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Cranbrook Herald Nov 23, 1916

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saga armi     a i,,
THURSDAY, NOV. 23rd, 191'i
Employers .\**k Tluti Present Restriction «n  Laborers Coming From
Stales tn Thi*- ProTlnce lie He-
moved mi ViTuiiiit of Scarcity
ni' Labor.
The visit ul' Mini   It. P. (ireen te this
city last Thursday in connection with
the Now National Service Commission was a preliminary visit only to
obtain tho vlows and suggestions nf
om ploy cob nnd employers aa to Unheal method ot ruining tho additional
mon tiooded from Canada. Air* (ireen
hud a meeting in (In* nflomoon with
a number of lending: lumbornion, nud
In tin* ovonlng moi wltli a numbor ot
otbor employers nod umployeos, lloth :
lumbormoii nml mining mon agreed I
on Un- tlirrieulty ol obtaining labor |
and Btrougty urged Uml lho bars he let
down botwoon llrltlsh Columbia and
the United Stales In regard tn work-
nn'ii In order to relieve the proaent
labor problem. -Mr. Qroon admitted
tlmt omployors alt ovor the province
wero In favor nf lining tills, ;iud intl-
iniited dial the Unvornmonl would glvo
this matter tlieir confllderotlon with
thn probabllllj of favorable action nn
'tholr purl.
Mr. Oreen is Director fnr British
Columbia and the Yukon on the newly
croated National Service Commission,
whoso function will be to ascertain
the man-power available throughout
the Dominion and alleviate tho Interruption of Industrial activity In the
essentia) branches al this tlmo by tho
praetiee of in discriminate recruiting.
The   National   Service   Hoard   has
absolutely nothing to do with recruit-
ing for overseas service
business Is to take a
males, who will then
The annual meeting ol the
Cranbroolt Agricultural Association hn*; heen postponed till IVed-
nesditj nftornooui Nov. -'!*, at 9*80
Clt) Time, iu lhe City Hall. This
is an Important meeting and every
farmer in lho district and every
business mini should make u special effort to attend. The success
oi tiie tgrlculturul Soviet] menus
lam li In ihe district^ and onl] hy
lho united efforts oi ihe husiness
men itml farmers can lhe iiuouiil
exhibition he ni.ole u success,
' ii.
trlbulo i
> tin
ill Ity
ii ,
bul  il
ii verj promising outlook for tlie fulfilment of the Blo'gan "A White li. <'."
,.in i, ii .vhlti laundry cannot mako a
.ticeei.. nt Hn* business iu n city tlio
si so nf Crunbrook. Tin* Stoom Laundry here has changed hands a num-
i.i ,■ of tiim.* during the last year or
*;o. each ono who tackled llie problem
having in glvo it up as u monoy-losor,
A cou,de ot months ago two husiness
men uf the town took hold of tlie place
ned   tn   imt   it   ou   its   foot   if
thing  wen*  possible,    They
iomo  necessary  Improvements
ilnnt, imt it competent laundry
man iu charge, anil with a manager at
tlie head who wasn't afraid to got out
uud  hustle  tt looked as if it should
go  al   last.    Mut  unfortunately    the
story   is   the   some.     Although   thoy
havo endeavored as fur as possible to
Irectly.   Its  nu et the price of tlieir Chinese corn-
census of all editors they wen* unable to get siifll-
be grouped or clent patronage' to make the concern
,t tlu
'.'■•'xf.i:;-?.ff■■f.m v
:A'V;folt'{'>'£ •
i;' *it't(   <_,
'Lusltanla1 hi
I'-llniiI  Captain   (to President Wilson I: Ml) dear sir, It's only u little
am it up.
(Special to the Herald)
Waldo, Nov. 20th—A fareas of unusual proportions was staged n the
Waldo Hotel here on Saturday evening
last, which turned out to he a rather
serious affair. lt appears that a
bunch of Russians from the Baker
Lumber Company's camp near Haynes
Lake wero drowning what sorrows
they had in tlie cup tliat cheers, as
also wore four Hindoos. Several of
the Russians started In to Rive a cali-
|a*r dance Intermixed with a few calisthenics around the Hindoos, and this
to them was indicative that they wished a scrap, and a rough house started.
Altogether thero wore twenty-five
Russians against the four Hindoos,
nnd for a ehoise or weapons this had
n Donnybrook Fair bucked clean oft
Uie map, such articles as conl oil
lamps, while whiskey, bottles nd
chairs figuring prominently in the lime
Several of Uie participants wero
knocked clean out of business, others
receiving sculp ond face wounds which
Kept the doctor busy until tho wee sir a
hours of Sunday morning applying
The caso came up beforo A. J. Joule,
J. P., on Monduy, but was remanded
until all the participants were gathered In.
;mbly. AP*-'
od Uml you »cc on the enVelopel**—De Telegraaf, Amsterdam,
dozeu femnb
enipluy. »s out   of
but until tbei
c is a greater spirit
opt ration an
1 a desire nu  tiie
Of   tlie    llOUfl
ekeepors   to  glvo
labor the  p
ei'crriiee  the    em
s will have
o seek other sour-
classified r.8 those eligible for military pay, and reluctahtly decided to shut
service in all requirements; those be- down before they went broke, pocket
yond the regulation age limit; those their losses and charge it up to ex-
physically unfit. Also to ascertain the perlence. The laundry closes down to-
number of men at present engaged in night and it is very doubtful if it will
certain industrial pursuits who are'be re-opened, lt is unfortunate that
willing to adopt another branch wliere cue of the fow industries of the city
their services would be more bono- should liave to shut down like this, j
ficial; and p.goln the number of men throwing a half dozen male employees '
following a branch of employment in um'
one locality who would be willing to wo
migrate to another locality and follow nf
tbe same occupation wliere their ser- pa
vices would he more valuable to the wh
Empire's cause. j pi0
Tlie women of the country will bo ces
asked to co-operate in expediting the |
w-ork of the board in the various cam-'
inanities when it ts ascertained in
what direction their efforts would be
most effective. Mr. Green, however,
did not think this would effect Hritish
Columbia to any extent except in tlie
banks and mercantile houses on account of the very few factories In this
province in whicli female labor could
be utilized
When Uie Board has completed the
man power census it will have jurisdiction over the military authorities
in so far as dictating where recruiting shall not be carried on. In this
manner it is expected indiscriminate
recruiting will be prevented from seriously depleting tho man-power lu
those industries which are now contributing factors in sustaining the
A U.Mclatiiia of How l.i-iluin Has Lift*
ed Herself to a State of Almost
Perfect Preparedness During
the Heavy Siege of the
Present   War.
:;ii. Ik
was rospons-
1 Miss Mills, sister of Mrs. Christian,
sr., fell down a trap-door Tuesday
evening at the residence of Mr. W. B.
; Willis in Slaterville and sustained a
: broken wrist nnd severe cuts and
1 bruises ubout tlio bead and shoulder.
Miss Mills was assisting In the prt-
paratlon of supper and had brought a
jar of fruit from the cellar.   To reach
meeting of the Farmers'
In Id on Rnturday after-
Tii ■ nun
Institi te v
noon   last   when   Uu
elected  for the em uing
attendance   wns   verj   di.
however, and the officers
that more Interest wlll 1
the   n> Xl    Rl Ul    :■'   Illl ■ tfnp
bo held on !! I   Ml   e .   [)
Ormston resigned as Ri crei
vacancy   wis   left   ni  n   iili
meeting.    The  following  ollicers   were
elect, ii lion Pres \ 1*3 Watts; Hon
Vice Pros John hcvott; Pros I!. Palmer;  Vic  Pi ■* P   Woods;  Directors,
S il, \ McCturo,
\. H  Smith,   John
The municipal pot is beginning to
simmer a little but very slowly. Alder-!
man W. S, Santo is tho only man who [
has definitely announced himself as j
willing to stand for the Mayoralty, but;
we understand that if Mr. Santo remains in tin   lieid another candidate
Will he wit up. Who tbat will he it Is
impossible to say just yet. Other
names mentioned as possibilities aro
the present .Mayor. Mr. Lester Clapp,
Mr. W. A, Nisbetl. Alderman Krickson
and Aldernian Hanson, Mr. Clapp bas
ntimated that he will not run again
though/It is possible ho might be Induced to reconsider bis decision. Mr.
: lab I !s ;.lso averse to entering the
fight and whether he will finally eon-
mi to stand is doubtful. Mr. Erickson would make a capable Mayor were
i .* In t e i Ity all thc time but during
i ie yi ar has been out of thc city so
much as almost to lose touch with tin
Ible for the marvel
ims gathered together In on: tremen- the cellar it is necessary to use a
•J .us footage of film the first complete trap-door in Uio pantry, and after
aV Fiithentie revue of tin- accom])-, bringing up the fruit Miss Mills start-
l.shmtnts of Britain In meelng a sit- ed off to fetch up some pickles. There
nation for which at the commencement is no light In tlie pantry and whether
u' t'ie war she wns practically unpre- she slipped at the top or forgot that
pared. An exception must be made to the trap-door was open is not known,
tills latter statement, however, in tier but tlie children heard her fall and
great fleet, which has stood sponsor shouted for Mr. Willis who was
for the liberty of tlio seas for America just entering the house. Mr. Willis
and other nations, as well as for truck a match and saw Miss Mills tn
Prance and her own British Kmpire. a heap at the foot of the Bteps, un-
Thls is exemplified In tin* film by illus- conscluus. Fortunately, however, there
tration of the mine-sweeping opera- were no broken bones or fractures
tlons and tn other important ways. r.boul too head or shoulders although
The opening of the picture gives there are a number of severe cuts and
some   excellent   views  illustrative of  hruises  as   well   as  the  right  wrist
the making of the new British army,
showing how in fifteen months four
million British civilians wore turned
into a highly efficient military organization. Next came the making of munitions ai tin works of Messrs. Vlekors,
Ltd., showing the women and girls
working at the lathe, making fuses,
assembling and filling shells, and all
the numerous tasks that present tliem-
tralnlng of raw recruits, showing the
training of raw recruits, howtng the
marvellously efficient methods reeort-
el to   is   intensely    interesting,   the
broken, and .Miss Mills will be laid up
tinu* as a result.
The Cranbrook Drug Co. are now
doing business In their beautiful new
store on the corner, next door to the
old stand. The new store is much
larger, better lighted, nnd more convenient thnn the old quarters. Prismatic glass has been put In over the
show windows which throws the light
Into all parts of the store, and makes
it one of tlie best lighted stores In the
eity. Tho main store will he used for
drugs, stationery, etc,, witli a commodious ofllce at the rear, nnd n dispensary In tin* rear of this. The upstairs
will be used for the display of their
largo line of Christmas goods und
novelties, which will be opened up in
a few days. Customers are given ample
room to look around and inspect the
goods offered for sale, and Mr. Atchison will he glnd to welcome old
friends and new.
The annual meeting of the Crnnbrook Branch of the above Fund will
be held on Wednesday next November
20th at 8.30 p.m. iu the City Hall. Business: Election of officers. All subscribers are Invited to attend.
Thos. M. Roberts, Hon, Secy.
Cranbrook, B. C, Nov. 22, 1916.
eh   Will
r    Mr
hut the
ie next
fend of events, and In many eases; Hoyal Flying Corps dropping bombs
1 is attended council meeUngs at con- on Uie territory of an Imaginary enemy
slderable Incovenience to himself. It the Motor Cycle Machine Qun section
Is nol likely he would consider the.at work, the provisioning of au army
matter very seriously. Mr Hanson is showing the Army Bakery, where 1"
a large property owner in the city
ami a solid substantial citizen who has
shown his faith in the future of the 0,000 Irish volunteers, a contingent
city h** Investing his money *■ per- of the new army, arr all items of apec-
mnnent buildings and Improvements   lal interest.     W*> then come to what
A quiet wedding took place yesterday afternoon at 5.30 at the residence
of .Mr. and Mrs, Robert Finley when
heir daughter Grace B. was united
u marriage to Robert W. Leonard, of
his city. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Thos. Keyworth ln tbe
presence of the immediate relatives
only. Miss Ruby Finley, sister of the
bride, acted as bridesmaid, while Robert Finley, brother of the bride, perorated the duties of groomsman. The
bride was attired in a handsome dreBS
f Copenhagen blue silk poplin, the
000 pounds of bread is turned out per bridesmaid being dressed in Russian
tay, the review by King Oeorge V of Oreen of the snme material. The floral
W B Bardp
Mr   A r malr
here    He has stated that he would not i Ib tabulated
stand for re-election to the conn
has nol declared himself on tin
oralty as yet.
There   B
to  be ;i  deartl
idtdates for the
■ it is early yet
"Tlu* Sure Shield of
I but j Britain  and thu Empire," which ae-
May- qualnts ns with the British navy at ail
Its angles from the making of a naval
gun, which is given in splendid detail.
lo battleships In action, among them
decorations   were  white    Crysanthe-
mums.    A tasty wedding dinner was
erved after the ceremony.
Both the bride and groom are well
nnd favorably known ln the city, the
bride having for years been an employee at tlie local postofflce, and the
groom  being  a  C.  P.  11.  brakesman
uniiing out of Cranbrook. There were
Walls  i
Wa ited
.-■ i ie a i*
n ■ In go
,1 order    A
ply P. O
"" l'i"
the   "Queen   Elisabeth,"   whicli   was many beautiful presents sent to the
ride, testifying to the popularity of
he young couple. The groom's gift
o tin* bridesmaid was a pearl brooch,
and gold cuff-links to tbe groomsman.
The happy couple will reside on
Watt Avenue
pierced by a Turkish shell duriug the
si Igc of thi Dardanelles. Some splendid views ot the Grand Fleet In the
North Sea, Include submarine maneuvers, daily Bports performed by
Jackles, and destroyers screening the
fleet In tho Nortli Sea by circling
around tlie slii( s
Coining to  n-*x  Theatre,   Monday,
Hie    Ulll.
The Tid) Sum nf I ii'lj hollars Raised
lor Itelglan Relief I uiul
Last Wednesday evening, Nov, 16th,
saw the usually unlet town of Wycliffe
nstlr with moving pedestrians as well
as vehicles of all sorts If one followed Uo* general trend of these, lie would
finally bring up at the school house.
On ontortng here lie Is met by the
genial "stenographer" whu is acting
as official door tender. After a very
short wait, Mr. s, Clark took the chair
and In a neal little speech explained
the purpose oi Uie entertainment,
which was to rnlse funds fnr Belgian
Relief, and then called upon the children who rendered In quite good style
j tlte old patriotic chorus. This wns follow d by recitations etc., until presently Jack Little was called upon for
nn Instrumental. Then wns tt that the
house went wild. Tbey were not satisfied with one encore hut demanded
a second and would gladly have had a
tliird. fnr tlie combination of mouth
organ nnd guitar wns very pleasing,
Ex-rPesldent Roosevelt seems to
think that our present peace .witn
Mexico Is really a bigger war than our
war with Spain. In soldiers it is
Pecos Bill Shaft had no more thnn
25,000 troops in Cuba when San Juan
Hill and El Caney were fought. In
deed, the United States has mor**
regular and State troops under the
flag today than General Scott and
General Taylor together commanded
in their conquest of Mexico 70 years
■go. They had in the field 90,000 men.
The biggest army Washington ever '
commanded which Included all the
troops under arms at one time dur-'
lng the Revolution, was only 68,000,;
There are more American troops with
he colors on the Rio Grande nt pres- j
ent than there were at any one time
in the war of 1811!. Whichever way j
you prefere to put it, this affair with j
Mexico is the most peaceful war, or
the most warlike peace, which it has'
been our country's misfortune to fin-;
nnee.—Philadelphia Public Ledger.       i
Ladies' Coats
Greatly Reduced
Friday and Saturday we will
sell our entire stock of Ladies'
Coats at prices lower than the
makers. These coats are al!
good styles from Canada's best
designers and include all t his sea -
sons novelty features. See our
windows and get some idea of
the values we are offering.
This is an exceptional opportunity for keen buyers, com=
ing as it does at the commencement of the cold weather.
Regular $24 to $30 coats for $18.00
Regular up to $20 values for $14.00
Reductions in Millinery
Let us show you what a
pretty, smart Trimmed Hat
you can buy for $4.50. Many
models worth twice this money.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
I.OWt.IC hl.MltKltm ROAIt OPE>
Our Marysville correspondent under
date of Nov. 22nd, aays:—
The    lower    Klmberley-Marysville
road which washed out last June and
lias been under eonsfderatlon by the
uthorities ever since, has this week
eon rushed to completion, therefore
travel    from   Cranbrook   and   other
oints for Kimberley will now be able
o go vin  Marysville, cutlng off IU,
miles of up grade Which exists on tlie
old rond now in use.   Tills work which
meant tlie cutting of u. mile of right
of way. considerable grading, also 80
oet of corduroy, was completed for
onilderably under $:too.   Paul Hand-
ley was in charge of the work.
Furniture for Xmas Giving
Nothing will give greater satisfaction to the
recipient than a gift of Furniture for Christmas.
Look over onr large and well selected stock before
making your Christmas purchase.-. \\v have
something to suit every purse.
C C o.
MllllirilV  AYE.
The jium of t86.U3.68 has been subscribed nnd forwarded to the British
Red Cross Soslely as a result tf the
collection throughout British Columbia
on the Huh of Oetober for that pur*
i ose. Thia is more than double the
amount raised on n similar day last
year. The amount* raised In this <Hb-
triet are us follows: Hull KJver, $33.50
Creston, $80., cranbrook, $14!*, East
Kootonay, $lir,.l5„ Pernie, $100., Fort
Steele, ss.t., Oolden, W7.90,, Mission,
oiuiiiR from such an~ortist *r'917-  Moylo. M.O.. Nelson, $436.25.,
a famous stage beauty, wbo playH tho leading female role
at tbo Auditorium, December lat.
nek, After a fow moro enjoyable
numbers by tho kiddles, Ids Jim Parkins was called upon for a solo, which,
after some hesitation, he finally do-
elded to glvo, and the wny he rendered
"Miss Poverty's Christmas Cake" al-
moat sent tho crowd inlo hysterics.
The next most Interesting events were
a cpuplo of montii organ solo? by two
modest young men, followed by a
splendid recitation by Mrs b, Taylor.
When at last tiie National Anthem
was suiiK, every one turned homeward
in good spirits being well pleased with
tlie evening's enjoyment,   The Treas-
$50., Windermere District,
In  "Twin   lleda"
The eoncert held In the Library Mall
Wardner, Wednesday evening, Nov.
16th, ror the Belgian Children's Relief
Fund, was a decided success, both
from a financial nnd artistic point of
view, Tho children performed very
creditably and the largo number of
peoplo who attended wore treated to a
very enjoyable evening.
I The proceeds of ihe concert amount-
urer was nlso tmtisfied for lie thought ed to $27.75 nnd were forwarded to the
that fifty dollars from ikplnee tbe ntw Snpirlnt-i&dtnt of KdaeaUon at Vie-
of Wyellti* «u qnlto gaud. oria
The Aim in Our
New Store
eer t>
"ill   title
lhe old
We lire iiei" read) i'ur llUSlnoi
NOW Sinn* nn Uh* dirtier, BOXl eln
stand, witli ihe additional room nml Imp i'or.
eil facilities lien* no «ill in* enabled t" serve
our customers as wc have always wished, and
morc t<> the satisfaction of both tin* public uml
ourselves Ihan formerly.
We iiieitc you to make  this   store   your
nes.     (lar   motto   ls"Sertli*e anil Quality,"
selected stuck of Christmas  Novelties and
s will tic nn display in a few days.
A new slock of llruRs and Stationer).   Lei as fill jour prescriptions.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co. Ltd.
W. .1. ATCHISON, Mtrr.
Mall Orders (lur Special);
PHONE 71 THURSDAY, NOV. 23rd, 1916
In the price of Jewelry tliis year.
Matte your Christmas purchases
early when uur stock is complete
and the different lines unbroken
We have ar. exceptionally nice
assortment for the Xmas trade
and you'll find our stock right
up to the mark. There is no
need of sending out of town for
anything In the Jewelry line.
For a change make your purchase at home this year, for by
so doing we are satisfied you
will get better service, see the
j article you are buying, and get
just as good or a little bettor
value i'ur ymir money, Yours
for more satisfactory Xmas pur-
'IH.. (ll'TICIAJi
Kilby l'*raro.on I'le lures.
Hnly 26 mure eiieys iili Christmas.
Mr. Frank Christian left yesterday
tor Winnipeg.
Mrs. T. C, Phillips left Thursdaj
afternoon to visit Montreal mid Boston.
Kimberley lots tor sale—Apply to
Beale 41 Elwell, solo agents tor the
Townslte Co.   Titles guaranteed.
.Miss Vina I'oris left tliis woek on a
.stleert  Visit   tee   Maclcod   lenel   Medit'tllr
Tlie* annual meeting of tho Agricultural Society Is belnfi held this even-
Killiy repairs   umbrellas and sunshades.
Wo are glad te ttco W. lt. Beatty
able to lie oeit during tho week after a
lengthy and  very serloUB Illness.
Mr. anil Mrs. Roscngrl
are the guests of Mr, ai
' Coutts,
. ,,t Calgary,
d Mrs. .1. M.
KOll   (llllll l;   S'lTI'll   I'.KIT.
llie hi'st iiunllly. Itntter A I tas.
Tlie Christmas Blazaar at Christ
Churcli Tuesday next, commences at
:; o'clock in the afternoon aharp.
Come early,
Capt, Norman, Capt Weir and En-
sIkii Kerr, ot Cranbrook, attended the
leiK s. a. Congress in Winnipeg last
Attend to ynur Insurance policies
and see Heal,' &  Elwell,
Tl.i' monthly mooting ot thc W, ('.
T. I', will he held on the afternoon i
November :10th, at :U0, at the I omo of
Mrs. Albert Slater, Norbury Avenue.
Heale & Elwell have been asked to
sell a small cottago em Lumsden Ave.
I'ricee Is emly ",400. Kusy terms. Apply at once to Heale & Klwell.
MQUOK ACT, llllll
(Section 42)
on tho lirst day of December next application will bc made to the Super
Intendent of Provincial Police for renewal ot the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in tl," hotel known
as the Weisa Hotel, sltuato at Wasa.
near Cranbrook, in tho Province of
llrltlsh Columbia.
Dated this 7tlt day of November 1Mb,
The Unionist Investi it Co., Ud.
.1   11. Quartly denernl Manager    fur
the Company.
•ir,-4t. Applicant.
Make an Early
Phone 97
Miss Grace lilaik who hns been employed at tho local telephone exchange, left on Sunday for Trail where
site lm.-, uecopted a position.
We urc carrying a full line ot boots
uud shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
Vrmstrong Ave.
Ladies! We will give ;ou free one
Pictorial Review pattern with a purchase of one dollar at tliis store,—W.
it. Hill.
.Mrs. li William and fumily left on
Sunday tor Trail. Tliey will return
lu the spring to take up their ranch
near Wycliffe.
It's already time to think about your
Christmas shopping. Only 2H muru
shopping days till Christmas. The
early buyer gets the besl choice and
the best service.
Just remember Christmas will    be
ncre iu another montii and thu best
time tn do your Christmas shopping
is NOW.
We are carrying a full line of boots
and shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
The Alexandra Cub will hold llieir
third dance on Friday 24th, in the
Maple Hall. Members are cordially
Invited, Admission by invitation only.
Dancing. 8 to 1.
The Maple Leaf Rebekah Lodge No.
■ ID, are holding a whist drive and1
dunce In tlle Maple Hall on Thursday,
Nov. 30th. Cards, from 8.30. Dancing
commences ul 10 p.m. Admission 7&e
a couple, extra  lady  26c.
Ensign Kerr, of the Salvation Army
conducted the services in Knox PreB-
byterlan Church last Sunday In the
absence of the pastor. Kev. W. K.
Thomson, and will occupy tlm pulpit
next   Sunduy   morning   and   evening.
Mr. Solomon Koury. who used to be
in business here, waa a visitor in tlie
city for a couple of days this week.
He lias been very sick and is Htlll suffering from a sore side which be expects soon to have operated upon.
Mr. P, M. McPherson lias purchased
Mr. Byron McFarlane's residence, (in
Garden Avenue and expects to get pos*
session the first or December, Mr
McFarlaue having lieen transferred to
Mrs, Kummer returned yesterday
from Portland and the Oregon Coast
where she has spent tin* lust three
months. Mrs, Kumnier's many frlenda
will be glad to know that she ts feeling much heller than  when she left
Ladles! We are showing today exclusive styles in Lades' Separate
Coats. Cull and examine our Plush
Coats with Lynx Collar and Cuffs,
also Lynx trimmed skirt, Silk Poplin
lined, also our Push Coats, Hed Fox
trimmed; our Plush Coats, Babie trimmed, These an* positively New York's
latest fashion word.—W. D. Hill
| Fresh dried fruits In, choice bulk
currants 25c ib., 2 lbs ir.c; Yellow Sultanas 26c u lb., 2 lbs. 45c; Seeded Raisins 16c a pkg.; orange and leuum peel
30c a lh.; Citron peel 35c u lh.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
Mrs Cameron won the ladles' prize
and Bubble Pye the gent's prize In the
Whin Drive at the Pariah Hall last
night Afterwards dancing was en-
Joyed in the music supplied by Mra.
Wallinger's orchestra. The floor was
good und Mr. B. Y. Brake made a
callable floor  manager.
Two names were omitted from tbe
C, P. R. Honor Hull published last
week, the following Cranbrook men
having enlisted In addition to those
given iu our last issue: Willlhiui Robertson, C, P. It. lineman, killed in
action recently; F. II, McGregor, C.
P,  R, lineman, now  with the 226th,
The entertainment held by tho children of the Mayose and Wasa Public
Schools at Wasa, proved to be u very
successful affair, eighty-six 'dollars
elng realised for tho Belgian Rollof
Fund. Many thanks an* dm- lo the
liberality of the donatora.
The animal meeting of the Cranbrook Bramli ol tlie Patriotic Fund is
called for Wednesday evening next
at \*.n in the City Hall. The officers
are especially anxious that there
Should he a guild attendance of all
subscribers to the fund. The election
of ollicers will he held.
.Mr. Cm. Carr is iu tliis Week from
tlie Homestake Mine on Perry Creek
and reports splendid progress on the
development work now being done on
tlmt property. The further the work
goes tin* more enthusiastic Mr. Carr
, ecomes as to Uh* immensity and worth
,01" llieir ore body.
] The Social Servlco Council will hold
i ,t |,niiii , inference upon the "Introduction ■ I Moral and Religious Training |nt i the Schools" on Thursday,
lhe sth, in the Parish Hall. The confer. i,i e is open to all citizens and a
hcarlj welcome is extended to parents,
teachers and others interested in the
boys anil girls of tin* province.
Apples V'1.n'» a box, ."i boxes ut $1.75
a 1)0$, A cur of choice Creston apples
..list in. consisting of Mcintosh Reds
Uealiliy. Jonathan, Spy, Wagner and
ito uie Ilea ut y, ii few boxes of small
si/e Joimtlums nl $l.iill u box. The
Oilnhrook Trailing Co.
W. B, Black the butcher, bad a busy
day on Friday last when be killed 20
Hue Btoei'B for Harry Edwards at
Wycliffe. Starting ai nine in tlie
morning he was through by six iu the
evening, fast work for that length of
time. Tin* steers were particularly
choice, several four-year-olds weighing UOO pounds, Tbey will be used In
Lhe Staples Lumber Camps.
\ large number of young people
enjoyed themselves last nlgllt at a
skating party al the marsh glveu by
the Misses Madge and Marion Hubert-
son, Aboul ten o'clock the party adjourned to tbe Robertson family residence and enjoyed themselves for the
balance of the evening witb music and
dancing. An enjoyable lunch whs served later in tin* ovenlng.
Christ Church Christmas Bazaar
wil In* held on Tuesday next In the
Parish Hall commencing at :'• p.m.
There will he many articles offered
suitable for Christmas gifts, ubuii-
\ dunce of home-made cooking and
candy for sale, in addition to a fine art
exhibition, fortune telling booths, fish
ponds, etc. lu tin* evening commencing at S.p.m., two dramatic performances will he given, "Richard's Play"
and "The (Jodiless of Love", to be fol-
I lowed hy a danco with music by a
good orchestra,
A few articles for tlie soldiers:—
'ocou, Iii lb tin 16c; gum. 6c pkg., 75c.
. box; Chocolate Bars ">c -fc 10c each;
)xo in cubes 15c tin; Dates lac «V- 20c
ikg.; Peanut Butter 20c, 26C & 30c;
ioups, all kinds, 6c per package. -
'raulirook Trading Co.
Tbe local Y. M. C. A. lias hud a very
successful  campaign   for new inem-
|bers, no less than 2!t being signed up.
A very neat leather holder is now supplied for the membership cards, which
makes them much more convenient to
curry in the pocket. The total new
members secured up till the -Oth In
.tho 10 day campaign to get IIO.OOO is
over 2.J.000 and it is expected that
when returns are In for tbe lasl four
days the objective of the Association
will he reached. The addition of 29
locally is considered very satisfactory.
The reception accorded to that old-
time favorite "Ten Nights in a Bar-
Hooin" on its appearance here last
Saturday was nulto different to tbe
manner in which it wus received u
dacade or more ago and as far as
lhe size of the crowd was concerned
more nearly resembled a frost. "Ten
Nights iu a Bar-Room" apparently litis
outlived its welcome, at least in
territory which has already voted In
favor of prohibition. The supporting
company wus fair though, not as well
adapted to tlie parts as ou Iheir pre
vn.iis appearance hen- in "Oilicei- tifiU."
Tbe above represents the Dumber of yenrs spent in fruitless efforts to cure a bad case of eczema
witb ordinary ointments, compared with the time it took Zam-
Buk to effect a complete and permanent cure.
Thii was the experience of Mr.
II. C. Buckley of 461 East Broadway, Portland. Ore. Writing t»
the Zam-Buk Co., he says: "For
fifteen years 1 suffered with a bad
case of eczema, and used all kinds
of so-called "cures" and treatments, but nothing waa capable
of curing me until I tried Zam-
Buk. This wonderful balm, however, completely cured me In less
than a year, and nol only so, but
1 have b.i.i no return of the dls*
ease. I strongly recommend Zam-
Buk to anyone afflicted aa 1 was."
Tbis is but one of the hundreds
of canes when Znm-IUik has effected a cure when everything
else failed. Tbe reason Is easily
explained. Zam-Ruk being unusually refined—containing absolutely no unlmfil fats or mineral
drugs such as arc contained In
ordinary ointments—is capable of
penetrating to the underlying
tissues where skin diseases have
their roots. Ordinary ointments,
on the contrary, never get beyond
the surface skin and so are incapable of effecting permanent cures.
Zam-Buk is just as good for
salt rheum, ringworm, bolls, ulcers, abscesses, blood-poisoning*,
piles, cuts, burns, scalds and all
skin Injuries. All druggists or
Zam-Buk Co., Toronto. SOc. box.
3 for $1.25.
I. 0. II. v..
The Women's Institute on Friday last
presented tbe I. O. D. K. with the results of another Hed Cross shower
over fifty articles: socks, pyjamas,
&C, and a check for twenty-five dollars.
A good amount of sewing has been
lone by the following committees.
Monday: %1rs. Smith, donvenor:
Mesdames Grace, Hichards. Dickson,
McKay, Crebbln, Uoo. Thompson,
McCreery', llreen, and Hycknian —
Wednesday: Mrs. Spence convenor—
Mesdames Fyles, Bidder. Campbell,
Beech, and Dallas.—Thursday—Mrs.
Leslie convenor—Mesdame.-. Palmer,
Sutherland, Q, I). Brown, Attridge
Kay and Wilson.—Friday—Mrs. White
convenor—Mesdames Scott, McDonald.
Beattie, (loo, Taylor, W, K. Thompson,
J. McDonald S. Taylor, H'lton.
Bridges, Simpson, Leaman. Tisdale,
W. Henderson, and Miss Crandatl.
Those knitting during Sept. and Oet.
are as follows:- One pair each—-Mesdames Brake. C H. Phillips. Orr, Tisdale. Miles, W. S. McDonald Palmer,
'White. Tltompson, W. G. Hayuesj
Shaw, Fink. Carman.—Two pairs each,
Mesdames Dow, Thompson, Mclnnes,
J, F. Smith. Mackie, and Mlsa Me
Mlllan. Mrs. Kuhnert, 3 lairs ai.d
Mrs. Maisie. 8 pairs. Cutting Committee—Mesdames Manley, Shaw, Leslie, and Mrs. J. S. Brake, convenm
Mrs. McBride, Buying Committee and
Mrs. J. L. Palmer as Packing Committee have each done good work.
The order will give another evening
of moving pictures at the Hex early fn
The Society wishes to thank Mr.
Powell for his generosity in loaning
machines montii afler month, Without these the work could not be carried on.
Mrs. FindJey Made Strong .By Vinol
Scvery, Kans.—"The Grippe left me
in a weak, nervous, run-down condition.
I was too weak tn dn my housework and
could not sleep. After' trying different
medicines without benefit Vinol restored
my health, strength and appetite. Vinol
is' a "land medicine und every weak,
nervous, run-down woman should take,
it."—Mrs. Geo, Kindi.ky.
Vlnol sharpens the appetite, aids
digestion. cnrlchcB the bleed, and
builds up natural strength and energy.
Try it on our guarantee.
Cranbrook Drug &. Book Company
Cranbrook,   B. C.
Also at the best druggists in all B. C.
2c per word for first week, and lc per
word for each week after.
PIANO  TO  RKKT     In  hX-class
condition,    $3.00   per  month.-Apply
at  Herald Ollice.
HH Ml, Stiuj pony. Owner can
bave same on paying expenses, Apply
A. J.   Smith, Moyle,   it. c.        40-8t
In milk Ing up your Christmas puckiiirc for
The Boys in Khaki
On iiiiI forgot Hinl ivo liave iiuiii.v articles Hint nili ilrllirlit
nml mill In his comfort)—
Tobacco Poi ches, Cigarette Cases
Button Sticks, Metal Mirrors
Leather Photo Frames
Writing Folios, Stationary
Fountain Pens, Chocolates, etc.
The Beal tie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
There Is a spendld display or Fresh
[llii ri Meats at P. Burn's Meat Market
il    v,m l(. Including » lot of spring
nub- and some nice mutton from
Ir. Doyle's ranch at Fort Steele. A
ir of prion* young beef haa Just
e n recolved from Creston and \flll
Q offi red for sale this week-end. lt
one of the rinOBt shipments of beef
'hlcll lias ever entered the eity, the
nltnals being young and lu the beBt
f condition especially fed for tho
est trade. The householder who can-
ot find something to suit them among
lent stock will indeed be hard
KOIt SAW. lift Mens Hrown leg*
horns, half pullets, half yeiirtlngs, one
dollar each.    A. Kuaillt, Cranbrook.
I nit    SAI.K     Knainel    lied    nnd
Springs, in good condition, will sell
cheap. Inquire at Herald Ollliv Ot
pbone IS, 47-tf.
SftS j___ ah-n.
With a continuation of the present
weather the Arena Rink will open for
tho season on Monday evening next.
A splendid foundation has already
been secured and by Monday tbere
should be a perfect sheet of ice. The
rink is this year being run by Messrs
Warner anil McKay two young men
well known locally and tbey ure sparing no pains to make the rink more
popular than ever ibis winter. They
are arranging to liave music for akat-
Ing and will pay every attention to
the convenience of patrons. The rink
Will he open Monday Wednesday and
Friday evenings and Tuesday Thursday ami Saturday aftornoons. Season
Itlckota will be Mild at thu khi-m prfe*
ias hut yt*r.
WANTED   Ory  ronl   Wood, Jack
Pine or Tamarac by car loud.   Sterling
Coal Company, Moose Jay, Sask. 47-2t
W A Mi. ll A good reliable man to
run skating rink, will rent on easy
terms. Apply to John Levett, box S47.
Cranbrook,.H. C. 2M6*
KOIt SAKK l.iirlil drhlug team broken for riding and single, with democrat and harness complete, tlrst class
condition—$1.75 cash. Apply C Burgess, Waldo. B. C. 46-21*
WANTK.O   Industrious Men who can
earn $100.00 per month and expenses
soiling onr products to Farmers. Must
have some means for starting Kxpens-
es and furnish Contract, signed by two
responsible men. Address Tlie w. T.
llawleigb Co.. Ltd. Winnipeg, Man.,
giving age, occupation and references.
Did Hill Make
a Mistake?
We confined our buying efforts this
season in ei "Watchful Waiting" Policy.
We* studied ihe* styles closely nnil carefully watched tjielr reception chose
eeiu garments when we were convinced
we were right. Our l.iulit's I'miN nml Siiils
would do credit to any city. The business
wo have dono in these lines hns been
very gratifying. We hnve' mnv something like "Twonly' Coats lefl and have
decided t" mako a sacrifice of our pruHis.
dill and leeeile tlii'iu ovor.
l.iirilcK* 1'lnsli Coals, lull length
regular prico HI2ii.5(l, offered nl HUIt.50
l.nilie**' Oieiin Wiim*. lull length funis,
»ith or nil limit bells, regular price
$11.(111, lieen  *!l.7,'>
I,utiles' Corduroy funis—
regular price #27.50, hum  tfls.;;,
Me tin  nut   intend tu carr)   n   single
fieiit past lite Isl uf Januarj
A Tip for the
Soldier Lads
Take the advice of seasoned chaps.
They will tell you that the secret
of keeping fit and hearty is —an
occasional piece of
It's the best little refreshment a soldier
can carry. The sealed package keeps it
always full-flavored, fresh and clean.
The delicious mint flavors sweeten the
breath, prevent acid mouth and make
smoking doubly enjoyable.
It cleanses the teeth, aids appetite and  digestion.
Write Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co., Ltd.,
Wrigley Bid**., Toronto,  for free
copy of quaint "MOTHER GOOSE"
book illustrated in colors.
Chew It alter every meal
I.Hinill 'ACT, llllll
(Soctlon 421
on the* first duy of Decombor ne-xt application will 111* nuuli' tee tlle Sltpor-
intendont of Provincial Police for renewal of tlio liotel license n* Bell
lleinor Iiy retail In tlio liotel known
ias tlm t'eentrul Heiliel. sltunt,* nt Moylo
In tlio Provlneo of llrlisli Columbia.
Iiatnii ttils Utli (lay of November,
«-U Applli'ieiit.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Offlco, Smelting and Refining Department
Puroltaien of Gold. Sliver. Conped and Lead Ores
.«*,'" =
,. "f
zens nt ii tlmo and place convenient to
Um said citizens and to lay beforo the
itectorate an account of tlieir office,
In Eavor of tho nbove motion then
Bpoko Mr. Santo, Mr. Kay, Rev. W. K.
Thomson, and tho chairman. Then
spolto also Mr. Kay, (upon tlu* qualifications tor public office,) Mrs. MacKinnon Miss Pye
A wealth of pretty doalgnB of
every variety Is carried nt tills
store. Design means a lot In
jewelry. No matter how heavy
or rich looking the gold unless
ft has artistic    appoarai     It
looks common and vulgar.
We have solectod
mr gold
jowolry oBpoclnll)
for Its
artistic quallllea.
Cotno in
and  look over 01
r stock.
gradually, as lias been the case In
staple food products, tbey decline
slowly. It will take some years to reestablish the normal meat supply upon
the markets of the world, and while
prices of meats an; high, people will
continue to use Increasingly large
quantities of vggs. This condition will
naturally be reflected in the matter of
price. This is the situation. Readers
may draw their own conclusions.
tt tt
At no time in the history ot the Dom
Inon has Un* necessity for Increased
production of oggo and poultry been
more apparent than al the prosent
time. The demand is unprecedented,
This Is trin* whether for exporl or for
homo consumption. Consumers generally anil oven producers themselves
; ro eating moro and mure eggs. The
average per capita consumption <>f
eggs in Canada Mill year will bo greater than evt-r boforo.
The market ror 1
poultry Is very fin
Friday evening, Dec. 1st, has been
marked off the theatrical calendar for
tho presentation at the Auditorium of
Salisbury Field and Margaret Mayo's
international comedy success "Twin
Beds", under the direction of A, S,
Stern and company. Laughter holding both its sides but illy expresses
tin* condition of an audience* witnessing "Twin Beds". A delectable story
is told in "Twin Beds" of the dire cal-
eggs a:
s to pr
1   ritAXMiOOK ll 13KAMI
1.-ued   Weekly   bj   The   Crnnhrook
Herald, Limited.
T. II. Kuy, Editor ami MllllUgcr
Cranbrook, B. I'., ,No*.cmb*.'r 23, 1916
[incurs nro extra ly high,
a Uiuso prices trade In Increasingly
iictlvo all over the country, The pros
!",,i for. 1 continued demand are very
bright 'I'!"' country is facing a slmrt
age, noi onl) ol curronl receipts, bu.
uf Canadian storage Blocks as well.
So great has neon tho exporl demand
lhat wo shall be obliged to import to
moot our own requirements, Increased production has never rested upon
a more secure foundation,
That poultry on tlio farm are profitable needs no argument. Eggs now
rank as a staple article In the products
of tho farm.   Poultry flocks can he in
creased materially witiiout much ad
tlltlonal outlay for buildings and equip
ment, and tho increased labor Involved
is not sucli as will bear heavily upon
the time of those charged with the care
of the stock Home object to the present
price of feed, but when it is considered
that the selling price of Uie product is
from forty to sixty per cent higher
than it was two years ago, Uie margin
of profit is such as will compare favor-
iti.y with Unit obtainable elsewhere ou
Says Vinol Creates Strength
RoBary Hill Home, Hawthorne, N. Y.
—"1 bave used Vinol for muny rundown, weak ur emaciated patients with
benefit. One young woman «u bo weak
und ill she could hardly creep to my door
for aid. I BUppHed Vinol to her liberally
and in a month I hardly recognized her.
She waa Btrong. her color charming and
her cheeks rounded out."—Mother M.
Alphossa Lathbop, 0. S. D.
We guarantee Vinol to sharpen the
appetite, aid digestion, enrich the blood
and create strength.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Company    ]
Cranbrook,   B. C.
Also at the best druggists in all B. C. |
(The name behind the
mm run tee!)
that befalls when six people,
assorted in couples aud housed in
three floors of a fashionable, big
apartment house, have a nofghborli*
ness thrust upon them which fate never Intended; and of tiie difficulties of
acquiring pence and quiet in tbe liom
when nothing but a few Inconsequent
feet of lathes and plaster separate on.
home from another. (Jo to tlie Audi
luriiini next Friday night, Dec. 1st
aud seo how the authors have told
r runny story, retaining your sym-
liy for everybody, and if you simply don't scream at the spectacle you
Bhould consult a doctor. "Twin Beds"
cannot be dealt witli adequately in
cold print, it is too funny.
Seat sale opens Tuesday, Nov. 28th,
Under the auspices of the Social Service Council a conference was bold | the farm.
last Thursday upon "Municipal Law, Canadian egg producers have res-
and How to Enforce it". In spite ofl ponded well to the call for increased
other attractions a good number at- production. Tlio country as a wholo
tended and a very lively evening was ! which was imposing eggs a few years
spent. I ago, has. in  liv aggregate, produced
The president, Rev. W, H. Bridge,jmore than sufficient for its own rs-
after apologising for the failure of a
number of speakers to keep their
promise, read a paper upon "Town
planning and civic government." "The
War," he said, had obliged the nations
to organise tlieir resources to centralise their control. Inevitably in the
future new ideas of tlie city aud of
the functions of Its council would prevail. He sketched the growth of modern cities in Great Britain and explained how the great slum areas had
arisen through haphazard growth ■ farm
subsequent upon  the  introduction  of
quircraents tliis year and last. Between seven and eight million dozen
Canadian eggs were exported to Creat
Britain lust year, and as an indication
of what is gotug forward this year,
nearly one million dozen were shipped
during the first week of Oetober. Yet
the supply on the British market la
still short, and there is a demand for
many millions more. Increased production, more and better poultry,
Bhould be the motto of every Canadian
ind homestead.
da hus oil the requisites for the
machinery. With the sad experience production of .1 quantity far in excess
of the old country's sakes to guide of her own requirements, and witli her
them the Western builders had avoid- favorable climatic conditions can, wit!.
ed some pitfalls. But unless the proper care and attention, produce
Government proved itself efficient In quality equal to the best in the world,
dealug with the problem, the expan- Only tlie frlu;*j of production possl-
slon of cities in B, C, during the next bllltles 1ms been touched up to the
ten or twenty years would breed con- present. The Western Provinces, with
dltions not unlike those of the slum volumes of cheap feed, are the natural
areas of the older countries. home for the Canadian hen.   The bulk
The speaker then proceeded to show ot the surplus at the present time
that if agriculture was to bc made comw •"•*»■•■ the provinces of Ontario
attractive and the men returning from ;!Uli ■'■'il*<'-' Edward island. Nova Seo.
tho front be pursuaded 'back to the *■■**•* v,w Brunswick, and Quebec do
land' every considerable agricultural not produce sufficient for tlieir own
urea must be co-ordinated with a well i requirements. They must do more
equipped city.   A city was not morel
(The l^ondon Sketch.)
"Nothing more dramatic in the way
of   war   photographs   has   ever   been
thrown on the screen than the official
rilms  of the British   advance  in  the
Battle of the Somme,   They are "the
real  llilng," taken, not at a discreet:
distance from the front, but right in
among the fighting, the wounded, and j
the prisoners."
Coming to the ReX,    Watch for date. | J
NOV. 24 & 25
William Fox presents
"lhe Wonderful
by Captain Wilbur Lawton
A tense, dramatic  romance,
produced in the usual thorough Fox style.
Friday, Dec. ist
The Finest Dramatic Event ever given in this part of
Brigadier McLean, who is In charge
of the Salvation Army throughout B. C.
Alaska and the Yukon Territory, will
bo visiting our town on Tuesday, Nov.
28th, and giving liis most interesting
lecture ou his travels from Newfoundland to California, and telling his experiences in Salvation Army Warfare
for ;!0 years. The Brigadier will give
an outline of Ids travels by an up-to-
dato set of stereoptiean views, illustrating some of the Important work
which the Salvation Army Is doing In
Canada, ns welt as showing some very
magnificent scenery In and around
Canadian cities, the beautiful prairie
laud, and the Rocky Mountains In all
their scenic splendor.
This promises to be a most delightful service to all who attend. In the
course of his lecture tbe Brigadier will
sive a short description of the early
days of tiie Salvation Army since its
first years in this Dominion. Brigadier McLean is a Canadian by birth.
an odd collection of stores with a population c.ustcrlng round thorn for their
benefit. It was an educational, artistic and religious centre as well and
might well bo run upon business lines
as a great Institution. Before such an
Ideal could bo realised, howover, wo
must Lave as civic governors men
educated In the 1 cience and art of
Civics. The first Btop therefore was
the Introduction Into the schools oi a
course in Civics. Tin* speaker sketched snch a course, claiming thai could
it be introduced the rosull would bo a
greater respect fur law md authority,
nnd hence tor Uie rights ef the property. Tbo boys and girl 1 Em tend of, n
in Craubrook al present, Peine, p n en
ace to the property owners, would P.-
proud to help in making their city
beautiful. Knch school would be a
source of general helpfulness ta tho
city at large, After ten years of ouch
training we should hnvr men equipped,
■ our present gem rntlon wai not, for
■ go*, eminent of communal life
The speaker then sketched whal he
considered to bo the function 1 1 ( tlie
city councils in tho future. The Mun*
It I pal Council of the tuture would tako
hold of all public utilities, lighting,
wob r power, tramways, jltnoj bi rvlc
os, city Institute Including library, Museum, art nailer), dollvery service,
architectural and tioui Ing am uttl*
hospitals and curative establlshim nts,
Ho concluded with a proles! against
the property qualification for mayor
and aldermen in that ll wrought nn
Intustlco both to tho labor elemenl and
the professional class which was frequently un pro periled and exalted the
possession of $600 above thai of a
moral character or an educated mind
Mr .1, F. Smith spoke upon tin
History of Municipalities and rataed
the question of the destruction of lo*
eal properties by Cranbrook children
Every property owner had tho right
to have Ids properly protected and
could lawfully obtain damages frum
tho Oiiy Council for lose Involved
through their neglect to control clitl-
dren. He asked why nothing was done
by the schools or by parents to sto]
this ahuBC.
Rev. W. K. Thomson spoke at some
length appealing to parents to demand
the removal of the red light district
which ho said, familiarised children
with organised vice. He spoke of certain Cranbrook boys who had bee:, enticed thither and of girls in the city
whose loose behaviour, owing to tho
slackness of parental control, was
leading them Into the whirlpool. A
remurk to the effect that ho would
burn down every house in the row
rather thnn allow bis children to bo
brought up under its influence, called
forth applause.
Then spoke Mrs. McFarlane who
desired to seo a municipal council
which would tackle this problem; and
MrB. Manley who proposed that a list
of trustworthy candidates be drawn up
and recommended by the counoll to tho
This last proposition met with general approval and It was agreed to
work upon these lines.
A motion was passed without dissent, that the present mayor and council bt naked to call a meeting of citi-
They must do
and there is now an opportunity for
the Western Provinces of Manitoba,
Saskatchewan and Alberta to demonstrate to Canada and the Empire as a
whole what thoy can do tn this connection in this great hour of trade expansion. The first experimental shipments of eggs from Winnipeg to the
British market are either now, or soon
will be. on their way, and it is hoped
that the increase in production in the
Western Provinces In the ensuing year
will be such ae to warrant tlu* opening
ni' of   big trade in this direction.
l-'xi:- ar,* BCarce in Canada at the
present time. Current prices are high,
.mil a slurp decline immediately following tlie conclusion of tbe war is
nol anticipated,   When prices advance
Oils Soothe
Skin Disease
ou of wlntergreen, thymol, glyccr-
ino and other healing ingredients compounded In proper proportion into tl.e
l> h D. Prescription has now become
tho universal favorite of skin sufferers
in relieving skin disease. It is a mild
wash that penetrates the pores and
I ivoi Instant relief from all burning
i.g It kills and washes eff
toe pnawing disease germs and !ta
g thing oils quickly heal the fnflam-
■ ti   u •
Lome lo us and Wo Will tell you
mon a Poul this remarkable romeiy,
Vonr money back unless the ilrst bottle n Moves you D I) I). Soap koopd
your hkln healthy,   Ask oDout ft.
For 15 Years
he    Sliunlnnl
Sli In     Itemed?
k Drug a Hook Co.,
Judge Gary of Chicago, the story
goes, while trying u case, was disturbed by a young man who kept moving
about In the rear of the court room
and lifting chairs and looking under
things. "Young man," Judge Gary
called out. "you are making a good
deal of unnecessary noise. What are
you about?" "Vour honor", replied the
young man, "1 have lost my overcoat
and am trying to find it," "Well," said
the judge, "people often lose whole
suits in here without making all that
In the Matter of the Creditors Trusts
Deeds Act and In the Mutter of the
Assignment for thc Benefit of Creditors of Messrs, Roberts & Winner
of Jaffray, B. C.
Messrs. Roberts & Winsor, of the
town of Jaffray, in thc province of
ritish Columbia, carrying on business as lumbermen, at Jaffray, B. C.
aforesaid, has made an assignment
under the Provisions of the Creditors
Trusts Deeds Act of all their estate,
credits and effects to Alan G. Wllmot
of the same placo, Accountant, for tho
general benefit of their creditors.
A mooting of their creditors will hi,
held at tho offices of thc undersigned
solicitors for tlie assignees in the City
of Cranbrook on Monday the 4th day
of December 1916, at the hour of 2.30
o'clock ln the afternoon to receive a
statement of affairs, to appoint inspectors, and to fix their remuner
atlon, and for the ordering of the estate generally.
Creditors aro requested to file their
claims with the assignee or his solicitors with proofs and particulars thereof required by tlie Creditors Trust*.
Deeds Act on or beforo the day o*.
such meeting.
Notice is further given that after thc
first day of February 11*17 tlie asstgi
ee will proceed to distribute the assets
of tho debtors nmong the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to
the claims of which notlco shall then
have been given and that he will not
be liable for the assets or any part
thereof or distribute to any person or
persons of whose claim he shall hot
then have had notice.
DATED at Cranbrook B. C .this ltith
clay of November, 1916.
Harvey, McCarter, Macdonald & Nisbet
Solicitors for Alan G.  Wllmot,
Special Matinee for tlie
Children Saturday ut
2.30 p.in.
L-KO KOMEHY In 3 parts
Prices— 5 cts.;   Adults lOctn
MONDAY, DEC. llth.
The   [Supreme   Patriotic
Biitain Prepared
Olllclal Film of the* British
Government in
Ton—Stupendous Parts—Ten
ONE 1110 I'Eltl'OllMAM'E
Mill t<i III.*! n.m.
Prices—Adults SOcts.,
Children 25cts.
Speclul JI iisle Score Iiy
A Furiously jeellj coined)' of apartment-house life
IN clean, it's human, uml uh! It's su funny.
Then* K nothing like It nnd nothing'Just as good*.
t'c.itiv.-iy tne pa**,.* issued iv *i,u performance,
Prices--$i.5o, $1.00, 75 cts.
Seat Sale Tuesd y, Nov. 28th
W. I!. Sherman presents
Prompt Relief
from the nll-toocommon ills of
e.'.e digestive organs — weak
stomach, torpid liver and inactive bowels- is found in the
always safe, sure, quick-acting
U--B*-«t S.I*, of Any M,didm* in lho World.
•boldo.Ptywhpro.    In box**, 25 cent*.
D. D. D.;
Monday Nov. 27
nml every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings thereafter, weather
permitting, aluo open on
Tuesday. Thursday and
Saturday afternoons nf-
ter the 27th.
Season   Tickets — h
nrlco as before.
Warner and McKay
Phone 4»s
Coal mining right" or thc Dominion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, tho Yukon Territory, the
North-West Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased for a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rental
of $1 an acre No moro than 2,5(i0
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the. applicant in person to
tho Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, of legal sub-
| divisions of sections, and In unsurvey-
ed territory tlie tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $6 which wlll be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
The person operating tho mine
shall furnUh tlie Agent with sworn
returns accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and
pay the royalty thereon. If the coal
mining rights are not being operated
such returns should be furnished at
least once a year.
The lease wlll Include the coal
mining rights only, but the lesce
may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be
considered necessary for the workinng
of the mine at the rate of (10.00 an
For full Information application
should be mado to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
for— 306B0.
♦-♦-»—•>  *********
■t tbt Rm Fit ui Mt
Brigadier McLean
who has been an officer in
the Salvation Army since
its first years in the Dominion will give an
Illustrated Lecture
taking for his subject his
travels from
Refreshments after lecture
AilniiKxIon      •      !!."> centH   *
aJ.tt>t..^«   «,«■«»«
Trappers, Farmers,
It docs not cost you anything to
on your furs.   Express thorn to us
over a |5.00 valuation.   We make
you our offer
for your reply, returning tln*m
if not purchased.   Try em
In BuNlnr-xs Since  18S8
Send for Price Meet.
Special prico puid for Dark Martin
Mackay & Dippie
lit ttk 1t«m, C«lg»rj, AHa.
Mc specialize in
Fresh Killed
nnil can offer jou the very
choicest of local raised
iiniiniils.   Try us for
And Poultry
City Meat Market
W. B. BLACK, Mgr.
Armstrong Avenue.
Next to Kilby's
Offers For Sale
2'J2 acres. 100 acres under cultivation, 80 acres of
which are seeded down ln
Clover    and    Timothy,    4
acres in orchard with irri-
gatlon; electric light   and
gravity water supply. A full
line of  Implements, utensils and feed can be purchased with the place. Several hierses and about  100
i.cad of cattle and poultry.
'Tlie, improvements, oo this farm have
uott $18,000.00.    Will eeeeil laud    and
hnprovomontb* feer J12.501 oo.  (2.500 oo
.•■nii. balance 10 annua', payments with
Sfrterost nt 7 per cent peer annum. Tills
It sn lde*nl homo and Dairy Ranch;
n swing concern.   Address
p. i.itmh.
llnx ISH, l.ftbbrlditc*,
or   OHI'AB M'.l SON
mutter, n. C
Twelve Photographs
The Star Photo Studio
CRANBROOK      -      -      B.C.
Established 1010
Killed locally. Strictly Al fancy stock
PHONE Id and Book Vour Orders
Our Fresh Killed Meats are of Excellent quality
Cottage Hospital
Terms Moderate) Pleasant Situation
and mil equipped. Write for Pros.
pectus   to
l>. 0. Box SI5 Telephone 8.19
Hospital Address, SIO Garden Are.
White Star-Dominion Line
Portland, Me.—Halifax—Liverpool
Tnln «rren S.S. "SOrTHI.AMI". 18,000 Ions
From 1'eirtlunil, Me., Pm-mlefr L'nd; Halifax, flee, 3rd.
Twin screw S.S. "CANADA" Itijsst tons,
From l'ortland, December llllll; Halifax, Iicrember Kth.
ONLY ONE CLASS CABIN AT 165.00 up: and Third Class 133.75 carrieed
At Portland trains run alongside steamship dock, baggage checked
through to steamer In bond, no trouble with customs.   Passengers may
embark previous evening.
For further Information apply to Company's offlce, 619 Second
Ave., Seattle, A. E. Disney. Ager.t, or Beale k Elwell; J. W. Spence,
Agent, C. P. R., Cranhrook.
Two thuuiand Canadian* nre wanted for tlie Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reicrve towurda manning the new ships of the
Imperial Royal Navy. Im mediate overseas tervice. Only men
of good character and good physique accepted.
Pay $1.10 Minimum per day —Free Kit
$20.00 per Month Separation Allowance
Apply (o Nearest Naval
Kcmiitiiitr Station
DapL of lS«N«-/.JS«irica
ttiliUn** I'tll lor WiiDicti.   |.'. a boi or ibreafor
  fi-    gold nt ull Drug Hlorw. or msllsd tt»T
a.iilr-a«i.ii receipt ol jiriw.   Tm Hmaiu Wwa
Ii only takes tlin-t*  daya for tho co jt uii...r.n.», oourio.
Neal Treatment, Friday, Saturday and pHOSPHONOLFOR THEN.   *ffS!
Sunday    Back to your buBlnon   on  viuiltrttor N.n.»ndii»Jai ta****M*«Sr
Memileiv   I,-, line   better than   yOU  ever  mallei    .. ;,.ui,.   wlllunUiayon ■•.!■•■*«.«
did before., In fact a now mai!w-Nc*.l lwotjoj•a^idg^»*^^&^Xj|jfg
InsUtute,   Craabrook. II. C. l-nuila,.
THURSDAY, NOV. 23rd, 1916
Barristers, Etc.
IV. r. Gurd 0. .1. Spreull
Physicians nml Surgeons
Office at  residence, Armstrong
Forenoons  9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2 00   o   4.110
Evenings  7.30 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
Dit. F. B. SIII.ES
Offlco ln Hanson Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   5 p.m.
Haternn) i.eJ General Nursing
Oarelen Ave.
Teems on Application
MRS. K. SALMON, Mntron
Phone 269 P. O. liol 846
Phone 34d P. O. Boi 686
Fnneral Director and Embalmcr
Undertaking Parlors
Fenwick Ave, near Baker St.
Civil and Mining Engineers
B. C. Ennil Surveyors
flay I'beene Mm. NlgM Phone 85
Norbury Ave, next to City Hall
Phone 411 P. 0. Beix :
Professor of Music
Studioi IOU Armstrong Ave.
lli'iienil Mori'linnl
Employment Agent
o   Box His Phone 241
If vou  wanl   satisfnotion
I with vour washing
send it to
Siierlai nrloes for familv
Forwarding  nnd   Distributing
Agent for
I.elhlirlitL'i' Coal
Xl-lte Ponder
Inipcriul till Co.
lirtiv'tiir nml Triitisferrlng
Olven prei ui,t attention
Phone 03
ems***SS*mmm.        Meets   every
Hall.      Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially invited.
E. II   McPHEE,        S. FYLES,
Secy.                    N. Q.
Cranbrook, B, C.
Meets every Tuesday at S p.m. Id
the Fraternity HaU
R. C, Carr, C. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. R. & 8.
P. O. Box 522
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Meets in Maple Hall second
Tuesday of evory mouth at 8
p. m.
Membership open to Brltiah
Visiting m.'iuliers cordially
E. V. Brake. J. F. Lower.
Prosident. Secretary
p-.t Meets   in   the
Wu   VO Maple    Hall
*&^'s-iVf^ lirst Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
at 'A p.m.
Pres., Mrs. W.
B. McFarlane.
cy, Mrs, John Shaw. P. O. Box 442
All ladies cordially invited.
I'hc Shoo Specialist
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Headquarters feer ull kinds of
IVlH'llIT Ol'   Vi'll
0|icii  far  Kruniurnii
I,.   M. SMITH
Ladies and Gentlemen's Hats
Cleaned and Blocked
riinih* 204
TIIK  110)11:  BAKERY
Robt Frame* Prop.
l-'reHji tux'iul, Cukes, Pies
uml I'll sir)
Phone 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
1101 IE
Mre. M, J. Bunner and Mies Horn*
spout tho wce-k-uud visiting friends
in Cranbrook.
Wm. Gosnell of Nelson- transacted
business tn Moyle last week.
About forty people attended the
dance given In the Kootenay Hall, Saturday evening. All expressed themselves as having a good time.
Mrs. Sylvestre was a visitor in
Cranbrook Munday.
Mr. Lee, 'llie Consolidated Co's Surveyor, last week, surveyed the extension for tin* spur track to take the ore
to tho top of St. Eugene Concentrator.
R, J. Wiseman, Sec. of the Minors
Union iu Kimberley was here lust
Old timo residents to return to
Moyie within tlte pest week, are, Geo,
1). Harden of Hossland, D. E. McDonald of Trail and Oscar Birch of Sit-
verton, They are again employees
here of The Consolidated Co,
By the energy of the school children thirty-four dollars was sent for
the benefit of the Belgian Children.
Tickets wero sold for an entertainment to he given Dec. Hist.
Miss Handley and brotiier Ed. were
visitors to Kimberley on Sunday.
Mr. G .Duncan lias, wo are sorry to
bear, tendered his reslgnaton as
BChool teacher, to take effect at the
end of present term.
Miss Madge Keer spent the week
end in Cranbrook tho guest of Miss
Ivy Bidder,
Miss Edith Mellor spent tho weekend in Crunbrook tho guest of Mrs.
Tho Patriotic Danco to bo given by
tho Provincial Police, will be held on
Dec. Und as intended. We hope to see
a largo crowd present. Timo—9 p.m.
Place—Falls View Hotel,
Percy Mellor, the 14 year old son
of A Mellor, this week shot the finest
specimen of black tail buck we have j
yet seen, weighing 22.r» lbs. Percy |
wears a smile that won't come off I
these days.
A, A. Ward, Provincial Game Warden, was a visitor on Tuesday.
Mrs. G. II. Hawkes spent a few days
this week visiting with Mrs. Bidder
at Lottie Lake.
Goldie Hodgson went to Ktmboiiey
on Sunday and shot tho Teddy Bear
which has for the past 'A years been
the pet at the Nortli Star Hotel. Teddy
was beginning to get ferocious so Mr.
Drew thought it advisable to havo It
destroyed. Mr. E. E. Jones, who
brought Teddy from the woods, was
the only ono that could bundle him.
Alex. Chisholm of Fort Steele came
In on Wednesday and is the guest of
J. E. Gifford, manager of the Selkirk
M'niing Co.. which compamy is operating on Mr, Chlsholm'a old claim, "The
Is lt nothing ? Is V it to be neg<
tcted until lt leads to that terrible
•coorge consumption? Peps stand
detween winter coughs and colds,
■nd serious consequences. Peps
are tablets made up of Pine
extracts and medicinal essences,
which when put Into the mouth
turn Into healing vapors. These
are breathed down direct to the
lunga, throat and bronchial tubes
—not swallowed down to the
itotnach, which is not ailing.
Tit ■ 50c. boi ol l*rp* lor toui cold, your
10Mb) broncbllii oi ailhmi. All drunlaU >■<*
tiuiu or fell Co., Toronto, will iupyl•
Mra. Btowort eeieel Mra. Watora, cf
Winnipeg, em* vjsttlng tlee*lr motlior,
brotlieers and sister wleo aro ranching
al tliee nieeutll ()( tliee South Pork.
ta 25 "to wife
ee nl j
1 Ml I (ill ions
lell  lllll
*e Alt It'S
Spokane, Washington
Illl,   NOI 11.   WITH   A
H.ltSON \l.ll V
This house has t'ie
hauiiy distinction of being the favorite Btop*
nine place in Spokane
for the people of Rrltish
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage and do
everything in our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location l* excellent —
close to Oreat Northern Station
and 0 W It * N Milwaukee
terminal- and within a minute's
wnlk from the principal business
houses and places of amusement,
S**r   Steam sli in  on   Uoot
Mortgage Sale
Under and by virtue of ttie powers
contained In a certain mortgage,
whicli will be produced nt the time cf
sale, there will be offered
MONDAY, Uio 27th day of
at   the   hour   of  2 30  o'clock   in   the
afternoon, at tlie ollice of tho
Crnnbrook, B. ('.
by C. H  Ward. Auctioneer, thc following property, namely:—
ALL AND SINGULAR that certain
parcel nr tract of lands and promises
situate, lying and being In the city of
Crnnbrook, In tho Province of British
Columbia, more particularly known
and described as Lots Bight (Si and
Nine Hi), Block twenty-three (2.1) according to n plan filed fn the Land
Registry Ofllco at Nelson as No. 609,1).
! T'ie terms of sale bliall be cash, but
I other arrangements can probably be
made It sufficient payment Is made
down nnd proper security Is given
for the balance at ttie time of sale.
For further particulars and conditions of sale, apply to the undersigned at tlieir offices In tho Home
Hank Building, Fernie, n. C.
Dated at Fernie, R C, this 26th dny
of October. A. D„ 1916.
■i.i-r.t. Solicitors for the Mortagee
Acting on the suggestion sent out
by tho Department of lldncation for
the Province the children of this part
havo been giving public entertainments during tbo past '■week in order
to raise funds for the suffering children of the Kingdom of, Belgium. In
every case the entertainment has been
of their own and sole pcodaction with
the kindly assistance of the public
school teacher. Tliat in Athalmor
took tho form of a bazaar and tho one
given hore was a concert. The
amount of money reallaecT In both instances was most creditable, here it
readied the sum of thirty dollars.
Doris Sainsbury was ono of the
stars in the performance. The chairman was Gilbert Tnynton, one of the
ox-scholars of thc school, who now
holds an important posltiou In the
Imperial Bank of Cain&da, here.
On the morning proceeding the entertainment the children, on behalf of
the Department, worti formally presented with a framed fiisctmile of that
famous treaty known tis "A Scrap of
Paper."   Tho presentation  was made
;by members of tbe Sclnool Board ac-
; companied by remark:? setting out
what the famous treaty stands for.
Captain P. P. Armstrong,  of Nelson,
! was present and also add ressed the
children telling what was being done
along similar lines by tho b* >ys of that
[ city.
!    During the past week the* e occured
I at the Windermere District Hospital
hero, the death of Tom Jonn s, follow-
'ing a long illness, Mr. JenQS has for
many years been engaged in farming
about Sptlllmachenc, but priest to that
I time he was a miner and prospector.
I In the early eighties ho wa. s about
Fort Steele and later migrated into
this part where amongst other I Inds he
was fortunate enough bt) discover thc
claim which is now tho famous Paradise mine of this part.
Mr. Jones was an KnglUshmcin by
birth and loaves no known relatives in
this part. His burial too k placo in
the cemetary at Wlnderme. re.
Rov W  I!   Bridge, Rector
soo n.m -Holy Communion.
li.no a.m.—Matins nnd Litany.
.1 pm. Sunday School A Blblo Class.
7 :to p m    Evensong
Afldrwtft■■ Tims« Ht-rtarlftn Diffltultles.
Archie McKee, an old Klko resident,
came in from Vancouver nr id visited
old friends aud relatives aft* er an absence of six years,
Mr. Cadwell, Manager of th e Burton
Mine, is building an ore chute and now
landing stngo. The dovelor ment of
this mine tho last few week » is the
talk of the country. There Is I •rnnugh
oro In sight to pay the Bond -several
t'mes over and will ho a big lirmn to
tho old historic burg. Men ai *«• being
put to work just as fast as Hhwe Is
room for them, and Mr. Cnbh nili expects to have thirty men wor Wag by
the first of the yoar.
j Oeorge Hearn and a party *nf big
pame hunters left for the Sout h Ford
country Mondny.
Mrs. T. Duncan and family, of Wardner Is visiting her parents nt tl *-Cu>-
t.mbla this week,
W. H. Dobbson, of the Royal 1 Household Flour Brigade, Medicine Hn A.-was
in Elko this week, and Kootenay Jllver
Tho ranchers In the Rnosvill- * "Valley pave a very interesting cone prt at
the McGulre School House In i M ot
the Belgians last week.
W. M. Frost, of Spokane, am I Mr.
Henderson, of Moscow. Idaho, w tn In
Klko looking over tlie Frost In vestment f*o. Tracts.
J. R. Booth, of Edmonton, wi a in
town ttifs week.
Mr and Mrs. A. E. Inghnm of Vthe
Quarter Circle Throe Ranch, R beep
Mountain, returned from All win
where they had been visiting their urn,
(leorge, at Innlsfall.
Mr. and Mrs, J. Losllo McKoc i nf
I-edve.rn, Mask., moved into E'ko mid
nr* ratulug ln North Star Ffcrt.
Mrs. Gorman of Elko, spent several
days last week tlio guest of Mrs. A.
Mrs. L. Crosby left on Saturday en
routo for Montana to join her husband
who has taken up a homestead.
Mr. Badgey, Mrs. Dukelow and mas-
tor Harold Dukelow wero visitors to
town Wednesday of last week.
Mr. Dick Joyce and Mr. A. Harhy, J..
P., of Flagstone, were doing business
in town last week end.
A, J. Joule, J. P., of Baynes Lake,
was in town conducting business Saturday last.
Billy Kerr, mine host of the Elk
Hotel, Elko, motored to Waldo on Friday.
Wm. Ridd, tho local blacksmith, Is
building a house on his pre-emption on
the west side of the Kootonay River
where he expects to reside in future.
A. 0. Wright took In the nights afforded by tho Pittsburg of Canada
this woek.
Jack Allan, our local champion nlm-
rod, was out hunting on the South
Fork of the Elk River this week and
reports deer as scarce as hogs on Ice.
Frank Murphy of the Meadow Creek
Lumber Company, Newgate, B. C., wns j
in town tills week sporting a 1017 Ford !
car. Frank says ho has now got hit-
ting the cow trail beat to a frazzle.
Ben Systed was taken to the Fernie
Hospital on Friday evening last suffering from a hemorrhage, and is reported to be in a serious condition.
Quite a largo number of Waldo peoplo attended the dance in Baynes Lake
on Wednesday last, which was hold in
aid of the Belgian children, and report having spent a very enjoyable
Mrs. Wm. McKay of the Waldo Hotel
is an Inmate of thc Fernie Hospital,
aud according to latest report3, is
doing nicely.
Somo of the farmers In the district
are complaining about the icy condition of the Government Road near
the G. N. Depot, which they say is
very dangerous for them croesiiig
with loads, and undoubtedly should be
attended to.
Fred Docherty, Irish hy name, hut
not by nater, was fined in the Waldo
Courthouse on Friday last for being
drunk and incapable.
Here'* One on Jim Thistlebeak
The peaceful atmosphere which generally pervades the Roosville Valley
and International Boundary was somewhat rudely disturbed one day last
week with Queer and peculiar noises
which seemed to come from nowhere
and which gave the residents chilly
sensations. All sorts of notions and
thoughts entered the minds of the people, and one rustic climbed to the roof
of a barn and gazed long and anxiously towards the heavens expecting
every moment to see a hostile airship
hove in sight, but was doomed to disappointment, and is now suffering
from a distorted neck. Some of the
more venturesome inhabitants got together, and after holding a somewhat
hurried convocation, decided to go
further afield and investigate the mys-
[jhry, and arming themselves with pike
poles, cant hooks, hay forks and other
ancient weapons of warfare sallied
forth. After cruising around for some
little time the leader of the party
much to his amazement on climbing
ovr a fenco discovered the source of
alt the trouble stalled in the King's
Highway, and which on closer investigation proved to be none other thau
our old time friend and contemporary
Jim Thistlbeak of Elko with his Ford
Car which ho recently purchased.
$5.00     SHOES     $5.00
AT the present time when lt Is so difficult to procure Shoe Leather,
Tf hen green hides are selling at 20 cents per pound, lt ls exceed*
lngly difficult to get any kind of shoe to retail at 95.00.
We have one In stock now which we believe will give excellent satisfaction, we will guarantee ltto give good service nl the price; of course,
we do not say lt Is as good as a "Liberty" at $11.50 or a "Hartt" at $7.00,
but we do say It is well wortii thc price asked 05.00.
This shoe is made of good llox Calf, lllutcher style, slip sole and nice
medium toe, is a good fitter, nil sizes al $5.00.
We hare built up u reputation which ne are proud of on our Blue
and Hrown Serges; we guarantee tliem in every wny and wo have no fear
of any one, not even the (Ireat lllg Houses selling anything belter or as
good at a less price.  Those* are mnde of Genuine Iiriiish Serge.
HLIIHS AT $25.00. HllOWNS AT $27.00
We are also showing un excellent range of Overcoats.
Vour Money Back
If floods ore Dot as
lie |,ro»rnl» d
Butter Has Again Gone Up in Price!
Dut I am going to lay In a stock of the Cranbrook nutter Company's finest Creamery
Butter that they are still offering at the old price. I am mighty particular about the
Butter I eat, it is so easily tainted, and unless made under the most perfect sanitary
conditions and with the most rigid care I would not have it at any price. When a local
concern like the Cranbrook Creamery stands behind every pound they turn out, with a
money back guarantee, I can fell confident that everything is all right.
For a limited time they offer the following low prices: —
SELKIRK BRAND CREAMERV MTTER-per lb. 45c; 8 lbs for $1.80
KOOTENAY BRAND CREAMERY BITTER—per lb SOc; 8 lbs for $1.45
Both are first quality Creamery Butter that we sell with a money-back guarantee if
not satisfactory. The Kootenay Brand is just Fresh Made, and many prefer it, but
both brands are first class.  These prices subject to change without notice.
At the concert given by the pupils,
under direction of the teachers, of the
Kort Steele school, the children performed their parts tn a laudable manner. Mr. Galbraith made an efficient
chairman i heing un interest inn speaker.
At the conclusion of the progrnmmo
refreshments, cocoa und cake, were
served. Mra. Galbraith presented the
children ench with a dainty box of
hoine-mndo candy.
The children and audience gave three
cheers for their teachers at the suggestion of Mr. Galbraith. Later tho
children gave three heartfelt cheers
for their popular chairman nnd for
Mtb. Galbraith also her helpers Mrs.
Chlsholm and thc Misses Blair und
Jack McNeil passed through Fort
Steelo Saturday on his way to Baxter
and Sangln's mill.
Mr. A. D. Legg, who left Fort Steelo
a few weeks ago, has written to
friends saying he has work with the
Canadian Northern Railway Co.
Mr. A. Doyle is helping to solve thc
high cost of living by raising very fine
cows and sheep In large numbers and
selling the mutton and beef at a very
reasonable price, wholesale.
On account of a rather poor attendance due to many people being out
of town on thc 15th, $13 only was the
proceeds of the school concert. However, "every littlo bit helps."
Hugh Dunlop of the 22Gth Is thinking of Joining the navy. He will visit
in Fort Steele at Chrlatmaa If he can
■«t away.
Ten men are working at the Victor
Mine. They have boon very busy
packing supplies for the winter and
completing the trail, but wlll begin
tliis week to take out ore.
Visitors ln town during the weekend
were: Wm. Myers from Victor Mine,
Ceo. Henderson of Wasa, J. S. Ryekman of Cranbrook.
Mrs. Blnmore left last week for
Toronto where she will spend a few
months as thc guest of her nctce, Miss
Dorothy Denton.
The Red Cross Ladles have decided
to donate $20 to the Belgian Relief
Fund. At the last meeting Mrs. J. S.
Baker wns In charge.
Harold Bridges, well known here,
lias heen wounded In the face.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Walch left Sunday
for Spokane where they wlll spend a
weok or two.
Mr, Geo, Phillips will act as constable while Mr. Welch Is away.
Itev. Arch deacon Beer will hold
morning and evening services and
communion   services   Sunday,   20th
Mr. It. Forward of C. P, R. has been
moved tn Crows Nest.
Mrs. Akcrs, wlfo of tho new C. P. R.
ai*.!.it will arrive this week and will
make her home hero for the present.
In the list of contributions to Red
Cross from "Red Cross Day" Fort
Steele ranked high In comparison with
other towns of Its size, having .given |
Mr. Hen Tolfree, of the 102nd, in a
letter to his mother, Mrs. E. Attree,
described the terrible battle at Reglna
Trench, He says, "the Canadan boys
went at it hammer and tongs and nev*
er flinched," Mr. Tolfree ls ^covering nicely from his wound In the left
side of 1i!b face,although still another
small operation is necessary. His
chum, Sergt. Jack Garbutt, has been
wounded also.
The children are giving their small
candy money to the Prisoners of War
Fund. In division 2 at school, tho following collections have been mado
during tho last fortnight: William
Welch, 15c, Margaret Werden, 5c, Robt
Ban Quan, lc, Leo Walch, 10c, Grace
Baker 20c, Alfred Kemliaw, tn., Robt.
Werden, 2c, Olive Raid, 26c, A. Hay*
Batt, Ma. 1to*l,»LSS.
In Aji|n-,ii.uitr*, Comfort ein.l IVd'uiii-iiur on nni) toad, lhe
Chevrolet in n renl nulnmohilr. Sliiily lliciic CKi'limive fcaiii-*»
nnd compare Ihem wilh olhcr enrn at or noi* the Chevrolet price.
On Rear Wheels
%■„,, TORONTO racmr, OKHAWA, ONT.
(11AN1IB00K,   B.C.


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