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Cranbrook Herald Jul 18, 1907

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Leg.slat.te Library
VOliUM*-   10
OttANBUOOK,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA.   THURSDAY,  .ll.'.V    18,   1»07
B. K. WAIKER, Prealdent
A1.KX  LAIKH, Gei.ei.l Manage!
A. H. IKKLAND, Superintend.ut ol
.vrtiiusliiD imi
Pdd-up Capital, 110,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, • 113,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, andln Ihe Unite" SUtei and Elf-It*
Deposits nl *. nnd iii-nviiiils received, nnd total-cat allowed *l
current ni.es.. The Uepositor i» Hiililcct lo no delay wlu.ta.ar ta
lhc wlllulruwiil ol lhc whole or any portion ol Ihe deaoatt.
Cranbrook Branch,    -      F. C. MALPAS, Manager
Important to Railroad Men
A '-..nil! so... will indemnify
yon   iigniiist   all   kiiuls   nf
Our policies contain llie wiriest
ninl   most   liU-rnl   conditions.
Ke.il Estate CKANBROOK, B. C. Insurance
.liiHt reee'veil, u sliiiimant of
Il Is it Liquid Compound that will destroy Inserts uml Flics,
Tat- it nu your t'tillle ami Hogs.
I'se il about your Poultry llum-en.
It is (jnnmiilectl in protect Horses nml Ottttle from Hies nml
vermin; in kill Lieu on Cuttle am) Hogs; lo exterminate Poultry
I louse Vorniin; lo uradlwtte Km. Burb. Coekrom*lma and like linuae-
In.I.l --ests when used according to direetioiiR.
Put up in 75c. nnd $1,50 patented screw top tins
Punas 7.
Dl.pea.lai la our .penally
I   Community Silver
4-       We luivo jusl received n shipment of tho well-known and widely
2       ttdvorlised Community Silver.
I Tlie priee <>( there irnoda eompnrefl very tavtoal.lv with other
$       well-known hrnndaof Silver plate.
Cull in nnd have n look al it an.l get our prices,
WO       IVIf   COIV Jeweler arid
.    fl.    TT ILlOvll. Graduate  Upl.plan
*********************** **********************
********************** **********************
* PHONE ,% -	
_— '      " I ancy ant) Staple Groceries
Hon'l ['"f-i tlml il..- STRAWBERRY season will soon
...< over,   Un are lieailquarlnn f... FRUITS, "'> leave your
''■■«'■" Railroad Watches
Must ...uv hav.. "Adjusted lo
l-'ive Positions" ougravetl 011
llii-iii to n..'1't willi ihe require-
.....iis nl' ll... I'. I'. It. tin..- sir
vi.'i-. If you nro ut nil interest.
ml ur tliiiiiiinu of buyingnwiitcli
null in iiii.I lot us sltow tin-in to
Oillclnl Watch Inspector lorO. P. it.
Crow's Nest I'.ihh Division
* * *f*******************
< j        IF VOU WANT
I1, o. mix um
Iti'imiring a Specialty
Aiki-ns Mock, Crnnlironk
WANTED- I'lisiiion in ollice liy
eomiu-U-nt man. lldixl relerences.
Apply to A. J, Moreitli, Uranhtook,
P. 0. 6 M
VI. llnrrinvftoH
Hatiery — |l...t..u,
II   M.irtiii 	
II. l.yiiick 	
0. itiiindi-s 	
C. llrnndes 	
0. Anderson 	
B. Si.rles 	
IV. (iilismi 	
1>. Vntes 	
Tlie games tile pnst week lmve been
of gooil spirit ami Inst enougti to
please (lie mosl cnthuslastlo tan.
Tlio sliops nre coming to the trout
iinil ...ay make a difference ... tin-
slan.lins williin .lie nest ten ilnys.
'I'he Interest in lhe games is on the
increase, ami tlio chance for a ''""•
tinunnco "f good sporl is Assured.
Saturday afternoon a match game
was played between tho Wycliffn team
an.l a pi.-U-tl tea... i.f t'raiil.rool;it.-s
and resulted lu a victory for the latter liy a score of 21 to 10. The
game was a ra..ji.'il one throughout,
the piichers helng very wild nt times
anil .lie fielding so erratic ttial not
only the snectntors hut the playc.s
themselves lost interest In the
triune. None „[ the players on either
learn seemed to lie in good form and
the rt'suli, with lhe exception ol tlie
lirst Inning, wns due more to giiod
luck, than to superior playing on the
purl nl the Orarrbrookitcs.
Tl.e visitors were the lirst at hat
.....I went down in one, two, three,
order ami tilings looked favorable
for n good game, hut- when Cran-
InnoL. wenl to hat the balloon ascension stalled nnd tl.e Wyclilti. pitcher
was liil nt. will lur one, two nnd
three l.nses, ami the inning closed
will, (he score ol lll-o. Then everybody settled down to business and
Cranlirook scored three goose eggs in
succession, while the visitors succeeded in getting a man over the home
plnte once in lhe third and once In
Ihe fourth. In the filth Cranbrook
succeeded in placing two more to
their ereilil an.l shutting out the visitors and the score stood 12-3. Then
(he fireworks started again and
everybody went In the air and when
the Inst man was retired in Ihe sixth
and the dust had settled snillelenlly
lo see lhc bulletin board the score
was 17-7. The same was too much
ol an up-hill nne for Ihe visitors and
although they put up a hard light lo
the finish thev onlv aeiiuired throe
more scores while Cranbrook aiMi-d
four lo their credit.
.1. McCallum
!•'. Marshall
I7!   Johnson
.li.r-l llcwl
I!   I.owv.l.v
I    Itiilhi,'
S    Mile.,,,
.1 ('   Reed
I Mcpherson
II Knttlmer
.1 McNeil
flntterv—.Inck lUwl .."I • !•■
1 " 'i i -
Offices .. IMI n i
Slions 1 :. :! ii
I lilliir,— I.   Ilni."-'.
tiie mint?,
W. Bunion 	
CI. Sutherland'....
.1. Heed 	
IV.  Ik-Beck 	
E, .lolii.si.ii 	
M. Miller 	
O. .lolgenseu 	
..B. II.
.. 7 2
.. 7 :i
.. 7 :i
57   2!i   21
.lorei-iisi-i.   and
A 11. II. II.
... 5
.... 5
... S
Hi. lilies.
1.  H  1»
i. I.ydtck nn.l   Sur-
18 8 45B780     R
li.......... .2-s-i-:i-,_3|
Umpire—l. Hates.
Fourth league game played .Inly
12. betwivii Clerks an.l ('. !>. H. of-
. Duffield ,.   .
IV. tlairiimii.il
11.  Wilson  .
W. Burton
IV. Spencc
IV, Lnldlaw ...
W. Flcloher .
A.B  II. H.
ail   7
-ii-.iiiiufcii.ii .....1 itiui.,.i.
C 1> II. Offices
II. I'ulp 	
Bouohie .. .
McKay ... .
II. Wilson 	
-. Seoll	
I.   Mi'Calliini
A.II. 11. II.
.'(7     8     8
Battery—MaPtUum and Yrandle.
Umpire—.1. llitl.'s.
1 3 8 4 5 « T    11
Clerks        n-a-.t-0-u-0-.i- a
Offices       o-l-O-i-o-'i-n- a
fUili lea.'...'   it-.imo played .luly ill,
between Clerks and Town.
W lleB.'ct
W. llnr.jnglon
W II.  Wilson .
W. Burton 	
- Carroll    . ,
w. Spencc   ...
F Duffield ...
W Lnldlaw 	
IV. t'l.-tcl.rr
F, it. Anderson 	
Win. Biirlnn 	
...  .Ini-ir.-useii 	
M. Miller 	
■ I. Myers 	
... Fulton 	
.1. Ui-nderson  	
II. Louie 	
—. dresser 	
a ii. ii n
... 4     3     2
Bin Ion
11     It
II. R.
a a
i i
a l
i n
a a
i n
a l
i l
l l
34   13     tl
.lorgensen and
Bit litery—Anderson
12 3 4 5 3 7    R
Clerks  l-IMI-l-tl-3-2- fl
Town  n-O-2-l-B-O-B—. 0
Umpire—E. H. Small.
Sixth league match nlnvtil between
C. P. R. Offices nml Shops.
Offices A.B. 11. R.
II. Wilson   3    0    0
.1- McDonell   3    0    0
II. Oulp   3    0    0
C. McCowan   3    (I    0
O. Sutherland   3    0    0
F. McKay 3   0    Q
Following is tlie
(or tlie local lengue
Clerks vs. C. I>. It
Town vs. C. P. R.
Shops vs. Town ...
Offices vs. Clerks ..
Town vs. Clerkpi 	
Offices vs. Shops ...
Clerks vs. Shops ...
Town vs. Offices ... ,
Shops vs. Town 	
Offices vs. Clerks ..
Town vs. Clerks ...
Offices vs. Shops ...
Clerks vs. Shops ...
Town vs. Oflloi-s ...
Shops vs. Town ... .
Offices vs.  Clerks ...
Town vs. Clerks 	
Offices vs. Shops 	
Clerks vs.  Simps  ...
Town vs. Offices 	
Shops vs. Town ...
Offices vs. Clerks ...
Town vs. Clerks ....
OfliocK vs. Shops ...
of In.
. Sho
.Ink 3
• lulv  8
.lulv' to
...luly ia
■ luly IT,
.lulv 17
lulv 111
....luly 23
• lull' 21
..li.lv 2.1
. .I.llv   2.1
...lulv 21
.. Aug 2
..Aug.  "
■ Aug.
Aug. 12
Aug. II
Aug. Ill
Aug, HI
A int. 21
-Aug. 23
A..-..-. 3.1
•Tiod game
N.'xt Tuesday evening there iiill be
ne ol tin. hottest games .hat hns
yet lieen played. F. K. Simpson,
manager of' the Herald, suggestc.}
that two leattis he selected l.v E. II.
Small and .lames llnl.'s, lhc official
umpires ot lhc locnl league, nml Hint
the Herald eompnny w.miti niv.- n
year's subscription to ll.c members ol
the winning team. Tin- .i.-n ptovetl
a most popular one nnd yesterday-
Mr. Small and Mr. Boles e..t togeMieq
at the Cosmopolitan hotel nnd tossed
up for the first choice of ,i battery.
Mr. Small won Ihe loss .....1 selected
Messrs. Burton ami Harrington.
Bales I ben look McCallum nml Mll-
Thon nlternating each selected
tl.e rest of his team nn.l tbey stand
as follows:
Burton. pitcher; Harrington,
catcher; Sutherland, 1 st base; .las.
Beed, 2nd base; Antics..... 3rd base;
I. Reed, short stop: llelleck, left
Held; Myers, center liold; Henderson,
right field: Spenee, spare.
McCallum, pitcher, Miller, t-nl.-li.'.;
Fulton, 1st base; Scott, 2nd base:
Watson, 3rd base; Jurgenscn, short
stop; Johnson, left field; McKlnstry,
center field; .1, J. McDonell, riglil,
field; A. Wilson, spare.
As llie players selected nre among
tlie best tbat have developed .since
ball playing started, il goes without
saying that tl.e game will I... one of
the liveliest that has ever been played Ihis season. Already Ilif friends
of bofli sides are expressing opinions,
and there will lie it big crowd present to see the contest. Messrs.
Small and Bales will look after their
own learns .....I do all in lllclr power
to win out. A. McCallum, the official scorer, will keep tl.e tally as
.1    n.l.K.H.     Wl.     .1. LEWIS, ..I'll UtYS. II.I.E.  LOSE"   THEIR
Lasl Tucsdny    morning .1. McLcod
and .1   Lewis, two employes ..I   tho
tl.itt-.nlli-  s II,-i.   sin...il   i.i  ii'nss
iln- si. Marys river nt that lown t..
'!.. •' nm.'  spectlns ...i Hie opposite side 'I'lfi left word tlml Ihev
would I..- bark    Ihal night,    as thej
were In g.      sliill ni .!„. smeltcl
nl ll o'clock Hul when they Inlietl
tn turn up ll tins conceded Ihal they
lin I tailed l<> gol lin.-l. i'i..tn tlu-ii
i.in until niter dm l. nml l,.,.I In hi
duI for lhe night. In the morning,
ns nothing had been heard Irom the
men, II wns al His. thought Ihcy
lind te..' ovei ll.o mountain lo Perry
Creek Later Ihcy started to look
f... ihe boat on the opposite side ...
Hie rive., but H could ..,.1 bo seen.
Searching pnrlles wero organized nml
Inle in lhc evening U.e body of Jlc
Lend was found about two miles he-
low llu. smeller nn a snnd bur. nnd
iii-iir it wns Ibe boni upturned.   Tl.e
body i.f Lewis li;,s mil yet been .'....ml
The body ol McLcod wns brought to
Crnnhronk .... tin, Irnln Ibis utter
.....ui nnd taken In lleaiiv's ii.iilcrtr.k-
iim parlors, McLcod is Il.n son ..f
wenllby pnrcnls lu Scotland, n.i.l i.
Is said ll.nl lie Ims n enlilic ivif-' Ihere
ONE     OF      THR       SKAIK'IIEHS
At  3.311 ibis nfteinnon a telephone
messes ....'     to  Hie  Herald      nu
.iiiiiiii'iin: ll.nl n stranger wl... had
Joined llm searoblng party, I" the
nttempl to ivnile the river ... Marys
villi' wns     swept off     bis fi.-t     nn.l
drowned nl I 2.3(1    o'clock.     This
body bus mil yet hceli n-eovcieil nml
no one seems ... know II... itninrlun-
nlu iiinn's name. lie was told not
lo nttempl In wade the slieam hut
persisted in doing so.
Tlif clly council mel In regular session lasl evening willi llu* mavor al
liis homo in Kimhcrtey nml Alderman
flill in llu* chair. Aldermen Ryan,
Fin)-, HlcbpnlioUmm and McCowan
wero present. There was very Utile
lnisiin'Ns nf tin por tu nee presented, and
although there was considernhle dismission, the meeling adjourned by
11 o'clock.
Tlie tpiesl'ion of scavenger came up
on the read ng of --, Idler from n
gentleman in Winnipeg who wns desirous of coming to Cranhrook and
engage in Mm tmsiness if it paid. "It
paid one man $:tn(l a nighl," some
voice murmured, nml then tho litlga-
li.ni Inlwi'i-n VanUecnr anil Stewart
was called to mind, Tho clerk wns
Instructed lo notify tho gentleman
Hint- t'lioro was nn opening in Cranhrook for a scavenger who would not
require a mortgage on the town for a
week's work.
A notice of the C. V. It. that they
would turn lhe waste water along the
railway thick north lo tlie flowing
walcr on lhe prairie wns referred to
n committee.
There was considerable discussion
nhoul games of chance, and expert
opinions were received from several
present, and il was Anally decided
thai Black -lack was nol a game of
chance, so far as the player was
concerned, so no longer will be heard
in lhe quiet hours of the night, "Hit
me again and take it."
The fire and police committee was
nuthoriTfll to put in a stunt! pipe for
ihe sprinkling cart. ,
A committee composed of Aldermen Fink, Hiekenbotham and OHl
was appointed to select furniture for
the new nfliccs iu the government
Alderman Hickenhothnm wanted)
something done in the way of buying
Ibe water works, but ns there was
no money in sight the matter was
left over until next week.
The Norlh Stars, of Klko, visited
Wardner in quest of a friendly game
nf tmll, which was duly awarded
tbem, in the result. Local fans declare it lo be tbe hesi game ever
witnessed on ihe local diamond. Tho
bailie opened in lhe l|,s' inning,
when Roby. for tbe visitors, not only
succeeded in connecting safely, but
was allowed to pilfer second and
third and score on a single by THrtz.
The second bTought belter results tor
llie locals, two runs being 'allied by
Fletcher and Wncksmlth- The name
was one continuous soramblo from
start to finish. Several turns the
visitors tried hard to break ihe
score, but only to die hard, Mow-
ever, their last opportunity presented
Itself in lhe sixth, when victory for
the locals was almost turned to defeat, but being unable to connect
safely at the b'at it did noi materialize, .lust to cinch matters the
locals added two more runs in the
seventh and eighth. Then the game
passed Into history ns one of the
most hotly contested names ever pulled off here. Tlie fenturo of Ihe
game was tlie twirling of Peters, for
the locals, although the visitors were
by no means novices at tlie game,
Score hv Innings:
I 2 A l 5 fl 7 H fl   R
Klko  1-0-1-IWM-fMW- A
Wardner  0-2-1 -0-1-0-0-l-x- fi
Time—1 hour ami Ail minutes.
Attendance— 2WI,
The Kpwoilh league bad n largo attendance on Wednesday evening last.
The literary department, hatl charge,
Miss Johnston took Hie chair. Readings were given by Miss fiiddcrlngs
and Mr. Baker, and all the members
responded with quota I Ions from the
various writings of Ihis great writer.
The evening was thoroughly enjoyed.
WANTED—Position by mechanical
engineer to   superintend construction
f mill buildings nnil Install mat-bin-
cry. First-class references. Apply
to Herald office. IS-M
I Imperial Bank of Canada I
Interest Paid Quarterly
Cranbrook Branch. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr. X
P__H_H_B-n_a_B___gB_S_H-_9-.'..: • ■
Art. vim tu..' of
Our Customers?
If ....I it will pay yi..1 lo li      ft'
ln-st Btoek of  Drugs,  Si Hi uu ->.
liov where you
Can Buy Cheapest
mul ----I wli-u you ask for,
Beattie & Atchison 1
The Leading Druggists and Stationers      ll
Where It Will  Pay  V..u to Deal %
}!P'ii'i'U'!-.'i--''i-:'i..:'t:-t,.'Vi:M:'-.-i-, -    -~,~-\
1 -_________________^___=_____==___= m
m m
H 40 Men wanted for work on the St.  j|
lj Marys and Kootenay River drives.  ||
m   k
m ========= I
m m
i The Crows Nest Pass Lumber Co. |
ay iu
Wages 30 cents per Hour
The Big
Midsummer Bargains
as P" ct.lt, DISCOUNT off nil BOYS  SUITS.
JS per cent. DISCOUNT off nil BOVS' WASH SI ITS.
A muiiljcr ..f sizes in 2 |>i. -■- SI ITS POR "ll V
worth $fl.5U to $12.1X1, r..r S.io:, nml *s is
...1.1  lines MKN'S PELT HATS, wurtl. $1.50 lo
$3.00,   < lur |.ri.v wl.il,- limy Insl $1.00
A few pairs MliN'S SHOES, broken Bizes $1.00
JS per cent. DISCOUNT off ill ..... NEW BLOUSES.
14 per cent. •• CHILDREN'S SHOPS.
as per cent.        '• "     LADIES' SHOES.
No .i..i«la Charged or SSont Ont on Approval at Sale
tltv Florence Nnylor Doty.)
i»h'  Life'  Mi   life, ilii.u .in sn sweet to mo.
Then m.tv I live, nml live tlml I may see,
Always ;i heltci way to ncl and be—
l .un tin in- i.li'si .if all who lilcssed are.
Then may   I know ito wny Hint I may liar
Temptation   Irom my henri, nor let it mar—
With winged feel Hie moments speed nlong,
oil! For lhe power to stay them, to prolong
The Joys; nml mnko nne everlasting song-
Let not Mn- frost ot winter, .ill loo sunn,
Kill nnt ambition, hope nnd all lhe bloom;
Hut,   stay the hour!     And irmko il always uoou-
The hours of Youth sn fast, dolh speed away,
That nil tin* coming years, are our Today,
Laugh! Laugh!   We may h,> cold in death ami Riey-
Wh.) knows how soon lhe curtain is to fall.
Ambitions, triumphs, hidden hv thai wall,
The future builds, which makes Man forget all-
Hut .Mini-    Un- present hour, and mine alone,
Then may I live n well, and never own
A heartache or regret, I eau'l alone—
New ami Strictly Ki rat-Class
American Plan, $2.50 per day up
Telephone 2u86
I'HAs. Haktxbv, Proprietor.
Cor. Seymour ami Cordova Sis.
0|(|.o.leC. I'. It, Stutlon
Vancouver, B. C.
*********************< ^^^^^^^^^^^
I la*- fliiuinij.l liiiml...   Mum. M. K i i-ci.ink in )>roiirietoi-eHS.   'Nnff eel.
********************** **********************
SOUS 1! It Y
P. McCUNNELL. Mawitr
On the Kootenay.   The centre of the
beautiful country south of Wardner
B. C.
*%*%*%*%*% m.amammmam amAmammmaXamaa. _AA_A__ A__A_kA_k_k_k_kA_fc___k_fc_fc_fc-_AA_fc
I Inly three uf 'em left.
The uue illustrated we consider a l>.-ir-!.-iiii at
Telephone No, ii and it will
ho delivered.
♦♦♦♦♦♦ ***********
Wholesale Wines, Liquors and Cigar*
Impitriers uf
,01111 STItATHCONA ON Al.l. It Kill III
.1.  IIII.I. till Nil
The Painters and Decorators
Large Stock of Latest Designs and Colorings
in Wall Papers
Phone III       AKMSTRONO AVENUK  P.O. Box 3"
*-**, —mmmmaam%mmmmmmmmmtmmmm4ma% AA_AA_AA__A4| mjAma*a*m*mmmmmmmmmmmaammma*m
London, .luly IL—Lord Strathcona,
ti'ivii-witl i.n Saturday, discussed
with enthusiasm the All-Red route I
from Great Britain via Canada to,
Australia and New Zealand,
Tin* Canadian high commissioner is,
full of ardor for the now scheme; j
hopeful of its early realization, confident of its success nnil of the Immense benefits it will bring to iln*
Hriiish Empire,
As outlined by Lord Strathcona,
the lirst part of the scheme Is a
twenty-four or twenty-live knot service of steamers between Liverpool
and Halifax—shortening Hie voyage
-.cross the Atlant'ie by two days or
more. Tlie distance from Liverpool
io Halifax is 2,'150 nautical miles.
The distance would be covered by 25
km.I boats in about four days. Lord
Stratlieona said that for a 211-knot
service four boats would be required,
whereas throe boats would he sufficient with a speed "t 2"i knots. Three
twenty-four knot bouts would not.
eos-t much more to build than four
twenty-knot boats. The idea is that
there should be a  weekly service.      A
twenty-five Uni hunt, supposing it
left (lie.it Britain on n Saturday,
would arrive in Halifax ou lhe follow in-.* Wednesday, ami would be
able in slarl on the return voyage
by ibe following,Saturday.
Lord Stratlieona is a convinced believe! iu the value of tbe scheme as
a bond of empire, "lu tliis enterprise," lie said, "there is no question
of preference in the usual acceptation
of lhe term. It will he no one-sided
project, but will prove mutually beneficial to the colonies and to tbe
moi ber country, It will bring the
mother country into closer alliance
with ihe colonies, make them nearer
ueiubbors, and hotter known to each
other, and therefore wanner friends.
To 12,(1 from London to the Pacific
in eight days would have been looki'd
upon as a dream ten years ago. Hy
accelerating ihe spew! nu sea aud
laud, as suggested, it ean now be
realized. This scheme will make
Halifax, which bas one nf the finest
harbors iu the world, the chief port
of entry for express services between
lhe Old World and the North American continent. This will be good for
Canada, aud of the greatest possible
genera*! advantage to ihe Mother
"It in said that the route to Hall-
fax would not be safe in winter lie-
cause uf the fogs off Cape Race.
"The best answer to that i.s that
for at least one-half of its existence
the Cunard company used tbe Liverpool lo Halifax route with perfect
safety. As tn Halifax itself it possesses the finest and safest harbor in
the world, with tbe possible exception nf Sydney, New South Wales."
As Lord .Strathcona explained, travelers and mails by this route could
be liinileil and delivered in New York
one full working day before they
coiibl reach there by steamer direct.
Nol only so, but Ihcy could reach
(■llicagn, and other points in the west
and northwest mueh sooner relatively. As tu the direct journey through
Camilla. Uie journey from Halifax to
Vancouver could he covered by express train under tbe best possible
conditions of modern travel iu about
four days. The distance l-etweeu
Halifax and Montreal-768-would lie
covered at Ibe rale of fifty-live or
sixty miles an hour.
Lord Strathcona considers that
this new empire route will not he
confined to a passenger and freight
service. The charges for freight will
not be such as to prevent a goods
trallie of the lighter and also of the
more costly classifications. It will
enormously facilitate the interchange
of Bfitisli commerce with Canada,
aud will also bring tbe Orient nearer
to (Jreat- Britain. Yokohama will he
brought within about eighteen days
of London; Britain's commercial interests -in Japan and China will
greatly benefit , and the British position will be immensely strengthened
for the severe light which is coming
for the possession of eastern markets. The new service will provide a
splendid alternative route lo the
east.     II, for instance, it were   no*
ssary to move troops t|ulek.lv to
India, the way through Canada under
tlie new conditions would be nf the
Utmost strategical value.
Lord Strathcona is equally Interested in the Pacific part of the
scheme, iu regard to which Canada is
also prepared to contribute ber proportion. New Zealand and Australia
bulb welcome lhe All-Red route, hut
they want at least 2fi-knot boats on
the Pacific, which would shorten the
journey by about three days and a
half as between Vancouver and Australia, aud hy about eight day-- as
between London and Australia. Sir
Joseph Ward held out hopes that
New Zealand would contribute at
least £10(1,0(10 a year, and the Commonwealth would doubtless give proportionately. Canada is ready with
a contribution equal to lhat of the
t'nited Kingdom fnr the new service
to Halifax.
"The sum necessary will not Ih- too
great an    amount for Great Britain
10 pay," said Lord Strathcona, "for
the vast benefits which the service
wnuld bring. Ami Canada could
well afford It. Canada is exceedingly
prosperous, anil iis prosperity will
not be evanescent. It will last and
grow. Oreat as has been Ibe prosperity nf the Oominlnn in the past
decade, tin- rate of progress will instill more rapid in ihe future. See
how rapidly the ('lifted States has
increased in population ami In industrial progress during the last, fjunrter
of a century. Progress in Canada
will be comparatively more rapid
than in the 1'nited States. Things
move altogether more quieklv in lhe
twentieth cetiturv than in tlie latter
part of the nineteenth. Canada is n
country   with     a magnificent future.
11 is onlv just beginning to recognize
its provincial greatness.
"Already the enormous agricultural
expansion in the northwest is accompanied by industrial development
in eastern Canada. This Industrial
development will continue at an accelerated  pace.     The industries     of
iinada are only in their Infancy,
Oenerous ns is the appreciation in
((rent Britain of the potentialities of
Canada," said Lord Strathcona, "it.
i.s mv firm conviction that they are t
under-estimated. The future of the manager
Dominion and  the great part it    is, rail way
The manner in which .lames .1. Hill
tbe great railway magnate, gained
bis present wife is told by tin* Catholic Tribune iti the following Interesting account.
With a number of other young men
In* hoarded ul tlio    Merchants' hotel
n.'ar the levee    In St. Paul, a hotel
tlml is still in existence.    This ram-
any always s.it together at one largi*
ibie. ami as they   were most prohibit- guests, lliey received the services
f llu* best   waitress     in Uie   bouse,
Miss Man- Mcheg.
I'tetty daughter u
i .1 Irishman, who
repairer ami clean
I rcss Mary was *
est and wholeson
tv, and bad the r
the young ami
a jolly whole-soul-
undo bis living   us
I of clothes. Mis-
sensible aud mod-
■ as she was prcl-
-pcctful admiration
..! everyone in tlie bouse.
After three yens' service Mary
Mih.'uan one day disappeared. The
guests at the bachelors' "round
table" were tremendously disturbed
and  fell almost      in  ,i   body on      the
"I   llilll11   kllOW      where  she's gOtlC,"
declared that functionary; "she simply scut notice tbat she was going to
Nor did any mie else know where
ibe yotlllg lady bad gone, nor why.
Later tbe rumor spread that she was
to be married and bad gone away to
a convent in Milwaukee for a year or
two tn prepare herself for her duties
as a wife. This proved t-o be true.
But whom was she going to marry'.'
The baelielors at the round table concerned themselves seriously over the
question, ami eyed one another in
grim suspicion. ' Tbe answer tu this
Clinic ou Augusl 2U, 1*807, when there
appeared in the St. Paul Daily Press
lhe following simple notice;
"MARRIER-Ycst.-rdnv morning In
this citv by Rev. Father Osier, M-
.lames .1. Hill to Miss Mary Theresa
Mary Mehegnn hns fulfilled the promise of her youth. Krom the day
she entered the modes! little frame
cottage iu which ihe Hills began
their married life until today, when
she is mistress of the great eat house
in St. Paul she has always been the
same sweet, gentle, refined woman.
Unaffected, she has cone through the
grontesl test to which character can
be put—the passage from extreme
poverty to extreme wealth. She has
proved! herself a true gentle woman,
modest and full of warm-hearted
charity. No details of her beneficence ever gel abroad except now and
I hen lhose who profit by her kindness
break silence in spile of ber. With
tbe same common-sense llial nlwnys
'•baiacti-ri'/ed her. she has never at-
tempted (o hide the story of her oil-
gin, and the lowliest of her relations
are always given a hearty    welcome
. 20 |i
•e  May
•I Mav
•el. (no
i stage
i     that
ton. II,
New York, July 12.—By a decision
of .ludge Amend iu special sessions
of Ibe supreme court, which was made)
nubile yesterday, former Senator
William A. Clark must account tor
all the dealings nf tlie Culled Verde
Copper {-ompaiiv, involving more
than $3fffi,flOO,fH)0. The decision
cmnes after eight years of litigation
as th.* result nf n suit brought by
George A. Tread wet I for the minority stockholders.
According to Charles \V. Demnnd,
counsel (or Tread well, the Investigation which the court orders will show
Dial Senator Clark now derives an
Income of $25,000,000 from the Culled
Verde, much of whieh Demnnd says,
should have been turned over to
Treadwell. The United Verde, which
is one of the richest mines in the
world is located iu Arizona.
•fudge Amend in his ruling says
lhat the sale of the properly of the
United Verde Copper company to a
reorganization company for $fr0fl,000,
although the property is valued at
$00,000,000, was illegal and that the
property shall revert to the ordinal
This sale, according to Treadwell,
was made for the purpose of freezing
him out, for the reason that his (120
shares, instead nl being rated at
$fi(M) a share, which be says Is their
real value, would be valued at only
about %A n share.
Lieutenant Colonel Burnley Campbell, au Englishman, claims the record after completing tin* circle of the
world in I" days and 10£ bonis.
When .lutes Verm* sent his famous
hern of romance, Phinens Fogg, ou a
lour trf the world be allowed bim
only su days, bul lh.it was in 1872.
According to the two time schedules,
bulb of which were extraordinary for
their day,   Campbell    came out     a
whole lap ahead nf his piedcci'ssoi,
but Ihe lines of fast travel have
changed vastly In 35 years*.
Campbell started westward from
England, Phlneos Fogg traveled eastward, Campbell crossed con I incuts
bv rail which Pbme.is Fogg was compel led to skirl by water, And final
Iv, Ciinplrt'll's account of bis journey
is as prosy as a linn-table. Tlml of
Ubiiieas Fogg abounds In hulrhrendth
escapes ami thrilling adventures by
land and sea.
|-cnviii« Liverpool Mav 3 al
u-...    Campbell reached    cjueh
tu and sailed     i i Vaiicouv
to.    lie spenl    nearlj    n w
much mi the Atlantic \merlcan
of his   jnmnev,   which   suggests
his record could be easily beati
savs be was onlv seven davs crossing
ihe Pacific lo Yokohama. From
there it look nearly lliteo days to
Vladivostok and in days from Vladivostok In MOSCOW. He passed
through Warsaw June 11, Berlin
June 12, Ostein) June l'l, and arrived
al Dover nl 2,50 o'clock thai nftcr-
liooii. of tin* six-hour imp frnm
Dover to Llveri 1 he takes no account, Ilis only mishap was when
his steamer ran nground In a dense
fog iu Ihe sea of Japan. Fortunately the ship Honied uu the tide and so
he was saved from missing liis railroad connection nl Vladivostok and
so losing four days. On the whole,
ii looks as if, everything being favorable, lhe Dip tnuld he made iii 35
Now, Pbineas Fog}* was represented
as making a bet'of 20,00(1 pounds
over a whisl table in lhe Reform
club iu London ihal be could make a
tour of the world in HU davs. lie
took wiib liim 2ii,iiiio pounds iu his
handbag, and his French valei Passepartout. Leaving London October 2,
1872, at 8.15 p. m. he crossed Europe
and reached Suez hy steamer from
Brindisi on October 11. Thence by
steamer, he landed at Bombay October 30, expected to cross India bv
rait to Calcutta, but found a stretch
of load unfinished; bought an elephant
for 2uiMt pounds; encountered a procession of natives about to burn
olive the beautiful young widow of an
old rajah; having twelve hours !<>
spare, decided In rescue her and did,
wilh the aitl of Passepartout, and
■aught bis steamer for Horn* Kong al
Wyoming, keeping his past secret ami
permitting his friends to believe ho
was a bachelor.
A sliorl time after the Slii'lgors
separated, the wife and mother died
and Nellie was adopted hy a family
named Cooper, which 11111111' she as-
icd when she grew up.
ord  "Canada" first, recorded
lie reached Singapore
20 days after leaving L
his steamer nt Hong K<
mistake;   chartered'    a
llg tin
boarded      the      Shnnghal-Y     	
r    leaving   the    Chinese port
from Japan November 11   am
n San   Francisco    December -
ing ihe plains, he was about   V
.1 due! nn the tars with a west
loiicl   when Hie  train  was    at
Vancouver, July 13.—Despite
threatening weather the citizens of
Vancouver came out bv thousands tonight to greet Premier McBride on
his return to the metropolis of Dm
The welcome was devoid of any political feeling. Conservatives " ami
Liberals joined alike in lhe welcome.
The procession, headed by the
mnvor ami the citv council, numbering fully luoo paraded through tlie
principal streets, winding up at the
drill hall. There Mayor Rethuue formally welcomed the premier nnd Mr.
McBride replied.
The premier's address wns tree
from partisan flavor, Mr. McBride
stating that iu lhe representation of
the province's claim at- London he
had endeavored to represent the interests uf the whole province without
regard tn any thought of political
standing and Impressed upon his hearers the meaning of the striking nut of
the words "final and unalterable
from Ihe terms suggested hy the provincial premiers.
In Ihe afternoon McBride was en
tliuslnslicnlly receive"! at New West
minster, like noii-parlisau honors lie
lllg evident iu the reception.
was i
fill  c _^_^_^_^—-______-_—■
tacked by the Sioux. Pnsseportout,
lifter incredible feats of daring, was
captured by the savages, and afler
more incredible feats of bravery rescued bv bis master, hut a dav was
lost by the adventure. Slill Pbineas
Fogg arrived in New York December
11, and on December 21 entered the
Reform dub just in seconds ahead of
time to win his hot. He had spent
the best part of his 20,0(10 pounds en
route, bul hatl won fnr his wife the
beautiful young Indian bride.
With all respect tn Lieutenant
Colonel Burnley Campbell, he traveled like a Cook tour isl on a through
ticket doing the world. Bui Pbineas
Fogg was a man of invention and
iron nerve; he blazed trails where
none existed and braved seas where
old captains' hearts railed tbem.
Campbell is a very respectable globe
trotter, a Britisher of regular habits
and a proper regard for punctuality,
but Pbineas Fogg, slow .is his lour
around the world mav now seem, was
the sort of stuff that heroes of
romance and melodrama are made of
and lhat later generations lov
follow and applaud.
New Westminster, July 10.—A
quantity of glass sand has been
brought here. The locator will not.
divulge the locality where he found
it until the sand can he thoroughly
tested. Should the article prove il"-
self suitable for making glass it will
be the onlv deposit nf its class in
Canada. Heretofore all sand nf that
kind has been imported from England
and  Belgium.
C. P. R.
Calgary,    July IS.—P.    W. Peters,
nf   the   Canadian    Papiflc
met    the local wholesaler!*
destined to piny in Ihe history of the [ami manufacturers here.     The meet-
world will, I believe, surpass all   ex- i»g was closed to the press, but it, is
peetataon.    In the brief space of flftv , known to have been said that   there.   .^...-....*      *,., „,, „,.,,,„■.,
years Canada will have a population   will be an adjustment lu freight rates'vears ago in the cast and separated ' —
equal to that     nf tlie   United King-   throughout Western Canada and Brit-  from his wife, who was given       the     Man to contract for snivlug lath al,
doui, and by the    end of the present  >«h Columbia shortly. custody of their little blue-eyed girl   our    Jafiray mill.      For particulars
century its population will lie double'    It is known here that this means a'Nellie.    Sini-*er began roaming about', apply lo   North    Star Lumber com-'
that of the United Kingdom today."   large decrease la the rates. -the country and    finally settled     iu pany, Elko, B. 0. 15-t!
Riverlon, Wyo., July 13.~Erastus
Siuiger, a well known and wealthy
ranchman nf this section, and always
considered a bachelor by his friemls
nn.l acquaintances, recently been unengaged to marry his own daughter,
and their relationship was onlv discovered when tbey were about to be
married. Slnlgcr's daughter is Mrs.
Nellie Farmer, a handsome widow of
about. 30 years.
The denouement occurred at tin1
home of a friend of Mis. Farmer near
Anaconda, Mont,, where tin* wedding
ceremony was to have taken place.
Siuiger became engaged to Mrs.
Farmer through an pastern matrimonial agency, .und he did nol limfulre
loo closely 'into ber past life. She
slated lhat she wa;; a young and
gnod-Iuoking widow nf kooiI character and thai her homo was In Port
land, Oregon,
Sllifgi 1 did nut ro into details as
lo his pnsl life, nnd admits hoivfug
misrepresented his ngo when corresponding Willi |||s daughter, She expected to meet a mtir'
than she did.       MiL^__^^^^^_
When the couple met at  the 1 ie nf
Mrs. Farmer's friend, Slnlgor thought!
the face of bis prospect ive bride bulked familiar and (or a day be tried lo
recall where Inj had seen the young
Woman before. The features of the
pretty widow haunted bim, but bo did
not dare to nsk questions that mkht
seem pertinent until an hour before
the ceremony. Then he requested
Mrs. Farmer to open the booti of her
Winn the story was finished, Siuiger
exclaimed,    with tears   iu bis    eyes:
You are    my long lost daughter; I
m your fa titer."
Mrs. Farmer looked nt her father a
moment and then fainted.
The minister     whn had been .sum-.
nunied to perform the ceremony   was
dismissed, but he was glvcp a    substantial fee just tbe same. |
According    lo Siuiger, ho married
II   il.'       Pi
a I   with
Multiloba  1
Seidell m-ii1i
in    Canada  in
u enterprise,  Hi0fi,
■unit    sett leil P
t Mined mi  bv 12:
undei Lord Selkirk.
beaver  liisl   appi-a
t.   lo    Su   U 1Ll1.1t
newspapei published in BrlHsii
America was il»* lliililn.
March 23, 1752,
French   ue.wsp
,ov. 22,  IKIlli.
1 per—Le Cann
paper iu Canada*
•,1-r—in 18-Hi.
omaii    Cnlholl
is M. ih* Laval,
1 bishop
I fiat!.
llilll ill ll
.1 in 1850.
st   Ci
il   I'.
First Ci
church built in C,
.al Hills.
mi     Lai
built ia   Can
ad.i,  BI        	
Firsl  steamship  to cross the
liiutic was the  Royal William,
Quebec, 1853.
First steal
river. 1809.
,cr on the St. Lawrence
First 0, P. R.
onliiient, July 12
August "»
lirst laid ia Canada
ssngu    sent to Vic
, KSU8.
America, 1852,   be
swicki and P. E. I.
First   cable me
toria. Augusl 12
First cable iu
twou New  Dun
Canada's lirst telegraph line built
in 1SIt; between Toronto and Nia
Firsl cable message from Camilla ti
Australia, October 31, 11102,
First copy of Torotib
ssucd, March 5, 1811.
Daily Globe
1 them   railway
1, May Hi, 1853
opened in   On-
llio Inst line
North-west     Territory acquired   by
puri'liase,  1870.
British I'-
ninn, 1871;
admit ted to Hum
<     Edward Island,
First iron foi
St. Maurice in
First  snd ot
railway turned
I ember 11, 1005
ge built iu I'liclicc at<
1730 by French   gov-
Grand Trutiv Pacific
it Fort, William, Sop-
by  sir Wilfrid Laur-
Can ier'
soil, July
vessels     built at   Quebec in
1 first   lauding on Canadian
1, 153L
First permanent settlement in Can
nla at Quebec, ions.
Firsl courts of law
Quebec in IOCS.
iu Canada   at
First governor
lenac,   1072.
if Canada was Fion-
Flrsl g.
liritisb ii
f..un.led by    tin
iu Nova Scotia,
Firsl mail stages in    Canada,   be
I ween  Montreal and Quebec,   1721.
First     English  governor-general 0
Caimdn—Lord Dorchester—1708.
Firsl     --over
fedora I ion. im<7
or-getiorni afler C.
I I Monck.
I  Indian treaty, 1817.
hciI    through
>t   vessels pa
canal in 182!
si     use    or
t cards,
First V.
Ileal, 185
M   C.
;  Hi si
A. In Canada    (
convention tliete
I want lo say that  that Zam-Bnk
tho finest healing holm on earth."
writes Mrs.   M. J. Beers, of I.'-
Orlghial (Ont.)     She adds: "I had a
d open sore cm my nose, which for
,tliy years refused io heal, and eaus-
tiii' hours and hours ol pain,     es-
clally in tbe hot  weather.   At different  limes live doctors treated   tho
wound, and   I was also in the hospi-
tal, but I could not get a   cure.       I
•ntly   Hied  Zam-Buk,   and a    few*
boxes Iienled ito    wound,     I am 73
years of age, but iu all my long   life
1 have never     met anything to equal
Zam-Buk   as a healer    of skin sores
Znm-Bul. also cures blood poison,
festering, inflamed sores, insecti
si inns, clmfiii (dares, sore feel, sunburn, cuts, bruises, ele. Gives ease
in cases of piles. Stores and drug-
eisls al 50c, a bov, 01 Zam Buk Co.,
Toronto, hu pi ice.
I, Mabel Landeclt,
, wlfn of Henry K
lo, apply for pii-
e llie lollowlllg lios-
Takc   t e   Ih.
iii Gateway, It, (
Landeeti,   intends
m I salon in puii'lni
1 1 Ibid  l,iinl
C01I1 mono!up; at a pnst planted tj.
miles west and lj miles north nl the
K.ioii-nav River, along    the Interim
t tonal    fl nlary,     thence   cast     III
1 bains, Ihelico south Si) chains, tlience
west   iu chains,     theuce   north     80
chains io point of commencement, an.l
conluiulug 32u acres, nunc nr less.
Mabel l.audcck.
Daltd July Ilth, 11107. 17-!)t»
Take notice that under the provision of Set-lion 222, Chapter 37, Revised Statu ten ol Canada, 11)00, tbu
Camulian Pnclllo Railway Company,
as Lessees and exercising ibe franchises nf ihe llrilisli Columbia Souih-
ern Railway, intends in apply lo tho
Board of Kailway Commissioners for
Canada, after the expiration of four
weeks from iht* date of the first publication of this notice, or so sunn
thereafter as the application can be
board, for authority to construct,
main lain and operate branch lines of
iln* British Columbia Southern Rallwav, commencing at a point un ito
said B. C. S. Ry. in Lot NO. 325,
Gruup l, East Kootenay Dislriel, in
the Province uf British Columbia,
and running trom thence iu a northeasterly direction a distance uf 1838
feet to points un said Lot 325; tho
location of which said proposed
branches is more particularly shewn
on a map or plan, profile and bonk uf
reference tlepusiliti iu the Nelson Registry Ollice, B. C, un the 27lb day
of June, 11)07, as No. 521 J. 1.;
notice of which deposit is also hereby
given pursuant to the provisions of
the saitl section.
C. Drink water,
Baled ibis 3rd day of .lulv, A. D.
HI07. lti-H
Take notice that under lhe provisions of Section 222, Chapter 37, Revised Statutes ul Canada, luoo, lhe
Canadian Pacific Railway CouipnUy,
as lessees aud exercising the franchises of lhe British Columbia Southern Railway, intends to apply to tbu
Board uf Railway Commissioners for
Canada, after lhc expiration uf [out
weeks from the date of the first publication of this notice or so soon
thereafter as the application can be
heard, for authority to construct,
maintain and operate branch lines uf
Ihe said B, li, S. Railway, commencing from a point 011 its main lint- iu
Lot -1(187, Group I, East Kootcuay
Dislriel., in tin: Province of British
ColuiiiT-ia, ami running from thence in
a south-westerly direction, distances
of 7i>'i; and 715 feci respectively from
head bliK-k to points on said Lot
11187; the location of which said proposed branches is more particularly
shewn on a map or plan, prulile aifd
book of reference deposited lu tho
Nelson Registry Office as No. 521
I.   L;nolice of which deposit is also
hereby given
ms of the
pursuant to t
aid section.
P. Diinkwat
bid   day of July, A. D.
Take notice that I, Alfred Doyle,
Free Minns' Certificate, No. 1171158,
Intend lib days from Ite date hereof,
to apply to the Minim* Recorder (or
11 Certificate of Improvements for tin-
purpose of obtaining n Crown Grant
if Ibe above claim.
And further take notice tbat action, under Seel Ion 37, must be commenced before lhe Issuance of such
i'ertitieate of Improvement.
Alficd Doyle.
Dated Ihis Vlli day of May, A D.
11107. Hill
McVittie & Laidlaw.
Mining Hnginecrs
mul Surveyors,
.  -i-  Mini ii h  ■
THUS. T. McVITTIB, l». I,.
T.ik Hit  Hint     Itiiss-Siiskiil.iiili
l.liiiiliil Co., 1.1.1 , ..I Wiil.l.i, II. ('.,
i.lTI.|.i. linn,    l.lllllllrr      Miltlll'fiU'tlllTIK,
l"i,',..|< in ..|.|.ly Inr a Rimolal Iln.lr.-i-
li.T.is.' over tlio fnlimvlt.n .I.'sci1Ih-.I
fi>lll!ll<-IK'i.>X at   .1   pnsl   |ilnlit,',l     III
(•lini'itn .'.isl ... Hk. N. IO. corner (.1
l.ol No. K_iJ7. Hii-ikt running 1.1..H.
I.l i-liaii.s In llu- sunlit lino of Lot
No. 82IHI, 111,..if west 111 cli.ilns In
I lie s. IV. corner nl Lot HMn, Hihut
nortli I-i' chains 1.1.1..), liir west Iim,
of lols 821111 .....I »2.'l, II..-HCI. west III
rliains In ensl line i.l Lot 32-1.1,
tlience soiitli ito elinlns to Hit- S. K.
corner ol Lot 221.1, H.enec west 8(1
elinlns I.. II... cast Iim. ol Lot K2.ni.
Il.t-ncc snulli 111 chains to the 11.1r.l1
Iim- of Llll K2|IK, thence ens). |:lll
chains ... tin- iiliire ol qolnnipnce-
llnss-MaskatiMiii   Luinlii'i  ('..., Ltd.
I'd Munlcy IL UriilK, Agent.
Dated July m, 1007. 17-M TH."" OBANBHOOK   lli:i.AI.I>
We lmve tin- following Komls on hniiii ami will lie pleased to
supply your mints:
Kambliiv' Reveries
been   a greal    ic;    loi
called,  f|.-.i'    it..'. t.'i-i 1
OLD-FASHIONED MOTHER        prison bars     \lavors of metro.
Titanic Ood some ol us have,     and   cities,   supervisors, hank    presidents,
Iters have had,     ....   old-lasbloned   cashiers nnd even senators, arc ...dat
mother. Not a woman ..1 the period,  wearing prism, gariis,    wl   tear
enameled .....I painted, with I.e. stoat  ,,sn were leaders ol   men.     A .1   ire
chignon, In-, curls .m.i bustle;   whose i fm-   wealth is  commendable. N'o
Iwhile, jeweled hands have leil Um young man should allow himsell in
clasp ..f baby lingers; bul a dear old- be dampened In- lhe present eon non
|lasltloneii, sweet-voiced motter, with mttcrv agninsl wealth The nirotirtun-
lovo light sh
bosom, suiter nolliing to
it ..r .Iim its luster.
i ti'inplo of lame.     Hut Hn- p.. tl. is   ..
Ill y ...u'. Hu' footsteps toller;   the
I In.un grows olsxy; and Irom the
If.itt goes out the cry. "So tired!"
Vet . .'iiip.iiif.lv ii siren voice whispers ol F.1...T. -md of rest, and again
the leet press Inrward, '.II lhc U....I
is rencbed. II... alas! f.u lhc rest
which ambition brings. Too ol.eu
ivilb .lie cup of glory is mingled tbo
poisun ol envy,    and   again is heard
tbe liilter cry:     "So tired lis
thus »e ..II arc weary. And vcl wc
ivoiilil m.i fohl om liaiiils in Idleness.
*******************: ************************
■Mill I III 11 H-H-H-t H-H -H-l-M 1111 l'l I ffltl }|"}' 1 j'
I .ml* "^~
I The Cosmopolitan j;
The place where a *;
man will return after $:
stopping once.
IIII I III I lllllll II I M-l- -H-t-M-l 11 IIIIIIII j-tttft
 - - -  -.4. | |,.|..a...f ■" " ■ • ■-
If ynu want Olotltiiifi tl.nl is "Hilt Eilgo" in .mine,
"(lilt Elge" in init.-1'i.ilitml "Iiill E-lgo iiij'miike,
call and see our NEW STOCK' of Beady Mado
Ol-itliiiiu, .TtTl.T BEOEIVED.   All Union .Made
Leask C& Henderson
4 w ♦*♦ * **** *fi
7 IAa**uta*ii§aaaa nl h—
Manufacturer, o.
Rough and dressed
l-UdBER and
Also all  kinds ot
•laltr.-iy, Uyail and
CranbrooK, B.C.
Head Ollice, - Crlnbrwik
W********** ie *************M
Hotel & s
N<-tu.--.'. to mill 'ml .
Ilium   tot   tlie   inil.lt
Mul anJ Culil Halhn
Oucata Cumluri i Spe-.tiltv
(luml Stabling In Connection
11 io- „ccoiuiuodn
ted   in   L'rHtlhrook
Hoggarth & Rollins
 Propi lelois
eves In    Wlllcll llie
uml brown hair tbrewted with silver,
lying siimotb upon lur laded dicek.
those tle-.ir hands worn wilh toil,
■"eiitlv guided our tottering steps iu
L-hilrthoal. .iml Bmootbercd our plllowfj
ill sii'li'liess; even n-.irlihit: OUt   In lis ill
yearning tenderness, when her sweet
Spirit wns baptized in ihe pearly
spray nf the rivei Blessed is Um
memory oi an ni.i feslrioued motber,
ll tlo.its tn ii- now, like lhe beautiful perfume nf somu woodland blossoms. The inusir of other voices
may he lost but the entrancing memory ol tin's will M'hn in ..ur souls
fnteu-r. (Mhrt places will (ade awav
and he for   gotten, but     her's uili
<-h u until the llgbl from heaven's
portals shall glorlfj out own.
When in  iln- infill    pntises "I    busy
life our feel  wander hail;  in the old
h.unesle.nl, ami rrosjilllg Hie well-
worn   tllievhi.lil,   Btfimllllg  otiee    more
in ibe low, -jiiaiiil room, as hallowed
hv   llei   pieseliie,   how   llie  feeling    nf
childish     iiiiniumr    ami   dependence
comes over us, amt we Iti 1 down iu
the   molten      sunshine      streaming
through Ibe western window—just
where, long years ago, we knelt by
opr mother's knee, lisping "Our
Falher." I low many times when the
(emptor lured us on has the memory
of those snored hours, ihat mollier'a"
words, lu-i faitb anil prayers, saved
us from sin. Years bave tilled great
drifts over betweon ber ami us, hut
they have not hidden from one sight
the'(-lory of her pure, unset fish love.
Place a young girl under lhe care
of kind-bear ted women, ami she, um
jennscinusly to herself, grows into a
jt-raceful lady. PInce a hoy in Hie
establishment of a thoroughgoing,
strait-tit forward business man, and
Ibe buy heroines a self-reliant, practical business man. Children are
susceptible creatures, and circumstances, scenes and actions always
impress. As you influence them, not
hy arbitrary rules, nor by storm
example alone, hut a thousand other
ways that speak through beautiful
forms, pretty pictures, etc., so they
will grow. Teach your children,
then, to love Ihe beautiful, ("live
Hieni a corner in the garden for
flowers; enentirngp Iheri* to put it. In
the shape of hanging baskets; show
them where they can best view tlie
sunset' rnuse them in Iln* morning,
tint Willi the stern "lime lo f-o lo
work," but with lhe enthusiastic
"see the beautiful sunrise." Hm* for
them prt'lly pictures and encourage
thpin to decorate their rooms in Ids
or her childish wav. (live Ibein an
inch and they will go a mile.' Allow them the privilege ami they will
make your home beautiful.
There is no character in the homo
circle more useful and beautiful than
a devoted elder Msicr who stands
side bv side with tl..* toiling mother,
Mgbtnim- all her care-* and burdens.
How beautiful the household machinery moves mi with such efficient
help! Now site presides at tillable, in her molhcr's absence, al-
wavs si) neatly attired that it is
with   pride   the   father   Introduces   hei
to bis guesi as "our oldcsl daughter."
Now she takes a little troop into the
tmrden wiib her and amuses them, so
mother mav iml he disturbed in her
Work or her r.*st. Now she helps
the boys with Iheir bard lessons or
iv.ids father's paper aloud 1" rest bis
tired eyes, If mother can iuu away
for a few days' recreation sho leaves
home wilbt.nl anv anvi.Mv. for Maty
will guide her house wlselj nml hap
pilv in her alisencc Hm in the sick
room lu-i presence Is an especial hles-
slng. lid band is nexl .0 mother's
own in gentleness    and sMH,       Her
ties which rich
afford lb
we  tn
f.,r doing good 11, ihis 1.
numerous ..n.l     amolo
pronerIv used, may he H
making nn Hie mosl  .id
at-tcrs. while Hinse    who are
1.1 denarl Irom th.* n.ith oi 1
would il.. so ;,s i-uteklv in 01
imn ns .ii nnoiher.     To s\\
and amass ;i fortune, if done       It   .
proper im.ii..'. is r*o( oi.h  ., lumlnbh
ambition   hul .1 dutv      tt is n    ilut*
h.    en.- -.  l!.     nl,,'--     [.-::   ill       ■!.(! tin
eommnnltv in whtvh nne li' ■ ■• It h
nrnvhling foi obi age, f>'i - ilni 1 h
hu -in.-ss. or slekni ss     for \h\
of  belpllH*   lhc   "nor  ..mi   ri li- lhe
V      SUIIIL-
with tht
ll'l.ll   S;
liven ,
tlml which iu.pn-s--
ti f the worlh
.in be
■  ,-l|..
I   I
presence   1-
the luiliie,
id manv ,1  i-
us misfortune,    dl con
happiness and even 11 Ime
mr of    mon.'v nud   Bnvin -
s    distinguished    from Hi
ove of money which is sail
ool of all cul, should he
,11 voimg men who starl 1
or themselves.     Thev iml
■f inlnslrv that lend "to <-.
ml ofii-n  waul off dissiju
iiid      future       mfsorv.
not    the   gathering    'if
that has senl si. many lea
l-ismi,   It   was   the   nn!.'
ll whieh they endeavor
their harvest.        All  the
in     can h sllv
wilt do hiui more aood th,
.nr clu
,.l righ-
til   III'   I
;ood "faint
,.f the day."     To ue
I _,l<ii inns pi Ivllcge ^<
II Ihe buttle ol life,
en path he llial of
Hi.- assurance of well-
1 sweet reward when,
hall parlake of that
f     which Uu- blessed
Robinson Mckenzie Lumber Co,, Ltd.
Saw and Planing; Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see in any lime.   Wc arc on tick 25 hours
out of the 24
l.tiulil.-n  tin-  wi'.iti.'-i'   hours.      Tl
'ni,- ,-l.lf.  slslr-rs   ■
iiui    Bttrli    a i.l.'i-
llio iiiiiiii    filirfr.il.fi ill    lif.
] HittiR llu.. fi.H.'ls iii Hi- V...V nl tin
is i.'f,..nli'il with uii.d Impatience.
jsu.-li (Im.gl.tora arc .... eoraforl t.. a
|.....Hu'i's heart;     Wl.ii'l. I i.l ,.!   hm
elder sister   ....■   nm in .It.'   lions,--
riT.Tivvn-: mi un-'i I.NF.SS
|   Th,' fliii'l ilistinctioi. in sociely   between ll.c "nltcWtlons"   ..I ll..- thor-
.oiwlily I'tii.'i'liil p'liiii'iiinii, .m.i    iiu-
  wl... snniily knows the rules,   is
Hi.tl llie fiHiner |invs tin-in iiitlinitl
nttrnellns notice. \ laily hnnlly
lrenlli.es tlml nnj-lhliiR is .lone lor
liir-si.c only knows Ili.il iln- gcntlo-
iniiii is nfireenhle.
noes tin1 i-ounR ilinii us!, how he
shall ciiliiiiiti' Hits unconscious Rrnee-
fultii'ss' Koine ...fi. Hu- r.'ii.l.'i- savs.
hnve the tilt i.f nnlure. Tr.i.'-h.il
will, .an- i'vi-f|iti(iiis, nature ili-i-linps
I.l llllllli' lur    fid m.' i l.i Iil.-   wltlioul
culture anil c       Then' is In.l    nne
iiui  l.i eulllrnle II as., nf wlllcll
we speak, Ni-vi'i Milli.it.lv allow an
onporti.nlly ... pay .. uian-ful ntten-
.li.i. |.ass uiih...it l.tkiiift ...Ii'iii.ii.ita
nt ii. \'i'vi-r. wo say, not even wilh
Hit' sisier, nr mull.<-i. ... .tins, tutl-
iiinlf cm.si..h l.ii'..,I. It Is a mistake
nul those lltlnns us "Inn f.
Ihi'v art' [nit..al only when
Ihey at.' i.itkivalil. Tltcrc Is mil a
-iiflf ....Iiii' alteilllon cnlle.1 lor In
sociely wliieli is mil n|i|.ro|.riaic al
hoiuc. If .. si.sl.-r drops ., Iintitlkor-
I'lii.'f. ilo iml itivi' her an opportunity
Hi iiid. il up herself—unless ymi wishi
to t.e I'mistiaiiir,! anil siifflitly awk-
tvnr.l wlit-ii you arc callerl upon In
pic', up a liiiii.lli.'ii'liii'f hi tl.e draw-
iltK ..kii... if a lllolher Is p-t I III;!
into a citrriaff.', oITer her a linnii, even
if it is purely ft matter i.f lorm.
Nor ar.1 these ntU'l.lint.s of young
men to their near relnllvcs vaiiiahlc
ninl called for only as matters nl
practice. Genuine nolilenosf. de-
niaiids liinn at home us well as in
Hovs, do nnt lorflcl Ihal prolanlty
is a 'mark of low hrcedinfi. Show us
lite man wlio commands Hie licst re-
spis-l; an oalh never Ireinlili's nn his
toi.R.H-. lleii'ii ll.c catalonue ol
crime. Innulre inlo Hn- character of
Ihnso wlio depart from virtue. Without a slnitle exceplion ynn will find
llll-m to Im> prolalit'. 'riiilll Is nne of
the rarest in-lns. Many a youth has
been lost lo soelely hy allnwlutf It
it., tarnish ami [nolis-hlv throwing it
away.    II this gem still shines     in
If iv.' were asked a recipe f.u t-I.eer-
ll.i-ss.   we  wnuld  sav,   I...nihil'  rlljny
111.'  Sn.i.l  SHIS nl       (In.l.   InVC '    H.OS'O
nr......il   vnu   li'iuli'iiv.     renli/e Ihnl
n...111..lily   ill  a   llililili"   villi;- -ii"|
llial we nre hound In diffuse j..i-
arouiid i.s in mn- hnnies. Ilni Ihere
is .insl ..tie more Hem in our preserlp-
Iiott:   wc .....si    he willlne  In iinlii'iiil
fi-... In stoop |<> a liiili- harmless
folk. A Im.. Im- iii.iniiil'i will encourage this; Hie very |ire.seiice nf
ih'-sn true hul iinassiiiniii'- Hi.nils
will dn mir hearts good. Wc may
.all. nonsense In them; tltcv it.limine,.
'....'nt nl    Inlelleclu'nl   reiinse,
Ih.gs,  cats,  horses,   ; Ill')-,   nre    so
iiattv coul I Unit ions tn Ihi; gnli-tv nml
iliilili.-ill- i.f our dailv life. «',• c.iii-
ot enjoy Hieni witlioni lovinc them,
We are ....I going In enler inlo .1...
ranks .if ll.nse liiin conlcn.l Ihal lliey
have souls; still we hope our readers
l.nld iii i'i|iiiil aliliiiii'iu-c wilh ourselves lhe systems nf Ilcscnrtes ...nl
Malehraiiclio, wliieli would make ll.c...
nut tn he inere ninclllncs. We have
Iml In onntcntnlale tl.e dog il.nl
follows iis, Wiili'hes our homes, simrea
mir fatlgura ami perils voltintnt'liy,
-itlu-r tn sink at our side, ..r perhaps
follow us In the slave and (lie there,
.,. reply In the theory nl mere
mechanism. Animals arc, in somo
sort, lneinlicis ni Hit' lamily. They
ire lhe friemls nl young and old. ..ml
..Id and young alike enjoj ..ml henelll
hy their glcclul, irrational society,
There is only a card in the envclopp
Hint a friend sends us—a little   card
isls,il  Willi black, and hearing a  few
sail   words,     saddest nl   which    is
•■ilieil."    (inly a card, Iml two   Ion'
hearts have tv'ept over it. and il   lias
conic In   ns the   message nf sorrow.
Onlv a curd, as much white a- bluck,
possibly n liulc more,    it is lining
so.     li was a pure spirit tlml winged iis wny heavenward when Ibe little
bud wus plucked nn earlh tn bloom in
heaven; .. pure spirit, whit,- and unsullied,       'i'hi' black shadow ol grid
should seem less to us than the swcol
imrilv which will now never In- lar-
i.isl.i'il.    Onlv a lew days upon earth
.Inst a little    workday week nf  life,
ni.i. no strength fnr labor, and then
i s.ihlinlli    at its    ending Hm. shall
know    i... end    forever ami   forever.
Onlv a    narrow edging "i black; f.u
......id such a lillle being casl a broad
shallow    bail; as it    went sunward?
■Ah. yes, il might," lhc heart says,
nlii    it slops a ninnii-nl I., ri-iiii-iii-
er.     Remembering,     il bears     tl.e
.'ho nf a sweet  wind Inns since   lit—
.ciihI:     "Sutler little     children     In
....In me," and ll.c shadow lessens, lessens, until iff- see it  .fit    at
hut look Blrnighl     mi i"      Ibe
brightness    Hi...     shall never   grow
iiii...       "Suffer   lillle children;" nol
lend il.otn, nol carry litem, only sillier them.    Then thev iim-l wnnl    I"
,n.     Ami iln Ihev ....I"    Standing so
near the "pearly gates" as they dn,
whn ean tell what music Ihcy bear.
what balmy ..lis blow nu them? It
is easy fnr then, tn slip away Irom
.be loving arms here In llie loving
arms .hero. Easy for Hi... but so
hard tor us! Sn hard! We 1-.111..1.I
s,-.. lhc... as Ihev go. fnr .In- weeping; bul wc know llli'V mc -"in- bi-
lhc dull pnln in mir arms dial olanp
nothing. "Hied!" It"- many
hearts will echo II sadly and wilh
lens' Manv ehllilien an- leaving us
weekly, Ilnlshing their sliorl weeks ..I
life ainl el.lerlne nn .If Sabbnlhs
never ending. A lender good-byo In
ilifiii nil—n lender l.nn.l-.-l.. p :•.' all
wlio weep Iheir loss. I.osli is lie
common Inl, nnd wepning Hie liei-lt-
go nl hiiniaiiilv; bul llu- losing   and
lie weeping will  I limilli in Hurling
mil inv. Those nf mir traders wlio
-Iill hive an unbroken family circle
nnl.nl vain.- ll.c |iri7.o ..." highly.
All day ll.c busy fed bave I.ml the
Burden ' palhs; nil itny tin- merry
voice has echiH-d llitmii-h lhc rooms;
bul now, when twilighl Is deepening
inlo nighl. nn.l the lamps "t heaven
nre being lighted, lhc noisy tool grow
'iiill, lhe childish voice is bushed to
Ht.- Inw-bieiil'liing nf Hu' evening
prayer anil as lhc brown bead sinks
wearily lo rest upon iis pillow ll.o
ted lips imu-.iiur faiintly, "So tiled.
All, lira! one, oltimes thy feel will
falter and grow weary ore Ilni reach
ihe prtnic of manhood; ami to thco
will come hours when iml as now the
innocent steep nf childhood w.ll bring
thee rest. 	
Often from olbcr lips thu.. childish
ones has escaped a siith. the burden
of which has been "Sn tired! Eagerly we (nil lor an Independence
whieh some day in ll.c fai'-nff III turn
is In bring us tost; Iml as nlglil after
nighl wc lay our woarv hca.ls upon
our pillows, we arc slill looking forward, slill i.i.sdllsn.'.l:  I Huts     it
will ever Ih- wilh ns till Uio Mauler
calls. Sometimes a...bHim. Is the
guiding-star luring us onward to   the
MTKI. ST tills    AFTKR CAN \
Helcrminc.1 thai now il.nl tltcy
avc lakeii up lacrosse ... groat oarn-
'•! Hi" shall li.n,' .he 1,,'s. players
. Hn- world, .cams representing tlio
-...Iinn cities ..I ll.c United States
ic sentn nm ('.ina.l.t for material, ami
■porls arc ... lhe effect llm. fabulous
il.itics anil lucrative positions nre
being nfforcd the lending .slats tn for-
Im their teams ami join ll.c Amcr'l
Lnrrossc has been established nu   a
,, asls ai New York,   Brooklyn,
Hoslon ami Washington f,.r some
years, ami   uiih constant wnrk   and
""«<> s practice llmse cities   hate
liili-lifil ...en ,.f great playing nbll-
">■   "it Ha spocteil has just hap-
l"'""l. H ild.llo western A lean
■lilt's have luken il up nml Chicago
SI.    nul, Minneapolis   ami Clovolnud
'"' <">'  liilcsl   In  | p int.!  lhc .1,-1,1
ni fiiiuest.
Chicago mm- has four   I
I is slgnincnni  Uml  Uu- t
being |llnveil nil lhc hall HHd nf iilc
(IllcngO   W   S,,X.   ,-||i,„ip|ni,s   nf   ||„.
."tei iiiiii      ll.isebnll    league       ami
"'orlil's   ch. inns,    nml Ihal     ll.,.
l.-ophv is iim    dunallni. ..I lloiulskev
liresl.le.il nf Hi,, greal hall lonni. The
following   clipped     frnm „  lacrosse
try, shnws what Is being done   a.
Icngo In  .st th,, Kamo:
'l''nrincr Secrelnry Kearney will roll.™ sbnrlly Ir  Mnntrcal, bringing
uili. him two new mon, nne ..r whom
is a goalkeeper.    The Shuuirockn als,,
lmve lines nul and lhe C.lllllllots ul-
ti'iiily  lmve  hniileil   liin  new  men."
Th.- grcnl scheme Uml Is nnw being
idvnncoil al Uhluigo, L'lovolanil,   St.
I'niil, Minneapolis, New York, ll.n..k
.... lli.slnn uud     Washington     and
llll-r clllcs ilile.-esled in the spntl, is
i  ll.c cslnbllsl nl nl a pinfessinn-
I league will. r.'«i.|a>ly salarldl play-
is .... Il|e loams and with sclieilitles
providing fnr I in. Ran.es n week hy
.very lentil.
The   American    scheme, has   I it
'.iiislus alar... umong Hie directors nf
Hie learns in 11... National Lacrosse
....ion and il is feared that their or-
Siini/iiiiiuis will be picked nf the very
..-.'..... nf U.c slick-handlers by ibe
Imelii'is ol lhc big loams in the
SI.ilcs. It is known Hint salaries
which would fairly da/./le youths have
'nu. offered tn the slur' Canadian
mon, and siunt- nf them have aocoptoil
und ate now seiiine, toady in desert,
while others have given assurances
thai al ihi' eiiil nf lhc present season
Hny will ai't'opl Ibe oilers made the...
...nl attach their signatures lo contracts culling for litem lo play professional lacrosse.
Laerusse is nlso making great headway iu California unit ihe slate league games there are well patronized.
The different iinivorsHics and schools
have developed some gnnd men nml
.lie gam.' has brilliant prospects Indeed. "Hubs," a feature sporting
writer on Hie San l-'tanciscn Chronicle, recently had the following on
the Canadian national .game:
"The lacrosse teams participating
in the league game at San M.ilen lasl
week demonstrated ll.o possibilities of
U.c Canadian spurt, if played without
ani suggestion ol foul play.
-The saine was fast, ami clever individual nn.l; was ...it lust lu the
[■.vhll.Ition nf combination lhat was
iimnifcsli'il throughout the four permits.
"(loud feeling between Ibe players
wns always apparent and when the
linal whislle blew Ihe Insets were lhe
lirst in congratulate their mnre .successful opponents. This Is as it
should I.,- in all amateur sports where
nothing is at slake and lhc main oh-
.Ics-iro tor healthy exercise and
pure recreation,
"The grounds at Sau Mate., are admirably Iil led for those lacrosse
sanies and the association has reason
... congratulate Itscll mi securing
them fi,n.i Charles Clark, win. is himself interested in .he same. The San
Ma'i'ii plnyers were always a shade
.lie heller team on Hie run of the
day's play, hut the Oaklaiulers save
Hituiiscs nf promise Ihnl will certainly blossom inlo ccrtnll.t) More llie
season closes.
"The Commuters have the wltere-
v. ninl m in.il,e up a !,.illiaut twelve,
only ,i lillle practlco ami playing to-
sciiicr being necessary  to mate     ..
well balance! team."
.......  ...-Ki-^:a_MaM_a
ills ulwiys I ii tli.' l.-ntli-r
llilll wil! li   k"|.| ii|, t.. ih,.
li    ■        Vf i.l   1..   Ille-.-t  the
i"  i!." Queen's Hotel.
Queen's Hotel, Calj-an
Two   l.n/c.i    Pints
ill  to Gtiinneaa'    Tl -  finosl   licvcrngo ...i the ninrkel
l',.r family ..:.-! Inlilc t -■     Imparls uf.ir ......1
lioaltlt, an-! ion .     Homily
Brewer, Oranbro
Phone 57  |
Head Office. Canary Alia.
The Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
(loud Creamery Butter in i lb. rolls
Good Dairy Uutter in Tubs
********************?<> **********************
fc5 ii
1 Canadian Hotel 1
3 si
8-S One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- £_
JjJ brook.   Warm rooms, good meals 21
J3 and a bar stocked with the best J3
ft S
|                                                        t ®
1 Joseph Brault, Proprietor |
ssiajgei'sjaa st &&& s as ss s asassiaESH
Doing Unto Others
Kvory btiaines*!
tunitv, lull  Ih:
,-'■■- hie own interests
■ ■     llie ;:.:>■:--> of others w\i)
■.-■*.-. ,:  I., offer our
10-Cent. Counter of Milk Pitchers and Glass Butter Dishes %
♦       .73
********************** ***********************
Wlimi yon buy ui
lii.rlii'iiliir nltentioti
Thnt is why la.'oplc
tlii» si'usim ui Iln- 5
i ii . n-onthcr.   W- pny
i'-.i'iir. i.f our bnsim-ss.
i.l ii|n,ii us fur tin- liesl ut
Victoria, .lulv 18.—Tallow at tl.e
.....iiial meeting ol H.e vic.orin hoard
nl lla.le Inilin, Slated thai  Iln-    gnt-
II...i.e..t bad arranged with the Sal
vnllon Army in In ins oul a thousand
assisted iiiiiiiisiants ihis year.
The assistant!- consisted in lhc government advancing money tn tho army
i.lnili. was tn t.e loaned to immf-
sr.in.s ami finally returned to tlio
governmenl .... the army's plan.
The a.mt- had also promised ... use
iis utmost endeavor to bring out an
ntl.llllol.nl thousand Immigrants wiih-
i.ut iissistiii.ee of any kind.
litis-...licr Howell, of Ibe army,
nnw in    England attending lo
selection nf immigrants,
_____  *
B.C. i
********************** '• **********************
********************** **********************
a noon iiwiinnisc,
Inn Muclaron was talking to a
group nf literary beginners in New
York. "Hesin your slorics well."
he said, emphatically. "There's
liolhlng like a good beginning. Indeed, it's half Ibe battle." Then,
witii a smile, Ibis excellent beginner
nf s-ln.ics added: 'Always bear in
...iml lhe case nf the young man whn,
desiring In marry, secured a favorable hearing Imn. bis sweetheart's
Irascible father by opening Hie Interview wilh Hie wur.ls, 'I know a
Witt- sir, whereby ynu can save
I have -
tawing tm
pared to
.. .
1' pared I Intel lo
* length, in largo ... -
, , tiliea.
Out-of-town contra, t
'' For[.irtltor piiiii.-nl-ii
Cranhrook, 11. C,
50 Tieniakcrs
>r further particulnrs npply
„i W  E. \V,-r,l.-i.'s.llli.-.-.'
J *********************   **********************
********************** | ♦■*■ *
'♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦
is no-w located in its comtort-
ablc and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to-
date and is modern!y equipped
lo do |ust the best work in all
branches ol .he tonsorial art.
$2.00 A VI'Ali
JULY  IS   1907
liy the Herald   Publishing Company,
Editor and Manager.
really a   serious one      Tl.e hetter each year.     It is that kind of
c are coming direct over the it growth tlml hns created so   much
in   Victoria and Vancouver, confidence in the permanency nf   u,is
o coming l.v way of   Seattle- lown.
in    iemncisco, and   they   ate. 	
by way ol Mexico.     Ilo   we'   A"'' l"'"' "■'"' !-',ys-;> K""'1 *'"''' r'
te .lapnneso hero lo lake   the
;  the while laborer?    Who is
.nl con answer this in Un
o, unless i. he one who is ilc-
for doing
till Ier  ihal
The Herald is worth IIU a year, it ,1,,,,,,
costs only $1      No mau iu    SoulUi |ml|
Last Koulenay can ahold to be with-'mill.ll
nut It, and evctyolic living uulslile „I   ||i„|
Uie iiisitict, who is Interested In the S|„.,„i
LruKICSS ol  Ibis section, should lead   d	
U It publishes tilt news while ll is s„„n
news. It is controlled absolutely by h,,,,,.
t.i. publishers. No clique, parly or |tmnill
li.illtl.lual dictates Us polity. It In llu
don't try to please lhe peuple. Its
Uesilt is to publish a newspaper that
mil he a credit to the community.
Stud iu your subscription and yuu
Mill he thankful ever afterward. ground'
Advertising tales tl pet   inch   per  the Orle
month, nn mote and nu less.
Heading matter  IS cents   per    ine
non-advertisers; 111 cents per lino
icing   .heap   labor in
And dn wo   want
labor here, a    class
lit  lu anv corn-
It looks
, he a s.
( il Ih,
SO  Uli
s year.
',   a
ne   lor
I   I'i....id., is n na
yet    I hen-   nre
would slill pctsls
significant colony
II right, and
ie peuple wlni
Unit  It  Is au in
u, tegular advertisers
II you desire lo teach the people ol
Soulh Kust Kootcuay you must a.l-
vniliso in The Herald.
The Herald bus a first-class i job
plant, .....I its work is oi tl.e best.
The Herald don't want charity. It
wunls a square deal on your lob
woik. if we can't suit ynu in uunl-
i.v and price, kick, and scud yuut
Work In sumo (.'heap .liihii house ill
lhe east lhat ..ever spends a cent iu
4,600 & Month
I Pie
Which    Ihcy  lit
i thej    ai.- compelled
w  has   a Japanei
..1 a Hindoo etc  .,
s. Knoli-uny? Nol
vcty ccnl ihat they
.pare tbey have sent
ntry fr..... which they 	
thai tin community can l„.
- unless ihe laboring class
"t.s. and Hint means thu
"'"'''.• If he is to he
Hie competition r.f
er. who Inns nolh-
-iliic.ee who spends
ink and every
I ranbrook must suf-
means n fair profit
Hid the man who
s not pos-
rocs must follow.
Therefore, i'fjs imle foVthB i'1'.'"'?'1"5' "''"'"K promises to in.	
..I In l.n
milling, Hicii
.minium.v Hk
er.       I'lnsperilv
" uli, lhc InlmVi
'""« Inhor.     IVboi. thi
•"'lo,  ib.-n     il,,..
*'"l «e    all know wiuit
I Premier Mellrhlu Ims a basis nl action for libel against the IVIntripeg
Telesriilll nn ueenuti! nl llie picture
thai paper p.-iuti-il ,,l .be good look
ins premier Insl   w.-.-k  when he nns-
.-.I     llll ah   thai    cilv.        The face
pn-si I looked  ic id,,, mn Ml,,
ci, Ihe train loliher, tlmn it did
Mr. McBride.
I It is said that Editor Smyth is
! posing as Hick Mi'llriib- down cast In
parts of Quebec where the premier ol
Ilrllish ('olumb... Ims never visited.
"I'I.it   hall,"  is  the popiila
(Tiiiituool, these days.
'l'l..-   Herald baseball   game     next
a   fail
II   !
I     ...
'to i.umigra-
' tills cnun-
e. not as a
a business
1 man of Hits
md In doing
,,     man
»'•  want   While  |n|,or.
'•borers n-nges.    T|lal
1 s for all nf us.
ihoi.ld be if
.ve,     hm i
• ll.o I ui
•o   ii fair   show,
"'] will give the business
show       "
This in the guaranteed cir-
citation ot Hie llernld
Press room and subscription lists open to Investigation by advertisers at any
The llernld gives a dollar
it. value lor a ilollur iii money, The udvurliser has tin-
light to know what hu is
receiving for his money.
'I'he llenil.l is one palter
that courts iiivcstiligatio...
'"'Ier Mcllrldo has boon accorded
;,," t :rin'"' tt s s«
inn a    an „[ ibesc II.CCl llgs Mr   Mc
Hri.c has deelnred thnt his      Ust ,
"»'■ Wc nn* glad ito\ tin- Peol|ie
I "V «imJ,Ml' MoBrWB<udi a colli   I locution upon Ms return home.
•wi.    McBrldo Is a popular man,     „
, ,Ti       ;'""' aml IwroonAlly one
• (lie mosl plen.siug men to ment in
| iw wilJro   province.        Furtliprmor-
if Hie most interesting matches of
iilu- season. The Iwo teams are
j picket! by the official umpires, and
the best players will ho selected, To
ndd to Ihe interest of the game the
llernld will give n year's subscrtp-
tlou to each nf the men on the wiu-
' ninii lentn. The Hern Id likes tn tin
what it enn in the wny ol encouraging sport in this community, ami
thnt is what- prompted this offer.
Seals will he provided for the ladies
luml no gentleman present will occupy
one of the seals ns long ns Ihere i.s ii
lady standing.
entitled    bim (0 the ic- t
Following Is a statement of the
circulation of the (Jranbrooli Herald
(or Hie post u months:
Augusl  5,270
September  4,315
October  4,305
November  5,4liU
December 5,400
January  5,(»UU
February  4,425
I bis position
cogirilio-u   Ihnl   he  has  received
,1111' Liberals of Kamloops   of  '
■oiiver nnd of     Victoria have
Ihis view of the matter nnd joined in
a mosl. open-lienrted manner i» doing
honor to the premier.     Unfortiinate-
I v,   -he (f.nseiviilives of  tlie different
Mot-allies have not, been Ilhrral-
miwled enough to arise to the occa-
s • f"'' in each instance the riemo^
stmtiotis were under the supervision
of lhe Conservative club, and tho
principal address has been invariably
delivered by a prominent Conserva-
live, whn Ims used the occasion to
laud Mr, McBride as tin* leader i.f tlm
Conservative party in this province,
rather than as one of Ms leading
i-iti/cns just returned from un important missjdii abroad. The Hrillsli
Columbia Conservative never foigets
tlml In* is a Conservative.
Tin* Spokane Flyer is still (lying.
Keep on boosting Cranbrook.    It is
pleasure lo do il  and a mosl pro
(liable pastime.
We heard of three knockers in tliis
own lhe past week who said that
owing to frosts it was impossible tn
raise anything in Ihis section of the
country.     Am! vet  we had at     that
line in our office strawtierries that
and will rank with any raised anywhere
Van- in British Columbia, samples of the
taken finest kinds of vegetables, and at the
Mission and also at William ITnmil-
1.m's ranch there is fruit growing
Iml would be a credit to California.
And mii'd you this expression of
opinion was Riven lo a mau who was
here loobiiiK over the eountrv with a
view of investing, We don't believe
iu misrepresentations but we do believe in telling the truth. If tire
truth is told about South Kast Kootenay. that is enough. It will ,\o
the business, for the prospective
setller, after investigation, will he
thornughlv satisfied. Tell the truth
and ipiil knocking. If you don't like
the eountrv. net out and give those
who are satisfied a chance to do
something for themselves ami Iheir
The Sand.ui Review is t inpy
llial there is a prospect "if' h.-lter
terms in tin. Slocan on .he part of
Ihf C. P. It. The Review bis done
great worK- to bring Ibis aliout and is
PiitiUed to n lot of tbe credit.
Tlml M.OOO.flOO surplus should he'
carefully explained. It is due to tlm
enormous sale of timber licenses and
43,IJ23, which divided by 30, the public hinds, and not io anv poliry of
number of issues during that period,  Hn- government.
shows   the   average circulation   per. —	
issue lo have been 1,118 and 31-30.     |   Tbe Vernon News 1ms been greatly
,improved the past month, and is now
f?Vw ' No wonder a knocker Is afraid of
death. He is wise enough to know
the punishment that is in store (or
him, and it is a twenty to one shot
Hint he will have no fuel bill after be
bas been transported.
'total for !l months
Tlie total    for    tbe 0
iml gives
iml the p.
in return.
its     papers great support,
pers are doing at] they can
The above is a true and correct
statement of the circulation of the
Craiibiool- Herald fur the time stated.
F.  K. Simpson, Manager.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
by the said F. E. Simpson, whom
personally kuow, this 27th day
Way, 100V.
J. A. Arnold,
•I. P. in and for British Columbia.
In eastern Canada and the States
it is considered a conservative estimate   Uiat five   .people    read every
paper issued. In Cranbrook, to he | The Phoenix Pioneer is still sore on
on the safe side, we place the num- .Duncan Rnss. ami vet there never washer at three, which is absolutely |n member in the house for vears, who
sale, and that would make 3,354 read-.had hist heen elected and made such
its of the Herald each week. a  good  record as Mr.  Ross.      As    a
These circulation liguies can be rule il lakes the average man several
M-rihed at any time by any advertis-j vears (.. net acquainted, hut Mr.
er who will lake the trouble to go Rnss was acquainted within one vear
over the subscription books or watch UIH| anted In pull (or his district.
Ihe big press roll out the papers.        |Mr. Ross is entitled to a lot nf prais-i
This is where the advertiser gets   n instead nf petty blame mi account of
Smith Kast Kootenay will be one
of the l>est fruit growing parts of
British Columbia within a few years.
The soil is here, the climate is here
and all il .takes is the men who understand the business.
nt  tl.,. i,,.;i  weeklies h. tl..- nr,.,-  '   s«™>d Vice-President Whyte, afler
Ve,,,o,Hs   a ''lowing t'owm   "is "I"* lo- «**** "' *» ""«
Phoenix had a payroll last month ot
ol $105,000. No wonder that lhe town
in the clouds is a prosperous place.
The payroll is what makes any place
prosperous, and when the "payroll
ships then prosperity goes „ glimmering.
view in the Free Press of that city,
speaks very highly of his trip down
the valley and says that the Kootenay Central will lie hullt to Cranbrook or a point near (here within
Iwo years time. That is good news
(or Cranhrook.
Men like James Ryan, who have
sjM-iit ten years of their lives boosting (or Cranhrook. working for
Cranbrook. talking (or Cranlirook,
spending their money for Cranhrook, and hundreds of dollars of it
tin), should never he subjected to
abuse at a public meeting, .fames
Ryan has lhe confidence of Ihe people
o( Cranhrook who have known him all
these years and know how to appreciate what he has done (or the
town, and the personal sacrifices hi1
has made in thai direction.
run (or bis     money.      The   Herald
would like to see every     newspaper
make a sworn statement ol its   cir-1    \
eolation.        The   advertiser is     en-Jplmi
titled to know.     He pays his money true but we
nnd be should    '
ling in return
Why don't
man   hns
graph the
The Herald extends congratulations
  ilo Mr. and Mrs.   V. A. Rollins,     of
discovered    tiow to (,r«"l*rook.
Herald does?
know what he is get-
all papers do as the
soul.     That mav   he
will    waner him ten to
thnl we know of a few subscril*-
ers of ours who hive souls thnt     he
cannot photograph.
*% BV THE 01.11 MAN. 2
hilled for
said thai iheir entrance cannot
prevented for Imperial reasons.
(.in humble capacity as editor of
Superintendent Krickson is to be
congratulated mi Hn* prompt manner
lhat he mel the need of belter lights
at tbe siaiion after the inauguration
nf the Spokane Flyer.
The Herald bas just Issued to   the
loo club the pamphlet prepared   lor
■distribution, It contains If! pages
with a map, several very gimd illustrations ami a neat cover. The
pamphlet will ilo n loi of good [or
this district,
There was another kick lost evening
at   the council     meeting about    Ibis
I city bavin.* a non-resident mayor;
\   womnn    in     Manitoba   named,   /t    .     .       "       .
Lemon   gave hlrth    to a   child last     Cranbrook wants a clean town, hut
week. Thai   is  a    ease of a  wife   ,l"t « twn »f fo"r fmv»-
handing her hushamt a Lemon. I   .,     ,. ""•"""-,    .
_. |   No Alderman, sfmplv heeause he is
The results from atlvertislng In the  !l" nlderman, should think lhat     In
.   ^ ri , »,      (llltl.lo      I .4     r. ,11.11,1,1'       ,1,lj.H....,i,
thousands   of Jnpanc
British Columbia, and it. is i
lie       ■ 'nn-. 11 - -ii >. 111 -.i ns. in .in .. , ,
In llcrnld arc made nnpnrcnl  lo   everv fl» """J* ln nnoHter alderman.nor
the advertiser, it is nionov in the pocket  anyone else, for that, matter.   There
Herald, we would tint presume to say of everv man whn advertises in this
that such a position on the part of paper sinmly because the people read
ibe Dominion government is wrong, Ihe Herald, and it is the |ieoplc (hat.
vet it seems lo us thai the .Japanese  Die advertisers are after.
can he dealt    with as     well as    the I 	
Chinese. II is well understood that1 The people of Cranbrook have ren-
ihe .l-.ipanese are really more or a ilo- son lo feel grateful tn the public
triment lo the white laboring classes spirited individuals who are building
tlmn the Chinese, and the Herald lhe new opera bouse. Such a htiild-
would like lo set* some action taken Ing has been wanted for a long time
thai would protect the laboring in this town, and now that one Is
classes ot  tbis  province.      It   is trim  being built   the  people can feel    still
Idermen as big as alder men and
some slill hlgcer, nml there are men
who are not aldermen who are as big
mentally as aldermen. This may
seem strange but it is true.
thai Mr. Bowser brought in a hill
at the lasl session of tlie legislature,
(.inhibiting the landing of lhe .fapan-
ese, and it is also Hue tbat everyone
who knows Mr Bowser knows that
he wns not sincere in that move.
Kvcn members nf bis own partv
Ifllifihed at the political gram) stand
Kame tbat be was endeavoring to
play to catch the galleries of the
Vancouver electorate.    Bul tho ques-
betler when they know that no     ex-
,.,. Winnipeg,  13.—The C p. R.   have
 ,,- is being spared to make     the decided lo construct  fifty giant loeo-
lirtiise one of the best in the Ulterior motives, exceeding in size any eng ne
of lite province,     Thnt  is the Cran- «'er built in Canada heretofore,    for
brook wav, vou know. "* "s,,.„on ,,H'    mountain division
■   , Thev will have a draw bar pull     of
\ new    public building ami a   new 4»,O0O pounds,    whereas Hie greatest
opern house in one   vear is   not     a tractive effort of the present locoino-
hail  von know.       That is the    way lives is 31,00(1   pounds,    which will
Cranhrook     lias   heen   growing   for move    a   tralnload   of nine hundred
years, something new and something tons.
Returns uf the manufactures of Canada, as shown in (be special
census of last year bring to light a startling fact. Despite (lie large
increase in the population of the Dominion during (be past five years,
and the natural growth on the part of the people for better things in lhc
way of Men's Clothing, better fits, better material, the madc=to=order
industry has declined from $13,153,000 to $10,511,020, whilst (he output of
ready-made clothing has increased from $11,170,000 to $22.012,000.
These reliable statistics show what
"20th Century" Clothing
has accomplished in changing
(he clothing statisticsof Canada.
Why and How?
The answer is easy and the
solution simple.
"20th Century" Clothing \
meets the demands of the '
people for that which is artistic, for that which is perfect,
for (hat which is all that man
desires iu fit, quality and price.
The advent of " 20th Century "
Clothing on the market made
it possible for the masses to
dress with the same artistic
taste as the classes. Once
this fact was known by the people, the demand for made*to order
garments decreased, for "20th Century" Clothing met the demand and
the clothing statistics of Canada underwent a-marvellous change. You
can buy this clothing in Cranbrook, but only at
Last Saluiday ftight George Pushee
i-i.i  Into   an   altercation with Hairy
.Mellon and the feud Was carried     on
for sivi-ial hours.     Bolh men    wens
playing cards nl ihe lime, and finally
t'usliee ipiit  (lie game aud a.s   he left
he  (able lit* pushed Mellon over ami
is he fell struck him a blow In   tho
face.     Melton fell to the (toor     nnd
Pushee     turned,   aud according     to
'viilence, proceeded  lo kick him     in
life    fate,   leaving     him a bleeding,
bruised piece   of   humatiil y.     Melton
wenl In lhe police station and washed up. but  he was in such had shape
that  .lailnr Ward look liim to     Dr.
Mercer, who dressed liis wounds.   On
Tuesday Pushee was arraigned on the
charge uf assault  with intent  to   do
hod 11 v  inhirv  and  Magistrate  Alider-
i held him for trial.    On Wedtics-
y afternoon he was arru-igncd     before .Judge Wilson ami evidence   was
heard.     Mr. Gurd appeared for    the
defense and 0. II. Thompson (or the
rown,     When the witnesses (or the
rown had been heard Mr. Gurd   for
the defence, arose and said. Iliad  they
•ouhl     not    introduce any evidence,
ut made a strong plea  for lieniency
>r his client, saying that, Mr. Pushee
ilmilled that lie   nnd in the excite-
ienl ami passion ol the moment been
til]tv nf    nn indiscretion   for which
e fell sorry,   yet felt that he     de-
'ItciI some kind of punishment. Mr.
Guiil pleaded hard for a One instead
of a  iail     sentence.       When throneb
Mr. Thompson addressed a few words
lo llm court, and then Mr. Pushee
was asked by his worship to st-tnd
up. The court then told the defendant that the charge was a serious
one, and thai In* could not overlook
tin* act of a mau kicking another
when he was lying ou the lloor helpless, ami that in consei'tieiiee he must
he punished. He slated lhat hu
could give him three years, but lhat
he would iml do that'hiil would he
lighi mi him, and give him six HumUiH
in the Nelson iail. Tbe large crowd
I bat had assembled dis|>ersed and tm
every hand were heard expressions of
opinions that tlie sentence had been
a most jusl one, as it was lime to
put a stop to lhat kind of work in
The Herald has always contended
thai strawlM-rries could Im* raised
here iu Craubrook of a variety and
in such (plantitles as to prove profitable. This statement Ims been amply verified this week. V. Hyde Baker sent a box of luscious berries to
this ollice that were raised right at
his home, in a small patch that Mrs,
Baker had been looking after this
summer hy wa v of ex per intent ing
wilh a variety in Ihis climate. The
size and llavor of tbe berries testified
"ti her success, and off from the few
plants that were set out last (all,
all that they wanted for table use I
have been raise*!, and even more. W.
F. Doran, who has a ranch three i
miles west of town, brought In a)
basket of berries    that weie simply
enormous  iu size,   many of Ihem
large that they wnuld mil go In    nil " fi*cl,
ordinary drinking --lass.    The Haver!     '
of   these   was   of   Ihe  hi-sl,  and  again ,
del slrnted that small frilll enii lie,   '*''
made n success in ihis locality,     e*  cut
peciallv as right heie lllere is such a   feet,
line market.     The I inn a I in lull  is all
..li ('..In
Creston, .lulv I.T-<>. ■'- Wigen,
the celeb ruled local berry ctillurisl,
is in lown today. He says the sen
son is about over now and lias been a
successful one. oil nhoul (nui nctes
he lias marketed slrawhciiiis tn   lhe
amount of over SI. , nn.l be     has
more '.i ship yet, Ilis laud in
si ntu I.il I ii s is worlh In bim nl l»
per cent Interest, $r»,fl00 an aein.
Kingstiin, .Inly 13.— S. P. Conrnv,
of   Napanee,   is   dead at   Pembroke
aged X2 vents.     lie was an (Kid l-'el ■■ •■■•;..
low for f.7 vears, probably the oldest lnZr •-'■[ ,'"' I'.1) ":    .    , ,
in America.       He was hiilinled      iu Tlm nulls will be kepi busy 01   old
Washing!  D. C, in .lime IXfill, was ""'ns  fnr  manv  weeks; yet      PJiM
a veteran of the Mexican war and   in J™    >"/"'« "I1 '^^Vr'WiSj 3
"2 mWVn] 'n    NnP  rr°m '''^.^"'wei^r^his^hSi^riS"^
" ' '  . , liitiiliiii. for it .ml- only cables     ilia
j mills i.f this province to soil     ...nre
.'. i OK 1IAI.K A IIII.I.KIN        shinnies in ll.c United Slates In suite
  |,,l ihe an cents a thousand tariff, hut
The total cut ol logs on llie coast,also nrovents tlie dumping of Amcrl-
ol  British   Columbia lor   tho fiscal < can sliinclos on Wis marliet.
ending Juno 30, was 330,313,111111
nfi.iliii:-  In Uu- biiiitii «l    llm
infill    siiporvlsot nl   sealing,
ihe \ -..uv.-. Province        Tho
,     Juno alone   nas 30,108,11111
,,, ihal llu- i<.i.il I..i Ihnl tu..uili
nil   a  Iiiiiiii lilfilff n.  ll     iff
i.l il  ti.ailil be.
lllllll   Ihal   II nllti' ful
ilii.i. Including   thai
1 iii.iii     uud  I nm   lauds.
te.!   ll,llllllli  lhe I'o.isl   i.tll|uil. ...
il nil   I..I   llu' entile |in,iiui-.- .il
i.,s.i,s,,:i-JI leet.
Ulsters I..t I Iiei Iff f l.ocn . I'liinif
tu  flu.tlt   ..I     late, hut   prices  re I
linn, ami mills an- busy nl.111..',     i.n
..Id orders     Koine of litem me tun
 K il'it aud night,
lliil,'is Iiii sl.iiiitles are also coming
.. -'.-.< h, bill lite mills ate lieltiltil in
.l.i'.r ml. ami ale lilllluS orders at
three different |irices, nccordlng I.,
the tin... II... shingles wee bought.
The lotvesl price Ihal. s1.Ii.r1.-s nro
liiin.- cnl for is much below lb.' morsel nnw. l-'en- shingles have been
bouffbl at present prices, but when
Ihev are wanted it is said Hu- prest-nl THE   CUANUltOOK   IlKltAJL,-)
Have a Few Shares still to dispose of.
Until the first consignment of Brick conies into town, when the
Stock will be gobbled in five minutes, but get in now and secure
your allotment of Shares.
ONLY   25 %   CASH
Official Brokers
Summer Tan Shoes
Tan Slit.es are mure t'nsliionnlile this year tlutn ever before, lmt lliey are a slimmer Bltoe
tt.i.l we want to sell every pair In-fur.- summer t ...Is We wilt sacrifice prices uml mike it wnitli
your while tu buy now.   All New tluods.   Nothing Old or Shop Worn.  We quote u tew prices:
mm s' tin suppers, ,
-     "   bluchers,
to lll'i, nvnUi price |1.'.0, for
'•      OVt'ORDS,
S', 10 10,
S1, lo in,
11 lo '-',
11 lo 18,
ill', 1,. 2,
11 to -'.
"II to '.'.
women's tin ox.omis. ragulsi I'li.-f |-.'.r.u, lor.
"   tU.lJU,   "    	
"    OXPORDS, Plain Too, Itlbbon Tie, regular priee 11.00, lor
WOMEN'S tl. 11 tint CUT SHOT, regnlai price M.00, loi
 IM", "	
»1 '."i
tt as
11 25
tl 76
f-' 00
(I 60
12 0.1
12 25
. $3.00
1 G. T. ROGERS' SHOE SHOP, Cranbrook |
I   Afl   THE  MAN
B. B. B.
PICKED ni'   ABOUT   Tin-: (MTV
li\   ask (Ml OCKSTIONS OF
Lang in left, on Monday (or
i, where ho Lakes charge ol the
u   the Hosmer Lumber    com-
.mc l.i
.1 In
■   Leask
s beilli
Ki nt-
11. II. Short.
Ill    ,in.l    Mis     -I    H
m I'ci inr l.ist Friday.
\hss Cameron, ol Movie, was visit-
Ing in lown ibis week,
William   Carlin    was in town   last
Momlay Irom Fort Steele.
It. ll   Short left ou Monday
Vancouver for a brief visit.
l'\ R. Mmris is planning to
ti handsome home on Raker Hill
\lr.  -■ I    Mrs.  A. Moll,    of
in . in the cilv lasl Monday
Miss litiicc formerly teacher ot
llu* Wardnei school, has been visiting
Mis. Willson iu llial cilv the past
W. 0'I lea in has gone to J affray io
I accept    the   position      ol     master
visited  ineehaiiic fm   ihe North Star logging
Tiie street gang is doing good work
I, and in a short
the main
time Maker street will he a beautiful
Mr. Martin
lhc C, P, R. civil engineer, came over from Calgary on
'Tuesday on business   eonneeted with
I   Harry, Dimoek, one   of the proprie-
i-«ik-| torn of Ihe  Cosmopolitan hotel     at
j Moyie,   spenl. a   couple ut   days    in
A itial   shipment    of ore   will be Cranhrook this week,
mudc from Ihe Pay Hull mine    this j   Mrs. George Bremner is in the city
wvi'K. [visiting   with old    friends, and that
Hoys   running   shoes fl5c. ami Ito., good lady has a host of them in   tliis-
nun's baseball shoes $1.00 at O. T. city where she is so well known.
Rogers Shoe Shop. |   ^|,js S|imIn(.r   has been    an  execp-
Mlss T.Limhaiiser visiled wilh her li.u.il one in this country so tar ns
mother al Fort Sleele several days mills are concerned, this being the
'his weci". i rainiest, season lor many years.
Frank Fletcher, of Nelson, came' WANTEB-Situntion iu un office nt
down from Wasa the (list of the week a store as bookkeeper. Address
uml went home on Tuesday. j"B. R. L," care Herald. 16
Miss McLcod wenl lu Spokane last
Monday in meet, a sister and to bring
a voting niece back lo Cranhrook who
will visit here during lhc summer.
Our line of
civ complete,
i you.—Tate,
railway watches
Let. us show
the jeweler.
I hem
Mrs  George   Hoggarth   and    two
ns, an.l Mrs. K. II Small an.l baby
daughter, left Inst Friday for Winnipeg, where lb.*! will \ir-.il fur u short,
M, E. Palmer, the well known Crow
englnrer, relumed this week from an
extended nip lo SI. Paul, Minneapolis ami Winnipeg. lie vislleil his
parents while away,
Harry While, llu* local customs officer, left lasl Monday for a trip to
lhe coast, ami wilt be ahseht nhoul
len days. F. II. Anderson has
charge of the customs ollice lu the
Charles Howell left for Spokane on
Tuesday to be present, at an operation thai was performed on his wife
on Wednesday. If all noes well Mr.
Howell will return lhc Inl let part of
the wco..j.
George Rulnn, of Jamestown, N.D.,
is iu the eily and will probably remain here, as he is an old engineer
and will applv for a place on the
Crow. Mr.' Union is a brother-in-
law of W. O'Hearn.
Hill & Co. have ;i most attractive
window this week, showing t.i good
advantage some of their new line of
waists, collars, etc., ami everything
lu Uie window is new, and up-to-date.
The ladies should see litis window, as
it is bound to please them.
HOUSE TO LET. Apply to O. T.
Rogers' store. 10
George Hoggarth   is feeling pretty
, proud of the record    Uiat he    made
j while supervising the removal of tbo
old hotel building to its present site.
[Although it was a most difficult Job
the building was moved ami not u
hit ol plastering was even cracked.
i Work is progressing very nicely on
1)*' government building .md it is
ibought that it will be ready for oc-
rupnncy by ihe     first ot September,
,'Pho building is going to Ire a handsome one ami afford convenience for
Ihe provincial and city officials lhat
hnve been long needed.
I The Fink Mere.iiililecniiip.uiy have
jusl had one of the finest signs 111
Western Canada placed on llie front
of the store. It reaches entirely
ncro&a the front of llie building, nud
i.s made ol gold leaf, and can lin seen
iu Fort Steele and heard clear to
Curzon. B. H. Short was lhe ,,r
■lames Oischau, cook for tlm   Ensl
.Knntenny Lumber company nl  than,
'spent Sunday in Cranhrook nnh left
Monday for Fort William on .. two
weeks vacation. Mr. Oischau claims
lo" have broken all records tor cooks
in this district, as lie worked nine
months and twenty-five days without
| missing a shift.
class slicker and plancrmnn. Apply
Box 17, Crnnbrook, 17
Preserve your fruit by steam. You
(-.in do up II one quart jars nt a
time in the family size Toledo Steam
Cooker. It keeps llie fruit whole
nml the pressure of steam does not.
allow the flavor to escape. Try it
Ihis season and you will li'c moro
i li.t n satisfied.—Patmore Bros.,
.lust received, Rebakah pins, at
Tate's, tho jeweler.
Mrs, .lames Smith has gone to tho
coast for a visit of a few weeks.
There is nothing finer on earth Iban
lhc weather of South Last Kootenay.
T. Leask has gone to the prairie iu
tlie interests of his lumber company.
Cranbrook is entitled to free express delivery, and the way to get1
ii is to keep alter it.
Mrs. llossiter, wife of the resident
engineer of tho C. P. IL at this
point, arrived yesterday Irom Winnipeg.
Tlie boys who intend to lake part
In Ihe hose reel races this summer
nnd fall started to practice last
Tuesday evening, aud made a most
creditable showing. There will bo
some fast ones iu the team this year
ami the bunch ot boys that defeat
Cranbrook will have lo get up and
go some.
WANTED— Kdgennan for sawmill,
also good camp cook and blacksmith,
Apply The Uevelstoke Sawmill Co.,
Lid., Revelstoke, B. C. 15--H
Tho local lodge of the Knights of
Pythias attended ehureh in a body
last Sunday evening, the occasion being the annual memorial services.
Rev. Flewelling preached the sermon,
nnd tlie services were very Interesting
throughout, There were a large
number in attendance, and the members feel very highly gratified over
tlie success of the service.
kinds and at prices that will make
them good investments. U. P. Tisdale. 8-tl
No mole burnt meats or drich up
vegetables, when you use a. Toledo
Sleam Cooker. The pressure of
steam retains ihe llavoi, making
everything taste delicious and wholesome, ll also saves fuel an.I lakes
up less room on your stove. For
sale by Patmore Bros,
s. I, -Hiver and It. Wilson, ol Winnipeg, arriveil in lhe eily last
Friday and took a team for a drive
io Uu* Windermere country where Mr.
Wilson desired to look over some
lands. Mr. Wilson is a capitalist
who is iuletesttsl with ol lie rs in the
easi in western lands ami Mr. Oliver,
who formerly lived in Cranhrook and
War.in.-r, has been acting as agent
for the syndicate. Both gentlemen
wne more than pleased wilh tlie outlook up the Kootenay valley.
Dairy butter in one pound bricks,
Line, per tli nt G. T. Rogers.
PASTURE—Parties wishing young
slock nr horses pastured apply lo 13.
Corbelt, Carrot Ranch, near old
Nurlh Star mill. Good teed and
good water. 13
There was a very pleasant gathering at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
.lohn Leask lasl Wednesday evening
in honor of the Misses Scott, of
Spokane, who are visiting here. As
lhc Misses Scott are musicians who
stand high In the musical circles of
Spnkane and Hie State of Washing-
Ion, tlio gathering naturally partook
of the nature of a musicalc, as there
were several of the best local talent
present. It was a most enjoyable
evening, and lhe bouts passed only
lickly for    the   guests,     with
Picture Frames
Successor t<>
PHOlOlil. It'll.
Mrs. R. O'llagen and daughter, ot
Lethbridt-e, ,,re visiting Mi. and .Mis.
.1. N. NeHson.
fi. .1. Johnson made a hurried trip
iu Spokane last Friday, returning tm
W. A. Meacbem, ol Marysville, was
transacting business in Cranhrook
Mi. Ilillam, liiai superintendent ol
the dining and sleeping car service,
is building a    tine  collage on Bake!
anvas shoes: Children's, 76c.:
$1.00, women's $1.25 ami
tl 76, Men's, $2.nii, 53.25 ami 13.60
nl 0, T. Rogers Shoe Shop.
Canadian   Rank of fouiim-tci
songs, instrumental    music and    tic
licious refreshments.
has improved tho appearance of iis
property very materially by building
.i new fence about tbe bank premises,
James Balfour, ibe well known
railway insurance man, is in town
shaking hands with a lot of ofd
friemls and doing business by tbe
A. Jollilfe met with a painful accident last Monday while riding ono
of his burses. The animal put one
Iool iu a gopher hole and threw him
self, catching Mr. JollifTe beneath. As
l.i result Mr. JollifTe was pretty badly
[bruised and had*to quit work for a
few days.
' W, E. Worden has lhe contract for
the excavation of the cellars for the
now Cranhrook hotel ami has a gang
of men at work this week. Contractor Johnson has started with his
part of the work and is at wnrk on
lhe doors and windows.    He expects
'in have a force of men on flaming
' tin; building next week.
U. U. King is iu Winnipeg this
P, R. Dunbar, of St. Paul, is visit-
,ii: bis bVother, Solicitor Dunbar, ol
ihis city, and will probably locate
Itcrp. The brothers bad nevci seen
each other before.
Frank V'anDecai returned fro
coast last    Tuesday evening,   having
bad a verj pleasant' trip, and bi
with I  Mrs   V,mln.,,i and     tl   .
Imle daughter.
Miss McLeod will rIv* lessons In
embroider) Irec foi .t stipulated time.
Those desiring 10 take advantage ol
Hi - i.n.-r should roi municatc with
hei as soon as possible,
Deri firms come up from Sirdar on
Tu-s.i.iv nnd lefl yesterday foi Norlh
i Hay, Dirt , In response to a telegram
ihal his fnlhei had suffered n Bfroke
, of paralysis and was in a most precarious condition.
Milne Clutc has purchased at. half
Intcresl in the Royal hotel from
.Flank VanDecar. the lessee, and will
jassist in lhe management in the fu-
lure, William Stewart remains with
, ihe firm as chief clerk
ll was generally kept quiet when
Messrs. Parsons, Jones and Grlfilth,
of Golden, were in the city last week,
[that they had just relumed from tho
[big Baptist convention held at Spot;
a ne.
\. E, Foster left yesterdny foi
Calgary, where he will take tho posl
lion of accountant in tbe Imperial
.bank of ihat city. Before bis departure Messrs. Beattie, linker,
IPtnklHim, Judge Wilson, Roberts ami
Gruhh presented Mr. Foster with an
elegant shaving outfit and hair
.?*■?£■ ,*:■?*:
News of the District   P£s
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gl'ined from Newspapers
**********************!;;,:' Tt\i,nT^nXr\n\
...it together li'i't' exuniiiii-d the wiii-
,,.ii. Paul Bateau ims ". llie net   ol
i liim i.   when il discharged,     tlio
Imllit striking Mr. Wilson Immediatc-
lv lii'l.m the knee causing a very
serious, tvuunil. Hi- was nt- miee
taken to i 'I-1 "1" ""!'- where I In- wound
was dressed Latest reports sny lie
Is iloing nicely.
contracted n heavy colli, tlie limits tie-
i       CO PLAINS
it'iiiiii our own correspondent,)
il    c. Hacking, ,.l it"'
liiurist ilep........'.... spent
in Klko last week.
Tlie slot machines were
in Klko lasl wcok.
|.'isliing ... Klk liver no
swine    .uul il"'    "'""   '
('. 1'. ll
•iiu .ilil.it.
nil slopped
in lull
>l|    Willi
Tli,-    carpenters,   plitsterers, limit
layers, masons,    d minis, palnter.s
iii'nl naper hangers nre putting tne
linislilng louclii-s io Hu- l;m new i«l-
,1,11,111 in Hie KM. hotel -"I'1 -1™1
plnsii-ring Hu- original pari Ihrougli-
..ii i.
1-   Stlmnson, ol    L'ranlitook, gavi
in  fiiiimi ,t s..l. shoe and liuek
.nul wing dancing ... Hu- n|.crn house
s.iiiiiili.i- eve K, .....1 "'so suns sev
eral sours lo lhe amiisemi'iil  "1   Un
lui-.' iiiliiit'iu'i..
St-lt-cslei-     1'.iliun canto up     trom
lli.iisvillo .I.is week nml went through
... Ci.min.mt      Mr. I-".. 11,.ii says tin
nun    crop     lliis   ii'.ir on     Ti.ln.ee.
I'lnins- will hi'iil nil rectirds.
.1    1'.      t'iiiriltlli-is   was   in       lowi
Li-   week nml    wenl smith 1,.   I-ilk-
 li. King,     H.it in-, Lake,    W.ilil,
.mil Mos.piiii, Klnts.
Hiss Madeline I'hlllipps e.i  .low.
down from t.'riii.hrook on a visit    1.
her   i.ii.e.i.s    ...     l-'ii.iil.iuils,     KII.
.I.ui,- Davis lefl    Klko with .. pack
..nin fm Sii.kI Creek for some Fcrnli
n.il. t.'leming's   Iroupe nf artists o
Penile, nre in Kll,n painting Hie lius-
mi'ss hlocks f  |..'n tine sieen 1'
a ilnii.lv grev     tussel, wirl. rniitliott
t iiniii.ings.
I'isfiiti..inl experts nre pouring in
...    Klk..   ...nl    pursuing .he elusiv.
irl  in  the ........ing
e nl noon
■oats nn.l  parasols
n-i chnnge soon.
Ill-Jin u>
s.jli   S
.1  nnt
an' getting shorter,
'en. long enough il
rnlnim. due.
.,f    Mrs,
Tin- hay diggers, alfalfa mowers
nud sour dough disturbers nn Tobae-
eo Plains are lioldlng joint meetings
and passing resolutions for s hours
per day amt mnru space in tin; Crnu-
lirnnk Herald tn ilir their virtues.
.Mite Roeser, owner of the Plug-
slone lownsitc and Strawberry Flats
was in Kilo, ibis week. Flagstone
is situated on Koutunay river, soulh
nl Elkmoutb nml six'miles east of
Roosvilie, the big red apple country.
The Cranbrook leluphotic gang nre
building telephone lines between
Haynes Lake mid Elko. The foreman of ihe bean pole raisers don't
know what the play is going to be
and    can't give llie business men   <>f
Miss H Con/
|.itwl( nf Ihis place, was tfl«pn "»
I'l-ttiihrmik hospllnl oil lltursday
morning Insl, suITering rrom muscular
ibeumullsin  I typhoid pneumonia.
Mr. Lund is in Spokane Ibis week
mi business.
Mrs Donahoe lefl on Saturday
evening lasl to spend a few days with
friends in Winnipeg.
Mr .md Mrs. Talker and Mrs.
Thorp are Inking in Hu* fair in Winnipeg lllis week.
Miss Maud Rruce, who has been
visiiing friends in town during Ibe
lasl couple nl weeks, left on Sun-
lay last fm ber home in Cochrane,
Vlberla, to spend the remainder nf
ihe vacation.
Miss Hrunton, leaeher of lhe Kaslo
,ilinnl. arrived mi Tuesday Inst lo
spend lhc vaentlnn wilh her -friend,
Mrs. Doimboo. Miss Hrunteii is a
Former Wardner teacher.
Mi. and Mrs. licit A. Drown re-
mmed from Crnnbrook on Saturday
last,  where tbey have been spending
cniiplc nf days.
R. ll. Hi-hart was in Cranhrook on
riilny Inst  on business.
Mrs. Sid Drown was taken to the
,i. Eugene hospital in Cranbrook
lasl Friday, sufTcrihg from a severe
MArk nt appendicitis.
Olio Wisiier spent n couple of days
bis week fishing at Elko.
...id has charge
f Hie construction of the new Wood-
McNnb mill just above town.
V. Hyde linker, of Cranbrook, came
in on the easi bound express yesterday, and in company with c. McNab
ami I. S. Schcmerhorn drove out- to
the site nf ll"' new mill above town
T. II. Whehiii arrived in lown last
evening. Mi Whelan reports that
ihe strike nf four feet of steel galena,
ie affected and pneumonia resulted; reported to have been made in the
■ausiiig death nn Saturday lasl. Do- Durns-Hcnnessey property a few
an unusually bright child, days ago, is holding its thickness as
Tbe bereaved parents have the sym- the tunnel is driven i»'<» tho hill. The
pa thy of    the entire     community  in   work is kept going all the time.
iheir sad atllloiion,     Interment, wan  -
made iu lhe    Wardner cemetery     on     Color    Whimster,   brother    ol our
Monday afternoon. police magistrate, W.     ll. Whimster,
  and a South African     veteran, stnp-
The social given under ibe auspices  pnl over between trains last Sunday
nt the Ladies     Aid of the   Wardnei   nlghi  to make    n sliorl visit     with
I'rcsb-tcriau     cbnrch, on    Thursday   Mr. Whimster and family,     lie   had
evening Inst, was a   decided   .success.   \„rn visiiing casl eilies and was  on
Although ibe weather, until late     in his way  tn Collage I-i  I'railie,    his
the evening,    was     very unfavorable,  homo.
vet a large    crowd assembled     ami ■ ——
after thoroughly   enjoying the   good |    Mrs.    Dudley,   -Mrs.   Clapp,   Mrs
things provided by lhe ladies, ibe re-[Unit, Mis, Taylor and several others
mnimler nf ihe evening was spent   in wenl  to Elkmouth ycsterilny on   ito
tripping     lhe    lighi   fantastic      Pro-   occasion   nf   tin-   hillhtl.iv   atiiiiversarv
ceeds $.13, in aid of ihe church fund,  of Mrs. I.    W.   It. Terry.       It was
  la beautiful day, and Mn* party had   a
Mr. ami Mis. R. II. Mohan spent a   happy   t.ime  with  Iheir  young  bride,
few days lasl week visit iim friends in j wlio seems In   glow younger ns   lhe
Spokane, Wash,    They returned homo,rest of us grow old.
Momlay evening lust. j 	
I. D. MeBride, the Cranhrook bard-
knock will only be heart! by tlie wai
lieu, wlm wfll, iu time, grow tired of
in.      Tims  another  knotii-r has  passed.
H.ms! Crothers mill.
Charles Smith, nf this busy burg iu
ibe hills, returned from Spokane last
week, where hi* had been spending a
slum t vacation. Hi* roports every?
thing in a nourishing condition across
the line, bin lii-e others, Mr. Smith
savs be was glad io gel back to
Cranhrook ami Smith Fast Kootenay, tbe best and grandest place in
lhe world.
What beats a good wife'' As a
general rub* a bad husband.
John Wilson, ono of the employes
of the Crothers Lumber mill, who has
lint, in the Crnnhrool, Im pltnl foi
iln- tiast six weel.s, returned to cami'
mi Mnrnln- lasl. Mi. Wilson will
take a short res! before resuming bis
hilus in the mill.
Elko any information on the layout,
I.ui we heard the flrsl message over
the wire was received from Montana
nf ., Main wrrrk nn lhc Great N'nrlh-
eni, which read ns follows: Hcmt-nii
collision; H> killed; nobody hurl; all
I'm sorry tn hnve to mess your
face so Tabby, said ;l Rnoseville bad
boy, as he dabbed pussy's face with
lam.. "Hu! I ran'l have Ibe folks
suspecting me."
1   her
When in    nt lhe   door
A ci.nl. once was kiieadiii;
She said I am busy
Sn don't make mc dusy
Witb nonsense bul get. up mid gougb
W. S. MeEweii went up to Fcrnli
Saturday tn make final arrangements
for lhe ii.ilI game between Feruie.
Lethbridge ami Hie Stars of Elko.
The baseball game on Sunday between the Stats, of Elko, and the
Wardner timers, played at Wardner,
was sure n ball game for your soup
strainers and the score was !i tn I iu
favor of Wardner. As the game was
ployed al Wardner and the Wardner
scribe fnr Ibis paper was re-
i|iiesied In fullv rcporl Hie garni
bv lhe Old Man. we are refused space,
Wardner being oul of our territory.
Ilni just wait, until tbe Wardner Tig-
cis ami Mnsipiitn Fighters come io
Milt Knsttier, of Fernie, brought in
it big bunch of grace and beauty, and
a few stags from the coal town   um)
chased   Hi.'in   down   tn   the   falls,     the
hill timber and hunch grass flats.
Mi   nm!     Mrs.    Albeit Mul/     am
family,   of    Fernie, with Miss   Rot*
Siil.-iist.-iht, uf New York, spenl Sun-
day in Klko      ll     was Mrs, Mut/"
flrsl visil  io    Klko and the wcnUu
was vcrv     disagreeable, but  thev   all
bad a delightful   lime and Mrs   Mul
'Iceland  that she would return iu
short linn* and spend a few davs      i
Klko and then drive down tn the   bi
inl apple country foi  a  week's  good
They made two attempts to hold
the annual school meeting in Elko
Saturday, .lulv  13th.
Mr. Irving .1. Willson, the popular
station agenl here, has accepted the
position ni C, P, R. agent at t-iiiii-
brook, ami will In* on duly at Hie
ollice there next week. His mother
and sister will move their household
goods in a few days. Their many
friends here regret their depart uio
very much from our midst. Wurd-
ner's loss will be-Crnnbroqk's gain.
I*. Luml spent a few days Ihis week
in Nelson on business.
Miss Irene Donahue is acting as relieving agent at the local depot in
the absence of the agenl, Mr. Willson,
Mrs. Mckibhtu has removed inlo
ue nf the houses nn lhe river bank.
Miss Violet McLcod is recovering
from an attack of measles.
Miss Couzeiis, who returned from
'ranbrool- n few days ago, is ill at
In* home of Mr, P."Luml.
Willson w
si Monday.
Cranhrook visl-
(From our own correspondent)
IJ. W.  Perry, of Winnipeg, called ou
friends in lown this week.
Tbe weather sharp win. predicted
we would have no summer this year
has crawled under lhe ice house.
An accident occurred last Frldn]
forenoon which might have terminated fatally. George Wilson was
standing on the platform   nt  tbe de
poi  waiting for
Mr Mind went lo Cranbrnok last
Sunday morning in see Mr. George
Wilson, al   lhc St.  Kugene hospital.
Master Herman Rainslrom, son of
Mr. an,I Mis. Rainstrom, of Ihis
place, was taken tn Cranbrook hns-
nilnl on Saturday morning last to be
1 rented fnr 'appendicitis. Mrs.
Rainslrom and Mrs. Poulson were to
see him on Sunday aud found bim
somewhat  heller.
I "i il ieema u     Adncv    ret ii rned    from
New Wesi minster Saturday last.
A party of men, women and children, from -lalTray. spent Sunday in
lown litking in the sights.
Irving Willson  returned from    Cnl-
iiv nn Tuesday morning last.     He
stopped oil' lo adjusl  affairs ami then
wenl on to Cranhrook to take charge
nf his new* olTicc.
Constable Adney went to Yahk
hist Monday rorcnoon on business.
On Sunday morning, .luly 11th, an
aggregation of ball tossers from Elko
journeyed over lo Wardner to cross
bats wilh lhe baseball team "f this
place The game commenced about-
2.3(1 p.m. and was exciting from
start- to finish, resulting iu Wardner
defeating Klko to the tune of "> runs
iu 3. The boys returned home on
Ihe evening train amid a chorus of
Last Friday night, while the sawmill Wiis busy al its work, a picfe of
board fell In front of Mr. Larson's
carrlflge, causing him lo lose control
of il. lie reversed the lever, however, and gave Hie men lime lo Jtimp
wliile he himself stood al his post,
beiii", tossed some distance, He escaped with vcrv slight injuries, while
lhc mystery, thai he was nol killed
outright, yet  remains unsolved,
Mil* •Iim McKee, nf Klko, came up
wilh Hie ball players nn Sunday tn
spend the day.
i Received too   late    for publication
lu our last issue.)
Mis. C. Dow ami children, of Cranbrook, spenl a few days lasl week in
town with Mrs flow's sister, Mrs.
Olio Wisncr.
It. II. Ilohnrl was in Crnnbrook nn
Tuesday nn business,
Miss Maiigan, teacher of the Sirdar
school, is spemlim* a einiplc of weeks
with Mis. Dan McLcod.
.Miss Amy Willson visited Crnnbrook
mi Wednesday Inst.
Mrs. Harry Lindsay and daughter
Alice, of Spokane, arrived here last
Wednesday to spend the vncation
wilh Mr. Lindsay, who I.s employed
hire as mill foreman-
Mrs. P. Lund and the Misses Hazel
ami Kdilh Lund, lefl last. Saturday
fnr Chatham. Out., tn spend a couple
nf months.
Irving Willson, C. P. R. agent here,
lefl Inst Tuesday for Calgary.
Mrs. M. Kcisling aud family will
move their household effects to Jaf-
fray, M. ('., on Thursday, where Ihey
will reside. Mr. Kelsltng is engaged
In the lumber mill in that place.
| The manv friemls of Mr. am! Mrs.
Waterous will hear with '.cry deep
icgret of Ihe death of their ii hint
child on Saturday last. The lillle
child contracted measles and for
stern express few days lhc disease progressed   very
(Frsiu  the Moyie Leader.)
The Spotonne Flyer slopped at
Moyie long enough lo lake breath on
W. II. Shira, au old timer in
Moyie, was shaking hands with old
friemls this week.
Miss Lulu Crowe left Tuesday for
Rossland, where she will have charge
nf lhc pust ollice at that place.
Ellint Crowe returned Iti Moylo
Thursday from New Westminster,
where he has been attending Coiumliin
Thos. Kelly returned Wednesday
from Denver, Colorado, where he was
al lending the convention of the Western Federation of Miners.
ware merchant, passed easi Tuesday
evening, en mute lu Calgary, In he in
iit the big fair.
A party of 12 men, under Ihe direction oi Engineer Wllkinsoui have
gone up lhc Klk river to do somo
iiirvcyiug for ihe Northern Cnul &
Coke company.
Chas. McNab, manager of the Baker
Lumber company, of Waldo, wns n
Fernie visitor during the week. He
reports thai the horizonlal band saw
in the lii_ mill is nhoul ready lo run,
ami will add several thousand feel lo
Hie daily output of the mill.
Our hose reel team must gel a
gail on and dn some practice. The
Athletic assneiatinn lias done the
handsome thing In- offering good big
prizes. The Ledger kid is thinking
seriously uf joining the leain If he
can gel trunks large enough to allow-
fair play lo lhe muscles of his legs.
Second Vice-President Wm. Whyte
nf lhe C, 1'. It., hns made his automobile trip over the proposed route
of the jwintenn'v Central, nnd states
Ihnl he was surprised wilh the possibilities nf thai territory. The Koo-
lenny Central must he built, and the
C. P. R. are preparing to do the
C. P. I HII, general manager of the
Ililli-rcsi Cual A- Coke company, was
in the city Thursday. lie reports
that Hie conveyors at Ihe Hillcrcst
mines are now connected ami ready
for operation. .Mr. Hill was accompanied by Mr. E. T. Lawson, of
Seattle, who has been spending a
few days al IMlhresf looking over lhe
plant and Inking a peep at a little
corner of the vast coal beds lhat lie
at all angles Ihroughotil these moum*.
tains. Mr. Lawson is favorably impressed with our country, ami being
au experienced conl mine operator, he
sees much Hi Interest him in the
Crows Nest Pnss. Mr. Lawson left,
yeslctdnv fur the west.
Every    render   nf     the Cranh'roi
Herald   m this    camp speak will
Hie valuable ami reliable paper,    ni
well ihcy may.     ll is iIm  b.st pap
iu this pari uf the country
lav wilh il
Crothers mill.
id      bun.
Previous In Hu* publlenilon uf lhe
items in ihe Cranhrook Herald frnm
ihis place, Crolhers mill     was. well.
In   leil   lhc   triltll,   jusl   al    km.un
Now it is known everywhere an I
day after day the place is crowded
with tourists nnd pleasure seekers;
Lasl Sunday Ihere were a large
narly here 'from Crauhrooli enjoying
the beautiful      scenery   nf     Ihis  liiosl
beautiful place.
D.   C.  L.
| Distillers Company, Limited
it IN Wiiun                                  "o
♦* "''
15 IN WOOD                                  ".!
I). C. I.. Scotch 12 Years Old
IN Will H.
(From the Fernie Free Press.)
A Inl nf petty thieving is being reported to Ihe police. One night
hawk, a "second story man" evidently slole the (ire escape from Hie
Waldorf hotel. The proprietor is
thinking nf having llie paint bulled tn
the walls.
A collide of loaded railway cars,
seized With an attack of spontaneous
locomotion started down the grade at
Coal Creek on Tuesday and ran inlo
Mi engine at the end'of lhe switch.
The nilol nf the engine was damaged
nnd both cars were smashed at lhe
The Rideau Lumber Co,, at Dorr,
are gct-limr, inlo shape to cut limber
for the market.
Messrs. Dighy & Waldo have secured
contracts fur a big cold storage building at Lethbridge, the station at
Frank, and an addition lo lhe C. P.
R, boarding house al Sirdar,
Engineer Wilkenson, wilh a corps of
12 men. left on Tuesday evening for
the upper Klk country, in survey uml
report nn ibe properly of the Northern Conl .V Coke Co. The parly ex-
pccl to be away four mouths.
The farewell social and dunce
which wits tendered Mr. and Mrs. I'.
Runner, Mike Homier and John Cannon on tin' eve of their departure
from Movie, was held in tlie Eagles
hall on July IIth. The affair was a
complete success. Dancing commenced at about II p.m. and tlm
music was furnished by Mrs. Patre-
piin, piano, R. Seott, violin, E. O.
Kamm, cornel. Songs were sung at
nlervals by Mr. Sowerbults and
Mrs. Patrcquin. -lust before refreshments were served, Mr. .Limes
Roberts was called upon to present
Mr. and Mrs. Homier, with a beautiful silver lea service, ami to Mike
Homier and John Camion a set of
gold cuff links, <m behalf of their
many friends as a small token of
the regard and high esteem liy which
ihcy were held In Moyie. The recipients briefly responded aud thanked
them for their kindness, after which
three cheers were given, ami the
people assembled joining heartily in
sin-riii--: "For He's a .lolly Good Fellow." Refreshments were served,
ifier which dancing was resumed and
'epi guing until 2 a. in. Tbe committee are desirous or expressing
iheir thanks lo the ladles for their Roller! Clark, driver for P. Hums
generous assistance. Following is , A- Co., met with u very painful nc-
the committee who had charge of the cidciil hist Saturday, night, which
affair: .las. Roberts, Chas. Lives- will lav liim up iu the hospital fnr a
ley, Mike Tuiphy. K. D. Slinson, Ed. (couple nf weeks, lie was taking a
Hiitl, Albert Gill, .Ins. McLaren and heaw load of meat out to the Fernie
I'- Head. 1 Lumber company's bush camp and   in
—— crossing a deep   pitch-bole the   seal.
A farewell party In honor of Mr. of the wagon brnvc, throwing the
and Mrs. R. T. Howard, who nro driver down between the horses and
leaving fnr Emlerbv nexl Wediiedav. I lhe wagim. Hoth wheels passed over
was held in the Lake Shore hotel him from lhe shoulder to lhe hip.
lasl nighl. Dancing was lhe main Clnrk is a plucky fellow. He slop-
feutlire of Hie evening and a general ped bis lenm, climbed inlo lhe wagon
good Ciiu* was held. Mr. and Mrs.'an.l drove Iwo miles to Ihe camp.
Howard were presented with a China ,where, on arrival, he was suITering
tea set. horrible imin and was unable lo get
  oul of ihe vehicle.     He was lirouefhl
The   Presbyterian    Sunday   school  to Hie Fernie hospit-il as speedily ns
had a very successful picnic on Thills- pnsslblp ami Although Imdly bruised,
day lasl at the Mclletb ranch across , is nnw considered out of danger,
Hie     lake        Ret ween seventy      nml
eighty children and adults went over
in the afternoon    and   had a     most
nleasanl lime    Thanks uie due     to
Mr.     Hensey,   foreman of   the Porto
Rico Lumber company's mill for lhe
kindness in providing the launch   and
scow fur transnortotion, ulso lo Mr.
Campbell and IL Chapman who took
the returning low boats in tow with
Iheir launches and relieved the rowers
of their labors.
Take notice thai .lames A. Sleele,
uf Cranbrnok, M. C, occupaliuu,
Timber Cruiser, intends In apply for
.i special limbei license ovei Hie ful
having described lands:
Commencing at ito nnrib-wesl enrner of Timber Limit Nn. 28B3, running soulh forly (HM chains, wesi
une hundred and sixtv (IM) chains,
thence norlh fm'ty '(1(1) cliains tn
place uf beginning;, containing 01(1
acres, more or less.
.lames A. Sleele, Locator.
Dateil the Klh dav nf July, A, P.
Dili:. 17-CI
Take notice Hut .lames A. Sleele,
>f Cranbrook, IL C occupation.
Timber Cruiser, intends In apply for
a special timber license over lhc following described lands:
Commencing at a pnst planted
eighty (-80) cliains north ..f tha
norlli-wcsl corner nf Timber Limit
Nn. SfOi.L ruining'east eightv (801
chains, thence south eighty (80)
chains, thence west eighty (8H)
ehains,     ihence   north   eighty     (*80)
nnd   containing B-10   acres,': more or
James A. Sleet'. Locator.
Dated the 17til    dav nt .lulv.  A,   D.
l!)07. 17-dl
R. P. Rithet k Co., Limited
Victoria, British Columbia
Ti.ki' notice Hint .lumps A. Sl.vl.',
i.f   Orntilirnnk,    li. .'..     nmipallnn
Tll.ll.pr Ctnifi'l'.   il.trliils   ... a|i|i!|-   l.n
.. s|.i'rinl timber license   over llu- fol-
Inwine, .lesct-Hicd lands:
Cotniiii'iifiiin .it a nosl filanifil
eighty (SO) elinlns. nnrtl. nf ll.c nnrlh-
ivccs't corner ol Timber Limit Nn.
2R63, tlience nitiiiini: north ritititv
ISO) drains, thence insl elclil; ..s.n
cliains. tlience smith i-iirhty ism
.•liains. thence west i-k-litv (80)
chains In the point of commence
mci.t. anil containing (ll" nercs, more
nr less.
■Tames A. Sleele, Locator.
Ilnlcd ll.c 17th .lav nf July, A. I).
III07. 17-til
(From our own correspondent.)
fteorfze I'luuinier. nne of the employes nf ihis thriving lillle Imrg,
left here lust week fnr Crnnbrook tiie
********************** lii'Olltifill. where he has .secured a
X ♦  lucrative position wilh tlie Kink .Mer-
X T?CDMfC x ''.'"'i'1'   company.     This institution
Z rHKl>lC *  is f,,i linn,!,, indeed in securing     Hie.
* X  services nf Mr. Plnmiiier, as be in   n.
**********************  '"nu nf ahilily,     intelligence, and has
**********************   („,, ..k„„„.   |,mv"    ,„ ,|„ t)lmKS| ,,,„,
(From Tlie Kcrnie Ledger.) a man wlm will mnko good.    We   nl-
iv.ivs   speak of a    person as we find
Preparations are being made for the  || , ami this i.s   crlainlv a     good
erection nf I mi now cottages lor the policy
accommodation nf the families of the and may   your sh-.iilow
miners.       Those cottages    will   he less.
creeled -below the tipple on the nortli 	
side ol tlie creek. Fellow   pilgrim,    remember   what
., ,  —~ happened tn tin- knocker in this camp
Srlii'liieilinn., Into ol   t-lio last week,     lie Is now   many miles
Success    In   ymi 1'liimn.er
never grniv
Take notice Ihal .Inmcs   A. Sleele.
■,t   Crn-nbrnnk,   11. C,     ni patlnn,
Timber Cruiser, Intends In apply lor
. siicciiil tiiiilicr license over ihe lollowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted eighty (SU) elinlns nnrlh nf the north-
werl enrner of Timber l.iinil Mo.
•isii.'i, tbenee west eighlv (Sii) ehains,
tlience suulh eiglitv (SU) elinlns,
Uu ..it ens. elghly (sin chains, H.ence
nnrlh eichiv (SO) ebnlns In Ibe plnce
of coniliii'in.'.n.'lit. ami conlainil.g
'llll acres, mote nr less.
.lames A. .Steele, Locator.
Dated the 1711. dav nl .lulv. V ll
1IIII7. 17-IH
Take nnilee Ilni James ". Sleele,
••f t'riiiilirniik. II .' . mi.ir-aii,in.
Timber Cruiser, Intends I.. apnli Inr
i siiis-lnl limber license nver Ibe ful
lowing described lands:
Commencing at a post pl mled .-i■ ■ I,
Iv IM) ebnlns «...II. ol Il.n nnrlh
west corner nf Timber Limit No.
1R0H. Il.enee wenel elohiy IUU) elmlns
Hii-i    nnrlh    elghlv    ls..|   el...In
Ihenee casl ei.hlv isiii cliains   flip.	
.null, elghly (Ml) .lulus i„ II... place
-if i-iiminrii.'i'iiii'iil. nnil enntnintng 111(1
acres, more nr less.
James A. Steele, Locator.
Illicit llie 1711, day ol .lulv. A. D.
IHU7. 17-li|
I   FISHING TACKLE    That Will Caich Fish    FISHING TACKLE *
FRED ROO. Proprietor.
Hardware and Builder's Supplies,
Harness, Saddles and Fittings, Miners'
an! Prospectors' Supp'ies, Dry Goods,
Gent's Furnishings, Gro;eries, Fruit,
Flour and Mill Stuffs, Raw Fur and
The Largest Assortment of Fishing Tackle suitable
for the District in B. C.
Indian Curios, Specimen Big Game Heads, and Souvenirs of The Great West.
♦ ,'ir,' ..I' th.' host.   'I'li.'.v urn lean, llior-
* mifl.ly   smoked   ...nl  enro.1 Ciiimiliiin
T r-00(la, pill lip ill rli.'l... lli-in Backs,
t -
I   V. BURNS ® CO., Ltd.
\     l'l I OX K CO I'.... mix 114    i
J    lli.-v.-l..  Hepilra alwavs i" ntnck.    Machines lor i.uIIIihi mi lliiKgy
i . liul.lier Tyres, llilll Tyrea always oil I I.
! WAUONS, CAIlltlAUKS  AMI  IMI'l.ll.ill-lNTS
I'N'.u: '.m " im., ii..\ in
(Odd moiiskx ai.w .ys to hk ii ii
{    B.C. Livery and Feed Stables
9 « % « «--4 « « % •« *«
(g £•«%««« **«««%%*%%%%%»£
■ I.
to arrive, wlien   tho rlvitr foniman,  favoifilily, hut nftfirwnnls ihti   dilld  Kasi Kootuimy Lumber coiiipaii*-.   is from hero and   in a ptaco whoro   liis  19»7
•Th'*-p tinifro Ihnl .Inrnps \ ,^"-1-
uf Crnnhroolf, B. C, occnimllnii,
TimliiT finilppr, Intends in npnly fnr
n Slioclnl timlier llconRO over tlio f*>l-
Inwiim tlcsrrilieil lamls:
f'timmpiirinir ;it n |»"st lil.'iilpd M
Hit* nnrth-WCRt cnriipr nf .fumes A.
Steele's Tiniher Limit Nn. 5, UiPnCfi
riinnln*r r«s( o»e Immlretl nml fnilv
ftlOi eli-iins. tlienee nnrlli fnrtv (HM
eliains, Ihenee west nne hundred ninl
sixtv nfiOl ehains. thenee smith fur
Iv M(M ehains. Ihenee ensl twenty
(2lil t^lmilis to Hie nlnre nf enminenee-
metil. and contnlntn** fitn aeres, mora
or less.
•fnines A. Sleele, Locator,
Dated tho Will   dav nf .lulv, A. IV
Manitoba Hotel
han Mcdonald, i>roi>i<ibtok.   chanbhimik, h. c.
Headquarters for
Tin- M um..1,1 in i-i-iiliiilly l.i.'.itf 1 ami has nne nf llie licat.llnll.grooins
ill ll.c lily.   Tin, Imr in supplied uilli llu. liesl of Uqlloratlllll .'i^urs
11v iii recognition of their bravery ...
! .lie    occasion   of the    wreck ot Hit
I .1,1.1,., a.   Unit   Tail.
Tin- National Syndicate nl Rail-
w.iytiii-u nf K'ranco lias adoptvil a
novel method ,.f iietitionlng the pres-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ , i.l.'l.t   nf    Hie     Semite in     favor ol a.
The    Sheffield   Anglers association ...easi.re which has lie.'., waiting   Its
has   insured     iis    20,000    nicnili'crs j turn fur ten years      " '      '""   '""
..{-.aiiist     accidents
on lifliiiin excur-
A deputation represent ine tlie Dutch
^^^^^^^ ll tins luui -lint,
uuu postcards printed .mil distributed
In its members, with a request Hint
lliey he siiruiil nnil fniiva.iled. Correspondence addressed     in ihe prcst-
Iti-lornicil church in .Mianiiesburg will ,,l"|i' does iml need ... he stamped
urge the Transvaal liovernnteul     to
p...l.il.ii ..11   kinds ..[ sport nn   Sundays,
As llu- sexton of lhc r'rewkcrne
(Somerset) p.uisli church was taking
nn evening walk un owl (lew against
his 1„.1,1. knocked ..fl his hill ninl lllllll led a long cut across .In- lore-
Al a wedding at l.nckerly, llamp-
si,..,', all the parlies Liking part livii,
ol th,' same siunaine, Southwell, anil
ni llie    suhsiipieiii hreakfiisi    1-lreru
Here no    ll'ivcl   lllllll sixlil'.l    Siiutli-
ii.-lls present.
'I'I..- old Manor bouse, near Tooting
.llllllli    ill   lllilfh   I Ll in. I   tl.'lne  lived
ami   wrote  Ins   "Itnhnisnn  I'rilsne" is
In he pnlleil      (lown      lor a  I.H-al   im
llr. M.t'li.u y, liainpsliinl niiilii'iil
nllii-ci-. in Iiiii aiiiiinil report, says
Hint iu nnlv four cases nut. of the
1.101  registered    was death rvrlilii-il
tn he due In iilcnlliilism. and It'll persons died Irmn cirrhosis nl lhe liver
-a disease usually attributed to tho
(in.sump.inn nl alcohol. Or. Mc-
t'lenry contends thai deaths due in
iilt'ohnllsni, especially Hi..si- occurring
in iln- higher social- rants, nre   often
t'fl lilit-il In hi- due In siillli- less invidious f.mill inn Tn in.,iil Ihis
lhe car 11 lira Inn should m.i he hniidcd
in relative*, hut sent In lhe irglsleiii
The  lit
set. has
llu- I'llla.
i ..I   Pld.llelrenlhl.le ill,.
irgnulited a brass hand     i
- ami mis .is .In- conilncln.
Sal-lugs hunks an- established
_^^^^^^^^___        !-« -ii-l Is in Sinlliiml.     Thi-re
The Tt-llow ciiiiiil. joining the rivers',15,712    -ilepnsitors, with CH,7t.tl
Havel ami Spree, ...    (1,'i.i.anv, has .h,ji credit.
been completed at a .-..si of B2.I0I), I   M^^
mill, niecti'lc locomotives riiiiiiing on | ,\,. „ mealing. ut the Shordmrn
rails on the hank will low lo ^mrlmr Iraslcos it wns -decided lo rc-
Inui barges up the caii.il.
At the sale during lhe last Hirer
davs bv Messrs. I'lnt-tii'liie A- Mollis
of "the Orchid collect inn formed hv Hie
tale Sir Frederick Wlfinil, lial I.,
three Milttiiiia vcxilluris meinorla, (1.
11 Owen, realized I..'.HI guineas.
A  li.
■ sfieelmen of lite
.ml ilnllv
,pati, a very
.-..!..i.-il lisb
wlllcll lives in the deeper wale
lhc tropic s.'i.s, has just heen discovered stranded in nbnui n loot of
water at Wonincoinhn Sands, Devon.
Hearing Ihnl Mr. Klnhinai. wished
to present •leannie d'Arc's tinitse tn
the citv nf London, Mr. R. II. Solli-
4-1 il ami Miss .I.ilia Marlowe, who intended to buy it for New York, have
wii-hdruwii, because, being lhc only
other bidders, Ihey did not wish til
run up lhe price.
Sir Oeorgn Darwin, Professor In-
11.11.1. Hvivnier. Sir Norman l.ockyer.
Colonel' David Brain. Professor
Aiil.iir Schuster. Sir William
ThiseltiKi - Dyer, Sir William Turner,
Dr, A II. 'Waller ami Dr. W. X.
Sb.tw will represent Oreal Britain al
Hie meeting of scientists iu Vienna.
A telegram from Aden says Hint 11.
M. cruiser Perseus has gone to Hie
assistance of the nrltlsl. steamer
Kiltnirn, which went ashore al Kniu-
.iraii, on the ennst of Western Arabia,)
nnd whose crew, on landing, were
(Ilinii oil by tin- Bedouins.
Queensland, which recently instituted a syslem   of lice    emigration,
i-iilisliui-t at an estimated ensl nf
i;.-........ n, etn....... .he Iml. which recently cnllnpscd.
There is no doubt of Hie heir In
Hie .Spanish li.riiiic being a line, lusty
buy. II look .....re limn lorty bishops ami iiri-hlilsi.ops tn christen him.
Mm.' tIn.ii 2:1,111111 Irish migratory
laborers, chiefly from Donegal mul
t'oinniiigbl, vislled England and Sol-
ln.nl lu UIU... They look hack lo
hfi.mil £3711,000,
Hundreds of colliers have gone nut
from Lancashire to wnrk in the mines
in (Ircymotiih, Xeiv Zealand, and
many of then, are now writing home
for clogs In he senl out to them.
Father Semz. general nf lhe Jesuits, will ask llie provincials of Hie
order Iliroughoul lhe world to elect
:...niher Anglo-Saxon assistant in
succession lo tbo late Father Hayes.
During a thunderstorm at Tun-
hridge Wells, a laity's umbrella was
si ruck by lightning iu one of Hie
iiiaiii streets, nnd the cover was burned completely off. The Indv suffered ii slight shock only.
Tin1 action nf llu- cotton emplnyers
nf Blackburn in cinsiug il.ci. mills f.u
a full week at Whilsiiiilhh- resulted in
Iwn nperatlves' trade unions having
in p.iv out in their n.iiiin ii.i'iul.i'.s
c.l."inn as sloppnge pay.
William     lllnniiifii-1,1,  aged HI
has ili.-d nl  Brislon, Norfolk,
will   shortly receive,    under H.e new For flflv-fmtr veins lie had acted ns
nrrangemeflt.    her flrsl bald, of i (.|,.,.|, „„.'| sevloi. nl the parish cluiri-li.
who wilt sail on .Inly 31.     The ciil-jmiil nhoul „ vein- auo lie had     i,,.l
nny wants genuine agricultural labor
ers Inr the sugar farms—not wasl
missed a single Sunday service.
On Parliament    lllll llelds recently
.men were engaged in shearing n targe
Lady Dai, wife of lhe «-Juwe, Dock of sl.oop now grazing on this
wrote to tlie Newbury council on the, | ,>,„.,, space. Among Hie onlookers
danger oeoasloned hy heavy molor w,.re a leaeher anil a class ot twenty
trull..', and suggested the erection "I pupils out for a naiiir.il history les-
.la.iir.-r   signals     at   certain   polnl*, 'sfm.
wilt, notice requesiing motorists   lot 	
drive slowly through the town.   The     Nolicing   lhat n turkey   sitting on
suggestions were adopted. its nesl    ivus   verv flerce when    nn-
  Iproadied, Mr. Smith,    ..f Lillle Poll
Two lee cream vendors wire fined farm, IVndhurst, examined llie nesl,
nt Tower Bridge police courl fm .„„| romK| „|„|,,, ti„. ,liri,,,v ., sniik,.
gambling with their customers. It nearly 3 feel loin, ll had enlen .in.'
was   slated   llial a   coin was spun. ,,[ ||,;. ,.^s
nisi if lhe    vendor guessed   enrn'cllv j _	
he gol Hie money and gave no Ice -|.|„, nrillsii embassy will claim
i-reiiln. II he Inst lie gave llie win- ilmnagcs I."in tin' I'..He for the
iter a penuyinuili nt he .-renin and ajraiding hi Bednnins nf lhe Briiish
halfpenny, j ileamei   Kilburn      Unlil Inlely  Fni
An  Interesting  lind nf Human      re    s01i, u'i,.|i   f,„  s,,tn,- i,nl im i.-.isnn,
mains   Ims occurred    during oxoavn   u ,s withdrawn
linns iiii tile banks ol lhe ttiifi   Aide, j   ' 	
niiii   Vldehurgli     Some pollcry is ..I;    |„ n|i|ilvlng t,. Ihe Tiverton Ouai
the tost    or seennd centuries, lie  ,||nns [,„  ,,.|„,f, Thomas Clalwor.hv.
(•.iiistanliiie, and nt gnmt design ami ,iu,s| seventy seven, s.ii.l he would
iiiirl'iiiaiishiii. A largo quantity nl nm, | ralliet work than he given as
edible snail and   ennrso nyslei sliplln Jnlslciicc.,    ami  Iwn    men-.licrs mulct
were nlsn found. J I, t,,',:,-t turn something I.. .1...   He
vol) .1.-1,1 .m.i partially blind.
Dr. W   !■:   si   Lawrence Finny,
ev-mnyoi     of      Klngslnn-on-Tlinmes, j    \t
iicni iqi in a bnllnnn in Hie Isle     nl i. 11hls
Mali      While in  Hie clouds hi- wrote   ,,'„„„.
a posl card ... a ...end ... Kingston, | ..Mm
Which   lie "misted"     hv dropping ..
met tl.e sole nf .he hlisltol Tin'
card wns duly ili-llii-li-il i.l Kingston
on TiiiillU'H.
... Worlhlng
sleel tn mil,
] "Miirin   Iteginu,"  wliich belonged   In
M.m  IJuecn ..i Si-..ts. .....I was   used
I.l   If-    1.. open  Hi.'  Kail ol ll.illilev's
prli'nle to.....  if     .:.hiilfiii.il I'.filf.
nas secured   tni     £50 In ,i London
\ correspondent     in ties lo     Tin.;
Units  Ailiclll'.ei   lhat n fainifr    has       i,n
l.flli.l   nut    tllnl   hv      planting iilii.ins ',„,.,
ami potatoes in  the saino Held in al  !S|„,|
ti'inate runs    Ihe onions become   so »,|;
-,ln.if,   thai   lllll'  I
nes  nl   Ihe  potato
_ lies      I lin I      lhe
* in.ii'.l. .nul a  I. ■
spile ..I drought.
I fills to    tho
Slll'll   l|llllllti-
s     in,'    kept '
is rallied   In
iiiiiiii- llt-sn.ii. Ilmmslow, lab-
I   M   Matthews, chose a   dark
mi  llu-    Stiiiiifs     iiniii and laid
II ..ii Hie rails before Icctiie
I...I ll.c
.....I      '
aw him  and   pulled
waited Im iiiiiilhi'i
I in -.ni.i.I,- Tho
nil him i.f unsound
Tin-  Iiu-   statues i.f  past   llih-ls    nl ;     .   f
H.e House nf Orange preoleil in Her- ' „,„„>■
Iiii    ».ue   iii,i,-ili-.!     i lit 'Ih,.  .I,,],i,,
..i.iiues, which aie excculed iii hiiiii..',   towns
li'Plesiiil   I s   William   I    (llu- Si     ,,|-|	
lent), M ce. Frederick Henry, Wil   iml,
limn II . nnd William HI . a copy ..1 „.„'.,
he lasl  of whlrll la lining presented
In   lhe (I
ih t.nn-1 ninelil
emperor to ihe Iim
11 time ago "mi old police
...te Sllggesling thai all small
iu London ..ml othei large
hould have Hieii names and
s nfllxcd in the lining nf iheir
I'lie siiggesllnn has in a great
heen ndnpled, ami lu eonsu-
ii.nil Ins. iluhlii'li have     been
.li. ii parents uiih,a.. I
I'he latest Instance of this
li.ind occurred reeenlly, wlien .. small
.."'li"..   Inn. win, , milil ncillli'l  cii,. his nam,.
season   is ,„„ |,ls address, was lound ivan'orlng
i.l  t'ol'eiil (liilih'ti.
An inlercsliiig teathro
wilh Srittioi'Bol clicl.i'l Hi
th.* itiapiicaiiiiict' in lirsl-i'liiss county '
engngemenis   nf Prohemlnry iVrohdnlcj
Pah:..,. Wlckh.i.n,    Vicar of Mnntooki,
uho, altbouilh tlfly-one veals old, lias
conu' forward tn (ill the vacancy   ns ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ivickelket'per   eauseii    hv  the   retire-  .
iiienl nl Mr. Hurry M.-irtyn. I
—— Tlie total lead output ol Kooleuny
A curious ..Id, Whitsuntide custom for Iln- year .-...ling .tune 311, 11107, is
v "■ ■'       .1 recently at the Parish 'estimated l.v (I. ... Buchanan at IH,-
CI1..1 I.    '  ids, St. Ives, Hunts. Six mill Ions, a'   lillle over one-third  nf
toys mul six girls, selected Irom   the which was (rented nl Hie Hull mines
church   and   Noncomformist   Sund-av smeller.    The total is a reduction of
. schools, cast dice lor Bibles, tn   tl.e mnre than 30 per conl Irom the pro-
r presence ol   the   vicar ol lhe parish duct of recenl preceding years.    The
and ollters.    The Bibles are pitrchas- decline, in spite nf the price of lead,
ed frnm a   fund   left by Dr. Robert Mr. lltlchtiliiin attributes lo the inae-
Wilde, who did in 1117.1. ilivily   in   ll.o   Slocan, duo in many
  cases' to protracted litigation and |ts
Councillor llurrell, of Kingsbridgo, effeel on capital, und, lo some     c«-
i.c.nmapnied   by     Captain    Vlvynn, lent, lu lhe deluyeil decision on   Hie
chiel conslable ol Devon, at Saloon.- American zinc duly, which has   kept
u|. recently presented to Isaac .larvls many former large shippers idle. Dur-
iiiul .lid... Argent, holh fishermen   of lug (lie year (he   price has remained
llnpe Cove, a silver medal, a framed steadily above Ibe bounty.   The   St.
certificate, and a check Irom the Uv-1 Eugene mine is responsible lor   must
•rpool Shipwreck and Humane .Socle- ol the output.
Success of Afternoon Teas
Depends to a ureal extent
on the dainty tea take as
well as Ihi' tup of special
blend tea. You always
feel that ynur visitors are
pleased when you serve an
A. 0. C. Society Tea Cake,
because you know that our
goods are lhe best in the
West and are absolutely
pure. Look for the ltl.lt!
& GOLD I.AI1I1. on every
box. Don't let your grocer
humbug you with "something jusl as good." If he
will not serve yuu with our
goods, write to the factory
giving the grocer's name
and let us sen J you a trial
package at our expense.
Ai ss     Alberta rllxull Co, ltd
Hn.'.. :',ll.    ri.,..,.,,      1      m.i 1.
1 Cranbrook Sash    j
I and Door Factory i
IIATT & POSBOM, hoinloliira
This Dairy will deliver
milk every morning in
The milk is ol the best
quality, rich and pure.
B. C.
Thi* Ktt'tieli Dry Cleaning process
eiinlilrs us lu clean mens pniilfl, i-.ihi-.
.ni,l neckties, ladies suits a nd skirts
in siii-h a way thai Ihey imsiliwly
look as snin' ns new.
We are ex|-prieiiceil dyers an.l cleaners, Iherefore, wc ilo nut require to
M-iiil anything down easi nr up wosi.
m\™    .1.   LliASK.   Tailor
(l.i Tn-,.  l„.in.   .ink Three
minutes' walk I'i  Baker St.
flu,' house hns si\ rooms, the
titln-r four r....tns I'ily water.
Ponceil     A .;.'".! iuvesliiiuiit,
Price $1,800 cash
Hi Terms.
For  pirtie 1' ii-s    i:i I'.ir.'     :i
Drink Home Beei
It Is Pure
It i.s Healthy
It Is the ties!
Ft. Steele Rrewins: Co
Take nolleo that Thomas Voting, ol
('.a.it 1.. II c t..pal Ion, .. limber cruiser, Intends tn apply for 11
special limber license over lhe liillnii'
(' ifffiif al a  post  planted    nl
In- s-niiili-i-iisi corner nf Lot 3I.I..V
lii-iiei- nnrlh 1(1 cliains, tlience west
kii chains, Ihenee north 20 chains,
more or less, to Lot 1758, thence
east Hill chains, lllfllff smith llll
chains, Hieine nesl. KI. cliains In (he
1*4.1111 of commencement, ami containing HI" aC'es, more or less.
Thomas Young.
Diileil July  Hit, 111117. 10-iil*
Tukc notice Hint William Kdivin
Stevenson, of Cranhrook, B. C, by
...eul.i.tioi., a lumher...an. Intends In
apply lor a special timber license
over 1 li.. lollowing described lands:
Commencing al a post planted at
lhe north-west    corner   of Lot 423,
(Iiiiiiii 1, Kootenay Dislriel,     Iln	
snulli     till chains,    ll :e wesi   llll
chains, more or less, lo Lot 17T.K,
ihenc.   following ih,-    western    und
Snulhcm  hn...idaii  i,| Luis   HflS    .....I
■mi. 1 nnd 2 lo the pliicc ol commencement,   containing    almil  -".im
lines, innre or less.
William Kiiivin Slovcnsiin.
Dated July 4th, 1111)7. iii-r,r
Murphy & Fisher,
I'urliiiniehtury,     Departmental    and
Patent OII.ce Agents.
Practice Belore Railway Commission
Charles Murphy. llarul.1 Fisher.
Cbebcbnt Lodge No. n-i
Cranbrook, li. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p. m. a.
New Fratt'rnity Hall.
A. 0. Bowness, C. C.
I-'. A. Small, K. ol II. & s
V'l.ltlog brethren cordially Innu-J
to attend.
I.O.O.P.    Key CH. 1,,'J(.
jvrS   No. 42. Meets every
Monday     night     al
New    Fraternity   Hall.     Sojouro-
lin; OildlellowB cordially l.nl:.-.I
(.'has. Smith, I-'. II. McKay,
N. O. Sec'y.
Iraanr.nd, I....In.-  N......
A. H. S A. I.
Regular Ulcellugs nu
the third Thursday
of .vary  mouth.
Visiting hreth-en welcomed.
Kilwanl Elwcll, W..M.
ff. F. Alliidgc, Sec'y.
Crnnbrook Aerie 967
Moot every   Friday     evening at 8
L'luis. Smilh, W.P.
HI. D.  Hillings, Secretary.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
Meet at p. ol L. K. Hall 2nd   an.l
Ith Saturday each month.
Visiiing hiethien always welcome
T. Boyter, Jas. E. Larrlgan,
W. M. Sec'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
'      C. H. DUNBAR       3
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   J
Public, Etc. t
•    B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons.
(.file, al Residence, Armstrong Ait
OFFICE llutilts :
Forenoons - - - • 9.00 lo 10.00
Allernoons - - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - - - - 7.20 to   8.no
Sundays ... - 2.111 tu   4.llll
CRANBROOK :|    ::    ::    ::    II. C
• lo 12 a.m.
1 Io • p.m.
7 to   I p.m.
Oftic and realdenc. oa AniiaUitng av,
• to 11 a.m,
1 to • p.m.
I to   • f.m.
Office la new Held block
Young Indies ...id   girls wishing io jearn tapestry painting
an-   el-quested       lo   call     on
?rt°isW," Cranbrook,U.C,
Geo. R. I.eask & Co
Our wnrk ii (our advuiiioeiiieni, lull w>
|ml thirt a<I in the HoraUlJlo
fliiipliaHixt) il,
Near I/iwer A rniBtrong Avenue.
Livery  &
T.Hli.n and driver, furlil.heil for uu.
point In thr district,
A. OOVLB, Mana-ftr
J     Ai! kit..Is ol linisl. work it. .
j  wny uf doors, wiudowa. trna- I
! su...a. etc.   Kill: (iriisl iumlxT t
J  fur iiisiiiu work.   Our work is .
i:;ii.ir.iiiti'i'il and our pri.-i-s are 1
satisfactory,    Screen    iluors i
Rough and Dressed Lumber i
For Sale
Take notice Uml I'otcr Jensen, ■■■!
Wasa, II r., Prospector, ...lends lu
ap|ily inr a Bpocial limber license i
i.i.-i- ihe lollowing described lands:
i Commencing ut .. post planted
ah..ut 2110 chains soulh-ivcst ui mouth
id Caribou Creek, thenco casl 100
chains, thenco south -Hi chains,
theliee wesi liilt cliains, thenco litiltli!
tu chains t.. polnl ..i commencement,
.nul    containing 0-10   acres, .....re or.
Peter Jensen.
Dnlcd .lune 8, 1007. 14-111'
j. Commonciiig ;it a posl planted
nl ilia south-wcsl corner of In.-cnse
Nn. I, thenco .'..si sn chains,   thence
' Ih SII     ehains,    Iheiti't. west      811
cliains, thenco north 811 cliains to
point nf commencement, aad containing lilll acres, more or less.
i'.'ii'i- Jensen.
Haled .lime 8,  1.1.17. II Iil-
:i.   On iciicing    al ;i posf planted
al Die north-west    corner nf t.lcutise
Nn. I, Ihenee west SII chains, tlience
snulli  SII     chains,      lliftirc   ens'     SII
chains, (l.i-.i.-n ii...ih sn chains In
{mini nf commencement, ami cnntnln-
• less.
From Cranbrook
$5250 to
Port Arthur,  St.   Paul
Duluth,  Sioux City
Winnipeg $43.25
St. Louis $60.00
Chicago $64.00
Toronto $78.50
Ottawa $82.55
Montreal $84.00
St. John's $94.00
Halifax $101.80
Tickets on Sale July 3. 4. h,
August 8,'), 10, Sept. II. 12, 1.1
KIIIST-I'I.ASS I'.iH'Mi lllll-
Take notico that Peter Jensen, o.[
Wasa, H .'., Prospector, intends to
apply I".- ,. special timber license
ovei  'In- lollowing described lands:
Commencing at .1 post planted 20
chains souU. nf south-west corner ol
I.;'-, f MT!'., thence soulh 40 chains,
-h-:.r west l.'i chaius, tlience nortli
In chains, thence enst IGO chains to
point ni commencement, and containing '- in acres, more or icss.
Peter Jensen.
Dated June 8, I'W. 14-tit'
V A Will THI!
NKl.SUN. .i.l-
Mill,-.] .lime «, MMI7.
II lit'
I. ('niiiiiieni-iii'' ;n 11 pnsl pliinleil
in cliafiiH son 111 i.l <-..iilli wi-st. corner
ut l.iivns,' No. I, lli.-ni'e smilh KII
■liains,   1 Iii-iii-*  wesi   KII Hums,  tlieliee
mil-ill su vhnliiK, Llnnicu eaat wi
[•llililiR tn piiiul, til {'iiiiiiiieiu-fiiieiil, am)
eolllllillillg  UIU iieies,   IIIOIO nr less.
Peter Jensen.
Dnteil June A, 11)117. M-llt*
iVnlii-e is hi'irliv Klven Unit lliirly
ilavs iin.'t' date I intcml to apply io
(lie lion. Chiel Commissioner nf
La mis am! Works ami tn tlie Assistant Commissioner <>f Lands and
Wnrk-- For llie District nf Kast Kon-
leiiuy, fnr 11 license lo prospect Inr
coal ami petroleum nn Hie following
.ii'M'iiiii'il innd, situate on Hie North-
Knst Mlclicl Creek, alioiil eight and
one-liair miles nortli and wesi of tlie
Crows Nest station:
1. CniimienciiiL* at a i"'st planted
11 iln* north'-west corner nf It, G.
l.i'l.li-n's claim, same being the initial
post of V. h. Karrcl's claim ami
ni.irke,! "l<\ I.. FarrcPs sotttli-wcst
corner," Uienco so chains norlh.
Ihence 8(1 chains east, ihenee 80
chains south, Ihenee SO eliains we.sl
lo place nf beginning, containing
nhont (HO acres.
P. I,. Parrel, Locator,
It. 0. Ilelilen. Agent,
f.oeaied May Kith, 11107.
2. Commencing at a pnst planted
.il lhe north-west corner of U. (i.
Hehli-n's claim, same being the Initial post of A. Hallaiiline's claim
.md marked "A, Ilallanline's smilh-
i-ast enrner post," thence J0I chains
north, tbenee Kii chains West, Ihence
Ml eliains south, ihenee 811 chains
east lo place of beginning, and cnn-
(ainlng a ho" t (M0 acres.
A. Baliantlne, Locator,
It. (1. Belden, Agent.
Located May 10th, 1007,       13-flt
Notice is berehy given ihat sixty
days after date I intend in apply In
the Chief Commissioner nf Lands ami
Works, Victoria, British Columbia,
fnr permission tti purchase lhc fol-
lowing described land in South Kast
Commencing at a post planted at
a point 81) chains soulh of the southeast enrner of Lot number 5217,
Group I, Kast Kootenay, thence east
■10 chains, thence soulh -It) chains,
thence west to chains, thence nnrth
Hi chains to the point of chains lo
the point of commencement, containing ItiO acres.
Rolph Palmer.
Hated tbis liith day uf April, A.D.,
1007. 7-!)t
Take notice that Lester Clapp. of
I'i.min..,,k, Hotel Keeper, Intends to
apply Inr a special license over the
following tlescrihnl lands!
Commencing al .1 nosl plan!..I forty
elinlns north nf c. v. 1:. Posl No.
II, nn easi Iim* Loi -J5D2, Uienco east
In ehains, theme south IUU chains,
thci.ee west 40     chain*,  lliclne north
inn chains to point nt commence incut,
and containing 04U acres, nloru or
Lester clapp, Locator,
Nicholas Powers, A gene.
Dated June fi,  1007. IA Ot
Take notice lhat Oliver Amlei a
Burgc, of Perry Creek, Cranbroo
oinipaiinii, Kanelicf, Intends to ..
ply fnr permission lo purchase ll
following (jcsprlbed land:
Cum 111 endiig at U.c south-casl ro
lier nl Lot li.'l-ii, Group Om*; Item
south -10 ehains, thence west I
chains; ihence nnrlh Hi olmins, them
easi -in chains to place ot bcglnntni
along line of said Lot H-t'Jli. siibjet
lo the right (if anv) uf Robert Dtt
Oliver Anderson Burgc.
Dated Die Sth day of -Mav,  1907.
Take notice that Hairs Uingstoi
Itoss, nl Klkmouth, D. O., Luml..'.
man, agent for the Iloss-Saskatoon
Lumber Company, Limited, intends
lo applv fni' a special llmbei license
over the following described lands:
Commencing at a    post planted ifl
1 It.uus south of the north-west cornei
nl Timber License.No. 8051,     theuce
west 40 chains, thence south 40 chains
tlience west so    chains, Uience -"-.':
lo chains,   thence east     120 <'..-..■-
thence   north 80    chains to !■■ li I 1
commencement,   ami    containing 1 It
acres, more or less.
Ross-Saskatoon     Lumber   Compai
IVr llnles ningston P.oss, Its Agei I
Hated June Sth, ]!)()". IN
Take notice Hint John Charles
Slacey, of Cranbrook, rancher, 1ms
applied fo r permission lo purchase
the following described lands: Commencing al a posl planted lorty
c|uvins soutli of the south-west corner of Lot (i.filS, thence 40 chains
cast, tlience 40 chains north, thence
Hi chains west, theuce 40 chains
south to the point ot commencement,
containing 100 acres, more or less.
Objection must be filed with the
Assistant Commissioner of Lands nnd
Works at Cranbrook on or before the
Klh day ot July, 1007.
John Charles Slacey.        -_____^________^___^______
Dated the 8th ot May, 11)07.      B-Ut Deputy ul the iliw-ler ol the lulcriui
Take notice that Lester Clapp, nf
Crnnbrook, Hotel Keeper, Intends to
apply fnr a special timber license ovei
the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
C, P. R. Post No. 45M. cast line
Lot 4593, Ihence east 80 chains.
Ihenee north SO chains, thence west
-Nil L-hains, thence south SO chains to
point of commencement, and containing B-10 acres, more or less.
Lester Clapp, Locator,
Nicholas Powers,  Agent.
Baled June 22, 1907. 14-81
Take notice that Lester Clapp, <<f
Cranbrook, Hotel Keeper, intends t,,
apply for a special timber license
over the following descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
C. P. R. Post No. 35M. east line lot
1592 theuce east SU chains, thence
north So chains, tlience west feu
chains, thence south SU chains tu
point of commencement, and containing UIO acres, more or less.
Lester Clapp, Locator,
Nicholas Powers, Agent.
Dated June 10, 1007. 1 l-fil
Any available Domlulou Land-,
within the Railway Belt in British
Columbia, may be buna-..leaded hy
any purson witu is the auli* head ui _
family, 01 any male uu-i Its years ui
age,   tu    the     extent     of Ulie-qiiai Iti
section ol IfiO acres, mote 01 (ess-
Entry must U* made personally at
the  local   laud   olticu   lui   the  district
in which the land is situate.
The homesteader is leq-uiit-.l to perform tbe conditions connected therewith under oue uf the lulluwuaj,
th AI least six months' residence
upon and cultivation uf lhe laud 11.
each year fur three years.
U) If the lather (ur mother, il
lhe father is deceased), ui t.'.ie hume-
steader resides upun a farm in Uie
vie in it-.* ol lie land eutered fur, tbe
iLi|uiiemcnls as tu residence may be
salislic-1 by such person residing with
ihe father or mother.
[A) li lhe settle! has bis permanent residence upon farming laud
owned by bun in the vicinity ul his
homestead, the requirements as to
rusidunc' may be satislied by residence upun the said land.
Six months' notice in writing
should be given to lhe Cpmmlsslonei
uf Dominion Lands at Ottawa uf intention tu apply lur patent.
Coal lands may he purchased at
$10 per acre lur soft coal uud t^"
fur anthracite. Nut more than 320
acres can be acquired by one individual or eompany. Royalty at the
rate or ten cents per ton of 2,tiim
pounds shall be collected un the
grown output
W.  W. CORY,
Take notice lhat Lester Clapp. of
•ranhrnok. Hotel Keeper, intends to
ipply for    .t bjwi li ! license over   the
l!..',\ i-..■. desci ibed lands:
Cominei nl a   :".-t planted   at
', P. K. Pn! Nl. t IM. i.n east line
.(.' IS92, :'"'■' - Past 80 eliains,
mith Ml chains, thence west 80
halns, theuce north 80 chains to
■ .iuil contain*
; j* i-!" acres, more or If**;.
[.. si ■  Clapp   I.-'.-.itor.
N .'   !.i- Powers, Agent.
Dated .inn,- 15, 1907. 13-Ot
Taki nollcc ". I Robert Little, of
'orl Steele, Prospector, bas applied
n permissi. n to 1  I ami earrj away
Con-mi: ■ t .1  ■<•<-•  pl.iut.il    st
he     1 (..'■'■. -■   .,:■.'     of   License
1'    W     Wil \n    I,"   tbenee  16U
•    -   ■      Ihpiuc   I" chains    east,
' ■   - \.    ■   north,  ihence    40
place of commence*
Robert Little.
Located J 13 01
'        nol ice tl   •   Robert Little, ot
'■   I Steele,  P toi.  has applied
' ion to cut .in.! carry away
■   the   ! II w ■ ; described
ta 1    I planted   at
- ■     •       r   ol   l.iceits**
"'.'..- east,      thence
:- ith,   thei co   40 chain1*
■  r SO .-. sins north,    tbenee
west,    thence 4>'    chains
of 1   * mencement,
Robert Little.
I.-, led   " •      th. 1 107. 13-et
! that  Robert Little, of
■   ■ ■   5l !':■ spo tor, has applied
-. '■■ cut .-.:.! rarry away
■.   the   following described
.■..■■■   ,i post  planted    at
: >     south-v-fs*     cortcr    ol License
■■-■'*   thence .'-" chains south, thence
it,   thei  '.■   160 chains
:'..   thei      10 d ...;.i west tu place
■.:■;. ■ mi :.",
Robert Little.
Located June I0U). 1907. 13-6t
Take iwlicc tha
.:': id  .Murphy,   ot
Ki         ■-      B,
C, Piospector,    in-
.    .
1     .. . pedal tiinU-r
.     ■:,         0     :    the
] tmfc:
. ■ ■   i[.->.cnhe*J
, '     planted at
in ■ •   ,-
• .:.'.: of li. Helm's
■ -:  -   shout a quar-
: 1!   Hox* Canyon,
-.;..■'    River; thence
ihenee    north   160
■ ..,:.:.  .   '..-- -
■   in chains,  Uience
1, 11 ;h  IGO chains
to poi;.: ..!     1 "ii
onlaiaing MO acres,
Alfred Murphy,
...  1907.             15-Ct
Take notice that U-ster Clapp, of
Ciattbrook, Hotel Keeper, intend-. t<»
.ipply fur u special liceiiM; over tlie
following described lands:
Commencing at C. I'. R. Pust HM.
> 1, east line Lot V,:i2. thence east so
c.iains, Ihence north hi) chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence suuth «o
iii.u:.. to point of commencement,
.nl   containing    640 acres, moie ur
1.1 rtei Clapp, Locator,
\.i bolas Powers, Agenl.
Di ted Jum   15, 1907. LJ-6t
-ul 'in |)I\ ISION OF EAST Kun-
Take nolii •■■ thai 1.. I I Clapp, ul
Cranhrook, Hotel Kei-pvi, Intends lu
uppl) fm a special :.ien.su ovei Uie
following dcacribid lands;
Commencing .-, a post planted cor-
ncrlng on t«. C. P. U. Posl .A on
C ..t In.-- I.fit 1592, thence east 80
chains, tlience south feu chains, tbenee
west fen chains, thence north SO
chain 1 lo point of commencement,
and containing (>HJ acres, moro or
Lester Clapp, Locator,
Nicholas Powers, Agent.
Dated .June 7, 1907. 13-6t
Take notice that Robert Little, uf
Fort Steele, Prospector, has applied
for permission to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
Commencing at a post plantod
ahoul one mile west of G. S. Frlzz-
ell's No. 2 License, "South-west
corner," tlience Hll chains west, them--*
Su chains .'.outh, thence 8(1 chains
east, thence so chains norlh tu place
of commencement.
Rohert Little.
Located June 5th, 1007. 13-61 TIIK   OI!ANItlU)t)|-    UKUALO
___ —t— <>♦
• >♦
Satisfaction to ALL is
our first consideration
Children's Clothing
and Shoes at COST.
O R various reasons wc have decided to discontinue the Children's Department, and will, therefore, put every item on sale at
Whether your boys are actually in need
of Clothing at this time or not, it will
pay you to come here and stock up for
later on. Our clothing for boys is the
" all the year around " kind, so it will pay
you to  investigate.   We   will   include
Boys' Stockings, Shoes, Braces,
Collars, Underwear.  Also
Girls' and Infants' Shoes.
These goods are all new, and bear Fink's Guarantee in both quality
and price. Any customer who now has an account on our books
will be entitled to participate in the sale in the usual credit way; but
no new accounts will be opened for goods included in the sale.
A Sweeping Reduction of 25 per Cent.
on every Man's Fancy Suit In the house. This includes the Spring
Three-piece Suits and Two-piece Outing Suits, Single and Double-
breasted Coats.   Blacks and Blues excepted.
25 per Cent. Reduction
Men's and Women's
Canvas Shoes
33 [per Cent. Reduction
on nil
Straw and Panama Hats
Men's Shirts
Hegttlur iiricoa Si.:
*l .'.ii.
Sale Price, 75 cents
Bin l,i.t
Men's Felt Hats
Rogi.li.rf1.ii0 lu SUm lines
Sale Price, $1.00
25 per Cent. Reduction
Men's Fancy Vests and
Duck Trousers
This Sale
July 27
A Large Loi of
Men's Patent Boots
and Oxfords
lt»giilur price $5.00 .mil $5.50
Sale Price, S.1..S0
25 per Cent. Reduction
on uli Broken LinoB of
Ladies' Shoes
A Urge l..,l of
Men's Working Boots
Regular 12.50 nml $,'1,(10 linen
Sale Price, $1.00
, >,, hov, ini.l he returns n gray-haired old
■ >,,  ...-..'...       He hns letters (it Idenlinen-
' 'i.   lion from E. II. Small, in case    lie
' '< i  wants to go lo    Prince Edward   1s-
\ \' '  liii.il. A.   I.eiteli has fixed his papers
< ,♦  fm- Ottawa,    .lames Ryan and     Dr.
,,,,   King have done wlint they could lor
, -< .  l.i... in ease    he goes lo New llriins-
. '<.  wick, and through I.is friendsl.ip willi
' '♦  the leading rnilway ofliciats he   wus
iirovfdcil with a round trip ticket at
II... regular price, there being no discount for hot weather.    Mr. Ouain's     Mrs.    Steward and two daughters,
ninny friends will wish 1.1m „ glorious  of Winnipeg, familv of Chief Tie lump and a happy return, nnd 11    hr, sprctor .1.    M. Steward, wlio     are
   .   „   brings a companion with bim   Irmn ' spending Hie summer In Creston, arc
I******************************************************* ('lichee the welcome    will be all   tbu paying a tew days visit to     Cran-
Send Your Clothing
Repairs, Cleaning, Pressing
and Alterations
1 have just placed
in stock
1 case Marguerite
I " Arabella
I " Tuckett's Club
I " El Bravo
is   III
Have you seen the industrial sou-
iciiil spoon just received. Talc, tlio
Hi. Collin, nf Marysville, was in
limn last evening.
Paul Hundley and A. I,. Mi'llein.ol
visited Marysville yesterday,
(Jinnies GasUII, of Kimberley, is
in tlie city today     transacting busi-
I    K.  M.  Ilunkili, of Marysvilli
lown today.
I Miss llo.i.H.y Davis is spending her
vacation in Nelson.
' Mr. Allan, of Marysville, was in
town last evening.
I .1. Ollibun .....I wife, nt llclley, are
visiting friends it. town.
I Miss Hodson, ol Marvsville, is
visiiing Iticn-ls in lown tills week-.
' Mrs. William l-'orsvtli, of Kimberley, is llie guest nf Mrs. T. Arm-
st long.
I Mr. and Mrs. E. .1. Fltr.patrick, of
MalTii'ilh . u.e visiting in town f.u- .
few ilnys.
Mrs. Sawyer and Mrs. Mcllor, nl
Marysville, an' guesls at llu. Cosmopolitan today.
Chi.ilev Abbott expects In leave
Hie lirst. nt Hi,. „i..ml, !,„ „ visit I,.
Hie md Country.
We sell Inr cash al rush prices; llial
is whore ynu make the money, CCS.
Mrs. Itoburt Finlny, of Ihis cilv.
ami Inr aunt, Mrs. ii.ui.iii. „f Calgary, li-H lot Spoknno Wednesday In.
a brief visit.
The ladies of the Melhinlisl church
are giving an ice cienin s.x-i.il nu llie
piirsniiiigi. lawn nn July 38111, winch
nil ar illlinlly  invited tn .itleml.
We sell l,,r cash nl mull prices; thai
is where ynu in,ike Hi |,ey,     ('.(' s
Vnu want a small nil liealev l.n
nigbt and ('tiiergcu.'i- use, nr In save
lighting a wood Ore these warm davs.
We have Hie Insl on llie market.—
Patmore Bros.
Mclhniltst church, July 21st. Sullied lor evening discourse wilt lie:
"Tin- Knock tit Hie Door." A
hearty Invitation is given in all wlm
are visiting in Crntdirook, nr who go
In no other church.
We sell for rush .it enslt prices; thai
is where ynu mnU<- Hie money.    CCS,
Rev, Tnvlnr will preach in the
llnplisl church on Sunday at. II an..
.uni T.:iu p ni. Morning subject:
"The linn Hale." Evening subject:
"Old Tn.Hi and New Theology." All
Harry    Drew, ol the    Nortli Slav
hnlel ui Kimberley, and one ol   Hie
best (did must 'popular hotel men   iu
tho knnlenays, is in town today.
\V. .1. Crosby aud lamily have   returned Irom Vancouver and   are now
located at WvcllBc, where Mr. Crosby
lias accepted his old position     with
the (Mis Staples Lumber company.
A. II. Prusser, one    of lhc conductors wlm lias    charge of the    Flyer
trom Moose Jaw to Lethbridge, is iu
the    city taking in    the sights   and
Snulli Enst Kootenay ozone.
The local    Orangcmeii ol Ibis city
held u most interesting   meeting   at
the gymnasium    last Friday evening.
A  palatable supper  was spread    ......I
the    program consisted    ol stories
snugs and talks.
('. I). McNab came up Iron. Waldo
vesierilav fnr a brief stay In   Cranlirook.     He savs   that the   growth
nt vegetation    in that part ol     the
country    Ibis year has been marvel-
The members ..I the Baptist church
are holding a     picnic today     about
three miles down .... lhc Fort Steele
ro.nl.     Several large loads of people
well' driven     In the grounds selected
ibis morning.
oil ami    gasoline stoves lor     tlie
warm weather at Patmore Bros.
Mr. and Mrs.     E. Home and baby
have gone tu    Edmonton for a visit
wilh relatives.     Mr. Home is     expected   home   Ihis    week, hut Mrs.
Homo .....I tl.e baby will remain   lur
some time.
.Mrs. James Smith   went to Moyie
Tuesday in arrange for the W. C T.
U. elocution    contest that is to lake
place there next    Saturday evening,
by the following named young ladies:
Misses Tisdale,   Ilickenbotliam, Oou-
gcon, Andrews, Chipman, Kennedy.
The   Crnnbrook Telephone company
have eonneeted Klko witli their lines
aud liencelorward    it will be possible
fnr people in this part ol the district
to talk direct    with people of   that
Itistoric town.
What is going    to be done    about
Labor Day celebration this year? It
is time    that some action was being
taken if the celebration is lo be   a
success.     A public meeting     should
lie called and the matter thoroughly
D. J. Elmer has his new hotel   at
Kingsgalc nearly completed, and     it
is going lo be a beauty.    The rooms
re large and airy, and it will   soon
[.rove quite un attraction to people
looking for a pleasant place to stop
for a few days for fishing and recreation.
We have a lovely line ol cut glass
lo   choose  Irom lor    bridal gilts.—
Tate, the jeweler.
Dorothy     Alice, aud      Roy Innis,
.ildien bi Mr. and   Mrs. Hoy Hoby,
of Elko, were baptised at the Methodist ehureh last   Sunday allcrnoou
l.v the pastor, Rev, It. Hughes. Mrs.
Hoby has jusl returned Irom a trip lo
the Slates, und has    now gone back
In her home In Elko.
Miss   C     McDonald, ol    Uclrolt,
Midi., stopped    oil on Iter way back
fr.,... Seattle, where slit, had been as
a delegate lo the Christian Endeavor
ciinvention,    lo    visit her brothers,
Han and John McDonald, of Ibis city.
Miss McDonald is very favorably Impressed will, tl.e climate and scenery
... this part ol the .-(.....try.
The city council or lhe hoard     ol
1 .-.iilc should    have some large signs
mil up nt tbe station    telling     the
iumdreds of    people passing through
this town on     Hie trains something
(.limit the eily and the wealth ol the
district,     It is woiiderl.il how many
i, | <|iicsti.ms are asked l.y passengers of
i ►   lhose whn happen to he on lhe plat-
...furiu.       This would   prove a   very
cheap and    efilcacinus way ol udver-
Maurice Oualn, superintendent of
. >X the Electric. Light company, leaves Mrs. S. W. Hyckmaii, wife of S
next Saturday for his old home In.W. Ityckmnn, cnrponlur in Hn- shops,
Ottawa, and expects to lie absent'[left today fnr Hamilton, (inl., on in
about a titoulh or six weeks, tt has t extended holiday visit,
been eleven years since Mr. (Juain left
.1. H. Mt-N.il), Ira! nm aster, will
leave Sunday nr Monday on a vacation and will \isit Fort William,
Montreal, Toronto and points in the
.-.astern States. During lus absence
Condueior T. A. Cory will poutorm
tin* duties of trainmaster. Mr. Cory
accompanied Mr. McNabb today on a
tour of iln- eastern portion ot Hit-
Kngineer Duncan McKwen is malting steady progress Inward recovery*
in the Lethbridge hospital and is doing as well as could lie expected under Hie circumstances.
.1. Moe, agent at the station, left
for Nelson ibis morning lo take over
bis new duties as district passenger
neent. He has Uie good wishes of
fellow employes and the general public in his new field.
Irving II. Willson. agent at Wardner, succeeds J. Moe as agent at
Cranbrook, and commenced duty here
today. Q. II. Drowley, formerly
agent at Toronto Junction, lakes Hie
agency at Wardner.
W. K. Clinc, despatcher, left on
Sunday on an Inspection trip of the
branch between. Macleod ami Calgary,
ami returned today ou the Flyer.
It. W. MeAuley, yatdmaster, went
io Medicine Hut on Friday last to
meet Mrs. MeAuley ami little soli,
on their return from the east.
Mrs. Caven, wife ol Conductor
Tom Caven, paid a visit to Lctb-
bridge on Saturday last ami returned
i Monday.
II. K. Walton, accountant in Hie
stores department, visited .laffray on
Saturday last.
W. E. Wooilbouse, master mechanic,
of Calgary, is in the city today on
affairs relating to his department.
Conductors D. Hopkins, F. IV Davies and A. .1. Balmcnt have been
transferred to Lethbridge.
II. (iiitilil, superintendent's account*
ant, visited Fernie last Sunday and
returned Monday on No. 7.
Jos. Austin, agent at Klko, and
, II. Willson, agent at Wardner,
were in Calgary last week consulting
the management regarding the proposed new schedule of wages tor ibe
lelegra pliers.
(I. II. Williams, car service agenl,
ot Winnipeg, was iu Hie city several
days dining the past week on litis!
ness connected with freight trallic.
T. Martin, assistant resident eng!
neer, of Calgary, arrive,! Ihis morning on train No. 5, ami will remain
two or three iliya.
Super inl emleiit O. Krickson and
Secretary A. I'. Thompson, were alt-
cut several davs Ibis week on a tolll
I inspect ion of Hn* ills I lid and ic-
tin niil on No. f> today.
I.  Neshill, boileimaker, ton   In	
transferred to a similar position at
Crows Nest.
Wm. McKeii/ie, engineer, lefl Insl
Saturday on n visit to Scotland.
On his return be will be accompanied
hy bis bride.
The Presbyterians are making preparations lor a good time next Tues-
day tlio ■Jiid insl. It is the annual
eoiigregfl'l ional ami Sunday school
picnic. It is intended that it be a
pleasant outing lor tbe parents as
will as the children of tbe congregation. Vans will leave llie Sunday
school room at HI a.m. and cany tbe
piciiiiers to beautiful shady grounds
about three miles out of town. Tho
following is a list of .sports being
arranged for: Senior girls ami boys
ran-, inilertneiljate girls ami boys
race, junior girls ami boys race,
(these lo bo run separate); boys foot
i.ui', running broad jump, potato
race, egg race, threading Hn* needle
race, three-legged race, sack race,
(lames and swings wilt also to provided,
CI iris and boys ate given a lip lu
gel down and train tor gencroUH lirst,
and second prizes an* to be provided.
I'-ii.'iii, .uc asked lo plan Im th.*
outing ami to en operate wilh the
commutes in providing refiwlinicnts.
Oil Is   will  be  spread ami
^ win
u the
iiniii'," willi a
Iml has notion
vl i.ms I Ion.
 4 —
II foi cash al eti
- you make Hie m
.h pri
g oi
m; that
On Ue.hicMl.i-,   mor
Hie homo of Uio In] nl
Klizabclb McDonald
iimiTlngo lo Adam M. Swan, both of
('r.iiilno.ili,  Hov,  Alain,  pastor ,.f ito
Presbyterian church, olllclallug. Afler
congratulations  hatl   been    offered   tbe
wedding party sat down to n most
sumptuous breakfast, after which
they left for tin* station, where they
 be Flyer for Spokane ami other
western cities. Tbe groom holds n
position witb the King Lumber mills
■"i> the I.iiii.- is a mosl estimable
young lady. Tiie Herald joins willi
Iheir manv friends in wishing the
happy couple a Iiu- of happiness and
cash al cash pi
mike ibe money.
 ♦ "
ill   do business  that   wav.      If
re any ..1.1 furniture that you
• dispose nf come to us   ami
iii-..' you new furniture in ex-
Ami  if yon bave furniture
wis repairing we cm make it
if ii is not  too far gone, for
two     experts in  tbis line,
an easy way In make   money,
save it by getting your furni-
ined inlo new by proper     re
el... n_
Co-operative Sto
When You
Come to the Metropolis stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & KuckenJorl
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   OAY
Calgary, Alta.
Tin- Iff linn I'i
llei.thpiiil'h.ra Inr
I'll I. ..ADAM'S" l-'..M(ll'H
r fni
I.HI.llll I-IAIH.V
l-l  70     -     Armstrong Ave
It.  Iln
mli ti. i
tv.  run-
nl  hi	
.   -
the east as an innocent-, smooth faced
Comhiclor F. Oeiicst lefl, on Sunday for Calgary for a tew days
plensure trip.
Tlie concrete foundation of Hie extension to the round house Is laid,
ami work is rapidly progressing on
Ibis large contract.
Mrs, Boyes, wife of .1. M. Tloycs,
filler, left on Tuesday on a holiday
visit to Montreal.
»»♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦  more cordial.
brook tills week.
lohn W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing:,   dive ">'' « call.
Tali itiii- Hnil Janus A. Steele,
of   Crnnbrook,    H. .1.,     occupnlion,
Timber Cruiser, Intends ... apply lor
special timber license over the lollowlng described Intnl..:
Commencing at a post planted six-
ly .ml) chains west, .mil twenty (211)
chains north nf the north-west corner nf Timber Limit No. 2078, Hicncn
running suulh lorty (HI) chains,
thenco west eighty (80) cliains, Hiencn
north eighty (80) chains, Ihence east
eighty (80) cliains, thence, south lorty
(III) chains to the place of commencement, and containing 0-10 acres, inure
or less.
.lames A. Sleele, Locator,
Dated the 17th day ol .Inly, A. II.
11)07. 17-6t


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