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Cranbrook Herald Sep 16, 1915

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Results  m'  Hnjs  uml  Girls   Poultry
liaising Competition—John
Noble Leads
Throiigli tlie kindness of Mr. T. S.
Gill the judges of the Senior Competition Home Gardens were enabled
to make the lust inspection or the garden.-, on August 20tit. Mr. (illl furnished unto and driver to convey the
Judges from place to place, ror which
they tender their hearty thanks,
a number of tlie hoys had continued the good  work  begun;   while  In
Home  cases   tlle   gardens   showed     a
great lack of water, and tlie dry, hot   <}
weather had done Us work. *.,*
Orvllle   Thompson's   garden    was  1
found lu   excellent   condition—clean ' li.
aud  neat—all  refuse of early vegetables being removed, and the vegetables showing goixl growth.
A. II. Webb's garden proved tlmt he
bas not been weary In well doing, as
it showed cultivation nnd enre.
James (Cembali's garden, which was
mentioned in the Ilrst report, as having been sown in stony ground, was
still a credit to him.
Joe Stojaek's garden showed labor
done ln keeping it clean, but tlie dry,
hot weather had been against growth.
Harold Hummer's flower garden
was a bower of beauty, with sweet
peas, nasturtiums and other beautiful
flowers showing great attention and
Hector Donaldson's flower garden
showed Hector to have great courage,
for, as In the case of Jimmy Kemball,
tbe soil had been worked this year for
the lirst time, and wos very stony and
thirsty. Many of tlie flowers had
gone to seed, leaving the proof that
there had been lovely bloom before
the hot weather had begun.
Just a word to all the boys: You
have shown good courage tliis year;
stick to it. The harvest is past anil
tlie summer Is gone, but the summer
of 1916 ls before you. It may look to
you to be away In the distance but the
season's soon go by and after the
long winter's sleep tlie Voice of Spring
wlll be calling to you to commence
seeding again.
"If at first you don't succeed, try
Senior Division
Vegetable section—
first m m
.    1S2
.   Albert II. Webb	
.   Orvllle Thompson  	
James Kemball  	
joe Stojack 	
Eddie IliirnhariU  	
.   Kay  Seott   	
Joe Swain   	
Leonard Jecks 	
Mabel Cameron   	
loral section—
Harold Kummer       196
Hector Donaldson    nii
Junior Division
Judges -First scoring, Mrs. J. Burton, Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Leaman; second scoring, Mrs. J. Burton aud Mrs. Kenton.
Mack  Kirkland     177
Hussel  Leask    150
Ed. Taylor  (grain!  119
Maud Seott    117
Lizzie Chapman (flowers)... 116
\. Caslake (potatoes)   110
Eric MacKinnon (potatoes).. 103
H. Hrogan   (potatoes)  99
Elsie Black    95
Murray     Henderson     ond
Barry Macdonald  28
Complimentary Remarks
The majority showed patience, diligence and perseverance and quite
creditable results. With a little more
interest nnd advice from parents,
homo gardening another year will bo
an outstanding feature of education
worthy of the greatest .encouragement.
Crunbrook   Hoys'  anil   Girls'   Potiilo
Raising Compe ItIon
Fine   DKpluy   of   Kootenav    Valley
Proline s Slum ii at First Show
Held In Thut District
The first Wasa fair was held last
Saturday afternoon. There are people
living in this district who would have
smiled a few years ago at the idea of
Wasa holding a fair, but such Is tlie
sua ira
High McGlll  Arrested on a Serious
Charge Wednesday Afternoon
Barley Threshed.—1st. Unionist Investment Co.
Rye in  Stalk.—1st, Geo.  Hannant.
Rye Threshed.-—1st. H. Barr.
Wheat Threshed.—1st, Unionist Investment Co.; 2nd. II. Barr.
Potatoes.— 1st and 2nd, Mrs. A. J.
Carrots.—1st,   Unionist   Investment
Beets.—1st, Unionist Investment Co. "™"
Turnips— 1 st,   Unionist  Investment      Cranbrook   was  the  scene    of    a
Co. .shocking crime Wednesday afternoon,
Cabbages.—1st, Unionist Investment! when Samuel G. Watson, a member of
llogs   Nn
Clly Hull Cemctct
linn I iiiii|i i
Sleep in   the
j-pj I progrosB ul tli
a *a
o  u
'-- 1
a, K c
O   0
I- 0.
Harry Webb IS. 0. Itals)	
408 5
Everett Williams   (Buff  OruliiR-
Jucli Kirkland    (White   Orriing-
Mack   Kirkland   (White   Wyan-
P. Gill (Partridge Wyandottes)..
A. Mennle (I.eghornsl 	
great Canadian west.
Where a few short years ago were
only the blazed trail and the tracks of
the wild beasts of the forest, are now
prosperous farms mingled with the
smoke of the steam engine connecting un wltti the great transcontinental railways, Thus Wasa lias thrown
ofl its wild pioneer days and entered
into the traits of    real    civilization.
Wasa  has  held  Us        	
fair and tiie display was a marvel to
those are wont to say that black
beans won't grow ln East Kootenay.
The Wasa farmers are out with the
goods to show the skeptical. There
were people from Cranbrook, Fort
Steele and many places through the
valley In attendance and one and all
congratulated the Wasa people In
their enterprise and progressiveness.
There was one special display of
vegetables grown on the Birtcli and
McNicliol farms which contained
everything In that line and which attracted great attention among the
Every section of the prize list was
competed for. The vegetables, grains
and  grasses    made    the    strongest
Parsnips.—1st, Unionist Investment
Best Collection of Vegetables.*—1st,
Mrs. G. Hannant.
Best    bunch  of    llowers—1st    and
2nd. Mrs. W. S, Bush.
Best  plate   eating  apples—1st,  P.
Wlndfelt; 2nd, A. J. Miller.
Best    plate    cooking    apples—1st,
— •-—--•      ' jChas. Stevens;  2nd, P. Wlndfelt.
first agricultural!
Best  plate    crab    apples—1st,    1*.
Wlndfelt; 2nd, A. J. Miller.
Best  collection of  apples—1st,   P.
Windfelt; 2nd. A. J. Miller.
the llth C. M, Rs.. Vernon, but formerly a brakenian In the employ of
the C. P. R., running out of this city,
whs attacked at the home of Hugh
McGUI, helper in the employ ot the
C. P. R. shops, and received Injuries
which resulted In his death at 12.55
this morning. It Is alleged Watson
was paying attention to the wife of
the accused, and had been warned by
the police to keep away from the
McGlll home.
Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock
McGlll called at thc police station
and reported to the police what had
occurred. Watson was rushed to St.
Eugene hospital, where lt was learned
tay'''the attending  physician  thut  he
Best two loaves bread—1st, Mrs. G. ■ waa suffering from a fractured skull,
and was In a precarious condition.
! He died at about 1 o'clock without
{regaining consciousness.
The crime ls the first case of its
kind In the city in    thirteen    years.
Thursday evening at 8 o'clock Cor-
 . |oner*G. E. L. MacKinnon empanelled
1'retl)  September Wedding at Mettt-'tt -iury' consisting °' the following:
„ai * iMstsAAt, wi.i., W. Marshall, foreman, R. J. Binning.
odfst  I hi mi This i w   1, _   . „,   ,,   ,,„, , ,
} M. McKaehcrn, W. II. Wilson, John
i Martin and Joseph Wulkley.
  Mr. A. I. Fisher, of Fernie, Is act-
The Methodist church was the scene ' Ing for thu accused    uud Mr.    A.  B.
Hannant; 2nd, Mrs. Bush.
1st, Mrs. Milter; 2nd, Mrs. Bush.
showing and proved the frnitfulness  of fl vcry ■■»*jre«»ive HC*"vJce this morn-1 Maodonald Is crown prosecutor,
of the Kootenay valley ln these lines.   n*< when tne Rov- Tnoa Keyworth
During the   afternoon   a full pro-; forfarmed  the   nuptial  ceremony  at
gramme of sports was given with the! *hich Mi"» Eva 0cwt..a Donley, only
following results:
The Judge examined each bird very I as well as diploma.- for the ilrst three
carefully and  was  unable to  Und   n on the list.     Five hundred is the pos-
Btgn of lice In any ease.   Tlie results slble score.   Suggestions for impreve-
nre  eminently   satisfactory nnd   the ment in the competition are now   in
boys deserve credit for    the interest order and   should    be   forwarded to
taken in the work.    Four prizes- are Secretary Picks of tlie Poultry Assoc-
offered.   $7.00,  $3.00,   JL'.OO   and   $1.00, intion.
Big Drop in
Plral Grade B, fi K.
cwt $4.00
Pride of Alberta $4.00
Mothers Favorite $3.sr>
Oold seal  $;i.sr,
Also other  Plow ut
owl $3.i!r,
Also a IiIk drop lu tho
price of wheal iiutl oats.
Gel our prices. We have
iu ihis week a car of cracked com S'-.iir, cwt,    a oar
of now Timothy ili'Kt-class
liny and ii car of Prairie,
also No. I quality,
Price is much cheaper,
Cranbrook Trading
Boys race under six years -First,
William Bush; second, Clarence Barr.
Girls race under six years—First,
M, Birtcli; second, K. Jones.
Boys race under eight years—First,
Charles Bush; second. G. West.
Girls under eight years—First, B.
Hannant; second, M. Barr.
Boys under ten years—First, it.
I.eask;  second. George Bush.
Girls under ten years—First, R.
.Miller; second, W. Hannant.
Boys under twelve years—First, R.
Miller; second, It. Leask.
Girls under twelve years—First. E.
Barr; second, M. West.
Boys under sixteen years—First, M.
Miller; second. James Barrow.
Obstacle race boys under twelve
years—First, II. Leask; second, G.
years—First,   M.   Miller;   second,   J. j
Sack race hoys under twelve years
First, It. Leask; second. G. Barr.    ,
Sack race hoys under sixteen year*.
—First. R. Miller: second, M. Miller.
Throe-legged race—First.   G. Bush
and R. Leask; second, M, .Miller and;
O, Barrow,
Girls  potato    race    under    twelve
years—First,   M.    Barr; second,    R.
Girl's  potato race  under    fourteen
PANTK! years-First, M.    Bush;    second,    E.
  j Barr.
\cat Sum Rcallied From DanM Held ■    Men's   100  yards    dash     topen)-
1 First. Sid Small;  second. Mark Mil-
I    Fat  men s  race.    50    yards—First,
j Dr. J. W. Rutledge. Cranbrook
daughter of Mrs. W. G. Hayward of
Dewar Ave,, was united In matrimony
to Mr. Robert Coats St. Clair, of the
C. P. R. Forestry Department. The
church was filled with an eager and
interested congregation and the service was fully choral. The choir, of
which Miss Conley has been an ardent
member, was present In a body and
took a prominent part ln the service.
Mr. C. F. Nidd officiated at the organ
and rendered ln a beautiful manner
tbe "Bridal Chorus" from Lohengrin,
whilst thc bride entered the church
leaning upon the arm of her only
brother, Mr. Harry Conley and was
When the jury met the council
chamber was well tilled with a representative gathering of citizens, in-
eluding a large number of C. P. R.
Tbe Jury adjourned to the undertaking parlours of F. M. Macpherson,
wliere they viewed tbe body.
Dr, J. H. King was the Ilrst witness
called. He said there were three dis-
ilnct marks on the head. Thc skull
was fractured, causing a hemorrhage
on the opposite side of the bead,
causing death. He bad examined the
patient at tlle hospital on a couple of
occasions. There were signs of intoxication. Death occurred about 1
o'clock, the patient remaining unconscious until the end came.    He had
In ten minutes the jurymen returned
tlie following verdict:
"We, the undersigned, hating heard
all lhe evidence aud discussion thereon, hold tbat Ihe defeased, Samuel
Wa'son, met his death from a fractured skull, ranged by falling against a
.irandah posl, through a blow struck Furtj-Tu
h) Hocused. JfcOlll,"
The preliminary hearing lias been
announced for 2.80 Monday afternoon. mma—————————m
The funeral of the late Samuel Wat- '"*
sou will take place at 2 o'clock from The regular meeting of the Crnu-
the family residence, in charge of the '. brook city fathers, postponed from
107th regiment. Undertaker F. M.' Wednesday lest tm uci mint of the
Macpherson has charge of arrange- F:i11 Fair being Held on that date, took
ments. 'place at the council chamber on Mon-
■'    ' ■      — j day afternoon,    when  the    following
CHARLES LeDUKE were present:   His Worship Bowness
COMMITTED FOK TRIAL and AWermen Ueftsk- ■3Qlment- c-»pp
... ■- l&ud Campbell;    City    Soltcltof Mac-
Pro, j donald, City Engineer Cummlngs and
City Clerk T. M. Roberts    Mostly all
(the "dadh" wero apparently suffering
  ' from colds, the business being con-
„       ,        ducted almost In a whisper.
Charles LeDuke, the fugitive   from
justice, who made a sensational es-1    Mr. Joseph L. Palmer, on behalf   of
cape from tl.e Cranbrook Jail Tbuxs- *be flrm of c S  !'1,k p' aPP™«« bp"
day night by .awing through the halt-!'0" the bottrd i,ml asked P^-Salon
1. scaped   Prisoner  Grabbed  by
tine hi I Constable Ardea
at Moyle
inch steel bars of his eel) at 10.15 that
evening, has again been safely landed
In jail. Le Dnke had secreted away
two of the knives used by the prisoners in the kitchen at tlie jail, with
which he constructed a saw, and cut
away the heavy bars of one of the
cells. Constable Venus, who was on
duty tliat night, shortly afterwards
discovered that LeDuke had made
good his escape, and summoned the
entire force. After being brought in
from thfl day's work the men are allowed the use of tiie corridor until
the tlmo arrives tor being placed in
their cells, which is usually 10.30.
Chief of Police Adam*} immediately
to erect uud maintalu .. tank for the
storage of gasoline In front of the
premises of C, S. Parker on Van Heme
street, so that automob l< a may be
tilled from same. All conditions
would be compiled with, tho tank
would be buried the required depth
and all necessary precautions taken,
lt was moved by Alderman Campbell
and seconded by Alderman Balment
that the matter be referred to tho tire
chief with power to act Motion carried.
Mr.  Joseph   Ryan   appro
the council asking that th
ers endorse a  resolution
government to assist in th
got into communication with all out- went ot
side   points.     The   provincial     police   ^vst Kooti *'•■)•
force was set in   motion   and every I *lnclferous ora
trail   leading   out of   the city   was |out Uie B^eat n
guarded,      An  all  night  search  was
kept Up.
LeDuko was acquainted with all
tiie tricks In the trade of the professional crook. Ho used soap while
lillng away the bars, so that his work
might be cairlcd on without iateriup-
tlon.    When   he  made   good   his  es-
stiengthen thi
I hind the proji
! a.nount of go
j district by so
il   before
it) fatb-
king the
t Fairview, In
treatment ot
Ryan pointed
ic council to
hands ot tb men bait, slating ;»n immense
nl would come to this
lolng    Mayor Bowness
promised coasldi rat
Mr. J. a. Turnley
London, England, wrote i
city to furnish photograph
i ot the matter,
gent-general at
•king    tlie
of scenes
cape he kept in the heavily wooded j in the Cranbrook district to be placed
country, travelling through the tlm- in the new ti C. building in the heart
berer region all the way to Watts- of old London. A motion by Alder-
burg, where he secured provisions and j man Leask. seconded by Alderman
again took to the virgin forest until | Campbell was passed, authorizing the
Moyie was reached when, in the early I purchase of  photos
hours of Saturday morning, Prbftn-1 Photos   will   Include
clal Constable Arden landed his man.  *P°ts in the Kootenayi
Chief of  Police Adams left on the | Hcultural scenes.
The Salvation Arm]
of thc
I scenic
ill as ag-
waited upon by Miss Gladys Hlckln-   ^^ mQrtem wm|naHoij an(J I noon train Saturday and brought the
botham, girl chum of the bride.   The | ..^ Afim iw %q hemorrhaKe | prisoner back, neatly handcuffed.
chief of Police Adams was the next
groom was supported by Mr. Arthur
M. Ham.
l*eDuke had sawed through one of
cjstoniary annual gran*    A motion by
Aid. Campbell, seconded by Aid. Bal-
The church  was very prettily de- |
witness called.   He said he went to i
corated by members of the choir and tho home. °r McGU1 on French avenue
close associates of the bride and consisted of a bridal arch of evergreens,
and white roses witli wedding bell,
whilst palms were profusely scattered around the platform and a beautl
ful tray of pansies adorned thC pul
In the Lumbering
where Watson was lying on tbe floor
of the front room. He Immediately
phoned Dr. King, who shortly afterwards arrived and dressed the wound,
having Mr. Watson removed to the
Ht. Eugene hospital, the ambulance
pit. The whole scheme succeeded"*'-. Jcl,n* ca*'c<1- While welting for am-
eipreulng the affection in which the bulanee he ewmlned the verandah,
young couple are held. I **? *» ,"' ,whl<* «"* *"* sh""-
The special marriage hymn was ! "e Mv^ P"Ce ^'f " n?""
sung by the choir after which the full. »"«• «"», at ,h« *«>»J«al when
wedding service was performed In be- ?**•» '<K>k ^'^ 12:W:   Thl" m"a
The patriotic dam-e held at Jaffray
on August DTth has turned over a neat
sura lo tho Patriotic society. Mr. T.
M, Roberts is In receipt of the following self-explanatory loiter:
Jaffray, b, c,
September lfi
\h    T.  M.  Roberts.
Cranbrook. B.C.
Itenr Sir;  1 have much pleasure in
enclosing yon herewith a cheque for
$7U.i)ft being the proceeds or the Patriotic bance hold »t the Recreation I unionist Investment Co.
Hull of the Mast Kootenay  Lumber,    Hest  Heavy  .Mare with
Company, Ltd.. at Jaffray on August
87th lust.
ou behalf of tha residents of this
district who un- subscribers to this
fund I tru-it lhat our efforts, though
small, will help In the good cause
which you me representing,
fours truly,
Secretary, Danoo Committee
ond. J It. Thompson, Craubrook
Indian   pony   race—First.   Michel;
second, Seymour.
Saddle    pony     race—First,   Louis
Meyer;  second. Chas. Stevens.
The    following    was  tlie  list    of
1915 ; prizes and awards as made by   the
mm sis
Rest Stallion:—let, H. Barr;  2nd,
llest  Mnre.-lst, A. J. Miller
Ing he went to house of accused and
took photographs, which were placed
•i'i exhibits. Found three pools of
blood cn verandah. Cress questioned
by Mr. A. I. Fisher, counsel for accused, sb to statements made, McGlll
said, "It was coming to him."
Questioned further the Chief said
McGlll came to the 'station and made
tbe statement, "You remember that
coming manner. During the signing
of the register ami whilst the happy
couple left the church the beautiful
Mendelssohn's Wedding March was
rendered by Mr. Nidd.
The bride was dressed In her travelling costume of blue serge trimmed
with military braid and black fox fur
and wore a picture hat of white-satin
8ec"' trimmed with ostrich mount.      ;^B
At the conclusion of tlie ceremony ■■■:in * sP°Ue t0 y°u about- ■> P.04 him.
a sumptuous wedding breakfast was Come up ond I'll chow you where he
served at the home of the bride's par- •»•" Questioned by Mr. Fisher !f he
ents to the Intimate friends, after knew to whom McOill referred, thc
which the happy couple left on thc Chief Btatcd -McGlll had reported tlu*
uoon train for San Francisco Vhere\%lfa to ",m about a ycar aC°- Thfl
they will attend the fair. A large j "port was that Sam Wateon had
number of friends were present to see | been paying too much attention to his
them off and rained upon them show- j Kjffe He said McGlll bad asked him
ers of confetti and rice as well as to see Watson and Tils wife and warn
their best wishes and congratulations. I both of them: McOill .md changed
2nd. | They received many useful and valu- j **™ni day to night shift t.t the C. P. R.
able presents. ! shops to-oblige a  fellow  workman.
Colt.—1st, I -- -— ■ '< 1 Accused told Chief Adams he was ly-
G*o. Hannant; 2nd. Geo. Hunnant.    ! VERNON MEN IN CAMP I ing'on the couch when he heard some-
Best  Light  Mare   with   Colt.—1st,!
('has. Stevens;  2nd. ('has. Stevens.    |
llest Driving Team.—1st, H. Barr. Cranbrook  Bojs   Welcome   Coillffl* I toward tbe house.     Watson knocked
APPRECIATE  PRESENT Mn* com,nB up the wulk   l*°ktof «ui
' ' "   '*      I the window he saw Wateon  coming
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
Notice to Taxpayers
allowed on all unpaid Taxes for
1915 if paid on or before
September 30th, 1915
Sept. 15,1915. Collector [
Itest Saddle Horse—1st, Chu.-) Stev-
i'lis;  2nd, Seymore.
Beet lleef Cow.- 1st, H. Barr,
llest Dairy Cow.—1st, Uulenlst Investment Co.; 2nd, s. Hush.
llest Cow and Calf.—Ist. H. Barr.
Best Ho?.-1st, Unionist Investment
Co.;  2nd, Unionist  Investment Co.
Best Hon.—2nd. W. S. Bush.
Best Rooster.—2nd, W. S. Bush.
Best Pair Geese—1st, Unionist Investment Co., Ltd.
Meat of Fruit r rom I. 0. O. K.
Reply From .Major Pollen
at the door and   when he    (McOill)
opened It Watson struck ut him with
his riding crop.     McGlll struck him a
Mrs. Chas. J, Uttle Is fn receipt nf blow, hurling blm against a verandah
a letter from    Vernon camp,    from l'«*t-    Chief Adorns produced the rld-
Mojor Pollen acknowledging the con-, inn crop and cap of deceased, whicli | Kowan.
slgnment     of   preserved   fruits for-  vere placed   before the Jury os   ex- \    During the weok of the fair no
<rant equal to the amount of taxes on
the building h* allowed
A communication from   the   police
stating that that kugust
the bam and removed IL Hp had ra*-nt was carried to tiie effect that a
;i second bnr about half cut through.
and being unable to finish his work
slipped through the opening and \
departed. Tlu* only conclusion ar-1 commissi
rived at for his cutting tlte second
bar was to assist his fellow prisoners, nine in number, to escape from
the prison.
When arrested LeDuke had $5.00 on
tils person. Just where he got this
money is a mystery, as he had no
money when he was placed in the cell
that night. It is thought that he wa?
aided by someone on the outside, as
the cells are somewhat exposed.
LeDuke appeared before Judge Arnold Monday afternoon and was sent
up to stand trial at the fall assize*
He was not represented by counsel.
I.M of Lady Workers for the Km-
pire Who Are Doing
Their Bit
The workers at the I.O.D.E. roams
for the week ending September 4th,
wcre as follows:
.Monday.—Mesdames Nesblt, Laurie.
Tuesday.—Mrs. Atchison, convenor,
Mesdcmes McBride, Mcpherson, Paterson, Knight. Shackieton, und Herrett.
Thursday.—Mrs. Halsall, convenor.
Mosdamos Cummlngs, Dicks, Cher-
rlngtoia. Jones, GVnday, Sneedon. M
Wilson, O. Taylor. Honeyman. F'nlay
ind Uddlcoat.
Friday - Mrs Barnes, convenor.
Mesdamea SarvUi Spence, Henderson,
MacDonald. Scott. MacDonald, Bat.set
and MacKinnon.
<'utter* for tlie week we.-e. Mrs
Bowaetl, Mrs,  Halsall, and Mrs, Mc-
C. Stevens.
Best   5   lbs	
Best Assortment Dairy Fodder.-—
1st, Unionist Investment Co.; 2nd,
Geo. Hannant.
Best mtb
G. Hannant.
Ing was done but all members Worked
willingly preparing and serving tin
various refreshment',. An account of
ihe amount realliod will be published
next week.
Donations for the buying fund were
received   from   Mrs.   C.   Ward,   .Miss
Phillips  and  Mrs.   Fyles.  also  $1.00
trom Mr. Herbert Clark for Bed Cro;
warded by the Cranbrook Daughters [hlblta, Questioned further by Mr.
of the Empire. The letter follows: Klsher the chief said McGlll made the
Mrs. Chas. J. Little. Cranbrook. B, C: r;-mark: "lt'n coming to him. It was
Madam: The consignment of nr*- «-'lf-defence." The chief produced
served fruit arrived ln good order , letters found on the deceased from
and was distributed today to the | Mrs. McOill. A photograph of the
Cranbrook men of the 54th. \.fSpn mentl8ned was also found on
I am desired by the men to convey [HH person.     These were also placed
their heartiest appreciation    of   the|*n exhibits.     Another letter written
. handsome presents made to them by \ by Mrs. McGlll to Watson and return-
Bert Sheaf.—1st, C, Stevens;   2nd, ,the Daughters of the Empire in Cran- 'ed to Cranbrook has been ordered by
I brook.     The Interest thus taken   In  the coroner to be produced. The letters
Butter.—1st,    Mrs.  O. | lhe men by the UdleH of thefr home ■ were signed Nellie.
town Is an Immense encouragement!    Constable Venus  was next called
to them and Illustrates ln a splendid | He said he had received a 'phone roes-!    In the ladles championship   finals
way the co-operation of the Daught-' "age trom the chief to come to*the of the Cranbrook Uwn Tennis club.
ers with the Sons of the Empire, aa all third   house   across   the   crock   ou , played Saturday afternoon last. Miss
Best 101b Crock Buttor.—1st, Mrs.)your men are entltioa lo bc ca|iod at French avenue.    On arriving he saw B. Pye easily defeated Miss Mceredy
the present time. Watson lying on his back in the front 'by two straight sets, the score being
U.ltH ll,rnt\l.   I'ttOlirrrS     '    The   Cranbrook men   have   made room.    Tlie only statement made   by fi-0, «-2.     The winner played   with
Wheat,—1st.   Unionist    Investment'steady progress from the start   and accused   to. Constable   Vemm   was: {great confidence and was better   all
Co.; 2nd, H. Barr. are universally   conceded to   be the "H was coming to him."   This morn-  round than her opponent      The cup *   ™wr*1
Oats In Stalk.-1st, Unionist InvOst-, finest body of men under arms In the Ing he (Venus) took thc accused Inlo  which wa,. given by Mr  A   Raworth,
ment Co.; 2nd, G. Hannant. ] west. *'•    .  * (tbe office of the chief of police, when   was presented to Miss Pye after the
Oats  Threshed.—1st,  Unionist   In-      I have the honor to he, [ ho was   made   acquainted   with the | match by Mrs.   Erickson.      A Urge
body could not see its way clear to
reduce the force, elicited a'de'al of
discussion Aid. Balment said he
could not .-<-* when tin city Heeded
three policemen. Mayor (fewness,
who fs also a member of the police
commission. rai<l be was strolling
along on a moonlight : : tr 1 ±t via tlie
city hall route and came In full view
of a cow in front of the city hftll inak-
ng an unearthly noise, but no policemen heard It Aid. Campbell vaid he
was of the opinio:, that tbe police commission should be elected by the
ratepayer.- u the lame time as the
mayor and council Here tbe fliscus-
I sion ended.
■ Tlie dog tax question was brought
I up by Aid. Campbell. He said Several
[complaints had ben made of a num-
i ber of canines running :u large, In
one case a merchant bad a considerable amount of good*: spoiled by an
uneducated dog. Just whether this
dog had a tag on or not is problematical. It h, thought from hfs (the
dogsi actions that he was a loose,
tilt: canine having no visfhle means ot
ittppoit At this ]unI t>ir<- <7ibf of
Police Adams arrived and wa:i asked
leveral questions In connection with
he collecting of the bow-wow license,
H- said sixty-thr ofl llcenai were collected and forty-two dogi hud been
buried in the city hall cemetery,
which was about full up a number
of dogs were killed by automobiles,
which are not Included In tbd above
list There were good, bad and Indifferent now burled In thc canine
graveyard. Tl>e chli f aid a bouse to
house canvasi was made for dog ll*
eetties. In some can II wai illnVult
to learn just who the dog really be-
logged to. it wi.*- moved by Aldermen Campbell and Balment that the
police be Instructed to enforce the
pOUhd and dog tax bylaw
Accounts were passed as follows.
vestment Co.
Barley In Stalk.
1 Hannant.
1st and 2nd, Oeo.
Yours obediently,
0, Hungerford Pollen. Major.
Yemen, B. V, August IMfc, l»t
death of Watson. I number of people were ut tbe courts
I   Thia cMcle-ie-a   the   evidence, the ; to aee the game. Miss Pye's win being
iury rettrfag te coeeUar the evtOncr ■ veiy popular.
Burns. P. 0. Co * 7 10
Beattle-Mnrphy  Co  i.oo
Cranbrook Sash A   Door Co.. 12.18
Calgary  Drafting ('„  2.45
Cranbrook   Cartage   &   Transfer Co  59.05
cranbrook Electric Light Co.. 200.87
City Clerk's sundries   10.80
Cranbrook Drug A Hook Co.. 6.20
City Transfer Co  78.86
Herald Publishing Co  3.00
] Medley   Lajoie     5.65
Kootenay  Telephone  Linen... 22.46
Mitchell, John     1.26
Manning, Ira, Ltd  23.85
Neptune Meter Ca  11.47
Co  6.60
T.  Parrett     4 2.'.
Payrolls   city Engineer  .... 849.80
Payrolls   city Engineer i water  debenture)     IH6.10
School board  1644.87
(Cimtliiiieil un page thn;.-) PAGE TWO
L. F. SiUIth, Editor
t. m, Vmmtsn, BaOuw *****tr
**ts lm
lejaartoUM Rates
Aii vUlUf Rates
■UntMfcg,   II   etaU
CRANBROOK   HKRAT*R-:fgmtnlng nrt of character blackening.
1 We. grant that there are places as
bad, or even worse, than Cranbrook.
Two blacks will never make a white.
""""^ The black that we have with us lu so
11,10; black, so dirty, so rotten and entirely
I.M I disgusting that for once in a while
we venture to lift the lid as a hint
for certain amongst us wbo being cup-
able of knowing better and of acting
better, make themselves the hyphenated husbands of hyphenated wives.
Tiiere ure some so low that they know
no better. There are others who
should know better and If they do not
should be compelled by public opinion
to conform to the standards of decency demanded by their-social position.
Cranbrook, B. i\ September WUu 1915
In very appropriate sackcloth and
ashes ot an almoBt forgotten decency,
let us, for our souls' good, make open
confession that Cranbrook is morally
rotten. It would bo foolish to say
that  this   condition   applies  to  even
OTTAWA, SEPTEMBER 4—The return of Major General Sir Sam
Hughes is eagerly awaited at the capital. Now that Canada's War Lord
anything like the majority; but that I |1QB plucked the ultimate honor and
has become a Knight Commander of
the Bath, with a special eye. no doubt,
to the sanitation of the army, It Is
felt that he ought to get back to business unless he wants Acting Minister
of Militia Lougheed to supplant him
in the hearts of his countrymen.
Senator Lougheed has done very
well Indeed during his Incumbency of
the ollice. The machine gun move*
ment took shape under his guidance,
also lite disablement fund, and one
way aud another the locum tenens
from Calgary Ims displayed enough
originality aud Inspiration to cause
(Sis Sam to look to his laurels. That
Senator Lougheed has likewise displayed great moderation of statement
has also been a source of comparison,
but this is probably explained by the
fact that Senator Longhead is only an
Honorary Colonel whereas Sir Sam
is a Major General aud must consequently blow a louder hum.
The cable dispatches indicate that
Sir Sum was made a Knight as a
salve to bis wounds aud an answer lo
his critics, just as n Garter was hastily attached to Lord Kitchener to keep
his reputation from falling. Even
Lord Northcllffe's newspapers are
bound to keep their hands off a person's Garters. Similarly the Opposition press will respect Sir Sam's
knighthood—or if they don't they
ought to.
This Is a pretty theory but lt falls
to convince anybody who knows- what
in ingrained democrat Sir Sum Is. It
took at least two uverpowerlng reasons to change his mind. One probably was that everybody else was doing It—ln the last four years four
Canadian Cabinet Ministers liave offered themselves on the altar of
knighthood, not to mention the titles
thut have been passed around among
llieir friends. And the other probably
was the settled policy of the Borden
Government to have a first and second
line of cabinet defence consisting entirely of Knights. This lino which
wlll be gradually extended until It
takes In the Hon. Bob Rogers, just
naturally had to Include Major General Sam who Is the chief defender of
the realm in these parts. Everybody
knows he Is because he has said so
himself and besides we have Lord
Robert's word for it tliat be Is the
greatest Driving Force In history.
Such being the case Major General
Sam could hardly be left out of the
thin red line of knights whom Premier
Borden is more or less rapidly gather-
lug ubout him. And even ut that one
docs not suppose that Major General
Sam surrendered without a struggle.
Later reports will show that he was
lured to Buckingham Palace, and that
King George put it on him when he
wasn't looking. This often happens
where considerations of state are Involved. Some of tbe victims scream
more than others, but all are ultimately persuaded that It Is for tbe good
of the peoplu and end up by being
reconciled to thc burden. Sir Sam,
we have no doubt, looks at it In tbat
way, as a burden, a sort of war stamp
he Is obliged to carry in order to help
bis country.
In time he will get used to his title.
He will tlnd It specially serviceable
lu Ottawa where no five o'clock tea Is
complete without one. The Itldeau
Club will think all tlie more of him
for it It will do much to overawe
the armchair generals, smoking-room
admirals and high-ball colonels who
make thn capital their headquarters.
One way and another hc will And It
a handy thing to have In his clothes.
It may chafe him at first but the longer he uses It the better he'll like It
snd the odds are a hundred to one
against his ever mailing It back to
King George as a misfit. Fierce radicals wlll tell you that a knighthood
Is us disfiguring as a wart and as
pnlnful as a corn, but it Isn't. You
can take Sir Sam's word for it, that
after tlie first feeling of revulsion Is
over and your system bas got accustomed to It, the thing Is not unpleasant. It growB on you, so to speak,
like a cauliflower cur or the tobacco
habit. i
Sir  Max Altken's account of    the
an apparently growing minority or
our men, single and married, of our
women both married and single, of
our boys and girls und even of certain
of the children of school age, are a-
depte ln depravity aud social vice Is
true. We are tola that tho Kaiser's
war ls a punishment for God forgetting and the immoralities of a gross
materialism. The people of Germany
and of tho allied nations, so we are
told, ate, drank and made merry with
tach others wives and husbands, and
thereby they are drinking death ln
every form. Must It take a trampling
in blood and mud to make the offender against public decency and morality ln Cranbrook learn that there is a
Ood-ordalned law of Inevitable cause
and effect which works out, Inexorably
tn the awful word:: of the awful judgment: "Be nut deceived, God Is not
mocked. Kor what a man soweth
that shall he also heap."
What has the sowing beeu which
blossoms In ruined homes; in ruined
daughters; ln sons who havo taken
to the broad highway uf destruction;
ln mothers whose daughters are fash-
Ion plates of dress, frivolity and foolishness and even Immorality for the
professional sinners of Hill 60; In
mothers who only wait the door to
close on tho departure of their lawful
husbands to turn to the kiss of another husband whoso wife is no better; In husbands who count ns prizes
tho young girls they have led ai.tray?
What kind has been the sowing whicli
blossoms In a filthy tale but Into the
lips ot a mere child, to ruin a decent
man, and this backed by the oath of
the mother who so desperately
trafficked ln tho flesh and moral of
her offspring? What has the sowing
of parents been where girls of twelve
and thirteen have been dragged by
the police from shacks and hovelr to
aave them from a fate apparently of
their own seeking? Who are rer.pon-
elble? Of a certainty lt Is not the
ministers of the gospel. They do the
best they can, but the fault, beyond all
question or doubt, lies with tho home
life and for that the mothers are, before Ood and man, mainly responsible.
We bear a deal about the social evil.
It certainly ls a choice sample of the
Dead Sea fruit of the Devil's garden,
beloved of the pimp, the dope fiend,
the fellow who runs the booze Joint
end the poor lost sisters who have
taken to the "Gay Life," forgetting
that tho awful Judgment spoken of u
moment ago grinds their souls, hearts,
minds, bodies and bones, even to the
third and fourth generation. Preachers preach and rave and Invoke the
eld of tho police to drive those unfor-
tenetes out into the waste places, Into
tome worse and more fearful boll than
the one they suffer at present; to
drive them anywhere provided their
tinning be not seen of the people. We
do not want to minimize the curse;
hut we cannot help asking how much
worse Is It than social vice practised
broadcast by men and women, married
and single, who respecting no low of
Ood and guided by no principle of
decency or morality save than embodied In the eleventh commandment
"Don't get caught" make our city a
by-word? But Borne of them get
caught and then The Awful Law
works Itself out In wild revenge, red
mln and the breaking up of laws.
The wages of sin ts death."
It sets one thinking that It might be
Just as well If certain of our women
decided It might be as well to avoid
what may be called hyphenated-marriage. It would be ns well for decency
lake If Mrs. X were to be known as
the wife of Mr. X alone and not, (according as opportunity offers the enn-
renlence) the occasional wife of
Messrs. Y and 7. Equally well might
tt be If Mr. X ceased his trafficking
with Mesdames Y and Z, fearing lest
Mr. Y or Z may take the crude Justice
ot revenge In his hand and send the
toui of Mr. X on a Journey to the
vndlscovcrcd country where there
lives One to whom vengeance peculiar
ly belongs. Poor Mrs. X thinks that
though she knows of the slips of those
about her, of their comings and their
goings, that they know nothing of her j short, sharp struggle in Buckingham
own peculiar carryings-on. If she \ Palace which terminated In the
wants to And how wrong sho ls let j knighting  of  Sam   Hughes   has   not
being to indulge In personally conducted tours for Impatient war correspondents—It Is only natural that he
should fall bock on London as the
main theatre of action and the knighting of Sir Sam as an event of historical significance to be described with
great wealth of detail. All Canada
can say to Sir Max is to go It
This country cannot hear;. and In
fuct never has had a chance not to
hear, too much of Sam Hughes. If
others were silent Sam always spoke
up for himself, which waB ttya reasonable course, because who could know
the facts better. It Is only fair to
Sir Sam to say that he never under
stated the facts. He extenuated nothing that could glorify Sam Hughes
He made lt clear that be did not hate
himself and then left you to draw
your own conclusions. Outside of demonstrating that the other fellow was
a liar and a chicken thief Sam Instituted no Invidious comparisons.
He let tt go at that. A plain, unvarnished confession of real merit—that
was all he aimed at. Such was the
literary style, the grand manner,
simple but strong, of Sam Hughes,
journalist, statesman and soldier, a
manner that Sir Max Altken cannot do
better than copy tf he Is to slug Sir
Sam's praises lu sizable words. All
Canada asks of Sir Max Ib that he
sing It in prose. The poetry of the
event may sweep him oft his teet, as at
times poetry has swept Sir Sam off
his, but Sir Max would be well advised to stick to Mother Earth. He can
do that-by playing up the politics of
It. He will be a very poor eye witness Indeed If he falls to point out
that this knighthood ot   Sir Sam    Is
lomplete, final and triumphant answer
to all that has ever been Bald or
thought about sham shoes, foundered
horses, window glass binoculars and
other matters opened up by tbe public accounts committee. Incidentally
it Is tbe postscript to tbe Hutton correspondence—fifteen years late perhaps—but a satisfactory answer nevertheless. He laughs best who laughs
last. Sir Sam Is now ln a position
to give his old enemy the merry ha-ha
but our guess Ib tbat he Is too big-
hearted to do It.
.bodies ore constructing and perfecting
for the automobtllst who chooses long
Probably the most interesting
stretch of road iu Canada, If not on
tho entire continent, is that which
bears the name "The Highway of the
Great Divide." This stands out prominently among tlie great road building
"Great  Horseshoe   Highway*  Which
ttuus From Banff lo Windermere
Is of Surpassing Grandeur
ttoud builders of the world are looking foi ward to tho final linking up of, projects of the world. For six hundred
the "Great Horseshoe Highway" which | miles, through the Canadian Rookies
when fully complete will be the long- tn tne Provinces of British Columbia
est automobile road In tiie world. It | »nt* Alberta, this auto path will wind
will meusuro over 7,000 miles in | fa w»y a™""1-* mountains, over
length and will connect tlie three prln-, bridged gaps aud ravines, through
clpal countries of tho Northern Am- iuense forests, skirting rivers and
erlcan Continent. Scenery Including i lakes, bordering on precipitous cliffs
that of the sunny and picturesque I •"*<■ clinging on to steep-sided hills.
South, the Middle Eastern and New j A Portion of tlie route extends
England states; Montreal and quaint through the level ranch lands of Al-
Quebec; tbe Groat Lakes and streams j berta but for the greater distance it
At the regular meeting of the city
fathers Monday afternoon Aid. Campbell spoke volumes when he,referred
to the matter of the police commission
being elected by the city at Its regular annual election; A little
thought will convince the average
man that this Is only too true. Just
why a political party, whether It be
Conservative, Liberals or otherwise,
should place men In responsible positions without the consent ot the
'ratepayers, Is puzzling to Bay the
least. The property owners elect
their mayor and council and school
trustees. . Is tiiere any reason why
they should not elect their police and
license commission? The police commission is the most important public
body In Cranbrook—higher than the
city council—yet the citizens must sit
idly by and submit to the. wishes of
politicians. The law on this point
badly needs fixing. This Is no reflection ln any way on the present
members of the Cranbrook police
commission, but is, we believe, a
matter which should engage the aten-
tlon of every property owner In British Columbia.
Now the Georgia Jailer who allowed his prisoner to be taken away from
him and hung Is getting his picture ln
the papers. He ought to have a life
sentence, It is as much an officer's
duty to protect his prisoners as tt Is
to keep them from escaping.
Pastor, W. K. Thornton
Morning service 11 a.m. Subject:
"A Study, In Old Testament Characters—Daniel the Daring."
S. S. and Bible Clata at S p.m,
Evening service at 7.30 p.m. Subject
"God In Human Experience."
Mrs. F. Macpherson will render
solo at the evening service.
"Blessed are the poor In spirit;
their's Ib the Kingdom of Heaven."
of Canada;the broad ranch und agricultural lands of the last Great West
the Canadian West with all its lire,
opportunities and vigor; thriving cities and towns; the matchless Canadian Rockies with tlieir wonderful
valleys and venerable snow-capped
peaks; the Pacific Coast cities of Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle aud Portland;
then further south Sacramento, San
Francisco and thc charming resorts lu
the southern part of the state of California and finally, with a highly colored touch, the City or Mexico, blazing
In bright colors and semi-tropical life,
will tlie furnish the automobile traveler with no end of variety. No such
trip can be found elsewhere in the
The Highway will begin at Miami,
go directly north through all of the
principal American cities ot the Atlantic seaboard to Montreal, west
through Canada to Vancouver, B. C,
and thence south through the cities of
the Pacific slope, finishing In Mexico
Canada is rapidly becoming widely
known for the excellence of its automobile roads, and for the many places
of interest to the motor tourist. Despite tlie war tlie people north of the
international boundary line, from the
Atlantic to the Pacific, are making
gigantic efforts to construct us many
miles of first class highways this year
as possible. This has been their road
making policy for years. Therefore,
the road conditions of today make
Canada one of the most delightful
places on the continent for thc automobtllst.
Every province, municipality, city,
district and township Is uniting with
the federal government in urging the
construction of good roads and thereby luring with the most tempting of
inducements motor enthusiasts from
all ports of the world. It will no', be
many months before a motorist wlll
be able to start his journey by auto at
Miami, travel north through the United StateB to Montreal, and thence
westward to tho Pacific Coast, where
he will find the other international
highway frobi Vancouver to Mexico
City. The two international highways
and the Canadian Transcontinental
highway are being rushed to completion and will soon be linked up into a complete chain, forging together
the cities on both sides of the boundary line.
The section of the Eastern International highway, from Rouse's Point,
New York, to Montreal is now nearly
finished. This section, which is 41!
tntleB in length, wlll be named "King
Edward Road" in honor of the late
King Edward VII. Thit; section of the
great highway crosses the St. Lawrence by means of the Victoria Bridge
over a mile long, opened by King Edward In 1860, when he was Prince of
From Montreal, and in* fact from
the boundary, to Quebec, the road extends through districts of great historical Interest and of unusual scenic
The road south of the boundary'will
form the main artery through the most
densely populated portion of North
America. The ten states together with
the District of Columbia and the Province of Quebec, through which the
road leads, have a total population of
West from Montreal, the Transcon-
her keep her ears open the next time
•he goes where "afternoon-tea-with-a-
ttlck-ln-It" Is the rule. If she knew
enough she and her doings wero the
•object of conversation before she entered, and for proof Bho will hear a
down decent women foully slandered
while she stays. If the Innocent cannot escape calumny, how can the
tnllty escape having their sins shout*
been written but when It comes to
hand It will be prose epic in tho best
Morning Post style. Sir Max Altken
Is the Canadian Eye Witness and hla
duty la to chronicle Canadian actions
at tiie front, of which this Ib ono of
the most brilliant. This Is a subject
after his own heart, and Sir Max may
bo expected to excel himself, not only
because a great occasion  engenders
ad from the top nf the house? Never I noble words, but bemuse it was Sam
fear. Her follow women will take I mado hlm eye witness und he has got
good care of that end of the game, | to do something to earn his money. As
and tho greatest offenders ere thu Sir Max gets to tlie front about once a
la   Uit  heaatlfUlly I month   the custom ot thu war office
Pastor, Rev. Thomas Keyworth.
Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday school and Adult Class at
.1 p.m.
Prayer service Thursday at 8 p.m.
Morning service at 11 a.m.
Rally Day In Sunday school 3 p.m.
Address by Rev.  W.  K. Thomson,
Rove, Keyworth and Stephen.
Service at 7.30 p.m.
pierces the very heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, that wonderful country of snow-capped peaks,
glittering glaciers, mirror-like lakes,
boisterous torrents and silver streams,
that country which is the Mecca of
the tourist aud the lover of solltiuh
Throughout the greater length the
road will follow the trans-mountain
lines of the Canadian Pacific Railway,
and eventually connect the tlve well-
known scenic points, Banff, Golden,'
Cranbrook, Maeleod and Calgary.
There are already some splendid
roads ln America but none of them
wlll compare with this broad path
through the fairyland of Canada.
Nearly five hundred miles of the
"Highway of the Great Divide" are
already completed and the remaining
distance is to he finished as rapidly as
possible, probably within the course
of the summer.
From Golden, ti. C„ the road Is
completed as far south as Cranbrook
[and an excellent communication is
! thereby established between the trans*
I mountain lines of the Canadian Pact-
lie. This road takes the tourist along
the Kootenay River and through the
Columbia Valley by way of Windermere and Fort Steele, the latter a
famous mining town during the "rush"
in the early nineties. This road Is
maintained by the Canadian Government and while some of the grades are
rather heavy, there are none of them
which cannot be negotiated with eaBe
by a Ford Car. At Fort Steele there
is an important branch road whicli
leads to the international boundary
wliere connection is made with the
roads of Canada. This makes it possible to drive a car from Spokane as
far north as Golden, B. C.
Of this run from Golden to Cranbrook, Mr. Wilbur Nesblt, author and
traveler has said, "In all the world
elsewhore there is no such journey possible as this which we have just completed by automobile up tlie valley of
the Columbia to Lake Windermere,
eighty miles of exciting racing among
the crags, over shoulders of mountains
dinging to hillsides, and whirling a-
cross valleys and along the table
lands; always and always with the
silent Rockies towering high on one
side and majestic Selkirks as sentinels
on the other, huge peaks capped with
eternal snow, great piles ot God's
masonry, one unceasing vista of mountains, of forest, of river, lake, gorge,
ridge, crest and peak. There are celebrated rides in England and Continental Europe, but here we have the
solemn beauty of the Grand Canyon.
the wild lovllness of the Yellowstone
and the Yosemlte, the stately grace of
the. Hudson, the terrific stillness of
the far north and the clinging scent
of the bowered southland."
From Cranbrook to Maeleod and
thence on to Calgary 108 miles away
the highway is fn excellent shape. The
autoB have been using the Calgary-
Banff section of the road during last
summer and those who have beeu over
it declare the highway to be splendid.
From Calgary to Banff Is about Ave
hours ride If no time is lost. With a
reasonoble margin for delays the trip
can be made in six hours.
The British Columbia government,
together with the Dominion government and the Canadian Pacific Railway are forcing roads through In all
directions, wltli the hope thut ln the
very near future they can be connect-
If you value what people think of you
you   must  be   particular   about your
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trlct through whieh It runs to hulld
brancll roads and thereby bold out
Htlll further inducement!-: to the motor
tourist to linger In tbe district.
"Good roads make good business"
Is an axiom generally accepted as true.
With the bettering of road conditions
Increased travel and more prosperous
business conditions are vouched for.
International relations because of interchange ln travel, are rapidly becoming still better and the boundary
line ls becoming more and more lightly drawn.—Ford Times.
tlnental  Highway  runs  through   the |ed "P '"mlnif a broud lilRliway to the
lower portion of the provinces of Can-  *'HC,nc  (,°a8t'  whera  8P-entlw  routlR
ada, touching all the noted principal
cities and leading through a country
noted for its scenery and a .natural
exist fn abundance.
Vuncouver, on the mainland.
being -
8 a.m. holy communion.
11  a.m.  Matins and    Holy    Communion.
730 p.m. Evensong.
Rev. W. H. Bridge, B. A., Lth.
, Sunday:
Sunday school, 2.30 p.m.
Evening aervice, 7.30 p.m.
Bald Hill Sunday school 11 a.m.
Harvest Thanksgiving services will
he held In the Citadel Saturday and
Sunday at 7.30 p.m.
Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. all the
ingathering of goods, fruits and vegetables will be auctioned off after the
service of that evening. All ranchers
and friends are requested to have all
their girts lu not later than Monday
the chief Canadian port on the Pacific
beauty. Besides excellent .roads aqd ] Coast; the Pacific coast terminus for
wonderful scenery tiiere Is an abun-1t,le Canadian Pacific Hallway Corn-
dance of game of large and small! I)UI1>'> wil<1 il** *ts r:iil jui(i steamship
variety. The territory around Niplgon, HlWS and recognized Commercial cen-
Ont, the northern part of Lake Sup-' tre uf the province of Hritish Columbia
erlor, is wonderfully supplied with at-'iH 'n t,,t! centre of a network of extractive features for the motorist, as oellent roois. Victoria, on Vancouver
well as the hunter who wirhes to com-! 's,a1"'* hoasts of roads ec|Uftl to any
bine the two forms of sport. There'1'1 *'"- world, and tourists who have
are many lakes and streams through- j Dflfln ov,'r them hear out tbe statement
out this section In which gnmey fish ,ir ,l"' Victorians. Lending almost due
abound. The motorist fisherman will *o\ith from Vancouver, connecting up
find somo of the best sport on the IN8W Westminster, Everett, Seattle,
North American Continent. Lakes and 1'ortland, Sacramento. San Francisco,
rivers of Canada are noted for theiri ■•l,!; Angeles, und down through tlie
abundance of llsh of limitless varh'ty beautiful portion of California, into
West from Winnipeg the autoist will, Mexico and Anally ending .In Mexico
travel for hundreds of miles through rllX is tlie second International high-
one of tho richest grain and agrlcul-! wuv about completed and In use. It
tural belts on the continent. From ' ■* declared to be one of the best long
Winnipeg to Calgary thore is almost |stretches of highway In the world.)
an unvaried panorama of agricultural |Tne grater portion has been in oper-
prosperlty. The highway wind's from atlon for over a year. Enthusiastic
town and city, to city and towns citizens of British Columbia, Washing-
through waving grain fields or wide ;^on* Oregon and California arc behind,
cattle ranges. Farms, whore the own-' *'ie niovenicnt to mnke this the besti
er Is successively employing his time 'roaa on the continent. Sign posts j
at diversified farming, are tb he seen I ',avo up<in P*»t op to guide the auto
in all directions.' In fact, almost every j tourist and to point out things of instep tn tho making of an "Empire" fs| terest which he might otherwise fall
to bo found in example shown. The'to n°te. This road ls being taken
large cities, the prosperous towns, tlie! rare °*r ■« first class style and is kept
hamlets long known to the fiir traders In excellent condition.
and path-finders of two generations, Ono of tlie most potent effects the
as well as the new towns where cither "Oreat Horseshoe Highway" Is having
railway, agricultural or industrial ud- j on the countrv Is to encourage tlie
vantages Indicate a future development, are to tie found along tho highways  which governments and fl^ie
building of good roads. The example
set by making a first-class road of It,
Is Influencing tbe cltlsens ot each dli-
Overseas Club Entertain Quests Tues*
day Evening- Capacity
On Tuesday evening tbe Cranbrook
brunch of the Overseas Club celebrated Its llfth anniversary lu the
form of a patriotic musleul evening
intermixed with speeches uud recitations. Tho entertainment was held
In the Maple Hall, which was crowded
to its full capacity.
The following Indies and gentlemen
took part in tho programme:
Mrs. Dr. King, Mrs. J. Thomson,
Mrs. Kdmondson, Mrs. Couldwell, Mrs.
,1. F.. Kennedy, Miss Fink, Hev. Bridge,
Hev. Thomson, Hev. Keyworth, Messrs
J. F. Smith, J. Coutts, T. E. South,
W. Thompson, Van Stovoren, J. F.
tower, T. Scott, E. V. Brake and
Master Fink.
Every Item on tbe programme was
much enjoyed by all present, nnd,
needless to say, ull were encored.
During the evening delicate refreshments were served by the following
eommltteo of ladles. Mesdames W.
Flowers, O. P. Tisdale, P. Hartnell,
1>. Campbell and E. Y. Brake. These
refreshments were very much appreciated.
The entertainment proved to be the
most successful In the history of the
Overseas Club In Cranbrook.
On September 28th the Club wilt
glvo their usual monthly dance, a
good program with good music is
promised, as the committee In charge
of tills dance Intend to continue tho
celebration of their Anniversary on
that dato.
White Wyandottes.—cock, 1, Ite-
hihle Egg Farm; 2, Wm. Harris;
Hen; 1 & 2, Rellablo Egg Farm;
2, Wm, Harris.
Cockerel, 1, Reliable Egg Farm; 2,
T. S. QUI.
Pen;  1 and 2, Reliable Egg Farm.
White Wyandottes.—Cock, 1, A. A.
Williams;  2. Wm. HarriB.
Hen; 1 and 2, A, A. Williams; 3.
Wm. Harris.
Cockerel; 1, A. A. Williams; 2, T.
S, Gill.
Pen; I and 2, A. A. Williams.
The above m Ib take arose through
similarity In nnmos. H. T. Williams
of Reliable Egg Farm and A. A. Williams the owner of some of the fluest
Wynndotcs that have graced the Fall
Fair buildings,
Tlie pay sheet Is right anyhow and
■ tin* right iiinii will get the coin, a
great thing in these days.
Thanking you, I hope to remain,
Yours, etc.,
Alb, 11.  Webb,
Secretary Fall Fair.
Section  40
oil   llie   fourth   day   of   October   liext,
application win he made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for
a transfer of ihe license for the sale
of liquor by retail in and upon the
premises   known   as   lhe  Canal   Flats
Hotel, situate »t Canal Plato, Hritish Columbia, from E. H. Small lo
William J. McPnrhtuc, of British Columbia.
k. ii. Small,
Holder of license,
William   J.   McFarlane,
Applicant for  transfer.
Dated   this   .list     day   of    August,
11115. 25-41*
Worth a Guinea
a Box
the safest, most reliable
and most popular—for the
common ailments of stomach,
liver and bowels, is always
n. UromtSas. a/AvWUakt, RtarU
mAlmnsmmm.  hkaa,Maaaai THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th, 1915.
Birth Stone
The Sapi>hire—the characteristic color of the
Sai)i)hlre is clear blue,
like that of the cornflower,
and the more velvety Its
appearance the greater Its
Let's show you our assortment. We have them
mounted up in a vuriety of
settings and with different
combinations of stones.
W. H. Wilson
Hanson t.iiruge for mile repairs.
Thc "Crisis in B. C." for sale at the
Herald ollice.   Price 5c.
Mrs. CI. Qtilrln, of Calgary, Alta.. Is
visiting with Mr. aud MrH. Coutts,
II. S. Potter left for Medicine Hat
and Calgary the flrst of the week.
Mrs. Percy Adams went to Moyle
Wednesday to visit with her parents.
Born.—At Cranbrook on September
Bth, 1015, to Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cosaz,
a son.
Don't forget the coming visit of
Brigadier McLean, September 23rd
and 24tb.
Brigadier McLean will address a
special meeting ln the Army Citadel
September 23rd and 24th.
Mr. J. H. Schofleld, provincial mineralogist, passed through Cranbrook
yesterday en route east.
James Ellis, a prisoner nt the local
jail, was taken to St. Eugene hospital
today suffering from pleurisy.
W. M. Harris, of the firm of Ward
& Harris, left Wednesday for Moyle,
where lie will spend a few days fishing
Citizens of Cranbrook ure Invited to
attend a Welcome Meeting to Brigadier McLean on the evening of September 24th.
Mrs. Gardner and Miss Gardner, of
Wetaskiwin, Alberta, were week-end
visitors in the city, tlie guests of Norman Gardner.
Mrs. J. H. Paul and Miss Elllnor
Paul of Spokane were visitors nt the
bomo of Mrs. Geo. P. Tisdale from
Saturday till Tuesday.
Miss M. Morton, of Kingston, Out.,
sister of W. 0. Morton, of the customs
staff, arrived in the city Tuesday nnd
will spend the winter wltli Mr. and
Mrs. Morton.
Mfss Wlnnifred Belau of Calgary.
.•vita., sister of Miss Flormto Belau,
arrived in Cranbrook Tuesday for n
■hree months' visit with Mr. and Mrs
Albert Sinter.
Mr. 0, Baiber. of Calgary, stopped
off In Cranhrook yesterday for a dny
to take in the nIrMr of the city nail
Incidentally affect repairs to his automobile. Mr. Barber is motoring
through to Alnsworth,
l.uipn, the infant sou of Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph OoBtollo, died Tuesday
morning, The tunornl was held
from St. Mary's church at 1 o'clock
Wednesday   attornoon,   Hev.   Father
TTe guarantee all onr repairs—Hanson Oarage.
Mrs. R. J. Crooks, of Calgary arrived thiu week to join her husband.
Beale*ft Elwell will be glad to show
you their-llned vault with their steel
deposit boxes.
Don't forget the G. I. A. tj B. of
L. E. Bale at the Y. M. C. A. building
ou Saturday, September 18th.      35-.lt
Born—At St. Eugene hospital, Cranbrook, on Tuesday, September 14th,
1815, to Mr. aud Mrs. A. Grant, of
Dull River, a girl.
J. \v. Blake, of Skookumchuck, was
a business visitor In" the city this week
and reports everything progressing In
his part of the country.
Just to remind you that we are still
inulpped for doing work of all kinds
lu our line. Phone :isi. or 101.—Jones
,V: Doris, builders and contractors.
Tom Hor roll's raco horse hns met
with un accident which will probably
prove fatal. At John's ranch the animal run a stake Into Its chest.
Miss McLeod, formerly In charge of
the C. P. It. telograph ollice, left on
the early morning train on Wednesday morning for Calgary where she
was married this morning.
Tho contract for the 35,000 grain
doors awarded the Staples Lumber
Co. at Wycliffe ls nearly completed.
Jones & Doris have about thirty men
nailing and are making good headway with the work.
The Calgary News-Telegram war
pictures accompanied by a saxophone
quartette gave an exhibition at the
Rex theatre this evening. They were
so well received that they havo decided to play a return engagement
o.i Saturday evening next.
Tlie Cranbrook Agricultural association directors ask tlie parent:; of
children who are in the habit of fre-
iiueutlng the fair grounds and destroying property to warn them for in
future trespassers will be prosecuted.
A watchman has been nppoin'.ori to
look after the property.
Do you keep your valuable title
deeds in a box lying around your
house? and have you considered what
it would cost you to replace those
papers if burnt, lost or stolen? For a
nominal yearly rental they can be
placed in one of Beale & Elv/ell's
safetly deposit boxes and be cbsolute-
ly secure.
Two of Cranbrook's speediest foot
'•Hcers went over to Wasa last Saturday to enter the ruces there, but unfortunately did not bring home the
money, as a dark horse was sprung
at the last moment. There Is also
some little rivalry between theso two
speed artists and a race Is looked for
In the near future. "Scotty" Buchanan claime ho has It cinched while
Tom Herron says that the only man
behfnd hlm Inst Saturday was
"Scotty," Backers will find either
gcntlemati ready to take all bets on
the next race.
E. A. Hill was a visitor to Moyle
Monday on business.
Hanson Carafe for auto repairs.
Mrs. W. Stewart ls confined to her   	
heme with Illness the past week. RfiXa|J prderlies^vork gently on tin.-
„ „ i   i    ui       ... bowels, bringing to the cheek a tinge
Itatlery  and  ignition  troubles our of gQod ||ealt[l     SoI(.  mi,y  by ^
Beattie-Murphy Co., The Rexall Store,
10c, 25c. & 50c. boxes.
specialty.— Hanson Garage.
Dr. G.   0,   L.  MacKinnon  made a
professional  visit t:i Sirdar Tuesday.
Sergeant Loftus, of the 54th Koo-! tho city Thursday
tenay Battalion, Is in St. Eugene hos
Jos.   Daly,  of  Sirdar.
Mr. W. A. McBean, of the Crecton
Drug H Book Co., was a visitor In the
city Sunday last.
('has. West, the well known St.
Mary's Prairie fruit grower, was in
the city Wednesday.
■ Born.—At Mrs, Bent's hospital, this
•Ity, on Sunday, September 6th, 1015,
to Mr, and Mrs. Tuohey, a son.
.Miss Gcitie Heard, formerly with
the staff of St. Eugene hospital, left
.Monday for New Westminster.
rrived in
Daly ia well
and favorably known in Craubrook,
where lie lived for a considerable time
and tooted the first whistle on a C.
P. It. engine in Cranhrook.
John Lawsou, of Wardner, was u
city visitor on Tuesday, being the
lucky bidder for the 05 acre tract
near that city which was sold at tlie j
ofllce of the Cranbrook Agency Co. |
Mr. Lawson'u bid was $<i00.
The   Cranhrook   Sash   A   Door   Co.
hus secured tlie order for all of the
wood work finishing ol the New Zinc
relluery at Trail, ii. C.    The order is
a lurge one und the local concern is to
^___________, he congratulated  on  their  success.
Mr. It. II. Cobb, of Kenora, general -j *.* Welsby7*ehhr of provincial
chairman of the 11. of L. E„ wca In ti0nWt was In Cranbroolt Tuesday on
town on official business this week,    business connected with  his depart-
,      .,      ... .    .,      ment. The engagement of Chief VVels*
Hare you trouble with year starting      ^        Rjim T(,iTis       b     m_ ■
Wteail    If so,   go   lo the   HaBso..noimf(ul     The ^^  w),  ^ I
Oarage. _ stand, wlll take place the end'of this
Barney McGoidrlc and  Pat  Leahy,; month.
two pioneer railroaders of the Crow's 	
.Vest Pass, are ln the city on a short '■    Mr. Donahoe, of Wardner was in the.
visit, i city on  Tuesday, making    arrange-
  ; ments  for a  Patriotic  Dance  which
Harry Monkhouso Is In the city ' »1U be held in Library Hull, Wardner,
breathing the  healing ozone of the | on   Wednesday,  September   22nd,  In
aid of the Red Cross funds. This Is
tho Ilrst entertainment of this kind
given this season in Wardner and
Larcombe, of Eastern Canada, evt*ry effort will be made for a big
pure pine air wafted through the foothills.
has arrived  to  take charge  of the
millinery  department    of    McCreery
The monthly meeting of the Cranbrook Poultry Association will be held
on   Friday  evening  next.   September
17th  (tomorrow) at the city hall at
S o'clock aharp.   Business of import-
_________ ance to Cranbrook poultrymen will be
John Henry Hawkins, John Wilson j brought up. Every member ls earn-
Wllson, John Macdonald, Alfred WU- _ estly requested to bo present. Helium Barter and Mike Derljevltch left j member the time  and the  place of
Mr. Evans, of Marysville, left this |
week for Nelson, where he has secured [
a lucrative position with a mining j
Fall Styles
Every day brings a shipment of newest
Fall Styles of Ladies Coats, Suits and
Dressess from the best makers in Canada.
The very best and newest ideas are shown
notwithstanding the fact that materials are
very hyrd to get we are showing some very
pretty patterns.
On Saturday we will offer at extremely low prices to clear, a
small range of silk blouses, a real bargain.
Ncw Conimunder of 11. C. Forces Bill
Be In Cranbrook September
of  Mr    \V
bba  for
today for Vernon.
Born.—At Mrs. Bent's hospital,
this city, on Tuesday, Septmber 7th.
litto, to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Miller, of
Kimberley, a son. >
Mr. Rome, of Nelson, is relieving
Mr, II. W. Supple, manager at the
Imperial bank, who Is away on a
brief visit to the eoast.
H. L. Mcllwalne has returned from
Kernie  and   will   remain  for  a  few
weeks   with the local branch of the I board visited the Central school Mon-
Canadian Bank of Commerce. j day morning. It being their annual
  i tour of inspection.   There were pres-
Just to remind you that we are i:till j ent Chairman  White   und    Trustees
equipped for doing work of all kinds | Manning, Quain and Wilson.   The .lire
in our line.   Phone .'.St. or 101.—Jones
& Doris, builders and contractors.
meeting. ^^^^^^^^^^^
Hev. W. K. Dunham, formerly pastor of the Cranbrook .Methodist
church is laid up ut his home in Chilliwack suffering with a broken leg
and dislocated ankle the result of a
baseball game with the boys at'his
Sunday school picnic. To use hli
own words; I tried a Ty Cobb stunt
sliding "home" und got sentenced to
the hospital for tiie crime.
Members  of the  Cranbrook  school
Brigadier J. S. McLean, who lias
just been appointed to the charge of
the Salvation Army throughout U. C,
Alaska and the Yukon, Is u Canadian
hy birth, being a native of New Glasgow, Nova Seotia. He has been an
olllcer in the Salvat'on Army for
twenty-eight years and has filled v.-ith
credit to himself and tlie Army, ap-
l* l pointmcnti; in all parts of Eastern
Canada and .Newfoundland. For the
past four years the Brigadier lias been
In charge, of, the Army work In the
Nortli   West  Division   which  Includes
A. C. Bowness and N. Hanson went
to Spokane Tuesday to see the won-
dr.lt test was brought Into action,
when the trustees witnessed the 'orderly exit of the children from tlie
building. The four hundred children
marched out in perfect order iu the
dorful sights in a most wonderful city,  remarkably short time of 42 seconds.
They will attend the Spokane fair.
A wireless today from Pueblo, Colo..
ays Frank Satre has left tliat city for
'heyenne. His parting word was to
ie good and remember him to Nellie.
which constitutes a record for British
Vnlranlxing, tires and tubes at tlie
Bunion Garage,
The ladles of the I. O. D. B. desire'.
to thank the (.'ranbrook people   who
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ gave them such generous  donations
Twenty-five  Austrlans  arrived    in '■**• week, also Mr. A. H, Webb, the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Cranbrook the first of the week and telephone operators, Mrs. A. A. Jolin-
 ■ | will  take  the  places  of  some   white son, owners of automobiles borrowed;
The   Cranbrook   orchestra   Intend nien who are leaving to tight for their •*«• Boy Scouts, Mrs. (Dr). Kennedy
holding u dance on Monday eveulng country. and others, who by their courtesy and
next, the 20th Instant, at the Masonic (   lieln aided very materially in making
hall at which four pieces    will take,    Having  purchased    latest  require- lhe work of the order during the fair
part.     Refreshments will bo served nients for chimney sweeping we are ■• R*"eat success.   Ladies who have not
without auy additional charge.     The j prepared to sweep all chimneys    at received tlieir cake plates, etc.. back.
prico of admission will be fifty conta I moderate  prices    according    to  the kindly call at the Bed   Cross rooms,
connection   wai
 . I motion of Aldermen
A   parcel     containing     seventy-five   * *auP
"Hoiisewires" for the Cranbrook boys      The collection of tht
at Vernon was this morning malle 14 brought up, but it  wi
to Major C,  H.  Pollen,  co. the64th advisable to collect at "t
Battalion. Vernon. B. C. I to hard times
The following are a list of the Jon-.    Aid   Leask  brought
allons: jtlon of the concent rati
Mrs.   H.  Argue    | .25 ! said there was talk or
Miss Atkins 25 ■ removed   from   Vernon and fought
Mrs.   Bent     1.00 Cranhrook should moke another bid
Mrs. H. A. Brown  75'for it.     He said there w;*.s..u  well
.Mrs. C. C. Connolly  251 founded rumor going the rmuid*- :ilso
Mrs. Beaton 25 that an additional number would bc
.Mr. Sandy Cameron  25  quartered in the Interior lu-.vij*.    The
council decided to get In touch with
the   proper  authorities  and  learn  nt
f.r~t hand just what the military authorities intended doing.
Council adjourned. „-
ipproved   on
linvht      and
j   J
B i1" tflX was
Uiqught in-
■ tini". owing
p th.. quos-
huii^      He
.■ camp being
Mr Fletcher (Crow'a Nesti...
.Mrs. J, B. Hicks  	
.Mrs. J. A Sinclair 	
Mrs. W, Flowers 	
Mr A. Moran  	
...    .25
Mr. J. B. Kelly  	
..Miss  K.  Bardgett   	
Mrs. W; E. Worden 	
...    .50
Mrs.  R. Knight  	
...    .25
Mrs. A. B. Macdonald 	
...    .25
.Mrs. T. J. Brown 	
... I.M
Miss Emslie. contents for A
l*r word for fir.n week, and-ic. pi
word for each week after
1'tauo   for
Kent,—Apply at-
Bern Id
> ,;o-tf
FOB    SALE.—Two
Apply H'-rald am*
beautiful   ferns.
Brigadier J. H. McLean
.Marjory and Leonard Burton, contents for 3 "Housewife*,"
Miss  McLeod, thread  and  darning
Leonard Burton made and donated
Paterson, thread and    safety
performing the funeral Bor-
Jallies Kill s and (ieorge Brume.
charged with obtaining money under
lube pretences, Recurtng tho sum of
•f"o.oo on two phony rings appeared
li -fore Judge Arnold Tuesday Brain*
y.m acquit'ed, while Kill*! was sent up
to Hand trial at the fan arsL.es.
The Ladies Aid of Knox Proebytor-
Inn church win hold an afternoon ten
from 8.8Q (III i> o'clock, mid musical
programme fn the evening beginning
at s o'clock at tho hone of Mr.'. K.
Paterson, Friday, September 24th.
Silver collection at the ten. Admission fee of twenty-five cents tn the
evening. Refreshments will be served after the programme. It
Crnnbrook people will Irani with
regret of the departure of Mrs. Jack
Burton from this city, a lady pnnnln
ent in the work of the Imperial
Daughters of the Knipfre and the i
Women's Institute. Mrs. Burton has j
been a faithful worker In the Interests of both organizations and she
will be greatly missed from tho circles
of both orders. Mrs. Burton left
Tuesday for Kimberley.
The funeral of tho Into Pearl H.
Hillier. whose sad death was chronicled last week, took place on Saturday
last at Moyle. A large concourse of
friends assembled to pay their Inst
respects to the dead. Thn body was
accompanied east to Oodderleh, Ont,,
where tho funeral took placo Wednesday. Mrs. Hillier, mother of the deceased, Mrs. F. W. Fitch, Hlster and
W. a. Hillier, Kdmonton, Alta., accompanied the remains.
bach.    Dancing will commence sharp [ timet
,it !» o'clock and will continue till 1 ■ n^
o'clock a. tn. As tliis Is tiie annual
ilaiiec given by the orchestra, it Is j
hoped thai everyone will take advantage to show their appreciation and
tutn out In force. The music will in-
liide up-to-date pieces and satisfaction as usual Is guaranteed.
Oh* Holm, of Wardner was a visitor
in the City Tuesday from Wardner,
wliere he is engaged In business in
that town. Mr. Holm Is enthusiastic
over future prospects Iu the Wardner
district. The Crows Nest Pass Lumber Company has orders enough to
keep It running steadily until Christinas and are expecting a large number
of Prairie orders. The planer mill Is
running night and day to keep up
with the rush of work, whicli Is indeed
pleasing music to the ears of the
Wardner residents. The farmers are
nil bubbling over with the real joy of
living, the crops this year being the
[.host In thc history of the country.
Al the large ranch of Peter Lund immense crops nre being harvested,
where the potatoes are expected to
yield eighty tons to the acre. Mr.
Holm says Wnrdner Is the most prosperous town on the Crows Nest Line,
J. Selby, phone 358.   35-3t*  which, are open    Monday,    Tuesday, I Manitoba. Saskatchewan, Alberta and the flat spools to wind thread on.
Dr. King returned   from    Calgary  three to six o'clock.
Monday.   He was accompanied back to
Cranhrook by his little nephew, a son
  iwiJi headquarters at Winnipeg.   The      Expenditure.—Buttons, safety pins.
—— 'Brigadier has been appointed by Com-  darning needles,    bachelor    buttons
trom the offlce of the chief forester  miliHloner sowton to now take charge  drill, tape, needles and postage. $10 16
of Mat King, formerly * resident of 1 *e are •'• receipt   of an    attractive' of u,(. salvation Army work in British
cranhrook. pamphlet entitled   "British Columbia  (.ui.umbia, Alaska and the Yukon.   He
i Timber" which has been prepared for *,aB uir(jady received a great reception
distribution among buyers in over- jn Vancouver 'wliere his headquarters
seas markets. It Is intended to draw \ are situated, and we are looking for-
the attention of importers oversea* j wura* t0 bis first visit to Cranhrook
to the forest products   of tlie   prov-' on September 23rd and 24th.
Ince, and especially  to the facilities ■■-»■	
for exporting British Columbia lum-  CARP AMHWMfCE PARTY
Peter Veregin, king bee ot tlie Douk-
liobors, and father of the tribe which
will settle in Creston, paraded or. the
tation platform Thursday. Mr. Veregin was on his way to the prairies.
Mr. nnd Mrs. William Mathews en
Joyed nn outing this week in the vie*
I'lrst Serial, Evening a Sucre*--,- Man)
Present Who Spend Pleasant
The following ladles assisted in
making the "Housewifes":
Mesdames D. Burton. Shackieton.
McKinnon. McNabb. White, I. it. Manning, Nisbet, Worthlngton. Fink, Worden. Webster Burton. -McKowan, J. F.
Smith, B. Palmer, B. K. Knight and
F. PARKS Si OO. -    .
Will have another Snap In
Next Week.
Watch Their Window
ber.   Constating of nearly forty pages,
 „ .....    ."""I containing nearly thirty lllustra-
nlty of Kitchener. A good catch of j "on"' "le Pamphlet treats of the prln-
tlie speckled hrnutlos were on eihlb-' "'i1*1 "Portable woods, their quali-
Itlou as a result of their visit. "M ani1 ""»• together with Informa-
  tlon concerning their strength values,
Mr. W, A. Dnrter and son, of Jaff-  and suitability for various uses.
ruy. Irnvo for Vernon tomorrow (Frl- ' -	
day).   Tho lad will go to England to ROY WADMAN ENTERTAINS
llve, while his dad wlll take his place!  ' *",»""-,a
In the tiring line in the defence of his
■ ; entertained a group of friends at tho I'runbrook.   The credit of the j'Halr
With advancing yenrs comes con- PBt Germain cafe last evening on the goes to Itev. Father Anthony. Miss
stlpntlon. Hexali Orderlies are a occasion of his 30th birthday anniver- Laura Hichatds won thc ladles' prize,
specially good laxative for ageing sary. Mr. Wadman's guests were :a pair of scissors, while Jack Macdort*
people. Sold only by Tho Beattie- Raymond Waggoner. Je#y DoSpaln. aid won the gent's prize, nn ash tray
Murphy Co., Tho Rejall Store, 10c., I Francis Crowley. Art Davlran. Bob After the card game, dancing wa-. In-
26c. it 50c. boxes^  Rankin, Art I,und, Jack McLeod. Bob dulged In until 12 o'clock, music being Cranbrook Encbangi
Will A. C. Bowness call at the offlce ! 5J">J_   HWma"    ^"^Spoka,,*, furnished by a three pice OKhcstra. C. P. II. telegram
Of the  Royal   hotel  and  receive  the r"'';  .       , „     „ ""ZT^,* ■"",» '   Z\ J"* ""0n "' '""
shield for the ploughing competition,, W"L . " < """"' ?anbro<"< i]»l'mi? ™°Z _ iw_* ™° lh° !"*»' nor.** was read showing the
being the winner of the East Kootenay '< "1°"** ""J"8u ngKt MaK """ m-",|mr,y """-f "*"* ™ ***,cn"V i w"rk "•""-' °>' *!» department. The
shield.   This magnificent pleco of ma-: function  but all  evening next, when cards wlll com- ■ report was received and died.
^.Joln In wlBhlng him a long and pros- mono*; at.8.30 Instead of 8.   Tlie gen-1   Aid. Campbell reported for ths flre
tt.l.NTKIi-Maid for general housework.   Addrc.-.* Box -'...;. tlcanbrook,
B. C. :n.
HA.NTKII.— t housemaid, ail-l.aluuil
sixteen to do lipct housework.   Ap-
ply Mrs.  Hogan;:.	
Bullae for -Sale or Trade ler-..Milch
eow. Good general purpose animal.
sound and quiet. Apply Ii. I..
I.odKe. city. :
I'OII REST.—Three reamed hjiuses,
partly furnished, Including wnter.
Apply W  It. Beatty '
TO KCRT  CHEAP— BaMUevjt.'«ue,
House,    large   aad    dry. ' J",   per
■QPth,   AiPly W. J. Atchl.ou. iltl
FIRST - CLAUS     IlLMOt'IlAx'.   OR
light wagon fur sale cbeaif.   Apply
Joe Belanger, city. -   22-tf
STABLE TO BEST, far four her.es .
electric light, warm, w*:l! vjentjlated
with  large bay loft and    oal I hin.
$5.00    per    month,    anply.    Herald
'    offlce. •   Q t.f.*
BACHELORS-I'mlerelalhing. aual lap
shirts mended, socks and.-stpck!ngs
darned, price- reosbnabl*. pfMrs.
Isabel Butler. Ill (lark ava, opposite Cranbrook Garage..   .-,-   tt.
The annual  meeting of the Cran-
^^^^^^ I brook branch of thc St. John Amhul-
The first of a series of eleven card  ance Association will be held at the
and dftllCC parties to be conducted at   V. M. C. A. on Tuesday evening, Sept.
St. Mary's hall, was held Wednesday  21st. at eight o'clock.    All members
  evening, when a .large number took are requested to be present
  advantage of tho occasion, being the (       j '—
Roy Wadman of Cranbrook. I). c„ ilrst of Its kind to be attempted In   POLICE MUST ENFORCE
110(1 TAX HVI.AH
ASSOCIATION MEETINO t'utsinhri house lo rent.- louraMoms
with bath; fenced; close in;, newly
papered and painted: piano if desired; no children preferred: careful tenant only; Sis per month, including water. Apply HcraJd. offlce. '    30-tf
(Continued fron
Flio dopartmont ...
City officials 	
page' one)
city engineer for
newly papered and painted; -912 00
per month. Including waler. Apply
I.  I' Holllvan, Cranhrook St
COR SALE.- Sideboard, hah stund.
heater, tnirns cold ajid weed; dining room table, cooking tabic, small
tables, easy chair, rockcra, bedsteads, single and deiuble; cliicto-ns,
tools, dressers, washing maojbjne,
wringer.      Apply Mrs. W. Malcolm,
237 Norbury avenue.
Hewing Rone al Home or
itt Hanson Avenue
hogany now adorns the waiting room
of the local hotel.
Bruce Brown has received a letter
from his companion of yore, Mr. James
Milne. The letter states that Bill Rollins, formerly of Cranbrook. paid him
visit at St.  Martin's  Plains.    He
pcroua career In his new abode. eral public are-Invited to these socials I and police committee.   The question
Information  has  reached  us  that "filch Will prove: a popular pastimejof hay for tlie lire dopartmont ccmc
What Cures
Wi* have had so many luqtrfrje^ Ipto-
|y rpRardluK Eczema and other, Akin
Mr. Wadman Is figuring on lifting the I during tho coming cool evcn!nK.s.   A  up.   A UUibrldgo firm quoted $15   a i tt&«.*iiSMriKt~i^^re "^^ItA1^!^'
Vanderbllt cup at tho next meet, this feature In comtt'ettop with the affair ton, while the
_______^____^______m___________tM_m   ^_m^ firm of Ira It. Manning
being a well known specialty, of hh,,!*s tho low co*t,- *heh  ah' evening'*  oil $1*1.40 per ton delivered at the fire
namely, raining cunn.   His little old amusement flan bfr'^d^fSf'^Sc.'. [hull;   The local tender was a
Ford will ramble right along. Among
shook hands with Bill, gave hlm the | •■■*■ Cranbrook frlonds who failed to ['
military high-hall and away.
Mr. A. C. Bowness was called to
his ranch last week to assist with the
ploughing at his farm,   One hundred I leading hotels.   Mr. Arch  McDonald
and seventy-five acres aro broken and | * *oc&* lumber king formerly of alen
appear at the festive board Is one of ,mm^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_—
Vnir most prominent citizens and, The annual meeting of tlie -our
■leading tonsorlal artists, also a con- shine Society will be held on Wednei
plo of celebrated   mixologists    ffom day, Septcmb*
Council Cham ^^^^^^^^^^^
Business, election of officers for th-
___________ accepted.
Aid. f'ahipbell thought the city should
secure a' carload lot, stating the figure was exceptionally low.   Klre Chief
Foster iidvlscd the purchu>,e     of   a 	
carload lot.    The mayor was of the j we "ourselves   unliPsltHttriffly "r*'cf*ini
22nd at 4 p.m. In tlh?[opinion that the best plan would be to (mend I), I). I). I'n^erlpthmrar.c.And
r at the City hall.      purchase sufficient to Inst until thei11;0^ JSJ1,
our answer public. After r«r-»fuf investigation we have found tlmt aiRl;.
pie wash of Oil of Wintc*rgrentiv as
compounded In IV D. I). plwCjlptfon,
can be relied upon. We would "not
make this statement to our fttti-Sns,
friends and neighbors, unless jffttMtere
sure of it--and although Uieco, arc. so
many so-called Eczema remedies, awld,
efforts wlll bc made to get an even
two hundred ready before the tron**
j Beta in. Cranbrook'i mayor Ir proving
I dIbsiU an able ma* at th* haaufei
garry, Ont., and Mr. John Ecclca, coming year, and work for the coming ell. Six tons of liny was ordered and
mining expert of Moyle, B C, ulso year to be decided upon. All tnterst- a like amount or coal wlll be provided
■end thetr regrets. Signed, W.W., T. led in thia work are requested to at-j for the flre hall, which will ensure
8•* •**• •?• ' toni thia netting [comfort to the flrenen.
Drop inlo our store IihUi*., IusL to
end of the term of the present coiin-, talk over the merits of this wonderful
Prescription.   Ask also about ti. D. I).
Soap, ■     i    <«  r'M
Craihmnk, B. V*
Lojril Orange
No.  1IT1
: Meete Ont ui tMrl
Thursdaya •« > ••»
 Iii    Mrai    ai**t
■algMs ol Ireland Mtsil a****
•ft I. Oerrett. W.H.
T. 0. Horsman, Ree. See.
lit**r ill        Meete every
m&SsmWS** Monday Sigh,
1Mg__\t ., rretwelir
•SuT Mourning Odtfellewe
eorole.Hr Invited
W. M. Herrln, R. W. Russell,
Sec. N.Q.
Cranbrook. B.C.
Heat, every Tuesday »t • »."*. In
the Fraternity Hell
R. C. Carr, CC.
F. M. Christian, K. R. * S.
P. O. Bel III
TleltlBf brethren eertttallr »•
vlled to attend.
/ When using n
'    WILSON'S   \
'****■   READ   DIRECTIONS     /
•-•.CjjS)    EXACTLY/''
Banisters, Solicitors and
Honey to Loan
laperlal Dank Building
Meets every escoed ui leurtk
Wednesday »t Fraternity «»il
Sojourning Rsbekens eeriw-
ly Invited.
Sis. C. Bennet, N. 11.
Sis. A. Hlckcntotham, Sec.
(Sueeeseor to W. F. Gurd)
Barrister,    Solicitor   and
P. 0. Box 859
Meete In Maple Bull Heal
ud fourth Teeedeor ol *****
month et 1 vas.
Membership e»ea te MMrt
I. T. Brake, J. T.
President I
Visiting    i
Meeta   ln   the   Maple    Hall
Irat Tueeday afternoon of eveey
month at 3 p.m.
President, Mrs. W. B. McFarlane
Secretary, Mrs. John Shaw
P. 0. BOX IU
All ladles eordlally larittd.
President—A. B. Smith
SecreUry—Alb. H. Weak
For tntormatlon regarding
lands and agriculture apply U
the Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—Tlie Second Saturday at 2.30 o'clock.
Fkyilelans and  Surgeons
Mae at residence.  Armstrong
Fereaoeis   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons  2.00 to   4.00
■vaalnge    7.30 to   S.30
laaajay 2.30 to   4.20
Cranbrook,  B.C.
•flee la Benson Block
• to lt em.
1 to   I p.m.
7 to   I p.m.
■atamiiy and Oeneral Nursing
Garden Ave.
Teresa oa Application
Ul. A. 1ALMON, Matron
I P. O. Box 815
ll open for engagement
Dances, Soclali Etc.
Apply to
Mra. Arnold Wallinger
Cranbrook, B.C.
forwarding    ud    Distributing
Agent lor
Lethbridge  Coal
Il.lte Fowler
Imperial OU Go.
•faying and Tramlerrlag
Uvea prompt atteatloa
Phone II
Is  open   for   engagement
for dances, socials, etc
For terms apply to
Cranbrook, B. Ca
Phone IM P. O. Box 585
Funeral Director uud Emlinlmcr
Undertaking Parlors
Fenwick Avenue
Near Buker St.
Civil anl Mining Engineer,
B. C Land Surveyors
Bar faone III Night Phone 36
•takwry Are., next to City Hall
•dfurtere (or all Mnde ot
laHaheUoi  Giaraateed
Tha Shoe Specialist
UUni fill tor Won-.n.   lft « boi at ferwit*
tula tt nil limit- «orw, or BftllM %**__
nuon reoeipi <,r jtIcw.   Tin aooini. Mn
Want;; for Nan. .ne *.r»ln; lemma"tw
mtmsir? ;. Toulc-wiii bond y.i, a, ia a kee.i.
■few il .1 «ra, atom, or \s,msttssleMM
Mmm   Tbb looSKi.l. I'Uij., Co., SI rMkarlMB,
Bratta-Marik* Oa. UC .
(From the Fernie Free Breee)
Miss May Thorpe, ot Wardner, wae
visiting frlenda in the city this week.
A. Douglas, ot Vancouver, was registered ut the King    Edward   this
Sum Marks, one of Fcrnie's pioneers. Is celebrating his 75th birthday
Keitli Wliimster, ot Edmonton, Is
the guest ot liis parents. Mr. and Mrs.
\V, It. Wliimster.
Died: At Coal Creek, on Sept. 6,
Edna Irene Shinuuons, aged 6 montlis
nnd 2" days. The funeral took place
mi Sept. 8th, Rev. D. M. Perley offlcl-
u ting.
Died: On Sept. C, Elsie E. Andercon,
nged 7 months, daughter of Mr. and
.Mrs. Anderson, of Cokato. The tuner-
|nl took place on Sept. 8, Rev. A. 1..
Foster olllciatlng.
Tho Chinaman who was Injured In
| :i runaway accident obout two weeks
ego died In the Fernie hospital this
morning, as a result of Internal Injuries sustained.
Harry Warman has purchased the
transfer business of Dominic GuiJi
und established an offlce at tho King's
Hotel. Harry Is a well known bustler
and will get the business.
A property on Bull River belonging
to the Lund Interests was sold by
public auction on Tuesday last to a
New York firm, The price was $6600.
M. A. Kastner conducted the sale.
C. Dieastro, Italian recruiting officer for tlie Interior of British Columbia
expects to have 200 men ready to leave
inbout Sept. 30th. These recruits will
i lie mostly from points west of Cran-
, Mr. Fritz Qlockner end Miss Mary
1 Waldo, daughter of Charles Waldc,
! were united tn marriage on Wednes-
j day morning by Rev. D. E. D. Robertson. Tiie happy couple left on tbe
morning train for the coast.
Ii. Giacomassl and A. Silvestro appeared before Magistrate Stalker on
Tuesday and wcre found guilty of
having contravened the provincial
game luw:t and fined $25 and coats
inch or 30 days In Jail. They paid the
line. They were caught by Provincial
'(instable O'Connor near Hosmer wtth
dx grouse.
Miss Ktta Kirkpatrlck left on Tues-
lay morning for Chicago, where Bbe
will be united in marriage wtth Mr.
'. J. Bulier, of Jacksonville, 111., formerly manager of the Tritce-Wood
Co. store at Coal Creek. On Saturday
evening a large number of Miss Kirk-
lutrick's friends gave her a surprise
party and presented her with a beautiful case of sterling silver. Mrs. H.
Drown also gave a shower In her
nonor on Friday evening.
On Monday last John Wisnowskl
mil J. Oarcyk went on a goat hunting
xpeditlon to Trinity Mountains. On
llie return trip they reached a shoulder of Mount Femle, down whicli
they had to come to get Into Fairy
Creek valley. The mountain le very
steep at tills point and Wisnowskl
missed his footing and was hurtled
flown the steep and rough Incline until stopped by a rope placed there for
tlie assistance of mountain climbers
and hunters. Hie companion, on
reaching hlm found that life was extinct, he having broken his neck.
Uurcyk, who narrowly missed being
struck by Wisnowskl In his rapid de
scent, at onco started for the city to
procure help to bring the body down.
The body was brought to the city
larly on Tuesday morning.
the services ot Provincial Constable
Forrester were required to prevent
trouble. Tlie party was subsequently
shipped out of town.
Mra. It. S. Bevan and daughter,
Evelyn, made an unexpected trip to
Cranbrook on Friday, wliere Evelyn
was operated upon the same even inn
for appendicitis, in St. Eugene hospital. The operation was very successful, Mrs. Bevan returning on
Tuesday. The little patient is expected home in ;i tew days.
(By Fr«4 Rm.:
Phont 105 P. O. Box 33
Or| an fit Methodist Church
Rm«1tm Puplli for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Art
Mrs D. Mitchell, Fernie, Is visiting
with Mrs. Ray Hirtz, Riverside Drive.
A. B. Trites   and   party   motored
through   the   Roosville   Valley   last
Mr. Langford, of Victoria, passed
Elko this week like the shot of a
machine gun.
Wlnsor and Roberts, millmen, are
starting up their mill Monday, having
-told their entire cut.
Mr. and MrB. Klingensmith with Mr.
and Mrs. Agnew and son, motored to
Gateway Sunday, visiting thc Mur-
i>hys, Frank and Al
Mrs. E. B. Holbrook, Elko's pioneer
merchant, ft visiting Lethbridge and
Alberta p-|nts this week, while Mfss
Inz Holbrook Is visiting the Cranhrook fair.
Jack Wallace, editor of tlio Fcrnie
Free Pres.,, says Jim Thistlebcak, was
In Elko this week nosing around like
i country vicar with a cold in his
head, and looking like last week's
Chief Inspector Qraham, Canadian
customs department, Calgary, is
lown at Roosville and Gateway this
-veek. Jim Thistlebeak saye he hopes
he's down for the fall house-cleaning
ind that he'll make a good job while
he's down there. It might help the
empire If he'd transfer some of the
jfiicials to the tiring line somewhere
in France.
Miss Dinnan, of Grand Forks, B. C,
'fl visiting for the rest of the summer
•vlth Mrs. John Todhunter, Cumberland House, and Is enthusiastic with
.he beauties surrounding the old historic burg. She was accompanied by
her Bister from Fernie, who came
lown to spend thc week-end.
Roosville Valley enjoys a week of
mirth and music. Miss Beatrice Hol-
ingshead is thc guest of honor at
teveral parties. Mrs. Fred Roo, gave
i dance party which was well attended. Mrs. O. H. Scott, late of Nelson,
<ave a musical afternoon' tea. and the
young folks ot the valley got up a
surprise party and visited the Sunkist
Orchards and were royally entertained by Mr. John Livingstone, manager
for Mr. J. A. Broley, and a real Jolly j
lime was had. HJHr
8 (Irish) Btu., King's Liverpool Rgt.,
Weston Camp,
PrcBton, Lanes,
Ul Aug., 1915.
I must thank you for the paragraph
relating to myself In your issue of
Aug. 5th and also for your kindness
in forwarding "The Herald" so regularly. It Is ulwuys interesting and
as often entertaining and amusing.
I um precluded from ulludtng to the
war except in general terms, but endorse a cutting from the "Wiltshire
Gazette" of Aug. 26.il, which speuks
for itself.
It cannot be out of place to say
that in the ranks here are several
Canadians from New Brunswick who
know Senator King.
Further, I may say that the ilrst
line of this battalion relieved the Canadians iu the trenches aud those of
the wounded who are resting here
speak most highly nf the good comradeship existing between the British
Irish and Oversells forces. All speak
highly of the bravery and endurance
of the Canadians.
One wounded man here was nursed
back to convalescence In No. 1 Canadian General Hospital and tells me
that all the arrangements were perfect.
1 have not been ahle to meet my
old colleague, S. L. Coop, and do not
know his exact address and it seems
we must communicate through the
columns of your paper. I met a
Lance-Corporal of Princess Patricias
a few days ago. He came from Edmonton and knew botli Mr. Pinkham
and Mr. H. W. Supple. He has been
recommended for a commission in
the 6th King's.
The "Hesperian" I came over In
also brought the ballot papers for the
Canadians ln the trenches. "Vare ts
dose babers now?"
All Cranbrook friends will, I feel
sure, accept this letter as an expression of my goodwill towards them and
perhaps I may "couple with the toast"
the names of Mr. N. A. Wallinger and
Mr. A. C. Harshaw and yourself as
three able representatives of my former hunting grounds.
Yours sincerely,
Edgar Salisbury.
Sergt. No. 4301
—Although little is published concerning the air raids, letters from
people who have friends In the raided
areas contain a considerable amount
of information. A number of Devizes
residents have received such communications. In one case the wife of
an Army Service Corps man, who
came to Devizes while her husband
was here, had the experience of seeing the Zeppelin at its bomb-dropping
work as she was on her way from
London coastwards. The airship, she
says, pursued the train. The engine
driver put on tremendous speed, and
she thought the train would run off
the rails.
Only One of Thirteen Hundred Subscribers Satisfied With the
If you want  satisfaction
with your washing
■end lt to
Special prices for family
taaaral Merchant
■■.tloyueiU Agenti
r. e\ Boi IM Phont 144
Belt Frame, Prop.
Freeh Bread, Cakes. Plei
asd Paitry
Phone IT
Merawy Art.      Opp. City Hall
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Hat Juit purchased a car of
(AU Tuberculin Tested)
Milk aad cream twice dally
Batter milk twice a week
Tha only clarified milk In
Wa faaraaUe to Please
(From the Crestea -Bjrlew.)
Ducks are plentiful on the lake. Oet
your gun and come to Sirdar.
Birth: At Alice Siding, on Sept 9,
to Mr. and Mrs. John Miller, a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Ryekman left on
Friday for Creston, where we understand, they wlll reside.
Mrs. Elwood and eon of Cranbrook
, are staying at Duck Creek, the guests
of Miss Florence But hie.
Mrs. W. LevesQue returned oo Monday from Cranbrook, accompanied by
Mrs. Bell, who wlll be her guest for
a few days.
| Miss Cole, of Hosmer, B. C, a for*
1 mer resident of Creston, spent several
\ days here the past week, the guest of
■■ Mist) Annie Hamilton, returning on
C. O. Bennett, who spent the week-
I end at Cranbrook, made the return
trip In his Ford, and Is now listed
! among Creston's auto owners. He Is
; putting up a garage for It on the hank
residence property.
Freight traffic through Creston Is
the heaviest ft has been for many
montlis. The passenger business cast
also shows considerable Improvement,
i the movement of Doukhobors being
particularly noticeable.
A flre on the wooded part of the
1 Pease ranch, set by sparks from a
passing freight engine, brightened
things up a bit on Sunday night
C. P. It. lire warden Downey of Cranhrook was down on Monday Investl-
; gating.
Sirdar Is entertaining Mons. Paul
[Bunion and Percy Watson of Creston
| during haymaking operations on the
'■ Lewis and Meade ranches. About 60
tons have boen put up on the former
place. W. Dow was another resident
nf the metropolis to sojourn here this
I week.
The section crew out of here bave
been reduced a man each. So deter
i mined was one of the Italians to stay
Iou the Job a day or two laager that
For nearly a year the Herald has
been earnestly striving to print something In its columns which would at
least please one subscriber. Reward has come from far-away bally
Kngland, and from no less a personage than Mr. Edgar Sainsbury, formerly a resident of Cranbrook. Running a paper In a small community Is
a thankless job. Some delinquent
subscriber Is always kicking over the
traces. When a meeting Is roported
and every effort Is used to do justice
to everyone concerned, the paper ls
accused of misrepresenting the facts,
and the four years ln arreas subscriber threatens to cancel his sub'
scrlptlon, and the editor Is praying to
goodness that he will. When some
fiend Is arrested for violation of all
rules of society or some one occupying a position of trust tramples the
law under his feet, the paper is supposed to "shut up" and mind Its own
business. * Last week we were told
to keep our nose to the grind stone
and digest everything a curtain element wished to thrust down our
throat. The man who tries this
game, so far sb the present editor of
the Herald Is concerned, Is Indeed
playing with flre. In less than two
months our lease wlll be up and un
til that time arrives no one will die
tate what we wlll print nr what we
will not print That Is our business, Mr. Dictator, and we don't give
a continental whether you like It or
Mr. Sainsbury's letter Is as follows:
Interesting Letter  Received  by  Mrs,
Hope—Not Had Boots (MY
fer Flre Bars
Mrs. P. D. Hope, of Marysville, has
received a letter from her husband.
Mr. Hope is with the 14th battalion,
Royal Montreal Rifles of Canada,
Brltlsr Expeditionary Force. His let-
Somewhere in France,
August 22nd. 1915
We are present in tlie trenches and
as usual, lately, up to our necks In
mud, as yesterday It rained hard all
day and the trenches we are occupying at present time are pretty old.
There has been some severe lighting
in the past just around here, and the
trenches have beeu knocked down by
shells and rebuilt, consequently bodies that had been buried huve been
disturbed, and the dug-outs are not
very sweet in places, also InfeBted
with rats, which, however, give us
some amusement killing them. Flics
und wasps are pretty bad also.
However, shall be going Into billets
again tomorow for a few days rest.
Wish as all of us do, that they
would let the first contingent home
now, and the Snd take our place. We
have done 12 mouths it ml put in a
hard winter campaign. If the 2nd
could take our place and give ns a
few montlis' rest. Then, If necessary,
wu could come over In the rprlug.
Here we have been for months sleeping out and hardly ever have our
hoots off. We nil hate tlie thoughts or
another winter aud hope they will
put thc few of the 1st thut Is left ou
garrison duty for a while.
Write to me often and lot mo know
if my letters are reaching you. Mosl
of the fellows get their mail O. K. In
two weeks.
Another fellow and I volunteered
aud went out last night and cut barbed wire in front of the Gorman
trenches, We stuck up a notice and
asked them over to see us If they felt
like it. They are, by now, just as
scared of the Canadians as the In
lii.uis, as we do all sorts of tricks on
on them this way. And they generally seem to know when the Canadians are In the front of them. We
practically feel sure that they will
never make an attack while we are
iu the front Hue. It has always happened this way since we handled them
on April 22nd, when they broke thro'
1 the French lines.
The lines we hold now have been
lost by the French, twice retaken by
the English and lost again by the
English and again retaken, so you see
some hard fighting has been done
here. We are hoping the Germans j
may try It while we are here, but;
doubt It. We expect to remain In
these purts for come time to come,
but have a lot of marching to do
every four or live days.
We go to billets tomorrow and
march out five miles. We have not
had our hoots off for five days and
nights. This makes it pretty hard
with equipment, etc., on thc back
(r!fle ammunition) and very little
slepp while In the trenches.
As I am going on guard I will close
and get this off tonight. The mall Is
taken out tonight. Is every night,
which is some consolation, so write
me often.
I met young Wr.tson. of Creston, at
the base. Oleo Klmpton, who
used to be In Moyli I see quite often.
He is with the 4SUi and McUann, of
I.ytton Is with the 16th.
No. 23393 P. D. Hope.
Alwiiyn Hcaily—
lhc mosl convenient unci the iluinti-
cut lorm ol aiiini
ever proilnced.
oi i! ioiu:si
Goodbye io
Though ho
And Mint
Hi.*  fool   with  the  empty
Ills lild for t';iin-',
kills   his friend,
nowadays, l* Uuno
The fool who    playfully    rocks tho
Is on tin* front page no moro,
He   may   rank high with the fools
Hut his glory Is gone ashore.
There's the fool wilh women, tho fool
with wine,
And    the  fool   who   games    with
strangers, .
And the joy-ride fool the does well In
his Um*
By combining   these ancient   dangers.)
But they're all still down In tho primer class,
Mere novices taking a flyer,
Compared with the prize-taking criminal ass,
The fool iu the woods with lire.
! A few hearts    break for    the deeds
they've done
!     In their pitiful amateur way.
But flre slays dozens wliere they slay
And scourges n titate tn a day.
For the ruined home and the smokeless stack
And the worker unemployed
Know a hundred   years   shall never
bring hack
The tilings that his match destroyed.
—E. T. Allen, Western Forestry and
Conservation Association 1.
.   SI.   SMITH
11 E N 0 V A T 0 R
and . (.entlemen's   lints
Cleaned und Blocked
Ol.ll   STYLES    KKMII1IK1.I.K11
I'lione 204
To Mary McQuiston, Registered  and
Assessed Owner ot tot 21, Block
87, Cranbrook City, Map 669
TAKE NOTICE that an application
has been   made to   register   Aulder
Clarke Bowness as the owner In fee
simple of the-above lands under Tax
Sale Deed from the Collector of the
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
and you are required to contest the
LIQl'OK ACT, 1910
Section 49
on the fourth dny of October next,
application wlll bc made to the Superintendent of Provinclnl Police for
a transfer of tlie license for the sale
of liquor by retail in and Upon the
premises known as the Canal Flats
Hotel, situate at Canal Plats, British Columbia, from E. H. Small to
William J. McFarlane, of British Columbia.
E. H. Small,
Holder of license,
William   J.   McFarlane,
Applicant for transfer.
Dated  this  31st    day ot    August,
1916. 26-4t*
Waldo School
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
Teuder for Waldo School." wlll
be received by the Honourable the
Minister   of   Public   Works    up   to
12 o'clock noon of Tuesday, the 21st   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
day   of   September,   1916,   for   the j !
erection and completion  of a  two-1 •,..»,.,    .*,.,.*.
room and outbuildings at Waldo, 1" i IMPERIAL BANK Of CANADA
the Fernie Electoral DlBtrlct, U. C.    i •*"■ ml**. U«l"tt Ul V.A11A VA
PlanB, specifications, contract, and] .     ni'i-icr  tiipiivtii
forms   of tender may be seen   on "lA"°" I(,E* TT.0"^"    „
and  after  the  1st day of  Uoptem-1 Capital Authorised   —•10,000'WOJO
ber,  1916,  at  the  offlce of  .Mr.   J.;Capital l'ald Up    -,A)ttMtM
Mahoney,   Government   Agent, Van-In,,^,   all(l   ijiidi'iiled
Miss   Mabel   A.   Hubert*.
Corti*.   li.A.ll.   (London.   Eng.)
Will be prepared to take
pupils in Voice Culture and
From 7th September
Address: The Rector j-
IN THE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION for tlio issue of a duplicate
Certificate of Title to Lots 1, 2,
3, 4. 6. 6 and 7, Block 96, Cranbrook City, Map 669.
Is my Intention to issue at tlie expiration of one montll after the first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of Title to the above mentioned
lots in the name of Tlio Lund Land
and Development Company  Limited,
which Certificate Is dated the 24th day
of October 1912 and numbered 1169-1.
District Registrar.
Nelson, B. C,
6th August, 1916. 32-4t
couver; Mr. O. 8. Stalker, tiovcrn-
mont Agent, Fernie; Mr. W. Madden, Secretary to the School Hoard,
Waldo, B. C; and the Department of
Public WorkB, Victoria, 3.0.
Intending tenderers can obtain
one copy of plans and speclflci'tlonB
by applying to the undersigned
with a deposit of ten dollars tH<),
which will be refunded on their return In good order.
Each proposal must be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque or
certificate of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to
the Honourable the Minister of Public Works, for a sum equal to 20 per
cent, of tender, which shall be forfeited If the party tendering decline to
enter Into contract when called upon
to do so, or If he fall to complete the
work contracted for. The cheques or
certificates ot deposit of unsuccessful
tenderers will be returned to them
upon the execution of the contract.
Tenders wlll not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied,
slyned with the actual signature -,f the
tenderer, and enclosed in tlie. envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tenderer not necessarily accepted.
Deputy Minister and  Public  Works
Public Work" Department,
Victoria, B.C.. August S6th, 1916.
Accounts ot Corporations, Municipalities .Merchants, Farmers and
Private individuals invited.
Drafts und Letters of Credit Issued
available in any part of the world.
attention given to Savings Bank Ae
counts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received aud interest allowed
from date of deposit.
A branch Is also established at
Athalmer, B.C., under the management of Irving C. Wedd.
Crnnbrook Brancll
11. W. SUPPLE, Manager
B. C.
TAKE NOTICE that Angus McLeod, ot Fort Steele, B. C, Free
Miner's Certilieate   No. 79907B,   In-
^^^ ._  , tends, sixty days from the date here-
clalm of the Tax Purchaser within i of, to apply to the Mining Recorder
forty-five (45) days from the first pub-! for a Certificate of Improvements, for
llcatlon hereof. ' the  purpose of obtaining a  Crown
Dated at the Land Registry Offlce! Orant of the above claim.
at Nelson, B.C.,   this   23rd   day   of     And further  take notice tliat ac-
August, 1MB. tlon, under section 37, must be com-
Samuel R. Roe,        menced before the Issue of such Cer-
Dlstrict Registrar, tlflcato of Improvements.
Data of Hrst publication August M,     Dated this llth day of July, A.D.,
1MI. It-it Mil. MM
(British Columbia)
Wardner, 11. C.
Under and by virtue of tiie powers
contained in a certain mortgage,
which wlll be produced at the time of
sale there will be offered for sale by
public auction on Tuesday, the 14th
day ot September, 1916, at the hour of
2 o'clock In the afternoon at tlio
offices of Charles R. Ward, Auctioneer,
ot Cranbrook, B.C., the following
property, namely, District of East
Kootenay and Province of British Columbia, more particularly known and
described aa sub-division (three) of
Lot 326 (three hundred and twenty-
five) Oroup 1 (One) Kootenay District.
For further particulars and conditions of sale apply to Thomas T.
Mecredy, Solicitor, Hanson Block,
Baker street. Cranbrook, B. C.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. 0„ this 2nd
day of September, 1116.,
T. T. Mecredy,
Solicitor (or the Mortgagee,
3|->t Dl J. McOlakla.
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
thau any other
Hotel ln Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let ui
■how you why
this is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
Set Steamship •■ tht Rett


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