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Cranbrook Herald May 2, 1912

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We are well equipped to
turn out the beat class
of work.
In the Herald  Psys-jflfr*
NO.  18
Local    anil    visiting  odd Pcllowa
turned out in force nu Sunday |OVoti'
iiiK for ilif special Bervlco at the
Baptist church in oommomoratiou of
Uk- OHnl anniversary nf the ordc
Ri*y. 0, ID. Ki-iiilnll pieaehed
eloquent sermon, in Hit- course <>f
which he found opportunity to deal
appropriately Willi both tlio Fraternal organization and tin' snd loss td
Uie Titanic,
His topic was "(toil and Appalling
The speaki'r welcomed thu visiting
order in ilu* name of the church, and
suffering humanity, announcing the
scripture text: "Arc not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not
one of (hem is forgotten before (iod?
But, even the very hairs of your hood
aro all numbered. Feftr not. therefore: ye are ul more value than many
sparrows." The loving Interest ot
(he Heavenly Father in the minutest
detail ot his creation, leads us to belie vc be feels antl knows the disasters
that befall men.. Heart-breaking bereavement of tlie widow and orphan
for tlie loss of husband, father,
breadwinner is in its nature an appalling disaster, differing only from
the recent tragedy of the high seas,
in the number of persons affected*
Suffering ami sorrow m'ake kindred td
all if .us. Therefore, wc consider
witb pleasure:
I. The growing feeling of fraternity
among men everywhere. The pleading
longues calling for expression of
brotlierlioud are legion. The helplessness of humanity before the fell
power of disease, accident, suffering,
fear, ilea Hi, poverty, commands our
strongest love, mir most active and
practical sympathy. The day of
heart Midim- mvd will come to
each of US, therefore} as brother:, let
uk heed the cry for help.
The answer to the call fot fraternity arises with no uncertain .sound
from the myriad members of churches, fraternal orders, and benevolently inclined individuals everywhere.
The particular response td the
I.O.O.F. to this call is seen iu their
achievements as a benevolent body.
A membership ol 2,028,781 men and
women. Contributed in (he \eaiCM0
(or the relief of the sick, the Ik*
reaved, a sum totalling 15,711(049.51
Tlh* Income nf the order fot the same
year was $17,804,771 88, Tue\ then
hati to'tbcli credit in Inverted funds
$87,748,278.80, The numbei ol mom-
ben receiving relief lo ibc htstorj of
the fratctnit*. mu 8,856,451, al a
total cost ol il l6,«98,5Bl ns It is
tiiihfiiM in Imagine ,, more practical
and sympathetic response to Un call
ol need.
This growing deling ol fraternity
among men is expressing I (sell todaj
ii in the deep, genuine .md universal sorrou f.>t tin* recent dtsastet
io Uh* lii.tiiit. a more eloquent
tratlmonj to oui oneness as a nee is
unthinkable* We mourn fot the ap
pnrenl limitations >>i human genius.
Tins splendid vessel has been nailed
"tho lasi   wonl" in marine atohttec
Uiref Vet, He have been the illi
Willing   Pitiless   |m      lul    ill 1. t lies
t met ion. ami tbo 1<<ss ,,r sixteen hm.
dm! precious liven, m a oatm son, be
cause nl    failure of BOtOCOOC   to     ap
ptfetate the consummate value of
human llle. Searchlights on the
lookout, and ■ more reasonable sup
ply of lifeboats would no doubt hnvs
saved us this oalamltj  We mourn al
so Ibe lluvsj.il v i>( ptodog the blaini'
ol this disaster Upon the prevalent
toiiiiiM nial   spirit     of greeil of gain.
exhibited In (he tteveioi -nt of   the
setenee of rapid iiansit. Pally oceld
eJils OCCUI with loss ol life in iVlt-
(ion, lb* automobile, railroad     nml
OCaUl  t-raVel       The blame falls buck
ui a public   spirit    that requim
satiation m the excitement ol great
■peed. We should leain to be con-
lent with less speed atid greater safety.    W'c learn:
111. Some hard lessons from disasters of all sort! and degrees. Human
genius ami skill cannot altogether
shield ns from them. IV safest
methods ol life known to us continually fail. Man's finite mind makes
Impossible absolute safely in anything. We may eliminate many
phases of weakness, but perfection is
Impossible, Hut, we also learn the
lesson of God's tender care td un.
Tbe dangers Wc escape are manifestly greater anil more numerous than
l-hoee that hurt us. Why is Itt Furthermore, Ood is able to prevent all
disasters Hy wind, or tide, he
COUM have changed (he course of the
Titanic tine point ol the compass and
saved Imt. The <Vrry mine disaster, the Chicago lire. could have been
prevented by merely extinguishing
falling lamps. Thc lesser tragedies
or human life lose their effect upon
us. We become accustomed to thc
sight ol suffering, sorrow, death, poverty and accept it as a matter ol
course We lose the daily lessons of
human trausitoriness and destiny,
therefore God pel ini ts gut-h an appalling disaster as the sinking of tho
Titanic to shock us inio sensibility
of his Sovereign Lordship in all
things. Ami with all this, ' Qotl
lows us, cares for us, Out of this
haplism of heart breaking grief lie
will bring blessing in the shape- ol
needed reforms In thought and conduct; He will lie glorified in all Uie
works of His hands.
C. P* R. Natural Resources Department Undertake to Cooperate
Actively with Cranbrook Board of Trade
There is prospect of tlie dispute lie
tween certain lumber importers and
the Canadian lumber manufacturers
being settled at an early date, for a
lest case will shortly come before
the exchequer court in Ottawa, when
both sides will submit evidence and
the court will rentier a decision interpreting the correct meaning of tbc
tariff on lumber.
Last year representations were
made to (he government by the
manufacturers that ,. large quantity
of tufted States Imnliei was coming
into Canada, and by a clever manufacturing device was being prepared
iu such a way as to evade the payment if duly called for by the Canadian customs tariff. The sections of
the customs regi la-lions which apply
to lumber arc as follows: Section
508: "Planks, boards, ami other lum*
Irr of wood, sawn, split or cut ami
dressed on one side only, but not
furthered manufactured, free." Section 505; "Sawn boards, plunks and
deals planed or dressed mi one sitle
or holh sides, when the edges thereof
are jointed or tongjued and grooved,
25 per ecnt." Section 506: Lumber
not otherwise provided. 25 per cent."
"The practice of preparing dimension lumber such as 2xl, 2xfi, 2xK,
2x10 and 2x12 for the Canadian and
1'nited States markets is by dressing
it on one side and nn one odgel but
the American nulls instead of dieting, or what is technically termed
"sizing," their dimension lumber Intended lor Un* Canadian market with
a planer, are dome llr work with a
tine saw," said W, A. Anstie. secretary of the Mountain Lumber Manufacturers1 association on Saturday
"it. some Instances the| are reduc
ing this class ol stock U a uniform
thickness wttb saws and to a uniform
width hy planing one edge. Both
processes are obviously for tbe pur
pose of e. ailing the payment of duu
provided bj tbe Canadian hart!, and
the Canadian manufacturers befog de*
siroui «( obtaining the full protection
provided ht ehe laws bavo Irequentlj
urged upon the authorities the r.eces
sin ol Investigating the mattei and
enforcing Uw law As the question
Involves some technical knowledge
tin* government, probably being anx-
b us to be slrictlj Mr to mnaufac
hirers ami Importers alike, has de
clltod to nib* iii iin- matter, nut,
to tiring it   to a focus a lest      ease
has lieen ordered
"ll  is H well known fact thai     the
original rough sawing proorss in
mom modern sawmills does nol produce lumber ol sufficient uniform It)
of width io permit ol its um fi i the
[impose to wbieh dimension lumber is
put Therefore, it is necessary that
lass M material    be Joined or sited
m llr edge,     cither wilh a planer or
saw.        I|  (s the contention ..[ ('a
ii.tdtan manufacturers that (bis see
md process should be done In Canadian mills and wilh Canadian labor.
They claim, further, (bat Uiey can
show that such was the intention of
tin* government at the time the
latin was fi anicd
MRecently a ear ol the disputed material was assessed fluty at  Winnipeg
and an appeal was taken by tbe Importer affected to the exchequer court
a 1*1 iust the action of the customs.
The case will be heard early In May
ami in (lie Interim all collectors of
customs have Urn notified to ii.foim
importers tbat further shipments will
be subject to (be determination of the
"Lumber manufacturers from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec ami
the Maritime Provinces will bo represented at tho trial. Importers
Irom Ibe western provinces will also
attend and American manufacturers
haw slated they arc prepared tu cx-
I (Htid considerable money lo defeat the
'contention <,f the Canadian manufacturers, They have found (he Canadian market a convenient dumping
ground fnr their surplus product/
declared Mr. Anstie.
Tho     biggest    boost    the  puUiclty
campaign for Cranbrook city and dislrict has received since its inception
is contained in lhe following communication, addressed to President
Qurd, of the board nf irade, from
Norman S. Rankin, general publicity
agent, of Lhe C.P.R, Natural Resources department, Calgary, Alta.
Mr. Rankin's communication reads
as follows:
Dear Sir: Witli reference tr the
en rrespondence which has passed between yourself and this office, and
your and Mr. Erlckson's recent visits
I am instructed by Mr. Dennis to advise you that wc will give room in
our office for your publicity clerk, on
the understanding (hat the town will
raise the amounts mentioned to cover
publicity expenses, We will also
agree tn aid you in distributing any
literature which you may issue from
time to time.
This letter will appoint you honorary telegraphic correspondent of the
publicity -branch in your city, with
right to use ibe wires daily for a
fifty word message, addressed to me,
regarding development news. And in
this connection, in order that you
may know the class of news we require, please study carefully the en-
Closed "Manual of Instructions" and
conform to it absolute.y. Please always bear in mind that nothing local
must lie sent, tbat is, news which
might lie of very great Interest for
the local papers would lM- of absolutely no value whatever in the Chicago or Montreal papers. Do not send
news when there is nothing to send,
ami i.ever exceed a fifty word message.   If you. will   back your      daily
telegrams up by a weeklj news (otter, mailing it lima Cranbrook not
later than (Tuesday ol each week, wo
will Incorporate It in our weekly
news sheet "Western Catnuln Week by
Week," a copy of which Is attached
hereto. This letter sheet goes to
practically every Stale in the ..Union,
and should bring to Cranbrook a very
large share ut publicity,
Please present Mr. Dennis' comjlt-
ments to the board)of irade, ami.say
that we will do our utmost through
(he channels outlined to bring tin-
city of Craubrook forcibly to the
public attention.
Yours very truly,
Norman S. Rankin,
General Publicity Agent.
Following tip this highly important
communication, Miss Currlo Love, of
the c.P.R. advertising department, a
special writer, arrived iu town yesterday lo prepare copy covering this
city ami, districl, for publication in
American ami Hritish newspapers.
Miss Love brought letter ol Int rod.ic
Hon from -Mr. Dennis ai.d other off!
cers of tin* Natural Resources department. In (Ih* course of bis letter
Mr. Dennis says: ''Miss Love will secure information upon which to base
au article on your city, to be Included in (he general publicity news of
western-1 (owns."
Miss Love culled upon President
Gurd and he (prickly arranged for her
to get in toUOh'with the list sources
of information. City Clerk Roberts
will prepare data affecting the city's
finances, puhlic works, etc., etc.
Other public oilici.is hate been called
into Bervioo lor similar work.    This
■ afternoon Miss Love was driven out
_lo Wasa   la Mr     George Hoggarth,
and was lo take iu Fori Steele and
SI. Man's Prairie. Tomorrow      slit-
: will be taken around to other points
and given every opportunity of seeing
for herself lhe nature and DXtenl   nl
' the agricultural lands     in this vii in
Undoubtedly President    Gurd    and
' Mr. Erlckson have done a big thing
for Cranbrook    in sccur ng the    co*
l operation of the C.P.R, Natural Resources department in ibe publicity
work of this district. The fact that
ihc 'C.P.lt. departmeni will co-operate in the manner outlined in Mr.
Rankin's letter, emphasizes the need
of the early appointment of a local
publicity agent, who will Ir abb- to
tleiole his lime, practically exclusive
Iv. to ihe preparation > r matter foi
publication wherever the vast C p.R.
system reaches
This will be one among many oilier
important matters to be broughl    up
'at the board of trade meeting to   be
j held n,*xt Tueaday evening.
I Vnolher Question lo be dealt with
will Ih* dial of  tne citv park, atten*
■ lion  will .llso be ghen In the    tjUeS
tion of outside Investments in reel
estale. Today large sums of money
are going out of town for Investment
in real estate propositions about
' which the investors know 1101111111-.
whilst Die same people could do a
treat deal better hy Investing righl
at home.
Tuesday evening's hoard of "trade
meet iug will be a very important
one ami every business man, property
owner, and others interested arc urgently requested lo attend.
nn OF
Mr. .'tistin McCarthy, novelist aud
historian, ami    for many years      a
in iter of parliament, died last week
at Folkestone, Knglaml. He had been
ill throughout the winter and spring.
His daiightel had acted ns his nurse,
.in.l friends bad hoped that he Wt.uld
live to    see    the fruition of     home
The retirement of Justin McCarthy
from political ami parliamentary ac-
Uvitj m 1800, on account of failing
health, removed from British public
life om- ol its ablest ami worthiest
men. and was a dlsttnot loss lo the
lush home rule cause.
Mi McCarthy was born iu Cork,
November 22, 1850. Fiom 18-1(1 to
1838 he was on tho stall ol The Cork
ICxamtncc, ami then Joined the staff
ni The Northern Times, of Liverpool,
In I860 be became reporter ir. the
house   of    commons for The London
Star, of which he was afterwards foreign editor, and then chief editor in
1864. Mi McCarthy resigned this
post 11. 1868 and came to the United
Slate*- There be travelled lor nearly three years, visiting thirty-live
States, lie then lived in New York
foi some time.
In IK7!» Mr. McCarthy entered political life, being elected member of
parllamenl for Longford, Ireland. He
was re-elected when the dissolution
took place in ih.\u, in both Instances
without a contest. At the gtncral
election In 1888 he contested Deny,
and was defeated hy a majority ot
1 wentt nine, but was immediately
elected for Longford by an immense
majority. In Hum be contested Berry again, and wns defeated by a
majority Cl three, while at the same
time lie was returned for Longford
unopposed. He claimed the IVrry
scat ami obtained it on petition, antl
Unii elected to sit for Derry,
Mr. McCarthy's activity in parliament was chiefly known by Ids zeal
for tbe home rule cause. He was vice-
president of Ibe Irish parliamentary
parly in       the       home        be
fore the rejection cf
Parnell by the majority, when Mr.
McCarthy was elected president, and
was (be brad of (be faction known
hy bis name. He several times re-
vfsiied America, chiefly in (he Interest til Ibe holm- rule cause, for which
he delivered many lectures.
Mr. McCarthy's literary work   was
Important,    lie was tbo author   of
several novels, including "Tlw Water-
Idale Neighbors," IKK7; "My Knemy's
I Daughter,"    USD;     -Lady    Judith,"
1871; "A Fair Saxon," IK",-i, "l.iuley
Roobford," 1871; "Dear Lady Disdain, v 1875; "Miss Misanthrope,"
1877; "Donna Quixote," lK7f»; "The
Comet ol a Season." 1881; "Maid of
Athens," 1883; " Comiola," 1885;
"The Dictator," 1893; "Red Diamonds," 1803; also in collaboration
with Mrs. Cam pbcll-P raid, "Thc
Right Honorable/1 1886: "The Relit*-1
Rose," 1887, and "The, Ladlci' Oal-
fcry," 1888. lie bas also written
•■'•Con Amore," a volume of critical
essays, and "Prohibitory. Legislation
in tlw United States." Ills most Important worto, hOWOVCr, Is "A History td Our Own Times.'' Other historical * studies by Mr. McCarthy are
"A History of the Four Georges,"
'The Epoch of Reform," a life td Sir
Robert Peel, and a life ol Gladstone
Mr. McCarthy was in recent years a
political writer on one of the London
daily     papers His    sou,   Justin
Huntley    McCarthy, Is u  -veil known
dramatist and novelist.
Recording his reminiscences a lew
years track, the late Mr. Justin McCarthy related some good stories ol
his early days in Ireland.
He starlet! his journalistic career
as a reporter on the staff ol The Cor-B
Rxamlner, wilh which he remained
for some years. Au outstanding n-
colhetion of those days was td being
present at the trial a* LMonmel of
Smith O'Brien, William Thomas
Francis Meagher and oilier noted
"rebels," and hearing sentence prom-meed tm them that they should he
first drawn and quartered and then
banged until they were dead, or, as
lie humorously adds, "perhaps I
should rather say, until they were
still dead." None Imagined that lhe
Sentence WDUld In; carried out, but
nevertheless its dread terms, and the
grim humor of ordering .1 man 10 ir
lirst dif-emlNvwclled and then hanged
until he was dead, made a lasting
impression upon him.
It was nt this trial that he first
met the late Sir William Howard
Russell. He was there representing
Tbo Times. "He deigned to notice
me, and we struck tip an acquaintanceship which lasted until his
death," said Mr, McCarthy.
11 -1 and s-1 ill to send fort y -t wo
momjujers   to the imperial parliament,
Mr. Asquith said the cardinal principle ol the hill was (hai ihe Imperial parliament would nol surrender
iis supreme authority.
The bill would confer on Ireland, In
regard to Irish matters, a real autonomy.
The imperial parliament retains
power to veto or postpone legislation
passed hy the Irish parliament.
The Irish parliament would only
bare power to make laws exclusively
relating to Ireland.
Among tbe matters excluded, were
the crown, the army aid navy, and
Imperial affairs.
AH taxes to be paid direct into the
Imperial exchequer.
Irish parliament to have total revenue    td   seven     millions   sterling,
Kvery year there would ir transferred from Imperial In Irish ex-
ehcauer an amount for I rich services.
The amount would be fixed by .1
hotly to bo later referred to,
lush parllamenl to pay costs of all
Irish services except those specially
The Irish Land Purchase Act in tn*
eluded in addition lo tbe exclusion in
the 1803 Act.
The old age pensions and national
insurance act are alsr, reserved,
Other matters reserved are: Control of Irish constabulary, post office
Savings hank, und public loans.
Tbe Irish parliament canned imb w
any religion.
No Interference with validity ol
mixed marriages In In- allowed,
\o religious disability in appoint*
meat of lords-lieutenant, who would
hold office for a fixid term of years,
In case ol disagreement the two
houses to sit together
Irish parliament to bc
consisting of tun houses.
to consist of forty 11
douse oi representatives 1
Itil members lister wi
fifty-nine members.
Tbe lower house to hi
lhe existing Irish coiistit
No const it 11 met    with
ai kaa than 27,(1(10.
The senate
lembers, (he
o consist ol
mild      have
* elected   by
A population
•folia Haddin, engineer for the Oal'.
Knyjineerlng company, was In town
las*, week end, on a tour of inspei
tloa. Willi regard to llie local sew-
erago works, ho expressed satisfaction with the progress math* up to
the time of the strike. Before coming into town, Mr. II mid in bad finally Inspected the work his company
have been doing lor the C.P.R. at
Hull River, the erection of a concrete
dam, at » cost of upwards ut $45,-
(Ifin. Mr. A. 0. Dawson, the chlel
engineer of the C.P.R. department of
Natural Resources, was on the spot
J to make the final Investigations and
tests He SXprcsscd himself hr lie
ing entirely satisfied with tht work.
The C.P.R. mill at Wardner will bc
moved tu a site al Hull River Falls
Mr. J, P, Fink has received lie*
following Interesting and suggest I vi
acknowledgment ot a copy of Cran
brook's reteii! booklet, descriptive 0
the distort, forwarded by him to tin
secretary ..r the Kalispell, Mont
Chamber of Commerce, Mr P. N
Mr. J. P. Fink, Cranbrook, 11 C,
Dear     Sir:  I  wish to thank       you
very kindly for the beautiful booklet
on   Cranbrook and Uw Cranbrook agricultural    district, and Uw excelli
map accompanying same,    wbl<
have sent mc.    It is  exact!)
I want 111 the.    preparation ,.{        •';.
map,    which I    am making srrang
meats for, showing the auto roods
tin- northwest.
I am having ,1 great deal of ioqutry
concerning auto toads m tins districl
an<! a great mam* inquiries arc com
ing in 10 me if your country can Ik
reached through Northwestern . Mon
tana by auto.
I feel quite sute that as aoon as
these roads are completed that yon
wil find a greal man) eastern people
.imi Montana people coming Into your
country. I will take pleasure, |s
an ;. as our map 1- 1 omplsted, in
lending you a copy, and lurtbei
pli : h, entertaining you any
time you may come to Kalispell 1
wn !<i like tu Lakf ynu over oui
beautiful auta road from KaRspsS
1..'" (Hai li: '■■.■■ onal park We are
also building an dis
tance   of about     120 miles,    aroii&u
Plftthcod lake      I undt * *
mil   be possitte b) ::■!- unmet      tu
gel from our cltj into Spokane     bj
going southwest via Thompson rolls
Mont., and   Coeur   d'A!-:.--. Idab.    I
will know. I ihink, rerj short
cerning that, as the Co   < snoot
ers td our county etpec' t., have      a
conference with   the Co. comtntssCoo-
eis of Sanders County through which
this road passes, and     we will   know-
exactly what condition the road it
and then f will be pleas^f •*-• take the
mat ter up with you.
Again thanking you i". voui kind-
ness, I am
Sincerely yours,
P, N   Bernard
The canvass of tbe 'ity and Mir-
roundir-g districts for new members
<f the Cranbrook Agricultural association rontfnues very Mttlslaotoril)
Mm. J. K. Smith and Mm I^e-slie
visited Elk,,, Haines Lake and WaWo
Ihe beginning of the week and seoui
il upwards ol fifty new members
Last Saturday a special effort was
made In town by tbe Mioses Drummond and Oaskfll, with Uw result
that nearly ISO new members were
added to ihe list.
The ladies are planning a raid upon
Creston and they will doiibti,.        .,;
turn the entire mate population.
The coming Agricultural exhibition
i-- going to he a record breaker if the
Lulus of Cranbrook have their way
They are going at the work td securing new members ami <*f enlisting
ihe active interest of the residents
of the surrounding districts In Un
exhibition in the most praiseworthy
manner nnd success is crowning theit
in mil, the total consumption of
coal in Canada amounted to about
34,-100,000 tons, made up as follows:
8,800,000 io,,s or coal produced In
Canada and M,600,000 tons of imported coat. According to the figures Canada produces only lu 2 [n-r
cent of the coal which it coQSUmes.
11 must Ir noted, however, that, if
all tht- coal mined in Canada had been
used in the country, it would have
constituted over It; 2 pet cent ol the
The consumption ol COal in Cauatla
has Increased from .l,1Bfl,lll tor.s in
1010 During the same period the
cosl consumption per capita has
creosnl from ri.75s ions to 8.880
li. .1      McSweyn has been laid    up
du several days past with a„ attack
of lagrippe,     He was able to bo    Up
and out again today.
lu Cranbrook at the present time
great interest centres In the aotomo*
bile question, says the Victoria Colonist, Whal 1- meant bv this can
be Judged to .1 certain ext nt bj tho
fuel that ii. and oi n I 1 ranbrook
there are at tlw presenl time about
fifty cars In regular uac, while other
purchases    :■■■ ....      deliver]
have been nwd ol pours t'ranbrook ia nut the onlj place in I at 1
Kootenay where the automobile has
been Introduced. Penile also ha- .1
number ol cars, while lis re ore otb
ers to be found at Creston, Watts-
burg, Wasa, Wardne;, Elkt Waldo
and other places and there is In addition a regulai automobile Rtagi in
Cranbrook to Oolden
nnd Columbia
die* tbe auto
,«- yet V'.i- licallj
'"■'■■- West   Ko ' ■ nv,    has
"•   ■  - n East  Koote
There is, ol , .   s„ tbo
popularity Easl
Kootena; It lies in th nxoeUent
roads which have im n pro*, ided by
the provim Ml govi rnmri I llie 1 oad
system as 11 itandi although still Incomplete, affords means ol common!
cat ton between Cranbrm k and all
points east io the piatiii- and to
Oolden, as bas been mentioned and to
a rery considerable distance West to-
v-ard Creston However, tbere is at
presenl an uncompleted link of a fea
miles tn rei a 1 ranbrook and Creston. On<. ■ coi tpleted and
governmt 1 ngagpd on
* ■ ■■■'■-. now, It will bt ; — ild*' to
■■..*:   froi tlbJL-rta
mdarj M rank    road,
ry    cou-
" parU   ■*:
snd tb • nerally.
Tbe ei tern        I *;     th      h    road
Iron  Crestoi '■' ■■■ nay   is
mc   il tt    probl        ft) ;...-■■
present. Just bow this is to be
done is something concerning! which
they may be some difference, of opinion, but slep? jn the direction should
In* taken with The least possible de-
lar Such a road, wben completed,
would nor only provide means of
commsnicntion between Easl and
West Kootenay, but) would also be
• '■! Inducing 1 lot of auto-
tourist traffic into *iie latter
'        ": most par-
Kcularlj. ':..:..  Uberta
\ .:■•-*. *, mdi ed '-- I Oriental cousfstt -' ■ ■•' led at
Hedfoah temple Walton Pis sn I
Dearborn avenue, Chicago, when a
peculiar prop was put before
Us : :■■■ :. I ti Ii D Warner, ol
Oak Park
"It js proposed," said Mr. Warner.
■•that tbe member I thi ■ msistory
unite m procuring Uie mo I besutllul
floral tribute that Chicago mlghl lur-
rrish In man orj ■ I tbe dead on toe
teamShlp Titanic."
'*Arrangements haw* been made, if
this idea Ik* concurred In, to ship this
floral offering to Sew York. It will
'la-n   be given ii ol the
officers ol the Whit ne to   be
taken on ship and dropped In the «•»
as near as possible '■■ Us pis ■ whore
the heroes ol tbe Tltaafc have found
a grave."
Tbe question as   p I
1 si h "i e ol the I B     nl ers   ol
lhe 1 os Istoi srose to H fed and
■ 1 •! with bowed I 11
h js believed all Masonh consistories rn Uk United State—In fact.
in t|«* world-will unite In this    tn-
hu'e literally | ■.,, ;■ - : | shipload ot flowers to be coat into    the
•Mow many members of the Masonic ordei were It it In Uie Titanic disaster?" Mr, Wane 1 waa asked,
"I do not knon." le- said, "No
definite number has been compiled.
There Is little doubt, however,, that
(here was a large numbci of them.
However, this acl is not done by
Masons for hiotVr Masons. It is
simply a tribute of Oriental consistory to manhood.
"The wreath is gigantic—at least
forty-eighl Inches in diameter it
bean the Inscription: 'At Resb—Tt-
lanic.' "
oriental    consistory    has     11,miii
members in Chicago.   Mr. Warnei   Is
master ol Lodge of Perfection
■ ■■    -a     - ■
\\. 1: Boattj hai leased part ol
lot 13, hloek 11, to a photogoapher,
who   will   erect-mi up-to date studio
ami picture framing establishment, THK   OKANltltOOK   HERALD
The underwear
without a fault
Just the
style, size
or weight
you    like
Underweaiand Hosiery
tor any season or climate,
for man, woman or child,
at the right price.
And  it  won't  shrink!
Purchase     by
the   trademark.
It's   on    every
/{ntjl"   garment in red
*i\        Try     No.    95-
■•     medium weight
School Report
Division   I.—
Miss Dick ...
Division IL—
.Miss (lose  ...
Division III.—
Miss    L.  C'loSC
Division IV.—
Miss Shi lain
Division X,—
Miss     Stcphci
Division v.—
.Miss    II is. iiclj
Division VI.—
Miss Cnrtwrlghl . S3     14.01
Division VII.—
Miss Enston .
Division VIII.—
Miss  llanwcld	
lllvii  IX.-
I..   .1     Cranston 13    11 I
27 23.00
:m 32.30
15 30.30
is 13.47
, 51 15.00
55 60.51
131   377.45
Division   V. (Miss Hlscocks)
Nelson   Shield tor highest ncro
«>f attendance.
(Division I.)
Lauretta Armstrong.
(Irvillc Dow.
Francos Drummond.
Louise Elmer,
.loseph English.
Vincent Fink.
Wanda Kink.
.link  llasliun.
(Iraolo Iliggins.
Augusta Doyle,
H, Hum Murgatroyd.
(Division 11. i
Grace Bardgett.
Arthur [lurch.
Melford ('arson.
Frances Noble.
Cloorgc Pratt.
Reginald Sainshury.
Eric Spence.
Hazel Taylor.
Cordon Walllngcr.
Division 111,
Oordon Argue.
Philip Briggs.
Hi Ion Bridges.
Hugh Fraser,
Alex, stcnnlo.
Lottie Moore.
Crenvlllo Musser.
Hoy Musser.
.lolin Noble.
Ilaiiisionl Parks,
Ethel I'amaliy.
Amies Reekie.
Gladys Sponoe,
Margaret St, Eloi.
Cordon Taylor.
Merle Taylor,
Doris Walllngcr,
Noel Walllngcr.
(Division IV I
Muriel Baxter.
Elsie Dial lie.
Gladys Brookes.
Melville Dallas.
Ruby Deacon,
Harold Kay.
Harold I.ensk.
Dorothy Heed.
Nettle Robinson.
Mny Smith.
Crossley Taylor.
Keith Wasson.
Esther Bradley.
I-oioiliv McLean.
Frank Bridges.
(Division V 1
Donna Argue,
Eddie Barnhardt,
Morle liatliii'.
Nina Bolangcr.
Robert Beaton.
Kathleen Brown,
— c
Austin Chapman.
Clirlstino Carson.
Mai ii n Drummond.
Mabel Flndlay.
Jennie Hopkins.
Thlrzn .lohnson.
Violet Jones
|,'.iii]   Kendall.
Margaret  Lncey.
Margaret Morrison.
Eric MacKinnon.
Edith Mmr.iIn 111.
liaviil Reekie.
Cecil Roadc.
Hoi  RoMchnud.
Winona Stinson.
Joseph Swain.
Carlield Taylor.
Verne Woodman.
Ma Kwong.
(Division VI).
Malcolm Belanger.
Ivan Buroh.
Ethel Clapp.
Donald Dallas.
Earl Fcnncsscy.
.Icsslo Fonncsscy.
Sadlo Lacoy.
Irene Linnell.
Mary Mann.
Stanley Moltat.
Marion MacKinnon.
Margarcl McLaurln.
Gertrnde Pamaby.
Wiiiiiifled Phillips.
Tom  Reekie.
M.lllilie  Scott.
Hoy Scotl
Harry Smilli.
Samuel Sneers.
Camilla Tito.
Helen Warden.
Sam Watson.
(Division VII.)
Norvol Caslakc.
Elizabeth Chapman.
■ lean Donaldson.
Christ, pher Duckcring.
Oahriclla Hamilton.
Mired Jollillo.
Ella Kendall.
James Kimball,
.lolin Kirkland.
vVlllam l.eask.
Mian Livingston.
.lames Logan,
Patricia McDermot.
Donald Morrison.
Hope Taylor.
(:• nlon Woodman.
(Division Villi.
Vlborl Aubertin.
i liner Dernanl.
Hector ilerniman.
Htnnloy Kemball.
Leslie Sneddon,
Archie l-lorle.
Douglas Thompson.
Mow Mall
Raymond SI. Eloi.
Harold Dow.
Margaret Leask,
Theresa Laeey,
Dorothy I.ensk.
Isabel Parker.
Hi ma McNeil
Ruby Sell.
Dorothy Duforlh.
Helen McOoldrlc.
(Division N
Mali Bing,
.lolin Brake.
Frank Bridges,
Allen Brown.
Nt Wai Hoy.
Haloid llaslani.
Muriel Johnston.
■ liilietlc Jones.
Allan Lncey.
Mary Lncey.
Waller Laurie.
Lily Melienily.
Dewey McNeil.
Wong (jiionjr,.
Kdwanl Tinner.
David Watson.
Ruth Kendall.
Romeo llrault.
Lily Mowsome.
Hector Donaldson.
Kvilvn Mnr re,
Muriel Walllngcr.
■t" ii
To cleanse Ibc system ol uniliscst-
ed looll, lonl Rases, excess bile Ml
Ibe liver and waste matter in tbe
bowels will Impair your health. Tlm
best system regulator is FIG PILLS.
AI   all   dcalci
Tbe Fii| Fill l
cents o
Thomas, Out.
International egg laying contest,
milcr the ji inl auspices ol tho llritish
Columbia Poultry association,    Van
juver board, and the provincial Rover -nt.
Total oggs laid up I" end nl   siMli
oiith, April 20th, 1918.
Class line. Laald.
While I.crIioiiis .
While Lcgliorns
White Leggorns
Wlilto Leghor
White Leghorns  27U
While Loghorns   210
White Loghorns  200
While Leghorns  21"
llun Leghorns  238
while Loghorns  235
While Loghorns  233
White Leghorns 218
While Leghorns  100
While Leghorns  1»4
Drown Leghorns  1*'
While Leghorns  180
While Leghorns  180
While Leghorns  177
While Leghorns -171
While Lcgliorns  17"
Mottled Anconas  155
White Leghorns 133
While Leghorns 08
Feu EgRS
No. Class Two. Laid.
30 llufi Orpingtons 	
31 Rhode Island Reds
38 White Wyniidnltts ..
.13 Rhode Island Reds
II White Wyandoltos ..
Going nut nf wall paper business
choice slock must lie disposed 11 nt
uny price-11. II. Slmrt. ll-tl
III  Silver Laced Wyandottcs  200
linrrcd Rocks 	
Dull  Hocks 	
Barred Hocks 	
Rhode Island Reds 	
Ilarrod Hocks 	
Partrtdgo   Wyandottcs
While Wyandottcs 	
Hull Orpingtons  102
Silver Pencilled Wyandottcs....123
28  Columbian Wyandottcs 107
Average price received tor crrs 35c.
Iter dozen. Pen temperature, hi.Rh-
esl, 03 degrees, ldwesl 31 degrees,
average mean temperature 17.08 degrees, Rain tell on six days; frost
was present on live mornings; seven
days were wil bout sunshine. Tlu*
weather duririR tbe month was Ihr
beet experienced since the contest
started. Brilliant sunshine waa if"
purled on every day, excepting to*
lew dull days already enumerated,
The; month just passed, together
with next month, are the periods
generally recognized as those iu
which the heaviest egg production
occurs. This fact, together with the
favorable climatic conditions which
prevailed, accounts lor tlie very cred-
itab'e records made during the
month, lu class one, pen 10 claims
the distinction ol being the first pen
in the contest to touch or pass tbe
century mark. On one occasion 0
crrs were laid in one day, and on
six days, live crrs were laid daily,
i.ud on .six days, I crrs were produced during each twenty-lour hours.
other pens deserving esneoial men-
lion ure pens -I lllll); 22 (05); 12 (05);
II (III); 7 (02); 11 (00); 5 (80); 11
(811); 18 (80); 17 (83); 10 (82); 23
The following pens produced si?
crris in one day: Hi (twice), 17, 1, 7
",  I (once each).
In Ihis month's standing pen to
goes up three places, pen 6 displaces
pen ten tor iifih place. Pen 12 moves
up two notches, jicu 18 ousts pen 0,
and pen l drops, live places,
Pen 8 deserves speeial mention lor
producing 75 crrs with only five pullets throughout Hie month.
The Iirsl case of moodiness ainoiiR
class one occurred during the mouth,
pen III furnishing a pullet.
In class two the pens producing the
largest number of crrs were: Pens 32
(IU2). IIII (lill'; 38 (87), 30 (87);   and
28 (77). Pen iii managed to hold
sixth place, hill by llie appearance of
llie pullets, Iheir performances during
the lirst three or four months seems
lo have completely exhausted their
laying powers. The lisl less manner
in which they move about Indicates
lack ot constitution and staying
The following pens Infd six crrs
In one day: 20, 32, 37 and 38. lVrood-
incss was lesjionsible for the follow-
Ing birds' removal from the pen dur-
iliR the mouth: Pens 25 (3 birds); 211
(I); 30 (1); 31 (2); 35 (1); 3li (1),
37 (1); 30 (I).
All llie runs were swept and litter
cleaned out dining lhe month. Each
run was nlso partly iIiir up. Green
food In the shape of clover, chick-
weed and dandelion is supplied regularly, nnd much relished by all the
linls. The fowls in class one consume more RriYn food than Ihe fowls
in lhe heavy class.
W   II   Slroyai,, J   R. Terry,
Superintendent. Secretary
Every Dollar
Of an Ad=Reader's Money
Is Above Par
Your dollars vary in value as
they vary in purchasing power.
The man or woman who studies
advertisements is able, frequently,
to make one dollar do the usual
work of two.
Frequently Its Buying
Power is Actually
And the experienced reader of
advertisements will always make
a dollar command a premium —
make it buy MORE than a dollar's worth, as figured on " ruling
prices " of things.
How much " above par" are
the dollars in your pocket worth ?
It will depend on how closely you
study the buying opportunities
outlined in the store ads.
Nearly everybody understands
that a store's advertising, IF BIG
enables it to sell the same things
more cheaply, at a smaller per-
sale profit than is possible to the
store compelled to base necessary
profits on smaller volume of sales.
Read the Herald
purely hoi-S.-J baim; uost
thing for the tender eWnig of
ohlli-Jren, yet powerful ".ricugli
to heal an adult's ohronlo eore;
hlsrhiy antiseptic; eases uain
and smarting 6.«:i r.e applied
that Is Zarr i'li!-. Remember
It is purely herbal—no mineral
poisons, no anlmai fats. Power
and purity coirsined!
HAIR    -
1)1(1 (I     Al
li   BOOK CO., LTD.,
VKNI*;   TI1KKI*.   ON     SATURDAY. MAY I'll 1.
Mtslir   SlU'lliPI
oilcan contlnoiil
Angeles, i'al.,
Im* llir liii|!ii ial
s nl ihr Nortii Am-
will gnluer al  Los
m Saturday, May l,
Council iiicoting   of
Um* Ancient Arabic Order, uolilca ui
tin* Myslic Slirlne, vvlileli will ite In
Wflslon in iln* City uf tlio Angels linlil tlio evening ol Sattmlay, May 11.
Sunn* thirty ilnnisiiiiil Shriners anil
their wives, families, swoothearla ami
friends will atteml tin* meeting, nml
mi elaborate programme ol entertain-
int'iil has boon arrnngod fm* them.
Between 45(1 and 50(1 delegates will
bt* in attendance.
Mr. C. A. Welsh, ot New Westminster, and Mr. R. F. Oreen, of Victoria, will attend as delegates from
Oizcli* Temple of Victoria. Mr. T. J.
Armstrong, past potentate ut O-lzoli
Temple and paal representative, ami
several other Shriners frnm Now
Westminster, Victoria and Vancouver
wii| also atteml as members.
Victoria and Seattle Shriners will
leave Seattle on n speeial train today
arriving at Los Angeles at 11 o'clock
in the morning of May 5,
Visiting delegations ami special
trains will lie mel by Al Mal.iikah
Shrine haul and Arab Patrols and
escorted to their hotels. On tin*
opening day of tin* mooting will bo
held the great Santa Monica road
race, in whieli .some (.f the most famous auto drivers of the world arc enter,*!. In tlie evening tin* city will
be luilliaiitfy illuminated in honor ol
the visitors. Or. Sunday the visitors
will Ik* taken on nn auto tour of tlu*
city and its beautiful suburbs. On
Momlay the visitors will he taken to
Pasadena and   from there a    special
excursion lor the Imperial Council
officers, rcprescnla'tlvea antl Indies
will go tn Avalon, SanUi Catallna
island, where a barbecued flsll dinner
will in* served, on tin* return to
Pasndi na in the evening, receptions
will ip held at all of tin* promlnenl
hotels by tho visiting Temples. Ono
uf the most spectacular features of
iln* meeting will he in-ld on Tuesday,
when the Imperial odloers and repie-
seiitnlives will in* escorted from   Lhc
llolel     A|,a,null li  |„ the place of
mooting of lhe Imperial Council by
fifly Nlitiiu* bands anil A rah patrols.
Ladies accompanying tin* representatives lo the Imperial Council will he
taken on a special train in Ilcdondo
Uracil, where luncheon will be served,
while the Shriners will have luncheon
on the greal mntiieip.il pier nl Santa
Monica. At eight o'clock in the
evening the great Shrine parade of all
Arab patrols and members ol Ihe nobility with dress suits and fez, as escort to the great electrical parade,
will bc held. Wednesday will be
marked by a visit to Long Beach, receptions and a parade ii. the evening.
Thursday will be San Diego day,
when the residents ,of that city will
picture its beauties to lho Shriners.
There will he exhibit inn drills of fifty
patrols, followed by a banquet t,. the
patrols and bands by Al Malaikah
Temple at lhc Shrine auditorium. In
the evening will bo held the third
and final electrical parade.
Friday will be Los Angeles Fiesta
day, a day given over In the City of
tbe Angels to flowers and allegory,
art and industry, municipalities and
civic enterprise. There will bo a
greal (bual and cMcgorica! parade
with all the bands in line. In the
evening will in* held the meat Shrine
ball at Al Malaikah -Shrine Coliseum.
there will he *
cert, elaborate
nt, tne ocean,
tic, illtimlnatio
freo vaudeville     con-
displays of ilircworks
i grand confetti    bat-
i of'the city and      it
grand carnival ball lasting until midnight, wlien the meeting will end antl
llu* Shriners disperse to entrain far
their Domes.
Dr. Arthur Keith, lltinterian professor nt tho Royal College of Surgeons, the author of works:on anthropoid apes and human embryology
lias advanced tlie startling theory
thai the Oordon of Eden may be
down towards the South Pole.
This distinguished Aberdeen man
who has just made a study of tlie
different prehistoric men whose remains have been discovered recently
in the County of Kent declares that
they resembled the native Australians—a facl that is generally characteristic of prehistoric men in Europe. This type of man was frequently to bc seen both In Australia
ami Tasmania from fifty to seventy
years ago.
As to the color of Ihe original man
be was strictly speaking n-Mher
white nt r black, but he was more
hairy than any human race now living. Ethnological considerations
lead the professor to the conclusion
that in tlte nu st ancient times men
dwelt in the .South Polar regions and
lhal the cradle of the race may have
HAS    Till-;     ARTICLE AND ;
Tlie Cranbrook Drug and Rook Co., |
,Ul., backed up by the manufacturers
Ol SALVIA, the (ireat Hair Crown*,
guarantees it to grow hair.
i   salvia   destroys dandrufl in   ten
j days.
|   Tho rnnts of   lho hair arc so nourished and fed llial a new crop uf hair
springs up, tn the amazement and d<
light of tho user.     The hair is made
soft  and   fluffy.    Like  all American
who     .111
1   Ladies
ll is hard to find an actress
s not use SALVIA conllnu-
SALYIA is a non-sticky preparation, and is the ladles' favorite. A
huge, generous bottle, 50c, The Sco
, ell Drug Co., St. Catharines, Canadian distributors.
highly evolved man, rrom ,, to >1
point nf view,    il.- regards if ,,
striking fact thai iu every Jfttgt
when* primitive iaces aie found
U,.' Boutfjcrn half nf    th.' Old World preparations SALVIA is dnlntily pei
neighboring representatives    nf    the
Tasmanian and Australian Mnrk-,
also tn he found.
This would indicate Ua. tlie sn-1 I"1111^ "( wclely un- '
called "seat of the human raco"-Uie "".,!lhc1'.
Garden of Eden, as man) would Bay-
was not iu Asia ai all, ai.d nol oven
in tin* Mediterranean basin, as was
held b) the lata Pruf, Daniel .1
Itrintr-n, the American ethnologist,
but may have been away oil down Inward the South Pole.
The latest researches moke it convincing]) clear, nsBerts Prof. Keith,
tbat the outline of the brain chamber
of the negro skull is lolallj different
from tbal nf apes autl of tin* neanderthal, or extremely ancient Kuro
pean men. The broad and short
faces and prominent cheek hours of
the negro, he sins, depend on the
robust development of th.* Iceth anil
muscles of mastication, The promlnenl jaws are due partly, bul not entirely, to the si/e of ibe teeth. The
pri-iuheiant jaws give not only lame
mouth and palate but ample passage
for air through nose and throat.
The small jaws of Europeans,     according to the professor, are due    In   nn
an arrest of normal growth providing   nat
a place for the permanent teeth. This  would thc
contracted the    plinrynx; hence adeu
pvcrj- tlircc inontlis),
nnynlilo as
;^ silo   Illicit     live,
could li,,.,
irarolinsorl Inr   $1!>H2.
The  IIK
could then   have lire
1 happily
her daughter lor tlie
cmainih r of
*************    ************  f,^
Haven rery Hi lim nl of
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All trees offered for 6(ilc ni   gn dui    ,- nurseries oil
llio Col Istr. ,i,i      :
*«. »**♦♦<.«>*• * *********** ****** *»»»■«> ***********
iiM hav
al hrr Hi
days, tin' son-in-law w
gnrrfed Uh mother's pi
homo ns a huiili
lien, nml   Ihr family ties woiHil 1
remained unbroken,    lint lusl nl all,
llir      I'lilillnll    .Hill    lia|l|illlrs1    I.I  III
tirur   uld    mother,   nh" had nursed
thrni in their   infnney, hail, perhaps,
spent   many a sleepless n
mils attendance   upon tilt
"IHcad     Messenger"    nro
near,   ready lo snatch i'Ii
intslrps in the nl
path -   prlccles   services -
invc heen .<■ ured [oi all
lluppilj in Canad n
Imperial Bank of Canada
l,( 10,10
D. tt.
,   i
!•.!,!    in
i'\ *
i *
IS    *
ttlll!  Ll :
the world,
SAVINGS  DEPART ;   attention
given to bttvtuu    tank •   H , ,.   Iinj
upward* i*. ■■-..■
Mi rchanta
ri j pari of
On Saturday there will bo a carnival
al  Redondo Heath, Including western )|r(,n (|l(.rt,
sports and games participated in  byi
cowboys and Cowgirls. At noon    the
seen;*    will shit to ihe Venice     ot
America, where tho Shriners'1 will   he
entertained by band concerts,     day- a  century.      still, this  Tasmanian
Hghl fireworks, etc.      In the evening  was, according to Pro!. Keith, a very
I'rnf. Keith regards snnir nf the
aboriginal Tasmanfana as thc earliest historical types id the negro.
This type   has heen extinct only half
Notice to Cranbrook
AR E you aware that your cousins from the prairies are
acquiring one of the desirable tracts of land in your
district for Ihe raising of vegetables and fruits ?
Thc Robinson-Mackenzie lands to the south and east of
Ihe city, and named—
have been placed on thc market in blocks ol five acres each,
and are being offered at $75. $100. and $150 per acre, on
terms that are within your reach—$10 cash and $10 per
month, or 33 cents per day until fully paid for. interest five
per cenl.. lor a live acre block. In case of illness or lack of
employment, youi payments are suspended. Are not all
these terms and conditions fair?
Sec Mr J W Robinson, of your city, and have him show
He will also, if you so desire, clear, plow and plant same
for you at cosl. plus ten per cent, thus developing for you
a home worthy of the name.
People who know soil are now installed on KOOTENAY ORCHARDS. Can you ignore this recommendation?
Have you written for your copy of my booklet ? It is
yours for the asking.
nids.    The IStiropcan , Illlon si-i-hih ihis kind arc lew, and llicy will    In
connected wilh   civilization, Imt how nt ill fewer   in the rear* lo i c    i
is i.ot known.      There is sunn, uvtil- iln- lioj's .ml phis ol loda; cai ly
enee lhal lhe growth ol llle jaws   is |«. Induced   in pay Into the Amiuitl
regulated hy some Internal secretion, System a few    cenffl eacli week, l-.n
bul mil lo    the extent ol stiggrotlng ivunijile. a i young man ol   20 lij pay-
Ilut a small-jaw race is due to   sii- jur; in 50 n-iits   a week mil* he la CO
nice ol lhe Jaw.    The width ol   the may purchase, mi   .mniiilv ol S-'l.lliii.
negro's cheek is only apparent, lor H and a young woman slartlng at same
averages,  less    ihan tlio European's, age, and paying a like amount loi the
The appearance is due i,, Ure narrow- same period mil serine an aniiuiiv
ness nf    lhe head In-hind il ors—o ol $311,711,   which, owing    to     her
characteristic ol    children. The nnt- longevity being superior, is somewhat
ness nl the negro's nocc is also only less Hum h,. would receive, Tho   age
apparent, due lo Iho cheeks projecting oi mi lo a young man nr woman    ol
sn far lienoalh     Hie  eyes. The Euro- 211 may seem a   Inns way oil; but    it
Bean chcoVs   have receded, and    thus may inlcrcsl thorn In know  that, ac-
have left the nnse prominent.            I cording to mortality experience,    ol
I'rnl.    Keilh says lhe ninsl   recont 10,000 ol  cither sex starting nl    -«
studies and discoveries make il prac- conshlcraVly    moro than Tin per cenl
tlcally certain Hut the pygmy blacks "ill be siill living even at or,. There
do not represent the earliest Jypes ol is moro than an even chance that you
negroes, as has been supposed,      Hit V.-III be one ot the 6,000.
are mere  divergencies nl later types, j   Information   as in thc cosl ol    an
the causes   of    which arc nni      yet annuity at any ago may he secured on
CranbrooR Branch: !•. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
********** % * *
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
In the correspondence collimu ol   a
application to the postmaster, or t,
tile Superintendent of Annuities. Ottawa, to whom your letter may !,-.
ent without postage.
Fruit,   agricultural, (irnzlrg and Timber Lands.
Jll,i    f'"l'i!s.
Whol in Lumber.
**************  1***********99
Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue and
Baker .Street.
Forty acres of  good land, situated
contemporary there recently appeared hall mile   irom    Porto ltico Killing.
a question ol a son-in-law with whom bordering on lake bounded on east by
his wife's  mother had been living as Qoreroment    road,    one   and a hail
t,     whether    other members of the ,,iiles ol the Town of .Moyie.    Spring
family 1 three    sons), who were said ,,(    water oa    place  flows  all (ear,
be aide though unwilling, could be subsoil sand and gravel; $:,ihi cash or
* TH!:*
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation*'
You'll get vour Money's Worth.
(imipt-Ilfil to beat a portion of tin*
expense of the mother's matetcnaticc.
Slit* had Ihtii liwm; witli one of t'he
sons, and the l»rotlu*r-iii-Ia\v had been
sktii if .she could be boarded in his
bouse so that the daughter mlgbl
look after her. This was agree*! to
hut the hoard money wan not paid
and after eighteen months of squabbling tbe question was asked. Tin
answer was diplomatic, namely, that
tbe matter was or.c whieh required!
mott judicious handling, and that a]
solieitor should he consulted. Had;
the person in charge of the Question
column known of the Canadian fJov-j
entment Annuities System, the wis-'
eal thing he could have done would
have been to recommend lhe purchase
of a government annuity. At her
nge    (75) an    annuity, of l3fNi ($7">
per acre, three payments.
Apply W. C, Uyfield, Moyle,
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ v*< ♦«:<♦*;.■>♦•>♦<. -r*-'^*>*>*>41 *>*>**>44444444
•on' tree. t'Mr-«t rnii'i" T *••! *•■•'.• 1-1
rate-it■ t«*cn ttiri'Ut-h jluiiii ,**
Ip*. lal rrttct, tmbOBC •.') "-ive. In tliu
Scientific nwnm,
A limtfnwili ir.'t«rtt-*i w-*i!r.   •■*'   ■' ; [
I'u nil. tW"'/ F«r, w-*a»" lis-'-1-    - ■'!    I
MUNNi j Co»«"*»*">- New York
Cnpitnl Paid Up $6,350,000 Reaerve $7,450,000
Total Assets, $110,538,511.19
II. B, II"! 1   1. in] Mui.ii/.T
'. 1
snd Inten 01   lelnj In
A Gene 1       «
Cranhrook llraikh
40,1 ricArttiiir Building,
Van Home Street,
Received   nt   the Oranbrook  Tnuling Oo.'e sion-.  "iu-
enr of
wliith we tm Bfllinu nt
$3.75 per sack of 98 lbs.,
ami tin1 smaller snrks in proportion.
We Imvo also received one car ut tin*
Best American Coal Oil and Gasoline
It will |iav ilmsn iisin.- liasoiini' tu gel mir pri, numeaud
teat the quality. Also ALL KINDS OF OIL ANDOREASE
FOR AUTOMOBILE P8E. Cine In nm! get onr price, and
wive money.
The Grocery Business ^*^%St"
aavo money if lliey will lirinu iiloni; tlieir Inisiness lo u».
T. 11. O'CONNELI. Manager
************ ** ****************•>*************'
Flour, Peed, Poultry Supplies, Carriages, Saddlery,
Implements, Harness Repairing
A  Good   Home
nn I Ploiitj
it when
■■''r.iiiiir-"'1;" 1- mentioned think ol
proi Branll has made for an
ideal homo nl ths
Canadian Hotel
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
W. t, .I11IIS.-11N . Proprietor
uiii.K-: EDWARD ST. •1
By tlie Herald   Publishing Company,
K. .1. Deane, Managing Editor.
CiUNBROOK, B. C. April 25,1912
Th,. withdrawal nf Mr. Kd. Mai-
l.tniluiiii* Irom Uie Kootenay election
contest, removes tlte one Kast, Kot>
tenay candidate definitely in Uie field.
There is a strong [ecling throughout
East Kootunmy that tlu* next moni-
her I* represent iln- Kootenays at
Ottawa should hall fiom East Koo*
tenay. Heretofore onh nun resident
in West Kooteimj havo been sent
down in Ottawa ami Un* fact thai
Hum have, almost without exception,
nndj Irrespective of party affiliations,
Ignorai liis! Kootenay, has been
strongly Impressed upon every resld*
eni in tilth seotldn of thf Iiiu eonstlt-
iroi.cy, other things bring equal Uie
grenl mass nf tho electors nf East
Kootenay would prefer n man, who
resides in this section ami whose
business or professional interests
would tn* it spur to him to watch
carefully over lhe interesfs of Kast
Kootena) in particular. East Kootenay lias lhe ini'ii. capable in overy respect irl WOitdhing over the interests
of this ureal section of country. Such
men as Mr. (His Staples, Mr. P.
Luml or Mr. A., K. Walts have proved li\ theli worl.8 lhal Ihey are
alive, nol only t«» the lumlvrlng Interests,, but to iis agricultural possibilities.
So far ihc Conservatives appear to
Ire seeking iu vain !<•« a suitable
candidate. The name ol Mr. II. K
Oreen, of Victoria, has been mentioned, bul In* is liTnerally consider.*!
an Impossibility. The idea ol a
joint convention al which a candidate
si 14 in* selected  lo npeda!l)     look
afler, Uu- Interests f,f llie lumbermen
docs not appear to uppeal to the
hidfboiiiid Tories. Whllsl lhc Liberals hiivi* so fat laken no very de-
Ihiltr action in the matter of securing
a eamlldate, lieing desirous rather of
placing   Un-  best   interesls     of        tlie
Koi.in,,us above Ji purely pany
consideration, II may I* that steps
will have to ire taken In contest tho
seal It. lhal event it is not Improbable ib.it one of the m nn tiers of
the late Liberal cabinet, defeated In
ilie last general elections, may he
Invited io stand for Koolenay iu lhe
Liberal intu -sis. Tin* names of
Messrs, Fielding nnd MacKen/lc King
are mentioned  in this connection.
A elock .onl a weather vane would
prove valuable additions to Iln
town on the new post olliee building, now nearlng completion. Tb
Herald has been given to understand
ihal if ihe proper representations be
made io ibe minister of public
Works, Hon. F. I) Monk-, l,y a "on
partisan body, such as the board of
trade, this Improvement to the
governmenl building will in* authorized, Iln* bo.ml of Ir.ide meets on
Tuesday evening next, and tlie same
evening a telegraphic message should
go forward to the minister setting
forlh tin* wishes of Cranbrook) clll
/ei.s in ihis regard. It is up fn Hie.
board ol trade to get busy.
Sunday Services,
Sunday morning, ll o'clock—Holiness meeting.
Sunday afternoon, 2 o'clock—Sunday School.
Sunday afternoon, 8.80 o'clock —
Free and easy meeting.
Sunday night, 8 o'clock-Salvation
Subject: "Regeneration."
Everybody welcome.
make every business bear tlio burden
of industrial accident where human
agencies are involved, just as it has
always done to the inanimate Insi rumentalttles."
sets ii
'li A
v. Vi
Klsoti UuiDian
. panto
'li nl
11 a.m.
ml 7
nil ii.ni
Mind l
Kvcnlng sulijiri: "How Clod Made a
Tho choir will render special music
ui   horn services.
Mr  s. IV, Uuhoeh, choir leader.
Mr. .1. S, Peck, organlsl
,V, cordial Invitation Is extended lo
.ill in attend lho altivo services.
V. M. C. A.
K, Tltomson,  ol Stavfiley,
will address tho men's meeting
Y.M.CA. Sunday .next      al
at the
Special music
Every man cordially
Tuesday evening Rev. Mr, Ken
performed the ceremony that
Clarence     Corlwlt ami Maud
nn one. Mr   Cornell  was lor-
in ihe    employ   uf the Kink
Merennlile company, whilsl Miss
.lohnson for some time past lias lieen
Inl, al llie I'alm.
Shipments   from lhe Sullivan mine
have recently been Increased from 101)
I "ill Ions    per diem.   The recently
I (.stalled pumping plant is giving v\-
llent     satisfaction and the number
machines wi rklnft in the mine has
lum largely Increased.
Ladies race.
finis over 11 years' race.
Hoys over 11 years' race.
(Inls over io years' rnce.
Boys over ten years' race.
Muddle ran* for boys, any age.
Skipping race lot tziils, any age.
Egg ai.d Bpoon race for ladies.
(liils race under Hi years.
Boys i.i-.• undei  1" years
Wheelbarrov race for boys, any
Three-legged ran* for boys.
Three-legged race for girts.
Sack race lor boys.
Obstacle race for hoys.
Tiig-of-war, two teams nf men
Potato race f« i boys and girls
Thre.nl   and   needle    race (nt hoys
nml rlrll.
Sundays—Low mass at 8 80 a.m.;
hlf-h mass, 10.80 a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 to 1 p m.; Kosary ami Benediction at 7.80 p.m.
Monday* and holy days of obligation— HaM at 8 am.
Week days—Mass st fl am at the
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
Sittings in this church ate nol even
allotted, everything being absolutely
free. \ cordial Invitation is extended
to everyone to. make use ol them.
Momlng M-rvJoc, 11 o'clock. Topic:
"Owl's Answer to Croat ion's
Groans "
Sundaj school, :> p.m.
Evening      service,      roven <Utti t v
o'elocl       Topic;   "'Ilie Lost  I'brisl "
Tin- pastor, itev, ii K Kendall,
will prench nt both services,
His Honor Jtldgo Brown bus given
liHlgmcirl in tl"-' ease «f Emma Liv
iligstonc, petition under the Conl
Mines Act. Tbe petition was gram
ei without costs.
The (acts in this case ale thai the
original location mode by Living
stone w.is oi.e mile north ami one
mile west of the place where il was
advertised to be. The locator of the
group of claims, of whicli the Llvfug-
sli in* claim was one, had staked a
distance nf seven miles and in that
distance hati made that variation.
The ground on wbieh be hati placed
the stakes was afterwards located by
one ('ramp autl llie contention on bo-
halt of Cramp was thai the applicant
lor a coal license only received thc
ground for which )h* hati applied for
by advertisement ,uid not tbo ground
as staked. The act roqulrcs thai tbo
applicant foi a license shall give a
description in his application showing tbe approximate location of the
ground he has st-aked and the judge
held in this case that tbe Livingstone
Intercsl had complied with the act.
FOR SALE.—Puro bred registered
Mredalo bitch, ll. months old; one
Airedale dog pappy, C months old;
Two Airedale dog puppies, K weeks
tdd. Pedigrees    furnished.        None
better,     Apply   to Deputy      (lame
Warden -fames  Bates. IK-It
Many tdd timers throughout tho
province will learn wiih sincere regret thai Mr. Edward Qucnnell, nu
old and prominent resident of Nan*-
iun , ihnl lasl Friday .ifU-r a brief
illness of pneumonia. Me came lo
Nanaimo in im.i ami has lived then
since then, except for seven years,
when lie served on the steamer    Sir
For    dainty
iiitl Austrian makes    we
-Campbell and Manning
s loaders
flu Saturday afternoon death called
W. Samuel Wake, who for folly
years has been a resilient of Nanaimo
and Who for Iw.-nty four years was
sberill of Nanaium county, lie was
superannuated Iwo years ago, Ho
was bom nt Tavistock, Devonshire,
71 years ago coming to Canada in
1855, California In 1801 and Victoria
in 181(2, In the latter year he was
road boss on the Yale road, remaining until 180*1.     II»' Spent eight years
in ilie t'.nil  gold tie'ds   lie arrived
in N.niuimo iu 1872, and had resided
there since, lie suffered a paralytic
stroke a yenr ago, but recovered
Death was due lu henrl failure ami
was nol expected, Mr. Drake was ,i
trustee of Ashlar Lodge, A.F, and A.
M , Nanaimo, ami he is survived by a
witlow, two sons and nine daughters,
including Mrs. Robert Vlpond, ol Vicloria.
Minnesota Hed and Fatly Itose seed
potatoes al Fink's Pure Food -Grocery,
Frank residents arc movln" to a
new townsite at the west nl lhe pre
sent location, Within a very lew
weeks, there will not bo a citizen ol
;the town living iu tho danger /one
for the warning ol the spccitl commission of Investigation on tho
Turle mountain has been heeded, and
everyone within the dnngcr region is
i packihig up to move to somo spot
which oilers    safety.    Tho Canadian
Burhank seedling
Fllik's  Pure  Food
seed potatoes
Mr. am
losl no lil
Mrs.    F. IL Taylor, who
urivi-d from Winnipeg, have
in building a house    on
lhe "Kootenay Orchards" and this
week moved inio their new home.
Mr. Taylor, who bas lieen a sulTcrer
from rheumatism »Jor some years,
funis ,i relief already in Mils climate
and hopes to he eventually cured.
Mr E. <i. Harding is building a one
collage on "Kootenay Orchards" ami
expects to have it ready for occupation nexl week. Mr. Arcby MeDougall, a former ol Lanr.lgan, Snsk.,
after it careful examination ot (he
country around Cranbrook has bought
a Iract iu ''Kootenay Orchards" and
will begin clearing il up at once.
Mr MeDougall Es greatly pleased
with Cranhrook and its outlook.
Mr. Herbert Moyce has linished
charing his block    in "Koolena\ Or-
ul is bavlr.g ii plowi
w  Zealand pure
Food Grocery.
jams at    Fink's
art.    Apply Box E
A    two
, Herald
Itev. Dr. Donnelly, O.M.I., bas ar-
rivtd iu lown ami has already started upon1 his work During this week
bis efforts will be directed towards a
revival ol religious interest and bis
addresses wig lie mainly directed lo
Catholics Commencing on Monday
evening next he will give a series of
lectures, non-controversial, ui fact,
purely expository, with\i view to removing prejudices and falsi* pr,-con-
coplions. The subject ofdiis Monday
evening lecture will be "The Church
and the Bible." on Tuesday evening,
tbe "Ne Temere Decree," Wednesday
evening "The One True Church,"
Thursday evening ''Holiness of the
Church," Friday "Saeraimnlal Confession." On .Sunday, the 12th, Hev.
Dr. Donnelly, will take as his suh-
jeel "Obstacles of Faith."   At    these
lures n question box will be stationed .it Ibe church door and, all
questions will Ih* courteously answered. On Sunday evening, 12tb inst.,
at the .close nf divine service, Hev.
Hi Donnelly will give a lecture in
ilu- Auditorium, commencing at H.'M),
"Socialism." This lecture has
gained for the reverend father a continental reputation ami will doubtless nttoact a very large audience.
Tlie other lectures will In delivered in
the Catholic church.
Cnal Consolidalt
tages i
who own the
; at Vr nk, have decided that
best thing they can do Is to
They own Ihtrty-throo cotr
ilangcr belt. These thej
in the new townsite and
when thej move tnere is n certainty
that tlu ivmalndei of tho inhabitants
0l ii ni,ii hiuu'i' i'l llle burg     will
move also, it is hardly likely thai
tbe coal mine will be abandoned. Ac
i lum to the latcsl reports      irom
Frank the company will make application tu have ibe top oi Turtle
mountain blown off. This will ob
via to all danger id another slide, and
by using the main shall und abandon
[ng the old drift itiiiie iu ibe dangci
/one, the compnny expects to exper*
lenco no difficulty whatever in working their mine to its utmost oapn
Early Hern seed potatoes al  Fink's
Pure Food Grocery*
Swat the Fly
Tlie position of tlif house lly is
n uni,nm one. He lias become bo
great n menace to tlie public
health tlmt every newspaper niul
magazine hus found it necessary
to sound a warning note. Ho hns
been denounced ns a " scavenger,"
a " spreader of lillli nnd disease";
medien] experts Imve ever pro-
iliiiiiiid him "the greatest enemy
of innnkind."
A few years ago tho house lly
wus regarded ns an annoying, hut
iusiguiticnul little insect; lu-dny
tlio entire civilized world is eu-
gaged in u bitter warfare against
him. ricleuce hns sought to exterminate lliis posl.   The search
has I n n vain one.   Kxtcruiinu-
tion buing out of llie question,
protection Is mir only weapon,
Tln'iv is only one elVectivo way l»
ward oil tlio typhoid fly and inos-
quito—iibc wire oiolli und screens.
Wu have n Inrgo and complete
Block of
Mrs, Rncklyell   will bc
ful if    tin- party wlin llor
"Children's   Rncyclopcdin"
Carmen's    Hull    will
,'pry grale-
oweil Uie
Irom il»
return llie
Wire Cloth
Window Screens
Screen Doors
Tho prices   nil i
are ronsonnble,
■IS rolls
■     .10 doz.
U iiu/..
plain figures
F. Po,rks 6* Co.
All round tlu* woild thc oflicers,
soldiers ar.d friends of lhc Salvation
Army will, during lho week May 1-tli
io 18th, bc practising some ft rm ol
si If denial in order to nave a llttlo
m< ncy lo help forward the war.
All through the year that hns past
by its ten thousand agencies, the
Army has heen busy in different
forms of self-sacrificing toil bringing
happiness ahd salvation to the hearts
anil lives ami homes of multitudes ol
\nd all the year the Army hns
gone t n, opening onl its arms wider
and wider, entering new nations, at**
I nek ing new neighborhoods, learning
new languages, enlisting new helpers,
Inventing new plans, and so enlarging the sphere of its operations and
iis power to bless the world.
llul this combined ami increasing
activity roqulrcs money. A little
war can be carried nn at ,t small
cost—a hig one demands a proportionate amount.
The Army people prove their     wil
lingness to help themselves. In addition i" lii.ir contributions for tin
support of their oflicers, and th
nni of their own citadels aud halls
they will, timing the ScU-Henial
Week, deny themselves in various
forms iu order to assist in the gen
eial support and extension of the
Will lhe readers of this paper join
Uli.ilier agreeing with every method and principle of the Army or not
they well know lho Army are fighting
against sin, fecdfhg tho hungry
clothing tho naked, nursing the sick,
reclaiming the fallen, and seeling thc
glory of God through Jesus Christ,
and thai the results prove, beyond
question, Ihat (it il is with them.
The resident officer (Captain
Stride) together with local co-workers, is extremely anxious tbat the
contribution towards lhe Home and
Foreign Missionary nm! Social Fundi
shall lu- a liberal one, ami donations
may bo handed tu either tho officer
members ol the Army ot to the
]*T)i: SALE.—Potatoes, will      mature early; American   Wonder,    also
Early Ohio,   Borce   Early Manist
$:•» per lot) lbs.—E. Anderson and Son
Wardner, B.C. 10-41'
At the Auditorium
Thursday, May 9
Iii (land's naval o:
Pure Pood Qroocry,
angCfl at     Kink':
James Dougto, engaged in the
iug trade. lie has carried a
item there since l«7:( He was
for two terms and alderman U
teen years, niul was foi man)
chairman of the school board.
so held the office of pilot c.
sioner and harbor mnster for
leen   years.      Al the litnc.ot
WANTED.—A competent maid. Apply Mrs. O. Erlckson. 17-H
Tin- Hailing season opened yesterday. May ist. in ihis connection
tin* following (rt in the Spokesman*
Review is very appropriate: "May
clay and lhc opening of Uh* season fur
fishing! Who, if he have a spark of
\inlit\ in him and the love of tlte
I rout in his heart, doesn't  waul     to
mast-j hid dull cure begone and (ling bis
i luisi would he tin worthy of his high call
mayor opening day hi fishing is the sports*
t III- man's red letter day. What mailer
.ears if Hie water of the mountain torre.it
He nl-  he Icy cold     as he     wades ami kern
•mmis-, brcca-cs numb nis Angers? Today    be*
death h<
servative  aSSOCltttlO
Was horn iu Sussex-
was    prcsiiteiil of lhe Cl
gins his lirst good excuse for winning
Into    ihe   open again since hunting
-tided last   ,,ui limn
it is awaited
Mr. Qucnmll'wllh Impatience and    greeted    witb
Kng., iii 1846.      joy.     It is out of question for     the
— ' ' |enthusiast, the loyal devotee of Saint
Kvery six minutes, day and lzaak Walton, lo stay nt home. He
night, a railroad employee is killed | wriing desks, in fumed oak, quarter
Injured, and every two hours one ing, of fellowship with llie dear fath
is killed." This was the startling er of anglers, of membership in the
calculation math* recently by Senator fishermen's annex to the Ananias
Chamberlain, of Oregon, in uddtcs-[ tlUb, did be shrink from 4)1.- delight*
sing lhe senate in behalf of the new ful ami bracing Hardships of fishing
employers' liability bill. "These fig- Ihe first day the law allows. Up,
ures are appalling," he said. It is then,.ami away tn the rivers and
i.ot to be wondered that Micro has brooks' May the gods of the winds
been a loud and persistent demand on and skies smile propitiously on all
the part of employees engaged in nil lovers of the gcnlle art, of angling,
forms of hazardous employment tor a   May they come home laden with, full
change in the doctrines which have
practically east the burdens of Industrial acddohls u* the employees
and their families, who are least
able to bear them     The trend     oi
'pinion is toward .1 policy Ihat   will  (iroceiv.
creels and wiih lungs filled with the
spiccil wine of the breezes* of Uw
Spokane country."
Strawbcrrlosi nl Fink's Pure   Food
Look Who's Here!
• Whon WB Bay Hint tlio KcniiDy-Unrvo*/ Killer.
taiuers ore coming Rgnin, h-ii fed tliat ihrrr's " 'nut
sal," for who in tlio West has not laughed nt tlie
cotnicftl liiicis nml songs thoroughly appreoiatoO
tho diameter tketelius niul heen itelightfntly entertained liv thr witiit-Hins nml impersountions no presented Iiy tin' hoadB of tin mpnny r
• This year tliey ore stronger nnd hotter tlion
over, for tliey have as nBsifltiitg nrllstfl Prauk Clepg,
iiistrmiloiitaltst (Into with thu Toronto Synipl y
tlrfhi'strnl.   mnl    Minn   Add    Dnvis,   n   oltnrtliing
miprnno witb 0 glorious voire.
• Thev will present en onlirely now programme,
nml if,vou lil,.- it Inngll    it yon enjoi good iiniHir
if you want lo lw delightfully entertained,iion'1 miss
this talented company.
Winnipeg Free Press:
Kenney nml Bnrvoy nre withe
cloverosl pair of fnii-mnIters who Imv
Winnipeg for many days, nnd tlii'v
dionce in roars of laughter during III
iug.   Il is lim.I to Bay which is Hi
ul donbl tin'
i' n|i|unrid  in
kepi iho an-
e entire oven-
better.   They
both hnvo line voices, and thoir leain work is pro*
linbly tlio mosi attractive purl iu ilnir entertainment,
A LAKtiE LOT ou Block 184, nonr the Public Schools,
212 feet by HO feet, with house suitable for a sinnll family
and letting for rent at $8.00 per month aud presently occupied by n tenant.   Price, with fee simple title,
$800.00, Cash nnd terms
■ •
i •
810 ACKES, in fee simple, one million feet timber, excel
lent eight-room dwelling house und offices! ttbundaut water ;■
iiu acres under cultivation.
$6,000, ('""li nud lerms.
Best buy in tlie Kootenny country,   Convenient to mil nnd
IK) ACRES   Grown granted, 16 acres under cultivation,
•"mores ul st toady for the plough,   $1,000 worth of logB
on laud; I team of horses, wagon and harness, mower nnd
oompleto outfit of fine agricultural implements; boiler and
engine with cordwood sawing ou tilt; toll room dwelling I se,
wuter in kltohen; liurii with now liny oarrior foili; carpenter
und lilncksiuith shop, fully equipped, 1211 chickens, Incubators, lirooders.    Will sell us a going concern
$lll,ini(l, Cnsli nud terniB.
• i
• i
• i
I guarantee the foregoing to bo well worthy the closes!
investigation by prospective investors,
Raworth Hloek CRAUBROOK
l> **********************
Ladies Misses and Children's Outfitters
Armstrong ;
Splendid Showing of Curtain Materials X
Now that house cleaning is in full swing your ♦
attention is turned towards something new for ♦
the old in the case of window  trimmings.    We ♦
* are showing a new and complete assortment in ♦
* Madrasses, Scrims, Netts, Etamines, etc. We will r
* be pleased to show you these lines, whether you f
X wish to buy or not.
Art Muslins
lu dainty Floral and Medallion effects,
15C, 20C, 25C YD.
Fancy Fillet Netts
In Kern, Arabian uud Cream,
values at 	
   35C.40C50, 60C YO.
:; Madras Muslins at Clearing Prices
Bountiful Sheer Effects.
Oriental colors..
In  lieds. Pinks, (.'reams nnd
; Genuine Irish Point Lace Curtains, Half Price:
We have about 20 pairs in this lot. some slightly soiled, *
Beautiful qualities. Values run frnm $!i.Un to $28.00 per ♦
imir.   I ionuinu clearance of tliese curtains X
at exactly     HALF PRICE X
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manaoer
CAPITAL. ■ $10,000,000
REST,-   $8,000,000
of The Canadian Bank of Commerce will receive deposits of $i and
upwards, on which interest is allowed at current rates. There is no
delay in withdrawing the whole or any portion of tlie deposit. Small
deposits are welcomed. A234
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, to be
operated by any one of the number or by thc survivor. A joint account
of this kind saves expense in establishing the ownership of the money
afler death, and is especially useful when a man desires to provide (or
his wife, or for others depending upon him, in the event of his death.
R. T. Brymner, flanager Cranbrook, H. C.
may not i«* llghtod to  iwni *Ka/araraj6JrtJr^i^rprpJkJf^ir!Jc'iw.vMcrcv^j^a
brush or   lur any other p'ir-   i^ m •
[ci Mr GOplG*
i Listen
At the Auditorium
Thursday, May 9
pose in Die Jurisdiction of tli.* provincial forestry proleotton service wllh'
i ni H pertnll Irom now on. W. v.
l.i'M'liiiul, BOllag supervisor nl lire
mtnlras lor tins district, Ims returned to NcIsi.ii irom n trip ol inspec-
llon nf llio tctrilnry under his eliati-.e
nml jinnniiiifTS Hml nil llie divisional
heads llllll htctt u|l|liiitltcd us follows. Nelson district, II. -I. Uonfl
IteviKlokc district, .1. K. Mcl.eun,
Pernio district, William .1. Wiltnot;
f't.iniiiouH districl, Ocorga Watson;
Vernon district, M. V, Allen; Orand
Forks district, I'lsiilcs Mix. "The
iiiilwiivs have Klines 11 men at work
. clearing up the debris Irom the
I rights ol way and llie government
Ims Kitnie* in various districts per-
forinjii). n similar duty along llie
wagon roads," stated Mr. Loveland.
"Tho ilaagor Irom fire will he con-
siderulily lessmcd through this preventative work," lie said. ItotWMn
Mveiity-nve and eighty wardens will
patrol lor lhc government the dlf
I riel under Mr. Loveland's control.
Vi. ('. (ilailwin, who is in charge ol
llm coast inaiiilanii dislrict, mid M-
a. Granger, who is lUslloncd at Vicloria, linve also organised their llro
I light ing and lire prevention forces lor
llm season.
We are handling nullum;
Imi lhe lineal
| THY. Eto„
| liiunl with
Eto.   Tli
ll, coin
Efficient Service-    9
really ought lo secure your B
mtronago, Glvo our Swift's ji
HAMS nnd BACON a irinl  i'l
Veil   will   lie   eiiliviliccd   of [,]
tholr excellence, a
141 Market Co.
For All Kinds of Piok aud Shovel
Work.—Kuqnlio Cranbrook IMI.,
or reoidence, Slaterville. THK OBANBUOOK HERALD
FRIDAY'S PROGRAM ."Pathe's Weekly No. 4," the news of the World; " Jinks
Joins the Temperance Co."; "The Ghost," a biograph comedy; "The Lure of
Vanity." All next week will be shown the Best Moving Pictures ever shown
here in Cranbrook.   Come and enjoy a good laugh.   Admission, 10c. and 15c.
Wo Imvo llie largest stock of Wall Paper ever brought
In the Kinitenuys. Every decorator who has inspected il
says: "The best uHsorluiout ever."
We hml tn buy the quantity tn get tile price, We give
you the benefit,
All we usk nf vmi is- Inspect our stoek. compare the
prices, nnd vro will lie satisfied witli the result.
We are prepared to give all estimate on any job of
House Dooorating,
Sample Hooks sent to out-of-town customers for selection.
Freight nr express l»iid on all orders of ten dollars
or over.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The 3&*atJL Store
Cranbrook - - - B. C.
Is Your
Nose Pinched by
Your Glasses ?
Perhaps you have accepted
discomfort ns a necessary adjunct to eye-glass wearing. If
so, tliere is a big and pleasant
surprise in store for you.
Fits-U Eye Glasses
never pinch, lhe clips evenly
distribute their slight pressure in such n manner us to
keep them stonily under nil
conditions. Let us show you
what " Fits-U" Eye-glass
Comfort is.
r  I>. J-lcNob is in Irom WaWo
.1   G  O'Gara
gai t today.
i.tiiH' in from   ('.il-
Toilet seta (rom Y2 21
Campbell and MaiHttojC-
.1   II. I'lmsscv came
Rim lodaj
In from Hull
Large Warehouse—Apply F. J.
Deane, Herald Office. *tf
.1    M    \mn*tt. ol    Rlko,  was in
town .luring ilif wee*s
Kti-sli ilrawbcrrioi arriving dall) —
Campbell and Manning.
Colonel     IbrnlriMni   was  in        flnin
Fori Steele during the \\.<t,
Mt   and Un  D  J   Elmer returned
last nlghl from a vlstl Lo Spokane.
Harold Darling is away on a business trip fro the prairie provinces.
I'lln* Ontario maple syrup at Wait)
ami Harris.
■I. I). MoBrWc h>ft on Tuesday for
Horn.—To Mr. und Mrs. Freak, a
son, Monday, April 29th, in this
Mayor A. c. Bowness has telegraphed from Montrt-aJ thai lu* lias
disposed of the sewerag*.* debentures.
It. E. Safe, formerly with thf
C.I'.H., has joined II. D. MeLaws it.
iln- reel estate business,
Wall papers slaughtered in older to
close out. Anv price takes them.—
U. H. Short. 11-tf
Customs collections for tho month
of April. 1912, amounted to WW6.09
Horn—At tbe Home hospital to
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Start, of Bull
River, ii son. Thursday, May 2nd.
Mrs, H \. McKowan will not re-
ceiVB again during Vae summci
Fresh lettuce, cucumbers, celery and
rhubarb at Ward ami Harris.
Premier McBride, of Hritish Co
lumbla, .ml his part)*, all well, arrival in London on Monday ol this
The t'ranbrook Jobbers Ltmltod re-
ccnilj    declared   a substantial din-
ili-ml.      Hii*iim*ss is steadily trowing
ami the OUtlOOk is very bright.
Word has lwvti noefvod that Mr
1' Mnllamlaitie hns -lehi.iMy decided
to withdraw from his oondtdftture foi
the Kootenay Dominion nomination
This season's line ol new straw-
hats and Panamas just received nt
llie     K. K.     Mere   Hoiiko—the sti»re
Is milled from the best available
Spring Wheat
If the Flour you are presently using is not
; reiving good satisfaction, or if you want a
better, stronger flour, get a sack of " PAN-
I TkY QUEEN" from
Cranbrook, B.C.
meat in price ol local real estate, It fully Into all questions ol daily sanl-
may be staUil llial within the past (atloa and milk suppl) n British Co-
lew days tlie Malcolm Horio sub- lumMa, will he tormally cor.sUtutxsil
division has Ihtii raised from4100 bo a1 mice ami will make a tour ol all
$200 ner acre, ami is selling rapidly port* n[ the province Investigating
that. conditions.    Thc otlier members   arc
Jewelers and Opticians
Write and attic for our Catalogue
Tic*' ('ranhrool. Trading company's
change of adverHsemefll wits received
too lai*" today to be made usp ol li
contained a notice to automobile owners that they were quoting special
prices on gasoline, which should tn
Ut.   Knlghl »ml
New Westminster
Mr. CoulUmpdl
Garden seeds "f all kinds in ImiIm
ami pat-'kaKcs, carefiily selected
stock,—Campbell and Manning,
WANTED.—A good, general servant.
Apply to Mrs. Worden, Armstrong
Ave. 18-tf
James Finlay returned fiom
Maple l.iiif colliery on Tuesday,
reports very busy times In the   P
anil   prospects good   for a prolan
season of activity.    The first of n-
nu nth. Mi. ami Mrs.     lames Fin
Jas  Otwnne, general superintendent' purpose leaving on nn European t<
of ihe    B.O.   division of ilie C.P.R.,  They wj.l spend several months vi
died at    midnight on Tuesday, April   ing in England, Scotland and on
80th, at Vancouver, after two   days' [continent.    But Jim will be back
illness.     Pneumonia wns tlu* cause of   the Shriners meeting in October
death. j Vancouver.
The next meeting of tlu* Cranbrook Tin*   April issue   of the   Canadian
Fanners'   Institute will lie held    on Grocer   contains an Interesting Illus-
Wednesday   evening,   May 8th,       at trated article dealing with the    best
which Mr. T.  S. (lill will give      a decorated store   windows in Canada.
paper on the   poleni/.ation of (lowers Among the   stores    honored by men-
by bit's.       A full   attendance is ur- lion in   this article is thai ol      the
where    you     get   the  big  dollar's
Rev.     K. p. Flewelling and Mr. C.
A. Cock are in Nelson attending      a
meeling of the Kootenay diocese.
B. C. St. Clair, of the C.P.R. B.C.
land ami tie department, has been
transferred to Wilmer, whence he
Journeyed this week.
Tlie regular monthly meeting of the
Crnnbrook Trades and Labor Council
will be held Monday evening next at
8.30   p.m. in thi' French club rooms.
Wall papers slaughtered In order to
close out.      Anv price takes them.—
B. II. Short. ll-tl
During the past week several carloads of nursery stock have arrived in
Cranbrook for the numerous fruit
farmers in the distriel. Hundreds
i.f acres will be set out to fruit
trees and small fruits this spring.
A full line of McIIarland ami
Lang's fancy biscuits at Ward and
Local poult rymen are already preparing for the coming Fall Fair. Several have Imported stock Ibis spring
in order to have thc very best at
the show.
Jim Mllroy, of the C.P.R. B.C
land ami tie department, met with a
painful acddenl on Saturday. He was
Buuerintcnding the loading of some
•-, when lire slipped from a pile.
falling on his slu uWci, tircatoitig his
■ollar bone.
Going out of wall paper business.
Choice stock must lie disposed cf at
any price.—B. II. Short. ll-tl
c. Hungertord pollen returned last
week from a visit to Victoria. He.
was accompanied by Mrs. ai.d Miss
Dumbleton, ol Wtoria, wbo have
gone out with him to his ranche at
skookumchuk for a tew days visit.
Whn tf. Mitchell has arrived from
Calgary to take over the taxidermist
business, heretofore conduotcd in this
n hv C  It. Garrett.    Mr. Mitchtll
.ni experl In this line.
In a pound) <f Ward and Harris
Reyawa tea, 85c., 60c and liOc, per
Charles Robinson writes from
Crows Nest to say that he Is prepared to meet Streeter, In a boxing
match, either in this rity or any
otbei place he may name.
Carpenters have been busy during
the past few days converting tlte old
0 P It. boarding house, recently the
scene of a Ore, into a carpenter's
Dr A. Mellurney, who has lieen employed as an assistant by Drs King
aud Green, f»»r some lime past, left
this week for Alerl Hay. where he
will take charge if the Columbia
Coarl Mission hospital.
Chairs, tables, buffets, dressing ami
writing desks, In fumed oak, quarter
cut oak, birds' eye maple, at toe, E.
K. Merc. House.—the store where you
get thc big dollar's worth.    .
Hie anit-'ial conference of the Methodist church iu British Columbia will
lie held in the Metropolitan church,
Victoria, commencing Thursday, May
9th. Rev. W. E. Dunham will lease
for Victoria early next week to attend Hie conference.
The Beattie-Murphy Co. have dis-
posrd of their Klko branch to Messrs,
Pake ami Mourv. Frank-Murphy
was ilown nt Klko last week taking
sloek nnd closing up the deal.
As an   indication ot the   ftiv*re-
geittly requested.
Tbe strike of ihe men employed on
the sewers is a thing of the past.
Yesterday morning they returned to
work at the rale of I2.7G a day.
Everything is progressing satisfactorily on this workior.ee again.
Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd., of which
Tlie Grocer    says: "A neatly antl
simply arranged window from Cran-
lieork, B.C. Cleanliness Ir a feature."
pure bred Toulouse geese, '.i for $1.00.
T. E. South, Box 881, city. IK-tf
An amusing,    but somewhat
I,. M. Thompson, of the Kootenay
Orchards firm, returned to Winnipeg An amusing, but somewhat sign!
yesterday, after an enjoyable visit ficaut, fnoldcnl occurred this week
here of several days. Ho was greatly J in* one of tlie local stores \ lady
struck by tne evident prosperity of approached the proprietor for the
the city and    the great   possildlHies j temporary loan of $5.00.    in making
of tbe surrounding districts.
The new post officer building
rapidly Hearing completion,
week Contractor McCallum received a
.shipment of 90,000 pounds of cut
stone, for the finishings. Tlie roof is
well under way and all the brick
work will Ik* completed within the
next three days.
The attraction ut the Auditorium
for Thursday evening next, May Oth,
will) be the Kenney-Harvcy Entertainers. This company has delighted audiences all over Canada and come    to
her request she remarked that sin-
had prepared an order Air Timothy
js Eaton, hit had lefl home without
Thin cns*1 to secure a postal note. This
certainly was rubbing it iu tu the
merchant, who, however, rose to the
occasion, and advanced lhe dented
Among) the applicants for naturalization at the nexl sitting of the county court Tuesday, May 0th, will Ih?
J. It, Alho, Italian, ot this city;
James Wright, United States citizen,
of Moyie; John and Abel Panenc,
Russians; Em Ile Lois, of Marysville,
Cranbrook with the highest rccom-! Belgian; John Freema, of Moyie,
memfatuns as run makers of rare B'^sian. The following applications
quality and refinement. They will tot naturalization arc listed for the
make'you    lough, simply roar,    but  **9ton of the county court, to       be
their methods arc clean.
Orders taken for bedding plants-
Campbell and Manning.
It- Kimpton was in from Windermere the first part of lire week. Mr
Kimpton cairn* through in his motor
ear and reported the roads in excellent shape. Mr. Kimpton thinks
tliat the Banff-Windermere road, now
in course of construction, will prove
tin* biggest boost to thc East Kootenay district it lias had in many a
long day.
A large number of sewerage pipes,
already laid on thc hill, have been
wantonly smashed during tlte past
few days. Just where the blame
lies the police have as yet beer, unable to decide, but investigations
Continue ami it will go hard witb
the miscreants if they be run to
The moving pictures at the Auditorium this week have been of exceptional interest, notably in the case
of the Panama Canal pictures, wbieh
aflordcd everyone an opportunity ol
string the actual work in progress,
ai.d of noting the tiiarVf.Ur us mechanical devices in use on this great
work. Another set- of pictures that
proved exceedingly funny were she
series "Kitty and the CoW Boys "
WANTED.—By competent woman
dailv employment. Apply Herald office. 18-lt#
I'M. Paterson returned last week
from a business    trip     to   Toronto,
held .June 6th: Itev. Father Felix
Beck, Belgian, Roman Catholic
priest; F. I). Mogro, Italian. It. J.
Weston, Swede, and It. M&ckcm,!
I'niled States citizen.
$26 REWARD will bc paid for
conviction of the party or parties I
who have removed the doors -mi
windows from the mill antl buildings,
tlu* property of the North star Lumber mill, on Hospital creek.        18-tl
Thc following Calgary despatch
should provide subject matter for the
investigation of thc local board of
trade: It is rumored here that an
American syndicate, including some
of tin* standard Oil shareholders, has
acquired several charters fur railway
lines in the west, including thc Alberta Pacific railway or the Dominion Western, as,it is now called. Tin*
engineers of thc company are saitl to
be arranging to-survey a line from
Calgary to Pinchcr Creek. This and a
tine tapping the mineral fields
of British Columbia are to
Ire butt this year. ritimat<ly the
line is to be extended across the international boundary to connect witli
some of the transcontlnent.il lines
FOR SALE AT ONCIv-Six roomed house and two lots, stable and
outbuilding; good location. Owner's
price. Apply to P. o. Box 452,
city. 17-tf
It is understood thai Prince Arthur
of Connaught is obtaining » special
army leave so as to visit Canada in
the autumn.       Hi- will likely return
business in the hi. citi.s {rooming.
Manufacturers arc all working overtime.     However, Ik* saw nothing   in
Hamilton    and    Montreal. He (mind I with Princess Patricia, who will
tt Sweden-     Her Itoyal Highness   Is
not likely tn visit London till     next
year, this postponement being In or-
the east  that   weakem^l bis aflcctiou I def tliat site may acoompauj her parlor Cranbrook ai.d he Is mighty glatljents on     their tour of the Dominion
to tn* back again in the old town.       I this coming summer and autumn   She
— ■ J will in* a    member of the vice regal
Mr.   T. U.    O'Connell, manager ol, party at the opening of the Winnipeg
Die Royal bank, will be leaving next
week on a vacation. He intends visiting Boston and other eastern
points. During his absence Mr.
Townsend, of Vancouver,, will be acting manager of thc local branch.
\\. E. ('line, chief despatcher in thc
C.P.R. offices, left yesterday lor the
coast on a holiday trip. Mr. ('line
will be away for several days. Ho
will return here (or a few days and
then leave for a tour of Mexico ar.d
the Southern States. Mr, CHnO contemplates taking up residence in Van-
louver after his vacation, ci-ga*-Jing in
the rral estate business.
exhibition    in   July.      and'
take part in the trip to the
Paul Nipoti, of the Nelson Steam
laundry yesterday took a step toward
making Nelson the automobile center
of the Kootenay when Ih* gave an order, to D. V. Mott, of Cranbrook, for
a (our cylinder, 20 horse power, five
passenger touring car, says the News
of that city. The machine Will be
equipped with two bodies so that it
can he used both for passenger purposes and as a delivery vehicle for
Mr. Nipou's business. Mr. Mott Is
Hrining a carload uf automobiles
which will In- delivered within l-mrl
weeks. I
Dr. C. J. Fagan, secretary ol   the  . j
provincial board of health states* that* Lost.—A butieh nf keys, containing]
ihe royal commission if which the post ofllce key No. 4112. Kinder
•doctor is a member, which is to . go please leafs at Herald office.       14 tf
The Shoes That
Your Feet Are Looking For
Shoes lhal combine comfort and durability
with style are shoes that we all arc looking for
You will find such shoes here Bring us your
shoe troubles and see how satisfactorily Ihey
will be adjusted, Remember we handle only
standard lines and our prices are right.
Shoes for Ladies
Blnok ami Tan Pumps, in plain
ainl  Colonial  styli p   witl il
tailored bows. A vnriet) of
styles al $3 50, $4.50, nil I $5 00
Black Suede, Brown Velvet'
Patent Colt, Volour, Box Calf
and (tun  Metal  Boots   in   the
newest shapes, willi high toes
and slmrt vamps. $3 00, 53.75.
$4.50 and $5.00
Shoes for
Men's Oxfords, with the
short fore-part and high
toes, in three or five eyelet
or button styles, in black
and tan. gun metal styles
uml Patent, $4.00, $4.50,
and          $5.00
Black   and   Tan   Velonr
Bluchers, with the  high,
broad toe, the latest and
most comfortable
last $5.00
Remember we have the largest selection of
Shoes in this district. We are sole agents for
the Slater, Regal. Twentieth Century Chippewa and Bell Shoes
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
Ogilvie's Royal Household Flour
is guaranteed to make more bread and better bread than any
other on the market.
Is used by his Majesty   Ring George and tbe   itoyal
981b. Sacks  $3.73
491b.   -      1.90
241b.   " 1.00
If you feel like Irying cheaper brands, try GLENORA,
nt $8.75 per cwt.. or IMPERIAL at $3.36 per c« t.
Guaranteed to In- lhe l»est of their kind.
Campbell ® Manning     ♦
i ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
10 Room Modern Residence   :
On Fenwick Avenue, Baker Hill
Two lots, nicely Improved, lawns, etc.. 2 story dwelling   1"
rooms; 6 bedrooms; water ami other accessories, bathroom,
etc.; telephone; electric  light; stone foundation; concrete   I
basement.   Heated throughout with hoi water.
Read the Herald, $2.00 Year THE   (JUAN BROOK   H Kll ALU
There is no greater comfort
than an evening with an
—the comfort of bright songs and music perfectly rendered; the comfort
of Amherol Records, playing four-and-one-half minutes instead of two;
the comfort of thc permanent sapphire reproducing point that does away
with constant needle-changing, and
the comfort of a subdued volume of
Edition Phonographs
$16.50 to
sound, that does not carry beyond
your own little family circle. The
wonderful, sensitive, wax cylinders,
tlie silent, long-running motor, the
long-playing Amherol Records, the
permanent sapphire reproducing
point, and the means of making
and reproducing your own records,
nre all exclusive Kdison Phonograph
features. Remember this when you
make your purchase.
Then arc K-iwm dealrn evirywliere.   (■" to tbe
ne.tm.1 ii nd In-ur tin* Kilifum riii>iioicr.t|>li piny Ixitlt
Kiii-mi M.inii.ini nml K.i.Miu Amberol Record*. Oct
complete cdUIOM frnm 1 nur <li*nli*r or from tin.
rvli-.nn Standard Hri-urd*. 40c. Kdlium Amberol
[(fiord", (piny twice uk Ionic), 65c. Kdisun (irand
ui™ r i Kccorus, SSc. to $2.S0.
100 Lakeaide Avenue
afilW- Orange, N.J, U.S. A.
A complete line of EdieoB Phw.i-r.phi and Records will Im found «t
Cr.tnbr.Mik Drug and Book Co. LtJ
Beattie-Wurphy Co. Limited
I    News of the District
iiu   Pred Roo).
I'd rallier Ijc a booster
With purpose goml and true
Than sll around a knocking
Now, really, wouldn't yon?
Dear readers, tin* next bin
in iln- history ol South Kast Koote
na)   -.-..ll be the big celebration,. Vic-ia
toria day, Maj  34lh, al  Klko,      thc
Im'sI    town in lhc   Pass.     I'd rather
in* etc., etc.
Knit play is good spin l anil unless
it's fnir Micro's nn sport in It. Laying hysteria itsiiii* nobody tun say
that .!. Bruce Ismay, ol tht* Merca
UU- Mm im* ami out* ui ilu* owne
tin- Ill-totcd Titanic is getting i
square deal.
Then* is    no evidence \et  to prnvi
Ihat Ismay   took a lifeboat aliead o
any ol the women and children.     No
prool Dial lie picked tho crew for tin*
lin.it he escaped In. There is no evidence that he was directing either the
course    or   the   speed of    the ship
Then* is no evidence   that he garbled
any   wireless messages to save     hi1
inn* that
stamp liin
inal.     In
(Special correspondence).
Mr. Skinner, ol the Western Canada
Wholesale Co., ol Kernic, was doing
business in Wanlner last Thursday,
i.| .mi .it Hull River iu the alternoon.
Mr. Levi     Kern left last Thursday
for Chase, B.C., where ho has secured
nl position.    Mrs. Fern will remain iu town for sonic time.
Mi. Wright, ol Toronto, calcd on
friends in U wn last week end.
Miss Hazel Luml returned homo
frnm Lho St. Eugene hospital last
Mrs.   s. W. Donaldson wenl to the
s n| hospital  at    Cranhrook last Kritlay.
.J sin* is sutTcring from felons on     her
'  bards.
!    Mis.    R,  |\  I'ierson   and son  Ken
netb were witb   friends in Cranbrook
last Thursdays
Mi It. K. Marklc was In CranUrook
last Sunday.
Tbe bin sawmill opened lot the sea
son's work tills week.
Tin- Wardner baseball team will
play the return game with Klko    at
l» fact there is no t-vid- Elko nexl Kritlay alternoon.
In* has done anything tn
as a coward i.r a erim-
all accidents of this kind
the public hunts tor a scape gaol and
.1. Bruce Ismay seems to be thc oili-
rial goal. The accident was most
uiiiiMi.il. It was a repetition ot thc
experience thai tlie tiling that can't
happen,dues happen. If the Soo-Spok-
anc KKer Jumped lho track between
Fernie and Klko and plunged into Klk
river and our old college chums Tom
Shauglmcssy and Boh Reading should "<n* idayctl good
happen lo be two of tin* survivors
would anybotl) ever dream of blam
nn them for the wreck''    it looks t
iln* show given by Miss Oraee Bonner, ii Spokane, under the auspices
of Ibc Ladies' club, in the Library
hall last Tuesday evening was a decided success. Everyone reports
tTiss Bonner ns being mi excellent on-
*i ilatnct.
A large    crowd   of spectators witnessed the baseball game on the local
ball grounds   last Sunday afternoon,
between     Klko   and   Wanlner.     The
game was called at 1.80,      The Klko
hall, supporting
their pitchers in grand style. Kor   a
' it  looked     as    though Wardncr
going lo have everything her own
as thai his principal oltenco seems to *»>*• •,l" '" ••■'' ■■>■ halt, the
In* lhal he is alive.
Mrs. Jim This*I.-beak who started
married life with American Beauty
Roses in every vase and a long write
up in the Cranbrook Herald, will bc
in Elko May 2-Uh,
Tbc ball game Sunday ai Wardner
between Elko ami Wardncr was won
by Wardner.
Weill good bye Mrs Casey, bo sure
ami call again when ymi can't slay
so long.
Dave Martin, or Coal ('reck, will be
one of tin* speakers at Elko's big
celebration May 24-th.
Mr. Smith, one of the directors nf
the Fort Steele Brewing Co., 0ingot
Beer avenue. Bock Iter Flats, final
Mountain, Fernie, was an Klko visitor last, weett) end.
Adam bad hia troubles, bul never
hod thc pleasure <■[ seeing a celebration In Klko.
Om* nf the new English settlers
down at Tobacco Plains calls his
dog "Aviator," because he is a skye
One of the big events at Elko's
celebration on May 2Ith, will be
Cow pasture Pool, called by the
Romans "goll."
Mr. Patterson, of ('nrnmngay
Itrrta, is bulVdtng a residence
Tbc Tobacco Plains country
the climate, tho water, the markets,
the resources, everything but tlte
people and they are coming In like
coons to a cakewalk.
If you want to meet some real
nice people come to Klko on May
Baby carriage for sale in good
ditimi; only USod it few months $8.00.
boys roused up ami they certainly
ditl some good playing. When the
game was ended the score Blood as
It. II.
Wardncr     1-0-0-3-1-2-1-0-X-8-U
Elko     (MM-ll-l-lt-l-ll-ll—l.— 8
"Our Personal  Advice
to all Skin Sufferers"
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.
We have heen in business in this
lown for some time, ami we are looking to build up trade by always advising out patrons right.
So when wo tell you that we have
found thc effective cozotna remedy,
you can depend upon it that we give
our advice, not in order to sell a few
bottles of medicine lo skin sufferers,
hut because we know how it will help
onr business if wo help our patrons.
We keep in stock and sell all the
well known skin remedies. But we
will say Lliis: It you arc suffering
from any kind of skin trouble, eczema, psoriasis, rash or tetter, wo
want you to try a full size bottle of
l».l).l). Prescription.
Again and again we have seen how
a few drops of this simple wash, applied to the skin, takes away the Itch
instantly. And the cures all seem
to be permanent.
I). 1). I). Prescription made hy the
1). I).I). Laboratories of Toronto is
composed of thymol, glycerine, oil of
wlntcrgreon and other healing, soothing, cooling Ingredients. And if you
nre just cruwy with itch, you will
feel soothed and cooled, tbe itch absolutely washed away the mnmenl
you apply this I). 1). D.
Wo have m;i le fast friends of mi ro
than one family by recommending Litis
romedy lo a skin sufferer here and
tbere and we want ynu to try it now.
protecting bis own Limber lauds
against forest I ires, be is, in n great
many cases, practically helpless, when
an extensive tin* is in a neighboring
forest land, lo protect his own
forest. Unless all parties Intcresta
in the timber covering it huge area,
such as the St. Maurice valley, work
iu unison in this matter, it will b
.seen that much of the money spin
Individually may be wasted, Whni the
work is dime by men representing an
association of ull the owners of timber, these men, realizing thc added
magnitude ol lilielr work and, its additional Importance cannot fail In
devote far greater and more effective
attention to their work.
Again, in times of danger, tin* dan
gel zone is frequently localized to a
greater extent. Under tho system
of separate forcsl lire protection
such a danger zone might have only
the men employed by the separate
company in which it Is located, to
li^ht or prevent fires. Many very
useful men would be scattered throu
ghoul the country instead of being
in lho one locality where the greatest
danger exists. Under tho cooperative system concentration would he
possible, and instead of a number o
men trying to prevent the advance of
a greal (ire Into their own partirula
limits, a much larger force would be
employed in obliterating the lire al
its source. No argument, in fact, is
necessary lo justify such a dovelop-
mi nt in the work id forest lire pro
lul ion. It must, appeal to all who
arc concerned in properties whicli may
be protected in this manner, and the
St. Maurice Valley Forest) Protective
association are to he sincerely con-,
gra-tulatod for having adopted so wise
a method of conserving their properties.
women too, who will rejoice al tho
facl thai al lho ago ot 2a u\
younger ihey discovered the true mad
t<> wealth, and had paid Into tbe
Government Annuities system thc
sum of WO, nr such oilier amounts as
they wero from time to time able
lo spare. It may be of further interest lo i ur young people to know
j ihat, according lo mortality experience tables, of L00, 230 male children
of live years of age 28,830 will live to
bo 7fi, or 1,500 more than 2fi pet cent
and tbal out of the same number nf
female children uf same age, 30,042,
or nearly one-third of the number,
will siill he living at 75. Should a
man therefore nol ask himself, whither am 1 drifting — lo an old ace ol
comfort and happiness, or lo the
poor house? lie should enquire at
once fm* Information iu regard lo
this splendid system ot saving, which
may be obtained at the post office or
on application to the Superintendent
of Annuities, Ottawa, to wlioui his
letter may be sent free nf charge.
Make* Short Work of
Deep*imt*td nnd apparently hopelesi cane* at
Sfiiitii-a, l.iimlmirn, ("nut. Ne urn I-Hit -nul nil oilier
fortna Ol Kheun.atiiN) yU Id ut oncfl t» Abbott llrun.
Rheumatic- Iti-meily.   Like nn angel <>t' mercy it
Imtt juvi'it. InMnnt relief lon)eei.-funciI;en aulTeren,
lifted thi'tn fiom IuhJh of agony nnd fer "s yean
him Iwen riirinK mm, women nnd children for
wham thcro teemed no help.  Just n few bottle*
have cured utser, of from :'H to H) yen™' ilumti. n
nml today it Manila imriv:il'e 1 ns n i.uiek, |afe unit
ibaolutefy reliable treatment fi>rnii uric nctd dii*
essi a, weak Itldneya, etc.  Let n dollar l»iu la of
Abbot). Broi. Rheumatic Remedy
cm! your ruins at one.—itnrt yonr cure today,
Kent prepaid hy Abbott Bro*.. 711 s DnrbornSt..
Chicago. II)., if your drungiat liofi rot have it*
Sold by the Cranbrook Drug an I
Hook Co.
The1 decision »>( Ute St. Mam ice
Valley Korea. Protective association
to adopt the system nt co-oporaUvo
patrol over the Mtnbot lands in which
its- members aro Interested, is a do-
vi'tnpincnt nf much Inlereal and Importance to ilu- lumber trade ot Cauatla, .says the Canada Lumberman.
The movement iu taVot of lotist pro-
tcoUon has math* rapid advance nf recent years. It hns boon lolten up
actively by tlte Dominion and provincial governments, autl in a tew eases
hy individual companies. It is a comparatively new thing to tind n number of companies in one locality taking an interest in a co-opcrativo
manner on this tpiestlon. and tt pre*
mises well for the future ot the limber resources of Canada that such a
step should b0 taken. Doubtless, the
successful operation of this plan t>y
the St, Maurice association will lead
lo ihe adoption of ,i simitar plan in
other important timber producing sections of the country. Not only will
the co-operative control ol the timber lands of tin* members of this
association resull in tbo cheapening!
of ibe cosl of fm* protection, but it
Is certain to result In greally incased efficiency of work. No mntter
Apply Herald ofllce.
17-tf how desirous nu Individual may Ih- ot
There is an old saying that any
fool ean make money, but that it
takes a wise man lo keep it. The
opinion of Rothschild, tho eminent
banker, however, was that it required a great deal of boldness and a
greal deal of caution to make a great
fortune, and thai when you got it
it required len times greater wit to
keep it. The last Idea was one
which lie frequently expressed, and is
one with the truth td which many {
others have been Impressed. There is
mi douhl we might with profit follow
the advice which the old Scotchman
gave to his son, Ihat it was not '
whal ho might make that wotdd
make him rich, hut what he might
save; but the majority of us "remain
spendthrifts still," and so long as
we do the poor house will not want
for occupants. j
Riches like many oilier things go
by mm pa i Wmi, ami some pc-role
would consider themselves rich in j
purse if they were sure Ihey would
have an income of S2ii.) or $3011 a
a year until thc end, while others
wilh as many thousands per annum
would regard themselves as poor. A,
man who was once In nllltient circumstances, hut who now, in hi
75lh year, is in absolute penury, hat
for a long lime been calling every
Saturday on a friend fur tho loan
of a dollar to help him out. On his
last call tlie friend who hud been Investigating the governmenl annuities
system, and who has since become a
purchaser, said to bim' "I suppose,
Blank, if ymi had $.100 a yenr ynn
would consider yourself a rich man!"
To which the old gentleman replied:
"If I had S2IMI a year I would think
myself ibe richest mnn in town."
Winn the friend explained to ibe old
gentleman that at bis ago he could,
had he lhe sum of $1,100, purchase al
governmenl annuity of iann, he real
i/ed bow small wns lhe aim tint j
which stood between him and comparative wealth, autl remarked, as he
spanned the years since bis youth,
"the dollars I have wastelully spent.'
would Ite warm friends to tne n0W."|
To show our young people how rapidly the purchasing power of money)
increases under the Government Annuities system where paymehts art1
begun at an party age, we might
point out that it at lhe age of 25
this mnn could have paid into a
scheme like the Government Annul-1
ties scheme but one payment of lifty I
($50), thut payment would have given
him from and after 75 an annuity for
life, payable ipinrterly, of $300.35.      I
Thcro are thousands of men in Canada today who think as this old
gentleman docs, and fifty years hence'
it is to he hoped that there will he'
hundreds uf thousands of men, and ol
It you cotno t
expect in u,
cured K othcr-i
lot ve failed exptet
mn tn eiir-* vmi.
I nl,--.- | know
tli-n I iun cure
il i
Hi I
i"."|il vnnr ium',
nnd in -v.t.v in-
Bttnro 1 trnit l-.v
mv ■■"!■ original
nd ran end   ntui
Hi-ie ll title mt -
Spermatorrhoea, Organic Weakness,
lost Vigor, Varicocele, Hydrocele, dm-
traded Disorder*, Specific Blood Poison.
Pilci <a4 Striclsrcs —restoring nil
affected organs tunormnl and healthy
action ill tin* hlm) leel possible fpacc
of time.
in nil ilie forma of Disease* of Men.
Consultation nnd Iiu tract I vo booklet tree
Itt littler nr hv Rinll.
To Whom It May Concern
Bluevalc, Ont., May 4. 1910—"I was
sick for two years with chronic bronchitis and a consequent run-down condition. I received no benefit rrom doctors or from a trip which I took for
my health, and 1 had to give up work.
Vinol wan recommended, and from Ibe
second bottle I commenced to Improve. I enl ned In weight and BtreiiKth.
my bronchial trouble disappeared, ami
I nm at work again.
It is the combined action of the
curative element* of tho rods' livers,
aided by tho blood-making nnd
strength-creating; properties of tonle
iron contained In Vlnol wbieh mnkes
It so successful In curing bronchitis.
Vlnol Is a constitutional remedy for
chronic coughs, colds, bronchitis and
pulmonary troubles—not a palliative
like cough syrups.
Try Vlnol. If you don't think It
helps you, we will return yonr money.
Crnnbrook Drug and Hook Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
Tha Lending Business College
of the Northwest
Whero young people ean receive
n thorough business training.
la hi BOSBton twelve months in
tlie year.
No entrance examinations.
Hoard and room nt very reason*
flble rules.
We sucuro positions for our
Om* new beautifully Illustrated
catalogue sent free upou request.
Write for it. NOW!
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
1st -5c Madison     -     SPOKANE
i     Builder and
♦      Contractor
J   Si'piir Tiinks nml Concrot
* Work p'lii'i-illv ii
♦ specialty. 1
t ♦
J kst'inalcs   Freely  Oivcn.',
I       -
| P.O. Box 346
| Cranbrook, B.C.
A. M. Can.Roc. 0. E.
Civil l:njjineer and Architect
Olllco ovor Cranbrook Drug nml Hook
Co'*, siore
Telcolioiio 38
p. o. iios a;
Dr. tie Van's Female Pills
A reliable Prench regutator;nevertalll. The..
p ill nro ■ u-Mdin-tlf p iwerlul la reflulstlga Me
Ir,;.-, .1, . i .nt i. I Ao femalelyitem. Refuse
sll cheap •    Or. ,1* Van'i ate Kid r.l
•:■ i ....!■■•: .1 Jin. M tilr.l t.i anv n.l-lnjSH.
i:. i Boobell Orttf Co,, nt. * atlmi h.<-«. "ut
For finio at  Boatlo, Murphy & Co.,
Oppoilto O.P.H. stiition
Headquarters tor nil kinds ot
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Shut' Specialist
Provenzano Bros.
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. 0. BOX 194 PMOMf 144
11 yuo want satisfaction witb
your washing send
it to
Rpeelat prieea for family work.
BiirwMortoP.T.P. I'KIIIIV
White Leghorns
HOUSE on BuiwellAvenue!;
PWe Itooms, Water and
Klectric l.itflit
Apply nt Olliee
P.  D   II I* NT
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on favorable terms.
Well known lor
| To keep lip  tlio alumina in tlio B
greatetl problem ol llio breeder. |
EtltlS MEAN PI10F1T &
Ej t/.'.5Hin>r 16; 17,00perBOi 112.00 |
m        per 100, (loo r«r 1,000,
m oitDEii sow
1 •
Cowtclian, V. I.        fi-tf g
Evory oare anil oomfort
A  homo from  home
Bpoolnl alioniioii in oases of
Maternity, Ittiouuinttsiii
ami I'nouinonla
Tonus meliorate
MKS. K. MINT, Hslmn.
Physicians and Surgeon*.
illflr. at lt».lil.ii'«,  Armstrong  i...
omoB nouns i
forenoons .... n nn to l<> oo
Altioiuioin - - - ami tn   4.00
KvniIiiks - - - - 7.80 to   8.S0
.-iuinlnys - - . . li.,111 to   t Sll
I1RANIIROOK II    II    ll    ll    B. O
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 84
A.E. & A. M.
llcRiihir meetings on
the   third   Thniailay
ot every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
D. J. McSweyn, W.M.
J. S, l'cck, Secretary.
Cranhrook, II. C.
Meet*   every   Tunmlay st 8 p.m. st
Krntornlly Hull.
t. (i. Jones, i'. 0,
,1. M. Boyos.K. ol It. N. S.
Vtaitlng brethren   corulully invluS
to stteud.
Meet* In    Krnterutly Hull Flirt in*
Third Fridays.
T. Eraser, K   ('
M. MacKinnon, M. It. nnd C.
Visiting sisters cordially  Invited,
I to 12 s.ni.
1 to   8 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
omcc in Hanson Block.
ORANBROOK        -      -      - B. C.
Oranbrook nml Fort Steelo
t    J. O. CUM MINGS
* T.I No. U.
Norbury Ave., ner.t to Citv  Hull
Hav I'lione 283
Nlghl l'hone 1150
B.  C.  land Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATEI
Fur family nflc there ia nothing
so wholo.onie ami so pure aa
V **
W. R. U.'atlr. Piin«iml Mnctor
Cfanbrook B. C
Phone iltli
Cranbrook Cottige Hospital
Terms on Apiilication,
Plione 2511 Matron.
P. O. Box 845   Armstrong Ave
H. E. HALL,  D. 0. S.
Crown anil llriilcju Work
a speeiulty.
nilice over F. Parks Hardware
Store, linker Street
PI e No. 200
Vim Home Slreet   (appollle   IV|iot)
Moots every Monday
j^ tiight at   New Frs-
ternlty   Hall.    So-
lournlng Oddfellows cordlallv Invited.
II. .1. Kendall. Vi. M. Harris,
N. O. See'y.
Meets first  anil     third Wcdno.sil.iys
in each montb,
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Ollicers July lst to December 31st.
C. l'.-H. Clayton.
Scrlbe-W. M. Harris.
No.  19.
Meets every second snd   fourth Wod-
nesdsy at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Heboknh*  cordially In-
Miss .Nellie Baker, N. (I.
Mrs. Anna Beattio,   Hoc. Sec.
Moots In Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday of ouch month at 8
p.m. .harp
Wm. Henderson, CR.
L, Pcarron, Sec, Box C18..
Visiting brethren made'welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall first ssd
third Thursday ol each month at
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs.  Lulu llarwnnl,  Rec. Sec.
IV. B. McFarlanc, Chief Hanger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Moots in Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
4th Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citizens.
N, A. Walllngcr,        W. 0. Crebhin,
I'res. See'y.
P. O. Box 425
Visiting members cordially v/clcom-
ii Presbyterian Church i:
Curries u foil utock of
Repairs lor above alwavn
In stock
i '
Sunday morning service st 11
Sunday   evening    service   st ^
7.30 o'clock ; J
Bible ''
Sunday      School   and
Class st 3 o'clock
Presbyterian   Guild,
at 8 o'clock
:: Baptist Church j|
Pastor, II. S. Speller.
Parsonage, Nol bin y Avenue.
'Phone, 281.      P. O. Bos 8(7.
Regular Service* —Sunder. II
a.m.     snd     7.80   pin.,    Ilible
', , School     with     Young   Ladle*'
i > Phllethea    slid     Young   Men'* ' '
Bible Class, 3 p.m.
Monday,   Young People*',    I
i , P-m.
7    Wednesday, Mid Work Meeting,
A cordial   Christian welcnmn
< > to all.
! i*********************
President i T. S. (Iiu,
Reeoetaryl w. Macoonai.o
For iiilorinnlton regarding laml* ,
> and   agriculture   apply    lo  the i
 ook. li.C.
' Secretary, Oranbrook,
Evory cecum! Wednesday
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosnhonol "ilotes every nerve In the body
,       ,.    slit Iti proper tensioni restores
vim uiti vilalily. rrematinedernvnniiiillnesiial
 ■ "verted at once.    rhoaphMol will
rMkttyon b new man. I'rlco in ■ bin. or twn lor
tt, Mn.l-'lt,. anvnddrM-.. Ih« HmImU Dr«f
•:o„ Nt. fftihftrlnM, Oat.
For Mia at Beattie-Murphy Co., Ul.
Dr. Mattel's Female Pills
Nineteen Years the Standard
I'ri'tjcriln'il nntl rocommontlcd fur wo-
nifii'n nihiitttitH, a fiolentlflCRlly |"*'-
luiroil ronifily of proven worth. The
mult from their ueo itt mu irk and |icr*
manetit.   For Rile at all ilmgalorei. THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
Tea and Coffee
Five O'clock Tea Sets
Chafing Dishes
Newest and Finest Line |
in Cranbrook X
Cranbrook B. C.        Phone 5 ♦
; *
<»♦*>♦♦♦♦♦*>♦*>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *4********************
T.     STEAD'S     NOTES,
I'lione 1 Seymour 11180
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS BROS,, Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VLOUVER      -      B. C.
Two hundred elegantly furnished rooms. Every modern
convenience. Elevator service. Cafe in connection. Boom's
$1.00 per day and upwards.
lather had heen Ben! to lie tor sis
inuiitlis as atonomeitt foi thu heinous
crime of defending the Erenoli revolution and criticising tlie conduct ol a
certain Bishou Watson, now lorttin-
. atity forgoiieu. Perhaps I lie sole
pennaneiil resull and olriel end ot this
ff. T. STEAD'S NOTES. IN Uishoji Watson's llio was lo eontii
liaYii- remotely and unintentionally to
tht production of thc hymn. Ile was u
not unimportant lirda m the chain ol
circumstances Ol whieh this hymn,
Of preuliar Interest at the present'with its far-reaching Influence, is hui
inonienl is thc historical note on the tho latest outcome. For Instance, il
hymn, "Nearer My Oi.l lo Thee," Mf- Flower—Mrs. Adams' maiden
whloh appears in a volume of "The j name was Flowor—had not been
Penny Poets." '1'liero aro probably moved to Indignation by the turpi-
hundreds, if not thousands, of old Wo of Hlshop Watson's poliiical
countrymen iu Canada who will re- conduct, he would never, even ii
member lhe   publication,  some years  I7UB, have been    fined £100 and seni
ng  ihe old country, of "The Pen- '" Newgate loi sis   months, ll     hi
nt   Poets" sorlos,      The volumes had   had    never hwn   sent    ti  gaol Mini
ii large sale    al ihe time and were a Kll'a douhl   would never Imvo    I	
feature of almost every bookstall.     | prompted to visit hlm there, and    s,
The editor of lhe series was    none, lay the foundation of nn acquaintance
was  tli
novel i
ripened min love an
01 tlmt niun In.■.• Mi
fruit,    it her pan
let, ut course she wi
. \tlatns
is Iiml
id never
iiniii   William  T. su*a<l, who
nn* down witli tin* Tit.iinr    St..
tin* scries  i*. entitled "Hymns
I lilt I* Helped," uud on H cover 	
me tin-   words  "CNjllcotod Ity \\. t. M'aVt' boon bom, and tins hymn
Mi\id " In the volume 180 liymiis areU*0W,t lmv,>   boon    written. The
ii*I Iiiei-it      with   historical    notes,   "lay   wc not say that the can Ha
"Nearer My God to Thee" is No. 70.1 tatn of om- of the must touching
Tins is the hymn which thc hand on| Minus ■" ,ll(' Christian hymnal was
the Titanic played as the vessel'some long-ago-forgotten political if-
s.mk, a piece i>f BUpreme inspiration 'nice perpolraled hy an Anglican
which has stirred the whole olvlllzodj W*bop, Here is thc hymn us Mrs.
woild. In the circumstances the J Adaius wrote it, untlnkcred hy Jeal-
Horalcl feels Justified in reproducing'M,s Trinitarians who feci bwtngoa of
is   it left Uu* editorial | conscience at the thought of deriving
Up-country visitors to the Terminal City will lind bv
convenience nnd comfort nt the Granville Palace, sjrt
attention,being paid to their wants.
No. 7n     jusl i 	
hand of William T. Stead.    It is    as
70—"Nearer My (".ml io Theo.'1
This is the favorite hymn of the
Prince of Wales (the late King Kdwanl). When I wrote round to
many well known people asking them
which hymn heljit il t'hem most I
ceived the following reply from the
Saiulriiigham, Norfolk,
Dec. 20, 1805.
Dear Mr. Stead:
The Prince of Wales desires me to
thank you for your letter, and to say
that he frilly appreciates the compliment you pay him when you ask War
to assist you in your proposed work
Mis Royal Highness would have gladly lent his aid if it had been in his
power, hut he feared that an opportunity for dtiing so will hardly t*
given him. He directs mo to mention that among serious hymns he
thir.ks there is none more touching
nor one that goes more truly to th
hear! than No. 7 on your list:
'•Nearer My God lo Thee.'*
Relieve mc, yours very truly,
Francis Knollys.
The selection is interesting on many
gruunds. "Nearer My Clint to Thee"
was written hy a woman, that woman a Unitarian, and that I'nitarian
th.* daughter of a coit|te who first
met In Newcate gad,    where       her,
spiritual    Ixiieiit   from   a Unitarian
Nearer, my (lod, to Thee,
Nearer to Thee!
E'en though ii lie a cross
That raiseth me,
Still all my song shall he,
Nearer, my God, to Theo—
Nearer to Thee!
Though, liko ihe wanderer,
Daylight all gone,
Darkness he over me,
My rest a stone;
Yet in my dreams I'd |m
Nearer, my God, lo The*'.—
Nearer to Thee!
There let the way appear
Steps unto heaven;
All thai  thou scud's! me
In mercy given;
Angels to beckon me
Nearer, my God. to Thee-•
Nearer to Thee!
Then with my waking thoughts
Rright with Thy praise,
Out of my stony griefs
lie thei I'll raise;
So by my woes to he
Nearer, my (KmI, to Thee.—
Nearer to Thee!
For Demanding the   Original
Remedy, Newbro's Herpicide
If you knew it, you would no', willingly accept counterfeit money. Instead, you would probably raise a
disturbance awl seek sonic means of
Why then accept a preps
to  he
felt, .
I'M as good as Newbro's llcr-
Vou kr.ow it is a counter-
Imitation of the real tbing.l
n i the original dandrufi des-
UerpicWo, and you tan gel
if you insist.
ts is always possible In such '
nstance. Tie- nwsl effective!
'I is to irade when* you gel I
v..u ask |Y
With the (lentil of the d.ii.diulT genu
the hair stops falling and is permitted in resume its natural growth
and lieauty. Such results fellow tlte
um* of Newhro's llerpieide. It stop-.
Itching of the scalp almost Instantly,
A counterfeit article is never "Just
as good." Herpicfdo is sold ar.d
guaranteed hy all druggists.
Applications mny he obtained at all
good barber shops and hair dressers.
Send 10c. iu postage for sample
and booklet on ihe care of the hair
to The llerpicide Co.. Dept. I.., De-
troll, Mich.
Ilealtie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Special
T should feel guilty not to own a
x Blue Serge Suit" he said, "when
I can get a guaranteed fadeless Fit-
Reform Serge for $18."
The 2 and 3 button .styles are just
different enough to be both smart
and good-looking.
Made with the new English
shoulders — and tailored throughout as Fit-Reform always tailors
every garment.
"How do you like it ?"
""THE tailors responsible for Fit-rite Clothes do not depend upon
*■ any one man's ideas for style inspiration. There is, however,
one Head Designer before whose critical eye every style must
pass before it can be incorporated in the Fit-rite line. On this
man's experience and sound judgment depends the style
superiority of Fit-rite. Pin your faith to his judgment. Or, if
you prefer, accept our guarantee that in Fit-rite lies your wise
selection for this season's garments.
Wh.lher jrov. srs rssd* to purr' a.e or nnt coma
ts our aloro awl mo thi. now Kit lite Gormen!*.
U 0,
Tl IE iirw Fit-rite Kyle
foncsM Boolckl ia
irmly l.r.ivi- you r
MUIM with in, nml -*•(
mif.    I hey ute free.
Or il on joyful wing
Cleaving the sky.
Sun, moon, and stars forgot,
t pward I fly;
Still, still, my song shall he,
Nearer, my Ood, to Thee.—
Nearer to Thee!
The hymn is as dear lo the pins it is to the prince. Bishop Marvio.
wandering homeless in Arkansas during thr war, and almost inclined tu
despair, found himself marvellously
cheered and reproved wben in thu
midst ■f the wilderness he overheard
a widowed old woman singing "Neat
er, my Ood, to Theo" In the midst of
a dilapidated log cabin. Her wretched
poverty was forgotten as she sang-
Another sUry of the American
civil war tells how a little drummer
hot. whose arm had lieen shot ofl at
thc battle of Kort Donaldson, died on
the battlefield singing with his last
treath "Nearer, My Clod, to Thee."
a short
' I wins
.lack Johnson's initiation as a
Freemason is net, after all, to Ik* accepted by the provincial grand lodge
in Forfarshire. Some tune ago
•lohnson was initialed as a member
of F. and K. Lodge, Dundee Now a
report on UM matter has Urn issued
by the grand lodge committee.
Tlie committir recommended "that
as the meeting at the lodge, at which
the initiation took plate was an illegal meeting, all the acts done at
lhal mivi'iik Im* null and void"
They -"i'l- ieeiinitiieiid.il that the
initiation of .lack Johnson he of no
enrol, and tbat thr lodge lie directed
to rrturn thc fees paid by bim.
Further, it is rccomRMPded that
the lodge be asked to show cause
why it should not bc suspended, ai.d
thr master and three of his past
masters similarly dealt with.
The report bas been before the
grand committee of the grand lodge
at Kriinhiirgh and approved of in
every particular, and the rccommend-
actlons ol the sub-commit u*c were
adopted unanimously.
Interest now centres in the disciplinary recommendations aflecting
tlw F. and K. lodge. A meeting of
thr members has been called to consider the report, and this part of It
Is likely to give rise to much dis.
Mission In Masonic circles.
Meantime Ibe grand lodge is much
perturbed over thc leakage tit information. It will be recalled that Johnson motored from Newcastle to at
tend the hurriedly - summoned    day-
lu llollhron,  South Africa
time ago I belt! was horn
replica of the famous Slami
the only dlffcrctnco luing t
These girls are joint d together by
a thick fleshy ligament which extends
from the breastbone to thc navel
There is only one navel for the two
The two faces nil bul touch each
otlier. Their heads move al times
in contrary ways, and the hands
ami arms also move quite independently of each other, as also tlte four
little let.?, aud feet, which are full    id
vigor. The two bodies appear to he
strong and healthy.
If ever they come to walk, one will
he seen walking forward anil her twin
sister backwards—they will always
In* looking Into each other's eyes.
The parents are cross-bred Busb-
men—a breed between tbo ('ape flush-
man and the Hottentot, small of
stature hut sturdily and symme'tical-
fy built.
Let us
Is at its best a hard proposition.
help you by sending our large
With an experienced operator
Call us up and have a talk about it
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Everything in Electrical Equipment
FOR SALE.—Eggs tor batching
from pure S, 0. W. Leghorns; heavy
laying strain. No. I pen, $1.50 per
dozen, $1.50 per inn. No. 2 pen.
$1.00 per dozen, $7.50 per 100. Apply S. .!. Harrison, Wardner, llritish
Columbia. H-8t
Property owners and tenants are
hereby notified that on May lst tb
police will inspect all yards and
premises in tbc city and those who
have not cleared away tbc rubbis
and debris will be liable for a penalty. It is imperative that all yards
le- in shape by May 1st.
ll-tl By Order.
Best Dentistry
Reasonable Prices
For the next :n I days I
will give ii ten percent,
discount on nil work if
you tiring thiB announcement.
1 Dr. L. S. Eastman 1
:i * I Zetfflet Block       f
S     N  K. ...iti.r III., r.i.lr nti.l lloa.ir.1    (fj
I      BPOKANE, WASH.      |
j. 6 •, • 9 * ....... • «
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
Di-iiliTs In
Fresh lind l'urt-1
Poultry. Game nml Fisli
in Si'iison.
oivb oa a tiiiai.
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
The Old P. Wood's
IlKht merlin*, at   whlrli hi* Initiation}©      	
«M«urM tktwajth. (#)B#e«»#4i;ii»ii4ii«)IDa>*
Held in Carmen'- Hall
| Conducted by Mrs. ft. K. RACKLYEFT
Certificated T**arher fom
London School Board
i ■ported       * - Brbtfosl mM  vnrkftn
tl   ...    -      - -■-•■■   K     | - -^-.icBJflJ.
I:- - :   .-  }'.'*■■■:       - ' ■ ■.'tif.
A. J. WOODWARD, Self Agent
61 - Gr*Bf*Uf St., Vmi mater. Abo Victoria
11 nun*:  lo t<. 12 a.m.; 'J tr, 4 p.m.
Nothing so Quickly Darken*
tlie brightness of life as the inability to sleep. It is generally
caused by exhausted naves.
The first step towards recovery
from this condition lies in rebuilding the worn out nerve fibres,
which can best be done with Lecithin, the form of phosphorus re-
juired for nerve repair.
fTHC     NE'-V     REMEDY     F O R|
Nervous Exhaustion
contains Lecithin (concentrate!
from   tli on snn ds of eggs)   and
makes possible tlii*. cure.
It feeds the nervo, fjtiicken-
the appetite, aids digestion, and
full nerve vitality U restored*
The beneficial effect! nre evident ami the ability to sleep returns almost with the first dose,
Um WT*r. 40 * n*- irnUMil fl**.
Ublaii. It■>••.. tlie laCOl ■K'-uti.
Drnggfats, Cranbrook, B, C
nil. *\ I.-.wrf-ne-'Co.. Sol-* Mfrs .lfontrta!
tt'tlw llunl for ft** tsrx-k ofi N«rvt'U«
*>    TIIK *
* *
«     Columbian     »
* •
* .- I t|iisrniitt>fil polity,   I: >l :..,
- sstlsfMtlon isgtwrantetsj Inavsry «,
rsspMl. Tin' -
I Nelson Iron Works*
^^^^^^^^ LIM IT tO
, llu" an evnr lnoraas!o| itocki
, Wiitr* I Iii'in lor imttictiUirt.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
a neFand
A modern equipped t ife at moderate
prli ei
RiiM $1.(»0 and op per day
Comer ol Howard vt. nr.**l Pront Axe.
Oar OUI nie-t" all train"
The Coeur D'Alene Company
ra 'i uai i -
JAB0B 00ETZ, President
HARRV P. BAli«. Secretary
K tf
New, Dry
Tamarac Wood
For Sale
Cut in lengihs lo suit.
Apply lo
R. S. McNeil
I'lH>NK  81.0
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rombi wiiii nntl,*.  'Phoneln
every rtioiii
B»rlH.r Mini, nn tl„- promlsoi.
TlinrntiKlilv iij.-tuiUt,,,
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
P. wki.i.s Proprlsl
- House Cleaning Time is Here
The daily drudgery of sweeping witli n corn broom witli its
clouds of dust and back-brenking
effort  will  prematurely age; any
woman,   The use of a
'   --■'-f! "iipr-iw      Wlll
weeper    will   conserve   youi
strength and by confining all
the germ-laden dust within llie
sweeper case, will aid iu pit
sen in,": the health of lhe entire family.
You can procure a high-grade Bissell
for £2.75 which will outlast Forty coin       ,AM',
brooms costing from 512.UO to £
Un fldemoriam
Nay, loll nu bells, loi* ilu* "Dead March in Saul"
Chant wc a paean—Sec, Pride conquers I'.iin. ,
Tin- clouds liavo broken: through our Titan's pall
Tin* Sim ni April lights our world again.
Death lias heen mocked, been mocked by mon of liritisli strain.
Aye, UloU host  slain, O sea, host slain once mole,
Wrenched with rude liamls Lhiiiu uttermost ol lull
Prom those who rule thine highways.  Kvpry shore
Is while with hones where'er thy breakers lull.
.Man thou   canst slay—thou canst m t lame man's soul.
Write on lliy rocks and lol thy surges croon
Vel  uin- more legend of the wandTinu folk
Whoso bit is in tin jaws; who crave nu | n
Save tu servo oUlors; whose ciidtiring yoko
Nut all thy storms or bergs or luries ever broke.
Mads* thou to hear our Nelson's voice again;
Mail's thou to learn whal danger meant  lo Drake;
Mail'st thou tu prove that bribes ..inl threats an* vain
When frum ihe bridge our merchant captain spake
Hi   word, "Dc British men," and tor lhal pr I name's sake.
For manhood's pride, foregoing life and love
Witb smiling lips, strong man and millionaire
Stood by lu look iheir last on skies above,
t'outenl thy gloomy depths and death tu dare,
An unknown woman's Mc, another's child lo spare*
"Noarei Mj Clod tu Tht.*" Right well ye llayed
Heroic bandsmen.   Never since her Mrtii
Have troubadours ot pipers less at raid
Led Britain's heroes with such selfless mirth
Through the grim gates of death, to heaven's dear rest Irom earth.
Oh British brothers, gallant sons ol Prance
And ye, mir cousins, whu in hours of need
Make great out prljhj ol kinship—cruel chance
Hm   whelmed out Titan, but confirmed our creed;
Man's soul survives supreme, death  only sows lhe seed.
OHve Itiillipps-Wolley,.
President V, and l\. Navy League.
sii stair Jameson (Br. Jim) has
retired Irom the leadership ol tin*
i ntonisl party in South Africa, and
is to take up bis residence in Kiig-
laml His health is primarily re-
suiivii.i.- [or this decision; but the
state "t South African politics doubt-
less had something lo do with it lo-
Ing reached He has been trying,
nut with much success, to play ihc
role uf moderator iu the emWttered
politics of the new confederation*
"One Whu Knows Him," writing in
the London Bally Mail, says:
"He tried to save South Africa
Irom party politics. He has never
been n polltlclen, lie is a statesman. He saw, with his statesmanlike grasp uf her difficulties, thai
South Africa utter Union needed a
period of quiet, growth, undisturbed
by lhe squabbles of partisans. He
tried ti  give her this quiet time.
"lie offered to serve In a coalition
ministry under General Botha. Tim
Butch iiectiicilalili-s would have no
coalition. "To the victors the
spoils" was their cry. Yet "The
Doctor*' was not ptyied or disheartened He is much too big a man
lor that, He gave Oeneial Roths
nil the   help he Could,    How      much
the premier owes lo hlm will not
be    known yet.       It   will be known
some day.
"Win-never it was necessary t
make ,* siaial, ns on the Lahguag
Question, he was resolute.       Bui be
took a witler view of the Situation
than is summed up In the cheap
phrase thai it is ihe tlutt of au opposition to Oppose. He hati no ret
Bonsl ambit ion whatever. Politics
could uller him nothing* 1* he had
fo'lowed his own Inclination he would
have given the whole business un.
He was never well, seldom Irtr   from
pain and lassitude, lie could only
keep liis place in the lighting line by
regularly visiting Carlsbad."
lie is succeeded in the leadership ot
the Unionist party hy Sir Thomas
Smart), an Irishman hy birth, win
has been prominent in Oapo politics
fur twenty years. Sir Thomas was
a member of tho imperial conference
in lirnv as a representative, wiih Sir
Starr Jameson, of Cape Colony, nud
took rather advanced ground on the'
question of the navy. He is a
hard hilling     and aggressive shaker;
anil tiis advent lo londcrsnlp is apt
io widen iin- differences between the
Unionist party, predominantly British, nnd the South African parly,
which is made up chiefly ol Boers and
On Momlay evening lasl the Methodist church was well filled with an
appreciative, audience, who enjoyed
om* of tlu* finest musical programmes
rendered ir. this city tor some time
pasl. The four, young ladies composing this quartette arc all highly
talented in their special lines. M.bs
Maud Buschlen, tho violinist, rendered a number of airs with a grate and
finish thai stamped her as ar. art is to
of exceptional   merit. Miss Nellie
Corbott, soprano, captured the house
With her delightful rendition uf several nirs. Miss Theresa Khcehaii,
elocutionist, also proved a charming
entertainer. Hot ImpotBonatioaa
were Bxceodlnjgly apt and intensely
amusing. Miss Mackay, the accompanist, proved herself to he a talented plnntsto.
Altogether tho concert proved entirely enjoyable and lhc Toronto
Ladies' Quartette will always bo
sure of a hearty welcome in Cran
brook whenever gi od foil une directs
lliem Ihis way amain.
That Macbela, Nature's Scalp Tonic
has a record tor growing hair—tla
cases out ot 100. H is the only remedy ever discovered that Is similar
to the natural hair foods or liquids
of the scalp. Removes dandruffs
Prevents falling hair. Each package
contains a packet of Maohela Dry
Shampoo Powder. Price for complete
home treatment, $1.0(1. Solfl and
guaranteed by thc Cranhrook Drug
and Book Co.
M.   s. Middlcton, provincial horticulturist,    was out at Baynes    Lake
last   week, locating a site for a   demonstration and    experimental farm.
selected a block of laml ou Colo-
I Dyne's rauchc, near Waldo.     Mi.
jdlelon informed the Herald    that
- original    intention of thc provin-
1 government to secure a five   acre
ck   from Mr. .los. Brault for       a
Ml   experimental   farm,    lias been
andoned, but lie expressed his   permit intention    of doing his utmost
< secure  such a farm for this    see-
on, in (act, he expressed t'he opinion
iai. several  such farms, hereabout?,
uiild he ot great practical value.
An Ottawa despatch says: That
there should he a Canadian-owned
Heel unit ou thc Pacific is thc determination of Premier McBride,
of British Columbia. It is learned
hue ihat Hon. Mr. McBride will
leave tur England shortly tu urge ou
lhc British government the adoption
of liis plan. He will reach Euglnnd
anil inert the naval authorities there
beforo Hon. Mr. lla/en gets there
lo take up wilh the admiralty the
problem of Canadian naval aid.
Hon. Mr. McBride not only wants a
fleet unit station on the Pacific coast,
but he wants yards established there
autl a number of the vessels built in
British Columbia, li is said that he
feels confident of admiralty support
for most of his project, as the British naval authorities have already expressed the opinion that Canada
could Itcst provide for her own defence aud aid in empire defence Iiy
placing a fleet unit consisting of a
Dreadnought with the proper complement of cruisers ami destroyers on
ilu- Pacific. This squadron would he
able iu time ot need to co-operate
wiih the Australian unit which will
In* afloat next year, and with thc
British unit, which is kept on the
Chinese coast.
Wlun Hon. Mi. Brodout consulted
lhe admiralty iwo years ago, this
was the plan most strongly urged Upon Canada. The Dominion authorities nt that time did not see their
way clear to undertake the manning
uf a Dreadnought, or the location of
ail Canada's naval force on the Pacific.
H is understood that today  the
minister of marine doubts his ability
to take a Ih-ct unit with two thousand men into British Columbia wat
ers, because wages afloat are a dollar
a day ami ashore men can get three
dollars a day. The Rainbow has had
trouble wilh desertions. Witb len 01
twelve vessels oti lhe Pad lie coast
ii is thought that the proper complement of men could nol he retained
wit hot) I iixing a stale of pay three
times as high as paid at (present tu
BCainen in any navy in Hie world.
However, Mr, McBride is going tu
urge his case Strongly al Loudon and
nt Ottawa ns well, ami believes he
has a goml chance ut having his Ideas
carried nut.
LaoroBse is to n sumo iis promtei
position with Crunvrook atheltes this
season. On Friday evening last a
large number of slick wlclders aud
lovers of the National gnuic, gathered
,,!, iin* Hotel Cranhrook to formulate
plans for Uie coming season.
Officers Were elected as follows:
Piesidcnl-R. E. Beattle.
1st   Vice-Presideiil--.l. II, Doylo.
Slid Vice~PresiilenL-(i. K. Steven
Secretary—It. S, Garrett
Treasurer—-las. Brechin.
Executive Committee — D. J. McSweyn, B. Scotl, S. Morris, \\.
Greaves ami J. Haas.
Captain—W. Mathews.
Practices will he held overy Monday, Tuesday ami Thursday evenings,
buck of the government building.
The membership fee is placed,at $1.
Colors: Blue and white.
The intentioni Is to work up a
league, . including Spokane, Nelso.i,
Rossland, Kern.o, Lethbridge, Mcdl
cine Hat, PtiiChcr and Frank,  Alta.
There is plenty of good material in
Cranhrook to,make Up a really strong
team. The old players like Stevenson, McSweyn and B. Scotl, will be
on hand, willing to help along the
coming champions.
If at all possible a match will be
arranged for Vicloria day with Nelson, or possibly, Spokane.
Whilst for the past season or two
there has been little thing locally In
the way nf lacrosse, from now on it
is the firm intention of local lovers
of thc national game to keep it in
the forefront of athletic attractions,
and every citizen will wish them the
utmost succtss and will bo prepared
to co-operate in securing this end.
Conveniences for
the Camp
MOST people, when they go camping, spend
about   one-half   their   time   making  stools'
tables  and  beds,  and   after   their  work  is
finished little of value has been accomplished.    By
taking your
Chairs, Tables and Beds
with you, much trouble can be avoided. No. Ihey
don't weigh too much. Just come and examine our
FOLDING FURNITURE, and we think you will
be convinced the weight problem will not worry you
much.   You should take along one of our
Silk Tents, Mosquito Nets
and Sleeping Robes
and have perfect rest, peace and happiness. See our
west window lor the latest Camping Conveniences.
The city amateur baseball league
wifi bo composed of five teams according to the plans of tlio members
at the meeting on last Friday night,
at lhe Y.M.CA. At this meeting
lhe following permanent officers wcr
elect til:
Honorary President—I. P. Fink.
Presideiit-W.  II. Wilson.
Yico-Prcsideiit—Frank Murphy.
Secretary - Treasurer — .1. H.
Men have been at work during tin-
week un the diamond south of the
government 'b-nilding and the first
game of the season will he played on
nexl Wednesday evening. This will he
followed by a game on Friday night
and games will in* played on those
two nights every week until the last
week in August. It is planned to
make a special occasion ol holidays
and play double headers on those
days. The teams which will start
in ihe league arc thc Y.M.CA.,
Men's Club, Cubs, Commercials and
C.P.R. The games during May will
only he exhibition games ami will
not count in the standing of tho
league. II one team proves too
weak il may U> dropped on .lime 1st
ami a four team league with a new
schedule arranged then.
Captains ol City League tennis
have, so far, been selected as follows:
Commercials—Mr, A damson.
Young Men's Club—H. C Robinson.
cuhs-sid Elmer.
Y.MS \-.f.   11.  Jones.
CPU.-Harry  Dathlo.
The Cubs elected officers as * follows:
Manager-",1. A. Rollins.
Secretary-Treasurer — (ieo. \v
Cnptn In—Lloyd Crowe,
Second Floor
Second Floor
Mrs. Josephine Qalloway, beloved
wife of Andrew Qall-OWay, and
mother ol Mrs. Fred ff. Wells, of
(hi; city, died on Tuesday, aged Til.
The funeral took place this afternoon
ne 2.30 o'clock from the Methodist
church, F. M, Macpberson having
charge of the arrangements.
I, Carl Newton Corwln, hereby
make application to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at tbo S.W. comer of
P. It. 1278, thenco north 10 chains,
thence west 111 chains, thence south
•iti ehains, thence east 10 chains to
point of commencement, containing
160 acres, more or less.
Carl Newton Corwln.
Dated March 23rd, 1012. 17-»t*
The local Tennis   cluh is preparing
for lho coming    season.     The t ris
an- ii. order and lhe oilicers ol the
cluh will be pleased to have members
play al> any time from now on. A
general meeting of the club will be
called shortly [0r re-orgnni/alton
purposes and to consider thu question of securing new grounds.
Under instructions received from
the Executor ot the estate ot William
(I. Walsh, deceased, tliere will ho offered for sale in separate parcels hy
public auction, by Mr. F. R. Morris,
Auctioneer, at tho premises mentioned below, on the llth day of May,
\,H. 1912, at the hour of two t,2)
o'clock in the alternoon, thc following property, viz:
il). Lot seventeen (17) in blockI. >
thirty-one (31) on Dewor Ave, in thc j |
City of Cranhrook, according to re-1 < ►
gislered plan OGflH. ' '
On this property is erected   a   two-
storey   frame   house, containing live,
and two (2) clothe
We have still some good snaps in this property. These are going fast, and we advise
you  to partake in this one great opportunity.
Vim Home Street.        Phone Hill
;P-  BURNS & CO., LTD.!
Cranlirook, B. C,
All Our Meats arc Government
Head Olfice. CALGARY, ALTA.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
; Clos-I
is, will, a    wood-tod adjoining Ml- *************************************
in ii and water connection in kitchen. < '
On   Saturday evening last nt     Ihr
home of     tin* bride's   brother,    Mr. j
('has. Shepherd,   Mr. Thomas Walker,
nnd     Miss    Lucy Caroline Reynolds
were nulled iu    marriage by Hev. (>, I
B, Kendall.      Whilst  tho    ceremony'
was purely private there were several '
relatives and friends present and   the
niul the newly married couple    were
the recipients of a large number  rf
handsome  presents.     Mrf and    Mrs.
Walkei will reside in this city. '
VI)- Lot eighteen (IR) In block 31!] \
ni) on Downr Ave, in the City ol i i
('ranbrook,   according  to  registered \[
plan 0001). It i
This is a corner lot and contains  a J J
two storey   frame house   with sew | < >
(7) looms and (our (I) (lollies closets ' '
ami woodshed adjoining kitchi-u, wat- <,
er connect ion in kitchen. There is <>
also siluate on this lot, at tho < ,
real a frame shed and small shock!* i
which rent readily. !
Ct). l.ot thirty-one (31) in block
tlilrly-ono (31) on French Ave. in
the City of Cranbrook, according to
registered plan 6G0B, |
du this property Ihere is n small
frame house containing four rooms
ami having water connection, I
Terms of sale: A deposit of 10 per
Cent lo be paid in cash nt the time ol
sale and the balance within thirty
(30) days thereafter. Payment of balance however may be arranged ny
way of Iran with thc undersigned,     i
The property will he sold subject to'
reserve bids.
Kor further particulars, elc., apply
Messrs. I larvey,   McCarter and   Macdonald,
Imperial Hnnk Building,
Cranhrook, B.C,
Haled this 21th day ol April, A.D.
1912. 17-3t
Have Hiill on Imml (ur Spring riHiitititi
Wegener Northern 5py Wealthy
Jonathan ndntoth Ked Wlnesap
Snows Uravenstein King David
Rome Beauty Ked Cheeked Pippin
Plums, Pears and Peache*.
K.inlili.lii'il in liKXi.   li'i Acre*
Local Agent
Game Heads
Birds and Animals
P. O. Box 396 Cranbrook, B. C.
Where to go for First Class Job Work


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