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Cranbrook Herald Oct 26, 1911

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Array '•'•Kisi.^t-rr" „4
We ere well equipped to
turn out the best cl...
ol work
/    v*ii"-n 21 |T   ....
tin the Herahl  Pays—Try
Our   Loral   Columns
lOe. a line
NO. 411
W, A. Rollins proprietor ot the
Royal Hold, is -hack from an extended visit lo the coast cities, Whilst
In Vancouver he hud a ('.nod opportunity of sizing up his brother Vic's
new enterprise, ilu* Palace Hotel, on
Granville street.
The PftlACO Is doing a rushing business these days, ol the wry best
clnss.   Hit*     two    liuiitlifit  lii'iltiinins
are generally occupied ami the bar
trade is about the best in the Term,
mai city.
"Hilly" has always been something
of a chicken laurier ami whllsl in
Vancouver he decided to purchase Van
De-car's live acre Hock, to the north
east of the city, where he will establish a thoroughly modern poultry
ranehe. He intends to stock his rant-lie With -whiti Leghorns. Modern
plar.s for chicken houses were secured In Victoria and the work of erecting same will shortly Ite underway.
If all goes well Cranbrook will
soon bc able to boast of one of tbe
most up to date chicken ranches in
II. C, and guests at tbe Royal hotel
will never know the unpleasantness
ol being unable to secure a fresh egg
for breakfast.
I       —
tho action, the question an to whether or not tlie. company had started
the fire not being determined.
M. A. Macdonald appeared for thu
plaintiff, ami ('. R. Hamilton, K.C,
of Nelson and W. I*'. Gurd for lhe
It is understood lhal Hit* plain till
will appeal from this decision.
The next action taken up by tlu
court was a claim by Charles Par-
roll, of Moyle, against Kitch and
llii/.lewooil ami the Canadian Poolfli
Railway company for damages loi
trespass on several mineral claims
located hy the plaintiff.    '
(I. II. Thompson for the plait.till
and C. R. Hamilton, K.C, of Nelson,
aud W. V. iiniii for the defendants
This CON was stll in progress at
the time of going lo press.
Rev. 0. E. Kendall, ol Antrim.
Now Hampshire, has accepted the .all
Irom tho local Baptist ehureli anil
will preach his lirst sermon In this
city on Sunday December Br*.
Mr. Kendall is a married mar., with
'three children. He is no acw comer,
having spent some time in this province, when quite a young man, residing in New Westminister, where li"
acted as deacon and superintendent nf
lho Sunday school ol the Baptist
church in that city. He supplied Cat-
vary Baptist church In Victoria during his college vacation. A brother
el Rev. Mr. Kendall is very well
known ia these parts, as an expert
millwright. Mr. I'has. Kendall inst
aled tne machinery at the ItaVrr
Mill at Waldo, at the Standard mill
in this city, as well as in a numlicr
ol other mills throughout the interior.
Rev. Mr. Kendall's parents reside
in Vancouwr.
8E88I0N OF
A nation ol tin* supreme court,
pivsided old ti, Mt JuatlCG t'le-
meni. opened 111 IMS] city on Mini
day. the 2:trd insi . nt 11 o'clock.
The lir*l iiiinwi 1nl.cn up was   the
ilimn nl Pelli itcMiiiiniir ,s  tbe i'a
n.lili.ui   I'.U'llii   RallWt]   r.Miili.uiv    l"l
namagea, lot Ure alleged to have been
suited Ity a locornotltre ol Uw
di'lcmiinit company on .tune Uh Mtb,
tain The Ure In question destroyed
sum,' cordwood ami itandtnt tlrnbet
on a pteciiptliii. hi'lil li. ihe plirnttt)
nlt.l iliinnilO's win' i lalllt'il in the almt
11 Iiiuu no
'llu- action was uliil wilh a |iiiv
Thc imola wile (I   II.   \sliwnrtli. Hr
Dell, a ll. Bullock, .1  r Campbell,
Lester I'lapp, Kiank IV all, IV K
Johnson ami John Urett.
i:,l,t,'n,i' wa* nlvcn In tlie plBllttlfl
as lo Ills title to the proper!) ami
llu' extnil     ol   tlie lo*s      lie     was
until, bowevei  to ni.c dvfmlte etrld
once in i'1'..u'i to the tiiiinta'i n(
cords ni wood bunted, tin- defendant
endeavoring lo show thai ., conihlei
aid,' portion nl il was hauled away
lull re the 111*' EtMcOCO was also
given on lhe plaintiffs ll lull In
Albert Bergeron who, on the day Ihi'
lire started, was cutting wi«,l on the
lot In question ni.d snw ll.e lire
starl up on Ihc righl-ol way ol tho
drtrndants' railway almost immediately alter tbe passing ol the defend'
ants' passenger train, Jtnown at Ihat
time as No. 213. Ororgc Baleman.
a rancher Irani Moyle, t**sllfl.-il as to
remains nl burnt cordwood being
still noticeable on tbe ground Irom
recent rsamination.
Al the close ol tbe plaintiffs caso
his lordship, on delcadant's motion
lor non-suit, held - that Ibe plaintlR
tailed to clearly establish Ihat any
wood was destroyed aad that Ihu
Jury would in view ol Ihe clrciim-
stanns be compelled to simply make
a grn-ss, ia lho absence ol definite
cvMence, as to lhe client ol lis' loss
and damages to he awarded. On
this ground his lordship withdrew
tbc caae   Irom    the Jury, dismissing
Short Session Only
Ottawa,!► Oct. 25.—It is said to be
practically settled that the session of
parliament which will open on November Ifith will lie a short supply
session. The house will sit for a
little over a month and prorogue. A
second session will he called for the
latter part of February or early in
Possibilities of Creston
. District
Continuing his series o{ letters,
dealing with his trip through the
Kootcrtays, Mr. ('. H. Lugrin, editor
of the Victoria Colonist, writes as
fellows :—
One of the most attractive places I
have seen in British Columbia is the
Kootenay valley south ot tlie Lake,
It is sometimes spoken of as the Creston country. The valley is wide, ami
a part of it is so low that it is over-
llowed every year. The higher lands
slope back gently Irom the river, and,
ll one may judge from observation,
then* is a very great area here adapted lo fruit raising and agriculture
generally to a degree that no other
part ol llritish Columbia can surpass.
Not only is tbe soil good, hut tlie
eliiiiate is favorable. It was Oriobei
lOth when wc passed through It ar.il
tliere were no signs of frost. 1 saw
potato vines that wen* turning yellow, nut stood just as erect as in
midsummer. At present every one
talks nf thus country nnd of all the
arable lands in this part of the KoO-
letiav between Ronton] on tbe wot
and I'tvstt'ti on the* east is fruit land,
and so l suppose it is. but 1 venture
the belief that it will lie in a short
time oi.e ol the tin.'sl general farming
sections of Canada. Indeed I ma\ up
plj tin*- observation to Mast Koote*
nay also* Here are thousands of
acres on whirl) alfalfa oon be protita-
bl] grown i saw splendid in Ms of |i
en which the third crop for this sea
sou was being cut. and speaking
roughly, t should say that it was
fielding ihis time al least two tons
ti> tlie acre. Now a region where six
loos nm' more nl ilie tit,.*si lodder ran
Ih* grown to the acre does nol have
to bona ii** future upon on.* kind ol
husbandry. Petbaps it would da battel not to tlo se.
This afternoon we boos a drive
through Um environ! ol Rossland. The
t'otninissHm met eatlv in Ilk* morning
mid late in the afternoon so that   Wc
mlghl have a cbtnn of nec-log the
OOUntT] I WOl hen* lifterti year* ag<>
Roslondwos then a varyllvelj town,
hut |ll« COUnirj  around 0000.1  was all
n, (Must, when it was noi rock, nnd
no one thought it WOI g«**d for anything at all except to field cordwood.
Now thefc are beautiful farms on th.'
In I sides Thi* finest tasphcrn plantation 1 pvel BOW is n mile or two
mt of the lown on what will Im- the
ii.iri provincial highway, ami it is at
an ilevalioii of MOO leet al|ive Ibe
MA. -'list beyond this excellent farm
the valley widens and several thousand acres ol land can be seen, all ol
it seemingly as well suited to tanning as that where the raapberrles are
gn wing.
There are thousands upon thousands
of acres ot excellent farm lamia it.
liritisli Columbia where no one ever
supposed it could he found until very
Herein I see the greatest ground tor
hope for the future of the province.
Alines will become exhausted* in time
and In not a very long time eillier relatively speaking. Forests may be
reproduced, hut it lakes time. Hut
farm land wisely cultlvotcd will be as
productive a thousand years from now
as It Is today. I have been Impiessrd
wilh the agricultural possibilities ol
Uw Kroteunys as I never expected to
be with those cl any part ot llritish
Columbia except some localities on
Vancouver Man.I ami the lower Fra-
For Purpose of Conferring Order of Nobility upon
" Unregenerates" of Cranbrook District
of   Va
Cranbrook    city   has been honored     Recorder—E     15, Leason, of    Vli
this week by a visit of the Illustrious tocia.
Nobles of (ii/.*li Temple, of Victoria, j   1st    Ceremonial      Master—F
The oceason    of this visit was      to Smith, of Now Westminster,
confer the Order ot  Nobility upon  a    2nd Ceremonial Master—J
large number if "Unregcnerato   sons dine, of New Westminster,
of the desert," gathered    In     from]   Marshall—E. R. Robinson,
this city and surrounding districts,    couver.
Tin* distinguished    visitors arrivedI   Captain of Guard—8, l»  Wales,  ol
from the coast on Monday and    held ; Victoria.
a business    session    ir. the  Masouie  ' Outer Guard—A.   McRae, ol Revel-
hall at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. stoke.
The    Temple    was opened    in due     Chief  Camel Tender—G. M. Perdue,
form, after which    tlie session      ad-.of Victoria.
journed lo   receive Mq-y-er Hunt, who!   Camel   Shocr—J. 0. Cameron,    of
was introduced   by    Past Potentate Victoria.
R. F. Green. Mayor Hunt In a Chief Electrician—Robt. Jameson,
very happy manner extended a Wel*. J of Victoria
come to the visiting nobles, granting
them the freedom of the city, am) expressing, on behalf of the citizens of
Cranbrook, tin* sincere wish that
their visit should prove both profitable and enjoyable.
The mayor's cordial greeting and
hospitable sentiments were responded
to, on behalf of Oi/.eh Temple, by
the Illustrious Potentate Chas. A.
Welsh. At the conclusion ot this
very pleasant ceremony, heartily appreciated by the visiting nobles, the
session was resumed, when.routine
business was transacted and other
matters disposed of preparatory to
the grand ceremonial of Wednesday
The otlice rs in attendance, included:
Illustrious Potentate—C. A. Welsh,
of New Westminster.
Immediate Past Potentate—It. F.
Green, of Victoria.
Chief Rabban-H. II. Watson, M.L.
A., of Vancouver.
Assistant Rabban—S. Jones, of
Victoria. ♦
High Priest and Pn plret—W. II.
Handler, of Victoria.
Oriental fitiide—W. H. Rlchdale, of
The work of conferring the Order ol
Nobility upon the "tinicgcnerates,"
specially gathered iu for ihat purpose, took place in due form and
with imposing ceremonies on Wednesday afternoon and evening. Among
the local men upon whom this honor
was conferred were the following:
I). J. McSweyn, W. H, Wilson, V. II
Miles, F. J. Deane, I). J. Johnson,
D. A. Bui-ton, R.II.n. Moore, A. B.
Grace, F. Topham, B. C St. Clair,
W. S. Sanlo, l>. J. Sneers, M. A.
Beale, F. A. Dunn, W. S. Boll-Evnn
Evans, alt of this city; Thos. Coiiill,
of New Michel; .1. A. Manning, ol
Wardner; 0. fi. Jewell, of J affray,
Dr. W.II.K. Anderson, F. c. DuBols,
N. E. Sudi.nhy, A. B. Trites, of Fernie; -I. A. Kinney, J. II. Lcmtnon,
R. H. Devitt, W. ' S. Push, of Boss-
land; J. Anderson, W. K. Zwicky, IL
Giegericb, of Kaslo; C. F. Shcrwin,
of Riondcl; G. W. Scott and C, C.
French, of Perry Creek; G. A. Pass
more, of Michel; aud A. McL. Fletcher, of Hosmer.
It was close on to midnight when
the heavy work of putting through so
large a class wns completed ami an
adjourn men I made In Du* Hotel Cranbrook, where u sumptuous and splendidly served bnnquel was enjoyed.
"Mine Host" Hoggarth is so well
known as a star caterer that it is
almost unnecessary to remark that
everything in connection with tho
Imnquel was done In the very best
style, save, perhaps, to add that upon ihis tceasioii, George Hoggarth
excelled ail. previous records, enviable
as they have been.
The banquet ting room and tliu
tables were tastefully decorated, Mr,
Guerrard's orchestra provided an exceptionally choice selection of Instrumental music, the service was all
that could he desired, and the menu
was excellent in every respect.
Among the guests of honor at the
baiujuet, were Mayor Hunt ant! Mr.
J, P. Flak. Other Invited guests
were Dr. J. II, King and Mr. It- E.
Health*, neither of whom, by some
mischance, were able to he present-
After atn;le justice had been done
lo the good things provided by the
Hotel Cranbrook's competent staff of
waitresses, a couple of hours, passed
al too speedily in toasts and songfl,
and at -t a.m. one ol the mosl enjoyable functions ever held in this
city came to a close, with the singing
of "Auld Lang Sync," and the Na*
lional Anthem.
In addition to the officers of Oi/eh
Temple, there wen* present at the
ceremonies several local and visiting
Nobles, among whom wen* J 1). McBride, F. Parks ami -lames FInlay,
of Ihis city; Dr. Corson, of Fen.ie,
0. G. Yeoman, of Vancouver, Sam
Green, of Kaslo; Messrs. Williams,
Davidson and Downey, of Calgary,
D. 0. Anderson, formerly of WyclllTe,
and Wm. Petlit, of Medicine Hat, ai.d
T. C. Peck, of Nelson.
j Kerr, first vfee-president of the West-
I minster Automobile Club. Mr. Kerr
j Is first of all a real estate man, but
Good Roads has    been Lis hobby for
a long time. He was one ol the few
j British Columbia men attending the
[annual convention of tlw Pacific lligli
way association     In Portland    lasl
An.Invitation lb attend the West
minster convention has been extended
lo P. E. Sands, of Seattle, who successfully drove the lirst automobile
Ihat ever traversed the wilds ol
northern B.  C . making the journey
from Seattle In lla/letoii (1381
miles, in a little over three weeks
Sands has been asked to nriug hi-
path find ing car to Westminster sc
that the Highway enthusiasts may
judge of the state of the northern
roads by tho condition of tho Oirto-
years, died many years ago. His only
son, who was in the army, died from
a simple operation.
|   A busy, restless life bas closed, but
! will   be remembered by    many   pat-
' lents, doctors,   and thanks to Conan
Doyle, by the reading public,
ser valley. I was talking with a well
ii.formed resident of Nelson, that
beautifully situated eily fit the southeast, ami I asked him his views as to
its future. He said "We expect a
great ileal from mining when the condition of the nietil market improves,
hut most of us pin our faith Upon the
certain development ol our farm
lands." When I WOO last in Kootenay, anyone writ would have said this
would have lieen lOoVod upon as absurd, now everyone believes it
C. H   L.
A case of some general publie Inter-
st come before Ma-oistratc Ryan this
weak City Engineer ll. Y Parker
iiminoned R Iv McLean for a
breach of a dly bylaw, in Ihat he
remi \\*i a tuulding from one lot to
MOthcr without having first secured
his aiitht nt\ so to do. McLean admitted the charge antl expressed entile willingness to comply     in   every
way with    tlie requirements of   the
cRj engineer. Mr Parker intimated
that, in this instance, he had im
wish to have a line i nil it* led, hut that
In ditl wish t*o make perfectly clear
to the piiliu* ihat no building could
lie removed without his express permission, in accordance with the
cltj l»law, and tl.at In cane of any
future breach of ihis city, be would
ask for a heavy penalty.
Upon McLean's consciiling to abide
absolutely by the city engineer's Instructions in the matter, the CON
was dismissed.
Premier Mclride Leaves lor Ottawi
Next Week
Premier McBride and Hon. \V"
Bovaer will leave (or Ottawa Nov.
2 to iliaeuaa with the Dominion
government aeveral mailers outstanding between the province and
the Dominion. They had intended
poinn 'i>st this week but poat{*oncd
the trip torn fow days owing to
the announced intention ot Hon.
R. 1.. Ronlen to tako a brief holiday. They will go enst on the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
Railway and nt Ottawa they will he
joined by Hon. William Ross.
It it expected that tho conference will lead to a settlement of
differences which have long existed
lietwceti the provincial nnd federal
authorities with regard to ninny
mailers of public iiuimrtance.
Lumbermen In Session
t'ranbrook city bas been unusually
crowded with visitors this week, in
addition to the visiting Shrincrs,
there was a large gathering of lumbermen, who assembled in this city
for the purpose of holding a private
session to discuss the present trade
outlook. *
Among those present from outside
points were A. E. Watts, of Watts-
burg; Otis Staples, of WyclilTe, W. A.
Anstie. tla* secretary, from Calgary;
I). A. McRae, of Revelstoke, ()
Locbmund, of Arrowhead, B. W.
Sawyer, of Chase; C. D. MeXab and
.fas. W. Ross, of Waldo; A. McDoU-
gall and F. DuBols, of Fernie; G. 0.
Jewell, nl -laflray; -fas. Joyce, id
Klko antl F  W. Adolphc, of Baynes.
.Secretary Anstie pave oui to tbe
press, al the close of the meeting,
the following brief summary of the
Appointment of a committee to represent tbe views of the Mountain
lumbermen's association before the
Tax Commission, at Vancouver on
November fith.
General discussion tf the market
and labor conditions.
NORTHBAY,Oct.25. -George
Uonlon, Conservative member,
elect for NipissiiiL' has agreed In
resign liis sent in favor of Hun.
Frank Cochrane.
OTTAWA. Oct. 25.—When the
house meets on November 15th,
the address in reply to the speech
from the throne will be moved by
R. B. Bennett, member for Calgary
nnd eeconded by A. Snvigny, member for Dorchester.
Peterborough, Oot, 2.">. 3. H.
Bnrnhnni, Conservative M. P. for
West Peterborough, has wired
Hon. Mr. Boiden that his sent is
at the disposal of Hon. W. T.
White. Mr. Iliiriiham Hilda Hint
he ia sum loeal ('onacrvutivcB wi
.indorse his action.
Morning service at II o'clock.
Organ prelude—Nocturne b. flat....    |
Anthem—Sweet is Thy Mercy	
Soloist—MISS Service, soprano.
Offertory—Mignonne Suppe
Post hide—Ell by Mendelssohn.
Sermon subject—Tlie Law if Sowing und Reaping.
Sunt.ay School ami Bible, class al 3
Kvcning service at 7.30 o'clock.
Organ prelude Impromptu
Anthem—Ve Shall Dwell in the
Land   Staincr
Soloists—Mrs.  Mcl'berson, soprano,
I). J. McSweyn, basso,
R.L. Brown, basso.
Post link'—Marcbe Romalne 	
 O ounod
Barltinc solo—It. L. Brown.
Male quartette.
Sermon subject—Tbe Crowning nf
lhe Year with Goodness.
Prayer meeting on Tuesday at 8
On Wednesday evening, Nrvemlfr
1st, at 8 o'clock the young people of
the eoi.gregation will meet socially
to discuss organization. Games and
Prospects for tho Good Roads convention which is to he held in New
Westminster on November <i am! 1
are must encouraging, ami that the
meetings will have an Important
hearing on the movement for the improvement of existing roads and the
building of new highways is now as
In addition to the representative
members of the Pacific Highway association, who will make the trip to
the Royal city for the purpose of
taking part in the convention) a forgo
number t f men who are showing their
interest in the movement for the first
time will also be present. Delegates
from hoards 61 trade from all parts
of ll.e province, representatives of automobile clubs frnm as far as Winnipeg anil as far south ns Portland,
and several mcmliers of the provincial parliament will ll* among those
taking an active port in lhe debates
Much of the preliminary work in
connection with the holding of this
convention     Is being done by   W. .1
Dr. Joseph Bell, ihc eminent Scot
tish surgeon and the original ol Su
A. Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes,
died lasi wee1.' at his residence, Maurice wood, Milton Bridge, Midlothian
Horn iu L837, Dr. Hell followed in
lhe fot tsteps ol three generations ul
his family, and gained high distinct
ion in surgery. For a quarter of a
century he was surgeon at the Rnv.il
Infirmary, Edlngbursjh, and it woi
while sir Arthur Conan Doyle was
studying Uiedcefne there that Is' was
so.deeply Impressed by the famous
surgeon's displays nf inductive reasoning. When a case was brought in
the doctor delighted his students by
the amount of accurate information
which he (.leaned by a gfani*e at the
patient, and, as Sir Arthur has said.
thoroughly enjoyed the open-mouthed
amazement with which students and
patients alike regarded him in lu*»
work. Dr. Bell had been il failing
health for some considerable time,
and a serious heart affection hid
nu rt* than once imperilled his life
TO Dr .1. H. M Bell, of this city.
a relative of the famous surgeon.
the Herald is indebted (or ihe following interesting reminiscences ol
"Sherlock Holmes":
Sherlock Holmes is dead. To the
public. Dr. .Joseph Bell, tbe celebrated surgeon of Kdintwgh, will
best be remembered by that>name.
Twenty years ago he was made
known to us all by Dr. (now sir
Arthur) Conan Doyle's Lies of the
great detective. It was when Dr.
Conan Doyle was in medical practice
that he conceived the idea of this
overpowering detective, and he bad
been so impressed by the bedside
teaching of Dr. Joseph Bell ir. *he
Edinburgh Infirmary that be modelled
Sherlock Holmes from him.
He was known to the presen*
writer's parents since they were all
school Children, and was a relation if
his brother's. A clever boy, he was
usually Dux of his class, and at
Olipbanl's school lie and my father
once formed a class by themselves,
and he was dux of it. At the age
of IS or 11 he became engaged,
and married his young sweetheart
some ten years later. He *as educated later at the F.dinburgh Academy and then at Edinburgh I river
sity. After taking bis medical degree he became house surgeon i«>
Professor Synie, the greatest surgeon
or the day. He took up teaching
and is still revered by numerous doctors in all parts of the world who
listened to his deductive reavonmu
over surgical cases at the bedside
Though surgery woo his forte, be
never nave up the general practice of
medicine, and conducted an enormous
practice which he did not abandon
till about six months ago when he
WOI sci/ed with a stroke.
His thick giey hair, clean shoveii
face, with its sharp features and
piercing eyes made him a familial
figure in Edinburgh, lie walked with
;, decided limp, tbe reoull ol that
disease which has been seen so roach
in British Columbia—Intootlh pataly-
sis. lie could speak very sharply ai
times, but he was kind withal, and
gave a tithe of lis earnings to charity.
He did a great work amongst nurses, and did away with the Sarah
Camp type; his Nurses" HowHbOOk
was brought out thirty years ago
and is still in use.
He became president of the College
nf Surgeons of Edinburgh, and held
all the princlpil surgical appoint
ments in the city, except that of
professor His incisive teaching
would have made him an Ideal professor, and thereby hangs this pitiful
tale. Dr .loseph Bell and Sir Patrick ■* Heron Watson got the same
number of votes at lhe election. So
neither of them were apiminted*
The professorship was given to
That was not his only disappoint
inent in life. Ills wife, to whom he
bad Ihiii    devoted   llnoe bis earliest
Knights of Pythias
Local Knights of Pythias bad a
gala time last night, the occasion
befog the official **isit of the (Hand
Chancellor if the Domain of British
Columbia, Charles E Rawllnson, ol
Nanaimo. t pwurds of nftv members
of Crescent lodge, No. Xi, were present iu addition to a number of visiting brefrhrcn.
Tbe Orand Chancellor expressed
himself as beu.g delighted with tho
etliciciit manner in which the lodge's
business was being coiuluct.il and
with ihe admirable skill in which
wotk In Uh* second rank was put
Vfter the business session, visitors
and members all sat down to a
splendid repast prepared by lho
Pythian Sisters
Mi *' P Kink was tt, Un chair
am! acted ..- toastmastei o,uitc &
length) program of toasts, songs,
etc . ensued Alter due honoi had
been paid i<> tlw toast to tho
King, that to the Grand Lodge was
happily responded to by Orand chancellor Rawlinooo 1, Gomel Jones,
i'v , responded to tlte toaot to tho
local lodge, -'as Joyce made a hit
tn his response to the toast to
the old timers, and Sam Griffith
scored heavily wilh bis happy ro-
BCored heavily with bis happy response to that to the master median-
responded to with customary felicitv
by E  H, Hill.
Songs and recital [ens were given
•r. fine form by N S Houston, C.
A. Porter and Jo*. Clark.
Oram! Chancellor Rawlir.son was
d»lichted with his visit to Cranbrook
ar.d was surprised to note its
growth. He left this morning lor
F. :-.•■
Christ church was crowded to the
doors last evening at 7 o'clock, with
the friends and relatives of Miss
Edith Emily Hal, who was to be
united in marriage with Mr Harold
Duncan Kemp, of Toronto.
At tbe app^infed hour, the bride,
leanift-g nn ber father's arm. and preceded Ir the two littl*1 daughters of
Mr. and Mrs. D Hopkins, as flower
girls, entered for* west door of the.
church and advanced up the aisle to
thf- entrance of the choir, where the
bridegroom was in attendance, tbo
ongregation, *-njoyin*8 the whih*. that
moot appropriate hymn, "The Voice
Tha* Hrcethrd o'er Eden " At the
mclooton of the hymn, the rector,
Rei I. P FleweUlng-, pn-ceeded, tn
proper order, tt choir and sanctuary,
with tin*   impressive    church service,
Inch made them man and wife
The service ended, *bc contracting
parties proceeded to the vestry of lho
church to sign the marriage contract.
This duty performed, the bridal
parly passi-d down the church to
tbe inspiring mustc of Mendelssohn's
"Wedding Mot • M. Pyt presiding
at tlw mean
After the service Ur. and Mrs. .1.
B Hall entertained the many gneoti
at their borne on Martin avenue. The
time passed moo) pleasanth until Uie
arrival of the Kher. tbe bridal party
leavir.e ftf. 'heir bOtcyntOOfl trip I'l
OMcago and Toronto.
At the church service HM hnde was
tastefully gowned in a drew Of while
satin with [M*arl trimming, and wearing a veil and orange blossom*
At the church Mr -lark Haslam
proved  a most efficient BobeT
The bridal ptSMtttl were many and
both neeful and valuable
Mr   ami Mrs. Kemp wiil boot with
Uh-::,   :<i    lh<*ll       WW   bOCM   UK      bOOt
wishes ol a host of friends.
On Wedneodo) evening, October
25th at .'in o'ctOOk, David L. Haird,
ami Mis Nellie Paterson, both of tbo
Royal hotel iloff, were united In marriage at tin* manse b) Rev <', ().
Main. Miss Arum Drodlej supported
the bride and Elmer Miler the
groom Mr ami Mrs Daird left,
next day for the Sound Htfes and
will return to Cranbrook.
On Tuesday evening. OrtoiiT 2Uh,
at 7 BO o'clock at the manse Douajoo
ll MeDougall, millwright of the C P.
R. mill, Wardner, was united in marriage tn Miss Maud Cleveland, of
Republic, Wash , by Rev. C. 0.
Main Mi and Mrs MeDougall left
on Wednesday for a trip to Spokane
and coast titles, and or. returning
will live in Wardner. THB CUANBROOK  UEBALD
The New Minister of Finance
Sketch of the Career of Premier Borden'
" Dark Horse "
One of the surprises nf the new
Hoi-den cabinet is Mr. W. T. Wliitt—
lhe Hon. W. T. White, Minister of Finance. A lew clays ago he was unknown in the polical field, unknown
to the great body of electors and
voters, unknown excepl -o his circle
td friends and admirers in Toronto
and Mont leal. He was, perhaps, .letter known in New York and Loudon
than in Halifax and Victoria. He has
recently been general manager td the
National Trust Company, a mosl important financial corporation, and the
story of his discovery in a Liw olliee
In the shrewd financiers who founded
lhe Institution is a romai.ee iu itself,
lie had jusi finished years of service
wilh his company, of which he is
\ itvprcsideii-t, and had packed his
grip for an extended holiday, when
reciprocity looming up largo carried
him on its shoulders to lhe pinnacle
of chief Financier of the nation, lie
has suddenly become a national fig
The dark horse, the political sin
prise of the Conservative triumph, is
certainly   Mr.     IV.    T.   White    si\
 nths ago, Mr.   While, :is ,m Otta
wa possibility, was most remote.
Though a well-known citizen id Toronto, lie had, until His spring, mad.*
no public profession whatever of int
crest in active politics. The tide ol
reciprocity, which in its (loot! washed
away a Government, lu.eovcrod new
leaders to the people of Canada. Mr.
White is an example of how greal
national upheavals may sometimes
affecf Uie ambitions and the fortunes
of individuals. Only ;■ great war will
produce a great general, lie made tlie
debut as a political speaker on tin
platform in Mnssey Hill, Toronto, nl
the meeting called hy a group of antl-
reciprocity  business  men  of thai  eil>
protesting againsl sir Wilfrid Lau
tier's reciprocity pad. That night
was- Hie most dramatic in liis life
Old veterans of the platform, of both
political complexions, were on hand
to express their opinions upon the
country's fiscal prohtem. After the
grey-lieatds had reached peroration,
Mr. White arose to say a few wonls.
Tall, slim, and fairish, he looked like
a hoy among the seasoned campaign
eis about him, lie smiled like one
He began to speak. People who had
begun to trek from the hall li-ratis*
of the lateness td the hour stoppitl ii
the aish s, caught |y the note ol
youthful freshness in the new speaker
lie had humour—which was a tonic tt
a fagged audience.* He had some new
arguments to advance. His manner
of presentment was novel. Most of
all, bis platform decorum was unique.
In speaking, Mr. White has a peculiar
habit of walking up and down the
platform with his hands locked behind
him. He must have marched miles
that night. When driving home a
point, he steps suddenly, looks his
audience in the face, often with a
twinkle iu his eye—he can i.evcr forget the Irish in him—am! asks his
hearers whether what he says .'a or,
is not so; or turns some arguments
of Ids opponents with a humourous
quip. "If the United States offers us
a gift horse, wc should not only examine iis mouth, hut loi k out for its
heels," he remarked once.
Kor almost an hour the audit-tic-
watched attentively the slender,
swaying figure of the speaker. He
made an ■ rigimil, unique apponl. He
was speak'ng upon a subject whL-h
afforded ran- opportunities for flamboyant oratory and patriotic bvsle-
l-itt. But White, although eloquent
ami t'.elicately fanciful, was cogently
logical. He was at no time carried
away irom a scientific approach to a
problem In the science ol economics.
He was Upon the platform at Mass.-y
Hall to state his objections to reciprocity as a business man. He stuck
to the economics of the situation Ami
he did so convincingly- The next
m< ruing tie:     Conservative    press iu
Toronto acclaimed him as n now plat
form power, and recommended his
speech as the chief item of tho Mas
s.-y H.tl list of anti-reciprocity oratory.
Having said Ills say on reciprocity,
Mr White claims that he would have
much    preferred    lu have luen spared
being Involved m tin- political furoro
which swept  through the country du
ring the following weeks, lie says he
had nt' political ambitions. But his
friends and the leaders ol tho Borden
opposition urged him to actively as-
sisl in the light against reciprocity.
Mr. White, himself, felt very strongly
on reciprocity,   lie yielded.
The next time he appeared on the
platform il was with Mr. R. L. Borden, and again al Mnssey Hall. Ouoo
more, he made a speech which was
the feature of the meeting. During
tho last weeks of the campaign lu
toured Ontario in the Consarvattvi
van. Willi his humor, eloquence am
logic he was most effective every
it so happened lhal Mr   Borden in
looking for a finance minister, a rather scarce article, bethought himself
Mr. White.   A man who made audi
sudden hit in     politics and who was
known personally    and favourably ti
every financier iu Canada, from    tne
top down, was not likely to he overlooked.   Anyway, the important sun
iimns came and Mr. While was called
io Mr. Borden's assistance.
Mr. William Thomas White saw tin
light lirst at Bronte, Ontario, forty
four years ago. He is older than In
looks. His father and mother wen
Scotch-Irish. He is Scotch-Irish, tt
When he was only four years of ng**
his father, a fanner, died- Votini
While grew up like most other conn
try hoys in the short-pants stage,
going io the public school on the c
cession, lie passed the Kntruiifc e
initial uni and got to high school in
Oakvillo ami Brampton. He nm
ciliated iu due course and struck mil
in bo a freshman iu the University ■■•*
Toronto. Money became scarce. 11
entered llie Assessment Department
,,f ihe Toronto City Hull, and aim
formed editorial connection with tin
Toronto livening Telegram. In tne
famous class of 1K95, with which, ny
ihe way, Hon. W. L. M. King, lately
Minister of Lalimr, graduated, While
got out of the University by the 11
A.  route, taking honours in olfU-tts
The budding journalist, administrator of civic taxation, and college
man, now developed visions of thi
law. He moved across the ball frcm
ihe Assessment office to the City Solicitor's olliee. At Osgoodc Hall Law
School, in the two junior years, he
look the first scholarships, and
emerged tlie third year with the gold
medal, Among Osgoodo students, In
wns noticed as a promising speaker,
scoring hcaviy once at a mock troll
Strange, but on the day cf his grad
nation in 1890, Mr. E. IL Wood, financier, whom While had never met
before, offered bim the managership
of his m-w financial1, house, the Notional Trust Company. Mr, White has
e.er since been    associated with this
When not at his desk, lie spends
much of his time at his If-aulifii!
home in (.Jueen's Park. Generally.
i may find him in tlie library recuperating from the nui/e of financial
figuring which is bis lift: downtown.
Literature and the University ol To-
nlo, of which he is one td tbe Board
of Governors, are his two hobbies.
Mr. While is ratiter idealistic about
libraries. Ho got these notions from
Mr. (i old win Smith, whom he knew
ntlmately. Sets cf books he abhors
Have the choices! nooks of au author
md know them, that is his motto.
Of sets he has but one—the Makers ol
aiiatla.   He says     that this work is
ie of his favourites.
Will he make good? If urbanity ol
manner, a penchant for hard work, a
clear vision of large problems, and on
immense accumulated kuowh-dgc concerning finance are    a good basis lor
leeess, then Mr. White will probably
succeed If a Liberal whom chance
ind a greal Issue
rave       thrown        inio another
path has the same opportunity to
win siiccers within that party us if
he had been in it all his life, then
this one td the famous "eighteen"
will make good. His friends say he
is "big" and "brainy." and every
item in his career is proof. He is new
to parliamentary work, but that
won't bother him. He is certainly
big enough to say, "I don't know,"
if ii is necessary, lie will not hiuti
BUCCeos, he will lind il fairly or not
al   all.
Provincial Archives
Victoria, August 2.1rd, 1011.
Kditor the Herald,
Dear Sir .
I have the pleasure iu transmitting
to you, here wllh, a copy ol the Report of tho Provincial Archivist lor
the six months ending December Hist,
Ifllll. You will gather from this rc-
pori that a determined effort is being
made to collect Irom JI sources manuscript letters, diaries, journals and
memoranda throwing light upon the
enrly'history of British Columbia, in
order that such documents may lie
collated, arranged and preserved. The
work will be systematically carried
tai from year to year and it is hoped
thai it will result in the bringing together ol much interesting and signi-
ficnnii material. But the undertaking
is one of such magnitude that it will
not be an easy matter to cover the
whole Province without the friendly
aid of those it. a position to give il.
1 would ' therefore bespeak for the
Provincial Archivist your kind offices
and help.
It is not necessary for me to assure
you that any assistance which you
may Ite able to aflord tbe Archives
Department will bc highly appreciated
and gratefully acknowledged.
1 am,
Very respectfully yours,
ft. K. Young,
Provincial    Secretary   and Minister
of Education.
(We commend the foregoing letter
lo the earnest consideration of the
many old-timers resident In Eastl
Kootenay, whose reminiscences would i
Ih* of the greatest value to the archivist, Mr. K O. S, Seholelield, i
who, in the course of his report, re*,
marks upon ihc great importance of
collecting     from the   old timers ami
pioneers their reminiscences. "There
re still many stalwarts iu the ranks
f the "Old Guard, and iheir recollections should lie picscvi'd [or Ih
heiielit ol posterity. No time should
he lost, in gathering these memoirs,
fi r each year that passes witnesses
lho diminution of the corps of pioneers whoso work has contributed so
greatly to the upbuilding of the Prov-
-." Ed.)
Peggy   Quite   Unconaciouily   Proved
Herself Competent as a Minister's Wife
Twp Propoeale
"1' not at all the kind of a girl you
ought to marry," said the girl decidedly, looking at the man In front of her
with serious eyes,
"The consideration as to whether
you are the. kind of girl 1 ought to
marry has never entered my mind.
The facl that you are the girl I want
to marry Ib never out of ll," rejoined
the man, gazing back al tho girl with
even at* seiioua as her own.
"Do I look like u clergyman's wife-
do I, John? Did you ever see one with
hair like mine'.' Nothing on this earth
will keep It tidy. All, It's all very well
to laugh"—as a smile hovered round
the mau's clean-out mouth—"but I'm
not cut out for a clergyman's wife,
Even my name Is against It. Peggy!
li ought io bo Mary or Jnno, or something solid."
"And all this means," said the man
quietly, "thai you don't care."
"1 suppose It Is thut I don't care
enough," said lhe girl gently. "I do
care; you know Mint, John, 1 wont to
be your wife, but 1 don't want to be
a clergyman's wife. Oh, I'm getting
mixed!    What am 1 saying''"
"Simply that you don't care
enough," said the man, leanlug forward uml inking both the girl's bauds
in hts. "I was mistaken, that's all
I Imagined you did. What idiom men
are! I thought I could make you happy, and I could, too!" he added hotly,
holtlfng the small hands so tightly that
ihc girl ulmost screamed.
"Thai's not the point altogether.
Could I make you happy? And the
people, and the parish, and the bishop,
aud all of Ihem? Oh, John, 1 couldn't;
don't ask tne!"
"Hut I'm not asking you to marry
the people, and the parish, and tbe
bishop, nnd nil of them! Only me,
"Yes: but a clergyman's wife affects them all, and 1 couldn't be prim,
and set a good example, and look
after mothers' meetings and things.
Don't say any more about It, John;
I just couldn't do It! You don't mind
very much, do you?" rhe added quickly, as the man's face suddenly set
"Only so much that 1 shall never
marry anybody else," he replied
And the look in his steady brown
eyes haunted the girl for days.
"And I've spoiled your life?"
"No, not Hpoiled It; only left It Incomplete. I'm Jusl the half of
whole, Peggy, and you are the other.
You don't feel It, so you will probably
marry somebody else, and fit In quite
well; but I couldn't. Ah, my dear, I
feel like fighting for you, and making
you mine! Hut It would bc altering
your whole life, and It wouldn't be
fair, unless you cared for me In tbe
same wuy."
"Dul we enn j;o on being friends,
"No, dear; you can never be friends
wiih your otlier half. I must have the
whole of you or none of you, io It's
jusi good-bye!"
And whol if 1 change my mind?"
Then I'm always there, waiting to
be mini-' whole,   liood-bye!"
Six months later the girl eat In the
same room, wondering bow she waB
going to answer this altogether different young man gazing at ber with
excited eyes.
Do you feel that .1 am your other
half?" she said suddenly;  and tbere
i a serious note In   Ibe   musical
Half? Heavens, no! You're my
whole, my everything! Peggy, you
must—-you shall say 'Yes'; 1 can't go
like Ihis! I'm mad when I'm with
you. and worse when I'm away from
you!   Bay 'Yes' now!"
Hui tt would bc silly to say 'Yes'
if I don't mean It," said the girl, very
gently. "What would be the good of
"Alt, but you would tn time."
"No; I never should!" And there
was a note of finality In the girl's
volee. "Tony, you will think I'm 0
perfect idiot; but some time ago—oh.
months! -a man told me that he was
me half of n whole and I was the
otlier, and that 1 belonged to him.
Wasn't ii a weird Idea? I laughed ot
tbo time, but—but—but—oh, I don't
know! Anyhow, I can't marry any-
ne else; ii would seem like bigamy,
or something!"
"Confounded Impudence!"
"Ob, no; It wasn't Impudence!" sold
the girl sharply, as a vision of the
other man's strong, serious face
flashed across her mind. "It was Just
the greatest compliment ht could pay
Peggy. 1 believe you're fn love
with the beggar!"
No. I don't think 1 am; but It's the
Idea of the thing somehow, to belong
to someone so absolutely as to be
their other half. Not a toy. or o ploy-
thing, or o treasure, or on Idol; but
just a half, without which they coo
never be n whote!" added tho girl
softly, wlih a far-away look In her
"Then (here la no hope for meT"
"No hope? You silly old boy;
there's every hope! You must find
four other half. You've got one somewhere, you know, and a much nicer
one than 1 am, I expect!"
Rot!" ejaculated the young man
inelegantly, as he flung himself out
of the room.
The Completed Whole
In the quiet weeks that followed the
girl slowly realized how much she
had missed the other man In the last
Six months. And then an energetic female or advanced years, and still
more advanced Ideas, eamo upon the
scene, and enfolded the gtr! In a
scheme for "brightening the lives of
children In the slums."
"Hut I don't know anything about
children or slums," said Peggy helplessly, as the other rapidly sketched
out a plan of campaign.
"You soon will"—with something between a onort ond o sniff.
"But wool do I do?" persisted Peg-
jgy,   feeling  rattier like  a  timid fly,
caught In the tolls of a particularly
.energetic spider.
;   "Oh, talk to theml"
I "The children?"
"Of course—and tho mothers!
Mothers first and the children after
■wards; Instruct parents lu duty towards children, and vice veraa."
"Oh!" raid the girl vaguely, feeling
a wild desire to laugh as the Incongruity of It all forced Itself upon her
j "We must start this week, no time
to be lost," announced the other, planting her large feet squarely on the
ground, its ir whole regions of children from Bluradom were even then
!n front of her, waiting to be acted on
at onep.
And thus it was that, two nights
later, Peggy found herself seated In a
dingy mlse wroom iu a dingier street,
confronted by a number of parents
waltlug in apathetic Bllence to hear
"Whal Lhe Bwanks had to suy about
rearing kids."
A so tethlng seemed to tighten tn
the (.ii s throat an sho glanced along
lhe rows uf tired, work-lined faces,
nnd u wild longing surged Into ber
heart to bring a utile brightness into
some of their sordid lives. And then
ber female friend, sitting nt a little
table near, began to speak, and Peggy
found herself wondering If. In a
scheme for making conditions brighter, It was necessary to wear a snuff-
colored dress and flat-soled boots, to
cultivate a formless figure, and drag
one's hair Into a light little knob at
the back.
And then her attention was arrest*.
by a sudden sense of failure on the
part of the speaker to strike the right
note, a feeling of the utter futility of
laying down laws and stringing fact
upon fact of hygiene and psychological
Importance io people who were worn-
out with tbe struggle of making both
ends meet.
The girl's sensitive nature seemed
to feel the apathy of those tired faces,
and a Hidden desire to talk to them
heart to heart arose In her mind. Unconsciously she started to ber feet,
as the speaker paused and glanced in
her direction.
"I'm not going to say anything about
children," she Bald hurriedly, and
there was a throbbing note in the
fresh younk voice, "because you all
know more about them than I do.
But shall I JuBt tell you about my own
childhood, and what 1 missed because I hadn't a mother? Perhaps it
may help you a little bit, because you
are all mothers, aren't you?"
And graphically, because lost to all
sense of self-eoiiBclousness, the girl
told thoBe weary women of what she
had lacked of a mother's love and
care, although surrounded with every
Often at a loss for a word, occasionally repeating herself or breaking off
In the midst of a sentence, there was a
ring or sincerity about It all; and ns
she told them of n moral crisis she
had been compelled io fight out alone,
one woman al least out of the little
throng resolved to have a tender talk
with ber eldest girl that, very night.
It wasn't that there was anything
new In the things the girl was saying.
II was just ihat ihey were not In the
habit of putting lliem into words, even
to themselves, but many a resolve
which had been hovering In the background, unformed, esme to the surface
and was crystallized as the gtrl talked
from her sympathetic young heart
straight inio theirs. And then, vainly
seeking Tor the right word, It WOO
Just tbnt ihey were not in the habit
of putting them Into words, even to
themselves, uml many a resolve which
had been hovering In the background,
unformed, came to the surface and
was crystallized as tbe girl talked
from her sympathetic young heart
straight Into theirs. And then, vainly seeking for the right word, it woo
supplied by a well-known voice from
tiehlnd; and with a little cry ot
'John!" she tumed around, hesitated,
became crimson, and unsteadily eat
Jown on the nearest chair.
Tbe elderly female, seeing her opportunity, began to read the rules
for the proposed club; ind, almost
before she knew it, the girl found her
self outside, with the cool night air
fanning her hot and quivering face.
"Oh"—with a gup, clutching the
man's arm with both holds—"what
will you think of me? What waa I
saying? If I had only known you
were there!"
"I'm glad you didn't"—and there
was a low note of exultation In hto
voice—"that would have spoiled It all.
Oh, Peggy. Peggy! and you sold you
weren't cut out for o clergyman's
"How could I have got up and talked
like that?" went on tbe girl. "I must
hove been mad! But they looked so
tired, and 1 Tell so sorr}'* And, oh,
John, I've missed you ao!"
"If I could only believe that!" said
the man quietly, coming to a atop In
the shadow* or a tall old house, and
taking ibc girl's hand In his.
"Believe It! Don't you believe It?
But It's true! It's been true all along,
only 1 didn't know! Why did you
stay away so long? Oh. John, how
could you?"
"Peggy, do you know what you ore
And the man's voice sounded quite
hoarse In the quiet night
"Ycs"--wlth a little hysterical cry—
"I do now; 1 didn't before! Pro
known tor nges, ever since another
man wautcd me to marry him. and 1
couldn't. Yon Bald I waa your other
half, and all along I knew I really belonged to you. Ih- you still want your
other half. John? Ilecause—because
I want mine!"
"Whole nt last!" murmured tbe
man, as be gathered the girl Into bio
arms In tho shadowy doorway of tbe
old house.
A young man spending his holidays
In the country, fell !n love with a
item milkmaid at a farm near by.
Hay nfter dny Ite hovered about tho
farm, hoping lo catch a glimpse of
her, till one day the farmer caught
htm peeling Into tbe yard.
* What Is your business here?" ho
The poor chop was so surprised he
could only stammer, "How's tho milkmaid?"
"What?" roared tne angry farmer.
"Our milk Isn't made; It comes from
the cow."
A well-known preacher gives o curious experience, ns rollows: It was
his custom to point his sermon with
eflher "Dearly beloved brethren,*' or
"Nbw, my brothers," until one day a
lady member of Ihe congregation took
exception to ibis and asked why he
always preached to the gentlemen
nnd ni ver to the indies.
My door Intly," said the beaming
vlrnr. "one embraces tbo oilier."
Bin mu lu ihe church," woo too It-
ply of ibe astonished lady. I
HIS   is  the   Style  Shop for
young  men who want the very latest
creations in Overcoat',,
Fit-Reform   styles   are  the effects
that jump into favor a mhui u» Introduced.
Keep pace with the leaders.    Get       \
in touch vvhh Fit-Reform Styles. 437
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL. - $10,000,000
    REST, -   $8,000,000
The Canadian Batik of Commerce extends to Farmers every facility
for the transaction of their banking* business including the discount and
collection of sales notes. Blank sales notes are supplied free of charge
on application.
Accounts may be opened at every branch cf Tlie Canadian Bank of
Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the same careful
attention as is given to nil other departments of the Bank's business.
Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this way as satisfactorily as
by a personal visit to the Bank. _231
K. T.Brymner, Hanager Cranbrook, B.C.
*#-##♦•*•#*♦##-#>*•*<- *-****#*##*#*##
Havo 11 very fine assortment of
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All trees offered for sale nre grown in our own nurseries on
the Colilstreuin Estate
V. D. CURRY, General Agent
4****49444444 44****444***4*4
Imperial Bank of Canada
I). It. WII.KIK. President.
Afu.u its   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,
Farmers anil Private I niliriilitals invited.
Drafts ami Letters of Credit issued available in any part of
the worll.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-Special attention
given to Savings Hank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE. Mgr.
Ttu-y stood beneath tbe stars, utii-nt
ns llu* In an Inn's of llu* night lookliw
into the diamond-studded ah in front ur
tin* iky,
"i» iimt Mars?" in* wblsperedi os he
sli|i|n il Ills arm iuiiniirl her inpi-r
waist, iiml gawd upon n gliHcrliii*, orb
iii ih-.* i]i*'*:n t blue.
, "So, ii Isn't," t*iif exclaimed, Jerk*<
lug away. "It's mine, anil It you can't
■toll the difference between my waist
and inutlici ■'» oft?r eight years' courtship, well, we'd better pan."
The matter was amicably adjusted
before aiiyiniiii-, nirioui resulted.        .
The moslor of a free grammar
school wns on-.* day eiuKavorliiK to
instil into the minds of IiIb pupils that
two negatives wake a positive. On a
remarkably llm. day shortly alter-
wards the boys were petitioning their
master for nu afternoon's holiday, to
which be hastily replied) "N"o, no,"
They wore at-'ordlngly repairing to
their stcdles, wl.cn one of theboys (a
very shrewd lr.dl reminded him of
the loci ihat "iwo negatives make a
positive/' Rid there lore claimed a
holiday. Tho n a Kit. plfonttl with
the buy's wit, liumtl ntely granted lho
In Ibc scramble that followed n
premature discbarge «f iijuamit* lu
n btilliMig a sloiti mnii tost u m-art-
pin. After he began to search rur it
be iiml- nl auolber tiiiiii p.ikhig around
iu the dust antl debrll. Ho tmmcdiul-
ly grew suspicious, nnd at last spike.
"1 do imt \-iish io give offence," ho
said, "but I musi ask you tu refrain
from assbtitii*, me lu this search, I
appreciate your willlngnosa to help,
but as a mums of self-protection 1
lung ago made ll a rule never to allow strangers to assist me lu a search
for a lust article"
"Oh. very well." raid the strong r.
"You have no objection to my looking
on, 1 eupposo?"
lie eat down on the kerbstone and
watched the stout man sift dust and
overturn stones. After twenty minutes of painful stooping the stout man
found a scarf pin.
"Hut It ls noi my pin," he said dejectedly.
"No; It's mine," said the other man.
"I heard It strike somewhere her. a
hoots. That wns what I set out to
look for, but when I saw how anxious
you were for tbe Job I let you go
ahead. Your own starf-pln, ir yoi
want to know, Is sticking to the flap
of your loft coat-pocket."
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable Preach regulator* never lulls. These
pills nro exceedingly powerful in regulating ihe
generative portion of the female system. Ketuna
nil cheap Imitations. Dr. ito Van's are snld nt
JSn box, tr thriii! I.irtlu. M-iiltM tn .imv n.Mres*-.
Tb* Soobell Drug Co., Ht. 1 latharlties. "ut
For sale at Ueatle, Murphy & Co.,
0piU.lt. (J.IMI. Slntiim
THE     PLACE     TO      OKT    A
Headquarters, for all kinds of
Satisfaction Griiiirantactl
The Bhoe Spooiallst
Provenzano Bros.
General Merchants
Employment Agent.
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. 0. SOI 184 PHONE M4
It yuo want satisfaction witb
your washing   send
it  to
Special prices lor ftunily work.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with Itittlis.   Tlione in
every room
Barber Shop on the premises.
Thoroughly up-to-tlate.
Rates. $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WBLLB, Proprietor
It.  TOM KIN, Manager
Enuhlea trailer*, thrniighimt tlie world
to communicate direct with   English
in each chl.a of goods.   Iteaiilea lieing
a complete commercial guide In London  and   it. slllmrhs,   (lie   directory
containa lists ol
with   the  Good,  llieyahip, ami   llie
Colonial  and   Foreign  Market,  they
arranged under the Porta towhich they
aail. and indicating the approximate
ol leading Manufacturers, Merchant.,
etc., in the principal provincial tovtna
and industrial centres ol (lie United
A copy ol the current edition will ho
forwarded, (reight paid, oa receipt ol
Postal Order for L'Oa.
Dealer, seeking Agencies can advertise their trade canla for 20s.. or targre
advertisements frnm Mis.
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
25 Abchurth 1..., Lml.ii. E.C.
East Kootenay      |
Butcher Co. •
______________ ®
Fresh nml Cured ©
Meals. (jj
Poultry, (.lime nml FibIi   ®
ill Season. ®
Dialers In
East Kootenay      f,
Butcher Co. •
lhe Old P. Wood's
Business. _
S ® ® ® ® ® ® l« (.•> W I" l!» IP) l«
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A in iii'in t'.|tiippfil Cafe at woiterato
ItiiU'H ll.li'.l iiiiil tip per day
Corner ot Ilowaid Bt. nutl Front Ave.
Our Ihih meete all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr.
an tn Tli'iiiksniviiig poultry.
liifitoutt uf lioosling tliu ptiru
because everybody wmita mr-
IfoyB, elitcttons, tltickB etc., we
buiijilit iu iii).' quantities ainl
cauKullat big quantity prices.
t'onie'iiiitl select your bin!.
Wegnaianlee you'll my later
that never hati sweeter or
tenderer poulliypaeeed your
P. BURNS &  CO., Ltd.
ll. 0,
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Fruit, Agricultural, llrnzlng and Timber l.nnds.
Insurance, Slocks and Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers in Lumber.
Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue and
Baker Street.
99 9*49*49*9 49 9   9 *************
Incorporated IKiiti
Capital Paid Up $6,300,0-00 Kc&crve $6,900,000
Total Assets, Over $95,000,000
H. H. HOLT, President      K. I.. PBA8K, General Manager
Accounts of Firms, Corporations and IndlviduaU solicited.
liut-tif town Ini-iiiec*. receives every attention.
SAVINGS DKPARTMENT-DeposltBof $1.00 ami Howards received
and interest allowed ut current rate.   No formality or delay in
A General Banking Business troiiBacteil.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager
Mixed Farming
Gives a Good
Nest Egg
In spite ot
Frost and Rain
The question of mixed forming is tUtcnsted nlong with
other Intemting farm tt>iit*e in tbe November issue of
publiahotl by   the  Mnetiean   Pnbllibing  Company, of
Y.'.i .-.-in gel this M <;; i/.iui nnil tlie
For One Year for $2.00
Tin1 rfuiibir price of Faninr's Magat'mt is $8*00 pet
year. It ia u wa, well Illustrated magurineof L60pftgei.
It in tin* only high grade national form magaaine published in Canada.
Oatober's Issne has 10 pages of solid photogtaphs, taken
especially for /•'.irm *''.■*. from the Winnipeg, Toronto,
London and Ottawa Kxhibitiont.
Korember Issne deals with mixed farming by a specie]
ropresentatire who bas been in \\< < nil rammer.
Tho glowing, picking and marketing of Ontario apples
is wt-11 ilhmtrutiil in tins issue,   Another story \*>\\n of
Nora 8ootla*s eeJobratad Qrarenstelnti with photographi
iu i'i-ib oases.
PotatO'grawing in New Brunswick is taken np ity n
spci i.ii representative, to timt Province*, «ii»v this iseom-
pitrcil willi u potato 1'u-M at Kdmontott, Alia
Tho women* gins nml boys eaoh liii-l something to Interest them in this issm*.
The editorials art* all crisp ami  |K'ititt<l.    Iii  fart, tbo
wlmlo Issno will make jon eager for our »|Ht*inl Xiiihb
Niiiii.ht tli it ie to follow
1 >o not fail to taki- advantage of this offrr. It in the In Rt
vultu* far tbo ni-any ovorolTi-ntl.
Forwnnl .•?-,,,) to this offlcoand ynn will Im* credited with
one year's rabsoripUon to Thr Cranbrwk IttruM* also one
yeari subscription to Farmrfs Mmjazwr. Bend the
money to.iluy. so that your yearly subscription to Furnirrit
Mtiifit:ifir may coiiimt'iict* with the current issue.
Sample copies of the M-iir.'iy.iin* limy In* mh'ii at tins
Herald Publishing Co.
New Industry
for Cranbrook
That Cranbrouk district can grow
big apples is beyond dispute and _lm-
ply requires proper arrangement |p
Un- plautlng, growing anil pruning of
I lit* trees to Insure good crops, as
:i* as tlif trees arrive al tbc* proper
time fm producing; gout orops ol
small fruits such as strawberries,
Raspberries, Ooosobertlos and our-
iants can Ih- produced tin- same year
from planting, Strawberries rogulre
mulching in winter, as is tlie cum in
all ihstricis wbero the snow Tall is
itiKcitain in quantity.
Tliere is anotttor Industry tbat can
bo doveloped in Cranbrook und that
is raising Winter vogetaules, house
plants niul blooms, under glass, properly heated In cold weather.
Mr. Ed. H. II. Stanley, late ol
Baynes Lake, H. 0.,(about na miles
from here, South) came into our
town last .Inly and rented the only
glass house in town from Mr. Garrett, the Taxidermist, at rear of 21
Armstrong avenue and ts developing
the business and intends to erect extensive glass bouses in the spring,
meantime be bas arranged to act as
Agent for a large concern in Alberta,
operating tr>,000 st-narc feet of glass,
heated by Natural Gas.
Mr. Stanley, who is trading as the
Cranbrook Floral Co., has arranged
to shew bis plants, blooms etc., in
Mr. Kilby's Store, 11 Armstrong
venue and hopes to bc patronised and
hackrd up by the public of this city,
wlio have always stood together in
encouraging Home industry.
See bis ad, in another column.
Now what profits tin you think this
little measly Duke proposition of
$250,000 has "earned" In 23 years'.'
Oh, a matter of $30,000,000 or 15,500
per cent!
Really, gentlemen of high finance,
how Umg do you expect the American public to stand this game of watered stock, industrial inoiiopily, rising cost of living, and commercialized
Don't you imagine the worm will
turn, sometime?—Wichita (Kan.)
Freemasonry a Bond of
National Friendship
Tho Londor. (Kng ) Dally Telegraph
says that by consenting to associate
themselves with the English branch
Ol the order as honorary members of
the Lodge of King Solomon, the King
ul Denmark, past grandmaster of
England; tbe King of Sweden, and
tbe president oi the United states
have further cemented the fraternal
bonds existing between England and
the beads ol foreign states, and their
respective systems ol Freemasonry.
King George V. is not a member of
the order, but his ffttber, King Edward, was a most enthusiast ie
Mason, and. as Prince of Wales, filled
the office I f grand-master for onwards of 26 years, and was protector
for the rraft during the jH-riod h.*
was on the throne.
Ths Kaiser, like the King, has kept
Spar! from the fratrrnity, although
his lather alst was an enthusiastic
Mason. The Emperor's brother, prince Henry ol Prussia, is, however, as-
■odsted with the onler, and so, too,
is Prit.CC Henry of the Netherlands,
and the Kings of Norway, Greece and
Wtirteinberg. The Knijierer Frederick
ras grandmaster of tin* German Ma-
■oni during the last ao years of his
life, and that section of the eraft in
its three grand lodges has let its
protector Prince Frederics Leopold of
Prussia, the Kaiser s lirother-ln-law,
Who w.is elected a past grandmaster
..[ England in 1891. Napoleon lit.
was a Freemason of tlie Italian rite,
and endea-ontl to counteract! the
ttiitbtirvol Ok* French Masons to rad-
tesUsni ami republicanism, by getting bis cousin. Prince Murat. appointed chief ot the Grand Orient, in
Franrr, but his eflorts in this direction were doomed to failure.
it is Interesting to add, in this
connection, that n vast majority of
tin* presidents of the United StSOBS
of America, from George Washington
down to Theodore RooSOTelt, and the
prSSml betd, bate be<*n Masons; a
notable    exception,    however,    being
lolin (Jinncr Adams, who talked and
wrote BntSfOnlltlcally to the order,
wilh ranch vigor. The DuVs of Con-
naught is the present grandmaster in
Englsmt. Me was initiated in UM.
Herbert Knox Smith, commissioner
of corporations has been delving Into
the history of the tobacco trust. Here
are some ol his findings:
In lHflfl the trust had $35,000,000
"capital." tn 1908 this "capital"
had grown to 1318,000,000.
A part of this "capital" is listed
under the head ol "good will"—S1M,-
000,00ft. Whose "good will" Is not
Stated, hut certainly not that of to-
bsceo users,
In IMS one part of the trust, tho
Dukr Sons company, was worth the
modest siim ol «50,aoo. By the mere
process ol Joining Hm* trust il swelled
to $7,500,000 and, later, was treated
to a further dose ot $.2,000,000 In
"sr-ciiriUes." Yes, and "earns" 18
per ornt on tbat.
V     vv
Miner, the famous tram
escaped from thu state
i MlUcdgevtlle, Ga., lasl
ek, ami who is still a'
large, is having fun wilh ihc officers
of the Georgia penitentiary. Ovei hln
own signature, ihc high win man
boasts thai when ho secured a transfer a few weeks ago from the road.*.
of Newton county to the state farm,
on the plea that In was seriously ill,
he was only carrying oui a plan to
escape. Chairman Robert E. Davidson of the Georgia Prison Commission lias received a caul In "Oltl
Hill's" own handwriting rending:
"My Dear Sir: I write to thank
you for your kindness In putting me
at Milledgeville. My dear sir, do not
trust a prisoner, no matter how si"k
he Is or makes out ho Is." Yours
truly, H. Miner."
The card was dateil October 17th
and bore the postmark of n railroad
post-nll.ee in Georgia state. Ihi
Southern Express Company and I In
Southern Railroad, have offered largi
rewards for Old Oil's capture. Old
Hill cached a lot of the money ho secured when he held up lire Southern
Railway train, ai.d it is believed he
has secured the treasure and is beaded for the far north-west, where he
formerly operated. ,
Public School Trustees
The eight annual convention ol the
11. ('. Association nl Publie School
Trustees assembles in Aberdeen
.School UniMing, Vancouver, on November 8th, 91h, anil 10th.
The program lor the occasion is a
very comprehensive one anil Trails as
loJows :—
Opening session: n.30 A.M.—Ap-
pnintment ol Credential, Auditing anil
llcsolirtior. Ccmmittcs.
Address ol welcome.   Mayor ol the
City ol Vancouver,    President ol tbc
Board ol Trade, President ol the Wi
men's Council and    other prominent
11.00 A.M. President's Address.
"The needs ol Rural Schols." W
E. Buckingham, Chairman ol the
Richmond School Board, Kbtlrnr.
Afternoon Session : 2.00 P.M. "The
cliect ol hand and eye training on industry.'' John Kyle, A.R.O.A., Pro
vincial Normal School.
.1.00 P.M. "The Socialization ol
Kilucation Work."
.1. McCaig, B.A..I.L.B. Superintend
ent ol Schools, Edmonton, Alta.
1.00 P.M. "The School and Vocational Education."
lien W. lohnson, Seattle, Director
ol Industrial Education.
Evening Session : 8.00 P.M. (1)
Address: Mr. Maxwell Smith. Subject: "Patriotism."
Address: Ben W.  .lohnson, Seattle.
Subject: "A Day at Tuskegce, the
Industrial Schcil ot Booker T. Washington.
Address: .ludge P. W. Hcway, New
Sight-Seeing:     North     Vancouver,
South Vancouver, Stanley Park.
P.M.   Social Evening.
'ime, 'nun 15' years of age
were determined to save three car
fares a week, and to pay the 15 cents
thus siued every week until he was
HO to (he Canadian Government fur
the purchase uf an Annuity, Uie result of his thrift would be Ihat Irom
and after 111) he would receive $35.18
every :i months so long as he lived,
ur he died before he was fill nil that
he had paid in wilh throe per cenl
compound interest w
In Lis heirs, and if lie
his first instalment
ilue liis heirs would
A postcard scl
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Muiiey to loan on favorable teriue.
uf Canadian Gi
, Ottawa, giiini
Unlay, will Becur
lu uhnt an Ar.ui
ibl ho refunded
lied jusi boloro
ul Annuity fell
inherit »771.7ii.
llie Superintend-
ii-riiinenl  Al.nuit-
>mir age      last
iun Information
m iv,l! cost.
Girl wanted for general housework.
.V.iply   Mrs. E, II. Patmore,       -ll-tl
Don't trifle witli a oold is good advice fur prudent men nnd women, ll
limy he vital iu case uf a Child.
There is nothing hotter than Chnni-
Irrlain's Cotlgtl Remedy for ciuiglis
and colds iu children. It is safe ami
sure.    Eur sale by all dealers. 10-11
BOWEL  disorders   quickly  cured bv
At all dealers,   2"i cents per box, or
Tho Fig Pill Co., St. Thomas, Ont.
Sold and    recommended      by   Tho
Cranbrook Ding and ltook Co., I,til
tlie creditors of tin* above Darned
Company are required on nr before
the UNtli day of November next to
send their names und addresses ami
particulars of their debts or claims,
and the names and addresses uf theh
solicitors (if any- to Oeorgo Manner
.Johnson of us, New Broad Street,
London, England, the Iin,-
uitlator of the said
Company, and if s.- required, hy no
lice in writing from the said Liquidator, are personally or by their solicitors tn come in ai.d prove their
said debts or claims at such time and
place as shall he specified in such
Notice; or in defan'.t thereof they
will he excluded from the benefit of
any distribution made before sucl:
debts or claims are proved.
Dated this 5th day ol October, 1911.
Geo. II. Johnson.
Morning Session : 9.80 A.M. "Modern Schools as 1 have seen Ihem,"
Illustrated by StereoptlOon Views.
lfl.80 AM "Physiolucical Dcvel-
upment in Childhood."
Miss Alice Itavcnhill. chrachvcalHe.
shawnifjan l.ake, B.O.
11.30 A.M.    Medical Inspection.
Fred IV. nrydon-lark, H.D., Medi
oal Supervisor ol Vancouver City
Atternoon Session : 2 00 I'M "Tcn-
dcnclcs ol Modern Education '
W. I*. Argue, D.A., Superintendent
ul Vancouver City Schools.
.1.00 P.M.   Addresses.
Premier Mcllride, llonl ll. E
Younu, MD. LI..P , Minister ol IMu-
Reports ol Committee*. Election
ol Officers and arrangements for nest
Evening Session : 8 00 P.M. Address: Reverend W. H. Gance, M.A..
Principal ol Latimer Hall.
"Tho Weakness ot "ur Educalianal
Address: Mr.   I. IteCtlf, B.A., LL-
II., Edmonton.
Education, "The Measure of lhe
City System."
0.30 A.M.   Rwolutloni,   I'liflnlsbcd
10.30   A.M. Visiting City Schools
^j(rr7*(jj/,//J//ef-JJ W/ir?r
The Leitiliut,' Business College'
of the N'ortliweat
Where young people can receive
a tlmroiirrh business training. |
Ia in session twelve months in
the year.
Nu entrance examination*.
Uuiitd and iimiiii ai very reasonable rates.
We secure poritiona fur our
Our new lieantifully Illustrated
catalogue sent lice upon reqnest.
Write for ll NOW!
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
lst .t Madison    -     BPOKANK
1 The Ad. Tint's Worth
I A Dollar to You
"j may lie in this issue   niul u il
^ search of  one minute  mny
ja reveal it to you !
f]     I If course it limy Im- that 1
p! then; ure u.la. printed to-day I
Ej llinl lire worlil ii niKal many 1
i dollars lo yon.   Hut Itongnl l
S to la-
Easy To Find
Ian ad. worth ONE DOLLAB I
Make the Search
ns an experiment
very cure and
A  home from
ly,  Hln
I'.il. llol
i*  moderate
. BHNT, M.lrun.
Physician*} and Surgeons
iltle. .t Kr.ide.i-.,  Armstrong ..a
Cranbrook    Lodge,
No. 84
A.P.  & A.  U.
Rogular meeting, od
llie third Tl.ur.day
of orery month.
brethren welcomed.
C. Shankland, W.M.
Vi. Connolly, Secretary.
Obesoent Lodge No. 3D
Cranhrook, 11. C.
Meet,   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m. al
Fraternity Hall.
T. (i. .lones, C. ('.
.1. M. lluws.lv. i,l I',   N   S
Visiting brethren   cordially
to attend.
Piirenouns -
Atlerrjiions - •
Evenings - - -
Sundars - - -
- - 0 00 to I" "U
- - 2.110 to   4 00
- - 7.30 to   8 30
a sii to  4.1
H, 0
l)R. F. li. MILES
S to 12 a.m.
1 to   8 p ui.
7 to   8 ;i in.
nfliiv In new Held lll.n-k
'IIANIIIIIIOK -        -        - I
Oranbrook nml l-\
irl Steele
I    .1. G. CUMMINGS
\ T.i0ko0Hs" Cranbrook. B.C.
B.   C.   and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK     -      B. C.
ilsl for lalcros LIIHIt H.tTH
For family ime there :- tiotliin-f
M) wholfitome an*I  S')  pure at>
.  H.  Il-.t'r. Funcrtl DirKtor
Cnribroo- ft. C
Cranbrook Collate Hospital
Terms on Application,
Phono 2.7.1 .Matron.
I'. •). Hus 81",   Armstrong Aw
Dr. H. li. Hall, D.D.S.
Crown nml Ilriilu*- W..rk
n sperialty.
Phone Xo. 200    Armatrang Avi
Cranbrook, B.O.
Si2jaBas:asi.;:-as:Si'::^::.a::'.. USB u
Van Hume Blreel    [oppottla  llei-..
WATER SO'i'lci:
I, William Crowslon. ot Cattle-jar,
11.C, by Occupation a farmer.      jiive
tlec that I intend un Ihe seveiiili
day ol Novcmlier next, at eleven
ii'i'ltek in Ihe forennoii, to apply t.i
the Water Commissiuner at his ollioe
as Cranbrook fur a lirenso to take
ai.d use one-hall a eiibic feet of water per second Irom Little Hull Itiver.
The water will he used on sulnlivi-
sinu II ot let 113, primp MM, tnd
the polnl ol diversion is near where
Little Hull River rrosses^hc boundary lielween lot mo and sub-division
ll, blink lit, group „ne, Kootenai
William Crowiton.
Dated this  aoih day i.i Beptentwr, 'tion.
1011. 10 St .on, 11
Otrritfl a (nil itoeh of
Repair! fur nl»»ve nlwaya
fn atcck
I. Ill Fraternity Hall Kirrt in.
Third Frldavs
T   fraaer, E  C
M MacKinnon, M R ami C.
lulling sisters cordially united.
1.0.O.K., KEY CITV L01IUK, No. 41
Ueetl every Munday
night at   New Fraternity   Hall.    Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
\   Ferguatoi «. M. Harris.
•**'■ O. SM'y.
1 0.0 K
Meeta fust and    third Wednesdays
in eaeli month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
iiMiinj; brothers.
Officers July 1st to December 31st-
C   I'.-H   Clayton.
Scnto-W. M.  Harris.
No. 10.
Meet, every .rcond and   fourth Wed-
ne«d.y at  Fr.ternlty Hall.
Sojourning    Hetiek.b.   cordially Invited.
Mi-^ Ada IIIcieribolhtra.N Q.
Miss M   H:cke;,iiothani, Sec.
M'f.j in Carrcec's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each mutith »t •
: ::.   s);arp.
Wm. Andersoo, Chiel Raeger.
L. Bent. Secretarr
Visiting brethren made welonm..
Meets in Carmen's Hall first eed
third Thursday of each month et
• p.m. .harp.
Mrs   Lulu ll.ya-ard,  lice. Sec.
H   B   M Farfane. Chief Hanger.
Vlsittee tre-.trtr. made welcome.
** Presbyierian Church: |
.s.:.!«,. morning aexvit* at 11
o'clock ' '
Sjcd.y   evening
7.30 o'clock
Sunday      Schoul   and     Dit.1.
I la., at 3 o clock
Presbyterian    (luild.  Tuesday, J ;
at I o'clixk i i
:Baptist Church'-
♦                 •
X I'as-.i.r, 11   S. Speller.
* Par.rm.|n. Horharf Avenu..
'Phone, 2SI       P. O.  Bol 167.' '
Regotat Strvice. — Sunday, 11
am.     and    7.30   p.m.,   Bible < >
'. School     with     Voung   l_dl«o' i i
Phlletbr.    and     Young   Men'.
Bible Cl.ia, 3 pm.
Monday,    Vuur.g People!*,   I
i P m.
Wednt.d.y. Mid-Week M—ting.
A  cordial i'|;r.atl.r.  welonme
to ell.
President i T. **. «.in.
-e.rel.iy: t, M.cr. s.iu
For nif.irii.ali.'ii regerdlng land.
and   agrieiilluie   apply    to the
M*eiet.ry, Cr»,ihi*«k. H. C.
i:,,,i.,i I ffodaeode}
AND CHEMIST-Cliarges: Oold.
silver, copper and lead, 11 earh,
guld silver, II Mi. silver lead, II Mi
gnld-sllver, with copper or lead,
13 SO; line, I], silver lead-rlne, 13
Prieea fm ulher metal, on appllra
P. O. Iins CD., DOS, Nel
C. lltf
t,r,i ti** -'i-
Cl-fMI tal
■ '«■].    .-T   ■'   i nie»
■-. fi>* *t-tiiPf »i
,. , ,. i*   i   r- mil' Ire-
MwriS'-K • ■ '
Scientific flmcricaii.
all mmMI
Co,i«i».«s«,. Im Tort
T,."i. Skmm r... w,.i.iSi«.. ii t TUB   U It AN BROOK    HERALD
By the Herald   Publishing Company,
K.  J. Deane, Manaiting Editor.
CRANBROOK, B. C, October 26.1911
it is with very great satislactiou
that we are able to nntii unco nirtho-
rilalivcly lliis week Uml il is llie in-
lenlion uf the proprietor! ol llie
Hotel Cranbrook to erect', al an early
date, a large,    liandscme brick   and
-sll  Itil.lili herein.    Al   Ihe pii-
seni writing we are unable to give
any details ns to the size or
plan of the proposed addition lo tho
huiel accomodation uf ibe city, those
points nul having, as yet, been lief-
Inetly dechlod upon, bet wo bine lhe
assurance ol Mr V Huh- llakor,
that il is the Intention ol Ins nssii
eiales and liiins.-ll to proceed early
next spring with the erection ol bucIi
an addition lo lhe Hotel Cranbrook
as will moot tlie roqiiiremonta ol the
eit\ in llle wai ol a firsl class imsl
Por si me! line past il has been
quite obviiins that additional hotel
accomodation was urgently needed.
As things are loday every hotel is
crowded, apnrl altogether Irom any
speeial inrush ol visitors, such as
lias overtaxed ihe hotel accomodation
of ihe city lliis week. Without ample
Iirsl class hotel accomodation llu1
eily is liiilllui In Buffer in tho
evis of visitors, ami it may he thai
potential investors are turned awni
dissatisfied, win n unable to seeuri
comfortable accomodation. Cran
brook has good reason lu he proud ol
such hotel     ilieul Illlii'li    .is il pus
sesses. No town i'l Uu- province cai
boast of better kejit or conducted
bostolrles ihan Cranbrook, bul thi
u.vii. Is rapidly oulgrowing existing
iniunuH.'aiiun niul II"- need is very
pirciil fur a     really flrsl class, up to
date, hotel, such ns we may li.uk lur.
when Mr. linker and     bis associates
complete their plans and proceed with
building operations.
Another matter affecting lhe welfare and prosperity nf our eily, which
was strongly Impressed upon the
Herald this week by several oi Ibe
distinguished visitnrs who have been
in Cranbrook during tlie pasl few
days, was the condition nt mir main
sir.vis nml sidewalks One gentleman,
willi a wide and varied experience iu business and public altairs,
look occasion in impress upon the
editor, what he deemed In lie Cran
hrni k's greatesl need. In course nf
a chat concerning the presenl and
future outlook for Cranbrook, he
remarked:—"Whal mu should do Is
to advocate strongly and corrstanll)
the urgcnl necessity of ynur city
lathers grappling with the good mads
and sidewalks problem. Take a look
your principal streets. Any stronger
coming in In town would be apt In
conclude off-hand, ihal Cranbrook was
a "has-liccn". Nowadays modern
street inakiim is uni a very cosily
undertaking, anil with ynur undoubted resources, ynur substantial public
and business edifices and Ibe manifest
enterprise nf ymir merchants, there is
absolutely no juslilicutioi. lor ynur
not embarking upon an acl ive policy
nl modern street and sidewalk building. Nothing would tin mure to establish ynur eily in He- confidence nf
the Investing public Your principal
slrccls and sidewalks shniilil be at-
tOttded In at mice "
We Ibink lhe lorogolng frank opinion ol n well wisher nl Cranbrook
and a man throughly versed In'clvic
proKcms, should be taken In hear I
and acted . upon.   The     presenl  eily
Znm-Buk lias healed it '
Mis, Wilson, IHI Witksoii Ay
Toronto, says: "About four years a
a sore spcl n|i|iean-il mi llu- ii*1
side of my face. This spot inoreas
in sue until it became almit half
inch in diameter ai.d very paint
I went to a doctor, but the oln'tmc
he Have mo did not have any sootl
effect. The sore continued tot"
ehnrgo freely, and was most pain]
I bad it c.uuseri/.pd, tried poiiltit
autl all kinds of salves, but it was i
good, and 1 continued to sutler fn
t four years!
"A sample of '/am Huk was one tl
given In me, niul I used il. Altbou
ilu- (juantiiy was so small, it seemed
hi il.i nn* some good, so 1 purchased
a further supply.
"Kiwli box ilid me more ai.d more
goml, and, lo my delight, before I bad
been using /.ani-Huk three weeks, 1
saw llial il was going i" lical Uu'
suit'.   Ii. less   Ihan a   month II was
•I   know   a lady in  tbc cast   uf tli;*
city, whose husband sufferer. lot
ears with an open suit on bis leg.
in in\ ii'i'umiueii'l.itinii, Xam-ltuk
was tried ii. tbal case. The other
day, when I saw her, she lold mc
thai ii bail healed the sou* couipl.t-
"My daughter, wlm lives in Loth-
bridge, Alia., has also used Zam-Buk
wiib the same satisfactory result. 1
think it is, lieyond all doubt, tin
flues! heating balm known."
■ Such is lhe opini t all person:
who havw really tried Zam-Buk. It
is a sure cure for eczema, piles alts
tesscs, ulcers, seiifp sores, ringworm
cuts, burns, scalds, bruises, niul al
skin injuries and diseases. 50c, hox
all druggists and stores, or jmst [let
from Zaui-Hul. Co., Toronto, for pri
iv. Iii case of skin disease use nis*
Zam-Buk Soap, 25c tablet.
mincil have their hands full with 'he
•w sewrage system, hui next year's
uincfl should bt* chosen witb a view
lainly to the early undertaking of
lliese needed Improvements.
In directing the attention of llu
Imard of trade last week to the ur
i-ncy of Impressing upon the provln-
lal government the necessity of con
strut-ting a good wagon road be
tween Ihis city ami Gateway, w,
oveitooked another important piece o
road work which should certainly re
c ive attention during ihe coming
spring. Now that active operations
are underway on ihe quartz claims
above the hydraulic workings on
I'erry Creek, it is essential that ill
1 i-ii-y Creek wag« n road should hi
extended a distance of some flvi
miles. It would In1 well for tin
board of Hade to include this pleo
(,' work in their rcceiniiiendalioi.s to
ibe minister of public works.
Those money-back
Lots we are selling
Your money back,
together with 6 per
cent, interest, any
time  you  wish  it.
Come in and talk
it    over   with   us
Norbury Avenue, near Audi-     £']
torlumTlioatio g
I ffl
Sundays— Low mass ut 8.30 a.m.
nigh mass, 10..30 a.m.; Sunday scl it m
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Bene
motion at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ot obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at 6 a.m. at the
Father Plamondon,
Pariah prltst
The services Sunday morning and
evening will be in keeping witli the
thanksgiving season and holiday.
Morning at 11 a.m.; evening at 7.30
p.m. The Bible school at 3 p.m.
has for Its lesson Psalm 85. Come,
and prepare for a true enjoyment of
ynni* thanksgiving holiday, Tin* musi
t-al services will Ih- in kccpif.g wiib
the tlav.
(Special correspondence)
Policeman Egglcshaw spent par'* <»'
last  Week ou a business trip In Kort
Steele Junction
Mrs Murray, who lias spent several
weeks wiih friends in Spokane, returned lasi Wednesday afternoon, Mr.
ami Mrs. Muriay are now cotnfntt
ably settled iu their new  residence on
River street, •
Mr. H.C.O. Adney was in Ciau-
brook last Wnlncsiiay on business.
Mrs. Louis Larson spent last
Thursday m  Cranbrook with friends,
Mr. -lumicsoii, of Victoria, renewed
old acquaintances in Wardner this
While working near a licit tn lhe
mill, a few (toys ago* Mr. C. II.
Smith, became entangled with the
belt which became loose and had his
fa<e badly CUt, Ho ts at present
nursing some very severe wounds.
Mr. Pred Audett left last Thursday to spend some time with friends
in   and near St. Paul.
The Wanlner fire brigade was called
to Mr. Sam Ilollis' residence in
South Wardncr last Wednesday   ami
■ere successful in extinguishing    the
ami's   before  any   serious    -damage
,as done. It is not known how
lho bn- was started.
Mr Pie, of Cranbrook, wns here
viib friends last Wednesday,
Mr ibiyfoot, of Georgetown, Out.,
spent Thursihiv nf last week wtlh
Wardncr friends.
Everyone is going to the mas-
i|UciuuV tu tbe Library hall next
Tuesday night, October 31st. A
large number of the young people
have secured splendid masks and a
good time is expected. All are cordially invited.
Mr. Bradley, of Willson Bros.,
grocers, Victoria, made his last trip
over the Crows Nest this week, calling on old friends here, lie has secured a position iu Craubrook and
will settle his family Ihere in a lew
Mr. .las. Downey, photographer,
was in Calloway last week ou business in con lice Hon with his profes-
Mr. I.ut/, of Montreal, was doing
nisiiiess in town last'Monday,
Mr S. ('. Smith s-pei.t a few days
of lasi week in Calgary on business.
Mr autl Mrs. Sam Ilollis left this
week for their old home in Novn
Scot-iii. The wesl has its charms
or some, hut nol for the Mollis tain-
Mrs [lillu- Kiuliiee, accompniilcd by
her mother,   Mrs. Stewart, and    her
sier-iu law, arrived iu town last
Stmiliu afternoon  from Slocan City
A young man named Cody had tho
misfortune lo break bis leg un Monilay morning of this week, lie was
taken to Cranbrook hospital by Dr.
Oreen, who happened to lie here at
the time.
A little daughter was horn on
Monday morning, October 23rd, ai
the home of Mr. ami Mrs. Fred
Speaker. Al the time of writing
Mrs. Speaker is iu a very weak condition. Her mai.y friends hope to
lii-.tr ,f a speedy recovery. Dr. Oreen
is in attendance.
Mr. Mnl/, of tin* Kernic Brewing
company, was doing business hero
last  Momlay.
Tbe members of the congregation ol
St. Andrew's church were pleased to
see the choir in their places again
last Sunday evening. Rev. Stephens
solos were very much appreciated by
all present.
A few of the young friends of Miss
Lucy Sheppard were Invited lo sfjientl
Monilay evening of this week with
her at her Ik me, to celebrate her
Mr. Wm. Mauielly aud Lis gang of
men are busy these days repairing
the governmei.t traffic bridge across
the Kcotcnay at this point.
Miss Verna Embrcc, ol Wardner,
was married on Monday October
23rd at Slocan City. Her friends
her,, extend heartiest congratulations'
Last Thursday evening a few minutes More six o'clock, two Englishmen, u,uite .badly intoxicated
were walking across the C.P.R.
bridge when one of them tripped ami
It'll to the rocks and driftwood below Some women living near tbo
bridge saw him fall and ran to tell
iln- uit-r. working on the log pond.
They quickly left their work and
went to liis assistance only to lind
that bis skull was badly crushed. I It-
was brought to the police headquarters, where Policeman Egglcshaw attended to bis injuries as best
he could. He was taken to the depot, where he was put on the Spokane train ami taken to the St. Ku-
gene hospital at Cranhrook. Latest
reports are that he cannot live, litis said to have a wife and child in
Messrs. Larson and Yeary Ir-rt this
week im a hunting tour up tin* Kootenay, about fourteen miles. They
will tu*  away several days.
Mr. P. I.niul is spend mir; a few
days of this week with friends in
(Special correspondence)
There is nu inllux td men going up
lhe river to the C.P.It. camps f< r the
winter. The wagon road is completed to Donley's slide and two new
amps are being opened up several
nies beyond there,
Herman Sehul/, of Madison, Wis.,
It. /.cruel, of Ilumbird, Wis., and C
A. lleckmastci, cf Canton, sit, directors of the company are here, bent engaged with the other directors
lu closing up mutters pertaining lo
the past \ear's work.
(lei*. I: Henderson and Herman
Silnl/ went tn Calgary last Monday
in business.
End Townsend* who is un tin-
Douglas ranch, is engaged, with the
help of a   number nf Indians, in bar
si nni lifti-en acres ol potatoes They
re a line quality, and will run
about four tons to the acre. Tlie
,i lias bCCT. purchased Ity th.-
C.P.R. company   lor their tie camps.
I*!. C. Benedict has moved his
store, and restaurant buildings and
erected them at the new town of
Bull River, where he will engage in
the mercantile business. We wish
him success.
(Special correspondence)
A hard times dance will tn* held in
Old   Waldo ball on Tuesday   evening,
October 31st.
Ottawa, Oct. 88.—A. c Bell ol
New Glasgow, a former M. P., aud
A (' I.ariviere, also an ex-.M. P., of
St. Boniface, Man , have It-ven called
to ihe senate.
Select Stationery
We have just received something
new in up-to-date writing material.
It makes no difference whether you
want Linen or Bond in Papeteries or
Tablets. Nothing can please the recipient of your letter more than a
well selected note paper from OUR
STORE.    We have the best.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co., Ltd.
P. S. Ask for your prescription anil briny it to us.
We know our business thoroughly uml use only
tlie purest drags.
roasted in Hit*
oven of a
Canada B
will be
& CD.
('mill-rook. B.O,
Electric Restorer for Men
'"lOSphonol restores every nerve in the body
 _______ tn its proper tension; test, ires
vi ,i iiii'l vitality. I'rematun* derav nnd all ucxunl
weakness averted at once. Phnphonol vill
matte ■.■•ii a new man. Htice tilt box. or two fnr
U, Mailed toanyaddreM, TheSoowllDrug
»:<i„ St. tuthai Iii-m, Out,
■Por Sale at    Beattie-Milrpity & Co,
The In nl lodge .-I tin- International  BRITISH     COLUMBIA    COURTS
Hiiiiiiriinn.il ui Maintenance ol Way
Kmployces l.ns been reorganised niul
has elected olUccn Im tlie dialling
vent n« follows; I'nsl grand, A.
Porter, president, O. Nichols, vice-
president, .1. Mom; smrciury-trcas-
Tliat women air not rulilli-il In
ink,- cnuntnatior.8 to prsclfco law in
British Columbia In tlie decision ol
.inilur Morrison luuulnl down this
iin-r It liow.-t. Journal agent, .1. P, week. Miss Mabel Ponnory-Francli,
Leslie, chaplain, A. Sutherland; eon- " barrister ol the province ot New
doctor, li. Swansea, warden; I. Kemp Brunswick, applied to be uiliuit ted tu
iiiuu sentinel, T. Laeey; niter sent- Hie practice in ihis province, hut the
imi, P. Morrn, grievance committer, benches' association reluseil to allow
(trackmen) U. Ni'lsnn, chairman, V.,her the privilege. She applied (or a
Olson, .1. Morro. Delegate Denccker writ ol momdainus, bul the judge
who attended the Calgary convention, held that lie could not grant her np-
ol the Trades and Labor enngress ol plication
Canada, was present al tho meeting
■mil made a report ol the priirccdings.
Sir William White Guest
of Western Officials
WINNIPEG, Oct.2o.-8ir W,
Whyte, retiring vice-president of
the Canadian Pacific, wus the guest
of honor yesterday ut the Royal
Alexandra hotel, at u banquet tendered by tlie western Officials of tlie
roud. over 12.") being in attendance,
including niso nboul -10 former
offieials uf tlie road.
Sir William Wliyte was the recipient of a splendid silver service, including a monster silver
punch bowl, The health of the
guest of honor was proposed by
bis successor, George Bury, and
the presentation address WIIB delivered by F. W. Peters. The reply of Sir William Whyte was
brief, characteristic and full of
feeling, telling of pleasant relations
that always existed between his
relitations und himself. Among
those present were:
A, Price, thegeneral superintendent at Calgary j F. K. Bustefld,
general superintendent nt Vancouver, and J. J. Scully, general superintendent at Moose .taw; 11. \V.
Brodie, Vancouver; George K.
(indium, superintendent at Vancouver; R. A. Pyne, master mechanic nt Calgary; W. O. Miller.sup-
erintendant at Nelson; R. W. Drew
divisional freight agent, Nelson;
W. .1. Wells, district passenger
agent ut Nelson; dipt. J. C. Gore.
su]>oriutcudoiit of the Inland Lake
and River Service, Nelson; W. A.
Speers fuel agent. Vancouver; O.
8. MeHnrg. superintendent at Calgary; W. 3. I'ren, superintendent
at Cranbrook.
You are not experimenting on your-
stitches   means    Disordered Kidneys,
Cough Remedy    (or    u cold as thai
preparation   has won Its great rrput-
says ation and    extensive    sale by      its
As- remarkable   cures ol colds, and    can
tbc always be depended   upon.    It I. ei|
The       London       Express
lhal Prime Minister
ruiith is   ti-    la- elevaled    to
l»vraR, lirliue thcopcninK ol lhe 11)12 ually valuable lor adults and children
session nl parliament nnd that Lloyd and may be given to young children
Ocorgc, now chancellor ol the «x- with implicit confidence as It eon-
cheqiicr, is In la-come    Ih. lesser ol tains ■• harmful drug.   Hold by    sll
Uh* Mouse ,.i Cniiim.iia
MONTREAL,Feb. 25. -There
is strong liklihood that Hon. Air.
Monk, the new Minister of Public
Works will be opposiil ut his bye-
olection In Jacques 1'artier, None
uf the Liberals in authority there
will tllsougs lhe mutter, beyond admitting tliat the mutter is under
discussion, but the feeling is pre*
miaul in llie constituency that Mr.
Monk hus n lot to explain before
he eon fairly ask for eleetiim by
He run his election mi nu antl-
navy cry, and wns elected, Now
be appears us a member of a presumably pro-navy government
The case is very different, his constituents believe and they think
tliey have a right to know whether
ho or Mr. Borden has changed
policy on this important question.
Cut Flowers:: Plants:;
B. II. STANLEY, Manager
, Representing a Company operat-
, im* 4*> OflQ m| fi't't nf glaea.arepie-
, pit r ! t.i pnpply imv amount of
, (TT KLoWKHS un a few hoiire
at Kllby's, ll. Armstrong Avenue
[Next Prospector Office)
House Plants, Seeds and Bulbs!!
At lJ-'nt-onal'lt* Prices
Now if tin* time In plant   liulba
for Spring Floweilng
Mi-Kay   .*:   Jacrbon
Arrange to meet your
friends here
"sandwiches a Specially    ;;
Tenders will be received by the
Secretary up to IH o'clock Saturday. Oct. 28th. l'.lll, for the leasing
term of one year, commencing
Nov. 15th, lllll. The lowest or
any tender not necessarily accepted. Terms and conditions may
bo hud on application to the secretary, I'l. H. Mel'hee. 42-2t
lu llir matter of an opnlloatlaa
Im llir issue ut a duplicate certificate "I tiih- in lul m. block I,
Town nf Fori Steele, Map Oil
Notico Is hereby Riven Ihnl li is
my intention In issue nt tin1 expiration nf or.o month nHor Uu- flrsl
publication hereol n ihipllonlo nf tho
ccrtlllcalo ul till.* in lho above-
mentioned Inl in tlm iinuie nl
Thomas 0, Armstrong, which certificate is dated llu- UUi day uf April,
mm, ami numbered 8063K.
Snm'l It. line,
District Registrar,
Nelson, III'. Ill It
Good lliishinen. Sawyers,
Swampers, etc, from $2 (Kl to
,$2,75 per day.
Teamster, Jilo.flO to 14.0,00
per month.
Board 75 cents per day.
Apply -
Hlairniiire, Alta. THE    CUAN BROOK    IIEBAID
L   *    **^*^*Hk*^*^fe^**Mw
Harmony Rose Glycerine Soap
Is the soap without a peer. It is fine
for hard water, delightful for the toilet
or bath, and unexcelled for the complexion. Try a cake and if you are not
Thut iu the way all llexall goods are sold. Don't
aeeepl inferior substitutes and remember you
can only buy lliis simp in ono store in each lown,
namely, thu lending drug store, which you will
invariably lied is lhe
™e .1texq£& Store
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
Call, 'phono or wrile for a cake of Ihis simp and
* be happy and satistied
(Jot iii touch with
Wilson if you want good
Diamond values. We have
mi exceptionally large assortment, of perfect stones,
and we'll mount in any
style of setting you take
a fancy to.
rhapmaii repairs furniture,
W. M. Pn st was in town from
Spokane on Sunday.
E. L. Chudlcign, formerly acting
superintendent hero, passed through
town on Tuesday,
On Saturday only, Salada Tea
3 lbs. for $1.00. East Kootenay
Produce and Provision House.
Winter is comir.-g, Don't mt-** oui
blanket stle.—Fink Mercantile Co
Oeo II riavlc, ot Nelson, is at
lending tin' session ol Ibe supreme
court, as oflli ni itenograptier.
"Trade where the tradings fjood/
Select your Heater now while our
stock is complete. Compare values
before    vou     nuV* Wc
be SaisMieJ with the result,
more Bros.   The Stove Men.
Mrs. (Judge) Wilson ami family returned id lown last week end tu take
up residence during the winter
French peas ii fur $1.00 nn Saturday nit E.K.P. & V. House.
Monday next, October 30th, has
been proclaimed as Thanksgiving Day,
anil will be observed as a public hoX-
iilay throughout the Dominion.
Chapman upholsters furniture.
Mrs. R. T. Brymncr and child returned home on .Sunday. Mr. Brymncr
met them at Moose Jaw mid came
home with them. *
Flour! Flour! Pride of The
West is one of the finest flours
milled today in the whole Dominion. The quality is unsurpassed. On Friday and Saturday only, our special price is
per 100 lbs. $3.25 at East Kootenay Produce and Provision)
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" Mor.arch Matliable" gives you
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Thou to give satisfaction.
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must make it worth your
Jeweler* »nd Optlcl.ns
A. ]■; Walls w
j burg on Tuesday
bermen's meeting,
big reclamation
just at presenl, li
acres of flrst-clai
brought under cult
aid will have
this eiilerpris
a iu   Irom WuU
i attend llie hm
Mi    Walts has
chemc   underws
which some E
land wil!
ation.    The II
further particulars
in an earlv issue.
Vi. A Anstie. secretary of the
Mountain Lumbermen's association,
was a welcome visitor in town this
week  from Calgary.
Blanket sale is on until the end  cf
the month at  Kink's.
K     w. Adolpbe, the Baynes  Lake
lumberman*,    was in town this week,
accompanied    bj his   brother, 11   l
\dolphc, ol Brandon, Man.
chased three teams of heavy work
horses for Leask and .lohnson front
Ptigh and Livingstone.
Heaters, Stoves, Ranges, at
prices that defy competition. East
Kootenay Produce and Provision
The little daughter of Vic. Dcsaul-
nlers, of Movie, was brought into the
St. Eugene hospital, suffering from
the effects of a severe scalding this
week. The little one Is doing as well
as ean be expected.
Free demonstration ot Cowan's
cocoa, chocolate and icing, Everybody welcome.—Campbell and    Man,
F. It. I'ciinefather, c! the C.P.R.
staff at Cranbrook, is in the city,
making tlie limit arrangements for
the removal of his family to their
new home in Cranbrook.—Lethbridge
Tliere is nothing in the furniture
line Chapman can't repair.
'Trade where the tradings'good-"
Our values in Heaters this season
are better than ever. Wood Heaters from $2.75 to $16.50. Coal
Heaters from $5.75 up. THE Mc-
CLARY LINE Patmore Bros.
The Stove Men. I
A. McLean, contractor, of Fernie,
has been awarded the contract for
the credit n of a public school at
Wanlner tn cost $3300. A. J. Watson, also of Fernie. has been awarded
the contract for the erection of a
school building at Edith Lake, to
■ost $.1850.
Those S. E. Calgary lots are going
fast. If you want one speak quick —
Chapman's Agency,   exclusive agents.
Lame hack js ime of the mosl common forms or muscular rheumatism.
A few applications of Chamberlain b
Liniment will gi?e relief. For sale hy
all dealers. 40 if
Every young man in Cranbrro-t
is especially invited to come and
have supper at the Home Cookery
Sale on Armstrong Avenue on Saturday Oct. 28th. Don't forget the
place C. C. S Furniture Store on
Armstrong Avenue.
A proposition Is on fool to bring
together all the Industrial commit*
sioners und secretaries of lho boards
of Irade, west ol Uie 'ileal Lakes a|
a congress to he held in Winnipeg
during the month of •January, 1013.
Tbe deliberations ol the congress wil,
last three days and will n- concerned
with some of the big problems which
confront the boards of trade and in'
dustri;l commissions, It is Intended
to formulate a scheme for closer cooperation '>f the various hoards nf
trade iu the work of development ii
Western Canada.
The "Easy Washer," the machini
that saves labor and dues not tear tin
clothes and the price is as easy j|S
the washer.—E.K.P. & p. House.
t lull ray r
Come and get  something  good
for vour Thanksgiving Dinner, at
the Home Cooking Sale. Armstrong
... I Avenue   on Saturday   afternoon.
p'lU I Oct. 28th.   Don't forget the place.
a    'CCS. FurnitureStore.Armstrong
\   Eatey, a well known lumberman,
Paul Cranbrook s visit this week  lb*
tame jn from Hidden.
Choice pie
-Campbell .
ll II Shi
contract toi
rabapples . heap
ii has hen. swarded Uie
painting tin*   new oHj
Mi. .Justice Clement, who is presiding at the session ot the supreme
court, is ,i guest al tho Hotel Cranbrook,
CTiotoe Hyslop
id Harris
tah.ipples at Ward
.i    w   Rutherford,
returned in ni   Dorr,
v s .
whe I.
We Have Bought
Out the Interests in this town of
The Taylor Milling & Elevator Co.
nml ahull In. plena
wlm were dealing
rccoivQ Hi.1 dAtronogQ nf nil
lho nliuvu Company.
lly Acquiring lli.' above promise) we feel tlmt we
nre in n position to meet the wimta of our pntrons
nt u bettor priee Iiiuu heretofore.
We enn promise you prompt nml ellieient service.
Let us supply your needs in FLOUR nnd FEED,
Flour, Teed, Poultry Supplies, Carriages, Saddlery,
I lol house
lettuce at Ward      antl
Lewis Stoikctt. superintendent of
tlk* Hosmcr colliery* was in town on
Sunday. Seen lit* the Herald in reference to llu* strike, Mr. Stoi-kett
could throw' no new light on the
situation. lie saitl that he had not
the slit-litest idea when the strike
would terminate and did not think
that either side was in any hurry
to bring about a .settlement.
st Charles or Canada first cream
10 for JI 00 on Saturday at E.K.P.
.V P   House.
Q U Wilson, who has lieen working in ami around local sawmills during tlie past two or three years, initials opening up a taxidermist's shop
in premises adjoining Campbell and
Manning's new building on Hai.son
avenue .aliiul November 1st. Mr.
Wilson is a thoroughly experienced
Everybody cone and buy some
of the food cooking* which will bc
on sale by the ladies of the
Methodist Church on Saturday
afternoon from 3 o'clock till 8
o'clock. Come and have supper.
Something good. Nothing sold
before 3 o'clock.
Home made candy 800. per lb. Saturday only at The Pa|m
It is tie intention o! loeal Scotsmen to celebrate St. Andrew's Day,
November SOtti, with a banquet, particulars of which will be given later.
The Craubrook Trading company
have purchased tie warehouse and
stock of the Taylor Milling and
Elevator Co., who are retiring irom
business In this city.
The Empire Heater will stand
the closest Inspection for quality,
finish and price. East Kootenay
Produce and Provision House.
Order your winter supply ot potatoes ami apples now. We nave a
choice stock nf each witb right
prices.*—Campbell and Manning.
Don't miss the chance to have
your supoer at the Home Cookery
Sale on Saturday evening Oct. 18*
Supper will be served from 5.30 p.
m. to 8 o'clock p.m.
Wednesday was a unique day
Baptists all over the west.
Winnipeg tn the coast the day
its earnings was devoted to
cause of Jesus. At nlghl the
meetings took the form of sanctifying
the day's gifts in prayer. And on
.Sunday the gifts will be put into
Special envelopes, provided for the
occasion, and placed upon the
plates. It is confidently expected
that by this means every indebtedness connected with western mission
enterprise will be wiped cut.
Just arrived—Another shipment of
LoWney's chocolates in boxes al The
John MeCal! was broughl Into Elko
on the Great Northern train last Friday morning from Gateway, where
he had both hands severed in a sawmill. The injured man, wlm is an old
timer iu the Kootenay district, was
brought into Cranhrook later iu the
day via the C.P.It-, and laken to the
St. Eugene hospital, where he. is do
ing as well as can be expected undei
the circumstances.
THE season of Thanksgiving is one of the brightest in the year—
when we meet our friends with best wishes and good will to all.
The days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are busy ones in our
store. Many, however, are wisely selecting gifts now and are thereby
enabled to be more al leisure and have lhe larger stock to select from.
There is no store in Ihe city as well equipped to supply suitable gifts
lor Christmas giving as ours.    We have just the right thing for everyone
Interesting Values in New Fall Suits and Coats
choice   Cape Cod cranberries
Ward and Harris.
Tne Herald heartily congratulates
Fred V,. Foster, erstwhile editor of
the Medicine Hat News on his appointment to the office of chief license inspector for. the province of
Alberta, succeeding A. Clancy, of
Edmonton. Mr. Foster has always
been au active citizen, running the
Medicine Hat News for ever twenty
years, being in succession a member
of the school board for three years,
ami a memli-r of the city council for
ten years and two years mayor of
the city. He has been in public life
tor a period ever since the city hns
been incorporated, and was largely
instrumental in the inauguration of
the municipal ownership policy for
public utilities which has been so
conspicuously "successful in Medicine
Hat. In addition it can fairly tie
said of Mr. Foster that ho has always been a live, fair newspaperman.
His brother pen pushers throughout
the west, who know his worth, will
rejoice in his recognition and congratulate Alberta upon securing the
Bervlces ol a good man.
Chapman makes mattresses.
11. lhe police court yesterday morning Oeo. it. Leask appeared to answer to a charge of infraction of a city
bylaw. The charge was that ol
blocking an alleyway with butMIng
material. ' Mr. Leask is erecting the
new building for Campbell and Man
ning en Hanson avenue, and it was
the lumber for this building whieli
bad caused the trouUo. Mr. Leask
was able to show that I.e was nol
responsible for the placing of tho
lumber, and further that he had endeavored in vain to secure permission
from the city engineer to use part of
the alleyway for storage purposes,
owing to that official's absence from
town. Magistrate Ityan accepted
Leask s pleas and dismissed the case,
with the warning that the alleyways
must bv kept clear lot the protection
of firemen, who mlgjht have to use
them at night on a hurry-up fire
We are now equipped tn put rubber
tires on buggies. We do only tho
best work.—Fink  Mercantile Co.
The Edison orchestra gave a dance
on Tuesday night at the Masonic hall
tbat would Im- dillieult to beat. Given
a first-class hardwood floor, up-to-
date, good music, rendered in ported
time ami the resull Is easily foreseen,
lhe only drawback heiiu-i that the slse
tf  tits hall wus Inadequate to     tbe
In wearing our garments ladies
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Orroy, Cardinal,
many styles
X.ivv.   Dark  Green, in
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with fancy Green  Velvet   Collar.    Coat
-tl with Grey Silk; Skirt made plain
Splendid vnluo nt. $28.00
mi superior quality of Vicuna Cloth. The
suit is strictly tailored ami plain throughout, with Sell Collar and Silk Lining,
lixeelleut value at $22.00
Thanksgiving is lhe time to purchase your new hat
This week we are specializing in DRESS HATS You
will find something very pleasing and fashionable it
inspect our display.
II   illlll    IJ.IA.1I    III |  ▼
bat given with-1 J
to join iu, and ' ♦
tnat at     times | i
largo number t f devotees nf dancing
No one eoild sit still and listen to
such danee music ns tin
out being compelled t
the consequence was tn;
the Hour wus somewhat overcrowded
for comfort. This [s the initial effort of tliis orchestra, and it is to
be congratulated, as fn point of
time und the choice of music the
renderings were as pood as could
possibly ite wished, and the orchestra
deserves every encouragement. The refreshments, of sandwiches, cakes,
coffee, etc, supplied by Messrs. Little
and Atchison, seemed to appeal to
the appetites of the dancers, as the
tables were cleared with regularity,
iii.il enhanced the enjoyment of the
evening. Mrs. Wright very kindly as
slated with nu extra, during the supper period, which was much appreciated and encored. Most of the
numbers wen* encored, and generally
moro than once, and it was the opinion of nil that the evening could not
have been more enjoyable. The Kdi-
son orchestra consists of violin,
hums, cornet and piano and are open
for any engagement fot any i.umber
11 pieces, if the full orchestra i-* nol
Friday and Saturday
Nov., 3rd and 4th
Balfour Dramatic Society in
Plans of Seats and Prices as Usual
See Posters and Handbills
spoil the baby ti
Iiy al-
It   to        iun   Willi
Urn.      «•■
pul on new
one* III
a reasonable c
your  chimney
1 cli
un, .1
Ring n
i 'phono imi
chimney and
furnare cl
situation wanted by lady stenographer experienced. Address, Hox i
:in, Pornle. 13-31-
___ I
Take advantage ol tho reduced
price in phntos ai tin- Allien Art
Photo Stmiin, Raker St. 18-11
Milch row fcr sale; cheap lor cash;
.ill milk all winter. Apply II.
llickenliotliain. 43.21
A irspeclalile woman wants house*
cleanlng by llu* day or hour. Apply
Mrs. li.T , Herald office, IMt*
('aliiiiet photos for I'l 80 per dozen
until lho 2811) insi. so make haste —
Albert Arl Photo Studio, Maker
St. 13-lt
Several ol these lots have already been sold
This is an opportunity to secure an ideal location for a home cheaply.
Terms; $10.00 Cash; $5.00 per month;
8 per cent. Interest
These lots will all be sold in 30 days.
Don't Delay.
Read the Herald, $2.00 a Year THE   ORANBROOK   HERALD
Borden's Cabinet Making
It is uot surprising to find that
premier Borden is coming in for
u (*ooil deal uf adverse aritioism in
connection witli iiis first effort nt
oabinet making, but it is somewhat remarkable lo note that the
severest fault finding emanates
from tory sources. Such died-in-
the-wool tory p;i[«>rs as tlie Toronto Telegram nml tlio Montreal Star
nro quite pronounced in their
hostility to certain of Mr. Borden's
chosen colleagues. Tin* Toronto
Telegram, for instance, thus refers
to the two leading Ontario members in tlm now cabinet: -
"If Hon. It. L. Ilordou nnd tho
Borden Government havo any real
frit-nds in Ontario, these frinuls
will set to work und tlefenl llun.
Prank Cochrane aud lion. \V. T.
While in any constituency i» which
they may appeal in this Province.
"The question for Ontario Con-
aervulives tt, ileeiile is whether
Ihey will strangle llie advisors who
have subordinated the I!. I.. Hor-
den Premiership to olericaliBm nml
eorporationism mi the occasion of
the lirst betrayal of the people.
"Or will tho true friends nf the
Borden Premiership hasitnto to
strangle the worst enimies <>f thai
Premiership and give these euimies
time to Strangle the whole Conservative party and deprive Onnadn of
the fruits of ns noble a victory ns n
free people ever won P
"The defeat of linn Killllk Coeh.
nine nnd Hon. VV. T. White in
Ontario constituencies would bring
lion. R. I,. Borden face to face
wilh tho quality ot tho folly which
lie lias accepted ns wisdom, and
teach Mr. Ilordou that lhe voice of
Ontario does no necessarily speak
in lho accents of Sir William Mac
ken/.ie .1. W. Plavelle& Company.
In the same connection, and with
special reference to the choice of
Mr. 1V.T, White, for finnnce minister, the Telegram snys:
"A parly so destitute of talent
that il Iins logo lo iln- ranks of the
enemy forn mlnislor of finance Iins
noi much business In be governing
Canada, anyway.
The Borden Government semiis
to have been chosen with the due
sense of high publie responsibility
that might be expected from the
Premier of a mock parliament in n
students' debating society."
Tlie Montreal Star's objection to
Mr. Borden's cabinet, appears lo
be largely bused upon the fact that
in Um choi f his colleagues, Mr
Borden preferred lo In1 guided by
the advice of Mr. Bourassaand Mr.
Plavelle, rather than that of Sir
Hugh Graham, proprietor of the
Montreal Star. Commenting upon this ns|H'ct of lho case, the
Montr, al Herald remarks: -
" After all, that lack of striking
personality which the Star laments
in Mr. Borden wns fairly in evidence during some years, and the
objections to Mr. Poster and to Mr.
Monk have been perfectly |wi!ent
to others who contributed quite as
much lo defeat of I.aurier us did
the Montreal Star. It may la'
proof of lack of personality ou Mr.
Borden's purl to run the risk of Sir
Hugh Graham's displeasure rather
than that ot Mr. Foster or of Mr.
Bourussa, but that was ono of the
rinks thai was run by tho la-ople
who jumped ut the chance Ihey
saw to put I.aurier out. They
knew il meant pulling Borden in.
And after all. If Mr. Borden hasn't
much personality the Hon. Sam
Hughes has enough ami to spare,
ami he counts for something in this
Cabinet -although the Star doesn't
like that either.'*
Whilst the petty squabbling ol
the tory press over tlie spoilB of
olliee will not greatly interest the
average elector, tliere is a phase
of the cabinet making question
that must prove very distasteful lo
many thousands of electors who on
September 21st lasl voted for conservative candidates, in the belief
that the tory parly was peculiarly
the pany of Imperialism nml of
supreme loyally to the motherland,
uml thai is the appointment to in),
portanl portfolios of three of Bon*
rosin's chief lieutenants, Messers
Monk, Nantol nnd Pelletter. The
llourassa campaign in Quebec is
still too familiar In the minus of
readers of the public press to call
for any reminder at this stage.
Sutiice it to sny that tin- campaign
conducted by llourassa was one
which was absolutely opposed to
the Imperial views expressed by
conservulive lenders iu oilier [tortious of tin' dominion, such a cam.
puign as no truly loyal British-
Canadian could endorse for one
moment. There arc rumors of
threats made by the Nationalists,
or llourassa men. to vote against
the government if they wen. not
given the cabinet representation
domanihil. These rumors may or
not be well founded, but it is a fact
tha the Nationalists havo secured
Botne of the chief portfolios ami
thai the straight conservative clement in Quebec have lieen Ignored,
nave for the appointment of Hon.
U. II. Parley to Ihe cabinet, with,
out portfolio,
Among the crop of political
rumors, now very provnilont, is ono
regarding the Senate, This is to
tin' effect that liritisli Columbia's
representation in that august body
is to lie increased and thai the
names of Sir Hibbert Tupper and
Geo. Cowan, of Vancouver, nnd ot
Bob Green, of Victoria, ure mentioned us those to whom the houois
will fall. Mr Borden will call to
the senate whom be pli nscs, but he
will make a grave mistake if ho
overlooks the Kootenuys in hii
selection. What's the matter with
Hon. J, D. McBride of this fair
•iiy, for the toga?
The Weight Per Bushel
ol Farm Commodities
Although lhe average farmer is
constantly using the bushel measure and llie potato suck, he has.
iu many instances, no idea of
llie weight of lhe different
grains nnd roots, etc. etc..
whieli are llie product of his farm.
These weights were fixed by llle
laws of the Dominion of Onnadn,
I are ns follows:
Commodity.                per bushel.
Wheat  iiu lbs.
lints     _ ill    "
Barley  48 "
Bye  oil -
Buokwheat     - 48 "
fins      .".li "
Corn     nl> "
Pens          lill •'
Beans i»" "
Beets      ii" "
Carrots     'ill "
Castor Bonus  _ 40 "
('lover Seed       HO "
Hemp Seed         II     "
I Inions   fill "
Parsnips   (10 "
Potatoes   H'1 "
Turnips  IJO "
Timothy Seed  48 "
Blue Gras? Seed    U "
I,hue    71)    "
Bitumonous Coal  70   "
I'.'ggs. 1.1 lbs. per standard dozen.
A  small  basket of fruit   weighs
about 14J lbs,; a bag of potatoes
weighs '.III lbs.; and a bag of the
same   nature  generally   holds   n
bushel and one-half.   A sack may
ary in size. Wheat bags hold two
bushel and u half.
Clip this out aud paste it in lhe
mnary iqion the wall, and you
ill lind it of use when selecting
eed grain or selling your produce.
The danger of colds is too well
known to need emphasizing.
Tlie value of Matuieu's Syrup
of Tar and Cod Liver Oil is So
great that its benefits cannot be
over stated.
Taken at the inception of a cold
it cures immediately, and at all
stages of the cold its results are
The Tar has local curative
power, the Cod Liver Oil general tonic value; combined they
do the double duty. Large bottle
IS cents. At .11 dealer..
* When liea.lach. and f.,., a,. preMst with
a cold lake Malltleii'. Nervlae Powder, lo
reduce Uie fever nad allay Uie pain. J. L,
alathleu Co., Frop.., slicrtitooke, Qua.   (P)
Dlstrlbutora lar Wcaturn Canada
Wlnlnpex, tdmonlo., Vancouver, S.akaliioii
Karl laiiniiOoti, pit'slilcal of the
board it agriculture, becomes lord ol
Uie privy seal, Hobhouse, financial
secretary ol llie treasury, Is appointed chancellor ol the iludiy ot Lancaster.
Vi Kuiiciniaii retires from the presidency ot llie lioaril ol education to
lieeome pre.siil.-nt of tliu board ol
agriculture, while the presidency ol
Uie tuaril of education has lieen assumed Iiy .1. A. Pease, former chancellor of llie duchy of Lancaster.
Sir Kilwaril Slracl.y, parliamentary
fcrotary of Ihc board of agclcullurc,
ami lhe Right Honorable Alfred Em-
inett, M. 1'. for Oldham aad deputy
'pcakcr oi llie house ol commons,
have been promoted lo the peerage.
Change in Housework
The monotony of housework fur
more than the actual exertion it
entails is what makes women grow
weary of their daily task.
An entire change of occupation
will often prove a grateful rest to
a busy housewife. When the
needle drags and each stitch represents so much concentrated
ilort, try some other work about
lho house, l'repure one of the
lishi'B for dinner or luncheon, tidy
uptke dresser orcblffonler drawers,
laundry some of the neckwear or
pieces of tine linen you do not care
to trust in heeilless hands: or, best
of all, pick up a l*ook or magazine
and take the strain away from -the
tired body by using the mind OX-
lusively for half an hour. At the
end of this time yon will feel quite
as if you had indulged in a long
rest mid you will return to the
needle with a zest that will mean
twice us much by way of accomplishment as did working in a state
of fatigue and revolt.
The Ohlgagc Record-Herald prints
iln, lollowlng editorial: -That the
treating liui.it. is one ot ihc causes of
excewlvo  driuliir.g ,,l Intoxicating |>
ipiors in tins country has lonn been
apparent lo all who arc Intonated iu
ilie aliink question, It Is, therefore,
a mailer nf public concern Ihat lhe
National (lermnn-Alnerieaii Alliance
has adopted a resolution calling upon
Ms executive COI ittee to presenl to
Hie MJXt liieilllilll ei.liVclilion a practical plan ol aliolislum; tbe custom ol
treating at public bars
"The treating habit in moat cases
is lairn ol ficiierosity r.r a desire t<.
ap|iear generous. It results In several
men taking scleral iliinl,s each ta-,an
N each thinks he can not afford lo
I.e thought mean or stingy. Manv
Mloon-lreeperi encourage Un practice,
li'lnoinii 11 hriniTi revenue, by 'setting up' a round nl drinks occasionally
on the bar." Yel Ihere are men, nol
teetotalers, who avoid drinking In saloons because ul the treating habit.
"To bring Into use the Dutch treat,
as the alliance proposes, may be difficult, hut ft ought to bc brought into
use il possible. In Europe the custom is tor each man to pay for what
he drinks only, and as a result Intox-
Icatlon in public houses Is rare."
London, Del. 25.—Tin* llrilish eabi
net has undergone an Important reconstruction, rumors of which have
been in circulation some weeks. Winston N|»ctifcr Churchill, liome sccrcta-
iv, bccoiua flrsl lord ot lire admiralty, while Keen,alt M, Keiuia lays
down Ihe admiralty por'nllo to lace
uie heme secretary.
Save over $25 ~
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tea and la lllua-
t rated   profuiely.
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Closet Shelf and Elevated Tank or J*'lmh Reservoir,
with Zinc Shod to go under range, 8 sections Blue
Polished Steel Pipe aud 2 ElliOWS, will be delivered
to any Station itt Ontario, Quebec or the
Maritime Provinces fur *£*.[, or to any Station iu
the Four Western Provinces for $49—$5 to be sent
with order and balance to be paid when Range is
delivered al your Station. If not convenient to pay
cash we will arrange to accept your note.
Many years apo, before steamboat!
were -so plentiful as tliey are now, •
certain Wellington Smith paid a visit
to Australia in order to hunt thi
hat naroo.
When tie woke up the first morning
he -jtootl at the window, which looked
out upon tho garden, and, as bis custom waa. wenl solemnly through hli
hit athlng exercises.
Sudd-.nl>. jum as in.* was perform*
inm- tht- feat of touching his toes, he
nearly r«ll over himself with surprise
nnd anger, for out of the shadow o(
the trees there came a deep, rollicking
(M-i-ah. 'iin! ha! ha! Iin! What a
Joke! ha! ha! Vou do look a sight!"
the lanjih seemed to say.
"Hal ha!" It went on, aud Wellington Smith got riuite purple with fury.
It had never dawned ou him before
that it flout 11.an trying to touch till
tots musl bo a rather funny sight.
"Australian manners," he muttered.
•I'll teach 'cm to make fun of me!"
And now n second laugh had Joined
ihc first, nml the whole house seemed
to ring witii ihe mocking, teasing
lOUttds, "Ha! ha!" mared the- first
volte; "Iln! la!" roan.d the second,
ami Smith cut short his exercises and
dressed as ■■iii.-kiy as he could. After
hrcaktnst he mc-ntlonutl the ma'ter,
very stiffly, lo his host; but what was
hln surprise when the Australian, after looltltiK ai him for a moment wt;h
op*, it mouth, burst iuto a great laugh
himself—laughed and laughed until
he had to hold bis sides.
"Come out." he1 snld, taking bis as
toiiIsIhiI gumt hy the arm, "and I
will show you the fellow whose sense
Canada Malleable & Steel Range Mfg. Co. Limited, Oshawa, Ontario.
When writing It will be a distinct favor to us if you will mention this paper. 6
of humor lias been tickled so much.''
They wait oui into (he garden, and
ihere sitting so'einnly on a branch cf
a tall sht-trA was a big bird with a
huge hill, almost as big as its body.
""there's your j Bter." said tha
"■(p-ailer. "it was the laughing Ja k-
ass you beard.    He does love a Jjk_>."
"That!" said Smith.
liis surprised face caused tha Ats
crallan to hurst Into another laugh,
snd lo, "Ha! ha!" th*» bird joined in as
f enjoying !i!s victim's amazement.
"I suppose you thought a jackass
■vas a kind of donkey?" said the squat-
ter. "So c'iil 1 until I came out to
Australia, sri'1 it wonderful to find a
bird that can lau^'i like that? Tho?o
fellows ian coe a Joke as well as you
>r I."
"Nonsense!" Fald Smith, reeling a
lilt iiLtthti. "It's JjSt Hie nolsj iluy
make.   It's nit a r-.al !a*.gh."
"Ob, lent It!" t-iild ihe equatler,
"Very funny thins, then, they always
seem to laugh at the right moment.
Von wait till you know ihem as well
as I do."
Itut Wellington Smith was not content with knowing the bird in his native wiirii*.. Nothing would satisfy
him '-.tit thai he must rapture one to
lake horn   to England.
Hunting the kangaroo quite paled
beside the excitement of catching a
jackass, and at last jla wish cams
By means of a special cage containing a bait tiiat was quite too tempting for Mr. Jackass, Wellington Smith
liecoiiie the proud possessor of the
bird tbat had dared to laugh at him.
nut once inside the cage there was
no laughter from the Jackass.
"What did I (ell you?" said the
squatter. "He doesn't see the joke of
losing his liberty."
"Of course he will pine a bit," Ba'd
Smith, "but he will get used to It."
So he went back to England, taking
the jackass with hlm. Intending to
•how his prize to all his friends.
But that jHckaBs was a failure from
the show point of view. That annoying bird kept up an obstinate Bflence
the whole time, and nobody would believe he really could laugh just tike a
Wellington Smith spent all his
spare time in front of the cage "tm lining" witb all his might, but the Jackass only wiuked solemnly out ot one
eye at him. and did not even hid ile.
At last, one day when Smith was
showing the bird to a party of visitors,
he lost bis temper.
"Laugh, you wretch! Laugh!
Laugh! Why don't yon laugh, you
wretch!" he cried, aud struck the cage
door with his fist.
The catcb   s'inued,   the  door  flew
open, and in a trlre out came Master
Out he flew through the open window into tli-j garden, and perched
himself en the topmost branch of the
tallest tree in the place.
Out tame Wellington Smith, out
came his friends, and out came John
the Gardent r, with cage and ladder.
The gardener's son joined In the
chase, nnd climbed the tree like a
squirrel, but when he was halfway up
the jacitass had skipped to another.
Hot nm! perspiring, angry and excited, the group below tried to entice
hlm hack 10 the cage.
I!'.tt Mr. Jackass was one of those
beings who profit by experience.
Tbere was to be no more cage for
Then as he looked down upon the
scene, and saw all the preparations
that were being made to catch him
again, tbe Jackass, for the first lime
since he had left Australia, burst Into
a rollicking guffaw. He laughed and
laughed and laughed till tho little
crowd looking up at bim could not
help themselves. Thpy were forced
to join In, and anyone passing that
garden would have seen ihe strange
sight of several respectablo members
of society rolling on the grass, holding
their sides, unable to stop themselves
from laughing, while foremost In the
merriment was the erring Jackass.
Even Wellington Smith was bo triumphant that he had at last convinced
his friends that the bird could laugh,
he almost forgot his anger.
Still laughing, the Jackass gaily
flew away, und his parting guffaw
echoed through the trees.
Wr',v",-in Smith never saw him
again, uml he admitted at last that
the jnrkafs certainly did seem to
understand a Joke, and that In this
case at least tbe joke was all on his
The old lady seemed to have something on her mind, and she let go when
her daughters young man called.
"Mr. Simpson,' she began Impressively, "a frietiti of mine Informs me tbat
you nre employed by a firm of pork
"Yes—that is so." faltered the young
"And," went on the old lady, tremb-
Ing with Indignation, "you led Mary
in' me to believe you were a cos-
"Well.1 replied the detected swan-
*.i-r, "so 1 nm, in a kind of way. You
,ee, 1 put tuc tights on ihe sausages."
THEN " Mother's" code of Scalp Cleanliness included the energetic use of a fine toothed comb
NOW she applies a reliable scalp prophylactic and antiseptic
Send Ten Cents for Trial Bottle and Booklet
lhiniu-i|i]fiiiiti<i| *hli thedathlntl doMlniying. mil Imir -■nviuu -pinllt
n! Nrnlini'n M-i|..'nt.'. uti.-l  10 MRtl iii i-.-ntiur.' or illffF for 11 Mini fit
How well we recall the days when mother would say:
"Here, get the fine toothed comb. I timet ectatch your
head. It is (ull of dandruff." And Oh, the agony of the
next two hours. How we hated it. Tliere was no use in
remonstrating. We weie obliged to submit our tender
scalps to that scratching ami digging which left a hurting
in each individual hair and our scalp raw, tender and perhaps bleeding.
Poor soul, t-tie didn't know what else to do. The germ
origin of dandruff had not yet been determined. But the
dirt and dandruff wasa reality, it was there and must be
gotten rid of. Tliere was no such thing as a sanitary hair,
dressing anil the line toothed comb was the most effective
eratlicntor "mother" knew. And what did she accoin.
pl.fhV Nothing, absolutely nothing but tlie lemporaiy
reniiviil of the scale-like tiectinnihitioii and the intlictiun
nf pain and discomfort.
What docs "mother" do now ?
Instead of that torturing and hair destroying comb the
keeps on hand at all times antl insisls upon eveiy member
of the family using regularly and intelligently
The Original Dandruff Germ Destroyer
Unlike the comb, Herpiclde is effective. Far fiom
lieing a discomfort, its use is n delight. The feeling ol
cleanliness and seU-asBtiranee, following sn application cf
this remedy commends it to all, young and old, men nnd
women. Properly applied. Herpiclde works down
around the root of the hair, where it destroys the genu
life that causes dandruff. This permits proper nourishment to reach snd strengthen thu Imir, which becomes
vig irnus and luxuriant at.tl ceases to fall out. Itching of
Ihe scalp, which is so disagreeable, stopB almost ii.stantly,
Newbro's Herpiclde contains no grcate. does not
-atain or dye and possesses a most delicate and exquisite
You Want Newbro's Herpicide, Not Advice
boU a    With It will ttl-o !>.• aval 11 Imtiltli-t telling ■"
im*' li. ;n| of Imir
Oepi. 63 B, Windsor, Onl.
ailvi-r lor 1, liinlal,.     _ , , . WW 1 ft
 "'•**"• Beattie Jnrphy Co.,s
Special Agent
Tlifauggfatlon ot " lomathlng juat tin good" wIimi Rsfptdds iti re-
ipii**t.t-d, likomoHi tiunnlii'iiiil mivii-i' romi-nfrum it m-lflnh motive Th*
auhatlttlte psys tht* Umlir n larger profit. I>o you mm why he man
mitioii* to sell you " something jin-t as gomlt"
Insist upon having genuine Herpiclde, not advice THE   ORANBROOKK   J1HALU
UWTIL n few years ago, although
Conorst(l had already been Generally adopted throughout the country by conIractors and farmers for
almost nil structural work, it was
tin- practice to stop ull work on this
form nr construction us soon us lho
Hold tvoathor set In.
It   ban   been   found,   however,   that
co n ore lo work nmy ho onrrlod on in
cold weather successfully, ami with
bul my null- moro troublo than under ordinary circumstances.
This fact Is of groat benefit to tho
farmer, an n is in ihe colder period
of tho year that ho it able lo nnd
time for building nnd making the
many articles around the farm to
wbieh cunereie so
readily adapts it-     	
Self. _
With a fi w
simple precautions
It has been found
that concrete can
be used, not only
In freezing weather, but when the
thermometer has
been actually below zero.
If the concrete
freezes before it
starts to ''set," It
Will not be injured, but If the
freezing takes
place after the
"setting" action
has s'.arted up,
the concrete is
likely to be damaged when it
thaws, owing to
the expansion of
the melting water
forcing tlie particles    apart    and
making tho concrete crumbly. On
the other hand, if the concrete has a chance to become
thoroughly "set" before fretting, no harm Will be done. To give
It this chance you must first of alt
prepare the materials a-j described
below, and secondly, you must protect the concrete after It has been
placed in the "forms."
A simple aud easily-made vessel
for heating wafer Is shown In Ihe accompanying drawing. (See Fig. I.).
A coil In made of onr-lncli pipe with
tho end* fastened In tho barrel and
made water-tight. A linall lire built
under    the coil will    heat the water
rapidly and will keep it in ol reflation, thus keeping all lhe water
For thin purpose  It ls wise to use
a length of malleable iron gas-plpoi
because It ly easily bcnl into lhe re-
i| ill red coll. This I.i dono by taking
a log or fence-post about thu size, of
ihe coil ami bonding the pipe around
It.     This   method   prevents   the   pipe
thaw   out   and
nc. 2.   showing two-bariei. method or tnumra water.
from "buckling" and makes the coils
more regular in size.   .
'Where concrete work id being done
on a large scale, it Is advisable to use
the two-barrel heater shown in I-'lg,
2. This allows the water io be con-
Btantly replenished without reducing the heat of the water In the barrel from which the hot wafer is
Most farmers, however, possess large
bulling kettles, used during butchering lime, or for making t»oft soap, etc.
pipes,   nnd   will
become  healed.
In very cold weather, the cement
may be healed by laying the hags on
lop of the sand, hut this is not uI-ho-
lutely necessary, as (he cement Itself
must bo kept dry until used, whether
tho weather be hot or cold.
Materials shnuiil not be heated to
too Jiiixii a temperature, A good way
to Judge ihe proper amount of heat
Is to make them Just hot enough to
be comfortable to touch. Care should
bo taken not to use any frozen lumps
of Band.
After the con
crete hus been
placed In "forms"
It should be protected so as to
keep the heat In as
long as possible.
This is more essential In thin structures than In massive walls and
foundations; for
the latter will hold
their own heat
longer on rtccount
of their thickness.
Wooden "forms"
are non-conductors,
and will retain the
heat In the c. ncrete
but the concre
sheuld be protected on top by a cov
erlng of canvas or
heavy paper, with a layer of ten or
twelve Inches of manure on top of this.
Straw will also unswer the purpose.
If manure j*j used, care should be
taken to prevent It from coming In
contact with the concrete, as It will
discolor it. and possibly even seep
through sufficiently   to    weaken the
,  |
May Prolong Their Lives
At an advanced ago waste Ik moro
rapid than repair. The organs act
more -slowly and less effectually than
in youth. The circulation Is poor, the
blood thin nnd watery, the appctim
poor and digeslion weak. i
Wo' want to say to every apod per- '
Ron fn this vicinity thai Vinol, our de- ]
llclous cod liver and iron tonic (with- '
out oil) will prolong life, it creates
nn appetlfe, aitlK digestion und makes
good blood.    In  this natural manner
Vinol  retards  waste  ami     replac-i
weakness with Rtrenjrth,  giving new
life (o the worn  system.
If people In this vicinity only realized how Vinol invigorates old people
we would not be able tn supply the
Try a bottle of Vinol with tho understanding tliat your money will be
returned if it does not help you.
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.,
I'rahlti-ii I., li l".
ml tlie   minors
will steadily
centre uf the
In   the   case of  thin   walls  where
extra cold weather calls for addition-
■*•"      B»
no. s. tmewTvo now hathm-li  mat bi    ««* *• paws mi
RSATfO  n*.   Mi-AN-i  or  a  riRt   in   an  OLS t"  I'HOTLrT  i
Itevs r.rir.
the "setting" process. Hut in cold
Weathert seme outside assistance, in
the form of artificial heat, is necessary. The best wuy t.i ,1, velop this
artlnY.al heat ■■* !<> ivartu tha materials before mixing. This shortens the time Ihat it lakes Ihe concrete to "act" and lengthens the time
necessary to bring It to the freesffif
point. Pear In mind that tha less
water used, th© quicker eonerste
"•eta" Therefore, It it advisable to
SUM SS little water ss possible In tbe
! during cold weather.
Band snd stone may be vary easily
heated by making use of two pieces
of stove pipe, en.* piece for the sand
■•nd the other for the atone. The
pipes ore laid on the ground In
sui h .. position as to allorv ihe
wind to make a good draft. The
fire Is then built In one end. The
Dames pass through, heating the
whole pipe, and ns fresh fuel ts added, the cinders are pushed along
the pipe nml gradually w«rk out At
the other end.    The sand and stone
.ti protection, heavy paper should bo
nailed to th.* vertical posts * f ihe
forms, (see Figure 4,) thus lea' Eng
an enclosed air space between each
pair of posts. These air spaces will
have about fifteen degrees higher
temperature than ihe outside nlr.
The "forms" should always be
left on longer In cold weather, as It
takes lomrer fnr the enn crete to
There   is
annot  be t
In cold
should    be    plied on top of tht stove    precautions be followed.
reason why concrete
with complete sue-
ther If these simple
i !«*HfftftttS*)-fSH«tt«
The ■*■*■•« lal Democratic pai t *,
wiinh has beet In existence foi ovei
ihitu -teats, will n on become merged
into a nrH organisation) which will
in* known b) tbo name ut tbi British
Boris! Is)  partj    Hi    it   M   Hynd
limn. Who will |h- tlu* 111 si eh..uni,in
ol  the new   body,  Bawttfl  iti.i 1   at  pir-
m-i.I      Hie     con*-.! it ii In.n     was    lnim*
drawn up nt ail the Socialist organl*
ntlons lhal hml   agreed In conic in
"The   mrtnbershrp," he  said, "will
IncltKlf lhe whole of tli.' mcinlcls ol
11ra* i.union tt.ub-., g| -acII y ot the
.vi branches of lbs    Independent La
hoiti party* and IDHM ID ot  mi m.li
pendent s.ii.iiisi nelctlca tn tin* dii-
feitiit hi les   i i':i    rnctnbcrshlp will
be linger than that of anv other Si-
1'i.iiist orgtnlntfon— larger even than
Unit of tin* Independent Lanoui parly"
The liverymen id lhe City ol London have elected tlieit lirst medical
Lord Mayor—Sir Thomas Boot Crosby, M. i>. The City ha*, during the
seven liundrrd years of its municipal
exis trine, claimed as chief imigiHtnt-U*
n representative ol practically every
profession and Irade, but a<medical
man will iHrupy tbc Mansion House
tor the flrsl time this year. Sir Tbn-
mai Crosby, who Is Kgniy-C*e years
degree ol tnodiolno at St, Andrews
I tiivt-isiti Af St. Thomas' Hospital
be became In turn house ningeon ami
demonstratoi In an*tonij After occupying MVoral hiRli positions in the
medical profession. Including the pre
si.!, tn v of ihc lltiiiti-rian Society, he
butlt up n large practice ia th** City,
Tire eliiei problem which is confront
Ing tin- Industrial   world In England
today is Ihc lineal if a preat coal
war. Tin- question With which we are
faced is    Will Una unrest    which is
comfort. It had the air rather ot a
private house than a hotel. It was,
too, (tie of the lasl strongholds ol
the Knglish Walter, who when he is
good, is lhe best servant in the
world With iis record cf n eeniuty
ami a half Long'fl was bound to have
many Interesting associations, It
was tliere that Hyion ami Sir Walter
scot t dined together In 1815—the
last occasion on which they met.
Famous men under tlie Regency flocked llu-re to lunch or sup, and it was
also i-nlc-d in I hose brilliant days for
manifest.-d amongst  colliers through- j tho amount of gambling and betting
■mt ti,* country culminate in tin* huge ,,|1,t wvni °n within its waits.
national strike   which they threaten,] __^__
if t licit demands are not accodOd t<i?
Divergent flows are expressed by
those boat able io judge A spirit of
optimism, however, is displayed by
mni:v of the authorities in tin- coil
worhl. but on the oilier hand an
equally large section fears that the
minets are determined to do battle
this time for a minimum wage (or
ipcclal ooncessloni lor coal-getting
in abnormal places—there are places
where rock and rubble in the face
prevent a man from hewing enough
coal to rani on average day's pay—
and for the abolition of the three-
shift system.
Long's lintel, the chosen Lodon resort of county families tor more than
a hundred and fifty years, lias at last
dosed Its doors. Tn tlie general public Long's was probably unknown,
ns indeed it wns lo the Yankee millionaire, but it lind a regular cllcnte
ot age, is a native, ol tlie Pen district, |0 amongst I hose who term Uh* very
where his father wns a dinner Ho.bcat set in Knglish society. There
was i-duealed at University College, I wu none ol your Continental gilding
ami imitiHulutitl at the University ol|ami painting ami flashy architecture
Lomlon Ile -|imlimd us « surgeim ut about the place It looked what It was
81. Thomas' llnftptUl, and tot* the' —the   very essence ot    quiet, refined
Before very long thousands ot tons
of coal wilt he dug weekly from under
the Firth of Forth. This wide estuary of the North Sea has a bed
rich in first quality cool. That has
long been known. In years gone by
work ini a small stale was done with
tbc superficial scams, hut modem
milling science has introduced many
mnthods rf overcoming difficulties,
ami pit-sinking and deep working are
possible now whicli would not have
la-en attempted in earlier times. There
arc four points from which the Firth
of Forth is being attacked underground. Two arc on the Fife or the
north shore and two are on the south
shore. It In from tlie Fife side that
most determined assault is being made. Tie new collieries are on a very
large scale, both above and liclow
ground. Close lo Uh1 seashore near
Ctilross is the new colliery nl Valley
field. The shafts have taken a couple
of years lo sink. The Fife Coal Company, the largest colliery concern In
thai Country, are the proprietors
The right of winning eoal from under
The unveiling *>f tlie Parnell
mon um onl in Dublin tho other day
was the occasion uf n vast demonstration. Tin- monument consist of
a triangular shnf I ofGnlway granite
00ft, in height. Ai the baBO of ono
of the sides is a pedestal on whicli
Btandso bronze statue of tho former
leader of tho Irish Parliamentary
party. Tbemonumentiias beon erected at the northern end of Sack ville-
street, the principal street in Dublin opposite the Kotnndn, a hall
famous in Dublin's annals. The
Btatuo was executed l»y Saint-
Gaudens, Excursion trains had
been run from all parts of Ireland.
except the south, where tbe railway
strike still prevails. There wns n
picturesque procession to tho monument, in which the trades and
societies, with their banners, took
part. The Lord Mayor of Dublin
attended, but met a hostile reception at various points aton^ the
ronto. He was protected by a strong
body of police, and left tlie procession ere tlie monument wns
reached. Mr. John Redmond, M.l\,
drove iu a carriage, accompanied
by Mr. Richard Oroker, formerly
of Now York, who wns a liberal
contributor to the cost of the statue. The members of the Irish party
also took part in the procession.
THAT is the name, and
below is the trademark,
you are tolookfornext
time you buy underwear.
Yonr size in any garment
with thut trademark wi
lit perfectly, will outwear
ordinary underwear, will
not shrink, Yet you pay
nothing extra for this
extra value; and you get our
Guarantee of "money back
if you ean fairiy claim it."
Made at Paris in Canada,
by PENMANS Limited. „
In England the ladies have entirely
abandoned wearing rats, which is
duo entirely to the new discovery.
It has been proven that Henna
leaves contain ihc ingredients thai
will positively grow hair. That they
contain this long-looked for article
is proven every day.
The Americans are now placing on
llie market a preparation containing
the extract from Henna leaves,
which is having a phenomenal sale.
This preparation is called SALVIA
and is being sold with a guarantee
to cure Dandruff and to grow hair in
abundance. Being daintily perfume:!,
SALVIA makes a most pleasant hair
dressing. The Cranbrook Drug and
Book Co., your druggist, is the first
to import this preparation into
Cranbrook ami a large, generous
bottle can bo purchased fur 50c
Tho best plaster. A piece 0f flannel
dampened with Chamberlain's Liniment and bound on over the affected
parts is superior to a plaster and
costs only one-tenth as much. For
sal« by all dealers. 40-tf
It was not always poaaible for Mrs.
o'Fiaherty. from her permanent (nation at th? wash tub, to upim-dale the
silver lining, which ber husband took
pains to point out to her in every
I've lost nif Job, Norah." he said
cheerfully the other tiny; "but thin Is
Just the tolinc whin ye ought to bo
thankful I'm not no smart as Home
"An* fcr why should I ho thankful
for that, thin?'* naked the hard-working soul, pausing to wipe her glisten-
forehead with her damp apron.
"'TIs afsy seen," replied her lord,
gating tolerantly nt her from his comfortable chair by the stove. "If I was
Tlm Murphy, f'r Instance, nu' out of
me Job, I'd be loshr two dollars a day
Instld of a dollnr and a half. Vou
think o' that, me darllnt, and1 'twin
put the heart Into ye, same as it hev
into me."
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS Bid IS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
Two hundred elej-nntly furnished rooms. Erery modern
convenionce. Elevator service, Cafe in connection. Rooms
$1,00 per day nml upwards,
Up-country visitors to the Tormina I ('ity will lind every
convenience and comfort at the Granville Palace, special
attention being paid to their wants.
Dancing Season
i'i pieces)
Con beengnged on
Moderate Terms
All com uin ni cations ti>
W. Thompson,
P. O. Hox T
♦♦; ******************* ***********************
Twenty-th-.? year*' practical experience.
; K;ve >">arB inspector ui nolfSOCes,
riiimhin.*! snd Bewsge Expert tor Swin-
l.i:.— 30*aO population.
J Tho Place that is Popular
♦ Hood as (he Best
» Hotter than the Resl
The Cosmopolitan
If you come once.
Vou vrill come again.
Kveryu.ii.g In Tin snd .-l.t't-t ii"ii made
to order
Hot Air Furnaces.    Hot   Water anil
.*>teani Boiler.
Proprleti n
Yofl *till Und ua at ouroM stand,
PHONE 340 . P.O. BOX 1*04
********************************* ************
* THE t
* II. I. 8TEPIIEN8, Prop,
| CALGARY, Alberta
♦ The Hotel with "The Reputation"
♦ Vou'll get your Money's Worth.
A Good   Home
is what is dear to every mail. A home
in where Peace. Comfort, Contentment,
ami I'lenty i'm found. That Is tlie reason
iin'ii throughout llritNh Colombia, when
"Oranbrook" is mentioned think ol tbe
provisions .Ins. Ilrault has made  for nn
; Ideal home al the
Canadian Hotel
If JOt -■•'In" t'>
»■•• (or trvsintMit,
• i 11 .itlt.ru
bafttall*! «prd
m* to far* i "u
Uultm   I    know
Hint   I   MB   nirc
j on l »iii *"»t •*■<•-
■ •■(.i. jtmt tv**,
un.I in trerj ir,
■tsiiv* I trout l.y
taj .'»-. original
H'l *. ut I   a lul
•. H- nt ill >■ m«-
"•permiu-rrhnei. OrgiBic Wcakocsi,
l.o*i Vigor. VirUocdc, H-Jr-ucU. Cr.ii*
tractcd DiMirdcri, S*>ccl(k Hlood 1'olton,
Piles a-H Mruurf. - restoring all
afff'-i'-.l.irfrfAi.a tunornsland hasltny
action in us ifaortssi possible ipacs
of time.
*»»all lh*tof*M ■' Dl»■>•'■• ••' M'u
iiiii.iilrnti.,!, nd iMtrwtit. booklH In.
ut .,lfW „r b* 'null
On thu main line of tlie
U. P. R.. IH miles east of
Kamloops. Lighted l.y
eleftricity:steam henleil;
water pnmped from river.
Can Ihi occuniod as soon
as completed.
For fnrlher partloulars
npiily to
Hon. H. linstock
Monti- Creek U. 0.
Ma has    Imii nlitaimsl (rem tlif j */*44444*******4*4****
* TIIK *
« *
«     Columbian     *
« *
4 i* :i gostsntectl pullsy.  Tlisl i-. *
4j. sallaUclloji lignstuntflsd iaeveiy ^
* rfilpSCt.   The *
\l Nelson Iron Works J
« LIMITtO ■*
j, Hal an ever Ineroailng itock.^
j. Writs lliem («r psrlloalsri.        «y
::Time is Money
Bbts tints Iiy learning to wrile
Bpeady tuition be a prartteal
ait<l ezperlencetl (eseher.
Psrtleolari nn application lo
.. A. T. ROBERTA, p. 0 Box BS8.
Where to go for First Class Job Work
Belling 001 |..r..ue4 io tlie
.all.l.ilioa slock.    I   initlit.
Cji.Ii weekly.   Bscltwive lerrl-
Toppnuh w -v
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
Prescribed ami reMmme&aed ler women's sllments, ,1 sclwtltically prr-
p.irrd remedy <>l proves worth. Tb«
result frnm llirlr um- is quirk ami
prTmanmt Cot snip at all dniR
■tore. «-loDell THB   ORANBROOK   HERALD
5 PAIR $1.00
Tlierti is no nt't'd (or ynu to suiter
another day willi Hie awful [toll (rem
Eczema, Psoriasis, Sail Rheum, or
any otlier slttn disease. IUU>. Prescription for Eczema slops the itch
iiisliiiitly! Yes, lite install! llie lirst
tew drops are applied to tho burning
skin is stopped— not in half an hour,
not in ill minutes, hut in 10 seconds!
You ear. have no idea ot tlw wonderful effect of I).1)1). until your suf-
f.-rinK is install lly relieved Iiy this
wonderful remedy, and when used
wilh D.D.I). Soap it Seeps the skin
in perfect condition.
I We ure conlMclit that D.D.D. will
cure nny ease ol Eczema or skin trou-
llle of uny oilier kind. Out a Iral.
boltlo from tlie D.D.I). Laboratories,
Dept., I'. I}. W Colhonic St., Toronto, or call and see us alMitit It. Cranbrook Drue, und Hook Slore.
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, Ltd.
LATERALS     <>N     NORTH     AND
During tlu* Iirsl two weeks nt Uiis
month the whole oi the IN inch out
full sewer, l7.rM) in length, wns con-
slmeted. The depth oi this sewer
is on un average leu feet ami MlC
tttirk was constructed practically at
th«* estimated cost, until water wus
struck in front ol the governineiii
building. Tlu- soil on this portion oi
the track and along South Haker
lane is composed practically of sill
ami waler was struck at a dfptli
varying from eighteen inches to
eight feet from the surface of tho
ground. Where the manhole is to lu1
built, Immediately behind Lund's
building, un    eiiorniiuis amount of
subsoil water wus encountered ut u
depth ol eight leet and the icsldcnt
engineer found it impossible to cope
with tin- How of water by means nl
hand pumps A eentrifiitJ.il pump,
driven by an electric motor, was accordingly put on the job and has
been pumping continuously tiny and
trig-lit since Thursday lust. The average quantity ol water de-It with lieing fully fifteen thousand gallons pet
hour ot about 360,000 galloon per
day. The water is now being kept
down tt, the level at which tbe ROWct
Is to be Inid, viz: nine to ten leet
from tlie surface of the ground and
laying of the sewer is proceeding
slowly. The water whieli Is lieing
pumped is badly contaminated with
sewage, judging from its smell, and
to the citi/ens who have visited the
seem* of operations must be au object
lesson of tin* r.i-cessity ol having a
M'Werage system in the city, as this
grossly polluted water lying nil un
ili-mt-ath the lown must have a pre
judical effect on the health ol thi
community, As* soon as tlie main
outfall sewer is completed up tn this
point, as il will he when the last of
the manholes are built, in the course
of ihe next few days, the work of
constructing the laterals In North
and South Maker lanes will \v pushed
rapidly ahead, so ihat this portion of
ihe town may Ih* sewered this year
Witli regard to the purification
oiks, the forms have, now been
erected for the lit|uifying tank and a
[■art will Ih* matte putting in the
iiuerete nt the first favorable opportunity.
l )n Friday evening, October 27th,
ihere will be held at the Y.M.CA
Ibe lirst informal social evening o!
this full. The programme, which is
being arranged by the Literary ami
Debating club, will Include such wel:
known lulmt as Mr. und Mrs. Stevenson, a quartette undei tho direction of Geo. I> Ingram und an address
by A S McAllister, secretary of the
Ity. Y.M.CA., Ken-era. During the
evening the bowling alleys ntui pool
tahle will be open to all, and refreshments will be served in the dining room.
Sunday, October 89th, at i 15 p.m
a   men's   meeting will be held,    addressed by   \     S   McAlister, of Ken-
An orchestra will help at this
meeting nnd Mrs. w p. Weisorod
will contribute a solo.
Visit Our New
and Inspect  Our  Up-to-date Stock ol
Everything in the Line of Electrical Supplies
:   Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Head Office:    Baker Street,      Cranbrook, B. C.
Phone 181 B.O, Drawer Q
(ins Erlckson bas returned Irom a
hurried business trip to Winnipeg.
New honey in the comb at Little
and Atchison's.
Two additional carloads of granite
arrived frnm Vancouver today for
llie   new post olliee building.
c. at. Edwards returned from Dar-
kcrvlllo last week end. He reports
mining fairly active anil hopeful ■ in
Cariboo this season.
Dr. Barbour Hothouse Lettuce
at Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
I« your name on the city voters'
list If nut it is up to you to sir
tliat it is on before the end of the
E. s. Busby, inspector of customs,
bas been paying an official visit to
tin* local olliee this week. He reports
everything in first-class shape here.
The new steam laundry will be
ready for business on Monday next.
The gas il'int arrived on Wednesday
and has been installed. Everything
is up-to-date.
Eugene Baserto has sold to F.
Provenzano, of this city, lot 28,
block A, sub-divirion ot Lot 525,
group 1, Kootenay district, situate
in Creston city, with tbe buildings
HarryWatson, M.L.A., and W. A.
Davidson, manager of the International Ccal 'V. nt Coleman, two of
the visiting Shriners, were the guests
if Mr. and Mrs. .lames Kinlay at
lunch on Tuesday.
I>agi Joe" wanted ou a charge nf
assault, wus arrested by the Fernie
police yesterday ami brought back to
lown by Chief Cory Dow, who went
down to tlie Coal city on receipt ol
news of bis capture.
The Fink Mercanti'e Company
with to draw the attention of the
ladies of Cranbrook to their new
imported shipment of Ciosse A.
Blnckwells high class spccialtici
now on display in their Pure Food
Grocery window.
The Herald received word Irom
Fernie lute this afternoon tbat there
was no change iu the strike situation. A report bas readied Fernie
that some men at Michel had gone
back to work and trouble hati
arisen through pickets, but nothing
definite was known-
Mr li l- Beattle was today made
(be recipient of a very handsome silver cigar case, with his monogram
engraved thereon, a token of the
esteem in which lie was held by the
young ladies who acted as clerks in
tlie post ofllce, during his tenure ol
M. A. Macdonald is leaving for
Michel tomorrow morning, having
been called there in connection with
some trouble that hus arisen over
the   plating of   pickets My the union.
a number ol men having, apparently,
returned to work. Mr. Mncdonaltl
will appeal fur the company in the
.1   VV   Whitcly, grand organl/er    of
the Oranssj order in B.O., will   visit
Hie local li-dge 00 Monday evening.
November Ith. This occasion will
he marked by a social entertainment
under the joint management of the
Ladies Auxiliary ai.d the Black Preceptor}'. A good musical programme
w'.U be provided and refreshments
(1. M. IVrdue. ot Victoria, a well
known member of the detective force
of tbat city, was among the visiting
coast shriners. Unfortunately Mr.
IVrdue met witb an accident at
Kootenay Landing, which occasioned
him a good deal of discomfort nnd
necessitated his return home nelorc
the conclusion of business in this
city. His many friends here will
wish him a speedy recovery.
Dr. J, II Klag was hurriedly cal-
ed away to Calgary last night to attend Harry Sterns, tlie well known
hotel man of that city, who is dangerously ill.
Don't   forget to order a brick      of
Hazelwood      ice    cream   fur    your
Thanksgiving dir.ner.
'Senator King, accompanied by his
brother, Mr. M. P. King, have arrived iu towi. from Cbipman, N.B., on a
short gisii to Dr. and Mrs. .1. H.
King. The senator is locking as hale
ami hearty as ever, and does not appear to have allowed tire recent mis-
tortur.e to the Liberal party to
have seriously affected his health.
Choice eating and cooking apples at
Little and Atchison's.
Wil lard Bo wen, a native of Tilson-
bllrg, Out., died of typhoid fever at
the St. Eugene hospital on Sunday
lost. Bowcn was brought into the
hospital fiom Rock Creek. The remains hnvo lieen shipped to the old
home   of ilie deceased in Uie east.
Phone 75, Lil He and Atchison's,
for a brick of that delicious Hazel-
wood ice cream for Thanksgiving tliu
Biliousness is due to a disordered
condition of the stomach. Chamber
Iain's Tablets are essentially a
(th much medicine, intended especiilly
to act on that organ; to cleanse it,
strengthen it, tone and invigorate it,
o regulate the liver and to banisli
biliousness positively and effectually.
For sale by all dealers. 40-lf
Cornishon, Tokay and Concord
grapes at Little and Atchison's.
Many of the Shriners, who were in
town during the week, from the coast
cities, were here for the first time,
and some had not been In Cranl rook
for several years. To all of them
the auto drive out to Wasa, arrang
id for by ofliccrs of the Cranhrook
Preceptor y, proved a very great
treat. They were more than delighted at the scenery and at the
evidences of agricultural wealth.
Gi/eh Temple will hereafter contain
about as good a bunch of Cranbrook
boosters as any town could desire.
Englishwoman prepared .tc do occasional housework. Address A.11.,
Herald office. 43-tl*
The-Balfour Dramatic Society propose giving two performances in this
city in the Auditorium on Friday
and .Saturday, November 3rd and
Ith. This is an amateur aggregation,
hut has already gained for itself the
good will of tbe public in many of
the nearby towns. The Balfour company played to good business at Kaslo a little while ago and gave gen-
cnl satisfaction. Local theatregoers may look forward to clever
productions ot good comedies by
these Balfour artistes.
In the course of his response to a
toast at the Shriners' banguct last
night, Mr. H. H. Watson, M.L.A.,
past grand master of tlie (irand
Lodge, A.F. & A.M., made an an-
tit imcemcnt ot exceptional interest to
Masons in British Columbia. As is
well known, the present governor-
general, tlie Duke of Co-naught, is
grand master of the craft, and bc has
accepted ar. invitation extended by
the Orand Lodge of British Columbia to pay this jurisdiction an official visit at an early date. In alt
probability within the next twelve
months. Masons of British Columbia will bc able to extend a characteristic Masonic welcome to the
head of the craft, an occasion that
will undoubtedly bring together the
biggest aud best bunch of Masons
that has been seen in this province
The Fink Mercantile Company
wish to draw the attention of the
ladies of Cranbrook to their new
imported shipment of Crosse &
Blnckwells high class specialties
now on display In their Pure Food
Grocery window.
Tliere was such a rush of visitors
to town this week, tbat neither time
nor space permit of anything like detailed presentation of their respective
views upon the present and future
outlook of our fair city. It must
suffice to say that the Herald man
discussed this at Important topic
with one and all of them, ami each in
his turn expressed himself as being
both delighted nml surprised al the
obvious signs of progress ar.d tla*
equally obvious evidences ot assured
hi I n re growth. Among our visitors
during tin* week have been leading
coast businessmen and politicians,
prominent mining and lumbering men
from Interior points, and several well
known eastern men of affairs. If the
Herald niun could find lime to trans
crihe his notes ami space were available for their publication, several
columns of distinctly valuable material tor "boosting" purposes could
easily be provided. One and all united
in expressing the utmost satisfaction
wilh what tliey had had time to see
of our city and the surrounding district, some, It is true, drew attention
to little defects, but none of serious
nature, which time ar.d the energy
and enterprise cf our citizens will
quickly remedy, in particular, more
than one of our visitors remarked
upon the present condition of our
principal streets and sidewalks. They
expressed the view that such a go-
ahend city as Cranbrook should not
longer tolerate such conditions, and
that every business man and property
owner should feel It Incumbent upon
hlm to unite in an effort to    secure
We maintain, is one of the best equipped in
Western Canada to care for the wants of
its patrons.
Our facilities for the proper care of
perishable goods, our arrangements for the
receiving and storing of goods, our method of
packing, shipping and delivering orders, all
assist in making this a convenient and satisfactory store to trade at.
We handle only the best quality of merchandise, the kind that is Guaranteed to
us and the kind we Guarantee to you.
You cannot lose in dealing here, as we
guarantee satisfaction or will return your
money. You will always find quality where
you see the label " Fink's Best" or " Fink's
modern streets and sidewalks. The
mere summarizing ol their views on
this subject will, undoubtedly, suffice
to secure the immediate and earnest
attention ol all citizens to this "fly
in the ointment."
.lust unpacking some very pretty
stoek patterns ol china and dinner
sets, something that wilt slai.d close
inspection and prove true—Campbell
and Manning.
Dr. T. S. Sproulc, the veteran representative of Kast Grey in the Commons, is the Government's choice for
Speaker. His elevation to the Speakership has lieen deflnitly decided and
Dr. .Sproule, who Is now at Ottawa,
is receiving the congratulations ot
his friends Tin? choice will meet
with general approval. For thir-
ty-tbtee years he has been cantra l ius
ly a member of the Comm. ts a record surpassed only by Sir Wilfrid
I.aurier and Hon. John Haggarl
among tr.e members-elect he Is personally popular on both sides of the
house, and mi man has a better
knowledge of the rules if procedure
und debate, lly reason of seniority
und long party services llr. Kprculr
hutl a claim to Cabinet preferment,
but did not press it, nor in fnct did
he seek the Speakership. The honor
bas been thrust upon him. His appointment, apart from his personal
fitness for the post, fs also politically
expedient. Dr. Sproule represents
tbc faithful eld guard nf tlw party
in Ontario ami lhe Orange Order In
Canada, which has been frankly critical of some of Mr. llorden's Cabinet
selections, particularly in regard to
the large Nationalist representation
and       the taking       in        of
Hon. W. T. White.
Mr. P. E. Blondin, member frr
Champlain, wjll be appointed deputy
speaker. He is practically the only
French-Canadian member-elect who
speaks English fluently, available for
tho position. Moreover, be is a
Nationalist, and his appointment
with that of Dr. Sproule will strike
will strike an average between
orangcism and Nationalism.
Special Showing Bias Filled Corsets
BIAS FILLED CORSETS are making new Irieml. lor lliem.
.eke. every day. Tliey auppoit llie body without h.mpeiing litci'i m ol
movement, the BIAS FILLING giving a spring anil impetu. icldom
found in ordinary make.. BIAS FILLED CORSETS not only
mould the llgnra, but move with the body, without any culling in Uie
middle or digging in the back. In fact, BIAS TILLED CORSETS
allow you lo be thoroughly natural in eveiy movement, anil they .1010
thoroughly well made a. to outwear any straight line cnrael on the
marker. The NEW MODELS thi. .ea.on ate a vait improvement
over anything in the paat and are well worth the immediate lii.l
ol those who want lhe BEST.
A heuutifnl fitting I'oiaet.   Low
bual, long hipe.   roof hot. 10)
p trier*: guaranteed atrela; 11 i,.Hllv
.plendiil low piiced ,'oraet.
An eitr. good i-orael, tilled wilh
heat tVvnlaiiic lining; will not bleak
ami conform! toovory motion ol tho
body.   Very lateal mialel ut
S2.00 PAIR
Nuweat model, are plinwn Itele.
K.Ira low bual, long liina; ill hoae
iHipporter.; aleele all guaianteid;
will not mat nor break. I'eifiilly
gnaiaiileed special.
Thi. corset is a pride to tlio art ol
roia.-l ileaigning. A beautiful model.
Beet ol material and famous Wyn-
laiiie tilling. A beaulilul fitting corset.   A.k to lee this model at
$5.75 PAIR
A speciallv adapted corset lor the stout or matronly flguie. Will
' give to the .lightest motion ot the body. K.sy and pei leet lining Fi-
I ccllent workmanahlp.   Fully warranted at  $3.00 PAIR


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