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Cranbrook Herald May 6, 1915

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Array 3"ST
.S«*    */
THURSDAY, MAY 6th, 1915
Two Huwlrcd Packages Being For*
warded TIiIh Week to Men
at Uie Front
The special coniinttteo In charge of
the patriotic fund, which gave the big
farewell to the Unit contingent on thc
Hpacloiiti groundH at the home of Mr.
V. Hydo linker In Auguut last, are
thlH week forwarding two hundred
boxen of tobacco, to be distributed to
the men wbo left thin city to imrtlei-
imto In tbe world's greateut conflict.
Evory man will be given u box eon-
Durham." When Lorratee Adair
wrote hie mother asking ber to send
ten packages of tobacco a month, wc
wcre Inclined to the belief that he
was trying to get an extra package
for his pals.
Every man ln Cranbrook who is addicted to the use of the weed, knows
tho Inconvenience and anxiety he Is
caused when ho gets four or five miles
from nowhere and finds he has uo
tobacco. It's horrible! It's hell! He
cusses and says mean things to himself and vows that It will never happen again.
Whut must thc feelings   of    tbe
Pat*)**) Ketiulutlon of Condolence to the
Bereaved Family of tbe UU
Mrs. Whittaker
The regularly monthly meeting of
the Women's Institute was held on
Tuesduy lu the Maple hull, Mrs. W.
B. McFarlane presiding. An attendance of fifty-five was present, when
talnlng 1-5 pound of T. aud ii. ctit | Iuen lu tll0 trcnoiies be?" No tobooc-
plug, one box clgnrcttcH, 1 box
matches ami two packages of cigarette paper. A card enclosed bears
this Inscription: "With the compliment and good wishes of your friends
at borne."
co, uo matches, and when a fellow Is
so situated, he Hays, no friends! Give
u man a smoke and he Is happy. At
least It works out that way with 99
out of every 100. We believe the tobacco will encourage the boys ln their
This committee has about $200 on I work and mayhap, when the proper
hand, after forwarding $1,000 to thc I time comes, assist them to "smoke the
headquarters of the Patriotic Fund at | pipo of peace." Thc supply will cost
Victoria, and have decided to remem- ■ approximately $60.
ber the hoys by forwarding them this Below Is printed a statement of re-
small token. : ceipts and expenditures In connection
Judging by the tone of tho letters with the patriotic fund:
received from the men at tiie front: PATRIOTIC FUND
we believe this will be the most ap-1 Statements of "War Fund" enter-
predated gift received In a long time. | tafnment held at Mr. V. H. Baker's
Nearly every letter received ln Cran-. grounds August 19th, 1914, and of
brook lately asked "If there was any | Cranbrook Branch of the Canadian
chance of getting a package of Bull Patriotic Fund to April 30th, 1915.
War Fund — Dr. Cr.
Proceeds entertainment    $1183.30
Members of Cranbrook Club       11.70
V. Hyde Baker      11.00
Interest at i% to April 30th, 1916       12.80
Ira II. Manning, Ltd       $3.00
Watchman, August 19th, 1914        8.00
To vital's expenses to Montreal        7.00
Transfer to Victoria Branch Patriotic
Fund     1,000.00
Balance at Credit     206.80
Jniajrney to Wasa, Taklag the Seenlc
Bonte Up the Valley—Many
From City Enjoy BMe
Over one hundred and fifty people
Mrs, Kennedy opened with the 'strains '* accepted the invitation j>f the Cran-
of the Maple Leaf Forever.
After tlie usual business was conducted an acknowledgment of thanks
was read from tlie relatives of the late
Uev. V. P, Flewelling for the expression of sympathy received from the
During the pust week thc membership has sustained another loss by
the death of Mrs. Joseph Whittaker, un
old and respected member. A motion
was put and carried thut a letter of
condolence be sent to the bereaved
Mrs. McFarlane reviewed the
work of Mrs. Whittaker ln the past
and deeply lamented her demise on
behalf of the Institute. As a tribute
to her memory two verses of "Nearer
My God to Thee" were sung.
It was decided to hold a social
evening on Friday, May 14th, consisting of a short musical programme
followed by a dance, at a charge of
25c. to take place at the Maple hall.
The social programme opened hy an
excellent violin solo by Mrs. Wallinger, accompanied by Mrs. Lister. This
was loudly applauded, Mrs. Wallinger kindly responding with another
Item which was equally enjoyed.
Mrs. A. A. Johnson was then asked
to give her address on "Laws of B. C.
Pertaining to Women and Children,"
which she handled very capably, emphasizing the injustice to womanhood
of the present laws. Mrs. McFarlane
In thanking Mrs. Johnson urged all
present to be rousing In their attitude towards the government and to
petition again and again until the laws
governing rights of women over children and property are amended.
hrook District Automobile Association
; and partook of Mr. N. Hanson's kind
' hospitality  at  Wasa on  Wednesday
! afternoon and evening.  The cars were
\ lined up on Baker street at 3,30 lo the
t afternoon  and  photographed by Mr.
It. J. Binning.
Thirty-five cars made tbe trip from
i Cranbrook,    Kimberley    and    Fort
| Steele and the pleasure    resort    at
j Wasa was a busy beehive ot pleasure
j seekers who thoroughly enjoyed the
i hospitality  of  Mr., N.   Hanson  and
I Mr. Quartly.   The latter gentleman as
| manager for the Unionist Investment
Co. had made complete arrangements
for the entertainment of tbe Urge
number of guests and everything went
off us   smoothly   as if   this  annual
event was an every day occurrence
at the Wasa hotel.
Some of the cars left early In the
afternoon, the bulk arriving about
five o'clock. The specially prepared
banquet commenced at six o'clock
and the guests were expeditiously
served with a flne dinner. Tbe orchestra was kept busy during this
time and rendered many pleasing
numbers. The dining room was beautifully decorated for the occasion.
Special waitresses Were employed and
every want carefully looked after.
Many of the vlsltois took the occasion to look over the grounds and to
visit the lake which is a beauty spot.
Tbe band played an open air concert
during the evening.
After the banquet the dining room
was cleared for dancing and the members of the association held the bus-
ness session ln the hotel parlors.
Tbe Business Sf union
The meeting was called to prder by
! Leask, Chas. Porter and Miss Hlcken-
i botham.
j    N. Hanson, Mrs.  Donahoe and or-
j chestra. Mrs. Lister. Bert and Percy
j linger, Mrs-  LiBter,  Bert and  Percy
I Parker.
j    K. J. Bluning and F. M. Macpherson.
A. B. Macdonald, Mrs.
Mrs. F. B. Miles, Mrs.
and Mrs .Nisbet.
Mr.  and  Mrs.  J.  P  Fink, Mrs  H.
Giegerlch and MIbs Gtegerlch.
L.   Fisher,  Mr.    and   Mrs.    Percy
Adams, Miss Attwood and Miss Held
. A. C. Nelson.
M. A. Beale
; Cranbrook May Secure Concentration
Camp for New Kootenay
one battalion will have the effect of
bringing it into more prominence In
military circles.
  The formation of the new battalion
There will be five points for recruit- will have no effect upon the 107th, East
Ing the ncw 54th Kootenay battalion,  Kootenay regiment, which la In real-
Mr. and Mrs. E. A.  Hill, Mr. and I which is being organized ond equip-: Ity the parent organization and is per-
Mrs. W. Halsall and P. Morrison. j Ped '°*r overseas service.  These ponlts nmnently organized for East Kootenay.
Oeorge Leitch and Chas. H. Ward.   <*•"*> Cranbrook, Nelson, Fernie, Grand  Any officer of the 107th who passes his
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wilson, Mr. aad i Forks   ond   Revelstoko.     Recruiting; examinations and qualifies will be im-
Mrs. H. A. McKowan, Mr. and   Mrs. ] started In   Cranbrook last   Tuesday  mediately accepted by the 54th and
D. A Sutherland morning In charge of Captain It. D.  any men  enlisted In  the  107th  who
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wasson, Mr. and ! Wavtes and there has been a large re-   wish to go on overseas service may
Mrs. Jos. Woodman. j aponsc.   Two hundred and fifty men ; enlist in the new battalion.
E. II. L. Attree, Mr. and Mrs. Ben-1 are wanted at this point. The first The new commander of the Koote*
day there were sixteen application : nay battalion has had a very bright
tlie first man accepted being Albert B : military record. He Is a graduate of
Goss. : the Kingston military college and was
Col. W. M. Davis, the commanding at 0IU> tlme commander of Earl Grey's
officer of the new battalion visited rtl*S**»*nt* ™* -">* Light Horse. Tbe
Cranbrook last Saturday and Sunday,: Cranbrook officers of the new bat-
going to Fernie on Monday. While In ila,ion *•" ~ Ma*°r ° H poUen'
tbe city the colonel was the guest of raPta,n K l) Davl(,ft and WWtetlMita
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Christie. During a»',Ul' "j*™* and!1.ickr
his stay here he was driven by motor
over the district visiting Fort Steele,
the Mission and other points. All necessary data concerning the natural
advantages of Cranbrook as a concen-
son and Miss Johnson.
W. Walsh, Chas. Edwards, Miss Edwards and Mrs. Madden.
John Taylor, Misses G. and R. Mathers, Mrs. Ed . Johnson and George
Mr. and Mrs, Geo. F. Stevenson.
P. Matheson and Ira R. Manning.
Wm. Greaves J, A. Greaves, Elliott
Crowe and Harry Reid.
Dr, and Mrs. F. W. Green und Miss
Dr. and Mrs. J. II. King and Miss
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Goode, Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Christie and Miss Christie.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Clapp, Miss B.
Brown, Lloyd Crowe and Miss Elsie
Norman Gardner,   Miss
and Miss Hurd, 1^^^^^
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. L. Attree.
Ed. Doolan, John aud James Martin, J. McEwen, and T. F. Bolston.
Gus, Erickson.
Arthur Moran  with  C.   Puckering
The offices opened for recruiting last
Tetilday morning and wilt be kept
constantly open trom 9 a.m. until 10
p.in. The recruiting officers here are
now better prepared than ever to look
tratlon camp was placed iu his bands •«? th.e men„. wh.° en,ls<    Thelr *f
and we understand that he was favorably Impressed and haB reoommended
to the department heads that Cranbrook be chosen as the point for con*
Mcintosh cenl rating and training tlie new bnt-
i tallon.
Col. Ogilvic, district officer commanding, will visit Cranbrook next
week at which time the matter will
be settled. There Is no doubt that
with continued activity by the  clti-
A solo was next rendered by Mrs. j vice-Presldent Dr. J. H. King in the
R. W. Russell and was well received. | absence of the president, Mr. V. Hyde
Tlie second part of the programme j Baker. Mr w. H. Wilson, tbo secre-
was in the hands of Mrs. O. E. Ken-1 tary reay the minutes of the meetings
doll, who delivered a very eloquent j iutlng the year and the same were
and stirring paper on "Child Train-1 pronounced approved.
Ing." This paper will be published , Soroe of the secretary's correspond-
in full in our next Issue. : ence 0, thc year waB TmtA wd   M.
At the conclusion of this paper Mrs. | f(irred to tite new executive.
$1,218.80 $1,218.80
Patriotic Fund—
Nov. 5 Received from Patriotic Fund,
Victoria     $200.00
Dec. Paid to relatives ot men at front.   15.00
Jan. Paid to relatives of men at front.     7.00
Interest to Jan. 30th, 1915   2.00
Feb. Paid to relatives ot men at front. 109.60
Mar. Paid to relatives of men at front. 60.00
April Paid to relatives of men at front. 78.00
Received from   Patriotic Fund,   Vic- „        <teod mo*e of tlle Institl,t(' meetings I cdiiec«o7tof--miei^Itemr year.
toria, April l»th, 1915   200.00. owln(t to ,he rMn0Val of tlte family' Jn a few m|DiatfJ8 $130 was collected
interest to April 30tb. 1915     .     N; trom Cranbrook. ! from tho80 w attendance.
Balance at credit   m.00  .    Mrs. Rus8e|| reported upon the lib-1    Th0 oIcctlon of   offlcer8 was then
~T~~   ***y moovement,  phowing   progress | lieW resulting as follows:
'402'50 $402.60 tinee l08t month, and mentioning the [    Hon president-9**. Hanson.
G, F. Stevenson, President need of funds, the books hitherto all
II. W. Supple, Treasurer I being donated.   A grant of ten dol-
_~    I   mM*mmmmMmm~*. "  ..     , "'  mm~^T—m~mm—w—~m—m~\mm~~—~'; lars was made to the library   com-
ritOIIIBITION IN ! Uie liquor traffic.   In keeping wtth the  miit** on tlie motion of Mrs. Shaw.
BRITISH COU'MHIV  province-wide movement the ministers     A  •■•*■■■>■ amusing  recitation   was
of this city will Inaugurate the cam-, *lTen >•* Mra- Johnson on "Woman."  Pret* Wesson, J. D. McBride, A. C
Johnson moved a hearty vote of
thanks to Mrs. Kendall, which was
unanimously given. Mrs. Kendall replied regretting she was unable to at-
The financial report shewing a balance on hand of $200.75 was read ud
received with cheers.
\ recess was then declared -for the
and band boys as follows: J. Kettrlng- zdns, Board of Trade and local mill
bam, W. W. Scott, J. It. Thompson,  tary officers that Cranbrook  will  be
H.  Palmer,  Nigel  Thompson,  E.  H. I chosen for the concentration camp.
Reed, O. W.  Patmore,  Noel Wallinger, G. Chenuz, R. Chenuz, J, Elliott
and A. Bochatey. i^B^^^^^
From Fort Steele
Jos. Tannhauser, Mrs. Mather, Miss
Mather, Mrs. Howard.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Fenwick, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Blnmore and Miss Roberts.
From Kimberley
H. Drew, Mrs. McMahon, Mr. and
The organization of the 54th Battalion was the outcome of agitation on
the part of the Kootenay people who
felt that they should bc represented
lu some concrete form in the Canadian expeditionary forces. A targe
number of men have been recruited In
the Kootenays and are already at the
front.   These men have been scattered
starts Immediately upon enlistment,
being 11.10 per day and 7.V for subsistence with a $20 per month separation allowance for married men. The
men will be looked after in good shape
and equipment Is expected shortly. *io
tliat more thorough training can be
given than heretofore. If Cranbrook
succeeds in securing the conrentratlon
camp full equipment will be Installed
and the men trained here fro:i alt
parts of the district until such time as
they go abroad for overseas servii e.
Men will not be accepted who have
lost more than ten teeth and married
men are required to bring certificate
of approval from their wires.
The local recruiting officers will be
pleased to furnish any desired Information at any time. The recruiting will be kept up as rigidly as possible here until the ranks are filled.
Major Pollen and Captain Davles
xpect to tour the district to encour-
wherever there bas been a hole to fill age recruiting.   If tiie Kootenays are
S^*"^»J?^^r—f5*1**ler**0**B      P" H°Pe      Vn other ■*«••■■•<>•"■  Therp ls * moTf-~ unable to ,ornl8h th* "quired number
" "" ment now on foot to have these men additional men will be sent ln from tbe
M*88 transferred to tbe Kootenay Battalion coatt. but   local   men will be (tvea
"rcs- uo that all tbe Kootenay boys will be the preference and it is hoped that
' together.  Tlte very name ot Kootenay the full battalion may be recruited
means ths west fid its CotiaM-OsUlftfl tn at '*'■ five r-hosea points.
D. McFarlane.
Mr. and Mrs
Taylor,   Jessie
L.>w|b BaL.............^
From Canal Flats
Mr. add Mrs .E. II. small.
Alex.    Taylor,
Kennedy   and
New Accelerator Needed lo Move Some | Ernest Malcolm aid David Glenday
Cranbrook Men-Hotel Men Say
Spring Trying Time for -Tbem
Wounded In Big Battle Waged
In Flaaders
Has Become tte Pepilar Game In Che
City Thh Season -t'onerts
Every !*»U
Not feeling well these days?
Don't  know  just   what ails   you.
_M        Cranbrook   people   are   taking   to
"""~~ golf like a duck to water.   Every day
With the long casualty lists that new (aces are Be*D on the *oW Unlt8
have been published during the past
where the crowd in growing larger
President—J. R, McCreery.
Vice-President—Dr. F. W. Oreen.
Secretary-Treasurer—W. H. Wilson.;
Executive   Committee—J.   P.  Fink, i
a£JS « .   r\   "        tatbn   "*' G« -F- Stevenson,   Geo.   Hoggarth,!
  - Rh?n J» Mra" Johnson on "Woman." ' Prpd Wasaom J.  D. McBride, A. C.   bUt Cftn l take hold of the work-what  ™"*    "" "  '""  every  dav      If the mania  for  coif
Moiemenl  Started   by  the Ministers paign In Cranbrook district by holding "d after tea nnd refreshments were'Bowness and E A Hill lltt,e there Ib—•***« yoi> used to and week the Cranbrook people have in-        '       >___ , ,<      ,r
a mass meeting in the Presbyterian j "rved   Proceedings   closed   with   the      KoIlowing tl|e e*ecMon * offlcw, ^  ought to now? creased their Inters In the war and , *£ J,, £ founoT -the" links      A
church on Sunday evening at 8.46. Ad-; •■wing of the Notional Anthem. multer flf the new club hou„    WM     Nothing to be alarmed ot.   Spring  many an anxious father, mother   or Herald scribe meandered around the
dresses wlll be delivered on the poll-   brou(tht UI) for dl8cussion. ! f«'«r. that's all.   It's everywhere.   In  Bj8teri eftgerly bCflD  the  ,Uu tach llnk, tbe oth,r ^ wbllr. a ^ w
Asking for (iovernmenfa! Control
er Tola! Prohibition
At a meeting of the Ministerial Association of this district held in Cran*
Ileal, moral and financial aspects   of  EMPIRE PAY WILL HE
the traffic.   The ministers hope  that
| brought up for discussion.
Dr. J. II. King reported tor a com*
| the store, In the office, in the hotel, fn
sister, eagerly  scan  the  lists
day trusting that they will not see the
In progress.
Nearly every one
who writes about
brook last week   a resolution    was this tlrst meeting will reveal that the
passed  dnaling  with  the  prohibition sympathy of the people is in the dlrec-
questlon, in which all ministers   of tion of the total  extinction  ot the
British Columbia were nuked to can- liquor traffic.
vass their membership and ascertain
what percentage of their congregations would waive political affiliations
In favor of prohibition, The ministers were asked to report by June
1st, lit If.
The following was tin* resolution:
Wiliereas, the Question, of governmental control, or total prohibition Oi
the liquor traffic1 htll been and i.t being dealt with by the mitUms of Kurope, and;
Whereas, Prohibition hag bean carried by popular votn In Uie three
statcR adjoining this provlneo, viz:
Oregon, Idaho. Washington, V,H,A,,
Whereas, Tbe  Province of  Baikal*
OBSERVED IX CITY  mittoV'whioh had "-tailed Or'ai'itay \ 'he chur«11' J">» '» »'« Printing ufflcn. 	
                           „„ Moyie Lake, where they had found! **• Mli mn feelB lu>t •*• •.»« a. mme *** ">""' mes alul r<*"u' ,e3t a game essay, to prore that it Is slml-
fM.kn.ak Kl,i. win h. m„. . ,u™.  an ideal site.   The doctor, howerer, \ °°u *>•   Y»wn "nd tlie crowd yawns ""V «T.   With the number of: Cran- ,„ „, nfle „„,, ,„,,, ^ j»mc 0f
(raabniiik kills Hill be (.lra. a |.md  ^^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ u ulrt| wltt yoti. brook men who were In the thick of _»  Gol, „,, Bot CMaped, „„ nun.
for a better purpose this year In be-
l'li!ll|i I), l.aanla.ii I'ays (ranbroak Pre-
ri'lifiirj a Visit on Maaday
rranbrook Pracaptory, No- 4fa. had
Una iiunor of a visit from the Supreme
liriuiil Master, i'lilil)) 1). Oordon, of
Montri-a), Que
Accompanying him w
Time   Uame In the Evening
al Ihe Auditorium
brook men who were ln the thick of
The change from   the long,   hard the fight the city seems to hayc been i|Cri,.s9 scribes In endeavoring to ac
ing expended for tlie good of those at  w,n,er to *'arm apartments to the  spared.   Many of the Cranbrook boys count for the fascination of golf have
,l16 (ront                                              sun bidding one outside and then a are In the thirteenth batallon which uspd th(. otj threadbare tale.
Considerable     discussion      arose'oblH' ***** "P»H. "Psets tlie human « one time was reported to have been As a mMfr of (acti fc,„ ,, about „
Messrs J  P  Fink, Oeorge Hoggarth, ■ ",»,e,B-   Besides It has been a hjr.l completely wiped out, but so far none „„,|kc tM ,aroe of ,„,. a5 any gamri
V     W.     Oreen.      A.    O.      Bow-1wlnter with nerveB at tension.              have been reported killed.  Two Cran- coM wel) s^
ness, Geo.  Stevenson, Harry Drew,     Joe Campbell, of tlie Cosmopolitan *rook boys are among the wounded. As pla,.,d now lt ha„ COme to be si-
A. D. Macdonald, Ira Manning, Chaa. botel dropped Into the Wc« shop wlille                            most an exact science, and every body
R. Ward, W. Halsall and others apeak-1 >e edllor WM grinding ot>« i>iis ar-     Ernest Malcolm, who enlisted with know, cxact|y what one Ia trying to
Ing on tho subject.                              Ucle °" ,nc Unolype.   Jon sajc that <he flrat contingent, was at one time do   ThlB woui(I not DP mistakn, for a
A motion wa. Anally carried to the a'c Cranbrook hotel men ca.i notice  m thc employ of thc local govern- oe»crlptlon of the game of life.
"*■—* "J**'"'     * "'""     **"     * ^ ** In that game a man may be hope-
net out' «"•»■ »""  tsisssiATa iu p.viuuv  Vur-   —         —-  ■ lessl}'  "off the  line." burled  "In  the
presiding preceptor, of Richard Couer I „nd c„Joy th«m.olvas.  The bigger the I a***'                                                | '«>U\" «"'«/»,,"""=" ""'"""n ««   _^_^ *t_^^"t'' m "">«''" "' "*** ••bu,lk-^':,,•" "d no-
------                                                   «s«     ej    „ w„s a|m p,,,^ that ,„,„„„„ u,u.l.   They don't seem to eat    nor  England.    A  brother resides cn  a
of building now club house be aban- <lriB« these dayB.   Just lounge around homestead near Marysville.   The only
doned for this year. ini tw'« and turn and yawn.   That's' report received here wan the mere
Matter of sign on car for member. ' **> »»me thing. Nerves and liver. mention   of   his   name   among
was Introduced by Messrs. Bownem |    Everybody Just now wants a spring | wounded In thc casualty lists.
Tlie youngsters of the city of Cranbrook un1 In for fl good time on May
ttth, Tlie Overseas Club have arrangements pretty well in band for the
entertainment of the kids on that day.
Arrangements are being made with
all the schools, no matter of what religious persuasion, to assemble.  The
i.  ... „„,..„... v,   ugIom) persuasion, to nssemnic.  Tiie     ™ ........... »«D ....... ........... „ .„^
Monday evening.  Overseas Club are making this a kids i c,,cct that 1200 be taken from the, a big change in their guests on rainy ment ofllce and also with the C. P. It.
,-as A. A. Blttrles,  d„y imd n„,y want „n kld9 t0 got out I funds and donated to patriotic pur-' *»»"»   Their guests arc pccvis'i and Ho had resided    in Cranbrook    for
' ...aaaip. .wi^n Ba m„ni,  ..,,..,aii,„,  nu about tlireo years, cunilni.* here from
ile l.lon Preceptory, Montreal.   Mrs.; crowd the better It will suit the Ovor-
(lordon and sister. Mis. Corruack, al.o - Keas Club.
itecomiinnieil Mr. Oordon.
Prominent city men will give ad-
Tliey liave boon on a six weeks tour  drm8ea ln kccp,nB W|„, the day ,„ i
^^^ vslltliiB   tiie    different   preoeptorle.  front of the government building ln
ohowan hns taken executive action to throughout the Dominion.   They also the aftornoon, before tlie grand march
control tlie liquor tinillr, and; visited tlio world's fair al san Pran-
Wliereiis,  A   popular  and   vigm-oilH cisco.
campaign for tho suppression of tlio on Tuesday   morning tho   visitors
trnme l» iu progress In tho Provlneo wore given a car ride out to the MIs-
body be the wiser. Although at the
present time let it be said, that a
rood many are being burled, and a
number will continue to be burled "in
the rough."
to tlie Rex theatre for monster picture show.
Eaeh kldlet will bc presented   with
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^——^—^^^^^—^^^^^^^^e-, nuts, candles and   oranges   as they a
of Alberta, n plebiscite tn decide tlie H|n„ and Wycllffo and they were much  leave the theatre. This sure will bc thc |
Private David   Oienday,   33 years
-. old, wounded in tlie    recent   heavy
i fighting in France is a son of Mrs. J.
P. Olenday of this city    A brother,
a Mr. J. 0. Olenday, formerly city en-
It is not so in golf. There Is no
double life here. Ail Is open and
every one knows what the player Is
Htrlvlng for.
The least deflection from ht. line
snd the onlooker knows he did not
mean It.  It Is seen Instantly.    In that
and Small and after some dl.cu.aton I medicine—a new accelerator—the stall was decided to postpone action on ; P,er Uie better—some of those old ro-
this matter for another year. . medics our grand-mothers knew about
Votes of thanks wcre passed to Mr. i 'or choice.   Then light diet, all the
N. Hanson and Mr. Quartly. ■■ 're»h air possible and sleep.   There's
^        Mooting adjourned. ! the greatest medicine on earth—sleep.
Is.uo, In betaken July 1st, lulu, and;   impressed   with   the   scenery    and crowning event so far as the children i    Dancing occupied the attention of I With k> many men out of work wc are j gineer, also resides   In
Whereas, No pledge lins I  given roada u,at were to be found in audi a ! are concerned  but lot us soc whore ■,l"' vl»lu>rs during evening until the j .urprtaed^ to And that but few men j The day war was   declared he went other game it may remain unseen for
by the political parties of llrltlsh Co-  n„w country.     The party left for j the money is coming fr mi i car» began    gradually leaving
lumbla with regard to Prohibition;       Montreal on the 4 p.m. train Tuesday |    On  tho  evening of the  2«h  tho i l">me-     Everyone   expressed   them-
Ue It. Therefore, Resolved, that wo.; ,ftcr thoroughly enjoying their abort Overseas Club will hold a dance   at ""v°s ta ™Phatlc terms a. having
Thc Ministerial Association of Cran-; v1hU in Cranbrook. i which it la earnestly hoped a large hal1 tlle Un,« "' tMl ""''     Bo*h
brook, B.O., doa memorialise the Chris- j _____ ^^ of M   ,,.,, „„, made wlthoul My wt0
tlan denominations of this province lo  I ORX »T||M! WILL I prMeedB „f M. dance _„,     ^^  ward Incident to mar tho happiness of
| t fclihBRATh MTH MAY  dofray|ng ,„, cxpenge8 ,„ connect|0„ the day except the usual number of
punctures and all the motorists   arrived safely home between midnight
and early morning hour..
The following ta a list of automobile
take Immediate notion looking to a
concerted Interdenominational move- ]
ment for the totul prohibition of the
manufacture nnd sale of all spirituous
liquor, in the province. Furthermore we urge tho proper officials of
Christian denominations to ascertain
what percentage of tlio voters of their
respoctlvo congregations will waive
their political attlliatlons in favor of
this movement, and to report to their
respective oxecutivo officers before
June 1st, 1915.
Copies of the above wore distributed
throughout the province.
Almost contemporary with tlie Issue
Kmplre Day  Will be loyally Csla. i with the children's entertainment:   If
brated la tho Hoyal City—Baa*       the people of Cranbrook want to see
FyffbfaB Amas**i the boys and girls thoroughly'enjoy
■—■"                       ; themselves it will he necessary to.as-, . . . ,
Arrangement   on   an    elaborate ,„t the Deop|(! haI)dllng t|l0 ana,f,n owners and gue.t. who were preaent
scale are being made by the clllinr of |,ome raatOT|al way,
good old Fort Steele to celebrate Em- ■ 	
for | "leep.    Perhaps nature'B  sweet re-; from Detroit to Windsor, Ont., and years—forever.
storer I. too cheap—lt costs nothing.' enlisted wtth tlie 21st Essex Fusiliers Explaining the fascination of any-
If you will follow out these simple i and waa fighting when last heard from thing seem, to be a thankless kind ot
precautions you'll come around all. with the first battalion, hrst brigade, a tusk and In any case to be a work ot
right and hc In good Bhapc to wei-J Prior to the Boer war, a lad of seven-' supererogation The fascination should
come aad enjoy tho summer. ' teen years, he was training at his be sufficient.
■  ! own expense one day a week with thc     Explaining it seems   almost    like
AMERICAN TOl'UNAMKNT     ] Yoemanry in Dundee, Scotland. tearing a violet to piece, to admire Its
pire Day. There wlll be all sorts of lilPTIHT PlUTItn
athletic and Held events. The com- '*' ,,B1 *AST0R
mlttee are planning to entertain the
cltliens of Cranbrook a. never before,
snd this Ib saying a lot. A grand football match at 2 p.m. will be the opening event. Cranbrook celebrated ba«e
at the meeting ^^^^^^^^^^
Mr. and Mra. A. C. Bowness, Mr.
and Mra W. J. Atchison, Mlu Stanton and Mis. Whitehead.
       J. R.. McCreery, Martin McCraady,
  '   | Qcorgo'MCCreery, H. B. Hick, and J.
Rev. O. E. Kendall presented his re- i A. Arnold,
signatlon to the congregation of the j    Oeorge Hoggarth, Mr. and Mrs.. H.
Baptist church in this city last Sun- ] H. Bourne and Miss Wellman.
POSTPONED TO SATURDAY j    Both in England   and Scotland   he structure; but many have tried aad
■'■ ■ tried to enlist, but was refused on ac- have failed, and there are many who
The opening of the lawn tennis, count of hla youth. Six months later, do not feel the fascination as they
season in Cranbrook, which was post- hc went with a cattle boat to St. Hel- should because they do not know tne
poned from Saturday, May 1st, on ac- ena with provisions tor Boer prison-' soul of golf.
count of bad weather, will be held on i ers and from there   went to   Cape .    One can   not appreciate   the true
Saturday, May   Sth.    An    American:', Town where he succeeded In enlist- \ beauty of golf unless one know,    lt
tournament wlll bc held, which will Ing with the Second Imperial Light a thoroughly.	
consist only of mixed doubles, to ba i Horse under Colonel McKenzie.   His i ~~"—~—~■
played with every couple entered. An ! horse waa three   times rhot   under HOrSE-CLli,JlJIfi Till
mmm^^^mmm ball team will try concluilona with I day evening at tho monthly celcbra-1    Major C. H.   Pollen, Capt.   R. D.
ot tho above resolutions thoro camo to tho Fort Stoeto nine at 4 p.m.   This | tlon ot the Lord's Supper.   Mr. Kon-1 Davles; Mr. and Mrs. J. Miller and
tha ministers of tho city Indications game promise, to be one of the beat, dall lias been In charge horo for near-1 Miss Hewitt
that similar action had boon promoted ball game ovor pulled of! In tlle Koo-1 ly four years and now vacated the pas-;    E. Paterson, D. M. Cowan, Maurice
by temperance reformer. In various tcnays. The whole will conclude with . torate here to accept tho leadership of
part, of tho province, and Inviting!a monster dance In the band hall, the Ilaptist church in Dolhl, Out. He
them to co-operate In launching a!The Craabrook Auditorium orchestraIexpects to begin work in hla new field
campaign tor the total ristrlcUon ot [haa ban engage* l»» tte Sr.t Sunday lu June.
qualn and Dr. F. II. Miles.
J. D McBride, It. 8. Oarrett, W. F.
Attridge, Fred Pye and Kd. Cooper.
F. Bwlatoa, Oeo B.
entrance fee of 25c. each will be
charged. The couple which scores
the highest number or games during
hlm, but    he   came    through    un- j ___
scratched.   Ht. last letter from home,,    Do you know that with oar Vacuum
written April 11, Bald thanks to tlic.Clxaner jou can clean all the ear-
the afternoon will win the prlio.   All I government they had ull   posslblbe P*** •*> an eight-roomed bout, la two
members and Intending members will I comfort, and he  was returning to hour.!   Tou do tt hotter thaa with
be entitled lo play. ] tho trenche. that night. ; 'be old .tyle carpet beater aad do
Everybody will be welcome to the
grounds. Tea will bc nerved by the
ladies' committee and an enjoyable
altemoM ia promised to all who can
Ho ha. a grothcr, Charles, with the j n°t Injure tha carpet-la tact
Homo Ouards at   Malton,   England, | "a** It look Ilka now.
twenty-two miles from Scarborough j   Wa rest Vacuum Claaaars at Mc.
tlu aeeae at tlw raid of the aenaan [aad II SS par bow msA cartage
Ik}** O* Mi PAGE TWO
L. F. SaUIvaa, Editor
J. B. Tkeaptea, Baelasti Manager
SapMrlptlaa lata.
Oae  Tear   	
■ti Uaatka    	
Three Month.   	
Adverttalni lata.
Maslay   Advartlslag,   tl   aeata   per
Column iacb.
BMtlag Nottoaa or Claaeldad Ai*. 10
***** par Haa. 	
vice: "Never take a politician seriously." has been pretty closely followed
out. The nitinner in which the cub reporter's "article." would he slashed
imd cut up by the "Old Mini" would do
credit to the best butcher In town. We
believe he would use the blue pencil
M lUBl as freely on tills effusion if he had
the opportunity. Hut we have the drop
on you this time "Old Mull."
May Mil, WIS
Under a warning just issued by the
post   office  department, any  one  in
I'nnadu who leaves a letter, circular
or other printed mutter on a customer,
client or friend is liable to a lino of
$:!0 for each letter and the department
intends to enforce thc law.   One muy
not lenve a letter at u friend's house
on his way to business In the morning,
—"~~ i nor may  the  grocer's  hoy—or any
Craubrook should have the conccu-, „,,,„   meB8enger—leave   an   invoice
tration camp und every business man   wnorJ |le donvorB goods.
and public body should get together)    Th|s ,„ cxm,t|v wlwj ,„ l0 De „.
und work like trojuns until  we arc j „ected from ,1|(, |1|wt „,„,.,, department
Sure of it. Don't depend on promises
but simply keep working, Wo havo
an idea) locution tor this training
camp. Every condition possible
favors this city. Tliruw off your coat
and get uftcr it. It'n worth working
until business methods prevail.    We
will never have efficiency until there
Ih a complete reorganization of the
stuff and oyBtem.   The service is full
of experienced, capable and enthusiastic   public   servants.      What  tliey
need Is less  politics lu the administration and tlie promotion ot tlie dell is time British Columbia adopted  BQrv*ng nU!n t() thfl h|gher |l0S*titms$
tbe regulations similar to those    of |b|]t mmt |mportant ()( aUl a new gen-
Callfornla     preventing   stocks     and j ora|.mftnag6r or de,,uty   ,)0Htmaster-
shares being offered to the public in 1 goneraj Ult lle is called.   The present
deputy minister, Dr. Coulter, had no
business   or   postal   experience,   but
wus an ardent, ambitious, local poll-
worthless flotations. We notice another Pitt Meadows oil company being
floated In tlie city. It Is simply an excuse to fleece the public, and one concerning which we consider the attorney-general should take action. No
oil of economic value has been found
ut Pitt Meadows, and on the geological
conditions there none will be found. I
It Is a crying shame thut in a young
country with such great natural resources awaiting development the public should be induced to throw away
their money on worthless concerns,
when some real benefit would be derived by the community from the expenditure on legitimate promotions of
capital whicli is now worse than wasted. The newspaper press bas great
responsibilities, and It is regrettable
that It should so often be perverted to
Improper purposes. In Victoria tho
Dally Colonist announced tliat It would
not accept mining ur oil news. Such
news Is as legitimate as any other.
and a good deal more value to the
publb: thun tlie defence of political
graft to which the Colonist has devoted Its efforts. Mining is the basic Industry of Brltlsii Columbia, and the'
largest wealth producer of the piov-
ince. A newspaper that seeks to be of
real service to the community should
give reasonable publicity to mining,
being careful that such publicity is
honest and reliable, and not intended
to mislead investors by the advocacy
of some worthless or discreditable
promotion. The Inconsistency of the
Colonist Is exposed hy the facts that
Its owner, S. H. Matson, made his lirst
rise out of mining; and that while his
editorial staff hns Instructions, or
stated It had, not to publish any mining news, it will accept a statement as
to mining, however unreliable, provided a cheque accompanies it. Such
journalism is tlie curse of uny community. No wonder the names of
those connected with such a policy
become mixed up with questionable
transactions In Indian lands und political graft, with which mining men
us a rule would not soil their hands.--
Mining, Engineering und Electrical
tidan In the postmaster-general's
constituency. The appointment of
man, with no apparent qualifications,
over the heads of so many good men
who had spent a life time In the service, was the subject of much com-
You can always telt a barber but
you can't tell him much.
The city la full ot kickers and tbat
is why everybody Is kicking.
Never keep count ot the drinks you
take. There Is no tab on what you
No, Tom, you don't have to come
from Nova Scotia to belong to "Codfish Aristocracy."
The political bee bas begun to buzz.
among  the  organized   workmen    in *.■*%.**.*..      ..   *.
.    _. B    __„„ „ 7,.",.__ : *>Be*»t8- During the investigation con-
Make a Corner
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons with
every CrjicUt Package
ducted by the public accounts committee, be wus summoned as a witness. "Did you not know that mens'
lives depended on these horses?" he
was asked.    "Yes, but I knew they
"Old Man" Simpson, formerly editor
and manager of thin paper, bus again
taken up newspaper work and lias entered the Held ut Victoria, the city
beautiful, his latest venture being
"Tho Victorian," a smart, clean and
ably edited weekly paper. The "Old
Man" has established a number of
papers along the Crows Nest. He
founded tho Wardner International,
the Marysville Tribune und the Wattsburg Wrinkle. He la directly responsible for putting Cranbrook and Lethbridge on the map. His column "Observations by the Old Man" was read
from ocean to ocean. Everybody was
anxious to read Simpson's paper. In
1904 the present editor accepted n
"alt" with the "Old Man" as printer,
remaining with the Herald ever since.
Simpson  was a good fellow to work j
ment at the time, nnd politicians explained that Sir William Mulock did It
in self-defence fearing that Ur. Coulter might he a candidate in opposition to him. It is certain that other
business considerations must hnve actuated Sir William for he was himself one of the most efficient cabinet
ministers we huve ever had.
The present postmaster-general, Mr.
fJasgraln. bus on more than one occasion publicly apologized, and disowned responsibility, for the acts of
liis predecessor, Pelletier, and particularly Pelletier's action in dismissing men who had been in the postal
service for ninny years merely to
make way for Conservative ward heel
"rs. In view of tliis und his evident
intention to run his department on
business lines, we doubt whether Mr.
Cnsgraln bus uny knowledge of the
Issue of the notification referred to. In
my event would advise Institutions and husInesK men to pay no attention to these announcements and
to continue to deliver their own meS'
seugers. Invoices, letters nnd so on
wliere It is cheaper than by mall.
The strongest evidence of Inefficiency
In post ollice management is shown
hy tho fact that large corporations
'ike the gas and electric companies,
■ven when the city rate was one cent,
found it was more profitable to em-
ploy their own messengers, A number
of private concerns liave for years
conducted a newspaper delivery system in the cities in opposition to the
nost ollice, charging one-half to one-
tlilrd the postal rates. These con-
corns hud to pay rent, taxes. Insurance, light, management and other
overhead expenses and yet they have
mnde money. The service between
Montreal and Toronto Is so unsatisfactory that many concerns use the
express companies instead of the
malls, though tiie latter are cheaper.
Kven the special delivery letter Is
slower than the express as recent experience bus demonstrated; although
Dr. Coulter has placed his right-hand
man, Mr. Hoss, 'to exercise special
supervision over Montreal and Toronto offices.
Hon. Mr. Casgrain ought to investigate this situation before he permits
Itr. Coulter to threaten the business
interests of the country with fines and
eizures of their correspondence. To
!iut the matter In a nutshell, the post
office department is trying to force the
husiness men of Canada to pay for Incapacity in handling the affairs of the
department on efficient nnd economical lines. Husiness men willingly pay
their share of the war tux but they
decidedly object to pay for Inefficiency and poor service.
An Investigation of the affairs of the
Craubrook.  Tho "common" politicians
hud better look out or tbey may be
This Is a funny old world. Cranhrook men are enlisting to go Into the
trenches, while men on the city water
works are enlisting to get out ot the
The city Is plowing up Baker street.
Wc are informed Aid. Leask and
Han Held have decided to enter the
potato competition, and have chosen
wonderfully productive land of Baker
Lost, a calf. Lost, von red und vlte
cure, Is too behlnt legs vas plack, he
vas a she cafe, any bobty vot brings
him pack pays fife tollar.—Jacob Zud-
erlng, tree mile pehint der creek
Pridgc, Hed Deer, Alta.
While the aut'o^blle club enjoyed j Jh° Ranbrook Herald is getting out
themselves at Wasa yesterday, ye U arsUlass wper, and ls tlie only one
editor amused himself with the black' w l     dl8trtct
wouldn't depend on them long," was I
tbe reply. We were unfortunate last
winter In losing our old black horse
"Bob." He wns the typo of horse
needed to put tbe kibosh on tbe Germans. "Bob" was only twenty-two
years old. He would face anything—
with oats or wlthlns. Had be lived we 1
feel confident he would have been ac-
cepted, been a credit to the country!
from which he came, have saved us
one hundred cold dollars and W. E.
Worden the trouble of hauling him
Lint ol Craibrook Cltildre* Attaining
Perfect Attendance ft* tlw Month
ot April
Division 1.—H. C. Garrard
Philip Briggs
Helen Bridges
Alice Brown *
Harry Doris
Edwin Malcolm
Mary Malcolm
Alec. Mennie
Sydney Murgatroyd
Oordon Argue
Dorothy McLean
Henry Chester
Division 2—11. Shield., Teacher
Number enrolled  30
Average attendance 87.91
Percentage  93.03
Charlie Armstrong
Muriel Baxter
Elsie Beattie
Frank Cadwallader
Melville Dallas
Barbara Oreen
Jennie Hopklna
Huth Kendall
Harold Leaak
Orenvllle Musser
John Noble
Agne. Reekie
Fred Swain
Josephine Severe
Alfred Sindall
Oordon Taylor
Clarence Hickenbotham
Margaret St Elot
THURSDAY,    MAY Cth, 1915
^^^^^^        Yet, strange to say,
..,   „        .,  ,    .        ..,    i its advertising ls almost nil.    Every
Ivories ot thc Mcrgentlialer typesetting , • .      ■   *
 .,__   „__„.._ ,„ ..,„„„[man in that good old town should be
able to pay (rom $1.00 to $6.00
machine.   Verily, a man is a stranger;
n ills own town.
A visitor in the city Monday who
liraised the work ot the Sunshine
Society and the Red Cross Society
was loud in his praise ot the philanthropic work carried on by thc Her
Division 3—Miss Erne M. Bechtel
Percentage  88.65
Irene Beech
Ivy Bidder
Orace Doris
Hattie Hollander
Ing Wat Hoy
Violet Jones
Ella Kendall
Lfllle Lancaster
Walter Laurie
Mary Mann
Annie McBirnle
Marlon MacKinnon
Hugh Simpson
Clifford St. Eloi
Crossley Taylor
Allen Brown
month for advertising.   If there la not
more of it, the Herald will have    to
quit, as even the eye of a novice can
readily see that the publishers   are
uno eating strawberries and cream,
and tt is a guess if beans ls not a '
luxury. Neither Cranbrook or the die-
aid. He said "The newspaper of this Mct cm oftord t0 D0 wlthout B news-
town is the greatest charitable In- i pa|leri nor lt ,„ rlgllt ,or the tbUBtoeBB
-tltutlon In British Columbia." Truly „„,„ t0 walcll dally ,or the death 0, the
running a newspaper these days Is  „„,,„    what ls tho mattcr wlth a
IZtoVS'lal'r0"' W"h ",e Cm'  bU8TSS mr""g aDd' I"'? bU8inCS8Wug7of rttVndance \ZZ7SLt
tmasis on me iaoor. meeting .where every business man     Norman Beech
....      .        ....       T   .,        ..   will pledge himself for one Inch or.
Lfc s a funny thing.   In h s youth *    -
.,. a   ,, j , ,     „  more   of   advertising   and   everyone
ii man raises the very devil, drinks all        ,     _   «. , c   _.*.
.    J       .. . .,    .,    ,      ...   w      work a month  securing subscriber..
Uie booze that is  fr ends will   buy ,.,     ,     , , .     „
, „    ,.,.   ., ,...       (ranbrook people need a live paper.
md generally hits the pace with   a . ' „ ,„ .
, , • ".     '      _.        .      .        .    now,   and   Messrs.     Sullivan     and
.ivid red swat.   Then when he getB,   .   ' I
-...,. ». .    Thompson are doing their part. •
old and decrepit he   commences   to ——.
',tow whiskers, can't enjoy the fast; Yes, we're back at It again. A few
life any more, secures a government' years ago, when we sold the Cran-
inli and preaches to all men concern- brook Herald we had a faint idea that
lug thc evil ot their ways. He comes'. wo might not get into the business
Into life a burden to his parcn.s and ; again. But newspaper work is a habit.!
he goes out a bore to all with whom And there Is no use of talking, tbere
lie comes in contact. Like Shake- seems to bc no cure for it. The |
Mieare's seven age., sans hair, Hans ■ Victorian is our present venture, and
Loeth, sanr, sense, Sans everything. so far ns we know now we propose i
— to publish Tho Victorian until disease ;
"Old Man" Simpson dubbed Cran- or time gets us, and as we are enjoy- j
hrook tiie banana belt. He had rea-; ing the best ot health The Victorian j
ions (or so doing.  On Thursday night will have an opportunity to become
ast while we were enjoying the gentle an old established institution tn thlB , 	
music of the raindrop and the Cran-1 marvellous city.   Sometime In the fu-1 Division 6.—Mia. Jennie M. Richards
hrook farmer was bubbling over with | ture it may be reduced to the site o( a | Pupil, enrolled 47
"niKtaee   stamp or It may    grow to; Percentage  91.98
many pages. In either case lt will: Elsie Black
keen on going. Some ot our friend, i May Brake
will say we arc foolish to embark tn     Freddy Briggs
           the business again.    Some will ap-1    Leonard Burton
As tho train pulled in from the west Prove of it, but all will wish ua «uc-     chrlstlno Caraon
Friday afternoon, several of the pas-: «"■*•«• We know that, becau.e we know     Bella Foster
sengcr coaches were gaily decorated, nur frlendB.
Division 4.—Miss Helen Olegerlch.
Delphlne Bennett
Charles Chapman
Donald Dallas
Mabel Finley
Otto Olll
Hugh Hanna
Bruce Laurie
Russell Leaak
Eric MacKinnon
Edith Murgatroyd
Margaret Morrison
David Reekie
Alma Sarvl.
Viola Sarvis
Ruth Simpson
Edward Taylor
Freda Taylor
Oarneld Taylor
Everett Williams
Bessie Woodman
thankfulness (or the "showers ot blessings," our neighboring city of Creston .where tlie big red apple grows,'
was covered with a mantle of nice,
vlilte, soft,   fluffy,   beautiful   snow.
prince iminni; hit
"Old  Man"  went
Held, establishing tlie Lethbridge
alii.   Tliis paper was started on a very
nun     In 100S the I '"Kl M blocking In tlieir way. as have
Into  tlie    Alberta |'""", lir""Rlit nut In llie war order In-
> Her-   VOfltlWtlon.
»I The Conservative loaders believing
modest scnlo-ln n stable at the j'"", Wtly interests render an election
rear of the Dallas hotel. The upper ! *?.",!,bta h'~'a"' tllc «"'"mn llaT0 d«-
portlon of tlie stnblbc-or to be plain- "M"'] "I""1 "" ™rl>' Weal and pre-
the loft contained a large quantity ol |'«« p"« <"« now being made. On
hay, so orders for "No Smoking" were l"« oUl« h«nd tiiere nre few business
Issued forthwith. Tho equipment of m™ lwlm nr" ■"" »«T decidedly op-
the Herald consisted of two cases ot ",0'""1 ,0, mi'h • ™"™. ""d many of
type, a press and a gasoline box of l1'™' , lmv" ™l"-"ssed themselves
Monollne border. The first line ot type strn"*lf on ""> »'"*«■ This has
assembled for the Lethbridge Herald;"1""" "", PoHtlotana Hesitate, but Sir
was set In this ofllce by the present. n»nert Borden .from a feeling of loyal-
editor: "The Herald has come t„ ty, ° "" ""''"'• »nd believing that
stay." From all appearances lt look- ""'J01"" l""wala wl11 »°< *««<*■ '«
ed as though It would not stay very "n""«™* «" ■>" 'nvorabl- to Immed-
long. After the third Issue the paper' l"ln »e""n-Financial Post,
was an established Institution audi Don't scold the chilli If she Is cross;
from that time on the prairie city J give her Rexall Orderlies, as the
went ahead.   Simpson was behind tlie  'rouble Is probably with the bowels.
Sold only hy tlie Renttle-Murpny Co..
Tile Rexnll  Store,  10c,    2!i,\  k  r.0c.
in their garb of white. Jos. Jackson, Thcr0 ,„ a ,ol of ulk theM day, on
our genial conductor, was asked what i ,„„ sub(ect ..^^ to tho _a.. 0m
It meant, and said: "That, my boy. is „ld frlcnd R B Bcattl(, who „as:
from the beautiful Creston valley, ueea a drugglrt ,n cranbrook Bincei
where everything and everybody lsjlh(! am wnen the flm note, WM J
nure-pure as the "driven" snow, i ,Hraarack treC| and who ha, ,athored
Jim Doyle or the editor of the Cres-: ,„ may ,,,„, ,„,,„„ duTlng „,, I
ton Review can give you further par- bu8lneM career ,„ tnal town, ,„ ,
tlculars." j practical advocate of the back to the |
i land theory. He owns land in Al- j
A Winnipeg paper prints the fol-b(.rta and mi,an Columbia, and has
lowing: Mr. Stork knocked nnei-; „„„ tnct „ear ,,,„ „onie „,„„ Thl,
lieotediy at the door of n Winnipeg | mla, he ,efl tne >tore ,„ ch,rg0 of
home one Sunday morning recently. | „,, mttmr Tnn)r Murpny, and Wwl
The old bird waa not entirely unlook-. t0 tne „e|dg „,,,., wa„ nol looWng for
•d for at that, though hie advance no-; „ ,|nectlrC| nor did „„ propoM to be a
tlces had said hc would not come for ,]|icttanto tiller of tho soil, but a real'
two weeks yet.  Anyway, Mr. and Mrs., |,orny   ,landed   farmor     ,„   ,.„„„,,.,
Dingbat had planned to entertain Mr., „llenc(,i ,le rOTe at flve „.„,„,,,,  ,„  tne        _           	
stork at tho hospital.  So "friend huB-1 morning, and after a good smoke, at a Percentage attendance 90.99
band" galloped to the telephone and j 0||M retlrcd ,or the Mund „Mp 0, tne     Edward Barnhardt
called a taxi.   It was a Ford car and |,ard working man.  He harrowed and
the way that machine scorched to the  |,|ollghed In tho sun and tho wind
address In question would make Ralph I lmt|| his face looked like that of a
Do Palma look tike a   »cow-drlver.; bedouin of the desert.   If more men
Uvorybody wa. started for the ho.pl-  would follow thl. example there would
tal all right Including tho family doc- j |,P morc farnl9 )n British Columbia and
tor, who had been    summoned.     A , less ranches.
Lenore Hill
Archie Horie
Stella Johnaon
Jack Kirkland
Mac Kirkland
May Lancaster
Maud Malcolm
Jack Moffat
Joe Mueller
Harry Musser
Isabel Parker
Reive Parker
Frank Roberta
Ray Scott
Cyril Selby
Oladys Shackieton
Joe Swain
Norman Wasson
Verne Wbodman
Division 6.—MIbs Bessie Pye
publicity committee. Simpson had
faith In tlm town. Hc seems to possess that happy knack of getting away
to a good start. lie Is a horn booster
and a valuable asset to any town.
In tlie early day. In Cranbrook when
the "Old Man" would run Hlmrt of a
reporter—when something when
wrong with tlie newH gntherors—
Simpson would assign "Sully" to re
The Herald lias Just received a new
hooklet Issued hy tlie Department of
Natural Resource, of tlie Canadian
I'ncllle Railway at Calgary, Alberta,
iloscrlhlng the resources anil advantages of Alberta, Saskatchewan nnd
Manitoba. We huve turned tlie book-
port some happening In the town, gen- let over from cover to cover and find
trally a political meeting.    His ad- j nothing concerning llrltlsh Columbia.
hlock was travelled and the chauffeur a
got the hunch to speed up. Just as
they turned the corner In front of the
hospital tlie new father opened the
door and Bald: "I guess you'd better turn round and go home. It's a
boy." They named him Ford. Mother
and son are doing line, thank you.
On Saturday the remount purchasing commission will visit the city to
look over the noble steeds for service
in the British army. Farmers who
have horses for sale should bring them
in for examination. It matters not
whether the horse Is a rising six-year-
old or a "babe" who ha. seen twenty
years. There ia a possibility of getting him (or her) stuffed off. Color
wlll count against you, unless you feel
like going to the expense of dyeing the
animal, and many In New Brunswick
have already been caught at this
game. The farmers of Nova Scotia
got rid of some line specimen of
home flesh. A farmer near Antlgonlsli,
Nova Scotia, the home of our fellow
companion and all-round slde-klcker,
J. H. Macdonald, got rid of twenty-
yrar-old hones to   th*   got.nuwntj
Wflll sell for cash, content, of well
furnished house, Including two heaters
and one range for wood or coal, almost ncw, dining room of oak, parlor
and bedroom suites, water motor
washer, tubs, wrlngors, etc., lawn
mower, poultry alfalfa cutter, kitchen utensils and numerous other articles. Special bargains It taken at
0 .E. Kendall Phone li*
Ml Xertary Ave.
Do you know that with our Vacuum
(Meaner you can clean all tht carpet, tn an eight-roomed house In two
hour.! You do tt batter than with
the old style carpet beater and do
not Injure tha carpet—In fact you
make tt look Ilka new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaner, at Ho.
and ll.M per hoar ud cartage.
Vera Baxter
Howard Brogan
Lena Brogan
Norval Caslake _^^^
Elisabeth Chapman
Stanley Fyles
Gertrude Hopkins
Vivian Kummer
Lenore Little
James Logan
Stanley Moffat
Donald Morrison
Charles Musser
Freda Osborn
Wilma Park
Sam Speers
Hope Taylor
Candacc Henderson
Marlon Henderson
Leonard Jecks
Vera Lister
Alexia Messenger
Thelma Patmore
Muriel Reado
Joe Stojack
Agnes Sommcrvllle
Division 8.—Mrs. J. C. Patmore
Pupils enrolled  48
Percentage    93.16
Marjorle Burton
Eva Cadwallader
Donovan Ewin
John Lancaster
Walter Uo
Jam.. Taylor
compounds your prescriptions
at this drug store. We leave nothing
to chance—your health is too important. All our drugs are carefully
tested before they are used and the
stock is frequently renewed.
Everything Is under lho care of
a trained pharmacist who hus
, years of study and experience
lo guide him.   Bring your prescriptions here.
The Beattie Murphy Co, Ltd.
77tf $.tsAua£L Star,
Where It Pays to Deal
Do you know that with our Vacuum Cleaner you can
clean all the carpets in an eight-roomed house, In two
hours? You do it better than with the old style carpet
heater aud do not injure thc carpet—in fact you make it
look like new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners at SOc. and $1.00 per hour
and cartage.
Women Look Well When
they escape the sallow skin, the pimples, blackheads, facial blemishes due to indigestion or biliousness. At times, all women need help to rid the
system of poisons, and the safest, surest, most
convenient  and  most  economical   help  they  find in
This famous familyremedy has an excellent tonic effect upon
the entire system. It quickly relieves the ailments caused
by defective or irregular action of the organs of digestion,
headache, backache, low spirits, extreme nervousness.
Purifying  the  blood,   Beecham's  Pills  improve   and
Clear The Complexion
Tbe attraction, with ...rjr boa an estrr eakataV "..B.rl.ltr te MMfc
Pmarad only by Thomaa Ba.ch.m, St. Helena, Lanchlrt, Bnalaad,
Sol ll ev«ry wbcra ia Canada andlJ. S. America.   In boiae, a Mau.
Delia Baxter
Eddie Bliss
Warren Bowness
Robert Boyter
Ray Hill
Wong Hum
Edwin Jecks
Mlrruy McFarlane
Olive Simpson
Queenle Swain
Ruby Lister
Alway Bliss
Billy Selby
Division 8.—Miss X. E. Faulkner
Eva Armstrong
Malcolm Brogan
Alice Chapman
Jiii'k Dixon
Alex. Grant
|    Bertie Oeorge
I    Frank Hawkcswortli
Jemima Houston
Jim Hlng
Clyde Johnston
lflrun Jordan
Melville I.i'nsk
Angus McDonald
nubbin Malcolm
Uennle Murgatroyd
Grey Moslcy
Ireno Taylor
Billie Taylor
Wllhclmlna Woodman
Edward Wliltc
Evelyn Wells
Dorothy Henderson
Ralph Lnilils
Myrl Carson
Division 9.—Miss A. McLennan
Number enrolled  48
Percentage of attendance 88.3
Albert Badham
Ray Beech
Kathleen Dallas
Lawrence Foster
Robbie Oeorge '
Jlmmlo Gilchrist
Angus Orant
Doris Haynes
Donovan Jecks
Billy Malcolm
Fred Stojack
Kathleen Strachan
Hobble Taylor
Fred Wells
Elsie Willis
Sadie Woods
Kootenay Orchard Public School
Teacher—Mrs. Katie Racklyeft
Xumber enrolled  20
Average attendance 18.70
Muriel Gilpin
Dagmar Andersen
C'luiiiliil Gilpin
Kathleen Atchison
Marion Atchison
!   Blanche ailpln
Mabel Stendcr
■    Fanny Gartside
Maurice ltacklycft
All persons depositing refuse on the
Nuisance around, must place same at
proper pit.   Violation of thin rule will
1 Im dealt wltli accordingly.
hi-.1t Sanitary Inspector.
tlio reserve established by a notice
published In tlio llrltlsh Columbia
Guxettu on the 27th of December. 1807.
Is cancelled In so far as It relates to
Mils 117U2, 1170.1, 117C4, 11767, 11705,
117(16, 11768, 11769, 11770, 11771, 11773,
11774, 1177B, 11770, 11777, 11778, 11778,
11780, lmii, 11826, 11827, 11828, 11829,
11864, 11865, 11800, 11871, 11889, 11881,
11882, 11883,11884, 11885, 11880, 11887,
11888, 11889, 11891, 11882, 11893, 11894,
11895, 11896, 11897, 12138, 12139, 12140,
12141, 12142, 12143, 12144, 12146, 12140,
12147, 12148,12149, 12160, 12166, 12166,
12157, 12158, 12159, 12160, 12161, 12162,
, 12163, 12104, 12165, 12166,12167, 12239,
! 12240, 12241, 12242, 12243, 12244, 12245,
12246 and 12247, Kootenay Dlstrlot.
The said lots will be open to entry by
pre-emption on Tuesday, the 18th day
of May, 1915, at nine o'clock tn the
forenoon. No Pre-emption Record
will be issued to include more than
one surveyed Lot and all applications
must be made at the ollice of the Government Agent at Cranbrook.
Deputy Minister of Land..
Department of Land.,
Victoria, B.C..
March llth, MM. It-It THURSDAY, MAY Gth, 1915
How About Your
Children's Eyes ?
Let us make an examination and tell you just what
the condition Is. If glasses
are needed that is your
business. No need to suffer from eye strain, headaches or nervousness. Ite-
lnember our 0 LASSES are
guaranteed to satisfy you.
Don't take our say so. Ask
your neighbor.
W. H. Wilson
J under
Miss draco Finley in now Hcnlor
clerk at tho post office,
Wo will keep all kinds of fluh all
summer Sun uroeery Co. is-4t
Born—To Mr. and Mra. 0. A. Chapman, Van Horno street, on April 27th,
1915, a sou.
Constable Arden, who was recently
appointed at Moyle, was a city visitor
last Tuesday.
Mrs. R. C. Carr Is very Ul at the
residence on Edwards street with
PHONE 8.—Strictly fresh
killed meats only at Cranbrook
Heat Market*
White fish from Slave Lake, and
all kinds of fresh sea Ash from. Vancouver arriving every other day.—Sun
Orocery Co. 18-4t
Messrs. Frank Carlson and A. lt. |
Webster were at Fish Lakes the flrst
of the week enjoying an outing and
catching a few specimens ot the finny
modern 12 roomed house with two
lots, Garden avenue. Apply J. R. McNabb. 16
The social committee of Maple Loaf
Rebekah lodge are arranging for a
social evening and whist drive on
Wednesday next, May 12th. All members are requested to attend.
Rev. C. L. Cowan, Presbyterian
minister at Waldo, occupied the pulpit of the local Presbyterian church
Sunday. Rev. Cowan paid tlie Herald
a visit during his stay in the city.
Mrs. A. Mlley and her daughter. Miss
Kay, left Crnnbrook last Monday for
Livingston, Mont., where they will
make their future home. They have
resided In Cranbrook for thr post four
Mrs. C. R. Ward and baby, who were
visiting relatives nnd friends nt Glei-
chen, Alberta, for several weeks, returned home last Friday. Tliey wore
accompanied home by Mrs. Ward's
BiBter, who will visit hero.
Mr. and Mrs. A. It Leitch. of Jaffray, were Cranbrook visitors the beginning of the week. Mr. Leitch reports things lu his town ns beginning
to move and states thnt tlu* residents
are feeling unite optimistic
Minn   Nellit*  Lcuuimi, the courteous
aud obliging young lady who ims been
the senior lady of the local posl ollice
for the past couple of years, hns resigned, her position, ami ulli. In the
merry month of June, lie married to
Mr. Jock Thompson,
ltuhe Tlflin, who has had charge of a
work train on the Kootenay Central
for the past several weeks, came to
Cranbrook the Ilrst of the week to
consult a physician, uml found that he
had typhoid fever. He Is at St. Ku-
gene hospital and is reported Improving ut the present.
Oub Thels, who was the original
founder of gold ou Perry Creek, was
tn the city this week from the Home-
stake mine, lie reports the snow nil
gone and summer nt Its best up In
the penkB. Cnpt. Rogders. Oeorge
Carr, W. IV Haney and other eminent
mining men to arrive about the middle
of the month.
Ly in nn Taylor, of Wycliffe, wus
among the visitors last Monday. Mr.
Taylor has only been engaged tn farming for a few years, having previously
been employed as clerk for merchandise stores In this city. He has found
farming profitable and healthful and
la a strong advocato of the back to
tho land movement.
Robert McMoy, who has boen train*
lug with the British Columbia regiment ot mounted Infantry at Vancouver, Ih homo on a furlough visiting
with his Bisters, Mrs. C. J. Little and
Mrs. W. J. Atchison. He reports al!
the Cranbrook boys doing lino except
E, J, Nolan, who fell through an open
manholo fracturing two ribs. He Is
suing tho city of Vancouver for
damages. Mr. McKay expects to join
hla regiment again within a tew days
m tbey aspect orders to nova about
th* tart of May.
L. J. Johnson, ot Fernie, was In
tho city Tuesday.
L. Johnson, ot Kimberley, paid the
city a visit Tuesday.
C. M. Edwards, of Waldo, waB a
Cranbrook visitor yesterday.
The board of school trustees meet
tomorrow night.
Miss Ella Keefe. of Fort Oeorge, Is
visiting with Mrs. T. Drummond .and
C. E. Benedict, ot Bull River, was
u visitor in the city of opportunity
The Cranbrook Poultry association
will hold a mooting tomorrow night in
Clapp'H hall.
Rev. V.. L. Cowan returned to Waldo
nn Monday after conducting both services at tho Knox Presbyterian church
on Sunday.
Mr. Milt Kastner, tho Fernlo reul
esato man who has a reputation for
honest dealing, was a visitor In the
city Tuesday.
Mr. 11. P. Hope, school Inspector,
was in Cruubrook and dlstrlot the latter part of the week, inspecting the
several school fn this vicinity.
Mr. M. S. Howard returned Wednesday from a three months trip to New-
York. Mr. Howard was formerly employed In thc despatched offlce.
PHONG 8^F^sh fish wiring from the coast every Ties-
day and Thursday.—Cranbrook
.Heat Market	
Col, Mackay commander of the 107th
East Kootenay regiment, and Qeorge
Pedlar, editor of the Fernie Free
Press, wero visiting Cranhrook from
tlie coal mining town the first of the
Frank Parks has recovered sufficiently from his operation at St. Eugene hospital to be able to leave that
institution. Mr. Parks Is now at his
home. In a tew days he will be as fit
as a fiddle again.
Dr. and Mrs. F. W. Green returned
Monday from Victoria, where they
have been on a fortnight's visit. The j
doctor formerly practised in Vic-1
toria, where he and Mrs. Oreen en-
Joy a large circle of friends, I
The Women's Institute will give a j
social evening at Maple HaU on Friday
evening, May 10th. A short program
of music will bo given after which
dancing and refreshments Mil conclude tho evening. Everyone welcome.
Admission 25c.
Thc Royal hotel are making extensive additions to their dining room
preparatory to feeding the recruits of
the 54th Kootenny Batallon. The pool
room Is being transformed into a
dining room which greatly increases j
their table capacity.
Cnpt. R. D, Davles and Major C. H.
Pollen who hove been taking the officers course at the coast tor the past
three months, returned to the city
Monday. The officers have been putting in some hard work and are now
well up in the art of handling Germans.
Charles Baker and Harry Sweatman
of the firm of Baker & Banfield, arc
leaving next Sunday for England to
engage In construction work for thc
war office In England and France. Mr.
T. H. Banfield will remain here In
hargo of the Ann's business. The
men leaving are both competent construction men, having been engaged
In the contracting business in this
city for the past five years. They expect to remain In tho old country until
after the wur Is over.
From all appearances there seems
to the considerable rivalry In the mod-
st little town of Yahk. Two weeks
ago we announced that twins had been
born to Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kellock, of
that place. This week, Mr, J. Roper,
who has been fireman on C. P. R. engines out of ('ranbrook for thc past
live years, came In from Yahk and Is
celebrating the arrival of twins ln his
family. A few years ago George Hoggarth laid claim to being the only
daddy to twins, but George's record Is
being equalled by these enterprising
men from the Yahk valley.
Peter A. Grenon, a printer blessed
with the wandering foot, la back again
In Cranbrook after a trip round the
world. Pete has many Interesting experiences to relate of his adventures.
He Iibb seen tho ups and downs of life
since he loft Cranbrook. He haB travelled In luxury and style for many
months and Is now satisfied that he
has had enough. When the gypsy In
a man comes to the surface it will not
down, do what you wlll to overcome
it. There is no cure but to go on and
on! We know Pete's feelings, we've
had 'em.
Thc secretary of tho Cranbrook
Center St. John Ambulance Association reports having sent the following
articles to the head office of the Red
Cross Society, Toronto .this week;
9 pneumonia Jackets, 3 old sheets, 2
bundles old bandages, 6 hot water
bottle covers, 21 pr. socks, 3 abdominal bands, 1 pr. flannelette pajamas,
26 flannelette night shirts. The association still has material on hand to
be made up and anyone wishing to assist can obtain same by calling at tho
room over Miss McLeod's millinery
store on Wednesdays from 3 to 4
o'clock and] Satordaya tram 11 antll
M. A. Beale Is in Nelson today on
R. J. Long, of Creston. was in the
•metropolis Wednesday.
The 41 Meat Market has closed its
Cranbrook branch.
Mr. and Mrs. Luwe, of Fernie, were
Cranhrook visitors Tuesday.
B, E, Markle, of Bull Hiver, was iu;
the city ou business Monday.
PHOS I! 8—Strictly fresh
spring lamb.—Cranbrook Meat
Mr. W. R. McFarlane made a business trip to Wattsburg yesterday, returning the same day.
W. H. Henderson and George B.
Henderson, jr., of Bull River, were
Cranbrook  visitors  yesterday.
Horn—To .Mr. and Mrs. John Roper,
on Wednesday, Muy 5th, 1915, at ■
MrH. Bent's hospital, twins, hoy and
Mrs. John Shaw left today for Med-
Iclne Hot, where she wlll visit for u I
few weeks as the guest of Mrs. Robert
Brown, formerly a resident of this
Mrs. Percy Adams returned home
Tuesday from Moyie, where hIio has
been spending the past week visiting
with her parents. Her sister, Miss
Attwood, accompanied her on her re-1
Thos. T. Mecredy left last Friday
for Vancouver to appear in the su j
promo court for the Bull River Elec-
trio Power Co., Ltd,, vs. the Cana-
dlan Pacific railway. He is expected
home on Saturday.
Bob Elliott, Duncan McOillivray and
Ben Teed left this week for Perry
Creek to commence work on the Gold
Bond and Gold Bug placer claims.'
The former ls owned by Tom Herron
of this city and the lutter by Boh El-'
Miss Dolores Murphy, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Murphy, who successfully underwent an operation at
the St. Eugene hospital, has made good
progress towards recovery and wns
removed to her home last Saturday
from tho hospital.
The Women's Institute will give a
social evening at Maple HaU on Friday
evening, Muy 10th. A short program
Of music will he given after whicli j
dancing and refreshments will con-
elude the evening. Everyone welcome.:
Admission 25c.
A good quality of local grown garden truck Is now being offered for sale :
at the public market. Last Saturday
a good display ot green onions, let-
tuce, radishes, rhubarb and mlscellane-
ous farm produce presented nn inviting appearance.
Chas. Henderson brought his wife
down from Tulameen last Saturday
and placed her iu the hospital for;
treatment. Sixteen years ago Char-!
tie was a printer's devil in the Cranbrook Herald office, when that paper I
was run by "Old Man" Simpson.—:
Princeton Star.
A social dance under the auspices
of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen and the Ladles Auxiliary to the ,
B. of R. T. will be given at the Auditorium on Monday, May 17th. Music
by Cranbrook orchestra. This dance
is given to help pay insurance on
members who are on active service.
The Cranbrook Electric Light Co.;
have on display at their office this
week a new electric motor-driven
washing machine and a new type of
vacuum cleaner. Both of these new .
machines are constructed for tho pur- j
pose of saving labor for the housewife. Tliey were soon sold after being
placed in stock and the company is
ordering more machines. Any inter-!
ested person is invited to cull at thc [
offlce and inspect the new machines.
W. W. McGregor will be leaving
Cranbrook shortly. "Mac" has been a
resident of Cranbrook for the past
two years nnd has beeu an active
member of the community during his
residence. Tlie Poultry association
will grcntly miss Mr. McGregor. Ho
hns been n hard worker for that Institution and was always willing to
give his time for anything that pertained to the welfare of tliat body.
Mr. aud Mrs. McGregor will be leaving shortly for Ontario, much to the
regret of their many frlenda.
The writer was privileged In attending a rehearsal of the play the
nowly formed Cranbrook Amateur
Players Intend producing shortly.
The play, ot which fuller details will
bo given next week, Is shaping excellently and tho various parts, (of
which there are seven male and five
female), are being most excellently
filled hy the ladles and gentlemen
to whom they have been apportioned,
and the whole ploce should prove oue
ot the prettiest and wittiest yet produced In Cranbrook. It abounds with
situations In which humor, pathos and
excitement alternate and the characters themselves are amongst the finest
that one of tho greatest of pluy-
rlghts of the present day has given
us. The production ot tho play should
amply prove to the Cranbrook public that they have not to rely on
visiting companies of players for
high-class amusement and unimpeachable histrionic talent. Wo are looking forward to thu dny of the production, notice of which will bu given
later, with considerable ard pleasurable anticipation.
--The Belgian Relief-Society acknow-
lodge with thanks one sack of Hour
from Mrs. Godderis.
The Women's Institute will give a
social evening at Maple Hall on Friday
evening, May 10th. A short program
of music will bo given after which
dancing and refreshments will conclude tlie evening. Everyone welcome.
Admission 25c.
Mr. C. Hoskins, a popular knight of
the grip, was in the city from Vancouver the tlrst of the week doing a
land offlce business. Mr. HoskinB reports husiness generally on the mend.
He says Cranbrook people have no
reason whatever to shout hard times,
as this city ls In a flourishing condition compared with other places,
where the bread line Ib still maintained and will be for some time. Business conditions iu the Kootenay are
normal und gradually improving. His
returns show thnt for the month of
April business hnd Increased 32 per
cent over the previous month.
.Mr. James Fisher, printer, poet and
philosopher, left Monday afternoon for
Mayook, at which world-famous place
he will spend some time and a little
of liis money. During his sojourn Mr.
Fisher will write a number of descriptive articles for this paper. It Is
well known by travellers along the
Crow tliat Mayook Is one of the beauty
spots of East Kootenay. The place has
plenty of water and carloads of scenery, but it needs about a month of unflagging publicity in order to become
truly beautiful. After the appearance
of Mr .Fisher's articles we are prepared to gamble that passengers while
travelling down tho Crow wlll no longer while away tlie time playing solitaire.
A game of baseball was pulled off
in Steele Sunday last, when the Cranbrook boys administered a dose of
real baseball medicine to the Steele
ball tossers. It might be said right
here that the Fort Steele boys can
always take their medicine, no matter
how bitter. A number ot brilliant
plays were made by the members of
both teams. The score was 16—3 ln
favor of the Whites, the name under
which the Cranbrook team lined up.
The Fort Steele team Is known as the
Blacks. A good deal of plotting
against the Whites was carried out
hy the rival team, the pitcher resorting to a number of new curves, Including tho Kootenay Central. Many
of them claim the game was a good
The city council held a special session this week and have offered free
light, free water and tree sewerage
to the military authorities if they
make their concentration camp here.
Tiiere Is every natural requisite for a
splendid camp, running water, good
target range, plenty of room for camp
and manoeuvres and unlimited country for marches. Cranbrook people
hnve supported the empire's cause
with men and money and with everything favorable for the establishment
of this camp at this point Cranbrook
presents the opportunity, backed by
tlie whole-hearted support of the
people, for the military department to
reciprocate in part the sacrifices that
have been made during the past few
months. ,
WE GUARANTEE absolute satisfaction in making
Clothes for particular men. We use only the best
Suiting, Lining, Hair Cloth, Buttons and Thread. Each
little detail is carefully considered so that when a garment is
completed it will give comfort and hold its shape and give permanent satisfaction.
Try one of our suits al $35.00.
Heath Came Suddenly to Om of Cm-
brook's Oldest Residents—111-
vernal Sorrow Expressed
Owing to the lateness of the publication of this issue it becomes our painful duty to chronicle the very sudden deatli of Miss Emma L. Prest.
which occurred at 7 o'clock on Friday morning, May 7th,' 1915. Her
sudden demise comes, as a distinct
shock to her many friends In this
Miss Prest had been In good health,
was out for an auto ride the evening
before, visited some of her friends and
seemed to be In the best of health and
spirits. On Friday morning she arose
as usual and was dressing when she
suddenly fell to the floor.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson at whose home
she has resided for several years,
rushed to her room and found her unconscious. Dr. Green was summoned,
arriving quickly, but death ensued in
a very few moments from euremlc poisoning.
Miss Prest first came to Cranbrook
ln 1902 to nurse her brother, Archie
Prest, who was a photographer here
at that tlmo. He died here and Miss
Prest remained In the city, being employed for a time with W. T. Reid and
later with McCreery Bros, when they
purchased Mr. Rcld's stock. She has
worked constantly In the one store
for the pas', twelve years.
A Bister, Mrs. James Lewis, resides
at St. Paul, Minn., a brother, Frank
Prest.resides in Toronto and a nephew
Cecil Prest, the flrst city clerk of the
city of Cranbrook, resides ln Winnipeg.
The deceased was a member of .thi
Methodist church and one of the faithful supporters of the choir, being'tbe
oldest member of that musical .'organization. She possessed Innumerable friends In the city who will be
pained with the sorrow attendant upon
the news of her Inexplicable and sudden death in the midst of life.
General Annual .Heeling-  Sale Pending tor the Property ui the Com-
pony at a High Figure
The general annual meeting of the
directors and shareholders of the
Vellowhead Pass Lumber Company
was held In the offices of the solicitor
tor the company, T. T. Mecredy, on
Tuesday last. Thc proceedings were
most cordial and the condition of the
company from n financial point of
view showed that the assets exceeded
the liabilities by over half a million
Mr. A. Carney, of Kaslo, who has
been president of the enterprise since
Its formation in 190&, occupied the
chair. There wero present C. A.
Cock, A. B. Fenwick, of Fort Steele,
Lester Clapp, Joseph Ryan, Louis
Johnson, of Marysville, Isaac Burch
and Angus Musser.
An option of purchase of company's
timber limits, forty-eight in all, situated In the valley of tlie Fraser above
Fort George, was granted to a gentleman In England at a figure highly satisfactory to the directors and shareholders. Should this option be not
taken up by the flrst of July next one
of the great lumber operators In
North Carolina will be given an
option, for time sufficient to complete
an examination. It is expected that
the latter party will in all probability.
acquire the company's holdings which
are estimated to cut about seven hundred million feet.
The following are the officers of
tbe company for the ensuing year:
A. Carney—President.
Lester Clapp—Vice-President.
Joseph Ryan,—Managing Director
and Secretary.
Directors—Messrs. Cock, Fenwick.
Louis Johnson, A. E. Watts and Isaac
Shamrock Brand
Hams. Bacon. Butter
and Lard
Fresh Eggs 25c dozen
Saturday Specials
Fresh Killed Meats and Fresh Fish
P. BURNS & CO.,  Ltd.
S .('. Rhode Inlaid Bods
ft. C. White Leghorn
Kggs. $100 for fifteen
Chicks. 20c. each. |1>3,00 par IM.
(Telaphou) IMt
Mr. Thomas Itoberts, a teamster
In this city, has received
the following letter from Mr. J. Barry
who left here with the second batch
of men. This letter was passed by
Censor No. 642.
Dear Old Chum:
Can't tell you how glad I was to
hear from you. I am glad to say
your letter found me here about six
weeks ago. We have been resting
the past two weeks and expect to go
Into the trenches again tonight. Well,
old sport, we had a pretty lively time
here. Of course I am not allowed to
tell you where we are, so you have
throe guesses, I can tell you we have
lost quite a number of men. A Oerman machine gun was turned on us
after taking a trench. Say, Tom, It
was sure bell lot loose for a while
Our men were falling thick and fast,
but we fought on. It wan trying but
we won out. This place is supposed
to be the worst spot along thc battle
front. Well, Tom, I am sticking
pretty well. My feet get a little sore
at times; otherwise I am quite well.
I would like to tell you about this
place we aro in now, but I can't.
I went through one of the ruined
churches. It was all blown to pieces.
I got a piece of the stained glass window, which I expect to bring along
with me. There arc a lot of other
buildings blown and torn to pieces.
House after house has alt tho windows
torn out or a hole In the side of it.
Destruction can be seen on all sides.
Tom, old boy, I don't foel like writing today. There Is a something In
me which holds mo back. So I am
going to give up. Will drop you a
line shortly. I suppose things nre
pretty quiet with you In Cranbrook.
By the way I would liked to have got
yoar letter before I left TMworth.
Wo vtffo Uvtag  right  bealde  your
nephew. Would have been delighted
to have seen him. Well, Tom, goodbye, give my best regards to Mrs. Roberts and Frank, and say: We are not
down-hearted yet! But on the con-'
trary we are still happy.
From your old friend
Jack Barry
Regiment 51079,
P. P. C. L. I.,
British Expeditionary Forces.
lather of J. H* McNabb Pasted Away
Monday Last—Was on Craibrook Police Force
On Monday Conductor J. R. McNabb
received tlie sad intelligence of the
death of his father, Mr. Richard McNabb, at Fort William, Ont. Mr. McNabb waa In his 66th year. Death resulted from cancer, Mr. McNabb suffering for some considerable time
With the disease, which ultimately
ended his life. He was confined in
the MacKlllar hospital for some time
Mr. McNabb was a member of the
Cranbrook police force a few years
ago. Hc left Cranbrook about four
years ago for Fort William, where he
has since made hts home.
He leaves two sons and two daughters to mourn the loss of a kind father.
They are: Mias McNabb, of Fort William, Ont.; Mrs. (Dr-. O'Hagan, of
Calgary, Alta.; Mr. J. R. McNabb, of
this city, and Mr. N. McNabb, of Vancouver, B. C.
Deceased wus an active member of
both ihe Masonic and Odd Fellows
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McNabb left
Wednesday afternoon for Fort William
to be In atendance at the funeral.
Evening service, 7.30 p.m.   Subject:
Mid-week service Wednesday, 8 p.m.
"A mother's love.    How sweet the
Holineaa service, 11 a.m.
Sunday School, 3 p.m.
'    Salvation meeting, 7.30 p.m.   Special Self-Denial address "Two Offerings
of Cain and Abel."
Week day
Public    meetings   every   Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday at 8 p.m.
W. Kerr, C. O.
The following statement has been
• handed ln for publication In connec-
1 tlon with the Hospital ball held at the
* Auditorium on April 5tb:
Proceeds from sale of tickets. .$100.50
Printing        5,00
Orchestra    20.00
-Kent or hall     2S.00     54.00
'Bal. to Rev. Sister Superior... .$51.50
Certified correct:
C C. Connolly
A. L. McDermot
For Committee
Rev. W. Elion Dunham, Pastor
Sunday services:   Thta pastor will
preach at 11 a.m. and Rev, O. E, Kendall will be tlie preacher at 7.30 pit.
Morning subjert:    "Hidden   Treasure."
A hearty Invitation Is extended to
all to atend both services.
Rev. O. K. Kendall, Paator
; Services 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. vs.
I In the morning the pastor will com-
a *>lete the series ot topics on "Dullding
] Eternal Mansions" by using HOPK
) and LOVE as thc Outlook and Beauty
I of the Mansions. In the evening there
will be a fraternal exchange with Rev.
I W. E. Dunham, who will occupy the
| pulpit.
All arc Invited.
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
Mother*. Ray
Morning servoce, 11 a.m.   Subject:
"The Motherhood of Ood."
B. a. **A MM*, claaa. I pm
TC MUT cuir-
bouse,    lint ud    dry.   II   par
—»"»■   k*_ W. 3. AUhleoa. HM
for hatching, ft 00 par 13. Apply L
P. Bulllvin, Cranbrook street, ll-tl
FOB HAI.fc.—Veenf grade  Holslela
Jersey bulls; good Individuals;
prices reasonable. Apply Roy Myers,
Cherry Creek Dally Farm, Cranbrook,
» c. IMt*
able residence In beat residential
district In town.   Addreaa Box J„
;    Herald oglce.  il-4t
; saddle; will eell or exchange for
1    bicycle.  Apply phone IM,
j FABM rOB BUT,-**** afleo ta
: city; three acres cleared; bu alee
lot of email frulta; goad house aad
stable; 110 per aoath.   Apptj Box
'    8., Herald oBce. lttf
!FOR SALaVAt market prices! a
!    number of   six   weeks old   trade
Ilerkshlre pigs; wlll crate ud de-
[    liver In lota of eight or ten fob.
Wasa, Fort Steele or Cranbrook. Ad-
!    dress C. L. Bechtel, Wasa.     lt-St*
TO RUNT. Career el Anutmg
Ave ud Bdwarde St., foar reerasl
cottage with bath, electric light,
large woodshed, reaeed, coal ud
wood heater, ruga If wuted. It*
per aeoatk. Apply Beale k bV
X— '. ',,     ■ -j,        *B
THURSDAY, MAV 6tli, 1915
Loyal Orange
No.   1IT1
Meeta Ilrst and tklrd
,- js,tw • Thursdaya at I p.m.
»■> Ji i.-,«iaY* In Royal Black
Knights ol iraland HaU. Baker
Street. .   «...
R. S. Oarrett, W.M.
T. 0. llorsman, Roc. Sec.
Bawisters, Solicitors  ■nd
Money to Loan
Imperial Dank Hulldlng
(From the Creston Review.)
It. J. Long returned on Wednesday
trom a Bhort business trip to Cran-
' brook.
I Both thc section crews working out
of Creston are now back to full
! strength—four nicu and the foreman.
Mrs. J. H. Doyle, who has been
I under the doctor's care at Cranbrook
••••■ii.     Meets every
\VWiS.  Monday   alght
^3>\\\ss* at
cordially invited
R. A.
ltackls'ctt  J. I
. Broughton
Fin. gee.
W  H
. Harris, Ree.
(Successor to W. F. Ourd)
Barrlstor,   Solicitor   and
P. O. Box 859
men did not aee the child nor did
anyone on the train. No one on the
last car saw her and men riding on an
open car further up thc tiatn failed to
fTrUthe'7asrttoc"we;ks;re;urned'oni''0te the little one It'" ^»£ »»'
Thursday  last, feeling considerably she should have got under he train In
* Inaanaiarl      .1r.irilar.il*      IL'l.l<in„.      llallnaT     0(11111
Tbo  wind and smoke blowing  up
BRAITHWAJTTE DIXON one's selfish feelings In love for anoth-
LONG IN 6. T. SERVICE Ier-  Evei*y man'OUK&t to havo the cer-
—— 1 tainty that he can Hnd pence and rest
One ol the Flrat Wardens of St. Johns 1 from all strife and fret in hit- home.
banker. Thero ls many a man i n
Cranbrook today who would have a
snug nast egg had his wife boon given
a chance to   make   good.     End of
Cranbrook. B.C.
Mitts every Tuesday at I t at In
the Fraternity HaU
It. C. Carr, CC.
R M. Christian, K. It. & 9.
P. 0. Boi III
Vlslttag brathrtn Mritallr to-
vltad to attend.
Physicians  and  Snrgeom
Ofllse  nt  residence. Armstrong
Forenomis    900 to 10.00
Afternoons  200 to   4.00
B-venlngs    V.30 to   8.80
■iRtaya    2.30 to   4.80
Cranbrook,  B.C.
from Duck Creek was most too much
for even the good-natured resldenta
hereabouts It was particularly hard
on the Orange trees at J. M. CralgleB.
Thc show of blossoms on the plum,
peach, cherry, and pear trees on the
broad daylight without being seen.
The last time volunteers from Fer-
rile for tho Overseas Forces were being examined for physical fitness a
largo number were disqualified on
account of dental deficiencies. Othera
passed the examination after having
repairs made on a more or less extensive scale by the local dentists. The
R. J. Long ranch Indicate the greatest C0Bt 0( dental work was ln some cases
crop of these fruits ln Erlckson's his- a considerable Item and ln many cues
tory.   It's a bit early to make an apple . was rooro than the recruit could pay
Owing to the delicate health of his
wife preventing his moving here from
Calgary, Comer Jones has resigned his
position as bookkeeper with the Canyon City Lumber Co.    He Ib succeed-
without assistance. The local officers
had to get behind many of the bills.
There Is a strong probability that
some men were unable to enlist because they could not finance the repairs necessary to their teeth.    We
Church and an Esteemed
One by one the members of the old
guard of St. Thomas railway men arc
passing away. Death Ii&b been busy of
late among the older members, and
the death yesterday of Mr. Bralthwalte
Dixon receives another of the number.
Mr. Dixon died yesterday afternoon
at Amasa Wood hospital, after an illness of about four weeks, from septic
poisoning, due to carbuncles on his
He waa In his 75th year and had
been a resident of St. Thomas for
forty-two years. He was born at
Langdale, Westmoreland, England,
September 28th, 1840, and came to
Canada In 1871. He resided In Hamilton for two years, afterward coming
to St. Thomas, where he was associated with the old Great Western Hnll-
way and later with tho Graud Trunk
In 1908 he retired from active Bcrvfce
\ but has since kept In close touch with
j railway affairs ln his home city.
Mr. Dixon was twice married. His
Every husband ought to feel when he \ spasm,
turns the key to enter his own door
that lie is sure of a sweeter welcome
and a more cheerful and more restful
atmosphere than he has l'uund outside of it. If you have been a highflyer, it will be necessary to trim your
wings. Don't be a piker, trim your
wings right now. Play tlie game on
the square and do what Is fair and
just. You are entering upon a new
Jife. Be true to your wife and don*t
play a low-down game. If you are
ono of Miotic poor unfortunates who
cannot handle your money In a biiH-
IneBsllko way, let your  wife bo the
Despondency and the "Blues,'1 usually tho result of const ipaMon,
quickly succumb to Hexali Orderlies.
Sold only by The Beattie-Murphy Co,
The Rexall Store, 10c, 26c. & 60c.
One Model F. Mc Laugh Hn-Bulck
automobile. Used only one seaBon;
aud new set of tires. This Is a two-
cylinder engine. Anyone of a mechanical turn can make a very useful car
out of this.
li-'-'t Wardner, B. C.
ed by Mr. Medler, who arrived from'read of dental corps being org aattad ( flfgt * ^ wag ^^ Br,ckbank   by
Calgary on Saturday.
Meets every second aad fourth
Wednesday at rrateralty BUI
Sojourning Rebekahs eergtal-
ly Invited.
Sis. A. K. Jones, N.G.
Sis. Ada hlckaobolhaam. Kee. tte
•mee la Hanson Block
I to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 |>.m.
7 to   I p.m.
I to care tor the soldiers' teeth, but It
I Is likely that recruits will still hare
' whom he had six children, four of
Honey and Its Uses
"My Sun, cat thou honey, bocauso it is good."—Proverb xxlv. 13.)
IIHoney Is especially recommended as likely to be beneficial in
cases of dyspepsia, rheumatism, asthma, hoarseness, shortness
of breath, and all affections of the chest. Consumptive people
aro known lo have derived great benefit from its continued use,
and it ls said to liave lieen recently often used as a BubBtituto
for cod-liver oil with very satisfactory results.
IITry it on hot cakes.
IIHoney is especially valuable for children, both as a medicine,
and as a wholesome and nourishing food.
The high wind of Tuesday blewup \« »™J J - VJJ^J ™ ^™£__ whom are living.   In 1881 hc married fjHbney can be used In cooking wherever sugar would be used,
.«., «,„ ... .h- ™-v a__, .. KM* eju» standard In m , ^ „     o( ^ Down , ^ th|ngg ^ ^^ ,m a^ ^ ^ ^^ _.      ™«|
„ | in that event there is a field open here \ °' *°,rt **•***" '**»* hf "" 80™ "■ VJbmit pies, pastry, puddings, cakes, etc.
.,,      , for local patriots who are unable to: •>_"»••»of wl""» """I*0 '■'■>•• Tl'°, IIThe grape sugar ot honey does not cause decay of the teeth as
rth of town got beyond ",.'','*","_ w™   ™ „e In.: MUna "° *">'   W' E'   Hnalom' ot! cane suSar <*<><*■
hour or two but »»'»ffif,;S»to^ with™«t ?.^™\t?! *!?'11 *S !» »?• ,be„found to h.ave «'e effect of keeping the cake moist
bush Ores tu almost every direction
hut little or no damage resulted. A
blaze in .some slashing on the J.
control for an
the aid of half a dozen neighbors ltB****j*' ""*.••» J™^"'* "*"" J*™*, of Duluth, Minn.; Mrs. Harry Plastow, I and fresh for a very "long "time.
was put out after burning a ll'"-  ,B»B"ialon w tnemsuvis, underage „, „ m„„.„. ,.,.., ,.._.„.,.   .,,. ,_   ....  _,.. ,■     . «    '."
fence on the adjoining Wells ranch.
was put out after burning a llttlefj* .... ^    «   -     of St. Thomas; Mrs.LorneRobbins, of; flit is not always clearly understood to what extent plant and
I lot rati t     anti    Mott     a I    Imtnn.     Tnlm     n*     !««........ j. i i . *   .        .. > .. _•
Meets In Maile HaU aeaead
and  fourth  Taoaday  af every
month at 1 p.m.
Membership epea te  ■aaaak
C. Y. Brake,        1.1. Unrm,
Preildent                Sear entry
Visiting   member,    aaralallg
ataternttf and Ueneral Snralng
Uarden Ave.
TermB on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
thane Ml P. Q. Boi 845
! teeth of at least one anxious and em- \__'. "*?l8y' a   _*' a   .,'.     %e Me resl>ect*vely concerned in the production of honey.
A few men are being employed at i baraB8cd Y0,mie6t i„ condition to pass °     ,     . „ .m'      Macleod' AUa-  IIHoney is not, as many people suppose, produced by the plant,
roadwork hereabouts, but outside of! (|)e eIamlna,|on,  u would ,lTe a clv. *™™. •« McKlnney. Texts;  James, neither can it be said to be made by the bee.
Canyon City, where a dosen men are: man a keencr Ben8e   , peMona, „. •« Detroit; Oeorge, of Waterloo, and flA sweet liquid is secreted by flowering plants, which is called
working, nothing   like a real   road s|BlanCB ,n tte        t' „      to lnan Edward M., at home.                         , nectar.    This the bee is enabled, by means of its beautifully
gang is active.  It is possible In com-, p0SSibIy> any oUler tom 0, contribu- Mr . D'xo°   was u always a  ver>'! adapted mouth organs, to extract from the nectary.   But It is
mon with other parts, little or no new Uon COIJld glve    shouU opilortun|ty "?"?,' church "ember.   He was one, uot yet honey.   The nectar passes from the mouth of the bee to
work will be undertaken this season, o!let wc rccomniend lt t0 thoBe pat. « «>e »"*- wardens of St. John's An- the honey sac.   And it is here that it undergoes that chemical
but the present highway put and kept r,oUc   _eail   wll0   arc   ,ortunate *««"> PM"™ »» "• inception, and, change which transforms it into honey.   From this receptacle it
enough to be able to assist In this __*____?!__'_'• _ |s disgorged on the return home, and stored in the cells of the
Meets   In    the   Maple    Hall
flrst Tuesday afternoon ef every
month at 3 p.m.
President, Mr.s. W. I). McFarlane
Secretary, Mrs. John Siiuw
I'. O. Box 449
All ladles cordially lavlta*
Phone 34<; 1'. O. Box 581
Funeral Director und (Maimer
Building Contractor
Dealer in Real Estate, Mining
Stocks und Mineral Claims
In good shape.
Another of thc local Indians passed
to the happy hunting gronuds on
Thursday last. He Was officially |
known as Michel, a son of Dominic. -
Deceased was about 18 years of age
and was one of the brightest scholara
attendant at the Mission school, car-
(By lt<a Rm.)
Jamea Joyce, manager ot the Flag-
politics he was a Conservative, aud honeycomb, where it is allowed to remain till the excess of water
: a strong supporter of his party.   He | ,t contftlns is got rid of by evaporation, before it is finally sealed
j was a member of St. Thomas lodge over
W6' 1?°!' V 0t ",e Enclam''; Put whether concerned or not with the scientific details of its
' SZh., ,f «,. B™th.tha r, Be.1   Production, the mind of man has at any rate never been slow to
w^ataeer, aid 5 *      i '■ al'I,reheI"* °™ fact, namely, that honey is exceedingly good to
„.Tu.„. „ v, „.„.„„ ..-,»,. 8tone ^hr Co ,n nk0 ttto,Te»„lmr, member of theDBr,evIncT fat-   And hehas accordingly, from time immemorial, taken care
pentcr work being his specialty. Pneu-  WMk | __*_[ „,"„"„" "?„ " :t0 appropriate as much as possible of lt to his own use.
'  flFrom the remotest times honey has been valued as a whole-
monia carried him off.   Father John
conducted the funeral services.
H. 8. P. Oregaon, J.P.
' committee ot tlie Grand Trunk.
01,11 and Mining Engineers
11. I'. Land Siirvejori
(From th. Feral. IfM Preee)
manager of;
the Dorr sawmill,
freek. | ence of the deceased, corner of Bala-
The Kootenay Telephone directors clava and Hammond streets   to St a ■ .    . .... .   ,
are In our   estimation tk.   extreme | joh^a "urS^ where iSZ_ bel^9' al°"g Wlth fl°Ur and milk' aS 0ne °f the **ecesBlt1^ »*
regarded as highly conducive to health.   8o thoroughly were iti
valuable properties appreciated, that it is mentioned by old
President—A. B. Smith
Secretary—Alb."H. Webb
For Information regarding
lands and agriculture apply to
ths Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—The Second Saturday at i'.::o o'clock.
Bay Plione 233 Nlglit Phone 88
Rubury Ave., next to City Hall
la open for engagement
Dances, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mra. Arnold Walllijer
Cranhrook, B.C.
I'lione 105 P. O. Box 81
Organist Methodist Church
Receives Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: S3 Norbury Ave
It Is against the law to act as your
own postman.
Climbers   scaled the   face of Mt.' this week. : by the Odd Fellows and Engineers^—
Kernie on Wednesday. j    Mr. and MrB. J. Thomson, of the j St. Thomas (Ont.) Paper.
John    Anderson   la spending   six | Columbia hotel, left for a short visit' ————
months In the city jail for chronic \ to the coaBt. '    Now that the marriage season is
lassitude. I    C. A. Klingensmlth took a party of ] upon ua and several of Cranbrook's
Tlie pollution of the Elk River with  'rleulB ln bis aew auto to Baynes and young people are about to embark on
coal dust will speedily end the Aching j W»W° Sunday. the sea of matrimony, and many with
in this stream Mr- }oan Toodhunter, the mining out a rudder, we feel lt Incumbent
The rain last night checked someN"*>»'*_*•«';•*• mVVto-j*>POJ ouraelvea to hand out a few
tires in the vicinity of Hosmer which  «■*■«• To,"*M° plato"-      _ „     : l,"j c°" 'tct,8'" *tat p"tl<:"la' **
i were alarming the resident, there. Dr- Fe™»»"'«" <***"■ »d ■"■ «,rd-   « "hol,ld, _*?"***• "0"'-
( Cowan, of Waldo, are paying a frater-! ever, we are not boosting for any par-
I nal visit to Mr. Clark of Elko. : ticular preacher—not one ot them has
i    The two Misses Knutts, accompan- j split with ua yet—nor are we under
led by Mra. Smith from Baynes passed! contract to .ell the wedding ring. The
through Elko on their way to Moyie.   j only man under contract will be the
A party of real estate men from I groom, and for his benefit we are do-
Medicine Hat passed   through   Elko • ing what we can, free ot charge,   to
this week on their way to Spokane.    ; help him out     Here is the spasm
■(iilmiiiK 1*111 f«.r Women. |5 n box or tbree.ot
ill). Sol') nt ull I'm*- i-lon-H. «x roatltd tour
iddrouon receipt ul j*ric«. Thk S'-cmu. Dmk*
C'o.ttlt. fatlmrlufr*.. Oiit'trio.	
.'Italltv: for Ner.o naa-1 Brain; tncnauM"(iey
n.,,.,!•■. Tn.il.. _.»■ i 11 l.aallil votl ,10. |S
  lildyoii up. fjabaw.or
two faar fl nt alraiir ataar... or lay niiileaMjalpt
aaattor    aiTiaaaia. -arllll
islnilia.   Tnu acoB.a-i. nsvis Co., St. cataanaea,
Sewing Hone al Home or
hy Day
210 Van Home SI.
Beattie-Murphy Co..
Ltd.. Agent..
I   H. Griffith., of the Adolph Lumber! pf"^n"?lJTt.,hThCoUs '.em'S I V!" 'T^ ^ "Hf, m We" ?«"»«"^ated must at any
|.C„ motored to Elko aeveral tlmeslLre the aervice ft -221^^^
1. Wc liave In honey one of the most important constituents of food, vis..
sugur, In the most desirable and wholesome form.
2. The sugar of honey, being already in a suitable condition for assimilation, requires hardly any digestion. It is therefore, in a usual way, not
liable to occasion disorder of thc system, and may generally be used by those
with whom ordinary sugar is found to disagree.
3. Apart from its nutritive qualities it possesses valuable medicinal
These statements, of course, havc reference only to honey that Js absolutely pure. Erroneous opinions and much mistaken prejudice have unfortunately arisen with regard to the use of honey, owing to the unpleasant effects upon many persons of the various compounds, consisting chiefly of
glucose made from potatoes or rice and sulphuric acid, which of late years
have been in such large quantities sold as a substitute for pure honey. It ls
of the greatest importance, if its beneficial effects are to bc enjoyed, that the
honey consumed be pure.
Till comparatively recent times honey was the chief sweetening agent ln
use. After the Introduction of cane sugar, however, the use of honey ln this
and other countries largely declined. But tiiere Is no doubt that of late
years It has been more and more realized that pure honey does possess qualities which it is impossible to replace. There has been a larger and ever increasing demand for It, till there seems every prospect of its coming again
into general use in every household.   Thousands of tons of honey are now
The poundkeeper takes care of stray
horses, goats, jacks, dogs and
chickens, but stray men continue tbeir
struyward way.
The Elk Lumber Co.'s camp No. 4,
between Olson and Hosmer, waa totally destroyed by fire on Wednesday
afternoon. The camp has been Idle
for some years. It ts supposed that
flre from the Q. N. right-of-way jump-
od the river and spread to the camp, j JJJJ*^
Capt. C. K. Morton, of Toronto, who i    j. m. Agnew, the hardware mer-
was  killed  ln  the engagement    in   chant and P.   Robson, of the   Elko
which the Canadians suffered ao many ] Drug Co. were Fernie visitors this !        HEAD OFFICE, T0BONT0
casualties  last week, was formerly j week.                                                   Capital Aitborlied  .... $10,000,000^)0
accountant at the Home Bank here.j    The Liberal meeting that was called' CaplW Paid Up    7*000^00.00
l'lihllc Stenographer
Phone 485
Cranbrook -   -   -
If  you  want  satisfaction
with your washing
send it to
Special prices (or family
Mrs. T. Letcher, M". B. Letcher a for this week: True marriages mean, annua|ly consumed in this country, while ln Nortli America alone I. 1.
and Mrs. Bare, of the Roosville Val- a subjugation of self, and a losing of estimated that more than a hundred million pounds are produced every year.
ter   drove through   to   Fernie   thia > But lt Is not only as a palatable and nourishing food that honey lias again
j.   ,.«,        '""■"   •»   «■■"«■»   become so highly appreciated,   lt Is now pretty generally acknowledged to be
a really valuable medicine. And when we bear ln mind that the nectar gathered by the bee is a secretion In which we may expect to And the essential virtues of the plant from which It Is obtained, that thero Is more or less pollen
always present, and that when converted into honey lt contains In addition
a certain amount of formic acid, we can easily account for Us wonderful
medicinal properties.
In bronchltlB great relief may be obtained by taking n small Quantity at
frequent Intervals. The regular use of lt Is said to aid digestion and to
strengthen the nerves. As a gentle laxative and purifier of the blood, no
better medicine can be taken; while its peculiar acid qualities has caused
it to be generally recognized as a valuable medicine ln cases of sore throat.
Indeed, for coughs, colds, und all affections of the throat, it is universally
He left Fernie about the time of the; for Friday night ln the opera house,; Beaerre   nl   V.dl'lded
hlg flre and had been an Inspector at i Elko, was postponed on account   of
the head offlce of tbe Bank ln Toronto heavy fog.
since. He was very well known In Fer-     Mr. Fred Boo   accompanied   Mra.
nic' Roo and youngest mo back to Roos-
Clarenco  Mulrhead is   raising by I rille last Saturday and spent several
hnnd a select family of hears In   tbe; days on Tobacco Plains,
window of the Mulrhead Shoe store, j   War despatches from Mesopolania] available In any part of tb. world.
show that the Turks have been driven     gATnreg BBPiETORT-Speclal
oul °J,,u,™a,!t k0,.,EHden- "T;>"»«» «'«*■ to ""' B»* Ac
^^™\?'***'   ,he ""•*"••"> count..    Deposit, of 11.00 and up-
O.ueral Merchant
Employments Agents
f. 0. Box 108 Pbont 144
fttrwardlng    and    Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge  t'n.1
Xl-lte 1'owd.r
imperial Oil Co.
Braying and Trnniferrlug
dlven prompt attention
Phone 63
Hiibt. Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Plei
and Pastry
Phone 87
Neibury Are.      Opp. City Hall
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction  Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Haa Just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice dally
Buttermilk twice a week
The only clarified milk In
W*  guarantee  to  Plaas.
As a foster father for bears he pro-
| mises to be a success. There are two
| In the window. The mother was a
black bear but she apparently upset
' the peroxide bottle on one as It Is
ia decided blonde. Otherwise both
I favor the mother most in looks.
I The green Is on thc hills again. All
trails off Mt. Fernie are strewn with
yellow "lilies." Trout fishing starts
towmorrovl. Much boulovardlng Is
being done, skirts are wider. Cleanup day Is over. Alex. Pantages gave
us thc go-by. Main street la ploughed up. Two stamps are a nuisance.
; Steam laundrymen quit hostilities.
a Baseball and goal ball appear. Fresh
j strawberries complicate the financial
I problem. The river Is black. Nature
j Is very windy. Dust flies. Pay-day
tomorrow. Nels Crohn has a horse
! nnd buggy. Prairie schooners head
\ eastward. Slashings burn. Sidewalk
I nails destroy shoes and tempers,.
! People talk war. Men want to en-
Mint. Election prophets predict.
| One of the most distressing accld-
I cnts that has occurred on the M. F.
| and M. railway took place at Coal
Creek last night as the six o'clock
| train waa pulling out. The tiny two-
year-old daughter of J. Manning,
steward of the club, and her elder
brother, started out to go to th. club
to meet their father coming home.
They became separated and the boy
went on ahead. As father and son
came down tbe hill they found th.
little girl at the track in a terrible
condition. A wheel or wheels of the
train had accidentally paased over one
nrm, severing It near the shoulder.
First aid was given and a call sent
to Fernie for tlie train and ambulance.
Thc little one was hurried to the hospital and la now reported to be doing
well and to have a good chance of recovery. She wlll hav. about four
Inches ol tb. Mm led.   Tk* oglae-
stlll at Urge."
And now It ls Turkey that Is protesting that it was "forced" Into the
war and Jim Thistlebeak wants to
know who In th. name ot Elijahs
grandmother Is doing that pushing
Several train Jumpers are rusticating around Elko from th. coast this
week, one fellow who was selling yeaat
gemB and heart trouble ao bad he was
breathing like a fish at a shore dinner.
The Indians on Tobacco Plains are
getting ready for their big spring
splash. Miss Nellie Moccasin String
wss In town this week wearing a
strawberry roan sateen skirt trimmed
with weasel tall tassels.
Any government official who uses
his position to work personal spite
ahould lose that position. If a man's
political friends get him a government
Job and he lacks horse sense to hold
It, he shouldn't grouch If he loses It
"Now," ssys Jim Thistlebeak, 'that
the gallant Canadians by a brilliant
bayonet charge have captured the
summit of Schnepfenriethkopf, a
mile high and overlooking the beautiful valley of tbe Rhine, they will And a
nicer name for It. Say something like
Lookout Mountain.
Invermere, B. C, May 6.—Offloiel advice haa Just been received by the
widow that Walter Sblbley of this
place, who left on August 21st ta Join
his regiment, the ind Norfolk signal
corps, has died from wounds. He
leaves a widow sad one small chill
aad als parents. The Utter reside la
Calgary, Alta.
ward, received ud Interest allowed
from data of deposit.
A branch ts also established at
Athalmer, B.C., under the manage-!
ment of Irving C. Wedd.
Craabrook Branch
H. W. SUPPLE, Manager
Accounts   ot   Corporations,   Municipalities   .Merchants,   Farmer,   and I acknowledged to be the best of remedies.
Private Individuals Invited Not only, then, as a nourishing and wholesome food, but as a useful medl-
,....,."a i„..„. „, r..'„i ,.a ! cine, docs honey possess very valuable properties. And so we can readily
Drafts and Utters of Credit Issued occo'unt (or the h|Bh e8timatlon ln which it is so generally hold, wc can understand how the regular use ot it came to be regarded In olden times as a
preventative of disease, anil as conducive to health and long life, and we
aro not surprised at thc recommendation of it by the wise King.
Honey will keep, without In any way deteriorating, for months or even
The candying of honey In cold weather does not impair Its properties.
By many it ls preferred In this state. It can bc made liquid again, If desired,
by placing the Jar in a vessel of hot water.
A delicious flavor is Imparted to ten or coffee if sweetened with honey Instead of sugar.    Try It.
Any.summer drink Ib Improved If sweetened with honey.
Honey should bo kept In a warm dry place.
Honey Lemonade.—Make it llie usual wny,'using honey Instead ut sugar.
Tills is very refreshing as a summer beverage.
Honey Tea Cakes.—Tuke IV, lbs. Hour, 1 Ib. honey, li Ib. buttor, U nutmeg grated, !ii tublcspoonful ut' ground ginger, \± teaspoonful eurbonate of so.n.
Mix the Hour ond ginger anil nutmeg. Dissolve the honoy and soda In a
little hot water. Work the whole into a smooth dough with tlio butter beaten
to u cream. Roll It halt un Inch thick, cut It into small cakes, and bako them
25 minutes In a moderate oven. These to be eaten In perfection should bc served Immediately.
Honey Lemon Gak.r—Take 4 una. butter, 1 Ib. honey, 4 eggs well beaten,
one tcaspoonrul of essence of lemon, half a teacuptul of milk, one tenapoonful
of soda, half a teacupful of milk, one tcuspoonful of soda, Hour enoigh to
make lt very stiff.   Bake at once In a quick oven.
Honey t'ake.—Taku % lh. of Hour, Hi, oz. butter, one imspooiiful soda,
two teaspooiituls of crcum of tartar, and honoy enough to make a thick batter.  Spread about an Inch thick, und bake In a hot oven.
Illrli Honey Cake That Will Keep for Mouths. Ileal 1 lb. butter to a
1 cream, add 4 ozs. castor Hugar. Mix a teaspoonful ot baking powder to
', a pound of flour, nnd add gradually to the butter and sugar, beating all the
time. Add <&. Ib. run honey. Take eight eggs, and divide the yolks from the
whites, beating each well. Add Ilrst the yolks, and then tho whites to the
other ingredients. The morc this cako Ib beaten, tho lighter and bettor it
will be.
Honey Sandwiches.—Cut thin broad and butter, und spread with honey,
Sprinkle with oatmeal, baked till Just brown. Press another Bllce of thin
bread and butter on the top, and cut Into lingers.
Intluenia.—To 4oz. of honoy add tho Julco of a lemon. Take a teaspoonful or two occasionally as hot as possible. TIiIb simple remedy has
been found very useful.
For Cough.—Barley water mixed with honey and Juice of lemons. Drink
Cough Mixture.—Honey, sweet oil, lemon Juice, and sweet spirits of nitre,
In equal parts. Dose 14 teaspoonful.
For Coughs. Colds and Sore Throals.-
V""!For' Inflamed Ejes^One part of honey to live parte of water. Mix and
bathe tho eyeB two or throe times a day till well.
Honey Salve.—Two tablespoontuls ot honey, the yolk of an egg, and flour
to make It into a paBte.
Mead.—To every gallon of water put 2 lbs., 3 lbs. or 4 lbs. of honey
(according to quality of mead desired), wltll the peel of two lemons. Boll for
half-an-hour, and then pour Into a cask. When lukoworm add a little yeast,
and to a 0-gallon cask 2 os. each of phosphate of ammonia and cream of Ur-
tar Tack cream cloth or muslin over the bung-hole. When It has ceased
working, bung up tightly, and let It remain In the cask six months, bottle and
cork at once. ... a_      a.
Honey Vinegar.- From honey a moat delicious vinegar can be raaaW.
more wholesome ud ol far superior flavor to tk* ordinary vkupr-
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let ui
fhow you why
thti li true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
interest. Booms elegantly
furnished. Bates aa low
aa at the more ordinary
Bat Steamship oa the Boot
-Honey, either alone, or mixed with


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