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Cranbrook Herald May 25, 1916

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THURSDAY, MAY 25th, 1111(1
Twenty-Four Recruits Added lo » Company This Week Which
Now Totals I HI Men.
II. Company of the 2!iath Battalion
Ih now well on the second hundred*
a, total of HC men now being on the
roll. Lieut. Richardson arrived from
tho Windermere dtBtrlot on Tueaday
night with nine recruits and will take
charge of the I) Company, Mont.
Brechin, the present olllcer in charge
hore. expecting to bo appointed to
recruiting duties. At a recruiting
meeting held nl Wasa on Saturday by
Meat. Hrechin and Sergt. Bryant two
recruits wore secured. The present
list Ih the largest secured lu any one
week previous, aud a gratifying feature la tho large number of native
born Canadians represented,
Iu the baseball match on Victoria
Day tho soldiers defeated tlie Royal
Hotel team by a score of 9 to 7. The
batteries were: Soldiers—Crowe and
Baker, Royal Hotol*—Sullivan and
Following are the new recruits:
Ouy Russel, married, Knglish, porter,
Fred Olson, single, Danish, lumberman.
Jos. Hoscup Rothwell, single Canadian
W. J. Finlay, single, Canadian teamster.
Frank Wright, single, Canadian, lumberman.
Walter Soden, married, Knglish, laborer.
N. II. Barnhardt, single, Canadian,
.lohn Noscworthy, single, Canadian,
Angeio Uu/.er, single Italian, laborer,
John Donavtna. single. Kalian, laborer.
Arthur Kemball, single, Knglish,
John  Simpson, single  Knglish, clerk.
Hugh  llcaly, single, American, cook.
John Crosiikcy, single Knglish, teamster.
Edgar W. Davles, single, English.
('live Cameron single, Canadian chauffeur.
Aley. Cameron, single, Canadian,
John Watklns, single, Canadian farmer
Ernest R. Cobb, married, English,
Jas. Conrad single, Canadian, miner.
Harold L. Beaumont, single, English,
Harold Hale, single, Canadian, rancher
Edward Qalbraith, single, Canadian,
Stanley Wolfenden, single, English,
Germany Kmployiiiir This ns One Menus to Force Her Km! In
European Wnr.
Hardly a day passes but somo new lions of them—are but weapons, near-
Information aa to the condition of ab- ly as deadly as the poisonous gas,
jeet misery of the Belgian people Is which the Germans are using to force
brought to tho   ears   of   Canadians,   tlieir issue.
Every tale has as its subject thc ex- Ttlis hunger of the Belgians must
tortiona and atrocities of the Invad- he fought by the allies who are at
lng German army, which has ultl-, ||Qme, T.ie German weapon of hunger
mately reduced the entire Belgian na-'m„at ^ met oy t*le Canadian weapon,
tlon to r«npertam — a poverty not foo<* Tllis food lllll8t be sellt to S(lV0
brought on by themselves, but forced. tllese millions from the death blow the
on them by their conquerors as one j Germans seek to deal them.
of the weapons to force tl.e war to an j ]t ,g to cope w|th ^ Bftuat|on ^
end favorable to Germany. i the BpIg)an Re„ef committee, 59 St
One of tho later despatches says:
"Fifty Innocent Catholics were put to
death, hundreds of others, whose lives
have been saved by circumstance In
dependent of the will of their persecutors, were in danger of death, many
of them underwent months of detention and, when they were released,
the most minute questions they were
submitted to revealed no guilt in any
of them.
"These crimes cry to heaven for
More than that they cry to humanity
 they cry out to the people, who j^TlTI "oock U
proudly call themselves the allies ol
these historic ami martyred Belgians
The above Incidents mid the terrlbl'
Peter street, Montreal, was organized.
This committee is appealing for food
and funds for these heroic Belgian
women and children and it Is the only
source through which this relief can
be sent with absolute assurance that
the enemy will not profit by it.
Contributions may be mnde either
to The Herald or to Mrs. King, and all
donations will be acknowledged thru
the Herald. Any amount will be
thankfully received and promptly forwarded to headquarters, The foliow-
ng donations are gratefully acknow-
Mlss Mary
Burton fl, Mrs. W. J. Manley BOo, Mr.
and Mrs. M, McCrlndle $3.50, G. W. F.
Fittingly Celebrated In Cranbrook
Overseas Club Entertain* tbe
School Children
Victoria Day was duly celebrated
In Cranbrook, the Overseas Club entertaining the children ut tlie Rex
theatre to a picture show Interspersed
witli patriotic BpeeoheSi and holding
a big dunce iu the evening at the
Auditorium which was well attended.
The officers and men of the 285th were
the guests of honor in tiie evening.
The Kootenay Orcliastra provided
good dance music.
In the afternoon, tiie children of the
Central and South Ward schools
marched iu procession from the Central school to the Rex theatre, where
they were entertained as the guests of
the Cranbrook branch of the Overseas
Club, it being customary for the Club
to take this means annually of honoring Kmpire Day, and of bringing home
to the children the meaning and Ideals
of the same,
From the school, headed by the
officers and men of B Company, 225th
Battalion, assisted by Mr. J. Fingal
Smith with his bagpipes, the procession proceeded up Cranbrook street,
across Hyde St., In Garden avenue,
thence down Baker St. as far as thc
Y.M.C.A., there turning back, and
round by the post office up Norbury
Arrived at the Rex, the soldiers
halted and opened out. forming two
ranks through which the children
marched. The streets were crowded,
as practically the whole town had a
direct Interest In the procession. Here
and there one could see posters advertising a film dealing with the life of
Edith Cavell, the martyr nurse, and
one could not help thinking of the contrast between our rosy, smiling children and the poor little underfed and
lltreated Belgian children. Thank God
we live in Canada.
At  SiieccNiul    Recruiting    Meeting
Held  by  B Company uf „:,th.
hunger Imposed on   Innocent  women  (,(irt,'r *10* D* A. Kny $2.50, T. H. Kay
Wm. Hewson, who was recently
wounded In France, In a letter to his
brother here speaks in very warm
terms of the splendid work of the
nurses ln the English military hospitals and of the hard work they are doing. He says they are also treated
most kindly by the many ladles who
visit the hospitals dally bringing gifts
of flowers, fruit, and smokes, while
the convalescent soldiers are taken for
long motor drives and welcomed into
tho homes of the best people there. The
ladies there believe that nothing is too
good for the boys who go out to fight
the battles of the Kmpire. and show
tholr appreciation by every means in
their power. Private Hewson left
Canada with the 4Sth but transferred
(o the 29th Battalion, and was wounded in the left hand. He has lost the
use of the hand at present and does
not know whether he wlll recover it
or not. He hnd an exciting time getting to the dressing station, and was
in the field hospital when it was shelled hy the Germans, the patients having to be conveyed to dug-outs for
and children in Belgium-
en mil- $8.60   Total $2!).
I. 0. |». I.   VtTKS
KuHknnook Chapter I.O.D.E. beg to
acknowledge the following subscriptions to the flannelette fund April 27th
to May 17th.:
MrH. Wilson $2, Mrs Kink $1.50; per
Miss Alexander- Miss Cherrington 25c
Miss cherrington U)c, Miss Woodland
IOC Mrs. Woodland 10c, Mr. R Woodland 25c, Miss Alexander 20c; per Mrs.
Brake Mr. Rollers 25c. Mrs. Morris
10c, u friend 25c, Mr. Gardiner $2. Miss
Klmpton 10c, Mrs Dupont Die, Mrs.
McClure 25c, Mrs. 1. CoutOS 25c. Judge
Ryan 25c, Mlsa Symes 15c. Mrs. Christie $2; per Mrs. Bridges Mrs. A.
Slater 25c, Mrs. A. Bowley 86a, Mrs.
I. Woodman 25c, Mr. T. Taylor 25e,
Mra. A. D. Bridges 25c, Wm. Steward
10c, Mrs. A. S. Jones 25c; per Mrs. H.
White- MrH. Beattie BOo, Mrs. Raiment
50c, Mrs Clayton 10c, Mrs, Ingham 25c.
Mra. (lard 25c, Mrs. F. Parks 25c, Mrs.
Salnesbury 15c Mrs. Speers 15c. Mrs.
Robson 20c, Mrs. las Halen Hlc, Mrs.
Atkinson 15c, Mrs Ratcllffe 10c, Mrs.
Malone 25c, Mrs, Muir 25c, Douglas
Itussel 10c, Kdward White 10c. Miss
McCallum 25c, Miss White 25c. Mrs
Joo.  Palmer  10c, Mrs.  Jackson   25c
(By "Bull's Eye")
All things being equal the consumer
naturally trades where the best service is obtainable. Most people would
prefer to buy and eat dairy butter if
they could be sure that the price and
quality would retain some semblance
of uniformity, and that they could
rely on getting it without fall. But
most people ring up the grocer or
butcher for some Inferior foreign butter because they know that tbey can
rely on getting a neatly and conveniently put up product without fall.
The cows won't have gone dry In
the nienntlme, or the cream got too
The most successful recruiting
meeting of the campaign was held In
the Auditorium last Frlrdoy evening
and ten new recruits walked up
to the front and were sworn In, A
happy choice of chairman waa made
iu Judge Thompson, After the meeting was opened by Uie singing of the
Maple Leaf in chorus Judge Thompson
explained thut the purpose of the
gathering was not only to recruit for
the 225th, hut to re-orgnni/.e the 107th
Regiment, which bud been almost completely depleted of men hy enlistment
for overseas service, to hear Private
Bryant, a returned veteran, tell of his
experiences, and to have a good time
generally. A splendid musical program was given during the course of
the evening, and refreshments served
from time to time.
In introducing Sergt. Bryant, it was
stated that he had beeu granted Ills
strii>es no later than the day previous.
Sergt. Bryant has a pleasing style and
makes a very successful recruiting
speaker. After telling briefly of his
experiences lie made a strong appeal
to the men to join thc 225th, to put
B Co. up to strength. The 225th Is the
Ilrst chance the Kootenay men have
had to make a name for Kootenay.
The boys from Cranbrook and Fernie
in otlier contingents have mado a
name for themselves and Canada, now
R ls up to the men toft to enlist and
put Kootenay on the map.
Lieut. Brechin Is another successful
recruiting speaker and warmly seconded Sergt. Bryant's invitation to
recruits, His allusion to tin* Black
Watch Tartan, to Nelson's historical
call to duty, and to the British bulldog spirit called, forth vociferous
cheers. "Onco we get a fair show we
can put the Germans on the run every
time" says Lieut. Brechin, and concluded with nn invitation to all the
eligible men present to "join In tlie
march on Berlin, for that's where we
are going,"
Lieut. Staples explained the need for
re-organlzing the' 107th, which had
already served such a useful purpose
In providing men for overseas service
who had some knowledge of the rudiments of military training. Every man
would be accepted, and drill would be
held regularly. Lieut. Staples thought
It should be an easy matter to get the
local company up to strength again.
The call for recruits brought the
boys up to the front by twos and
singly. When the century mark was
readied the enthusiasm knew no
hounds and a good start was made on
tho second hundred, a total of ten
recruits being secured, who are; Guy
Russel, Fred Olson. W. .1. Finlay.
Frank Wright, Walter Soden, N. B.
Barnhardt, John Mom?worthy, Angeio
Lazzar, John Donavtna, Arthur Kemball.
Over thirty signatures were also
obtained to the call for recruits for
tlie 107th, and an active canvas will
be made later to fill up the ranks.
Tlie following is the musical -program of tlie evening: The .Maple Leaf,
led by Q.M. Sergt Williamson; cornet
solo, Noel Wfellinger; song, Q.M', Sergt
Williamson; chorus, Rule Britannia;
song. Sergt. Brown; song, George
Have  you   ever   noticed   that  the   	
punch behind modern advertising Is | sour, or some other unforBeen thing
Interfered with its prompt delivery.
It's the service that counts.
directed mainly not to the goods nd
vertlsed, but to a general idea—ser
The big husiness man knows that
he cannot afford to advertise and have
bis name associated with a poor pro-
People do not buy truck from a
Chink because they want to run the
white man out of the country. They
buy from him because they can depend
('net. He does not try to do bo. His j on him. Whatever else happens the
aim Is to convey to the public that Chink will not neglect to call on his
iic not only hns "the goods" but i customers at the usual time on the
also that behind and above the mere | usual day.   If you do not buy he de-
sc'lfng he Ims a larger and broader
idea He sells not only goods but
also service.
parts with just as sweet a smile as If
you hnd spent n "ten-spot." On the
other hand, the average white rancher
The farmer or rancher who is not'calls round when the spirit moves him
getting ahead Ih the man  who falls j —which  in generally at very infre-
to observe the trend of public opln*  quent Intervals—he adopts a take-lt-
iim. who falls to take note of what [ or-leave-it   attitude   and   seems    to
Mrs. Burkln Sue, Mr. Ashmore $2.50, the big fellows are doing and finding j think that his judgment as to what
Mra. Bell 25c, Mrs. Askey 25c;   per   it profitable to do, who falls to have; you want is superior to your own, and
Mrs. McKinnon   Miss Dewar 25c, Mr. .    ,  . .... ]*.*._ ...        ... ,
Austin 25c; per Mrs. Smith—Mr. Cur- atty "tnndord to conscientiously act j that being white you are more or less
ter $2.00, Mrs. S, McDonald 25c, Kim- up to. j under an obligation to purchase some-
berley ladles $20,  Mrs.   Lawrle  50c, \    To talk to some farmers of the In-i thing from hlm.   That Is the variety
M«* DiB£!Jlor,anodp 2fiu 1,enMJB;,.!0n! cr"»scd profits to be obtained by sell- lof Bervlce which does not count.
—Dr. McKinnon 25c, Mrs. R. Johnaon  ,        ,,.,.., ,
BOc, Mrs. King 50c, Jack Haalam 10c, in* directly to the consumer Is Don't blame the Chink, friend
Mr. Murphy 10c, W. Noble 10c; per worse than holding a red rag to a'Rancher! Pull the beam out of your
Mrs. Paterson $l--MrB. Miles 25c, Mrs. bull. They have tried and found ft!own eye before you attempt to pull
ftlKtt^ Peop,e don,t want t0 ta*off]t1.e "tote put of your poor heathen
2Bc, Dr. Miles 26c', F. McPhorson 50c, Itlle Wn,te man;   they prefer to buy brother's eye.   By the time you have
Mrs. F. W. Green $10; OR, I. (Bpeclal from Chinks who are taking the white done this you wlll find that It Is an ex-
man's country away from him .etc., tremely small mote that ever gets Into
etc. ! John Chinaman's eye.   You will then
These are the men who have failed be In a position to realize that you
to take account of the central note ln have something to learn ln the art of
modern advertising and to use it to selling, and may ln time come to rea-
thelr own profit. Why do so many llzc what the poor Chink Instinctively
people buy their garden truck from knew, what It cost big businesses sev-
the despised Chink? It Is mainly be- j eral thousands of dollars to learn, and
cause the poor heathen had realized, i what yon yourself do not know—that
long before his more scientific white the chief thing in selling nny goods Is
brethren had doped It out, that the not so much the quality or otherwise
key tu successful business lay more of tbe goods, ns the reliability of the
essentially lu the service. ; service. |
donation) $2.50.   Total $59.f!0.
All who bave sbmed ihe roll or who
are willing to ii',fil arc reifueslcd tn
meet at the Citv Hall al N n.m. Monday,
Way nut for tlrst drill. ,1 cordial In
vltjthm Ih extended to all male rill,
sens to be on hand.
Meat. C. 0. SlapRs
In Temporary Command
The Treasurer of the Cranbrook
Ilranch of tho Canadian Patriotic Fund
reports collections for the month of
April of $1200.71. This amount shows
a slight felling off over tho previous
months and it is hoped that all the
subscribers will make their payments
promptly. Since the 225th has been
recruiting in the district there are an
additional nine families on tlie IK of
those who receive allowances, and the
amount disbursed each month locally
is growing very quickly,
The tot;-.! number of dependants requiring assistance last month was
about 45.
The Committee have much pleasure
In acknowledging receipt of $200.00,
being a grant mad'.* by the Cranbrook
Antotnobll" Association fnr the purpose of .the Fund and wish to express
tlieir thanks to tho members of the
Government Provides a &>fHI,MHI Fund
us Part of General Scheme in
Stimulate Mining Industry.
I Special to the Herald)
Victoria, B. ('., May 16.—Announcement was made today of the decision
of the Government to bring down n
special estimate before the close of
tlie bouse of $200,000. whieh Is to be
used this year to give assistance to
prospectors, Administration of the
fund will he in charge of Hon. Lorne
Campbell. Tills assistance Is part of
the general scheme of the government
for aiding mining men of the province,
particularly the small miners and
prospectors. The importance of the
project has already heen discussed Jn
the house by L. W. Shatford, member
for Similkameen who took up the question at considerable length, urging
tliat assistance along this line be provided.
Where It is found that a prospector
has opened up* claim which shows
signs of good values the Minister of
Mines will send out an expert to investigate the property thoroughly and
If his report Is favorable the government will consent to assist in the construction of roads or trails to enable
the claim owner to get bis ore out. Tlie
government will be prepared to tiny
up to one half of the cost of constructing sucli roads or trails and the $200,-
000 fund Is for this purpose. It Is believed that this decision on the part of
the government to render very material assistance to small miners aud
prospectors, who by reason of being iu
remote districts cannot move their ore,
wlll do much to stimulate the mining
industry In the province.
80Nfl skkvici:
Thero will be another song service
In the Methodist Church next Sunday
evening commencing with an organ
recital at 7 o'clock. Previous song
services given under Mr. Nidd's direction have proven so popular that the
church has been unable to accommodate all who wished to attend, and
those who wish to have the pleasure
of hearln this service will have to go
early.    Following is the program:
Organ Recital—7 to 7 :ifl
Sonata No. Ill        -        -     Guilmant
-   West
Ash ford
Ogertolre de Ste. Cecil le IV   -
March of the Magi Kings
Hymn 108
Anthem, The Lord is Exalted
Solo      -      My Task
Mrs. Wallace
Hymn 131
Violin Solo, Andante Sostenuto - Vlottl
Mr. Percy Parker
Chorus     -     Hallelujah     -     Messiah
Offertory   -   Festal March    -   Calkin
Hymn 778
Chorus, Praise ye the Father, Gounod
Violin Solo, Canzonetta - Tchalkowsky
Mr. Percy Parker
Solo Mr. Russell
Anthem  -  Crossing the Bar  -  Bridge
(By request)
Hymn 817
Benediction, Vesper
Organ Postliide - Overture 1812
A special meeting of the Crnnbrook
Poultry Association will be held In the
Council Chamber on Friday June 2nd
at 8..I0.  Important.—E. O. Cooper Sec.
The following are the dates arranged
by tlie Dept. of Agriculture for the
fall fairs In "Circuit 5";
Gateway F. Inst  Sept. 5
CKAMIKOOK   Sept. «.?
Wasa      Sept fl
Elk Valley I Natal)   Sept 0
Windermere (Invermere) . Sept. 12-12
Golden     Sent lfi
Frtittvale   Sept IS
Trail Sept 1(1-20
Nelson   Sept 20-22
Boswell (F.G.A.)    8«|.t 2,'t
Grand Forks   Sep: 26-26
Greenwood   Sept, 27
Metropolitan Grand Opera
Auditorium, June 2.
Thc recent monthly letter issued by
tbe Canadian Bank of Commerce con*
tains a timely word on the neresrlty
of encouraging a greater spirit of
thrift In C-mtr'a. The .lenn says:
' "Tiiere are many evidences that the
■ public are not co-operating ns fully as
; hoped with the efforts of tlie Qovernment to encourage thrift. Large quantities of merchandise are being brought
j Into the country that cannot be classed
i as necessary, as evidenced by the lm-
I portation of artificial flowers to the
ivalue of $433,771 during the eleven
months ending February last, as much
as during the preceding twelve months,
i Automobiles, musical instruments.
; fancy Bilks and soaps are being Imported on as large a scale as ever.
Such a demond for non-essentials
could not exist if the public were seized with the seriousness of the existing situation and of the necessity for
, husbanding our resources to the last
penny. Lives have been and are being
freely offered in the cause of the Kin-
iidre, and while this splendid voluntaryism continues It remains for alt
i who are debarred by sex. hy age or by
; circumstances of any kind from making the supreme sacrifice, to husband
, the power to resist the enemy hy
thrift of every description, and it is
I the duty not alone of the Government,
but also of the business leaders of the
nation, to see to It that tlieir Influence
ils exercised every possible way to foster thrift, in order that thO savings
thereby effected may be placed at the
1 disposal of the nation."
Assembly, Apr.-16
Regal Shoes
All the best that can be learned of shoe making in a quarter
of a century of experience is
expressed in Regal shoes.
Good boots and good battleships are built much alike.
Each is made tor wear and
tear, for offense and defense,
but the boot goes into action
every day.
If you want shoes of character
ask for REGALS
The newest in lasts and
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods tnd Clothing Stores
Buy Linoleums Now
Although wholesale prices on Linoleums have advanced 65 per cent,
since the commencement of the war,
we can still supply from our large
stock, bought at before the war
Our lines ot CARPETS and
RUGS are complete and are well
worth your attention.
supply your needs at rock-bottom
Cranbrook Co-Opera
tive Stores, Ltd.
ORANGKS—SwMl Jul*) Navels all «l«e»   S5e. Me, ISe dot.
Krrkli Kill IT and VK'iKTAIM.KX tit all kind. In non - Bananas apples
Strawberries Lettnee, Tomatoes I'ueiimliers Hlwliarl,, etc.
< IWKH VKGKTABI.E8—We liare rewired a .nlpaient ol in,  oe.l
l>raiid» reus Corn and Means   '2 tin. SS,    Tomatue*   ISe a tin.
Il.oi'lt   Tirj a xaek <>i' Mother's r'nvorltr nr (.old Heal! an,body ean
make wind bread with I lies' fluurs and the |irlee I. #1,00 ent
Miliums   A alilpmrnl nl extra i|iialil< llrniim. rreelred.
Prleen   ISe, SSe, OSe, and "Se.
noon   I'lione Isa lor your Store Hood.
Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd. PAGE TWO
THURSDAY, MAY 25th, 19 Hi
You who have enjoyed   the   grateful
goodness of
for years will value
the new, convenient
form in which it now
comes to you. Five
good-size sticks of stored*
up flavor held prisoner
for you in wax-paper
and tinfoil. The outer
wrapper is a valuable
coupon worth s; ving for
Regimental or College
Shields. Your dealer has
Tutti Frutti in anv of
five mellow flavors.
ilr own party, with n demand trom
. own followers for bis resignation,!
\ win surely conclude tlmt bis
BBlon ns nn apostle of political pur*
hns been pretty much of a failure.
Ih.hiiril   Weekly   hj   Tin*   CntnhriHih
llerahl, Limited.
1'. II. Kttj'i Kditor mid Manager
With characteristic thoroughness
Premier Ilowser ban framed what is
regarded by Prohibition leaders ns the
best prohibition bill In Canada, Tin1
prohibition party at tin* coast is particularly well pleased with the measure, and will work enthusiastically
tn secure it* passage, Tho provisions
fur enforcement make it clear that If
the bill is approved by the electorate,
and this is generally anticipated by a
big majority, the government will not
allow it tn become a dead letter.
The bill  probably will  be ns gen-
irnlly  Bntlstactory  to  both  sides as
any prohibition bill could be expected
to bo.   The Hquor men nre denied nny
compensation but Um* concession of nn
additional six months to   dispose   of
stocks on hand wlll do much to remove tlie Bptrll of bitterness ami Injustice which would hnve been engendered by n short six month's notice.
lie prohibition  party recognize the
istico uf allowing a reasonable time
ir tho liquor men to close out their
ocks, nnd the year's notice is more
. line witli the recognized custom In
her sections were prohibition measures  have lieen  enacted.    To hav
d guilty ul' nn offence against the act.
The ollicers of nny club nre deemed
guilty oi nn offence If liquor is consumed on the premises.
i The duty of enforcing the act will
lie upon both Provincial and Municipal
' Police.
!    Provisions nre mude lo facilitate tlie
| proving of offences.   The burden of
i proving the right to keep or to sell
will lie upon the defendant. Tin* proof
in  the case of prescriptions will  lie
. upon the physician,
The giving of colnurnble  proscriptions is deemed an offence
j Police constables are given full
authority to search all premises under
: suspicion.
! Liquor Improperly kept may bo seized and forfeited.   V> appeals in auch
lenses will bo allowed to tho courts.
i Roforenco ims already been made to
tho principal penalties.
| Tlu* new bill if curried at thc referendum vote is lu como into offcel mi
July 1, 1017.
•nl,. 11.1
. Mn.
attempted to bring
operation wltbont
warning would hav
port or  many  fal
i tn
■ alln
meaBure lulu
r measure ot
\ coin
lilted tlle snp-
ded  moderate
sts. nml
e It might not
n   I.i
rami   pn
IV     1
in 1
havo doton
dl ilii>
vollld lit least
llGCtion   F
havo    mm
i.    tln>
tuition    much
ainl all"
orts to
A rentm
>   of    Illl
s  Bowser  prolllbl-
Tbo Conservative party Indulges in
un shouting nor Pharisaical self-praise
but both before nml aftor election In
vites tin* fullest Investigation and offers every facility to all nml sundry
who wish to investigate,
The Llboral party objected to tho
parliamentary Investigation into tho
Vancouver byo-electlon, which hns revealed n story of political corruption
and rottenness unequalled in lhe history of tlie province.
When similar charges wen. nmde by
tlio Liberals ns to the Conservative
methods in the Victoria bye-election
the reply wns n prompt and full Investigation beforo n similarly composed committee to tli" - Investigating
the Vancouver affair, The result Ims
been that the chnrgoH wero proved to
In* entlroly baseless, Tlm only evidence of anything Illegal wns thai n
blind pig wns operated mi election
duy, and tlie said blind pig seems to
liave been patronized Iiy Llbornls nml
Conservatives alike.
whom; Itlt ami OP l.llll It VI. ISM
Although (here is Indisputable evidence that plugging and Impersonation
took placo in the Liberal interests in
thu Vancouver bye-election on n
wholesale scale, thai hundreds of men
were Imported from Seattle to fraudulently vote for Macdonald, that Liberals including J, T. Scott nnd other
working directly under Lhe Instructions of the provincial Llboral organization) were Implicated in ihis crooked work, mid actually paid over money
to members of tin* gang, the only excuse the Liberal lenders have in glvo
is that it is nil a dirty Conservative
Yes. first tin* Liberals nttempt to
balk Investigation, finding tlmt lm
possible they try In discredit the
evidence nl' witnesses who took pnrt in
the dirty work, but when despite this;
tho worst story of political corruption
and rottenness in the history of B, C.
Is being dug up bit by bit to tho horror
and astonishment of nil ilocenl cltl-
pens, then tin* m-xt step Is to make
out  Hint,   the   whole   thing   is   a   huge
frame-np on tho pari of tho Conservatives.
Things surely have conn* to n pretty
pass when Mn* lenders ot any political
party think ihey con delude tl lee-
torato with nny mull Infantile reasoning ns this.   The dny or tlie hidc-hoimd
partlzan, the man wbo believed In his
party right ur wrong, because the
other party was a blame sight worse.
Is rapidly passing, Then- are still
some hido-bouml politicians who would
condone wrong doing in their own
party and hold tlmt no punishment
could be tun severe for the samo offence when done by the other party,
but fortunately they arc getting fowor.
The mass nf tin* public demand honesty and purity in |K>HtIca nml nny
party whicli condones wrong-doing In
Its own ranks enn novor receive the
enilorsation of the electorate of ibis
pre-eminently British province of British Columbia. Mr. Brewster haa to
show different qualities of leadership
and different methods of putting his
political   Ideals  into  practice  if  he
wishes to gain the confidence of the
While there 1ms been abundant evidence of sufficient electoral corruption
to invalidate the election of M A. Mac
dona Id who now occupies n sent in the
Legislature, there has been no desire
on the part of Conservatives to add to
his difficulties by a request for his
resignation, and tho   flral   pressure
along that line comes frnin within the
ranks of bis own party. Those who
know Mr. Macdonald personally give
blm credit for being himself Innocent
of any wrong-doing, but his unfortunate connection with the scandal
through his own party is likely input
a peremptory stop to his meteoric rise
iu public life, Wilh the awful exposure
of corruption I" his own party, with
mombers of tin* Liberal party in Vancouver sick and dlflgllBtori with   (tin
evidences   nf   political    rottOIWOHB   In
tion hill which sets it apart from the
oilier prohibition measures of the
Dominion Is thnt there are strict penalties for Infractions, Anyone keeping liquor for sale contrary to the
provisions of the bill will receive from
bIx to twelve tuouths imprisonment.
in tin- ease of a corporation the fine
is set nt one thousand dollars. In
cases whom the Provincial Police
take action nnd obtain convictions tho
tines for nil infractions will go to the
Province, lint municipal pollco are
also vested with authority under the
act and where they successfully prosecute tbe fines go to the municipalities or cities concerned. Thus the
municipal districts nnd cities share
with the province tlie responsibility of
enforcing the loglslntlon.
The bill allows private persons to
have Hquor on tlieir premises for their
own consumption. Xo limit is set as
to quantity but the liquor of course
must be Imported.
The vending of liquor will he brought
under the Attornoy-Qeneral's Department. Venders may In* appointed in
some places but generally speaking
the Provincial Police will attend to
the work.
The Police will sell to the drugnists
and the hater may In turn fill doctors'
proscriptions. Sale by the ollicial venders is allowed for mechanical or
scientific purposes nut exceeding ten
gallons nt one time, sale to druggists
not exceeding five gallons, to pliysi-
ctnns up to two quarts, to dentists for
stimulants to one pint, to veterinary
surgeons to one gallon, to hospitals in
: such amounts as may lie deemed pro-
: per Ity the Superintendent of Provincial Police. Sale wilt be nllnwed to
ministers for Bncramentnl wine and to
jollier persons on physicians prescriptions.
I There will be no profit for the Provincial Department. All sales except
those mi prescription will be at cost.
Clergy and others buying from tlm
i ollicial vender must have sworn aill-
! davits tlmt tlie liquor will be used for
tbe purpose It Is being purchased.
Every olhctal vendor druggist and
physician iiinsl keep records showing
lhe  disposition  of the liquor.    These
will be for the inspection of tin- Department,
Excopt for the provisions regarding
sales nlrendy outlined and for sales of
liquor under judiciary process and the
export sales of breweries, etc., licensed by the Dominion, nil sales of liquor
within the Province are prohibited.
With like exceptions, all giving or
having nf liquor is prohibited. This
does not applv to the liquor iu private
houses for private use.
The consumption of liquor purchaa*
• d from any person otlier than the
oitlcinl vendor or by prescription, elc.
is prohibited.
The manufacture and sale of vinegar, Bwoet cider, un for men tod fruit
juice and denatured alcohol is not interfered with,
The owner of any premises permit*
tlng drinking within (he premises or
allowing disorderly conduct Is deem-
Wash Away
Skin Sores
To tlie many sufferers, of skin dlfl-
j ease D, I). D-, the liquid wash, has
become a household word. Tlmy know
It Is reliable ami tbey enn depend on
it, tliey do not hesitate to recommend
it to tlieir neighbors. It has proved
itself a remarkable germicide that is
, harmless to the most delicate skin, but
still it is effective and quick in uct ion.
| If you are a Hiifferer from skin dis-
I eases, Including ulcers, pimples', scales
emst or Eczema in nny form, this remedy will not. illsuppiilut yuu. It has
stood the test and today is the master
preparation for all skin diseases.
I Come In today and ask about onr
guarantee ou D. D. D, Also about D,
D.I). Soap, tbat keeps the skin healthy.
Dn ft   lor 15 Years
• U* Ua the    Slandtml
Skill     Itemed)
Crnnbrook Drug ti Book Co. Crnnbrook
(lair Patmore Tell** ot Trip Hack r'r	
I'riiiil Line Trench, I'nlling In Shell
Holes with Wulfr up Ki Miinil-
ders, Emerging .Miles Awaj
from "Home".
Clair Patmore, who left here with
tlie 54th, has lieen in Prance since the
2,!rd of February. He qualified at
Shorncliffe us slgnallor nnd made a
particularly good showing, being chosen out of a large bunch for tlie position lie now holds us signaller with
nn engineering corps. In n letter to
his father, Charles Patmore, he says:
Hear  Had    We're on the front  line
again. Lust night 1 imd a working
party iu a trench which wns formerly
the Gorman front line. At one point
the lines are only fifteen yards apart
and everyone speaks in whispers. Tlie
line Is pretty ragged, in some places
tlm parapet is almost levelled out.
Things were quiet; a bullet kicked the
dirt into my face. In tiie light of the
star shells we could see tlle (ierman
line aud hear them putting down their
sand bags with their shovels. At midnight I dismissed the party and picked
up another supper. At his suggestion
we started home through the trench
lu which he wus working. We followed it out. down a piece of road, along
a stretch of wnr railroad track and
then we found ourselves in the open
fields and completely lost You will
wonder how it was Hint wc found
ourselves aud were lost Well, perhaps we didn't find ourselves hut wc
were lost anyway, We floundered
along through the mud getting caught
In barbed wire und falling into shell
holes. I fell into one in which the
water came up to my shoulders and
got my hip boots full, finally we
came to a row of dugouts nnd learned
that we had wandered out of our divisional area and were miles from
home. Hut we got In before daylight.
I'm perched up on tlie roof of our
emergency sap enjoying the bright
sunshine.   Everything looks nice and
green and dry. Tonight it will seem
to be a swamp all pock marked with
shell holes full of slime. Hut we should
Did I tell you that Hoy Argue and
Frank  Passmore and Clifford  were
billeted close to us?    1 wus talking to
Passmore lust ni^ht.    Ills bunch are
in the front line with ns.   Tbey form
our working parties.   Pass. Is O.K.
So long,
A letter received tills week has tiie
Front Line, May 1. 1918,
All this week I've had a working
party out each night In a very famous
trench which 1ms changed hnnds several times. Tin* iJernmns held, it last
aud I've been opening it up und draining it. Corpses are strewn around
everywhere and tlie men huve to dig
through piles of them In the bottom ol
the trench. Most or tiie trench Is absolutely levelled by llie artillery of
both sides and some places I could
find nothing "f fie trench anywhere,
not even u sand bag. Our patrols keep
roving lank and forth with orders to
shout on slulit. Tin* first night tliey
hadn't been warned tlmt we would in*
out there nml by (lie light of ii star
shell I suddenly bow a row of them
with rifles leveled and about to shoot
Kvell   lifter   I   shouted   they   were   very
, uncertain because the Germans tire so
I tricky. Duffy Argue was onr of
| them, lie had tne covered nml when
he found out wlui I was I believe In*
wns scared worse thnn I wns. And he
sab) tliey hud been sneaking up ou
another party who proved to be in
charge of Corporal Frank Passmore.
We are on a perpetual "Gas elert"
and wear our helmets rolled up under
onr steel helmets ready to pull down at
a moment's notice. Tho Germans are
attacking almost every night but we
are holding them back all right, although the wounded and dead are be-
In carried nut all the time. Tbey
tFrltzl came over with red crosses
on tlieir iirins the other day. curry-
in bombs on stretchers. They didn't
get back,
Percy  (the laundry man's soul
Ih here and well. Tbey say he's a
reckless,    plucky   little   fellow.      Hoy
Cotmere, another crunbrook boy, is
with the 1st Pioneers, lie's been work-
lug In the sap which sheltered us
from lhe linmhnrilnien! to-day. Well
we go buck for a rest tomorrow and
lu a way It's a relief but somehow
tlie work'at night In thai ghostly ditch
gives om* n not implcnsnnt thrill and
It's nice to know we're doing our part
In beating those replllew fifteen yards
away. Ho long,
CLAtK       i
speaking at the Parade Service o
Sunduy,   Hev.   w.   il    Bridge,  rector
Christ Church  took for his subject
II Timothy, 3V, "Tliis know also that
lu the lust days porillous times shall
come."   "These are days'' he said "of
far greater peril to the Kmpire and to
Christian civilization than we yet realize her in Cranhrook.   Germany in an
optimistic mood lias shown a reBOUrce-
j fulness, a  self  discipline, a   faith  in
! her cause, and a power of scientific organization   unapproached   by  any   of
her enemies.    When   such   a    nation j
I realizes  tlie   inevitable  failure of her!
! vast enterprises there is uo knowing
the limits of mad fury to which  her'
despair wlll drive her . . .   Tin* issue
■ Is already determined but il cannot j
! he accomplished except upon certain I
conditions.   There is much to lie done
and we hnve to start witli ourselves.
We cannot win except through a unit-1
.cd and patient persistent effort nf s.*'
sacrifice.   There must or necessity
n reconstruction of our whole social
and  pollticul  fabric, of the relation
| between   capital   and   labor, of  the
! function of the state.   Throughout tho
j Kmpire then* must be a mobilization
noi only of men  but of character,
There  is  no   room  nny where   in   tin
I Kmpire for llie drunken, the Immoral,!
tho dishonest, the lazy, tlio selfish, The
condition of victory lies iu the ability
and  willingness of every  Individual
to change, to adapt himself to the now
e Miioiis.   Wc must tight and kill in
ourselves every vice we despise In tile
Germans  ...     ir we fall  to 'do this
we shall Imve shed our blood in vain."
The speaker proceeded to deal with
tho  results  of  victory.    "We  shall
emerge", ho snld, "from this conflict
an  Kmpire, not only vaster In urea.
that is a minor consideration, nol only
higher lu the esteem of the world, iii
| that we hnve stood up us the upholders
jot' the weok and deliverers of the down
trodden, but us an Kmpire in a sense
I we have never realized before,   Before
the war broke out tlie Kmpire prosent-
l.od little more than a haphazard conglomeration of states, wilh little or no
eeniral purpose, with no central policy, uo consciousness of unifying development. Before tiie war'is over
thu component parts of the Kmpire
will have been welded into a mighty
whole, we shall have mado some
progress towurds nu Imporlal Council,
and most Important uf all we shall
realize tlie economic necessity of co-
jporatlon, in nn Empire so placed
the world will have the best guarantee
for a lasting und righteous pence.
Furthermore tlie Christian will he able
to recognize in such a realized ideal
of empire some answer to his agelong prayer, "I'hy Kingdom 'Coma'
The Kmpire ns the seed-plot of the
Kingdom of God—that Is our hope and
The speaker subsequently pictured
God's Kingdom in very practical
terms. "What aftor all Is God's Kingdom?" he asked. "Is it not Humanity
doing the wlll of God'.' . . . An empire
of honest people, honestly governed,
wise, clenr-honded, big hearted; an
empire nf good mothers and good husbands, mastering by Intellectual nml
scientific activity the powers of nature; eliminating disease ami poverty
nud the toil thnt kills, hy unselflBh co-
oporatlon; a people loving beauty and
building beautifully; alive with the
knowledge of i;od. ruled by the spirit
of Christ, happy, tree."
13 the real
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jimmy pipes
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patented process curs out bite and parch I Prince Albert
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This little talk is also for men who ttiink they're on the
right track.   All to be said is that the sooner you lay out
the price for a supply of Prince Albert, the sooner you'll
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R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO., Winston-Salem, N. C, U. S. A.
Oa lhc rtWM *\tc of thi, lid*/ ie|
I'D jou •,«,]! fan!: "Prnteu Patented
Jul. 30th, 1.107." which Imi msie
three men smoke .ii(.i» whert oiia
j lloheme", "Tales or Hoffman", "Mad-
| mn Butterfly" and the company also
gives a rinilitioii of the famous bbx-
: title from the opera "Lucia."
|    The prlcea of the tickets  will  be
popular und range front 60c to $1.00
nml will be on sale at Beattie-Murphy
Co. Drug Store.
On Friday. June 2nd, at the Auditorium Theatre, Baldwin Bros, announce
a brilliant grand opera concert with
six International celebrities nu the
program nil for nm* price of admission, The New Vorlt Metropolitan
Company is touring these parts ou its
way home from the Panama-Pa'dfhi
Imposition. San Francisco", when it
clqsed one of the grandest opera sen
sons ever known fu tliis country.
The soprano of the company is Plorr
ence Hawkins, an American well
known to New York. Boston and Chicago opera goers. Shi* scored a
triumph Inst season with "Madam
Butterfly", Miss Hawkins' charming
personality ims combined most favorably with her wonderful voice to make
her one of the prime fnvorltes of the
New Vorlt Metropolitan Company.
Clara Frculer, the Swiss mezzo-
soprano, possesses a wonderfully
clear nnd hrllliant voice. Miss Kreulcr
(■rentes a sensation wherever she sings
uml particularly dear has she become
to her audiences by her interpretation
of the Swiss foil; sonns. the rendition
of whicli has won triumphs for her.
Molly llyerly Wilson is the possessor of one of tin* most remarkable
contralto voices. It might lie said that
Miss Wilson bas many voices, so varied are her accomplishments.   She is
equally at ease in the ex-iilisite Mozart
music as in the passionate nml dramatic Alda uml Delilah, or the goddess
like. Brunnhllde, while her Interpretation of Qerman Lleder is artistic in
the extreme.     Miss   Wilson   will   sliiR
her dramatic arias in ihe orighml operatic costume.
Francis W. Cowlos' rendition of the
Prologue to "I'agliueel" and many
other difficult operatic arlux Imc won
for him the distinction of possessing
one of tin* most remarkable baritone
voices oi) tiie operatic stage today. Mr.
Cowlos' dramatic Impersonations render him one of tlie most deft uud facile
of actors,
HkovKunril, the Danish violinist. In
well known in this country, having
made severnl lours lu the pasl eleven
years. Me was a pupil of Joseph
Joachim and has played before most
of tin* European crowned heads. Skov-
gnnrd Is Introducing to Canada and
tiie United States a number of Scandinavian compositions anil those promise to bn especially Interesting from
lhe fact that very little is known of
Scandinavian music mid that ou this
occasion tiny win lie played by u
Scandinavian. Bkovgaard wns personally acquainted with Edward Qrtog,
Norway's greatest composer, nnd bus
played most of ids compositions with
the composer himself.
Tiie pianist of the Company is Alice
McClung, one of tiie most powerful nf
women pianists. She has won mi enviable reputation ns au Interpreter of
the Liszt compositions.
Among the opera nnmbora given by
the Company are scenes from   "La
Safely First
Indigestion, constipation, biliousness
and many ailments of the digestive
organs are often the source of serious
illness. At the first sign of disordered
■ I conditions take the reliable family
>   remedy that is always dependable—*
Ur.a.1 Sale ot An. Medicine in lhe World.
Sold everywhere. In box... 25 cent..
KOSS nm (Annum
Tin' voters oi' tin' Pernio electoral
district will Irani wltli tlio deepest
regret Hint Mr. Vi. It. Hoss. tlio Hon.
.Minister ut Lands, will not bo u candidate In tills district ut tlio forthcoming
election, suys tlio Pernio Free Press.
Tlio granting of throe cabinet positions to tlio Kooti'iiiiys has naitrally
caused considerable 111 feeling In tlio
nortli country, where tlioro is no cabinet representation, mid to satisfy tlio
just demands nf Hint largo and Important territory, wo understand that
tlio Hon. Minister of Lands has consented to allow his name to ho placod
In nomination for tlio Cariboo distriet.
Pastor, Itev. Thos. Keyworth
Organist, riius. P. Nidd
Morning service at II a.m.. token
by Capt, Norman and Llout. Wolr, of
the Salvation Army.
Kvening song service 7.H0 p.m.. Organ recital at 7.00 to 7.80.
Highest efficiency demands
the outdoor exercise so pleasantly provided by the smooth
running "Massey", Saves lim«,
money and doctors' bills.
Price *,.-,.(,(,
('. ('. )l. Model "V" #85.00
Pranbruok Agents, Palmare lire*.
...     HCA,  D  j,
C»1  i/l OYilE  &
M5T0* 3 w'PiNY
Restored To Health By Vlnol
Corinth, Miss. — " I nni a city tax collector ana seventy-four yeow of age,
I was in d weak, run-down condition*
Mv druRgist told m« about Vinol. 1
tried it and in a week noticed considerable improvement; 1 continued its use
nnd now 1 have rained twenty pounds iu
weight, and feel much stronger. I consider vinol a fine tonic to create strength
for old people.' '—J. A. PRICB,
Wo gimrimt' o Vinol, our delicious cod
liver and Iron tonic, for all run-down,
weak and deblliUtvu condition.*.
Cranbrook Drug & Hook Co.
Cranhrook, H.C.
Pastor, W, K, Thompson
Morning Service li  a.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class :i p.m.
Blventng Service 7.80 p.m.
Cottage Borvlces every Wodnosday
Kootenny Orchard District s p.m.
salvation Borvlco Saturday 8 p.m.
Sunday School 2.80 p.m.
Sunday evening s p.m.
You are Invited to all the above wr-
Vtcofl which are bright and cheerful.
W. KKIllt. CO.
8.00 a.m.—Corporate Communion of :
tho Udloa Guild,
U.oo ii. m.—Mattlns mid Litany.
8.16 p.m.—Addresa to Young People:
"Some Builders of our Faith and
Kmpire:  Wellington."
7.80 p.m.—Even Bong,
Sermon "The Unaccountable Things"
Intercession Service for   tho   Kmpire
every Friday 7..to.
Preacher, Rev. W, TI. Brldgo.
*ss\ss\ssss*^Sss*ssss**mmr**s**s*mm:*(l  I            I               ■,     i    I    1  II,          tmm*******M
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BAPTIST Clirilt'll
Illvliid worship 11 n.m. Subject —
"An Mabnstor Ilex."
Sunday School unil Adult Bible rlns»
nt .1 p.m,
liivlnc worship nt 7.:to p.m. Subject
"Tho Faith fnr Today."
y.p,8.0.t), Monday at 7.ao p.m. Topic
"Homo Mln»lonn." Lender, Mr». Illnton
|   MId-woek Service TburBdny 8 p.m. I
Vladinmr Neveloff Presents
Denmark'*; Greatest Violinist a/id
ui iii.
Auditorium, Friday, June 2
Arias frum the favorite 0|ieiiislii ericiiuil coslumes fiinions -cvlclle
I'liiiii "l.iieli," nml tin1 "Barcarolle" (rum the "Tales ul Hoffmann.',
An Cii.eilnliimeiil bt ln>liiiiuiiilal Artlsl*. nnd lirnnil One,1", Sinner.
uf exceptional merit.
General Admission 50c.    Reserved Seats, 75c, $1.00
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•a^H THURSDAY, MAY 25th, 191G
What Properly Fitted
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X five years butter made from
MDe Laval separated cream has in-
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S important contests and state fairs.
B Practically all the cream entered
■5 jn theInternation.it Milk and Cream
S Show held in connection with the
5 Panama-Pacific Exposition was sepal arated by De Lava Is, and every
S first prize, and most all the other
S prizes, were won by De Laval sep*
g   arated cream.
»2 These facts are simply further
5 proof of De Laval supremacy in
£ everything that goes to make a good
£2 cream separator.
S Don't buy any separator until
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Until Vim HitraS	
The Magnet
The Kootenay Garage
Mlby Krumea Pictures!.
Mrs. D. J. Speers will not receive ou
June 2nd nor uguin this season.
Modern residence, furnished, to,let.
—Apply to Beale &. Elwell.
Mr. and Mrs. Wedd of Invermere
were in the city Wednesday.
Miss Phyllis Held or Victoria Is visiting hor cousin Mrs. A. B. Muedonuld,
Mrs. George Thompson entertained
at ten on Monday afternoon.
Starling und Ignition trouble**, our
s|H'cl,ili).   Hanson (iiirage,
Mr. K A. Hill und family spent tli'*
24tli ut thi-lr ranch ut Mayook,
Mrs. ,i. rustlike whu ims been spi tiding n couple ot weeks iu Spokane returned lust Thursday.
Miss Phyllis Held of Victoria Is lu
town Visiting her cousin Mrs. A. 11
[ For Sale- lodisou phonograph anil
7i» blue amberol records. $r>0 takes
the lot. Address P. 0. Box 71tt.
j Lieut. Santo returned from Fernie
j Tuesday, where he hud been attending
court us juryman,
[ Mr. Joe Palmer left on 618 Tuesday
afternoon en route for Spokane where
; he will spend u few daya.
Hnve ynur battery overhauled now
: and he ready when the roads dry up.
|    Hanson Harage.
Miss Ada McCuakey, sister of Mrs.
D. Stone, left on 514 Saturday for her
home near Relgute, Surrey, England.
Cheap butter this week, the (Inest
creamery butter, now 40c lb.—Crunbrook Trading Co.
We are carrying a full line of boots
: und shoes. — Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Mr. and Mrs. Haslam nnd son Harold returned this week Hfter visiting
In Spokane.
Mason & Riche Grand piano For
Sale on easy terms, apply to Beale &
Messrs. Itobert aud George McCreery
were called to Vancouver this week
on account of their father's illness.
Lady's bicycle for sale, in good condition. A bargain for $20. Address—
P. O. Box 71fi.
Miss Orma McNabb left for her home
fn Calgary yesterduy accompanied by
Miss Edith McDonald, who will remain
for n short visit.
Don't forget the ten and cookery
sule at the Parish Hall on Wednesday afternoon, May .list, In aid of St.
John Ambulance.
Miss Edith McBride who went
through nn operation for appendicitis
on Monday ut st Eugene Hospital. Is
making favorable progress.
We are currying a full line of boots
ami shoes. Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
"The Sternal City", n stupendous
photo-speetacle, from the novel by
Hall Culm-, ut Rex Theatre two night*
May •■■ nnd June 1st.
Mrs. bete Is returning to Cranbrook
this weak from the Const where she
has been attending Normal for the
last six mouths nnd hns successfully
passed her examinations.
For rent- Five roomed cottage on
Cranbrook street, $io n month, Including wuter Apply Crnnbrook Agency
If you enjoy u gorgeous pageant, reproduced with minute attention to detail with i' wealth of scenic mnKliitinle
nmi dramatic power doti*t full to Ben
"The Eternal city" nt lt**x Theatre
May 3] uml June 1.
Mr. and Mrs, J. F, Stnilh n-
leaving for Winnipeg until the 1st of
June. Mr, Smith Is going as Commissioner to the Qoneral Assembly of thc
Presbyterian Church und Mrs. Smith
ns delogate to the general council of
the  Presbyterian  Missionary society.
To the  Peoplj of Cranbrook
Wc laki' Mils occasion lo thank the
I'irc Department, the citizens and the
valient members of "Our Own 225th"
who so capably assisted in reducing our
loss during (he recent conflagation.
Our slock heing in the hands of the
adjusters makes it necessary lo delay the
Vours truly,
Q. V. BARBER, ttwafw.
Kilby Frames Pictures.
For something really tine in a picture spectatcle see "The Eternal City"
ul Rex Theatre Muy 31 and June 1.
The Supreme Triumph of the Ser wn
"The Eternal City", two nights at Rex
Tlu-atre Muy 31 and June 1.
Every fashionale feature demanded hy ladies of discriminating taste
will be found In the rnnge of shirtwaists and skirts shown exclusively
by us.—W. D. Hill.
.Mrs. G ten day and Miss Olenday left
recently for Calgary where they will
take up their residence. Miss Glen
day was employed in the C.P.R. offices
here, and has taken a jiosltiou In Calgary.
.Mrs. Commissioner Bowton ami .Mrs
Col. Turner will hold services In the
Salvation Army Hall on May 30th next.
They will have un interesting theme
In "Travels to the Bonier of Thibet'".
ami will be well worth hearing.
Six-roomed modern bungalow, located  in  best, residential  section  for
SALE, every convenience, price only
$1575. This very desirable property
can he purchased on the monthly Instalment plan Apply at once to Heale
&  Elwell.
Miss MacMillan, a recent graduate
of Kootenny Luke General Hospital
and newly appointed matron of Invermere Hospital, stopped off here on
Sunduy hist, leaving on Monday for
Invermere. While In tlie city she wns
the guest of Miss Sybil White.
Cranbrook is losing another of Its
young men In the person of Mr. Herbert S. Clark, who leaves on the noon
train for Victoria where he will join
tho llth C. M. R.'s. He has been holding the position of assessor In the
Government Building here up till now.
A letter recently received from
France contains tlie news thnt Roy
Watson and Frank Llndquist who loft
hero with one of the curly contingents,
are now on transport duty. They were
employed here by \V. B. Worden aud
ure well fitted for their new work.
Western riding saddle for sale, Positively the "biggest bargain in East
Kootenay.   Address box 716.
J. E. Kennedy left Monday for the
eoast. as a delegate to the Knights of
Columbus convention which will be
held this week. Upon his return lie
will huve charge of the Fin ^Mercantile Co.'s store nt Hull River, which
will ho reopened about June 1,
Mrs. H. Roblchaud und son Roy left
for Selkirk. Manitoba, last Saturday
on the receipt of u telegram announcing the death of her youngest brother
Hugh. This is the second death In her
family in about two weeks, having lost
Ml elder brother a short time ago.
Mr, Arthur Hin ton, examiner for the
Associated Board of the R.A.M. and
the R.C.M., arrived In town on Sunday.
He conducted examinations at Prof.
Nldd's studio, und left for Kaslo Tues
day afternoon en route for the Const
lties, then to New Zealand und Aus- j
tre lia.
On   Saturday   afternoon   Inst   the '
Methodist   Ladies'   Aid   held   one     of
their much appreciated cookery sales.
The net proceeds amounted to $-14.tn.
One lady wns overheard to remnrk
thnt It would be a boon to Cranbrook
if the ladies held u sale sucli us this
ice a montii.
The mnrriage wns quietly Bolemnlz*
ed ut Knox Church, Calgary, on May
12 of Mr. Charles Joseph Mctlrieder
and Miss Mamfe McFarlane. both of
Crnnbrn.ik. Il C. The Rev. Dr. Button .of Knox church, iMTfornied the
ceremony, Mr. ami Mrs. McQrfeder
win reside in Calgary
Just a few dozen left. We will sell
wiilie they Inst u Hue or Ladles' Black
Hose at :. pair lor BOc, regulnr price
•Mc eneh pair    W. I). Hill.
Tho regular dances In St. Mary's
Hull will he commenced again on
Wednesday next and every other Wednesday thereafter. These dances were
very popular before and It will he
good news thnt they nre to he held
ugnln. Thc Craubrook Orchestra will
provide tlie music.
His Grace the Most Reverend Timothy Casey 1). IV. Archbishop nf Vancouver, nrriveil from Nelson Wednesday, uud will remain here for a few
duys lhe guest of the Reverend Sisters
of St. Eugene Hospital. On Sunday
next, Muy -'s. he win administer the
Sacrament of Confirmation to a number of children nt the morning service.
The following party of young people
took n motor trip to Wnsa on the 2*tth,
Misses Grundy, Cnmeron, Wallinger.
A. Drummond, HIekenliothani, J.
Drummond, F. Drummond, Kershaw.
Hathie. D, Drummond, Caslake, and
Messrs. Blsch, QUI, Dallas, Orookstnn,
Boyston, Attwood, Fenton, Sterling
Lensk, Mornn nnd Haslam.
Tho following officers of tho 225th
hnve successfully passed their recent
exnminntions nt tho Const: Lieut. F.
Richardson, now of Cranbrook; Lieut.
J. Cartmlll, Nelson; Lieut, W. M. Harris, Cranhrook. The following noncommissioned officers hnve nlso been
successful: Sergt. G. Barton, Fernie:
Sergt. J. H. North wood, Michel; Rcrgt
M. K. Harrison. Nelson.
It is really quito surprising to find
so few of the young people of Crnn-
ftrnnli availing themselves of the splen-
rcstore • lo iheir
normal o«
Even   , 1 irate
ft! child can given  Rexall
Orderlh . are sate,
easy lo . nd  mild
in act'on,       ■   i    ' laxative
i*. s<>   fOO ! '"' Sold
Oil'    ;in!. :. Stores
—. *c. and
Boattle-Mu phy ,       Ltd.,
' rnrihnmk. jt  r
did opportunity whicli Mr Bridge In
giving them ol hearing the lives of
some of our gresl men. These short
talks from n qua, tei ist I roe to four
each Sunday afti rn .■ ry Inter
esting and are well i ortb nnyono going to hear.
Suggestions regarding the proper
styles in Udles Blouse Whttts. Upon
uo other article of feminine wearing
apparel does so much di pent] as the
Intelligent exercise of common sense
In tho proper selecting and fitting of
the .shirtwaist bloiicc Call ami look
carefully over our up-to-the-minute
range.—AV. D. Hill;
The fall  Mr <!.■• •.
,   i ivi   been sel
for Sept. 0 ami 7.   '1
.,  fair this year
wlll bo fully 11 r In
■mi ot previous
yeara ami .". splendid
in of n i
will bo |iui on   Tin,
ii    .   and dlrcc-
tors aro » irhlm
i    tn nml," this
fair a suit.'- ami  i
v   ii... hearty
co-op, ration  of .
elthen      Tlio
prlzo list i-. on
.    rl  Hi"
printers ami will In
 io courBe
if tw • three wi
Wliril has boon rei
lived hero of Um
tloath  nl' Horilon   11
i III in   Hoskins,
aged linn- years, -
i months uml n
half, Hi" youngi 1 no
. . !  Hr. nm] Mrs.
Stephen II. II".i.i i
f Itnzelton   Mr.
Hoskins   was   R gl i
r   md  Mining
Recorder   at  Croab
-iime   few
years ago.   The dent
| th   little 1ml
wns caused by splni
l mi nlngltls nml
occurred Wi dncsday,
Mnv 17th, nt the
Hnzcltoii Hospital.
Mr. W. c Crebbln, assistant in the
Assessor's office at the Qovernment
building, leaves Dn t1" neon train for
Vancouver where ho will join tlm
Wtestem University Battalion. Mr.
Crebbln cann- to Cranbrook In 1910,
us time keeper in the <\ P. ll. offices
here. leaving this plai ■■ 111   1013 to go
In the Oovernmei I I 11" will
he much missed hy hla friends, but
more  especially   by Hoy   Scouts
having been Si out SI    I r i ir a time.
What the Well Dress*
Woman Knows
The .rell-ilresscil woman knows Die (widen woiili nf liuvlnu a
ili'Miiiel nir in' llillivliliinlltj in lier dross. Her tnslcs lire Imrmniiimis
wltli hor figure nml her gowns therefore ore carefully eliosen nml
perfectly fitted l« imsi sel fori li every feature of Nature's rnreful
moulding) ycl the real scerel of her individuality i. mnrked ami
mirrored by the cn refill selection of tlie materials ami colorings besl
suited In drape licr figure, m well ns to harmonize wltli her complexion and the shade of her eyes,     linn often lime we (mentally
at least) compared tl lerdresscd or fussy-dressed woman wltll
" "")' leslly and  becoming)]   dressed  woman  nud  lum
oxprosscd ourselves something after tlie following, "Weighed in the
balance ami found wanting."
IVo believe we have today the most attractive and mosl care,
fully selected assortment of LAMES' SUITS, LADIES' SKIRTS, ami
LADIES' HUMS':- WAISTS ered displayed in Ihe Illy, lie Invite
Inspection! wc linile comparison.
Cranbrook's Exclusive Ladies", Misses', and Children's Store
;    There were set
tlie golf clllh OH  '
prizes   were   ■ r
and Mrs, I
. und put conti st v
Hogarth, Mrs. I
j second   prize.
I won  the  clock
prize was won by
by Mr. A. n. Ms
lund Mrs. Beale h
ihe afternoon,
oni]i tltlons at
sday Tor which
■ Sergeant
■  by Mrs. (i"o.
r      winning
■ o  Staples
The   men's
d, second
d    Mrs, Coley
; osti uses for
Two ratal accidents occurred nt tlio
Staplos Camp at Wycllffo during the
pust week. Mike Kbrbuti an Austrlnn,
was killed on the 18th hy u tree railing on him while cutting it down, lie
buried at Cranhrook on Monday, Fntlier Anthony of Nelson  conducting
services. Joe Nttdlno ,:illolh.*r employee
was killed on Tuesday while engaged
In switching operations al the camp.
He was riding on au empty car which
was hit by three loaded ears, NudIno
being knocked off and dragged 26 feet
under tip* cars, lie was hurried to
tlie hospital but died on the way. The
funeral took place Thursday to cranbrook cemetery. Father McGulre conducting services.
Although only a few turned out for
tlio tramp organized by Rev Mr,
Bridge, tlio.se who did go thoroughly
enjoyed themselves. Tin* party started out about eleven with the idea of
going past the Alkali lakes. As the
guide who was to have tuken them
failed to appear they hud to find the
way us best tliey could und ufter taking wrong sldopaths und losing tiie
trull a few times arrived at tin- first
of these lakes ubout 12 o'clock where
lunch was served. Proceeding to the
larger lake a further halt was made
and the day duly observed by singing
patriotic songs. Tlie party arrived
home at six o'clock, tired but well
satisfied with the day's outing. Wood
ticks were plentiful and several of tlie
party unwillingly brought specimens
buck with them us reminders of the
Hot Weather at Last
Neeil n Refrigerator! II. r. we ar. wltli the largest ami hest
Bolceteil stock nt ll.frifn.inr> In i!.. ('in- Vou will Iiml one to suit
ymir needs at a price to suit yonr pocket
Bo sure you get a sanitary refrigerator A cheap, poorly constructed affair ls a dlseasi breeder   Oct the besl
Tlnsmlthlng, Plumbing ami Healing
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
nl' Camilla. Limited
oiflee, Smelting and Refining Departnii nt
S M K 1. T I) It S   A N 1)   H E K 1 X 1 li S
Purchasers nf (Jnlil. Silver, Copped and Lead (ires
Je |ir
r wnrd fnr first
word for eaeli
nnd lc per
The new Salvation Army Officers at
Cranbrook are Capt. Norman from
Pernio nnd Lieut \VeJr from Saskatchewan, Thoy wero introduced to
the Cranbrook publti meeting on
Tuesday night, Capl K rr p rfortnlng
this duty iu a   pli ?1       Both
the new officers bi I d nd will no
doubt moke thlngB hum In local Salvation Army clrc"lefi i apt. Kerr expects to nuilie Cranbrook bis headquarters for -< n th bul will be on
Subscription Work thn n : thc district.
Our repair shop Is in elmrue of mi
expert mechanic, if In trouble coti«
•wit ns,- liniiMin flnrai
Donald McKay, nn ■' ' * m r?
of thin district, a r i wing bj -
qualn tan coe in tl in    week on
liis wny b: ck into the mountains on a
prospcctln? trl ■ was n
woll-kncwi ■  Pari
Steele some few ye: rs ago but <>f lute
has been living In B I • Idaho He
found the lure ■ : • tor too
much for ltlin  ho ■■< "■ * n turned
to Canada with cuff felon t money to
follow Ills soa'rcli H Is b CnnnUlan
by birth nnd has unbounded confidence in the mineral resonncOT of this
Thn management of the Rex Theatro
have secured 'The Eternal City" a
photo-play production of Hall Calne's
Immortal novel und : '■•> of that name,
for two nights only, W i 'day May
JllHt und Thursday Ji ni   I '    Tills in
ono of the Ramon   P s' features,
with Paulino Pred : I In tt leading
role. It wns produced nmld Mia grandeur nml beauty of modern Honi<\ in
the exnet locale i" wl lei the stlrrlngl
'action of Hall i"\iln<'- thrlllln* ro- -
Itnance occurs. Por neonlc magnitude,
dramatic power, i- in ■ nn pageantry,
over-powering appeal snd Hitterlm-
splendor It lias no sin rlors in moving
picture achievement
FOK SAIE—Presser, saddle, wheel-
barrow, etc   Apply plione 482.
ONTItlUI KKATIIrltS Cleaned und
Curled.—Mrs.   Thos.   Walker,    phone
4.1S. v 20-:»t'
IVAVmi Ity about the -iuili .lune,
6 or 8 struwherry pickers. 'Write E,
Butterfleld, Wynndel, It. c.        31-lt*
WA.NTKD   Hy young married muii.
position  as  timekeeper or assistant
bookkeeper. Box M Herald onice.2l-if
KOHTV IMHJ.AKS will Ini) a second
hand delivery rig that cost sir>o new.
I'lione 17 or write P.O. Box 166.
Hn} "hix'M'iiin Brand" Creamer] Butter inuiiiiiiictiired In the heal
Creamer}', either at yonr own grocers or direct from Ihe creamery,
always frcsli ami pun*.
Our Own Hake -VH.WI II R t HI. \ M" al all fee 1 ream parlor**.
Retailed in balk ont) at t reamcrjr.
I- HtMiits  Ship jiiur Cream ai our expense an] daj foo haw a enn
full, sinidii} excepted*
N*oi'l«ni\" Avenue, Cronlirook B, C,
skmi VOITR PII1X8 to he Develop-
ed  and   Printed  at  tiie  Star   Photo
Studio, and get best  results,
Lady stenographer wishes pnsltlnn
it. Cranbrook about July i>t. Bxpur-
icnci-' in grocery nad hardware, -
i .n. Box 243, Crunorook, 20—St*
TO  BRNT--Large, drj  warehouse
with basement, loo ft. long, 16.00 per
month,   will hold severnl carloads ot
hay or furniture- Apply Herald.
I WILL M.I.I, mj house on (run*
brook street and tuke rent fnr payment J. F. Broughton, box 201, Cranbrook, 17 - 41
TO RENT—Furnished cottage with
pluno, four rooms with bath. 11.1 per
month, including wuter, careful tenant
—Apply Herald.
A Sober Husband and a Happy Home
may In-your- onci-* more
through the om of the
IKHTMKM'. A safe,
sure, vegetable remedy
which removal the
drink craving in three
dayi Write for book or
The Neal Institute
Cranbrook, B. C.
WOOD—  Tlie  nncierilgnoil   mini.
i|iint;itiim-- iiii dry finir foot wood iiml
slabs. Deacribe Quality ami weight.
—Take Coal Company, Ilivcr StriH-t.
West. Moose Jaw. Sask.
'i'*-ii me, noo, Jamie, what was the
iinr-t wonderful UiIhk ynu saw when
TU HUNT— Klvcrniimril luirtly fur-
nlslicil houae with fireplace and s|im>|p-
Ing porch, two lots, fenced in, large
shack ami fowl house. {6.00 per month
■Box V, Herald or iilmiic 2SI).   l!i-4i'
VICTORIA ItlllHUIII ur !■!.■ I'lnnl.
thu flnust kind, 8 Ills. H5o, 100 lbs. »2
dellvefed, or come ami gather It yourself 11.60 pur Kill Ihs. Free directions
Imw to proserve it In water. Watts,
ai eea?"
"I iiiink tho atrangcat thing I oyer
■aw wus the flying flsli."
' Noo. laddie, dhtna mak' a fulo ■•'
yer mlther. Wha over heard o' a
mh tleeln'?
■Anothor strange thing I saw
win n croaalng tho Uiul Bea: Wo drop-
pi .j anchor and when we raised It
Bgain thoro waa one or lhc winds
of Pbaroah'a chariot entangled on li"
"Aye. laddie, I believe that! we've
scripture for iimt."
rimne 51)
Low nates, Cars can he Rot
any hour of day or night by
calling S3,
J. fr!. MrhONALM, I'rop. PAGE FOUR
THURSDAY, MAY 25th, 1916
harvey, *■<■<..ini:n,
Barristers, Solicitors anil
Moucj tu Luan
Imperial Hunk lluilillng
. 0. F.
,0III.K, No. 12
f*****.^-,.         Meets   every
l*-aK?*\    Monday night
;.>r?***-V    at Fraternity
Sojourning   Oddfellows
lly invited.
W. 51
S. Fyles,
(Successor to W.F. Gurd)
Barrister, Solicitor ami
Solar j
i>. o. llox sr.ti
l'li.vsicinii- iiiiiI Surgeons
Offlce at  resilience  Armstrong
Forenoons   D.00 lu 10.00
Afternoona - on to -1.00
Evenings  7.30 to 8.80
Sundays  8.80 to 4.30
I'll.nn  340
P. O. llnx r,sa
Funeral Director nml Cnilml r
(.'nilerlnkiiig t'nrlors
Fenwick Ave. near Baker St.
11,11 uml Mining Kiigincora
It. *'. I.ami Surveyors
lluy I'lione 233, Night I'lione IK
Nnrhurj Ave, nexl lu Illy Hall
I'lione LOB I'. O. llox :'.:!
Organist Methodist Church
ltcccivcii I'uplls for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice
Studio: 2:1 Norbury Ave,
General Merchant
l-:iii)ilnymriil Agent
P. O. Box 10S Phono 241
Criiuliriuik, H. ('.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
lt. C. Carr, C. C.
f. ile Vere Hunt, K. R. & S.
P. O. Box 522
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Dit. 1'. 1!
Offleo hi  Hn
is.in Block
II to 1
1 lo
■ a.m.
'. p.m
CRANBROOK, 11. ('.
Meets in }.
aple Hull second
Tuesday of
very  month  nt 8
p. ni.
open   to   llrltlsh
Visiting   members   eordinlly
13. V. Brake
J. P. Lower,
iHuIitiiII) iiiiiI General Nursing:
Uarilcn Ave.
Terms on Application
Plione 2.',ll               P. 0. Box 845
Meets In the
Maple Hull
Ilrst Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
at It p.m.
Pres., Mrs. W.
11.   McFarlane.
John Shaw, P. 0. Box 442
idles cordially Invited.
(MAS. S.  I'AltKKH
Forwarding  und   Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge (loal
XMIe Powder
Imperial Oil Co.
Untying ami TrniiKlVrriiig
Given prompt attention
plione ti.i
The Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction Uuaranteert
Headquarters for nil kinds of
Ladles uml Gentlemen's Hats
Cleaned nnd Bloeked
Phono '204
HohU Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, dikes. Pics
iiml Pnslrj
Phone 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hnll
Spokane,   Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel in Spokane
On your next trip
to thin city. Id up
■how you why
thin in true.
Opposite new Union Station. Clone in nil placeB ol
interest. Rooma elegantly
furnished. Hates aa low
as at the more ordinary
__ ■   ■ ■ =«
S#*e Slt'iim-liln on the Knot*
FERNIE,   II.   C,   Muy   24.—At   the
oncluston of the third duy of tlte sec-
mi triul here of A. A. Johnson, man
of the Ilex theatre, Crnnbrook.
barged wltli seducing Klhel Nicholas
A Plghln visited Cruulirook Thurs-
David Miller, wiio hus beeu visiting;
with his brother "Jimmy" left on Frl-
' day lor his home at tiie Orkney Islands
Gordia Hodgson was a visitor to
1 Port Steele this week aud wus the
■ guest ol' D. Brander.
j Mr. (ieo. rowell, manager Cruubrook
| Dye uud Cleaning works, was a visitor
I on Tuesday.
t provincial Game Wardens Wanl and
i Richardson passed through here on
'. Monday.
|    At tin* Police Court on Monday before W. w. Burdett, J. P. an employee
jut tin* Sullivan niitn* was charged witii
i shooting a bear witiiout a license.   The.
I defendant wbo pleaded guilty, wus tin- i
! ed $10 ami eosts.   Provincial Constable j
Shlpman prosecuted the ease.
i    A patriotic dance wlll be given by
the ladies oi' Marysville on Saturday,
Muy 27tll, ut the Pall's View  Hotel, i
Good music will he provided and a lap !
Slipper   will   he   served.     A   colli clion
I will be taken, tlie  proceeds over ex  [
I penses to go to tin* Rod Cross.   Everybody Invited, come und do tlie "bunny
| ling,"
M 0 Y I V.
P. K. Danlelson who lins been employed for the past six years nt the
St. Eugene Mine, left last week for
Wallace, Idaho.
Mrs. Conrad and daughters Gertie
and Marie returned on Saturday from
a visit to friends in Missoula, Mont.
J. P. Farrell was a visitor lu Kings-
gate Sunday.
Miss Jennie Smith Is visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Smith.
Al. Brydle a former resident of
Moyle was a passenger on tlie west
bound trnin Sunday.
Fred Kesler is here from Silverton.
On Mouilnv evening a number of the
citizens of .Moyie met in the Methodist
Church to present C. A. Chirk who has
had charge of the services held In
tho church for tlie past year with a
wrist watch, A social evening was
spent consisting of speeches, songs,
etc. Refreshments were served and
all Joined in wishing Mr. Clark a safe
return. He left Tuesday for Vancouver to join liis battalion, the B. C.
Assistant Postodlce Inspector Hiini-
pries puid Moyie a visit last Tuesday.
Charles and Lorle Nordman left for
Eliolt lust Thursday to reside there.
Several changes are sheduled to
take place Immediately in the local
staff of tlie Imperial Bank of Canada.
Mr. Irving C. Wedd. the manager for
this part has been transferred to take
the managership nt .Natal, and will he I
succeeded by Mr. C. H. Hurcourt of
tiie Golden brancii; .Mr. David Charles
Howell from horo succeeds Mr. llar-
Cpurt at Golden and Gilbert Tuyutoii
hus been taken on in this brancii. Mr.
und Mrs. Wedd have been residents
here for the past three years. They
leave for Natal tills week.
August the twenty-ninth and thirtieth are the days set for having the
Windermere District Agricultural Society's Fall Pair. The directors have
decided to hold It tliis year in the commodious covered rink of the Athalmer
Curling Company. Limited.
The usual bi-weekly Saturday afternoon function of tlie Invermere Golf
nnd Country Cluh was tliis week largely elaborated and extended to give a
farewell to Mr. Irving Wedd, retiring manager of the Imperial Bank of
Canada here, and his charming wife,
ulso to welcome In Mr. C. H. Hurcourt
who has heen appointed to fill Mr.
Wedd's position.
The entertainment was held In the
Club house. It wns a feature worthy
of much notice and comment to see the
great improvements which had been
mude In tin* building since tlie last tea.
Instead of the fete taking ou modest
proportions ft was turned into a regular supper under the arrangements of
the ladles' committee of tin- club. First
thero was golf aud niter the appetites
had heen sharpened an adjournment
was made to tlie club house wiiere a
most sumptuous supper was partaken
of hy the fifty odd guests who were
present. After tlu* supper golf playing
wus again in order for a while when
the guests once more assembled and
under the direction of the vice president of the club u progrnm of music
and speeches wus concluded. Tlte
evening was brought to a close by an
impromptu dance.
Mr. Wedd leaves this week to assume the position of manager nt' the
Natal, B. C., branch of the bank. During the period which Mr. Wedd Ims
lived in Invermere he has heen one of
the most active members of the Invermere Golf and Country Cluh. lie was
one of the founders and up to date ol'
leaving holds the position of Club captain. I'rlor to coming here ids hanking career has taken hlm to thirteen
of the otlier branch oa of the bank, lli-
ls in addition to being a good sports
man very keen In the part which he
takes in all matters and organizations tending to the upbuilding of tho
community in which he lives.
Yotfvvil! tlnd relief In Zam-Buk 1
li eases thc burning, stinging
pain, stops feeding and brings
ease. Perseverance, with Zam-
Buk, means cure. Whynotprovo
[ this?   AUDrmto^tsfASSr.
m Buk*
A 825th story in brief:-A local doctor was examining a recruit. Said
the doctor, "Vou won't lie accepted;
you have a had knee and you won't
he uble to run." Recruit, "God bless
you man, I am not going to run, It's
the other fellow". We saw him the
other day in khnki.
Mr. A. Beuttle has been quite sick
of late but Is uble to move around
Waldo hoys go to Michel on Mav IM
to play ball.
How NOT to get recruits-The otll-
cor should get lhe hold of u single
young man, preferably lu coinpuny
and say: "Going to join, young fellow?" The lad will likely say In reply
"Not yet". Then the olllcer should
say :"1 think you are a slacker! but,
hah Jove, the Knglish Government is
going to compel Canadian young men
to enlist!"    Verb. sap.
Mrs. F. Adolph nnd children left on
Friday  last ou  an  extended  visit to
years   and ufter seven [Hamilton, Ont, to visit her parents,
the Hev. aud Mrs.  philp.    Mr, Adolph
accompanied her pari of the way.
Pies. Hurry Parker and Kd. William*
th. were Waldo visitors
a girl  of  lfi     ____________
hours' deliberation the jury returned
a verdict of guilty, Sentence was deferred until the conclusion of tbe pres-1 sou of tiie 21"
\ last Week-eni!
Sergt. Bryant of the Montreal Highlanders, who went from Ferule with
tho Ilrst contingent, Is back and wus
down to Klko and the south country
recruiting for the 226th.
Mrs. George 11. Scott of Roosville,
lute of Falrvlew, .Nelson, wus in Klko
this week.
Tin* .Nelson .News Is responsible in a
late edition lor stating that M. A. Macdonald of Vancouver wlll not oger
himself as a candidate for the next
provinclnl elections. Jim Thistlebeak
says tliat children will never graduate
from the sixth reader into tlie doings
of M. A. Macdonald.
Mr. James Black of Vancouver was
iu Klko several duys this week and
left Sunday for Nelson.
Jill Thistlebeak says the fact that
brevity is the soul of wit, must account
for some oi the latest skirts looking
so dniufumiy.
G. G. Henderson, Mr. Mcintosh and
J. A. Macdonald of the Canadian Customs Dept., Femle, aud Gateway, wns
in Elko last week attending the funeral of W. C. Leacy of tho Customs
Dept., Roosville.
In so far as the social world ol' the
old historic burg was concerned last
week wus a gay one for both old and
young, for there were functions without number. On his return from the
Tobacco Plains Country Jim Thistlebeak gave a recherche dinner party
at tlle Klk Hotel at which muny toothsome viands were served. A strong
feature of the occasion was a song by-
Alex. Blrnle who had just been pulled
out from under au auto smashup, entitled "I was never nearer Heaven In
my life."
Ed.-Clay of Vancouver, lute of .Nelson, motored from Cranhrook to Klko
tbis week.
Corporals Dow and Balnes, Privates
St. Clair and Hardman of the 107th
llegt., Morrissey, are spending a few-
days fishing at Klko and getting the
Tho Conservatives had n special
meeting at which Jim Thistlebeak read
a telegram which came like a bolt
from the blue saying that on account
of pressure from tiie land of ids birth
to represent them In Purllnment lie
had decided to accept and would hope
that Klko, that town that had made
it possible for Idm to sit In tlie front
row ut Victoria, would pnrdon hlm
for the step he hud taken. When Jim
had finished lie looked at the true and
tried and everyone looked like a copy
of last weeks newspaper, the telegram
was from W. 11. Ross, minister of
Lands. We will now sing that beautiful Hymn -No. 23 "Wc Shall Meet but
we Shall Miss Him."
The fact that the Hon. W. R. Ross
is not going to stand for the Fernie
District don't mean that the district
will go socialist as there Is absolutely
no look In for the Liberals— nom
whatever ufter the mess they made of
the Mulligan at the Coast.
T. T. McVittie, P.L.S., of Fort Steele
was In Klko this week.
Jim Thistlebeak says It's alright for
tlie Germans to claim Shakespeare but
Bacon would be acceptable right now.
The Burton Mine west of Klko is
getting ready to ship ore.
Miss Hetty-Holo-ln-lier-Stocklng gave
a trout dinner the otlier dny at her
teepee on Moccasin Flats to her Fort
Steele friends who were down to Tobacco Plains visiting.
M. Phillips, .1. P., Frultlands, Is verv
sick. He Is one of the oldest settlers
In Southeast Kootenay, coming to this
section In the employ of the Hudsoii
Bay Co. on Tobacco Plains.
While passing through Elko las',
week on his wny to .Nelson little Frank
Hawthorne stepped off the train and
said ".Muni's the word."
If your religion makes you mtserabh
change it and como to Klko and en
Joy a week's fishing wliere the trout
jump high, ami make the timid nnglOl
climb a tree. Come wliere you can
make your heart merry uud fish from
the streams running with delightful
humor thai win Irrigate your dlgostlvi
system anti make you feel like « self-
iniiile millionaire ubout to cut consomme.
Not Handsome But
Articles of Usefulness are Just as Iiii|inrliiul un Those ol Itcmity.
In our east window is displayed many articles of lhc greatest usefulness In the home—Corner and Hound Clothes lluskcts. Ironing Hoards
with und without stands, Curtain Stretchers, Tub Stands, Carpel Sweepers,   Floor Mops,   Furniture I'nllsh,   Coiiu-olcuni  Hues,   Torch   Shades,
For the Camp
Tents of all kinds from 5 ft. by 7 ft. to 11 fl. by III fl.,
Mosquito Nets for single and double beds.
Hid you ever Nee a stove pipe bold We have them for tents, easy to
adjust und makes your tent safe.
Saturday Special
l.urgT Assortment of Women's rumps nnd Oxford* I'i.All
inversion und Use
TAKE NOTICK thut the Crows Nest
Pass Lumber Co., Limited whose address is Wardner, B. C, will apply for
u license to take und use 200 acre feet
of water out of Ha Hn which flows
easterly und drains Into the Kootenay
Hiver about Sub lot D of lot 325, by
underground passage.
Thy wuter will be diverted from the
stream at a point about 10 rods downstream from wliere a dum ts now built
on the lund, or about 15 chains from
Westerly boundary of land and will be
used for Irrigation purposes upon the
land described as sub lot D of district
lot 325, plan 524.
This notice was posted ou the
ground on the 25th day of May, 1914.
A copy of this notice and an application  pursuant thereto and to    the
Water Act, 1914," will be filed in tbe
ofllce of tlie Water Recorder at Cranbrook.
Objections to the application may be
filed with the said Water Hecorder or
with the Comptroller of Water Rights,
Parliament Building, Victoria, B. C,
within thirty days after the first appearance of this notice in a local
Crows Nest Pass Lumber Co. Ltd.,
By W. F. Gurd, Agent.
The date of the first publication of
this notice Is 25th of May, 1916.
ent assizes.
j     Mrs. C. I).
[a visit to K<
McNab loft hisi week on
Very few i ph* nre aware that iu
Flagstone tlioro is a daughter of one!
Mm I
Miss Cherrington would like to express the thanks of the "Lady Ursula"
Company, to all those who so kindly
gave their help tn producing thc play.
Special thanks ure due to the Rev
W. H. Bridge for repainting the scenery at Christ Church hall, and to Mr.
Raworth for lending most of the furniture and accessories; also to Sergeant
Fenton and Private Stirling for assisting with the decorations and for acting,
us scene shifters during the several
performances, also to Mr. McDermot
for the uso of the drop curtain.
Tho play wus produced on Monday
last at Fort Steele before a moat appreciative audience. Mrs. Fenwick,
Miss Hassle and Mr. Attree kindly arranged the stage, und the ladies of tbe
Red Cross Society were so good as to
entertain the company after the performance, at the house of Mrs. Cann,
at Wycliffe when
Spring Salmon
Fresh Halibut
and Codfish
Fresh killed Meats and Poultry
P. BURNS & CO., I td.
IN THE MATTER of tlle Winding Ujl j
Act being Clmnter 144 ol tlie Revised
Statutes of Canada und Amending
Acts, AND IN THE MATTER of tlio
Cranbrook Saw-Mills Company, Ltd I
TAKE NOTICE that by  nn  Order !
made by the Honourable Mr. Justice j
Morrison, dated thc 7th day of February, 1916, Thomas Mason Roberts, of
Cranbrook, Brltlsii Columbia, was appointed Ollicial Liquidator of the above
named  Company.     AND  FURTHER
TAKE NOTICE that all persons clnlm-
. . lng to be creditors of the said Compnny
silay tiie piny was performed , are hereby required on or before the i
^^^^ considerable prolit  16th day of June 1916, to seud ln par-
was made, owing to the generosity of ' ticulars of their claim duly verified to I
Mr fhiwlor «,,,i,1<.k  who Bave free use   "10 undersigned Solicitor for tlle said ,
in. ( Hester staples, who gavemouse u   (dator M„ wll|c|l ,,|lte thc sul(lj
of the Hall ns well as providing the C,H_ „,„ be adju8te(1 on „y Ul, HlM J
furniture,   und   decorations   for   thc Liquidator.
stage. The company also express their      Dated at Cranbrook. B. ('., this llth |
hearty thanks to tho following ladles <*** °' M"V!!J"'.„v„,„nv
1.   1.   ml'A lll'.IM ,
Solicitor for the said Thomas
Mason Huberts.
Including Mlninp, Chi-miriil. Civil Mechanical nutl KltetriLiil KnuiiiceriUK.
During tht War there will ba continuoui
••uiona in Medicine.
The ArtH Course niny he tnken by corte-
■•Mtidence, 1ml itndenis dewingtugra-iu*
uie mast nttcutl uue KMtoli,
SUMMER SCHOOL    oeo. v. chown
If vou
wanl   sails
vonr washing
send it lo
liners for
Yi'sterday contracts were signed by
the Baldwin Bros,, managers of tlte
Auditorium, and It. II. Dunlap, business manager of tbe Famous Boston-
inns Opera Company for the local appearance of tbis internationally famous company of talented young ladles district has done
Mosb Cook -'Ere, Bill, next time
you send up a crate of chickens, see
lhat tbey don't get Ioohc. I've spent
hours BOourlng the neighborhood, and
only been nble to Iiml ten. Orderly—
__^__^m_mm 'Ush. T.rb, 'ash.   I only sent yer six.
of the famous "Thin Fled Line'' In thel. Tlt-Uits
person of Mrs. Howe.   Her father died     „     ,      ~,,   ,    „ , ,
only a year or so-ago,  One of hor sons     l,,,liril"r-  •■'•» oaot is very tough;
is in khaki, and as far as bravery Is  It Is evidently from an old cow.
concerned, no doubt It will be a case j     Mrs. Hashlnigh—Let me   tell    you,
of "Ilk** fntlier, like son." ; S|r tlmt tll0 ten(ierost bcff *, ever ate
Pte, Brown ol the ('. M. 11. picked up . on
a couple of our boys last week. ! WI1R fr"»» » cow 15 or 20 years old.
Tho Farnell family of the FlagBtone     Boarder—That's   easily   explained;
well towards King  tlio eow wns so old ehe waa childish.
and gentlemen who lent curs: Mrs.
Macdonald, the IMsse's Robertson, Dr.
Green, Mr. McBride, Mr. B. Hill, Mr.
.Moth, Mr. K. Paterson, Mr. Hanson.
All the items of expense not being
to hand, the exact amount of profit
cannot be announced, but tlie bulance
will be divided between Christ church
hull fund, Ht. John Ambulance Society
aud thc Tennis Club,
friitjiUiii* Pill lor Women, |S a box ot throofor
flu.   Soiil Kt nil l'n,.r Btorm ur mulled toiui*/
tuMrcnri'iii r Ij»t«■ rf prldo.   Tilt BcoflRLli lUu'u
Co ,Ht.l'iitl..iri*iin. nm,i .-in 	
|'l*i*iI    r. ill   MTU 	
Vim nml
i "grey
on Monday, June 12. und Country.   No less than three sons
Mr, Dtinlap said, "Since the last ;and n son-ln-hiw. The two Wntson
appearance here of the Famous Bos- lads went up on Monday nud Bert
ton tans, we have toured the Hawaians, Hyde, Travis Baqbely and Mr. Clots-
Alaska, the Yukon, the Suites and the worthy. With Mr. Murdoch that makes
Western Provinces We have most of a respectable total of ten.
your former favorites, as well as sev-: On Tuesday the I.O.D.B, gave »
eral girls who have never before been treat to the boys and girls of Waldo
seen in Cruulirook, making thn largest and Baynes lu the Waldo school. Ad-
Bostonians Coinpuny thnt we have ' dresses were delivered by Revs. W.
ever toured through the Dominion. I Madden. C. !.. Cowan nnd Dr. Bind:
am glad to bring the kind wlshea of on the British Empire. After games
the members of my company to their the children had ull the good things
Vitality: for   Servo nnd Uml:
miitt.r" -i 'l-■■!!.    will) niIii /i>ii nii. 13i,
two fnr (.'>. m ilrni/ ItnrMl, "r l»y imol 01) rwelpt
tfprlei'      1 iii. ;-,..,in . .   .-in i, *■•■. :-l  Catlierlnul,
Be.iitle Murpli.v fu, Ltd, Agents.
many friends hen* and personally assure you that our new musical comedy
["Tlpperary   Mary"   will   prove to  be
[olio of the most delightful attractions
[that hi*" ever been offered In Cran*
j brook.    It Is replete witli clean com-
icdy, newest dances, lutest mimical hits Monday
and smart notion from overture to fin-     Mr.  W.  McKay  wus In
ni curtain." 'business on Hut urday.
they could oat nnd digest.
Provincial Policeman Dryden was a
Fernie visitor on Tuesday.
Chris. Turner, foreman of tho Boss
Saskatoon bush camp went to Cran-
book  last   Friday  aud   returned  ou
Ferule on ,
Hade Strong and Well By Vinol
Waynesboro,Pa.—•" I was all run down
after a hard spell of bronchitis so it was
hard forme to keep about. 1 had pains
in my chest and took cold easily. A
friend asked me to try Vinol. I did and
it built me up so I am strong and well
and I am able to do my housework which
I bad not done for three months before
taking Vinol."-Mrs. Y. R. Hor-
BOUGH- Waynesboro, Pa.
Vinol creates an appetite, aids digestion-  makes  pure blood   and  creates
strength.   Your money back if it fails.
Oranbrook.   Drug  &  Book  Co.,
Cranbrtiu--., BC.
The following sayings re advertising Klmbitrfpy. fl (
hnve been acknowledged axioms or
facts. You cannot deny them. Experience, observation and experiment
liave removed them from the doubtful
class to certain.
1. A business not worth advertising
is not worth having.
2. A dollar judiciously spent In advertising will always double Itself.
3. No man ever went broke by ad-
I erllllcnle of Improvement
"Ethel" Fr., "Altu" Fr., "Badger",
"Fox" and "Deer" Fr. Mineral claims,
situate In the Fort Steele Mining Division uf East Kootenay District.
Where located—On thc Kulllvan Hill,
Professional and business men, University graduates, teachers, high
school and otlier Students of suitable
age and attainments, your duty is to
lend, others follow yonr example, Vou
can do your duty amid congenial surroundings, iu n University a" well as
military atmosphere, among friends,
nnd find eiicourngemeiit to tpiulify
rapidly for promotion In tlie
196r   0VE18EA8 BATTALION, C.E.F.
Western I niwi-dtlcM
Take Notice that the Consolidated I
Mining & Smelling Co. of Cauada, Limited,    Free Miner's    Certificate    No.
90U1B, Intend, sixty days from  the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
j Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants of the above Claims.
I   And Further Take Notice that action  ments to N.C.O. rank held open for
,.,.,., .. .     ,     under Section 85 must be commenced competition    among    enlisted    mon
vertis ng, but there are thousands who ...... -      . „   ....   .    onlv
, ,    .    ,       . „    . before the Issuance of such Certificate om>'
go into bankruptcy annually because       Imnrovements Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
they don't advertise. I ' companies aro up to strength; the B.C.
Dated this 1st dny nf April. 101H      compuny is filling rapidly.   Thn bat-
—:—-—     ■-          ■   talion Is thus almost complete, and In
personnel fully reaches the high stand-
la   development  of  tlle   Canadian
Officers' Training Corps)
Only men of good character and education, ambitious and willing to work
hard to establish a record in rapid
training admitted. A distinctive uniform has been granted to tills special
battalion.   Commissions and nppohit-
4. Tbe suburban merchant who
blames bis neighbors for going into
the city is himself responsible for the
5. It Is a pity tbat the non-adver-
tlslng merchant cannot see the fact
Foreman ComnoBltor—"Three more ftrd wpected of a Western University
of my men have enlisted this morn- unit.
lng." Be a comrade of the men who after
Editor—"Oh, a wave of patriotism, I the war wlll be the leaders In Western
„ Canada.  Transportation to headquar-
tlmt lm is paying tlie bills of his ad- suppose. terH furnia]icd suitable applicants,
vertlsing competitor.                            |    Foreman  Compositor-"Well,  per- AppJ   {Q thc 0(m,er (iummBnd|ng( tj.
6. "It  costs  money  to  advertise,"   haps that's the way to put it. but they nf jj, (-. (<0.( lfxith Overseas Battalion,
says the slow coach merchant, but he soy they would rother be shot thou corner 10th and Laurel street, Vancou-
forgcts that It costs moro to run a set any more of your copy."-From vop- *'■ a«
business without advertising.             ' Beck's Weekly. Montreal. "BEHIT AlOUE"


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