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Cranbrook Herald May 21, 1914

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THURSDAY, MAY 21st. 1914
Calgarians Go Speculative Mad And Oil Stocks Soar
New Companies Are Formed Almost
Hourly—All Enthused
Calgary, Alta., May 18.—Twice today the Dingman well became temporarily a gusher.   The tlrst rush of
oil occurred about  noon,  while tho
leoond explosion   took  place  three
hours   Inter.    In  ouch   Instance  the [
phenomena    lusted     for     about    a !
minute.    The drill house  wan tilled
with spectators on both occasions and .
tbey  wore drenched  with  the  fluid. I
Tbe ull In the well has now risen to j
u depth uf 2,200 ft., and only balling
keeps It frum coming higher. Tbe How
o( gun Iiuh also become heavier.
Four thousand pcuple visited   the j
well yesterday and the road between
II).Law   I'm, Minn   fer  $1111,111111  fur
Water Hurts Hill lie S Hied
lo lVu|ile un June tilth
Speelal meeting of Hie city council
__ iiiitj  o ti>i _.c   was held at tlie city hall on lasi Wed-
tVe'ol'ty"analhe"»oen6Va7rioed with Ineutajr evenliiB. those present being
automobiles. Several accidents took Mayor Simon Taylor, l lty Clerk T. iM.
place but no one wns seilously Injur-1 Roberts, City Engineer J. C. Olenday,
t.u [ Aldermen llurle, I.eiiMk, Qqnost, Camp-
iiPlS ?BE »&M  ^) "m^^'^led for tho pur-
25 J^B^^ ft , Z^J^^^JZ^°t
creased materially as tl^
penetrated the oll-bearlng sands to/\fc,\m bylslU(; 0f debentures to lie
any great oepth. ' uged !n ,.eimudiug the water works.
The drill at the Monarch company's T]ie bylaw was introduced and read
well topped a body of wet gas at a section by section nnd passed lirst
depth of 033 ft. Saturday afternoon.      reading.    It was proposed to submit
The McDougall-Seegur drill has en- the samo to tlie people fn n special
countered a formation not unlike that   election to be held on June 10th, ami
motion by Campbell and Hickenbotham that bylaw be published In
Cranbrook Herald on May L'lst and
28th, and Prospector May 28rd aud
30th carried.
The proposed Improvement provides
encountered in tbe Dingman well
month ago.    It ls a dark, heavy sub-
Public Rushes tn Buy
The trading Saturday was furious.
The owners of property abjolnlng the ' for tbe building uf u new dam or ro-
Dlngman well took ln over $100,000 servolr, the installation of a M-inch
during the day In small amounts.j pipe line from the dam to the city and
The crowd was so great that a dozen '■ the relaying of tlie city water mains
policemen were detailed to keep or- with steel pipe, replacing the wooden
der.    Some ot the low priced com- pipe.
panies   had   their   entire   issues   of:    The by-law is published iu full In
stock subscribed for during the day. I another column of this issue.
The trading continued until  2 a.m. ■	
Dingman stock Jumped from $15 to:Ilirjli      iJoaiw  i'r rnnnv
prices ranging around $126, and some; _ UltaVfl
small blocks were sold around $200. j
New   brokerage   offices   opened   up Six   Hundred   Members  of  Twenty
every hour.   The scene enacted were
much   wilder  than   those  occurring
during the real estate boom ot two
years ago.
The land office did a record business
Saturday, taking in $8,000 during the
three hours it was open.
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook.
ln another column will be found a notice calling for the votes of electors of the
municipality of the City of Cranbrook on Bylaw No. 13S. being a bylaw authorizing
(he borrowing upon the credit of the waler revenue and charges a sum of $110,000.
The council have thought it advisable io briefly explain to you their reasons for
advising the expenditure of this sum:
The maintenance charges from October, 1908, to November, 1013, amounted to
lfL'S,408.1(i, which charges have been gradually increasing;, and lust year reached the
very large sum of $8,475.00.   Of that sum $1800 was expended in repairs to Ihe dam.
The council have called into consultation Mr. A. U McOullOch, C.E., of Nelson.
B.C., and he reports with reference to the dam and reservoir as follows: "Your present storage reservoir Is inadequate, the dam is unsafe and leaks badly. This dam is
built of timber crib covered with earth, the timbers of which are badly rotted, and it
is not advisable to utilize this dam in any Improvements made. Instead 1 recommend
the construction of a new dam at a point 750 feet above the present dam, on the city's
own property.
Mr. McCulloch proposes to build a new dam at a elevation of 3222.5 feet, being
IB feet above the creek bed at the site, it being also 15 feel above the water level in
the present reservoir.
With the water elevation In the reservoir at 3217.5 Ihe storage will be 2,000,000
gallons, and the estimated cost of the dam would be in the neighborhood of $0,000.
It is proposed to replace the entire system at present composed of wood stave pipe
with steel pipes, and apart from the reduction in tlie maintenance charge, which, as
referred to before, last year amounted to $8,476. It is estimated that if the system
is installed the saving would be in the neighborhood of $0,000 annually. The city
will obtain a safer and more permanent supply of water in case of fire, and will give an
increased pressure at the hydrants of 50 per cent.
The council feel that this work will have to be taken iu hand in the course of n
very short time and from the information gathered it appears that at the present
time, owing to the conditions of the money market and the ample supply of labor that
the improvements can be done more economically at Ihe present time than they probably could be done later on.
Subscribers and Amounts Contributed by  Each for
the Purpose of Aiding Last Year's Big
East Kootenay Fall Fair
Tin- following is tlio list of contributors to the fund for the Kail Fair
which tbe Craubrook Agricultural Ab-
sociatlon last year made uue of the
ivst fairs ever given in tha district.
W* Risen Dunham Returned te
Craubrook For Another
Bast   Kootena
P.  Hums
Minim     Walk
Cash Suh*.cription<>
Lutuber Co..
$ 50.00
Rev. W. Bis
tin* Methodist
attending the
session of the
ference of tin
in Dunham, pastor of
church, who lias been
twenty-eighth annual
British Columbia con-
Methodist church
B.C., has Furnished us with
g report of the proceed-
Ka in loo i
the  foil
The   new   president   elect   lo   Itev.
Blihu   Manuel, of  RobBon   Memorial
church,  Vancouver. B.C.
The former secretary, It. Porber
Stlllman, was re-elected.
The following stations In the blast
Kootenay district have been supplied;
Cranbrook   W   Bison Dunham.
Moyie   J. H. Norton.
Kimberley   Joseph Evans.
Fernie   Daniel  M.  Perley, lt.\
Michel- Elbert r. Curry.
Coal ("reek   .1  Stoodly.
creston   Fred.  I..  Carpenter.
Morrissey, Corbln, Hosmer, Klko
and Baynes Lake ar.* still to be supplied, .     ,
The congregation or the Methodist
church will be pleased to learn that
Uev. Dunham is to be returned here
for another year.
Standard Lumber Co  26.00
Cranhn.uk Sash A Door Co  25.00
Fink Mercantile Co  25.00
Beattie-Murphy Co   25.00
Calgary Brewmg Co  26.00
A    U   McDermot     25.00
Joe Brault, Canadian hotel .... 25.00
IV F. Johnson. Queens hotel  .. 25.00
W. Steward. Royal hotel    25.00
F. Parka £ Co  25.00
J .1). McBride   25.00
Jos.   Campbell,   Cosmopolitan
hotel      25.00
M. w. Supple. Imperial bank .. 26.00
D   Macdonald, Wentwnrlh hotel 26.00
Fernie Brewing Co  20.00
Macdonald & Nesbit   15.00
W 0  Perkham   10.00
Little Davenport Cafe   10.00
Patmore   Broi  10.00
W. H. Wilson   10.00
W. E. Worden   17.00
King  Lumber Mill  10,00
Farmers' institute   is.00
(ieo   \V.  Carter     10.00
Cranbrook Drug <v Hook Co... 10.00
F   Derail     10.00
Armour a.- Kennedy   10.00
Royal Bank    10.00
Women's Institute      lfi.00
A.   H.  Playle     10.00
Johnson Bros  10.00
Matheeon   10.00
Third Infantry Brigade Tn
Meet al Vernon
Vancouver, B.C., May lit,—Vernon
will after all he the place where the
Twenty-third Infantry brigade, comprising the titli, T2nd, llth and 104th
FOK II.C. 1,1)1 UK
Approaching   (anal   (liiculim   Slim
nlates Trad.1 tn Ut* After
The record price was  paid  today  regiments, will train  tills year and
for a leasehold, W. S. Harron dlspos
Ing of 20 acres adjoining the Dingman property for $50,000.
That the newspapers, as well as
tbe conservative business element in
Calgary, should combine to discourage tbe piesent feverish speculation
Aumml   Meeting   of   the   Cranbrook
Liberal Association Held at
(lub Rooms
the local regiments, about six hundred strong, will entrain next Saturday night, according to Lieut. Col. J.
Duff Stuart.
Colonel Roy, who was here Saturday for the Inspection of tho 6t)i n.
C. O. R. had n conference with com-
,riK,nnmrJ   _ _    _.      ,„    _.     l>ally Service to Kimberley and Local
VANCOUVER. B.C., May  18.-Tho      monger to Fernie Announced
taking of moving pictures of tiie great; },.• |nv (*,|»,k,
__ parade of British Columbia lumber In- '	
.   A    -, terests here on June 12 will be prob-!
Tiiere was a very good attendance  ably  the  finjt Hpr*ol.B attempt ever I    Commencing on Sunday, May 31st,
present at tlie Liberal club rooms, over made m Canada to advertise the lum-1 ■* new train schedule between Kimber-
Lester Clapp's  store, last Thursday  ber industry of thc Dominion through j ■*,3r and Fernie has been announced.
 mlng to attend the annua) meeting . t*ie   "movies;'     Arrangements   have j The new service means a daily pas
diki: comim; to
british columbia
oi'ticlnl Announcement »t Final Tonr
ill   I amnla   i»   Made    Here
in   hull.
Ottawa. May 30.—The arrangements
of the Duke and Duchess of Connaught
for the coming Bummer were officially
announced from the government house
Tonight they left for Toronto, where
they will remain until May 31,    and
Nelson  News
Dr   Green
I'aiilin Chambers Co.
Medley Ujole	
Canadian Restaurant .
John U-vett 	
Oeo   Leask   	
41 Meat Market 	
McKay -v Jackson
Ward a.-  Harris 	
John Maiming 	
Little & Atchison  	
K. A. Hill 	
C T. Davi?. Laundry
F.   Carlson   	
will attend the Woodbine races.     At   Cranbrook  Trading
the  conclusion  of their  visit  in  To-   *  "  Webst ■:
ronto they will make a short tour in
eastern   Ontario.    On   June   1st  they
will   visit   Cobourg,   Peterboro     and
Fort Hope.   On June 2 they will visit
and afterwards wired a synopsis cf
the situation to Ottawa and uu
answering telegram was received today authorizing the holding of the
camp at Vernon.
The camp at Vernon will be the
largest ever held in British Columbia. Tiiere will be about 1,800 men
under canvas of all ranks. It Ls planned this year to work the infantry and
cavalry together and an ambitions
series of inaneuvres will be worked
In what may, in many cases, turn out manding officers of local regiments
to be wildcat concerns, which may " '
eventually work great injury to the
reputation of the whole district, was
one of the statements made by A. W.
Dingman, managing-director of the
Calgary Petroleum Products company.
"I have absolutely no .interest in
thc matter other than that of an ordinary citizen," said Mr. Dingman.
"The shares of my company ure not
for sale, and I have no interest In
knocking Dingman. Only 1 think out.
that following the general depression
been carri
away by the mania of speculation.
New Companies Every Hour
"New concerns are coming out virtually every hour, and it has been
stated that some of them have begun
Helling share before thoy got their
charter. Whether or not some of the
methods employed nre legal or not,
" don't know,   But there Is no doubt
of the Cranbrook Liberal association.' D"een ,^'jy ftgy "Yurf" committee in I senger service between Cranbrook and Belleville and Kingston and on the
Mr. (has. R. Ward, the president, charge of the lumber parade, which h; I Kimberley, as well as a daily local following day Brock vllle and Corneal led the meeting to order nnd an- to [orra part oE lllc Vancouver pageant j passenger service between Cranhrook wall.
nouueed that the lirst order of Dual- to imve thousands of feet of film pic-! and Fernie. Tlie train will leave From there they will go to Quebec.
nesa was the election of officers for tureB j^j^, by „ leading "movie" com- | Kimberley In the morning us a mix- wliere they will be in residence for a
the ensuing year, which resulted as ,)anyi Tlie8e vlc!WS wiil bo showh all i ed freight and passenger train. On month until July 4. During his visit
follows: over Western Canada and throughout j Its arrival at Cranhrook It will he at the ancient city the duke will pro-
Honorary     President—Sir   Wilfrid tbe States, In fact, everywhere that the I transformed into a regular passenger hahly visit  Petawawa  camp and in-
last year, people have been carried  fiA-uotinv i-TIWQ
away by the mania of speculation.      ■bVX,B*BrA15**,5Si ............. ,
Annual  Meeting of Oranbrook  Con-
•icrm he    Association    Held   In..
Campbell ami Manning Block
B.C. lumberman sees a chance of en- ] train and after making the round trip spect   the  troops  and  make  a  trip
larging a market.   The   prairies    or. to Fernie will complete Its run from through tiie eastern townships.     On
Western    Canada,    for    the    battle i Cranbrook  to  Kimberley  again  as u July g the governor-general will leave
ground, so to Bpeck, between eastern ; mixed train. for a brief visit to Newfoundland, pro-
and   western   lumbermen,   and   the     The new service means not only the ceedlog there uu H M.S. Essex, which
"movies" will be made a great factor; re-establishment of the daily service ! ls coming to Quebec in June.
in "boosting" tlie Douglas (ir products J to  Kimberley but the  return of the      At tlie end of July their royal nigh-
of the British Columbia coast. ' local  with  a service as  fur east as nesses  will   make  a  trip across  the
The recent activity of the mill men I Fernie. continent to Vancouver, making short
Bris- of this province in advertising tbeir i    The following is the official time ^Ds en route at the principal cMtes.
w. wares is directly attributable to the j table of the new train: No. 086 mixed T   ,y   ,     r,tllin! lo(Totta*a JJW   "
Executive   Committee—J.   E.   Mac- early opening of the Panama Canal. 1 train leaves Kimberley C a.m., arriving f.ei. m ™
■      ..... ^ anaua
i'resident—T. S. GUI.
First    Vice-President
Second   Vice-President—J.  E.  Kennedy.
Third Vice-President-^-C. C. Connol
September and shortly after will leave
Annual meeting of the Conservative
association was held iu tlie Campbell
,,   , .... . ,, ,.   ...  & Manning block on Tuesday evening,
that anyone haldlim u leas,   for ol » ffl
almost anywhere In the Bouthoni part  „uln(, yi,nr mm^
Fnrlano, Malcolm Horlo, C. R. Ward. Not only are they anxious to Bell-In  cranhrook 9.30; No. 508, local paaaen-
Ed, Paterson. Jos. Brault, Fred Rus- Increasing quantities to the prairies j gc,r,  leaves  Cranbrook  10k„  arrives
sell. A. 11. Smith,           "
Ur.   J.   II.   Killg. mum   i iiithi, miu  uii» van uui;   uu uvue i
Delegates to the uext meeting of the through the new water haul route ere-, brook   15.15;   Xo.  685,  mixed  train.
District   Association,   which   will   be '•**•*} j£ tHe,£aUtt! openlng.^At tlie pre- j leaves   Cranbrook   16.10  nnd  arrives
held at Fort Steele, were elected. '""" *"""'     '"  '
M. E. Collins and   but they also hope to invade the At-, Ferule 12.U0; No. 507. local passenger,   SFitVlfF TIIKOf'ftlf
lantic coast, and this can only be done j |eiives Fernie ut 13.00k arrives Cran- Illfl   llITTll  HI-TINS
t unyw
of tbe province can form a compauy,
aud in the present excited state of tlie
people, easily unload their stock.
"It Is clear that such u procedure
Indefinitely repeated, wlll give the district a bad reputation and do the new
Industry the greatest possible damage, I repeat, 1 have no desire to
knock anyone, but the present mania
for speculation will wind up in loss
nod disappointment for thousands jjj£™
who are investing their savings in
the pieces of paper that represent
share certificates,
Asked as to the latest developments
nt the well, Mr. Dingman said tliat
following the removal of U6 barrels of
oil yesterday, a gusher had leaped
fur over the top of the derrick—a distance of 86 feet, one of the most re-
inurkitble phenomena ever noticed lu      A fatal accident Oct
,m oil (told, duy afternoon on the I
"The  oil   Beeius  to  be   rushing  in   wagon   road,  Creston,
with greater force all the time," he  way   hatise.  Interna:
continued, "and gushers are becoming  Hue.   George Engl
more   frequent    We  are   very  short   the employ of the
of receptacles at  tbe  well  und  liave   was   proceeding   to   the   mine   in   u   Malcolm
closed the well until we can get sulll-  wagon when cue of tho springs under  u.,,Hi h.
dent tanks there.   This will probnb-  tlie seal broke, throw ini: English out
Iv take several days, aud by the time  and killing him  Instantly,    !i
Honorary   President- Sir   Richard
Hon. Vice-President   T. n .Caven.
President-—A. J. Balment
Vice-President—Geo. F. Stevenson
Secretary-Treasurer- -Wm.  Steward
Executive   Committee   .1.    D.   McBride, E. A. Hill. Dr. J. w. Rutledge,
Lester   Clapp,   A.   C.   Sliaiikiaml,   Ed.
McMahon, S. McDonald und Jas Mar*
George I'.hkIMi Thrown Prom Team
aud Inslaiill) Killed
urred on Tuos*
ontlnental mine
nuir the half
on a)   boundary
iSl),  ii   le; luster   ill
mining company
i  lh
sent time, Washington mills, competing against southern yellow pine com
panics, munage lo dispose of a large
quantity of Douglas flr every year on
the Atlantic coast, celling both in New
York and Buenos Ayres, by cargo as
well as shipping overland to points In
the eastern states.
British Columbia mill operators,
CK.VNHKOOK'N however, do very Uttla cargo shipping,
l*OT ITO PATCH  excent possibly to the Orient, and they j 	
are now awakening to the possibility j    0d Mu>. I4th a ()llR.t but pretty wed
?Jrid^T?lopl5^.S':lu,l?5"7£_trai?-al-"? I ding   was   solemnized   at   the   pro
The retiring president, Mr. C. R.
Ward, reviewed the political situation
during tlie past year as well as giving
a brief outline of the work of the association during his incumbency tn the
(.resident's chair.
at Kimberley at 18k.
The new time table also announces
slight changes In the Calgary-Spokane train. After May Ulst No. 63
wlll arrive in Cranbrook at 2.26 and
leave at 2.40, and No. 64 will arrive at
::.:;o and leave at 3.45.
Barge*. Make Initial Journey*. Thrum-Mi
J'linuiuu   Cunul    Het-'iihir
Run Planned
Dr. Miles
A. A. MacKinnon
John Brennan ...
W.  F.  Doran   ...
Calgary Herald    10.00
V  Hyde  Baker     5.00
J. A. Macdonald   5.00
Beale & Elwell    5.00
T. T. McCredy   5.00
Cranbrook Poultry & Pet Stock
association     5.60
D. Burton   6.00
C. Parker   3.00
A. Emslle   2.00
City   Bakery     3.00
Hummer's Bakery   2.00
J. Marapodi   2.00
A. Joliffe     2.00
F. Godderis     2.75
Quain Electric Co  5.00
W. E .Dunham   5.00
DeWolf     5.00
A.  E   Watts    5.00
Suh**trittm of Goods
Raworth Bro?., value $10.00.
Creat Went Saddlery Co., Calgary,
bit and bridle.
McCreery Bros., value 12500.
Nor'-West Farmer, five subscriptions.
w M Park k Co,, value 111.00.
Calgary Herald, - subscription,
Farm & Ranch Review, 'i subscriptions.
Fink  Mercantile, value |15.00.
Vancouver  World. 2  subscriptions.
Manitoba Free Press, 1 subscription.
as passed cranbrook Trading Co.. value $10.00.
and    Pedro   Model Variety Store, value $5.00.
T. S. QUI, silver shield.
Eighteen boys as named below have t|,jB nne<" British bottoms,   for   one
entered the potato competition under ; 0ltog;   are   cheaper   than   American ; when -,        Adam„ eMet nl     ,*-„ ))f
the auspices of the provincial Jfvera-* boats on charter, and tlie American  cranbrook, was married to Miss Anno
u„nt.   hueh boy must plant 44 rows  lumber companies ,m the Pacilic coast   lj0liiM Attwood,  of  Moyie,  by  Rev.
of  potatoes  each  .13  feet long. The cannot, under  U. S. murine regula-, ,.        ., _ ,     T,     br)dlI   „        ...
it.llowing Is thiMlst of boys compel-, uonB, utilize foreign bottoms in ship-   u',n     *,M l' Hl
ing and the number of rows planted   ,,|„K cargoes to eastern U. S. ports.
to iiate This relative cost advantage, In favor
Rows planted i oftlie British Columbia mills, wlll be
21' Increased  when   the   water   haul   is
 |     5 greatly reduced In distance nnd time
!.',.!!!..!.!   44  D>* *lie opening of the canal.
'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.    15
and were tied up at Oamboa, the hal
way point in the canal for the night.
Cathedral of the Redeemer. Calgary.  Thf.  trji)  through   Lake  tlatun   and
Panama, May is—A tug with five
barges   In   tow   started   from   Balboa
this    afternoon     and
through   the   Mirallore
.Miguel  locks     Tlie tug and her to
proceeded through Culebra cut with-  Miss McLeod, handbag
out disturbing the work at Cucatrach   Beattie-Murphy Co.. value $16.00.
\ M. Beattie, Waldo, cup.
E, H. Slater .silver cup.
Swain, Joe
Webb, A. II
Rannot,  ll.
Fylea. II. ..
Argue, U. ..
I.eask.  M.   .
ly tu
havo Home tubing to put down tn tlie along later.   The skull was fractured,
hole around the casing to form an one leg broken and the body badly
air-tight space.   This done, wc antic.l- cut nnd bruised.
pate tbe gas wlll force the oil out The  deceased  waa a  so:,  of  Dan
of the well In a steady stream, thus , English of this place,   and   -was   20
obviating the noed of baling and nt years of age.    The funeral  will  be
the same time putting an end tu the held today and the remains lnterrod
gushers.   As I said, however, this wlll In Port Hill cemetery.
take a few days."
Murgatroyd, s	
WM   Mennle, A	
Briggs, Ph	
Swain. Fred	
Rogers, F	
Home Workers
u   1»un*t Forget Ihe Rille SI t on
32 day, Hit) ftfttllt Slurllmx ut
Coitldwell, A.
Daniels, \V.
Doris, H.
Macdonald. 11.
away by D. A. Ayers und wore her
travelling suit of blue serge with
white embroidered revers und bat to
match. Mrs. Ayers, the bride's Bister,
was tlie matron of honor, and Miss
Nina Attwood was bridesmaid. After
the ceremony a reception was held at
the DevenlBh apartments. Mt. and
Mrs. Adama left on the southbound
train for Cranhrook, where they will
Mr. and Mrs. Adams were met on
their arrival in Cranbrook by the
Cranbrook city hand, nnd a large
number of friends and conveyed I"
their residence In an artistically decorated automobile carrying a grinning, bobbing and bowing policeman's
bead. Tliey were parallel down Dak-
street   and   enthusiast;, ally   wel-
Oatun locks will ba made tomorrow
Five empty barges will start from
Colon In the morning on the trip to
Balboa. This Is the beginning of a
regular barge service through the
Hi-iTluitil*  l'u>   Twenljr.8-.TCli Thou-
"liihl Hollar* \fniiiiiHt    l.<i.» Onl)
Votiy.VUs lliimlml Hollar.
Vernon,   BI
council, nt tli
W ll Smith,
lower tin* iio-
tin' exl.tln,
!., May ID.—The city
a lUHeetlon ol Mayor
bu started a IIkM (or
trance rates In Vernon,
■ales  being coneldered
Mr. Dingman further atateil that
tlm gnaollne waa meeting with a
ready wile. It having been found far
better for automobllos than the ordinary "Juice."
"A farmer near here experimented
with some In hie traction engine,"
continued Mr. Dingman, "and he Ib
delighted with it. He says that it
generates considerably more power
than the ordinary fuel. There Ir no
doubt that It Is an exceedingly high
grade oil."
In a few concise words Mr. Ding-
i iioji si'okam:
The t'ranbrook t'lvlllan Utile association are holding  a   prize shoot  on
Monday, May L'iitli.   A cup given by corned hom
V. Hyde llaker will be shot tor In tha
morning open In all  members  who
will not have made 70 or over out of
a possible 105 during the season. This
cup Is to be awarded to the member
who   makes   lite   holiest   aggregate
; score at three shoots to be held on
lletriilnr   Hoard   of   Trade   Meeting May Bstli. Jnuc 87th and July ISth,
Will hv Held at City Hall on       with seven   shots  and  one  sighting
Krhlay' Kvening shot at BOO and con yards, on   the
  dates  mentioned.    Entrlel   for   this
,  ,       . .   ' competition will close ul 0.80 Monday
A spcclul request haa been made nl()r„|n-
1.30 p.m., when' thoy wlli hour sciiue  for a full attendance at the regular      ln lh(,' 0(ternoon Mr. 0. W. F. Car-
patriotic   addreHses   from   prominent meeting of tho hoard of trade at the,,. j,.   offered a first priae lo the
cltlienB, after which tliey will he , city hall on Friday evening, May 22nd, „ ,„e f lcn dollars nail a second to tl"' local cflamber are Chnhco Mika
marched to the Rox theatre, for a free | when tlio work of the board wlll be; ,..„ va,..0 „t nve dollars for tlie high- carnival at Nelson. H.C, July 13-1S;
patriotic   picture   show.      An   they reviewed   and   orrangemenU   made ,t, „„Maie BCOro at two, dvo end Calgary Industrial exhibition In June;
         tnm   otilocto In lain   I lin   Win tl 11in.T   lllialmiua . "Bli< \B*   	
prohibitive Statlatlci gathered inrii-
cat** that on tin- four blocks or the
principal business itreeti the merchants pay out in excess ot $27,000 a
year in premiums and that the total
premium tax Ofl the City each year exceeds $6,000. Never during any one
year of the last four has tlie (ire loss
exceeded M-&00 per annum. The city
was promised, three years ago, atib-
Northern Electric Co., Calgary, American Beuaty iron.
K--*rr Glass Co., 3 doz. Economy Jars
and  caps.
lra ft. Manning, 1  % bbl. flour.
lra Manning, value $22.50.
IIC Dairymen's Association, spring
dial scale.
Boss Carr, value J5.00,
lethbridge Herald. 1  subscription.
Bask of Commerce, silver medal.
A. K- Watts, Wattsburg, silver shield.
ceo    I'oweii,   1818   Blnger   Bewlng
Brock Co., Winnipeg, lady's umbrella.
C I'.S , baby'l carriage
It J   Binning, large framed photos
TO MM* A I. I.dllGK
Cranbrook Children Will he rnleriniii-
ed hy the Oversea**. Club.
All the children of this city nre reminded to be at the government
building on Empire day, May iMth, nt
Spokane, Wean., May 18.—The Spokane chamber of commerce will send  itantlal reductions, when tlie lire di
a delegation to the Cranhrook Agrl
ulturnl exhibition next September according to a decision reached today by
the Inland Empire relations committee.
Otlier Canadian meetings to be attended  hy ofllclal   representatives of
partment had heen equipped with
chemical engines and a modern auto
fire truck. Not only lias tills been
done, but the water system, formerly
with  a  maximum  of four inch  pip*
Slater A. B Parker, president of the
Rebekah Assembly of Hritish Columbia, paid tlie local Kebckah lodge an
official Tlslt last WedncHday, May 13tb,
aud delivered an extended address to
the large number Of members In at-
After the address had been received,
Sister Baxter. Noble Grand of the
local lodge, presented Mrs. Parker
with a beautiful china breakfast set,
on behalf of tlie local lodge.
A social M'Nsioii was then held and
the evening spent ln bonhoramle and
leave the theatre candies, oranges, 'or entertaining the Winnipeg business JSJ ViVnAmi yards." Also'lt prize "for Trail fruit fair. B.C.. September 17-18;
  ...  i.. 1..1 .-..i~ — -j„ "it of these ranges  and  Nelson  fruit fair,  Nelson .B.C.
man laid at rest the rumors regarding  ,_.....    ,  	
the possible action of the American i, etc,, will ba given each child. | "*eu arriving by special train on Sa-1 ,j,0 be*rt scoro »t each of these runges
oil trust. He expressed the opinion Do not forget the dance In UlO turday morning, May 23rd. All mem- ...4 a con80latlon prize given by Mr. September 33-25, It is expected tlmt
that while the trust probably had a [evening, Empire day, May 85th, at thn a™* «•* the board ot trade with!* c n0W,,,,Ss Messrs. Pink Mercan- Spokane will be formally represented
representative hero It was merely to | Auditorium at 21.30. Tickets $1.00 per automobiles are especially renuonted 1 t)je 'Com„nny, Mr. J. I). McBllde, also at the Irrigation congress In Cal-
watch developments, i couple and 60c. for extra lady,     A  to bu present. Messrs   Parks A Co., and tbo Cran-  gary this fall.
"It Is not the policy of the Stand-[good time Ik assured.
ard Oil to rush In and buy a lot of,	
has been enlarged, many thousands of good-fellowship, and a splendid even-
feet of six, eight and ten-inch pipe itm Is reported,
having been laid. An invitation wil]
be sent to A. W. Boss, of Vancouver,
secretary of the Mainland Underwriters, to come here and work out a re*
adjustment of rates.
speculative properties. The trust Is
not a developer. It waits until the development Is done and then pays the
price. Money Is no hindrance to tho
trust. Several years ago I tried to
Interest the trust ln the oil possibilities  here.  They   stated   that  they
I brook Jobbers.   Entries for this com-
British India, a writer In the Out-1 P*""0" °!°" "J l!££.JWft **:
J. Rlley Benefll Dance
! Ing part will be required to pay an
The British government has agreed
would not bc Interested until the In- •«")• tor the blind says, leads all east- j utraJiee Uf <>f twenty-live cent! to ,0 reconsider Its decision not to nar-
dustry   was   on   a   working   basis,  orn countries In the number Sf Its  cover  cost  of  ammunition  at   each ttelpntc In the Panama Pacilic BxpOBl*
'Then we'll talk business,' they until., hllnd people, containing about 000,000.! range, and a marker's fee of twenty- tlou  at  San   Pranclsco. and It now
Tbe talk of tlm trust coming In now   lu China there are, It Is estimated, > five cents to cover the day's Hhootlng. seems   probable  thnt  Great   Britain
and snapping up the properties at tlie , 5011,(100, In Japan 100,000 und tu Egypt 1    Entries may be made any time with may be officially represented al the
present tlmt Is nil nonsense."           1150,000 of the unfortunates.                 i either thu captain ur the secretary fair In a distinctly modified form.
Last Sunday the city band rendered
the following programme at the band
stand. It is expected that tbe new
teats will be ready for the public by
next Sunday.
March --W. M ,B Hall
Overture—The Elvs   Kiefcr
Gross  procoedfl    $178.00   Waltzes-On the Mississippi... .Daby
Dull rent     40,00  Selection-Martha       Pcotow
— Serenade-At Twilight Hour 	
$188,00          Rockwell
Donation hy Baldwin Bros....    10.00  March-Albanian   Hall
  Ood Save the King
$148.00 . J. Austin, tMUtdmastar. THE CRANBKOOK HERALD
J. U. THUMrSO.y Editor and Manager
Snpscriptlon Rates
One   Year     $2.00
Six Months         1.00
Three Months    50
Advertising Jtates   	
Display   Advertising,   25   cents   per jiAy BE CHECKED BY USING  auaranteo
Column inch. ~  ■*■—
Reading Notices or Classified Ada
cents per line.	
"Cranbrook,. B.C., May 21st, WM
The above expression is one which
is used frequently In connection with
hair preparations. Just exactly what
Is meant by it in each Instance Is a
question, Baldness is not a disease
and hence, does not permit of a cure,
it is a result invariably to be traced
lo the dandruff germ anil if tin condition lias become charonlc, that id,
It there is complete atrophy of the
huir follicles, u "cure" Is abaoiutolj
Approaching baldness, seen In railing huir, may always he checked and
if the hair follicles are not atrophied
llie  hair  may  he  induced  again  to
Dmuiniou  guarantees   ...
Nova Scotia guarantees  .
Ontario guarantees	
.Manitoba  guarantees   	
Saskatchewan guarantees
Alberta  guarantees   	
British Columbia guar-
Legislation has been proposed In
Canada to abullsh tlie tipping system.
It Is not likely to he successful in being enforced should It pass. The only
way hi which this Iniquitous system   	
may he abolished is through oduea- Brow,
tion. if yuu teach the hoy tlmt he This Is accomplished by regular ap.
should be worthy of his hire and that plications of Nowbroa Harplcido,
the acceptance or a "tip" is debasing Which cleanses the sculp mid eltmln.
both to the giver and receiver and pass  ates the dandruff.   Clicking the accu-
: '"""ns ot scurf skin removes th-.*
iimmon  enemy   to   beautiful
$00,4 40,«2 5
8,2 58, ,9 66
Total    $136,716,888
During the hist session of the British Columbia legislature, however, a
further guarantee bond ot some $12,-
ittHuion wus given Mackenzie and
Mann by tin* MoBride government.
T.he land granted Mackenzie and
Maun la us follows:
By the Dominion   4,102,848 ncres
By   Ontario    2,000,000 acres
THE hest tn practical use, because
convenient, compact fn size ,use
smallest amount of Ice and salt,
run  easily, freeze  quickly, produce
smoothly frozen creams or desserts
with little bother and less work.
The Tails hare electric-welded
wire hoops, guaranteed not to break
or tall off; tho Cans are made ot
heavy ttnplate with drawn steel bottoms that aro guaranteed not to fall
out or break and do not leak, tho
strongest and most durable Freezer
Can made; the Automatic Twin
Scrapers by their positive action in-
^^^^^^^^ sure perfect scraping of frozen par
ticles from side of can ns rapidly as formed without Injury to Can or
Scrupers, All inside parts are heavily coated with pure block tin, and
outside parts ull thoroughly galvanized. A Recipe Book with complete
directions tor making over 100 Ice Creams, Water Ices, Sherbets and
otlier desserts packed In each Freezer.
F. PARKS & CO.      Cranbrook, B.C.
laws forcing hotels and railroad companies to pay their employees a living
wage, the country will have gone far
in the direction of abolishing tlm tipping evil.
In the month ot April, 1913, thc
total revenue of the Dominion amounted to $12,145,455. In April, 191*1, tlie
total revenue stood at $0,848,808. In
other words there was n decrease or
Soft, glossy, fluffy huir cannot grow-
on u scalp Infested with dandruff nny
more than a delicate plant can grow-
on an ash heap, The scalp must be
kept clean and free from dandruff.
The hest remedy for doing this is
Newbro's llerpieiile , which receives
the highest endorsements from prn-
*"■■"-•  ■••*•*• - — fesslonal men, the stage and the best
$2,206,461 or more than eighteen per   people everywhere
cent.   The greater  part In the de-     Newbro's Herpicide In 60c. and $1.00
crease came in the fulling off lu cub- stiSe8 ls sold by nl, dealers who guar-
toms revenue, an Indication of a con-  ant6Q lt to do aU thQt *,. c*mlmc(it u
tinned drop In Canadian trade,   r-or      „ arfl not 8atltjfied your money wlll
months past there has been a great   ,,(, refunded
!'!!,'! Adrift!!?! ?! Sf "I'"?!1 fiff      Applications obtained at all  first-
and tho April flguresjndicate that thjB | o!ftB^ blirber BlJopB and hair dre88*ug
liarlnieiit of agriculture. While silage is an excellent feed for dairy
stock, It should he combined with
some other leguminous feed, such as
clover, cow peas or alfalfa, owing to
Its Insufficient productive quality.
^^^^^^^ The leguminous material will tend
opinion held by the Cana-1to correct the deficiencies of the silage in dry matter, protln und mln-
1  ration of silage
accompaniment of Borden
tlnues markedly evident.
the   Herpicide   Co.,   Dept.
Tatal    (i.102,848 acres
It Is not possible to set down the
precise value of this amount of land;
It hns Increased lu vulue since lt
was grunted and Will go on Increasing
in value from yenr to year. It Ib
possible, however, to give an Indication of til'
diau Northern itself as to its value,
A reference to the Canadian Northern report for the year 1910 will show
that the company estimated thnt 1,-
151,017 acres of land granted to lt
were worth "not Icbb than $14,000,-
000." Apparently, then, it is not unreasonable lo set an average value
of at least $10 an aero upon ull the
lands so granted. At this valuation
over $00,000,000 more would bc added
to thc amount, of the cash and guarantee assistance received by the two
railway magnates from the people of
With this $00,000,000 together with
.ral constituents. A
and, say, alfalfa liny alone Ib satisfactory, however, only for cowb which
are dry or giving only a smalt amount
of milk, and for heifers and bulls.
Cowb In full milk require some concentrated feed In addition to hay and
silage, as they can not consume
enough of these feeds to keep up a
large flow of milk and maintain body
Tlie amount of silage to feed a
cow will depend on the capacity of
thu animal to consume feed. She
should be fed as much as she will
Sundays—I.OW mass at 8:30 a.m.,
high mass, 10:30 a.m.; Sunday School
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary und Benediction at 7:30. p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation—- Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at 0 a.m. at the
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
S35-, MlcC'=.n¥'}0o.   n  JS^E'IKS^ \««, !{L^Ala?^ i7
postage or silvor for sample and hook
BeattlO-MUrpliy   Co.,   Ull.,   Special
A very Important bill affecting
newspapers wus put through the
house ol commons last week and came
Up ln the senate last Friday. At pre-   	
sent the rates on newspapers are fixed ~~
by law and can be changed by purlin- |„,,,„ 1:om,elvcd for tbe benefit ot tlio
ment only. The new bill, No. 147, now r,um,|m„ „OT„lo. We require this
In tlm senate, has an apparently In- rauwoy. it must not go into llquidu-
nncent clause whicli tukes tills great Uon but we „,,„„,,, imvo tl„, control
power over tlie press of the country „, lt slllce we mll8t g0 hlt„ partner-
away from Parliament und gives It slll wltu thc Canaal8„ Northern rail-
to the post offlce officials. If it ls not wuy 1(!t m Me Ulttt we ,lr0 Ult, „,a9tcr,
defeated In the senate, un unscrupul- not th0 Borvant, Let the agreement
ous official could legally permit the be moul,|C,1; u,t the resolutions be
newspapers of one side of politics mom,A But, „ir, „„ Ul0y Btanu at
to go through at low  postal rates, t,le ,nl t|m„ „      „„ „ot t,[m.
while those In the same town on the ceimi {m Ul„ b(m8nt „t tUo Canadian
railway  tile  passage of the
guarantee now fathered by Premier
ilorden will bring the totul aid granted the Cunudlan Northern up to nearly *.:iou,noo,u(j0!
1WHTY   r
otlier side would be compelled to pay
a much higher rate. Tills actually
happened in the last general election.
It was Illegal, but the act, if passed Northern "railway
by the seuate, would make this and
similar occurrences legal. It Is very
unusutil for a government hill to be
opposed tn the senate, but ln this particular Instance when the bill was presented, Hon. Sir Mackenzie Howell, of
the    Belleville     Intelligencer,    the
people; they urc conceived altogetht
for the benefit of the llrm of Mackenzie  &.  Munn  and  of  the  Canadian
'There Is this consideration to be
borne In mind by the prime minister:
There nre Interests which the transcendent, and the primary one of those
transcendent interests is that of the
country.    I  have to  repeat that  the
veteran Conservative leader, arose at int8™' o( "'f ,,0,","!7 ls ""' sc,,'n'''
once and expressed Ills decided objec- u" Hie Present resolution  and as the)
tion to the proposed change In the stnlld, " ,""" bc Ul« ?„"'? "r "",'"'
law, which gave such great power to !'"»' °"'° oppose then  irom.first to
the post ollice officials     He wus par- "? '.   lF,rom **■• 'J""* "' &       ll1-
tlcular to say thut his remarks  did ^Jf^M, ^L^Ta^JZ
not apply to the present postmaster- "°?al8'° "ul 5i"'1" ''"■'''",   ,± Vs
general personally or to any ot his'a ''""I K'""""1,™ °   (t'S'm'~V
predecessors.   Senator Young said a : rcvls''a "»"™rd, W ■'"»)■
number of newspaper men had spoken
to him privately in opposition and lie fcJ$,0M,(HK) GUAlUiM'FK FM, MAC-
was followed by Senator Bostock, the liv/ii-  t\n yiw
Liberal   leader   in   the   Senate.    In |              a*Wv*us Afl*u «Anfl
further ' s»n*t(l ulons with her hay and grain.
1 Raise or lower the amount until the
proper quantity Is ascertained. Generally speaking, a eow should be ted
just short of the limit ot her appetite. If she refuses any of her feed
it sould be reduced at once. The
small breeds wlll eat 20 to 30 pounds
a day; the large breeds 40 or more,
und the medium-sized ones amounts
varying between.
Iron-clad   directions   for   feeding
cows can not be given.   In general,
however,  they   should   be   supplied
with all the roughage they can clean
.,.„..  , up with grain In proportion to butter
....   political  parties.     The    Herald  fut produced.  The hay will ordinarily
gives the impreston that It Is a so-1 range between 5 and 12 pounds per
phlBtlcated  old  rascal,  which   knew! cow per day when fed in connection
nil  about these  wicked  doings  and I with    silage.     For    Holsteins    one
was not shocked or even  surprised j pound of concentrates for four poundH
nt thc terrible arraignment   of   Mr.! of milk  produced  will  prove about
Bennett.   Perhaps that is the case.    ' right-    For Jerseys one  pound  for
The  people  have been  suspecting ' each three pounds of milk or less will
this thing all along.     They   did not j come   nearer   meeting   the   requlre-
dream or the extent of it   until   Mr.  '"«»t»-    The grain for other breeds
Bennett made tlie bald statement in ; will vary between these two, accord- 	
the house.   Then the News-Telegram i *»g to the quality of milk produced., will preach at both services.
with brutal jocularity declared that ■ A 8°od  —•-  •-  »-  »■<•  *'-'»■  <«»»•« I m™**!,,.,
it knew nil about it.   And   the
The Calgary Herald joins with the
News-Telegram in rhhcultig a newspaper whicli believes tout tiie country is In serious danger when railway
companies and jtiiur big Interests
supply campaign funds to the dllfer-
Rev. O. E. Kendall, Pastor.
Preaching services, 11.00 a.m. and
30 p.m.
Sunday school, 3.00 p.m.
Fellowship Bible class, 3.00 p.m.
Baptist Young People's Union Monday evening at 8.00.
Weekly prayer meeting Wednesday
8.00 p.m.
Junior B.Y.P.U. Friday 4.15 p.m.
Week-end meeting for prayer Saturday 8.00 p.m.
The topic for the morning service
will be "The Lord'* Prayer Ser!ns"
The ground ot hope that tho prayer
wlll be answered.
In the evening service the pulpit will
be occupied by the British Columbia
representative of tbe British und Foreign Bible Society.
All are Invited.
Pastor, Rev. W. E. Dunham.
The Rev, Hugh Dobson, ot Regina,
_mtmmwrmm ill preach at both hop "
-...a-. ■--  —5-   rule |i8  t0  be  *eed  8even I Morning
Cal- i times ds much grain as there Ib butter i prelude   Selected
view of tlie opposition, Senator Long-
heed, the Government leuder, asked
tliat the Bill stand over until Tuesday
night for tlie purpose, no doubt, of
laying the situation before his colleagues In the Cabinet.
It Ib a fact that the Canadian Press
Asschttion was not consulted on the
matter, while on the other hand, it h
known that at least one representative of the big "Dollar Dallies" was informed on the subject. This seems to
confirm the state
freely made that some permanent officials of the Post Ollice—unofficially,
of course— arc working ln conjunction with thc big city dallies.
By legislation introduced Into the
Commons on April 28th, the Borden
Government proposes to further guarantee the bonds of the Canadian
Northern Railway to the amount of
$45,000,000. If that legislation is
passed by parliament, Sir William
matter, while on the other hand, it is  Mac^n-jie and Sir Donald Mann  the
•— - .•..-*, „. i„„..* „„«, •„„Moo«»0_  controlling owners of the Canadian
Northern system, will have received
ajeci. ims scema xo . assistance from the people of Continent that has been | »Jj JSSUSnS        '234,889,576  plus
"The first objection we have to this  $41,977,741,
thc value of ti,lu2,848 acres of land
granted them In part by the Dominion and in part by the province of
Up to June 30th, 1913, the Canadian
STAND* Northern system, or Mackenzie and
Mann ,had received from the people
of  Canada  cash   subsidies   totalling
gary Herald declares ln a small voice
tliat it knew tt too. But neither paper
ever mentioned it and neither paper
resents it now.
The facts as presented by Mr. Bennett were had enough. But the attitude of the members of parliament
and numerous newspapers ln ncept-
ing conditions without a word of pro-
tost Is the most depressing incident
in Canadian politics in recent times.
The Albertan repents that forty
years ago this very year, tlie Canadian people rose in their might and
turned from office one party strongly
entrenched because thoy believed that
one corporation hud furnished one
party with campaign contributions in
large amounts. But now it Is taken
us a matter of fact. And here in
Western Canada, one newspaper accepts it with coarse, vulgar jocularity and the other sneers at tbe newspaper which objects to It.—Albertan.
fat produced.
i Anthem-
ttMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmm_____,     "I Will Bless the Lord"..
KIM) OF BEEF IN DEMAND    offertoiV-Adaiio'in'a'piat'	
 - (Choral hymn)
There Is no  doubt that the beef | PoBtludc—March from "Egmont"
Settlement of Troubles ln Southern
Republic are Being Considered
at Niagara Falls
agreement Is tlmt although  It purports to he u unification of thu Canadian Northern system, It is no buc.1i
unification—the twenty-eight compan
tea are still in existence and will con
tlnue us  they are today,
point is thut tlie guarantees lhat we
have are absolutely illusory, that the
mortgage we receive ls absolutely insufficient.
"I Bald a moment ago, and I repent,
This amount Is made up as follows:
Dominion  subsidies   $;',.!,048,244
Quebec   subsidies        :t,502,04G
Nova Scotia subsidies  ....    3,890,005
The'next  Manitobo subsidies      041,575
Ontario  subsidies       1,825,371
Total    $41,077,741
Up to tlie Bnme date, Mackenzie and
Mann hnd been given by the Dominion
NiagaraFttlls, Ont., May 20.—Stimulus was given today to the report
thut    the    self-elimination  of    Gen.,
Huerta    would    make    it    possible j *ia"-
for     the     mediation       conference j
here   to  bring   about    peace     for |
Mexico.       It       was       announced
in u despatch received trom Mexico
which is in the greatest demand at
the present time nnd which makes the
highest price, ls young beef of the
finest quality and which has been
well fed with its birth, says the London Live Stock Journal. The public j
are also aware of the risks they run
in consuming the produce of the I
dairy, whicli may have been obtained
from infested or diseased cattle, lt
ie necesary to bc most careful only
to raise healthy stock for the dairy
on the one hand and on the other
cattle for the butcher which will make
the highest price per pound at the
least expense to the feeder. It Ib
quite true that all farms are not
suitable for the breeding of cattle,
and It is no use for a man to go ln
for this business unless he Is prepared to face a great deal of worry
and hard work. Given a realy good
bull and a conscientious cowman it
is extraordinary what good cattle
can be produced from inferior dams If
liberally fed. Breeding from Inferior
dams is not, however, advocated. Tbe
bull Is said to be half the herd, and
In many instances a cowman who
takes an intelligent interest in his
work may be said to he the other
mmmtmmmmmmmmmmm^mmimmm,mmmmmr Beethoven
Sunday school  and Onward Bible
class, 3 p.m.
Service 7.30 p.m.
Organ (I.)—Andante and Allegro..
(ID—Prelude In F Funke
Anthem—"O Taste and See" Gobs
Offertory—Communion in E. Flat..
Postlude—March In B. Minor, Op.
27, No .1     Schubert
C. F. Nidd, organist and choirmaster.
The Onward Bible class will hold
a picnic at Perry Creek on Monday.
Pastor W. K. Thomson
Divine service at 11 a.m. and 7.30
p.m .
Morning aervice: Psalm 2 C: 10-12
Evening service: Job 26 C: 12 vs.
"He Dlvldeth the Sea With His
S. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Selections by choir at morning and
Pernio will be here next Mondw, | ^.J ^^Mr..
that this enterprise must go on. It has and  several  of  tlio  provinces  bond   ili^VepreBentatiVes'to p'resenthls re-i
-,  , i .■ .„,,- _    . , _ | signution if such a step became neces^
provisional president had authorized I the local lacrosse team, and a warm
■ •*      ,.  contest la anticipated.  The local team
io» » biiuii a. <*.«-■» uev-Muo hw«j- llaH UGCn practising consistently and
of adlUBtmetnt of tho trouble  a*Pe ■» shape to give a good account
1 ,»f ll.f„,„.„l™u       Aa  Iopmimii la this nnlv
Keeping Out of
the Ruts
The blood of a business which advertises regularly runs faster than the
blood of a busines which rarely or
never opens it mouth.
Men who get in ruts grow like ruts. There
Is a certain comfort and contentment In
routine—which word ls very close to
Advertising compels the advertiser to bestir
himself—and since he advertises to YOU,
since he wants your favor and custom, you
can be pretty sure that he is doing his best
to deserve your favor and custom.
(■lie your custom to tliom who Hollrlt It—who tell
ynu they want lt| who tell you what they are doing
In your nltc rfsK Encourage those who nerve you
heat and mosl.
Shop Where You Are Invited to Shop
1 with the United States.   I^ater. how-!oI themselves.  As lacrosse Is the only
over, it wus said that there had been | organized sport here this season it
: an  error  In  transmission  and  that  allnll(1 receive the hearty support of
| Qon. Huerta hnd said that his dele-  the puhlic and the boys shown that
gates  had no Instructions to offer IiIb  their efforts ure appreciated.     The
resignation 'lntl*' grounds have been levelled up
Confidence in tho amlcablo settle- ?•»•*!»•« tho week for the game and will
ment of not only the differences whicli j be »■ g(lud shape.
have arisen between the United States  ""' ' "'   anM
nnd Mexico hut in the ultimate pacification of Mexico through the avenues
of diplomacy was reflected after thc
i'ormal session ot the three mediators
and tlie rcprcBetatlves of the Huerta
and United States governments. b
For the last three days it has been
taken for granted in diplomatic circles
generally thai the problem before thc
mediators was not so much tho elimination of Hucrtn but whut was to
follow his retirement, whut kind of
government could bc established and
what persons would be acceptable to
| the public and the boys shown that
P predated.     The
been levelled up
the game and wlll
^^^^ Let the boosters
get out and encourage the hoys to
keep thc championship of Kast Koote-
uay ut home.
Between Women's
Health or Suffering
The main reason why bo many
women Buffer greatly at times
is because of a run-down condition.   Debility, poor circula-
all interests in Mexico.  The sentiment, *» ^ilttSP^
of disinterestedness which tho Mexican | «uor» nervousness and Worry.
coninifjwloncrs expressed In their ln- j
formal tulks wns particularly empha-1
Sized in thc opening speech of Ambus-
I sudor Dn Game nt thc first full con-1
i ference of thc mediation board.
Today's proceedings were concerned
with  preliminary organization.    The i
plenipotentiaries of Argentina, Brazil J
i and Ohlle will preside over the con-
i terences. The deliberations will be |
i secret.    The general feeling tonight;
was tliat tomorrow Bome of the vital;      - -
! issues in the Mexican problem would cal remedy.   They clear the
; be ready for submission, system of poisons, purify the
blood,  relieve   suffering and
HOW .MUCH SILAGE ensure such good health and
TO FEED A COW j strength that all the bodily
—r- organsworknaturallyandprop-
IVill   Depend   Largely   Upon  thej erly. In actions, feelings^and
^^^^^^^^^^^ E, Paterson.
Organist—Mr. H. Stephens.
Mid-week service Tuesday, 8 p.m.
Knox Literary and   Debating Society on Wednesday evening, 8 p.m.
OSs UnM) tSss in mt MMa h ft. MO
are the safest, surest,  most
convenient and most economl-
(n|iaclty of Animal to Con.
Hume Fred
Wellington, Mny 21.—Silage Is the'
muln reliance of dairy farmera 111
many tttictloitH for cow feed, uinco It
liaH been found to bo particularly well'
adapted an feed lu HiIh connection,
In tho Btatement contained tn farmer.' bulletin 078, United State, dt-
looks, thousands of women have
proved that Beecham's Pills
Make All
Application for a license to take
and use water will be made under the
"Water Act" of British Columbia, as
1. The name of the applicant ls
Floronce Edith Tibbetts.
2. The addresB of thc applicant Is
Marysville, B.C.
3. The name of the stream Is: Unnamed spring rising on Lot No. I»:in7,
Group One, Kootenay District. Spring
rises on south-east corner of said lot.
The stream has Its source In U>t I
10367, and flows ln a south-westerly
direction, and sinks about 100 feet
from rising point on Lot 10308, Group
One, Kootenay District.
4. The water Is to be diverted from
the spring where It sinks on Lot 10367,
,76 feet from northern boundary line of
Ixit 10368, Group One, Kootenay Dls-'
6.   The purpose for which the water '
' will be used Is Irrigation.
6. The land on which the water Is
to be used Is described as follows: ■
Lot No. 10368, Group One, Kootenay
■ District.
I    7.   The quantity of water applied
for Is as follows: Five (6) inches.
;    8.   This notice was posted on the
| ground on the 20th day of May, 1914.
9. A copy of this notice and an
application pursuant thereto and tu
the requirements of the "Water Act"
will be filed In the office of the Water
Recorder at Cranbrook, B.C. Objections may be filed with the said Water .
Recorder, or with the Comptroller of!
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, B.C.
20-r>t Florence Edith Tibbetts.
Summer Waists
White Lawns and Marquisettes
from $1.50 to $4.50
Middy Blouses
Trimmed with Red and Blue
from $1.00 to $2.50
Balkan Waists
White Trimmed, Red, Blue and
Saxe from $1.50 up.
Ilalsall & Co.
Patterns  || LADIES',MISSES',andchilorcnsoutfittcrs
You Can
Next time you step into the corner
store, take a look around. Of all the
articles on the shelves, how many were
on your shopping list five years ago ?
Make it ten years, and you will find
that most of things you buy to-day—
and could not do without—were not
even made then.
You men and women who buy
things, let this sink in. You are better
men and women because of advertising. You eat more wholesome food.
You wear better clothes. Your home
is better furnished. You have cleaner
and more sanitary houses. You read
better books and magazines, You seek
more healthful amusements.
Isn't life brighter because we have
new and higher standards of living?
Let us thank advertising for it.
Advertise in the
It covers the East Kootenay district
and brings results
for garden ond farm ore be. t
for B.C loil See Catalogue for
•olid guarantee of purity
ana germination
Send now for Copy frto
Vicrana     a      v«ne.uv.r
.IS .art sr. •*7.*.ranvtll«*>.
mli aunts ron aaitiiH tioMai*.
ULadles and gentlemen's hats
renovated, remodelled and re-
blocked, tn any style and material.
liBeut work and satisfaction
16 Fenwick Ave.     Phone 304
Organist    ot    the    Methodist
Receives Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice
Studio—Methodist Church
on the
»#«m Minard's
l&JI Liniment
The Difference
1,39 mm.
SoM .virrwher..   In b
asm tilll fo. ib. dlnMloi
A high school ot horticulture for
young women of France has been
opened near Paris under the auspices
of the Union tor ths Agricultural
ud Hortlcultu/al Instruction ot
For Round Trip
. May 28rd-26th, 1914
May 27th. 1.14
B. Dtnua,
DUt Pan. Agent.
.,        m, Calgary. .Alta.
ili-iit !cmmi who hail renliiV'l tsltroml
and in thoroughly ronveraant with
tlm above limenagva. drwlwii a few
jirlvatfl im pi In. Preparation for
exiiim*., etc-.—For particular! apply
Box 7, Herald Offlce. 11-4*
•■*■■■■■*■■■»■■■»■■■■■■»• •••■■■■MaiM
Cranbrook    Lodge,
No. at
A.F. & A. M.
JP*  iteeular meetings on
*F*&S2Wli      the   third   Thursday
™\sf of every mouth.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
H. Hickenbotham, W. M.
J. L. Crauton, Sao.
Cbbboknt Loiiqe No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. la Ihe
fraternity Hall.
a. Donahue, C. C.
V. M. Christian, K. ol HAS
I*. 0. llox 622
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
352 Richard" St.,
(Supcs rto IV. !'\ Ui'im)
Barrister, Solicitor, and Notary
1'. (). Box H51)
Strawberry Plants
Hardy Northon. grown itock of
ItuiliiiH -.'ariettai. propagated frum
the li. .M, Kellogg atrain nf pedigree plants.
Friceper TlmilRand Plant?, f.n.lf.
here, $7.50.
100 IManlf, pout paid, for $1,25.
Catalogue sent on rpcjnt-Kt
HonradWigen, Wynndel, B.C.
l'se   Parisian   Sufre.   II  Slakes
thi' Hair I'lull')' ami
Ah ii ml ii ii I.
i elor-
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Vlsltlug brethren   cordially lntlUd | mHm M|||(, . eMMM00, ■ c
to attend. , »1-ll
Hests every Mondaj | Physicians and Surgeons
Armstrong  4t,
HiiIIiIit nml Contractor
P.O, Uox 183 Cranbrook, B.C.
Manutaoturer    of    Cement    Blocks,
Chimney Blocks and Porch
Conerete Work a Specialty
III 11,11
Pricei Right
^b1l,»t„N«wF";o-to..i K«id««
      terntty   Hall.    So-1
iourning Oddlellowa cordially Invited
J. II. Turnley, W. M. Harris,
N. a. Seo'y.
Meets lirst and third Wednesdays in |
each month,
A cordial invitation extended to
visiting brothers.
K. W. Russell, Chief Patriarch
H. White, Scribe.	
No. It.
Meets every second and. fourth Wed
nesday at Fraternity HaU.
Sojourning   Robekaha  cordially In
' Sis. Ida Baxter, N" (}.
Sis. Ada Hickenbotham, Ree. See.
Meeti in Maple Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday of eacb month at fc
p.m. sharp.
J. Bird, C.R.
L. Pearron, Sec., Boi IIS.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Maple Hall 2nd asd 4tk
Tueaday even month at 8p.m.
Membership   opea   to British   cltl
E. Y. Brake, L. Pearron,
-•   Pres. Sec.
Box (18
Visiting members cordially welcom
Cranbrook Lodge
No. 1010
Meet, every Wftdnewl.)
at 8 p.m. la Royal Blank
Knight.' Hull, Baku
Forenoons i.Ufl to 10.08
Alteram™ - - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - - - • 7.80 to   8.80
elaudays . - - - 2.80 to   4.80
ORANBROOK :i    fl    H    it    «.
8 to 12 a.m.
1 to   8 p.m.
1 to   8 p.m.
Offlee In Hanson Block.
CRANBROOK -        -       .- B.
J. TAYLOR.. Pr.pH.la,
Has just purchased a car of
High Grade Cows
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and Cream twice daily
Buttermilk twice a week
Just ordered a Clarifying
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Termaon Application
Phone 269 Matron
P.O. Box 845 Garden Ave.
Orfltlrat-L- of Improvement
| One cannot help but sympathize
with  the Toronto  correspondent  of
' the London Times ,who has worked
himself up Into a state bordering on
nervous prostration because of the
alleged Americanization   of   Canada.
j L'nieBs there hus been a recent
change, the Toronto correspondent of   'W.V.""*' ","'\ ° "J""**.' -*—--—*
'The  Times  is  none -otter  than   the  or il tllfl 8Cal» burns and itches, jm
S peeriesB   Sir   John   Wllltson,   whose
1 voice   ia   ever   uplifted   In   loud   and
; sonorous   roars   against    "truck  or
; trade with the Yankees," Sir John, a*
| editor   of   tlie   Toronto   News,   knows
'that Canada is more firmly Canadian
than it ever was, nnd if he is guilty
of  tlie   alarming   story   in   question,
, must know tliat it is false in every de-
It may be that Sir John is no longer tin* correspondent of the Times.
I If so the blame Is not upon liis
shoulders, Whoever the author, !"■
is guilty of serious misrepresentation.
1 This may be llie result of overwhelming ignorance, Combined with a
supreme belief in the writer's powers
of observation. Unfortunately the
story bears every earmark of deliberate falsehood. It is in tune with the
great mass of twisted Information
whicli is sent out from Canada by
correspondents nt Knglish newspapers, who. either as n result of barren information are forced to rely
upon their Imaginations or becaUBQ
they have not been treated with the
pomp and ceremony they expected,
nurse a hitter grudge against the
Apparently it Is Impossible for
either Britisher or American to realize that Canada is a nation, with
thoughts, beliefs, conditions and
ideals peculiarly its own. The average Britisher complains that Canada
is too American and tlie average
American goes buck to his own country with a story that Canada in entirely too Knglish. As a matter of
fact, Canada is neither American nor
English, it Is Canadian, aud every
Canadian Is proud of it. The sooner
I visitors to Canada realize this the
more easy will It he for them to
understand the country. The constant
harping of such congenital Idiots us
the Times correspondent Is almost
enough to bring about an effect entirely opposite to the one he strives
to achieve. Editorially The Times
commented on tlie horrendous news
from Canada with the remark that a
j process "for moulding the Canadian
lies Us master to light the battles of  had not done what he supposed lie Imd.
reason successfully. It is as impracticable as perpetual mo*
But the practical man retains only   tion.    Intuition  remains as likely as
the  shadow  oi   victory.    The  academician   wins  tlie   substance   and   the
spoils. Professor tlussoll brings n new
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lof-h' on the lield of thounlit.
It Is needless for you to have hair The phillsopher claims that this
that is anything short of perfeet. If logic has brought the menus of the
it is railing out, losing color, splitting  same advance In philosophy as liali-
_; _      .         '      Ieo   brought   for   physics.     It   wings
mediately get'from the Beattie-Mur- thought It renders it practicable to
phy Drug Co. or any drug counter a perceive what kinds of problems may
50-cent bottle of Parisian Sage—use be capable of solution and what must
it frequently—the lirst application re- be abandoned as beyond human facul-
moves dandruff, invigorates the scalp  ly.      It "enables us to obtain results
and beautifies the hair until It
iously   radiant.
Parisian Sage supplies hair needs-
is perfectly harmless, it contains the
exact elements required to make the
hair soft, waxy, glossy and to make
it grow thick and beautiful.
Vou will surely like Parisian Sage.
It is one of the best and most delightful hair tonics known.
that tin* Canadian Pacific Hallway
Company las Lessees and exercising
the Franclilse of the Kootenay Central Railway) Ims (In pursuance with
the requirements of Chapter 115 of
the Navigable Waters Protection Act)
deposited with the Minister of Putytc
Works at Ottawa und on the 9th day
of April. 1914, Willi the Registrar of
UeedB at Nelson, B.C., as number
litis (Bridge Plan number 13) plan
and description of the site showing
proposed diversion of the Columbia
Hi ver In Lot 2578, Uroup 1. Kast Kootenay District, near Mile 05 of said
Kootenay Central Hallway.
Dated at Winnipeg this sixteenth
day of May, A.D., 1914.
P.   Mcpherson,
Rtght-of-Way      and     Lease     Agent,
Western   Lines. 21-4t
that must command the assent of all
competent to lorm an opinion."
This is the most daring of claims.
It looks like claiming that tiiere
exists an automatic and Infallible
means of ascertaining truth and
grasping the reality of the fchlng-ln-
Itself. But this infallible instrument
must be employed by fallible intellects.
The pergonal equation is bound to remedy
creep in. assert itself, affect the result and Infect or even vitiate it with
human error. Ramon Lull <>f Spain
Imagined six centuries ago that he
had  Invented  or discovered  such a
 thod       of       Infallibly       correct
and       logical       reasoning,        but
experience proved that hi-
logic to win reality and truth.
But Professor Russell slates two
valuable facts. The Immense expansion uf knowledge has made men
doubt the validity of universal systems of thought and yet tlie new
knowledge acquired by men has
brought new human (lowers. The
second of these facts strikes a body-
blow at the contention of Alfred Rus-
sel Wallace that human ability has
not increased with the progress of
The Beattie-Murphy Co.. Ltd., have
the Cranbrook Agency for the simple
mixture of buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., known us Adler-i-ka, the
hlch became famous by
urlng appendicitis, This simple remedy has powerful action and drains
such surprising amounts of old matter from the body that JUST ONE
DOSE relieves sour stomach, gas on
the stomach and eoustipatiou almost;
of Adler-i-ka Id astonishing.
?..°no°m?8 Cranbrook, B.C. j
St. Mary's and Cobalt Fractional j people Into a common devotion to the
mJn-ral claim, situate In the Fort ''Knipire" was necessary. Tills lfl typl-
u*noi„ «.-.«,«„ ,n.,t„i„„ „# c*„„* v„„*<. cal of the London Times. In the es-
bteele mining division ot Bant Koote- tlmatlon 0, tlle avorttge Engllshraan
nay District. I Canada  is  a  nice  little   ulacc   with
Where  located:    On    Luke  cieek,   rather bad manners, to be treated as
about 114 miles northeast of McDer-  »  naughty  child  and   whipped   Into
mld's ranch shape.
mm 8 rancl. Thl9 Btutude ,„ intolerable, lt Is on
Take notice that J. T. Laldlaw, Free \ a par wlt|, the attltudo assumed by a
Miner's t '.Ttillcatn No. 40,473 U, in-, large number of Americans who seem
tend, sixty days from date hereof to't0 believe that Canada would be so
n,.,.t.. ♦« *i.„ M,„t.,„ i,„„ -,„- #«. „ i much better oft If annexed to the
apply to the Mining Recorder for a'Unlled   slatm     Nl)th|ng   „,„,„   bo
Certificate ot Improvements, for the j nlore mistaken Canada Is quite cap-
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant; able of .solving her own problems in
ol the above claim. I ner own way unti ll tH an Insult to
... *..^,,__ ,„, ' ,,„„ ... . ,.„„ 'any loyal Canadian to insinuate that
And further take notice that action,   the' ■D4*n,on 1h m need o( mallage.
under section 37, must be commenced ; ra(;nt, either from ucross the water or
before the issue of such Certificate of' across thc border.
It   is   equally   absurd tu say that
Civil aid Minim Engineers
British Columbia Land Surveyors
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
Wm. Matthews, Dictator
Frank Carlson, Sec. Box
l'rhlo of Cranbrook Circle. TNo.158
Meets in Carmen's Hall 1st and
3rd    Wednesday    of    each
month at 8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. 1-Aurle, C.C.
Mrs. A. Guthrie, See.
P. O. Box 002
Visiting Companions cordially
W. B.  BMtty,  Funeral  DlrtMto*
Cfubrook'B. C
Phone34ii P.O. Box 585
Norbury Ave., next (o City Hall
,  Improvements
Dated this 14th day of April, A. D.,
j 1914. lti-yt
Certificate of   Improvements.
Canadians are disloyal to the mother
country.   When a boy leaves home to
make his own mark in thu world he
I no longer Is expected to follow out a
, course   made   out   for   him   by   his
j parents.    He  seeks  his  own  eourse.        .,   r   . „,       t      .    ^
! It does not mean, however, that he re- i aB that of Edmonton last year.
! pudiates his parents.    He still holds
Last fall when the Alberta mid
LOustern British Columbia Press association held Its annual convention
at Edmonton, the attendance was in
the neighborhood of 200. All but seven
of these newspapermen and their
wives were carried to Kdmonton over
tho C.P.R, and were shown every
eourtesy by the officials of the company, lt was owing to this liberality
and kindness of the railway company
that the convention was made such
u success, at the same time the officials of the Grand Trunk Pacific provided a special train to carry the delegates and their wives to the end of
steel at Tete Juan ('ache.
This year the Alberta and Eastern
B.C. Press association convention la
to bo held at Vernon. To assist In
making the convention a success, the
C.P.R. hus volunteered to bring ull
delegates and their wives from Alberta and Eastern B.C. points, und In
addition thc company proposes to provide the big Oganugau lake boat to
give the delegates a chance to see the
Okanagan valley as far south as Pentlcton. At the annual meeting of the
members of the Okanagan Press Guild
at Vernon last week, Mr. Fred E.
Trautman, press representative of the
vice-president's office, appeared, and
conveyed the good news to thc dele-'
gates. He said the company would assist in every way possible to make the
Okanagan convention as big a success
Better to be Safe
Than Sorry     I	
MOST people, when not feeling well
will wait and *ee; perhaps 1 (hull feel better tomorrow. At such a tune the prompt use of
Eno's "Fruit Salt" rid* the system of disease get mi and
prevents the spre*\d oi llie malady.
keeps tlie liver working, preventing the accumulation of
poison in the blood, winch, when allowed to continue
unchecked, might develop into 1 ever. Without such a
simple precaution a; Eno's "Fruit Salt," the jeopardy of
life is immensely ir:crea*ed. Better be safe than forry.
Eno's is much more efhcac;aus than the effervescing waters
of potassium or soda, and is supplied to you at less than
one-tenth the cost.
Order a bottle TO-DAY from your local dealer.
Prepared onfo by
J.CENO, Ltd,"FruitSalt" Work.
London, England
Afnl. f» buii: H.roU F. Ritcki. * Co., Limits,
IO McC.ul St, Tcrnta.
One Ims to know the magnitude of
Moyle Fractional,    Ben    Fractional, I advice  Beems good
Trail Fractional, Eric, Pine, Annie, Ken, Winnie Fractional, X
larculs.    He sun iioiuh i  , -—-. y, - ,  ,.       -    ,,	
Ills fother in tlie highest regard and the, undertaking, and Its possibilities
accepts his advice, perhaps, whin thut!t0, ""'" «»''« wlml "»8 m«»» to »«
_-...,-_        ,     «.,.„    ...   ,,n„ i Okanagan.    Every newspaper in Al-
The   past   has
Day Phone 233
Nlghl Phone 3SI
Frank Provenzano
Ganaral Merchanta
Employment Agent.
gone when dad can take him out in
the woodshed to drive the advice
L. Fractional, Liny Fraction 1,1 home. The same Is true of Canada.
Korl, Mineral Claims, situate In The Dominion is bound to the
the Fort Steele Mining DIvlBlon mother land with ties which cannot
of East Kootenay DUtrlct. j be broken any more than family ties
  I can  be  broken.    Canada   recognizes
Where Located:    On Sullivan    Hill, the parent body and pays It every
near Kimberley, B.C. respect, but Canada  will  not brook
  I interference.
TAKE NOTICE that The Conaoll-' The "Americanization" of Canada Is
dated Mining A Smelting Company of i the product of a bad dream. Canada is
Canada, Limited, per C. H. MeDougall, becoming Canadlanlzed. for which
Agent, F.M.C. No. 61262B., Free Mln- eVcry Canadian should offer up a
er's Certificate No. 612B7B., Intend,; prayer ot thanks. Perhaps this Is
sixty days from date hereof, to apply! difficult for the Englishman and
to the Mining Recorder for a Certin-. American to understand, since each
rate ot Improvements, for the purpose | )„ |,|a own v,„lk harbors the Idea that
of  obtaining a Crown   Grant of the | Canada Is distinctly interior. Once 1
B. C.
•HONE 144
above claims. ^—i^
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance ot such Certificate
of   Improvements.
Dated this 30th day ot March, A.D.
1914. 14-9t
LODOE, No. 1871
Meeta lit amlllnl Tlunf
iluy* at 8 p.m, iu Koyal
BlackKuightflof Irelaml
Mall, Baker Street.
R. 8. Qarbbtt, W.M.
W. O. DuMIUNj Kec.Se**.
Forwarding and Distributing  Agent for
tli van prompt attention
Meats  in   the Carmen's Hall,   1st J PHONE 63
Tuesday aliernooQ of every moath at •'}++-*)++<l)4+++++++*ft-++4+++
8 p.m.   and   the   lanoy   work class	
cniiir in the    "'      """
* Goals I'lillwl for nml ili'livi'nil.
Oooil work only.   Prompt
p.m.  .
meets on Hril   Friday evening in the
same place at 8 p.m.
Mrs. V.. II. I.eaman, Pres.
Mrs. .1. Shaw, Sec. Trsas
P. O, Dot 413
All Ladies cordlallyy Invited.
PrMliI-mt: A. B. Smith
Mh'i n ii*Knlnrly th* first Friday AVflDinR en<*
Information on roultr; mat tern nupplicil
Addretm thi* See retary,
W, w. MrUltEOOK, P. O. Drawer 400
•*+*** f
President: A. B. Smith
Secretary: Aui. H.Wkkb
For inlormateon regarding lands X
> and  agriculture   apply   to tha
i Seor.t-.ry, Cranhrook, B. O.
1    Meeting—The 3nl Thurnlay ol f
' each month, at old Gym., 8 p.m.  *
Opposite C.P.R. Statloa
THB    PLACE    TO     GET    A
ROOHU TO ft***
Ji Telephone No. 4051 ■■
, |f P.O.Box798 | of
Works : Armstrong Ave.
mim;kal act    B
CcrtllintU' of Improvement*
Ouindon, Kcrrobe and Alice Traction
Minora! Claims, situate ln the Fort
Steele Mining Division of East Kootenny Dlstrlot
Where located—West side of Lower
Moylo Lake.
TAKE NOTICE that Frank Ouln-
don, F.M.C,, No. R3504B, acting (or
myself and ss agent for Joseph Oosse-
Hn, F.M.C. Nn. 5350BB, David Fortln,
F.M.C. No. r,:!r.in;ii, Alphonse Demers,
F.M.C. No. 5Hr>07H, Joseph Montpelller,
heard an Englishman say that the
Canadaln had all the vices of the
American with none of his ability.
The Englishman in question was a
remittance man, earning nothing.
Without his remittance he is a
pariah, without a friend In the world.
With his remittance he is a "good
fellow," with a score of similar cast-
offs who can sponge upon him while
mmtmmmMmmMm spaper
bcrta and Eastern British Columbia
will be represented at the forthcoming
convention. And the various editors
of these newspapers win go home to
fill their readers about the trip and the
country they pass on the way. The'
convention will be held the latter part
of August or In early September, and
the delegates will spend the better
part of a week in the valley. It will be
up to the various towns to show what
they have to offer and to lend such
assistance as can be given in the
entertainment of the guests.
A   RtrU   Uw   BlnaluiM
There has been a great development of late years in the Canadian
poultry industry. This development
has been brought about by many factors, chief among which are the nu-
tlring and highly successful efforts of
breeders; the expeilmental work carried on by the various poultry plants
of the Dominion and provincial experimental farms and agricultural colleges, the Information given out by
•tukm.   writ*
now.    •■:« -.*   v-
tw s*/A v. ** *—■•
n.' .Hi * r- *•*
•fcCdrcmiM 9sm* I
the money lasts. This is the sort of  !?■**• i"'^1/",'i«'«"u*'**7hD "V-^'n™
zi* ?eacrarrar°»rB sssff To' sa r«0 syrsu
Tm. i   „ •• """""i   "   "rowing    too  m now XMnf. a grcat lllteresli aml,
tEnS'rth,*. i,»-.i   ,i,.™  i,    >a»t but not least, the prolits ot the
On tlie otlier lianu, there Ih notli-   ,...„„,_..   ,,,„. *,,„„„,,. „, ,, ,„ *,,„
ti^ti,ra,i,i%r#a.h^ rr«.,s,,s8isi ^a?.iyc„i
.r,me,Lar ff aE„,SvUC" ," 'l'0' Z SnSSBr* rtow wondH im!
1J?C\?L&JfSB •■ &J™!Zl urovefnent. Tl.e value ol the flock
any   'Americanization.      They   make    .„.,„„.■„ ,,„„„  .,.„ v.n.hirtimi nt tlie
EiirLiflsst* \xtTz t*;u" v ss^...s, z rti'^Jz
W.JS .,?'«.,ni. "1"}'? m" «< ««>■ »lr<l decreases after a certain
the Stars and Stripes appear on the  ,„ ,„' reached,   „ „ ¥(!ry important,
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard St. ami Trent Ave.
F.M.C. No. 67244B, Adella Montpelller,, Saturday Sunset
F.M.C. No. 5:i:l2111. Intend, sixty days
frum date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown tirant of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the Issuance of such Certificate
Dated this 20th day of March. A.D.
13-flt Frank Ouindon.
scene, yet religiously put on their
hats when "God Save (lie King" is
played. No, the Times correspondent need have no fear. Canada ls
perfectly contented to  be Canada —
therefore, that the breeder be able to
tell with home degree of certainty the j 	
age of tlie fowls which he desires to
retain or purchase for breeding pur-  A moAwn equipped Cafe at moderats
poses, Otherwise he  will  be exposed ■
to the risk of having individuals that
are past their prime aud that do not
pay for their keep.
Record books have been established
  for   horses,  cattle   and   many   other
i animals, where Information pertalnlnu
Young- Imentor Prorei lllra-VIolet to pedigree, age, etc.. are kept for re-
R«>n KiYerthe la hunting Through    ; Terence .but lt has remained to Vic-
All OliHtaflcH tor Fortler, Assistant Dominion I'oul-
                            i try   Husbandman.Central   Experimental   Farm,  Ottawa,  after  much   per-
Rated 11.00 and up per day
Our Ims meets all trulni
The Coeur D'Alene Company
The Home Bakery
Robibt Fbamb, Prop,
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries or All Kinds
Norbu-* Avo.      Opp. Citv Hall
SkortkwJ, Steiogriphy, Boot-keepiig
Smnbrook, B.C,
romra.rrlnl C,mr.«   -
fi iuli School ('mirw
Bi'kool Ciiiir..
f'liviiti- r,tuon.
P.r wMk
.     |q no
Him V
M. Chkb.inuton
I'how nun
Headquartors for all  kinds of
Satisfaction Gunrantcail
The Hlina Speoinlist
Kulntliift HI) tor Wiinnsti. in ft box or throe (or
(IU.   Kuid nt nil I'riiK NtniVN, or umilctt tn my
adamson rmalptol i'rire.  Tin Kixiriu, Hiuo
-      -. ....... jjnliif'ii.
Vim and
itwo fur IV
ol|iflc» A
,, utViniK ««»«. w >>y "**ll on
inn muuhix Dana Co., it *w""
London, May 19.—The Mllun correspondent of the Dally Chronicle records further remarkable successes
which the young Italian engineer,
Qlulio Ullvi, hus achieved with the
ultra-vlolct rays.
Ullvi last  year   demonstrated   the
Monnl observation and »tudy, to publish a method whereby the age of hens
can be accurately estimated. This Information, which Is meant especially
for the breeder and the judge, has
been published under the direction
t the Hon. .Martin Burrell, in a pro-
JABOB Q0BTZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
explosive power of these rays in the rusely Illustrated bulletin, whicli Is
presence of experts of the British ad- \0. it',. Second Series of tlie Central
mlralty after lie had experimented In Experimental Farm. Copies will bc
France.    Ultvl then claimed that lie ; mailed to those who apply for them
had proven the efficacy of his inven
tion to fire explosives at a distance of
several miles, but the experts viewed
Ills demonstrations coldly.
The correspondent says that tile engineer's latest Inventions fired explosives contained In a gutta percha
bag covered with fibre and contained
in a porcelain box which was wrap-
to  the   I'ublicatlonB Brancll,  Department of Agriculture, Ottawa.
Ii  you  want  satisfaction v.lft
your washing   send
it to
Bpecial prices for family work.
W. E. WukDEN. Prop'r
66  PHONE  66
Dry Slab Wood
Rick Wood
Baggage Transfer
Sand and Oravel Supplied
Moving Pianos a Specialty
Furniture and Baggage
,1. MILNE, MmiHgor
ui u m,.-.,,..    --»   koi!10' according to Ucrtrand Hustled in asbestos paper and placed In sell, a dlslingiisllieil Knglish plllloso-
an asbestos box with a wrought iron pher, "Is trivial nonsense and mere
casing. These elaborate contrivances i training In liublta of solemn humbug,
wore sunk In the river Arno. Ullvi This pronouncement Is ambrosia
took his ray nppnrntus ten miles away,; and nectar to tho Philistines, but rkii
niacin* hills between the apparatus and wormwood to tlie true Israel ol
and Its objective, but within thirty culture. The plain, practical man lias
nillllltos of receiving the signal Ullvl's always felt that the log c of the
apparatus exploded the sunken mines., schools was verbal gyiiinnsllis and In-
Ullvl now announces that he Intonds , tcllcctual hair apljttlng, but tlio, wholo perfect new apparatus capable of
Bring explosives wllhla eighty miles.
Dr. Kelley Cures Diseases of Men
Hy Modern Hetbodi-
My motto; ij'ii'k InMiiiK nirm K'inniiii I tit mo'lf>rtito
jiri.fi*.     Ki|x>rt iiikiIh'iiI eii.miiiHlioii Or**,    l-'rw f \ninin-
titui of iiriii** »in*n nntMary, Ooeiuit we—frat,  Ooe'i
dfhi.v.   I)tl>i>H um dangerom. ChII or write   r'nw book.
1st,   Kvi-r.vtiiiiin confidential Hour-*; 0a.m.to •". p.m.
HiindiiyM, Hi h m to I |i.m.
I lar ban maintained that It Ih a drill in
the mental manual ot arms) that quail-
-'"■'» ■' s..m-f, « ■„.!■
(Special  correapondence).
Charles Wright, J.P..  thc  pioneer
rancher of Kuskanook, brought in a
car  ot registered  Jersey  cows  lust
■week from Toronto.   Three were
in Creston at $175.00 each.
The electric storm on Friday even
Ing put the telephone line out of com
mission for several hours.
Tile recently orgauliar brass band,
sixteen strong, gave the citizens a
pleasant surprise ou Friday evening
by giving nn open air concert on
Front street. Several selections were
rendered which drew well earned applause trom the large crowd that
sold gathered. Most of the members are
ex-bandsmen of wide experience and
it Is safe to suy that by mid-summer
Creston will have one of tlie best
musical organizations in the interior.
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents
(By Fred Roo).
Imperial Bank ol Canada
|    A dance was held ln tho old drug
store on Saturday night.
|    A meeting of tlio Ladles' Aid society
; of the Methodist church was held in
the  church  parlors   on   Wednesday.:
.OIHcors   were   elected   as   follows:-
i Mrs. J. J. Atwood, president; Mrs. A.
mm lmifw <    Mr' and Mr8- F' Johnson were travel boundary <!lera on "le west-bound train on Wed-
' line Is a favorite picnic grounds for I"!8ail>'-
Americans south of the border. Tills ;   rL'' H, MacDougall visited town on
will bc welcome news for our cousins  Wednesday.
High water In the Goat river
threatens to take out the Great
Northern railway bridge near tlie
Indian Mission .
C. 13. Bennett, of Cranbrook, is now
Installed  lis   manager  of  the  local      The Ottawa government have put a
branch   of   the   Canadian   Bunk   of  customs  house  officer  ut  Roosville. _     t
Commerce.     Mr.    Bennett   is   well Thia will  shorten   the rond between i johnsoni" vice-president" Mrs   J   w
known here, having been relieving uu   Ulko    und    Kalispcll    fully    twelve  jutcli, secretary: Mrs Alex Cameron'
several occasions, und has won the  miles and tho Roosville valley is one | treasurer,
confidence and esteem of the whole of the most picturesque in B.C. Tlio
community. Roosville falls, one und a half miles
On Sunday evening Hurry Leonard north of tlie Internationa)
nnd a companion made an attempt to 11.lnc ™ " 'avorlte picnic
ford the high water which Is overflowing   the   government     road   at
Goat river bridge. Tlie horse dropped across tlie line und dozens of auto- Rev. R. E. Curry, or Michel, passed
out of Bight in a washout and it was mobile parties from Lincoln and Flnt- through Moylo on Tuesday on ills way
with difficulty lhat the occupants o(  llend t-ouiltltlB will vl»lt tlie valtoy anil   to  attend  the  Mcthodlnt  Conference
I). K. vYll.KlE, President.
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,
Farmers nml Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Lottors of Credit issued available in any part nf
the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-Special attention
given to Saviuus Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 nfid
upwards received nnd interest allowed from date of deposit,
Cranbrook Branch: !i. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.   j
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-»♦•*> ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»*
iti sirdar visiting frtendi
Mr. mill Mrs. E. Mallandaine returned ou Monday from h visit to Windermere.
Vegetable ami fodder crops in the
Creston Valley never looked better
than ut tlie preset* ttlme.
Tiie fruit trees are a mass of blossoms imd mi optimistic feeling prevails.
Don't be satisfied with
anything less than an
Edison Phonograph
Throughout the history of sound reproduction Mr. Edison
has blazed the trail. Every important step has been conceived first in his mind. He is the acknowledged master
of acoustics throughout the world. His recent triumph is
the Blue Amberol Record.
It came, after countless experiments, with all its strength of volume, sweetness of quality and lasting endurance. To bring out the
remarkable tone of this new
record demanded a new reproducer. He invented it—the
Diamond - Point Reproducer.
Wilh it there ia none of the annoyance of changing the needle
after each record. The diamond
ia aa much a part of the phonograph aa its beautiful cabinet.
Heir a Blue Amberol—-thi.'* ill we
kik. Your Ediion dealer will play over
ai many ai you like. We ire con-
teal to leave the verdict wilh your eat.
Ediion Amberola VI
Cabinet Milii'itny or Cnldep Oil. Diimrifid
PotOl Rrproduc«;   Powerful Spiing Moiur.
HWOlU*. l''»v* Blue Amb-roJ Kecordi
A complete line of Edtion Phono|jra|*(i*. and Recordi will be (ound at
•ffffffTTfffffffffffffWTffVffffffff f/fTTffTTf'f
A Good   Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
is whore Peace, Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty is found. That is the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault has made for an
ideal homo at the
Canadian Hotel
(Social correapondence)
by Mr. U. H. Scott,    it is expected \town on Fri*W '
tlmt tlie Immigration department will;   George  Houtli  and  J.  Blackburn
put a man there, aa the walking and  went to Cranbrook on Friday.
driving  ure  both splendid   at   tills |    MIbs Helma Nordine is improved In
point—left   unguarded   tor  tbe   last  health.
ten years—and. afforded golden oppor-;    P, Parkln went to  Wattaburg on
tunlties for those anxious to beat the  Thursday last
government and retain their liberty.      „   „..,       ' - „      ,   viKlti,lc
it's about time the government got fH«L. Ji *««?„
wiaed up to the fact, tint prevention  mentlB in loun-
beats the cure, and prevents the horse      On  Sunday  a  launch   party  from
from getting out.   You're doing well,' Moyie were joined ut Green Bay by
Hob Green, and making a name for  an auto party from Cranbrook con*
bought McConnan's Island (the old
Island Hotel) and Intends to make his
home there. He plans great Improvements. Mrs. Dubois, her two daughters and two sons, with all their household affects, have already arrived from
Mr .Legrandeur lias taken over the
old John Aye farm, now the property
of Mr. W. Williamson
slating of E. A .Hill and family, Mrs.
Reid and son, Mr. H. Reid. All present enjoyed tlie day spent ln the open.
Mr. J. W. Pitch spent Monday in
On un average three or four cases
Alex. Dirnie, automobile expert and ; of eggs are shipped from Moyle each
the Barney Oldileld of Elko, is spend-  week.   This is the first period in the
Mr. John  Hanbury, of the North
Star Lumber company, was inhaling
Mr. Dubois, from Pacific coast, has  the Chaltka Mika ozone of Elko tills
ing his vacation ln Fernie this week.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Letcher, of Fernie,
motored to Roosville this week.
General Superintendent Adamson, of
and is* moving  Cranbrook,   and   Assistant   Superintendent Boyce, of Fernie, of the Koo-
blstory of Moyie that no eggs ure imported .
Br. Davis, of Cranbrook, was hero
on Tuesday.
Mr. Ed. Butt arrived from Ains-
worth ou Tuesday,
Mra.   Otis   Herritt   and' daughter
On Thursday last the Baynes-Waldo
C, nf E. Ladles Guild entertained tlie
Klko C. of E. Guild at a picnic at a
charming spot at the mouth of Rock
Creek. Tiiere were about twenty-five
In attendance. The righteous and the
wicked  tliey all   plcniced   down  at  bldge, president of the Yorkshire Pud-
tenay Telephone Lines, were In Elko  Thelma went to Creston on Tuesday,
tbis week on a tour of inspection. The B0Vernment road is being im-
vlsited  Pr°ved between Cranbrook aud Moyie.
The   Elko    Ladies    Guild
Baynes and Wnldo this week.
Mr. John William Bull, of Leth-
dlng  club, and a prominent S.O.E.,
was an Elko visitor this week.
Hock  Creek mouth, and  all  had
right good time.  Such gatherings help
to keep up u good aud neighborly
Mrs. Adolpd, senior, who has been
very ill for some months In California,
returned home on Thursday very much
improved In health. She was accompanied by her daughter-in-law and
.." , „      1 IIIBLlCuetlll,       lAlUiKS  ssv   man,   "mvj..
parents in Baynes, after an absence of ,    (   on the bench aml h reversed by
two years oil the coast. u h|gher court.,
The Waldo baseball boys are in bard
practice lor the 24tli of May. The Elko Horseshoe pitching team
The  Baynes senior baseball  team 1ms gone in for baseball, and we sln-
weiit to Elko on Sunday to try eon- cerely hope they will never take the
Tlie work ls now In progress in the
direction of Moyie on the Cranbrook
side of Green Bay.
George Smith is expected home in a
couple of days from the Cranbrook
A. Pearson and Olif Nordine return-
(From our own correspondent).
Mr. Wells, of St. Mark's hall, Vancouver, arrived last w*!e:t unj will
take charge of the work of tho English church in this section upon the
departure of the Rev. A. B. Lane for
England the tatter part of the month.
The dance given by the Wycliffe
club Saturday evening was, to say the
least, a huge success. The weather
wus perfect, even to a bright moonlight, permitting a large crowd to attend from Craubrook, Marysville and
Kimberley. The club house was lined
with autos, there being upwards of
two hundred people present. The Wallinger orchestra, of Cranbrook, rendered sweet music, making It a reul
delight to trip the "light fantastic"
to music played in such perfect time,
and wus most liberul in according encores. Dainty refreshments were served at ball' time, after which dancing
was resumed until tlie eurly morning
hours. The club boys realized u nul>-
slanttal mini, which will be applied on
the iiiilobteducHs of tlie club bouase.
Mr. Honeyford has been exceedingly busy the past two weeks seeding
the land whicli he and John Dickson
have runted on thu Hogan-Uruhum
farm. Potatoes und oats will be the
principal crops.
Tills section of tbe country lias beon
blessed with ample rainfall ull spring,
and the farmers could not have more
ideal growing weather If It bad been
of tho made-to-order vnrlety.
Mr. Elmore Staples, president, and
! II. W. Davla, secretary, of the Otis
: Staples Lumber company, ure away
on a business trip through Alberta
: und Saskatchewan.
■    Apropos of spring the old farmer's
] wife breuks out in rhyme.as follows:
| Calves is friakln'
and buntln' around,
1 Daddy is swearln'
and dlskin' tbe ground.
; Cows are grabbln'
the first shy grasses,
' Meadow larks warblin'
atllt on their sashes.
Urge brown freckles
on my brow do appear,
! Which are mighty good signs
That spring is here,
[ Have a lmnkerin' fer horse radish
And rhubarb pie,
Lord! I hope the summer
Ain't a goin' ter be dry!
Must start my garden seeds
When moon is right fer luck;
Well, I declare! old Biddies
Begun to cluck.
Tlilnkln* I'll be behind
With my work tills year,
And spring will be gone
Fer summer will be here.
In view of the big building rush
and other important events to take ed home on Tuesday from Glenliiy.
pluce ln Elko tn the near future, the     a pleasant surprise party was ten-
Elko Water, Light & Power Co., have dered Mrs. J. Whitehead last evening,
a big force of men extending their  a large number attended.    Dancing
system. wna tlie order  of the  evening,  for
„..„ .„„,.,., ! which  various   guests   present  stip-
"Wheh money talks," which is very  *pi|e*j hte music
Harry   Adolph,   of   Braudon,  seldom these bard tlmeB, "few people '
is in town ou a visit to his  atop to criticise Its grammar. , j tr J £ #£rdner!
,,,,,,„,      , ,D      "Ignorance of the law," says Jim
rraffprd Joule, is .visiting his Thistlebeak, "excuses no man, unless
(From our own correspondent).
F.R.G.9., and his bride, Ladv Elizabeth Bruce, to the groom's home ln
Wilmer. That place waB en fete
over tlie occasion and all the residents turned out to do honor on the
occasion to Mr. Bruce, who in a
broad sense has been the founder ot
! the burg,   t
I The last stages of tbe journey from
Calgary were rather eventful and
changeful to the bride in the methods
of travelling. From Calgary to Golden the distance was covered in ono
of the C.P.R.'s most up-to-date and
standard cars attached to one of
their most perfect trains. At Oolden
a change was made to the newly
opened Kootenay Central branch of
the Canadian Pacific railway.' This
line is not yet fully standard even tn
the part which is operated, aud fur
the forty-two miles on whicli the
mixed train runs, the rate Is only ten
miles an hour. The couch ia of thc
very ordinary day couch variety and
Is hitched on to the cud of it collection of freight cars. Reaching Spll-
lliuacliene another change was made
to motor car for tho Inat forty odd
miles of the journey. The change la
certainly advantngeous, for lu addition to the ndded comfort, the new
arrival Ih able to view the glorious
scenery of this part, which at tlie
automobile stage of tho journey, really only makes Its tlrst appearance.
As the car containing the bridal
couple swept into Wilmer it piissed by
buildings decorated for the occasion
with bunting and evergreens, then
under u huge Union Jack which hud
been stretched arross tho road, then
under an evergreen arch bearing
the banner on which was emplazoned
the motto "Welcome Homo." Over
the home gate another arch beautifully decorated had been erected and
tlie same motto entwined about it. At
the home gate the party was met by
many of the old friends of the groom
who had assembled to do honor tu
tlie occasion. As an omen of luck
tbey were also greeted at the door
step by a huge cast Iron jet black
cat, who, with head and tall erected,
looked all the world like the real
After the shades of night had fallen all tiie young men of the neighboring villages. Including those of
Wilmer, assembled to end the eventful day in the rather questionable
but still firm standing habit of a
chlvari. With torches, with pipes, but
above all with tincans, and implements for a noise, they marched upon
the home and at a given signal set up
the sounds which represent the
salute. In due time these were acknowledged In fitting form by the
groom, after which the assemblage
dispersed to other places for further
Today the bunting files from all
manner of places In UiIb townslte In
anticipation of a visit here .
Steps are being taken to form a
fire brigade for the townBlte.
The date for the formal opening of
Yesterday was one of the especial  the  District  Hospital  has .been  set
days for the district tor it was Big- j for early in June.
nalized by the home-coming from the
old country and from the bridal tour I    The season is quite well advanced
of    Robert   Randolph    Bruce,  C.E., I in the way ot growth.
elusions with the local aggregation
nnd came buck licked. Score 30 to
8 In favor of Elko. Some ball. What?
Dan McNeish, government road
superintendent, has made several
trips through here organizing tbe var-
boraeshoe from the door again.
The man who has nothing to sell
generally lias a stock of advice to
give away.
The next time the Elko board of
s  road gangs and ai ranging for  trade meets, there wlll be the temper
tbe season's work. The road through
to Gateway Is one of the first jobs to
be undertaken, and it Is badly needed,
as the road from Flagstone to Gateway is in bad shape, most people at
present preferring the longer road
via tlie Indian village. On tbe whole
our roads are In very good shape.
Church Antes
celebration of holy communion
ance question, votes for women. The,
ladies constant talking unions re- ]
marks about the water in the Elkj
river, the reception to be tendered the
business men from the Red River val- j
ley, the fishing to be reserved for
Roosevelt when he comes to Elko, and
several other kinds of pickled salmon
will be brought up for discussion.
A.   B.   Trites,   Femie's   merchant
was held nt the home of Mr. Little at prince, along with Mrs. Trites and sev-
S u.m. Sunduy, and matins at Adolph oral lady friends, arrived by train and
ball ut 11 a.m., the Rev. A. E. Bruce then motored down to the Elk River
officiating. canyon to spend the day as "simple
It Is high time we had a church   In   1-Ierfl" Sunday.
Baynes-Waldo. The .Utiles Guild have      G       0 Bernard Shaw will not visit
already some $800.00 in hand towards B|fc   th,   mmmet we arc pleased to
the building fund. : Bfljr
Itev. Solly, organizing secretary of;
the diocese, visited Baynes-Waldo on '    A great game of baseball wao played
Sunday i on the new grounds Sunday between
Rev.   C. h.   Cowan .Presbyterian  Baynes ^^JJ^aJ^^R^
Sunday evening.
Every Night
a Sunkist Orange
Every member of the family
should eat Sunkist Oranges just before retiring at night. Eat them
at meals and between meals. For
no other fruit ever belter insured
good health.
Heavy with luscious juice, sweet
and delicious. They are free-peeling
and so  tender-meated  you can
eat them whole without loting
any juice.
Sunkist are tree-ripened, glove-
picked, tissue wrapped, and shipped
right from the tree, so are always
fresh and full flavored.
Will you buy merely "oranges,"
or will you get "Sunkist?"
Prices are low. Getadozen now.
Sunkist Oranges
Sunkist Lemons
Sunkist  Lemons,  madam,  are   the equal of
Sunkist Oranges it) quality—practically seedless, juicy and richly flavored.   Serve them
with fish and meats—they are lhe best
looking lemons.    Try using their
juice wherever you now use vinegar.   See what you're missing hy going without the
Sunkist Brand.
Fruit Grower*
10S Kin, St., Em*, cor. Church
Toronto, Ont.
Mail us tills coupon nnd we will
send yott our complimentary 40-pnge
. t'l>oolc,.hiiwlngover HOwnysof using
Kunlilsl Orange*, unci Lemons.    Von will also
receive our Illustrated premium book, which telle
ou how tn trade Sunkist wrappers lor beautiful
silver.    Just sunt tills coupon or call at the
Ayres'   .
low balls and drop balls made It Impossible tor Elko to score. Elko's
team work wis splendid but Bayne..
far better, and was one of the best
contested gnmcB of ball played this
summer, resulting ln a win for Baynes. Score 6 to 4. This makes Baynes
Lake hot favorites for tho tournament
empire day nt Waldo, May 25th.
W. K. Wilson, manager of the
Crows Nest Coal company, Fernie, |
was an Klko visitor this week along
with the company's engineer.
Mr. Ilay Hlrt«, manager Koo'o Btoro,
Elko, and wife were Pernio visitors
this week.
Never lilt n man when he's down—
unless he's down to stay.
Continued advertising breeds confidence.
It's hard to love your nolghbors as
yourself, If ho keeps chlckons, while
you arc trying to ralso a garden.
L. Taylor Is alleged lo havo brokon
into the Ryan section house and stolen
clothes belonging to tho men. He was
Intercepted nt Kingsgate on Monday
by Policeman J. T. Browning and
brought bnck to Moyle. On Wednesday he wus taken to Cranbrook to bc
W. B. Wlllnn returned to Moyle on
Tuesday and left on Friday for Cranbrook.
A fair sum was realized at the Ice
cream social given by the Methodist
Ladles' Aid on Saturday.
Miss Nina Attwood has returned
from Calgary.
A number of tho cltlscne of Moyle
nre taking great pains ln gardening
this spring.
Mrs. W. II. Laird and Mrs. J. Farrell took a trip to Cranbrook on Saturday.
Miss (Urdu Arvldson left on Friday
for Kitchener, B.C., whore she Is employed by Mrs. Andeen.
It A. Smith made a record launch
trip on Saturday evening from Oreen
Bay to Moyle, a distance nl about
nine miles lu K uiinutu.
Some Tasks are Hard and
Some Tasks are Easy for
While Few Indeed are Impossible
The easy advertising tasks are usually
accomplished through ONE PUBLICATION of the advertisement. The
hard advertising tasks may require REPEATED PUBLICATIONS of the
advertising — sometimes growing into
the dignity of " advertising campaigns/'
And, while purely " transient" advertising may not complete the task set for
it. an "advertising campaign" does not
fail if sensible persistence is used. This
means that such difficult advertising
tasks as that of finding ONE BEST
BUYER for your property, or the man
who will be glad to invest in your enterprise, or the best possible tenant for that
store or business property, are SURE
enter upon suitable advertising campaigns.
You Are Business-Like in Most Things, and Yet Not an Ad. Reader 1
If you'll take the trouble to read the
advertisements carefully, interestedly, in
this and futu.e issues of the " Herald,''
you'll decide that you've been using poor
busings judgment in overlooking them
in the past. You'll find,even in your
reading of the advertisements, buying
opportunities — clues to business opportunities that should be followed up —
money-saving and money-makng Facts. THE CRANBROOK HERAtl)
Tb. store with a Reparation
Kootenay's Greatest Drug
and Book Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
Wliere It Pay. to Deal
A. G. Jonkn T. J.Do.in
I'lione Ml I'lione Ml
JonesS Doris
Contractors and Builders
I .i'l un (Junto Yuu Pric-** lli'f-irf
You Bull-I
R« ua nlnml your Con-*rtt« ami
l.nm*.meiit Work
L1' per word tor first we**lc, and lo \,-r
word forvach week after
The curved Toric
shape does away
with the annoyance of rear reflection* entirely.
Your field of vision 1* widened and
the close-fitting:
edge* can not In-
fete when you look
off at an angle.
Come in and we
ut about them.
YO U will find
every kind at this
store. See our SL-i-
ted eye-nlusseB, whicli unable
you to see as well at a distance a* close at hand bi.
focnl glasses, Doa't ruin your
eyes — beware of clie«|i
glasses. Cuiiie anil have u
confidential talk It will cost
you nothing.
Next tn thu I'lint (lllltv
Meet me at Bob'a Place.
DONT PAY KENT.-We will build yon
a house to order, buy the lot and
build to suit you. It you want a
home of your own, drop me a card.
Box A.B.C., Herald offlce. 18-tf
Make $7.00 to $20.00 by reading
Fink's ad.
Mrs. Harry White will not receive
again until October.
N. A. Wallinger, government agent,
was a Fernie visitor last week.
Angus McOUIIb, of Invermere, was
a city visitor the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gulndon, of
Moyle, were business visitors on Tuesday.
G. B. Willis, manager ot the East
Kootenay Greenhouse Co., was a
Spokane visitor last Tuesday.
Geo. F. Stevenson, manager of the
Cranbrook Jobbers, was in Calgary
the first of the week on business.
W. E. Cline, chief train despatches
left Wednesday for Vancouver, where
he wilt spend a few days on business.
Big line grass chairs at Fink's.
Alex. M. Ferguson, of the Leask &
Johnson Lumber company, was over
from Fort Steele spending the weekend.
Meet me at Bob'a Place.
Make $7.00 to $20.00 by reading
Fink's ad.
W. B. McFarlane ls a biiDluess visitor at Kingsgate today.
A. Grenler, formerly u resident of
this city, is here on a visit.
Mrs. A. B. Macdonald Ik enjoying a
visit of her niece from Spokane.
Big line grass chairs at Fink's,
Miss Christie left tlie first of thc
week for Alberta, where she will ■visit
friends for a short time.
Nels Jenson, a farmer of Loco, left
yesterday for Wadinu, Sask,. where
he will spend a few days visiting.
A. C. Bowness ran his automobile as
far west as Kingsgate thta week, making a business trip tlirough the district
weat ot the city.
J. H. Malcolm left yesterday for
Marysville where he will start work
on his pre-emption recently secured
from the government.
Strawberries, cherries, tomatoes
and all kinds of green vegetables in
stock now.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
j Mrs. J. P. Leslie accompanied her
j son, who had been visiting here, to
i his home ln Calgary, where she will
I visit for a few days.
j Mr. and Mrs. K. Mallandaine came
I down from Windermere inst Saturday,
: going through to Creston for a short
stay at their ranch.
Fresh strawberries arriving daily
| nt Ward & Harris.
Mr. C. Hungerford Pollen and fam-
j lly left last week ror the ranch at
Skookumchuck, where they will re-
■ main for the next two months.
1 Rev. E. P. Flewelling, rector of
; Christ church, is in Nelson this week
i attending the executive meeting of the
', Synod for the diocese of Kootenay".
Miss Ada Hickenbotham has re-
; turned to her position in the Buperin*
1 tendent's offlce of the rt' it. after
lan absence of several days, caused by
' Illness.
Miss Greta Pitta, of Windermere,
; passed through the city last Saturday on her way to Fernie. where she
| has accepted a position ami will make
her future home.
WANTED.—A nurse maid, for whole
or part time. Apply to Mrs. F. B.
Miles, 221  Burwell Ave. 21
I'OH SALE*—lot 17, block 87, op.
|iosit« Masonic Temple. $500.00. Apply Herald offlce. 21-2t
rent. Apply Smellie, Proctor,
B.C. 2l-2t*
FOR SALK.—Owner leaving town. Pen
of Buff Orpingtons. Fine yearling
cock and six yearling liens. Three
winners. Proved winter layers.
Apply  X„  Herald  office. 21
FOK SAM* -One unlit! oak roll top
desk and chair; a bargain for cash.
Apply Mrs. Sissons, Fenwick
avenue. 81
eggs for sale; $1.60 p«r setting;
$111.(10 per hundred. Mrs, J. Kussec,
Waldo, nr. 20-jt*
health the owner is compelled to
sell tobacco and cigar business familiarly known as Bob's Place. Apply
nt store. 19
FOR   KENT   CHEAP.—Four-roomed I
cottage with bath and all modern
conveniences;   range   and   heater;
fenced.   Apply 140 Armstrong Ave.
or 'phone 317. (
Catarrh. Hay Fever, Sore Throat,
Headache, Piles, Eczema and all ln-!
ti animations. By mall 60c. Stamps
accepted.—Vito-Vigor Co., 1200
Clayton St.,San Francisco, Cal.        ,
10   HEM'.   Four-roomed  cottage lo j
rent with bathroom and all modern
conveniences;  connected with sewer;   no  unsanitary  cesspool;   par-1
tially or entirely furnished, or un- j
furnished.    Apply Herald offlce or <
'phone 817. i
FOR SALE.—Young mare harness!
and buggy. Apply Box 1, Herald
Office. 2-tt    j
very cheap, suitable for warehouse,
dry, electric light.   Apply Herald.
Don't be skeptical about RHEUMA, the
modern enemy of Rheumatism. Lutnliatpi,
Sciatica, Arthritis, pout, Chronic Neural-
gia.or Kidney Disease. .Afler taking a few
doses you will know that the poisonous
I'ricAcid is leaving the system.
"For six years i was practically a cripple
on crutches from Rheumatism. Une bottle uf Rheums cured me ' -J. K. Green*
bura, 3639 Cottage Grove Ave .Chicago. Ill
RHEUMA—guaranteed—50c a bottle,
Reattle-Murphy Co. Ltd., Agents.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Bourne are leaving next week for Invermere where
Mr Bourne will relieve the manager or
the Invermere branch of tho Imperial
bank during his vacation.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Make $7.00 to $20.00 by reading
Fink's ad.
MIhs Margaret Kennedy departed
the first of the week for Fernie, having secured the position of stenographer with the law firm of Kerch mer &
Mrs. It. W. Hamilton and daughter
(iabriella left the first of the week
for New Brunswick .where they intend spending the. summer months
with friends and relatives,
Cliff Sleeves, Fred Kummer aud
John ScanIan went to Spokane on
Tuesday to attend a session of the
D.O.K.K.'s, the dramatic degree of the
Knights of Pythias.
Cucumbers, vegetables and green
onions at Ward ti Harris.
Mrs. K. Laurie, cf Toronto, Is
spending the week in the city the
guest of her nelce, Mrs. F. M. Macpherson. Mrs. Laurie is on her way
home, ofter spending the winter in
Pentlcton, B.C.
Jas. Finlay returned Tuesday from
a trip to his mining property at
Bellevue, Alberta. He reports the
mines started to work again after heing closed for three weeks on account
ot strike troubles.
Since the opening of the fishing sea-
sou a number of largo li.sli stories
have been going tlie rounds of tlie
local sportsmen, tho luteal and largest being credited to W. \V. McOregor.
Fibre rugs and slat porch shades at
J. D. Uilmour, of thc Forestry department, hus been up in tlie Elk
river district during the past week
Inspecting a new telephone line ami
fire patrol system whicli was recently installed in that district.
Principal Dexter, of the Cranhrook
public schools, has been busy this
week assisting tlie boys in organizing
tlieir lacrosse teams. He slates that
four teams are being organized in
the schools to compete for the Lally
The Sisters of Charity and tlie
graduating class of the St. Eugene
Training school, huve issued Invitations for their commencement exercises, which will be held ln St.
Mary's hall on Wednesday evening,
May 27th, ut eight o'clock.
TO RENT-Coiufortable four roomed      This is the season   for golf,  polo
,.,   .  ..        .    „ __   . „   and tennis.   To those who can t afford
cottage with bath and all modern   a„ or My of thcfle Uiere ,B alwayfl tUe
conveniences, fenced, ubc of kitchen \ simple amusement of walking to the
range aud heater.   $20 per month ! office every morning,     lt is sad but
including water.   Apply Herald.        {'«« that the majority "prefer" the
latter recreation.—Exchange.
Children's Progrum hj Overseas Club
and Lacrosse Game Principal
Events of the Day
Next Monday is Victoria Day. :i
national holiday, and will be observed
ti Cranbrook by the closing of stores
and a few exercises nnd sports. This
has been Cranbrook's gala day in former years, tlie day having been generally given over to a full program of
sports, horse racing, etc. This year
the citizens decided not to have the
usual celebration and many ure making plana to spend the day plcn icing
at nearby lakes or streams. However,
the day will not be entirely devoid of
interest in tlie city.
In tlie morning the Overseas club
will have charge of a program of
exercises lor the children at the government building, after which they
will march up Maker street, headed
by the Cranbrook city baud, and will
be escorted to the Rex theatre, where
n special program of moving pictures
will be shown. This program is really tu keeping of the spirit of the day j
in instilling lessons of patriotism in
the minds of the children.
The afternoon will be devoted to a ;
lacrosse match between Cranbrook
and Fernie. This promises to he un ,
unusually interesting, match as the i
local players do not Intend to surren-
der the game without a hard tussle,
and it is understood that Fernie will
he here to win. A large crowd of
Fernie fans will accompany the visit-
Ing team and it will be up to the !
Cranbrook people to get out and root .
for their favorites.
The Young Peoples' Society of
Knox church are holding a church fes-
tival and ice cream social on the Tis-
dale lawn during the afternoon and
The day will he closed by a dance
at the Auditorium in the evening given
by the Overseas club. The proceeds
of the dance will be used to defray
the expenses of the children's program in the morning..
Great Blouse Sale
For One Week we are offering EXTRA
SPECIAL VALUES in blouses. They are
made in a big variety of styles—New Up-to-
date Styles, in Lingerie, Marquisette. Lawn,
Linen and Crepe. They sell regular at $2.25
$2.75 up to $4.50.
Sale Price $1.50
Straw Hats for Men
We are now showing the newest shapes
in Men's Straw Hats In Panamas, we have
the full round shapes and the smaller telescope shapes They sell at $5.00. $7.00. $8,00
and $10.00. Then we have some very smart
sailor shapes in all weaves, priced from $1.50
to $4.50.    Yours is waiting for you here.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
FOK KENT CHEAP—Four roomed
cottage with bath, phone, electric
light, large cordwood shed, kitchen
range and heater, good location,
fenced. Three minutes walk trom
P.O. Furnished or unfurnished. Apply phone 317. 14-tf*
I'OH SALE—Now Democrat, cost *.155,
for sale $90.   Apply Herald.      tt*
TAILORING.—Ladles suits cleaned
nnd presed; Chicago experience.—
Miss Baker, near Leask's store,   ll-tf
OK SALE CHEAP—Young mare,
four years old, very gentle, harness,
buggy, cutter, will work. Just the
thing for runcher. Apply Herald
ollice. tf*
>l A It II IK ll
.Shaw Briggs, nn employoe of the
City Livery, and Miss Belle Bardgett,
eldost daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.1V
Bardgett, were united In the holy
bondH of matrimony at Christ church
at ti::i0 ii. in. this evening hy Rev. B.
P. Fleweling. They will reside on
Armstrong avenne.
London, May 20.—Lord Haldane's
reeent intimation that tlie privy council's principle would tend to restrict
the granting of leave to appeal from
a decision of tiie Canadian courts, was
exemplified In the refusal of u petition
by Geoffrey Lawrence on behalf of
True-dell, the petitioner, who sought
an appeal against the supreme court's
decision regarding thc assessment of
compensation for land taken for the
National Transcontinental railway. ,
Fifteen thousand dollars was the
amount involved. The government
originally offered $.1,000. Considering
the hind was farm laud, the exchequer
court awarded 918,000. Maintaining
tlmt thc land was suitable for building
purposes, the supreme court reversed
the inrerior tribunal's decision by a i
majority of three judges to two.
Social Drinking
Soon   becomes habitual
drinking resulting in nervous breakdown.
SOBRIETY and INDUSTRY art thc Keys to Success.   The   Treatment   a,
moves all Desire and Craving in Three Days.
RANCH TO RENT — Comfortable
house, stable for six horses, about
10 acres broken, good grazing land.
plenty wood and water. Apply Herald Offlce.
K. Mallandaine and wife, of Cres-
ton .were Craubrook visitors last Mon-;
day, being guestB at the Hotel Cranbrook,
Now is the time to begin fitting for
the show suaBun, provided you have
nut already begun. Tin- Cranbrook
Fair Is not far off.
Choice line of toilet soaps at Ward
£ Harris.
Oct your repairs done at Green's
Repair shop, opposite Masonic hall.
(Inns, keys, bicycles, typewriters,
grtttlophOtteit lawn mowers, etc. 21-*
(let your repairs done at Green's
Repair Shop, opposite Masonic hall.'
(inns, keys, bicycles, typewriters,
gramophones, lawn mowers, etc. 21-* <
Postmaster J. 1). Henderson an-!
nouiiced that one wicket will be kept
open hereafter at the local post office
during the sorting ot mall fur delivery
of registration mail, purchase of
stamps ,ur money orders. This new
rule will be a great accommodation
to tbe many patrons during the busy
time after the receipt of thc day
The dance given at the Auditorium
on last Tuesday evening tn aid of J.
Rlley was well attended and a very
enjoyable time experienced by the
many dancers. A statements of the
receipts Is given in another column.
The success of the enterprise waa
largely due to the good work of Mra.
Wallinger and Mr. C. H. Knocke in
selling tickets. Messrs. A. L. McDermot and R. E. Nafe were also on
the committee and did much work In
making the dance a success
Raxawa tea, 35c. ,G0c. and 60c. per
lb. at Ward ft Harris.
The dance at the Auditorium last
Friday evening given under the auspices of the Cranbrook Lacrosse club
proved a very enjoyable and happy
social event. There was a large crowd
present, but not ao large as to Interfere with the dancing. The Cranbrook
orchestra furnished the music. The
supper proved to be In most capable
hands and was pronounced to be the
best ot the season. The hall waa decorated with lacrosse sticks and the
affair netted a neat sum tor the benefit
of the team, which wlll contest during
the summer for the honors ol the city
Make $7.00 to $20.00 bv reading
Fink's ad.
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Qraham are
leaving in a few days for Fernie where
they Intend to reside. Mr. Qraham
having entered the law offlce of
Herchmer & Martin .
The Women's MUBlCftl club will hold
the last meeting of the season ou
Monday, June 1st, at 3.30 fn the
Masonic hall. Tholr friends are cordially invited to attend.
Fibre rugs nnd slat porch shades nt
Ex-Conatable Reid. serving seven
years at Stony Mountain for assisting
John Krafchenko to escape from the
Winnipeg Jnlt, dieu at 9.07 hut Monday night from injuries he received
In a 40-foot fall from a scaffold upon
which ho was working in the penitentiary. The accident took plnco at
4.20 tn thc afternoon. Raid's companion on the scaffold. Frederick i". Hawkins, serving 20 y.',.rH for burglary,
died two minutes mill* r as a result of
the full.
W. 8. Mills, of Gateway, was a
business visitor fn the city Wednesday
of this week. He Is one of the oldest
settlers In the district, liavlr.g settled
on Tobacco Plains >n iS!> >. before llin
railroad had gone through or Cranbrook or Fernie were on the map.
He has recently erected a fine home
for himself on his property, whlo'l* he
states, Is situated In the tlnest climate
to be found in Canada. Thc Gateway
district Is rapidly growing Into a very
prosperous farming country nnd Is increasing ln population every year.
There are still large tracts of fine
land In that section, which needs only
the touch of the plow and cultivator
to turn It into productive agricultural
Big line grass chairs at Fink's.
It is now almost eertaiit that tlie '
seuate will pass the autl-tipping bill
Introduced by Senator Davis. It is believed the commons will follow suit.
One might offer the friendly sugges- ;
tion that Senator Davis avoid ordering
soup when dining In hotels or dining
cars.   Especially dining-cars.
The semi-annual court of revision
opened at the local government building last Monday morning and was
presided over by N. A. Wallinger,
government agent nnd registrar of
voters. About three hundred objec- :
tlons were tiled, of which about two
hundred were ordered oft' the list.
J. A. Greaves, of Cranbrook, son of i
W. H. Greaves, of this city, has recently passed his exams with honors
In the Ontario College of Pharmacy at
Toronto. Mr. Greaves has been attending the college since last September. He will return to Cranhrook
about June first.
Fibre rugs and slat porch shades at
The annual meeting of the W.C.T.U.
will be held at the home of Mrs. W. U.
McFarlane on Thursday, May 28th, at
3.30 o'clock. A full attendance is
requested as election of ollicers will
take place.
Harold Darling arrived lu the city j Louis Taylor was brought before
today from Vancouver and wlll spend Judge Thompson on Wednesday char-
it limit two weeks here looking after! ged with breaking into, entering und
husiness interests. He reports bust- j stealing from the rectlon house at
Hess verv -inlet In the coast cities. , Ryan and was sentenced to one year
  | at hard labor in the Nelson jail,
Charles   Cock   Is   In   Nelson   this 	
week attending an executive meeting! Refreshing summer drinks: Eiffel
of tlie Synod committee of the Bng-1 Tower Lemonade, Welch's Grape
lish church, for the diocese of Koo-i Juice and Montserrnt Lime Fruit
tenay, which ronvenes in that city '• Juice at Ward & Harris,
this week. ' , 'i
                               J,  It,   Walker    this week received
Messrs. E. A. Hill and F. Kummer notification of his appointment to the
are the delegates from CreBcent '< vacancy In the custom's offlce caused
LogdO, No. 33, Knights of Pythias, to 1 by the resignation of Mr. Fred Small,
the grand lodge of British Columbia Mr. Elliott Crowe will take the po-
which convenes In Kamloops next | sltton of accountant with Ira U.
Wednesday, May 27th. Manning, which has been held by
                             Mr.   Walker   for   the   past   several
Fibre rugs and slat porch shades at > years.
The Winnipeg excursionists are due
Hah'htng eggs from pure bred
Single Comb White Leghorns; good
laying strain, $1.60 per 13; $7.00 per
Hatching eggs from good laying
strain of Pekin Ducks, $1.50 per 10;
$10.00 per 100.
Hatching eggs from English bred
Indian Runner Ducks; limited number,
$2.i)0 per 10,
lift your repairs done at Green's
Repair Shop, opposite Masonic hall.
(inns, keys, bicycles, typewriters,
gramophones, lawn mowers, etc. 21-*
Bishop McNally, of Calgary, spent
Wednesday in the city the guest of
Father Plamondon. He expects to
make a return visit here in June, when
he wlll arrange to stay longer.
Big Hue grass chairs at Fink's.
You will find relief In Zam-Buk I
It wi the burning, stinging
pain, stops bleeding and brings
ease. Perseverance, with Zam-
Buk, means cure: Why not prove
this7 mUDrssftUt,lom,Storms-
Cranbrook Electric Light Company, Limited
New Rates for Users of Motors, Electric Irons, Toasters,
Stoves, Heaters, Etc. :
First 400 h.-p. at 6c. per h.-p. hour.
Second 400 h.-p. at 5c. per h.-p. hour.
Over SOO h.-p. as 4 !4c. per h.-p. hour.
These rates apply to electricity consumed between the hours of 7 a.m.
and 7p.m. from the 1st of March to the 1st of September; and from 8a.m.
to S p.m. the remainder of the year.
On motors there will be a charge of per h.-p. capacity in addition to
these rates, as-
On motors from 1 to 15h.-p.—L*p to oOh. p. consumed. Jl. 00 per h.-p. per month.
,1V,   .. .. 50
200   " " .25
Over 200 h.-p. consumed no charge per h.-p.
On motors over 15h.-p.—Up to 100 h.-p. consumed. 50c. per h.-p. per month.
200   !' "        25c.
Over 200 h.-p. consumed, no charge per h.-p.
Vou are cordially invited to the demonstration at our office between the
3rd and 15th of next month.
A marriage license was Issued on
Monday, May 18th, to Jean Langlols,
driver of the mail stage coach between  Cranbrook   and Windermere,
to arrive In Cranbrook next Saturday
morning at 7:50, their special train
schedule giving them an hour's stay-
in the city.   The Board of Trade and
Teacher of Dancing
Hesitation Willi
One Step
A Tango Class Wednesday ut
S p.m. at Masonic Hall.
For further particulars apply
Bu 4M I'lione 157
and Miss Nellie Dutton, of Sheep ; Automobile association are endeavor-
Oreek, i |ng to lengthen their visit to two hours
  In order to take them over thc dia-
Four automobile loadB of nuraea j trlct, but they have not been able to
from St. Eugene hospital and their! complete arrangements for tho ex-
Iilends  wore driven  to St.   Mary's j tension of time.
lake on Wednesday, where a picnic! 	
wns hold and the day enjoyably spent I With the beginning of June all rail-
In boating, Ashing and picnic lunch, waya operating trains In Saskatche-
Mr. 11. K. Healtie gave the picnic for wan and Alberta wlll be required to
the nurses and drove his own carl ! remove the common drinking cup
Mr. J. T. Uldlaw drove Mb car and i from tho passenger cars. To give thc
tho McCreory car and Dr. Green's car : patrons of tho rond a substitute tho
completed thn party. Besides the I Canadian Northern has secured a
nurses and the two auto owners those j large supply of very handy waied
attending were! II. Hlcka, H. W. i paper drinking cups. In tlio sleeping
Supple, Cyril Newton, J. II. McCreery, cars these cups wlll be placed In a
(Ieo. S. McCreery, Dr. Davis, Chaa.; special box from which they can bo
Draper and O. Itrlstow. The party easily eitraclcd. On all other cars a
left the cily at 10.30 In the morning,! supply wlll he <nrrlod by thc news
returning ut 1.30 In the evening. All agent, who will supply them to the
report a Ana time. [ paaaengers upon request.
City Hall, Friday Evening, May 22nd, 8 o'clock
All members' attendance requested --automobile members especially.
Board's work will be reviewed and arrangements made
to entertain Winnipeg Business Men arriving by special
train Saturday, May 23rd.
Secretary. I\
Life ol Lord Byron, The—Author, John Oalt; Criterion Library; cloth blnd-
flfj   Ing; publisher, A. L. Fowle, 1900.
Life of NcUon—Author, Robert Southey; Criterion Library; cloth binding;
publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
Lives of thc Ancient Phlllsophers—Author, Rev. John Cormack; Criterion
Library; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
JLIfo  ot George Bitot—Author, Oscar Browning;linen binding;   publisher,
Walter Scott, London, 1890.
Life of Charles Dickens—Author. Frank J. Marzials;  cloth binding;  publisher. Walter Scott, London, 1887.
Love-Letters, An Englishwoman's—Linen binding; publlshor, G. N. Morang,
Loudon, 1901.
Labor Problem, The-Author. William E. Barns; cloth binding; publisher,
Harpers, N.Y,, 1886.
Life and Character of Patrick Henry, The—Author, William Wirt; Alta edition; publisher, Porter ft Coates, Philadelphia.
Lord Hoseberry—Author, J. A. Hammerton; cloth binding; publisher, Partridge & Co., London, 1901.
Legislation and History of Separate Schools—Author, J. George Hodgtns;
cloth binding; publisher, Briggs, Toronto, 1897.
Life of QcBthe— Author, George Henry Lewis; linen binding; publisher, Geo.
Routledge, London and N.Y.
Life and Letters of Erasmus—Author, J. A. Fronde; cloth binding; publisher,
Scrlbners, publisher for trade, 18!>r>.
Library, Tlie Business Man's—10 vols; half leather binding; publisher, The
History of His Own Times-Author, Bishop Burnet: cloth binding; publisher, system Co., N.Y. nnd London, 1907.
E P Dutton ft Co. \Uitc of our l.ord Jesus Christ—Author, J. James Tlssot; 4 vols; half linen
History of Rome, The—Author. Titus Livlus; publisher, Hell ft Ualby, Lou-1       binding: publisher. McClure, Tlssot Co., N.Y., 1899.
im Lamina's Winter Quarters—Author, Alfred Austin; No. 103 ot limited 250
History of Phllosophy-Sehwegler's;   cloth  binding;   publisher,  D.  Apple- copies; white leather binding; publisher, Black
Library  for Sale
By the Set on Booksellers' Terms
The following is a Partial List oi the Catalogue ot Books belonging
to the estate ot the late p. J. Deane, which wlll be sold by the
Set, or Separate Volume not in Sets.    Anyone
interested ean secure further information
by applying at Herald Office
History of Freemasonry, Thc—Author, Robert Frcke Gould;  0 vols;  cloth
binding publisher, The Caxton Publishing Co., London.
History of Freemasonry, A Concise—Authur, Robert F. Gould; cloth binding;
publisher, Gule ft Polven, London, 1903.
History of United States, Constitutional—Author. G. T. Curtis; 3 vols; half
leather binding; publisher, Century Co., N.Y.
House ot Defence, Tlie—Author,  li   F,  Benson;   olotll  binding;   publisher,
Mcleod ft Alio.
How To Make Money in the Printing Business—Author, Paul Nathan; second
edition; cloth binding; publisher, Oswald Publishing Co., NY., 1909.
ton ft Co.
History, Ancient—Rollin, translated French; 4 vols; leather and linen binding; publisher, Continental Press.
History of Banking In Canada—Cloth binding; publisher, B. E. Walker.
History ot U.S.A.—Author, William Eilson; Illustrated edition; cloth binding;
publisher, Macmillun ft Co., N.Y,
Hudson Trapper, Home Rule—Author, Howard Redmond; cloth binding; publisher, E. 0. Juck, London.
Historical Revelations—Author. Louis Blanc; cloth binding.
India, Forty-One Years In—Author, Field Murshall Lord Roberts; third
edition; vol. 11.; cloth binding; publisher, Richard Bentlev ft Son, London, 1897.
Irrational Knot, The—Author, G. Bernard Shaw; cloth binding; publisher,
Brentons, N.Y., 1905.
Immortals, The—20 vols; de luxe edition; eulf binding; publisher, Muisou
Mazarlu, Paris.
Ideal Life. The—Author, Henry Drummond; linen binding; publisher, Hod-
der ft Stougliton, tandon, 1897.
India und British Africa, British Empire Series—2 vols; linen binding; publisher, Funk ft Wagnalls, N.Y., IS99; Kegan Paul, London.
Intellectual Life—Author, Philip Gilbert Humerton; cloth binding; publisher, Little, Brown ft Co., Boston.
If I Were God—Author, Le Galllenne; puper binding; publisher, James
lnnominuta, Being Stories and Episodes Omitted From Household Edition
of Italian Clussles.
Jesus Christ—Author, Pere Didon; 2 vols; linen binding: publisher. D.
Appletun ft Co., 1901.
Joseplius, Tlie Works of—Translated by W. Whiston; publisher, David McKay, Philadelphia.
John Bull's Otlier Island—Author, Bernard Shaw; linen binding; publisher
Brentano'B, N.Y., 1907.
John Halifax, Gentleman—Authors, 1). Maria, Mulock Cralk; publisher,
Hurst ft Co., N.Y.
Jules of the Great Heart—Author, Mott; cloth binding; publisher, Copp
Clorke, Toronto.
Kim—Author, Rudyard Kipling; cloth binding; publisher, G. N. Marang,
Toronto, 1901.
Knickerbockers, The Last ot thu—Author, Herman K. Vlele; cloth binding;
publisher, Mcleod ft Co., Toronto.
Kamloops  Wawa,  Universal   Language—13  vols;   Author,  Roman  Catholic
prieBt for tlie Indians.
Life and Opinions of John Buncle, Esq—(Early Novelists, edited hy Bakerl;
author, Tliumas Amory;   linen  binding;   publisher,  Routledge ft  Sons,
N.Y.,  1904.
Labor and Capital—Edited by John Peters; cloth binding;  publisher, G. P
Putnams ft Sons, London and N.Y., 1902.
Labor Legislation , Labor Movements and Labor Leaders—Author, George
Howell,  F.S.S.;   second   edition;   linen   binding;   publisher,  T.  Fisher
Unwln, London, 1905.
Labor, Copartnership—Autiior, Henry Demarest Lloyd; linen binding; publisher. Harper Bros., N.Y., 1899.
Letter Writers, the Great English—Authors, William J. Dawson and C. W.
Dawson; 2 vols; linen binding; publisher, Harper Bros., London and
Literature, French—Author, Edward Dowdcn; cloth-binding; publisher, William Hctncman, 1899.
Life and Times of O'Connell, The—Author, I. C. Luby; publisher, Cameron
Ferguson ft Co.
Literature, A Library of Universal—31 vols; linen binding; publisher, P. F.
Collier St. Son, N.Y.
Lite, tlie Map of—Author, W. E. H. Lecky; cloth binding; publisher, Longmans Green & Co., N.Y.
LeBsons In Logic—Author, W. Stanley Jevons, M.A.; cloth binding; publisher,
Macmillan & Co., London and N.Y., 1888.
Laurier, Sir Wilfrid and the Liberal Party—Author, J. S. Wlllison; 2 vols;
cloth binding; publisher, George N. Morang ft Co,, Ltd., Toronto, 1903.
Land, the Grout Lone—Author, Captain Bulter, F.R.G.S.; cloth binding; publisher, Sampson Lowe.
Life and Speeches of the Hon. George Brown—Author, Aiex. MacKenzle;
cloth binding; publisher, the Globe Printing Co., Toronto.
Life of Charlotte Bronte—Author, Mrs. Haskell; cloth and card binding; publisher. Smith Elder ft Co., London, 1889.
Life of Lord Byron—Author, John Gait; leather binding; publisher, Sisley's
Ltd., London.
Lite of Beau Nash—Author, Oliver Goldsmith; publisher, Sisley's Ltd., London.
Letors Persanes—Author, Montcsqulcn; leather binding; publisher, J. M.
Dent ft Co., London, 1907.
Life of Tolstoi—Author. Aylmer Muude; 2 vols; linen binding; publisher,
Dodd Meade ft Co., N.Y., 1910.
Life of James Robertson, The—Author, Charles W. Gordon; cloth binding;
publisher, tho Westminster Co., Ltd., Toronto.
Lord Herbert of Cherbury—Author, Sidney Lee; second revised edition; linen
binding; publisher, Routledge & Sons, N.Y. and London.
Letters of Literary Men—Arranged by F. A. Mumby; linen binding; publish-
Lcttors of Tnnlus—8 vuls; half leather binding; publisher, Woodfall, London, 1812.
Leaves of Grass, 1892—Author, Walt Whitman; cloth binding; publisher,
McKay, Philadelphia. 1891.
Literature und Dogma—Author, Matthew Arnold; cloth binding; publisher,
A. L. Burt Co., N.Y.
Letters of Marque—Author, Rudyard Kipling; linen binding; publisher,
Fenno ft Co., N.Y., 1899.
Lewis Arundel—Author, Smedley; cloth binding; publisher, Routledge, London.
Lite of John Ruskln—Author, W. G. Colling wood; fifth edition; linen binding; publisher, Methuen, London.
Land Question, The—Author, Henry George; linen binding; publisher,
Duublcdny, N.Y., 1898.
Labor Gazette, Thc—9 vols; cloth binding; publisher, C. H. Parmelee, Ottawa.
Labor, Convict, Twentieth Annual Report of Commissioners of Labor—publisher, Government printing Ollice, 1894.
17 similar volumes Labor Reports.
Lost Continent, Tlie—Author, Cutcliffe Hyno; cloth binding; publlshor, Harpers.
Lund Ho—Author, Morgan Robertson; cloth binding; publisher, Harpers.
Library of Original Sources—Edited by O. J. Thatcher; 10 vols; Editors'
edition; leather binding; publisher, University Research Co., Wisconsin.
Labor, Bulletin of the Bureau of—Cloth binding; publisher, Government
Printing Ollice, Washington,
Legislative Power In Canada—Author, Lefroy; half leather binding; publisher, Law Hook Publishing Co.. Toronto.
Law and Usage of Parliament—Author, Mays; half leather binding; publisher, William Clowes, London, 1893.
Legislative Assembly uf B.C., Journals of tho—Vols 1907-1908.
Library of the World's Greatest Literature—Author, Charles Dudley Warner;
30 vols; half morocco binding; publisher, M. S. Peale and J. A. ll
Life of Gladstone—Author. John Morley; linen binding; publisher, Morang
ft Co., Toronto, 1903.
Leviathfaon—Author, Thomas Hothcs; leather binding; publisher, George
Routledge ft Sons, N.Y.
Lectures, Col. R. O. Ingcrsoli's 44—Author R. O. Ingersoll; cloth binding;
Life of Lord Beuconstlcld, The—Author, T. P. O'Connor, M.P.; publisher,
T. Fisher Unwln, London.
Living Wuge, A—Author, Ryan; publisher, Grosset ft Dunlap.
Life und Epistles of St. Paul—Author, W. J. Conybeure, M.A., Fellow of Trinity; Peoples edition; leather binding; publisher, Longmans, Green & Co.,
Life of Richard Moncton Mllnes, 1st Lord Houghton—Author, T. Wemyss
Reid; second edition; cloth binding; punll&her, Cassel & Co.. Loudon and
Literature, Irish—10 vols; edition do luxe; linen binding; publisher, Morris ft Co., Philadelphia.
Law of Libel Kings.
Literature, English, Vol 2—Author, II. A. Talne; half leather and halt cloth
binding; publisher, Library Publishing Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Liberalism—Author, Hobhouse; M.A.; 11 vols; publisher, Henry Halt ft Co.,
N.Y. UA[tu
Lovey Mary—Author of Mrs. Wiggs of Cabbage Patch; cloth binding.
Literature, Studies in—Author, John Morley; cloth binding.
Memoirs of a Russian Governor—Author, Prince Urussor; authorised edition;
cloth binding; publisher, Harpers, 1908.
Meaning ot Modern Life, Tlie—Course of 40 lectures; linen binding; publisher, National Alumni, N.Y.
Man and His Relations—Author, S. B. Brlttan, M.D.; fifth edition; cloth binding; publisher, Brittan & Son, N.Y., 1876.
Makers of Florence, The—Author, Mrs. Oliphant; cloth binding; publisher,
Macmillan Co., London, 1903.
Moltore, Works of—Complete French edition; half leather binding; publisher,
Hachctte, Paris, 1883.
Man From Glengarry, The—Author, Ralph Connor; cloth binding; publisher,
Westminster Co., Toronto, 1901.
Mystic Spring, The—Author, D. W. Hlgglns; cloth binding; publisher, W
Briggs, Toronto, 1904.
Mnrjorio—Author, Justin Huntly McCarthy; cloth binding; publisher, Harpers, N.Y.
Modern Egypt—Author, Earl of Crimer; 2 vols; cloth binding; publisher.
Macmillan Co., N.Y., 1908.
.Myths of tiie New World—Author, Daniel ('. Hrlnton; copyrighted edition;
cloth binding; publisher, Sherman & Co.
Memoirs, Tlie Grcnvillt—Author, Chas. Grenvllle; (edited by Henry Stod-
dart); publisher, Scrlbners, Armstrong & Co., N.Y.
Meredith. The Poetry and Philosophy of—Author, G. M. Trevelyan;  cloth
| Morris, Sir Lewis—Authorised selection of poems; cloth binding; publisher.
I       G. Routledge ft Sons, London.
| Mining, Pocket Manual of—Author, J. H. Chewett, B.A.Se., C.E.; morocco
binding; publisher, Copp, Clarke Co., Toronto.
Monk, The (Early Novelists, edited by Baker)—Author, M. G. Lewis; linen
binding; publisher, Geo. Routledge, N.Y.
er, G. Routledge ft Sons, London and N.Y.
Logic, A System of-Author, J. Stuart Mill; eighth edition; cloth binding;   Monopoly, BoBBlsm nnd-Author, Thomas Carl Spelling; publisher, T. Fisher
publisher, Harpers, London and N.Y., 1900. j        Unwln, 1906.
Laws, the Spirit ot Our-Publlsher, Sweet ft Maxwell, 190C. j Money-Author. W. Stanley Jevons, MA, F.U.S.; fourth edition; publisher,
Letters of Literary Men ot Nineteenth Century-Edited by F. A. Mumby; '       Ko8°n Paul' 18'8-
Mark Twain—Complete set ln 25 vols; copyright; cloth binding; publisher,
Your Choice
of any Ladies' Suit
in the Store
Regular Prices  $25  to $40.
Every Suit in the Store included in the Sale.
Make your own  Choice  on
Saturday for $18.75.
Musset, Alfred de— (Kdition de luxe, half morocco, complete works in ten ' cause all such sums so raised or re-
vols., No. 387); privately printed In N.Y. ! celved to be paid Into the hands of the
Modern Eloquence— Edited by Th. B. Reed; 10 voIb; half morocco; publisher, J. D. Morris & Co., Philadelphia.
Memoirs of Celebrated English Sovereigns—Author, MrB. Jameson; Criterion
Library; 2 vols; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
Moors of Spain, History of tlie—Author, M. Florlan; Criterion Library; 2 voIb;
cloth binding; publisher, A. X. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
Memoirs of Empress Josephine—Author, John S. Memea; Criterion Library;
cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
Meditations—Author, Marcus Aurelius; cloth binding; publisher, Thomas
Y. Crowell & Co., X.Y.
New Worlds for Old—Author, II. G. Wells; cloth binding; publisher, Macmillan Co., N.Y., 190S.
Novelists, Tlie Great English—Authors, W. J. Dawson and C. W. Dawson;
linen binding; publisher, Harper Bros., London and N.Y.
Treasurer of the said Corporation for
the purpose and with the object hereinbefore recited.
3. lt shall be lawful for the Mayor
ot thc said Corporation to cause any
number of debentures to be made,
executed and issued for such Bum or
sums as may be required for the purpose and objects aforesaid, not exceeding however the sum of One Hundred
and Ten Thousand Dollars ($110,-
000.00; each of the said debentures being of the denomination of One Thousand Dollars ($1000) and all such debentures shall be sealed with the seal
of the Corporation and signed by the
i Mayor and the Treasurer thereof
4, The said debentures shall bear
Nineteenth Century, The—Half morocco;  25 vols
Publishing Co., 1900.
Newest England—Author, Henry Demarest Lloyd;
Doublcday Pago & Co., X.Y., 1900.
Napoleon, Recollections of the Private Life of—Author, Constant;  3
cloth binding; publisher, Saalileld Publishing Co., N.Y.
Novelllno of Masuccio. Thr—Trnnslated Into English by W. G. Waters: cloth ! Quebec, or at the Bank of the Ma*
.,   „ . „ ,   , ,     .,    .    .    .     . liattan  Company at New  \ork City,
binding; published for the trade, London. J usAp vU& 8Jid 1)lu(.e8 o( paJ,me£
Natural History ot Selboume—Author, Gilbert White;  linen binding;   pub-   shall be designated by tlie said de-
llsher, Macmillan ft Co., London, 1900. | Dentures and shall have attached to
Napoleon's Expedition to Russia—Author, Count Philip de Segur; 2 voIb; j them coupons for the payment of In-
*' terest and the signatures to the said
publisher, The Llnscott I date of the 1st day ot August, 1914,
j and shall be made  payable within
cloth binding; publisher, I }wcnt" m™ 'I™1 t]\e "J'?,, dati in
lawful money of Canada at the offices
ot the Imperial Bank of Canadi. ln
vols; ! Toronto.  Ontario,  or at Cranbrook,
I Brith .,   Columbia,  and . at  Montreal,
publisher, O. Houtlcdge ft Sons, London and N.V.
Law, The Reign Of—Author, tlio Duke of Argyll; filth edition; cloth binding;
publisher, Stralian ft Co., London, 1870.
Life and Letters of Lord Macaulny—Author, U. Otto Trevelyan; 2 voIb; cloth
binding; publisher, Longmans Oreen & Co., London, 1876.
Life of Johnson—Author, Boswell; cloth binding; publisher, Bliss Sands ft
Co., London, 1897.
Letters of Queen Victoria—Edited by Benson; 3 vols;  cloth binding; publisher, John Murray, London, 1907.
Life ot Oliver Cromwell—Author, Rev. M. Russell, LL.D.; 2 voIb; Criterion
Library; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
Life ot Mary Queen of Scots—Author, Henry Glosford Bell; 2 vols; Criterion
Library; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
Lite of George Washington—Author, James K. Paulding; 2 voIb; Criterion
Library; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
Lives ot the Indians—Author, B. B. Thatcher; 2 vols; Criterion Library;
cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Frowle, N.Y.
Life ot Commodore Perry—Author, Alex. S. Mackenzie;  2 vols; Criterion
Library; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
Life ot   Samuel   Johnson—Author,   William   P.   Page; 2 voIb;   Criterion
Library; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
Lewis und Clarke's Travels—Author, Archibald M. Vlckar; 2 vols; Criterion
Library; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
Life of  Frederick   tho   Second—Author,    Lord    Dover;  2 voIb;    Criterion
Library; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
Life of  Oliver  Goldsmith—Author,  Washington   Irving;   2  vols;   Criterion
Library; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
Llfo nnd Voyages ot Drake, Cavendish and Dumpier—Criterion Library; cloth
binding; publisher, A. L. Fowlo, N.Y., 1900.
Lite of Mohammed—Author, Rev. George Bush; Criterion Library; cloth
binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, 1900.
Lite ot Peter tho Ureal—Author, John Barrow; Criterion Library; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, 1900.
Harper's Library, N.Y.
Masterpieces of eloquence-—Complete set ln 25 vols; half morocco; publisher,
P. F. Collier, N.Y.
Memoirs of My Own Time—Author, Sir N. William Wraxall, Bart.; limp roan
binding; publisher, Kegan Paul Trench.
Martyrdom ot Man, Tho—Author, Wlnwood Reade; 12th edition; cloth binding; Trubner ft Co., 1887.
Miscellany, A—Cloth binding; publisher, u. Routledge ft Sons, 1888.
Macdonald, Sir John Author, Joseph Pope; 2 vols; cloth binding; publisher,
J. Durle ft Son, Ottawa.
MacKenzle, Llfo of W. L— Author, Charles Lindsey; publisher, J. W. Bradley, Philadelphia, 1862.
Mackenzie, Ills Life and Times—Author, w. Buckingham G. W. Ross; fifth
edition; publisher, Rose Publishing Co., Toronto, 1892.
Memoirs ot a Cavalier—Author, Daniel Defoe; leather binding; publisher,
Sisley's Ltd., London.
Man's Place In the Universe Author, Alfred R. Wallace; second edition;
cloth binding; publisher, Alfred RusBell Wallace.
My Favorite Book Shelf—Autiior, Charles JoBsclyn; linen binding; publisher,
Paul Elder ft Co., San Francisco.
My Prison Life—Author, Jabcz Spencer Balfour; Colonial edition; card
binding; publisher, J. Fisher Unwln, London, 1907.
Meredith, George—Author, M. Sturge Henderson; bait linen binding; publlshor, Methuen ft Co., London.
Meaning of Pictures, The—Author, John 0. Van Dyke; Illustrated sterling
edition; cloth binding; publisher, Churlcs Scrlbner, N.Y., 1903.
Mythology, Manuel of—Author, Alexander S. Murray; revised edition; cloth
binding; publlshor, David McKay, Philadelphia.
Memoirs und Secret chronicles of the Courts of Europe—(11 vols; edition de
luxe, St. Ilunstan's binding); publisher, Walter Dunne, N.Y and London.
Man and Superman -Author, Gcorgo Bernard Shaw; cloth binding; publisher,
Constable, London, 1907.
Criterion library; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
New France and New England—Author, John Fiske; cloth binding; publisher, Houghton Millln. Boston and N.Y.
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Napoleon—Author, Lord Roseberry; cloth binding; publisher, Harper Bros.,
Nell McLeod, A Tale of Literary Life In London—Author, David Lyall; linen
Poets, Selections From American—Author, William Cullen Bryant; Criterion
Library; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
Priests and People In Ireland—Author, Michael McCarthy; third edition;
cloth binding; publisher, Hodges, Figgis ft Co., Ltd.
Progress and Poverty—Autiior, Henry George; 2 vols; cloth binding; publish*
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Powder Puff, The—Author. Franz Blel; cloth binding; publisher, Musson
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Parliamentary Procedure, Bourlnot's, Canada—Half leather binding; publisher, Dawson Bros., Montreal, 1892.
Professor at the Breakfast Table—Author, Oliver Wendell Holmes; leather
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Principles ot Ethics, Justice—Author, Herbert Spencer; cloth binding; publisher, D. Appleton ft Co.,. N.Y., 1891.
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Roman Empire, The—Authur, Gibbon; (I vols; cloth binding; publisher, Harper Bros., N.Y. and London.
Reminiscences of Sir Richard Curtwrlght—Author, Sir 11. Cartwright; cloth
binding; publisher, W. Briggs, Toronto.
Roosevelt't Career- cloth binding; publisher, Revtow of Reviews.
Ruskln—Complete set; half leather and halt cloth binding; publisher, Klems-
cott Society, N.Y.
Ruskln, John—Author, Frederic Harrison; cloth binding; publisher, Macmillan ft Co., N.Y., 1005.
Rhetoric, Elements of—Author, R. Whately; publisher, Harper Bros., N.Y.
CORPORATION OF THK Cents ($17,M5.20.)
CITV OK CRANBROOK !    And whereas there Is no amount of
  money already charged upon the said
lly-Luw No   1118 mteT r&le8 or c,lar"eB-
 .1 I    And whereuB, the Bald debt of One
A By-law to raise the sum of Ono!Hund™* and T<m Thousand Dollars
Hundred and Ten Thousand Dollars
(1110,000.00) for the purpose of replacing the present wood pipe with
steel pipe and the building of a new
Dam and Reservoir, and for the purchase ot any necessary lands or real
estate for Improving tho Water Works
System of the City of Cianbruok.
Whereas, the water rates or charges
in the Municipality of the City ot
Cranbrook are enforceable under the
provisions of the Municipal Act.
And whereas, It Is necessary to raise
the sum of One Hundred and Ton
Thousand Dollurs ($110,000.00) for
the purpose aforesaid .
And whereas, the estimated water
rates or charges ohargoablo for the
year 1914. being thu year In which
Hits By-law Is passed, Is the sum of
Seventeen Thousand Two Hundred
and Twenty-Five Dollars and Twenty
1)110,000.00) Is created on the security of the said water rates or charges.
Now therefore, the Municipal Council ot the Corporation of the City ot
Cranbrook ln Council assembled, enacts as follows;
1. The said proposed expenditure
ot One Hundred and Ten Thousand
Dollars (1110,000.00) Is hereby authorized.
2. It shall and may be lawful for
the Mayor ot the Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook to borrow upon the
credit of the water rates and charges
revenue the said Corporation by way
ot debentures hereinafter mentioned
from any person or persons, body,
bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance the same as a loan, a
sum not excoedtng In tho whole the
sum ot Ono Hundred and Ten Thousand   Dollars   (|lf|0,0M.OO)   and   lo
coupons may be either written, stamped, printed or lithographed.
5. The said debentures shall bear
interest at tile rate of six per cent
(6'/l) per annum from the date thereof, which Interest shall be payable
semi-annually nt said offices of the
imperial Bank of Canada aforesaid
and the bank of the Manhattan Company, New York City, U.S.A., In lawful
money of Canada, on the 1st day of
February, and 1st day of August in
each year during tlie curiency thereof.
and It shall be expressed ln said debentures and coupons to be so payable.
C. lt shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the Bald Corporation to negotiate
and Bell said debentures or any ot
7. Tlie sum ot One Hundred and
Thirty-Two Thousand Dollars ($132,-
000.00) ls necessary for the payment
ot Interest during the currency of the
said debentures (I.e., the sum ot Six
Thousand Six Hundred Dollars
[16,600] annually) and there shall
be Bet aside annually the certain
specific sum ot Four Thousand and
Ninety-Three Dollars (ind Seventy-
Two Cents (14,093.72) from tho revenue trom the water rates or charges
of the City of Cranbrook and
the said water rates or charges
shall be set aside by being kept ln a
special account, both in the hands ot
the City Clerk and in thc City's Bank
Account for the payment of said debt
and also for the payment ot Interest
thereon dm Ing the currency of the
said debentures.
8. It sail be lawful for the said
Municipal Council to repurchase any
ot the said debentures upon such
terms as may be agreed upon with
the legal holder thereof, or uny part
thereof cither at the time of sale or
any subsequent time or times, and all
debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled and destroyed and
no re-issue of debentures so repurchased shall be made In consequence
of such repurchase.
, ThlB By-law shall take offoct on
and after tho 15th day of Juno, 1914.
10. This By-law may bo cited for
all purposes as tho "Wator Works
Loan Debenture By-Law No. 2."
Reud tho first, second und third
lime on tho 20th day of May, 1914.
TAKE NOTICE that the above Is a
true copy of the proposed Bylaw upon
which the vote of the Municipality wlll
bu taken ut thc Municipal Building,
Norbury Avenue, on Monthly the 1st
duy of June, 1914, between tlio hours
of 9 o'clock in the morning (10 o'clock
local time) and 7 o'clock In tho evening (8 o'clock p.m. local time).
Clerk to the Municipal Council.
Dated at Ccanbrook this 21st day ot
May, 1914.
Efforts on the part of the Nolson
board of trudo and mining men of the
district to Induce the Woolsey, Mc-
Alplne, Johnson Zinc Corporation of
New York, to locate Its proposed new
electric smelting plant at Nelson, have
resulted In a decision ot Mr. Johns6n,
Dr. Struthers, his associate, and E, A.
Barlow, ot McGIll University, Montreal, who has been working on the
problem for the Canadian federal government, to visit Nelson and discuss
the matter with the local people.
For the tlrst time ln California, a
Hindu will enjoy the privilege ot citizenship, when Oenesh Pandit ls naturalized by Frederick Jones, United
States naturalisation examiner. Pandit
Ib a Hindu ot tbe Brahmin caste, a
graduate of the University ot Bombay, lecturer and law student. Several weeks ago he tiled a brief ln the
superior court which Judge W. I.
Morrison, before whom he appeared,
Bald was ono of the best he ever read.
The court ordered tbat naturalisation
papers be Issued to Pandit.


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