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Cranbrook Herald Aug 1, 1907

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Array »•■»«,i»l«,i ve
Aj.rU 31-01
AUG 4.1907
B. R. WALCRB, Pn.ld.nt
AUiX. LAIBD, Gen.t.l H.n.|,r
A. H. IRELAND, 8up.ikit.nd.nt ol
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Brandies tbroutbout Canada, and In tbe United States aad Eaflua
Deposit* nl $1 iiii J upward* received, and Interest allowed at
cm-I. ni rules. The klepos.lur ia xublcc. tu no delay wbalavar la
Ilia wtUulruwul ot the whole ur auy porllun ol the defuatt.
Cranbrook Branch,     -      P. C. MALPAS, Manager
A Branch of this Bank has been opened at
CRESTON      -      -     B. C.
How  oite.ii  do   we  read  this
Heading in the Dally Papers?
Accidents Will Happen Everywhere
The Best and Safest Thing to do
is to carry an Accident Pulley.
Real Estate CRANBROOK, B. C, Insurance
.lunt received, a shipment of
It in a Liquid Compound tbnt will dent my I meets and Flie*.
1st' ii ou your Cuttle and HogH.
I'xe it tilwnt your Poultry IUmt.cs.
li Ir guaranteed to protect Hom*t* and Cattle Irom Hies and
vermin; to kill l.i.-e on Cattle ami Hog*; to exterminate Poultry
limine Vermin; to eradicate Bed Bon*-, Cockroaches and like linuse*
hold pests when need ureordin-* lo direction*-.
Put up in 75c. and $1,50 patented screw top tins
\ [    C    E.    REID  bCO CO. DRl'UOISTS
I'.toNK 74 Dl.p«.Bl.| I, Mr aKci.il>
the   e-.liil.il   of   HAND    PAINTED   CHINA   on   FRIDAY,
AIJfll'ST 2m   A representative of Pickanl 8tud1oo, CHIcago,
will  exliil.il $'.,iHHI worth  ol  lhe  modi   beaillltltl n pec i menu of
China ever bIiowii in Cnnndn,   Orden'wlll to taken, but none ol
the goods will he lor wile,   A good chance to imrubaaeOblua with
ymir tiioiio^riuu on.
J      W.     H.   WILSON. Graduate
Jeweler and
I'llONI- 56
Fancy and Staple Groceries
,1,1,1,1,1 1,1" .mull 1,1 r.','"i,,' prompt ,01,.,of, I ,|,,i,.K ,|,.|ii-„rv    j.«.„-,
1 I I IIOMK4UI.il I'llRHBItVta,   Uuv. jour orderrarlv, nnil w. will '
1, ,1,11110.   It IXI-I.K.'MIIKS will Hul.1, i.ixt w»lt.   Don't g.t Mt
.lull MilHI h  lili'l liinn Hi,','. ,1,11 lit .'i.lll|ili,'ll A Mioitiiiiu'n ninl flail loa ,' III,'
Our .Iml, of lli'in ItinitH i. very ,'„...-
|,li'lf, i'„..i|,riMii.K Hlnitli', 'I'll..',', Five
Hl„iii"ir llu.H-r» in
• H'AlJJ, I'KAHI.S, SAP1-..1KKH,
II ua. InivMi't a i-i.uil.lnn.li.ii yon Ilk.,
I»l ua linv,. „n, ,|,„|B „., ,,„. -„„
Om..iul Wnti'l. ..i.pwtor tore. p. R
. l-mvB Ni'.. I-i. a Uivlaion
;; FIRE    PROOF   SAFES ; ;
New uu-. Seeonil-liiinil.   (lanii-
,ll..ii or A.iH'i'i,'.... iiulkea iitwny.
nn I1.111.I
Itclt-lencet. In .'riinlinnili: Fink
Meii'iinlile To., V. 1lv.li. linker,
w. II. Wilton ni.,1 itt-Wa Dry
ii.hmIh Store.   Aitilit.Hs:
I'. O. Hm UK.:.       Calgury, Alts.
KopairiiiK u Specialty
Aikens Block, Cranlirook
WANTED-Posltlon In ofllce by
competent nun. Oood references.
Apple to A, J, Morgan, Craabcook,
B.O, ii
Mr. O. Glasstord Ims been appointed
district roaster mechanic at Cranbrook, to tamporartlv succeed K. D.
Smith, during the tatter's absence
lor about six weeks on leave ol ab-
senoc. Mr. Smith will visit Rochester, Minn., to consult will, specialists
lor his health.
Miss H. 0-lassIord, daughter ol the
district master mechanic, visited
Kings-gale and Sirdar this week in
company with her lather.
,1, .1. McDonnell, train despatcher,
visi-1.il Kingsgate on Wednesday.
Mrs. J. Moe and Iwo children, the
lamily o! .1. Moe, district passenger
agent, will leave shortly lor Nelson
on a lew days visit to Mr. Moe at
that place, and when there will make
arrangements to make Nelson their
permanent home tor the luturc.
.1. Sarvis,    wile ot Engineer
■ for a      two
The baseball is ofl Iilc rest ol the
week, as the hose team is practicing
for the Fernie holiday. Below is the
score of the two games prayed:
.,.   r.,11, in,       wi
Sarvis,  lelt .... Monday
.    .1,    It',,.   „»   n.u..
days trip to Sirdar.
F. \V. Reeves, ol U.e superintendent's otllce, has received merited recognition Irom the company in his
promotion to tl.e position ol superintendent's accountant, effective ihis
W. C. Marshall, formerly of the
superintendent's office, but who has
not been with the company lor tin.
past year, has again joined tin- superintendent's accounting stall.
F. E. Qaiitbicr, assistant general
purchasing agent, ot Winnipeg, was
in the city lor several days in consultation with the different lumbei
companies ol the district. He returned to Winnipeg on Tuesday.
A. Hat-ton, lormcrly chief despatcher here, who now occupies tbe position ol inspector of train service,
lor lines west ol Fort William, was
in lhe city lor several days in conference willi Chiel Despatcher J. H.
Scott, on affairs relating to the trallic.
The happiest man, without question, in the city last Monday was
I. E. Kennedy, ol the Trainmaster's
ollice, when a welcome visitor came
to his home in tbo person ot a ten
pound son and heir. At the time of
writing mother and babe are doing
Superintendent tl." Erickson and
Secretary A. P. Thompson, are on
an inspection trip on Uie eastern portion of the district this week.
Fred H. McKay, chiel clerk in the
B. A B. department, will leave about
the 13th of this month on a visit to
his home in Prince Edward Island.
His position wilt be filled temporally by W. A. MacPherson.
Thos. Caven and wile expect to
leave in a day or two (or Vancouver
to visit Mrs. Caven's mother, who is
11. Gorman has been appointed
night yardmastcr in Cranhrook yard.
This is a new position necessitated
l.y the heavy traffic.
W. X. MeAuley, present day yard-
master here has been transleired to
Lethoridge, and will leave with bis
lamily tor that, place tomorrow.
II. Knocke, brakeman, bas been
promoted to the posilion ol Couduc-
iind is located temporarily at
Conductor Ed. ShacMoton is on a
vacation and is visiting Edmonton
ml olhcr prairie points,
.1. M. Steward, chief tic Inspector,
was laid up lust week with blood poi-
soiiiing in his leg but is now convalescent.
S. Nott, assistant storekeeper,
will go lo Medicine Hal on Friday or
Saturday to meet I.is flanceo, who is
on her way here from Hu. Old Country. _____
Engineer .1. II. Onslake returned on
Mondav I■ om his I rip I.. Montreal
and ll.e Pacific coast, and resumed
duty today.
W. A. M. Foy, special service
agenl. ol Calgary, a'good man in
his line of business and a llrst-class
fellow every other way, is in the
city today.
W. Valid..in of the shops, leaves today on an ex1«»idc.l holiday visit to
Winnipeg and Kcnora.
11. P. Blake has heen appointed assistant tti Mr. A. Dunn, storekeeper,
and commenced duty today.
I stood hy a grave last Sunday
ami saw lor tbe lirst time In opera-
lion a device lor lowering bodies.
More Hum once have I seen mourners
shocked at the grave side by some
careless bearer, allowing the lowering
straps to render uneven through his
lianas, precipitating the body on end
in the grave. In (act I have never
attended a luncral without more or
less apprehension along this line. I
confess that I received this new
method with some suspense until by
a touch ol a lever by the funeral
director I saw the case descend with
a gradual easy motion that completely surprised me. I turned away
leeling that lor both mourners and
onlookers the grave had indeed lieen
robbed ol another terror.
The C. C. 8. are to be commended
on tlie Introduction ol this new device, which in bound to meet With
approval wherever occasion demands
IU use.
Tenth league match played between
Ollice aud Clerks.
11. Wilson 	
II. Scott 	
I. .McDonell 	
F.   McKay  	
O. Sutherland 	
—. Turner 	
M, lieuuison 	
.1.  McCallum 	
11. It.
1     1
:    .i
Batteryr-McCalluui anil V
Clerks A
W. H. Wilson 	
A. Uibson 	
W. DcBeck.	
W. Silence  —
N. C. McKlnstry 	
W. Laidlaw 	
-. lvel 	
li   .1. Binning 	
W. Harrington	
lis il
11. II.
•1 1
i :i
■t ii
■1 1
■1 1
-1 ii
3 1
3 II
:i I
Si   :i    B
llarringloli and Wilson.
Umpire—. Yates.
1 -.! 3 -1 5 11 V    11
Offices  II-''---), :;i:'l ■"'
Clerks. I.l..-(ll..-      8
Eleventh league match pi
tweeu Town an.l Clerks.
Town '
F. R. Anderson 	
W, Burton 	
11. Lowle 	
O. Jorgensen 	
.1. Myers 	
M. Miller 	
.1. Fulton 	
.1. Henderson 	
-. Clute 	
lycd 1)0-
.11. 11 it.
1     1 1
-I     1 1
Battery—Anderson and
VI. 11. Wilson 	
W. Harrington 	
W. Laidlaw 	
W. DcBeck 	
A. Oibson 	
W. Speuce 	
N. li. McKlnstry 	
It. .1. Binning 	
A.II. !
.... -1
... -I
33     7     5
Battery—Spence,   Harrington   and
Umpirc-E. H. Small.   ^    r *
Town ..
Following is the schediilo
till to be played:
Town vs. Ollices 	
Shops vs. Town 	
Offices vs. Clerks 	
Town vs. Clerks 	
Offices vs. Shops 	
Clerks vs. Shops 	
Town vs. Offices 	
Shops vs. Town 	
Ollices vs. Clerks 	
Town vs. Clerks 	
Offices vs. Shops 	
if gum
Town  11     1     1
Shops  r.     2     2
.'lerks  ii     2     .1
llliees  5      1      ■'   .
-Tie games ilo not count ...
Hill & Co., who sell the lamoiiB
aoth Century clothing, had an ail. ...
the Herald on .luly Ith, showing
what anth Century clothing had do...'
o change the clothing statistics of
"anada. Last Saturday Mr. IliH ro-
cived the lollowing loiter which explains itsell:
Toronto, Canada, July 23, in
Messrs. Hill & Co., Cranbrook. H. C.
Gentlemen: Permit us to congratulate you upon your advertisement ...
Ihe Herald ol July 1th. Wo think
that this is the strongest and best
advertisement that ever appeared ... a
uewspupcr tor 20th Ccnliir) Brand
clothes, since wc started nuking
them. It is so good lhat wc would
like your permission to reproduce- .1
in our "suggestions lor advertising
next month. It is evident that linn-
is somebody in Cranhrook that cm.
write advertisements, as well ns
sell clothing. The Her:.].I people,
loo, deserve credit lor the way they
set the advertisement up.
Respectfully Yours,
The Lowndes Coini y, LW,
John F. Suits.m;, Jr.,
Advertising Manager.
Dr. Seward Webb, at a dinner, sai.l
ol a certain poor marksman: "Visiting his English brother-in-law, lie
shot tlie head keeper in tl.e leg the
first morning he tried pheasant shooting. The man limped away, cursing
horribly. Next day he hail wretched
lucta, though the wounded head keeper
without malice, had assigned him to
a fairly good place. Hang, bang,
bang, went his gun every few seconds, but not a bird leil before it.
He was much embarrassed. It
seemed, too, that at each of his
misses the under keepers smiled at
one another oddly. Finally his
cartridges gave out. He hurried to
tlie nearest keeper and demanded
more. 'There ain't no more, sir,'
(ho man answered. 'No more'.' Non-
', sense. Why, you've got at least
11,000 In that box.' Tl.e keeper
Hushed and   stammered.       'Ah, hut
ilhem ain't lor you, sir. They're lor
another gent. They've got shot In
'tm, alt,r"-Ei.
Idaho, .J til j- 28.—After being
hours the jury brought In a
terdtct of not guilty in .he case ol
llaywoint. Mover was released under $25,00(1 bonds lumlshed l.y Un-
Butte miners union, i'ettil.one was
refused bail und his trial will come
up .l.e Iii -il ui October, Haywood
ml Moyei will leave for ile.iiel
ii Thursday, whore they will be a-
i-hi-,1 l.y a  great demonstration'
Last .Saturday a man named Uus
Threader, oi J affray, came in ou the
afternoon train Buffering from an ex-
lended llirtalion with Joe Seagram,
.nul soon after liis arrival he wan
I'laeod in the city jail hy friends who
wero desirous to see thai he was
properly taken euro of. The condition of llie man Impressed Chief Dow
ii ml hu seal, lot Dr. Green, who oamo
anil prescribed for Uio individual. 'I'he
medicine was administered hy Jnlloi
Ward, who gp.ve every attention to
Uu- unfortunate, AliotiL lu o'clock
Mr. Ward entered his cell to (-ive him
mioUior tiose of medicine hut louml
him sleeping peacefully autl did not
disturb him. Several hours lalei
[ill". Ward again entered the cell and
tun ml him sleeping again, and naturally supposed Uiat ho was all right
.md leliri'd. Before gd-ing to bed
Air. Wan! arranged with two of Um
prisoners to look after the man, ami
left tho door of the celt so that it
could he opened without any delay
In ease anything happened. About S
o'clock Uie next, morning Mr. tt.n.i
was called and informed that the
prisoner had hanged himself. An in-
vestigutlon showed that the man had
Ill's I tried to hang himself wilh liis
narrow leather hell, but the tongue of
the buckle broke through. Then he
tried his suspenders, ticlng them into
a slip-noose, but they also broke. Evidently at this time he discovered the
sliorl. piece of rope lhat was hung he-
Iwetn lhe bars of the window and a
nail iu the wall, a distance ot not over three feet. Tying this around his
neck, he bent his knees until the loop
around his neck was tightened ami
in this way he strangled himself.-
Coroner Moffatt called a jury Mondav night consisting of 11. E. Beat-
tie, Jamwi Arnold, VI. l>. Hill, K. IO.
Simpson, George lloggarih ami 1». .1.
"ilcNwoyn. V. E. Simpson was
selected as foreman, and after hearing Urn evidence, the jury agreed
upon tht; verdict declaring that the
man had committed suicide ami that
.ne could be held to hlame for the
Imperial Bank of Canada!
At St. Eugene hospital, on Satur-
l.iv, duly 27, Bertha Victoria,
laughter of A. H. NeMiett. The
uncral was held at 2 o'clock Sunday
from Ihe English church ami the remains were interred in the Cranhrook
Mr. and Mrs. Nesbitt desire lo
thank their many friends for their
kind acts in their hour of sorrow.
dames Emanuel Dare lo Miss Lena
Marc, Rev, Klcwelling officiating, on
Thursday, July 31st, at 5 o'clock
p.m. Both parties are now living in
Moyie, hut are formerly from Coly-
km, Devonshire, England.
A reporter asked Senator Tillman
rather maliciously what he thought of
a certain opponent's speech. "My
hoy," said the senator, "it was like
a line bottle of champagne." "Yes?"
nun inured the reporter, rather taken
aback. "Yes," said Senator Tillman, "lots ol froth and very dry."--
1      Interest Paid Quarterly      1
Cranbrook Branch • J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr. \
An. you one of
Our Customers?
If nut il will pay you to bo one, We liavo the largt-sl n.
host slock of Drugs, Stationery, etc., in tlie Kootennj
Buy wbero you
Can Buy Cheapest
i.n.l t-'.-t ivli.it you ask for
MCI THINGS IN CANADA Canada has, on tbe    Yukon, one ot
,    ,        ,              . 'be richest gold fields in tbe world.
. lunula has tbe most prolific   and 	
extensive  sra fishetifs in the world, c.^ has the ,irsest r,lctt., mines
,,, n rlVfrl                         *"      ' Ml' '"  ll"-' wo"d' "»"  ** lat*"st   «•>"<>
  nickel producing mine is tlie Creigh-
Tlle largest grain mill in ttre Brit- '                   	
if' !;;,"1l,'il,cl,ils1l".'Mu"tlra|-1.,e °&U; Canada has the latest zinc smelter
il; tar mill laving a capacity     of ,„ ,;„. worW| „, Kr_t, Alberta,
l.uiil h.ii n-ls of flour in 21 hours. 	
Cairada has ll.c largest.elevator  in T,„ tWcVe8, v„Mn     ,             to
the   world at Port   Arthur-capacity !he ^.u-i: |(,.t_has been found at
seven ....Uio.. bushels. Stellarton, Nova Scotia.
Tl.e (1. T. P. Kill build a 12 mil- Canada's largest freizht vessel, Tho
lion bushel   elevator at   Fort     Wil- Midland Prince, is 48C leet long.
li......                                                 j 	
n      ,    ,      .,    7~     .,,.., °"c "'   Canada's hra-t industrial
Canada has tl.e largest lock ... the establishments   is the Massey-Harris
ivorl.l-at I'elcrliuru. lv,)r|cS| with over 3,000 men. '
Canada wiil lmve the longest bridge ,.      ,    ,                , .,    ,         ,     ■
-ii.il, in llie world at ('lichee. ,  ( ?na,l'i Y'\ ","-' "l S? ]*"!*"' £?
1                          ' b.irtmenlal stores in the i'.mp.re, The
....                .... T.  Baton Co., of Toronto and    Win-
liil..i.l.i     has  one   of    lhe   largest ,,i|K.ir, miploying 9,0M-
single canal   locks in ll.e world,   at _!	
Snull Sle. Marie. |   (lT||, o( (,|(. ]ar(,(.;t t,,iAl,.ril... ,„   „,,.
  world is at (ll.-u-e Bay, N. S.
Can...la     has     the   largest   silver-. 	
nickel-cobalt deposits in the world at' Canada's largest coppei mine is Ibe
Cobalt. Cranhy in southern B. C.
The Big
Purse-Pulling Prices
Ladies' Blouses at a Sacrifice
Ladies' and Children's Shoes
A Pile of Ladies' Skirts at Half-
Millinery at HalfPrice
Carpets "Wm and Carpel Squares
Men's Clothing
Children's Clothing at Cost
Remombor, this in a  goWon   opportunity   Bale, but
you llftvo mt time to lose. THE  ORANBBOOK   III'liAM)
V fin milk.- I1111-.1 vvorlj
.nay, lit i-iis.v  work   In
u-i'orililltf lu llie   kiii'l   "t
,,,,ls mil un..   W-i.U.o. I
ii.ii.I  Idols tor Ilieil' work
In llll
IKONS nr. nn> kinu yun
(iiiiiilinr .villi   |t I  .„, I...
lf,','r™"i,Vl'm,l':'in,H'''r   "ESSS^SKliS
illi.l ilo llln work right. "* T^il""r"^
nun: is anu 1.1:1 us snow vou thkiii noun l'oixrs
,,     Sew ami Strictly First-Cluss Tei.ephoke 2UHII     X
.,     American Plnu, $2.,i0 per dny up V
C'n as. Baktkey, Proprietor.
.,     Cor. Seymour and Cordova St-B.   *,- ***    *,
::       0 t.o. v. n. station     Vancouver, B. I.
il     llns i-lianueil I111111I-.    Mils. M.  Kn.i-i isi: is tiroru'letorcss,   'Nuff eeii.
I'. McCONNeU, "lamer
On the Kootenay.   The centre of the
beautiful country south of Wardner
B. C.
i 1
< >   \X7'** broiiRlit in a sliipnii-nt of lniiilm this week, nnd by    o
<>      * *      'Phone we will be plenst'd to let you know tlie days    < *
wu will have lmve
Choice, Tender
P. BURNS ® CO., Ltd.
I'llONI: NO. 10
> **********************
Wholesale Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Importers of
!!r h. short <& coJ
The Painters and Oecorators
. 1
; I  Large Stock of Latest Designs and Colorings ',',
in Wall Papers
''                             ALL WORK GUARANTEED ',',
~ ..
Phone III      ARMSTRONG AVENUE  P. 0. Box 33 !!
COAI. AND PETROLEUM NOTICE)Boundary,  Uienco north su     chains,1 1503, ihenee  eust 80    chains, ihenoo
thvuco east .so chains, thenco   south  north ho  cliains,   Uience     west    so
"" -■' '  '   w" --1-'"      '    chains, Uience   south SU     chains    to
point uf commencement, and containing lllll acres, more or less.
Lester Clapp, Locator,
Nicholas Powers, Agent.
Dated .June li), ]„07. U-flft
I.      Take   notice that,   thirty
iter    dale   we intend to apply
ti ihe   Chlel Commissioner ol Lands
ml Works   lor a license lo prospect]
n cual ami petroleum over the   foi-1
lowing   described   land,   situate    in'
UlocV  -1503,   South   Kast   Kootenay j
illstrlct,   Ll. t'.: Commencing   at    a
posl marked   Herbert Morris' N. E.
iier   [lost,    planted   on   the west
nk of   the   Flathead    Kiver    and
jut liim* miles north of the International  Boundary, ihenee south    sn
ileitis, theuce west su cha'lns, Uienco
mi tli    sn   chains,   theuce   east     Stl
■liains in point of beginning, con tailing tiiu acres, more or less.
Herbert Morris, Locator.
Located     this l.Uh   day ot    July,
No. 2. Commencing at a post
narked Itobcrl Ford's N*. W. comer
post, planted on the west bank "I
lhe Flalhe.nl Kiver and about nine
north   ot   the    International
80 chains, Uienco west SU chains t
point ol beginning, containing lili
acres, more ur less.
Alfred ,1. Hall, Locator,
-a ted    ihis    Jt.'th day   of   July,
.. 11,      Commencing   at a   post
uni    John   Grey's S. K. comer
;, planted about 2 miles west   oi
the     Flathead    Kiver and about    1
Ihenee west su chains, thenco   sout
su chains, thenco   east Ml   chains In
poinl ol    beginning, containing   010
s, more or less.
John Grey, Loonier.
denied    Ihis     Hith  dav nf    Julv,
Boundary, thence soulh su chains,
hence north kii chains, thenco west
n chains tn point ol beginning, con*
aiding BIO acres, more or less.
Robert   Foul, Locator.
Located   Ihis   nth   day   ol   July,
No 3. Commencing at a pnst
.jarkeil Fred Ellis's S. W. enrner
post, planled on the west hank of tto
Flathead Kiver and about nine miles
nnrth of tbe International Boundary,
Ihence norlh sn chains, thence east
Sfl chains, theme soutb 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, to point of
In-ginning, containing 0<lfl acres, mnre
nr less.
Fred Kllis, Locator.
Located this 131 li dav of July,
No, I. Commencing nt a post
marked Charles llcellyes S. E. corner post, planted nn the west bank
nf lhe Flathead Kiver and about nine
miles nnrth nf llie International
Boundary, Ihenee north 8ft chains
Ihence west 8n Llm ins, thence south
sn chains, thence east 8ft chains lo
point of beginning, containing BIO
acres, mnre or less.
Charles Meellge, Locater.
Located this 13th dny nf Julv,
Nn. 5. Commencing at a posl
marked Lemuel L. Langtey's N. K.
corner post, planted on tbe east side
of the Flathead Kiver and about 11
mites north of the International
Boundary, Uience south 80 chains,
Uience west 80 chains, thence norlh
Sil chiiin';, thence east 80 chains to
point of beginning, containing (tin
acres, more or less.
Lemuel L. Lnngley, Locater.
Located this 15th dav nl Julv.
No. fi. Commencing at a post
marked Win. Fisher's N. W. enrner
pnsl, planted on the east side of tbe
Flathead Kiver ami about 11 miles
north of the International Boundary,
thence south 8ft chains, Uience east
Sfl chains, thence north 8ft chains,
thence west 80 chains, to pnint of
beginning, enntaining fiiO acres, mc
or less.
Wm. Fisher, Locater
Locate*;! this 15th dav ot Julv,
No. 7. Commencing at a post
marked Win. Woodward's S. W. corner post, planted on the cast side nl
the Flathead Kiver and about 11
miles north of the International
Boundary, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 8ft chains, thence soutb
SO chains, thence west 80 chains to
point ol beginning, containing BIO
acres, mnre or less.
Win. Woodward, Locater.
Located this 15th (lay of Julv,
No. 8. Commencing at a pnsl
marked Maud Langley's S. K. corner
post, planted on the east side of the
Fhilhead Hi ver and about It miles
north of the International Boundary,
thence north 80 chains, Ihenee west
8ft chains, thence south 8ft chains,
Ihence east 80 chains to point ol beginning, containing BIO acres, more or
Maud Lnngley, Locater,
Located this 15th dav of Julv
No. 0. Commencing at a post
marked Adolph Fox's N. E, corner
post, planled on the west bank of the
International Boundary, Uience south
8ft chains, thence west 80 chains
thence north 80 chains, theuce east
80 chains to point ol beginning, containing BIO acres, more or less.
Adolph Fox, Locater.
Located this Kith day of Julv,
No. 10, Commencing at a post
marked Wm. Batter's N, W. corner
pnst, planled on the west bank nf
the Flathead River and about 13
miles north of the Internatioiial
Boundary, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 8ft chains, Ihence norlh
so chains, thence west 80 chains to
point of beginning, containing 010
acres, more or less.
Win. Batter, Locater.
Local ed this Hith day nf Julv,
No. 11. Commencing al a post
marked Geo. Harris's S. W. corner
post, planted on the west bank nf
the Flathead River ami about 13
miles norlh of Ibe International
Boundary, thenco north 8ft chains,
80 elm
'Jo. Ifi.      Commencing   al ..
....irked  Marry  France's S. W.   >,
pnst, planted about one quarter nf a
mile west uf the Flathead Itiver anil
ilmiii IB miles north of the Interna
I tonal Boundary, thence nnrlh 80
"'inins, Ihenee cast  811 chains, tbeiion
tilth 80   ehains,       tbnncc west     SII
inins to point of beginning, containing liift acres, more or less.
Harry France, Locater.
.ocated   this    Kith   dav of   July
east 80   chains, thence   south
ins, Ihence west 8ft   chajns   to
of   beginning,    containing   ftlfl
acres, mure or less.
Gen. Harris, Locater.
Loraled   this   Ifith   dav    of Julv
No. 12. Commencing al n post
marked John Parsons' S. E. corner
post, planted on the west hank of the
Flathead River and about 13 miles
nnrth of lhe International Boundary
Ihence north 8ft chains, Uience west
80 chains, Ihence south 80 chains,
Ihence east 80 chains to point ol
beginning, containing 640 acres, more
or less.
John Parsons, Locater.
Located this Ifith dav of July
No. 13. Commencing nt a post
marked Alfred J. Hall's R, W. corner
nost, planted about 2 miles west of
the Fhilhead Kiver and about 13
miles   norlh   ot    the    International
he Interiialiiui.il
north    su   chains,
No. 15, Commencing ai a posl
-ar-vd Hugh France's N. VI. corner
nst, planted n quarter nf n mile
l "f ih.' Flathead River and
ni 15 miles norlh of the In-lerna-
'liiil Boundary, Ihence south 80
Hn me casl su chains, them-e
ih 80 chains, Ihence wesi 80
ins tn point of beginning, conlain-
Blfl acres, more or less.
Hugh Frame, Locater.
acntcd    this    Kith   dav nl   Julv,
No. I. Taloa notice that thirty
ivs after date wo intend to apply
i the Chief Commission: r of Lands
ml Works for a license tn prospect
ir coal and petroleum over the
following described laud, situate in
Block 1503. South Kast Kootenay
District, B, C. Commencing at a
lost marked Lee Progcr's S. E. cor-
icr post planted about two miles
.vcsl of the Flathead river and
ihont six miles north of the International Boundary, thenco west 80
■liains, thence north SO chains,
lhence cast 80 elm ins, I hence
south 80 chains, to pnint of beginning, containing lilll acres, more or
Lee Proger, Locater,
Located     tbis  13th day    ol    Julv,
No. 2. Commencing at a post
marked Gnldlo Pecples N. K. curnei:
post planled. about 3 miles west of
the Flathead Kiver, and about six
miles norlh of the International
Boundary, thence wesi 80 chains,
ihence south 80 chains, thence east
Sn chains, thence nortli SO chains, to
point of beginning, containing filll
acres, more nr loss.
Goldio Pecples, Locater,
Located this j:m* dav of Julv,
No. 3. Commencing at a post
marked Wm. McGuire's S. W, corner
post, i>liiiitcil- about ■' miles west nt
ihe Flathead Kiver, an.l about six
miles norlh of the International
Boundary, thence cast 8U chains,
thence north SU chains,
theuce wesi 80 chains, Ihence south'
80 chains, to point of beginning, con-
Inlning ft.U acres, more or less.
Wm. McGuire, Locater.
Located this     13ih   dav   of    Julv,
No, I. Commencing at a post
marked John Hall's N. E. corner
post, planted about 2 miles west of
tbe Flathead Kiver, and about 8
miles nortli nf the International
Boundary, Uience south 8ft chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence north
80 chains, thence east 8(1 chains, I
point of beginning, containing ftlfl
acres, mnre or less.
John Hall, Locater.
Located this 13th dav of Julv,
No. 5. Commencing nt a post
marked Wm. Devlin's N. K, corner
•lost, planted about 3 miles west nf
the Flathead Kiver, and about 8
miles nnrlh of the International
Boundary, thence south 80 chains,
them-e west 80 chains, thence north
80 chains, Ihenee east 80 chains, in
pnint nf beginning, containing fttft
acres, more, or less.
Wm. Devlin, Locater.
Located Ihis 13th day ot Julv,
Nn. li. Commencing nt a posl
marked John Devlin's S.'K. corner
linst, planled about 3 miles west of
the Flathead River, and about 8
miles north of lhe International
Boundary, theuce north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, 'thenre, smith
8fl chains, thence east 80 chains, to
point nf beginning, containing BIO
acres, more or less.
John Devlin, Locater.
Located this 13th dav oi July,
Nn, 7. Commencing at n post
marked Franklin Thiirman's N. K.
corner pnst, planled nhoul 4 miles
west of Ibe Flathead Kiver and
ahoul 8 miles north of the International Boundary, thence south so
ehains, thence west 80 chains, thence
norlh 80 chains, ihence east 8ft
chains, lo point nf beginning, containing B|0 ncres, more or less.
Franklin Thurmnh, Locater,
Located this 13th day of Julv,
No. 8. Commencing nl a post
marked Arthur Perry's S. W. enrner
post, planted about 2 miles west of
the Flathead River, and about
miles north of the International
Boundary Hue, thence nnrlh 80
chains, Ihenee east 80 chains, thence
south 8ft chains, thence west 80
chains, In point of beginning, containing B40 acres, more or less.
Arthur Perry, Locater.
Located this 13th day of Julv,
1007. 19-(it
Take nolicc that I, Nlruan George
Robertson, ol the Cilv of Nelson in
the Province of llrilisli Columbia,' hy
onupalioii a Chainman, intend to
apply for it special timber license for
Un* following described lauds:
No. I. Commencing at a post
planted 31 miles west of the IttncUon
..I Martin Creek and Klk River on the
west side thereof, which said junction is about in miles north of Michel, in ibe Province of Britisli Columbia, marked "Stniaii George Robort-
si.ti's s. VI, Corner"; theme north
tn chains, Uienco east Kill chains,
Ihence soulh |0 chains, theme wisi
iuu chains to ihe point ol commencement, .md containing tilft acres, more
..r  less.
Slruan George Robertson.
July aOUl,  1907,
No  2.      Commencing   at    a post
boil!     Hill challlS      west   of     Stiii.ni
(cargo Kobcrlson's S. W. corner No.
Limit; theuce north <I0 chains,
hence cast Kid chains, thenco soulh
l) chains, theuce west 100 chains to
be pnint of commencement, and com
atiifng Bin acres, more or less.
St man George  Robertson.
July 20th, 1907.
No. 3. Commencing at- a post
bout 100 chains N. W. of Slruan
leorgo Robertson's S. W. corner ot
Io. 2 Limit; theme easi SU chains.
Uience soulh 80 chains, thence west
0 chains, thence nnrlh SO chains In
be point of commencement, ami
oiilatning B40 acres, mnre nr less.
Slruan-George Robertson.
July 20th, 1007.
No.   I.     Commencing     at a    pnst
hunt      10 cliains    smith     of Slruan
leorgo Robertson's N. W. corner   nf
,'o. A Limit; them-e nnrlh 80 chains,
ihence west 80   chains,  thence snulli
80 cliains,   Ihence east  8ft chains    to
Uie    poinl    nf commencement,     and
containing 110 acres, more or less.
Simon George Robertson.
July 201.1,  1907.
No. 5. Commencing nl n post
planted about 40 chains snulli of
Slruan George Robertson's N. W.
corner of No. 3 Limit; thence smith
80 chains, Uienco west 80 chains,
tlience north 8n chains, thence east
Su chains, to the pnint of commencement and enntaining Bill acres, more
or less.
Slruan George Robertson.
July 20th, 1907. 10-Bt
Take notice that James A. Steele.
of Cranhrook, B. C, occupation,
Timber Cruiser, intends to apply for
a special timber license over the following described lands:
Commencing at the north-west cor
nor of Timber Limit No. 2803, running south forty (Ift) chains, west
nne hundred anil Sixty (lftO) chains,
thence norlh forty (10) chains to
place of beginning, containing 010
acres, more or less.
James A. Steele, Locator.
Dated the 17th dav of Julv, A. D.
1907. 17-Ot
Take notice that Lester Olapp, of
Cranbrook. Hotel Keeper, intends to
apply for a special 1 miner license
over the following described lands
Commencing at a post planted at
C. P. It. Post No. 35M. east Hue lot
Take notice that under the provi
sinus ol Section 222, Chapter 37, Re
vised Statutes of Canada, 1900, the
Canadian Pacillc Railway Company,
as lessees and exercising the franchises of the British Columbia Southern Railway, intends to apply tu the
Board of Railway Commissioners for
Canada, after the expiration of four
weeks from the date uf the first publication of this notice or so soon
thereafter as the application can be
heard, for authority to construct,
maintain and operate branch lines of
the said B. C. S. Railway, commencing from a point on its main line in
Lot 4087, Group 1, Kast Kootenay
District, in the Province of British
Columbia, aud running from Ihence iu
a south-westerly direction, distances
of 7ftli and 715 feet respectively from
head block to points on said Lot
1087; the location of which said proposed branches is more particularly
shewn ou a map or plan, profile and
hook of reference deposited in tho
Nelson Registry Ollice us No. 521
I. 1.; not Ice of which deposit is also
hereby given pursuant tu the provisions of the said section.
0, Drinkwater,
Dale! this 2nd day of July, A. D,
1007. lG-it
Any available Dominion Lauds
within tbe Railway Belt ia Briiish
Columbia, may he. homes leaded hy
auy person wlm is the sole head uf a
family, ur any male over 18 years ol
age, tu the extent of one-quarter
scollop ot loft acres/moro or less.
Eutry must be made personally al
the local land ollicu for the district
iu which the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform lhe conditions connected therewith under uue uf the lollowing
(1) At least six months' residence
upun and cultivation of tho laud in
each year fur three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, II
Ito father is deceased), ot the homesteader resides upuu a farm in tbe
vicinity of the land entered for, the
requirements as to residence may he
satisfied by such person residing with
the father or mother.
(A) ll the settler has his permanent residence upun fanning land
owned by bim iu the vicinity ol bis
homestead, the requirements us to
esldencc may he satislied by residence upon tbo said laud.
Six mouths' notice in writing
hould be given to the Commissioner
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply lor patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at
$10 per acre for soft coal and $20
for anthracite. -Not more than 320
acres can be acquired by one individual ur company. Royalty at the
rate of ten cents per ton ol 2,000
pounds shall be collected on the
grown output.
Deputy ol Uie Minister ol Uw luUrioi
* This Hotel has nlwuys boon tho leader t
* in its linn, nnil will Ik. U.-,>( up I,, th,, J
t Btn.u1.in1,    If you wuul U ,•! tlio X
* *
* |.i'i.|.l.', coinu to II..' ('neon's Hotel, ♦
! |
\ Queen's Hotel, Canary "'^J™    {
Try a   Ca.it- ol \X
Inn  Dozen   Minis   $i.,so
''''l11'1  '■" 0»U '.   'I'I.,. finoat  Imvoruiio on tho uiiirkot
I'm' Iiiuiii)- mul Inlilo uue.   Iiiipnrts vigor ..ml
health, mul lones up the ho.ly Rnnerally
11i.-h.-i-. Ornnbrook, 11. (!
X  Heal Office, Calvary Alta. Phone 57
•    The Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
* fiood Creamery Uultcr in i lb. rolls
i Good Dairy I'ultor in Tubs
* ~—
i< ®
1 Canadian Hotel!
One of the pioneer hotels of Cr.-m-
brook. Warm rooms, good meals
nnd a bar stocked with the best
w e*
1 Joseph Brault, Proprietor!
t        I hnve junl received ,-. large conslgnnjoiil i.f
A.ik for snn.plo ot tlio liKI. GATE C'OPFEK.
11,'st known.   None better.
When you buy incuts in hot weather, We pity
pnrtictilnr iittontion to th... feature ,.f our business,
That is why people depend upon us for the lusl at
this setts.... of the year,
II. C.
ii ii
' > I have secured iiuiubiiiui-y fm < >
]' Biiwii)-* vmk.iI, iiii.I iuu now pro- ]'
' | pared io unlit rue I for Wood of any J'
.. 10111*111, in lurge or small quail* ],
, > titles. ,,
i> Oitt-oMown coiitrnelH pollelted. <>
J | For further particulars mhlress    ]'
|R. S. ncNHILL;:
<. Or.ll.l.rnok, If..'. . •
is now located in its coniloi.
able and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to-
date and is modernly equipped
to do lust the best work in all
branches of the tonsori.>l art.
i; J. EDGAR DAVIS HDrink HomeBcei
It Is Pure
It is Healthy
It Is the Bent
i ********************t j Pt. Steele Brewing Co TUB CRANBROOK IIK'tAJ,''
Marvelous Creston
A Land of Promise and Performance
- «*£%
.'resinn, ll. I'., and iis vicinity in
ii land of promise and performance,
ouiise hears tin- sumo relation to
rformance thai tin* eating of the
diling bears lo [to proof of ihe ex-
llenoe t.r Uio dish.     It is rceogniz-
ili.ii Cn-simi has proved to llu*
hIi| lhat it tan grow fruit to per
-Hon, and with llrls polnl unlver-
ll\ conceded b) Hu- piihlic, very
Hi* is tiu>-i.;lii nhoul tin* olbcr re
uii-.s ..( ihis remarkably fertile
fa wliieli    extends from Kitchener,
Hu* south-east, lo Sinlar nn Ito
rih west, besides embracing a very
g<* e.xlent of the country at thi*
si side ..[ the Kootuuny river.
A consideration of the physical tea-
res of this district will help lo
uw persistent natural conditions
itch teml to its fertility. During
I* summer season while the waters
I* high, tht' great nnd extensive
'tloins along lhe Kootenay are
allow!)1 flooded    from the foothills
tht* west Id foothills on the east
ine. Some say it is the water
i-i. .1 up horn the lake that tines
c flooding, anil others say it is thu
ier ihal tloes the mischief. Proll I y a    combination of hoth causes
the Hue solution of the eimdli-ion.
* any rate, a system of shallow
lomis, studded with low islands and
How brush, extends almost from
.tuiers Perry in Kootenay Landing,
er this     great extent   ot shnllo*-
thai the word "Fruit" is far from
hoing tho only word, or the last
word when Ihe general resources of
the locality come to he considered,
Creston, HV a seore of other
places, owes iis l.irth to the eon-
si nui ion of the Crows Nest railway.
Associated wilh the building of the
road was Fred .1. Little, who U
proudly hailed as the Father of his
Country. To him the land seemed
good and of a pleasant nurture. One
i in tliinl- of him looking west across
lhe level meadows on some autumn
evening when the glow of the sunset
was lighting the sky up towards
" in the midst, of this wide quiet-
Proctor, and saying:
A rosy sanctuary will I dress
With wreathed trellis ot the rambling
With buds, .in I Mb, a.d Mars without a name."
All that, and mnre, he has accomplished at Willow drove, where the
crimson rambler rose makes the furnishing for the wreathed trellis by
lhe doors and windows. It was be
wlm lirst planted a fruit tree in Creston, or, indeed, in that whole country, and had the courage to laugh ai
those who laughed at him when be
predicted a future for tlie place,
St.ill, he never dared dream of the
day when seven-eighths of an acre
with     some fifty fruit   trees   would
iter    lhe     evapinalion,  nn.l conse- realize MOO,     That  is another storv
ml hiiniiilitv in warm weathei are Ihal will .-nine in its proper place,
it   considerable.       Then lhe   land Mi   Little tcl»s how, in '92 or '03,
mind Crcston has a general wester- when Captain FlUStuubs was   gold
and   souther))  exposure, and     is commissioner nl  Nelson, that gcntle-
eked I.. H a>t b\ a low  range »i man   was good    Chough t..   say Mini
lis that    teil.vis ever)   raj  ol --nu where Creston now stands "was only
ine,   while II    breaks all  Injurious (II I'm   Indians."     Tn many people ii
in In.    This combination of wnrmth i*- now Hod's own country, where the
.1 Immldil)   i ii.ls i.., ftnd produces little pel angels ate sent to h.ive   a
comllilon id alinoel    tropical lux- reall)  goal time, and it wns here to
I..ie.ness nf growth,  nol  alone    .tl started 111 as the pioneer m the fruit
.* .iltnii-l he c. IV U    ilepol "i.'-Mil'-', and general ngrlcullurc. The
'tin I,-, n inn im „ thousand feet up trees in Ins orchard are about    (oui
i- nd:;.-  In*) t     ih.' town     These ii.rh.-s in diameter al  lhe stem   and
.pes, in lowei foothills i.i ihe I'm    arc    si    prolific bearers.     Poach,
.1  range, iii..si slnrlllngly riJscmhlO iwct-irlne,     plum, pear, eheiiy     an-,1
.rkioim .a the vine grow-lii** dlslrlota apple     Irces    an- all there.       The
Central    Franee, and since     ihey pcaclies and nee lav I ims Uirlvo as well
e   pt.ii li.allv   ill   lhe s.imt*  lalilnd.*, ,.s   the  apples  sinee  llieie  aie    never
,ie is in. doubt hm  lhe grape will, anv seven*    frosts    in bint.    Where
lune. be sinivsslnlly and pioliial.h such delicate liuits dn well there    is
own   licre.        I'he   bMsilnlily   „f     th    mv*\   tn   s.i\    th.il   small   flllit     dn
oi.vt has already been demni.sttat- splendidly, liy lhe wav. where Willi) -l C li-l-eil, after whom a low Grove now sl.mds was a cwlar
in..-! nf Uus i.n range has been swamp when Mr. Little took it up
ibd Mount Rykcrl ami owing in a bank oi d\ke ul im
-tlneo ihe name ol Creston conjures pervious clay lielow the house the
Uu* idea nf crates of strawberries, wntei fn.m ibe Rprlbgn up bill flood-
iilh'll      pi'.ns,      cniltaloupCB,   IllUsk «d  the ground,       Ulei   this dyke was
el..i.s .uul     the i-.■ ■ * melting irea-eiii  through nml the waters released.
les id   Ibe hull   world,   tl   is    ii hi Ih.-      land  became     a   perfect   lint   •
go at M»me length into llie   (...is vegetation.     Hue crop of niondnwliig
,,|   pistil)   the ci.iinn.itji.il       Al Ibe has  been nit   off  the oiehaid,   leaving
me   lime it   inie-l   be home  iu  Iliilili .<   deceit!      crop     s'ill  on   tbe giouml
|f£p&^% . • *#.,,, -      i**|'^~'
''      ' "B*-;^r£i-
through which a third is looking fm
the scythe.
Speaking of the prices of land Mr.
Little states that within the A miles
limits from Creston it will run i"
$100 an acre, hut from that limit
outwards it will cost, under average
conditions, about $75 an acre.
Clearing will cost, under average
conditions nf brush and tores t
growth,     $80 an acre. He agrees
with the general statement that ten
acres planted in fruit and garden
truck is as much as a hard working,
industrious man and his family can
handle successfully, Such a patch
will provide such a man and those
depending on him wilh all the necessaries and many of the luxuries of
life. The first vear will mean a'l
Um hard work of clearing and planting wilh no produce worlh the name.
Thereafter things will better themselves steadily. Average conditions
are fairly Illustrated by Kd. lias-
kin's place near the Cartwright saw
mill. This sprim- his in acres were
thick wilh brush and stumps nf tbe
trees thai bad been logged oft it. Now
it   is     enlirdv     cleared wilh a nice,
comfortnblo   house on the nortl d
of Ihe lot, which is all planted with
fruit tree.'-, between tlie rows
which potatoes, parsnips, carrots,
sweet com, beets, tomatoes and so
on aie doing BplcmUdly. The entire
little holding has a ne.it Page wire
fence round it ami is a pleasant spot
In study. One begins to think llOW
many holdings nf a like aiicage the
country can be cut up into and the
number Of happy families the lots
will support in comfort. If people
must go hack to the land, Ibis is the
kiiiil of land to go hack to. Ilaskins
had plenty of practical experience of
farming work in England though he
never farmed any lain! ol his own. He
said that his 10 acres will afford him
nnt alone ample work, but nu ample !
living. His neighbor, Daniel Babbitt, agreed with this statement, an I
Daniel is nne nf the pioneers of the
district iu addition tn being quite a
land owner, having no less than 100
acres of fine laud in his own hands.
An extraordinary crop of mixed timothy and clover had been cut around
Rabbit's house and iu a field close by
was a crop of oats (said lo have liven
planted in the middle of May) which
was fully three loot high and carrying a remarkably heavy head. Two
other crops of oals near by compare
but poorly with Babbitt's, sn that
lhe statement about the time it, was
ing out of favor with the experts,
since thev will not keep, however;
well thev may look when fresh picked.
The   difficulty of     procuring buses,
when lhe berry crop is maturing has
been a severe handicap to  llu- growers and  tbe best activity  nt  baas &
Crawford wen* not equal to procuring
a BUpply from  lhe  makers  to Oil all
the  requirements.      It  is very satisfactory to be able     to say, however,
lhat C. O. Koners, who recently pur-
chased   the sawmill    in the railway
vard south if the depot, has
making plant under order,  wh
he soon installed aud will lun
entire       local     demand.       'I
a capital illustration of how
dusky can,   in   the hands  ..f  .
the, enterprising man, he m.i
lend material aid to another.
Around Creston,  peaches,  a
nectarines,     giap.s,   ""i »
cantaloupes,   water    mclom
plums,   cherries,   prunes, ap|i
matocs and   all   mannci     nt    small
fruits can he grown  without  Hi
,,f artificial  Irrigation.      This a|i
lo arise Irom the    very heavy    night
dews    ih.-    great natural
and     nielli
,1,, l it'll .d
streams trom
the ensl of lhe
covers normal
ii.'l    small
mi  at the same 1
his connection '
•archil and conscn
\,Him itkcll, real
a I
nf a constant supply of
nil ones own land under
vegetable cultivation makes the
important difference of having lo
dure the vicissitudes of the weo
nml being absolutely sure ol a i
Considering wb.it has been don
ii     .1.   Wigen, Paul    Hagon, \i
j by
Carr, Frank Rose, R, S.
Frank Hast, Mike Glazier,
Compton, Unbelt .1. Long, Kd
kins. Daniel Babbitt, Robert 1
Saiu Hiooks and many others i
wav of fruit growing in th.'
great attention will he turned i
results to he achieved by
LIttlejobn who proposes tn cover in
an acre of ground with glass, with a
view Io raising choice and early
vegetables from Christmas onwards,
lie also intends to raise all the varieties of early flowers and sn cut oul
Ibe Importations from Ca: fornia. To
lhose who have looked into this mat-
n Uu
plain.-d was smnewbat startling.     1>
did not take    long tn have it    made
plain the 10 acres was enough for the
piiiemeuls nf any man and his fam-
Tliere was a crop of mammoth
1,-d  clover  near   H.isMns'     thai    had
pi) crowded ever) other plant   In
vicinity oul  of existence iu    iis
oxuheranl profusion.    The   crop must
ave mn over tlmv Inns to the acre,
ml the ground was ready to produco
anther later    on iu the year nearly
s heavy,    With such emps lhe slock
inihil starve
The Foregoing will give some idea of
general, average, results; but when
hi-giiis to specialize along somo
liaitieiil.u line down in the Creston
wintry remarkable results may be
expected. O, .1, Wigen,
farm  is near  Duck  Cree
Ive miles nearer Uie Kootenay
Landing, along the 0. P. R. tracks,
devnles most of bis attention to the
growing nf strawberries, whereof he
has a little more than three acres
under what may be called intensive
Itivation. Off this patch he bas
.Id dining the present season JM""
worth nf fruit. Allowing SAM fnr
ultivatinii nf the ground, $.r.00 fm
boxes and $500 for picking, these
three acres and a fraction produced,
iiett lo the owner, $2,('.50, ur over
$*K0 an acre. This, of course, is Unexceptional ease of an exceptional
man endowed with special ability and
Rifted wilh a very special power of
rganizatioti. The transport facili
ties are also of the best since all the
lasscngcr trains on tlie C. P. R. going west anil east stop at the siding
that the fruit can be shipped \i\
Resides the quantity shipped hy
Mr. Wigen, there were, according to
Robert Reid, the very courteous
gent nl the C. P. R. at Creston,
over 1,100 Ihixcs shipped by other
growers. It can be safely said tto
Ibis branch nf lhe fruit industry bas
brought into tbe Creston district
during the present seuson over
Last year Samuel Brooks is staled
to have cleared $1,000   from a slngh"
aero of tomatoes,   cucumbers, mel
awl canlalirti|N'S.     The young toma-
toe phuits   do not need   to he grown
under glass In the Creston country.
The strawberry most, favored     by
he growers   Is   known ns the "Wilson," a   medium shed fruit ol excellent flavor, carrying a hard seed ami
lpable ot being shipped and delivered
k    far   east   ns   Winnipeg in prima
market   condition.    The over   large
Insipid, soft varieties are steadily go-
i.i it is astonishing what an amount
of money goes out of the country iu
lhose hixuries.. One of the Creston
people said, speaking of this enter-
prlze: "There are hundreds nf men
in Cranbrook, Fernie and Lethbrhlgo
earning big wages who, if they want
such things, will pay anv price fur
them. Where LIttlejobn lends many
will follow, and we. may as well keep
tin; money at home."
W. o. Taylor and .1. B. Henderson,
lie Inspectors ot lhe C. P. It. here
wilh ns in Cranhrook, bought   about)!'
J ot an acre planted with peach and
apple trees some three months ago
for  $1011, It  would be an elegant
site fnr     a residence and     tbe fruit
lone will soon pay the price of   the
merits of their rapidly extending interests; but it may teml to show thu
vitality ol the business to state that
C, o   Rogers has his representatives
mi  lhe i.>ad  llns liniment  buying    lhe
cquipiueut, engines ami steel, for his
logging railroad which will pass
through Uie Leask limits and do the
logging, etc., for that firm wink* tapping ibe Rogers limits at the bncU
and running the material iuto thu
Creston yard where the present mill
is l.eing steadily remodelled and
brought up-to-date by ihe Instalment
ui a haul saw milt that will turn out
from 15 to 50 thousand feet per ten
hour's shift. The cut of the different mills .it Crcston cannot be much
less, at present, iban 150,000 a day
.uni is steadily on the increase. In
...I.Inn.n in lhe lumber there is u
icry considerable amount tit ties and
piling shipped, The piling is of great
excellence as lengths up to 75 feet,
wilh H inch huts and 10 inch tops
are quite common in both Or and
New Kitchener are great deposits
nt hematite Iron ou-, tbat some
Miii', ngo atti.icicd a deal nt atten-
i...n. According In .1 D. Kltidge.
who is well acquainted with the
property, there is mie vein nl ore
standing almost vertically, which
averages 80 feet iu width and is
proven to mn lor over three miles.
Ahoul $70,000 has been-spent in
proving ihe extent ol this remarkable rtcposll bv niiikIuc ami stripping-
On the Maple Leaf claim the vein ia
said lo be 280 leet in width. The
nearest claim un the group to railway
transportation is about 4 miles up
(io.il river from Kitchener.
On the west sjde of the Kootenay,
sume 22 miles up Summit creek, thu
Bayonnc group, a gold proposition,
is 'being actively developed. The
gold is found iu a. limonite ore with
somo manganese occurring in th
same, No geological relation has
been established between this properly and Uie Creston gruup within
sight of Creston where the ore is
identical, but the assays show values
lo over $87 per ton in gold. It is
very likely that the Creston will ht
developed by a syndicate of great
experience iu gold mining and having
extensive interests in the locality.
The Alice mine, near Duck creek, (or
ii long time a shipper of galena con*
eoutratCB, is now closed down. It
is in the hands of the lessees, the
Vorks and Lancashire syndicate, for
whom George Lowenberg acts as
agent and general manager. Close
by the Alice George Young has a
force developing a group of three
claims wherein the lead is trom 4 to
feet wide. The values run from
SO oz. silver with 75 per cent Head
iml about $2 in gold per ton lo low-
■r averages from some ore on the
not wall. There is quite a little
■lir in the mining industry and the
lifferent, parties Interested ale con-
liihut of a genuine revival of activity
wilh improved conditions all round.
Joseph Wilson, deputy mining reorder and provincial constable, gives
some very instructive official figures
lliistratlve of the progress of Creston. The revenue taxes for the
past six months amounted to $1,17*7,
as compared with $080 for tlie entire
.ear of 100-1. In 1005 the revenue
lid not quite equal lhat of 1004, but
.villi thu beginning ol 1000 the betterment set In. The government is
peudiiig money freely in making new
oa<ls lu open uy the fruit growing
icctions and, according to Mr. Wil-
mn, a substantial subsidy has lieen
granted for making a cable ferry from
near the G. N. railway station across
the Kootenay.     This will afford   ac-
iss lo,   and   transportation     from
very extensive area of splendid
fruit growing country which is quite
s productive as that ou the Creston
lide. There is already a rush; Into
that section as the land is comparatively cheap, $11 to $20 mn acre.
In another month or so thousands
of acres (.of tbe finest kiind of meadow
html will be uncovered as Uie high
waler recedes. Advantage will be
taken of the feeding afforded!by these
tracts by F. K. Hurry, ot the Nelson
Dairy company, who last March
led the erection of a regular
mery concern. Ilis cow barn,
just about finished, is 155 feet by 44
ml will accommodate 100 beasts' At
present he is milking 25 head and
shipping milk and cream tn Nelson,
Moyie amt Fernie. He intends, in
lime, fo handle all the surplus milk
the locality. His outlay on his
buildings, etc., up to date, exceeds
What with mines, ranches, logging
camps, saw mills ami so on, Creston
i.s growing lo he a distributing point
of considerable importance. Of this
Industry Fans -V Crawford's store is
the center and is kept steadily busy
until late hours in the evening with
pinly growing trade.     As-     the
down.     In a    word, S. A. is there 'Gwendoline
With   the   refinements of life antl    all   ed  as   many
that    is needed for the solid coin tort  over canyo"
of man or beast.
This litil,. pt.t attract*
visitors  as   the      Goat
Naturally its .h-ceaso
With all  the"" raw materials     for \ih7Sl n ' I'ldlTw Im VlU 'S
wraith ami each of them under active  (with the o mn   of
development    by men ot brain, cour-  black in the
age, conviction and experience, It is  bird
uot surpnsnig that the bankers     he- i   Of   social  life    there is fullv
gaii t« look with favor on the chance plenty.       Everybody knows
of    doing good    business iu Creston.   .nul,the   '
Its business  men  tailed to sec    why   the
it)  til! to     was
That parrot is a
stranger is   welcomed within
Thirst   is sieadilv     <H»<
mher towns should have the handling couraged   and soda water, with
whose fruit |lot.     Tin- trees are quite young,
some tour|not more than lj inches in diameter
On one of those    trees, selected
[post office and nsrug store in charge
nf P. D. Hope, is iu the same building these concerns form the
great converging point tor the entire
population. In addition to their
very extensive general trade these
gentlemen own 40 aercs of planted
at fruit land close to the town.     About
hazzard, were counted 57 large apph
and on another of the same size and
age over 115.    The little frees would
not bear the weight of such a    crop
so that three-fourths of tin- fruit ii.nl
10 be plucked off. It shows what the
soil ami climate will do. Tin- peach
trees were in heavy hearing also.
Fruit in Creston ami thai country
round (here, stands in tin- same relation as timber does to Cranbrook
or copper ore to Rossland. But
where (he fruit trees grow ili.it* also
will nourish the pine and tin* Or. So
11 proves down by Goat river  wlicro i,   tft ,    congratulated.     Manifestly
the    forest growth    Is exceptionally | ■(,
dense though the Individual lives th
$l,oiio    would buy   the   tract,   perhaps.
The C, P. R. provides an excellent
high pressure water supply for the
town and a public telephone service
is about to be established between
Creston and Duck creek- The spiritual wants of the people is amplv provided for by various churches, while
the children have a really (-apital
school house lor their accommodation. Arthur Oktll, already quoted
iu connection with the irrigation matter, states that he has no less than
ftl children on the roll.       Mr. Okell
not run to a very excessive diameter,
The underbrush is very much henviei
than we have it around Cranbrook,
aud owing to the plentiful moisture
the Irees seem compelled to Fhoot
their tops up to the air ami sunlight
in a way that maVs them, like the
fi-mous Lady .lane, "both tall and
fair to sre/' The wooded country,
such as that around Leask's sawmill
looks like a veritable Comaker's
paradise, with many, very many,
trees easily able to furnish a dozen
ties In the strim*, nnd these mostly
firs ami larches. The saw Ine; timber furnishes a proportion of ''tear
lumber   that     is    almost   unknown
round here in a few locnlltli
the    population nourishes in an eq~*a1
ratio with the fertility ol the soil.
There Is no more valuable nuMic
asset than the abiding belief of the
people in the destiny of the town of
their adoption. This faith, which
can remove mountains of difficulty, is
justifiably strong in Creston, but Is
strongest In S. A. Speers, whose
store, next.to the Munro hotel building, would be a credit to a city.
Here vnu can find nnt alone the
standard lines in the best ot furnishings, hardware, groceries and provi-
etons, hut the high grade lines ot
those com modi ties. With Sneers'
store at hand the people of Straw-
berryopnlis can purchase tbe best)
it is there in plenty.     Besides,
The  |1(. slocks    the i
dd elements of the
following companies arc operating iu fund question; flour, cheese, butter,
lhe limits around Creston: The Leask ftIl,i wjH.n Vnu pack your ponies he Is
Lumber company, Laurie A Foster, the ninn to furnish the hay and oats
C. 0. Rogers, Onrtwrlghts, George tlio t will give them the stamina to
limit, Yale    Columbia Lumher com- carry them over the h!f*h hills.   That
pany, the Kenny Miller Cellar com-
pany and the Paulsen company is
busy putting In a plant. It would
require the space ot a long special
nrtlclo lo deal even partially, with these various firms and   the
just Ihe place you will need the
fragrant coffee, the appetite-provoking ham and the cream that rounds
out the boiled rice Into a pudding
that puts the final cinch in the
waistbelt when the evening Is closing
of their money, and when the Bank of
Commerce saw the case level-eyed
with them the matter of establishing
a branch in the to***n was a foregone
conclusion. An office is equipped in
part ot the Munro hotel building
am) when the big safe arrives the
new manager, Mr. Fowler, though
quite a young man, has had some
nfteen years experience of banking,
first with tbe Bank of Briiish Columbia and, after its merger iu the Bank
o| Commerce, with the latter institution. He is a son-in-law to Sir
Richard Woltendeu, I. S. O., of Victoria, and has been in close touch
with the government of the province,
since as far back,as 1858.
There are two really good hotels,'
Uie Monro and the Creston, where
any man, no matter how fastidious
his fancy, can take his ease and lack
nothing In the way of good rooms,
good providing or good eompanv.
George Munroe is the genial and impressive owner of the former. It is
an elegant structure both inside and
out and lends a distinctive note of
tasle and well-being to the town.
Yes, George is impressive. Observe
him well in the cut accompanying
this article, standing near the door,
cigar in hand, the rotund king of inn
keepers with a laugh inside him that
fits his girth.    The cut does not rc-
and things in it. is esteemed as a
liopular alleviator ol present or future dryness of the gullet. This
lubric.itimi. or Irrigation, ol the
tract in the neighborhood ol the
throttle, induces a gladsome view .
things .is tbey are In that land ot
promise and plenty, and you would
pity the man who would try to Improve them.
Creston, and the fair domains that
there adjacent I.e. would even now.
be of small account were it not for
Edward Mallandaine, owner ol a
lovely home about two miles away
called Loretta Villa, where he proves
by fruit and llower his old belief in
the virtues of the laud. He has
friends by the thousand, and he deserves tbem. Amongst a lot ol other officialisms he :s chief timber ranger for the C. P. li., with which
mighty organization be became associated some three years ago.
It is given to few'men to see the
completed engine in the raw material
as u comes Iron*, the mine, to see the
muscular, driving, dominant race
horse in the ungainly colt, to see a
new land, lying asleep In its natural
cradle of tiie wide woods and the
whispering streams, the glories that
are to come. Such a man has the
prophetic eye that prefigures the hill
side, silent in its forest gaiments,   a
produce the laugh, but It is there
He can provide you with the best
kind of horse for riding and driving
through McCraith Bros, first rate
livery and transfer establishment
close by. George uses a sure 'nufl
Morgan horse for his own private
driving. He will tell you it is a
Morgan horse, four years old, wise as
a serpent and a little bigger than a
small elephant. And he is fat. Hut
when you see it In plain black and
while he can yank George up tin
Creston hill at a 2.14 clip you will
agree he is a husky sort of animal-
Morgan or no Morgan.
The Creston hotel is owned I.George Meade, with whom is associated J. B. Moran, both of whom
are well and favorably known in
Craubrook. Their establishment is
well kept, well catered for and ex
cellently furnished. Already it is being largely extended to meet the constant Increase made upon It by its
patrons. George Meade has a parrot that you are likely to bear going through his devotions as you pass
on your way looking (or a man or on
some other errand of mercy. This
play-actor started a prayer meeting
ou his own account the other morning that so filled Uie air with sul
phut that it fatally poisoned the only
mosquito ever seen within twenty-five
miles and three perches of Creston.
It was kept in a little gold wired
eag.' am)   answered to the name     (
blB-btng mass ot the bloom of the
fruit, and sees the silent waters
broken by the screws of undiearned
ot steamers. Mallandaine was Uie
first mar. who really, practically
visualized the possibilities ot the
land. He is the man who grasped
the situation, and, acting on bis
conviction worked out what was
'once his dream arid has lived to see
, it grow into a reality.
In lJj'iT he was assistant engineer
in the service of the Great Northern
'railway and engaged in the construc-
| tion of the Kootenay Valley railroad
ifrom Bonners Ferry to Kuskanook.
During the intervals of his professional work, he had ample time to
study tbe situation and acquired a
fixed belief in the destiny ol that
greatly favored land down by the
mouth of Goat river. His activities
in tbe interests of the company with
which he was then associated resulted in his selling for them no less
than 12,000 acres ot the land they
acquired under the terms of the
Kaslo and Slocan land grant. From
the time that he and Fred J. Little
became the joint owners of the
townsite of Creston things have progressed in a manner that shows what
it is to have a man of conviction and
influence at the head of affairs. He
has done more than one man's share
of the work ot helping forward the
Creston locality and those about him
are not slow in admitting the fact.
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tf.9 3#1J:W 9W'98$eft86fc#ftt(-fi"jtt
*»-* Savon a _ ass *esee© eeeee^
Last week a ship landed at Vancouver with over 1,000 Japanese
coolies, ami they were taken off and
herded lip the street in hunches of
lull like cattle on the range. These
men were supposed to be from Honolulu, but it has since been made
known (but tbey arc direct from
Japan, and the forerunner of thousands more to come. Britisli Columbia cannot afford lo submit to such
immigration. It would mean lb.it
within a few years the province
would he reduced to tbe lowest level
of wages and that lhe while laborer
would lie brought into actual and intense competition with the Oriental,
and that would mean low prices for
everything, ll would also mean the
ruin of the merchant, the ruin of the
homes of lhe wage earner, tbe end of
prosperous times in the entire province, The United States has taken
hold of the matter and stopped the
Japanese eoolic from coming into
that country, ll is time for Canada
to do the same. Imperial reasons
.should not stand in the way of lhe
protection of the vital interests, of
the province, nnd it is up to the government at Ottawa to lake ■strenuous
measures if necessary lo stop tbis
flooding of lhe country with Japanese. There is evidently a syndicate
back of the movement and the object
of lhc syndicate is to rush inlo Iln*
country thousands of these coolies
belore any action can he taken. The
time to stop it is now.
(Hie McKay, with M. T. as his initials, editor of a sensational weekly
paper at Calgary, callnl the Chinook,
[imposes to annihilate the lumbei' Interests of British Columbia at one
blow. Mr. McKay is evidently anxious to secure a subscription list for
his paper and proposes to attract alien! ion in one way tt. his paper if lie
cannot in another. This man McKay says that there is a lumber
trust in the country and thai he will
give the members of the alleged irusl
until the end of August to give up
iheir nefarious schemes or he will
bring I hem all Into court. Mr. McKay is talking to lhe galleries, and
evidently knows little or nothing ol
what he is saying. If he did know
more he would know that the lumlier
manufacturers of this country are not
millionaires, Hint Ihey have bad a
lin I'd struggle to get on a basis where
Iheir business was paying a legitimate profit for the money invested,
that many of them today are fighting
hard to make good on their business,
This man McKay, if he knew what ltd
was taikim- about, would know that
the expense of lumbering In this
country has increased in the last,
three years from -to to .10 per cent,
ami that lhe products that are purchased from the prairie nre among
lhose thnt have increased ito greatest amount. This man McKay, it be
knew what be was talking about,
would also know that if the price of
lumber charged by lhe manufacturer
w.is exorbitant, was beyond reason as
be claims,  was higher  than it  should
he, that lumber would be Immediately shipped in from the States, as
■ here is nothing to prevent it when
lhc price here will permit. The fact
is thai lumbei has increased in price
just the same as horses, and hay.
and groceries, ami machinery, and
wages, and everything else have increased, and the increased price of
lumher. su far as the manufacturer is
concerned, is the direct result of the
increase iu the price of everything
that ihe lumbei manufacturer must
use in -.citing out his product. Mr.
McKay is simply looking for notoriety, im something to win for him
the supporl of the people of
the prairie province. a sup-
poi i      thai      he should       en
deavor lo secure by legitimate Jour-
nalislic clVmits rather iban resorting
sensational  luetics.
A jury has declared that William
H. Haywood, charged with the murder of (lovornor Stcuniburg, Is Innocent, nml the defendant is now a
free man. The Herald has refrained
from comment-lug on this trial, as it
believes in the old English system,
thai every man is innocent until be is
proven guilty, and that it Is uot
within the province of a newspaper
io Indulge in eommenl so long as the
irhl is m progress:, The Herald believes iu law and order, and it believes in standing hv the result of a
trial when it is comvlnced that the
I rial was an honest ami Impartial
one, Never, perhaps, in the history
"f criminal trials in the United
Slates, has there been one thai was
more bitterly contested, than the (Hie
in which Mr Haywood figured as defendant. For over a year, he willi
tin* oiher defendants, Mover and
I'ettibnne, have languished In jail
while tin* slate prepared its ease.
And the stale, with nil the money
"nil a great commonwealth could
command, has exhausted everv means
to secure evidence, im matter how
dilhcult or how expensive, and has
had as its attorneys, the best that
could he foil mi in all of the States in
criminal practice. The defendant,
wns ably defended, and the trial was
;i long and bilious uue. lusting many
weeks. The chief   witness of      the
prosecution was that arch fiend, Orchard, and it was on his testimony
more Hi,in any other thai the state
depended upon conviction. The
judge, In his charge to the jury, was
I'Xpllcil in bis instruct ions so far as
Orchard's lestlmoiy was concerned,
im* Ihal he must be em phatie.il I v
nun. aled or bis tesflmnnv must
fm naught. This was Hie crucial
point, and Orchard was not corroborated, and the jurv could ilo nothing else than acquit Hav wood. The
ury was one of the best that could
have been selected, being composed
nf represent alive citizens. They
showed every attention lo the evidence ami the instructions, and the
trial was fair ami iust In everv particular. Therefore, the verdict, ot
lhat jurv must come not onlv as an
acquittal of Haywood, but iin absolute vindication of the man. Labor
nrjmnizatioiis all over the eountrv are
rejoicing over the result, and -when
everything is taken in consideration,
when it is known tlml the defendant
was a representative of labor in his
nllicinl capacity, and when It is
kimwn that a fight had been made
upon him as a representative of
labor, labor naturally has a right to
rejoice. Hy all that justice metes
out to man, hy all that the laws nf
a civilized country grants lo htiman-
iiy, Haywood steps out of the court
ooni and joins his invalid wife and
Red mother without a stain. The
people have said thai the law should
decide.     Tlie law has decided,
ed States has done It, and so can
Canada. It is up to tbe Ottawa
government to protect the white
laborer aga inst Oriental iiinnigra -
\ Chicago judge who was listening
Hie testimony of a woman who
was applying for a divorce and telling
ot the number of times that her husband beat her, suddenly stopped (he
proceedings by    tolling    the woman,
Vou should have kitted him or lefl
bim." Tbat judge just made oue
mistake. The Woman should have
killed ber brulc of a husbaml nml then
ft htm.
The swell set at Newport recently
gave a big dinner lo an educated
chlmpnnttee, That is all right We
believe iu people of one kind as
soelntlng together,
British Columbia is prosperous and
s getting moro so.
The district around Nelson shipped
10,01111 crates ot strawberries this
en son, That shows what the fruit
ndustry is doing for that section of
the province.
Don't  fail    to read the story ol
prosperous Creston in this issue of
the paper. It will pay you to do
Tbe Herald is an advocate of good
wages, and practices what it
preaches. Men who receive a good
wane make good citizens, if
be is a white man, tor be
wants        to)       live like'      a.
white man should live.     That is the
Ifference between a white man and a
Japanese coolie. This province has
no use for the Oriental coolie.
The Herald did the largest business
last month In everv department in
its history. The Herald is growing
in business and there Is n reason for
Keep on boosting Cranbrook. Tt
is n town that gives good returns for
all Ihe boosting that it receives.
Then* has been much said about
Premier McHridc's great work while
in Loudon, in having the words
"final and unalterable" stricken from
Ihe Canadian provincial aid net, and
we have no desire to pluck a single
spray from tbe laurel wreath ol victory lhat encircles the noble brow of
British Columbia's prime minister,
but after the strenuous efforts to
make his home coining a triumphal
return, the following from the London, Kng., Times, sounds peculiar to
say the least, since Hie most enthusiastic supporters of Mr. McBride dn
not claim anything for him on this
trip, bul the elimination of these
nbiectimiahle wnrds:
The prime     minister  of British
Columbia     and     others   thought
thai  lhe   words "final and unalterable" should not he Inserted iu
ihe bill,   and it    was   true those
words were in tbe original draft,
but  they wen* rnnoved in tbe ordinary course    by the parliamentary   draftsman   on    the   ground
that   thev    were   unusual and unsuitable in an   act of parliament.
It is     thus   seen   by    the   London
Times, thai  is nreiudieed in no sense
nn Britisli C. 1"iiibiu conditions, Uiat
even if Mr. McBride had remained in
Victoria, tbe words "final and     unalterable."   would have been eliminated by tbe parliamentary draftsman.
on good and sufficient grounds.
We are in receipt of the first copv
of iln* Prince Rupert Empire, edited,
published and owned by John llnus-
lon. ibe best known newspaner man
in British Columbia. The Empire is
eery much lloiistonesque. ft is Independent, it is well printed, it is
well edited, ami with the erowlb of
that new city will without a doubt
become a power in the great northwest. Our old friend has seen a lot
of the dark side of life and we hope
flint he has struck a pay streak this
time that will lead him to a comfortable competeiiev for old age. John
Houston hns done enough for British
Columbia to deserve at least that
W. J. Bowser has been appointed
attorney    general. Mr.     Bowser
should make a good man in the office.
He is reputed tn lie a good lawver
and if he will let his legal ability
control and not permit bis political
partisanship to predominate, there is
l no reason why he should not be a
'   Slop lhe immigration nf Jap coolies to British Columbia.     The I'nil-
In the last issue nf the Herald there
appeared a calmly written and carefully considered article touching the
feasibility of bringing some ot the
water from Movie lake to fill a depression to the south ol Cranhrook
and so provide a swimming place and
fishing ground, It is admitted that
we need some such reasonable adornment, hut the suggestion bas filled
the soul ot an anonymous correspondent in Movie with wrath. The
Herald rarelv takes notice of unsigned letters but the following is too
good to be dropped in the waste-
paper hasket:
Movie, B. C, July 29, '07
The editor Herald, Cranbrook.
Sir:—I views with alarm and dls*
eust vour article about draining
jleyie lake Into some place near Cranbrook for to be a swiming pond and
n pick-nic ground for tbe people of
Cranbrook. The people of Moyie
wont stand for such a outrag, and
will fight against your old syphon til
there is Ice in the place all the capitals of Hngtowu ought to be frying
'n like ham on a pan. Right
enough, Movie is higher than Hog-
town and it the syphon once got-
working our grand lakes would be
a bide in the ground and Fort
Steele would he drowned like another
Sudani and Oemora and our great
submarine mine that is the seven
wonders of the world would not bo
worlh a lilll of beens to talk about- as
il is now. While the water of the
lake runs like blood in the vains of
us folks down here we wont have
vous making pick-nies and fish ponds
init nl onr alters and our homes.
Yous wants the earth and yous is
getting it, but ynu cant get the
water. We slod for yous getting the
Spokane train to pas's Movie like a
white chip, but the minute yous pul
in a pipe, like a pipe dream, to drink
our lake dry and make a roinan
boledav out of yourselfs, ihere will
be just natnrall I'lell a popping.
Yours very respectful,
Rif tei shot.
Shake, Rifb'lslmt, old pard! Any
lime vou come up tn Cranbrnok there
is a Unman holiday waiting for you.
If von have any more of the same
wroth in your thunder factory you
can send it along.
(Krom the Swansea Sunset)
Bill Barlow, our milkman, one of
the best milkers iu the country and
a man who runs a dairy without a
well or a creek, donated this office
100 mill) tickets yesterday. Bill is
all right,     Come again Bill.
Jim Harbison, the man who thinks
that he is running a drug store at tin'
lower end of tbe street, li.nl bis ad.
taken out of the Sunset last week.
because we failed to say the week before Unit bis wife bad given our wife
a mess of new potatoes. How that
man i.ot the right to dispense drutrs
is beyond our comprehension. Wo
would not let him put uu a prescription for emtailming a di-.ol dog. Some
men net along in this country on
Iheir nerve.
Jack Morrison ami his w*fe bad
another fight on the street last Saturday. Jack had a fair jag ami
wanted to bet that he could lick
anvbodv iu Swansea. Just then bis
wile came along and as she weighs
211 pounds in her bare feet, she accepted the challenge. The last seen
of Jack be was sawing wood in his
back yard about an half hour afterward.
Last Monday night at Hie council
meeting it was announced that the
mavor of the city expected to he present within a few weeks and preside.
Tbat, will be good news for the
people ot this thriving village,
i Tom Yeager, the proprietor of the
Southern hotel, has painted the
front of his bar. Tom is a wide*
awuke individual and he Is always do*
OILL & CO. have just received the
following   communication from the
New   York   Brokerage    Co.,   now   at
Fargo, N. D. :—
" We consider it too d hot to hold a
"sale   just   now.     You   may   expect   us
" when the weather gets a   little  cooler."
Meantime, things will go along in the
usual way in this store.
Ing something tu   advance tin1   best,
interests nf Ills   tOIVll.      llllllli  III! Villi
Tills inificr will tnko cord wont,!
potatoes, turnips, cabbage, Irotit,
ill.-I mr.it. young iii'iirs, iilil railway
lies nml i-vi'ii money un subscription.
Nnw is tin1 llilll! In snlisiTilti' lor till'
mill |,.i|ii'i- in Ensl Kiiiili-liiiy tlwt
ilnii". in snv Unit it don'l cum
whether   llie   mortgage is    iiiikI   or
Murk Kntbcsnn, Hint old soak who
lias lniiiinii',1 drinks Irom every mn 11
in lllis town lor tin- past two years,
owes iliis paper a year ,,n subscrip-
linn. If tie don'l pay it within a
week we propone to tell how be had
In leave- tlie Slate nf Idaho fnr stealing horses.
Take notice Hint The Ross-Saskatoon l.uiiibur Company, Limited, nl
Waldo, llrilisli Columbia, iii-uuimt'lun
Lumlier Manufacturers, intend tn apply fnr a special limber license, over
tlir lollou-lug described lands:
Commencing nl a posl planted al
lhe S. IV. cornel' nf l.nl   lull; llli-ncc
soiitli    in chains,    ll o ist   -III
ehains, Ihence soutb su cliains,
tin tar east Id ebnlns, tlieucu north
1211 cliains, tbi'iii'i- west su eliains to
place nf commencement, ami contain'
ing lilll acres, more or less.
Ross-Saskatoon     Lumber   Conipanv,
Per Mauley Hardy Craig, Agenl.
Haled July 21, HIII7. in-fit
An Englishman, an Irishman and n.
Scotch-man were one day arguing as
to which nl tin' three countries possessed llie fastest I rains.
"Well," said tlie Englishman, "I'vo
been in une ol our trains, and the
telegraph   poles   have   been Use     a
"I've seen ihe milestones appear
lite tombstones," said tbe Scot.
''He jahers!" said Pat, "I was one
day in a train in my counthry, nnd
we passed a Held nf turnips ami liars-
ley, then a pond of water, ami we
were going lhat quick llial I thought
it Was broth!"
Take notice thai Peter W. Nlnnes,
of Winnipeg, occupation, Clerk, intends to apply lor permission to purchase Ihe following described land:
Commencing at a post planted one
mile west, oi the south-west corner
of Lot 4144, Croup 1, theuce norlh
H0 chains, Ihence east 8(1 eliains,
Uience soutb Sit cliains, tlience west
811 eliains to point of commencement,
uud containing lilO acres, more or
Peter W. Niniies, Locator,
Per Frank Fletcber, Agent
Dated July 4, 11.07. 18-9t
_ «, . '*t TO -
r   w ;w '■■ f-f'-ft   ,
Sealed   lenders addressed   lu    tlie
undersigned,   and   endorsed   "T hi
Im Public llinliliiii, Cumberland, II.
C ," will he icci'iveil al this (illicit until Monday, August ID, 1007, Inclusively, fur Hit iislrucliun nl a Politic Building, Ciiinlicrlainl, 11. C.
Plans and sficcilication can lie seen
ami bums „f louder obtnl I uf,   this
Depaiimint ami un application In Ihe
I'lisininsii'i at Cumberland,
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders w.lt not lie considered unless
made un Ihe printed furm supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures.
in li lender must be accompanied
liv an accepted chcipio on a chartered
bunk, made payable In Hi.' order ol
Hie Honorable iln- Minister nl Public
Works, equal to len net cent (III
p.c.) of tlie amount nf the tender,
which wilt be fnrfeited i( tbe party
tendering decline io enter Into a
contract when called upon to do so,
or if lie fail to complete tlie work
contracted fur. 1! the tender he not
accepted Hie cheque will be returned.
The Department does not bind itsell
to accept the lowest or any tender.
By Order,
Fred (lelinas,
Department ol Public Works, Ottawa, Jaly 19, 1007.
AT I'll AN Hill U IK
Elizabeth Trow, .•! Mamhflcld,
Oregon, (lulled Slates ol \merlca
-a n,l-
I'rni (iffI. Hydraulic .lining
t'.fulfil)-. Limited, IL-tinl.iui
To Perry Creelt Hydraulic Mining
Company, Limited, ul Perry
('iffl, llrilisli Columbia
Till lice thill a plaint llns   I >
entered ami a BiMiintons issued ngniiistl
lull in the above County Court, liv
Eli/ahi'lb Trow, ol Mais Id. Oregon, U.S.A., lor Hn- sum ol tir. tin,
being lur wages due frnm lhc 17th
•lav nl April. 1005, lu llie 301b day
nf .tune,  IllOfi
And nu  order has    la tnudn that
the publication ol n notice nt lhe entry of such iiiuiii. in Ihe "Crnirbrook
Herald" shall In- deemed In lie good
and Slll1lcle.lt service uf the .siuiiiiinus
upun von.
You are required to enter a dispute note within eight, days frnm the
last appearance of this nut ice iu
the said Newspaper, namely on tbe
1st. day ol August, IIIII7, nt tbo
Registrar's Ollice at Cranlirook, II.
('., and if you do not so enter such
dispute note judgment mny lie signed
against vou, and Die plaint iff, may
proceed to execution.
"'.1. F. Armstrong,"
Dated this 25lli day ol July, A. It.
1007. 18-2t THE  OU AN BROOK   BJSRALO
The Price!  The Quality!
We lmve Quality Shoes ami we guarantee them as such.   We are otferiu", PRICE INDUCEMENTS just now to purchasers of TANNED FOOTWEAR.
(URLS' TAN SUPPERS, sines S    to 10% regular price |l.S0, lor _ -  JL■-'■['
"    BUICKfiRS,   "   SlilolO, •'        "   (11.88,"— -  »"'
 II'. to 10, "        "   »l-"0,  "      -  "•**
MlSSf'S'TIN SUPPERS, " .1     to 2, "        "   *"•». " J   ''.'
"      OXFORDS. " I.     lo 13, "        "   *-■-"■  "       J'•"'
 ID'Jto 2, "        "   18-00, "   J"-"*
"       "    HI.IIU.FRS, " 11     to  2, ■' "   >».«>," J1''0
 II    to   2,        "       "   I--.75, •' j--';''1
WOMEN'S TIN OXFORDS, regular price |2.W, lur  J1■'■"'
'• 1:1.00, "    »'--■'
"    OXFORDS, .'lain Tne, UU'lion Tie, reglllur price HU".'"' ! ''""
WOMEN'S BLUCHeR CUT BOOT, regular price M'00, lor          »:""'
 |!I,7B,  "   -.  ♦"•00
HUVS' R.INNINI. SllllliS   - - .,'!!!!'^"Is
MEN'S BISEDtLL S.IUES   - --  "•UU' "-6
See our Window, nr. hotter still, come In.   We will lie v-tad to see yon at
MONDAY, SEPT. 2, 1907
A Big Programme is being
prepared and there will
be all kinds of Sport.
Pull Details Later
Labor Day in
sam Mcdonald,   h. white,
-   FIG   BAR  -
Is one of the most delicious cakes for the
table, manufactured,
contains nothing but
selected figs and our
special sweet cake ingredients. The flour
used is "Alberta
grown," therefore
when you use A. B. C.
FIQ BARS you are
surely supporting the
farmer of the West
and sending your
money back to the
soil. Fig Bar is sold
by all good grocers.
If your grocer will not
supply you, write to
the factory for a
package at our expense, (live grocer's
Adobkss     Albert. Blacull Co, lid
Dl'tT. HIP       ('ALII.HY        A Al.TA.
iiii:  tuH.uiiim-
Ties, 25 ccnls.-C. C, S.
Prints, 10 cents.—C. C. S.
Ladies shoes j oil.—C. C. S.
Furniture on credit.—C. 0. S,
Dresser ami   stanii, $13.75.—CCS
-HI cent siiie combs, 25 cents.—
C. 0. s.
The Methodist Sunday school is
holding its annual picnic unlay
Ttie bananas are rapidly rlpening.
It will tie a groat crop tliis year.
You don't like    to pay youi neigh-
John W. Wolf
Boot. Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining lingincers
and Surveyors.
.1   T. LAIDLAW, M.E.
Ties, 25 cents.—C, 0. S.
Prints, io cents -C. C. S.
furniture oa credit —c. I*. S.
Ladies shoes 1  ofl.-C.  U. S.
Children's -hues J ofl.—C. ('. S.
Dressor and    stand, 513.75.—CC s
lu cent   sldo   combs,   25  cents.—
C. ('. S.
WANTED—A dining room girl   al
Queens hotel.     Best ol wages.       in
Ml. and Mrs,  J. 1)   Mcllride     and
daughter   Edith   have gone to     the
coast inr a trip.
M.   Mclnnes,  of C.ilirary, Was      in
town tliis week shaking hands   with
bis host of friends.
Mr I-'. Walben, master of the YVest-
ii Canadian college, spent last week
id witli Mr and Mrs, Leslie.
Onlv one way to make ., success of
cash liusiiiess Sell cheaper than
,in|icliliiis   who il"   ,i credit Imsi-
ness—C   C. s.
n-e Elmer, proprietor ol lhe   International hotel at  ICingsgntc,   wns
luwu   Wednesday    buying   more
furnishings    lor nne   ol   the neatest
"tels in tin- Kootonaya
Ladies slim-;  1  olt.-C   C   S.
Cranbrook—One   Night   Only ;j
Saturday, August 3rd
I'mlor Ciiiiviis
From Cranbrook
$52 50 to
Port Arthur, St.  Paul
Duluth, Sioux City
Winnlpog $43.25
St. Louis $60.00
Chicago $64.00
Toronto $78.50
Ottawa $62.55
Montreal $84.00
St. John's $94.00
Halifax $101.60
Tickets on Sale July 3, 4, 5,
August 8,9,10, Sept. II, 12, 13
Oorret-pi'Nihil*" rmln.-liiUiM in'in llll
Koutfuiuy |K-iiii*-. Tii'ki'iH tiVfitliililH for
Lake Routt*, iiii-hi.litif", Mi-ult- amt li.'ilh*-
»ni lulu* Ki.'iun.'iH. Tlinmuli I'll I en ipintod
iniittv niiitinti Ontario, (Jiiol.pi*, or Marl-
time I'liivimt-H ,.» nppllt'iitUm.
A. 0. P. _.,
D. P. A ,
hois bills—that is what you an* iln
Ing-when buying on credit.—L'.U.S.
WANTED—Woman fnr general
housework. Apply Mrs. S, fi llos-
kins. II)
Be .sure and set1 the exhibit nf
hand-painted china. See W. II, Wilson's nd.
A splendid chance to gel elvina with
your monogram on. See W. II. Wilson's ad.
J. P. Fink went west yesterday in
tlie interest of tlie Fink Mercantile
Miss Waldie, of Rosednle, Toronto,
Ont., is Hie ir,nes1 ol Mr. and Mrs.
IIhrIi Stewart.
J. R. and W. A. McCutdieon, ol
Lethbridge, spent a few days in tlie
eity Mi is week.
The lawn social given liy tin* Metli
oilist. church last Thursday evening
was a great success in every way.
S. C. Smith and S. Brown, of
Wanlnen; P. Bronson, ol Sirdar, und
T. W. Corsan, of Fernie, spent Sunday in the city.
If you want something artistic
pick     out a nice    piece   of china and
: have It painted    to order,       See W.
III. Wilson's ad.
| The eity has put in a stand pipe
for the water wagon and now it i.s
easier to drive (he water wagon than
il. is tn run the Herald.
This is tlie Herald mizzle for tills
week*. What is Don McKay building
north of the school house. Answer
tho question and come in for the
i Among the guests at lhe Cosmopolitan Saturday were: Wm. Piper and
wife, 0. A. Qaskill, Kimberley; Mrs.
IBM four, T. O. Jones and wife. Wardner, and Mrs. It. L, Dorr, Sau Frnn-
: eisco.
The   Pride of   New York company
[presented "The (lirl From Frisco" at
Wentworth   hall   last Tuesday oven-
jiug. Those who saw Hit* play are
of iln*   opinion that it would    have
■ been much better if tbe girl had been
left in 'Frisco.
I   Dresser and    stand, $13.75.—CCS
. W. A, Rankin and wife, nf Toronto; .1. A. Haney and wile, nf Frank;
i.l. Bush and wife, of Spokane, and
(I. II. Hens-haw and wife, ol Calgary,
[were among the arrivals at the Cosmopolitan Thursday.
Dresser   and stand, $13.75.—CCS.
Joseph Ryan spent two days in
Crcston last week in behalf of" the
Herald and what lie saw and heard
will he found in the excellent writeup
of that wonderful country in this issue of the Herald.
i   40 cent    side   combs,   25   cents —
C. C. s.
I   Hie Standard Lumber company held
'its semi-annual meeting iu this city
last Monday. The regular business
was transacted and those who were
present went out to the site of the
new mill north of town to see how
llie work was pr<*gressing.
Constable Oebarres, of Marysville,
has been transferred tn Trail, and
left for that eity last Tuesday. Mr.
Debar res will give eminent satisfaction hi tbat eity as be is n man who
will attend strictly to his duty.
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. McVittie, ot
Fort Steele, were in Cranhrook) last
Wednesday. Mr. McVittie has been
engaged the past two months iu surveying tmbcr limits on ihe I'pper
Wild Horse for the Crows Neat Pass
Lumlier eompaiy
Frank DicMson and Junes Bates
have gone to Hosmer tn enjoy a lew
days fishing. That means Miat there
will be a scarcity of trout lu that
stream (or some time after tltey
leave, for tbey ||old the record as the
two best fishermen in this part of tbe
40 cent    sitle   combs,
0. c. s.
Next Sunday morning
dress will be given to
tbe pastor ol the Methodist church.
Boys and girls are Invited, short service and bright singing. In the evening the subject for discourse will be:
"The Battle of tho Mind." All who
attend no other place of worship are
invited. On Tuesdays tin* parsonage
lawn is open to all comers lor games
and social Intercourse.
Sam Might on, you know him, has
introduced a new scheme about accommodating his patrons In regard
to cigars. He won't tell the Herald
about it, ami it is doubtful If he
will tell you about it, but the tout,
way is to slip iu and catch him when
he i.s smiling and ask him about it.
If you Aim) out let the Herald know
on the quiet and In that way Sam
will be bested.
,1   Ui-
nl    Li
of   Ti
Kng , and
into, mem-
..n.il c i-
,it   \.
visiting Mr. and    Mis.
Ihemden Kami.
i    1   nil -C     C   S
tor nf accidents and
railway com-
by his   wife,
5UCCE550R   10
_£_C;i ... : . . il
siiecial ad-
bihlien     by
.Ii ■
In is
. h,
Ladies shoes
J. Clark, ins|;
rolling stock    for ito
mission,   accompanied
m the city a few days this week
looking after certain details of his
Prints, 10 eenfs.-C. 0. S.
A. C,  Bowness left   Tuesday cven-
g for his old home in Kensington,
P. E, I., where he will join Mrs.
Bowness and visit fur several weeks.
There was quite a crowd of Islanders
at the station to see him ott and send
a word lo the old folks at home.
Prints, 10 cents.—C C S.
The hotels of Cranbrnok are crowded every night and at times it is
lessary foi some of the hotels to
k-e up cots in the parlors and halts.
Crnnbrook is rapidly becoming the
great center ol ihis entire section ol
lountry and people from all over the
world come to Cranbrook to start
to I.h.Ij over  Ihe district.
WANTED—A dining room girl;
wages $35.00 per month. Apply ln-
Icrna'tloiinl Hotel, Moyie, B.C. 18-lt*
Andrew Rosen, a former resident
of this district, hut for some time a
resident of tbe Stale of Washington,
has returned and is now residing in
JaOray. Mr. Rosen will leave about
the first ol September for a trip to
his old home in Sweden, where be bas
not, been for I welly years. The
Herald wishes Mr, Rosen a pleasant
trip and safe return.
Preserve your fruit by steam. You
.an do up II one quart jars at a
time in the family size Toledo Steam
Cooker. It keeps the fruit whole
nd the pressure of steam dues not
flow the flavor lo escape. Try it
this season and you will be more
than satisfied.—Patmore Bios.,
Waller Van Arsdaleu, one ol the
pioneer mining men of this district,
and oue who believes the time will
ome when the eyes uf the mining
,vuii,. will bo until*.! to KnsL Kootenay, was iu lown last .Monday. Mr.
Vail Arsdaleu would hasten tiie day
when Lhe marvellous riches ol this
district would he fully appreciated by
lhose who have hundreds of thousands to invest in legitimate mining
propositions, wherevci ihey may to
No mole burnt meals or drieh   up
vegetables,     when  you  use a Toledo
Steam Cooker,     The pressure      ol
steam     retains tbe    lluvor, making
riything taste delicious and whole-
tie,      It  also saves  fuel  alltt   lakes
less mom on     your stove.     Foi
sale by Patmore Bros.
Fred Smyth, editor of the Moyie
Leader, was iu town yesterday for a
short time. Mr. Smyth has just returned Hum a trip tu bis old luinr
in the east, and be says that although he enjoyed the trip very much
Indeed he would not care tu reside
permanently in lhe old laud, as the
people are tot* slow as compared
With the west. Vet he i.s of the
opinion lhat. anybody would enjoy
such a trip, as there is much to set-
of interest, and the people iu the
cent belt are enjoying good times
and living happy, contented lives,
FOR SALE—Patent refrigerators,
no sweating or dropping in provision
chamber. New pans put into every
other hox to keep provisions cool and
dry.—Joseph Maycock. 18-3t*
Lester Clapp spent suveral days
this week in tlie woods about Kim-
herley, where he has a number of
valuable timber limits. While cruising along Mark creek Mr. Clapp ran
on to a large black bear but bruin
turned tail and sought safety in the
brush. This is the lirst time that
Mr. Clapp ever hatl an opportunity
to see a bear at large iu ihe wilds
ami he regrets that be was nut prepared to meet, such an adversary in
tbe proper manner, hut the only weapons he had on him was a jack knit.*
and a tooth pick.
kinds and nt prices that will make
them good investments. O. P. Tisdale. 8-tf
J. McDonald,*William Tuohey and
Charles Abbott leave tumnrrow for
good old England. These three men
are       among Cranbrook's      best
citizens and they go home
so enjoy     a       well earned
Vacation. K is also said, and
doubt with good reason, that they
will return with fair ladies who will
become permanent residents of Cranhrook. The Herald wishes the trio
a tine voyage and will be ready to
extend to tbem congratulations if
they do what they should do when
they reach the old soil and the
old associates.
N. 1. Harrison, who has been the
bookkeeper for tbe Calgary Cattle
eompanv, has accepted the position
of bookkeeper for tho Electric Light
company, and assumed his duties today. Mr. Harrison is a man who
will make a success iu tbe position
as he always performs bis work
wherever he i's employed, Mr. Long,
who has held the position for some
time past, resigned the posilion to
accept another as traveling
auditor nr a Calgary firm, but will
go to the coast with his wife for a
short time for a rest. Mi. Long
made many friemls iu Cranbrook who
1 will regret his departure, and who
will always wish him every prosperity wherever be may be.
We have the following gooils on hand and will i    pli ns. d to
supply your wants:
■ lllllll |-| 11 I-I. |.| I-I. 1-1.1 |.-r
H-H-i-t-l-H-I--I-i-I- i- I-I -I-I -I I I-I-I-
The Cosmopolitan 1
The   place   whore   a
man will return alter
stopping once.
H'M 11 H 11-11' l-M'M I'l'll-H-
M4M l-l-H I-I-I'I-I l"M-l'M *-!-*
If ymi want OlothitiK that is "(tilt lilt" "in name,
"Gilt E-lge" in uuturial nml "(I     B.ls».'
cull ami see our N E\V   STOCK ol   li  . ■   M
Ubtliing. JL'i.T RECEIVED.   AMI":.: ■:, Mad
Leask Cb\ Henderson x
ft******** ay***.**.*****--:--
*,' "" "	
% M *&
%********** ie *****v*vw*-*»*M
Huuf.ctflr.ri ul
Rough and dressed
LUriBER ; ■
Also ail   kinds ol
■ i iffi ■.. ':    .
'     . ir       f i
vrflfiDrooK j
I_I      _.      1 _ - ~°o' SUHin- in CoDoedioo
Hotel *£ s
Nt_rc_t to railroad and depot.    Ih- tecomti
Herat for tht public unequalled in Cranbi
Hoi m. Cold Bilhi
gftti *****>*~**>m***** • * * *•*<*"  ■*,*,*
Hoggarth & Rollins }
 Proprietors        t
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co.. Lid.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.   We arc on deck 25 hours
out of the 21 TUB CRANBROOK   I USUAL!)
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned from Newspapers
' pet one who
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦J  washing.
(From our own correspondent)
Said the big rod rooster
Tu the little brown bun
Vou haven's laid an egg
h, <;.nl knows when.
Sa-ld the little Brown hen
To the big red rooster
V.ni don't come around
Quite .is often as you use ter.
Tltero   was   no
than Alteon
JKs in" Klko" last week with new
spuds, cabbage, beets, green.mm,
gooseberries, rlmbarb and baled hnj
m,in Tobaeeo Plains.
Messrs. Zellois .V Labbs bought- a
big tract oi land near l-.lko lot ;'
horse ranch tliis week.
\h and Mis. Klingensinitli,
,,i the Klk hotel, of ibis
plaee, entertained their friends lo a
grant! supper and hall, taking the
Im iu of the opening of the big addition just completed to their hotel,
'there were people Irom Cranbrook,
J affray i Wardner, Itock Creek, Buynes
Late. Waldo, Klkmouili, Dorr, Gateway, Klk Kiver, Hoosville, Morrissey,
F.'inie, Coleman, frank, Lethbridge
and Macleod. The Harney Wilson
siring band supplied llie music anil
Mr. Smith, of Dorr, bad charge of
ihe program and called the dance,
and saw thai everybody bad a delightful time. Elko's 400 turned oul
en masse and it was the largest
crowd ever seen at an affair of this
kind iu Klko before. In the hall and
around Hie walls stood wall llowers.
The party broke up ahoul 8 a.m.,
singing, "Kor They Are Jolly Good
A big gang of English navies arrived iu Klko and would have heen tnk-
eti in bv the dog catcher only Big
.Iiui Mr'Kce hired the hunch and took
iheui up to Cranbrook to harvest
iihl Alan Simpson's banana crop.
.1. |'. Kink was shaking bauds with
a host of friends in Elko last week.
We bought our first hill of goods
from .lake to start iu business wilh
and we've been nourishing li'-e a
green hay tree ever sinee.
Fred Clement was in town from
Nelson selling jelly powders and pop
corn, toffee and tobnsco sauce, thai
would make you feel so good that
you'd want to unbutton your pants
and have a good laugh.
llu who attends strictly to bis own
business will seldom he idle.
Mr, Patterson, wife and baby are
registered at the Hoffman house from
Coleman, Alia.
Fred .laekson, nf the W. H. Brock
company, uf Calgary, was iu lown
several days last week wiib trunks
and a collar box containing samples
of dry goods, making a specialty of
hose supporters and whale bone corsets.
Mr. Lowery, of the Itock Creek
mills, is building •-. fine residence in
Mr. Weaver, of the Turnover and
Beatemall company, was au Klko
visitor from Victoria this week.
0. St. Lawrence came down lo
Klko last week to catch lhe Great
Northern railway train. >i. C. Kenny also came down from Fernie and
Invited o. St. Lawrence to return
und W. C. Lacey, chief of ptiliee, went
witb him.
A gang of pine eats came lip lo
Klko the other night, nnd with their
fog horn voices and white pine clubs,
disturbed the slumbers ol the just.
Messrs. Smith and Martin, two
gentlemen of leisure, came up to Klko
from .laffray sawmills for a few days
lishing tbis week. They bought and
sold and sang Marching through
Sand Creek or Georgia till the ice
cream melted.
Bill Dryland and Teddy Thirst y-
heak, Irom Whiskey .lack Island,
Dauphin, Manitoba, are here looking
up fruit land and sulphur springs.
Mrs. King and son, of Fernie. are
in Klko for a short visit on account
of Mrs. King's health.
Mr. .lames Bales, of Hu* & P. U.
land department, was around Klko
and vicinity looking over Hie C. P,
It. preserves with ihe (eye) can see
look about him.
Klko is fast becoming the horso
maitei of Soulh Kast Koolenay
Big droves of horses an* nrrlvltig
fioui the south all tbe time and Imv-
eis are well satisfied wilh their pur-
and are ordering more all the
For saddle horses, polo non-
beavy draft horses, Klko can't be
Come down to Klko and III-
i the pure air of heaven, eat trout
.uul buy horses.
Otto Wisner and his popular wife,
of Wardner, were Klko visitors this
There were several people from old
Siralford-on-the-Avon in Klfon this
week. No doubt school chums of the
Immortal  Billy Williams on Sunday.
Messrs. Richmond and Cuthbert, of
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, were in
Klko visiting Mr. and Mrs. George
McKee and family this week.
The shortage of ears to lhe mills
in tbis district is raising Honolulu
wilh everything, and freight is moving slower than in construction days.
A laz, man should use enough dill
|ence iu selecting a  wife to be    sure
■ has.
willing to take In a mule ami cart, whieh were until recently  tbe property of Thos.   Batt.
©Albert N'orris, head cook from the
Slurp mountain jungles, was iu town
this week.
And the parrot said come in, come
in; And Ibe parrot said come in.
There is a big party of picuicers
camped at Klk river bridge, from
Montana, luwa and Wisconsin.
John Frost, W. A. Frost and
several oilier frosts Weie in Elko
iloin Montana this week, hut no
damage is reported by the rnnehers
to iln* fruit crop.
Tom Letcher, of Fernie, was down
u Hoosville last week and was
sampling the bananas and was bit on
ihe check hv a tarantula but not ser-
\ parly ot Iowa corn held sailors
passed liuough Klko or their way
tu Cranbrook and intend goiny north
io Golden.
I        WARDNER |
(From uur own correspondent)
Miss Hazel Bohart spent Sunday
visiting friends in .laffray.
Mrs. Osborne, of Spokane, is spending a few weeks willi her father   and
other, .Mr. and Mrs. IL Lindsay.
Mr. and Mrs. Gomer Jones and
little son Hit-hard, spent Sunday hi
Mr. Adney was in Crnnbrook on
Saturday on business.
Mr. Crillitlis, of the (Inn of Dunlop
& Griffiths, of Calgary, called on
fi lends in town tliis weeki.
The planing mill has been closed
nr a few days on , account
if lhe shortage of cars.
Mrs, It. IF Bohart was In Cranhrook on Thursday last.
Mrs. Will Siliker has not lieen
feeling very well for the past week,
hul is now improving.
Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Thorp returned from Winnipeg on Thursday
morning. Mrs. Thorp spent a few
days with friends in Keuora,
Gomer Jones left for Reglnn on
Monday afleiuouu on business.
The friends ol Miss Irene Donahoe
will he pleased to koiow that she has
undergone a very successful operation
Tor appendicitis at the home of a
friend In Winnipeg. When last heard
from she was rapidly recovering. We
hope to have ber with us again
si nm.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brown and Mr.
ami Mrs. Olto Wisner took In the
dance in Ell* last Friday evening.
Policeman Adney has the lumher on
ihe ground to huild a residence for
himself on the lot adjoining the provincial police office.
Mr. and Mrs. Kay, of Kenora, are
spending a few days at Parker &
Thbrp's camp and will leave for Wasa
the last of the week.
Archie Acton, late operator at the
local depot, who lefl here a short
time ago on a trip for the benelit of
his health, has returned to renew
acipiaintaiices for a few days.
H, II, Bohart has let the contract
for the building of a large hotel uml
' rdilig house, on the lot adjoining
[to Crows Nest Pass Lumber company's general store, lo Mr. Hucli-
■rofl. Work will be commenced at
nice nnd the building will be ready
for use iu a few weeks.
Carpenters have commenced   work
n the Union hotel.     It will be   eu-
uged and remodeled, several  rooms
being added to the structure-.
Essie, tbe infant daughter nf Mr.
nul Mrs. George Owens, is ill with
lhc measles.
What might, have had a serious ending occurred on Friday evening last
when Clarence Martin, who was engaged to work in-side a Finlaiwler,
and as his instructor, was the victim. Clarence, accordingly offered a
suggestion, and lhe Fin sfrtiek bim
wilh a hammer, knocking him down.
lie nd ministered a second blow on the
head, causing Martin lo fait to ihf
ground. lie   remained  uneonselous
for a time and was then able fo walk
home, where his injuries were at-
iinded lo. He was taken to Cranlirook on Saturday for treatment.
Miss M.iiigau, of Sirilnr, who bas
been spending n few weeks with
friends iu town, left on Sunday
The sawmill broke down on Monday
night lasl mid will he closed until
repairs can be made.
(Frew the Moyie Lender,)
Chas. Farrell i.s- home from Spokane, where he spent a week.
George Hunt has returned to Moyie
after an absence nf severail years,
most of which time he spent In California,
F. It, Morris, .sheriff's deputy, was
hero Wednesday conducting the mio
Hon sale of some pigs, chickens and
The Moyie Water company has paid
a dividend.
Mrs. I.aBonte, the lady barber,
left this week for New Westminster
to see one of her children, who is
seriously ill. She will be away for
two or three    weeks. Her barber
shop will be open every evening from
7 o'clock, an I will be iu charge of
O. B. Forrest.
James Roberts, secretary of ihe
Miners' union, wishes, it announced
tliat there will he a public meeting
held in McGregor hall next Wednesday evening at 7..'Ill o'cloctn to discuss ihe mailer of slatting a cooperative store in Moyie. He says
all interested are cordially invited,
Lord Shollo George Douglas,
brother ol the Marquis of 'Jin-ens
berry, \ [sited Creston last wcck
after au absence of several years.
He was delighted to witness tho
stiides Creston had made sinee ho
was lasl ihcie, and expressed the
opinion lhat the district generally
had a great future. Lord Douglas
was lhe guest of bis old friends, Mr,
and Mrs. Kd. Mallandaine, al
Loretta ranch, during his stay.
Tho Craubrook Herald has hatched
i scheme whereby water is> to he
Irawn out of Moyie lake through a
syphon and deposited near Cranhrook, thus making au artificial
lake. Simpson    is   certainly    a
In a blasting accident at No. A
Lake Shore last Tuesday night,
Tom Summers was severely Injured
in the face and body. The" sight of
his right eye was totally des-troye.1,
but it is thought that of tho left eve
can be saved. He was taken lo
Cranbrook ami then to Spokane to
an eye specialist. The case is a
particularly sad one, and the sympathy of the whole community goes
out to he and his wife. Wm. Preston, who was working with Summers
at the time of the accident, received
a severe shafting up, but was more
fortunate than his partner.
Five young ladies from Cranbrook
took part in the elocution contest,
whieh was held in the local Methodist
church last Saturday evening, and
the handsome silver medal was won
by Miss Kennedy, stenographer in
ff. H. Thompson's law ofliee. The
judges were Miss Nicholson, It.
Campbell and Chas. A. MacKny and
everyone was satisfied with their impartial decision. The entertainment,
was fairly well attended. The young
ladies- were chaperoned bv Mrs. J. F.
Smith, of Cranbrook.
(From the Fernie Free Press.}
Waller Mar wood and Jack Ross returned yesterday from a timber
cruising trip up the Kootenay, Tbey
report game very plentiful.
The Wood-McN'ab Lumber company
are making preparations for instilling their new mill about Uuee miles
cast ol Fernie.
Mrs. J. L. Mc In tyre is visiiing
friends in Pineher Creek. She Is accompanied hy her sister-in-law, Airs.
Reid, of Cranbrook.
Archie Grant had a narrow escape
from drowning yesterday. He was
out lishing in the Klk ami fell iuto
the swift current. Luckily his father
was at hand and rescued the bul.
Aid. (fates and the editor took a
ride through tbe suburbs this week.
From conversation with citizens of
Cranhrook, Fort Steele, Marysville,
aud Kimberley they received the Impression that "the civic holiday celebration here on August !>, while attracting considerable attention could
stand another active advertising
campaign with prospects of good re
The shares of the Dematirez Propelling company, will be launched on
the market, in a few days. The new
eompany will be capitalized at $16,-
bllO, with shares of the par value of
$1 each. The promoters of the company believe tbey have a good thing
in the invention ot Mr. Demaurcz and
intend to push it through to success,
free & Moffatt bavo been appointed
selling agents for the stock.
A sudden upheaval of the floor and
a bad outbreak of gus in Boom No.
11, No. 2 mine, Coal Creek, on Monday last, brought Midden death to
Robert Belt and stampeded nearly alt
tho men employed in lhe mine. ' The
shock was a heavy one unit was
hoard throughout Coal Creek. It
was thought for a while that an explosion had taken place in lhe mine.
The unfortunate man Bell, who was
working in the room at the lime was
imprisoned nml was soon overcome
by tho escaping gas which accompanied tlie upheaval and his tHidy was
uot recovered until late on Tuesday
nftemoon. His partner, C. Richardson, very fortunately had just left
the room a few minutes before the
accident and thus escaped the terrible
fate of his chum. The mine was
completely flooded with gas ami dust
and it was some time before the air
had sufficiently cleared to permit the
work of recovering the body to go
on. Deceased leaves a wife and two
children. The funeral whieh was
largely attended took place nn Tuesday from the Methodist church.
Mr. Chas. T. Folliot, of St. Paul,
representing the firm of A. Guthrie
dc Co., who have the contract for the
construction ol tbe C. N. S. to
Michel, arrived in town on Monday
night. He was accompanied bv W.
S. Quigley, a sub-contractor; It. A.
Wilkinson, right-of-way man and tax
commissioner;    and    A.   Anderson,
right-of-way agent. The parly have
been going over lhe ground and outlining their plans tor Immediate construction. The complete construction outfit has been shipped to Fernie and Hit* work is supposed to lie
finished iu ninety days, but Ibis is
hardly possible, as tbore are a number of bridges to erect, which will
take considerable time.
A seii..us slabbing affair look place
iu a shack in tho old town in which
Frank A. Marasco was severely
wounded by a razor in the hands of
J. Qlialtlre Tlie latter was arrested and tried belore Judge Wilson
yesterday, rei elving a sentence of
two and a hall years hard labor in
Nelson jail.
A. N. Wilmot, formerly ol Uio
Hank of Commerce stall bete, anil
Harvey 0. Watson, lately editor ot
the Free Pies-, h.ive gono into the
really and Insurance business iu Vancouver. Thru nlliee is located on
Westminster avenue. ■'• doors north of
Hastings strei' Wc wIbIi them a
full m oa sure nt prosperity,
iin Tucsdnj morning the So.. Spokane ilvei overlook ti horso on Ihe
I rack this sid  Michel. As Stephenson might have snid, "II was bad
f.u ihe horse."
Tlie Elk Lumlier company arc running nighl and dav. The cut is
averaging   considerably over ilpii.huii
feel  a day.
T *
4 4
(From The Frank Paper.)
lames Vnrley, one of tbe well-
known miners 'of the district, died
Sunday night at bis home al Hellevne
after a. lingering illness. The funeral
was held Tuesday under lhc auspice*
of Hellevue miners union. The defeased leaves a wife and several
.1. W. Staffoivl, who has been acl-
ing Dominion land agent at Lethbridge since lhe promotion of the
former incumbent of thai office, has
been regularly appointed agenl. Mr,
Stafford has numerous friends here
who, with all who have business wilh
the Let-bbridge land ollice, will agree
il is a deserved promotion.
The Hundred Thousand Club, ot
Calgary, has decided to run its ex
elusion to Coleman on August 7lh
It was formerly intended lo gi
through to Kcrnie but that plan has
been clinngcd and Coleman will he
live fnrMicsl point west. The clul
will visit all the other (owns of the
district, according to present In ten
The owners of cattle would seem
to have been Irving to put up a job
to accomplish 'what the Hoard ol
Trade has nol succeeded in lining in
Ihe wav of slopping tho Spokauo Fiver at Frank and although they have
not succeeded in making a permanent
thing of il yet Ihey did make tli.
train stop twice tills week. It was
done by the medium of a calf in each
Instance. There was not much lefl
of Hit* calf iii either case hut Hit
train stopped.
The IBillcrest mine resumed opera-
lions during the week.
H. Sleeves, who is busy at Limd-
breck these days gelling his brick
yard started there, wns up Sunday.
C. P, Oud'iii, manager ni the American Fire Brick company, of Spokane,
arrived iu Frank Tuesday evening on
ihe Flyer and left yesterday morning
for Coleman, where he is to put in
live Belgian coke ovens for test pu
The controversy at Lille over the
back-hand system which resulted in
a strike last week, bas heen temporarily adjusted and the men have returned to work pending an adindiia
tion of the disputed poinl bv tbo ar
bitrators provided for in lhe agreement. The question the committee
will have io determine is ihe proper
const met ion to be put upon llu
term "optional," wherein it is provided thai it shall be optional will
ihe men whether the back-hand system shall he followed or not.
(Moyie Leader)
When the editor of the Leader wenl
easi some three weeks ago lie lefl the
paper in .barge of Mr. .1. Peek Mae-
Swain, famed the world over as a
printer, poet and philosopher. Hut
Peck's stay at the helm was brief,
and up to ihe hour of going to press
his whereabouts are even entirely unknown to us. Grave fears are " en
tertatiied for his safety. Manv theories an* advanced lor his sudden dls
appearance. When lasl seen he wa;
al Klngsgnto and was headed south
Maybe he was thirsty .ml simph
strolled down to "Dutch Jake's" at
Siwknnc for a schooner of beer
Then again he may he nu the trail n
Mime good news ileitis wilh a
"scoop" in sight. Bul iiroliably
something more serious has hnppcnoi
to him. ' Could he have heen kid
napped. |jk«. Ch.ulie Hoss, Eddie
Cudahy or Ellen Stone, and be held
for ransom in some wild cavern near
Hoiiiuis Kerry? Or has some hold,
bud men murdered him for his money
(he was known to have a roll when
ht* left here) ami thrown his body iu
the Moyie river to be devoured by tbe
fishes'' Apparently time alone onlj
can solve the mystery.
" I thought I must go ,
from pile, un i. 1 died; tu
cured me," Buys Airs. K. llr
hurt (Oat.), ami adds:—"] wan
Unit I fiiulil linrdly moveiiLui
work I'liti.iiil uie ureal n. ,.■,,
of thin kthiiiI Ilium, Hint 1 mn
Murpta/ & Fisher,
Parliamentary,     Departmental    ami
Patent Ofliee Agents.
Practice lli-tore Ituilwnv Commission
Charles Murphy, Harold Fisher.
Crescent Lodge No. XI
Cranhriiok, li. C.
Meets every Tuesday  at 8 p.  lu.  at
New Fraternity Hall.
,1. n. Ilomlorson, K. of II. A s.
A. ('. Iliiwiiess, I*. ('.
Visiting   brethren   cordially Invited
io attend,
t-~rf;--. \ ,    I.il." F.     Key Clly ..edge
(Li' $|Q_?S   Nu- ia- M"'ls ,vet'
mS&^&Eg*£a*   Momlay     night     at
New    Fraternity    Hall.     Sojourning Oddfellows eordlally  Invited,
t'li.is. Smith, K. II. McKay,
N, 0. Sec'y.
m ■
Lnflhrnuk Lodge, No, .,■
A. H, & A. M.
'■■ frV-i";'' \   ,    liegular meetings on
/ -vV''' Y   t'1" "''"'   'liims.l.iy
''^V'S       ol every month.
Visiting broth en welcomed.
Edward Elwcll, W.M.
W. F. Attrlilgo, Sec'y.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every   Friday     evening nt. 8
I'lnis. .Smith, W.I'.
M. II.  Hillings, Secretary.
Veiling brethren cordially Invited
I.OYAI. UllANIU'i 1,00013, NO. IS',.
Meet at 11. of I,. F. Halt 2ml   anil
lib Saturday each month.
Visiting brethren always welcome
T. Unyter, .las. hi. Larrigaii,
W. M. Sec'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
**.<-•»»♦**♦»*•>**♦*♦*♦***'> *
\       C. H. DUN BAH       j
3 B.uristcr, Solicitor, Notary    \
% Public, Etc.                3
*■ *
1 Cranbrook,     -     -    IS. C.    .
I .
Physicians and Surgeons.
Ofliee at lli-sidence, Armstrong Ave
Forenoons ll.llll to 111.00
Af 1,1 noons - - - 2.00 to 4.00
Evenings - - - - 7.30 to s..'10
.Sundays .... 2.30 to   4.30
CRANHROOK r:    ::    i!    i;    B, C,
II to 12 a.m.
1 to   li p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office nnd residence on Armstrong avc
CRANBROOK       -       -      -    U.C
il to 12 a.m.
1 lo   li p.iu.
7 In   u li.ni.
Ollloe in new Reid Bloek
CRANBROOK -       -   - - B. C.
Young Indies und   giris wishing lo learn tapestry painting
are   crniicstcd      to   call    on
Crnnbrook       :: ::        ::    B.C.
—  .]   i;. CU.MMIXllH a. CUMMIN
i CIVIL liNWNOKItS AM. IKimslllN ■
I ti,i No!'iiii   Cranbrnok, B.C.
(ieo. R. l.eask & to
ihii- word in (our ndvurtlHeinetit, bul w<
put (bin nd in the lloralJ;to
empliiiflixu it.
Near Lower -trmBtron-* Avenue.
TKI.r.l'IHiN'K in
Livery  S
I Proprietors
Teams, nml driver, rurttl.heil for vio
point io the ilistrtct.
A. no. I.e. M»n»g.r
D.  C.  L.
4i *
! Distillers Company, Limited %
XX i\ wm ii i 2:;
**      I). C. L Scotch 12 Years Old
IX Win'Ii
**   iil      "T
fl R. P. Rithet «& Co., Limited Iii
XX x"
tt SOLE   AGENTS f|j
||     Victoria. British Columbia     li
ft it
X   FISHING TACKLE    Thai Will Catch lish    FISHING TACKLE 1
FRED ROO, Proprietor.
Hardware and Builder's Supplies,
Harness, Saddles and Fittings, Miners'
.mi Prosoectors'Supplies, Dry Goods,
Gent's Furnishings, Groceries, Fruit,
Flour and Mill Stuffs, Raw Fur and
The Largest Assortment of Fishing Tackle suitable
tor the District in B. C.
Indian Curios, Specimen Big Game Heads, and Souvenirs ol The Great West.
*-**^* »**■»%•»%##,.„-4 ,.♦,.„ 4.«%%«,,„„,k,»%4„,f
1'. il. HOX 111    ,
liifivlf   l:.'|ni,- ulwnvs  in nloi'lt,    Miu'lilniw for  pill.inu on   lll-suy '
lloliliur Tyros, will, Tyn-a nlmij-a on liniul. }
WAUONS,   CAItltUOKH   AMI   !M I'l.K.llKS I < I
I'liuNi: no
I', ii. IIO.N III
, ' ■ "■ ""f>  ' >>     4
'    B. C. Livery and Feed Stables    '
Il'ili-lf  H.WAYH Tn I1H HAD
Manitoba Hotel
*¥W*******i-*i-.f ************* b
dan Mcdonald, proprietor,   cranbrook, ii. c.
Headquarters for
Thu.Manitoba is I'untmlly lounlml uml linn nnu ntlliolioal illiiliiun
in tho clly,   Tin. Imi if Hi|T|ii''l »Iil, il.,, heal,.( I.i,|ii,ii-ni„l i'i
When You
Como to the,Metropolis st.-iv at the
Palace Hotel
5.cplicn.s & Rockenilorl
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alia.
Tlii* l<'iTlii'li Pi}' OlcillllllK I'lori's*-
I'liiilili"; ns lo rli'iili linn:; ji.inls, suits
iin,l ni'clfllfs, ImlifH suits amt sl.irt*-
In siil'Ii  ii   wny Ilinii limy poult ive) y
I.i.il. as gO(M| ail HOW.
HV an' I'spi rintci'il ilyors imi.i elpun-
i'1's, llii'ii'liuc, wo ilo not I'oipilro to
si-ml niiylhiiig down onst pr up west,
1111111    J.   LBASK,  Tni'or
W. It. ll'-itlty, Kiiiwr.il  DlroclOP
Ciui.lii.Hik It.C. I'limio No. 8U THK   OUAJSBliOOK    UKKALO
1. This is lo m'lliiy that "The
Craubrook BhKJttlo Light Company,
Limit,<t," u Company July mrarpor-
uti-.i iiuih-r the provisions of the
"Coimmiiica Act, 18117," anil which
Imn been roglstercu urawr lhe "Power
Companies' lteliet Act, 1003," lor the
purpos-o of uXercluliiR tlio lights,
powurs, prlvlloKCS ami priorities in
iiikI hy .niv. IV. nl lira suiil Act
created, grnnteii nii-l conterreil, has
siiliiiiitiisi its umlerlahlng to tlio
Lii'iiti'iinni i.ovt'iiuir in Council, lor
minimal, uml Unit tho sniil nnili-r-
lulling;, as shown liv the (locunio'its
mi,t plaint liliil, Inis been approved,
nml tli.it. lira sunn- is as follows:
Tin- erection ol a ilam aoross llu-
St. MaiVK River, in a rooky canyon
about uiu- milf above llu- railway
In iili'.i- upon wlllcll llu- <'.niiiil.au I'nol-
tv Railway crosses Uio St.
Mull's Itiver, as sliown on
ih,. plans tlli-il ami mnrkoil
"ll"; llu' erection of a power I silo li.- siiuiiiio- nt or oiosc in tin-
il.iui. tin- water ihhIi'i a 3(1 Inch lien.1
li.ifsiiu'. llnoin.li iiuliiiu- walcr wltecls
iu tli,' power house, Uienco .hiuugli
ili,< lull i.ff inlo llu1 river aniiiiil tlio
erection ot all ueciissnry pole lines.
Tlw power will Ira ulill'/ed lo Riipiily
liiilil, lu-.il mul power elilelly lo the
citv ,,f Cranhrook ami lira Inliniilt-
mii'i ilieri'of; t„ operate railways,
n.iniw.iys, sawtnllls ami other litiluR-
nil's ol   nny ttnlnro or kiml, niwl   to
,'inisifiiii'i's ,;i rally nl light, lif.i I or
powei in ttie Knit Steele Mining DIvl
sum ,,f East Kooteiiuy,
Eight Ibnusuuil miner's inches ol
waier are to bo presently taken frnm
St. Marys Itlvor, in East Kootenay
Uistr rt;'live tlious.inil miner's Incites
nf Uie suiil eight. Ilinusaiid miner's
Inches sn to ho prosonUy taken staml
iilirailv reeonlrtl iu the name ot llu'
Company, which record is hereby approved anil confirmed, anil tin- in-
tin'ti-.l application nf Uu- Company
fm a Im I lui record of Itu-eo thousand
miner's inches, nml nf such Inrllicr
ris'iiriis unl exceeding thirty lliousand
inches, from nut of lhe said St.
Marys Kiver, according io the re-
ipiir'emenis of its business ami tlie
extensions tn lie sutisiiiurnt'y under-
laiieu is approved; provided Unit,
such approval shall nol In* construed
Mo nolico  ti^j"/'"'   "".provi-
f  Qnotion  222    C Mlltl'l   *-">'i     m
^YsulX!'ol C'ln-iili, 1006.    the
nhout Mil chiiins souin-ivi'si „. nm....,  1.111,1.1.1, .>....  .... .';''•:-■.    ,iiht puh
of Caribou    Creek, tbenee east   100    Mkb „„„, ihu uato ol int..ursv i
■liains,     Uienco     soulh     « chains, I u„llou ol   u„s   notice, or so   boor
mence'west 1011 ehains, thenco north | UlcI„,u,, as lira applh ■;  ">       J)
ill chains to point ol commencement, i„.u,l,   loi  nulhorit)    '" ""'»
und    containing 040   acres, inure or ,„„„„.,  :...■..■
less. llu*  I'1
Deter Jensen, J way
Dated .lune S, IIII17
iliiiisli Columbli
thenco iu a ii'"11
i distance ot 183
is „„   said Lot 335: Hi
which    said   propose
moro partloularly show
.....te In
,'l, Columbia Southern Ra1-
menciug .u a point on   the
l'1-lit'L...;i  i|     r   S.    Its. in Lu. NO.   I-',
SSuii't, i-"1 u""'1 ■ "■
Commencing al a    post planted Ul0   province   ol
at the south-west     CoriUK nl License j.,,,,,  runtling il
No.  1, thence east 811 chains,
leet tn
soulh'su    chuius,   llionco. west
chains     Uience     north  81. cliains   to |,|C.„|
point nl commencement, mul contain'. |,ranch
inr; lilll acres, moro or less.
Peter .Icnscn.     retorenci
Dated ..nne 8, 1!III7. 11111"
. ,l.i„. profile
ili'lini.iii-il in Hi
lur. ll. I'.,
i .', ,   i,; f    ' .,  "ii   ll
,,l    .llllli',   H'l'i.     as    NO.
:i    Cnninienring    nt a post nlanloill police nl which Oeposll is
nl. the nnrlh west    corner ol License !,,,,;, mirsuant  to tlio tm
No. t, thenco west sn cliains, llionco|thu salii sect
snulli sn    chains,     Uienco  east,    80
cliains,   Uieiu'i'     nortli     811 chains to
point nl coiiiiuciu-i-inent, ami contain-     Dated till
iii), lilll acres, mole or less. I-.I.I7.
Peter .Icnsen.
Dated Juno 8. 1807. IMI'
id l. "I
son Keith il..y
.1. I.;
i hereby
l HIS     ol
■I.   Commencing at   a post  planted
In cliains soulh ol south-west corner
uf License No. 1, thCIICO snulli 8tl
chuius, tlience west 80 cliains, tlience
north 811 chains, Uience enst 811
chains to point of commencement, mut
containing 010 acres, more or less.
Peter Jensen.
Dnled June 8, 1007. H-.lt*
r  Drinkwater,
Inl il.iy nl  -lull,   A    I'
Take nolicc Ihnl James    A. Sleele. 	
of   Crnnbrook    11. •'..     occupation, east sn chains io point uf comnienco-
I'lmher Cruiser, Intends tn apply for nieiil, mul containing 01" acres, mini'
a special timber license   over the loi- or l<
Tnko notice Hint Allied Murphy,
uf Clnleway, D. <'.. occupation,
Lumberman, Intends tu apply for a
special timber license over the lollowlng described lands:
Commencing' nt a post planted
ahoul a ituiii'ler nf a mile east uf the
-niiili turn id tlohl Creek, unit about
[nui unit one linll miles east ol Loi
hilll .uul aliniit Iwn miles north ul
Die lntciiiiiliiiu.il Unuinlniy, thenco
iiiuiii sn cliains, Uienco west sn
chains  tlience snulli su chains, 11
Nn. 3, dated .lune 8, 1007. advert[sod I    I'llANIIKOOK   LAND DISTRICT
nil.' C. Gazette ol    July 18, 1007, 	
thence souil. su cliains. thence   west j        DISTRICT OF KOOTENAY
su rliiiins,    thenco nortli 80     chains j 	
thence east su chains lo point ol Take nol Ice Hint Alfnd Murphy,
commencement, nnd containing 01(1 til Oatcway, ll C, occupation
res, more oi less. ! Lumberman, intends   tn npply '
D.iii-ii July is, IIKIT.
I'elcr Jc
lowing described lands.
Commencing at a post planted
eighty (80) cliains nortli nl tne
nnrib-west corner of Timber Limit'
mining east   eighty (80)
iving the Company any absolute. No.."""•"> ^-■"^■jji   eighty (80)
right to such   records   when applied J™1™-   ,,„.,„.,,    w,,st    p|^ly   m
'}: a,„i hhs is turther .o certify !;:•;;;;;;»: ,j^.,'::;l,l,,,;;;«^„ ,(c8„1>
KSttTltl" mint -«»W»lr«l«   -res 'o or
sliiiclhHi nf a    ilam across Uie   St.
Kiver     and    the   necessary
James A. Steele, Locator.
excavations and tradings, ami hy llie -„..7
construction ol a power-bouse at the 1
site nf the dam, and hy Iho erection
uf pules nml stringing ol copper nr
oilier wires thereon, lor the purpose
nl conveying tlie electrical energy
ci'i-iiti.i liv water-wheels nt said dam
to Hi,. City nf Cranlirook and lis
"niti' and intervening points
lliteil tho 17th   liny nl July, A. I).
Take nolicc lluil James   A. Steele
,1   Ornnbrnnk,   II. >' .     oceupntlo
Alfred Jlurphv.
Doted June 2fl, 1H07. IK-lit
Take notice that Alfred Murphy,
of Gateway, il. 0., occupation,
Lumberman, intends tu npply fur n
special timber license over the foi
lowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted nn
llie east iiiiuli uf the Snulli Fork nl
lli.lil Creek ami nhoul four miles enst
nf Lot 1501, uml nliont three miles
nnrth uf Uie International Boundary,
Uie   west   SII     ill.i in:.   I lie Iff   Iliilili
Sii   chains,     llicnci st   sn cliains,
Uionco sun III so    chains lo point   ol
uiinitv uml inlcrvi-ning points. ,.,<,,.,,t„„,,l<     II   O       occuiuilbni,I """"'","" V"    '"">'"'". I i    "i
.1.   And   this is   InrUier to certify S,„.t,'oralser   Inl is to apply for eommenceliicnt, and   containing   (llll
Hint  "The Cranbrook Electric Light '     ,,|      ,,.,'      ■, ,•   over lhc f„l- •"'"• """" °" "«»• ...   , ,,     ,
.'.iiiinanv. I.iiniled,"   shall have duly ","',.,Uclli«l lands-                          ,      ,,                Alfred Murphy.
snlKcrllicil   before it commences   the ^nmSi    at a   post    planted     Dalcd Juno 20, 1007.               liot
en'Iru: lion of its undertaking   nml , ,,,    lsm .|u|„s nnrtli of Ihi north-
wnrk  or exercises any o  the powers „.,,,,,, ,,,„„,.,■   „f    Timber Limit Nu.
In   that behalf   conferred      by   tho a8M   thenco     running north   eighty
Hater   Clauses   Consolidation Act, ,sui chains   thenco    enst eighty (80)
ISII7."    Purl    IV.,      five   Ihousmid '..,. ',..„      ,|,,.IU-i,     soulh    eighty (80)
.ii.niiO) shares   of   nno dollar (J1.001 (,hn'|ns'    ,.„.,„.,,   wst    ,.iKi,iv   (SO)
each,     llie further nninnnl nf capital ri.nins in n„.    ,,c,iiii „f    enmmencc-
miutred In fuliv compiele Hie umlei-
t.iKing mid wnrk tn tie   provided   bv or |t,ss
the Issue of first mortgage tinnds or
ment, and containing 010 acres, inori
Take mil iff
,1   (I miv,
, Jiimes A. Steele. Locator.     special    tllnhi'i  lleens
debentures nf "The Cranbrook   Elec-1   mt«| ihe I7lli   day nf Julv, A. D. lowing descriheil lauds:
tne l.ieht Cnmpiiny. Litniteil," tn he  ,007
' Hon
V    fill
lhc f.il
lipany, i.imiteit," tn in- .gn.7                                           17-011   Comniencing   at    a    r
issui.l frnm  lime In time, nr all    at . . about one and one half miles enst   ol
Hie siitne lime,    to   nn amount,   nnt | Hie east limit nf In) In'H   nnd nhoul
exceeding in the   whole nne hundred, CKANBROOK LAND DISTRICT    (,„„. m,|0   „,„,], ,,(   U|0 international
thousand dollars (JIIH1.00I)).   Boundary,  llicnoo west     su   chains
I.   And tliis is   further to   certify DISTRICT OF KOOTENAA         thence norlh sn chains, Ihence   enst
Hnil lhe time within which   the said j   ,   :si. elinlns, tl e south 30 chains   to
Take notice 11..,: Robert Ethclbcrt
Beattie, "i I'l.mi' Ii. IL C . occupation, Druggist, intends to appl) i"t
u special limber license over the lollowing described lands:
Commencing at a post pl.iutcil
.ihnilt lue miles and a halt east nl
the easterly limit nl Lot l.ini. Group
iin-, mul one mile norlb nl ihf International Boundary, thenco cast SO
chains, llu-nce south so ehains, thenco
»,■ 1 fi chains, thence nortli su
elinlns tu poinl nl commeni ■ cut,
uul containing    040 acres :,■   or
Roberl Btbelbert Ileal    ■
Dal, I Juno -a, if'if I- ni
Sill TI1EHN |i|\ IS10N
Take notice Unit Roherl Ullicllicrl
lie.iiiif. nl Cranlirook, 11 C . occu-
pation, Druggist, Inlendu to npidj inr
n special Umber license ovei Hk- following described hunts:
Commencing at a posl pinnlcd
;ilf 111 live nnd a hall mites ensl uf
I.ui 1501, and nne mile nnrlh nl llie
International   Boundary, Ibrncp east
su   cliains, 1 If in uili   sn cliains,
Uienco ivest SII chiiins, Ihence suulh
su ebnlns tn point ul commencement,
mul   containing llm  acres, mure   ur
Hubert Elhclbort ncaltie,
Dated June i'i. 1007. is III
Take notice Uul Frank Iluoul
Angers, nf Crnnbrook, II. ('., occupation, Prosprclor, intends In apply fur
special limber license over ihu
following described kinds:
Commencing nl n pnsl plnnloil
I.nut. live mid one If ll miles e.ist
.I Hie easterly limit of Loi 1501,
and une mile nortli of Hie Inlernn-
tiiinnl Boundary, thence west 8(1
Ihenee south so chains, thenco
east 8:1 chuius. Ihenco nortli so
chains in nnlni of commencement,
anil    containing lilll  neres, more,   or
Frank Raoul Angers.
Dated June 25, 1007. 18-01
Take notice lli.il Frank Itnoul
Angers, nf Crnnbrook, B. ('., occupation, Prospector, Intends to apple for
11 special timber license over lhe
following descriheil lands:
Commencing at a post planted
ntiiiiit five and one half miles east
nl the   easterly    limit of Lot   15111,
ami "I"' mile llol'Hl nf Hi,. Inlernn-
t'lnnal I'.iuiitil.iiv, tlienci! west sn
chains Ihence nnrth sn chains, thence
i'.r I SU chains, Ihence soulh 811
chuius lo poinl of commencement,
uul containing Pin acres, mote or
Frank Raoul Angers.
25. 111(17. '  IS-fit
special   timber license    over Hie tol-l apply lor a special Umber license ovei
lulling described lands: Hra following described lands:
• Co ncing nl .1 pust planted   nul   Commencing at a pust planted   at
Uie hank of a Ir laty nf the soil.il   C,  1'. It.     Cost No. 45M. east     line
tort "i Gold Crock flowing eastward Loi 1503,    thence    east   so   ehains
I  'ii,, ami     a half miles east   of thence  north  sn  ehains,  thence  west'
DISTRICT OF EAST KOOTENAY Take notice that thirty davs   niter
SOUTHERN DIVISION dale I intend lo    apply lo ihe chief
  Commissioner "f    Lands and Works
Take notice thai Lester Clapp,   ot for a license in prospeel lor eoal mid
Cranbrook, Hotel Keeper, intends In petroleum ovei llu-    lollow-iiig     des.
capital, vi/: five thousand dollars, is     Tnko notice that James   A. Sleele,Ipninl of en
tn !»,• subscribed is fixed al one vear ,,f   Cranhrook,   IV C     occupation,h1u  ,;,j, u.r
trom Ih' dale hereof, and   Ihal   Hie Timber Cruiser. Intends to apply tor
lime within which  the said utulerliik-   a special limber license   ovei  Hie fni |   ],,.,.,] .),,
ing nnd    works arc to ho commenced   lowing descriheil lands: |	
is nxed     n I nne      year   from     tbe'   Commencing at a post planteil cigh-     ,,.,,.",,,,„„,.  , ,.."
dale      hereof.      ami       Hie      datcty    (SO) chains   north of tho north-     CRANBROOK   1 Wl
hv which all nf   the proposed works WM-|   corner   nf Timber   Limit   No. 	
shall he iii nperation    is Iwo   vears    suit   tbenee west eighty 180) chains, D1STR1C, 01- KOOTENAY
Irom Ibe data hereof. ithcneo   snulb    elghly   (801   cliains,! 	
Fnsl J. Fulton. thence ensl eighty (801 chains, thence    Take nolicc    Hint    Mfml   Murphy
Clerk of Hie Exceul Ive Council       ortli eighty (80) chains to tbe place' ™   Oolcway,    II      c,     occupation,
Halel  Hiis 2nd  day of Mav,   \    D  '„l     eommcii.etnenl.    and    containing  Ll intends   tn apply  Inr
ncement, an.l ciiiitain-
mre or l"-s.
Alfred Murphy.
1907. 1S-C1
IS It  mil acres, more or less.
James V Steel". Locator,    ;
Dated ihe 17th   day nf July, \   l>
1(107. 17-01
Take notice Unit  James     V   Sleele
Take nolicc llial James A. Steele
nt Cranbrook, II. C. occupation
Timber Cruiser, Intends tu npply tn
a special titiiliet license over Hie ful
Inning descriheil lands:
Commencing at n post planted siv-
iv iiui) chiiins west ami twenty (20) t
cliains nmili nl   Hie north-west cor .ioulnn
net ul Tlmbci Limit No. 2H?s. Ihenco     Com
running   bou.1i   forty     (10)   eliains, I,,     ,
th wesi eighty (80) chains, Ihenco  m*i ,
iiinih elglrty i80| chains, Uience east   ggns   Ihenee we.iet eiglily ISO) eliains.
,'lflllv   (Sill chailis,   thelli'f soillll lollV    Hieni',.     nnllll      eighty     (SO)     ellaill':,
(Hi) drains lo Hie place ol commence .thence east richly (SO) eliains, tbenee
i»,-n< I containing 010 ncrcs, more smith elghly (80) ehains tn Hie phi
■ that  .liiilies
ik.     tt    (' .
I'iiiiliei Cruiser, Intends I
a sin,-i.il tlmbci I
"i- license    over lhe ful
bed lands:
: :il t post planted
halt casl nf the
"'"I. and about
half miles hniiii
i.'t.al lloundnry, thence
ns. tlience nurlh SO
weil S0 ehains. Ihene,
ins tu point or com
I containing lllll acres,
he easi limit „f Lot MOI,
hoiil Iwn miles north nf the Inter-
intionnl Boundary, ihenee cost n
bains, ihi'iie ih >n eliains, thence
.est   SII      drains,   Ihenee      suulh    SII
tilins   ii, point   i.t    commencement,
ml    containing nm neres, more   or
'la':,"  in,tiff   ll„:l    Roberl    I.llll.'.   nf
•■"I l Si. flf. II, r . occupation, Prospector, iiiiin.ls I., apply [nr ., special
luui" i     license   ovei   lhe   following
i.f.i lusl Intilli:
Commencing   al     a  posl    planted
lll'nlll          :,0       eliains      limn lhe
."I Hi east      ,■ ■,     „f      |.in use   No.
II7II.".. Uience south Inn ebnlns, thence
ast       111    flf in,       Ih.fiif    filll: llll
hums, llu-iiee ivest 10'chains lo
ii,inl of commencement, and con-
.lining Clu acres-, mnre ur less.
Rohert Little.
Dated July II,  1007, 18-(i(
sn eliains, thence soutb Su chains tn
mint nf commencement, and contaln-
tig (ill) acres, more or less.
Lester Clapp, Locator,
Nicholas  Powers,  Agent.
I June 22, 1907, n-ct
King Lumber Mills, Limited, Timber
Location Nn. 1.;
Take nolico thai The King Lumber
Mills. Limited, nl ('rmiliinuLi, II. c,
"iu ml tn apply fur a special Tlmbci
ll.icen via  il„.   lollowlng described
ntnciicing at a post planteil
t 00 chains 7»,lh of Lamb
k. ni the northern boundary of
5-103, running    west Ito chains
Tnko nolico Unit I, Mabel Lnndcck,
if Gateway, It. ('., wile of Henry F.
l.iuidecli, Intends to apply for psr-
uiissioii to purchase Hie |Q|lfl\v||w ii,s-
I'lillell  luml:
Co'iiini'iielng nl a pnsl planted l.(
miles west mul l| miles north nl the
Kiiiiteiiav Kiver, along the Interna-
tionnl Boundary, Uienco east -III
cliains, thence sunlit till chains, Uience
west. Ill cliains. I In nee north 811
chains lo pnint nf commencement, ami
nnil.lining .1211 neres, more or less.
Mallet Landed,'.
llu Inl July lllli, 1907. 17-nt-
Take notice that Kuss-Suskatouh
Lumlier Cm, Ltd., uf Waldo, 11. C,
ecupatioii, Lumlier Manufacturers,
intends tn apply Inr a special timber
license over the    fuliowing described
Cmiinu ncing ul, a post planted 10
(liains easi of the N. E. corner of
l.ol No. 82117. theuce running north
III ehains to llie soutll line of Lot
No* 82111!, tlituee west 10 cliains to
the S. IV. curlier nf Lot 821111, thence
I'orth 121) chiiins along the west    line
(f lllis 82110  1 323, Uience west III
(liains to ensl line ol Lot 2211,
tlience south no chains lo the S. E.
inner of Lot 22l.'l, Uience west 80
ihuins lo Hie east line of Lot 8209
.thence suulh In chains tn lira nortli
auiili no chains, Ihence cast tn point ol beginning,
In chains, Uienco north 20 chains,
thence cist 80 chains, tlience nnrth
-in chains, tlience east 2d chiiins,
tlience north 2ti chains to point of
commencement, and containing 640
acres, more or less.
Tlie King Lumber Mills. Limited.
A. G. Wilmot, Locator.
Dated July 20, 1907. 19-0t
nlie.l laud, situate in Blocil 1503,
Soutll East Koutenay District, 11 C,
Commencing at a post marked A.
McPucc's S. W. corner pust, planted
about  :  es    east uf Hi,. Flathead
Rivei and aboul B miles north ul the
Intel na] Boundary, thenco north
su chains, 'Inf.,. east sn ebnlns,
thence south 80 chains, thenco west
-" chains •" point of beginning, containing i.to .ii 1. -. more or less.
A. McPhee, Locater.
Located this 2oth dav of June,
Nu. 1. Take notice that thirty
.lays after date we Intend tn apply
in the Chiel Commissioner uf Lands
ami \Voil.s for a license to prnspect
for coal .ml petroleum over the lol-
I. win" descriheil land, situate in
HI," I 1593, Si i'a t:.f i Kootenay
District, ll. i': Commi neit.g at a
!"■ ' :i arki I Ella Whipple's S. W.
'" t posl pi nted ,,ii the east si.h-
ol Ui    Flattie.'!     River .uni about 1
miles    :■,:•:.    ol      tho      Iliterii.itioti.il
Boundary, Ihei ■ norlb 80 chains,
thence ens i i l  . theuce smith
liains,       the!,'','  lies'.   Sn       ill,ills.
King  Lumber Mills,  Litniteil, Timber
Location No. 2.:
Tnko notice Unit Tho King Lumbei
Mills. Limited, of Cranbrook, it. C ,
intend In apply [nr a speeiai Timber
License over Hie fuliowing described
Commencing    al  a   post   planted
at I      llll chains    nnrlh nf     Lamh
Creek, nn the northern boundary "I
Lot. 5402, running west r.n     ileains.
Iliene lllll    SII chains.  Ihenee    east
ill chiiins, tlience south 10 ehains,
iheneo eust III eliains, tlience south
III cliains, Uience west III chains to
point uf commencement, nml containing lllll acres, more ur less.
The King Lumlier Mills. Limited.
A. (I. Wilmot, Locater.
D.ilc.l July 2(1, 1907. 19-01
King Lumlier Mills, Limited, Timbe:
Location No. 3.:
Take notice Unit Til.' King Lumbei
Mills. Limited, of Cranhrook, ll. C .
Intend In apply fur a special Timtiei
License over Hie fuliowing described
Commencing at a post planted ll"
s west of Lamb Creek, on   the
more or le:
Ell.. Whipple, Locator.
Located this    17th day   of    Julv,
No  2.     Corai
marked    (iu-i I
planted   .li
lencing at a post
raitb's N. w. corner
ai: one-tourtb of a
Flathead Kiver   and
about i; miles norlh ul ihe Interna-
ioiiat Boundary, thence soutb si.
liains, theuce west mi ehains, thenco
ii'itti so chains, thence east so
hains, t,. point ..t beginning, con-
aining B40 .. res, moro ,,i less
Gust Smith. Locator.
1 Ibis     IJth day    ot    July,
icing at a post
iors' N. W. corner
I) tulles east ol
i " ai.'1 about 5
""   International
m.ilke.1 Alb rl Co
post, planted abou
the    Fi.i'l' ., I     lif
miles   uorth   ol
Boundary,   Ibence
Ihence easi  80   i   ains, thenco   north
sn chains, I i ■,    west 80   chains :..
point ol   i ■ ■ f li      containing   840
acres, mon  ol li
Albert Connors, Locater.
Located Ihis    nth   day ol    July,
1907. 19-Ct
Da I r,l .lu
i  Hi
Iv  In
died lands:
ncnelng .1 n posl pl»nted ■
111  chiiins    nnllll ot It	
if   Tlmbci
ul   less.
James A. Slts'le, Locator,
Haled  Hi. IVII.   dav nl July, A. 11.
11)0". I7-CI.
Take nollce Hint Thomns Young, nf
Cranlirook, I.  ('., occupnlt
I commencement, ami containing old
i ics, more or less.
James A. Steele, Locator,
Dated the I7II|    dnv nl .lulv,  A    11
1907. 17-Ot
uliee Ihal  Jam
A. SI eel i
thenco norlb m
Ml chains,   ihenco
mora ni  loss,    to
Talc nolicc thai Mired Murphy,
ol   Gnlewny,   1.      C,     occupation,
Lund" ii   Intends   In applv  Inl    a
special   linihfi license    met- lhe foi
lowing described lands:
Commencing at n post planted
.ilioiil nne mid n halt miles cist nf
I ..I 1691, anil nlii.ul Iwn miles nnrlh
ul lhe liiii'iiiiiinu.il Boundary, Ihence
west   SII      ill litis     Ihenee    north    811
ehains, llienre easi sn chains,   Ihenee
ROIllh    Ml   eh.mis    In     place ot com-
me ment il      f "il.iiliilf CHI
neli's, iiiiiii* nl   less,
Alfred Murphy.
Dnled Julv 5. 19117. 18-01
Take nolico thai Frank Knoul
Angers, of Cranbrook, It, O, occupation, Prospector, Intends In applv lor
a special Umber license o\ r Hie
following described lands
Commencing nl a posl planteil
ahoul Uuee and one [mil miles east
•il lhc   easterly limit    of Loi 4501,
ami mi"    mile     uorth of the liileniii-
iioiiul    Boundary,     Ihcni ust   80
.■hains thenco south 80 ehains, Ihence
west sii chains. Ihence north sn
chains In poinl ol commencement,
nnil   containing   lilll ncrcs, more   or
Frank H I Angers.
Dated June 2.i, 1997. 18-tlt
Take notice Hint Frank Raoul
\ngers, nl Crnnbrook, It. C, occupation, Prospector, intends to apply fnr
i special limber license mer the
following descriheil lands:
Commencing at a posl planteil
ilimil three and nne Ii,11 miles est
"f lhe   easterly    limit nf Lot 4591.
mil "lie mil. rtb    of Uf Intorna-
tioiiiil Boundary, tbenee west so
chains, thence south 811 chains, Ihenee
cisl 811 chuius. Uience north 80
chains In point of commencement,
.uul containing out acres, more or
Frank Raoul Angers.
Du led June 211, 11107. 18-01
Her cruiser, intends lo apply lot     a ot   Cranbrook ,„„,,,,„
" y' »!ffir,S-' ''""' *" I '"$« uX; K™ l^er't io":
".: 1    'luiug':.  i.   k 1   "'J>"« '"7" ,'rlm",   Pirn     ',.
,i ,ili_n>i_l    i-.inii'r of      lot   atlflft  '    l 'Hiiini'iii Hu"  >tt   :'   P"''1   I"-""*11    "l
""   '             chftiM   thence wesi "»<• norlli-west    rornrr nf James a. , iustKUT np   KAST KOOTKNAY
nnrth    80 chains Sleele's Timlin Limit No. ^   thmco            SDl'TIIRHN division
l,ot  nriH   thence " ''"' en*1'     humhrii nnd lorty 	
,.,   iMi   .tnnn    ihenee    soulh   60 (M0) chains, Ihence norlh torlv (-101    ■--...-• u .iin- jh.H Kli/;.i,<*il. Hi-ailh-v
i»ihJ iii-JIi wUl mi chains to   the chans, Ihenco west one hundrnl   nnd n| WIihiIiicr,   nccuim I Ion, Lady,     in
hutus. tliciui wist ™.c™y »BtoJ5 BUtjrJoflO) chains, t-^onco soutll for-]tf.iwl« tn ,(.ilv    Jor   p.*.mission    t
t l,ol    s:!li«,   thence   east ISO I west line o( Lot 5463, running along
liains     to tin:   (dace ol   oommencc-lsaid Iiiii* south 10 chain-1, them.
lllfl cliiiiii*-,  thence north  l1
KosR-Saskatooii I.iimln-i i'i
Pit Mauley II. Craig, Agent.
Dated July .tli, 1007.
Take notice that Alfred Murphy, of
Kim*sgttle,    It.   ('., Prospector,   hinds lo   apply   [oi a special llmhci
lmisi!   over lhe   following described
J i nds:
Commencing at a post planted al
[to north-west corner of 11. Helm's
northern timber license, about a quarter of a milt* west of Hox Canyon,
tho Ml Me Moyie River; thence
west Hi eliains, thence north IliO
bains, Ihenco east -10 chains, thence
north Kill chains to point ol eon
rieiicemcnt, ami containing 6-10 acres,
more or less.
Alfred Murphy.
Daled June 13th, 1.107. 15-61
Take notice that Alfred Murphy,
nl (lat-'way, R. C, occupation,
lumberman, intends to apply for i
pedal timber license over the foi
J-wing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
ahoul one and a hnil miles east of the
easterly limil of Lot 4501, ami
d'-otil iwo and a hall mile!- north of
Uie I n tenia t'on al Boundary, tbenee
east mi elinlns, thence north 8n
bains, thenre west ISO ehains, thence
south an chains to the point of
commencement, and containing Gin
acres, more or less.
Alfred Murphy.
Daled July 5, 1!UI7. 18-Ct
Ihehee east 160 chains, to point o
commencement, and containing 641
acres, more or less.
The King Lumber Mills, LimKed
A. O. Wilmot,  Locator.
Dated July 23, 1907. l'J-ct
King Lumlier Mills, Limited, Timber
Location No. 1.:
Take notice that Tho King Lumbei
Mills. Limited, ot Cranbrook, B. C,
Intend to apply for a special Tirnla-i
License over the following describV.il
Commencing at a post planted at
the soutn-easl corner of King Lumber
Mills, Limftod, Timber Location No
I, on the north boundary of Lot 5463,
running east 20 chains, thence north
-ill chains, thence east '20 chains,
thence north 20 chains, thence east
20 chains, tbenee north 20 chains.
(hence east 20 chains, thence north
20 chains, thence west 120 chains,
thenco south 40 chains, thence east
10 chains, thence south 40 chains to
point, of commencement, and contain-
in-; 610 acres, more or less.
Tbe King Lumber Mills, Limited.
A. 0. Wilmot, Locator.
Dated July 23,  1907. liMit
No. I Taka notice that thirty
days after date we Intend to apply
to tbe <- ii ei Commissioner, oi Lands
and Works foi license to prospect
toi coal and petroleum on the following -!■ senl Un :. situate in Block
;'.'-. South East Kootenay District,
aencing at a posl mark-
:• b S ff. comer post,
2 miles west of tbe
■■- -. and about s miles
rnaikmai Boundary,
"■ chains, tlience east
benoe south 80 chains,
fl c _.:.- tu point of be-
:.   e  640 acres, mora
piai ■
.1    Julv.
point of commencement,
ing 010 acres, more or less.
Thomas Young.
Dated July 4th, 1907. 10-5t*
Tate notice that William Edwin
Stevenson, of Cranhrook, B. C, by
occupation, a lumberman, intends to
apply for a special Umber license
over the following described hinds:
Commencing at    a post planted at
tv (40) elinlns, Ihenee CAB I twenty
20) ehains to the place of commencement, ami enntaining 610 acres, mnre
or less.
James A. Steele, Locator.
Dated the 17th   day ol July, A. II.
1007. 17-fit
purchase    lhe    following    descriheil
In ml:
ComniPiicIng at a pnsl planted at
tin* Roiith-Msl corner of T, Crnhnn's
laud, thence west 20 cliains, tlience
south 30 chains, llienre enst to Klk
River, Ihenee nnrlh along Klk river
to point of commencement, and containing 70 acres, more or less.
Elizabeth Rrailley, Locator
Per Prank Fletcher, At-ent.
Daled July 3, 1007. 18-1)1,
n ....
Take notice that Frank Raoul
Angers, of Crnnbfook, It. <' occupation, Prospcetnr, intends t.. npply for
-pedal limber Hernia over the
following described binds:
Commencing   at    j   nml   pl.nii-d
about three and  • halt miles ensl of
the easterly limil of Lot 1591, nnd
one mile nortli ot the International
Boundary, I hence east sn chains,
thenco norlh so chains, Ihence west
80 chains, tlience south SO cliains to
point of commencement, .md containing 610 acres, mole or less.
Prank Rnoul Angers.
Dated June 26, 11107. IB-Bt
Take notice that Frank Raoul
Angers, of Cranbrook, B. <'., occupation, Prospector, intends to apply for
a special timber license over tho
following described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted
about three and one half miles east of
Lot. 459.1, and om* mile north of tlie
1 nI emal iona 1  Boundiirv,  theiico west
Take ijpMce tbat Robert Little, ot
Pini sieele, B. iv, occupation, Pro*
pit-tor, intends to apply for -> special
timber license over the following
iloser bed lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
lhe north-west coiner of Crows Nest
Timber License (2) and one mile west
«.f Lici-nst* 6792, thence sn chains
south, tbenee -|li chain." west, ihence
Hi chains south, thence 40 chains
west, tbenee SO chains north, thence
east 40 chains, Uience north 40
cliains, thence east 40 eliains to poinl
f commencement, and containing c-io
teres, more or less. •
Dated July 16, 1087. 18-Ct
Robert Littb
King Lumbei  Mills, Limited, Timber
Location No. 5.:
Take nolice tbat Tbe King Lumber
Mills, Limited, ol Cranbrook, B. C ,
intend to apply for a special Timbei
License over the following described
Commencing,at a posl planted at
be north-west corner of King Lum-
n-r Mills, Limited, Timber License
in. 0260, running north 80 chains,
more or less, thence east SO chains.
Ihence south 80 cliains, nioie or less
Ihence     west    80 ehains    to point o|
commencement,    and containing   fl 10
ires, more or less.
Tin- King Lumber Milk, Limited,
A. 0. Wilmot, Locator.
Dated July 15, 1007. 19-lil
Take notice   thnt   Peter Jensen, of
Wasa,  B. C, Prospector,  intends to
ttit; "iiitith"west"  corner   of'LoT.23, apply    for a special    timber license
Oroiip I, Koolenny District,     ihenee  over the following described lands:     ( 	
south     im chains,    Ihence west  140     Commencing at a     post planted 20     Take notice that  Peler Jensen,   nf
chains,     more or   less, In Lot 1758,  chains south ot south-west corner of Wflsa' II. C, oeetip.ition, Prospector
Ihence   following lhe    western     and   License 11703, theuce south 40 chains,  intends to npply for a special timber |80 chains,    Ihence    lb 80 'chains,
southern boundary of Lots 1758   and  thence west 160 chains, theuce north license over the    following described   thenco east 80 eliains, tlience    south
■till, 1 and 2 In the place ot     com- 40 chains, thence east 160 chains   to binds: |so chains to point ot commencement,
menvemont,    containing     uliout   500   point of Commencement, und contain-!   Commencing  at    .,    post    planled and    containing 640 acres, more   or
acres, more or less. iing 010 acres, more or less, Inhout hair a mile north-west of Car-'less.
William Edwin Stevenson.    I Peter Jensen,    lihoo Creek at the   norlh-west corner I Prank Raoul Angers.
Dated July 4th, 1907. 16-5t* |   Dated June 8, 1907. 14-6t*;ofmy    Timber    License Application    Dated June 26, 1007. 18-6t
No, 2. Commencing at a post
marked Esthei Block s northeast cor-
. ■: ;■■ -: planted about 2 miles west
ol the Flathead liner and about 3
!iiili_   north   ol     tbe     International
Hon :.>,     thence south au   chains,
ibui.ee vest ou chains, thence norlh
(U chain! theuce east 80 chains to
point ol beginning, containing (.li)
acres, more or less.
Esther Block, Locater.
Located tins 7th day ol July,
No. 3, Commencing at a post
marked Mike Sinclair s N. W. coiner
post planted about - miles west of
the Flathead Rivei and about a milts
north ". lhe International Boundary,
tbenee soutb iu chains, thence east
SU chains, ihence north hu chains,
thence   west  80 chains, to point   oi
ginning, containing liib acres, more
or less.
Mike Sinclair, Locater.
Located this Tib cay of July,
No. I. Commencing at a post
marked Hugh McOuire's N. E. corner
post, planted about three miles west
of tne Flathead Kiver and ai.out ■)
miles north of the International
Boundary, iher.ee sou tit 80 chains,
thence west ">u chains, tlience norm
nU chains, tbenee east SO cliains to
point of beginning, containing biu
acres, more or 'less.
Hugh McOuirc, Locater.
Located this ;th day ol July,
No. 5, Commencing at a post
marked Rose McGuire's N, E. corner
post, planted about a miles west of
the Flathead River and about 2
miles i.ni th ol tbe International
Boundary, thence south so chains,
ihence west 80 chains, thenci north
■*ii chains, thenco oast 80 chains to
point ol beginning, i ontalnlng (.10
acres, more oi li  -
Rose McOulre,  Locater.
Located tbis 7th day of July,
Take notice that Robert Little, nl
Port Steele, B. C, occupation, Prospector, Intends In apply for a special
limber license over the followin-
clescr.hcd lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
Hit: south-east cornet ol License No.
11793, tbenee 120 chains south, thcnCo
40 chaius east, thence north sn
chains, theme east 40 chains, thence
north 40 cliains, thenco west. 81
chains to poii.i of commencement, and
containing lilll acres, more nr less.
Robert Little.
Dated July 14, 1907. 18-6.     Dated July 18, 1907
King Lumher Mills. Limited, Timber
Location No. li.:
Take notice tbat The King Lumbei
Mills, Limited, ol Cranbrook, B. C,
Intend t *» apply for a special Timbei
License over tbe lollowing descriWcd
Commencing at a post planted about
one and one half miles south nl
Lamh Creek, running south I"
chains, thence cast 211 chains, tlience
soutll 20 chains, tlience east 60
ehains, thence south 10 chains, thenco
west 00 chains, thence 'north 20
cliains, thence west 60 chains, tbeiic
north 8*0 cbains, Ibence east 10
chains to point ot commencement and
containing 040 acres, more or less,
hounded on north, wesi and east
sides hy Lot 5162.
Tbe King I.umber Mills, Limited.
A. O. Wilmot, Locator.
19-6t   IN".
No. >'•■ Commencing at a post
marked Lizzie Devlin's N. K. corner
post, planted about 2 miles west of
the Flathead River and about 2
miles north nf the International
Boundary, thei.ee south 80 chains,
ibence west SO cbains, ihence north
su chains, thence east 80 chains to
point ol beginning, containing filu
acres, more or less.
Lizzie Devlin, Locater.
Located this 7th day ol July,
No. 7. Commencing at a post
marked Mary Devlin's N. W. corner
post, planted about one mile west of
tho Flathead River and about three
miles norlh of Hie International
Boundary, thence south 80 chains,
ihenco east 86 chains, tbenee north
mi chains, tlience west 80 chains to
point ol beginning, containing 640
acres, more or less.
Mary Devlin, Locater
Located   this   8th   day   of   July,
19-61 THK   OltANitKOO'-.   EtUBALO
- '♦
, Ml
, II I
|>, I
IM ,
l„ ,
,,< ,
, ,i ,
• >■ I
,,i I
, X ,
,,, ,
,,. ,
I .. '
I M •
, ,1 I
IX ,
<M I
, X ,
,,. ,
, ,1 ,
, „ ,
. 0 I
I >. I
, ,' I
■ Ml
. Ml
• i*
' if
I M,
I M,
• Ml
, ,1 '
, '■ '
< 'I '
<M ,
IM i
, ,. ,
, „ ,
l,i ,
,,■ I
(,. •
< •♦
, Ml
. ,i.
. ,i i
. ,i i
. ,u
,,. i
, ,i.
, ,i •
I M -
■ i,,
, „,
i .I,
, „,
Your Money Back If
You Are Not Satisfied
.. ***********************
This Store will be CLOSED ALL DAY on MONDAY,
August 5th ■- Civic Holiday
ot HONEST Goods, honest and courteous treatment, is proven by the fact that this store's
business is increasing every month. There is not an item of merchandise in this Big Store
that is not FULLY GUARANTEED. You are absolutely safe in buying here, because your
money will be waiting for you if you are not satisfied.
Are we honest in, and capable of doing what we advertise? If you are a stranger here
and have any doubt as to whether we " practice what we preach," we will refer you to any
one who lias resided any place in East' Kootenay for six months or more, and we will abide
by their decision.
The Big Sale is Still On
We have decided to continue the General Sale for ONE
WEEK.   The Sale of Children's Goods will
Continue Indefinitely.
Take them away at
Panama and Straw Hats
A lur^e hit of
Ladies' Shoes and
aro inclnili'il in this Stile
At Three-quarters of the
Regular Price
One-Third Off
Ladies' and Men's
Canvas Shoes
Just ii few left.
That $2.00 Line of
Men's Shoes
is  lasting   quick,     Never   bhw
such great vuIucb before.
There arc only n Ecu- pairs loft
of those fine
Patent Oxfords for Men
lti'unlnr prioe, $5.00 nml $.".50
While they last, "3.50
That Six-Bit Line of
Seem-* to catch the men pretty
well, because they are going taut.
Men's Suits
Twenty-five Men's Suits sold last week—not too bad for quiet times. These are tl.e
prices that made them travel.   Can you wonder when you see such values ?
$28.00 MEN'S SUITS, CAMPBELL'S or JOHNSTON'S, at $21.00
$26.00      "            "                 "                            "                       - $19-50
$24.00      "            "                 "                            "                       - $18.00
$20.00      "           "                 "                            "                      - $15.00
$18.00      "           "                "                           "                     - $13.50
$15.00      "           "                "                           "                      - $12.25
$12.50      "           "                "                           "                      - $9.35
We have the " 23 " sign on all our
Children's Clothing, Shoes. Stockings, Etc.,
And you know what that means.   We are going out of these lines and are making a big
sacrifice in this clearing sale.
We have some dainty Buster Browns in different shades which we offer at these prices:
$8.00 BUSTER BROWNS, Brown and Blue Corduroy, at             - $5.50
$7.00        "              "          Blue Serge, at        ... -    $5.00
$6.00        "              "          Fancy Grey Tweed, at            -         - $4.25
$5.00        "              "          Dark Check Tweed, at      -         - -    $3.25
Our stock consists of all the different styles in Children's Clothing, Single and Double-
breasted, Norfolks and Two-piece Suits, etc.
Send Your Clothing
Repairs, Cleaning, Pressing
and Alterations
Tips, ar, cents.—O. O. s.
Prints, in cents.—C. C. s.
Kiirnitnit- on credit.—O. fj. S.
Children's shoes, j off.—C, c. s.
ff. II. Laird, of Moyie, wus In
town last Tuesday.
li. .1. Taylor, of Baker, wns in
lown last Sunday.
Mr. anil Mrs. It. Joyce, ol Baker,
were in town Inst Sunday.
Fred Hi own has returned from liis
trip to Iiii' prairie provinces.
Frank VanDecar roturnod on Wed-
nestiay from .1 hurried trip in Spok-
ii ne.
I). MeAuley anil family, of Kimberley, arc arranging to move lo Uie
Fred Lit tie, of Croston, is in town
tolling Hie people about tin- wonders
of Creston.
Is there a pound law in tliis town?
Many  uf lhe    people me ,,l   llie upin
ion llial. there is none.
George     Hungorlord,      Hie     well
known timber   cruiser, s| I several
ilnys  in   town  lhe p.isl   week.
•Mis. li.     Hoie   nrrlvi-d Insl  week
f  San Francisco nml is ihe gnrsl
of Mrs. Thomas Armstrong.
Toll vour friends ahoul, I.alior Day
It     will be o ,f    ihe best relolnu
lions ever hold In Hie district.
A. Mi't'ailuin is building n large
warehouse in the rear ,,[ |,|g B|oro
Hint will give liim room for liis increasing trade.
Mr. Oldlands, who lias ll.e ennlrnel
lur building lhe sower f.u Hie ('. I'.
It. [10111 Iln, round bouse lo Hie (hits
:ahovo town, arrived yesterday nml
is getting liis una ready for ' llie
It is time Hint Hie Board of Trade
or llie City Council took up tlie mailer of Imving a posl nlflce hox placed
at Hie station. Tlie fact should he
strongly presented Hnil Cranbrook
is tm longer n villaec.
'I'h.' woii, mi ihe Crnnbrook hnlel
is progressing nl a rapid rale .mil
ioil.iv il was decided to make Uio
building three slnrv. Tliis wilt give
Messrs. Hoggm-lll * Rollins one nf
Hie lin li'sl nml liesl hotels ill the
Constable Munis could du n good
net if be would Iool,' aHer those in-
dividunls who me violating lhe law
hv catching lhc small trout liv lhe
liiiiiilii'.ls. It is a shame Hint the
fishing is spoiled in this kind uf a
Tell vour friemls nhoul Labor Day.
II will he mi',' of Hie best celebrations ever licit] in tliis district.
Robert Campbell was iu lown l.isl
Monday 10 look after the arrangements fur   Cranhrook taking the up-
  ,1      ,,     , ,  I'cr Movie Inko.     Sir. Campbell s.ivs
Mrs. Itoetoi,    Miss Proctor     aii,l',|,.,, ),, „.iM „„, slam| ,,„. _.,„.,, ,.„,,.
Tins, 25 cents.-C. C. S.
Prints, 10 cents.—C. C, K.
Furniture on credit.—0, C, S.
Children's shoes, } off.-C. c. S.
Dresser ami    .stand,  $18.75.—O.C.S
Bon Worden, ot Furl Stoelo, was in
town last Friiloy.
II. It. Benedict, of Mayook, was hi
lown lust Friday.
A. Mul/, ul Fernie, was at tin*
Cranbrnok last Friday.
Charley McNabb, of Waldo, was in
lown tliis week on business,
M. il. King returned lliis week from
a business trip lo Winnipeg,
Mr. and Mis. I,. W. Patmore spent
two days of the week at Creston.
George Saddler, of Comaplex, spent
Sunday with Mis. .1. 11. King, his
A. F. Kraplcll, manager of tin*
Nortli Star Lumher company, was in
town (his week.
A. A. Ward, tily jailer, is taking
liis vacation, and Mr. Downs is officiating in liis place.
Mrs. Johnson, came in from Wycliile
hist Monday for a few davs visit in
the city.
F. M. Marsh, of Winnipeg, who is
interested in tlie Mayookt Lumber
company, spent several days In town
litis week
Say, do yon want, your yard put in
proper shape? if you do call on Mr.
Sneddon. He is a man who can
please anyone.
Mrs. .1. H. King loft this aflernoon
for a visit to her former home in
Anilover, N. 11., as well as olh^r
points in the east.
Charles McCrenny, of Golden, well
known in lliis city iu llie early days
was here for a few days this week
shaking hands with old friends.
Prints, 10 L-ents.-C. C. S.
Mrs. Caslnko ami daughter returned
this week from the coast where they
have heen for the benefit of the health
of Mrs. I'aslake for lhe past year, ami
have taken possession ot their old
home in Ihis city.
Children's shoes, \ olt.-C. C. S.
Gcorgo Munro, of Creston, was in
town last week for a few days. Mr.
Munro and wife leave this week for
Dublin, Ireland, and other points in
the Old Country, and will lie absent
about three months.
Children's shoes, -J off.—C. V. S.
.lames Piscliau, who was recently
married in Fort William, was the
happy recipient ol a number of presents from friends in Ryan and also
in Cranhrook, who were desirous of
testifying in this manner iheir appreciation of Mr. Dischau and his
Prints, in cents.-C. C. S.
George Leask has the contract for
a two story addition to the St. Eugene hospital. This addition will to.
80x60 feet, ami the lower part will
lie used as a laundry, the second
slory for one largo ward and throe
other rooms. This addition has
been rendered necessary by flic ln-
creased demand for extra room.
Ladies shoes \ oiT.-C. C. S.
Thero were a hunch of lumbermen
in town last, week., although there
was no special meeting. Among
lhose Ihe Herald noticed P. Luml, of
Wardner; A. E. Watts, ol Wattsburg;
S. Taylor, of Baker; IL .Joyce, of
Baker; A. Lcllcli, James Ryan, V.
Hyde Baker, A, K. Leltch, George
Leltch, of Cranbrook; William Carlin, of Foil Steele; C. 1). McNnli, of
Furniture on credit.—O. C. S.
F. (L Crisp, of Harrington, Wash.,
is in Ihe city ihe i*ucsl of his nephew
Joe Sarvis.'      Mr.    Crisp   has been
farming   for lhe    past twenty years
ami lias now reached the pnint where
li.- oan retire and enjoy the fruits of
liis   labor.        Tlie Herald office was
visited hy Mr. Crisp ami Mr. Sarvis
lasl Wednesday and Mr. Crisp was
: surprised to see Slicll a plant ill a
j town Hie size of Cranbrook.
j   Prints, 10 conts.-O. C. S.
I There was a jolly parly left Monday for Wasa Io enjoy ten days oiif-
Ing al that popular resort, and it was
V.""!'.  Hi!   a?.. foL,ow*.: «   M,??«9el1 iISkHaoS",   broken ends In   lhe tangled
Scott. Miss Alice Scott, Mr. and Mrs.    w,.j, llf -j-,,,     \\hti is llu* benefactor?
Jas. Leask, and son Harold, Mr. and ■ ,
Mrs. A. II. Neshott and baby, Vince |
Litldicoatt,     George   Leask and wife     CRANBROOK   L.W'M DISTRICT
and two boys.    They had a most on-
Next Monday is the 5th 0r Ibe
month and Hie Fernie civic holiday.
There wiil be a large number go from
here in Feruie on that day if they
can gel a train, but as to a train at
this writing Hie Herald is not informed, as no one in Fernie thought
it worlh while to inform the press as
In what was being done.
James Dischau, one of the host
known cooks in tbe camps of this
district, and a general favorite willi
all who know him, surprised his
friends last week liy slipping away to
Fort William and getting married lo
Miss Drummond on the 23rd of July.
Mr. Dischau ami bis bride arrived in
Cranlirook tlie lirst of the week and
vesler.lav left for Ryan where he has
charge oi" llm cook camp. Tbe Herald
wishes tlie newly married pair all the
happiness and prosperity that humanity ean have in this life.
Last week Frank Aimers aud A
Amle were cruisiiu: along the Lillle
Movie ami ran out of grub. The
situation was a serious one and they
were at loss lo know what to do.
Finally lliey came across a place
where some one had camped and lefl
a salt sack, Mr. Amie, with slar-
valiou staring him iu the face, pulled
a thread nut of the sack, and then
witti a genius that was called up hy
llie conditions, made a lisb honk oul
of a twig, ami within a few minutes
Ihey hail several fine trout and thus
saved Iheir lives.
Tell your friends about Labor Day.
It will lie one of tbe nesl celebrations ever held in this district.
Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Rollins returned this afternoon from their wedding
(rip and were greeted by a number of
friends. The Herald joins wilh the
host of friemls of holli Mr. ami Mrs.
Rollins at Ihis time In extend congratulations lo the happy couple.
Mr. Rollins is one nf the most popular men in this district, and the
bride is writ known here, being lhe
sisier of Mrs. George Hoggarth and
Mrs. E. II. 'Small, and has many
friends who will be pleased lo know
that she is lo make Cranhrook ber
permanent home. The Herald joins
Wiib all in Cranbrook in wishing Mr.
and Mrs. Rollins a life of happiness
and prosperity.
Dvspeplic  minds  h»ve  lo feed
llu- mill bur!,;
We never I) on fit <-f
we buy.
The troubles we never meet. are
llie .mi's thai  worry us most.
Western farmers an* getting ready
to baivesl llu- wheal that spirulalots
sold last spring,
Alan lo contract for sawing lath at
inr ,Indiay mill. For particulars
ipply to Nortli Star Lumber coni-
i.iuy, Elko, B. C. 15-tl
Strayed   Irom  our e p ucnr i
Klko, on sib May, mo;:
ONE BAY MAIIK, with slur on
face,l, iindoil——on riglil shout
dor, weight about I,-ion lbs,
om:  hay  gkldinu, wl.li
slur on face, branded ZH  Ighl ',
shoulder, wolglil about I,mil lbs.
hm:   dark   hay  make,
Inilinl  indistinct,   weight uhout ■
I.llilll His.
Morses were well  broken nml '
Bliod when lliey lelt.
Tin- llliuve   li'WIIld will Im paid ■
nn their return.
The I'mh li Livings'... I iiiiilii'rCn.. I lit
Elko, lie.
ItATT * FOSSO.M, I'roprloiors
This Dairy will deliver
milk every morning in
The milk is uf the best
quality, rich .md pure.
MOYIE   -   B. C.
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory *
All kinds uf finish work in
way nf doors, windows, transoms, etc. Kiln ilrit'tl lumber
for inutile work. ('ur work is
guaranteed ami our prices nro
sal it, factory.    Hereon    doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
On Two Lots. Only Three
minutes1 walk from Baker St.
< liif house lias si\ rooms, the
o! i • • our rooms. City wnler,
Fenced.   [A good investment.
Price $1,800 cash
Or Tonus.
F.m- particulars,   iu |iiiro   u
" Hernltl" Ollleo.
Boarding School
I' lu.l.'.l l,y HfSislf'B.,1 -I  .I.,-,,,!,
Ni, Hccnltir I lii'i'H fiiiplnvml
Slaters llotd full  ipiillillentliuia unit '
ffi-tilii'iit.'.-uf >l.'i;if.'iiii,l pmcllrefr  '
I.,.II,ion, Iff If f,I, uli„i„ villi fieri
Ifiii result. Hi", auiii'i-bitenileil ilu-
Uuvfll lit  Sfliuola in r ilif I	
.I„ll H'flfl
I  1,11 fil.l  1111,1    tlll-illf.- I'„1||'M~.  II
» Hull J.   Apply In
sr. M. » iNuniiiit:. si.|,fi'i„f.
tilflnaopli'sSi'l In.
Net  II. i
Hnve v.nl ii musical llislrlll I .'   II not,
III,- lull.(Kill, V is insl ivlinl you u mil      II
in plnyfil wlt.li Iff-Iil,f, pi,in.,. ,i„,l limine.
II    Ml,111  I.     ll.'tillll.      'I'll..     IM l|l   I,,|.l      |,|IH     ,|
WM,   If if III," I,.ii.- I i loraeil  l.v
Ifiiillnu iniudchlns everywhere.
Tlie luil.i Kin.\ i„ H iislesl liiHlriliuu.il
l,p|,l.l   l,i   Mn.
Aifiil I..I It I'
The Ilinii  win
ibliiL's foot"
depends upon      his
usually lias    a  long
bard luck story to tell.
Wlio is tho liciicliii'lor in this world
—lu, win, weaves the threads Hint
shine like gold,   or he who tics   the
Tlie I...,,|„f If,,,   s	
I I	
II\..TI HI I'   I'KAIIH    I'li.i IIKH,   i i
l'l,I M<   I'l'HIIHIKH,   ll I'M ...
iiiuiii': Tint uiii.s \\n
iii liMUHi.n
,     HTHWAIli'S KINK l IUU nl.ITIls
.'        it izi.KWiinn It'll < in:\m
] \ I'lione 7f>     •     AruiHtton-- Ave ' *
lovable time and feel under many
ligations to    Air. Hanson lor      his
many acts of kindness.
Prints, 10 cents.-O. C, S.
Archie Li'itch made a hero ol hhn-
Take notice   that The Ross-Saskatoon Lumber   Company, Limited,   ol
Lumher Menu lap turors, intend to apply for a special timber license   over
self last    Tuesday night when      he  llu* following*described lands:
risked   his life    to    stop a runaway I   Commencing at a post plantod   at
horse.     .Mrs. Slater and Mrs. Baker   Ibe N. W. corner of Lot (1209; thenco
were in lhc buggy and the horse be-   north        to      the     soulh   -   west
came unmanageable, and started   to corner        of      Lot        7701       40
run away in front of the Cranhrook   chains,    thence   west     100    chains,
hotel.        The animal made     several   ihence soutll 40 chains, thence   east
turns around on Ihe street and those (160 chains lo the place of coinmencc-
who saw the performance thought thnt|  ment.
surely the Indies    would meet   with   Ross-Saskatoon    Lumber   Company,
 . „ ,.   disaster.    Mr, Leltch rushed out and '      Limited,
►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   in.hind the horse   and thus saved a   Per Mauley Hardy Craig, AM.
-_._._._. _._._._._._._._._._._     |)jui agQidonk Da4w) ju|y 24, 1007. 19-et
Corporation of the City
of Cranbrook
Tnulu liiet'iiBes nro now ilnu
nnil |iuyiilili' ut tla- (.Iii f tin.
City Chirk.
City Clerk


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