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Cranbrook Herald Dec 2, 1909

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NO. 42
An   Open   Letter   from   Santa   Claus
My Dear People:
As Christmas approaches I decided to take a run to the Kootenays and see how you were
provided for Xmas. After taking a good look at all the stores I decided to make Beattie & Atchison's
my headquarters again. As you know, I have been there now ever since Cranbrook started, and
am very glad they still make it possible for me to stay.
I find this year they have a better stock than ever, selected and collected from all parts of
the .world. The children are particularly well looked after; in fact, you can find something for everyone young and old. Now my advice to you is, go to BEATTIE & ATCHISON'S as quickly as
possible, make your selection while the stock is complete, and if you do not want it at once have
it delivered later.
Wishing you all a very Merry Xmas. SANTA      CLAUS*
*************** ******************
Kootenay Telephone Lines, Limited, May Fill
Requirement Next Spring
■0Vi 20.—Tlio question   of
will lie   Nelson or -'ran-
I mt will nexl
iccuro        the        bulk
ihe  Imsii ess  luiin   tin*     Crcs-
>i tlic   b'tBlnoBB from the Crcs-
Tlu* Following despatch   trom Cres
U)U to lhe Nelson NCW8 should tc-
eetvo i iu- early nnd serious attention
ot Ciiiiibiuok business men. It will
hv noted timt there i.s talk ol extending the telephone lint* from that
point either to Nelson or Craabrouk
mid it is a suit tiling Hint ilu: town
Unit geti 1'oiiinrtioii with Creston
nm will itraro largely In the raphl-
I) growlii| business o» that thriving
i* its ton,
whether it
Ih ool.
bulk ol tin-   L1'! Bin os a from tlm Cres
ton district is   now a local problem.
is   ii   h ivomont on toot   by
nn tlir \ ttsWe to raise sufll-
capltal in uonncct tho ranches
nlong Um Kootenay lake to lho
U rest on   district by telephone   which
would   n cot    with Nelson i»y     .1
long distance tolophone.     The t'rrs-
i..ti   Power,    Light  and   Telephone
, pany have already the matter In
hand nf building a line as far
Kmdronook, tho polos lot which
nlrcadj In place. Crostou has
..( business that is rapidly Increustng.
Thero are lnii.tmu acres ol fruit lind
in lho iniiueiliate vicinity of Civsion
nnd it is wiihln the scope of Nelson
lo secure all this trade if they tale
lbe matter Up nnd help to have this
extension of tho telephono system
nude. On I he other hand, it is
learned Uial capital In Cranbrook is
now investigating this matter nnd
there is yet a possibility that the
tirsl long distance telephone to penetrate the fertile Creston district
will eome from tlie prosperous city
nf Cranbrook.   It is, however, a fact
. lol
that   both     Nelson   and   Cranhrook
want the trade of this district and it
is simply a  question   ol first   come
first Borved.     If the line should     be
inn from   Nelson there are sufficient \
ranches on both sides of the Uie lo
pay good   Interest on tlie investment
alone without saving anything about j
the Immense nude that would he st*
ruled trom this district,     It is safe j
to sai  that  there will ho Some very
Important developments in thu mat-
tei before long.
Discussing    lhe above despatch Ml.
II. 15. Heattie, president ol the Kootenay Telephone Lines, Limited, with
headquarters In this city,
suid (lull the local company was
fullv alive to the situation. llis
companj Itad negotiated fnr the Crcslon tcleplionc system iu Mie spring,
bui no deal was consummated, as
tin- terms thon asked were exorbitant, in the meantime the Kootenay
Telephone Lines have been steadily
extending their system. Within the
next few days exchanges will i«« installed in Miehel ami llosmer and
connection will be complotod with the
Alberta lines. Early in the coming
s|n ni}; extension westerly will lie
made into Spokane nnd negotiations
will again be 0111-11111 up with tho
Creston people. It is obvious tliat
Cres toil's best interests will lie served by Connecting up With the Kootenay Telephone Lines, ns by so doing
thev will secure direct connection
with the markets ol Alberta. It
may he said thut the Kootenay
Telephone Lilies intend prosecuting
an active policy of development and
will not rest satisfied until connection is secured with Nelson aud all
points throughout southern Hrllish
Tho total vote polled In Crattbrocik
riding, us submitted by Returning
lidiccr A. Shandlln, was as follows:
Kor T. 1). Caven   '*[
for M. A. Macdonald   »"!
Kor .1. A. Fitch   1JS
•Spoilt ballots     »»
Tendered ballots "     »
Total ballots cast 	
For local option 	
Against local option ....
Spoilt for local option ..
Hcluscd for local option
Total against
Ottawa, Dec. 1.—Tho personnel of
llie new llritish Columbia court of
appeal bas been announced. Thc
new cotirt is composed of four judges,
Thoy are: .Indue A. Martin and
.Judge P. A. Irving, of thc present
supremo court of British Columbia;
W, Oalllhor, cx-M.P., and ,1. A. Mac
Donald, former leader of tho Mbcral
party in tlw province. Mr. Macdonald is named as chief justice. F. B. Orcgory, of
Victoria, and Dennis Murphy, of
Aslicrnft, aro appointed to replace
.Indues Martin and Irving on thc
supreme court bench.
A large aud Influential deputation
from tltt' Moral ami Social Roform
Council ot Canada waited on Sir
Wilfrid Laurier, Hon. A. U. Ayles-
worth, Hon. Charles Murphy ami
Hon. W. L. Mackenzie King, representing tbe government last Monday,
to urge the introduction of government legislation this session along
the lines of the petitions from all
ovor Canada now pouring into the
Commons praying tor amendments to
tho criminal code so as to make more
drastic and effective the law against
gambling and against adultery and
other soeial evils.
The deputation, whieh was introduced by Hon. H. IL Miller, M.P.
for South Qrey, presented its views
through Itev. Dr. Shearer, secretary
of the Council; Rev, Dr. Chown,
head of the moral and social reform
work of thc Methodist church; Rev.
Dr. Cameron, of Ottawa, nnd W. 12,
Haney, K.C, counsel for the council.
Thoy presented a draft form ol thc
desired legislation, which aimed at
making tlte business of pool-selling,
bookmaWng and gambling generally,
when carried ou as n business, ab-
solutclv illegal in any shape or form.
Sir Wilfrid, replying, stated that,
while the government was in full
sympathy with the general objects of
tlie deputation, still there were
manv aspects of the situation to   be
msldercd, ami before any definite
promise as to thc character and
scope of the legislation to he. introduced this session could he given, thc
government were in duty bound to
hear the views of the race track representatives who were now carrying
on a perfectly legitimate, nnd what
in many quarters was regarded as
proper and laudable form of sport.
Fernie, II. C, Dee. 1.—Since the
election, rumors are rife as to
wholesale repeating and personating
itt this riding. It is stated on good
authority that .lohn Harrington, the
Socialist candidate, is preparing to
contest this election and that he will
appear before the returning ollicer by
counsel and will make a thorough
examination of the returns from each
polling division of the district. It
is stated that one man voted at
Fernie, Coal Creek and Hosmer, and
Uiat well known men in Fernie arc
guilty of double voting. It is statetl
tbat the Socialist party is preparing
to unearth the whole affair and to
see that every man guilty ol violating the election' laws Is prosecuted
to the full extent of the law. Considerable monev was bet on the result and it Is now a.puzzling proposition to tho stake holders how to
Strolling! Strolling! Strolling
Miss Mamie Gillespie, who until
four weeks ago was employed iu the
glove department of a large Pittsburg department store is now on an
island off the North Carolina coast,
suffering from leprosy, and as a result every large employer of female
labor iu Pittsburg lias issued au
order that after the lirst of the
month employes must not wear false
hair in any form.
Until three months ago Miss Gillespie was head of tho glove department iu thu largest depart men t
store in Pittsburg. One day, about
that time, sbe went lo the false hair
department and purchased a switch.
Within two weeks after she Imd pur-
ihased the switch her body, from the
breast up, was- covered with a
malignant growth. Shu went to a
physician, Dr. L. M. Golden, and after numerous consultations with the
besl physicians in Pittsburg, he announced that she was suffering from
leprosy and that she would have
to be isolated. The young woman rebelled, declaring that she would not
be isolated until tho United States
government took a hand in the matter and traced tho switch to its
original owner, the same being human
After several weeks, the government reported that, the beautiful
blonde locks had eome from an island in the Caribbean Sea, where
the Cuban government semis its most
malignant leprosy patients, und that
there was hardly a single doubt but
that the young woman had contracted the disease from the switch she
had purchased in probably the most
representative department store ot
When seen today, Dr. Golden said:
"While 1 regret to make this statement, it is a fact that Miss Gillespie
has leprosy. She contracted il from
a false switch. So sure am I that
this is not the first ease of this kind
that 1 have notified mv patients
that in future they must not wear
false hair of any Hind-"
the Christmas Shop, Auditorium,
cember 14th.
A remarkable operation was performed at Rouen recently on a voung
mau who had attempted to commit
suicide by shooting himself through
thc heart.
Dr. Come found that the bullet had
ib'rcid thc right vcrtiele, and that
only a daring operation could save
the patient. Laying bare the man's
heart, he sewed up both ends of tho
The operation took three-quarters
ot an hour, and the patient is lining
Leave vour orders at Dr. Mall's office for "good dry wood. 'Phone
2fl0. 42-tf
Mrs. (I. M. Harney will resume her
day and receive on the first Friday
il each month.    .
Orders taken lor good dry wood at
Dr. I lall's office.    'Phone 200.    '2-tf
The talk of the town: Tbe Christmas shop, Auditiriunt, December 11.
Tlte Raworlh Bros., jewelers, have
un exceptionally largo stock of ideal
Xmas presents, and they invite you
lo call.
Tea and talk at the Christmas
Simp, Auditorium, December llth.
Born—At Cranbrook, 11. ('., on
Sunday, November 28th, 1000, to Mr
ami Mrs. H. A. Racklyeft, a son.
WANTED-A competent maid. Ap-
ily to Mrs. W. II. Wilson. it-it
Born—At Cranbrook, B. ('., on
Sundav, November 28tli, 1000, to
Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell, a
Meet me at tea lime. Tlte Chl'isl-
inas Shop, Auditorium, December 14.
All interested in hockey are requested to attend a meeting in tlic
Cranhrook hotel committee rooms at
s.:(0, Tuesday, December 7th.
Cioods and goodies at the Christmas .Shop, Auditorium, December 11.
Mr. Leslie M. Carson lias purchased
Mr. T. 11. Stark's house on Louis
street. This deal was handled by
Messrs. Ward ,t Little.
Buy your Christmas presents at
tho Christmas Shop, Auditorium, December 1-lth.
An "at home" was held In thc
Methodist parsonage on Tuesday liii
the Epworth League attd its mai.v
Iriends. Over fifty young peop'o
gathered together and a very enjoyable time was spent. The Gcddca
orchestra supplied good entertainment, whilst Blow Ball, "Hunt llie
Whistle" and Churades were freely
Indulged itt to the great amusement
of the onlookers.
Christinas will soon he here.
Christmas lasts but a day. A
"SASK-ALTA" lasts for years.—
Palmore Bros.
Pike thc Posters, Clirifitmas Shop,
Auditorium, December llth.
The Nelson board ol trade lias issued a formal call for a convention
nn mining, to he held at Nelson on
December I.i, and tho day or days
following as necessary. While thc
principle discussions will revolve
around the subject of encouragement
to the /.ine mining industry, the
board Wishes it understood that discussions of. general mining questions
will be welcomed and experts in tin'
various fields of mining an* invited in
eome prepared to contribute lo the
value nf the convention by expressing
their views on subjects tliat arc oi
special Importance lu lheir particular
branches. , ,   ..
Latter's Speech Contains True Idea of
Imperial Unity
London, Dec. 1.—Tlie Times publishes n letter from Sir Charles Tupper to It. L. Borden, dated Nov. -in,
on the question of the Canadian
navy. He says: "All that is required is that the government ot the
day should carry uut the resolution
passed in the house ol commons at
Ottawa pledging parliament to proceed vigorously with Uie construction
of the Canadian navy." Sir Charles
cannot understand the demand for
Dreadnoughts and cannot avoid
thinking that a tearful responsihility
will rest un those who disturl) or
destroy thc compact filtered into at
Uic Imperial defence conference in
this vitally Important question.
The Times editorially savs that
Sir Charles Tuppor's letter should
contribute strengthening concord   be
tween Laurier -ind Borden on the
naval -juestion. The Times says
Laurier's speech of November 15
contains tbe true ideal of Imperial
"It i.-. not reallv derogatory," it
,dis, "to this lofty ideal to say as
Laurier also said on the same question, Canada would have a navy and
that navv would not go to war unless the parliament of Canada chose
■jt send it.' In the ahstract such a
imposition is indisputable, in the
.instruct it applies to any and every
form of co-operation or contribution
fir the ptirpfises of Imperial defence,
but in the concrete it is certain the
same considerations and motives
which have served to bring about the
,ii!*sent situation will also serve to
maintain and develop it."
Christmas puddings and Christmas
pics at the Christmas Shop. Auditorium, December nth.
Either coal-black or burnished top
finish, with a famous Sask-Aita. Ask
to Bee It.—Patmore Bros.
Wc an- in receipt .d ,i communication Trom th.' olinc oi <'. I'. Walker,
of tin* WalKei theatre, Winnipeg,
stating that hii repn entatlvc would
l„. her,, in ,i fi n days io interiiew
u number ol our leading citizens relative to a produi tion of "As Vou
Like It," wlmh Manager Walker is
sending through the west. As this
is the most delt-jntful of all the
tin- Shakespearian comedies, and is
be given bv practically an all-
star cast with a most elaborate
scenic and costume equipment, it is
hoped that arrangements can Ik
concluded for an engagement here. If
thc opinion of those interviewed is
favorable, and sufficient interest is
shown, a subscript-ion list will be
circulated and if enough patronage is
assured the production will appear
here in the near future.
TO KENT—Furnished room with
bath. Applv l\. Dixon, Armstrong
Ave. 41-3f
The peculiar properties of Chamberlains Cough Remedy have bcftn
thoroughly tested during epidemics of
Influenza, ami when it was taken in
lime w« have not heard of a single
case of pneumonia, Sold by all
druggists and dealers.
FOR SALE—Dominion organ In 1
good repair; terms; cheap for cash. [
Apply Joseph Walk-ley at 1*. Woods j
.t Co., meat market. HIM! i
The subscribers to stock in the
Arena Kink Co., Limited, met in tlw
Cranbrook hotel parlors on Friday
night, November -«th, at \i o'clock
and Uic olliccrs lor the year were
The company has obtained its
charter and expect! to lully justify
the confidence ol its stockholders by
i prosperous fear. The building of
the rink itsell is well under way
and the contractors, George R.
Leask ,v Co., are pushing the con-
si ruction as rapidly as possible, lt
is the intention ol the directors of
Uie company to have skating before
The price ol tickets lor thc season
lias not been decided upon, but will
be announced Inter, lt will not be
Arrangements are being made to
organize a city hockey team to enter
a league willi Kernic, Nelson, Movie,
Coleman, etc., and suitable hours for
practice will lie given. A city league
-.v ilt also be organized, but the hours
allowed lor practice will not conflict
wilh the skating.
The olliccrs elected for Uic ensuing
year are:
(■resident— W. H. Wilson.
Vice-President"-.!. P. Fink.
Nccrctarv-Trcasurcr—E.     H.
Iiirectors-lv      Klwell,      W.
'Tlie Dressing Gown," farce in ono
I, tlic Christinas Shop, Auditor-
ii, December llth. TIIE  OHANBROOK   UEItALU
THK lid was officially down on gambling In
New York. That don't menu that 1 anil nil
the rest couldn't havu kept uur houses open
and gathered big money, but during these
periods the sltp-me squads made It too expensive. Vou could keep open If you obeyed the hint
to "see the captain" of the district. After him came
his men, nml don't ever think tbey were pikers! They
culled every ulght, and lis soon ns one pair were supposedly slaked permanently tbey switched the cut on
us und a fresh brme appeared. That's why so many
places close—not because of laws or dlsiriet attorneys,
but because ihe bulls have to get theirs and request
it too frequent ly.
The same sort nf "reform" was ngltatlng New Jersey. They had soaked the Long Brunch crowd so
hard thnt Duly closed up his bin Pennsylvania Club.
The little iish stood for raids nnd Blmkedowtis until
custom dwindled, because u imiu of reputation was
11 f ni id to play in a bouse where a pinch was liable to
eome off any niliiiite. I had a partner culled Yukon
Gnrvlti, lie was only about thirty, but he'd turned
out early nml begun by bankrolling ihe sure thing
ImjH over the old trail between Skngwny and Paw-
son, uud when n cliei-liueo—the mime given to visitors  to  lbe   North   who haven't   spent   u   winter  In
Alaska--came along and wouldn't warm up to any
of Yukon's pickets he'd do the guy Hie honor of
spreading for hlm In person.
He'd worked fur me a good while, lie eould slide
Into evening clothes mid entertain a patty by gassing
about literature mid art, owned uu artless, boyish
laugh thai kidded many n light wit d into shooting
uwny a thousand where he bad meant to risk u century iioie, uml always left the mark feeling pleasant.
It's the best system. I've bad the saint- men entiling
back Tor more year nfter year, und ready to light me
for tbe chance to get skinned,
I sent Yukon lo nose around the watering places
near town, ami he dug up a joint that listened like
money to me.
ft was ul Shelter Bay, not fur from Long Itruueh.
Brokers mid bankers kept summer homes there, and
It wus within easy automobile or power bout ride of
two other resorts.
"There's a (lossy Inn on the water front," reported
Yukon, "all ready to go Into. It's furnished, small
restaurant, big grounds, boathouse and binding, and
for lease at *:i."iii u mouth. It's small, but we ain't
renttii' rooms, if you cun drug the piny there It's
Just the place.   Owner's too 111 to run It."
Starting the Game.
To cut the details, I rented Shelter lun nud sent
down my crew from tho New York house. Tbe
builder hud designed n long dancing hall, which extended out over the water, connecting with the second
Iloor of the hotel hy n long passage. A Ulght of steps
gave entrance from the float. The other door was at
the end of tin- passage. Underneath the hall was a
storehouse foi- boats.
When I had siiiupttlousty furnished the bull I put
In the fmo layout, u roulette wheel, a craps table and
made provision for a stud gntne if auy one wanted lt.
lt was n swell snare, uad hetter than some of my
million tin Ire customers bud at home. My black cook
enme to boss the kitchen, and Yukon provided two
wallers who had worked In such hu establishment
before uud knew how to forget whatever they saw.
When we were nil set for business, with the 'phone
going and my untomohile ready for service, I notified
various persons ihat there was something doing at
Shelter Hay. My "club house" was so arranged that
In case of n raid 1 could bold tho fort until the evidence wus stowed nwny.
I was eating breakfast with Yukon one morning
when he Hipped an advertisement from tbe paper,
"Here's another Shelter Inn," he snld. "Pipe!
'Shelter Inn, Long Itruueh, offers sujierb board, $10
n week. Boating, tennis, every convenience and pleasure.   Guests met at station.'"
"Well, Hint's not at Shelter Bay," I snld.   "What
of   If*"
"Be funny If they got some of our folks by mistake, that's all," snld be. "I passed It yesterday. Au
awful Joint!"
I wasn't Interested, mid said so. No one but an ass
was going to mix the two.
Ten minutes Inter Seott, my black steward, called
me to tlie telephone. There was a woman squawking
Into It, evidently the central, hut I couldn't bear anything. Finally 1 caught part of It. She asked If
Jesse Hamlin could get a room for $10. To make
sure I repented the question,   "Yes," 8be answered.
The long distance was acting prankish, aud lt was
all I eould do to make her hear me.
"Why, tell hlm to eome down and be my guest!" I
bawled. "WlmtV Hates? Auy rate be wants. I
don't cure. What? Well, ten If he Insists, then; only
tell me Ids train and I'll send tbe machine. To-duy?
Yes, if he hurries—tbe three o'clock boat from New
York. All right. Kb? Boom for two? Twenty, If
you like,   t.oodby."
I wns nil In when I dropped the receiver. Yukon
was pleasantly excited, for Jesse Hamlin was about
ns ripe u live one as ever hung on the Hue, A couple
of my dealers were stalling around lu the bar, yawn-
lug over the putters. There was the bay to swim In,
but ihey preferred a shower hnth In their rooms.
Country life bored them. A guy who works all night
nnd sleeps all day ain't strong fur rural pastimes, The
sun hurts his eyes.
"Well. boys, we'll have a little trade to-night," I
said, "and besides Hamlin there's the Wall street
bunch from Long Branch."
While I expected no revenue from tbe rooms, If
Hamlin felt like paying be should hnve the privilege.
The restmirmit mid bar were expected to bring In
enough to run the place.
There wns a young man In town who had Just got
his eager mitts on il trust fund crented for bis benefit
nud held until his twenty-fifth year, and If I- lured!
him to my cosey retreat uml got bim loosened up, as 1
knew I could, I'd be even for all summer. A few persons while autoinobiltiig would stop nnd order luucb
or u drink. In these cases they were served, but at
ii pretty steep price. Still, they got the cream of the
market, nnd no one cared if they came back or not.
In fact, I hoped tbey wouldn't, for gossip travels
fust, and Shelter Inn could stand a lot of silence.
"Ladies" a Curse.
I Rent Yukon In thc machine to meet the boat train.
It began to ruin, nnd nt Ave o'eloek wus quite dark,
I heard the cur rolling up the road, got Into u dinner
jueket and prepared to welcome the murk uud his
Sturgis Opens for Business at Shelter Bay and Unexpectedly Finds a Wife
S**--**-A*-VN$i   *>W^Cl   **   *Smt*~~
friend. On the last step 1 balled, for a woman's voice
sounded from the veranda.
Ob, but I got sore! Mud that mull brought some
doll—his wife or some one's else—It was all tbe same,
for a skirt can spoil your business quicker thnfi anything else. I wus thinking of that when Seott softly
came up to me.
"Mist* Frank," said be, grinning, "so we got ladies
yeah, nn* yo' done fohgot to toll me bote flxln' flowuhs
fob de table. Jus' listen at Mi-f Yukon! Cynnt be
talk sof nn* low when he wants to? Beckon he'd
make a bit In nuy cotnp'ny."
"But, curse It, they must have stopped to get out
of thc rnin, Scott," I snld; "that's all. There nre no
women coming here.   It's Mr. Hamlin nud a friend."
I moved to the window, where, standing In the
shadow, I could view everything on the electric
lighted veranda. Yukon wus etirnestty addressing
two girls.
"But we huve to lie quite sure," said the smaller
of two little creatures, who looked like n couple of
Innocent kids; "the iu\. snld ten a week, nr.d that's
twenty for two, mid It's ull we ean afford. And what
did you menu by asking If 1 was Mr. Wllletis' wife?"
I knew. Thut wns the divorced spouse of my crops
denier, nud she hud a habit of tipping the police to
come and make a raid on Wllletis* employer whenever the former failed to slip her the alimony. A
little hard on Wllletis' boss Unit was, mid Yukon,
being pessimistic, was always eying slrmige females
with alarm.   But what was all this gab about?
"And what I mean Is, does the ten Include the
meals, too? Please pardon mo for asking again,
only we—I, nt least—oh, Jessie, wlmt shall we do?"
"Do? My dear buly, be shown to your room nud
then come down and order a nifty little dinner," said
Yukon earnestly.
He turned that bunk laugh of Ids ou, mid nfter
thnt the stuff was off.
"Huh! I don't see why you're fussing so,  Anne,"
said tbe brown eyed    "It looks jusl lovely to me.
and this gentleman will consider us quite rude If we
stay here asking silly questions over ami over."
"Certainly," said Yukon. Ho almost purred It. I
felt like sticking a foot und kicking the swine. He
led tbem around the venimbi, and In through tlie
side door.   I heard the stairs creak.
"For God's sake!" I exclaimed, rushing Into the
bar, "whore's Burke?   Where's Mr. Hamlin?"
Burke, the chauffeur, answered me with n grin.
"Only the Indies come," snld he, "an', fur a fact-
boss, I think they got In wrong, see? Mr. Gnrvlti,
he's buntln' thnt gent when the littlest gal lists hlm
sumpln*. Sbe snys they're expected, 'cause she
'phoned.   Then I see him hitlln', nn' In I key nil git."
"You're sure Hamlin wasn't on the train?"
"There were but two cars and few passengers,"
he replied, "and Hnndlii wasn't nmong them."
I decided that when Yukon quit acting chambermaid and got down to the ground floor again we'd
honk up ou this thing.
"Hey, Scott!   Whero'8 that housekeeper with the
keys? Well, tell her to hike up here. I can't get
14 open."
They Like the Place.
I went to the stairs nnd listened after Yukon hnd
roared this from above. He was answered by the
occupant of No, 14.
"Damn It! I'm taking my bulb Is why yon can't
get Into my room!"
Fine. Tlie mil 111 ed voice of Wllletts Indicated that
lie wns ready to repel boarders. Yukon was profusely begging his pardon. The girls were giggling.
Then 1 heard;—
"Aune, did you see nil those men, mil uo women nt
nil? thud heavens, suppose—something seems wrong
to me,   This man enn't bo lhe clerk."
The girls wore talking together as Yukon hunted
the housekeeper, who wns asleep, ns usual,
"It's a mngnlilcenl place, dear—hul tits faro I.i too
kind for hlm not to lie nil right. Aud do remember
how we rend those ads till our beads liuxzed. We'll
slay here and have one glorious week, with no awful
ollice. One week, then another year of horror. I'm
not afraid."
Burke's guess was correct. Tliey had us mixed.
So ihey hod one week free out of n year', (irand life
for n while woiunn. Now I know what ailed Yukon,
He'd murder u man. but kids and women bud hlm
The housekeeper had been found. There were
orders from Yukon, all lhe women gabbing at once.
1 broke in myself.
"I'll send up a bottle o' wine," I culled.
Then I l t it. feeling like a fool.   And yet I waa
rather pleased.   Yukon came bustling down.
"Say. old pal." he said, "llsi to my song of woe."
"Oil, I'm hep." I assured htm. "but now what?
They'll have tlie whole inn upside down."
"I had fifty on At! Green ttl ((in 1 Saturday," said
he, Hushing. "Ii's In my kick. Well, you said ton
bucks a day to Hamlin. Tlie girl thought you meant
per week, 'cttuso she couldn't hear you, And ber
name's Jessie Ullllilltl, Ain't tlllll u hitV Well,
lemiiie pni up ihal double sawbuek a day, mid they'll
never bo the wiser. Tlie pisir little tykes, |*|| trot
'em around If 1 don't pel liny sleep ul all. Women
gol It pretty lough, ain't Ihey?"
"(Hi, shut up," I said sourly; "yon aud your bunk-
roll glimne a pain.   They're here and they'll stay.
We'll take (hell' two Utile ten spots, und you cull
run It up for 'em ul the bank lho day they're leaving.   Only keep 'cm both away Irom me.    1 don't
like skills."
"You're n prince," be began, hill I waved hlm off.
1 saw the girts Inter at n table In a corner aud hurriedly warned Scull to keep mil* menu*; oui of sight,
for bum and eggs ai S'l.'J.l and peaches ami cream
the same didn't Jibe wiili b uni ul 810 n week. Yukon
stuck around, of course. lie kepi It up until I warned
hlm to leave 'em alone. Then he declared that he
was only trying to make It cheerful.
1 was talking with Wllletts ou the veranda nfter
"I only want the big boys." I remarked. "The
pikers must keep right on going, This'll be n gold
mine if thoy let us nlone, nud I think I've squared
everybody, While only n small percentage of million-
mitres are entertaining com pan Ions, their coin makes
up for that." 'Two brown heads came Inlo view Just
below. The in in was over, nud oin* full' guests wore
sl rolling mound the inn. So was Yukon. Hud they
heard me?
1 Iniml not.
"How about a little trip In the Inuncti Just for u
breather?" Yukon was suggesting.
1 leaned over the rail.
"Don't forget that you go to work at eight,*" I snld
"What, at night?" tbey wero asking him. "That's
a funny time to go to work."
"But I'm the night watchman," said Yukon cheer-
Wall Street Arrives.
Tbey Inugbed Incredulously. He had switched to
evening clothes and looked n pretty classy watchman. At eight I saw hlm bended for the club bouse,
and followed him. We loafed there until eleven, when
lbe Wall street people, having made a good many
stops for Ihpild fuel, arrived.
It was n busy night, but the total elenn-up wns
only ordinary, At live o'clock l wont to bed, awaking an hour later. I was fidgety and couldn't sloop.
I rang for u drink of booze, which I never touched In
business hours, and tbe bar hoy fetched It.
"The Indies are up," snld he. "I was dozln' In the
bar. an' they came n-wnlklng' In, wnnderlu' what
time breakfast was. So I snld to wait awhile uu' I'd
tend to it."
What the devil did nuy one want lo get up In the
middle of the ulght for? Why didn't they sleep? I
pondered a moment. The cook hnd been up Using
the crew's supper at four-thirty, lie wouldn't feel
much like piling out.
"Can you cook?" 1 asked.
"Me?" said the Imrkeep. "Hully gee, no. But I'll
go nfter It nit' take a ehaiiee."
"Oh, curse it!" 1 breathed nnd arose; "thoy must
Sonic one padded along the hull. It wus Yukon tn
bath robe and slippers.   lie stopped at my door.
"Watch me get that grub," he yawned. "I'm the
old camp cook. Boon's I gel my bath I'll bo on the
job and thoy won't know, because Mae here will
serve It.   He enu bo u waiter for once,"
We made the  k nnd Seoti stay up nfter thut.
Ome I stuck around and fed wilh 'em, nud I never
realized until I got to my room that a man who enme
to breakfast lu evening doilies must sur un dippy.
But tbey were game, After u look of surprise neither
erucked about It, I guve 'em credit, reflecting on it
At twelve thut ulght I lefl the club room and hurried down llie corridor to got some blank cheeks
which a loser was io till out for mo. Passing tbe girls'
door their voices reached me.
"1 have heard aulomobilos and carriage wheels for
throe nights, but I wouldn't wuke you," soared
through the transom. "Just now I stole out nud almost ran Into three men who were going toward what
Mr. Gnrvlti said wus only a storehouse. One said, 'I
lost twelve hundred Tuesday, and seven hundred tonight Is stronger than I cun go. Is his game square?'
The other one suid, 'Ph. sure It Is; he's one square
niun, is Sturgis.'   Jessie, we're In a den!"
"Wc haven't boon hurt," said the other sleepily,
"lt Is not a den! You're dreaming, Mr. Sturgis ts a
line mail, I know what the uutos arc. Long Branch
Is a prohibition town, und the uieu come here to
drink.   Mr. Garvin told me."
"Do you know, then, that what he snld was chain*
pagno elder served to all the guests, nnd that we hud
al lunch nud dinner, was real champagne, miss?"
"You've got a mush on hlm. you idiot," giggled
Jessie. "Any une could see that, I only wish Mr.
Sturgis would worry about me a Utile."
It seemed about time fur uie to lie on my way.
She got her wish next day, 1 didn't go to bed nt nil.
and 1 took 'em for u twenty mile ride lu tbe launch.
I spun some expurgated yarns of different places,
uml Jessie enme buck with tho simple tnle of her own
brief life. "One week out of n year to rent." It wu
In my mind as she talked, nnd It stayed there all day
uni part of the night, until the snddnn arrival of the
male Jesse Hamlin drove other things nwny. I didn't
mention iny odd mistake. Ho explained thnt be was
gotog on n wedding trip to Thibet nnd wanted a flyer
or two tlrst.
Long Way from Broadway.
"Win nut espouses, you know," tie Inugbed.
To Thibet, eh? It wns n long jaunt from Broadway, and ll would be well to "take" Mr. Hamlin, and
take him quick.
lie liked any form of gambling, bill lbe dice best.
"A crnps game's speedy action." he observed.    "I
got fond or it in California," lie began to piny about
Ile probably wouldn't <-are so much for It Inlei, for
I fancied Hint tho sagacious Wllletts had a few pairs
of dice thai might be new to hltu. He dropped three
hundred at ihe emits table and wandered over to lite
roulette wheel,   Tills move pleased tue, uml I honored
llmiillu by Inking ibe operator's place.
Mv customer hnd slml nwny a chunk In houses of
chance, bin lie, like millions of others, might have
gambled for forty years and never cut his eye teeth.
lie considers himself n "sport," nud lu Ids case the
'synonym for spoil wns "sucker," \n one but n fool
smears Ids hots all over lhe boa I'd. Fortunately, Hamlin was one, so he dribbled twenty dollar checks from
the several slacks which tie had hough! on ihe numbers, lho double ami single "il," uud lhe color. 1 encouraged hlm wiili gay sallies.
"Oh, I'll boat you yet," Im shouted. "Hoy! Bring
tne another drink, Scott, please."
Then he changed wlm! he proudly described as
his "system" ami quartered $H0ft on four numbers,
He lost each bet, Finally be won n few small bets,
which reddened Ids face and brightened his eye
Five hundred dollars on red followed, nnd black
won. One thousand dollars on tho black was his next
effort. The ball .licked, and red came up. I milled
him merrily, and he quartered $1,000 on a new set
of numbers he fancied. The ball threatened for an
Instant In die on one of his numbers, but It wobbled, and rolled Anally Into a _!7 hole, nn which Hamlin had played in .Sim* the previous spin. Tiie double
"0" fascinated hlm and he continually pushed $100 on
It. When ho did the little silver sphere dodged lhe
"00" In the wine! as if it were alive. Single "0," T.."».
28, 2—anything be played won. except the double "0|"
85 won two small bets for htm, Km Iced by n hunch
he didn't stop until $000 hnd dribbled away on the
same number.
I'll tell you the cause of Hamlin's III luck. There
wasn't anv luck to It, for il was a cinch, hut not for
Down through the centre of the wheel ran n wire
so line that had il dangled before him lie might not
have seen it. lt run through the table leg, under the
thick velvet rug nml through II again in a spot
which mv foot covered. A pressure of my toe us I
smiled amiably at tlie fool regulated the speed of the
Splinting wheel and settled the fate of the ball. As
lhe huts aro made before the wheel spin- the answer
was easy. When he won It wns because I had to
ease hlm along, Naturally he cashed mighty few
hols, and watched the big ones raked In by the man
who nsimllv rolled the wheel, now acting ns croupier.
II was six A. M. wh ":-.:u!ln mined a dull eye
ou ine and thickly said Hint would be plenty. Ho
was pretty well boosed and very ugly. I had his
clack for $33,700. n good night's business.
Yukon escorted hint to a room, and when he had
flung himself upon the bed lie muttered something
nbout "stopping that chock." Thai's usually their
tlrst thought.
There was only one early boat for New York. 1 wan
aboard when It left the pier. When I got back to
Shelter Ilnv Burke met me with the machine.
-We've bad n hot time at ttie house." said he.
'■Hamlin woke up and swore he'd have you raided.
He was staiupin' around an' met up with the two
ladies an' one of Vm give him had Columbia! Tliey
had it sumpln' awful, boss, au' she bawled him nut
fur fair."
I was horrified. We broke all the speed laws getting home. "Where's ihal niultV" 1 whispered to
Yukon,  lie laughed cheerfully.
"At Hrst," said lie, "1 was going to lick the life
half out or hint, but I knew your policy—caution. 1
was trylug tu quiet hltu when Miss Hamlin blows up
to us. liuve ll scream, and then she tore Into him. 'So
Sturgis Is your gentleman friend,' says lie, 'that's |tV
You've got u nice side partner, lie's a crook und
I'm goln' lit the ntstrlcl Attorney of New Jersey uud
close hlm up to-duy!' Honest. It wus beautiful to
see that gal, Frank. She's n peach. She's got the
Injun sign on hltu. und lie shut up like n whipped
In-nnd.   Whut do you make of ItV"
1 was all up In thc air. Hamlin was capnble of
making a beef to the authorities: all of onr sportive
rich are. Then I bnd to square hlm. I always bad
an ace hi tbe hole on my customers, for it wns neces-
suit. If thev got nasty, to eome buck nt 'om In u
hurry. I luid the goods on this one, for tils mother
still'controlled most of bis estate, unit I hold some of
Ids paper which wouldn't make pleasant reading for i
her. Also, he was just married, and notoriety was to j
be avoided,   1 found him walking In tlie grounds. /
Did He Cash It? /
"Well, old mau," I shouted Jovially, "how are you
feeling V"
To my surprise, he rushed up to me, and shook
"Did you cash It?" he cried,   l nodded.
•Thank the Lord there was enough to meet It," he
sighed. "1 was itfraid there wasn't, and Garvin said
your telephone was out of order so I couldn't nrrnuv'O
it with the bunk. You sec. my mother's down on
me already nnd any trouble"	
I shook hands again, mid gave hltu a fond gin •«(
It was all right. He left on thc next bout, ind
mighty' subdued was bis demeanor, Nov,* I mug Interview the lady who hud so strangely calmec my
mark, She <—3 on the side veranda, and ns . approached I .•". some hard thinking. It would bo
lonesome v.-'" thnt week of hers was gone. Would
she be sorry to li live?
I was ii direct soft of guy, nnd tbo way lo find
out wus to nsk her, of course. Now. I'd know i plenty
of women of ull kinds, but the sex didn't in* ce much
nf n hit with me. Thoy wero well enough .i leisure
hours, but to have one forever meddling b- your affairs—I'd got thai far when I looked up and saw ihe
little girl,    It was nit off with me.    St ould bull
In ou my ulTiiIrs or do whatever suited her. My
heart wus pumping like mud.
"Mr. Sturgis!" she suid softly, "plense conic up
here. I must tell you something 1 must! That mini
Hamlin who quarrelled with Mr. flnrvlu while you
were away—he was once my husband. I married
hlm while wo wore both tit college, but 1 hml lo
leave hlm. I divorced hlm, und refused any iilluioiiy,
mul thlll'S why I work as I do, ns I have told yon.
1 prefer lo work, because anyway, he threatened
you, mid I warned hlm he'd regret It If he tiled to
harm you."
She was crying. I climbed over the veranda rail.
Never mind whut my next move wus. I nsked why
she hail loft him, though one look at hlm wus a not-
Helen! answer.
'•Women, drink, uml -■gambling," she sobbed.
Humbling'.' Hum. I'd never seen any reason hi
fool ashamed of my profession. I wasn't then, but
believe mo, I was some worried.
"Gambling?" I snld; "oh, you wouldn't stund for
She blushed. 1 breathed bard, fur she had me
"Oti, It depends on who docs It," she said. "Isn't
It true (but you are a gambler? Aune and I are
sure of It."
"Yes, but I'm n good one, girl," I told her. "Don't
that make u difference'*"
She must have thought so from what she answered.
Yukon and I wept to town next day, and bought
diamonds with Hamlin's money for a wedding present. Tlinl junk has always been a joke lu my family.
There, you've got my romance. TUE   UKAM'IMM'K   UEI'AI.I)
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Phone 183
P.O. Box A-
Before you buy corn, inspect thc quality of our teed. ♦
You will find it the best and our prices arc lew. |
From  now on   our delivery  rig will  deliver  en $
Saturday Nighls. £
Now anil Strictly First-Olnofl
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Tbmwhonr 2088
Oius. BartnbVi Propriotor,
Cor. Seymour and Oordovn Sis.   .. D    r       •
Oppoate 0. P. R. Station VflllCOUVCI", D. L.    ',',
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John  Sullivan
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For Mining Properties, Fruit Land,
and Timber Limits.
Wo have received a full lino of Dry (iooils direct from llie
Manufacturers of Ohiim nud Japan,
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The styles are distinctive and
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J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C.
By the death o! Mc. Lionel Brough,
ihf English stage has lust ono ol its
must distinguished ornaments. The
end earao at his residence, Percy
Villa, South Lambeth Road, London,
where tho famous comedian had been
lying unconscious for nearly a week,
Onr ol the most popular men or* the
stage, ho was horn in 1836 at l'onty-
pool, Monmouthshire, and belonged
to one oi the best known theatrical
[amilice in England. His lather,
Barnabas Brough, was a dramatist,
o[ whose four sons two wero ■lianiui-
Rts, one a scientific writer, and the
fourth, Lionel himself, an actor. The
eldest   sou   had   two children, one    of
whom is the well-known actress, Miss
Fanny Brough, and the other the
theatrical manager, Mr. Robert
Brough. Mi. Lionel Brough'u own
three children—Percy, Mary and
Sydney—are all on the stage, Brough
was educated at a grammar school
m Manchester, but he eould not
spend manv vears over bunks, inueh
as lu* loved them, his father being
far from well-on, and wanting him
to earn his own livelihood, Accordingly, when still a lad, he went to
London and obtained employment as
an niiia* bov at the "Illustrated
London News." Here he remained a
few years, und only left in order to
become an assistant to tho publisher
of the "Daily Telegraph." It was
during this period that Brough originated the system of selling news-
inpers in the streets, a staff of 210
hoys being dressed in uniform (whieh
Included glazed hats), and furnished
with copies whieh thev were to coax
pedes! riatis to purchase. The idea
caught on, but the bovs were not
faithful, for four months later only
Nil members of thc brigade were still
at work, the others having disappeared, and caused their uniforms to dis-
ppear also! It was at thc Lyceum
in December, 1851, that Brough made
his debut on the stage. The manageress was Mine. Vestris, and the
piece, written by thc aetor's brother,
William Brough was 'Prince Prottj
Pet and the Butterfly." But this
experience on the "boards" was of
little duration, for in lfif)7 he returned to jmirnlaism, and until 181(3 was
subeditor of tho "Morning Star."'
Thc life of an actor, however, suited
him hetter than the work of a newspaper ollice, and at thc earliest op-
•orliiiiity after leaving the staff ol
the now forgotten dally paper, he
started giving entertainments.
In 1804 he assisted in an amateur
entertainment at Liverpool, given hy
lbe members of the Savage club (of
whieh he was one of the founders)
in aid nf the Lancashire relief fund,
and tbe performance was witnessed
by Alexander Henderson, who, immediately recognizing Brough's tal-
inent, offered him a regular engagement. "The company consisted of
many actors who have since become
famous, among them Irving, Bancroft, Wyndham, Toole and John
Hare, and we were all getting about
the same salary. £'i a week, which
wc regarded then as a large
amount." In January, isi>8, Lionel
Brough made bis first success as
Uncle Hen in Byron's "Dearer Than
Life," at the Queen's, Longaere, the
company including, Toole, Charles
Wyndham, Henry Irving, Henrietta
tlodson (Mrs. Henry Labouchcre) and
John Clayton.     The next year Mrs.
lean Wood engaged him to appear at
the St. James's, where he made
another great hit as Tony Lumpkin,
which he played for 200 nights. In
1872 Bouclcault secured bis services
as "first low comedian," By this
time tbe actor was in such request
tbat be could choose what he would
do. Old comedy always attracted
turn, ami he did excellent work at
tbe Gaiety and at tbe Imperial,
Westminster, as Scrub in 'The
Beaux Stratagem." Ollapod in Coleman's "The Poor Gentleman," Marplot in "The Country Girl." Croaker in "The Good-Nat It red Man"; and
at tin' Imperial, under tbe mana.**c-
iiieiit of Miss Lytton, be made a
singularly quaint and effective
Touchstone. His association with
Sir Herbert (then Mr.) Beerbobm
Tree was an important incident in
bis career. One of tbe earliest
Shakespearian essays of the afterwards manager of His Majesty's was
"Tlie Merry Wives of Windsor," given at the Crystal Palace in September, ISSN, witb Mr. Brotlffh—"Lai,"
as In- was called by a multitude of
friends—as Bardolph. His adaptability enabled him to supply a
remarkably finished performance of
Taffy in the popular "Trilby," but
it is perhaps ns Sir Toby in
"Twelfth Nigbl" tbat be will be
chiefly recollect nl. He had, truly,
many talents, and be served under
many masters. He bad appeared at
nenrlv everv first-class theatre in tbe
United Kingdom and had loured witb
success in America and South Anicr-
Put  Ibe hammer iu tbe locker,
Hide the sounding board likewise,
Anyone can lie n knocker;
Anyone can criticise,
Cultivate a manner winning,
Altbo' It hurts your face to smile,
Ami seems awkward in In-ginning,
.lust be a booster for awhile.
Let the blacksmith do the pounding—
Vou don't get a cent for hounding
Saint and sinner night ami day.
.Iust for solid satisfaction
lie's the one that gets his pay;
Drop a kind word in thc slot.
And I'll warrant you'll get action
For your effort on the spot.
Kindness every time beats kicking;
Mirth is hetter than a Irown:
Bo not waste your time ia picking
Flaws   with   brothers    who    arc
Ami it isn't ro distressing
If you give a little boost
To the man the fates are pressing,
For   the chickens   come   home   to
Yes, the world would be far brighter
If ynu'd kindle friendship's flame,
Aud thus make the troubles lighter
Of the man against thc game
Send your grouch on a vacation,
Give    your    grumbling tones   the
And with grim determination
Hough   lumber    advanced   M
thousand    all over     western Can.
last Saturday.    Mills arc calling
traveling salesmen  because    of
rush of orders.       Export mills
British Columbia report a largely
creased    business      in    the      t in
States, this being one cause    for
advance.     Another advance will t
place befure sluing.
'ibe coast mills advanced tho prico
I lumber one dollar per thousand on
Saturday, and it is reported there
will be another raise within a lew
iiths, Tbe luillmen said that foi
■uma time the price ol lumhei bus
imt been commensurate with the
• iitc of logs and tbey in la' I havo
been selling at less than the cosl   of
production. The   raise   is  . luvtivc
now ami some nulls ba\e been icfus-
io    book     orders    lot      tho
m w       year       m anticipation
a       possible raise.       ScV-
al mills ba\e called in then travel-
s as their bands are idled until the
w year.
Tin- reported juice has been long
beid down by a three-cornered tussle
between tbe export mills and the pro-
ittlt raise is one nf the lirst results
>t lbe truce.
The most import announcement affecting tbe material development of
Canada since Sir Wilfrid Lauder's declaration of tbe government's iutun-
tiou tu build the National Transcontinental railway was made at Ottawa last week by the premier. He
assured a deputation that he personally quite believed in the feasibility
f a through waterway from Fort
William to the Rockies, and was prepared to do everything possible to
tiring the grain exports of the Canadian and American Northwest lo the
ocean by way of the Great Lakes.
Tbe first step in the direction nf
improvement would lie the deepening
of the Wei land Canal from its present
depth of fourteen feet to twenly-lwu
or twenty-four feet, and as soon as
the minister of finance could report
tbat   the countrv   eould    afford the
20,000,000 required for the work tbe
;overnment would promptly carry it
Every lake port on Lake Ontario
is vitally interested in this announcement, and must begin to plan for
thc steamer drawing 21 feet. Toronto's present harbor accommodation will be entirely insufficient for
deep-draught lake freighters, and now
docks must he planned in the near
Vancouver's commercial progress is
aptly illustrated by lbe growth and
prosperity of ber financial institutions. Changes are being made on
every hand, and ollice accoinmudalion
bal was more than adequate a year
»go, is now discarded as ueiug in-
mfllclent to handle the volume of
business transacted. Among those
recently installed in new .]U_irtcrs is
tbe Dominion Stuck ami Bond Corporation, Vancouver, Ltd., wiiose
premises rank witb thc finest in
Western Canada. These new offices
arc exceptionally spaciutis, and impress thc visitor at once with a
sense of architectural substaiitiahil-
ity and munificence; th,; high ceilings
make fur an abundance uf light and
air; the floors of polished hardwood;
the counters and interior ftttings of
massive quartered nak, and the electric fixtures uf polished brass, richly
designed and carefully executed. The
location i.s must central, being in the
recently completed Winch buildint:,
directly next door to Vancouver's
new post office on Hastings street.
The corporation carries on a large
general real estate, financial and insurance business. T.icy buy and sell
calty nf all kinds, purchase agreements uf sale, make loans, collect
rents, and engage in company promotion. They have extensive connections in llie Old Country, Thc
illice staff is composed of capable aud
reliable men whose thorough knowledge of the intricate details of real
estate, financial and insurance business qualifies them fo serve clients
■advantageously and thoroughly. It
tbe purpose of the Dominion
Stock and Bond Corporation of Vancouver, Ltd., to erect a modem ten
story brick and stone office auildiag
in a central location on Hastings
street, and, arrangements are being
made to rush the work to completion. A number of representative
business ami financial men are interested in this enterprise, whielt will
ndd another imposing structltro to
Vancouver's rapidly growing list of
rkv serapers.
TAKE NOTICE that Francis
Cartwrlght Lawe, of tbe City of
Fernie, in the Province of British
Columbia, Solicitor, intends tn apply
im permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a point on the
north boundary of the A. .1. Far
quharson put chase about twenty-
three (23) ehains west of the Elk
River ami about twenty (30) chains
north of Districl Lot D030, thence
north   twcntv-nine (2") chains, more
nr less,    tn  tbe      wist   bank nf        the
Elk River, thence down stream Unity-two Ci2i cbains, more or less, t>.
a poini twenty (20) chains north
from Mie north* boundary nf said
l.ni 0030, Oroup One 11), Knot, nay
District, tbence west twenty-three
>Jii chains, more nr less, to point if
Daled ibis 20th dav nf November,
cum. 12-.1t
Francis c. Lawe.
N Tilt: MATTER oF AN APPLICATION fnr the issue of a Duplicate
Certilicato id Title to au undivided
l-.ini of l.nl 2377, Group Oue, Kuo-
leiiav District.
bai il is mv intention lo issue at
ne expiration of one month after lho
iim publication hereof a duplicate of
tho Certificate of Title to the above
iciitioned land in the name of
Frank P. Hogan, which Certificate
i.s dated tbe llth November, 1001,
and numbered !)2I)A.
T. M. Bowman,
Deputy Districl Registrar.
If. McLeod,
Land Registry Ollice,
■Nelson, B. C,
12-11 November 10th, P'OSi.
IN THE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION for ibe issue of a Duplicate
Certificate nf Title to au undivided
2-:Jrds of Lot 2377, Group One, Kootenav District.
thai it is un intention to issue at
the expiration of one month after the
br:;! publication hereof a duplicate uf
tbe Certificate of Title tn the above
mentioned land iu the name of
William G. Carliu and Alfred Dovle,
which Certificate Is dated tbe 2«lb nf
August, I!llll, and numbered 002A.
T. M. Bowman,
Deputy District Registrar.
II. McLeod,
Land Registry office.
Nelson, B. C,
12-11 November 10th, 1000.
A Canadian girl, Miss Bertha Rat-
Unburv, the voung daughter of Mr.
Nelson" Rattenbiiry, of Charlotte-
town, P.E.I., has received one oi thc
awards made by the Commissioners
of the Carnegie Hero fund this
autumn. Sbe is the only Canadian
in the list. Miss Rattonbury's deed
of heroism lay in rescuing from
drowning a companion, Miss Abble
Wcllner, who was seized with cramp
and sank while swimming at tlie
entrance to the harbor opposite the
city, on August (ith last. Miss Rat-
tenbury went to her rescue, and, although sbe was unsuccessful at the
dist attempt, she returned a second
lime, caught the drowning girl hy
the hair, as she was going down fur
tho last time, and brought her safe
to land. What made the young
rirl's act all the more heroic was
that she herself was only learning to
Enquiries are daily being made at
thc Herald for rooms, suitable for
light housekeeping. Parties having
same to rent would do well to make
use of these columns.
A Coop Line
Fop Sale Ever-uwhepe,'
Twenty Japanese were killed and
fifteen injured, several of them fatally, in a wreck of a work train on the
Great Northern railroad between
Vancouver and New Westminster on
Saturdav morning. One ol the injured was a white man, George W.
Kemp, a commercial traveler ot Vancouver, who was riding on the work
train. His feet were crushed and he
was internally injured. His condition is serious.
The train left Vancouver at «
o'clock in the morning on the way to
Sumas. When within a mile of the
eity limits of New Westminster the
train ran into a washed-out culvert.
The engine passed nearly over and
tlien fell. Fireman Kent and Engineer Beattiger jumped, escaping injury. Immediately behind the tender
was the bunk car in which 35 Japanese were sleeping. Thc engine
settled back until it stood almost on
end. Tlte Japanese car was caught
and smashed between the engine and
the tender. Half thc car was crushed to kindling wood and tho remainder, smashed in on thc sides,
slid further into the gully.
Three flat cars were piled on top of
each other, while thc caboose at the
rear remained on the track. In It
was Conductor Ellis, who escaped injury.
Low Round Trip Rates to
Tickets on sale Dec. 1 to Deo. 81, in
elusive, goud tn   return within three
Tickets issued in cniineclinn Atlantic
Steamship   UUHlneBB   will   be en Bale
from Nov. 21 and limited to five month?
from date of iFFiie
Finest Equipment. Standnid First
Class and Tourist Sleeping Cms nml
Pining Cuts on all Through Trains.
Compartment - Library- Observation
Careon "Imperial Limited" nnd "Atlantic Express."
3-Through Express Trains Daily-3
Imperial Bank of Canada
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED   -      $10,000,000.00
CAPITAL PAID UP     -      - 5.000,000.00
RESERVE      .... 5,00000000
P. B. WILKIE. President.
* Accounts  of   Corporations,   Muuioi
♦ Farmers nut] Private Individuals invited,
palities,    Mi rchniiti,
Drafts unci Letters of Credit issued available iti any part of
tbe world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-Special attention
given to Savings l';mk Aooounts. Deposits of $1.00 nmi
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
CranbrooR Branch: J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.
'♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********************
For Your Health's Sake
it is but fftir to drink only tbo  Best  Brands.
Corby's Special Select Rye
Dawson's Scotch Whisky
Hennessey's Brandies
chlitzand Fernie F»,-t    teele Beers
Ask for them and insist on getting theui,
Full line ol (ll.isse- ami Uur Fixtures always in stock.
• \*< . DU Vt fleas DOMESTIC   WINES   AND   LIQUORS
********************** **********************
*    PHONE NO. 10 p.  0. BOX 3
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail
Meat   Merchants
We are receiving each week front tlte Pacific (.'cast.
Crabs, Clams, Shrimps, Smelts,  and
Perch; and from Lake Superior,
Trout and Pickerel.
********************** **********************
Absolutely the Finest Quality ai <1 Pf>t vhIup ir- Menu and Ffch
that you can get anywhere for your
Justrome and give us a trial order for either—Mestr, FiCfh »r
Siuoki-il Fiah, Sausages, Bologna, U«-a<l- hceee, eic,,6»d you will
feeling well satisfied that you have done youit< If a good luin,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********************
Your Horning Beverage
Not  any Coffee, but a Pure Blerl,  th. itt)
appetizing, stimulating and  healthful.    We  have
tho identical article,    Wo have heard many simA
things aaid of our Coffee; »aid too, by housekeepers
who have gone the round and who come back to stay
PHICE5   35c   40c.,   gog.
leave- Winnipej; ilnily fit -2 -10, making
uoniiectiottH at Toronto for all points
East nnd West thoroof.
Tho "1MPERUT. LIMITED" loavc-
winntpogdaily at 18.15, and tlm "ATLANTIC EXPRESS" »t Htm daily,
makingcottnootloti at MontroBl for all
points East tltoreof.
APPLY TO THE "W!J}L&M' 'CIHI r0" rul1
■' -
i ■
;;   Letterheads Memos
billheads Envelopes
Statements Loose Leaf Binders
Mall Orders Promptly Attended Tu
i i    H. e CUNMILLV, Bailitii M-ia-er Tclcphue Nt It
******************************************** THE  CRANBROOK  HERALD
2.00 A YEAI!
DECEMBER a. 1009
By the Herald   Publishing Company,
' Limited.
p, .1. Deane, Managing Editor.
Thf Clirintnms shopping tratle cut
wt-ll under wav this week aim, juilg-
utg by the Mocks laid in hy lucal
merchants, will go merrily along
lur tilt; next three weeks. Christmas
is always a time ol strips aad wocty
tt» shoppers and store assistants,
much of which might be saved and
greater satisfaction obtained, il thc
strappers would set about securing
their Cliiistuias presents earlu-r in
the month. As a general rule just as
g.HHl bargains can be secured earlier
as later in tlie season, besides a
great lv hotter choice. Ktotowepers
and clerks are belter able to give
close attention to their customers
now than Diet will lw two weeks
hence and it will repay those in
search of I'hristmas presents to Stan
carefully now the holiday oHeiings
advertised in this and succeeding issues, make their choice early aud
have their gifts set aside, au
as to secure tho best selections with
Uie least annoyance and trouble to
Uie overworked store staffs.
Whilst definite returns of the local
option plebiscite are not in yet, and
will not be available until the open-
in; of tbe session, it is profcty clear
tbat the desired SO per cent of the
total vote polled for candidates was
not secured in favor id tbis measure.
ItrsiiTd majorities of the poll actually declared in favor ol Uic
plebiscite were obtained in sonic rid-
ii s, but so far as ean be at pre-
sedt obtained, in no riding was fill
per cent of the actual poll for candidates obtained. Hence, according
to the terms ol the plebiscite, there
will be no local option measure presented at tlu; ciitning session of the
Cabinet reconstruction is now the
order of the dav. The name id 11.
II. Watson, M.P.P. elect, oi Vancouver, is prominently mentioned us
successor to llim. It. G. Tatlow, as
minister o! finance. W. 11. Koss, of
Fernie, is also mentioned as a cabinet possibility. The Nelson Nc.vs is
putting up a fight to jeeure ior
Harry Wright, member -decl f- r Nelson city, a portfolio. Whilst ILitiy
Wright put up a good light und
gained for the Conservative cause a
noteworthy victory, the same may
lie said of Tom Caven, id this cuy.
In fact Mr. Caven's victory was the
more significant, in that this riding
bad always, heretofore, r->ttiii.ed a
Liberal. Moreover, Mr. Caven is b>
long odds inure entitled to till a vacancy iu the cabinet than Mr. Wright
in that, according to Premier McHride, himself, Mr. Caven is possessed of that special knowledge that
will be most serviceable to the government at tlw present juncture. It
will In; recalled that in his address
here, in bt-half of the candidature of
Mr. Caven, the premier laid special
stress upon the qualifications ot Mr.
Caven, if elected, to advise the government authoritatively on their
railway policy. Mr. Caven has
Iteen elected by a large majority and
it is up to the premier to mark his
appreciation of the vote thus polled
(or tbe government candidate by
selecting him as a colleague in In
new administration. The Cranbrook
riding is certainly one of. if not tin
most, important in South .-.astern
llritish Columbia, and it is only fair
that it should receive special recognition in face of the arguments advanced in favor of the choice of Mr.
Caven as its representative over
cither Mr. M. A. Mat-donaM or Mr.
.1. A. Pitch.
This is an age in which more money-
is spent ou agricultural colleges than
ever before, The provinces ot Canada are doing wisely in giving all
possible support to such institutions.
The Toronto News, referring to one
of the Ontario agricultural colleges,
says that no money spent hy tbe
Ontario government yields belter returns. So varied and effective nre
thc activities of such an institution
tbat it vitally touches thc agricultural industry in every phase of its
existence. New knowledge of immense economic value to the country
Is continually acquired. The science
ot chemistry and bacteriology arc
practically applied tu every department of agricultural development. A
perpetual war is waged against the
multifarious pests and diseases which
attack grain, fruit, vegetables and
live stock. The best methods of
preparing dairy products and fruit
fur market are explained. Progress
is being made in the heautificntiou
ot school yards and homesteads, and
altogether a great deal is being done
to advance economic, social and
aesthetic conditions throughout the
entire community. Intensive farming is encouraged to the exclusion of
cheap, wasteful, extensive farming,
and thereby the general prosperity is
materially increased. The farmers
are stimulated to engage in fruit
growing, dairying and in the production of bacon and poultry, because
these enable a given area of country
to yield more revenue and support n
larger population than do mere beef-
grazing and wheat growing.
Tbe foregoing remarks are as ap-
pliwhle to this province as to the
province of Ontario and it is to he
hoped that in the coming session of
the legislature the McHride govern-
ment will find time to formulate a
policy, along these lines, as well as
to perfect their railway policy. It
is specially desirable that there be
established au agricultural college, or
experimental farm in this section of
thq-province, wliere nericultural and
climatic conditions varv very considerable from those on the const aud
islam! sections.
Few local enterprises are nt gteal-
er import to the city of Uranbrook
than that uf the Kootenav Telephone
Lines, Limited. It will lie noticed
bv a front page storv in this Issuu
tbat this undertaking is steadily extending its territory and lias I y no
means attained the boundary • t its
ambitions. Within a few uuys iou-
ncctiou with the Alticita system will
be un accomplished fact and I hen
attention is to he tinned lo the intension of its WTstein field. Direct
J8.ll) \e |1}M -tironods H-U* uouaauuoa
be secured, then steps will bo taken
to link up Civslon and, in due
course, to connect with the citv "f
Nelson. In au interview I'rr mL-til
Beattie, of the Kootenay Volephono
Lines, intimates that early steps
will be taken to secure connection
with Creston and he ecrtainlv advances the best of reasons whv the
Creston people should Ih- ready, even
al some slight Bacrlfioc, to secure
connection with tho K.T.L., as tbey
thereby secure connection with the
Alberta system, an invaluable one to
ibe fruit growers of ihat locality.
If vou are suffering from bllHous-
iicss, constipation, indigestion,
chronic headache, invest one cent in a
postal curd, send to Chamberlain
Medicine Co., Des Moines, lowa,
witb your name aud address plainly
on the back, and tbey will forward
vou a free sample ot Chamberlaiiijs
Stomach ami Liver Tablets. Sold
bv all druggists and dealers.
Ottawa, Nov. 30,—Alter a debate
which lasted from shortly after 3
o'clock in the afternoon until atter
11 at night Uic second reading of
Hon. W. S. Fielding's bill respecting
the supplementary convention !«'-
I ween Canada ami France was carried iu the commons by a vote of
HI7 to 33. This means that thc
trade convention with France is one
step nearer reality aud that the
light as tar as thc commons
is      concerned is        practically
over. After        the vote
was taken thu bill was put through
committee and stands for third reading.
FrtHlcriekm, N. H., Dec. 1.—lion.
Charles Burpee, late senator and for
twenty years representative of Sun-
bury county in the house ot commons, is dead, aged D2, Ile is si'i'-
vived by two sons.
The famous aud universally popular cartoonist aud entertainer Beii-
gougb is making a final tour ot the
west and will be in the Auditorium
on Wednesday night, December lfith,
Mr. Hengough is giving his entertainment in Nelson under the auspices of
the Hoard of Education and will appear in Cranbrook under thc auspices
of the managers of the Presbyterian
church. There is no bettor tunic fur
a person, young or old, than au
evening's rollicking fun and high
class humor tbat hurts tho feelings
of no one and leaves no bad taste in
tlie mouth. The men who are bringing Hengough here believe in encour-
aaing high-class amusement and it
is hoped that all who like sparkling
wit and are fond of music will take
advantage of this opportunity to
hear the famous Hengough.
Reserve the 15th for Hengough.
Many persons find themselves affected with a persistent cough alter
au attack of influenza. As this
cough can be promptly cured hy the
use ot Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,
it should not be allowed to run on
until it becomes troublesome. Sold
bv all druggists and dealers.
'     ■   ♦	
A junior game of basket ball will
be played on Friday night next at
7.30. Admission tree. A senior
game will follow. All who are
interested in the gym and want a
pleasant hour should come along on
Sneak thieves have again made
their appearand' in the gymnasium,
a new punching bag only put in position tor a few hours was deliberately
stolen from the premises. A reward will be paid to any one who
can lead to tlie conviction of the
offender. None will be allowed on
the floor of the gym this winter who
have not paid their subscriptions.
The reading room is free, and all
ire welcomed there, but no exceptions will be made regarding the use
ot the gym floor. 1'ay vour share
will be   "
The homo of II. A. McBnrney was
on Wednesday morning the scene of a
quid bill pretty Wedding, when It.
T. Tiilin, conductor, of this city,
was united in marriage with Miss
Johanna W. Uerlnger, of Nelson, by
Kev. C. 0. Main. Mr. and Mrs. F.
Urower, ol Lctlibiidge, stood up with
the happy couple. Mr. and Mrs.
Tiilin will reside iu the Mcllurney
home for three months, during the
absence of Mr. and Mrs. McHuruey in
tbe easl.
A sprained ankle will usually disable the Injured person tor three or
four weeks. Tbis is due to lack til
proper licatment. When Chamberlain's Liniment is applied a cure
mav be effected in three or tour days.
This liniment is one of tbe best and
most remarkable preparations in use.
Sold by all druggists and dealers.
December 5th.
Special children's service at 11.
Roys and gills are invited to be present, and to bring their Bibles with
The Sacrament of thc Lord's Supper will be administered after tho
morning service. Members and
friends arc requested to take note,
and do their best to be in attendance.
Sunday school and Bible classes at
3. Children going to no other
school will be welcomed.
League prayer service at 7. Evening service at 7.30. Subject: "Jesus
Stills the Storm," Bright and
cheerful singing by congregation and
choir. To those who spend their
Sundav around the hotel, or in the
home, a very hearty invitation is
given to attend this service.
Tuesday—Epworth League consec-
laliou meeting at 8. New members will be received. Sunday
school committee will meet atter.
Thursday—Prayer service at 8.
Friday—Choir will practice at 8.
The Christmas tree and entertainment will be held on Monday, December 27th, at 7.3«.
the ruh
r keep off   the (lour <
this winter.
The Hortcnse Nielson eompanv appeared at the Auditorium last Friday ami Saturday in "Magda" and
"A Doll's House," and fullv sustained the claim made, that it is one of
the best all round companies louring
im country. Miss Nielson is an
actress of splendid ability, and in tlie
difficult part of Magda, in which
there is such scope for dramatic rendering, trom comedy to thc intensely
tragic, she played her part tn perfection. Mr. Norval MacGregor
and Walter Leonard arc gentlemen
who thoroughly understand their
business, ami the play was a
treat to the people of Cranbrook.
Saturday's play "A Doll's House,"
was also well rendered. The subject
ttf this drama, the awakening of a
child's soul to the realities of life,
somewhat difficult one to
handle, but the versatile ability of
Miss Nielson kept the audience interested to the end, and was a
splendid tribute to her ability i-s an
Baptist church, Rev. Chas. W.
King, pastor. Services, morning, U
a.m.; evening, 7.30 p.m., Bible class,
3 p.m. Subject ot morning address,
"The Pavilion of thc Lord of
Hosts." Evening subject, "A
Victorious Failure." The ordinance of the Lord's Supper at the
Rev. o. Kerby, H.A., of Calgary,
Alta., preached the opening sermons
in the new Methodist church on Sunday last. A great banquet followed
ou Monday. At the public meeting
a good concert was presented, and
addresses were delivered by ministers
in the district. One thousand dollars will lie the result of tbe two
days' effort. Thc buildings are well
equipped for soeial work, and will
cost in the neighborhood of $16,000.
This is very good advice, hut
there are very few Cranbrook
Merchants who are satisfied that
their store is adequately lighted
at a reasonable cost. We are
happy in the knowledge that
We have the best illuminated store in the
Ami we also know that a merchant with a well lighted store
does double the bin-hut-** of the
merchant in lie inferior lighted
Watch  our Store on a
Saturday Night
Wu are using thu
"Reliable"   Gasoline
There nre a thniiNnml and oue
diffeienl gaBoltnellgtitliigtyi-temN
but puHi records show Unit the
"Reliable" Is lhu only sat is-
factoiy i<yfti in.
Compare   the   following
facts with your yearly
lighting expense
We have five 000 c.p. lampp.
We have uned only 8 mantle? in
the past 11! months.
Our system is run on an 81b.
1'ii'ing the winter months we
hurii   \i   gnllon   gasoline  per
week—30 cents.
We will install the system
at $15.00 per light and
$15.00 for tank, and
Guarantee   Satisfaction.
We Lead the Way in Clothing
Our sale, of
20th Century
have been greater  than  over this
We havo just received another
consignment of these famous clothes.
Come and Let us Show
Them to You
If you are not already a wearer
of ;this brand of clothing we cun
convince you that you should get n
suit right now.
The Dancing and Entertainment
Season has started, and you are, no
doubt, requiring a new
We have a number of the very latent
in stock.
We  are   Sole  Agents iu this District for THE  WALK-OVER  SHOE ami THE
ASTORIA SHOE.   H you require a fine shoe you cannot beat these two lines.
If you contemplate buying a
Trunk or Suit Case for personal use
or as a Xnms Present we are in a good position to supply you.
We have just received half a car load and are able to oiler them at prices which cannot be
approached in the district.
In Trunks our prices range from $3.00 to $22.00; whilst
we can shew you Suit Cases from $2.00 to $18.00
Enroll. Av. dally
Dlv. 7 Miss Crando.il  13       9.56
Div. li Miss Frascr 73     48.80
Div. 5 Miss Hall  54,     39.52
Dlv. 1 Miss Stewart  51     40,88
Div. 3 Miss Alward    37     27.61
Div. 2 Miss Caldwell  46     38.38
Div. 1 1.. .1.  Cranston ....33     25.66
Total enrollment  307
Total   average      daily    attendance
Examinations will lw hold in all
divisions (hiring December.
Result* ot examinations in entrance
class it order ol merit.
IA. or over 83 per cent:
lleiila Sttiart.
ID. or over 67 per cent:
Florence Wood.
Raymond Armstrong.
David Simpson.
Olive White.
Lillian McCowan.
Second class or over 50 per cent:
Willrid l>.fllas.
Hilly Hrownlee.
HacliHfl Hnrdgctt.
Sadie aillis.
Ctinrlie Morrison.
Hattle Buroh.
Mamie Mackay.
■loslc Drummond.
Sydney Elmer.
Orville Dow.
Frank Crvderman.
I   have ten two room shacks   lor
rent   near the  C.P.R. Ireigtrt sheds;
now ready; furnished or untumished.
12-11 W. R. Beatty.
The Knox Olrls' club, o( the Presbyterian church, will give a concert
on the 2nd ol December. There will
be recitations, dialogues, choruses,
solos and drills by the club, and the
entertainment will ho one that every
hodv in Cranhrook should attend, as it
will lie pleasing In every respect and
is given for a purpose that commends thc object to the people ol
the community. The ladles have
worked hard and the people should
assist them in every way possible.
Hardware Cranbrook, B.C.
Lite and Fire Insurance • Real Kitale
Office—Up stairs over Barns' Dry
Goods Store
Come In and let me quote you rates
Xmas toys.—C. O. S.
Talking Shoes
We have heard a great deal about talking
machines, but who ever heard about TALKING
Shoes. Yet we want to tell you that every pair ol
shoes that leaves our store is continually proclaiming the merits of our goods. They are the most
effective talkers. This is a continual occurence for a
customer to come and ask for shoes like their
neighbor got or a pair like the last ones they got
here. "They were the most comfortable shoes I
have worn for a long time and I want another
pair," is what they say.
Our Fall Lines of Ladies' and Mens' are the
newest designs and perfect styles.
ESTAnusilEP iser
b. b. walker, president I Paid-un Capital, $10,000,000
AIIXAHDER IAIRD, General Manajor j Reserve Fuild,   -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in tlic United States and England
Deposits of $1 ami upwards nro received and interest allowed at current
rales.    Accounts may Ue opened in the names of two or
more persons and withdrawals made by any
one of them or by the survivor. 124
R. T. Brymncr, riaiiagcr Cranbrook Branch
lmnr|iimitr.l  I860
Head Office: Montreal, Quebec
CAPITAL PAID UP - - $ 4,700,000
RESERVE .... 5,400,000
TOTAL ASSETS   -      -      -      55,000,000
11. I.. llol.T, President
E. L. PGASG, Qeiyiral Manager
Accounts of Firms, Corporations ntul Individuals
Out-of-town business reooives every attention.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.-Deposits of $1.00 nnd
upwards reooived nml interost allowed nt current rate.
No formality or doluy in withdrawing,'
A General Banking business transacted.
Cranbrook Branch: W. A. SCHWARTZ, Mgr.
240   ACRES
1 mile from Post Office, school ntul store
40 acres In Timothy and Irrigation.
100 acre* level land, easily cleared.
Balance somewhat rolling.
A large never failing creek on farm nnd 100 inches of
wnter ritrltt goes witli the hind. Frnme house nnd stable,
liny sheds nnd granary, 350,000 feet of timber.
il large work horses mul one yearling, 1") head of cattle,
mower, rake, plow ntul hurrowB. buggy, cutter, wagon and
harness, forks, etc., goes with fnrnt.
PRICE-ONLY JB.500.00 for lhe farm, stock and
Call on us for bargains in farm land.
Fred A. Russell A Co.
Next door to P. Woods' Meat Market
*********** ************
Santa Claus Has Delivered
of ideal presents at our store mul
now  only  ".uHb lor tnum'H ami
addresses to deliver.   :   :   ;   :   :
Call early tn ensure thc best selectinn
|i%^ija#iX-|HH |0ur Prices will compete wilh any
LrMHia'-HL-A.! j Catalogue
O.l'.lt. Watch Inspootota Oranbrook, B.C.
Our Seventh Xmas Anniversary
Thin ie tinr Seventh Xmas Anniversary in Cnuilnook,
mul wa li.ivn made bigger preparations ilmu ever to
supply tlic .It'w-Iiy m«il-- nf ihis district Those who
have Been our Htock pronounce it tho boBl we linvo evor
ihowo before, Wo Imve gifts to Bull evory purae, but a
pruoul does uot necessarily inenn tlie expenditure ot n
laige amount of rooney-
Uaftuty nml utility, ratlior tlian display, characterise
tbo ideal gift- nnd almost countless aio tno number of
inexpensive, yet nrtlBtto gifts to bo soon ai this store,
Cull boforo tliey nro nil picked over.
Jeweler  and
Graduate   Optician
»♦♦♦♦♦♦ •>♦♦♦ W-WWH H-HW-HWH-H-HH
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦-^♦*
I Look at this=F0R SALE
; Hot ahd Cold Water, Bath, Electric Light, Septic
Tank, Stone Foundation.
Only recently built.   In splendid locaticn.
Must be sold at once.
Price   $3*500
Terms can bu arranged.       Apply ut once to
B. C.
where   you   can
select     suitable
The Tobacconist*
CRANBROOK,   -   -   B. C.
We havo only ton U'ft. and to
guarantee a speedy clearance of
those, wo havo marked them down
to prices which will astonish you.
J. II. McMuIlin, inspector of nro-
vincial police, came in from Fernie
yesterday and   left (or Nelson today.
Mrs. T. C. Phillip will receive on
tlic lirst Friday in future.
WANTEIV- Good general servant..
Highest wages paid. Applv P. O.
Box 1.    she '     12-tI
Judge Wilson left tor* Golden this
afternoon, where lie will hold court
on Saturday.
Toys.—C. C. S.
W. B. Anderson has returnod to the
city and will be found in his old
place with Raworth Bros.
Toys,—C, C. S.
.1. P. A rend t, ot thc Kast Kootc-
ucy Lumber company's staff, .lafTray,
was in   thc city Tuesday.
Toys.—C. Q, S.
Frank Angers and George Plourde
aie enjoying a few days hunting
In the vicinity of Baker mountain.
Toys.—p. C. S.
It, Forrest, of Glasgow, Scotland,
registered at the Cranhiook hot-el on
Toys.-C. C. S.
P . Lund, manager of the Crows
Nest. Pass Lumber company, was in
town last Monday.
Xmas toys.—c. t'. s.
A. Carney, provincial timber inspector, returned to town from Ferule today.
Xmas toys.—C. C. S.
The regular monthly meeting of the
city council will be held on Friday
evening next.
Xmas toys.—C, C. S.
Customs collections for tlic month
of November, $4875.30; inland revenue, $2506.05,
Xmas toys.—C. C. S.
Horn—At Cranbrook, B. ('., on Friday, November 20th, l»(W, to Mr.
and Mrs. William C. Marshall, a
A big stock ot Xmas confectionery
arriving.—Campbell & Manning.
Dressed dolls, 75c,—C. C, S.
Voung man, if it is a present you
want for your sister or anybody else's
sister, we havo thc necessary.—W'l-
son, tlic jeweler.
Dressed dolls, 75c,-C. C. S.
On Thursday last daughters were
horn to the families of II. M. Bur-
dette, of Moyie, and of .lohn Hanson, of Wardner.
Dressed dolls, 75c—C. C. S.
N. Hanson, of Wasa, better known
as Governor Hanson, was In the city
on Saturday. Mr. Hanson is taking
a few days vacation and left on
Sunday for Calgary.
Dressed dolls, 75c.-C. C. S.
Hot house lettuce, radishes, celery
and parsley.—Campbell & Manning.
Harric Pettit, who is now running
as conductor out of Macleod, and is
an old time resident ot ('ranhrook,
was shaking hands with his many
friends in   this city last Mondav.
Itev. R. Hughes was in Fernie on
Monday attending the opening ceremonies in connection with tlic Methodist church in that city.
"Willow' china in tea sets and separate pieces at the Fink Mercantile
Dressed dolls, 75c—C. C. S.
It looks like a three-cornered
mayoralty contest in Nelson, with
II. Sclous, thc present incumbent,
Wm. Waldie and G. W. Hale as the
[■audi dates,
Mechanical toys, 35c,—C, C, S.
Thc court of revision for the city
voters' list will be held on December
10th. The city voters' list is now
closed, many new names having
been added.
Mechanical toys, 35c—C, C. S.
Sweet cider at Campbell A: Manning's.
Tho Knox Girls' club give a concert this evening in the Presbyterian
church. A good program has been
provided and there will doubtless be
a large turnout.
Mechanical toys, 85c—C, C. S.
Uo your Christmas shopping early.
It will pay you and will lighten tlic
inevitably heavy burden of the sea-
sou's work for the storekeepers and
their assistants.
Mechanical toys, 35c—C, C. S.
Judging from the number of tickets
sold .within thc past few days,
quite *a number of Cranbrook people
and residents iu this vicinity, purpose spending thc Christinas holidays
in the old country. Upwards of
forty   tickets have so far been sold.
Mechanical toys, 35c—C. C. S.
Commencing next Tuesday evening
ami until the end of the month the
C.P.B. ticket ollice at the depot
will hi kept open from 7.15 until H
p.m. for the convenience of those
seeking information re holiday ex cur
sion rates.
Train aud track, 75c—C. C. S.
The Cranbrook city band will give
a concert and dance in the Auditorium on Tuesday evening next. Need
less to say nothing will be left undone to make this entertainment enjoyable in every respect and it is nn-
ticlpated tbat ' there will he a large
Train and track, 75c—C. C. S,
Sweet cider at Campbell & Manning's.
Dr. Bell, veterinary surgeon, ie-
turued yesterday from un ollicial
visit to Michel, whore there has been
a bad outbreak of inlhien/.a among
the colliery horses. Everything possible is being done to care for 'he
Train and track, 75c—C. C. S.
William Taylor, who lias been clerk
at the Royal hotel durlne the past
month, returns to his home in
Creston this week. Mr. Taylor will
be missed hv his manv friends in
this eity.
The steam fixtures for the new public school have arrived.
On and after this date (Nov. 2!))
until further notice all monies due me
from rents, or any other service,
must be paid to me direct.—W. 11.
Beatty. !2-2t
Finest eating and cooking apples in
tbe city at J, Manning's, the Cash
Thc sale of work held by the
.Salvation Army in their new
barracks on Hanson avenue proved
to be a decided success both financially and socially. The officers in
charge of the local corps nre very
much encouraged hv the increased
interest shown and report verv favorably on   the state of   the work.
Train ami track, 75c—C. c. s.
Our beef is strictly fresh.—P.
Woods A Co.
Miuli'of ilffooil Melton
Siy.u 88
t'sitnl |irii'0 t-ri.OO
X The Cranbrook  Agency Co.
BOX ____!   H<tat*. Insurance,  Employment Photw
Customs   Brokers. '-""'
Premier MeBride bas lutil it Landslide !>ttt lie liiis'nt sub-
divided it yet.   It is going to come however,but we don't
advise you to wait fur Hint us it is only for tlie few.
Let us show you
what litis already been placed ou the market in the line of
X   Residential   Property and   Fruit   Lands
X W'XRD & I ITTI F BAKER  street
I    VV .-\nu OtUl   I l---i CRANBROOK.B.C
********************** *********************%
"Billiken's SrniF33
The Smile that won't eome oil'.      Look in my window
where he is ou exhibition and see whut he says ubottt
A.   L.   McDERMOT
Wholesale  Wine   Merchant
Phone 17
Cranbrook, B. C.
>C (Jold Standard     ,,
Teas and Coffees   ''
Smartly   trimmed    with
Braid on Ooat and Skirl.
Sine III.
Usual prion $2(1.00
REDUCED TO  ■    $18.75
AT $21.00 EACH
In colors—Grey tun! Navy
SIzob M, 80 anil 40
no two alike
Usual prices wore J27.00
anil flHM
NOW  -  $21.00  ■  EACH
Coat Lined with Skinner's
Bust Satin.
Long Stylish Coat.
Size BO
Regular $85.00
REDUCED TO   ■   $23.50
S-ize -HI
Usual price $:'!> 50
Iiiiicil with Skinner's b< bt
guaranteed Satin.
Ono of tho finest fitting and most
Stylish Suits wo Imve
ever shown.
Regular price $JJ5,00
SALE PRICE    ■   $25.00
Pit HI years
Color—Navy Blue
Regular prim $15.00
********************** **********************
Tho   meeting    uu Tuesday  <■ ■■ nil.
next at   the Cranbrouk hotel to . ;■
ganize a lioekcv team   sl oulil
tended by all lovers ur Una -  1.1
sport.    Cranbrook   will -:..-. :.
• 11  tt!
lion to train a t) li
bono!  ta Uic city.
Train and track, 75c—C. C, s.
Active steps arc being takci
still further tact-cast, tbe w
spread circulation of the Cranbr
Herald. Skilled canvassers will be
placed in the field throughout the
surfoundlng districts. Merchants
alive to their own interests will take
advantage ol thc Ih raid' - ii■- sing
circulation to reap a share ol the
business by increasing their advertising appropriations.
Watch our window for a display ol
turkeys and all kinds ol Christmas
meats.—1*. Woods -.v. Co.
Don't lorget, if it is a peari pendant, a watch, a diamond pin or any
article in the jewelry line, we have
thc assortment and tlie large eity
stores have no advantage over us,
only in unnecessary duplication —
Wilson, the jeweler."
Ladles and gents tailoring.—Dave
Small -S; Co.
Ou Friday evening, at the Cranhrook hotel, a complimentary supper
will be extended to Mr. F. E. Simpson and Mr. Geo. T. Rogers h\
the Cranhrook hoard of trade, i the
eve uf their leaving the
city. Mr. Simpson is
president of the hoard of
trade and Mr. Rogers is a member ol the executive, both have been
good citizens and have done their
tilnosl to advance the interests ol
the city, so that this farewell banquet will undoubtedly be numerously
attended. Mr. C. li. Allison i-. acting as secretary.
English   Stilton   cheese   al  Fh
Pure Food Grocery.
Thc Herald acknowledges the receipt of ii really sumptuous advertising pamphlet issued hy the Fernie
District Ledger, entitled, "['ionics*
sive Pernio. This little work reflects the verv greatest credit upon
thc publishers. It is excellent, huth
as regards letterpress and illustrations, giving a splendid idea ol the
rapid Improvements made In the
u>;tl city since the disastrous fire uf
eoal city since   the disastrous fire ol
The Fink Mercantile Co,   havo reived  their advance shipment--;      oj
new Xmas tail to.    See , samph-s   in
Pure Food On rcry window,
WANTED-A nurse girl. Applj
si Mrs. F. W. Green. 80--3t
i'i.t Sask Vila grates are made of
■■ii., itcel. Do you realize thai tbli
means ihal their tensile strength is
'!> pel ci nt greater ami they will
stand 000 degrees more heat than
the   ordiiniiv cast Iron crates.—Pat-
 e Bros.
New SiiHtna figs at Fink's Pure
Food Grocery.
Time to think about that Xmas
present fur Hie lady of the house.
Could you think of anything better
than one ot our labor savin? new
"SASK-ALTA" Ranges? It would
give her lastinp satisfaction fur many
returns of the day.—Pat more Bros.
Imperial   cluster raisins-at -Fink's
Pure Fui«l Grocery.
FOR SALE—Good driving team,
between ii and fi years old, and a
brand new Democrat. Cheap for
cash. Address Box* 70, Herald (>(-.
fice. '12-11
Malaga grapes at Campbell -Si
WANTED—South African scilp.
Highest cash price paid. Wiito or
wire General Securities Company,
Limited, 821 Homer Street, Vancouver, ll. C, 42-flt
Malaga grapes at Campbell A
:   The greatest danger from influenza
tis of its resulting in pneumonia. This
can [>■■ obviated by using Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, as if not only
: cures influenza, but counteracts any
tendency    of     the disease     towards
I pneumonia.       Sold-liy   all druggists
[and dealers.
Ladies! We want you to sec     our
stock of  Xmas fruits before    making
I your    purchases for "The Cake"    ol
[ the year.—Fink Mercantile Co.
! The F'l;* Mercantile Co.thave re-
ceived an   Import  shipment-*of white
:«_:..! gold china and will sell it iu
E4' * oc separate pieces.
Walter Fenty, alias Stewart, alias
Sfrnms, who saw service with the
Cameron Highlanders In the old
country, simply looted the bunk-
boiuse opposite the livery barn ol
■ i. Kenny on Tuesday evening. He
must, apparently, have made a ser-
les i I trips to the place, judging by
the amount of stuff he got away
with. The plunder consisted ' of
sbcepsbin-lined coats, rubbers, ' un-
derclotbtog, shirts, boots, razors and
a qusntoty ol other things. His
booty covered two tables in the -police tuurt when the matter came
to be dealt with the day after
the robbery was committed. When
arrested by Constable Adams. Fenty
had the razors in his possession and
the : * of the stolen property was
found to have been sold.
On coming before Police Magis-
t rate Ryan, Fenty consented to
be tried summarily rn that court
and pleaded guilty to the charge ot
stealing the goods which lietongud to
Ed. Gascoyne and other employes of
Mr. Kenny. Fenty excused himself
to Ktme extent by saying he was
nnd-;-: the Influence of dunk at the
time of   the robbery.   .
']-.., magistrate said that a number
ol those thefts had been reported to
the police, and it was about lime
ihal an example should be made in
ordei iu deter others frum repeating
the offence, accordingly the prisoner
waa sentenced to a ' term of 12
rhonths in Nelson Jail.
(Form F.)
TAKE NOTICE that I. John G*.
('winnings, F.M.C. No. 634350, acting as agent fur .1. C. Hooker, F.M.
C. No. HiGi:., and Joseph IL Wright.
Free Miner's Certificate No. B64H,
intend, sixty days from date hereof,
to at»'dv to'the Mining Recorder for
Certificates ol Improvements, for the
putiKjse of obtaining' Crown Grants
uf the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 'i'i, must lie'commenced before the issuance of such
Certificate ol Improvements.
Dated this lfith dav of September,
A.D. 1909.
HMU-* J. G. Cummings.
If you   want   satisfaction    with
your washing- send
it to
Special prices foraiuily woilt. THE   CHAIN HOOK   HERALD
• i
■ i
ii   East Kootenay Bottling Co.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Carbonated Beverages.
There are others, but! I
PHONE 73 ''• <>• »'>■** 8U1
' ********************************************
To my Customers:
Get your supplies ior Sunday belore closing
time Saturdays. Don't be misled by the deliberate
LIE publisned in the Searchlight, you Cannot drink
at the Cosmopolitan Bar on Sunday.
li you stop here once
you will look for
the 'bus when you
visit Calgary again.
g Canadian Hotel |
One of the pioneer hotels of Cranbrook. Warm rooms, good meals
and a bar stocked with the best
| Joseph Brault,  Proprietor
The East Kootenay Investment Co.
P. 0. Box 46.      CRANBROOK B. C.
Phone 139.
If you wish to  dispose of your
property, list it with us.
If you wish to purchase property
call on us.
We do the Real Estate Business
of the district.
*     Now MiiuimciitiMit
Improved in Every Wuy     .>
Cranbrook,   B. C.
| Our Motto : " The Beat ia None Too Good."
______*%_______________*_____________________• __________*___**, ___________ ■*•
Manitoba Hotel
Headquarters for
The Manitoba in centrally Iwatnl and haa one ot the hest dlnlngrooml
in the city.   The liar it supplied with tha bait ol Liquors and Cigars
Rambling_ Reveries
All day tlif busy feel have trod the
Harden paths; all day the merry
voice has echoed through the rooms;
1ml now, when twilight is deepening
into night, and tlie lamps ol heaven
are being lighted, the noisy leet
grow still, the childish voice is
hns'lied to the low-breathing of tlie
evening prayer, and as the blown
head sinks wearily to rest upon its
pillow the nil lips murmur faintly,
"So tired."
Ah, tired one, uflimes thy leet will
(alter and grow weary ere they
reach lbe prime ol manhood; and lo
then will eome hours when not as
now the innocent sleep ol childhood
will bring thee reat.
Often Irom other lips than childish
ones has escaped a sigh, the burden
ol whieh lias lieen "So tired!'
Eagerly we toil lor an independence
whieh some day in tbe lar-of! future is to bring us rest; but
night alter night wc laid our weary
heads upon our pillows, wc are still
looking forward, still unsatisfied;
and thus 11 will ever be wilh us till
lhe Master calls. Sometimes ambition is the guiding star luring us
onward to (he temple ol lame. Uut
thr path is a thorny one; tlic footsteps [alter; Ihe brain grows di/.zy;
and (rom lhe heart goes forth tlie
cry, "So tired!" Yet temptingly a
siren voice whispers of glory, and of
rest, anil again the leet press lor-
wanl, till the goal is reached. But
alas! [or (he rest whieh ambition
lirings- Too olten with the cup
ol glory is mingled Hie poison ol
envy, and again is heard Ihe hitter
cry; "So tired!" 'Tis (bus we
all weary. Anil vet we would not
fold our hands in idleness, because
perchance, wc mav sometimes grow
good "faint with tlie burden nnd heat
ol tlie dav." To us has been given
a glorious privilege to press onward
in Ihe battle ot life, and il our
chosen path lie that ol truth and
right tlie assurance ot well-doing
will be our sweet reward when,
bv-and-hy. wc shall partake ol that
jov and peace ol which the blessed
never tire.
After a   woman    is   married   she
sometimes wishes she had hung up
horseshoe instead of a mistletoe.
If wc were asked a recipe lor cheerfulness, wc would say, humbly enjoy
tlie good gifts of Ood, love those
around you tenderly, realize tbat
amiability is a binding virtue, and
that wc arc bound to difluse joy
aroud us in our homes. But there
is just one more item in our prescription: wc must be willing to unbend, even to stoop to a little harmless folly. A love lor animals will
encourage this; the very presence of
these true but unassuming friends
will do our hearts good. Wc may
talk nonsense to them; they introduce an clement ol intellectual repose. Dogs, cats, horses, poultry,
arc so many contributions to the
gaiety and simplicity ol our daily
liic. Wc cannot enjoy them without
loving them. Wc are not going to
enter into the ranks of those who
contend that they have souls; still
wc hope our readers hold In equal
abhorrence with ourselves the systems ot Descartes and Malebranehe,
which would make them out to be
mere machines. We have but to
contemplate the dog that follows
us, watches our homes, shares our
fatigues and perils voluntarily, either
to sink at our side, or perhaps follow us to thc grave and die there, to
reply to thc theory of mere mechanism. Animals arc, in some sort,
members ot thc family. They arc
the friends ol young and old, and
old and young alike enjoy and benelit
hy their gleeful, Irrational society.
There is only a card in thc envelope that a friend sends us—a little
card edged with black, and bearing a
lew sad words, saddest of which is
"died." Only a card, but two
lond hearts have wept over It, and it
has eome to us the message ol
stirrow. Only a card, ai much white
as black, possibly a little more. It
is fitting so. It was a pure spirit
that winged its way heavenward
when this little bud was plucked on
earth to bloom In heaven; a pure
spirit, white and unsullied. The
black shadow ol grief should seem
less to us than thc sweet purity
which will now never be tarnished.
Only a lew days upon earth. .Iust a
little workday week of Iile, with no
strength for labor, and then a Sabbath at its ending that shall know
no end lorever and forever. Only a
narrow edging ol black; for could
such a little being cast a broad
shadow hack as it went sunward?
"Ah, yes, It might," thc heart says,
until it stops a moment to remem-
dor. Remembering, it hears the
echo ol a sweet word long since uttered: "Sufler little children to conic
unto mc," and thc shadow lessens,
lessens, until wc see It not at all,
hut look straight on to the brightness that shall never grow dim.
"Slider Hide children;" not lead
Ihem, nol carry them, only sufler
tbem. Then they must want to go.
And do they not" Standing so
near thc "pearly gates" as they do,
who can tell what music they hear,
what balmy airs blow on them? It
is easy for them to slip away Irom
lbe loving arms here to thc loving
arms there. Easy tor them, but so
hard lor us! So hard! We cannot
sec them as they go, tor the weeping;
but wc know they arc gone by the
dull pain In our arms that clasp
nothing. "Died!" How many
hearts will echo it sadly and with
tears! Many children are leaving
us weekly, finishing their short
weeks ol life and entering on the
Sabbaths never ending. A tender
good-bye to them all—a tender handclasp lor all who weep their loss.
Losing is thc common lot, and weeping the heritage of humanity; but
the losing and tho weeping will end
finally in finding and joy. Those of
our renders who stili have an unbroken family circle cannot value the
prize too highly.
You will buy "The Traveller" shoe thi_
year because you will hear about it—hear it
often—hear of it from the makers, and they
know everything that is in it, from the last
touch of the outsole to the top of the uppers.
You will hear of it from the dealer, and he knows
"The Traveller " shoe from what his customers
tell him, and you'll buy it again because your
own judgment will tell you it's a different shoe
—a better shoe-a shoe that not only fits, but
always stays fitted, because the unseen parts
nre built on honor-there is no "sham" in
"Thc Traveller'' shoe. Remember they'll fit—
we have a last for most everybody.
OppoHltA C.I'.K. Station
TIIE    PLACE     TO      OET    A
l'losjH'itins tlirouKliout Idaho art*
preparing (ot a spring rush to the
lltuiicau country, a somewhat isolat-
eii ilistriet where one of thu famous
"lost mints" ot the west has just
been re-located.
For 31) yvars Ihere has been a tradition of a sheepherder who came to
civilization with samples of quart?,
yellow with free gold and told his
friends of a great ledge from which
this sample was taken. Starting
back, at once, he disappeared ami was
never heard of again.
The finding of a skeleton recently in
tiie region where the sheepherder was
located caused a revival of the story
and a renewed search for the storied
ledge. The search is said to have
hei-n successful. D. A. Bourne, one
of lhe pioneer discoverers, has returned from thr Hruneau and gives details of thc developments there. Ho
says the ore is a telluride and carries
values as high as $80,000 to the ton,
that the smallest return from a ran-
ilotn sample was $80 a ton and thuro
is in sight on the surface ore to thc
value of $I,7nO,(>00. It can be quarried like building stone, the prns|iec-
tor declares. His statement follows:
"The Lost Sheepherder's mine was
talked of and generally counted upon
for 30 years prior to my discovery. I
heard about it myself and looked
upon the story as one of those yarns
that a mining
to hearing. That such a mine existed
I was not so sure, but I knew if it
did exist it could not possibly be as
rich as the yarn would indicate. In
tlie fall of last year I decided to
leave Ely and do a little prospecting.
I had no particular point in Nevada in
view, but just struck out ot the hills
iti the general direction of thc country where tlie mysterious mine was
supposed to be. I came in through
what is known as Duck valley bv the
way of Three creek-
"I followed aloug the contact for
lib miles hefore I reached tlie lost
mine. The surface indications looked very encouraging, and I had a notion that, it might be possible to
discover the much discussed property,
if, Indeed, there were such. Nine
miles from where the best showings
are today I found cold. All this
time I had been panning along the
creek, with varied success. When,
however, I did discover the yellow
metal the rest was easy, as every
place along the outcroppings that I
sampled showed gold.
"One day while prospecting along
the country I came across the skeleton of a man and near by a shovel
handle. I thought then that I had
surely discovered the lost mine, and
that' the charred bones before me
were those of tlie mysterious sheep-
herder, whose reports were so vague
but who brought out some of tlte
finest appearing rock that thc natives
had ever seen.
"The property was really discovered by me on November 17, 1908, and
the first any one besides myself knew
.bout it was on the 14th of October
this year, wbtii I went to Hruneau
and told the people what was up
there. I knew then I -had thc ore
and I was satisfied that it was the
greatest bonanza ever unearthed In
the west. To tell one what is there
is useless, for the average man woiild
not believe it, so great is the whole
"The North Star claims are located
about 100 miles due south from
Hruneau, at Jawhridge, almost at
the headwaters of the Hruneau river.
The first thing we intend to do is to
build a Ill-stamp mill, which will
treat about 50 tons of ore a day.
This will be possible, because the ore
a free-milling ami will be very easy
o handle.
"The extent ol the vein of out-
Toppings is not yet known. I know
that for 1400 feet I have followed it
ami at no place was it less than -10
feet in width and some places much
wider. 1 have not been able to find
'be foot or hanging wnll ami one of
the most remarkable features about
it is that vou ean not dig into the
hill at any one place and not (ind
raying dirt. I feel that 1 am about
as conservative as any of the men
who have seen the district. Tliey atl
say it is almost too hlg to grasp. 1
now that it is big, and when we
start treating the ore the world will
"1 have been with the hest samplers and engineers who flocked to the
countrv when the reports were circulated around and wc sampled every
place along the outcroppings. We
sampled in places where wc believed
positively that there was no mineral
and the lowest assay we could get
was $86.
"We got to figuring hefore I left
and wc just said, tor example, that
the ore would run only $20 to the
ton on the average. At that figure
—and it is many times higher, we
know—there is now in actual sight
and with little mining fl,750,000; in
fact, to speak conservatively, tliere
are millions of dollars in sight.
"There are about 300 people there
now and in the spring I look to see
thousands there. Log houses and
tents are springing up everywhere
and tliere seems to be more excitement than I have ever seen or heard
of. We will not work manv men
this winter. It is not necessarv. We
ean get out all   the ore tht mill ean
The question of whether or not a
game of blackjack, when played between a party of friends, is a gambling game in the eyes of thc law, is
to be determined sometime between
now and next Saturday by Magistrate Williams. Police constables
about 5 o'clock on Thursday morning
found several men playing blackjack
in the Ituss hotel and this morning
the proprietors, Johnston it I'allan,
were summoned to police court.
Mr. .1. A. Russell, their counsel,
contended that iu a friendly game
of blackjack the chances are equal,
there is no banker in a legal sense
and the "house" profits nothing.
City Prosecutor Kennedy claimed
that the ease had already been decided and that there was a banker, each
man turning a blackjack being hanker in the sight ot tlie law and that
the deal did not pass around Irom
player to player, but was determined
by chance.
Magistrate Williams will study lho
authorities, Thc eity bylaw regulating hotels is against allowing any
gambling game ou hotel premises.
treat icadilv. All the mill maehin-
ry has been purchased and thc teams
Another thing which makes the
property so valuable is that the ore
is what is known as tellurium. It is
the black ore and the easiest aud
best to mill. I look t-o sec much activity inthe district in the spring and
1 heard a few days ago that the road
from Hub! to .lawbridge, which is hern built bv the Twin Palls Commercial club, will be finished in the
The management of the Crinbrook
gvmnasium has completed arrangements with Mr. W. A. Milne, of
Chicago, to present, under iheir
auspices, his well known fairy spectacle, "The Pixies." It will be
given at the Auditorium on Friday
and Saturday, December 17th and
18th, with a cast ot one hundred and
fifty young ladies and children. Forty
boys,' in grotesque costuming, will
represent pixies, brownies, goblins,
insects and monkeys; eighty girls
will be fairies, butterflies, llower
girls and pages; twelve young ladies
in natty "wild west" uniform, will
give an    Amazon   march     and drill;
man nets accustraS  ■**>•«« ofcts. «S,»?J™Llnnri»J_t£
•  ancsc song anil drill, in rich Oriental
W. P. CiURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to loan on favorable termi.
that ttie Creditors ol the above named Company, which is hcinR voluntarily wound-up, are required, on or
belore the 18th day ol December,
l!)0!l, to send their names and addresses and the particulars ol their
debts or claims accompanied with
prool thercoi to N. I. Harrison, the
Liquidator ol the Company, at the
Company's ollice in the City ol Cranbrook.
In the event ol any creditor not
sending such particulars ol prool on
or belore the aforesaid day he will
bo excluded Irom thc benefit ol any
distribution made before his debt or
claim is proved.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. C, this
12th dav ol November. 1009.
W. F. Gurd,
35-5t      Solicitor lor thc Liquidator.
costuming; and lour young ladies
will take thc leading parts—prince,
queen, duke and Angelica. The
young people arc being drilled in
their chorus work by Miss Gertrude
Jones, who will assist Mr. Milne
during all rchersals. During the
past sixteen years Mr. Milne haa presented it in thc larger cities
throughout the States, Great Britain, Australia and Canada. It has
recently heen given in Victoria, Nanaimo, New Westminster, Kamloops
and Revelstoke to packed houses. The
press ol these cities speak bl it as
"the most beautitul and laughable
entertainment ever devised Ior amateurs." Mr. Milne is now preparing
it in Fernie for December 7 and 8,
hnd will come direct here te superintend final rehearsals. In the
meantime the loeal cast will have
learned their parts, so that a finished production will be given on December 17th and 18th.
London, Nov. at).—In tlie serene detached manner characteristic of tbe
proceedings in the gilded chamber,
and in direct disregard of the advice
of some ot its ablest and oldest
members such as Lord Kosebcry,
Lord Morley, Lord James of Hereford, Lord Cromer, Lord Balfour, ot
Burleigh, the Earl of Lytton, Lord
Courtney and the Archbishop ot Canterbury, thc House of Lords today
created a situation unprecedented in
Knglish history tor at least 300
years hy refusing formal assent to
the budget bill and referring it to
the country itself for judgment,
thereby making it illegal to collect
taxes for carrying on the king's government.
After six days' debate, notable for
the high standard of oratory, as well
as for thc able and convincing arguments arrayed on both sides for and
against the measure, and placing
every possible light all the aspects
of the great constitutional questions
Involved, the House ot Lords cleared
for division at 11.30 o'clock. Thc
scene was impressive, but in
sense exciting, except that the bouse
was packed to its utmost capacity
and a ureal array ot strange faces
were seen on tbe benches owing to,
the presence of numbers ot peers, who
only appear In the house in most exceptional cases.
None would have supposed that Uie
event proceeding was destined not
only to prove memorable in the annals of llritish history but possibly
also involving far-reaching changes in
the British constitution. There certainly wns unusual animation in the
public galleries, which were crowded
with peeresses, members of the
house ot commons, ambassadors and
others, but in the house it-self complete calm prevailed. There was
none ot the tense excitement or exub-
erance of a similar occasion in the
lower house.
Thc vote was on Lord I_ans~
downc's amendment that the house
was not justified In giving its consent to the bill until it had been submitted to thc judgment of the country. Nearly 15 minutes were occupied in clearing the house, the
tellers for the division being Earl
Waldergravc, Viscount Churchill,
Baron Demnan and Lord Clehrook.
When the vote was announced just
before midnight as 3S0 to 75 in favor
of the amendment, a few mixed
cheers were heard.
Repairing a Specialty
Aikeni Block, Oranbrook
TAKE NOTICE that Elizabeth C.
Cummings, ol Cranbrook, B. C, occupation, Married Woman, intends to
apply (or permission to purchase the
lollowing descrihed land:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-east corner ol Lot 8752,
Oroup 1, Kootenay District, thenco
south 80 chains, more or less, to the
north boundary ot Lot 341, Oroup 1,
thence westerly along said north
boundary 80 chains, thence northerly
80 chain's, more or less, to the south
boundary ol Lot 8752, thence easterly along said south boundary 80
chains, more or less, to point ol
commencement, and containing six
hundred and lorty acres, more or
Elizabeth C. Cummings.
Dated 15th October, 1009.      33-0t
W. If. Brolly. Funeral Director
Cranbruok B. C. Phono No.
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt in British
Columbia, may be homesteaded by
any person who is the sole head ol a
lamlly, or any male over 18 years of
age, te the extent ol one-quarter section ol 160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local, land ollice lor the district
ia which the land is situate. Entry
by proxy may, however, be made on
certain conditions by the father,
mother, son, daughter, brother or
sister ol an intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one ol the lollowing plans:
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation ot tbe land in
each year for three years.
(2). It tho father (or mother,
if the father li deceased), of thc
homesteader resides upon a farm in
the vicinity ot the land entered tor,
the requirements as to residence may
bo satisfied by such person residing
with the father or mother,
(3). If the settler hat his permanent residence upon farming land
owned by him in the vicinity ot his
homestead, tho reqtiircments as to
residence may bo mitlslKil by residence upon the said land.
Six months' notice In writing
should bo given to tho Commissioner
ot Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention lo apply lor patent.
COAL—Coal mining rights mny he
teased lor a period ol twenty-one
years at an annual rental of Sl per
acre. Not more than 2,570 acres
shall be leased to ono individual nr
company. A royalty at the rato ot
five cents per ton shall be collected
on the merchantable conl mined.
Deputy ot tho Minister of the Interior. 2!*-2nt
that thirty (30) days atter date I
Intend to apply to the Chid Commissioner ol Lands and Works for a
license to prospect tor coal and
petroleum over the lollowing lands,
situated In Block 4503, South East
Kootenay, British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. W. corner of Lot 8726, Group
1, being the S. W. corner ol H. Gorman's claim, thence north 80 chains,
thence east it chains, thence south
80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
point of beginning, containing 640
acres, more or leas.
H. Gorman.
Located this 14th day of September, IH*. 19-6t*
Mrs. li. Hent
Pluiur .711
Francis E. Corrison
Humlmnstor Oranbrook Cltjrllnnil.
riioiriiuiH'iT Knox I'rtwbjftorlan Oh.
l.utMl.M. IUhMiij-'M.v'h Ito.vul Welsh
Teacher of
Violin, Ban|o, Guitar, Mandolin and Standard
PHONG 2f.il  -  ORANBROOK, II ('.
Lessons in Musical Theory
I'HONK 2(13
Miss Mabel Wellman
Plaslit aad Teacher
Corliflcatpd piinil ol
Onbr-llle MolM ol Winnipeg
Miss Helena Harrison
Ci.rtill.'.l HtuilHit
Toronto OouM-vator- ol Mii-ic
Miss Gertrude Jones
dul attention itivpn to lii'giiiiifr*
Bin 4
Physicians and Surgeons.
Offlcs at Resldeaee, Armstrong Aria
Forenoons - - - • 1.06 to 10.M
Atteruoona - - - 2.06 to   4.80
Evenings • - ■ - 7.80 to   1.80
Sundays . - • - 1.30 to   4.86
CRANBROOt :i    :i    li    n    1. 0,
t to 11 a.m.
1 to   • p.m.
7 to   > p.m.
OIBce In new Reid Block
CRANBROOK ■       -       - B. O,
Crunbrook ami Fort Steele
j. a. cumminos
ikrhiation i:noini:i:r
dominion and provincial land
Tel Nn.
Cranbrook, ll.C.
B.  C.  and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
K. 0. Hwiinnoll, II. I.. S.
A. I. Ilnliiirlson, 11. O. 1..
II O. I.. B.
Dominion and British Columbia
P.O. ]>ra-«r7!M VICTORIA. 1.0
Graduate of Ontario Veterinary
College, Toronto, In 1808,
Graduate ami Medallist ol
MoKllllp'n Veterinary College,
Chicago, in 1000.
Nine years' experience In
Veterinary practice In Manitoba.
Official Craakrtrtlkltl.
vc.tc*clU-i.*iJ-> U<
>>u«v • JWu*- 6i«Ki**'
(-***♦■ Mw/VYvft-KtJU, Ol*
-%«u. 0-y- a*|»
Ladles' nml GhtUlron'sto bu had at
tientloinon'B can be obtained ut
Tink Mercantile Co.'s Store
bull wwm
Does Not
Get Dull
Ilnllm from Wirt Euro-
•ii'iiii and Japan grower**
Hotim urtuvu fruit i
omnniiMihil trew
Garden, Field nml Flow*
pr Sei'iln
Wire FenriliK nml Cnti'H
SprnyinjrlMntt-rinlH, IJoo
175 I'n|*;eCiitiiI(ij*;iie Frcfl
3010 Wentmiti«tpr Road     ™
VANCOUVER, B. C.        £
President: T. S. Gii.i, J
Secretary: Okohuk Asuwoutii     X
\ For information regarding lands %
, and   agrioiiltnro   apply    to  the 4
* Secretary, Cranbrook, ... G. <ft
01 d Curisity
JOSEPH H.  HcLEAN,  Proprklor    *
All Classes of Secondhand Goods
Furniture ol All Kinds, belli
Now uml Seeond.liantl
Sage's Old Stand, Hanson Avenue
1'iiONE msi *
*************** *******
TbsLenillniFraltatoro *
JAI'imtxiMW   M II..in I OHAPH
HOTHOUSE 1,11 II ri:
HTKW.'Ill's  11S1: I'HOCOI.ATRH |
l'lione 7fi      *      Armstrong Av
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with HuttiH.   'Phone in
every room
Barber Simp mi tbo premises.
Thoroughly up-to-date.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WKLLH, Proprietor
B. TOMK1N, Manager
hn* moved his LAUNDRY
next tu lbe Saratoga ltiwtinir-
iint, Van 11 ot Tin Mu I, where
pntritiiH amy limvn their Innn*
dry, nnd when* nil iux-iiii**. will
be done.   Itt-Ht l.iiiwidry In ll.C,
Louise and Van Home Streets
Ask for Halcyon L1TU1A WATER
Fur family une there in nothing
bu wholesome and ho pure »h
•** J
X   Contractor and Builder   %
V II yuu aro IllUllullllg In .In any J
* liuil'lillff, Villi I'illl   lllllkl! IIIIIIH'V      *
* hy coitattltlitg willi mo.        ♦
Geo. It. Leask & Co
Our work i-t our advertisement, but we
put this ad iu the Herald to
emphasize it,
Near Lower Armstrong Avenue
Waldo,  B.C.
PAUL ST. JOHN, Proprietor
South-east Kootenay'a Great
Bummer Report
■Tuat the place to spend a few
days' vacation
Bar Btocked with tlie beat
Dining service first-class
Comfortable lioums
en-n -• ti c-t >•■--»--■- -*•_•*■
a PHONEUO. P.O. HoxBO; f
J The Finest Drivers
♦ Up-to-date Rigs
♦ Oood Saddle Horses ♦
j   WM.    KERR
5 Proprietor    -    I'llAMIIIOilK, U.C.
I'lii* Bxpert Crown nnd
Bridge Worker
ovoi Mi
Armstrong Ave., Cranhrook ■
The Man who Shaves   X
♦       will shave there       ♦
1 > WHAT'S THE i:sb ol tltil pnslnfls. ',',
1 '       iir worry? , ,
' '     Wln-ii iiii order directed fu nn ,,
'' Will secure vou your help In a hurry. , ,
Allll HllVI' llll flli»HIH>lill'l.l*fll|iB. f,
' It's phono 03, Orntlbrook. , ,
''    Yiiiii'ini phono, write, wire, or call: , ,
1 ' in loleatlon nl liilmr, we're iiIivh.vm . ,
discreet, , ,
.    Aiiiifiiiiiriinli'emili'iieliiiii ,,
\ | TO  AM.. , ,
'<', Cranbrook Employment ;;
! I Agency
;'        .1. Armour, Proprietor        , ,
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agent*
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
P.O. 10X194 PH0HE244
X        INTERESTING ITEMS       |
I   A tragedy ol love has been revealed
j by the discovery recently ol the dead
bodies ui a man and a girl on       the
I railway embankment at Yardley
Wood, neat Birmingham. The girl
had one bullet wound in the breast
and Uie man two shots in the head.
Tlit*    man lias    been identified  as a
i young sui'ionl hairdresser named
William Hacbdon, and the girl as
Marian Rlckn.au, tlie ulnetecn-year-
old daughter of a Birmingham motor
operative. Some monlna ago Mac-
boon obtained a situation iu Birmingham , and became acquainted
wiib ihe girl, hut Lheir courtship,
which was clandestine, was broken
nil when Miss Hickman discovered
ihal hei lover was a married man
living apart trom bis wile. Thoy
parted, bui met again on the railway
embankment, where tho bodies wero
tound. There were uo signs ol a
struggle, and they must have climbed some lui;h railings lo got to the
spill. Tbe man's name and address
v.as written Insldfi his cap, and on
lus collar iu a [emitting hand was the
address ot tlie girl.
The story ot a tragedy due to unemployment was unfolded at Wandsworth recently in an inquest into
tho death ol Herbert Boreliam. aged
titty, whose body was found in a
pond on Wimbledon common, Bore-
man left a letter addressed to
"Whom it may concern-11 In ihis
letter he wrote: "After two months1
continuous advertising in the London
newspapers I must at laBt admit
thai I am beaten in the struggle to
obtain the means oi living. In any
ease, at my age it would be difficult
to get a situation. There is only
one alternative—death—and after
much consideration this I have chos-
rii." The letter concluded with the
lollowing stanza Irom Byron: '
"fount o'er the joys these hours
have seen,
fount o'er the days from anguish
And know whatever there has lieen,
Tis something hetter not to be."
There was a tearful scene in a
London police court one duy recently,
when n little fellow named Beau-
ehamp was charged with wandering.
The lad's father being in custody on
a charge of receiving stolen properly,
the buy had no one to care for him,
so the officer who arrested the father
look charge of him. Bcauchamp,
sr., standing in thc dock, leaned
over, sobbing violently, embraced his
little son, who, clinging lo liis father, cried bitterly, "Oh, daddie, don't
let them take me away." "Call
yourself a man?" said the prisoner,
turning to the ollicer. "The proper
thing to do with you would be lo put
a bullet in yon. If I had live minutes with you in thc cells, I would
show you what a man is—telling
lies about a child of twelve." The
magistrate ordered the boy's removal
to a school, and as the man returned
to bis cell he broke out into distracted   cries.
A shower ol    gold astonished     a
group     ot porters on thc Liverpool
landing-stage on llie departure of   a
New York    liner recently.   A     well
dressed young man leant over      the
rail of the     vessel and, seeing   some
landing-stage porters busily engaged
in settling up their earnings, he suddenly plunged bis hand into his pocket and pulled out a gold coin   which
came burling through the air on    to
the siage.    Other coins followed in a
bright shower,    and the excited por-
eis made u scramble to secure    the
ineteil money.    The men got mixed
P iu the melee, falling over     each
i ber, and     generally having a rare
tissle. much to     lhe delight   of    all
ho saw them.     As the ship steered
way  the gold shower ceased.     The
.centtie donor ot the money was the
i>n of an American millionaire,   but
lus Identity   could not be established.
Tbe story of a brave rescue in the
English Channel comes from Deal.
As the Liverpool sailing ship Holt
Hill was proceeding up the Channel
-sbe encountered a heavy gale,
.mil ono of her apprentices fell overboard from the rigging. Despito the
furious seas, the male of the Holt
Hill nnd four of her crew gallantly
volunteered to man one of the lifeboats and make an effort to rescue
tho bid. They succeeded in reaching
bun and gelling the young fellow In
to the boat, hut owing to the gale it
was absolutely impossible to regain
the ship. Fortunately, a steamer
sighted the gallant little crew, and
took them up, but left the bunt, as
it was not possible to get her
aboard. The men were taken on to
Ostend, and later in the day rejoimd
their ship at Deal.
A strange statement was made lo
the Fariibiini guardians the other day
by the relieving officer, who said that
a voung woman named Milane had
told bim that she was married while
under the spell of mesmerism. Tlie
woman applied to lite relieving of-
Qcci for an order for thc workhouse, sbe said she was twcnly-
eighl years of age, and that her husband who was seventy-eight, was a
knight ol tin* Legion of Honor, "lie
mesmerized me before the marriage,"
sla* alleged, "und I wus under the
spill when the ceremony toui. place.
When I woke up and found wli.tt
had occurred, 1 lelt linn Immediately
ami tore up my marriage certificate,
lie was a veteran soldier, und had
seven medals." The relieving officer
staled thai the older had been given
to ihe woman, who, however, had
mi made use ol it.
A remarkable story was told to
the Rochdale    police recently by   ji
young niun named (ieorge Hunt. He
slated that he wus traveling from
lleywood to Uoehdalc on the Lancashire and Yorkshire railway at
night, when he was attacked tiy tout
men, who lobbed him of his wages
nud Hung him from the compart*-
ment. He lay on lbe lino unconscious and a "passing train severed
both his feel. On regaining his
senses ho called for help, hut none
Wiis forthcoming. The man asserts
that he then crawled ou his hands
und knees a distance of three hundred
yards to the Oale Inn, which is a
mile from Rochdale station, und hud
to descend a steep embankment am)
crawl through two fences on his
wny. On being conveyed to the
Rochdale Infirmary his legs were amputated below the knees.
Early one morning recentlv n constable on duty on the Westminster
district of London found the door of
the post office iu Stanley street unlocked, and upon examination be ascertained that burglars hud paid a
visit. The officials at the head ofliee were apprised, and it was then
discovered that the safe and its
contents, weighing about two cwt.,
had been removed, lu the safe over
night hud been left a considerable
quantity of cash nnd postal and
money orders amounting to several
hundreds of pounds. Stanley street
is a quiet part of Westminster, and
the thieves seem to have got away
without creating any disturbance.
The safe wns discovered by the police
ou a rubbish heap In another part of
Loudon. The back had been broken
und the contents removed.
An interesting ceremony was enacted at Cardiff the other day when
an equestrian statue, erected in
honor of Viscount Tredegar, who ns
a captain took part in the charge ol
the Light Brigade, was unveiled by
thc Karl of IMvmoulh in the presence
of a lurge gathering. Lord Tredegar, who is in his 80th year, was
visibly moved by the ceremony, aud
In a brief address hc_ recalled the
Words ol the French general upon the
charge of the Light brigade: "lt is
magnificent, but it is not war." "1
don't know exactly what that general
would call war," remarked his lordship, amid laughter, "but the charge
was something very nearly like
While a number of officers were being instructed in the management of
war kites at Aldershot one Afternoon
lately, one of them met with a serious accident, which may have very
grave consequences, Each officer in
turn took his seat in the car, und
made the ascent up a cable which
wits carried by kites to an altitude
of alio feet. ' When Lieutenant t'ros-
bic, ot tdc Itoyal Garrison artillery,
went up be let the clutch go too
soon on making the descent, with
the result that the car ran down the
cable ul a terrific rate, and ended
with a crush. Thc occupant was
thrown out, and sustained very serious internal injuries.
Quite a sensation was caused in
most of the London lower middle-
class suburbs the other morning
when they were invalided liy an army
of girls in red tum-o-shanters, blue
gowns, and big aprons. They cleaned thc steps and polished doorknockers, and each of her own proper
person represented the apothcsls    of
"My baby had a ra-li come--;
"" ■ thin? like eczema. ItcaiU'dtnc
"" child great pain and made It Vi ry
re-tli*!-.sandlll. 'Iherash spread very
nulokly, and I was at, a loss what i u
do next, for all the remedies I tried failed 1 o
,rivp tbo little ono ease. A iriond strongly advised me i o
try \ im-Bok, and 1 did, That proved good and gave he
babv ease very qivcklv. I went on with the treatment,
^WthVtimeThe third box was used, all traces ol'the
rath had gone."
So say- Mm J. Reenor, of Aurora, .nd worn ot mothers coul.1 |
„i„ko practically tta sum. statement   Ii your child .ufes   om teet
in- 1,'i'h, eozonia, dialing, «r any ol tho numcroua skin troubles I.
wfiloli.young childrou.aro viutims, .pplv Zam-Buk, „„„„_,„ „,
Zani-Btik has tho great merit of boing pure. When you put a
ointment on to your child's skin it finally 8ets mto l,o Utodtt"^
the pores lust a' surely ns if you put it into the child s stomach. S.
don't you see how important it is the halm should he pure! Zam-Buk
is made from pure herbal esuences. It eon.ains no animal fat, no
mtn.nl coloring, no poisonous, burning antiseptic. It soolhes qundtlj,
and heals surely. Send us 1 o. stamp and wo will mail you trial box free
How Gold Dredges Get the Gold
The itf*p liilb nnd !u***!fd mouataini of die Klondike teflon give
lbe to numbcfleu imall ti-cams, whi.li (kcjiiic Irom time to tunc
wilh tlie melting of llie mowt- the cloudbutlti nnd heavy ratal to
wiiich the country il subject— taging lorrcnti.
I lie (■rinding of the glaciers owl iii. cr->;ior* ol these turbulent
itieami biing down to- Li, und and gravel from the mountain depth.
and i.islnc.-cs where man iiai never yet pcnetiateo.
In a region where Icdgci ol Gold-bearing Quart! .ue a prominent
feature in tl.. formation, it i-nMuul that these forces of Nature should
tear away quantities ol exceedingly rich material,
This *j*oct-*s ha* been gobs on fir a-jes. Tlie hidden (tore* ol
Cold away ia ihe hills arc inexhatiktible.
The rush of the lorrcnti is to im->ctuom l!i-t even boulders of
considerable wc ;:c iwrnc in their course, and only when Nature
has spent herself do they lind a resting place.
lhe broad creeks- the wider reaches cl liic river—quiet thc
dream, and lhe Cold, in lhe form of nuggets, graini and flakes,
rapidly settles. Gold is very heavy—'heavier than the roc!; itself, and
once it finds a resting place, sifts down l!.: m-h thc light suiface mud
and sand until, by lore*.- ol Cravitv, it rci- he: bed rock.
Where lhe counet ofltreami have beta changed, thc richest Placer
Mines arc found h their old beds. But i i lhe larger, constant strcami,
these rich deposits arc beyond the reach ol merely human agencies.
Il remains lor lhe Gold Dredge following llie heavy nuggets
nnd particles of Cold down throu-jh the overlying strata in the oan
nr.d lunches ol thc liver, to recover these stores ol Guld Itom lhe
trcaiurc-housecl Nature.
The long <-*m* of lhe Dredge, With lheir endless chains of bucket
scoops, scaich down, down —through sixty feet oi water, sand and
(■ravel, if need be - until lhe Gold sediment, and fia.lly bed rock itelf,
oflcn overbid willi an actual coverlet of pure Gold—lhe hoarded
accumulation «l centuries—is reached.
I he Gold Dredge bring) uj> ihis material ii wholesale quantities
—-Ire*Is it with scientific accuracy lo save the finest panicles of
Value—separates Ihe Jrors—and (or the firit time lays bare to the hand
o:  man this Virgin Gold,
While personally preient on nur property at Stewart River,
Yukon Territory, Klondike, September 1st, I saw with my own
eyes a clean-up from our first and smaller dredge, netting $317.50,
nnd this was preceded only a few rlayi hy another clean-up from
llie lame dredge amounting to $1283.86 in Gold. I saw this Cold,
Illiberal from the gold-saving tablet of our Dred-rc, moulded into
bullion—a solid bar of Gold.
With such results in *it-iit. wc arc bcndiiit- rvry effort to get twenty
of these mamniulh Dred-;cs al work on our property. This summer,
our second dredge went on—larger and stronger than the lirst—and is
already at wotk.
We control by direct lease from lhe Canadian Government, One
Hundred and Five (105) miles of Dredgable Gravel on the Stewart
River, eighty miles from Dawion City, in tlie Klondike. We have
tr^'-J the gravel thoroughly with Drills, and it has been proven rich
throughout. Ai a matter of fact, the site of our holdings was recognized,
even before the Cold Rush in 1898. lo be rich in Gold-it is a
mallet of public record that lhe Gold is there -but so located ai to be
difficult to obtain by any hand method. And Fiity dredges could
not exhaust thii area ia a Hundred years.
With a proposition so rich, the payment of dividends and the
continued wotk of development can easily go hand in hand.
To hurry thii work of development now, wc are marketing Treasury Slock in our Company. Three thousand stockholders, many of
them well-known in the Canadian country, are alreadv on our books.
This necessity for Capital-a Dredge costs upwards ol $100,000
-furnishes your opportunity to participate in a wonderfully rich venture.
Our Company ii formed ol the pick of broad-minded business men
—Governor Ogilvie, of the Yukon Territory -known and respected by
the whole Canadian country, at its head, ll is economically managed,
with no salaried officials, no Bonds, and no Preferred Stock.
But the whole story is told in our illustrated Prospectus. The
Coupon will bring il to you. Th*. supply it limited. I ill out and
mail tlie Coupon to-day.
Gold Dredges are making millions.
Yukon Batln Gold Dredging Co.,
G. W. Clawson- Treat. P!l,,s. s.,.j
_ paid, yourfargt
649 Somerset Building 8lustntrtPmp$etus,
c!so free Booklit en C*>U
Winnipeg, Drejgin?, with full pcrricu-
Ijrs  by return mcil.     It is
Canada undtntoodthatIincurmobligmioH
wftnttvtr in making this nqutst*
tiamt .
thu "slop girl." A company, with
its IjeailqimrtiT.s iti lhu Strawl, is
responsible fot Uic innovation. Thc
housewife who employs no servant
.rays the syndicate a shilling a
week, anil in return she has her
step anil knocker matte presentable
each morning before the time of tlio
milkman's arrival.
A terrible motor car accident by
which three persons lost their lives
ami a boy was badly injured occurred
recently at Bolton. Mr. Walter
tlri'i'ii, of Manchester, was driving his
car, in which wore Mr. ami Mrs.
John S. Taylor, Miss Wood, his
fiancee, ami his young brother, Ernest Green. In trying to avoid a
party of cyclists, Mr. Or eon miscalculated thc speed of an approaching
tramcar, and drove his motor car
right into it. The impact was terrible, and the whole party were
thrown violently into the roadway.
Mr. Taylor waa killed on the spot,
and Mrs. Taylor uud Miss Wood died
in the infirmary.
An interesting discovery was made
by the Brighton corporation recently. For some years there has been
hanging ou tbe walls of one of the
city shelters a portrait, thought to
lie of little value. The picture bus
now been restored, and found to le a
very line example of the worn ol
J, Ople, the famous Cornish portrait
painter, some of whose pictures hang
in thc National gallery, and the
Louvre. Thc Brighton canvas—
which depicts Mary Uhatfleld, of old
Brighton, and wus given to the lown
by her son in 1870—is to be given a
prominent place in the local art gallery.
\ remarkable instance of "red
tape" was reported to the Padding-
ton borough council recently. A
local school required a new desk and
thc application of the managers pass*
ed trom one to another until il reached the 1-. C. C, education committee
stores    department. Plans   ami
drawings were then got out, and
tenders invited, the cost of specifications, advertisements, etc., amounting to about .£10. The lowest tcii-
■dcr for the supply of the solitary
desk was 15s., whieh was accepted,
and in due course it reached the
scliool where it was needed.
When tbe Lady Chapel of the Liv-
rpool Cathedral is opened fur worship next year its hundred or more
stained glass windows will be found
to chronicle the deeds of good women. Oood women of all ranks and
stations ure Immortalized in these
dignified, luminous mosaics of glass,
which havu just been exhibited by
tbe artists, Messrs. .James Powell
aud Sons, of the Whitefriars glassworks. There are the good women of
the Bible—the Virgin Marv. Martha,
.Mary Magdcleno, Sarah, Hannah and
liiilh—and there are lhe good women
id history—Queen Margaret of Scotland, Queon Bertha of England, St,
Bride of Ireland, and St. Non of
Wales. The stuircase and vu-ftibule
windows are reserved (or modern
good women, from Mary Rogers,
.stewardess of the ill-fated Stella, to
Queen Victoria. Among tho women
Immortalized are:
Queen Victoria, and all noble
Macv Collett, and all prayerful
Louisa Stewart, and all the nobffl
army of martyrs.
.Josephine Butler, and all bravo
champions of purity.
Anne Hindercr, and all missionary
Margaret Oodolphin, and all who
have kept themselves unspottod in a
corrupt world.
Mother Cectle, and all women loving and large-hearted in counsel.
Mary Rogers, and all faithful servants.
Ann dough, and all true teachers.
Marv Somerville, and all earnest
Susannah Wedley, and all devoted
Christina Rossetti, and all sweet
Oraee Darling, and all courageous
Dr. Aliee Marvel, nnd all who have
laid down their lives for their sisters.
Catherine Gladstone, and all loyal-
hearted wives.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning, ami
all who have seen the Infinite In
Angela Rurdott-Coutls, and all almoners of the King of Heaven.
Elizabeth Fry, and all pitiful women.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Harry
Eustace Hum-man, of Craubrook, B.
c., occupation, Bank Clerk, intends
lo apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
lbe sotlth-west corner of Lot «slo.i,
Ihence uorth 14 chains, more or less,
lo the Kootenay river, thence following said Kootenay river to thc
northern boundary of Lot 15, thence
east following the said northern
boundary of Lot 15 to tho point of
commencement, containing BO aires,
more or less.
Harry Eustace Boorman.
Dated 17th October, lDO'J.       33-9t
TAKE NOTICE tbat Harriet Cum-
mlngs, of the City of Fernie, in the
Province ol British Columbia, Widow,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted
twenty (20) chains west of the
northwest corner of Lot 6030, Group
One (1), Kootenay District, thence
west twenty (20) chains, thence
north thirty (30) chains, thence east
thirty (30) cbains, thence south ten
tlO) chains, thence west ten (10)
chains, thence south twenty (20)
chains, to point of commencement,
aud containing seventy (70) acre6,
more or less.
Harriet Cummings,
By her   agent,   Alfred   Cummings.
Dated this 3rd day ot November,
A.D. 1909. 33-9t
TAKE NOTICE that Allan G.
Wilmot, of Jaflray, B. C, occupation
Accountant, intends to applv for permission to purchase the following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted on
the northerly extremity ol an island
in the Kootenay river, located about
20 chains south of the north-west
corner of Lot 314, Group 1, thence
southerly following the west side ot
thc said island 80 cbains, thence
east 10 chains, more or less, to the
east side of the said island, thence
northerly along thc east side of tbe
said island 80 chains, more or less,
to the place of commencement, containing SO acres, more or less.
Allan G. Wilmot, Locator,
per Edgar S. Home, A treat.
Dated lGth October, 1909.      31-9t
Agnes Jones, and all devoted
Lady   Margaret    Beaufort, and all
patronesses of sacred learning.
For lbe first time iu Detroit surgical history, and possibly in the
country, a baby six months old was
operated on for appendicitis, Tlie
The operation was performed by one
of the hading surgeons of the city at
Grace hospital, with the result tbat
tho Infant's life was saved. The
wee patient was Ralph Thome. Tbe
case was diagnosed last night as appendicitis, and when the tiny altdo-
mcii was opened the wisdom of the
hasty operation was demonstrated.
Tne appendix was found to be greatly
inflamed and abnormally targe, being
six Inches in length, the size of an
adult's. The doctors say the babe
will undoubtedly recover.
Many people who hellevc in advertising are not fully awake to the
necessity of system in advertising.
Tbey advertise now and then In a
disconnected sort of way, and pay
but little attention to the follow-up
system. Thu one thing that should
convince lbe average business man
who has not given much time ami
though! to advertising is Ihat it has
commercial value of tho highest order, that it really is a higher evolution of commerce and a marked im-
irovcmcnt ou average commercial
conditions, as is evidenced bv     the
-towing spirit on the part ot owners
of advertising space to restrict the
use of the same to customers whose
hnsiness Is desirable.
Crescent Lodob No. 33
Cranbrook, li. C.
Meets every    Tuesday at s p m.    at
(ieorge T. Smith, C. C.
J. L. Walker. K. ol R. & S.
Visiting   brethrro  cordially invited
to attend.
I.O.O.F,     Key Cl!) Lodge
__  .   No. 42. Meets txatf
•-i'-U^sr   Monday     nigbt    at
New     Fraternity    Hall.      Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
C. R. Ward. '   W. S. Hall,
N. Q. Sec'y.
Uanbr-Hik Lrdse. Vo.|4
4. I*. k \. \\.
R»fiN*_- tut-etliu(i ■•■
K^;'y_'*V    ltr*th(rd '""Yburtd'aS
$y_r^      ol ■,frry mijeu.
Visiting bteUJM welcomed.
W. H. Wilson. W. M.
E. W. Connelly, secretary.
Cranbrook Aerie  967
Meet every   Friday     evening at I
.ru., in Carmen's Hall.
F. W. Reeves, W. P.
Wm. Anderson, Secretary.
Visiting brethren coidially invited.
Meet at li. of L. K. Hall 2nd   and
Itb Saturday each mouth.
Visiting brethren always  welcome
Abel Horsmao, W. M.
Jos. Wallace, Secretary.
No. ia.
Meets every sucoud   ai.d fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning Rehekabs   cordially invited.
L. M. Tannbauser, N. O.
Mae Chapman, Secretary.
Meets First and Third Wednesday ol-
each month in Carmen's Hall.
Visiting   friends   cordially invited.
E. Wi Connolly,
C. C.
D. Cumrning,
| Presbyterian Cburcb |
Sunday morning service at 11
SumI.iv   evening     service   at
7.30 o'clnrlf
Sunday      School   and    llllile
Class at 3 o'clock
Presbyterian   Guild, Tucsda",
at 8 o'clock
Baptist CburcbJ
Pastor, Charles W. King.
Parsonage, Norlmry Avenue,
'Phone, 281,      P. O. noi 267.
Regular Services:—Sunday, U f
a.m.     and    7.30   p.m.;   Bible
School    Willi     Young   Ladies'
Philethra    and    Young   Men's
llllile Class, 3 p.m..
Wednesday, Mid-Week Meeting)
Friday,   Young    Peoples',   8
A cordial   Christian welcome
Baker Street CRANBROOK, B.C.
get fitted in Ready-Made
For Hen and Young
Are yon one of the chaps who simply can't
get fitted in ready-made clothes because of
some irregular or unusual sized feature-
longer arms, broarder chest, longer legs
than the average sized man—if so, you
are just the one who should take advantage of our
Campbell's Clothing
Special Order System
The cost is slightly more than that of
ready-made goods but even then it is much
less  than   the   price   charged   by   the
ordinary olothier.
From $8.00 to $30.00
Suits and Waistcoats
for Evening Dress
Special   Order  Suits
From $20.00 to $40.00
to make your New Winter
Because we will make the garments to
your individual measure.
Because we will carry out your ideas
Because we will show you hundreds of
patterns of cloth in every imaginable
pattern and effect that is good to
choose trout.
Because we have all the
Newest Styles.
Because we will guarantee tbat the Suit
and Overcoat will lit perfectly and be
thoroughly satisfactory in every way.
We want to prove all (his
Put us to the test.
From $10.00 to $30.00
The Furniture Store That Helps
During the next few weeks when you are busy preparing for Christmas, can we not help you prepare for the coming
social events of the winter. If your parlor or reception room needs the finishing touch of a few new articles, let us show you
the largest display of all the new creations to be found in the city. It will give your eyes pleasure to look at these.
Some are of rich woods, handsomely upholstered, others are plain-  but  all are  correct in  style and substantia in  quality.


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