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Cranbrook Herald Mar 18, 1909

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NO. 52
The Last Hours of Parliament Were Interesting
Victoria, Mar. 12.—With the usual
tin nial speech Irom the Moutouaut
Governor, the legislature was prorogued tonight, a consummation thai
wliile devoutly wished hy many, was
lht< last thing expected Ihis week, as
iccentlv as two Jays ago. In fart it
w.is only tho stithleu weakening t>( .1.
A. Alactlntiulil, Icadci of (lie opposition ami tus followers iu the house
last night Mum made this sudden owl-
lug possible. Even in the city of
Victoria Un1 ending of the session
tonight will L-ome us a surprise to
tnany tomorrow morning. Since
last night, when Mi. Maeduiiuld drew
lhe (olils tif his toga about him ami
stalked out uf the house iu liitj.li
dudgeon, tin* opposition lias Lost its
grip ami the result is that legislation
lias lit'i-n finished that prior to the
opposition leader's defection, wan expected to take at least two weeks to
worry through the house.
At lust night's session J. II, Hawthornthwaite, ou a question of privilege read a story appearing iu yesterday's Colonist, stating that a recent edition of Hansard shows that
Secretary of State Murpliv informed
Mr. Taylor, of New Westminster.
that the nonunion government hail
not received the resolution ol tlie
local house askine that the Imperial
government appoint a Hoval commission to investigate Oriental immigration in this province. Earlv in
tlie session Mr. Hawthornthwaite
had been informed that the resolution
had been sent. The Provincial Secretary replied that the Lieutenant
Governor had received an official noti-
flcatlon from Ottawa that the resolution had been laid before the governor
general in council. Hence it would
seem that Mr. Murphy did not speak |
the truth.
•lohn Oliver asked leave to intro-1
dure an ameudment to the Game Pro- ;
lection Act forbidding the shooting
of birds with rifles. Hon. F. J. I
Fulton asked that the clause should
not be pressed as it would make it
impossible [or the bill to become law
this session. He would give the
matter consideration during the recess. The Provincial Elections Act
nnd the Game Protection Act were
finally passed. Several minor matters were ruthlessly slaughtered ami
the business of the lildfl session was
concluded about 9.30. The lieulcn-
iiul governor reached the house and
gave liis assent to tlie measures passed tinting the session. He then
read tin- usual formal speech and prorogued the house.
The house got through a lot or business ibis    afternoon.     The amend
ment to the Mineral Act was nnssed,
tin* WnlCi Clauses Art was -ivn its
third n-ading, as were (la- Provincial
Elections am, the Game Protection
Ad, the amendment tu the Land
Ail, Hunting land loggers licenses
and the Victoria Water Works Act.
A. K. MePhiU.ps, [hiding thai opposition hud arisen to Ills hill respecting
ihe uhsigumcul of wages, withdrew
(in- measure and Air. [law thorn th-
wultc's .Vomcu's Franchise, Act was
killed. This was the result of thu
-ullnpse of tho opposition at au
-ittiv hour Ihis morning. Finding
(hut the government would not accept all his amendments, J. A. Moc-
iluunld walked out of the chamber,
followed hv his cohorts, with the result that the committee stage of
Water Clauses Act was finished
without debate,
This afternoon the report of the
iiiuiiiittce was adopted and the bill
read a third time without division.
A compromise was also affected yesterday evening on the part of lhe
Provincial Elections Act which was
announced in the house today. The
Alc-lnm-s amendment, providing that a
voter must have been absent from
the riding for a year before his name
■ould be removed, was withdrawn,
tho attorney general substituting a
six mouths' clause instead. Otherwise the bill was passed practically
us presented by the government and
there was no trouble this afternoon.
Some amendments offered bv .lohn
Oliver (o the Game Protection Act
this afternoon were accepted. They
impose a very heavy penalty for
shooting big game out of season. For
mountain sheep, grouse, cariboo, the
penalty was not less than $25U or
more than $5(10, No bears of any
species may be trapped south of thc
line af the C.P.R. Following out a
recommendation in the game warden's
report, automatic shot guns are forbidden, though this clause will not
(nine into force until ample notice
has been given. Beaver who have
been doing damage may be killed after leave lias been obtained from the
game warden. Hawthornthwaite
pressed for au amendment, aimed at
Orientals, which provided that all
except voters or men who have been
on the voters1 list and their families,
should have in pay a general license
uf $25. It was pointed out that
this would work a hardship on pre-
t-mptois. lion. F. J. Fulton asked
to have the matter stand over till
next session ami in the interval he
would sen whether or not an effective
clause could bo drafted.
Morning—11  a.m.
Sabbath School—3 p.m.
Everybody welcome.
The Baraca nnd Phllatbca (lasses
meet ai ;i p.m. All young people arc
heartily  invited.
On Tuesday, the 33rd, at 6 p.m.
the Rev, I'. K. Ilatt, ol Vancouver,
will give a Druminuud recital in the
chuieh. Mi. Hall Is rccomilzcd as a
maslfi tn In-, interpretation of thc
beautiful poems ol in. Urummond,
portraying the huinui and pathos of
Fieuch-Cauailiaii life. Local friends
will contribute to tin- musical part oi
the programme. Bon'l miss ibis
treat. A collection, v.huh ii is
hoped will he liberal, will be taken
for our educational work, which Mr.
Hall represents.
March 21st.
The services will be as usual—at 11
and V..in with the Sundav Scl 1 ami
Bible classes at 3.
In the evening lhe subject h* the
pastor will be: "Love not the
A cordial invitation is given to all
visitors and others    who attend    no
place of worship to conic to the •>.
Tuesday—Epworth League at Dr.
Coniiollv's at 8.
Thursday—Collage prayer meetings
in various' parts of the city.
The ladies Aid of the Methodist
church arc preparing {ur a cookery
sale which will take place a few davs
before Easter. There arc good
things in store for those who would
like to purchase seasonable delicacies
and save themselves the trouble of
Chance for People of Small
Means to be Independent
Westward tbe course uf empire
takes its way, but by the rule o(
contraries the fruit growing industry
of the Okanogan moved westward lo
Nelson and its vicinity, invaded, pro
lit ably invaded, f rest on and Us
neighborhood ami is now enucuched
still further enst around Cranbrook
where whnt was open, park-like, timbered land of a few wars ago is now
opening nut iii stretches ol clearings
where the apple tree will soon entirely  replace the nine .mil the larch,
It seems to be an axiom ot men
skilled iu it uu culture that a soil
which carries a top growth ol heavy
limber with an uudergruwlh o( wild
gooseberry, Oregon grapes and wild
i in unit is (be Ideal home for tho
apple, peai, plum, cherrv antl prune.
Thai principletwas not so clearly recognized when the Kings started
then first mill close bv the c.P.R.
Hacks ami about two miles outside
the city, some eight or nine years
ago; but the other day the surveyors
wete   busy   mi  a  sub-division  o(
hall section surrounding ihe oW
siie     The mill is   moved else1
long Mine, but   the shacks are
in place      H lib a    bit ot open ground
about them, Formerly it was Lot
,1576 nl Kust Kootenay, better known
us Kennedy's pre-empt
hue, so tin- Herald mi
eil, it will he Known ni
will eel tainty prove w
but in  ft
ii was inform
Vpplclftnd, li
I t hv      of    Uie
About two years ago a man camel
Into the CranbrooK district from j
Nor Hi Dakota looking for a home—I
looking loi a resting place from the;
inils Incident to a region swept by
blizzards In winter nnd bv stem-'
wimleis in summer. lie was tnkou
ovei the very BUb-dlvlBlnn now called
Vppleland-      Of a   truth   that man
was uslonisbetl. He saw the read-,
(est possible means ol jiii-alion from
Smith's lake ami Smith's creek, and,
il possible, a bettei exposure than
the famous Sumiyside ranch of William Hamilton which lies about a
mile away uml slightly up hill. He
sat on u log to rest and said he was
a kind of spy into a new Promised
Land on behalf of a number of friends
of his from North Dakota who were
waiting his report ut Eureka, Mont.
"If I bought this laud," said he,
"what could I do with tbis log I'm
sitting on? Would I have lo give
it to the owner or to the government?"
"You would have to burn it to
help clear the land."
"Burn it!" he exclaimed, "I'd not
burn an ounce of it. I'd keep it for
firewood considering vou hnvc some
winter here. And I'd get all this
fuel for nothing with the Innd. Mv,
but it is a wonderful country. Where
I come from I had nothing for twenty years to cook a meal or to heat a
house In blizzard weather hut wild
bav twisted into knots. I have
worn my life and mv energy out In
hardship that I could have escaped If
I only knew of this country. I am
young as you count years, but I'm
old (or all that.'1
He looked down on Smith's Lake
where a fleet of wild ducks convoyed
by a big loon were sailing at safe
anchor, and around at the mill.
sloping little glens.
"This is a lovely place, a lovely
countrv. I'll bring mv children and
, •   people here."
So he planned and so he hoped, but
poor fellow, be died at Eureka ami
Ins following scattered earning, perhaps, the story of the Cranbrook
country  with them.
Applclnnd is just two miles southwest ft * i in Cranbrook with tho tracks
ol the C P.R, inning across one cornel of it, Beside the tracks is the
siding "i the King Lumber Mills t'o.
nnd thcii own logging railway runs
foi quite ,t distance through tho lot
following thc course of Smith's creek
up to Smith's lake, where thev have
tbeii big sawmill and lordns caum
("he lake site In a wide basin amongst
the low foothills. The onlv sound
ol the axe as it fulls tin the timber
one beats around there is the snick
nnd Uu- whine of    lhe biff saws down
in   the mill.     The t reek  urns     f i
the lake and tears bravely down a
little vallev of iu own through land
that lias been all cleared nf the heat
lei Hmhei ami is now being cleared
nf Uu- smaller Bluff.
Thc entire 320   acres ol  Vppleland
has been sub-divided Into ft acre lots,
each lot having its own water   right
[tntii  both  lake and creek.     .laeksou
week,  in the   hull hens I of the land,
can also in-  placed under requisition
if  iicccssui \ |   hut     it   is    astonishing
lieial irrigation is   re-
foothills rimmnu north
1 Suiiiivsidc.     It.       is
ell m have il, bin  it is not esseu-
nl, us walci can he got anv  piece
I a depth of ten or twelve feet,
general exposure of Uu- land is
h ami   westerly,   assuring in
lummertlinc   some     15   or 17
boms of maturing   sunlight.    Clearing is easy, the railway tracks    are
literally   ut   the door,    trails    and,
VngO nds  ate e\emvhere  through1
the Ints and Cranbrook with its unfailing market is within two miles.
Tin- Ideal home which William Hamilton tins made for himself at Sun
sub- can be duplicated llftv times
over in peace, ease and comfort at
Applclnnd. The other dav another
Wise Man from the East, said:
"We will not feel thc passing of
the days till evert- little hill around
us here will be checkerboarded with
rows of fruit trees. The eastern
apple, much as we ma** talk about
It, Is, somehow or other, not as
sound as what you grow here. The
apples from tho States have not the
flavor, the simp nnd vim, of the
Cranbrook varieties, and what means
the making of the almighty dollar
and th«* easy living is that vour fruit
will live, live, mind vou, when the
American stuff is dead—nnd a dead
loss to the merchant, too."
| People mourn to think of the pass-
llnir of the pine uml the larch, hut
I here be those who wish the dav
| wen? now. Let them go and give
room for their betters. A few hundred annle and pear trees means a
home, and a man with his wife and
bairns, happiness for all of them and
prosperity in perpetuity for East.
Kootenay. That is what the Herald
1 wants.
-<1 l.o
on tht
W. II. Wilson, the jeweler, has sold
the four large nuggets, which he has
been lately showing in bis window to
lhe Dominion government, and they
will he sent to Seattle to be on exhibition at the Alaska-Yukon-Paclllc
Exposition, afterwards to be placed
in (lie museum at Ottawa, and Mr.
Wilson not only secured a little alitor himself, but for this district as
well, bv having a card attached to
the exhibit  us follows:
"These nuggets purchased
from W. II, Wilson, jeweler,
of Cranbrook, B.C., the coming fruit section of British
Columbia. For Information
address C. H. Allison, Secretary- Board of Trade, Cranbrook, B.C."
I'HE   COMINtl     RE\ 1\ \L   CAMPAIGN.
As the time draws neat tor the
Chapman-Alexander meetings in tlie
Kootenay thc several committees are
gelling iiiisv completing tin- arrangements, one thousand 1)' mn hooi s
with words ami music have just arrived from New York per express,
L'xpressaire alone costing forty dollars. These books can be nurehusud
,it twenty cents each. They will be
on sale at the union prayer service iu
the Presbyterian church on Thursdav
night. Rev. C. O. Main bus received further olllcial Information regarding the arrangements, Mr. E. tl.
Chapman, the brother nf the famous
evangelist, will be stationed tit Cranbrook, which will probably be the
base of operations for lhe district,
and lie will direct affairs front this
cily. Br. Shearer will also be in
lhe eitv during the meetings and will
assist. The evangelist who will
take charge here will be the Rev.
Daniel Toy. of Winola Lake, Indiana,
uccompanied bv t he accomplished
musician, Mr. .1. W. Reynolds. All
through the district preparations are
being made, and workers will be sent
lo Michel, Hosmer, Coal Creek,
Movie and Creston, and the wl
meetings will he "ning on
ie time. The effort will tu
. ....nltniicous well organized
pulgn for the Kingdom of God
i be snlvntioii of men.
MfciML kONlkST
A medal competition was held at
the Baptist church last Fridnv evening. Miss Florence Bathie wns
awarded the prize. A musical programme was rendered during tin*
evening, which was well received.
Miss Laura Richards gave a recitation, "The Last Hymn," iu first-
class style and Miss Beiuerca Eraser
ontributed tn the programme in n
nanner that reflected great credit up-
m them. The whole entertainment
vas excellent.
At Cranbrook,     B.C., ou March 17,
ItlOll, to Mr. and Mis. .1. W. Poster,
On page two we print copy of letter from A.  E. Watts to Sir Thomas
Slmughnessy nn the aho\e sdbjeot.
The action taken by Mr. Watts before lhe Railway, Commissioners al
Nelson, was not act uratciv reported
hv the press, in respect lo compelling railway companies to restore thc
public roads they have deslrovt-d, the
reports simply staling that the
Boaid <>i Commissioners ordered the
engineers in examine (be road and report,
Whereas iu the case submitted, the
obstruction of the old road from
Cranbrook to Swansea vallev and
ibe destruction of the road from
Movie to Yank, after the details
wcic explained lo tin- commissioners,
Ibe representative of tbe C. P. Rv.
company volunteered to restore the
The thief commissioner said, as the
C.l'.K. had promised to comply it
would nut be necessary to issue an
Tin- complaint <>r inadequate protection of the nubile ami lack of
fenced and cattle guards on the line
approaching Crnnbroov, — Judgment
ou ibis matter was reserved, the
chief commissioner remarking that
it was a dillicult matter to ileal
with, so many complaints of a
similar nature being made and that
tjie commissioners were considering
a method that would he anolicahlu to
the needs of the various districts.
The License commissioners met
last Tuesday morning ul the council
chamber, there were present Mayor
h'lnk ami .lames CasluKt, .1. llcnder-
son, lhe other members of n,,. licensing   commission     being absent  from
the citv.
Two applfialions for transfer of
licenses wen- granted, both in resiled in tin- Royal hotel tun- of
these was Irom F. B. YanDccai to
I.. It. VnnDcear, and tl,.- olhci from
L. it. VanUecor to w.  \   Rullius.
on the motion of Mi. Cualakc tbe
Chief of Police was itwlrueted t"
nolifv nil    lhe license boldi i    that  no
sporting women be nerved with dunks
on ibeii' premises trader the pennltv
ol (nosing their license.
The commission then adiounud.
ston. was m
.1.    I.      Olu.lv. nf
Uir citv un Tuesday.
It. !■:. Beanie    ii
n. B. UulmnRo retumnl from
ni|i tu tlie west yesterday.
in. Kullodgo visited Kernic »
Interesting Information Given for Promoters
of the Fair in Cranbrook
M.   Edw
visited Movie to
Ie,   is   in   tlie
city today.
>hs. M. Almr, of Medicine Hut.    is
Ibe guest of Alls. N, S. Scott.
.tames Rogers, an old Cranbrook
resilient, lias just opened a general
store al Soppei'ton, B. C.
FOR SALE— House ami lot; price
four hundred dollars. Apply Box
.'in, Cranbrook, B.C. 52-21*
1'. Woods, the well known Cherry
Creek ranchman, is doing business in
Cranbrook loday.
E, 11. .Mclh-rmid, tbe well     known
ut  Ur
'auditor, of Nelson, was in   Un-   <•
j yesterday.
FOR   S.U.K-lutrhcn    ranee,     al-
I most new, a bargain. Apply Baptist Parsonage, .:>J-it
I   M. J. McCoy,     Dominion     iroveru-
j incut Inspector of    railways, was  ii
, me city vesterday.
{   McCalJum a Co. had a
some Irish airship iu Uu-i
I (low on the 17th.
KUH  S..l.lv-Ki\c    l	
lAppU     K.   1).    Sliacklelo:
II raubrook, B. C. H^^^^^
j   A. Leitch and K. A. Home an-   in
Let-hbridgc today on business connected with the Kast Koulennv Lumbei
coi ti pane.
]   TO   KENT—Two  furnished   room,
wiin all modern conveniences, moderate rates.     Apply Mrs.    S.  li. Carson, Armstrong Ave ."iii-li
Hugh Stewart   has received    from
I \ aucoiivt-i- one of the linest collection
ot bouse plants ever brou»bi iiuo <>.
ciiv. There are some Ajulias Which
are absolutely beautiful.
Last  Tiiesiiuv evening a number ui law1'- and flesh growing breeds,
the citizens interested in ihe project tmn \r
oi holding an  agricultural ami Indus- provn
trial Inn in Cranbrook this fall, met ol tw
in the committee room of   ibe Cran- Uelu
tun,,,, hotel io   listen in an adau-..-. a-   ..
n> l)i   s. !•'.    Tulmie, ol    Victoria, Indies
cniel       veterinary     inspector      foi pouili
uu-    province ol' British   Columbia, uandli
Oil   motion     ol  T.    S.  (Jill,   tV',   K. Hon i
Simpson     was called    iu   the cnau an   ..
Alter ihunkiiif! those present (or   tne aiumn
honor,   be staled Uml ii   was    with w
pleasure   that   be  would call on     Hi. . -.
buunded interest  in agricultural   and ..
horticultural affaiis and  was always n
willing to give tne benefits i<( bis ex- i.
pciicuce aloug these   lines    to    anj ai
Loiumunili thai desired it.
in. Toliniu said that it nave    lorn 'l
great pleasure tu speaK iu tlie people 'l
oi   t tunbrooR uu   matters pct'laMin*-,    '
IO t.ie    Ueu-lopmeUl      ul    the district *'
,n..i in,it ue ten satisfied tliat an a
iiniltuiai and industrial fair    would '*
x i iu,
COM Of KtvmoN
A sittiiiji of the eitv court of revision was held at the council chamber last Mouday before His Worship
Hunt and Jackson. Twelve aten-a..-.
Mavor Kink and Aldermen Ky-an,
Hunt and .laeksou. Twelve appeals
against assessments were heard, hut
in each ease the assessor's valuations
wt re upheld.
 ♦ ,—
The Seventeenth of Ireland was
tlulv observed in Cranbrook us usual.
The shamrock was drowned, but not
.so badly that by various aids it
cuiia- hack lo life this morning. Ire-
laud was Ireland a Ion-; lime aj*,o and
Ireland will be Ireland always, and
her sons and daughters alt over the
world will alwavs remember March
the 17th of the Emerald Isle.
 ♦ —
On Wednesday, March 17th. at the
St. Eugene hospital. Charles a Boss.
The remains were taken today to
North Yakima, Wash., where ' they
will be interred. Mrs. 1). H. Welsh,
of Asloro, Ore., accompanied the remains.
! Alls. K. time is vei
'hopes of her intimate
| small. Br. Mewnuru,
| has been called in    con
of Le
ml th.
! in. Green,
I c. Culver, the man who sells Calgary real estate, left for the metropolis of Alberta witti a iiuuibut of
prospective purchasers of Catgar)
mud today.
| VV'ANTKD—Onu ur two good, <oung,
gcutiu horses, suitable for express
Work, weighing BJ5u lbs. to llot* lbs.
each,    Stale lowest cash price    anil
j particulars lo  1*.    McOregur,  I'.  U.
i Mux 121, Kaslo, B.C. 52-ot
I   Government Agent Armstrong went
I to    tt'arduer last Monday in counuc-
' Hon with the new traliic budge at
that point. The iron work of tho
Kort Steele bridge,    which is    oeiug
. rebuilt will bu used in the construction of the Wardner bridge. This
bridge is one hundred feel longer than
tne one at Fort Steele and will have
three spans.
|    Dr. J. il.  King, M.l'.l'., and wile
! returned    this    afternoon Irom \ lc-
jtoria. Thc doctor has had a strenuous session, but comes back feeling
luat his party did    all in us powci
' iu protect the best interests ol
British Columbia.
j LUMBEHMEN: Now is the time lo
have your   blower system overhauled
i and put iu good shape (or tbe season's work. You. can save monev
and trouble by having it done bv ex-
, perls.    Give us a call.    'Phone lilts.
I I'aiinoru Bros.
The Pound and Dog Tax Bylaw
will be rigidly enforced on and after
the 27th Inst. It is up to the citizens to sec to it that ihey pay their
dog tax and that cuttle ami horses
arc kepi from wandering about the
streets. The Herald is Informed thai
the authorities will enforce these bylaws to the limit and il hopes    thev
win. i
On April the first the curfew bell
will riii); ami it will ring with a purpose. All children who are on tbe
streets, unaccompanied by their parents, or guardians, will! alter nine
o'clock, lie made to go home. The
Herald hopes that the curfew bvlaw
will be rigidly enforced.
♦ .
A new time card will no into elicit
on the C.P.R, ou April 3rd. AU
trains except the Soo-Spohanc
(Klverl will be on the same lime a.,
heretofore. The Fly.-i from the west
will arrive at 1 p. , and thc one
from the east at li.'iti p.m.
Reid Company, Limited,"
IN THE MATTER OF "The Companies' Winding Up Act, 1808/'
lieing Chapter 11, ol the Statutes
of British Columbia, 18)18 and
Amending Acts.
that Mis Honor, Peter Edmund Wilson, Local Judffc, under order issued
herein on the 15th dav of March, A.
ft. lldin, has fixed Friday, thc 2fith
dav of March, A. D. 10(111, at 10
o'clock in the forenoon nl his Chambers in the Court House. Cranhrook.
as the time ami place for Ine an-
pointment of an Official Lluuidntor
for lhe above named Company.
Stenhen tl. Hoskins,
Deputy   District   Registrar Supreme
iM. A. Maedonald,
bUt Solicitor for Estate.
on Monday niglii the Stuttz Bin
Theatre company will hold the
boards at the Auditorium. This
company will present "Was She io
Blame." The company has been
playing in Washintrton. Idaho and
other places in the United States
and are now travelling through British Columbia and Alberta. They
have some excellent press notices in
lhe papers of the towns in which
thev have played. Mr. Stutt?. is an
actor of distinction, having received
the Cross of the Lrolon of Honor
from the French government for natural acting. Mr. Stilltz is new to
Cranhrook and il his actine; ami that
of his eompnnv justifies the nress notices we have seen, the al ra-■liic-n
stionM d one.
Gilbert Lacey, night engiucer ai
the power plant of the Electric Li«ht
compaiiv. has resigned and leaves
soon for his former home at St.
John's, Mid. .Mr. Lacey has beta in
the citv for the past live years, aim
1ns many friends here regret to bear
oi his departure, and wish him ever)
prosperity in the iisb countrv.
II. Allison, of the Cranhrook
Drug & Book Co., has a now duskily. Ml. Allison said: "1 have often heard that dogs have no eve foi
color. That's all wrong. Yesterday (St. Patrick's Bay) a fox terrier was setting on mv doorstep
with a beautiful green ribbon round
bis neck,   when a bin orango colored
collie      dog came along.        Well    b.i
that terrier just lit into that collie
ami there was the hlgt,csl dog llghl
I ever saw."
W. M. Frost, late of tbe Flos' k-
veslmont Co., was in the city this
week. Mr. Frost is located al
Eureka, Mont., but owing to the
serious illness ol Mrs. Frost has had
to make his headquarters In Spokane
fin some time past. Mrs. Ernst Is
now much improved In health and
Mr. Frost is able to look after bis
manv real estate transactions. Speaking of the outlook Mr. Frost said.
•'This will be a banner vear lor
Southern British Columbia, Western
Montana, Idaho and Washington."
Dr. II. E. Hall, formerly of Spokane, Wash., has located in Cranbrook
to eneage in the practice of bis rn
fession as a dentist. Br. Hall has
secured offices in the B. II. Short
bulldine on Armstrong avenue, neai
Dr. KitiE and Green's offices. Tin
doctor is a brother of Dr. Hall, M.
'P.P., of Nelson, and Br. Hall, thc
nia'or of Victoria, and cumes to
Cranhrook well recommended in his
nrofession. For a few months Dr.
Hail was located in Mo'vie and while
there did work [or nearlv cvorr business man in town, and gave thc besl
of satisfaction.
'■  . :
tlner aim a u
nU leatc ,t ptu
uiidllions an >
ate iiau expt riei
ul  I
■ oi.l    tuv lde	
luminals. in lorniing an agrieul
ttual society you stiouid fix a lee   ol
two or iiirec dollar*) aitU appoint *
picsiucat, vli c-ptesiucnt >,..<! .->:■. ;•■
my uouiu a;..:    an -x ■ .■.'■-.  ol     DOl
lii.it    lik us m     this,
paid an annual proiil
aud   last year       at
were selling as lu<n
i •> ...ii.     This surely
here .*-  a profit    in
business .*, propeii)
. i.. pidgtng competl*
-  ...•■ muii)   people
,.. rstaud whv  one
  ot another,     it
.......t lu Ji\idc    thc
I .-.• classes, one tor
bovs, and in this
i all interested. Fair-
should tie si ven for
abb> that are proHind. Hi* inline tot
timetables in British
I    1 indeed owing
marnels altarded t»>
lutmug camps and
...•■■.-. v abuage and
proven very profit-
■ :i> laxcu care ot.
Own 1 would like to
.-onsiderable being luiprtss upon those present tbe ucces-
UL.iiit.iiui.il attu - ) I Sell*ng the various industries
leiuiotv tjtnuwa ibieivsteo tu the movement. Uel
Baas cutinti) and ■■• uuilOicn, -:.\ mimng men and all
leasou   in bvhevi   ,: most   nuo an   iiiturcsu*d lu    ine
«■ .i ureatei     dt     ■ '■• '• ol j">   article in tuv
tbe uext few fli*» ■ ' ' ontribute to Uu- display
■ a Rood move u •'■-; '•'■• ■•*■-■. in showing up yoni
bruoS, .ts it   was      -■   ees Domestic    science      is
'i tilt Bericultural   -\ ■•■'•..  i department that should    mn
valleys.    In on    • ■■■■ -,s--     Vou will Und it propionic-   l uuUce  . ..t. •■   .       ■: pn&c£ toi both adults
oi   the   country aw -.:.- : i  ■...•   t'iJ»i uiead, sponge
There it lane*   aae, fruit and layer case.      Prizes
ue steer, whue m snouid also Dt  given (ur native tlow-
acre    will  heep «   '•*   ana   ^tas-tcs. Also  for   slutted
v  oi im n[     m\   uuuuals aioi turds whiib would prove
beside*-,    s     atiraulivi   exhibit.      We   have
s ol prottress, I l i I al '.- oast that one of our
along   nesu line*  ■■-'.   xflibiu ;j-t been the worn   ot
ne this .<- hold uruwing maps, etc. I'he teachers of
jraetei and taU line line rem schools iu tbe district
srest al uir these would be only too glad lo assist ia
lu ns, tnus bring- Hits worx for the purpose of showing
i tne diflercnt in-  ine   standing ol   u--.it   pupils.     And
exhibit of one
ured that tn*-
will :."■ ai    tne
ia. <
l) in the waj ul prizes ai Lhe be-Una the rat-t men present will be
nuiiig, It wuiiiii uot be wise fur only too glad to bring in their bors ^
-ni to divide tlie Iwikes into classes to mau' vour parade a bettei one.
luc lirst year, but un tbe com... ..Uer you navt held vour fair adulter prizes for draft horses, purclvertise it freely by sending awav ac-
bicd stalions, mure ami geldiua^ counts to other papers, tnus lnter-
j advance vou can do more jesting tbe people n your local.' ..*
iu tin* vi. ,| classification. As tutto what you art doing aloug tbis
li^bl horses vou might divide them ||mu. yUu have a live newspaper in
into saddle and harness classes or mis town and will hnu ibis matter
lake them altogether. As lo bei.f Li advcrlisiiiR this lair an easy one.
attic I wuuiu that vou onl) Lsuflicient funds is au important point
j.e prizes to pure bred animals. Ll   and  I tap the big men. those
h a mistake to give prizes (or b .« ! .,.,, will no beuented ou a iarue
aiUs unless the) are pure bred. As (scale by the advancement of the
io sheep vou might divide them Into ummunit) and the district as a
wools and short   wools.    There | whole.     1 have gone    hastily    over
luulri   ne select
arts ul Lhe dn
or hi
>.L-r tne district, ine presment ai.o
ue iiicintjeis ot the advisory uoaM
uouiu be live men ai.it he sure mat
iiey arc alive, lite secretary shuuiu
e a man posted un work ni tbis
naractei and tlioiuugni) L-nthu-.ia*'-
ic. These conditions are uecessaij
lu mahe  vour tail  a success.
ugaiding youi  prize list 1 would
suggest tnai you du not go too u<.< .»-
lou have machine snupii in
city a;.j It would be well tu
■-. prizt loi mechanical prudac-
Non i waul tu impress upvn
*mi iact luat yon may be able
I ":.- people to come one year
- '..-- turnips ai.u tne apples, but
% •!. i come uie next year unless
pvi t hem some amusement.
.....-; bate sports tu mate a suc-
uf a fair. Every successful fair
;;:i*» country aud tbe Lnitwd
•.; have adopted this policy. iou
l have your lire team lu make a
and rim on the truuud. That
i prove interesting to the visi-
;:•■:.. localities where there is nu
tepartment. iou could easily
a log chopping contest and a
driBing contest. \ou should
i   means   have a block parade.
could have vour uand ahead,
the horses and cattle in    ordti
nc many parts ol this valley that
,ic well adapted lo the raising ul
ibeep. From thirty to forty thousand sheep me imported annually
from the Stale uf Washington to
Vancouver and the freight dutv costs
a dollar ami sixty cents, Tbe sheep
raiser oi British Columbia would
have this uiarsln to work upon. it
is true that some sav that owing   t
nd     would be pleased
questions that    may
■..-   ■    . ■;..■■■ ■
be asked.
When Br. Tolmic sat down everyone present Cell as though they had
received a fund oi valuable Information.
i iu-n followed a general discussion
in regard to the holding ol tfce fan.
nd as to whcthei it would be bettei
ie destruction ol the flocks by to continue the original arrangement
jyotes Ihey cannot make a success I villi the Farmers' Institute or tu or-
t the business. Vet they have tcanizc an Agricultural association
uyutes in Washington and are mak- lot fan purposes only. Messrs.
ig a success »i u sou lb of the Ashworlh. QUI, Hamilton, Beattie,
hue. In thc Kamloops district a smith, Scaalon, Ryan, Rutledge, Mc-
maii has a Hock of one thousand head I hinstry ami others participated and
and he tells me   thai his loss   from   it  was finallv dt-l.-nmncd to adjuurn
^^_1|IIS     lint     be      ^^^^^
be sheep men can be protected from
he coyotes bv Hie Introduction ol
be "nun proi t v,ut- [rncp. which If
eimr used in manv places, In offer-
d elic
ibe meeting and wait the decision ol
ine directors ol the Fanners' Insti-
Lule as those pit-sent bit thai since
tii.ti organization had done so much
tor the advancement ol agriculture in
tins district durum the past vear it
d one breed acamst j vus only right that the initiative
should come from them. Before ad-
journing, on Uie motion ot K. E.
Beattie, seconded In O. R. Leask a
vote ol thanks was tendered to Br.
Tolmie for his most instructive ad-
drcss and carried unanimouslv.
After the met ting the directors   ol
the Farmers' Institute held a consul-
other.      \' to the dairy department    l consider  it   most important
liecause ii good com is worth mul
for milk than for beef. If -.■■ lm
Babcock ti ulcrs here it would be
well to nlier a prize fui the largest
amount ot nnttet (al, as the nuan*
tin nf milk a cow im>'  give is    nol
a list of the quality In Riving nation and decided to call a treneral
prizes fnr the t-uuniity ol milk it j meeting ol the members of the
would tie well to have your commit* institute one week from Saturday
lee see that tho cows arc milked Inight when the matter will be ad-
ihoroughly dry the night before, so tjusted, It is generally understood
thai the test tin- next morning will thai thr directors of the Institute
be an absolutely honest one. In | are in favor nf the oreani?ation nl
poultry 1 would give a few prizes (or   an acricultural society.
Thoroughbred Brown Leghorns, Silver Snantrled Hamhuriis, White Rock,
Bar nil Rock and Andalusian Blues,
IS ppes to a sittlne, V2M each, except White and Barred Rneks, $2.(Hi
a sitting. Eleven fertile ecus u*tiar-
aiiteed to a sitting.
52-lt C. H. Knocke.
Since the advent nf the new machine the pictures at the Edison
have been lar superior to anything
before shown in Cranhrook. Mr. Fuzz,
a beautifully colored film, and the
i "Fireman" have been the leading
i features this week. Tomorrow and
Saturdav nighl the Pictures ol the
'Italian I'urthuuake wilt be the main
c. F. Page, a brother-in-law ol
(i I'. Tisdale, was In the citv this
week. Mr. Page, who is still a
vounK man, has'just returned tn Canada after eight years wandcrinc all
round ihe world. Going to South
Africa at the outbreak of the
Unci war and leaving there at its
termination, after bavin" seen much
active service, Mr, patra drifttii to
Australia and New /.ealand and has
been really all over Hie oceanic colonies. In talking to Mr. Pa*** the
subject of prohibition came up. la
New   /calami local   option prevails,
that is each district has local option. If a district is it nrnhibHdve
district and the adjoining one is not,
the distances are so short that it is
no trouble to cross the boundary and
procure all the liquor one mav require. Again if a brewer'' or dis-
lilb-rv is located in a prohibition district, the owners have a denot in the
att.ioininc district and ship their stuff
there, where ii is promptly purchased
and consumed, Mr. Page thinks
that, prohibition as enforced in New
Zealand is a farce. Mr. pa"e will
visit with his sister nnd brother-in-
law for some davs and Ihen nroceed
to Alberta to locate his South African grant. THK   OKANHKOOK   HKIIALt)
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
This new Subdivision of APPLELAND is now ready at our office, comprising 5Q Subdivisions, all carrying water rights.
This proposition is within the reach of every salaried man.
Close to town.   Well located.
One-fifth down.   Balance in One, Two, Three and Four Years at 6 per cent.
Call early and make your selection among the first.
in i
Z* - " '
I The East Kootenay Investment Co. I
One door east of Post Office
********************************************************************** ***************************
That's tin' ill irvoloualy ^mnl in vestment Hint  morn
Hum O.VH MILLION  iintislinl nsure are finding the
Willi three or moru cows a tJli LAVAL separator
snves its cost tliu lirst your, ill inure ami better product,
U|xin   lo uu on iloini; so far
already   Hiousunds   ol'
y lie depended
twenty years, as there
instances lo prove.
Tiiimv's halt this much saving in the use of a UK
LAVA I. over inferior separators, while other separators
Inst hut from six mouths to live
years instead of twenty yeurs.
'I'liey lose half that might lie saved
while they do last.
That's the whole separator story
in a "nut shell'* and the reason for
the now universal sale of DK
LAVAL separators.
A DE LAVAL catalogue may
lie hud for the asking.
'I 111,10  lilllKVANUES    AGAINST
********************** ********************^*,
will soon be here and we  are   here
before it with
The Largest and most Up-to-date
line of
In fact, everything required to make
your home more beautiful. When you
get our prices and know the quality ol
our work-WE   GET   THE  JOB.
Leading   Decorator
Corner of Lewis and VanHornc St.
Phone 127
Who is tlie lucky young lady in thu
West End of London who bought a
pearl muft chain for -Is. lid. and sold
ii for £5,000, asks a London Sunday
paper, Everybody in society is
talking abauI her good fortune, and
nuking her name. Hut the young
lady's most intimate friends discreetly decline to divulge her secret, in
connection with the story thc name
of a well-known admiral lias been
freely mentioned, The humor uoes
tihnl lie assisted the lucky vminu ladr
in investing the £8.000,
Remarkable courage on the *-*—•» ol
a nine vear old lad, named Sidney
Jewitt, was revealed at Hull r.'cciit-
Iv. Jewitt hud been missing from
home far some time, and P. u.
I laviuu said tliat every niirln for a
month lhe lad bad slept, inside a
vault at Orypool cemetery, which is
MluatVd in a lonely pail of Hull.
Tin- stipendiary remarked that tie
iiiiisL be a verv brave liov. The
mother replied that be seemed afraid
ol milhing ur no one. He once ran
away and lived with   (pales    for    a
.Sn—1 enclose a copy of letter     to
I .sir Thomas Shaugbnessy, whieh  will
; explain Us purpose.
I    i may add Uiai. owing lo the soliei-
I lots ul the C. P. K. railway pleading
< tnai  i tint     not give them sutlicieul
; iiotiee ot    several complaints  i laid
1 i-eiore Uie Board of Kailway     Com-
jmissionci's at Nelson uu March 5, ou
behalf ut the Farmers' Institute and
t oilier complaints, the chief commis-
Muiiei  invited ine to   take tlie cases
I tu Ottawa.      i immediately accepted
uie invitation und shall have     much
pleasure in presenting any real com-
■ planus where auy railway companies
are committing   aa injustice to   auy
person or persons that are forwarded
- iu inc.    1 will mate no charge    nor
j accept auy lee.
A. E. Watts.
Wattsburg, U. C., March 11, 1000.
Wuttshurg, B.C., March 0, 1900.
air   Thomas  Shaugbnessy, president
U.P.K. Co., Aluatreal.
lleui toir Tlmmas—liunug a conver-
salton wiih juu over twelve years
Mine 1 made several predictions, all
ui which nave beeu luiliilcd lo tlie
letter, 1 am now tendering gratuiir
■ 'us advice.
uwing lo vour lawyers raising   ou-
jicuunif     (pleading loo short uoticu*
lu several complaints thai i was uc-
.....i uy tlie Farmers' institute to
lay  bclotu tlie cum mission 1 was   iu-
tiled   u>    Uie   ebiel   commissioner tu
uiLL-uti ut Ottawa.      1 am pu->.<......
io do su, but will see that your
company bus ample notice und full
deiuils. 1 may also say thai fresb
Lumpiuiuts uie coming in unU 1 shall
buve a lung list iu submit, amongst
mem being entire luck of uccommod-
aliuns lor passengers aud thc receiving and delivery ul goods at East
itobson, li. U,; also more tumplaiuis
re lacs ui fences ami cattle guards,
moru eases ol destruction and ob-
struction ul publie roads by your
company, illegal obstruction of water
courses supplying ranches; wsullicicul
means oi drainage along rlghlt-of.way.;
tbe failure of your cumpaay an fullill-
uig many ui Ibe terms and puovisions
til the contract dated September ti,
16U7, made between the C. P. K.
mil way company aud the Dominion
government, and other matters, due
nutlet; ul which 1 will supply iu detail. .Nunc of the complainants are
ashing for anything unreasonable, not
iiuyibiiig tbe board is likely, to refuse.
.Now,      sir,       would it        be
unwise lu pause and
consider what is possible to happen it the indignation of au oppressed
people lakes an erratic tuirn?
Du the great olhcials of opulent
corporations passing through the
country in palatial cars with all the
luxury and delicacies that -the "htuiitl-
maid of labor" produces in pain aud
sulfi ring, in some eases on the verge
oi starvation, ever spend one .single
thought on the hardships sulk-red by
the producers they are passing?
Vou note to your fellow magnate*
tho magnificent scenery with a thrill
oi pleasure and remark what a 'beautiful country! What huppy homes
must be nestled among tlie valleys
and foothills of ibe glorious mountains. Vou smack your lips at the
exquisite llavor of the fruit, fresh
eggs nntl cream (only such can be
raised in the highland countries),
hut you are loooking too hig-h when
vour train stopped at thc station.;
vmi did not Know it was a station;
how should you know? Vou did not
see the signboard, the onlv indication
of a station; not a sited, nol a nlut-
form. but il is a duty scheduled official station, thc solo and undivided
property of a great and almost om-
ninotcnt corporation, whieh owns a.
great amount of pro*perty ol similar
mil lire, which looks well on schedules.
it ml is sometimes hsufiil fen Irtigatlini
stocks and fructifying the share market.
Vou did not see the |)oorlv clad
woman with iutcllccliuml, patrician
features, in romnuny wiih her flaxen-
haired child, stand shiv.eriug   at the
imaginary station awaiting for hours
tne arrival ui the train iu deliver uis-
licacics slie raised, inn cuuld ili-ui-
luiu iu cut, vim did not sec Luc puu<,
simcnug creature, uraveiy aeepuig
bacu ine welling tears until her iasn
was done; yuur train haa passed anil
sue could give free vcui lu her grid.
ui what eoncuru is her suucrmg to
mc railway magnates? Listen! Once
me mains lay ot her humc were a
.small herd ul milch cows; your trams
had mercilessly destroyed them aim
uie last pel one liau recently guue me
tame way.
iou uia not know thai once that
woman was ine darling child iu a
luxurious borne, became tbe bridu oi
a man lillcti with ine daring spun
ui tlie buxuu race, Such us lie bus
eoii-'ticrcd ,hall lhe world and bestow-
ea justice and fair pi..,
ui uppiessiou lo tne suhciiug millions, whether bluett, yellow ur while.
. uu did nut miuvv thai he was one
ui the victims uf the absurbmg uc-
Lopus whose capacious maw is never
satisfied, and wbuse tentacles are
stretched throughout the length and
ineadlh of this lauu, squt.cj.iug um
tlie very life blood even of ihuse who
led und nursed the infant monster
wheu il emerged irom embryo. Induced by Hie glowing advertisements,
tilling of tlie glorious free land, tree
raage for cattle and other stock, Hie
settler, poor iu all but hope aud
faith, one of the pioneers in advance
uf the steel road, entered the eouiurt
uy wagon road, hewed for himself aud
family a home in Hie primeval forest, yuur corporation robbed him of
bis means uf truuspuitutiuu to market by destroying the public road,
robbed him of his free range for his
cattle, killed his cattle, killed his
horses and refused the smallest recompense.
Vour subordinates have cut uh the
water supplying ranchers for domestic and irrigation purposes and have
beeu appealed lo iu vain, and when
i laid your case before the railway
commissioners yuur lawyers pleaded
aud uttered tbe llimsy excuse that
they had not had sufficient notice,
and the same with several other complaints.
The capital stuck of one poor farmer was principally iu one pair uf
work uxeu, with which he cultivated
bis laud. Your trains killed one and
tbe poor fellow has not means lo
purchase another to replace it.
One man had a pair uf horses, turned them out on the "free range" tu
graze, one was missing, and be uml
his son were hunting fur weeks under
thu Impression that it bad strayed
away, when a prospector, who was
passing, informed him that he .-aw
your seetiou men burying the animal
weeks since, your men having instructions apparently to have such things
put out of sight us quielilv as possible. Such actions hhould not be
permitted, and could easily be undated if your subordinates WviuM
listen to and act upon reason at tic
suggestions, and I can assure \ou
(bill if Ibe same were accepted it
would prove profitable aud much
mole economical to your company
than driving the victims to seek redress before the great tribunal so
wlfielv selected hy parliament to protect the suffering people.
We all acknowledge the great factor vour company has been in the
development and progress of Canada,
and regret very much having to resort to drastic measures to obtain a
small measure of justice; the organization nf your great system lias
earned the admiration of thc world.
We all know that you, the bead of
this great octopus, personally possess
imt only a threat brain, hut a large
Eind sympathetic heart, hut the majority of your subordinates appear to
possess neither; they act as though
they were the representatives of an
immaculate nnd almost omnipotent
power.- But they should not lose
sight of the fnet that without the
I'i'onte vour company could not. cam
dividends, nor build palatial hotels,
and if vou can afford to do the lat-
l"i "in enn rertainlv afford to fence
the laud in settled districts, where
'•nil do sn much duuituT nnd cause sn
much Mifleiiu,', amongst   poor people
' who can ill allotd lo lose their slock.
! it is also poor policy to irritate
vour masters aud alienate the    good
; will of the people,       The great ma-
jjority of the people have a keen sense
uf what is just and unjust and reseat au injustice even if perpetrated
on their enemy. That is the reason
the railway commission is held in
such high esteem by the people; rail-
. wav companies cannot point out  one
'single unjust decision; true,   as    the
[monitor of the naughty, selfish corporations it has   applied the    whip
I where necessary and   the usual howl
lis emitted.
|    What is tbe sovereign power?   The
(people! Parliament the judiciary and corporations are their servants. To this remark, which 1
made at the sitting in Nelson, the
chief commissioner replied: "Mr.
Watts tells us something we don't
know." 1 was perfectly well aware
ibat bis lordship did know it,
that it was a platitude; hut sometimes those high in power have a
lapse of memory on such matters, especially large corporations.
I I therefore suggest in the interests
of all concerned, and for saving the
time of the commissioners, that your
j companv appoint duly accredited officials invested with full power to
act promptly or give written promise
of compliance to all legal and reasonable demands, and I will promise
i lo do all I can towards effecting a
reasonable settlement that will be
satisfactory to all concerned.
I mav add that 1 am acting purely
iu an honorary capacity in these
matters and no pecuniary considerations are involved in any way.
The foregoing and your reply will
he given to the press.
Yours very sincerely,
A. E. Watts,
Wattsburg, British Columbia
ACCIDENTS   will   happen   in   the
beat     regulated     homes;      and
having a box of Zam-Buk bandy  is
a precaution that has saved thousands of
families much worry and expense.    There
Is never any knowing what  a small injur/
may lead up to il neglected.    The stoppage
of the bleeding, or the pain from a cut,
burn, or   hciiM,  lulls   many   people  into a
false  sense of security.    Du it  getting  into
i wound may Met up festering, Inflammation,
and blood-polBOlllng.     In  a   similar   way,
be the starting point of Itching
the spot your child scratches
beginning of ringworm or son
/fill)-link, wlsjlr mil
A burn, m-nltl, oil. ur
tmlm i.iiiuiii ' turn tlie
lnfltti.trd, or"iiutO-rv.'
new, hrulthv -tlnn. but, i
mskc t't-rfeiMiv healthy
tinndv, Iur Jane minimi
w-k finally In-alud, hut then* »a^
loft to show where he lud been s.0
the home * first-uiJ," 1 Uniit* i»
withuut equal."
2am Buk is ■ positive (tut! ci
sorer., ulceiti, ical.U, Wuo.l i>"i ■■■"
riutiwonit, scalp sores, bad letf. ■
Kublw.1 well into theyaris ottt-cti-d
ami Stores ii*H at Wc. hoi. three lo
"1 fill
/..in link a
iluilei     My
ne      1
ie  -nn   WM
i* iu a tuninnx   Ol .
urglne.      1    at-u'i d
t-'tliiely   checked      1
iittfj.   Jitw   uut   1'e
11* lirjlcd tl.r wound
lu, fesierins
t, chilblains,
jud Injuria*.
o, for lieu
I   ALL OVER    |j
Walker's    Weekly has changed its
name to  The    Endcrby  Press and
Walker's Weekly.       The paper has
been c-liauired in  size and is now an
eight past? column production.
The Princeton Board o! Trade want
lo abolish thc tlutv on coal.
The new bridge at Vancouver Is to
cost $750,0l)(l.
Coal harbor, Vancouver, will be
tbe site of ereat grain elevators    in
the near future.
Two steamship lines are now in
operation between Mexico and Hrltisli
The old Cariboo road will lie lively
with travel this summer.
A iiinautic manulacturliip- ni-.ni f■••
the purpose of turning out locomotives and lumber und logging em/iues
i will probably he located in Vancou-
I vcr within a short time, If plans now
under way are completed. Seattle
capitalists have had representatives
here for several davs, who are perfecting an option of ten acres ot
ground in the cast end on which to
erect buildings and install the necessary machinery, etc.
The Hour shipped to Liverpool via
Vancouver from the Enderbv flour
mills renched its destination in three
Thc following have been annotated
members of the Provincial Board of
Horticulture: Joshua C. Metcal! of
Port Mnmmond, for the second horticultural district, In the nlace of
Thonins Citnninehnni, ol Vancouver,
resinned; W. Kieardo. of Vernon tor
the third Horticultural district, In tile
nlace of Martin Huirell. of (Irand
Forks, resigned.
Chairman Mabec, nl the Dominion
Hailwav Commission pit diets that
Vancouver will have 500,000 people in
twentv vears.
A special barge service fur strawberries will operate for Nelson this
Nelson voted to return to C.P.R.
time only und the change took place
mi Sunday night.
Rossland is asking $in,uuu per vear
from the government because of the
2 per cent tax on mines.
The Interstate commission lias ordered Hi to 2ii per cent reduction in
freight rates to Spokane. SimiliU'
reductions are promised to Nelson bv
the C.P.R,
From the amount of steel sent
west one is led to believe that more
truck will be laid tills Year than
the short stretch from Kcremeos to
Medley, says the Orovillc Gazette.
A company bus been formed to
build a smelter neat Republic.
A rush is expected to the Sturgeon lake goldfields on the G. T. 1*.
west of Fort William. Out.
The London "Chronicle" says that
in IU08, exclusive of conversion
loans, nearly £30,u00,ouu of British
capital went to Canada.
F. Miller, u cook on a sealing
schooner, and living iu u waterfront
cabin at Victoria, has been advised
that he is heir to an estate of $30,-
otio, left him at Bergen, Norway.
According to the report of Dr. C.
E. Doherty, medical superintendent
of the British Columbia insane asylum, 70 per cent of thc inmates of
that institution are foreign born.
There is an application to the London Stock exchange to list $500,000
British Columbia Electric live per
cent bonds.
Thc C.P.R. has decided to let a
contract lor the erection of a new
grain elevator at Victoria harbor on
tlie Georgian Bay, to the Metcalfe
company, of Chicaeo. The capacity
of the new elevator will be two million bushels and tbe contract price
is $000,000.
Manager and Secretary W. II.
Keary, of tbe provincial exhibition
will guide the destinies of that, important institution for another ■•eai,
although be resigned his position
some time ago to take effect ou
March 1, he reconsidered his action
ut the earliest request of the board
of control aud will continue in oflice
for another year during which time
uu assistant will be appointed und
trained for the position of manager,
('live Phillipps Woolev. of British
Columbia, writes the London Standard ihat never in the history nf the
Dominion has the question ot contribution to the naval power ol the
empire been so favorably discussed
In' Canadians us toda* adding that
11 In- glad hand ' |-.-i -I mil would win
|more than thr most calculating Btatr
Evidence of the revival of mining
in the Kuotcngys is afforded by the
fnet that the old Silver King mine
at Nelson has been le-opcucd, niter
being closed for two vears. Some
time ago men were put at work uu-
watcriug the mine, und au examination of the mine since this was done
disclosed large bodies of rich ore.
A high official of the Canadian
Northern, while visiting Vancouver
recently, made thc interesting announcement that his company will
place survey parties in the field earlv
this spring to locate Its proposed
line between the \ellowheatl Puss,
tbe summit of the Rockies and Vancouver.
O, A. McNicholl, purchasing agent
ot the Grand Trunk Pacific railwa'-
with headquarters at Vancouver, is
railing tor tenders tor the suppl-- of
.'(00,000 cross and switch tics and
1,000 telegraph poles tor use on the
first 100-mile section between the
terminus and Kltsalas canyon on the
Skceua river.
It is thought thai   James J. Hill
will   get into Pen tic ton with his line ■
Hum Uroville before the C.P.R.
B. 11. Jordan, late of Pentlcton,
has gone to Cuba, to oversee the
growing ui orauges for a Toronto
A petition is in circulation asking
ihe Uoiiiiuiuu government io build a
telephone line irom Fairview to Midway.
Miss Johnston, of Vancouver, is
now superintendent ol the Phoenix
It is proposed to amend the mine
signal code iu   this provlucc.
h is understood that an experimental farm will be established ou
V uncoil vcr Island. How about tne
one for East Kootenay?
The C.P.R, hotel at Ilevelstol.e
j tn- enlarged and improved.
11 is repotted that the C. P. 11.
will build the railway from Arrowhead through the Lurdeau to Koole-
uav Lake.
The city council of Rossland want
$10,000 of the mineral tuxes for this
uai from the British Columbia ao\-
eiimieiit owing to the fact thai
some of thu mines urc within the city
Eighty thousand dollars is to be
expended tins year on roads in the
Okanagan und sixty thousand dollars
in the Siinilkameeu.
The Grand Trunk Pacific must
build fifteen miles of the hituiuuui
line within a year from next .lune.
M. Ingham, who died ut Naualmp
Uu- other day, lived for tour vears
with a broken spine, lie was Injured
by a blast in the Extension mine and
lias been iu the hospital ever since.
It is rumored that a wood alcohol
distillery mav he opened at Revel-
Vancouver's debt is $10,524,504.0L
There is uu outbreak of smallpox
in Nanaimo.
An Odd Fellows' lodge was recently established ut Kelownn.
Public schools of Vnucouvci ate to
be provided with telephones.
The C.P.R, will build a $63,000
steel bridge ut Greenwood this
The valley of the Kettle liver is
estimated to contain 10,000 acres ol
orchard land.
Notice is hereby given that uu the
10Hi day of Match, 1809, it was ordered by I'. E. Wilson, Esq., Judge
ol the County Court of East Knott-
tiny, ibat. JamcB Ferguson Armstrong, oiticiul Administrator lor
that portion of the County of Koo-
ini.iv included in the Electoral Districts of Cranbrook nnd Fernie, be
Administrator id alt und singular the
estali' ol Mary Agues Grant, alias
Mamie Grant, deceased intestate.
Every person indebted to tbe sunt
decensed is required to make payment forthwith to the undersigned.
Every person having iu possession
effects belonging to the deceased is re*
(jiiheil forthwith to notify the undersigned,
Every creditor or other person
having any claim upon or interest in
lilt! distribution of the estate of the
suid deceased is required to send before the 1st day of May next, by registered mail addressed to the undersigned, his name and address and
Lhe full particulars of his claim or
interest, and a statement of his account nnd the nature ot the security
(if anv) held hy him.
After the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will proceed with
tbe distribution of the estate having
regard to those claims only of which
he shall have had notice.
Bated at Cranhrook this 16th dav
if March,  1009.
.1, F. Armstrong,
52-lit Official Administrator. THK   (JUAN BROOK    11 KHALI)
istaiiiismn itsr
b. e. walker, president I Paid up Capital, $10,000,000
ALEXANDER LA1RU, General Mansjer | Reserve Futld,   -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in the United Stales and England
banking business.    Sales notes will be dished or taken lor collection.
BANKING BY MAIL A■■'"""ls '"">''" open"1 *» mi" •""*
DMIininu Dl   limiL     MMnius Ueposiied or withdrawn to this
way wiih equal fnciltly. 121
U.. r. Brymner, "lanager Cranbrook Branch
Metropolitan Style combined with -Ml tbu Comforts of Home
Our   25c.   Merchants'   Lunch
Is What The Merchants Hat
Thu only CHARCOAL IlltOILIil! Iwtween fulpiiy 11ml the Const .
G. M. BLAKE Proprietor
We me always open lo suyKeBtions
********************* **********************
l   P. BURNS ® CO., Ltd.
: Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
o    PHONE NO. 10
P. O. BOX 3
I P.  WOODS  & CO.
No family order too small ami no wholesale oriler loo Inn to receive
prompt anil careful attention.
PHONE   NO.    57
BOX   154
I   Armstrong Ave. £Ho
and there is no time
♦ like  the   present   for
* CRANBROOK,  It. C, *
A number of Haiti and Chaihuni Second• hand tot-ting
Trucks. Just the thing tor Tie Contractors to buy.
For particulars apply lo
The East Kootenay Lumber Co.
Cranbrook, B.C.
A. C.  Bowness
Wholesale Denier in
♦ Wines, Liquors and Cigars
* We  rocommoml   P. Dawson's  SCOTCH WHISKIES us
I the best.   And Moloher's RED OUOS8 GIN,
* All other choirc linuiils kept in stock.
I AGE   T   FOR   T.   LABELLE   4   CO.
f   To clear for atouktaktna;, wo will reduce tltn prices on Outs to
*.   JlllJ.OOi Timothy, 123,001 Wltoitt, ti-fi,0l),    Strictly spot cash,
Read The Herald
Wm  News of the District   wm
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned from Newspapers
■sB-********^ >m*M"t*w>*w»M' w*9*t* mm>*kWhm>m'm" m*B'<m ■ ■ ■ ■»: > ■ g-j-jsa^^'^sisa ^SfrS
(From our own correspondent)
Hay Hirtz, Manbuiy's popular mor-
ofaant, was visiting bia parents in
Klko last Sunday.
Mc. .lohn Mott made .1 business
trip to Fernie last week.
Mrs. Fred Roo, ot RoosviUc, has
iitfit visiting bei busband and
dtiuglitL-r [or tlie past week.
Andrew Kennedy visited ins son
Mead in Cranbrook hospital, who is
sit-k wiili typhoid lever last Friday
and everyone is glad to hear oi
Mead Kennedy's rapid recovery.
Mr. unit Mrs. Thorpe's many
friends are glad to welcome them
baL-k to Klko again. Mr. Thorpe
will take up the work oi planing
mill foreman.
Frank Hand was a Cranbrook visitor Saturday.
10. Prottie, of the Canadian Bridge
i-oinpany, was iu Cranbrouk on business Monday.
C. E.    Ayers,     of Brandon, Man., |
has taken    charge of the affairs    of
[the North    Star     Lumber company j
here.        Success is   wished   him by!
everyone. i
H. Weaver, of Turner, Beaton &
Co., was seen ou the streets of Klko1
last Friday.
M. I'hillipps, of Fruitlaiiils Farm,
was in town last Saturday.
Mr. Hummel, of Dorr, was a guest
at the Klk this week.
the city, winch made itself manifest
as soon as Mr. ilurd assumed thc
management was a tore-runnci of the
change in thc directorate, as it 1*.
well known that Uie late president
and the interests behind turn were
mil willing supporters of a complete
reversal oi their own long continued
polu > in regard to the muun iputl
ut Feruic. The new management lias
been devoting us   efforts to i-rnim--,.
asis .is i
nunc re
lc a
the pi
ant    tin
more t
Hlui tioi
at i\
(From the Fernie Ledger.)
.1 (i. McCalttira was in Fernie on
Dr. Barber has taken up his quar-
ters in thc Henderson block.
W. .F. Mrrwn was tried for con.
spirncy before His Honor Judge Wilson on Monday. He was found cuil-
ty but was lei e<> cm suspended sen-
"Krin bo Bragh."
Mrs. II. Maguire was a -nit-st of1
Mr. and Mrs. J. Mott lust Monday.
"Come back to Klko."
II. Bennett returned from his extended trip east last week, and is
visiting his many friends iu Klko
before leaving for Oinard.
Father Tavanicf was in Klko this
week visiting his flock.
Fred Ritchie, the popular young
traveler, was in town between trains
one day last week. 1
Mr. ami Mrs. II. McMillin audi
daughter, of (iinard, passed through
Klko to Waldo last week, where they
will take up their resilience. Mr. Mc-j
Millcn is setter for the Baker Lum-j
her company.
Mrs. Worthington and children, of
Cranbrook, are guests of Mrs. J.
W. Leacey was in Fernie between
trains Wednesday.
Mrs. Austin spent a day shopping
in Fernie one day last week.
♦«;•* v«*v-*c; $♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
(From tbe Michel Reporter.)
A lire broke out uu Thursday
morning in tbe building erected by
Fred. I'oiualiae and used as a cabinet
shop, but a bucket brigade had it
out in about twenty minutes after
they got to work. Had there been
any wind 01 bad the lumber been dr*'
nothing could have saved it, but the
green lumber simply smoldered. No
one seems to know the oriein. but it
would appear to have caught from an
overheated stovepipe. Tlie warehouse adjoining was packed with
caskets, and these were removed be
lure any attempt was made to pu
out the tire. The premises were iu
The sanitary condition of some
places in town is something fierce.
Alex. McDougall, of the Fernie
Lumber company, was here on Wednesday.
Rev. S. Cook will conduct inission-
ar\ services at Cranbrook tomorrow.
The new post oflice will he known
as New Michel, so arrange vour correspondence accordingly,
A. J, MeCool is expected back
from Montreal on Tuesday. No
cards, no rice, no Dowers. Alick-
BXpciulnim- uf
much capital, and a lung Umc in
bringing it out. The old room and
pillai method ul mining, which hud
been folluwed 111 the unites, had tu be
abandoned, as it uecesbitaled leaving
Hum lottj tu lifvj pi 1 cent of tbo
coal in tiie workings and the bumping, in consequence ol the weight o(
tlie mountain being left un Un- pillars are worse as distance into the
mountain increased. The change to
tbe long wall system was inaugurated as suou as the new manager assumed control and will be continued
until the mines at Coal Ureek have
all been changed. Manager llurd
slated thai this remodelling would
lake from a year lo eighteen months
to install, and all the accessary
changes are made. ll is expected
that tlie present output of Honiotis
at Coal Creek will he increased to
■JlHMJU tons in April, ami a steady
increase will be made at all the
mines until the total tonnage shall
reach 50,1100 tons before tht- end of
this year. It is the intention of the
company to erect ioilU new coke
ovens here within the next two vears
and investigations are now being
made as to the advisability of construction by by-product ovens instead
of the present bee hive pattern. The
eity is now considering a proposition, oik-red by Mr. llurd, which is
a striking example of change in man-1
agement. The company have offerud !
to sell to the eity all the land Ivinu.
between the railway track and the!
tiver south of Coal Creek, extending j
down to near the old saw mill situ
below town, amounting to UiK acres, j
at $50.IW per acre, giving live vears '
in which to pay for it. Under thu
old management the city was compelled to pay $300.00 per aire for a
two acre tract iu this same local-.
ity, which was unlit for anv other
purpose than a dumping ground. The
city is considering the project of buying the trad oll'ered, for a park ami
recreation ground, and the general
feeling seems to favor tlie proposition,
11. U. Lockhart returned to tbe
city last Friday morning and was
present at a meeting of the executive aud general committee held that
night. Mr. A, I. Fisher was present representing Lockhart and stated that after three-quarters of au
hour's search uf the books aud vouchers he was positive that the apparent
shortage could all be explained and
asked for time to make au exhaustive examination ut the books before
further action was taken. Alter some
discussion this request was granted
and the executive's action iu engaging .1. S. T. Alexander to look after
tbo interest of the funds was endorsed bv the general committee. It
was also decided to notify Mr. Me-
Dcimid, of Nelson, who had made the
audit of tho books and reported tlie
shortage iu the accounts of Lockhart
which led to the issuing of a warrant for his arrest, to be present if
lie so desired, at the examinations being made to disprove, if possible, bis
Preparations for the conduct 0! tho
big revival meeting which is being
organized by Rev. Dr. Chapman and
Mr. Alexander, are being carefully
executed and it is ^expected that
when the great revival begins on the
it!) of April that a great awakening
uf religious and moral reform will be
the result. All the denominations
are working in harmony aud it will
not be for lack of effort tin the nart
of tho churches if their expectations
are not realized.
!   The   pickets    on the fences around
town are beginning to show sit»ns of
nnin nf    them having     al-
Tlic Catholic church have installed
a new bell. Tbis is the onlv church
bell at present in Fernie.
.Mis. (Dr.) Bonnell and twit children aro leaving on Mondav for a
two mouths' visit to the coast.
(From our own correspondent)
.Mr. Geo. Sinclair and Ur. Harry
Stores left for Nelson on Monday.
Mr. II, c. Lindsay returned from
Spokane last week to begin work
here at the lumber mill previous to
opening fur the season's running.
1 Mr. R. II. Rohan spent Monday
last in Cranbrook ou business.
1 Mr. I\ Lund left on Sunday afternoon last ou a business trip to the
prairie towns.
I Mr. McCue, of Calgary, was iu
town Monday, returning with some
horses whieh have been here tor tbe
I Mr. J. C. Lewis, game warden,
spent Monday iu town.
j Mr. Pat Whuleii, of Fernie, was iu
town this week,
! Mr. J. F. Armstrong, of Cranbrook, was here Monday taking tbe
measurements for tlie new wagon
I Mr. 11. C. Lindsay was in Crau-
brook Monday ou business.
f Miss Hazel Musters returned to her
home iu Fort Steele uu Saturdav
■ last.
I Mr. and Mrs. Bert A. Brown and
daughter Kua, who have spent part
of the winter with old friends and
relatives in New Brunswick, returned
to their home here last week.
Mrs. I*. Lund is visiting friends iu
Marysville this week,
11. C. Adney, constable, was in
Cranbrook last week ou business,
Mrs. Blatchford and Mrs. Hay ward
and children were iu Cranbrook uu
Tuesday last.
Mr. (ieo. Sinclair was in Fernie
last Tuesday.
Mr. Grifliu, representing Jas. Turner Co., Hamilton; Fred Ritchie uf
Wilson Bros., Victoria; Mr. Pond, of
tlie Calgary Milling Co., Mr. Carss,
of Orillia, selling the celebrated
Carss mackinaw, and Mr. Tees, of the
Victor Talking Machine company,
Winnipeg, were all in town Saturdav
last singing all the latest songs.
Miss Etta McEachern spent Tuesday last in Fernie.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Hay-
ward is under quarantine for scarle.
fever, their little daughter beintr ill
with it.
Mr. Price, representing thc J. Y.
Griffin companv. o! Calgarv. was doing business in town on Wednesday.
Mr. Knight, storekeeper, of Cow-
Icy, called on friends in town this
tips above    the
a suit- indication   of
No definite agreement so fnr has
been arrived at between District 18
ami the Western Coal Operators' association.
The Tritcs-Wnod COltinauv's new
store will be opened on Mondav. Tbe
bovs are busy today getting things
into shape.
(From our Special Correspondent.)
At the annual meeting of the Crows
Nest Pass Coal company in Toronto,
(Hit., last Friday, a new board of
directors was elected which indicates
tho control of J. J. Hill In that corporation. The new board is as follows'. Ellas Rogers, Toronto, Ont.;
.J. P. Graves, Spokane, Wash.; Col.
('lough, New York; W. F. Robertson,
Granbv, Que.; K. C. Whitney, Ottawa, and 11. B. McGlvern, of Ottawa. Ellas Rogers is the new president. All the old influence has
been eliminated nnd the new hoard
evidently is a Hill organization. Nowhere will this change be more appreciated than here in Fernie. The
complete change of attitude towards
I   IUHll     rtH"     IH-fcllUM
I growth, some of     ■
' rcadv showing their
snow.     This is a sim-
the approach of spring!^^^^^^^^
The cards in the Card ease are being dealt out slowly, an adjournment
having been taken to ibe isth.
Manager l-Iurd left for Maclcod
Monday night, as did also F. II.
Sherman and Thomas Ili-es, of the
Miners committee, to be nresent at
the adjourned meeting of thc committee which resumed its deliberations vesterday. No serious difficulty is anticipated by either side in
arriving at a satisfactory airee-
The roller rink era/e has broken out
here nnd a rollicking time was enjoyed
hv a large crowd at Brace's ball
Monday night.
(From Tie Fernie Free Press.)
I The new bell of thc Catholic church
I was heard today for the first time.
! The tone is exceedingly sweet.
i Mr. William Walker, of McDermid &
i Hardy's office, Nelson, is in the city.
I R. L. T. Galbraitb, Indian agent
at Fort Steele, was in the city ves-
1 terday.
[ U. Helm, of Vancouver, superin-
! tendent of the Dominion Express
! company, was in the citv yesterday.
) The Fernie Mocker club will give
1 a dance on St. Patrick's dav in
J Bruce's hall. The admission will be
j one dollar.
:   Wlielnn   Bros, are removing       tho
I snow from the site of their new hotel
and will commence the erection of   a
handsome     three    stnrev     building, ■
which promises to he one of the fin- '.
i est hotels in thc interior.
j   "Seoltv" Wilson, late of  the Bank;
. of Commerce   staff  here,    paid    his;
' friends a short visit on Mondav last.
iScotty Is secretary to Inspector Mc-
I Intosh at present at came down from/
Cranhrook after the completion of the
Mr. Ashficld. of Vancouver, was
here this week in connection with
Burnaby real estate.
Mr. Walters, of Chieatro, was in
town on business last week.
One of tho gangs which has been
engaged at the new C.P.R. bridge
ben-, has completed work and left
fur McG/iUlvtay this week.
Two of the Crows Nest Pass Lumber company's logging camps closed
down for the present season on Monday last.
—      ♦
(From the Moyie Leader.)
•fudge Wilson was up from Cranbruok yesterday.
A. J. Drewery came over from
Rossland yesterday.
Barney, Wilson came home from thc
hospital Wednesday.
W. II. Wilson, the Cranbrook jeweler, was in Moyie for payday.
A. S. Roberts was in Cranbrook
the early part ot the week.
"Red" Charlie Farrell      is   again
iu tbe Moyie camp    after an absence
! of several years.
I   Wm. Carlin,     Fort .Steele's heavv-
: weight merchant, was in town   Wcd-
; nesday.
Tho marriage ol Mies IUv Clothier,
sisler of Roy Clothier, of Movie,
look place at Indian Head, Man., on
March 2nd, when she was wedded to
Mr. Ned Boyle, of Winnipeg. Mr.
and Mrs. Boyle are now at the
coast, and they will return1 home via
Movie and thc Crows Nest.
May not be out of plumb, but siill need
We would appreciate the opportunity ol figuring on
it. We have the stock, the ability to instal, ami our
price within your reach.
\   J. D. McBRIDE   I
♦ IIAUI'W.llll- L'KAMIKUOK, It. C. ♦
♦ X
THIS DOES NOT INTERESTJSOU -.-     -    -    .
Pumping capacity up to 1'IOO.OtK)
Uiils per 'lny.
IVrile to
H.    Y.   PARKER
Owilirook, II C.
-  Wk '*" - .SBssW-**"7    -
a »
1 Canadian Hotel 1
m «
{3 One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- 0
J3J brook.   Warm rooms, good meals Q
53 and a har stocked with the best *Q
® . ^
1 Joseph Brault, Proprietor |
sa a
Betf to annouuee that they ar.- now open t-> give estimates
tor Contnicts. iiirL''- or snniii    All our quotations are reason* =
able, anil nothing but first-class work.     Let us quote you *
lot your building, ami compare <<ur priors with ..11 othsrs in ♦
town. ^^^
P. 0. Box 203
New anil Strictly First-Class Telephone 2086
American Plan, $2.'/J per ilay up
Chas. Haktnev. Proprietor,
Cor. Seymour and Cordova St.s.
OpiHme 0. P. K. Station
Vancouver, B. C.
0* ********************
********************** ***********
New Management
Improved in Every Way
Cranbrook,   H. C.
Our Motto : "The Best is Nunc Too Goal."
(I'onilnued m |
Manitoba Hotel
Headquarters for
Tlie Manitotm In rontrnlly locfllcul mill Iihm tun- of the boat dining rooms
in tlie city,   Tho bar la supplied with the boat of Liqnonmnd CitiArn THE  CRAMBROOK   HERALD
18.00 A YEA IS
MARCH 18, 190!»
by thc Herald   Publishing Company,
yj£      A
Editor and Manager.
The Herald is worth HO a year. It
costs onlj J-. No man lit South
Last Kootenay can afford to be without u, ami everyone living outside ol
the district, win) ja lu torus ted In thc
progress of tins section, should i
ii. It putilfshoa thc news while H
news, it is controlled absolutt l)
uie publishers. No clique, party
Individual dictates its policy, it
tloa't try to please Uie people, it
desiie is to publish a newspaper thai
will lie a credit to Die community
Send in your subscription and you
will lie thaukiul ever afterward.
Advertising rates Jl.Uu per inch per
moiiUi, no more und no less.
Reading matter 13 cents per line
to non.advertisers; It) tents per line
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I) you desire to reach thc people ol
Souili Kast Kootenay you must ad-
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wants a square ileal on your job
work, If we can't suit you in ipial-
ity and price, kick, and send your
work to some Cheap John house in
the east that never spends a cent i
I, K. 12, Simpson, uiauagoi ul tlie
Cranbrook Herald, do hereby state
that tbe pressman's books show, and
that I have every reason to beliovi
thai ibe circulation of tbe Herald lo
tbe past jeai lias been 71,(171) copies,
divided us follows:
January, iihis  11,665
February,    IU118     4,72(1
March, 19118  5,110
April, 1UU8    5,(1,11
May, 11)118    1,775
.June, 11108  1,11811
.lulv,   IIHI8   5,8(15
August,   19U8 Ii,8ill "
.September,   1(1118  __5,825
October,   Ktus    ~    s, ins"
November,   IIIU8       ...5,875
December,  1UU8     11,575
Total for tbe year 1(11)8 ...71,07'J
Average monthly circulation..51)23.;!
Average weekly circulation ...1366.47
Subscribed und sworn to before- me
this llitb day of February, 100(1, at
Cranhrook, B.C.
.lohn Hutchison,
A    Notary   Public   in and   tor   the
County ol Kootenay, llritish C<
T     People interested in Hruit ,,
* l-auils in  .Southeast Kuot>
T enay should write to
* CO., Ltd.
* All of Cranbroak, H. C,
v HY  THK ()|J)  MAN. I
***** i 9*a-aa#£*»*A*afi c-tjt&e***!****
This is the last issue of the 11th
year of the Cranbrook Herald and we
are pleased to sav that the Herald
ai this time is more prosperous limit
at anv time in its history. The
Herald has endeavored to do what
it could for Cranhrook and South
Kast Kootena- and Uu- business that
ii is receiving is evidence of lhe fact
ihat its efforts arc appreciated, Tho
Cranbrook Herald is probably doing
a bigger business Hum anv weekly
paper In Western Canada, tor which
we are duly thankful.
Stum- convicted bankers in the penitentiary in Pennsylvania have been
auditing the hooks ol the Institution
aid have found a discrepant*, ol moii
than $20,000,
The Canadian Rovernnicnl ate finding it very difficult to keep the
Koval Northwest Mounted Police up
to their proper strength. The same
fact applies to tlie standing militia.
Tho reason is, of course, the ridiculously smalt pay in comparison to
that received in other walks of life.
Whv not  increase tho pay?
"Too much Johnson," is what the
newspapers are giving the public
just now. Thc colored tntfilist Is
very much too much written about.
Camel steak is the latest food delicacy in Paris. It costs $1.25 Tier
pound. One can remember when
steaks (old ox steaks) cost pretty
nearlv as much in Cranhrook,
.lack Johnson, the world's heavyweight champion, has been rtvlng
Victoria a great advertisement hv
landing then- from Australia, ftreat
indeed is the value of n £30.000
Vancouver Saturdav Sunset: One
result of tho new Medical Act, will
he a lot of people Illegally alive.
When Ihe. doctors »ive a man tin to
die nt' one else may legally save   his
life. If his life should he saved
by any unauthorized person—and this
has frequently happened as everyone
knows—that man will he living contrary to the law as made anil provided by the Medical council.
Thc Monetary Times, probably the
greatest financial organ in Canada,
devotes a very considerable space iu
its issue of March li to a tele *,ia.it
describing the rc-orguiuition of the
Cranbrook Board of Tr.t.l-. Tnlv
the eyes of the   east aic upon Cyan-
look and the Cranbrook dtstiict.
The question of expert mental agricultural stations came up in parliament thc other day and aroused a
general discussion in which the niein-
s tin Vale-Cariboo and Kootenay
li a proiuincul part. Thu idea is
an excellent one, and South Kast
Ivoolenaj. with its thousands oi
acres of available fruit lauds and a
great and growing market tlirhl at
iiaad, is surely entitled to a station
to further demonstrate in a niaeiuui
and scientific way, tho availability
ni these lands for this purpose. Tbe
report from Ottawa savs:
The question under discussion
was tlie need of more agricultural experimental farms and stations. It came up on a resolution introduced hy Mr. Lapolnto,
ol Kamouraska, settiitE forth thai
in the interests of agriculture
experimental stations should be
located wherever conditions permitted throughout Canada. A
large number of members took
part in the discussion, and the
result was that the minister of
agriculture was inundated with
suggestions of suitable locations
fur experimental farms.
Mr. Fisher accepted the resolution, staling that he was ut the
present time considering the establishment of three more farms.
Mr. Martin Hun ell, in thc
course of the debate, dealt with
the promise of the future of British Columbia in the horticultural
line. The government station at
Agassiz had proved of little value,
but this was due to its location.
British Columbia wanted a station iu the semi-arid district. He
ditt not think the government had
recognized thc importance ol irrigation. Mr. Burrcll said the
fruit industn of British Colnmhia
is one which is getting to he of
enormous importance to Canada
and he hoped t he minister would
see his wav clear to look into
the matter at once and establish
a station at a point in British
Columbia where he considered it
would do the most •"•nd.
A.S. Qoodeve, Kootenay, pressed
upon the government the necessity
of further experiments in thc
growing of fruit for the purpose
nf improving the market values
nl fruits. Sueh work, he was
confident, would much more than
|jiiv for itself.
Mr. Mugroth mild n tribute to
the work done hv the station at
Indian Mead.
.Mr. Fisher announced that one
of the new stations would be located on Vancouver Island. lu
regard to these arid districts it
wns dillinilt to find a suitable location.
'flic Herald is doing the largest
business this March than anv March
diiriii" its history, and the business
is coming from the old-time patrons
of the Herald.
Bennett ami Blow are the candidates on thc Conservative ticket in
Calgary. Bennett's colleague has aa
appropriate name as a colleague of
Tlie Calgary Eye Opener is booming R. B. Bennett in the Alberta
campaign. Yo Gods, what mutations time has wrought.
During the stress of the campaign
at Victoria over the Voters List Bill
the members of both parties turned
the magnificent capitol building into a
W. A. Buchanan, the Liberal candidate for Lethbridge, should have
no trouble in winning the election.
Mr, Buchanan is a brilliant newspaper man, one who has done much for
U'thbridgc and Southern Alberta and
is popular with all classes in the citv
in which he has made bis home. As
editor of the Lethbridge |)all« Herald he has done much for the advancement of his town and his dis-
•t, und the least that the neonle
uf Lethbridge can do is to send him
Edmonton as their representative.
he Liberals at Victoria killed Mr.
Bowser's nefarious election net bv
bard work nnd good tactics. Mr.
Bowser is a good lawyer hut he is
ihe old man of the sea" on the neck
if Mr. McBride, and the reports of
the proceedings of the Inst session
demonstrate this fact.
The Herald is still independent.
What is the use of criticising Martin Barrcll's speeches before Canadian
luhs in the east simply because he is
a Conservative member ol thc Dominion house. This is carrying partisanship to an unfortunate extreme.
Mr. Burrcll is a Conservative, and he
is also a polished gentleman and an
eloquent speaker and has shown bv
his actions for the past few years
that he is thoroughly interested in
the advancement of British Columbia. No man from British Columbia, who is a member of parliament
carries more weight in what he savs
iirding this province than Mr. Bur-
arid this petty criticism is as
nonsensical as it is puerile.
It is said that Mr. McBride will
anneal to the country next time on a
railway policy. We are pleased to
see this evidence of progress on tbe
pari of the premier, and vet feel
nvtisfled that if he had displayed the
mirage of his convictions bv brinuin
tlown a well-defined railway policy at
lhe recent session so that the neonle
could have had actual performance to
depend     upon     rather than political
promises he would have been stronger with the people.      British Columbia, like Manitoba, is   working     the
political promise game overtime and
as a result the actual  development of
ie province is being neglected, What
■ritish Columbia wants is a bona title
iiilwaj  policy     and not a political
lilwnj    policy.        The Lord knows
nil we    have   had enough of     the
inner iu the past.
It is said that Jim Hill has at last
'cured control of the Crows Nest
ass Coal company. This seems lu
• a sure thing this time.
Ever) man who ow-us a lot or a
iliac oi lot in t i am-rook bbotild be a
ember of the Board of Trade. Men
iio.->c tune is worth several dollars a
u an devoting a guud deal of that
me lor thu advancement of Crau-
ook and the district witbuut anv
mum*ration whatever. The least
tal a pioperty owner can do is to
,ij bis $'AM to help ttio.se men in
their work.
The Dominion government is after
lhe scalp of Chief Justice Hunter ou
luo alleged grounds that he has been
neglecting Ins duties. The Dominion
;ovt-rniiieiil pa)s Uiu saiarv and miner tin- circumstances has a right to
Tin- opposition in Alberta are having bard lime lo Jutd ammunition lo
iue against tbe government.' A gooU
;uverniuent is u strong thing.
11 seems to be a fad of the preachers from Torouto-the-good, when they
malic a visit lor the west, to condemn ihis country on the gruuuds of
immorality and everythin* else that
is bad. What a lot oi hypocrites
there are in Toronto.
The fruit lands of tlie Cranbrook
district will be lhe biggest attraction this year.
Olik LACkUttt CLUB
Ou Tuesday night in the committee
room of the Cranbrook hotel a large
assembly of young men were gathered together lo discuss the aspects
ami formation of a lacrosse club—
i tan-brook's young men, this is of in-
leicst to you!
Air. DuUeck took the chair, and after a unanimous agreement iu the af-
llrmativc of such a formation, the
various olhcers of lhe club were elected. The earnestness thrown into the
scheme augured well for its ultimate
\ oiuig men, this is -ning to be no
"got up" urtair, because it has no,
to go. Here in Cranbrook is lots of
splendid material—it has to lie got
hold oi. "Upon what lines will it
he run'.'" will be asked by manv
"What sitppurt will the club obtain
from ihe tradesmen of the city?"
will be asked by others. "1 just
wonder now if it wilt be a sticcess'.',r
and other such questions will he asked.
Upon what lines will it be run,
Pure!** and simply amateur, aud it
is hoped that every man will stick
to his guns and the assured success
of an amateur lacrosse club is absolute. About the smmort to he
obtained it was said in the meeting
that several tradesmen bad been approached and had promised their support; in fact some were very enthusiastic about it, (living as their
opinion that il will make it useful addition to the many games of spurt
that take place here in the summer
This is not going to be a one season affair. The club is being put
upon au entirely new basis and worked upon somewhat different lines to
previous years. It is hoped that
everyone will join who can. With a
little practice, who knows what talent there is amongst us. As to it
bciniT a success, the vourr men have
gol to practice and take for their
notto: "United we stand," and suc-
css is assured.
There is to be another ineet-
ng on Fridav March 30th, to hear
ine renort of the secretary as to
mil liciilars for fonnliip a kneue with
surrounding places, such as Nelson
Cn-slon, Fernie, Hosmer, Blairmore,
Plncher Creek and Rossland. Tho
xceutivo        desires tbis        to
he known,       that evervonc
who takes       un      interest     in
this sport at all     will try to attend
this meeting.
I'hc officers elected for the club
It. K. Beattie-Presidpnt.
Vic, Rollins—Vice-president.
ft. S. (tjiin-tt-Seeretary.
J. Miller—Treasurer.
Executive Committee—Warren De-
Reck, E. II. MePhee, Deo, Mnnnlmn,
\\. II. Wilson, Fred patton.
We have some exceedingly choice designs in
Children's Spring and Summer Coats
and Misses' Dresses
See our Windows.
We have received a further consignment of
"20th Century" Brand Clothing
in their latest and nattiest designs.   Call and see them.
Last night the Cranhrook citv band
gave their St. Patrick's dav concert
and it was au unqualified success.
The Irish selections hv the band
imiicr the direction of Bandmaster
Corrison, were particularly pleasing.
It is n fact that in music people like
the things that arc familiar to them
and which   thev know, consequently
Kathleen Mavournecn," "Tara's
Hulls" and "Killarncy" were exceptionally well received. In fact
every number rendered li- the band
was food and showed what can he
done by good instruction and continual practice. The bovq made -mod
and Mr. Corrison has everv reason
to coiiirratulate himself on the wav
iu which he has made a really trood
hand in Cranhrook. Mis. II. Kidd's
violin solos were distinctly good.
She handles   her    instrument as one
who knows how. Her rendition of
Birch's fantasia of Irish airs hroUflu
forth much applause and a well deserved encore. Mrs. W. J. DcBeck's
singing was, as usual, most excellent.
"Come Back to Erin," is always a
gem, but Mrs. DcBeck's rendering of
it udded to its lustre. Little Miss
Maudlc Short's piano solo reflected
great credit upon her and her instructor, Mr. H. C. C. Salmon. Mr.
II. K. Stevens' song "Father
o'Flynn" was verv well received.
Taken as a whole the hand can con-
"Tatulatc themselves upon the fact
that they put up a good concert and
"me ihe -icrmlc their mom-v's worth.
The members of the hand wish to
tender their thanks to those who so
ah!,F assisted them ut their concert,
Including the accompanists, The
dance afterwards was kctit un until
3 a.m. to the strains of the Cranhrook oreheslrn.
The Kink Mercantile Co., Ltd.. one
of' the best known mercantile houses
in the district, have decided to add
the furniture line to their business.
This means a whole lot to the neonle
of this district. Whenever the Fink
Mercantile compati" attemnt to do
anv thing they accomplish results.
With this new departure in view Hi *
will immediately start to change the
arrangements of their hitr store to accommodate this new line. Mr. Kink,
the manaeer of the company will
soon go east for the purpose of making the selections of stock and it
eoes without suyinc that it will lie
one of the beat ever tillered for sale
iu this district. Not onl<- will the
Kink's idea is to place the prices ol
stock he one of the best, hut Mr,
this new tine on n basis that will
prove attractive to every family    in
Cranbrook and the district. "We
can sell furniture at low prices in
this town and still make a reasonable
profit," said Mr. Fink. "Cranhrook is growim*- and the need of (ur-
niture is ulso growing, We want
to supply the demand and at nriees
that will suit the conditions of the
community. Our stock will he complete in every respect and we simply
ask those who contemplate btivlng
furniture to wait until our invoice
arrives ami I feel assured thiit we
can sutisfy the people."
At Cranbrook, B.C., on March 1!Mh
.1. Milmever, manager of the "Keirv
Cow" theatrical eompnnv. to Mrs.
Laura Lumhy, of Berkeley, California. The tadv nrrived from California on Mondav and met the nooui
here. After thc ceremony Mr. and
Mrs. Miltueyer received the i.
congratulations of the eompanc
Best Quality. Best Results
When yon plant secnls for your (lower
beds or (jrnssl'for your lawn, you want
Butisfautory results. Vou can't afford to
experiment, for that often means no
(lowers anil a bare, patchy lawn. From
piTsonnl experience we recommend and
guarantee the following:—
EMERALD ClttEKN LAWN (1RASS, per lb,   :&■
QUEEN CITY         35o
WHITE CLOVER SEED, per lb    35c
VEilETUU.E SEEDS in packets.
Change in Styles
tn Boots comes with other fashion
changes, We prefer to keep only the
newest and so offer some of the past season's last at reduced prices;
MEN'S (5.011 ami $5.5(1 KANtiAROO
STYLE 4117  LADIES'   $5.00 PATENT
•♦«**««>*M**4 THE   0BA-NBKOOK    IIKltAl.lt
! Imperial Bank oi Canada I
It. It. WILK1E, Presldoul.
HON. ROBERT .TAFFRAY, Vlce-Prosiileiil
Acaoutlts of Corporations, Municipalities. Merchants,
farmers. Ulld Private Individuals invited.
SAVINGS OKI'Alfl'MKNT Speeial attention is
civen to Savings Hank Aceonnls. |te|«isils ot $1,110 and
upwards received and intercut allowed al current rate from date
nt deposit,
Cranbrook Branch: J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.
For Quick Sale
8M ACRES OF LAND, all highly cultivated, including 6-roomed Frame
Dwelling House, Barn and Outbuilding's, within five minutes' walk of
Cranbrook School, flust be sold at
If you are interested, call on us mid we will take
you over the property
Beale & Elwell
Real Gitate, Insurance and Inveatment'Brokera
THE DIAMOND is one unfailing gift
which time or condition hat* no effect upon,
anil it in a sonrro of constant joy tn the recipient. Knl aside from the Joy it brings, let
us look at ii from llit*standpoint of an Invest*
nient; can yon conceive of any oilier gift
which, after being worn for pay twenty years
will still be worth the money originally paid
for it. We jiint received a nice assort men t
of quarter, half and three qtimter*,carats and
carat    and    a    qnartei     perfect     stones.
Jeweler and
Grndiiivte Optfcinn
Pride of the West Flour l
$.1.5« per ^»t. ♦
Cotedyke Baking Powder \
IOC,  25c,  and   75c    :t   tin —
consisting of 11 people will
present Mr. Stuttz' Uasterwork
All   rights   reserve,!
I'riees of admission
50c,    7.",,-.     .v|oi 1
Seats'iu sale al
SeuilrQ yuur seats early.
AVENUE     !
—^"-— Wiit.h Repairing
I CI„ok Repairing
l-oli   ; Itrimioptioiio RepniiinK
, Jnwslsrv Ropaln
1 OI'TICl Al.   WORK
C I' II  Watch Inapoclors ORANIIROOK, It. ('. 1
j Mouse Traps
mc. Ilach.    3 for 25c.
Till-:    II MtllWAltK.
************** *
>tv store J
COODWILUE'S PRESERVED FRUITS i" «ln8K jus.  Just like  ;;
home iiiiulo.   Wn have them in Strawberries, ItasplieiTira,   i 1
Poaohes, Pears, Blank Currants, and Oherrlos, \',
•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦•>♦♦♦♦#
Miss Armstrong anil Miss Stewart
visited Spokane last week.
F. O'Nell, ol Movie, was a Cranbrook visitor on Saturday.
Edward Prettie, t>[ Klko. was a
Cranbrook visitor on Saturdav.
New stock of Imtriii'   iusl  received.
Cranbrook Trading Co.
J. E. Broley, of Fernie, was in
Cranbrook on Saturday.
J. M. Agnow, t»f Waldo, was in
town on Saturday.
Brine your prescriptions to Cran-
Book Co., Limited.
J. II. Hale, 0! Fernie, was in
Cranbrook on Saturdav.
J. A. Harvey, K.C., returned from
Ills visit to Victoria las) Saturdav.
P. F. Johnson, one of Movie's hotel
men, was in tbe citv on Sunday.
Harrv Diniock, of Movie, was a
Cranbrook visitor on Suiwln*'.
J. H. Hayes, of Fort Steele, was
in tlie city on Monday last.
New stock tif binicies just  received.
Cranbrook Trading Co.
J. M. Agnew, of Nelson, was a
Cranbrook visitor on Friday.
I. A. Broley, of Fernie, was in
the city on Friday.
Albert Mat/, iho Fernie hrewerv
kinc. was in Cranbrook on Friday.
Camombort Cheese at Fink's Pure
Fooil Qrocerv.
Thomas Boytct returned on Tuesdav from a visit to Revclstokc.
A. A. Gillespie, of Fernie, was in
thc citv on Tuesdav.
H. II. Boss, of Waldo, was a Cranbrook visitor on Tuesday.
C. c. Wright, of Fernie, was in
town Tuesday.
Frachc Bros, famous lettuce.—
Campbell & Manning.
Read Wilson, the jeweler's ad. It
may interest you.
A. J. Frost, of Eureka, Mont.,
spent Sunday in Cranbrook.
Remember Saturday is The Kandv
Bay at Tbe Palm.
.1. F. Potts, of McGillivrav, was
iu the city on Monday.
K. Vellonowell, of Movie, was a
Cranhrook visitor last Mondav.
Mrs.  I.und,  of Warduer.  visited the
ty at    the beginning of the week.
Newport   high     class bon bona at
The Palm.
.lames Bales, C.P.R. timber Inspector, visited Yahk on Tuesdav.
The youngsters have started playing baseball, This is another sure
sign of spring.
Sid. Rondeau, a well known railroad man of ihis city, has returned
after aa absence of a vear.
Seeds! Seeds!) Fresh and readv to
grow.—Cranhrook Drug & Book Co.,
Miss Ross, one of the citv school
teachers, is on tho sick list this
W. .1. Atchison and wife will remove to their ranch near town on
the first of the month.
If von want your chimney cleaned
.lames Logan, of Cranbrook, B. C, is
I lie man.
Born—Al Cranbrook, B.C., on
March 8th, 1000, to Mr. and Mrs. K.
Cllnc, a son.
The snow has nearly disappeared
from the Cranhrook lownsfte and the
foothills adjacent.
Seville Oranges tor marmalade at
Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
It. T. Brvmuer. manager of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce, was a
visitor to Spokane last week.
Charles Farrell, the well known
Movie mining man, was iu Ihe c\\\
last Saturdav.
WANTED—Two boarders In bouse
o( all modern conveniences, Address L., Cranbrook, B.C.        52-lt*
G. II. Hunter, of tbe Hudson's Bay
company, Pinchcr Creek, was in the
eitv on Sunday.
Mother's Favorite Hour is still
making good bread.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
N. McL. Ctirran. of the North Star
mine, was in Cranbrook last Sunday,
Garden seeds and (lower seeds.—
Cranhrook Drug & Book Co., Ltd.
Mrs. (DM O'Hatan, of Lille. Alta.
and her little son, is in tbe eitv the
guest of her brother. .1. McNahb.
W. Gillette, one of Nelson's ex-
mayors, visited Cranbrook at the end
of last week,
Ganong's G.B. chocolates.—Camp**
bell & Manning.
W. M. Frost, ol Spokane, was in
Cranbrook on Saturday visiting with
a number of his Cranbrook friends.
Rev. F. W. Jones of Vancouver,
was registered at the Roval on Sim-
Mother's Favorite (lour is still
miiklni! good bread.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
George Dan/.y, of Wild Horse creek,
was in thc city at the end ot last
j J. B. Turncv. purchasing agci I toi
the Crows Nest Pass Coal company,
'Fernie. was in town on Saturdav
Newport high class bon bona at
The Palm.
■ J. Fleishman, the well known
jewelery salesman, of Vancouver, was
in Cranbrook on Saturdav.
John Cholditeh, real estate man
aud horticulturist, has snow drops up
in his garden already.
The Fink Mercantile Co. are showing an arrav ol New ninnerwaie,
equal to any citv store.
Judge Wilson. W. F. Uuid ami M
A. Macdonalti returned from Spokam
on Sundav.
W. II. Wilson lias been ill with th.
grippe for some days, hut is around
]'. UeVero Hunt has secured offices
ovci Rawoith Bros, store where he
will conduct tus insurance business.
If you want something nice In
potted plants,    call  anil   sei 1   dis
jilay,—Campbell & Manning.
l-'onsie Farrell, of ihe B. a B. department at Wardncr, was in tin citj
between trains on Tuesday.
Mis. V. Hyde Baker, her little son
and iiiase, returned mi Tuesday nigbl
from their tup to California.
Ue pay strict attention to magazines and books.—(-.'raiiiiiook Drug &
brook Uiug it Book Co.
There are many tracts ol laud
roimd Cranbrook that will he planted with fruil trees during tbe coining
A. C. Wilmol, of the Easi Kooto*
na< Lumber compan1 was called east
last Tuesday evening by tbe sad news
of the serious illness of  his sister.
The shipping facilities of ihe Fink
Mercantile Co. are second it.
none. You're safe when you ordei
from Fink.
One of the greatest, harbingers of
spring is the inauguration ol thc
game of golf. They are playing ill
Cranbrook now.
E. ,1. Chudlcigh, acting superintendent of the C.P.R. here, was attending a meeting oi olhcers ol tlie
western lines at Rcglua this week.
Ou the 37th of this month the
pound bylaw and the dog lax bylaw
will go into effect. Citizens should
govern themselves accordingly.
Collections of fancy china from all
the leading pollers nf the Old World
are represented in Fink's inimitable
China Department.
E. Little is hack in Canada. Mr.
Little has been in Spokane for some
time, but has sold out and is truing
to Sunny Alberta to live.
II. D. Campbell, of Spokane, and
.1. C. Vcogle, of Portland, two lumbermen well known on the other side,
were in the city on Saturday.
Celery, radishes, rhubarb, spinach.
—Campbell   & Manning.
This is the season ol muddy water.
Lie! a filter attached to your tap.
tiet it at the plumbers. Thai means
at Patniore Bros.
Dr. S. F.   Tolmie, chief vetcnariaii
for tin' province, was in the eity at
the beginning ot   the week consuliii
wiih Dr. W. S. Bell.
Remember Saturday is The Kandy
Day at The Palm.
Mrs.   N.    McLeod Cur ran  relumed
from   her   trip to   tlie east on Mon-
da>      She was met in Cranbroon .
Mr. Ctirran.
Mr. aad Mrs. A. Leitch and Miss
Leitch returned from their trip to
California on Saturda* last. Thev
report a   very pleasant time.
P. Scippel and P. J. Selppel two
lumbermen of Dubuque, Iowa, were in
the city at the beginning ot the
Golden Flower Oranges cost no
more, hut are so different from the
ordinary California naval. Ask (or
Golden Flowers at Fink's Pine Food
Mrs. Aniie Campbell left for her
home in Hosmcr on Tuesday after a
visit to her daughter, Mrs. Wm.
The street crossings in some parts
nf the citv are in bad condition anil
should he attended to as soon as
The green vegetables in Fink's
Pure Food Grocery are always crisp
and appetizing. Their perpetnnl spray
keeps them from willing and free
irom foreign taints.
A special bulletin servlci .'•< - ■»■  !
Alberta election returns will be received in Cranhrook on election dav,
Monday, March 22nd.
Well-bred Durham Shorthorn bulls
for sale at Robiuson-McKeii/ie Lumber Co. 52*11
II. L. Sawyer, the well known
Marysville hotel man, was doing
business in Cranhrook at the beginning of the week.
The Cranbrook Trading Co. air
still building up their reputation as
tin; best harness makers in tbe Kootenays.
If your eyes trouble you we nosl-
livelv guarantee a fit. No fiieRslng
with us. Ask your neighbor how
their classes suit? Results count.—
Wilson, the optician,
TO RENT-Furnished room, Hanson Ave. Applv IL, care Hernld office. 50-H
It would he a good idea for the
people of Cranhrook to follow out
the sucgestinn made bv M. A. Beale,
hy planting fruit trees this season
improving their vards.
W. B. Gilrie, of Toronto. Out., is
visiting his nephew, R. K. Beattie.
Mr. Gilrie was most favnrablf im-
oressed with Cranbrook and the district.
Large naval orangrs 40c. per do/,
at The Palm.
Mrs.   McKav   left   last     Saturdav
evening for her   home in Lethhrid
Alta.. after a   visit ot several weeks
with her daughter, Mrs. W. ,1. Atchison.
advertiser in g small fruit and poultry ranch.    Apply P., Herald. 45-tf
Principal Anderson, of the public
schools, was compelled to rclinnuisb
his work for a few days tbis week
owing to illness. Miss Mareuerite
Johnson is acting as his substitute.
WANTED—Good general servant.
Apply Mrs. F. R. McLean.        51-tf
Sam Neelands, who was for some
time on the staff nf the Cranbrook
hotel, is now traveling for the Prince
Rupert cigar. Mr, Neelnnds spent
Sundav talking to his manv Cranbrook friends..
by tho day. Address Sophie Phel-
fcr, care Herald. 47
W. A. McKinnon, nt one time superintendent ot the    B. A  B. depart-
New Goods a£;!yng at Burns Bros.
1 Iur Collei'liotl   Is
the    lini'st    ever
shown  in
* Over 400 to pick and choose
from-no old stock. These are
beautifully embroidered with
long or three-quarter sleeves.
At95c, $1.25, $1.50,$1.95 to $4.50 each
Beautiful New Colored
Shirt   Waists   just   arrived
■ Mir prices on Suite
are20 percent keener
than last season.
$16.50 Vr*r*"- S«k-Sa**;
......       '   ***^J§«fJ]ji]
,1 n tine Nil
Striped   Serge,   well     I
worth tS2 00|   otliei     "
■- $18.50,$22.00
$24.00, AND $26.00
Ourpiices un'$7.50
$10.50,    $14.00
TO $19.50
We will be pleaspd lo
dhow you mil" r.uitfe
whether you buy or
Burns Bros* the Store of Fashion
nietil  <>f the C.P.B., bill  now nf t'al-
liaiv, was shaking hands with a nuni-j
her of his Uranhrook friends on Sim-;
flay. i
WANTED—Employment from 2   to
daily; would take cnarpo of young
baby. Apply P.P.O., care Herald.' 50-tf
The Cranbrook hotels are crowded
wild quests these davs, which is an
indication of the fnet that thc "lib-
lie are lakllip a Kicaler interest than
ver in Cranhroak ami the Cranbrook
TO RENT—A large, comfortably
furnished room. Apply to S. Mac-
iloiiald, Armstrong avenue.       48-tf
Mrs. Hev. Main's Sunday School
■lass gave an entertainment in the
Presbyterian Sundav school room
last Tuesday evening. The event
proved a most enjoyable one and a
large crowd were present.
thoroughbred Brown Leghorns, Imported stock. E. II. Slater. Cranbrook, B.C. 4Mt
There are not many places in Hrii-
b Columbia or Western Canada
where they can play baseball at the
beginning of March. Yet a game
vas played in Cranbrook the other
lay.     Yes, this is the banana bell.
KOK SALE—One Bronze Gobbler
aud three hens; two White Holland
Gobblers; Barred Rock aud White
Rock bullets.—W. P. Laidlaw, Pinchcr Station, Alta. 52-3t
If vou have a job of 111011111111''' that
you want done, let us hear from vou.
That is our business. We do it
quickly and WELL, especially WELL.
Our aim is lo satisfy. We generally
succeed.—Patmore Bros.
Patniore Bros, are adding to their
slock of bicycles, a complete line of
high grade baby coach carts, reclining and folding go-carts and English
perambulators. Also the genuine
(ilasscocks babv walkers. These
goods are extra quality and arc to
be sold at a price that you cannot
allord to pass up. Leave vour order
Im perambulators with them. Yon
will he satisfactorily served.
Sen .iur West Wiiulow,    Vour choice of these Cloth
Hound IS".**
Values from 50 Outs tn $1.1 0
pluaxe tell hi in that XOKPKN Is
thu only Norwegian Newspapei
published in Canada
Every Thursday, regular uiie
$1.50 per year.
Si-kc'ai. Okkhr — Tin' next
BOO subscribers, only $1 UU per
year. Write at once nnd yon will
get a whole year's subscription al
thin low raip.
Sample copies mailed to any
nddreHB—to imp 'ir more.    Write
Sovuu-rootne.fl House, with
woodshed, workshop, cellar,
well with pump, Rood water.
i;ood stable, three hen pens
anil yard: stands on one acre of
ground, newly fenced, next to
Sash nnd Door Fa/'torv and
Golt Grounds,     Price WOliO,
Applv to Wm. Slater
Also furniture for sale.
| 640 Acres
* Two and a-half miles from railroad, school and P.O.
* Frame house and stable 1- x 130, chicken bouse '■'>" x Hi,
2 cellar and  ice lions,-.   Forty acres  under cultivation;
* three acres in fruit-. 100 apple trees. 12 pears, 12 cher-
f ries. \i plums. Iih.i |»-acli trees. 1.1 00 strawberry plants.
* Hi currants. 12 gooseberries; eight acres in fail wheat.
2 Half cash.    Balance to suit at L0 per cent.
I 160 Acres
i Two and a.half miles from store and P. O., adjoining the
* n'tiest summer resort in Fast Kootenay,   Frame house
* llix3li;  chicken house 10 x 1J with shed 10 114; iui-
,^ plement shed 10x10, Seventy-five inches of water-right.
* Sisty-live acres irrigated,    One hundred and fifty fruit
X trees will be set out this spring.
X PRICE                          $2,500
X Half,'ash.   Balance to suit at ti per cent.
!   FRED.   A.   RUSSELL
| Office: Opposite Royal Hotel, Cranbrook, B. C.
WnnU'd tenders for Uie
purchase of tlie Town si to
OlHcc: pnrchnsor to remove
buildiriK. Lowest or any
tender not necoBunrily accepted.
Tenders to be delivered lo
the Townsite Office hy noon
on Saturday, the 20th.
DR.    H.    E*    HALL,
uiHi iiiit ■fTBiitecu yMrn practical dperlf»n«f
.in-.; grniluatiwr, linn opeiinl ur, offli* In irnn.
':■■■'>*■ - ovw Mr Hhort'i Wall Pop-ir **t..rp on
Art-natron**: Ave*n*t*,nniJ if prenar**d to do nil kinJi
■f ilontal work al r»niH*?iablu prl.-e., t row., nn«J
liriilue work a ipecloltjr. H.- hsa tlooe ttrti tliou-
Btiinl ilollnrH ivm-tli «.l bnalntfiM In Mnyiein tbetaal
two month! nnd a hnlf. Kor wtemnca will refrr
yon to any iiiitjii''"*! man in Hint town.
Men employed fnr all kirulH ul ,»
work. We Molinit correspondence <'
wiih mill operators hii<1 other'*
other ituliiBtries, '-
ADDRESS : f. 0. BOX m
| X '°»» MHHII" MttNACER < >
********************* '>
:: Dull Razors
nre not ourgams, If yon
wnnt a nnp come to 'the
white barber shop fur a
Tin- Lean uml Fat Tonaorlal
If you don't want a kui«1
ahnvO) iliiti't come
Rambling Reveries
Leave your homes with loving
words—they aiay be yom lost.
Love is the best and strongest
thing mi earth, inn Impatience    ran
Kill It.
Speak kindly, it encourages the
downcast, cheers the sorrowing and
often wakens the erring to earnest
resolves to do better.
Parents arc indebted to thoir children fur Lhe constant incentives to
n'oble living; for the perpetual reminder that you do not live In yourself alone; for thoir sakes vou arc
admonished tn put from von tho debasing appetite, the unworthy example of impulse; to gather into your
bus every noble and heroic nuality,
ever)  lender and attractive grai e.
Foi n home to be a home in thc
highest bcuso <'t the worn, ami not
meral) a place tu sleep and rat,
each nnmiit't ui ih.' i.iiniH must contribute in*, or hei share, There must
In- forbearance, symputh) and love.
A great deal depends on the parents.
The) should in tho early childhood
of thru children teach them to
make the homo the dearest place on
earth, The aged live more In the
past than the present, Their reveries are principally of their bovhood
ami girlhood. How necessary than
that these days be made happy, that
thru reveries may give them plca-
sure. h is not a perfect home
where the initiates hold themselves
aloof, li is where the guest is ever
welcome, where friends delight to
fi.me and come again. Those that
bhut themselves from the world he-
eume selllsh and narrow-minded. It
requires Interchange of thought to expand lhe iiiiutl. Ami what is more
delightful than the hupp) interchange
ui thought between friends in a
hupp) home.
Kindness is one oi the purest traits
that finds a place in the human lieaii.
it gives us friends wherever we may
chuiicu io wander. To show kindness n is nut necessary to give large
sums of money or to perform such a
wonderful deed that will Immortalize
i,um name. It is tlie word of sympathy to the discouraged and disheartened. Kindness makes sunshine
wherever il goes; it is the real law
of life; the link that connects earth
With heaven. Would vou live in the
remembrance of others after vou are
gone.' Write your name ou thc tablets of kindness and love. The noblest revenge we can make upon our
enemies is to do them a Kindness.
Ii is customary, i ml seems to lie
natural, fur blessings to erighten as
they take their flight, the little hour
of joy that was yesterday's portion,
brief ami humble though it mav have
been, becomes uf a roseate hue and
four-fold Important when viewed in
the iiuLiiiuij. ii_nis nf 'ctrospection.
Countless numbers ol us are chanting
the burden of that tender lay:
"Backward, Linn   backward, u 'lime
in thy flight,
Make mo a child   again just for   tonight."
And to many the desire is largely
prompted by visions ol lost opportunities and misspent lives. The ftat
recurring theme, "It might have
been," which tells the history, in
brief, uf many lifetime mistakes, is
common to us all as we repeat ihe
words with a sigh, realizing all loo
bile, ..in  former blindness and folly.
Alain of us limi life hard and lull
of pain. The world uses us rud-.'v
ami roughly. We suffer wrongs and
Injuries, in her people's clumsy feet
tread upon our tender spirits. We
mas! endure misfortunes, trials and
disappointments. We cannot avoid
these things, hut we should not
allow the harsh experiences to deaden our sensibilities or make us stoi-
cnl or sour. The true problem of
living fs to Keep our hearts sweet and
gentle in Lhe hardest condition and
experiences. If you remove the
snow from the hillside in the late
winter, you will find sweet flowers
growing there beneath the cold drifts,
unhurt hv lhe storm and hy the
snowy blankets that have covered
them. So should we Keep our hearts
tender and sensitive beneath life's
fiercest winter blasts, and through
the longest vears of sn fie rim?, and
even in Injustice and wron- treatment.       This is true victorious liv-
(Lethbridge Herald.)
South African veterans' scrip has
become uf considerable commercial
interest during ibe past two mouths,
so much so in fact that from the
price of *5U lu $75 which was asked
six months ago, the value has    ud-
\anted tu $KaU to $750 within the
last couple ui weeks ami eases have
oeen reported where prices as high as
:-l,mm have beeu offered. The de-
mum! is verv active, not only from a
speculative, but from an Investment
ihe question has beeu asked where
does the value of this scrip lie? Tbe
answer is simple—through the possession of a piece uf this .scrip it is
possible for a man with but little
capital to secure absolute title to a
full section of government land. Kor
instance, a man buys a piece of scrip
foi $7UU, He chooses the district
and seleets the half section of government land whieh he wishes to eu-
iei on, und liled according to regulations. Then he may homestead a
quartet section adjoining, ur near at
hand, and it he is within the prescribed area, be may also pre-empt
another quarter section, ur a full section in all. To obtain title all that
is necessary is to perform the required homestead duties, the duties
on I In- strip being identical with
thus.- of the homestead. The cost
of the pre-emption will he $480, but
lhe payments on this are so distributed that they would he scarcely
lilt. Title to this miartcr section is
secured when the homestead duties
have been completed and payments
mat ue spread over a period o! six
vears, In other words for u cash
outlay of less than $1,200 for the
laud, a title may he secured to a
mil section, worth on a most reasonable estimate Jit) an acre or $8,400
ul the end of three years. Of
course, to secure title, residence on
Hie land is essential, hut il the
homesteader is willing to work, it is
a simple matter tu [ml. sufficient bind
under crop to leave a neat balance in
the bank after paying for all necessary buildings, stock and implements.
Speculators have taken an active
interest iu scrip for several reasons.
Primarily they arc often in a position lo act us Intermediary between
the owner and the actual settler
realizing a handsome profit on thc
turnover. Then again a man with
hand tu sell may the more readily
secure a customer il he has in hand
ti scrip which may be located on land
.near at hand.       The attraction     is
j much greater to the bona fide settler
I who is always anxious to secure as
much laud as possible at the minimum cost.
j ii is difficult to arrive at the actual number of these scrip available
fur purchase, for while each     South
[African volunteer or his heirs is
entitled lo one, a considerable    num-
jbei have taken advantage of thc
generous offer of the government aud
[are preparing to complete their title
by living on thc land.     A low cstl-
; male of thc number fur sale is placed
al 5,000, a considerable percentage of
[which have already handed in the
hands of speculators. At first there
was considerable uncertainty in the
minds of the volunteers as to    what
| their scrip entitled them to, and consequently many were disposed of at
very low figures. Speculators who
were alive to the situation and were
willing to take a chance picked    up
| considerable numbers of these and
have made big money on them.
Htii a word of warning should be
sounded to the prospective buyer.
There can he but one transfer, or as
ii is officially termed, but one substitute appointed. lu this transfer,
tin- volunteer assigns his rights to
ihe substitute on u blank form provided by the department, which assignment must be accepted and rccis-
leietl by the interior department al
Ottawa before it has effect. The
grantee has not the authority to appoint another substitute, and the
substitute may not assign his right.
No appointment of a substitute can
be accepted or recognized by the department which is not executed and
dated after the date of the warrant
for the land grant issued by thc
minister of militia in favor of the
volunteer, A substitute may be appointed either before or after the entry is made by the grantee, and if tho
settlement duties have been performed by the grantee they may be com-
pletcd by the substitute.
Tin- ordinary homestcud provisions
ot the Dominion Lands Act apply to
perfecting of the entry and the performance uf the duties.
What is politeness.' It consists of
a sincere and honest desire to pro-
inule the happiness uf those around
us, and not of false smiles and Hat-
luring words. The word politeness
means real Kindness, Kindly expressed
and also good breeding ur elegance
oi manners. it is a trait which
everyone admires and which confers
iipuii us possessor a charm thai dues
much lu puvc tne w.n to bucccss. it.
litis been said that a 'Alan's manners
form Ida fortune." Whether this is
really so or not, it is certain that
ins manners form Ins reputation, If
ins manners come directly from     a
kind heart, the) will please though
Ihci  he destitute ni graceful polish.
Politeness is ..- mueh required at
home us elsewhere. We should du
things willing.) and cheerfully, Shall
nets of kindness mako life more pleasant ami desirable thev make the difficulties uf life seem more triiline
and help to wipe away Hie tears and
sorrow. Ue should always show the
greatest puliieness and deference tu
our friends and parents. Some persons are polite everywhere, but at
home and there they are rude indeed.
Perhaps if ihey are asked a question
and they are occupied they will
scowl ami mutter something over to
themselves and pay no attention to
that one who spoke, as though they
were too Insignificant. How does it
sound to hear a person say "yes"
and "no" to everyone, especially to
their seniors? Then- is scarcely anv-
tliim- more Important In a child than
good breeding.
While it is comparatively easy to
he polite toward strangers, ur toward people of distinction, whom we
meet in society or on public occasions, still it should be remembered
that 11 is al home, in the familv that
an everyday politeness is really most
prized, euming as it should from the
kindly feeling of thc heart.
A very pretty story ol how honesty
is the best policy is just now going
the rounds of thc press. Thc well
known Norris it Itowe's circus fell
upon unhappy times, owing to the
earthquake iu lilOti, u poor season
in Mexico and the floods in Arizona,
In fact, tu put it plainly the show
"went broke." Unable to meet their
obligations thev were forced into
bankruptcy, their property sold under
ihe hammer, and Uie labor uf years
passed away. This is thu pretty
part of the story. In the successful
days, II. S. Howe grub-staked a
friend of boyhood days to Ci.trtiU mid
l him to Alaska lu seek his fortune. That was the last heard uf
I.e Hoy, ur the two thousand dollars.
When the news uf the buukrupiev
proceedings were published through
the laud, I.e Hoy in iiis Alaska home
read uf his friend's trouble, and it
occurred to him that a little balance
was coming to Howe out of thc
grub slake. Me gut pretty busy
with the telegraph wires and as a remit Rowo, who was considered down
ind out, wus made aware that $158,-
000 was bis. Mr. Howe Immediately
purchased his show back, and then
he did an act that the angels in
heaven have no doubt recorded. He
made out checks hi full payment of
100 eents on the dollar for all tho
creditors who had settled their
claims against him on a 15 per cent
basis. Of course, according to law
tliese bills were already paid and
Rowe was free from obligations in
anv way, but he could not see it that
The Greater Norris &■ Itowe circus,
with Air. S. Rowe, sole owner and
general manager, without owing nnv
man a dollar will take the road in
ihe spring.
This man Howe deserves success,
ami he will no doubt meet with it.
Chewing Tobacco
Rich and satisfying.
The big black plug.
Neil ltlack, one uf the best known
pioneers of the famous gold rush to
ihe Krasei river, fifty years ago, and
who daring the following years was
engaged as foreman ou the cunstruc-
Uon ..I the government wagon
mad t., Cariboo, is dead, lie was in
charge of ihe building of that section of the road from Yale to
I.\ itun, and the feat which be accomplished in building a road at all
through the cunyon of the Fraser bus
been a wonder to engineers and travelers foe several decades.
black lived u lonely life in u small
cabin at Spii/./.um m the canyon ol
the Kiasei, preferring to remain clos,
to where he had sought gold and
worked so many years. Tbe cause ul
iiis death is unknown at present, as
he was found dead on the rond near
Spokane, Wash., Mar. 11.—Arrangements have been made by the
\ niiadiau Pacific railroad for the
soo-Spokane trains tu run through
iu Put i laud, over the lines of the
Ureguii Railroad & Navigation company, an invasion of Hill territory.
ii. c Corhin, president ol the Spokane international, the Canadian Pacini' railroad branch to Spokane stated
today: "ll is probable that the Soo-
SpoKanc train will run through to
Portland by an arrangement with
lhe Oregon Railroad A Aavitraliou
lomiiauv over the lalter's line   some
(Greenwood Ledge.)
ng is upon us. J. Peck Mac-
Swain nunc un the overland last
Tuesday, lie is uu his way to in-
speel the SiuiilKuniceii. Peek won't
won't work if be can get anything
else lo do. lie refused to empty ouu
-.piitoun for two drinks unless ne
one of the drinks in advance. He
declined inn .-. >. - ,-. r thousand ou a
twilight lay on the Ledge. He positively refused a position in Doc
Ooodeve's menagerie, unless tbe chair
was upholstered and refreshments
weie served every 20 minutes. Peck
tuts become a non-producer even in
wit. The Old Peck is dead. Pray
for the soul of Peck MaeSwain. There
is nothing left hut the shell.
District News
(Continued Irom page three)
Many Diniock returned yesterday
Irom a trip to the coast.
Tlie members ot Key City Lodge,
I.O.O.F., Cranbrook, intend payiug
the Movie lodge a fraternal visit
tlie evening ut .Mareli 23ru, when their
degree team will conler tlie tlrst degree.
The annual meeting ot the Moyie
Telephone & Electric Light company,
will lie held iu the Central hotel
sample room on Mureh tilth at K p.m.
SI. A. Bcalo, ol thc lirm ol Beale
A Klwell, Cranhrook, was in Movie
Thursday looking alter his different
interests here.
Graham Cruicltshank, the new lore-
man al the St. KuRene concentrator,
came over Irom Rossland last Saturday.
The election ot officers lor the
Miners union is not complete, as
another ballot will have to be taken
for tlie oflice ol financial secretary.
The complete list will he published
next week.
* *
X        CRESTON |
I from tbe Creston Review.)
.1. V. ltrooks, Calgary, claims
agent for the C.P.R., paid a visit to
town ibis week and adjusted several
outstanding claims. Mr. Ilrooks is a
brother of Sum ltrooks, ot this town,
Ihe well-known rancher.
W. llaiiklno, chief tie inspector lor
the C.I'.It., iu tbis division, wus a
vlsltur from Cranbrook Wednesday,
lie i
Frctl Cory left lor Cranbrook
, having secured n position ol
ispiclor with the C.P.R.
nk Mcl'oak lias returned    from
where be bus just finished   a
plastering contract.
■Mr. 13. -limes 1ms arrived Irom
Calgary, Alia., with the intention ol
bringing bis wife und familv later,
lie purchased two town lots Saturdav. und is dickering on some fruit
.John McLcoil, superintendent of
Fisheries, came in (rom Nelson Monthly. His visit is in connection with
I lie recent law enacted that will prevent lhe owners ol sawmills Irom
dumping sawdust and other waste tn
the rivers ami lakes, thus killing oil
large quantities ol fish and severely
ilamnglng one ol tbe principal assets
of the province.
A deal was made this week in
which .1. II. II. Howarlh takes over
be jewelry and watch repairing business of A, Zilllax. who established a
profitable business here. Mr. Ho-
wnttli was [or some time located at
Sioenn Citv. where he proved himself
a very capable man nl his line of
business. We hope he will shake
bauds with us when he has made bis
lirsl million.
No. 1. Notice is hereby given
thai .ill tlays after date 1 intend to
apply to the iluuorabie tbe. obis'
Commissioner ot Lauds and Works
lor a license lo prospect tor coal
aud petroleum ou tbe following
ueseribed lands, situate ou Ine
Hallicau blocs (461131 District ol
south liasi Kootenay, oi li. C:
Commencing ut a post planted ut
.l,e oouiiicu.,1 corner ot Lot 83U3,
ijioup i, tucucu east 811 chains,
uieuce north hi) chains, thence west
ou ciiams, thence south mi chains to
place ot couilucuccuiciit, containing
olu acres, more ur less.
P. ilurr, Locator
John Auueisuu, Agent
U. A,
Dated this
. Cate, Witness,
day   ot .lauuary,
No. 2. Notice is hereby given
uiut jo days altur dale 1 llilead lo
apply to tne Honorable the chiei
Lummlsslouer oi Lauds aud Wotus
lor a license lo prospuct loi coai
aud petroleum ou the following
ucsenbed lands, situate uu the
i'luLiicuu liujii. (tuuu) District oi
Aoutn ttasi Kootenay, of li. C:
Loiumeuciug   ut a   post planted ul
or iieai tne noillieust curucr   ot   me
Joiiu Audeisou claim, thence east
euuius, tuuueo uuitu mi chains, fiiencc
west    tie  cbaias,   tbence   south   su
cnuius tu the place of commencement,
containing tie ucies, mule or less.
hii.'.a tiood, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Dated   the  Hi'tu   day oi   January
-No. u. Notice is hereby given
that ou days alter date 1 intend to
apply to tbe lluuoiuulc the < hint
commissioner oi Lands ami Wuits
lot a license lo prospect lor coal
and petroleum ou the following
described lauds, situate ou tne
elatbeau blues (-lutlS) District ol
.ioiifii ijusi ivuotenay. ol b. C;
Commencing ut a post planted at
or near tne northwest corner ot the
P. burr claim, thence ruuuing cast
.iu chums, tlience north Ml chains,
thence west t>0 chains, thence south
au chains back lu the place oi com
nieucuig, eoiitaiutiig liiu acres, mure
oi less.
Andy tiood, Locator
John Anderson, Agcut
D. A. Cafe, Witness.
baled    tins   Ulilh day of   Jonui
No. 1. Notice is hereby given
that oO days alter date J lutitud to
apply to the llouoraliie ■ Chit!
commissioner ol Lauds aud Work
for a license lo prospect for coal
and petroleum uu the following
ueseribed lauds, situate ou the
I'lathead blocs (liitlif) District ol
South East Kootenay, of b. C.
Commencing at a post planted at
or near tbe northeast comer ot tlie
A. tiood claim, thence east
chains, tbence north 80 chains,
thence west si) chains, tlience south
au chains to the place ol commencing, containing liiu acres, more of
John Oood, Locator
John Audersou, Agent
D. A. Cate, Witness
Dated    this Zlith day of   January
No. 5. Notice is hereby given
that M days utter date 1 iutend to
apply to the iluuorabie the Chief
Commissioner oi LanUs and Worss
lor a license lo nrospect tor coal
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate ou the
Flathead block (tfilM' District oi
South East Kuoteiiu,    of b. C:
Commencing ul a post at or uear
the northeast corner of the A. Good
claim, tbence cast su chains, tbence
south Ml chains, tbence west Mi
chains, thence north Mi chains to the
place ol commencement, coutaiuiug
liiu acres, more or less.
J, A. Good, Locator
John Anderson, Agcut
D. A. Cate, Witness
Dated   Ibis   2lith   day ol Janunr)
No. li. Notice is hereby given
that 311 days after date t intend lo
apply tu the iionorabie the Chlcl
Commissioner ol Lauds aud Works
lor a license to prospect lor coal
and petroleum ou the following
described lands, situate ou tbe
Flathead Block M5U3) District of
south East Kootenay, of B. C:
Commencing at a post planted at
the northwest comer ot the A, Good
claim, tbence running cast HO chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence west
Mi chains, thence south 80 chains to
the place of commencing, containing
1110 acres, more or less.
Catherine Cafe, Locator
Doa A. Cate, Agent
John Anderson, Witness.
Dated this 20th day ol January
No. 7. Notice is hereby given
that 30 days alter date 1 Intend to
applv tu the liunorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license lo nrospect for coal
and petroleum on the following
described lends, situate on the
Flathead block r|5l)3) District of
South Kast Koolctnr   of 11. C.
Commencing at a    post planted at
if iieai  ilie southwest corner ol   thc
lohn Anderson claim, thence cast 811
chains, tlience south mi chains, tlience
west sn   chains,    thence   north   mi
chains   to tlie  place of commencing,
containing 010 acres, more or less.
Catherine Good, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
D. A. Cate, Witness
baled fills 28th day of January,
No. 8. Notice is hereby given
that 311 days after date 1 intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands nnd Works
lor a license to nrospect for coal
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
Flathead Block (la!M> District of
South East Kooli ■     •' 11. C.I
Commencing at a post planted nt
the southeast comer of Lot 83113,
Group 1. thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence north
80 chains, thence west 80 .chains to
the place ot commencement, containing BIO acres, more or less.
John Anderson, Locator
I). A. Cnte, Witness.
Dated this Sllth day of January.
No. 0. Notice Is hereby -iven
ibat 30 days after date I intend to
pplv to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner ot Lands and Works
foi a license to prospect ,'or .ual
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
Flathead Block (1503) District ot
South East Kootenav. of B. C:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near thc southwest corner of the
Mrs. John Livingstone claim, thence
east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
north SO chains to thc place ot commencement, containing 040 acres,
mule or less.
Eva Joss, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Dated   tbis   28th   dny ol January,
No. Hi. Notice is hereby "Iven
(bat 30 davs after date I Intend to
apply to lhe Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect tor coal
nnd petroleum ou tho following
described lands, situate on the
Flathead block (15113) District of
South East Kootenn    of ll, c.:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the northwest corner of the
Eva Joss claim, thence west 80
chains, thence south B0 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence north
80 chains to the place ol commencement, containing 610 acres, more ol
Leah Cate, Locator
■ lohn Anderson, Agent
.lames Underwood, Wilues:
lliis   28th   tiny of January
Crescent Louue No. 33
Cranbrook, li. C.
Meets every    Tuesday at 8 p.m.    at
Fraternity Hall.
J. b. Henderson, C. C.
J. L. Walker, K. ot ft. & S.
Visiting   brethren  cordially Invited
to attend.
I.O.f'.F. Key Cily l.odr,c
No. 41. Meets every
Monday night at
New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
H. White. Wm. Harris,
N. O. Sec'y.
Lflfltlrmik Indue Nt,  .!■'
\. K ft A. M.
Kcgulat uiiTtinss ue
tie mud n.uisd.v
of twv  mouth
No. 11. Notice is hereby given
that 311 tlays alter date I lutein! to
apply to the Honorable thc Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
fur a license to prospect for cat
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situnte on the
Malhcad block u5!13) District ol
South Easl  kootenav   of b. C:
Commencing nt n port plantced at
or near the southeast corner ol the
Mrs. John Livingstone claim, thence
east 811 chains, tbence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 811 chains to tlie place of commencement, containing 610 acres,
more or less.
Walter Freeman, Locator
John Anderson, A<rent
James Underwood, Witness
this 20th   day ot   January,
No. 12. Notice Is hereby riven
that 30 days alter date I intend to
npply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works
lor a license to prospect for coal
and petroleum on tlie following
described lands, situate ou the
Ifathead Block (4593) District of
South Kast Kootenay, of B. C:
Commencing at a post at or near
tlie northeast corner ot the Walter
Freeman claim, thence east 80 chains,
tbence south 80 chains, thence west
so chains, thence north 80 chains to
tlie place of commencement, containing li JO acres, more or less.
Batisc Lamcreux, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
Datetl   this    29th day ol January,
No. 13. Notice is hereby -tven
that 3U days alter date I intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chid
Commissioner ot Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for coal
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
e'lathcad Block (4503) District ol
south East Kootenav, of B. O.l
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the southeast corner of the
Neil Mcyuarric claim, thence north
80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
tlience south 80 chains, thence west
SU chains to the place of commencement, containing 040 acres, more or
Irvln Anderson, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
this   29th   day of January,
„ ?' „„u: Notlce '» fcettiny ^iven
that 30 days after date I intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for coal
and petroleum on the following
described lands, situate on the
Hathcad Block M503) District of
South East Kootenay, of B. C:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the northwest corner of the
Robert Anderson claim, thence west
80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence south
80 chains to the place ol commencement, containing 640 acres, more
Neil McQuarrie, Locator
John Anderson, Agent
James Underwood, Witness
this   20th day ol   January,
Visiting lirett.ni welcomed.
W. II. Wilson, W. M.
E. W. Connolly, secretary.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every   Friday     evening at f
p.m., lu Carmen's Hall.
F. W. Reeves, W. P.
Wm. Anderson, SccrL-tury.
Visiting nret/tireo cordially  invited
Meet at 11. uf U, F. Hall 2nd
itb Saturday eaoti month.
Visiting brethren  always welcome
Abel Morsman, W. M.
Jos. Wallace, Secretary.
Presbyterian Church:
Sunday moruing service at 11 J
o'clock J
Sundav    evening     surviee   at ♦
7.3(1 o'clock x
Sunday      School   ami
Class at 3 o'clock
Presbyterian    Guild,
at 8 o'clock
Tuesday, ♦
Old Curiosity
JOSEPH II.  McLBAN. Proprietor
IH'iilei in
All Classes of Secondhand Ootids
' I
I i
• I
< i
i •
• i
• i
• i
' i
i i
Furniture of
New ami
.Ml  Kinds, In
Sage's Old Stand, Hanson Avenue
No. 15. Notice is hereby niven
that 30 days alter date 1 intend to
apply to the Honorable tho Cbiel
Commissioner ol Lauds and Works
for a license to prospect lor coal
nnd petroleum on tbe following
described lands, situate on the
Platliead Illock (4508) District ot
South East Kootenay, ol ll. C:
Commonolng nt a' post planted nt
or near the northwest corner ol the
liatise Lanictireiii claim, thence
north 80 chains, thenco cast B0
chains, thence south 80 chains,
tlience west SO cbnlns to the place ol
commencement, containing (110 acres,
mote or less.
Robert Anderson, Locator
.lohn Anderson, Agent
dames Underwood, Witness
this   311th   day ol January,
No. 1(1. Notlco Is hereby eiven
that 30 dnys alter date I Intend to
npply to the Honorable the Ohlel
Commissioner ol Lands and Works
tor a license to prospect lor coal
nnd petroleum on the lollowinir
Flathead Illnek (15031 District ol
described lands, situate on the
South East Kootcna-   ol B. C:
Commencing nt a post ulanted at
or near the northeast corner ol the
Neil Mct-uarrle claim, thence east 80
t'hains, tbence north B0 chains, thence
west SO chains, thence south 80
rbains to the place ol commencement, containing 010 acrcB, more or
P. F. Rowllsnn, Locator
.lohn Anderson, Agent
.lames Underwood, Witness
Dated  this 20th   day ol January,
1900. 474,
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooiiib with BatliB.   'Phone in
every room
Earlier Shop on the premises,
Thoroughly up-to-date.
Rates. $2.00 a day and up.
GKO. V. WKI.KS, Proprietor
B. TOMKIN, Manager
The Lending Fniil Store
A rllllll'K LOT lit'
Phone 7r>     •     ArirtBtrong Ave
B. C. Machinery Agency
•nnnii Hand KNUINHnml
on,I llunil Mnehlnery of
Wanted Ho
any kind,
we can supply you will
new on short notice.
We pay each for Second Hun,I machinery.
Give  us  a   trial.    We can save you
Repairing a Specialty
Aikeua Block, Criiiilirook
--.__ I
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Supreme and Exchequer Court Agents
Practice in Patent   Office and Before
K.iilway   Commission.
Hon. Charles Murphy, M. P.
Harold Fisher.
W. F. (iUKU,
Barrister. Solicitor, Etc.
UlnuluMo ToranluCaniurvatory „r Muaicl
SIS) i;i.m  C'MSHt   In  " Zht   llluitnkd
mutit study f»r Htainum."
s ti I in >     illSHTUONa   AVHNI'li
Toleul ,• IOU
Francis E. Corrison
llniiilruiiBterOraiihronklTt}' Buli.l.
t'liolniins't'i Kim* l'i,'sl,,,i,.|i„i, i'l,.
l.nlell.M. Ilia MuiMl.v's Royal IVeleh
Teacher of
Violin, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin and Standard
I'llilNi: iVi   ■   CRANBROOK, 11 C.
Lessons in .Musical Theory
l'HOKE 82
UUANBROOK, ■ 11. 0.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Offie. at Residence,  Armstrong An,
Forenoons - - - - 9.00 to 111.(HI
Afternoons - - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evrnfugs - - - - 7.30 to   8.30
Sumlavs - - • • 2.30 to   4.90
CRANHROOK :i    ::    li    11     H. O,
II to 12 a in.
1 to   6 |, ui
7 to   8 p.m.
Ilfliee in new Reiil Illock
CRANIIKOOK -       -        • B. C,
W. R. Realty, Punoral Dli-i^tur
Cranlirook B.C. PIk.hu No. I
|   J. O. CUMMINOS    i
I' il. II,,sits
Tel  No. till
Cranbrook, B.C.
B.   C.    and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -      B. C.
F.O. Swiuinull, IL I.,B„ ll V. I., s.
A. I. Itobortson, li 0, I. s.
Dominion mill Drills!) Columbia
P.O. Drawer7li:l VICTORIA. B.C
.1.   W.   ltUTMCDtilO
lltiuliiuteof Ontario Veterinary
Cnlleirn, Toronto, iu IHtm.
(inuluate nntl Meilulliet „l
MeKllilp'B Veterinary College,
Chicago, in IIKMI.
Nine years' experience in
Veterinary practice in Manitoba.
Office al Cranbrmik Hotel.
I'reHitlimt: T. S, (Jim,
■Secretary: Gediiui* Atmworth
I For informntinn regarding hintlt- '
i nntl itgrifultun* npply to tin* ,
( Secretary, Cranbrook* ll, C.
&Mm*0.*MUtf.%M*0**»i THE   CttAJNBUOOK    || I.KALI)
Good Style and Good Taste
New Fit-Reform 2 button Sack
Suit appeals to men who want
something new and something
The lapels are long and graceful—buttons set close together
—flap pockets and roll cuffs.
This style is
extreme enough
to be distinctive
yet is in perfect
la tlcfuit
I .my
Cranbrook. B. C.
Kuuommeniltjil by tut* best
medical authorities.
sole: agent
Wholesale Wine Meieliant
I'HONK 111
P.O. mix:
A Fair Judge
til WALL l'AI'KH would not I rer
titlr.ll...', Ititilt.i ttoii'tif liedeelileil llm
nllhuil I" ll. II Short ami liiu SKII.I.KI
Utl'ISAXS   were   Hie   horn „lllllllilllil>
Iur miyvvhi lear the prior, lintli lliho;
uml   iiiiiti'iint   bring  eonslilernl     'I'll,
rolnlilniliic ei'lom unit our "Htlekluif'
ul.iliiy will hum Itparinoii.
The I'nioiei nntl Decorator
li you stop her* once
you will look for
thc 'bus when you
visit Calgary  again.
Proprietor   ♦
I The Cosmopolitan |
tr. It SMAIL
When in doubl iro lo tlio Cos.,
wlieru you iron i;.t thu boat ot
****** t*t*t*-tr***t**** »H~M +41
* I. t 1 I I i I I I4-..I | |,| | |,| |. H4 4 1XJ.J
I til:
Will-It., li c.
PAUL ST. ,U>II^. l*roprl«toi
Southeast Konii'iniy's iiit-iit
Siitiinu'i Kt'-orl
Jl'rtl tlltt plttl* 10 SpflluI 11 ft»W
-lays' vacation
Hnr Htockcl with tint l-i-st
I tinititr service Hrst-class
CiHiifinialilt* Iuhmiih
IaTh .NESBiirft
Contractor and Builder   f
If yon are intentling to Jo any
building, yon run make money
hy consulting with me.
Very handsonwW Illustrated cata-1 Tll° P«**»t Medicine Act comes
InRiii* of fruit and farm lands. Every Into force on April 1. The manufac-
iii.tn interested    in a milder climate ttirc, importation and sale    of    all
I-'TmiTh^UM medicines  containing cocaine or anv
-,s alt s .^ ^^ ^ ^   ^   q, jls {|(,riVaf,|vl,B or preparations   is
Vancouver, B.C.      50-St* prohibited after that date.
(Wall street Journal)
The scene of the greatest activity
on the railroad map today lies tn the
northwest country. In tins situation tin- Canadian Pacific railroad is
playing the leading part. Us as-
gressiva president and its board <>t
managers already have obtained two
transcontinental routes; u third is m
tiit- bud, to wit, via thc Soo Canal
and Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic
road lu Dututli, and thenco over the
Soo lines to the twin cities ami the
Pacific coast.
And there is the fourth, a possibility, perhaps ul greater monivnt than
all tliu rest. Will the Canadian Pacific attempt to buy all or a part ol
i lie Pore Marquette'.' As mav tent-rally be known, the Canadian Pacific has a water-grade line irom Montreal down along the St. Lawrence,
along the Lakes ol Ontario ami Brie
lo IH'troit.
By purchasing control ol the Pere
Marquette (oi a portion ul it In case
that one is dismembered) its hue
from Montreal to Detroit could he
extended to Chicago, and thenco over
the Wisconsin Central and the Soo-
C.I'.H. route into Spokane and Portland ui other north l'acilic points.
The purchase u( the Wisconsin Central by the Canadian Paciflo people is
fraught Willi tremendous possibilities
oi development. The most active
adversnry of lhe Canadian Pacific
north of its main transcontinental
line is the Canadian Northern, back-
led by those forceful, aggressive and
financially well-hacked nun, Messrs.
Mackenzie & Mann. They appear to
have no lack of resources, and their
lines are spreading out in all directions throughout that empire which
used to he called the Northwest Territories.
Then, again, lhe Canadian Pacific
lias also iu contend with the Grand
Trunk Pacific. Of course, the habit
is lo dull this latter road a joke. Vet
the Canadian Pacific itself was looked upon as a disastrous undertaking
while it Wiis under construction, and
this, notwithstanding the fact that
it had a 25,000,000 acre land grant
from the Canadian government, $25,-
imn.ljOO cash bounty, together with
other sundry bounties.
Thc Grand Trunk Pacific is also
well subsidized. All the force of the
Canadian government and Sir Wilfrid
Laurier are hack ol the enterprise.
Its ill-wishers are wont to sneer ami
point out that it traverses a barren
laud. Iiui all the while unbiased
judges on this side of the lino are
willing to give proper weight to
those authorities ol lhe government
who, besides declaring that the entire northwest country as far north
'as at leasl lhe fllty-lltth parallel of
I north latitude is not only rich in
mineral aud oilier resources ot the
earth, but that even to here and tho
very verge of tho Arctic circle there
is an abundant field for the growing
of wheal and cereals.
Considerable lime may lie taken In
finishing the Grand Trunk Pacific pro-
Meet. No doubt scandal ami rumors
:of scandal; or graft and rumors of
graft, will creep out from time tn
time. Inn eventually there is little
doubt thai the Grand Trunk Pacific
will prove the faith which its founders have put in it,
At tiny rate, it is clear io he seen
that to tho north of it the Canadian
Pacific is engaged in serious competition and rivalry with two large ami
Lcsourccfttl systems, which are engaged in building two transcontincntals
from the Atlantic tn the Pacific.
The Canadian Pacific immediately
to the south has to contend with the
Great Northern and the various Hill
interests. The Great Northern is
constantly following and expanding
and aggressive course. J. .1. Hill
and his corps of engineers and surveyors have been periodically engaged I
In the country north ol the American-j
Canadian frontier; lines would be laid
out, construction started and lines
completed. Then one would hear !
that the Canadian Pacific had retaliated. Perhaps it would he one
thing, or perhaps it would be a coali-
lloiiwitb K. H. llariiman, givinn thc
C.P.R. a route through Spokane, in
almost exclusively Hill territory,
ovci ihe lines of the Oregon Railroad
»v Navigation company to Portland
ami Columbia river points.
The Canadian Pacific has let statements go undented that it proposes
to build down to Seattle and beyond,
aud Mr, Hill makes no secret of the
fait Ibat he is bound to Winnipeg.
There is no iloiihl that Air. Hill has
large ambitions for placing his lines
in the territory running from Winnipeg through the Crows Nest Pass
district, and the Canadian Pacific
Recent operations of the Canadian
Pacific iu American territory south of
the lakes are ol a character which
should prove startling to some of the
toads in aud adjacent to that territory.
With apparent ease and with the
expenditure of only a few millions at
the most, Sn Thomas yiiaughnessy
has acquired control of the Wisconsin Central, giung the Canadian Pao
lie nu cut ranee from tbe twin cities
to Chicago, and another line from
Duluth to Chicago.
There is a lartre tide of Unfile,
both passenger and freight, from Chicago and middle western points into
ibe Canadian Northwest, and vice
versa. Tlie Canadian Pacific is
largely without the restrictions of
the Interstate Commerce Commission, and to all intents and purposes
it is arbiter of the rate-making power to and from western and middle
western Canadian points to Chicago
and middle western American points.
He bad already got as far as Minneapolis and St. Paul wiih his Soo
line, and already had developed two
transcontinental routes, one along
thc north of Lake Superior and via
Port Arthur; another via thc Soo
Canal and the Soo line to St. Paul-
Minneapolis, and now be has two
more—one in the bud and the other
a possibility.
It Sir Thomas Shaughness"- is able
to acquire control of the Dctrolt-
Chicaco line nf the Pere Marquette
and link up with the Wisconsin Central, he will have perhaps ibe best,
of all his various transcontinental
Tbe Wisconsin Central line from
St. Paul to Chicago is not so direct
as that of tbe St. Paul or tbe Rur-
lingtou. but it, is nevertheless a fair
line, wiih good possibilities.
ft would not he surprising if the
Caundian line from Chicago to Portland. Oregon, and to British Columbia Ik the   shortest of all routes be
tween the points iu question, .lusl
as the Canadian Pacific line fioin the
Twin Cities to Portland is Lhe shorl-
ust today.
What ' will he the result of thi*
policy uf aggiession on the part ot
the Canadian Pacific is somewhat oi
a question, Much will depend upon
how tar it govs. Certain it is, that
the plans ul the Canadian Pacific
have been laid out with extreme
shrewdness, squall' certain it is that
thev have been executed with a fa
ein'lj and raw which must excite admiration.
But in tho meantime there are
gome     ■ c    and able  railroad
men who have large Interests in that
countrv iu which the Canadian Pacific has liven ven urn v There is a
hue lievunri which the Canadian
Pacific "cannot pass with Impunity.
And then- is every reason to believe
that the diplomat who has already
shown his shrewdness of design and
facility of execution will know    ibat
line when he sees It, ui'.d not  VOntUTO
beyond it.
t Kaslo Kootcuaiati)
What is the matter with lormlng a
"What Have Vou Done?" club. A
"What Have vou Done?" eluh is
simply this; it is a booster club
without any dues, devoted to advertising the town ami district, First
uf all a meeting is held and organization completed. A month later
thc individuals assemble together
again and each one tells what he bus
done iu that time. One states that
lie has forwarded an article descriptive of Kaslo tu some English or
Eastern Canadian periodicals that
are always on the lookout for anything relating to the west, anolhei
states that he sent a photograph ol
something of local note to an Illustrated weekly; still another tells how
he wrote personal letters to a number of angling friends of Ids, describing the advantages iu lhe sporting
line that Kaslo offers to fishermen in
ihe summer while another fells ol
having sent out a number ot local
view postcards, for his friends to
scatter around, aud so forth and so
forth. Then- arc a number of such
ways which may he taken to advertise Kaslo at slight cost. Anv member of "A What Have Vou Doner'
club who failed to report each month
would be assessed a small line of a
quarter or ball a dollar. Each member should he required to hrliif in a
recruit every six months.
(Toronto Globe.)
Mr. Kraser, uf WeUaiid, has a bill
in the legislature to provide compensation for train hands injured or
allied in the discharge ut their
duty. The law at present gives
compensation only where injury results from defective machinery or
equipment, or where it is due to tbe
fault or negligence of some other
employee. The unfortunate record
of accidents among train crews during recent vears shows that in the
organization of the army of Industry
ihey are continually in the posts ot
danger. Their lives arc constantly
nsKetl in useful industry, and many
ait- killed and maimed hv accidents
which are neither their own faults
nor due to any defect in equipment or
in anv culpable act or omission bv
fellow.employes. The bill does not
eive compensation when Injury results from au employe's own serious
or willful misconduct. In that re-
spec! it falls short of tbe British
law, which compensates for all
fatalities or injuries in the great
army of industry. It extends thu
provisions of the present compensation law to cover cases iu which accidents result not through a fault
on anybody's part, but through the
necessarily hazardous nature ol the
The same obligation felt toward
those who suffer through the risking
ol lives tn.defence of the Empire
should extend to those who suffer
through the taking of risks at the
danger points in tho peaceful armv of
Industry. The railway cornorations
an- made liable as in Britgin. As
their affairs are now missing under
public supervision, and their outlays
and liabilities will he taken into account iu determining freight rates,
this obligation will not be a serious
hardship. The cost will be shifted
to lhe public through a proportionate
allowance in freight charges. The
hill should receive favorable consideration bv tbe government.
Don't be a knocker, for what is
, this world to a man when bis wife is
a widow? So cheer up, and, above
all, don't he a knocker. If there is
a chance to boom business, boom it.
Don't pull a long face and look as
if you had a sour stomach. Hold
up our head, smile and look lor
better things. Hide your little
hammer and try to speak well of others, no matter how small you mav
reatlv know'yourself to lie, When a
stranger meets you jolly him. Tell
him this is the greatest country on
earth—and it is. Don't discourage
him by speaking ill of your neighbors. Lead him l" believe that he
has at last struck a pluee where the
right people live. Don't knock. Help
i yourself along by becoming popnhn
ami push friends with vou. It's
dead easy. Be a good fellow and
you will have a ■■. ssion (lf followers. No man cvet got help himself
hy knocking other people down In
character ami business. No man
ever got rich by trying to make
people believe he was the only one in
town, or the only man in town
who knew anything. You can't
climb the ladder of success hv tread-
: ing on others corns; keep off the
! corns and don't knock. You are not
the only; there are others, and they
have brains and kunw something as
well as you. There's no end of tun
in minding your own business. It
makes other people like vou, so if
vou can't boost, dnn't knock, No
body gets stuck on a knocker. Don't
he tine. Be good. Not too good,
for the good die young nnd I bate a
dead one.
(After vou have read this and digested it, join the Cranhrook Board
of Trade.)
l -ii u reliable l.i'ial Sana-man re
iirei-entiluj Canada' l'-l ni"1
CreHteel Nurseries in I'iiiiiI 'I
and ailjoiniuc. country.
Th« pumllatH;   "i   '«"  -'"''t.
,vl,i.'lii-i;i..».i"iili .ncn.il.
makinir onr trees and IiuhIio. hai.
Jior iin,l Inntier.livtd llisn Coast
Krown !t,u.|i .« *rkr»rarlnl|!«l I'JT
psixMifn ,*il fiuit irrowflrs,
n,.,ii.<W;i ?i ialiy ulttniwlHs
Hl,„.|i fnr llill-li   C'l.lllllil.ill.   liml
■hip ill carlnul in timt 1'ioviiice.
A pnitiiHuenl sllnsllnli iii 'iiil't
mini. will. biiiiiI territory 11-
I'.iv weekly; Iroe imifit.
Write fnr |inrtU'ulars.
Fontlilll NuiKHrif-.-
[UmiiuckI l.y fl.C.tl,,v,.riiln.|itl
for tlie Kiirmiiilliir.1,11
Hihni'   lire-*.*)   ami Thof-
utiKhly Ten til
Uiil'iiiii'l'iitiilouiii- Fn-f
M.   J.   HENRY
JtOln \V"Btiidiu»ter Rend
The British Columbia Southern
Railway Company will apply to thc
Parliament of Canada at its next
session for an Act:
I. Extending the time within
which it may construct:
(ti) The extension of its railway to the -tilth parallel
anil the Tobacco Plains,
which it was authorized to
construct by Chapter 55 of
the Statutes of 18011.
(b) The western section of il^
railway and Lhe branches
to Nelson aud Martin
Creek as described in Section I of Cbaplei 52, of the
Statutes  of   1IKJU.
II. Authorizing it to construct,
acquire aud operate a branch line
from a point at or near Michel in a
northerly direction through Kananns-
Kis Pass to a point of junction with
ibt- main line of tbe C.P.R. ut or
near Kanunuskjs, a distance'of about
120 miles;
And for oilier purposes.
II. C. Oswald,
Dated at   Montreal   .January 13th,
HIU1I. 48-5t
Tit la- notice that I, Harry Hamilton MeVittie, of Cranbrook, B.C.,
occupation, Agent, acting agent tor
Louise May Aikens, of Cranbrook, B.
C, occupation, Married Woman, Intend to apply to tbe Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works tor
permission to purchase the following
described land in Kast Koo*
Commencing at a post planted
about four chains south of thc
south-wcsi corner of Lot 1758, Group
I, Kast Kootenay, thence west sixty
HlUl chains, more or less, to the east
boundary of Pre-emption Record No.
11117, thence north in chains, more or
less, to the St. Mary's River, thence
following the said river down
stream to a point due north of the
point of commencement thence south
twunty-flve chains, more or less, to
the   place of commencement, contain-
K 300 acres, more or less.
If. H. MeVittie, Atient for
Louise May Alkins.
Dated this 5th dav of March, A. P.
plOll. 5t-0t
I have disposed of my Interest in
the firm of Sacco & Mirabelli to
Provenjano Brothers and Sacco, who
will continue the business and collect all accounts from this date.
T. Mirabelli.
Dated this 3rd day of March,
IH09. 50-3t*
Notice   is   hereby   given    that   JO
tys   after  date   i   intend   to opplj
in   tlie   lluiioiahle     Chief   Cuiuuna-
ioiu-r  of   Lands   and Works   (or   a
license    lo    prospect    for   coal   and
petroleum    on    tht*  following  des-
ribed     lands,      situated     in     tbe
district     of    South      East    Koo*
tv,   Province   of   British Columbia:
Commencing   at    a    post at thu
mth-enst corner    ol Lot No. usui',
being the south-west corner post   of
George Hynes' claim, tbence    north
no chains, along Lhe survey line    ol
Lot No. 0801), thence east 60 chains,
ihi-uce south «u chains, thence  west
i chains to place of beginning,
Located this 32nd day ol Januarv,
(tcoii-e IIyties, Locator,
A. Hackett, Agent.
When thc inward Kmprcss ot China
reached Vancouver about March 10th,
Mnrconi engineers will install wireless apparatus and the other Empresses will lie I'tniipped later, their
iinitarntus being able to communicate
500 miles.
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt iu British
Columbia, may be hoincsteanVd by
any person who is the sole head of a
family, or any male over 18 years of
age, to the extent of one-quarter sec-
iinn of 1 UU acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
ibe local land office for the district
iu which the land is situate. Bntrj
by proxy may, however, he made on
certain conditions by the father,
mother, sou, daughter, brother oi
sister of an intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans;
(I) At least six months' resilience
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2). If the father (or mother,
if the father is deceased), ot the
homesteader resides upon a farm in
ihe vicinity ot the land entered tor,
the requirements as to residence may
be satisfied by such person residing
with lhe father or mother.
(8). If thc settler has his permanent residence upon farming Land
owned by him in the vicinity nf his
homestead, the rcnuircmetits as to
residence may be satisfVd hy residence upnn the said land.
Six months' notice in writing
should be given to the Commissioner
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa nf intention in apply for patent.
COAL—Coal mining rights may he
leased for a period of twenty-one
vears at an annual rental of tl per
acre Not more than 2,570 acres
shall he leased to one individual or
company. A royalty at thc rate of
five cents per ton shall he collected
on the merchantable coal mined.
Deputv of the Minister of tbe Interior. 2-
COAL    AND     PETROLEUM     N<».
Notice   is    hereby    |*,iveD    that    30
days after date 1 intend to applj
hi the Honorable Chief Cominis-
sionei of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum ou the following de.---
iiibed lands, situated in the
district of South Kast Koo-
leuay, Province "t British Columbia:
Commencing at a post placed at
the south-east coiner ot Lot No.
i;MiH, being the north-west corner of
Gertrude llyues' claim, thence south
mi chains, thence east SO chains.
tbence north SU chains, thence -west
Sd thaiiis to [dace of heninnin.;.
Located this 22ntl day of January,
Gertrude Hynes, Locator
A. Hackett, Agent.
NOTICE Nf). 3.
Notice   is   hereby   given   that   m
tys   aitei   date   i   intend   to appi
i   the   Honorable     Chief   Commis-
unei   <>i   Lands   and Works    lor    a
t-iiM-    io    prospect    for   coal   and
petroleum     ou     the   following   de*>-
tthe.l     lauds,      situated     in    the
listi ict     of     South       Kast     Koo-
lenuy,   Province   of   British Columbia:
Commencing     at a     post at     the
orlh-east     comer of Lot N... t^u.
icing tin- north-west comer of Madie
tailton's    claim,    thence south    80
bains,   alunn survey line id Lot No.
000, thence     east 'hO chains, thcucc
torih     80 chains,   thence     west     81'
hains to place of beginning.
Located this 22ml dav of January,
Mudle   Railton, Locator,
A. Hackett, A^eut.
Notice is hereh> given that 30
lays after date I intend lo applj
to   the   Honorable     Chief   Commis-
imier of Lands and W'Tks tor a
license    lo    prospect    for    coal    and
petroleum    on    the   tollowmt   i •
■ribed     lands,      situated     in    the
llstrict     ol    South       Kast     Kootenay,   Province   of   British Columbia:
Commencing at a post at th*-
math-cast curner of License No.
1180, being the south.west corne:
post of C. G. Pence's claim, thence
north 80 chains, thence east SO
chains, thence south fiu chains, thenc-.
west ho chains to place ot be-jinnine.
Located this 22nd dav of .Januarv,
C. G. Pence, Locator,
A. Hackett,  A^ent.
Notice is hereby given that uO
days after date I intend to applj
to the 1 loiiorable Chief Commis-
sioner of Lauds and Works for a
license to pi ospect tor coal and
petroleum ou the tollowinr des-
icribed lands, situated in the
'district of South East Koo*
a* Province of British Columbia:
Beginning at a post planted at the
iiorlh-easl corner ol License No.
lu81, being the north-west cornet of
M. Thorpe's claim, thence south 8i>
chains, Ihence east 80 chains, tbence
north 80 chains, tbence west 80
hums to place of beginning.
Located tins 22nd day of January,
M. Thorpe, Locator,
A. Hackett, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 3u
days after dale 1 intend tu appl)
lo' the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works for a
license io prospei i for coal and
petroleum on the followin- des-
crlbed lauds, situated in tbe
illstrlct of South Kast Koo-
lenav Province ol Hniish Columbia:
Comment or- al a poll planted at
the south-cast comci ol License No.
1085, being the south-west corner of
William Katbs' claim, thence north
-.ii chains, thenco east 8ti chains,
thence South 8b chains, thence west
sn chains to place of beginuing.
Located ibis 22nd day ot January,
William Raths, Locator,
A. Hackett, Agent.
Notice is hereby Riven that 50
days afler date 1 intend to apply
to 1 he 1 lonorablc Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works tor a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following dcs>
rrihed lands, situated in the
district of South East Kootenav, Province of British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted at
ibe south-east eoriir-r of License No
1083, helng lhe snuth-west corner of
Harry McLeod's claim, thence north
80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
Ihence soulh 80 chains, thence west
80 chains to place of benlnnlng.
Located this 22ud day of January,
Harrv McLcod,  Locator,
| A. Hackett. A tent. t8-fit
x x
Os^i ■■:..'.......^**..^e
;--...■- .
No "ilirr so-called   Ilmh (italic
Ti'a is   liall   so satisfying   as Ktci<-
wavs—over seventy   years reputation
quality anil flavor.
Ask f»r Halcyon LITNIA »'TEH
l„i f.imily uie tli^r,. Is nothing
s, wholesome and so imit a,
** -*
Provincial Land Surveyors
HMIWay ou *im>u KNUiseeitiMj
KsiuiMitw  Kurniflml
Fori Steele I' ll l!os 25,
Uiaiil.i.,,.i. I'. i>. Boi II.
Telephone IT!.
Oitirf in Crnnlitook: Itelil Block
Geo. k\ Leask & Co
Uur work is om Advertisement, bin w*
inn tin- ail to the Herald to
emphasise it.
Near 1 owi*i trmttrang Avpiiuu
IKI.Kl'ltt'M-  114
T     In -  Sutnn        ■■- iini'i' in X
*  z°e: t   l
ln.ii HttillUtJ
Mil!   r. ,!.■„   < I ,-tir .arinB   *
'I 1'Ha" ♦
Young Apple Trees
ol the varieties  ilally
h - ted an i snitahle foi
2ND    "      •   20    "
Delivere.1 at Cranbrook
If leleelol  by   the   |iiit-
,:,.,-,-.    l-t enoice. Jo,-.;
2u.| choice, 15c. Apply to
E. W. HUSTLEY, Nurtery <
uur rt'llmer, B.C., or
J.HIircitlS l>",Cranbrook.B.O
11 The Finest IJrivers
l.'p-to-date Hig.«
Hood Saddle Horses
1 I'mrrieKir . i RANBROUK, II
♦ 11 tNHLKY'S "I.l' STAND
General Merchant!
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. 0. BOX 194 PHONE 244
ul.l Shoes Made New.
All Kin la nf RstHilring.
Qlvemoacsll     :i     t:
OHFICE    -    AKMSTttllNO   AVR.
I will pay tin- luchfsi price lor
furs consUnod to mc at LethbrldKe,
Alta.. nnd if thc price is not sail*-
factory I will nnv Depress both ways
and return ttic Barne.
,1. Youdk,
Baker Street CRANBROOK, B.C.
Every   New  Style  Shoe
and Oxford
Is Represented in our stock
The greatest assortment of exclusive styles of
strictly high-grade shoes in the city.
Every good shoe idea known is used in their
All Styles,   AU Leathers,   All Sizes.
The "Barry" Shoe
$6.00 and $7.00
The "Invictus' Shoe
$5.00 to $9.00
The "Hart" Shoe
$4.50 and 5.00
Every pair Guaranteed


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