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Cranbrook Herald Dec 27, 1917

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V * .'.•'■'■
Ili.l 11*..*  COI.I
7tll,   IHI.
HELP    TO    WIN    THE    WAR
7 -*—
/<   ex
A Chrlatmaa enlcrtalument mas
given hy thr Presbyterian Sunday
School In Knox Church on Thursday
evening last, when tho Church was
well filled with mi appreciative audience.
Kucti ami every item iiii tin* pro-
gramme was well rocelved und all
were so Rood that It Is difficult to
pick out any Item for special mention
The action songs anil drills hy the
various cIukki% whether beginners,
prlmury, liiti'i-iiieillute or scul'irs, were
suitably chosen uiul capably perfeirm-
ed, uud greal ci-edlt Is .lui* nut only
to the pupils imt ulso in their Instructors.
The first purt of tho programme
was us follows:
Piano aud violin selection, Misses
Helen Warden und Wanda Fink; song.
"Joy to thc World," the School', recitation, "Next July." Robert Beaton;
souk. "Orundpuiia and I," llonulel Moffatt; reoltntton und drill, "Upside
Down," classes of Misses lU'e'kle and
Fiuk; duet, "Reuben uud Hachael,"
Hope Tuylor und Paul McNeil; song,
by the beginners and primary classes;
recitation "Christmas In Camp," Donald Dallas; song, classes of Mrs. Balment, Mrs. Surtees aud Miss Hlgglns;
duet, Miss Fallows und Miss Magee;
flag drill, classes of Miss Noble and
Mr. Pow; Indian club drill, Mr.
Wright's class; drill, "Which Way,"
Mrs. MacKinnon's class; speech, hy
tht Uev. 11. Wright; scarf drill, by
classes of Miss Noble and Mr. Pow;
accompanists, Mesdames. S. Kyckman
and Walker, Misses Irene Beech,
Helen Worden, and Wanda Fink.
The second part of the programme
consisted of a well-arranged patriotic
cantata entitled "The Making of Canada's Flag." The costumes and editings were very attractive, solos and
choruses were rendered In excellent
style and the performance was excellent.
Brlttannia was represented hy Mrs.
J. Thomson, Kngland, Miss Elsie Beuttle, Scotland, Miss Agnes Reekie, Ireland. Miss Francis Noble. Canada,
MIbs Irene Beech. Spirit '.if Long ago,
Miss M. MacKinnon. Laura Second,
Miss M. Simpson, Reader, Miss Irma
Ward, Pages, Jack Stephens, Paul McNeil, Veterans. Eric MacKinnon. Jack
Dow. Cadfts, Jack Moffatt, Robert
itoatton, Reeve Parker, Frank Roberts,
Francis Pow, James Logan, Flan Oirls,
Hope Taylor. Marion Henderson, Soloists, Mrs. J. Th'amaon, Miss Magee,
Messrs. J. Palmer, I. Hanna. W. Wort-
man and R. B. Forsyth; Pianist, Miss
Wanda Fink.
Tin; next Annual Convention of the
Hritish Columbia DalrAua's Association, which will be UoiHn thr* City of
OliHHwack on Wednesday ami Thursday, February Oth ami Tth, I9is. promises to be onp bf thr beat in the annals
ot the Association, Tho policy of the
Association of iiavlng the Animal Convention in differ ont dairy sections,
Instead of con t inun lly In the same
place, has been amply Justified, Van«
couver, New Westminster ami Nana!*
ui.i having each previously bad it in
A forecast of the programme now
being arranged Indicates thai some >f
the bent authorities on dairying, co-
operation, und kindred subjects, will
Im* present to deliver addresses during
the different sessions
The third annua) Creamery and Butter eihlbit will ulso he held at this
time, und it is expected lhat this will
bo the largeBl show of ii C, creamery
butter yet seen iii the piOvltlCC,
Mr. T. A. K. Wiancko, Dairy Instructor, of the Department of Agriculture. Victoria. Is Acting-Secretary
uf the AssOClatloiI, frum Whom further
Information and full programme may
be obtained.
Thut visions of future events and
the gift of prophesy huve been vouchsafed in all turn's to certain Individuals cannot be doubted, for we have
the evldenc,. of Holy Writ to confirm
this; but very often these predictions
ure obscure nml difficult to unravel
until the event foretold actually happens. Then we call to mind the prediction made, perhaps centuries before, and we palliate our unbelief with
tlie example of the TiOjans of old ami
the story of Cassandra.
Daniel's vision of tho "F'nir Oreat
Empires" happened hi the year fiOfl
B. C. Of the Fourth Empire the prophesy says; "A king of Tierce countenance shall arise, understanding dark
sentences (lies). His power shall be
mighty, and shall prosper and practice
und shull destroy the Just people.
Through his policy ulso he shall cause
guile tn prosper: he shall magnify
himself In his heart, mid shall destroy
many; he shall also stand up afcalnst
tbo Prince* -r>f Princes, imt his power
(Continued  on  page four)
On the 18th instant a telegram,
congratulating Sir Robert Borden,
was sent by tbe Windermere District
Independent Unionist Association, to
which Sir Robert replied.
The message was as follows:
To Sir Robert Bordpn, Ottawa, Dec.
18th, 1917.
"Windermere District Independent
Unionist Association teams with
heartfelt joy of great Unionist majority und triumph of true patriotic feeling throughout Cunadu, uud desire., to
offer Prime Minister hearty congrctn-
Sir Robert tOrden replied:
To T. A. I'ope, Invermere, B. ('.
"Warmest thunks to you und members of Assoi-lutlou for klud meftuage.
Canudu cleurly realises unt fulfilled
her duty."
Christ fkurcfc
Spt'ciul Christmas services wcre
held in ull the city Churches ou Sunday last.
Christ Church was attractively
decorated with evergreens aad chrysanthemums. At the evening service
a number of carols were sung by the
choir, a'so a solo by Mrs. A. B. Macdonald.
Archdeacon Beer officiated at the
Christmas morning service, the celebration of Holy Communion being
fully choral.
Presbyterian (burch
Mr. W. Wortman was tbe soloist ol
Knox Church on Sunday morning. At
the evening service there waa special
music by Miss Wanda and Master
Vincent Pink, with solos by Mre. J.
Thomson and Mr. Wortman. There
was a patriotic touch to the decorations, the Canadian flag being used
with the usual evergreens.
Methodist Church
Floral decorations wrtre used fn
the Methodist Church, special attention having been given tn tlie Honor
The anthems "0 be Joyful," hy A.
Bierly, and "Christians Awake."
Maunder, were rendered by the choir.
At the morning service Miss Kunice
Parrett sang the "Christmas Song,"
Harrington, very sweetly, white In tbe
?venMig MOrrow's "Star of Bethlehem"
was given by Mrs. Wallace, also
a quartette "Nazareth" by Mrs.
Wallace, Miss Hamilton. Messrs.
Toomb*-- and Morton.
Baptist  Chanh
"Praise ye the Lord" and "1 bring
you Clad Tidings," were tbe anthems
rendered by the choir at the Baptist
Church, In addition to which Mr. J.
Palmer sang the "Advent Hymn" at
the evening service.
In the sermons jat e**<h Church
special reference wus made to the
season of Christmas, and the coogre-
gatbns were unusually large
1». K. WAlBrt, B. f.
iLefi over from last week)
Tlii' regular meeting of the l_u..t
Kootenay Chapter was held November
29th, being culled a week earlier to
discuss the possibility of the Chapter
investing In s Victory Bond. The
Ki'iieral opinion Of the members waa
that the funds on hand were uot auf-
flcleutly Ijrge lo wur runt the tu-
vestment! as the duty of the chapter
is to aid the Ked Cross work, and the
fighting men us much us the fund.
* ill  allow
Contributions received were $*.M
for the Canadian Ked Cross Society,
n-.ni Mrs, Kadrord, und $17.00 from
the children of Upper Waldo, proceeds from the Autograph quilt for
the  Prisoners of Wur Fund.
in November uu extru $14.04 was
added to the regular contribution of
(36.00 to Prisoners of War Fund,
A sum 'if |16.00 wus voted to the
Sailors" Ituy effort of the Nary
i.t.igm* of Canada.
Karly in November u Whist Drive
was given by (lit* Wuldo member.-;, and
the proceeds of this, $14.80, WM given
by  the child rem  Chapter,  recently
A patriotic library >sa.s presented
to Waldo School hy Mr-,, 11 II, Kos-i,
LhlUUgll tb»* Bait Kooteuuy Chapter.
The presentation was mude by Mrs,
Joule, regent of the Chapter, on November  20th.
tin Dsoember 10th, a shipment of
180 article." of Red Cross work  was
sent to Kernie: i
it! suits pyjamas; 1 dressing gown;
it* stretcher caps; - pulrs bed socks;
8 pairs hund knit socksr 5 pair*
machine knit socks; 12 formentatiou
chiefs; 1 scarf; 1 comfort bag; '.,
trench caps; H2 knitted wash cloths;
2? knitted ties.
The following I otters of acknowledgement have heen [received by Mrs
J. W. Burton. Secretary. Women's Institute,
Bpsom,  Nov   251U,   1!H"
Madam:—Vour welcome parcel received, many thanks to members of
the Institute.    A parcel from home every twenty-seven of tbe population
The Ir-tesi returns in Lite Victory
Loan campaign show a total of 782,714
subscribers, or one subscriber for
every ten people in Canada, Thia
establishes a new record with respect
to the proportion of the population ol
a country Mibscribln*. to its War
Loans. The previous record was held
lu (Jreat Britain, where one person out
of every twenty-three subscribed to
the lasi War Loan In tbe Liberty
Loan campaign iii i'nited suites.
bonds were Mild to one person out of
l« always welcome. I am still in
hospital but expect to bs out to u
convalescent camp it) two or three
weeks.  Hest regurds to all members
of   the   Institute,   yourself   and   all
friends.   Again thuukiug you tor your
kind remembrances,  1  suy  go id-bye
for   this   time.     May   God   blOB.   and
prosper you all, from, u.s ever.
Yours sincerely,
Gunner A. ti. Gilpin,
N. 412008, C. K. A.. C. i:. l'\
Army Post Office.
London, England
France, Dee. It.*. 101.
Craubrook  Women's   Institute
Dear Ladies:—I received your most <
In many cities, lowni and districts
in Canada, tbe pir.pt rlion 'if the population buying Victory Bonda wus even
higher Uiwn one In len    In b number
of eases it wav u- high a*, one in four
The ac.it-vement i,i connection with
Canada's Victor. H an, while primarily due to tiie siii'nil spirit of patriotism tjiai pervadua tbe couutry, is
another evidence of what may be accomplished through press advertising backed by an edfqwite selling organisation
Prior to the Victory Loan campaign
there wor ■ comparatively few bond
buyer-s in Canada. The third Canadian War Loan ol last spring, which
was the most widely distributed bond
welcome parcel u few days ago and I issued In Canada up to that time, had
I thank jOu very much for your hind- [ only 41,000 subscribers, The Finance
: Minister deemed it essential that
many times tbat number should subscribe to tha Victory Loan. He assigned to the press the task of educating with respect to the Loan the
great musses nf the people who were
not bond buyers, and In most cases
hud only a very vague idea of tbo
meaning of the term "bond" us applied to securities,
Kor several weeks before tho sale
of Victory Bonds commenced Canada's
need for money to carry on the war
for the lovely parcel which arrived in j and to maintain her agricultural and
perfect condition yesterduy. Industrial   ptOsperity   wns   presented
v .NTot v_:k to iti; permanent
i . It Shephard who represented the
Cranbrook Poultry Association nt thel
annual convention of the It C. Poultry
Association al Kamloop. last woek,
returneJ on Sunday.
Several mutters of [tu por tat) CO were
taken up :n tiie convention, It wos
decided thai in future Vi ncouvcr rlin.11
he the permanent location for the
winter show It Ih hoped thai the
adoption -f thii course will lend toi
increase the number of entries, und
muko the show more succeaeful financially than  it  has 1 ecu  when  held'
from    dlsUi
lo compete ,
ness In sending it to me
at rived
In fine shape und you rat
y be
sure it
was very much npprecla
Well,   Dear   Friends,
wishing you ull u Merry
and a
Happy New Year.
i remain.
Yours situ
Pte. C
Canadian General  Base  Depot.
B. K. P., Prance, 30-11-17.
Dear  Mrs.   Burton:—Many   thanks
Please convey my very best thanks
to tbe Cranbrook women's institute
for their kindness and thoughttuln
lo tho people of Canada in display
advertisements in the press. Bmphn-
sis was placed in those advertisements
to me, and It is very cheering to know | on the privilege and duty of overy
that the folks at home remember us Canadian to assist in the war flnanc-
and to get such a generous proof of  ins of liis or her country, and upon
at    different   cltti
The   Question   of  ;
whereby     exhibitors
points  would be able
an equal footing us \h expense, with I
poultrymen living on the coast, was;
taken up, and It is hoped some satis- i
factory solution of this problem will j
be arrived at before the next show.
Interesting  and  well-prepnrod  pa-1.
pers  on   various  subjects   were   read
by members of the Association,
The following officers woro elected ,' <
tor tlie ensuing year:   .). A Thurston,
Central Park. President: W. I_. Withy.
I_nderby, Vice-President; J.  It. Terry.
Victoria. Secretary; ll. S. Upton, Victoria. Assistant-Secretary; W. Brennan, Kamloops. K, T. Cobper, Cranbroolt, O, Halstead, Nelson, and L
Solly, Wostholme, Executive.
The popularity of Mr. Cooper was
evidenced by the fact that he received
lft out of u possible 23 tOtns.
The delegates were entertained at
a bant)uot on Wednesday evening.
Mr. Shepherd reports tlie poultry
show as being good. There were
about iooo entries Including some
first class specimens in almost -ill
WJcCreery SSros.
wish you
J% tjffappy and
9?ew  2/ear
the remembrance. It is a difficult
matter for mo to express my gratefulness on puper, but 1 hbpc the
time Is not far distant when I will
have un opportunity to trying in per-'
sob to tell you all how much 1 have;
ihe fact that ir Canada's financial
needs were to be met the great masses
of the people would havo to buy Victory Bonds. The meaning of a "bond"
aud the security behind Canada's
Victory    Bonds    were   explained    In
appreciated the kindliness and simple, every-day language. Similar
thoughtfuluess of tiie Cranbrook peo- educational work was done voluntarily
pie toward me ever since I left. I by nlEffflK all newspapers and other
would give a great deal to be back.; publications through their news and'
and iSj would everyone else I think: ■ editorial columns,
the longing and homesickness hits By November 12tli, when thc sale'
pretty hard at times. I am afraid. ■ of Victory Bonds commenced, the'
though, we have a lot to do and some; people had been educated very largely
time to wait before the time to go J to the need for the money, the secur-
home arrives; so we wlll just have toi Ity behind the Loan and the reason;-
make the best of things and live in ' why every person who could possibly
hopes, i do so should buy one or more Bonds.'
Election is on tomorrow and 1 sup-j The preparatory educational work'In j
pose we will have a certain amount ■ the press was followed up by personal;
of excitement over it. lt seems a solicitation by a most efficient Dotnin
great pity that there should be any ! ion-wide organization of personal
necessity for un election Wa all workers. Concurrently with that per-
cauie out here with a certain purpose! Bona!   solicitation   there  appeared   in
Frank O. Ireson, Father Kelly, will
hc at the Auditorium with his big
American company in "My Mother's
Rosary," which was the sensation of
Chicago.   Coming Saturday, Jan. sth.
Tho Pood Conttoller is being given
authority to license dealers In food
supplies, und a general plan of licensing is being prepared. Before it is
applied to any particular trade, representatives of that trade will be
The wholo subject of lhe eXporta*
tion of milk from Canada to the
United States has been taken up with
tha United States IVwid Admlnittnrfloo.
In view and no stone should be left I
unturned to accomplish that end.
1 am saving the cake for Christmas '
and will be thinking about home •
whilst eating it This will make the
fourth Christmas 1 have beon away;
and although 1 have beeu married two
years und a half, I have not managed
spend a Christmas with m> wife
Kindest remembrances ta all my
lends in Crunbrrok and man) many'
thanks for tlw parcel.
Yours gratefully,
James Mllroy. Q  XL S,:
Officers Mess.
"Royal Flying Corps,"
Poole Court.
Tate. Nr. Bristol,
Craabrook  Women'i  institute.
Dear Friends:: Please allow mo to
express my sincere thanks for the
very nice parcel yiu have so kindly
Bent me and which arrived In splendid condition Thc sight and taste of
IOmS good Old Canadian candies and
edibles wus a very welcome one and
I cun assure ynu your gift brought
back memtfc'ies of the many good |
friends I hove in -the did town of
.Again thanking you all nnd wish
lng you  the  fulfilment  of the
Withes 1 CM send for Xmas and th
New Year,
I am, Yours sincerely.
Harry A. Fowkes,
Lieut, ll. P. C.
the press a series of "soiling" advertisements emphasizing the immediate
privilege and duty of every Canadian
to buy Victory Bonds, and many edi-1
torlals and news articles in every -
The  press  quickly created an  at-
Diosphere  and   a   knowledge  of  the
situation that in addition lo securing
large numbers of subscribers witiiout
personal solicitation made It possible1
inr the personal workers to dn their
work quickly and effectively aud with I
infinitely  greater   reoults  than  could
have been obtained without the edu- ■
cattonal, inspirational and selling advertisements in the pre. s.
At the conclusion of the campaign
sir Thomas Wltlte, In n telegram to i
.1   H   Woods, President nf Canadian
Pres?. Association, Inc., expressed his
sincere thanks for tho fine spirit aud '
iplondtd energy f-howir hy the press
and   his  opinion   that   the   press   had,
every   reason   to  congratulate  Itself
ilpbn the character and effectiveness
of the advertising propaganda,
kort sm:u:
iUit over from last  week]
'      Pte. T. C. Fuller, late of Fort Steele,
f was  killed  iu  action  November  1st.
on the field of honor.
The [bllOWing people of Fort Steel,.
nest! liave donated money nnd comforts for
i the soldlors, wives mid children sl
, Balfour:
Mr. and Mrs. v  Blnmore, * pipes.
. 4 hot ties of preserves: Mrs. A IJ.
Pen wick, 1 toy cat: Wm. Carlin, 20
packets of cigarettes; Mrs. Chas. Levett, 4 bottles of preserves; Mrs. A.
Nlcol, 2 jars of nilnce-meat, 1 quart
preserves, 1 Christmas pudding; Mrs
J. M. Agnew. 1 pair child's mitts,. 1
cake; Mrs Pownall. cheque $17.00
ti. (J, Philips, r.Oe; E, Johnson, 10c;
C. J. Reynolds, $1.00; Miss M. Blair.
$1.00;, Mrs. J. Johnson, 50c; Mrs. S.
CndiCl.X, cookies; Mrs. It, Henderson,
i bottle pickles. :i quarts preserves;
Mrs. L, Wtlllcomc, -' pairs socks, lib
candy: Miss R, Wllllcomo and Mrs.
11. Henderson, toys - 10 bunnies, f.
dolls, 1 golly.wng; Mrs. fi, S. Baker.
„,    .   .        , ..   lU j candies ami nuts;  Mrs. II. I,. T. (ial-
thence Hast 2ft chains, thence North | bwHIl| ChrjBtmo8 rak), ,allclv, ;ll,d rt
Blsfrlet of Knsf Knntewij
TAKK NOTICE Hint I. George A.
Hunt, of Kitchener. B. C„ occupation
Farmer, intends tn apply for permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted on the Southern boundary of
Lot 3903 nnd 2ft chains In an Easterly
direction from the South-west corner
thereof,   thence    South    20   chains,
lo the Southern boundary of thej
Right of wny of the 11. C. Southern
Railway, thenco following the said
Southerly boundary of the night of
way to a point on the South boundary
of l.ot :!903, thence Westerly to the
point of commencement.
Dated October 87th, 1917.
(leorge Andrew Hunt,
4&*t Applicant.
sweaters; Mrs. B. W. Worden. BOOJ
Mrs. R. H. L. Attree. I blouse, '_'
games; D. Q. Cameron, tobacco; Mrs.
P. O. Cann, 2 quarts preserves, candy,
nuts, 2 band kor chiefs, S pipes, cuff
links; Mrs. II. T. Itlchardson, 00o,
child's sweater. Christmas crackers,
plum pudding. 2 Christmas stockings;
A cheque for 919 20 wns forwarded
with Hi* hamper.
POULTRY m:in.v(]
(Experimental Parma Note)
The problem of economical production. With feed at tlie present prices,
ls a question that has been worrying
producers during the past few months.
The question, of what to feed is nne
that requires more careful consideration than ever before, Peed Is high,
therefore the flock should lie culled
closely and nothing but the njOst vIr-
orous birds retained. They should not
only be fed heavily, but should bp fed
such feeds as will give results. For
this purpose It Is necessary to supply cereal, animal, vegetable aud mineral feeds.
CEREAL or grain feeds should farm
the. principal part or thc ration and
for best results a certain proportion
should he ground. The question is
what are the be:;t and most economical feeds to use. During ordinary
times, a mixture of (torn, wheat and
oats Is popular, but under present
conditions milling wheat should be
conserved for human food and only
the lower grades used for stock feed.
Lower grade wheat, oats and corn,
buckwheat and barley, these are alt
feeds that may be used to advantage.
The extent to which each ts used wlll
depend on prices.
For ground feed, "Buckwheat
screenings" may be used to advantage,
also mixtures containing. bran, corn-!
meal, ground oats or other similar j
VEGETABLE or green feed is ah-
colutely necessary to keep the flock
in thrifty coniiiOm For this purpose,
sprouted oats Is one of the very best,
it not only supplies succulence, hm
grain feed as well, Mangels, turnips,
cabbage small potatoe.*; or other similar product*- may all be used to advantage
animal nr meat feed i- a form of
ftiid that poultry keep.rs frequently
neglect supplying. It is not po il-),
for a h**n to produce eggs profitably
On an all-grain ration    sour milk li
usually available on farm*- and no
animal feed will give better results,
as it not only siiRpHoi the necessary
feed, but It also keeps the birds iu
good tone. If milk is not available,
beef -.Tap. blood flour green cut
bone or similar feeds must he supplied
io take the place of the grubs and Insects which the birds get mi ran.'.
MINERAL PEED Lime for the ecg
shells and mineral salts for the
growth nf hone must be supplied.
Small quantities may be obtained frum
such feeds as clover, but it I* necessary to feed oyster shells or something
similar to supply lime In sufficient
quantities for a heavy egg production
Sample Ration.
MORNING,   a light feed of mixed
grains scattered hi a deep litter
NOON (ireen feed mangel-, vegetable paring;-'if sprouted oai-
NlfiHT.     Full       feed       of       SCrntcll
Tho scratch grains should bo a mixture audi a* lower grade wheat, oats
and corn, barley, oats and corn,
barley, onts and buckwheat, or whatever grains are cheapest at the lime.
Ko far this Reason oats have been tk*
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Good* tnd Clothing Stores
The News--Extra-.-The News
The Very Best and Mo->t Important Vn* l»dat i*. that a Mae   Hlg
Fresh Shipment «*i
Neilson's Candies
-Thf ChOCOUttt that irf Illlfirnit"
Illl*  illst mtritfti.
Hlim Wtt<r Xen Viar'e. GUI Hian  Nrlboi'i   lri.te.ir.il, Irult and
Neit I'llll'ir-., I,iilit Beexes etc,
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
H. J. »T< HI8II!"., llU|tr.
on sale daily during December
Final Return, 3 months from date of issue
nm tiia\su»hm:\tu iiim* iiiii.i
"llll|.l*rllll   l.llllili'el" «Tm*C»W*«"
Trtiifl i.e
"The World's Greatest Highway"
'I'lirinmii Standard ami Toorlnl Sleeping («r>.
Tlokflu ami (nil Information Iron an) C. r. It. AnenK
II. W. Iinvsov. Dlitrlcl I'aaacnger   titent. (algar). Alia.
cheapest main fnoil. so le is a.lvinibl.*  milk is available tin* bee-f scrap may
 ..„ iiicm to ns ur.-ai an extent a*   lie omitted or green cut tone may be
lOsslbte.. supplied in place of either.   A good
The   present Indications   are that! «lnIe t0 »«PPty thU Is at the noon feed
corn will be greatly leduced In price,  "lim » «•*»" -»»«• <™m '"" kllch«"
When tills te.eppe.ns' ii should tie used  »«*M» I" ■"•>'<••- l« ">l««l ">e green
6XI ively, as, supplemented with a  "" '"•""• al ttlc •"'"■* ot !-bou' on'
high protein toed sun, ns sour milk  •**•" "*"""   ■»'  blr"  and  drM  ""
„r beel scrap, It is one* ol the mos.   "»b tl..* ...cal mixture, may W fed.
valuable of feeds Because feed is high ln price, don'l
•stint  tiie   ftock,     it   takrs  n   certain
llealdas the forogolng, ;e hopper ofl
dry mash; sucli as ground buckwheat amount of teed merely fur raolnten-
screenings three parti, blood flour or]ance 11 is only the feed over and
beef s.rai. oTu* part, Is kepi constant, above ibis amount that can be used
ly before the flock, also hoppers of I for production, therefore feed and
oyster shell and beef scrap.   II r,imr j water liberally. PAGE TWO
THURSDAY, DEC. 27tli,  t!)17
Pure Food
Wc hit making « Specinl
llreluilie.il nil   Illl'
Prlt'fl nl
Shoulder Roast
Beet' and
Veal Roasts
lllli  NVH ItllAV  OM.V
Wc "ill III"'' » n'"'"1 Slip-
|ll)    eel'
Geese and
Cull in- I'll ■ Nu. Ml i'»r
Vour Hcijulreineiits
. a   i
'their depart
ire for America last sutn-
mor.  sin* v.
man decorai
i   tin* only American wo-
•il with the lrtm Cross hy
the Kaiser
for her activities in the
■ Ut rniun Itei
Cross and i he wns per-
ntttted  to
cniaiii   in  Qermany   for
coveral months after tlte United States
tjoclared wnr.  she makes it elear that
j the war la n terrible business tor the
; lower classes in Germany and very
j little  bettor  for  the  middle classes,
i Photographs were shown of the long-
shoro women of Cuxhaven being driven like sheep LU load the ships with
supplies;   mero  Shapeless  suags  of
an hour df virtuous liberty te wortii
n whnle eternity of bondago." Onr
Lord always spoke of the Immortal
lifo lu this sense—in times of Joy,
goodness, usefulness. Here the word
Immortality is used in the popular
sense as perpetuity of existence.
Thy phrase, all men Immortal, expresses the modern outlook on the
life beyond. The passing generation
was ever reminding itself that, "All
men are mortal." This may be true—
though it seems not. The present
generation, In any ease, has discovered the great truth that, even If all
hiom; h»
P. BURNS & c0.
Should yen not see uny thing iu
our Window that you require,
please eome insider; our stuck
is complete mnl ne are pleased
In show  il.
Raworth Bros.
! gra
Ull IV.
■nly e
1 fi
\n.l ;
.1* till
tin ie.
ml   il
flatchested and devoid of all j men be mortal, ultimately the race h
slouching along with | Immortal.    The development of thit
lisregnrd of their appear-
yet only tliree years; ago
, frowsy creatures wire
..* Bturdinoss of their car-
i   certain   nigged  volup-
X .11 A s i
, 1 1 '1
' s
M. .
I, lli'.ili', l.li|.
0. A.  hi...
■ 1' llllll Sl'l-I
lllll oc.U.  II. I.,
faith Is Interesting.   There arc three
First, "Death is the Destiny of all."
was the slogan of limited knowledge
and of unbelief.    This was the sum-
Dtisness. mlng up of an old-world philosophy
Dr. Phillips gives in detail some of of despair. Staggering beneath life's
e hardships of tlte Berlin housewife: I Inexplicable pioblems, the mind found
"li wai'. bud enough" she says, "to some relief iu the hope that lho grave
r hours iu line tor the prlvl- would end all. The Hebrew euro for
paying 64 cents for a pound of   sin and sorrow was (Ind anil repent-
ail  fo
■ to he gruffly Pdd thai
boen for somo time. In October tho
Canadian Paclflo Hallway sold K2,nr>:t
acres for $1,456,451, as compared with
45.0U7 acreB for $ti80,(i!J7 ln Octoher
11)15. For the ten montlis ending
October the Company Sold 543,143
acres, as compared with 3X6,796 In the
corresponding period in 1915. Homestead entries average about one thousand per mouth, the larger proportion
of the homesteaders being fiOra the
United States. The prosperous conditions now existing in the Western
provinces are attracting more people
to the land nnd in con sei hip nee both
homesteads and Improved farms are
in better demand than for _*umc time
Agricultural Operations
During November more than an
average amount of fall ploughing was
accomplished In the West owing to
the favourable wont her, and as a
great deal of new breaking had lieen
done during tin- summer, an un usually large amount of laud Is ready for
seeding next Spring,    III  Kiisleril Call-
in Id the weather conditions woro not
The Cranbrook Trading Co.s
Cash Grocery & Meat Store
All I'luini. (Mors IiHIiiti'iI ('. 0. I).
TABLE KA1SINS, New Season's per 11.     Mc
TABLE   FIGS, _*r lb.     !W<-
OltAMIES, from    2:,c lo (loe leer tlm.
APPLES, (iiMiil Quality, from    $1.50 to *itl.l |>er box
Mincemeat, (lark's, lb Jar ... '2!le
Mincemeat, Wliethey's, pkg:. llle
Puddings' assorted, pku-. llle
(lluce Cherries, per. Ib. »t Jill
Hulslns, bulk, per Ib. lie
llalslus, 10 tn. i»'r pkg. 1.1c
Jelly Ponder, per pkg. 8c
Lump Sugar, 2 Ib. pkg. •-•Mi*
('rise... Ui Hi. tin 4,'ie
Strawliirry Jam, 4 lb. tin      IHic
Miii-iuntuilc, Mulkin's Best
I Hi. tin 	
Cranberries, per Hi.
delist I..-. SiiiIiis. 'J lb. tin
Shelled Aliiiiiuits, per Hi.
Slii'lled lYsiliuits, per III.
Hlm*  lllliiinu Ten
It.ell,,1   Out.,,      Sill.  Mill,
All No. I Brands ki' Flour
Per  cwt	
tssrve Akamsmrwtsisvimssm x
Tho cure eef iliis philosophy of! aH ruvornbblo nnd only nboul »pv<vit)
mid Pros
it'llt   llnillr
suicide; sulcldo bo-1
Bo did sin.   Theso
cause uiul effect,   If
llfo is Incurably bud, end It.   If llfo j
; in Incurably unhappy, end it.   Deuth j
! was tlie short rond to n solution of
; life's ondloss probloms—tlte easy way
leiri.uvius in   i tlnn;
lit lu
An employment agenc*
lie started In Uranbrook
turned soldiers, Messrs,
and Janii's Qeorge, wlm lefl Cranbrook witli tlu> 54th Battalion; those
boys were tol'tuuato enough to in
antongst the few survivors In vnrloui
engngcinonts nnil although woundeil
havo recovdred and are able lee ei.
work of a useful nature, und wc fee
tliat ii will le,' a pleas
pioyers iu need of nni
boys a i'iiii us Hi..i* i
ing ii.. sniliilili* iii.'ii.
.Mi*. «'. Steward wlm
llie employment ngeui*;
gcnerousl-   Mffernl   dee
B.   (loss
license sod
donation i.l
onstrutos tl
of Canadian
S  te
. do .
te. forward
. .1.11
all in Iili*.
Till'   nine
■E   111'
given Hi.* a
III   111
charge for
*  sal.
L'l)    In
v. in. e. n. ami
Hours 0 n.m. to 8 p.m.
Regular Dinner \ Shorl Orders
Hi asonable Prices
Special   Table   for   Ladles.
uf worK etui usdst hy placing llu
orders with the Hoys,, hy telephoni
or writing the Herald or Mr. W. Sti
..■■I. i nuil
handed   to
l*. Oil,    111
.• ortlors
rill    lie
Mr.   A.
E,   Hoss.
or  Mr
i,  will   p
romptly at
tend ie
rm: home iiakkiiv
Unbl. Frame, Prop.
• i-ee.li llroud, Cakes, 1'les
mnl I'iislrj
Pbone 37
Norliiiry Ave.       Opp   Olty Hall
1             I.
0.0. V
V„ No. 42
i"*^^BP^rew        Meets   every
'    lj__5\*jaK_-?S    Monday uight
V^'i*__11B_r    at Fraternity
Hall.     Kojourn'ng   Oddfellows
cierellally Invited.
I*:. II. McPh
e      W
C, A.lliird
Crunbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
tlio Fraternity Hall
It. c. Carr, 0. C.
i'   ii   C'olllni. K   It. A.- s.
Vlaltlng  brethren cordially Invited to attend.
I lt cannot too earnestly be urged
that Canada's supply of pork products
for export to the Allied nations must
bu increased] almost witiiout limit.
Patriotism and good business combine
to make tlio effort commendable. The
need for animal foods by the Allied
armies and i'i vii populations is Increasingly great;* the need for bacon
und pork products must uf all, because
they contain the largest quantity,
weight for weight, of the animal ful..
noeded for the soldiers. Bacon contains 3,930 calories as compeared with
1,180 In the same weight of beef, und
of only 070 in lean beef. Shrinkage,
too, In a dressed product is only iii
per cent of the live weight of hog meat
while in beef, veal, mutton and lamb it mil realities.
is 50 per cent. ; and desperate
Canada's  hug pt'jducts in  191-1
*   no   more " I doubt  wns  Hint
lesorlbes   the  "food   substl-  her worst days
til   lasting  messes, Contain- j canto   epidemic
ing llttlo or no nourishment nnd frum ' were related as
whieh   one   turned   away   lu   disgust.
Chunks of dried sea lion, stewed with
unions, arier one or two attacks of
nausea, proved palntnblo, but cost one
dollar per pound     Danish butter of lout was suicide; (Or the grave ended | reBU|mM, nll a Ifirg(J H,;llt. wlth .,„, ,,,.
very    poor quality    and resembling Ull,   Ah tho tree fell so It lay.   Death  miU thflt mnny complaints am being
mseltne, was smuggled Into lhc coun-  was tho common destiny of the race.  ratt(Ie or ,hl. shortage of ears.
try and sold at from $2.00 to $2,60 per      Second,  "Death  is  tlie  Destiny of |
pound.   Crows and sea-gulls are am-1 Some."   This became the faith of a
slderofl grout delicacies and aro eager- new group of enquirers.   The faith!
ly purchased by those who can afford j was  based  on   increased  knowledge
them.   All restrictions on the sale of j nud experience.   The grave might be
diseased  and  tuberculous  meat   had  the terminus  for the bad;  but.  lho
heen practically suspended long be- gttjd was Immortal.   Error might per-
fore she left Germany.    Anaemia Is | isli;  but truth  would remain.    Hate
widespread, and the Infantile disease| might be forgotten In death; hut.
Love would never die. The universe
might conspire to dethrone and crush
out wrong; but, righteousness would
be exalted for evtfr. The future life
the expression of this wide-
sweeping, all-embracing law of development—spiritual evolution. Tiie
weak perish. The strong survive.
Immortality was tlie triumph of tho
few—the perpetuity of the best. The
good live for ever. The bad die out.
Deuth was only the destiny of some.
Third, "Death, is tlie Destiny of
None." Tliis Is the climax of faith.
It cannot go further. If the bad perish for ever there Is a premium bn
sin. One can be selfish and not suffer. At the end of the day. the brutal
(ierman Officer will be as happy as
the Belgian woman whose life lie
withered The had may get the best j
for self, and end life before the higher self hands in the account.   They.
^^^^^^ can   enjoy   the   best;   and   end   life \
The attempt to explore the future j when faced by the worst.   This phil-
world is suspected, us a condition of. osophy shocked tlie moral sense.    In I
morbid    curiosity.     This    unending an  intelligent   universe,  there  must!
search into the future life, for some 1 be n law of averages somewhere.   It!
definite good, is banned in some guar- will operate MJmetime. Men may sin ;
on tbe credit system; hut. Cod and
nature ultimately hand In their accounts, In nature, man must pay for
all they get. "We all get what is
coming to us:" say Amerlcans.True.
If not   "here",  "there."    We are  im
of "worms" prevalent among adults I
In tlu* early part of tho year her
husband became ill nnd was ordered
on d rice diet. "After days of weary,
hunting and much whispered dlrec-1 Was
lion, five pounds nf rieo were dls-'
covered In n distant store and J10.no
gladly   paid   for  them."
No wonder Dr. Phillips was glad
to bid farewell to Berlin, and il shows
thnl alter nil the housewives of Canada lune little to complain al-out.
The Soul's Quest,
tei'B us injurious to the best interests
of the present life. Hut (he strong
men. who advise, cannot reduce their
own faith to practice. Thoughts run
on In spite of the strongest will.   So
long as we wnlk the weary way;  so,  ,    	
long aa the mists of Ibss and dls- mortal till we get It—and beyond It.   plications must now comply with the
appointment float across the valley; j The truly ethereal conception of the  requirements of tlle imperial Natural-
the footfalls of eternity j future life Is:    All men nre immortal! izalion Act.
per cent, of tlle usual rati ploughing
linH been done. Deliveries of grain
In Western Canada fell off about the
middle of November because (he la liners were concentrating their efforts
on the preparation of the land, since
tho weather became unsuitable for
these operations deliveries have heen
.(nuking und Finance
At tin* end of Octoher the deposits
of the banks showed an increase of
$107,000,000,   to   which   thc   Dominion
Government contributed MM.ooo.OOO
and the public $(;:i.000,000. The circulation expanded $14,1100,000 to $180,-
852,000, against which substantial additions were made to the Central Gold
Reserve. Specie. Dominion notes and
foreign balances all increased. Security holdings also increased from
$450,000,000 to $403,000,000 and loans
from $9f)S.000,OOO to $1,032,089,000.
This expansion is seasonal but is
rendered more marked than usual owing to the high prices of all commodities.
Ait.r the violent fluctuations of the
last half of October und tbe first
week of November, i'nited States exchange in Canada settled down to n
mor normal course, remaining at
about I|329f premium during thc middle part of November and fulling to
1 :V2f> discount toward the end of that
What is known as the Imperial
Naturalization Act came Into force on ,
January 1st, 1016, but n clause in the
Act made it possible for persons residing in Canada at that dale to ob-'
tain within three years, naturalization
under the Act previously In force,
and which provided fur tlle issue of
certificates conferring naturalization
only within the Dominion of Canada.
The period for granting of this limited
naturalization having expired, all ap
It will pay you to test Giant Stumping Powder
in competition witli any other stumping powder.
After using one case of it u will continue to use
it for all of your stumpin      J.L.Eidson writes:
"I liave used practically every powder on the
market and rind there is more strength in Giant
Stumping Powder than in any other. Neither I
nor my men had the least hit of trouble in getting the very hest results."
<Kn^stumping Powder
will get your stumps out (.leanest and cheapest
because it is made especially
for blasting stumps in
British Columbia. It is the
pioneer Canadian stumping
powder, made in British
Columbia for 32 years.
Free Book
S...J me youe b.eok. " Pre.., K.ennn, -.I.e.
GilOl Mumpu.t Powder."   I in, lnl.tc.tcd .e>
tb. .ubjrrti „!.,.:. I b„e :i,.\... \,
You will want £*££
our free book 'vln-i T,eth"
nds of blasting stumps in this section. It was
written especially tm'over conditions
in Hruisli Columbia. You will hnd
it well worth sending for. Mail the
coupon. *%
sn long as
:;oiiinl "fore ami aft; and loved onos
imps tlirougli tiie portals of the I'mili;
so long will men watch for tlie morning;  scan  the eternal horizon;  and
try    to  pierce    the shadows.     The
silence of the tomb is too dreadful
to   remain forever    nnbibken.    The
most stoical of the sons of men, at
times, have tried to break it.
The  (;reut  Awakening.
There are many signs thnt the soul
of iliis world is re-awakening to eter-
There has been a long
learch for physical com
there  is  still  the passKm   for
-Deatli is the destiny of none.
■ The removal of any uncertainty as
i to tlle continued financing of order?
: for munitions from our allien, and
I from the British government, by the
This Act confers Empire-wide
nationality, ami any person now becoming naturalized is entitled tJ all
the political and other rights, powers
and privileges! and is subject to nll
the rights, duties ami obligations of
u natural-born  British subject.
The procedure under the old Act
was comparatively simple, but there
is considerable formality In the
course thut must now be followed.
The requisite period of residence wai
balled 125,000,00(1 pounds.   The Allies   pleasure; there still remains the lu
0\ Kl
;as club
Meets In
ok  Hull  uecoud
Tuesday o
f every month at 8
p. tu.
Me mbersbln
open   to   Britten
<-    • !,.■
tubers   cordially
,'.  I corned
K   .   Brak
J  P t^ower,
s   |\>
lu   tlie
lir*.!   '
noli     uf
eel D p,
Mrs. W.
I:   MoFarlano.
Seeey, Me
•**. J. w
Hurton. P. O.
Bo. 621.
ly Invited,
requirements In tho same year wero
1,260,000,000 pounds. In other words,
the Allied markets alone could have
taken ten times the total Canadian
supply. Vet it is noi only during war-
time thai the* market Is great. Tho
export from Canada in a five-year
period, which naturally covers at
least two years ol peace, averaged
only six per vent of the Hritish Imports of hog products. The demand
duriug tlie reconstruction period aftor
the war may be assumed tu be nl
least as gri'iil as It now Is during tlio
if municipal by-laws were relaxed,
as a war measure, so as to permit
suburban dwellers to ki op pig n at
their dwellings, such mlghl be n< ' m
pllshed,    Mr.  Hoover   hus   Mule,I  thai
proporly-kepl pigs nre nu more insanitary than are dogs, My "backyard" methods alone last yeur. fler-
iii.my  wn- uble to raise  500,000 Inon
pigs    than  t'nnada    pontes led   from
const to uoust,
if the Imperative necessity >>\' In-
outlook.    In   all  classes  of  industry
of the output is still limited by lack
i of labour and material) but there
appears to be a substantial gain In
volume. The li'.ime demand Is helnc
met by domestic products to a greater
! extent than formerly.
!    In the lumbering business there is
not much aetiviyt, although in sovoral
districts  efforts  are being made  to
get nut  ns much  lumber ns the un-
. ,, usual conditions wlll permit.   On the
spiring the buiuaii heart io renowod   ,_,   ,,        .      , __      .
.   : Atlantic seaboard there Is a gcud demand from the Culled States, which
tlle effort of many to sink the far-off
haven uud make a heaven of earth.
Nevertheless, there Is the steady.
though at times unconscious, drift of
lhe world's soul towards a deeper Interest In the unseen. The present life
is again, to many, taking the appearance of a dream world. The unseen I
things are becoming again the real
things. The day breaks. The grey I
Btreaks 'if  u   new  morning are  In* !
id in
determined search. In tii
scanli, ll may miss Hh way and find
Spiritualism and Theosophy,   It may
entor "The School of Silence;" practice the new mysticism and miss real
ity; but Lho seekers ure Bin Cote
Bomo are Intensely In earnest. Thc
human soul is groping for lis spirit
lial destiny.    Knowledge of the nthe*
world, lil*..' tin- knowledge of thl*
world, is limited; hut. the limitations
are diminishing. Every succeeding
uue lini knocked nl the door of the
spiritual world; 'become -exhausted
with the effort;  fallen Into despair;
formerly throe years, but an alien
unexpectedly large resi'-mse to the I must now liave resided ln the llrltlsh
Victory Loan appeal, cannot fail to | Empire for five years before being
establish confidence in the Industrial; (nullified to make application. .Further, while it was only necessary to
post notice of application in the office
'jf the Clerk or the Court for three
weeks prior to the application coming
before the County Court Judge, a
notice must  now  be  posted  in  the
Clerk's office and nlso In the post office nearest to applicant's place of
residence for n perl'Jd of three months.
In the pasl un applicant for naturalization could lake the oath nf allegiance and oath of residence before
a Notary Public, but application must
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     now be made to the Clerk of ihe Court
is expected to Increase.   There must J who prepares the notlce'if application,
also, sooner or later, be a heavy do | und all further proceedings arc taken
mand from Kurope, wlilch market is1 through the Clerk's office,
at present cut off bOCnUBO of the lack j     After tlu* notices  have been  posted
of available tonnage. There is also for tlto requisite period, pdtitlon pro-
| a dearth or railway ci-rs thr trans- pared, and applicant has nppearcd bo*
porting lumber, which Ims proved n j fore ihe Judge In open Court, the
I serious Interruption to business. | papers nre then sent io the Secretary
Mining i or state at Ottawa, and If approved,
I Although the mines huve supplied I certificate Is Issued from Ottawa, In-
t their full quota of men for service nt i Btead Of from the office of the Court
| the Trout the output up to the proa- j through which application was made,
cik mu bwi
Hunting and Fishing
Unionist Investment Co. Ctd
(■reused production of hog« Is realized ' and, as u philosophy or despair, pro-
by the fnrmers of this country, uud by fosscd materialism. Hut materialism
others who could help, there is no is not the object of search. It Is the
doubt that the problem will be solved, j aftermath uf undue spiritual exertion,
But we catiiiol afford i'i delay, fur tlie It is only the soul's retreat; i: "'mr
demand is very great and the situation does the soul find it a place of safety.
in regard to food is one of the utmost
It may he some consolation to the
housewlv s of Canada who are complaining of the Increasing  difficult..
: of making both ends meet, th learn
what the housewives of (Iermany are
In n recent monthly magazine is
un Interesting nrtlcle by Dr. Allele
X. Phillips, who, with her husband,
j Dr.  KiishcII  Phillips, was  practising | Some crowd
. ont   shows   no  serious  sign  hf  con-
, traction.    Upon the basis of orricini
I returns the Minister of Mines In Brit-
] ish Columbia states tlmt this year tin
| mineral   production  of the  province
l will more than equal in volume tin
exceptional results bf last year, whlcl
wero valued  nt $10.11)1,744.    labour
troubles, however, seriously Interfered with operations at one of tho chief
custom  smelters during Inst month,
but it  ls   hoped  that this prophecy
will still be realized.
Ontario and British Columbia nre
the chief mining provinces, the firmer producing 45.32^ and the latter
22.68% of thc mineral output of the
Dominion in 1016.
Provlclon has been made whereby
persons naturalized under the former
Act, and who are therefore iiriiish
subjects only in ('anadr, muy secure
world-wide British nationality us
granted under the Imperial Naturalization Act,
(Section Hli)
medicine   in   Berlin   from   1002
It never becomes the soul's home—
resting place, As the soul becomes
convalescent, it renews its efforts-
knocks ngnln. In onr day, the soul j
is preparing for a supreme effort.
Will this be irresistible? It is certainly wMrld-wide; nnd the great
world-war is adding a new Impetus.
The New Outlook—VII Men Immortal.
Of course, in the highest sense, "Immortality" does not mean existence, this respect is shown in the diagram
li means a certain kind or existence— : accompanying this letter, which gives
a hnppy existence. Quantity of years the value of tho mineral production I application" there has been produced
Is not life. Many spend their tliree- for the past three years by provinces. :[ conveyance dated Hth March, 1010,
snoro    years  and    never  taste  llfe.j        land Sale* and EolnnUallun from The Baynes  Lake  I.nnd Com-
.«, .... into a tr* I   S.,.s o. .„„„ In th. Hralrle provh*-1 J^Sh^M*? ts.MS.' (SSI
ihurf years.   Addlton cried:   "A day, «» ar* mora numerous than Ihey hav« aUa) B4t forfti |„ mc Schedule htrttu.
IN TIIK MATTICR of Application
No. 4517-1 AND IN TIIK MATTER of
Los I, ^ I, S. » and ln. Block S, of
hot 182, Oroup t. Map 1181.
TAKE NOTICE that the above application has been made to register
Jumes Albert Tormey ns owner In fee
Their position In; of the nl'ive lands, nnd for the Issue
to the snld James Albert Tormey of
n Certificate of Indefensible Title
thereto and that In support or such
and which contracts ate unregistered
in the Land Registry Office.
thnt registration will be effected in
pursuance of the above application
and Certificate of Indefeasible Title
to the said lauds Issued tu the said
James Albert Tormey, free of such
unregistered contracts after tlie lapse
of thirty days from the service upOn
you of this notice (which service upon
you respectively may be effected by
publication hereof for two weeks in
tho "Cranbrook Herald" newspaper)
unless you respectively or your respective legal representatives shall
take and prosecute the proper preceding to establish your respective
claims. If any, to the said lands, or
any of tliem or to prevent such proposed action on my part.
The Schedule above referred to:
Contract No. 22 in favor bf E. H, 11.
Stanley, eovertng Lots 4 and 5, Block
4, known us parts of Lots 1 and Hi.
Block 8, Lot 1, Block 4B and part of
Lot 2 Block 4B. Map 1181. E. H.
H. Stanley assigned suid contract to
Frederick W, Ad'olph, Douglas corsan. Robert Reading and Sherwood
Herchmer, who further assigned to
James A. Tormey.
Contracts Nos. 27 and 4ti. in favor
or S. I'. Indgjerd. covering l.ots 7 and
5, Block 8, now kiur.vn as Lots 8 and
ft. Block 8, Map 1181. Said S. P, Indgjerd assigned Uj James A. Tormey.
Contract No. 15, In favor of J. S.
Poston, covering I-ot 10, Blork U, Map
Contract No. .14. In fnvor or H. II
Orlnnd, covering Lot (I, Block l». Map
Contracts N'is. Til and M, In favor
nf 0, J. Orland, covering Lots 7 aud
8.  Block  », Map  1181, respectively.
Contract No. !»4, In ravnr or J. Councils covering Lot .'•, Block 8, Map
Contract No. 211, In favor or VV. I
Bridge, covering Lot tl, Block 8. Map
Contract No. 8D, In favor of W. S
Sweet, covering  Lot  7,  Block 8,  Mm.
Contract No. t'», in favor of P, Backs,
covering Lois 1 nud 2, Block 7, .Map
Contract No. Ufi. In favor Df II C
Church, covering Lot 7, Block 4, Map
E. S. Stokes.
District  Registrar.
Dated at tbe Land Registry Office.
Nelson  B. C„ this 10th day of December, lfl'17.
E. H. H. Stanley, Frederick  VV.
Adolph, Douglas Corsan.
Robert Rending, Sherwood Herchmer, S. P. Indgjerd.
J. S. PoBton, H. H. Orland, C. J.
Orland, J. O.ntzens.
\V   1.   Bridge.  W.  S.  Sweet.  P.
Backs and R. C. Church. 51-2t.
Certificate of Indefeasible Title thereto aud thai In support of such application tiiere has been produced n conveyance dated llth June 1917 from
The Baynes Lake Lund Company
Limited, whose title is subject to certain con tracts for sale tin ter alia)
set forth iu tlie Schedule hereto, and
which contracts are unregistered In
the  Laud  Registry Office.
that registration will be effected, in
pursuance of the above application
and Certificate of Indefeasible Title
to lhe said lands issued to the said
Frederick .Miller free of such unregistered contraots after the lapse
of thirty days from the service upon
you of tills notice (which service upon
you respectively may be effected by
publication hereof for two weeks in
the "CranbiOok Herald" newspaper)
unless you respectively or your respective legal representatives shall
take and prosecute tho proper proceeding to establish your respective
claims, if any. to the said lands, or
any of them or to prevent such proposed action "ii my part
The S( In dub* above referred to:
Contracts Nos. 100 and 107, In favor
of Francis II. Shaw covering Lots 7
and 8 Block 1. now known ns l^ots 5
and 6, Block I. .Map UM. said Frnneln
II. Sbaw assigned to Frederick Miller.
I Contract No, 80, In favor of C. K.
. M. Payne, covering I.Ot 1, Block 2,
: Map U81.
Contract No, Sit, in fnvor of H.
Ooodwln, covering Loi t, Block i. Map
Con trad No. 100, in favor of W, 8.
Stanley, covering Ud 8, Block I. Map
Dated nt tho Land Roglslry Office,
Nolsoil, B C lilts lOlh day or December   1M7
i*: s Btokos,
Dislrict Roglstrar.
KiMii. ii   ll.   Sbaw
C  I. M  Payne
ll   O nod win,
W  s Stnnlev
(taction 1.11)
IN THE MATTER of Application
No. 4854-1 AND IN THE MATTER of
Lots r> and 6, Block 1, of Lot 132,
Group 1, Map 1181.
TAKE NOTICE that the above
application lias been made to register
Frederick Miller an owner In fee
of the above lands, ud for the Issue
uo tbt s*U Ike«ei--efc Miller of a
Ilo ware
on the
Mra a up**
_immi:m THURSDAY, DEC _7ih. 1!H7
tji[r;l i'4 v :j . ji'i ,4-j;iuj;;::":11:aiuf. *.i;n"i*.i"^"1"
Pocket Kalvre. .
S»lel) llu/iii's
Until.1.1) Kmiin
Hazier llelies
Hanoi' Stril'le*
I'Hr.iiiit Set.
Nickel Ten Keltic* *.'I..MI to HIM
Bran* Treys «■'-'■. tee *:u«i
Cappw Trays        *2.*!,'i to *!l.00
Ask to sec GLASS BAKE
The new ('.'..kliii* Ware
25c lo W.IK)
* 1.00 In *:,.ihi
i-'.im to *.ViO
. 85« In ♦1.7.1
7,1c In i'-'.lio
$:i.iiii lo *i:.jiii
Hardware _ Mill Supplies
Cranbrook    -    B.C.
Kilby frames picture.
Shoe  repairs  uently  dono at  the
Star—Wo hurry.
Pte Nigel Thompson spent a tew
days at his home here this week.
Danco   in the   PariBh Hall   New i
Year's Eve at 9 o'clock.
School will re-open on Monday, Jan, -
The annual meeting ..1 the Women's
Institute evil! take place een Thursday,
January 3rd. at 8 o'clock, in the 1'ur-
  ish  Hall.    A full attendance Is re-
Mr. Joseph Ityan left on Monday to' C|Ueatu_.   An election ot officers for
HUS will tulip place.
"Green Stockings". An attractive
offering, hut not ln any respect "dry
goods."   Audltorleim, January 4th.
spend the Christmas holidays at Cal
Miss K. Macdonald ot tho Central
School teaching sU-If Is visiting her
sister, Mrs. 0. V, Edwards, ot Nelson.
We are carrying a full Hue ot boots
aud shoes— Crantnook Gtcbange,
\rmstroug Ave.
Try thc Cronhtook Trading Company for Uood Dry Flre. Wood ot 2
ricks ror (5.1)0.
Tho time, the place, and the play.
January 4th, Audlpjrlum. "Oreen
li. O. Morris, Maunal Training
teacher, Is spending tho Christmas
holiday at his home at the Coast.
Dance in the Parish Hall New
Year's Eve at 9 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Graham ot Fernie
spent Christmas In Cranbrook thc
guests of His Honor J idgc and Mrs.
Can you ihink ot any reason why
there should not bc one In your
honu- ?   ^ -«
Expert piano and organ tuning, repairing ant' regulating. E. A. Parker,
phone SU, P. 0. Box 528, Cranhrook.
Membors or the local Poultry Aa o-
elation, and all interested In tlle show
to be held in Cranbrook on January
Ml) and 1 Ot ti. are reminded thai thon
will lin a maotlns at the City Hall on
Friday ovonihg at B o'clock.
The Craubrook  Amateur Dramatic '■
Compnny leaves on Friday for Creaton
Whore thoy Will present "Green Sto<-k-
Inge" a comedy in tliree acta.    On
Saturday  tho  parly  will  pi'jeoed  to
Doiifour for thc purpose of giving an j
entertainment  for the  returned   sol-1
dlers   at   the   Military   Sanatorium.
"Green Stockings" is undoubtedly oae!
of  the  be:;t   English   comedies,   and
abounds in mirth-provoking dialogue;
i and situations Uf a humorous charac-;
| ter.   There will be nn opportunity to
; see the play at the Auditorium on Prl-
j day, January 4th, and from the en-
| qulries already being made for tickets,
| prospects nre good for ? full house,
i nnd   in   consequence,   a   substantial
j donation tb tlie funds of the I. 0. D. B.
The plan of the hall  is at  Beattie-
; Murphy's drug store.
A very pretty wedding waa celebrated in the home of Mr and Mm \V. E
Cameron, Burwell Avenue Chrlatmaa
Day, when their daughter, Roto, and
Wilfred A. Patterson. Accountant, Imperial Bank, of tliis city, were united
iu tlie holy bonds of matrimony, The
ceremony commenced al 3 o'clock.
Mr-. A. Wallace played the Wedding
March, and the bride, who was unattended, was given away by lier father,
The groom was also unattended, Rev
F. V. Harrison rector Df Christ Chprcl
tied the nuptial knot, The decora*
tlons -were pink and white carnations
and chrysanthemums. A buffet lunch
was served In the dining room after
the ceremony alter which speeches
were heard from Rev Mr. Harrison,
A. C. Bowness nnd the bride's lather.
VV V Cameron, Then* were about
twenty-five of the close friends of the
family present and all wished the
bride and groom every happiness on
their journey through married life.
Mr. Patterson thanked .ell present foi
thoir kindness.
The bride waa dressed In n travelling suit of brown velvet with hul and
furs to match They loft on the B
o'clock train ter Calgary where they
will spend n few days, returning to
the city ihe latter part of this week.
A host of friends awaited them at
the train where they wore showered
with  confetti  and   well   wishes.
There were a large number of
beautiful presents, showing the esteem the bride and groom were held
among their friends The gift from
the bride's parents was a cabinet Of
sterling; sliver cutlery.
The Secretary of the Farmers' Institute is in receipt of a communlca-
Mr. Arthur Moran and his sister, I tj0n from the Department of Agricul-
Mrs. Waldron McKay, are spending I ture, pointing out tbe absolute neees-
th0 Christmas holidays with their sister, Mrs. B. McFarlane, at Calgary.
Miss Grace Black has returned fiom
Medicine Hat to spend a few weeks
with her parents, Mr. und Mrs. W. B.
"Green Stockings." An attractive
i offering, but not in any respect "dry
I goods."   Auditorium, January 4th.
sity of the farmers throughout the
Dominion doing everything1 in thch
power to increase the production of
hogs at the present time. Our fighting for-es and those of our Allies
must have a llheral supply nf beef
and bacon. In view of the fact that
l/tigs may be produced more rapidly
than any other class of Jock and that
bacon is the chief fond required by
onr men in the trenches, {.very fanner
—--■ ■ I who raises an additional Utter or two
'. Happy New Vear to All our friends. Qf hQg8 .,. „doing Mg wr ju_, ap S,,IV.
! and patrons whose help has made our: ly M lhc men jn tlll, trenches. In
' business so successful during the past; ,'h,s ronnp(.llon a ,.ecent fiX press lon Of
I year.—Star Shoe Shop. Mr H w Wood. President of the
                           ! I'nited  Farmers of Alberta,  i-   woll
Dance   in the   Parish Hall
Year's EVO at 9 o'clock.
wortii   repeating.    Speaking   on   th
question of hog production, lu
lfl, W. J* Doran, Cn.-ibr*ok Exfhaafe
Notice of Improvements
pointed out low much better off the f liners would 1 e. producing bacon even
if he had to do ao at a slight loss,
than the boys, who are overseas, enduring hardships and discomforts that
we in this country cannot realize, and
devoting all their time and energies
to tlie cans, Of Kmpire. in return for
vbleh tin v gel 11.10 n day a man
thai ra's. - n few i\:n hogs is Helping, but what te needed is the hearty
■  ! co-operation of each and every farm-
ThP curling seaton opened on Wed- er in the country, for it Is only by
nesday  afternoon.    The  ice was  in j d6lflrmlned am, unilP(l effort that vi, -
good condition and an excellent after-  (ory Cfln be Becuredi
noon's sjHiri was enjoyed.  h
1 Call and sec the Cranbrook Trading;
! Company's new discount plan—It;
, amount* lo IO on monthly grocery
(accounts; satisfaction guaranteed.
' A Red Croaa "Tea" will be given
\ hy the Undies of St. Marys Church on
i January 5th, proceeds to be handed
jover ta local St. John Ambulance
■ Association.
UlVMmoOh    MH.M    SCHOOI.
Christmas Examinations
In order of merit:
Preliminary—First Year: Marion
MacKinnon. Ada Brown. Harold Haslam, Blema Lowerison, Irma Ward,
Edith Cummlngs, Mary Maun, Helen
Worden, Elsie Beattie. Clifford St.
Eloi. Russell Leask, Jennie Hopkins.
Hugh Simpson. Violet Simpson, Irene
Beech, James Cassldy. Klin Lowerison. CroBBley Taylor, Howard Armstrong, Milo Drummond,
Advanced Grade- Second Year:
Helen Bridges. John Noble, Vigil Santo. Olive Dow, Agnes Reekie, Bernard
Lees,  Muriel   Baxter.
Matriculation—Third Year: Prances
Noble. Herbert Cheater, Dora I've,
John  I've,  Wanda Fink.
It   |i, Forsyth, Principal.
Highest      Lowoat
December HO 30 18
•-■1 30 23
22 37 IT.
24 :{:' —in
2fi 32 —10
28 32 +0
Letters recently received from Sapper Harvey Handley by Mra. Handley
of Marysville reporl hlm aa rapidly
recovering ! Is health Sapper Hundley Is in tb.■ Tunnellm Section of the
Koyal Engineers an i waa recently
gasBed al  Ypres.
He writes
"I expect !,, be "iii i r bed in n few
dayi My •■>■■■■ were ein cd for three
days .mil now ni) volci i** gone and
my lungs are very ,„,.. but I guess
ii w'jn'l l"' lung before I'm olrlghl
again Old Fritz got me al last after
twemy-mx long and weary montlis
of it. Imi he [ildn'i gel me too bad. it
might have been worse.
Thlnjga aro pretty hoi ever here, and
I'm glad to get over to England to
get out of it for a while.
The Sisters are so nice aud kind t'i
me.     The   Hospital   lfl   the  County   ul
Middlesex   War   Hospital,   Xnpsbury,
near St. Albans.
Albert Olll is here bul ia a different
ward, he was up to see me yesterday,
Thc Red Cross are very good to
wounded soldiers.
I am thinking ot going t'i Bristol on
sick leave; we got three weeks after
we come out convalescent.
(Jive my best regards to everybody
around that  pari of the world."
tt__. 1.
A COMEDY IN   lllllli: ACTS
Will lie pii'si'iilcd ley Cruulirook Amateurs.
I'KW ikiis TO ill! I, 0, II. I.
TICKETS -      $1.00 & 50C.
I'liin tii BeatlleOliiriilij-'s Drug Store
join   thi:
NAVY    I.KU.'I'i:
"Empire" Mln.*ri,l rialin
Fractions I"
"AnRiis Fractional" Mineral Claim
"Ward" Mineral Claim.
"April  Fractional"  Mineral  claim
'   Wi. are rarrylnn * full line ol boots "(UAMIKllllh  HERALD" HALIFAX
Mineral | im]   »hoe»— Cranbroolt   K-Chuno, : IUSASTHI  ITMI
.   *trmstrons Are.
Mlnoral j 	
Mleve.   Mflv.i   Cirtwrlglu   le*i(   for     \v,* bp^ to acknowlodRe tin- follow-
| Erickson to-ilny. .ircomieatilMl by hor  ins donations
Mineral ' sIsi.t who was vi.ltlnn in Cr^nbi..eck ' j. Attvood, Moyle      It 00
I Iter (he Chrlstmu hollilr.yee : A. L Adams, Moyie*.  ,'..00
  ' A friend   SC..0O
i    After tlto retwaml on Wednesday Ir, t Willlains, Cranbrook  .". oo
ovenlngi tho membora of the "Gieeen  Collcoted at the home of Mrs
Mlnoral j stockings" company were rntertaln.tl |
' by Mra. J. IV Mollrlde
"I'miiiue" Mineral Claim
"Joaephlne" Mineral Claim. "      , ..    _.„_
"Tlppereirv"  Mineral Claim. j     The lime, the  plaee anel the play.
Situate,! In tlle Fori Bteole Mllilnn | Jaunary    4tli.    Auditorium.    "(Ireen
Division   uf   Fuel   K.e, trnny   l,1»lrlct ] Sloeklnita"
Where   l.oeale.l:    On   .snlllvau   Hill, |
Harrison, Cranbrook  :i.00
Tolal J23.00
KUnberley. 11 C. Lawful Holder: Tbe |
Consolidated Mining <* Bmoltlm c<.m-:
pany of Canada, Limited,   Number of
lh« Holder's Free Mlll.ls Certificate! I
Take Notlco thai I. .1 K Cram, Free
Mlner'a Cerlllieale, !*'.»M1 II. acting ae.,
annil for the Consolidated Mining *
Stteellli.i; Coni|wi..e ol C I.la. I.imltml.
hie,. Miner's Certificate, 99807-D, In-,
lend, at the end of slaty days from
the date hereof, to apply lo the Mining Recorder i"i a Certificate of Improvement, le.r the purpose of obtaining Crown (iranls eef Hip above
And further take notlco thai n.-don
under Becllon B6 ot Uie' "Mineral Aei"
muHt be. comraancod botore tho Issuance of suoh Certificate e.f Improve
Hated this 710 day of November.
Tho Consolidated Mining S smelting Compnny of Canada, Umlted.
I*«r J '< frnn: 4a-9t
Mlsa Hazel Taylor, wbo ha6 been
attending aehool at the Coaat, l»
s|«.nellnit her Chrleetman holidays at
ber liome here.
Residents of Oranbrook are to be
congratulated e.n the fact that Isolde
Mongee will sleep off here- on leer way
through tt* tho Pacific u..bsi she wlll
give a Coneori In lhe Auditorium ore
th„ evening ol December 81st, he the
itfternot.n flu- will give- a fret- eone-er!
for tlto aelieeol e-lilleirpn of Cranhrook,
in pursuanooot he-r propoganda in u.p
.nus,, of an and music, She wlll also
talk to thc ohlldrcn, Isolde Menges
Is ono of llie greatest urtlals In lhe
world. Slip Is Knglish nnd li la tho
firs! Unite anyone Knglish has beon
placed on a plane* ol music eeiuol to
—-■- I Krelsler nnd  Yaayo.    Miss  Menges'
Thorn will  bo a curd  party  and j fee for each recital Is Jfeoo and as lhe
dance In tho Bt. Marys Hall on Wed- j organisation Is an oxponslvo one It la
Keep Wednesday .Ian Olh, clear for .
the big Scotch entertainment to be
given here under the auspices of the
St. John Ambulance Association
Owing to the greatly increaaed coat
of Film Horvlce, It  hue   been  found
teeeesaary to rnlae the price o/ art- \
mission at lhe RM Theatre (o 20 cents
irtet Int-lntUng war tux.
•''"Wonder '   Pump
Putnps Wuter, Oil and Sand
llest Vowor I'uinp Made
Waterloo tloy
tints, Traoton
Wrlio u« >nl"
C'oiioultatloii ti'-
!!<>., MM1TI.I).
•SI   PraM   HI.   W.,   %m**r**mw.
una  Watoi
ni-Hdtiy, January 16th, SOth and Feb.
12th. Curds nt 8 o'clock; danclnp
10 to 12.30.
Tlie .teachers |and pupils of the
Oranbrook High School entertained
the teachers of the Central School on
Friday evening last. A capital program was presented, followed by a
socinl hour, during which refreshments were served.
His Honor Judge Thompson returned on Sunday from Fernie, where he
hus been hearing appeals tinder the
Military Service Act, Further appeals will be heard tn Cranbrook on
January Uh, after which Judge
Thompson will proved to Creaton
Nelson and other points In Weat Kbot*
«M| where alUlnga of tbe Appeal
Court wtfl t»W »***
to bu hoped that residents will appreciate tlie opportunity, Miss Menges
will play litir ?20,ooo Btredlfind she will
be supported by the talented Australian artist, Eileen Beattie. This event
should prove tlie greatest musical
event In our town. Miss Menges is
being introduced by Mr. l.tlio Who
brought us thc Cliernivsky Brothers,
The seats are on sale nt Beattle-Mur-
pliy'H drug store.
(lUMlltOOh   ItW'TIST   (Hl'KCII
Sunday, With lferemher, 1917.
Forenoon, 11.—Thome: The Voice of
a Dying Vear.
Afternoon, 3.—Bible Sehtttl,
Evening,    7.30-Themc:(_od'a    Time
Limit-the flight of Time.
R«v. Jaawt Ihwlop
An active campaign te being inaugurated to induce the people of Canada i" take a lively interest in the
Navy league of the British Empire.
Tlie Navy League nr Canada is the
Canadian Branch for which memberships are lOltoUed. Each Tiill member
will receive monthly the imp.er called
"The Navy." as well as otlier illustrated  publications  and  literature.
Tin- chartered Bank- ere being asked tn accept subscriptions on beliall
of the Secretary of the League tor
Hritish Columbbln.
The fees are:
Life members  1100.00
Members—Annual  fee   »-00
Associate members fee  i."u
Junior members fee  25
Tho Navy League of Canada is the
Canadian Branch of Uie Navy Lcaguo
of the British Empire, and Is an association 'it voluntary members formed
for the purpose of carrying out the
following objects: —
l    a thoroughly organized educational campaign in matters pertaining
to the Navy and Mercantile Marine,
lal By lectures.
(b) By the circulation or literature,
lc) By placing readers in public  schooli'.
2. 'P.» raise funds for the relief ot
British and Canadian sailors and thel!
dependents, for Sailors' Homes, Institutes and Hospitals in Canada and
throughout the Empire.
3. To encourage volunteer Naval
Brigades lor boys and young nun in
wlilch they can receive practical and
theoretical instruction in seamanship
to prepare them iVir service in our
Mercantile Marine
It shall be a fundamental principle
of the League that its objects, membership, manaf.enn'iit and conduct
shall be absolutely unconnected with
and free from all party politics and
from every organization connected
with party polities.
Patrons-Tholr Excellencies tbe
Puke and Duchess of Devonshire,
K   (J., ftc,
CM. Sir John Hendrle. K. ('. M. (J..
C v. o.. Lieutenant-Governor of
Hon. ('resident   Sir John C, Eaton.
K. B., S. S. D.
('resident -  Commodore    Aemlllus
Jarvls, s. s. D.
Ylce.rVesldent—Sir John Aird, K. B.
Sere-Treasurer— Lieut-Col   Cecil <■-
F   E. Brentnell, Esq.. \V. E, Burke.
Ksq.( (leorge B. Evans. Esq., J, Cnstell
Hopkini-.. Est]., Uev, Dr. A. Hall.. Commander V\ C, Lr.w, R, N,. Itev. J. Kussell  McLean, Comtr.hdoie C, <l. Marlatt. S. S. IL, H. II. Macrca, Esq., Chris.
W. Thompson. Esq . II. J. Wlcltlisun,
Lieut, it, N,
fuliuliii I'lll for Women. %"* «■ boi nr ttir«f i»r
flu ft>.nl kt nil iii,; Mora, or iniiltd t*> but
ifldremonrt-'iuipt,.! prlCC. 1'hk 8001 .Lt. PSDO
Co . fJI. Crttlmrni"*. DnUirio
VlUlltj-.lnr Sn-*i> mid I'.rnln. Hhtk«m "umr
mnut'-■*Tmn*' willl-iil.il >mi up.llfttwi.or
two (or V, at itntii *tt.f.-n i>r i.y uiftil uit rci'iift
tf erli-f*    Th■ Huiin.L Dkiki Co , Bt. C>Uu>iIin«
We Wish
2/ou *Pf// a
Little & Atchison
I'll om* T'i
We Trust You Spent
a Merry Christmas
We Wish you a Very
Happy New Year
May your Cup of Good
Fortune be Filled to
Health, Happiness and
Prosperity to each and
every one is our
earnest wish.
I wish to dispose of eiirhtj acres of
land in the Creston District, situated
Hppruximateh five and one half
miles to (he North Ku»t ui llie station
and In closer proximity In tbe stations
of Erickson and Mv .Nellie, being: the
.Vest ball' o( Suh Loi twelve of i,»t:»S
JMh! G. I.. Would lake two thousand
dollajrs eusb, or ghe terms to suit
Hie purchaser; or twenty-five hundred dollars in purl cash and balance
In trade for honied cattle und baled
haj; or I would give a five .vear lease
of tiie property, renewable tor aunt her
five years on the hasis (lf lessee making ertalu stated Improvements and
paying all rates, taxes und assess-
ments, lease to carry mi option t<>
purehase. .Indefeasible title. If above
not satisfactory state your own terms.
Basil 0, Hamilton. In verm Ore, II, (.
svnoi'sis ot  (ual mining
Coal mining rights or the Dominion. In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-West Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased for a term of
twenty-one years renewable for a further term of 21 years at an annual rental of $1 an acre Not mure
than 8,660 acres will be based to nne
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Bub-Agent of the district In whicli the rights applied for
are situated.
Iu surveyed territory the land must
he described hy sections, of legal subdivisions of sections, and In unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out hy the applicant himself.
Each application must be accom-
panled by a fee of S5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
Tlie person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated sueh returns should he furnished at least once
a year,
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only.
For f Ul information application
should be made to the Secretary of
tho Department of tne Interior. Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands,
W.   W.   CORKY.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
i    N. B.— Unauthorised publication  of
.this advertisement will not t* paid)
During convalescence,
and when appetite lags
brings to the hot. dry
mouth a freshness
and a soothing balm
that coaxes back the
enthusiasm of health.
Thousands of soldiers
in Europe have cause
to thank Wrigley's for
its tonic effect. K"/hter
THURSDAY, DEC.   27th,  1917
III HI) \  Sl'ltl.l'1,1,
Barristers, Etc.
». r. Gurd        G. J. Spreull
rilAMilliMili, ll. ('.
lilt. F. 11. JULES
Office* lie Hanson Ulncfe
9 to 12 u.m.
1 to    6 |e.m.
I'llll lin.I  Mieiini* Engineer!,
11. ('. Lain] Surveyors
Mli.,* I etniiilnnttniin nnel Ueiiorli
.1. I.. I' A II h i: It
Miieli.it Engineer
208 :    il. nilii  pig ,   Cnlgnry,
j.,.i i'i.. ii i
I mergence, ami llonrlj Muffling
S*i IMA   A.  KYTE
ItegUtereil   Nurse
I'll.nu-   382   or   ™i
Electric    Vibration    Trentmonl
I.i.-.iie.'.i by Provincial Govt.
MuliriKfj i.i I General Nnrfllnj
Manflago uml It.'Sl Cure., HlgllUt
Reference.?,  fair  terms.  Apply
MRS. A, salmon. Matron.
Pbone 2".ll P. 0. Ben 845
AOdresB.Gardcn Ave*.. Cranbroolt
Ills, lllll'II A Mnrhilllll.il
PIiisIi-Iiiiis and  Surgeon*
onw t   rosldoncG,  Armatrong
Forenoons  9.0(1 to 10.00
Aft-itiouiiH 2.00 .0   4.00
Evening!!  "20 tee    8.20
S eys    2.20 lee    4 20
ir vou wanl BatlBfactlon
wilh vour washh'i!
send it to
Snecial nrices for familv
(HAS. 8,  I'AltKl.lt
Forwarding  mnl  Distributing
Anient for
l.i-llilirldge and Greenhlll Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlstrliullon CarB a Specialty.
Drayiii'-' ami Transferring
(liven prompt attention
Pbone 63
'i'ln* Shoe Specialist
SiiiMariiien Guaranteed
Headquarters fm- ull kIi.iIh of
liny Phono 233,  Nlghl I'linae .IS
Norbury Ate, next lo City Hall
'.llel-ll-12    lllbliMi-lliuie    llltlic
Victoria, 11. c.
Hay anel NIglit Phono 3412
'Molilalia Kexfmirnnl
Heals nt All Hours
llgiirs, Clgurettea nnd Candy
Opposito the iianii of Commerce
spokano, Washington
Tliis house ims Uu
lia|i|>y (Jlstfnrtioii uf lie-
Inn llie favorite atop-
[ilnj; plai'H fu Spokaue
for Uie people of Brltlsii
Columbia We appreciate
tlilH patronage and do
evprythlng In our power
to mak. you comfortable.
Our location is excellent —
close to Oreat Northern station
and 0, W. It & N.—Mllwauke.
terminal, end within a mloute'ft
walk from the principal business
houses anti places of ainuHement.
(Continued from page one)
ilinll be brokoii"
Tli** time appointed I'm- t ,- hilCIl- ',
tin'iit   of the   prophesy was   "soven
cycles," and each cycle represents RG0
years, so seven limes 300 would i'i|iuil i
ii&L'O. As the prophesy was delivered ,
in tho year GOO li C, as before stutod
(hen by sublraciiug f>06 from 2520 we
get the number 1014, the year the
present war broke out, the greatest
war the world has over seen, as prophesied by the prophet Daniel ond
St. John the Divine, which shall 'mly
end with the great "Armageddon."
St. Peter, In his addres on the day I
of Pentecost, quotes the words of tin1
prophet Joel:    "Your sons and ynur!
daughters shall  prophery, nnd  you
yvmng men shall seo visions and you
old men shall dream dreams."
Having these examples beforo u
why should we deny (lie Rift of propl
csy in theBo latter days? We se
prophesies and predictions given ron
I and five and even seven hundred yeni
i ago heing wanderfnti) fulfilled m ..
own linn*
in a booli entitled "VatlelniUR Loin
inonaos," written by n monk in tli
thirteenth   century,   lhe  i*nd  of  thel
HoliOT)t>-illern dynasty Is predicted io
happen   CQllRGqilOHl   till   ihe   eVdllM   tti
tin* year mil. Now ii It) lo be in.ml:
thai ihe rise of tlmt dynasty Im-tan
only wiiii Frederick of Hohenzollern.
Burg rave of Nnremburg, in the fifteenth century, when the Bmpornr
Slglmuund conferred llt< Mark •■!
BrundGnburg upon tin- snld Frederick
in 1*117. After tlie death ol thc Elector
Frederick William in DISS. Prussia
became n kingdom, and Prussian militarism began to show itself, hut iii.
end of this was foreshown not a century later by an old poet, who in tin
year 1762 wrote thus: "Tlie last Emperor of Germany shall bo paralyzed
in ihe arm, and will mount hte horse
upon the opi'ositc side," Thi:. eorros-
ponds exactly wltll tlie ease of llu
present Emperor.- And tlie prediction
adds: "His son shall he killed ul llie
gales of Merlin; in that year Pnlnnd
shall have its own king."
Tlie celebrated Prophesies or Strasbourg, ami also ii Hermit of Alx-ln-
Cliappello predict the fall of tho Gorman Emperor in occur at this period.
Prophesies of Jolinnnes Hie .Monk
Aboul Iihhi A. D.
l H will have heen thought thai
tiie Anti-Christ has frcquentl) bern
Identified, for all slayers of the Dm ill
hnve a resemblance, and all evil-doors
are found to bo typical of Hn. Grenl
2. The veritable Autl-Chrlsl will be
found to be one "if Hie monarclis nf
liis day. n Lutheran He will in volte
the name of Cml (tlio Oood Old God)
and will claim tn ho His successor.
:;. This Prince of l.iars will swear
hy iho Scriptures; lie will represent
himself to be tlie instrument of tlio
Mosl High, to chasten tho wicked.
■I. He will have bill 'one perfeel n ni
nml his Innumerable troops will take
for tbeir motto, "God is wltli us," end
will appear as the legions of hell.
5. For a long time he will algltnte
hy ruse, and felony; his spies v. ill
overrun the world, and lie will he mn *-
ter of the great secrets.
ii. lie will employ philosophers
who wlll attempt to prove thai his
mission is celestial
T. A war will cause ihe mnsli to lie
lifted. This war will not he simply
against France, hut Chiefly again-i
another distinguished Power, and in a
shnrt time ihe war will become universal.
8. Tliis wnr wlll enlist all the people of Christendom; and also Mohammedans, and those from afar. Armies
shall rise Irom Ihe fnnr corners of tho
it. The Angola will enlighten lie'
souls >.>f men, and in tlte third week
tbey wlll recognize that this Is the
Autl-Chrlsl, and that Ihey will all he
enslaved if they do nnt overthrow this
10, The Auti-chrht will ne recognized by many Indications; he will no
out nf Ills 'way to ma. -acre priests,
I monks, women children, ami the
aged, Me will g'j forth torch in hand,
like the barbarians and will shnw no
mercy   white   tic   plasphoninusly   in-
LOST White flnnnell collar, em.
hroldered pink; finder please return
to Herald.  ' *,l li.
WASTED- second band lypewrller,
Remington preferred, Apply Royal
Pool Room, l!> it
(GUI. WANTED—for general housework; gooil wages.- Apply to MrB, tt'.
E. Worden, Armstrong Avenue.    B2-tf
WANTED—Small  furnished  I ■
as near King Edward School as possible.—Apply to Miss Cherrington
King Edward School. Bl-lt
iou s.ti.i:-
■.mi reel
li (1x11
r, p.p.] wire
rii|ee*. in
20 cents .
i foot, r.
a. 1..
Box 1. 10
FOR SALE—Seme nice two-year
old heifers, due to freshen In April
and May.—Apply W. G. Uateman. a
miles west of Moyie, It. C. r.O-.'H*
1VANTKO -by    her.
to,   capnbli-
woman   tn   helji   with
ehlldren  and
hnusev,*nrk; good wages
.-Apply Mr.*
Howard, Harwell  Ave.
Hm.  NteaiiiNhln  on   Roof
AMERICAN ORGAN- greatest bar-
gain ever offered; mirror hack, 12
Stops, 2 knee swells, condition lis new;
price *$17G, sacrifice $50.00.—W. W.
Kilby,  Armstrong  Avtmiie
VokCB the Name or God.
11. His pretentious words will resemble those ul Iiie Christians, hut
his actiom will he th03Q nf Nero uud
iho Roman persecutors, He will have
mi eagle iu his coat, of arms, and
another cuglc will appear in lhat of
his Ally, Uie other had monarch.
12. These are Christians, hut one
of them will die by the malediction of
the Fope Benedictus, who will be
elected inwards the end of th reign
of the Anti-Christ.
13. Tiiere will no more be seen any
priests simply to absolve the combatants, fnr priests and ninnies will fight
as well as other citizens; and further
the Pope Henedictus will have cursed
ilo* Antl-chrlst, and ii win he proclaimed that thhse who fight agaluM
this despot will find salvation, and
dying will straightway he translated
to heaven like the martyrs.
11 The Papal Pull which proclaims these things will resound afar,
ami will give fresh courage to thc
bravo, ami tarry death to the allies of
lho Anti-Christ, The defeat of the
Antl-chrlst will demand lhe death of
more men ilmn Rome ever contained, j
ID ll will need the united efforts j
ul' iill Ho* I'.wers. fnr the Cock, llie
Leopard, and the white Eagle wlll not
make au cud of the Black Eagle If the
prayers and wishes of all humane
people do not aid them.
16, Humanity has never hefore
known sueh peril. The triumph ol
the Anti-christ would be that of tho
Demon oi* whom he Is ihe Incarnation.
17. It lias been said that twenty
centuries after the incarnation of the
\VJord, the boast will In bis turn Incarnate, anil menace the world with
as much of evil as the 'Divine Incarnation brought good.
IS, In the. twentieth century the
Antl-chrlst will manifest himself.
His army will exceed in numbers
anything that has ever been imagined.
There will bo Christians among his
followers, ami there will be Mohammedans ami al,*-') savage troops among
the Defenders of the I.amh.
IH In all Christendom there will
not he a small space that is not red-
sky, earth water—and even the atmosphere will he all red, for blood
will flow Into the four elements at
iiie same time,
20. The Black Eagle will hurl himself at the Cock, who will lose many
feathers, but will use his spurs heroi-
cally. Ho would speedily he reduced
lun i'ir iho aid rendered him by the
Leopard and his claws.
21. The Black l^agle will eome
from lhe Lutheran country, ami will
surprise the Cock, nnd will inva-i*
much ul his territory.
\!2. The White Eagle will come
from the northern side, and will surprise Hie Black Eagle and the other
Eagle, and will invade the country it
the Antl-chrlst.
'j;t. The Black Eagle will be forced
to retreat from tho Cock, and lhe
Cock should follow hfm into the country of the Antl-chrlst, to help the
White Eagle.
tli. None Of the battles which have
taken place hitherto up till now will
have been anything equal to those
which will take place In the Lutheran
country, for ihe Seven Angels, spoken
nf hy the Divine St. John, will now
pour out Die vials of wrath 'an Ibe
Impious laml, which signifies thai the
Lamb will ordain the complete extermination of the race of the Antl-Clirlst.
25. When the Beast sees that It
has lost, it will become furious and
will work destruction, and ftir some
months the beak of the White Eagle,
the talons of the Leopard, and the
spurs nf the Cock will rend It, Rivers
will he forded hy means of dead hod-
les whicli will divert the course of
the waters. Only tiie very distinguished, such as Generals and Princes
shall be Interred, far the carnage of
the war will he heaped together with
the victims of plague and hunger.
20, The Antl-chrlst will on several
occasions sue for peace, hut the Seven
Angels will go hefore the Three animals and Ihe Defenders of the Uimh,
mid will proclaim that peace shall
only he accorded on finditlon that
the Antl-chrlst ho crushed ag str«*»
in the thresher.
L'7. The Three Animals and the
Agents of the Lamb cannot atop fight-
Ing whilst there remains snldiers of
ihe Antl-chrlst.
tl*. What makes the decision of
the Lamb sn implacable is thai Hie
Auil-ohri-f has pretended to ho a
Christian, and has blasphemously acted iu the Name :if God. If then he
does nol perish, the fruit or the redemption will he lost, and (he pates
of hell will have prevailed against
the Saviour, and this cannot he.
L'ii. This will be no humane war.
Tbo Three Animals and the Defenders
of the Lamb will exterminate the last
army of Ihe Antl-cb-ist, hm he battle
field will be mnde a charriel-nouse ai
largo as a big city, For the dead will
have tran,.IV>r.med the place, making
it a chain of hillocks.
30. The Antl-chrlst will lose his
crown, and will dfe in solitude and in
Insanity. His empire will be d' '' d
inlo twenty-two states, but none of
them shnll have either a force, an
army or a ship.
81, The White Eagle will drive
out the Crescent from Euifipe, where
there will remain none hut Christians,
The White Eagle will then establish
himself in Constantinople.
:ii!. Then shall commence an orn
of peace and prosperity for the wot Id
and there shall be no more war; each
nation shall bn governed by its own
conscience, and will live in justice.
Then peace shall reign nnd happiness
shall dawn on the human race.
Such aro the extraordinary predictions of Johannes the Monk, uttered
over   three   crnturleo   ago,   muck   ot
Which   we so.
present war.
ilready fulfilled by tin
tiie i'iiii   has ye'.  It
Paragraphs 'i im s show clearly the
figure of Kaiser William It. as if his
name was actually mantioned; especially paragraph -1. where it says,
"lie will have hut one perfect arm,"
It is woll known that part of the loft
arm, as well as the left leu and all
the lefl part of the body of the Kaiser present symptoms of atrophy. In
fact for half an hour after his birth he
was thought in have beon still-born.
Well for the \\«..rld had it heen so.
Again the prediction says, "His innumerable troops will take Ilor n
motto "God with us." What presumptuous arroeanco.
Paragraphs 10 tell us, "Ho will ko
forth torch in hand, and will show no
mercy," Belgium anil France can testify to the truth of this.
in paragraph ll we read. "His pre-
leiit>uis words will he those of a
Christian, but his actions will be those
of Nero and ihe Roman persecutors."
Paragraph :i bears on ihis where it
says. "This Prince of Liars will swear
by. the Scriptures ami he will canst
himself tn he represented as iho iu
strumenl uf the Mosl High, to chas
Use lho wicked."   Can words ho plain
er or poinl more significantly lo tlu
j Kaiser?
i Tiie example glvon nlovc nr Pro-
I fessnr Seohy hears nut paragraph ii.
hul is only one out of Ihomanils.
j Such a rodomontade of syehophancy,
and such expressions of barbarous
cruelly make civilization shudder, ami
ai'uise universal aimer am) contempt.
Itm the tide has turned anti today,
Instead nf tholr "to deums." their
churches resound with tho "de pro-
.iindls," Germans would be glad of
pence now. muny nf them nn any
Paragraphs Hi. 13 and N fill us
with amazement. Does the present
itlitmle of the Catholics of Canada
and the I'nited Stiitos of America
bended by Monsignor liuizano Dele-
uate Apostnlle at Washingtnn. foreshadow the fulfilment of this part of
the prediction?   Time will tell.
Paragraph 2d says. "The Antl-chrlst
will on several occasions sue fnr
peace." Has not the Kaiser on several -locaslons sued for peace both
covertly and open? But pence shall
not be accorded until his armies are
crushed "as straw  in the thresher."
How aptly this paragraph fits in
with tin* answer of Ihe Entente tn
lhe Peace Note of President Wilson
last January.
What Bliall he made of the vision of
the angels at the battle nf lhe Somme.
seen by hundreds Of hard-headed English snldiers. who cannnt be accused
of superstition, nr nf too much credulity in modern miracles? But it
has lieen well snld. "There is mor"
in heaven and enrth Ihan we dream
of in our philosophy." What then
shall wo think of paragraphs fl ami ~n.
Another piOphet, even earlier than
Johannes the Monk. Thomas Joseph
Moult, about the year 1500, gives us
Ihe following predictions relating not
only tn Prussia and Austria, hut also
to Italy, and Russin. "In 17!*S there
will be a violent death of a Groat
Queen" JMarie Antoinette. Archduchess of Austria.1
In lSfifl there will be a new form nf
government in a kingdom."
Nature Says
"I can remedy most ills, and
help you to escape many ailments, if you give me timely
aid." Naturally, Nature prefers
Uri«t S.Ia el AtrMtdlclM ia it. WotlJ.
SsU ...rrevb.,..   In boi.*, 2Sf.
Doubtless this refers in tin.* liiele-'
pendence eel Italy, achieved by iliat
time*. "Iii mi:, ee Brent treachery will
lee  hatched  In  .1   European   Court."
Would imi Uii- refer lo 11 'enson
liat.'lu'il iii 'In' llussian Court by tin*
false monk Rnspntlii nml others, with
ihe. t'lniiivnn if Ui.' Clormun Czarina? "in 101' there will le.' n now
form of government in a great em*
■lire."   There ni  110 doubl eel' the
fiiltiliuonl ..f UiK i" iii.- events 'which
lliiv.. Jusl happonoil III llns.-lu. I"l'
mail; Hi.* illffoi .• in Un* 'we. predictions.   Thnl for l**.".ii »|iealt« Ln- 1.
lUniul   wall.I iliai ..I' HUT n..-nil..111
:i 111 1 empire.
Explanation ot the -..hi.lull, used Iiy
in.. .Monk Johannes,
'I'ln, lila.i, Eoglo represents (ler
Tli,. While Ragle represents lleis-ln
Tho other eagle represents Austria,
Tli Loopard nml hl- Claws ropro-
-.■nl Unglnnil nml hor Colonial Allies.
Tli,- l.iinil. represents the spirit ..r
International Justice Liberty and
Honor, i.i' which Christ, tli,' l.nnih is
tli,. F.iunlniii-ll.-ail.
The Anoms ami Defenders if tl"'
l.amt. represent tin- Armies ..1 tho
Thu Anli-.iiii-t represents iln- si.ir-
ii animating Hi" Blwell Eagle nml his
Procrastination is the thief of
health: Keep yourself well by
the timely use and help of
Lftfftit Sftle of Any Mcdiciav in tht. World.
Sold overy whom.   Id boict, 25c.
Mon. Dec. 31
8.30 p.m.
One of  the  greatest   musicians
in Ihe world
Violinist, and Eileen Beattie
London Eng. Daily Telegraph says: "Only once
or twice in a generation is such a genius born
into the world."
Prices $l.oo, 75c, & 50c.
And Invigorates Old People
Any doctor will tell you that the
ingredients of Vinol as printed below
contain the elements needed to improve the health of delicate children
and restore strength to old people.
J> Cod Liver and Beef Peptone*. Iron
an J Mad^m ne *ial'«:|)t(*iid[ek. Imil a:«l
Amiiiuiiiunt   Citrate,   Lime   uud. Sud-
Uly.erujihuiplitite., Cmt.nu.
Those who have puny, ailing or
run-down children or aged parents
may prove this at our expense.
Besides the good it does children
and the aged there is nothing like
Vinol to restore strength and vitality
to weak, nervous women and overworked, run-down men,
Try it. If you are not entirely satisfied, we will return your money
without question; that proves our
fairness and your protection. Millions of people havc been convinced
this way.
Crnnbrook Drug A Bonk Co., Cranbrook, B. C, also ut the best rtrun-
RlBta in all B. C. towns.
tt «
(Section MM)
IN THE MATTER of Application
No. 4783-1 AND IN* THE MATTER or
Lot 2. Block 17 of Loi 132, Group I,
Mop 1181.
TAKK NOTICE ha tthe above application has bpru made tb register
Albert Peter Klein as owner lu fee
of the above lauds, ami for tbe Issue
to tbe saitl Albert Voter Klein of n
Certificate of Indefensible Title thereto anil tlmt in support of such application tbere lias been prod it cod n
conveyance dated 27th September, 10*
17. from The Baynes Lake Laud Company Limited, whose title is subject
i'i certain contracts for sale (Inter
alia) sei forth lu lhe Schedule hereto,
nnd which contracts aro unregistered
in tlie Land Roglstry Office
that registration will be effected in
pursuance of the above application
ami Certlflcato of Indefensible Title
to the said lands issued lo tlie said
Albert Peter Kh'lu free or audi unregistered contracts after llle lapse of
thinly days from tlie service upon >*mi
of Ibis notice (which service upon
you respectively mny be effected by
publication hereof for two weekn In
tlie "Cranbroolt Herald,, newspaper)
unless you respectively or your respective legal representatives shall
take and prosecute llie proper pt<>
eeedlngs io establish your respective
claims, if any. to the said lands, or
any of Ihem or to pretenl such proposed action on my pnrt.
Tlie Schedule above referred In:
Contract No, 2 in rn\ni* of M. C. M.
Klein, covering Loi l, Block 17, Map
Contract No. IS. in favor of S. ,T.
Morrow, covering Lois 7 and 8, Block
lfi. Map URL
Contract No. B, in favor bf ,T. Back-,
covering Lot fi. Block lfi. Map usi
Contract No, 3, in favor or \V,
Watorson, covering Loi :'. Block 17.
Map 1181.
Hated at tbe Land Roglstry Office,
Nelson TV C. this Iftth dav of December, 1017.
E. S.  Stokes.
...Strict Registrar.
M. C M. Klein
S. .1. Mbrrow.
J, Rocks.
W   Walcrson. BI 2t
Trappers, Farmers,
t     li does nol cost ynu anything io    ,
on your Furn.   [Cxiircoee ilie-ui te. uie
uver -e $5.00 ruination,   Wo raukie
\*.u mn- oiler
AMI lllll.II torn PURS
[or your reply,  returning tin-in
AT our i:xi*i:nsk
ii' tie.t purchased.   Try ns.
Iii Husiness Since isss
fie-llll for Price List
I   Special price paid for rinrk Jlitrtlie
■Mackay & Dippie
ills sth .in ■, I iil'.tiii. Altn.
A Few Coffee Percolators,
Cassaroles, etc. left over
from Christmas at io per
cent off.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Office, Smelting tad Refining Department
S M K I. T E R S   AND   R K FI N K R S
These cigars must
please or we pay
for the smokes
We simply invite you to try El Sidelo Cigars.
Smoke them critically from tip to butt. Note
their mild delicate flavor, their rich fragrance, their even burning. Then if they
please  you,   well and good,   if not,  we   pay.
Here is our guarantee
Buy 50c worth of El Sidelo Cigars (Chesterfield or
Club House Size). Smoke them. Criticise them.
Then if you are not satisfied with the cigars and the
value given, return the bands to us and get your
money back.
et Sidelo
P*    CIGAR       v
LILY Size, 4 for 50c
CLUB HOUSE Size,     6 for SOc
Made from selected Havana Leaf
For sale at first-class cigar stores
McLeod, Nolan & Co., London, Ontario, Canada


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