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Cranbrook Herald Sep 15, 1911

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We are wall equipped to
turn oui the beet class
of work
in the Herald Pays—Try
Our    Loral    t'oltuniiH
10c. ti Hue
>tO. .'15
Open Letter to Hon.
Richard McBride
Sir: In common with many others
who imvo iiml following tho political
u It uu tion in this country. I have lm-
j'.un to wonder if vou ndetittntoly ap*
inclit'tid tin* dangers surrounding tlu*
ci ni so which, lo my mind, you heedlessly arc lietil upon pursuing, I
have not tlm honor of your acquaint
iiiut, hui current history has credited you witli considerable political
sagacity, and your numerous ottlog-
isis describe you as one whoso earn-
••st desire is to advance the bod Interests t,f the province over whose
destinies you have Itccn called upon
to preside.
Vou have been first minister of
liritisli Columbia (or six or seven
years, and ihe experience you have
Imtl in thai capacity must have been
of Inestimable value. it It lias
taught yni anything, it is tho elementary tact that only those measures which promote Ihc happiness
and prosperity of the people are worthy the attention of our public men
and nothing is so rain or derogatory
to the general ucod as political expediency, opportunism and the so
called general party strategy which
nourishes so polsonously iu the ward
politics of corruptly governed countries.
If yon have not attained that state
of in imi which regards actual ac-
ehieveiiu'iit in the interests ot Ihc
country as something which trans-
cowls all considerations cl personal
advancement or political cia'.Ulton,
your whole public record is r.othlng
hut a breath and some day yet) will
have descended to the sorrowful obscurity of the fa len star, and sonic
other human sky-rocket will blaze
forth   in your plan*.
Today then1 is an issue of the
greatest importance before the
people of Canada. Vou have decided
to take om* side with all the inilu-
(iiec at your Command, In all seriousness I ask if you gave to this
subject tlie careful thought ai.d study
ii deserved before you leaped Into
the struggle? Did you earnestly consider the possibility of freer trade
relations between Canada and tlie
I nit. (I States being in the best in-
tcresta ut this country? Have you
ad pted the viow that now is the
time when a public man occupying a
high position in the laml should be
hifl enough to put tbe welfare of the
state above part) pain cr personal
political glory?
When Mr. Ridding, the Canadian
finance minister, presented tbc reciprocity proposals to parliament at
Ottawa, two courses lav before you.
One was to wholly refrain irom participating in what belonged to the
tictil ot federal polity. Vou could
have taken the ground thai tbe man)
weight] problems Involved in the
administration ■•( affairs lu youi own
province required youi   undivided at
lenli-'ii.     Vou COUld Inivc pointed OUt
to the organisers ol tbe Conservative
part) al Ottawa tbal you were doing youi dutj !'*' th*' whole b) up
lifting the fortunes ot mi Important
pari Lcl n*- lupuosc thai i« a pro
rtnctal election tne tederal govern
mint threv tin* weight ol it- Influ
ence against youi party, wouW *.<»t
not Indlgnantl) resent it and en-
deavoi to make political capital on
the gruind of Ottawa Interference?
You iurIj would do so, ami yet,
without the slightest compunction,
mu ni once aligned yontacll ami
youi strongs*! political apnelea "ti
a federal question nsjalnsl a lederal
government,   apparentli enterUlnlog
lhe Lit s Idea lhal a VTOAg agttna-f
you heeomes a nub' foi you
Itut on the presumption ih.it you
considered it youi dutj to partlcl
pate in tin*, federal struggle, whal
eonalderatlon did you gne this nn
portnl mattei below you determln
111   10   ll.. so'      Hill In'l studj   i>  foi
yourssll Irrespective ol tin optMon "i
the part] caucus nf OtUwt, or did
vou deem   it im ibenl upon     you
in. nh to Oppose the pioposltlon In*
i hum* it einati.itvit from lhe govern
meat ol Sir    Wilfrid   l.auiiet'     R*
membei that underlying the tlsonl
problem now before Un people there
iv n great outstanding principle
which iici rt lhe very root >( iy
man or ogress. You cannot be hlii-d
to tlie IssuCi ll is not a question
of party triumph or the polittral
promotion ot individuals. It is the
old, battle -scarred question of whether public measures shal Ih* in the
inlerest 11 the ninny or tie tew.
And yet, absolutely unmindful of the
nh ions laet that lhe removal of taxation must lie beneficial to the many
nlthouhh it may impair tin* nnaiirlal
el renins lances of the tew, yon, regret tabty, have set your approval
Upon the puerile nttilude ot the Conservative eandidnte here, Mr. A. S.
GoodeTO. ami today are doing your
iitmoHl lo elect hlm.
I None knows notice (han you Ihat
thu Coiiservativc leader at Ottawa
I was not' opposed (o reciprocity at
Iirsl, because lie was coiiversaiil  with
'lhe political history of Ihis ci try.
| Vou were nl (Mlnwii on your route
I to Km-.l.iiiil and on your return. Vou
have fretpiout correspondence \\ [Ui
prominent)   men of your party lu lho
federal capital.      Vou     st Know,
you cannot help knowing;, tlml it was
Mr. Borden's evident luke-wartnness
Im. (he stibjccl which drew upon his
head the wrath of the high protee-
. Mon is I interests of Montreal and Toronto, of Sir Hugh (irahain, Ilo-
dolph Forget, and that inordinately
selfish junta of capitalists ii. Toronto
who fir years have been fattening
.upon the profits of the protective
.system. Vou know that when it wus
■decided, under pressure, to attack re-
jctproclty, the heavy artillery was to
.■he the insincere loyalty cry, and you
know, or should know, Dial those
.who inspired that absurd wail arc
men who have nc adequate appreciation of the meaning of tho word.
Your own party organ in Victoria,
tho Colonist, in ,a series of well-considered articles, rebuked the self-
1 dubbed putriots and iu its calm ami
j lucid moments, now somewhat rare,
; I regret to say, would he the first
!to exhibit its contempt for a politl-
,cal argument, if you can ca:t it
such, ot that character.
j Have you studied the history of
your party? Have you read tho
speeches of Sir John Macdonald, Sir
John Thompson, Sir Charles Tupper
and Hon. Oeo. K. Foster in favor of
reciprocity between Canada and the
[United states, on precisely tho same
Iconditions us those contained in tlie
present agreement? Have y0u bad
.time in the multitudinous duties engaging ymir attention in the province
|*o study the National Policy of the
Conservative party and the Tariff
I Ad of 1804, both cherished by your
stalwarts like lhe Ark of the Covenant? How can you, then, in lho
Hghl of that past and your knowledge of the Inside history of the
present, oppose this proposal f,.i
freer trade with the t'niteti States?
| Hut |eb us suppose that your attitude is the result of profound study
ami mature consideration. Then,
whal unrestrained recklessness was
it that caused you to proclaim your
belief, not ii. A moderate tariff, bi 1
in a tarifl higher ihan ever, as you
did at a recent political picnic'
This, inu said, would In* your policy
when the Chited States decided In
favot ol tree trade with Canada, i
And it difficult t* believe that you
wen* al all serious when you made
tin- announcement o! your ideal fiscal
poHcj Bui us a public man vou
must know that ii is highly impolitic, in fact, dangerous, (o give
expression lo undigested 01 Ill-considered ideas upon an) subject. The
daily press informs you that Ihere is
it widespread  revolt againsl tbe pro
bCCttve system JI    ovei   the     world.
Three elections in (treat Britain and
the eongfesslonal elections in the
United Stales last fall establish,*.!
this beyond Hie shadow ,,[ doubt. Iu
those two countries the .iwiagc individual ilmpi j desires the righl to
live as comtortabl) as he oan and he
emphasised that desire In the ballot
boi \nii ni, with those red Ian
leins tianuliiii; bifoie your eyes, you
j tell us thai .iin 1 ihc prople of the
1 nited States, roused t.i desperation
hy the ptedaoious activities ol
I greed j trusts and combines, have do-
aided    to lei    down llu tarifl wails
ami hml tl.em hum iheir throws,
VOU   Would    adopt      the  leai tii.nan.
ihe actually cruel policy, ol raising
Um laud barricades and creating a
tiusi nristoorac) in ihis country.
Whal was iln  attitude of Mr. Haul*
tain, leader of the Conservative
part] in Saskati hew.in'' lie is an
i$ngllahman bom. but bai lived in
('iittud.i EMU] years He knows the
wesl and with ull his great ability
for years has labored to promote tbe
■Bare of its people, lie, loo,
knows ihe history if his party, but
wiib vastly different understanding,
lie supported reciprocity in the Saskatchewan legislature. He placed
country Ntfore party. He was not
dominated by the financial Interests
ot Montreal and Toronto, and defiantly said that "lie did nol care to
learn his loyalty nt the feet of Ihe-
Gamaliels ol the Kast." Mark these
words, Mr. McBride. When the smoke
ot this battle has lifted, the only
Conservative of prominence iu public
life In Canada, whose political light
will nol have hi*en extinguished
wil be Mr. Ilaultain. Moreover, the
most formidable opponent ihc Liber-
ill in future years will have will
lie this limn, because he realizes Ihat
to succeed, the Conservative party
must not walk rough shut over    Ibe
" Kootenay Is For King"
Great fleeting in Fernie Makes This Fact Abundantly Clear—Wage Earners of Crows Nest Pass
Alive to Their Own Interests
Fernie, Scptf 11 —Lasi night's
rally in lhe Interest of the candidature of Dr. King, of Uranhroolc, was
by far the largest ami most en-
Ihi.siast lo pi I il leal yH he ring e. er
held in Kootenay. Tlie meeting t.i
tlie night In-fore, at whicli Premier
Meltridc, Hon. W. it. Ross, and the
flowery talker from Itosslatrd, Mr.
(Ioodevc, tlie candidate who stands
against ihe opening of tho markets
of this great coal producing dis-
tclci to lhe people without restrictions upon the necessities of every
iluy life, large as it wus, sunk into
Insignificance when compared willi
the crowds whiciT turned out through
rain and mud to greet ami listen to
King, who is for Kootenay*
Long before the time for opening
tho meeting it became evident that a
hall which was big enough to accommodate the aittH-crowd of the night
heft re, would be entirely too small
to hold ihc gathering crowd lust
Mr. Diithic, the chairman, announced to the people in the Grand
theatre, which was full to overflowing, that ii was lieing arranged to
open the Fernie opera house for the
accommodation of the hundreds win
could not gel into tlie Grand. He
stated tbnt Mr. M. It. Macdonald
wi uld address lhe overflow mooting
at lho Fern.e, while Dr. King spoke
to tlu* vast assembly in the Grand.
At the close of I)r. King's address,
he went to the Fernie, ami Mr.
Macdonald came over lo take tho
doctor's place on the Grand platform.
No such a meeting has cvet? been
assembled at a political gathering in
the Koolenay. Two opera houses
filled with people, who were unmls,
takabty in harmony with the speak
t rs of the evening, was the answer
given to the mooting ol the night
before, when but one lull was filled
with a turbulent, dissatisfied audience
which showed •unmistakably, its hostility to the cause, or rather lack
of cause for which the distinguished
speakers ol that occasion pleaded In
The fun began early in the day
when the Liberal candidate arrived
from Michel and was mel at the
station hy the Italian hand and a
throng of peo'ilc who marched ti
tbe  hi tel with their candidate.
Again, al si\ o'clock lhe baud wa*
at the station to meet n s-Jecial
roach from Craubroi k bearing a delegation of enthusiastic King supporters.
With a banner benring the campaign cry. "King for Kootenay," at
the head >f the procession, it again
marohed to ti-*1 hotels followed by
hundreds of people.
••Kin: f"i Koolenay," was on the
banner, it was on the lips of Ibc
people, and     lasl   night  it  was plain
(Special to the Herald!.
to be seen lhal "King for Km tc-
nay" was in Uw hearts of the greal
throng Unit gatlkorod to listen to
the plain talk of the speakers. Dr.
King makes no pretentions to oratory,      lb* confined himself lo what
lie called llle sole issue of Ihc campaign, reciprocity, and while nol being ashamed nj all of Die Liberal
party, its principles, which be heartily endorsed, or its greal leader, one
ul the greal statesmen ot ihe age,
yet In* refiiBcil lo he considered n
candidate, for Ihc house of commons
upon any oilier Issun, except that
which is directly at stake, and foe
which alon:1 lie asked the support of
every voter in the district of Kootenay.
Void of all semblance of polities,
the candidate spoke for an hour, never rising above a conversational
ti nc, never once striking a declamatory attitude. The (lector went into   the details of the proposed trade
[pact, dwelling especially upon those
portions of it whicli deal directly
With lhe everyday life of the people
li    whom he was talking.
• lie was grcelcd with a round ot
applause when Clraiomnn Duthto introduced him, which compelled him
to stand wailing for iis subsidence,
before   he could make   himself heard.
;   Again, at tli"  close it was repeal
ed, and    the candidate sal down after  having   convinced     his    hearers
that   he   wus on   the    right side <f
the   righl question.
At litis polnl iu lhe proceedings,
Mr. A. I. Fisher, u favorite speaker
with Fernie audiences, spoke for 20
minutes, dealing with I he Yen ilie
[•light Hour Labi r bill, a subject
which he proved to the satisfaction
of his big audience, hud beeu deliberately juggled with by Mr. Gcodeve
in an at tempi ti ilslead tht wurfc-
ingmen of this district into the belief thai the Liberal governmenl al
Ottawa hud undertaken to mutilate
and destroy that bill.
Mi. Fisher had the whole of
Hansard to quote from nnd made
ii perfectly plain to the audience
tbal Mr. Goodeve, after promising
over liis own signature to produce
li, full tt. the District Ledger the record In relation lo the Taylor Incident in the house ol commons,
thai that gentleman had sent only
n portion ol Hansard hearing Upon
ihis matter,
Turning to J. W. Bennett, the
tiUtor ol the Ledger, who occupied
a seat on the platform, that gentleman confirmed Mr. Fisher's statement, and Mr. 0 leve, by offending
in the Iirsl instance and repeating
the offence upon his second visit tr,
Fernie, bus lost any chance, if be
ever hnti one. of receiving the votes
of the working people ol this soc-
lion 1 f     the tlistriet Mr.   M. \.
Macdonald closed the meeting, so far
Inspector Tom Wilson's Verdict on Fruit Grown
at St. Eugene Indian /Mission
needs of tne democracy.
\nn have many admirers in this
count r] wlio regret tlmt you did not
lake the statesmanlike course, stand
shoulder to BhOUtdet with Mr, Haul
tain and remain true lo llie policy
and the aspirations ot tbe nation
builders 11 ihe past which youi party gave to tho country, They regret that you have closed your eyes
to the needs of lhe ordinary volet,
the harassed consumer, ami concentrated your ga/e upon tho gilded
plutocrat, Vou were nol in the
protectionist net like Mr. Dorden,
you were a free lance, responsible
only for your provincial administration to the peoite of this country.
VOU need not have boarded the Armada eipiip|ml hy selfish interests
.imi laden with as much arrcganco ns
Ihat mighty (leet which went down
before the "wooden walls" *f old
England, Vou need not have vaunt.
ingly assured ■ "Gamaliels of the
Kast," to use Mr. Ilaultain's words.
tbnt llritish Columbia would return
seven oppt tieiiis of reciprocity, he*
cause that was a gratuitous insult
to the people who made you whal
you t\re. This is not.ancient Rome
ami you arc not a Caesar.
! This prediction I make: It Is as
Certain as the process of the suns
that the people of Canada will endorse reciprocity. It is equally certain that those who have gone Into
the light against It have staked their
political lives and you, sir, cannol
possibly escape t he common continences.
as the appointed -speakers f,,r rcclo-
roclty were concerned.
Mi Maodonnhl is as fluent a speaker as is Mr, Cloodeve, with tbo added advantage oi being able lo complete his arguments, as he passes
along, leaving 110 thing in he ex [tallied,
lie wenl over lite history of reciprocity from federation to last Feb
riiary, showing thai the Consei votive parly had hehl to Uml pollcj
from the beginning nnd lhal tiny
were officially on record ns favoring
it, Inr.ing enacted a proviso that at
any lime the United States saw In
to nuet them, they were prepared io
enact the very agreemenl which
ihey now so vehemently 1 ppoSe
I After Mr. Macdonald closed,
amidst prolonged cheering, Mi
Gray, a workingmau who had drawn
down upon his devoted head lite
anathema of Premier McBride, the
night before for speaking In whal
the  premier  chose to term Insulting
language of the llag, look ihe    ll	
and spoke for a few moments with
a feel ft ig which was contagious, gel
ling back al lhe premier hy saying
that the man to be ashamed of himself was he who was prostituting
lhe ling, which he pretended lo re
speel by debusing il to such a use
as that gentleman ami his pollticil
co-workers were than; iu this cam
I A most significant Incident ol the
cening was the remarks ol J W
Bennett, editor of the District Lod
ger, who closed ,1 short hut pith)
little speech hy saying to the work
ing men that while he was not In
sympathy with cither ot the two
parties in this contest, yel this trade
pact was a distinct advance fit the
right direction and all people should
lake advantage of every opportunity
to aid in lhe advancement ot the
goml of the whole country. Ni mil!
cant words these, meaning much
coming as they do at tbe close ol
what bus been considered b) some
.1 most uncertain campaign
"King for Kootenay" may now he
changed to "Kootenay is fir Kin*,"
as a result of 'he greatest rail]
ever held in the district.
The new feeling which is Indicated
to have sprung up as a r- suit ol
this direct appeal to the home In
tercsts d our own peo||c may bc
said to mark a new era In th*
political life of the district.
I Mr. Macdondd, in answer to a
question from u man in the aud
iencc, made a happy allusion to the
harmony existing between lhe laboi
party  and the   Liberals iu Kngland,
; paying a glowing compliment to
Lloyd George,  whom he declared   t •
j Ih* the leading statesman in Greal
Big Tom Wilscn, the well known
provincial fruil Inspector, who, In-
1 ideiitally, gives an eye to Indian 01
!chords, was in town yesterday, having paid .1 visil to the St. Eugene
Mission,     in company      will.   Indian
'Agent !!. |. t, Oalbralth. Mi
Wilson   was quite enthusiastic    ovei
j the  mm be h.i.l si en out al Hn- Mi-
sion.       lie said it     was "tl nly,
what I could call, full crop, that I
hnvo seen 1 n my iravi ts through
B.C."    The frull was all ol excellem
jt.ualiiy.   Mr  Wilson said lie had    en-
jjoyed a few moments verj Interest
ing chat with the Sisti r Superior,
In charge al tho Mission, and hod
stronglj recommended hei to ■--1 hei
frull mi io iln- market, well packed,
as quickly as possible Mr. Wilson
had noted with Interest the real dis
played bj the Indian boys in looking
iici the trull .md noti >l .1 decided
inprovcmcnl over theli   former nkjl
World Wide Work
OF The Field Officers Of
Salvation Army.
The extant to which tha Salvation Army lifts grown is strikingly
demonstrated when it cotnrstotho
presentation of reports i»f its operations.
Por year by year, it becomes
more difficult to givo within the
Unnulsof a single volume anything
npproaohing an a (equate survey of
llie posKloil. This work tuny OQ
leriuet] 0 self -sacrificing work, es«
poclolly on the pari of those who
occupy positions as Field Officers
Tlm uiscrlptlon of a Field Offi.
cars duty puts a verygreatdeal into n very few words:-
Tbe Field Officer la not merely
sent to shepherd tin- branch of Army Soldiers whicli he mny lind at
his corps; to him is committed the
spirit uni responsibility of the
whole town, or part of n town, in
which he is stationed, ile is
there to preach in the streets to
the people who will not |^o to
ehurcli. and by overy lawful menus
compel them to noma to his hall
for help at closer ratige.
Ho is there to visit the sick at
any hour of Hie day or night, to
seek out the drunkards, to encourage nnd lift again the weak who
Imvo fallen.
Ho is there to answer letters
from anxious mothers, and to hunt
up straying sous and daughters, to
instruct tlu> children* to rebuke
sin. to n is" money for the further-
ante of Aiiuv work.
In notable outbreaks of infections diseases autl catastrophes, )><
ministers comfort and help t«' thi
Borrowing and bereaved.
The Probation of OtTeiidors Act
! brings request that our Officers
will net as Probation Officers,
which of course they nre glad li
do whenever their otlier duties, will
I allow.
The distress commilteo. so	
what naturally, seeks tho membership nnd help of the Army ( Ifiln r.
which work adds appreciably t--
the overburdened daily programe,
And it is pleasing to know, nfte!
this setting out of iheir ChrisUlike
Iwork that there are B.680 Field
Officers engaged in Corps Work
in the Salvation Army.
I For the assistance of those en-
i gaged in the work, a week lias been
set apart, Sept. 18th to 25th, during which collectors will nail
■ ufiou every one in town.    Vou an
asked to contribute as generonslj
as you can.   Everything yon contribute wilibedevoted entirely to
the support of the Field Officers.
»  ■
The Edison orchestra ran supply
you with the best music for dances
and social functions. Latest music.
Piano, violin, comet and drums Apply  Kdlsor. theatre. 32 tf
Winter Seed Wheat in Stock.
Cranbrook Trading Co. 80 SI
The    Rebecca lodge will cive       n
dnnee in     Masonic   hall    Septembsi
(iood Mason A- Uisrli Pinna to
rent from Sept, 11.—Apply Hox It.
Herald office. if*
in this work The orchards genor-
allj were extremelj free from any
dangerous Insect pesl - There was
also .in entire absence ol fungus, except whal could be kept undei control by ordlnarj methods. Undoubted!; - ■ Indian children are profiting
to a marked extent bj the Instruc-
thej .. reci I* ing tn hortlcul
Mi   Will ii    u :.* on to Creston lo.
da) at ■'■   will spend some time look*
irda in thai loealltj.
j   In   course of   general conversation
relative fruit j rowing in     this
district. Mr.   Wilson -.ml thai in his
•rva following varieties ol
apples had proved ihe most Battsfac-
i ton *.• low Transparent, Duchess
ol OMi •■■'■<: .. Wealth) ami Mexand
er. The best varieties ol crabs
wei e Wealth) and tbc rransoend-
(Hi   n.1 I * .uler j.
The   line up againsl  Laurier is    a
sweet 1 ne:
1. Dorden opposes htm becausi ol
reciprocit], .nul bet ause, he *aj •.
his pollc) is arrtl British and disloyal.
2. Uourassn opposes turn, although
he favors rci [proeitj. because, h
nays, his policy li too British si I
too Imperialist!!
'I. Sifton oppi res bim becausi ■ *
policy is bound, he ta) s, tt lead to
siili further tarifl reductions and tree
1. Western Tories oppose lim be*
cause, the) say, bis polity Aoa - sol
go tar enough in tbe direction W
free trade.
5.   .foe    Martin   opposes him    al-
though he  hates   Sifton   hk.  :
ami   despite tin- fact   that be favors
reciprocity, becai «  '■  I ites Lauriei
; woi m  tl on anyll ii
rhe Ontario Torj opposes bim
becaui 1 he Is French and I'.itii.lIe,
and because, the) sat, he is noi [m-
I periallstii  1 nouj
Hui     Canada as a .whole supports
sir Willi: ■  ol his lnrfi    |n*r.
which no
[man dare uttci a single word,     because of I'    " St sblltt) and innate
neiobei the
..'■■•  nor the other,
but hands   oui    even Justice to all;
*- , wi      loyal to Britain    as
any Briton, be Is loyal to Canada,
• ; u den his first duly to
j 1 I ... 1 ;.i ,usi that In advancing
the interests of the Domini' n ami
its pei pli U e ti lest     and
11 ■■•'' Slicing ilu* in—
welfare of the t;reat
empire, of wWch it is the proudest
boast of Canadians that their land
ton '' pan.
in the intsreiti of l>li. .1 II KINU
will bo bold ns follow,
MOVIE. ?cpt. lath
Mr M. A.MaodonaU
CRESTON, Sept. 16th
S|a«kirs: Dr. .1 II. Kirn; ami Mr \l. A. Mocdonokl
NELSON, Sept. 18th
Hpeokon: Dr. .1. II. Klog am] Mr. M A SincdonnlJ
CRANIll'OOK, Sept. l'Hh
Hponlton: Dr. J. II. King and Mr. M A. Macdonald
Opposition Speakers invited lo attend any and
ill Meetings
*********************** THE   UBANBUOOK    II KHALI)
Uv tin' fli'iald   Publishing Company,
i'. J, Deane, Managing Editor,
CRANBROOK, B. C, Sept. 15,
<'[■'■ :u M*azc?
"King fm  Koolenay."
The greatest political campaign
sihci' confederation is now rapidly
draw :i; ■  lo a close nml   in the course
i (   a verj   it 'A    days tli,- i-lccluis     uf
Canada will he cnl.ed upon to mark
iin'ii ballots either for or ngaliiBt
i.eipr. city. lie ihe outcome what
ii may Lhe advocates ot reciprocity,
■ i toning lhe hurilen of the producers .un! consumers, cm fan ly
claim thai thej hate pul forward
vallanl 'ii' i!;> io enlighten the ehc-
lorate, bi lhal every man may he in
a position lo mark his ballot III
tetliguntlj. Sn far as it is pos
Bible lo judge the I rend of public
opinion, It appears to he iiumisliil.
ably ovtdenl thai the great majority
nf Canadian people Intend striking a
blow im* larifl freedom next Thursday. However, the issue has been so
clouded by the apologists of trade
n Klrlclions that if may be tlie vie
lory will noi he so clear and dec!
she us iht- merits of the case war
runt. Wc confidently anticipate a
icrdli i favorable It ihe Laurler
pnlicj from a decisive majority ol
llu electors, in foot, we lind very;
hiilc doiibl expressed on thai bcoio
in  any (juarlcr.
Thai tin- Dominion as a whole will
endorse Un* reciprocity pad uppcari
in be ,{ loregone conclusion. Doubt i-
slill expressed as to the outcome
nf ih,* appeal in British Columbia,
and v.nli si me grounds, Whilst
hen* ns elsewhere throughout the
Dominion, reciprocity is, at lea*
nominally, lhe chic! issue, the advo
cads  <d thai     policy arc confronted
In   -I jiposition ol   the   MoBrlde
governmenl forces, regardless of thi
issue ai Dial e Nu attempt h.r
been, or is being innde by the lend
cis nt ih.' McBride govcrnmeni for
ccs iu comhnl lhe reciprocity Issue
upon sound economic lines, but the
whole innchiuerj of tire provlnolnl
govi f iiiu.-ni is being brought Into
play, ami the taxpayers' money reck
le I; spent, in defeat, hy any ami
nil nf an , nnj public express!* n ol
opinion thai mkhl appear tavorahlt
In Hn- Liberal administration at
Ottawa.     This stale of allairs  Intl..
duces an clement uf iiuccrtaint) Into
a campaign, that mi far as this
province is concerned, should never,
fui mir moment, have turn in doubt.
llrilish Columbia must Inevitably
train immeasurably by lhe adoption
uf this reciprocity pad It is because- British Columbia's advantages
through this pact, stand out so
clear, ihal the McBride governmenl
burs  are   being    bo    energctlcallj
i ght Into  play.    Because ii   has
been a Dominion Liberal government's good fortune to secure from
Washington, whal previous Conserve
live administrations tried for and
failed lo land, therefore tho (.mailer
fry Conservatives of tho present day,
arc   bound, bj Ijook or by crook,   to
defeat lhe will of the people, cvm ll
in so doing they have lo go hack
upon ,i.i their pasl protestations and
in tear down from their niches tho
grcati s1  memories in their record.
Strong as are the lorces, in ibis
province, lined up against reciprocity, though nol necessarily opposed
lo M. the Bigns point to a decisive
tcrdicl in favor nf relief from taxation on fund supplies and of larger
markets tor natural resources. In
this scollon ol the province in which
dcralil readers are chiefly concerned)
il is quite manifest thai the big in-
ilustrlea in which the great hulk of
lho people an- elthci directly or Indirectly Interested, stand tu train
enormous!) bj iln* adoption of ihis
reciprocity pact. The development
of ihc Crow - Nesl Pass coal Holds,
i.i del tree coke, mu*-! expand cnor-
no Ij. emplo) ment being given to
lh< 'i lands, where today only hundred * ore employed. The same remarks apply to the lumber Industry,
\nd wiih ti,. development • f these
two big Ind. iti le and the Incroasod
population ' onsi 'pteni thereupon,
mm i come n betterment In agrlcnl
tural aid horticultural condltllons of
Incalculable valtle, These facts ore
o -Ii ovldenl thai Uny must appeal
lo everj cl« tor, who will give the
it tuition a moment/s serious consideration. We may therefore confidently anticipate nr. unmistakable pro-
reciprocity Mid* in Kootenay riding
nexl Thursday, a vole tlmt will proclaim in the dearest possible inan-
ner K no tenay's confidence iti its resources. Satisfactory as this vote
will be, thei.- will he the further
satisfaction ol knowing thai in the
election of Dr. J. II. King, Koolenay will have a loyal, true friend
nt Ottawa, in hearty sympathy
with the governmenl of the day,
willing and anxious to render useful
service tn his constituents, A man
iircady well known ami universally
respected, who can he counted upon
to keep Kootenay's requirements
ever   lo   the    forefront, not only on
the floor of the house, hut in committee ami in his intercourse- with
the beads of departments. Let 11 he
a solid "King for Kootenny" on
Thursday  next.
We hardly like to refer lo so petty
a matter, but as some simple-
minded people may be misled, perhaps, a word or two will not
be out ot place. Canvassers for
air. Gootleve, are putting forward
tho claim that it was through his
(Goodovo's) efforts that the appropriation was secured for the St. Eugene Indian Mission school. Such a
claim is wholly unwarranted. In lhe
iirsl instance, the miuirciuciits of
the St. Eugene Mission in this regard, were brought to the attention
ol lho Dominion government hy the
late Liberal member for Kootenay,
Mr. W. A. (l.illiher. From tho time
In* took this subject up with tho department concerned, the matter has
In fn   under advisement, nml at     sab
soqucnl sessions ot parliament, appropriations in aid oi the building
e passed, a final appropriation
being pul through lasl Bprlng lo
permit i f the work being carried
out   on the present extensive scale.
Talk on Poultry.
Rev. W.  E.  Dunham Gives an
Interesting Address on Poultry
Breeds and Breeding.
A small but very much iutereB-
tt'il [guttieriug ussetnbletl in tli,-
(lyiiiiinsiiitii uf llm Methodist
(Jhurch on Wrilni'sday evening, ll!
tin- regular monthly meeting ol
tlm Cranbrook Farmers Institute,
to lienr.an address by llov. \V. Iv
Dunham on "Poultry Onoils nml
Breeding." Among other things
Mr. Dunham said:
"The Iirsl point for us to ileeiilr
tonight is, 'In Poultry lireeils uml
Breeding what is it we desire?1
Do we wish to breed (jotiltry ns u
fancier, or do we wish to breed
from a utilitiy stunil jioint, i.e.
for market fowl anil egg prorluc-
lion. I'crsonnlly 1 think il would
lie iu the liest interests of tin
Poultry industry here and everywhere else, if llie object aimed al
is utility stoek. Mow my reason
for saying this is, tlmt the fanciers
frequently lose sight of the mon
meritorious qualities ot their fowls
for the sake of feat In rs of the
right hue or marking, or a comb
if proper sizes or shape. To me
these are very desirable points
when tlie winning of prizes is the
object desired, but of very littii
moment when the ponltryuiuii it
•lidiavollng to supply his' market
(or the consumer. I am positively
averse to encouraging poultryuien
to seek (or remuneration tluough
prizewinners. This system leads
tu trickery, deception, and all the
evils to which so many keepers of
poultry seem prone to become the
victims. Do not nilsuudoretanil
me. 1 do not advocate indifferent
breeding but I do advocate vigoi
as a more important feature to tin
practical poultryman than fea
"This leads uie lo enunciate I,
few general principles that apply
to all breeds anil lo all classes ol
poultry. The lirst 1 have already
mentioned, viz:- Vigor. It is useless for you to expect these success
due you if you persist in ignoring
this very essential quality. Vigor
is the result of breeding and cine,
but very frequently the progenv
nf strong productive stock is weak
uml lacking iu the very essentials
which have made the parents | n -
Stable. This is due to the setting
of eggs at a |h rhal when the laying
fowls are weakened through long
und continuous production, Von
should breed friim heavy layer*
early in the pcriial ,,f their pro.
duction. It may lie that lack ol
vigor is the result of poor selection
in the male bird, Tho male
should be strong, straight legged,
.tardy, and not awkward or clumsy,   Or lack of vigor may be the
result of poor care in the growing
stage, Keepyour growing ohioks
working, keep them clean, feed
them well, but dn not force the
growth with soft mushy food. 1
can not too often repeat tliu point,
aim for vigor all the time.
"A second general principle to
whicli I will refer in a term perhaps now to you. thut is hulance.
By balance I mean that you
should seek for breeding birds, the
well proportioned fowl. A well
balanced bird, legs not too long or
awkwark, neck fairly short.
eliminating that gawky, stupid appearance so often met with. A
good breeding fowl musl be a good
worker, to be a good worker a mini
a horse, or a fowl must lie well balanced, Dont lose sight of this
very essential general principle."
Conservative Journals art- [(noting
sir Charles Topper against reciprocity. In 1807 Sir diaries Tupper
was uulto sure that tin: Liberal
tarifl containing the liritisli protoc-
unco would ruin Canadian Industry.
Hero is what he said un April 'Mi,
"Tlie result is that lliis tariff goes
Into operation and Ilia lion, gentlo-
imiii knows tliut thu industries of
tlus country mu already paralyzed
tn consequence. While tliu liun.
mumuors iduat, vindictively gluat,
over tliu destruction of Canadian Industries, 1 read, in tliu Montreal
Gazette, where out1 manufacturer after another declared Unit their industries 'were rainod, that thelt mills
must clusr, uml Hint tliey saw star-
ilia; them in tlm face a return tn
the deplorable stale ol thinrs thai
existed when tho lion, gciitlrinun
wlm last, addressed the house was iu
charge of the fiscal policy. 1 say
hnl a deeper wrong was never inflicted upon Canada."
Sir Charles Tupper was a had prophet in 18!<7. Is he tn he regarded
as an infallible judge ol reciprocity,
iu lull?
before you start to eook the
chops you get hem. The
bright, fieeli color, the
nbuenee of giietle, the tiim
texture, ehow you they coine
from choice Block. Try a
few for lunch to-tlay or
breakfast to-morrow. Come
ami select them if you can.
If you eiumot, semi im word,
ami we'll Bend uh good as
any you could choose.
P. BURNS &  CO., Ltd.
B. C.
A Fair You Know and so You Go i
Nelson Fruit Fair j
September 26, 27, 28, 11
$3,000  - IN FREE ATTRACTIONS  -  $3,000
burnstad's wild west show
james e. hardy, the high wire king
dorothy de vonda, queen of the air
happy ahd his trick mule "dynamite"
marie Mcdonald, the Scottish dahcer
intercity band tournament,   rock drilling contest
loc sawinc and chopping contests, tie makinc contests
Single Fare ltntes on all Transportation Linus
The Biggest Fair Yet and Then Some. Don't Miss It
Mr. Wotklngmati:—
A  word with you, please!
Let's get away from the election
clamor for a minute—down to brass
tacks  on this reciprocity question.
Do you know what il means tor
you—free trade in ford.' That's all.
IL takes the taxes oil what you
eat—saves you something that way
on every meal. Last year Canadians paid over a million dollars in
duties on food imported from tho
United States.
More than that, it gives you leave
to huy what you like, when you
like, where you like al thu last
You have noticed how the price ol
canned goods has gone up recently.
The farmers haven't got the extra
money. It has simply lieen squeezed
out of you by the canncrs' combine,
who are enabled by the presenl
duty to fix prices to suit them-
selves—what they charge you as Well
as what tliey pay the farmer.
Reciprocity will take oil half 1*hc
taxes on some of these goods ami
will reduce the taxes on all ol
Do you sec the point? Free trade iu
toot) and belter meals ami less t
pay. That's what reciprocity
means for you.
Vote for King ami iteciprocity.
TAKE NOTICK that John Pollen,
nf London, Eng., occupation Agent,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted at
the S.E. corner of Lot 11970, thenco
SO chains south; thence 80 chains
east; thence 80 chains north; thence
80 chains west; to the place of com
J, Blake.
Dated .luly 6th, 1911. 22--U
locorporaUd l8<tu
Capital Paid Up $6,jio,mm Reserve Jft.uoo.mo
Total Assets. Over Sqs.ooo.ooo
II  S. HOLT, Prfflddfiit_    K. L. I'HASK. Oeneral Mnnn-ier
Accounts ol Firms, Coriwrattorii nnd Individuals solicited.
out of town business receives nvery attention.
SAVINOS DKPARTMENT- Deposits of $1.00 and onwards received
and interest allowed at current rale.   No formality or delay in
A General Banking Business transacted,
Cranbrook Branch: I). D. McLAWS, Manager
Kootenay Telephone Lines, Limited
303    Mcl'hcc, E. II	
:t(it   Connolly, 0, C	
  iti-.iiii nr.
IK-ane, K. .1  RmMcMO
Secretory uml Milliliter
P. 0. Hox r!'J2, Nelson, B. C.
!! THE    " t
* 11. I,. BTKl'IIKNB, Prop.
i i
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
********************** **********************
t The
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Fruit, Agricultural, Grazing and Timber Lands.
Insurance, Stocks and Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers In Lumber.
* Baker street. •
« »
Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue and  %
Baker Street.
Hnvo n very line assortment of
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All IreoBoffered for sale ure grown in our own nurseries on
thu Coldstream Estate
V. D. CURRY, General Agent    -     VERNON, B. C.
************** **************
********************** **********************
■ i
Imperial Bank of Canada
RESERVE FUND        -      -
II. It. WII.KIK. l'rwident.
HON. ItOHKKT JAKFItAY. Vice.I're»l,lenl
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,
fanners anil Private Individuals invited.
Drafts anil Letters of Credit issued available in any part of
tlio worl 1.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-Special attention
uiven to Siivini»» Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1,1)0 and
upwards received and interest allowed from dntoof deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE. Mgr.
I i
I       I
■■■■■■• ana* aame *m*t*mMm»
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to loan on uivoruhle terma.
lu'riy cure niul comfort
A  luiinc from hoinu
Special attention in aiRea of
Mutt1 rn iiy, Itlimiiiiiitiani
ami rnouiuonln
Tortus iniiiii'iiiiii
MKS. E. BENT, M.Iron.
IMS. KINll & (IKIiliN,
I'liysiclans and Surgeons.
tlllle. si Knlite.i:.,   Arm.troui A..,
Forenoon. SOU to in.no
Alternoolis - - - 2.00 to 4.00
Evening. .... 7.311 to B SO
.Similars - - - - 2.90 to   4.90
CRANBROOK' :•    II    H    I.    ■. O,
Dr. MarteVs Female Pills
Prescribed and recommended lot women's ailments, a scientifically prepared remedy or proven worth. Thu
result from their use is quick and
permanent, For sale ut all tlm*;
stores. 8-toDel5
\       HOUSE BOAT        j
I to 12 s.m.
1 to   • p.m.
7 to  It p.m.
Offloe In. new Ki*lii Hloek
CRANIlROnK ...        - B. C.
Cranbrook and Fort Steele
•SASS1 Cranbrook, B.C.
B.   C.   and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    •     B. C.
Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATEI
For family uh,* there ia iiotliimr
ao wlioleaome nml ao pure na
Van Home Street    (o|)|iot*ito   I)e|mt)
W. R. tli-atty. Funrral Director
Crubruok H.C.
Dr. H. E. Hall, D.D.S.
Crown anil llriiVe Work
n speeiulty.
Phone No. 2110     Armstrong Ave.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Ap|>1i<-ati.,n.
I'lioue 25!) Mulrou.
I*. <). Box St5   AnnitroiiR Ave
■■*» *
The '* IhiiIii-I " Iiiih been ♦
put in ootnintsBiou nml iii I ii'il *
up at A rli.i In mt. *
Conveuicnl Cor passengers *
coining eitlier by boal ornulo
: mobile,
Motor IiiuiIh. oiuiocr •
arrntigctl for ou board.
Morbury Ave., nt'xi to City Ff nil
I'liotie J:n
Dju'ii Dny niul Ni^lit
t reciprocity:
« I*    I'lg  l"l'i". I"!   'I"   ""> »
^,      lorgel iili.nl  iln- liiiii- nn-?
*       iiiini.iv i mi aim. I.v ail il *
tl       1.(1. tin w
* Nelson Iron Works *
* *
« lor th.   L'",T"      •»
«      Columbian      *
J Wood Split Pulleys*
!! Change of Finn
,, 1 have ilispnsnl of my in-
t' tores! in tho linn ul Proven-
] | z.'tlio Urns. tV- l*.-ii i-ii tn
< i l'rovi'11/..'uni Urns., who will
] I continue the bnsitiPBs unci
11 collect nil nccounts froui this
<' (lute.
ll PETER SACt'd.
JI Sept.. 8th. 1011. 82-lt«
*************** *******
'at ii mr.t sintEiiM'.'
TAKE NOTII'K that Walter Pol-
ten, il London, Kng., nccii|iiitlnii
Atient, InUmtts to a|i|ily lor permission to purcliaso tlie tollowlnic del*
cribed lands:
Commeneing at t post planted 80
chains south and HO chains east ol j
the S.B. corner ol Lot 01170; thence |
80 chains south; thence 80 chains
cast; thence 80 chains nortii; thence
80 chains west to the place cl commencement.
J. Blake.
Dated July 7th, 1011. 32-Ht
President: T. S. Gin.
Hecretary: S. Maodoiai.o
. For tnlormation regarding luml. i
> and  agrlculturo   anply   to the i
* Secretary, CranbrooK, B. C.
Every second n'edneaday
KOOW.rVtj^C CO tlo-^.
you WORK,
Wllnusr.iou;:. i
ItHlE (IN Df.KfiriP
iis qui CK i.v iis rtif.n;;^
Gin c/mRv it.
OUR Hl'Mf,.• *■ • li
TRrtftSHCTfif-.l HI *'■'.'■.'.
V0UH N1MKA.1l'Pli:>V
Hill IHfoWlflTTW
v/ihcotivtiK "-vittniry,
Co. Ltd.
pVatvcouwr B.C.-o THE   OBAN td BOOK    HERALD
You Need Have No Fear
Rubber  Goods
from Us
As you will get only one
Quality and that the Best
De Vilbiss Atomizers
the only kind we handle
always  give   satisfaction.
The Beattie-Murphy Co.,
The Rexall Store
Just received, our fall
shipment of 14k gold
lockets. We have them
in square, oval, round
and heart shape. Some
are set with pearls and
others are diamond set.
Prices range according
to size, and the number
of sets, from $5 00 to
At Fort Steele
and Wardner
I.asi night two eminently bikccss-*
ful reciprocity meetings were held in
tlu* iiiu*tt*sis nt Dr. King.
Al Kurt Steele, Dr. King was tne
cliicl speaker, atltlrpssini;
"•ii** of ''In' largr
•-st iiitilifiiti-v that has cut .is-.,..!it)l,*,t
dn ai-y purpose in that proepeTOUl
*■> ti; Dr, Wait presided. Dr.
Kii. '..is iii good lorm ami Alighted
his large audience wllh his thorough
review ol Ihr chief fiuimvs of the
redprodt) pact He made it abundantly clear that Fori Steele*! beat
Irttcreata rested with the Liberal
standard-bearer in tins tight and 11
nat)   bc Accepted   m r roregooe con-
s  ih.it Porl Steele will give    tin*
docloi a sni st;uiti,ii majority on the
\t Wardner, last r.lght, Mr. M. A.
Macdonald het.i ihc attention ol a
large audience Ihroughoul p length)
discussion i.i tbc reclprocltj pact,
u.ti.ih.i ,leoton .ii.' aim* to the
Issue »>t Uh* campaign ami showed hv
thru close attention in tin* remarks
of the speakei that they were
deeptj Interested in i Im* splendid
marshaling ol the tacU pertinent
in ih.* case in "hull tlh*\ were
treated bj Mi Macdonald Ai a
nunk ol ttir enthusiasm if Wardnei
ihti.iis lor King and Reetprootly, it
mav in- stated tbat Mi MaodonoW
was < si ni till tn iln* place ut masting
In the Un nl mi brail hand, that
Ihere was rd   unusually largo    turn
nul   and lhal proceeding! qloacd with
ringing cheers [or King and "The
King "
Progressive Young Men
Passing' down Balcer Hired, Inwards the post office, one Is much
Impressed with the striking appearance of the new hriek store, built
for, and now occupied hy, The
Davis Bros. Electric Co., Ltd, The
eonsirnction of this store mark.s an
eprch in the history ct the electrical
business of the city, and shows that
Cranhrook is advancing steadily. It
is conceded by all wlm have had the
pleasure of a visit to this store,
that it is the most up-to-date electrical supply store in the interior,
and even in much larger cities, one
rarely runs across such a well-equipped store. The fittings and fixtures
arc arranged in such a manner as to
enahle the salesmen to show goods
to the hest advanlage, and the dark
room allows one tu see the effect of
various lights and fixtures, in hroail
daylight as well as they could he
seen on the darkest night. The
Davis Brothers, consisting of Mr. .1.
E. Davis, and of Mr. Edgar Davis.
are both young men, who have lived
in Cranhrook long enough to need no
further introduction here, they have
learned a great part of the husiness
here, ami the enterprise shown by
litest* men, in taking the control nf
such a big concern, is worthy of the
utmost support.
Mr. .1. E. Davis is now away .on
an extensive trip to coast prints,
ar.tl while it is not strictly a business trip, he "will he on the lookout
for new ideas, anil Cranbrook citi-
-/ens can look forward tn lieing aide
to purchase tbe very latest tie-
signs, in everything iu the Ii;.e of
electrical supplies, shortly after     bis
Thu store for WataliGB,
Clocks, Jewelry uml Presentation Pieces of every do-
Kindly cull and judge for
lion of a laundry huldiiig, 40x80
lirl,    on    Hylic street, cppo-sllc     tin-
Sash ami Door factory. The building
will Soon he ready for occupation autl
into it will be installed a complete
modern laundry plant.
Both Mr. Benedict and Mr. Davis
■o to he congratulated upon the
outcome of their negotiations. Mr
Benedict upnii his success in sceuiiiig
for Craubrook what has
for a long time
been badly needed, a modem laundry
operated by white labor, and >Jr.
Davis upon his good fortune in securing an opening iu such a good
town as Cranbrook.
To the Patrons of Cranbrook Agricultural Fair
The Fink Mereanti e Company,
Ltd., wish to anaounce that they
have arranged (or the booth to the
left of the main central entrance,
north side in the new Exposition
Building, where they will strve
free of charge to all their friends
and patrons their famous Hiawatha Tea or High Grade Coffee
with McVittie & Price's dainty
English Biscuits. You are welcome.
Notice to coiii|H*titors in the
Hun Contest, made from Five
Rosea Floor, page 24. Class 19,
Culinary. Tlu* Pink Mercantile
Company regret to slate that they
omitted to specify tlu* socoml prize,
which is a li-lli sack i.f Fire Rosea
Up-to-date Steam
The     Rebecca l< dgC will give       a
dance in    Masonic  hall   September
Lfitb. :ii-tt
K B Benedict, lhe energetic eecre
t.m ol the board ol trade, for some
time past has |h*cii trying In Bccurc
tin* establishment In Cranbrook ol a
Ant-class steam laundry, operated lit
i white labor onh
j Mis efforts bare Si last proved
SUCCCSCful and iii Hie \<iy near fn
tiire  a Mr. v. T. Davis, nt Spokane,
I trill hiitc in operation  in Ibis city  a
j large, modem steam laundry. Mr.
D.nis has     hati   twenty years exper
j i<'tiee in the steam laundry liUat-
Im ss      Id* knows about lil! ihere     is
■ to know alu ut it and he Is enn
lident  that  Cranbrook ii fin ids a     One
[place In which to open up in. Realizing  the  advantages   of the opening
.Offered in ihis city, Mr. Davis Iins
entered into a   contract for the erec-
Tbe Rebecca lodge will give a
dance in Masonic hall September
15th. 31-tf
Latest From Ottawa
Ottawa, Sept. 14.—No indications
here of anything but sweeping vlc-
toryfor I.aurier. Maritime Provinces wil give at least twenty majority. Qucbco will give Liberals not
less than forty-five seats and we look
for fifty. Our lowest estimate for
Ontario is thirty-eight Liberal
seals, hut that province will probably give from forty tc forty-four
seats. Manitola will return at
least four Liberals. Saskatchewan
will he solid and five of the seven
Alberta members wj.1 In* Liberals.
You should know abcut British Columbia, Laurier is absolutely safe.
It is .only » question of majority.
This is sent aft*er a conference with
ither newspaper men and organizers.
inn-; of THANKSG1NINO.
Ottawa. Sept. 1 L— Thanksgiving
day probably will In* (lxod this year
for Monday, October 80. The proclamation will not he issued until
the government meets after election
day to consider tlie matter, However, the day chosen is always a
Monday near the close of October,
Last year Thanksgiving was observed on October Hist.
"There is Money in our Feed*
There is btlt ono wuy lo
U>'t tlio money out. nml tlmt
ia to liny it nml final it to
your stoek.   Our
fattens for less expense limn
where yon liny nml feeil to
your stock what you know
isn't (rood. Got liest results
by nsinu our feeil. It's worth
iliiultle somo others nml does
not cost neeut moro.
Cranbrook    Trading   Co.
(Special correspondence)
\ new era conimeiiees for Wasa
with the placing on the market <f
Wasa town lots. The C.p.R, com
pany has for some time past advertised these lots ami the sales opened
mi September 5th,
II is no boast to say Dial thr
new town of Wasa will tie om- of tin
best located and most picturesque
Bltefl in tbe valley. With the
immense natural resources, both
mineral, timber and agrieultiral,
which we possess Wasa is the place
of tbe future ni.d this is (ully real-*
i/ct! by all who come here. On the
very best authority it is learned
tbat trains will he running to here
and probably farther next summer
am) with this in view we may expect   a boom in real estate.
Mr. O, Krickson, ot Cranbrook,
was registered at Wasa hotel the end
ol last week.
L. J. Brnadwood, of "Kairhaven"
near .Sheep Creek, was here on business the beginning of the week.
Wasa bridge, which for the past
week has been closed for repairs,
was re-opened for traffic Sunday last.
The bridge Is now In .finer shape
than ever.
Messrs. A. B* Fenwick, cf Fort
Steele, P. F. Patrick, of Cranhrook,
und Provincial Constable Tennant,
of Windermere, came through here In
Mr. Fenwick's auto Monday last.
Mr. 0. IL Pollen, of Crnnbnok,
who is spending a couple of weeks
on  his ranch near here, was a Wasa
The cold, rah wcaliict of last
week, which covered the mountain
eaks with Fniow and gave iik a
touch of fall Heather, has changed
Into licautlful ■ arm summer days
but lhe iilgltti air cold and frost
expected any time.
A more than ordinary severe thunderstorm was experienced here on
Friday last. The lightning in itself
was a grand spectacle, illuminating
tho whole skj fm several seconds at
a   lime. *
j   Messrs.    Hyde   Baker and .1. Laid-
law motored out   from Cranbrcok on
.Wednesday and Intend to Bpeml   '   a
few days bunting around here.
Pair Notes
The Kink Mercantile company are
giving a special cup lor tlio Matinee
race, l 2 mile, heal two out ol three.
Additional pi iis foi ihis race will
amount to $85 foi nni and (fit) for
spirit// ffotU'i to Exhibitors <>/
Potatoes*- Oil pngtt 2U, Class 10 of
tin- Cranbiook Agricultural Fnir
Prize List there is a typographical
error regarding the prizes for potatoes. Suction 2 shtuiltl road:
"Special Pri/u by tho Pink Mercantile Company, merchandise
$5.00; second1 prize, subscription
lo local paper.
George Leask has beaten all re
cords in rapid building. The new
exhibition building, which shows up
so welt frtm Lhe hill, has been completed already, tin* entire job having
only occupied seventeen days.
Notice lo Exhibitors of Onions \\\
tlie Oranbrook Agricultural Fair.
Collection named varieties) •"■ of
each. 8iwcinI prize by the Fink
Mercantile, Company, merchandise
$5.00; socond prize, subscription
tn llm local paper,
Kntlies are beginning lo come in
with a rush. Secretary Hunt anticipates a record display iu almost
every department.
91 \ Isitor tho beginning of the week.
■)      ■    *
fi. Crulkshaiik, of Trail, was in
town yesterday.
At the Home hospital, ou Thursday, September I Ith, a son was born
lo Mr. ami Mis. v. V. Patrick,
To Mr. and Mrs. F. J. McCarthy,
of Vahk, at the Home hospital, a
daughter was born, Wednesday, September 13th.
Prairie chicken became fair marks
for sportsmen today. (Irouse will
be open lor pot shots on October
Tbc Ladies Aid of the Methodist
church will hold their annual cookery
sale on the Saturday preceding
Thanksgiving day.
Mice to Exhibitors of Cmitt-
ftoiccrsat the Cranbrook Agricultural Fair. Special lirst prize b)
tin* Fink Mercantile Company,
merchandise $5.00; second prize,
subscription to lhe local pnp(r.
Rev. Sarklssian, Armenian missionary, of Creston, will give an address in the Presbyterian church
>>n   Monday evening, 25th inst.
\. E. McPbilllps, W. II. Malkln, a
well known merchant of Vancouver,
and II. C. Llfgrln, editor of the Victoria Colonist.
FOR SALE.—Second-hand buggy
and saddle; also dor.cn liens and
roostot; pure bred Brown Leghorns.
Hox 588. 35
A session ol tbe Royal Commission on Taxation, will he held in
ihis cltj on October 7th. The commission includes: Hon. Price Ellison,
provincial   minister ol finance, Hon.
The Itrili-.li Columbia governmenl
is sending an exhibit ol potatoes
grown in this province to New Vork
for the sake if Hie "beneficial advertising." Just how the British
connection is to survive this In-
siiiious attack is nol stated. Bui Mr,
McBride knows, and all is well.
.\otict to   < petltora  in  tin*
Special Bread Contest made frnm
Purity Flour, pnga 24, class ID,
Gaiinary. The Kink Mercantile
Company regret la state that they
omitted to specify tho second
prize, which is n 19 lb sack of
Purity Flour.
The public school trustees have
been granted permission by the
deputy minister of education to declare Wednesday, September 30th,
the second day of tho fnir, a public
holiday. Children are expected to
attend   as usual ou I fie !!>th.
WANTED.—Teams to haul wood
by tlie cord; two nnd a halt mile
haul. Apply by letter to Alt,
Herald rfllce. .t.Vit
There is a little friendly rivalry between the cities of Fernie and Cranhrook as to whicli city shall give
Dr. King the btggesi majority, tt is
np to Craubrook io make Ferule
take second place on litis occasion,
although there    will lie n,i ill feeling
if Fernie should give the doctor a
lead    of several hundred.     Rossland
is     also lieen     after    tin*    honor   of
heading the list. Oi busy everybody and see that King's united majority   is the biggest over.
laiB/ajBaEiaraia/riiaK.'.T-''-,...- :.■
I       By Mr. J. A. Boiinet
| TO BE HElD AT THE Y. M. C. A. 1
Mr, Bohnot is  a leading I
I member i»f the International g
yi Biblo Students'Association
Kl    Who nre the Wise?
;>i    Win, nro the Foolish '!
Their reword,
1 —
i,Jit) p.m.    Nt
Dancing Season
Tho tollou'lni* combination
enn be oigi.gul ou the mom
I'l'iiBiiimlili- terms.
I'i.'ini.-l. Airs Edrnundson,
Violin*.,   Mrs.   Wiillin; tr  and
Air W. (I Ihompsun
Cornel,  Clariitt  rid   Drum
Laical music willi   lho old
All couimiuiii'iiiioiis In
W. Thompson,
lloxT, IMI.
Stylish Serges
WE have just received tbe largest shipments of imported Dry Goods ever
shown in Cranbrook, We call Bpecinl
.attention to a beautiful line of Serges Biiitabie for
Suits, Dresses and Skirts. Nothing is more fashionable or serviceable for the presenl Beason, Colors:
Navy Blue, King Blue, Black, Cream, Brown and
Uvender. These are all faal colors and quality
75c, 85c, and 95c. per yard
TAKE NOTICK that Arthur Pol
ii-n, of Li inlmi, Hug, occupation
Dim-tor, Intends to .ti-ply tor per
mission to purchase thi* following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted one
ile south, ami one mile east of Uu*
S. E. corner ol Lot -i->70, thence BO
chains cast; thence so chains north.
thence 8U chains west, thence ho
chains south to the place of com
J, Blake,
Dated .luly 7th, Wit. 32-91
Kditor The Herald:
Sir: Some one has been Mud enough
to mail mu a copy ol the Herald cf
August 30th, containing the eh uucttt
appeal for   the reciprocity paci now
I.Woii' the Canadian people, mud,*
by M. A. Macdonald and Cthcn Although 1 am un American ami without a vote or. the issue, I take
the liberty to present a few crude
ideas bearing on Ihe question
Having about equal financial Interests
and blood tics on each side of Online, born near Kingston, Ontario, of
a lo"g lineage of Yorkshire Lock
woods, dating back to the m\
tcenth century, and ol Clarks, Wat
rens, Days, McDonald's and Purdys,
wlm received their haded posses-*
sions from the crown, for their
loyalty, in those early days, I may
call myself a fairly good Canadian,
and able tc look impartially at the
Issue. Now before tin- people <•!
Canada ami I can come to hut one
onctusioit, ami that is tlmt thr;.
have every thing to gain ami nothing
to loose hy the ratification of thi*
reciprocity pact. I have lien n r,-
sitlent here for Ok* past flfteeo
years, engaged in prospecting uml
mining, an Industry wlmb over-
riiadowa every othei industry along
the border here. Ranchers, fnril
growers or other Industries would
hardly succeed hue were it n*'
tor the mines What helps lhe
one will help the other, At NortS
port the other day I found the
people *rtv ..nu"!!*, ^.*i bapluf lhal
reciprocity would i«* ta*. d, ..ml do
you think it WIS that tin v might
annex Canada'' It was because thej
have a smelter there, that ha*- lain
Mte for years, and to allow c<<k ■
ami Coal to come In duly Iree,
would surely mean an early resumption of work at the smelter nm'.
employ hundreds ol now idle men, u-
practfcally nil ol the coke ami coal
Used thete comes from Canada, and
get cheaper coke and coal means
lower smelter charges. Allowing a
great deal of the low grade ore
in this section to bc mined nnd
smelted lhal could not be handled
under less favorable conditions. This
smelter is only about thirty-live to
forty miles from this mining 'ii-*
trlct, and tr. bn\e tt in operation
under favorable conditions means
much to US, Who nie drveloj ing
mints or nre in any way oonneoted
with them If it h-lps Ihe miner Is
it not a fact that it will help the
rancher, fruit grower, stock or
poultry man M wall? I think It
will help them more, the able
bodied men, aflet their Milium t
work   i.4 done, ran get wotk tn soma
Millinery of Merit
Our preliminary slioBiim of Milliner}' in rorly
Fnll Styles has been exceptionally successful New
models ar.- nrriving ilaily from
lho great centres of fasliiou,
Ytm nre Invited to inspect these
Our formal Fnll Opening of
Millinery,   Suits.   Dresses,
Dry Goods, Etc., trill bo held
Thursday and Friday, Scp-
"^Jflj*        tember 21st and 22nd,  nnd
following days. Further announcement "ill be uinde,
. I/nit Orders x/ii/>/» ii same day as recrired
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
********************** **********************
* BAKER STREET      -        -        CRANBROOK. B. O.
J w.iti-r. win*! for electric liulit. fenced, eel-
♦ lur. Easy Terms PRICE $900.00
21 i 16; si/..- of lot 50 x 157. Easy terms ONLY S500.00
*, 150 ACRES, 1 mile uorth of Cranbrook. nearly
all fenced. All noc.l land and easily
cle*"ed ONLY 510.00 AN ACRE
HOUSE TO LET. with water  $15.50
If you want to buy a Home, see us.
To Every Lady in
This Vicinity
Read This Carefully
As we believe you ur.- interested in the Cranbrook Exhibition wo are offering tho following !"!|*ecia] Prizes for tin, best
home made bread and pastry to !«• made only from OgllWo's
Royal ilouwbold Flour:    '
3 Loivts of breid, Ist Prizt,  2 *>S-Ib. sacks Royal
Household Flour,    Value $7.80
3 Loaves of Bread, 2d Prize.   I 93 lb. Sack Flour, Value 3.90
3 Loaves of Bread, 3d Price,   I 49-lt. Sack Flour. Value 2.C0
Plate Biscuis, 1 doj. Ist Price, I 49-lb Sack Flour, Value 2.C0
Plate Biscuits, I do:. 2d Price, I 24-lb. Sack Fiour, Value 1.00
Loal ol Plain Cake, 1st Price,   I China cake plate, Value 1.50
I-oat ol Plain Cake, 2nd Price, I China cup and saucer," 1.00
Plate Dou;hu!s, 1 doc. Ist price, 1 cake plate, value, 1.50
"     Doughnuts, I dot. 2d price. I China cup and saucer, 1.00
"     Bunt, 1 Joe, Ist price China Fern Pot, value 1.75
"       "    I doc. 2d price China Bon Bon Dish, value 1,25
All entries to be lofl al mir liooth on Fnir Oronnda or nt
onrstori iorhetorenoon, September 19th Disinterested
judges will deckle on tbo merits of each. Bine l!ilil*>na «ill
be shown un all First Prite*. As we wish lo make tI.i*. the
largest oshihition shown in this city, wo ask for your hearty
co operation,
Campbell k Manning
Phone 56
eapactty aboul il»* nlnei, Uione
witli iiiiins t.i carry ttiroiinh Un
lint; winters, could Ik* handllni ore,
;iiit with an btci Inereaatai market
at tlit-ir verj doora, need tin\ (eai
oompetHlon, where eondltlOM ari> not
near **'» lavorabW 1 think not
people nn* waking up lo the one**
tided argumenti tlmt ii-»■t* been
put forth iiy Um* opposition leaden,
and tJmt really arc mt atgumenta,
but itatementa tlmt nrt- not borne
oui by Mir* facta. Not brinK |K*l
s.maliy aequainted «ttit eltfcei can
Mdate I <nii only |udg0 <>f iWr
faith   l»y tlieir    worki, ami it WWII
n pity Hut tht* opposition to this
IreciprooHy pact, couM not hate bail
mon Ume ("r ipeeeh-maklnc, us Uw
[people ni«* begtnatng t< >it up ami
lake notice, and an netting Uie
question: \\\m is hark of this op-
prsition movement. is It the pro-
ducen ami oonaumen, or is tt thon
that Un i ft of tht* producer nml
eonattmeri t^ooki llkr it was llm
I nm most ilnocnly foun,
S. I,  Myers,
PnaUewt nn*4.    ftfanagei  Tin- Lucky
it..i Miniiii', nml Denlopmetri Co,
Krte, i\v , Sept. t, 1111. r
Much Happier.
Mrs. .lohn Smith called upon a spiritualistic
medium with the hope of comtnunioating with
the j'hosl of her dear departed husband. Af-
ter tlie BGunoe hml progressed to n certain point,
lhe medium announced that tho Bpirit of .lohn
Smith wns present,
"May I speak to him?" said the Widow. And
upon the medium giving permission the following conversation ensued:
Mrs. Smith:   "Aro   you   there, John?
John: "1 am,"
Mrs. Smith: "Aro you happy in tho next
.I.ilin: " Very, very happy."
Mrs. Smith: " Happier than you weru iu this
•lohn: " Very much more."
Mrs. Smith : Heaven must be a  beautiful
place, John ':"
John: " Perhaps, hut I inn not there.''
The Above Has a Moral!
*    Your husbands happiness depends to Borne   extent on THE
I I liM I'l'UK IN  111 K HOME,
it  yon  would  have  him   rise goial  uatiircd iu  the morning,
furnish him w ith a
Restmore Mattress
to sleep on.
In the evening, see that he has a comfortable
to rest iii     Iln your pari towards making him happy.
'I'll" pri f Furniture eniinol ] osnibly Bland in your way when
a MORRIS CHAIR enn ho bought at $7.50.
RESTMORE MATTRESS, nil Pelt, $12.00.
Cranbrook Co-Operativc Stores, Ltd.
liiiUuliU, lhe am* al which annuity I*
in begin, and Lhe amount which you
I want to pay encli week, ant! the slip-
t-rinlcmlriil will tell you what
amount tt annuity lhe payments will
buy.   Write tonight.
Boon to
Port Arthur
ly, he would receive $2lil a ytai
I fm tin* remainder ol his days, And
klj pay men I plan affords if be died before ho was 05 what hits .in easy .ind sure way |lmd paid in accumulated at •■ per ecul
-ompound Interest would be refunded
o his heirs. Full particulars con-
cmtng tin- scheme may he hail by
inyono over the age of five years if
Canadian government M a he nr sin- will apply lo the Snperin-
hc w.is »,;. in] the purpose undent of Canadian Government An-
;i C'nnndlaii governmenl an-   nultlca,   Ottawa.      state age    Inst
g provision for the lime
■ in i lag pnwers have rens
example, il a man nl pre-
10    j. ,,i     ivere lo deposit
Increased   Elevator   Accommodations  To  Be
Port Arthur, Out., Sept, 14.—
Sir Donald .Mann stilted in an in-
torviow with ii local newspapor
that tlie company would proceed
itniiM'tliiiti'ly witli ilif construotion
tit a largo gniin olovutor here,
Ottual in flizototbo present   plant.
which has ti capacity ol 7,000,000
bushels, lie also said tl.ut the
A-tikokan Iron Eurnnco, a MaoKon-
/.it- and Miiiin industry, would be
doubled in size, that is. to a capacity (if 200 tons, and that tlie most
mndorn by-product ovens for making ("tlie would bo installed.
It lias boon a favorite cry of
anli-reeiprocity advocates here
thai tlie elevators might as well be
thrown into llu- lake if reciprocity
carried. The announcement us
contained in tho interview lias
been received by tlie people of
Port Arthur with tlm utmost satisfaction. The expenditure will total botwoen$2,000,000 and $U'00.
Dry Farming
Lethbridge Expects   to   Secure
1912 Meeting.   Actively Backed
by Cranbrook and B. C.
Tlmt Lethbridge will hnvo lho
siijipnrl nf liritisli Columbia in its
effort tn laml the Dry Furming
Congress for 1912 was tlio oheer.
iug news given to tho Lethbridge
Hi mill by J. W. Nichol, chairman
of the Dry farm committee of tbe
Board of Trade, Mr. Nichol returned on Wednesday morning
from a trip lo t'ranbrook. and was
much elated with llie success of
his mission,and ho feels more con-
lidenl than over tlmt the much
coveted congress will come lo
Lethbridge, Canada, nest year.
"I .got everything t went after,"
■..iii! Mr. Nichol. "and everything
looks liriuht for our plans. When
I gut to t'ranbrook the Hoard oi
Trade very kindly called a special
meeting, and I laid before
what wo wanted, They f
with the suggestion readily, and
before the meeting was over, u resolution was passed endorssing the
ell'orts of Lethbridge to secure the
Dry Farming Congress for 1912,
and offering their sup'port at the
congress at Colorado Springs this
full. They think the idea a good
one, and will do everything possible to bring B. O. into line.
"While at Craubrook I uIbo met
Premier McBride, nnd had a very
satisfactory interview with him on
the same question. He, too, is
very much iu favor of the movement, and promised that British
Columbia would be represented at
the Congress in October, and that
the It. C delegates would do all in
Iheii lower In help Lethbridge
1 ind I I.i ii(.r ss for nest year.
"He also promised that llritish
Columbia would be willing to contribute to the tiuiiucinl support of
the undertaking, nnd while he
ooukl promise nothing definite
without consulting liis colleagues,
it may be taken for granted that
British Colombia will give not
only its moral, but also its linaii
ciiil aid to the undertaking."
With British Columbia in line,
all that now remains to be done it
lo get the support of the Satk;it
chewiin government. Mr. Nichols
will make n trip to Iteginu for the
purpose of luyine, the matter before them before the end of the
month, and there is not the least
question that the support of the
Saskatchewan people will mean
thut the three western provinces
are in line, and with the support
of the Croat Falls and Montana
people, liesiiles the assurance of
the support of tho delegates of several other states, and of the Great
Northern Railway, there steins to
be no doubt that Lethbridge will
succeed in landing the 1H12 meeting of tho International Dry Farming Congress. Mr. McNichnl and
his committee is working hard to
this end, ami success will attend
their efforts.
Favor Pact.
Five Hundred Wentworlh, Ont.,
Growers Unanimously Support Liberal Candidate.
Hamilton,   Ont.,   Sept.   14	
When the reciprocity agreement
was announced, its strongest opponents were the fruit growers of
Wentworth and surrounding coun
ties, but from the way the wind
has been shifting during the last
two weeks, the same fruit growers
with tho exception of three in the
combine- E, D, Smith,T. II.Carpenter and the Ontario Fruit Co.,
will be the issue's greatest, sup-
porters. Two weeks ago literature
ox*, mining in detail the new arrangement, was sent by W. ().
Scaly, formerly M.l\, to nil the
fruit growers of the surrounding
country. Today it was proven beyond doubt that the fruit growers
are strong for the pact, when they
understood it in its entirety. To
the number of nearly live hundred
they gathered at a meeting held by
the Liberal candidate and passed
unanimous resolutions in favor of
the agreement. This will prove a
big feature for the liberals, who
are dependent ou the fruit growers
votes in this district,
Farms for Sale
======== at ======
Owner s Prices
• ••••••••••••••••••••99 90 1*
•••••••••••••••••••••99 99 0
F* A* Russell
Armstrong Avenue
Cranbrook        -        B. C.
■ •
■ •
9*9 O
Consisting of 2 boflers. 2 engines
and sawmill machinery nml pinner.
Will sell cheap for quick sale —
Thos. W. Leask, Craubrook, B. C.
Athuhner. B.C.,
With or without horses.
CHAS. CROOK, Athalmer, B. C.
♦*: ;****************** ***********************
It's   tho Snme Placo
The Place that is Popular
Hood as the Best
Better than the Rest
Visit Our New I
=Store=     |
and Inspect  Our Up-to-date Slock ol    t
Everything in the Line of Electrical Supplies    $
■ t
The Cosmopolitan
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
!;    Head Office:     Baker Street,      Cranbrook.   B. C.    t
;; Phone 121 P.O. Drawer Q *
If you come once.
Vou will come again.
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor
] Where to go for First Class Job Work ?
• XOBS*&j>a^JtttXmaS3i*Vi~±
tmmasxisrsm ■-rr.-rar**-*
Cranbrook Fall Fair
September  19 & 20
»   *************************
ft ****■!)******************'
**** ********************** ***********************
**   ********************
> *********************
Flat Racing Harness Racing
Foot Races Lumber flen's Sports
i"he Committee are trying to arrange for
Aeroplane Races Each Day
***************** ***************************** * » *********************************
For further particulars and Prize Lists apply to - - P. DE VERE HUNT, Secretary, P. 0. Box 86


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