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Cranbrook Herald Dec 26, 1918

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Nl 1MB Kit   BO
0m Christmas &>totv
How a Clever Young: Dog: Saved His "fnsU*r from
Being; Devoured liy Hungry Wolves       ::       ::
lily Robert Barr Warmnn. iu Red and liun in Canada—Slightly Altered)
Tho bright Deoomber Bun Bproatl iiu
welcome ray» upon the ■now-clod
wood* nnd lent a whoIoHomenoHH to
tin- .minimi loontea mr, thnt leemorl
to In mil re tho squirrels lo nn iiMIBtial
degree or nativity.   Kvon tho sombre
owl, jM*rt'h«Ml In ii t nulled muss ol'
Ikuiii'Iioh   HOW   llu*   top   of   u   Klmit
uprucp. jttrrod In his Htumbon a;i Im
Celt ltn Invigorating liiriiK'ii'i' and
Hpreniliiin lib* nofnel«BH whin**. sourM
Homo tnori' hoc hided parch.
Ah Jacques, tho trapper, trumped
along the homeward trull hreathlng
the sharp cleun air lie too foil invigorated and leaned on tiio traces of his
well laden toboggan with that enduring patience so characteristic of the
woodsmen of the north..
It was a long tramp rrom the settlement to the snug little cabin nt Willow Creek, but there wore necessities
which the grim nnd mysterious forest
would not yield, Bujeh 'ns woollen
clothing, flour and sugar, nnd this
toad of supplies was to help celebrate
the anniversary of the Christian birthday. The trapper glanced nt the
slowly lowering sun and began to
make calculations on wnat time he
could reach the cabin. He had three
bear sets which he wanted to visit
and taking these In he reckoned he
could reach tho cabin before the late
moon rose.
Accordingly he kept the trail, ent-
Ing up the distance with his long,
rangy stride and placing his big, Indian snowshoes with a skill that
comes only from long experience. Towards sunset as the shadows grew
long* In the silent forest, Jacques came
upon his first set. Leaving his toboggan, he turned Into the thicker
growth at his right and continued a-
long the bank of a small stream for
half a mile. Here he halted, examining the snow wtth scrutinizing eyes.
To his right was a dense windfall and
to his left the river, leaving a comparatively clear margin of a few feet
*tBWH» iln> urttmbank of ttie WStfff*
which past experience told him was n
favorite trail or the larger animals.
Seeing no bear tracks nt the runway, Jacques turned back. He expected the animals would come from
this direction and therefore wanted to
be sure If a bear bad passed recently
before he approached the trap ns nny
tlie stars came nut. the form on tlie
pucks grow motionless mul .luf<|iics,
(lie (nipper. Hliiiuhi'i'eil alone nnd lin*
proteotod on the nil en I mill.
OHAPTfl.ll  ll.
Par io tho Tvofltwara, in tho doorway of a little cabin in Willow Crook
a woman's anxious faco wns turned
upward, watching the groat pate ntoon
ns ll rose hi tlie starry heavens, Than
sho wu tolled the trail with wistful,
tear-filled eyes, every now mul again
glancing buck Into lhe room, where u
little hoy of five and a little tow*
haired girl ol four slept soundly tucked iu by ii loving mother';: hand. A-
guln the mother's eyes sought the
trail. She knew thai Jacques v;ns
somewhere in the black'.less of the
grim und myntorotin forest, and she
knew too thut no holier woodsman
ever travelled on it** silent trails, but
deep ln hor woman's heart was a
strange dim warning, an uneasiness
which even hor wilderness-bred courage could not dispel. He had promised to be homo early on this night,
uud she knew thai only au accident
froze on being exposed to tlie zero air.
Why didn't he think?
Again that weird, menacing cry
rose on the stilt night air. This time
It was much nearer, although not noticeably Increased in volume. A sickening feeling crept Into the lone man's
heart; he struggled frantically, then
paused flora s.ieer exhaustion with
only his pallid face showing from the
frozen bearskin. Once again the cry
arose and Jacques knew thut they had
found the trail. Now he realized tlie
awful hopelessness or his condition.
Many hours on Bnowohoea from the
Willow Creek cabin, even if they could
sl'ii'I help, and still farther from lho
Battlement, In a wild und rarely vteit-
od jinrt of tin* Athabasoo WOOdi, mid
denied even tlie chance of a tic lit a-
guinsi  odds,   Jacques  shivered,    his
heart sank nnd he prayed aloud,
This man was no en ward -far from
It. As brave u mnn o« ever .-lugged a
puck in alt the Northland, a land
where men ure bred to meet emergencies ami taught by tlmt rough teacher,
experience, Jacqua would meet anything thnt roamed the woods as long
ns lie was free to fight, but to face n
foe under these conditions was more
tlnin he could bear und keep his mind.
For n moment he was motionless, gazing with wild, glittering eyes into the
surrounding shadows.
The hunt-cry was hoard again and :
nearer, and soon gray shadows moved
among the trees, nnd four flaming
eyes circled about the toboggan with
it's living load, Then a strange pause
ensued Jacques took a deep breath.
There was a sound in the shadows— i
light footfalls, the click of angry jnws,
u tow growl and then u greui dark
form, much larger than tlie other'
two, circled about the toboggan.   A j
Santa Claus Bays thut there
over 700 children under Id j
age in Cranhrook, anil ne «
k " o w,
The collection taken nl thi United
[Praise and Thanksgiving Service held
A meeting of the Cranhrook Curling in ,il(' Auditorium on Sunday, Dec.
laiuh was held in the city hail last r:itl1- amounted to $35, jusi sufficient
■ Friday evening and the promise is to cover the expenses,
; thnt curling will get a good Btart thi
year on :i htcHI pebbled sheet of tee
: Everybody showed an enthusiasm to   *'"t '"
j get ready Lo Hike the broom. It la IoaHed away to OBtrSlI on Sunday to
conservatively estimated that the attend the Funeral of his aleter, .vho
membership ol the club this year will "i,,{i'"' pneumonia following an attack
be 7fi    TH.- following officers
.1.    It     M
io xae-iqn l«paiA0Jd
..„„•*,,,-■   leTopnoues. was
"i" Influenza.
could keep him from currying out his  cIll„ came over the (raI*r-8onod body
the packs.    Here was tne pack-
prom Iso.
The woman turned into the dimly
lighted room. First she looked at
her sleeping children, then tier eyes
wandered to the hearth, wliere she
watched the dancing flumes. Outside
on ttie still night air n long mournful
cry arose, which brought her suddenly
to attention. Before Its lust notes
had died away she hud slipped on u
heavy macklnaw und picking up a pnir
of snowshoes stepped to tne aoor. After securing the snowshoes she headed
straight for the I hick woods at the
rear of the cabin. For some minutes
she tramped in silence, but when a
little distance from the rnbfu she
raised tier fingers to tier mouth nnd
sent a shrill whistle through the forest. Pausing for n moment phe listened and then turning to the east she
went on, whistling again and again as
^difvUidod throjiglLtliOvtrfif.   .
Deeper in the forest nnd blending
harmoniously with its shadows, loped
a great grey form. Now it paused
beside n Juniper bush, now n long
sharp nose sniffed beneath me low
fir trees, while keen senses guided
tense muscles, and Dingo, the trapper's dog hunted with nil the alertness
of iiis untamed kinsmen,     He   was
human scent In the immediate vicinity
nf the bait  is  sure  lo arouse  their I a  l«>*erfiil  brute,  larger
suspicions.   After circling   the   spot j tI,e  *UxnX   tlmber   W0,V(V   0l   tnosa
and finding no tracks whatever, the  womK nnii wl,h H 1(M'Klh. o( *ftW ,hat
woodsman was confident   that    his ' **ve promise of  wonderful  fighting
: ability;   a  fine  head  with  eyes  wide
trap wus unmolested.
The next set was about an hour ''a,:nl '""■ mm" >'- ,h:,! r"11, ' l",,ll'i,,,:
down the main trail nnd close beside
it.    Here Jacques r.tapnod about    n
leader, he had just asserted his sup-
rlority, he was tho one who would
lead the fatal rush, whose fangs
would first draw blood on Jacques'
defenceless face. The man's spirit
broke; he tried to faint, hut bis eyes
were riveted on that circling shape,
Tho great lender circled warily,
trying to catch a whiff of the prey
before him. Around, around lie
moved in ever narrowing circles, Jacques watched for what seemed like
hours; lie saw the half opened mouth,
the dripping fangs, so long, so white
nnd cruet, then his sight grew blurred,
he screamed despairingly and his senses slipped away, instantly tlie leader paused, sniffed, then dnrled forward stopped within a font of the
pallid face. It was Dingo, tlie dog
from Willow Creek!
Por a moment, lie snlffei'. Then he
scented his master through the strong
odor of the bearskin. Tie wltined In
joy und licked the fnce before him.
From behind came a rush, und Dingo,
turning, met tlie wolf with n slush of
*is long fangs that opened li.m from
throat to chest. Instantly the other
wolf closed in. but met tlie same punishing jaw of the ginm flog. All
than| three fought alike, the wild, and the
semi-wild, never closing in for u hold
ns a bulldog would have done, but
depending on the lightning strength
of those awful jaws.    Ttie first  wolf
. W  !■■ Cameron
Identi  li   K   Hov,
s    W. I), lillroy
toe Committee!  A C, Bo'
r. Eakln and F SPophani
Memborohlp Cojmmlllee W
eron, Geo  rlogatjth, Lester <
II   lv Howard
Official iinuuilrc mid rofi
TOpliam and T,  M   Robert-.
Chaplain: lii-v. it. w, Uee
Tho metubershl]i Ceo was
ii was reported thai the A
is being fast pul Into shape
skating ami curling,
It was decided to throw the skating; '■
Ice open free until it ts required to
get ready for the bone poll,
The most important mailer up for!
discussion wus the District Bonepell I
nnd it wus decided to hold It in ('run-
brook beginning on Monday, Jan. 13, j
This date was confirmed at an execu-l
tlve mooting which was held on Mon-;
tiny evening.
It was impressed upon tlie meeting
that this bonspell is one of the biggest]
tilings, iu fact tllO biggest iliing, that
will happen In tho district this winter,
and everybody, whether curlers or not,
should become Interested ami talk !
about it and boosl for it nnd prepare;
to give a splendid reception to the I
hundreds of people who will gtither
here for bonspell week, l.et us nil get
udept in (Tie use ot tlie Scotch 'burr' i
or the bonspell tone. W*? may not ull'
have heen 'to the besom born* but wo)
should be able to affect tt bo that nol
one could tell the difference. Let us i
co-operate to tnuke the bonspeil of
LSlfl the besl ever held west of Win- ;
Tha fernli
Proe I'vf-* ...vs it is
expected thai
tlt.-ri' will be ;ii least ;i
doien   rinks
;n from Pernie lo take
Ill'KS.    It
K Cam-
pari  in tlir
held  in  I'm
.Inn.  lath.
liisirin Bonspell to be
brook   noramoni Ins   on
lapn and
ins u great capacity for
.,.,..   |,-
lowl     Till'  1.
umi ■tacked
Ichor slniiis were linns
nil ..I fowl laal sntnr-
di.y morning
i,n,l before the buying
fixed nl
»n« ovor ilini
was sold,
night nearly every bird
olio rink
[or both
Thoy can gi
t away with almo t an)
Local Overflow
A  Merry Xmas and  n  Happy Xey
\ eflL ,
Oct  your  skntes   ready   for   New .
Year's Day.
Curling and skating  toe is rapidly
being formed In the Arena rink.
tiling   they   nttempt down   In   l-Vrnlo   |
The other dny the jatl was bnrglarlzod !
by a  prisoner who got  soused with '
contraband   liquor   before   he   was
Some have gone to spend Xmas
away from home; others have come
to spend Xtnus away from home;
fhoroforo when wo give ii tho uncq
OVOr W0 find that it Is nearly an even '
Steven with the odds a little iu favor
of Crnnbrook.
Purchasers  of  Victory   Loans   who   J
have made payments in full should
sign their names ou tho back of the
official receipt and send them in to
the Hunk thoy BiibBcrlbed through
uud obtain their bonds. Tills does
not apply to fully rogUtored bonds
Special Attention Id drawn to the
special Memorial Service to be held '■
in thc Methodist Church on Sunday
evening next ut 7.30 p.m. In memory
of the lute Lleuteimnt KJugene Phillips.
Will friends of ttie 'deceased officer
endeavour to tie present m this service.
The City or Pernie lost its appenl
ngainsi a decision made by Judge
Thompson which substantially re due-;
"d assessments on hotel property in !
Fe.rnic ub,out ^O.per f-nnt- TrtMlUlffi
finding was based on the fact thai
tho principal source of revenue from
hotel property having been out off by ,
the enactment of the Prohibition Act.
(hose properties were correspondingly
reduced in value.
€ije Reasons
:i;Tiiu-. -ohh (fir 3„,*.i T8ji«
Jor n uraiatxaui J'ni iiiya? a,ul
.in top ,iJ thai ou* .Hi'aitii'.'l tlmitd.^
Jl'-.   jaOaiiS   pail
McCreery Bros.
The tax rate for Pernie for 1018 ha:
ecu fixed by tlie council al 40.2 mill
u the dollar.
■ Crnn-
luindred yards from the spot nnd circled as before. Picking his way carefully and silently through the now
darkening woods, the trapper enme
upon n small but boldly defined trull
which his tmlued eye told him ut
once was that of a skunk. He took
off bis snowshoes nnd npproactied.
ThOBO traps, wllli nu upper log.
heavy enough to break the ha 1. nr a
bear ure not the enniest thing In the
\ orld to ->et and usually ruin tne pe.t
of any smaller animal llv prying
with one of the heavy stakes JuoQUOl
removed the skunk, and Uteh W a-
boul the task of ie setting pnilSOd a
moment seeing thai tt led iu towardi
his set but deolded to see tr there
were nay bear trncss before he want
any closer. However, there wer-
none, nnd turning hack he followed
iho skunk's trull. The antiuul hnd
gone almost dlrecllv to the trap mid
when within sight Jucipies saw his
black nnd white budy -mulled I'lui
iH'iii'ittli the trememloits weight of the
upper log Wllh nu otth, the tnipper kicked lhe deadfall After working some time he got the Upper logjresiltig
propped up st Hie right height nnd ! his eyi
drew buck now. bleeding front his
n smooth conl of heavy tur. ht that wound, und with a four of the mnn
faint mournful cry reached him. two 'and his big protector strongly itn-
shnrp ears were rnised nnd u deep | pressed in his mind. The other
chest. Then come Die woman's sharp] wolf fought gnmely for a few minutes
whistle nod lie turned about, rocOg*j longer, then drew buck In little better
nnd ay.
A meeting and practice of the
brook city Band was held on  Monday  evening  lust,  ns  announced   In ;
; last  week's issue.    Owing, no doubt,
"'"'to the fact of the close proximity of
'" ,'-",|',u   ,l"'li'   l,erQ  Christmas several   who  would other-;
; wise
Kev  I). McCltntock, of Nelson
ccupy tli
■~»y h   \ry*n ^■^■^^^■d^W<»^^aewi ^Mii.%t»
A    MERRY    XMAS  i
A Mi   A
have been there, did not show
up.    Another  practice  is called  for
The District HoiiBpoil iu Cranbrook next Monday night. Dec. 30th and it
ontmences on Monday, Jan, 13th. The is hoped thai nil Interested will tie1
nlslns n familiar sound. He Btood mo-
Uonlesi until it reached him again
then glided through the shadows ot
the tree-, presently tie seemed tin
woman nnd troted Up to Iter side
"Dingo," she cried "come find
Jacques;H And then ehi
towards* the cabin On arriving she
pointed down the trull thnt led towards    lhe    settlement    and   holding
Diego > nose to the tracks commanded
him to go.    The great dog looked pUf-
U'd. glancing from the woods Lo her.
then he sniffed ttie   trail,   '*Qo   <>n
Dingo." she coniinr.nih'd again, "go get
shape than his companion.    Slinking
hack in the shadows they voiced their
weird   howl   again,    and    contented
themselves to wait for reinforcements.
Dingo now turned his attention to his
muster, but nfter severn* unsuccessful
turtetl back | nttompts to arouse him by licking his
face, bo snt down on bis hnunches and
philosophically looked over the situation,    De knew  in his animal brain
thnt something wns wrong.   He knew
his mnster should nol he lying there
so quiet  With  danger all about   h|m,
and he knew too thnt whenever he
I hud heen sent to meet Jacques before.
Jacques  -go gei  im,       Dingo start- j ho had welcomed him und hurried on
ed down the trull, harked » few times | towards the cabin.    Dingo could  not
and then with his bushy tail high in | understand.     He   trial   coaxing   his
the air trotted off toward" ihe wood'- ; master by turning us though to go to
! ihe cabin, hut he still got no response.
CHAPTER III ; Por Home minutes he sat thoughtfully
beside   the   toboggan,   his   great   gray
head tilted to one side, his eyes ever
great joy even I of the season.
LoBt—A collie pup, reddish color,!
about three months old. P'nder will
please return same to Mrs. A. C. Bow-
nesa.    Reward.
The ice in the Arena rink is expected  to be In good  shape for both j
on hand at eight o'clock sharp in the
Hand room over Clapp's tobacco store
•    .vert-
on Sun-
Special   Cliriatmea   Servh
held lu the Methodist Chun-
day Inst, both services beinir conducted by the pastor. Rev  R. W, Lee.   In
the  morning the subject  of the discourse   wns   "The   Pre-eminence   of'
culling   and   skating   by   New   Veer's | Ohrlat"   (Col   I:   18).     In  the evening ,
pll>' ' Mr. l.oe preached upon "The Trlnty of!
  ] (lifts—Gold. Frankincense and Myrrh". I
Rev. M. C. Campbell. M.A.. of Kaslo  Special  Xmas anthems    nnd    enrols)
preached  two  learned  and  eloquent were sung nt both services and were {
discourses tn Knox church  bore lust. heartily  enjoyed   by  good  i-oiigrtgn- \
Sundny.   fin  Monday lie returned to   lions.
Kaslo. ;  '
w. j, ATCHISON, Mr-
hay Pheae 74.
MsM Khoae SK
W^M-»a/ljji' w^t' n>VW"»».Vti 'M^H^**^1'*^'
a long, weird far-away howl Moated
down lhe aisles of the moonlit forest I
nnd reaching Jocquoe, wrapped snugly!
in Ihe bearskin, awoke him from hisl
loop.    The   irapper  opened
instnnily  and  was  wide u-
The regular meeting of tho St,
John's Ambulance Association will be I
hold on Tuesday, Jan. 7th. 10If*, nt
7.H0 p.m. In the V.M.c \. building.
A full nttendaine of memlier^ Is requested
lie listened To (he lasl dying
OCllOOfl hi that sinister howl, Too well
he understood its meaning—the hunt
cry of the gathering wolf pack, those
ever-hungry marauders of the groat
then arranged tlie ball und Die trig-! w"k<
■er. This done, he straddled tho lower log and placed u powerful shoulder below the tipper, rnised It until the
prop fell clear and then towored It
until Its massivb weight wss on tho north woods. When armed nnd on
"figure four." For a moment it bal- his feet, Jacques regarded them with
anted, then suddenly tbe irlgger the eontompt, whicli trappers often
snapped, bringing thc deadfall down feel for the beasta thnt fall their prey;
before the startled woodsmnn could U«t with a' sprained ankle nnd only
free his foot. s belt axe for protection, he shuddered
With a stifled groan the trapper «' the unwelcome notes of tltnt far-
was drawn to the ground, but one ) off sound.
thing saved his ankle from being cut!     His  Injured   tinkle   seemed   better
In two.   The lower log was crooked now so ho decided to try   a   little
and left a hollow Just large enough to weight on it.   Carefully lie begun to
prevent the bone trom being crushed.
However the pressure was tremendous and lt was some time before
Jacques, with the aid of one oP the
large stakes, could pry up the log
enough to free his foot. When he did,
a terrible weakness came ovor him,
nut with a supreme effort he managed to crawl over to the toboggan,
and after wrapping himself In the
bearskin he sank back exhausted on
tbe soft packs.
draw his leg up, but lt did not move.
His feet seemed heavy ns lead, or had
bis strength failed him! True, he
could not move his leg, Now ho tried
tbe other but with tho same strange
result. Jacques wuh perplexed. He
made an effort to sit up, but could not
move, Then he saw ll wns the bearskin It was as stiff as slioet iron!
That sell led It. Jncquos understood,
When ho had wrapped the bearskin
I around him, with thc fur side In, the
Tba darkntM thickened, one by toe I other side was still wet ana quickly
Klunclng westward down the I rail
Then, ns though decided, he got up.
wnlkod over to the toboggan mid picked up the rope in Ills powerful Jnws,
leaned hi" massive weight upon tlie
traces of the toboggan It creaked
loosened in lhe snow, and with n
wnrnlng growl from Dingo, slipped
down the silent trail.
The pale gray llghl of early dnwn
tinted the eastern horizon and told
the natives of the Northland of tho
approach of another day. In the
window of the little cabin at Willow
Creek, the same tired face watched
the trail through the small square
which overlooked the chip-strewn
yard of Jacques cabin. Tbe light
In the east grew brighter, the sky took
a pinkish light and then day broke.
The trail grew distinct far among the
trees; a long winding empty trail It
was, But was It empty? What wns
that dark spot In tho gtoom of tho
trees? It was moving; yes—it approached! It was Inngn nnd his
precious load.
But what were those shadowy
forms that loped ho phnntom-llkt*
beside the trail? The woman who
watchal knew; her face left lho
window at once and snatching    up
such as we sell is worthy of the bi -i
care in its cooking. D Is too fine a
ment for any hut the best attention
And there will he an ample reward
for this (nre when the beef, hot and
temptingly fragrant  appear-- on  the
j table,    Never before imve yo
finer meat     Nowhere -1 i
obtain any that  will taste
Jacques rifle and cartridge i"-ii bIiq
stepped to the door.    At  tills moment
two wolves closed in. Tint meeting
DtngO'l slashing fangs and still wory
of tlie  Btrange  toboggan   tiiey   drew
off again.   The trapper's wife slipped
u cartridge in the rifle nnd  letoHed
Ihe breech again     Dingo approached
rapidly, leaving a long ribbon of scarlet on  the snow as he came.    Once
again the wolves closed tn.   Then up
went the rifle, a keen blue eye glanced along the sights and a shot rang
out on the frosty air. With doft fingers
she broke the rifle again nnd slipped
In another cartridge.   There was nn-
j other report on the morning nir nnd
another hlg marauder fell limply on
| the snow.
I Two hours hud passed. The eubin
I waa bright mid cheerful. The child- j
j ren Inughtcd merrily usi tbey played
I with some cheap toys from the
I settlement store, while in a rude arm-
I chair snt Jacques, his bandaged foot
propped   up  beside   the   fire,   and    a
fond smile on  his weathered  face.
His good wife wns preparing breakfast in one corner of the little cabin,
while over  a  heaping  dish  of moat
scraps in another corner, stood Dingo, Um c BAN BRO OK MEAT MARKET
the lender- the mnater of tho silent j
Wc Wish
All Our
Patrons  and
A Very Merry Christmas
And a
Happy   New
1 in preparing h tender sleaK. Juicy
I roast nr delicious chops from our
I choice stock because ynu know Hint
j your efforts are siieni oh ment worthy
i of your skill. No more disappoint.
| mnnts tine to tougili ilry dinners If
I we in|i|ily yon Why nol order Sunday's dinner from us Mil*, week?
riwM 8
The  Cranbrook   Herald
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Published Every Thursday by
thi: cranbrook herald, limited
W.  A. MYERS,     :      ;      :      :      :       Managing Editor
Advertising Hales on  application.   Changes lor Advertising MIST be ln
this    niiiiT    Wednesday    noon    thocurrciit   week   lo   secure   allenllnn.
ems ! ——————--*——*~~~
The Christmas ol 1918 should he tlie
cheeriest "f any this weary world Ims
enjoyed  for ninny n  Ions year.    The
Prince of  Pea mil  Qoofl  Will,  the
joy unspeakable and full of glory, tho
Blessing that raoketli rich anil that
addeth no sorrow wtth it, should reign
in the hearts ol all. We see tho ho-
ginning ol peace on earth; wo see the
im liiiiiiioii of the I'liiions to extend
good will lu nil worth) men: we see
the feeble rays nf the dawning ol n
world's democracy nnd tile way that
leads to :i brighter ami liapiiler ilny
hy establishing tho principle of Brit,
lsh Pair Play or tho Amorlcan Square
Deal in nil our Boclal, commercial,
oconomtc nnd national activities.
Ue acknowledge the principle of
rich! over iiiliiln; the power of love
over hate; tho victory of truth over
that tlie Allies content themselves
with an undertaking hy Holland to
Intern them for life in one of the
Dutch colonies, according to nu Amsterdam dispatch to the Express,
Holland, it Is understood, will sus-
gesl thin Heir Hohenzollern and Ills
sun be placed on nn island lu elihor
tlie East or West Indies, where they
will in- guarded hy a Dutch Heet.
They  will  then
Joint deposit account may be opened
subject to withdrawal by
1,1 either party.
B. E. HOWARD, Manager.
The Imperial
OPEN FKOM (1 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Host Meals*    -    Quick Service
whicli may cause n Rreut rtcnl of
harm. A short tlmo uko tt wus reported In nbny limners that I the
Montreal Herald had gone into Hqul-
datlon, Tli« news wus true bin the
public should know that the paper In
Entertainments. | nnanolnl difficulties had no eonnec-
  tion whatever with tbe ureal  Weekly
I'IMIISTXAN I.IKTS TAKR FORM       P*por tulle'1 Tho KHmiI>' Hora,d nml
01   IVVII SlVtMi STAMPS   Weekly  Star.    The  latter  paper    1»
Through a similarity in names    a      invermere,   Dec.   L'lst,—   Amongsl
wrong  impression  haa been created | others wlio have been discharged and
are cither near 11111111' or about to be
I in Vancouver, enlisting in tlie 48th in
'■■ 1014 nnd wounded in 1915 Is also due
to return. He is suffering rrom shell
I shock as the result of being sent again
j tn the Front and It IsneeessaryfOr him
! in return first to Vancouver to re-
able to write a
Arabian   NlglltB
acclaim neither right
We <i<>. however, ac-
, who taughl ns the
nisnOBS, Love, Truth
falsity. Uui w
love nor truth
claim the Chr
power of High
and Justice.
Tin- Herald, therefore, in the Spirit
here outlined, wishes all its readers
"A .Merry Christmas."
(•BACK, n:w K, A JUST
VN'll LASTINC  ma:.
The president oi' die United States
lias been enthusiastically received in
Prance, In response to tho Prosidonl
of Die French Republic's address id
welcome, Prosldent Wilson said:
"Mr, rPesident, 1 am deeply in*
debleil in you inr your graclom j-reei-
Ing, l! i: very delightful I" find my-
Belf in Prance mul feel Lho quick
contact of sympathy and unaffected
friendship between ihe representatives of the United Suites and Prance.
"Yon have beon very generous in
what yon were pleased to Bay about
inyseir, bul 1 feel what I have said
aud what 1 Imve tried to do has beon
said and done in an nttempl to express tin' thoughts ol' tlie people of
the United Stairs truly and to carry
that though!  out   in  action.
"From the lirst the thought ol' the
people ol' tho United Slates turned
toward Bomethlng more than tho mere
winning ol tlie war. it turned to
tho establishment of eternal peace
Of right and Justice, lt realized that
merely to win the war wan nol
enough; that it must he won In such
a way and tho questions raised by
ft settled In such n wny as to insure
the future peace of Hie world and
Jay the foundation for the freedom
and happiness of its many peoples
and nations.
"Never before has war worn so
terrible a vlmigo or exhibited more
grossly the debasing influence of
illicit iimhlllons. 1 am sure that I
shall look upon ruin wrought by the
armies of tiie central empires with
the same repulsion uud deep Indignation that stir in the hearts of the
men of France and Belgium, and I
appreciate, as you do, sir, the necessity of such action in the final Issues
of tho wur ns will not only rebuke
such acts of terror uud spoliation.
but make men everywhere aware thai
they can not venture upon war without tho certainty of just ppnlshment
"I know with what ardor and enthusiasm the soldiers and sailors of
the United States have given the
best that was in them to this war of
redemption. They have expressed
tlie true spirit of America.
"It is with a peculiar feeling, Mr.
President, thai 1 find myself in
France joining with you in rejoicing
over the victory that has boon won.
Tho ties that bind Prance and the
United States nre particularly close,
I do not know in whnl other com-
ntdshlp we cbUld have fotlghl with
more spirit or enthusiasm. It will
dally lie a matter of pleasure with
me iii be brought into consultation
with the statesmen of France nnd her
allies in concerting the moaiurea by
which   we  mny   secure     perm: nre
for these happy relations or friendship and co-oporatlon umi secure lor
the world nt large such safely nml
freedom iu Its Ufa as can be secured I
only by the constant asHoclatlon and!
co-operation of friends.
■c n friend for Christ mas
thai Is giving many people a greal ileal of thought. Opinions on this subject have changed
considerably, lor the war has made
Imperative ihe quality of usefulness
In wilts. To-day the effort is to get
a present that combines good will
aud genuine value.
War Savings Stamps do this to nn
unusual extent. Not only are they always worth the price paid for them,
hut a great deal more. Interest being
paid on them at the rate of over 4 1-2
por cent compounded half-yearly.
Most other glfta decrease in value ns
Pound District Act
Pursuant to the proviatono of Section ll of this Act, notice is hereby
given of the appointment of Charles
Ungrldgo of Hull Hlver. B.C.,
potindkoeper, of the pound established
in the (lull Hlver district and located
ai the junction of the Government
road uud the Hull Hlver. being Lot US
c. u. 11. Map.
R 1). HAIUtOW,
.Minister of Agriculture
1.HS.       liO-let
t K(>['
A War Savings Stamp costs $4.
which is pretty well within the reach
of all, Still, if thrre are any who
want lo start a friend in thc way of
profitable saving, but feel that they
cannot, afford this amount, they may
buy Thrift Stamps and give them.
These cost 2E cents each, and when
iixtoon of I'h in have heen bough, they
may he exchanged for a War Savings
War S;i*i. i;s Stamps nrr a pood investment, drawing 4 L-2 per cent compounded hali'-yearly. and no one will
regret having given one or more of
them a:-: a i-iesent.
nn their way to this District are Captain Herald Houlgravo, It. N. In private 'efe Captain Houlgravo was 11
rancher in this neighborhood, He left
and .olned the naval forces of Great
Britain in March IBM. Since leaving
here he has served on one of H. M.'s
ships of war engaged in convoying
troops across the Atlantic but lately
published   by     The     Montreal     Star I he h«R been transport  officer at  the
Publishing Co., and is known  in al-   port of Quebec.   Navigation    having
moHt every home Hi Canada,   ln jus-   closed  there  Captain  Houlgravo  ex-| Department of Agriculture,
tico lo our confrere wo make this an-  pects to bo back to take up ranching I     N lotorla, B. C, Dec. 18th,
nouncement,      The    Family    Herald I i» the Valley in the curtrse or about | ••■~-.rrr -
and    Weekly    Star   is   one   of    the  one more week.
strongest   papers   on   the   Continent, j    still another is Private Kenneth M,
Tiie word "Family"   should   not    be 1 pope, sou of Mr. Thomas Arohdalo
omitted when addressing that paper, pope. He enlisted at Vernon iu the
j 54th Battalion iu June 1916 and was
j seriously wounded in one of the bat-
OrHl !A1, ADMINISTRATORS ACT ', Hen of tho period.   He is the brother
  '■ of Private Christopher Pope who was
Notice is hereby given that on Nov- I wounded in April 1916 and was later
ombor 21st,
His Honor Qeorgo H, Thompson, Esq,. I '
Judge of tlie County Court ol East \ "'"""•   I,rlv"lc Pol,<* "■■"'«'' homo
Kootenay, Hint James A. Arnold, Offl-' ,lw 20,tl-
Wt Whk
Jill Our Customers
,s7t Ttyerry Xmas
and a   very
JCappy \and
Tfew 2/ear
Raworth Bros.
Next to the PoBtofftoe.
11118* it was ordered by | reported  to have met  death  In    the
: bombing of the hospital by the C.er-
clal Administrator for that portion nf
the County of Kootenay included in
the Electoral District of Cranbrook
lie Administrator of all and singular
the estate of Knut Froroth, deceased
Every person indebted to the said I
deceased is required to make payment
forthwith to tlie undersigned.
Every person having in possession '■■
effects belonging to tiie deceased Is
required forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person having any claims upon   or   interest   in
1 lhe distribution of the estate of   the
\ said deceased Is required to send before the 31st day of January,  191ft,
, next, liy registered mail addressed to
. the  undersigned, iiis name and nd-
■unteni Slides, illustrating j dress and the full particulars of his
various steps In the invalid sol-  claim or interest, nnd a statement of
his account and tlie nature of   the
Private Hamish Hell wno Joined up
will rapidly improve your
liver and putting stomach
and Hood in good order.
U....IiS.t. ut u, Medici., ia le. We.14,
SeM ...rewfn..  I. b.ue.15..
tiler's rliuilt back Trom "down :iml out'
to "hii nml  In again,"  proved very ; security (if nny) hold by him.
popular lust winter all over Canaitti, |    After the suid last mentioned date
ns well us on shipboard among the j lhe Administrator will proceed with
returning soldiers themselves, ! the distribution of the estate having
We are informed by -the EdKeriaf ■ rogurd to those clnlms only of which
he shall have bad notice.
Dated al rrunbrook this 20th day of
Decembfir, 1918.
60-lt. Offiriut Administrator
Drnnoh of the Department of Soldiers'
Civil Re-Establishment that the slides
have been thoroughly overhauled and
many new pictures have been added,
while new and up-to-date lecture material has been written.
The new sets are now bolng sent
out, tree of cbnrgo, on loan to ministers nml oilier  responsible speakers 	
who realize the vital need of spreading j Notice Is hereby given that on Nov*
Information on tills great national en- ember 21st. 191S, lt was ordered by
terprlBO  among  nil   classes  of    the ' His Honor George H. Thompson. Esq.,
Judgo of tlie County Court of East
the lecture arc [ Kootenay, that James A. Arnold, Offl-
iliil Administrator for that portion of
Posters to nnnounc
applied lu advance.
Application should be .made as early i the County of Kootenay Included In
is possible to Assistant Director, De-   the   Electoral
nnrtment of oSldlers' Civil Ro-Estab-
lisliiiient. Hoard of Trade Building,
Pendor St.. Vancouver,
the Electoral District of Crunbrook
be Administrator of all and singular :
tlie estate of John Kits-par. deceased I
—   |    Every person indebted to the snld!
Fancy itiitl Hall-room Dane- 'locottiMid Is required to make paymont |
Ing   taught,    For   particulars   forthwith to the undersigned,
phone 'l(M or box 428.- ■ Mrs, i   Bitty person having in possession
Van llraam.                        4fi-tf j effects belonging to the deceased is
^^———-^ | required forthwith to notify thc undersigned.
Every creditor or other person bav-
....           .„  ,      ,. D'K any claims upon   or   Interest   in
nnMlenuct   n nt tb   ,'7r    ""',«'"  '"'!  "'"'■'"'"I"" of the estate of   the
piiott, .till llmi at too otrire.s ol Messrs        u j , , .     .
Macdonald a Nlsbet. Solicitors. Cran-1 H"ld ,lc''<!'l8wl 1" "quired to send he-
brook, ll, ('.. on .Monday tho 6th day  f"ri' ""' 4,h  (l">' of February.  1019,
'"' •' '"IT HU. "t 2.80 p.ii. lho foi- next, by registered mnll addressed to
Bnlfvm0^       „ ""' undersigned, his „«mc and nd-
«i::r,i;7S^nm     *-»»»*• < '■«-•"<•» ■>■ »>■
Upright onglno til x in l'1"1'" "r Interest, nnd a statement of
l/ir. Jack, two plumber saws, car- u'8 ni'™unt nnd the nature of   tho
r!"??.'."vo ll;"" "' '""-son, wagon and  security (if any) held by him.
After the said last mentioned  dale
Extraordinary Soap
Ivory Soap is extraordinarily good soap.
You will lind that it lathers better than
any soap you have ever used; that it
rinses more easily; that it doesn't irritate
the skin; that it cleanses beautifully and
harmlessly. Ivory is unusually satisfactory because it is the purest, mildest
and highest quality soap that can be
Uadt tn the Procter A Gamble factories at Hamilton, Canada
Feather Light
The users  are  the  Con-
Meets In tbe
Parish Hall
first Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
nt 3 p.m.
Pres., Mrs. E.
H. Leaman
Secy, Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. O. Box 621.
All ladles cordially Indted.
Civil and Mining Englaeers
B. C. Land Surveyors
New Open for Engagements.    One to
Four Pieces
The Music with the PEP.    For Terms
er phone S2(i Cnuibreek, B. C.
One typewriter, certain hills receivable ami logging ami rigging and mill
further particulars apply to tin
untlorslg I
T  M   ItoitKIITR
Macdonald *. Nlsbet,
Solicitors for  Asslci  r,0-2l
the Administrator will proceed with
the distribution of the ostato having I
nKurd i» those ehlmi only of which
lie shall imve bud notice.
Hated at Cranhriok this SOtli day of
I ember, litis.
",(|-2t Official Administrator
Montreal. Uec. 7—\V. IS. ltuss, pres
ident ot the Dominion Council of th.
Navy League of Canada, made publio the following resolution this morning, as passed ai a meeting of the
Dominion Council yesterday afternoon:
"That this meetlnjr calls upon the
government to declare that In tiegoll
atlng any terms of peace between the
Allies aud enemy countries tho 'so-
oalled freedom of tbe seas' shall not
form a basis for discussion."
London. Dec. 7—If tbe Allies In-
Bist upon Hie delivery or tbe former
German emperor nnd crown prince
to an luternntlonat court of Justice,
Holland will yield, but will first urge]
War-Savings Stamps
On Sale nt nil
BUY War-Sovings Stamps for $1.00 each, place
them on the Certificate, which will be given to
you; have your Stamps registered against loss,
free of charge at any Money-Order Post Office; nnd on the first
day of 192-1, Ciiiuulii will pay you $5.00 each for your stumps.
As nn aid to the purchase of W.-S. S. you coil buy THRIFT
Stamp, for 25 cents each. Sixteen of these Thrift Stamps on a
Thrift Card will be exchanged for a W.-S. S. Thrift Stamp, do
not bear interest. Tlieir virtue is that tbey enable you to
apply every 25 cents you can save towards tbe purchase of a
Government, interest-bearing security.
"If high rates of interest must he paid on Government borrowings it is but right that every man. woman, and child should
have the opportunity to earn this interest."—Sit Thomas While.
%SB for $4.22
Spokane, Washington
Thla bouse baa th*
happy distinction of being the favorite stopping place In Spokane
for the people of British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage and do
everything In our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location Is excellent —
close to Great Northern Station
and O. W R. ft N.-Mllwauko
terminal, and within a minute's
walk from tbe principal business
bouses and places of amusement
See StesmshlD on Hoof
Building: and
Job Work
Clarke & Sainsbury
Phone 73 er S7«     P.O. Box SM
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada Limited
Office, smelting and Refining Department
Purchaser of Oold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores.
Tabanac Brand Pig Lead, Blueatone, Spelter and Copper
ton C*M*OI*N  HOMIt
Can you think of any reason why
there should not be one In your
Ilrs. (.rem * MacKinnon
Physicians nml Surgeons
Olllce  at  residence,  Armstrong
OFFICE nomis
Forenoons    8.00 to 1(1.00
Afternoons   ||,no to 4.00
Evenings v.iio to s.30
Sundays     u.ao tu 4.110
I. O. O. F.
Meets   every
Monday night
       at Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
E. H. McPhee,      J.w. Stance.
Secy. N. O.
tumiliig Fill for Wunwn.   $S % bo« or ihreo lo'
IU. Jfold at All Drug Store-,, or nulled to Any
iddreaaon rectlptol price,  thi Bco*,u. Dudq
Co., 8*. Oithirlnti, Ontntlo. __^_
rtUSM0iM7oR-MEN. lOT
Vlulltrjfof N«w ud Brtlni lamuH "iny
Olllce In Hanson Block
9 lo  12. a.m.
1  to    5 p.m.
Private Nursing Heme
Llccnstd by Provincial  Govt.
Maternity and l.eneral Nursing
Massage and Hest Cure, Highest
References, terms moderate.
Apply MrB. A. Crawford, Matron
Phone 259 P. O Boi 846
Address, Garden Ave. Cranbrook
Hunt. Frame, Prop.
' ri'sn llrcnil, Cakes, Pies
iind I'.istrjt
Phone 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp City Ball
Cranbrook, a C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
C. G. Borgstrom. ('. C.
C. H. Collins, K. R. t 8.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Meets In Maplu Hall second
Tuesday of every month at 8
p. m.
Membership open to Brltlsn
Visiting members cordially
E. Y. Brake.       J. p. Lower,
President. Secretary
Forwarding and  Distributing
Agent for
Lethbrldge aid OreenhlU Ceal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlitrbutlon Cars a Specialty.
IMuvIni! ami Triiii.ferrlng
Given prompt attention
Phone 63
I'he Shoe Specialist
NaUafaetlon Guaranteed
..eadquarters ft r all klnda of
Phone (Ml
Norbury Ave, nest to Illy Hsll
MniiiiniH lli'slnnrnnl
Weals al All Hours
riuur.. Cigarettes and Candy
ii" ••'•  Hank nf I'nmtnerce
Automobiles for hire.. .Boats
on Oreen Bay In Connection.
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washiest
send lt to
Soeclal prices (or famllv THURSDAY, DECEMBER 80th,  1918.
A   9K
nmi    and
\v. e. w
TJiA^Rsarvmo sukvh k
Kilby t'riuitfs pictures; phone H.
Twenty-five  cents  buys
I Stamp.
The united service of praise und
thanksgiving of Cranbrook'* citizens
was held lu tlie Auditorium un Sunday evening last. There was a fairly
representative attendance, but the
flu germ prevented quite a number
from attending.
The united choir rendered good
music, and tlieir efforts were followed heartily by those gathered in tlie
body of the hall.
I    Every part of the service was en-
i tered into heartily.    The Ministerial
Association  took charge of the uer-
| vice.
[    Uev. u. w, Lee matte tiie address.! 	
, It, was fervently patriotic uud hi- Overcoats, cheap, good us new, nil
spiring. The war thai bad resulted sizes, at the Cranbrook Oleanera, 46-4t
in so eoniploto n  victory  was not  so 	
l^ocal and personal
We Wish You All
W. li. Bardgett has milk ami cream
lor sale. 49-tf.
Buy your
boy Thrift  Stamps  for
niiitii a war
war between
Love agalnsl
might;  deimii
between  nations as a
principles   nnd   ideals.
hate;   right   against
acy againbI autocracy;
War  Savings  and  Thrift  Stamps
make fine ('hrtatmas gifts.
Creston  Valley produced an apple
crop this year of about 66,000 boxes
We Suggest
An Ingrrsoll Watch .... *2.IHI
A Set. ol Carvers .. *.;.-> lo *J.IiO
A Percolator .... ftim lo *«.■'>"
An Electric Iron flUKI nnd (Mil
A Casserole *2.ihi lo t&M
An Alarm Clock .. 1(9.85 to *.Vill
(illicit,' and Auto Strop
Safety Haiiim   HiM
rocket Knl.es .... 2,",c to W>0
Skates   *U0 to $U.IM
Flexible Flier Sleds UMI lo (,*,.
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook,    -    B. C.
Creston Masonic bodge oficers were
installed by w. Ilro. Shankland, D.D
O.M.  last Friday evening,
WANTED—Turkey hens ami two
ducks and drake.   Kindly slate prices,
B.C. 4s;it
ami lovo, i1 win and democracy hud
wi.n. Christian ideals had prevailed
Now we enter upon a period of reconstruction, a new world to live in. ii
new   age   Ims   bt    ushered   ill.     Tlie
problotUB nf reconstruction should be
considered and an effort made to
practically solve them. Tho reconstruction musi be nol only economic I—Apply J. Mader, Wardne
bul moral.    Locally considered   what! ■	
steps toward reconstruction must we! Mrs. Kntumdale and daughter Addle,
talto? Are tho hoys to come back of Yynndel are visiting friends in the
io the same old town or to some- j city.
tiling new and better? 	
Kev. Mr. I'ow read the Honor Roll,      M'ss Robs, primary teacher in Ores-
the names of those  who had  made   ton school, is spending her holidays
the supreme sacrifice, who had gone i with friends in thlri city.
from Cranbrook.    There were sixty-
five names altogether, as follows;—
.1.   R   .Argue,   II.   Ilanfield.   H.   H.
Bourne, I>. J. Blnney, J. Brake, R. C.
Brown, D.C.M.; 11. Cadwallader, L. J.
Cadwallader, P. Cahlil, F. Clifford. T.
Clarke, F. C, Edge, U. F. Henley, R.
W. Henry, W. Harrison. M. Howard,
0. D. Kerr. .1. Macdonald, L. I). Mc-
Eachern, C. McXabb, S. R. Morris, J.
Malcolm. A. McAuley, W. Montgomery. J. Ogden, A. Piggott, I). Pye, J.
II. Reid. W. Robertson, A, B. Shaw,
K. Spencer. A, Stephens. It. Taylor,
P. Bidder. A. Braniug, T. Clarke, 0.
Haynes,  W.  Joy, tl.  X.   Keny,    J,  B.
Twamley, A. T. Underbill, J- W. Wilson, F. Woodward, .1. Cameron, F.
Lewis, F. Brown, E. E, Hore, S. V.
Perry, M. Poulson, Q. Soam, F. Mc-
Laggon, E, Houston, TT. Deacon, J.
A. Adam, S. Hallett. P. Bardgett, J.
Parr, S. Carey, B, s. Phillips, M.C.;
A. hazar. F. Campbell, H. Logan, J,
Mlddloton, J. Carson, R. H, Ashmore.
Fish and Chips at the Y.M.C.A. on
Xmas Eve, New Years' Eve, holidays
and Saturday nights steady.
Piano and Theory lessons by
arrangement. Phone 404 or box
428—Mrs. Van Braam, 237 Burwell Avenue. 4fi-tf.
Some of our boys will be playing
Xmas hockey on the River Rhine to
the tune of "Hock, hock, hock, hit
the Kaiser on the nut with the puck,
puck. puck.
Insure With Beale & Flwell.
Mrs. W, D. Hill and daughter, Mis*
Inez M. Hill, are expected to arrive
from Vancouver on Monday and will
occupy Mr. E. A. Hill's home for a
couple of months.
Well, well, well, did you ever see
such a Christmas]   The holiday goods
In the stores were piled hign,    but
they melted away like snow before a
  I Chinook wind.
Miss Rum Bey will open after! 	
lhe Christmas holidays a kind-     Tne tint WftVe °'the influeoaa opi-
ergarten   and primary school. \(Icmic HWent ott ov** 6-OQO.ooo people.
For particulars phone 357.  4Gtf' Now the second wave is rolling round
  ; tlie world.   Don't place younmir   in
The kiddies are going to hold an   Jeoiwrdy.
open  air  meeting   to  pass  a   resolu- 	
tion of thanks to "Yorir Honorable Three mighty hunters from Creston,
body, the Mayor and Council of tho' Messrs. Fred Smith, C. Olson aud Geo.
City of Cranbrook" for responding Ma-waon, spent a week on Lookout
bo promptly to tbe request for an I mountain and secured two bucks, one
open air rink for the kiddies,   lt has' o( th*m  weighing L'50  pounds  with
Jim   Cronin,  a  well-known   mining
man of the West, has often been taken
for Thomas Kiddie, a Dig Scotchman,
whose forte is molting the metal. Ac-
i cording to tlie Mining and Engineering
Record, Jim. who is a big Irishman.j
don't mind so much being mistaken
1 for Thos. Kiddie, ns he objects to bo-1
■ Ing taken for a Scotchman.
A pi if
kind of a  we
! to  drive  a   Ij
your   premiw
Of  Creston   found  out  i
When   he   collided   witli
ami the recoil struck 1
, keeps his wind.
i    Cranhrook
band a few j
kept dropping ofl to nu
finally it   was disbanded
the number of players li
ami is likely to Increase, so now is
tlie time to get busy and re-organize!
All Interested are invited io a meeting to he held in Hie hand hall: over
Mayor  Clapp's  cigar store  on   Monday evening next, ai 8 o'clock,
Contributions to the Canadian Pat-
j riotic Fund for the month of October'
1918 amounted  to $694.44;  contrlbu-l
| tions for tlie month of November a-
mounted to $r»H4.74, which brings lho!
1 total for the year ending Nov. 39th,
I litis,    to    $12,544.08.     Contributions J
. from outside points for the months Of
! October and November were as fol-
j lows: Consolidated Mining aud Smelting Co., Ltd., and employees. Klmberley, $11.Oh: crows Nesl Pass Lumber
Co., Ltd., and employees, \\>rdner.
$l44.2a: Otis staples Lumber Co.,
Ltd., and employees. Wycllffo, $022.60.
The work In Science for the pupils
of the High School whs nol received
In time for publication in last issue.
It is as follows:
First   nnd   Second    Years    Lessons   \\Vst   1-1,  tl
2ft. 21, 1!:'. 20, 2: of Gregory and Simmons.
Matriculation- Bo sure hi know
Chater 7 Wadell; also Dal ton's Atomic Theory, (Jay Lussnc and Avogatl-
ro's Laws; nnd the Laws of the Proportions. Learn the Symbols of the
common elements (pages 82—88) and
the Atomic Weights or carbon and
other elements studied.
lt. D. Forsyth, principal
in the matter of i.,
Ing 640 acres more or
not yet been decided who Is to be
chairman of the meeting, the secretary or who are to move, second and
speak to the motion, bul the resolution is going to 1"' passed unanimously.
It would seem that some contributors to the above fund are under the
impression thai now thai the armistice has been signed there will be no
necessity for continuing their con-
i trlbntions,
There is not the «,n taken to Be-1    As " is "sli'""""< «">< •" '«"!  '-'
cure the back door entrances to busl- ! !Tth' ""' be 1'"""ir"" "' wh"" "'
ness promises In the city. There is not j    ""' ''" ''
much neuronal Ion In Cranbrook. lint <
lho temptation to break In and slonl
should not be made ton strong,
t'ipin point antlers.
A Soldier's offering to bis
sweetheart Is naturally the
sweetmeat that save him
most refreshment and greatest enjoyment when on duty.
The Flavour Lasts
Mr. nnd Mrs. E. A. Hill and family
left on Xmas Day for a two months-
visit In San Francisco. U>s Angeles
and San Ulogo. Wa do not know who
is coins; to take Ust place of our local
cadi, but we hope that It won't be
necessary for us to carry a six shooter
where it will be handy to protect us
from the yoggman.
The December Issue ot Hod and Quo
from Ita front pace to its Inst is replete with articles or interest to tho
i sportsman and lover of tlie out of
doors. Stories, articles, special departments are good of their kind and
Ihe   magazine    ls    veil    Illustrated
, throughout.   It la published by W. J. |
Taylor. Limited, Woodstock, Ont,
less, tlip Son! -
South Kiii-l II ol ll ■■
North WsbI 1-4, lho North 1--' of thc
South Kast 1-4. tho South Wosl I I
ot lhe South Easl 1-1. !!"• North Wesl
1-4 of tho North West 1-1. nnd tho
South  Wosl   1-4 or tho North   tt'esl
1-1 ui Lot 338; tho .North 1-1'  I tho
Soniii Kiist 1-4 or tho North Wesi I i
tho North Wosl 1-4 of tho North Eo.i
1-4, the WobI 1-2 ol lhe South Easl
l-i and tho South West l-i ot ,tluj
North Kast 1-1 of Lot 340 und tiio
North Kast 1-1 ot the North Easl l-i
of Lot 341, all of aroiin 1, Kootenoy
And also in the mattor of Pari
(0011 1-1! acres) of Lot 0628, Group I.
District aforesaid,  as   registered   it;
Indefensible Fees Hook Vol. I. Fol. 456
No. 1261-1.
I'roof having been riled In toy office of tho loss of Certificates of Title
Xos. 700-1 and 1261-1, to li..' obovi
mentioned lands, in the name ■
Jewish Colonization Association, an.l
bearing dnto tho 16th of April,
ton', and 10th of December, 1912,
respectively, I HEREBY Q1VE
NOTICE of my Intention nt the
expiration   of   one   coiondnr mi nth
from the flrsi publication n<-t i   lo
Issue to tho said Jewish Colonisation
Association fresh Certificates ol Tl le
lu lien of such lost Certificate's. Any
be taken over by the Government nnd person havinit any information with
not at a sooner date. Tt Is this: tlie reference to such lost Certificates <>r
Financial Year or ihe Dominion finv- Title is requested to communicate
eminent runs from thc 1st of April to with the undersigned,
the 31st nf March, so that lt will not Dated al tlie Land Registry Office,
be possible for the Government to Nelson. B. t\. this 13th day of Nov-
make the necessary financial ar- einher. 1018.
rangemenls to carry on this Fund tin- B. S. STOKES,
til provisions are made for s'ame ln District Registrar of Titles,
the estimates for the coming year Date   of   First   Publication,  Nov-
Do nol lot it bo snld thai Cranbrook  ember IMsi. litis. 48-61.
11 of our men
j after thai the Fund may have lo carry
on for some time, wowould Btrongiy
i urge that all contributions and donations be continued, In the same liberal
j spirit as in the pnsl, until March .11.
j 1010. after which dale lite Fund will
he  taken   care   of  by  the   Dominion
i Government.   A word of explanation
i might here he made with reference to
j tho date  upon  which  this Fund  will
Without Music You Cannot
Live a Full Life
Music is now recognized as a necessity  in  the
home.  Music tcciis the soni, as food feeds the bodv
and literature feeds the brain. Next to religion, it is
... e»     '
humanity s creates:  comforter.
The New Edison opens the doots to the world
of music. It brings the supreme art of the greatest
singers, instrumentalists and musical organizations
to you with such unerring fidelity that the artists
themselves could give you no more.
"Thi Phonograph with 0 £•«/"
does not merely imitate; it actually re-cre»tei.
Before audiences totalling more than two millions,
thirty great artists have conducted tone tests which
proved that no shade of difference
could be detected between the artist
and the instrument They have suns;
in crec: comparison witli th* N«w K<mnn, ibea
uxt&nly ceaied, pe:r.i::.i)f the inim-metr to
cor,-.ret abac. Tot or-Iy wiv the lineoert
cou ■: t-!l when the i.vir. r.opped wm by
w arching hii ,;pj. And wkl) ih* light* lowered,
they wer* unicic to iiy when j: wai the living
voice they heard and «hcn ti.s  New  EdUoo.
Could a more cor.vimir.g ten than thi; be
devi-ej ': Doetn't it prove tnctntthof our amnion
that ownership of th:» instrument ii equivalent to
baring a'.i tie great artiiti cf the world literally
a: one a command \
Come in ir.d hear the New Ldi-on here, or allow ua to send
one to your home, where you can hear i: at yoor leawie. 174
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co, Ltd., Cranbrook, B.C,
•lv* Way to toothing
Wl-ard Oil
Hamlin'* Wi-*rd Oil Is » nfe and
effective treatment for headache aiid
neuralgia. Rubbed in where the pain
is, it acts as a tonic to the tortured
nerves and almost invariably brings
,juick relief.
Its healing, antiseptic qualities can
always be relied upon to prevent infection, or other seriou* results, from
sprains, bruises, cuts, burns, lutes
and stings. Just M good, too, for
sure feet, stiff neck, frost bites, cold
sores and canker sores.
Ciet it from druggists lor 30 cents.
It not satisfied return the bottle and
get your money back.
Ever constipated or have sick
headache? Just try Wi-ard Uver
Whips, pleasant little pink pills. 30
casts.   Caaraatft*.
When you think of laundry work
think of Gold Soap. It is not
only the best soap for washing
clothes, but it is the biggest cake
of laundry soap you can buy for
the money. Buy it, you will see
it is bigger. Try it, you will find
it is better.
Cold Soap it made in the Procter & Gambit
Factories al Hamilton, Canada
1->1.<<*ftm    Hfsm   tiy^milty^m.^lf^smmmWtyiemmmasAft
To ONE AND ALL We Extend
Aud a
To Our Cttstomtri We Extend Alio Our
. Thanks For Their Patronage
During The Year
| Cranbrook   Trading   Co.
Qs*t\i   I»»jV****»V   "A" »»**J»   ''ntXlemtUj^emmtstmJ^em
- "*A*D
Christmas and New Year
Art Extended by
HIKNS dkCO. Ltd.
To Their Many Customers
I'lioNi: if)
Canada I''"1"' Hoard l.ircnse s   ,'!ir,;.
P\TTlNSO> - irUMi.H
mktiimoist r»i urn
ok  pla
\ very happy eve
tin- homo ni tin-
Marysville. on Moml
Mr. Thomas William Patlhson was
married to MIsb Hannah .May Barclay,
Rev, .1. P. Sinclair performing Lhe
ceremony. Both the young people art'
well known and popular anil their
many friends wish them n inns, happy
ami fruitful married life. They will
make their residence In Cranhrook.
Percy Clinton
iu tlie police cou
before  Magistral
breaking and  on
of J   Armour &
on the night of 1>
Mason was charged
rt on Saturday last
■ John Leask, with
.orlng the premises
■ i Baker Streel
•.Hither the IStli.    A
complaint waa turned in to the police
on tin- morning of the 19th thnt someone had gained entrance to the Store
during the night by breaking tho glass
in the bnclt door Mason waa arrested by Chief Reran) al ahoul noon of
the name day. Magistrate Leask, alter hearing the oxtdonco, decided that
tho ease must go betoro n higher
court, the accused wns tl
mltted tor trial.
Rev. it. ff, Lee, Pastor
Sunduy next, Dec. limit.
11  a.m.-   Divine Service.
12.00—Sabbath School.
7.110 p. in.—-Memorial Service, in
memory of the Ijate Lieut. Eugene
Phillips-, M.C., who was recently killed
in action.
Yon are all invited.
(Uev. John P, Sinclair, pastor)
ifore coin-
We sincerely wish every reader of
this groal family paper a bright aud
a real merry Christmas and may tho
delights of Heaven he with yon all.
On with ihe dance, let Joy be un-
conflned and to Germany with the
Joy  killers.
The Nelson News says Influenza
may be traced to Bacon. Sure, says
Jim Thlstlebeak, the flu Is swine
fever. As they die they turn black.
Flu affects us the same, and the real
cause is the Canada Food Board putting too much pig feed In ihe flour.
Wood row Wilson, the hip puddle
from thc I'nited States, lauded in
Prance tlie other day and received lhe
freedom of the city and other kinds
of Champagne. Wo hope thai some of
:he Huns won't shoot him in the back
like they did dozens of trusting Tommies when lie wasn't looking. Thoy
are nl] a rotten crowd anyhow. It _
was Solf. who Is still foreign minister., <,| viTIUNt MIX'ITItt
snld at the beginning of the war "Bri- ' nut  APPENDICITIS
lain we fight for loot" and they were] ——■
all   lu   the  name.    Every   Hun,man,     Cranbrook people can prevent up-
w.mtan und child was in the attempt-   .wndlcltls with simple buckthorn hark.
. ,, ,„,       ,  ,    glycerine, otc, as mixed In Aa-lor-i-kn,
jed murder of Europe, lhe whole |^ aPdoNniL flushes the ENTIRE
Swine herd was out tor loot and now, bowel tract so completely It rollevos
" "" ANY CASK sour stomach, gas or con-
tipation and prevents    appendicitis.
Sunday, Dee. 29th. 101S
11 a.m.—Union services with Bible
School; special Rally Program; parents specially invited.
7..1(1 p.m—Evening Worship: Subject
"Unwelcome Visitors at the New Year.
Friday, Jan .Ird, 1919—7.80 p.m. :
Bible School Xmas Tree entertainment
Come to the Church with tlte hearty
is otherwise duly qualified-OS B Municipal Votor.
POLICE COMMISSIONER, and LICENSE COMMISSIONERS, the persons qualified ttt he nominated for
and elected as Police or License Commissioners shall be such persons as
are British aubjosts, of the full age
of twenty-one years, aud who ure nol
disqualified under any law. and who
are otherwise duly qualified as Municipal Voters.
SCHOOL TRUSTEES, the persons
qualified to bo nominated for and
elected as School Trustees for the
Cranbrook Municipal School District
shall be any person heing a British
subject of the full age of twenty-one
years actually residing within the District, and having been for the six
months next preceding the date oi'
nomination the registered owner, in
the Uud Registry Office, of Land or
Heal Property in the City School
District of the assessed value, on the
lust Municipal Assessment Roll, of
Five hundred 1*500.00) dollars or
more over antl above any registered
Judgment of Charge, and heing otherwise qualified to vote at an Election
of School Trustees in the said School
District, shall be eligible to he elected
or to serve ns a School Trustee in
such City School  District.
Given under my hand at Cranbrook.
B. C, litis 84th day of December, 1918,
no-at Returning Officer.
The INSTANT, pleasant action of Ad-
ler-l-ka surprises butb doctors and patients. Leaves stomach clean and
strong.   —  Beattle-Murphy   Co.,  Ltd.,
the dirty butchers they are, they
have   turned   on   degenerate  imbecile
i Kaiser because ho failed to deliver
. —  the  goods.  As  they  say ln   Elko,  be
ill-NT \.M\S A MAN OKTS IS didn't   bring  home thc bacon.    And
 'I'lfi:   XMAS   UK  GIVES the leading papers tell us that tinderiDrugglBta,
p  I the armistice we have to feed    the j
Christinas  Sunday at  tho   Baptist    brutes who starved our prisonersand
rimrd, brought hack memories of pre-1 the assassin of 20,000,000 men Is t»k- |iMrirl...l»Mrlrt ni
war   Christniasses.   The   good   old j Ing a short rest just over the Dutch '««»»"«* Jgg Kngy
Christmas Hymns were heartily sung   border, just waiting for a chance tot    Tuke notjCfl ,-,at ■_ Harry nyniell.
by tin' worshipped*.    Peace reigning  Jump back ami start hell all over a-; of Kitchener, occupation Laborer, in-
guln.    It  was Napoleon that escaped | tend to apply for permission to pur
from  Elba and started to trouble the
el .
insert all tc
the true meaning of Xmas
The pastor, Rev. J. P, Sinclair, at thi
morning   service   preached   on     "The
Only  Way lo  International   Peace."
Peace must he supplemented by good | know,
will or there can he no lasting peace.
Justice must- be meted mil to the cause
militarists, bul Christ must also he
invited to a seat at tho Pence Conference. The evening service was a-
gain conducted by the pastor who
look as his subject "The Birthday of
a Lonely Man", or "Tho Excludort Redeemer."   Just as thore was no room
for tiie Holy Mother and her Innocent
Babe iu the Eastern Khan, so today
lie is in danger of heini: excluded from
tiio national, business, home ami
church life. Room musi ho found for
religion In human Uvea or they will
end in despair.
base the following described lands;
—Commencing at a post planted at
world again.    Until  Wellington, not j tllB   -jouthcaat   corner   of lot 3003]
Washington, put the kibosh on him at : thence    20   chains south;  thence .10
Waterloo, and Why, we would like to  chains west; thence .JO chains north;
ihould Kaiser Bill, the Berlin  t»^"ce 20 oliaine oast to .place of com-
.   ,,   . Imencement;  containing 40 acres, ex-
butcher, the vilest skunk that ever   Mpt|ng thfl B< c, southern  right  of
i way,
lived, be allowed lo enjoy lire in
Holland? Will the Allies stand for
a second war? Do unto the Germnns
what the Germans would do unto you,
ami do it quick.
Miss E, May ROO was a Ferule visitor this week, the guest of Mrs. J.
Austin, Canadian  Pacific Ave.
A big hand of Indians from the
Tobacco Plains Reserve were in Klko
last week, returning from choir annual deer hunt up the south Fork of
thc Elk.
Methven Carrie, manager or the
Clyde Bank stock Ranch, Roosviiie
Valley, was visiting Klko antl Pernie
this week,
Harry  Rymell.
Dated October 12th, 1918,
Date of first publication of this no
lice October 17th, 1918. 49-91
entltres by rates sufficient therefor
on all rateable lauds, or improvements or real property In the said
(ti) Tills By-law shall tuke effect
on ami after tbe final passing thereof.
(7) This By-law may be cited for
all purposes as "The Arena Rink
Debenture By-law."
Read a first, second and third time
on the 10th day of December, A.D.,
Received the assent of the electors
on the dny of
Reconsidered and finally adojtted
on the dny of
TAKE NOTICE that the above Is
a truo copy of the proposed By-law
upon which the vote of the Municipality will be taken at the Municipal
Buildings. Norbury Avenue, Crunbrook, B.C., on Thursday, the 16th
day of J a n ua ry, 1919, between the
hours of 10.00 a.m. (local time) and
8.00 p.m. t local tlmo).
Clerk   to   tho   Municipal
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given to
the Electors of the Municipality of the
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook,
that I require the presence of the said
Electors at the Municipal Ofrice of the
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook,
Norbury Avenue, Cranbrook. B.C., at
1.00 p.m. (local time) on the tilth day
of January, 1919. for the purpose  of
al many travelling men tmss-1 f.loc2P*Ip?r"?,lfto r,?pre8»1 il]m "!
,   , ,   ,,.,     ... , ,   the Municipal Council, as Mayor   and
ert through Elko this week going east ■
BY-LAW No. 17.!
A By-Law to raise the sum of three
thousand dollars (J3.000.00) by debentures for the purpose of purchasing
the building and real estate known
as the Arena Rink, being lots 1 to ti
in Block ill, map 069, for curling,
skating and other athletic purposes.
AND WHEREAS for the purposes
aforesaid it will be necessary to borrow upon ibe credit of Ibe Municipality the sum of three thousand dollars ($3,000.00), which is the amount
of debt Intended to he created by this
AND WHEREAS the amount of the
whole rateable lauds and improvements of real property within tho
said City, according to the last revised assessment roll is one million,
two hundred and eighty-two thousand, live hundred and seventy dollars *|M82,67Q-00).
AND WHEREAS it will he requisite
ttt raise annually by rate the sum of
two hundred and sixty-one dollars
and sixty-nine cents ($261.69) for the
payment of the said debt aud lhe sum
of one hundred and eighty dollars
($180,00) lor the payment or Interest
AND WHEREAS the aggregate of
tbe present indebtedness of the City
of Cranbrook other than tlte indebtedness for work of local improvements
and for school purposes Is two hundred and eighty-four thousand, two
hundred and thirty-three dollars and
miy-five  cents   ($281,231
and west for Christmas. Jokes, Ibe
, Rubber matt, with a gutta percha
I smile, Lethbrldge; Jack Berrtngton,
of Nelson; Cassldy, going north to
Edmonton, then west Into the Pouse
! Coupe country. A Light Wine merch-
' nut from Calgary, with crab-apple
, citler champagne, no gns, does not
Aldermen, and for the purpose of electing persons to represent them ns Pol-
Ice Commissioners, License Commissioners, ami School Trustees,
The mode of nomlnntlon of Candidates shall bo as follows: —
The Candidates Bhnll be nominated
lu writing; the writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the Municipality us proposal und seconder, and
shall be delivered to lhe returning of-
Lethbrldge Herald, Doc. 21 -Held
for trial on a charge of manslaughter
following the death of bis best friend |
under peculiar circumstances, Qeorgo
Hunter, of Vulcan, is trying yol to figure out how it all happened.
According to tho .-tory given The
Herald this morning by tho provincial
police. Hunter and his friend Charles tIirI11 the tooth' >'°" couId ,,rl"k ft j fleer ut any time between the date of
Thomas, botli of Vulcan, went Into at wlloI° 1,Iiri'fl1 ■•■■•■ il would have no the Notice nnd 3.00 p.m. (local time)
store In Vulcan on tho evening of De-' moro nrfef't "n .vou ,l11"1 poultices i of the day or tlte nomination; tbe
comber 17 to have a lunch, it np-1 wo,,m (,° °» a wooden leg. Thej brew !finil1 wriUl"' n,fly •» in the form num
pears thai Hunter had a very sharp | K,,mo K™" **»« "I> in Calgary
knife with which he wan cutting some ym'vo «nt ■" Bet down ■»■*» llie Boos-
cheese. Thomas came around from vlll° Valley to get the real Bourbon
behind tho counter and iu a playful j wlMl ,lle I,lir,> wlrP e<|K« ""'l « Kick
way made as If to push Hunter away. lfl(e 4 mules, A Winnipeg specialty
Hunter, lu the same spirit, or fun. j traveller trying to sell Jim Thistle-
presented the point of the knife to* b,'lllt H0»'e Jnbornndi Hair Tonic,
wards Thomas, aud in some uuac- horseless horseradish and potted air.
countable manner an artery was sev- Vlc Rollins, who sells a cigar thnt
ered. and Thomas bled to death. I yon   cm   flmoKO   in   daylight,  stur-
II  is  nndorstood  that Hunter did   light moonlight, or any other light,
his best to staunch the flow of blood.)ll,1(1 ■•■•«<■■ pleasure to tne lire of any
but finding ho could no nothing lie
called a doctor ami then told tiie
whole story l» the provincial police.
An Inquest over the remains of the
victim of the acetdent was held, and
the result was that Hunter Is now
under arrest on a charge of manslaughter, Hunter is deeply grieved
over tlie tragedy, and his friends are
satisfied ihat bo will he exonerated.
1,1st   of   Bargain*,   this   Week.
PIANOFORTE-- Nor till olmor,   cabinet
grand, splendid condition; $205.
lTTi-VCLK":ln   lin.' <'ojnliti.ui.  >J"
BUFFET—Mission oak. $80
for coal or wood; all cheap.
complete, $1.0.
Phone !); If you want to buy anything i
Phono 0 lllfli
lover of good tobacco, several Alberta meat salesmen with frozen fish,
saiirkraut und other garden truck.
Several soap travellers with printed
matter showing how ol! soaps had
taken a big jump. Now what do they
raise ihe price of soap for now as
the Indians have all quit washing for
the winter, but It must go up before
It can come down.
J- P, Slocks, of tbe Clear Spring
Farm, Roosviiie, Is bnck from tbe
coast where be got bis military discharge.
it Is expected when the C P. R.
commence to build their new shops
at Elko, and Sherwood Her-hnipr's
Water-power starts south of the town
that Lawe and Pishor will open a law
office In Klko.
Tiie Burton coppor mine west of
Klko wfll start up after New Years
with n hlg forco of men. Thai well
known hustler from Calgary, O. C.
Thompson will bo mine manager.
Bert Sang, grain merchant of Loth-
bridge, was In Klko last week looking
Up business cheerful as Hor.
in! °°red 5 m ,llt! schedule of the Munic-
}- ""' ipnl Elections Act, and shall state the
unnie, residence, and occupation or
description of each person proposed,
in such manner as sufficiently to Identify such candidate; and In the event
of a poll being necessary, such poll
will be opened on the 10th day of January, 1919, at tbe Municipal Building
on Norbury Avenue, Cranbrook, B.C.,
between tbe hours of 10.00 a.m. (local
tlmo) until 8.00 p.m. (local time), of
which every person is hereby required to take notice and govern himself
The qualification hy law required to
be imssessed by the candidates for the
offleo or offices mentioned above are
as follows
FOR MAYOR, the person qualified
to bo nominated for and elected ns the
Mayor of any City shall be any person
who is a British subject of tho full
age of twenty-one years and not disqualified under any law, and has for
the six months next preceding the
duy of nomination being the registered
owner, In the Und Registry Office,
of Lund or Real Property In the ('Ity
of the assessed value, ou tbe lust Municipal Assessment Roll, of One thousand ($1,000.00) dollars or more over
und above any registered Judgment
or Charge, and who Is otherwise duly
qualified as n Municipal Voter.
FOR ALDERMEN, the person qualified to be nominated for antl elected
ns tbe Aldermen of any City shall he
any person who is a British subject
or the full age of twenty-one years
and not disqualified under any law,
and has for tlte six months nexl preceding the duy of nomination being
the registered owner, in Ibe Lund
Registry Office, of Land or Real Prop
In  the   Matter   of  Columbia   Valley
Irrigated Fruit Lands Limited.
ibe Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit
Lands Limited, of Invermere, B.C, a
body Incorporated by Letters Patent
under the Companies Act of tlte Dominion of Canada (and hereinafter referred to as the Petitioner Company),
has filed In the office of the Comptroller of Water Rights at Victoria,
B. c, and also in tho office of the
Water Recorder nt Wilmer, B.C.
First—A Petition to the Lieutenant-
tJovernor-in-Couucll, for:
(a) An Order-ln-Councll approving the transfer by the Columbia Valley irrigated Fruit Lands Limited of
Wilmer B. C. a body Incorporated
under the Companies Act of British
Columbia, of tbe whole of Its undertaking, including all Its water records, rights-of-way. Aims, ditches,
pipe lines und all works connected
with its Irrigation system, to ^the
Petitioner Company.
(hi An Order-In-Council directing
the Comptroller of Water Rights to
Issue to the Petitioner Company a
License for conveying purposes, under
Section 171 or the Water Act as amended by Chapter 75, 1017, nnd Chapter
OS of 1918, In respect of all tho water
entitled to be diverted antl used under the Water Records mentioned In
tbe Determination Order of the Board
of Ivnestlgatlon under tbe Water Act,
you can obtain hero In your favorite
cut: sirloin, tenderloin, porterhouse,
prime rib, oye-of-tho-round, otc. Ourl
western meats hull from the clover'
and alfalfa lands of the prairies, and
are tender, juicy, luscious and full of
nourishment, Try them nnd you will
hone N
R&w Furs
Trapper* .r^rnjer*.
It does not cost you anything to
Get Our   fa^Cffer
on your furs. Express them to us
over ?5.00 valuation. We make
you our offer
for your reply, returning them
If not purchased.   Try us
In lliiMlneso Since 1NSK
Send for Price List.
Special price Tor Dark Martin
SIN  Nth A,nine, I'almir), .Ilia
High Glass Tailoring
For Ladies <& Gents
Special Reductions in Stock
Mackinaw Coats and Shirts
Mt McLEOD, Manager
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal   dated 18th April, 1918.
Council of the Corporation of the City      Seconn]y__A Petition to the Honor-1
of Crauhrook in council assembled on
acts as follows:—
(1) For tlte object herein recited
It shall lie lawful for the .Municipal
Council of the said corporation to
borrow ihe sum of three thousand
dollars (?..,00O.OU) and for such purpose to execute und to Issue upon
the credit of the Corporation any
number of debentures to the said a-
mouut of three thousand dollars
(2) All such Debentures shall he
sealed with the seal of ihe Corporation and shall be signed hy the .Mayor
and the Treasurer thereof, and each
Of such Debentures shall be of such
denomination as the Council may Irresolution determine.
CD The said Debentures shall bear
date the first day of February, 1010,
and shall he payable within ten years
front tbe said date, lu lawful money
of Canada at tbe ofice of the City
Clerk of the City of Cranbrook iu tho
City of Crunbrook, British Columbia,
or ut such other place or places lu
Canada as the Council may by resolution determine, or In gold coin of the
United States of America of the present standard of weight and flness at
such place or places in the United
States of America us the Council may
by resolution determine, and shall
have attached to them coupons for (Inpayment of Interest, and the signatures to the said coupons may be
either written, stamped, printed, or
(4) The said Debentures to bear
Interest at tbe rate of six (€) per
cent, per annum, which interest shall
be paid annually In lawful money of
Canada nt tbe suid office of ibe City
ClerA. of the City of Cranhroolt, ln
the City of Cranbrook, British Colum
hia. or at such other place or places
In Canada us the Council may by reso
lutlou determine, or In gold coin of
thc United States of America of the
present standard of weight aud llness
at such place or places In tbe United
Slates or America as the Council may
by resolution determine, on lhe 1st
day of February lu each year during
lhe currency thereof, and It shall be
expressed in said debentures and
coupons to he so payable.
IK) There shall be raised mul levied In each year during the currency
of suid  Debentures the sum ol  one
erty lu the City of tbe assessed value, | hundred and eighty dollars ($180,001
on the last Municipal Assessment i for payment of Interest and tho sum
Roll, of Five hundred ($500.00) dol- of two hundred and sixty-one dollars
lars or moro over and flbovfl any reg- antl sixty-nine cents ($801,00) for the
lstered Judgment  or  charge, and who' payment of principal of the said deb
FOR RENT—Modorn Bungolm
r. For
particulars apply C. Van Braam,
404, or P, O. Box 428.
LOST—On Wednesday evening
Small wallet containing $40.00. Own-1
er's name on registration card. Finder j
return to Herald Office antl receive
reward. EiO-lt
Will Buy for Cash several second
hand Ford cars suitable for lighl express, slate lowest cash price. Ford
cylinders rebored and fitted with oversize pistons, piston pins and rings,
Work guaranteed. Two second hand
Chevrolet Model 400 for sale,
B0-.1t.      Smedley's Oarage Co. Nelson.
ntovi: WOOD
lfi In, green blocks ;( Ihh, lo IL' Ins,
thick, Vk ricks $6.60. Ordinary split
green \\*a ricks $S.O0. Other lengths
In proportion. Phono O, 10. Foole,
Wycllffe line, between <; and 8 morning or evening.
IV Himself
WED. & THURS. DeJT25th & 26th
'Over The Top'
Two Shows      7.30 and 9.30     No Matinees
Children 25c Adults 50c Including Tax
able the Minister ot ljuids, for n
Certificate approving the two undertakings of the Petitioner Company,
namely—the Wilmer Division nndt.be
Lake Division.
Thirdly—An Application for the
approval by tbe Board, under Section 150 or tbe Water Act, of a
Schedule of Tolls, proposed to be
charged nnd collected by the Petitioner Company in connection with lis
snld undertakings.
fixed Tuesday the 7th day of January jfitii at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, at its office in tbe Parliament
Buildings nt Victoria, B, C„ ns tbe
time and place for the hearing of the
said Petitions and the said Application, and that anyone having objections to tbe granting of the said Petitions nnd or to the approval of the
snld Schedule of Tolls may file their
objections In writing In the office of
the suid Comptroller at Victoria B.C.,
or In the office of the said Water Recorder at Wilmer, B. C, or appear
In person and be heard at the said
Bowser, Reld, Wallbrldge,
Oouglus & Gibson,
Solicitors for the Columbia Valley
Irrigated  Fruit Uinds Limited.
Vancouver, B.C., 20th November, 1918.
Cheertulljr we
extend to all
A Merry Xmas
and a
Happy New Year
TJhe Seasons Sreetings ffo Till
Christmas    Sreetings
Vo   oX//
jfre  JCeartily   Cxtended   3$y
WP!   HIT T everything 1q Dry Good* a,
•  **• llIJL»l-»       Udle*' RLADY-TO-VOIR


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