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Cranbrook Herald Aug 2, 1917

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HELP       TO      WIN      THE      WAR
Cruulirook Makes Qood Sltowinjj—23 Out of 25 Successful
Adu II. It row ii Heads I isi wilh 7.% Murks
t'nnilireiiik Ontl'i..
umlliliili's. I ;
Nini.l.,t  nt  cnndldnu-a.   it;   imunl.l    *>'■» ' "f ennillilotpi.. una. 0,
33:     AUn II. Drnwn, 7SH- Ivy Didder, Jliirysvllli'.
787i   Irani  I.   Wanl. 700;  Mnrlmi I' Nutulior of ramllilutos, I. |en»«ieil. I.
MnoKlnnon, OHO; IStlitli tl. V. uiIukh, MnelBci M   Korr, 507,
880; .1. Ilugaell l,ra«k, us;,; Helen e
Wiinli'ii, 886; Mar) Mann. 1180; llugl
,Sitll|tMHl,   lisn;   Ani-i,.   I   liaei-.   li'ai    	
Harold D, llimlnin, 013; Vlotol alni|i Moyle.
mill, oui; Clifford i< si,,.I. e;in. Iran,. Nnmlier of ciinillilntcs. 2; paused, I:
v. Doooh, oil;  hla i:  Jolinnon, 503; Kallilnon M Homo, 677.
James t'UHsiily. 501; Oordon M Taylor, ,Vuslli
Number nf cnmlldnlea, I; passed, 0.
Prlvnte Bchool;
Ulnc lliliviiril,
Number ot cnndldalos, 3; passed ■'■■
Furl. Steele. ]li]ris |(.   , | -._,„.  Xm.,]|(  ,   pownaji.
Number ot candidates, 3; passed, 3.  OSS; P, Muriel Walllngor, 680.
Agnes M. Walsh, 070; Klla M. v. Foil-      Private  study   Number  or  candi-
wick, 693; Nora M. Brnmlor, 571. dates, ■:-. poBsed, 0,
670; Graco M. Doris, 606; Croasloy VI.
Taylor, 664; .1. Milo llniiiiin.niil. 561 ;
Howard C. Armstrong, r,r,n
Non-municipal schools:
Voncouvor, B, C, July 27.—Following tbe1 iijein.intiiie.nl Thursday of WH.
Hum Moxivell us chairman of tbe land
sottlament board, tho executive coun.
ell tblfl morning nnnie'd tbe remaining
tour iiiiiiiliir.s; Duncan Monro, Terra,,., r, f. representing the northern
Interior; Charles Hi",*iaiilil Ward of
I'ranln k, civil engineer, eastern Interior; Mill rn.. II. Neleme of Clillll-
woclt, Proser Valley mnl e-emsi mainland, mnl John A Macdonald, Insurance agont, Nnnnlmo, Vancouver Is-
Innd Willi the exception eif Mr. Ward
all mombora of tho board hnve been
formerly engaged In tlie* agricultural
Industry.    Dully News.
Fcrnie. B. C, July 20.- Eleven men
;ire known to hnve perished inui u
mimber nre missing in n rire thnt
Bwepl the Spruce river vnlley, 115 miles
northeast ot here Saturday afternoon,
Sixty odd men and about 20 tenuis
were trapped in camp 14 of the Klk
Lumber Company, which te situated In ,
ii blind vnlley und their flight over the
mountains was most difficult.
Eleven bodies have been picked up
In the renr of the flre and the terrible ,
agony tlie men endured is shown by
their contorted features. Nick Mus-
covlch, a Russian, wns found alive, bis
eyes burned sightless and alums! demented. His body was severely burned and all liis clothing was gone, except his boots, bul after being given
first aid be recovered and urged the
rescuers to leave him and help men he
knew to be beyond him. With assistance be walked to thi emergency
hospital and was later brought to
Fernie, where bis death is hourly expected.
Many of thoso on reaching points
of safety were found to be temporarily
demented from shock.
Millions of Feet of logs, the lot-ping
railroad and the hush camp buildings
together with equipment, horses and
supplies an* n total loss.
Ten Fnlalllic*. I.owesl Britaif*.
Ten fatnlillios is tbe lowe i estlmaf
The fire is now considered chocked
by the heavy showers lhal  toll  last
night, but ii tb. wind rl   - lhe blnxe
will be revived.
The lin* had been burning mum*
Wednesdn) In -1" vii Inllj ul tlie Klk
Lumber Comimn) imps mid aftet
destroying two ol I u low i i amps
was Saturda)  morning, after n  two*
dny flRlit. well in hand nnd n rther
damage wn ■ thoui hi 11 »b ih      V it
lu nn bour niie i relax ng 1
tho almosl  axliau ted    fin     Igbtei
were  rciiutre.l tu  .'■   |   n :  lo nn  tlu I
alarm,  but   Ihcj   wem   iwwerli  ~   to
even appro.i. h the    ,.    ul    a   I     thi
dying ember*  ui i        im er fin
beau   fiinncii   lij   ,i   hurl li anc   n hleh
a ruse.
Doctors ami relief |iarll< wren di
patched al onti lo i h rone but tholr
efforts wen' prui th nil) una1
tbey wore unable In approach tu an
offoctlve ilistnnn the fin zone The
escape of the majoril) ni I In men was
The third annual Flower Show nnd
Exhibition of Women's Work, under '
the auspices of the Cranbrook Women's Institute will take place on
Tuesday. August 21st, ul tbo Parish
Hall. The object of the show is to
encourage the cultivation of the soil, i
and to foster every branch of house- |
bold arts calculated to increase tbo I
happiness of home life, The Director-!
ate of the Institute are sparing no
pains to make the evenl an imqualt- '
fled success and a record number of i
entries for exhibition is looked for. ]
No lady may compete without being
a member of the Institute but by pay. \
inn a fep of 50 cents she may he en- '
rolled as a regular member and at ,
once be privileged to enter any exhibit    til    the   VnriOUS    classes.      The
show will be formally opened at '■• p.m, P
and there wil! be vocal nnd Instrumental items of mint!; and tea, caffee,|
cake, candy and Ice cr<".m Will ht* on I
sale in the assembly room. As the ,
entire proceeds over expenses are
being devoted to Patriotic needs It is,
hoped tbe citizens generally will respond to the efforts of thi ladles and
boost the W. 1. Full particulars Of
entries of exhibits may be obtained
from the Secretary, Mrs .' W. Hurton'
All entries must be the wort, of the
exhibitors and any articli having
taken a prise at any former time will
not be allowed to compete Two
special "\v ir time" i ntrl ■ m ■■ being
arranged ror where (ll n 1st and
2nd prise of $1 and RtV will be given
for the besl pair of hnud knitted
neks suitable for the soldier* and 1*2)
s tsi and 2nd prl to id ti 25c for
the best oconomii sl "v n limi" i uke
coal and rei Ipo of *amo lo be gh si at
Mine of entry, Tbe i ondltti n govern-
[Continued oi
lYin.e, U, i'. ,hii\ 2!i Two more
I odli s hi i -ni !■■ d i ml re* ■ gnltion li
Impo islbli  were tnki n dow n from tiie
cciic   ol'   tie    Kile    1.innbei    Company;
rire ot Snturdai snd vs k Mnscovitch,
who displayed unusual bravi ry follow.
Ing the fire dying tndny, ui no* fix.
ml the known dead at 11 Tl rarl ti
tllrertlons talc n by the t igltives from
tin* tin |mn made II dlffli nit ta t net h
up tho sun Ivoi -   It I* known thai K6'
men were trapped and ■" are nc nf
ed ror, but ii will he   nine llnu before
ib.* fiimI result Is known.
li is with very sincere regret that
wo have to announce the death of so
prominent nnd valued a citizen as Sell)
W. Ityckmaii, wlilch took place in Victoria on Wednesday evening according
to advices received here yesterday.
Mr. Kyckman has been ailing since
Die early part of the winter when bis
life was seriously threatened by n
severe attack upon the heart.
Rallying somewhat with the warmer
weather he and his wife left about one
month ngo on a trip to tlie coast where
it was hoped that he would regain
some nf his former strength. At
first it was thought that this end was
to be pained as on arrival at Victoria
in* Immediately found bis breathing
much improved, The respite has been I
very short lived, however, and on
Wednesday evening last he passed
away having almost reached the allotted space of n man's life on earth.
In the passing of Mr, Ryekman. this
community suffers a severe loss, and
loses one of ihose men in whose hearts
the history aud welfare of the city
was enshrined as u very precious
Having spent the mosl of his life in
tlie cltj of Water down, Ontario, where
he followed the business of painter
and decorator he beard the call of the
west some sixteen years ago nnd came
lh Cranbrook and'imineflintely started
work With the C, P. R. at his own line
of business.
He thus becomes one nf the pioneer
citizens of this district and nny who
hav.' been associated with him
In either early nr hitler days will
only remember him as ,i man
of honor and integrity; a mnn
who loved his home, who revered
1 Is     Cod.     who     worked     for     tbe
i burch and the community and
who could always be relied upon to
give his support to anything that wns
calculated to advance the interests of
hla fellow men.
He wns one of the few men in life
whose strength of character and at-
Irnctivencss nf disposition enabled bim
t > return to the home from whence he
had taken his wife, in order to find
another companion when tbe first had
been taken from his side
Mr Kyckman was firsl mnrrled to
Miss Crosby of Burlington, Ontario, to
whom there was born two sons. Warren, who Is now a medical practitioner
in Hamilton, and Kred. who is a successful farmer in Saskatchewan As
Intimated at the decease of his first I
wife 'i'i' sister look ber plaee and she
has l n through the years tbey hare
h en spared to each other a faithful
nnd devoted wife nnd n very efficient
The sincere sympathy of The
Herald Is extended to (he bereaved
h Ifo and Ihe sorrowing relatives.
I'l III H     MU'TIVO    I UI.KR    FOR
\H.I NT 111)
Yie Ilo Nut Held Oipgehea KtspoR*
-ible fur Opinion* i:\pn*<.*.*?*l
iiy   Correspondents
The Kditor. Crnuhmok Herald;
Hear Sir- In tho Nelson News nf the
80th there appeared un Item stating I
the crops on St Marys Prairie are in
bad condition and "a good deal of It '
has already been so badly dried up I
that Un- cattle have been turned ln."
Tills    statement, like   many more
which appear iu the Cranbrook Items
published in the News is, to suy thej
least of it. not founded on fact.
The  crops  bave  suffered  from  hot I
winds and gophers but taking them on
nn average they wlll be vastly better
than those In Alberta and Saskatchewan.
A good motto Tor the News correspondent would be "If you can't boost
nt least tell tlie facts."
Yours truly.
K. R Beattie.
Famous Soprano at Chautauqua,
Olive McCormick Soloist With Chautauqua
■T     MmT   ^1
m ]  1
K.   f»:^l
Hi    >£■■
a^H                             1      •
ONK of tlie rarest treniH among the
musical attractions at our Ohau-
a>tai)i'UH will be Olive MeCur-
mick, noted coloratura soprano, who
sings with tbe Chautauqua Orchestra. MIhh McCormick stngi the most
dtflii uU nop r« nu role* with suryrUlng
■M*   Hft fun* lft tlw musical wort*
Ilrst became -widespread with her flrst
three triumphant ciiitaftementJi as soloist with the Pittsburgh Hympbony
Orchestra. •
Buch artist* as OUvn UcUormlok up*
on tha Chautauqua platform posiesa
amatol ao4 atacattwwl nlnaa taBD«fr I
Tho following letter lias been reined by Mayor I'lapp and In acenrd-
.'ice with lho requeat in the gnme o
IMhlic Meeting Is called for Saturday
iftor i. Miguat lib In tho City Hail.
Sir I have ihe honor, by direction.
. i acquaint you that tlie Honorable lho
ivuiiicr Is in receipt of n letter from
tight Honorable the Prime .Minister.
!u which Sir Robert Borden refers to
meetings being held on the *»th of
Viigusl h.**' year in various parts of
tho country to commemorate the anniversary of the Declaration of War.
in I remarks that this was in accord
nnce with a similar movement n the
United Kingdom and elsewhere
throughout the Emplro, nnd tbat it i;f
ropi ied to repeat this celebration nn
•lie Ith i f tVuguBt next.
Tl o Central Cninm'ttee for National
Patriotic Organ inn tlon s in London has
Ii mod ;■ notice on tho subject eon-
"lulnu tbe text of n rosolitton which
I ! bu [gen'ed ollould be moved at all
" tings, namely:-—
"Tli * oi tb's nnnlvorsnry of the
tlrctar.illon of a righteous war this
menting of tho eltlisenn nf Hranbrooli
record    Iti   Inflexible  determination
ImjHrlf*) In mnlntennnen nf those
ideals or Mhcrty and Justice which
ere the (ntiiiiinn ntld sacred cntlSQ or
the  Allies,"
A Onmriboll Reddle,
Oepulv I'rnvluclal Hecretnry.
The Kditor, Cranbrook Herald.,
Dear Sir.—At the public meeting
culled some time ago for the purpose
of discussing conscription the time
when our men come home wns frequently alluded to. The question crossed my mind as to what "coming
home" really meant to many of these,
men. The canopy of heaven and the
parti) beneath with even an overpowering welcome at tbe station do
not mnke "home."
('ranbrook and tlte surrounding
country has sent a largo number
In proportion to population. And
from where do these men conic? The
mining and lumber camps, tbe isolated
claim In the hills, and tlm lonely bach.
elnr homestead have contributed not
a few.
Many of these men. born with the
wandering font, have lost all connection with their own kin iu the cast or
the old country or at least have lost
all sympathy with the more conventional life. Right or wrong they will
come back to the mountain province.
What to do with these men when they
return confronts British Columbia
to a greater extent than any other
province unless it be New Ontario.
For the very ill there will be hospital service a plenty, and for tlie
si mi-invalid the sanitarium; but the
man with little education and less
money, who has mude his living with
bis hands, where ir, ho tn find a home?
Would it nnt be wise to think and
prepare for these men in some wny
that tbey may keep their sense nf
independence and as far ns possible n
wholesome view of nre.
Cnuld not Cranhrook have something nf r, home ready for these men
when they come. 1 do nnt mean a
barracks or an "institution." but a
headquarters as near a home ns It
can be made wltll living well within
the veterans Income. One of my earliest recollections is of two old men
sitting by the fire "owapplng" stories
of is:!?.    One  wns my  grandfather.
Let this home hnve a large assembly
room, with a big open flre. substantial homelike furniture, plenty of
books and papers and a grumapbone,
Thougli tho bedrooms may necessarily
be small, but sn that nny man who
needs it mny find a place of his very
own. nt a price well within his means.
l,"t the cuisine be good and homelike
and above all provide u tar.teful cheerful woman with a knowledge nf nurri-
Ing ns Mntron. Let these men gn nut
and get n week's work or a mnr.th's
work and be encouraged to do so: but
tiiere will be times when all nf these
men will hnve nerves thnt will rebel
nt the outrages they received "somewhere In France." Tt Is then these
must feel thnt they have some place
to go
And In f> unlet cornet of this home
let there be n tablet In memory of
those, wbo directly from Frnncc have
cone to tbe "Better Home."
",\ Canadian Woman"
WHAT    A    FOX    HINT    IS    1.1 hF.
Those people who have n'-ver had
the pleasure of parilcipntlng in a fox
hunt as It is staged by the society
folk, win have u splendid opportunity
or seeing just what snch a hunt Is
I like when they see "The Whip" at
; the Auditorium. August ii and 7tb..A
lu ibis production one of tbe big
scenes shows a fox hunt in full cry.
Thu manner In which the horses take
the fences and streams, the wny iu
which the dogs dash after their quarry
and the beauty Of the hunting C08-
tumos worn by the hunters, add much
to the Intense interest of the plciiire
This hunt, by the wry. is an actual
one. Maurice Tourneur, wbo directed
"The Whip" decided that the only
way to secure the desired realism lu
this part of the production was b*
taking the real thine, Inslead nr stag*
In u Bpeclal hunt for the occasion.
So permission was secured tn film the
annual event of one of the most famous hunt clubs In the country and
the result Ik a vivid and Vital part ol
this tremendously entertaining feu*
The Kev. Hillis Wright, pastor of
Knox Presbyterian Church left on
Thurcday noon to prepare summer
quarters at Proctor. B, C. where -Mrs.
Wright will join bim to-morrow and
together spend their vacation there
during the month of August. During
the pastor's absence tbe congregation
of Knox Church will unite with the
congregation of The Methodist Church
the services being held almost alternately in the Methodist church und
Knox Church. Rev, Thos. Keyworth,
pastor nf the Methodist Church will
officiate at the Union Services.
The arrangement as planned ls as
Sunday, August nth, morning--.No
Kvening- Service ln Methodist
August 12th, 11 a.m.-Knox Church.
739 p.m.—Methodist church.
August 19th, morning—No service.
7.SO p.m.—Knox Church.
August '.'.''h 11 a.m. —Methodist
V.3f p.m —Km x Church.
P*W^»' m*V^ ■a-W^'*' a* ■ ***—*- -m
I        nnn/ii  i    BRITISH COLUMBIA
iCeri-In-d hy Mrs, J. Yi. Hurton, Secretary of Women'* lu*.tilute   Acknowledgement  of parcels.
Eastbourne, Sussex, July 8,
Dear Mrs, Hurton,—Will you be so
good as to convey to the Women's InsUtute nt ('ranbrook. my very grateful
thanks for their kindness in sending
me the parcel which arrived here
yesterday in excellent order.
I may say that the articles contained
were shared among a ward-full of I
patients and were greatly appreciated
by them, especially the Canadian tobacco which is unobtainable on this
Yours faithfully.
Donald Leslie, (Sergt. Cun. Engineers)
France, June 21, 11*17,
Hear Madam. Many thanks for
yonr parcel which I received today.
It Is real good and kind of you folks
nt home to think about us fellows out
here. Aa you all know a fellow is
tickled to deatli to get a parcel out
here and then when he has enjoyed
the contents of it he blesses them for
sending it as It reminds him of the
good old town und the happy days he
spent there, but never mind we're
winning and the end is in sight, at
least, so they tell me, but 1 think it's
like one of those eclipses we read
about, "not visible to the naked eye."
Of course "Fritz" will grab a few
more of us before they speak tbe glad
word "peace" as there nre sure to be
some hard feelings between tlie Hun
and ouralves before that happy day
and a few more trenches to be taken
from him. However, as we say in
good old Canada, "we should worry.*'j
But say it's pretty grim work at
times but there's that old silver lining nnd if my luck holds and the silver lining lasts long enough for mc
tn get one of my feet on the platform
in Cranbrook. well, they can start
another wnr. but - nuff said; I don't
see many of tbe boys out here ns
there are very few of ',om with tbe
7th. Well. I must close, again thanking you nil for your nice parcel whicli
yon know was enjoyed nnd hoping to
see all my Cranbrook friends ere this
year dies. With every good wish to
you nll nnd the good old tnwn.
Sincerely yours.
(1   J.  Jeffrey.
A meeting of tlie Cranbrook t"liau
taiifiua Association wus held in tin
City Hull on Tuesday evening al which I
there was a good attendance. The
work of organisation wns completed
and the following committee were up-
Advertisement Committee; tl. ,1
Spreull, Chairman; W. A. Nisbet, W. .1
Atchison, Jos. Ryan, F. M. MacPherson
It. E. Howard, I, ll. Manning. W. li.
Wilson, Unlit, McCreery, H. White, \\\
D. Gllroy. Ticket Committee: N. A.
Wallinger, Chalman; Judge Thompson,
Robt, McCreery, F. (J. Rutley, F. S.
Robson, V. M. MacPherson, W. D. Gil-
ruy, W. J. Manley, H. J. Reed, T, It.
Caven, I, R. Manning, B. E. Howard.
E, II. McPhee. II. White. (Jround-1
Committee: W. K. Worden, Chairman;
A. A. MacKinnon. Lester Clapp. W. A.
Nisbet. E, H. McPhee. H. White, B. K.
Howard, W. O. (lilroy. Entertainment
Committee: W, II. Wilson, Chairman;
Dr. P. w. Green, A. 0, Harshaw, Dr.
G. E. U MacKinnon, II. White. B K
Howard, W D. Gllroy.
Afler which lhe meeting adjourned
until Tuesday evening August 7th nt
!» o'clock, In the City Hall. A full attendance Is requested in order in mnke
nur Chautauqua a RUeeaifl.
We havc been very fortunate
in securing a number of Men's
Suits pTruffco!!!ffi0iul! 8-17 low the
present market, and are able to
put on Sale extra special values.
This lot consists of good worsteds and tweeds well tailored,
best linings and trimmings and
correct in style at
$15, $17, $18, $20, $22.
Ladies Hats at $2.50
This week we will sell any
trimmed hat on our tables at
$2.50. These are all this summers styles and at this low
price will not last long.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
Qvk stiffs*..  ,t\fs,m   ,r\f,ss  il\f**s  ,iff,msssmrlJfmmSs   i*)fsm  '<|ft«
Imperial Fruit Saline
A e'eeoling anei Refreshing Drink, very egreeable tre the taste,
and nnexcellPfl for sick headatfi.-. Indigestion, <.ea sickness.
Hive, Prickly Heat. Fever anel Rheumatism,
Regular$1.00,  SATURDAYOXLT,  SOc perBottle
Violet & Rose Talcum Powder,   reg 25c. per Hn
SATURDAY HM.I   *.• for iii*
Preftcrlntlnns a Speclnltjr.
i're.Di|.l Sfrtlr.. Our Meillei,
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
Vi. 1. ATCHISON, Manager.
AUGUST 6tk & 7th
The Pinnacle of  Perfection in
Melo-Dramrtic Motion Pictures
A Mighty and Elaborate Thriller
With   300   Impressive   Scenes
Same Show. Same Effects as staged
to record business ever done at the
Orphium Theatre, Vancouver.
PRICES-25c, 50c, 75c PAGE TWO
ffc iin* offering for  llii**
Per lli.ilic
i tin* s.ic
Always een lianil to fill your
don't ("iiei't Hinl "i' handle u
full Ihu* Iii t'OOKKlt lll'.ATS
riKiNi: io
P. BURNS & c0.
mnl should be rognrded in that lii.lit.
If ynu a 'l'ii.I notice mt outbreah at
l.ny time, in)t;fy thu nearest Kin*
Warden iM unco ami gel In touch with
tin District Forester at Craubrook,
w-licn the flre nl once wlll be looked
Jl.  6R1CC
Hours 6 a.in. lee S p.m.
Din ne
* X Short Orders
blu Prices
Tilt: i'i im
Table   for   Ladies.
It mny be thnt ymir eyes an*
bocomlng weak and you are
afraid to acknowledge it. Thai
is thn way *-'•'' a good many
people, both old and young. Tin*
young, particularly, seem afraid
io admit their failing sight, but
It is no novelty nowadays nnd
cortulnly no disgrace. We will
remedy any defective eyeslehl
ami guarantee satisfaction. Delays urn dangerous, come to-day.
nn: nuMintn'k imt ami
iHKfHMl    Hit lly    by    Tlie    Crniililoi'lt
duralil. Mnilleil.
II. A. Kny, Mniia*;i*r.
M.   A.   Healc,  Secretary   nml   llilltar
Ulili     NHHim l.lil'i;    ON     Tin;
.\'n cne understands the general war
situation better than Lord Northcllfte.
The following is taken trom a speech
he tiia.lt* in New York recently. The
conditions he defines apply aa well to
this country as to the States:
"Every man with a pen in liis hand
ami n printing press near by can do
pal riot it- Bervlco to his country by
■awakening his people to the fnct thai
tliis war Is just beginning and thai
machine, and, what is equally Important, overy gnllnn ot gasolene, wlll bi
needed in order tn bring the wnr t,
a successful end, it i only by the ab
solutu mobilization of man-power am!
machine-power thai tin* war can Ix
preme Court to cancel a will leaving
tho Testator's wife, lm: hand or family
unprovided for,
In istis. The Succosaloii Act, ensures a fair division between widow,
widower und family,
In 1S!)S.-Tin' Divorce Laws mado
equal between thc sexes,
iu 1905.- Adoption of Children
legally regulated,
In 1805. Protection of Children
Acl prevents Baby-farming.
In 1905.-   Maternity Homes Act.
In 1908.* Maintenance Act for wives
and families.
In 1010. Destitute Persons Act pro.
vides for tlit* maintenance of relative!:.
In 1910. Inalienable Annuities Acl
ensures special maintenance for defective and Invalid children.
Wo do nol necessarily advocate nil
the foregoing tm-Jasmvs. In some
cases our  present  legislation covers
Hie situation nnd in others tbo Xew 	
Zealand laws would ho inapplicable I occupying tlie line thirty yards ahead
\\'e name them to Illustrate tho typo of us. That Indistinct ridge of mud
of legislation resulting from Hn- wo- Is our objective; there is to be mi
man's Influouce ' hesitation; uo inking covor or halting
Wo hav.* named only 11 legislative In frlondly nil ell craters, and no fall-
Acts; if space permitted wo could ex-1 uro,   The reglmonl lias never failed In
tTlie 'Pall Mall daaette,' London.)
Tiiere is a moment when dreams
eome Into the faces of men; when
sell'-cniuiuiiniou is something more
than u phrase; and when, for once,
the ideal seems nearer than the real.
That ia before the most momentous
order that can be given: 'Time's up,
boys!   Over with yon!'
I am it platoon commander; I have
just left company heudquarters' dun-
out after a pow wow. nd my watch
has ibeen synchronivd by brigade
First, there are the sergeant nnd
junior X. *'. O.'s to bo told. Kven now
the shell flro Is warmish. Tlie orders
are concise enough, At 12,30 noon wo
are io mount the parapet simultaneously  with  the first  wave, who are
Meets   every
Monday night
       at Fraternity
Hall.      Sojourning    Oddfellows
cordially invited.
K. II. McPhee       W  C, Adlard
Secy. N. G,
Cnuiliniiik, 11. C, August '.'ml. 1917
Cruiilirouk, II. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Frateruity Hall
II. C. Carr, C. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. R. & S.
P. O. Box 522
Visiting  brethren  cordially Invited to atteud,
Food conditions in Canada are becoming serious. The need of the hour
is well expressed by Stephen Leacock,
Professor of Economics, McOill University, who writes thnt; "The key to
the situation, as far as we ran unlock
it, lies in individual thrift, ami individual sacrifice. Every man, today,
was consumes any article or employs
any service not absolutely necessary,
aims a blow at his country. Save
every cent. Live plainly. Give up
every non-essential. Hise early, work
liiird. and content yourself with a bnre
living. The man who does this, if he
uses the saved money properly, is doing war work for liis country. Bill
ho must use his savings properly
Tiiat is the whole essence of the
ovi:i:si;as cJjUB
Meets in Maple Hall second
Tuesday of every month at 8
p, m. IH
Membership open to British
Visiting m ■mtiern cordially
E. Y. Brake,        J. F. Lower,
President. Secretary
Meets In the
Parish Hall
flrst Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
g at :i ii.m.
' Pres., Mrs. W.
B.   McFarlane.
Secy, Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. O. Box 621.
All ladies cordially invited.
Licensed by Prov. Government.
Special attontlon given to Nervous and Rheumatism cases by
Violet Hay Treatment
Build up the system and
steady the nerves through Electric Vibration, Internal Exercise
Violet Hay and Ozone, a perfectly natural process.
Through tlie action of the Minister
d Agriculture. The Honorable Martin
Burrell, arrangements liave been made
to have tbe Canadian Hankers' Association co-operate w'th the Department of Agriculture in providing a
liberal sum of money to be offered in
prizes for calves and pigs exhibited
by boys or girts under 17 yenrs of age.
ttt county or township fairs.
Theso competitions are known sa
the "Canadian Bankers' Competitions.''
Mid are linked up with the activities i.i
the Live Stock Branch of the Dominion
Department of Agriculture They
repre. ent an i .'fo; t to iiirr<Ms .■
interest in live stock and constlluto
a part of the active campaign for more
and better stock Inaugurated ami carried on by The Honorable Mr. Burrell
through bis Department. Tlie generous support accorded to the movement
by the Canadian Bonkers" Association,
affords a practical demonstration of
tbe altitude of the banks towards the
live stock industry, and the active participation of the Association In this
eampairii lfl bound to strengthen ami
create general Interest in farm live
Canadian Bunkers' Competitions will
be held at a large number of shows
this year, and boys and girls should
lose no time In finding out all ahout
(hem. The calves and pigs must be
Ud at o "it six w> k*j by the boys rn'i
►'iris win :*xUbit tli-m. so I mt ll Is
very Important to act prompty in securing a copy nf the rules and other
Full information regarding the competitions can be obtained from the
manager of any branch bunk In the
locality where a full fair Is held.
thnl ai Ihis moment
Beeni   remote   from   mobilisation   for
war wil! sooner nr Inter In* called.upon to do iheir part. In Europe, for
example, one oi' tin* largest corset
factories is now turning out very delicate pieces or machinery needed in the
construction of aeroplanes.
The war, wllldl Ims proved tlie efficacy of motor transport to an almost incredible degree, will make a
tremendous drain upon tho automobile
industry of your country. The great
bulk of the automobile outpul will
have io lie concentrated on trucks.
Automobile factories will Inevitably
he commandeered for the manufacture of aeroplane construction general ly.
In tlie aeroplane lies one great hope
of Allied victory.   The war has taught
thai tin* aeroplane engine of the
spring may lie almost useful for actual
righting next autumn, so rapidly are
developments produced iiy lhe fierce
competition of war.
When America h:is gol her full
stride iu the war, as surely she will
iiet it. it will In* found lhal there wilt
he a tremendous demand for chauffeurs. England today has nearly 100.-
000 motor trucks in Prance, anil i:*.
constantly sending more. Every one
of tiiese trucks must lie manned by
■i skilled driver. If skilled chauffeurs
ran be sent tti operate your trucks, it
will be possible to release an equal
number of men Eor the fighting lines.
It will mean tho end of Joy-riding.
England stopped this favorite outdoor sport a good while ago. and I
am sure that when America wakes up
to tin* tremendous realization of what
this war means .-he will du likewise.
I have a strong conviction that with
pence will come a close federation of
the nations who are now fighting tin1
great tight for freedom. It will be
tlie only insurance against ihe autocracy that made this war possible and
against the horrors that ttie armies
af the autocrat have perpetrated ou
innocent noncombntauts, Tlie world
must lie mude free for democracy.
.i.nii II t.. BI nip till 1912). Of thai
 iiln r L''i directly concern Hie welfare of Infant and child life. If health
.tad education of tin* child is the basis
<>i ihe nation's future, whicli obviously
:i is, have mil the women been work-
lug al the true foundation?
Tlm male politicians think instinctively of mines, lands and forests, of
railroad contracts (and graft). Good
fm* him; these mutters demand attention. Hut the woman thinks of the
child and licr problem is how to produce tlie hest child. Prom tho child
tier interest is led to the home and
tiie school; and thenco to problems of
industry and labor, The circle of her
interests expands; it embraces mines.
lands and forests and railroads ultimately.    Mnl the child Is the centre
nnythitta '■ has set out to achieve, and
it mUBl not fall now. The X. c. o.'s
listen quietly and without demonstration, Each returns to his unit, and
one and all of us settle down on the
floor of the trench to wait for the passing of Hn* odtl two bourn which must
clupse before we learn what 'going
over the top' means.
It is the longest two hum's I liave
ever known. At last 1 get stiffly to
my feet and realize a little of my
tiredness. We have spent tlie previous
rour days and nights strengthening
onr position, digging, digging, digging.
for no attack is ever made from
a   weak position.
Our clothes are muddy, and torn.
Our beards have grown their own
sweet way for a week. Our eyes are
tiie eyes of men who hive slept littl
and other tilings fall into place.    Ali
through, she puts firrt the things that j and  seen  much.   .   .
the man puts last. j    Five mlnutos more,
It is the fact of ihis antipodal dif-1     'Pass  the  word  down  lo  fix  buy
ference of interest between the male, nels.*   The man next to me Is looking
and female politician that will make] at something in a silver locket.   There
"Electric blasting
saves money'
a farmer writes us. "It
cuts down the quantity
of powder required and
the stumps come out cleaner when 1 fire the
charges by pushing clown the handle of your electric blasting machine. 1 have found that whether
1 fire with a battery or with fuse and cap,
WOMAN    LN   THK   XKff    ACJE
illy VV. H. Bridge)
(.This is the first of a scries nf
articles dealing with the Influenc-j of
enfranchised women In other coun
Evil conditions, economic and moral,
are in the nature of things transient;
nature is always finding a solution
Thank heaven the toices of nature are
nil on tin* side of the dean and decent,
nil tbe misery under tin* sun result
from minis purblind neglect of Ids oh
ligations to nature.
Woman in ihe New Age Is going to
lm une of mil are's ureal remedial for
ces; she is going to bring to the fort
aud boost, certain qualities of human I
nature, certain principles of action,
whicli tlie masculine tendency i>- to
it Impossible for women to fall into
existing partizan groups. Kono of
tlie Acts we have named can be label,
led as peculiarly Liberal, Conservative
or Socialist. Our subsequent study
of the effects of womens work tn other
countries will emphasize tills same
fact. The waman's point of view when
it is developed and emancipated will
he essentially imti-pnrtlzali.
We do not believe tliat the now vote
will lie a sex vote; nor will ft he ;; new
party vote. It will be a penetration
into existing parties of a new spirit
and outlook. The influence of the
women in the party associations will
lie thnt of a leaven leavi iiing the lump.
Tlie trouble is these 'lumps' don't vtoll
to be leavened!
The Influence of our women in
politics will depend entirely upon their
independence, whether tliey are partl-
znn or non-purtizan, nnd upon their
vision of the things that may he.
Mr. Joseph Martin wants to return
to Canada. ,ioe is evidently looking
for a scrap and wants to he iu it.
is a curious lull in tbe firing.
Four minutes—three minutes,
1 catch sight of my sergeant, and
our eyes meet. There Is a good deal
in our exchange of glances. Me is a
grizzled Mons veteran, and I am only
a young subaltern iu my first attack.
Mis gaze is very full of meaning, I am
to prove myself. Kvery man In the
I platoon looks nt me. My heart
one minute more.
The world breaks into hideous clamour. Behind us something like '2nd
guns roar in one mighty chorus for
onr protection. 1 clamber on the para,
pel, and. miles down the line, otlier
officers, junior and senior, stand ns I
stand, for one second, nakedly conspicuous.
'Up with you, hoys!    At 'em!'
The advance begins.
We go in long, Btraight lines at a
curiously steady llttle dogtrot. In
ihe air is hell and confusion. Shrill
screaming and ear-splitting explosions
of our shrapnel barrage, sickening,
ponderous crunch of (ierman II. K.
flying splinters, smoke, and everything thai beggars description, l
find   myself   getting   peculiarly   an-
To waste food is a habit.   To waste
food in the face of a sever* food short- 	
age is a crime.   Cultivate tlie habit of [ noyed because two of my men are in
economy as tin* supply of food  may j advance  of  their  fellows.
win or lose tlie war.
To postpone tlie enforcement of con.
script ion   until   the   general   election
would     menu   the    postponement   ofj other fifty yards    Tlie din increases
necessary re-inforcements for at least | It i* unimaginable;  it Is staggering
six months longer.
I shout at them.
As well shout to the moon.
One nf them falls -queerly.
We are nearly tiiere;   perhaps mi-
tine feels nt the same time helplessly
  . ilwarred. hopelessly subdued .  .  . and
Tht Provincial Qovemmeai on July |tUo noxt ■ ,ont *»»rcmely watted
Hth paid $428,000 on account of ,„J Men are now railing (aster.  The wave
terest on Bonds of the Pacific (ireat
Eastern Railway Compnny guaranteed
by tlu* Province.
Referring   to   co
itor   Bostock says:
crlptlon,   Sen*
■It    would    be
Cbe Wasa fiotel
Hunting and Fishing
UNlonist Investment eo.Dd
Tlie forest flro situation is one
wlilch every good citizen should
thoughtfully consider, At this time
when fires nro raging in nll directions  a   passing   thought   Is  given   to
Alto immense damage that is being
wrought, nnd the lives tliat are bolng
lost, but consideration it; seldom given
to lae fact Dint Ihe greater number of
these devastating tlroa nn* preventable. Statistics show that few fires
start from iiunntural causes, practically all being traced to noffllg-meo
on the part nf some careless Individual, Fishermen, smokers, campers,
travellers, nnd berry plcktfrs, etc.,
are responsible for a high percentage
of our fires. Many more are traceable
to this source than are set by our
combined railway systems,
All binning permits hnve been cancelled and no further permits will be
issued until further notice, nnd now
; thnt the flre danger from this source
hns  been   removed   it  remains  with
I those persons who have cause to use
fire In any form for domestic reasons
1 to exercise the utmost en re in eon-
trolling snme and to carefully extinguish their flre before tbey leave It.
Smokers particularly should never
consider throwing away a burning
match, cigar, or cignrotto stub in the
bush, along country roadfl, or any
plnco where combustible matter can
be found until all resemblance of flre
is carefully put out.
Forenl fire loss la absolute loss both
tn thr community nnd tn the Individual
ot men preceding us is getting thin
and we ore quickly gaining on tbem.
Soon we are amongst them, and as
one mass we charge into the Qerman
first line trench. Por a moment pandemonium.    Then  tilings clear    up.
....... ********mn. ,    n .These   Hoehes  lire  bllt-claSSCd -   con-
\Ve lmvo all the Ingredients we need  ;'08iruble to «dhpre t(1 "«» Sp.rlt of b   ^ BUner,orIty U1U, .....
Democracy .   Hoes the Senator imply j ^..^ RjfIefl ^ (,mvn
that the . uitmi States nre uot adhering,^,      , |jft(l(1     ^        ,.
to the spirit or nomocracy? ... ,
tlon is captured
We pause tn take breath,    My ser-
Brltlsh   Columbia's  manufacturing  gBfinli m|mi8 htg stc,0| hnt an(* witn ,,
I    An examination of what women lmvo j interests are growing as witness tin* j (il,(l|) j,,.,.,,!,.*, ncros8 liis cheek, runs up.
dono In other countries will convince contrac! for machinery lo bc Installed  nmi  p,  hip bin tins .yes l  read np-
the sceptical of what is possible here; ; ■ »•*■ building In the Province, let . ,iroV;M     lie explains what bus been
mid incidentally give a lead to the ' to Itritl.-di Columbia Manufacturers hy happening on our right 'And. sir.'he
women of Crnnbrook who nro already tlm Imperial Munitions Hoard. W*» ■ ,,„,,,„._ • • wouldn't ba* missed this ror
in  arms. j hope In sec lhe day when shipbuilding | mimmnt.1
for a tiptop decent and permanent civilization, but the mixture is wrong.
Our new cook will bring her own
recipes and we may hope for a little
less sour dough in polltl,
with  Now  55c-
is one ot tin* grenl Industrie
f t^''      1 find myself slapping him ou the
^^^^^^^^^^ ' buck.
Digging, digging, digging   Trenches
Tlie re-election of Winston Spencer] reversed, dropoi  strengthened,    it
i-    getting   dark       Surely   nn   order
was more grntofully obeyed than that
order to stop work,    I post sentries
lone my little bit of fronl, and sink
l,e|     us    commel ^^^^^^^
Tin*  enfranchisement   was  granted
| to women in New /eal I in 1803    We _-._——_——_——_——_——_
give a brier nummary of tl ■■ leglsln ! Churchill us a member nf the British
tlon Initiated under lho women's In-   Hohm of commons by n majority of
fluonce Up t'j 1010: over  5,000   votes  shows that   the   old
In  1S04     \ Legitimation Act, pro- country people vant every ounce of
tectlng tho rights of llllgltlmnte child- onorgy directed towards winning tho I down  011  lho  son  earth,  perfectly
ren,  and  legitimising them  on  lho war nnd the onorgy of \V, S. C. Is pro- weary,   Xonr me Ib n llttlo group of
mar-hue of their parent a. j verbial and will soon bo fell as Minis-j tt.mindod Oern b,    One is groaning
In  1;...   The Family Homes pro-  lor of Munitions. miserably   Tho shell flro has dropped
tectlon Act, secures homos and pre- again, and tho calm seems wonderful.
vents their sab* for mortgage or debt, 1    ^ o, f(mifl( ^ ^ j All Ihe rapid events of the pas. few
Testators   Family j    , ,,     ,..„,...; hours must in* imps
lu    189S.   Thc
Main tenon.
Act, empowers  thi
C When using n
/ ■ ..mistfs.'X.
tw.      rJLrit'riti iv ""Awn /J
preventative causes mnl the majority
f preventative causes nre the thought* \
lessness of campers and trnv- j
oilers, A little hit of careles-*.- j
ness: a little bit of laziness; resulting I
, In Inconceivable Buffering and lo.-' nl
valuable lives aim property.    Many a '
mnn I1* serving penal servitude for a j    \n
1 lesser crime,
And then my sergeant brings me tin
dt of missing.
'Make way for lbr
stretcher  hear-
Who Is Hint?
Maul, it      . "ir   npcknn lif's done
!    Llfo Insurance, is growing in prosperity,   as  the  companies  uli   report
more business thnn ever before   tills | pR QeVAN'S FltENCH PILLS i),L
when  so ninny men are out or thfl gnlatlug WU for WutUfn, cm box or three "fo"
pnuntrv    nl    Hin   Wnr      Tlio   Wnr    In'*1''*   ."''•lil «t nil Unu i*t<«tii. nr nulle.1 t<i *nj*
counirj   at   me  war.     1 no   \\nr  is £,,•„.,..,,.„-,.,.„■,,■..• ,„!,.,..  th* m«n .li. nm-u
bringing   home the   uncertainty of cn-iS*."*"* '
Corporal .1      , sir,   i.ett lung and
And so on, fnr Into the night.
II is the price we psy
earthly life, and the necessity for
Tar more effective Thnn Sticky Ply , thinking abend In providing for do-
Catchers. Chan lolnmlle, Bold by I pendents, and Jtllt lo this extent It I*
Iiruauistomil(J«w, 1 a-.v<rywhero.     I ,,rnv(„K „ blessing.
lurnii'N, lmini
Vllalllvifor  KeefVI" Snil JlTSlni IttrlT'aea.a "Kre).
in.itt.e   ,1 Pnnlc ttllllieellit jisn up, u sleofi.nn
IWO Ine >e at ilnig lleera, ... I,v mail on rrcli'L
,(,.,,. rllal fJtiutRl.1 i.al.. I'l. Ml IfclfaarlllMa,
goes further and docs bette
stumping powders."
Giant Stumping Powder—made
has been used for years by tbe lead
Many of tbem tried other makes'
that Giant ejets the stumps out
cleaner and cheaper. 1 f you are
not already usingGiantStumping
Powder, specify Giant the next
time you need explosives.
Have you "•y7l ll0VeJn't'
j J{\\ write (or it today.
OW DOOR? Itcomains44illus-
trationsof tht* most
effective methods eef blasting, li shows
how to do many kinds of farm work in
the cheapest, easiest way. Mail the
coupon or a post card.
work than ordinary
in Canada for 32 years—
ing farmers in this section.
ut their tests liave shown
Free Book
nil (Until Slumping I'
Incitetl in the subject
liked X;
which t hie
] Stump Bin tin*
O Boulder Blading
, 1 Read Making
:    Tree Bed Blaitinii
■ i Ditch Blailinit
□ Mining—Quarry inn
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Office,, Piueeltiiig aad Ketlnlng Department
H SI 131, I U It S   A N II   It II r I N 1*1 11 S
Corporation of   the   City   of   Cranhrook
Notice of lax Sale
ici pa I Act" aud Amending Arts, and o
cil of thp ('nrnoraHoD of the City nf r
February, lfln. I win an Monday, tli
I'itv Time, (being nine o'clock
thf Municipal Bulldlnff, Norbury
bia, odor for sale by Public Am
nud real property, situate within th
the City of t'ranbrook. and herelnnfte
nnbsequcnt taxes In arrears, remain
notation of the i'ity of Cranbrook, h
hereinafter reflectively s*»t forth, p.nd
mission nr. provided by the "Mnn'c!
total amount due be not sooner pain.
iirsiiiuit to the provisions of tin* "Mud-
f a resolution of tho Municipal Coun*
ranbrook passed on tlie 12th day of
p 20tll day of AugiiBt 1917 at 1" o'clock
Coast Time), in the forenoon nl
Avenne, Cranhrook. British Colum-
tion, the lands. Improvements
e Municipality of the Corporation of
r set forth, tor delinquent tnxes and
inn unpaid and payable to tbo Corey the persons or assessed owners
fnr Interest, coats, expenses, and com-
mil Act" nnd Amending Acts, If thn
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Thos. M. ilohprts. Collr.'lnr,
Dated nt Cranbrook, B. C, this 19th day of July. 1917.
Tlie Corporation of the City of Cranbrook are ready to receive Information
from any source, that any person having an interest in any of the lands advertised herein is entitled to protection under the "War Relief Act." Any
person huvlng such knowledge is requested to communicate, l» writing, witli
the Clerk, or Assessor nr Collector at the City Kail, Cranhrook, B. V.
pi i i
>'innv iii* Ae*«f.*i<*il Per*iiiii«
lliirnleiirilt. Jl. J	
Ileelile- (i Blwell * H. It Moalry
Carson, M. K	
Smith. W. .1	
Pollock, W	
Fi'imi.sse.y, J, .1. A A	
linker. I*'  nnil II. II. I.iiui.l!
Illtclile, <:•■!>	
Mntln'Hiin. 1*	
I'riinlinmk Oo/ngo t'n., Ull. .
MnrKiiwii. lv  	
Sinn Vlch   	
I,™, John 	
l.e'i. John 	
»•'.. 1
Mel'ellllini IMntr ill .1. (1   ....
Hi'   Wiilt.   A	
8 111
18, 8 !
McNnbb M, & CartwrlRhl w
SO, ni
Itfaycook. s. .1	
MoDermot, A  I	
Triple.   II.    II	
Solirnmm, \v. o  	
Ile'i'k. K	
I.pftsk. M. K	
HnwiiPieee lv Mnlleeeson  	
Slmieieein. K. P	
pt, 16
Illl. lllll1
3 1;:,
i;i 4;,
<::i 06
1 ';'*
13 ' 5
11 ta
4'. 10
1 1,
.   .    :,
.'.7 .' ,
:: >,.",
41 III
:: 711
,, 05
Ini 06
V 06
:' 06
h:i em
rn in
61.1 •
•17 in
1; 1:,
4 16
4 711
68 R6
61 75
Mill 411
118 81
:i 46
■1 85
:: 00
li:,; On
ll nn
1 20
IS 2'1
S in
126 70
8 28
IIS. 2n
7 HO
2S Ml
nn*, 30
83 46
:14s 1 r,
3.e:7 86
77 05
"7 60
6 no
3 36
51 III
in* fi m
2ns nn
10 no
809 411
3 00
23 "0
4 40
141 »n
8 16
:: 17.011
17 SI
334 86
CO 35
50 SO
3 00
23 30
74 00
6 76
27 16
3060 THURSDAY, AUGUST 2 ,1917
Railroad Men
Just .received a nice assortment
in* Goggles, priced from 50 cents
to #:i.dO. Railroad men more
than Motorists aire nnu feeling
the need of goggles for pi'iilec-
fluu tvltll Hie wind shield, the
rallnuid inun hus none, I'rotecl
your eyes with a real good pnlr
of our goggles, Tlle) ure lnsiijr<
ance iignlns! inline Eye Irotiblcs
W. H. Wilson
tin., or tn 11 \
Kilby frames pictures.
WU: Win. Speers of ivy, Out. is visiting his son, D. J. Speers.
Wo   use    nothing   but   the   best
materials in our repairs ^t the Star.
Mrs.  Klmpton  ;iud  sou   Vaughn
Windermere are vlsltlug In town.
I. *'. It. E.
The regular monthly meeting of
Farmers' Institute will be held
Saturday) August llth, n t2.30 p.m
We are carrying a full line of boots
and   Bhoes,-    Cruiibrnnlt
Armstrong Avo.
Can yoei think of any reason why
ihere should not bc one In your
home? ,
.Mr. Arthur  Blroli  toll  \Vo(lno»dn
in Moobq Jaw.
ISxnort iiluiin mnl org
Imlrinu ami regulating,
nliana 311, P, 0. llnx r,
The Annual Cr&nbrook Women'**
nsUtute Rower Show will le,e held at
he I'urisli Hall on Tuesday, August
i-i. from 3 inn. i" I a.m. Further
ariiiiilar- next week. Note the dat,-.
lie lime mnl the place
A. I'iiiIi..
Mlsa Wanda
[ urn snoillllng i
mil Mr.
MIsk Lauretta Armstrong left o
Wednesday for (.Ireat r'nlls, Mont, !
spend a mnntli evttli frle'tuls.
Mrs. A. Heed and Mies I Dro Hli
are spending a week with Mrs. Wood
man nt Qreen Uny.
Mrs. Rutledge nnd daughtor .le'ie
keft on Wednesday for Portlaud, On.
where they will stay for senile time.
Mr. Joseph Jackson, lhe popular
i' r. It. Conductor, accompanied uy
Mi Jackson and two daughters, Lillian atul Hazel, left for Spokane ten
Monday wliere they will visit for a
short Lime,
Uev. Father Murphy, Professor at
St. Augustln's College, N,.ee Weslmtn.
star, wlm 1ms heen apiieeinted to sne'-
ceed Father McQuiro us pastor of Kt.
Mary's Church, arrived lu the city lust
1 week I" assume his new Unties.
The 1. ii. le K gratefully aiknnw-
ledge the following donations received
during the month, Inr tli,- flannelette
j fund:
Per Mrs. .1. S, Brake—Mr. T. Hole,
erts, 25c; A Friend, 50c; Mrs. Dupont,
10c; Miss Klmpton, liec; Miss Symes.
10c; Mr*, ft. Black, in,:: Mr. H. Cooper
.'.,, ; Mrs. I. Johnson, ,(0c; Mrs. R. P.
Johnson, 30e; Mrs. F K. Morris, 10c;
Total, $i.3d Pit Leonard Burton—
Jimmie Logan, 25c; Mrs. Carter, 20e;
Mrs. Bartholomew, 25c; Marjorie Bur.
ton, 1"'': Mali Fong, 25c; Leouard
Hurton. 25c; Total, $1.11 Per Miss
Alexander, 11.80; .Mrs. cherrington.
BOc; Miss Cherrington, 20c; Total,
J2.00. Per Mrs E. Paterson. J1.00;
lir. Miles. 26c; Mr« Miles. 50c; Mrs.
MacPherson, 11; Mrs Attridge. r,0e;
Mrs A. H. McDonald, $:'; Mrs. Xlshet,
|t; Mrs. (ire. ii. J4: Miss F. Clark,
25c; Total. 113 ■''" l'"i' Mrs. Survls—
Mrs a, B. Willi.-, ine; Mrs. Cameron,
on Hi,
Agt, W. P. Doran, I'rniilirwk Exchange
Repairs; done while
Star.   We linrry.
yon wait, at. the
Mr. and Mrs. I.. Ollroy, .Mrs. .1. I..
Palmer ami Mrs. .1. Woodman and
family are all camping nl Oreen Hay
for several weeks.
I), E. Garden Party held
tory lawn last Thursday
was a great success finan-
nnd otherwise. A good musical
programme evas rondered ley tlie hest,
local talent.    Tlie sum realized wus ■
St*. W. I.. Wright, Mr:'. Wright mid
Mr. J. R. i'. Evans are visiting Mrs.
K. II. SIcPheo this week. Mr. Wright
is Professor nf SIr.sic In Brandon College and Mr. Kvans. Principal of the
Academy and Professor nf Science and
Matlletuaties  iu  the same  Institute.
26c; Mrs. Ii. Campbell, 26c; Mrs
Roy, -*.<'. Mrs, ll W. Johnson
, Total. $1.35. Mrs Sheppard, ft
: Manley, r,0e; Mrs. Balment, 60c
Ilnrsliuw, 60c;  Mrs. Curd, 50e;
Askey. 26c; Mrs   Haley. 26c; Mi
Parkin, $-'.
Tin- donations fur Prisoners
Mrs.  Jackson,  2i
26c;   Miss   llewar.
2.-,, : Airs. Worden.
50c;   -Mrs.   Harshov
Hrid,•.  60c;   Mrs.  'I
Mrs. II. White. BOc;
:,(ie; Mrs. sheppard
J. s.
ie; Mrs. Binning,
25c; Mrs. Irfask,
60c; Mrs. Manley.
;. 60c; Mrs. Me-
'   J.   Hrown.  BOe:
Mrs. MacKinnon.
fl; total. ff,.i",0.
The season i'or Pregelrring
Apricots in nun nn and Ihe
greeners advise Ilutt the crop Is
all sold. .We expect tlie tialunce
of nur order lo reach us aheeiil
Monday, August III lu
The price Is *J.i»l per crate.
Gel your order In enH).
Little & Atchison
Phone I
> In llie  ISth  August-Six
nf Heal  Enjoyment
Mrs. J. c. Macgfegor nnd children,    Mr. I* <>. Burling of the Geological
You Are Invited
to drop in and
have our Mr.
Haynes demonstrate
Price $12.00
Hardware A Mill Supplies
Cranbrook     -     H.C.
of Sicamoua, are on ji visit for tliree
weeks to tier sister. Mrs. J. Kemball of
We are carrying a full hue of boots
ind shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,' I
Armstrong Ave.
Miss Maeleod is now showing on up
to date line ol' Sport Hals in felts in
all the new shades; also a urea' reduction iu summer goods.
i   the
-epartment, Ottawa, arriv
•ity   from   Wlndermore   last
,   Mr. Hurling was one of lir. | n
s party ut Hie time the It
vned in the Kootenay rivci
'ormere   about   tliree   weeks
Tlie Ladies' Aid or Hi..
Church will hold a Cookci
Afternoon Tea on Saturda;
August UTtth. in tin* Gym.
V Siilr and
Tlie Baptist Mission Circle will be
held at tlie home ef Mrs. J. S. Taylor
on Thursday afternoon, August Hth at
:t o'clock.
A snap! Comfortable ."> roomed cottage on Durirk Avenue for sale Price
$350—ear.y terms worth $70.i Apply to Beale & Elwell.
Miss Orma McNabb of Calgary, who.
has been visiting friends here for the
paBl few weeks, returned to hor
home on Tuesday.
Little Davenport
•MEALS \ i  vii. not its
ini,.   in iiie i. i). tifier
lhe Show.
Mr. Charles Ward lefl on
Mondav   ,",*l"
for Victoria  in  connection
ivlth  Iti-   Ther
appointment  re th,- Farmer!
,' Credll   "P»ti
.1   W
Special tlii* week for cash
Apples,  once
Wagnor anf)  Roman  Reality,
(2    per   eeilBB
leox.   iltes   for   '.'f,  cents,   i'i
anbrook   welce
Trading fn
A Lethbridge party consisting of Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Bawden and daughter*.
Helen and Edith and Mi. and Mis. V.
E, Spoonor and their two dailglltors,
Freda ami Phyllis ami Mrs. M. K
Svan arrived in their motor ears on
Thursday and after visiting friends in
tlie city for a day started on their
return journey on Friday.
.Mrs H. M .**Uark ami young son of
Sandpoint. Idaho, who have been visiting at thf home of Mrs. Stark'■
grand parents, Mr. and .Mrs. Sunt
Brewer of Fairmont Springs, for
several weeks, arrived iu the city on
Wednesday via the Kootenay Central.
They were joined here by Mr. Sta.'l:
win*,  arrivil  from   Spoki.ue the sam>*
The regular monthly meeting of
it* Women's Institute vill take place
; th.* lY.risi! Hall on Tuesday after-
August 7. commencing at 3.30
will hi* a demonstration on
o Flour Sponge fake" by Mr.-.
spence and \ musical program,
cements in part for the Confer
i September will be made ami
ggestlons, written or verbal, will lull by  the offieers and direct-
SVMM'SIS   OF   COAX   minim;
itn.i i.uiovs
Coal mining rights or ihe Dominion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan ami'
Alberta, th.' Vukon Territory, the1
North West Territories and in a por-
lion of the Province of British Columbia, may tv Ions. 'I for a torm of
i years renewable for a fur-1
Mis. A. S Oliver and :..is*. Oliver of
Spokane arrived in tlu* city on Wednesday and left today ou the Kootenay
t'eutrul "fast mail" tor Invermere.
Mr I' l.und of Lethbridge, who was
formerly president of tlie t'rows Nest
I'ass Lumbor i'o, at Wardner, is visiting friends in the ti'y this week,
Mr. P E Allowaj of Calgary, representing thi* ijtnikiT Dats Company of
Saskatoon visited the .ity Friday last
in tin* Interests of his firm.
Hamilton,   our
er  had  a   .arrow  e
last week when he
no alti-Tiii1
must   be
person to
ther   term   of   21
nnal rental of $1 an aero
than L'.r.t.u neren will bc h
Application  for o  leae
math'   by   th.* applicant   hi	
tlm Agon! or Bub* Agon I of the dla-|
trlct In Which the rights appllod fori
in surveyed territory the land tnusi
be described by sectiouSi of legal subdivisions of sections, ami in uusurvey-
ed territory tin* tract applied for shall
bi> staked out by tin- applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $f> which will be
refunded if tho lights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output "f the mine at the ratt
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full <i mint iiy of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If tbe coal mining
rights nre not being operated such re-
turris should be furnished al. least once
a year.
The lease will include the coal mining rights only.
For f Ul information application
should be mado to the Secretary of
tbe Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.—Unauthorized publication ot
this advertisement wlll not be paid
*»• .   . r lltti
Mr L W McGllllvraj
the western ropresentalh
L, Nichols Company, UU.
was transacting business
lnsl Friday and Saturday.
if Calgary,
■ Of lhe J
.1' Toronto.
in  (lie city
Tin* ui'M regular meeting of Kus-
kanook Chapter, 1 0. D. v.. will be
held iu tbe Council Chamber on Friday afternoon August 10th at 3.30.
A full attendance in requested,
Hev. Father McQulre, who has been
pastor of Sl. Mary's Catholic Church
here for about the last year ami a
half, left last week for Kamloops to
which parish he has been transferred.
Miss Oladys Rice or Medicine Hat Is
visiting in town the guest of Miss
Delia Qresves, having motored in from
the Hat last week with Miss Oreaves
In her new Elgin ear.
Mr, \V. J Henry of Vancouver tin1
popular representative of C. Thompson and Rons.. Wholesale Specialties.
is transacting business In the city ami
District this week,
Beale A Blwoll have been instructed
by Mr. I. O. Baxter to se!! his property
on Norbury Avenue, consisting or a
two ntorlcd nine roomed residence
and two lets. Tl-..* house is fitted
with all modem conveniences) stern*
foundation. Largi* stable suitable for
garage. The price and terma are
exceptionally attractive. For further
particulars apply to lleuL* L bllwell.
i in the -..orns of his prlz.*
ppears from Information re.
it the hull charged Mr.
so suddenly that Ihere was
live hut to grab the bull by
Put unfortunately Mr. Ham-
mi slipped on one of the
horns ami he fell prostrnte on the
bull's head. Tin* enraged animal, who
probably thought he was being made
the dupe of a toreador's prank lost no
time in tossing his victim high in the
air atul landing him about twenty feet
away Mr Hamilton came down on
ih.* side of his head ami right shoulder ami was so seriously injured that
he could nol move and were it not
for the timely arrival of his faithful
dog   he   probably   would  have  been
gored to death. As it was the dog. by
harking and snapping nt tbe enraged
beast, kept him away from his master
until he had siilliciently escaped to
reach a placo of safety. We are pleas-
note lhat Mr Hamilton is abb
around in spite of his thWIIng
The press of the different cities on
the Chautautiua circuit speak emphatically iu praise or the excellence of
lhe programs offered hy this wonderful organization. Attention is directed
to the offerings appearing In tills issue. A moment's consideration will
convince anyone that something en
tirely oul of the ordinary is offered.
Even the '•get-Up" of the advertising
Iter is an evidence of Ihe thoroughness which seems to be the motto of
Chautauqua. There is snap, bite,
punch iu the stuff, and though people
may say that good wine nepds no advertising, still, one can p.ut more
drive into something wlilch really jus-
Hfies his praises, even in an advertisement, than he can Into the notice for
some humbug or sham.
It is a good sign when people come
around and ask on what syllable does
ihe accent fall iu tlie word Chautau
qua. For information's sake, It may
he said to be ou the second. The ori.
*:in of the word is In doubt. It is
from the Indian, and there is a Chautauqua Lake somewhere in the eastern states.
The Hawaiian Quartet is proving
smh a tiii with the public that Cranhrook has tn luolt out for an epidemic
' of ukeleles, This four syllable affair
is supposed to be tlw nutlonal Instrument of Hawaii and was only recently discovered. In the hands of an
ameteur it has nn equal as au apparatus of torture. It looks like a baby
■ guitar and appears to be innocent
enough. It has four strings—mostly
out of tune. The proper costume to
assume when playing the uke is a
shredded wheat kilt. Tlie performer
must be of tlie female sex to make a
proper Bensation. She then sings—
mostly out of tune like the uke—the
famous dirge of the old-time female
cannibals nr Hawaii. *'Vke-puke-dolli-
balH-foola." Some ameteurs learn tlie
whole o( one chord on the uke. A few
learn two. None learn more before
they die—and they die young, but not
too young for the peace of the community.
It may lu* well to point out tbat the
demand for season tickets for Chautautiua Is likely to be fur in excess of
the supply, it was stated last week
that these tickets would be available
mi the Sth instant, but as tbat date
falls on Wednesday, a half-holiday, it
was, decided that tbey be offered on
Thursday th" 9th Instant. They can
be obtained from \V. D. Ollroy at the
Telephone  nrf.ee.
Season tickets for the High School
pupils wlll cost but $l.f»0 and like
those made available for the Junior
Chnutauq'ua will be good for each of
the programs, morning afternoon and
I ouinUttee Decide on  Plan for Sol.
Mer  Sert lc men I   In   Canada
London, July Hi.—The final report
of the Umpire Committee for settlement of British soldiers aud sailors
on the land in Canada has just been
concluded. It is signed by Chairman Lord Tennyson and a majority
of the members of tin* committee,
including Col. It. Reid, Aiitmt-Oenera!
for Outarlo and Brute Walker. The
•report was Saturday presented by
Tennyson to the Colonial Secretary
for conHideratiou of the Imperial
Qovernment, Complete unanimity
prevailed in tlie adoption of the report, whicli it is understood has heen
slightly modified.
etl t.
to lu
Mr. Clmrles Archibald Seaton, Mln.
ing Engineer at the Sullivan Mine.
Kimberley. was united in marriage,
last week, at St. Saviour's Church.
Nelson, to Miss Ethel Fox, daughter of
Mr, Robt rt Fox of Rossland. The
nuptial ktiol was lied by Rev. F, K.
Graham. M1--.fi Ethel Fox, a very highly esteemed and popular young lady of
both Nelson and Rossland was at one
time District Supervisor of the B, C
Telephone Compnny for the Kootenay
District. Mr. and Mra. Seaton arrived
in Cranbroolt last Thursday and lift
will not suffer with sunburn or heat
rash If you uso Zam-Buk.
Tbe Superintendent of S.A.Frak
Air Camp at CI ark .son's, Ont., sa/a:
*' We always keep a supply of
Zam-Buk ut our Children's Camp.
We uso it constantly for sunburn.
Insect u'.lngs and bites, as well aa
for en's, bruises and sores, and believe there Is nothing to equal It."
Zam-Buk Is especially suitable f«
a child's tender skin, owing to tta
purity of composition. It contains
absolutely none of the coarse aat-
mal fat or harsh mineral draft
found In ordinary ointment*.
Al! dealers, 60c. bos.
Hie i
day f<
Ite tin
ir Klmberl y where Ih.
Ir futnr i home.
The "Lingerie Yoke" (winning num.
ber Sfl) not having been claimed, will
be drawn for again and tie winning
I number   published   as  soon  as  made
Tuesduy, July 24th, to i known.    This "yoku" was previously
As there e.re a nttmbei of cases of
Whooping cough In town and ln view
of the approach of school opening, it
is deemed advisable t" take some precaution against the spread of the
disease. Tlie School Board huve
therefore procured sufficient quantity
of vaccine to innoculate all tlie school
children of Craubrook. Drs. Green
and MacKinnon have offered to administer the vaccine treatment between tlie hours of ft and in a.m. only,
free of charge. Two injections at an
interval of 4 to .*> days are advised as
a preventative. Parents please take
notice and present your children at
the Doctors office to be treated nr-
H. White,
Chairman  of School  Boarod,
Pastor: Rev. Thos. Keyworth.
Services at 7,.10 p.m. pastor will
preach. This service will be the first
of the Union Services with The Presbyterian Church which will be conducted by Mr. Keyworth during Rev.
Hlllis Wright's absence. Kindly not*
no morning service.
Sunday School and Adult Class at I
3 p.m.
Don't Neglect
your stomach. Keep it strong
and well. When food disagrees with it, strengthen it with
Worth ■ Gmtnca ■ Bex
MMaaaaa(SHdalVah.t.Waaa an •Ulnar Sr.
Uiawnkan. hhwIiMa*.
Summer ChiNse*  In  Art and
V. locution
B.E., D. Sc.A.
Landscape painting in Oils taught in
25 lessons; Floral and Decorative Art .
In 15 lessons, $1.00 per lesson. Join a
class for cheap rates. Portruits painted, photos enlarged estimates given
on uny Art work required.
Klocutlon and Dramatic Act—Short
"ourse 2ft lessons. SOc per lesr.on.   Join
a class.
Leave  your address at   Herald  Oftlc ■
Mr, :in.! Mrs   Blthell, u mm.
ruffled at Fort Steele on July 4tb lait.
Notice nf Application
"Alice" Mineral Cltitn*.
"Gamble" Mineral Claim.
"Cannon" Mln.nl Cliti i.
"Edith" Mineral Claim
"l-ola Fractional" Mineral Claim.
"Bakke Fractional" Mii:eral Claim,
"Nellie Fractional" Mineral claim,
"Kltto Fractional" Mineral Claim.    '
"Cruickshank" Mineral Claim.
"March" Mineral Claltr.
"July" Mineral Claim,
"Waldfc" Mineral  claim.
Situate iu the Fort Steele Minim*
Division of Fast Koofnay District.
Where Located—On Sullivan Hill.
Kimberley   B. C.
Lawful Holder-The Consolidated
Mining ft Smelting Company of Canada, Limited
Number of the holder's Free Miner's
Certificate—A9S07-B.     .
Take notice that I J. K. Cram. Free
Miner's Certificate. !)9fill-B. acting a-,
agent for the Consolidated Minin/ A
Smelting Company of Canada, Limited.
Free Miner's Certificate. 9ftfift7-B, intend, at the end of sixty days from
the date hereof, tn apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Crants of the above Claims.
And further take notice that action
under Section 85 of the "Mineral Act"
must be commenced before tbe lisu-
ancn of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 16th dry of Julv. HH7
The Cdusolidated Mining * Smelting
Company of Canada, Limited
Per J. K  CraM. » It.
"'Itm: l\ CAXADA"
The 1917 Ford Touring Car
$495.00 j. o. b. Ford. Ont.
Vou pay loss for iliis car Imt It gives you more*
enjoyment, more mileage and longer service than
those which eosi 111 "ere*.
The louring ear gives Ihe uimosi in automobile value, pride of ownership and economy.
Buy :i 1'iird ihis year and save money.
$560.00 Cranbrook
Get Ready for the Fall Fair
The Purity Four Mills urc offering lhc following prizes
for lhe lies) linnet mnde iiiiiii their flour ul the Crnnhrook Fnlr:—
1st  I'rize i  II* Hi, sucks Puritj Flour
2nd   " I   »s ih.   ••       •• '     ••
:inl    "       I   III III.	
Ith   "       1   :'l III.	
Staple firnccrles. Uny, Grain, Feed, Fie*.
Ouice  hli..in- Wl
Ha-MtU-nce Ul'e
The World Moves and sodo We
City Transfer & Warehouse Co.
IV. B. WOBDEX, Proprietor
Agents ii.r the Famous Jlassey-Harris Machinery
l.iant Powder HfColl's Oils.
HIITOK   THK k     IL1VAVS    O*.    Tilt    JOll
He used a pebble to
keep his mouth moist—
gives us a wholesome, antiseptic, refreshing confection
to take the place of the cave
man's pebble.
We help teeth, breath, appetite,
digestion and deliriously soothe
mouth and throat with this welcome sweetmeat.
Chew it attar every meal
The  Flavour
ttlltli & SPREULL
Hurristors, Elc.
H. P. tiurd li. J. Spreull
Prs. Green <V MacKinnon
Physicians uml Surgeons
Office  at residence.  Armstrong
Forenoons   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons  I'.OO   o * 00
Evenings  7.30 to 8.30
Sundays  2.30 to 4.30
Illl. F. II. MILES
Office In HuilHien  Rluflt
9 to 12 a.m.
1 lo   6 p.m.
Licensed ley Provincial Qovt,
Maternity i.e.l tieneral Miusiag
Massage nnil Rest I'lirc. Highest
References,   fair   terms,   Apply
MRS. a. sai.mon. Matron.
Phone 2S9 p. 0  Box 846
Address.tlnnh'ii Ave., Cranbrook
Civil aud Mining Engineers
II. tl. Land Surveyor".
Day Plione 888, Night l'hme 89
Norbury Ave, next to City Hall
Montnnn HeslKun.nl
Meals nt til Hours
Cigars, Cigarettes and Candy
Opposite the Hunk of Commerce
if vou want, satisfaction
witli vour washing
• send it to
Snecial nrices for familv
Forwarding and Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge and UreeiiliUl Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlstrbutlon Cars a Specialty.
lira tins mill Transferring
Olven prompt attention
Phone 63
General Merchant
Employment Agent
P. O   Box 108 Phone 244
Tho Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction fiuaranteed
Headquarters for all kinds of
Iteeiel. Frame, Prop.
fresh llrenil. Cakes, Pies
uml I'.islry
Phone 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp City Hall
Spokane, Washington
Tli In ItouBtj Ima ihe
11 a 111 j y distinct Iou of It.--
lug   Uie  favorite  Bton-
jilllK   place   In   H|iokatH'
for tlie people of Brltlsii
Columbia Wn appreciate
illh patronage uml do
everything In our power
to mn ite you comfortable,
Our locution la excellent --
close to Oreat Northern Station
mnl O. W. R. ft N.—Milwaukee
terminal, ami wltlnn a minute's
walk from tlie principal buslnesH
Iiouhi'm and iilaces of umusement.
Nee HteaniNlilu  on   Hoot
Ij. van stavkken
TeacliiT of Pianoforte
Cranbrook, It. (. Box JW9
News of the Surrounding District
Messrs, Eric Johnson, A. Anderson,
J. Gustafson aud Mr. aud Mrs. Gub,
Jdluisun and children, of Kimberley,
have recently visited Mr. and Mrs
Johnson on the Hed Hock Ranch,
Mrs, James Ayers nud children left
here last week to reside iu Trail.
Mrs. Bothemley and children former
residents oi Moyie have returned to
remain In re. ' nian  01   i*'      sieete ont
Mr. and MrB D. McEncliern and town thia week for Ultl
children of Kimberley are spotullng ho hns^considerable mini)
their vacation here. ]     '-   t'rnne  o)   Kenilu. 1
The annual meeting of Dn* Moyle town this week and is
Liberal Association was h.dd Saturday the Central Hotel. Mr. Crane who Is
evening nnd elected: lion. President: , very optimistic ns to the yes *i "■•';•"
Hon Dr King; Prosident: John Tay- of the St. Marys district hns decided
lor; 1st Vice-President: Charles Fran- to take up residence hero and w,n
sen; 2nd Vice-President: E. J. Sylvea-   prospe-'
j \\\ Glfford. Manager of the Selkirk Mining Co., left this week tor
Spokane on Company business.
Miss EUn Ryekman, stenographer)
for the firm of Beale & Klwell. Cranbrook. i- spending her vacation at
the Central Hotel the guest of -Miss
Ketlte Hi i d ey
Duncan Dewnr, a promlnenl mining
man   of  Fori   Steele   missed   through
['reek whore
g property,
A Real Artist With Crayons
Marion Ballou Fisk Excels as Cartoonist and
•el ni
Wm. ll. Uiiril;
Executive  Committee:   Messrs.   Weir,
son, lleerne*. McFiirhini'. Clulniloil,
Clnl-don um'. Kelly.
\ iiicisi charming uml delightful fete
s given nn the nflornoon ot Friday
lay Mlsa Dora K. Boedecker on the
lawn nl hor cottnge home, l In- occasion being the lire's,nta: inn ot the
certificates ot the Koyal Academy o(
Music mnl llie Royal College of Music,
both of l.iinilnii. England, to tlie successful iniiiils In tlie Into specially
conducted local examinations, Fully
fifty persons were present uiul en-
Joyed the hospitality of the hostess.
In addition to enjoying tho llghl refreshments which were served many
of those present engaged In tennis.
In a few unlet well chosen words Mr.
It. Randolph Di une, i'. B., !•'. It. Q. S„
rninpliiiieiiti.il the scholars and tlie
teachers on their success in winning
the coveted rewards nnil followed Iiy
presenting to those who vecro present
the certificates whieh tiny luul earned.
This proceeding iieine* over three
cheers were called for Miss Boedecltor
und three for the pupils Those who
won rewards are; Miss Dorothy Tup- (]
ner. Arniuiiile Prnscr-Crerlo, May I „;.„,!,
Stnrlle. Arthur   Ponke,  Helen  8|eni*or.   Urs. .Tame
Mnry Turner, Irene Corby, Florence      Mr, Mat
Jack  Oldham,   Dorothy   McKny,  nml I [tPnr*
Marfan McKay.
Miss Adaml "I   Montreal  win
some lime past lias heen visiting
left last weelt for Winnipeg lo visit j """'
friends in Hint eity. | „„.„'"
Mr. Donald Adaml of Montreal win:
is also a v|sllor here* had tlle m'sfnr- ,     ^ „  p
tune to sprain his arm very soverely   Bn|m, ,,
by the hackflrlng of an automobile        „,. ,,„.m] „.
tllgelller   Willi   Lis   ,-l !   eo',1
Mr a. Evans.
James Watklns, nnd son
Monarch, Alta. puasoil thn
tills Weill I'll  runt,, for    '*•'
Hells Roaring Creek i"
uieui work en liis mtnerul e
Mr n Didder ami family
ivodo, li i'.. win, lu v,. I.,.,
wilh .Mrs Bllrn III,1.1 e* I'm
two weeks, returned home
nod is vlalt-
I .-tei   I ul,,-
Hev, Miss K.
Ernest Ridder nf lire,
lug wiih Ills mother m i
Mrs. Hundley, Miss 11
Itvelilllllli. Mrs Mellor. Mrs Jpnv
Messrs. B, mid II Hiildel*. sponl tl
week end nl Si  Marys I »itn
We regret the Consolidated Mlnlt
Coninnny ■ w ft tn remove the : ffl
staff te. the Sullivan Minn, n we In
in   Mr   Rnrdetl.  the  Compiiny's  i
coantnnt,  a   very 11111*11,'in   eitl'/p
Mr ll'iril'l! In. k ".11 active nnrl in :
"i'liti,",| ind social function*: w
nresldenl of the Conservative Assoc'
Hon since lillS: wns oriranlzoi 11'
nresldenl nf Hie Farm en,' Instltul
was secy-trens. of the School Rone
uml was always
capacity us .1. P
Mrs. Hnrdetl eve
Wo  wlsll  Ml'. Ill
Instrunio'ntnllsl hi
urnisli Hi,, nni'ie
. ul Was*, na Frith
MARION HAl.l.or FISK, 1 Inui iilll.v. has sel the slump of art high
tauilim's foretnnst lady ear* 1 above ihe accepted Ideas of mere
toonlst-lcctui'cr.cntertillner, Is ["chalk talkers." la her program here
in he mic nf tiie muny splendid nt-1 Mrs. Fisk will give ber famous crayon I
trne'tlnns to appear here during I'liau- illuslraleil lecture, "Kweer Knraelera
tiiii,|iai week. Mrs. Flsk's exceptional I've Known." Press comment has ev-
genius   with   ihe crayons  In  humor, crywbere set the seal of approval on
pathos and scenic spl lur. her kindly {her ability severally, as lecturer, artist
nf person j and eutei'tainer.
,i Tiiiiiii ASM.'At, I'l.dtVKii soon   Mirici: 111: MiiiJiAi.
H'iniiiiiiieil from pagi
log Hie soclt competition
Hint   ull
ilierty  of
Owing  tn   tin*   steadily  increasing
fn* 11
in lown F
,..,tn,l 11','
111,,   llrv
Mr. Conover nf Mi
mid .
ovor ul Kl
wlilch    lu
cranking  up.    Mr. | r,,,,nii,.
nlntnil.   Kl—•
, fnllnevs'     Mm    R   Ki
Adaml  lens hud ihe gratification  of t pitnlrmmi• V 1   .1   Dickson, si
learning Him he passed fourth in the ltn, ■ Mr0 n 1 ,„„iin w,s also •',
entrance examinations to Kingston ,„, 0|1 ,,,„ \,m,.a m„ \. llcltnr, audi
Roviil Military Collogo.   There were	
120 students who tried llu* examiill   |
tlon III Iili MITKS HV I IICII llllll
The logging train running hoU n | 2',;'l',','. ., .     ,	
Wardner and Mile 42 K. C. It. wns de-   the bargal   counter.
railed two und a half miles north of      >°'i  ™n  mil.   nnt    yen    tot gu
Wasa last Thursday.   The auxiliary  makes nnolso In >  month like
train from Oranbrook was called out im whistle, imt ynu utnl oral t. ■
and section men from Bull River, Fort  for scenery.    Its  not paradise, lm
«*">* '""   " VT °"  "'•'!     MrS.^Mn.'.'X-k'lln...-."..*	
scene a. ictp-: e.« and after •;. ■ •.. | r.|||lilv of ,,Vnii|, .,,.,, visiting wltl
labor the logger was raised on to the; Mr. -mil :Ur-\ Harry Edmunds, Tnnv
Iraelt and switched to a side traclt to   Cottaee, this week.
entries  will  become lhe prop
m   the Institute and will in* used to makt
up Christmas parcels lur Cranbroolt
j. : hity.s serving ut tli.' front. Exhibitors
(1 will furnish their own v\i>ul fnr this
f ovonl nnd a biimpi r erop ol suck* ir
,„ anticipated.
t.      Tin*  Instlfute arc awarding  prizes
in 1ht> vain.* of ?f'i0 uml valuable book
p   prizes 'vill in* donated hy tho l> part-
,r   menl of Agriculture,
ir. (lasses    for    Kxhlhitlon
., flass   i.   Fancy   Work.
ei      First Prize 50c, Second Prize -■'*
!L:mbs'c!der.v an whit: :';iieu, si"! ;    in-
High Sell.
attendance of tlie lower
few   things,
lisplayod eu
uitilnlond, and the Ideation of thr- Pro.
vinelnl Normal School nt Vancouver
in the centre oi congestion, tbe accomodation ;ii Dial school lins bo-
come overtaxed.
in view nf this, the Education Do-
partment hap deeioVil thnt for the next i
si ssinn and hereafter the Provincial ;
Normal School at Vancouver shall re- i
celvo   simiiMiis   from   the  Immediate.
vicinity of \':meouver. und from the
lower mainland as far east as Hope
on i!'.' main Hue of the Canudiau Pacific Hallway, with the proviso that the
"i. sitii*: .'in-   maximum nttendance at Hint school
broidery on  white linen, eyelet, pair  shall   inn   exceed   two   hundred  and
embroidered  towels. Milk embroidery   twenty-five   students.    Further,  that
i.n linen, embroidered afternoon tea-  all Btudents from  Vancouver Island.,
cloth,    embroidered    nfternoon    ten-l thesault  Islands, and  the mainland
cloth wiih crotchet, pair embroidered   ,.;,.-! 0f Hope shall attend the Prov-
pillow .ases, nlghtt^ess yoke in crot- \ lrin.nl Normal School at Victoria,
diet, corset cover yoke In  crotchet.!     U may be recalled that the travel-1
best   fancy   work  bag  (any variety),   ijm; rxpenses of all students attend-J
tatting   in   cotton,   embroidered   pin   [ng   both,   of  the   Provincial   Normal
cushion, embroidered tea cosey. paint. \ Schools an* pnld  hy  thc  Provincial
lng   on   material,   cross   stitch   em-   Government.
brotdercd article, display of crotchet Notice is hereby given thnt all
work It) wool. Firsl Prize ""«*. students who purpose attending Nor-
Socond Prize -""e. tlis: lay of < n i- j ni il School shall govern themselves
diet wort; It: cotton, d'spli y of' accordingly In making application tor
sofa   cushions   (not   less   thnn   ?•):   ndmisslon.    The next session of the'
Big Departments
at Your Service
St* stt
Furniture Department
Hugs,  l'niiiriiii.iiiii,   l.iiiieicuni.  i'liiiiiiii i'nion anil
I'ixlui'cs, ll<*i|s. Sprint's. MiiIIitsscs, SIiiiiIis.
(iii'li.iiis, lllii nkils. Quilts. Plln-vs, CnriH'i Stv.'t«|i|irs,
llusl Mops nml Oils, llnlij (nils nnil l'iui*iiii'i*s.
Iiirnilllle I'or tin* I'lifl.ir. I.eii. I,ii,ini! Illllllll, llinini;
Itnniil nnil Hid lim.in.
Ladies' Department
Hulls. Ilrcssies, ('mils. I'nrnisliiims. Shin's,
Slippors, TIiitikI nl' nil kinds. Dry (Inmls, Cliilil-
ion's ('(nils,   Uri'sscs.
..*    -at*
Men's Department
Suits,   (iinls.   Shoes,   Slippers,   Hills,   Cups.
I- u nil shin its. Trunks nnil Clips.
Tailoring Department
Where lhe besl suits in t'ittliMili are niiiili*.
allow the passenger train, whieh had
been hold up for fifteen hours, to pus*.
No passengers were injured.
Constable Walsh left here last
Thursday for Kamloops to take Win.
Ilustwick to the Provincial Old Man's
Home. Wm. Anderson js in churjre
during constable Walsh's absence,
Mrs. 10. Johnson and children are
visiting Mrs. Cretney of Sheep Creek.
Mrs. Johnson's sister.
It. I.. T. Oalbrnlth is out of town on
Indian business up north among tiie
John Kerrigan, an old-timer of Fort
Steele left here on Monday fnr tlte
Peace River District to take un land.
Sam Tate is going with Kerripati in
help look after the stock and to see
if tiiere is anything worth having Iti
land  nn  that  district.    .1.  Kerrigan
i*otn! prize SOc      Provincial  Normal  School opens on
icks.   NOTE: -\u   August 2nih. and all students are ro.
entries of tlw last mentioned exhibit   minded   that   application   should   be
If these notes an* brighter Mian us-; ***rst    ]}r\/,0    $\,    f
ual the reason can bo traced to lhe  «„*. linn(*| knitted
fuct that the regular editor of theo-*
notes is away fishing, but wait until ; , , ,      ,        ,*
he returns, ihe old fried ogg will have j become ihe property ol Hie Institute , made as early as possible According
something yon can tell your friends aml will he sent overseas for crnn- to regulr.tions tin* last day for re-
nhout.   At present he Is a sour dough ■ nrooj. i„,ys serving at th'- front. celvlng  applications  i«  August   Irtth.
disturber and flan lack manufacturer. , .„
Class II.    Flowers and Plants	
First Prize 50c  Second Prize 25c.      COMlO!UTIO.N   OF  THK   (MTV   OK
veet p.—   12 bloom*- ■ ' fi varieties.' ( IMMtltOOh
' fi varieties.
on of cut f-owt rs.
Mr. and Mrs. W 1.. Trnheme, Drue.
gist. Fernie, are registered at tin- Pon-
tilurs, Riverside Ave., this week.
Dr. and Mrs. Campbell, foremost Al-, M
berta. are camping in Canyon Park,   pansles, best colte
above the Falls. [asters, house plants, geraniums, (not
The forest fires have been very bad ! |ep8 ti,.,n  3), begonias, one or more.
south of the town and some started   ... ,    t„   ,*,,,.„_  regotai	
bv the tireai Northern Trains got ve--y ; '""■'^   P,ni'"-     "
ctosc tn in,vn    ii is the lonL'esi «i,,.ii   collection ol fi varioues.
over know,, line.,, ro wltbout rain,      Wlln flower., BOtUeren by children   been considerably reduce,) nnd.u.or.
Xfltfco t«i Uwrs of Wnter
wing to the great amount of water
now being used throughout the City,
due, no doubt, to the excessive bent.,
the water pressure at tlie hydrants has I
uud the sheepmen west of the town I ()t-  tj1(1   members  of the   institute
were getUng very anxious with fires ,     |(l(, ,    ,hc DG,inrt-
all arounti them, but the monotony : '
has been around Steele ami D'strtcl   broke Saturday night when the rain ' ment of Agriculture,
for nearly twenty years and has seen i cnniQ aown  \n n[ce  i,iR chunks, and       NOTE: '" addition to money prizes ,
Steele in Its busies, dnys the green  grass  is oner  more grow-   jn ,,,,, .,h„Ve events, hooks are being j
,! ami W. Hayes anil iinrty of West,   ing all round. ' Department of Agrl-'
port.   Fort   Steelo,   were  at   wnsn   ■»» ' .    lh
of water are requested to immediately
turn off all taps and lawn services
upon the Fire Alarm being sounded.
Cranhrook, H. C. July lflth 1!»17.
Thos. M, Roberts, City Clerk.
When Women are Weak
Women who feel weak, languid and depressed—
who look pale and dull-eyed, and have lost appetite and fresh looks—need a tonic that will
purify the blood, help the organs of digestion,
regulate the liver and bowels, and st lengthen
the system.   It long has been known that
are a blessing to weak women, for they quickly correct
womanly ailments, improve the appetite, purify the
blood and re-establish healthy conditions. They are
safe to take as they are purely vegetable and without
any harmful drug. A few doses will bring better
spirits, improved health and a feeling of fitness.
Worth a Guinea a Box
Pr*ptr*rJ out** by Thorn** Beechan*   St. Helen*, Lancashire, England.
Sold atrcrj wher* in Canada and U. S. America.   In box*™, 25 cent*.
if'*:* will Imij  #."i» kitchen  range.
Apply Herald Office, -S-tf.;
I tHt UVsS'V*   I amMietl room, mud.,
em.-—Apply   107   Armstrong  Avenue, j
VOU SALE   Two liahi draft mires,
ride or drive.   Apply \V. Henderson.;
Lumsden Avo, or box S27,       31-2t* j
0ECL NH0 $7,500 Sfl
FOK SAI.I*:--Two jieiine eviirk liors.
oa, iiIhi) yoiniK jemlilli' linrKi'.   Apply
Hernia Offlc-o. 2D-2i<
Flllt SAI.K luiliy ruri'liiui'. In Iiml
iIush condition, Apply Mm. Dcnnl-
roii, Plione 202. 27
WANTKII A ilrlvlnit hum
ilomocrot nnd bIiibIo hni*np«f
Peioi, Kimberley, Hi'
MASON    llllll    IHS! II  J'lAXO,   <ee*e|
'Intl. Iii splendid condition, ror nnlcli
sale $in.r>: anyone li.eeltlnf; for first
clnss tnsti'iinicnl fm* nbsolntn hnrgnln'
lirle1!*, nnu* is tlie clinnce.. Apply
Kilby, Armsirnnn Avenue.
culture, nml wlll be Blven ss "spoc-
Inls" of flowers, plnnts or vegctnblea
In iii.* sliow.
riss- in.   Culinary.
First Prize ".ni*. Second Prize* 2-r.e*.
Wleltc bread, '!■ lonvcs, whole wheal
bread, - lonves. bona, (1. ton biscuits.
,*, wblto layer enhe llcedl. slnRcr
cake, fruit cake, cooltlos, \i. tarts, ll.
elniifliieiils. i',. Ii'iiuiii pie. cnstnrd pie,
pumpkin pie, npple plo.
|.'ir--t Prize "So, Second Prize •"**
nollectlon nf preserved fruits it vnr-
letlns), pints or iniiirts. collection nf
lolly 11 vnrletlosl, pints nr quarts,
collection of pickles, il varieties'),
collection of canned vcuetnlilen. it
I'ir t Prize BOc, Soi I Prlzo 2:..*.
i:,-i sis oirss, butter (3 lbs or nun*.).
I esl "war Mine cake" wilh ensl nml
iiiikaii 1'Ann 1.0X0 rsEn
Hud's  Uml. .Xcnrly .Two  Tlininnnil
t ears
Allnnnr,   N'otherlands,   July   10.
Thc   brond   card, thnl   familiar European   prod id   of   lho   presem srenl
rlnsh   ot   nnltons,   I.   n
Thursday, Aug. 9th
Tliiirsclii) will lit* (' lm ii t ii ii< 11, i, Ticket Hi.)', line in' the Commit-
tee trill ci.ll on you ivilli VOI'lt Cliauluuiiuu Ticket. Novo ynur
money remly. The price is lHi..ill. (Inly u limited number nl'
tickets ut this price. Sinirle ml missions ninoiinl lo Hourly
Ihree limes the price of n seiison lickct. Children's lickcl $1,011
22 Big Attractions 22
nn: COMUS i'i.avdiis
nf:; Hutch professor. Or. M  Moll
who nsrorti Uml H wnn In use in
ie under tin- Rmperor AubiihIiis, lu
.,, r,.||.ii (,'hrlsl eras horn,
ir'covor, m,i only did Itoiuans line.
~UXI1 1*0.1 SAI,K-I,n. 4««7, 0r«„„ wealti, Ti Venslv^b'ualneT l"„!   ■
I, Kootenay District, contnlnlng GOB tereste, wlm has refused to accept   ..,
acres, located II miles west of I'ran-' "n*v mmiineratton whatever for his
 ,„i,    I,   (•       The     railroad   runs *ervlc,?a ■>» Oenerul Manager nf ll i,   *
 ""•  '    '       ""    '.'i""."!  runs r-nimdfaB  National Exhibition, pre-   ,:
Ihrougb ono corner of Ihe proporty. ferrlng io serve tbo public free of   w
The l.'iml inljiiiii.e Uiul on which the charge.   Ite is President of the To-
ICast    Konlennv    I umber Oomnnny's ''""i" Hoard nt Trade uiul has been
' ini.n. i on the Exhibition Board «lnoo IMS,   Ihclr bread enrds and their Oovorn
always Bhowlng a close Interest iu   necnl grain, n lorm thnl bus become
lho work.   He was President In nnj.    „ f.m||tar in  Holland, hut tlnveni-
»oll fnr JB.OO per ncre.   *l.nn per acre LL lho two boat yoars In tho history ,„„,   „,,,
,,,-,,,  | ii„. bal o In four ciu.il «■' H>o Inatltutlon.   Mr. K, ahead   ""'";   l"l'™*»il'">   In  nnclenl   Itome
i.i... inn uu   ininnco in innr oqimi 0, |( Toronto nnd   "vnlteil nn much dlacnntonl and Mc-
annual pry,,,,,,.- with Internal at ,v „ „,,„,.;, „,„, „„„„. ^K^    „„„,„„ ,„,,,„,. „ml lirmt, ,„„.,.„..
This Is a aplcndld cnttlo ranch.   Por enlernrlaon.   Long nnd , tinned III.
particulars apply tn P I.mnl. Box ini, ""'■"■'" midled Dr. orr, Mnnngoi
l.othhrldgn, Alia. ao-tr. ,l""' mi' iu ">** » '»»« ™i-
in iheir greal success, ''Carson
of Uu* North Woods", featuring
Jnnel Young, "Sweelheavl of
lhc Norlliwest."
Ailmlsslon Mic
Olive  McCormick,  coloratura
snpi'nno, soloist,
Admission *,1c
tiiuiii.i: ci,i:i'ti,rii
Pour Kii'ls I"  I wn I'liini'ii:; nl
mnlnily uml niirih.
Ailiiii.sioii olle
a wonderful closing concerl Ly
live glfled Hawaiians,
Admission 7,"ni
Snw .Mill Is locntcd.   This In excellent
grazing and agriculture land.    Will
nrs as hss be.
cm duvs
I tin
111 I'l,
August 13th to 18th


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