but we reduced their stock -it blankets.
Only the pioneer keenly appreciates
llie difference between then and now.
We slaried Irom Calgary with twenty-two pack and saddle hmscs. In
twenty-six days we arrived where
Craubrook now stands. Less than j laud
two years afler one could hoard      a' acre.
Pullman at  Craubrook and arrive in, cli
Calgary the next, morning. lu the, Ihis
days I speak of, lhe only signs of a do a
nucleus of a future city or town along | Imle,
anie to   the District 22 Years
That landlord was a philosopher, lt
saved glui . -uo nml for windows.
The onlv drawback was the snow-
drills on the bed after a storm, lt
was a picturesque place and uo doubt
very comfortable iu the summer, but
1 slaved there during November and
At that period tlu* total payroll ou
all lhe workings at or near Moyie
would In- about $2Q(H) per annum. A
very few years after thai the payroll amounted to neatly a million
dollars per annum.
At the lime spoken nf James Cronin, ito original owner, had two men
ai work on the si. Kugene, and the
hi si lime I met him he was himsell packing supplies up In the mine.
Thc leader can compare the hotels nl
loilnv and ihe work going ou around
Moyie. Tin' Si. Kugene has 18
miles of underground work, and down
uu feel  below    Iho level of        the
kc.     anil     has   in sight the largest
dies of char silver-lend ore nu the
If space would permit I could tell
vnu a long romantic tale id bow the
iml lei hied hv You Yel t helm, in
Johannesburg,    Smith   Africa, which
led ihe head of the linn nl Barualn
Bros,, switched one million dollars
from coming my way in a deal fnr
the SI.  Kugene.
The development of Movie In so
short a time is marvellous and the
same may he said nf Fernie, but iu a
lunch greater degree, anil ol Cranhrook and many other towns that
have iu recent years sprung up like
magic nu the Crows Nest line—and
all without booming, simply by the
legitimate expansion of industries.
Throughout the N. W. T. there is no
district can hear comparison wilh the
Crows Nesl, none thai has produced
such enormous wealth in a similar
area. Nor has the value ol the
land in tiie N, W. T, increased iu
equal ratio In B. C. lands where
(he value has been made known by
practical demonstration and advertisement. For instance, the laml
around Kootenay lake was deemed
practically worthless, and the pick
f ii could he obtained a few years
since for $1 per acre. It is nnw
selling fur $1000, and some Improved
' md hns snid for $2000.00 per acre.
The earning capacity of land nr
ni thing    else   decides its value.     I
ii quote authentic eases of fruil
producing $imui to $1500 per
I do not wish to Introduce loo
"ego," hut any person doubting
an como and see what we can
Waltshutg, at. Willi feel alitor seo what Father Coccola did
.111-   .
"ine fr
mi 1
to the
nn v
ol fern
e, W
Since I lieu Ihe country has changed a
grenl dial and there are not a greal
many of il Id timers left.    Among
those who were in the valley at that
lime were William (Inndridgc, linger
Moore, Pat (/uirk, (leorge Bohertv,
Have Grillith. Peler Boyle, Bob Mathers, lbe Fed wick boys, lhe lale Boh
Ill-war, one ol the discoverers of lhe
Wild Horse placers and wlio came lu
in I MM, Jack Weaver, (afler whom
Weaver creek is named), Tom Roberts, now nf Elko, and many others.
I believe the Herald has done a lot ol
good work iu upbuilding Cranbrook
and the district, and I wish vou every
possible success.
Yours truly,
George Hoggarth.
I lhe Mission, or Mi. Hamilton al
Cranhrook. \tid in Kast Kootenay
aie Iiu ml litis ol thousands of ucres
capable o| producing lhe same value
in f i nt I wiili an illimitable market
at   oui   doois.
Many of ns -sav things." hul the
man who In ol vnfiie lo bis country is
he who - does Ihings," How much
does  llu- out ade woild know of    lhe
1 11
llln**,  .in.l   lhe uolden  o|i|tollmi
,1  llns ii.lintll?
.ul.l   surliest,   thai   au   Ol'Klllllial
lu- in.uie I., muko known yylial
moll)  is    in lli.it and      othi'i*
ll it
'1' , clilois ol local |i.i|>cls
..-I.    energy in that  direction,
mill  Inl-, lhe local s-ini.
local H...mis of Trade    i-ontain
hiilli.iiil   men,  hut  lliey . keep
then light carefully hid under a bushel, lhe lusler of Iheir brilliance Is
lusl. We gel im results front their
ahi'lty. If Ihey ale slim 1. on that
let ihem cultivate gall. It sometimes
does as well If not irrigated tint
Pessimists are afraid we have
reached tho climax of prosperity.
The pessimist, or In use the more
elegant expression of our editor, "Hie
knocker," is of no use to himself' nor
his country, Ho should remain
quietly where he belongs, the poorest
.      , ,,,   ,, ,    »nd Moyie.    I omit Fort Steele   lie- residitm of t-he   population, and hear
NOIH K:  SIOLhN    OR STKAH-.D cause il  is nnt on Uio line, although in mind that the world loves a man-
1 il was then, the natives thought, lbe ly man.     lie is tbe optimist,   whoso
From Wardner. March 7, ono roan huh of the universe, the only town hi smile acts as a tonic, when dlffieul-
cow, age four years; long horns; both lhe Kootenays that has had a boom ties crop up. If he canmyt surmount
ears   clipped, brand     X on shoulder, and felt, its after effects. them    he goes    around, under       or
Anyone giving information or return- At. that lime the boom was in full through thorn. He believes his coun-
swhig, not houses enough for the try is 1ho best on earth. II he
populai inn and hundreds living under didn't be would get out. Of such
canvas. Two of Cranbrook's leading stuff the mighty Empire builders are
barristers   of today were   practicing made.
I). A. McDonald
Hotel Proprietor
ing (he same will lie rewarded.
S. .1. Harrison,
Wardner, R. (
Box 5. 52-af


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