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Cranbrook Herald May 4, 1916

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THURSDAY, MAY 4th, 1910.
Four IIiiihIihI Children MiirHi Out of Untitling In Less Thnn
10 Seconds—An IntoresUiig   Visit to tlio
I'rnnhrook Central School.
figure in the regular school curriculum have much to do fn keeping up
the child's Interest and enthusiasm lu
school work, and Is a big improvement ou the (dd plan of keeping the
child steadily at the desk during the
entire school period. A visit was
paid to each room where the children
were nt work, a glance taken at their
exercise books, specimens of drawing
nnd art work, etc. ln one room a
mathematical contost on the order of
the old spelling match was In progress, lu another room the class were
busy at their writing exercises, and
nay in a km lire unii mic eulire
was emptied in a trifle less
forty seconds trom the first sound nf
the fire bell, tiie four hundred children passing rapidly out iu perfect order without 11 single Illicit o- *•■■'
" -'-■    - ■' -a (*rHt
11 ■ * I        H IIIIOIII       II      Mill' 11'      lllll'll
slightest COllfllSlon.    At tlie fir
of the alarm Ihose appointed
1,11 Stint a   .,     l.llll 1.    ,1*1.1     . I     l"aa II
foi' Hull
IV    tl III I III     111 UPU     , I I1 I 'I 'I II M   11      11,1       \
purpose jump and run at full speed
 ■ ■"islthins, some to Ih
d lo
their appointed   pOSluiHin,     mur   m   mic
colls  of hose, others to the foot of
Gallclan, Unable to Get Money lo wife
aud Chlldreu In (indicia.
tines Insane.
John I'lasko. a Gallclan, is now confined iu the county goal as a result
of a recent attempt to Kill himself, it
seems that I'lasko has a wife und
three children In Qaltcla, and lias been
unable to hear from them or get
money to them for their support, and
las a result of worrying over tlieir
1 fate became so despondent that lie
threw himself In front of a railway
train tli
' kill himself, The train wns stopped in
time but when au effort wus made to
; removo I'lasko from danger he clung
j to tbe rails and did his best to resist
i liis rescuer's efforts. He was finally
j removed to the county goal where he
■ is being looked after. His mind hus
been affected by his worries until lie
Is now insane, though it Is thought he
will recover with proper attention.
of Men Imported from Seattle to Plug for  Liberal  Candidate In
Vancouver Hye-Eleclhrn   Thousands af Dollars Spent
te "llawn Tisdale."
(Speciul to The llerald)
Emptied of 400 pupils in 40 seconds in fire drill.
the stairs, and other.-! at every corner,
to assist any child wbo may trip or
fall coming dowu stairs or turning
corners. The precision and steadiness
of the children was remarkable and
the rupidlty with which the school was
completely emptied was a revelation
to tbe severnl visitors present.
Tbe Cranbrook Central School is a
modern school building In every particular, with particularly fine wide
hallways, built of red brick, and bas
a fine exterior appearance ns well.
There are ten school rooms, one ot
which is now used for high school
purposes, and the average attendance
is about four hundred pupils. In connection there Is a separate mnnnnl
training building, well equipped with
tools and supplies.
The visitors on Tuesday, who included Mr. II. M. Cowan, Secretary of
tbe Ry. Y. M. C, A.. Uev. W. K. Thompson of Knox Church, and Mr. T. H.
Kay. editor of Tlie Herald, were much
impressed with tbe improvements In
the methods of teaching as exemplified
In the Cranbrook school compared
with the methods in tlieir school days.
The manual training, domestic science.
drawing, garden work, etc , which now
so ou. Mr. Shields, the principal, had
his class take up a lesson In Canadian
history for the benefit of the visitors,
and the class also demonstrated some
: really astonishing mental arithmetic,
which to tell tbe truth would have perplexed any one of the visiting gcntlc-
j men hud -they been asked for a prompt
answer, but tbe pupils seemed ready j
as soon as the lust word was out of
Mr. Shield's mouth. Mr. Shields Is
right at home in his chosen avocation,
'and his enthusiasm and energy is hav-
; Ing u favorable effect on the pupils.
■ Instead of marching into school
nelter-Bkelter, any old way, the pupils
'. are now all assembled outside and nt
j a given signal march in to the music
i of the piano und drum, the girls
through the side door, tbe boys
through the rear door. Each room
has Its captains, and as the lines
reach the class doors the captain falls
nut and gives the word "single file"
and the pupils mnrch Into the room
and to their seals in perfeet order. A
visit to tlie school is full of interest,
nnd many parents who know nothing
of tbe present-day school methods
would be well repaid for a visit to the
loonl school. .
Victoria, II.C. May ,trd,—Fresh wit-  fled that they were told, vote for Mac-
ither day In an endeavor to nesses brought before tbe Vancouver donald and tlmt tliey marked tlieir bal-
electlon  frauds investigation commit-  lots for him in return tor whicli thev
tee from Seattle confirm the story re- got ten  dollars each and  their ex-
talled by these who guve testimony at penses.
the outset of enquiry regarding cor- It Is not known yet just how manv
ruption practiced In behalf of the Ub- came over but tlie total will probably
eral candidate, M. A. Macdonald. run Into hundreds. One witness declar-
There have been five witnesses heard ed that he wus told by one of the gang
to date, J. J. Kelly, harry Madden, captains in Seattle thut thousands of
Peter Stewart, W. H. Waller nnd J. L, dollars waa spent In that city to get
Iteddlck. One man Is u cook, another men to come to Vancouver und "down !
a timber cruiser, two are long shore- Tisdale."
men and the fifth a laborer. j    Mr. H. C. Brewser, opposition leader,
They came over to Vancouver for spoke In the house this afternoon on
the February bye-election ln different the Workmen's Compensation BUI. He
gangs of twelve, by boat and train,! said the measure wus on the whole n
und rode to polls In autos decorated, very good one and would remedy de-!
with blue baby ribbon. They were ' plorable conditions In labor circles,
kept at various lodging bouses by cap- He accused tbe Government of having j
tains of eacli gang working under the taken tbe bill as a plank from the!
supervision of Jack White and his ] Liberal platform.
chief lleutannnt, Monty White.   Some      The New Shipping Bill was Intro-j
of tlie gangs voted eight or ten times, duced this afternoon.   It provides for
some kicked at three or four.   Soin-j 'a commission to tend up to two million
men voted once on tickets given them   dollars on  ships  to bc built in  tbe
and then "stalled" the next trip to  province, on  six  per cent  interest, ]
polling booths.   Witnesses bave so far the basis of loans to be up to fifty-five
given clear stories with details, which  per cent of cost of ships.   Thero are j
upon checking have proved accurate, the usual while labor nnd fair wage:
They have been able to describe places clauses.   Ships arc to tie of D. C. mat-1
tliey visited In Vancouver and how thu erlal nnd to ply to H. C. ports. Com-;
voting was curried out. Their evidence mission may give guarantees of bonds
now tends to implicate a man named j instead of actual loans if ship building
Clancy, saloon keeper and ward bos-, ( companies prefer, at six per cent, and
of Seattle, who it would appear was j up to  fifty-live  per cent of vessel's
Instrumental   in   arranging   for   the   cost as In case of loans.   An operating
shipping out of Seattle plugging gangs , subsidy for ten years Is provided, to be
used for Liberals in Vancouver. ; at five dollars per ton per year dead |
Witnesses will be brought from Van- weight capacity of boats. Sudsldy
couver to-morrow to show that Seattle starts one year after peace Is declared
men's stories of what they did In ter |and Is only on vessels built in B.C. No
mlnal city are correct. Later an ef-1 subsidy will be paid In event of a
fort will be made to unearth the "high- Dominion subsidy or In any years In |
er-ups" who were In cnarge of elec-. which vessels make fifteen percent of
tlon frauds.   All thc witnesses testl- their cost.
Lieut. A. J. Braltbwaite, was in the
city this week on the wny to visit his
brother, J. E. Braithwalte of Wycliffe.
Lieut. Braithwalte Is a returned veteran. He left Vancouver on the 22nd
of August, 1914, with the Tth Buttullon
and was In tiie battles of Ypres, Neuve
Chappelle, and Orchard Ridge at Fes-
tubert. He was gassed ut Ypres but
stuck to his post through tlie other
actions until ids lungs became badly
affected as a result of tlie gassing. He
was sent home aud as soon as he had
recovered sufficiently volunteered u-
galn for Borvioe, and was given a lieutenant's commission in the 281st Battalion, thu new Kiltie Regiment now
being formed at Vancouver.
"Florodora" was presented by F.
Stuart Whyte's company at the Auditorium Tuesduy night to a crowded
house. The play was somewhat abbreviated but the catchy choruses
were all there and were well rendered
by the t'ompany. The costumes were
vory pretty and the voices good, but
there is a little too much sameness to
the comedian's style. Miss Ethel
Hendron rendered a couple of very
pleasing violin selections.
Y. M. i
IN. J.
Extensive improvements ure being
made to tbe Hy. Y. M. C. A. grounds.
Tbe ground In front of the building
has been plowed up out to the street
line and tbe stones carted away, the
lane on Baker street side of the building Is nlso being plowed up and will
be seeded down, the fence will be extended along Baker street and In front
of the building, and the trees and flower garden extended in the same direction. Forty additional trees have been
received and will be planted around
the grounds, and when all the alterations are completed the grounds wlll*
hnve a much smarter nnd better appearance.
"Muny people in British Columbia
know only one side of Bowser's character. So much has been said and
written of Ills sireiigtli of will, his Intellectual ability ami his zeal for the
policies and principles of tlie Conservative party, that people hnve loBt
slain uf other phase ol Ills character,
which, as wi* all know, have enabled
him to rise to the occasion as premier
ut a lime when unusual difficulties
bad to be faced and overcome. Not a
few people lu the province a month or
two ago seemed t" regard Bowser as u
kind or ogre who didn't feel that he
had had :i good brookfaal unlets two
or three QrIti had formed part of the
bill or fare. Tiny looked on hlm as a
political (Ire-eater with nn imperious
wlll to compier who nev ir listened to I
advice nor considered any opinion ex j
cept his own.
"Many of ns loot night of tbe real
Bowser, the huinaii Bowser, the Bowser of warm friendship, tlie man of
sincere consideration for the views of
others, the Bowser of sterling loyally
to bis ideals nnd to the public whom
he serves. We admired his clearnes,-.
of vision In public :<ll';ifrs, the strength
of his character and his passion for
efficiency, but we gave Uttle thought
to the qualities whicli nre making him
a real leader of the purty,*'
He Is Making Good,
The npeaker was a member of the
legislature from the interior, wiio a
year ago did not look upon Hon. W. J.
Bowser with very much ficvor as prospective: bead of tho government and
lender of tbe Conservative party lu
British Columbia. He was taking part
In it discussion of political matters lu
one of tbt lobbies of the parliament
buildings.   Thn talk iiaturully vowed
round to the manner in which Mr.
Bowser  has  risen to the occasion as
premier, ll is a subject which is frequently discussed In Victoria just now.
"Bowoer Is making good/1 observed
some one.
"You bet he Is making good. Berhaps I knew him better than some of
you. but I contest*) I have been surprised at the success he has achieved
as prime minister," replied llie member from tin* lower mainland. "I never did put much faith in that flre-
eatlug, willing to conquer theory of
the ruling phase of his character, hut
the qualities which r.re making hlm
an able lender have come to the mr-
face more rapidly than I had looked
for, Perhaps If the situation he Imd
lo race had been less difficult It would
hnve taken longer to bring out the
qualities which are making him a
successful premier."
Complex Dlfllcnlllc* Fared Hlm.
"Tlie fact that when he became premier a large percentage of thc people
of the province were suffering from
the effects of the collapse of a boom,
thut they were sOre nnd Inclined to
throw a brick at any bend tbat appeared, tlie extension of the strlng-
; ency resulting from tho wnr nnd tho
other complexities lu tlie situation—
not tlie (east of which was tbe fact
that be had to follow a man so unl-
j versally popular aH Sir Richard—
wornl have spelled failure for any but
a big man. Bowser has proved big
enough and broad enough, and he's
getting stronger every day.    WV> are
: backing a winner In Bowser."
I The lower mainland legislator summed up the general sentiment of tho
members and others who closely nb-
| sorve tho trend of events ut tho par-
There was a large and well pleased
audience at the concert given in Kr.cx
Presbyterian church last Thursday by
the Welsh Choir. The volume of tone
this choir produces is astounding, and
their handling Of Handel's "Hallelujah
Chorus" was a pleasing surprise to
many of the audience. The choir Is
composed of well-trained voices, nll
Capable of solo work, nnd the program
alternated between the roll choir, und
solo, duet and quartet numbers.
The second concert by the Cranbrook Symphony Orchestra will be
given in tlie Auditorium Theatre on
Tuesduy. May Iflth, next. The concert on ttila occasion Is of a much
different character thnn the former,
and Is one which should appeal to a't.
being made I'P largely of popular vo *.il
and Instrumental numbers, The musical nuniO'T-: contain typical selections
from the Irllh, Scotch nnd Kngllu
popular anisic, nnd such well-known
tunes us "Bory O'Moore, the Irls.i
Washerwoman, The Wee MacOregor,
A Llfo on the Ocenu Wave, Hearts of
Oak, are Included in the medlles. An
other pleasing feature will be the solo
parts taken by the vnrlous Instruments.
The officers nnd men of the local
company of the 225th Battalion have
been Invited ns guests of honor.
llatnetit buildings.
(Continued on I'ago 2)
Victoria, R. C .May M- -Thnt II Is
the lufentlon of lhe government to extend free assays lo prosper lors, to
send engineers into mineral regions to
The following non-com. appointments for B. Company of the 225th
appear among tlie orders this week:
D. W. Coley, Co. Sergt-Major; W.
Brown and E. O. Smith, Sergeants;
V. Llddlcoat, A. L. tiriffltbs, A. A.
Coulson and W. W. Attwood, Corporis.
Ten men and two officers went   to
Many Matters of Interest Taken up at
Regular   Meeting — Html
Mil*.!"*I Program,
Tbe regular monthly meeting of the
Women's Institute wus held in the
Muple Hall on Tuesduy afternoon |
when Mrs. W. B. McFarlane presided
over a large audience, upwards of
sixty members being present.
Proceedings commenced with    the
Kimberley on Wednesday to secure singing of the Maple Leaf, accompan-
recrults. They were taken out by ; ie(i by Mrs. Ryekman, and after tho
Messrs. Gill, Patterson and Bowness (U8Uai   business and  correspondence
on behalf of the Automobile Association. They got In touch with a number of promising prospects and expect to get them signed on later.
Lt. Col. Mai-Kay und Capt. Mallan
was conducted by the noting secretary,
Mrs. Sarvis, a most Interesting program was rendered; the musical por
tlon being kindly arranged by Mrs.
Arnold Wallinger, to whom the best
Tbe Women's Missionary Society or
Knox Presbyterian Church held a bo-
oblaln aceurate and up to date Infer-1 clal evening nt the home of MrH. A
dalne visited Cranbrook this week and thanks of tbe Institute are due. Every
inspected thc men at drill. Col. Mac- '■ item waB heartily applauded, the la- {
Kay expressed his pleasure at the pro- dies graciously responding with a
gress the men are making. further contribution. The program was
Capt. Barnes, Adjutant, has present- as follows—Mrs. Ryekman, The Maple ]
ed B. Company with a set of boxing  Leaf- and *)lano 8ol°:   M|ss  Roberts,
gloves. song, (a) My Own True Love, (b) The
Bairn. Quartermaster Smith, of Fer- NfeMlngale Bong! Mrs. Ryekman and
nie, was In the eity Tuesday Inspecting Mr8' MaI,n"* "uet| God S»vo t,,e
the stores of the local company and      ng', ,
found everything In appleple order.    I    \ ,ctter of  acknowledgement   was
Co. Sergt.-Major Coley has been oft J*_"" "Ie ""'"^ (,f tl,c I0DB-
duty for the lust week on account of;thankln* l,'c Infititlltc* ln th(! warme8t
sickness > terms for the proceeds of the patriotic
,   , , .     A shower In April donated for the Red
The local signal section is now hard , CroM DUrpoaeH    MrH , R R.      at_
at work and Is becoming quite ex- tended on be|m,f of the ,0DB    of
pert.   Corp. Atwood is In charge. wh|ch Hne ,B Reg(l|lt nnd flftpr grQtfi.
A large box of cigarettes, enough to fully acknowledging the splendid ef-
supply a package to each man, was (orts of the Institute mombers gave
presented to the local company this ^ gome excellent advice with regard to
week by Messrs. E. H. McPhee, Edgar | the various bandages, etc.. required
Davis, Jas. Ixigan, W. Kelly, A. K. Iby the Red Cross Headquarters. She
McNeil, Sam Fyles and J. W. Walby, showed bow absolutely essential It
on behalf of the Overseas Club. waH to have a uniformity of size to fac-
An armed guard Is now on duty nt filiate parking besides providing what
tbe barracks all thc time. Is actually required by the medical
The orderly room has been decorat- department, and expressed her willed by the use of several large Union lngness to supply any details of exact
Jacks hung on the walls. measurements, cutting nnd muklng of
Tho following are the new recruits; articles, having on band patterns and
three of whom nre loeM men: directions from headquarters.   Socks,
Fred Maybury, single, cook, English, being so constantly needed, u motion
John Leask, married, tailor, Knglish.   was made that 18 lbs. nf wool be pur-
Chas. F. Thrift, single, lumberman, chased for this purpose nnd memhers
English. wishing to knit ran procure the yarn
John   Hayes,   single,   lumberman, from Mrs. Tisdale, Armstrong Ave.
American. The feature of thte afternoon was an
Col. Ritchie wns expected on 513 excellent eBBay composed by Mrs. H. H.
Thursday, and it Is believed tbat his McClure of Wycliffe, entitled, "A Moth-
coming Is In connection with tbe mob- er's Duty to Herself." This very mer-
llizatton of the 226th at Cranbrook.       itorlous article wlll be printed in full
Tbe Indies of the I.O.D K. are eater- In a subsequent issue. It reflects the
talnlng thc soldiers at tbe Parish Hall greatest credit on the care and thought
this evening. as applied by the pen of Mrs. McClure
  . who Is an Ideal essayist on subjects
pertaining to motherhood.
Subjects for discussion nt the September convention were Invited by the
mathm of the mineral resources of B.
('., these engineers to give free advice
to prospectors and to take up the
question of providing assistance to
claim owner* In preliminary development work, wai* aunoiinred hy Hon*
Lorne Campbell, MlnNter of Mines, to*
The aid to extent ef two free assays
for each assessment record becomes
effective at oure.
• n .      m      *,    a .i... i- ». -  ' District Advisorv Board and nt tlie
J. Balment on Monday evening in hon- t „    ' ,
...      ,   _      mtii    ..i-_ t      Instance of Mrs. McFarlane It was de-
or of Mrs. A. Grant who is leaving to-    ... . .    . »«■*.,
,    *.i..      .mi *    *   —     cided to emphasize a movement for the
day for Hlllerest.   The evening's pro- ... r**m
, . ,    ,        .     „j _     „    betterment of lnws for the women and
gram consisted or music and a con-'  .... . ..     _     , , _ u. ,
.   .  .   .i    . mm     ..     nr  n M* -j_- i children  of the  Province of Brit Ish
test, In tho latter Mrs. W. E. Worden '
captured tho prize.   On behalf of the U0IUmD,B'          	
Society, Mrs. J. F. Smith presented
Mrs. (irant witli a beautiful bouquet of     Baldwin Bros, are building a new
flowers and also expressed the regrets \ lamp room to the Auditorium and on
of tho society In losing one or   Ha ! Its completion expect to open a picture
faithful members. i show.
New Spring Styles, made of good
quality Ginghams and Chambrays
in all shades. Sizes from 34 to
44, at 	
$1.50 to $3.50
Very pretty Kimonas, made of
washable Crepes. The colors are
Sky, Pink, Rose, and Helio. Some
are bound with Satin Ribbon,
others finished with fine White
Muslin. Hemstitched Collars and
$2.00 and $2.75
for Men
In almost every weight you will
find garments here—fine Balbrig-
gan, Athletic, and Wools, from
50c to $4.00
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods snd Clothing Stores
Have advanced nearly 65 per cent,
since the War. We have a large
stock, bought at former prices, and
can give you some wonderful bargains. Our stock is complete and
contains a wide range of patterns
and designs.
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, Ltd.
KI.Y CATCHERS-—\Varmer weather is bringing the flies. Be prepared;
get ii supply of Pinches'Sticky Fly Tape Hangers, large size lie each
LEMONS—Sunkist, the best, per dozen  SAr
OKAMtES—Some choice Navels S.'-e a dmen and np,
AIMMiKS—Some choice eating apples, Winesaps, large size ..10r Ib.
CHIC HMHl   We bave Dr. Ruck's special mixture, per Ib  '*c
inn lbs.
Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd. PAG 10 TWO
who scrutinizes any ono of tho
handsome Diamond RlngB we
nre offering for Bale, of necessity
pronounces it to bo peerless In
design and tli-' stone of thc tlrst
water, We carry non.' but high-
class Jewelry and wo aro in n
position to guarantee every article we offer for Bale, In gold
nnd silver Jewelry, Diamonds,
und other gems ive Bave ynu
.leiw Irrs k Opticlnns
NOXt  to  the   Post Ollice
Issued   WeeM>   bj    lhe   Cranbrook
Herald, Limited.
T. II. hit). Editor atul Itfuungor
Craiibrnnk, ll.l.. Muy   Ith, 1010
necessary die, tor this fair Dominion
ol ours to save it from a foreign In-
vador. But an unorganized mob no
matter how liruve the Individuals may
[bo is of little value against a handful nl trained and armed men. The
remedy seems to be in drilling and
arming for home defence all those men
not now wearing the colors who are
able to carry a musket. With a citizen army snch as this would make
possible, making a body of trained men
almost instantly available at every
little hamlet or country cross-roads,
the possibility of any such raid would
be greatly minimized, nnd In the event
i that sucli a raid did occur swift retribution would overtake the perpetra-
j tors before they were aide to do much
A move along this lino Is on foot
In Crnnbrook at the present time. An
energetic effort will be made to get
i recruits for the 226th Overseas Battalion; all those who da not enlist
in the JB5th wlll be asked either to
join the present militia regiment, the
107th, or turn out to weekly drill one
evening a week. There should be a
ready response to thin appeal. The
drill will be splendid exercise as well
a.   good military training, aud will
[put men In shape to properly defend
j their country if the need ever arises.
At the same time it will not Interfere
with tho ordinary business pursuits
or duties of auy Individual. It Is a
duly we owe tn our country, to, our
home aud our loved ones, to be prepared to protect them in case of need,
lie who Is not ready to do that Is indeed unworthy tin* privileges and ben-
i-llts of citizenship In this or any other
The proceedings
Into the Vancouvei
make sorry rend
have the fair nam
heart. It is now
llshed that, there
plan ot bribery, <■
anil iinpcrsoiiatloi
on behalf of the
That this should In
on behalf of tin- I
has always mam- b
tlons of political \>
regrettable, and lis
tho Liberal party
will hav.- to do boi
cleaning before af
of government. I
Conservative:^ all!,
hope tbat those r
organization anil
blot on the good ni
will he brought I
nuatcly punished.
at tin' i
hyi elc
Iboral i
inli for
icily, is
s made
n l.riti!
(London Free Press)
The young men who are not onllst-
,' have come in for criticism more
less free and perhaps often undes-
I'ed. Wlhnt about the older mon who
aid pay and do not? As between
* young slacker and the man whom
e does not permit to enlist, but who
s acquired a competence, or whose
sition Is such that he can pay wlth-
i sacrificing anything that is mater-
, Which has it?
4 bouse
111-* of t
i Justlci
In  th
ir (In
of thi
il nrtc-
more pi(i:pai;i;hm:ss needed
A few days ago thero appeared h
ttie daily press a confession of a (ler
man agent in the studs giving lh
details of im alleged German plot to
Invade Canada. Tbo plan wps very
simple, according to bis tale. German
reservists to tho number of 120,0000 to
150,000 were to gather nt some point
on the Canadian border for a fake
"Saongerfost", or singing festival,
cross over at night, seize the principal
cities, cut communications, etc., and
within twenty-four hours the whole of
Canada would be In their power. So
beautifully simple, almost as promising us the Fenian Raid fiasco of bygone days,
The Herald has dovor taken much
Stock In the various stories of German Invasions from across the line
Tlm assembling of a force of 100,000
to 150,000, not to speak of arming aud
equipping that force, ii not so simple
a matter as some of tho alleged plotters seem to think, ami particularly
so when it must all be done in a
country which It taking can* to pro-
vent any such open breach of neutrality. At the same time it is quite within the rang" of possibility thyt a
small bunch of fanatic German barbarians, armed with modem weapons
including a machine gun or so, could
congregate at some chosen point, make
a quick raid Int.*) Canada, burn ravage
und destroy al) within their ranee,
doing much material damage though
none from a military standpoint, then
disperse nnd molt away In a vain endeavor to dodge retribution. Such an
outrage would only be expected from
barbarians who favor ami rejoice at
tho killing and mainline of innocent
babes, women and children tn submarine attacks on undefended passenger
vessels (like tlie ease of the Lusltanla). the bombing of uudofondod
seaside resorts by raiding cruisers, thc
In discriminate dropping of bombs from I
Zeppelin raiders on open country audi
crowded city wlthoul regard to mill- \
tary considerations of any nature; a
people lu short which has been so j
thoroughly maddened by the failure of
their plans that tliey arc obsessed
with an Insnno doslro to kill, kill.;
What Is the best protection Canada
can havc against tho cemoto possibility
(Victoria Colonist)
Every now and then something appears in the papers concerning the
luck of cheering when soldiers go
away or return from tbe front. Does
is ever occur to some of those who
complain that this lack may in very
great part be attributed to the depth
of feeling on the part of the public?
"Mow can I cheert" said one person.
"My heart Is too near my throat. If
I grasp the hand of some gallant fellow, it is all I can manage to do without breaking down."
(New York Tribune)
If wc arc to break off relations with
Germany let ns nt least break them off
on the case whicli stands out boldest
In the record, on which our shame has
heen most flagrant and our national
feeling has been most aroused.
To quarrel over the Sussex or some
similar case while still condoning the
Lusltanla. would be unthinkable under
any administration imbued witb true
Americanism, lt would cap the humiliation of a diplomacy which has left
us without honor beyond our own borders, with not n friend In all the rest
of the world.
IVe do not hold ourselves responsible
for opinions expressed hy
FALL  l>
At n largely attended meeting of Influential business men and citizens of
i'ranbrook thc other evenlug It was resolved that owing to the various reasons put forth and Inability of a great
number nf onr young nnd eligible men
not joining the 22r>th Duttallon for active service, that active steps bo taken
to reorgan Vie. and personally Invite
every loyal subject to join tho 107th
or Home Guard, and show the ever loyal nnd patriotic feeling that characterizes tbe people of Canada, and whatever excuse the merchant, doctor, lawyer, banker, real estate, clerk, mechanic, railroad employee, preacher, and
men of all vocations may have for not
cnllBtlng for Overseas Service, should
not hesitate in coming forward and
join the Home Guard whicli will now
ami henceforward undertake weekly
drills under the leadership of competent Instructors and will personally
and through the press-, Invite every man
of Cranhrook, overlooking no one, old
nr young, to join in and take up the
drill na your King and Country demands.
Lieut. W. S. Snnto.
5      -     I   it__^.^   "  .      - 3EMB
THURSDAY, MAY 4th( 1916.
Doubtless It well be of Interest to
the general public and to those persons wbo bave so generously donated
to the Windermere District Branch of
the Canadian Patriotic Aid Fund to
know that up to the end of March last
the sum of $1,708.35 has been promised
over the present year, $060.85 having
already been paid to dale out of which
amount $450.00 has boon remitted to
the Provincial Branch at Victoria.
In December last when the branch
wus formed, It was thought that the
sum of $2,000 could, and should, be
raised during the coming year
throughout the district extending from
south of Briseo to Canal Plats. This
figure has not yet been reached and
while the Executive and Collecting
Committees greatly appreciate the
generous response that has met their
appeals for contributions, tbey feel
that there are still a few persons who
might wish to donate to this deserving
Fund and therefore wish to make it
plain tliat even the smallest amounts
wlll be glady received and duly acknowledged by any of the local committeemen or by the Secretary-Treasurer, J. B. Cornwall of Athalmer.
Also It may be of Interest to know
that at the present time six local families comprising 2t\ persons arc receiving dependents allowance amounting to $175.35 per month.
All those who have not yet donated
are asked to come forward with their
"mite" and help where help Is needed.
tj- •__ ft
FAiniC.liS No. «
u j,
lliy Bulle-Bye)
Look at Yourself. Take a long,
steady, thorough look. Look yourself
straight in the eyes. Can you do It?
Then why kick at everything?
What did you sec when you looked
at yourself? A man who can't look
thlngB straight In the face, a man who
won't take time to mend a broken tug
properly, but just keeps on patching
it up with n bit of baling wire—and
then wonders why tho other fellows
aro ahead!
Mow much honest thought, preparation, and purpose have you put Into
your life und work? Do you ever try
to think anything oue for yourself, or
just keep in the same old groove?
Do you belong to the Farmoro1 Institute? Do you ever read and study
auy of the Agricultural pamphlets and
reports you can get for the asking?
Too much trouble to ask? That's how
much you arc worth.
i Do a little planning ahead. Don't
I just chance things, Get out a plun
| with a purpose, even If It Is only of a
little two by four garden patch. Plot
out your day's work, and try to get
somo system Into it.
Make a start; it Is easier to stay nut
than got out.
The Rector of Christ .Church Address.
es an Open Letter to (he Young
People of Cranbrook,
(Continued from Pago'l)
A Heal Capacity for Leadership.
Premier Bowser lias vrlson to tho
occasion. It Is not thnt lie has acquired any new qualities; it Is rather
a feature of his character which was
Seldom apparent when he waa first
law minister to tlio crown, has come
to the surface. He has sacrificed
none of his strength of purpose; he
has not weakened one whit the directness of aim and singleness of purpose
which have characterized bis record
ln the past are as strong a factor today as ever. But ho lias become premier and to that position he has brought
to bear the qualities which it requires
and which the attorney-generalship
seldom required, He has the fearlessness and bluff honesty of a Whitney, but to it Is added thc capacity
for leadership and for keeping his
party together that has distinguished
tlie record of Herbert Asquith. Among
his followers he creates confidence*
and Inspires conviction.
Will of People Rules Him.
Bowser has become In the full sense
of any Bticll raid from ni
We cannot spare goldlen
boundary line; to thoro
the across-continent bm
take moro than tho er
forces of the Dominion
ross the line?
to guard the
uglily protect
nulary would
lire military
What then
should we do? The answer seems easy.
There are numbers of able-bodied men
left In Canada who for one reason
or another (and quite proper ami valid
reasons at. that, in most cases) have
not felt freo to offer themselves for
overseas service; (here are many others who through ago or physical inability are unable to pass the required
medical examination bul who nevertheless are flrst-clasi fighting men under less rigorous conditions than exist on the'old-worlil battlefield,   We
believe   (here   lfl   llOrdlj    P   man   who
would not be willing to light, and if
Doctors Agree on
Eczema Remedy
Confirm the Statements About
O. IL IL Prescription
Oeo. T. Richardson, M. D.: "In my
opinion, D.D.D. should be applied in
all cases of skin disease—an Immediate relief to the Itch, a calm to excited
nerves, soft, soothing, yet a powerful
agent, a strength to tbe general system.
Dr. Unna Holmes: "D. D. D. Is. as
near a specific for eczema and tbe
dreaded psoriasis as Is quinine for
malaria. I constantly prescribe D. D.
11. also for salt rheum, tetter, barber's
Itch, pimples, al) forms of Itching er-
llptlons, scales, sores."
Dr. Ira T. (labbert: "I freely admit
that D. D. D. roaches most cases of
ee/eiiin ami permanently cures them."
Come to us and wc wlll tell you
more about this remarkable remedy.
Vour money back unless the first
bottle relieves ymi. D, D. d. Soap
keeps your skin healthy. Ask about It.
Cranbrook Drug *V Hook Co, Cranbrook
Dear Friend—Yon and I are witnessing to-day in the great European
War the net result or tiie neglect of
the worship of God. Germany, to sny
nothing of other nations, for all In
their degree have failed, sought to live
and grow for her own pleasure and i
power; she knew no God above the;the leader of thc Conservative party
Interest of the i,U.te. Hence -Hie fell In- *™d he holds that position not alone
to the madness of this war. ! h? "Is intellectual strength and vigor
You and those of yonr age will en-,of purpose, but by his ability to per
joy the results of tho appalling sac-1 suade others of tho correctness of his
riflce which .the present generation j views. Bowser, the premier, is not
of the empire has made to maintain I hidebound. The attorney-general Is
the liberty and national honor which
, hidebound.
the chief law olllcer of the crown
and bis opinion on legal matters lias
of necessity something of the dogmatic
about It. Assuredness is necessary in
an attorney-general. It ls up to blm
not only to read the law correctly,
but to be sure that he Is right. He
does not have to consider tbe opinion
of the members of his party, the great
majority of whom are laymen upon
questions of law. This attitude of
mind in an attorney-general naturally
extends to a certain extent to otlier
mutters he has to deal wtth. But a
premier Is a loader of the majority.
He has to lead. He cannot drag his
followers. Bowser as premier does
not try to do so. He places his policies before tbem, but he is open to
accept suggestions, he Is open to accept new policies from them. His
business Is to make effective the wlll
of tbe majority of the members, who
represent the majority of the ridings.
Liked as  Well as  Admired.
Today Hon. W. J. Bowser Is not
merely admired. Hc is liked. He has
thc good wlll of tho members and of
others witb whom he has to deal,
The developments whioh have
brought the members of the legislature solidly behind him as premier
arc marked by two outstanding occasions. The first was on the night
of March 14 when the opposition attempted to force the dissolution of the
legislature. Earlier ln the day Bowser had gone farther than he need lu
our forefathers founded on the Christian Faith. You enter Into a greut Inheritance as a citizen of the world's
greatest empire, un empire handed
down to you, purified through the
suffering of tens of thousands of nobis
fathers and mothers, elder brother j
and sisters.
Friend, as the privilege and glory
of your inheritance Is great, so must
your life be grent to meet It. Youi
great citizenship calls you to live,
not a self-pleasing, luxurious, God-
careless life, but a life of service to
God and man. The empire Is and must
be a Christian empire—founded upon
and maintained by tne Law of Christ.
Are you doing anything to make yourself a well-informed loyal Christian
citizen? You owe It to your God, your
Empire and yourself to be a regular
and devout worshipper In the Church
of Christ and a worker In tlie service
of your empire.
You owe It to your fellow Christians
to keep the Sabbath as God's Day:
to refrain from Sunday sports, and
unnecessary motoring au driving. If
you are proud of the great heroes who
built your Empire, remember their
reverence for God's Day and for God's
You liave had the misfortune to bo
brought up In a secular system of
education, but the Church of Christ
Is strongly planted In ynur City and
offers you the privileges of Christlnn
worship and educative influences.
This open letter Is sent out because j fairness have gone In an effort to
many of our young people are neglect-; reach an agreement with Brewster,
Ing these privileges, are forgetting the j Macdonald and Parker Williams under
more serious side of life and the duties | which supply couTd have been voted
of Christian citizenship. ;und necessary legislation passed.   The
Will you consider these things and opposition members thought they had
use all your Influence to maintain and | the premier ln a corner and tried to
raise tbe standard of Christian wor- j force him to bold up practically every-
sblp and public service in your city?    .thing—to vote supply for only three
mouths, to,delay indefinitely tlio ex-!
tension to tarmers of tho benefits of i
tho agricultural acts, to break his
pledges, He refused and they pro-!
ceeded to endeavor to compel dlssolu-
tlon immediately whioh would have
prevented any legislation being passed
and the farmers' loan bill from coming
Into effect or any money being voted
to carry on the business of the prov- [
Followers Solid Behind Hlm.
When the house met the premier;
nrose In his seat. He exposed the;
Liberal proposals and in ringing but
deliberate terms told the house and
tho country that the government
would carry out Its pledges.- At thnt
moment and since the premier has
dominated the legislature; tho opposition seemed like pigmies agulnst the
strength of his personality and the
justice of Ills ease. Ills followers became solidly, wholeheartedly, behind
him. It marked the psychological
turn of the tide towartl victory. It
placed Bowser fairly and squurely at
the head of a phalanx of honestly
confident supporters, supporters confident of the government's strength,
confident of Its ability to retain public
confidence, confident above all things
tn their leader.
Ills Altitude Toward Charges.
Tlie second occasion was Bowser's
speech on tlie address. The Liberals
had been charging that the government was the "most corrupt In Canada." The premier took up the challenge. The door to inquiry was wide
open, lie told the house. It was up
to the Liberals to prove tlieir allegations or shut up. A day or two later
he said that If necessary the house
would sit until June 1 so that the
Liberals might have all the time
they required fur investigations. With
his largo majority in the house he
could have followed the precedent of
the Laurier "dark lantern brigade'
in the Dominion, of Sifton in Alberta
and ■ blocked investigation. But the
charges of corruption wero untrue.
Bowser had nothing'to fear. Tlie Liberals by weeks of fruitless Investigations and utter failure to make good
their charges of corruption against
the government have proved that.
These were the turning points In
the political situation. But tliat is
not all.
Always Open  to Conviction.
Cordiality, frankness, a ready courtesy and regard for the sentiments and
feelings, tlie foibles nnd peculiarities
even, of those with whom he has to
deal are material factors In the phases
of Bowser's character which have enabled hlm to rise to thc occasion us
premier. He cun submit with good
grace, but without sacrifice of principle, to the desiren cf his colleagues
and supporters. He is always open
to conviction. The underlying principles that govern his policy are
essentially democratic. No man in
Canada is more anxious to ascertain
the will of the peopl*-. or more willing
to carry it out. No man In Canada
Is more anxious to serve them to their
best advnntngc.
Those are not now qualities In W.
J. Bowser. He never descends to
posing, to wear a cloak which does
not belong to him, Tho qualities
whicli ho Is displaying as premier,
the qualities which are gaining hlm
tbe ungrudging goodwill of his supporters, are qualities which arc as
much a part of tlie real Bowser as
ar» the forcefulnoss and strength of
will for which he was admired as attorney-general.
Bowser the premier Is making good.
He ts steadily gaining a stronger hold
ou the good will of thc people. The
more they come Into contact with him
the better they know Bowser the real
man, the stronger and more enduring
wlll become the public support of a
man whose friend:: know that he is
worthy of It.
Those who know Bowser best admire him most; those who know him
best like him best. No man could
earn n truer complin ent.
The purchase price of this famous
1881 Rogers Al Plate
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Drug Company. Wc are willing (o toie
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\f_V_V_V%FF\m the open wearing tht "V" smUt
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Tiller, ■n4 ■■•ncul mmtrl-aiaSi
Last of the Navel Oranges
New shipment of Navel Oranges just hi, probably tlie
Inst of the season, per tlo  80c, 85c, 40c, ",0c and 60c
SEEDS—lieineinher wc hnnille lull lines, both package
anil bulk.
l'llOM: 50
Preacher—Rev. W. II. Bridge
8 a.m.—Holy Communion. •
11 a.m. -Mattlns and Litany,
3 p.m.—Sunday School In Hall. Address to young people, first of scries
on 'Builders of our Faith and Kmpire
7.30 p.m.—Evensong.
Friday,  7.30—Intercession   for  the
Pastor, W. K. Thompson
Morning Service 11 a.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class 3 p.m.
Evening Service 7.110 p.m.
Divine worship 11 a.m. Subject —
Oui   Duty to tho Small Nut!•uie;."
Sunday School and Adult Bible clam*.
at .! p.m.
People's service at 7.80 p.m. Subject:
"Inside of tbe Cup." If you have not
read the book please read It before
Sunday If possible.
V.P.S.C.B, Monday at 7.30 p.m. Topic
'The Consecration of Talent", lender,
Miss Irving Leash.
Mid-week Wednesday at 8 pm. A
cordial welcome to all.
Pastor, Rev. Thos. Keyworth
Organist, Chas. F. Nidd
Services at the usual hours of 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m. on Sunday.
Sunday school and Adult Bible
Class at 3.00 p.m.        '   .
Tbe Kev. Hugh Dobson, B.A..B.D.,
of Keglna, Field Secretary of the Department of Social Service of the
Methodist Church, will occupy the pulpit at the morning service whilst the
pastor will preach at the evening service.
Cream Separator
Until You Haw Seen
The. Magnet
The Kootenay Garage
Cottage  services  every   Wednesday
Kootenay Orchard District S p.m.
Salvation service Saturday S p.m.
Sunday School 2.30 p.m.
Sunday Kvening service S p.m.
You are Invited to nll the above services which are bright and cheerful.
W. KERR, C. O.
Setting Eggs For Sale
S. O. White Leghorns, and
Huff Orpingtons
(1.50 for Its'
Also Clucking Mens
J. JOHN, Hanson Ave.
Cranbrook, May 3rd, lllltl
A mooting, of the owners of Cruu-
hroolt Irrigated Fruit Umis, llllt. 3912,
will be held »t the residence of A. II.
Smith, Saturday, at 3 p.m., May 13th,
Ull".   All owners please attend,
Keep Your Shoes Neat
10 c ''■F- D,u'y c°' °(c""1'L,i- H'a!i,'"'i c,",j* 10c THURSDAY, MAY 4th, 1916.
If You Can Afford
Cut Glass
Yon can afford our kind. If you
could compare onr goods as to
design, weight, workmanship
and appearance with commoner
lines, It wouldn't tuke you a second to size up the difference.
There Is plenty of Cut Glass that
is little better than a good pressed article. OURS possesses thut
scintillating beauty tliat can be
compared only to diamonds, We
have It 111 all the various shapes
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we wish to state right here tliat
tbere Is nothing better made.
We ure content with a small pro-
lit Oil theso goods, and ure selling close,
W. H. Wilson
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Wo liniullo only
Smoked and
Cooked Meats
Tho Picnic Season ia now
here.   Huy your supplies at lhe
Cranbrook Meat
Om- Own Fresh Killed Meats
ure now Famous
Kilby Frames PiotureB.
Beale & Klwell, steamship agents.
Mrs. A. J. Miller and Mrs. Bush, of
Wasa, were In town Saturday.
Mr. H .White is on a business trip
to Athalmere.
Conservatives! Remember the meeting in Clapp's Hall to-morrow evening.
One second hand buggy for sale
cheap.—Cranbrook Trading Co.     _
Mr. Wm. Slater has returned from
the East.
Mr. Simon Taylor returned from n
trip to Calgary Wednesday noon.
Starting and Ignition troubles our
specialty.   Hanson (iarage.
Winston Churchill's "Inside Ihe Cup"
wlll lie discussed at the Baptist church
next Sunday evening.
The Conservative Convention for the
constituency of Kaslo ItftS been called
for May 24th at Kaslo.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Manuel left Tuesday for Chilliwack where Mr. Manuel
has accepted a position.
Don't throw away your broken castings, McBride can weld (hem for you.
The regular mooting ot tho Ladles
Auxiliary to the Ry, Y. M. C. A. will
be held on Monday Stli at 4.80.
Regular meeting ol tho Cranbroolt
Conservative   Association    in    Clapp's
Hall to-morrow Friday, evening.
Modern house to lei Apply to Heale
& Klwell.
Harry 11. Drew, the genial proprietor of tlie North Star Hotel. Kimberley.
was hi town on Saturday transacting
Now for the Ice Cream season. We
are ready to supply your needs In Ice
ereeani and hot weaiher beverages.
Little & Atchison
Mr, Hum Fyles, caretaker at the
postoiiice, is recovering aftor n serious
Illness which has confined hlni to Ids
bed for some weeks past.
A survey party Is In the olty this
week taking levels and marking bases,
Five fires in one week—Am I Insured? Ask yourself that question and
phone No. 20, Beale & Klwell for rate*?.
Don't put It off until too late.
Mrs. J. D. McBride, who has been
seriously 111 for the past (Ive weeks
at Mrs. Brent's Hospital, wns able to
return home on Thursday.
Tbe case of the Inland Revenue Inspector against the Beattie-Murphy
Drug Co. for falling to attach a war
stamp to a cake of soap has been further remanded till Tuesdny next.
Mr, Harry Roblchaud. C, P. R. conductor, left on 514 lust Friday for Selkirk, Man., where he wns called by
the sodden Illness of his wife who was
vlsltlug with her mother.
Mrs. Chas. Magcu and Miss Patricia
McDermot returned from Calgary last
Saturday where tbey had been visiting friends and relatives for about ten
Household Furniture for sale Including vacuum cleaner, brass beds,
dressers, chairs, piano, carpets, curtains, perambulators, and many other
articles.—No. 34 Armstrong Avenue.
County Court sbeduled for to-day,
Thursday, was adjourned until the 8th,
the only business transacted to-day
neing un application for naturalization.
Our Ice Cream Parlor is now open
for the season and wc solicit a share
of your patronage. Pure Ice Cream,
Sodas and Soft Drinks.-— Little &
Mr. A. Carney, of Kaslo, has been
renewing otd acquaintances in tho
city this week. Mr. Cumey conies of
lighting stock und though past tlu*
age limit would like nothing better
than to go to tlie front himself. He
lias two sons on notlVQ service.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Knox Church .Missionary Society will
be held next Thursday nt the home of
Mrs. D. J. Spiers. Mrs. J. F. Smith
will give the report from the Provincial meeting hold last month at Victoria.   A full attendance is requested.
Llggctt's Chocolates, pure and dell-
clous, nre received fresh almost every
day at all Hexali Drug Stores, the exclusive agents.—Beattie-Murphy Co.,
The tennis courts are now In splendid shape and ready for play as eoui
as the tapes are laid. There has been
a delay In obtaining tapes, however,
and as soon as these are obtained thc
committee will arrange for commencement of play.
The season's play wlll be opened at
the Golf Club on Saturday next. A
number of Improvements have been
made this year at the golf links which
will be appreciated by the members,
Including the erection of an open flre
place In the club house.
Larkin Langln of Pincher Creek is
spending a few days In the city visiting his brothers, who are connected
with the firm of Baxter & Langln,
lumber contractors, who are operating
a couple of miles from tho city and
delivering their cut to the Cranbrook
Sash & Door company.
Rev. Mr. Stevens left to-day for
Poplar Point, Man., where he has accepted the pastorate of the Presbyter-
Ian church. He was accompanied by
his son Ernest who is returning to rejoin his regiment nt Winnipeg. Mrs.
Stevens will remain here for the immediate present.
The first auto party to come In this
year was here on Wednesday. They
were In charge of Mr. Egan of Crnnbrook, en route to Wynndel to visit
friends. They reimrt some trouble getting past Goat fell on account of a
considerable amount of snow still on
the highway.—creston Review.
The Herald has just added to Its
qutpment a series of the newest type
for printing visiting cards, wedding invitations, and other society printing.
It has the appearance of genuine copperplate engraving. Call in nud look
at the samples before getting your next
During the month of April dog licenses were collected amounting to
$114.75 for 57 dogs and three bitches.
Several huve paid this month so far
but there nre many others who still
have to come through. Either the
number of dogs In the city will be
materially roduced or the city will reive a neal sum from dOg taxes this
A general meeting of the Cranhrook
Conservative Association will 1m» held
In tlie Committee Rooms over Clapp's
Hall, Friday, May 6th, commencing at
s o'clock p.m. A cordial invitation Is
extended to all Conservatives to be
present and take pnrt In tlie proceedings.
Kilby Frames Pictures,
You will feel better and live longer
If you keep yonr bOWlfl regular by the
occasional use of Hexnll Orderlies, at
Reiall Drug Stores unly.-Tlic Beattie
Murphy Co., Ltd.
[ All Conservatives are invited to be
. present at the meeting in Clapp's Hall
to-morrow night, Muny matters of interest to the district will bc taken up,
Messrs. McMann and Jarbcau have
gone up Bull river to open their logging camp which Ims been closed since
!a year ago. They will complete tlicir
'contract with the Canadian Pacific and
are now busy hiring and setting to
work a crew of men In tlie bush. Tliey
will employ about GO men and probably will Increase tills number later.
Tiie firemen's sleeping quarters lu
the Fire Hull have been given a new
coat of paint and generally cleaned
up, while new mattresses und blankets liave been provided for the beds.
It is getting to be a difficult proposition to get men to sleep in the fire hall,
but those who do sleep there wljl now
have good accommodation ut any
Three laborers have been added to
the city work gang during the last *n(l ,M> «*«> when the road* dry up.
Restored* To Health By Vinol
Shelbyville, Ind.—"I am a clerk in a
hotel und was all run down, no energy,
mv blood was poor and my face covered
with pimples. I got so weak I had to
put up an awful fight to keep at work.
After taking many other remedies without benefit Vinol has retored my health
and strength."—Roy P. Bird.
For all run-down, weak, nervous
conditions of men and women, nothing
equals Vlnol, our delicious cod liver ana
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Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
* Cranbrook, B. C.
with old frfends. He has travelled
some since he left ('ranbrook, and says
he thinks tbere are better times coming to Cranbrook from now ou, as the
lumber demand seems to exceed the
supply across tbe border, and some of
the trade will be secured here. Frank
Is looking well.
Have your battery overhauled now
week and City Engineer Cummings is
keeping them all bsuy. They are: E.
Coughlln, who was given fifteen days
for trespass on the C.P.B.; J. Breln,
15 days for being drunk and disorderly, and J. Sullivan, :i0 days for begging. Thc latter Is an old offender,
there being throe previous convictions
against him, two of recent date,
We are carrying a full line of boots
and shoes. — Craubrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
The  annual   meeting  of  tho  Cranbrook    District   Automobile   Association will be held In Wasa on Wednes-1AU Conservatives are cordially invited
day, May 10th next, when the autolsts to ^ l,resent-
will be the guests of Mr. N. Hanson at * '	
the Wasa Hotel.    The Cranbrook Or-      The larSe (iis',,a*v window of W a
cbestnv   has   been  engaged   for the H1U'S »f°re on Armstrong Ave. is al-
-< Hanson (forage.
On Wednesday, May 17th, there will
be a performance of a Comedy In four
acts In Christ Church Hall at 8 o'clock. The play will be performed by
amateurs and the proceeds will bv
divided between Christ Church Hall
Fund and the Cranbrook Lawn Tennis
Club. The Cranbrook Orchestra have
kindly consented to provide music between the acts.   Admission 50 cents.
The Cranbrook Conservative Association will meet in Clapp's Hall tomorrow, Friday, evening at 8 o'clock.
occasion, and after tlie business has
been concluded there will be a dance.
ways filled with a bright and attractive display of goods. Tlie showing
tills  week Is    of   beautiful    colored
A quiet wedding took place Monday *Wfli whltewear and hosiery, to-
evening at St. Eugene Hospital Chapel,
when two Cranbrook young people
were united in the bonds of holy matrimony by Father McGulre. The contracting parties were Leonard Van
Stavern, pianist nt the Hex, and Muriel
Kllen Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Godderis
supported tho young couple, who will
take up their residence in the city.
gether with a quantity of real Swiss
lace which will catch a lady's eye at
once. The showing is all of seasonable
goods which have a forceful appeal at
this season,
Those who attended the dance In the
parish   hall   last  evening given   by
Tighe Mecredy spent a vory pleasant
evening and were delighted wltli the
,     , , .excellent exhibition of several of.tbe
The C. P. it   garden at the loea i        r uanceg    .^ b    Mf  ^^
depot is  nn   attractive  look ng  spot Lna Ml„ ^ WaI„ The dance,
these duys.   There is a beautiful show-!{lemon8trnted   wero   ^   Qne
ng ot tulips, daffodils and narcissus |(,|mrli0  ^^ Hesitation
In full bloom, with a particularly fine Wfl,tl and thfl Fox Trot    T|lp (,ran.
arge bed of m«rcissus in tl.ecentrojbr0()k   Qnhwtn „,,,        rf     ,„
bursting Into full bloom in all their L;^ mi&. pxcolIent     1fl
purity and beauty,   It Is n refreshing
sight either to the weary traveller or
to the Btay-at-horao citizen.
Frank Satre arrived here Wednesday  aud   was   busy   shaking    hands
Wero   you   thinking   about   thn1
securities and valuables of yours? Are
thoy safe?—One of Beale St  Elwell's
Safety Deposit boxes Is the remedy.
Healthful Sleep
is necessary for the enjoyment and prolongation
of life. During sleep Natuce renews the vital
forces of the body and restores the energy.
Sleeplessness is one of the evil results of indigestion.
To avoid it, keep the stomach well, the liver active and
the bowels regular. The health of these organs
Is Assured by
Beecham's Pills. A harmless vegetable remedy, which
acts immediately on the stomach, liver, bowels and kidneys, toning and putting them in good working order.
Millions of people sleep well and keep well because, at
the first unfavorable symptom, they begin to take
Wnr'h n Uuln-in a Box
ttattatai etdr br Thnma** (..-■ rh»m. III, llclrni, t-nnomililrc. Vnflami.
853 avtrywhim in C.MiuJi Mid I 1,1>. Amcricii,  In bon i, 23 oonti.
THE full beauty of the Easter season radiates in all its glory from the
sparkling presentations of wearing apparel ready for your inspection at this store.    Not the slightest detail has been overlooked in
securing the  cleverest creations produced by the leading Fashion interpreters.
Every one of our Suits, Coats, and
Blouses is a model of grace
and charm
We  extend  to you an invitation  to  view   our  latest showings  of
Fashion's newest models.
View our Window Display in Suits
and Blouses
Cranbrook's Exclusive Ladies', Misses', and Children's Store
Faith and Kmpire, Sunday, May 7th,
Gladstone; May 14th, Shaftesbury;
May 28th, Nelson; June 4th, Wellington; June llth, Wesley; at 3 p.m.
(prompt) and over at 4 p.m.; In Christ
('hurch Assembly Room. These addresses will be of general Interest,
dealing with the sublets hi view of
our presont National problems. A
hearty Invitation Is extended to all.
Our repair simp Is In charge of nn
expert mechanic* If In trouble con*
suit uh,— Hanson Oarage.
Kennedy—In Cranbrook, at the Cottage Hospital, on the 2nd inst, to Mr,
and Mrs. J. li. Kennedy, a son.
Creston tennis season opened last
Refrigerators Screen Doors,
Screen Windows, and all
Hot Weather Necessities
Tlnsinithlne, l'lumliine and Heating
of tiie
from this date will   be
under the new management of
Table* Half-Prlce to Soldiers
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold. Silver, Copped and Lead Ores
Plione 32
Low Rates. Cars can be got
any hour of day or night by
calling 52.
j. e. Mcdonald, Prop.
Recommended by ten thousand doctors
WINCARNIS is an admirable preparation much prescribed by the Medical Profession. It consists of BEEF
EXTRACT and EXTRACT OF MALT dissolved in the
purest wine. It is therefore NUTRITIOUS, STIMULATING
suitable for the robust in health as well as the invalid.
For Sale by
Phone 17
P.O. Box 186
2c per word for first week, aud lc per
word for eacb week after.
FOK HALK, cheap, good dining room
suite.   Apply at Herald Ofllce.
FOK HAM:- lb" Baby Chicks week
old, 20c eacb.   Phone 211. 17-2t*
Tbe hotel at Canal Flats formerly
owned by E, H. Small was totally
destroyed by flre early Saturday morning. The building was a large frame
structure and made a spectacular
blaze. Only a small portion of the furniture In tbe tower story was rescued,
nnd tbe loss wlll bc n heavy one, as all
the better furniture was situated In
the upper storey. :&cn\ capital was
largely interested in the hotel. There
was a small Insurance only.
Jimmy England Is making prepara-
I tlons to handle the Canadian Pacific
, drive on Bull river just ns soon as
j the water ruises sufficiently, The very
backward weather during the past
; four weeks has delayed tbe driving
| operations to such an extent that a
larger crew" wlll be necessary to get
j the big quantity of logs down while
j the high water lasts. Men arc being
I hired at thc present time and going to
Canadian Pacific camp six, whicb ts
: Mr. England's headquarters at present.
I A series of addresses to young
j people wlll Ix* given by Hev. W. H.
| Hrlilge,    Hubjeets,   Builders   of  our
FOK SAM:—Dresser, bicycle, saddle,
wheel-barrow, etc.   Apply phone 482.
WANTEII-A   girl   to
housework. Phone 363.
do   general
BOY WANTED with pony to herd
cows for the summer. Apply Atchison's Dairy.
FOR SALE-Klig Raspberry Plants,
$3.00 per hundred.—J. Delmer, box 766,
Cranbrook. 17-2t*
TO RENT — Four-ronmed collage,
with bath. Furnished, $15 per month;
unfurnished $11, Including water.—Apply phone 317,
I WILL SELL my house on (run-
brook street and take rent for payment. J. F. Broughton, box 291, Cranbrook. 17-lt
ed, modern conveniences. Apply T. M.
Roberts, City. 17-tf
Also Irrigated Ranch from 3 to 16
acres with or without modern bouse,
3 acres plowed, 1 mile poatoflce. Apply
Itussel, Cranbrook Hotel. 13-41*
To be given by
Conductor, C. F. Nidd
Auditorium, Tucs., May 16
at 8.30 p m
Admission     -     75c and 50c
SfMata on rale nt Uwitiio-MuTphy'". Dink Store
Subscribe to the Herald — $2.00 a Year PAGE FOUR
THURSDAY, MAY 4th, 1916.
Barristers, Solicitors and
Slone) to I.(mn
Imperial Bank BalldJug
v (HV LODOE,No.48
Meets every
Monday night
at Fraternity
ujuiirniiig    Oddfellows
nlially invited.
w. M. Harris,
S. Fyles,
(Successi r
r. we(
to \v. P.
it i:i>v
Qurd) ■
r  and
p, ii
tOOK, ll
Physicians and Surgeons
otlici' at  restdenco,  Armstrong
OFFICE minis
Foreni s   0.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2 00 to   4.00
Evenings  7.30 t"   8.80
Si Inys   3.30 I"   4 "il
Crnntirtitik, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ln
tlie Fraternity Hall
It. ('. Carr, C. C.
P. ili> Vere Hunt. K. R. & s.
P, O. Unx 522
Visiting brethren cordially in-
i il. il tu attend.
Kit. !'. 11. HII.ES
Ollice In ll in i.u Bloi k
OFFICE mints
0 to i: a.m.
1 to   0 ii.m.
7 in   s p.m.
Meets lu Maple Hall second
uml fourth Tuesday of every
mnntli nt -S li.lll.
MomherBlilp open to British
Visiting members cordially
IS. V, Brake,       J. F. Lower,
Prosident. Secretary
y uiul
11   Ave.
I Nursing
Phi 2
MON, Matron
P. 11. llnx sir.
Meets lu the
Maple HaU
Ilrst Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
at 3 p.m.
Pres., Mrs. W.
D. McFarlane.
lm Shaw, P. O. Box 442
is co-dially invited.
me 340
P. II. Ilex
w. it. iu:
l'i nl lllrcclor
nni  Lmliiilmer
lliwlck Ave. n
; r Linker
Forwarding uud  Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge Coal
XUIte I'uwder
Imperial Oil Co.
Untying anil Transferrin)*
(liven iirunipt attention
Phone 03
Civil uu
1 M
nlng Miigliieers
II. 1.
il Surveyors
tOOK, II. C.
Tlie Shoe Specialist
Snllsi'nrtlini liuaranteed
endouarterB for ull kinds ot
lluy I'lione 238, Nlghl LMioiio U
Norbury Ave nexl to Cits Hull
Plume LOG P. O. llox 33
l^tdtoa uml iieiitleiueu's Hats
Cleaned und Blocked
I'lione '2114
Amoug»t recent out-of-town visitors
whose names appeur ou the visitors'
book of the Invermere Oolf and Country Club are Mr. und Mrs. Allan Cameron, of Calgary; R. W. Wood, Ross
Slmmouds, P. B. Fowler and O. II.
Smith from Fernie; Judge U. H.
Thompson and Mrs. Thompson, A. B.
MacDonald and Mrs. MacDonald from
Cranbrook; H. tl. Lockwood und W. W.
Brudlev. Captain F. II. Bacon and O.
H Haroonrt from Oolden; Captain E,
N. Russel fronl Field; O. Kirkwold uiul
Mrs. ('. L>, Adams, from Calgary.
Constable Dryden was a Fernie visitor last Monday.
There was a whist party ou Friday
night in Baker hall which wus well
Captain Skinner. Pte. Chas. Brookes,
and two other ollicers of the 225tli—
"Two and a Quarter" were visitors at
Waldo and Baynes last Saturday.
The brother of Mrs. J. W. Ross, who
was wounded at Neuve Chappelo, and
later wounded about last Christmas,
returned the otlier day to Winnipeg.
Pte. Brown is still under the case of
the doctor.
Nasty colds arc thc order of the
day in this locality.
Waldo lumbermen and others extend
sincere sympathy to Mrs. Otto Wlsner
on the death of her husband. Otto
was regarded as a very efficient
Dan McNlsh, road boss, was in town
Friday. He Is superintending the
work of strengthening tlie wagon
bridge over the Elk. Everybody is
being counselled to look for high
Rev. A. B. Lane gave Holy Communion last Sunday In Waldo and
reached a sermon in Baynes n. night.
Sorg. Harry Nash, UCorp. Kred
Nash and Pte. Archie McCallum, all
of the 13th Battalion, have been visitors to their old home hero for
ubout u month. The soldiers returned to their training quarters at Med
Icine   Hut  ut  the   beginning  of   the
At the excellently attended service
last Sunday held under thc auspices of
the local 1. 0.1). E., the Rev. A. B. Lane
gave a very fine address on the
"Foundntions of Modem Society". A-
mong those tliat thc speaker mentioned were Mutual Trust, Mercy, and
Chivalry. For these Britain and her
allies wcre contending. Even did tlle
dire calamity of defeat overtake us—
a possibility Mr. Lane could not con-
eive of—wc should still retain, like
Belgium, our soul. Right, the law
of Uod, not Might, the law of beast,
must Inevitably conquer. The choir,
under the leadership of Mr. L. P.
Smith rendered with fine taste three
anthems. Miss H. Madden and Mr.
F. W. Adolph sang appropriate solos.
The correspondent thinks that union
services of this character held every
month or so would do much to Inspire
the people.
tt try Zam-Buk for that chronH
•ort or ulcer frem which you are
suffering. This herbal balm has
cured many auch cases when every
other treatment (ailed.
Hn. Dubois, of Imperial St., Vancouver, can verify this. Her
daughter writes: " Mother had such
ulcers on her feet that she was unable te walk. She had doctors
advice and treatment, but nothing
Ui her any good, and we were
beginning to think she would never
be cured, when a friend advised her
to try Zam-Buk. She did so, and—
■urprlBlng as it sounds-after »
week'B treatment with Zam-Buk she
was able te walk without pain. She
continued applying Zam-Buk until
the ulcers were completely healed,
and she bas net known a moment s
discomfort ilnce."
Zam-Buk ls equally good for
eczema, and all skin diseases, ringworm, blood-poisoning, abscesses,
piles, burns, Bcalds, cuts, and all
skin Injuries.    All druggists  SOc.
box, 3 for J1.25, or from Zam-Buk
Co, Toronto, for price.    Send lc.
stamp for return postage on free
trial box.
PROF. ('. I. Ml'l»
Organist Methodist Church
Receives Pupils for
Orpin, Planoforto, Voice
Studio; 23 Noroury Ave.
Itubt. Frame, Prop.
I'resh llreml, Cakes, Pies
ami Pastry
I'lione 37
Norbury Ave.      opp. City Hall
Oeneral Jlorclmiil
employment Agent
0. llox 108 Phone 244
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons, from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel ln Spokane
On your nevt trip
to this city, let us
Bhow you Thy
this is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Kates as low
as at the more ordinary
Am Steamship on the Hoof
on the
If   Villi
sent] il to
s for fanillv
iii i
k-iii.i.i.,- I'M for v.-:     *!in box <>r tUnv.Uir
ilii,  golt. nt I'll Hpii* Htoria, nr imiiit'ti to.my
MaroMonrucfllpinl price   Tub Bcotmi, DittM
Vltnliiv:for sv.v ■ ■ IH Bin; lnCMWM,,grty
nuttor.ATn.ile wl ilnilM jnjn »i>. lin ■•<«.<..*
(wo (nr iv ni iiru tt.tr.'i*ci I*) in-ill on rwiiipi
-jfi-ri''** Tun ^"K1 -i. i»i" ■■ <<», hl (MUwrlnM,
fl Marin
Doattlo Murphy Co., Md.* Agonta,
School opened on Monday nt nlno
o'clock .ml th- livvlit facon seemed tu
express tin* fac; tlmt thoy wort- not
sorry to begin again. There were
some greatly excited hoys and girls
when they read from their new read'
ers into whicli they had lately been
Mr. T, McVittie, Mr. and Mrs. Bin
more, Mrs. Cann und Miss Bessie ('anil
drove to Cranbroolt on Saturday.
Mr. unci Mrs. Hogarth and Mrs.
small drove to Kort Steele on Sunday
Tho Nip and Tuck Placer Mining Co.
start operating the hydraulics on
A. J. SclicM of t'ranbrook, also W. E.
Walters ot Vancouver; F. L. McNeil
and J, M. ClirlsMa were lu town laet
Robert Barber and ,W. S. Dogart
returned last week from the mountains when* tliey enjoyed a bear hunt.
After spending a few days In town they
left Tuesday, Muy 2nd. by K. C. Railway for New York city.
F. I..' Par Thormand, mining expert
ni' Spokane, was lu town ou May 1st.
constable Kyckman, (ins Erickson.
and Wm. Carlin were visitors In town
on May 1st.
Mr. Fowler and It. Woods ot Fernie
were in town Sunday.
Miss Pltchford leaves on Saturday
for her home hi Kngland. All will be
sorry to liave her leave, as Mlsa
Pltchford since coming to Fort Steele
a few years ago lias made many
friends. We all wish her a safe and
enjoyable  Journey.
Tennis is in vogue once more and
what's more, good weather. May
Day was warm and lovely and here's
hoping spring remains with us.
Mrs. Wolf Intends to leave for Cran
brook on Wednesday Midi and bas al
ready packed most or her household
effects. Mth. Wolf will roHldo In Cranbrook,
Fair play Is good sport. If It isn't
fair there's no sport to it, with gentlemen.
Flagstone turns out cn masse Monday to say goodbye to Miss Beatrice
Holllngsbead wiio left for her borne
In Ingersoll, Ontario, after spending
a year tbo guest of ber cousins, Mr.
and Mrs. Tom Taylor, ranchers. Miss
Hollingshead was one of the best pianists ever in this section, and one of ttie
most popular young indies on Tobacco
Tlie Great Northern and U. C. Government both have crews working at
the Elkmouth Bridges getting ready
for high water.
Capt, Skinner of the 225th Battalion,
Fernie, was in Elko Saturday with several other ollicers and the reg. S. M.
and motored to Baynes.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Klingensmith
motored to Cranbrook Monday, while
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thomson of the
Columbia Hotel motored to Fcrnie.
W. II. Dobson of Calgary was In
Elko this week.
I). S. Cameron of Fortlnc, Montana,
wus in Elko this week Inspecting
railroad ties for the Great Northern
If anyone thinks you have softening
of tbo brain, Its 10 to 1 they have
hardening of tbe arteries, so get lip
with the lark, smile and go on.
Tin- Daylight Saving bill boosted hy
the Calgary papers will do more good
tne first week than all tlie Hoyal Commissions we reud ubout. One hour In
tbe morning is worth two at night
and would make you reel that wc were
sailing down tlie river of Joy. Give
flowers to those you love white they
live, post-mortem fragrance dies on
the empty air, suys Jim Thistlebeak.
I. I>. Robertson, mayor of Eureka,
and family with some Kalispcll friends
visited the Roosville Falls Sunday und
tbo Indian village, Tobacco Plains.
Fortumtcly tho British government
ls at last In possession of tliat contemptible traitor Casement, und It now
remains to bc soon whether thnt government possesses tlie firmness of
character adequately to punish him.
Had he boon caught In Elko lie would
have boen hung without a Jury trial.
Rev. Mr. Madden, Mrs. Madden nnd
son Humphrey were In Klko tliis week
from Waldo buying farm machinery.
A. W. Greenwood of (.ondon, Eng.,
was In Elko this woek looking over
the district.
Tbe Adolph Lumber Co., of Baynes
are operating a big logging eump
south of Flagstone on Tobncco Plains
and shipping the logs vlu the Great
Northern from Gateway.
and interesting recital, at which he
will read parts of the book lately
written by Mr. P. Steele. Between
the chapters thcro will be refreshments but no dunce (as before published through a mistake.)
W. J. Roberts of Vancouver, B. C.
was registered ut Imperial on Sunday
und left Monday for a trip to Athel-
Our latest recruit is a very popular
and well known Fort Steelite, Tom
Chlsholm. "Tom" now belongs to the
225th Batt. He will be much missed
when he leaves.
In u recent letter to an old friend
In Fort Steele Major Qenerol S. B'
Steele, after whom our town is named, gives high praise to our Canadian
soldiers, who rank, he says, with the
finest corps in the British service.
The greatest care is tuken in the final
training of our troops at Shorncliffe,
and no soldier who would not be a
credit to Canada, is allowed to go to
the front.
The Red Cross meeting took place
as usual on Thursday, The ladles
aro no longer In need of wool and
cotton as a shipment arrived in time
for the meeting. Mrs. Attree was iu
charge. A shipment was made to Calgary Depot of the following:—1", M.T.
bandages, 1 doz. wash cloths, 18 triangular bandages, 20 pair of socks, IS
doz. T. bandages and old linen. A
donation of $3 wns received from Mr.
and Mrs. E. C. Miller of Rossland unci
formerly of Fort Steele.
We ure all pleased to hear that on
the 22nd we will be given tbe treat
of seeing a play produced by Cranbrook local talent. They have on other
occasions proved their ability to act.
The play to be produced is "Tlie Adventures of Lady Ursula" by Anthony
On Friduy 6th Inst nt Fort Steele
there wlll he u dance whicb promises
to Im- very Jolly. This dance is being
given by some of the Fort Steelo lu-'
dies, who, while not wishing to he
considered nn organized society, try
to do their "little bit" by getting up
occasional dunces, entertuluuionts, otc.
and selling needlework, thus swelling
tlie treasury of tho Patriotic Fund, The
t'ranbrook Orchestra will be In attendance und we hope to soo our
(Tuuhntiik frlenda.
In tbo inurm* of a few weeks Mr.
Wultor Agulmb will give an unusual
St. John Ambulance Association are
meeting with good results In tlio sale
of tickets for an Elgin watch. All
tickets are numbered with a different
timo (hour and minute), and when
the tickets are sold the watcli will bo
started and then placed in a scaled
case. Whoever hns the ticket numbered nearest to the time the wntch
stops wlll receive the watch, whieh is
a first-class Elgin. The tickets are
selling at 25 cents each, nnd in addition to helping a worthy cause purchasers also stand a chance of obtaining a valuable watch at Uttle cost.
About midnight Friday last the fire
brigade bad another run to the residence of L, Make, on Cranbrook street
near the school, Flre started by some
means In the kitchen and the blaze
had quite a start when tlie alarm was
turned In. However it was quickly extinguished on thc arrival of thc brigade, though not before several hundred dollars of damage was done. The
loss is covered bv Insurance. Most of
thc household furniture had previously been removed from the house for
shipment to Kingsgate, to which place
the family are moving, and the origin of tbe fire Is a mystery.
We are carrying a full line of boots
and shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
About thirty of the local recruits of
tbe 22fith batt. attended service at
tho Methodist Church last Sunday
morning and presented quite a smart
appearance, The organist of tlie
church gave a short organ recitul of
military and patriotic airs which was
fully enjoyed by the men. The pastor
of the church expressed words of welcome and good wishes for tho attainment of the purpose for whieh
tliey wcre enlisted und ulso put the
church on record ns being ready to accept tho slightest suggestion of cither
the officers or men for the comfort and
happiness and welfare of tbe troops
whilst in the city.
Summons hnve been issued to-day
on a number of citizens for non-payment of dog licenses, and n number
of others wlll follow In a day or so
unless prompt payment is made.   An
To Bun-Down Nervous Women
Louisville, Ky.—"I was a nervous
wreck, and in a weak, run-down cun*
dition when a friend asked me to try
Vinol. I did so, and as a result I have
gained in health and strength. 1 think
Vinol is tho best medicine in the world
for a nervous, weak, run-down system
nnd for elderly people.*'—Mrs. W. C.
Clayton, Louisville, Ky.
Vinol is a delicious cod liver and iron
tonic without oil, guaranteed to overcome all run-down, weak, devitalized
conditions and for chronic coughs, colds
and bronchitis.
('ranbrook  Drug * Book Co.,
Cranbrootf, B.C.
About Summer Furniture, Hammocks. Etc. We have just
received a shipment of GRASS ROCKERS and HAMMOCKS, also Child's RATTAN ROCKERS and CHAIRS.
Large assortment of LADIES' BLOUSES just arrived.
This shipment contains some very beautiful garments and the
prices are very reasonable.
Every day brings something new. This week we have
On account ot the great advance of manufacturing prices
we will be compelled to advance our prices, so after May 15th
the price will be 85 cents per square yard instead of 75 cents
RE-NU-ALL FURNITURE POLISH is just the thing
to make old furniture look like new and for dusting. We have
it in 25c. and 50c. bottles.    Ask for sample
DIES at greatly reduced prices.
-Large  assortment of MID-
reduction ai\dThrift
Produce More and Save More
The Empire needs food. If you are not in the fighting line you may be in the producing line. Labour
is limited—all the more reason to do more than ever
before. Grow food for the men who are fighting for you. The Allies need all the food that
you can produce. Every little helps. You are responsible for your own work. If you
cannot produce as much as you would like, produce all you can. Work with the right
spirit. Put fighting energy into your effort and produce now when it counts. The more
you produce the more you can save.   Producing and saving are war-service.
Make Your Labour Efficient
In war-time do not waste time and energy on unimportant and unprofitable work. Economize labour.
Put off unproductive work till after the war, and, if
possible, help in producing something needed now. Let us not waste labour. Canada
needs it all. If possible help to feed the Allies. Make your backyard a productive garden.
Cultivate it with a will.   Make your labour count for as much as possible.
Do Not Waste Materials
There should be no waste in war-time.   Canada could
pay the annual interest on her war expenditure out
of what we waste on our farms, in our factories, in
Every pound of food saved from waste is as good as a pound of increased
The way for a nation to save is for every individual to save.   France is strong
The men and women of Oreat Britain are not
our homes,
to-day because of thrift in time of peace.
only " doing " but are learning to " do without,
Spend Your Money Wisely
finance the war,
better investment.
Practise economy in the home by eliminating luxuries.   Wasting our dollars here weakens our strength
at the Front.     Your savings will help Canada to
Save your money for the next Dominion War issue.   There can be no
energetic effort has been made by \
Chief Hersey to avoid this, he even I
going to tho length of a house to
house canvas, but In all cases where
payment Is not made action will be
taken. Several days grace has been
given between tbe Issuance of the
summons and the date for appearance,
and even at this late date if thc license is taken out the Chief will appear on Monday at court and withdraw
the charge. A fine of $50 and costs
Is provided for those who fall to attend to the matter. "A word to the
wise" etc.
Wanted to buy—Light auto. Write
P.  O.  Box 442.  Cranbrook. It*
Friday evening thc Cranbrook Glee
Club met at the (> an brook bote' to
celebrate and do honor to two of their
number wbo have or are about to don
the khaki, Mr. William WhltuiK who
has Joined the 226th and Mr. Horry
Ferguson who went to Calgary Saturday. A high class musical program
was carried out, being one of the outstanding programs of tlie year. Mr.
Harry Ferguson was tlio soloist, Mr.
William Whiting rendered a composition of his own making, "Farewell,
Mr. Friends, Country and All." U la
needless to say the number was vociferously applauded. A duet concluded
the musical numbers, n rendition from
Pagllccacl, Messrs. T. E. South and 0.
Lunn being the soloists. Refreshments
were served concluding a most pleasant evening.
Spring Salmon
Fresh Halibut
and Codfish
Fresh Killed Meats and Poultry
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
In tlie Matter of the "Land Registry
Act" and In the Mitter of Lot 2,
Work 29, and Lot 1 Block 34 o( Lat
132, Oroup 1, Kootenay District,
Province of Brltlsii Colombia, Hap
JOHNSTON—In Wynllffe nn tlio 4tli
Ini*., to Mr. and Mts. (Ins Johnson,
a daughter.
TAKE NOTICE! that an Application
(3693-1) has been made to register
Oortrude Frances Blackman as owner
ln fee simple of the above lots under
a Conveyance to her from Baynes
I.ako Land Company Limited, date 30th
day of December 1914 and that unless
within 30 days from tho date of the
lllrst publication hereof you tlle In this
ollice a caveat or Certificate of Lis
I'cndenB I shall register the aatd Gertrude Frances Blackman as owner In
I    Dnted at the Und Registry Ofllce,
Nelson, this 14th day of April, 191B.
SAM'L. lt. ROE,
District Registrar.
To all to whom It may concern.
Date of tlrst publication 2?th day of
April, MM. »'-«•
Ortitlrato of Imprerrauat
"Ethel" Fr„ "Alta" Fr, "Badger",
"Fox" and "Deer" Fr. Mineral Claims,
situate In the Fort Steele Mining Division of East Kootenay District.
Where located—On the Sullivan Hill,
Kimberley, B, C.
Take Notice that the Consolidated
Mining & Smelting Co. of Canada, Limited, Free Miner's Certificate No.
90141B, Intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Minim
Recorder for a Certlflcato of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Oranta of the above Claims.
And Further Take Notice that action
under Section 85 must be commenced
before the Issuance of auch Certificate
of Improvements.
Date* IMa lat day af April, MM.


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