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Cranbrook Herald Feb 19, 1909

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 Vi u^
FEB 2*^ J3G0
>'<).  18
The Two Days Sport a Slowing Success
The honspiel lit'ld hero Tuesdav
nnd Wednesday of this week wan ii
SUCCORS. There is no doubt Altonl
thut, lor every outside rink thut
camo to town said so, mid expressed
their desire to eome Itaek again next
year. A very largo share ol tlie
eredit of the .success ot Die two days'
honspiel is due to Judge 1', B. Wilson. When the .indue makes up his
mind to make any enterprise a success he makes good anil as nil the
Kootenay knows, he is a prince ot
entertainers. West Kootenav missed
it by not sending over some rinks,
hut Alberta had tin- foresight to
know thnt a good time would he iu
store tor the visitors to Cranbrook.
Tlie first day the ice was excellent,
but the second the warm spell made
curling too heavy for comfort. Yet
all agreed that it was not the fault
of Uranbrook or tier people, who
came in for the highest praise from
the visitors.
Following is the personnel ol the
visiting rinks:
Fernie No. 1.—K. Wriglesworth, A.
I.iphanlt, II. A. Iluroside, W. J.
Ithindell, skip.
Fernie No. 2.—H. Hrown, G. G.
Henderson, .1. Dunn, ll It. Grant,
Fernie No. 8.-F. J. Watson, U.K.
Huntingdon. .1, .1. Wood, 11. Johnson, skip.
Macleod No. l.-F. Rhodes, R. G.
Mathews, F. Douglas, M. C, McLean,
Macleod No. 2.-F. Perkins, W. C.
Hryan, L. Fowler, A. Young, skip.
Lethbridge—N. T. McLeod, D. Duff,
M. Freeman, K. H. Johnston, skip.
Calgary—H. \V. White, Dan Lacy,
W. Parslow, Hugh Macleod, skip.
There were four competitions. The
Corby cup, the Grand Challenge, thc
Gatilt   Trophy   and thc Consolation.
The following rinks entered for all
of these except the Consolation:
Young, af Macleod; Blundell, of Fernie; Woods, of Fernie; Pinkham, of
Cranbrook; McCallum, of Cranbrook;
Johnston, of Lethbridge; McLeod, of
Calgary; lloggatth of Cranhrook;
Ward, of ('ranhrook; McCowun, of
Uranbrook; Sinus, of Urtbbiidge,
Henderson, of Cranhrook, and Grant,
of Fernie.
In the Corby cup competition
Grant, nf Fernie, heat Young, of
Malleoli, in tho finals.
The (irand Challenge went to McLean, of Macleod, who heat Ward, of
Iu the (laiilt competition Henderson, of Cranhrook, went down before
Grant, of Fernie.
The Consolation competition was
hei ween Blundell and Johnson, ot
Fernie, the former winning.
Thc prizes for the various com-
petltlons were as t ollows: Grand
Challenge cup, presented hy Hoggarth
,v Rollins, with the following individual prizes:
1st—Four prizes presented by Wit-
son Bros, of Victoria.
2nd.—Four prizes presented by the
('ranhrook Drug & Book Co.
3rd.—Four prizes presented bv McCallum & Co.
In the Oault cup competition presented by Gault Bros., of Hamilton,
1st.—Four prizes presented by Jas.
Turner & Co., of Hamilton, Ont.
2nd.—Four prizes presented by the
Fink Mercantile Co.
3rd.—Four prizes presented by Hill
A Co.
The Corhr tun. presented by thc
Harry Corby Co. of Belleville, Ont.:
1st.—Four prizes presented by P.
Burns & Co.
2nd.—Four prizes presented by S.
J. Mihhton.
3rd.—Four prizes presented by
Hums Bros.
The Consolation prizes consisted ot:
1st.—Four prizes presented by
Heattie -fc Atchison.
2nd.—Four prizes presented by J.
!>. MeBride.
V. A. Rollins has been doing yco
man service ut the honspiel. The
gonial   "Vic"   is    always   on deck
when there is spurt in the an
" 'Twns tin* voice nf McCowan
It was heard to exclaim,
I'm nU'A la the rink
i nm curling again."
Judge Wilson was the right man
in the right place at the honspiel
As a host and general manager    of
McSweyn, E. Patmore and J. F. M.
Pinkham, Hie Imperial marvel, gave
a good account ot themselves.
.McCallum A Co. arc evidently
braw Highland. Their store window
proves ihis. Curling stones, brooms,
i.iihii ribbon ami—two bottles that
had contained culling medicine.
(Mil you sea Ihighii- McLeod, ot
Calgary, in the Indian hear dance.
Vou may talk about vour Highland
flings, reels and strathspies, but. no
lllgnlandman ever touched Hughie
on the hear dance.       He is thinking
"*- ' <-JU   U**a, VfflJL.—Ti
'spiel. "Shon" was one of the
contractors on thc construction ol
the Crow and has a host of friends
in the west.
The Rev. Grant, ot Fernie, was un
interesting figure at the bonspiel.
Perhaps it is not generally known
that Sir. Grant is the original of tbe
"Sky Pilot" in Ralph Connor's hook
ot that name.
Alderman Henderson's nok did
well. They were beaten hy Grant
in the Gault competition,   but   they
were hy no means disgraced.
Oui of all the visiting rinks there
is not a man who has not expressed
himself as anxious to come hack to
Cranhrook next year
Tliere will he a four dav honspiel
next year at Cranbrook.
Nothing could have pleased Cranhiook people hetter than to see "The
Sky Pilot" win the Corby and the
Gault trophies.
The Cranhrook city band rendered
a number of choice selections at the
Curling rink on Tuesday evening.
Bandmaster Corrison has every reason to be proud of thc aggregation
he has gotten together and trained so
. ~.itmaster Johnson, of Fernie,
looked most dignified on thc ice, as
he does everywhere else.
The Rev. Main showed that a
clerical suit may cover a sportsman's heart.
Fred Watson, the well known insurance man, of Fcmic, was offering accident insurance to all curlers on the
E. If. Small had to surrender to
'The Sky Pilot."
White, of Calgary, is white.
Blundell, of Fernie, foreot all
about cash groceries during the honspiel.
"The Sky Pilot," the Rev. Grant,
won thc Corby prize. The Lord
looks after his own.
F. P. Rhodes, the chief of police of
Macleod, was among the curlers, Mr.
Rhodes is an old Northwest Mounted
Policeman and knows his foothill
country like a book. He is a good
fellow and the Windy Citv is to be
congratulated upon having such a
man to look after the peace of their
Thc only Cranbrook rink that won
a first place in anv competition was
that skipped hy J. G. McCallum.
Tl* won the trophy presented by
Judge Wilson.
Hugh Macleod, of Calgary, said:
"Next year there will be five rinks
from Calgary. Most of them cannot
do thc bear dance- Some ol them
can curl and   they will all be men."
M. McLean, of Macloed, said: "I
have never seen a bonspiel so well
run. I never had a better time and
I have been going to honspiels for
twenty-five years."
Judge Wilson, secretary ot the
bonspiel, wishes to thank tbe Imperial Bank, thc Canadian Bank of
Commerce, G. T. Rogers, A. B. Bow--
ness, A. L. McDermot, Hoggarth nnd
Rollins, E. H. Small, W. A. Rollins, and others who so kindly contributed    towards     making tbe bon-
piel a success.
Harvey Hrown, of Fernie, got one
special prize (Ior bis good looks pre-
sumablv) , a cow's breakfast in the
shape of a Mexican hat. What!
Straw hats in Fernie in February?
T. J. Dunn, representing H. M.
Kills & Co., of Vancouver, was
playing third.
any such a gathering thc judge cannot be surpassed.
Tbe Scarlet Runners, which, being
translated, means Pinkham's rink,
did well.    Alei. McDermot. D.    J.
seriously of going over to Scotland
and introducing it Into that country
as a national dance.
"Big    Shon" Maclean, of Macleod,
was one of   thc features   of       the
s A Co., ot Vancouver, was
ng the curlers at the 'spiel. Mr.
ti was on the "Sky Pilot's" rink
Nelson, B.C., Feb. 17,—The Edmonton hockey team is beyond all
doubt champions (tf Western Canada.
This they demonstrated beyond question last night by defeating the Nelson team, champions ot British Columbia hy 8-4 in the fastest and the
most exciting hoci-ev .name ever seen
in British Columbia. Both teams
went it hnmmer and tongs from start
to finish and there was never a moment that there wns not something
Although the score was S-l, the
Nelson men had their opponents busy
all the time and had it not been lor
the magnificent work of Winchester
iu goal, assisted by Crowley at point
and Ross at cover, the score might
have been very different. At the
same time tbe Nelson defence also did
good work and bnd it not been for
It there might have been a greater
difference in thc score than there
was. The game took longer than
Mondav night's, there lieing several
stops tor minor injuries. Frank
Patrick suffered a nasty cut on thc
forehead, but kept on in the game.
The big rink was packed for the
occasion, several hundred comta"" in
on the special train trom Rossland
and Trail in addition to the many
who were in the city trom other
All were there to cheer Nelson on
to vlctorv and were ns much disappointed as were the Nelsonites at the
defeat of the local team.
London, Feb. 12.—Canada has been
allocated £57,000 ot the total
€350,000 thank offering raised in connection with the Pan-Anglican conference. Forty-two thousand pounds
sterling wns ear-marked for Canada.
I The tact that every rose has its
I thorn shouldn't prejudice us against
the sweets of life.
Nelson, Feb. 11.—At a largely attended meeting of the Nelson lioard
of Trade held this evening, a strongly
worded resolution was passed asking
the Dominion government to place a
duty of $11 a thousand on rush fir,
codar, spruce, larsh and pine lumber
coming Into Canada, and of three
cents per thousand on shinnies. The
resolution sets forth the present unsatisfactory condition of tho lumber
trade in the interior, thousands of
men out of employment, and millions
ol capital invested in mills anil timber limits lying unproductive, largely
as the result of dumping it American
lumber on the government, following
the demoralization oT tlio Industry In
ihe United States.
London, Feb. 11.—At a meeting of
the Edinburgh Trades and Labor
Council, the Canadian lahor walking
delegate, Trotter, said the Salvation
Army bad issued a booklet entitled
"The Surplus." This was so full
of mis-statements in regard to Canada and emigration generally that
the Trades Congress of Canada would
shortly issue a reply. Trotter stnt-
ed the object of the Salvation Army
was not to help emigrants so much
as to acquire gavornment bonus on
agricultural laborers and commissions
on steamship and railway fares.
lOiidon, Feb. 10.—The Globe, referring to the mission to this country
of W. R. Trotter, representing the
Canadian labor interests, says thnt
whatever the limited usefulness he
may have hnd, the radical press
which first, welcomed him as an opponent of imperialism, which tbey
hate, hnve become rather chary of
their hospitality. Ile make's so
manv mistakes aiid is so easily suppressed thnt he makes a poor ally
for them. F. It. Vroomnn in a recent lecture said that Mr. Trotter
represented nobody in British Columbia but the ultra-socialist labor
Mr. Trotter, interviewed in the
Westminster Gazette, denied thnt he
was a member of any Socialist party
in Canada.
An action of interest was tried on
tbe 10th inst. before Mr. Justice
Irving at Nelson. The plaintiff, R.
O. Bclvidcne, a tie maker, sued W.
■L Allen, who lives ut Marysville, for
the price of 10,353 ties, amounting
to $1440.43. under a written agreement, which only specified the price
as to the making and skidding of
thc ties at 14 ceuts eaeh, hut did
not refer to the question of inspection The defend ant drew away this
number of ties to the banks of the
St. Mary's river, and there had tbe
same inspected, with the result thnt
2,918 of them were refused hy the
inspector. The plaintiff sued tor the
full amount, Sll 10.42. but the defendant paid into court 5991.04, The
plaintiff contended tbat ns thc
fendant had taken the ties thnt
lie hnd accepted the same and that
he. should uot suffer by the inspection. Judgment was given for the
defendant with costs on the ground
that there was an implied term in the
contract that thc ties should he suli-
ject to inspectioi: and that the
plaintiff must lose the value ot the
ties not passing inspection. S. S.
Taylor, K.C, of Nelson, appeared for
the plaintiff, and A. H. Macdonald, of
Cranbrook, for   the defendant.
Ottawa, Feb. IB.—A bill extending
the time of the completion of the
Kootenay Central railway to 1912
was reported. Col. A. Thompson
explained that tbis is a C.P.R. project to build a line from Fort Steele
to the International boundary, and
from the boundary to Golden on the
main line. The company hns the
power to build tramways to any
mines which may be developed nlong
its line. Mr. Goodeve, Kootenay,
said his constituents were opposed to
a long extension of time. Fruit
ranchers in the valley of the Columbia Tfy'er whom this line would serve,
are anxious to have the line constructed Immediately, Up to thc
present time nothing hut grading had
been done.
Further discussion was postponed
until Thursday.
Charlottetown, P.K.L, Feb. 12.-
P. McDonald, a farmer. 57 years of
age, was kilted in the woods at
Mount Stewart this afternoon while
telling trees. He was a brother ol
Bishop McDonald, ami has a son in
Cranbrook, B.C.
Victoria. Kcb. 11.—In fllr lojisla-
lure today thr debate upon the
Brand Trunk Pacific bill was continued tiy Olivet (Mb.) Helta. He
criticised the Government because in
the plans ol Prince Rupert townsite
the streets do not run down to title-
water. The Attorney-General defended the Government, ami the debate was finally adjourned upon tho
motion ol the leader ol lbe Liberal
The Meadow Creek Railway bill
passed, ns did the amendments to the
Kire Insurance Policy Acl, Inquiries
Act, und the Succession Duty Act,
all lho last three measures lieint
merely technical matters.
.McKay (t'on.) Kaslo. presented a
petition lor n railway to Quntslno
Sound irom Hardy Hay.
Mr. IV. .1. bowser inlroduced a
measure to change the names ol the
provincial reformatories to industrial
The bill oi lion. R. G. fallow, to
enable iruit growers to manufacture
poisonous substances lor spraying
trees passed its second reading.
The private bills committee threw
out the application ot the Slmswap &
Thompson River Iloom eompanv tor
a charter granting booming privileges on all the streams of the North
Thompson watershed.
A delegation from the brewers and
hotelmen of the province waited on
the government to oppose the enactment of any local option legislation.
The government slated Ihat an announcement would be niade shnrtlv.
At Cranbrook, H. ('.. on February
18th, 1M9, to Mr. and Mrs. W. .1.
Atchison, a daughter.
At Cranbrook, B. C., on February
17th, 1009, to Mr. nnd Mrs. T. S.
Gill, a son.
At Fergus, Ont., on Saturday,
February 13th, Sidney Black. Mr.
Black was a brother of Bert Black,
of Fernie.
At the St. Eugene hospital on
Tuesday, February ICth, 1000, Edith
Alberta, the seven-year-old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. S. R. McLean. Services were held at the residence at
.'1        o'clock       this afternoon,
Revs. Hughes and Andcrsoit
Officiating, Tho sympathy of the
many friends is extended to thc
As a result of changes in the regulations made hy the Dominion government last, year, the season for trout
11.shine in ' the waters of Okanagan
and Kootenay districts does not open
until May I this year instead ol
March 25 us in former vears. This
is something that will he well tor
llie disciples ot Isaac Walton tit remember that there is a heavy fine
provided for Infractions of this taw.
There are also other changes which
it. will be well to bear in mind.
Among these are the provisions that
no trout weighing less than three
pounds may be offered for sale and
ihat no trout under eight inches in
length may he captured.
The clause of the regulations dealing with the close season rends as
"The taking of trout of all kinds
is prohibited from the 15th November to 25th March following, excepting in the waters of thc interior ot
the province of British Columbia,
east or parallel 120 west londtudc,
where the taking of trout of all kinds
from 15th November to 1st May following is prohibited."
The clause dealing with the sale of
trout and the size that may be
caught are as follows:
"No trout under ci-'ht inches iu
length shall be taken in the waters
of British Columbia, and ii taken
shall be returned to the water alive."
"No trout under three imunds in
weight shall be bought, sold or ex-
nosed for sale in the province ot
llritish Columbia."
.Vancouver, Feb. 1).—The Hon. Wm.
Templeman. minister of inland revenue, was elected by acclamation for
Comox-Atlin, caused bv the resignation of Mr. Sloan.
The election of Hon. Templeman occasioned a little surprise. The Provincial Conservative convention was
divided, manv leading industrialists
preferring to have a Liberal minister
as representative rather than one
more in opposition. They also
pointed out it would not justify outlay, therefore, passed it to the local
convention and their resolve to fight
occasioned surprise. Thc expense,
-..tO.nno, it is believed, swayed with
Mr. Manson, and it is thought the
disgruntled Liberals were thc principal instigators in thc tight.
At thc seventh annual convention
of District 18, ot the United Mine
Workers of America, held at Lethbridge, Alta., on the 4th inst., a
very important point, that ot strikes,
was taken up. It seems that after
some deliberations the convention advised the men not to go on strike,
but to ask for a board of conciliation
under thc Lemieux Act, in view ot
Ihe fart that agreements expire in
seven weeks.
In his report the president advised
breaking away from the Trades and
Labor Congress of Canada, which, ho
said, was unprogn-ssive in the extreme, and giving labor in Western
Canada no assistance. There was
some strong opposition to this move
at the present time, but tbe president received substantial backing. A
roll eall was asked for and the vote
stood 36 for and 20 azainst breaking
with the congress. This will mean
a saving of 11,000 a year to the
miners of the district.
Ottawa, Feb. 17.—An extra of the
Canada Gazette has been issued containing notice that thc Governor
General in Council has disallowed tbe
Natal Act passed by the British Columbia legislature on February 1,
1908. The object of the ant was to
impose an educational test on new
arrivals in the province. The law
has been enacted several times by
British Columbia but as often has
heen disallowed hv the Ottawa government The supreme court of British Columbia declared some time
ago that the act was unconstitutional. The effect of the disallow-
nnce will he to prevent nn nnpeul being taken to thc Imperial privy
foiiii'il from the judgment of thc
British Columbia court.
A. E. Watts Has Practically Demonstrated
This Fact
Last Sunday a real estate man, a
newspaper man from Lethbridge and
two representatives of thc Herald
drove out to Wattsburg to spend the
•*-<> with A. K. Watts, and it is safe
to say that the quartette learned
more about tbe agricultural ami horticultural resources ot the district
than they ever learned hefore in the
same space of time. Wattsburg is
situated nine miles south and west ot
Cranbrook on the line of the Crows
Nest Pass railway. The question,
"What is Wattsburg?" would be a
natural one. The answer is that
Wattsburg is a mixture of a commercial enterprise and an old-fashioned
English gentleman's home. Thc estate covers some 8,000 acres of some
of the very finest timber in the
province, whieh is sawn into lumber
oi all kinds, made into wooden pipes,
which are used extensively tor water
works, and other timber products.
Among other things Mr. Watts is
contemplating the manufacture ot
colonial pillars for architectural purposes and bas invented a machine for
carving the tops and bases by electricity. Besides the saw mill Mr.
Watts is doing a great deal along
the lines of experiments in intensified
agriculture. The par''* were shown
.i greenhouse heated hv steam in
whtcn they were allowed to gather
raspberries and ripe tomatoes to
their heart's content, and were
shown many varieties of flowers in
bloom, besides ferns and other greenery. Near by the greenhouse is a
range of frnmes heated by a single
run of an inch steam pipe and in
these frames may be seen hundreds
of cusp lettuces and young cabbages
and cauliflowers raising theii heads
to the glass as if to defy the frost
king. AH these vegetables     stood
thc cold snap of the early part ot
January perfectly. Under the
benches in the greenhouse and in
another    heated building there    are
many square feet of mushrooms,
which will be producing from a pound
and a half to two pounds to the
square foot, very shortly. Then
tho big water tower was visited
with us two foot thick walls in
which are stored hundreds ot Savoj
cabbages, turnips, carrots, onions
and in tact all Kinds of winter vegetables. During last year Mi. Watts
laiitt-d over (8,000 worth ot vegetables and small truils oil of less
than four acres of land, and this out
put will be materially Increased this
year, as the fruit trees will be oldet
aud will, uf course, bear more trull.
Half a ton of raspberries were preserved on the place during 1903, aud
their tiavor is delicious. ' At dinner
on Sunday everything on the table
was thc product ol the raneh wilh
thc except ion ot the tea, coffee and
sugar. The meats, vegetables, butter, cream and such cream as the
city dweller seldom tastes, and the
Iruit were all produced right there
at Wattsburg. Thc description ot n
visit to Mr. Watts' would be Incomplete without a reference to "Bust
er." 'Muster" is a white tail buck
that lives in a corral close tn one ol
the sitting room windows. "Buster"
is a great pet and has one astonishing peculiarity in addition to eating
vegetables and other edibles, he will
eat newspapers. The visitors saw
hini eat almost the whole of a ropy
ot the Nelson Dally News, in fact
all of It but the Ottawa letter. To
ui up, Mr Watts is doinr, a great
..:- f * "lis part ot the country.
.* : it ..• worth anyone's while, who
is interested In the development oi
this district, to visit Wattsburg and
see what has a:id can be done by
judicious use of energy and
brail • II the government can see
thcii way to establishing an experimental station in Easl Kootenay,
ar,d they should,    no place is better
-suited for the   purpose   than Watts-
• burg.
New York, Feb. 5.—Tom Longboat,
the big Canadian, broke Alfred
Sbrubb's heart and won a great race
tonight trom tbe gamest little man
that ever laced a racing shoe. It
was the old story of tbe hart and
the tortoise. The bare had the
speed and he had the heart, bpt tbt*
tortoise was built to go tbe route,
and that is all that can be said
of the greatest Marathon race ot tbe
century. The time was 2 hours. 53
mins., 40 2-5 seconds.
Kor twenty miles Shrubb raced the
big Indian into tbe ground aad ran
himself into a state of collapse in an
attempt to gain eight laps.
He gained them, but at the cosl of
every spark of stamina in bis body,
and as he staggered from the track a
beaten man at the end ot tbe fifth
lap in the twenty-fourth mile, Tom
Longboat came plodding down tbe
stretch, running as well as he had
run at any stage ot the race. Tbe
crowd gave one cheer for the plucky
little Englisgman who had tried to
play another man's game and failed,
and then settled down to watch
Longboat finish tbe race alone.
If pluck could have won tbe race it
would have gone to tbe Englishman,
hut a man must have Marathon legs
to go the route, and Shrubb did not
have them.
Winnipeg, Man., Feb. iO.-The Canadian Pacific and tbe Canadian
Northern railway definitely announced today that the clergymen's hat-
fare rates will be abolished tor all
time. If the halt-fare ticket is
bought in Chicago for tbe Pacific
coast via Canada tbe clergymen,
however, may travel through Canada
at such low rates.
Victoru. Feb. -.-The Attorney
Gcberal's lull to authorize the revi-
ilon of the statutes of British Columbia was passed by the legislature
yesterday Mr. Hawthornthwaite,
Socialist member for Nanaimo, introduced a bill for women's suffrage.
This measure is modelled closely on
the Australian act, and gives women exactly the same rights as men
under the Election Act.
This was defeated iu the House last
Iir. King, Cranbrook, introduced a
bill directed towards determining
more fully the standing ot tbe medical profession.
At Port Essfngton, on the northerly coast of British Columbia, a no-table    entertainment took place    not
long ago.     This   was nothing    less
thau     the   rendering      ot Handel's
Oratorio, "The Messiah," by a choral
society consisting of some fifty   tull-
(blooded    Indians,   before an audience
I composed in large measure of British
t Columbia aborigines.    To those who
Iknow, even vaguely, the history    of
the Pacific   Const Indians, the    im-
| portancc of ibis event will at once he
•lames Cronin and Harry L. Rodg-
I ns, both of    Spokane, are inspecting
I the Yankee Girl and    tbe Canadian
Girl claims at Ymir, in which claims
both trcntlcmcn are interested.
Montreal, Feb. 10.—It was announced today at the head offices ot
the G.T.P. railway that wilbm tbe
next monib or six weeks the first
stai.dard-gauge locomotives, passenger coaches and freight cars to be
used on the G.T.P. railway in British Columbia will be shipped north
irom New Westminster or Vancouver. Li the first consignment of
G.T.P. rolling stock will be included
six locomotives' one hundred and fifty
freight cars, and some passenget
roaches. These will be operated out
of Prince Kupert over the first hundred miles of line built. The first
'.rain will probably be operated early
aext summer.
(Calgary Albertan)
Few residents of Calgary are await-
that this city is the center ol a
great lumber enterprise which at
present is among the largest of its
hind in Western Canada and which
with tbe completion of its present
plans that it will be among the
greatest in Canada. Tbis firm was
formerly called Staples & Co.. Limited, wiiich henceforth will be operated under tbe name of tbe Crown
Lumber Company, Limited.
Staples *x Co.. Ltd., was incorporated in 1905 and in tbat year a
retail business was started. In
ij'jj tbe capital was increased; new
yards were added to the line until at
ttie close of 1807 tbe company operated sixteen. More capital was added
and the field ot operations became
more largely extended until the
Crown Lumber company, Limited, under its new name can now point to
twenty-five successful yards in different parts of tbe province and to an
investment ol about halt a million
Medicine Hat, Alta., Feb. LL—The
How ot gas wbicb has been sltuck in
••Old Glory" well, wbicb is being
sunk near bare, ts simply remarkable.
Ii is down 1,909 feet, and a pressure
equal to 4,500,000 cubic feet pel day
bas been .-.truck. This is equjl to
-l.oOO horsepower. The ga^ wa*
lighted and the ilame sprang up 78
feet above the ground. Work huu
been *■ topped In tbe sink shall until
more machinery can be secured, when
tl will be run down considerably
farther in the effort to tap lbe oil
springs which arc belli ved to be underlying thc great gas field.
(As   Furnished   by Beale  & Elwell.
Cranbrook, B. C-)
February Stb,
Aurora    Consolidated
B. C. Amalgamated...     .04
B. O. Copper     7.00
Consolidated Smel's.. 80.00
Can. N. W. Oil 25
Can. GoldfteldB   ... _     .OS
Cranhrook Fire Brlok
Diamond Coal ... ~. ...      50
Diamond   Vale Cpal...     .13
Dominion Copper  37
International    Coal
Nicola Coal   & Coke.
Nlplssiog ...
North 'Star ... « ...
McOillivray Creek C.
Rambler Cariboo ■-■■-
Society Girl 	
Royal Collieries 	
Western Oil (ord.) ..
Western Oil (preM ...
Veteran War Scrip ..
525.00 THK    I KAMIKOOk    HhltAM>
****************************************      w
*********** ****
* **********************
aturday, Feb.  13th, to
Saturday, Feb. 27th
1909,   Inclusive
Wc have just finished stocktaking, and find that we are overstocked in many lines.
to make room for the new season's goods
********************************************************************* ***********
We must reduce these
********* **********************
Girls' and   Misses' Boots and Shoes
25 per Cent. Off Regular Prices
liuvo   several   lines
ith wh will clear at -
Ladies' Boots and Shoes
We have u nutubor of broken lint's which we must clear, and in order to do so we will otter tlism
at these prices:
Reg. $3.25 for $1.95 Reg. $4.50 for $2.85
UOOD QUALITY FLANNELETTE, in various Colors uml Designs, Reg. $1.60	
A SOLI. BETTER   LINE, Reg. 91.00, for	
IN CASHMERE, in all Now Similes, Reg. $8.60and $3.75, for	
REI', in (Sreain. Itrsiitu nmi (ircy. Reg. $4.75, for	
SILK BLOUSES,  Reg from $(1.00 to $8.00, for	
COATS FOR $16.50
I ii tact, llif- remainder uf uur stuck uf ('outs will bo sold ut 33'/j % OFF REG. PRICES
Reg. 821.50.
Dress Goods
All Our Reg. 75c. Lines lor 45C.   Also Lines, Reg. $1.25 for 65G.   Reg- $2.50 'or $1.45
U u li!,\v .1 i,'\\ Skirts, regular price $8.75,
winch we will sell for.        $1.85
Regular $,1,110 for ._       2.75
Regular $5.0il. Sli.00.aud $6.50 fur ,..,     3.50
RfKiilar $1.50 nnd $S'.U0 for 4.50
-V '•« PANAMAS uml VOILES fro*** $4.50 up
Ladies' Underwear
\\V nr.! heavily stocked in lliis department
nml are making a Biibslautial cut iu priced.
LAMES' VESTS, reg. Wc. for35c, «n«l 40c.
White Quilts
Iteg. 11.00lor., $1.35 I Rog.fl,60.tll.75lor$t,fl0
Rcg.»2.60tor..    US |  Hei. "il.OO fur    4.50
Flannelette Blankets
Regular $1.50 for    81.10
"     1.75  "          1.40
Vals.,  'urchons and   Insertions at prices
never before offered In Cranbrook
Reg. 14.00, for.
Reg. 12.00, for.
Reg.    9.50, for.
We have a number of the famous Mtli CENTURY BRAND SUITS which we must
make room for our Spring Goods, now on the way.   We are offering them ns follows :
Regular $18.00 Suits for     #14.00            Regular $28.00 Suits for	
22.00     "                 15.00     1           "      30.00     "         	
clear to
(IIS. 30
Odd Pants in Tweeds and Serges
Regular $2.75 for     81.00
8.50 for       2.7.*>
4.50 for       !'.4 5
All our Men's and Boys' Winter Caps at a
20 per Cent.
Discount of
Heavy Working Hitts
Regular $1.25 Mitts for	
1.50   "      "    	
2.00   "      "	
Men's Working Shirts
Black Sateeu, Reg. $1.50 for  #1.00           Heavy Blue Melton,
Flannel Shirt,, "     1,25 for »0     1          	
A line of HEN'S COLORED SHIRTS, stiff fronts, for	
Rag. 11.76 (or
"     2.75 for
Men's Boots and Shoes
We have a number of Odd Linos, and iu order to clear these wu arc offering Ihem ut
************* '
The Above Prices are Strictly Cash. No Goods will be sent on Approval
********************************************* 4
****** *********************
VV*v\.\.VVV^TCW 'I'll K   I ItAMSUOOlv    IIICItA*.ll
isiAiti isurn us?
b. e. waimh, Prwidfnt | Paid up Capital, $10,000,000
AlWAHDERlAlRD.'itn.r.lM-naj.-r; Reserve Fund,  -   6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in the Unitetl States and Eofland
COUNTRY BUSINESS *«% ^f^l'f^r?
other* lor the tmnsnctlon of thtir
bunking; business.    Suit *; m»U s u ill 1*. « .isIkhI nr taken for collection.
BANKING BY MAIL *■;•■"".'"**. 'y JiATf tf
monies ,l.|.'Mi.il or niilidrawnln tins
way wilh equal facility, itt
tt. T. Brymner, flamtj-'er Cranbruok Branch
M-iropnliuiii Style combined with All lho Couilorltol Hciue
Our   25c.   Merchants'   Lunch jj
Ls What The Merchants Eat j;
Tho only OlIAUCOAl, HltOll.F.lt between Calgary and tlio Coast     * [
G. M. BLAKE Proprlelor
Wo aro alwuvH o]ion to suggestions
P. BURNS ®CO., Ltd.   !|
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants  ii
P. O. BOX *
Ni. i.imilv ni'.t.M 100 Binnll nml no wilolosalo order loo \>'„i io receive
prompt nnd ciirefnl attention.
phonk mo.  57
BOX   114
I   Armstrong Ave. JI"™
Fire comes Like a thief in the night.
Then WHERl- ARE \ Ol! if vou have no
But if you have, THERE VOL! ARE
A number uf Bain and Chatham Second-hand Logging
Trucks. Just thc Ihiiig fnr Tic Contractors to buy.
l:or particulars apply to
The East Kootenay Lumber Co.
Cranbrook, B. C.
A. C.   Bowness!
WIihIkbiiIv Denier in
Wines. Liquors and Cigars
Wo  rocomtiionil   P.  Dawson's   SCOTCH WHISKIES as
the best.   And Moloher's RED CROSS GIN.
All other ohoico brands kept in stock.
AGENT   FOR   T.   LABELLE   *   CO.
To cloir for stocktaking, we will reduce tlio prieoa on fata to   ' |
*  fMSXl; Timothy, *2H.00; Wheat, *8«.0O,    Strictly spot cash.  ,*
The Celebrated
Bell  Pianos and Organs
ar^ sold only by
The Monteleus Piano House, Ltd.
439M4- Hasting;* Street - VANCOUVER, B. C.
Urttni'li Storent413>foMplitiii* St..
Cranbro.oki li*'
lu tho little vtllace 0! Dungloe,
County Donegal, lives Mrs. Catherine
llaiiluii, who will sunn be 103 years
old. She has resided all her life in
the village, and marrying at tho ago
0! Hi, she has had" tl sons and
daughters, some ol whom aro In Australia, others an- m America, while
the remainder <>f the surviving members of her large family imlil comfortable positions in tho South ol
England and at Dublin. Mis. Han-
Ion is still in possession al all her
faculties and her ini-iimiy for dates
is remarkable, She can narrate with
a wealth to detail, particulars regarding ihe faction fights whicli frequently took place in the village during her early days, when every Irish
peasant kept his well greased shillelagh up his ehiiiin-■ readv Ior instant use, and when the challenge to
a fight was the Blmplc invitation to
"tread on the tall of me coat." Mrs.
Ifatiloii lias a vivid recollection of an
incident from which noarlv all the
claimants for old age pensions in thr
district have calculated lheir ages,
namely, the wreck nf the Andrew
Nugent, a British hatuue which was
driven ashore in tlie vicinity ol Dungloe during a terrific gale some seventy vears' ago, the crew of :>:j hands
being all drowned. Mrs. llanlon is
the owner ot a small hotel which lias
been iu her family tor generations.
Mr. Patrick Sinnot, n nonagenarian
veteran, who had served his country
in various parts 0! the world, and
had thrilling experiences ol active
service, has just died. He belonged
to Clonmel, Ireland, where ho was
burn in 1818, and enlisted at Dublin
in 1837. He took part in thc
Afghananistnn campaign, and in.
IS.'M witnessed the fall of Cbuznco
and Kelit. Later on ho saw active
righting in the Scinde expedition ot
18If), having many exciting experiences on the march tti Lahore under
Lord Napier. In 1818 Mr. Sinnot
left the 17th Regiment and joined
the Seaforth Highlanders in Bombay.
In 1851, on his way home, the transport, the Earl of Balcarres, which
was conveying troops home, was
wrecked in Mozambique Channel, and
the vessel drifted helplessly for over
a month, eventually reaching Cape
Town after three months' sail Irom
Bombay. Being keen for active service, Mr. Sinnot transferred into the
Highland Light Infantry and sailed
for the Crimea, lie was present at
the siege and capture ot Sevastopol.
After over twenty-one years' active
service, Mr. Sinnot was appointed
quartermaster ot the local corps at
Kort George, where he remained for
I wenty-two years. Twenty-seven
years ago lie retired from the army,
after having served forty-throe vears.
One of the few remaining cottage
industries in the north ot Ireland is
threatened with extinction in consequence in recent improvements iu
embroidering machines. Irish peasants have been fn ed for more than
a century for the excellence of their
embroidery and needlework generally,
and their goods have commanded aj
reaily sale in the most exclusive mar- ■
kets of the world. Tlie new machines, it is claimed, will produce a
linished article tt* design and us
beautifully worked as any but the
very finest hand work. Ohe firm of
linen manufacturers in Belfast has
just installed twenty-five ot the
new machines, with thc result that
orders which formerly would have occupied scores of cottagers in County
Donegal for months, are now executed
li\ a few girls in tho factory in as
many days, other linen mnnutactur-l
ers in that city are also installing '
the machines as rapidly as possible.
I'p to the present thc finest class of
work, such as handkerchiefs and other cambric embroidery, has not heen
affected, so that the cottagers of the
Countv Down cost, who devote their
attention chiefly to this class of
work, stilt find adequate employment. 1
Following on the announcement
that certain railways are reducing
their pensions to employes to enable
them to claim old age pensions under
the Government Act, Mr. Cecil T.
Parker, land agent to the Duke of
Westminster, has issued a notice to
his estate pensioners over seventy.
It is as follows: "The Government
scheme of pensions takes effect from
the 1st January, uud as vou are entitled to benefit hy it, I am desired
to inform you that vou should apply I
at once loi     a pension, as the 1
shillings per week now allowed you
by his Grace will not be paid to vou
after the end of lfl(*8." Thc Duke of
Westminster is one of the richest men
iu Kngland, and his estate when he
en t ered in! o his inherit mice were [
valued at   (.111,000,000.
At Aylshain, Norfolk, recent, Lord
Orford, who was acco punted by
Prince Frederick Dhulecp Singh, unveiled a tablet placed on a house in
memory of Christopher Layer, a Norfolk attorney, who lived in troublous
limes, and was hanged, drawn, and
quartered at Tyburn, iu May, 1723.
Layer, though a good lawyer, was
Known to be immoral, quarrelsome,
and unscrupulous. Although a
Protestant, he professed ardent
Jacob tistrn, and hoped to be made
Lord Chancellor oa a restoration ol
the Stuarts. He accordingly went lo
Borne, and unfolded to the Pretender
a wondrous plot he had conceived to
enlist soldiers, seize the Tower,
mint, bank, and other public build,
ings, to secure the Royal Family,
and murder the commander-in-chief
and ministers. Ile and his confederates afterwards met at an inn at
Stratfnrd-le-Bow, and attempted to
entice soldiers at Romford and I-ey-
tonstone. He was betrayed hv two
female friends. {
The recent death of Major Dudley
A. Hambrough, at Hove, recalls a
notable 15 year old mystery. 111s
son, Cecil Hamborough, lost his life
by a gunshot wound at Ardamont,
Argylls, in 1803. Alfred John Mon-
son was charged with killing Mr.
Hambrough while out shooting rabbits, but after a ten days' triul at
Kdiuburgh tbe jurv returned the
Scottish verdict of "Not Proven,"
and Monsnii left the dock u free man.
All thnt could be said against Mon-
son was that, nfter making numerous
fruitless attempts to efiect an insurance on the life of voung Ham-hrough.
he finally    succeeded.       lie reached
Ardlamont on August 8, with two
policies oi C30.00Q, and two days
later Hatnhrough dies, in circumstances that have nevei since been
cleared up. 1
Great distress has been caused by
the recent bigslido at Kllmoro, County Galway. and the bog still remains a menace to the surroundiug
country bide. Several   people   had |
narrow escapes, the unexpectedness
of the visitation necessitating immediate llicht. while Ihe stock had
lo be left to take care of themselves
A do/en families bail to rush hall
clad from their beds Thev arc now
homeless and destitute, The home
ul a widow named McDonnell was
entirelv submerged, and thu woman
perished. Thc bogslide has entirely
altered the face ol the district, well
defined rivers ami roads having disappeared. Grave fears are entertained that the art .mining village of Kllmoro will be swept away if the bog
resumes its course. The bog is an
ocean of mud aud slush ot an average
depth of 12 feet, and is estimated to
cover 500 acres. Tin son of the widow McDonnell, who perished u, ihe
hog, has lost his reason, and is now
in a lunatic asvlum.
A young married woman, Mary
Pay, pleaded guilty to a scries uf
forgeries at Dublin recently, bu'. in
consideration of her age the Recorder
took time to consider his judgment.
Curiously enough, tho prisoner had
not benefited to the extent of a pen-
ay by her acts. She had been a
housemaid in tbe employment of Mr.
W. Burton, Carrigaholt Castle, Coun-
l ly Clare, and there married Mr. Bdr-
' ton's butler. She bad represented to
her husband on their marriage that
she was likely to come iu for some
means, and tn; also bad held oui the
hope to her that he would he in an
independent position shortly, It
was in order to keep up that pretence that she was induced lo forge
certain cheques.
A curious story of au Irish family
filed is reported from County Roscommon. Two brothers named Daley
were, returning home from slumping
iu Tulsk, County Roscommon, recently, when they were set upon by
two brothers Donley and severely
beaten—John Daley lo such an extent
thut bis depositions were subse- uent-
ly taken. The Doolcys were arrested and taken to Sligo jail. The offence of which thc Dalevs were guilty
is said tu have been thai tbey were
seen speaking to the Doolcys' brother-in-law, named Kelly, wlm occupied
the Doolcys' farm after tbey had been
evicted. The police force iu the district has been augmented in view ot
the feud.
Impressing an intention tu part
with his life rather than part with
his old age pension id live shillings a
week, an old man, recently refused
the offer of the Monaghun Board of
Guardians to pay liis railway (are to
Dublin to enter a hospital tor the
treatment of an affection of the
eyes. It hud been explained to him
that if lie accepted thc fare it. would
be considered an outdoor relief aud
would lead to the withdrawal of bis
pension. He left Monaghau expressing his determination to walk to
Dublin, a distance of about 80 miles.
A rather serious slate ul affairs exists on the large estates ol Peteival
and Streeda, near Manorbamiiton.
The tenants some time ago asked thc
landlords to sell their holdings to
thorn, and, in reply, the landlords
asked such terms lis would ensure
their present incomes. The tenants
offered something less, and, as an
agreement could not he come to, the
tenants have resolved to pay no rent
Until the landlords agree to sell to
them at the terms offered.
Remarkable business methods were
described at the meeting of the creditors and shareholders of the British
United Assurance Corporation, Limited, at the Lundun bankruptcy
court, recentlv. The chairman reported that the comiwiu's authorized capital wus £50,000, but the
amount subscribed never exceeded
£8,000. The company seemed to
have lived entirely on its premiums,
for it had no reserve fund, and although from Mav, 1906; to September, 1908, it had undertaken risks
amounting to £1,03*1,000, its bank
balance never exceeded £382. Gen.
orally the balance stood at about
£100, hut it hud fallen as low as
£20. The assets disclosed amounted
to about £200, but it was very
doubtful whether they would realize
that sum. The risks which had actually arisen amounted to £18,000.
A romance of the peerage has just
been closed hy thc death of Lady
Robert Montagu. This lady, whose
maiden name was Miss Wade, began
life in the humble role ot a house-
mail. She was exceedingly attractive iu appearance, aud her good
looks drew the attention of Lord
Robert Montagu, who was living near
the residence in which Miss Wade was
employed. Lord Robert, having fallen in love witli the beautiful housemaid, duly married her, und Miss
Wade that was thereupon became rc-j
lilted to some of the most distinguished members ol the Knglish peer-1
age, Lorn Robert having been the son :
of the sixth Duke of Manchester.        I
An Indian Mutiny veteran has recently passed away in the person ol
Joseph Madelev. He was horn on
May 12, 1830, at Derby, und enlisted
in the 95th Foot on October 13, 1K»7<.
He took part in the suppression of
the Indian Mutiny, was present at
the seige and .storming of tbe Kotah
f Kaput ana) at the storming and capture of Chundari, in the battle of
Gwalior, and the storming of the
fortress of Gwalior, for which those
who assisted were promised the
"Star" hut the government would
not allow British soldiers to accept
it from the Maharajah of Gwalior.
The veteran was also present at the
iccapturc of Chundari, and the siege
aud capture of Powni. I' 'ought
in the battle of Kouduri, and his
regiment marched over 8,000 iles
and engaged the enemy on fourteen
occasions. Madel- held the medal
for the Mutiny with the bur for
Teutral India.
By the presence of mind of the respective engine drivers what threatened to be a terrible railway collision at Barnelby, near Grimsby, one
night recently was reduced to a comparatively trivial mishap. A light
engine had heen allowed to get on
to the main line in front of the Great
Central Continental boat express Ior
Grimsby through    a signalman's er
ror. The driver of the express seeing a collision was inevitable applied
lus brake, while the driver of the
light engine increased his speed iu an
endeavor to keep ahead. The trains,
however, met and both sets of buffets were smashed, hut strange to
sav not a single passenger was Injured
A story is going through the English papers which has the merit of
truth. It was told rather ruefully
by one ol the victims. About eighty London publicans decided to make
a protest at a meeting called iu support of ibe Licensing Hill at Wesley's Chapel. Citv Road. They went
in solemnly in a body, and, instead
of finding themselves' tn what they
believed would be a political mcetinir
they were asked to join first in the
singing of a hymn, then in prayer,
.md finally, after un address, in a
collection. That was the last
straw, and eightv publicans in the
city are having to submit to men
gibes from customers who have heard
tin* story.
Restoration work is to be undertaken in connection with the
Scrouhv church, near Bawtry. on the
confines of Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire. At Scroobv Manor house,
which stands near the former palace
ol thc Archbishops of York, now long
since vanished, lived William Brewster, one of the foremost leaders of
the band that sailed in the Mayflower, a bronze tablet on tho wall
of the farmhouse known as "The
Grange," was erected bv the Pilgrim
Society of Plymouth, Massachusetts,
U.S.A,, to mark the site where once
slood Brewster's house. Much of the
old oak work remains in the church,
but the font, with other relics, has
been secured by descendants of the
Pilgrim Fathers for America.
"What is insolvency to a man in
the fishing business?" remarked a
smack owner recently at Yarmouth
county court in asking Judge Wilmot
lo granl him his discharge in bankruptcy, "A man," he added, "mav
be owing £100 or £500 and clear
himself in llve-and-twenty minutes."
The judge looked surprised, hut the
debtor's solicitor confirmed the statement, adding that many a boat went
to sea heavily insolvent but got a
good catch, and came back £100 or
£200 to tho good. As the debtor
would not consent fo the judgment
being entered against bim to secure
live shillings in the pound to his
creditors his discharge was refused.
Camhray Chapel, Cheltenham, has
lost a substantial legacy under remarkable circumstances. A week or
two ago the death took place of Mr.
John Sims, one of the trustees and a
regular attendant of the church.
Camhray Chapel was not represented
af the funeral. When, a few hours
hours later, deceased s will was
rend a codicil, dated 1803. stated
that, the Camhray Baptist Chapel
funds were to benefit to thc extent
of £1000 for each deacon attending
the funeral. There are nine deacons,
aud Camhray Chapel's loss is therefore apparent. Deceased had fre-
dticntlv helped the chapel financially
during his lifetime.
For the first time on record a woman is to receive Lloyd's medal for
saving Uic at sea. Miss Kate Gilmour, upon whom the committee ol
Lloyd's have decided to confer the
signal honor of a silver medal, was
stewardess of the S.S. Sardinian,
which was destroyed bv fire off Malta
on November 25. Miss Gilmour
would not be persuaded tu enter a
bout until all the women and children
had been rescued. She remained on
board urging and encouraging thc
panic-stricken Arabs to avail themselves of the only means of escape,
uid her coolness and cournge contributed to   the saving of manv lives.
An aged brother and sister, living
at Aycliffc, Durham, have tor six
years received out-relief from the
Guardians of Darlington union. Recentlv they received an intimation
that a relative had left them a legacy
of £100. The relieving officer heard
of the matter, and promptly claimed
llie legacy on the ground that the
Guardians were entitled to repayment
of the amount they had allowed in
out-relief. Meanwhile the couple remain destitute, and so will have to
depend on the Guardians for their
Four children, thc eldest only seven
vears of age, were discovered, cold
and hungry, at Bristol, awaiting the
return ot their father, Philip Honey,
an unemplayed asphalter and a widower. There had not been a fire in
thc house tor a week. A kindly
neighbor gave the children food, and
the eldest child stated that she aud
the others had been sit tin- up all
nifht "as daddy did not come home."
Later in the day the hodv of a man
found on the railwav was Identified
as the massing father.
Hv special sanction of Admiral Sir
John Fisher, thirty petty officers and
men Irom the Vernon attended the
funeral at Portsmouth recently of
Mrs, Jane, wife of Mr. Fred T. Jane,
the well-known writer on naval sub-
iects. To meet a wish which had
been expressed bv Mrs. Jane, the
"dismal death colors of black and
white" were avoided, the coffin being
draped in violet and pale pink, representing the dead lady's favorite tlow-
ers—violets and carnations. A
wreath sent hy friends in the Japanese navv was composed ol scarlet
geraniums and yellow chrysanthemums.
While walking mist a small nlanta-
tiou some distance from Grateh
(Hampshire) recently, a gentleman
saw a horse's head fixed between two
limbs of a tree, and on going ■■- ti
it be found thc animal dead. It had
been ridden by a eroom. who in following the hounds had become unseated. The horse bolted and, apparent l>* while galloning at a high
"teed came into contact with the
fork between thc limbs of a tree
with such force as to cause its death
and the fork kept the dead in position.
Whatever our place allotted to us
hy Providence, that   for us   is the
post of duty.     God estimates us not
by the position   we are in, but by
the Way in which we fill it.
A beautiful person is the natural
form of a beautiful soul.
In seeking the go, d of others, wc
find uur uwd.
Sec our West Window.   Your choice of these (.'loth
Bound Booka
Values from 50 Cents to $1.00
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Pumping capacity up tn 1,000.0m
gnls \xt dny.
H.   Y.   PARKER
Cranbrook, ll. C
| Canadian Hotel |
& One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- Q
® brook.   Warm rooms, good meals gj
53 and a bar stocked with the best 0
a a
a is
1 Joseph Brault, Proprietor!
Bef-to aufioituce timt they arc nov-opi-fi to give estimates
Fnr Contracts, lajge or small. All our .potations arc reason-
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Vancouver, B. C.
New Maiiauemeiit Improved in Every Way
Cranbrook,   H. C.
I Inr Motto i " The H<at ia None Too Uor»!.'
Manitoba Hotel
Headquarters for
Tltti MiinitoUitHvuittr-illy looted awUifli one ot the best dinlngroouis
tn ihe city.   The tmr ih fiiippiied wilh the he«t of l,ii|iioriiftnft Cigar*
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K K lilt IT A11V   18. J90JI
Hi  tb.- He
Publishing I'linipaM,
The Herald is worth $10 a rear, li
...sis only (SI. No man In Suutli
K.inI Kootenay eat] .iilenl to bu without n. anil overyoue living outside ol
the district, who is Interested in lbe
progress el tbis section, Bltould read
it, 11 publishes lbe news while it ik
news. H is eontrollcil nbsoliili'l! li)
ihe piiblisbcrs No clique, parts or
indlvifltial dictates tis pulley, li
don't try to please lbe people, it's
desire is tu pnbllsb .. nuwspspot ib.il
.nil be a cretin to the community,
Mend iii nun subscription and yen
will lie llianktttl evct altcrward,
tdvertising rates Jl.nii jn-r Inch per
month, ne fame and nu less.
Itcniling inaltei 15 cents pel lino
tu non.advertisers; I" cents |icr line
lu regular advertisers.
II nm desire to reach tbe people ol
Small East Kootenay yuu must uil-
vertise ni The Herald.
The Herald hns n flrstrolass Job
plant, and lis wmk is uf the best.
I'he Herald don't want charity. It
wants ii square ileal nu your job
work, li we can't suit yuu in iiual-
ily and price, liiek, ami send yuur
wink iu sumc Cheap John house in
the east that never spends a cent in
i 'ranhrook.
J, K. E. Simpson, manager of tlie
Uranbrook Herald, tlo hereby state
that ilu- pressman's hooks show, ami
Uiat 1 havo every reason to believe
tlinl il»* circulation of the llt-ratd for
tin- past yenr has been 7l.i»T!t copies,
divided as follows;
Russell SiiRe said; "Buy your
straw bats in winter." Buy Kast
Kootenav fruit lands before the priee
IB-comes;' so hiffb as to he prohibitive.
"The choice uf a site (or tlie pro-
posed university of British Columbia
was lelt to a hoard ot eastern university experts." This is the an-
notineemeni made hy Premier Mc-
Hrlde. Once more the Herald wishes
l<> point out that there is nu spot in
tin' province so eminently suited foi
seltolustlQ purposes as I'taiihrook.
Tin- British Columbia Saturday
Sunset publishes a view oj the Sl.
Kti'j-nie Mission in its issue nl Kebni
lirj   I.Hi.
It is .-.aid lu Victoria that the eOV-
enimenl looks forward to a shon
session nest fall with railway legislation followed hy an appeal to tho
count)') iui a new railway policy.
It looks like a general elqctiou in
Knuiiind vers shortly. The Loudon
correspondent of lhe New York
Tribune, who is admittedly one of
ilie mosl reliablo of the correspondents for New York dailies, says thai
great pressure is being hvodgjit to
heal iui Mi. Vsquitb hy his friends
to bring on an election at ihe parlies! possible date.
We are in receipt of Vol. I. No. 1,
■r the B, 0. Knrm-r and Fruit Grow
r, a publication pot ten out at' Van-
ouver. This is a monthly and contains i\ pages of excellent matter,
but the paper on which it is printed
is sueh that justice is not done the
really, capital articles* lorttaint-d iu
the magazine.
Two hundred aod seventy letters
registered in Canadian post offices
and containing sums of money In
various amounts up to $5,000 did
not reach their destinations during
fiscal vear 19118, according to ollicial reports. Besides tbls 1,009
letters, which contained money, but
which were not registered, also failed
to get to the parties to whom they
were addressed.
According to the Michel Reporter
New Michel is to become the metro-
polls of the Pass.
•limitary, 1II0S
.. 9,86.1
February,   lues   ...
March, 1!I(M 	
April, inns
. 5,970
May, lulls   	
June, l!«i»
Julv, 1UU8
August,   191)8
September,   1008
October,   1908 .
November,   I9ds
December, lulls
Total fur (lie yenr mils    71,079
Average monthly    circulation..5923.8
t range weekly circulation   ...1306.47
Subscribed atui sworn In before aie
this Kith dav uf February, 1909, at
I'r.iiiliiuuk, B.C.
John Htilehisnti,
Public   in .iml
,i   Kntilnnav,  Hi
fur   tbe
iiisb Co
♦ Copy for all advertise'
| mails must be in nol later!
X than Wednesday Morning !
♦ 10 a.m.. for insertion that!
♦ week.
It .seems as if (.'ali^aiy will have
in have an Inspector ot weights and
measures. It i-t alleged that some
of the conl dealers do not give proper
weight. The proper regulation of
weights ami measures is a good thing
in any eily. It protects hnth tho
buyer nnd the sHIer.
Last Thursday was thc 62nd birthday of Thomas A, I-Jdison, the (am-
mis American electrician who was
horn in 1847.
Uranbrook will some day in the
near future lie on n C.P.R. mam line
botweon Montreal ami Seattle. Thu
iM'.H. has secured control of tho
Wisconsin Central and ii is reported that it is negotiating for tbe
I'cro Marquette, a railway with a
main line fiom Detroit to Chicago.
The Wisconsin Central gives the C.p.
1!. an entrance to Chicago from the
west and lhe Pore Marquette would
provide it with a direct route to
Detroit, where it would join the present line running to Montreal. Thus
it will he seen the road would have
practically a direct route trom Montreal, through Chicago and St. Paul,
ami llience over the Soo line to
Spokane and on to Seattle. Once
ihe Pore Marquette is acquired this
route would come into actuil existence imd Cranhrook would be on the
main line of traffic between the two
An esl.ite or $50,000 has just' been
wound-up in Hamilton f)nt., and the
law costs were Mfl.notl. What's the
uve .,f hnvini! inniu.-) lefl vou''
ISngllshmeii have no reason to he
nshamed of their representative at,
the New York Marathon race. Hnth
contestants enme out with glory
Last Saturday was the anniversary
of the massacre of Olencoc. which
took place In 161)2.
The editor of tbe Summerland Review is a newspaper man. In an
article with the heading "To Review
Correspondents," he says:
"The editorial columns ol the
Review are devoted to tbe editor's personal views oa all pub-
lit; questions of interest, and
communications such as the one
referred to will always be welcomed hv the editor, who is not
hy any means .selfish enough to
imagine that others have not
ideas as well as himself; and
courts criticism of anything that
may appear in these columns,
whether complimentary or otherwise, so long as personalities are
This is the doctrine that the Herald has always prenrlmd and which
it slands by.
Application has been made lo par-
liaiiieni for an extension of time for
tin* const ruction of the Kootenay
Central railway. Mr. Goodeve, representative from the Koot-enpys, is
opposing the extension unless some
work is done this year. Good for
(ioodeve. What wc want here is
more work on the. Kootenay Central
atni less extension ot time. The
people or the Kootenay valley, fToin
Golden tn Fori Steele, have heen
fooled long enough and have i>he right
lo demand  railway, transportation.
The election of Minister Templeman
h\ acclamation insures for British
Columbia a cabinet minister for the
next four or live vears. The llvrald
maintains that that is good hnsiness
aud good politics.
The inauguration of President-elect,
Tnft on the fourth of next March
promises in lie a ceremony nl threat
The people of  Revelstoke are
dtiljEinj; in shirt waist dances.    Such
frivolity must be as (.-hilly as It
The people of British Columbia
e a right to ask for a duty on
lumber. Kvery great Industry
Canada is protected by a tariff and
tliere is no reason whv the manuEuc
turcrs ol lumber should nnt enjoy the
same privilege.
The Herald would like to sw the
ranhrook Board n! Trade give a dollar dinner, on which occasion nothing
would he nerved except Ihat produced ju ihe Cranbrixik district. This
would prove a his advertisement for
thc district and the majority of
property owners and wahe-earners ia
the district should be present. There
will he during the next, six months
hundreds of inquiries as to the
lands of this district aud a large
number of people coming here for the
purpose nf investigating the possibilities nf fruit culture. The Cranbrook district has the land and tbe
climate and what it needs is a live
iganw-atinn to look alter tbe interests of this community. Tbat is
what a Hoard of Trade Is for, hut
vou cammt make a successful Board
of Trgde by s-tmplv electing officers.
The people'as a whole must do their
part and it is time for the
people of this district to wake up
and take advantage ol the glorious
opportunities that are presented.
A visitor from the prairie remarked yesterday:     "Come to Cranbrook
hu n dav aud stay forever."
—       »■■■■
Ottawa, Feb. 8.—The probability of
introducing new animal into Canada
Is becoming a possibility. A herd of
six Asiatic Yaks are coming to tbo
Ottawa Experimental farm, and they
will, when others arrive, be sent to
the Western grazing lands with an
endeavor to populate the Northwest
ami Labrador with them. Yaks can
stand the cold and live on scanty,
coarse ration*.
Cranbrook, Fob. 12th, nm.
Kditoi  Craubrook Herald, Cranbrook
B.C :
Sir:   1  would be pleased to sec the
enclosed "clipping" taken from    the
Brotherhood ol    Locomotive Kircmeu
and ICnglnemen's   Magazine of    this
month,    appear    in    your     valuable
columns, as   the business men of tins
city carry tho   garnishee "graft" to
tlie extreme,     ihey all seem to   dc-
llghl lo net a    c.P.R.    employe in,
iheir debt ami then turn around and'
•tt u.e "Straight Aii" on his cheouo.
to use the railroad   term for    that
proceedings.    Ami 1 think thut   thus
enclosed clipping can he applied very
proper!j to  the  merchants ot   Cranbrook
1 bet; to remain,
Yours respectfully,
I). F. Binkley,
Member Crows Nest Lodge No. 559|
II   of t.. F. and E.
The mosl satisfactory law that was
evei made for graders that prey on
railroad employes is the Garnishee
Law. It is a law that has ruined
iiinnj a happy home. It has been
Llie cause of many good, honest men
hefng thrown out ot employment.
tt mutters not how good a job a
man may have, or bas had, he is likely lo gel into straightened circumstances sometime, and if he is untor-
tduute enough to owe a penson any
mull or lurge hill and cannot pay It,
the lirst thing thc creditor thinks
about is thc mighty Garnishee Law,
uot earing whether his creditor ever
does another day's work or not, just
so be (the creditor) can get to discomfort the party indebted to him.
It has worked more injustice than
it has ever worked justice. The
great railroad corporations ot this
country will not tolerate employes
being garnisheed, but it seems to do
some of the grafters good to garnishee some poor unfortunate and make
him a lot of unnecessary expense and
perhaps cause him to lose his position.
I think such a law as the Garnishee
Law should be annulled forever. We
may perhaps have some genuine
"dead heats" employed on railroads
who would make a practice ot using
their credit because they could not be
garnisheed, if such were thc case. It
would do good one way hut injure in
another way—that is, for some men
who go on a new job without any
means of support.
I for one am in for seeing if there
could not be some way ot doing away
with ibis Garnishee Law all over
Canada or having it declared unconstitutional.
nUN'XlN'CI   RIGHTS    OVER   Till
in tawa, Feb. ti.—Hon. Oeo. I1
Graham, Minister ol Hallways, 1ms
notified President SliaURhnessy, ot
the C.P.R., that the proposition ol
iIn- latter compaay lor running rights
,„ef tho I.('.It. from St. .lohn to
Halifax will not be considered until
arrangements are made for giving at
the same time similar rights to the
t'.N.R. over the government road to
I Initial.
It is understood that Mackenzie .t
\lntin arc anxious to secure connection with the Atlantic seaboard by
getting running rights over the I.C.
Fi. and thus completing the eastern
Iml; uf lheir transcontinental line.
< ii ,
< „ ,
. >i ,
■ *i ,
• *i i
. i< ,
. l, ,
, ii ,
, ii i
. n i
• ii i
♦ "
i" '
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********************
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• It t
Oi  .
« >o
->♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦-»♦ »♦♦»»♦■»■»♦■»■»♦♦
real estate boom in    consequence ol
this cheering news.
The Grand Trunk Pacific will -build
Innn Kort (JeorRe to Vancouver this
year of thc Provincial government
will gunrantee the bonds.
Considerable Improvements hnve
been made this week in the agent's
ollice at the C.P.R. depot. The
telegraph ofliee hns been moved to
tliu'hulldiug at the west end ol the
platform so that now Mr. Willson
will huve ample room in which tn
conduct his work.
In future trains Nos. 218, 214, 2:l.ri
and 23b will stop at Mayook on being flagged.
Macleod, Feb. 10.—This town is in
great glee jusl now. Chief Engineer
McLcori and Messrs. Turnbull and C.
(t. Stovel, of the Canadian Northern,
speul I wo days here and belore they
departed made arrangements with
Hu- Town Council to secure eighty
acres fm terminals ami yards. This
properly runs from tbe lane north of
2Itli Streel clear to the river, east
lo tlio eastern boiindai-- of the town,
ami west as far as Fifth avenue.
It is understood that the Canadian
Northern i;
tor of thc line from Macleod to
Cardsfon and the boundary and it is
their intent-ion to make this a
through line from Saskatoon to
Montana, Macleod being one of the
principal divisional points. The
statement was made by one of the
official* that this line would be constructed into Marteod before the end
of this vear.
Ottawa, Feb. lU.-Gco. E. MeCran-
ey's bill to incorporate the Canadian
Western Railway company was re-
puited today, this being thc first
company to get a new charter trom
the present Parliament. The company propose,*- to build a line from
the' International boundary between
ranges 2D and 28 to Calgary, with a
branch line tapping thc C.P.R. at or
near (he village of Michel.
•lohn Ifcrron, of  Macleod, wan in-
_ _   _     strumental in   getting the   route al-
negotiating tor the char-tiered so that tho railway will pass
through the town of Pincher Creek.
Several charters had already becn
granted covering the same, territory,
but nothing had yet. been done.
An important hill by Mr. Clarke,
of Essex, was taken up. It extends
tlie liability of railway companies
for damages caused hy fire from locomotives, and makes them responsible for any damage whatever   that
The railroad would cross the    Old mav result to property, crops, land,
Man river between   the C.P.R. bridge fences, plantations,    buildings,     and
ami the    government    tralUc bridge contents from such a cause.
and run along f-ce's Hill and    com* A bill to provide for better prot-ec-
through the town   past the custom's tion nf lovel railway crossings    was
house nnd   the rear of lhe Hudson's given ii-j third trading in the House
Hay store. today, and is now ready for eonsid-
Already there are indications of   n nation bv the .Senate.
Tbo deepest svmpathv of the whole
Cranhrook community will lie felt
for Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Worden and
for James Milne, on the sudden and
earl'* death of their brother, Oordon
Milne, at the youthful age of 2H
vears. On Friday, February 12th,
at 7 p.m. the young man was tound
dead in his bed in the Hrandon hotel,
Urandon. He had gone there on a
visit from Broadview,    Man., where ' J^'tions
thing lor tho local corps here, which
is so small.
The reciting done by Mrs. Plant
was much appreciated. Tins was
shown by tho loud applause.
The Major tnld ot the many countries he had visited, and the peculiarities of the diflerent nations, and the
wav lie explained things brought the
bouse down with laughter.
Thirty-thrce countrles have been
visited by bim, and tbe beautiful
message of "Jesus and His Love"
j has been   proclaimed   to tbe heathen
working for the past
tte had been
Mr. Milne spent sumc months in
Cranbrook about a vear ago working
for bis brother-in-law, W. K. Worden, and while here made many
warm friends who always found him
kind and obliging, and it is with
great regret that the" will hear that
his promising life hns been so early
It is all the more sad that this
death is the first break in the family. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Milne,
are still living in Port Perry, Ont.,
where his brother, David Milne, and
his sister, Mrs. Vincent, are also living. Mrs. Whitfield, of Rlackston,
Ont. (the birthplace of the deceased)
is another sister, as is also Mrs.
Pierce of London, Eng., and Mrs.
Worden, of Cranhrook. James
Milne, of this citv, is also a brother.
Mrs. Worden and James Milne went
east on Monday to Port Perrv, Ont.,
where the interment will take place.
Tbc people who attended the musical meeting in the Methodist church
given hy Major and Mrs, Plant, o!
the Salvation Army, will not soon
be forgotlcn. On many occasions I
had the pleasure of hearing many
people sav: "It's the best ever produced in the city of Cranbrook."
This   is, no doubt, nn encouraging
Music aad song is something that
will touch thc hearts of men, women
and children and bring them hack to
Ood and heaven, when nothing else
will. They both possess great ability, and God grant that thev shall
use it for the extention of "His
The ball given hy thc Knight Templars at thc Auditorium last Thursday evening was ono of thc most enjoyable events of   the season.      The
Three Stcp-"Rosedale"
Two Step—"Olil Faithful"
Valse—"Somebody's    Waitim.'
Two Step—"Society Swing"
Lancers—"Lennox Club"
Valse—"Won't    y-Mi  Come Ovei
My House"
Two Step—"Two Blue Eves"
Valse—"Dream Thouehts"
Sibottischi*-"The Royal Rose"
Three Step—"Flowers and Smite;
Valse—"Sweetheart Days"
Two Step—"Southern Beauties"
Valse—"Are Vou Sincere?"
Schottische—"Sweel Vows"
Two Step—"I'd Rather   Two
Than Walt/, Bill"
Valse—"Home, Sweet Home"
John Wilkes     Booth,  the assassin
of   Abraham     Lincoln, is still alive,
according   to a   letter    received by
- -,, .,(.,,        »  i      ,       ISneaker Cannon, from a man   living
hall was tastefully decorated and a , ' (ho moimta(n's o( T,nn,,SRlT. Ho
transparency representing the crossLllg csts nm.(,, m,(I|iiI, 0, commcm.
and crown, the emblem of the 0,.^ 11l(1 ,„„„, anniVPrsnrv „,
knights was displayed n front of LlnC0|5»a MrlM|lv on Fobruary I2tb.
tic state. This was the work ol u u t|, Congress pass a hill
11 H    Short.     Supper    was served       „|al  ,, tI{       ^      to
under   the superintendence of G. M. I fo|||| Wl!,.,s   nkooth   »n(, 0,ll(1).s ^ho
lliake,    which is  sufficient assurance | m,)V ,mV).    knowiodKC of hiB presenl
whereabouts or had guilty knowledge
of bis crime.     This should be   done.
of   its    excellence.        Thc excellent
music    was furnished   by   the Cranbrook orchestra,   under the direction
of     Bandmaster    Corrison.     About
sixty couples  were present nnd    tbe
ballroom looked very gay by reason
of the Knights and other members of
the craft wearing their regalia. Pol-
lowing    is   the   musical programme
rendered bv the orchestra:
Valse—'' Enchantment"
Lancers—"Oood Old Times"
Two Step—"Swing of the Baton"
Schottische—"Watermelon Boys"
lie argues, because it would clear up
the mystery of Booth's disappearance. He denies that Boofh was
killed by soldiers alter the assassina
tion in a bam mi a Maryland farm.
Tbe people
probably be \
KtioW what, w
iho sneer »i us would
•rv much surprised to
thlltk of tbem.
The    chief need
if    men is     more
A Gimrautooof Excellence goes with every
Back of
Ogilvies ",Royal  Household" and "Mount
Royal" Flour
If aftiT using any liraml of Ogilvie's
Flour prorareil from us you aru not sat-
isliwl with r<-Hiilts, we will refund the price
paid for it.
Ogilvie's Flour makes Beautifully Light
Pastry and White Nutrilious Bread
Fashio ns Change
la Hunts us wt-ll us othor wearing up*
parol. An old-fashioned alutpoil IkihI or
shoe looks just ns out ui' dato as an old-
fashioned dross in hai
Ours Are The Shoes of
"QIB90N (illtl." AMERICAN OXFORDS, lour styles, Un ntul Mnuk, in
11. and 0. lasts   *4.50 to   fS.OU
lasts    13.0(1 to   "!>.00
tan and lilack suede    t'».0u
**********■■*•*********** *******
■""■ft"*"" ****r*~~n*~s~~***~~*** ********** ■***■**. ****** IHE   I'llANRKlMIK    IIKKAI.U
Imperial Bank ot Canada:;
Arrowhead, Golden, KatnloopB, Miehel, NpIboii.   Revelstoke,''
Vancouver and Victoria
SA VINOS    IHMWl'TMIONT     Interest   allowed on
doposita ;it uurront rate from date of deposit
Cranbrook Branch. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr. ::
Buy "Aurora"
We will be glad to givo you full
information about tbis property and
we invite  the   closest   investigation.
We will Pay $510.00 for
South African War Scrip
Beale & Elwell
Ileal Estate, insurance ami Investment BrokerB
We have the following described movement in (Mock which
we are offering for a snort lime at the following price :—
17-jewol, Hi size Uookford movement, open face, exposed
winding wheel-, jewels in settings, Brequet hairpprinp,
double ciink dial, with either Human or Arabic Ilgures,
lilted into a swing ting waterproof and dust- m+e aa
proof nickel case for    «Pl0*UU
Ottarnnteetl to give perfect satisfaction,
?+♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-»♦♦♦♦♦-»♦ 4
Jeweler and
Gradu&te Optician
After February  15th.  iqoq, I  intend
running a strictly cash business.
Watch for new prices.
Deal with me and  I will  make it
pay you.
TR  J.  riANNING TvS0'
I* nature's most proctoufl fin'i.   Du aot i.-i ii sailer for want ol
proper gln-ae*.
If vmi ihi' treabloil willi Roverc huailaclios, ur vour even
tiecnine llrwl wlimi isniltng tumult n«. Wo aro Grailaale
(if.ui'iiium.f tlio Toruato Opthslmlc Collt'ge,and leel contiilent
el RlvliigaalUlaetlnu.
f. I'. II. Watch laspoctorn OKAKIIROOK, B.C.
We Lead—Others Follow
Th,. railtli.nl> "I Craah I. nml Districl shonlil bogralefnl tons    ', i
for llm liumluring lo Hum the nomlorlaliiaalitlosol
sharpening  STONES
tt'oarostill soiling thosestimosf also tlio
fall nu.) w' mie working.
********************* <
Oreen Vegetables,  Lettuce, Radishes,
and Celery at
Cutters at cost price at tlie Cranbrook Trading Co.
A. E. Watts, ot Wattsburg, was in
tlie city on Monday.
J. W. Bennett, ol Fernie, was iu
the city last Monday.
House plants at Fink's Pure Food
W. H. DcLong, of Fernie, was n
Cranbrook visitor on Friday.
H. U. Benedict, of Mayook, wns in
tlie eity on Friday.
Russian Caviar at Fink's Pure
Food Grocery.
lt. 11. Benedict, of Mayook, was a
Craubrook visitor lust Saturday.
P. VV. Burgess, of Wardncr, was in
Cranbrook last Saturday.
V.. Staples, of Wyt'lifle, was in the
city last Sunday.
John Francis, of Wardner, was in
the city at the end of last week.
('utters at tost price at the Cranbruok Trading Co.
Itev. Main visited Creston oc
Judge Wilson held county court at
Fernie last Monday.
Hubert Rohson, of Mayook, was a
guest at the Royal this week.
Cutters at cost price at the Cranbrook Trading Co.
Sweet Briar Boiled Ham at Fink's
Pure Food Grocery,
Chas. Smith, of Sirdar, was In the
city on Monday.
Joseph Stephens, of Morrissi- was
in the city last Tuesday.
Edward Brettie, of Elko, was a
Cranbrook visitor on Tuesday.
Big Jim" McKce, o! Elko, was
in the city on Tuesday.
Artichokes at Kink's Pure Food
J. Dougall, of Blairmore, was a
Cranbrook visitor last Friday.
lohn Moran, the well known Crcs*
ton hotel man, was in the city last
B. A. Fraser visited Moyie last
Friday hi thc interests ot A. C, Bowness.
P. Lund, president o! thc Crows
Nest Pass Lumber eompanv. ol Wardner, was in thc city on Friday.
Cutters at cost price at thc Cranbrook Trading Co.
0. D. McNab, manager ol the Baker Lumber eompanv, ot Waldo, was
in the city on Friday last.
John Hathaway, of Wartiner, was
in Cranbrook on business last Saturday.
Pure Maple Sugar Carnival, Methodist church, Thursday, February
25th.     Tickets, .10c.; children, 25c.
It. A. Fraser visited Michel on
Monday in the interests of A. C.
Sylmar brand Pure California
Olive Oil at Fink's Pure Fond Grocery.    .
Robert Campbell, the well known
Moyie merchant, wns in the citv on
FOR SALE-A small house a»d lot
50x100. Apply G., Box 895, Cranbrook, B. C. 46-4t*
(ioiner Jones, of the Crows Nest
Pass Lumber eompanv of Wardner,
was in the city last. Monday.
Pure Maple Sugar Carnival, Methodist clmreh. Thursdnt* February
25th.     Tickets, 50c; children, 25c,
Alex, Henderson, of Fort William,
Ont., was visiting his brother. Alderman Henderson, this week.
Razors and shaving brushes, the
best selection can be made of the
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
Dr, Patterson and wife, ot Iron
River, Wis., arc visiting Mr. Patterson's brother, E, Patterson.
WANTED—One or two rooms furnished or unfurnished by voung lady.
Apply S., care Herald. 48-tl
hy ihe dav. Address Sophie Phet-
fcr, care Herald. 47
E, Hill, the well known Moyie
merchant, was a Cranbrook visitor
on Tuesday,
V. J. Burnslde, of Fernie, was in
the city at the beginning of the
WANTED — Soulh African scrip;
$100. Apply K.D.J., Herald office. 46
housekeeper for a familv ot three.
Applv C., care Herald office.    I8.tt
Judge Wilson had the misfortune
tn break a small blood vessel in his
nn last Thursday and will be un-
ble to curl for some time.
to do at home. Address Sophie
Phclfer, care Herald.
Frank Dickinson nnd James Bates
returned from Nelson on Tuesday atter witnessing thc hockey match between Nelson and Edmonton.
Set! our new and imported Curtain
StrIchors, prices the very lowest.—
Patmore Bros.
WANTED—Employment for two or
three hours daily. Would take charge
of   a young    baby.     Apply P.P.C,
are Herald. 47-2t
TO RENT-Cottafe near the
school house, furnished; two stoves
aud water in thc bouse; $12 a month.
Applv on the premises. L.
Spragg. 48-U
IL D. McMillan returned lo Cowley, Alta., last Friday, but Mrs.
McMillan is staying over in Cranhrook visiting old time Iriends.
WANTED—Girl tor general housework. Apply Mrs. B. H. Short, opposite Electric Light office.       48-tt
Gcrhnrd-Heintzmau piano tor sale
or to rent. Apply S., care Herald. 48-tt
John Beid, road foreman for the
government, says that work is progressing well on the new bridge
across the Kootenay at Fort Steele.
Pure Maple Sugar Carnival, Mcth-
xlist church, Thursday, Fehruary
25th.    Tickets, 5flc.; children, 25c.
modern conveniences, near center of
city. Apply F., care ot the Herald. 47.
The electric fire whistle at tho
O.P.R. shops is now Installed. By
pressing a button at the Are hall the
whistle i.s put into operation.
Constnble Adney, ot Wardner, and
Constable Leacy, ot Elko, passed
through Cranbrook last Friday,    on
their return from a trip to Now
A new line of Craubrook souvenir
cards just to hand at the Cranbrook
Drug & Book Co.
A. A. Gammon, of Winnipeg, Man.,
representing the Orchard Improvement company and the North American Bonds, Limited, was in the
city last Monday.
Bill Smith late C.P.R. gardner,
wants jobbing Work of any kind. Address P. O., Cranbrook.
Mrs. Maycock left last Tuesday for
(Jilk'tt. Wyoming, to visit her sons.
She was accompanied as tar as Sand
Point by her daughter, Mrs. Wm.
RANCHERS-Ordcr your cream
Separators now. Wo are agents loi
the "DO Laval," the world's standard.
A meeting of the Farmers' Institute will take place nn Saturday
evening next at the Government ol-
office, when plans fnr the year's work
will be discussed,
Saturday is the day you get homo
made candy fnr 30c. per tb. ut The
There are some beautiful plants in
the store of the Fink Mercantile
company, which were raised in the
greenhouses af A, K. Watts at
11 anyone has a numbei of the
Cranbrook Herald tor January 2
1907, No. 40, they would confer a
great favor by sending same to this
office, as we need it to complete our
Mrs. 1). W. Hyndman leaves today
(Thursday) for Calgary, Alta., to
spend a couple of weeks with Mr.
and Mis. Dr. G. H. Blow aud other
Still u few hig dictionaries to be
sold. They must go. (let our special offer.—Cranbrook Drug & Hook
The fire department had a run on
Saturday morning about 11 o'clock
to the home of James B. Henderson.
It was simply a matter of a chimney
on fire and it was not necessary to
turn on the water.
have now a complete stock of Welsh
and the best Canadian enameled.
wares. See our "Earlv Breakfast"
cookers.—Patmore Bros.
Barney Wilson, the well known
Moyie musician, was brought in
from Moyie last Friday suffering
from inflammatory rheumatism. He
will be treated at thc St. Eugene
Bohemian cut glass—much nicer tor
service than the heavy cut*—on display in Fink's inimitable china department.
J. II. McMullen, government agent,
at Fernie, has been made inspector
of police for the province. This is a
new office and is one that Captain
McMullen will fill to the complete
satistaction of the government.
WANTED-A girl at the Steam
G. R. G. Bagnall, travelling passenger agent for the C.P.R., of Nelson, was in the city at the end of
last week conferring with I. II. Will-
son, the local agent nt the company.
FOR SALE-Fresh milch cow. Apply F. J. Doris. 47-*
Richard Hirt/. the well known
Elko storekeeper, was in the city at
the beginning of the week on a visit
tn his daughter. Mr. Hirtz says
that business is good at Elko and
that everyone is looking forward to a
busy summer.
TO RENT—Two furnished rooms.
Hanson Ave.    Applv    Herald.    47-2t
"Buck" Taylor, not the "Buck"
Taylor who was Buffalo Bill's right
band man with his hig show but
"Buck" Tavlor of tbe Royal hotel,
is the standing auto-attraction at
that popular hostelry. If vou have
thc hlues go and talk to "Buck" ami
the blues will vanish like snow before the cbinook.
We are prescription specialists.—
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
The world is very small after all.
I. L. Manwaring, 'editor ot the
Lethbridge News, was in the city
last Saturday. Mr. Manwaring, bo-
sides beint: a journalist ot ability,
has the distinction of being the onlv
member ot the fourth estate in the
Canadian West who was horn at the
original Cranbrook in Kent. England. Cranbrook. B. C, today is
considerably larger than its godfather
in the OH Countrv.
WANTED—Woman to do washing
for familv of three. Address Herald
office. 48
O. W. Hall, of Portland, Ore.,
western manager of the WestchcBter
Insurance company nf New York,
was in the city at the end ot last
week. Mr. Hall was establishing an
agencv ot his company in Cranbrook in the office of V. Hyde Baker.
Mr. Hall is one nl tbe oldest established insurance men in thc west,
having been in San Francisco forty
vears ago.
three pens utility stock White Wyan-
dots; pen 1; headed bv Imported male
of heavv laying strain; $2.00 per 15
straight; pens 2 and B, $1,50 per 15.
or $7.00 per hundred; packed and
l.o.h. stage; 25 per cent oil at ranch.
Address A. B. Smith, Fort Steele,
B. C. 4H-3t
I Notice is hereby given that 3u
days  after  date   I  intend   to appl)
jto the Honorable Chief Commissioner   of   Lands   and Works   fur   a
'license   to   prospect   for   coal   and
i petroleum on the following described lands, situated in tin*
district nf South East Koo*
teiiuv. Province "t British Columbia:
Commencing at a post placed at
the south-east corner of Lot No.
6860, being the north-west corner of
Gertrude Hynes1 claim, thence south
SO chains, llience east h0 chains,
thence north hu chains, theuce west
80 chains to place ol beginning.
Located ibis 22nd dav nf Januarv.
Gertrude Hynes, Locator
A. Hackett,' Agent.
The British Columbia Southern
Railway Company will apply to the
Parliament ol Canada at its next
session tor an Act:
I. Extending the time within
which it may construct:
(a) The extension nt its railway to the 4!>tb parallel
and the Tobacco Plains,
which it was authorized tti
construct hv Chapter 55 of
the Statutes of 1890.
(b) The western section of its
railwav and the branches
to Ni'lson and Martin
Creek as described in Section l ot Chapter 52, ol the
Statutes ol 1900.
II. Authorizing it to construct,
acquire and operate a branch line
from a point at or near Michel in a
northerly direction through Knnanas-
kis Pass to a point of junction with
the main line of the C.P.R. at or
near Kananaskis, a distance of about
120 miles;
And for other purposes.
H C. Oswald,
Dated at   Montreal    Januarv nth.
1909. 48-5t
Notice i.s hereby given that 30
days after date I Intend to appl
to tho Honorable Chief Commu
sioncr of Lauds and Works for a
license to prospect lor coal and
petroleum on the following described lands, situated in the
distiict of South East Kootenay, Province ot British Columbia:
Commencing at. a post at the
south-cast corner of Lot No, 68tii),
being the south-west corner post oi
George Hynes' claim, thenco north
80 cbains, along the survey line of
Lot No. 886U, tbence cast 80 cbains,
tbence south 80 chains, thence west
8H chains to place of beginning.
Located tbis 22nd day of January
George Hynes, Locator,
A. Hackett, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date i intend to npph
to' the Honorable Chiel Commissioner o| Lands and Works for a
license to prospect Ior coal and
pet roleum on the follow ing described lands, situated in the
district of South East Koo*
tenny, Province ol British Columbia:
Commencing at a post, at the
north-east corner ot Lot No. 6990.
being the north-west corner ol Madie
Rallton's claim, thence south 80
bains, along survey line of Lot No.
0990, thence cast 80 chains, theuce
north 80 chains, thence west SO
chains to place ot beginning.
Located this 22ud day ol January,
Madie   Railton, Locator,
A. Hackett, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply
to' the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the tollowintr described lands, situated in the
district of South East Kootenay, Province ot British Columbia:
Commencing ut a post at the
south-east corner of License No.
1180, being the south.west corner
post ot C, G. Pence's claim, thence
north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to place ol beginnine.
Located this 22nd day ol January,
C. G. Pence, Locator.
A. Hackett, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 30
days atter date I intend to apply
to tbe Honorable Chief Commissioner ot Lauds and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following descrihed lands, situated in tlie
d i s t rict of South East Kootenav. Province of British Columbia:
Beginning at a post planted at the
north-east corner of License No.
1081, being the north-west corner of
M. Thorpe's claim, thence south Mj
chains, thenee east 80 chains, tbence
north     80   ehains,    thence   west SU
hains to place of beginning.
Located this 22nd dav of January,
M. Thorpe. Locator.
A. Hackett, Agent.
Notice is hereby iriven that 30
lays alter date I intend to apply
to' the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works lor a
icense to prospect lor coal and
net roleum on the tollowir- des-
ribed lands, situated in the
district of South East Kootenav Province of British Columbia:
Commencinc at a post planted at
the south-east corner ot License No.
LOSS, being the south-west comer ol
William Raths' claim, thence north
80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west
80 chains to place ot beginning
Located this 22nd day ot January,
William Raths, Locator,
A. Hackett, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 30
davs atter date I intend to apply
to tbe Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works tor a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the lollowing described lands. situated in the
district of South East Koo-
Lenny, Province ot British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-cast corner of License No.
1083, being the south-west corner nf
Harry McLeod's claim, thence north
HO chains, thence east 80 chains,
tbence south Ml chains, thence west
80 chains to plate of beginning.
'ocated this 22nd day ot January,
Harrv McLeod,  Locator,
A. Hackett. Agent. !8-6t
Recommended tiy the best
medical authorities.
soli: agent
Wholesale Wine Merchant
Keep Your Eye on this Space for Bargains
in Real Estate
with river froutage ntul ont' tfiilo from r;iilrofu!
station; 70 uerfs umlHr (.-uiliYtttiuit; iou acres
good level laud ft ltd i-.ir.iiy clrunnl; balance
uood pasture. Five-roomed Cottagt Barn,
22 x ol with basement and leau.to Mock-
smith Shop and Implement Shed, The owner
will also sell his
on one of tbe finest streets in Cranbrook.
House lias 8 rooms and cellar, witli nil modem
improvements,    Small barn, buggy shed ami
$5,000 Cash.   Balance to suit at S per cent.
"This larm alorto i* worth ti;
■ 1 ark for both.
Royal Hotel. Cranbrook
In FRUIT LANDS. Almost Given Away
AOa  AODC   I nT s't,,aua  tvro toilet from a town.
ZU'HUnL LUI   Rich black loam.  Can be irrigated
if required with very little cost
A 40"AUnt LOT loam, level, and a first-class fruit
tract PRICE $300
A  EA  tnnr  I UT three  miles from a  town,    River
50-ACRE LOT bottom
PRICE $300
one   milt;   from   a   town.     Good
enough on land to pay for thi
home tor anyone
Uood    loam.      Timber
id.   Would make a tine
We have lots running from HO acre- to 2,000 acres at
prices to suit you, ami a* ian-I values an- going to faet go
ont of reach of the poor mar*, i "me and take advantage
of these -naps nu**.
Or, ir you want anything In lands. |et tle look it up t**r
you. It will not coat you anything, as tlte feller pays os
for our trouble.
Come in and see what we can do for vmi,
The Kootenay Investment Co., Ltd.
February 22, 23, and 24
Opening on MONDAY with
Prices       -       25c  50c, and 75c.
The   worst   dishonesty   is honesty
fur polity's sake.
If yuu cannot give anything die,
give a smile and a word ut cheer.      j
Ut* know what we'd like to hand
the conl man—and also what we'll!
have to hand him. j
If heaven were to be woa only by
achievements it would he a frightfully lonesome place.
This postal savings bank scheme
has no interest for us at this particular time of the year.
A cheap pair of gloves don't always get the glad hand.
No man can Invent an eicuse original enough to be patented.
There arc people who believe everything they hear, and a lot they don l
Even the fellow who likes to pel  a
j run   for   his   monev    mav win in   a
j   When     the   average girl gets mar.
rled she regrets that thc church   or.
! uau isn't a brass band. THK   CUANKItOOK   11 KHALI)
*:,.;■;.■   .:,,. .-i-.sa   . "■■'! .•<.
' ... '.;,'.■   ;-..—.' '
wS.'''* -<_' •'
■I'i.- Ilu is.!..I liMgrniv- » iscma'di-he
in tho year 1-;.. ilt'ci ., rent, year,
repittuli i:i i.i iiuulity :.',•! tlacr.
Rambling Reveries
i;\ \ ih:i:\mi:i:
man  lluliks In' knowtf It nil, III
a   woman begins   to   enliKhtc
\ti.l   win
than a
SAsk i»r llaloim LITHIA WATEK
II M.CYOS I 11 HI t tt tTI II.
SOt " Al   ALL  BAHS
tv.t)   V
more sunshine in li
than there is miser)
Itnl alii-:  nil.  11   r
ni  look al   il
1'   In
.1  Ihal
nl.l     I.   l.nl     llm   sll
in   .iininill.il   111.'         1
lilt    III.'        IlKl.il!'.    llll
will liliriilc in i-li'ii
I    The |iasl  is lixed.      \..  tears     eall
j wash itvni)      ii'. (nets.     We     shoulll
wash-  Rfets tl|liin  il.   lint,  trout
liii' Vt'isil   lis till   Mils hate taught
ns.   we sin,nl,|  stall   .ill''.I      Ih,'
Provincial Land Surveyors
mn.w ty   \mi niMMi I:MIim:ikimi
di i ifi>   \r fort >ii.i:i.i:  iNH
I'i.iiimiii's Furnished
I..,' - Ie f ll. Box 26.
Clllllliruok I'  II. Hi'V II.
Hill,-,   ii i'i ml ile: Relit Itloelt,
Oeo. R. Leask & Co
HII VI Hi Knltlil'T.
They ai
Id pass,,,
lies llie
ni Uu-
il.tth i>
tt spirit.
s mul,' i
i audit   to be
ate l,t example.
nihil' will   tiy
with  tlte roil
Isilly.   ml,,   them
nple, natural,
id ami pol-
lii-i     Children
111    fiullli'lli'SS,
■i . in in
valnalil,'.     pethaps
llil'll     I'l'fllSC
nl di
air    anil
than   is
Then whv mil show IM    Why he at-
:ni,I,  ami coiirlcoits ii, everyone    ex.
i,i,,.i -    n is often owing i" ilmiiulii
nl that
inn noik if oui' atlvertifiunitml, lint we
fill lliis ml iii llie Herald l,i
uniphUHl"" il.
Sew Lowei Irntetroug Avenue
ll'I.Kl'HONIi Ill
..I i t.i
,,!,.-ill   III   ,1 is  ,
♦ ■ in i' i-
|   NURSERY  |
| Young Apple Trees j
♦        ,,„,■-,,,        j
* peeled .,,,.1 mutable nn        ♦
X       1ST CHOICE -  25CENIS       t
I       2ND    "      •  20    " i
Delivered ui Crniihrnok        *
li eeler.teil  hv   tlm   pin •
f Jnil eiiiii.:,' l'..c." topic lo        ♦
J E. W. HUSTLEY, Nur.ory J
* near W'iliner, ll.i.'., 01 Z
J I, HUrOHI.SON.Cruiibrook.B.C. J
X PIIOSKiw. I' ti. Ho-ii
The Finest Drivers
t'p-lo it.-tle RiRS
ti.iotl Saddle Horses
 ictm i l; \m:i:h,iK. It r
II \M'I FY'- ul.I' -I IM'
General Merchants        < >
Ml KimIs.,i E-.cavnll.iii Work    <>
,1,.,,,. ;;
I'i,nn-li allium- .,1 In,In,i, l.nl i- ' >
X ,,,1',,1,'r ,-  I mini's ■>
J-T. MIRABELLI, Manaj-cr ^
* P. 0. DOX 194 PHONE 244       ' '
• nm. ■ in I'.n i; i.,iin..I. nmiplBil
J lV»-,J	
JOHN    W.    WOLF
i.ooi    SHOE   AND
.il.l rthoup Mails N'uiv.
Ml Kinds ol ItepAlrlnr.
Uivom.'ii i-all      ■     ■
It   vmi     Moillil   lintfiisf   \oi\y   iuijijii
ih'sk* nml  pruloiiK your   lift',   lorm-l
im -Iglilini's   mulls.     h'nrgi'l   .ill
tin- Kliuitlfi vmi i-vi'i lit'.thl Koraul
ilu- u-iuptdLiuiis. Kurgtri Un* (mill
limlIng, uml tn<h li'Mii-inliL'i ilu* aootl
[itihits whfth iiiaki- vou [nml nl tm-m.
Korgi'l  iii]    iM-tsoiial qtmrrvlH nr lils-
lurit-s \ imj  liftvi' limml hy acci-
tli'iil, .iml whU'h, il rt'pcali'il, would
.■i-ui .t llitmstiiiil Units worst-     than
i lii'j iih'. Ill*ti tin). ,t> fat as pos-
sililc, all lln* tlisuirn-iithlviicss ,.f life,
llii'j will t-nnii'. Inn will onlj mow
i.tuti ulicit Mm ii-iiii'iiilii't them, and
tin* fiiiistaul thought id Hi.' at'ts of
niL-aniiuss, rn, whim- still, mallet',
will milt lend i<> make tun more
Familiar' with them. OliHlerutf
I'U'ivthiiiR dlsagi't'eahlt' Irom veslcf-
iltiy, star! mn with ii flean sheul
Unlav, and write upon il for sweet
memory's sake unh those things
whieh .hi- lovely and lovalde.
woman \nd iiomk,
Tin- t-liicl anxiely is not Uml woman have olhei rights neenrded her,
Imi thai slit', bj Un- graey ol Ond,
list- up lo the appreeiatitm o| the
glorious rights shu alread- nossesses.
rlrst, she luis the right to make
home happy. Thai, realm no inr
has i-VMt ilisputud with her. Your
ahode may he humble, hut you 'au,
ti\ yuur faith in Ood and your tiieer-
fulni'ss of demeanor, did it with
splendors such as au upholsterer's
hand uevpi -i kindled. There art:
abodes in every city—humble, two
sliirif-s, four plulli, uupiipered rooms,
undesirable neighborhood, and yet
I hern is a man who would die on the
threshold rather than surrenduri
Why? It is hoims. Whenever he
thinks of it, lie sees* angels ol Ood
hovering around it. The ladders of
heaven are let down to that bouse,
liter the child's rough crib there are
Hie ehniitinga of angels as those Hal
broke over Hclhleheni. It is home.
I These children may eoine up alter
awhile, and thev may win high position, and thev mav have an affluent
residence, but tiny will not until
iheir dying day forge! that humble
roof under whieh lheir fa I her rested,
| .ii.d lheir inothel sang, ami their sis
ters played. Oh, if -ou would gnth-
|er up all tender memories, all Ihe
j lighl ■ ami shades of lbe heart, all
ba:ii|iietings and reunions, all filial,
fraternnl, paternal  and urmjugnl    af-
feel s, ami -oil hail onl«'  mst    four
I letters with depth ami length and
j hi.a.Ph ..ml magnitude and eternity
of meaning e-ui would, with streaming eves, and trembling voice, and
a- Mated hnucJs, writi it .mt in Ihofie
Mm  living eiipitals, ll-D-.M-K.
h lakes hul a little push lo start
a stone tolling down bill, ami many a
heavy-henrted human being has lieen
.ml into tbe depths heeause id a
push in tbe wrong -direction. It may
be because it is easier to push thau
io [lull that we move along with the
crowd, saving inwardly, "each om
im himself," and scarce think il
worth while lo lend a helping hum)
w here it  is most needed.
\  WOtl \VS    KKSAY (IN  MAN.
A hot can sil still ou a sled sis
inches square, tied lo a sleigh moving eigbl miles an hour, but couldn't
•>il stiil on a sofa five minutes for a
dollar. A man will sit on an inch
edge of a board and talk politics foi
iluce hours; put hlm in a church pew
roi forty minutes, wis nervous,
twists anil turns, ami goes lo sleep.
\ man will pouch his cheeks with
filthy tobacco, juice runs down to his
chin, feels good; but a buir in the
hutter kills him. lie stays out till
midnight, wife don'l know where he
is, ciMiies home when he pleases. Iml
it a meal i.s not ready jusl ou time,
pouts, frow,ns, and says uupretly
things. Evidently man is a strange
animal, (let's full, beastly drunk
imagines he's rich, a grcal man, hots
en Uie losing horse, goes biok
quarrels, fights, lauds in jail, eyes
dressed for Easter, face frescoed and
morals depraved, vol he is "Lord of
all creation and monarch of all he
surveys."       strange   animal,     tins
When the mother's spirit is impatient, petulant, ami lirev, can she ex
peel her children to be gentle? When
sin* gnvt'ius hy shouting, scolding,
and threatening, can she expect them
to speak gentiv In otic another, or
iteti to herself Will she not see in
the carriage and demeanor nl her
children a reflection of her own spirit
ami life? If a mother is worldly-
minded and fond of ornamental dress
and show, can she expect her family
lo litww up tu humility?
ti the mother is in ihe habit, in
hei common conversation, of coloring tacts, of exaggerating what sht
bears and relates, can she exnect her
children lo grow up with a love ami
reverence far the truth?
The tempers and dispositions nf
parents, whether good or bad. whether lovely or hateful, make such tin-
iiiessinns on the sou's of their children Ihal Ihev aie like seeds implant*
I'd within them, which shall take
root, and glow, and form part of
lheir future character. .Main* an an
-.•it. fretful, passionate mother is
rjntprognliiig Iheso evil; in her children;  sin* dncs nol   Wish to do so; she
does not intend In do so; nnd she is
rteqiientlt trying to check these im-
Imppi tempers when Mie sees them
■ipilugiug up in I'"1 children; but so
long ns she herself manifests these
lumpers she is transmitting them to
her offspring hy a natural law. She
is liiealhing inlo tbem her own un-
■liuslian spirit. Thev are living in
m.  atmosphere infected    with  moral
i unite the less film
; .md strife which ", - u
usehnhb  is disgraeelul, .
- inevitable    I apptlicss
Thele .nc main  ladles
u   ntitwardh    polished
the     favorites ot boi
hie ,.i   all social gnther!
end,  a lu* indulge m mam
uld   disgruc
peifeelU    IU
u li
eiteer,  I In* trill'
si nsiiini:.
iinsliim* in  lhe lives ami souls
people is jusl as potent in U>e re
the sunshine that drives
■ss rititn tan world and brings
...i rulli which is essential tn
ml growth in lhe vegelabU?
in. Thete is a coilVincill*- ami
ivj, power in sntil sunshine;, fnr,
i been well said, men and women, \imili ami children, seek the
friendship of lbe sunny-faced. All
suclnl circles welcome cheer!illness.
A .sunny face is an open pleasure fo
hearts and homes. Hv M burdens
are lightened, cafe dispelled, sorrow
banished, and hope made in reign
triumphant when- fear and doubt,
aud despondency held high carnival.
\oiu own life will he sweetened,
your own joys heightened, by your
perennial,      heaven-lighted,        sunny
We love In see people live well,
says a thoughtful writer, aud to
dress respectfully, and enjoy themselves, but (here is a happy mean
in all these filings, and when that is
passed iu the direction o! extravagance, the people iltslress ami enslave
themselves ami diminish their ability
lo do good. For Uic sake of keeping
lip   lbe   sttles,   people   lite  far    above
then income, haress themselves with
ib bt, wear themselves out, and keep
themstdves m a constant nervoU!
strain bv giving fashionable dinners
fashioiuiiily entertaining, and making
able (all>. How much better
ilain, quiet, Christian li
ill is peace and cordiality, the
rs heartily welcome iu come
ai will, ami freed from the
pestering, senseless conventionalities
id fashionable life1 Whv should our
■•urthh lite which at best cannot continue a hundred vcars, he fretted and
Imiileiied und   worn out  prematurely
ht   vain efforts to ape Ilu- manners of
No. 1. Notice is hereby given
thut 3D days after date 1 intend to
apply to the HuUoiahle tha Cbu't
Commissioner ut Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for coal
and petroleum on the lollowing
described lands, situate ou tho
Klathead lllock (45931 District of
Suuth Kast Kootenay. of ll. C:
Commencing at a post planted at
thc (southeast corner of Lot 8303,
ti roup t, thence east 80 chains,
thenee liuith 80 chains, thence west
in chains, theuce south HU chains to
place of commencement, containing
tilO acres, more or less.
1*. llurr, Locator
.Mm Anderson, Agent
li   A. Cate, Witness.
Haled this   116th   day   ol January,
No. 1. Notice is hereby given
ihat 30 days alter date 1 intend tu
apply to the llunorablc tbe Unci
Commissioner ui Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for coal
aud petroleum on the lollowiog
described lands, situate ou the
Klulhead lllock (4503) District ol
Suuth East Kouteuay, of U, C:
Commencing   at a   post planted at
oi near the northeast corner   oi   the
Jubu Audt-ison claim, thence east  80
chains, thence north 80 chains, then-*
west    80  chains,   ihence   south   80
chains to the place ot commencement,
containing t-40 acres, more or less.
ElUa Uood, Locator
.lohn Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Dated   the  27th   day of January
No. :i. Notice is hereby given
that 30 davs alter date 1 intend to
apply to (he Honorable the l hiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for eoal
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
Klathead Ulock (-4A98) District of
South Easl Kootenav. ol li, C:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the northwest corner of the
I*. Burr claim, thence running east
8b chains, thence north 80 chaius,
tlience west 80 chains, thence south
80 chains back to the place ot commencing, containing 640 acres, more
or less.
Andy Good, 1-ocator
John Anderson, Agent
D, A. Cate, Witness.
Dated    Ihis   28tb dav of   Jaminry
No.   9.      Notice  is hereby
that 30 days  alter date I in I
apply   to   the  Honorable  thc
Commissioner ot   Lands  and
fo.   a   license  to prospect
and    petroleum    on    the   following
described   lands,    situate    on   tbe
Flathead    Block    < 159-1)    District of
South East Kootenay. of 11. C:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the southwest corner ot tbe
Mrs. John Livingstone claim, thence
east 80 chains, 'thenee south 80
chains, theuce west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains to the place of commencement, containing 010 acres,
more or less.
Eva Joss, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Dated   this  28th   day ot January,
y    "ivni | IMMB-iHHBMMil
,e Chiel !    -MCIBTY AND CHURCH    ■
!or -...al  I |
oiiowinK MHWMMaiaBBaMaM
Grkscrnt Lohmk No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets everv    Tuesdav at 8 p.m.    at
J. M. Henderson, 0, C.
J. L. Walker, K. of It. & S.
Writing   brethren  cordially invited
to attend.
No. 10. Notice Is hereby "iven
that 30 days atter date I intend to
apply to the Honorable tho Chief
Commissioner ot Lands and Works
tor a license to prospect tor coal
and petroleum un the following
described lauds, situate on the
Flathead Ulock (1503) District uf
South East Kootena*   ol 11. C:
Commencing at a post planted    at
or near the northwest corner ot   the
Eva    Joss    claim,   thence  west 80
.■hains,     thence     south   B0 chaius,,... ,,,..._,
thence east 80 chains, theuce    north| V»-Mn* •«•«-* welcomed.
I.O.O.F.    Key Clly Lodge
No. 41. Meeti awy
Monday    night    at
New     Fraternity    Hall.      Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
II. White. Wm. Harris,
N. O, Sec'y.
Uaabruok Lodge, No. I*
\. V. ft A. M.
Regular mmiaga ni
XU third   Tburtdev
ot ttery nmith.
to plai
id     lb
■ ins !
-a-lf-Reeklng, rich
Ood has put us
i itolibr purpose
ise do well who
ervice above   all
opted lo
limit: iK'TlEi*
bus! lies
-EI ill   the
I  their home duties,
that  lhe store and
n dash,   hut    there
an) collision.   It is
ti the father is   the
j  the familv, n sort,
ngenl to see that tbey have    dry
mils   and   groceries.     The work of
uiily government be dues not touch,
lice'or twiee iu n year he calls the
up nn a   Sabbath afternoon
has a half hour he dues not
mow    what  to do With, and
iii  thai  half hour he disciplines   the
children ami chides them aud collects
lheir faults    uud gives them a uood
deal  ol   good  advice,  and  then  wonders all lhe rest nf the vear Unit his
children dn not do heller when they
have the wonderful advantage of that
semi-annual easligalion.
The familt table, whieh oughl tn he
llm place for pleasant discussion and
cheerfulness, often becomes the place
• it perilous expedition. If there lie
am blessing asked al atl, it is uul oh
at'both ends and with the band on
the carving knife, lie counts nn his
lingers, making estimates lu lbe
Interstices of the repast. The work
dune, the hat goes tn the head and
he starts down the street, and jbotore
the family have arisen from the table
be has bound up another bundle ot
goods ami says in the eust orner:
"Anything more I can dn for you to-
titiv, sir." A man has more responsibility than those which are
discharged in putting competent In-
strut'tois over bis children and giving tbem a drawing muster and a
music teacher. The physical culture
of the child will not Ite'attended tn
unless the father looks to it. He
in ns I sometimes lose his dignity, lie
must milimber his joints. He must
sometimes lead Ihem nut to their
spoils, forge! the severe duties of
life sometimes, to fly lhe kite, ami
trundle the hoop, ami chase the hall,
jump the lope with his child
lo Imve 1 ii
r .,  ,i
1st\     .mil Hint
f   1
If miii   wnll
UU.it    luiin   pi
onlv   ilu il li
lo liet'P
lees      ot
'   lllur.illR
illrnt'litr.      *l
s nml nilt'ocil
ui    inny
Will lie i-nlilit
unit vet
itcit   by
Hum in
;    million    of E
your   home n
t oilier place
in unless
in  earth
in.     II
r Iioiisi
i. gather nil el
•     If von can
.inns in-
iftol'il it
liiK.I.. ,
ml pictures un
,    io     lhe   1
lIlllVl'   11
hull i
1,   leiieli   those
I, hour till	
tear on
,'IV    ,1,1
lut,   hul liny
tench liii'in
liter .lay
Unit re
i'. ;i
jrent filttilness,
nin*    it
i I'lmlnt
„f ifolil nhoul
tbo neck,
in spriiiK irom
lhe fool,
innn    ihe'
iciltl i iiii
' Innn
llie eve,   no
ini; 11 om
hul Ihul "her
ways nre
Ol      |lll'
tsuliluess,     mill
nil her
.No. 4. Notice is hereby Riven
tltat 3D Jays after date I intsind to
apply lo the Honorable -• OUtfI
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for coal
anil petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
Klathead lllock (IJ93) District of
South Kasl Ktititi.'iiay, of B. C:
Commencing at a post planted at
in near the northeast corner of the
A. (lood claim, tlience east 80
chnins, theuce north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thenee south
.u eliains to the place ol cominenc-
iug, containing tll'J acres, more or
.It.'uu (lood, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
I). A. Cate, Witness
Hated    this SDtli day of   January,
No. 3. Notice is hereby given
Uiat ::u days after date 1 intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license (o nrospeet for coal
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
flathcud Ulock 11593' District ol
South Kast Kootenav. of B. C:
Commencing at a post at or near
the northeast corner of the A. Oood
claim, thence easl 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thenee west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to the
place of commencement, containing
till) acres, more or less.
.). A. Oood, Locator
.folia Anderson, Agent
D. A. Cate, Witness
Ihis   20th   day ot Januarv.
No. ii. Notice is hereby given
thai 30 days after date I intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
foi n license lo prospect lor coal
ami petroleum on thc lollowing
described lands, situate on the
Klathead Block '131131 District of
.South Kast Kootena). ot 11. C.l
Commencing at a post planted at
the northwest corner ot the A. Oood
claim, tbence running east 86 chains,
theuce north 80 chains, thenoe west
su chains, thence south 80 chains to
the place of commencing, containing
Iiiu acres, more or less.
Catherine Cate, Locator
Don A. Cate, Agent
John Anderson, Witness.
Dated this 2lllh dav ot January,
No. 7. Notice, is hereby given
that 3ii days alter date I Intend to
applv lo tiie Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for u license lo nrospeet lor coal
uiul petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on thc
Klathead lllock H3U3) District of
South Kast Kootena''  ol B. 0'
Commencing at a    post planted at
or near (he southwest corner of  tlte
John Anderson claim, thenee east 80
chains, Uieuce south 80 chains, thenco
west Mi   chains,     thence   north   80
chains   to Ibe  place ot commencing,
containing 040 acres, more or less.
Catherine Oood, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
D. A. Cate, Witness
Dated   this   28lh  day of   January,
No. 8. Notice is hereby given
that 311 days after date 1 intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to nrospeet for coal
and petroleum on the following
descrihed lands, situate on the
Klathead Block (ISII31 District of
South Kasl Kootenav   of M. C.l
Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast comer ot Lot 8363,
(.roup 1, thence south 80 chains,
tlicnco east 80 chains, thence north
mi chains, thence west 80 chains to
the place of commencement, containing 1110 ncres, more or less.
John Anderson, Locator
1). A. Cate, Witness.
Daled this 26th day ot Jaminry,
80 chaius to tlte place of commencement, containing 640 acres, more o4
Leah Cate, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James t'nderwood, Witness
Dated   this   28th  dav ot Janunrv,
No. 11. Notice is hereby given
that 30 days after date 1 intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner ot Lands and Works
for a license to prospect [er coal
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on thc
Flathead Block (1593) District ot
Soulh Kast Kootenuv. ot B. C:
Commencing at a post plantced at
or near the southeast corner of thc
Mrs. John Livingstone claim, thence
east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thenee
north 80 chains to thc place ot commencement, containing (140 acres,
more or less.
Walter Kreeman, Locator
John Anderson, Aecnt
James Cndcrwood, Witness
Dated this 29th dav of Janunrv,
No, 12, Notice is hereby eiven
that 30 days after date I intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect tor coal
anil petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
Klathead Block (1808) District ot
South Knst Kootenny, of B. C:
Commencing at a post at or near
the northeast corner of the Walter
Freeman claim, Ihence enst 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thenee west
SO eliains, thence north SO eliains to
the place oi commencement, containing C40 acres, more or less.
Batise Lamereux, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Dated this 29th dav ot January,
No. 13. Notice is hereby -iven
that 30 days after date 1 intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds und Works
for a license to prospect for eoal
and petroleum on tbe followinc
described lands, situate on the
Flathead Block (1593) District ot
South East Kootenay, of B. C:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the southeast corner ot the
Neil McQuarric claim, thenee north
80 chains, tbence east 80 ehains,
thence south 80 chains, thenee west
80 chains to the plaee of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
Irvln Anderson, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
.lames Underwood, Witness
Dated this 29th day ot Jnnuory,
No. 14. Notice is hereby "iven
that 30 days after date I intend to
apply to the Honorable thc Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for coal
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
Klathead Block (1593) District of
South East Kootenay, ot 11. 0,1
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the northwest corner nf thc
Robert Anderson claim, thence west
80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence south
80 chains to the place' ot commencement, containing 610 acres, more or
Neil McQuarric, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Bated   this   29th dny ol   Januarv,
No. 16. Notice is herein- eiven
that 30 days after date 1 intend to
apply to the Honorable the Cb'.el
Commissioner nf Lands and Works
for a license to prospect Ior coai
and petroleum on the lollowing
described lunds, situate on the
Flathead Block (4593) District ot
South Kast Kootenay, ol B. 0.1
Commencing ut a post planted nt
or near the northwest, cornei ol the
Batise Lamcurcui claim, thence
north 80 chains, thenee east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains to the place ol
commencement, containing 610 ncres,
more or loss.
Robert Anderson, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
Indies Underwood, Witness
Dated this 89th dny nl January,
No. 16. Notice is hereby given
that 30 days after date I intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands nnd Works
for a license to prospect lor conl
and petroleum on the following
Klathead Block (15113) District ot
described lands, situate ou the
South Kast Kootena    of ft. ('.:
Commencing at a post ulantcd at
or near thc northeast corner of the
Neil McQuarric claim, thenee cast 80
chains, thence north 80 ehains, thenee
west 80 chains, thence south 60
eliains to the plaee of commencement, containing 640 aeres, more or
P. F. Rowlison, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Dated  this 29th    dnv of January,
1969. n-«t
W. II. Wilsoa. W. M.
K. Vi. Connolly, secretary.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every   Friday    evening at 6
p.m., in Carmen's Hall.
F. W. Reeves, W. F.
Wm. Anderson, Secretary.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Supreme and Exchequer Court Agents
Practice in Patent   Office and Betore
Railway Commission.
lion. Charles Murphy, M. P.
Harold Fisher.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
I   <a»
Meet at B. ol L. F. Hall 2nd   and
ith Saturday each month.
Visiting brethren always welcome
Abel lloisman, W, M.
Jos. Wallace, Secretary.
i: Presbyterian Church::
Sunday morning service at 11 ]'
o'clock ,',
Sunday   evening    service   at''
7.30 o'clock
service   -. *
Bible ' '
' i
Presbyterian   Guild, Tuesdav, < >
at. 8 o'clock ''
Sunday     School   and
Class at 3 o'clock
< i
Old Curiosity
JOSEPH II. McLEAN. Proprietor
lien lei In
All Classes uf Secondhand Qoods
Furniture of All Kinds, both
New nnd Second-hand
Sage's Old Stand, Hanson Avenue
.int.- T.,roi,l„l'.„,.'.','v;,l,ir>' of Mm
Nelson's Leading Hotel
liomnfl witli Hatha.   'Plione in
every room
Karlier Shop on tin* premiBiB.
Thoroughly up-to-date.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
UEO. P. WKIXS, Proprietor
B. TOM KIN, Manager
Tin, I HauKriili Store
I'llllll'i: MAI.AliA IIII.M'KS "*
Phono 75 AruiHttong Ave.
B. C. Machinery Agency
Wiinte.1 Sneonil limn! KSUISt* anil
Wanted Second Hand Machinery of
anv kind.
We call Hupfily you willi any thing
new on abort notice.
We pay each for Second llnnd mnclii
(live ns n  trial,
\V« ran pave yon
ltepairini; ti Hpcoiulty
Aikena Block, Crnnbrook
HI.. CUM t(tf,n.  In  " th.  lllmlNtol
^«i imiiili sm.lv t,r Hi'-tiiiim."
SI'llllli' :   AUlHI'llUXli    AYIiXI'U
i.'l.'i.l c lei
Francis E. Corrison
lliiii.lmiistiii-l'iaiilii k t Ity Bund.
Cliuiriluis'i'i' KiniN I'l'i'sli.ililiiiii th.
Late IUI. Hi.- .Miiji'sl.v'it Hnynl tv.lsli
Ku.i ■».
Teacher of
Violin, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin and Standard
I'lltlNi: IBB   •   OBANUROdK, H (I.
Leaaoris in .Musical Theory
Sin'l.tl.  FUNCTIONS   ATTK.NDIil)
Physicians and Surgeons.
Offic at Residence, Armstrong An,
Forenoons - - - • 11.01) to lU.llll
Afternoons - . . 3.00 to   4.(111
Evening! - • - - 7.30 to   1.30
.Sundays . -  - - 2.311 to   4.SU
il     II.  I-',
9 to 12 a in.
1 to   6 |i.lu.
7 to   8 p.m.
Oltice in new Reid Itlock
CRANIlltnOK -       -       - 11. 0.
W. K. H.>«llv,  Fun-rut lllrectpr
CrMitlin.il. It. C. Pimm' Nn. 89
ws!"]uH Cranbrook,B.C.
B.  C.    and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK     -      B. C.
F.O. Siiiinncll, ll. I,. P., II C. I.. S.
A. I. Iloliorlson, ll 0. I.. H.
Domini iml British Colombia
P. O. Orawor TO! VICTORIA. B.C
President : T. S. llfi.t,
Secretin'}': (iKoitoK Asiltvoniu
For information regarding lands '
and agriculture apply to the ,
Secretary, Cranbrook. fi. C. TIIK   ORAlfMBHOtJK ' IlKllAl.li
News of the District
Theolose down will* only lie Moo ot the Peace; or other competent
■-..     .:_... IMU-.Wt.  mail,   nl      r. Iti h-It-lit*        i„f     n      tlU'tll-   lull      P\t*W*llIl'
folra shdrt time..   The beer mndc at
this brewery has gaimd a wide
putatiou, and it has been taxed
iti lull capacity tn fill its ordet
(From our own correspondent)
Mrs. Taylor and daughter, ol Fcr-
lite,   were   guests of    Mr. nnd Mis.
Voting, this week.
Win. Leaccy    returned Irom
roast last Saturday.
Mrs.     C     Burgess    was
Iriends iu Jaflray this week
■\ large crowd turned out
, night upon the occasion of
annual Firemens' halt, given in
j Bruce's hall. Thc hall was profusely decorated with hunting and flags,
and I'at Miller's orchestra furnished
the melody of a most melodious
quality to which many nimble feet
| kept lime till a
i lute hour       this        morning.
The proceeds of the bull will go to-
I wards a (und for the members of the
(hiignite who may, in the course    ot
visiting (imv, become disabled.
J. Hathaway wus in Cranbrook on
Friday on business.
Mr.   Skcad, late ol San Francisco,
is calling on   bis brothel on   'S Va)
  I   The     police   court   mill   has ti-een
Mrs.   N. Wilson has   lieen visiting rather   quiet for   a lew   days.    His
friends iu Waldo for the past
Mrs. C. Burgess entertained a few
of bet Iriends at whist in honor of
Mrs. Thorpe, ot Jaflray.
Fred Hoo was in Roosville a few
days this week.
Mr. M. Phillipps was in lown Saturday. Everyone is elad to see him
able to be around again after his
serious accident last fall.
Father McCullough was visiting his
Iriends in Elko last week.
J. D. Aye and P. Hacks, of Bavncs
Lake, were in town Sunday.
.etnriied   from Han-
was in   ('ran rook
Curl Conner i
bury last week.
A. t\ Wood left lot Blairmore last
Mrs. S. M. Holbumk and Mrs. .1.
A. Davis wero Fernie visitors this
Robert Johnson returned from the
prairie Inst week.
Muny will be sorrv to hear of the
death of Madeline Phillipps. who
died at Fernie last week ol pneumonia. Mrs. Phillipps leaves her
parents, four sisters and a brother
to mourn het loss.
The Misses Bradwoods, from the
South Fork, wcro in town one day
last week,
W. Hutchison was in Cranbrook
last Friday.
Miss Inez llolbrook was a Feints
visitor last Friday.
Archie McKce was up from Waldo
Stanley' Todhunter returned from
Miehel last Thursday.
J. Backs, of Baynes Lake, was   in
town on business last Wednesday.
M. Sampson, who filled W. Lcncey's
place as constable during his absence, returned to Fernie Saturday
i* veiling.
Martin Thorpe, of Jaflrav, passed
through Elko to Waldo last Friday.
C. A. Klingensmith was a Fernie
visitot Friday.
»♦■»-»-»•»♦♦-»< 0 ->♦♦♦♦♦»♦»*■»»
[Ton. Judge Wilson was in town for a
day, attending the court of revision.
The concert given by the Philharmonic society iu the Fernie opera
house last Monday night was the
musical event of the season, if not of
all the seasons' that have gone bet-
fore in Fernie. The opening chorus,
directed by Mrs. 0. F. Stevenson,
captured tlie audience, and they were
held witling prisoners to the end,
exacting numerous encores as the
onlv penalty of their captivity.
There were not any recalls, but it
will not hurt the feelings of any of
Hie many good singers to say that
tn Mrs. Stevens belongs the crown
of laurels for the. evening. To
those who had not heard her before,
her full, rich and well trained voice,
was a revelation. The occasion
brought out a full house and it is
Imped that this first concert ot the
new society will he but the first of
many to eome. So good was it
that it seems to have marked the
iiCRinning of good musical entertainments in Fernie.
Fernie, B.C., Feb. lfith, 1909.
(From The Fernie Free Press.)
0. I.. Boynton, general manager ot
the Elk Lumber company, was in the
city on Tuesday,
Mr. T. H. Whelan is on a business
trip to Victoria.
The old adage that the Irish shall
inherit the police force is borne out
in Fernie.
The C.P.H. exported several carloads of snow from their local yards
this week. Should the foreign de-
maud for this article continue, a
nourishing trade in this commodity
can be developed as "we are here
with the goods."
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Wriglesworth
attended thc ball given by Selkirk
Preceptory at Cranbrook last night
They report a most enjoyable time.
Constable Clark made a clever capture on Monday last when he arrested Fred Scaler, who is wanted in
Spokane on a serious charge. The
description of the man was sent to
the local police and on thc strength
of it "Bob arrested Scaler. Constable Bush, of Spokane, took the
prisoner to that city this morning.
:rs  TO
to the cast.
Harry    Storcr
this week.
Goiner     Jones   and   son    Uichard
spent Friday in Cranbrook.
very sad death occurred at the
St. Eugene hospital on Thursday
morning last, when Mr. Dave Ki allot New West minster, passed
[away. About a week utu Mr.
Francis had lus leg badly crushed by
logs, while engaged in one ot the
logging camps of the Crows Nest
Pass Lumber company, lie wus taken to Cranbrook as soon as possible
after the accident and everything
done to relieve his suffering, but it
was soon seen that the end roust
come shortly. His remains were
sent to his old home iu New Brunswick. Oreat sympathy is expressed
at his untimely death. ' Ue leaves u
brother iu Wardner, who came out
here with him.
A very pleasant time was spent on
Wednesday last by tlic youth and
beauty of tho town, in the spacious
rooms of thc Wardner hotel. Dancing
was the chief amusement, and i«l»r
all had partaken of a dainty luncheon served by tlie genial host and
| his wife tbe company adjourned.
Mr. Oeo. Donnelly    was taken
Cranhrook hospital on Sunday.
(From the Michel Reporter.)
Game Warden Lewis is up tbe river on business.
The C.P.H, is putting in permanent
Piers for the wagon bridge al Hound
ralrlc. If the government would
do as much work on this end ol the
road as the C.P.H. bas done on the
other end, travelling would not he
so difficult.
A. J. McCool, of the Great Northern hotel, left on Tuesday's express
for Montreal on n visit to his
mother. He will be gone about a
month, and it may need two tickets
to bring him back, nol counting the
excess baggage,
u tlu- luncheon tendered H ll.
Moore, previous to lus departure for
Ireland, lie promised lo kiss the
Blarney Stone while there. On his
rctUVIl, OUI readers will tcim-mlier,
a welcome was provided, mul Dob
was expected lo rolnte lus experience.
We reluctantly state that be not
only conveyed the information that
he found the Blame) Stone too
inaccessible, but found Uic Dish "ills
more to lus liking
The Oddfellows
cessfUl dance in
The healing plant
stalled in tbe Imperii
he ready tor busfnesf
A burlesque hockey match which
promises no end of fun is being arranged between the bachelors and
the benedicts of the Fernie club. A
football will supersede thc puck and
brooms will be used Instead ol thc
regulation stick. The proceeds of
the game will go the Ladies' Benevolent Society.
, We regret to learn that Harry Pol-
I lock is dangerously ill with pneumonia nt Spokane. Mrs. Pollock
left on Tuesday and has since been
in constant attendance on het son.
Latest reports show his condition to
be unchanged. We trust, however,
that he will speedily be restored to
j*,—*—)*^** A*** A* A±**A* A*** _._._._,_._, _._._,
From our own correspondent)
Mr. Young, one ot the foremen of
the C.P.H. bridge gangs, spent Sunday in Elko.
Mr. Frank LeClerc spent Saturday
of this week in Cranbrook.
Our minister, Mr. Cowan, deserves
great praise for the way he is holding the attendance at his services,
the large hall being almost filled
each Sunday evening.
Geo. Sinclair was in ('ranhrook
Saturday on business.
The citizens of Wardner are looking
forcward to the time when a wagon
bridge at Wardner becomes a reality
Everybody boost.
Mr. Dcl-ong, rcorescnting Plunket
A Lagage, was in town Saturday.
Work on the new C.P.H, bridge
over the Kootenay river here is
progressing favorably. Three large
gangs ol mm ate employed.
Mrs. Tate, ol Cranhrook, spent a
few days last week with her friend,
Mrs. P. Lund.
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis were in Cran-
brook this week on business.
It has been decided to advise Dr.
Shearer re the advisability ol holding
evangelistic services here ior two
■onsecutivo Sundays.
Mr. A. Lund, G. W. Donahoe, Mrs.
Green and Irene Donahoe spent
Sunday last in Fort Steele.
Mr. Hussell, ol the Bull River
Electric Light &- Power company,
spent Monday in town on his way to
Hoy's Agony   Relieved   by Zam-Buk.
. If you are suffering from badly-
[chapped hands you will be able to
comprehend a little ol the agonv
which Henry Walker, ol 14 Manufacturers Street, Montreal, endured belore Zam-Buk gave him relief. His
mother, telling of the case to a press
representative, said:
"Henry works with tus shirt
■Jeeves rolled up above his elbows,
and passing Irom a warm loom to
the bttiug cold, as he was obliged to
do, ho got the worst case i,f chapped
hands and aims I have ever seen.
From his lingers to his elbows was
one mass of raw flesh, with bad
cracks here nnd there Whenever he
washed, it brought tears lu his eyes,
the pain was so acute He tried
several kinds of salves, but nothing
relieved turn until ho tried '/am-Duk.
This balm seemed to take away the
burning and smarting almost at once.
The cracks began to heal, und a lew
application*- of tiie bulm cured him.
llis hands and arms are now smooth
and soft.
"We have also used Zam-Buk lor
other emergencies. I sustained a
bum oh one of my lingers. Zam-Buk
it. tbe lire out and healed up tho
sore. It really seems a wonderful
household preparation.
"On one occasion my son Harry
ihad his foot frozen, ft was very
| swollen and discolored, but Zam-Buk
both relieved the swelling and removed the discoloration. Zam-Buk is so
handy and so effective that we shall
always keep a supply handy."
Miss Hattlo Demand, oi Salisbury
(Ont.), says: "Every winter 1 suiter
from chapped hands, hut 1 have found
a cure in Zam-Buk. Applied at
night, it heals thc cracks hy morning, and takes away all the soreness."
Similar effects follow its use for
eczema, scalp sores, blood-poisoning,
ulcers, ringworm, children's sores,
cuts, bums and bruises. It also
cures piles. All druggists nnd stores
sell at 50c. a box; or post free Irom
Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for price
mthority, ior u term uo\ c-cwdiii--,
two months, and witli or without
hard labor, unless such line and pen-
ultv and costs, including lhe costs of
committal and conveyance to tho
said common gaol or lock-tip house,
are sooner paid.
The Police Magistrate, Justice of
the Peace or other competent authority before   whom   a prosecution     ts
[had for an oflence   against this   Dy-
|Law 01 anv of the provisions there-
jof, may convict the offender on    tne
oath or     affirmation of anv credible
! witness, and shall award the   whole
or such part of    thc penalty or punishment Imposed by the By-Law    as
he thinks fit. with the costs of prosecution   and    may by warrant, undfci
the hand  and    seal ill    tho said  Police Magistrate, Justice of the Peace
or other competent authority, or   in
...._   two ot     mote   Justices having
jurisdiction   act     togethei     therein,
then under the hand and seal
if then _____-—
penalty and costs, ol
if not forthwith paid, to
distress and sale of tin-
chattels of the offender.
In case of there being
out of which the penalty
led, iho Police Magistral
h i
>t one
ts onlv,
eviod by
<ds    and
,n di&trest
•an bo \e\
. Justice 0
npetent auth
thc Peace, ot other  ,.. ....
only mav commit   lhe   offende
the common gaol or lock up house ol
the Countv of Koolemn  ot  of     the
City of Cianbrook Ioi the term    «.t
two months or anv part thereof.
2. This By-Law may be cited as
the "Early Closing By-Law Amendment By-Law No. 1."
Head a lirst, second and third time
on the llth dav of February, A. D
Heconsidered nnd flnallv nnssed and
adopted on the 13th dn** of Fehruarv
A. I). 1909,
... P. Fink. Mayor,
Thos. M. Roberts, Clerk.
I certify the above to be a true original copy of the By-Law as passed by the Municipal Council ot
thc Corporation ot the City of
Dated   the
AJl. 1909.
ICth day  of  February,
Thos. M. Roberts,
of the Municipality ol the City
of Cranbrook.
Some- women are such bargain-
hunters that they would run around
for cut rates lor a surgical operation.
♦     ■     ■
fmwm tarn l»— -Ma-awsftp-wssu
Seven Years Ago j
in Cranbrook*-* <£
1 hereby certify the within is a true
copy, without erasure or iuter-
lineatiun ol the By-Law registered on thc lfith day of February,
A.I), limit, in the ollice of the
County Court of East Kootenay,
boldeii at Cranbrook.
Stephen H. Uoskias,
Deputy  Registrar.
have attached lo ihem coupon*, foi
Uie payment ol principal and intcruM
respectively; ami the signatures lo
the said coupons may he cithei written, stamped, printed tu lithograph
'.. Thc said debentures t>ball beat
interest at the late of Five (5) pet
centum per annum from thc date
thereof, and the principal and interest on the unpaid principal shall bo
payable in equal installments annually* at the said ollice of the Imperial
Hunk of Canada in
Cranbrook aforesaid, iu lawlul
atone) of Canada on the 1st day ol
Julv in each year during the currency Iheteof, and it shall be expressed in said dehentures and coupons to
■*• so pavable.
5. It shall be lawlul for the Mayer
if the said Corporation lo negotiate
atid sell the said debentures or any
of them at par.
G. There shall be raised aud levied
each yeai respectively during thc
irrency of said debentures (or thc
payment ol interest, the following
• urns:
ItlO (ine thousand seven
hundred and lift)
dollars (2I7M.0Q)
l<UI One thousand six
hundred and ninety-
seven dollars and
eight cents ($169*; t-M
|012 Due thousand six
hundred and lorty-
one dollars   and fiftv
ceuts \\lv.\ 50)
1913. One . thousand five
hundred and eighty-
three dollars and
sixteen cents . ($1583 U)
i I'll I. One thousand live
hundred and twenty-
one dollars and ninety cents    ($1511 90)
11915. One thousand (our
hundred and filty-
seVen dollars and fifty-eight cents  ..   . ,($1461.6$)
1916. One thousand three
hundred aud ninety
dollars nnd two
cents  ($1390 02)
1917. One thousand three
hundred and nineteen
dollars aud twelve
cents  it-lsl-' 11)
1918. One thousand two
hundred and forty-
four dollars and sixty-three ceuts  ($1244.08)
1919. One thousand one
hundred and sixty-
six dollars and forty-
Tive cents       ........ .($1166.45)
1920. One thousand and
eighty-four      dollar'
It   bhall   be  lawlul foi     thr said
Municipal Council to ropurchasc any
ui lhe aid debentures upon such
terms as ma) be agreed upon with
the legal holder or holders thereof, or
any part thereof cither at the lime
uf sale oi anj subsequent tune or
tuu.-. and all debentures so re-pur-
ehased shall forthwith be caucelled
and destroyed and no re-Issue of debentures so repurchased shall be
made in consequence of such re-purchase
aw shall lake   effect
10th da\   ol March.
—_——-       Rv-I
■ and alter lhe	
\   D   1900.
9. This By-Law may lie cited for
all purposes as tbe "City ol Cranbrook Debenture loan By-Law No.
Head -i lirst, second and third time
on the Utn da) ol Fehruarv. 1909.
Received the assent of the electors
on the da) ol March, 1909
Heconsidered and finally passed aud
adopted ou th.* 'lav ol
\ It   1909
Take notice that the above Is .i
true copy ol lhe proposed Bv-Law
upon which the vote of the Munui-
puhti uill be taken at the Municipal
Building in the Citv ot Cranhrook
on Thursday, the 4th day ol March,
1909, between the hours ol nine
o'clock (ten o'clock local time) tn
■'.. inline and seven o'clock (eight
.Mock local lime) in the attemoon
rhos  M  Roberts,
ttibrook.  U C,
Feb   12th,  1909
ll, ,K
lo The Electors Kc
Law No. 57
u;l\r  il  ,!',•■      Ml*-'-
Mlili.'l    tinll     lasi
has liren in-
I Hank ami will
host pny 'lav
v. w
on Saturday.
Debar*, lelt on
,. spi-nd   a lew
spent Saturday
Tlie first annual hall Riven by
Ituckv Mountain I.mine. No. 43, K. ot
P., ol Miehel, will take place on
Wednesday evening February 17th.
(From our Special Correspondent.)
Last Friday night there was held
another, long drawn-out meeting ot
the executive relict committee and
thc members ol the eenerul committee In the provincial court room.
Much talk was indulged in and but
two resolution passed. One ot
these, moved by Rev. Hall, gives ihe
general committee standing with thc
executive, though why it should be
necessary to have passed such a resolution, unless the executive are
opposed to recognizing any authority
Irom anybody, it would he hard to
say. The other resolution provides
that any person desiring assistance
shall make  application  within    the I
Mi   ami Mis   11
San.lay     afternoon
days In Nelson.
Miss Hazel Dohart
in Uranbrook.
Mi. 1'. Lund lull un Friday evening
fm Coast points, where he will
spend a lew days.
Dig .lun McQoo i;i able to be
around again alter a lew days illness,
hi. (.teen, ol Cranbrook, was
tlie  tilteniling iittysit'lali.
Mr. Hrown, ol the Ashdown llard-
waie company, Nelson, called on
, Iriends in   lown nn Fridav    evening
I last.
Mr. .1. T. Hreckeiiridge, ot Lund-
brock, is spending a lew days with
lliis cousin, Mr, Dave llrcckenridgc.
Mr. Hoy Wortnian, wine clerk at
thc Wardncr hotel, was in Cranbrook
on Saturday last.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Smith and
little son Sterling returned on Saturday evening last alter spending a
couple ol weeks In Spokane, Wash.
Mrs. S. A. Inglis, ol. Weyburn,
Sask., is visiting her trlcnd, Mrs. K.
II. Hohart, at the Wardner hotel.
Jones     was in Craubrook
(From the Movie Leader.)
K.   D.   Stinson is  able to be out
and around on crutches.
Miss Jennie Smith, postmistress at
Hosmcr, is up to Movie on a short
Miss Kttiih Hawke came home Irom
Cranbrook yesterday.
Tho new Conrad block will soon be
I ready to occupy.
**m**t*<tti* w**'***&
Work on the deep placer mine on
i Wild Horse Creek is progressing. The
| cold weather ol last week interfered
with thc washing ot gravel, but now
work will be pushed until bedrock is
A large    meeting ol   citizens was
held last    Wednesday   night at the
Cranbrook hotel to discuss the matter ol incorporation.
Mr. Jones, bookkeeper for ti. II.
Miner, has been ill for several days,
but is recovering.
II L. Stephens, proprietor ol the
Melbourne hotel, Elko, was a Cranbrook visitor on Tuesday-
George Hoggarth, proprietor ot the
F.Ik hotel, Elko, was In town on
Monday. Mr. Hoggarth says that
things are booming in Elko.
Superintendent llury has gone to
Winnipeg on railway business.
Frank Rutlcy returned last week
Irom an extended trip through tbe
Western States.
C. M. Edwards returned Sunday
Irom the Coast, where he attended
the Liberal convention.
It is reported that gold has becn
| discovered on Mark creek, just above
Corporation  of  the
City of Cranbrook
thirty - three
. .(
Imndred    and
-   eight   dol-
and     thirteen
Notwithstanding the lact that
no detailed estimate ol thc expenditure required on the new Public
School has been submitted to the
Council as required by the "Public
School Act." the Council have
determined to submit thc By Law
a- requested by thc School Trustees
at thc earliest possible noment,
namely March 4th.
The Council trust that thc ratepayers will set their way clear to
vote in tavor of the By-Law.
.t 9*8
I« 2*i
Moyie, was in town
Mr. Louie Larson was in Cranbrook Saturday on business.
Mr. 11. C. Adney returned on
Friday evening from a business trip
to New Westminster and Vancouver.
Mr. Angus was In Kort Steele this
week on business.
Three fire wardens are to be
rlocted for Moyie next Tuesday, February l(!th.
Wni. Spurck, president of the Cambrian Mining company, is   in   town.
Rov, Finillav, ol Trail, was in
Cranbrook Ihis week attending tbe
regular mretine, ol tbe Kootenay
Mrs. Louis Collin has becn dangerously ill lor several days past, but
ber condition is improved considerably.
Edward Lee, formerly of Moyie,
but now a resident of Pentlcton,
met with a serious loss a short time
ago, when a business block ot which
lie was the owner, was totally destroyed by fire. There was some insurance on thc place.
A cow belonging to Ransome *c
Campbell, ot tho Cosmopolitan hotel,
was drowned in the lake Thursday
by falling iu where lee was being
"Barney" Wilson, the violinist,
was taken to the hospital at Cranbrook yesterday, and will probably
have to remain there tor a week or
About lllty men arc employed at
the saw mill at Yahk and the mill
lias been running in full blast lor
some time. The camp Is quite lively-
Dr. Oreen, of
this week.
J. T. Laidlaw, ol Fort Steele, was
in Cranhrook this week.
It. E. licattie returned Wednesday
from Vancouver.
A farewell banquet will be tendered
O. II. Richardson this evening at the
Cranbrook hotel. Mr. Richardson
leaves in a few days to accept the
position of assistant eity engineer at
Corporation of the City
of Cranbrook
Amend By-Law No
"Kurly Closing By-
j   Tlic   Moyir    brewery has been al-
"-■' ., iiiiost put out ol business through   a
Mr. John Smith, assisted hy the I shurtage nf water lor brewing pur-
best local talent, will give an ex- poses. The recent freeze up bad a
eel lent programme in thc Library 'disastrous efiect on the pipes lea-ding
iball on Friday evening next. Every-' to the brewery and Ior some time it
'body    eome   and bring your Iriends. bus heen    impossible to get    water
A Ily-Lavv to
55, being thc
The Municipal Council ol the Corporation of the City ol Cranbrook in
Council, assembled, enacts as lol-,
1.  By-Law No. 55 is hereby, amended by adding the following section:
5. Any person guiltv ol an infraction or violation ol any of the provisions of this By-Law upon summary
convlctlon before the Police Magistrate of the City, a Justice ol the
j Peace or other authority having
jurisdiction within the City, shall
forfeit and pay in thc discretion ol
the said Police Magistrate, Justice of
the Police or other competent authority lor every such infraction or
violation, the line and penalty ol a
sum not exceeding one hundred dollars and the costs of prosecution, and
in default of payment the offender
may be committed to the common
gaol or lock-up house ol the County
of Kootenay or of the City of Cranhrook, there to tic imprisoned '"'
anv time in the discretion ot
'convicting police Magistrate or
A By-Law to raise the sum of
Thirty-Five Thousand Dollars
($35,1100.00) by debentures lot the
purpose ol erecting, wtuipping and
[furnishing a Public Scliool. i .,).-
Whereas, a petition lias been pre-1
seated to the Municipal Council ol
the Corporation of the City of Cranbrook, signed by the owners ol at
least one-tenth (l-10th) of the value
of the rateable lunds ami improvements in tbe suid Citv of Cranbrook
as shown by the last Revised Assessment Roll, requesting the said Council to introduce a Bv-Law lo raise
the sum ol Thirtv-Kivc Thousand
Hollars ($:i5,000.00) for tho purpose
of building, erecting, equipping aud
furnishing a public school Ior the
City of Cranbrook.
Aud whereas, it lias been deemed
expedient by tlie Board of School
Trustees to erect, equip and furnish
such school buildings und for such
purposes, to request the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook to submit a By-
Law Ior such purposes to thc rite-
payers, under the provisions ol the
"Municipal Clauses Act" and Amending Acts and ol the "Public Schools
Act" and Amending Acts.
And whereas, for the purpose
aforesaid, it will be necessary lo borrow the sum of thirty-Five Thousand
Dollars ($35,000.00).
And whereas, the whole amount of
the rateable lands and improvements
of thc said City according to the
last Revised Assessment Roll is
Six Hundred and Seventy Thousand
Six Hundred and Sixty-Five Dollars
And whereas, it will be requisite to
raise annually by rate the sum of
Two Thousand Eight Hundred and
Eight Dollars and Fifty Cents
(J2.K08.50) for paying the said debt
and interest
And whereas, the present debenture
Indebtedness of the Citv of Cranbrook Is Twenty Thousand Two
Hundred and Sixty-Seven Dollars
and Five Tents (X20,2(i7.O5).
Now therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City oi
; Crnnbrook in Council assembled, enacts as follows:
1. It shall and may he lawful for
ihe Mayor of the Corporation of tlw
City of Cranbrook to borrow upon
the credit of the said Corporation
by way ot the dehentures hcrclnaftel
mentioned from any person or persons, body or bodies corporate, who
mav be willing to advance tbe same
as a loan, a sum of monev not exceeding in the whole the sum ol
Thlttv-Five Thousand Dollars
((35,000.00) and to cause all such
sums so rained or received to lie
paid into the hands t.f the Treasure
uf the said Corporation for the purposes and with the Objects hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
if the said Corporation to cause anv
number of debentures to be made,
executed and issued lor such sum ur
sums as may be required for thc purposes and objects aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum ol Thirty-
Five Thousand Dollars (J35.000.00),
each ol the said debentures being ol
thc denomination of One. Thousand
Dollars (JI,000.00); and all such debentures shall be sealed with the seal
of thc Corporation and signed by the
Mayor thereof.
3. The said debentures shall bear,
date the 1st day of July, 190!), and
shall be made payable within twenty
(20) years from   thc said date,    in ■
 dollars     __ - ^^^^
sixty-two cent-s  (J -*■'"..-
Eight   hundred   and
twelve   dollars    and
lltty-slx cents .    .     (J 812.56
Seven   hundred   and
twelve    dollars    and
seventy-eight   cents...(I 112.78
Six    hundred     and
seven     dollars     and
ninety - eight cents..(J titf.??'
Four'   hundred     and
ninety   -   seven   dollars    and ninety-five
cents     ll I-4* "■
Three   hundred    and
eightv - two dollars
and ' forlv - four
cents <> IttM)
Two hundred and
sixty - one     dollars
and'fourteen cents ..<t 261-H)
One     hundred     and
thirty - three dollars
and seventv - three
<*ents (» 133.73)
lawful money of Canada, at the    <>■-1
- '■   if Canada i
■h     said I By
„.,, w.    ,fice of the Imperial    Bank
imprisoned foi|jn Crnnbrook aforesaid, wl
*    the  pirtee of payment shall be
■lus-  |iy the   said    debentures,
And for the   payment ot thi
debentures, the following sum*:
One thousand and
filly - eight   dollars
and fifty cents  (11058.50)
One thousand one
hundred and eleven
dollars and forty-
two cents ($1111.42)
One thousand oae
liundred and sixty-
seven dollars . . fJUCT.Ooi
One thousand two
bundled and twentv-
five dollars and thirty - four cents  ($1225.31]
One thousand two
hundred and eighty-
six dollars and sixty cents  ($1286.60)
-One thousand three
hundred and fifty dollars and    ninetv-two
rents  ($1310.92)
One   thousand    four
hundred and eighteen
dollars    and   forty-
eight cents .. ($1418.18)
One    thousand   four
hundred   and   eighty-
nine     dollars     and
thirty - eight   cents.($1480-31)
Oue     thousand    five
hundred    and   sixty-
three     dollars     and
eighty - seven cents..($1563,87)
One     thousand    six
hundred    and    forty-
two   dollars ;md fifteen cents              . ,($1642 If.)
One   thousand seven
hundred and twentj-
lout      dollars     and
seventeen cent*:       ., ($1721.17)
one    thousand tight
hundred and ten dollar    and      thirty-
seven cents        ($1310.37)
1922. One thousand nine
hundred dollars and
eighty-eight cents (Uti-ii.hM
1(123 One thousand nine
ihundred and ninety-
Jive dollars and
minety - fuur cents...($1905.04)
1021. Two thousand and
»lnety - five dollars
»wt Seventy - two
nents   ($2095.72)
1025. Two thousand two
Mondred dollars and
fifty - two cents ($2200.62)
1026. If wo thousand three
hundred and ten dol-
liiirs     and     fifty-five
cants  ((231*0.55)
1927. Ttwo thousaud tour
hundred and twenty-
si v   dollars and   six
cunts         (J212U.06)
1!'2K. Two thousand five
hiindned and forty
seven dollars and
thirtr - Kit cents ...($2647.86)
I''1"' T%'n thousand six
hundrod and seventy-
four dollars and seventy - ncvon cents     ($2671.77)
 ..., .. ratn sigtkient therefore on   all
tb-Miwated | tal/eaMe femth and Improvements   In
and shall'(the said municipality
1. the undersigned, Levi Bates
VanDecar, hereby give notice that 1
intend iu apply at the next meeting
cf the Board of License Commission's of thc City of Cranbrook, for the
transfer *.-t the retail liquor license-
held bv me in respect tu the Royal
Hotel 'situated on Lot 53, Block 94.
in the &aid city, Irom myself to William Allan Rollins.
Dated at Cranbrook this 1st dav of
February, 190?.
lWt L. li. VanDecar.
lenders: mill be received by the
Commissioners of the City ot Cal.
gary and addressed to the undersigned, marked "Tender lor Ties," up to
February 18th, A. D. 1909, 4 p.m.,
for supplying the City of Calgary
with 31,000 Street Railway lies,
F.O.B. Calgary, and inspected at
Calgary Prices to be quoted for
Tamarac, Fir and Cedar, and lor
both sawn and bewa.
Thc lowest or any tender n&t necessarily accepted.
Dated at Calgary, February 5th,
O. E. Gillis,
47-21 City Clerk.
Take notice tbat I, John Leask,
occupation, Tailor, intcftd to appi)
ior permission to purchase one bund
red and sixty acres of land, bounded
as follows:
'ommencing   at   a   post    planted
_.   tbe southeast comer of Lot 6435;
'h'-r.'.- west 40 cbaias, Utcoce    south
,u    chain',   thenoe    east   10 chains,
thence north 40 chttos.
William We«t,
A rent for John U-ask.
l.-^ated December 7th, l»o«    39121
Talte notice tbat 1, William West,
occupation, Engineer, Intend to appl) lur pcrmissiuu to purchase one
hundred and sixty acres of land,
bounded ai follows
Commencing at a pust planted
about 2U chains east and 4b chains
[suuth of tbe south-east oorner of
Lot B435; thence north 40 Chains,
thence east 40 ehains, thence suuth
10 chains, thence west 40 chains.
William West
Located Decembet ;th, tO0S.   39121
City of Cranbrook
Notice is hereby given that on
Monday, March 15th, 1909, the. Court
ol Revision for the City of Cranbrook will be held in thc Council
Chambers at 10.30 a.m. (local time)
Ior the purpose ot revising the Assessment Roll ol tbe City of Cranbrook. Those having complaints
against their assessments are required to have their protests in the
hands of the City Clerk ten days
previous to tbe sitting of the Court
of  Revision.
Dated at Cranbrook this Ith day
of February, 1909.
Thos   M. Roberts,
\l wi   PEOPLE
Judge Wilson lefl  foi   Fernie todaj
10 boFd count) court.
.1 K. M. Pinkham, V. Hyde Baker,
Y.   V. Rollins visited Waldo today.
s. s. Taylor, K.C, of Selson, Is
in the city today.
.1 II Laidlaw visited Wnldo today.
[Tic Herald was In error last week
In saying Hml yestenlnj would be
ish Wednesdav,     It  will he      next
11 .     lay, the 211b.
SuperintendPtil     Brownlee returned
In.l-it   h-'!:;   : r   trip to   \llliue-.ii| a.
Peterson   Ll H U   nml H It I'., pipes
l nn phcll a Manning
0 I Rendersou ul Bull Rlvri Is
iu Uu' city today,
UiHpe nun nl < nmpbell a Man
li Z.il'H. ol Hull River, Is u
Crnnhrnok visitoi Mils afternoon.
u ii Bradford, nl Die Wycllde
hotel, wns in the citj on Tuesday
Sh-ighs, ::.'. an! i Inch, nl cual at
iin* Cranbrook Trading Co.
Wm t.'olpmnn, of Cowlet was In
ilu- city on Wednesday.
TO LKT-Housekecping rooms furnished.      \pply  Itnv 308 is If
Sleighs', 2.1 nud 3 Inch, ;it cost al
ilu- Crnnbrook Tradtm- t"o.
Itobeil Utile, ol llosmer, wns a
('rnnhrook vlsfioi on Wednesday.
Kanl dates .md Yemish Tsarshi
figs nt Kink's Puro Food Grocery.
Frank Corrison is now night oper-
.iiui at 'Iir Telephone company's ofliee
I'ln- Kvnporatnl Fruits on display
in Fink's Pure Food Grocery arc the
lines!  California produces.
Save work nnd wuvrj on wash
days bj using oui New Century
Washing machine.—Patmore Bros.
Miss Ethel Kink, sister or Mayor
Fink, lefl for her home hi Spokane
i.isl  week.
Careful, accurate work is always
done in our dispensary—bring us your
prescriptions—Cranbrook Drug A'.
Hook Co.
mis Staples, of thc Staples Lumber company, of Wyeliffe, was in the
citv last Tuesday.
See uiu display ol potted plants.
.Something nfoe.—Campbell & Manning's,
Tin1 Misses Williams, of Spokane,
were visiting with Mr, and Mrs.
Cooper al the beginning of the
Liquid veneei makes uld furniture
look like new. For sale at Fink
Mercantile Co.
.1. F. Bailey, ol Ilanhury, was
registered at tin* Itoyal on Tnes-
Heated by furnace, Applv S., care
Herald.   ' 48-tt
Tickets foi Tom Marks' shows
will In- uu sale on Saturday at
Heattie «v Atchison's,
New season's Strawberry Rhubarb
al Fink's Pure Food Orocery.
D c. Corbiii and I). J,'Roberts
wenl through Cranhrook un Tuesdav
• •ii lheir wav to Corbln.
I). .1. Klmei uent to Kingsgate on
Monday for tlie purpose uf pushing
iIn- sab- ot liis celebrated David
Mamm cigar.
TO i:K\T-\ hirge, comfortably
furnished room. Apply t.i s. Macdonald,  Armstrong avenue.       48-tt
F I!. !■'. ftleKltrlck, representing
Lhe dolly and weekly Herald of Lethbridge, was in the cifv at thp be-
ginning ol the -week.
Sleighs/aj and :i Inch, al eust nt
the Crnnbrook Trading Co.
J n MeBride returned Inst week
from a tup tlinl Included a visit to
several of the States of the union,
Eastern Canada, London, England,
,iml Paris, Prance,
II. II Shoil ami Dr. .1. 11.
King hnve pnrcbnSeil the lot on Armstrong avenue belonging to Mrs.
Uooncy Tlif house will be removed
ami thf Im divided, whicli will make
a great tmprovetnetil tu the properly
or btilli of tbese gentlemen.
TO LET—Furnished cottage. Apply   Box 308. 18-it*
Charlie Vcnndle bas just returned
niun n trip io Hirtle, Man., and to
the coast, At Hnile Mr. Voandle
visited the home uf Ins childhood
where he grow up m lhe love of
iniOi ami ihe spirit of honesty, lie
i*- going to work again now.
Frum now until after Easter we
ttlll have the largest display of pot-
led plains ever shown in Cranbrook.
—Campbell  A Manning.
The following Knights of Pythias
from Uoyio visited thc Cianbrook
lodge last Tuesdav evening: W. J,
I'Vlthain it. E. Taylor, P. J.
Mi \ lpine. Michael miliary, .lohn
Blockbnrn, Allien Gill. Wm. Turnimll
und K.  V Hill.
FOR SALE-A (me. rirh-toned
violineello. \pph ]hi\ 308, Oranbrook, Uf 48
FOB SALE—A bond certificate,
value *>7, good on the purchase of
un Masun A Ilisch piano. Price
Mid.     Apply H., can- the Herald.    It
Fur choice cigars ami tobaccos, in
fact anything In smokers' supplies,
[here Is no better place to call 'han
ai the Quality Store.—Cam phcll .v
House ties ttl tig time will booh be
here, Ordor -your curtain stretchers
at mice. Ue June .the new and Improved stretchers,nnd out prices will
sell them ..*i'ij'i\ „ time—Patmore
Bios. ,    •,.
A trial order'wlll demonstrate to
yuu whv the patrons of Fink's Pure
Food Grocer j wear an appeusive
Mrs. Wm. Colpman and Airs. (>.
Erlckson entertained some two hundred uf their friends al n dance at the
Vudltorlum last evening, A most
wijovni'le lime was spent and the
music furnished hv the Cranbrook
orchestra, under tho direction of
VIr. Corrison, was all that eould he
desired. Lunch was served on the
Binge nbonl midi-i-rbt nml the dan-ing
teas continued until the early hours.
Careful al tent ion iu buying tin
best, promptness in Illllng orders are
by-words in uur grocery department.
-Cajiipljell & MariiiiiiR.
Some follows complain that thej
don't, got nil that'?; coming to them,
ami are lucky at that.
Kootenay Presbytery was formally
mvenetl in Knox church school room
i Tuesday    afternoon at 4 o'clock,
he ministers present were: Revs. M.
Dauby, Nakusp; J. T. Ferguson, Nel-
M.  D.    McKce, Greenwood;    S.
Lundle,    Phoenix;    G. H.   Findley,
iii;    O. Kenraute,   Slocan; 11. It.
Grant, Fernie;     C. 0. Main,    Cranbrook.      Elders'      M.     MeEachern.
St mien is: N. E. Read, Creston;    T.
Patou,   Moyie;   N- McDonald,     Coal
,■!., c. Cowan, Wardner.    Dr.   .1.
(i. shearer being present, was asked
i sit    as a  corresponding member,
up: riiilemlenl  Wilson is als:   m    ftt-
Rev. T. o. McLeod, ..f Grnml
Forks, was elected moderator tor the
wing year, bui owing to his ab-
ict», Re\ .1 T Ferguson tbe previa moderator, was asked to con-
die n, ihe 'bail during" lhe present
"* —————■■■	
\111■; reading  ut the i
Oiraiii   addressed     Hit
iboiit the proposed evangel
i.i .i       LTio   plan is Ihal slmultane-
nis campaigns In three centre*   Fer-
ile   Crnnbrook ami Nels  shuU   be
legun un \prll tih iii tin- Chapman
,»uik.'is i,, last three weeks. Vltoi
this Hie same workers shall go on
.. Hihv centres In the Bound it r.\
.niiiin.  nossland, Grand Forks and
on uccoiml oi Dr. Chapman ami
\h \li*\au(lfi having to leave ou
ilieli Uistralian torn a mouth ea'rllci
than was expected, tliey will not he
ml-- Ki spend anv lengthy period in
lie Kootenay. it is hoped that
liei nun spend a tew days in their
,vav to Vancouver, where thev sail
ki'March 3-lth. The leaders of the
■nmpuigli arc all trained workers,
Irilleil under Dr. Chapman. Each
■ciitm shall have a preaching evangelist and a leader of song. E. 0.
Chapman, a successful business man
ml brother ot the famous evangelist,
uill he general of all the forces and
will remain throughout the campaign.
Among lhe Chapman workers are
Mr, and Mrs. Ashci, who have been
murvelously successful elsewhere    in
rk in saloons, proibels, jails and
hospitals. Mr. .Ino. Berwick, the
noted railway evangelist, will also
be amongst them.
In addition to these specialists in
these centres every other towu ir
Kootenav shall be visited and (WE-
js curried on by Presbyterian ministers from the east and west, who
have hud experience in this work,
Among these will probably be: Rev
V, .McKinnon, Winnipeg; (Ralph Connor); Prof. Kilpatrick, principal
Patrick, Roys. Rocer, Owen Sound;
Tavlor, Montreal; Morrow, Toronto;
aud a number of others.
All churches and workers are
•sought, lu ro-operate in this great
February 21st.
After the usual morning service the
acrament of the Lord's Supper will
be    administered.       Members    and
friends of the church are requested to
Iii* present.       Sunday School session
t. three, also Bible classes for men
an.! women at the same hour.      The
bject at     the    -evening i service at
Pi    will     he.: "Philip   and       tbe
Monday—Service at Wasa at 7,30.
Tuesday—Epworth League.     Cocoa
ociiii at.8.
Wednesday—Bnsket ball games in
he Gym nt 8.
Tl ui isilay—Men's Sugar Carnival
mil concoct at 8.
Friday—choir practice at I.
Tbe winning teams from last bar,-
i'i ball match will play next Wed-
-•silav night in thc Gymnasium at
o'clock, A men''; team will also
probably play between the intervals,
ind thus a good evening's entertaiu-
ucnl will be assured. Thc. Ladies
line team will pluy tbu celebrated
U'Ver Sweats, and it will certainly
ie a good game. Admission 15c,
•liil.lieii 10c. Nest Wednesday night,
"ebruary Ultb.
The Itev, It.     Ilugbrs will conduct
ifirvlee at Wycliile    next Sunday afternoon ul '■'* prompt.
VV hul    is   to   he known as    Cran
brook's lirsl annual   Pure Maple Su
r Carnival, under the. auspices    of
tho men of tho Methodist church,   is
take place on Thursday, Februaiy
tli.    This affair is entirely in   the
mis oi tlic men, und they say   that
this     gun i a ntees   i t s   success.     The
ladies have wondered what tbe   tnr-n
have been meeting (or so much       of
ute, and have been expecting to
have calls made upon them for cake
but the stalwarts have decided to
k the gentle ones fur nothing hut
their attendance. A good concert is
being prepared, ami this will be held
m the church.       After this is    over
he crowd will adjourn to the Gymnasium, where Puro Maple suear, especially imported from Ouehec, will
be served on Snow a la East, with
doughnuts and pickles to match. Expert sugar boilers have been secured
ami as the committees have none to
a great deal of trouble over the
matter, thoy hope for a crowded
house for the occasion. The purpose is to wipe out thc remaining
debt on tin- property, and the
mortgage will he burned that night
lo the tune uf the Doxologv. Two
humlrod and fifty tickets will he is-
surd today, 50c. lor adults and 25c
i«.r children. Secure a ticket at
once, and get u good entertainment
which will be worth the price, and
tin- pure maple sugar will be nil extra.
Uormng—11 a.m.
Sabbath School—8 p.m.
The Haraca and Philathea classes
also meet al 4 o'clock. All young
men and women are heartily invited.
Evening at IM, Subject: "A
Mystery Revealed."
Music by the choir.
Prayer meeting every Wednesday
evening at 8 p.m.
D.V.P.I . every Friday at 8 p.m.
AH yoiitiic people are made welcome.
A goodly number ot admirers of
Frances E. Willard gathered at Knox
church on Wednesday evening in a
service memorial of her beautiful
life aoii noble work, Rev. R. Hughes
tirnsldoil as chairman anil several
instrumental and vocal selections
wen- glvpn. Rev. C. O. Main deliv-
ereil nn address in which ber hcnuli-
ful character and extensive work in
various reforms was described.   R-ev.
I M .
•  H  I
o< I
i H I
" The proper study of mankind
is man."
OR a good many years we have been studying man in his relation to clothes,
Our designs for Spring and Summer, 1909, will prove our intimate and expert knowledge of
the subject.   Young men demand " Snap" and "Go" in their clothes, and perhaps this is mote
true to-day than ever before.
Realizing that the young man's trade is a big factor in our business, we have decided to make our
lines of
Young Men s Superior
Medium Grade Clothing
Arc equally strong features with our Men's lines for the coming season.
► ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«
I   f   I
t   M   I
Anderson followed with u few words
urging that our memorial of Miss
Willard was a vain one unless wc
did our utmost lo carry forward the
work she so energetically began.
The San Francisco Opera company,
which will appear at the Auditorium
the early pari of next month, will
presenl "The Strollers." This is u
comic opera by Harry 11. Smith and
|-udwig Eiiglaniler, anil it is not supposed to be a classic and there is
nothing in the plot that will worry
t tie bead of a philosopher, but it is
a fiood, clean bunch of nonsense and
tlte music is of n whistling, catchy
kind that sends people away humming and delighted. This company
showed here some lime ago and did a
record business.
The title of "Monte Cristo'' is
must familiar to readers and theatrical patrons. As a hook, it enjoyed
t he distlncl ion of being one of
the most widely read stories ever
published. As a play it held the
boards for ten long years and season
after season reaped a itrand harvest
nl financial success, it was through
I In* medium af ihis play that the
well known romantic actor, Mr. .las.
O'Xeil. became so prominent a figure
in the theatrical world. The play,
Ls of .» romantic order, und brings
out nil the Interesting incidents of
the book. It is a play that challenges the interest of the observer
from tin.' staii tu the finish, and
holds it continually by its rupid
succession ol interesting incidents. It
permits of elaborate scenery and wonderful staji,e cfTt-i'ts, ami in Ihis connection the management wish to
slate thnt tbis presentation of
'Monte Cristo" will be offered witb
i wealth ol .scenic detail never before
vllnesspil iu the history of the
piece. The original manuscript and
in- tevl have been secured, and many
lino voting singe features will be
The'role of Edmond Dnntes, the
Ilor boy, and Ihe Count of Monte
Cristo, will fall in the hands of the
talented and popular leading man
Mr. Frederick I'larke. Mr. Clarke
lias made the Hits of his theatrical
career in characterizations ol this
order, and it is sab- to predict that
in thin play be will add another to
bis already long list of dramatic
•Montr Cristo" will be produced nt
the Auditorium on March 13th.
The tir-.t act ..f "Monte Cristo"
presents lbe pint and harbor of Marseilles with the arrival of Edmond
Uantcft, the brurer of Napoleon's
letter. Eighteen vears' lapses between the Hist, and second acts. The
first scene presents a glamor in the
house of Fernanda Count dc Horecrfl,
Scene second presents the prison and
cells of the Chateau D'l.f. Scene
three the open sea, the great electric
wave and the storm. "The world
is Mine." Act three the Inn of the
Pon du Ourd. Act four will present the Hotel de Horccrfl. Act
fifth or tbe terminating scene,
presents the forest of Vtnncennes,
introducing tbe duel in the woods.
Strong   in     cast and complete     in
The Aurora Mining A Millins company lias jusl struck a hody of ore
in the raise of Ibe main tunnel averaging four feet in width, of which
three feet is crude ore. Work is
progressing rapidly on the main tunnel, lhe breast of which shows at
present .'10 inches of ore with IH
inches crude, nnd it shows strong indications of widening out. Arrangements are being made to ship a
trial car next week.
scenic arrangements, thc production
under Messrs. Willis & Cosgrove's
direction will unquestionably offer one
of the strongest events of tbe season. This production will appear at
ibe Auditorium on March 12. On
account of the length of the performance the curtain will rise at
The Edmonton Bulletin, speaking
oi tbe Tom Marks company, which
will appear at the Auditorium for
three nights, commencing on Monday,
the 22nd, says ot "The Irish Boarder:"
"Last night brought out another
large and appreciative audience to
witness Tom Marks and company in
"That Irish Boarder." The leading
vole was represented by the versatile
Tom. It just suited bim and
brought forth many gushes ot wit.
He was irresistably funnv. The other members of thc cast were up to
the standard. Tho specialties adapt-
nbly filled iu all waits between    the
Eight acres next to city; four
roomed house; land fenced; three good
chicken houses; stable with loft; one
acre cultivated; 1 acre ready tor
plow; fruit trees and bushes; fifty
pure bred chickens; ten W. P. Ducks;
aged mare, harness and wagon; never
failing spring water; small house and
lot on Baker Hill.
S. Macdonald.
48 P. O. BOX 102.
IOC.     The latest
black plug
chewing tobacco.
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt in British
Columbia, may he horuesteaded by
any person who is the sole head ol a
family, or any male over 18 years of
age, to the extent of one-quarter section of ICO acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land office for the district
in which thc land is situate. Entry
by proxy may, however, be made nn
certain conditions hy the father,
mother, son, daughter, brother or
sister of an intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connnctod therewith under one of the following plans'
(I) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation ot the land in
each vear for three years.
(2). If the father (or mother,
if the father is deceased), ot the
homesteader resides upon a farm in
the vicinity nf thc land entered tor,
the reouircments as to residence may
In* satisfied bv such person residing
with the father or mother.
(3). If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land
owned hy bim iu the vicinity of his
homestead, the requirements as to
residence may he satisfied by residence upon the said land.
Six months' notice in writing
should be given to the Commissioner
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apnly for patent.
COAL—Coal mining rights may lw
leased for a period of twenty-one
vears at an annual rental of $1 per
acre. Not more than 2,570 acres
shall be leased to one individual or
company. A royalty at the rate ot
five cents per ton shall he collected
on thc merchantable coal mined.
Deputv of the Minister of the Interior. 2-29t
We keep a full line of
Nothing elee in the world m
good for putting a keen edge
on TOOLS of all kitiiltt.
There's a stone suited to
everv tool, from a razor to
an axe.
(Tlief'arlmrnnduni Pocket Stone
for ymir pen knifi- !**■ « dntitly.
1'ome in ami ***• it,
J. D. MeBride
llffhlwure  -   Cranbrook, B. 0.
Sao Window Dlaplav
I will pay tlic liiftficst price lor
fins conslirnpd to me nt LPthhrldRc,
Alta., tintl if tlic price is not sotis-
Inctory I will |>nv express hoth ways
ami i ri urn the same.
J. Young,
48-tt- P. O. Box 91.
For a reliable I-neul Sub-tumui representing Cana-la'n Oldutit nml
lireateitl Nur-erb's in Cranhiook
und adjoining country.
The popularity of our Block,
whieh ingrown on limestone f-oil,
making our treea ami ImihIiuh bar-
ilier and longur>lived than Coflttt
urown stock, is acknowledged by
experienced fruit grower*.
We make a Npeeintty of growing
Htock for Itiitinh Columbia, nnd
ship in carload lo that Province.
A permanent situation to right
man, with good territory re-
Pay weekly: free outfit.
Write for particulars.
Fottthill Numerics
(l.i.'-iiHml tiy II. li. tim-enim-nt I
Experienced    Accountant
\ ', ami Business Manager wishes
to  remove to Cranbrook or
,, neighborhood. Thorough
11 knowledge of financing, hank.
\ j ing nnd conveyancing.   Ao.
* customed to charge of large
office Rnasonnblo salary.
Write P. O. Hox 1684 Winnipeg
A   A  ********************
P.O. HON 33
A Fair Judge
Of WALL PAPER U'otlld  nol !»• uvcr-
ml-il l\v a Muli.'i nn if lie ileclilnl llim
ill" I.XTKKIOll nncl.lll.VI HISS iui
ilMioil li.v II. ti. Short mill Ills 8KILI.K1I
ARTISANS  wcro  Hi.'   Iimi iiblnimilili'
for miywh  neitr the pricp, hoih tolior
nml iniiiciiiil Mna roulilrred. 'the
luitleniii ,,;• itlsplny ntul onr tnHte in
Donibininfr colors inn] our "sticking"
ability uill lu'nr notnparlson.
Tim I'aintt't nml Decorator
11 you stop here once
you will look for
the 'bus when you
visit Calgary again.
]! The Cosmopolitan
all 1111II | Ml | in 11111111111 H 11IIII H 11>
When in doubt go In Hn1 Cos.
whore you ,'itn t-c*l tin- best nf
11*11 MI Ml I l-l I III I HI 11 * 111«11 M 111111 ll n »
Kor lit.. Kiirmi.rlliihli.il
Hi-riir   (irown   unit Tlmi'.
uuirhly T-'M-il
140 PttgoCutnlogim Fron
M.   i/.l HENRY
HUtU Wi'NlniiiiHirr Komi
A»kyMft*6f*oci*R for it.
• ' Moil 0111 ploy ei I Inr nil Mini" of
ivurk. \VoBOlioll i'nrieH|iiinik'iir*'
with   mill  oporntora mid ollmr
ntliei IlliluBtrlOR.
i '
♦        —        ::
OFFICE PN0NE NO. 6], < '
♦ ♦
Waldo, B. C.
I'AUL ST. JOHN, Proprietor
Soiith-uuflt Kootmmy'fl tlroiit
Summer Koaort
.liv-it lhu plane to upend a few
diiyn' vacation
Bur hlocked with the heat
Dining service ttrat-cluaa
Comfortable Hooiiih


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