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Cranbrook Herald Oct 10, 1907

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Array '•"KM.,,
\.egislat!v« 'iv,.;^
—«■— ''O,    \
OCT 151907        j|
LEADER McDONALD loyally sustained i
The Liberals Go On Record On ImportantMalters
One of the most remarkable political demonstrations ever soon in tho
province of British Columbia, and
without doubt as great a personal
triumph as has been achieved by nny
poi i Heal leader in recent years,
marked the appearance of l.ilier.i'
I,Cniler .1. A. Macdonald ou the platform al the smoking concert held in
l.uhoi hall last evening in connection
with th.* Liberal convention, savs the
V 'Oliver World.
.Mi. MacdonnId's ureal record in the
local house, his personal work in ibe
recenl campaign, und his statesman-
like altitude throughout the sidings
ol the convention have won (or bim
ibe uncompromising and unswerving
devotion of Liberals fflioughout the
province and ihe ovation tendered
linn last night was hut the expression of the fcctltlg of the rank and
lib* of the party toward a leader iu
wliieli il has implicit confidence.
When Mr. Macdonald rose lo speak
he was greeted with handclapplng and
cheers which grew in strength and
fervor until the building shook. Bound
afler louml of cheers went up, then a
delegate started the lirst bars of
•For He's a .lolly flood Fellow,"
an I spontaneously the whole con-
course joined, every man vicing with
bis neighbor in doing honor lo the
"We are not endorsing lhe recent
Oriental riot, but it certainly has
bad the effeel ol bringing home to
the |N*oplc of the British Empire
that we'do not intend standing for
the unrestricted immigration or
Orientals," said Mr. Macdonald, after
having declared himself almost overpowered hv llie splendid reception.
He had not' visited the hall lhat
evening with lhe Intention of shaking, as the evening was solely one of
social enjoyment and the smoker was
organized for the purpose of bringing
the Liberals from all over the province together. The hearty applause
ol the delegates Irom all "over the
province were due to tbe Liberal association for the entertainment und
their reception. When the great contest came, as it is likely to come
within n year, the gathering ol the
Liberals of the province would no
doubt contribute in no small degree.
Inwards Hie entire organization of
th.* Liberal party ami would assist
materially in making the record at
the next 'elections even more glorious
than that of 1004. In the next
general election, in three years from
now, the leader predicted tlie eity
would not repeat tho mistake it had
malic in not electing the Ove splendid
candidates who were defeated at the
last election, but would return them
hy  handsome majorities.
"The conference is being held at a
very opportune time," continued Mr.
Macdonald. "The recent. Oriental
rots have had llu* elloct of. emphaslz-
Ing in Ih? strongest possible manner
the fact that we do not intend standing for the unrestricted immigration
nl Orientals, and while tlie affair Is
d.-cply regretted hy lift per cent of
the people nl Ihis city and provlnee,
it has shown llh' people of Eastern
Canada, the Dominion government
and the whole Briiish empire. that
we have gone on record as lK*ini_; fair-
Iv oppose.) to the Influx of Orientals.
I am glad to see that this convention
also pul Itself ou record in unmistakable terms against the eontinua-
t'on of this state of things." Tbe
applause      that   toll..wed   the  leader's
remarks was thunderous, and Indicated the cut-re approval wilh the
sentiments CJ 'i.s-,','.
Mr. B. (i. Uacphcrson, M. P., although taken hv surprise, spoke .■!•.-,
in response lo lhe demands for a
speech,      Ml    Mi.nlieisi.il  dwelt  upon
the beneficial eftcels ot such a large
gtitlrcrlng,     consisting, .is il did. id
tm i
party Irom
i ii
' hi
________________   ■''
n nave plcnsu
ember of the
sirlv." said Mr
its head in thi
■SO ahilitv li. 1.
v at     the
.( Ihe Liberal
ihe province,
i.l at the
masteflv speech outlined the atlitmlu
uf the Liberal party, W. A. Oalli-
her, M. P.; It. 0, Macpherson, M.P.;
Ralph Smith, M. P., and W. W. B.
Mclnnes also spoke to the qucs-
t ion.
Th.* present convention most unmistakably demonstrates the popularity of lhe provincial leader. His
evcrj apiwarnnco on thc\plutform has
been Ihe occasion of a rcmatkablo
outburst of spontaneous applause and
lus surest ions have h.-i-n acted upon
with great  unanimity.
The whole of the day was devoted
to Hi* consideration of resolutions
preseliltd on bchall of llie s|n«cial
committee on resolutions, by John
Oliver, M. P. P., Bella, a>l of which
were adopted.
'lhe principal resolutions are us
"That -tortious of the unoccupied
.rown coal lauds of the various coal
fields of lhe province he reserved by
'.lalule, thereby enabling stale owned
end state oprrnlrd coal mines to hu
isiahlished in the public interest.
"That tbe actions ot the Liberals
in tbe local legislature, in the stand
they have taken in favor of a
iliiirrrij-u.il inquiry into the question of
irrigation, be endorsed, with the
view of adopting such legislation as
may he necessary to secure Ibe application of all available water to
agricultural lands so as to secure the
greatesl   possible benefit.
"That as the federal Liberal government has already made an Inquiry, tlH'OUpll a select committee of
llie house of commons, Into the question of tin; private operation ol
telephones and telegraphs, and are in
possession of important information
which would indicate the wisdom of
the government owning and operating
such public utilities, therefore, this
convention of the Liberal party of
British Columbia declares iu favor of
llie public ownership and operation of
those Hunters under Dominion laws,
and thai uuiil the public acquisition
thereof, the commercial telegraph
systems of Canada should he brought
under the jurisdiction ot tbe railway
That Ihe provincial legislature
pass, and, if disallowed, then by
special session or sessions, re-pass the
Natal Act for the exclusion of undesirable immigrants, unless and until
the highest court of the realm declares smcli an act beyond the jurisdiction of the provincial legislature,
until the Dominion has passed effective exclusion measures.
That as the opinion of British Columbia gem-rally, is against the immigration of Orientals, and, as the
Liberal party of the Dominion has
Successfully excluded the Chinese, the
party should adopt an immediate
policy which will accomplish the
rime object against alt Orientals, and
(bnt iu the opinion of this convention
tlie Natal Act. which has been effective iu restricting Oriental immigration iu other Dri Irish countries, should
Im- pass-til as a federal enactment, and
nv existing treaty or act which pro-
vents the passage of the Natal Act
should he abrogated at the earliest
lossihle date."
The seeoml section of the above resolution on ibe Asiatic immigration
.jiiistii.ii. nReeling Dominion legislation, was ordered to he telegraphed
io sii Wilfrid Laurier immediately
ipon iis odopiion.
The oilier resolutions discussed amt
ulopled were:
"iVhcreiis the passngc by the Fed-
*ral parliament ol an Act known   as
l.emicnx Labor
In* very hcncOclal
pules ' throughout
vent Ion indorses
Iho Acl
Act, bus proved
n sol (ling labor
Canada. this
lhe principle
and favors its
co shows to   lie
essa ry
the provinci
, of |
I  go
arlv.     "The
province a
id the party
lion nnd
elected is
if   the
icxt goncrnl dec
unnge iis offal rs     when
uiidouhleil.     He-has     the
ol the cumin  at heart, nml
whole pui tv  wid  stand behind
bur.   will   be      prepared   to  hiec      lhe
enemy on any ground. All too frc-
tprcnll) the objections 1>. leaders are
caused hv the friends <>f the parly,
bul wilh ibe support which he derives at lhe next election Mr. Macdonald will be returned unanimous-
\\ " Mi Macphcison's speech was
greeted with applause so hearty ns
t<> provo conclusive!) ihat he had
voiced lhc seiitiliicnls of the major-
ill ut ihosc 11return 1
The lonnei    cn ml I ilnle Tor olectlon,
Ut Mclnnes, then looh [to pl.t t i.n ill,
uml when tin- appl.his.' ihal greeted
his appearance    li.nl siil.si.l. ,| '  made
one   of   his       I'luiU. 1. i*Mir;.Hv       1l.i1
Hpewhra He had hoImI with pleasure the nl,Uul leceiitioii teiidelcd lo
Mi M.oolouald Th.- I,M.I,'i ,,( the
party had had a dilhculi task in the
past, ami ito unmistakable evidence
i.f ,i inn till Liberal parly that em-
fionlcd him lasl nighl w,<s a sph-mliil
les'timony to Mr. Macdouald's lead-
e rah 111, 'Hie convention hail been a
gram) success and had shown the
ical strength of the Liberal parly. It
would result iu a m-w spirit throughout tbe province, and should incite all
io greater efforts during the next
•d   mm
d io th.- mu
provide one
ii   the public
ul   to   plint   i
•never possible at
nl-lng ofliee in Vict
lfcsolv.il lhat   tin*
Mulish   Columbia   is
nnient   Inspection
-sonal property
rnmenl within
lities   should     be
let pa titles
The Showing is a Fine One in Every Respect
n> I'uuricM.v ci" ih<- VmicouverSimsut
The Kind of nn I umi Juration Law Britisli ('oluinhiiuiB Want
SENATOR     BA1KD,     OF       NEW
Senator Baird, ol Andover, N. B.,
who is in tin* citv the gi.--st of Dr
ml Mrs. .1. II. King, is returning
from the coast, where he has been on
trip of pleasure and investigation.
Speaking of what he bad seen to thu
Herald the senator said:
This is    a country of  magnificent
distances and    1 now regret (bat    I
have never made the trip before.     1
womlcrfuHv impressed with    the
possibilities of'the future in Western
Canada, ami  I     believe     that as yet
British     Columbia     and  the prairie
viuces have hardly started on the
I to prosperity.     Take the   vast |
i ol farming land that is disclosed
view .is one rides day after     day ]
i   the broad prairies ol Manitoba. I
Saskatchewan .in.l Allierta, a    grand
domain in truth nnd in tact  that   is
destined to he the     granary of     the,
American continent,    Bui  I am    es-1
IH'cially  impressed  with   the  wonder
ful    resources of British    Columbia.
ilivcrsifieil .md unlimited.
With vour     mining, your lumbering,
your agriculture, ymir fruit  lands oi
the interior and the fisheries ot   the
coast, tin- people of this province can
well say  lhat  they have a domain of
their own thai will make them
1008 election, if thu neeessnry declaration is deposited at this olHue
on or before the lirst day
of November. Persons qualifying
■i license holders, who arc not property holders, must attend to registration uf their names ou the list.
Persons who have become
owners since December .'fist (11)00)
are requested to inform the undersigned at once.
Thos. y. BobertB, c.r.\C.
Oily   Clerk's Office, Cranhrook, B.
0., Oct. 1st, 11)07. 3-17-31
ED IlOMfc.
w bene
ti if
" \gr
w hei e
the governmenl
I ibornl party in
in lavor ol gov-
of alt  Industries
ami  the  protec-
and security of
iciitlutiil crown lauds to be
■d of io settlers, nol lo specu-
Surveys of such lands, along
is and along such streams
si-itlemei.t will quickly follow,
begun at once and maps and
criplion  ol   the snrveyiil lands
QuobeCj      Oct.   5.—Hon.    Mespa,
Fielding ami Brodeur, arrived at
Quebec Friday afternoon on their return from Paris. They were wel-
comed at the wharf hy a large number or prominent people, including
Premier Oouln, and were presented
with an address by tht- board of
trade iu the evening.
The board of trade, the oldest iu-
s lilu Hon ol its kind in Canada, prt-
seni<-d au address of welcome lo
Welding and Brodeur nn their return, as the address stated "from
their memorable trip abroad, in
| which ihcy contributed to the development of ttie foreign trade and ' .'. *
Ibe country in a step towards complete commercial emancipation." The
.nddress further stated thai, the
negotiation ol the trade treaty might
be considered as a new affirmation of
lentente cordlnle between France and
iKiighnid. The negotiations of tlie
j treaty places the people nf Canada
,more than ever in a position to appreciate tlie extent of the constitu-
nevei eWottal liberties conferred on the
I Dominion by Oreat Britain and tbe
'extraordinary extent and Importance
| of tlie liscal autonomy they enjoy.
Mr. Fielding, in reply, said it' was
mountain scenery along tin
of Hie C. P. R, I can fully ap-
preciale why it is that people who
come to Briiish Columbia lo live
never care lo return to the cast permanently. In fact, iu nil the number lhat 1 have known who have gone
from out pari of the country to British Columbia I have never known
one who has come back home to stay.
On the contrary they have come hack
I with Iheir stories of the prosperity
of tin- count iv and induced relative.)
to return to the west wilh    tbem. I
Vancouver, B. C, Oct. 7.—Abrogation of tbu Anglo-Japanese treaty
property ami remedial legislation for B. C.
against Oriental immigration was
hie demand of the largest attended
meeting ever held by the Anti-Asiatic
l-ague in Labor hall i&ni-shi, addressed hy former Governor Mclnnes, ot
lhe Yukon; City Solicitor Cowan,
and Rev. Dr. Kraser. At the close
the league wired Premier Laurier
that the public meeting unanimously
i ndorsod the resolutions of ibe
Dominion Trades Congress ami the
Provincial Liberal convention regarding the Orientals, aud also protested
against the commission to Japan because of the delay thereby.
A message was also sent Premier
.McBride requesting an immediate session of the legislature to re-enact the
Natal Ael, aud asking if Lieutenant-
(to ver nor Dunsmuir refuses his assent to the present measure, what is
the government's intention'.
Mr. Mclnnes,    In bis address, said:
"There are times iu the history    of
every    country     when     issues arise
which the old parties seem uuable or
helped  "'Willing •<■ handle.        In this
...n',. both the Victoria ami Ottawa
Montreal, Oct. 2.—The gross revenue
from traffic of the Canadian Pacific
lailway for ihe vear jusl closed was
$11,000,000 more'than il was in the
previous year. Sir Thos. Shuugh-
nessy, president uf the great corporation, made this statement at the
annual meeting ot the shareholders
today, and he further pointed out
ihat one-twentieth ul tho population
if Canada was in lhe company's employ,     while  if   the  employes of  SUb-
M.fi.iiy  industries were reckoned    in
.'nth, possibly one-twelfth    ut
Hie    peuple of     Canada derive     their
Income from the U, P.  R,      Tla* large
crease in the earnings ul lhe   com-
,liy has, howevei,  iu a large extent
■ be set off   against     the increased
st  of labor and material.
To deal  with  the Increasing  trade
ihe board was authorized tu arrange
the coiistructiun ui acquisition of
(wo additional st earners far the Pacilic or to build  two larger and faster
[boats for the Atlantic service, transferring  the  Empress of  Britain    and
Empress of Ireland to the Pacific.
For two new lake steamers- an expenditure of £180,0011 was voted and
an additional Pacilic coast steam-
.UlM.UIIlf.        The leasing     of   the
St. Maiy's A Western Ontario   company's line for ninety-nine years was
utborizi-d on completion.     The rem
'at to In* paid under the agreement is
illy  per cent of the uruss earnings,
it'not less iliun n.tb'lo a year,   re-
eseniin**;   the   interest   on   ihe    coill-
inv's   lirst     mortgage    bonds    (or
JlilS.J'iU       ApplOVnl was also     given
an iigreemcnl     with the Northern
Ionization     Railway    company to
istrucl an cvlciisou of that   colony's railway from Nomlufngoc   to
Rapid de L'Originnl, in (juebec, about
ihirtv-foiir  mile*,. ;ii   a  cost  "f     not
e\-et\'ding SUD.OHO a  mile,  the line  to
i! taken     over hy the     C. P.  It. on
iinpletioii.     An additional iwi,.     ol
bonds on the Siidhurv  branch, not
liim Uiu.uuu a mile for 236
miles, was nlso agreed t.i. the original estimate having proved Insut*
icieni owing to unexpected difficulties
f construction. Sir William Van
Home, Mr. E. II. Osier. M. P.. Mr.
B. Angus and Hon. L. J. Forget
were re-elected  to the directorate.
In moving lhe adoption of the annual report, the president. Sir Thos.
Shatighnessy, said unless there was
some great setback in the progress o(
the country, which there was no reason to anticipate, the company would
l.e compelled to spend further larce
sutus on expansion which would be
met hy further share issue if necessary, but for immediate requirements
there were sufficient funds on hand.
Speaking of the crop situation, he
said that in Ontario there had been a
satisfactory yield of wheat, but the
season had been an inauspicious one
for other crops. In western Canada
the backward sprtng had resulted in a
shrinVrage of 25 per cent in the wheat
crop, but owing to increase of oats
and other grains and higher prices
the farmers would receive as much for
their produce as last vear. As a result of the late harvest nnly 1,381
car'oads of wheat weie carried during
September to ports nn Lake Superior, against '1,81(8 in September.
100(1, hut in spile of this there was
no diminution in weekly earnings, and
an extraordinary rush of grain tu the
head of tlie lake was anticipated before tbe close of naviuatiirti.
Tbe president estimated that the
company still held 8,000,000 a<r.*s ut
its original agricultural land grant,
which wouhl produce Weber prices
than those heretofore realized, while
from lands in British Columbia, the
main value of which was in timber
ami minerals, a handsome return
uiiiilit be expected. By Uio end of
the season .'flit miles of canals and
ditches wouhl he completed in western irrigation blocks, serving iiu.nun
crcs at a cost    of $6.50 an aire. As
hearty thanks, of the public are due
to these gentlemen lor establishing
by their conduct a fuse for extending
Uie authority of the railway commission over the te'egraph, company. The
case is already strong, but we aro
not without hupeb that they will
make it uverwhelmiiig by some crowu.
mg act of autocratic Imbecility."
Messrs James Kyan and V. A.
t'.i'i.ii.s lmve L-vvii catliug up.'., a
nuiuuei uf peuple dunug the past few
days io see it    ii would be possible
lo    secuie      assurances      ot   sulheieut
Hinds to purchase the athletic grounds
on the lull    and arrange loi u    nig
race meeting     next (all uiul a     flint
i.ui ab well.     The lcceptiou Uul the
committee met    with was gratifying
iii the extreme.     Everyone aunroach-
ed gladly    signified   ttieu willingness
tu lake stock     in the new enterprise
and alter a   lew huuu    work distributed over three days the committee
wen* able iu report nearly all uf the
$1,000   in.cess.ay    to     purchase     the
grounds.    Tins fact Insures the race
cung and fruit fair fur next   year
I there is nu doubt as lu us ulti-
te    success. Craubrook     has
.chitl the stage where she must
ce advanced stops to keep up with
the procession. Tho town is tho
trcognited ccntci ot a l^r$,e territory,
and the people ol this termor) natur-
ally look lo Cranbrook toi a P'ace oi
amusement. I'he utcvi oi holding a
imn and agricultural fan in connec
inn with tbe race meeting is a most
populni one with the people, and
n'hrtt is more will be a great benefit
to the whole district, as It will
give the people who are engaged in
that line aa opportunity to demon-
-.lute tn the public at large what
'lus district can do iu the way of
■ing Iiuil and vegetables Thvie
i be a meeting tomouow evening
s o'clock in Mighton's ball lot the
purpose of arranging tor tho formation Of a company, and all those
wlm have applied lor stock and others
who would naturally be interested in
the oroinization, are earnestly requested to be present.
TtlfcGkAPtlUtt MAY STRIkh
'   will PROBABLY BE KE-
^Special to lhe Herald.)
Calgary, Alta., Oct. iu.—It has
been onictally aunouDced Uiat the c.
P, it. has made ibe following concession* to Uie telegraphers in Hwir
employ. Operators will receive 1-4
pei cent UK.reas.e over farmer ralos
-nd linemen lu per cent, overtime
will be allowed operators for attending Suuday trains. Tbe company
also cancels tbe clause in the farmer
scneduie giving operators two weevs
holidays and aespatcbers three weeks
ou full pay, and insists Uiat telegraphers holiday* be subject lo the
cumpa&y rules.
i h-- telegraphers    have been     busy
ibe past twu days UkiLg a ballot on
the acceptance oi the above proposition, and, while there bas been no
otfictal aunouucemeQi from tbem il is
rumored lb_l the ballot is going
overwbelmntngly against acceptance,
as tbe operators claim the C.P.R. is
taking away from them with one
band wb*t they gave them with the
t of free text depemlcnt, a principality in ilsell
schools for each thai will stand the most rigorous
such   text books, [development for decades to come and
ider such  I
witnessed nnvthin* Ul:e it. I have
traveled through the Alps, hul with
all the    grandeur    of tho Alps, tbey
      rompaied  with     the ,suMv fl |mp|)V a(|g(|ry Ul.i( ihe|r firftt
main nm iumi[, m.[t.(in{i. back io Canada should
ome from a commercial ami non-
political body like lhe board ot
rade.     It showed lines were   being
____________________ gov
ernments by     their inaction     would
create a new    party in B. C. which
would snow them umlcr at the   polls .    !«_■_________■■-----
and relegate them to a well-deserved lowing the sound position which the
oblivion." He declared that Lieut- ",ul,,'c. r<®»rdcd tlie company as being
inant-Oovernor Dunsmuir could not ■"■ Sir Ihomas sLitf-.l that except in
constMiHonnllr refuse to sign tho "8"™ tot.thfl «S,000,000 of common
present Natal Act. Even a king I*1'*11 foId twenty-five years ago,
could not, under the British constitu- i*'1'"' ™f. rnterprise was not very
tion. refuse tn comply with the will ,«««* sieved in^flll^tock and s«-ur
distributed. _^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"Whereas  l.ilf.e uleas  nl lamls      iu
ihe proWnco of British Columbia now
owned bv railway ami other corporations and liable to luxation tor .^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^_^
veal* past, slill remain untaxed, lean remember some years ago when
ihioucli the refusal of the present 'young men who wanted n chance to
piovinci.il govelliment lo assess and ,hotter themselves were going to the
lav Ihe same, whereby very large Stater,, ami in this way Canada lost
sums have been ami are being lost io hundreds ami Ihotisands of her lirst
the province. Resolved that all young blood. I am thankful lhat
legal sieps should be taken lo make such is not the condition now. Can-
such corpora I Ions pav llieir just, ada mills all ol her young men.
proportion of luxes to the provincial .There Is a great work of development
treasury." ahead.     We need good citizens   from
The (onveiilion adjourned ut fi p.m. any country, nu'ii who will come ami
to ti .10 tomorrow morning. Tonight remain pormawnlly, to In-come citi-
the delegates are the guests of the |zens and cultivate a spirit of
nationalism ami loyalty. It Is on
the young men ol today ami thu men
who are coming to Canada that her
future depends. I want to sec more
of the west and I hope to be able to
come again next year, and I want to
si-e more members of parliament
come ont here. It Is a trip of education, and nny member from tho
east, onee he has seen tbis pnrt ot
Vancouver Liberal nssftelntjlon at
smoker iu Labor ball.
New York, Oct. 7.—A message was
received    bv Herbert     L. Brhlgman
of New   Vork   nihilities, will >' to ■ ,,oU,r P™*110"
the people. ' Either flovernor
Dunsmuir must sign or Premier McBride must resign, said Mr. Mclnnes.
He allowed that  he had  introduced
the Natal Act in tbe Dominion house
In I8M.      The east fought  it to defeat, although    he introduce.) It    on
the advice ot the Right Hon. Joseph
obliterated, nnd on commercial ma£ li'hniuberlaln.    Ho declared    Premier
ters.     While not at  liberty, for dip*   ;,u'r'jS j* *»«*«•  *• Plcdig    Blve"
lomalic reasons, to at  present  make   " ]m \(i c«"y ^-  tlie wishes    of
public the details of    the treaty just     « ******** B. C: "!l t,lls n»."'stnm:
negollutwl will, France yel he    was !)"?]*»' ,'a,J'li(,r lm'' flSS"r
til,' lo Indicate the general principles \MT\   wnuW . no*     r,,u'
on which it had heen made.     It waft .AnylaJaptjwe.imijr
Krtid Ireaty.     Tbe public need ex*
I     him
into an
ll wns absurd for Premier Laurier
i-cot  no sensational developments re- J« ,i,lk ,rf creating n panic after   aH
gardiim it.     There was no effort to,lTSS I     i    n   i*     *    it    *     *
make the people believe thai  it was ' . •■■■•■*» f "»hl ahnigate the treaty;.
a treaty in which Canada had gained  •    "e"to" Jn" ["J °'   rp!t,,,,', «>»
ftll       * v        |.Japan was loo    hlghji price to pay
A good bargain was one In   which
ities had been sold at more than lace
value. There were 11,000 people
whose individual holdings did not exceed fifty shares.
At a meeling of the* directors, held
subsequently, Sir William C. Van
Home w.is re-elected chairman. Sir
Thomas <t. Shaughm ssy, president,
am) Mr. D.ivid McNIcrdl, vice-presi-
ilent, The executive committee were
.ipjMiiiit.il as follows: Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal Sir Thomas
(i. Sh.niL'M-ssv, Sir William C. Van
Iiniii*'. Richard     B.   Vngus,  l-'.<lmuud
B. Osier, M.  P . David  McNicoll.
bolh sides profiled. The present
treaty was not the fust negotiated
by Canadian statesmen, the speaker
staled, Instancing the treaty with
France fourteen years ago, That
treaty: however, was small uml unequal. Instead of denouncing that
treaty it was thought better to
approach our    French brethren    ami
diale, so happily fostered hy     King
for the penalty of B. C. nml all Canada, suffering as a result of treaty
conditions. It was agreed that Japs
in large numbers, over seven thoumndi
since January, was a menace to the
safety of the eountrv in time of international trouble.
"Instead of sending a commissioner
to Japan," concluded Mr. Mclnnes,
'Ottawa     should     flash   n cable
i vile them to frame n more equitable IJfcjBJw s,,x. "°ntihI ^IS. H*t
renty ami so in « Humble wav.help Il]l' .rcan7 J™" S-SSSTftf*! «*.
o remept the bonds ol entente cor- „^^^/ll^iiP?Sfti iS * T^
■lale   so happily fostered by     King ™tf£ £ ^ttelgt I^tajent
sir  i.'i,.irtir,« „.i,i  . 1,1.1, (rlhiit-, in "«"'"»• wl)"") true bills liavff Iwm n-
scientist and explorer   of New   YVirk.  .    .   . .-_      .   i    •    __    _. i .
niHHHiiH-liiR the fact that    Dr.    Cook  <?, W«J{ta wlady fn the futnre   on
was prepared to make a dash for the »»    *»*}***      concerning     Western
North    Pole by a new rout* through ,*lUm,,a'
"'    "      The despatch
iNansen Strait	
August ail, 1907
and   in
V n■■ mer, Oct. 2.—The seeoml day
of lhe proiwedings at the Liberal convention was characterized by tbu
same spirit of enthusiasm as the
first. The attendance was even ,
larger than on the opening day nnd .dated Etah
the discussions on the various resolu-  as follows':
lions adopted elicited several admiral |   "My Dear     Bridgimin:    1 have hit
lions inlnpted   eliclled several admir- upon a new route to the Norlh Polo,
able addresses from prominent   mem- nml will stay to try It.     By way of,
hers of the partyf I Buchanan Bay nnd Ellesmoreland and     Any male or female, bring a British
The great enthusiasm was aroused northward 'through Nansen StTalt subject or the full age of *_!1 years,
over the discussion of the .Asiatic im-'over Uie Polar Sea. seems to me to who has paid nil Ihe rates und taxes
migration question. A delegation be a vcrv good route. There will for tlie current year, ami has con-
from Hie Asiatic Exclusion League be game to the 83IhI degree, nnd here tinuouslv resided within the muniel-
were given leave to present their are natives nnd dogs for the task, pality since the first, day ot January,
views, After their retirement, re* So, here is for the pole. Mr. Brnd- 1-HI7, and who Is a householder or gel
"""   '"      '" ' " -'-- " *      Kind re-  license   holder   within the municipal- had
ters by the 'Imperial government. No
country could hope for more generous
treatment than they had received.
They were given full power lo enter
Into negotiations, with the understanding that whatever was done by
Ihem would be ratified. There was
no Interference whatever, ami tho
ministers were clothed with full
TllE'nowers    as   pleni-polcntiaries.     Mr,
trials will take place nt the end    of
The hall  was crowded to
Manager Beattie, of the new opera
house, will make a new departure
next   Saturday evening on the     ap-
C   P, I
ng  lolls
i Ihal
•     Da
Ml   pi
equent upon
I Telegraph
.) I a mo-
be following
rate from
cent; night
100    per
Winnipeg, Oci    _. —Ci
the action ■ i  llu1
company In ralh,
lllllll's   IH.tie,*     KI
lhc    liicie.i-e
t -in Ontario
■ tioni  wesie
cent;   da.    Ul.-  tl
gin   i
per cent; day
wan, 111 per     ^	
Saskatchewan, 100 per cent.
The Free Press today published a
strongly condemnatory editorial, especially condemning the (act that the
rates were retroactive. It says in
iPuit Kirfsiin^tou Sun, Sep. 'Jlj
Taking a chance couiiug lbiuu_h tbe
Skeena canyon ia a skiff with six
men, a captain wbu had never seen
tho canyon, one paddle and une uai,
is like courting death in its wildest
fancy, but such was the case with
the boat wtgcii brought Dan Day,
A. Lathrop, C. Vi, Sbipster, B. V\
liuckctl, ai-d Chester and N, Tfooman
(rum above the canyon to Essington
on Tuesday.
The six named were passengers >»ij
the wrecked steamer tiazelton ainl desired to reach the coast. Canoes
Mete not obtainable ai.U walking was
out of the question. They applied to
tbo captaih of the Hazeitou for one
ol the boats and iheir request was
granted. .The patty spent hall an
hour In gelling the boat ready, bul
two hours weie exhausted in selecting
a captain. None ol Uie six Wanted
to be captain, they all disliked the
responsibility. A personal canvass
was made, but lo nu avail. Aftei
tlie panel was exhausted, the fotee of
live centered on B. W.lIuckcH. Ho
was asked if lie was a boatman.
"Boated all my Hie in Michigan,
but I never saw the canyon before,
1 came in by way of Ashcroft," lie
"Never mind, yuu be the captain,"
echoed the live In unison, and so
lluckell agreed, and tbe boat lelt.
HuckeH had a paddle  the Blze of
Allierta, 100 pel teaspoon to steer with, while Day
un Alberta, 114 nd l_athrop had un oar each. Muliou
from Saikatche* was slow at first but awfully last
nitlit rale from as they entered the canyon. Lathrop
lost bis oui and this rendered tho
other almost useless. Descent
became swifter, they entered tho
canyon, the boat swings into an eddy
and is taken to the edge of tho
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ whirlpool. Dan Day says the boat
It is not very long since the C. -lanced around the pool half a dozen
P. R. Telegraph company cancelled times on end hefore they knew what
the press rale from Toronto to Win- happened—and—and—'•'that's all I
ni'ieg, which had been In existence (or know of it," said Day, as he took his
over a do'zen years. The new sehe- Stetson off and ran his fingers
ilnle increased the night press rate 6fl through his hair, while at tbe Hotel
per cent and the day rate 233 per Essington Tuesday night,
cent—only 233 per cent, I The party agreed the next time
"In this tho C. P. R. Telegraph tbey go through the canyon they
company did not make the new rate would walk it. And this is whole-
Immediately effective, as in the pre-1   - ''*''"" *"
ome advice to a good many more.
IN Dis
the subject were pre- ley will tell vou tho rest.
tented and J.    A. Macdonald In    a garda to all,"
ity, may register   as a   voter tor the ,Patmore Bros.
Brodeur nlso replied at length and Wiraqce of the "Messenger Boy." As
Sir Wilfrid Laurier and other minis- that company carries an orchestra
ters spoke. O'1'   Beatne will arrange to have   tho
'. 4\  national anthem     played before   tho
rise of the first    curtain instead    of
START RIGHT waiting    until the close of the play
  I when everybody is busy getting Into
"Start riglil.':     We mean,     start  coat's and cloaks and looking for hatsimildly
housekeeping rluht.     The right   way  and rubbers.       This will give     the hardly
is to  get a "Kootenay" range.   You  audience an opportunity to s*tnnd aod.of the game,
'    ll the satisfaction there Is to h, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
\\n have     them in all sizes.-
ease.      Thev made it rctroac- I
five.     They   dated it hack.   The Imperial  ukase,   inundate,, rescript,  fir- j       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
man, or whatever you choose to call ■ ■'■■
It, Instructed    the newspapers    that1   New    York,    Oct.   7.—Harry  K.
they would lie   called upon to    pay Thaw's second trial    for the murder
this additional (HI     per cent and 233  of Stanford White will begin Dccetn-
from a date iu the pnst which     was ber 2nd.    This agreement was reach-
dulv set forth,    Cpon the nowspa|wrfl ed between District Attorney Jerome,
pointing out   that   Ihis     was  Martin     W.   Littleton, counsel     for
in accordance with Hie    rules Thaw, and   Justice Bowling of    Uu.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ he itre.it men who guide    upremo court today.     Mr. Uttloton
pav proper     respect  to the national Itito destinies nt    tho telegraph mono*  wanted the date    fixed tor November
''  and    Mr.     BeatWo is to bo oon- poly relapsed into taughtv silence and  1, but Mr. Jerome opposed this   and
""     ~* the .offered the date which was selected.
[gratulatod upon his thoughtfulness.     Isont in their bill.    The thanks, THE CRAMtllOOK HERALD
B. E. WALKER, Frrsiilent
ALEX. LA.KD, C'f'i.il M.in.i;.r
A. H. IKELAKD, Superintendent ol
Brandies throughout Canada,"awl In ibe United States and England
Paid-up Capital, $10.000,000
ReSt, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, -  113,000,000
BOB   KDWAKUS,    OF   CAI...A11Y,
DuDosIta 'S SI ""J upwards received, and Interest allowed at
current rates. The deposllur is subject to no delay whatever ia
the withdrawal ol the whole or any portion ol the deposit.
Cranbrook Branch.     -      F. C MALPAS, Manager
SiMiil,.,    Wash.,     on. 3-Atlvic.s     it i,.ls |„,.„ claimed lhat too   Con-
iii.iii ilie urays harbor country    iu scrmtlvra    ..f   Winnipeg proposed n
"u'.l'us'-t 's' I anil    Iron: various I resolution In present In Mr. Borden
sections      in    Uu'     I'us.t    Sound nskliiR tor n general convention ol too
 'her   district    report that logging | Conservatives ot .lie Dominion     for
"Penitious may li.ivc to lie suspended  lhc    purpose »f   preparing a    more
becnuse ot tho ravages of drnslie platform than tho one    pre-
iir sln|i    worm.    The M'nti'il by Mr. Borden, but that    lt
iti.nki'il .ill tin- logs in  was nol done.    Tills has been denied
ml    bored them lull of Iml Hub   Eilwnnls   prints too vesolu-
.,1s' I'ion ill iiis Cnlgary papor and i-laims
Ilif  ims  lloatliig in   Pugot Soiinil llml lie has   possession of proof    ot
are tied up in grenl booms ot millions ills    nutlionlleiir.      Tho    resoliillon
,i( feel each.     The worms In,re into reads as follows:
the Iml, ot ibe Ion and then nml tune.     Ilere is llie (.minus suppressed   rn-
Hieii   luniiclliig     through   Hie .muni solution:
Hi,' teredo
worms hav
lite   wnter
WOOti  nl   III
Willi  llll' ll.
drills nf »,
A  Word   to  the Wise!
Gold weather means big fires In your house,
and at the commencement of the cold season
there h always a danger of fire owing to
neglect of stove pipes. See your stove pipes
are thoroughly cleaned, and better still, also
Real Estate
li i.n l.i piiil Compound thnl will ilcs.roy liiFeelH I flies.
I,,, i nn your Ca.llo and lings.
IIhoII nlioilt your I'oiiltry lliill.es.
ll  is guaranteed In protect   Nurses nml  .'allle from lliiis ami
inin:  Ii.   kill   I
I huff VCI
iif I.l nesll
Untile  I  line; lo oxliirinlnutn Poultry
..ffif.if If. I liu.s, Coekroiielms and lilti.lu.iu_i
<l aieordini! io direellnnH.
Put up in 75c. and $1,50 patented screw lop tins
IIXlHililSTS     ,
Dispensing Is ,mr specially ♦
I Just  from the  Manufacturer!
A  largo vnrlo.y of Ilk. I'i: Mil. SET IlllOOCillW, ill  tlm J
latest and most antsthi dwIgiiH.   Alsu il nice assortment of *
I'KAIIL ANU I.IAM.lM. STICK  PINS     Call in lltlil lllivu #
alnnlfi1tl.fi., %
|   W. H. WILSON, g
Jeweler nnd *g»
Graduate   Optician       <►
♦ (i.)l.l) SEAL TEA
♦ I'he Best
Queen's Hotel, Calgary
Pun. nttfron
For Aflernimn Tea
Coining in  lliis  wooki-PllUXKB, CHAB APPLES, I'HAHS, PICK-
Pabst! Pabst! Pabst!
.lusl i'f ii.'.l ii CAU of PABST BOTTLED BEER
Wliol.stl'j Wines, Liquors and Cigars
CRANBROOK, li. C.       -       -       PHONE 17
Oil,'   ll,
1. Whereas, it is apparent llial. ae-
IIvn preparations nro being mado bv
llie two great |iolltical parties ol
1 a ua da for the torllieoniliig Dominion
lake place iu Ibe
inilii'i. always parallel
may be hun-
!, but   their
liinnels never Intersect.    Often it lins,   .,
lii'i'ii fnuiHl t li., 1 two borings are sep-1 elect ion whir..
.ii.iieil merely tiv a liim „i cruslnoo- tieor fulure.
ous mntler. 3.    And whereas, Mr. ||, 1,. n„r.
Ir, llrilisli Columbia, iu tho Clayo- den, tin lender at   11,,. Conservatlvo
ipioi lumber district, operations liavo parly In Canada, has announced   Iho
I'liiiii'ly eeosetl owing to the ravages Platform 111 which Die issiirs ol Hi.
nt tlie loretlos.       Tho worms    have fortlieoming enmimign will be t,,u.-iit ""' ,,,ss "liUI    lw0 dnlluis fi
rained all the year's cut ol Umber in In llie Interests of   it,,. CotiBcrvnUvp "'" ' '""'
lhe w.iii'i. and iln< big Sutton com- Parly and lias already commenced   a
pany has reported „ |,,sS ol ovor 10,-1 tour "' Hie   Dominion nf Canada   in
lifin.ono feel,      Hundreds ol lumber- the Interest ,.f tlio Conservative
min have been lorcotl into Idleness un-|nml iu preparation   fnr tin
iil Hie winter's wnrk in .lie    woods election:
• party
' The following ate untitled to havo
tht'ir Mimes inserted on lhc votors1
list for Uie city lor tlie year 1!)08.
Any Uritisli subject,, mule or fe-
maile, ol Hie full age of 21 years, being:
1. An owner of real estate uf tbe
assessed value nf mil less than Slim,
2. A resident authorized ropresont-
ativo ol an incorporated company
which is tbe assessed owner uf land
or of improvements uf land within
the iminieipality.
3. The owner of a trade license the
annual fee nf whieh is not less than
I. A householder. " Householder"
shall mean anil Include any person of
full age ol twenly-om* years who
occupies a dwelling tenement, hotel
or hoarding House, or any pari or
pint ion of n dwelling, tenement, hold
nl hoarding house, and who shall, unless extent hv statute or munieipal
by-law, have ' paid dlreotly to Iho
municipality rates,  tuxes or  fees    of
current year,
Tbe names of property owners, as
above, will he taken from (he assessment roll nml Inserted on the
Representatives    of      Incorporated
* elitr
I   Ami whereas   it is the ohleot ..f tlm  ''"mpnnies must hand in their mithor-
to lie no wny to   pro- Pen Ira I Conservative Assoclatl
ty to Ihe    clly   clerk before
of the (credos into  this city nml  the other "conservative   "W* VAtl ih°ii!",el'tft,i
Hu* logs, Hi.mull th,. departmcul of Associations of the province of Mni„
ngrlcullure and the forestry bureau John to necompllsh everything no*.
h.ive been ex perl men ting for several I slblo for the benefit or Iho Conscrvu-
vi'.us. Kjeb year the damage grows Mvn party in Canada ami for the
larger on Ihe west const because of furtherance of Its Interests and the
 vnges of the ship worm ou the development    of u hrond, comprchcii-
>f lhc
IIiiallliK logs of lumbei
om | tnnles.
as ibe stand nf a
llie fortlieoming e
Ami wherein-
I (
it   is the belief of
clear-cut iwlley
uiiseivstives     in
License holders ami householders
musl make the statutory declaration
during the month of Octolwr, uml
bnml Ibe same lo Ihe city clerk
within IS hours after it is made. All
declarations must be handed in hy
l. i>. m. on    Friday, November 1st.
Forms of declaration enn he obtained at the city clciVs oflfleo from
now ou until October Hist.
I; Imperial Bank of Canada I
$4 345,000
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on Deposits Iron, date ol deposit
i: Cranbrook Branch: J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.
Ilamltiirg, Clermauy, Oct. [.—Ciiuln-
lutigkurii, nf Shim, has invited ail
Hamburg in join hiui iu celebrating
iln- ."ilili anniversary of liis htrlhdtiy.
Oliillnpagno nnd ted' and wliile wines
nf every description were served at
llie Casino without limil, il. being
arranged by the chief minister ill
Hie visiiing king Hint eaeli person
wlm pa ill a I lilling fee should becotuo
li'iiipornrUy a member of .lie Kur-
liaiis ami lif entitled tn Uuee Iml I If s
nf wine, one eaeli of champagne and
wliile ami ted wine, wliile in .lie
grnitiids nf llie Kurliaiis three pavil-
iniis were erected, where free beer
was ilisiiibuii'il U, all comers.
' Tlie daily outlay nf King C'hulalong-
hni'ii iu normal limes,    while travel
iuu, Is about M,  fnr the, lintel bill
nl himself and liis suite.     11 is   pre- i
ibis association that Mr. 11. |„ llm
den anil Hie Conservative party wnuld
lie reaping a trial advantage by tlie
culling nf a Conservative convention
representing llie different Conservative associations of Cnnndn fnr llie
formulation nf a broad and comprehensive policy based upon the great
Issues nf llie day wliieli are nnw
nffcct'liig the Dominion of Canada, and
fnr llie consideration of plans based
upon lliis   policy in orde
nggressivt insures lor Hie further-1
mice nf Hie interests nf Ibe Conservative parly iu Canada:
I. And lurcher, whereas it Is also
llie belief nf lliis association llial llie
CoiisctoiHvc parly would suffer a
'great loss, particularly wilh respect i
_|ln Hie young men who are ahoul In
assiu.alc themselves actively with
nne nr nlbel
ot     ito great 'political
sumed tlml  tho celebration     of   his i ,li.!"ll,'s:,      ,    ., ,    ,    ,
hirllidav anniversary will cost $250,-1 n-*tcjoro be it resolve., hat n-p-
000, as" the managers of the Kurhaus Sil"!1?! °V]"i\ association be-
Casino have been bnstily gathering in u,^.1hi'f «r. IJ. L. Borden nnd
wine by t|l0 .arlontl from neighhoring U ' tonseivaltve party would reap
|ljpS> s|creal advantage from the calling of a
(Calgary Daily Alhertun.)
"A Messenger Hov'" Was Mm offering
at the Lytic theatre last might ami
drew one of llie largest bouses of
"___.!* ei'he -seasxm. Tbe play is n strong
iiielo-dninia witb an interesting
story and stirring climaxes. The
parts are in tlie hands of competent
actors, nnd thev gave a vcrv creditable performance of the piny. An
excellent orchestra is carried by the
management und gave some ' vcrv
pleasing selections between nets.
There is no reason why ihey should
not. receive a  good house tonight.
(This attraction will he at Ibe new
opera house, Cranhrook, ueSl Saturday evening.)
i li is estimated that the King ol
Kliim has nlready spent $1,50(1,0(1(1 in
Germany alone.
Dominion convention, interview Mr.
It. L. Borden and request him to call
a Dominion convention of the Conservative parly at Winnipeg in the
month nf January or at some time
suitable in the near future, with the
object of deciding iin convention nnd
formulating the various planks of tbo
Conservative party, setting forth
their altitude on the great political
issues of (be dav;
And further he it resolved, that   In
case Mr. II. I,. Burden refuses to call
I Camrose, Alta., Oct. 5.—Capt. T.
Berville Thomas, editor of the Cam-
rose Mail, in liis paper this weeta, issues an address tu tht; electors, in
which    he   ailnouuces himself ns     a.    .,
liiinlidale for parliament in the fed-|a """I""."" convention m the inter-
eral riding of Sirathconu. Mr. ™,s "' ■"* Pn«Ti Jh-'t this assocla-
Tliomas dousii't say whieh paitv bur- M"".1 ■I."11 'he other Conservative ns-
liess be will wear,'hut as he u'lleiid- «"*')«'"»'»« "f this cilv withdraw Iheir
ed ihe Conservative convention at ;"',I''I'' "njiuwice at the meetings held
bv Mr. Borden tn Winnipeg ami the
province of Manitoba, and that .they
communicate with the Conservative
associations in the provinces of
Saskatchewan. Alberta and
Columbiii requesting tbem to also
withdraw their support.
IL V.. Beattie, manager of the new
opera house, lias arranged for the
appearance of David B. Oollcy in bis
successful play, "We Are King," in
Cranbrook, at nn early date. Tbe
crllics of Eastern Canada and the
States sneak very highly of Mr.
Cudtey nml his company.
Mr. Beattie has arranged dates for
some of the best attractions ever
seen in this part of western Canada,
for this season.
Bed Deer ami   holds an official pos
lion, it is likely that he will run as
a supporter of Mr. Borden.
i There has been no convention held
as yet, so that Mr. Thomas is hiking
Father Time by the front locks. The
following is Mr. Thomas' address, as
published in his paper:
I "Inasmuch as we are led to believe
that a general election will likely
tal.e place in the not distant future,
ami believing the time to be fully -
ripe for the people to be represented
in parliament by one pledged to   cer-
The Ollllia (Ont.) News Letter
)etobcr 2ml has the following:
The   marriage of    Miss   Mary Mc-
-.,-,. ,     ..     ,Ai.ley, eldest daughter of Mr, P. Mc-
Liiii   much    needed reforms touching ;Aulev, of Noywash street, to Mr. J.
matters of importance coneerning our ,,. MacDoneU', of    Cranhrook, B. C
western peoples    welfare    after due 8on (lf* ,1|(, ,.lt(, ,„■_ A   R  MacDoneU;        .
and careful cons uie rat ion, I have been yf   orillia      wis solemnized in    the ftn IW,erv,ew w'»' the archdeacon, and
persuaded by my friends to allow niy,(.hul.,h of ',,,„, A     ,8    Guardiail       '  <■"■■"-■ —'   '- -
name to be placed in the hands  . of,Momlay morning, September 30, Rev
It may not he generally known that
R. Kiniptoii, one of the pioneers of
llie Kootenny valley and pcrhnps one
of lhe l>est known men in this section
of the country, commit ted a theft on
a grand scale a number of vears ago
British ,but never served time for it. At the
time lhat the divisional point was
moved from Donald and the town became a veritable deserted village, Mr.
Kimpton, who wns one of the frus-
t-ees of the English church at Winder-
more, conceived the idea that it
would lie a good thine to secure the
well built church at Donald for bis
parish, as it would Ih' used no longer
in thnt town. The bishop was out
of the diocese nt the time, hut Mr.
Kimpton went to the coast and had
finally secured   his consent to     take
the ciuirdi.     In the meantime    some
the returning officer at the next fed- PaHier     Moyna    officiating    ' Mis-i of *'llose wlm wore movi,lK to Revet
•nil election as a candidate for    the jje|enil Fraw'ley was hrMcsiiiaid, and ll!Se,.1.}ffl♦fi'iSkll! t^Pi^Ii • !-y
Strathcona constituency.—T. Bcrvil'e .y\r
Thomas, Camrose.'
. told to
- Washing ton, Ocl. 3.—Documentary
evidence has just lieen discovered in
Fairfax county, Virginia, to prove
lhat George Washington was not
always regarded by his neighbors as
a model of veracity. At the May
terms of the Fairfax county court iu
1700, be was publicly "presented" to
lhe grand jury for swearing lo a
false tisl of llis taxable property. Tho
discovery of tliis record was made by
Cnptuth S. IL Honolulu, editor of the
MeAuley, brother of the JEII„wIttitta b,isho,,■ so j! > tn ,
isman. The bride, who J6 -f"^ a !(l *mV hS ^Sf1*
won to take the ehureh. Mr. K imp-
Ion returned to Donald and when he
heard that the other parties were
Miss K°ing to bold the edifice, he quietly
secured the assistance of a gang of
men and several teams and went lo
work, nnd before he could be stopped
be hud the ehureh pulled down, loaded ou cars, taken to Golden nnd
trans ter red to tlie steamboat and
taken down river and safely landed
it Windermere.      And to this     dav
bride, groomsman. The bride, who
was given away by her father, wore
a handsome tailor-made costume of
maroon bmndclolh with hat to
mutch and while Thibet furs.
Krawley wns daintily gowned in
cream serge and carried a large sheaf
of pink roses. Both choir ami or-
gunisl rendered the weddlhg music
most acceptably and the allot decorations were very pretty anil tasteful.
Owdug to tbe recent bereavement
the groom's family, the wedding was ,  • ......
very ipiiet; notwithstanding Ibis   the !f[vloefl n/c M|»ff regiilnrly held    tn
mnny friends   availed    them-
'if the   opportunity of remem-
this sn net nary that was secured    in
this way.     It might be added     that
Cap aTTi S.  K.   DoiioHuc, eilllor of llie ,   ''' ' V      " ■   """..*   »'  •K»"''"" (he  eonLMemtion  ham   fullv   mid   for
H'liUx Herald.       The greatest    ol Ji««*fk«;* !    iK «  "', U to
Amereans     wns  proved, on  indicia     '    ,    ,  \h   . _ ay.       hl""1- the    _-nt>rr-v   iml     ii^moc.n     nr Mr
.                i      ■       .      _     i so tne iii I",.-.) «  i i.v.     ,w   I., i i<> r it.,. ri» i«"    eneig*   .iuu      lesom ees      o    .mi .
Inquiry and     examination by twelve ';"""  i,lls"i'i' lesinien io tiieir warm *.. ,,„•..„
Inquii'y and     examtnation by
substantial men of his county to    he
guilty of what is termed today "tax
Tliis Hotel lias always boon tho leader
in its Iim'. nml will Im* kept up to Uiu
Htainlanl. If you want to moot the
pooplo, couiQ t.i the Quooii'b Hotel.
Vancouver is to lose one of her
favorites   ill    Miss      Vivian   Mac-
Neill, whose marriage takes place
ou   December   I Ith to Mr. ,Ium<-s<
Hunter,    who is manager of   Mie
It.ml- id   Commerce at  Poiiitctnn,
It. C.—Vancouver Sunset.
'I'he many friends of Mr. Hunter
Cranbrook will iinllo with the   Her
aid in congratulations, as Mr, Hunter, [will he
during    bis long   service with     thu musical circles,
Crnnbrook     branch of   lhe Canadian jaminbilily ami
Bunk of   Commerce,     was a favol'lt
With all who knew him.
eganl. Among the finest was ..
dinner set of exquisite Austrian
china, from the groom's brothers.
Tin* groom's wedding gifts were: to
the best man, a handsome sealskin
hill-hook; to tbe bridesmaid, n beautiful alligator skin haird Inig, and to
the bride, uu elegant set of mink furs.
Mr. uud Mrs, MncDonell left on the
h.lu ltiiin for a short tour, from
which thev will return to Orillia for
The statement  in last  week')
aid that  the Peru Creek hotel
Ihtii    leased lo    Geo.     Downs
wrong.     The Herald is sorry
this  statement  appealed ns  Ibe  Herald alms lo give onlv reliable Infor-
1 • ^i:m.vi^
self, who culled nl  the     Herald ollice
and guve the Information that he had
leased   lhe  pirn ml  requested     tbe
"to announce   It to lhe public
hefiire starting Tor Iheir home In I In-
west.     While wishing them all hnppi-
in   ness,    the bride's    ninnv friends will
ber depart with deep regret. Sim   ',.r7i,i
...ll.1l'     t_.iv_._ml       1. Illi.'lll Mil.     l._      '"I,Mil
rely missed, particularly in
where ber charming
her beautiful
and Ibis
wns done.      After Hie edi-
vnl e   "°11 WilK I"''"11**' I'"' Herald wns
much pleasure to many     »  fl-,nnwi ^ Mr- - Ar,,,,,r Hu-r^    1'l,llt
there was absolutely     no foundation
  for the statement and he asked that
this correction he mudc so thai  par-
AtTKItMATH OK   BILL   MINER'S  -ten   desiring to    negotiate for     the
ESCAPE hotel  would not he misled.
(Movie Lender,)
I   The Brotherhood of Hai I wny Train
men will give their annual hall     on     0 is announced that Warden .1. O.
New Year's Eve this year at the new j Whyte, of lhc provincial penitentiary,
opera house and  the committee     in has tendered his resignation on    ac-
charge are making arrangements    Ui count  of     ill-health.     It, has    heen
give the   people of   Crnnbrook     the known for    some   time that Colonel Born—Sunday, September 20,  11)0'
best hall in the history of the order Whyte hns been    seriously ill, tuber- to Mr.   nnd   Mrs. August Seguru,
iu this city.     Bear In mind the date culosls having   made    deadly Inroads daughter.
and don't fail to secure a ticket.        [into his system.     It has now   heen Bom—Sunday, Scntemlier 211,
j                        •                            20-tf found that nothing but absolute rent to Mr. and Mrs. Willis, a son.
, 4___.____.■■.                    and freedom from official   cares will Born—Thursday,  October    3,
',....,.   ..,_,..,,-     . r„ , 'enable liim to pull through and over- at  the Porto Rico mill, to Mr
FlUHn    ( REEK     HOTEL      FOR  Comc the enemy that     Is threatening Mrs. Win. Klnrade, a daughter.
LEASE                        ihis     life.        Nothing has yet    lieen A son    was horn to Mr. and Mrs.
!                        — —'                         given out as to who his successor  is J. A. Crawford at the hospital    at
Owing to ill-health I will lease tjie  likely lo be, but it is understood that Cranbrook     on    Tuesday,     October
Perry Creek bole! and ranch, or   tho  Dominion     inspector ol penitentiaries 1st.
hotel alone.    For terms write O. A.'Foster will come out and take charge Born—Sundav, September 22, 1007,
Bulge, Cranbrook, B. C, or   call nt .for a time    before any    definite ap- to Mr. and    Mrs. ,1. L. aihhons,    a
the hotel.                                        |poinlment Is made. son.
Aro you one uf
Our Customers?
If not it will pay you t" Im olio. Wo luivo tlio Itii'^ost n.u
li.'.t sin,'!, nf Drills, Stationery, etc.. in tlio Konloiinys
Buy « here you
Can Buy Cheapest
uml not wliut you usk for.
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores
THI.  UKKF on sole, lii'puniiiK lo.lj.y. is from prime,
British Columbia
Cuttle. We 1mhu.'IiI ll liij; bunch tliis week uml woulil link
you. our patrons, to dike special notice of the beof supplied
you     I. is plump, juicy uml tender,   You never used better,
P. BURNS «L CO., Ltd. f
• ••*••••■ • *•**•*)
Hotel ** s
(lue.n Cumliir. • Special..
Hood Stibllnf in Cannrtlion
Nmrci. tu ri».l.i"«rl •in. depot.    Hn. v-cixiitnmfH
'Inn. (or th« piitil.c owinllei. In Crnn.iriiok
Hu. ind Cold Bilks
Hoggarth & Rollins
If you wunt Clothing that is "(lilt l_ilu;u" in mime,
"Gilt Elge" in ...itarlaland "Gilt EiIro in inuke.
cull ami see onrNKW STOCK of Keudy Matlo
OliHiltig, JU1.T BEOKIVEI).   All Union Made
Leask Col Henderson \ Till.  ( ''RANBROOK   1IK1IAI.I)
Overcoat Value
Every  stitch and thread in a
Fit-Reform Overcoat is guaranteed.
Every yard of cloth is tested when
it comes (tout the mills
Every garment is inspected before
it leaves the I' it-1'florin workrooms.
Every  Overcoat,  healing the
Fit-Reform label, is up to .he Fit-Reform standaid of value.
And we show our confidence iu Fit-Reform quality, by our
guarantee to refund money should any punha.0 prove
Overcoats,     $lr> up. 815
Rambling Reveries
AS A (lllll. SEE IT
Dear Editor: Will ynu permit one
ol tli,' ,niil readers nl ynur paper to
H-eiipy ii little space in your highly
ipprecintcd Rumbling Reveries de-
'aitini'iit. 1 will begin, girl-like, ny
.tsking a tmcslion. tins no otic seen
i good girl lately? Art- girls uuw-a-
Inys inui'li worse than those ul yore?
Tlie average newspaper would make
ynu think sn.
wit except ed)
Praotloftlly all the valuable minerals
e found iu Canada.
Canada's mineral productinn in 1906
reached no millions; metallic, a littlo
more than one-half; nou-melallic. a
little less iban one-half.
' s.iii's Bay to Rocky Mountains, from
j United States boundary to Arctic
j ocean.
They patrol an   area as large    as
I*, u rope.
Canada   srot   H,'AV2 men   to South
Africa during ito Boer war.
Of   this  numlicr 221
were wounded.
died and 2*i2
Canada's mineral oxports reached Canada has provided a memorial
35 millions in 1006; increase nl -1 mil- f"f every Canadian's grave in South
lions over IU05. , Africa;    there are   4,000 or       othei
countries yet uumarked.
of Ibis I.,
since IH'U'
Stratiieona's Horse numbered 597.
|   Canada expended $2,830,000 in send*
come .tnn the S,:i"2 men to South Africa.
Canada bas produced    in the    last
I vears, 700 millions' worth of min-
Every Journal (vour ,'ra'!i- .    . . „,   ,.
which' 1 pick up has; J     , nr \. A ■^f^} Strathcona Horse will
more    eolumns  devoted to     ( anada bas     produced 850 millions .to established
Ihlngfi against   women,   until 1 have I" K'»d all told. ^^™
become    frightened,   and hud myself |   .,    ,
wandering if I   too, am one of   thoso'   V;illV one-hall
dreadful   creatines.   And.ur     UlOSfl   tnnn the Vikuu
articles written lit men"'    ll sn. they  lions.
iiiiibI Ih- men without hollies or fami- —
lies,  whn bale mixed wilh a debased I   ('a"ada produced
class of Boclety.     Surely nn   honor-,lions in gold.
able gentleman wnuld yen au article
Mich as     we daily peruse, deiiuunein^
I the gentler    sea: as extravagant)
111 mil-
Cranbrook, B. C.
\ Groceries and  Crockery
I have just received u large shipment of
Invitliiiilile to the Housewife for clenuiiiK Till, Brass.
Copper, iiuil all kiiuls of Kuuinel Ware. Take a look
ut my window.
crosse;* blackwell'8 jams.
|       .73
Case ol
Two Dozen  Hints   $2.50
Equal to Guinness'.   The finest beverage on the market
for family ami tnlile use.   Imparts vigor ami
health, ami tones up the Imily generally
Brewer, Craubrook, B. C
I Head Office, Calgary Alta. Phone 57
The Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Our Meat is nlwnys fresh, as all our Heel is killed
in Cranbrook
lentous, faithless, nny, even Immodest, and no homo 10 receive the kiss
..f a dear wife or moot tbe innocent
eves of a hew of sisters or daughters, These articles sow the seed in
Uu* minds uf young mon, fnr thoughts
and feelings ihat would never have
risen Ihere without teachin**. Now 1
m young, and am not worldly wise
t least, yet I have had my little experience, and I must say lhat I have
met with many pure, nood women,
kind mothers, loving wives, dutiful
(laughter*?, affectionate sisters; women
who are not for ruining their husbands ur fathers by extravagance;
wlio ai'<- not falling In love with
nery handsome man they see; who
ire not eloping every day with tho
family physician or husband's friend;
hut sensible in every respect. And I
have met very good men. I regret
it, I do not wish to speak against
the men, for I rather like them and
am willing to sny that my experience
has been, perhaps unfortunate. I am
inclined to believe that as in all ages
there has existed noble men, "faithful iu love, hrave in war," so they
may still be found—faithful In love
(when there Is plenty of money)—
brave in war (with n major-general
ship ahead), and pretty good, usually, when ('he skies are serene and
they have nothing to cross [t. And
now I claim a champion. Will not
some one to brave .'iiniigh to stand
iu oppositian to popular opinion,
ami truthful enough to say to the
public that he has seen at least one
or two real pood girls in the course
of a year? If such a one can b.
found I will thank him warmly, and
will think that honesty is not yet
extinct from the race or men.
Now. Mr. Editor, ff tills, my first
ttemnt at newspaper writing dot's
not find tbe waste basket you may
hear from me again.
Very truly,
i Canadian Hotel g
One of the pioneer hotels of Cranbrook. Warm rooms, good meals
a ml a bar stocked with the best
| Joseph Brault Proprietor |
Cranhrook, B, C, Oct. 7,
K. ,T.
in 100S   11* mil
The Yukon    produced Oi millions'
,,i Hi of gold in 190(1.
Canada's militia department    costs
2 A millions a year.
Canada will hereafter maintain thu
defences at Halifax and Ksquimalt.
This will cost Canada an additional
millions a year.
Canada ranks high among the
world's gold producing countries,
Canada sent 2* millions* worth
raw mineral to l*. S. in 1000,
Hritish Columbia has produced 100
millions in gold; ;". millions in 1005.
Canada's Yukon gold-Mil is 125,-
ihiii square miles iu area.
Canada's mineral production lias Increased over tiliu per cent since 1888.
Capital invested in Canadian mining, over 100 millions.
Nickel  was accidentally discovered
in Sudbury iu 1882.
Canada has produced in millions'
worth of nk-U-l.
Canada has the greatest nickel deposits iu the world.
Canada produced V; millions ln
nickel in 190(1.
Sudbury's nickel mines have reached a depth of 1,200 feet.
57 per cent of the world's output ot
nickel comes from Sudbury mines, and
43 per cent from New Caledonia,
Canada has the best and richest asbestos in the world; corundum also.
Canada's,   total   military aud    ■
I [ence expenditure, i 1-3 millions,
ol j including   mounted    police, over
I millions,
Canada spends nearly $1 per head
for military purposes, as agulnst
$8.70 iin England, $7.80 in France,
16.65 in Clcrmany, 12.85 iu U. S.
A light heart maketh a blight outlook.
If a man has lived right, death is
uily a graduation.
It is always easy to see where
another's work could be bet tei-
Tbe 1 rouble with a great many
people is that Ihey are near-doors.
It is often easier to refrain from
doing wrong than it is to do
Fraternity menus something moro
than belimping to the same secret
A lot of people lose most of the
spice of life through failure to ginger up.
If n
in the market for loading chatiif
Trident Steel Loading Chain
The chain that will outlast any other ou the* market,
Breaking strain for 5-l.Jtb inoh chain • H.100 tt.s.
J-inch chain       *    li.l.">0 tbs.
*********************t ^^^^^^^^^
When your friends visit Town, bring then, to the
Saratoga Restaurant
Opposita C. P, K. Depot.
1,. .1. SAKA.il't'lll       - - Proprietor
Qolil was accidentally discovered oa
Klundykc Creek, Yukon, 18!)li. A "kick" at the primary Is    ottea
— I more eHectlvp than a "bolt"   at   the
Canada produced over 111   millions' (ballot box.
New anil Strictly I'irut Class Trlki'HONU 208(1
Amen,'tin l'l.'tu, $"..*i.) |ii'rilay up
Char. Hartnky, Proprietor.
for. Seymour mul Cordova Stu.  ■» **-*    +*
Opposte C. 1\K. Station VoflCOUVCr,  D«  V«
Young men, learn to do something:
Learn to do some particular thing.
Learn to acquire a thorough knowledge of some trade, liusiiiess or profession. A man who comes to maturity without     having learned    the
I i.f practicing some particular employment     is in a pitiable condition
matter whether he possesses
money or not. If he be not among
the fortunate few favorites of Plutus
he will, of course, have to toil all
tbe way up to the summit of fortune
ii common laborer, an employment
good enough as long as one can do
no better, but one we sliould advise
no active young man to choose out of
the many. If n young man has
wealth, he certainly needs a know-
lrdge of business sufficient to enable
him to preserve his wealth. Neither
would a trade injure a rich young
man, \ littlo of the •'brain and
brawn," and steadiness of character
which labor induce'*, woulil make him
a better, more reliable wielder of
The time nas passed when young
men of this country ean nenleet the
task of learning the details of an
occupation wilh impunity. When the
country wns new and the population
thinly scattered over the land, when
there was plenty of room and privileges were cheap, which, by Iho way,
are not tight as yet, people could
lind employment easily. Skilled
labor was source, and rough hewers
were in plenty. Any nne could become an artisan. Mechanics, es*
nee tally in llie wesi, sprang to the
journeyman's position  in a  day.
Hut that is changing now. Population is becoming more sctttcd and
dense. Property Increases rapidly in
value. Men are becoming rich, and
desire more elegant, business houses,
residences, carriages, and artistic appliances of civilization of alt kinds.
The people demand better public edifices. Mechanics, artists, and all
kinds ol skilled labor are in demand.
Me will win who has bis trade best.
learned. The man nf skill is always
in demnnd, The young man who
would he sine of employment all the
year round, in "bard times" ns well
as in limes of prosperity, must know
how lo do BOtnclhlng thoroughly.
II is welt to gel au education, A
thorough educational iliscinline will
make ymi ati abler man. Hut educate
lor some particular object.
Every good net is charity. Your
smiling in your brother's face Is charily; an exhortation of your fellow-
men 1o virtuous deeds Is equal to
alms-giving; your putting n wanderer
on (lie right track is charity; your
removing stones and thorns and other
I obstruct ions from flic rond is charity.      A man's true wealth hereafter
j W tlie good he does in this world to
Ids fellow man.    When he dies pcoplo
! will sav: "What property has lio
left lM-hiiid htm'*" Hut the angeht
who examine him In the grave will
ask: "What good deeds hast thou
sent before thee?"
worth of coal iu 199b.
Canada's coal production auuually
approximates 10 million tuns.
Canada bus 100,000 square miles ol
coal-bearing lands.
Kernie, il. C, has over 1,000 coke
Fifteen thousand minors aro employed iu the Boundary country of
liritisb Columbia alone,
The Crows Nest coal beds are estimated to hold enough cual lo   last
.imo years if mined at tbe rale of 1
million tuns a year.
Mineral bounties paid, 1000, pig
ion ami steel ingots, 2 millions;
lead, $00,197; oil, $2111,157.
10 millions have been paid all told
in iron and steel bounties. They wilt
be couti.nued until 1911.
Canada has Iii blast furnaces    and
18 rolling mills.
Canada's pig Iron production, emu,
5*11,957 tons.
Canada's sleel ingot output, 1905-6,
■69,237 tons.
Canada's Silver Islet mine produced aj millions' worth, 18«8-1SM.
Only one-tenth ot Canada's mineral
regions aro yet explored.
Canada produced IU million's worth
of copper in 1900.
Canada supplies 85 per cent of the
world's total product of corundum.
$2,63-1,006 worth
Canada produced
of lead in 1905.
Canada produced $5,71)11,(100 worth
of silver in 1906.
Canada produced nearly 1 million
worth of petroleum in l'imi.
Canada's mining exhibit at St.
Louis lair ranked among the best.
The world's gold production, In
llilll, reached 347 millions, and U7
millions of silver.
Over 200 Coitalt companies were
organized up to January 1st, 1007,
capitalized at 250 millions.
About 20 of tho 200 are (Jan. 1,
1907) shipping companies.
Estimated silver output, Cobalt,
19IN1, 5| million ounces.
Tlie Cobalt silver ore shipped to
the refiners has averaged over $800 m
ton in value.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds CM
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Tiierr- is nothing so annoy iuu; as a
little man who lecls hip; in a nieilium
A lot ol men think Ihev aro all
right it they pay a little money to a
preacher who i.s good.
"The tool sayetlt in liis heart,
there Is no Ood,' " but he isn't tool
enough to believe it.
A lather never realizes how hard it
is lor his child lo learn long division
uuiil lio tries to explain it.
Sanctiflcatlon does not mean cx-
Any work is honest when honestly
A ehureh letter is small recommendation.
A yawn from the pew may mean
somnolency iu the pulpit.
When It means sacrifice to give we
can sel it down as charity.
The richest man is the one who Is
satisfied with what he has.
A boy's first ambition is to play
Uie snare drum in the village
Better to ride a hobby than to sit
grumbling by the side ot the road.
Honesty Is the best policy only
when it is not honesty for policy's
The Christian spends in doing tlie
time that the church member spends
in posing.
Men who never work are prone to
grow eloquent on the subject ol
' the digtily of labor."
When a man's children run lo meet
liim it is a pretty good Sinn that, he
is all right.
Tiie average man is surprised that
the world dues not stop whirling
when he gets into trouble.
A whole lot ol men are In a burn-
to get nowhere to dn something that
does not need to be done.
The tears shed while crying over
lost opportunities are very apt to
blind the mourner to present opportunities.
An English scientist says that first
lovo can be explained on seitutitio
grounds. Perhaps, but what a
waste ol time it would he lo do It.
i*.. .** ********** «,,,,,,,,,,,,,,«,, ,,,,,,,*,w«.,i m~
Mi.sUKtsr.rl e. * **
U,iugh.-ind,dre.sed , Js
LUilBER and ' fi
Also all kinds ol ! >
MIUS IT ', fi,
Jaf.my, Ryan am!    !>
Cranbrook, B.O.      *,|i
tlc.4 Ollice. ■ Crasbrook     I f"
___^^^^^^___   .***.     ** ^. *i«
&********** r *************m
****•**—■**.•—■•-• *•**. *
Wentworth Hotel
CLAPP A ROLLINS. Proprietors
B. C.
Tl.is is tlie hotel that they talk jt.iit.
Who are'-they" 1
Tlie people.
Why do "they" talk V
On account „f thu eixi.1 meals, the comfortable tooin.. the exceV
lent service, and thecortlial.courteoustreatmentaccordedtoaU, K -
meal at tiie Wentworth and you become a Wentworth booster.   Try it
When you buy meats in hot weather. We pay
particular attention to tins feature of our business.
That is why people depend upon us for tlie 1-est at
this season of the yeai.
• >
Irom 8 to 18 inches In width
Canada   will probably be able    to
control the world's cobalt market.
Canada has a militia lorcc of   16,
A healthy skin is absolutely cssea-
BEAUTY, and the natural and never-
falling way to keep a healthy skin is
_____ to treat all    injuries and eruptions
MILITIA ANU DEFENCE promptly   wilh Zam-Buk.    Zam-lluVi
eontaius only the rich saps and juices
. uf healing, health-giving herbs, and is
therefore Nature's    Own Skin Rem-
Mrs. A. E. Gardiner, Catalina, ot
Miss K. M. Il.irll.tl, Montreal,   ot
Permanent force, 2,267.
Europe has 3,808,000 soldiers.
As birds slnK oftener ou lowly roofs
than palace domes, and roses    love
best, lo climb o'er lowly window sills
and cottage eaves,   so to tho    poor'on war equipment.
Hod's blessings come, frightened with ——
dearest    wealth,   and to the humble I   Britain has standing army of 220
heart   Ills love Is    sweetest.    Thev 000 soldiers, and 127,000 sailors.
wh.,  bave uMenesI      bowed   l„ earth | —— „__t_____ram__n«B_________________________________B
wilh    deep    afflictions   are   nearest)   Canada's force can be expanded   to  *""_?,'„ .....ore vivin   ti
heaven; and ns tbe rose never    gives a war strength ot lOn.nnn ns a   first  Al.l. SKIN DISEASES .......    it.
forth all Its    sweetness until it    Is line ol defence. | .   .,   ,'A „,!",,!L_i.t.    	
I   Obtainable from all druggists    au,l
Send to Zam-
i»liht to be done by ih with our
pi*-** I.-;id ami Oil Shop Mixed
Paint. We nuarantee our work
an I rnnleriil to bent the best,
fn imi'Pif    up---il.it--   Sign
Pain en-Aii 1 Dj .orators.
Phone ill     Armstrong Ave.
McVittie & Laidlaw.
Mining Kngineers
and Surveyors,
Qeo. R. Leask & Co
Europe spends ,11 billions annually  teema. ^   ^^   ^^     rf
Blood Poison,
t   Mr.    Altred    Brown,   Toronto, ot
|   Mrs. Cogglll, Wapclln, (Saskv),   ol
crushed, so   human hearts need    tho
utumtvu, bi,     n.maii m-ai in iiitii „,„ , 	
good   Father's hum!    to press tlie'   Canada bas «84 mounted policemen, stores at Wc a box.    Send to Zam- I
blossoms  ol    niirltv, and love nnd costing a million. Bute Co.,    Toronto,   lor tree snmplo
fiin,     th.)   itn ,,„,„ «„. kw im. _ box.     .lust cut out this offer, write'
faith, that He may not have tm-
parted lo them their heavenly trag-
ranoe in rain.
They arc    subdivided Inlo 10 ilivl- name ot paper across it, and    mall, '
slons, witb 104 outposts, Irom Hud- with lc. stamp to pay postage.
Our wurk is our advertisement, Iml we
put this ad in the Herald to
emphasise it.
Near Ixrwer Armstrong Avenue.
I have ft-ciire.l  machinery for • i|
. Rawing wood, an.l am  now pre- ' '.
x nare.1 lo Contract for Wood ol any ] '
X length, in large or ..mall <jnan- , ■
~ titieH. , ||
Oiit-ol-lirt-.il contract*- foliated.
For further particular!! add reus
^n        Cranbrook, B. C. • THE   CRANBROOK  HERALD
*•-'. on a yi:.\i;
OCTOBER 10, 1007
ORATS'BROOK   HERALD den's   meetings   a   success.      Take J able, to see tit a glance that these 1s-
,,,,,,.     ,, i"imil,took us an illustration.    Thero sues   will     nftoi'il   a most excellent:
By the lleralil   Publishing Company,  ivas no ilisciimlnalion   in this town,  medium    tor talking     to the people
.Conservatives   uml    Liberals iiid all j nhoul     Christmas subjects, especially |
■Unit (hoy could to make the Hireling ,when il  is    taken into consideration
here a success    in every    way,    uml  thai  lliis issue will virtually    reach
where n man talks otherwise be shuws every   buyer    in the whole district.
himself until to he a true, loyal eiti-
Ucn of „ tin tion like Canada.
| And s|ieiikliig ul Mr. Borden's meeting, Uiu lleralil has been compliinent-
fil iiniii even sidu on iis comprohon
y.. nu "uni ever) sitlu on its comprehen
////      . sivc ami lair    ri'iinii ni the meeting.
-j*      SIS .  * _     I""'  I""!'1'' .'I'l'liiuil''  lhe     tact   llial
vfc /<J^**-*Sr**^-*\  il,,- Ileinhl is a newspaper ami nol .,..
.. *  nr,;.ill.
r it
t li
1 l,i
llll ol
i til
',11   is
s ai
' in
in ll
I' 111
ll    Is
e wes
II t  1
llu- I,
■llm llorald Is worth tm a year. It lug uu
ins is nnly $:..      Nu man lu    Suuth nei
Easi Kootenay cm afford In he with- because
out u, .uni everyone living outside of besl nil.
ibe district, wlio is Interested in the |
Liogress ui tins section, sln.ulil read i    u jilt     It, publishes tho news while It 1b I k?
news.   It is controlled absolutely by satisfactory results.
tho publishers.    No cliquo, party   or j 	
iinliMilu.il dictates   us policy.       It |   This   is   tvpical     Ensl
don'l try tu please Uie people    Its wealher.
desire i.-. tu publish a nowspapor that 	
will he a credit lo the community. | The Crnnbrook lleralil has Ii.nl a
Semi in your subscription und yuu marvelous growth lor a weekly pallet
will lie thankful ever afterward. in a mountain town,    il was started
Advertising rates tl per Inch per | without n ilollur, ami has been built
uiiiiitii, no more and no less. 'up ouils own exertions ami business.
Heading mutter l.i cents   per   line li has never borrowed n cenl from u
lo non-advertisers; III cents per Hue .poilliclnti,        never    I n    assisletl
l„ ii'Riilur advertisers. In dollar    liv    a     iii,'ml.      mu
11 you tlcslro to reach lhe pconlo ot, bcggeil    (or       luisim'ss    as an
South liusl Kootenay yuu musl ad- objecl ,,( charity. \s a result
vt'ilise hi Tlie Herald. I Hi.' llernld stands dec, as il always
Tlie Herald 1ms a lirsl-class nib has. lo snv ami do what il can for
plant, and its wnik is of the host. |the besl Interests nl Crnnlironk and
The Herald don't want charily. It the dislriel, as no mun, nn clique
wauls a square deal on ymir lob |n,, pnrty, \m „ hold on iis ilcstlnlos,
wnrk. If we can', sull ynu In qual- ami is able lo dictate, cxcopl Uio
lty and price, kick, and send ynur | nui ntiKi>r. n is nlcnslng lor a news-
wink In snuie Cheap Joint house in paper piihlislier in (eel like n free
llie east that never spends a cent in man. As such, whin anv Individual
Cranbrook. tisevs tor llie insertion of articles that
|are personal allacln     upon citizens,
11 hey can be turned down with courtesy and lirinnifss.    The publisher wlio
|is«n,,i free musl obey the dictates ol
, Lis uiaslel's.
H'e vvmider it Rtulynril Rlpling will
wiiie another poem nboiil Oanaila
nliniK lhe lines of his "Lady of the
Snows.-' afler (his trip ' of hi
tliiiiugh Canada?
4,600 8, Month
This is lhe guaranteed
I'II 111 tion ol lhe  lleniM
I'l-USH iiiiiiii ami   f)l,-fii|.
lioll  lisiS i.pcli   |,1  illVUSllgll.
tion by iliU'_ili_i,r_ nl any
The lleralil gives a llolltll
iii value fui inlulliir in mun-
ey.   Tho ailveriisur lias Uiu
ti^lit In know what Iiii is
receiving for his money.
I'he lleralil is one paper
that courts investiligntlun.
Following is a statement of the
circulation of the Urnnbrook Herald
lui ihu past ll luonlhs:
August 5,270
September   „4,315
October  1,305
November  5,400
December 5,400
January      5,000
February  4,425
March  4,425
April  4,423
Total for 0 months .' 43,023
The total for the 0 months is
43,023, which divided hy 30, thu
number ot Issues during that period,
shows the average circulation per
Issue to have been 1,118 and 31-30.
The above is a true and correct
statement of the circulation ut tho
Cranhrook Herald for lhe lime stated.
F.  E. Simpson, Manager.
Subscribed anil sworn to before me
by the said V. 13. Simpson, whom I
personally know, this 27th day of
May, 1007.
J, A. Arnold,
.1. P. in and for British Columbia.
In eastern Canada and the Slates
it is considered a conservative estimate that five people read every
paper issued. In Cranbrook, to be
on the safe side, we place lhc number at three, which is absolutely
safe, and that would make 8,854 readers of the Herald each week.
These circulation figures can he
verified at nny time by any advertiser who will take lhc Iroublo to go
over the subscription books or watch
the big press roll out the papers.
This is where the advertiser (.'els a
run for his money. The Herald
would like lu see every newspaper
make a sworn statcmenl of iis cir
dilation. The advertiser is entitled lo know. lie pays liis tilonev
and he should know what he Is get-
Ung in return.
Whv don't ;.ll papers do as the
Herald dues'?
'i HY  TIIK OLD  MAN. -*
Calgary has a mock parliament.
There are provinces in Canada in the
same fix.
The ina.;oiilv of the people of Canada readily ' understand Dial ihe
Inrgo meetings nml courteous Irent-
inenl given In Mr, Borden was in the
nature of a deserved compliment to
lhe leader of a great party in Canada, and iu a great measure had no
political significance. Ve) there,
are Hn.se so narrow-minded ami so
riiilical as to Ignore altogether Hie
efforts of Liberals everywhere lo do
what ihey    could it*  make Mr. Bor-
Whnl has become of Foster, Le-
furgy, el. nl.. Who were lo necom-
I'any Mr. Borden on his tour?
■ ■ c»se is reported from Owen
Sound ol a man who had two wives
in one town. iim. wife in a province
s, ahoul .ill any sane nun caron    lo
ll is n settled fact thnl "Bob" K.l-
w.irds, of the Cnlgary Rye Opener, i.s
nol u i.in.liihite for the Dominion
Mr. (Ja)liher, representative of the
Dominion house for this district, ex-
peels to be in Crnnbrook the first, of
nexl week Mr. Oallilicr is making n
'our of iin> district for ihe purpose of
consulting wilh his constituents belore the next .session of parliament
Is il possible thnt our old friend
D. \. Mott is contemplating the
munching of a Conservative daily at
Fernie?     At least such is the rumor.
The Asiatic question should be made
n Dominion question and not a
I'arly one. But there seems to he a
disposition to   mix il up in politics.
The manufacturers of Canada have
llm best wishes of the people generally of Ihis Dominion, but those good
wishes tn not j;o far enough to induce the people to overtax themselves iu the way of a high tariff
simply for llie purpose ol enriching
the manufacturer beyond a reasonable
nri (It. The consumer must lie taken
into consideration in the tariff question, and the l,iIk ahoul tariff giving
workmen high wnges has been exploded long ago in the States. There
is no tnrlrf on workmen in the
Stales,  neither is    Ihere one in Can-
City Clerk Roberts compelled two
solicitors for job work In this   town
10 pay the regular citv license one
dav lasl week, flood for you Mr.
Koherts, The rocal print Ing offices
pay lhe city a semi-annual license for
lhe same privilege, null there is no
reason whv the outsider should noi
do the same. Furthermore the local
printing offices spend iheir ...onev in
Cranbrook. The oiilside printing offices never spend a cent in Cranhrook,     Thai counts for     something.
11 is a good Milng tor ft town to have
a clerk who savoys his job.
They don't make the Cranhronk
lira ml •* wealher hi many places.
The lleraf.l hns maintained for
some lime that this was a fruil coiiu-
'iv. and time will show Ihal lhc
llernld is right,
Mieady   the  leaders  ,.f   the     Herald
nre Inkliqi ndvantngc of ihe offer mndo
bj Wllleb thev can get Ihrii* piipers
loi just a lillle limn' than the price
• >! one Think of it, ihi- Montreal
Si.ii and Herald, lhe Winnipeg Free
Press and Prairie Fanner and Mm
Cranbrook ||Priild, all for J_.5() a
year. This oiler will remain open
until December 1st, and can be taken
mlvanlngo nf only by new .subscrili-
crs, or those who have paid their
subscription to date. Virtually three
for one. It is a chance of a lifetime, especially when ynu take into
consideration lhe fact that the great,
lamily journal of lhe hnnnnn belt (s
worth mole Iban thai amount alone.
Tbe Herald always leads.
The lleralil never does things on a
small scale and tbe people of the
district ba\e found ibis out hy years
of experience. 11 will he well " for
lhe business men of llie district to
ui-..* ihis mull; r their cgusH: nil ni
..ml l.i lhe lleralil know iheir desires within a reasonable time. No
ml ver Using will he receive,l after the
hi si <>f December, but in the mean*
time, cither Mr. Billings or Ibe Old
Man will he only loo pleased to give
nnt assist mice possible in the pn-par
iilfun nf advertisements.
The Herald was In receipt ol a letter this w.ek nskliiK for sovcraj
copies of Ibe paper and a letter giv-
ull Information as to the possibilities of investment in this section.
If that party had sent to lllll & Co.
"u a pair of soekn thev would have
icl.i-.ed the cash. ff thev had scut
ii Burns Brothers Tor q pair of shoes
Ihey would have enclosed the cash
If fhev hnil sent lo .1. D. McBride
Inr a hammer thev would have enclosed lb,- cash. If thev had sent In
l.e.iiiic & Atchison ' tor a box of
pills thev would have enclosed the
ensh, Did Ihev enclose anv cash
lo the Herald0 No. Why'' Because
Ihe average .newspaper discounts its
own worth and the people have been
educated lo look upon the average
newspaper man as a sucker. Why
should nol copies of lhe paper he
paid for the same as pills or hardware? Thev cosl money. Printers
don'l wor-. for fun. and paper mills
charge for blank paper. Do you
know what we (kid? If vou know us
you do. We threw the letter in the
waste Imskol where il belonged. We
are in lhe newspaper business for the
same reason that any man is in any
oilier    kind  of business. II   takes
money  to blow smoke.
We have received information that.
Ihe c. p. It. are doing what thev can
to secure the mail boxes for the
stalion. (!ood for the local management. II was' twenty lo one that
tlu-y would do what they could when
the'ma Her was presented to thenv.
A hig race meeting ami fall fruit
fair is now assured for Cranhrook
nexl year and it will prove a greal
success. The money necessary lor
buying lhe grounds has been pledged
and a company will he formed to
take up llie matter. The combination of a fruil fair and a race meeting is a good idea. The races will
furnish lhe amusement [or the crowds
lhat will be present, ami the fruit
and agruculluraj display will tell the
people whut a wonderful country we
have in Kast Kootenay.     From' now
i get in and boost the Tntr. 11. will
> a bin Iblng for this part of tin*
Itc.il tbe offer of three weekly
newspapers for VJ.f>d to he louml in
this issue ol   the Herald.
The Cranbrook dlstrcl is the great
healih resort of lhe west. Who
could ask for a heller climate.
The fruit display thai the provin-
ial government is preparing to make
u England will prove a great advertisement for British Columbia.
Party pnlih.es too often developo
'nto unfair politics.
The kicker is a bad proposition. He
s unhappy •himself and be tries to
make everybody else unhappy.
Watch the Herald grow.
There are too many young girls
'uniting around on the" streets at a
late hour of night. Mothers should
Iter Iheir children more Carefully in some instances.
li.* Herald has the reputation     of
er    letting a job go oqt of     the
ofliee unless     il is   perfect in work-
 ship,  and    lhat   reputation     has
been earned hy years in doing everything possible to satisfv a customer.
Tlml is why the Herald does so
much  work.
Cranhrook   ami you boost
The man who has lived for years in
glass house should lie wnry about
firing rocks.
To sel tbe    minds of some    people
t  rest  il  might Ive well for us     to
gain slate  lhat   we ale not a candidate for any ollice In the gift of the
people and     bave nu desire iu     that
"trcctioii.    We are fortunate in being
he editor 61     what other newspaper
men iu ihe province sav Is one nf the
besl   weeklies  iu     Briiish Columbia,
I  we know  lhat It has as good    a
business as any counliv weekly palter
in Canada.     We are living in' one of
lhc best towns in Oanaila and In lhc
besl   province  in  the  Dominion.      Wc
innlte enough for our good   wife ami
41 In live ou ami nny day that  we
re shy our neighbors will see    thnt
.e do liol go hungry      We are bappv
ml  contented       What   inoie is    there
i  life'
What has become nl Ihal "nd<i|ii.ilc
larifT" issue that was so promlneiil a
year or two ago1'
The day lor land subsidies in Cnn-
d,i has gone by.
It is lime for Die Cranhrook hnanl
of Irade lo wake up. The season of
activity is upon us. The seed sown
in lhe winter time will In* harvested
lhe following summer. Publicity is
a great thing.
The Herald would In- pleased to see
every political grafter given the full
limit, no mailer what party   he be
The Herald is sending out notices
Ibis week lo the business men of lliis
distnicl announcing tin* fact thai it
will on December 12th and I (Ith issue
special editions containing Interesting J longs lo.    lf bolb parlies would take
articles     covering the    growth      of.that    stand  and     remain    firm  this
Cranbiook, lhe dislriel anil the prof- Would he a  heller country in a few
ince.     There will be from 2,1)00     to  years.
2,500 copies issued each week and as j ___
they will be usi-d for Hie readers' The Victoria Times, In commenting
to gcfMhcm in ample lime In coiisld* on ihe loot thai lhe tu*w postmaster
er suggestions fur Christmas shop- of New York worked .his way up
ping,  lit* wise business man will be from a carrier, Buys:     "This may be
will make a great effort to interest the economical
purchaser in the line of
Misses' and Children's School Shoes
We have between 500 and 600 pairs of Children's Shoes
and we have decided to reduce them at a great sacrifice in
tm) Pitirs BOYS' 8UHOOI, SHOES. Solid Leather,   (1   *r
Reg. $2.25, for           -? * «^3
7" Pairs BOYS' SCHOOL SULKS. Solid Leather,   »i nr
Reg. $1.75, for      ^l.UO
12' Pairs HOYS' SCHOOL SII.IKS. Solid Leather,       nr
Reg. tl ..-ii). for         '3C.
100 Paired MILS' SCHOOL SHOES, Solid Leather,   *•* rn
Reg. *2.85, for    .pJ.JU
nu Pairs (.URLS' SCHOOL SIIOKS. Solid Leather.   ** -*r
Reg. tl.H0, for      $'.£*>
UIU Pairs GIRLS' SCHOOL SHOES, Solid Leather.        QC_
Reg. 11.50, for        ~3C"
A Pointer for Those Who Wear Clothes
We have just received 200 Suits of Clothing of lhe
20th CENTURY Brand, ranging in price from $22.00 to
$37.50. Our Englishman wished us to say something
about the texture, style and make of this clothing. What
is the use ? Everybody knows that they are the besl.
But really, the style is wonderfully attractive this year.
Drop in and see for yourself.
very true,     But there are many and
ilevlous wavs of "working up" in the
J   service     ol the United States.
The for r lei ter carrier may    have
(-ained promotion by strenuous labors
in tli.' waul poll lies of (iolhalil.      He
doubtlcsH was a leader in the council
n( T.ii anv Hall."     II the mini was
a leader In lhc council ol Tammany
Hall In* would have as much show of
lii'iiig appointed posimnsier ol New
Voik iitulei Presidenl Utmsevelt as
the --(lilui of tbe Times would have of
being appointed to a civil service po-
oii under  Premier McBride.
And     speaking ol civil service     reform, did von ever notice Ihnl il    is
lways the' side that Is out tbat ad
ocales    lhat    measure so strongly.
Mr. Borden is    making a strong play
of it for Ihe Dominion, and so    are
the Liberals in Several of Hie provinces where the Conservatives are in
power.     Bul you never hear Premier
MeBride, of this province, or Premier Kohl in, of    Manitoba, or Premier
Scoll, nf    Saskatchewan,     worrying
over civil service reform.     II   there
l man    appointed to ofliee in Alberln or Saskatchewan, he Is a Mh-
. and if Ihere     is a man named
for a,position under the McBride gov-
nimeiil     you can    bet nil that, you
have irol  that he must show Hint be
a Conservative.     So'what is   the
■''      (if    course this talk    about
il service reform makes good campaign thunder, but nobody takes any
nek in il.     The people'ate getting
. wise as the politicians.
I The Kcrnie Free Press is evidently a
Liberal paper with strong Conservative leanings.
li will soon be time for lhe broom
and lhc stones, and Alderman McCowan lo urge on his side with bis
"Sweep mon, sweep."
The newspapers of llie wesi ale do
ing their part in huililing up the
wesi, aud when lhe pieseni boosters
arc dead and gone, Ihe genera lions
that follow will begin lo realize this
(act and be    willing to tarry for    a
I moment lu their race for lhe almighty,
dollar amt say a     wold of praise tor
' those who so loyally stood hv the
country in lhe early stages when it
needed clilliusijistie friends.
I   Bead lish uci.-r    swim up   stream.
And the newspaper editor who dares
to have an     opinion of his own     is
hound to bring down upon his   head
tbe ill will of somebody.     Again we
migh't    remark thai     dead lish never
Rwitn up stream.     Tbe paper    that i
drifts with    the current has neither j
friemls nor enemies.     Its lone    sup-
norters are those     who want lo use
it ut times.        And loo many news- '
papers are like tadpoles' in a   silent
pond.        When there is a ripple    of
public opinion tbey are always found
in front  ol the tipple.
1 Tt is dollars to doughnuts that Ibe
Nelson News will win oul in iis eim-
test, with the V. P. P., and so will
he other newspapers of Canada that
arc being oppressed by the managers
of the C. P. It. telegraph hy a radlcal
raise iii the rates. More perhaps,
than any oilier factor, have the newspapers of Canada boosted the business of the C. P. |{. hv spreading
abroad tbe marvellous opporlunities
ol this great west. The bead ol
the telegraph company should hear
in mind tti.it ibis is not Russia bul
(ni* Canada, where tree s|H'ci'h Is ac-
(ordiil io all mankind, aud that even
the hcail ol a monopoly cannot be
niijiis-1 in his regulations. Tbe Herald is of lhc opinion lhat the whole
mailer will be readjusted when Sir
Thomas Shuiighncssy lakes buhl of
it, and lo tin' satisfaction of the
daily newspapers and (he people generally. Sir Thomas is wise iu liis
day and generation
Last Tuesday, (leorge A. Kerr, an
old resident ot Cranhrook nnd au
eminently rcspeclcd citizen, met with
an accident while hauling wood from
some laud he owned south ol town
that resulted in injuries that proved
fital at I o'clock tMs morning, when
jhe breathed h-ls last. Mr. Kerr ami
his young son (leorge were coming to
| own with a load of wood which was
I iled a little high in the front ol tne
1 wagon box.     A jolt caused a    part
of the load to tumble and M
'who Was driving the team.
'thrown lorward over ihe whllllu
ami siiaddled on the tongue, pal
ly stunning bim. Hue ol Ibe In
was a little wild am) stalled In
Mr. Kerr was I brown to ibe gi
und dragged qnlto a dlslnnce, i
^•ieki-il hy Ibe noises and nee
other Injuries of a most serinui
,tue. The team finally gelling .
.ran on to lown and to Ibe li
of Iho home resilience, So
'parlies saw the learn as ii car
and Immediately stalled to -
any barm bad he-en done. They
tbe iviiii (leorge who had pulhil
father off from the roadway and was
hurrvlttg to town for nsslslnnee,
Word hatl been received In Ibe mean
lime and Br. Connolly was summon
i"l ami hurried to the   scene of     Iho
incident  iu a rig-     Th foi inmate
man wns taken to his home and
everything possible was done for him,
but llie intena! injuries receive*! nirtl
Ha; shock proved ton     »       Mm
and he succumbed this morning. Kor
years he has lived in Crnnbn '
most ot tlie lime hns been engaged lu
the wood business, and he enjoyed the
distinction of being a man who was
strictly honest in all ol bis dealings,
He leaves a wife, one son ami two
daughters, Mrs. William Flowers and
Mrs. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Flowers
left only a '<*w rt)l>'s ago 'or Ihe east
hut have been telegraphed lor and
nre exjieeted next. Saturday, nn! the
funeral will probably he beld Saturday afternoon or Sunday. I'HK   CBANBHOOK   llKlUI.D
Care was given to each and every detail
in selecting our Fail Shipments. Our
Stock is replete In every Section    **     **
New Fall Overcoats
Ar,. n .miry.    I lur rants, Hindu by the .'IT-UK.'. HIM
,'iiutiot foil to iillrtH'l vour iittentioii. The., the prices
will further uttmot you. . .ur $15.00 line only requires to
In- see.., to win ynur ad.niri.tioi.
Fall Underwear
In tho loading makes StimHold's, Penman's, Ellis mid
Woolslny. Ynu have uuiil one or other of theselincs
No need for ns to leil you wliioli is best, Prices $2.50 to
$5.50 a suit.
Men's Hats
In Hani and Soft Felts, All the newest shapes, including the new KINU EDWARD, OREEN CRl'SH
HAT.    Prioel $2.50, $3.00, $3.50 and $5.00 each.
Men's Suits
This is where we shine. The FIT-REFORM SI'ITS
lire unparalleled for Fit, Style and Wearing Qualities. If
you want to lie well dressed you have to follow tho styles
the  FIT REFORM creates!    Prices from $15.00 up.
this week at 75:. each.   This is u snap for a working hat.
Reid Block
BEDS Springs
Mattresses     Comforters     Pillows
Rugs      Mats      Linoleums
Dresser and Stands Tables
\ Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, Ltd.
Buys HOUSE,   LOT   and   FURNITURE on Baker Hill.
Cash and $25.00 a month buys a TWO-
Norbury Avenue.
Armstrong Avenue.
Buys CHOICE LOT near the C. P.R.
Buys TWO LOTS AND WAREHOUSE on Durick Avenue.
 ....MMMMMSMIIM-__111SI_111.SS1_^1_________ HimilllllllTIIIIIIIMIIIU.
Stock-taking reveals mucli. Tt has
shown that we have t*«> many of some
linos of Moots. We ntTi# this week n
snap in
sizes II to 2. tin* regular price of whioli in
$2.75,   We have FOKTY PAIRS uf this
particular lino, nil new stork, uiu! to clear
we will t-i.ll them for
$1.75 Cash
Foot Fashions for
Festive Features
We have unpacked this week over <i.Ki
|«iirs of Bouts. Shoes and Slippers.
We have soiiii- neat ami natty Slippers
for Evening \V,'iir.
INDIES' SUPPKIt,., Pink ami Bine *J Eft
Irish Poplin, price    $dtuU
SUEDE        J5.UU
KID   .... $5.VU
LEATHER, with whit*Und    ,.       9d.UU
We !iuv<- .he quantity.   Wo nuuruuiee
the quality.
I have just opened
out I case
Clear Havana
Your watch may tun oven if a Jewel in cracked nn.l it may keep
fairly goinl tiuiu, Tin' ptvnl revolving in filch u ji-wnl noun
become*- ml, iim- increasing tin1 damage ami the uo*t nf re|Hilis.
It y< ur ivntuli ih varying it will pay you to have il examined,
Wc gitrtrt\niee satisfaction or money refunded.
Oil I.'l.i I Wiili-li lii-|..'.'l.ii' fori'. I' It.
CiwhSckI I'll 1 IHtrllklll
$2.00 a Year.
Pntiuorc Bros., tinners ami pi Hinders.
CI, C. Jewell, ol Jnftray, wns iu
town last Tuesday.
Miss Andrews and Mi1--; Clark vls-
itdl  Marysville last Momlay.
Mrs. Walter Haynes, of Fernie, is
visiting relatives in this city.
Dr. Higgles, nf Fernie, wns in town
Insl Sunday on professional business.
Mr. Hale, a prominent luniUormnn
of Fornlc, wos in town mi Tuesday.
T. T. McVittie and wife, of Fort
Steele, were in llu* cilv last Mondav.
It. Jnvee and f.miitv li.ivc moved
Irom B.iVi-r back to llieir liome in Uie
("l. Patmore, ..I Patmore Brothers,
visited    Macleod    this week on I.nsi-
The Ladies Mil of the Methodist
ehureh \-ill hold n eookerv sale Oct.
Born—On Sumtnv Oct.. fith, l(M17,
to Mr. and Mrs VI 11 Wilson, a
.1. V Huehci..ft ami wif,* have taken rooms at the Royal hotel for   the
Hipe tomatoes lor sale. 50c. pel-
box nf 20 noi.nfls.—.1, Staeo Smith,
Creston, B, c. 28-2t
Born—On Wednesday, October 3,
1907, 1o Mr. and Mis. H. A. Mc-
Bicrney. n daughter,
William Wesi enmc in from lite
Pay Roll mCno lliis wit*k lor a few
davs  in  ('ranbrook.
WANTEl*—Position as lK>okkee|H*r
or clerk. Apply to M. B. T., Box
63, Cranbrook, B. C. 27
Mrs   11.   Iv   RrlggS ami son Freddie
It on Tuesday's "Flyer" for a two
Weeks visil in Spokane,
WANTED-Oirl for General housework Wages: $25.00 per month.
Apply Mis. IL I*!. Beattie.
Ai linn   Moll, or Waldo, was in the
tv last Monday on business connected wiib bis lumber company.
WANTED—Oood cook. For particular apply to Peler Lalondo, C.
P It. boarding bouse, Cranhrook,
B   C 2fl
Don'i fm LMt tbat wc carry a full
line of the MeCkiry Healing stoves,
the "besl" on the market—Patmore
Mr. Millar, of Slomkiimchuek, was
in town Monday. Mr. Millet has
bad a "cry prosperous year on his
Mrs William Cameron returned last
Mondav from t'alnatv, where she has
been visiting friends for the past live
Sam McLean, of lhc Norlh Star
mine, is in town for a number ol
days ami is shaking bauds wilh old
Miss Eltit Johnson relumed last
week from Stioknue and has resumed
ber ims I tion al the store or Beattie &
Mr. and Mrs. Neil McLcod Curran.
nl North Star, were iu the eity Mon*
day aud left Tuesday for a trip to
the coast.
FOR SALK—Sinner sewing mu*
ehine, organ ami two sets of bedroom crockery. Applv A, S., care ol
Herald office. «
WANTED—A woman to do washing for small lamily ut house. Machine furnished. Apply "IL S,"
Herald office. 37
Mrs. Edward Miles Lawlor, of
Moyie, was in Cranhrook this weak
for tlte purpose nf decorating Mr.
Lawlor's grnve-
Mr, Burrows, of Fort Steele, was
in the city last Momlay. Mr. Bur
rows bas recently returned Irom a
trip to England.
.1. W. McNicoll, of Lethbridge, was
iu ibe city on Wednesday.
Jack Fulton, of Ibe Kink Mercantile
company, visited Spokane last week.
Born—Wednesday, October fl, 19417.
to Mr. and Mrs. K. II. Slater, a
Tbe Argonaut club give their second
dance at the new opera house this
Mr. ami Mrs. M. B, Kim; ami family returned today from their trip to
New Brunswick.
The Winnipeg Paint .t Glass works
burned on Wednesday evening involving a loss of $250,000.
Hugh Stewart has returned Irom
bis trip to the coast ami reports one
if the finest trips of bis life.
Miss Josie Albctts, of Blairmore,
ipent several days iu town the past
week, the guest of Miss Gertie Bock.
Miss Gertie Bock aud Miss Bertha
■eterson returned Thursday night
last, from their visit to the SpoUine
W. F. Attridge and Harlan Lank,
of the Cranhrook Sash & Dour company, visited the Spokane lair Inst
Hill &. Co. are Oiling every available foot of space in llieir big store
with new goods that have been arriving the past week.
Frank Derosier, oi JafTrav, was in
the city last Monday. Mr. Derosier
says' that he raised an exceptionally
good crop this year.
Patmore Bros, are Installing septic
tanks for the disposal of sewerage al
the Canadian hotel this week. Let
the good work go on.
Some day there will he n bad accident at tbe station if parents continue to allow their children to meet
all trains and plav on the tracks.
NOTICE-A. P. Nicholson, of
Crolhers mill, is an authorized agent
ol the Cranbrook Herald, and will
gladly take subscriptions and give
receipt lor same.
J. Brake, of Fernie, was in town
lasi Sunday. Mr. Brake has recent Iv
returned from a. trip to England with
his family, and says that they had a
most enjoyable time.
J. A. Harvey and Judge Wilson are
in Movie this week acting with S. S.
Taylor, as a board of arbitration in
the dispute between the St. Kugene
mine nnd the miners.
Mrs. William Hamilton and her son
Jack returned from Edmonton, where
they have lieon living for Ibe past
summer, and will make Iheir home in
('ranbrook for the winter.
R. Kemp, manager of Ihe Dominion
Meal market, is spending his holidavs
at his home in Toronto, Ont. It.
Foote. of Calgary, is in charge ol
the market during his absence.
Dr. J. H. King gave a dinner on
Tuesday evening to n number of old
timers in Cranhrook in honor ot
Senator Baird. of Andover, N. B.
Tlie evening was a most pleasant
Fonsie Farrell, who has lieen at
Ryan for the past month, pa**«d
through Cranbrook on his way to
Edmonton to see his lather who is
sick ami arrange for his return to his
home in Perth, Ont.
Mrs. Oliver Burge returned from
Spokane Sunday and drove out to her
home at Old Town tbe same day.
Mr. Burgc Is still in Spokane taking
medical treatment, hut there is no
Improvement in his condition.
Senator Baird ami Miss Baird, of
Andover. N. B., are the guests of
Dr. and Mrs. J. H. King. Senator
Baird will leave for home today or
tomorrow hut Miss Baird will remain
tor a short time with Mrs. King.
.1. J. MacDoneU. C. p. R. despatcher, returned Irom the --ast last Sunday with his bride and for the present have apartments at the Cosmopolitan. The manv friends of Mr.
MacDoneU join with the Herald in extending congratulations.
Miss Cockhurn, representing the
Dchli-n Silk eompany. will arrive in
Ibe city October 2lst and occupy
Ui.artcrs'at Hill it Co.'s store for
the purpose of giving free lessons in
fanev work. The Iftittrs nl Cranhrook nre Invited to call and take ail-
vantage of her instructions.
G. G. Lindsay, manager of the
Crows Nest pass Coal company nnd
(James McEvoy. in charge ol the
land department of that eompany,
are in tbe city to eonsi.lt with the
oflio'ats of the local telephone com
nnnv regarding the connection to he
made at Elko hetween the Cranbrook
line and tlie Fernie line
If oil goes well Messrs Hoggarth
& Rollins expect to occupy the big
new addition to Ihe Crnnbrook hotel
within ten davs or two week*. Tbe
furniture Is all here and the woodwork nnd heating plant is about completed, thus leaving nothing but the
paink'ng nnd the arranging nl the
furniture. Contractor Johnson Is to
be complimented for the rapid work
he has done on this building.
j The arbitration hoard appointed to
adjust the differences between the
SI. Eugene mining eompanv and the
men, consisting nf S. S. Taylor, lor
Um* men. J, A. Ilarvev. for lhe milling eompanv, and Judge Wilson as
the third party, held a session iu
'Movie nml n short one lu Cranbrook
ami then adjourned for a few days.
President Taylor and Srcrctarv Kelly
ol (tie miners union, accompanied the
'hoard to Cranbrook on Tuesday.
George E. Henderson and wife
came over from Bull River today.
Every girl likes good chocolates.
Get her a box of Webb's at "Tlie
Mrs. J. J. Kennedy was taken to
lhe hospital yesterday ami Mr.
Kennedy called home from Macleod.
Remember that your wife likes
chocolates as well us you like cigars.
Get her a hox of Webb's at "The
Regular services at the Methodist
church at usual hours. Evening sub-
ject: H'Columbus." Everyone cordially invited.
Don't forget the "Men's Own"
meeting in tbe "Gvm" Sunday nexl
at HM p.m. Subject: --What Shall
We Do With the Saloon."
D. It. Yates has returned from a
trip to the prairie country, having
been as far east as Wiuni|»eg. lie reports conditions fairly well.
Get your wife a "Perfect Pantry."
A complete kitchen cabinet. the
t complete cabinet on the market.     To be bad at    Patmore Bros.
There is on an average of 07 smiles
iu every pound of Webb's chocolates.
If ymi want to make someone particularly happv get her a hox at "The
Rev. Mr. Flewelling sowed some
sweet peas on tbe Orst ot July. Tbey
are in splendid (lower just now. What
is the matter with Cranbrnok in the
llower growing line?
Miss McLean, of Ottawa, a teacher
in Ihe conservatory of musfc at thai
place, is visiting her brother, Duncan .McLean, and will probably remain awhile for the benefit of her
G. T. Rogers, the shoe man, is
making a special sale of shoes this
week. It will pay you to read is
ad. When Mr. Rogers put on a sale
of this kind he makes it attractive to
the buying public.
Messrs. King. McCallum and Godchild, who were delegates to the
Liberal convenlion at Vancouver, relumed tlie first ol the week ami report a most successful gathering and
a most pleasant time.
Tom Armstrong, Ibe tinner, has
gone lo Waldo to put in a blower
system for the planer at tlm Ross-
Saslcatoon Lumber company. Mr.
Armstrong is being kept busy these
days in this line of work at which be
is an exjiert.
lohn B. Poupore, who returned
from a trip to Hie Klondike rreent-
ly, has been in Mie citv the past week
consulting with Louis Chenicr regarding some timber interests the
two gentlemen have in this section.
Messrs. Poupore anil Chenicr expect
to leave in a few days for the
Miss C. .1. Mansfield, who has been
stenographer fn the office ol Harvey.
MeCarter A Macdonald for a number
ol years, has tendered her resignation ami will leave for her former
home in Vermont some time next
month. Miss Mansfield bas many
friemls in OranbrooW who will regret
tier departure.
Miss Rutley, sister of Engineer
Frank Rutley. arrived tlie first of tbe
week ■ from England, where she has
been for the past year and a half.
Alter several days visit with her
brother Miss Rutlev will resume her
iourncy to her home in San Francisco, having left there just a wecta
Wore the earthquake disaster.
Engineer AR Killins and l.imilv
returned home Thursday last after an
extended visit to Montreal and other
eastern points, where Mr, Killins
went for medical treatment for the
injuries received in ihe wreck near
Juckson last winter. Mr. Killins is
considerably improved but will to
unable to resume ins duties for some
time yet.
D. B. Rulmage sent to the Herald
ollice this week some more wild
strawberries that are growinh wild
in the woods, and he says tfiat Ihe
plants are blossoming in profusion
aud tbat the crocuses are blooming
again. V. Hyde Baker also showed
tlie Herald n wild rose tbat was
picked on Tuesday from a bush In his
yard. These things show that
Cranbrook Is in the center of the
banana belt.
John McDonald and lamily lelt last
Sunday for New Westminster Junction, where Mr. McDonald has purchased a Iruit farm and will devote
his dime to that line of business in
the future. Mr. McDonald lived at
Kimberley, Marysville, and Fort.
Steele for a number of years and he
has a host nl friends in this district
who wish him every prosperity in his
new calling, but hone that he will
find time onee in a while to visit
this part ol the country.
The Herald has received word tbat
D. J. Elmer and his estimable wile,
of the Kingsgate hotel, are preparing
to give their guests a royal good
time on the occasion of Iheir house-
warming on next Saturday. There
will lie music and dancing, plenty of
all Ihere is good to eat, nnd a good
lime for everybody. Kingsgate is
only a shnrl distance from Cranlirook
or any of the other towns In lhe district, and everyone who can possibly
nrranre to do so, should get » tlclwt
that dav amt em down there. The
hotel Is one of the finest in this part
of the country and Kingsgate is ihe
scenic center of lhat glorious section
lying on both sides of tbe line.
Arthur Dunn, formerly storekeeper
for the C. P. R. in this citv, has accepted -a position wilh the Baki*r
Lumber company at Waldo and will
.move witb his family io that place
.1 once.
Died—Saturday, October 5, Alfred
Stand burg, who was an employe of
the C, P. R. Tbe remains arc being held until directions are received
irom the young man's mother who
lives at. Staples, Minn.
,!. P. Smyth, ol Walla Walla,
Wash, is iu tin; city today on his
wav to Montreal. Mr. Smyth is a
brotl-or of Editor Smyth, of the
Moyie Leader, ami spent n few days
Ihere before leaving lor ibe cast.
Dave Emery lias laken tin*   advice
f bis physician and turned over tbe
ire learn to Bert Connolly for
thirty days while he takes a needed
rest. Mr. Emery will go to Sheen
Creek and rusticate wUh his father
ui tbe ranch.
Information is wauled ol a man by
Ibe name of John Graham, who
worked at bush camp No _!, Kint;
Lumber Mills. Limited, during January and Kifliruarv. Kindly send
word lo E. B. Tcdfonl .V Co ,'Mort-
lacb, Saskatchewan.
At a p. m. today it was announced
in Cranlirook that ibe executive of
Ibe O. R. T. and Uie C. I*. R. ulh-
ciiils bad settled their differences and
lhat there would be no strike of th«
telegraphers. According to the Information given llie Herald all ojrerat-
urs will receive an increase of 14 per
cent, and tbe clause giving operators
two weti'ss ami despatches three
weeks holidays on full pay. will remain in force as before.
Besides ibe increa-.e it is statfl
Ibe operators are granted ln-tter wotk-
iii£ lutes.
Government Agent Armstrong ami
bis slaR have been kept busy tbe
past few days moving inlo their
new ipiarters In tin* new government
building. All of the records, books
and papers have been transferred and
iu tin; future the iH*ople can n-st easy
as everything of value in the way of
records are safe in tbe firep'r.h.f
vault, the first time since tbe organization of ibis district, Tbe furiii-
lure for the new offices bas not vet
arrived and tbe slaR are doing the
best they can undei the circumstances, but in .1 short time the place
will he put in fine shape ami Cranbrook will have a government office
lhat Is absolutely up-to-date in equipment
City Clerk Roberts also moved this
week ami within a few days he will
have his office and records in excellent shape.
The Pabst Brewing company, ol
Milwaukee, have received Uie highe-,1
award for their Blue Ribbon liraird of
beer at the Intcraational Pule Food
Exposition recently brought to a
dose at Antwerp, Belgium, against
lhe best l*eeis of tlie world. This is
a greal victory lor this celebrated
family brer, which is sold only and
alone bj A. L. McDcrmot, of Cranbrook.
For ibe best answer to the following
(pies tion:
Why pay     more for Jotr insurance
than "it is worth"
Address:  Arm.:.! a   INdierls.
(From oui uvvu curiespoudciil.)
Many     are tho   women whu. have
driven their husbands to drink, and
they did not stop to drink at the
watering iruugh either.
If titer-- was prohibition in this
grand province of ours it would not
keep the man in the moon Irom getting lull once a month. No, not by
a jug full.
Lark Laitgin, whu has been visiting
friends in Chipman, New Brunswick,
for the past thu* months, returned
to Crothers mill last week where he
was made welcome by the boys ot
Ibis hospitable little burg. Mr. Lan-
giu reports a very pleasant trip all
the way out from the east. Lark
slopjied olT a day in Brandon, Man.,
and a couple of days in M<x>se Jaw,
Susk., to visit with friends. Mr.
I.angin is at present taking charge as
bus-h foreman for the Crothers Lumber company, when* be is K'vi''K entire satisfaction.
] Henry McCalno, who hud been act-
ling imsii foreman while our genial
•|,ark" bad been absent m the east,
proved himself   to be a man capable
(IRANI) ! >
hconcert h
Hand ballh
Al (diXTWORTH 1U1.I. "N
Wednesday Evening
October 16th
Given by the
:; J;
] | well-known In tbi* city tor the i •
, , quality <>l their Entertainment * *
<, aud the excellence ol thou Dance ' *
\\y " X
All holders of Resented Seats
are entitled to Dance free.
■     Doors open at 7.30.   Curtain at
| B.30 p.m. sharp.
' *    Tickets on Sale at usual place.
The Montreal Star
and Herald
The Winnipeg Free
Press and Prairie
The Cranbrook
Total Price $4.00
All for $2.50
of handling a responsible {rosiUon
such as he did. He filled the bill in
first class order and every  employe
Ust   we forget:    Boost    Crother*
uf tiiis company was well pleased
with the    treatment   accorded them.
Today, tomorrow and forever boost
Crothers mill, tbe hub of the Kootenays,
Money that you spend in tbe country you earn it in always brings you
soine'hing back.
Tbey say that laughing is a "•■J'*.'
sure for indigestion, but tow can a
person  laugh if     they have Indlges-
This is a wicked, wicked old .world.
but it isn't any worse than a lot of
the |H*opb. who are living in tt.
Rev. Mr. Tipping, of Kimberley,
and Rev. Mr. Bolting, of Movie, conducted divine services at Crothers
mill Sunday last
Sav, Mr. Editor, when are you going to bave that proposed la"e lor
Cranbrook? You ain't going to let
lhe matter drop. II we. do not sinm
bear something more from you about
it a delegation will be sent from
here to Cranbrook to attend the next
city council meeting and demand tbat
tliis project be carried through It
has to go through now by hook or
by crook. The hoys of this burg
want it.     It must be done.
We would have a lake out here ourselves only we have so many temperance cranks that we are afraid they
would drink it dry in-a week. Hal ha!
Fred Brunnell. one of the best fellows in tbe wide world, was visiting
this vicinity Sunday and took advantage ot tbis beauty spot of nature. Ho also Informed the writer that*
he proposes going to Fort Steele to
accept employment there. Fred is'
au cX|iorienccd horseman and will
show the people of that large city-
bow to turn a six horse learn on tlie
main street without doing anv damage to the atmosphere. Fred is a
, whirlwind, mn*l evertbody knows It. THE   OltANimOOK   IlEltAI.U
MM   News of the District   Mm
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned trom Newspapers Z
-»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦***♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ hV;,
t WARDNER | •'''"''»
♦ * _:!
is iK.ir-v.il tli.iI .hi hIiI mini In
i f N.-iK   I.f.ilf"    Ims i-illi-
I   Willi  Iiuil   'I.f  ui   Hi.il  lif Ims
i' I ir, i. ,,[ Drill,   .iml niiiiiiiilli'.l
Ulf III'   IflS   I,fill   ff hill,i'    in      11
II sllildl liv llinisi'll nml mis    lusl
S iil.ii   nil,,iiiiiiiii I.isl
ll-'lum nu
',   J. Ivu.,
..ila)   i
K    K.
Harrison,   i
.l.n   uiili iiii
,|,,i,i   H'wl
i.l VV   lli
nssiliK llu
w.i Ik
llis   III
ll. I
,. r.
In i
.I, !■:.
l.iin.l SF
wwk usii
li. II, n.lll.lll
Wi-iliifsilii)' last,
\h .lull.', "i
I'niiit'.iiiy, was i
I'll l.lllllllfl
lll'l'l,   III
Mr.  Iti'insl
ilium  In  till' liiilll!
. li.n   I if I    .mil
lllll   \h    I,'.
Iii.iii   ii hrr
I II  .i  mil.'
Ins  I I,  ni'i'iilllil,
I'll -I   Willi nl I   'si
nil   llllllli,   In'   sfl,I    In   ll
rallies in Iiii' 01,1 I'mi
linn      j      sull,-in    n
If,III,Iff    Inr   s     Ill
\llliev,   llilll   si,nu-  nil
nearrli ul Ilir luteins
• 5
lS|ii'l-i,il nil lifsjllilliil'lirr )
Uli'.'.      I ll.l I
.sunn   In-
ieli li., Iiuil
..llll'l.   win,
III'     Iff
litV   lllll._l.ll_   in   llllllli
il'l.tviii.l     Id.'   express
ml  lu
llvi'i- ,'i.t.itv pel ei-nl ,,f Iln' si'ui'i,iSi
is I'liinpli'leil mihI wtitl, .is |ini.i,*ssiiii;
i.iiiillv nn Iln- ti-iii.iiiiil.'i whit li is nl
.i 'lis Uml iniiii's niiii-li easier ilin-
I'inu Hi si nl Hie lii.'siifii   wnrk,
Mi     11, If.nilil   is   In  hf fff i.ifil ,1nl
mi I'., i-iiii-ii'iii niiiiiiier in wliieli lie is
fiillilliif liis ennlrnet.
Tlie new eiiil minim; town nl Ilillil
ill,in.  remarks llie Kranli Paper, lies
ml  i In fi- nml a li.i II miles In -lhe
I   nf  If .ml  hv  rail  I s..in,'tliiiif
if  lllali  I If    In   wns nail.  The
' is n hk Ilni nl lifiifli nn tin'
Hi siil,. ul ihe (ihi M.in river, just
lusiie lhe    meiiili nt Ityrnn Creek.
II  is a     mntlliitiii'lll sile with     tnnin
fm ,i    fiiv nl    several ttiniisaml pi-o-
In  lhe even
ml.   alter
lui'.ii  wouliln'l your lirst slop   lie
in s, ml Im copies nl llie local paper
nml    stuily  lluii  advertisements.    In
im oilier ' way   c I nm  put ynur
ringers su ipiickiiy .mil surely on   tlie
pulse i.l iinilf.     Nu" fiinlil tell nllleli   ]
Iii.iii- i-.isilv   Hum liv   WIllkiUR   i If luifli   |„,
lli.. siifi'is wlit-Uiei     il  wns a     live  „,
iiniii ui ii   dead um', nml   just wli
forms nl liusiiiess   were mosl  nclii
Ami ii mn iiiilfi- anollicr town in ll
w.iv—hinv .ilniiil  linn own?
illR ul  Ni'litelilhiT    25.ll
eight o'elook, a party
,,'i'ki'is    were     wending
way lo Haynes Lake lliey came
upun ii gruesotiiG sight hanging   trom
ilif   tlreat   Not)hern   railway tresiln
nml    nn     n    close    examination il
Iniiv.-il     In III' lhe    holly ol n   man.
They InimuiKately lei him down, Iml
s extinct.       iln must    have
iunii!iiif Ihere for some    lime,
I-. lie   w.is   quite vuili     when Imken
limn mul luui eviili'iillv been imaging
Irom llie trestle    lor hours.     There
.i.is nolliiiig mi his person to Identity
Tin' onlv article in ills posses
llnii.ih.ii'. mil' genial
spending n lew ilnys
nils nl  the const.
The best
town is it>
Patronize \
v lo build up vour <
i your hailing'at lu
i' home   merchant's
will succeed.     When vou semi
lar in a mail order  house   v..
llu* goods and  thev  have  lhc
Trade nt home .nul we keep In
goods and llu* money,
ii  was an old crumbled cnoia hook,
d  Ibe nnly conclusion is that     ho
is a  cook,    who,  in a   Iil   of     drs-
]!iin;|ciicy,   took    bis owu     life.        An
nouesl  was considered    unnecessary.
V\ II 	
ic Waldo is one of the most, thriving
" business I owns in East Koolcnav,
will) an     Increase in   population    of
ha vi
li  llu
llll  p
r ccnl  in IS
will)   a    cupa
-uniting   full
As berries fade ft
melons conlInuo to si
comes the grapes, whic
good fodder. Then iu<
hoy is getting his    le
lhc buckwheat  lin pine*
nn,    swimming    In* ll
Isn't     Ibis the    besl
world's when vou conn
e, then
e small
■ maple
Mr. Tli
Thorp,   .
nl  the lilu
iii Crnnbrn
Mrs. James    Smith
brook last Wednesday
and Ibe busks on
kin I nl winter wi*
(From the Kcrnie Ledger.)
i'bc paiitotnine enacted at Cranhrook wiib a view to establishing a
Conservative paper In Kernie i.s, happily for the    oltlzens of this     towu,
likely to have any serious effect.
Once bit, twine shy, is a very useful
principle to adopt in matters of this
sort. Krom our position of armed
neutrality, labor is content at pie-
sent  to do the listening.
lime,     a public
Iwo  sloies and one in     the
which is known as Bayncs
i blacksmith shops ami    one
ine shop, n lire station and
•nl  lire brtgnde.     The town will
be lighted by eleclricily.   Tli
present some 58 private dwcl-
in this     thriving Utile burg,
nKi   whire     lbete     was hul one eighteen
■mo   monllis ago.        Owing to Hie    very
"u.   backward    spring the fruit crop    is
all possible   nnt  what il  should have been,     but
i think     of   ii,,.    peanuts    are    in     abundance.
(lentlc reader   keep your optics     on
Waldo.       In   oilier "  words "Watch
if Parker &   Waldo crow."
lasl     Sun-, 	
The party of young folks who     ln-
|  adiil     the     home of    Mr. and Mrs.
i in     Cran-   ,\gc. of Bayncs Lake, nn the evening
business.       „[ the 25th of September, report    a
\..w, b-l  llie oldesl  Inhabitant, the ( L" ' p l]0J     c     _J
Id Irapner, the imislcnrl, the squirrel     The bodv round hanging lo the fj.
leil us lhc  \   mn wny (resile has been Identified
ng tn hump   ft}| ,|   "diimmy"  thai  somebody  made
up against. . |n |jtnv a "nerve tester" on some    of
  I lie folks of tbis  lown.     One person
Now thai KiiRlishmeii arc '<> he wenl as far as to Identify Ibe hat
permllted In many n deceased wife's b-il she may he mistaken, as even
sister.  Ihey.can avoid  lhe annoyance     nls  sometimes  are.
mother-in-law. j   Our    new     Iwo story brick depot.
  with while marble finish, will he    a
Mi. U'.iinuii.. moved lo-- lamily uul  credit  to Ibe lown when finished and
in Parkin *  Thorp's mill this week,  nlsn to the (1. N. railway.
blacksmith, I   There are rumors iu circulation    to
  lhe effect     Hint n hig plant, will    bo
A ti uni Inn of the uiilzwis of this1 reeled here for the manufacture of
town have been uuile ill lately with a sashes, doors and other building
contagious cold which seems to lie go- material. It. is said fli.il the firm
in.!-  tin- rounds.     Mr. Williams     had will    employ   some     Ibree   hundred
such an allack   tbat   bu   was nut able   hands,
lo work for a day or sn, but is   now
Billings, vice-president nf
ih.* Cranbrook Typographical Union,
was in Kernie last week roping the
boys in. "Mori" grows more like
Had Simpson every day.
.1. It. CI nl vim vice-president of
dislriel No. IS, U. M. W. uf A., bas
been confined to his room at the
Waldorf hotel for the past few days
wilh a serious attack of the grippe
Mrs. A. Buckley received the sad
news on Sunday "last of the death of
her mother at "Parkhlll. Out. The
fact that Mis. Buckley has been bedfast for the past eight weeks made
the news even more sad,
K. 1 Dunn, the well known hotel
man. died suddenly on Friday morning al :i o'clock. The funeral will
take place on Sunday afternoon at
;J o'clock from the undertaking par-
bus of Seoll ,V Ross. The Fraternal
Order of Kaglcs arc looking after the
Mrs. John Whales, of West Kernie,
called Into our ollice on Thursday to
show us some poi a toes of an unusual
size that were grown on her place.
Several of ihe samples measured from
h lo ii inches long and 5 thick, aud
are really fine specimens of what can
he mown here.
able   In he aroUlld
Waldo is  the
huh of ibe Kootenays.
(Kiom the Kcrnie Krcc Press.)
Yea, verily, girls ate of few days
and lull nf iiiiscliii'l and whosoever is
deceived I hereby is nol wise. When
Ibe fair oue ehewelb mun with much
basic   ami    stainpclh     her foul With
much vigor then beware, she oom-
eth Iniiii iu lhe evening Willi low
neck uml short sleeves, but iu the
morning she liclh in bed    while   ber
 ibi-i*   hiistlcth.        She   eatclll all     The Wood-McNab mill is now under
winter of the   devoted   young man's construction and  will soon he ready
oysters, and  pailakelh  with glee    of   lu  commence   operations.     They  al-
bls sleigh rides, and when the spring ready   have   a     large   cut    of logs
cornelh     she    Whlketll    hei   other eye   ready,
■iml gOcUl With a new beau. I	
  I   The six  new    coke ovens    recently
Air. ami Mrs.    Corner   Jones spent creeled  it    llosmei by Messrs. Old-
Siindaj with Cranhrook friends. land and Cnrosclln are turning    out
■  a line line of coke and giving   every
Miss k. Couzdm visited Cranbrook satisfaction to the management of
friemls last Sunday. I he Hosmer mines.
Archdeacon Beer will preach (!>. | George Ohoumord shot a mountain
v.) at 10.80 a.m, iu the Wardner lion near bis home up behind the
school bouse, nexl Sunday. All are brewery un Monday, lie was Just in
cordially invited In attend. tune lu save bis    ihild from    being
  |curried oil bv the brute,   ll measured
Mis   s   A. Inglis, nl .laffray, spenl   seven   feet 'from     tip to lip    and
Friday with friends in Wurdner. i weighed ninety pounds.
Constable   Adney,     assisted hv 0      An enthusiastic   meeting of    those
II.   Drnwley,    si,it  agent, landed  Interested in a    curling and skai.iug
three prisoners in the cells Sunday' Into ben* was held in the government
niliht, charged with vagrancy. Gic.it olllto on Thursday night. The moot-
excllemenl prevailed fm a few min* i ng was almost unanimous in voting
utes as the prisoners, who weie big, I or a combined rink. The committee
strong fellows, put up ,i desperate wm Instructed lo get figures on the
light. Police Magistrate Sbcppard available sites and report at the
appeared in Ibe morning and after nexl meeting,
ihem a fair trial, he and    Mr.
(Knm  the Moyie Leader.)
('has. Farrell intends doing some
ii.n her development work on Hie
Society Girl property this lull and
.'inter, lie intends moving up to
be mine .Monday to begin operations.
There are belween 300 and lull tuns
of me ready for shipment, and Mr.
Farrell is anxious to get Ihis on tbe
market while lhe prices of lead ami
silver arc good. There are good
buildings at lhe mine and a big ore
bin. Several years ago Mr. Farrell
shipped over sio.iiun worth of ore
from Ihis property, At that time
In* had a force uf iii miners employed.
tjr__* G^o^V
Weekly Free Press and Prairie Farmer
Family Herald and Weekly Star
Cranbrook Herald
Tlm Western Canadian reading public if made up chiefly of then* elm-set;:
Persons win. lmve lived in the West for a lengthy period ami ate out-and-out
Westerners) and recent arrival*- Irom the old Count!yt from ibe United
Slates and from Hub tern Canada.
Perhaps no one newppaper conhl eater with complete pntisfiicllon lo all
these classes, but by this combination offer every special need is met.
The " Weekly Free Press ami Prairie Farmer" gives a complete record
week by week of all happenings in the Western Provinces. liifaddition it
has special departments for American and British settlers. The " Family
Meruit) ami Weekly Star" supplies the former resident of Kasturn Cumtdu
with the news of ibe Eastern portion of the Dominion in detailed form, ami
the " Cranbrook Herald " provides the local Western news, which you cannot
do without.
Find enclosed $2.ii0, for whieh seu.l m« " Weekly Free Pri
Prairie Farmer," Winnipeg; "Family Herald ami Weekly
Montreal;  uml "Crnnbrook Ueiald," for one vear eaeli.
ing aij excuse that will satisfy
('has. Imicrwics, the
of iho brewery, was
new manager
11   Craiiliriink
V. Drsatilnier wus in Cranlirook
Tui'silay buying Iiirniliiri' tor his new
home 1,11 Lake street.
Mrs. A. ('. Cimk, nl llyan, is visiting All. anil .Mrs. It. C.ilii|illi'll tliis
(' In
Ailney ili'i'iili"! in release the prisoners alter they payed a run'.
A ballot wns taken liy tlie miners
ot llnsinnr 1,11 Monday on the quns-
lian ol surgeon for llie 0, P. 11.
Sonic miserable vagrant who ap- mini's, wliieli resulted III a volo of
|>enreil tn be oul nl employmenl iniiilo 152 lor Dr. l.nnnell anil 21 lor Dr.
nn iillempl lo sel lire Iii llie    Ci'ii- lli_?(_ins.
ir.il  hotel last Friday night. Traces 	
nf I lie rnwnrilly net were louml inl The grading work on the line lo
I lie morning, where lhe imcli ol tlie Michel is uiooceding rapidly and
biiiWing hnil been sniiir.ilcil with oil shows up well considering lhe bail
nml then nr.fi, hut  lhe crocks   were weather.
so wiilc thai it is Ihnughl lint most. I 	
nl the oil ran Inlo Ihem nnd Ihe nt-| A meeting ot the Kcrnie Liberal
iiniii! proveil linilless. Kvcry pns- association wns held on Tuesday
silile effort has heen innile In (ry to evening last lor tlie purposo ol elect-
(1ml llie vngnliond, bul have mil been inn a delegation lo attend the pro-
si.reesslnl thus far. Tliis is the vlnclnl Liberal coiivcnllon held in
second     nllempl  lo burn the     sumo Vancouver    on     Octnlier   first    and
blllllline inside nt n   week.     Wc    sin-  Bl „,|.        Messrs.  Walk and Volume
ccri.v limie Ihal this firebug will   he wore elected lo represent Pernio con-
I il nml given n lull course nf   tlio ttltuonoy,
I., iv. , 	
' The C. p. K. yards here are not alii feeling nf all adeipiatc to tbe growing business
'I,-     lown,  licre.     Almost every day there Is    a
A. MncKay, manager of lhe
u.   was  iu' Cranbrook    Tues-
IV. A. Boyd left Tuesday to in-
.peet liis ranch, which is situated ou
I'ohacco Plains, near Kurcka,"Mont.
Alts. Boyd accompanied hiui as far as
Il is expected quite n number of
Moylo people will go to Kingsgate
nexl Salurday evening to attend lhc
house warm Ing al I). .1. K liner's new
Paul .Jensen has purchased the old
lire ball aud iv having it moved     to
bis   lot     on South Tavisiock street,
here he will have il  lived up as     n
welling.    The reel, hone, nozzles and
l her equipment has been moved    to
Ibe new hall.
The boisl -,\t the Lake Shore work
ga broke down last night anil ns a
result quite a number of men are laid
ff.        The   suspension of work will
probably he for only a few days,
Twenty-five new buildings have
been erected in Moyie during the
past summer, and most of these are
good and substantial residences. The
list includes the new Presbyterian
church and fire hall.
This offer is open onlv to those who are new Biihflerlhers, or those who
pay up iu full, and Wll.l/CLOM*. DKOKMBKH Uf.
M)W IS TIIK TIME lu take advantage of THK BEST OFFEK EVEB
MAliK IN Till) WEST.
The Truth About Scotch Whisky  \
"pUK safest ami most refreshing of all beverage*) Is Whisky ami Sodn. ♦
I      Where wines am) other stimulant., are f •rhi.hlen, Whiskv. diluted ♦
1     with somo suitable mineral or aerated water, and prescribe! by a J
physician at the proper time, has always a highly beneficial effect. x
Scotch Whiskv bus loliif l.eeu acknowledged the bent.    It hns almost ♦
entirely Biipereedud French Brandy over ibe greater part of the world. ♦
This Ih owini* to the skill und care which  have, ol recent years,  been T
devoted lo blending,   Malt Whisky, by itself, unless very old, Is heavy 2
nml un pit hit able, ami is eitreniely'builful to the digestive oiguiiB when X
taken fieely. w
Scti'ch i imin Whisky, however, being made firm the Uncut g'ulnn and J
mulled hurley, ami rihdilled practically pure by modern appliances, Ih X
frequently preferred. No tUninger evidence ol its purity enn be given 4
limn Ibis, that one of (be most eminent Professors of Chemist
England has used CamItUH (Irnlll Whisky for nearly thirty yeais.
The blending ol Malt nml Iiruin Whiskies Ims within recenl year*
•-educed In a science, lhe resell lieiug a combination which iivolil
heaviness of the " All Mall" Whisky am) Imparls a distinct dellei
lhe Blend. Iif course Loth kinds muni b vu aire. Nothing is Im
Iban Malt Whisky unmatured,
"The London Wine and Spirit Trade Km I," nf<8ib Mav, l!'
discussing lhe recent coiiiroveisy regarding "nil mall" Whisky, s..
"It U iiiii.li lol..< i-e.m-ife.1 that Ike imiliiliiii. Home limn nu um
Iii(l -nil uuiil' wuu .-..iiiliiihil on ihe .'viit'iiH' lines il was, ns Hi.' .I.m
from I'I.-u.Ih o| uritiu nn.l mull In'nil mull 'was i I  I'Ui.n..-. in..
iHudmlttml tlml -nil mall' in iml ili'sinil.l.*, mid  lhe KimlUli h\ ii,
Wlllcll ll miilH nre few uii.UiiiIh'Iwh-ii."
Wenre Propiietors ol len Scutch Pi*4tilleries, [unions for Iheir i
of drain ami Mult Whiskies, ami we bold enormous Blocks <>i both
is a pure blended Scotch Whisky, guaranteed   lor ft----, finality nnd ■
flavor    It never vuriea.   It has'obtained Cold Medals tllluhusl Awunlsl
wherever exbiliilti.l   in  coiupelllion with oilier  blends.    For Oenert\l
Table Una it stands wltlioul a rival,
"KIMi OEORdE" WHISKY is known everywhere, bul
there he anv dilli.iulty in obtaining it, please semi us a postcard
uearcsi Agent's name ami address.
We also sell CALEDONIAN, recognized as one of tbe best.
Ir. P. RITHET _ CO., Ltd,!
Nexl  lo tho man wilh a grievance ■ 	
the grcalcsl bote is lhe man who will Take nolice that The King Lumber
not sympathize with you when you Mills. Limited, inlend lo apply lor
tell yours. permission to purchase tbe lollowlng
  described land:
•\   cuulenlcd    workman earns    his     Commencing at a post planted    at
iges. , the south-east    corner of Hie I.  Ca-
 -  hill   timber   limit,   l.ot 731.1, Ihence
running north Ihlrly-fivc chains,
thence east twenty chains, tbenee
south twenty chains, more or less, to
Hie B. (!. Southern right-of-way,
thence following Hie said right-of-
way iu a south-westerly direction lo
point of commencement, and containing lifiy acres, mote or less.
(Sgd) The King Lumber Mills. Lid.,
Geo. llungerford, Locator.
Dated September PJtti,  11107.   20-fll
When You
Come to the Metropolis stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Kockendorl
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
Al Iln' lime nl wi
-Tulncs. prevails in i
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All lunik of finish work, in
way ot iloore, windows, trim-
Bums, etc Kiln drietl lumlwr
for insido work. Our work is
guiirimtood nml our prious nro
satisfactory.     Storm   doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
********************** **********************
FRED ROO, Proprietor.
Hardware and Builder's Supplies,
Harness, Saddles and Fittings, Miners'
and Prospectors' Supplies, Dry Goods,
Gent's Furnishings, Groceries, Fruit,
Flour and Mill Stuffs, Raw Fur and
The Largest Assortment ol Fishing Tackle suitable
for the District in B. C.
Indian Curios, Specimen Big Game Heads, and Souvenirs of The Great West.
W. It, Rmtly. V\ ml Director
Cranhrook II. C. Pliono No. 80
is now located in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to-
date and is modernly equipped
, to do iust the best work in all
branches of the tonsorial art.
(Cllenned from exchanges.)
We expect to taVe our summer vacation the week after the Standard
Oil eompany pays that fine.
The candidate who to so glad to
shako your hand before election In
very apt, to shake you entirely after
election. )
wi.cn ,..n,„n w~^7 io turn« «>• f^ Steele Brewing Co
jokes    are    growing
honest trick he has no trouble in find-
Drink Home Beet
It is Pore
It is Healthy
It Is the Best
Livery  S
Tennis and drivers furnlslietl lor su,
point In the il.Mr.cl.
A. nOVI.B. Manager
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   flivc mc a call.
pi I on.: w l'.o. i'.u\ hi t
lliiiyute Itepairs tilwuvs in stn.lt.   Mucliines tor |niltiii|: on l.itinty J
llulili.r Tyres, with Tyres hIwiivh oh IiuiiiI.
I'IIONI. 1)0
p.o. i.ox in
B. C. Livery and Feed Stables
Manitoba Hotel
dan Mcdonald, phopribtor.   cram-hook, ii c.
Headquarters for
The Manitoba la cantrally located and Ims one of the boatdlningroomH
in the city.   The liar li «up|.'i.-<l with the l»nt of Llquom ami (llgnn
mu 111 ii iiiiiii i ih in n 11111111111111 *****
ii 11111111111 i i i i ii-ii i i 4 ii i i 11 iiiiiiii i i i i i i i
The Cosmopolitan |i
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
•»#»»»t»»«*»»t#*-MH«»««e»»«»««»»««#»»»«HHH»« THE   OltANKOOK    11 Kit ALU
llie regrettable Inoldetrts [somo local feeling, will lie placed iii>-
of the past few weeks,     He goes to on Uio Dominion govern .it.      Tlio
llie length of adding a plank ..,    his people will isten in vain Im the good !
plat lorm dealing wilh principles which I 'hums    accomplished by the I.aiirii'i
  iilinictly nl tack tho very fointilation ol 'government since 1890.    NolWng will
OPPOSITION l.l'.AI.EK   MADK NO the constitution, ami which no party bo said about tlie    iirosiK'rous condl
school attewtance, u,-
Murphy * Fisher,
Parliamentary,     Departmental    and
Patent Office Agent..
Practice Dclore Railway Commission
Charles Murphy. Harold FIslB..
without drastic amend-
■ llrilisli  Norlh  America
with Japan
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday as II p. m- it Oriotttuli
New Fraternity Hall.
.1. II. Ilomlcrsoa, K. ol It. ft 8.
W. A. Rollins, 0, 0.
Visiting   brethren  cordially Invited
to attend.
(Special correspondence.)
Ottawa,       Out., October     1.-
In iilic House ol   ('ominous on January IS,     11)07, he   votoil for tlio hill
i lopiing     the   Japan treaty   which J0.00 ol law -In Canada
ni't'ioin.l immigration to Canada uf 11 r*Mlv of amity
Soo Hansard, p. lfi-17
■oulii enlnr
incurs lo lhe
Allii.lini; In llu
Mr. Ii.ii'ilen said:
"The government lias taken groat
responsibility in imposing upon the
people a treaty which musl tie ol>-
seivi-il until it is abrogated."
What was-     lhe treaty'     Tlie Cami-
parliamont    passed
ii tlie country, excepting that
ith,' administration has hod nothing
lo Ho with it There will be no allusion to tho intelligent immigration
policy pursued by Sir Willritl's Laurier'. government lor ten years, wliieli
Ims resiili.il in peopling tho west witli
an enterprising popuhvvton—credit for
llie rapid settlement "f the country
will nol Im> given where il is flu,-, but
ltier.* will l»e some polemics about
Winnipeg .'.
miles of track.
P. ll. yards have
Canada bills fair to become mn
lie ureal  industrial storehouses
lie world,
I.I..O.F.    Key C.y lain
No. II. Meets every
Monday    night    a.
New     Kialini.ly    Hall.      Sojourning Oilillnllow. cordially Invited.
.'has. Smith, F. II. McKay,
lommorce    re-
I'liily made between llis Majesty the
King ami     lhe     Emperor of Japan.
Canada thus eamo    within the scope
Speaking at Vancouver, Soptcmbet nf a n.alv    made   between her late
.:,, .007, he    condemned lhe govern- Majesty Queen Vhtnrin .md Uio l'm-
1 it for    adopting ihe iri'.ity,    uml.pcrflt nf    Japan in inn 1. and lubse-
aski.l why llritisli    Columbia)) mem- qucii'lly nmoinloil     Cnnn.in was    ex-
hi'is did md oppose it in Mie House,    press.)'    esemplcil    Irmn lhc
The public iiiiml has grasped     tho originally, Imi all,
Iliumliable historical    fail that     Uio,Cal1a1.11  al   Hie   I'nkii
N. (I.
hill giving better    class    ot  immigration    for |
i    certain  which bonus should Ihi paid, while in
the east the leader of the Opposition nl
iimls liimsvlf    opposed to tin- system
Tlie rapid growth of Hie west silica
ihe leadoi „f the Opposition made
Ids lasi visii, will he alluded to, but
ihe Important part tho government of
the day played in this advancement
will not be recognized— the leader of
,,f  the Opposition will, ol course,    make
Conservative party during the   llinohvas ,1 ,,s,,.„„| tl_t »S aT'oiJi- ""'"""" "' '  *'""I"'S' '"'l '"' WlM
it was in power, was .1 parly of in.lli- Ing oiTernl fm growth ol commercial
) ieney, dishonesty   ami oxtrnvugunoc. relations between Cntmdn and Japan
ll has    recently   heen .loiioiiHlii'n'UMl,tltuI a    new treaty was made,    tlie
to the |H'o|ilo 1,1    Canada Hint    thus li-iins of whldi gavo to Canada   the
I lune discredited ami dlshouorod iuu). ndvnulngo of Hn- most far.mil nation
now seeks   to    return to ollice    liy clause, lliis trenfv was adopted'   |,v
. aeillsiiig  polilieal  opponents    ol    the Hie (' diau pallia nl.
I nine eiinies for which it suffered loss     When Iho hill was |„-I  the House
ol public eoiiliilcni-e. |in January of ihis vear. adopting the
1   The .issue, therefore, is fairly before tfeaty and    binding     Cnnndn to it
,   ,   ....     , . lb'' I l'l''-    It resolves Itscll.Into a what was the altitude nf ihe    Con
u.im    1 nui.nay  |,|;iin   simple proposition, easily    un- servative party  in  tin. fl.
X'aliie nl products
11)11)1) $002,987,759, 1
capital invested.
of    Industrie
'  II per cent i,
trinbruHk tmt|c, Nn. li
\. f. t A. M.
I.''_'il_i  merlin.. '
ol ...ir tnon.B.
Visllliig Me It. en welcomed.
Edward Klwell, W.M
W. F. Atlrldgc, Sec'y.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
('has. Smith, W.P.
M.  D. Hillings, Secretary.
Visit iug brethren cordially Invited.
Meet at B. ol L. F. Hall 3nd  and'
lib Saturday each month.
Visiting brethren always welcome
T. Boyter,
W. M.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
{      C. H. DUNBAR      f
«   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   J
f Public Etc !
B. C.
eil  himself of  the
nonleii—What is
Wilfrid    replied, 00
piobably mint to explain Die absencu
ol ins friemls, win, nccompanled   him
on tin- occasion of his last tup,   and
uli,, profited so greatly at tlie    ex- I
pense of the settler, neither    uili    be!
go into the particulars of Hu- rov.il .
commissions report dealing wilh    the
notions of these same thrifty politicians    wilh    respect   lo these same
shady transactions,
Mr. Borden will no ilouht tell a
good story, bul only one side ol it,
Uie other side is a matter or record
and will be told in due course. When
he expatiates on the doings of Liberal
tho politicians and enlarges nn the awful
consoijuonccs of political curiupUoti
as aUrcting tlie future of tliis great
Dominion, he may forge, lo mention
Hint Iris own ejection petition at Halifax, in which corruption is charged
bus not yet been ailjllifTeateil upon.
The Liberal party has boon very
generous In many ways In llieir polilieal opponents, hut In lutiiro the
strenuous lead of Hon. Mr. Ayles-
worlh will be followed, and it those
Borden Conservative gentlemen of lofty ideals
undertake to enlor the arena,     they ,
™ns^ must expect    some hard knocks, lor
they will most assuredly lie given.
I Canada's manufacturers hatl (1001)
nn invested capital o. -.17 millions,
having trebled iu nine yeats.
Capital now Invested, 1800,000,000
130 American manufacturing establishments lmve blanches iu Canada, employing Hi,uuu
inn millions o. United Slates
1 I is Invested in Canada.
Canada exported,
Ions in maiiufactiiri
iu Iran, 31J mil
Manitoba is
and Scot Iniiii.
as large
ilei'stundablc.     Shall the government Borden de
(if Canada be halidi'il over lo a poll- lowing:
lii'ii'i parly which was removed from!   Mr. fl, f,
power    iii consequence  of years    ot value of lhc vei
misrule, flagrant  political corruption I   To    tliis Sir
anil reckless looting ol public money? cents.
Tlie second    consideration Is, shall |   Mr. II. f,. Borden—I do not observe
the Conservative party attain power anv mention of grain or flour
by il iiincing .he Liberal party with-1   Sir Wilfrid explained  that all   na-
oat proof, with little reason, and ac- lions were on Hie same fooling In
citsing its members ol crimes of this respect.
every Friday evening at I which the Tory party was guilty? | The nbovc wns the contribution ot
I There surely must he sonic more Mr. Borden to lhe debate when tlm
clearly delineil reason tlmn this be- treaty was being adopted by nniila-
fire the electors of Canada wilt   dis- mcnl.     At    Vancouver Mr '
I se willi lhe services of a govern- savs:    "Iail Canada made Ihal. treat
1110*1. Ihal iu eleven years has    done with all    knowledge    of   thi
LOYAL ORANOB LODGE, NO. 1871 more lor Camilla than their prodeces- nncnees-Diil     the   Liberal members
sors    did iu   the    previous eighteen from llritisli Columbia nrntest'"        i
years |   The reply is tint the nnly protest
I It is true that Air. llorilen has came from a nrilish Columbia ronrc-
rvolvod a platform, but (his platform sen.alive, while Mr. Burden content- I
Is not subscribed to by the Cnnscrva- ed himself with the truncated brit-
tlve parly throughout the Dominion, liance given above verbatim -See '
Jas E Lr -Igan W"-l may be satisfactory to some ol.Hnnsn.il, Janv. IS, 101)7 p 1S17 1
t*J.        the people nt the cast, Is nnt welcome     If the Conservative party was 'in
  In the west, and already Mr. Borden anv manner solicitous for the welfare
has hern notified by western Conserva- of British Columbia, the lime lo en-
tives that the platform Is- not satis- ter a vigorous proles! against the
fictory lo them. In this connection trealv, was when tho Ireatv was bolt mav lie observed that the leader of ing rl'sousscd in Ihe House not seek
the •Opposition lias publicly stated In make political capital from tho ln-
llcit his Halifax platform was lhc rid. nts ami suewsl that, the remedy
concentrated idea nf tho whole party, lay in ,.n nmendmrnl tn Ibe cnnstlht- 000
ami ye. there comes a serious repud- linn, wliieli would lake probably vears
iition from a vcrv slrong section nf tn enact. ' 1   ,,,,,„,    ,.       ,„~ ,
Conserva lives, ami Ibis difllculty Mr. I    Mr.  |*,„-,|,„ also pledged himsell in ac ' "   "' *
Borden must surmount before he   can the ovenl    of    Consprvnllvo success   '
1'ly iiiuiii the assistance of his west-j "to    nnpoinl n    commission to deal
crn friends. |with the    miration nt    hotter conili-
2   Cranbrook,     •    ■    B.C.   fl   "oe then we have a partyRooking linns f,„- nrltish Columbia, with   the
j   iritnoruoK, „. v.   -  |lmvi,r H| R prese_*lnitIon of alleged re- view of grnnllng such ndilltlnnnl   .I-
i ************************* forms,    nnd    promises of legislation lowancc as ihe commissi,
t which are not desired liy an iulliifii-.commend."
t.ial section of its own members. \tl ,.f i),is
The    s|icctoclo    is preseliteil of    a pi-elant Tori
party denouncing i.s political oppon- .,...,.':„,.,....,    ,, ,. ,.     . 	
'     ■ • ' •■■     .'.'..    nrmtnees?     .f Iho luiestion for   pro-  tllfill.OOO.
ml subsidies can he opened    for 	
Province, il can ho nni-mil for all      Manitoba's rural populai ion showed
ol thorn,     This reckless system     of increase, tH!>n-ini.ii. of fi per cent. Iras
,   -merged    from public denunciation'"\iffZ„":n,im1s *""."' ""' ""cs:       Umn urban population Increase.
ii the House of Commons, and on the I        ...,„! ...,, ,   ,    .,,...,
._, I        sam! will lie— t   Of Manitoba's    „i_i
1800-190-1. S-llltli were
Canada's export  o.
llllli.   lucieased     18
per cent     over
Canadian factories employing    over
hands, 15,000.
Annual production, |55u,.ioo.mu>
Work people employed, 37.1,000.
Annua, wage bill, (135,000,000.
Raw material used annually, (300,-
Ne. profll to country, $250,008,000.
Prishiitloii of r
loving less (ball
ilahlishiiii'iils     cni-
5 hands, sin>	
lolal   production, $090,000,-
Mnnltoba's   pbnulatlon,  I90H, 380,-
1100; more than iliiiibleil iu live years.
A   proportionate increase iu
five years   will give Manitoba
. 3 million
crcs; outs and barley, over 1 million,
increase ol 111 per cent over 1905.
Manitoba used, 1(11)5, 2,1(15 threshing '
Physicians and Surgeons,  nts" tor using their position tor their .
J 'own interests, ami without regard to „
Offles at Residence, Armstrong An
Forenoons - - - - 9.09 to 19.00
1011 might ro-
iniiiids conil In the
hul wilal of Hi,. „!h.r
Now farm buildings
lions built in IIIII5.
worth  I     mil-
dairy   products, 1005,
.lie     public good,     when some of its
post prominent members have scarce
Afternoons - - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - - - - 7.30 to   8.30
Sundays - - - - 2.30 to   4.30
CRANBROOK :!    ::    c    .:    B. 0.
OK. F. li.KING
II to 12 a.m.
1 to   8 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Ollice and residence mi Armstrong nve
CRANBROOK       •       •      -    B.C
9 to 12 a 111.
1  lo   0 p in.
7  lo    8 p 111
OOlee iu new llilll Block
Canadian ban.N loaned (190(1) over
'Inn millions to Canadian mauulac-
il irers.
Value o. products, IMI, 902 millions—$180 per head; U. S., $170.
Canada Iniuivht iron anil steel mati-
lacturcs Irom Groat Urltaln, moo,
In ton years lllis latter trade has
rown more than 300 per cent.
There were 128 industrial disputes
iu 19.18, affecting; 28,01. working
|ni>plr, with loss of 4SII.775 working
For Hie past six years there were:
Industrial disputes 715; working
eoplc nlfecteit, 142,027; loss of wol'k-
llg ilays, 2,852,480.
Tbo proportion ot population per
thousand affected by industrial disputes in different countries was as
f.llows:     Canada, 43; United States.
3; United Kingdom, 42; France, 38;
Germany, 21; Italy, 27; Austria, 13.
iii.iii- platform  for using their post- w  ,,    ,,  '    '"
ion as members of tbe house lo their f'" "  '' '.''"Tl ,«,'
,.- .,.„_!   „,lv_,,l„,-.   nnd   In      ll„. 'I'""'   "as he
lhe devil a ;
personal advantage ami to    the
etlilnelit   of  the  people  whose repre-
enlatives Ihcy are.
The |ilea  made hy  Mr.  llorilen     In
the Canadian |ieopio is. that     thero
must    In1    purity iu public life.    He
1,isi'.s his claim for recognition    nml
upnort upon lhe pronouncement  thai.
■   ■ who have used their positions is ,.
l-ieliiln'rs of     I
their own interns.
proper persons lo 1
lions o. Irusl. or
parliament nf Can.
Ins condemnn tion
accepts money lor
and hulls iliutlihc:
mn who dales relate historical (acts
redecting    upon     the   Oonservativ
Al Halifax Mr. Horde,, exhorted the
faithful to "lidii anv Influence that'
favors corrupt methods," hut he has
'.".„,._ "'I'1"'""1 "hat became of the
nn.mm contributed t„ ,|„, Conserva-
M,',',.',''",'■«!''' •■VoPi'lctot of    the
•■lmitre.,1 Mar. who was to place the
""••''•v so that  il could not he tracivl.
•Ither has he t.,1.,.,1 t|„
ease of 1110,0011.
in citi.
Manitoba has 122 townships.
Tim    flrst     agricultural Implement
ami   fouiHlry in Canada was established in
1839.       Today   Canada   successfully
competes with the world in this department.
Manitoba's provincial revenue, 1908,
$2,890,052;  surplus, S518...D9.
provilici.1   assets,    50
11. 0
Tins being lhc ca
understand it veil
den reconcile ins v
members nt his party
Fowlei and     l.efurgy
■ former, he has heen el
I ng     puldic all
I 1
II ' il.rl'miisns 1 elilinivn.
Ihal   he,
,1,11I1I   Ih
.'le Oppc
AM. B.C. I.M. Sl'iniiVllltS
Cniiihnitik, U.C,
I low
people -
lhe hi
HIS    Will
^. y.
Railway .
Ilgllioci ing
:i I Mining
1  Specially
phono 171 l'. o. l.nx 11
New ninl Seeou.l band, )'anii-
iliun or Aiiieiieaii IllilkeH alwny.
on hanil.
Hefeienees in C ni)li*ookl Fink ' '
Meliaiillli' Co.,   .    Ilnle  linker,
W.   ... Wilson   11111I lipid's Dry
Goods Store.   Adilip.. :
,, I'
P.   H.   JOHIHaON
.0. Hox IfKM       Cnlgary, Alta.
hhii-Ii     ii
I  Canada
s nl  llie I
lion,  when  lie  Id
I ollowors, Messl
Inigy, who. while
meni, liinile a die'
alioti Im     the pi
I with Iho repieM'i
In linaiii-ial assis
dill  tin,nigh'
I Is il not consistent lo doubt the
Miieeritv ol a man who pleads lor
polilieal piirily, am) at the same time
I ccepts Hie support 0. men, who,
hy virtue of Iheir membership in the
House, were enabled tn make large
pruflts Irom those who seek votes
mi important legislative enactments?
I    Will the people ot Canada make   an
mcnl     lo advance  j-.''"'"■'  "f« nc l.n-i-ii the people   |„t„
are not  lit     nml  "•"     oonlideiicc wilh respect  tn     the
cupy exnliisl posl, "s''s '" "'"'"I" J5.000 a year for    five
legislate in     the !.';"s   ."'"""I     he put  to tciloeni     a
la.     He reiterates |*N"*a Scotia constituency.
f a party      Uiu 11   '" Ontario the electors are promts-
■nnipnlgn purposes,! ".government control of large under-
t utilise al    anyi'aklngs, such ns Iclegraphs and   tele-'
phones,   so    that the patronage    ol
coming Conservative members will hn
|lncreasnl ten told.    The farmers  arc,
lectors in have inr delivery ni their letters
nd llu- niillcniiim     is to arrive when'
lie     Conservative    party     resumes
ter, power      i„ lintish Columbia solemn
the compacts to which Mr. Borden   him-
II was a Consenting parte, arc to he
"laI,si,  and    the doors are to     bo
nl a thrown   wido    open for all the nro-
royal vlnoes lo demand Increased subsidies
well  I" which Rrilish Columbia will have
1     nl lo contribute a full share.
the.   This is the    quality of statesman-
ex- shin   exhibited     hv the lender ot     a
•11 hispaitv. si-okim; (he premiership.     Into!
 , ,    .   ,1;""k   of this   pallmnscst noltbl-1
wilh tmst then  alTaiis        The future ot Canada
lis lo Ito iii Dh' hands of those     who
Hie have moved     false to    lesser trusts
"'.-,1-11.111 the nncs which would ho (heirs
I should a change of govcrn-
1'. ami llu
how can Mr. Hor
i'ws ami accept a,
ty Messrs. Fi
As to
.god in divert-
liinn Hie tact
Manitoba's average wheat yield, last
ten vears, 21 bushels per acre; oats,
12; barley, 34.
■II bushels nf wheat per acre has
been produced in Manitoba.
Manitoba's population ims two of
English speech to one of foreign.
Manitoba lias au area of 47 million
acres, one-hail available lor farming
I   Occupied
farm    lands,   10,195,901
hv a 1
.    Hi.
people may
HV nf lhe lead
when he accept
ill win, has lice
ijilc o. Canada,
the receiver of rakc-l'tlie li.
iclicniiv --' ii-i......i >■■  -.;..
I     lll'llllll
A rfti
acres, 11
1 mi.
under    cultivation 4,17r>,2.1fi
nnly ten jut cent uf   total
Manitoba bas elevator Cflpaclty
2ii million bushels ot wheat.
Cnnmta Rave $tfU,lU7 reflates on an*
r(cultural implements in lt)05-f>.
I Tlie t'aiiailinii woolen in.lustry he-
can near Hamilton in 1827. Today
lothes, knitted Roods, carpets, etc.,
re inaiiuractureil in 300 mills, employing 12,000 hands, and repretmit*
inn an invested capital ot $15,0011,-
I The cotton industry was established in I (Hildas in 1856.     Today    there
I  re 26 mills employing 15,000 hands.
"and renresenting an investment ot
j Moot and shoe factories number
250, with an annual outnut of $20,-
000,000. The center ot the industry
ih in the city of Quebec.
Twenty years ago not   a pound ot
e.niieiil was made in Canada.     Today
there are eleven plants running    and
as many more are being organized.
Manitoba    has
than females.
4*1,078 moro males
mportnncc will
altai'li tn the
.Milt'i" ol Ibe Oppu
wins as bis failHful
s. K.iwb'i     mid I.e-
ini'liibeis ot I'aili.i-
irei wiib mil* corjior-
iicliase of land, ami
i tn lives of another
tonco in carry    the
uieui "lie made.
When  in  Un-
lout   Mr    Until
Manitoba has :t5,4ll farms.
Manitoba hns 215,81!) horses, 170,-
513 milch eows. 350,0110 oilier hom«!
faille, 22,075 sheep, 800,5011 swine.
A    dime's
siik room is
'dates Ajar"
worth of dowers in a
better tban a beautiful
floral offering on    tho
When all of Manitoba
n undoes.
wheat lands
hull   as
wheat as the United Stales now
i 'SC of bis political
en  reaches  lhe middle
wrst. iii<< peopln win hu regaled with
M'iiini.iis. which received Iheir death nro w*uplcd, it will produi
Wow in the IJoitse—thai pail of the
Story however, will nol be told. For
tl mm who bases his claim to public
eimibhtice upon the allegalimi tliut
Ibe |Hsmle are not being honesHy
dealt  wilh bv the uovermni'iit,     Mr. •
Rnrdm evtmsrs himself to very hetwei'ii m'eans
e;nistie criticism, The veaudals he'
will cvnloit and rehnsh In the mhhllo
west, bave Ini'ii e\hanslive|v extilaln-
eil in the House, and Ihe Onposibiou
dronnetl Ibem ine bv one after they
bail gone lhe roiled of lhe Torv press\
in eneh instance thi* ebaree alone was
I'liblishivl    hv the Opposition    press, j ——
tbe comnlote answer   -of the envem-     Winnipeg     exceeds     Cliicago    and
ment  was never given.     Mr. ftordcn Bulutli as a wheat sbfpplliR center,
niav be exnect'l  tn follow the    samo | —
method iliiiitni his caimini^n—he   will     Winnipeg     ranks second in America
Wc haven't had much experience at
golf, bi.t it doesn't strike us us btnng
iu it with the old gumc of shinncy.
When a man gets his slippers on
afler suppor It is a wise wife that
refrains from suggesting  that tbvy
make an evening call.
So long as you   impose on nobody
Winnipeg Is Canada's half way honso 'nobody will bave a chance t" impose
on you.
Population, over 100.000; nearly
doubled iu four yearn; Ineronwi of
150 per cent in five years.
I   Building permits,
•I.17« buildings.
exchange of Hon. Mr. Fielding, tbe
liim nee minister, who has presented a
urplus every year since he assumed
ollice, fin (no aggregate nearly one
liuiidrcd milMoiis), for Mr. Foster, the
mail who ran the country Into debt,
and piled up deficits year by year?
Would the people of" Canada lie con- —*  -■■----•--- ■■■   ■    ■-■--■.-.      ■   ■• .-  ■■      .
tent, to place the financial business of ,ni,k'' ,»s '''"'fees, but the .neople will  '"> a wheat shipping cent
Iiniii.  $12,760,150;
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*4« this great Dominion in the hands of a  ''!' Vvui  •« It'iionjiice of the explana-
ilinii who stands before the   country   'lo!l '"' fttiBWor givm unon the    Ooor     Winui|N^'s assessment. 80 millions;
 . —* eoiidemuwl    hy a    royal commission '**   IHirlliimen't.       To nil Intents nnd  exempted,    15    millions—total   of 95
_ ***•••—.    ****** a ***.     M....M'aud eimdeniiieti     In such     terms    as WirpcWM he will make it nnpear that millions.
Pi   IT     DFAll    THlV   would inllueme any other jK-rson, not   ,,,,'    "dministrntlon     stands chnrgod 	
Vji    I      KLrlll     I IIU  endowed  with a paclicdcrmatous con- Wl"' serious offences ami that noes-     Winnipeg's    city Improvement     ex-
1 cience, to retire from public life?      Intonation was made.   Ibis policy will;  penditure, 11106, $1,071,033.
The French   Dry   Cleaning process!   The elevation of Mr. Borden to tlw he iHirsued hv lhe man who savs   he
enables us to clean mens pants, suits premiership means that Oeo. R. Fos- stiimls for uprlghtupss and probity in
and neckties,   ladies suits and skirts ter,    ot I. O.   F.      fame, will    he l,l-l»lle men.
in such   a   way that they positively finance minister.    The success of the    Wiwm Manitoba is reached much w
look as good as new. Conservative party menus that    Uw to said n'tout the "thin red line," hut
Trouble or no trouble, worry or no
worry, then* is work to be done, and
work wins—you can't heat it.
Many a man looking for sympathy
really needs two swift kicks, properly
A wife can forgive her husband     a
great many things if he is only handy
at fixing up thing* around tlw house.
Take notice that I, Robert Rohson,
of Mayook, B. C, occupation, Ranch-
Winnipeg's hank clearings, lOOti, 501  fr, Intend to apply (or a special tlm*
miliums; doubled in 4 years.
ber license  over   the    following des
cribed lands:
Winnipeg's    customs     collections, |   Commencing at a post planted    at
1006, $3,620,072; less   than a million  the    south-east  corner of    my nre-
.._  „„..   ,„         ,     in 1901. lemptlon,   thence    north    80 chains,
send anything'down cast pr up westT I'lhilc purposes, would hold the purse nord-iTs address. — I thence east 15 chains,    thence south
w**. * **■**. i/A/*.*_iniT.«r strings. The advent of the Tories to Political methnds vnrv little. Mr. Wlnnlpejc's postal revenue, 1006, 80 chains, theuoe east 85 chains,
F4ST KOtlTFNAY 'Power would mean that, all the h talent Horthi* will be all th'mrs to all men, $4111,012; inland repeiuie, $1,148,723. I tlience south 50 chains, thence west
-* MM ninnship, tlio building up of tlie   past he will admit   himself to    his condi- — 100 chains to tbe point of commence-
nVF    H(1ITQP eleven years, would be destroyed in a  tlons.        Rvery advantage will     tie     Winnipeg     has     18 toinkfl and     30   ment, and containing 545 acres, more
V I 1_    IIUU'^L* tfav. .taken ot nrovlnelal ami lnr.nl iHffleul- blanches. or len.
Robert Rohson.
We are experienced dyers and clean- hero of tto nest of traitors, the man ito comidete answer made by    Mr.
ers, therefore, we do not require   to who   wants   to borrow     11101117   for Crawford will form no pail of    Mr.
day. 1 taken of provincial ami local diffleul- branches. or lets.
Mt.|.<uiL.  1     ■ dmoty    t_.ii_-.__.'   Mr. Borden   has    opened his cam- ties, and all the blame for anything ■■■ | Robe
A!^i___ J.    LnAbK,    tailor pal^n In British Columbia, and seizes in respect of    whieh there may    he    Winnipeg Is the third banking center J   Dated Sept. Sth, 1107.
Tako notice that 1, William Sherwood Bell, 01 Cranbiook, U. U., o*-
cupatiou, Veterinary Surgeon, luleud
iu apply iui a special timber liceuse
over Uie following dewribed lauds;
1. Coninieuciug ai a pust placed
on Uit* east bank uf Sciuhu Creek,
aauut forty (H»j chains from Moyie
Itiver, luiiiiing .mi (.bains west, tbenee
hi) chains j-ouib, Ihcucu mj chuius
cast, thenco hu cbains uorth io puint
ul commencement, and uoutuiuhig 610
acres, more ur less.
Located this HIi ±iy of September,
A. U., VJiih
2. Commciiciug ui a post placed un
tlio cast bans ut Suuillu Cu-cu, -iiiuui
tu chains auuili ui Moyie Kiver,
uiih.mil, su cbains east, thence su
cliaiiuj ;-.uli,ji, theiicu su chains west,
theuce su chains nurlh iu puim ot
vuiniiK'iiL'ttiiuni, and cuiuaiiiiug lilu
actus, more ot Ims.
i.ui.ur.1 uu.-. -lib day ui September,
A. li. 1007.
3. Commencing at a post placed
un Uiu west luU uf SciuliU UreoK,
uhuui l2\t chains iium Moyw Kiver,
luinim-* su chains west, luencti su
chains &uuib, ihence su chains east,
thenco su chaius i.uiib iu pumi ui
commencement, and containing b iu
acres, mule or less.
Located tbis lib day ul September,
A. D. 11W7.
I. Commencing ai a post placed un
Uie Uesi Fork o( bfiuiiu Crises
.muni U0 chains from Moyie River,
uiiumg su chains cost, lU.ucc su
cimins suulh, tlience mi chaius west,
tlience su cbains norm iu puiut ui
commencement, and containing t> tu
acres, iuu10 ur less.
l.ur.iiea Uus -lib day uf September,
A. li. 1DU7.
5. Commencing at a post placed 70
bains  ua.-.I  of      lite  lOt'KS  ul  Scmlin
Creek and about too chains south
111011 Ui ot Mgger Creek and 13u
chains Hum Moyiu Falls, tunning su
chants south, theuce su chains east,
iliencu su chains nut lb, ihenco su
chains west iu pm.ni uf commencement, and containing '.-*-1 acres, more
ur less.
Located llns lib day ot September,
\. U. 1!W7.
6. Commencing at,a pust placed lou
chains due soulh ut the mouth ot
Hiiuldii Creek, running to chains
west, Uience IUU chains south, thence
in chains east, Uience iuu chains
north tu puint uf commencement, and
containing tilu acres, more 01 less.
Located this lSth day uf September,
A. D. 1007.
7. Commencing at a post placid un
Uio north bank uf Moyie River tu
chains above mouth ol Nigger Creek
at the S. W. comer uf Lot No. siy7,
ihence running east SU chains, thence
suuth 8U cbains, thence west su
cbains, theuce north 80 chains tu
point ul commencement, and containing tilu acres, mute or less.
Located this ith day ol September,
A. D. 1907.
8. Commencing at a post placed
sn chains cast uf 11 mile post of
C. P. R. line of Movie Kiver, running SO chains south, thence su
chains west, tbenee SU chains north,
ibence 80 chains east to point of
commencement, and containing ti 10
acres, more or less.
Located Sept. 10, 1907.
9. Commencing at a post placed
160 chains cast of It mile post uf C,
P. 11, line uf Moyie River, running
su chains south, thence 80 chains
west, thence 80 chains north, thence
8U cbains east to point ut commencement, and containing tilu acres, tuoie
or less.
Located Sept. 10, 1907.
10. Commencing at a post placed
ItiO chains east of It mile post on
C. P. R. line of Moyie River, running
40 chains cast, thence iuu chains
north, thence 41! chains west, thence
ltiU chains south to point uf commencement, and containing 640 acres,
more or less.
Located Sept. 11, 1907.
II. Commencing at a pust placed
200 chaius east of It mile post on 0,
P. R. line ut Moyie River, running
to chains east, thence lt>0 chaius
north, thence 40 chains west, thence
160 chains smith to point of commencement, and containing iiid acres,
more or less.
Located Sept II, 1907.
12. Commencing at a post placed
210 chains east of It mile post of
C. P. It. line uf Moyie River, tunning
■lit chains east, thence 100 cbains
north, Uience 41) cliains west, thence
160 cliains suuth to puint of commencement, aud containing Otu
acres, mure or less.
Located Sept. 11, 11107.
13. Commencing at a post placed
280 chains east of H mile post on
0. P. It. line of Moyie Itiver, running
40 chains cast, Uience Inn cbains north
thence 40 chains west, thence 160
chains souih to point of commencement, and containing 610 acics, more
or less.
Located Sept. II, 1907.
It. Commenting at a pust planted
320 chains south ot thu mouth ol
Mgger Creek and 320 chains east and
■10 chains north of 15 mile post of
C. P. It. line uf .Moyie Itiver, running 80 chains north, thence 80
chains east, thence 80 chains south,
thence 80 chains west to point of
commencement, ami containing 640
acres, more or less.
Located Sept.  12,  1907.
15. Commencing at a post placed
no chains south of the mouth of Nigger Creek, and 95 cliains east mouth
of Semlln Creek, running 80 chains
smith, thence 80 chains east, thence
K0 chains north, Ihence 80 cbains
west to point of commencement, and
containing 040 acres, more or less
Located Sept. 9, 1907.
William Sherwood Bell, Locater
per Arthur Veager, Agent. 26-fit
Hotel Keeper, intend to apply tor a
special timber license over tlw following described land:
Commencing at a posl planted a*
the south-east corner ot Lot 3066,
Uienco west 40 chains, thence south
20 chains, tbenee west K(j chains,
theme south 10 chains, tlience east
in chains, thence south 40 chains,
tlience east III cliains to west boundary of T. L. of L. Clapp, Uience
north 2ii chains to N. VI. corner of
I*. It. VI. 90, thence east to a point
just soutll of S, K. comer of L. 3066,
north to point of commencement, and
containing 610 acres, fore or less.
Lester Clapp, Locator,
Nicholas Powers, Agent.
Daled Sept. 25, 1907, 27-6t
Take notice tbgt I, Henry K. Landed*, uf Gateway, li. 0., occupation,
Kailway Agtut, intends to
appl) lur permission to purchase the
following described laud:
Commencing at a post planted *
I miles west of the Kootenay river
along un the international boundary,
llici.ee north SU chants, Uienco west
Jti chains, Uience south w chains,
ihence west iu chains, tbenee souUi
20 .chains, thence east t.0 chains to
pumt uf commencement, and containing oiu acres, more or less.
Henry F. Landeck.
Dated July SStb, iau7. 21-yf
Take notice that 1, Nicholas Powers, of Cranbrook, H. C, occupation,
Timber Cruiser, Intends to apply lur
special timber license over the lol-
owing described land:
Commencing at a post planted at
ti.e north-wc*>t curner of Lot 3798,
thence soutb SO chains, thence west
su chains, thence norlh 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to place ol
ommenccwent, and containing MO
acres, more or less.
Nicholas Puwers.
Take notice that I, Abel Horsman,
ul Liaaurook, U. C, occupation,
l.uiubauiau, mlenus lo apply tor a
special timber license over Uw lol-
luwiug Uesctibed lands:
Commencing at a pust planted about
three ana a half miles south of Cur-
zon*wttd abuut two miles east ot lb*
U. P. Kailway, Uience east 160
chains, tnt-nce souiu to chains,
Ihence west HO cba:ns, thence uorth
iu chains lo poinl ut cuiutuenceiueil
and containing oib acies, more or
Abel Horsman.
Dated August 29, 1907. 24-«t
Take notice tbat Grant Miller, of
Winnipeg, occupation, Gentleman, intends to apply for permission to purchase tbe lollowing described lands:
Commencing at a posl planted at
tht suuib-wcst corner -u chains wast
if Lot 2416, Group 1, Uience norUi
SO cbains, thence east 20 duiiu,
Uience south 80 cbains, tbenee west
u chains to point ot commencement,
nd ooutauuiig lbu acres, more or
Grant Miller,
Frank Fletcher, Agent.
Dated July 6, 1907. 20-91
Take notice that 1, Abel Horsman,
of Craaaiook, B- C, occupation,
Lumberman, intends to apply tor a
special limber license over tbu following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about three and a half miles south el
Curzon and about two miles east ul
C. P. Railway, Uience east 160
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
west 160 chains, theuce suulh 40
chains to point of commencement,
and containing 610 acres, more or
Abel Horsman.
Dated  August  29,   1907. 24-11
Take notice that I,     Lester Clapp,
of     Cranbrook,     R.    C, occupation,
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt in Bnlisfa
Columbia, may be houesleatled by
any person who is tbe sole t.tau of a
family, or auy male over ls years ol
age, lo tbe extent ol one-quarter
section of 160 acres, more ut ie.-..*..
Entry must be made persunaily at
Uie local land olhce lor tbe district
111 which the land is situate.
The houiesu-ader is rehired to perform tbe couditiun* cuiinected ther-t-
wilb under one of Ibe following
(lj At U-ast sis months' residence
upon and cultivation of tbe laud in
each year for three years.
(2) it the father (or mother, 11
tbe lather is deceased), ol the homesteader resides upon a larm in Um
vicinity of the land entered lor, tbe
tequiiemenis as to residence may be
satisfied by such person residing vitto
the father or mother.
(3) 11 the settler bat his permanent residence upon fanning land
owned by bim ln the vicinity ot Us
homestead, tbe requirement* as to
resident* may be satisfied by residence upon tho said land.
Six months' notice in writing
sliould be given to tbe Commiwioner
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at
$10 per acre for soft coal and $20
for anthracite. Not more than 320
acres can be acquired by one Individual or company. Royalty at the
rate of ten centt per ton ot 2,000
pounds shall be collected on tbe
grown output.
Deputy of Um Minister ol Mm Interim Till. CKANItllOOK.   1IEUALI)
Sole Agents for the
H. S. Peters
Goods Bur W /NEED not
tcff h.ciet noi.
Did you ever get up in the morning with a tired feeling, disgusted
with yourself, your clothing, and
everything else? Just try wearing STANFIELD'S UNDERWEAR and see if you are not
glad to get up and get dressed,
and you will feci good all day
long, and then you'd never be
mad when your clothes come
back from the [laundry, because
STANFIELD'S never shrink
and, if given a ghost of a chance,
will come out of the wash bright
and soft.   Every garment guaranteed to give entire satisfaction
or we will be glad to hand your money back.
How About That
Hunting Trip?
You'll want a pair of boots that
will make your long tramps easy.
We have just what you want,
made by Geo. A. Slater—a 12-
inch top Oil-taived Giant Calf
Blucher Bal. This is as near a
waterproof boot as is made of
leather. They are $7.50 per pair
and are worth every cent of it.
But it won't cost you a cent to
see them and if you buy a pair
and don't get satisfaction they
won't cost you any more than
the price for looking at them.
PAIR A\11 is . ill'All.
Our Tailoring Department was never so complete as now.
If you are going to buy a Suit for Winter you should come
in while the stock is so complete.
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shadings, and your selection is all that is required, as our
own first-class tailors will do the rest.
Come in and see our stock; then you will go back and
get your friend because you will be tickled. Our prices
are right.
Send Your Clothing
Repairs, Cleaning, Pressing
and Alterations
I have just
opened out
THK rumcuiNisr
record ot 22 leet. Young Mc Council
is looked upon as a wonder at the
coast f.nd there are many more victories in store for him.
13, E. Ki-hinder, yardmaster at
Madleod, Ims been transferred to
Cranbrook to handle the yard here.
Mrs. h'oluiider accompanied bim and
Hicy will reside in Cranbrook.
.1. P, Broughton, of the superintendent's ofliee, visited Kimberlev imi
Salurday  last.
It. it Miller, general freight, agent
nf Uie 0. It. iti N. railway, Spokane,
was in the city lasl Friday between
•I. A. Hamilton, who bas been at
lending college at Edmonton tor the
past year, lias resumed duty with
ihe company in tbo trainmaster's ot-
A II. Terry and M. .1, Qlllgloy,
[I S. Immigration Inspector*, nl
Kings-galr, were in tbe city mi Mmi
day in conference with Superintend
out Ellukson.
Chief Dow vlsllcd  Klko lasi   Monday.
(    .1.     AU-WOOd,       wife   and two
daughters,    will leave in a day or
I Iwo to visil Irieiiils in Sirdar and
• Macleod.
Sir Thomas Shnllghnessy and    his
party will arrive iu Crnnbrook on
[Krldny afternoon at I o'clock mi
[Iheir annual    tour    of the 0.   P.  It.
system-      Thev will he accompanied
In' Assistant General Manager tl. .1.
Bury, General Superintendent  it. It.
.lamiesiui.   Master   Mechanic W.   E.
Wood house.   Divisional    Engineer   N.
Iv Brooks and other western officials.
A meeting for the purpose of organizing the above company will lie
held at the old reading room above
Mr. Mighton's store on Friday evening next, tire Ilih iust at 8.30 p.m.
As this meeting will have to appoint
provisional officers, ymir presence is
particularly requested.
Thos. M. Roberts,
.Secretary  pro leiu.
A. B. Fen wick, of Fori Steeli
was iu town yesterday.
W. li. McFarlauc puid a hiislurs
visit  to Frank this week.
Mrs. It. Dore lefl'lnst Saturday fo
her home in San Francisco.
Tims. Ruder, of Moyie, was i
town several davs this week.
(let your tickets    for Hie "Messen-'   (!   W'   IV""'     formerly   assistant
gee Hov" for next Saliirdav evening   M**"* at Oreston,   has been transfer--
....   . red to a similar    position at     High
Whal     is    llie   matter     witli this   River,    Allierta, and    left for    that
wen I nri '       II should suit llie   most   place Tuesday.
I Mrs. II. Rnhtctmud leaves tmlav for
a few days visil witli her husband,
Conductor ItnMchetld,     who is   now
stationed nt Frank.
| Iv .1. Cann, of Cnlgary, was shaking hands with old Cranhrook friemls
this week.
I Don't forget the "Messenger Bov"
at, the new opera house next Saturday evening.
I II. Oldland has returned lo Fernie
after finishing lus sewer contract for
the C. P. R.
| Miss Carrie Carlo, who spenl last
week in   Spokane,     returued     home
.Monday evening.
I Airs. I. R. Manning will receive on
Thursday, October the 17th, afternoon and evening.
I   Have yon registered for the munlcl-
Kennelh I.ahroii. formerly of the
master mechanic's office a I North
Bay, Ont., has been appointed secretary 1o Superintendent Krickson in
place of II. Wilson, iho latter having
accented the position of clerk to
Chief Despatcher Scott.
0. C. Ncilson, formerly chief clerk
iu tlie car service department nt Vancouver has heen transferred to Cranlirook as assistant chief despatcher.
Mrs. Ncilson and little daughter will
come tn Cranbrook to reside as soon
as Mr. Ncilson can secure a house.
A new   time card   will take efiect
pal election? If will be necessary if nexl Sunday. October 13th. No. 5,
the regular mail train from the east,
will arrive at 12.35 and depart at
12.-16. No. 7, lhc Spokane Flyer
from the east will arrive at 9.10 a.
m. and depart at fl.20 a.m. No 8,
tiie Fiver from the west, will arrive
at 9.30 p.m. and depart at 0.10 p.m.
There will be no change in train No.
II, the mail train from the west. It
will arrive at 3.311 p.m. and depart
at .l.lll p.m. as formerly.
■lack Kennedv, nf the rondmaster's
ollice. returned homo Tuesday, after
a two weeVi*; visit to DesMotucs,
Iowa, St. Paul and Chicago.
you want to vote,
1 Wm. Matthews returned from
Spokane Mondav evening after a
week's visit at  the fair.
Mrs. K. C. Smith and daughter
left yesterday for Victoria and
oilier coast cities for a visit.
It. Fraser ami wife and Miss Tann-
liauser returned last Tuesday from n
mosl enjoyable trip to lhc mast cities.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Colpmnu and children left Lelhliridge last Tilesdny tor
England and expect to he gone ahoul
six months.
A. Leltch is visiting various points
in Manitoba this week on business
iiiiiiitcte.l wiib lb,- Ma si Kootenay
Lumber eompnny.
W, P. White, superintendent of the
St, Eugene mine, was in town yesterday. Mr, While has a new story
that is ii iiiH.it one.
Mrs   Fink and son Vlncelil iclur I
Monday morning en tin' belated train
from  Spokane  while   Ihey  bave been
Miss McLend went- to Fcrnl
day to meet ber mother who li
from    Montreal   to make her future
home   with     her    two daughters iu
O, ll.
.laekson returned Tuesday
,i ten dav trip to Wiuul|>eg, oil
C, business.
relatives ami swing the big y\
Saturday last as Charles Ward and
(>. (!. Maynard, of the engineer's ofliee, and .lames Steward, chiel tie
insiiivtor, were returning from Wyeliffe on a motor car one of the
wheels broke off and lhe machine
took to   the ditch,     wilh tbe result
Messrs. Steward and Maynard
badly shaken up ami bruised,
Toes- but. not seriously injured. Mr, Ward
>scn|Nil unscathed and thev are all
oiiirraliilating themselves that tbe
iceideiit, did not have serious re-
FOB IMMEDIATE SALE-A limited number of thoroughbred Berkshire pigs eight, weeks old, Cnll
upon or address, J. E. Stephens,
George Carter, one of the bridge
crew working at Sirdar, got mixed
un in llie wreck of a hand car near
tbat place Tuesday and hud his
shoulder dislocated.     He   pa me     to
Mfiif. iiiiimiii, „i„... f!,i'w.i. ;,;:1:;^i',*:^s",ri1""»»''*■'» "•'■""»
Dl'.   Killg.
Mrs. Joseph Mnycock Ml today tnr
days under Hit* ram    ot
I \V. Hiinkins, chief lio inspector, has
spent mosl of liis time tlio past
torlnighl al Wordier, getting out Uw
coining st'iison's 1ii> supply.
make Iht fiiitii'. Iioini' with Iht sons.
Mr. nml Mrs, n'Henrn accompanied
her as far ns Spokane.
A. flronler is doing a Me lni.sin.ss
these ilnys in the hill posting tine.
Hi' lins put up several inldiliim.il
hoards nml nl.cn.ty has Ihem filled
witli Ihal line of advertising. I   T. MarMn, assistant chief oneiiufr.
A. I,, MoDcrmot received a carload "' Calgary, Is In the cilv lodav con-
"I I'atisl I r last   week that     had suiting wilh K.     S. llossotlcr. rcsl-
licon   on the  road tnnn    Milwaukee,  'lent engineer, in reference to mnin.cn-
Wis-., jusl six davs.    Thai Is   going nnco of wav affairs.
some, and    lirenm all records    thus ——
'ilr'.    . I   ..nines Snti.h, brakeman, who has
V. S. l.iildk'oiitt returned home Ins'ti nhsent for some lime in Srot-
Monday night alter visiiing his innd. returned lliis week accompanied
brollier Sid,   who Ims lieen I'tiite ill by liis bride,
wilh Uplii,i,i rover al Wallace, Idaho, , 	
Mr, l.iililli'iiiill stopped a tew davs in
Spokane on liis return trip
Key City lodge, Nn |_, |, (). O.
!■'., exemplified Ihi' wink o( Ilif
second degree al their regular moot-
ing Momlay nighl. After lhe close
nf the work ri'fri'shuii'iiis weir served
and a vcrv pleasant lime passed liy
nil present..
Mas Crowe, lormerly In 'in- cigar
business in linsslnnd, hut now irnvil-
Ing fni
Ciiiiliiclnrs A. .1. Mar.ii., llivan
llm iii.iii .'. Mil.i'll.m. (I. Welch and
.11. Cameron were visitors at the
Kpoknnc tali' lasl wcelr.
IV. It. Reynolds, trnlnnmsler's assistant, reports .hn. II Is exiientnl bv
llm committee lira., llie H nl H. T.
hall on New Year's eve in .lie new
iini'in house will bring numbers' ol
railroaders   ninl     Iheir   Indies Irmn
of thf largi'sl cigar houses  noMfi along Hie Hit*- as fur east, as
in lhc east, spenl several davs In thi:
lily last week. Mr. Crowe has
many friemls iu Craiilirnok who wero
pleasisl to set) liim once more.
There seems lo be more trouble
about Ihe Kimberlev Irafn leaving.
Yesterday Constable Morris got up in
time to cnlch .he .rain ni. an early
hour ami at 10 o'clock he was still
waiting lor it with no ilrtlnilr knowledge as to wlien it wnuld leave.
Frank Dirkuiisnn relurueil from the
upper St.   Mnrys  last Sunday even- sinee that
ing, having been called hack by    the honors   for
Francis McConnell, formerly ol
('ran:.rink, but now holding a position on .lie Vancouver World, is making a inline for himself nt .he coast
as an athlete. Soon alter going to
Vancouver he became a member ot Uie
Vancouver Athletic club, and ever
time has been winning
Ihal. new organization,
illness ol his lillle son (lenrgie, who nml   is considered today one ol    its
is .unfilled in the hospital   with ty- most valuable members.    At a meet,
phold     lever.       Mr.   Dlckllnson left held in New Westminster on Wodncs-
Messrs. Clapp, Lamb nml I'.ugnn, who day ol last week the Vancouver club
will remain nt the hunting camp un- were big winners in the events of the
til the end of the week. day awl much of the success attained
Don't forget tlie grand concert and was due    to the    work of    Francis
Imll al   Wentworth   hall Wodnesday McConnell.    He wos second In    the
evening, Ocloher llilll, given hv   the HM. yard    dash by only six    inches,
Moore    Concert   eompnny, wlio are which was    won In 101-5.    In    tlw
well known in our clly for Hie    ex- 220 ynrds race ho defeated the   same
eellcnee ol llieir ilnnco music.    Pur- mmi who had sitnircd first place    in
chasers ol reserve seal lickels    will Hn' IW. yards    dash, winning In    22
lie onltllisl to tree admission to   tlie seconds.     And when it came to the
dance alter the concert. broad jump he won that making    I.
WHO   DO   NOT <'l I
Tlll'llt s.'.'i'i.lKs I'TI.IM
CllASIIK.il IK, H •'
List ot property   ofim-il for sale hy
Frost Investment Co.
Ileal Estate and Rentals
ll.O acres on Kootenay river near.
International Boundary, excellent
grain laud without irrigation, 2
miles Iroui lown, goud soil, lays
nearly level, one half prairie balance
covered with scattered timher, can
be irrigated if needed for fruit or
grain raising. Price, $8 per acre, 1-j
cafth. Balance yearly, or will exchange  lor  Craubrook  rity   property.
SOO acre hav farm. Oue ol the best
in East Kootenay, 300 aires natural
meadow, heavy black soil, _. clear,
balance has suiue scattered brush, 5
miles from lown, good outside lange,
log buildings, spring waler. li looking for u money maker investigate
this. Price, $10 per acre, fi cash,
Balance in yearly payments.
till) acres wild laud ou SI. Marys
Prairie, about \2 miles from Craubrook, I miles from Marysville, lays
Hligblly lolling, good soil, will maku
goud diveisilied (arm. Price, K» per
acre.    Easy terms.
■JOU acre slightly improved farm on
Kootenay river, l mile from station-
beau l i ful location, 70 acres In
timothy. $l!iiiii house, good bams,
etc., full set Implements, I horses, HO
head of cattle and all household
goods go witti place, a money maker
from the start; $8,000. Reasonable
280 acres wild land on Kootcuay
river, 200 acres low hut torn laud, isx-
celleiit for timothy, good deep soil,
80 acres bench laud, covered with
pine timber which goes with land,
good outside range. This will innke
a nice place for diversified tanning.
Price, $1) per acre, \ cash. Balance
Three residence hits on Baker Hill,
best liK-iition iu city, lay high, east
front, stumps clcarwi, beautiful loon
tion for home. Price, .il laken soon,
Three room bouse, close in, lot 3.1
feel front, house nicely finished in
side, In Rood repair. Itentil lor til!
per mouth.     A snap at $050.
Cranhrook, B   0.
Real Estate and Rnillflls
t.lruiliiiil'''r<>riiiitii.'tiiisi'i'wi.<iry nf
M.IHil'.     'IWIllTH |)i|ilnllllll
Telephone io,,
Repairing n Spooittlly
Aikens Block, Cranlirook
Tin, Uniliiig Kinil SI,-if
.'KKSK.tVIN'll .'.'Alts AMU
Vitry Clinli.i
Phone 70 Armstrong Ave.


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