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Cranbrook Herald Jan 9, 1919

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I'l I'll llll I  "I III (
THURSDAY,  JAN.  iilli.   1919
Local Overflow j
Don't (orget the Farmers' Institute j
meeting en Saturday, Jan. 11 at 2 p.m. |
Sunday school in the Presbyterian
church will be held at 3 p.m.
LOST—Mouthpiece  for alto ibnnd
horn, (Inder please leave at this office.
Two names have been mentionotl
as candidates for the mayoralty.
The decision ot the British government to purchase 1,000,000,000 feet or
lumber in Canada, Involving an ox-
Amateur printing anil developing
turned out In 48 hours.—Crnnbrook
Drug and Book Co.
Nelson curling club will be represented at the District Uonsplcl to be
held here next week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Edwards and
young son Donald, of Nelson, visited
Mr. and Mrs. John Martin during the
"Hearts of thc World" drew n
crowded house and a matinee was
held the following afternoon to accommodate the overflow.
Registered Shorthorn Bull For Sale.
For particulars apply Cameron Bros.,
box 1!, Fort Steele or E. II. McPliee.
Cranbrook. M-3t*
Mr. M. Nelson, recently of the Star
Studio, has accepted a position prlnt-
and developing at the Cranbrook Drug
and Book Co.
The W. A. of the G. W. V. A. will
hold a whist drive ln the Veterans'
rooms on Friday evening of next week
Jan. lift. Will you be there to try
a hand?
The number of the winning ticket
for the graphaphone was 295. The
person holding this ticket can get the
graphaphone on presentation of same
at the Royal Pool Room. 1-St
Mrs. H. O. Finley, of Klmberley, was
a victim of pneumonia thiB week and
was buried in Cranbrook cemetery today. Her husband and little boy of
seven year* are ln the hospital just
recovering from the influenza.
Mrs. Oeo. Asselstlne, of Ball River,
died last week of pneumonia, after a
short attack of the flue, and whs
burled in Cranbrook cemetery on
Thursday of taBt week. Mr. Asselstlne
waa sick at tke time and unable to attend the funeral.
Tho Tennis Club Annual Public
Dance will be held nt the Parish Hall
on Wednesday, Jan. lBtli from 9.30 to
1.30 o'clock. Cranbrook orchestra In
attendance, refreshments served at 11.
Prices. $1.00 each couple, extra lady
6(1 cents.
The annual Congregational Meeting of Knox Presbyterian Church will
be held'ln the Church on Friday evening, January 17th. 1919. nt S o'clock.
The officers ol the different church
organisations arc requested to have
their reports ready to lie presented at
this meeting.
pendlture or about I'O.MO.OOO.OO will
in all probability give a boost to thc
lumbering Interests of the Cranbrook
district. A large proportion of this
order will bo cut In British Columbia,
lt looks os though nn era of great
prosperity Is about to dawn for the
Arc YOU Going to Vote
For Thc Rink By-Law
NEXT THURSDAY, Jan. 16th, the ratepayers
of the City of Cranbrook will vote on the
bylaw authorizing the city council to issue
debeuturea to lhe amount of $3,000.00 to run for 10
years at fl per cent, interest, to purchase the Arena
Kink for use as acurling and skating rink.
The building itself is a most substantial one
and a credit to any city.   It could not be rebuilt for
less than $15,000.00.   As an investment it is gilt
Ah it place of amusement it is something tbe
city cannot afford to be without. It has been
riooded and a splendid sheet of ice for both skating
and curling lias been secured. There are three
sheets of curling ice and a skating sheet all round.
There is fun, real sport and lots of It and a
huge number of our citizens, young and old. male
and female, are enjoying the pleasure it affords.
It is not the city's intention to buy the rink and
then let it run itself, but the curling Ice is to be
rented to the curling club at a reasonable figure
and a charge is to be made for skaters. Neither
curlers nor skaters expect the city to operate the
rink free of charge. They are all willing to pay
for their fun and under efficient management the
city will have full action for their money. The
rink will be a revenue producing property, the
same as the waterworks, the telephone, the electric
light or other municipally or privately owned enterprise for the benefit of the public generally.
A skating rink is just as essential for the
development of the young as the school or church.
The ideal combination is a sound mind in a sound
body and the skating rink helps to produce the
sound body. It is the most healthy of all the winter exercises.
Take a walk down to the rink of an evening and
see for yourselves and be convinced that you will
lie making a good investment by supporting the
Enquire of those who know and you will be satisfied that the rink will be one of the city's best
Be sure and vote for the bylaw on -Thursday
next. Don't stay at home or treat the proposition
with indifference. Your vote may be just the one
that's wanted to carry' it.
r    On Friday afternoon hist a joyous
; Xmas tree and party waa held in (lift
■ Veterans' rooms for the benefit of tlie
; soldiers' children.   There was h very
j happy  crowd   of  about  80  ■ in.di'en
j present ns well ns about tW same
1 number of  women  relatives of   the
j soldiers,    it would be Impossible lo
got a finer crowd of people together
j than   the   wives   and   mother*    and
; sweethearts  and   sisters  ami   kiddles
i of the best men in tlie world- the sol-
\ (tiers of the British empire: the great-
j est  Binplre the world has ever seen;
greater  now  than  ever  it  has  been.
bill not so crout us   it Is   destined   to
become—of which Canada now forms
! and shall forever remain an (ptegral
: part.
(    This auspicious occaulon  was held
under  tho auspices  of ihe  Woman's
Auxiliary ot the Greal  War Veterans
Association.     There   was   a   .splendid
musical   nml   literary   program,  consisting of the following:  Pinup duel.
I by Miss Viola and Miss Alma Sarvis;
; address to the children, hy the President, Mrs. Laurie; solo, By MIsb Eunice  Parrett;   recitation  by Miss  lles-
, sie   Woodman;   piano   solo,   by   Miss
; Helen Worden.
Supper was served and Santa Clans
: then put in his appearance and   the
j tree   was  stripped  of  Its  treasures,
i fruits,  nuts,  candies  and  toys.    The
Herald, the Chief of Police and others
were favored by Santa Claus as well
, an tho children and other relatives of
the soldiers,
The joyous occasion was concluded
Seven   cases  of  Infraction  of  the
B, C, Prohibition Act  were tried be-
1 fore   Magistrate   Leash   during     the
| week,  with  tlie  result  that  tlie  pro-
i vlurlal exchequer has boon  enriched
to the  tune of about  $500, 'ind  one
Infractor mny become 'lie guest of
the  governmeni   for  six  months.
Bert Matson, of tbe Imperial hotel,
was Riven a sentence of six months
In jail without the option of a rtne.
He appealed the case.
Five men, who make the Imperial
hotel  their headquarters,  wora each
fined $.".'1 i
HO days.   Tli
id their
of  till
lay be
a   flea   bite
Jamos Hue)
hotel, bettor known as '
fined $200.    The fine  v.-i
These sentences went s
the  grain   and   all   Iii'-  c
These fines are only
when it is taken Into
that there is no license to pay; no
fancy bar to keep up, nothing required but a counter and a sink hole.
no siock needed except a ease or two,
and the price, well the price for tbe
service aud the stuff is tlie pinnacle
of the temple dedicated 16 the high
cost of living.
This last feature, ihe high cost. Is
another blessing in disguise to the
man who will persist iu sellln-i booze,
because the victim'-; polv- In the
soouor exhausted. This city has always welcomed ihe lumberjack, the
miner, the prospector and every hard
working man and has always endeavored to supply Ills wauls of whatever
with singing tho National Anthem.
The ladles in charge wish to thank I
all those who so kindly assisted   tn character they might be and has -
making the event such   a   delightful j obllgiii«lr relieved him of his I
success, and  to  Mr. W. Steward for  onanB
the use of his piano.
■    The out of lown children who were
unable tn attend will have their presents and goodies sent lo them,
The city is being
n.cn!.yand'K<>» AUD WW CUM
efficiently run. has a balance on the
right side of the sheet, has no pressing requirements; the schools are
running along smoothly, the standard of teaching is hlgn. mere Is no
loud clamour for a change; the morals of the city arc good; law and or-
The annual meeting of the Cranbrook District Hod and Gun Club will
be held In tho City Hall on Wednesday. Jan. 15th. 1919 at 8 p.m. A large
The right for democracy has won a
host of recruits In recent years, bit*
few more striking ones than iu th; '
accesb.on to the ranks or the ruining
farces nf Princess Catherine Radzl-
wlll, of Germany, a petted pampered
intimate of the Imperial Court of Berlin, who Is now in America speaking j
with nil tho fire of an intense conviction for democracy. '
Cossack blood courser- through the
veins of the Princess Radzlwlll. She
was born of a noble family— the :
lizewuslu's. of rkranl.i. Her arn'ostors'
served the Polish Republic, three of
them in succession being commander-'
in-chief of ihe Polish Armies and one;
of them fell in battle during the siege;
of Vienna In 1683 After the third !
partition of Poland the Rzcwnskis entered the Russian service.
Royal blood is in the veins of the
Princess. Queen Marie of Prance,
wife of Louis XV. wus a niece of hor
great-grandfather.    All the urge of !
blood was toward the divine right of
kings, but ibe early death of her par-,
ents threw her into the house of her I
aunt, wife
and pried up the coin he lias
nailed down. Xo city in the Koot-
enays in belter able to give satis-
castlon In this regard. There is no
need lo go to Ferule or Nelson—or
Yahk—to have a good time. Crnnbrook has plenty of good eating
houses nnd sleeping quarters; stores
well storked with goods that appeal
to thc needs of men and at rUht
prices and if you must blow your
money there are those here who will
see thnt the opportunity is nol lacking for you to wind up the callope
and turn on the steam.
New Blouses
Pretty New.BJo<^»?..rr.'-n3.-*.-* Silk,
nnclal Library of
Crepe in Ivory, Flesh Maize Rose
and Navy. Made with the New
Dutch Neck or with Convertible
PRICES from $6.50 io $12
Big Saving on
Winter Millinery
HALF Price
McCreery Bros.
January 1   .
January  \_
January   3
January 4  .
January 5  .
....   11 (U
 16       — 2
January u  19
January 7  is
January s  20
ed her with terror for the German
people when the ilay of the? Mad Kaiser had finally dawned, aad all the
work of preparation was complete.
When her husband died she lost nn
time getting out, "f tbe atmosphere
of the Merlin Court, and went straight
be great French nov-jway to Russian soil. At Petrograd
ellst. Honere de Balzac, where shejshe became associated with a group
imbibed the hunger for democracy, j or men nnd women who bad etUia'ad |
Marriage with Prince Rad-lwlll  of. In the cause of constitutional mon-
attendnneo is eipected as there Is a| Germany, nnd a consequenl life   nt archy, such a thing as the possibility
ler la generally observed, there is no  grfM Am[ 0> work ,0 „n(, up tor thp  twenty y(,„rB jn   ,|,c  imperial Court,"' establishing a Russian republic be-
etlfemestyfsmitiyfiniiUfrn i\it\msttmtmmfsm n^mnrym
fWWT Pat Off Caring
For That COUGH
If ; lo. serious n>m|iliratl»n. are apt to arl«* aad tlir result
..ill mean a great deal ol  exr-anse  and   inrnnrenlene".    Tbe
sen.il le treatment !.—
ttjjlfltion of tiHiliiitf im-P-ili-.r-K rfromlzed by the medical
•.in 11 as lhe beil for the tr--;.tni'-nt nf rmiirh-..
The Krult Growora' Union ot the
Creslon Valley, closed up thc years'
business in aood shape sending out
the cheques for the flnnl IS!" pay on
Tuesday. It ran to almost "16.000.
The November pay of Jnst under *3I,-
000 was the biggest of the year. Thc
total disbursements for Wis were a
little less than *u,o,ooo.
Special attention Is drawn lo the
service in the Methodist Church on
Sunday evening next bi 7 30. The
pastor will Hive the first of two addresses on church going. The subject
ot addresses on Sunday will lie "Why
Men Should to to Church." On the
following Sunday Mr. Ue will speak
on the subject "Why Men do Not go
to Church." He will deal with suggestions made by local citizens as to
why men do not go to church. The
men folks especially nre asked to take
lu both addresses. A hearty invlta-
lion Is extended to all.
Progress In being made In the reconstruction of Cranbrook's brass
band. They are practicing two nights
a week and the number of players
Is increasing, but they are still anxious to secure a few more. Don't be
backward If you can play an Instrument or are deslrlous of learning. Lot
that fact be known to W. A. Burton
teleotrlclan) or D. A. Kay at the Herald office and you will be made welcome. There are two or threo horns
belonging to the band which were nol
returned to the band room when the
last organisation was disbanded. Will
anyone who can give any Information
aa to thtlr whereabouts kindly loave
fight on for better conditions. Why
not pass a vote of confidence In the
council, the school board, and the police commissioners and demand that
tbey "set 'em up and let It go at that*"
(I. W. V. A. MITKS
Thc firs! business meeting of the
yenr was held III I lie Association
rooms on Tuesday evening. Jan. 7th.
A considerable amount of general
business was transacted after which
dominations were In order for officers
for the ensuing yenr. Balloting nn
the nominations resulted 111 Hie clec-
tlou of the following offlcors: Hon.
l'rcs.. Or. !•'. W. Green: lion. Vice
Presidents. 1st, A. B, Watts. Watts-
liurg. Snd, 1' H Phillips; President.
A. Ashworlhi Vice Pres. \V Hewson:
Sec-Tress, I, Richardson
coming season. of Herlln. where she knew Intimately  lag beyond the  wildest    dreams    „,
At the December meeting of the ; the father and mother of ihe then 'hese enthusiasts. Hero she attract-
Club, the question of dues for the en- i Crown Prince Wllhelni. now lhe Oor-: "1 tho intention of Royalty, through
suing year was brought up and dls- j mnn ex-kalscr. served only to accent,,"'1' contributed articles nnd eilltnr-
cussed pro and eon, as 10 whether the the leaning toward democracy which lals published in the democratic press
present fee of 11.00 was sufficient to> her life In the Balzac homo had given, and was kept under close surveillance
defray expenses for the coming year hor. At Herlln she knew Prince Wll- wllen wnr broke self-preservation
or not. lt was finally decided that I helm well. She wub a favorite at the moved her to depart for Sweden for
as the association hns a membership court, and was In the confidence of her activities In Russia had attracted
1 of about 1B0 members to let the duos1 the man  who until  recently headed   ll|e attention of German propagand-
remaln  at   »l.o0.  trusting that    all j the German nation,   she had person-,ls,s onii certain royal families, all
members now enrolled would continue! al knowledge of his mad ambitions,   of Petrograd and Ruzssla, though ap-
thelr membership, and get as many i his quarrel with Blsmark, his Imprls-   parontly divided on the Issue of war.
I new members as possible. j onnient or his mother while his fnlher j wpro or one mind concerning the dan-
The Provincial government has of-May in death  In tho  Imperial Palace  e'cr ,ro,n her rnclle pen.
I fared lhe association   a   number   of j lest  the contents of Important state       Princess Radslwlll will lecture un-
j pheasants, nnd Hungarian partridges,   papers should become known to her.  der the auspices or the I.ODE. local
; free of charge, but there will be more' his overweening vanity end desire tni chapter  In  the  Presbyterian   churcl.
j or less expense nttsched to earing fori pose, nnd ihis Intimate knowledge fir-   here on Saturday evening. Jan. 2r.th
' same and for the erection of proper  __^_^_————
i pens to carry nn hatching operations.
i It Is nlso the intention ol the asso-
i elation to run the hatchery again this
, 4. ATCHISON, »gr.
Day   Plume 74.
Ml-111   Phone K
stJl/,  utsfitsintJIititttJ ist\tf iHfrw
[from this date all rognlni mooting:
or Hie association will bo held on the "car.   A supply or brook trout eggs
2nd and 4th Taesdavs of each month, j are expected from the   hatchery   at
Qerrardi also efforts are being made
A standing vole of thanks was pass-! to procure a quantity of Rainbow
d to the Uilles' Auxiliary of the n.; trout eggs to hatch at the same time,
or I„ E, for their valuable gift of! which will be distributed among the
eurtnlns for the veterans' robms.     | Inkes nnd streams of the district.
—o— '    II la tn be hoped thot all the ment-1
The  newly  elected offlcors   would, bera of the club will enter Into the 1
urge  upon   all  members,  active    or; spirit and assist In every wny pow-
nssoe.lote, the Imperative necessity for  stole,
full attendance at all meetings.   Tho
association cannot prosper unless all
members take a live Interest In Its
business and make a united effort to
expand Its work nnd Influence.
Plana arc now under wny. In the Percy O. Mason, who wus up bcrore J
hands or a committee or the associa- j Magistrate Leask a few days ago on I
Hon nnd Its valuable auxiliary, for n the charge of hating broken Into J
dance In the near future, which should
receive the hearty support nnd cooperation of all memberH. us well as
the public generally.
Mrs. W. .1, Kelly, wishes to thank
hor many friends for ntt their kindness shown to her during her recent
sad bereavement and'also to members
of the Masonic order for their car*
daring bar late husband's lUnesi.
Armour ft Co.'s, iind who was scut |
up for trial, came before Judge 1
Thompson on Mnnday and was sea-
tenoed for 22 months In Nelson Jail,
He claimed to be a returned soldier,
but the Judge declared him to ho a
fakir nnd appealed to him for Hie I
soke or the returned mon, not to ro-1
present himself as such any more
Thc prisoner was taken to Nelson
by Constable Jo* Walsh,    ot    Kurt
Lyceum Entertainment
Princess Catherine Radziwill
A imii'il Itiisslnn Princess who hum n-iinil In Hit' ininll)
»f lltil/nr. rrlui was troll ni'i|iiulntv<l rvillt tne Court nl
Itirlln, wliii nils cousin nf lhe lute Archduchess ol Austria, whtise murder cniiscil lhe (.real World IVnr, will
Iclnra In the
Presbyterian Church
On Saturday, January 25th 1919
Iloit'l iiiIhk II.   Tht- Princess Is nni only n lloynl IVrsi.n.
nitc lint she Is a nnie.l lecturer.
The Peerless
Steam Cooker
Will cook you a delicious Vegetable Dinner.
a Roast of Beef, Pork
or Mutton, Turkey and
Poultry of all kinds
For Sale fay
J. D. McBride
Phnne 5 Cranbrook, B. C.
jWetljoDtst Ctmrcl)
Pastor   Rev. R. W. LEE
SUNDAY NEXT J«k.r\. 12th 1919
11 a. tn. Divine Service
12 p. m. Sabbath School
7 30 p.m. Divine Service
Subject: Why Men SHOULD go to Church
A special address for Men-   The first of two sermons.
A hearty invitation to Kveryhody.
THURSDAY, JAN.  Dtli,  11)10
Cranbrook Herald
I'ubllsbed Every Thursday by
W. A. MYERS,     :      ;      :      :     :       Managing Editor
AtlM'rtislug   Hates  on   unification.   Changeh for Advertls.Df MUST be la
(Ills   offleo    Wednesday   noon   Hteeurrent   week   to   Neeure  attention.
THEODORE UO0SEVEI.T DIES ! Ministerial Association for publicity
  purposes; It may be a mask for par-
Theodore RoOBevelt, twice prosl-' llamentarlans to hide their real atti-
dont ut the United States, and the j tude toward the liquor traffic; and
most noted citizen of the republic for therefore for these reasons danger-
many years prior to the rise of Wood- ous to criticize, but it is a question
row Wilson, died at his home at1 that bears very perceptibly upon our
Oyster Bay while sleeping, at the' moral, social, economic and national
r.Be of CO years. [life, and it is foolish in the extreme
Ills was a very atrenuous life. He ; for us to hide our heads in tho sands
was a fire cater, but he passed pence-! of ignorance or Indifference. Ood
fully away.    He waa the stormy pet-1 knows thnt the Herald Is not indtt-
Tk* »«h» *f • Mai Mvian MMiwt i$ !■ Iks cmitmUm* ll ti-**t U both
Par tmmUj ruiwM • Mat aeeaual ii >w MmI muiniiit, u •(Aw k-ub-md
* wife *u *l*»Mit or Mir tk* bill* without b*M*rhf mm ***thtr. ni
rol ut" American politics, but he was
a thoroughly human man and boast-
fully American In all his thoughts,
words and deeds.
He was democratic and pronouncedly pro-Ally during the
course of the world war now so
happily ended In favor of the Allless.
Ho declared for war on the side of
the Allies early in 1016, at the time
or the sinking of the Lualtanla and
could hardly be kept .in leash, so eng-
cr was he to spring at the throats
of the murderers of Innocent women
and babes.
He was a great friend of tlie newspaper men: he believed iu publicity.
Thu newspaper fraternity have lost
a valued friend in his demise,
one nf (he things that Is believed
to have contributed more than any
other to the colonel's breakdown was
the death last fall of his son, Lieut
Quentin Roosvelt, tho aviator, in
action in France. 1'roud of his son's
achievement, Co. Roosvelt bore up
under the sorrow of his death with
characteristic fortitude. Friends say
that while the father "did not carry
his honrt on his sleeve," lie .suffered
most poignant grief in silence and
tried to forget them by plunging
harder than ever into his work.
Although lie was only fit) years ot
ago when he died, ho accomplished
more than the average man would or
could do in a century.
School, both tlie high and public
school, re-opened on Monday, after
having been closed for nearly as
long as the midsummer holidays.
Sliced up. speed up, will be the
slogan, to make up for the weeks
of lost  time.
Tlie school to some boys and .girls
is like a huge and fearsome alligator
with jaws wide open to swallow
down all the joy of life; while to
others it Is like a fairy palace full
of fragrance and good things to ent;
to thc one the lessons arc like a
nauseous dose; to the other they are
sugar plums that are voraciously
devoured hy the mind and thoroughly
The teacher to some Is nn ogre, to
others a fairy queen,
When tho writer was a boy at
school, ho did not think the teacher,
was a fairy queen by any means, nor
the long and stinging rawhide whip
.she used as a disciplinary agent, waa
a magic wand. Rut he discovered
that his estimation of thc teacher
did her a great injustice. He was
converted from the error of his ways
by tiie following Incident: When he
wns promoted from one class to another the teacher stood nt the door
to shake hands with and say a woru
in parting to all who were moving
higher up. As the writer was passing through thc door, she took his
hand and snld, "although y*ou caused
me more trouble than all the rest
of the class put together I am very
sorry to part with you," then she
gave him a gentle caress and kissed
him rlghl on the lips that had almost,
In their ignorance, cursed her. He
was dumb-founded J he felt like sinking through the floor, or crawling
through a knot hole. He was embarrassed; in his Inexperience he was
bewildered: hnd such au event taken
place In his life years afterwards he
might have been bold enoughto reciprocate and let It go nt that, hu.
he could only hang hfs head In silence and shame While he thought of
how cruel and unjust he had been
to the one who wns his dearest friend,
ns the school teacher most generally
Is Thnt boy's viewpoint wan bo
changed that when he grew up to
manhood he took a school teacher
unto him to wife, and when his daughter grew up she became a scnooi
teacher, too.
Now boys and girls, make a record
for yourselves.    The  Cannda  of the
ferent to the evils of tiie liquor traffic that were allowed to fester in the
body politic under the old liquor
laws; but under thc ll. C. Prohibition
Act we have most of those evils with
hole! us still, more virulent in many cases
than formerly, and io addition many
other evils beside.
Look ut the situation ut the coast.
The Prohibition Commissioner tn dls-
grtce, the Prohibition committee and
Ministerial Association boiling over
with unrighteous Indignation, lending
themselves to Intrigue, revtllngs, contradictions and other influences that
destroy harmony, happiness and good
will. The Attorney-General's dspart-
nient, the most sublimely ridiculous
Institution because of its attempt to
go forward nnd backward both at the
same time; of its endeavour to swim
on dry land. Tlie government, some
of whom would die of thirst within
24 hours, if the province really went
dry, try to run with the hare and
hunt with tbe hounds — the scent
of an uncorked bottle would be
that is wafted from a piece of
liniburgcr cheese. Liquor bet iiu
shipped into Vancouver by the carload nnd peddled around the city by
tlie bottle and not a policeman aware
of the fact. Admissions by the wholesale that they have sold booze, bought
booze, drunk booze and warehoused
booze contrary to law, but everybody Immune from punishment.
Look at the situation In our own
city. Dozens of places where liquor
is sold and drunk—all kinds of it,
good, bad and very bad. If it is sold
by a reputable hotelkecper he in
pinched and fined or imprisoned, but
the bootlegger; the man who- has no
recognized place of business and who
occupies no place in the business
personnel; he goes scot free. The
man hwo drinks the liquor, who is
Just as much a transgressor of the
law as thc man who cells or peddle:
it, has seldom been apprehended.
Thc old evils remain with un plus
tlie new, and an intolerable position
has been created. A Prohibition Act
may be the right weapon to use to
eliminate the evils of the liquor traffic, but we doubt it. Xo one seems
to know how to use it. If it is right
to prohibit the manufacture, sale and
use of liquor in order Ui eliminate
the evils of the traffic, it is right to
prohibit co-habitation in order to
prevent the evils that result from
indulging the sexual passion, and
there ls only one way known to
science by which that can be done.
But there Is no Justification ror either. Some other remedy must be
Those who read the Nelson News
and who are not acquainted with the
facts would think that the 54th Battalion was a Nelson battalion.
Well, we are proud to say that
there ure a great many Cranbrook
boys In that battalion and they have
sure given a splendid account of
themselves. No battalion of the C.K.F.
has won greater glory and distinction than they; their valor and accomplishments have won the admiration of thc world, more especially
of that part of the world thnt Germany devastated and that the Allies
It seems difficult to arrange tu give
the boys as they return the welcome! ninnot fall to c
, One of the features of the above
function wus the first appearance of
, the City Band composed of BO
.pieces), whose Instruments had been
hidden throughout the four years of
war in tlie back gardens, down wells
, and other hiding places out of sight
■ of the Gormans.
t Tho 54th Battalion and the City
1 Band both played selections,
I The demonstration of the previous
| day referred to in the Mayor's ad-
] dress took the form of a thnnkssgiv-
; Ing service in the Cathedral, followed
I by the presentation of an address
and speeches In the city square. Major Bailey, representing tho Colonel,
they deserve, but on the field of battle in the cities delivered from tlie
cruel Hun the emancipatd French
and Belgian population know how to
show their appreciation:
A*n interesting dinner wns held at
Vulenciennes on November   13th   by
tnlton, November 18th. 1918.
To Col. A. B. Carey, D.S.O., Officers!on his behalf, received n medal from
and Soldiers of Canada, Ladies and . the city. Major Nicholson was in
Gentlemen:™ [charge  of  the  parade and  tho  bat-
Detnlned  by!  military   duties,   tlu; , tallon  marched  past the Mayor and
commanding officer of the G4th Bat-! through the streets of tho town.
tallon, to his great regret wns unable
to take part in the impromptu demonstrations planned by    our    people
yesterday  and  In   which   his  gallant
regiment took part, in  honor of tlu
brave Canadian troops quartered n<
our district Tor a few days.
Today the colonel is not only able
but  glad to be present  at this function, which will serve to establish in
a tangible way iu our community (he
bonds   of    common   sympathy,   nny,
more, of a mutual friendship   which
grow    from    more   to
moro between the Belgian and Canadian peoples.
May I be permitted to say once
more how great Is our admiration
for and how deep our gratitude to
tnoso who saved our dear country.
For  four years and  three  months
the ofHcers of the 54th Kootenay Bat- I w« endured the brutality and injus-
talUn, the occasion being in celebra | tlce of a militarism, which knew no
tion of the signing ot" the Armsticc. j restraint. We experienced every kind
Lieut.-Col. A. B. Carey, D.S.Q., pre- I 0f extortion, every evil of rule of
iided, and sixty officers were present, j force cruelly and shamelessly admin-
includlng General W. B. M. King, C. i latered. But at last, on the 9th of
M. G.; Brigadier-General J. M. Ross, j November, it was possible once more
breathe  the  pure  air  of  liberty.
It will probably take thc next four
years to tell of thc brave exploits of
the war. heroic deeds done by our
army, our navy and our flying forcee.
Very little was made public of the
wonderful performances or the British submarines, but they have been
gliding In silence hither and thither
like a shadow always on the track
of thc pirates and closing' up their
nvenues of communication fromineii
bases to tho open seas.-
Sir Eric Gedde.t, first lord of thc
admiralty, descrlhen the men of the
^Oth British mlne-lnyer flotilla,
some of the bravest and pluckiest of
the British navy.
Sir Eric said that night after night
British mine-laying submarines had
to proceed through the great German
mine fields, off Heligoland, to discover channels through which German boats left and returned to their
base. The British seamen then
blocked these channel*: with mines.
During the first six months of 1918,
Sir Eric added, more than 100 German boats were caught ln these trap
"On one occasion," said Sir Eric,
__ ..__ "four of our flotilla, going* into Hell-
future belongs to you, see that you t goland Bight, were observed by six
learn how to maintain Its glory ami I German outpost boats, which wore
ItH prosperity. ; leaving.   Our boats by subterfuge got
■  Inside and laid their mines and on
IS THE PROHIBITION ACT the return Journey mopped up all six
INTENDED TO HE A FARCE!; Of the German boats and took their
crew prisoner. Our mine barrier a-
cross the channel below Ostend trapped 17 German submarines In one
It may he possible to make sober
citizens by act of parliament, but not
by the present B. C. Prohibition Act,
If we may judge of its merits by
what It has accomplished. Never was
there a more disgusting result from
a reformatory measure than the condition brought about throughout the
province by the Prohibition Act.
Tho law is ignored everywhere;
there nre so many loopholes In it
that, ll Is much easier to evade the
law than lo keep it. It. may he a
fetish  of  the  Moral   Reform   Associa-
W. H. Wilson left yesterday to attend a meeting of the Associated
boards of trade at Nelson, to consider
thc good roads proposition. Mr. Wilson represents the Cranbrook Board
of Trade,
For Sale—A Columbia grapbonola,
three spring, 18 records go with tho
machine, practically new.—Apply to
D. S. O.; and Brigadier-General V
Odium, D. S. 0., and other senior ot-
flcers representing every unit and
staff in the 4th Canadian Division.
Others present Included: Colonels H.
T. Hughes, C. M. G.; Colonel C. It.
Peters, U. S. 0.; Lleut.-Cols. K. R.
Marshal, D.S.O.; H. S. Trotter, D. S.
O.; E. W, S. Ryan, D.S.O.; R. I).
Davles, D.S.O.; M. A. Scott, D.S.O.;
The Canadian Army coming to our
district for the first time brought us
the deliverance so long and so eagerly expected,
We have long been downcast and
depressed, but now our hearts are
full of joy and gladness.
Col. Carey: The inhabitants of La
Bouverie have welcomed  with  great
F. S. Metghen, C.M.G.: Majors J. B. 1 joy the Canadian troops,    it  is our
Kankin, D.S.O.; G. S. W. Nicholson, j aim to make their stay in our town
•*■ j as pleasant and agreeable as possible.
I*. I    Wo hope that your soldiers    may
tion; a. sort of a Jugornaut car of (ha j Un. I. Haley.
M.C.; Wt M. Kllpatrlck. M.C
B. Bailey, G. S. Currie, Mr. a. F
Liver say, Canadian War Correspondent, and many others. The Mayor
of the city of Valenciennes was also j given
present, and delivered a most stirring
address, in which ho warmly thanked
the Canadian troops for the deliverance of their city and its people. He
was ably supported by the president
of the French Hospital and Benevolent Society, who was also present,
and who paid speclul tribute to the
splendid work of thc Canadian Medical Department and Red Cross Society In their work of relief for tlie succored people of the city and neighboring district.
General Odium, who was In Paris
on Armistice day. gave a vivid description of the scenes witnessed in
that city on that memorable day, the
enthuslam being Indescribable in its
intenseness. General Kink spoke also
and outlined the desires of the higher
command us to the general policy of
the Canadian Corps ln relation to our
hosts, the French people, and towards our defeated enemy, the boche.
Other Interesting speeches were made
all appropriate to the occasion.
The dinner was held In a large hall,
which up till a few days previous hnd
been used as a German hospital. The
bond and the orchestra of the Mth
played during thc evening, and a
splendid concert party provided a
good night's amusement. The hall
was decorated with bunting and the
flags of the Allies, and the few civilians living near provided an abundance of palms and flowers for the occasion.
Notwithstanding the long advance
the corps had made and the great
distance now from railhead and supplies, the commissariat department
wan well looked after,- and a sumptuous sapper served- Major George
Nicholson and Captain Raphael having entire charge of all arrangements,
and credit la due them for one of the
most successful dinners ever held In
the Corps.
General Currie, who at thc Inst
minute was unable to attend, sent thc
following letter of regret:
Headquarters Canadian Corps,
12th Nov., 1018
"My Dear Carey,
"I hod looked forward with great
pleasure to dining with you and
your gallant officers tomorrow night,
but circumstances have arisen which
make lt necessary for me to visit
England. In order to return In time
to take part ln the march to the
Rhine, I must leave tomorrow morning and so forego the pleasure I had
"I know you will celebrate right
merrily, and you have every justification for doing so. After more than
four years of bitterest battle wo have
won, won because Ood willed It so,
and because men like yourself, officers and other ranks of the 54th
Battalion, did not know the word defeat.
"While'the thought of fallen comrades must come to your mind, let it
not Interfere with your rejoicing.
They would be the last to wish It so,
so shout and sins for the victory fs
(Signed)     "A. W. CURRIE."
The following waa the address delivered by the Mayor of La Bouverie,
Belgium, at a public reception tn the
Town Hall of that city In honor of
tba Mth (KootaiM) Cwadlau Bat-
find In our country and by our firesides a little of the joys they have
up iu their land and their
homes over yonder for the sacred
task of defending right and justice.
Honor to the brave Canadian
troops. Honor to the officers who
have led them to victory. AU honor
to the heroes who have saved our nation and have restored to us thos*
most precious gifts, liberty nnd independence.
Long live the Colonel. Long live
Ln Bouverie is a smaller town a
few miles to the south of Mons.
Amsterdam, Jan. 6th.—The rfpnr-
tacus group Sunday evening made another attempt to seize the reins of
power in Berlin aud occupied tho office of tho Wolff Bureau, the semiofficial news agency.
Tho last telegram received here
from the Wolff Bureau announced the
seizure of its office. Private advices
Bay that tho Spartacans occupied the
offices of half a dozen big newspapers
including the Socialist  Vorwaerts.
The officers of the Wolff Bureau
and tlie leading1 newspapers are
concentrated In a small urea south
of Unter den Linden, which is accessible from Oranburg, a working-
men's quarter. This Ib one of the
strongholds of the 8partacans, who
previously seized newspaper offices,
but were unable to gain control of
the city.
Be sure and test all makes
of machines in town before
We Stock the
Brunswick <t
Encourage Comparison is our
Large Assortment of Records
Raworth Bros.
Next to ttie Postofftce.
When in need of a purgative, do not resort to violent cathartics, but take the
gentle, natural laxative—
UtfMt 3ala of any Madiciaa Ia tha WoilA
Sold avvrrwheru.   In boa*-, 25a.
A factory worker was heard ti
remark, " We often have accidents,
but I've escaped so far." Ht little
thought he would be next. Yet ha
was! His injury wai only a alight
one and he neglected It. It began
to fester. Then blood-poisoning set
la and developed so quickly that he
had to have his arm amputated.
Mow about you ? You may be
next! You can safeguard yourtelf
against the result of accidents, as
many other people hava, done, by
keeping Zam-Buk always handy.
Miss S. A. Wernicke of Hilton,
B.C., accidentally ran a needle se
far Into her finger that it pierced
the bone. She writes: "My hand
became so stiff and swollen that t
could not use lt. I naturally tried
every remedy I knew of, but It only
got worse. Blood-poisoning developed and extended right up my
arm. The pain wis intense, and I
certainly thought I would lota my
arm, which was In a terribly in-
named and swollen state, and literally covered with lumps, A friend
advised me to use Zam-Buk, which
I did, and lt was not long before
the pain grew less. With perseverance the Inflammation was all
drawn out, the swelling and lumps
disappeared, and my ara waa icon
quite well again."
Zam-Buk Is also heat for eczema
and all skin troubles, ulcers, run-
njngRores and piles. AH stores, 60c.
Soft White Hands
Washing dishes or rut glass with Ivory
Soap will not roughen or redden your
hands as when ordinary soaps are used.
Ivory contains no Iree alkali or other
harsh materials to damage the tender
skin. When you consider the money
housekeepers spend for lotions and cream
to keep their hands presentable, the use
of Ivory Soap in the kitchen can be
recommended as an economy.
99ffl> PURE
if F0i©A'i!"">
Medein the Procter & Gamlile feetertes nt llemilton, Canodv     \S
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Cumuli) Limited .
Office, smelting and Refining Department
I'urvlia-er of Gold, Silver, Copper, Loud aud Zinc Ores.
Tabauac Brand Pig Lead, Blue-tone, Spelter and Copper
Feather Light
The users  are  the  Con*
Nov/ Open for Engagement,.    On* to
Four Fleeet
The Music with the PEP.    For Term-
or phone an Crnnbrook, B. C,
Spokane, Washington
Thin house hu thi
hippy .llitlnctlon ol heing the favorite stopping place In Spokane
for the people of British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage and do
everything In onr power
to make you comfortable.
Onr location ls excellent —
close to Oreat Northern Station
and 0. W B. * N.-llllweuke
terminal, and within a mlo'ite's
walk trom the principal business
houses and places ot amusement
See SteanshlD oa
Building and
Job Work
Clarke & Sainsbury
Phone 1» or 87S     P.O. Box 809
Meets In the
Parish Hall
Srst Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
at 3 p.m.
Pres., Mrs. B.
H. Leaman
Secy, Un. J. W. Burton, P. O. Box 611.
All ladles cordially Invited.
Can you think of any reason why
there should not be one In your
CIvU aU Mining Engineers
B. C. Land Surveyors
nr*. Green & MacKinnon
I'hjulrluiis and Surgeons
Ofllct  at  residence,  Armntron-
Forenoons    9.00 lo 10.00
Afternoon*- ....... 2.00 tn   4 00
Rvenlnes   7.30 lo   8.10
Hundsys   2..10 to   -.30
CltANIIIinoK. B. ('.
Meets   every
Monday night
 at Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
E. H. McPhee,      J.W. Straw,
Becy. N. O.
Ofllce In Hanson Block
9 to 13. a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
Private Nursing Home
Licensed by Provincial  Oovt.
Maternity and General Nursing
Massage and Rsst Cure, Highest
References, terms moderate.
Apply Mrs. A. Crawford, Matron
Phone 259 P. o Box 8(6
Address, Garden Ave. Cranbrook
Craabreak, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at S p.m. Is
the Fraternity Hill
C. G. Borgstrom, C. C.
C. H. Collins, K. R. A B.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Forwarding and Dlstrlbating
Agent for
LetkkrMge ul OrMakOJ Ceal
l-snertal OB Ca.
Dtatrtmtton Can a BpeeUtty.
"-■niiitr antl Transferring
(Uvea prompt attention
i'he Shoe Specialist
SaUsfaetton Guaranteed
.imdauarters for all klnda of
Re jalra
Pkeae IM
Norbury Ave, next to City Hall
Montana Reataaranl
Meals st AH Hoars
' lnr>. I htsrelle. and I'aad*
'ppo.lt. tha Bank of Commerce
Automobiles for hire.. .Bo- »
oa Green Bay Im CoBBeetloM.
If vou want satisfaction
with your washlD*
send It to
Sr-eclal Driest for family
Jul.lliiir I'll) lor Women. |5 . box or ttineio.
lu.jtol* tt ejl lirof ntow m jnsIM H any
Til I Live* .11. UtUi
wib^iiiro.;^      -^
Posul IMttrlct Aet.
Pursuant to the provision!-, of Section 11 of this Act, notice Ib hereby
given of the appointment of Charles
Langrhtge ot Bull River, B.C., as
poundkeeper, of tho pound established
In the Bull River district aad located
at tba Junction of the Government
read and tha But! River, being Lol 118
C. P. a Map.
Minister of Agriculture
nspailmsal al AcrkaHan,
-HslOTta, Ml C„ Dm. im. Mil. M->| THURSDAY,  JAN.  9th,  1919
MANY People buy luxuries
today anil put oft buying
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Properly fitted lil.ASSKS
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£ 91
Insuro with Beale & Elweli.
Kilby Frames pioturoa;   phone !-.
Curling Bonspiel — Commences on
Monday, Jan. 13th.
Cat lieen 868 are coming Into favor.
Hasn't our paternal government overlooked a bet here?
Piano and Theory lessons by
arrangement. Phone 104 or box
428—Mrs. Van Braam, 337 Burwell Avenue. 46-tf,
The chief or police has rocolvoil the
dog taxi's mul licences tor tli" year
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BWCfttora, rogitjar [price ?18.00, on
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Merchants' lunches a specialty al
the Y. M. C. A.
Next Thursday is municipal election
day.   Vote early and often.
Kor Sale—Second Hand  Cutter  in
good repair. Cheap; address box 17.'
Cranbrook, B. C. l*3t
is there to be no election? Are
all the municipal offices to be filled
by acclamation?
Provincial Constable Charles Kerr,
is nol yet fully recovered Trom a
severe attack of the flu.
Indie*' Attention ll'itvv % wool
combinations, reg. price $3.00, on sale
$2.00.— Moffatt's Variety Store.
Kootenay Orchards school re-open- I
ed on Monday with Mian Peterson.
tearlier, in charge.
Family dinners, six o'clock, on Sundays, it the V  M. C. a.
Bt}; cruncher ami Frank Bruce, ol
Hull River, ror robbing a hen roost,
were each-fined $10 and costs,
Heavy Wool Men's Sacks, at 40c,
50c and 86c, at Moffatt's Variety ,
A meeting of the Lumbermen's Association is being held in the <Ity this
evening in Jackson's Hall
li, s. McCreath, of Creston, was a
business visit nr In Cranbrook last
Mr. Manners of the Kootenoy Orchards was in Vancouver iliis week,
bidding god-speed to his sun Addison
who left on tho Siberian expedition.
Snap In khiie.ias Regular $6.00 &
$0,011. on sale nl $4,2fi and $3.60.—Moffatt's Variety Store
Orders   for  gee
length, apply tn .
64, Cranbrook
The Annual Convention of the B. c.
school:  Principal,  Miss  Rum-: »»"m.en'» -Moci-tion will b„ held
Primary  and   Kindergarten
ivcok-end with .Mill] "f Brlckson.
l)   fir   wood,     any
F Huclicroft, iiox
recently  spent    n
and Mrs. B. Bottor-
&'W'»j  !mv »*••••
yoa inhale cold germs, sun:.,    f I
which are bmiod to lodge iti tfco I
iitro.it and breathing   pass - «. f
You cannot prevent this.    t       .
can, however, prevent their -     ;
velopment which sets up In ' »n> J
matlon   resulting   in coughs,!
colds, bronchitis, sore throat mid j
laryngitis. I
'Co avoid these troubles, kerp j
the throat- nasal and breathing j
passage* bathed with the itteiiki- I
•ial and germ-destroy log vat   r (
thu i.i released when Pej    art. ]
dissolved in the mouth.    Th1* j
vapor mingles with tic brei   ■ J
and reaches the remotest part*- ■ i
ihe  throat,  breathing   pn  ..■,.     ,
>nd Itingsj destroying ;.'!l :■■■>...■
land preventing Infection.
^    :'• ifegturd yourself by Ueepi
I >- supply uf  Peps on ham .
I box.     All dealers or Peps Oi
-1 Toronto,
I I RKK TRIAL package will t
I sent you upon receipt of this r
1 vertlsethent and lc. stamp I
I cover return postage.
aay, Burwell avenue,
tlculars phono ,,57.
For par
Li 111
r,J Wednesday and Thursday. Jan.
and 16th at Kelowna, Q, C.
phosk no. im,
Drees making at reasonable
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There was no •service in the Presbyterian church last Sunday, owing
to the ban having been lifted in
Kaslo, and Rev, M. C. Campbell, who
was to have occupied Knox church
pulpit here had to minister to his own
Miss Kumsay's kindergarten and
primary school ofens on BuVwell
avenue next Monday. School hours
are from 9.30 to 12 noon and from
2 to 4 o'clock iu the afternoon. The
Arob of her pupils range from two
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'The sun never sets on the circulation of the Cranhrook Herald. It is
read in the courts of the King's palace, and In the lonely miner's cabin
on the hillside. The BCOpe is large
enough, but not general enough. Will
you help to make it general? Close
Up tlie gaps, between one reader and
another. The CranbrMk Herald
should be in every houjS within 60
miles of the office of publication.
Creston Indians celebrated New
Yearn on a considerable scale though,
to the recent flu epidemic, there
were no outside reds there for the big
celebration. This year's purchase for
the "big catem" were largely of biscuits nnd apples, the higher prices of
candy and scarcity or .lap oranges
limiting the consumption   In   these
ties. Joe Qoodman and Paseellc re-
meuibored the mission church, each
purchasing 11 new stove tor it. white
Old Nick Invested In a brand new $8f,
range to sec that tlie cooking feature
of the jamboree did not miffer for the
want of good bnklng equipment.—
CreslOn  Review.
A. B. Buchanan, of Vancouver, has
accepted tt position with tlie Cran-
brnokDrug and Hook Co. He arrived
last Thursday.
Mr. Smith, secretary of the Farmers
Institute Ib a busy man these days
looking after incoming shipments of
hay consigned to the Institute,
The fine against tiie proprietor oi
thc Canadian hotel was not for offering liquor for sale, but merely ror
"having liquor in an unlawJfcil place.'"
Miss Agnes Molsio of Port Moody
has arrived in Cranbrook nnd is
teaching in the South Word School in
place of Miss Taylor, now Mrs. I
Shields. Miss Molsio was recent ly ;
teaching in Flagstone.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Parrel), late of i
Caithness, have moved into Cran- |
brook and have settled in thc house
recently vacated by Mr. Blgee. Mr. j
Farrell is now bush foreman for the I
East Kootenay Lumber Co.
Miss Atherton. who has lately been
teaching in Hosmer, has taken the
place of Mis:, McEwon in the Central
School, Cranbrook.
The wife and family of our new
station agent, (!. T. Moir, late of Rossland, have arrived In Cranbrook and
nave taken up their residence on
fjimsden Avenue.
The Coal Co. at Fernie, will present
a targe cup and four smaller ones tn
be played for al tho District Bpnsplel.
It is proposed to make the hig cup
the annual trophy for tho Grand
The following officers we're elected
hy the Fernie C.W.V.A. on Sunday for
the ensuing year:    President, (i. (i.
Moffatt;  vice-president. J. Davidson; .
Sec.-Treas.,   F.   Warwick;   executive. 1
T. Allen. H. Brown and lt. Williams.
Coasting on the sidewalks, boys, is
against   the  law   and  yon  are  liable'
to be  pinched.    The officers 0! the
law do not want to take alt the joy
out of life, but they must protect tiie
life and limb or tho people who musi
use  tho sidewalks to gel   down  town
and   back   again.     Some   pedestrians
have heen seriously injured by being
knocked down  liy   a coaBting    sled. \
This Is a serious enough matter   t"
cause the parents of boys with coast-j
ing  sleds   to  stop   their   hoys    from I
coasting on tho sidewalks.    If some-'
body is maimed for lite or il   may he
fatally  injured  through   this   unlaw-]
ful coasting you parents will regret;
it. bui il will he too late.   Acl NOW.
Among the skips who expect to
lake rinks to Cranhrook for the District Honspiet are: A. C. Uplj-irdt.'
Jas. Johnston, \V. liiincjistcr. It. M.
Voung, S. Herchmer. L 13. McDonald,
W. Bardrcy. F. C, I.awe, T. Prentice!
nnd J. R, Wallace
Singer Sewing machines for family
use. look all the first prizes nt the
San Prnncosco Fair judged by experts.
They must be the best machine; for
sale at the Singer store for five
dollars cash and $3.00 monthly. We
will take your old machine in part
payment.   Phone 157. 2-mly
Let's see, which would sound tlie
best? Mayor Mackinnon, Mayor Cameron, Mayor Nlsbet, Mayor Bowness]
Anything wrong with these combinations? Has anybody a better combination lo suggest, Mayor Clapp has
sounded fine and dandy and we don't
suppose anybody would feel agrlcved
if tlie combination was kept in tact
for another year.
The dance given by the Fernie
branch of the Navy league in Victoria
Hall on New Years' eve was a decided
success in every wny, thc Cranbrook
Orchestra providing the music. Possibly the crowd was a bit too large
for the hall but all enjoyed themselves and the funds of a most worthy
organization were increased in a
generous way.- Cranhrook League
pleaco copy.
Boys' Toques mid Cap:; at 65c'S5c
and SI.00. all wool, at Moffatt-s Variety Store.
No, this didn't happen in Cranbrook. it took place in Calpary: When
Sergeant rBodio Davldsoijsknodked at
the back door of 026 Ninth avenue
east last night, about 40 men rushed
out tiie front door. The ^sergeant
managed to corral nine of the men.
and they are charged with vagrancy.
Thc premise*, are alleged to he used
ror gambling purposes, jaud when
Sergt. Davidson appeared last night
there was one woman present, She
informed tlie magistrate this morning
that she had merely none there to s e
a sick friend and the charge against
her was withdrawn. The others arc
out on ball of $2fi each, and if rltey
tind work within a week thoy will be
allowed to go.
"1 hated eooktng because' whatever
1 ate gave me sour stomach aud a
bloated feeling. I drank hot wnter
and olive oil by ihe gallon. Nothing
helped until I tried simple buckthorn
bark, glycerine, etc., ae mixed In Ad-
ler-i-ks.*' Bccauw! It flushes the ENTOMB bowel tract completely Adler-i-
ka relieves ANY CAMS sour stomach.
gas or constipation and prevents appendicitis. The INSTANT action is
surprising. - Brattle-Murphy Co., Ltd.,
(Section   3-1)
in the matter of Lol s7r.^. containing 640 acres moro or less, tiie South-
West    1-4.   Hie   Smith   Kast   1-4   of   the
North West I 4. tho North 1-2 uf tho
South Kast. 1-4. Hie South West 1-4
of lhe South East 1-1. the North West
1-4 of the North West 1*4. and the
South West l-l (lr the North Weal
1-1 of Lot Sail; the North 1-2 ami the
South Kast 1-4 of the North West 1-4,'
the Nurth West i-i of the North East]
1-4.   liie^Ve.l .l.-'J.ol   the  gOUtJl   E«  '
1-4 and the South West 1--1 of the
North East 1-4 of Lot 340 and the
North East 1-4 of the North Kast l-i
of Lot 341, nil ol' Croup J. Kootenay
Ami also hi Wu- matter of Pan
(609'l-2 acres) of Lot 6623, Qroun 1.
District aforesaid, as registered In
Indefeasible Fees Book Vol. I, Pol. 4^;
No. 1261-1.
Proof having been filed In my office of the loss of Certificates uf Title
Nos. 7!KI-I and 1201-1, to the Obrfvo.
mentioned lands, in the name of Urn ]
Jewish Colonization Association, and,
bearing date the Pith of April.
1012, and 16th of December, 1912.
respectively. | HEREBY GIVE
NOTICE of my intention at the
expiration of one calendar month
from the first publication hereof to
issue lo tlie said Jewish Colonization
Association fresh Certificates of Title
in lieu of such lost Certificates. Any
portion having any information with
reference to such lost Certificates of
Title is requested to communicate
With the undersigned.
Dated of the Land Registry Office.
Nelson, 11. C. litis 13th day of November, 1018.
District  Registrar  of Titles.
Dale of First Publication, November 21»t, HHS. 48-6t
CiimmenelDg Mil Win. JAM AKY iti, Everything
iiiii-l go, In LADIES', (IIII.liKKVs and HEX'S IVIM'KI:
Hf.llll in |>rr OMil nit all ORTCOOUS anil HI per cent
off everything In light   H'atrh oyr wlnditw. for banrains
Moffatt's Variety Store
During influenza epidemics spray
the in im* ami throat tteveral time-, a
«lay with 011c part Wlsurtl Oil and
two pari*- water, using an atomizer
If you haven't au atoini/cr, gargle
thc throat and snult the mixture up
the note; This treatment sets up au
antiseptic wall of defense against
"Klu" germs.
Choit colds and sore throat lead
to grin. .Stop them at once with
Wizard Oil before they can develop
into dangerous Influent*,
Get it from druggists for 30c. If
not satislied, return the bottle and
get your money Back.
Ever constipated or have sick headache: Just try Wizard I.her Whips,
pleasunt little pink pills, .lOc at druggists    Guaranteed.
C'nnbrook Land District—DNirlrt of
Kast Kootenay
Take notice that I, Harry Rymell,
of Kitchener, occupation Laborer, intend to apply for permission to pur-
, chase the following described lands:
-••Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast corner of lot 3903;
thence 20 chains south; thence 20
clialnB west; thence 20 chains north;
thenco 20 chains east to place of commencement; containing 40 acres, excepting the B. C*Bouthorn right of
Harry Rymoll.
Dated October 12th, 1018.
Date of first publication of this notice October 17th, IIU. «-lt
High Class Tailoring
For Ladies <& Gents
> pi rial Reductions in Stock
Mackinaw Coats and Shirts
McLEOD, Manager
S Gold
The biggest thing in the way of
laundry soap is Gold Soap. It
is as good as laundry soap
can be. It is bigger, weighs
more, and lasts longer than any
other cake at the price. When
you buy it compare the size.
When you use it compare the
Cold Soap is made in the Procter at Gamble'Factoriet
at Hamilton,'Canada
Chew It after every meal
The Flavour Lasts! PAQH FOUI
THURSDAY, JAN.  9th,  1919
Miss Irene Donahoe, accountant at
the Crows' Nesi Pass Lbr. Co, here,
left Tuesday ior the coast, where, she
will spend her holidays.
Mr. Clius. Howard returned from
Cranbrook last week where he has
heen laid up in the St. Eugene Hos-
pita. With the "Flu" fur several wee
At the present time Mr. Howard
Improving nicely.
Mr. V. X. Feldhausen made
Jng trip lo Cranhrook Sunday.
Miss A. Bastherg returned from
Nelson ou Thursday where she spent
her holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Qene Stone left recently for Cour d'Alene, Idaho, wliere
they will spend s couple uf months
vh-itiug with friends and relative*.
Mrs. Jack Wrlghl is on the sick
list this week.
Miss Laura Thompson spent Saturday and Sunday in Hull River vis-
lling friends.
Mr. ami Mrs   I-'. K. niacins return
e  from  Coeur d'Alene.   Ida.,  on
silay.   where   they   spent   a   few-
Mr. nnd Mrs. Thos. liuuday and
daughter lofl Saturday for Creston,
where   they   will   make   their   futui
home.   Mr. Dundy was former atath
agent for the C. I'. R. here.
News Item In the Calgary Herald
last weak saying the Kaiser's ball
quite while. Jim Thlstleneak says if
H is. ii is iho only thing white ahout
him unless it he his liver.
The post week was the gayest iu
Elko for some lime. Mrs! .lack Graham, Riverside Pork, entertained a
number of her friends at her house
New Yours Eve, Tlie rooms w<
prettily decorated with the flags of
tho allies, dancing and cards were hi
dulged in. At midnight refreshment!
were served, delicious lea and cor.
fee went round with jovial chat, and
sweetest cakes with rich and buttery
d(casing that would make a man love
his n oilier iu law, and there was a
number of surprises wnicii had been
plnnnod by the popular hostess and
".'ere greatly enjoyed hy all present.
Mrs. Oeo. H. Scott and two children, of Nelson, passed through  Elko
New Years to Roosvlllo, B. C. wlier
Mr. Scott owns and wonts a 600 acre
Mrs. Fred ltoo gave a charming
dunce at Roosviiie New* Years compll-
mentry to Miss E. B. faterson or the
Kootenay Orchards, Cranbrook, who
was spending Iho holidays with the
family. Visitors from Ottawa, Toronto, Regina, Rat Portage, Victoria. Ok-
otocks, who were visiting friends in
the Valley, were among the invited
guests. The Roosviiie String Band
under tlie direction or rror. Ferguson
supplied the music, anil a jolly time
wits spent.
Mr, Fred Roo spent New Years
weeks at Roosviiie and Flagstone.
List  nf   HuTOihis  this   Week.
PIANOFORTE—xbnlliclracr,   cabinet
grand, splendid condition; ?-i)5.
BICYCLE—In lino condition, »20.
BUFFET—Mission oak, *30.
for coal or wood; all cheap,
complete, $20.
Rhone 'J; if you want to buy anything
Phone 9
For Hale    Cutter, also  liahy Sleigh
and Crib. -P, 0. llox 827. l-3t
Watnod- Underwood typewriter in
Komi condition. Musi he cheap for
cash.   Address Hox 10, Herald.     1-Iit
FOR RENT—Modern Bungalow. For
particulars apply C, Von Braam- phone
40-1, or F\ O. Box 42S. fiO-tf.
WANTED nt Once—Saleslady with
some knowledge of dry goods and
who is not iifrnid of worjt, call at
the Herald Office.
For Sale -Circular BttW and frame
and good leather hell. Can be seen ot
Cranhrook Trading Co, a bargain,
$uo.—j. p. (Justiifsoii. i-:tt
Housekeeper Wanted-Middle aged
lady without children, good wage to
suitable person. Address Box A,
Herald Office. i-3t
LOST -On Wednesday evening, a
small wallet, containing $40.00. Owner's name on registration card. Finder
return to Herald Office and receive
reword. 50-lt
Will Buy for Cash several second
hand Ford cars suitable for light express, slate lowest cash price. Ford
cylinders rehored and fitted with oversize pistons, piston pins ami rings.
Work guaranteed. Two second hand
Chevrolet Model 41)0 for sale.
B0-3t.      Smedley's Oarage Co. Nelson.
16 In. green blocks 3 Ins. lo 12 ins,
thick, SH ricks $6.60. Ordinary sptft
green VA ricks $8.00. Other lengths
In proportion. Plume O. B. Footc,
Wyaliffo lino, between fi and 8 morning or evening. Free Telephone Service. ,   '
The Elko Old Timers celebrated
New Years night in good Old Klko
style, an impromptu affair that proved to Ih; one of the best sociable events
ever held In the Old Hiatorlii Burg.
Jim ThiBtlebeak was conspicuous by
his absence. The Assembly Rooms
were hired for the occasion and tlie
ladies got together with flags and
hunting and decorated the hull and
others were looking after the refreshment end of tiie entertainment and by
the reports it was sure some kind of
a night. The hall was packed, everybody was there to celebrate and the
opening chorus was entitled "Put all
your troubles in your old kit bag, and
smile. Smile, SMILE!" and everybody
Ray O. Hlrtz. Elko's Beau Brum-
met, ncted as M, C, and kept everything going nt the rate of 10 weddings.
One of the features of tlie evening
was a song by Morgan Edmunds, entitled "God Bless the Prince of Wales"
In the Welsh language, and for an
encore danced the Druid's Cake Walk,
Alex. Rlrnle, the well known livery
and auto man. sang a classic of Old
Aberdeen to the tune of the Riot Act
iuOaelic. This wns a scream and had
to be repeated. If Alex would only
quit the livery business and go on the
vaudeville stage he would have green
money sticking to him like files to a
honey covered dog. Gorman (the human ferret) song, "On the Bridge at
Midnight, tilt I got the Flu" and for
tin encore "Just tell them that you
saw me iu a hox cur going west";
Miss Irene McKee, the Elko nightingale snngseveral selections which
were well received. There wus dancing and prancing and themerry crowd
hesitated, tangoed and lame ducked,
and jolly companionship, good cheer
and happiness were done up in large
packages. It was a big family gathering, as Urn Thistlebeakwould say, one
ofthem social gatherings that soothes
and cleanses tlie pores, removes bad
feelings and petty jealousy, leaving
the mind clear nnd fresh. The whole
company formed themselves into a
committee und will have these gatherings every two weeks.
Miss Gllmore of Toronto is visiting
the Roosviiie Valley, the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Jim Broley, Sunkist Orchard.
Considerable high class furs arc
coming Into Roosviiie this winter.
The Flagstone Sunshine Society iteld
several dances Christmas and New
Years week.
young and old and with a very small
membership too for ttie different lines
of sport enough revenue could he raised to cover the current expenses, aud
Cranbrook would tiave an amusement
hall for her youug and old that would
he u credit to the town.
Yours truly.
Editor Crauhrook Herald.
Having been approached by a number of citizens to stand for Mayor iu
the forthcoming election and hearing
from several sources that It Is my
intention, I kindly ask space enough
in your valuable paper to satisfy any
thnt has that impression. My answer
j is candidly NO. While during my few
years as resident and particularly
through the first half I had taken
great interest in the affairs of thc
city and very carefully watched the
manner in which the city affairs were
carried on, while I do not aim to
criticize but cannot see any marked
growth, and sec ttiat this cannot he
laid at all times to the city fathers,
hut many times to the citizens themselves.
Citizens, now thut the wnr ls over,
let one and ull take an example from
our greatest leaders of this new age
such as Lloyd Qeorgo, Prealdent Wilson, Gen. Foch, Gen. Pershing and
others and reconstruct our city, reach
out one and all, support and protect
our merchants, fill our houses, fill our
churches, build up our city socially,
financially and morally and lastly
educationally, as while it has heen
seen that the sword lias been powerful, it has been demonstrated that the
pen is the mightier. But tlie hand that
.•ule the world. Why? Let it be a
rocks the cradle is the hand that will
boy or girt and rightly brouglu up nnd
educated properly it will be the ruling power. Look well to the school
hoard, the present is a credit.
Thanking you for this space.
This is au old place known as tlie
Bellinger Ranch adjoining the town j
of Marysvllle, ll. C.   The North Star
Branch of the C. P. R. runs through j
this property.    There is six hundred
acres in this   tract,   mostly   under
fence; 125 acres cleared, plowed, levelled  and   ready  for  seeding either
to grain, timothy, alfalfa, potatoes or j
other vegetable crops;  LOO acres additional land cleared and ready for
the plow.   The improvements on this i
land have cost. $15000.00.   Tlie farm
buildings  consist   of a   commodious
residence, large barn, hay shed, chic- j
ken   houses,   hog   pens,   root   house, j
blacksmith's shop and graiuery. Wa- j
ter rights have been procured for irrigating and the ditch  partly built,
The property enjoys the advantage of
being within ir, minutes walk of the
town of Marysvllle, B.O., where there
is  a  school,  church,  hotel,  general
siore, post office, police station and
railway station. The Klnnierley Mines
and lumbering operations lu the vicinity provido u  ready market for all
kinds of  farm  products.    There  are
several thousand acres of open grazing land in the mountains adjoining,
whicli   will   tie   available   for   many
yenrs. The price of this laud Is $35.00
per acre.  $2000.00  cosh,  balance  iu
10  equal  annual   payments   with   interest at 7 per cent per annum,
For further particulars apply to
51-41 Hox 180, Lethbrldge.
umiomsT niriu'ii
Pastor: Rev. R. W. l*e.
Sunday nexl
11 a.m.—Divine Service.
12 to 1 p.m.—Sabbath School.
7.30—Subject; "Why Men Should ro
to Church."
A hourly invitation to all.
.d'.tor Cranbrook Herald:
Hear Sir—There seems to he a good
deal of misunderstanding with regard to the reason for asking the city
to buy the Arena Rink.
The idea has apparently got around
that it is mainly the curlers who
want the rink and that ttie curler*: are
the only ones that will derive any
real benefit from it. Different people have complained to me during tiie
last few days that the present arrangement of the curling Ice tn the
centre of tlie rink spoiled R completely for skating or hockey and that if
tlie present Ice was a wimple of what
they could expect tn the future it
would not lie satisfactory. As one
who Is interested in anything that
tends to increase tlie possibilities of
(dean, wholesome sport for both
young and old In our town 1 would
like to put the proposition as plainly
as possible before the ratepayers for
their consideration.
In tiie first place, a public meeting
was called to discuss ways and means
of procuring thc rink for tlie purpose
of holding a Bonspell. If this could
be arranged it would mean tbe bringing of possibly 150 people to Cranbrook for from 3 to 5 days and would
mean a good deal of advertisement for
our town if it could be carried out
At that meeting it was proposed to
ask tlie city to buy the rink and
make of It a public Institution. A
canvas was made of the city to procure tbe necessary number of names
of rate payers to a petition asking
the council to submit a by-law to he
voted on at the general election on
the lfitli of January.
Wliile this was satisfactory as far
as it went, it did not procure thc
rink nor Insure the Bonspell coming
to Crnnbrook and lt was up to the
curling club to make the best arrangements possible with Mr. Levit,
tlie present owner of the rink. The
arrangement made between tiie curling club and Mr. Levlt was a temporary lease of the property till tlie first
or February for tlie sum of $200, It
was considered thnt this amount of
time would Insure the holding of the
Bonspell in Crnnbrook, also give
time for the by-law to be voted on
nt the coming election. If the by-law
passes and thc city takes the property
over lt will naturally he up to the
council to run lt from year to year
as they see (It
But I understand that the suggestion will be made to have the side
walls extended outward so as to
allow two sheets of curling Ice nn one
side and one on the other, thereby
leaving! the centre of the rink for
skating and hockey as It was originally.
If this was done and an athletic
club organized there Is no reason
why curling, skating and hockey
could not be carried on during the
winter and the rink used as a drill
hall for the school children and a
gymnasium In the summer. With a
little shavings on tiio ground, rings,
horizontal bars and trapeze ln place,
it would make a good play ground
during the summer months for both
Rev. John P. Sinclair, pastor
Sunday, Jan. 12th.  IMfl
11 mm.—Divine Service, Subject "The
Man who was Fleeced."
12 noon—Church   School   and   Bible
7.SO p.m.—Evening  Worship, subject
"Unconditional  Surrender—  The
Terms of the Armistice."
Thursday 8 p.m.
Prayer und Bible Study.
A heart handshake awaits you.
Tired Woman
Took Vinol
Now She  is Strong nnd
Philadelphia, P. A.-"l was overworked, run down, nervous, could not
eat or sleep. I felt like crying ull the
time. I tried different remedies without benefit. Thc doctor said it was a
wonder I was alive, and when Vinol
was given me I began to Improve. I
have taken eight bottles and am now
strong and perfectly healthy in every
respect, and have gained in weight.
I can not praise Vinol enough."—MrB.
Sarah A. Jones, 102f» Nevada St.,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Wc guarantee Vinol to make overworked, weak women  strong or re- j
turn your money.   Formula on every}
bottle.   This Is your protection.
Cranbrook Drug ft Book Co., druggists j
iy    THE   MATTER   OF
In  the   Mutter   el'  Columbia   Valley
Irrigated 1'iuil Lands Limited.
thc Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit
Lands Limited, of Invermere, B.C., a
body incorporated by Letters Patent
j under the Companies Act of the Dominion oi Canada laud hereinafter referred In as the Petitioner Company),
has filed in the office of the Comptroller ot Water Rights al Victoria.
11. C„ and also in tlie office of tlie
Water Recorder at Wilmer. B.C,
First—A Petition to the Lleuiennnl-
Qovernor-in-Counctl, for;
(ni An Order-In-Council approving the transfer by the Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands Limited of
Wilmer B, C, u body Incorporated
under the Companies Act of British
Columbia, of the whole of Its undertaking, including all Its water records, rights-of-way, (lams, ditches,
pipe lines and nil works connected
With its irrigation system, lo the
Petitioner Company.
(hi An Order-in-t'oiinctl directing
the Comptroller of Water Rights to
Issue to the Petitioner Company a
License for conveying purposes, under
Section 171 of the Waler Act as amended by Chapter 75, HUT, and Chapter
!i8 of IMS. In respect of all the wnter
entitled to be diverted and used under the Water Records mentioned in
the Determination Order of thc Board
of Ivncstigation under thc Water Act,
dated  18th April,  1918.
Secondly—A Petition to the Honorable the Minister of Lands, for a
Certificate approving the two undertakings of the Petitioner Company,
namely—the Wilmer division and the
Lake Division.
Press Advertising
Sold Victory Bonds
BEFORE tho war, bond buyers were 'marked men.' In number they were
10,000 in March, 1917—this is shown by the number of purchasers
of the Government War Loan of that date. But in the autumn of the
same year, llieir number increased twenty times—to 820,000! This was
iho number purchasing the Victory Loan, 1917. Last month, 1918—
over 1,000,000 persons purchased the Victory Loan, 1918!
wonderful results were accomplished liy Press Advertising.
Before tlie war one-half of one per cent of onr people bought bonds. Now
quite twelve and one-haf per cent, of onr people are bond buyers. !
Before tlir stupendous amount of
$«7I>,000,000 worth of bonds could bo
sold to onr Canudlan people ln three
weeks a most thorough nnd exhaustive cumimlgn of education wuh
necessary, nnd this campaign was
cirrlcd through by advertising In
the public press. Thc power of the
printed word never bad a more convincing demonstration.
By moans of the printed word,
through thc medium of advertisements In the press of our country.
I lie Canadian people were made to
know what bonds are, the nature of
ihelr security, their attractiveness as
nn investment, and why the Government had to sell bonds.
Every point and feature of Victory
Ilonds was Illustrated and described
before antl during the campaign—In
advertisements. No argument was
overlooked. No selling point was
The result Is that Canadians to-day
aro a nation of bondholders.
They know what a convenient, safe
and profitable form of Investment
bonds are. Instead of one man In
two hundred owning bonds, now ono
Canadian in eight—Men, women and
children — owns a Government Security.
This complete transformation In the
national mind and habits was
brought about by advertising ln the
press of the nation. Press advertising has Justified Itself as the surest
and speediest method by which a
man's reason can be Influenced and
The Minister of Finance acknowledges this.  His own words are:
"The wonderful success of the Loan was due in large measure
to their (the press of Canada) splendid and untiring efforts
(luring the whole of the Campaign."
E. It. Wood, Chairman of thc Dominion Executive Committee having oversight of the
campaign to raise Victory Loan, 1918, said "... The press .publicity campaign . . .
will rank ns one of the most remnrkablc and efficient publicity campaigns ever undersell In any country," and Mr. J. H. Gundy, Vlco-Chalrman ot the same committeo said:
"1 luivc been selling bonds for a long time, but I never found It so easy to sell them as
al this time. The reason is the splendid work thc press hns done. I take off my hat
to the press nf Canada.
Tlie success of Victory Loan, 1918, and the knowledge which Canadian
now possess of bonds are a straight challenge to the man who douots the
power of the printed word, in the form of advertisements, to sell goods-
ant! this applies not to bonds alone, but to the goods you are interested
In selling.
Thirdly—Ail Application for the
approval by the Board, under section lnll or the Wnter Act, nf 8
Schedule of Tolls, proposed to be
charged and collected by tht1 Petitioner Company in connection with Its
said undertakings.
fixed Tuesday the 7th day of January 191H ai 10 o'clock In the forenoon, nt its office In the Parliament
Buildings at Victoria, B. ('., ns the
time and place for the hoarlng of the
said Petitions and thc said Application, and that anyone having objections to the granting of the said Petitions and nr to the approval of the
said Schedule of Tolls mny tile their
PUBLIC .NOTICE 1« hereby given to
the Electors of the Municipality of the
Corporation of thc City of Cranbrook,
that I require the presence of the said
Electors at the Municipal Office of the
Corporation of the City ot Cranbrook,
Norbury Avenue, Cranbrook, B.C., at
1.00 p.m. (local time) on the 1.1th day
of January, 1919, for the purpose of
electing persons to represent them in
the Municipal Council, as Mayor and
Aldermen, and for the purpose of electing persons to represent them as Pol-
Ice Commissioners, License Commissioners, and School Trustees.
The mode of nomination of Candidates shall he as follows:—
The Candidates shall be nominated
in writing; the writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the Municipality as proposal and seconder, and
shall be delivered to the returning officer at any time between tlie date of
the Notice and 3.00 p.m. (local time)
of thc duy of the nomination; tho
said writing may be In the form numbered 5 In the schedule of tbe Municipal Elections Act, nnd shall state tho
name, residence, and occupation or
description of each person proposed,
In such manlier as sufficiently to iden
objections in writing In the office of W sllc1' candidate; and. In the event
' of a poll being necessary, such poll
INDIVIDUAL TUITION, Excellent (iymnasluin. Prepare,
lion for University, Professional and Royal Canadian
Navy Examinations.   Moderate Fees.
School Reopens January 6th 1919
Early Application is necessary, aa there are few vacancies
for House Boys.  Apply
Rev. Dr. A. 0. NcRAE
Notice is hereby given that a Court;
nf Revision and Appeal under tlie ;
provisions of the Taxation Act, and ]
tlie Public Schools Act, respect Ing the !
Assessment Rolls of the Fort Steele
Assessment District for tlie year 1011-, i
will be held at the Government Office ■
at Cranbrook, II. 0., on Wednesday thc j
19th day of February, 1919, at ten o'clock in ttie forenoon, and at the Gov-1
eminent office at Fernle, U, ('., on Friday the 21st day of February, 191!>. j
at ten o'clock in the forenoon.
Dated at Cranbrook, D. C. this  7th I
ilny of January, 1919.
Judge of the Court of Revision i
the said Comptroller nt Victoria B.C.,
or in the office of thc snld Wuler Re-
rorder tit Wilmer, D. C. or appear
In person and ho heard at thc said
Bower, Rold, Wallbrldge,
Honplus & Gibson,
Solicitors for the Columbia Valley
Irrigated  Frilll   Lauds  Limited.
Vancouver, ne. 20th November, 1018,
Notice is hereby 'given that all Taxes
for the year 1919 for properties situate in the Fort Steele Assessment
District arc now due and payable at
my office In the Court House, City of
Cranbrook, B. C. And moreover take
notice that the publication of this notice Is deemed to be equivalent to a
personal demand by the Assessor and
Collector of all taxes duo and payable |
by persons liable to nay the same.
Dated at Cranbrook, D. C. this 7th I
day of January, 1919.
Deputy Assessor and Collector
for tha Fort Steele Au«nm«nt Dfst.
Ra,w Furs
Trapper* .rfcrnjert,
It does not cost you anything to
Get Our Cttb Offer
on vour turn. Express them tons
over $r,.00 valuation. We make
you our offer
for your reply, returning tliem
if not purchased.   Try ns
In Business Since IHXS
Send for Price List.
Special price for Dark Marl In
SIS Nth Avenue, Calgary, Alta
will he opened on the 16th day of Jan
nary. 1919, at the Municipal Building
on Norbury Avenue, Cranbrook, B.C.,
between the hours of 10.00 a.m. (local
time) until s.oo p.m. (locnl time), of
whicli every person is hereby required to take notice and govern himself
The qualification by law required to
be possessed by the candidates for the I
offleo or offices mentioned above ore:
as follows:
Foit MAYOR, tlie person qualified!
lo be nominated for aud elected as tlie
Mayor of any City shall bo any person
who Is u British subject of tho full
age of twenty-one years and not dis-
qualified under any law, und lias for
the six mouths next preceding thej
day of nomination being Die registered
owner, in the Land Registry Office,1
of Lund or Real 1'rnperty In the City1
of the nssessed value, on the lust Mun-i
Iclpol Assessment Roll, or One thousand ($1,000.00) dollars or more over
and above any registered Judgment
or Charge, and who Is otherwise duly'
qualified as a Municipal Voter.
FOR ALDERMEN, tlie person qualified lo be nominated for and elected
as the Aldermen of any City shall bo
any person who is a British subject
of lhe full age of twenty-one years
and not disqualified under nny law,
and ha.s for the six months next preceding the day of nomination being
the registered owner, in the Land
Registry Office, of Land or Real Property lu ihe City of the assessed value,
on the last Municipal Assessment
Roll, of Five hundred ($500.00) dollars or more over and above any registered judgment or charge, and who
Is otherwise duly qualified as a Municipal Voter.
OBNSH COMMISSIONERS, the persons qualified to be nominated for
nnd elected as Police or License Commissioners shall be such persons as
British •ubliito. of the full   af*
Smelter Investigation
NOTICE Ih hereby (riven that the Committee
appointed for the purpose ot Inquiry Into the matter of treatment rate* charged hy CONSOLIDATED
lto THAU, SMELTER will hold a SESSION at the
Board of Trade Room*, NELSON, on Tuesday, tht
January, 1819, at 11 a.m. and, If necexxary, on other
day* to Im arranged, for the purpoxe of rerelvlni*
from xlilppcrx of ore to Trail or others directly concerned, any relevant statement* of facta, and hearing evidence In connection therewith. In the mean*
time, communication" may lie addrexxed lo .lames
Andcrxon, Secretary, Kaxlo, 11. C.
S. S. FOWLER, Chairman,
of twenty-one years, and who are not
disqualified under any law, and who
are otherwise duly qualified as Municipal Voters.
SCHOOL TRUSTEES, the persons
qualified to be nominated for and
olected as School Trustees for the
Cranbrook Municipal School District
shall be any person being a British
subject of the full ate of twenty-one
years actually residing within the District, and having been (or the six
months next preceding the date ol
nomination the ngiaUrtd owner, la
tin Us- MsmflsUy OtBce. tt Usui m
Real Property In the City School
District of the aesessed value, on the
last Municipal Assessment Roll, of
Five hundred (1500.00) dollars or
more over and above any registered
Judgment of Charge, and being otherwise qualified to vote at an Election
of School Trustees in the said Bchool
District, shall be eligible to be elected
or to serve an a School Trustee In
such City School District,
Given under my hand at Cranbrook,
B. C, this 24th day ot December, MM.
^     thonabm, Bomm


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