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Cranbrook Herald May 16, 1918

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THURSDAY, MAY   18th, 1918
The splendid response of Ihe South
East Kootenay District to the call for
funds to curry on the work of tho
Y. M. 0. A. ul the Pronl resulted In a
total collection or '13,840.00, divided
as follows:
Baynes Luke  * 444.00
Hull Rlvor      381.80
Cranbrook     1,488.00
Crows Nest          44.00
Corbln     -ir.s.Tr,
Creston   1,300.00
Rlko        00.00
Flagstone.      t'i'1'i'"
Port Steele       118.60
Jaffray       307.00
Klmborloy (*;.'. pt r month) ..    300.00
Moylo      148.20
Morrlsaoy      130.00
Mnrysvlllo       13.00
Nowcatd      r.s.oo
Michel   1,000.00
Wardner       014.76
Duker Lbr. Co.. employees and
citizens        331.70
Ross Lbr. Co., employees ntnl
citizens       350.00
Windermere        500.00
Wycllffe    1.303.15
Wasa       85.00
Total Amount   -13.240 no
The objective was $10,000.00,
lSuch local committee made Its own
remittance direct to the Provincial
Treasurer. Mr. W. II. Malkln. Vancouver, with the exception of Moyle. Wycllffe. Marysvllle, Fort Steele, Bull
Ulver and Elko, whose committees
remitted through Mr. B. E. Howard,
manager of the Imperial Rank, Crnnbrook. lo Vancouver.
At the retiuest of the Cranhroolt
Committee we publish below their subscription list:
Atkinson. A. W. 20c.
Adlard. W. C. 15.00.
Adlard W. It. 50c.
Adlard, 40c.
Adlard $2.00.
A friend 25c.
Armstrong. Mrs.. $1.00
AttricllfC. W. P.. $10.00.
Anderson. C, $3.00.
Austin, T., $5.00.
Atchison. W. J:. $5,110.
Arnold. J. A.. $2.00.
A friend $1.00
A friend 10c.
Armour. John, $0.00.
Argue. J. K . $1.00.
Agnew. J. M., $1.00.
Armstrong, Mrs. Jns. $2.00.
Allen. A. Gregory. $1.00.
Adamaon, Mrs. .1. ii. $i.oo.
Attree, hi. I'., tFort Slcelcl $1.00.
Altree] Mrs   (Fori Steele), $1.00.
Dassetl. s. tl. 60c.
Bradley, W., $1.00.
Darren. T.. 50c.
Baxter. I.. $1.00
BuUer, M   IV. 75c.
Brooks. Mrs. H on
Brlggs, S„ 60c
Bidder, c, 25c.
Bnrgett, w. B., fl.no.
Brown, T. .!.. $5.oo.
Brown, Harvey, $2.00.
Boatton, J. 13., $2.00.
Bnlrd, I)., 00c.
Brown, 13. II., $2.00.
Birch, A., $i.oo.
Barren, .1. .1. $2.60.
Brown, ll. II.. $1.00.
Bardgott, Miss. $1.00.
Health'.Murphy Co., $5.00.
Illnc. 13. $5.00.
Brlggs, II.. $1.00.
Harney, Mrs. S. M., 50c.
Burton, Mrs. W. A., 50c.
Blthell, Mr., $2.00.
Bartholomew, Mrs. 00c.
Brown, Mrs.. $3.00.
Binning, Boh, $5.00.
Brault, .lor, $6.00.
Beale, M. A.. $10.00.
Brogan, Mrs., $1.00.
Bush. G. S.. $2.00.
Barnes, ('has. .(Wardnor), $(.oo.
Bulloch, A. II., $1.00.
Burgess, J. W., $6.00.
Boyle. Jos.. $1.00.
Bolcy, Mr., $1.00.
llakcr. V. H.. $10.00.
Brown, C. I'.. $2.00.
Beale, Mrs. M. A.. $1.00.
Batoman, Mrs. 13., (Moyle), $1.00.
Buteman C„ (Moyle) 25c.
Baxter, Isaac  (Wasa)  $5,011.
Bavr. C, (Wasa), $1.00.
Bortmnn, W. C. (Wasa). $1.00.
Brock. Hugh. $5.00.
Bennett, Miss C. $1.00.
Bnrgett, Mrs. W. 1).. 60c.
Brown, Miss B., $1.00.
Brown. ('.. (Roosviiie) $1.00.
Rlair, Maggie, in. Steele) $1.00.
Baker. Geo. S. (Ft. Steele $1.00.
Blnmore, Fred, (Ft. Steele) $5.00.
Blunknelser, J. A., (Ft. Steele) fi.oo
Belanger, .1. A. $5.00.
Brake. 13. Y„ $2.00.
Cameron, .1. H.. 50c.
Cassels. R.. $1.00.
Charbnnnoau. Mrs.. 25c.
Chrlslofcrson Ol,. $1.00.
Coleman. H„ $1.00.
Crawford, Mr. T., si.oo.
Crunbrook Brewery $5.00.
Carson, 13. M.. 50c.
Carr. A., 60c.
Can'. It. ('.. iWusal. Mle
Chow Long $1.00.
Cnrcollo, J., 50c.
Cnmpbeli, Jns.. $5.oo.
Constantino, F. $5.oo.
Cory. Jas.. $2.00.
Clanson, Ted., $6.00.
Charbonnoau, ll. c. $i on
Campbell, Dan, $200.
Cnven, Mrs. T n. $1.00.
Collins. Mrs. C, $1.00.
Coutts, Mrs. .1. M . $1 no
Carr. Ross. 60c
Cummlngs, Mrs.. $1.00.
fillumines, Mrs. (Sri. 25c
Cherrlngton, Miss $500
Cranbrook Jobbefs, $40.00.
Chong Wing, 50c.
Cliow Co. 50c.
(hong, Hung $1.60.
Cholditch, John, $5.00.
Catletle, Agnes, $5.00.
Cartwrlght, Miss $6.00.
Currle, Wm., $1.00.
Corbett, H. A.,' $1.00
Cameron, W. F., $5.00.
Cameron. A. A., $3.00.
Cock, C. A., $7.00.
Craig, Jas. D. (Wasa). $5.00,
Clark, II.. (Wasa). $3.00.
Chagh Hage iWasa) 50c.
chong. Sany I Wasa) 50c.
Chlrty, Sing, (Wasa) $1.00.
Chin Wah (Wasa), $1.00.
Clapp. Mayor I... $10.00.
Cherotte, Kdclle, 11.00.
Clark. Mrs. Fred $6.00.
Carlln, Wm.. (Fort Steeli $6.00
Cassldy J.. $1.00.
Crowe, It., $2.00.
Crowe, Mrs. Mary $5.00.
Cameron, w. s., (Wasa), $ii.oo.
Chester, ii. $2.00.
Chester. Jns., $1.00.
Cox, T. ('., $1.00.
Dezall, Mrs. F. $5.00.
How, Mrs. 40c.
Dewar, J., $5.00.
Mrs. Huiioilt and Miss Klmpton $1.6
Dunn, F. A. $2.00.
Doris, Harry, $1.00.
Davidson, Miss, $1.00.
Doner, E. J., $5.00.
(Continued on page thrcel
Under tlu* recem orders issiifd by
tin- Canada Pood Board:
Xo person kIi-iM have in his pfrases-
Rlon nt any tinu more than Is .sufficient for iiis ordinary requirements
Cane sugar,
Flour made
or In pa
Thc ri'gular Council Meeting was
held on Monday, May nth, witli Mayor
Clapp and Aldermen Eakln. Shankland. Genest. Balment and Macpher-
soii In attendance.
A letter was read from Mr. Leask.
asking f»r a reduction In the License
on (lie Auditorium. The matter was i
discussed and turned over to the City,
Clerk to make arrangements with Mr.'
A joint letter, signed by several j
rltizfns of Cranhrook, requesting the
Council io subscribe $100 to the V. M.-
c. A. Red Triangle Fund was read
and It was decided thai in view of the
fact that the amount aimed al by the
Committee being oversubscribed audi A wholesale ami retail dealer II-
owlng to the numerous calls being censed by Hie Canada FooU Board may
made on the Council for other patriotic] ]inv(. ln llis possession or under Ills
purposes, the Council regretted being' control not more cane sugar or flour
unable to accede to the request. | mud|, w)i»Uy or in  pari  from wheat
Dr. Butledge was appointed Asslsl-   t|lu„   is   aufliclom   for   his   ordinary
ant Sanitary Inspector for the purpose | .,-ade refiulronients   lor a  perlor  not
xceeding slxiy days.
for a period nol exceeding !"■ days,
if living within two miles of a dealei
for a period nol cxc-edlng 30 days If;
living more than two and less than
j live  miles  from  a  deuler,
for a period nol exceeding •><■ days
j if living more than five and less than
j i»u niihs from a dealer.
Suits For Boys
We're safe in asserting that you can
find here a much finer showing of
choice suits for boys of all ages than
can be found in any other store in
this district,
Qualities are Right
] i   Prices are Right
$5.00 to $12.00
of Inspecting Dairies and testing milk
at a salary of $25.00 per month for
such period as may be decided upon
by the Health and Belief Committees.
The 1. O. D. B. appealed to the Council for a monthly contribution on behalf of the Bed Cross Work; their
request was referred to the Finance
Committee with power to act.
A letter was read from the Cranbrook  Pood  Conservation  Committee,
asking for a cash grant to cover post-1 scribed iu the order
age and staiionery in conm-ctlon with
At the regular sitting of the County
Court on Thursday last the case of
Pattinson vs. HtrBcy came on for
hearing before His Honor Judge
Thompson. Chief of Police Hersey
waR the only witness called, but the
arguments presented by A. B Macdon-
r.ld for the plaintiff and G. J. Spreull
for the defendant occupied the attention of the Court for several hours.
Tht action aros<> over certain liquor
which was seized by the defendant on
March 26th. Pattinson was charged
in the police court with having the
liquor In an unlawful place contrary
to section 11 of the Prohibition Act.
He pleaded guilty and paid a fine of
460.00. but an application made by his
counsel for the liquor to be returned
to Pattinson as he had . right to It,
was refused hy thc magistrate. This
action was commenced shortly after
the police court proceedings took
place; the claim heing for the return
nt the liquor, or for damages.
The liquor In question was held by
th( police until early in the present
month, when, according to evidence.
It was forwarded to lhe Government
vendor at Vancouver.
After Mr. Macdonald had stated
the case for the plaintiff, Mr. Spreull
contended that the action should be
dismissed on several grounds, amongst
others, that there was no proof of
rightful possession of the liquor on
ihe part of the plaintiff at the time
of confiscation or at the present time.
He also argued that the selsure was a
rightful one and cited numerous cases
In support of his contentions.
Judge   Thompson   In   his   decision
deals at lengih with the arguments of
Counsel, and In summing up, finds as
|    "The plaintiff was In lawful possesion of the liquor so far as    the
I owners were concerned, lnu had that
] possession In an unlawful place. The
' defendant had no right, either to seize
| or confiscate the liquor unless. In his
I opinion, It was being kept for sale or
: other  unlawful  disposal contrary  to
j section 10 of the Prohibition Act.   No
j reasonable grounds  existed   whereby
Ihe defendant could come to that belief, and I have found, as a matter of
fact, that at the time of the seizure,
he did not have that btlief.   The seizure, therefore, was Illegal; the confiscation was Illegal, th«re being   no
provision for either where the offence
Is one contrary to Section 11 except as
provided by the Amendment nf IMP.
which Is not retroactive.    By virtu*-
of that amendment this question can-
no', arise again as the Magistrate now
has  power under Section fiO of   the
\nt to direct confiscation In any event,
•'I find tn favor of the Plaintiff and
direct that the liquor be returned tn
him     If It cannot be returned, both
parlies ore given un opportunity   to
produce evidence showing the value
nf tht liquor, which Is to be paid by
the defendant   to  the  plantlff    with
It Is understood that the case will
he appealed.
the work of the organization. The
letter was ordered to be fyled.
Thc following accounts were ordered paid:
Burdett, N. \V., $S7.r.ft.
Bulman Bros., $10.Tift.
Beattle-Murphy Co., Ltd. $t!.0.00.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co, $2.fin.
Copeland Chattersnn Co., $27..tn.
Cranbrook Meat Market $4.2R.
Cranbrook Klectric Light Co. $202.0.1
No person shall feed live slock or
poultry, nor permit such to he fed
with milling wheat, or any product
thereof except bran and shorts and
no person shall knowingly sell the i
-same to bo used for such prohibited
Any person having In his possession
or under his control  sugar or flmir *
iu quantities greater than are  pre-
must return such I
goods to ihe. dealer from whom they
were purchased and the facts report- j
ed to the Canada Food Hoard by said
In addition to the penalties for violation of the Order, the goods may In
seized after May  lfitli,  11)18, by lhe I
Canada rood Hoard and shall he forfeited,
The penalties are provided by the |
following clause:
(a)  Any person violating any of tli
Arrow Shirts
Cranbrook Sash and Door Co $48.41. | provisions of these regulations, or any
Cranbrook Cartage Co., $7.40.
City l.lvery $B.00.
City Transfer Co,, $104.1(1.
Dally News $9.30.
Pink Mercantile Co., Ltd. $0.80,
Gurd A SpWllll $140.00.
Herchmer & Martin $88.00
Hanson Garage $3.00.
Jones and Doris $r.2.fl».
W. Kllby $0.00.
Kootenay Telephone Lines, $17,45,
Lethbrldge Herald $7.80.
Little * Atchison $11>.00V~
Ira Manning, Ltd.. $32.00.
McBride. J. P., $10.72,
Parrett. T. N.. $8.75,
Parks & Co., $48.2fi.
Pay rolls-
School Board. $1077.10.
Officials $272.90.
Police $30R.0O.
Fire Department, $281.00.
Engineer $353.50,
Beglstrar. District $ii0.00.
Sullivan, L. $08.00.
Sundry Cash Payment. $7tl.90.
Total $4,432.09.
The usual report of the City Engineer was received.
The Chief of Police reported 18 prisoners received during the month, lfi
discharged and two remanded. Classified as 0 white and 12 Chinese.
Mr. Fred Adolph of Baynes I-ake
wrote offering his six cylinder, 7 passenger Mitchell car to tlie city for $500
cash, guaranteeing It to be In good
running order. A committee composed of Mayor Clapp and Aldermen
Eaken and Macpherson were appointed to go into the matter. The purpose of the Council being to secure a
car for hose truck poroses in place
of the fire team.
The salaries of some of the officers
and employees of Ihe city were raised
from May 1st as follows:
City ""lerk from $150 to $10a.
Fire Chief from 103.50 to $115.
W. Soden from $90 to $105.
B. Simpson from $85 to $95.
G. Parnahy from $80 to $90,
The City clerk was Instructed
I Order made thereunder, or obstruct-;
[ i'lg or Impeding any officer 0|* person
I  nforcing or carrying out any Order
i made thereunder, is guilty of an nf-
j tenet, and shall hi  liable on summary ■
: conviction before a Police Magistrate'
i m* iwo Justices of the Peace to a pen*
; ilty not exceeding one thousand do|-,
| lars, ami not less than   one   hundred
j dollars; or m Imprisonment for a per
1 hid not exceeding three months; or to
both fine and imprisonment.
A series of lectures and doniouslra- '
tlons on present day cookery will be
given In the Parish Hall on Tuesday,!
Wednesday  and Thursday next    nt (
three and eight o'clock each day. Miss
OHve Hayes, Provincial Demonstrator |
of War Time Menus and Conservation
Cooking will conduct the series under t
the Joint auspices of the Women's In-1
stltute and   the   Food   Conservation
There is no way In which we at:
I home can help our military forces t
! more effectually than by studying the1
requirements of the British Empire!
j and our Allies in the matter of food-;
1 stuffs. All housewives are not only
I Invited, but are urged to attend this
series of demonstrations, ro thai they
may be able to adopt the most up-to-j
' date methods of conservation nnd the'
j use of substitute foods while at the
j same time providing for their house-'
j holds a variety of appetising and nour-
; lulling dishes.
There will be no charge for admission, but collections will he taken to
' defray necessary expenses.
We contracted for a large quantity of
these shirts before thc great advance
in materials, and are giving our customers the benefit of the old prices
The exclusive patterns fit, highclais
finish and general excellence of these
Shirts have made them the best
and most popular in America
; Arrow  Shirts    $1.50    and  more
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook'i Dry Goods and Clothing Store
trifle w*A' »»A|i*i'fti ■»** ■»A""'Ai| »tAl *»0
Did You See The Big Fish?
Spokane Mirror Spoons
Got  Them
We carry the Mirror Spoon along
with our other large assortment of
Fishing Tackle
Belva   Morrell,   who   portrays    the
1 part of  Hilda in  the  famous drama,
"The Wolf", a story of tiie Canadian
.Hudson's Hay Company, which Is the
to   play at   the  Auditorium  on   Werine-s-
take steps to collect sidewalk assessments in arrears forthwith.
By-taw No. 168, n by-law to remunerate the Mayor and Aldermen was
read first, second and third time.
The Mayor under the By-law Is to
receive |200 per annum and the Aldermen $T» for every council meeting
heal with rirrnrH tnion
Imm tnm The Wolf* at the A ■dltorl-m mi Wft-JnM*ajr- «■* IM
A real estate transaction of con-
slderal-lo Importance took place on
Monday last when M. A. Beale of the
firm of Beale & Elweli effected a Rale
of the Humphrey's ranch on Wolf
Creek for a large consideration. The
property which ranks r.s one of the
most valuable estates in the district
Is well over a thousand acres In extent and comprises a large tract of
excellent, arable land and In addition
there Is considerable tlmberland. The
purotiaaor, Mr. Al Doyle of Fort Steele
Intends to make a number of Improvements to the property nnd to undertake cattle raising, for which purpose
the estate la particularly mil adapted, •» aa Mta—If Male.
At a meeting held In
during Synod, Kootenay
appointed a committee with Presby-
Tlal powers consisting of Rev. J. T.
Ferguson, D. D. of Calgary, Uev. D.
L. McCllntock. B. A. of Nelson; Uev.
A. L, Carr. and A. McEwen of Fernle.
This committee will meet with a like
committee from the Methodist Conference and District Board to deal with
the question of Ohuveh Union between
the Methodist and Presbyterian congregations In Cranbrook.
day. May "Hnd, made a reputation
for herself as the leading lady In the
farce comedy. "Excuse Me" which
recently toured Canada and the United Stales.
She began stock company work six
years ag" with the Vaughan Glazer
combination in Detroh. Mich., and
also appeared with Iho Louroncfl
sinck Company al Winnipeg.
Miss Morrell has lately appeared
with success In a dramatic sketch in
vaudeville, which has broug'tt her
Vancouver I many offers from vaudeville man a*
Presbytery ' 8©rs. The "United Producing Company has been fortunate in securing
Miss Morrell to tour 'The WoK"
and Canadian  playgoers have
Sulphur and Molasses
I'urlfles and Knrlches tl,.-  blood, clean Hie  complexion,
removes all skii. diseases, pimples, boil*-, eruptions, scurf
scrofulous sores, liver spots, etc.
TKV  AJAR  85c Per Jar
Cranbrojk Drug & Book Co.
Nidi i Phones 411 an
in store for them in  witnessing tho
work of this rising young actress.
! A stiHslon of Appeal Tflbuna) No. j
1 12 under the Military Service Act wasi
held on Monday at tlie Court House,
It Is understood that the Uev. Hlllls j three appeals having been set down
Wright, lhe present pastor nf Knox! for hearing by His Honor Judge
Pburch. hns placed himself In the j Thompson The decisions were as ,
hands ol the Trosbytcry. ] follows:
Everything hns now heen done by I    Antonio   nertolu,   hospital   orderly,
tho people of Knox Church    within | Cranbrook, adjourned to 19th Inst,
their powers tn bring this matter to      Curtis T. Lnngln. lumberman. (Tan-,
a happy Issue.   They awnlt with con-  brook, disallowed.
fldonr, a like action on tbe part nil    Arthur (liillmeiic. tie maker, Hon- |
!•. mar, ». ft, dlaallow.tl
Headquarters for Premier
Lake Fishing Tackle
Trolls anil Lines tested to 60 lbs., made for Salmon Trout Fishing,
Complete Slock Fishing T.ickle. Rubber Balls. Base-Ball Goods,
Tennis Backets, Croquet S-:s, Express Wagons and Baby Sulkies.
sl'i:tlAl. 0\ SAT! HOW IIMV
Toilet  Paper,  I rolls Inr 4S» or MMX) eas.
(loocl values in Hoys' Overalls  2 yrs to 14 yrs from J5C lo ll.'i pr.
hoys' nnd Girls' Straw Hats from   25* lo HM
Wash Hats  •;  SS* 'arh
Baby Bonnets In Straw and Silk.
Trnnis Shoes In White. Tan and Black for Boys ad Girls.
from *IJKI lo tl.;.", per pair.
Trapots, regular "Ac. Speclal   JSc rack
Teapots, regular Me ad Wc, special   4#c eaek
Model Variety Store PAGE TWO
THURSDAY, MAY lfitli, 1918
II. A. Heale. Kdilnr and Sccrctarj
1), A. liny, Miinuger
Cranbrook, It. I.. Mar loth. n»l*>
may come*from 0 variety of causes
usually sewing or tasks that require close application of the eyes
ou any Particular object. Sometimes it comes from trying to road
in un Imperfect light. Xo matter
what tlie cause, we can cure it by
tho fitting of correct Glasses to
Children's eyes. But—don't delay!
Bring them lien at once.
Raworth Bros.
Nexl In I'osl OfllCO
f, r. It, IVnlcli liispoclom,   Opticians
ilit. Frume, Prop.
Cukes. Ties
mill 1'
Phone 37
I   Norbury
0|i|> City Hall
Again tho political enemies of Mr.
Lloyd George have attempted to score
against him und again lie lias emerged from tii" ordeal with flying colors,
ll Is difficult to understand how ho astute n politician as Mr, Asquiih was
bo far duped Into supporting the
charges of General Maurice as to fan
the foment for an Investigation, Mr.
Asqnith's reputation stands high, his
steadfast patriotism has never heen
Impugned, as Leader of a party in op-
position io the Government his criticisms have been sei on a high, con-
siructive plane especially In mattorB| Cntlimbln.
affecting the prosecution of the war.,
but for once he appears to have unwittingly fallen Into a trap laid by a
certain political BOctlon who nr-* looking for any opportunity to down lhe
Lloyd George administration.
It may have been that General
Maurice was overcome with an tin*
fortunate excess of mistaken zeal, but
there Is stronger reason to think that
the political element referred to have
made use of a disgruntled servant of
Editor, The Herald.
Dear Sir I desire personally as
well as on behalf ot the V, M. C .A.
Hed Triangle io express a high sense
of appreciation to tlie Cranbrook Central Committee and to the various local committees of the South Kast Kootenay district, In charge of the Red
Triangle "drive" in their respective
localities. In their hearty co-operation and the efficient manner in which
they conducted the campaign, also the
citizens in the whole district for their
generous and whole-hearted response
lo the appeal made by the National
V. M. C. A, for overseas work among
our boys.
I nlso wish to thank you. Mr. Editor,
for the free publicity you have given j
In your columns to this worthy work.
The fact that our apportionment has I
been exceeded by more than $.T,00f>.00 |
Is a worthy tribute to the spirit of the j
people living  In  Mils  pail  of British:
1 am,
Yours very truly,
a. L. Carr,
District Dlr
Hte-inian. Leslie Salisbury. 2nd Primer:. Florence Finley, Clara Hailing.
Isl Primer A: Jose Pascuzzo, Annie
Moore; 1st Primer U: Josephine Mar-
apodi, John Nell. Receiving Class:
Klmer Holm, Mary McDonald.
J. Howaid, teacher.
1. S. SENDING :i,nim,otiu  III SUMS
Food shipments to the civilian pop-j
illations of the allied countries will be
suspended for ten days to move three j
million bushels of grain to the Bel- I
gluns, who are declared to be In des-j
pirate straits.
A part of the wheat will go to the;
populations in   the German  occupied I
territory of Northern France.   The decision to concentrate on the shipmonl
of this grain wns made following the;
receipt of nrgenl cablegrams from Iho]
Belgian Relief Commission's roproson-!
latlve in Brussels.   Otto of the cables
said: "Provided all shipments now en1
route arrive aud  provided  an   equal
distribution between all parls of tin*;
country Belgium aud Northern Franco
will   be   without  bread   from   exnllc
grains for ip) days.
Improved llnil.li>.la; Single Coiab
Pen liearteil by male bird from Ferris.
(MO per Setting.
JOHN JOHNS,   Boa 263,
12-Mh. 'Jtanbroofc B C.
Mining. Chemical. Clvlt. Mechanical anil
Klectrlcal Engineering.
Art". Cmirst-  li)*' OortttpOtlilence,    )>rg-r«
mill "iii* year's •Itpnileiue orfoltr
summer teutoni,
Summer School    Navigation School
Julr *'■<• Auf-iMl Dtttinbu lo April
li GEO. Y. CHOWN, R..U.-.,
Diversion nnd DM)
Take Notice that t\ It. Garrett,
whose address ia t'rnnbroolt, It. ('.,
will apply for a licence to lake and
use one second foot of water oui of
New Lake aud Dickson Creek in Lot
8014, which flows north easterly aud
sinks, The water will be diverted from the stream at n point
nt lake in L, SDlfi or nt spring in L,
8914, and will be used for Domestic,
and Irrigation purpose upon the laud
described as western half of I,, 5348.
This nol ice was posted on the ground
on lhe 24th day of April, 1918, A copy
of this notice and au application pursuant thereto and to tlu* "Water Act,
1814," will he filed in the office of the
Water Recorder at Cranhrook. B. C.
Objections lo the application may be
filed with tho snld Water Recorder or
with the Comptroller of Water Rights,
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C,
within thirty days after tht first appearance of this nollce In a local
newspaper. The date of the first
publieallon or this notice is April 2R,
C.  11.  DARRETT,  Applicant
(From The ((Province")
Northeast Kootenay.
Northeast Koottuay. which was one
of tiie first sections of the province
to attract attention of mining invest-1
the Crown recently dismissed from his | (|rj.   ,mt   ,ms bp(m (Uifmm  (nr    m |
past  15 years,  is  likely  tn   be    the j
ovlkkskas CLUB
Meets iu Maple Hall second
Tuesday ot every month at 8
p. m.
Membership open   to   British
Visiting   membors   cordially
E. Y. Brnke.        J. F, Lower,
President Secretary
Meets   lu   tilt*
Parish Mall
tirst Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
at a p.m.
I'res.. Mrs   W
U    M< Carinni'
Secy. Mn-. .1 w. Burton, P. <>. Box621
All ladles co-dlally invited.
Civil nnd Mining Engineers
It. ('. Land Surveyors
CltANBUOOK, B. fl.
If vou waul  Bullaruclion
wiih vour washiup
Bend it to
Social nricos for family
office aw a lever for ihelr own political ambitions. Their knavish tricks
were confounded, for Instead of an Investigation, the charges were so easily
refuted by Lloyd George thut the excitement developed into a storm in a
tea cup. or as the Premier described
it. "Cocoa slop" witli lhe prestige of
Asqultli lowered.
Mr. Lloyd George is no superman,
he of course makes mistakes like the
rest of humankind, hut lie retains the
confidence of the British public be- J
cause lie has shown a vigour in thej
prosecution of the war, which Asqultli
never showed.
Mr. Lloyd George is nl his best In
oratory when ou his own and the war:
cabinet's defence: his filial appt.il I
conveys a solemn warning that should I
be taken to heart as long as the war
l-.sis. when he said: "1 really org for
mir common country— tlie fate of i
which Is iu Ihe balance now and In j
the nexl week—1 beg and Implore that
(litre sho-'ld he an end to tills sniping"
Controversies of tills nature whether in Kngland, France, the United
Slates or Canada, paralyse Ihe prosecution -,t the war and that Is just
what the Germans ure aiming at so
nsiiducttsiy by means of propaganda,
Tim Incident will have served a
g icd purpose if It impresses this all
mpdrtnnl fact Indelibly on our minds
Ir i« a lesson we in Cannda cannot afford to ignore,    Let us got on with the
(HAS. S.  1'AltkKlt
Forwarding and  Distributing
Agent for
Lethbrldge and Greenhlll Coal
Imperial OH Co.
Dletrbutton Care a Specialty.
Iimj-liiir ami Tmnst'err!ny
Given prompt attention
Thoue 63
Drs. iiiciii \ MacKinnon
Phjsleiaii- ami Surgeons
Onicr  at   residence, Armstrong
Forenoons     9.00 In Kl.ftO
Afternoons   2.00 to   4.00
Kveniiigs  7.30 to    8..10
Sundays   2.30 to   4.H0
The Shoo Specialist
.Mil; MAltAL'OD]
Satisfaction Guaranteed
.icaduuartent for all kinds of
scent of a renewal of activity. Thej
mineral resources of the section are
being investigated, but a drawback is!
ihe bad state of the trails, which have
been allowed to till up with windfalls,
while the bridges have rotted away. |
and access to the various mineral lo-1
callous is more difficult than at any
time In lhe past twenty years. Sev- \
I cral old properties have been bonded j
■ of late, with a view to their develop-1
] ment, but to enable this to be done j
j the Provincial Government must get!
busy and re-optn the trails.
The Sullivan Mine.
The Sullivan Mine, near Cranbrook,
operated by the Consolidated Mining
& Smelting Company, is one of the I
most Important lead-zinc mines on the
continent, The ore reserves amount
(0 about 3,600,000 tons. The mine has
been by far the largest sllver-zlnc- j
; lead shipper to Trail Smelter in recent years, having shipped last year
I 114,241 tons of ore. As with nearly
all large mines lhe ore Is low grade.
To treat It economically it is necessary to use concentration methods,
and experiments have been conducted
along this line. One of the most complex problems Is the effective separation of the zinc, and the mines department of Ottawa has done some experiment with magnetic separation, with
ihe result the grade or or-* for final
treatment-has been raised from 21.S
per cent to 31.8 per cent, in rtic concentrate and 'J9.L.8 per cent In the
middlings, with a slime loss of 21.9
per cent.
Kast Kooienay now produces six
Limes the tonnage of silver-lead-ziuc
ore produced by West Kootenay, the
output for the quarter being 33,208
ions. This large production is matn'y
to he credited to the Sullivan Mine,
(hough other shippers were the Paradise, at Windermere, which delivered
to Trail Smelter 1089 tons, the St.
Kugene at Moyie, and the Hidden
Treasure at Spllllmachlne.
The Lead Problem
The visit of the Kootenay delegation
to Ottawa to ask assistance for the
lead mining Industry has been successful. Hon. Lorne A. Campbell, late
minister of mines, and W. D. Austie,
who composed the delegation, report
that the Munitions Board has agreed
to renew the purchase of lead after
this month nt the rate of 1800 tons a
j month. The outlook for the lead mar-
The bottling up of the enemy sub- ket is better than for some time,
marine base at Ostein! by sinking the stocks are again low, und while con-
old cruiser Vindictive, stuffed with sinners are well supplied for a time
concrete, was another brilliant, achieve the renewnl of buying promises an
ment of the British nnvy. The Ger- Improvement In prices,
man   al tempt   to   belittle   the   pcrfor
The British  Flag
Vou  may say it's   an   old   piece   of
Von may call It an old colored rag,
But freedom has made it majestic.
And time has ptiobled lhe flag.
Tiie citizens of Cranhrook and the
whole district of South Kast Kootenay responded lo the Y. M. C. A. appeal for funds wiih their usual spontaneous generosity. .Much credit Is
due the hard working committees for
the splendid result achieved.
The action of the City Council in
raising the salaries of clly employees
will be generally commended; It Is
only just that faithful service should
he rewarded sutficlently to offset the
increasing cost of living.
And Invigorates Old People
Any doctor will tell you that the
ingredients of Vinol as printed below
contain the elements needed to improve the health of delicate children
and restore strength to old people.
T> Cod Liver Hid Beef Peptones, Iron
' ■nd M*.Q|«n*MPtiptohiUi, Iron and
Ammonium   Citrate,   Lime   and   Soda
Glycerophosphates, Cast-aria.
Those who have puny, ailing or
run-down children or aged parents
may prove this at our expense.
Besides the good it does children
and the aged there is nothing like
Vinol to restore strength and vitality
to weak, nervous women and overworked, run-down men.
Try it. If you arc not entirely satisfied, we will return your money
without question; that proves our
fairness and your protection. Millions of people have been convinced
tliis way.
Crnnbrook Drug & Book Co.. Crnnbrook, IJ. C also at lhe best drug
^iBt-i In  nil R   f   towr	
riUMtttOOK     KI.Kf TOIUI,
Notice Is hereby given that I
shall, on Monday, the SOtli day of May
nexl, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon,
at the Government Ofllce nt Cranbrook. hold a Court of Revision under the "Provincial Elections Act"
for the said district,
Dated this 6th day of April. 1918.
Registrar of Voters,
Cranbrook Electoral District.
(HV i.oimji:, No. 4_>
■ li'nf* L*           Meets   every
Hall.      Sojourning    Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
13. 11
W   C. Adlanl
N. O.
lilt. Vi li. Mil,US
Ofllce In Hanson Block
II  to  12. a.m.
1   to    S   p.m.
CRANBROOK,   111'.
I'rhale Nursing Home
Licensed by Provincial Govt.
Mlltcrllfly and General Nilrslni:
Massage and Kest Cure. Highest
References, terms moderate.
Apply .Mrs. A. Crawford. Matron
Phone ''."i9 P. (i. Box sir.
Address, Harden Ave. Cranbrook
'  *"'"*''it'2*-***
OTORISTS like Firestone Tires
because they can absolutely depend
on their service. They can depend
on the certain hold of the Non-
Skid tread. They can rely on their
inbuilt endurance.
With Firestone toughness, strength
and resiliency, long mileage is
combined with the fullest degree
of comfort
Cranbrook Saddlery Co.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Vulcanizing done on our premiaea
Akron, Ohio, U. S. A.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
H. Collins. K. It. k S.
Visiting  brethren   cordially  invited to attend.
malice Is of uo conseriuenee; It is
results Hint talk aud decreasing loss
of British shipping will loll tlie tale,
Phone :l,*)ll
Norbury Are, nexl to  Illy Hull
The Creslon III view says Hint Cranbrook lias achieved sufficient judicial
Importance to have a regulation police
magistrate, Por tin creston Review's
special information. Cranbrook has
bud a poltCI iniigistrnte for many
years. Mr Hayes bus been loo long
In Creslon wllliiiiu n holiday, bis informal ion bureau Is ill need of a polish,
lltli k SIMM:!'!.!.
Hi, rrist.T"-.
. Hind          1
. ,1. Spl
II. c.
Molilalia Itcslaiiriiiit
Heals ut All Hoars
CfKui's Cimirctlcs and Cm ml?
Opjioslte (he Bank of Commerce
flit [son  I
Perfect attendance for A.prll- Phil-
omen Belanger, James Drew, John.
Drr'w, Bt'Hsh' Eakln, Murk Morif, Al-
berl Johnson, Kcllth Johnson, Ernes!
Laurie, Rita McBurney, Pat McDonald, Kenneth MoNoll, Lucy Pascuxzo, I
Santo l'us<*tuzo KiMiiiicI Shaw, William Taylor, Prank Tito, Kathleen
Tito, Amy Williams, Josslo Ca«scln,
Dorothy Batsdon,
Honor Roll    - Junior Third:  Amy
William*^   Kiln   McBurnoy,   Kathleen
Tim.    Honor S»   mil: Bandy Pascuxxo
Phil Belangert Frank Tito, Qwen Wor-
thlngtoil,     Junior   Second:     Bessie
Kukin. Edgar Bandersoa, Mock Horie,
M. R, Loom, itmshflr,
DItIkIou 1
j    Perfoot attendance for April—F-or-
iplcndtd work which Luce Ptaley, Kathleen Haley, Margnr-
• nur paper has done for the suirerers I e, Maloue, Frank Malonc, Annie Moore
ii Halifax, In raising tho subscription | colvln  McBurney,  Ma'ry  McDonald,
larmela Naso, Evelyn Owen, Stanley
III llltS TO Till;  MHTOK
M   \   Benle, Kdlmr.
Tin- Craubrdok Herald
Jlllttlllff I'll, fur Wuim-ii. •'. » l-oi i.r Itiri'i-I'ir
10. .Hulil nt nil Prtlg Btoitrl, Of mailed tt «ny
■tidmmi-ii raoelptol price.  Thi Boob .ti. imtu
■ nuji iiviiuL ■ vn nibi*r. vim *ti<i
Vtttll.T.for N'-rre mul Hmln; hirrt-8«r«*'i[i*ey
HWttcr'iiiTiiiilc -win I ml ni yon up. W ■ 1)01,01
two tot IV ■ t finite ■tiifpN. or by iiit-.II mi rwtl*>l ,
■»»riff«Tiii huihi.1 DIM 00-,IK. OMMNM*
of hixty-flve dollars and ten cents Is,
1 can assure you, most deeply appreciated. Ii Impresses on our minds
more clearly than ever, the debt which
the public generally, owes to those
like yourself—engaged in the profession of journalism—who are always
so ready and willing to devote their
lime and energies, BI Rreut expense
to themselves, to aid suffering humanity on all occasions,
For yourself—will you please accept our most sincere I hunks .and
take It as coming direct from the destitute in this city, For your subscribers will you be gmid enough to convey to them our heartfelt gratitude
for their generous and tangible expressions of sympathy.
Yours very truly.
Ralph L Bell,
8*cy. Rtr-lUrf Vara
Owen, Bud Parker, Jack Parker, Jose
Pascuzzo, Lillian Russell. Leslie Sains
bury, Hazel Williams, Klsl- Wood.
Honor    Roll — 1st Rendc  :    Peler
Blotchy Skin
Many u time you have looked Into tbe
mirror and wished that your skin
would be like other people thai you
know, "without a blemlnh." This wish
can be yours for the asking, Wnsh D.-
1M>„ the lotion of healing oIIk, over
your pimples or blotches tonight and
wake up In (lie morning lo find them
*n.ve L-iciixiclWasH
Cranbrook Drug ft Book Co.,
Craakrrok, B. V..
m iiiiiiiiiii ii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliitiL
Why you should look for this
Trade-mark on your Shoes
A TRADE-MARK is a manufacturers' signature. If a firm makes
an article they are prepared to stand behind—they stamp it with
L their trade-mark. It is put on their goods so you may idlntify them.
It stands to reason, therefore, that it is safer for the public to ah\ays buy
"known" and "trade-marked" shoes rather than "anonymous" shoes.
liach working clay of the year, the A. II. M.
trade-mark is stamped on the soles of thousands
of pairs of shoes for men, women and children,
because we want you lo knowour shoes when you
see them—because we arc making a sincere effort
to produce good values in footwear—because we
believe ydfi will find our shoes salisfaetor)—antl
buy them ngttln and again.
Ames Holden McCready arc t'auaila'slargcst
makers of shoes. A.I l.M.footwear is sold by thousands of dealers in every part of Canada—and by
the leading merchants in almost every town.
We make such a large proportion of the boots
and shoes that the Canadian people wear that
you are probably wearing A. H, M. shoes now.
However, the nexl time you buy shoes, lo make
sure, look for this trade-mark ou the sole.
We make many grades uud styles of footwear, bul no matter what price you pay for
them you will lind them excellent value for lhe
money. You will find it profitable and satisfactory in future to always make this trademark your guide in buying footwear for yourself and your family.
"Shotmaktrt to tht Nation"
I TirtmsriAv, may loth, mis
W^jluitiipiuiit ■-.'•". :..i:n..*y'y;% ..:■:■■...■ :i,:...:.,il:.
With bright sunlight, there
comes a trying time (or defective eyes. Tor even a Blight
visual detect causes frowning and squinting which
brings a more or less severe
pain in the ridge of the forehead immediately above tin-
When you first experience
this pain' and a feeling of
tightness around tho eyes,
you should at once have an
expert optometrist examine
them, for there is almost sure
to be :t defect which Is easily corrected hy the proper
glassos. Correct lenses will
take ajiay all this strain nnd
pain arid provenl frowning
and squinting. Cosult us today and gi't Bills-faction.
mi. ICliteon
iij: MFG. OPTICIAN j]':
l^;liiiiiiiimiiii:iiWN.Iii'iiiii;mJ,'l|'M,ii;-i,r,,'i,:,'i-,,'iriiiiiiiiitil|iilii; *-j".
Let us Quote
You On
Lawn Mowers
Garden Hose
Screen Doors
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook     -     O.C.
Can you think of any reason why
there should not be one in your
Kllby frames pictures
Mr. John Reekie left ou SuntTay for
Vancouver to report for military duty.
Mr. ('. M. Edwards of Haynes Lake
| was a visitor to Cranbrook on Mon-
I day.
Bom—At the Cottage Hospital on
I May 7th, to Mr. ami Mrs. K C. Tiili-
| ntrt, a son.
Horn—Thursday morning, tho IBth
1 fust, to Mr. and Mrs. Thos. North, a
I (laughter.
Mr. Wilfred Slirret left on Monday
f»r Mi,, coasi to report for military
I Mr. H C, Crowe or Trail. 11. C, spent
u few diiys t» tin- qlty Hits week on
Mr, Cleorgt Kennedy spent the week
cud at the home of her (laughter, Mrs
W, Lindsay, of Klmberlejr,
Mr. Archie Clark of Calgary, Is iu
Hie city  visiting  hie sister. Mrs. A.
Airs. M. A Heale and daughter Win-
nlfml left for Spokane on Sunday
I'm- a short visit.
Mr. K. A. ParkTer returned to Medicine Mat on Tuesday. Mrs. Parker
accompanied him and will spend a
week visiting there.
Tl: Chautauqua week will open   in
Cranhrook on August 16th, particulars
I of the six days program will be an-
I noiinccd later.    Remember the date.
i Ladles Do not miss the (.ODflorvfl*
j tbm Cookery DemniiKtmtlous at the
I Parish Hall. Tuesday, Wednesday and
I Thursday next al three and eiuhl
; o'clock.
Highest prices paid for Hides, Furs.
Metals, Scrap Iron, Hottlcs, Old Mach-
. inery, and Pipe.—Western Hide and
, Junk Co., Lid.. Calgary, Altn.   Rpfe.*-
ence, Merchants Hank.
j Rev. II. P. Sinclair, accompanied by
I his Wife and family arrived in the
i city today from Winnipeg. Man., tn
lake- charge of the Baptist church
! here.
W.    Derail,    Crnnbrook    Atrci.t
A  pretty  wedding look    place    at
eleven O'clock on Tuesday morning at
ihe chapel of the St. Bugene Hospital
when JOBcphlne Loretta Pelker and
Prank Olelchen Murphy were united
in marriage tiy Hie Rev Father Murphy III the presence ol a few H la-
UVflB and Iriends. The chapel had
been decorated with chrysanthemums
which made a most effective background. The bride wore her travelling suit uf light grey nnd rose with
coat opening over a blouse of embroidered flesh colon d georgette crepe,
with hut Of grey and rose, and carried a shower bouquet Of roses. Miss
Dolores Murphy, sister of the groom,
acted as bridesmaid aud carried a
shower bouquel of white carnations
and gladiolii. while Air, Frank Gul-
inont supported the groom. Amid
showers of confette and paper streamers, Mr. and Mrs. Murphy boarded the
noun train en route to Los Angeles via
Spokane, returning home by way of:
Vancouver. They expect to lie gone a
month ami ou their return will take
up their residence on Garden Ave. Mr.
and Mrs. Murphy were the recipients
if many beautiful wedding presents
in sliver and cut glass as well as a
substantial cheque to the bride. The
groom's gift to the bride was a beautiful silver tea service. Mr. Murphy
lias resided in Crnnbrook since boy-
hootl und is a well known and popular
member of tlie Seattle-Murphy Co.,
-vhlle the bride is a graduate nurse of
the St. Eugene Hospital.
Spokane, Washington
I'HR  MOTtil.  WITH   X
This house has tht
happy distinction of being the favorite Btop-
piug plaee in Spokane,
(ur the people of British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage and do
everything tn our power
tn make you comfortable.
Our location  ta eicellent —
tone to flrent Northern Station
ind n W 11 * N- Mllwauke
•ermliml. aud within a mle-.tc't,
Talk from the principal business
•oiihi'i; and places of amusement.
fl-M Ht(*»mshln  on  Roof
Make your summer clothes—Dress
! Making Classes at King Edward's
! School every Thursday evening from
1 7 to ft. $3.00 per month, payable In
! ndvaiire. 10-lm.
The Catholic Church Choir gave a
, surprise party on Tuesday evening at
! the home of Mr. und  Mrs. J. Muckle
in honor of Mr. M. Brnuli. who leaves
shortly to report for military duty. A
plonsnnt evening was spent by all.
On Tuesday afternoon last, the
monthly meeting of the Methodist
Ladles Aid was held at the home of
Mrs. Shankland. Mrs. H A, McKowan
was elected secretary for the coming
yenr in lien of Mrs. .1 Shaw resigning, I
Ou Wednesday evening a number
of the members of the Knights of Col*
umbns Lodge gathered nl  tht  home)
Of Mr, and Mrs. Brault and during j
the evening presented ihelr son, Mr. i
M   Brnuli With n Bllver wrlsi watch j
in view of his leaving shortly for Ihp
The Ladies Aid of tho Methodist
church purpose holding a war time!
rookory Bale on the afternoon of Saturday, June 1st, In the old gymnasium. The Indies will etidi avor to dem* ■
onBtrate to tlieir patrons some of tlie j
delicious dishes which can bo served)
even In war limes.
Fnr Sale :. ncroa on Lot ' 3012,
vegetable garden. ii roomed cotlagf! In
first class condition, water in house
small stable, workshop 10 x IU,
chicken house 10 x Mj mile and hall
from town, price $1100, terms in easy
month!) Instalments. This is a snap
Ipply io Benle a Blwell is if
\ lan-i number Of Cranbrook pro-
pis attended the tlanco al Wycllffe
on Prldny nlgbl for the benefit of the
V. M C A. Red Triangle Fund. Parker's Orchestra was in nt tendance,
ami as usual, did much toward making
the affair a splendid success. Everyone reports au exceptionally pleasant
■ tlmo and much credit is due to thosi
in charge of tlie dance for the pleasure of those present nnd the general
BUCCCBS of tlie evening socially and
Ladles   Do not miss the Ceiiserva.
Hon Cookery  Demonstrations »t the
Parish Hall, Tuesday, Wednesday and
I Thursday next   at   throe   nnd  eight
At Lite meeting of the Committee
.on tho Rel Triangle War Funl   on
Tuesday night tlt'a following motion
. was put nnd unanimously ear-
! Hed: That the thanks of thc Com-
; mittee be tendered to thc Ladles of
tlie St. John Ambulance for canvas-
■ fling thc trains during the three, days
| of thc campaign, and also to   thc
, Merchants who donated apace for nd-
I vor Using purposes, ns well as to the
many others who have so generously
nsnlstvd lu th* eampalgn "
Owing to depletion of staff in the
.arlons banks through the operation
,.f the Military Service Act, and the
arge number of inexperienced ottlcera
il present employed in place of those
ibsent on military duty, it lias been
found difficult lo carrj on the work In
i satisfactory manner under the exiting hanking hours. With a view lo
mproving this condition of affairs by
giving the members of the staff more
.into to perform their routine duties
jfter tbe olllce is closed for business,
.ill the banks have agreed that commencing on June 1st next, uud uutii
i'urthcr notice, the hours of business
,o be observed shall he from !U0 a.m.
.o 2,30 p.m. on ordinary week days and
from 11.30 a.m to l- noon on Satur-
SOMi;   FISH ! :
In   July   1016   Premier   Lake   and
Monroe Lake were sioeked with Landlocked  Salmon   by  the  Government
from the Gerard Pish Hatchery, thru j
the efforts of Mayor Clapp, Mr,Chris-'
tie.   thou   manager   of  the   Bank  of ;
Commerce "f Cranbrook, and Mr. Geo.*
Hogarth, proprietor of the Cranbrook
Hotel.   There have been n few taken
from Monroe Lake ranging from one]
to three pounds, bul  there has been
none taken from Premier Lake until
May 16th, L018, when :t porty of four
consisting of \ it Webster, J s. Roy.
r\   A.   Dunn   and   Walter   I ib  took I
four beauties weighing 13'.4, ll1-;. D%
and SU  respectively.
We wore informed by Mr. McLeod.l
then Fish Inspector mow deceased! |
Mint nt the age of four years these j
fish would attain a weight or from 12
to HO pounds. This could hardly be
credited in fact It did noi seem possible, however, the catch that the
above named party made, proves thatj
mir Informant was nol far out of the;
way. j
It is useless lo say thai all the des-l
eipbs Of Isaac Walton are very much
eiiihnsed and planing ail kinds of
The monthly meeting of the Kus-|
kanook Chapter I.O.D.E. was held ;
In the City Hall on Friday afternoon
last, and was well Attended.
After tin opening ceremony, the
minutes of ilie proiedliiR meeting
were read by lhe Secretary, Mrs. W, B.
Worden, and adopted.
The Treasurer's report showed a '
balance on hand of $400.62 at the end;
of April.
Accounts, amounting In all to $110.-
72 were presented, and payment of;
same authorized.
Three members were elected and
one application for membership received,
Mrs. J. P. Leslie having left the city, \
her resignation, of which she gave no-!
tlce at the Inst meeting, has become
effective. Vire-Rogfnl. Mrs. A. A.
Mack I lin on was appointed nellng Keg- 1
ent and Mrs. J L. Palmer elected third!
A letter was read from thc hend-of-j
fice of the Canadian Red Cross So-:
ciety, Toronto, expressing Hpprecia*:
tion of Ihe supplies recently sent for-
The question of making jam for shipment overseas wus discussed. Action
wafl deferre.il, awaiting further Infor- \
■ lu connection wilii a resolution of
i the Chanter to present one of a scries
' of Canadian historical pictures to tin
' public school, Mesdames McKowan,
! Miles and Thompson were appointed
: to act as committee of selection.
The Buying committee reported hav-
j ing expended $313.80 for supplies,
; $2on.no of this amount being for wool,
i of which there Is now a large supply
\ on hand, and which can be obtained
i at ibe Red Cross rooms on Monday.
Tuesday. Thursday or Friday after-
1 noons. .
1 The packing committee reported
1 having sent forward two boxes con-
■ tatnlng !t0 suits of pyjamas and 15fi
! pairs of socks. The 1. O, ]). B, members hove knitted 85 pairs of these
socks, and acknowledge with many
thanks 42 pairs from the Women's In*
, stitute and HO pairs from St. John
Ambulance Association.
Tiie work completed during the
month of April comprised:    Monday
i workers. 32 suits pyjamas, :<s  pairs
I socks. Tuesday workers. 33 buRs of
pyjamas, ih pair socks, in personal
property hues;   Thursday workers, i!:;
' suits pyjamas. 2*i socks. T,4 personal
property  hags;     Friday .workers.  27
' suits pyjamas. 16 pairs socks.
Mrs. S. Fyles was appointed a member of the nitting-ont committee. In
order lo meei the demands of tlie
members, it  waa decided to purchase
'■■ $100.00 worth of suits of pyjamas, cut
out ready for sewing.
The secretary was authorized to
write the City Council requesting a
monthly donation for Hie work of the
The following donations are acknowledged: G. 1, A. tn the B of L. E,
$10.00: Maple Leaf Lodge RebecUahs
$10.00; Sullivan Mine Relief Association, Klmborley, $50.00; Movie social.
$7.50; Supply fund $6.00; fees and
dues $11.75.
(Continued from page nni*)
Dukrron Yee, $4,00.
Doran. P., $2.00.
Drummond. Mrs. $1.00.
Doris, Mrs., BOc.
Dossall, Don.  iWusai  $1.1)0.
Dixon, Win.. $5.00.
Diifour. Mrs. A.. $1.00.
Drummond, Joule, -•'>'*.
Dallas, Men, $1.00.
Drummond, Miss A., $1.00.
Drummond. Miss F., $1.00.
Dlngsdale, Mary iltoosvlllei. $2.00.
De Wolfe. A. II., $2.00,
Dallas. Mrs. P.. $2.00.
Drunr,   Duncan   (Ft.   Steele)   $1.00
Doyle,   A.,   $6.00,
Downer, J. T.. $1.00.
Eakln. R. ('.. $5.00.
Elmer, J., $fi.00.
Embury. Mrs. $1.00.
Ensile, Chat*., $: oo.
Emslle, Mij«, $1.00,
Edmondson, R. W.. 26c.
Erlcltson Mn*.. J4.50.
Erickson. Miss, BOc.
Fcnnessey, .1.. 50c.
Ernzor, Miss $1.00,
Folker, Miss $4.00.
Flowers  R„ $1.00
Fransen. Alice. $1.00.
Foley. Frank. 50c.
Flowers, Mrs. W. J., 50o,
Fox. E. P., $2.00.
Fen ton, Mrs,, 26c.
Frame. Bob. $1.00.
Fink. Mrs., $L\nO.
Fry. Fred. BOc,
Forsytho, Mr.. $2.00,
Pitta, Harry $1.00.
Ffnnls, D.. $5.00.
Flnnlfl, Miss. $i 00.
Fink Mercantile Co.. Ltd. *-">o.O().
Fredtrlckson, s. (Roosviiie) $1.00.
Frnser. D  It   (Ft. Steeiei $1 00.
Graham, Percy. $1.00.
Cluimont; J. F, $5 00.
QUI, T. S„ $2.50.
Greenwood, Mrs. 3fic,
(iard, J.. 50c.
GUI, Enid, $2.00.
(iodderis. F. R., $1.00.
Qnthrft,  Wm.. $1.00,
Greet, Dr. F. W,, $25.00.
Gllrny. W. II,. $10.00,
Green. Mrs. F. W„ $10.00.
Gold. A. L, BOc,
George, Mrs., 25c.
Grace, Mrs., 3Rc.
Grace, Mrs. 86c.
Grace. Mrs.   $2.00.
Goglaidi. Mrs. $2.00.
Greaves. Win,. $8,00.
(lilies. M.. $1.00.
Oalbralth, R. L iFt. Steele) $20.00.
Geary. Geo,. (Ft. Sterlet $10.00.
Oalbralth, Mrs. R. u i Ft. Steele $25
Holmes, A.. o0r.
Horie. M., $2.00.
Howard. Ml SB $1.00.
Hill, A. C, $2.00.
Harris. Mrs.. 25c,
Harshaw, A. ('., $25 00,
Haslnm, Wm.. $2.00.
Hurry, A. $1.00.
Henderson, Wm„ $100
Hannah, Hugh, $2.00.
Horoski, P.. $1.00.
Holtlnger, a. $i.oo.
Howard. II. E., $10.00.
Hannah, Isaac, $5.00.
Hogarth, Geo., $5.00.
Hlnton, Harry, $5.00.
Hope, Mrs. $2.00.
Hailing, Alt. $1.00.
Hill. W. D„ $^.00.
Harris. .1 . $1.00,
Heloe, Frank, $8,00.
Hopkins, Mrs.  D. 25c.
Hartnell, Mrs.. $2.no.
Harvey. Mrs.   Win.. $1 00
I less on, John, $2.00.
Handley, Paul. $i 00
Henderson, w.. $2.no.
Ilallamoro, Mrs. c. w , $5.00.
Hallamore, Miss, $2.50.
Hulchcroft, Mrs, $1.00.
Harrison, Rev . $2.00.
Harrison. H. R   2Sc.
Hersey, 11. C.. 36c.
Harrison. Mrs, F. J., 50c.
Hembery. Mrs.. 60c.
How. Mr.   (WasaI. $1.00.
Hagan, T. (Wasa), $1.00.
Hoimi.. W. A„ (Wasa) $2.00.
Hong Hong $1.00.
Howi   .1   W , $1.00.
HIH, K. A., $3.00.
icu. A. IL.
. W
Howard. Mrs. M   L.. $1.00.
Haynes, T. E„ $1.00.
Harrison. Mrs. R, 11 . 2fic.
Hiriz. R . (Elko), $1.00.
Hirty, Ray. lElkoi, $1.00.
ilambery. L, $10.00.
Hersey,   Ii.  C„  $1.00.
ho. Miss, $1.00.
Ingham, G. I... $1.00.
Ingham. Mrs   J. O. $1.00.
Its  Mrs.. BOc.
Johns, M.. $1.50.
Johnson, J. J„ $1.00.
Johns. Mrs. John, 50c
Jefferv, P., $5.00.
Jones. Miss M, E.. $5.00.
Jones, L„ 50c.
Jordan, IL, 25c.
Jakes. Mrs., 50c.
James. Mrs.. $1.00.
Jones, A. E„ $2.00
Junior Red Cross $25.00.
Jong Ling. iWasa) 60c.
Jefferles, A., (Elko) $5.00.
Kootenay Garage, $2.00.
Kemball, Mrs. .].. 60c.
Kemball, Mrs.  (Sr.i  50c.
Keating   G. S„ $1.00.
Kvte. II. F.. $1.00.
Kllby. W. W., $1.00.
Kershaw, Doris, 50c.
Kummer, Fred $1.00.
King  Edward  School. $1.15,
Kelly, Pat, $1.00.
King. L.  H„ $1.00.
King,   Wong   i Wasa l   $1.00.
Kansln. .1. (Wasa) 50c,
Kerr, CI. C, $1.00.
Kershaw, il. (Ft. Stcolo) sr,,oo.
KlfngenHinith, C. A., (Elko) $1.00.
Kay, I). A   $5.00.
Keating, s. (i., $2.00.
Lafleur. J. T. BOc.
Leaman. \V„ $1 00.
LoWBOIl, T.. $1 00.
Laurie. John, $5 00.
Leigh, E. A . BOc,
Leask. John, $1 00.
Lewis. W.  IL. 25r
Levett, John. $1.00.
Ln  Flour, Mrs. C.
l-enman. w.. $2.00.
Llpnett, E. c Sl.oo.
Lnldlaw nnd DeWolfe $5.00.
Lewis, Mrs.   L„ $1.00.
Larson. Chas.. $2.oo.
I.i ask. Mrs Qeo., $2.00.
Leak. M. P.. $1.00.
Logan   Jas.. $2.00.
Ladds. Mrs. li, $1.00.
Long Bins   (Wasai  $1.00.
I.eni Charley (Wasa) $1,00.
Little, C   J.. $5.00.
Letcher, D. C, (Roosviiie) $1,00.
Laurie, A. F... S1.00.
I tddiennt. H. (Ft. Steeiei $1.00.
Lawson $1.00.
LcClalr. F. $5.00.
,T.t li- ('nnl'nuod. In our nrxi issue.)
knox ciiritni. citAMinooK
Rev. HHHs Wright, Minister.
Morning Service 11  a.m.
Colon   Service    in    thb    Church
at 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School at 3 p.m.
Young   People's   Guild   on   Monday
nights at 8 p.m.
Strangers and visitors to our City
are   Invited   to   make   Knox   their
church home while in our midst.
Seats are Free
Everybody made Welcome
that will astonish you |
with   their   moderate |
cost   and   their  crisp §
style. •;
Be Careful
—to keep the stomach well, the
liver and bowels regular, by the
timely and helpful aid of
I have shown many a I
| man how to keep «
9 economically in the |
fore-front of the well- |
dressed. Prices $20 I
to $45, made to your
{   ('MAS.    I us in:    B
| Ariiiklrniiir Ave.
I    Crunhnink      •      II. ('.
lis time to select
your summer hat We
have a dandy lot of
Panamas, Soft Straws,
and Peanut Hats lo
show you and the prices are about the same
as last year
Top Shirts and Underwear
n in
i        A
A k
1   s
V   a
1  1
iu   B
We also are showing a nice range of
mens and hoys summer Underwear and
top Shirts
Just a Word about Suits
If fall deliveries
are as slow as at present, it will be precious little we will
get of anything, let
alone good suits so
better buy your suit
now and be sure
We can suit you
with a ready made
Campbells Special
Order, or a  custom made suit
the sun with
Vision, for a moment, those far off ports
beyond the trackless seas—
From Arctic ice. to the torrid lands
beneath the Southern Cross
From towns tucked in the mountains, to
the busy river's mouth—
WRIGLEYS is there!
There, because men find
comfort and refreshment
In Its continued use.
Because of its benefits
and because
\/The Flavour
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Office, gmeltlni tod n.Hnlni Dtptrtm.nl
S Jl i: 1,11: It S  AND  REFINERS
THURSDAY, MAY lfith, 1918
As a result of tho Wlhfst Party held
by (lie Children's Club of Baktr'a
Mill, on Prldny, May LOtlt, rnrty books
und u mimbar ol magazines were coi-j
looted and Bent to tho Balfour Convalescent Hospital.
The May Dance held at the Fort
Steele band hall was attended well
by a local und Wasa crowd, Mr.
James of Marysvllle rendered some
very fine music witli bis one-man-
orchestra. An excellent luncheon
was served by the girls nf the Boosters Club. The day was just dawning when the dancers started for
home, tired bul happy.
The Itev. Harrison of Cranbrook
held Communion Service at the
church of St, John the- Divine, on
Sunday last.
Walter Walsh of Fori Steele received notice to report for military
duty at Vancouver May 20th before
Mr. and Mrs, K Blnmoro left Pt.
Steele on Monday for Pernie where
Mr  Bin more will aorvt on the jury.
M. J. Bonner arrived lasl week from
Cranbrook In his now McLaughlin
Mrs. John Taylor and son hava returned   from   Charlottetown,   P. 13.1.,
where thoy Imve spin! liie past two
years visiting  friends
James Mwood, who hns charge of
tho ('. P, It. station here has gonr
lo Creston. during his absence Eric
Spence of Crnnbrook is in charge.
A large number of friends mol nl
the station on Tuesday to say goodbye and bid a safe return to Prank
Conrad who left rnr Victoria lo re
port for military service at Willow'*
John Willis and family have returned from Coallmrst to reside in
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Peterson
aud daughter relumed from Cranbrook on Tuesday.
The sum of $148,25 was contributed
from 4fi rocldents here in response
to the appeal from tlie V, M. C, A.
Miss Minn Atwood arrived from
Edmonton and Is visiting al her lumi,
iii re.
Miss May Barclay, who was rec-
cnlly operaied upon for appendicitis
is spending a few weeks wiih her
mother here.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur llurgo of Wasa
Mrs. 13 .Bidder and Mr. Pred Ryekman, Indian Constable, of Cranbrook
spent Sunday at Lottie Lake Ranch
tlie guest* nr Mrs. Ellen Bidder.
John Wilson wns a visitor toCrnn-
hrook lasl week and while thcro lie
purchased a LOIS model Pord.
Mr, am! Mrs James visited Fori
Steele uu Prlday. Mr James supplied
tho music for the May dance,
Mrs. Ilandley, Miss Nellie Ilandley.
Miss Sylvia Vakquetto, Mr. A. Pred-
erlekson and Mr. L, Valequette motored io Moyle on  Sunday roturnlng
vlu Fori Steele anil Wasa.
The bush fire which broke out last
week across the river from Hodgson's ranch which threatened valuable
timber on the ('row's .Vest and (His
Staples limits, is now under control
and the majority of the men have
returned tn town. Mr. Sanderson
was in charge of the fire fighting
Mrs. George Uawkea, Mr. L E, Her-
ehmer, Mr. and Mrs. J. Vandervaiieh
spent Suiiriuy at the White Line ran li
the guest of Mr. and Mrs, James.
Mra. Charlie Bidder of Cranbrook
arrived In town on Saturday and will
spend a few weeks with relatives
Alex McDermld and family left on
Friday for Wycllffe where they will
In future reside. Mr. McDermld has
secured a position with ihe Otis-
Staples Lumber Co.
L\ S. Mickey, of the Conrad Hank,
and Contractor McCnbe of Kalispolll
were in Elko this week looking <wer
the Conrad .-.stale east of the town.
Jim Thlstlebeak says "Pay as you
go. if you eaii'i pay, don't go. The
world may owe you a living, but it
expects you to work and finance your
own meul ticket.
Chief. Justice Morrison, Mr. and
Mis. Sherwood Herebmer and Mr. and
Mrs F ('. Lawe mo'ored from Fernle
Sunday anil visited tiie Elk Canyon
nnd the Roosviiie Valley.
it is Bald that keeping the mouth
bhul will prevent snoring. Jim
Thlstlebeak adds that It will also pre-
\ent a great many oilier tilings.
Contractor Billy Morrison is making great Improvements to his ranch
m tli" Roosviiie Valley where he owns
500 teres of splendid land, and was
down there several days last week
overlooking operations,
J. L Parker, mining engineer and
manager of the Diamond City Mines
mar Lethbrldge. was in Klko several
weeks ago aud slated thai they Ifad
struck gold bearing coal, and Jim
Thlstlebeak told him thai was the
kind lie bad been paying for all wln-
ii r.
lllil TutiU- of Spokane, Wash., the
man that learned Teddy Roosevelt to
throw tlie diamond hitch on n pack
sitting on iiie hurricane deck of u
wild caynse, was in Elko Sunday witli
It W. Woods. President of tlie Western Canada Wholesale Co., on their
way lu Fernie.
Capt, Abbott ami a detachment of
ilie lo.tli Regiment from Morrlssey
visited Klko Saturday.
Si vend mining men were in Klko
last week looking over tiie several
mines. The Burton Is showlug up
500(1 again, and Manager Thompson
is working two shifts and expects lo
put on three by tiie first of June.
125 well-filled automobiles passed
through 1311(0 Sunday, and for the
benefit of those people that holloa
about Orientals, we notice that they
are the first lo patronize then). The
131k Hold is run by while people and
thoy advertise,
Mr. and Mrs. M. Gorman were Calgary visitors last week, and Mrs. Gorman returning Sunday witli a fine new
.McLaughlin car.
Why are you reading these no'.s,
just treatise y'-» think >ou might mi-.*
something. The other day our mutual
friend Jim Thlstlebeak wus anxious
to get the name of a certain hank man
ager residing In one of the Pass towns
and picked up the local paper of the
town, but there was no bank advertised in the paper- So this paragraph is
In honor of the unknown dead, and the
unknown dead you know are the bankers and merchants who don't advertise. They believe that ads are camouflaged aud nothing but war news i
read these days, they think everyone
knows where tlieir places of business
arc, and they peacefully sleep. Said
Jim Thlstlebeak. "Nothing in this
world can make money without advertising only the mint.
There recently look place here one
of those pleasing expressions of sympathy and goodwill which makes ns
all akin, the occasion being a semi-
public presentation by the members
of hie Golf and Country Club to Mrs
Dclplifne Starke, widow of the late
George A. Starke, of a sterling silver
card case, the occasion being that o;
prior to her departure to live at tlu
CoaBt. Tin presentation was made on
behalf of the members by Mrs. W,
Howard Cleland and look place in the
club house. Tlie gift is chaste in it1
design and useful In Its purpose. The
following inscription has been engraved upon it: "Presented to Mrs. (Jen,
\. Starke hy tlie members of the Invermere Golf and Country Club. April
l!» 18."
Together with her late husband Mrs
Starke has lived for the last twenty
five years in the two Kootenays and
during tlie time they lived here tbey
have collectively been in the forefront
In milling and oilier commercial undertakings such as have been for the
upbuilding of the District. In all social and charitable undertakings af
well their influence lias been a dis
tlnct feature and with the departure
of Mrs. Starke It may truly be said
thai a place has been lefi vacant
which in this time and generation it
will he very difficult to fill. Mr:
Starke leaves her bye Tuesday's train
and for ihe present will, with her
young daughter May reside in tlie city
of Vancouver,
for gale.*—See Binning. 14-tf.
FOK SALE—Baby   buggy   in   fraud
condition. -Apply Herald Office.
FOK SALE CHEAP A small fur.
nace. suitable for r> or c, roomed house.
Apply to Box 046, Crunbrook.     2(i-.',t
HKHTAI KANT to Let- Loud niene-
money-maker. Apply Tom Summers,
Klmberley, B. C. 19-3t
FOK SALE—Two  pure-bred large
Yorkshire boor pigs, $12.00 each. A'lth
papers.—A it. Smith, Crunbrook     It*
WANTED—Man und  wife to open
restaurant in Klmberley, splendid opportunity for a good business. Apply
to T. .1. Summers, Kimberley.       20-8t
FOK SALE-Oond fanggy and saddle
horse 5 years old, weight about 1000
lbs; also for sale,, harness nnd buggy
in good condition. See or write.-Nick
Maruneliak, AVydlffe. 15-Ct*
CAN your FruK and Vegetables
meat or fish, by tbe Steam 1'ressure
System. Send for Catalogue and
prices uf Home and Commercial Canning Plants, Equipment Dept,, Vancouver Island Fruit Lands, Limited,
Belmont Bldg, Victoria, li C,
Putltry raising is a subject worthy
of considerable attention at the present time, when conservation und production of food stuffs are matters of
Vital Importance.
A number of Intending poultry keep
ers have found difficulty in securing
broody liens this spring, but under
present weather conditions this dlffl
cully Is being rapidly overcome, and
the attention of our readers Is directed to advertisement of hutching
eggs, for sale, appearing In this Issue
Broody hens can usually be procured
through tlie advertisers of hatching
While early hatched chicks undoubtedly develop Into the best winter layers, there is still plenty or time for
hatching during the present season
and May nr even early Juno hutched
chicks may lie expected to mature
Iu  cases  where, owing tn  lack  of
suitable accommodation or for oilier
reasons, it Is not convenient to keep
birds through the winter, tbey may
ho raised during the summer months
j al  small cost and prove a means   of
j turn lug  surplus  g»rden   produce  to
good account.   As soon ns (he birds
are matured they can be killed and
I canned, thus providing a supply of de-
I Melons meat for consumption during
i the winter.
There are several methods nf pre
serving chicken, some of these which
have been proved successful by local
i housewives   will  appear  In   this column nexl week.
• • ♦
Graham Flour Iteeipcs
.Strawberry Shortcake—
2\fc cups Graham Flour, 2Vj level
lenspoonfuls baking powder, •,■* tea
spoonful salt, 2 tablespoons shorten
leg, % "up m'ik. Proce'd as with an
ordinary slm-val-e
Mate Loaf—
I egg, 2 cups graham Hour, % cup
brown sugar, 1 lb. dutcs, 1 tablespoon shortening, 1 cup sour milk. 1
t'-n.-poon soda, 1 teaspoon salt.
• * *
.Hi*. Tho in 11 von Makes Appeal to
Una Mb older*
Ottawa. May 3— Mr. Henry II Thomson, Chairman uf lhe Canada Food I
Board, lu a statement Issued today,
urged that as a patriotic duty the]
regulations of the Food Board rela-j
live to public eating places and thoHej
now governing the manufacture of
biscuits, cakes Ico cream, etc,should
be observed voluntarily hy house-
holders, It is necessary that this'
should be done, Mr. Thomson staled.
if Canada were lo do her utmost to
send overseas those supplies which
were so greatly needed.
Mr. Thomson said that some misunderstanding had occurred as to the
confectionery products which it Is
now illegal to manufacture for sale.
The list is as follows; products known
as fresh or puff pastry; doughnuts
or crullers; biscuits or cake known
as Scotch bread or cakes; fancy almond macaroons or like products containing more than 50 por cent of cane
ugiir: niarslimallow which contains
more than 20 pounds of cue sugar to
ill) pound hatch of niarslimallow;
akes or biscuits having nu the exterior products made wholly or in
part of cane sugar or filled with products of cane sugar or with shortening, except jams, jellies and pure or
compounded fruit.
Reports received from all parts of
Canada indicate that Die food board
will have ihe fullest co-operation of
he trade in carrying out Muse regnal ions.
Fall Fair dates, Wednesday and
Thursday. October 2nd and 3rd.
a) * +
Tlie secretary is in receipt of a communication from Wm. He-nip.. & Co..
Limited, seedsmen of Toronto, offering special prizes of $;YO0 and $2,00 in
seeds as first, second and third prizes
for the besl display of products grown
from liie well known and always reliable Ftcnnle Seeds. These seeds may
he obtained from the following firms:
John Manning, Cranbrook Trading Co.
and Ira it. Manning, Ltd.
* * *
The Western Canada Flour Mills
Co., of Calgary, have authorized us to
state that they will donate one OS
pound sack and one 4!) pound sack
of Purity Government Standard Flour
for the best bread baked from this
flour. Contestants must produce sales
slip showing tlie purchase of at least
one lit pound sack of Purity Government Standard Flour within thirty
days  of  Hie  dale   of  the  Fair.
* * *
The Secretary is endeavoring to
make arrangements for the appearance at the Fall Fair of the Boucher
United Carnival and Amusement Co.,
consisting of high class refined shows
and the world's best riding devices.
* • *
The secretary is negotiating with
tlie Department of Agriculture to have
an Apple Packing Contest held In
connection with the Fair this year and
if satisfactory arrangements can be
made the contest will be held.
In the heart of at least one country
editor there is a warm and affectionate spot Tor the regular, consistent
adveriiser as expressed in the following hand-hammered "poetic" effusion;
How dear to our heart Is the old
udverti-e-r who runs his stuff fifty-
two weeka in the year. He turns up
on Monday with good -nappy copy,
and drives nut the hlues with his
laughter and cheer. He never says.
"Kill It, tlie people won't reud It", "It
does me no good," or "1 can't stand
the pace." But comes to Hit front
(with hto cheque) like a major, and
sometimes sr.y. "Bill, betier double the
apace..' Ob, tbe old advertiser, Hie I
good advertiser, what phrases of mine
all his virtunes can loll. The safe ad-j
vertlser, the sane advertiser, the paid
adveriiser wo all love so well.
Another One-
How dear to my iicarl if tlie Jsieudy1
Who pay? in advance al tlie flr$l of I
each year;
| Who $eml* in hi* money, aud doe? It
finite gladly,
,     And ca$l$ round the ofllce a halo of
He never $ny| "$top It, 1 cannot af-
If you are, you either shave yourself or go to a barber. If you visit
a barber you may have the unfortunate experience of Mr. M. Butler,
of Bridgeport, Conn,, who developed
what Is known as "Barber's Rash"
on bis face through the use of an
Infected razor.   He writes;
"My face wag covered with sores,
which caused me a great deal of
suffering and inconvenience, and I
was unable to shave for four
weeks. Repeated applications of
Zam-Buk, however, entirely rid me
of tbe trouble."
To avoid Lhe possibility of such
an experience, Immediately you see
tx rash or spot appear, treat It with
Zam-Buk. This balm will destroy !
all germs, prevent the disease
I    spreading and soon end the trouble.
For  eczema,  old   sores,  ulcers,   i
i    blood-poisoning,   burns,   and   cuts
i    there is nothing to equal Zam-Buk.
All dealers 60c. box, 3 for $1.25.
ford It,"
Nor "I'm gotting more paper! now
than I read,"
But alway$ fay$ "$end it. tbe family
like? It;
In fact we all find it the thing that
we need."
How welcome hlf letter whene'er It
come? to u$.
How it make? our heart throb, how
It make? our eye? dance.
We outwardly thank him, we Inwardly bless him
The ?teady ?ub$crlber who pay? In
3 of Ix>t 325, Group (1) Kootenay District. This notice was posted on the
ground on the 8rd day of May. 1018.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the
"Water Act. 1914," will bo filed in the
office of the Water Recorder at Cranbrook, I). 0. Objections to the application   may  be  filed  with  the  said
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Bull-
dings, Victoria. B. C, within thirty
days after the first appearance of
Mils notice In a local newspaper.
The date of the first publication of
this notice Is 9th May, 1918.
Peter Lund, Applicant.
By Macdonald & Xisbet, his Agents.
*™ THEATRE * *
The Name
Alvin E. Perkins
with SO years of valuable factory and
other experience, stunds for positively
tho best in the profession of
Tuning and Repairing
of Pianos
Honesty of Purpose and Conscientious Workmanship, and strongly endorsed by the best authority iu aCn-
ada, piano manufacturers who are pos
itlvely particular where thoy put tlieir
signature, as follows:
lli'lulzmun k Co.
Morris & Kara Co.
t.oiirlujr  rittnn Co.
Dominion Plant) Co.
NrMronilie piano Co.
Fletcher Bros
Mi hard   llriiitzman   House,   Van-
Prof. J. I,. A. Tripp. Vancouver.
Mason A Itisch Co.
Anil a uncut host of satisfied clients
Authorized  Tuner  for  Mason  and
Mr. Perkins will be in Cranbrook
In August and will make Ills imunl
Local BusintM Mm
Are realizing more every day
the value of thc concise,
memory tickling Cla-allled
Want Ada. Make your Mory
ahort and pithy and our Want
Ad. Column* will repay you
a hundred fold far the .mall
You will find relief In Zam Butt I
li tam the burning, -tin-ing
peln, ittpe bleeding end bringt
em. Pereeveranee, with Zam-
j Bilk, meant euro. Why net prove
lh||? M Dnttjfftp aumr-
For Bilious
That heavy headache, torpid
liver, sick stomach, bitter taste
in mouth, furred tongue, dull
eyes and muddy skin, all come
from a poor supply of bile.
These unhealthy conditions are
promptly corrected by
which stimulate the liver,
regulate the flow of bile,
sweeten the stomach, and
renew healthy bowel action.
A household remedy approved by sixty years of public service. For every-day
illnesses, Beecham's Pills
are a tested
.UrgMt Sale of Any Medicine in the World.
Sold «»«ry where.   In bom a. 25c.
diversion mul 1'sc
T;ikt' notice that Peter Lund, whose
address is Lethbrldge, Alberta, will
apply for a licence to take and use
820 aero feet of water out ot Ha Ha
Creek, which flows easterly and sinks
on lot 3215. The water will be diverted
from tlie stream at a point about the
south west corner of Crow a Nest Pass
Lumber Company's Ranch, Stiblot Hi)
of Lot 325, and will lit used tor Irrlga
tion and domestic purposes upon tlie
land described as  Subdivisions 2 and i
WED., MAY 22nd
I'rtwnlM lliiL'eiir UuHfi's Uri-iil Siihtsn
The Greatest Realistic Oraimi of the Century
The Seeties ami Atmosphere Depict the Simple Life nf
Hie < nnnilinn Woods of the Kur Northland,
lta-cd an the Leireuil-
14When the wolves linn I in pack in Indian Summer,
il is a oiirn llmi before the moon rises and sets
airain some man will die."
PRICES—Reserved Seats $i.oo,
General Admission 50c & 75c
| |Va** »*gVm mlffttt  <<*ft*> 1 .ry>-..,<*ftat,<*^-i ii/l/kmuiy^d
$200.oo REWARD!
For the Best Title for This Picture we are Offering the Following Prizes:
First Prize, $100.00        Second Prize, $50.00        Third Prize, $30.00
Fourth Prize, $15.00 Fifth Prize, $5.00
l_TA*rttf your answer on a plain sheet of paper with your
name and address ai ihe bottom uf the page,—write nothf
Ing etae or your uuttwer will lie dlsqualllied.
2—Vour answer must contain not more than twelve words,
but may contain Icbh than twelve words.
I—IMPORTANT, Go to your grocery and buy a 'ten*cent
package Of Cowan's Supreme Chocolate, cut out neatly
the colored Maple Leaf from the package and pin It t«
your answer. If you full to pin the Maple Leaf to your
answer your title for the picture will bo disqualified.
4—Only one answer ls allowed for every Maple Leaf enclosed.
In other words, If you enclose »hree Maple Leaves from
three packages you are entitled to three answers for the
hem titlti to the picture, nr as many answers as you have
Maple Leaves enclosed.
I Mail your answer m Mr. 1, L. Berry, cart of Kirk I and A
Hobo, Water Street, Vancouver. B.C.. who are lhe CoWRH
Company's A-tents in this city. l»<> not send any leltrr iti
Toronto, an thin competition la exclusively for British
I—Vour answer must he in before June nth, as tills competition closes un June 15th.
7—Vour answer need nol contain ibe words, "Cowan's
Supreme Chocolate,1"unless you wish lo use it.
I -Tbe Cowan Company Limited reserves the right to he tha
mile judges In this competition, and their decision as to
the winners will be tlnal.
8—The winning titles will be published lu all papers throughout British Columbia during the first two weeks In July
of this year.
Do not forget this fact, that if you do not win a
prize you have the Cooking Chocolate. Well now, what
are you going to do with It? Here is what to do: Walt
for a few days and every person who sends In a« answer
to this competition, enclosing a Maple Leaf from the
package of Supreme Chocolate, will receive free a
beautifully Illustrated Recipe Book. Juat off the press,
containing one hundred recipes for Supreme Chocolate
and Perfection Cocoa, When you get this book you
will know what to make and how to use this special
unsweetened Cooking Chocolate,   netnemher the name.
TMa Competition la Kioiualvely for British Columbia.
For Cookmq Purposes,Unsweetened.


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