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Cranbrook Herald Feb 29, 1912

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MAR 6   |9,2 *2
In the Herald Pays—Try
Our   Local   Columns
UK*, a line
Wo ure well equipped to
turn out the beet claw*
of work.
NO. il
Timely Address Delivered by Mr. A. C.
Flumerfelt before the Canadian
Club, of Victoria, B.C.
Wt. reproduce below from tho Commercial Review a report ol an address ticIIvoted Ity Mr. A. U. Kluiiur-
felt heforo ihr Canadian Club of Vio-
torla, B.C. Mr. Flumorfclt was
one of tin* recent forestry commission
iiml has enjoyed n wide business cx-
perlenco In ihis province, lie, therefore, speaks wiih authority on tho
natural resources of thc province nntl
whal ho has to say is worthy tne
consideration of all thoughtful men,
interested in the development »f thc
province alon*; .sound stabfe lines:
It- is not nn* purpose to elaborate
upon the state of timber within the
province, or to speculate as to thc
value of BUch timber, nor to draw
any distinctions between the coast or
mountain sections of tit.* country, nor
to call attention to the splendid timber to he found nn Vancouver Island
along the new lines of the E. .V N.
railway, whieh would, and must, delight the heart of any lumberman
who looks upon it* Hut I will venture this prediction, tbat the prices
today whieh stumpage is fetching,
viewed in the light of, .say, live years
hence, will look exceedingly small,
particularly when one considers the
fact that the world's supply is rapidly diminishing, that tin* per capita
consumption is equally rapidly *n-
creasing, that wot nis are being put
to uses not known a few years ago,
with widening markets and increased
facilities of transportation. With
this rapid consumption, who is there
can say what the future of stumpage,
so advantageously situated as ours is
may he within the next tew years?
This subject is so wide, so all comprehensive, so seductive, that I must
of necessity adhere ii> my written
manuscript, otherwise I might nc led
into ibe unpardonable sin of violating
your thirty-minute rule. I will,
therefore, plunge at once into the
center of my subject— mines, fisheries,
agriculture, lumbering—the profitable
aud permanent exploitation nf which
gives rise to many varied and serious
problems, witb whicli tbe political
leaders of this province must of necessity grapple. The one greal central fact (0 which youi ai tent ion cannot be too often drawn is that thc
development ol each and every one of
them depends upon something else.
British Columbia's whole future hinges upon be) ton st   polit j
As lar as lumbei Is conei rncd, the
Immediate need ol torcal protection
stares one in Ibe face Vdjaccnl to
everj settlement and railway line the
charted tains ,,f ,,,inc ol the finest
forests in tin* world il.ently remind
one ol this neglected duty. Some of
us h.ni- bean distressed bj tins foi
rears The government, nine to thi
utceiiti ol tin* matter, has now ba
gun the necessar] annual expenditure
tin- public is being awakened Irom 11*
Indifference and apathy; ud there is
ever) hope ihat n lea *>t the ooro*-
mon-senso principles thai eve*] one ol
us considers essential In the conduct
ol ins dall) buslnesi wilt w applied
io iin* i uttin >. ot oui mu hantabh
timber, the two hundred Mil loo (td
ih.ii stands upon out fifteen million
acres ,.i    rommcrrtsllj vnluiita 1*1
What   dot ■ thi    i - ,*»• ! i        lb
hesi expert   opinions one * in obtain,
lit niilei  lo phKf    tins lil'iin-r oi   the
ears, Inciudlng losing, towing, mi
ing, finishing and loading, will ngftri
iMtr ji i I-1 thousand Tal i jroui
pin. il .nil make ih.- simple calciiln
lion two hundred billion feet at
III p<i thousand would yield the nl
motl unthinkable nm oi 13,600,.
000,000, which  mil »f nceetsttj    be
extendi il i Imih   m labol and supplies,
to market oui   presenl stand ol Mm*
Draw your own picture ns to what
iins will mean in the employment   nl
thousands of men. Ihc buildings necessary to house these mm and those
dependent upon them, the clothing to
clothe them, the meat, groceries, vegetables nut so forth to feed them,
and Hi* business thai will naturally
flow therefrom. This has no reference lo lhe transportation chart's
on this product which, so far a*** cne
can estimate, will vary from $5 to
$21) pel Ibousnnd, depniding upon the
point of delivery. This will make
great business and will mean constant employment for thc transportation companies Neither is this ml
dilation Intended to make nny ap
proximal ion ol lhe profits arising
through the prosecution ol this bust
I am glad to say Mint, in my opinion, with a proper uud intelligent un-
'ilerstaiiding of the conditions ami thc
courageous expenditure of sulllclent
' money, it will lie possible to make
our timber crop perpetual. Were It
tlie only asset possessed by the province, we would still be a people of
semi-independent      means. (Ap
Further, with the end of the period
of waste and destruction, with the
vanishing of the fool's paradise in
whieh wo have lived so lonu, effective
prrtcction will be ext;at! :-l to the
yuunj! growth tbat promises to he*
come valuable timber, Nature is
very good to us        in
this western country in
the matter of reforestation, and it
is comparatively easy for the province, in both ways, to safeguard the
future of its lumbering industry. As
a business community, moreover, I
sincerely trust we shall do this good
work in time to avoid the disastrous
experience of our American neighbors. Except for minor damage, our
forest property is still intact, it is
not ton late for us to take to heart
tho startling fact that 60,000,000
acses of good forest land in thc
United States have been burned with
such severity that they give no promise of a second crop.
So from the strictly commercial
point of view, as a source of lumber
for our sawmills and as a source of
puhlic revenue, our more valuable
limber lands will claim attention
from our legislature. The point 1
wish in force upon your notice is
that forest protection, ns a matter of
statesmanship in this province, fan-
not tic considered only upon these
narrow lines* British Columbia is
placed in an unusual position—forest
protection is all important to all Its
main industries.
Under   the   wry   iiest of circum
stances, gentlemen. Nature is none
too kind to man's commercial enterprise. The snow of winter wastes
itself in destructive floods; summer
comes, and with it drought; crops
languish for lack of water; rivers tie-
come unnavigable, manufacturies he-
come idle lor lack of power. Some
regions suffer less than others because
of Hus. but history teaches us in no
uncertain way that the country that
tampers with   its forest-covet draws
tli,- full force ot tin* evil upon itself.
The Tonal is nature's reservoir —the
only source (except the glacier) ol
regulai watei supply, ami tt Is the
regularity >-f supply that is the foundation ,>l in< st human prosperity iu a
country such ns ours.
We have .il! wen pictures and read
articles concerning the man-made tt'
serts ol I'liina, in the Holy Land, i
Not t hei n A frica, and in Soul ben
Europe, nod—though Interesting historically — we imve dismissed such
matters fiom mu mlndl as having no
possible npptloatlon to us in this
western world UV go further in onr
carelessness and draw no moral from
what we hear concerning the alter
effects of forcsl di-st i ueiion in certain
of the Stati*s upon Hits continent
and oven In Eastern Canada uv havi
a SOrl   of general     optimistic feeling
thai tins province has water m
c ssne abundance and that to talk
alioul it js mete waste ot lime. With
• >ui million ami a half acres of lake
our thousands of miles of rivers—
l-'ia-.i, Thump-son. Columbia, Kootenay, Kettle, RtlWne, Peace ami
skivna—om mallei streams ami wat
erfslls, \\i- can easily delude ourselves
thai llrilish ColumMs, nt any    rate,
I" " "e coiiu'll   ol the World While
the water supply needs no care, gome
uf us, like the citlsens of Crime Rupert, may even want the visible BUD-
plj to stop. (Laughter). But the
facl is that water In the places
where it is wanted in the province Is
none too abundant, and tbat elsewhere lhe amount is ov.i-plentiful—
for the time being only—simply because our population is not yet large
enough hi make use of it. According
to tbe expert of the Dominion governmenl, we hove harnessed less than 4
per cent of the obviously available
power, while another rmscrvatlve estimate plnces the figures at less than
one per cent.
Already In ibe eastern part td
Canada official reports are beginning
to remark upon the diminished How
of certain   rivets, oaused by the den
Unction id forests   at their headwaters and along lhe banks. Already    tn
(Continued , *, page two).
This was the first important notion
which was tried before Mr. Justice
Clement unit a jury at Nelson, pertaining to a disastrous fire during the
season of 1910 which destroyed thc
limits of the King Lumber Mills,
Limited, ut Vahk. The estimate of
Hn* damages is In the neighborhood
ol $140,000.00. The question of liability alone     was determined     in the
notion, their being reference us to
the actual amount of daiiiai**es sustained hy the plaintiffs to be fixed hy,
thu court should tlie parlies not be
able lo agree.
Tbe action was commenced on the
1 ;it h of February and was continued
until lho 28rd, when a verdict was
returned for the plaintiffs. The plaintiffs called in all iu the neighborhood
of twenty witnesses while the defendants called some thirty-two witnesses. The jury found that the fire
commenced on the right-of-way oi
the .defendant company. They also
found that the defendants bad notice
through their section foreman that,
the fire was burning on the right-of-
way and also that thc defendants,
after receiving notice, did not take
sufficient precautions to prevent the
escape of thc fire.
There was no actual finding by the
jury as to whether the fire came
from a locomotive of tho company,
nor did tho jury find that thc defendants had proper appliances tor
the prevention of the escape ot
sparks. The verdict for the plaintiffs was based on tbe fact of the
fire having commenced on the right-
of-way; tbc company having notice of
the said fire and not taking steps to
extinguish same. The jury further
found negligence oa the part of the
railway company in not maintaining
a clean right-of-way.
The fire which the plaintiffs complained of commenced on the right-of-
way on the 4th day of July, 1910,
bul did nol destroy the timber limits
until the -Hs-t day of July, the plain-
t111 showing that tbc same fire hadi
not iKtn extinguished and bad blown
up on 'be Hist of July, causing the
damage. The defendant company
contended: Firstly, that the fire did
not commence on the right-of-way on
July Ith, hui commenced adjacent to
the right-of-way on or about the
8th of July. They also contended
that the fire which destroyed the
King limits    was known as the Cur-
zon fire, which swept from the west
and up Meadow Creek. Thc jury,
however, found that the original iin;
o July Ith was the cause ol tlie
groat lire.
The following counsel appeared    in
the action:
For the plaintiffs, tht
her Mills, Limited: Mr,
lor, K.C, and Mr. M. A.
of Vancouver. B.C., ami
Macduvtald, of Cranbrook,
Fi i the   defendants;  tbe Canadian
Pacific Railway Company: Mr. E. I'.
Davis, K.C, und Mr. .1. 1*
of Vancouver,    B.C., aiid
Gurd, of Cranhrook, 11 C.
King Lum*
s. s. Tay-
Mr. A. II.
Mr. VV. F.
Nelson, II. C, Feb. 28.—The semiannual meeting of the Presbytery of,
Kootenay met at the assembly room'
of the V.M.C.A. yesterday.
Rev. C. 0. Main's resignation of
Knox church, Cranhrook, was presented. Mr. Laurie, of Cranhrook,1
appealed in feeling terms on behalf ol
Knox church. The presbytery with
great regret accepted Rev. Mr. Main's
resignation. Rev. Main believed the
invitation to Vernon a call from God
and reluctantly concurred in the resignation. A committee was appointed to draft an expression rf the
Presbytery in appreciation of Rev.
Rev. IL R. Grant was appointed
interim moderator ot the Cranhrook i
congregation and was asked to
preach there tm March ll>th and declare the pulpit vacant, lie was
also given powers to moderate In a
call as soon as tbe people had agreed,
upan a successor to Mr. Main. |
Among other business transacted
was the uniting of Phoenix ami
Greenwood into one congrcgal Ion
with the happy prospect in view of
soon having Rev. Mr. Munroe as the
pastor. i
The question of systematic giving
presented hy Capt. McMorrts brought
forth much discussion. The concensus of opinion was that this presbytery's share of the JltHI.OUO budget,
lately issued by the chirch, was tco
much. Presbyterians'm Kootenay to
meet this budget are asked to increase their donations to the schemes
of the church about one hundred per
ccnt.       This is  considered   a heavy
burden, especially in Fast Kootenay,
where depressing labor conditions at
present prevail. A committee was
appointed to ileal wilb the whole
question and to report at a later
in view of tho great need of ministers throughout this growing country
tlu- question of securing ministers
large in number and large iu calibre
brought ' forth cutisiderable interest
as to methods for securing and training recruits, At the present rate of
loss il was estimated tbat six
hundred men were lost to the church
during tlie last five years Itecause ul
the small remuneration received.
A call to Rossland in favor of Rev,
Mr. Sarkissian was sustained and
placed in his bauds tor consideration.
Mr. Sarkissian asked for lime to consider the matter. Provisional ar-
langements were math1 for Induction
lo take place on April 3 at K p.m.
There were present Rev. S. H. Sarkissian, of Creslou; Rev. G. A.
Hackney, of Trail, Rev, C. 0. Main,
of Cranbrook; Rev. F. S. Loggie, of
Xelson; Rev. T. T. Relkie, of Kaslo;
Rev. ff. (1. Blake, of Ymir, Rev. J.
H. McLean, of Waldo; Rev. Mr. Rain,
of New Denver; Rev. t. ll. Buchanan,
of Cascade; Rev, ff. Stephens, of
Wardner; Rev. ,1. IE. Munrr, of phoenix; Rev. M. H. McKec, of Grand
Forks; Rev. ff. F. Urown, of Moyie;
Rev. J. G. Robinson, Dr. J. T. Ferguson, Rev. 0. A. Wilson, Mr. Low
tie and Capt. I). C. McMorris.
The commencement of the kindergarten in Carmen's hall marks
anolher slop in the educational lacili-
ties of this city. Mrs. Racklyctt,
who conducts lhe school nnd comes
with certificates from the City of
London College, ami the London
ready many of the parents are mole
for inst rucl ing ihc little ones, and already main of Ihe uareuts are more
than satisfied that the kindergarten
is doing a whole lot of good.
Mrs. Rack heft is well pleased will
the number she has on the books,
ami thc promises sbe bas of yet v.
large increase for the more settled
weather. Thc children are a happ;
little party, and on several occasions
have asked to keep at their occupa-
llana rather than go to lunch. Mrs
Racklycft has placed orders for extra
kindergarten supplies from Europe,
and lho Stales and expects to have a
complete sel in a week or ten days.
Revenue Estimated at Ten Millions, Expenditures at $16,000,000-
A General Election in Sight
The estimates of revenue aud expenditure (or the fiscal year ending
March 31, 1913, were tabled in the
provincial legislature by the finance
minister, Hon. Mr. Elhson, last
Thursday '■vetting ami show total cs-
Umated receipts fot lhe year to
come of M0I8*OT,880.68, as compared
with an estimate of 18,193,101.06 for
[911-18; Hn* expenditures for the ensuing twelve months being forecasted
as (18,970,001.09, as compared with
an aggregate   estimate ot   til,035,-
18 • T.'i las!  season.
The increase is made up ol proportionate advances (<>r the requirements
ol roads, bridges, works and buildings-, terries nnd contingencies; the
provision now to In* made for ihe location and ocnstnicUon ot roads, and
the purchase of modern road-making
machinery approximating s../iHii.nnn,
ns compared with $3,849,000 lor
ns compared with $3,849,000 tor
more than 1hrce-i|uarters of a
initio n When lo Ibis total have
been addnt the amounts severally pm-
\ ided for appointments at Point
(Jley, for unions piovlncial wharves,
for thc laying mil of Strathccna
Paik and making Ihat great pleasure
ground conveniently accessible for
automobile highways ami tor the
construction of the lUmlMWDdermere
ami llopc-prlnooton sections of the
inter-provincial highway, it will be
Sem that ihe total expenditure for
the current year on good roads In
llritish Columbia amount to no less
than *;l.!i«!i,miu. or more than tl,-
lim.nun increase upon lite parallel expenditures estimated for isu-12.
This very large appropriation h
made up ol a general vote uf S3,*
Hsn.lHH) for road works;. 100,000 tor
the location of new roads, $110,000
for Ibe purchase of road-making machinery, tlUO.oiiu for various road
enterprises incidental to the development of Point On*-,*. $M,000 (or
Wharf building throughout British Columbia. Siuo.imn fm development
work of a general character at
Stmhcons Park, and t7i,0ll0 each
tor tlte BaitH-ffindeimeie mid Hop**!
Princeton loads.
(   The total    appropriation for bridge
construction amounts to $1,02(1,01)11, Goldcn-Cranbrook Highway. This
this being Inclusive ol a conditional road will be one of comparative easy
grant of $400,0110 towards construe-'grade, an average of two and a half
tion of a bridge at the Second Nar- pel cent gradient being obtained
rows on Burrard Inlet. I throughout, although the road cross-
Works and buildings are not lar he-, cs tbe main ridges of the Rockies and
hind con tern plated road improvements traverses   for    upwards    ol seventy
in       their aggregate estimated cost/ miles a country of Infinite variety and
| ran- .scenic charms.
this total being $3,110,500.
Kor ferries, bridge-tenders, etc., a
vote of $48,860 is asked, and for contingencies Ji'iu.iHHi, making the
total approprialIons fir tbe year of
this one department $8,358,860.
The bridge    appropriation,   it will  last    year
thus be seen, exceeds that for 1911-12  Princeton,
The vote apportioned for the Hope-
Princeton road is also lo be expanded
in furtherance of tlie Inter-provlnclal
highway scheme, in the provision ol
construction on the link surveyed
connecting Hope witb
via   the   famous    Hope
Twelfth Parliament Prorogued Tuesday
Afternoon and Appeal Made to
(Special to
Victoria, B. C, Feb. 98.—Alter
passing sixty-two bills the third session of the twelfth parliament of the'
province was formally prorogued on
Tuesday afternoon. At an executive
meeting held directly after prorogation it was decided to dissolve the
legislature and appeal to llu* country
without delay.
The elections will In* held on Thursday, March 28th. and nominations
on March 13th, Writs will in* Issued
at once.
Premier McBride state-.! afterwards
that in view nf the extensive railway guarantees they were undertaking and importance of their policies to the country generally, the
government hati   considered it     only
the Herald.)
right that the people should be consulted. He and Attorney Bowser
will tour the province and place tbe
views of the Conservative party be*
fore the voters.
The attorney-general when Interviewed stated, that he would he over
In Vancouver at the end of the week
and was prepared to conduct a Vigorous campaign. He and the other
four sitting members will all otter
; themsetves foi re-nomfnotion.
So lai as cm in* learned, with Uw
I possible exception of Ilawthornth-
I wain* all the members ol tin* pre*
j sent house Intend to oHei themselves
for re-nomination at their party contentions
government, at liberty to elect thei.
own representatives, ami th tough,
them to voice the popular demand in
a country whicli has heretofore been
ruled exclusively by a bureaucracy ol
Ihe most electric type. The new republic will nave many problems to
solve, not the least funnidoble of
which will spring from tin* dense ignorance of the preponderant mass of
the people But there are compen-
sttng characteristics of the Chinese
race which sbculd make for a peaceful
Cranbrook's Chinatown ended their j solution of these problems, and it
republic day celebration on Monday'must never be forgotten that the Da-
night with a brilliant festival and aiti'*n is tbe cistodian uf tbe most at<
blazon of fireworks. The local J dent forms cl philosophy known In
Chinamen have been preparing tur i the world, and has an educated upper
this celebration for some time and,da**s. possibly more highly cultured
have been having festivities fur th'.'.than the leaders of thought in any
pasl two weeks which ended Monday.o.her country. The Interest centres
night in a brilliant and exceptional' on tbe policy which the new republic
programme. Over one thousand dol-1 srtil adopt, whether one of expansion
lars was spent by local natives ol the, or of internal development. I! the
Celestial empire. The Cranbrook ■ latter, thee the world may breathe
hand was in attendance and a speak- j easily for a time If tbe former,
ers' stand had lieen built in the street J *ben a race so reflective, so patient,
and   in front   hung a picture of   Sun]so impassive, and so determined, will
by $165,610; that for works and Mountains, this being one of tbe
buildings marks an advance upon the primary ohjecls of the road proper,
vote of thc last previous year of no The very large vote of $1,036,01)0
less than $1,507,880; for ferries and for bridge building is inclusive ol the
bridge tenders the increase is 19,780, conditional grant of 8100,000 loam! lor contingencies 880,000. wards    the  cost of    the projective
In connection with the location of brhtfl! to Span tin' Second Narrows
new roads, the purchase nf additional at Vancouver; white it also makei
modern road-making machinery and provision (or lhe completion of the
imid construction generally this sea-1 great steel bridge lo span the Co-
son's vote is over 81,000,000 greater' lumbia Itiver at the City of Trail,
than that of last year, so large »n another essential Imk In tho Inter-
augmentation ol expenditures Doing]provincial highway.
Imperative in tin- carrying oui of the The unprecedented large vote of 81,-
good roods programme of tin* govern-] 110,600 for public works aud bulld-
ment, Involving as it does the taxa-llngs Includes a prellmhrnrt appro-
tlon of standard thoroughfares in priatmn ol $800,000 toward the cost
almost every section of iln* province.pi the additions tn the parliament
Tbc Point <iii't vote of 8100,000 is! buildings in Victoria, at present und-
toward thc development ol the area! er construction, Provision is also
adjacent to government properties.made of $1011,111111 for the completion
and the site of the new provincialt of the work on band In connection
university, by the building of lirst- with the election of thc new hospital
tlass roods. (or the   insane   ut    Coipiitlam, with
The vote tor the Banff-Windermere I farm houses and residences appertain-
load will be dcvoled to the continue-1 iutr, thereto. There Is also a further
tion rf the existent Calgary-Banff vole of 8100,000 for a new wing of
road to the boundary of the Domln*!that hospital, making a total anion National Park near Castle ptoprialion of half a million dollars
Mountain, the mail from this pointIfor ibe Important constructive pro
being undertaken hy the federal pov-j gramme Incidental to thorough mod*
eminent and Construction being atIetlriSBtlon of this institution. Another
present in progress, witb a hridge large vote |s that of $5ou,niMi to pto-
over tlte How Biver at Castle Moun-1 vide for Ihc building of the first
tain. The province and the c.P.H.'groups of the Provincial I nlvenity,
will then jointly continue the road and tfi.jo.WH! is set aside foi public
over ihc pieturesi-ue Vermillion Pass, school necessities throughout tlw
thence down the Vermillion and tbe province. The election of temporary
Kootenay rivers, and across Sinclair quartets and the prison farm building
Pass to Windermere, whole junction at Romany calls foi an oxpendltui
li to be    mode   wilb tlw establisheil  in all tub. SCSSOU of 1886,000,
Vat Sen. the first president (f The
new Chinese republic, with bis name
below in colored electric lights. Several of thc local Orientals ad-ircsseti
the audience, and P.i K Wilson. P-
DeVere Hunt and P.. K. Beattle
spoke on behalf of the new republic
This will probably be the last of
the new year's celebrations by the
Chinese at this time of year, as they
now have adopted the same calcr.da:
used by other civilised nations.
Boxes of cigars, various liquid refreshments, candies and nut.s were
supplied to all. The purse strings of
the Chinaman la loose at both ends
on N'ew Year's.
These  people have always been     a
most     interesting and   extraordinary
study with their   noiseless, shadowy,
mysterious ways something    of      a
problem.     As     Bret Harts has said.
"For ways    that are dark and    for
tricks   that   are   vain    the heathen
Chinee is   peculiar.*'        Their    costumes are quaint, their    music shadowy ami elfin, and their art without
perspective    The atmosphere in their
bouses is always brown    with yellow-
lights playing on   brown    walls, and
lurking shadows that silhouette carved    figures of    dragons and demons.
Wooden    Clogs,   Chinaware    covered 1
with    crimson butterflies   and    blue
landscapes.    As you   enter weazened j
faces will peep out at you and break'
into   smiles   when they    recognise aj
friend,     The tenacity with which the
Chinese stirk   lo iln-ir friends is pro-]
In thc last    issue of "The Week,"
under a heading "The (Haul Awake,
tin* following excerpt is reproduced
And now tin-, giant bj awake, and
awake with 1 vengeance, Not yet, as
smart     penny-a-liners    predicted,   l
ivi-r-iun the western    world    as
have to be reckoned with in the not
distant future. While it is impossible r.ot t< view with satisfaction
the emar.dpauon of so historic an
empire. 1*. canr.ot be doubted that
this very i-mancipation may .add to
the responsibilities and anxieties of
all 'he Gnat Powers.
James Bates is planning on tin*
erection of a new $12,000 hotel at
Bull River, work on winch will comment-e as soon as spring opens
Architect P, S. Rosseter has just
completed tbe plans for the new
structure Tl* building will be
B0x75 feet in site, two stones, witli
a third story to be built next year.
A full basement and concrete foundation are arranged. Tic* basement
will contain store rooms, boiler
rooms and wme cellar. Tlie building
will he modern in every respect and
:he proprietor Intend! to conduct a
first-class hostelry. (m the --round
Boor will br- the 0O08, dinini*, room,
bar r'Ki-m, kitchen, billiard room ami
lavatories. The offlce will contain a
largo stone fir*- plan- be psosllsd
eight feet   high   and have ,, [warned
telling. fiti the HOond floor there
will he eleven l»/-*l RWBS, parlor,
linen closets toilet tad bath Koch
j i.f Hn bedrooms art* large else The
ItytMtng will have steam beat, run-
Ibmg water and electrfi light Ths
I contract will tn- le: si soon .1 othei
preliminary    arrangements art* made
and is to In- completed early in the
I spring-
■       '   #
'yellow peril,"    but to set an     tt*\*\* *f*£-f-f*>-f-f-fr-*i.*f-f.fr*fr
ample to    the whole world how    to'-f
transform a venerable autocracy into|*f CONSERVATIVES      1M.AN
a republic, almost by a stroke of tbe'-f      NINO HOT CAMP A ION.
pen, almost without lhe shedding of a <f
drop of blood,   nnd, most marvellous' •$•
of all, with the acquli-seencc    of     a •{•
(tiling dynasty which has been firmly-\»
seated  on the throne fir three bund-[4*
red years.     Whatever else this      re-'*>
markable episode illustrates, it must]*f
be taken as   proof positive of       the|*J»
sirength of character with which the *>
most populous race in tha world    Is $
gifted, and surely demonst rates     the •!•
ponessfon of diplomatic power ol thej .J.
highest    order,      Rut less   curiosity *f
centres in (he fait accompli than    in -f
the future of the great Chinese     Re-'-fr
public       We have now   four hundred •!•
million people, emancipated from ttw!*f*
Ihialldom     of an oligarchy, enjoying -f  lions from March 12th I
for ihe first time in their history the -f
(Spti'ial  to  Ihi* Herald .
Vancouver.     II. C, Feb. 20.
—Early    next   week  Premier
McBride and    Attorney (irni-r-
al Bowser start out to stump
the province.    They will open *\*
ths campaign in   ICamloOpS on *\*
Wednesday, and then go on to d*
Revelstoke and Oolden. 11 po**- •!•
rfble will     make   Nelson    on *f
Sunday, thence    proceed     to -f
points    in the   Kootenajs and +
Boundaty districts.   An order- •<•
in-couneil     haR   hem     passu) -f
cbanginrt    tin* tlate of nomlna- •(•
lions for  the provincial   clcc- •)•
tub +
j liM-4"tn of   constitutional democratic -f-f-f-f*f-f*f-f-|*-f-f-|>-f-f TUB   URANItltOOK   II KHALI)
d.uiii'stic ubo —Ihf'.'.e o
pend upon tlio wai it sti]
turn rests ultimately ti]
policy Ihat wo pursue
vlously, bul none thc lei
intangible spirit of   nil
ously    de- duty is to
■ not to rob    fu-
whicb in  Imt* gem-in lions of Iheir fair share ol
forest what   wo now    enjoy.       Let us co-
Less oh** operate   wilh    Nature in preserving,
truly,     the  ami increasing where possible, our na-
prise     that tliral resources, nntl hand down      to
our successors    these various sources
of   wealth    undiminished   and unimpaired.     (Applause).
The con linueil and enduring prosperity of our cities, towns and villages will be uncertain if wc neglect
our obvious duly; the millions heretofore expended and now being paid out
for buildings, railways and electric
lines, etc., will become non-productive
000, and! if wo have unwise legislation. Lot IIS,
tHERE'S no mistaking thc expression of a man whose farm is well "improved."
lie looks as prosperous as he feels.
It isn't the size of a place that counts most, nor its actual tlollars-and-cents
value. It's rather that "well kept." thrifty appearance; the appearance that nukes
you think of fat stock, ami well-filled hams, and comfortable, contented living.
Neat, permanent Improvements go further in giving a farm this appearance than
any other feature.
Concrete Is The Ideal Material
for such Improvements. It Ik neat, harmonising with it*, surroundings In the country.
EDverlastlng, It cannot be injun-d by Ore, frost, wind or lightning, Age—Instead of
causing it in decaj    actually makes It stronger,
Concreto never needs repair—nest cost la last cost. New Improvements can be added
year iiftur year with less expense than would bo required to keep wooden Structures
In repair.
Concreto wnlhs, feeding lloors, dairy-barns. Ice-houses, root-cellars, well-curbing,
fonoR posts, Bllos—which of these dues your farm need moat? Whatever you want to
build, it's boat t" build it nf concrete.
Ho you wuni to know  mi.re about ibis subject of permanent farm Improvements?
Then write for your copy of
lies one cities grow, Un- s|iiiil Horn
j (it past nnd present success in ox-
exploiting natural resources — this
spirit, depends finally upon tlio forest
policy tliat wi- Innui'ugale and carry
Tin- whole   Inline ol this fair province, with its (isliciii-s producing  annually (8,000,000,   lis    mini's     $20,-
ils    man ilaclures  $85,000,-
000, its ngrlcullurc   $
iis forests (17,100,000, is involved inl therefore, study tlio situation care-
llie legislation wo shall snoot for tlie fully, reach logical conclusions, nml
,iu forest*. Our nalui- in ovory means within our power ns-
i> incalculable but tho gist our government in iis endeavor
,s il,- forests. Uponjto conserve und judiciously use this
depi-nl, ini'ii- than up- mosl Important assi-l.
on nni otliei nalural resourco, cotoopt Wo liavo nuti-ii llio relation ol plac-
possibly waii-i, lor water is power, or, conl and nu-lal mines lo our llin-
wnii-i is strength, water is wealth, her; wc have scon how Important lor-
wiih ii .v.- can proilnco trees; with Itlcsl cover is to onr streams ami rlv-
wi- can main- tho Interior ol tliisjcrs; wo hnvo also dwelt upon anil con-
province lusl whal wc please, Clearly slderod the dangorous efteot ol ancon-
vm- mi- .mill..1 in use llu- proper to- trolled waler upon our arable and limine Irom mu s|il,-mliil Inheritance, | rlgablo lands. Wo Imvo louml tbat
Inn    ii   Is eo.uolly ' clear    thai out        (Continued mi page three).
*   /Ml'JS^
/S;: P0R1AHD ,. ,
STi-irni '&
"What The Farmer Can Do With Concrete."
It's a book of 160 pagei, telling how other
farmers have used the "handy material" to
good advantage. Published to tell at 50c. a
copy, it it now being offered free to all farmers
who write for It. Addreia
Canada Cement Co., Ltd.,
National Bank Buildinf. Montreal
sn golh
lit Otll
al ri-siiu
mi fore
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
RVLAW NO. 102.
sum    cl
■d Dollars
A By-Law to rnlso thi
Six Thousand Five Hundi
($0,600.00) by debentures ft
pose ot erecting and for
mid procuring    furniture and appara ,llu. wj,-jjfl y,0
turned   from any    person or persons
hotly or bodies corporate,   who   may
the pur-. t,Q willing to advance  lho same as
irnisbingj ioani n sum 0( money not exceeding in
:.-..   page one).
lllll  1
lul  lot
ii 1
111.  .
]„, ! -
(,,   ■■ 'I
1Mb* now dedi
gron in-' of tl   her as
th.- -I      Li am8 tbal irrigate
tbo pi m ■ ol Alberta ami Saskatchewan, 'ilu- policy bas spread to British i ■ ,,!'] we arc proclaiming
resei i       ■   i -
hi the [on i:;. report, gi nllcmcn,
we loneli n 11 i\wk\ l«n, Wc urge
lhal i I tun [lum iin- <>l these
re   ■ i    nl o all tort \ growth
ni !- hoiild i.i   a serious
dul'    1 menl   ol lorests
Lhal he ei eated. 'I liougli u
cam ■'* ■  i ■ i talnty   lb
'-.t1 water powei \
fc! Iii Irom tv a to ten mi
lion lioi -  kno*A thai lhe
are ntui     ihal Ihey need
pi \s i.ii  ns  utilization i
com itatemeti
Ihnl million li irse powei
Is in |ir liminary consideration oi
|iai ent in    tlie province
There Is the real plan! ol thc B, C
RIei ■■■ le company at Bnntzen; th
million and-a hall dollar planl at
Joi - now ni .ii ing completion*;
tlie Stn ■■ I ..: e installation; Bonn Ington : ; Powell River, ami tli
woi Golds!n ii:.. As llu* t-il
zens ol V'nni o ivci are proud lo say,
thei are alrendy within one hundred
and fil mil .. tlie citj three com
panii ■ DO possible horsepower, i. hi two years ago 75,001
hoi ,,. ''.iiv in use, pro
duccd <hi' " Hum thc How ol water,
The -i ■ ih ilation that it would P-
have ntirc output ol coal
In Lite pn vince In lhal year to produce i power gives us some
sll indu il rial Import-
b , .11 have in
seven yci to i when Hns country—as the   home cI    i In ap power—
: ice d ■ the maii-
ufai ■ ■   i anada.     (Ap-
pla What   has   happened    to
*.i that Bim-
ure    *
$2(1   and you obtain  Lho stupendous  volutl
■ i '...ii i ii
til ol the government.   In his ad- gold,    and gives    evidence   ol mans
, I,, ibc Irrigation convention  bo powers to destroy.    And what is tho j February, 1012,
is out that without water     the commercial result expressed in    bard Municipal
o ot much    land in this province dollars    in   this   year    ol business, j Craubrook
sum of Six Thousand
lus for a Manual Training School forl*pjvo Hundred Dollars (0,500.00)
the City of Cranbrook. jatH| to cause all   such sums so raised
WIIKKKAS    the    Hoard of School       rcce-vod to ))C pai(i into the hands
Trustees  for Lhe    City ot Cranbrook 0( -j,,. Treasurer ot the said Corpora-
prepared and on the 10th day -oi ti(m -(ll.     ,ht, purpose and -with    the
laid    before     to object hereinbefore recited.
Council    if the   City   ol    ;*.   It 8bal| ll(* iawtU| -or llie Ma
iu   this   year    ol business, I Cranbrook, a detailed estimate ot thi
|,ul with wafer it would he  10127      Simply    this, that in many sum required by   Ihc said Board    to
(Miiniii I,, s.i     a limit to what that' districts  hydraulic    mining does not meet the   extraordinary expense
laml would do,    Our big rivers,    he pay because in   its all-too-short sea-, purchasing land for a site  lor
Making Records at Home
a great feature of the
Edison Phonograph
The ability to make and reproduce your own records
in your own home—the songs and stories of every
member of your family and all your friends—in addition to all of the greatest entertainment of every kind
Think what that meant I The lSdison
Phonograph-— the Instrument t hat
tbe purity and sweetness ofUdlion
tout*; luT-iiise Uh volume of Hound '•■•
exactly willed to ymir hornet because
it jil.iyi Ixilh I'-iiiMui Standard ami
the long-playing; ICdison Amberol
Keeonls; because it has thesiipiihlris
fnil lire lU'ii/'lm I he plntUUraofoWnlng
u ■ouiid-ropraducln'r Instrument,
Alost Edison stylos nre regularly
equipped lo make records at home,
Recorulng equipment for stylos nol
mi equipped can bo purcbaicd nt
hlij-.M additional cost.
When you go to your Kdtaon dealer
to pick out yourKdUronrbonoarapb,
ri,prodiiriit'--|i(iiiil tlmt does not be sura to ask about this bum
scratch or wear tht* records,and lasts recording feature, nml lo got record-
forever—gives you this prcat home- lug equipment with tho Instrument
recording feature besides/ And tills you buy
turo omatsi J\na wis    you ouy. ^00^.   -    ^
Tliere aro Hdlton dealers every whore, Goto wo nearest snd   /^rf       -, c *
linir lilt* Kdiium I'luninirriiiili jiliiy tmtli Kdlsnri Stiindiinl niul L-*VntMai£l CdtAt***
Kftinon AihIktoI itivtinlit. Ot*l complete calaliw.i from ymir iKcoiroiiTW
il«aler or from tin. KUIwn Plionomptw, J1«.B0to $240.00. '"V   ",   .
KiliioiiSIatiilimlUmir.lii.40c. BdUoil AmlierolltitiinW > 100 Ukwide Avenue,
twiteu-sloiiiJ.eSc. EtllwiiUruudUiK-rii lU*ciir(l*>.S5c.I<)$2.SO. Orange, N. J.,U. S. A.
A UMplili Une of Edi»on Pbouographi and Record* will be found at
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co., Limited
Cranbrook, B. C.
in I a mil, "arc nearly all low down, son the supply of   water is   too irre
ih high banks, so that tliey are ol gular; docs not   pay. gentlemen,    be
use fi
erecting ami furnlshinj
| tur nf lure and npparati
irrigation." and he rocs cause man, with bis foolish tires, has'Tralnlng   School for    the City      of Tin usand    KIvo
'Vou have many    moun- destroyed the forest-cover.   Tbe scar-, Cran'orook, which is au expense whieh ($(^500.00) each  of
I reams,    and    Uieso arc your [city ttf water hns proved fatal lo thc (may be legally incurred hy the Hoard llllvs    oCjng  f}*  *nc denomination ut
ami i
s fi
if liie said Corporation to cause any
10 number of debentures to be made,
nt executed and issued for smii sum nr
11,1 sums as may be required for the pur-
ucu"»8 pose and
a Manual cccding
City      of
aforesaid, not.
tlu* sum   of Six
Hundred    Dollars
the  said debeii-
■es nf supply. That is what yon success ol many a placer mining enuring, and yonr experience will tcrprlsc. Coal and minerals cannol
, in Colorado, whore it takes he mined without timber; the timber
four lo six acres ot watershed policy is most import ant—yes, esseii-
ipply water   for one acre below.' tfal.
if  School Trustees  lor tho City
AM)   WHEREAS   lhe
pal Council of  Uie Cltj
has ct iisulcii'd   the saitl
aid Munici-
itlmnte ami
lho it.ih
Five Hiimiii.i Dollars (.SriOn.oo) ant
all such debentures shall bo sealed
willi tho seal of tbo Corporation
and signed by the Mayor thereof.
I. The said debentures sbaU bear
dato the 18th day ot July, 1812, and
shall be made payable within thirty
(iin) years from the said date, in lawful money of Canada, at thc olliee of
lhe City Clerk of the City tl Cranhrook in Cranbrook aforesaid, which
said place ol   payment shall hr) desir-
French Lessons t
Comraenclngon March let.I'll-,
Classes will be opened at Lester ]
Clnpp's Hall on Wednesday ami <
Friday evenings at s p.m,
For terms nml conditions Apply
Hox tUH Crnnbrook ,
t    CRANBROOK    1
Held in Carmen's Hall ♦
; Conducled by Mrs. K. A. RACKLYEFT X
CorilflcatLtl Teacher ( oui       *5
London School Board ♦
Your streams have low beads antl are     Turn to another aspect ol the case, bj resolution passed c
subject to rapid    fluctuaUODS.    That The navigation of   our rivers and the ol   February,   11113,   Anally   rejected
him |i up the extreme necessity      olj carrying ol supplies to many an    ln-| the expenditure ol the said sum    foe
storage, which ynu    have only begun terlor point is no easy matter,    aud the said purpose.
In discuss here-     The logic ot events; what is il that    Intensities the dilli-l   AND   WHEREAS    within     thirty
will   drive    you    in consider  these culty aud   expense.'       .lust the Irre- days thereafter,   namely, on the 16th
things more ami  more,       I want to gularity ot the flow ul water. Floods day ot February, V.H2, the -Major   ot
cmplmstzo  the  value ol   your water; j al ono end of the  summer and a long I the Corporal ion of tbc City ut Cran- nat-«d by the  said debentures,      ami
ymir efforts   will be confined to   the period of low waler at the other end brook received a written request Irom s\u,\\ |iaVo attached   to them coupons
southern   portion    of your province;' shorten the   working season of    our lho   Secretary ol    the School Board -,„. )lu, paymonl of interest, and    .be
you will have tho same problem     In river boats,     diminish   their profits, asking ibe   Council to puss in      tho signatures to the said coupons    may
id- Peace    River    valley  and other, and increase, in consequence, tbe rate' manner prescribed by section 1-1    of i„. ,.jther written, stomped, printedxr
11 i'i s in the north." i per ton Ihey charge for freight.   The! the .Municipal   Act, a by-law author- lithographed.
Gentlemen, 1 foresee that thc old great cost ol supplies tends to dis- izfog the proposed expenditure and ;, *j*j,e snj,j debentures shall bear
duel between tho settler and timber courage prospecting, mining and if necessary the raisin;; ol the moneys interest at the rate ul Five Per Cent
owner will sum be forgotten. The settlement. Anything that helps to required lu defray the same upon the (5 p,c,j .„.,■ annum from the dale
ii- il for   Irrigation   will heal       the regulate our rivers, to   diminish   the'credit   of the Municipality. : thereof, which   interest shall be pay-
breaoli ami make the farming industry   intensity of high water, and increase,    AND   WHEREAS   for tho purpose a|,|,. annually at the said olfiee of the
realize that its  success depends upon  the How    at low   water period, helps aforesaid,   it     will bo necessary     to j City Clerk of the   City ol Cran..roo:c
the . preservation   ol limbered areas, forward   Settlement and development. I burrow upon the credit ot the   Muni-J ■„    Cranbrook   aforesaid,    In lawful
As   far as    river     transportation is cipality,   the    sum of  Six Thousaud
(lours: I*".. l'J nm.
1 PBONli "-*•-" 1'
> -I p.m.
unncc      u        ... j:    As 1 am controuinR my lata hue-
HOUSE on Bu-well Avenue Z im„(rs business, I would ask tor
Five Koonis. Water ami
Electric Lin-lit
Apply al I Iffico
P.  D   HUNT
the continued patronage of all old
customers, and respectfully solicit
the trade of nil.
Best of Rigs and Horses
Here, again, we have the golden
chain—agriculture depending upon forest-cover; forest-cover depending upon
the adoption ol a wise forest policy
Our forest policy will lie the corner*
slnno ut nut* agricultural prosperity.'
Who can accurately measure thc effect
an Intelligent policy will have upon'
lhe future of Hrilish Columbia |
through additions tn population ami
ever-Increasing purchasing power.
Hut, gentlemen,
concerned, is may he said ihat fur-
e.*.i-cover at headwaters means a
cheapening in the cost of freight that
can almost bc measured in dollar*;
antl cents per ton.
Then again, consider  for a moment
Five Hundred Dollars t$irt">uo.OU>.
AND WHEREAS tho amount of
tho whole rateable lands or improvements or real property ol the said
City, according to tbo Last Revised
Assessment   Roll is    Seven Hundred
our river   fisheries.       Salmon repre- and      Forty-Two    Thousand   Seven
seiiled seven and   tbicc-tjiiartcr    Pill-1Hundred   and     Ten    Dollars ($742,-
nioiiey of Canada, on the 10th day ot
July, in each year during the currency thereof, and it shall bc expressed
in said debentures and coupons' 10 be
so payable.
ti. It shall be lawful for the
Mayor of the said Corporation lo
negotiate and sell the said debentures or    anv ot them at not      l".s
lion dollars   out of our     total $10,-710.00)   for lands   and Nine Hundred  than ninety-live per cent (115) ol their
mm,mill catch   of    1000— the bltzgcstj and Sixty-Nine Thousand Two llund- facc value alter deducting all broker-
must not post-,and must valuable catch   ol (ish that, nil aud Eighty Dollars I$9fl0,280.p0) a: 1 * and   comm
11 imi    iiniii after   tho damage any province    of   the Dominion lias} for Improvements,    iu all the stun ol.In   the sale thereof.
Isslon charges Incurred
1 youi ntlentlon
1 1 i 1     *   :■■  iluelluu —
-   - :.     Wo at ■    .ill
agreed mu -'   d ivclop  the
- I as   a matter       of
It, Borne $1-1,-
derived Irom It
;"-' '.'    1I1 Wln'l
iimplj upon Ir
d ■ <\ dlstrl its
Grand Kttki,
Mai 1 land,    Summcrland
Kal Companies are
thc   valleys ot    tho
"1 hoi . ai Kamloops and
i;* ■ 1 cover] thai some    of
our     ■    i'1!     l oking     lands    were
amoi    thc flni ' In the world for the
(Applause),     In certain districts    ol
ihat country   Ihero ar.*    millions  of
amis nt mountain slopes exposed    to
lhe ravages of torn-nts.     Under    the
old   monarchy no    clearing on mountains was allowed,     the value of fm-
Columbla. Ftg-'csl cover being known.     Itut all such
1    al   1    11,.nils wen* removed   at the     ie-
n, autl   (he high wootls    were
riic Inevitable happened,    Por
tion ol   fruit, ami before     tbc
..   up ol  c -ntral British Colum-
il In Imagine that the  ex-
lin it ol acreage suitable    for
1 Dure was    len    million acres.
th n o' 1 r  Him- and n hall mll-
acn b  ha ■■ hi n    1 old or    pre-
Si mi
empted, anothi r three-quarter million
have been surveyed, and out premlci
cstimntes thai Incren in \ knowledge
cnabli to rail u tho area of valu
able land lo twenty five million
ncres. (Applause), in iins connection I mlghl quote Professor Carpenter, the celebrated expert who examined conditions in Hihv province     on
rents bejnn to tear away tho fertile
lands below, or to silt them over
wllh debris from nbovo. Somo 800,-
000 acres of tillable laud wire rendered more or less useless, and the
population ni eighteen departments
was Impoverished or reduced hy cml-
grotlon, Prance has so lar spent
thirteen    millions   ol dollars  on re-
lorestlng these districts, and twenty
live ni thirty millions moro will have
lo bo Bpent lo complete the task,
Nearly two hundred torrents have
i: .1 controlled entirely of late years,
ami six hundrod more have been partially subdued, lines nnt the history
of this piece of human folly point a
•.cry serious moral to us? Are wc going to piny the lool ourselves with
our natural resources?
The protection of onr water supply
is 110 matter that may be Important
somo time next century. I notice that
il is already beginning lo lie a subject
nf complaint in the province of Quebec that moro ami more dams are
rctqulred in the streams, owing to tbe
increasing irregularity ol the flow
caused by the destruction tt tho
woods, At home wo havo thc sad
history nr the hydraulic mining business, Tall, blackened piles, standing
or fallen, amid ihe miserable brush
that has replaced the original forest,
deface tbe ncenery in every district
where the placer miner has discovered
has heen done.   We must not thought-, ever made.     (Applause). We supplied One Million Seven Hundred anil E'eV-:    7,   There shall be raised and levied
bssly allow   the high forest at head-1 over    throe-quarters  of the value nf en Thousand Nine Hundred aud Nine- |(n (.acb year during the currency    of
v.ii is in he destroyed and Mien pen-  tho fisheries ol   tho year, and we ac- ly Hollars ($1,711,000.00). j said    debentures,    thc sum ol Three
llently spend millions of our money in  blovod this,    gentlemen, by the worn)    ami     WIIKKKAS   it will be    re. Hundred     and    Twenty-Five Dollar*
replacing it, as   Frame   has     done. ,0! less than  eleven thousand out    otjquislto to raise annually by rate   tbo j ($325.00)  for    payment   ol 'ntsreat
the seventy   thousand fishermen     ot sum ot Four  Hundred and Sixty-One (and   the   sum of One Hundred    and
Canada.       (App.auso). Plain,    very Dollars       and   Sixty-Two       Cents Thirty-Six Dollars    and   Sixty-Two
plain, is it not, that our fishing pop-! ($101.02) for   payment of the      Bald:Cents ($180.82) lor payment    of tbc
illation must    Increase    enormously.[ debt mnl interest thereon. J debt due upon snid debentures by
The productivity of our rivers should!   AND   WHEREAS    tlw   Municipal rate   sufficient therefore on all     tbe
he increased   by every    means. Upon! Council has power to pass bylaws fir  rateable land nr improvements       or
llielr side our eight    halcherics     arc contracting    debts,     hy     borrowing  real    properly iu the said Municipal*
doing this —    Improving upon       tin1'money or     otherwise and lor levying'ity.
work   of   Nature    — man's sagacity! rates   for payment of BUCh debts    on!    8.   It shall he lawful for tbc    said
proving greater than the instinct    of I tin rateable lands and improvements,1 Municipal   Council to re-purcbase any
the salmon.        Streams    the salmon'n)
never knew   arc now being Impii-nted I Mil
by it, through    man's     intervention;   tin
therefore it becomes a BCtiouB duty nl   ||M.
our legislature to boo tliat tlm How ..( lor works nl local Improvement, and
water in streams should he protected! fot school purposes, shall not exceed
bj tho only  means of protection thai twenty per cent i-» per cent) of the
we know of — loresl-rovcr at     head-1 assessed     value of   Ihe lands ami lm-
watcrs ami forest-cover along the provements ur the real properly ol
banks.    (Applause). the    Municipality according to     the
(ieiitleiucn, Ibc premier states pub- ■ Last Devised Assessment Roll*
fitly tbat projects actually In hand— AND WHEREAS the aggregate ol
railway construction, public, building*; the present debenture Indebtedness ot
anil other enterprises known to all of the City ol Cranhrook other than tho
us—will mean within the next few Indebtedness for works ol local im-
years an expenditure of $100,000*000, provement and fcr school purposes is
Look beneath the surface and yon willJTwo Hundred and Seven Thousand
find that tbe commercial Justification j Nino Hundred ami Forty-Seven Dol-
for this ambitious programme de- bus and Twenty-Nine Cents ($207,-
peuds distinctly upon the forest policy | !H7.2-l).
that we adopt. I    now   THEREFORE tho Municipal
Millions are being spent within ourtCouncil ol the Corporation of the
cities 1111011 banks, office buildings, I City ol Cranhrook in Council as-
churehes, educational Institutions and  somtitod, enacts us follows:
homes. The standard of health antl \ 1. The snid proposed expenditure upon which lhe vote ol the Municipal-
comfort in city life is being raised by , of Six Thousand Five Thousand Dol-1 iiy will bc taken nt the Municipal
expensive street improvements, good Jars ($(1,500.00) Irr purchasing land Building, Norbury Avenue, on Wcd-
snnilntion, better means of transit, for a site for and erecting nnd fur- nesday, lhe Gill day of March, 1012,
bettor lighting, otc. Why spend altjnlshlng and procuring lumlture ami between the hours ol 0 o'clock in the
these millions if the foundation Is j apparatus lor a Manual Training morning (lo o'clock n.m. local time)
not. sound and permanent; if at    one School is hereby authorized, ami '   o'clock    iu    the   evening  (8
and the sntne trine we arc damaging— i    2.   It shall and may he lawful     fm   o'clock p.m. local time).
nay, destroying—by sheer carelessness   (ho Mayor of the Corporation nf   tbo T. M. ROBERTS,
and neglect tbe   source ol our    pros- City of   Crnnbrook     lo borrow Upon Clerk to the Municipal Council,
portly? (Applause). Street inr the credit of the-said Corpt ration by j Dated at Cranbrook this 20th day
service, electric light, .waterworks loi   way of debentures hereinaflei      mon-.o! February, 1012. 8-2
rateable    real property    ol    thoiol  the said    debentures   upon   such
imipality for any   purpose within terms   as may bo agreed upon    with
Jurisdiction ol tlw Council;   imt j tin* legal   holder   or holders thereof,
aggregate  ol   such debts, except 01    any pint    thereof either at  the
works nl local Improvement, and  dim* of sale or anv subsequent   time
or times, autl all   debentures    so rt-
purchased   shall forthwith ho cancelled and destroy*) and 110 re-issue    ol
debentures so   re-purchased shall    be
made iu    cousci'tience ol such re-pur
0. This lly-l.aw shall take effect mi
uml alter the BSth day ct March
10. This Ry-Law mny be cited lor
all purposes as the ''Cranbrook Manual Training School Debenture By
Head lho first, second and third
time ou the 10th day of February,
TAKE NOTICE that the above is
a true copy ot the proposed By-Law
Liberal Convention jj
Will Be Held at Vancouver
Thursday, February 29th
Each Constituency is entitled to 10 representatives.
Delegates to lliis Convention shoulil purchase lira!
class tntiiBportiitiiii. to Vancouver, obtaining from tin1 ticket
nuent a standard certificate, This certificate should I"'
signed hy the Secretary ot Ihe Convention, und upon
presentation nt the ticket office at Vancouver, tho holder
thereof will bo entitled to a return fare at one-third the UBiinl
Strongest       Brightest
Most Economical
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Everything in Electrical Equipment
♦••■•■•▼•▼■••f ▼▼▼*** w *F*F*P ♦♦♦*"
News of the District
Worked a
Miracle 0I Heal*
(By Fred lion).
Two lonesome    skunks  by Hit* Hoos*
villi* roadside stood
Bowness and    Pollock iu two automobiles rushed by
They left an odor far from pond
And a tear stood in one's eye.
"(Hi,  why  do  yotl   weep,"  asked      Ills
anxious friend,
"Why do you soli niul ipiaki
"BecniiBo thai smell,'
"Is jusl like mother
said the nth
d lo
The al tempi In
of Ihe winter up
wus postponed nn
break Lho ba
in Pernio last week
account of the nil/.
Representatives uf SwIIU, Armours
and Pat, Hums Cu, pink packers
and summer Bausage matiutacturgrn
wus in Klko this week, a pretty
greas)1 hunch.
A thin skin is
s a 'link head,
as  unal a handicap
W, (I. Barclay, A. McDonald ami
T. Letcher passed through Elko Monday for Roosvllle to .look over Ihc
bin trails of (cull laud they hough I
■down Ihere. They have already uu
expert fruit grower working in thi
orchard. This property—1130 acres
—joins Roosvtlle on the north and i**
the garden spot of Tobacco plains.
We wish to thank Mrs. M. I,
Evans, ol Los Angeles, California,
for the beautiful present we received
from her through nut* old collefp
(bum, .Hm* Doyle, of Cranbrook. it
sure pays to advertise. There'!
nothing can make money without advertising—only a mint.
The Spokane Chronicle says that
American troops are being forwarded
to lhe Mexican boundary, .lim
ThlsUebeak says merely,to keep the
line fence in good repair,
The writer spent the week end at
Roosvllle last .week and found everything opening up like a rosebud in
the sun.
Ileal estate movements in Elko
were brisk lasi week. Morgan Edmonds buys three hundred acres near
the c.P.it. steel bridge. Charley
Klingensmith, the John Jacob Astor
of Klko put through several big deals
one of twelve hundred acres ihis lasi
six commercial travellers and forty-two train jumpers visited Klko
tins week. So help my Josephine,
but there is some awful specimens on
the roatl these days, and their bank
mils shrunk to the si/e of a knitting
needle. There must be a lot mon
money iu  wholesaling titan retailing
Pal Hums is brtagtngl new laid uggi
int,> Ferine from the Dabotas, Mm
besoia and    Wisconsin   via Spokane
How    long they have laid when   thev
reach Fernie goodness knows ii Pal
is anxious to bring Fertile undo the
Yankee yolk, a in don'1 he buj       to
New laid eggs in Elko grown tight
in lown and fresh (licked everj morn
Ing 10c; void storage ol uncertain age
(Special correspondence).
Mrs.     Fitzgerald,     of     Thompson
Falls, Wash., left lust Thursday   for
Cranhrook, to    visit her sister, Mrs.
Dow,   returning    to Thompson Falls otlt     '
on Saturday.      She was accompanied   ",ot' '
hy Mrs. Wlsucr   as far as Cranhrook.
Mrs. Win. Oreen spent a lew days
of last week visiting with friends iu
Cranbrook, returning homo on Sunday.
Mr. uud Mrs. Wm. I.mvcy, of Cranhrook, accompanied by their children
passed Mirough Wardncr last Sunday
afternoon mi (heir way to Lacombe,
Mia , whero they Intend In reside
Mr, uml Mrs. i.owev were formerly
resident's of Wardner.
Mr. Magooti, who has linn confined
to the hospital for some time, returned to Wardncr on Momlay.
Mrs. Oeo, Miller, of the Kin*; Kdwanl hotel, was iu .1 affray last
Tuesday on business.
entleman  Fi
not. a difficult inn
see whal we have
daily fitting people
children, and with
result io Uiem ai
among others, v >
mouths, a huy ol ii
man from    New Y
I hen
' lhe
cqulred in
by i
I   us. Lasl   wi
c ,i   child ni (
re yeai . and
irk, v, ho bas a
he approved
i'i and tbc parks    and
luiniiliT before    being
j final!} passed   upon by the city couu-
■ eil.     h is believed tbat lhe proposed
legislation will operate as au effective
j protection to the interests ol real estate investors. I
13.  C.
ruptured for over twenty yean
Mr. It. L. Morrow with a number
of friends motored from Fort Steele
to Wardner lasl Thursday.
Mr. Bradley, nf Cranbrook, was doing business in town last Thursday.
Mr. Graham, of Edmonton, wa;
belt* last Thursday on business.
Mrs. John Martin went to Cran*
brook last Friday and brought Mr.
Martin home with ber trom the St.
Eugene hospital. He is somewhat
improved since returning home.
It. 0. Eaton, It.A., was in Cranhrook last Friday and Saturday on
Mr. II. E. LaPoIntc returned Irom
Fori Steele last Friday. Mr. La
Pointc has finished bis camp work for
Ihis season, and will begin work soon
for the summer in Wardner.
Mr. .John Lovick and Clarke Mc-
Kenzb' went to Cranbrook a lew
days ago to bring Mrs. Lovick home
from the hospital.
Mr, Norman Moore, ol Fort Steele,
has laken a position with the Crows
Nisi pass Lumber company at
War.hr r for a few months.
Mr. P. Bant/, formerly of Wardncr,
but now uf Taber is in town this
week moving lus furniture from thc
King  Edward hotel to Taber.
Mr. steams was in Cranbrook last
W. du."-day on business.
fairly grahhed al ihr applianc
minute lie saw it. Tonight v
au ex-locouiothe cngineei ol
odd years of am*, and when li
with the remark thai 1;
us for pamphlet of
Johnston Truss <
St., Vancouver, B.C.
Miss Kate L,   Dolliver, of Caledonia, Queens Co., N. S., says: "I must
add    my testimony to tbc value      ol
/am-Huk.      Ulcers and sores    broke.
my arm,    and   although I
heal them  by using various! experiem
preparations,   nothing   seemed to do) reeling he bad felt I
mo any good.     The sues Bprcad
til from    fingers to elbow was
mass of ulceration.
"I had live different doctors, ond
faithfully can iiii out theli inst rue
lions, 1 drank pint aftei pint of
blood medicines, tried salve altet
salve, am! lotion aftei lotion; hut It
was of no avail.
"My father then look me iiml*.
miles to see n well-knuwn doctoi He
photographed Uie aim and hand. This
photograph was Bent to a New York
hospital lo ihe specialist, hut Ihey
sent word they could do nothing
further for me, and I was in despair
''(hie day a friend asked nu- il I
had tried /am-Huk. I said 1 had not,
hut I got a hox right away, Tbal
lirst box did me more good than all
lhe medicine I had tried up to that
time, so I continued the treatment,
Every box healed the sores more ami
more until, to make a long story
short, /am-Huk healed all the sores
completely. Everybody in this place
knows of my ease and that it- is /am-
Huk alone which cured me."
The Rev. W. H. M. Parker, of Caledonia, Miss Dol liver's minister,
writes: "This is to certify that the
testimonial of    Miss Dolliver is   cor-i
Vill   (
Reglna, Rask., Feb. ;
ccrtod movement amon*
and BUb-dl vision opera tt
more drastic regulation ol this <
of business undei govermm nt si
vision is now taking definite fori
a bylaw soon to he submitted to
provincial legislature, among
nuue Important sections of which
a clause    providing   fm ihr payi
of fees Into the city tier
of to tbe registrar ol 1
the time of registering
sion.       The  snhdn Ish li
iv mate
I titles
, wiih proper
Hint of sleep,
IIH   .
llu-   Im.
si    taking   tin- risk ol
up*, mnl
RtiirocftUon   Irom (.*.,!
The genial and ever refreshing
Francii Downs, Flagstonc's lumbei
magnate   ami all   round good fellow,
Was in   I Ilka Ihis week
Willie Newendorp, <
hank Mali,   Klko, wi
parents ,n Flo* •	
( Ih.' Meichani-
s VistU&g hi*
tins rwrk end,
On ruevdaj aft. in", ii oui itteni
was called to an item In the Elko
Bladdei ol th. Prospectoi referring
io iis \s ih,- write) oi the mil
const) in d item don't evident!) i no**
religion rrom a pain In Ihc stomal h
we'll draw in th. iiiu,-
li us.i up , i.ii in.i*i. i I. hate
folks     and     dotl'1  lit inn In mir cent
Nexl io the suniuht ,,f heaven is a
cheerful face
(ioud loads an     ti'.dris all        the
ymi i< uml (oi | town i trade Intel
eels, ami Klko wants nuue feeders,
Make  (he best of   everythinfl   Hunk
the bent td everybody; hope Uw
best for yourself and do ,\s I bftVC
dt ne mul smile while you work, hut
Ih1 sure ami pav your grocer, and
your feet will never lie blistered on
the pavements of ihat but southern
city in the hereafter.
If you want to say something Im:
"Jim" say elephant. Look for the
good in everything, not Ihe had.
When ymi rem) itnylblug und don't
grasp tbe true moaning always re*
member a shut mouth is most becoming tn a chump.
FOR NAl.K.-one registered Per
eheron stallion, rising five years
weight about IfifiO, sound and gentle
Kor particulars apply S. J. Ilnrrl
son. Wardner, B.C. r»-2t*
Mr. Burns,
Winnipeg, renewed
town last Wedncs-
Mis. pierson, Miss Hazel Stearns
and Mrs. P. Uerric were with Cran-
brook friends last Wedoesddy.
Mis    Moore, of    Brandon. Man. is
in town with her mother, Mrs J, <;.
Boyd,    Mrs.   Boyd is sinking every
da} and n li expected that 'ere    the
ends she will have been relieved
: i.i terrible suffering.
Mi Elmer Thompson was in Cran-
1   - . last week to see bis motbei
Mi Speedy, ol Winnipeg, called to
ti ends in lewn last week on bis
business trip west
Mrs   iv    Ham., ut  Taber,  Vita
wbn has been Visiting foi some Hum*
with Friends in Kallapet, Mont., arrived in town on Wiilm*sda\ and will
go wiih Mi. Kant/ lo Taboi
■*'     i mmi Walls ta on ihr sick lisi
this week.
Mi otto Reciter, <>f Un on.
ri Coffee Co . Wardnei, |1. ('., Is
meeting with splendid success in this
paii of ihe country, Mi. Becker Imports the raw coffee beans bon
Bra ii .md    prepares them    for  use
hini .ll       His OOffM is veiv pure nntl
strong snd therefore much rbeupcr
ih.in ordinary coffees, as a (ar smnil-
ii quanlltj is required,
\ subscription list has bom making
lis rounds this week nskin-^ tor tbe
names of those who wish Rev.
Stevens to remain with us. We understand that this has met with genuine sin-cess. ThB list is U, be bawled to tbe Presbytery at Nelson this
red as far as my knowledge goes. I
have known her for a year and a naif,
and her cure effected hy Zam-Buk
Wherever there is ulceration, blond-
poison, sores, cold-cracks, abscesses,
cuts, burns, bruises, or any skin
jury or disease, there Zam-Buk should
be applied. It is also a sure cure
for piles. All druggists and .stores
sell at 50c. per box, nr post free
from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for
price. Refuse cheap and harmful
imitations and substitutes.
(Continued from page two).
all otir natural resources are curiously Interwoven antl interdependent:
Without trees—no water.
Without water—no soil.
Without trees, water or soil—no
Without growth—no life.
Without trees, without soil. the
streams become a menace, a scourge.
These conditions cannot possibly induce population—consequently no development. Without prow th—no
population. No population, no development—what then'
Tbe legislative action aboul to be
taken In respect ol our forests must
of necessity, and undoubtedly will,
profoundly affect generations yet to
come. The problem Is very complex
and many-sided There are several
phases that expediency and necessity
would suggest. Main thoughts come
to one's nn ml whicli upon investigation prove undesirable and impracticable. The theoretical, or academic
side is Intensely Interesting, but the
practical view is the one 1 have endeavored to lay stress upon, and after
the most searching analysis of tbc
question as above outlined, have
made an honest endeavor to solve the
problem upon practical lines, bavin*;
due regard to the financial and commercial aspects, because this timber
business is essentially a practical
matter, ami is of the utmost import-
ante to lis all I consider it the
fundamental, the basic inundation of
• mo material prosperity, thc pivot
round which our future development
ol every character must of necessity
icvol.e   ihe one elemental asset       to
which iiu* attention ol the province
cannot Ik* too constant!] drawn. iAp-
In conclusion) let nu- say that 1 am
forced to the Arm, deliberate conviction that the success oi lailure, the
progress ot stagnation---Indeed* the
very destiny td British Columbia, is
■o Interlaced with, ami therefore m-
sepainhb- ftnm. that it absolutely
rests and depends upon our lorest
.Last week we told you something
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ at*hil Ihis rupture appliance, and If
Mr. Lesseur, nf Michel, has been en-1 yon are a ruptured person you were
gaged ns machinist for the Crows;intemtod. If not ruptured you were
Nest Pass Lumber company. His! nnt lnt*tt>l<od ami need read no lur-
daughtcr, Mrs. Kimball, arrived a1 ther. We confess thai lhe greatest
few days ago and will remain with i difficulty we had in writing the 00-
her father    until   her mother returns! lice of lasl week and this notice,     Is
to convey to you Ibe real worth ot
the appliance. Iu almost any papei
yoti pick np are advertisements ot
TUptUTC   trusses   glffttd by self-called
home from a trip east
A piece of flannel dampened with
chamberlain's Liniment and bound on
to the affected parts Is superior to
any planter. When troubled with
tame back nr pains In the side or
chest give It a trial and you are certain tn he more than pleased with
the prompt, relief which It affords.
Hold by all dealers. 54!
rupture specialists, ami amongst them
they have mnmigcd to claim all that
it is possible to clftlm Inr n rupture
truss. We rocognlto that it i» haul
for us to p-'iMiadr ynu that we really
•ran do what ot litis protess to do-
that    is,   il Im  hard to- tin here—but
Those Interested, Please Read
PreBh air and exerc
food and a sufficient i
are tho essentials.       ^^^^^^^^
Under such a regime of living,
germs cannot develop, and many dis*
eases are prevented.
Should tho system require n tonic,
take only such us you know tholr ingredients—such Is Vlnol. which 1b a
delicious combination or tho health-
giving proportles of tho cods' livers,
with all the useletsn grease eliminated
and tonic Iron added, happily blended
In a mild, medicinal wlno.
For this reattnn vinol Ik regarded
as ono of the greatest body builders
and lnflgorators for aged people. It
Invigorates and builds them tip, and
keeps them up.
We sell Vlnol with tho understanding that If It does not give satisfaction tbe price will he returned,
Cranhroolc Drug and Hook Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
Cranbrook, B. C.
4    Hnvo ii verj Hnu ussortuiuul of
9*994 9******** * * * *
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All tr
often il for *-.
le are grown in <<nr own nurseries on
Cui.Uiii .mi Ki.ii.li.
j Imperial Bank of Canada
SI 0,000.000.00
j. 000,000.00
D. H,
WII.KIK, Prwldent.
Accounts   of   i
FuriiKTs nii'l l'ri.       I          nils 	
Drafts and Let!          I led available in any part ot
U'.irl I
HKl'AliTM i:N I'     Special   attention
Bunk  Acco De1) sits of 11.00   nml
ui'i inter iti ■■{ deposit.
the wor! 1
given to Savings
upwards received
* TIIK *
« f»
«     Columbian     »
« •
, is ii guaranluei] pulley.  Tlmt ia, ^
* BstlBfuotloii IsgunrHitiecU Inovery •,
« respect.  Tho ^
I Nelson Iron Works*
j, Una aii  ttvur Increasing alui-k. «
.^ Write tliem for particulars. -
****** ********
® ®
• I
Butcher Co,
East Kootenay
Dealers 111
Fresh nnd Oured
Poultry, Game and Fish
in Si-nson.
GIVE   08   .1   TRIAL
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
The Old P. Wood's
-.I. a.
alallal t
.vmi 1 will nut nc.
»..|.i   ymir raw,
nail in fivr.v in-
• Iiniii I Iraflt I,..
imv nan original
...I V II 1..-.-.I    I
Sa.rn.lofrhoea. Orglllc Wcaknc*,.
1.0*1 VllOf. Varkocclc. II.Jru.cK', Cun-
traded OlMrdcra. Specific Kland 1'i.laun,
Flit, aad Stricture* — restoring nil
urT.rt.'ilorai.ii. tunormal ami hsallhv
ni'tio.i in tin1,lion,'-1 possibls spies
.... all Ilia form* Ol ili.i-ii.,'. ol Mil'
..naiilinliiiti nml laatroellr,
ni oflleoorlt* ni"
tnokkl In
To Care Consumption
Physicians agree, that in addition
in olhcr measures, a vigorous
nervous system is essential.
The best preparation for com-
bating the nerve exhaustion re-
*lulting front consumption is
THE     NEW     REMEDY     FOR]
Nervous Exhaustion
which contains Lecithin (ccn-
ccntrated from thousands of
eggs), the only form of phosphorous capable of befog fully assimilated by the digestive organs.
"Asayn-Xcurall" restores full
nerve vitality, aud thus lends Incalculable old iu throwing off the
TIil* beneficial effects are evident almost with the first dose.
ICoz. linltle. MdavV treatment. (1.50.
Obtaiu iV.m Uie ltxilb|**:ut«.
Drugglats, Cranbrook, it. C
- ft UwrcneeCa, Rote Wn., Mon
me tlt-m fur (tee hook on Hrtm
I-.jl-i in.-l.vii.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
a neTand
A tnOtlara Oqt)i|)|ie<l Cafvui ino-lerah-
RatM H.ihiiukI op pti iluy
nf Howard Bt.toil Pronl Ata.
>nr bui tnMtl nil traitie
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan. Mgr.
»♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦•►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ <
A Good   Home
is what is clear to eveiy man. A homo
is whore Peaoe, Comfort, CJontentment,
nml Plenty is found. That is the reoaon
mon throughout Mrilish Colunihia, when
"Oranbrook1'is mentioned think of the
provioiona Jos. Brault Iiiir mn<h> for nn
klofll li'init' at tlie
Canadian Hotel
Cranbrook Branch: f!. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
Corner Fenwick Avenue and
Baker Street.
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Fruit. Agricultural, Grazing anil Timber Land*}.
Insurance, Stocks and Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers in Lumber
II. !.  BTEPHESS, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with •• I hi* Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
Capital ('aid Up 16,200,000 Reserve $6.*>*»o,fMKi
Total Assets. Over $05,000,000
II. B, HOLT, in-. - tvSE, General Manager
Aeeoanti <■( Firni,Co loati polititwl.
Oat-ot town ■■.-:-- rt
SAVINGS DEPART5II -   00 and amrards raeelrfd
ati'l tntereii ..*    No [onnallt*| or delay ia
uithil raving,
A Ganaral Banking Rai i   icted,
Cranbnmk lirandi : 1.11. O'CONNELL, Manajjcr
•tt **>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦< ********** *************
It's   tin. Some I'Im
Th* PUca thai is 1
(ir>o»! m tba li- ll
better Ihan iln- Eta
The Cosmopolitan
If you ooma onco,
Vou will come again.
B. II  SMALL, l'i.
AAAAAAaaAaaaaAaaaaAaa a a attta ttAmi»aaaAaaa
▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ w w ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ www w v w *w
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
Vi. F. JOIIXS0.1 ■■ RON,
Pi tprlala
*********4494*444*4************************4 THE CRANBROOK HERALD
By tin' Herald   Publishing Company,
K.   I. Deane, Managing Kditor.
IIII    Wiallicsil
Will  I.i'
si Hi,- ratepayers
alleil upon In exercise Uielr
.', in lavor ol a bylaw, auth-
i,n i.ilsiu'i nl $6.SO0 lur Min
expressed Uw
, lavor of tM»
and toidea Uiis tbo more Imputative
mllv „| eduoatlng all U» people     *"
general duties as give versatility
U Milt) to  pas* easily    ton.
.„., trade or    occupation to anothei'
Tl,,, ability I" readjust ones voeauoi
what is most needed."
11 is remarkablo to sit bow like an
valancho ll.e idea ol manual training
is grown in France and in tbe Unit-
I Slates. Entire cities bavo intio-
itiiird the workshop Into thc common
schools. Tho school authorities ol
must cities, liowovor, think it just,
tu offer thc girls something in Hen ol
manual training, which as a matter
lol evidence is reserved for the buys.
I Cooking schools and so-called schools
•f domestic science aie established loi
;lrls. In l'.uropo ns well as iu Atner-
■li   schools aie quile numerous.
bus    lot a
I point   of
.mm! still
ual Training  School
Herald    lias already
ujiii  that Un' Mm
 re on the subject.   Ove, convene
1m:,   ,,, ,     man) a,,  election   ami   .
„     be thc   pari ol   ffiwlom fni
those actively Inlerosted ■'■ -",r«
Cranhrook'a public sdtool ■■■■■ -**•"••'
strengthened and improved b) «■
addition ol manual training wWoi
fooMtiw. to in.sy themselves In securing as heavj a vote as possible in
favor nl the bylaw.
The Idea ol an harmonious all-stdcil
developmcnl o! the human powers or
talents wasa produol ol the niut-
locntli century, Mere mental training 0, exclusive religious training, or
mere social polish, or all three ol
them logethei aro no longer conslder-
n, complete education. Manual
skill, 01 dexterity ol tho hand in thins,, oi tools, bus been Included In tho
conception ol a good education. The
old Idea thai memorizing meant
learning, or knowing, Ib nol tcnaWi
any longer. Today it is tn c.-scrv.-,
investigate and Ihen to apply w»a'
bas been found in the creation ol new
lorm. This is the process ol modem education. its method being
thus crystallized: "See, -I", and then
tell aboul it."
mhA*A\\m ll1
.,. _._. country dinars
(nun thni in iiyoilin There is an
i sstiitial dlllt'I'niCO helwteli Llu* (
man uml Hit* Kit-mb nn'U.'Ws. In
I'm is, (or Instance, skill tu thf use ot
tools lor tho purpose ol niter.n*;
trades, icems tlu* end uml aim. in
Germany, notably in Leipslc, manual
training In part and parcel ot an harmonious all-Bided education, which
aims ullke nt Intellectual growth, In-
ereaso of will power and skill in the
n-i- ol bauds and toojs. This dlfler-
ence ts Mie principal one, but it js
also a diftcreaco in principle, Tho
French motive power \% utililariiiii-
1  that of ilu* Germans and Amort-
cons is, as KriH*hi*| has it, "Tu make
men—whole, complete iqc])-*ni0p who
observe, learn by expcrieiu'p ami
an up in their con vlcfIons."
The gci f     '■"' man
Idea    was given   to  the
Frnetel.      Tbc' lirst To
training in higher    elasw
al training
world by
use manual
i was    ihe
of tho estimates    t
r published   olsowhero
noted  school reformer of Finland (iu
HuBria), i »<> Cygnaeus,  rector ol    a
normal school at Iyvuskylaf, on Lake
Paijene, Finland.    Tht; news of    bis
death was scarcely noted beyond   the
confines t>f Finland,    Ycl tho name oil
that man  deserves lo Ih> remembered
iu every civilized country.    Cygnaeus
was Un*    father ol that practical Instruction in manual training which is
now    inking its    conquering    course
through thc    civilized worlil, ami    is
being    recognized    as a  regular and
legitimate branch nt study ur occupation In the boys'  schools ol Finland,
Switzerland and other countries.
Thu siuniiii
11n* eiisuiiit*; .; - - ■9m^^^^^^^^^^__
in I Ins Issue, point conclusively to
tin' facl lhal we shall soon be in the
thick ni another provincial general
election. Backing up bis railway
polU') Premier .MiHiiil** has made
provision fur lavish expenditures in
all purls uf llu- province on public
works, in wltich Cranhrook district
is, apparently, lo shgre liberally
Premier McBride1 s political faith and
practice, is, that lavish expenditures
is Un* surest way to retain office. He
is giving prodigal evidence of this iu
the current expenditures. The taxpayers will pay, and will, doubtless,
rejoice al the prospect. Some day a
reckoning of another kind will have to
in* made, then the cheering won't be
sn profuse, but in tho meantime Dick
rules the roost and all's well
long lime been tbe weak
school systems; but, at,
length, the Idea ol Icoohlng the
growing lad something of practical
benefit to him lias gained ground;
and tho first step iu that direction is
the Manual Training School. This
iursc starts while tbc child is still
ypung and continues with his other
studies till be leaves public or high
Unlike the academic subjects, thc
pupil ol manual training learns to
do by doing, and, unlike many of th
modern educational "trills" this practical subject aids the pupil with bis
other studies.
Some of the outstanding benefits ol
manual training are:
The pupil learns to observe.
The pupil learns to measure and to
judge distances and quantities.
Tlie pupil loams the use of tools.
The pupil learns tbe practical    application of mathematics.
The pupil learns lo use bis hands
and bead properly. Ile learns sell*
In fact il Ls tlie one and only opportunity ufionli'il to at Vast ninety
pel cent ol the school population tu
a fijii in* any thing ol u practical nu
lure during their school life,
This js hy no means a frill. 11 is hy
no mean,. ,i (usury. Ii Is wbat
should have been taught years pap,
11 means giving lhe average boy who
mui.t )earu a trade (or else, use a
pick and shovel) ^ belter start than
he would ever obtain in any olbwr
uihtiuer* 11 gives him habits of
thrill and economy. It makes him
constructive os opposed to destine-
II the bylaw mpctp with the a|>-
plnval ol the ratepayers it is th»
purpose of the board to make lo
make preparations for night school
classes which can be handled by thu
same Instructor nnd wiih tho same
But it is necessary for all who are
progressive to unite and see that
the bylaw is carried. It is unfortunate that we arc required by law
to spend approximately    $15,000    at
A Loud Voice
or a
High-pitched Soprano
Is not necessary in
telephoning orders to
A gocti, healthy
whisper will put you
in   connection   with
The Hardware Men
Telephone orders are
appreciated and receive particular care.
Just ask Central for
78; we will do the
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware, Stoves, House
Furnishing Goods
CRANBROOK,        -        B C.
present lor school purposes on a uys-
teni that but feebly docs the work it
intended   to do,   while by the expenditure nf mt additional $1500     rets could be sepnred which would be
ureal benefit to all.
Trade licensee are  due or over din
li may he well   to slate that the police  will not   ko around   to    collect
them,    li is np to those who    have
to pay tn go lo the   city office    and
1.line   down    with   the    coin ol the
realm.    Last .luly   even   Hi■■ lathers
ol   llie    eily     were   cauglll napping,
were duly    summoned and     in    the
ordinary way ordered to go upstairs
and square   accounts    with  the city
clerk,     ,\ notice has been niunnit*. in
\ tbc Herald   for the past three issues
j warning all on sundry ol tbe fact.   It
'is no harm to remind those likely to
I be affected by the   ordinance 10 visit
I llie city ball   and make an end ol the
Prof, Huxley says:
"Technical education in tho strict
sense has become a necessity lor iwo
leas..ns. The old apprenticeship has
broken down partly by reason ol the
changed conditions ol industrial Uie
and partly because trades have ceased
io be irnfts,' the traditional secrets
whereol the masters handed down lo
their apprentices, Invention is constant!) changing the lace 0! our Industries, su thai 'use and wont,'
'rule uf thumb,1 and the like, are
graduail)  losing     their   Importance, j
while that   knowledge   ol    principles *'     ,— . ,,    ,  .
which   alone   can   deal    successfully' "-^cation   Iron, the east side o! Hn-
wiib changed  conditions is becoming
more mnl more valuable. Socially the
Sundays—Low mass at H.:J.II a.m.;
lush mass, 1(1.30 a.m.; Sunday school
Irnm 2 to .1 p.m.; Rosary and Hcnc-
diclion »t 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ol obligation— Mass at 8 a.m.
Hock days—Man at «. a.m. at the
P. Plamondon- O.M.I.
MKTlKllllST (III Illli.
. Vi. K1si.ii Dunham, paslnr.
Thi' new Brunswick howling alleys
opened lasl Friday in the basement of
the new Campbell autl Manning building on Hanson avenue. Hurt Campbell and I). 1>. McLaws are the pro
prieiors of tlte new bowling and billiard parlors and (both are popular
and capable business men and should
meet witb success,.
Pour of tho Ilncsl Brunswlck-Balke
alleys and billiard and pool tables
compose Uie. equipment. Since opening ihey have had a steady patronage
even the ladles baking an interest
irt tbe game ol bowling. They are
planning on bavin*; a ladies day occasionally.
The new quarters  are spacious ami
well lighted by   electricity and   with
Iheir   splendid equipment should
tin ne a popular amusement place.
j Never     over
look the facl thai
you are always
in view to other
people and that
^^^^^^^^^^^^H        it depends in I      	
great measure on your Clothes how you are sized up.
You can find here the newest fabrics that will be worn this season
by the very best dressers.
You will see the handiwork of the artist in the cut of the lapel, the
drape of coat that outlines the figure, and the graceful ease and hang of
the trousers,
Every man that wears a Suit bought here will know what it is to be
well dressed,
Clothier and Men's Furnisher
*********************** **********
Amongst tbe public works lor which
provision has been made in the
recent government appropriations
is that lor the construction of a
ht'dgc across the Kootenay river near
Gateway.      This  will   afford   conv
'inaster' ol f»u or live apprentices is
disappearing in favor ol the 'employer' of forty, or four hundred, or lour
thousand fiends' and the odds and
ends of technical knowledge, formerly
picked up in a ship, are not, aad cannot be suppUi d in a factory. The in-
:.n ictIon formerly given hy tho mas-
lei mu * th* :■ ■ re, bt more than replaced by tin systematic teaching "I
technical schools."
Dr.   ff,    P. Harris, \
• loni i ol education, sa\:-
"1 cannol look at * dm ation In I
broaden! sense without seeing that i
dustrlal education exists, snd must
e\i ', in all counti li .1 .i matter ol
apprenticeship, and lhal 11 can be
made a very much mure useful thing
by putting some portion o| it into the
form ol a school, nnd bavim- it man-
ped in* a competent teaehei Vppron-
all) .1 vet) pn'u Mud ol
l-ead In i vs mil] wasteful ot
the pupil' tl i ai i rncrfly. Thus it
happen lhal the schools have od
theli hand . al Hi. presenl time, the
dutj of providing some plan by
whieh school training shall take Un
place 'd all   torms of  apprenticeship
,1 liter to a part of this district which
at present is almost entirely cut ofl
fiom any mode of approach. In itself
the bridge would Ik- of lllth* use but
when it is linked up by a road around
tb>* base of Baker Mountain and down
Hold creek it will mean something ol
a most practical and import int character for Cranbrook and its Vicinity.
Wc know little or nothing nf the
country back td Baker mountain Ji.st
because (here is no means at present
worth mentioning td getting into this
area whieli contains thousands of
acres ol the finest kind of laml
Money makes Ihe mare go. The
money placed in the hands of Mr
itiiil iln*    government   road snperin
been laken for Uto preservation of order in the city, and troops have been
rdcred   out    to    patrol the Italian
 Vicloria, I   t'., Feb. 28.—The gov-
l.ondon, Feb. 28.—With French and! ernment uf Hritish Columbia is invit-
■Hritisb warships speeding toward ing competitive plans lor the new
Beirut and   practically all European;provincial    university  to be situated
Sunday services:   The past* r
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.80 p.m.
Morning subject: "Vigilance."
Evening subject:    "Measuring
Special music will he rendered
lie    choir,    including an anthem, as
well as a solo by Mrs. Weisbrod    entitled "Come Unto Me." by t'oenen.
Strangers are   especially welcomed
March 3rd.
Morning service at U o'clock. Communion will Ih* observed at this set
vice. The. pastor will be glad to
bear |»cf* re tins date of any wishing
to loin the church.
Sunday school and Bible class at
3 p.m.
Evening service at 7.30 o'clock.
Tin- pastor Will occupy tlie pulpit
of Knox church at this service lor
ibe last time as lhe settled pastor
\ congregational social will be held
On Friday evening, March lst, at 8
('. tt. Main, Minister.
,ntries   protesting againsl    Saturday's bombardment,    vigorous dipli
malic remonstrates    are expected t
be delivered to Italy today.
The fact lhal Italy failed to give
2\ hours' notice us provided lor by
international law before shelling the
Cltj aud that she broke her promise
lo confine ber operations to Tripoli
has caused tho greatest indignation.
It was learned semi-offlcially tbat
ihe British government regarded Admiral Favurclli's announcement Unit
he did not al tempt to shell the city,
as a lame excuse.
ll was pointed out that the Turkish
gunboats were so close to tbe har-
boi front that the Italian command-
must have known be was endangering Un* lives of Beirut's population hy his bring.
Tho Hritish cruiser Lancaster stationed at .Malta has been ordered to
Beirut; France bas despatched a
cruise) Irom Suda Bay, ami it is believed lure ihat other warships will
Ih- sent to tbe scene If It is known
luly intends to continue ber activity
on the Syrian coast.
at Point Grey. Only Canadian architects can compete. Tbe spec I (lea
limis call for building aggregating i»
value $l,rum.mm. and the architect
whose plans are adjudged successful
' will be awarded a prize of $10,0011.
Vou are probably aware
pneumonia always results from a
cold, but you never heard ol a cold
resulting in pneumonia when Chamberlain's Cough Remedy was used
Why take the risk whin this remedy
may be had for a trifle? For sate by
all dealers. 5-tI
FOR SALE.—House, (nine rooms,
electric wired, water) stable, woodshed and hen yard, and hall acre of
land, noithwestol the Sash and Door
Factory. Apply to Mrs. \V. Slater,
P.O. City. ij-U'
all modern t
phone -10**.
nveniences;   close in,
ROOMS TO KENT, every convenience. Apply Salvation Army, or
'phone 2ti... 8-St*
riagc in good condition,
l. Herald olliee.
—Haby car-
Apply Box
comb White Leghorn
ners at the fall fairs
Fertility guaranteed.
Slater, phone 202.
IChapman'sAgency |
X Nofbarj Ucnuc, Near Ihc Audilnriurn •
W Real GtlStl I imn*.
lliii (llul ni.' ni Investments
w Autlhitiecrs
,     Ainilon Snle nt our ronms every
x Sstnrday nt 2 .to nnd 7.111.
II "1.1 li iu' nnvilun^ l<i  nell. tiring
ll to un,     If >im »anl an>thinit crnne
w In our -nl. -
♦ Chapman's Agency*
1 indent will s<iun enable many a
mam and a horse (ami in another
year or so, the motor cars) to tra-
irso tbo route and learn a new les-
m ol what we have lo olTot U*D
settler. ul tutnse, 11 Is not lb;
animals or the car Ihat will learn the
■mi, but lhe men uho have them
charge. 11 is necessary lo make
iin correction for poBtencns1 sake,
but one cannot help thinking that
uiuny of us have bun 11s slow to re-
cognttt Un- possibilities of our district ns the very lieast we sat a
stride of in our rambllngc here and
there—that is, supposing wo bad the
enterprise to wander Ihere and here.
Most of u-f bad not the enterprise.
We may as well try lo get thc habit
or the stranger will possess our land
and wc shall have to lmy It back
from him nt a horrible profit to him
and a loss to ourselves which thc
mere opening of our eyes just now
Will tend to avoid.
At the present   time all pupils    ot
Sunday   morning, it o'clock—HoH
ness mertihg.
Sunday alteration,     2 o'cl*. ek—Sun
day scIkk 1.
Sunday    atternooni  *■*■■*- o'clock*"
Flee and Easy Heeling
Sunday night, 8   o'clock—Salvation
Bible   lesson,   sublet I'  "A  Nation1!
(ircatcst Evil."
Tuesday  night* k o'clock — sa'va-
tioit meeting.
Thursday nlghl, h o'clock— Holiness
Saturday    night, h  o'clock—Free
ami easy meeting.
Everybody hearf ity Invited to    the
above services.
Fred'k A. Stride, Capt.
Paris, Feb. 88.—Despatches Irom
Beirut to thc morning papers give
tbe number of those killed in tbe
town tm Saturday as eighty, ami the
WOUOded at one hundud and fifty.
Ninety per cenl of those killed and
wounded were civilians. The Ottoman bank building was badly damaged by shells.
Tne    Europeans at Beirul arc said
io in- astounded nt    what is styled a
rderous assault upon a dctonoclcsi
town.        They say   the ncth'ii ot the
Italians is unparalleled in the history
ni modern warfare.
Morning   worship,   11.00.    Subject:
"The    Christian's Debt ot Honor."
Tin- Lord's Supper will be observed.
Sunday school 3 p.m.
Evening worship, 7.80. Topic: "The
Social Danee, and tlie Christian."
11 |u-|h-« v.. The pastor, Rev. O. E. Kendall
Cranbrook schools leave school alter I will conduct tin* services nf the dav.
a course thai fits them for practical* All tin.' privileges of divine worship
ly nothing but the iM'glnning tl a are freely extended to the puhlic.
professional  career.     The   ordinary, 1 ■
school course Is the old lashloned om',1   HORSES      FOR       SALE.-Ynur
based on   lho   Idea cf the "prepare-' ehoicr* out ot 32 head; weighing Irom
lory" schools which "prepare" itttd-] 1800  to 1700.—Canyon   City Lumber] turbancc
ents tor a
(J. Mctcair, ot Winnipeg, has arrived to take a position as dispenser at
Uu* Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.
Mr. Melcalf comes well recommended
t a lirst-class dispenser.
A large number of fanners living
1 the southwest of town intend
■tting out a considerable acreage to
fruil this spring. Among those who
Will set out trees are E. H. Reed,
L. Phillips, L. P. Sullivan, Mr. Morrison, Mr. llallett and several others.
Now is thc time to advertise eggs
fm hatching. Tbe Herald circulates
in everj' farming community in East
Kootenay.    *Nul sed.
H. A. Smith, of Moyle, was hen
from Moyie today, stopping at the
E. W. Taylor and wile, ol Fernie,
nre registered at the Cranbrook today.
.lames Uamiart and George Wood,
of Wasa, were among the day's business visitors.
o. It Appleton, ol Pioct. r, was rr-
ghriered at the Hotel Cranbrook lo
ff     Tall,     manager of the Holland
ranch at Fairmont, is in the city u*-
day. Accompanying him are .1. It
Johnson, C, Ovlona, W. Perkins nml
1:. Bryan, employees of Uw Holland
ranch. They will remain for a
dny or Iwo buying supplies.
iroughbred single
eggs. Prize win*
$2,011 for 13.
Apply   E. tt.
Sedentary habits, lack of outdoor
exercise, insutlicient mastication of
food, constipation, a torpid liver,
worry and anxiety, are tbc mosl
common causes of stomach troubles.
Correct your habits and take Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tali-
lets nml you will soon he well again.
For sale by all dealers. MI
that the- Hrilish Columbia Southern
Railway Company intends to apply
to the Lieutenant Governor In Council, Victoria, llritish Columbia, lor a
final license under part XI. ol tl"'
Water Act, 1000, and Amending
Acts, to clear and remove obstacles
from Hull River, in East Kootenay,
lot    tb** purpose of making the same
lil for ratting and driving logs.
Tbe maps and plans and particulars
ot lhe proposed imprnvcim nts und
works have been filed with the Chlel
Water Commissioner, at Melon i,
British Columb.n, within 20 days
after the lirst publication ot litis
Dated at Cranbrook, British Columbia, the Uth dav ol February,
W. F. Gurd,
s-tf Solicitor for the Applicant
A9\t\9\9\t\A\A\d%ta\^t}4*\At%m\m%9\m%m%*%9\ AAA4AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*
V**F«F'«F'*F**V*Je*e'*W **▼***» W**F ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ ■??▼*??¥?▼??▼▼'?*??'?▼▼▼▼▼▼
s. A. Kl'.ll., Proprietor
1 have just received a
complete line of new
Come and sec our lines
**************** ****     ***********
Je vien«, dc recevolr
un assortiment onipltl
Vcnez voir pour vous
vous convalncra.
Big Clearance Sale of *
Iti.ii.i', Fob, *.lti.—'rim Iiali1.11 liiri'ii;ii
ollirr iiulili-1i.il n tilt-mnranrltin. »,'-
riiiii|.aiiint i.v photogr*>plu.| rotating,
in thr i.llrp.l terrible. Rtrooittca
.'iniiii.il lial In Turks nml Arnbs on
tin. Malum aotdlen. Tbc Italian
governmont   Brniouneea    tlmt it l.rls
Imcumbcnt upon II lo denounce     lo ,,„, „„,„, llK ,„„„,.„ ,mil. ,„„,„„,
neutral go-ernmenta    (!,.• systrmali^ _.,.,„, Kinl. MomlnlUl, COi U(1   80ll,
II you a|.|ir. t-iatr a iima! oruniti*.
ono llial you t-nn sll .lown with ntui
enjoy Ilk.' tlu* < nr you uscl to look
lorwnnl to in your \uins stocking
huy "Red Shield" navala. Thoy ar.'
Itn- lineal tho (lol.l.'n Stair prtxliiu's
prolanaton, detold ot all human tool- ggonta
in-', who, it says, ate a stain upi n
thi' Turkish nrtny. I'lool is also oi-
IitmI (hat thc Turks anil Arabs tlnvl
upon ambulances, constantly using
duiiHlnm bullets
Tenders   will lie    received lor con-
IslruillnR   a brick    building    50x116
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Jteet,   two stories,    on linker street,
TROUBLE IN TUNIS, ' until 13    o'clock   noon, on Tuesday,
Tunis, Kcli. 2R—A    lioslile demon- March BUl, IMS.     Plans and speclli-
ilration was   made by a larnc crowd cations may bo scon and lorms       ol
it nnti.es In limit ol the Italian con-  tender obtained at thc o(Hcc ol     tho
■utnie here nwinit.   to a si reel    ills- architect.
in    whieli an Italian    was F. S. Rossoter
iis winch "preparo" sum    iiuu  i0 imn.—. iiimm   * uy ,.,.,...n a.,..	
university   Iralnine,  Thin Company, Ltd., Creston, III'.      s It killed.     The strictest incisures have nil     Civil Knginccr and Architect
We want thc mom.
Look at these llargnins
$19.00 Healer now $14.25
"    U.00
"    1200
»      »      7.80
"      4.85
Come in and Sec Them
* Cranbrook B. C.        Phone 5 THB OBAN BROOK HEHALO
Music in the Home
Nothing gives more pleasure to homo life than good
music, and no music is bettei than that given by tlie
Edison Phonograph and Victor llramaphone
With one ot these, machines you can hear the best
Artists of Europe and America in your own home at a
nominal price.
lidisniis from $19.50 to $200.00
Victors and Victrolus from $20.00 to $150.00
must complete stock of  Kdison  and
II. ('. nnd can supply you with any
Wo carry tl
Victor Records ii
Record published.
Call iu niul hear ynur favorite singer or Musician
Ask us alioul terms.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The Jte*a£C Store
Cranbrook - - - B. C.
A Dust ^
Proof Case
Does not make donning a
watch vnihecossnry. The oil
dries out in about a year anil
produces grit, whicli must ho
removed antl new oil applied
or trouble remilts. Have
jour watch examined to-day.
rimers perfect puna aad marmalade at *•;. K, Men*. House,
Mrs. a. H Macdonald has returned]
from a vi-.it wnli Notion friends,
Wm. Martin, ol Nelson, waa .1 guest
nl l\ K. Wilson lasl Sunday,
Constable ronl era, ol Cral;, ■ ■
eiiiiini.ii nt tbe s" l'lu'tiir hospital
wuh appendicitis
Mat Ken It 1 ipci * ill*) * I eted seeds
beat loi iln* weot, al Ward and Harris,
Mi IVhttebmd ol tin* Imperial
hank stall, has been transferred to
Judge mnl   Mi       0  ll   Thompson
returned todaj   trooi   .1 several flays
trip and eWt   with friends In      the]
Windermere countrj
Ritnchcrt, thsre an mora Di
l.aval Crtam Stparatori in «sc
than ;m> otlier make, there's a
reason. Come in .ind lei u>show
vmi.   I'jtttiiMU* Bros*
Large Warehouse.    Apply F.J.
Deane. Herald Office. *tf
Miss Moore, who has been with -the
Imperial hank lur some time, has resigned her position and returned to
her home in Calgary.
Apples! We have some of the
finest Cooking and Eating Apples
that money can buy, and our price
per case is only $2.10 on Saturday.
• - East Kootenay Mercantile
Itev. Main left Monday to attend
the session ol the Kootenay Presbytery at Nelson this week.
■ t. It. Kumsey has accepted the
management uf the gent's furnishings
department of the Kast Kootenay
Mercantile House.
not need your pre.
BCrlpUon to replace it broken
lens, firing ihe pieces. We
analyze ihem ami exactly
duplicate, Or we enn make up
your present prescription In any
of our popular stvtc of mounts.
Either our STA-ZON 01 FINCH
WOUld   pl'*«"w   you.     They  Hre
secure! neat una comfortable,
Large Warehouse.—Apply F.
Deane, Herald Office ■
B, Beattle is again at his desk
in tne   Heat tie-Murphy Co., after
.  . -    hi
in tne   Iteattie-Murphy Co., after     a
week's   absence, being confined to his.
home with lagrippe.
A. P.    Bennett, of Vernon,   was
visiting his brother,   C. O. Bennett.
ol the Canadian Babk of Commerce
during the past week.
Archibald DouviUe,    who was    re-
ivntly appointed on the local police
force, was relieved from duty this
week by the polite commissioners, on
account ol some   official Indiscretion.
Mission ball rack, something good
at the price Regular value, $15.00,
Saturday, $9.15.—E. K. Mere   House.
.! Itrownlee, who was BUpcrintend-1
ml nl this division uf the C.P R |
from 1808 to 1010, died at Kenoi.t.j
tn'. on Monday ,*vening ntfi.30,
o'clock, tYi-Tuary 88th, 1918, He hasl
been superintendent of the Kenora
dlvMon sines leaving t'ranbrook, Hoi
had been lUfhttag tor several JTSara
from lum,* decay, whieh finally re-!
■uHed In death,
ihe liii.il name    for tla*     Herthnut ,
cup between Fernie and Oraobtookl
will bo played on local los next week]
l'ii.UiiiK Toeada* 01 Wednesday, Um
date not    being    definitely   decided.
This game will Ih* a warm one with
OUi a doubt, as then* has been a Win
each and two ties The loeal bovs
are piepnrinn to gm* their rivals sbo
time of    tholr   lives and   some   last
hockey will nmriy in* mo
s.iliinliiv     speeial    iu our lumlture
A Full Stock
Of the following goods just received this week,
which wc arc selling al low prices:
International stock roads
Poultry Foods
Worm Powder
Honey Tar Foot Remedy
" Healing; Powder
Louse Killer
** Roup Cure
" Condition Powders
I). P. White Liniment
Oyster Shell, 3c. lb.; $3,75 per 100 lbs.
Flour, Feed, Poultry Supplies, Carriages, Saddlery,
Implements, Harness Repairing
tl--|»{: Dresser und stand, regular
value $18.00. Saturday, $11,98.-
E, K, Merc. House.
J, P, Fink has returned from a
week's visit to the coast cities. He
was much impressed wilb tbc
healthy business conditions and the
vigorous start the coast is making on
the new year's improvements. 1 Ie
met a large number of former Cranhrook citizens in Vancouver and Victoria. His trip was made on business with which he combined sight
seeing and pleasure.
Ranchers, 98 per cent of the
World's Creameries use I)eLaval
Cream Separators exclusively.
They ought to know what Is best.
Come In and investigate. Separator oil always in stock. Patmore Bros. !
Mayor A. C. Bowness received a
telegram on Wednesday evening with
the sad news of the death ol his
mother, Mrs. .lames Bowness, at the
■home of Iht daughter, Mrs. .1. H.
Sims, at Kensington, P.E.I., at
6.30 p.m. on Wednesday., February
2fith. Mrs. Bowness visited Cranbrook about lour years ago, spending
a year with her son, and has many
friends in the city wlio join In the
sorrow of the bereaved (amity. Lea-
man sine*;, ol Oranbrook, is a grandson of the deceased.
Saturday we are offering a large
range of children's footwear at clean
out prices. See our display.—E. K.
Mere. House.
\ rumor is going the rounds that
inn Cronin. together with the Whites, nf Spokane, have a scheme rn
foot to Secure a lease on the St. Eugene mine nt Movie anil renew operations, which have recently been slopped by the Canadian Consolidated.
There may or may not be substance to
ihts rumor, but Cronin li tbe former
manager of the property and knows
it a tittle bit better than anybody
-dee, The Whites are large opera-
ton in the Slooan. It would be a
might y good thing tor Moyie if it
should prove true ihat Jim Cronin is
to return there and work the St. Eugene once again.
To Our Many Patrons.—-
Whenever we advertise any
special goods for a stated day
you may take it for granted
they are honest and genuine
reductions. Our aim has been
and always will be—Quality at
the lowest possible price.—East
Kootenay Mercantile House.
Such great success attended tlie Canadian Pacific Railway company's
exhibit at the recent land show in
Madison Square Garden, New York
City, tbat tin* company has decided
10 establish a permanent exhibit for
this purpose. An appropriation ol
one hundred thousand dollars has
been mads for the exhibit nnd the
company is busy eolkoting game
-exhibits, samples of grains, farm products, timber and other natural resources from Western Canada. In
addition     to   Ihesc
Advance Showing of Spring Styles
This week we have passed into stock the newest models from the toremost manufacturers of
Ladies' Suits and Coats in Canada; also you will find at this store large displays of new Prints,
Laces and Embroideries, Muslins, Ginghams, Curtain Materials, Whitewear and Corsets.
We are showing more ideas, newer ideas, and more desirable merchandise than ever before, It
will be a real pleasure for us to prove to you the SPLENDID VALUES we are giving.
Tbat'l what we aimed to Imve in selecting our Spring
Whitewear.   We have a large variety of dainty nml
(■hurraing dunlin* in  WHISHT  COVERS,   NIWIT   DRKSSK5,
We would like you to nee what we tne showing.
Our prints are acknowledged by those who have seen
them to be 1 lie most tasteful wo Imve over shown. The
wishing am] wearing qualities are fullv guaranteed,
The Price /5C. Per Yard
Striking Showing of Spring
Coats and Suits
Wa have just put Into stock Another
shipment uf Suits, C'onts nml Skirts.
It will be to your advantage to Inspect tlies.'. Better values were never
The low closing one.tlded effects'
trimmed bucks and cut-away fronts
are new features that arc very prominent.
Loose straight cut models are
shown in coats. The bIccvcs are set
into n wide armhole and arc cut
loose and straight and widen considerably at the cuff, which has n
turucd-buck, mannish effect,
The materials aro Serges. Tweeds,
and Striped Worsteds. Large buttons and silk corded facings arc very
Never before have we bad SUCb fl lar**?
and beautiful assortment of Laces and Em*
broideries. We an* showing the finest
qualities of Torchons, Valenciennes, Mexkin,
Maltese, and Novell) Laces, also very dainty
patterns in All-Over Embroidery and
Flouncing!, Ete.
Lieo Trimmings will be extremely popular for Spring.
That's the .■>
feature of our
new Spring
111> J 11 r i n k
Models are in
iii'idi favor.
$1.00 to
Nail Orders
shipped same
day as
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry tloods and Clothing Stores
Mail Orders
shipped same
day as
98 per cent, of the
World's Creameries use
Cream Separator
"There'e ■ Reason"
A Du Laval Cream Separator
costs from $3.*) to $1110 according
to capacity. It saves butter fat
and produces a cream of superior
quality over any settling system or
any other Separator every time it
is used -twice a day—780 times a
You will buy a
Patmore Bros. {
Thi*     i'i,,;i|,i..i.k   illy hand   1ms ai-
ranied   lor  tin-  I'oimatier  Sitters
Concert company. which will ho seen
Under the hand tUiplcei at  the Audi-
email working jlirlum on March    l»th.    Tba Winni-
gavo i hi-ii* memorable entertainment
lu*it* u low mouths ago they failed lo
in* presenl owing to want ol knowledge ol tin* excellence ol the performance. It was Mrs. I'urtII of
that company who staled that good
its is their company the Gamble company which will occupy the Auditorium on tin; evening of thu fctfi
March, Friday week next, is entirely
their superior, There arc music lovers in plenty in Cranbrook [.witness
the attendances at thu Country Ci irl
as proof of that fact) and, for one
in a way, the Herald bellevca it lal
amply justified in assuring all those
who really care about good music
that tlm Gamble eompany will afford!
them a treat such as never was heard;
ia Cranbrook before. The company In,'
small but each member is, as the
posters truthfully announce, an artist. The very highest praise has
been given by all who have had the
pleasure ol hearing Miss Vera Page,
i hr violinist. Both she and Mr. I
Gamble have belonged,to most eminent musical aggregations ever heard
on the American or Canadian platforms and it is to be hoped that this,
-.isit will be availed of by everyone
who loves a complete and rounded j
performance of an excellence that is
a musical education as well as a keen
artistic pleasure. The people of the
City owe it to themselves to prove
that when an entertainment of real
worth can lie enjoyed here that stif-
l.eit-nt interest In- taken In it to warrant the Auditorium management in
trying to provide tin* Ih>i material
WANTED.—Nurie   girl   afternoons,
from I to (I.       Apply Mrs. Hosseter,
Garden avenue. 9-U
If you are in need
consider our prices:—
We Guarantee
Xo. 1 Tiuiothy Hay. S21.0J per ton : single bales. S1.20 cwt.
Timothy Hay. slightly mixed Willi lireeu Wheat. fl^.i.O per
ton. $1 tit) per cwt.
Feed Wheat. $'11.00 per ton : sinirle sacks, Sl.'io per cwt
Feed Oats       2'.<.(*)      " "       "       1.86
Shorts 27.1''.'       " "       "       1.45
Bran 28.00     •• ••     ••      1.40
Campbell & Manning
***. *********
ii Strawberry Plants;
, , Scoilur Duslop and Parian's Bel* , .
Two of the most hardy nnd
productive varieties.
Propagated under the most
favorable conditions from the
li M. Kellogg strain ol |x-<ii-
L'n-c plants.
Price $10.00 per Thousand '<'
f. o. b. Wvnn.1.1
i ■
i ■
model, el   trains,    steamboats, etc.,' 1*1. Free •■"•« Ml"* "No nDM ■■* $ wM
Will bt built, nml Hi.- .'xl.ll.lt       »|«.n'al nr»anl;j.tii.n    ever usil.al     tins
completed will bt tlie brut ol its kiml ■■">'   H«*n   ""'  Polmttlei   Bitten,
met presented to tv pnlille. J*™'1!' every scat In tlie limise    was
___ Isold and the   auilienrr. a motl rriu-
llral Unlit   picture*    ever taken in cal one, was highly plraseil with tbe
th*. world.     Look Inr Iht date- Tliey performance.    Every number of    tbe,
will In*    shown   tl th.'   Auditorium' programme    was thoroughly enjoy.il
thratrc. 9-M and the I'olmath-r Sitters can    rett|
— I assured   tbat every    appearance here j
About twenty years aao on thc ] will bc greeted will, a lull house."
17th ol April Fred Little camped un-. The l'olmatler Sisters appeared here
der tlte Willi upon wblch tbc town about three years ago and arc a
ot t'reston now is located. He de-! combination ol the very best musical
elded at that time that he had artists Ihat tbls city has had the
Inund his future borne and he mado' pleasure of hearing.
a resolve that he would make it     a —
home lo bc proud ot. Fred Utile Is Wben her child ls in danger a wo-
still living in Creston nnd he takes n'man will risk ber lilc to protect it.
prido in his home town. It has I No great act ot heroism or risk ol
been suggested by sevrral Interested. life Is necessary to protect a child
persons that the 30lh anniversary of from croup. Give t'hamberlnin's
the founding nl Ibe town would be Cough Remedy and all danger Is
the best     date to hold tho    annual, avoided.     Kor salo    by    all    deal
Hi',; Discount on all orders
remittance in full ra*
d before March SOU*,
Wynndel.   I! ('.
BY -
j;   Plastered Cottage on Hanson Avian
5 rooms, water, ft*iic**<l. wood shod
Two Story Residence »•. Arm-
strong Avenue. 2  Lots. 1 rooms, modern
Terms can lie arranged
Brjf We welcome a (icrsonnl inspection of onr
Absolute security guaranteed Boi ran tall reasonable
Restaurant Business
For Sale
in Town on 0towe Neat Pan Railway
Old Timers   llanqiirt nnd It Is    very'ern* °**'
likely Mint     Hie pioneers of tho Koo- ——
tenny Vnltvy will Rnther In Creston There are hUlfdndl In Cranlirook
on tbnt dale, layi Hie Crentcm Re- who retnembrr with regret ihat wben
tfirw. [-the Srhubert    Symphony   quartette
l.ot nnd '-'-tory Raildtng, )'* roomi
fully furnished. Retlaoranl iiuilnes*
guaranteed by owner to clear $150 per
month If property nm. hieiudpil wjiii
thib property i<> one driving teitin, let nt
harnetfi waRoa, Klei>tii, pig, ehlektni
nn. 1 one ton liny,
PRICE $1,650
for clear title to property end tbo business. Terms: $flWcash|bsl»neioneasy
paymentii  Bee
BEALE & ELWELL, Sole Agents
Cranlirook, U, 0.
CAPITAU - $10,000,000
REST.-   $8,000,000
Tht Money Orders of Tht Canadian Bank of Commerct tre a safe,
convenient and economical method of remittinK small sums of money.
They are payable without charge at every branch of a chartered bank in
Canada (except in the Yukon Territory) and in thc principal cities of
the United States.
The Orders and full information regarding them may be obtamcJ
on application at the Bank.
In the event of loss of a Money Order the Bank will, on receipt cf
■ satisfactory guarantee, make arrangements to refund the amount el
Ihe lost Order. AJ"
R. T. Brymner, Hanajcer Cranbrook, li. C.
Read the Herald, $2.00 Year THK   UUAN BROOK.    HKHALO
is the popular instrument for the same
reason that popular music is popular—it
makes the biggest hit with the biggest crowd
— not only because of its great popular repertoire; not only
because of its equally noteworthy classical repertoire; not
only because of the true-to-life rendering which the
sapphire reproclucing-point insures; not only because of
the Amberol Records, or because it is the instrument on
which you can make your own records at home—but,
because all these things form a combination' which everyone recognizes as the greatest ihing in the musical world
today—the Edison Phonograph.
various parts lor coloniaatton purposes. Tliese tracts will ba P'i! on
tliu market from Winnipeg uml sot-
tiers imlueed to locate and lite ills-
tlift well advertised.
In an interview Mr. Harris suid lu*
would lmy all llio fruit land near
Cranbrook offered at a reasonable
price up to one thousand aeres. Hi* is
a pioneer of Western Canada ami is
forcibly Impressed with its wondcrlul
opportunities and believes a glowing
ful ure is in store lor tills province.
Mr. Cowan is a Veteran real estate
man of Manitoba 1ml says lie bas had
an eye on Hritish Columbia lor some
lie thinks tlie climate ami iliversi-
littl opportunities in Kast Kootenay
will attract a large influx in tbe next
lew years.
In ndditlon in mir regular monthly
list ui Edison Standard nnd Edlion
Autbertil Records, ive ilSUC regU*
brlya number of British and French
Records. Be sure to get the catalogs
from your dealcrwben ymi go m huy
ynur Btliion Phonograph- .md ask
to lave the new RccordSuppIementi
mailed ymi free every month
(Jet complete catalog* from your
dealer or from in. Edison Phono-
, ,..i.i ,$u».50i..$240.00. Edlion
\siun-l.ini Recorui, 40c. Edlion
I Amberol Records (play twice as
long), 68c. Kdison Grand Opera
Records, 85c. tu $2.50.
100 Uknl-k A*eou*. Or»g«. N. J.
U.S. A.
A complete line of Eduon PbtMMirapht and Record* will b« found at
Cranhrook Drug antl Book Co. Ud
Beanie-Murphy Co. Limited
Sin   HOWARD  Clitic  LIKI-XV TO
London, Fed. 21.-While the f,
lhal in oHlcial denial has been given
to Ur nrralstt-nl report uf tliu Impending retiremcnl ol Premier As-i
quith and the succession I" the premiership "f Lloyd-George or Sir Kd-,
waul Orej is In itself fully Blgntfl-,
cant, thc well known parliamentary
correspondent uf Thc Standard, -lohn
Joseph Foster, claims to have definite knowledge on the subject.
"I  am able   l«.     state." be writes,
"thai Mr. VBtiult.. will shortly resign
the premiership ami that contrary to
popular expectation, Sir Kdwanl
(in*, and nol Lloyd-George will bo
appointed prime minister. Kurd Lore-
bum will retire Irom thc lord chancellorship, which office will he taken
by the present premier."
"When." continues Frnacr, "tills
became known in official circles a
while ago, the rank ami llio of thc
extn in- radicals ami iln- supporters
uf ibe chancellor, started a campaign
againsl iln- foreign minister, wbo
was nol in sympathy with Uoydi
George's socialistic reforms, ami nol
by any means an enthusiastic Home
Ruler. It was-not because they were
ongrj with Clrcj tor having, as they
supposed almosl led England to war
with Germany, nur because be prevented a war with Russia in connection with Persian affairs ihat they
bailed bim, bul wholly because ihey
wanted to drive him out uf otlu-i*
Tho only eUcct uf their onslaught
wns to consolidate his friends."
"By Ins sub- slum! Premier Asquith, Lord Haldanc, I.uni Motley,1
[.mil t'rewc, and many Liberals to
whom many ol the rank ami (He uf
the ladieal parly owe much Premier
Afcqiilth Intended t< retire about the
time Mr. Balfour did, but he wailed
until iln- return uf the King from India.
"It is now an open Becret that the
great honor ol the garter usually re*
Bervpd fur princes and dukes was con-]
ferret! upon the foreign minister upon'
Premier asqulth's advice, This signal
•lis!im*!ii ii was intended as a rebufl
to lhe extremists who repudiated Sii
Kdwanl Grey's foreign polity ami
ii has been rightly Interpreted Lo
mean thai Premier Asquith genuinely
approved ol Sir Kdwanl Greys diplomacy wheh our rcoonl rclatlombip
wllh German) was sira'ned.
"It musi nol bo Imagined," concludes the article, "that the LIoyd-|
Get * ■ .*■ ■ nbo preponderate In Uw
commons will calmly acquiesce In
ousting the chancellor from tb- premiership. On the contrary, they vouch
thej will smash the Liberal p-arty, a
thing which Premier Asquith painful
Iv realizes."
equipped planing mill antl sash    ami
| d  factory in connection.
I.umbel    Will   1)0 shipped from      UlO
company's Galloway ami Maryaville,
|U\, mills in Ihe rough ami millotl
foi  reshlpmcnf nl   ibe Macleod plant.
The Crows Xe.st Pass Lumber company, Ltd., has a paid up capital ot
two million dollars ami operates
llireo mills, located at Wardner, G
loway antl Marysville, which have
combined capacity of forty million
fni nf lumber per year and own
om- hundred and fitly thousand acres
of fine timber land on tho Kootenay
river, which insures an adt'tpiats
supply ol logs for the next thirty
Owing to Macleod being advantage-
office nf the   company will be located
ously located as a distributing    center,    in all probability the head sale
there during the next few mouths.
Y. A\. C. A. NOTES
Rev.   C, 0, Main nave a  splendid
address to the men who attended the
men's meeting at the   Y.M.CA. Sun-
tl.tt   1.15.
\e\t Sunday ('apt. Stride ol tbe
Salvation Army will be the speaker
at  this men's meeting.
\ H. Stanley is still conducting
tin- Bible class on Thursday nights
at ihe Y.M.O.A. The invitation is
loi every man to attend this class.
If is reported that a game uf base-
kiiball has been arranged between
lhe married aud single men to take
place in the Methodist gymnasium on
Friday night.
Tlie bowling is still holding the
interest of a number ami at present
ii is hard lo prophesy who will win
mu ibe league and hold the cup for
Fullnwing is the league standing:
Won   Lost. P.O.
n, st. south    in     :i    .m
C 1'. II. Shops    \2        I      ."MMI
Timers     12        1      .7tm
Ramblers  12      i     .tn
Sharks   fi      HI      .Wii
"'.  P.  R. Office   3      12      -IHH
Two teams dropped.
Randall  117   131    kti- Wi
FI. Stephens  iftl  ISO HO—487
W. Stephens    1R8   189 180— 587
Itos iter   ......165   112 113- 450
Barber ...... 103  Ml Kit— 378
711 Tim 089—8186
Maker Street—
Myers        I'm 177 158- IK
Milne   201 1B8 168— a2
Johnston  172 140 Kl- -173
Jones  157 1(17 151— 475
Pro im lilt 105- 870
820   771   73:1— 8880
The ('lows Nest Pass Lumber Po.,
Ltd ,      Wardner,    \\. (\,  one of      the
largest lumber concerns .n B. 0., |
have purchased a lumber yard and
planing mill site in Macleod, and will [
make this place their distributing
point for tin* prairie trade, says the
Macleod Advertiser,
Tin* sile purchased is located close
tn the (' N R, and C.P.R. lines ami
plans an* now being prepared for tbo
const rucl ion of a largo sales ami
distributing   yard   with    a inuili inlv!
I.. Harris, owner ol Honeymoon
Place nt Knalo, were visitors to
Cranbrook this week. They expect
lo buy a large trait cl laml near
Crnnbrook ami nisi, in llie Windermere country, Mr. Harris recently
sold slttccn hundred acres In Hie
I.nrdo country nml eight hundred aires ol his Kaslo |»ro|.crty. Ile is
Itreally Interested in llritish Columbia's lulure us u trull country and is
now   endeavoring CO buy tracts     in
indicate* Indigestion, constipation
or liver Irniibk*. Fill PILLS will
rogulato your system uml build up
lhe nerve forces so thut yon ean
sleep uml enjoy life. At all dealers
'iii anil fill cents or Tho Fig Pill Co.,
St. Thomas, Ont.
Sold by the Cranlirook Drug anil
Hook Co., Ltd.
Ottawa, Feb. 2:..—Hon. Wm. Miller, last ol the senators appointed by
the royal proclamation in 1867, died
here this afternoon, lie sustained a
stroke ui paralysis about a month
ago. A a iron constitution helped
him to rally at times, hut tbe end
came unexpectedly.
At lho wish ol the deceased, lu* will
In* buried at Antlgonish, N.S., his
birthplace.     His ant* was 78.
Mt. Miller was on.* of tlie leading
workers fir confederation in Nova
Scotia, though he vvas opposed In the
financial and other conditions embodied In the (Jin-lice scheme. The senfl-
Ing if a delegation to England was
due to his initiative, hut be declined
a plan* thereon. He took nn active
part in senate work, bern*.' speaker
fm four years and chairman of many
important committees.
(Albuquerque (New Mexico), Journal).
The Ernest Gamble Concert company has been called "small numerically, but bit; artistically." It is a
trio of artists, and the entertainment
is a musical treat, the combination
ot piano, violin and voice 1*niit| unite
The selections Were from the classics, the work ut the company lying
on a lofty plane ol artistic endeavor,
but at no time was the performance
over the heads ol   ihe large audience.
"Not so popular as tu be musically
cheap, and not so severely classical
as not to be popular," as a leading
musical critic has saitl of the Gambit
Concerl company's music.
Mr. Ernest Gamble 1ms a basso can
tantc voice ot wonderful depth nnd
sweetness, nnd his well chosen selections are treated wilb consummate
art nml rare skill. He was heard to
especial advantage last evening in a
quaint old Irish tunc, "The Stuttering Lovers" (Herbert Hughes) and
ga\e a magnilicenl rendition ot GoU-
nod's Vulcan's Aria from "Philemon
nnd Baucis."
Miss Verna Leona Page, the concert violinist of iht* company, plays
with a charm nnd sympathy that
reaches the audience at once. Her
playing is one of Intelligent interpretations rather than a display ol
wonderful  technique.
Edward M. Sbonert, the pianist
and accompanist, is a really bit;
player. His .style has the breadth
and his conception the masterfulness
of the real artist and bis interpretations nre Interesting to every class
ol lislener.
The recital as a whole was one ot
the best in the series of concerts under auspices ol tin- Santa Fo Reading
Room dub.
This attraction will he at the Auditorium March 8th.
New York, Fell. 2«.*-"I will accept ihe nomination for president if
it Is tendered me and will adhere lo
this decision until the convention has
expressed its preference/' is Colonel
Theodore Roosevelt'* reply to a let
ter of tht! Republican governors asking bim iu stand fur nomination.
The early awaited reply was given
out lasl nit-jhl at Col. Roosevelt's
olliee here. Ile Is absent on 1 rip to
Boston. It was unexpectedly brief,
but definite.      It  follows'.
"Gentlemen! 1 deeply appreciate
your letter and realize to the lull the
heavy responsibility it puts upon me,
expressing, as it docs, the carefully
considered convictions ot men elected
hy popular vote to stand ns heads of
the government in their several
"1 absolutely agree with ymi that
this matter is not one to lie decided
with any reference to personal preferences or interests in any manner,
but purely Irom the standpoint of the
intereMs ol the people as a whole.
"I will accept nomination tor president if it is tendered lo me and 1
will adhere to this decision until tbe
convention has expressed Its preference. One of the chief principles for
which I have Stood and lor which I
now stand n*ml which I have always
endeavored and always shall endeavor
to reduce to action, is the genuine
rule of tin. people and, therefore,      I
hopo that su fnr as possible, Un*
people may he given a chance through
direct primal is, to express Vheir
preference as    10 who shall     be     Ibe
nominee of I he Republican party convention.
"Verj  truly yours,
For two v cks Roosevelt considered ihe letl t, Indicating plainly thai
In* had no Intention of making a hasty reply.
Tbe governors who signed the letter
were: William K. Cllnsscook, ol West
Virginia; Chester II. Aldrich, of Nebraska; Robert P. Bass, ol New
Hampshire; Joseph II. Carey, ol
Wyoming, Charles K. Sovercin* ol
Michigan; W, U. Slunbs, of Kansas;
nml Herbert   S. Ilatllty, 0I Missouri
Will pay    cash for   ashes or gravel
11* dean earth delivered as directed
JI-11 W.  R. Realty
Vou are probably aware that
pneumonia always results Irom a
cold, but you never beard of a cold
resulting in pneumonia when Chamberlain's Cough Remedy was used
Why take tbe risk when this remedy
may be had for a trifle? For sale by
all dealers. . 5-tt
FOR SALE.-A pair ot good
shafts; almost new. Apply Box 5,
Herald ofllce. 47-tt*
Q§5 Vf?/{l^//J/J?/JJ :
Tint Leading Bueiness College
of the Northwest
Where young people can receive
a l borough business training.
Ih iu session twelve months in
the year.
No entrance examinations,
Board and room at very reasonable rates.
We secure positions lor our
Our new beautifully illmdrated
catalogue t-ent tree Upon request.
Write for it NOW!
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
Ist & Madison    •     spokani.
i ;:
, 11
ArchicWallcr I
l    Builder and
%     Contractor
Septic Tanks ami Concrete
*> Work generally u
; Estimates   Freely  Given.','
P.O. Box 346
Cranbrook, B.C. ||
Ro east hall uf Lot 13, in Hloek S,
Subdivision ol Dlslrtcl Lot 20ila,
Group 1, Vancouver District.
Whereas prool ol loss ol certificate
ol title No. 7358c to the above
named property Issued in the name
ol decline Mead hn* hem filed In this
oDlcc. Notice is hereby given that I
shall at lhe expiration ol one
month from the dale ol the flrsl
publication hereol issue a duplicate of
said certificate of title unless in the
meanllmo valid objection be made to
me iu writing.
Haled at   lhe    Land Registry Olliee
this nil dav oi Augdst, ai). uii.   'Dr. de Van's Female Pills
Arthur O. Smith,
G-51 District Registrar.
A.M. Cati.Soc. C.E.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Olliee over Oranbrook Drug ami Book
Co's. Slore
Telephone smi P. O. Bo:
New, Dry
Tamarac Wood
For Sale
Cut in lengths to suit.
A idinble Ftencli regulator! never falti, Tliese
pills .ire exceedingly powerful tn regulating the
oetierotlve portion <-l tlie lcm.ile lyttom, !•*<"f...*•*'
Ai cheap Initial ions. Dr. de Vrm'a are sold nl
(Art box, nr three tor 110. Mailed to nny adiiref***,
l!i** Si-obcll llrui* Co., St. 4'rrthsrtnei. int
For salt> at llcatic.  Murphy &  Co..
Apply to
R. S. McNeil
Nelson's Leading Motel
Rooms witli lintlia.   -Phon. in
everv room
Barlter Bhonon llie premise*.
Thoroughly up to dale.
I'ak-s, $2.0(1 a day and up.
080. P. WW I.S, Proprietor
II. TONKIN, Marnier
Opposite IM-.lt. Siiiiiiin
Ifeiiilquiirlers for all kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Shoo Specialist
Provenzano Bros.
General Merchant*
Employment Agenti
CRANBROOK     -     B. 0.
P.O. 101 194 PH0NU44
It yuo want satisfaction witb
your washing Knot
it to
Speeial prieea lor family work.
Vic. ROLLINS, Mgr,
Phone: Seymour 7!KK)
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS 11ROS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
B. C.
Two hundred clci*nntiy furnished rooms. Every modern
oonvonloii'je. Elevator service. Cafe in connection. Rooms
$1.00 per day nnd Upwards.
Dry-country visitors lo lho Terminal City will find every
convenience and comfort nt tho Granville Palace, special
attention boing paid to their wants.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to limn on laviiralile lerma.
Evory care and comfort
A homo [inili home
Bpnntnl attention In oases of
Maternity, Ithouiiiatlsin
ami Piitiinnonla
Tonus  nioileralu
MKS. E. BENT, Matron.
P.O. Ho, PI 1)711
l)RS. KINO & (ikliliN,
Physicians and Surgeons.
flfllc. .1  Hralilrti'.. Armstrong A..
Forenoons - - - - I nil to 10 IHI
Afle.iiiiolia ■ ■ - 2.IIII to 1.00
Evenings ... - 7.90 to S.SO
Sundays - - - • a 311 to I..Ill
ORANHHOOK :.     II     (I     II     *. O.
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 84
A.F. & A. M.
Hernial  meeting. OB
the   third   Thursday.
ol every month.
Visiting lirethren welcomed.
1). ,1. McSweyn, W.M.
,1. S. Peek, Secretary.
I to 12 a.m.
1 to   • p.m.
7 to   S p.m.
Office in Hanson Hloek.
CRANnitOOK -       -        - B. C
Crnnbrook and Fort Steele
• i
suKvevnii ' i
mk"?i«' Cranbrook, B.C.::
♦** ♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
IKRtll.TIIIN t:N(il-il:i;K
Norlmry Ave., next lo City Hull
Day Phone 2.13 Ni«hl l'hone 1105
B.   C.   land  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    ■      B. C.
Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use there ia nothing
ao wholesome an.1 ao pnre n*
W. K. n..tt,. Kun.nl Dl.actor
Cranbrook II. C.
Phone aiii
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
Phone 25'J Matron.
P. O. Box 845   Armstrong Ave
li. E. HALL, D. D. S.
Crown nnd Bridge Work
n specialty.
Olfioo over F. Parks Hardware
Store, linker Street
Phone No. 200
Van Home Hired   (opposite   Depot)
Cuebuent Lome No. 88
Cranbruek, B. C.
Meets   overy   Tuesday st II p.m. al
Fraternity Hall.
T. O. .lones, 0, C.
.1. M. Doyos.K. ol It. N, S.
Vtaltlng Inethieii   cordially Invited
lo attend.
Curriua u full ntin'k of
Repairs lor nlmve always
in stock
Electric Restorer for Men
PtlOSphonol .ea'ore. every nerve In III. boily
.') It, lininer tcnalnn ; mature.
villi anil vitality. I'reniatuie deniv nml all acxiinl
vvaikiieaa averted at ance. Pho.pho.ol will
in,k. you a new man. Pric. JAahna.nr two lor
IV Mailed ,,. anv nilrlle.,. *b.So.W.11 Dr«(
For sale it Bcattlc-Murphj Co., Ltd.
Meets In    Fraternity Hall First and
Third Fridays
T. Fraser, E. 0.
M. Mi.eKinnon, M. It. and 0,
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Meets every Monday
night at Now Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
II. .1. Kendall, W. M. Harris,
N. Q. Seo'y.
Meets first and    third Wednesdays
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Ollieers July lst to December 31st.
0. l'.-H. Clayton.
Scribe-W. M. Harris.
No. 10.
Meets every second and   lourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Kehrkabt cordially Invltsd.
Miss Ada Hickcnbotham.N.Q.
Miss M. Hickeuhotham, Sec.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday of eacb montb at I
p.m. sharp
Win. Henderson, I'.It.
A. ('lark, jr., Box 278, See'y.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets In Carmen's Halt first and
third Thursday ot eacb month at
S p.m. sharp.
Mrs.  Lulu  Ilayward,   Kcc.  See.
W. II. McFarlanc, Chiel Hanger.
Visitiug brethren made welcome.
: i Presbyterian Cburcb; f
11   Sunday morning service at II ''
o'clock ' >
Sunday   evening     service   at'"
7.30 o'clock
Sunday     School   and    Bible J'
Class at 3 o'clock ,,
1'resbyterlan    Ouild, Tuesday, ''
at I o'clock , i
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦i >
il Baptist cllnuch
! ! Pastor, 11. S. Speller. ', ',
■ i Parsonage, Norbury Avenue. ' '
i > 'Phone, 211.     P. 0. Boi W.\\
'' Regular Services:—Sunday, 11 \ \
', a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Bible ,,
, , School with Young Ladles' >
i i Pbllethea and Young Men's < '
11 Bible Class, 3 p.m. ''
' ' Monday, Young Peoples', • , ,
',' p.m. . i
< , Wednesday, Mid-Week Meeting, i i
i > A cordial Christian welcome ' '
" to all. ; |
! i*********************
PlI'hiillMll  :   T* b< .HI I.
HiHirelwry: B, MacddnaM)
',', Kor hilurimiiiiiii regarding lands i
Hint   UKrirultiiM'    apply    tn   III
Hwifltiry, OitiiliH«.i|.t li. (J.
Every Recond VVoUneftlay
Trahk M«nnu
CopvniCHra Ac.
lli>T-m« tHWiiilrtl tl skill r-li nml dr Trip! Inn Ti'itJ
nnviilj iiM-iirtiiin mir *'i ti ,'n*. wlu-ilior ..ti
Invi-i.lii.n |iiiiriit:i,li|f-,!ileHti}*nti\   tN.nimnnl'ri.
Oram umm fwMnrmiMUiiiih
  crtenrr for Mviirltiapntoi
l'ni«nta tHkun Itirouib Munn \ Co. recul/t
Ijicdilrittrt, without chnrju. In tlia
Scientific JItnericam
A IwndMiTctr UtUlfllMl w**Wy.    Ijiri**»t «ir
.itlftti.m  nl  mi?   fliiilnli'   l-mriial.     lu',,*.   tor
Xu\tt, ffi.% *. Jfeur, t>u*ta«ti liniwld.   Mild If
Colonizing and Financial Agents in England
for Canadian Enterprises
0. KEITH MORRIS, Director ol llie Saskatchewan Investment &
Trust Co., I,til.
JOHN HOWARD, Agonl'Qenornl lor Nova Scotia, Director ol the
Dominion of Canada Trust Corporation Ltd,
It. F. COTntl'XI., Director nl the Canadian Pacific Trust, Ud,
ERNEST II. ARNOTT, Managing Dltoolor,
in a PROVED property or business which reqniros further capita) fin*
development, Bond full detnllB tn liniest II, A motl (Managing
DI recto i). Tlio Associated Agone led nf Canada, Ltd..
Western Union Cods.
('nidi* AddresB. "Astogoncnii," London*
We were very restless indeed the
night preceding our start for Ihc
hunting grounds. It seemed almost
too good to bo trui* that thc time
for our long looked forward to chicken shoot had at   last almost arrived.
The following day wc gathered together our hunting clothes, purchased
four hundred rounds of ammunition,
took our two setter dogs, Queen and
(inner, and started tor the station.
Every minute seemed an hour as we
waited for the train to arrive. With
its coming we called the dojp and
saw to it, ourselves, that they were
put into the car, for we were not going to take any chances al this late
date. Without them our trip would
have lieen a failure. The signal 1 e-
fng given by the conductor the great
Iron horse sped over the rails soon
leaving Cranbrook, B.C., in the distance while we discussed llu
sport we were to engage in or
arrival at Nanton, Alberta.
When the train at last pulled
Nanton we hurriedly picked up our
traps and stepped oil upon ihc platform where, much to our delight, we
fmmd awaiting us Mr, Richards and
his team and wagon. Mr. Richards
is a well known farmer living within
twelve miles of Nanton iu tbo foothills* Tin* beautiful water springs
ami bunches of Bhrubbery, together
wilh the rolling hills, make it an
Ideal spot for the pralrlc chicken ami
wiiii magnificent wheal fields to feed
upon tho chickens grow as fat as a
Mall fcil hen.
lu about two hours1 time wfl arrived at thc ranch and s.tt down to a
magnificent dinner prepared bj Mrs.
Richards whieh we, ot course, enjoyed
to ihe fullest extent. Vttccwards we
sat ami talked own tho experiences
of the proviouj jrear's chicken shool
ami how well om dogs had worked.
Afler breakfast In the morning wc
shouldered out gun*, and started toi
the field.    Wc had nut been out more
(By Dr. Hall in Rod and Gun).
truly a    Queen amongst
She   was
To a true sportsman, there is nothing in my opinion, to equal or excell
a chicken shoot with a good dog,
In England thc ladies have entirely
Abandoned wearing rats, which is
due entirely to the new discovery.
It bas been proven that Henna
leaves contain the ingredients that
will positively grow hair. That they
contain this long-looked for article
is proven every day.
The Americans are now placing on
the market a preparation containing
the extract from Henna leaves,
which is having a phenomenal sale.
This preparation is called SALVIA
and is being sold with a guarantee
o cure Dandruff and to grow hair in
hundance. Being daintily perfumed,
SALVIA makes a mest pleasant hair
dressing, The Cranhrook Drug and
Honk Co., your druggist, Is tbe first
import this preparation into
Cranhrook and a large, generous
bottle can be purchased for 50c
! Medicine Hat. Alts., Fob. 38.-The
organisation vl the Medicine ll.tt
Dairy company is regarded here as an
Important itcp toward tbo solution
■ ■I a troublesome problem, The directors nf the new company have some
advanced Ideas as to the condnet ot ,\
sanitarj dairy farm, ami the enterprise ts expected to command the
support of a lug list of customers
righl from tlu- start. The fact that
man) thousands ol tubs ot butter ace
than fifteen    minutes    when    Queen  imported   Into   Canada every month,
made a stand ami    up wont a single considerable quantities   being shipped
chicken. \-- 1 u.k , loses! la it 1
raised my gun ami fired, dropping thf
Aral bird, which pleased tin* dogs Im
mensely, as well as ourselves,
Queen has an exci Hent now ami
works to perfectioni sin* is always
reliable We book out kodak along
ami gut several snaps ol tho dogs
while setting ihc chicken
On one occasion Queen did a very
clevn pure oi work, Wc were walk
ing along through the prairie grass,
when we came upon an uld bunch ot
willows All at once Drove, tnlrli
dropped In th-- grass Queen Immediately backed htm up, We stood aud
watched them ami Qrovci movod up
lo where the seem was stronger.
Queen then ran up io Qrover ami
finding the bird was not there she
wheeled to lho tight into a bunch ol
willows ami passed out to the end
of Hie brush and made a beautiful
stand, pointing out Into Lhe grass, i
snid to my son "Queen has touml'
tlM'm." Whereupon he laid down hi*-}
gun and look a snap slml of the dog I
as she stood, fro/en un lhe birds, lie.
then folded his camera, picked up bis
gun nnd we moved forward, Up went
two chickens. I dropped mine, but
my son, contrary to bis usual luck,
when he gets a good clear shot, missed his.
I'art of the fine we were out Mr.
Richards nntl his son Wit Iter accompanied us. The latter wns a very
good shot and my son was also the
heavyweight whon it came to shooting. While I did not have unusual
luck I enjoyed lhe mil ing immensely
and took the greatest pride in watch*
hig my dog Queen work, which sho
did faithfully from morning tilt night
day after day. Them was not a
lazy bone In her body and she was
Very careful not lo Hush a bird.
When Queen set,    it    meant chicken.
even from such distant points as
\in /.calami, is Indicative ol t«he
growing demand and undeveloped
possibilities toi the dairying Industry m Canada. It is pointed out
ihat the  New   /.calami producers .nc
•it a greal disadvantage owing to
tin- immense distance to be over
'•tiiiii', ami i nee lhe local Industrj Is
well established, there will he practical!) no competition to tie met with
from any quartet.
choice out of 89 head; weighing from
linn tu 1700.—-Canyon OHy Lumber
Company, Ltd., Creston, B.C.     Ml
In not n linnl tliinn to obtain,
If you will only |*o nt it in tliu
right manner, but you sliouM
not ejtpoot to n«t a lirst-Hints
piece of printing by goinu:
from simp to shop nml uccopt-
itiK tlm lowest bid. regardless
of the class of work you wiil
got in tin* end, Nino times
out of ton you will got something that misrepresents your
house and drives business
away, instead of obtaining a
olnss of work tliat will show
yon up in your true light and
bring trade to yonr house.
Would you purchase goods
from a drummer in overalls ?
Wn don't believe you would,
What right, then, bavo you to
oxpeol lhe buying public to
patronize yonr firm when you
issue shoddy printing matter?
.As ynu well know, you arc
''judged by the company
ymi keep." ami as your advertising literature is your
silent salesman, you are
judged accordingly, It is not
al ail necoSBQry to have a
long-winded story, bul it is
very essential lhal yen have
ynur mailer su attractive thai
the roceiver is oompelled to
lake a second look al il before
oasting ii in Hir waste basket,
Vniir Btory slmuM be told in
as few words ns possible, but
the most important part is to
have tlie mailer altrnetive.
ami something that's oui "f
the ordinary.
*i ou have read what compe*
letil judges have tn say alioul
our work, and wo would like
lu " show you," thai we " de.
liver the goods" when itcomes
to good printing. We will
gladly furnish you estimates
un anything iu the printing
line you may want, from a one
inch label to a newspaper, and
we will deliver ynur job the
exaet day we promise ynu.
Phone is
Crnnbrook, 11. C.
Skilled nml nnakllli'i] kelp larnlabed mi aliort
notice.   W'rll phono your onion.
A I lim "I M iii, 8117(1
L'lll (lrniiilflll.,,1; BPuKANK, Wash.
Dr. Martei's Female Pills
Nineteen Years the Standard
I'liwriliisl iiiiiI ii i ended (nr wo
nu'ii'a aiii us. .1   .cfenilQcatly pre-
iiied ie. ly nl proven worth.   Tin
emit freni llielr ii*e i* ijitick nml per
influent.   Forsuleul nildrugstores,
Sn.-.-.— b'.T. I . PBItHl'
I ^'te thorns
Well known lor
?j To keep up the .tuniimi ia the %
7] gnuteet t'li.liU-iii of lhe lueeder. ^
|S.I)0 pei 16; |i 00 perlWi |12.00
,1   ■.
Con iclifmi V. 1. ". it 1
iaiaiare/aieia,-3it>'p laraa/aa
TAKE NOTICE thai William Murdoch, t>f Flagstone, B.C., occupation
mlllroan, Intends to apply (ot per-
misaton to purchase llio following
loacrlbod lamls:   .
Commencing al a post planted    on
the smith mil ol an islam! in the
[Cast Kootenay river, ami in a direct
line with Uu: nm Hi line o( Hloek
, commencing at thr said post
ami fonti'iin*- along shun' to point of
William Murdoch.
Dated January 5th, 101 a.        3-nt
that the partnership heretofore existing between ua, the undersigned, as
George It. Leask and Company in
the City of Cranbrook, Province ol
British Columbia, has Ihis day heen
dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts due lo the said partnership are to he paid to Gt-orgc It*
Leask at the City of Cranbrook, B.
C, aforesaid, and all claims against
the said partnership aie to he presented lo the said George R. Leask,
by whom the same will ho settled.
Dated  at the    City ol  Cranbrook
this 30th day ot January, 1812.
George It. Leask,
Vincent s. Llddlcoalt.
Witness: Joseph Ryan, Notary
Publie. l-U
Will be to subscribe to two superior publications, from which you can get your
money's worth. Your safest investment
will be to subscribe to
Farmer's Magazine
Cranbrook Herald
One Year for
Only $2.00
This is the most remarkable offer which
is likely to be made for some time. Take
advantage of it now. FARMER'S
MAGAZINE sells for $2.00 a year and
You are making $2.00 on your investment.
by thousands of the most enterprising
farmers in Western Canada. Do not be
one of the few who will not get the good
of its instructive and entertaining articles
this year.
By renewing your subscription to the
HERALD you can get both papers for
the year 1912.
Your share in tlio Profit-Losing
Move On Sale
n t tlie
c. c. s.
Will depend on the ninountot goods you liny from now until 12 Saturday niglit, ut whicli hour
Doublo Stretoher
Iron Bed, Mattress and Spring
Complete, $8.75
Any size up to I ft.
Velour Cover
Due end slightly damaged
Standard size, 25c.
33 Vi %  Discount
II to 8 p. in.
WHERE WILL YOI' BE?    We want you in
If you  want Furniture you niiiiiiot afford to lie absent.
From I! TO   I'J. with the exception
simv will bo offored nl a disconul of
of Leather Uoods and Mattresses, everything in the
. GEO. I
smash [or the Whiles and Dunlops, ol
I Pembroke who have long dominated
the Conservative party In North Ken-
frew. They Inslstd on Mr, Graham
l» Ing opposed, lo revenge tbe defeat
ol Lho late Hon. Peter White iu
Jti.K'kvjlli-,   after his defeat in MorUi
Right Wing.
Left Wing.
Renfrew by Mr. Tom MacWc, Ocrald
White, Ml', Peter White, Jr., and
Ed. Dun I op, M.P.P., spent day and
night In the riding.    Tho result will
ii  io
(not add to then presUge in the north
< riiling.
; No contest in the history ol Canada excited wider intercsl owing to
1 personality of Mr. Graham ami
assured future in tbe Liberal
parly. If In- hail been a lesser light
Canada, South Renfrew last Thuis- the flghl would have lost,much o! its
ilnj elected Hon. Oeorgo P. Graham Interest. The result also gives the
with a largo majority, which will Liberals the* prcstlgo of winning thc
probably run ovei four hundred when flrsl bye-election under the new gov*
nil returns are In. eminent, aside from the return ol tin
The onus    l«.r the discomfiture    ot ministers,
the   llorden government largely tests    That the  Conservatives fully     ex-
Administering a smashing deli
tho Hordeii    governmenl, and
tin* Impress  uf its approval    01
man who    may yet bu Premier
peeted to win was evident from    the
flamboyant    iitleranet-s ou the     plat-
, form, especially of the candidate, Dr.
but Moloney,   who openly bragged    that
other he had \ "Graham beaten to a platln-
i finish."      The Toronto News ami
wiih Hon. .1. I). Reld, minister oi
customs*, and Hon. Frank Cochrane,
minister of railways, wbo essayed Uto
rob- nt party trasses for Ontario
the tact thai nearly every
inombci nl Lhe cabinet spoke in tb-*
riding, relieves tho situation lor them
a little.
Mr. Graham was    beaten iu Brock-
ville in September by a small majority, hy lhe most lavish use of money. ■'
it being a will    known (art now  thai ,
the Conservative  campaign managei i
acted on lho   advice ol   Mr. Clifford!
Sifton, ami   mado a dead Bel on   thej
members    ol   the   Laurier ministry.!
Money was   poured Into ridings    re- h
presented by ministers, hy  tho thou- ami Pernio was p,ayed on Pernio
sands   and  Die    result of  the i-ffuri lasl Thursday night, resulting in
Conservative papers with correspondents in tin* riding for tin
campaign,Ved their readers to hellevi
that the (Meat of Mr. Graham wm
riii- Fourth gamo of tin- series     of
ckpy    matches  between Cranbrook
,-i HI ns Srji-
was si'i-ii In the ,-l.t-i
ll-llllll-l   21.
Mr.   Oraham was looked on as   tin1
natural succcssoi lo Sii Wilt, >,i Laurler,    when in i-    compels thai iiislin-
gulslinl gentleman
live IihIiIiiir, anil
win lor Pernio t.v a score ol H to n.
thus rounding out Un- contest with a
..in lor cacti side ami two tics. To
say thai the lasl game was hull.
contested would be loo mild; il was
tu retire from ac- "''I hoi from start to finish, being
Mm veteran leader marked hv the roughest playing that
al o wished to have the clover Brockville man ttiih hlm In the house.
Tlie seal imi to sir Willrid was left
vacant lor Mr. Oraham ami Mr.
Thomas Lowe, resigned tin- Renlrcw
seat  !•» mai.i- way for him.
In December lasl when Sir .lames
Whitney sprung llie elections in Ontario, il,.- oflicers ul Uu- Liberal ami hail lo keep tb
Conservative organisations in South
Itentrew catered Into an agrcomenl
thai in return for the election ol T.
Vi. Miiiarr. by acclamation as member of tlie Ontario legislature, the
Conserratlvi were I" allow Mi. lira-
liam lo entci n„. eommons without
opposition. Tin agreemenl was an
outstanding , e In lire campaign
ami wliile many Conservatives repudiated tin- agreemenl a numb, i nl the
local leaders sunk i, II ami whlli
not openly supporting Ui Oraham,
■Inl m.t openly oppose him.
Tli.it money was poured Into llie
rlilirii! to defeat Mr Oraham and
a i"li"'t .-f wi rkei. Imported from
oui "i-    .'   sbundanll) evident,   but
tin- Liberals pul up a rtre s flgbl
ami no*  l..i .   tl I     Iti   .i 'i"ii ol      a
glorli ns triumph.
When Mi Oraham'! n turn was be*
yoml doubt, ihere was a urcat celebration nml no victor In the hiskry
of electoral triumphs in Canada was
ever more heartily acclaimed. Now
that it is all over, eighty per rent of
the people ..I Renlrea ate glad Mr.
Oraham won, Bren though Ihey
obeyed the part) call ami oji|k,sciI
him main Conservatives fed tliat
the outcome assures tlieir party a
brighter luture in this riding than il
Mr. Oraham had been defeated,
The minister of customs returns to
Ottawa Mill] anv prestige he enjoyed
completelj destroyed, lie has no
rlnlit to Ih' in tlie cabinet Irom
ti-- tandpolnl of ability, Mr. Borden
bin ini; a docen or more, oblcr men
Whom In- could havo selected had the
manufacturers not insisted on Itu-i.l.
and it Is ii.eiy predicted that Held
will wield hut small Influence In the
party councils Irom this bn, The return of  Mr. Oraham wai at.,, K i«,t
has heen in lul.'' il in during tile whole
Mtlh four anil a half minutes led
to play Cranbrook protested a decision by Referee Kaslnet ami lefl   the
It,,iI. sides went Into the name de
tcimiiicil to win ami Referee Kattnei
lop of      tile fence (li
coraled most    of (be lime wiib    n
offender or iwo. Bills ami McWha, ol
Cranbrook, im.l   Durlamt nml liunlap
ol Pernio, being elevated to such i"
sii ions quite ln.|iictitly.
iiu account ot ibe Cranbrook team
going down willi but six men, the
game was played through with but
thai number on each side, tm rover
bciog in place. Williams was iu-.iiii
llr star playet uml although much
roughness was indulged in. Williams
received Hie heart, compliments ol
all soles tor his clnin siiortsmanshi|i.
the Pernio players Ik-Iiij. enttiuatasUc
in their ailuiiiatioii of bis work.
Kill laml.  Iliiiilan anil Wallace of tbe
h leain   wen- ihr stars ami    did
some lim. work llurl.iliil made lour
of Hie eight tallies. Wallace made a
brilliant play   when he look the puck
Irom DOlnl  all down the li.' ami seor
i.i beforo the Cranhrookers realised
what was happening. Williams' lasi
skating made bim n dangen us opponent. m,l one ot the Kemie team
laiini able I., keep within striking
distance of hint cvce|it liunlap. hut
even Dunlop could only class as an
"ulso ran" when he iltidertot.k to
head on any of Williams' fast spurts.
This game leaves the contest still
iiiiiIm'iiIiiI. wilh a win and a defeat to
each leain and two Ilea. Another
game will have to be played to decide
.. (iiirililiet
Tiie ice    was rather sofl, but    not
sloppy,     The attendance was    large
.mil enthusiastic.
Mr. W. A. Nisbct, of Mtosomin
Saskatchewan, will enter thc linn ol
Harvey, McCartcr ami Macdonald
the 1st of March. The firm will now
be Harvey, MeCarter, Macdonald and
Mr. Nisbet   lirst practised iu    Toronto, Ontario, latterly coming      t
Moosomln,   where  be carried on
successful   practice    for   five   years.
While there be   also   aeted as official
admitiiKtrat«ir    for tbe districl
Mr. Nisbct's wife and family
also move to Cranhrook early
Mr. .1. Hennlker Beaton, known to
fame as tin* "imnftieial postmaster
general," has been created a. barond
Mi Heniiikt-r lleatou was horn u
Rochester in ism, and at an early
age emigrated to Australia, where he
became a journalist, ami eventually
purl proprietor ol the 'Sydney Evening News." He returned to Knglaml
in the .eighties, and was fleeted
parliament lor Canterbury. During
the quarter of n century* he .sat in
ibe eommons as a In ion ist he was a
tin less advocate of postal reform
It was he wlio was mainly instrumental in bringing aliont penny post
age within Ihc empire and penny postage with tin- United States, as well
as countten leaser reforms. He then
set himself to cheapen the cable rates
between the mother country and the
DotnirHoM, ami has already won
many concessions.
Call up 109   for prompl delivery,-
l'.   K, Mere. House.
II. It. r.rahani, of Kingsgate, is
assisting In tlie   local customs olliee.
Mr. Ecclea is building two very
neat and attractive cottages on Ibc
property near the curling , ink.
I' .1 Deane,
comer this we
.-III)  loti.elilion.
ye editor. Is al  Van
i. attending the 1.1b
ui test.
The line-up was as fol-
Mi Manns
1 'enter
Mt. ami Mis. C A. Klitigctistintli
ol Rlko, were m ihe city Tuesday,
guests at, llle Hotel tiuliliio.ik
SALE NOW (IN.-Men's suits Iron
*->*«..—I-:. K. Merc   House.
Mr. ami Mrs. Amtiv Wilson, ol Winnipeg, arrived Monday uml are visit
ing in Hie eily for a lew days, tho
guests id Mr. and Mrs. A. 0, I've.
Capt. Johnson   has   accepted the
lllllliageliieiit of lhe lllll ton hotel at
Creston,   leaving the   first    ol lho
wi.-k (or his new home.
ii is ekh id
You Have Than to Grow New.
Tho tendency, to put off until tit>
morrow what we should do today accounts for most of tlie bald heads we
see in the front row.
Newbro's llerpicide stops falling
hair and prevents baldness. The dandruff germ is desl roved by its use
and a condition of health maintained
iu the hair and scalp.
Nearly overy ono has hair troubles of
some description which llerpicide will
always correct, Don't wait until it
is too hit'*.
it, is conceded
hair rented) .md
applied by all th
and barbers,
One dollar si/
dnigg.sts under
Send 10c. in [nist age [or sample and
book about lho hair to Tlio llerpicide
Company, Dept. R., Detroit, Mich.
Heat tie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Special
Only the Great Can Afford
To Be Poorly Dressed
hi; the standard
11 commended anil
»t   hail'   dressers
• hollies sold by     all
an ail/solule  guaran-
t.i.ST.-Near the tEngllah church a
brown hand has, containing money,
key and paper, with owner's name.
Reward at P. 0. or 'plume 860. .Ml*
I farold Darling ou Tuesday received the Bad Intelligence of the sudden death of his father, Wm. Darling,
at Montreal. He left on Tuesday
nlgb-t'n flyet for that city.
.Inch Rollins, manager of the Granville Palace hotel at Vancouver, was
here for a few days this week visiting
his brother, ff. a. Rollins of the
Royal hotel.
Look for the date that Manager'
Guerard of the Auditorium will put
nn Uie Wolgpat-Moran light pictures.
They nre thc real fight or you can'
gel your money back. D-2t
L. P. Sullivan claims the first
chickens hatched this spring, eight
coming through the shell last Sunday afternoon. These are from the
celebrated Evangeline strain of
S. C. RhodO Island Reds, a breed
whieh is particularly suited to the
severe weather of this part. j
Watch onr show wirrdi ws tor Saturday's display ut ladies boots ami
sIhms.—K.  K. Mere. House. I
Tin' Imperial Oil company have
completed the erection of an addition
to tlieir warehouse In trder that
they may carry a larger stock and
have more mom. They have hein
crowded for room for some time.        i
A meeting of the Cranlirook Trades
and Labor Council will be held on'
Monday evening, March Ith, in the
rooms of the French club (Clapp's
hall). Business id importance will
Ih* up for consideration.
The Davit- Bros. Klectric Co., Ltd.,
have lately equipped their dark room,
a room which is used during the day
lime lor showing fixtures the way
they appear at night. The room is
very tastefully arranged ami should
he a great help to persons netting
fixtures or electrical fit tines uf any
kind as Ihere will Ik* ho trouble seeing the articles just as they would
appear at nlghl iu ymir own home.
With the exception of a very tew,
the men who live in
history never bothered much about their
It's different today, to-morrow. The
doers in the presenl
age of achievement
are the well dressed
If you'll but see
the Spring Models
we are now showing
it isn't likely you'll
stick to your old
Our New Spring
Goods are arriving
daily and to-day we
can show you
Spring Suits
Spring Hats
Spring Shoes
See our Table of
$3.00 SHOES
All sizes
See our Table of
$1.50 HATS
All sizes
Auditorium   last night.       They will
be repeated tonight.    The picture ov-1 * *
tu lit 1 -s the tortures prepared for    thc
worst sinners,     sinful lovers, misers,
profligates and traitors.
Over 600 high grade fruit trees tor
sale or will exchange (value $150) on
n young, sound, first-elass general
purpose horse weighing about 120(1
pounds. Write tr. 11. Lamont, Creston. B.C. 9-2t
An emergent meeting of Selkirk
Prcccptory, No. 15, took place last
Saturday evening to receive Provincial Grand Prior Km. Sir Kmight S.
C. Court, of Victoria, B.C., who is
making an official visit to ail       tbe
HP-  BURNS & CO., LTD.::
Cranbrook, B. C,
special in mens shirts
K. Merc. House.
provincial preceptorlcs. A feature of
the evening's proceedings was the
presentation to P* P, Em. Sir
Knight Fiulay, of a past preceptor's
jewel, this ceremony being perlormcd
by V. P. Km. Sir Knight A. B.
The    annual   meeting o   the Cranbrook Poultry and Pet Stock associa
tion    will   be held   Tuesday evening
The    Women's Institute will    1ml
their regular   monthly meeting     on
Tuesdaj next, March 5th at three next al the government building at
o'clock, in tin* Carmen's hall. A
paper will in* read on the best meth-
ods fm houscdcanlng, followed by
a discussion. All ladies cordially
8.30 p.m. The election of oflicers will
take place at this meeting and it is
expected that every member will turn
out. \V. K. Dunham will give his
demonstration rn the killing of poultry anil preparing same for market.
B, w. w.-rdt-ii, proprietor of thc
Imperial hotel at Port Steele, was In] r'(m SALE.-One rubber tind bug-
tile un Tuesday m, liusines-v |Bi almost new. Apply Herald ol*
A Leap Year social was given by . •,CP' ""tf
the Kp wor Hi League at the home ol j
Mt  ami Mis.    Ham Maodooald     on
Tuesday evening and a large crowd of
found people wen* in attendance ami
an enjoyable time reported. i
K ('orb-fit, n well known farmer
living on the Mission road, Ini* disposed ol n portion of bis ranch,    at
a good figure.
Horn—At Iln- Cottage hospital or
Monday, February 2«th, 1918, to Mr
ami Mrs. .1. II. Fee, of Knglanrt,     ti
lliii Rose Tea at Walld and Hams.
Passenger   train So. 518 was three
bouts   late lasl Saturday,  tlio eugino
lumping ihe track at McOllllvray. No
was hint.       Kngiuirr T.   S   tiill
i on    tin* engine imt escaped with lodfl
Ids usual goml luck. business
A imvting of the Retail Clerks
Protective association, No. 717, was
l.' Id in the Orange hall on Sunday attention last, when the oflicers were
formally installed and n.i-mlni-. In*
iHaled by organlxcri B. Griffiths and
K. II. Heed. After (he initiations, a
vote of (banks was passed to the o
gam/eis fm their services, and the
ice  proceeded wllh routine
All Our Meals ate Government
• >
Don't I... rash, lmy for crash,
ll will guv., yon ninny ll dollar;
Tin' ready cash will make a mush
Minli quickor than a slnmliii); collar
Specials to End of February:
DUST BANE • ■ 2 Tins for 75c.
TOMATUES • • 3 Tins lor 50c.
[low to cure a cold is a question in
which many me interested Just now..
Chamberlain's cough remedy has wo
its great reputation and immense
sale by its remarkable cure of colds |
It rnn always be depended upon. Kor
Kale by all dealers. S-tf
1 nit SAI
aid olliee.
Contractor McCalltmi, who has  the
post olliee    building   under construc-
(i  will bt here   the flrsl of    next
week   and expects    to resume operations on tin* building Immediately,
.., .
V. I).   HopkiiiK   wns sent ne.d    to
one yenr at hard labor in Nelson jail
by Judge Thompson last Friday    lor'favor.     A
stealing forty   dollars   from the Sal-1 leadings by
i vat ion Army barracks,    lb
A.   .1.    Bradley, a     former towns-1 his innocence during the trial ami uu
man and    well   known   citi/en    live! til alter   he was sentenced. Then    he
years ago,   was over from Vancouver confessed and nine   dollars was found
this week on a visit.    Mr. Bradley If J burled behind   Kenny's   livery    barn
now in    the real estate business    at and recovered    through his direction.
(be coast   city and ls Doing well, Ho   His theft of the money was peculiarly
remarked on     the wonderful growth [ unmitigated in that he had lieen   as-
ol Cranbrook   during his absence and I Blsted through the   winter in various
impressed by tho  evidence     and   ways  by Captain   Stride, but robbed
stability apparent In substantial new his benefactor at the   first opportnn-
struelures.     Ho returns lo his home. Ity.
at   the end of the week. ( —•
  |    EOGS    KOK    IIATCIIINO.-Purc
"Dante's Inferno," a tlvid por-|bretl Huff Orpington eggs tor sale.
travel In moving pictures ol Dante's Price VI.hh per sitting ot 18. Ap-
dream of   Hell, was   shown al     the  ply Mrs. Phillips al ranch
The Maple Sugar social held in the
Methodist church lasl Kuduy evening
was u pronounced success. A short
imi very mueb appreciated program
was rendered In   the body ol      the
Apply Her-  church.     Those participating were .it
u-tl* follows: Solo hy   Mr. Oeo, llotiglium,
pianoforte    solo by    Mr. E, Halsall;
violin solo by    Master Vincent Kink,
his number wa
Over Seas Club
Cranbroolt Hramli.
Moots in Carmen's    Hall Hud    aud
lib Tuesday every imuilh at H p m
Membership   open   to llrilish   citizens.
\.   A. Walllngcr, W. C.  Ciebbltt,
'•res. Seo'y.
P. 0   Hox Ll'i
Visiting members cordially welcom
Believing   the   Hritish empire    to
cceived with great'stand for justice, freedom, order ntnl
Uplo of French Canadian good government, we pledge onrsihes
Mr. Darling were isplen-.as citi/ens of the greatest empire    in
protested'dully rendered; comet  nolo by Capt I the world, to   maintain lhe heritage
Stride.       The   programme concluded handed down to us by t ur lathers,
wilh a short lecture by the pastor in     Social evenings   in   Carmen's   hall
which be    briefly described the great second uud  fourth   Tuesdays in     lho
north laud and in a reminiscent mm-d month at 8 p.m.
told of    his    experiences on  Yukon    Open to llritish citi/ens.
trails.      Mr. Stanley was aecompan-| OBJECTS  OF CLUB.
ist.     An adjournment was then made]    1.   To help one another,
lo the gymnasium, where long tables     2.   To  urge on   every    able-bodied
were covered   with .pans full of snow,  man the necessity of betttfl able      to
hot maple syrup was poured over the ( bear arms.
snow and allowed to cool. Then with 3. To draw together In the bond ol
the aid of sour pickles and hot tluugli- comradeship Uie peoples now living
nuts made on the premises, all pre-'under llio folds of the Hritish flag.
sent ate what they could of maple' I. To Insist on the vital necessity
candy in the good old "Down East".to the Empire ot British supremacy
way. 'ou tfce sea.


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