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Cranbrook Herald Apr 25, 1907

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Array >
VOIiUMl"   in
OUANBBOOK,   BRITISH   COLUitBIA,   Till)WSDAY,   APRIL   25,   1907
lli:..l> ol FICK, TOKON'J'O
I STAUJ (Mill I,  1S.17
B. V.. WALKKK, President
A1.1X. l.AtHn, General Man    n
A. 11. IRELAND, Superintendent   f
RICACHKD   AMI     MEN     im
id  ; >(>;::l;ll,",IO.OQO.G0O
Rest,    -    -    -        5.000,000 |   'Oio.latest news Ir
       Fernie eives
Total Assets, -  I iS.OOO.OOO [^'"^T^'Ttti™™!11
_^__^^^^_^^^^^^^^^H Hui-
BtaUChes tli!'iii!„l..iii! Can I 111 lite  United Sink's and England     ln« Hn- pasl  week the various boards
i i ii. if ol ihf Kootenaya and     Hie
A GENERAL IIASKIM. IlL'SLNIi   .   11: A NSAC'I I I) llnuirdar)     counlrj   in. i and    passed
ie . lulu,ns suiul.i!  I., ihf Calgary re-
C .".n.l!  .ii   . . ■ ■     ...    i f      , .nui . ,.|, iuu, ni   I.isi  week   .nul delegates
8j       I, ,i ■ oppointnl  I '.'-ni  m F. rule to
SAVINGS HANK DEPARTMENT ''"':'"""1"   "' ""'-"""'"' "'
1) p.ihltH ul --1 . I.' ,>..'•'-, mul Interest allowed nt
Giinvnl rate**. Th-, ■•: i ■ mi | ci to no delay whatever In
Hk* wtllidriiwul "1 the   vim i  "i ,        un nl the deposit*
Crnnbrook Branch, F. C. MALPAS, Manager
loi   ih.- 2 i.i .iii-l    use
uld io imp
\V« In.v.. f.i.f
III;'-, .".nil an- in n ii
11 SAW N I.I   \
BlV lis Inl'iuv
I'm.'uli,in  C.i
UV liunilln solely
ii'f.   [nil (jorum-
Real Estate CKANttKOOK, B.C, Insurance
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦$*<• fi ;- $$44*44 1*444444444444444
! B. H. SHORT <&  CO. |
♦ *
♦ The Pail
* *
* Large Stock of Latest Designs anil Colorings   i
in  Wail Papers *
A\ ENUfc   P. (I. ii.ix ....  ♦
{ Phone ill      ARMSTR
f***************** ***<> -1« o*«.+«sl **««**.>********
In iln-   in.-..ni in..-     tin-  government.
had   ff.i  idle  nnd   Dopnt.   Min-
i in of Lnboi M.ifl,,-iiyif King wns
il "i i.i if Iml    in     the    scone   of   tho
i hie  ..ml  arrived     in Fcraio    on
Tuesday evening. Messrs, Parker
and Eckstein, who had been appointed
us members nf llu- board nf conciliation inr tlio operators and miners,
respectively, toHoil to agree on tlie
third member and In consequence the
"ni ci cim ni was again appealed to
..ml Sir William Mulock iv.-is prompt-
li   iiiinl   chairman of the board
ii'nd left Ottawa ol nne,. and is c;-
i.ifiil in arrive in Fernie Saturday.
In lite meantime several conferences
were held in an endeavor lo effect a
i aii.ii'.iiT agreement sn that the
mil ers mighl return lo iv.irk until
such time ns the hoard nf conelllatl. n
ceil.I Investigate matters nnd make
iheir report, Enrlv ihis morning
word was senl out from Fernie lb. t
such an agreement was practically
irrlved al and lint nnot' r conlcr-
ence would he held Ibis forenoon m.d
the ngreomenl r.i'ilii'.'l. Hul al no. n
lhc operators walked mil ..[ lie
Hireling and Ihe following mcssaui
was rccclveil bv tho Hern Id:
(Special ilcspalcb to the Herald.)
Fernie. April 25.—(1.30 -pun.)—
Another wnlk-nul hns taken el'iisil
li.-rc. The operators walked mil ol
lhc conference ihis noon wilh.mi ai.j
.iili.if.niiiuu! or iiui' farewell tnk.n
..f Iheir f. :,"■ in Big pu'blic uiu is
meeling called for lo-day ul i
k,   nl     which   dishing,  Kin,',
mi ii
Close meeling to-niehl al " o'clock
ni miiicis in be addressed by Lewis.
Looks now ns If operators wanted 'o
kill lime until Saturday, when Mulock will arrive.
Al » o'clock to-night, iusi before
. dug   to press Hie     following artdt-
1'Vii.if. li C . Mm! 3S.—(7.IE
;..m.'-Mass iiii-fiii..: wns hold tl.h
nlti ii.iifii in obtain puhlic opinion on
merits of strike. No developments
us vet. The miners meeting i.y
niglil will consider the operators   ol-
.1.  P. Kink.
\     Poultry Netting
******t*********4******t***4****«**4********   |   i.-|.|,,i,,   April   3-1. (1.30 p.m.-Ttto
♦ *. situation   In.- has   taken    a decided
X mm foi  the better.     The conlcrenoo
 ■                    . that was to hnve been held to-uighl
J                 Garden Rakes                 X i . , fi&cSJtSf* """ ,0"
♦ J i    nected    with     tho
i                             Screen Doors      i ; *!•Is conMmt ,lre eml tas **
I.     Ice Cream Freezers
Screen Windows
Anything You Need      ♦ j".
Seen to-nighl VIce-President Lew is
oi I'lv miners, said The prospects
o( finding ,i solution o( the present
■ j  tliis weel*    are more favot-
hlc ;ban they have been any    lime
;        .
i   J. I). McBRIDB Sr   I:
♦ ♦
******** + **4*********0 ***********************
»»«.»«M/,4.*»»»..J»*.l     *********************
* i
*   Monday, Tuesda   and Wednesday
Ilk h~iU u
I       '.11IV.I
- • l»,l
,iuv .nm »
i     ;
.I',,■ >..,.
|        II
Iv-ll   IUU    .1,"
ii>i'ii im .it
,       '
1'   '
{   W. H. WILSON. oJ__2Vp&.n   f
«»y.»»,Tev.«.tv > retvM T-,rf»»»fT»ft.»»v'»«»»«'i
Hum and
Tin   critical stage has
ie   11 hiest  thing   may
■I. i   "I   l.il.n'i   M.icken/ui
f  the opinion that tho
"11 In  ., lelvicc
'uiiliifi  than mi   anv
the Calgary    coaler-
Win   11 ui.f. ni N.    on   CI    nd Chanel: i •■ ■   Knight    ol  I'yth
Hi ,'i   i    Columbia    paid an
i  in    Crescent  lod e No. 3
Cranlirook.   lasl     11 ei ine Tl c e
le   OVPI    in! IV    Iiu   :.!"
111   Iii iff ami .i it    ■  in
e   .".'. limn     ii.is , ii.if, ■
■   ■■       f,-   .     were b.     I  e
H' ■ i ■ uu llor, I. Fb-is. man, .1.
t Irnold. tl II Tin ■ ■:■ ' « '1
Tayloi  ami i Ihel
•ii ■  work I  liffu • : b
ii it   lollov cd   and
.'. '.-  ... ...il
il-    levine i   rem rkabli   i
i  in llu- wnrk ol lhc nrd r aud
inking   imi enviable     i        lion l.i
Ibeil-I.cv   in   his   if! ■ i   '   .
V .  V   ,v  K. THAI's      RI SS AWAY
(Ciaiul Forks Sun l
i  of ihf innsi disastrous height
iu eks     ili.it lias ever     occumil in
this sect! k place iu lhc yard al
On,villi- yesterday niorulu,! al 3.30
ncli. and the V,, V. A K As the
train i\..s pulling into thai town
' in the cast, the cliglncci losl control ni  lhc air  lies, am ashed
mui a lic.ivi grade into the town ul
lerrilie   speed.      'l'l nine     elf»
rutin a desperate attempt lo sel the
liniiil brakes, hul tho ii.ii. had .un
•il such headway Ilia I it » is found
mpossiblc lo check iis sliced. A i il
n ui.lfil ., curve it crashed iulo
another engine, which was slnndlng
ui ibe main line al the water tank,
n.n collision piled lhc two engines
mil niiieleen    frclglil 'cars in  n heap
III feet high, and Cnldpletclj wrecki d
the water lank and coal bunkers.
A number of Hie crew were complete
ly buried in the wreckage, Irom
which Ihey were cxlricalcd with the
»n-.ilcsl dillieullv.
Six nl the crew were more or   Ic s
badly  limi  Ills recovery  is cxlrcmely
iihiful.       Five    of     thein    were
brought in this city veslerday inorn-
ng nu the regular passenger    train
ml  placed  in Ihe Cottage hospital
Ir.    F. N. Freer, of Orovillo,     ac
nmpanled lhc Injurwl men in     II. s
iv.     All dav yrslcrdav Drs, Kings-
i ii. Newcomlie and Freer were   1,-i-j.l
itisy looking after the sufferers.
The Injured are:
Daniel Evans, fireman, skull true-
i,i-f,l .uni brain punctured; ■ right
nn broken; rlghl lee broken nl an
do joint, and jcnemllv lacerated, re
■..■.■civ doubtful.
.Joseph Fowler, fireman; both lees
iroken below kneo; loll    li nd crush
Daniel illcSwain. engineer; bndlv
icnlded nnd burned nn lefl ' nee     by
s.'.i|iiiui     sifiiin;   several culs   ami
IV. Hrisiiuli.ini. brnkoman; Injured
tiine. and several cuts ami bruises.
Ii.ui Cninrhlin, nnslv wound i- face,
ace, .nul minor cuts and bruises.
Fireman Emus wns well known in
Cranhrook having worked oul of here
ihe Crow for some time. His
tor, Miss Pauline Evans, bookkeeper inr tin- Crnnbrook Electric
Llo.it company, w;.s Informed of the
accident bv wire .iml left Rnturdav
nornlng lo'r her beoHier's bclside, accompanied bv her father, D. I-;.
Evans, who has been ,.t Pineher
Creek for some time. Before t-hoy
arrived in Grand Forks, however
tie son and brother bad succumbed
lo bis injuries. The remains wore
forwarded to New Westminster to be
Interred hv the side ot the deceased
■nan's mother, who did sunie    vears
i.:n.      Mr.   and   Miss   Iv.   ns  are'     nt
presenl  al  the coasl  oi   'heir sail
mission and Ihe 'svmpatln   ol the
•ni in- community is i xtcmled Ihem
in tlu-ir bereavement.
hopeful lasl night," he said
I .un     un  hopeful now.
uiu    has no reason to    bo
alarmed.      I am sail (led with     the.
I pro us', nl events      11  is much bet-
have .i   ih-!.., of a    few davs.
in.iiiis come logelnor
i ■   i  third  part)     tho
H   I see ihf pniTIC! mcet-
■    elh. Inl  onnfcri nee   and
■   an neai   lo
ut  Ihere Is no need <>:'    go.
ii u ne. li.ui.      lint   if   I am
nd   lound them nol In Ing lo
■ii-.   I  would lake     .<
   ' .■      \ L.leni.iiv s.-ltb-
>•! al Is    pi 1.1 ililr lo     what  iitiu.1.1
fc lake place by Hie Intervention ol tlio
w 'ii in n .uul is iii'iih more likely
M to bo pi rinnnenl .s ll was mid
»_ i i '.f Mi 1 •!! iv.s iii-l Introdiiccil, u
*r was nn! Uu- number nf Investigations
%>> I Ihnl would be In!.I undei ii thnl
". j-. mid juslllv i's enactment, hul lhc
«r nun lu-i "i lilvestlgalloiis il would nb-
^^_^^^^_^^^_^^^^_^^__________ „    b   a_____    iici'i-i'v "I biit.liiii;.      it
******v¥»!"tf-t^^-i-w I;;;':,;;;'' wny"^''^^''.'"™ i,!.!',;;'"1
nf a       sel II.-I!' -Ill.   snlllc  lactics
illil hi if bcill full..wed Ihnl   Would
•4, Mk 't. -M____t___A >'.A"."il."iAAA J.
*The Wilga
Under    Iln-     i.l.in.i ;.. if nl    „|
Mrs. E. Byrne.
i ,,i n
liira   in   il.n
I"    till!   iluii.i:-	
 - can I.f
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*•»♦♦*?. )+<■$$**>*■****************
I        TIME IS MONEY        \
{—— —=
I Thonpporliiiilly ofyour l(o mnj b  b  tie not having n rolhiblo T
♦ Watch.   Wiiiirc selii.ii.- i,  17-Je.ivol ii.uiN MOVEMENT in a 1
X -_;i) YEAH .nil.11 |.'il.i.i;|ii'.\-K'.u' (luoi); ..ml  saiiie movii- ♦
Z iiicnl in a Niflile I'us.ihu ,v:nu    Ti iiiiicl >ragininxi I i
J In bo good llmokoepgrs.  Wo will bo ploaseil mslira' lliem
five pill a stop In lhc dispute in
hurl oilier. The new law is net iuu
ust as il was designed tn 'In."
Whereas lhc Cranhrook Electric
Lighi company, Limited, have, ow-
imr lo the shortago nf cnul. been
compelled In shut down their liclvts
after I o'clock a, in. each morning,
lhc citizens,    especially hotels    and
♦ [hoarding house keepers arc rcquosto
* ... .,..,,. , -Knrft.*.    wr.   rtn a nr»-n—.  X '" ""'    "SP "f   e.ci! nil lainns    and
* OiTlulnl Watch tnspecloi lorU. I'. I:.    WM* f . 1 ATE ♦ fmllcs ,Hllil 't'eh lime ns Ihe rcpi-
* Craw's NmtI'm-Division                  „_,   T                             * l»" "errlce ol (ilio     Eleclrie     Light
i                                                          "Tin: JEWELER"        * iniiipiinv shall |„. maintained
******************************************** ' Clilel'Fire Engineer
KU0TENA1 CENTRAL COMING      t*****^********************************^.,*
[Spt  ..
:  i.. Herald
(j    .:,-:     U
.: :\ -In   i
■ : .
i>an)   with i
\  1,.-;: ■-;,. .
: u
iii-,.   ii: >   ■■:
i-.LT,    1    il.i.l
.    ■     "1     1.   .,
.     |     i
I Itei i- .ii-- unti liimtlii 'i     and
....   ,.   .■.■■,..,   i ■ : •   :
; I en     ::,.i -   ate    n di .i     rwl
;■ j   meii are tit  v
...    .!■        . i   Koot-.ii ij   Central
..    i t'lanbrook nexl   ,'eui
(Tlie Sudbury (Out.) Joutnnl.j
We verj much regret In i called un
Un*, ttecK iu record Wit d alii ui Mr,
s. B, Byre, whlcta looh place ytsier-
.l.iy inoriiiug, ai Uie rc-itleiics ol liis
'ou-lii-law, IV. J, Cres&ey. Deceased
iiail Ik-i-ii in i.uiiii'- heal iii for nearly
. year, i»m was unly
lot Leu days past, di
..\ liupci troplij ol tl
.»ii. l-'.jro was born
.n .vl.in, England, on
S3U.     L'oilltlig Lo t
.-   Bellied    .ti 1 urt
(Uitlj, where lie sin ■
i the iiiereli.uiL tuilo
lo Lrtnl
.; Ilcy, Dei
tcb      23U1,
: 18(13,
. ... Oxford
lj eiigagtsl
.  ...        ;..,
.\ei.il years. In 1-,.; be teturtied
i l_ngland, wlii'ir i.e reinuini d lor
■veil )v,u.,,     Uuiliiiig again in Cmi-
iiguou hiilli
<■. r. it..
tl.t, In*    willed .
uiinh ii.i^liiirll.'ii  I   I	
et|uiring consldctable projieriy Uiere,
Imi in Siinliun, Coppel I lift, uud
tt'lrcii tne Crows Nasi i' ■ ruilwaj
vus unik-i conmiiiclioii li   wml     u
ratibrook, U. C, where . ■ reiiiaiiitxi
lor nearly Unco years, Iteturn-lng
boro be engaged m the baking bus!"
ness at Copper Clin lui a lime, .iml
oi late years resided at Hope Collage, tm his fin in un Un- Copper
Cllfl toad, but within Lown litniln,
in religion Mr, Byre was a consistent HapLisl, with a character above
itjproiK'h; a guud neighbor, and a
frleml to all who even asked for for
help or assistance. During the Fenian raid in I Mil; be served on the
front as u volunteer undei Col, Tisdale, afterwards n cabinet minister
iu Sir John Macdonald's government,
lie was luv:li up in ihe Orange order,
being a member of llu- Iloyal III;.el,
Kni-chts. Kor two years pasl. hn lias
been county master of Wesi Nipissing
,ind refused a third term al the lasl
election of officers. A wife anil one
daughter, Mis. w. J, Ciessey, arc
left to mourn Uie loss of a loving
hushaml and father, also three children of bis onlv son, Frederick .1.
who died in Sudbury in ltiK'J.
(Nelson li.uh Neu i i
Victoria, April     ii -tl.i.'. p.m.)-
l-lw decision    lu   proi	
ij   ii„- opposition '" ...    '       i.i ...
.'i„f. and lhc lieutenant gou 11.01   ...
ii walling in Hie buildings.
i tu-   opposition     raised   ,1111.......
minis agaiust the Lund Ac] Amend
mm.    uliu't began hy moving unit
II.e   ulilel   Iiii   Im:   lllllll   rcaduiti      ll.
lischargcil  I Hie lull rclcrrwl lo   a
iclecl i 1111:i.■ i■ ni   i.f ii  ni in
1'iulf    ill    llu-    l.ilf     and  ..uu.I
itons upon which tho lands at Polnl
Hey nml     Hastings   tuwnsilc   Were
Ihis wns defeated allci iii eus ion.
i Is ol order, une iva, declared   t..
.,■ mil ncli liikon. The second m..'
[hat Ihe umciidlncnl reluthu lu tin
lands .ili.ne ififiii.l !.,. wlileli ff
i.liu.liif.il by n private ne ml.. >. Mai
lay, wenl beyond the scope ol      Ihi
bill introduced hv message  I   ,	
ifu-il crown lands nwny. This \v.c
Iclialcd at lenglb and the decision ol
lire speaker, earlier In Ilia Bessioi
liinlnl in suppurj ui ii. Tlie speak
i  asked allot'   midnight, nine      I'
nusilei' the point uml the I .-..- wa:
. i.ill in adjourn until to-morrow.
IIII.I.   FUll     l-'OH'I'N'lllll'I'l.'i   I'A'.
AlliNT OF   U'AUES     IM) 111 I.I.
i-i Hi      I'tiAlpri.siinv       a
IIOUU  DAV  Vil'.kl. THE
Inr:       ii of Canada!
The Imperial Bank of Canada
will hereafter, until further
. .rice, pay Interest on Savings
Accounts Quarterly,
instead of Semi-Annually, as
t Cranbrook Brand'.      F. M. PINKHAM,;.! ,r. \
* i
■?**********$*****q**.:4*<>**£**************« '■«■*
Victoria,  Apn
.ni   .nu-    uu    tai
.ii tol   the foi i.
..i^.-s, ituroUuci
■il uli
i. ii >
■I      ,-....._________________________
.Ill   Uld'UStl It's   \MUlilt   il.i-   Unll a   I'!    a
lucoi'lioraled town.     milisoi jucio
ittoiiglj lo the liill ami moved thai
Llie iLiniiniiiee uw. .Uaciloiiald bate
itu supported the mil .uni uiougbi n
rliuuld be eonsidereil in coaiiiiiuee.
h'liison pressed his moiioii, which
carried, (Jrant and beliolleid vouag
ivitn the opposition and fcioeiaJists.
'ibe mil to make comjiulsory an
eight bouV day in all industries, came
up im second retuling. Mclnne.
urged its passage, when LCilisun mo\
ed the second months hoist. il
■aid that would act as a deterrent.
If .in eight hour dnj were granted,
the Socialists would want six hum'.
ur less and would imally want to do
no work.
liawtiiornt'hvvaile said capital could
always gel some renegade to do it.
-\ ork.
Mr. Speaker check*d him as the
language was unparliamentary. II;
finally foi out ul retracting the language, by saving lhat be did no
ipply It to hlllison, Allison's motion carried, only three Socialists
md Jiirdiuo voting for llie bill,
Macdonald's amendment to the
Workmen'-, Compensation Act to
make compensation payable in a
lump sum     was defeated on    secoihl
Bowser moved the second readln-*
■ ■i bis immigration bill, and matle a
■ipeech in support of iT largely devol-
,-.1 in Dominion politic*,      Uc     tool,
■xceptlon to the disallowance In the
Dominion govermnetil  ol immlgratio i
icts in the past. He said this wa -
intended to prevenl the Ci. T. 1'
bringing in Ignornnl li"i>l. s io    c. n
struct     ha     line       He *  I: il
ilong Uu  line ol ii'   Satal   Vcl
educational tesl tvna thi I in n      u   i
must  read and write ii   the   i.i..!. ..
For the Purest Drugs, the best
Disinfectants, etc., or
Fine Stationery,
'- :. and
Toys, go
1 Ber      ': Atchison 1
7 .ii
. in
I'he bill was '., provide loi the cum
urt iiuiini. lection and lhc mat
nig i.i  lhc test, reading and wrltlnj
in Engllsti, instead nl Borne 1 u   1,1
ii Elllope, a..- pul  n. !.v Dowsei  si.
Hint ii  would     be dl allowed
Hills make in iterlal foi  tho elo. Hoi
li ii  was lo prev. al liot-des    eomini
.1. lot  tie ll. T. P.. whal about   lb
llu in-  hrouglrl  ii. In   Hie C   P. It
ic .i I ed,   an I    called 11  th.   verb
lap ll..|l
Macdonald said Ihal  this bill   was
•iiulili   in     preparation loi   tit
Hon.     lie pointed oul  Ihal  Hie Llu
.inl government ..i ottuwa hai	
1 ,u'l   s   I , I. i'   foi   I..l.nl    ;..
the Chinese. II the (I. T. P. was
:eu l.uili within the specified thru   I
.'.uiil.l be du,' In such an  Ail    ,
iiiii.h would prevent  labor bell
liiitieil. lif  I.I--J    Iiii     l!i ■
rending Irusllnc thai Hie hill would
be amended In committee. Ho said
Ihnl lhc bill in Us present shape
iiniil'l proved niaaj ni ihe Salliulion
isis this govotnment intended bringing oul entering the   i en.       ll ■
also    advocated   allowing   flermi ;
i.n.1 others from northern Europe   being allowed to enter.
Tl,.. following recenl transfers ol
real estate arc reported by Ileal.' ,v
Hails block In s. .1. Mlghton
Inl ,1) lu bb.ck 30, to .lames Edwards; loi II. block 1)2, to Loo
■ lobiis; block l.r. In F IV Pv.,11 Inl
17, Muck 'il, to L. Chile.
t *
i* *
■»♦    I
♦ v>
i >
v >
FOR   SAL^™ Xt
Lots, i
I i   ,i
Ranch I.a.id-.
Fruit l.nti.N.
100 X   I
■ i  . ived, in E3ogu5
Pir-,  \Cviilcnt, Marine Insurant
Nel   ■:
♦ ♦
! **
•    ♦♦
♦ ♦
1    ♦♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
Mi»*A.*A-' + -%.; -{.■:  ;;,..■  ■  "i **************+t*ma**
|   cAL. McDERMOT   |
* ■     ..... '.iijtju-.s ani Cis ift
i i
* K'iKKI   '.   1,1 SC'HMT"- It
i                     i:.\-     '.:.'   (I   IN   KSS' Sii 11 I
* *
i   SOLE AGENT FOS                                    ■ PORTER   t
i *
*«»«.»« **************************************
■Kt<-***4->*4$**4**H.*i><t ***********************
II >'i   would  you   li.'sx'   a   nice   young
For   Su id.;. .-'   Large   or   Small.
Phone No, io
-- +J
*******************************************\ TUE   OUAMIltlOOK    IlKKAI.'.l
Kit-Reform Grey Worsted Suits
are novel in every respect.
Tlie designs are tlie very latest
—the fabrics are durable—the
tailoring, masterly the tit, perfect
—and the styles, irreproachable.
if one of your new spring suits
is to be a Worsted, it certainly
ought to be a Fit-Reform
|   FISHING TACKLE    That Will Catch Fish   FISHING TACKLE i i
FRED ROO, Proprietor.
Hardware and Builder's Supplies,
Harness, Saddles and Fittings, Miners'
and Prospectors' Supplies, Dry Goods,
Gent's Furnishings, Groceries, Fruit,
Flour and Mill Stuffs, Raw Fur and
The Largest Assortment of Fishing Tackle suitable
lor the District in B. C.
Indian Curios, Specimen Bi? Game Heads, and Souvenirs ol The Great West.
|   11. C. Livery and Peed Stables \
{     Blacksmiths, Woodworkers and Bicycle Repairers
i        i\~'.Liti;hlin Carriage; ail O.ttim, Implements lor Sale
t   Shop Phone 50 P.O. Box 144 Barn Phone 90   J
♦ 1
Canadian Hotel
Ottawa, April 111.—Thomas Green-
way presented   to parliament to-day
the report of the lumher committee,
which is as follows:
'■'Your commiUee, have, during tho
course of their Inquiry held some 3ii
sittings and examined A2 witnesses,
mil have had a large number ol
hooks, letters, price lists and oilier
papers ami documeuts hud down before them as exhibits, wlilch, together with He minutes of their proceedings, are herewith submitted for the
information of the house.
Your com in It lee are ol the opinion
ihal lie prices charged tor lumber
are excessive; your committee fltul
lhat there has existed for some years
past, and still exists, an association
Itnowii as the "Western Uolul-t Lumbermen's Association," and ihis association Included nil Uuee provinces
mill recently, when the retailers of
Alberta formed n similar one ol their
own called "The Alberta ltetull Lumbei Association."
'•These two ussoclallnns amount, in
iln opinion ol your commit tee, to a
riiinliin.iiinn .mil ihe objects nml re-
Mills of Lie operations of these two
association-* have been to annually
enhance the said prices, as appears
In ill  llie   priee   lists   llemselves     ami
Hn bylaws, minutes, hooks and correspondence and evidence of witnesses in regard to tie said operations.
"Your commit lee also funis lhat
more recently the manufacturers
formed an association known as Ibe
-Itritish Columbia Lumber and
Sl.im-le Mnnufacturins Association,"
whicfc\ in the opinion of ihe committee, amounts to a combination and
lo-operates wilh ihe said retail association, and on the part of these
inirniimcturors a good deal of evidence was submitted to aliow that
I heir prices were not excessive, hul
Infnre concurring in thnt view, ynur
eoinmildce think thai ihere should bo
more evidence as to the enst of production of manufacturers. Your
committee also has In take into consideration the fuel Ihal the cos! of
lumher to the settler is materially
.iflVcied bv the cost of the trclghl ns
well as by the cosl and profits of the
manufacturers ami retailers. (Sgd.)
T, Green way."
This report was prepared by a suh-
eoinmil tee comprising lion, Thomas
Green way, E. A. Lancaster and W.
\1. Slocan atrd approved by the gen-
i*ial committee.
S3 Jg
J5 One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- J2
J5 brook.   Warm rooms, good meals {_}
53 and a bar stocked with the best g}
|Joseph Brault, Proprietor!
Head Office, Calgary Alta. Phone 57 ;;
The Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
Wliul.'Hiil.' di ReinII Dealers it.
Our Heats is alway-t fresh as all our Beef lit   killed
in Cranbrook.
London, April 20.—While thu officials here minimize the importance
oi King Edward s lour oi ihe Mediterranean, it cannot lu: denied Ihal
ihe visits to Cartagena and (laeta
were mule than exchanges ol courto-
;vics between the moiiaiclis of three
grea-t powers. The presence of Sii
Charles Uurdinge, permanent under
secretary of the foreign ollice, and
King Edward's personal advisor in
foreign a flairs, stamps the meeting as
■icing more than acts of civility. Sir
Charles joined the King upon His
AJajesty's departure lor Biarritz and
lias been ut his side ever since mul
besides, he has had conferences with
Uie foreign ministers of Spain and
That the Hague peace conference
has been one of the subjects discussed
cannot to doubted, hm it probably
will be found that the main Interest
lies iu another direction. As a
prominent diplomat expressed il today;
"Recent events point to the refutation of the Mediterranean lo its
old primacy by which the relations
between tJie ureal powers were determined."
What KiiiK Edward is aiming at
seems, well informed persons contend, to be a Latin union, supported
hy Great Britain for the maintenance of Hie status quo in the great
inland sea. Whatever connection
Italy has Willi the plans must have
arisen since Kiiiji Edward's departure from England, as it was not until his arrival at Malta thai his majesty Instructed the foreign office to
arrange a meeting willi King Victor
Kmmaniiel. Whether Ihere will hi*
other conferences has noi heen made
public, but. it is certain thai King
Edward's tour, which commenced
with a friendly call on King Alfonso
■it Cartagena, has been gathering Im-
■i. rtaneo as it progressed and the
British, willi the greatest confidence
in the diplomacy of their king, are
looking forward to announcements ol
agreements, such as Unit entered into
■villi France.
Boston, Mass., April 111.—Thomas
Longboat, the well known Indian
runner of the west end Y, M. 0, A.
Toronto, Ontario, broke the record
to-day, for Hie Boston Athletic club
25 mile Marathon road race from
Ashland lo Boston, and defeated a
Held of 111 runners, after Ihe most
closely contested race since |,l:c event
was inaugurated iu 1807. Longboat
covered ihe distance in 2 hours, 21
minutes, 2ii 4-5 seconds; Ibis is a
miuii'tes, 21 4-5 seconds faster than
the previous record, which was es-
l.il.tished in MOI, by .J. .?. Cafilav,
..I Hamilton, Ontario.
Itolierl  Fowler, of      Ihe Cambridge
poi I Gymnasium association finished
second, also within Die previous icon I. His lime was I wo bonis, 27
ml mites, 54 l-;"i seconds. J, .1,
Haves, St. Bartholomew's club, New
York, was Ihinl, in 2 loins 3D ml mi
h*s, 38 't-.'i seconds.
Following finished in order: W.
o'Mnrn, Cambridge; •!. .1, i.ee, Box-
Inn v. Charles K Petrh. Toronlo; Si,|-
ticv.ll. Match, Chlcngo; .1. II. Nenry,
Naliek. Mass.; and .lohn Llndlllllst,
Br.ioklyn. V V . all finished in lime
iinder 2 hours and in minutes.
All of the leaders finished iu t-in nl
cot-dilloii, Although nearl) all showed
dgns nf Ihe strain of Ihe race and
'here were several sharp eonl*esls for
-daces as the runnels cinif into Ihe
List few miles. The conditions nt
'he start  were poor.     It  was chilly
mm! clouds of dusl were raised by
'he ruiiiieers as Ihey started on their
long journey. Before I'm* miles had
been covered, however, n light rain
beg-in tn     Tall which laid the     dust
ml striking the faces of Ibe runners
freshened them considerably, As
Louh'bonl, never faltering in his   long
neehnnicnl   stride,   ucaretl the finish
in,*, he was applauded by fullv 1(10,-
IfW people whn, despite the rain, liatl
vailed in llie streets for hours. The
ace was started promptly at noon
t Ashland, wilh F. O. Meeks, New
idrk, in the lead. Longboat was
mek in tlie hunch with Spring, of
sew York, closely watching him.
■'or the first live miles, the younger
ml less experienced tunnel's kept altering in the lead, hut Longboat and
■ he veterans were always within
Hiking distance. As the runners
aim* in South Fnriiiingbuiii, Lorse,
•f New York, look the lead, with
Prank, Lobar re, Peter, Carr, Long-
in.it and Spring following in tlie
irder mimed. At South Farming-
ii.i.ii depol the leaders ittsi crossed
he railroad track before a long
i.i in came by and compelled the
libera to wait. Fowler and Hayes
■vere among those held up. Between
•'aiiniiigbam and Xaiick, Lee took
to lead and Longboat nnd Spring
Hissed Carr anil Lelmire. Passing
Ai llesley college each runner received
i chirr from the college girls who
lad lined tip to see them pass.
After leaving Welleslcy, the runners
.vere compelled to climb several long
lilts, but Longboat merely lengthened
its si ride, and one by one picked up
he men who had been lending him.
\i Auburmlnle lie wrestled the lead
roni Lee, and slowlv drawing away,
uoke tlie tape at the finish a third of
i mile ahead of the second man,
Fowler. Fowler ran a well judged
ace, Iml began his spurt* loo late.
le was closely followed hy Haves
broughoiit ihe entire race, hut the
'alter could not hold the pace which
''owler set in Ihe last five miles.
-iix minutes afler ihe third man,.the
ither runners began to come into the
inish only  seconds apart.
Try a  Cue ol
Two Dozen Mints  $1.50
K,[iml  to Gnlnneu'.   Thi. finest beverage 011  the market
fur family uml turtle use.   Imparts vigor uml
health, ami tones up the l««ly generally
llrewer, Crnnbrook, It. ('
If ..ur readers could spend one
morning looking through Ihe letters
received hi,!,, nil over ('.inuAi liv ih,.
/.nm-Hiik Co., il would li,|„B home lo
ilfin with Irresistible loreo 1I1,. Idling virtues    ,.r    tWs great household
Imi im.    old    worn  young women,
wives, mothers nml even young girls
hnve so thins t.. sny nlmiil     tow
Zaui-lliik did (Ms ,11 Hun i!„,«l ..ill,,.
in Hielr home.    .Mum- nl tlies,- wrlt-
rs gin- permission n. make oxtrscts
Irom Miell grateful leslliiiiini-. Kliini
Hleso llu- following were Inken at
la mil ,111:
"I was Irotibled lor some weeks
»-iih sail rheum  in hands and arms
.1111I was using a salve which .11.1   mo
liiilii fi.MKl.       on receiving a supply
ui /.am-iiiik i uppiiwi ii, a,„i j, ;,:.,,'.
ly seemed to ,-,cl like magic! Thr
Helling nnd burning censed, and In a
In- days tin- skin was cleared nnd
liiMlMiy." So writes Miss 15, A.
lliileliiird. ol Nnrlh Kcji|ie|.
"Three boxes ol Zam-Duk cured mo
ol Kcienia, Irom which I had suffered
a long time." So says Mrs, Clhiikten
nl Mansonvillc, O-ue.
"Znm-Buk cured a case nl blood
poison in my lamilv. and I wish to
Iliank ynu lor llie great blessing it
lias proved," is the effect ol a letter
from Mrs, Webb, ol Dovercourt.
Ami so one could go nn quoting
'Xtract. alter extract, showing how
/.ani-lliik cures chronic sores, ul-
'•rs, abscesses, bad leg, Itch, and
blond poison; takes the soreness out
if cuts ami bums, and grows new,
leallhy skin over injure.] or diseased
places. All slores and drugglsls sell
nl litlv cents a box. or Ibe 7,am-Hnk
Lo., Toronto, will mail [or price.
I...lidi.li. April 211.—Al to-day's ses-
iii.il nf lhc colonial conference il wns
iiiaiiinmiisly agreed In change the
Uie lo "Imperial conlorcncc." The
■iiiifereiiec will lie held every lour
years In discuss the common inter-
'Sts of the empire. The premier nf
.lie United Killgdnlll will lie cx-nfl'u-iu
it.-siileiii nf lite iiiipi-riiil conference
in.l the premiers ol the colonics and
he colonial srerelary will be ex-nf-
lelo nii-iiibers. The various govcrn-
n. ills will appoint oilier ineiiiliers
nn except with the special uoiiflrma-
■ i.iii nl the conference not innre Hum
ivu representatives nl each govorn-
iieut shall pai'lieip.iie in Hie confer-
■ni-i-s. Each government will have
wn voles. This (lepartmcnl of Hie
■nlniiinl ollice is created with a per-
niinenl secretary ami slafT which
■hull be charged with the duty of
ibtaining informal inn for the use of
In. cniifi-rence anil dealing tentatively
wilh such mallei's nf general Imperial
Interest as arise in llu- Intervals bo-
iwi-en ■ in- confer -es. It wns further il;-iiiled that when mailers arise
i'e(|UlrTns Hie consultation of two or
u.-re governments which cannot enn-
■Ti.ieelly he piKlpniied tint il Ihe nexl
■onlerence, a subsidiary conference
will be held between especially chosen
representatives nf ihe governments
'I'lie Earl nf Elgin, secretary nf
•■tale fnr Hie colonies, referring In
In- mailer nl military defense, out.
IIiiihI ihe general principles nf an im-
lerlnl military nrpnlznllnn and the
ii. mii-i's conciirre.1 In Hie views. The
iii'imicis then cxiitnliml lb," defense
-.1'aiil/.iiinns nf Iheir respective col-
niies and the exlent In which Ihe
jeueral nrgunlzntlon could he put Into practice. The draft ..[ a rcsolu-
:i.ui creating n general staff fnr Hie
■ni|ilie was ladled      It was resolved
Ihal  tl Ionics lie nutliorl7.ed     In
refer In ibe commit I f Imperial defense l.n advise nn loenl iptestlons iu
which expert nsslstiinei.. was deslr-
15 C. S. Brown Leghorn Cockerels,
trniii Urnve Hill Poultry Yards,
WalHiam, Mass., and A. B. Williams'
strain Plum Park Piniltry Yards,
Rochester, Minn., and 5 Bluodcd
Plymouth Rock Cockerels.
17-fit*    W. Telford, Kitchener, B. C.
Under ami by virtue nf the powers
i-ntiiaiiieil in "a certain mortgage,
wlllcll will he produced at the time
nf sale, there will lie offered Inr sale
lay public auction nn Saturday, the
twentieth liny April. 11107, nl llie hour
,i[ ill o'clock in Ibe forenoon, at the
i.iliee nf the undursigtied solicitor in
Hi- Cilv ..I Cranhrook. hy .lohn
llulclilson, Esip.iie, Auctioneer, the
following- properly, vl«i THE INTERNATIONAL Motel, moyie,
h. c, otherwise known ns Loi
Three I") in Block Three (3) Lake
Shore Addition, Map n»I, nl the
Tnwnsilo nl Moyie, nn which Inl Is
erected a valuable hold building ami
nllier Improvements.
Terms nf sale: Twenty per cent, nf
ihe purchase money in lie paid al llu-
lime nl sale and the balance Wlll.ll.
len davs ther culler,
l-'nr   further particulars nml cnmli-
linns nl sale apply  tn
IV. K. (I I'HI),
Snllcitnr   fnr   ihe    Mortgagee, Kink
Baled at   Cranlirook,    ll. C, Ihis
lib day nl April, 11107. 2-31
I'tiisuant lo the Health Hv-l,aw
so. II, of the I'lty of rranbrnok,
lolice is hereby given lhat all owu-
■rs, teii.inls and oceu|i"tntn of lands,
louses or pit'inises within the Cilv,
dull clean the said premise!* and re
nove all rubbish and noxious, of
t'lisive or unwholesouiu mailer [ton
heir premises and the lanes adjoin
ng, on or before llie 20th (lav of
April, 1907.
So further notification will be giv-
No notification is necessary to sub-
-ilauliale a prosecution.
Vny |ier.son refusing   or neglecting
o   ohev this    notice,     may be fined
iiuii.nii ami costs or two infiiitlis im-
irisounieul   with hard labor,
By order   laical   Board    of Health,
and     I-'..   W.    Counollv,    Medical
Healih  Olliccr.
Haled    this    Huh     day  of    April.
|!>07. 3
IN'   THK   Sfl'ItKMK   COURT    OF
In the mailer of the "Companies
Wimliiig-Up Act, 189S, Ueing
Chapter 11 of the Statutes ni
British Columbia, 1608, and
Amemliug Acts; anil
In tbe matter of The Pay Roll Gold
Mining and Milling Company,
Limited, Non-Pcrsonul Liability.
The creditors of the above named
I'oinpanv me ret]iiesled, ou or before
Lhc I nth' day of May, A. 1». 1007, lo
-end their names and nddresses, and
ihe particulars of their debts or
■laims, it ml the names and addresses
if their Solicitors, if anv, to John
Leask, of Crontirook, the Oilici.il
Liimiilntor of the said Company,
nnt, if so rc~|*iireil by notice in writ-
in*- from the said Official Lii-.iiidat.it,
ne hy Iheir Solicitors lo come iu
in.l prove their said debts or claims,
it tbe Chambers of liis Honour, I1.
K. Wilson, Local .Judge, Cranbiook,
it such lime as shall be specified in
■mch notice, and in default thereof
Ihey will be excluded irom the ht-in--
fil ' of any distribution made before
nich ileitis' ale proved.
Friday, the lllih, duy ot Mav,
1 SUIT_ al two o'clock in Ibe afternoon, at the said Chambers, is appointed for hearing mid adjudicating
upon the debts and claims.
.1. F. Armstrong,
District Registrar.
n.itill this lOlb day of April, A.IK,
11107. 3-2t
| n__.__:7..~~#
uv  1'ininniiiAi'in
Artistic Picture
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
(llll shoes made new.   All kinds
nf repairing,   (live in.' » call.
Central !
Hotel    |
Marysville |
: T. Cole, Manager   f
. trims in tl
llu- lust  In
.nr |si- J
St. Mnrys vnlley. *
Notice is hereby niven that thirty
davs afler llate I Intend to applv In
Ibe Hon. t'hii-t Commissioner nf
Lands ami M'nrks nnd In the Assisl-
aiil I'nniniissiiiiu'i' nf Lands nnd
Works fnr llie district ol East Koo-
lenay. fnr a licensi. tn prospect fnr
coal ami petroleum nn the followinp,
.l.-sci ilu-il I,,ml. situntc nn the North-
i-.lsl Michel Clerk, olioul rive miles
nnrlh nf ihe Canadian Pacillc Rail-
mad, and lying west nf the Mclnnes
flump, an.I north nf the Crows Nest
Pass Coal Company's land:
1. Commencing 'ai n post planted
..ne mile north „f a polnl one mile
east <.f ihe Intersection of the east
side line nf the Mclnnes Group ami
llie iiintli side line nf the Crows Nest
Pass Cn.il Company's land, said post
l»'llR Ihe inilinl pnsl nl K. II. |,P
h rami's claim, and marked E. II.
I.i'Frnnz's nnith-east corner, thence
sn chains wesi, thence so chains
south, thence SO chains east, thence
sii chains north In place of beginning,
cmitntnlnR about mo acres.
E.  11. LeFrnnz, Locator,
R. C. Helilen, Agent.
Located March  13,  11107.'
Said claim being a re-locntlon nl
coal license Nn.  19118.
2. Commencing at a post planted
a I Ibe norlli-cnsl corner of E. II.
LeKraii/'s claim. Ibe same being the
inilinl pnsl nf .1. T. Penn's claim,
and marked .1. T. Penn's north-west
corner, thence sn chains east, tlience
SII     eliains    south,   tliei.ee XII eliains
I, Ihence sn chains north In place
ntaltilng about    lllll
.1 lffihi.il,
VMVAYS   I1RINU    yum
with Yin;.
A San Franciscan was talking
abiuit, the humorist, Jerome K.
■ lei nine
"I crossed the Atlantic with Mr.
•Irroliic," he said, "Ihe last time he
visited America. Then, was nn
board an Information fiend—one of I
those hnrcs wilh a lot nf information I
mi tap ahout everything under the 1
sun—and Mr. Jerome had a hnrmz nl.
'iim. i
"As we leaned over the rail     one'
morning the information fiend   loiiicd
us. |
" 'Gentlemen,   be said, pompously, -
us he waved his hand mil over    the
great expanse of water, "if tin. earth
were llattened oul,  the sea would he
two miles deep all over tin, world.'   I
" 'Well,' said Mr. Jerome, 'if you
catch any lllllll flnlleniiig nnt the
earth slu'mt him nn the sput, (or I
can't swim. "—Ex.
Nnl ice is hereby given Unit the
undersigned' have submitted to the
Lieutenant-Governor in Council u
proposal under the provisions ol the
Rivers and Streams Act tor clearing
and removing, obstructions trom the
Movie River and tor the erection ol
a dan; therein and for the construction and improvements ol channels
connecting the same with a lake and
with Meadow Creek and Inr making
lhc said River ami Channels nt lor
holding and driving Ings, timber,
lunrlicr, rafts nml crafts, and [nr
erecting and tnuintalnltig booms for
holding, sorting, and delivering Ings
ami Umber brought down said River
anil [nr attaching booms lo the
shines ol the snid Itiver lor said
The lands tn la- ebecled by the
said wnrk are Crown lands and Lots
151)2, lliSH, 0(171, 18117, Group One,
Kootenay district.
The rale id tolls proposed tn he
charged arc such as may he toil hy
the judge of the County Court of
1-1.isl Kootenay,
The King Lumber Mills, l.iilliled.
Dated July 37th, lllllll. 511-llt
• I.  T.   Pi-mi,  I.neati.r,
R. O. ll.-lilen. Agent.
Lnontcd March 13, 1997.
Said claim  being a  relocation   nf
ennl lieelise No.   1999.
.'I.   Commencing at a pns-l  planted
al    .1. T. Penn's north-wesl corner
s.nd pnsl being the initial pnsl of
Fi. A. Martin's claim and marked E.
A. Marlins s.nithwest corner, thence
sn eliains east, thence 89 eliains
nnrlh. thence 89 eliains West, llien,-H
89     chains    south  lo place or bei-in-
ns, containing about MO acres,
E. A. Martin, Local...
R. fl. Relden, Agent.
I.nented March 18, 1997
When You
Come to the Metropolis stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockcntlorl
Opposite C. I». R.
$i.oo   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
is now Incati'd in  iis comfort- I
able and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
this Institution is just up-to-
date and is modernly equipped
to do just the bust work in all *
branches ot the. tonsorial ail, r
4 *%
TAYI.oi'ni; [|.\M„ AimiU-'SS ♦
P.O. it.ix ions *
AilI'lNI'l-'nl: IIAi.l. SAI'KCO. Y
I Cranbrook   Foun-1
I        dry and |
^Machine  Shop|
McKinnon & Johnston :
Wo lire prepiireil l.i
ilo nil kiiuls nf iv
|.nir work lienvy uml
light, initke c-wiin-s,
torn Hlinfts, ele.
Scientific    HorscsliiKiiiig
Said claim being a re-locntlon
oal lieense No. 2099.
1. Commencing nl a posl planted
"I E. A. Martin's south-wesl corner
the same helng tlie initial post ,,f
t . L. Butlerlletd's claim, and marked (. L. niitterOeld's south-east corner, Ihenee RI) chains west, thence 811
chains north, Ihem-e R9 chains east
thence 811 chains south In place nf
beginning, containing about nui
C. L. ntll'erttcld, Locator
R. G. llelden, Agent.
I.ne.ile.1 March   13,   1997.
Siiiil rlaiin being a re-lnrallon    nf
eoal license No.  2001. |-d|.
If you wimI WOHK, hw; nut,
If you wunt MICN, soilil lo nit>.
If you wunt to va\\ your If MA I,
KSTATK, li.t it with me.
He lines mmlerii work
in a   iiiiiilei'ii   iiiniHii-r
Wliuiiyon wunt painl
in>,' il,reuniting,  jm(»,-t-
Any available Uuiniiiinn Lands
Within the Railway Hi-It lu British
Columbia, may he linini-steaileil by
inn persnu whn is lhc sole head nl a
l.nillll', or any male over 18 years nl
age, lo   lhc    oxloilt     of oni-ipiallei
KCll if IUU acres, mole or less.
Eutiy liiusl lie made personally at
Ihe local 1.,ml ..ili... |or lhc district
in wliieli Ihe land is situate.
The hiiim-slcndcr is iciniiicil to pci-
furlll Ibe conditions cnum-clcd thcie-
willl under oue ol lhc lulluwllig
tl) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation ol Hi. laud ill
each year lor three years.
(2)   If the    father (or mother,   il
the (alitor is deceased), of Hie homesteader resides U|mn a  [aim  in     l.ht>
ilclniiy nl ihe laud  entered (nr,   the
j retniireinciils as lo residence may lie
saiisllcd hy such person residing with
] ihe faihci ur mother.
j   (3)   ll lhc    settler has his permanent   residence   upon    farming land
nwiicil by him in Hie vicinity ol bis
lininretead, the requirements   as    in
resilience    may he satislied hy    residence upon the said laud.
Six months1 notice iu writing
should be given tu the Commissioner
uf Dominion Lands at Ottawa of in-
leiilioii to apply lor patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at
til) per ucre for suit coal and $20 |
lur anthracite. Not more than 321)
acres can he acquired by one individual ur company. Royalty at tlie
late of tea cents per Ion of 2,0011
pnunds shall be collcoted oa the
grown output.
Deputy ol Uk Miaisttr ol Uie Interior   *y,
..— in i „   , i„ i.u.n,a.v.'—',.""—
I   will   IttlVU   111V   willler  supply
nf I'mil in il few  ilnvH,  iiuil   inn
r-f.li- I.,  luku milnr.-i.      I   will
llii.ikiic.nl HnrdCml $8.73
Soft Cool $6,75
1,1st wiiilei- I   wan mil  nf   I ',,;,|
pirl. i.f uni"     Tliii vi'.ir   I   pro.
I" In'.'P -. 1: I   1.11 j>|,1 y   "ii
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kiiuls nf finish work in
wny of ilours, windows, trnn-
soiiiB, etc Kiln dried liiniiier
for inside work. Our work is
gltiiruntecd und our |irioes nro
sutiafnetnry.    Hereon    dimrs
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Fnr Sale
Now as the building  season has opened up, you
will surely require
Hardware, Paints, Oils, and Glass
For These Call al
Rambling    Reverie*
don'l conic Im  Hi
wishing      Thev .1
lo    In-   1,-iiiiil,,1
have 11,0111 you Ir,
thorn," in more
j Holding iij. Bonn
I hold ih..  11,if
whistling ,11   ihe
.- iiitiv   and   have
If    V \|lf.t    In
if inn   '.. "g	
sens.'      liinn 	
I  must look   a, the   sheen In    the I "^i" ""™r'Vrbrought'i
See '"'hat   the   cattle are led    i„Jlirakf-'      Tie mm
|. H-H H-H- HHHI I- II -I I -I-1+ I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I -H- H~t
I H I I l-H-t I I I-I III I I I I II II I I I I I I+ 1 I IHH-M I
j| The Cosmopolitan
li. H. SHALL
The place where a
man will retorn after
stopping once.
H+H«H-H-ll-*-M -M-M -M- I-M++++W++++.--H-M-H-M'
VI.,l„lial.l,il.J„l,,l   ■.----■-■■.«■■■ ■■■ ~  " "
If ynu want Olutliini,' tlint is "(lilt railgo" in tiiuiii'.
"(lilt Edgo" in 111 iturinland "liilt K lue in 'itiiiku,
cull and son our NEW STOCK of Reudy Made
Cl'itliing,-.IDl/f  ItWKIVKII.   All Union Made
Leask Cb% Henderson
1. Jack, tell mother In wrap
Ynu   may e<>     with    me ovei
Though the snow    is deep and
weather culd,
Vou are   nut .1 h.ibv ni    siv
old "
veil rs
Tw.. leet ot   sn,
Iiiii the sky w.
Iml 1,111,fi  and
When diinici   w.
Knocking the sm
Rosy ...id   I.ui,ui
nn    Die  hillside
as llilll" as .tune,
..... came laughing
nil   at   linoil.
nn their weary
"The mum wns s,,
"Thai   I  if,11 .-.I  I c.
Iln..null "
Ihe mulbci    mined  v
"T 1   u-h.,1    could
lecp." lhc tanner
could scarce get
"I   I.nil    i    |a||
"W'herovei he   ivcm    I ken
Ill lie
________________      I
more ynu will nnd lie absurdity    nf
I the  proceeding.       "Bob" loi     your
>'ml  own    eels—that's   the only nay     1.1
,   j ct-rtaiidv get     them.     Tbey    won't
' '"   crawl up in your del  and beg  to be
Ilo your own fishing. The world 1-
a     great    herring     1 d, ami  youi
chance is aa good as thai nf your
neighbor, it ynu choose lhc right
kind nf bait, use diligence, have patience and inke atlvaiitage <•! time and
tide Hidden fishes siiim .ili.iul in
plenty, ami are in he caught. Inn
am.ih, 1 cannot .In il fo. inn Ki.-iy
successful 1111111 owes Independence in
iini.i ideal energy and enterprise
Standing, on .. rock ..II dm ml looking and hoping novo) filled .1 li.ifl.ei.
such a scaly proceeding ivnn'l cause
the use nt scales—mil may depend
upon ihal. Every nne hns t.. Ils-h
Im what In- m-is Others may possibly Iiuil ami lake ..it the prize from
il.. hunt and paddle Hie boat. Imi the
lishiiiu  has    gol   10 he ilojle hi      I'i.iii
..uu band.     Every othel   ineniiH yon
,may try will tuin nui  ■ '-n......
Tbe mother    looked   at the lather's
And a solemn thought was there;
The words had gone like a lightning
Tn the seal nl a, nobler care:
"If he treads lu my steps, then day
by day
Ilnw    carefully I   iniis-l choose
s Iim father
"MA*****.-.* **AA******.M-*-«-*A&
if- ******** ******* , j,
_*. 4mw*%wm***^ Manulacturura ill I «u
jli     <r%i^* i™^p T^fe-       i-urtBEK «nd     Uy
■t-i     //C;    '\1H->->.- /*'' JuSS'-^ DiriENSIONS • -)■
*    IctPi/i "/ %,lsBB%  A's" a" kinds '"    *
V*yV%B    I "i">J^V''#_^_? MILLS Al . £
^ fe,-!_,t-vV_____F   •l',,rniv- ■*>•>'<;""1 • i"
}| " IJ* ' Mead Office, ■ Cranbroiik      tj"
1 ......a-.-..-....-. a.*...* • ••••*•**••*•»••»«#.».,,♦ ..»••♦ ■-•,.J*
£********** *   *************$
Hotel 4* *&
»*•— »9'
Clucata Ciimlnrl a Specialty
Hood Siahlinn in Connection
Nntm-al to rullina.1 ami depot.     Has a.vi,iiun.„t,i
tlona fm  the public unequalled lu Cranbrook.
Hul and tidil Halha
Hoggarth & Rollins   \
 Proprietors        1
Robinson Mckenzie Lumber (io., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
I'he New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.   We are mi deck 25 hours
oul of the 24
"Kor the child wi\
And tin* (nick that I leave behind,
If   ii In*   firm,    ami      clear,     nnt
at might,
The feel of my son will find,
Hi*  will   trend  "in  his  Father's stops
and say
Tm right, for this was my   father's
way," '
Oh,   tiithtTs,    lending in Life's   hard
He sine nf tin* stops ynu lake;
Tien the sons you hive, when    grey-
haired men,
Will tread In them for your sake;
When gfaj'-haired men, m their   sons
will sny,
"We tread in our father's steps   to-
Ho ymi know the world is full of
unkindness that was never spoken,
nml lh.it is not much holler than no
kindness at all. The fuel in Ml4
stove makes the room warm, hut
then? are great     piles nf fallen trees
Corporation of the Cilv of Cranbrook
By-Law No. 38
A By-Law  l" Grant  Certain Privileges to the
Cranbrook  Electric   Light  Company.  Limited
Whereas     lhc     Municipal   I i
has   power in   pass a Bj -Law [<>i
licensing and regiilal ing electric linl.i
and   tclcphoi npani -    mil loi
.rail 2illg      the    Use   nl   pillll •
U.l whereas In 11) Law So 11
certain regulations are iet forth
under which the piiviloRi' In cleel
pole . pillars, posts ',i othel ap
plianecs and to string wttes ihercou,
in: lhc iouvcyuiice "i 11.fiiicitj
in- .i i nn phones ..-.il linn.ui..iiii . purposes, iiiiniuli  I along pub
in   highways ol    llu. I'll)  of    (.'..in
brook. Inn.- been    sel   lorlh      and
Tl f I'
noli   I :
111,1,   llll
of   hill-
where nobody ean get them; these do
nut     inakc anylioily     warm.    ' Yon
mighl freeze tn    death for want     of
wood in     plain sight  of   these fallen
trees, if you had no means of gelling
he wood home and mnklug a lire of
t.        .Inst   sn  in     a  family;  love is
"VilaI   makes tin*     parents and    children, the brothers    and sisters, Imp-
But  If they  lake care never to
y ,1 won] nboul  it; if they keep. it?
profound     secret as if ii  were    a
Ime, thev   will nol  he    much happier than  if there was not  any   love
iinong    them; tire  house will     scorn
old, even     in summer; and if     you
ive there vou will envy the dog when
mi call bun "poor fellow."
THK .101 HM-.Y UK 1.1KR.
Vuu will liihl this journey of life is
■ui always what it seems, nor iliai
i lies ,ill the way through vettbim
alleys ami flowery meadows. It is
ml ahv.ivs bright With the sunlight
id pleasure Von will n.'t lind    a
nf roses to recline upon every
• vuu are weary Don't expect
ir vou will ver)   likelv he disap-i
1 led.     You     wilt  find thai about
i he I one ih.* path gets pnsl the
hoolhoiise it switches nfl Into sonw
11ln*t rough country. Yoh will very
probably thnl sotiie rough hills tit,
Iim']- nml some deep gullies to
ross The briars will tear your
lee clothes and the stones will wear
■ur your tine shoes, and you will
hove blistered heels and ' stone-
brulses in plenty, before von get
re is cull mie way to avoid all
liis. That is lo sii down, a whin
iu: bejrgnr bj ihe roadside, despised
rinil sclf-dcsplslng. Hut if you are
poing tlii.'inch vou nmsl bravp youi
*-.!' foi Imixl elimbiii*- You ' will
(IlKi plent> nl loses hv the wav, hill
[hei "*ro\ii among thorns, a. if von
wmild gathel tietn vou niti't nol' he
nfrnid ol .. fp« semfehes All Hie
fruits worth having are near tlie
tops nf ihe trees. Ynu ean have
\our game suppers and voui quail on
loast, in", hut Hn* came is wild ami
lhc binds roosl high, and you can't
put sail nu their tails lo catch
them You can have .ill this, we
•ai. but lusl .is liieh as nul when
cou mi ii t.-ii w\\\ have no leelli tn
chew II with, sn vou mustn't build
m.. much mi ihal.'
Yes, vonng man, the glnclera of IWe
..ie    haul   In     climb,      ami    vnn   will
nevei mate the trip vvilhoiil n nitde.
The name ol the t-iilde is "Work."
Tie yourself in him young man, and
in- wilt pull vmi ihroiig-h all right.
II. is roudi and rugi?eil, ns all
mountaineers are, hut don't despise
him on that account. Don'l despise
his homely giirments; he is a brave,
trite-heaited fellow, wro has leil
thousands safely through, and will do
the same    hy you if you     will inist
Voting man you'll never catch any
nf lhc golden fish that swim in the
world's waters by stiitullug with
your hands in ymir pockets ami
watching another told Hie pole. If
you expect fish you will have lo dig
your own halt", put the tempting
morsel on your own hook, throw in
your own line, hold your own rod ,,mt
closely watch for ihe nibbles. Seeing another cork go under, and tip
bent and line strained, won't do you
the least particle of good; loafing'on
lhc shore gaping at others spreading
or drawini" nets won't fill your own
stomach or barrel. You mlghl just
as well attempt, by Inking hold of
the straps of your boots, tn carry
ynur KliiK'-is'h avoirdupois over a
mud puddle. The one thing is about
as sensible as the other. Ynu have
got to (l»h for voiirself—even "cutting toll" won't, answer. It is the
only   pathway    to    success.     Fish
Seven Years Ago |
| in Cranbrook & -j: |
j ITHMS CUI.I.KII l-'liOM Till-; j
\******tt***t t** VI -.-kick .£
Invitations have been issued fnr llu..
marriage of Miss Sadie .1. fiddler
to Mr. Waller II. McPnrlanc, In lhc
Mel-hodisl church, in this city mi
May 2nd. The ceremony uili take
place at ti.ltlt p.m. and will lu- fol-
owed by a supper at the Cosmopolitan hotel al 11.30 p.in. Miss r-'leloh-
r is a well known uml popular lady
if ibis lown, and Mr. McFiirlnno is
one ot llie mosl ialnlablv known
young business men nf Urunbrnok.
I'he good wislies of their acquaintances will altt-iid lliein iu Iiuil new
life, wliieli is lo 'he In.pid will be
long and happy.
The -departure nt T. T. Richards
from Crn-ntirook is a inaticr of sin-
cere regrel to bis many friemls iu
11,ls. place. Mr. Richards during his
connection with Ibe liusiiiess Interests of Cranlirook has proved a public spirited, ami valuable citizen.
Tlie Iies-| i\-is! e.s will aecoinjiany him
wherever be may casl bis Int.
'I'he Misses Susie and Marie Rid-
arils were given a unwell puny
lasl night at Hie Koin-sl .holel I),'
Iheir many young friemls. Tlie
Misses Richards arc very populai
\oiing ladies, a characteristic which
seems  In be a  family  trail.
l.asl Saturday night, as Tom
llookcs was pensively silling in liis
pen rehearsing his "gags" for Muu-
d.u nig-li, a mau entered, and afler
peering] cniitious-ly nrouud be con-
ildenliully ashed Tom il Hie house
did not waul tn buy a case of eggs;
he said they had turn picked before
ripe and would keep, ilitinialilig thai
he Would make the juice sn Inn'   Ihal
llu- Craubrook could set two hit
meals ui un enormous prolll. Turn.
smelling a indent instead nf eggs.
told tlie fellow in ihal Iiypiiotj'/.ing
manner nf his, Ihnl he won't! take nn
invoice ami see how Hie eggs panned
mil; if he returned iu about an hour
negotiations might he resumed. An
hour elapsed, the fellow returned
ami brought ibe eggs. Constable
Dow was conveniently by ahead
ui him, however, and in .lue time
appeared nn the seem-, lie told ibe
lellow that lhc nighl was chilly, Iuu
Ibe Hotel Morris had an eggstii
room un ihe gro I floor Ihal would
be put al  his disposal. lie al'l'ept-
i.l. The constable then went to tho
yards and found Heal a sealed car
containing mcrchundlsc lor Kimberley lind been broached, l.iule bad
been token, although three men liail
been concerned. The plnu was to
sell the goods, then gel and deliver
tbem. It is thought they are a part
of a gang that have been operating
all along the line. Monday, the
prisoner, who gave the 11111111. uf
Alexander Fraser, was sentenced by
Judge Armstrong tn six m..nibs iii
the Nelson jail.
.Messrs. Qui, in uml Wesi were iu
from the I'alnii-r Bar district this
u.s'k. Tie hoys have struck something new Ihal might develop int.. a
gn.wl thing. The siirfaie iiiilicnlioiis
are very favorable.
The Cranhrook homo minstrels
gave a very creditable nerformnnce
at lhc ojiera house lu l-'.ni Steele
last Monday night, under ihe auspices nf llie' Fori Steele band.
was an apt inti:i:i'I!I-:ti:i:.
Mr. Garvin, lirst assistant lo District Attorney .leromc, (old ibe following story al a little dinner ..ue
ovening, says a New Vork leller lu
Hie Cleveland Plain Ileahl.
There was all Irishman, Dennis
OToolo, who served as a seinf-hnlllll,
seini-interprelel ot fuels anil fiction,
11 Judge Whitman's police court. One
duy a prisoner was brought 10 Hollar, when the lollowlng colloquy ensued:
The Judge—What is your name?
A mumble trom the prisoner.
OToole—Michael O'llonaliuc, ynur
Tie judge—Where were yon born?
The prisoner—In lhc dearest ould
and   Ood bless her!
OToole— In Ireland.
The judge—Where du yon live'.'
The prisoner—In among the goals.
O'Toole—In  Harlem.
The judge— Can you rend ami
The prisoner—I'm a diu.niyrrnl
O'Toole—No. your honor.
Tlie judge—Have yon ever bad any
religious Instruction?
The prisoner—1 have nul.
O'Toole—He's a Protestant, ynur
In.l  uiu
lecllic   I ;l.l
lid   1.1  extend
inn signed     In
  h     ol   lie-  flff
lors   entitled   1,.   vol.  this llj
Law, was, nu llie -nib daj nl" March
10(17, proscnleil I.. Ihe Mllltirl.lt,
Council requesting thai "if same I..
submitted !.. tl..- ratepayers.
Iml whereas ii has heen deemed ex
pcdleul in maul 1.. the said Com
puny cci'laiii privileges in ciiiinci-llni
-.lllll   Iheir said SVSlelll.
Therefore, ihe Municipal C nil nl
ibe Corporation of Hi- CH) of Cran
hinnl,' in Council assembled, euiicU
as follows:
I. Subject in il„. lullllliiienl ol
ihe terms, cuiiilllions nml piivilegrs
in said II1-I..11V No. 33, uml in ihii
lii-l.aii- licreliintler contained, which
terms, conditions ami piivileges ami
HlC due I'lllllllliiflil   iff.11.1   .11,.  In    1..
taken   and   considered   as ciiuiiil	
proeodenl   In    iln- e viuelil  id    iln
rights,   powers  ..ml   privileges  lielebl
1.inn,I     lb.- said    Tin-    CiiHibrooii
Uleclric   l.ighl    c puny,   l.unii.-d.
ind in. successors and   assigns here
naflel   called  "lhc    cniupaliv"     uli
icrcliy graiilcd lor
ly-llve years, Irom
•oiilrnet  l.f.fi le
,-iglil and privilege
exclusive riglil a
.lectllig ami main!,
.ml      pillars,     and
ill-etching,   I,
,1  |if!n
III,'   lif.
a I ill
Hm 1
nl   li-lf
I    I'lfflricill',   fur       	
11 rs  ami   ill inaling  ami     pnwel
ilirposes,  in. over,  11   along   and
icross any ami all uihllc highway!
,1 Hm lily nf Cri'iniironk; and 01
•onsl meting, equl|i|.ing, npi'iallnii
.ml lilllinlulnlltg a telepbnni. .iff
■Ifi-lric light and pown syslem an1
..'■llie.. in Ihe Till ol I'lilldirnok.
■1. The Coilipnny shall creel ami
naintnili such poles, pnsl ..ml pillars.
• ml stiiiic. stretch, lay, maintain,
epnir and opcrnle such wires In sucl
. manner as nol In iiil.-i fi ie Willi
lie lull  and unolislriieli d  use nl    Un
uihllc highways of   Hn- snid    City;
mil shnll place such poles .11 such
minis and shall stretch such wires
il such helghls and do all nil- anil
lilngs, iis shall be In ciinfiiinillj with
.aid provislnns uml rcgilliillolw 11111
ailieii in Ily-I.aw Nn. 33.
3. Whenever anv pel's. 11, linn 01
nipnrnlii.il shall hnie obtained If 11
ul authority from Hm Council lo
emme nny building, structure or
diiiec through nr across any public
liglllVIIV nf    llu- said   Ciiv ..i"   Cran
I li, and    Hm   wires nl"    Ilir Cum-
pnuy shall obstruct, .prevent or Inter
[ere wilh such rcinovul, Un- Cnnipanj
-hall  iviiliiu  Iwenty-Iniil   I s   aftei
loltce iu wriling Iriim tin- Councii
.r Ihe Chairman nf the Works and
Property Committee, remove 01 nils
such wires sn as 1.1 allow an 11110I1-
lllielt'.l     passage   fur    such   building,
Iriicltire     nr    edifice;   the   expense
hereof tn be borne ..in- half by sue!.
person, firm nr corporation ami one
all    hv   tin-   Conipanv.      Provided
ihal the   C'onipnny shall mil  1,1	
piired in remove 01 raise any wires
contnlned iu cables.
■I.   All   wires    conlallied    in cables
hall be slrung ..I a height ol al
least   2:.  feel   ll'nlli   the  ground.
5. Whenever il shall he ncccssarj
iu grading, removing, nllerliig or
otherwise working upon .my public
highway of the said City, In remove
anv poles, posis or pilini - now
itlilldlng belonging    I,, tin- Compani
.md which ii is thcij npp 1 «"iii;l
he pcrmnnenl obstructions, ihf Company shall, upon receivii s twentv-
lour bonis' notice from Uu- Council,
or lhc Works ,.;,! Proper!. C. 11,inn
lee, remove such poi s, pusls or nil
lars; and II Ihe Compni
led 01 refuse 10 1.. iln,
pnsls or pillars may In- removed b.
ihe Cilv at   lie- cxpclifc ••:  Ihe Com
puliv. such exjiensc in 1 erahl •
iiiiii cosis f 1 Uf Cninpan.  1'   I.'."
manner as    Municipal    I  1        Tl
iaragra|ih, however,  - ... .      I   , ,
.(lei   pi.ic..!  aln!  1 lei ni   ;.i
ihe provision, ..1 !:, I ■•■.  \     1:1
.,i ibis lli-l.an.
1;.   The Company sii II In llu   1 ■
' is" nf Ihe rights ,.f 1  pill ill   ■". Iiilf-
'■y graiite.l   npernte r     said   1 item
shall  if
id  and
able,  loi
.ns and
' I"
T    Tlm I'm mi   si. I! I„. liable f,.i
md   shall   nul-ii i,;:i     •!..•    Cilv     nl
''r.,iihr,..ik   im  all    dnniace,    .irisin
uu nf lite rnnslrurlloii ,.i,.| nperalion
.f its f.iid system.
8,   The   Company si,.,11   s,. nperat.
its syslem  ihal     Ihere    I.I!    !•-.  1
lie  available   In 1  inn '-.-.!     1 u-
Inmers wlljiln Ihe Muni -i|iality .. ui
form supply 1.1 i-liftiiflii fnr il
luminnlhic |.iir|.nsis lu- nighl, and In
day sn 30011 as the Cnliipiny .li.ill
have in operation a waiei pow'ei svs
leni. nf al least ill. mil,:;!.. and
sieady and reiriilui naiiage nf telephones, dav and ni-li! service; and .'.
at anv time the service of electric
lights or telephones stall nnt in the
opinion nf the Council fulfill said
reniuirements; nnd upon failure ni the
Company, wilhoul iust e.iusc being
shown, in r.'i'ifv the same forlhwilh
..Iter IS hours' n.ilici in writing given
them bv the City, tlm Council may
bv resolution, forlell -neb rigbls ami
iirivileecs herein er -.1 1  annul
and declare void the cnntracl herein
afler menllniicil.
n.   The rales    lo   I... charged     In
consumers and cu-iium-is within   the
Municipality, hv the ('nun 1   shall
he nut more than as follows'
tnd im !.: .-.iiniii- powei light ■
limbic lhc -iimif rates, ami loi S
■.i.llf pnwel llgllls, one ball lie
,1, ne rates, and ulbel cnlidli powei
...its Ih  lhc same pruportioll.
'in   dwelling   hi.us.s      in     candle
le  |,
ri.iiiln.ini.',    hereinafter     called
llu- "Cilv," id Hn- hist part,
'lb,-   Cranbrook   Klectric Light
Company,    Limited, l..-i......• 1.1
called    the ■■('..mpaiii,    .-f   Hie
scc.lid   pall.
Whereas by Hi Law No. 3R, ..f the
City ..r Cranbrook, certain privileges
ii.ne been granted 1.. tl..- Companj
-iitiicei  iu the conditions am! ii'^ul.i-
lions -i-i I...111 ill llv-l.aivs 1 am i.-ls
II   I  US  „|  ll,,-  .aid  City.
And whereas bv the said By-Law
it is pi.ni.i.d ih..! a contract embodying Uie provisions nl lhc said
By-Law No   Hs and covenants on the
piirt ni the Conipanv to conf  to
and 111II1I all the matters and provisions in sad Hi-Law required .,f ii.
sh.,11 be drawn and -hall 1,,- executed
by the cuy nf Cranhrook am! the
Company within one month after the
lute mi' ivlii.b ihe said ltv-l.au  took
Im! whereas in llu- said lly-L.iu 11
was furlhei provided and enacted
■;..ii the - :;, ■ should take fin-,' and
he nf force nn .111.1 aitei I lie ' iven-
liotli il.n  ni Mat    if.:
And whereas Ihe -.,. 1 Hi Law duly
received the assem ..!' 'lif electors nl
Uu- Municipality mi the .lai
■ I Ma.. 190;, .,:..; ..... lull registei
1 d ami I..-..   11       pxtsling ll. -Lav, ol
Hie ('ill   oil' 1.ml.inns HI,  Ibe ...
.1.11 ..I  Ha)   1007,
Xo«    this     ae ll tnesseth
Ihal     if.i sumil   '■ tin   -.  ■:   lly-l.aw
'- ■     •    ml to ' :..- -   -I..- nar-
liereti   . . ' ..                lollow-
1 Subj f ■-■ u.f tullillmei 1 ni the
tei in- . onditioi - and if ml' ges in
said Bj Laws numbers 13 and - ..nd
1. -hi- agreemem contained, which
le nu indittons and privileges and
•:.- due luir.lli.H-nl thereol arc in   if
!■-'■:..'■■-'"•: 5 era llll. IIS
:■■-..■ '..'. • ■.:..,'! ■ ..-. the
1    is    lowers ami   privileges hereby
linll-i s.    if
-   '    :.  ilwelllm
nml   ■'..
l'l,1 lib:
1   I.
• d  In
ti Law shall -il..- effei I
111 Lav.    <h, II  '    ■   "' ■'
force .a,    ..ml afler     Hm
I.'   Tl Is Hi -Laii  11..V li.- 1 lied ..
he ■ The Ci in! '. I [eclrlc    Llghl
' - " ■ i   l.i-   ' -:   Ry-I.aw."
I.'- -i "a- in ■ ■•!.,■ mi ill" 'lid day
,   Ipril    \   U   I'm:
Head (he     •• •■ I   - me mi  ihe 3rd
-   1 '    !""1     I    II    1007.
lie. 1    'If " iu!   lime    mi -I-- 20lli
.   .     Ipril,   I   H   1007.
Received   -if  ...-. :.!   m'   II .   ■■' ■
• l.ii  .a May,
'.   11   1007.
Il.ei ■     lei -i   iml In...I'-.   pas ed ami
if.:-.' nn ihe day of
\     II    !'".'
fake notice thai I ■ ore i- .,
rue ...111 nl Ibe ■ ■ ■ isl Ili-Lau
•  which  •' le nt Ihi   Munici
• liii mil i.f 1 iken ..1 ihe Cnimell
I'hiililhers, It..Ic, : Stteel if Hie t'itv
■•' c.i-1-.....; 1: .' in, Friday.
I.     im:, dav    nf    May,     A      I'
• 7     I.  ■•...,•, :•      tbe   hours     ni        nilif
-!.■'. (ten o'clock local time) in
■l.i u 1.      anil     seven      o'clock
. 1 !.i  o'clock    I'- •!    ti ) in     the
Tims   M   Roberts,
Clerk  In the Municipal Council
hetween the  Corporation of the
City  of   Cranhrook   and   the
Crnnbrook Klectric Light
Co., Ltd.
:■   . *   the  " fol-
■ : ■■  candle
., .. ,. .        ,,,r
\Ul  ti-   Il'.i'   t'.tlll-
ttlie   Pompanv
h itie Citj  Uml
- nwi * ■.::.     in
.''■■ -:
1 tl er
til   1  -. ;
- . ■    ■ PC -•  :
boi     and
■■  ■     the main-
'    ■ ■
-.- • ■     .;'■--.
'   lif**! '     flee    nf
I -..: ge
And tne Com)
.'.■-■:    - ts
..   :  •
crt-v* with "he
>■■.   thai     they
: 1 ; used    new
... ble     Inr
■ . the Citv nf
nn -t„  above
first      thirtv-
16)        candle
• ■   nt*     and
:        "1- City.
I foi .     purposes the Com-
■■   -.   II    ■ - * and    maintain    all
electrical   ap-
• -   -■- h ol xto s^id stieei.v
■ .- 1 ."-    IS ic- r. --.:iy     U>
.:■ out ■ ■    - •>. linln-
heretntu :■ re i ■■' lined and to do
surne    ,-. and   ir. a work-
nllke - nd -killfni maiincr.
Vnd the    <'"■  covenants     and
- -   •'■    ■ .-.   '■■;  the  -••:■•  lights at
-: *    provided   how-
that th   Citj     . ■■    ■ any time
■...-'     ■      mi      : ■■' ice   iii
■ .  ■■   ■        1   mpanj    terminate
.       .      ■ ■ '     .      -,t  * ;,.-
ctin*_      ■ . .tin-     .:■•!     tbe
1:,!-  .;   ;■  ti       ...:.■    -., .!,<■ City
'! Company i . •■- nl and
■.- ■*..- • ' ■■- tl at they will
:,.    two ye      ;- :.. tl e date    <>\
'...■; - ■ insl I and maintain an
trie light system ol not h-ss than
^^^^^^HJti i<:     horse
live   hkndreff   (^	
\ ■.: It is indi tood and agreed
by and !«-i'••■■■.■•„ ihe Citj and Uie
Companj thai Uie cm umei - within
•]' \funii Ipalitj hall have a fjr-st
■! 'ir:. 01 all aval ible powei il ccl
■'. rensonahle notiei .';-.-:, *<. Uie
"i      \:,.|  the I 'on   ■  :.'.   .■: ■.-■ ■    ■.. ai 1
with the Citj '!,;.t they will Im-
mediatelj upmi Ihii ngreenienl becoming operative deposit in the Impel i..l Rank of Canada -■ Cranbrook, R (' . 'ni ,, period nf iliirtv
(30) i|aj • wi ntj •'■.-. •■ ■ 1
■j: 1   ■-.."..   "(    the
*., t -11 - ■ F Stffl I. 01 ihi '■ Ol ■' •■ C"t!i-
pany to In- sold ..? pal lo ■ • Citj
ni i" bona IWe n idi I ■ ' the
City; .i:.«l ih..' '!"■•■ will ;.••' during
Id period of t ■ ■•'     flays
■   ,,v,   wa •   ■■' "' '■   ■    :".'l  '■'■ I'h     or
:.-..- of ■> k 01 Bhares
1. [I is ernreufdy understood ..nil
f ],<-.i by ■>'■■'■ hei wee** the p.i 11 lea
l.i i.'tn M;.ii it.- powers nnd prlvl-
I 'j;es herein and in s.iiii Itv-L.iw No,
-■v granted by Hi- ('Hv to Hie Com
pan\ -hall !■'■ ronstrued to mean
nnd include only mien tm-ilexes as
the CMy can lawfully Rratrrt, and the
City .stiall he in no way liable tn Uie
Company for the non-enjoyment hv
the Conipanv of any nf the rn-hts and
i'1-ivil.ires herein uranted which tho
Citv has nn* tbe lawful power to
7. AMI it is fur the r understood
.iral nfireed hv and hetween the patties hereto thai tins agreement shall
he bii-diii_ on and enure tn the bene-
fii of the parties hereto their and
r-ach of their snceessnrs and ftssiKiis.
In witness whereol i>to "City" has
hereunto e.msiHl its corporate seal
In be afliM'd and Ihe hands of iis
Mayor and City Clerk to'be set; and
ihe' "Oompanj*-1 -has hereunto caused
its corporate seal to he affixed and
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ th.* hands  of  its  IMesident   and  See-
Thls   agreement entered into   lids'let.uv fn he sel nn the dav and year
dav of         A. I). )!if)7.      I lust above written
Between: (Signed. Sealed ami Delivered
The Corporation of Uie City ol j in the prcsenn* of nn
aa.oo a vi:ai;
in:  i'Ai'i;i! that is read ky  thjs ei*oi"i.K
a run. --'.-. i!»07
Ci; A N llltOOK   ll EUAL1)
lu   the Herald   Publishing Company,
'     in  pnlil
lfdiiiii .imi u
if      had
tiicm and     the
I lb In
vt i  Irati
llu i   bf   '-
i ii , nt   ll men tu     I .
ip il a  tvondolTllI
I lui   ..
ir.  Youi ne-\   memhri    I i
«. II undei I.
Iliulc's pifi
rial    . ••'  j
lhc 11 wortl   110 .. - ni   II
'. , mat   :      South
i ' -    I, ,. Ihe l.lhe,   i
. uie ilme
1   ' l.i...   ■ .    •
. , ' ' '.,
news    1 .; iiVvr      .
n  coinmuiiit) ' 	
II      mi i    howe' er, sp
i   npproacb, whei      hi
Iwai    Inrni, rudd)  fiice,  md klndlj
. une)   Ihe impression
 I  in   Us  in line.     Un      the
■ .   ■        fun     Ur. Mi Hi  le '    ■ il
|il     ii ■     fu  a     . nui nu un'
II     fails   In  e.illl
■■     '   : :       irers   ..i d Ihe ol
liinn    - Mil  in■ in.il,-
.i  -   ii I ... audiences      In    Iln
innftcclisl        lif
isiially i .'
■ i.  a
'      I       ' .     . '!'
envoi     '....   I inai
Scud  Iii
and    you
!•■'   east' llilll
i i inhroob.
sm-._7.kii; itnwsTnmi $
.—inwisi—v...-- .   '-.    .... ..v-n'.'-.y
l*fl.-i--.' ' '. '"'" "_^"*l '
4,500 a. Mtonth
uw. vz.-iv. ..t-fljnut u-ji.-- iw*
■   Oij.i.;. ./A lIONS
a HY  THE OI.l)  MAN.
%      i.    i
lVI.nl     Cannda   nccils is aggres
lies:, lull
llu-   If'if
way 11
iljilc .mil
m modern
• ne human
nay foi   all
Wild    I'lell
i.i    auh . Iiilni
mil  hill
llnncv at
in-    te.ul   ni   Uu
'I'he  linns.
al      Vic!
•' -...:    hul
IVc   Hi mill   rail
day thai inn yeai
'I'!.flf   :
tied,il     |S   I ll
lhc pro ince. ii	
people lo
nil    fl
U'e        ■ Ill
' lliiilo and
I.. '   .
... paper.  P
is worlh you cad H.
tt ■ '•:    mid bv u man l! -    ol
■ l.n   Hi : Ihe United
Ulati ■ :■■ i! '           : elfl   n
nf Cain ii   ,.f ! Hint il  ff hnil     I I
wav in,   would   i ■• .   1- -. ■!       to
I ins-   H„.   ;r. \          . llll      li Ii ■
funny people Ira' i ling over tl
il In reprcscnl Russia
■il legislature in I mil.
■ iim isinn uas arrived
llui.il    |s
'lllilf'        ll
'.III!   hi-   I!
■ -s     In   hi-
i Colon I,
led mil   in
..     We wis
■Mini Hi
• 11,d   llll.l
building     i
s  He- (lid Ala
"'If Cranhrook district is houml t„
row.     II has ih,- resources and mil,
• n of Hn- people. '
l.el  ns ban- 11,Iii, that is more of
I   see  Uml       lb-It   lli.illie  Uml'  pari
Hm Kelson bonnl ..f    trade met t-
Henttle would If al home al a
•ellmj  nnywherc,  .md always   able
■   give lhose i-i'i" .nl  a good'idea oi
Vlways say a good word foi Cran-
| I.  condiiel the conlesl oi
I' ..I weeks after his ele
■    I ...I. I   nl   lie   no
iolicili ih ii ni' I.is fri, mis in his
led fill'. and he has lui ivasnl
I thai he has nol made good
iudgmenl in selecting him us llie
■; • i the Liberal standard.
.. mc respects Mr   M icdnnald   Is
,.'. been berated bv his political
■•I such imputations, nnd those who
ni- him best have unbounded con-
lenee III Ins political inlegritv. Mr
icdninild i ikes pi lilies seriously,
•I is far Irom Inscm itc lowanl Ihe
lainoiis attacks tlml are made
mi public men both on the plat-
in and in Ihe press, He ilepre-
les the misn presentation and execration rcsorled In in political
mpa "ns, and while admitting Ihal
use pails of
(Victoria  Colonist.)
Mi-Hi;.!,   ivns I,
isici. ami r
has  lis,
i bv tin.
Ml I!
il -se are features ol
hi '.■ which In- ii, nl 1 lain see ellinin
il i! from everv contest. Tl l< is
i. 1 simply for his own sa'-c, hut tor
Hi ■ sake ol higher Ideals and more
a ilieil and nobler     methods ol so-
■   'iif-   political   .nil..I,lace.
IIr. Macdonald has nn  iticnl holi-
lii-il'isli    Columbia  is concerned,    he
thai   llie chi !'
■ thai the   im
nrovince shall
irlhoils   should
■ "I s idly dc-
nrilish ('.'.111111-
. "undoubted!)
st province   In
ever, he   holds
11 imi, lie holds
Kennedy, ol N
McBride   lust     entered   lie poi
ii • ia. in  l --if. ii hi ii  the general
in    resul •   ., ; ■,„ oi
nd II    dc!.
■ ai i ol Ihe Ilrllish C. I; iiii la
if    li never,  i- ;! iwei.
1 in. Iim*inns  I - nlerml Ih ■ •
■   iv'..   n-hra   I,,
ntntivo of     ii.
I iin.l   ;i
Kidney i ill
• .■ tm
licBride . llie 11
lil.ic.li i
i     HI! i   he   Wi       " .1 I   , : !
III 11103, nn the
mil      Prioi   mini     l   In
■ ■      nui.,' ol p'rem-
.iiii      liculeuui     .in..
isknl In fnrm n minislrj      II
li-ciil  1 al    hai   lime lo i
to nn
ii .11
ild        mis     a ii    i    '. Ith     	
I deeply dnv
o his  tin
'  i   • «rta    n
I positive nod
h,n    hi
mmmmmammamam >"ri- «-—-,i ■ ■■ iiiiia«-M-««y^>^.«M«i___p_.MiiM_i_»^____i____________i
ONCE again wc are compelled In place our merchandise before the people ol Cranbrook al such price
Uml defy coinpelilion.   We had bouglil what we considered stock sulllcicnl lo satisfy our trade
(or the Spriiv; and Sinn tier o! I'»!I7, l.m through lhc failure of one of Ihe jobbing houses In Mie
East, we succeeded in selling hold of $2ll,(HMI 11(1 worth of Merchandise al a rale tin Ihe Dollar, thus making
a complete saving on lhc purchase price of al least ONE-THIRD.   As a consequence, wc will offer you
merchandise al EXACT WHOLESALE COST.
l-nairiiic MEN'S .SUITS, regularly sold for $8.00 In $10,011. going for .        • $4.90
       $15.00 to $18.00,      " • $9.00
       $20.00 lo $22.00,      " ■ $12.50
We have (Oil pair.-; MEN'S 0111) TROUSERS, worth from $2.50 lo $4.00.   Wc will hunch Ihe lot and sell
for $1.75 per pi'ir.
'- -v;
-■ $4
: i!)
; '.V
Boots and Shoes
HV have In .lay Iln- lurgi'sl stuck nf M.m's Bonis nnd Slums in llu- Koolennys
We will,.. II M UN'S SHOES, worth $'.30, for $1.50
-iilllji.-iirs  ll..\ full' I'.lm-lii-rt'iit SIlDl-'.S. «,,nl, M UU   $2.«0
We nro Solo Air/nils i'..r Hn> FUANK  SLATER SHOE one of the best, known
Slums iii l.'uiiii.ln: Ih.. AS'l'i IlilA Sll(l|.;. Iliun wliieli tli.-u- is in. hotter Shoe iiimlii in       tS*_?
(.li.iii.ilii.iii.il llio WALKOVER  SHOE,  nmili' iii r.-iiup.-]i... Muss.    Who Ims nol
liounl of Walkover Shoes?    'I'll, v urn iln- must popular shoe liuiilu in tlio I'liituil
Slot.-s i.. ilny. '     '
As w.-iiiii-i iml.,.-,,1 i,nr very nni.-li ..n-i-siiu-k.-il line of Slums, wo will In- iilftis.il
u. ni,,. ynu exact wholesale quotations uu any of I hose lines.
Our  LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S   SHOES   I....   will   I..-   vlsiloil   l.y our
enri inn knife nml prices will be oul I.. iln- Utile.
W,. Imve s c Imtiilreil or more pairs ..I'  Ladies'  KM I'It ESS SHOES, which
wo will ofl'urul Hn- following prices :
LADIES' EMPRESS SHOE, regularly solil nl $11,110, will sell for   $1.95
--1.(10, " $2.40
LADIES' PATENT SHOE, French Heel,        $0.00, •• $3.90
Wi- hiivu ninny oilier mnkos o\' Slums wliieli will Im governed liy thenbovo prions.
Ask'to be shown our linos of CHI LDKEN'S AND .MISSES' SHOES nl aln.osl
half llie regular prices.
Now for Dress Goods and Trimmings
Wo luivo many linos of Dress floods in  LI'STRES. Sll'l Ll ANS. nnd   TWEEDS in Suit ends only,   Tl.ore lire
no two aliko.   Tliis is n litiu which we bought nf ono-third regular wholesale price, anil we nuw find that we are ton
i it..   ... a...i     ri  ,i , -...I.,..,:.....-.
SI'lT ENDS, worlh $i!25 per yard, tu Im s.,1.1 I'm-, per yanl .    $l.e,0
        S1.73       "       $1-15
$1.00      " " "              60c.
Also n lnruu linn of TWEEDS, regularly sold from 75c. In 81.00 per yard, will lie sold
fur 45c. per yard.   This is n linn that no woman otiii nlford to miss.
Wu have Dressmakers mi tin- premises whn urn real artists in this particular line, and
everything done by them will stand tin- criticism of tin- most exactii
Oar TRIMMINllS. too, will In- r.-di 1.
Wo have 1,500 yards I'lUXTS und HfXU HAMS, regularly sold at loo. to IS.-.   'I
i>*^S "v..
We have 1,500 yards PRINTS am! GlNC-fHAMS, regularly sold at loo. to lSe,   These X.\l I    '  /     l\
will Im sold at ll.'.c, whilst we have possibly 1,000 yards which will be sold nt almost your ■; |l|     ' t^ n'
own prices.    We must clean up our stock.  . i\. m  H     ifso*'
LADIES'. MISSES', and   CHILDKEN'S SI'ITS  mul SKIItTS   will   be sold  nt 'irTl'',,»Vl i'"->*Y'v''
....:..... i...f ,.,,,„i ;,, pn,.,i,..„,i- hi:;   ".as    i. ■''.Jk/'
prices never before tjuoted in Cranbrook,
We have \1 LADIES' SI'ITS to clear. Regular price was Shim lo $2(1.00. This
is one line wo will sell nt $3.50.   The Skirt alone is worth throe times this money.
Our LADIES' and (.'IIILDIiEN'S WHITEWEAR must also move out if prices
count for tiiiylhing. A Dollar saved is a Dollar made, so get in nnd drill, and as sunie
one so nicely puts it. " The early bird gels the grub."
ll'l'l lflSl'S I.KfllSI. All HK. I leil  It.       When  il      wns h.islily pie-
'   senleil, I wns ilecelvcil i  the     he-
,.,. „.,„„    inm liel ili.il II ivna in lino iiiHi iln- work
ll'CIOWAN     KXHHESSES    »•»•*'- bi-liifc ilunc in    Viim ver nml ntrco-
sl-ll.l-- IN STItiiMl TKRJIS.      ..ui,."  i .|   ,,i sell..,,I control
  us llell iis In .llclllll.      L.ilel .  I  I.I..I..I
i\els.ili  llnlly  Neils.) ...)'   n.l-lu'e,  uml  b.isle I   lo  llnplei..,
II       0 nnvel      April    aa.-A,     II.    II. nil'  enllfucues  villi   Ihe (.11!,   bill    In
K.ei ill    11 P.P.    inteliielie.i   b.lf   110 IIVilli.      The)   weie nil  n I   part)
iiinrnliui   novo Ins opinion ot llie men uml seomi-,1 niixlous lo .1.. hoiii
k ol ihos.-.s„ I  \i,'i..n.i' nm; In the nieinlier Irnin Allln    who
ll  i,,, been Ihe mosl hurt-oil     ol   I -b-u';.- ol  the hill,  In preference
,,„| in He country thnl could p..s-   I K me ...;,...ist llie bill, wliieli
.,1,1.   i„. iin.ie-iiieil,"'s.uil MncOownn.   I I rid  \pl.ini   wns heing lon-iil
i  Is disiuisiins to Hunk tlml     12   HiniURh hi   llu | -,,.-, ol     Vun
.  n shniilil In- .-..ll.-.l upon   i" cnuver's Inleresln, in. Iml.in Hm nun
..,,,.. seven ii.el.s in doing until-  Intel ..(   idin' ii,  iiiii. lu.s nlwnys
lOstlinnles   weie   pnsseil; ihey hii-u opposd In Ihe city's ciliienllon
excess    to ilisirieis    rc|ire-
iil iiilvnni
He   sliniie.l   il    p,
s      io  uisiiieis     ii|.ii i        in    - >    i-.ii
1,1   t'nliSfl'V.ililcs,   whn   llliglll    Ih'Ullll'ly      llheu    Ibe Itoyill   ilisl'lllltc
id n. show in.lcpcii.l-  Wll« cnfiiiiB here.
ill distliets       "II   wns il   nccillinr Ih-inR In see Ibe
who li.ni heen el.-.'teil hy    some
II  evpe.-l
i hi   .
i.il hv opponents ul ihe   cot  » » ........ ....    •-•••••■
there wns ihe nm.nl unlllllll-  luiltilleils nf voles, or less, nml pilcn-
ui nf iitu.-mlim- laws hi
llln mill'.' by   Ihe premie
'i Y.ii,-
id -.inl  l,v  Un
nrll,  !n  v. Iii, 1
iifs.siniuil work, piirtictilnrly in cupyinj! n pnslllon nualnsl lb.- wishes
lle.ii   lines,    rontly   mnklns slntiilcs "'   niue-ieiillis ,,f     llie L'onservntivo
.un in....-   dilliciili nf inlerpreliilion. imrly,  piishillf; Ihrnunb a bill siuul-
-   11 li.'l'e before, you would lie.-il one   nr "m   Wlllll   llll,V   llienll   !•",   million  llol-
,il cordlnllly  lo poi
.IS        Iff 11    .is    111.'   ill
nl l'i In
**********************\vnl li„i,|'",;-,„v „„„-,,' fhciiniher  **********************
\t    While Shirfs    | Ife^ifi't'lCtSSir1:!! | remember the tree f
t ^,y^,,u"!!eVOwi!ffi»';,"!'1 '"'""»- | lunch f
65 Cents *     "Wlinl nlioilt the University bill'.'"
♦  .ii in ii ;he reporter.
X     "The   University hill, which would
lion   In   Ihi,   III     ll,-. ; *
ll  ill ceiveil       III,.!*     Hi's! (Irnilonf .ni,,lss,.||ii,k. iii
, * > ."■     'in, -
'■''uie's e"'"i' ."""'": t   <10-OI'l-;HATIVI!   I'-lii SALE   *  never have, npponrcd bill fnr pre-rlcr-  ^
lllll   fff      I..
en follow  the lenderof ., pull Hen I   4 ( . Q  g *  the  Royal insliliil'lon, should     have   I     = C. C. S. = Z nn commerce, inade cleur and work-
in    .i mif i     iiiiiexine iinpnrilnl    »iiiiiii__ ♦ heen knockeil    out nnd eoulil rrndilv . ♦ ♦ nble, hrtafring nlioilt     less necessity
"' I18"'1"1''1 ,l»' '"l|,l: ' bi     I***********.********** Iuu- be, ii, if Vancouver men had wil- ] **********************  lor litigation.    There arc many oth'
l.ns worth, or oven nni.-l. inoro, uf
Uu- peoples money Im cIiirh isliica-
llllll. Tliere is ,1 lurtlini blow I.i
mil Itoyill ilislilille ill Ibe lllll lust
i.lesenlill ht I'liiiinsnii, Al p. Im \ a-
t  wlilcli pnicllcnlly pernill,  I.
..•f -.11  !.l..b  s.-l Is e.jii.il   In nil! ml
".f     There is  nrlhly nrcenslly
nl    Ihis   ns   Ihe   e.nlie,        |„||   |,,,,1 l.l.ll
 ifllll I  fnii-l.-.l  ht   .1,  hul   Hie
'.'I'll',  ill!.:,   ill       n.U     sel Is lllll
.....I | 1   men      will Iml life
mm.    ...fie,I   V flf        Tin-   linn
i mi  ni   eiliicntlon    would no ih.ul.i
IlllVC   llilniili.fi,I   Ihis   hill   il  he       h.nl
  hnil such ii laid lime mill     Ins
nlber ill fi.iisideii-d leglslnllon,
"Ap.ill   I I   flllllllCC,      Ibe   li'i-.isl.i
'inn   presi'llleil  by  Ibe depart men Is In
Hn- house wns niisei.iiiii propnrd nml
I.H'   i" 'liellm  piese .1,  ,..iiii„.  ;,ni|ih.
evllli-n-i"  "I  Hm fuel   Hint   e.ihli.el    im
ennslnieiinii is iilisnlniolv necessnry
The Inel   Hiui  nne Ininislei   lepii-seius
I.iiids .uul wnrks (ultlcli ..iiniii to   lie
'Wil delimit Is),  logclller wilh  Hie
iltnrney puiernlship, esplnins in u
iin.nsi.ro why ihe tlcnnrlmrirtnt work
'I Vielnri.i is being done as nl.    pre-
''This year Ihere sliollld    have been
iindiieid ..ml liiiil on Ibe table     a
proper    limber   bill, n   civil service
— hill uml    u now   municipal hill; also
..there should huve been appointed    n
...        i ,. ,v   ,      .,,  ,       ' .commit ten. to    reviso ami consolhtnta
leu uml .ollee li ,11011       .> i,„n  slaliites, wilh power lo hire Ihe
.i       <iTt-|M,iv    u.nil   -.-.,.       ','.  host eniiiliii' rein I and legal ability   in
.          ,;       H'mill'' 1, Al WI. -in.        ;;, ||,e enunliy  with ll      view of linving
uises made lo opponents    i.f  { „    „    „ • lour inws, pnrHculnrly    lhose bearing
fi   lo.illf.s     Ibal   an  aeliie business
lifisl,uni ighi   readily ban- hiken
up,     I lull, .hiring iln- session ll i
ii.ml.I  bale been      idle  lo push   llllllli
llll.I.-I    II ll'ClllllSlllllcOS,"   e  billed
III     ll.ieli. .il.in.
Two biolhcrs,   nged ...in- nml   Ion,
l.".pe.'l.lell.        pupils       in     ii     | he
■'    ll...s|nii,.|,„i       «,.,,.   Iff I,
.ilf'flil Inl -I |i. Il.id of III.. iveele,
»>i'ii Hie .hie. nl Hm Inns u-luiiie.l
I" In-, elans he broughl .. uole   Irom
Ins liillifl, sl.illnn Hull Hie e.illff nl
'If ..If I his el.il.1   ii.e,     ill.
"llln i.-'s iniii brother lllck'1" nskeil
Iff t.-.ieh.ir.      "Is be still slel.'"
"Vea, mn'nm," lepllisl H,- pupil,
"he's    still   In bed   with    a bruken
"I'm   snlly   In  hen,   il ||n\v  did
ii baiipcn?"
"Well, il wns Ibis nny, inn'.un.
Vou sis-, lllck and I were trying In
see    wlllcll      could      lean    nui   ni Ihe
second story window  the tiiiHicrosi
nd l.iek won."—Ex,
Somehoily Said ♦
nol Iniigimo, ih,. word •
III l.'l IAIN wns mil nf _
.lute.    It.  tuny   lie  nt 9
H-.uie   Stores,  hot not T
at ours,    Call Rntiir* X
day anil see. X
== c. c. s. = I
Friday ^Bargain Day   |
_==_______-----=-=__=____________=_^^ i
Everybody looks forward to our FRIDAY BARGAIN DAV.   It's a "real help to   Q
economy at a time when every one needs to make each dollar .v;i> as far as possible.   »
The following will give you an ider.:—      	
LADIES' LAWN APRONS, wilh Bib, trimmed with Embroidery, regular line.
COLORED DRESS HOODS, assnrted ptillerns, illi in. wide, regular illlc,
I'NHLEACHED TABLE  LINEN. i>H lu. wide, regular'loo,
CHILDREN'S CASHMERE HOSE, Black, assorted sizes, rogulnr!)5e ami lOi
Friday   25c
Friday   20c
En. In.v    35c    |
Kridiiv    20c    D
B. C.
_____________________________________________    I
A Good Shoe, Like a Good Friend, Wears Well |
And like a good  friend, wi
nothing like leather if it is gi
stand  tlie test
d leather.
of time.   Them
Hacpherson's Shoes
are made from the best
shape Hint will lend gr.
coiiliilenee and eomforl ni
II! fouls
i.i constructed with a style and
(ive the wearer the assiirain-e.
^_^^_^^_^_^^_^^_      ^H well hIi...I.
We like showing  Boots and   talking   Boots.    W.
you what is worn nnd show you some nf the kinds we I
Si    hidy said:
jj- .. I always sent away for niv children's Shoes till I bought
■ pair ol • KANT SUP' al  this Store."
can   tell
fo.   One
Shoes   for   Children
in Soft Leather, Dun-
unla Kid, Patent and
Price  $1.25
Cranbrook, IJ. C.
Bug  Doom
Tliis is the iim
waged ngnliisl th
apl lo eel iolo 11
llie pests is pievi
loeH wliieli, in Biilti
lly ilosirovlng tiieu
The l,e.l proinirall,
a welfare Bllonlil be
of nil vigilance, are
noil ll lute. Crojiol
i lo use is out
ll.leslro.VH llo.l  lines, linaelies, tills   Carpel  Pugs, etc., Ill llie
moHl oiloetive millinor.   M.mey hack ii il laila !.. net th.-.ti.
Price 50 Cents
C, E. REID Col CO.
I'MIIM.   .ill
^ *s^ I
Qold Seal Tea \
.- Klliral I'd I.ui Ibe Ma.k.-I
Ale li-eocoi/e.l i
ALASKA W.M-'llls
llie jusl a lewnt Ihe mum  line
IV,-.any lb.- laiuesi stock'of ih.
liter's Biscuits
Im Ileal in llie World
ITALIAN macaroon
(HNOHII \| -|-s
.-Hill! I'l'.ltl;v|i
!' Ihese  coils   Hull   ,1,-i
Itomls in city.
Peterson Pipes
0. B. D. Pipes
B. B.  B. Pipes
ll.i  M  visited Waldo tils week.
I,.-,., u.ii.nii returned Irom lus trip
- ue coo • -l,f (Irsl ni the week.
n.s   K      I'.i.e is   up Irom Baker
 ping to-day'.
Ui   .md     .Mis   Stewart, nf Moyie,
neiit Sunday last in Cranbrook.
Ed. Kimimu. o( Marysville, wan
transacting business in Hn- city    the
si nf llu- week.
I-', ml hull boots, fi.iiias. J.' 25, all
leather <| no al '( T. Rogers shoe
I    N'.,sl,.mi.   nl   H'VClifto,  and  (I    T
McGregor, nt   Moyie,   were al     the
Cosmopolitan Thursday.
«'. .1. Montgomery, of Wardner,
,in.i 11 V. Anderson, "I Kiugsgate,
.pent Sunday in Hie city.
l-'i.-.l   ll.     Mitchell, ol   Klkmouth
made a Hying Irlp in ihe city Tucs-
v. returning the same day
.lis     .1.    Sterling    staples,     ol
IVvcllfle. was shopping in    Craubrook
Buy your boys' school boots    nml
hues al    11.11  A-    Co 's.     S .,  le-
iihulv sold Im yi ur. m.u selling foi
I i.'i '
Harry Bradford, proprietor ol ihe
Wyclilfo hotel, snenl ■■ couple ..i days
in Cranbrook this week.
II t.NTED—Third     class     engii I
wanted      Applv in Box fl ,     Crnnbrook, ii. c. :.
Hi .1 It. King, M 1' I' . ami Mrs.
King returned Irom Victoria rosier-
Poll SAI.K—One nf Ihe hfi and
most modern houses     in Crnnbrook.
All   ennceliienei-s.      Apply   al    Ill-mid
ollice. li-tf
ton are    thinking nl buying    n
wiilclt would ask   ton n. ii-.ul     our
I   this week.—Tate, the jeweler.
.1.  II. Cnslake     went to   Cnlgiiry
olllhiy nn  liusiiiess eiuineeli-d     wilh
■ Brotherhood nf l.ocomolivc Kurt neers.
Knit SALK—One He'll weighl    lop
iggv; nliuost new. Apply IV. K.
Mnriii'ii, Cranbrook, 1). C B—It
h.- balani-e uf mil  ladies h.ils     tn
sold  ut   exaet   wholesale  prices.—
I ill .1 Co.
Full S A I. K—Need potntnes; Kaily
Itose; well ripened und pre-
lervoil. Priee $-10 u Inn, dcllvcreil.
Apply SI. Kugeno Mission. It
.1. (I. llcCnllum spent several days
In Pernio tills week looking aliei the
ereclb n ni Hie I),,minion huil.ll.ig nl
I nl point.
Miss Minnie Armstrong wenl In
Creston Salurtlay last Inr a few
i-is visil will- friends returning
1 iim.- Wednesday.
K.livar.l Klwell was installed IV. M.
nf the local Mnsonlc lodge ul Iheir
session Thursday night ol lusl
Mrs. A. II. Eager relumed lo her
liiiiiiii 1.. Calgary Monday lasl. aiiei
u. plcnsnnl visit wilh relatives ami
friends in Crnnbrook.
Mrs. Cnry I'-iw and children ar
rived in Cranbrook Sunday and are
now cniiifoilablv established iu .Mr.
How's collage on Baker Hill.
Plill SALE—Two story resilience
on Tinker Hill. Apply L. IV. Patmore. 3-tf
Mrs. S. .1. Morrow and children
enme up from   Baylies   Luke Tuesday
for  .i     week's  visil       wilh  I'lalilnnni,
friends. They will nlso visit N.-lsnn
ii-foro returning home.
Win. Harris loll Monday [or IVc-
Inskiwin ami ihe norlhwcs'l in search
a business location. Mr. Harris
ii cost of irieii.ls in ('i.inbiiuik
iibn wish him :i large measure      oi
iccoss in future.
WANTED—Girl fnr general housework. Apply I.. W. Patmore, Cranbrook. li-tf
I'he liebekabs held their regular
meeting    Tuesday   evening of     this
ri; nnd three candidates were Instructed in    the   mysteries oi      the
der.        Afler  the work had     been
•ntpleted a pleasant soeial session
.11. Hodgson,    who lias lad charge
I Hit- discounts at the Canadian
Hunk of Commerce, bus been Irans-
leii'ed iu New Westminster, and 11.
M Cooper has been advanced to the
discount desk anil Mr, l.owe lakes
ihe lot tor's place on tbe ledger.
FOR SALE - Thoroughbred Plymouth Hock Cockerels, $1.50 to J.U.
Belungee .v. Smith, Marysville, B. C.
l-'iilnilille, carpets and linoleums—
these arc our strong lines—will he
sold at. prices that must appeal to
the live purchasers: Carpets worth
tl 75, sold at. SI.10; carpels worth
$1.25 sold at 75c, Two or three
rolls carpel  to clear at 10c,  regular
Dedolph,     manaucr ol the S
an simdiei  .it Marysville, i.-t.u
■in Spoktuu   Mondiij I wenl
Mnrysvillo Tuesday.
\ Im.- nt prints ami gingimuis
-,u ai youi i.iin prices a! Hill
im petition.
"'.II.TIN   II ,V I'  MIXKH    II    IHbTHHKNT   KINH.-tSJ.no
Miss Iln i hit I Vinson Bpenl Mon-
\ iintl Tn,*sti,iy wjiii Movie friends,
Kint'i.iM    green    lawn Brass    nml
wlilte clover nl (1. T. Ilogers.
Mrs.     W, II.     (iiiinth, of Bnynea
Lake, is vlslllng    Crnnbrook frleml*-
llilB week.
Hill A l'n.  Ii.ivc ilccltled In unload
their i.i.niiinotli stock.     Wnlcli them
du it.
Arthur     .Ii.1ihm.ii. nf    the   Herald
staff, visited    over   Sunday at Cres-
.1. Slmw Parker was nvt*r from
Rorl Steele a couple nf days lliis
A. I'. Nlelinlson, nf Orothers mill,
spout several days in Cranhrook tlio
past, week,
Dave tiritliili came nvt*r from Knit,
Hleole j"estcrdav fnr a couple nf days
in tin* metropolis,
Mrs. Wm. I*'. Tate relurnfid Imme
Tuesday after a pleasanl visit wilh
her son Hnsn at Lotlihrldgo.
■ Iiidvn' Wilson was in Ntdson, ReVel-
stoke anil Holdon several davs this
wii-k, returning home to-day.
I-Hfla Charlie Clnpp, win", had heen
visiting at Creston lor n fortnight.
Irutunuil boinc Saturday last.
Keep cool this summer. You can
tin so by using one of Patmore Bros.
gasoline stoves, It's just tin1 thing
for your kitchen in lint weather.
Arthur llein, hookkcepei for the
Crows Nest Pass Lumber company
ai Wardner, was iu town Monday
Tlie standard or the British I.ion
cigar is never lowered. That is
Why it remains tlie general favorite.' 49-12
A quiet weddii-fr. was solemnized
ai tlra fresbyterian manse Monday
night, the contracting parties being
Mr. Albert Carter ami Miss Annie
Farrell, both of Crnnbrook, Mr.
Carter is employed by the C. P. It.
and the happy couple started housekeeping at once.
lar meeting night nf Cranhrook
Aciie has been ohnngod from Wednesday tn Friday nlt-ht of each
Ai the regular monthly meeting of
iln; Pacific Loan Company I,imited,
Uie drawing went to Alex. McCor-
tuick, of Victoria, B. C. Mr. Mc-
Cornilck is now entitled to a loan of
$11)00 at less than two per cent. He
has since been offered $1_*. bonus for
liis contract. Kor further particulars apply to the company, .*■-.' Pender St., Vancouver, B. B. o
bookkeeper, stenographer and typewriter operator wants office posilion.
Experienced in lumber, mining and
riiilrond wort-. Address "Bookkeeper " care of Cranbrook Herald.       W
in. different i|ualliluH
inllliig iln- week »t
c. c. s.
Conductor Wm. Burton and family
have bii-n spending a few days in
Ci.inhini.i, (luring the coal strike at
Why pay 15c, or 16c, for prints and
ginghams when vou can get them at
ihll a- Co.'s for 11U-?
The regular monthly meeling ol the
Cranbrook school trustees will be
held at tbe residence og J. A. Harvey Mowlaj next .ii s to p.m.
D .1 Blind was up from Kings-
;iite Saturday last ami reports good
-tttdwu) on 'to erection '»i his bote'
,,i thai place.
\ 0 Taylor lefl last week foi
Haven, Alta.. whore he will put in
the next sis months on his home*
Senator King nnd daughter, Mrs
Uirhardfton arrived from New Bruns
wick ycs-i'ul.iy foi an eitended
Mis lit. Keith returned to hei
in.tne ai Coal Creek Monday after a
pleasant visit with hei sister, Mrs.
M   li   King.
VI It King relumed yes tenia )
from an extended tup lo Chicago,
St. Paul, MlmieapollH, Dulutli and
ilhf-i points in Ihe Stales,
(iui plumbing goods aud fixtures
ate ol Ihe nest grades. This branch
..I OUI liusiiiess is well looked after.
.nut your satisfaction is ours also.—
Patmore Bros.
C. Harris has sold liis employment
agency business to VV. K, Worilen,
who will conduct the same in con-
ii.ction wilh his coal anil express office.
Win. I lay ward Is nn the crippled
list tills week, suffering with n lame
iiui caused hv a small cut near ihe
■IhoW and catching old in the
The Picsl Pholo company ieipie.1
ill parties liuvlng framed pictures, 01
■lioto work at their studio will
ilease tall fm same not Intel than
next   week. 5-21
\ few words are as good as a tew
llioufnml. If you are troiibled wilh
licumatisiu, write us al onco.
.'has. K Befd A Co., DruggisLs and
, I a tinners,
\. I), Palmer, of WvclllTc, II 0.
dcDnnald, of Moyie; T. 0. -loues, of
,\ardni-r. ami It. Smith, nf llunncr,
.vere iiiiioug llie arrivals at the Cns-
uinpnlitan hotel Wednesday.
KOR SAI.E-0UC team horses, harness and wagon. Applv tn S. N,
Harris, Cranhrook, B, C.' -S
Mayor Finlny returned Saturday
ifternoon from his trip lo Spokane,
und after the special meeting of the
council li'liinnil to bis In.ine at
(lomer Jones, or Ihe ollice staff of
the Crows Nest Pass Lumber company at Wardner, was in town lasl.
nighl attending the meeting of tlio
Kniirlits of Pythias.
W. II. Crawford, of Crcston, who
had been in St. Eugene hospital for
ii week suffering with sciatic rheuma-
lism was sutflclently recovered tn rendu home Monday.
Patmore Bros, are selling the lat-
i si approved makes of drag iawtttg
iniicblncs for cutting wood for either
.asoline engine or horse power. Oct
our prices   before buying. Il   will
pay yon.
OEKMS-Wc have disinfectants
that act in accordance with the mosl
advanced ideas on germ destruction,
Their use about ynur home means
protection from disease.—0. I-:. Reid,
tbe druggist.
Fred Eugon, F. A. Plain and I). H.
Pel ford, or Sasi'..ilii.iii, and II. II. antt
.1. W. Ross, of Rlhmoutli, have been
in town several days tlie jtust week
completed tfcc organization of the
Rnss-Siiskaliinn  Lumher company.
I.allies Tennis shoes and boots
S1.50 and $1.75 at (i. T. Rogers
shoe shop.
Chas. Armstrong returned from the
coast last week, taring abandoned bis
trip to Kaien Island on account of
the cessation of operations al Prince
Rupert. Mr. Armstrong may conclude to locale in Movie again.
WANTKD-A girl for hotel work.
Applv to Mrs. Geo. Mead, Crcston,
B. C. 4
il. H. Short has a force of men
busily engaged this week painting
iltd decorating the Interior of 0, E.
Reid Jc Co.'s drug stoic. When
completed the store will be vastly
EGGS FOR SAI.E-While Wyandot tcs Fishers, *3.00; Barred Rocks,
$1.00; Brown Leghorns, fl.-OO; Duck
eggs, 11 for $l-0o. Agent for Great
West Wire Fence eompanv. See me
hoforo fencing, Back of St. Eugene
hospital.—s,   Macdonnld, 5
FOR SALE—Two residences at
very low price. Apply Fink Mercantile Co. 2
On Sunday next, April -.sth. anniversary service.-, will he held in
connection with the Methodist Sunday school, Mrs. Hall will deliver
anniversary nddresses in ih<- moruim"
ami afternoon, and will dellvei nn nd-
dress m the evening.
TO RKNT-Ruoms furnished nml
unfurnished. Apply to Mrs. Cart-
wriffllt, Armstrong aveuue ati-lt
Ue are sole .infills  foi   the celelil.it
i'd Fairh,.nks-Moise gasoline engines
the l.est powei loi running wood
raws, tit .nn separators, fodder cut
tern, grlmlors, pumping water fo
irrigation nr domestic use, Mowers
forges, lathes, electric light dyitn
mos, iu fuel nnythlijfi where powei i
reipiircd— Patmore Bros.
KOR   BENT—Seven    rooms with
hath in Harris block, Armstrong
avenue. Will he let singly or altogether.    Apply to L. W. Patmore.
A parly consisting ol Sid Hewlt-
son 11. llewiston, Fred .Small, Miss
Georgie Small, Miss Gladys Andrews and Mrs. Bowser visited Fort
Steele on Sunday last. Mr. Small
said that a person would he a long
time on Prince Edward Island before
they would have a more pleasant outing.'
FOR SAI.E-One large refrigerator. Apply Kink Mercantile Co,,
Ltd. 3
Two men, Jackson and Wolf by
name, who had heen wunicd by the
police against spending sn much nt
their time in Ihe red li>Jit district,
wen- up Indole tbe police judge on
Monday charged with being frequenters nf houses of Ill-fame and Jackson
was put to work for the city for
Beale & Elwell
are offering a Cottage and
Stable on Hanson Ave. for
bringing in over 2 per cent,
monthly on the invest=
-nn. i.iK.vi
fjitiilv.    All
ifc. t-l
*   n.fiiL'i/ti   11 lui j    ♦'♦
; tt
: ,.::■.:■.;'-    :
lllll UUU: *
ItltKHN "M"\- ♦
llll'K   rilMATIlKS T
.l.iut  general
I Miss   .Mm,
Mi-   lie
II.'III'.I -I    1 111 I! 1  1
H,\/l.l.wiiuii let  CR.EAM
bom :.'. Anj.sirong a,,..
el. 11!
niillv .nul
ml Ihe l.uli,.
hile  Messrs
ui ie 1111 ii.fi 1
Delicious lec Cream
Ice Cream Sodas
Natural Lemonade
Great West Sundae
Nut Tortoni Sundae
Milk Shakes
11. .1 i.i 1111.
ill.-   tlvi
II   ll'.'!.-   51
.If.U.ilii.u '
e in charge of t
slleil Crnnbiook
iriiing mi M1.111l.1v.
M   Mil
• v.ir.l
1 Brake
niv whn
1 Prank
]■'.   Miller,  win
serlouslv inlureil sow
bv n blow nn the he,
ft 1,111 his ealt v.!i..lif.i
bridge .it Miehel has
envereil ami     re ti
11 el-li.
Comluetor Dan Bui
ihis week siiiTfii'if
colli Iml  wns well ei
duty this morning.
F.ng ui-er Alf   Killii
stieeessfiil   operniini
hospital, ami retu
nn Friday,     li wil
weeks, however, befo
strong enough to
uu- to work, ..inl
he nill hare to wea
I'.uis cast.
.11,1   up
underwent    ;,
•'.- Calgary
ph     Jackso
1  lines
new     sel
llllifll  s
and    .loin  U'iiiiii-
t.      Th.
r    Miosi
.ith .1111
Will piny for a
Grand Ball
'in Monday evening
April, 29th 1907
All lovers of good music, and a
goal time, of Crnnbrook shoubt
not miss this treat, as tbe
Moore's will give yon -'t 1'u.l tlmt
ynu wil! remember. Dancing Qt
'J o'clock sharp.
1.11     [.umbel
uu nl .lullmy.
h en .if..- ii .
I Ihe Rasl  Km.
\ si.iieleui.e 1 -v 1 *, v.ill be ererle-l
ii.ifi. ..i Hi • t.fi il lion p ii. which
mnteiInl will he t-ored ioi u ■ ll the
•hons l-'i.ifu 1, Scoll V ■ Donald
will begin iff!.in. operations In n
few davs time.
il   Me In
period nf sixty days .-mil IVolf will
k,.p him eoiunuiy lor hall that
I.     II.fl:
t  week loi
•..linn and
i mtmths.
I!   M.iiK,
r   c.
'■ill.fl.'fl      Will   leave
1 holiday trip to   Kd
will be nbsent aboul
■ •I N'atnl, Soul I,
WANTED     *
SO Tiemakers    |
For furtli.-r partieulnra apply 2
ui W  I-;. IVenlen's Office.    ♦
I l.aii- -.-.fu.-.!  machinery foi
-awilii.' iiiH.l. mul   inn   inn.   i.iif
| liuieil In .-..utrui I fm   U'iuhI nl uliy
lenirib, In larjte oi .mall i|uuii-
I'm filrlle
i.lrilfl- i
DON'T   PORQOT        *
Stock Reducing Sale
C. C. S.  —
A special meeting of the Itn.ir.l ..I
Trade will he held al the t'nuniil
I'liainin-i on Friday, th,- loth inst.
.ii 8..in p.m. to i-onsiiiei action looking in speedy settlement nf the cua!
strike mut resumption nl h.-uidlmR ol
fn-ight by Ihe I'. P. It.
Miss A. I.. Illllnin, t ber
I'iiiiinfiiin..   Terms mo.li
Ar,,,.,.,.,,, Ave , Crnnbrimk TIIK   CRANBROOK   IlKKALD
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned trom Newspapers
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦• s-m
■ From nui owu corrcsptin'ent.)
Mr. Clements and family iiiovei
intu Klku llu- week irom Okotoks
llie Maple
liliileiia-.il i
ling the ice
mult, nl the WW's
,1 llniuhnw Tint,'.
, is iu Klko put
illinb'S nil  llie cell
llu's eharinliiK re
i     . .1.1
,11s. and
Will     l.e.uel.     lOlko's   police   nfli.i-l.
went lo Kcrnie in .-...isuli wiib -I. II.
Ueiliilleii. ph.-linn.-..i ngeut, and relumed with ei...null liliii- papers lu
lull a three ting circus and delivered
Iliun In.- ..I ensl n. Iheir respective
owners ...ul novel Imited an eye.
S.illllli-i      s.
lust    look
k„l   iiiilliu-   .uu    Ihe
uilis on ill,fi   like lu'i
[. lllllg   tllelll   In   Hie   Ill'd   OrpllUllOIIK
„l tin- seldom led greyhounds nroiiinl
,- luwu,   white in New  Vork     and
Chlciigo tbey are paving Irom     one
,||,u   t ie dollar and  -is  Win per
mini Im llii-ni." t'alehlng Irout
,,iin.l Klku is tiii-i us i'ii»y nn"
ml,, us a  shcpl l's lllllllllll dog.
A. K liigli.uu V
week buying more
iiniii Kiel lloo fm
Klk river.
Klko    ihis
g much   oil
c V,-.,mil,-, ('. I'. II. engineer, ul
Criiitoruok, miis vislllug old l'. I'   It.
ti nulls ill Klku Ihis week. The advance In.l all pcdlllnr lot Hie 1. C. S.
li,nml  Hie liuiieh ami  when  thev purt-
', .1 a dividend had been declared.
Hurry Itoebuck, huokkecpef lot
I'tlgll a l.iviiigsloli, leil via the I.'. 1'.
u. nil Spokiine to. Ills lu-allh.
I'i.nle   uiih   .uuu home iuerdhti.li.
null  Help llllllli up VI.Ill  linlue V.,1111111131-
Kil,   l>.Is.-,  llu-   Siilid Creek
■i.ui  u|iple   grower,   v\us in
Hupp) I'i,iuli goes mil lo Uie
Sne-i* Miouni.uii eoppei cluiius vvtlh
uiiuimi p.icii train ol .supplies anu
- i.i- people oi l-.lko will near soiin-
hiiiiy gumg on oppusiie Uie mouth ui
.souin park in a lew tiu\s.
Hiiu n'Neil spent several days ni
Itcxionl, Aiontaiiit, tliis week.
i i   In- ,i knocker,        li there is
,,111, iii,nice io Doom liusiiiess boom
il.' Don't pull a loii)- luee ami uio'iu
as ilioii'ili you hiui ,i soin sloiiuiLT,
Ulieii you mc a iiiitii trying to linn-*,
tiiisiiii-ss inio your town Hon t gel
jealous, Iiui help luui, he s liul'tiii*-,
-...it.     iVhcn a sirunj-ui drops in,   no
in.i Her il lie's editor ul a Iuu, paprl
in a coal 111 ill in-* town, jolly loin.
Tell luui it's uie greatest plate on
eui'tli—uud it is. Don't to a
knocker.     He a houstt-r.
If   some men     were     Worms
ai.iilil lie too lazv to turn.
■ l 1'iuli, of Hugh a- Livingston,
Hock Creek Pineries, came from
Okotoks, tliis week.
George Hardsley, of the Grapevine
Orelini'ils, .s'ui.sei Valley, brought in
a string team load of green onions,
lettuce ami Totiacco I'hiins pie plant
im   the toul barons ul Kcmic.
Lime inn" to money to some people
-ill lij-bt, but we certainly can't ex
change provisions foi ii.
Irrigated laud on Tobacco Plains,
soutJi nl Uoosville. was selling for
mie hundred dollars an acre last
week. The copper mines cause a
boom in Eureka and lots arc selliji--
irecly for one hundred dollars each.
Kurokn is south of Hoosville, ami
Hoosville soutb of Klko. Come to
Klko and then go south. Now then
no crushing,
null   lb
slcl   to inveni  a  wind
to raise llie wind   lo
.1. Anslin, ihe Reniul ('. P. |{
ageirl, -joes east tliis week on I). H
T. business.
Tlie Klko baseball team is practicing on ihe new diamond. There is
i-i.nsiilerable new Wood in the team
ills year, Several university players from the east, Jack Guest, an
old    Olllcngo      pitcher,     tbe    Shellon
brothers, South Dukota twtrlers, Roy
Stephens, of New Yolk. Ru) Kobrv,
of SI. Louis, and the balance aie last
year's players. They intent! milking
I He ball ground the besl  in    South
Kast Kootenay, and intend Io play
all comers wilh or without gloves,
for cash, cups, or wooden sweaters,
Mrs   C.  A   Dow  I children leave
Klko for Cranhrook His week, leaving lei-ioiis of friends .md no cut-lilies
.\liiv ihcy never know sorrow.
The angling sweepstakes promised
by ihe Klko board ol itade nnd tour
Itit reception commit in*, will lie lish-
i il in ibe waters of Ibe Klk some
tunc in Ala v.
\l Mclnnes, of Calgary, was in
Klko on bis way .to the Pine    Tree
illllg'le lo seltlc up tin* deal with
lluiriton A Mott,
The sweel cnporal man was in iowit
Saturday looking ns if he'd heen (ri
into the front end of a th rent) ing
machine and came mil of llie straw
earlier. lie was noil'lllng dlslllfcct-
ants for ibe spring clean up.
When you can't fish mend your
The Klko river grade is so dangerous that it's really advisable for a
man driving over it to malje his will
and lake an affectionate j;nod-bye of
his wife and family. Here we meet
with ■"tief and pain.
.Vou might just a.s well send a
mermaid a pair of shoes as send fish
io Klko. It's like shipping coal to
Kerniii when there ain't no .strike
_ " remarked tl
..■.■in all      to  hi'
,ii   that   two yen
Hugh Watt, whose pbllanllirop)
•s   Aiulv   Carnegie look like     a
without   corked bonis, passed
lb Klku Saturday on his waj hi
,k and suburbs
olTers     ibe   gre-Uest  Induce-
      a lisb scale icwclry    t«e-
m  British Columbia.     The Klk,
South r'ork,     Hock    Creek, ami
Kootcimy rivers supply-lng everyUt-ing
Vom saiHllnes to   silver salmon, ami
Messrs. Selicrf and Adams, con-
tiaciois, are cleaning tail the Klk
liver game Hail.
Pan MeNisli, the superintendent of
roads and bridges, was in Klko Monday,  and   let. several  i tracts      fm
mail work.
The advance agent nl the Moore
Concert company is billing lhc town
wiib postage stamo posters and
Unite city write-ups.
Fred Sliirkev, KtH|.. "head push"
r.f Nelson's big commission house,
was shaking hands with old friends
,ii  Klko Ibis week.
George Ingham came down from
I'Vrnic wiib the snow slide Tuesday
i,ul weiil over to Sheep mountain lo
nick strawberries.
had   rain,  snow,   storm,  freeze
, drizzle and liuinl  aprons Tues-
ihII.ii.    who made a
lialrmau,   and    was    tin- riglil
tbt- i-igltl  place.     Both     the
ml programme were of ih,* best.
good    reciprocal   feelings   exisi
wo churches.
Arthur .Johnston, of the Craubrook
Herald stall, was a visitor in town
a couple ol days, ami left foi
nhiook  a tin i n  on  Tuesduv's  train
(laved    la
ut   Lumlii
nn giiim-    of baseball  was
1     Sun.l.n    ti.-lwi-cu       A to
Piters,  of  ihe Laurie Kos
ii I gn
is   the   In
>.Vl-l,ll    l„
rum ihe
ml   Ihe   loc.tt
was   ilh.p|aved
-al    tram had been greath
ed bt thr addition nf
w plnvers. Hm iln- bovs
tall   limbers bail  not     .mm
mprepareil, amt nflci  .,  j(-w  minute*
day, begun to show   lhat  thev could
'■.ive hei   speed,"  and   ihev  certain
when  iln< last half of    Until    liming   was   over    tin
.-I IT I,. IT. m the Ininli
favor. This Is ibe liist game in a
les in be played foi a gold cup
he prcseuled |,v Mr. Louis Thomp-
i, ibe populai  painter and decora-
U did.
ay a mind word for I'm
Mr. Louis Thompson, formerly oi
Cranlirook, is now engaged in ' llu
painting and decorating business here,
md il is iii-dlcss tn suv he is kept
busy. Mr. Thompson has   several
contracts nn hand and at present In
■s engaged in painting the Creston
"Watch Crcston grow."
Mr. .1. Green, i( popular chef, ol
Cniuhrook is now mixing "Mulligans"
'or Uu* Laurie Lumber company.
Manager Muckay, of the North Stm
nills, of .lalTrav,  was in Klko    tho
Mrs.  P.  Liinil paid a  business visit
to Luudbreck on Tuesday.
\\v.   Switxer, of    Uu-    Claresholm
Lumber iV Grain eompanv, was     iu
\\ a i ilncr on business in Hie hegiiiuinp
the  week.
Mr. Gordon Wilson returned    from
\ nucouver mi Mmnbiv.
Mrs, Fred Itoo came uji from
<,,** nil apple country Monday to see
h.'i daugtitpr,     Miss May, who     lur
;-. en down with a severe nllnck     «
la grippe.
ll is alwavs a sad sifchl  to st
I,eh   lose   mi V.      Il   is nsflallj
Ihey iiave to lose.
There seems lo be a general desire
•He   l" have a   football   team  here       and
i here is no doubt there is considerable
.,   talent   lo draw  from.     Several   eti-
,f   iliusiasts  have  already   been  on    Ihe
outlook for a     pilch and it is under*
slond      bave      practically   lixiil on au
Aivlleiii piece nf ground.     The    lol-
lowers of ihe game hope to have
mounted police left Klko Mou-
ot   the      Tobacco  Plains      couu-
"trip the light i
emiudtd lhat a hillico
ihe Library hall   I
All   till
i.istic toe" are
will  he held  in
nighl ai k p.m.
While lhc Lopsided  was on a   trip
■ ui Sunday with a couple of devott*e>
of the gentle ait. her sea worth j
powers were put to a thorougn lest
i)u the return journey, when loaded
villi an immense cargo of seal)
monsters   of   Hie   deep,   she   performed
ibe unique feat of a double somersault iu the rapids. The occupants
lepm-t thai the water was wet and
■It-lightfully cool.
Wc understand a number of fishing
poles, tackle, baskets, etc., have been
■ -.nighl   in   Ihe  honm   al   Klkmouth.
A large coiitlugenl of lie Knights
>l Pvthias resident in Wardnei visit-
d Cranbrook on Wednesday, io be
niesenl at tin* olllcfnl visii of tlu'i   C. C.
Mrs. Louis Larson arrived from
Spokane on Monday, accompanied hy
Holy mackerel, Ihe advantages Klku	
niters for a    canning faflnry.       The   Mnllandaine, as  ihe chief organizers.
trout   seem   tu have an appetite like  The chair  was taken by the pastor,
The weather here of lute has heen
delightful. For days we have been
immersed in suns-bint*. Some days
were interspersed willi a storm of a
cvclonie character, moving the trees
like hay before a reaper, llie atmosphere is Mills cleared and puritied and
afler the s'torm all is serene.
The meadows are being giadually
covered with water and in all pro-
babilitv will be several feel deep. The
Gout fiver and other streams are
flowing with a grea) velocity and a
dense volume.
People are very busy on their
ranches, clearing and planting trees,
elc,  for Hie coming fruit  season.
The exleiisitm ol   H«' Munro hotel
is iui the wnv to i ipletion and    it
is stated on good .minority Unit a
In,incli nf llu- Bank nf Hamilton will
lie opened  in   Ihe lower Ktorcy.
Fred Utile, who lias a half Interest
in Hie townsite has sold bis ranch
which consists of a dwelling bouse,
etc., and HI acres of land, cleared and.
cultivated, to George Benny, who
lakes possession in January, IMS.
.1, .1. Grady is building a blacksmith   shop   alongside  Spears'   store,
 I  ihe sound  of the anvil  will      he
heard ere very long.
Within Hie period ut the last three
weeks the Methodist and Presbyterian churches held verv successful
socials, On April 7th the former
church held a grand social in tho
form of a free supper, al which a
collection was taken, realizing neatly
fifty dollars. It was worked undei
the auspices of the ladies aid, and
ihe three young ladies who hatl
chalice of tlie affair are Worthy of the
Highesl praise. Misses (Hive Rycli
man, C. Arthurs and Lena Cartwright. The chair was taken by the
Hev. .1, P. Westman. of Cranbrook,
The social was a success in every re-
spccl. The pastor has been giving
special addresses iu connection with
the new church ihe last two Sunday
evenings, On April I Mb he preached
on     "Hie co-operation of the Divine
Power,    which     I,   Hie secret     and ?|"c,Co,ai,l,H«rM|,S,™"rS|l,Un
source of success    in ii church." nml c'omnnnv nl Cuiuuln   ltd    .,
on  April  Ilih.  "The Immanence    of """',J"! ™ ' unnun, i.ui.. nas     ,|,.
Christ within His church nnd the law
oi   Divine entry,"   and    on   Sunday
nexl.    April 2Slb. "The    power     oi
faith tn invite anil realize the I.lvine
presence."      The   services    nre held
every Sunday evening al IM.
The Presbyterians held a "pie
social" in lhc school house lust Krl-
ilay evening nl which all present hid
good time. The proceeds were
. rly thirty dollars. The ladies
who look pail in this affairs nre
worthy nt credit, and we make uicii-
if Jlrs.  Hose W'nliher and Mis
dared .... Friday, lo he payable    tu
si holders   registered ....  Apnl 22
mi which dale Hie hooks "I llu
etimp.iui    will fluff This is     Hit
sixth ipiuiieilv dividend paid stnci
llu- eousolMuliiiii was effected. Tin
dividend anioiinis tu Hi.- coinlortabli
sum    uf 11211,111111 1 the nggregalc |,
ul all     nl lhc six .l.vi.lemls is    over
17(111, i.       This   is   a   remarkable
guoii sbuwillg and relleets high credit
mi   the    able  tier   in    wliieli tile
Lui;,' anil varied iiitelcsls nf Hie
nipiiny an- looked after, 'flu- sev-
ei.n mines nt llu- ciiiupnny are grad-
inlly Boning in better eomlillon fm
an iii.-icased output, llu- smelter uml
ii-liiifiT cun bundle a  larger Innnagc
I ver, and Ihe nullook lor     im
in|itoiemi.|it iu tin- ..input nf me anil
iu iiu-iensi- in Un- dividends nre ten
In lulu
Tin- tunnel on tln> Hull Moan claim
is lu.M ui a .lisl.iiii-i- ..I .",11 feel nml
He owners hnve everj  reason fm he
•villi; Ihev at   Iln- mil Hi  vein ol
llie St Kuueiie There Is a sell de
III od edge ii Ine I has a end spunk
Iiiii, ..I fulfil.i Three dlfferenl us
savs hnve given ven snllstariory re
.tilts. .1 I' i-'.uieii ,.i>,i in,. Moyie
in ui uiu, an- interested wilh him in
I,ml  g a nllend   will'   liiillie.    mul
uiih as itiui-li s| ,1 us possible.
I'll.-   Iiileriinllnnnl     hnlel in  lluyii
wan snM 111   aiu-lli.ll nl   ll    K.  Ilillil'
illlee iii Cranbrook  liiin murning   nl
III o'clock. I ,1. AI ins It. i.e.! nnd II
.1.   Itiley  were lie pineliuseis .uul  the
price initil wns $3,2110,
('has        Aliiisll.u.R   is     buck    frolll
Vnncniiver. He did mil no n
Prince   Itttp.-.i. as    lu- had planned
It nccntllll uf the llliseltleil euuili
inns  lliele.
Muylc Odd I-'elluws niil pnv the
('i.iiiIii.ii.I, I...Im- nu nffleinl visil on
Moii.luy evelllng, April 2lltll, nml will
confer Ihe work in the second degree.
Constable Morris, nf C'raiibrook,
iv,is iii loivn vt'fil'iiesilnv nrriinglng for
I ho sheriff's   snle,     which will    lake
•lllice ill Hie liitelll.lliolinl hotel nexl
Will. .Smith, t'. Ilenmnn and Win
nremner lefl fm Calgary this week.
Smith and II.-11111.111 intend uoing ou
Heir homesteads near Tmcliu Vnllcv,
.1. S. Mn.-Kiu-liei'ii. .1. W, filch
uul .1. K. Crowe hnve heen planting
Irces iir.niiiil llieir plnces during the
imsl week. There should he inure uf
•his dune in Movie. Let the coo.
work g	
('hns. l-'urrell Ls repnlrlng the Far
nil block whieli was gutted hv lite
List winter. Tin- building will lie
fired up nhoul as helorc nml will he
rindy to occupy in a month or six
iiiu-ks. 'I'he Insurance companies
hnve nmite n sutisfaeturv settlenieiil
f. r Ihe dilltlilge hv lire.
si class team ii
nit lime
Ihe Held iu
Iln Wcdiics.luv nexl Hn- I.udles' Aid
uill IniLI a snciul fur the piirpuse o
aiiginciiting the cluirch huililing fuiul
A progriiiiimi! uf vocal and lustra
mental music will he provided during
Hie evening uml nil ihal is remtired
in assure the complete success nf
tliis fiiiu-liuli is a large cniwil tu as-
-isi In Hie lu ml.i hie objects nf ihe
l,i dies.
il'i.iu  ike Movie Leader.)
•lului Tailui has rclurncd Irom
the Cruiilnui.l, hospllnl and has gl.
 si iiillt recovered.
The t'nsinnpolltnn hotel was   taken
over hy     II     II    Hi I,  and      Lift
llnggurly Tliursilny.
Pcle llesnll is nuw a shifllinss al
Hie     Lake   Sli.ue    IVorklngK nl      lhc
mine, nml    is occupying  the position
uulll remit I)  lili.-l hy (I. II. Ili.iwn
The new motor uml gciieiutur lor
iln- Si. Kii'i-ue ariivi-d this week.
The mot.))' will In- used un the I rum
line beliviTii the sbufllinusr nml mill.
The iisnnl i|iinller|y dividend ul
'1 per ccnl nn tlie capital stock    n|
_i Bo Sw
c. c. s.
u.-lu-stin.        A   tiily  sum   wns   li-uli/.-
■d.    Th.  young ladies deserve    much
-rcdll iui  their enterprise.
II    II    Walsiili     e   in  In,,,,       ll„.
...iil     Wednesday   evening,     lie
 is grcnl ncllvily in the lumtier-
ug circles in Weal Kootcnuy.
.lohn Ctiuiiniiigs hns returuetl from
Crnnbrook.      When his brother     re-1
urns froiii college iu the Kust, Cum-'
nines brothers    will outer a pn.tes-
iniiiil  piirlnershlp. I
I. K Innslrong, giivcntmentj]
genl at l'lai.l.lin-,',, was iu Hie cilv'
Ins     week "<i    .flinliiMi.Mm-    Imsl-
Mrs.   Hiillllon   I  child   ami     Miss
ll i   Weill  down  to  Klku.null,     on
il l.n   mm iiuie.       Thei    mil    make
lui  | u   tlii-ii  home
llts       rii.iiles     Si.-i.iis    pnssi-d
In,null   I'll > i  Hn-  I Mil  mi      lu-i
l'l llilll    III    I ' I . I 1. 111 . ■ • ■ 1,       lllllll     In to
■lei,,,,I ,,1 lui  irieiuls were ..i     iln-
1       D.   C.   L.       |
(From The  Ketiiic Ledgrr.)
Miss Taylor, id Klko, is visiiinu,
Mrs. Blackstone.
Morrissey  has   been  cut   mil  a
regular station on ibe C. P. IL. auu
station agent tlardner has been tram
iVrrcd to Hosmer,
Miss K. M. Kmerson, matron of Hi
Nome hospital, died on Tuesday ol
peritonitis after a few days illness
An operation had liven performed o
Friday iu the hope of savin- her life
but lhc disease proved too e.\teiislv
and she slowly sank. The deceased
lady was :t;i years of ajj.e ami a na
live of Ontario, tier father, Uoberi
l-.incrsou, is on lus way to Fernie to
lake the body hack to'the home near
Colllngwood, lie was expected to
arrive tliis morning.
.1.  (!.  Cummings,  P.1..S.  has been
iu Ihe city a day or two,     lie says
San Diego, California, is a good
place tu he  at   while  jack  frost      i
iookhig     tor   victims.         Jack ha
never been known to visit Hat tin]
corner of Hie world.
.1. L Parker, of Lee Lake raneli
Alberta, member of the conciliation
hoard selected bv the Crows Nest
Pass Co.. the liiieiuatiou.il Coal
and Coke company, the Western Can
it'llfl company and the Canadian Coal
and Coke company, is in the cilv
Contractor   MnCallum has   started
operalions oil the new federal bllild-
i-ig, and has teams at work excavating,
Mis McVittie, of Cranhrook, who
has been visiting; her sister, Mrs.
Kc.iv, accompanied her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Henderson, to tidmoiiton
The annou'iici-incut of the sudden
dentil of Mrs, W, H. Norwood on
Tuesday afternoon was a shock to
lhc people of    Fernie.       Mis. Il.n
wood had been ail llll* lot some time,
ami a it operation beta ine ueccssarv,
which was performed on Suluiduj
morning. From thi*., iu spue of all
lhat could he done Toi Her, she did
ii.u seem to rally, and passed ipilelly
avvav about I oo'cloek Tuesday. Our
!.'.ii ih'li sympathy goes out lo Wnl
ter llarwood iu this sudden bereave
n.ent which has enme upon him ill
the loss of his life paitm-l. Ml. liar
wood left  wilh Ibe body Wednesday,
(From Tht Fernie Fiet Press.)
An ai*nregalion of tinhorns arrived
in town to-day and had hardly (tot
iheir bearings when (hey received orders from the police io "move on."
II. II. Ilepew, superintendeni of
the 0. N. P. Klectric Ligh) m
Power Co,, left for Ontario Sunila-
evening, Ou tlm evening of his departure he gave a dinner in Ihe
Motel Fernie to a group l(f h|-* |||-i|,
mate friends. He is expected to return wilh his bride iu nhoul a fortnight-
The public school was closed on
Thursday uniII further mil ice, on
acconnl "o| the prevalence of measles.
A very enjoyable dance was given
by the junior guild of Christ church
in th'' Stork opera house last night.
The hall was comfortably III In I.
Music    was supplied    by Whitnstcr'!-.
Distillers Company, Limited
el   lie
.IllllgC   Villi      held   enlllill        I I
     I-'iiiI.ii 'I'w Ignera,
barged     wilh perjury, ivrrr     lound
.inlti  I given six nioiillu d   uiu-
...r respccllvel)   iu  lhc  \,-ls,u. mil
'..iisl.i'fli       Iliun,in..ml   look   Ibelll   In
S'elsiin  \l Lu
Tlie  sin- ol   Hie  lieu   pi.si   ollice   lias
i. .,1. .1 ibis    week tircpnrntorj     to
nil!    Ihe loiuiilnlloli ol   the stl'llc-
luie     Tenders .u<< being called    tor
lhc I'l-niiii.il  ol  Hie     old nun I   house
in tlm sii i yard i .t,i  iii   make
.'.ll   lot   the $211,11111)   iuiivitifl.il   hulld-
(From Tlie Frank Pauer.)
(iOVKUNMKNT       PllONKK      FOU
With ;is little ostentation as au individual or the ordinary community
would exhibit iu mnking an insifjni-
licant improvement, tlie provincial
government has set about giving the
Pass one of the greatest conveniences
lhat could come to it—public telephone service. The Pass district
was recognized by the government
as being out* of tiie most important
.-..eiurns of the province and accordingly, in planning its public telephone service for the people this
district Wiis one of the lirst to he
considered iu tiie laying out of the
building campaign to be undertaken
this year. Nol an Inkling of    tilv
iioieiiuiicut's plans in this respect
was matte known to any one iu the
district until Superintendent of Construction >1. IL (iricison matie lus
appearance iu Frank last Thursday,
Mr, Uriel-son brought with \ im n
construction nam- ami at once cs-
lablishcd a camp in the edge of Uu
slide. Thou be went over ibe" ground
visiting the diherent camps, and al
once laid out Hie work. Friday Ue
digging of the boles for the pole line
was commenced. Super in ten-dent
(irlersou stated to '|'hv Frank Papci
Hint ihe line will be built to Mac
bod ami Uience to Calgary, lb
-.aid that the work will be carried ot
as last us possible and without in-
I'trnptioii and" that he fully expects
io have tbe line in operation to Cal-
i*ary some time the coining (all.
kvehtuallj the uorlL ami south trunk
line will reach the length of the province ot at least the settled portion oi
n, and la Hera 1 lines will run east
and west from He trunk line so Unit
ultimntely Uie Pass will he able L
talk wiib' every part of Alberta. Tin
t-ovcrniiieni now has a line iu opera
Hon between Calgary and Banff. Tills
year's programme contemplates, in
addition to ibis line, one from Edmonton to Lloyduii uster, another
along the branch railed tu Wctaski-
ivhi, another along the line to La-
combe, This indicates Hie degree of
impi ui a ucc I he government a 11 aches
to the Pass us among the various
disirieis of the province.
Tlie Western Globe, ol Lacombc,
contains tiie announcement of lhc
birth las) Saliirdav of a daughter to
the Uev. and Mrs. H. A.  Robinson.
Wii I ter Wrigley has resigned as
president of the' Frank miners union
and is succeeded by .lames Njehol
who was elected Sunday.
Superintendent Krickson of the
C. P. U. Wiis in town Saturday ami
was looking for a contractor to
build Hie new station. He stated
ihal Hie construction will be begun
very shortly.
Quite a slit was created iu    Frank
Friday when a mill road survefy patty
headed   by   .1.   W.   McOready,   ' passed
ihrough town running a try line.
Somehow ihe story got around Unit
it was a Great .Northern outfit and
when certain persons sough I Information from dllTcrcul members ol the
party and n.Hiui them ver) non-committal Hie story that .lllll Hill was
Mir ray Ing a mad through tho Pass
was laken as bruin coaliiine.l. Business   men congratulated one auqlhef
Hal lliri.li nl.ilU llUtlgh| a few t'Xll.i
Irinks Even-bod) felt good ovei
tin* taws ami ii really seems a shame
to blast their hopes but ibe fuel is
thai Ihe sutvey is be I lit" made in
cnniieclloii willi tbe grnile revision
scheme of ihe 0. P, U. Il is an
Jinpoi'iaut jtem, however, as the
grade revision scheme embraces noi
only the sliaighlenlng pt curves anil
lessening of grades hut cmilemplalc.,
double tpipKlhg al some Inline day
A hasehjill meeting was held Monday at the Blairmore hold to organize ii e|uh for He seasnu, The
following officers were elected: hole
nmry president, Mr, Smith; prt»|-
denl, Air. Whilesjtle; vice-presideiil,
H. c, Drain; manager, Harry Lyon;
see. trims., W, G. Ingham; honorary
patron and protcclor, Inspector Belcher. The election of captain was
left over until Hie next meeling Tlie
boys will sLitl practicing Immediately on Hie old diamond hut hope soon,
by tbe kindness of ihe turf club, to
have a first class ball ground at the
race track, The Blairmore baseball
club membership tickets can be pro-
Hired from t|e seerelaiy-ticasurci
for the fee of one dollar.
I). C. I.. Scotch 12 Years Old
IN U'll.Hl
R. P. Rithet & Co., Limited
Victoria, British Columbia
»»»*»»»» fr***.--.**^******.**.*.**..**.
Manitoba Hotel
Headquarters for
I lu- MilliiUll.il ii- fiuilriilly lni-iitt-,1 uml l„is ,„„. nl I lie l.cst .linimuunin
in lhc city.   The hm- ia nuppiicil viitli the lieut ..f Uijuuraiiuil Cignr
Library Voting Contest
Tliis.-li-niiiii l.iliinrv nml Hitiiilsoiiiii cuae will lie given l.v yule Io
tliu Ijoilgu, S.u-ii-ij. Cliiir.-li iii-Si-Ii.,,,1 in Crnnbrook or Distrilaeutiring
tin- liirgesl niinilii-i- ol votes in tlm following uiiiinier:
Tin- nii-ri-liiiiils lislml below will give willi every l.n eenl inin-lins.-
one.      The nonlest begins Ki-liriuirv Mh.  I!K)7, nml closes June
'Isl, l!ll>7.     A Imllol lius is uliu-nil in Heiittin ,v Atohieou's ilrag sl.uv
where votes fire t,> lie ilepositeil.     At ll lose ot ll uilusl  lliu
Chnrcli, School, Soeiet.v or Loilgn hnviiig tlm liirgesl iiuiuber of  voles
will Im iitvnrili'il lh.< I.ilii-ury.     Ciirreul in tints when   nriuiuitlv pnii]
will bo untitled lo voles.
Reineniliev votes c-it.li only Int received l.v Irailing witli thu
inerohniits listed litdow.
Ettch week tlm ttenild will ttiiuotiuce lie- resiieclivc slfuiding of
It ilisnlits.
Campbell & Manning
tiruccries, l:ruil, and
Confectionery and
Flour and Feed
Implements and
Harness  .   .   .
Beattie & Atchison
P. Burns & Co m-callum & co
A. L. McDERMOT Dezall Bros.
Wine and Spirit Merchant BLACKSMITHS
The ll. C. Livery Stable
B. H. Short"& Co.
Painters and Decoraters
Wall Papers
Cartage and Transfer Co.
JWartlimisin-i. Colli
und Oil Agents . .
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineer-,
and Surveyors,
THOS. T. McVITTIE, P. I,, 3,
J. T. LAIDLAW, M. ll.
Drink Home Beet
It Is Pure
It in Healthy!
It Ia the Best
Pt. Steele Brewing Co. Till" OR AN BROOK II Kit A I.It
This Hotel Ims always bean tho louder
iu its lino, nnd will In- k.■pt. up In the
sl.-iiuliird. II' vuu Willi to meet the
people, uunm to tlm Qtiuon'ti Hotul.
Queen's Hotel, Calgary
Ai n sale <>i old English tiirnll
:il      Christie's   recent!) , .1    pair
Sheraton   *.nic   table-)    [etched    tm
gU .I-^-
im~i.HH.-Hi for lhc ilislInctlon      ol
■mime the find egg tu ihe KInjp, mut
in-. \i sty knew Hn* vnluo or the
i'U il  mi  llie liiini be WOllhl nol  e.tt
„.;h,'i  n| ltd* CKttS.
The bishop
Hint  in ibe
work of     lib
fourteen beds
ui si. Alb.in's BliiU-f
course of tbe ortllnnrj
ilinecM- he slept it
in eighteen months,
It wns reported nt Ibe meet ing of
tbe London common council lh.it the
cost ot the arrangements for opening
Hit* new cent ml crimlnnl court h.ui
been £1,000.
The sexton of Otitic (Somerset 1
church 1ms committed suicide by
hanging himself wiHi one of the hoi*
fry ropes. The trngedy wns discovered by bis wife.
Judge Willis rebuked n witness ni
Southwark county court for speaking
of ''encumbrances.1' ' 11 is rurie,''
said ihe judge. "As if children were
to rlght-mimied men eiicuinbrancos!"
At Wa mis worth county courl n
plaintiff caused laughter by Asserting
that the defendant, a furniture remover uf lhinwell, advertised on her
vans: "Don't worry—gel mnrrlcd—-
nml keep on moving."
Passing through Worth, Sussex, a
tramp Hi liis pipe at a wayside lire
with a piece of set-ewed-up paper,
which be found in tlie road. Hnving
served its purpose tin* paper was
thrown down, and later was found \o
to a i;:") note.
A Shorthorn hull, which was wailing to In' put in a train at Cocker-
mouth attacked a herdsman and pinned him against a wall, dislocating
bis shoulder. A sack was thrown
over the hull's head ami il was hauled hack to the truck.
A curious astronomical clock in
Ottery St. Mary church, nrobnbly
constructed hy monks, is being set
right, after being in liisuse fnr a
century, hv au expert in horology.
The bishop of Exeter is expected to
take part in a  rededication service.
A novel idea was resorted to in
oilier t-i let ihe electors know the
results nf Middlesex urban district
council elections. Neatly printed
poll sheets, giving tire names nt ihe
successful a nd unsuccessful en initiates, were pasted on tbe carriage
windows of  tlie workmen's trains.
The Claydon   Rnri-dceanal Chapter
(NuO'olkl have resolved "that it is
ibe duty id both clerical ami l.n
memliers of iln- ehurer to uphold religion and morulltv hv their votes
in all great, political micstions, but
ibe clergy should not introduce poll-
tics into ibe pulpit unless absolutely
[ Karl's Court, and il
Klertalcing    will   he
will   he ornamental lull
id .
l lil.c! .
In Liverpool ra
Willi *sden    .timet i        	
found two men lying undei straw in
the horse boxes     (wo iiiuli'i a seat,
while IW'Q got out nn the pl.itl.uui
and declared Ihal Hit') had not.
Imvellwl The WBIesden magiRlrnle
lined them 20s each,     which Included
the I         The '..nn,' thing ocourrrd
aitei pvcrj i.icc meeting, snid a i.iit
Wil)   ohVlnl       Men set  nut   Hush  wnh
money, and returned without a
TilUll"    Im
suitable t>>
Two l.o
that thev lolled OVCI i
into a lank nl wale
llled- Qgllllltg   still
sum ol  C10B
It..id Ui.tkh.
S   heen   sold
lions ti.>ui
icrlbed ■<-
i   flglil
Hi"   (Si(sseX)
ml I   fell
Where  ihe-
Keeji lllll, Die Mie nf
MM.I t,  has been  olToi
■clcsinsiieiil commission
uporiillon of High Wyco
eepled, im an "open spa
d bv   the
is   In   the
ilcible   value    ol Bnlcomhc
.Sussex)   is      £25,081,   ami   the   total
\|n (.'.liiiire tm tin- Iii.si year camo to
uih    i",   Us.   |;|.      The  palish      coiin-
■illiiis smoke their   pipe.',  in ease
Ai lltilbcrfon, Devon, a farmer was
about to plunge a knife Into a rick to
cut sunt' bay, when the surface, liny
moved, ai.il the face of a tramp appeared. The scared tramp took to
his heels.
In the only election for Dover
rural district council the successful
cunliJaic received thirteen votes and
tin* defeated candidates two votes.
Tbe recipient of two votes luui represented his parish for .some years.
Al the annual meeting of the
Smith Wnlcs Miners' Provident society tite secretary reported a falling
off, through Hie compensation net,
.,f 2,35,-i members during Dion. A
special meeting is to he called to decide if tin* society shall continue.
"Our Dumb Friends' League" has
I'm wm did. through Ihe Countess of
Shaftesbury, a very handsome medal
to Teresa Kavanaiih, twelve years
old, who, nt the risk of her own' life,
rescued her dog from being run over
mi live line at Sii 11 ins .Junction,
Couhty Kihiare.
The ■'Indian Mail" records that,
whilst Mr. Paske, son of Surgcon-
icral Paske, of Dover, was tiger-
bunting, the tiger sprang into the
midst nf bis parlv and carried off a
coolie. Mr, Paske tired, and the
liger dropped the man, who died from
his injuries, however.
At Barnstaple school children's
first spring llower show tbeiP were
I.T.Mi exhibits from bulbs purchased
!iv ihe head teachers at their own
expense and retailed to the children
al mie penny each, considerably below*,
their cost price, the idea being to
inculcate in the minds of the vouim,
a   hue i.f   llnwers.
AI Dindwall. William .Inseph Mac-
Kenne, Iniirk agent, Kyle, omitted a
declaration and was committed for
trial on a charge nf having, between
1st -January, 11)06, ami sth March,
1907, while iu the employment of the
Commereiftl Hank at Kyle of Locals]),
tuv/led a sum of £1,000.
! chains  west,   thence 8"  chains south
ta point of cutniiiencemep.t.
7, Commencing at a post planted at
llu- north-east corner of application
Nu. 5; thence Sii chains north, thence
Hn chains west, tlience bO chums
South, thence till chains east to
pnint of commencement,
s. Commencing at a post planted
al .south-east corner of application
No. 7; theuce 80 chains easi, tlience
hb chains north, ihenee 80 chains
west, ihence 81* chains south to
point of commencement,
!t. Commencing at a post planted
al the north-east corner of application No. 7; thence 80 Chains north,
tlience SO chains west, thence 80
chains soutb, thence 8<> chains east
io point oi commencement.
to. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east comer of npplioa-
iion No. u. tlumce M chains east,
ihenee so chains north, thence ho
cliains west, thence 8n chains soulh
in pomt or commencement,
II Commencing al a pOSi planted
•U chains west nf the north-east curie]  i.f application No. '■; theme    80
-liains north,   Ihence 8(1 chains    west,]
thence 80  chains  smith,   thence      81)
chains casl   to    point ol commencement.
\2 Commencing at a post planted
at Ibe south-east eiiiner of applira-
lion No. II; thence 8ii chains east,
Ihence 80 chains north, thence 80
elm-Inn west, thence 811 chains south
tn pi,ini of commencement,
13. Commencing at a post planted
at the inuth-east comer or application No. II; thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains west, thence 80
chains smith, thence 80 chains east
io point of commencement.
11. Commencing at a post planted
at the sotlth-enst corner of application No. 13; theuce 80 chains east,
thence chains north, tlience 80 chains
west, thence 80 chains south to
point of commencement,
Dated 2:trd March, 1007.
15. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-cast corner of application No. 13; Ihenee 80 chains north,
Ihence 80 chains west, thence 80
chains south, Ihence 80 chains east
lo point of commencement,
Hi. Commencing at a post planted
jit the south-east corner nf application No. 16; thence 80 chains cast,
thence 80 chains north, thence 80
ebnlns west, Uience 80 chains south
to pnint of commencement.
17. Commencing al a post planted
at north-east cnnier of application
No. 15; tlience 8ti chains north,
thence SO chains wesi, thence 80
chains south, thence 80 chains east
to point id commencement. j
18. Commencing at a post plantedt
nt the south-east corner of applica-'i
tion No. 17; thence SO chains east,
Ihence 80 cliains mirth, thence 80
eliains west, thence SO eliains south!
lo point of commencement.
I'i. Commencing nl a post planted I
at the imrlh-easl corner of appllca*1
tion No. 17; 'hence 80 chains north,
thence 80 eliains west, thence 80
chains smith, thence so chains cast-
to pnint nf commencement.
20. Commencing at a post planted
l the sniith-easl corner of application No. ID; thence 80 chains east,
thence so chains nortli, thence 80
chains west, ihence SO chains south
to point of commencement. i
thr   fiiief  Commissioner "f   Lands!
ami    Works,   Victoria, lor ,t special
license io cm and carry away timber1
from    the    following described laud   k
situate on the     Kast   Fork nl   ttbile  1
Kiver, in North Kast  Kootenay  district:
1. Commencing at a post plant. .1 i
about six milfs above tbe mouth nf
the Kast Fork of White River, at t
ihe mouth of Smith Creek, thence k
IfiO chains south, theme -in chains |i
west, ihence 100 chains north, theme "
.9 chains, cast io point of comin
Commencing   at   the north-
corner of   application Nn.  I. tbenee I Col urn
100   chains vast,    thence -10     chains inencin
south, th.-ncc 160 chains west, thence line   t
■10    chains north to   point ut    emu   now
mencemeitt. ! 1870,
'■■•it.'   thai,   io.dei'  the  provi
Section    222.     Chaptei  I
Statutes "i     Canada,  1006
he Canadian pacific     Hallway Com
..;;- . .' - Lessees   aud   exi rclsii
i.iucliisi--. nf   the     British Columbia
outhern Railway,   intends '<. .-• ■
;.. ibe     Board   of ttailway   Commi
sioners    fnr   Canada,   after   Hi.' ex-
piral Ion ol four weeks irom il"- date
i'i    the   firsl     publication   "f    this
notice, oi sn    soon thereaftei n
application can he heard, for nuthor-
nf       ll
nd opt
mei i.
uli     [20   chains,
■ ii.-. th.-i;.,' south
east in chains,
trains, thence east
nt    ol commence-
1!.   Commencing    at    a    post
led o i    ■    : lie ol    Martin
reek,    then uth      160     chains,
.   •      in ch, :■  .     north  inn chains,
■ ■   wesi     tn i-i;,(ins in point    of
v. .
Railway,    t
uni   nn the n
s   Railway
3. Commencing at a post planted
about nine miles above tin- mouth ol
Uie Ka>t Fork oi White River and
aboul J0   chains ninth nf iln- mouth
ot Jim Creek; theuce Mi chains
north, thence 80 chains wis', thence
chains south, thence Mi chains
mst io point of commencement.
ibiu, an
ng the
Hon w
said 1...
Mfss   ,!.i
r,   the *
ing '80)     Albeit
found drowned in
cr house. She
early lour, and
she must either
ecu blown into the
i at the tune being
lent and sipially.
>.f    Mm
omh     fi
-■edding i
■h wa
an    im-
for      the
old <;.,
ul   i'he'  i
'Annual Keuistci"
Duke m* Argyll is
present '-in the
with kilt, phili-
l    claymore cm
■li Campbell Bcral
■1-, ovei which
ie   order ol      Ihe
Notice   Is hereby given th;
lays nftci ilnte I Intend to
lhc     Chiel    Cmnmissimiei     i
 i   Works,    Victoria, for i
license  tn    cut   and  carry   a-
>l tliiilv
apply lo
d   Lands
t special
-av iim-
Ttie i\xmoillh, Devon, assistant
nverseei has coinpleletl tlm ly vears'
s.-iMce. Of the ratepayers at the
111111* or his appointment onlv three
remain on the books.
' In consorpienee of the demand tor
Million bier in Lancashire, a Holfou
firm of brewers are bringing water by
tail from Button-on-Trent in order'to
bivw Hi-' beer.
Munch ''-r grammar sciiool boys
of enteiptisini' genius has issued au
insurance against cnnlng. The hirld-
er of a coupon is paid 3d per caning
by the insurance company.
Messrs. \\. 11. Sniilb are building
some forty houses for their employees nt Lelchworih. The Garden
City tenants has now built 303, uml
private building is very brisk.
At a meeting of Dorset farmers,
who demanded n by-law prohibiting
the sab? of peewit eggs, il, was stated that there   was    always a    keen,
hei from the following deicrlbod
land, -nn.Mr nu While liner, in
North K..st Kootenay district:
1 Commencing at a post planted
mi wesi hank i.f the Ninth Fork ol
While River, about seven miles ali-ovo
the mil. u..ii ni ibe north and north"
', forks; thence so chains west,
theme  mi   chains  nmili,   thence      80
li.m,'. iiihI, llu nee 811 chains suulh
tn point ni commencement,
2 Commencing at a post planted
,i   south east    corner  ol  application
\n. I. thence tm chains east, thence
so chains    north,     thence no chains
wesi,  Ihenee SO chains smith tn point
"f commencement.
3, Commencing at a post planted
al north-east corner of application
Nn, 1; ihence 80 chains north, thence
0ft            west, thence 80    chains
31. Commencing at a posl planted
t the south-cost corner of appllca*
imi No. 30; thence -10 chains east,
hence Hm chains north, ihence 40
bains west, Ihence 160 chains south
o point of commencement.
Take notice that, under the provisions of Section 222, Chapter 37,
■Revised   Statutes of    Canada, l.ioti,
he Canadian Pacific Railway Company, as Lessees aud exercising the
franchises of the British Columbia
(Southern Railway, intends to nppH
the Hoard of' Railway Commissioners for Canada, after the expiration of four weeks from the date
of the first publIcntion of this
notice, or so soon tiie real'ter as the
Implication can he heard, for authority lo construct, maintain and operate branch lines of the British
Columbia Southern Rail wav. commencing from a. point on the main
line of the B. C. S. Railway as
now construct'^ across Lot,-
5808, Group 1, East Kootenay Division, in the province of British Columbia, and measured 102a feel
along the center line from the northern boundary of said Lot; thence in
southerly and westerly directions to
points on said Lot 5808; the location
of which said proposed Branches is
tuore particularly shewn on a map
j^r plan, profile ami bonk of reference, deposited iu the Nelson, IL C,
.iRrgjs-trv Office on tbe .10th day nf
March, I0O7, as   No. 521 EL; notice
f which deposit is also hereby given
pui.-uant to the provisions of the saidi
C. Drinkwater, Secretary,
Dated this 4th day of April, A. D.
U90L 3-5t
; Commencing at a post planted
tlie south-east corner nf -pi-Jica-
! No 33; thence SO chains east,
Ihence   Sn chains north, thence     80
bains  west,  thence sn chains south
n ['..mi ..f commencement
■.;;    Ciimmencing at a point plant**
il at    ilie norHHnisI    corner of ap-
lieation     No   If); thence So chains
mth,   tlience so chains  west, thence
o   chains south,     ihence SO chains
posl   planted
'i, of appllca-
I.   fm
80     chains    nnrlh,   thence 80
west,   thence SO chfllns soulh
i   of commencement.
Ihence 80    chains east"
of ciiuimeucement.
4. Commencing at a post planted
at soiilh-easl comer of application
No. 3; Ihence 80 chains east, thence
so chains nnrlh, thence 80 chains
west, tlience 811 chains south lo polnli
of commencement.
5. Commencing at a post plan-fed
at north-east corner of application
No. 3; thence 80 chains north, tbenee
so chains west, thence 80 chains
soutb, ihence 811 chains east to point
of commencement,
fl. Commencing at a post plantod
at. tbe south-ease corner of application No. 5; thence 80 chains east,,
thence 80 chains north, thenc*     80
:!"> Commencing at a posf planted
it ihe nn! Mi cist corner nf applica-
liou No. 23; thence 80 chains north,
Ihence 80 chains wesi, Ihenee 80
ebnlns south, tbenee 80 chains east
io polnl of commencement.
-ti. Commencing nl a posf planted
at the iHirth-east corner of appllca*
iim. No 3.1; tln-nee 80 chains east,
ihence 80 chains north, thence 80
ebnlns wet, thence SO elm ins south
to [iiniii of commencement,
27 Commencing al a post planted
it  llu-     nortli cast cornei of appliea-
I   No   U5;   Ihence 80 chains  north,
thence 8" chains west, thence 80
chains smith, llienre 80 chains east
in pnint nf commencement.
28, Commencing ai a post planted
at ibe north-east corner of application No 27; Ihence 80 chains i^t,
thence 8(i chains north, thence 80
.hams west, tbelief- 80 chains south
io point nf commencement.
20, Commencing al a post planted
t the soiilb-east coiner of application No. 28; tbenee 80 chains
east. thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains west, thence 80
chains south to point of commencement.
30, Commencing at a post planted
at tbe north-east corner of application No. 28; thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains west, thence
chains south, thence 80 chains east to;
point of commencement.
31. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east, corner of application No. 30; thence 80 chains east
tlience 80 chains nortli, thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains south
to point of commencement.
Chas. Chapman.
Dated 25lh March, 1007. 4-8t
ol  which said  pm
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ more    par i jcula 11
I. Commencing at a post plnnted "' plan, profile
u ihe north-east cornet ol applica '*llCt' deposited in
linn No. 3; tbenee so chains east Heglslry Ollice on
ihence 80 chains north, tbenee 80P'are''< ,,,"'> as >
Cliains   west, tbenee 80 chains   south)0'  which dej;
ih t.i
-.I   Hi,in.
Commencing    at   north-
nrner    of   application No   2
south  160 chains, thence west
thence north   16(1 chains,
iu chains to puiut     of
--■■: March, 1907.
Bi- at a post
,daiitcd on south - de of Cedar Creek,
th 'tn. west 100 . liains, theuce north
in chains, tli--i.ee easi 160 chains,
liei ■ south Ifl chains to point of
Iloiiiiuble   tia
ut      Laud
Chief Commis-
ttlttl       Works
described lands iu the Klk River Valley, m East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post plained adjoining the south-west corner of
L.i 2316 and marked li. L's
soulh    - east       corner, thence
eighty chains    west, tlience     eighty
eh.ims north, thence eighty chains
east, thence eighty chains south to
point of commencement, the whole
containing 040 acres.
Horace Littleproud, Locator,
Pet J. R. Edmondson, Agent.
February 23rd, 1807. 51-flfc
to point of commencement,
5. Commencing at a post plantc
at the south-east corner of npplien
tion No. 3; thence 80 chains east
thence 80 chains north, thence 80
cliains west, thence 80 chains south
to point of commencement.
fl. Commencing at a post planted
nt llie south-east cornet ol application No. 3; thence 160 dial lis east,
thence 40 chains south, thence 161)
chains west, thence 4(1 chains north
ito point of commencement.
7, Commencing at a posl planted
at the south-east corner uf application No, 5; thence 160 chains east,
ihence 40 chains north, tbenee Itai
chains west, thence 10 chains south
Ito point of commencement.
Chas.  Chapman.
Dated 6th April,  t907. 4-iit,
 tlml,   undi i   Ihe  pn.vi
sinus nf  Section    222,    Cbnptci 37,
Revised   Statutes of     Canada,  1606,
the Canadian Pacific     Railway Com
pany, as Lessees   and   exercising  th_
franchises of   the     lliiiisb Columbia
Southern Hallway,   Intends in apph
the   Hoard ot     Railwaj  Commis
mora      for    Canada,    aftei    the eX
pilalioii of four weeks fluill  the dale
the   first     publication   nt     Ibis
notice, or so    soon thereaftei as th.
plication can be beard, foi ainhoi-
,- lo   construct, maintain and opei-
i*     branch     lines   of     the British
Columbia   Southern   Railway,   emu
ineiicitig   from a     point  on the mam
line    of  the   B.     0,    S.   Rallwaj     a;.
now constructed across Lob
II07I, Group I, East Kootenay Dlvi
-Jon, in Ihe   province ot British Co
limbia, ami measured 2160 reel
-long the center line from its inter
Kiel ion wilh ihe     westerly houndarv
1   said   Lot;       Ihence   in   a   souther!)
ml easterly direction to points on
aid Lot ' m;7l. the location
i which saiil proposed Branches is
more particularly shewn on a map
in plan, profile ami book or rcfei
i-iice, deposited iu llu- Nelson. H C .
Registry Ollice on tbe 3l)l|i dav ol
March, 'l!Hi7. as No. 521 BI, notice
nl which deposit is also hereby given
pursuant to the provl."l"tts of ihe sri-l
vl Ion.
C,  Drinkwater, Secretary.
Dated   this 'till day  of April,  A.  I)
1007. 3-5t
Take notice that, under tbe provisions of   Section     222,     Chapter 37,
Revised   Statutes of     Canada, 1006,
lie Canadian Pacific     Railway Com-
mny, as Lessees   and   exercising  tbu
lanchises of   the     British Columbia
{southern Railway,   intends to apply
[he   Board of     Railway Commissioners    tor   Canada,  after   the expiration of four weeks from the date
|lof    the   first     publication   of    this
notice, or so    soon thereafter as the
application can he heard, for authority to   construct, maintain and operate    branch     lines   of    the British
Columbia   Southern    Hail wav,    commencing   from a     point on the main
flinc   of the B.    C.   S.  Railway    as
now       ecms't rue ted       across      Lot,
4586,  Group  1,   East   Kootenay  DM*
•ps    east, |n,ioii. In the   province of British Co
umtiia, and measured 1578.3 feet
long the renter line from its inter-
eetiom with Hie westerly boundary
of said Lot; theme in an easterly
Mid northerly direction to a point on
sa id Lot 4580; t be locatii m
of which said proposed Branches Is
more particularly shewn nn a map
or plan, profile and hook of refer-
•nee. deposited in the Nelson, B. C„
iRiM-istrv Office on the 30th dav of
Mareh, ' 1007, as No. 524 1)1; notice
of which deposit is also hereby given
pursuant to the provisions of ihe said
C. Drinkwater, Secretary.
Dated this 4th day of April, A, D.
1907 3-5t
Notice is hereby given that   thirty
days alter date I intend to apply to
Take notice that, under tho provisions ot Section 222, Chapter 37,
Itemised Statute* of Canada, lOOti,
be Canadian Pacific Railway Com-
"-.my, as Lessees and eieieisin-- Ihe
(franchises of the British Columbia
Southern Railway, intends to apph
In llu* Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada, after the expiration of four weeks from the date
of the first publication of this
notice, or so soon thereafter as the
application can he heard, for authority to construct, maintain and operate branch lines ot the British
Columbia Southern Railway, commencing from a point on the main
line of the B. C. S. Railway as
•now constructed across Loll
4,100, Group 1, East Kootenay Division, in the province of British Columbia, and measured 6U26.3 feet
along the center line from its intersection with the eastern boundary of
said Lot; tbenee in a westerly and northerly direction to points
on said Lot 4500; the location
of which said proposed Branches
more particularly shewn on a map
or plan, profile and honk nl refc
ence, deposited in the Nelson, B, C .
'Registry Ollice on the 30th day of
March, 19l>;, as No. 521 Al; notice
of which deposit is also hereby given
pursuant to the provisions of the saidi
wet ion.
C. Drinkwater, Secretary.
Dated this 4th day of Apiii, A, D
1907. 3-5t
ptysuanl in
eel ion.
Dated Ihi.'
Take   notll
il"- provisions of I'he'said
Drinkwater, Secretary,
lib dav < i April, A. D
3 at
Notice is hereby given that thirty
lays after date I intend to apply to
ibe Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works, Victoria, for a special license
cut and carry away timber trom
following described laud ou
White Hiver, in Nortli East Kootenay
Nn. I. Commencing at a
post planted about live miles S. K-
"lom No, 23 posl on east boundary
d Block 4500, and about one mile
-..st of White River, thence west HI
chains, thence north IfiO chains,
I hence east 10 chains, thence south
160 chains     in pnint    of commence
Nn. 2.    Commencing at the south-
ist     cornel   of No.  1,  Uience    north
lull   chains,  thence Cast   40    chains,
ice south 160 eliains, tbenee west
in     chains    to     point ol commence
Nil, 3. Commencing at south
esl corner ol No. 2, thence south
10 eliains, Iheiice east 40 chains,
thence nnrlh 100 chains, thence west
i chains to point ol commence
No. 1.       Commencing at    a   post
planted     20   chains    west   ol White
River and about   II  miles above the
tern boundary line of block 45111),
nee   south H(i chains, tbenee west
chains,   tlience norlii    80 chains,
ihence    east   80 chains  lo  point     ut
No.   5,        Ciitniuencfcg    at   a    post
planted 10 chains west <>( the V E.
nrner ol No. I, ihence west 80
liains,   tbenee   nortli    80     chains,
hence east   SO    chains,   tlience soulh
o   chains     to    point uf   commence
Dated lOili day of March, 1907,
No, 6. Commencing at a posl
planted on the north bank ol Martin
ek and about 2n chains west of
While River, thence south loo chains,
ihence west III chains, thence north
H!0 chains, tbenee east lo chains
tn point nf commencement.
So. 7. Commencing al a post
planted 20 chains west nf the north
■ast corner of No. 0, thence west 80
liains, tlience north 80 chains,
hence  east   SO  chain*-,   tlience    south
oi chains to point of commence
No. fi.      Commencing   at a   post
planted on the east hank ol White
Kiver across Hie liver from the
mouth of    Goal Creek, thence   east
Sn chains, thence smith SII chains,
tlience     west SO chains,  tbenee north
80 chains to point ol commencement.
Dated 20th day of March, Pf07.
No. 0. Commencing at a post
planted U mites above thu moiilb nf
Goat Creek on the west bank, tbenee
west 40 chains, theme north 17tl
chains, thence east to chains, Hicnci
south ion chains to point of commencement.
Dated 31st day of March, 1907,
2-fit C. A. Chapman, Locator
Notice is berebv given that thirty
days after dale .fas. M. ff. Hall
will apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria,
for a special license to cut and carry
away timber from tlie following
described land on the l'alliser River
and its tributaries, in North East
Kootenay district:
No. I. Commencing at a post
planted on the east bank of    Suulh
' ' ommei cm * at a post
o« wesi   -id,   ,,;  \,,:.K  porh
':''■  mvei    ht il  two and one*
iK's south nl mouth ol   Cedat
hence     160    chains    not Hi.
I" chains   ...st.     thence ISO
south, thence   li) chains west
i of commencement.
No, C Commencing at southwest eornei of application No. 6,
Ihen e soullt 160 chains, thm.ee east
Hi chains, thence north 160 chains,
ibeiiee wesi in chains to pnint of
Dated 23rd Match. 1907. 2-0t
N dice is hereh) given that thirty
daj afler date I intend to apply to
ti c lion Chief Commissioner oi
Lands and Words ami to tbe Assist-
tni Chief Commissioner nf Lands
ml Works fm a license in prospect
fm -.Ml ami petroleum on Hn* follow*
:i ' ilcsciilted I.iml situate on North-
. -i Mi.-hi-l Creek, about S" miles
mill nf the Crows N-st Station:
1 Commencing at a !">st planted
,! Hie nortbwesl corner of .1. II.
Hemphill's claim and same being the
nhial posl ol Geo li Belden's
claim ami marked c... 0 Belden's
,,in., wesj corner, thence 30 chains
:i i i.i. ii i nee 80 < hai ■ - .■-!, thence
n i ia ins -. nth, thenci BO chains
,i t tn plai e .: be ;inn i --,. cootaio-
!.■ , bout li'10 at res
Geo   li. Belden, Locator,
[■!.  li   Belden,  Agent.
Located March 13, RW7.
■ nortli
ilIPs Ha
■I. II
■ ■ ■     i ■" ■ •    inenci   su   chains
'" '    s" chains v i st, tlience
■ "■.-     south, them e 80     chains
I"     l'l'1"' of beginning, contain-
. limn mii acres.
I'aullne Dtmstnn, Locator,
H   G. Belden, Agent.
leatcd Al,,,eh i.i. im,;. 1.6t*
that i.il;.
ui pci
ici ..i   Lands ....
uribed lunU in the Elk Rivei  Val-
, m Ka.sL Kpotenay:
oiiiiucuciiig ai. a pu-at planted _d-
joinuig ibi* iiortb-tast cornei oi J.
r. pratt a application to purchase
n.l       marked        J.       ii. E's
lUUlb-cast collier, theuce eigu'>
hums uorth, theuce eighty d._._.-.
ie_t, Uu.-t.cc l*i3i.;> <.i._i..o __utu,
uence eighty chaiim east lo p-jini
■i   cumiuuiieemciil,   ami     coQU-ioin-'
■ IU  ,li:iu_.
.). R, Edmondson, Locator.
Kebtuarj   2-JiU,  Uij7. al-m
Notice I-.    hereby given   tbat sixtj
.a..a aflei date 1 iulenu tu apply tu
UIU      liunoliibii;   the      CJOul   LuiiAiiia-
sionci ui Lanus and V-uiLs iui per-
iiii.iMuu iu purchase the lolluwiu
tii'su ibed lands in tne i.-.ik Rivet V_l-
.■■>, iu East Kuuteiidj-;
I ommciicing at _ puat planted ad-
■oiuing U. _\ Hull _ S. E. cuinei,
uuu mile ninth ui S, 1'-. uiiu-i a application io purchase and nm***"- N.
i,, us uoiLb-east comer, tnei.ee
light) chains _na:li Lu ine noitb-
ea.sL corner ui S. L. ulivet •> -ppm-a-
iiuii Lu purcliuse, tlience eight) cnains
.-est, tlience ci^ii;) tnaina nuiLb,
iiicnce eight) chains ■.--si tu point ui
. i.iiiiKiii-'L'iia-i,-., the wbuli- conUmfng
'■10 .njie-i,
N. E. Oliver, Locator,
I'd  J. R, Edmoudsun, Aguijt.
Kebruary 23rd, J'J07. jl-')L
Notice is hereby _iu-u that sijity
ays aftei date 1 intend t>. appl) to
lie Honorable the Chief Conimis-
loiici oi Lands and Uoiks for pet-
;.i .-.iui. Lo purchase tbe luilowin*"
esuribeti lauds m 1-Jaot Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planLeu ad-
(-iiiing N. East cornel oi N.
■'.. Uiivei ^ application to purchase,
nu maikcd E. E. O s north-
.i.-.i corner, thence eighty chains
uuth iu tbe north Due ut J. R. Eu-
moudson's   application    tu puiclia.se,
> ,'i eighty citains east to thu weal
tank oi Ua- Elk river, thence eighty
tumif north .ilm*^ said river, thence
i lit) chains west tu polnl of com-
neitet-ment, Lhe whole containing t>lo
K. K. Goodwyn, Locator,
Pw .1, R. Edmondson, Agcot.
Kebruary 23rd, iuu7. 51-flt
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date 1 intend tu apply to
Die    Honorable the    Chief Commls-
 .er     oi       Lands       and       Works
ul \ ictorla       to]- permission
<o purchase tbe following
described lands in the Elk Rivei Valley. East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted ad-
ioining tbe -sniitli-wc.il corner of Lot
J.ilii and marked S. C's
noilb-east corner, tbenee eighty
chains west, thence eighty chains
south, thence eighty chains east,
ihence eighty eliains north to point
ol commencement, the whole con-
lalnlitg 040 acres.
Sydney Clarke, Locator,
Pet .1', i;   Edmondson, Agent.
February 23rd,  1907. 61-01
Notice Is hereby riven that siity
days after date 1 intend to appl** to
Notice is hereby given lhat sixty
ays after date 1 intend to applv to
lu- Honorable the Chiel Commis-
.inner of Lauds and Works
.it Victoi la lor permission
to purchase the following
described lands In the Klk River Valley, in Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post adjoining
lhc south-west cornei ol J. R. Edmondson's application to purchase
.imi marked H. O. O's
south-east cornet, thence eighty
chains west, thence eighty chain**
north, thence eighty chains east,
(hence eighty r'uins south to point
■ ■i commencement, the whole containing 640 acres.
Hentj  Gerald Green, Locator.
Per S, K. Oliver, Agent.
February 23rd, 1907. 51-9t
Notice is    hereby given   that sixty
lav.-- aftei   date  1  intend to apply   In
the Honorable Chlel Commissioner oi Lands and Works
.a Victoria inr permission
iu purchase the following
lescribed land in the Klk Rivet V.D
ley,  Kast  Kooieua)
Commencing ai .". ;<■■>;   marked K.
P's       [...t-i, - east       cornet      aU-
oiniitg tl.e uorth-west    corner of N.
K. Oliver's   application to purchase,
tlience eighty    chains    south, then*-**
-ighty   chains   west, theuce    eighty
"hnitis     n-'iiti.  Uience    eighty eliains
ast to in-:;.' ol commcticeuenl,   tbo
ontaining i ie acres.
Ernest IVllard, Locator,
Pei s   K   Oliver, Agent.
Kebiu.irv 23rd.  1907. 51-9t
is    hereby given that sixty
t  date 1 i: tend to apply t*j
[io_*ible the     Chiel Cnmmis-
doner ot   Lands and   ttuiks for per-
iss on *o     purchase tin'    following
•Mimed lands in the Klk Rivei  Val-
y,  i-..v>;  Ko-jteuay:
Commencing at a   post matki-J H.
K s     ?oLtu-eas;    corner      ad-
loining  the north-west corner of  N.
:-.   Olivei - application    tu purchase,
ence •■.-:■-     chains norlb,    thence
.'ighty chains    west,  thence    eighty
:_t:.9 south,    thence eighty    chains
•ast to point ol comineLceoient,   lhw
chole I'utitaiiiing 640 acres,
II. S.  E.wariis, Locator,
Per S.  E. Oliver,  Agent.
Kebiuaiy  2^rd,  1907. 51-Ut
Notice Is hereby given tbat sixty
;..;.a alter date I intend to apply tu
Lhe H'*:.u:a^ie Chief Cumriits-
• luner ol Lai:di _r.il Uuiks fur prr-
nission to purchase the following
.(-scribed land in tbe Elk Ri\er V_.l-
ey, in East Kootenay:
Commencing at ** post marked E.
11. B- iuuL.'j - west corner and
adjoining ito ".-ortb-west curler of
K. E. Ouudwy-j a appiiL-tiuo to pur-
hase; them.--; -u ciJai*_> noitb, thence
•i-1 chains ea_: to tbe west bank of
tbe Elk r.\er, thence "so ciiAiiis suulh
along =ahi nver, tbenee 6u chains
weal to point of coinincntemeni, tb«
whole containing 640 acres.
E. H. Boyie, Locator,
Her S. E. Oliver, Agent.
February  23rd,   1907. fil-9t
Notice is bcietij given that sixty
lays after date I in tei.-; to apply to
.to Hunuiatiie Chiel Commis-
iionei ..■: Lamis .and Wuiks lot per-
mis-ion to pure-base tne fulluwiLg
lescribed land in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post pltnted adjoining J. 11. 01dnel<l'_ nultli-we-i".
corner -nd niai-aii S. E. O's
outli-wi-.!! corner; thence SO chains
north, thence au chains east, -.itri.ee
LtU chains south along Ibe Elk river
to tbe north line of J. H. oldbeld *
application to purcnase, ihence 8U
cliains west to poiat of coin-Jen cement, the wboie toLlaliJiiig (i-iU
S. E. Oliver, Locator.
Feliiu-iry ZAiii, 1907. 51-91
land notice.
Notice is hcreb> (liven that sixty
days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Honorable tbe Chlel Cominis-
Elonei of Lands and ttuiks (ot permission to purchase the following
described land in the Elk River Valley, in East Koott-tiay:
Commencing ten    miles north     of
Sparwood at a post planted nne mile
north of tbe north line of Font A
McDonell's purchase, Lot -.'It-, an-J
.un* mile west ol tbe Klk river, nod
marked J. H. O'l N. ff, iur-
ncr, tbenee eighty chains ea.it tu
the west bank ol the Klk rivei,
tlience eighty enaiiis south along said
river     tu the nortb-east   cuiuei ol
Kuss A: McOoncll .. land, thettte
eighty chains west, ibence eighty
cliains north lu point of commenee-
nient, the whole Containing Iiiii
J.. If. Oldficld, Locator,
Per J. It. Edmondson, Agent.
Dated   February   23rd,   1907.    51-91
Notice is hereby given that sixty
'lays alter date 1 intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to- purchase the following
described lands in the Elk River Valley, in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted adjoining the N. ff. corner ol J. II.
oldfield's application to purchase,
and marked J. D. P'S N. E.
corner, thence eighty chains south
to the north line of Foss & McDonell's land, Lot 2316, tlience
eighty chains west, thence eighty
chains north, thence eighty chain*'
east to point of commencement, the
whole containing 0-10 acres.
'J. I). Pratt, Locator,
Per .1. It. Edmondson, Agent.
DaUd Febiuarj 23rd, 1WI7.    61-tft THE   CltANi'.KOOK     .IC.ItALU
*_"_"S8H_T_.;S 11 <
E,r':;    r*!  ATM I
•."■       • ims   •-';:--''';:'
'   '
,•   ■   ;   ..   i isai
1 u
';':.., 'yOU
Our prices s fair;
... ..;.,. nd the wear-
- ft -V
$10.00     $9.00
to to
: 5.00
'.'''- *********
Negligee iiiirts and Su irnishings   .  \
NEGLIGEE SHIRTS, in   jeatitil ■..  lhe  kind ;:  f.
that fit. tha'. look, and wea, ', VjK I
ZEPHYR W.,1.} IT BA    IR] iGAN ,       nd and Silk   [        g   «!_/__,,f»
i      r ■ *
The '"Barry"
The "Invictus"
: y-;:.:.L
''     <-.  .
["his swell Blt.ic.hcr
cut is destined to become llii most popular shoe in (own,
and ii is safe to say
flowing the
i and
mosl late   and
O     rds   in
the City.
I f m
■     ■
■        '
oui  Spi ing and St ) ner lines will
.  ,!• :   I   ir . le patterns
mea ure .it extremely mode
I finish ch iracterize our
n t^'.
'     ..-
■-:■'•'. ■-■-$•
■ »__5*
;-,! <"> T*     t, A i l u. p I (.. > j
, '>'. > i     w'» "l1 ■ ■. 'I   i L.W
I      MAN
I'll' -Waiter al our,'.     Applv
in hotel, Cranlirook, ll. C,     I
.1    Steivarl     i-niiie   up   from
l.-ri im iiiniii,    ai
l00k    ..flf.    his    I'.ll.fll
HOi   « IXTEI1-   I live Imr nilli
.  lie ...ii   senile n slllinlion ,.l   lliis
Si  ilroi .inert nliillsl.
I       tl       I' ml f  i||    ll.il.l        ;|
1      .' " ll 111 lift   ll,lllll
-. l-'i nn . li nvei -    ■ I ■■ ,ifti-rii ■.
I -i   ■    '..!.ii   Inl
l'"i:   KALE   I v i. , i	
ul    ..it i iiuil      t:
..    Viillel     llillteh       Wi.nlr.el
I'-OH      -   ll   If     I'll"        I,-.1,If,„■,'.;     ;,1
■ fv  low price    Applv  Fink  Morcan-
'" I " :!
I  lellel lu   I..-, ii     reeelnil     i 	
Sieve t'l.ini'i  in ivliirli '."   Inli'    ihnl
'     iin-i   .mil   lhe    linlij   :'i      ;
.',     II   ,;     ti   lent   Irip   ii,.l   lie  v Hit
Clan,   -     '   llleil   if '..   hull  ■      ill
 on  I   ll    If   I'.illi'v
l\     I'.    Iliirker,     l';. i In.  Al
nre more British I,i.ui .i...iiiii British Columbia Uuu i
nil in.iilf.     Why? .in-i2
Fin!     I IV. T    Held iveni
i    ;.i.l.n   mi",I Hn
n .i  tlnv inngor.
l-FuM    second-ham
the N.ii'th Slur Linn
Telephone 152,
■:    oho has heen ah
 i    making i.titfi,.
I nil,., sen u i s were lu-lil Inst  Siiii-
ln  .it   lhc  Hell fl i-liurch in   the
l.ornilig     ulril  ft      I!'.-  Pi.-slivleri.ui
n . in the even i \ largo   con-
:n : iim   ".     i.   .: i al liolli     scr-
. .   .     i:. ■   -. iv.i-liiil I.,,iii scr
im   ,11      lie   .       !  ,■    nlisenl on
The kirn!  Otlll   [.'rlloll    ■ n   prcpai
ill  if
..I      fi
Tin. Fi
...nl   .in  ff,,i.,11   one   l.i .ill      present.     Visiti   , brethren arc ciinli.il
ll    int.:,  i   I. '
■ -1	
it's     i  s    oxfords SI.75     at
ul; SALE-Fireproof     warehouse
loi  cheap.     Apply  Fink  Mcrcan-
l'....  I.I.I. 3
in   ll..'"-  nl     tlnrvsville,    wliih
il ■
-.1     ..   bail  di
..|    his  slniulil
-I ih-
■    were allcmhil lo nml lie    if
In    :. -ilni      ll'ltll  Iiu   ,i in  in     ,i
■":' S U.E-Tom    plants, ship-
ii 'nl  anil qiiniililics .is rcqulrcil.   I-'.
II. Black, Ni! on, I!  C. 1
Services in cilllimclllnrntion ni SSth
i tin isarv nl lhc insliliiliiiii oi Odil
I'llloa ,|iip III     Uncricn will he   hclil
ti Cirri     -' ircl     Sunday u 'it al
Ml members ,.f   Hie
.  i :    :• I.. pnrllii|iate are re
tell in ii.ffi in Fraternity hall
- 15. Seals will li.- reserved at
•tubers oi the [lobe
WANTED—Clirl   lor general    house
i irk.        Applv   Mrs.   Chas.  Mngcc,
Cranhrook, II. C. 4-2t*
Clinton   MncDonnlil   anil wife   loll
ni   Mnf.i.iv for    Atlanta,    Ceorgia
'.':    MacUnnnlil  will  represent
■. .    .ii   the It.  of  li. T.
■' nn.       Mr   HacDonalil
ire     picnseil thai  lie     is
lo undertake    the
" IN ! ED—A    brig-hl boy fnr mes
.•■i.f ..:    the     commercial
,    office     For particulars np-
•..   I, Ncilsnn, agent. I
tl.ii  eartnnnisl  gol  a little previous
t   '.     Ins reference lo tho "banana
'      : 'i  last  week anil as     a
■    Ihet   in.i,   turiieil       a
ll.ilc.il » on   .ton  us Tiles
f   in ii has 1 ii  lunching us     up
«inter,    wenthnr ever     since
lloolllsl       lias   mil     , .lli.-ii-lillv
i-i nil  from  Ilia shock   l.i rcsuma
lies i.i, hut lie -.'.ill prot.il.li
.    .:   i, again neil week.
I'iti: SALE—Fircprool    warehouse
I lot ilif..if     Apply FiiiI. Mercnn
Co.,  Llll. It
■   Hi. "■   Cnncerl     iii.iui   lull
■   i'i      ■   Uuiiii.,till    hall Thin nla)
i  :    lai  nighl   nl In :  week, ami
''■ -!! I l!' : ,!"     "i even   'i
'   il nice v.. i    iron afler lhe rnncorl
It i. l.i nml Ihn mimic 11 iniil :■>
Ime If. i the hcsl    evei  renili i ■ I nl
'    eltli i iiiiiuiifi.t    in     i'i.u,
Tli. v      i.ill     giii         |,|
"    in   ll ntivnrtli   hull     Mi.ii.la)
f, M
I f  the    Hun .li  I.urn ami    i„
lit III
II    '     Vi   lei    nn   ."iiploi f   Hi..
\    '  I iiu ui i nl
'     Ill .1   llie   iiii-.liulion-  lo    i-.i-l
I     f iifl,I     ui   Ilif   fiifs   ol       ll
Iln   mill Saturday nml the
: ,1 hand were li.ulli  mangled
l.    Ifl       I'..,-      Illoll'lll        to   ('!..!
. a he    Inf.,I Suiuiilui     and
'    ..,■   In   SI     Kuiflf   lio.i.l'.,!.   .,!,.•! ■
■ hand was ilressed, hnl il is
-. - ' i Ihnl it mil he nis-essnry lo
up : .... ilia   arm    Mow  Hu' '  '•!-
Fill! SALE—A gooil    sccoml hand
li.ibv carrlago.     Apply box si 1.     .'I
David  Anderson, emplnved  iu    the
... ml-   In- llu-   Nortli   Star   Lumbei
I'.unpniiv, ivhilf al work lasl     week
.i    f.iiiviiig a bnltle ot oil  in    liiin' oil snws uiih.     Hi- slii I
p   l-| "l    In  oil   Sfl'.'-   nun.        in-  shim..
lAJty-  nml fell, breaklnii llie bnltle. and tl
1 il.iu,  -'.ins    out  his  thigh so hiiill
!   ih.it   he wns   i-nnslilernhly weaken.
- ■,   lo   loss   of   blond   hofnr
red.     II,- wns    hrntigli
SI-.l.F-LI-ALU.   I-I Ml.
nn..- each year lhc Salvation Army
-'' - aside a week-foi what they call
ill ii   "Sell li.-iu.il Ellurt, ' .uul'   Un-
■ elllbei .   oi     tlit.-     oi.iain/.iluiii ih-ui
liiciicclvcs ol overything possiblo    iii
 ■   :" cuntribuie limit n.iti.s    to
"V -«l: the  general [uml collected
'■ i-.- litis special pf.k.J. For uiu
»..» commencing Al.u lib to tub
'■-" icai ii,,- comrades oi ibu local
1    ' ' ""' ''nny in Cutubrook mil
' i "' among in,.,, friemls, soiic g
'"  ;" '"-IP uarij „„ ,i„- noble
-" " •' ''■"-' lu.   ff ,', i work      the
..I'll)       I. .1".',', all oui   i,f     wm-mi
""'    )"" a ■•■'■'■■ "i lhc -pi. ii.lui gooil
"''.' '' :f """"■ i.. Kuiai iu
iinl'ial ivay     youi  iiu, ,,',i  m
 ■ ,, i..'     ii,,. ,,,,,„,,_
"""il is ai hand I u uuglu    ,„,i
Ion. up ,i«.,i   luui	
  '- -i  leil   llllli   i.i.- I  ii
inn*    -i hull .i        	
"       '   Ol    ll..     .il.niii i    „,,,„       |„.
' "I'll Iiiii   III    III.'    in,,i     urn
' "    ■ '         I ■  lllll.
1 I II..11.   .„
■   lot     if.,   f .ii   linnet
■    tout i  Cnomlii
 i   upeiuli    ,.,,
il uli fi.     i mo i ,.i i,,   iiiiteiem
.    Un ,: .',,,,, ,   t.x
ni.l.li AFFA1HS:
i, .   Un      1.. il
ill.    i II Y   nil M'll..
ITOCK    ctillPAM       llllli \M/|:
I'h tei  gnlng public i.i   ('mi
■    "   ' •      ,   '    ' flfflliil,   ol       a
•   1        house in   Cranlirook,
I  ■     ' . Iln   ground mil he
. I ■".,■■   \ slock
■ b.-1-n  organized,  enpil-.ll
■ tviil   :      .1  the plans .....I speclficn-
liimis,     .   Im I,    is ordered, ami it
■ '"■■'" ' I  tl ' 'if •   mil  ho
lei   Mul    - . ■   ii,- week.  The
■    i-d iitt   'if Canadian
1 ;      The building    »iil bo     urn
feel     iu  dentil     If   15  fi   i   in    iiulili
ith a stage 25x1      nil willi the gnl-
■f. '
mil ii.
..II    1 I,.- 11 I K.l I
' No persnn -,li„li ,,i nny lime wilh
III '     |'l    '.  i i. ,.!.!.,It.!■',    ,,       ,„. ,
""Ui  lit,,     l'l,i, I  tn,.  Kngine. i. ii,,il,,.
Hi!   I"f I 'Hfi   l.n 'i   In.'  iu anv
" I'1    lard ..I   n| ™        ,,        Ityluu   i.,
V"   I'lllU    .litl   ll. It. ||      I,.   |,	
lire iiillnii
ly lire lllllll
clinli nl      thi
..■    Hm     uml
■   ' nn month    i .  , ,
l   I'   If
Chlnl  to,' Fm ii... -i
All hinds nt I."Hi's and i-.-i.iI. .,,.■,, .
In- Ci.ii,i I, iu.. Work . .Urn n.f
Wi'ium ille Ii 'Ilni  I."1.1
uiiiUnk; costipation
IIII.I  ' NS   \    it ItTAIN CI lit:.
"I  Ifl 'I' ~llpalliin ("i  I,,,'
.ears,'       s.ns   th-      .,;    nit,,,,,., „i
\ciifs si..   Toronlo.       Ml 'hroiigiil
.'. Iieailiiches   nnd     illnzy bouts,  I
"I'lifl uf "f bralHi ami vitality.     I
u" nl  a  I I    nu i   in Irving v.ir-
■ilii-s.      Al   last        1
uuu.   ...    ,15,823
ii Ciiiiuila
ml. i„ii permit
ing   lunlnhllteil
lif    Is.  ff I I..1
trying oa     nu
ll;- gi'
i  pu.l.
oilicers ii, charge ot llu-   Cran-
Captains .lf.fi,'      I..
>i :    t..  Dairsoit     have
1 ' : il'i nml iiell in litis
iml ." deserving .u tlio aid
'I     "'  "i ".i  1 If-
if    prepared to  uipplt  I dry
iiiiinl. am- lenglh.    Orders ca'n
I  mil- llf.,1,- ,v' Elwcll "i  ll   T
R.     s.   lt.ii.iii,   Hillcrcst
- -*-   ■
15.40 arr.
11.50 "
10.30 "
9.00 "
6.00 Iv.
Cranbrook Iv. 11.25
Km'.s.'ate  " 14.00
Boimers Ferry  15.20
Sand Point Iv 16.55
Spokane  an- 20.00
I'..r fnni.,
. .i|,|.ly   I-.  .1.   -|,i,.
. .,.1 writu'ln
E. J. COVI 1-      J.S.CARTGH
i .;. I', i.              H p. i,
V IN    il Villi            mil -■ iy i: ,.
I  Wit   Mil ICE,
Noli.-r  is    lififl.v  given   tin.I     Islj
... i   illei   -I   I  ml.ml   ph   to
'    ' I      Commis nu  Lands and
Uul,.,    \ i.i,   linn I, Col bin,
i a   is inn   i,m  I,, pin. In .   if      1.1
 lied   lllllll   in   :  li   I a  I
i'  f in ■  ai   a  p.- :   |tl.nile,l  at
a  point  mi flf" Ill nl  ' Ii
f.    I     f i   ot      In,I    If i      . 'I
Ifi.iip   I,   I .i   I   If"!   ,    l,     1 i I,,,   ...   I
III clinli       ■ 'i,    nit
lesl   it. i-hi.liiii,   il - miiib
I" fii.iins i" Uf i  i.i chains    i"
nf I   fun.ini ,       	
..... ic
Itolph   I'.il I
11 ill day ,.t  Ipril,  t u
luui I'll
IN    i in:   si I'liF.iii:   nu ItT   uf
URITISIl nil.I lllll 1
In    tlm   mallei  ..I   II Companies
Winding. I p Ail, isn.s, Heimi
i ■ I,...,t,-1 II of lhe Ml.. I in,: of
Hrillsli I'l.lu.nlli.i, 1808, ami
Amending Acts; mul
In Hm  liter ol Th.. Fay lii.ll Hold
Mining nnd Milling Company,
Limited, Non-Personal Liability.
A    meeting of tin-   shareholders of
If   rklit    one-Dlleaiis—nml I The Pay Hull Hold Mining mul Mlll-
v enri I me." I"B '' \"m- Limited, Non-Personal
 ii il,,. (inesl     sclenllllc papers Liabllily, will be held at the t'limn-
Hi.   iimlil (Science Sittings), says hers of   His   Honour, P. E. Wilson,
llileuns in this connection; "They  Local Judge, Crnnbrook, on Monday,
f    eonsllpnlinn    wllltoul calming I Hie 2'Jnd day ot April, 11107, at   Iln.
griping, and iln nol  cnuse niter-con- hour of four o'clock lu tbo nflornoon,
lit).iti..11, as other purgatives do."     I" consider a tender of One Thousand
Piles, uViiilitv. anemia, Indigestion,   Dollars innile for the assets ni    tho
linniil.nl, whore lu-   is biliousness, heartburn   headache   ami said Company,
llv umlfi' tli,. ,.    ot I Innate ailments -.11  disappear beinro 'loi." Leask.
a short course of Bileans.    All ding- Oll'u-i.il Liquidator,
ve you   nn'gi-sl.s nnd slor.-s at all i-i-iils in     Hi-1    llaleil    tills    llilll    day   ol    April,
40-111 loan Co., Toronlo, fur price.


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