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Cranbrook Herald Jan 3, 1907

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I'CKl.ihitivt Library
A|inl  24-01
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.   Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
«. E. WALKER, General M.naf.r Al.KX. LAIRD, A*. Heal"—f-
a laaaral laaklaa, kHlMii Iraaiaclad.  irreunls my t» apteed tad ceafssM k|
mall with all b'anchM ll Isll Bank.
Deposit* tit'  $1  ami upwards received, and Interest allow**! al
aurrcnt nitcn.    I lie depositor Is subject to no tUlay wkttkV
J ever lu the  uiiliJiuwul of the  whole or amy
j; portion of the deposit
| Cranbrook Branch,     -      F. C. MALPAS, Manager
j; ff?ffff?Tfff.?ffffffflf    ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼*
Imperial Bank of Canada i!
Caiptal Paid Up, $4,515,000. Rest Account, $4,515,000 \ \
Capital Authorized, $5,000,000
HEAD OFFICE      •      •       TORONTO, ONT.
D. R. W1LKIE. President.       R. JAPFRAY, Vice-President ;
Branches in Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
I INTEREST allowed on Savings Accounts PROM DATE OP j \
I DEPOSIT at current rates and credited half-yearly.
\ Cranbrook Branch i J, F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr. j \
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renders you ,'sponsible for many things.
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J. H.   KING   WILL   BE
To set right a malicious rumor
to the effect that Dr King will not
be a candidate before the Convention, and would not return for some
time, the Herald would state that
the doctor and his bride left Ottawa
yesterday, and will arrive in Cranbrook Sunday. Furthermore, there
is no other person talked of, suggested, or thought of. as the Liberal
candidate in this district, except Dr
King and he will receive the unanimous non nation.
Kossland, I>cc. 27.—In response to
a rvi|*it.s-t, for an outline of the lines
he would puisne.in conducting his
campaign against tlie McBridc government, Liberal leader J. A. Mac-
dnnahl to-day made the following
"Let me say in a tew words now
what I shall enlarge upon later: The
government's policy is its record.
That record spells high taxes; neglect of roads and trails; a monstrous
school act; neglect to protect our
forests; neglect to compile and furnish information about lands in aid
of settlement; broken promises to
deal with the railway situation after proclaiming necessity for action;
back door methods ot dealing with
public assets; a barefaced attempt on
the premier's part to make better
terms a party issue and election cry
in face of what took place in the
house; subserviency to a railway
corporation evidenced by unsuccessful
attempt to give a million and a half
in cash, and actual grant of 800,000
acres of public lairds, and refusal to
make it pay its taxes. *>
**Our policy is defined by our stand
on .the measures brought before the
house, plus our aims regarding other measures which cannot be introduced by an opposition, but only by
■the government, which are: The
creation of a department of labor
and immigration, subjects too important to he left as at present
without shape or provincial guidance,
to guard us against undesirable immigrants.
"Full inquiry into water records
and irrigation and while protecting
prior rights providing tor a widei
distribution of water available" for
irrigation. An adequate system of
forest protection; surveys of crown
lands available for settlement, and
where practicable, parcelling them
into small holdings as part of immigration policy; repeal of school
act and return io a svstcin of state
education; revision of the terms ot
placer and dredging leases and lessening the danger of inadvertent,
"No alliance with those revolutionists who would destroy our system of government and ,'haul down
our flag, but on ttw contrary cooperation with that great body of
labor which would reform abuses in
a constitutional way."
D. Murphy, a member ol the present city council, stated to the Hefe
old this week that lie hud been ask-
ctl to stand as the candidate for
mayor on the Trades and Lahur
council ticket hut had declined, and
thai ho Would also decline to he a
candidate for alderman on any ticket
the coming election. Mayor Rogers
and the rest ol the aldermen held a
short coulerence this morning, as
they have been importuned by quite a
number of the people to stand attain,
and decided that so iar as they wen,
concerned it was up 10 the people of
Cranbrook. Thcv hud served a year
and had made a record that must be
Either lor or against tliein, and it
wus not lor them to ask the people
to place them in nomine.Hon again
If the people wanted the old council
to stand, and gave, an emphatic expression In that direction, then it
would probubly he considered fuvor-
The Trades and Labor council held
a meeling Sunday •fternoun to perfect their organisation and decided
to enter the municipal held of politics, and the following candidates
were named: For mayor, DeVere
Hunt. For aldermen: C. Mufiatt,
W. Morton, H. Hickenbothara, T.
(MIL T. Wardman, 0. Johnson and
C. Knocke, Seven were named and
only six will run, but the Herald has
not been advised as to which name
will be dropped.
The Herald has no axe to grind
in the municipal contest, except one.
it wants to sec a good, businesslike
administration next year, as it nays
tuxes and wants a fair run (or its
money. It has every respect and
consideration for the ticket named by
the Trades and Labor council, as the
editor has known all of the gentlemen for years and enjoys friendly relations with each of litem. Yet,
the Herald believes that it would be
a mistake to put an entire new
council and mayor in at this time,
as it believes that the best interests
of the city demands men of experience iu municipal work. II the law
this province was like it is in
some other places, where only halt
of the council were elected each year,
then it would he a different proposition, as there would always be experienced men remain. It was lor
this reason that the Herald suggested last week that it would he well
to let the old council and the present
mayor remain another year to carry
on the work that they have inaURuta-
tcd, and ibis suggestion was made
before any other tk'k^ Juid been
named. It is no small allair to
take up the business of a city the
sine of Cranbrook, ami the responsi-
bilify is nol a light one by any
means Hut the Herald believes
that the majority should rule, and
if is up to the people to decide.
Washington, I). C, Dec. 31.-An
appalling    dinstrr   occurred     at    7
'clock last night on the Baltimore
A Ohio railroad at Terra Cottft,
about Three miles from this city, in
which about 35 persons were killed
and over so injured, some of them
so seriously that they will die. The
accident was caused by the collision
of train No. fifi, due here at fi.25
p.m., from Frederick, Md., known as
the Frederick local, with a deadhead
passcngee eifulpmcnt special ot eight
pars.      Over    2P0   passengers    were
hoard flie ill-fated train. The
railway officials late to-night were
unable' lo explain the collision. As
soon as the news of Ihe wreck reached Hie city all ambulances available,
with as many physicians as could be
assembled, were sent to the scene.
Fernle, Dec. 31.—Abraham Joyce,
talc registrar ot the county court
and tax collector here, was brought
back here from Saskatoon by two
provincial policemen on Saturday
morning, charged with an offence relating to misappropriating government funds which came into his
hatnts as tax collector. It is said
that tlie ex-ofllcial procured facsimiles ol official tax receipts near
the end of the year, and applying to
certain companies to pay up appar-
ini arrears in the payment ol taxes
collected from their employees. These
■ompanics produced what are claimed to be iKigus receipts signed by
loyce and which have led to his arrest.
The downfall ot Mr Joyce Is by
many attributed to the mania tor
gamming' to which he is said to be
addicted. His standing in the community was high, nnd fills most unfortunate occurrence has created a
deal ol surprise and regret among
his numerous friends.
The feeling is that places where
gambling' is carried on, whether in
public or in private, should
be sternly dealt with, and
public sentiment will demand the
impartial prosecution of all keepers
ol such places until the nuisance has
been abated.
Lisbon, Dec. 26.—A Christmas lottery prize of »20fl,000 was won by
the inmates ol the workhouse ah
Evera. All the paupers, numbering
1,000, subscribed a lew coppers each
to buy the ticket. They held a
great farewell banquet at which all
drank champagne.
The workhouse is now empty except (or die officials who are left
with nothing but time on their
To the Editor of the Cranbrook
Dear Sir,—In response to your request lor a report of the Labor convention, held in the Patmore ball,
Cranbrook, B. C„ ou January 2,
1'HiT, for the purpose ot selecting a
straight labor candidate for this riding, we, the press committee, beg to
make known the following particulars: The convention was called to
order at 4.13 p. m., Mr. Sam. Mac-
donald, ol Cranbrook, was voted to
the chair, and Mr. B. E. Taylor, of
Kirnbfcrley, was elected secretary
pro tem. The chairman briefly
stated tho object for which the convention was called, the selection ot
a credential committee was the next
order of business, Messrs. Kelly
and Macdonald and the delegate from
Murysville, being appointed to act,
and reported that there were 24
delegates present, representing the
different districts in the Cranbrook
riding. The convention was very
noticeable for the enthusiasm displayed by the different delegates. A
lengthy discussion now took place
as to the advisability of placing a
straight labor candidate in the
Oeld, and the concensus of opinion
was: that tlie time was opportune
and praetthle. Tills matter being |
sat islhctorily disposed ot, the'
chairman called (or nominations o( a
candidate. Mr. Thos. E. Kelly, ol
Moyie, was nominated, and he being'
tho only nominee, he was unanimously adopted by the convention.
Mr. Kelly, in an able speech, thanked tlie delegates for the great honor
conferred upon him and pledged himself to do all In his power to brins;
iu legislation that would lieneftt the)
working people and the country at
large. Tlie election ol an executive
committee was then pruccded with,
the following being appointed lor
their respective districts Mr. S.
Macdonald, for Cranbrook; Mr. B. E.
Taylor, for Krmlierley and Marys-
vllle; Mr. James Roberta, for Moyie.
Tlie executive then appointed Mr.
James A. Macdonald as secretary-
treasurer, tor the campaign, with
headquarters in Cranbrook. It was
also decided to place organizers in
the field and carry on a vigorous
cumapign at once. Mr. Kelly is
well known throughout the district,
he being the late financial secretary!
of the Moyie Miners' union for a
lengthy period, and an active worker
iu the Interests of tabor for many
years past.
We remain, yours sincerely,
S. Macdonald,
B. E. Taylor,
James Roberts,
Press Committee.
WANTED-A wo«M ST keep bouse
tor a man and chlM, tat* yean old.
Good boms.     For MMMr
(Moyie Leader.)
The mills ol the Porto Rico Lumber company at Nelson, Ymir, Moyie
and Moose Jaw were this week ali-
sorbed by the Beaver Lumber company of Winnipeg. The amount of
money involved in the deal is said
to be in the ueujehborhood of a
quarter of a million dollars. The
purchasing company has been absorbing several mill properties lately in Alberta and Manitoba. The
sluiTchoideis of the local concern
who sold out are J. B. McArtliur,
of Winnipeg, O, J. Handle)' and W.
Oi Hayward, ui Ymir, J. A. Dewar,
of Nelson, jji'i Ueorgc W. Orchard,
of Moyie.
J. A. lH-war has been retained \ as
general manager, and the business of
the new concern iu this section will
still life run under the. uaaue ol the
I'oitu Rico Lumber company.
Ovorge W. Orchard, manager ol the
Moyie branch ol the business, informs the Leader that there will he
lew if any changes iu the plans for
the Moyie plant. It will be run
next season as was already planned.
As lor himself he does not know
whether he will be with the new
concern or not. This will be settled
alter the stocktakers, who will soon
he here, have mushed their work.
(Moyie Leader.)
Charles A. MacKay, of the Black-
MacKay Mining company, made an
important strike this week while
working on Iris submarine minuuj
proposition on Moyie lake. lie is
sinking a sandpipe about 300 feet out
from the shore and where the water
is about 60 feet iu depth. Alter
driving the pipe through about 60
feet ot blue clay .and live feet ol
bedrock, by means of a hand drill,
he struck the lead ol the St. Eugene
ou what he believes is a continuation ol tlie north vein. Mr. Mac-
Kay and the people of the town
naturally feel considerably elated
over this piece ol good luck.
(Nelson Canadian.)
Last night at n.xu an ore train
running out, of Kossiaud got beytmu
control of Engineer Alfred Wade,
about four miles west ol uic city,
and left the track. Engineer Wauc
was killed. The other members oi
the crew escaped with slight injuries.
Alfred Wade was a nephew of Road-
luastci Phil Wade,'ai.tl was 36 yenrs
ol age. He was well known in Nelson and had utuiiy friends.
The cause of the accident is not definitely known yet. It is supposed
that the air-brakes failed to work.
tlon.     Apply   MlK
Eugene hospital.
Inform a-
To the editor Cnabkook Herald:
Sir,—The first regular meeting of
the Cranbrook trades and Labor
council was held in the Watts building on 'Saturday evening, December
2»th, 1906.
The following officers were elected:
Thos. Drummond, B, of L, Engineers.
Viee-Preeident—J. Bathic, Boilcr-
uiakvrs union.
Rec.-Secretary-W. P. Macdonald,
I. O. of Machinirts.
Financial Sec.-Treas.—F. McKeunu,
il. ol R. C. of America.
Statieticiau-W. D. Jones, I. O. ol
IVarden-A. Hood, B. ol R. 0. ol A.
The    constitution     and   bye-laws
were drafted and accepted.
Alter tin regular business of tlie
council was disposed of the meeting
was open to union men to discuss
the forthcoming municipal election
and the electric light by-law for the
After constderalite discussion it
was resolved by acclamation that a
letter be drafted for publication in
the several papers denouncing the
franchise asked by the Electric Light
Co. of Cranbrook.
The Ming of the meeting being
that the granting of such a franchise
was detrimental to the best interests of the people, there being no
provision made for concessions to
the city and the length of time being altogether too long.
It was further resolved by tlie
meeting to nominate a mayor and
aldermen for the forthcoming election to run in the interests ol the
W. P. Macdonald, Itcc. Sec.
T. Drummond,
C. H, Knocke,
W. Morton,
R. P. Moflatt.
»   ■
Donald A, MacDonild, proprietor
ol the Manitoba hotel, and Miss
Emma E. Benke, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. William Benke, ol Detroit,
Mich., were united in marriage at
St. Johns church in Detroit, on
Wednesday evening, December 19th,
1006. A reception was held at the
home of the bride's parents at 258
Buchanan street after the ceremony.
The many friends of Mr. MacDonald
in able .district will join with the
Herald in wishing the happy couple
happiness and prosperity. Mr. and
Mrs. MacDonald are ou the wedding
journey and are expected in Cranbrook about the middle ol this
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Address :
General Delivery, Cranbrook, B. C THE  CRANBROOK   HERALD
Hi Ua Herald   Publishing Company
C£. X*£—-<
Editor and ll.in.iger.
■a* a»9 J*» *M as ■e*e-6*«-*fce<e:fc
^frfMMtSMiMMMiVMntlM & *4
The      Way      to
Spell      luck
Make ibis year count, boys.
Now is ju.li toe turn;
bank atcouut.
to start bliat
Kok some time past the local Mc-
Bnde organ una a low individuals
nave seen lit to oiltlclze the Herald
iui its course in politics, sueei'liigl)
referring tu tlie tact thai it lias always claiimjd to be "iudepuudeut,"
iiao yet supporting tlie Liberal pally
in tin.-. campaign. There are many
people in this world who wouhl hang
uhemscives if they are given enough
iope. A proper conception ol the
meaning of tho word "independent"
would nave saved Lhe.se sell-styled
critics from a most egregious error, that l.s as humiliating us it is
inexcusable. For their  lienetil    WC
print   below   the   definition oi     Uie
a old "ludepeudent," as given by Uie
" Universal Dictionary <>i the English
language," a recognized standard     I
pendent upuu or subject to thu
control, power or authority 01
another; not relying on others;
not subordinate; tree to manage,
mie's own affairs without the
interference ut others; tree.
Ves, we repeat,  thu Herald is
independent paper.
it is pretty hard to fool thu.
Iieople, even in a political campaign
.11 uus district.
Provincial civil olllcers should nut
engage iu   provincial campaigns
the expense of the lax payers. And
that is being done in Uus province
•it this time. 11 a civil utlieer [eels
i hat it is his duty to support the
government let him take a lay ml
.<nd pay his own expenses or charge
litem up to the campaign committee
• •l his party.
inhere are bets bej£g made, slue*/
the Talior candidate came into the
Held, that Candidate Harvey will
loot the poll.
Look out for promises of roads
and bridges all over the district,
The government will eclipse the
promises they made in Uie district
last time. The great Prom is er is
the harness.
The malicious report emanating
irora the Conservatives that Dr. King
Aould not, be a candidate and would
not return in time (or the election,
is about as dirty a piece of work as
has come up so far, but it won't be
a marker to others that will follow
from the same source. The Herald
saM some time ago that under cer-
in in circumstances the coming earn
paign was bound to be a dirty one,
and now it is becoming evident. Already there have been several stories
circulated for the purpose of injuring the Liberals in this district, for
which there is no foundation whatever. The Conservatives should
exercise better judgment. There is
the old story about stones and class
The Victoria Week refers to Candidate Harvey as outre "the uncrowned
King of Fort Steele." That is going some.
J. A. Macdonald will be the next
premier ol British Columbia, for the
simple reason that the Liberals will
sweep the province at the coming
King spent three years iu the opposition. He will now have the
pleasure of spending four years ;is a
member of the government side.
I hat will be a good thing for the
There never was a better friend to
labor in this district that) Dr. King
I Ms fact has been demonstrated time
■md again during his seven years
residence in the district. It Is easy
hi be a friend of labor when it don't
">st anything, but Dr. King is not
thai kind of a man.
The Labor convention places Thos.
E   Kelly, of Movie, in nomination as
• is candidate. Mr. Kellv is a man
who is well liked by those who know
him, and his nomination was a derived compliment.
In the heat of the provincial campaign don't forget that there is to
be a municipal election on the 17th of
this month.
All sports are being postponed this
mown on account of politics.
■I. A. Harvey will he the worst defeated man in the province.
Boost Cranbrook just the same as
you would your candidate.
Keep good natured through it all.
It don't pay to quarrel about poli-
t lea.
Belting Is not an argument.
Mr. J. A. Harvey, ns the candidate selected by the Conservative party to represent this riding
in the next legislative assembly,
is a man that every Conservative
and independent    v.iter can    support without evasion or apology-
lie is the strongest and best man
ever named by a party in this tlis-
tiivt.       Mr. Harvey is too    well
known in every corner of this riding to    need any   newspaper or
other introduction   of commendation, and the     vote of confidence
given    by    the     convention that
selected him    will be ratified   by
the electors on election day.
Tlie above from  Mr.  Harvey's personal orgun, has created considerable
comment in town and over the   district.     When Mr.    Harvey's personal
organ       says:       "HE     IS     THE
IN THIS    DISTRICT," it is laying
it on pretty strong.       In fact,    the
people of this district    have    their
own   opinion of this matter.     They,
think   that Dr.   King    is u     pretty
strong   man     and     a guod citizen.
They   think   that Tom Caven is    a
pretty strong man and has been    a
parly worker.     They  Uiiuk that E.
C. Smith,   who    was elected * as    a
member, is a strong man and    well
liked by  the    people.     They    think
thai   William Feruie is ami was    a
good citi/en.     They think that    the
late John CoBtigan was an able man
and   a     good citizen.      They think
that the lulu  Colonel  Baker was an
able man, a good man and a strong
friend of    the district.     it illy becomes Mr.     Harvey's personal organ
lo   make such a comparison between
Air.  Harvey  and  other  men iu    this
district   who     have  been candidates
before him.        That kind of fulsome
praise of    Mr.  Harvey by Mr. Harvey's personal organ does not meet
with the approval of the masses    of
the people.
Dr. King's hundred of friends are
rallying iu the front, and the battle
cry ol "King and Victory" is beard
on every side.
W. It. Boss introduced the subject
ui politics at tne big Salvation Army
meeting held in Feruie a siiort tiuie
ago, wnere he had been extended uie
cuurlesy of acting as chairman. Air,
itoss was so indiscreet as to announce that he might be the Conservative candidate at the lorlhcoii.-
ing election. That was bad business
auu poor taste, and has brougnu
forth much unfavorable comment
Hum peuple of all parties.
Governor Mclunes will prove a
lower of strength iu the coming
campnlgu, but the Conservative
press continue their misrepresentation and falsifying by repealing Urn
statement created by themselves that
he is returning to take the leadership. They know as well as the
erulij liiat J. A. MacUona.d -is
thu choice of the party as u^ier,
that there has bjceu uo dissension,
and that Mr. Melnnes is coming back
ill the Invitation of Mr. Maeuouald,
But even a casual reading of the Conservative press at this time shows
that the leaders of that party are
badly worried over the situation.
Lawyer Thompson, manager of the
Harvey campaign, is already on the
slump, in the interest of bin candidate.
The Cranbrook district wants better terms. The people have been
paying between tluO.UOO and $200,-
liUU a year iu taxes in various forms
and received little by comparison,
When a Liberal government is elected then the Cranbrook district will
come into her own.
It was stated by a Conservative
minister in this district that the
present government could not well
do much for this district for fear
that Dr. King, the member, might
get the credit for it. And in this
way, out of political spite, the tax
payers c4 this district were forced
to submit to Increased taxes ami
get nothing in return. That is
what they have to thank the foc-
Bridc government for the past three
years, and yet they are asked to
support the McBride candidate, Mr.
Harvey. There should have been
thousands of dollars of work done in
this district the past three years
work that was absolutely necessary
fur the progress of the district, hut
It was not done, simply because the
people exercised their right In voting
at the last election. As a consequence, the merchant, the clerk
the laborer, the prospector, the mine
owner, the lumberman, everyone had
to suffer. The people of this district fully appreciate the fact and
will express their opinion in a most
emphatic manner at the polls on the
lecond of February.
Do the people of the St. Marys
• alley think that thev were entitled
tp a short route to Cranbrook'' Have
they not been asking for that Improvement for the past few years?
And what have they got? Nothing
but promises. That is why there
are so many of them going to vote
fur a change.
(Vancouver World.)
The minutes of the conference of
the provincial premiers has appeared
In The World. The document contains
nothing new—nothing that had not
been previously made known through
lhe press; but it is useful as confirming and accentuating in a remarkable degree the extraordinary antics
of British Columbia's premier . before the conference. It Is useful, as
well, hi showing that the case presented by Mr. McBride is almost
identical with that presented by Mr.
Dunsmulr in B*02. The same arguments appear in both documents, and
although the figures vary slightly,
the general tenor and'scope of the
complaint and the language are ?he
same. More regretful and unhappy
results never flowed from any diplomatic gathering than have resulted
In British Columbia from the Ottawa
conference.    Before the premier left
The   Same  Yesterday,
Today  and Tomorrow
Each suit gives the wearer a
striking; individuality an indefinable something different than
the rest, an appearance that the
clothes were made for that particular man and no other. There
is not a firm from Winnipeg to
the coast that carries such a
large stock of clothing. We
also have odd trousers of this
justly celebrated 20th Century
brand, and can fix you in that way
A Word About Xmas
When you buy a present show
your own artistic taste, and at
the same time give an article
that will please. You can do
that here.
Ties for Men
the latest New, York creations.
Ties and^Collars for Ladies
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Dress Goods
Dressmakers in attendance who
know how
If you have not visited our new
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in the Fink Bros.' old building,
you have made a serious Christmas mistake. There I. a glorious place to get
Just What You tat
Take advantage of the opportunity
Vancouver he was urged to invite the
leader of the ouppaoHon or Mr.
George Cowan . to accompany him.
It was fell and said that in the
premier's hands there would be failure. No one predicted the shape1 or
form that failure would assume; but
every one—even his own political
friends—declared that better terms
was too,big a thing for the premier
to handle. He would listen lo no
advice, accept no counsel. He de-
Icrmlned that all the glory ol a
successful. issue of the negotiations
should rest wilh him. As there was
no glory—only a dense, dismal fizzle-
it is meet that the disastrous consequences should rest upon the premier for going unprepared with data
(as Mr. Whitney remarked) to support his case. In Insist rig that the
grlovanco of British Columbia should
be submitted to arbitration, when,
as Mr. Whitney further remarked,
arbitration was not admissible or
possible, he barred himself from, the
conference. It has been said and believed by many thai Mr. McBride
acted with haste and, precipitation
111 deserting the conference at a critical moment. But there may have
been a method in his course. He
may have seen that the difficulties
with which he surrounded himself
(insurmountable, anil when the vote
was taken land he saw that lie stood
alone in support of his resolution,
he must have realized that the time
for disappearing had arrived and that
he must seize another occasion tor
bobbing up serenely" ami explaining his position to the people of his
province. It was a discredit aide
act to drag.the best interests of the
province in the dust—to refuse to
listen h> the wise counsel id Mr.
Whitney and Mr. Robltn and fling
h rhsclf Jrom the conference hall Into
the public square, banging tho dour
as he went to emphasize his indignation at the refusal of the members
to entertain his proposition. As Mr.
Macdonald has remarked, Mr. McBride has degraded into a political
cry a great question that should
have been kept out of the mire of
political contention, and been considered and disposed of on the highest plane of political morality and
decency. That the province has an
excellent ease is not denied. The
country is unanimous in demanding
better terms. There has never been
a moment since the session of 1!I05,
when the leader of the opposition
moved,his better terms resolution,
thai all patriotic hearts In the prov
ince have not beaten in harmony
with the wording of that resolution.
There has never1 been a time when
provincial sentiment was as pronounced in favor of emphasizing the
demand with energetic and forcible
action; and there has never been an
occasion In the history of the province when a vital question was intrusted to such weak and incapable
hands as those In which the better
terms matter rests. The province
has Indeed a strong case, It has
been marred, not lost, in handling.
That it was not destroyed Is not
the fault of the premier. He did his
hesb—not intentionally, but Ighor-
antly—to defeat ourvclaim upon the
Dominion for more generous treats
merit. That our ease was not lost
is due to the magnanimity ot sir
Wilfrid Laurier ami the Liberal delegates In tho conference. They saw
that the case of the province was in
weak hands, and they did not propose to make British Columbia suffer for the indiscretion of her premier. It l is useless to rely unv
longer upon Mr. McBride and his
ministry. They have shown their
Incompetence, They have tried their
hands and failed. The door lot the
conference was closed against them
with a bang when Air. McBride fled
from the hall and Into parliament
square in time to catch the afternoon train for New York, and in
ihiii modern Babylon,'forget, in the
hetter times he had there, all about
the hetter terms he went to Ottawa
to secure.
William HIgglus, who was brought
to tho St. Eugene hospital last week
a very sick man .died Inst Sunday
and was hurled this afternoon Irom
Bcatty's undertaking parlors. The
Eagle lodge had charge of the services and Rev. West man read a chapter from the Bible. The funeral pro-
ccssion was one ot the largest ever
seen iu Cranbrook and was made up
of the members ol the Eagle lodge, a
number ot the leading lumbermen of
the town and old friends and comrades of the deceased.
William Hlggins was about fifty
years of agv and came from the lumber district near Ottawa. Most of
the time since he has lived In this
district he had been employed by A.
Lciteh, manager of the East Kootc-
nay Lumber . company, in the capacity of timber cruiser, and was coo-
ceded to   be om of the best in   the
country.. Thousands upon thousands of dollars have been invested
in timber limits on the judgment of
the deceased. The deceased did not
have an enemy, as he seemed to
possess the faculty of making (mends
of all whom he met, and his death
will carry sorrow to the hearts of
many men in the lumber camps of
the Kootenays.
The Interest in curling Is growing.
The ice is keen these days.
Great improvement is noticed
among the new,players.
Fred Stnrkey, of Nelson, a hot
Conservative, and Mr. Grigor, of
Kosslaml, fust as hot a Liberal,
favor the postponement of the bon-
spicl until after the election, and
Stnrkey says that il it was pulled
off at this date the people would bo
as badly upset as he was going from
Itossland to Trail. P. H. Walsh, of
the K. A: S. Is agreeable to this
There should be more lady visitors
to the rink. Many think that they
have no right to go.
following is the drawing tor    the
Fink Mercantile company's prizes:
M-Sweyn t
lloggartli  1
Short        t>
McYittie   \
Luiilluw    I
Tate        ,
I'unci's       1
I'iiikliHin i
1'atiuor'j )
Carter )
WBhoii 1
Ryan f
Chaldltch 1
McCalliim f
McCowau (
Williams J
I! said the player;
" Because I need a stayer
Our* more Zain-lluk, the great
herbal balm, has been proved vastly
superior to ordinary remedies, ami
has cured when, other preparations
had signally lulled. Three children
in one family have been healed by it.
This not only shows the power of
Zam-lhlk, but goes I" prove how
beneficial Its pure liurlul ingredients
are to the delicate shin ol children.
Mrs. J. P. Hates, of Burk's Falls,
reports the caso referred to. She
says: "I take great pleasure in
recommending Zam-Ruk as a cure lor
skin disease. My throe children
were all broken out with sores on
luce, hands and feet. Their condition was pitiable, and although 1
tried various ointments and salves,
they did not seem to be able to get
at Uie root ol the evil, and the sore*
continued to spread. One day I saw
a report in a local newspaper telling bow beneficial Zum-Buk was lor
skin diseases, ulcers, etc. I got a
supply ot the balm and applied It to
the children's tores. Almost lm-
nedlatorr tatr got relief,  ami   the
I In
suits begun to heal.     Although
skin discs i  had .Mini all Uio s.i
1 had preiii usly tried, in i     »,
Zain lluk uTiunie the trouble, .1
to-day i ,. children have not i
pimple or |,ot or mark of dlst-asi
on then skin. Kor Ibis gland re
suit I have /.nm-llnk to Ihiink. I |i
a splendid tinnier."
Znin-llnk is thus shown In be a.tn
golhcr ilillihiii and superior lo m
ilinnry rem, .lies. It Is a hcnlnu
lliilm eom|iiiiitided Innu saps anil p.s
scnccK nf llic finest known niodiclna
herbs. II has hi^i antiseptic pnw
er, killing disease germs which scttl,
on sores uihI eruptions, etc., nm
which set up festering, blood polsnt
nml suppuration. It cures eczema
skin raslics, cuts, burns, brulsos
abscesses, „|rers, acne, black-heads
ringworm, |,|I10I| unison, 0tc. Ii
heals crooked and chapped hands
cold sores, etc, As an ombroeii
Hon It is also widely used, and glrai
speedy reltei in cases ol musmlai
rheumatism, sciatica, etc. Ruhhci
on the chest m cases ol colds, it to
lieves the lightness and aching. Al
drnc/glsls sell at Hue. a box, or maj
be obtained prmt free from the Zam
Buk Co., Toronto, upon receipt o
price. 6 bnns for 11.1)0. Semi oik
cent stamp tor dainty trial box. TOE   I'KANIIKOOK    IIICIl.W.ll
Undertaking and Embalming
Funerals directed from private houses churches or our
own parlors.    Fintclass undertaker in attendance J> J»
Cranbrook Go - operative Store
| Canadian Hotel |
J3 One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- £{
S brook.   Warm rooms, Rood meals Jgj
and a bar stocked with the best JS
|Joseph Brault Proprietor!
m is
According to the advices received
at the mounted police department,
Ottawa, and following the precedent
established last winter, a patrol
started out last Tuesday bound for
Fort " Mcpherson, at the mouth ol
the Mackenzie river and Herschel
island) where the United' States
whalers who bunt in the Arctic seas
generally winter. The party comprises tour men, each with a team of
native dogs. The distance from
Dawson to Fort McPherson is between four hundred and five'hundred
miles, Herschel island being two
hundred miles further. The party
lakes a limited mail for Hudson's
Bay jmst at Fort McPherson and for
tire whalers. The round trip will
take forty days.
Another paliul left Mafekiug on
the Canadian Northern line lot Fort
Churchill on the Hudson's Bay ou
December 10. The route marked out
is across the northern arms ol Lake
Winuipegosisi and Lake Winnipeg to
Norway House and thence down the
Nelson river to Fort Churchill. The
men will be in northern wilds nearly
three months.
Murphy & Fisher.
Parliamentary,     Departmental    and
Patent Office Agents.
Practice Before Railway Commission
Charles Murphy. Harold Fisher.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name,
"Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in
make call and see the new stock of Ready |
made clothing just received. All Union |
A merry crowd of Cranbrook
people spent Christmas day at
Perry Creek. To say the least they
surely had a pleasant day. Dinner
was served when they arrived and
all did justice to tho good things
prepared, consisting of roast goose,
chicken,' venison and all that go with
it to make it good. After dinner
the spacious dining room was cleared and dancing and cards and other
amusements was indulged in till tea
time, when all repaired to the dining room and were again refreshed,
after which Mr. John McDonald rendered a Scotch reading, which was
enjoyed by all. Uy this time the
drivers were heard to yell, "all
aboard," and the merry jingling of a
four horse sleigh was driven up.
The party singing, made their way
home in the moonlight, wishing the
host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Bulge, a merry Christmas and
happy New Year.
Ckescent Luijue No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at ft p. m. at
New Fraternity Hall.
T. H. Roberts, K.lt.&S.
J. A. Arnold, C.C.
Visiting   brethren   cordially Unite*
to attend.
I.O.O.F.    key City Ladi*
No. 41. Meets every
^^^^^^^    Monday    night    at
New    Fraternity    Hall.      Sojourning Oddfellow, cordially lathed.
K. H. McKay, W. T. Hay!
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
THOS. T. UacViTTlE, P. L. is,
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
By-Law Number 34
N. U.
Uaabrook Loata, Ne. U
A. P. * A. «t.
Regular meetings on
the third Thursday
ol every moat*.
•jps^sWfSsjsBjBSBS^ssossxi ssnaB,sw,ssee^ssna^as^ssessn,s^Bseeeeessssnss^.jj
JLt .^.—■■■a^iawaiM^ Maaelaclarera al *
•I"* y^t^fCll^WBm^- Ruueh addressed
LUriBER. and
Also all kinds ol
**♦*•>*##**-• *******W****'
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
That there is n delicnpy of flavor about fri'sli killed Turkeys
that you do not get with cold storage stock.
We are shipping in
and will kill tHetri hero, ami it is impossible to irft anything
nicw. and they will not cost you
any more
Corporation of the City
of Cranbrook
XcaMno Business
Douses of titans*
VilU?    gbt Smelter am...
Marysville h a s
ooine into tier own,
Tin1 town now has
h pormanent payroll. The Herald
oan heartily endorse tli«« following;
business houses:
§ Central Hotel
1    HANDLEY 4 COLE Proprietors      [
tt Dining Room service the best.
The place to stop when visiting the Smelter City
The leading hotel in the St.
Marys valley.
The Royal Hotel    1
A. P. Chenette Proprietor
Has been recently refurnished and is now one of
the best hotels in the district.   Headquarters for
the people.
I Marysville Drug Go.
fit We carry • complete stock of everything in the
• Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away
fi foryour goods. ™
Public notice Is hereby given to the
electors ol the Municipality ol the
City of Cranhrook, that 1 require
the presence ol the said electors at
the Council Chambers, Baker Street,
Crai*rook, B. C, on the 14th day ot
January, 1907, at 12 o'clock noon
(1 o'clock local time) for the purpose
of electing persons to represent them
in the Municipal Council as Mayor
and Aldermen and lor the purpose of
electing persons to represent them ou
tlie Board ol Trustees tor the Cranhrook City School District.
The mode ot nomination of candidates shall be as follows:
The candidates shall be nominated
in writing; the writing shall be sub-1
scribed by two voters ol the Municipality! as proposer and seconder,
and .-.hull for delivered to tne Hemming Olllcer at any time between
the date of the notice and 2 p. in.
(3 p. m. local time) ol the day ol
nomination, and in the event ol a
poll being necessary, such poll will
be opened on the 17th day of January, 11107, between the hours of a
o'clock in the forenoon fill o'clock
local time) and 7 o'clock in the afternoon (S o'clock local time) at the
Council Chambers, Baker Street,
Cranhrook, B. C, ot which every
person is hereby required to take
notice and govern himself accordingly-
The qualification by law required
to be possessed by the candidates for
the ollice of Mayor are as follows:
"The persons qualified to be nominated lor and elected as Mayor shall
he such persons as are male British
subjects ol the full age of twenty-
one years, and are not disqualified
under any law, and have been for the
six months, next preceding the day.
of nomination the registered owner
in the Laud Hegistry Oflicc, ot land
or real projierty in the City ol the
assessed value, on the last Municipal
assessment roll, ol one thousand
dollars or more, over and above any
registered judgment or charge, and
who arc otherwise duly qualified as
Municipal voters," lllllli, C. 32,
S. 14.
The qualification by law to be possessed by the candidates lor the ollice of Alderman arc as follows:
"The persons qualified to be
nominated (or and elected as Alderman ol the City shall be such persons as are male British subjects ot
the full age of twenty-one years and
are not disqualified under any law,
and to have been for the six months,
next preceding the day of nomination
the registered owner in the Land
Registry Ollice, ol land or real property iu the City ol the assessed
value, on the last Municipal assessment roll, of five hundred dollars or
more, over and above any registered
judgment or charge and who are
otherwise qualified, as Municipal
voters."   1906, C. 32, S. 14.
The qualification by law required
to be possessed by the candidates
tor the ollice ol School Trustee are
as follows:
"In every Municipal School District, any person being a householder
in the School District, and being a
British, subject ol the lull age ol
twenty-one years, and otherwise
qualified by this Art to vote at an
election ol School Trustees in the
School District of the City of Cran- I
brook, shall be eligible to be elected
or to serve as a School Trustee in
such Municipal District." 1005,
C. 14, S. 32; WOli C, 39, S. 25. |
No person holding the office of
teacher within the School District
and no Clergyman of any denomination shall be eligible for the office of
School Trustee. 1906, C. 35, S. I
Given   under   my   hand at Cranbrook, B. C, this first day of January, lfMT. j
Taos. II. Roberts, I
Returning Officer
Visiting brett.en welcomed.
S. H. Hoskins, Sec'y.
M. A. Beale, W. M.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every Wednesday evening   at
I p.m. in B. ot L. F. Hall.
Dr. Coffin Aerie Physician
P. O. Bos 28.
C. Rosa Tate, W.P.
J. Breckln, Secretary.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
Meet at B. ot L. F. Hall 2nd and
4th Saturday each month.
Visiting brethren always welcome
T. Boyter, Jan. E. Larrlgaa,
W. M. Sec'y.
W. P. O.URD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Haiell Block Crasbrook. B.C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
Public, Etc
Cranbrook,    •    >    B. C.
Notice is hereby given that an application will lie made to tue Legislative Assembly ol British Columbia
at its uext session, lor an Act to
ncorporale tue "c.ast koolcuay Logging Hallway Company," Willi
power lo build, cousiruci, maintain
»uu operate a line or lines ol raii-
•'ay of standard or oilier guage,
u r.asi huoieiuy uisintt, to
hi operated uy .aaui, eieeiuciiy ui
an) uuiei putter, lui me earryiug ui
lingiu, passenger, anu eap.es. uve.
lue luuuwilig loules.
i. mow « pu,nt on the Crows
.eat t'asa uitui.il ot lue laiumau
1 acme itallMa), at 01 ueul WUttte
tue saiu railway crosses Lot aaeo,
luuup i.
ia/ iu a puiut ou the southerly
sine ul Hoc. wtcex, a uislau.ee uul
exceeding Uiieeu miles, passing
lurougu Lots .is, 31a, asti anu Uu,
uioup i, and adjacent lands,
tu, 'iu a point at or near where
he tiuuteuay JOver is intersected by.
tne international boundary, luiluwmg
course mrougu Lots Hit, 31a auu
33u, uruup 1, and theuce to Uulu
Uees anu following uie said cite*
uu tue said Kouteuay ifiver; or
lorn any puut on the said route tu
tuu sam southern terminus tuereui,
,iui a rigut oi exteusiuu uurtneily
or westerly up eacu ol the nraueues
«i tne said Uold Creek, tu the source
oi tne same respectively.
icj nuitueiiy luruugb Lots 321,
314, 325, 313, 312 and 311 and inter-
veniug or adjacent lands.
a, t,aj H'oul a puiut at or within luui miles east ol fort Steele
r unction uu tue said Crows .sest
Hallway westerly, a distance of live
miles, wan ouueues tu the uurtn
auu south, nut exceeding three miles,
lb) iVoitbcrly uu the uurth-eastcr-
ly side ol the said Crows i\est Hallway, a distance not exceeding mice
3. Prom a point on the said Crows
Nest Hallway uetweeu sidings kuowu
as Locu aud Swansea.
(a) To uue or mure puiuts distant
not more tluu ten miles easterly
Horn Uie point of commencement.
lb) following the course ul the
Jpper Moyie Hiver and the branches
thereof to a point about six miles
*est of the easterly limit of Lut
4592, Group 1, and oluer braucit lines
ul exceeding ten miles iu length.
VV'itb power to connect with and
cuter Into running arrangements with
the Canadian I'atinc Railway, or any
other railway situate near proposed
railway or any part thereof and to
construct sidings at such connections. To receive from any person,
government or body corporate,
grants of land, money or other assets in aid ol the construction ol the
Said      „„H»r...l.l —.      ~—
A By-Law to Grant Certain Privileges to the Cranbrook Electric Light Company. Limited
Jwlertu?,„^, ilu,;ul",al '-'"""cil has phones, day and night service; and if
ina u„d ,, ■ ?,m ,U\-L*V 'Mliceus- at any lime the service ol electric
eicniiune ef,mu.,MS "c "°''1 •"'" "a""* or telephones shall not, in me
i.« me u,     '',        a"   lul "uu'l"'i- opinion of the Council, fulfil Lid re-
■■   me puma. iugnwu)s u) quirements; ami upon failure oi   the
>   .     u Company,  wltbout   :usi cause   being
•», uj   U)-Law .No. 3j, shown, lo rectify the same iorihwiUi
., uons     ale sei loan aiier     is   hours'    uoliee iu writing
me    privilege to ereet Bn,n them by Uie City, the CouucU
posls,       or may   by    resolution,     forfeit     such
and lo rrglas and privileges herein granted,
tue eou- akd annul and declare Void Uie   Con-
ani cumpal
And tut.
ei tan, i,
nuei whlcli
"Oies, pilim
utnei appliances
mug wiius    tneieun,   lor
ilectricii), fui the use oi tract hereinafter mentioned.
mi    luuiiiuiliiig purposes,    ».   The    rates to    ne   charged to
aiuiijj puniiii uigiiways ul consumers and customers witliiu the
forth and enumerat™ '      " """ S8' "»»"«»»||tr. by the Company, shall
tit us  follows;
cyaiicc oi
eiepiiouee ,
iiiocgu aot
1410 i- uy ul L i.i,
*   till   alllll   ttQUUlU     	
Ana iVtiereas, Tlie tiaubiook
Eieotrio Liglit Uompauy, Linuieu,
liub uimlc .i^jiiitaLiM.. lui leave lu
cuutiuuu iu present electric li^tii
ami tcli'pliuac system auu iu extend
Ana iViieceas, it has been (iet/Lut.'d
ekpetiical lo giaal tu ibu said Luiu-
Ustuy uti'Uiu privileges in cuiuiccUol
witu tiicir siud system,
ilii'i'eluit', Liic Aiutucipal CuuluI ui
tirouk iu Cuuucii assembled enacts
tut} Curporaliuii ui Uit,1 Lily ui Uran-
Liic following*
i. Subject to iLu fullilimt'ut ul
he terms, conditions uiiu unvileges
in said iiy-Law No. 46, aud iu uia
by-Law huiuiiiaili-i contained, uhicu
fiuis, L'uiiiiiiiuus .ii.u privileges auti
be due luiiuiiiiL'iii ucivoi me iu uc
uken and considered as ccftdttions
pieccdi-iit to the cnjuyuicut ui me
igniii, powers and privileges bereoy
Uiitcd tlie said Tliu ciaiioLuoo.
Electric    Light    Uompanj, Limited,
aud       lis      succcsbuis      aud  a^si^Uii
nereiiiultcr called "the company )
ic Uorcby grautcd lor a pcuud oi
fiiiy years, uuiu tne Uaic ui inc con-
ruct berciualtec mentioned, Uie
ignt aim pn\iicge ui crocting aud
luainlainiu^ pules, fosis aud piliais,
mi ui stuiigiiig, sireiclUug, laying,
epariug auu upuraling win-a tor uc
uuveyaucu ui electricity, 101 uiv use
1   leiepUtillCS  auu    lauunliallUg     aud
power purposes, in, over, upon, aiou^
UU ailusa all) altd all ^aullc blgM-
ways  ui   tut;   u'ity  ul   LiauutuoS,  aud
ui constructing, cuutppmg, operating
aud maiuluiumg a leivjuuuuu aua
lectric ligut auu puwei s>su-m   aua
Cl'Viee  IU   tne  Lllv   ol   L'lautiluol...
a.. Tue Lumpau) sbafl erect aud
maiuUtiu sucu pules, posu aua pilars, aud suing, Birelen, uy*, m^iu-
aiii, repau «.na upemie sut-u wires
iu sucu a maunei
Lie  Wllu  lue     lull
^ as
|f a
is uoi  lu latet-
  !ua uiiOUsuut-Lea
use ul lue puuite Uignwttys ui Uu
uid Lily, auu :>nau piaee sucu pules
at sucu jjuinu anu snau streicu sucn
wiles at sucu uei^ui.
undertaking;    with    power to'33.
construct and operate   telegrapb and
telephone line" '— "■—
business   and
umurmity  wild sam juu
jTuguiatiuiis cuutaincu iu l
..all   Uc
telephone iTnesToVThe p'urpos'e'olTu Ifor' uSTZ" "    "M
huMihfMti   .»d    i_- *"" '"rrrfr 0I "s;rui tue Lompany iu lo
oi   oiictallu^
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Rectdeic*, Armstrong Ave
Forenoons • • • • 1.90 to  11
Afternoons . •. . I.SO to I.St
Eveniap ...as T.M to I.H
CRANBROOK :«    :i    it    ::    B. 0.
I to II a.m.
1 to   • p.m.
7 to   I p.m.
Office and residence on Armstrong are
I to II a.m.
1 to   I p.m.
I to   lit.
Offlos la new ReM Hock
Repairing Promptly Done
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
Aud lut 32 candle puv.t,-i L^lu,
tluausc UaC aOUVtj u.tj, aaa .ui «
uttnue fu^t, hcm'.s, cue aaii u*e
aiAiie uie»,
i o       UVi eillJlg       Uuaacs,      lb   catidio
j/VH ti,    IJV.    a/Li    iilWaUu.
iu     uweuuig    uubses,     o    ualojv
fO.td,   JVt..   ^t;*   ILUUlU.
IWUI   a     uuu'unt   ul   uu  pel      ecut
\,-j |f.e.J lu tv.**-- —na iJMjlU5 UU US
LrUUiC    lue   10 UJ   uu)    ul    lue   iuoUVAi.
-ul'h.1 rent*!, *jc. per iuunui.
tueiel     rtttca     iui    klures, omces,
bULCU a.il u,|U,> UUUSCK, _UC. i/t.
IvilU    tlMVI   uvjui,    m.i,   a   UiSCuuUl       iu
iiwU MM oi atoica, ii-.ttJ tui\l uoteia
ui 1st uel ceui, auu ol uwcJuua, Uuase*
ul -j pel CVUk iu cuusuuivls tJajlHsg
un ul uetoie Uie aulu uu) ui um
munio. i u     iujQt.o,       i.mccirCcf
lueatres, puniic k+u* auu samyM
iwiuj usiiqg ugsbs mute luuu w
..i^usa in iiic it.-....., uue ussii ui lue
uusiness Uat rale; lor uver i<>
nigiju tu 21 tttgfitti m tue uiouu.,
Uuee^ourtns ui me uusiueas uai
talcs,] lui user — uiscuu m Uie
Uiuuu, tue lull busiue&d Uat rates.
r ui au H&UU, to miuui^ul, *j.uu
pel monUL
VOX   ail.       llgUU,   all   Ll6-'.,    4iU.UU
pet  moutu.
ruii TLLLiJilL».NL6:
For   avtemu^    nuuse^,   *...uy     per
i-oi all places outer tuau dwelling
tut VI it      r rlsw-*   liU-s"i M»«U pel UiUulU.
...   uuuu! m wnung ^ m <Mmai «J ,„ Mtanw w, oi beiore tue luui oa>
lor the    public, with pairing,
power to own real estate for right- s,steui oi leiepuoue
uf-way and    other purposes and   to service to nieas oi
own, use and operate water powers 'ruanncr,    uisuiu oi
convenient   to the road  for railway!any puulic iujii"), h si
purposes and   with sucn demy put sucu pumie inc.
:s and    nrlell^-on  -- —
  _            aieileie  *i\j
and other
_.t„ ™ r™r~**~  mm     Willi SUCU
2S5,'SS? tPJgSS— " "e *»" ™^ » •«
third day of UeTemto?' AD  iiiuf   In' T!"\,   *ltL' •",u    tUe ^"u """>
' ,   n,**,"^1™'     """" '"""w'm     remove uoui    suta
38.71 Solicitor for Si^n.. '',U'"'C "'*"«•'>.     «" surplus eartn,
solicitor lor Applicants stoues, or   ruubist, or otner maiet-
1  . Jia'i aud leave me   saitl imnlic niga-
TI1IBER NOTICP "»' m "'"Per coudiliou.
Notice utSTuL thi,..    *•   "ncucei     an,  person, iirm ot
^'^ittl^^J^Z^um snail nave obulned tow-
tue Hon. Chief CommiwlJnJr S ,».Jiuulom)' Uam tue Luuuu' L» ""
Lands    and   Worto  foT a   saeeiJi au>     """"""IS.    structure    or
license to cut and carrr awaS1^ r"1"*' ""0UBU ul •,tru" ""J """"o
her from the ioltowiL dSJcribed !!8Ut',> "!."" s"'u ul> "»"•"•
land,. rtt„tS irfmSXn&t&JS&SZ Wla* "' "■ °ua"U'
1. Commencing   at  a   „„,„, ,„
chains east ol the south-east corner
ul lot 33S, group i, tience east go IT'™,'!1 """"" "um u": K-U"uui UI
chains, thence northi snThVin.r»J..!S l"e    cuarruiau   oi     me   tvoias auu .    .
chains to   Mint   of e^J2n!L.a»   "LU"i 'u,:u »"«  «« si to auuw   an ""    wmpanj     irom nine to tun.
containing J&"res mS\SSf'' "nuustrucled passage lui sue, Juil" »'? ^    *"""*'   ,"' "* ^"^
.   oiuis, to acres, more or less.    lugi btruttun „, ^lllce. Ue M      t. una it is maoe piecedent to the en-
I.   Commencine   at  a   nolnt   ton lumo' t0 ■* bu""-' "^ ha" "1 sucn |U>DS °', lu" "s"1"' f0*'"'    •u<1
«  ww«uiiwa..iui   as  a   point   iso  u      ' puvueges Ueieuy  aianteu, tuat   tne
Loui,iau) snau uot    uiicctl) or    la-
irectll   increase     the saiu rates  to
>  consumer     or consumer. ailUin
rued that,   u
tuu.ua.ei     so
^^^^^^^^^       installed by
.   A   cvutract     embodying     the
plovislous tiercol     ana cuvenants on
.actio, to uc uu.i.t uue nan n
a.  Commencing   at  a   point   120 i,L-ison, mm, oi coriiotatiou a
chains east ol the south-east corner ;,aii uy tue Comiiany.
of lot 191, group J, thence east   80    „,   huem)Ve, „ Buu,| bt! necessary,
chains thence south 80 okalns, thence 10 itMm    removing,    aiiennB
west   10   chains,   thence north   80 "i.,.?1	
chains,"to point 'of" cc^wiemen't" 'JJSSJ!!^ .„'
containing 140 acres, more oMess.     ,^**i »' t"1-
W.   F.
Dated at  Cranbrook,  B. C,   this
lltk day ol November, A. D. 1006.
 01    »..v..u6   u. luc municipality;   provii
aw*, upuu .a) jiubiic ue uonpaSy   11   ujb c
saiu City,   lo leruove uoia.b   , muWi tLM ta
,sls      Ol   pillars   uow lu(. Lulll|hUiy,
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work is our advertisement, but wo
put this ad In the Herald to
emphasise It.
Near Lower Armstrong Avenue.
A. W. McVittie   «
! Dominion and Provin- \
cial Land   f imtjcr. \
H. H. McVittie
General Agent
James Foster.    »"> ,!«"«,    Po>
Ourd.   Solicitor      Cran-,''t'""""B Mluu*>"'± <■"    l"" company
he pcrmaueul obstructluns, me '.urn- m „„, „, ue company to coulorm
pany suaii, upon    receiving twenty- to aml    lulllll ,u llre nlnteii    aud
lour hour's notice Horn the Council, „rovunoa, 0Me|,, reuulred ul it Hull
or the ttorss and fropariy Commit- ut. MMU M(l    hU11 be exreuW(i k/
lee,   remove     sucu poles,   posts or lul. CUy 0l fjranhruok, and Ue Coui-
, pillars,    and  ll   lue   Company  shall  uauy within one moutn alter the (law
Notice is hereby given that thirty , neglect    or   refuse   so to   uu, sutn uu wUu;11 1|1U bv.Uw tUli ^^ „.
days after date I intend to apply to I"""-, uosv?, or pillars may ne    re- l(.a.
the Chiel Commissioner of Lands aud "i0!™ C>' *"e Llty   . *l l"1: ^V""*    11,  This By-Law shall take effect
...  ... „ „..,..., »uu ,-•   ---  —«   ,— —- ~r      11.  This By-L
Works for a   special license to   cut 0l ",,! »-ompany, such expense to ue an(J hc 0, tMa)
and carry away timber from the fol- iccoveiable   with    costs irom    the lllht aa¥ ol p-ehruary, 1807
lowing described lands in South East Company In like    niannol as Muniu-    u   .,„lb B)..u» m4V „,
KootSlay fa,l laxes.        lliis paiagiapn,    huw- lhu        ' ■
1.  Commencing   at a post planted «'"■ »""» not apply to poius, posts Lu„
00 chains south   and 10 chaius east and pillars    hereinafter placed    aud     ltJf
^^^^^^^^^^^^ . be cued   as
the    "The c'ranhroox Electric Light
nipany, Limited,  liy-Law.''
tern and maiuiaiu the same „■    u,e Hecelved the assent ol the electors
William Higffius.    0,at manner and with the best    ap- on tl,c     „a). 0| j4cuary,
Dated    the 8th  day ol December, puanccs available, lur the piutectiou A  u  19u;
A. D. 1IM.                                           |ol [he persons and piuperty ol    the Keconside'red and Onally passed and
—— ipublic. adopted    ou   the  day of
I.   Commencing at a   post planted |   7.   The Company    shall    be liable   A. U. 1907.
40 chains south and 130 chains  east for and shall Indemnify the City   of Take notice that the above is    a
ot mile poet No. 10, on the easteily  Cranbrook   lor all    damages arising true copy ol the     proposed By-Law
limit of    lot   No. 4582,    group 1;  out ol the   construction   and opera- upon   which the  vote of  the Mur1-1
thence north 200 chains, thence east tion of its said system
00 chains, south 60 chains, west  '"    ■   ""
,          ..... .. ... —.. .i-^w. palily  will  be  taken at the Council
10 chains, south 00 chains, west  40 |   8.  The Company   shall so operate Obnmbers, Baker Street, in the City
bains, south    140 chains, west   20 its system    that   there shall always of Cranbrook,     B. C, on Thursday,
rhains to the place of beginning, con- be available to   consumers ami cus- the   nth    day ot    January, A. U.
Saining 140 acres.                             i.«m.™ ...m     •>     >•
chains ,._
taining 140 acres, 	
William Hlggins.
the 8th  day   of December,
t. D. 1807.
Eight teams of well-sroken logging
horses, four to nine years old.    Six
of these teams weigh from 3000    to
3400 pounds per team.
Apply to
Plncher Creek, AIU.
E. W. Long, B. Acct., wlH receive
private pupils tor Instruction In
advanced aeccutlag, Uedbag t* • decree ol B. Acet., ft A. Room No.
17 Ronl hotel, or Address Be" tl.
.  __   iday,
._ -          day ol     January, A. U.
lomers within the Municipality, a 19U7, between the hours of nine
uniform supply ol electricity fur il- o'clock ften o'clock local time) in
luminating purposes by niffht, ami ny the morning, and seven o'clock
day so soon as the Company shall (eight o'clock local time) in the
have in operation a water power evening.
system, ol at least 110 voltage, and Thos. M. Roberts,
steady and   regular usage ol tele- 38-lt Clerk to the Municipal Council.
For The Herald
$2.00 For The Year THK   < BANBUOOK.   IIKRALD
(Krcin The M
Trail    News:
church, Trail, a1
iiesdny,    the Rev.
Sniytlie,  iiiilt'-il
Oscar K.tnim, ul
Mia Oliver, of Troll
,-uilv  decorate
ml    evergreens
putted plants and cu
pretty little ediuvc '
ilic doors.       The hi
proachod  the nltm  "
the wedding    march,
dercd hv .Mrs.   John
i be   bride currying a
micrltcs.        She   wi
white luce net ovct
was given away by
II. K. Dodge was best
Hi-s-.ii- Avers w.is bridi
wore a gown of white
carried   ciirysanthcniun
Mis.   K.illim  letl   fin
.veiling  train.
Hwlni-sdav night   »'»
... far this    winter
inelei      ii-K'sl'
nark.      Hv    I
Like was Iruzi'
now almost
illg.      Last
"ii Uie and
'islanding is that
iliuiis with the banking three
Mill/,   anil
property tor sr ■
The iiundsuino   now depot at Cole-
u has been opened lo the public
A.   V.   Lang .mil  It.  Sleeves,     ol
ink.  lire away  on a   holiday  trip
f J
is now located in its comfort- '
able and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to-
date and is modernly equipped
to do just the best work in all
branches of the tonsoriat art.
For particulars call up 'phone No.
68 between the hours ot 8 a.m. and 0
Em., or 'phone    No. 00 after office
ours.       All    orders   will   receive
prompt attention.
39 C.   .1.  MANSFIELD.
S j        IF YOU WANT,
« > I*, o. BOX lffi«
| I        AGENT Knit MALI. SAKECu.
Tin- members
\o, 37, Knights ol
reputation lor    themsi
Imll Thursday evening,
was sufficiently large
commothi'tiuns ami all   present
ii.yml    themselves     thoroughly,
.plendid supper   was served In
hull itt midnight.     Alter paying
expenses,  the committee will nave n
-iilwtnnllal casii balance to be turn-
.(1 in to the treasury ol the lodge.
Andrew    Norgren, at one time    a
sawyer   in the    mill ol the    Moyie
Lumber company,    tiled in the Home
hospital    ui   Nelson about   a     week
ago, Irom   ulceration   ot the bowels.
Norgren     lor some   time
working at    Wililaw's mill on
Mloean river.       The    remains v.
i.ikeu to    Spokane   for     Inteiim1
Deceased     was abuul   40 years
Frank Hull and six associates have
located a group ol claims, seven in
.ill, about two miles south oi
foohty. A good, strong lead,
• .irryiug gold and silver, rum*,
ibrough them. An average of sev-
iHil assays recently taken shows
sJO in values. A company is being
organized to be known as the Golden
I'assel Alining company, the liead-
<fiiartfiK of  which will be in Moyie,
Mrs. 1*. J. Wiggins lias been seriously ill at her borne fui several
-lays, but is reported lo be Bomo-
what  improved to-day.
1). J. Johnson, who has the oon-
n act for the erection of the government buildings in Cranbrook, was in
i own n few hours Sunday.
Mrs. Thomas Lenlliuti ami children
.itrived Irom Camborne Saturday,
dr. Leiiihan is employed in Hie St.
(Eugene mill and in tends purchasing
.< lut aud building a cottage.
(From The Petals Ledger.)
J. A. Uroley and family flitted
u way to the east Monday night,
Mrs. Harry Oldlunds leaves tin
llt'&L ol the year for a visit tu eastern cities.
M. A. Kastner spent Christmas
with his sister, Mis. J. II. Brlckcr,
..i lilairniore.
T. H,• Whelaii returned Tuesday
i'vetting from a business trip u
\ aucouver, where be was badly tak
rii in by some dog fancier, who has
•ucceeded iu betting oil on Tom a
i cry small specimen of bark, legs
I all, which lacks a great deal of being as trig as a whale.
Tickets on sale Daily, NOV. 24 to
DEC. 31 .inclusive, good to return
within i three months.
Finest equipment, including standard Firat-class Sleeping and Tourist
Cars on all through trains.
Two   Throuh  Express   Trains
Apply to nearest C. P. R. Agent
for  imformation
(Fresi Uu Fenie Free l'rcss.)
A Prince of    the House of David—
■ /.   Fleishman,  paid a Hying visit  to
i' ernic last Saturday.
J. Austin, C. P, It. agent at Elko,
w out cast last Friday to spend
« nristmas with his children at (Jt-
('barley Lindsey is ill in Victoria
with typhoid fever.(a. His lather, G,
ll, S. Lindsey, left for the coast on
■ i-'diiesday's train.
-Messrs. HeuUrieh & Callahan, of
Kt-velstokc, and Mr. and Alls. Jacob
1'1'Uden, of Cranbrook, spent Christinas in Penile, the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. I. Covert.
ily the     omission   of the syllable
dis-" in our report of the special
meeting ot the board of trade last
week, II. W. Heichmer was credited
with unintentional candor in saying
mat the ineetiug was called tu cuss
iue telephone situation.
Kx-Fire Chief lluldiy was down
nom Tabor iur tlie holidays. He
, "its about 7oti tons of coal being
mined daily aud upwards of due men
hi the employ of the Canada West
i o.      The  foundations lur  the     big
ifel tipple and fur the engines are
already laid, the latter being inclosed to facilitate progress.
■ '. L. Uoyntou returned homo from
the east this morning. While in
.litrneapoiis he purchased a new ana
ilonger battery of boilers for the
i II. Lumber company's mill, and a
•"" h.p. automatic engine lor tlie
i laaers,
(From The Frank Paper.)
It will be good news to the people
of Ulairmore to know definitely that
.i edal mine is to he opened at once
.it that place. The property to be
M'veloped is that owned by A. Mutz,
11 the Fort Steele Brewery and (}.
II. Scott, which lies just at the west
side of Blalrmorc. Messrs. Mutz
and Scott with others have formed a
'• unpany to he known as tbe Blair-
niiiij Coal company. The Intention
in to proceed at ofiee to develop the
j inperty with a view to putting it on
.i shipping basis within the next
\oir. Gliailcs Chestnut, formerly
\. itli the Canadian-American com-
I'.niy at Frank and later with the
Hi Merest company, has been engaged
.is manager by the company. Mr.
Chestnut is already here, having
returned (rum tbe coast during    the
i M I
i M -
< H ,
< M .
< M >
i .« I
< H >
< M ,
< ill
< M I
.  ,. »
< il r
i ti t
< H -
i >< r
< M ►
D.   C.  L.
Distillers Company, Limited ;:;:
D. V. L Scotch 12 Years Old
, ,i ■
\ R. R. Rithet & Co., Limited |j
Victoria, British Columbia    i!
, i. •
, ,i ■
, ,i,
, „,
, „ •
,,. ■
. „ i
111 H 11111111111 III I III 111111 Mi Ml |.| || |,| i|.t
h-i-i 11 i-i-i 111 in i i-i ii-i ii 11 n 111111 i-i-i i nil, i-i
I •■ 1
The Cosmopolitan jjj
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
When You
Come to the Metropolis stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorf
Opposite C P. R.
Si.oo   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
Take notice that thlrtr days after
ate wc intend to apply to the Citlel
Commissioner ol Lauds and Works at
Victoria for a special license to cut
ml carry away timber from the lol-
owing described lands in South Kast
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-west corner ol lot 3553,
group I, Kootenay district; thence
outh 140 chains, thence east 66
chains, thence north 100 chains,
more or less, to the southerly limit
ol Michael Kelly's pre-emption No.
922, thenco westerly along said
southerly limit of said pre-emption
311 chains, more or less, to the
south-west corner ot tlie said preemption, thence north forty chains
to the southerly limit ol said lot
3S53, thence westerly 20 chains to
the place of beginning, containing
610 acres, more or less.
The Standard Lumber Co., Ltd.
W. F. Qurd, Solicitor, Cranbrook,
Dated the 12th day of November,
A. D. 1606. 88-5t
Sixty days after date I Intend to
.pply to the Honorable the Cbiel
Commissioner ol Lands and Works,
Victoria, for permission to purchase
the following described land in South
East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted
about one chain south of the south
corner post ol Lot three hundred and
sixty-three (363), thence north about
twenty-eight (28) chains, thence east
about three (3) chains, thence south
about twenty-eight (28) chains,
thence west about three (3) chains to
the place ot commencement.
U. K. Qreen,
J. Lynch, Locators.
Dated Hie 6th day ot December,
1906. 38-ftt*
Cranbrook  Foun-::
dry and
::Machine Shop::
ii . * *
;; McKinnon & Johnston ;;
We are preparer! to
do all kinds of ro-
piu'r work heavy and
fight, uiake castings,
turn shafts, etc.
'' Scientific    Horseshoeing   a \ \
Livery &
Teams snd drivers furnished for anj
point in the diatrlct.
A. DOYLE, Manager
Receives both ladies and gentlemen
as resident or as day students. Has
a complete commercial or business
eourse. Prepares students to gain
Teachers' Certificates ol all grades.
Gives the lour years' course Cor the
11.A. degree, aud the first year of the
school of science course, in allilia-
tiun with Toronto university. Has a
special "Prospectors' Course" lor
miners who work in B. C.
Instruction is given in art, music,
physical culture and elocution.
Term opens September 17th, 1906.
For calendar, etc., address "Columbia College, New Westminster, B.C.
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds of finish work, in
way of doors, windows, tran-
Boms, etc, Kiln dried lumber
for inside work. Our work is
guaranteed and our prises are
satisfactory,    Hereon    doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
|lllMMM»J*HilMIMlMtj| |
Christmas Pftot)
Your folks at home
would rather have
your picture than
anything else. Better
have it taken early as
there is always a rush
tbe  lam  lew weeks.
Prest Photo Studio
I will have my winter supply
of Coal in a few days, and am
ready to take orders.     1  will
Bankhead Hard Coal $8.75
Soft Coal 16,75
Last winter I was out of Coal
part of time. This year I propose to keep a good supply on
hand, and will sell
He does modem work
in a modern manner
! When you want painting decorating, paper
I have the finest lot of
Wood ever put in this
section. Any length,
will deliver on   order.
Anything in Stoves and
any old thing to fix up
your house.
, 1,,
, „.
11 >
■ --■ ■ ■■■      — ■■     ■ 1 SB SaeaiaaaiH5 j   8
20.000 ACRES
of the very pick of the selected iamlri in the beautiful Kootenay
Valley, Kant Kootenay, H. C. extending from Canal Flat to
Elko, are.offored for Bale at from (3 to flu per acre.
Ths Kootenay Valley is of Unsurpassed Fertility
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situation Wast of the Rocky Mountains.
The lamlH present every feature ol usefulness, Including tim-
"ereii benches, brushy flats, inarBh, prairie and meadow. The
brushy flats, marsh and meadow Ian.In consist of deep, black
loam I Uie bench laud being a sandy loam, splendidly adapted
lor fruit culture.    Where irrigation may U- iiecesmirv on the
benches, water can he had from il mmaln ereettB flowing from
the RookieB into the Kootenay river. The lamb* are fully mir-
veyed and some of the tot* have boon subdivided Into fenced
farms of about 80 acreB escb.
The purchase price will include the Limber, wliloli can I* sold
by the purchaser witl t any liability to government or other
royally. Thttttmlier will in mail] cases more than realise the pun
chase price, snd will iiiiillenHusma'urlully recoup tile amount'invented. Logs can im driven on tho Kootenay river, winch touches every lot nave one. The main wagon road through (be valley
passes over or close to oaeh lot, and the p
tral railway will parallel tlie wiigon road.i
convenient lo the lands.
For further particulars apply to
Of to Joseph Ryan Cranbrook, B. C.
puseil Kootenay Coii
Tim 0. I'. 11. IS quits
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Hotel <£ &
Quests Comfort s Specialty
flood Stabling Is Connection
Nearest to railroad anil depot.   Haa accommodation, for the public unequalled In Cranbrook
Hot sad Cold Baths
Hoggarth & Rollins
ins j
'   J
•>*.*«% **«*%«*# #*%%**«<ft^*«
B. C. Livery and Feed Stables
Blacksmiths, Woodworkers ani Bicycle Repairers
M:lit>;'iliA Ctrriajfsiaal Dstritir Imolements for Sale
Shop Prune 50 P. O. Box 144 Barn Phone90
Try a   Case ol
Two Dozen  Pints   $2.50
G|iil ti Gii'iim'   Tu fiunt li'v.iri't   on the mark*
for family mid table us«.   Imparts vigor and
health, and tonus up tlie body generally
Brewer, Cranbrook   B. C
l„t,lH.|„|„|.|.|,j jit.,.I..t„l.,,M.,H-t4FFH-i„| |\\,\.\.\\MM-Wi
^T^^^^^t    ^^^^^^^^1^ "^^^.^^^^^^^^^W^i^^^^i^^^^T^^^ssw^JB^BI^^sf^^ea^^^s^Sj^SJ
Manitoba Hotel
\ dan Mcdonald, proprietor,   cranbrook, b. c
Headquarters for
The Manitoba is centrally located and has one of the best dining rooms
in the city.   The bar is supplied with the l«nt of Liquors and Cigars
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.   We are on deck 25 hours
out of the 24
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Pianino; Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber TUE C It AN BROOK. HERAJJ)
Harry Bradford, ot Wyeliffe, is
Underwear Rightly Priced
CHOICE KNIT UNDER GARMENTS, r-hnwn from the products of the 1m-sI mills in
fVmerioa.   Every gar lit guaranteed to to the best valne possible to obtain for the price.
Every she and tmniorons styles here for Men, Women an,] Children. No exaggerated
values simply the best for your money-ami a refund if goods are found unsatisfaotory, or not
as represented,
Here are a Few of Our Special Lines
Penman's Heavy Ribbed Underwear, niisliririknlile, $1.50 each, for $1.25
Penman's Light Weight         »                              $1.25 " $1.00
Best Woolsey Underwear, all-wool,           "           $2.75   " " $2.00
Mid-Weight          "          wool ribbed SI .1)0   " 80c.
Men's Pleece Lined, " drawers only,"  65o. to $1.00   " 50c.
Men's Black Cashmere Underwear $S.0O   " " $2.25
11. D. Stlnson, ot Wardner, w»s in
town over New Year's.
('. Pinch, of Marysville, cam,* down
on this afternoon's train.
Harold Ihirlinc was a Cranbrook
visiinr the first of tale week.
John Ryan, of YJardner, w.is in
town lietwmi trains last Monday.
('. J. South, who is in charir* of
tlie OMldrcn's home in Vancouver, is
in town.
Mr. and    Mrs   T   T. MrVittie. of
ere Cranbrook visitors
B-   C.
II «&, Fresh Coffees 4 ||
<i        i "       We   have   just received a genuine \ [
' I Mocha anil Java Coffee in  1 lb. and •       , ,
2 lb. tins ut 50c per lb. ' !
This Coffee comes to us in sealed tins
freshly roasted but not ground. We
will grind it for you when bought.
Try a Ponnd of it
     G. T. ROGERS
- AND -
We Have Them-Just What You Want
The   Druggists
And keep on buying Tobaccos, Pipes, etc., where you
can   always  get   the best
We manufacture fresh supplies daily in
the following Candies:
And Many Other Assort-
All tin. ingredients used i
i tho manufacture of our
Candles art' tho |
iii-i'si obtainable.
The Palms Candy Kitchen
the :
Captain Denny, v
pioneers ol the    west, is   sick
iMVilinnr lint, .nid tin' News bus
Cupi 0, K. Denny, who wns down
hero recently renewing old friend*
ships, aftci ii long absence, wan
mos-l unfortunate while here, lit
took ii chill on the third da), wlilol
Bottled mi Ida lungs, and ho had n
jjevore illness, havytj in remain Ii
bed loi over n week; The two doc
tins who altended' him dlRCovei'i
that, the illness was much compl
en-tod by heart disease, which tlie*,?
Informed him was no riouW brought
tin liy the lasl two years' hardships
in tlit- north, tho heart living weak
fioil) previous rough work, lie was
also Informed thai lie could never go
MISFORTUNE. I tho Wild     western   Indians on their
II known by the reserves     It    seems hard that   be-
caiiDfl in tim early days  there   was
no superannuation, and therefore, no
pension, one *i the foremost ol these
nun, sick aud in trouble, can net no
help.        In these   days after a    lew
years service an officer can retire on
a pension.     It    would make no dif-
feieiien    to    the  government,     and
>  would %e appreciated by thousands ol
i   men in the west    ol both parties, II
the government    would grant Capt.
(I|Denny a pension, and would also tie a
;raceful net on the part o   the gov-
b.ifk     in that   northern lib
would kill him, and     that Ii
chance   lay     in going lo sonic    low* i
.•country   like I he    coast ami takine*!
Tlie    following   effusion is    contributed to the Herald by a friend   ii
t care of I
J    This   il
af'Anln to
s     it | this district
only | There's      onesome   things   in   this
world of ours,
coast and taking1   Which I tlo not care to name:
lit makes   me lonesome to.think
I   To    write   them   my hand   turns
[ lame.
I There's the lonesome maid who cannot wed,
Altlm' she carries the roll,
of himself,
impossible for the .Cap-
s he must continue    to
£ Now, Captain Denny came to the
nest as an officer iu the Mounted
Police in JK7-1," and besides himself
there are only    three other Mounted
Police officers of those days    living There's the lonesome man who
one being the present Assistant Com- around
missioner of nnliee,   Rogina, Super-     With a lonesome douce in the hole.
intendeiit Oajon, retired, with a pen-1
sion some lew years ago, and    Col.' But the loncsomeiest thing you'll ever
Walker, of Calgary.     These arc thel        see-
men who first brought law and order |   Now'what I; say is true—
iirto the   country, and   Capt. Denny Is Uie   lonesome   vote Harvey   will
was one of those most foremost   in'        get
the work,  having -been tbe first In-     When he goes to Ue polls on Feb.
41an agent ot treaty, and putting ail1        two.
FOR RENT—A furnished house.
Apply to Dczall Bros. 39-tl
Dr. Miles spent his Christina t holidays with relatives and friends in
Kalispell, Montana.
Mr. and Mrs, A. II, Eager returned last Saturday to their home in
Calgary alter a very pleasant visit
with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilson.
The Herald never was so crowded
with work as during the past few
weeks and there seems to be no let
There seems to be one or two
shows in town every week. Cranbrook evidently looks good to the
show people.
W. F. Tate & Son have generously
donated four gold medals as a prize
for local competition at the rink.
They will be beauties and the curlers
are all anxious to secure them.
Frank Angers returned on Monday
evening from a point ahoul one hundred miles up the Kootenay valley,
where he has been trapping in company with another party and has
met with very good success.
U timer Jones, bookkeeper for the
Crows Nest Pass Lumber company,
at Wardner, and Archie McEacheran,
of the same company, spent New
Year's evening iu Cranbrook.
WANTED—Situations for two men
as engineer and firemen, good references; twelve years experience; sober
and reliable. Apply at Herald office. 40
Dr. and Mrs. Rivers left on Wednesday for their home In Raymond,
Alberta, after a pleasant visit with
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hill, of this
ity, and Mr. and Mrs. 13. Hill, ol
J. E. Cat-heart, of Saskatoon,
favored the Herald with a Christ-mas
copy ol the Daily Phoenix ol that
town. The paper is a dandy and
shows how that wonderful city has
forged ahead the past year,
WANTED — Lady stenographer
wants position at once. Lumber ollice preferred. References. Apply
Herald Office. 35-5t
Walter Hoag, who was so badly
injured a few weeks ago by being
struck by a falling tree, is able to be
out again. Mr. Iloag's escape from
death is something marvelous, as it
was tirought Unit his injuries would
surely prove fatal.
F. Morley. 37tf
Judge and Mrs. Wilson gave a
large dancing party last Monday
evening to celebrate the departure of
the old year and the arrival of the
new. There were a large number of
guests and everyone had a most enjoyable time.
Tlie Salvation Army has secured
quarters in the Mayeock block and
wi I hold regular services in Cranbrook in the future. This organization has done a power of good all
over the world and is deserving of
good support.
A. Mutz, the Fernle brewer, was in
town last Mondey. Mr. Mutz has
just sold the coal property owned by
him and Mr. Scott at Blairmore for
$75,000. The same property was offered by these parties a short time
ago for $2.1,000. That is a pleasing
WANTED-A girl as typewriter
and to assist on tho hooks of this
offlce.-The Herald Publishing Company, Ltd.
The Herald is in receipt of the
New Zealand Christmas Graphic, a
magnificent publication, through the
t houglitfulncss ol Joseph Bambrick,
formerly of this city,. It makes
one weary to sec pictures of people
bathing at Christmas in that far
away land, while here we are rustling for wood and coal and wonder-
lag il tin bananas axe killed.
Kurt Steel'
Miss K. Nevin. of Moose Jan
the guest of her sister, Mrs. .1
.Misses Lou and Ella Leltcb left today fur    Vancouver where they will
.tend school the coining year.
Clarence Darling returned on Sunday from the coast where be took his
Er&amlnatlon for en trance to the
legal fraternity.
Miss Evans, the operator at tlie
telephone office, is ill wiiii diphtheria,
Her mother, Mrs. Evans, of Pineher
Creek, came the first of the week.
Alex. McDougal, of the Pernio
Lumber company, spent two or three
days in town this week, and was
pleased to see such an improvement
n Cranbrook.
Messrs. Parker and Thorpe, of the
tie mill at Wardner, have gone to
the Skookumohuck country tu    look
"ter their camps.
J. McNeil, who has been in the
Skookumohuck country fur tlie past
few weeks, was iu town the first of
the week on his return to Wardm-r.
The Herald is in receipt of Hie
must elaborate bill of fare seen this
season, from H. L. Stephens, proprietor of the Queens hotel at Calgary. Mr. Stephens only recently
purchased the Queens and is rapidly
making it one of the leading hotels
of that city.
WANTED—Situation of any kind.
In town if possible, but we want to
get to work. Address A. Barber
and G.   Booth, care of Royal hotel.
When you are thinking of wedding
presents just slop and unnk of that
elegant line ol silverware received by
W. K. Tate & Son this week. It
was intended for their Christmas
stock, but arrived, too late, and is
complete in every respect. Their
line ol cut glass, Is unsurpassed.
The inducLiuu of the Rev. C. O.
Mam, as imsLur ui Kuux Presbyterian ouurcn, tins city, win Use pure
uu t-riuuy evening, January lilt, al
b p. ui. Tlie services win he conducted iu tne church, special music
Has been piowue.il by Uc cuou lui'
tne, occasion, Afterwards a iccep-
Liuu lui ivev. Mr. anil Mrs. Alum wul
ou held in tue auuuuy school room,
at ttiiicii leuusniuciiLtt will be served. Tue anniversary services ut
Knox church wul ue ucld ou tue loi
lowing SaObawi. Special music
win ia* provided uy the uioir.
Regular public preaching services
win uu Held ui the AteUiotust cuui'ch
next burnluy us usual, in uie. morning
reception and sacramental services
win lullu w the usual puuiic scrv
inc owning service win be appropriate lor the. season. Subject ot
auuress, •'Moving forward or Uie
Ground lor Hope."    Song service at
K. OF P. AND I. 0. 0. K. DANCE
Tho ball given by the K. of P. and
l. o. 0, F. societies on New Year's
night was a very pleasant affair. The
beautiful hall of the Fratenrit)
building was in line condition, and
with the Wyeliffe orchestra, nothing
more could be desired. Refreshments were served and they were
such that brought tort* much praise
from the guests. H was a late houi
before Uie last number was called,
ami even then it was with regret
iliat the guests took their departure,
Those in charge were as follows;
M   I>   Billings— Chairman   and Beo-I
n-iary. j
Committee on printing and music—
('has. Smith, .1   Henderson, j
Committee on refreshments—A M
Black, W. Harris, F. II. McKay, .1
Committee on hall—a. C Bowness,
W. Harris, V. Llddlcoat, J. Bradley.
Reception roromittw—F. E. Simpson, T. Roberts, .1. P, Fink, Ross
Floor cominil tee— F. llazen, Ohns,
Smith, J. Henderson.
Last Tuesday evening the Methodist church held its first annual dinner
itnd it proved a great success, Tbe
affair was entirely in the hands of
the bUehelora of the church, and
tables were spread m the gymnasium
for one hundred and seventy-five
guests. The arrangement was perfect in every respect and a good feed
provided for everyone present. At
half past seven Rev, West man announced that "dinner was ready in
the dining car," and the crowd were
soon comfort ably seated at the tables. After the food had been dispatched Rev. West man announced
that the dinner was tlie first ami he
hoped that there would be one like it
every year. After singing "We
Won't Go Home Till Morning, ' and
' Wc Are All Joliy Good Fellows,'
an address of welcome was delivered
by Mayor Rogers. Then followed a
solo by Mr. Morton, some chorus
singing, short,talks by J. A. Harvey
ami b\ E. Simpson, and lantern slide
pictures ou a screen. There were
between 150 and 175 guests present
and Uie occasion was a most enjoyr
ahlc one.
You need Iron. Everybody does. The harder you
work, the more you worry, the more Iron you require.
But Crude Iron won't do. iron Tills, Iron Tinctures,
Iron Tonics are useless in nineteen cases nut of
twenty. You must have pre-dlgesteH Iron or your
blood will not assimilate it.
furnishes the Iron you need in combinatiun with Cod
Liver Oil, and so intimately incorporated with tlie
oil that the most delicate digestive organs cannot
fail to assimilate it
The value of the combination cannot be overestimated. It builds up and fortifies tlie system against
Coughs, Colds, Bronchial Affections ami kindred
troubles. If any of these diseases have already
been contracted, or if the lungs arc affected or
threatened, FCRR0L cures by enabling nature to
throw off the disease, not by " killing tlie germs,*
which is a physical impossibility.
FERROL is an absolute  specific for  Croup and
Bronchitis, and no household where there are cUVdren
can afford to be without il
FERROL is not a patent mystery. The formula ts heel? pabUlhad. It U prfsrrfhed a.
the heat Physicians. It is endorsed by Uie tuotc eminent Medial Journal,. It i* lued in
prominent Hospitals, Sanitariums, etc.
Beattie & Atchison Druggists, Cranbrook
WANTED-Work at anything. Have
hail uu uiper icnce in luintiui camps,
but, uie willing to get iu and drill at
a uy tiling we eau get to do. Both
understand liorses. Address Artliui
Plerson ur lieurge Hobdeu, care of
J. K, Smith, superintendent of
tlie bridge and building department,
of Hie Urow, lias resigned and will
go lo Ottawa to reside, it. Sinclair,
roailniaster, sueeeeds Air. Smith, aud
his appuintuieul is eunsjdeicd by
everyone as a good one. As road-
master Mr. Sinclair bus made a
most enviable record and iiis promotion comes as a reward lor Uio excellent work that be lias done. Mr.
New-land succeeds Mr. Sinclair as
The Cranbrook lodge A, P. & A.
M., Installed odlcers at their regular
meeting lasl Thursday evening. Tlie
occasion was a pleasant one m every
way and the attendance was larger
than the lodge lias bad for some
tune, as there were visitors Irom
all over the district. Alter the
work of installation had been completed a bounteous luneli was spread
which completed the evening's enter-
tainnieirt in a most pleasing manner.
Tlie Pacific Loan company's regular monthly drawing went to W. A.
Callaglian, tobacco merchant, Vancouver, holder ol contract 74B. Mr.
Callaglian is now eligible for a loan
ul il.iitiii, which will cost him less
than 2 per cent, interest, or he may
sell his loan privilege for a handsome
bonus. Kor further particulars apply to Bus 023, Vancouver, B. C.
The third annual ball ol the 0.
1'. It. Uuadrille club will be held on
the evcnlnl oi January 23rd., at the
ball. These balls have been a great
success in the past, umi tbe committee in charge this year say that
they propose lu keep up the reputation uiado heretofore, There will be
a departure this year as there will
he uu invitations issued. In a
growing town and surrounding district like Craiiliiuuk it is impossible
tu secure a list ol the people, and in
conseiiucncc there is bound to be
some ol them overlooked. Therefore, the public generally may understand that they arc invited and that
the dance will be one that all will
enjoy to tlie fullest extent.
The Western Canada College, Calgary, wishes to announce the opening ol their new buildings, January
7, 18(17. Two specialties in commercial work have been added to the
staff. In addition to our former
courses we are now prepared to offer complete instruction in all commercial branches. Those wishing to
spend three or more months at such
work should write lor booklet giving further information. 4u
The C. P. K. quadrille club will
give their third annual ball on the
evening of January 23, at Went-
worth hall. This social organisation has made a great success during the past three years and the
coming anniversary ball will be one
ol the best In every way that they
have ever held. There will be a
new departure this year, Inasmuch as
they will not issue any invitations,
but instead extend a cordial Invitation to the public.
When a boy wants to do something
that he knows is not exactly proper,
but realises he must have permission
to do, he always asks Ut mother.
The Caledonian society held its
regular meeting on Friday last, the
28 December, Chief Jas. Kindlay lu
the chair.
The otliceis have been very busy
enrolling new members lately, and by
all appearances tbe society will be
exceptionally strong when the i
sou closes. Some time was taken
up this meeting perfecting the arrangements for the concert aud
dance on January 2S,
The programme ol the evening was
as follows;
Selection     Bagpipes
Piper McCowun.
Scotch Heel  Members
Musical selection    Mr. Minuet
Song—Will You Love Me When I'm
Uld   Mr. MeCowan
Heading— '"Kirsliy's     .New    rears'
Pairty   Mrs. Shaw
Soug—i Long   to be   Single Agaiu
M. Wilis.
Heading   -The Scots Greys."
J. F. Smith.
Song   "Cam' Ye By Albole"
Mrs. Abcrnetliy.
Encore— A GuMi New Year Tae Ane
an' a' Dane  Members
A concert and danee under the auspices of the Caledonian society is to
be given on the 25th of January in
the Wentworth Irnll, to celebrate the
anniversary of Kobbie Herns' birth
The ablest talent in the Kootenay, is
secured and everything tends to the
event being one oi the best ol the
season. The Scots will be in lull
torce Irac near an' lar to do honor to
Hobble. A limited number of tickets will be ou sale and those desirous ol obtaining one will have to be
On Monday evening the employees
ol tho Crows Nest Pass Lurcher
company-gave a <lanco in the reading
room hall as a compliment to Mr
and Mrs. Peter Lund. The Wyeliffe
orchestra furnished the music and
everybody had a grand lime. The
relreshments were appetizing in the
extreme and it was a late hour in
the new year before the last note
was heard. One of the pleasinli
features of the occasion was the
presentation by the employees to
Mr. and Mrs. Peter l.und, appropriate tokens ol the high esteem
In which this worthy couple were
held by those who know them so
THE    I.KAHINi.    HtlTl    STORE
TOlsDlno ®uv fieany
JjfrUnt>8 an6 due' _
tomere  |
a JBnobt anC tmpp?
1Mcw )?cai'
THIRD    |
fC. P.
January 23rd   X
English settler desires place as
careUker or employment ol any description,     Reliable.
Apply G. T. Rogers
Public notice is hereby given that'!
the British Columbia Southern
Railway company] did, o*i the 2nd
day ol October A. D. 1806, deposit
in Nelson Land Registry Office at
Nelson, in the Province ol British
Columbia, in accordance with the
provisions of the Railway Act,
1803, plans, profl'e ami book ol
reference, as No. 524 '-V," showing
tlie revised location of its Yalik
branch us located fium yank on the
said railway in the Province "I
British Columbia, to Uie International boundary, mile u to mile 8.57,
to be built under authority of 62-63
Victoria (Domj, Chap. 65, Sec. I.
Dated at Winnipeg this 27 th day
of December A. D. 1000.
P. McPherson,
Asst. Right of Way and Lease
Agent. 41-2t
The Liberals of Cranbrook will meet at
Wentworth Hall
Monday Ev'g
January 7th
To select twenty two
delegates to the District
Convention, which will
be held the following
evening January 8th at
the same place.
CABsBOT, Sec'y
Any ivaiUblo Doimaioa I.aAvU
within the i-Ui.way Belt in British
Coluuiuiei, uieiy o« home*leaded uy
•ui) iyeia^n who m the sole head ol *
uuiu-f, ul ainy u.*.t over 1« je-am oi
.i^e, to ibe ei;-.?.* <_; one-quaiicr
acttUun wi ifu acxets, niuic ui ut-»».
C*aUj     UlUal     UC    ........ t    t..auU*U)     .vlj
Um iut-*i  aatnj  uiUt-c i. .   lue uuttiut
Ut    AUltu    UK    lattiU   ia   sUliiaWa
• Li. buuietlewlei i* uuuiied iu per*
lutUi LiaC CUfiUUlUlM CUfUttCUlud lUv.O-
nlil taJiJCi UuC ui UlV lullu * iu.*t
lij At it-.**; stx uiuniiu' residem-e
-f - uivi eutlivaiivfi ui tne lauw m
tuui yciaU lui uuce years.
i,-/ ii Mz taUtec i,ui uiuiher, if Uie
ifttuei i* iiwreUMi;, ul me LuiucaLeeiu-
, v.   icaiUca  uuuii   *  UrUJ   IU  lOc   v it 111-
| iiy ui uie ill**! Holered tor, me lv
ifuueutau *u u- rctnuencta uia) ue
| Mii&Ut-d i>) »uuti peisun teaiuui^ wi.»
.L--  UtUcI ui  inuUlt:!.
,0/ ii uie sebUei h*u bu pctiua-
: ucut icaiaL-Mue upon uiiuiug iauu v*i*
' <rti hi tuia m me vicuuiy 01 ui»
I .,,1','j.ii.a, liit* ic-^uuuUieaLB as iu
! leamenc* —*> ee aa.iaUea ny re.-i-
1 jt-i.ee upuu me **.■; iiuiu.
'    a a   Uiuu.ua      nuiice   m    writing
;u--.U   Ue  fc.--.L   LU   Ult   CuUlLQlfcaiUULi.
ui uuuiiu.-ja Laws-, at Ottawa ui   m-
j tcAiluil -."j »,y,j   lui palely.
Lutu lA-jU* uid.) ne pureuased al Jiu
pel acre iui soil cv<.i «uu i^u lur
inUuacite. .Noi mure itun o^u
•M-ica (Mil n« ftu^airt-a uy one mui-
ridusJ ui toui^an). Royalty al "">
: rale ul leu cefiu pel iun oi -,u'-'0
: lyuuutia *u+U be coln-cied uu the giuai
; uuLpu.,
] ueputy ol the Mmisier ui ;bc interior
fake notice     icui sixty days after
•idle 1 luleUU. lo appl) io me LOucI
'.ulunilaalUiiCI   Ol   JU*liJa   AUU   \,U[aV»  «b
• icioiia lui pcimiasiun lo purchi**i*
the loUowing described ianu& oi lunieti
aU   .^'Jj.fl   baSt   kuoleUd)'.
Uouunenciog at the south*east oor-
uei ui iui (318, thence uuitb -iu
iuiuo, uhence east au chains, intiiLu
ftouih to Win. i'du.i ,i uuilli line,
inence west eu chains, diun^ Vmi.
I'ao.i s line and tb-j Ureal Northern
; ait way tract to point ol w.mmence-
intrui, containing 320 acres, more or
W. It. MacKay.
Dated at Elko, B. C, October 21,
liibli. M4V
Notice is hereby given that I/O
days alter date i Intend lo apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works at Victoria, for permission to purchase the following described lands situate on the easterly
side ol Goat River Canyon, adjoining the northerly boundary of lot
«12, group one, muie particularly
described as follow .s.
Commencing at a pomi on the
northerly boundary of Jut Mil,
group 1, distant 40 chains west from
the most northerly angle on the
sisterly boundary of the said lot
rH2, thence north 20 chains, thence
west 2U chains, more or less, to the
right-of-way of tin.- Canadian Pacific
Railway (Crows Xest Branch),
thence following tho easterly boundary of the said rightrof-way In a
southerly direction 20 chains, more
or less, to the northerly boundary of
lot 812, group 1, thence easterly following said northerly boundary, 20
chains, more or less, tu the point
ol commencement, Die whole containing 40 acres, more or less.
T. W. Leask.
Dated this 24th day of December,
1906. 40-at
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after dale 1 intend lu apply lo
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a bpecul 'fini-
ber License to cut and carry aWiiy
Umber from the following described
hinds, situate in .South Last K'Ole-
n.i y:
Commencing at the north-MIt tor-
Iner ol Harold Darlings timber
i license, thence east uo chains, th'iice
south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north M) chains to the
place ol commencement, containing
«40 acres, more or less.
Jas. Warnock.
W. F. Ourd. Solicitor, Cr-inbroos.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. C,, this
twenty-eighth day of November, A.
I). 1306. 27-5t
Drink Home Beer
It Ia Pure
It is Healthy
It Is the.Best
R. Steele B« vliii Co
Sealed fenders, addressed lo the
Postmaster General, will be received
at Ottawa, until noon, on Friday,
the 8th day of February, 1007, lor
tlie conveyance of His Majesty's
mails, on a proposed contract lor
four years, once net week each way
between Cranbrook and Golden, Irom
the 1st day of April next.
Printed notices containing further
information as to conditions of proposed contract may be seen and blank
forms of tender may be obtained at
the post offices of Cranbrook, Golden
and Intermediate offices, and at the
office of tho Post Office Inspector.
Post    Ofueo Inspector's   Oflico, Cal-
Igary, Alta., Dec. 28, ]806.
A. W. Cairns,
■ll-Jt        Post Office Inspector. Til 10   (MSANP.KOOK    HKRAl.O
AT   this season of the year a stimulant is usually needed to
brighten business up a bit.   We can think of no better
inducement   than   a   Genuine,   High-Grande   Ca.rss
Mackinetw at an attractive, low
To help business along, we are offer*
ing Carss' Mackinaws at
off regular price. These goods are
from our REGULAR stock, and bear
OUR regular guarantee. Every garment
marked in plain figures. We have only
one price, and that is as low as good
goods can be sold for.
Special Excellence in Clothing
The style and general character ui our Clothing at once
show to the purchaser that
they are buying suits of
qualil), and therefore are
receiving splendid values.
Uy taking advantage of
our complete, up-to-date
stock of Clothing, you can't
make any mistake in any
choice you make. At the
same time you will find that
the cost of these hetter than
ordinary clothes is as little or
less than usual prices for ordinary clothing.
Evening; Clothes
The cut of our Clothing for Evening Wear is its first
Boys' Clothing
Most mothers have bought Clothing for their boys that looked very smart in
the store and went all to pieces after wearing a few weeks. And If you have
had experience, you probably did not forgive the store, no matter how little
was the price you paid.
The effort here is not so much to get prices down as to make Boys'
Clothing that is better than usual.
Our Tailoring Department
is still doing the business. We have a particularly fine
range of Imported Woollens to choose from, and a complete
line of Black and Blue Worsteds, Cheviots, Unfinished
Worsteds, Overcoatings, Trouserings, Fancy Vestings, etc.
You will notice that the Clothes made in our Tailoring lie-
psrim.'iu have the style thai attracts favorable attention.
Our Goods are
Hold on there, write that 1907.
r.nis Tate is confined to his home
hv sirkness.
The BenctHot brothers, ot M.iyook,
were in tin- city New Years.
P, Byron left on Wednesday lor a
business trip to Frank and Taber.
School will   re-open on January 7,
liioli .loses the Christmas vacation.
ami Mrs.     E. Hill, of Movie,
Cranbrook visitors over     New
Frank Tnrmhnusor. of nirlle, Mont..
iient the holidays with his sisters in
Ins city.
The Missre McKay nnd W. Atrhistin
spent New Year's in l,etliliriilK,-, Mm
horns of the Misses McKays.
WANTED-Men lor all kinds of
work. Address the Pernio Lumber
company. jn-U
Mrs. Mcintosh left on Wednesday
for Spokane am) from there will go
to her former home In Idaho.
It. Anderson, superintendent of the
Sullivan mine, returned last Wednesday from a trip to Itossland.
.lube* Harris Is having the second
floor ot his huildiiie changed into
very comfortable living rooms.
There was a watch meeting at the
Methodist, church on New Year's ove,
and a large number were present.
•lack Hamilton left on Wednesday
for Edmonton, where he will attend
school tor the balance of Uie school
Don't forget that telegraphers ball
i the nth of the montti. It will be
one of the most enjoyable in tho history ol the order.
Don't forget the telegraphers ball
at Wcntwortli hall next Wednesday
evening, it will be one of the best
ever given in the town.
If you want tne Daily Winnipeg
Free Press and the Weekly Herald
for 3.25 a year you have only a
short time to take advantage ot the
Xext spring there will be several
changes in the railroad crews working out ol Cranbrook. The new
passenger run from Cranbrook to
Spokane over the Corbin road will
render this change necessary.
I Seven Years Ago
| In Cranbrook «tf S S
| i
I  HKKAI.li    OP     THAT    DATI #
Resolved that Cranbrook is all
Resolved, that East Kootenay is
all right.
Resolved, that it is time to organize a fire brigade.
Resolved, that it is time for a
sidewalk to Baker Hill.
Resolved, Unit Moyie, Fort Steele,
Kimherley and Pernio are all right.
Resolved, that Cranbrook will
double her population in the next
eighteen mouthy.
Resolved, that the people of Cranbrook are numbered among the greatest hustlers on earth.
Resolved, that we are all thankful
for the advance made iu the past
Resolved, that the conditions
should bring about a big improvement in the smaller places in tbe
district in the next year.
Resolved, that it is time tor the
British Columbia government to
make some expenditures tor the benefit of Cranbrook.
Resolved, that as residents ol
Cranbrook, we are happy and contented, satisfied with the past year,
and jubilant over the prospects for
the year 1900.
The Odd Fellows held a smoker
after their 'meeting last Friday
evening, and bad a most enjoyablo
t me. There were talks, stories,
and songs, which gave Dr. Green an
opportunity to display his musical
talents to an advantage. The next
smoker will probably take the form
of a debate and outsiders will be invited.
William Doble expects to leave lor
his old home in Toronto Saturday or
Sunday. Dr. King will leave at file
same time for New York to attend a
special course of lectures.
You want to ask John Hutchison
to sing his revised version of the
National Anthem, which starts out
with "East Kootenay is all right."
Mr. Dentlcy, mayor ol I.cthbridge,
and prominent citizen of Pernie, was
shaking hands with his many friends
in Cranbrook Inst Monday.
George Leask has two houses to
build, one for Robinson and McKen-
zie and the other for J. P. Armstrong.       They   will be built     lor
Tuesday night there was an olght
inch fall „f snow and once again the
sleighing is excellent,
W. D. Hill expects to build a residence near the Methodist church in a
short time.
George Hoggartli, tho corpulant
mayor ol Elko, was in town Friday.
J. W. Robinson returned from
Pineher Creek Friday. The night
before he left the citizens ol that
town gave the boys going to South
Africa a great send off. There wero
over ft.ii/ volunteers, but only thirty
could go. Five also went from
P. J, Smythc, of the Movie Leader, arrived in town yesterday, He
had a heavy appearing satchel, and as
ho started for the bank at once It is
presumed that he intended to make
lis monthly deposit.
A writer has 3ta,ted there are only
two really bad things oi. earth
sin and bile. Misdirected action
is sin Misdirecied bile is biliocs-
mss. When you are bilious
every thought of food may be
nauseous livery time the room
srers warm you may feel sick!
II you think of food same result
if you hurry or move quickly
some wretobed 'eelingl Headache, turning off with vomiting
spells ii rn also marked symptoms
All this arises from inisdnectid
bile, Imperfect liver action, and
Bilonns cure theee symptoms as
surely ns the day follows n ght!
Mm   Tons, ,.l Hull. »«».   "1  -"" 'I
fp.m Wlimi >■  for .vein-.'    Sum, iunci I
«... .0 I....I I |,M-uively niillil  not   -lion! !
cd  aliogrthri
... liuil an  mini'.    Ulli
ili.llglll ell. i'l ul in |
in belter "till. 1 liaiu l
mitial i" ii .
I....111. lui
run}, null wh
had any bill ittaok afaco I"
Mill pi
1 Uie I
, of WoUot Street,llorlln.Oul,
iiii-ii'iiin, formerly n nicinLer
Kiliy'n Hand, glvoa lii. te
ltd ii
I., llllm
M\ni "1 nill'i'ieil fur yearn wiili
.,„'.» iin.l Headache and apnil luui
eiln nf ilullitra mi Dootora nml ,n inllnl
lOllilldica. From thin expenditure, however,
1 gol in) benefit and luui aliotil given up
inili'.-l'.iir wlimi a friend mlvlieil me to IrJ
lllloana, I did n,. ami thu lira! I.u* Mettled
in .1.. inn Niiino giHKl ; nn 1 pent vereil with
tin's renu'ilv,  and  lliren IntxeH ware nittti-
oiei.t te i'iiV e conipletcly.   Thta tenti-
niimi.i! i-< entirely unaoileileu, nml you have
my |
....uiinMiiii to line it in ntiv way wlii.'li
d luiu'lil. fellow Hiillel. ib." if you are ana
Bilw.nn wo oliiniimti i- from nil druggists it 50c, i
iiidigeitlon, ttllimiiiiiftw. hei '    '
tton, nilt     	
und  kl i
mtd a-.il ...
boxen ftir fU.60,
They are a certain ourc for
|t-!Ul-'.l'«ioiiii.iimii r innii ,ui  uii.Kfci-i- «i ""i   » ""■*-■     *,* ui- ■»„).»■    ,.nn  tin i
xe«tlui>.ljih-.,i.iiv». Ii.m.IiiH.(\ Woo.! ini|iiirlltr«. fto-a and "■"?"„'!.,, .?,   i,JX
. nil,-., debility, female nilit I-  -.ml i.itnuiitriii.'f. rheiiui«tlwi. niiivtidi .   it r
kl.iio* complaint   und   all   iillmo-.t*   .H-.li.*:  from  i-nt«-rfe<- . J» *,'''    "
assimilation.   Post free from tiie Bilenii Co., Toronto u|wti imoipi ol price, m tt
Our '• Oleah-tjp" Pule disposed of nmny of tlie Piitnog and OVgans we
advertised, but we still have a number of iustrimieutis uu haul that have
been taken in exchange for
We are sacrificing these at prlcaa below what we allowed for them
We must have the warehouse room fur newstock. Uerearea few specials—
EVANS' PIANO, Mahogany' case.
in good condition, No. 65. may be *, — --
bought for $200
DOHBRTY   ORGAN,   6  Octavo.
Wiilmit Parlor Case, with bcvel-
lo<I French Plate Mirror, a hand*
some   instrument   in   ?plen<lid
onier, No. 03	
EAR HUFF ORGAN. Walnut Case,
hitfh back, 5 oeUvo, 3 sets reeds.
lOfltopa,   Mothproof.   No.7~-
PIANO, origlnatiy sold tor (800,
Nu. A 5, now ortored for
ANGEtUS Orchoalret Piano
Ployar. No. I*c, was $300, now .-
DOMINION oiu.AN.fi bet high,
Ii octavos, 2 iota reeds, 7 itops,
Vox Ifunniiii. etc., No. 9	
laves. Walnut Vmuv. No. M.
offered for	
hoirany, Style S. 7 1-2 octaves,
overstrunic, a really first rate
Piano, wns $550, No. 12, can be
bought fur	
PIANOLA. Walnut Caw, perfect
cnnaitioit, No, P 2. wan |3iH(,
take it for  . .
5 octave   parlor,  Walnut  case,
good us new, No. D 11 -	
DYER DUOS.' ORGAN, 5 octave,
Walnut, bevelled  mirror,   high
buck. No. 08,« good buy for	
We have a few other bargains and will send full lint on application,
We will take any of those instruments brick at full value, as partial
payment on a new Mimon A Rlsch Piano,   Von can't go wrong.
Mason & Risch Piano Co., Ltd.
Hudson's Bay Block       NELSON, B. C. P. O. Bos 618
•oil   this week, in addition to our n>i>nlnr supply of
all kinds of Fresh Meats, Etc., we have some
Live Lobsters
Fresh Mackerel
P.   BURNS  &  CO., Ltd
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants, Cranbrook, B. C
; What you want for the camp, the bush or the ; <
' ■ shop.   Our
<' are of the best makes, and our prices are right  i i
', down to a fair basis. ;;


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