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Cranbrook Herald Mar 1, 1917

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.4 U
i. .
President Gives Review of YenrN Work—Officers and Committees Appointed—Number of Rosouttons Passed*
At a well attended meeting of the
women of ''ranbrook, held In the Liberal Committee Rooms. Tuesday evening, a womens Libera! Association wns
organized, The following officers
were electd: President: Mrs. P, B
.Miles; Vice-Pres: Mrs. A. U McDermott; Secretary: Mlsa Delphine Drum-
Means  Serious  Loss  lo   Town  of  Hojle  uud  Throws  Mnnj
Men out of Work—Only In Operation Since Oetober
—Partllla) Covered Iiy Insurance.
Thu annual uioeting of the Cranbrook Hon ni of Trade was held iu tin
Council Chamber of the City Hall on
Thursday,    22nd    February;    about
twenty   liieinbel-H   heing   pTQBOUt.
Pmsldont w. a. Nlabot occupied lho
chair and nttdroasod the mooting nn
lu pruHeiitlng the report of tlm work
of the Hoard of Trade during the year
J tint pusst'il. I do ho with u feeling of
diffidence, uh 1 am free to conf'tci that
then* does not BOom to huve lnvii very
much of Importance accomplished hy
the Hoard during 1910. Ot cottrBQ 1
think It will be admitted hy all tliat
the pant year liaH offered fow opportunities tor work along the linen usually taken up by Hoards of Trade, It
has to some extent been a year of unrest and unsettledness due perhaps
partially to war conditions but perhaps more so to the fact that during
the last summer and early fall, we
wore all busily engaged In
strenuous election campaign. Under
the circumstances it seemed a practical impossibility for the Hoard to get
down to business in a businesslike
manner. Now that we are finished
with the rancors of a bitterly fought
election and the new Qovernment are
taking hold of things with the tremendous endorsatlon that they received
from the people, we can look toward
dent for tlo. ensuing year with Mr, .1
It. McCreery aB Vice President,
Mr, Boutlla In accepting th<-> office,
stated 'imt his reluctance, when tlral
a p prone hod, had boon due to the tad
Hun Ito did not consider in- could do
olthor th.' position or himself Justice
us foi' Bin inoilLhfl In* would be practically away from the City altogether,
lie did not like to nor purpose to take
ou nny office whicli \n< could not make
a buccobb of ami as the members present had Insisted on his acceptance or
lhe proffered honor he would hold
those members responsible for their
hearty support, ll' that support failed
he would Immediately resign the office.
In connection with the election of'
a Secretary, Mr. Pink, President of the :
Retailor.*. Association, proposed securing a common secretary for the Hoard
of Trade, The Agricultural Association
and the Retailers Mutual Protective!
Association. Mr. .McPhee consented to |
vcry I act as Secretary pro tern.
The Kxcru.fve Committee are Messrs
J. P. Kink, C. It. Ward, J. M. Christie,
(continued on page 4)
mond; Treasurer:
Klnnon; Exec till vi
C .1 Llttlo, Mr- C
S QUI, Mrs Joi
Paterson, Mrs \.
.Mrs.  A.
it. Ward,
,\   Mac-
ie:  Mrs.
Mrs. T.
ikson, -Mr:
nest.  MrB
Al ti.30 on Tuesday 'veiling th; St.
Eugene mine was discovered to be on
fire The nre started In lhc lower
floor of tlie Concentrator and on account of so much oil in the timber, tt
i.ilckiy got beyond control nnd tho
forty tl
tola) le
dred Hi'
ad by insuranci
a   Herlotu   loss
usiiini dollars on repair**, t
J  -vill  likely exceed one hi
isand dollars, partially covi
This will also tie
ti   the   residents
I wholo plant on the north si
railway track soon lieenm *
j nvss, und it* a total low-,.
j    Since commencing work it
I last the Consolidated Mining
le of the
t blazing
v Smelt-
an tin
lho plain ready for tl e c
oi tin* Sullivan mine ore and the resumption of work was expected to lm -
prove the conditions of the town very
Cranbrook vs Fernie
Curling interests for the past week
have controd around the "Fleischmaun
to 1917 as a year in which many long j Cup" and contests between Cranbrook
looked for reforms will be well started and Fernie have been numerous,
on the way to accomplishment. With; on Wednesday last week Kernie
a new Government In charge and on , Kinks skipped by Hrown and Haldry
their mottle to make good, the coming] met defeat under the brooms of local
year should be one In which a Hvo rlaks skipped by Jim Henderson and
Hoard of Trade could secure that at- a. Ward. The games went to 13 ends.
tentlon to the needs of Cranhrook and At the twelfth end Ward stood 10 up
the district to which they are entitled. | but our genial Postmaster happened to
We can be all tho moro hopeful «f bo (mischance) 10 down. On the extra
this when wo remember, that in a Und both Cranbrook rinks scored two
sense we have two Cabinet Ministers i points.
from this district. Ix>t us nil make; Fertile came hack for revenge ou
an effort therefore during the coming ; Saturday. The genial secretary of the
year to secure as many members of | Fernie Bonspiel, Sherwood Herehmer,
the Board of Trade as possible and let j came himself with a strong rink,
every member make up his mind to | which our rink skipped by A. C. Bow-
gtre all the Hon he can to the wot* of neSfl managed to defeat under a score
neruring the rightful recognition of jot* nine to seven. Very few stones
Cranbrook's potentialities nnd re- wero wasted by either rink iu tills
qulrements. gnme.   On the final end Fernie were
Early ln 191fi a Mining Convention   one up and lying one when Howness
ent to ploy last  rock.    He  played
waa held in Spokane, Washington, and 	
an invitation was extended to the on the shot stone perfectly, nnd count- great promise
Crnnbrook Hoard of Trade to send an
exhibit of the mineral resources of the
district. Your executive came to tlie
conclusion that It might help fn securing some further development of do anything with the F
our mineral wealth If this were done   tion; (some think the lc
Attendance and Excellent Music
Hark Fwiilmr's Service
ou Sunday.
The Service ol' Praise at the Methodist Church last Sunday evening was
as every one expected of the Methodist
choir and leader, one of great pleasure.
Though the entire service was given
up to musical items a reverential
spirit pervaded the edifice.
The program commenced with a half
hour's Organ Recital of numbers well
chosen to bring out the possibilities
of the Pipe Organ iu tlie organist's inimitable interpretation of the masters'
excerpts.     At   7.ISO  the  Song   Service
commenced with the singing of the
Doxology. a fitting Invocation by the
Pastor, supplemented by the chanting
of the Lord's Prayer. The congregation showed that tliey could do their
part In singing the old hymn "All hail
the power of Jesus' Name" to the tune
Diadem tho harmonies of which were
arranged by the organist. After
prayer by the pastor, Mr. Morton nc-
qultted himself well In the solo parts
of Adam's "Holy City," arranged by
Jaroby. Strength was added to tlie
number by the addition of pari singing
in the chorus.
Though it would be invidious to
single out any particular number on
the program the duet "He wipes the
tear from overy eye." sung by Mrs. T.
C. Phillips and Miss M. P, Hamilton,
was very tastefully rendered. Both
these ladies have voices which show
tt -
V. Jf. 1
'. X.   NOTES
j Ing  Company   have  expended   about
Mr. Win. Inlng Explains Object of
League  al   Meeting   hi   Hex
Theatre TncHduj Night.
A meeting for the purpose of lorm-
1 ing a branch of the    Non    Partisan
League for the Cranbrook District
j was held In the Hex Theatre ut nine
'o'clock on tho 27th inst. Mrs. Unxter
was in the chair anil  was supported
by Mesdames Heale,  Burton, Laurie,
Harney aud  Miss  Cherrington,  with
tho Uev. W. H. Bridge as a coadjutor
The special object of tho meeting
was to bear Mr. Wm. Irving expatiate
, upon and explain the objects of the j
, league aud the necessity for its forma-,
! tion, before the women of tin* district
| had tied themselves up io or affiliated : rolling of high scores.   The absenc
Tbe Howling Tournament for the
Brunswick Trophy which decides the
three-man championship for the sen-,
son l!ilti-7 closed nn Tuesday evening
February 27th, and resulted in tho
Shop Team winning by a margin of
four points although defeated throe;
straight games In the final match,!
The personnel of the winning team J
was as follows: 10, V. Ural,.*. Cap ■
c. it. Pttley, (!. Moth. .1. .1. Johnson,
and ,!   P, Tisdale.
The games were keenly contested
throughout, a remarkably good showing being made by the .Juniors who
with the exception of one were nil In
tlieir first season and rather heavily ;
handicapped by their Captain who i
seemed to take a greater interest In |
dealing with characteristics of members of tin* opposing team than in the
I particH. Mr. Trvlne is from Calgary j may account for the particularly good
' and was one of the lirst men to ro-   showing made by the Juniors on thai
cognize the enprmoue power that could I occasion.   -Mr. shields of the Juniors
he wielded by women suffrage, if not and Mr. Pttley of the Shops were the
j directed by any present political party,, -two star men both playing conslstent-
j and for years has been speaking and i ly all through the series both Intent
! working In Its favour, I upon winning the Gold Medal for the
Mrs. Baxter opened Ihe meeting with . high average.   The final scores how-
a short speech calling upon the wo-1 ever, gave Mr. Shields a considerable
men of this district to set aside poll- • lead lie thereby walking off with tho
Meal   bias,   band   together  and   mnke
up their minds resolutely as to the
course   to   pursue     The   position   of
women is being rapidly advanced and
■ ed three.
(ieorge leitch had a strong rink in
Henderson, Hogarth and Wallinger.
but for this once they were unable to
" irnlo aggregn-
1 was too slip-
nnd a splendid exhibit rf minerals of pery.)   Wo neglected to mnke a note
all kinds In the district wns secured of the actual score, but sttfft
through the help of Mr. N. A. Wnllln- say  the  lead obtained  In  th
ger and at the Board's request he wont same was overcome, and Fernie took
to  Spokane  In  charge  of  St   as   the
Board's representative.   Unfortunately
cup.   Bowness had ieei ills
lllll. R. Eakln, and 1' Top-
b Pernte rink was skipped ley
1. .1
s ami lltte-artie carried war
however, thoio in charge of tlie convention did not apparently make proper arrangements with the IT. S. Customs authorities and not only our exhibits but those from other Canadian
points were held up nt the border nml
did not reach Spokane nt all. Thisj
of enurso very much handicapped Mr
Wallinger nnd did not give our district
tlm publicity we hnd hoped  for. but |
notwithstanding  tliis  It  Is  felt con-1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
slderablo good was accomplished for | ^Jlwo Po*nt**. «nd Hogarth hi« by tw
the district   through   Mr   Wallinger's
visit nnd tbe lecture on our reiOUrCOB
which   he   delivered   before   the  Convention
A number ot efforts were made by
The violin solos "Pan" and "Pastorale" rendered by Mr. Percy Parker
were greatly enjoyed by every one.
ttie latter composition being particularly Bulted to organ accompaniment,
The Anthem "Sing praises onto the
Lord," was rendered with tile verse
nt to the happy contrast of the middle sec-
other ! tion being admirably brought out.
"Man of sorrows what a nnnie." again
gave tin* congregation a chance to participate In the program in nn active
manner.   The two contrasted numbers
j j-'wellery.   Mr. Shields made an aver-
I age record of PiO.OJi nnd C. H. Ptihy
an average of 154.11.
j     Commencing noxt  week a Tourna-
en's and Boy's
iii have Always paid particular attention
tn eeiir clot III nu department. This season
ive ure rer* |iroinl nt the vnlnes »e- have if
offer in men's anil lloj's -^ tt it -. Xotwltlt-
stiindliifi Hn* liiL-h ivonllen markets we hate
lieen successful in selecting some of tlte besl
values nc liuvp i'i er *.!i*>ee n.
Well uinile wltli dependable linings uud
trimmlutrs   slviiii, (UM nnd 125,00
MEN'S   i'AM \    (VOIIS1 I.Us
Wesl ol England goods in inui checks und
stripes, special value ul .185.00
llellalile suits ui  . (15.00 ie. •e.'.'u'.on
In Un' new Ndrfolk and I'lncli-Hnek Model-, will tailored of strong wear resisting
tweeds uiul worsteds, evtra special values
from          $0.00 tee 911.00.
We make Clothing to
Spring -jinipli'** jiri' non rend} mt your
Inspection,       -Hiit**   ami   Overcoats  from
$25.0(1 (o $44.00,
I il uml q unlit) guaranteed.
cCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
now that tliey had been entrusted with ! ment will he run off to decidi
voting power, she hoped thnt it would
he  used  with  Intelligence in  the Interest of puhlic good and not fur the
benefit of any  pollticiil  pnrty..
Rev. W. H. Bridge, being called
upon to mnke a few remarks, first
explained how it wns that apparently
this meeting conflicted wltll tliat called by the Women's Liberal Association
and how sorry he waw; It was perfectly unintentional, In fact he was not
aware of tlu* date of the other meeting
until after the arrangement with Mr.
Irving had been made, Ah nu  ndvo-
by Lemare and Batiste formed n fit-  c***v
ot  Women   Suffrage  iu  the  Old
to the enemy'i camp on Monday even-
lng, ih!- rinks being: Bownoss, Top-
ham. Enkin, ami Hill, and Hogarth,
Phillips. Manning nml Henderson,
r rub was oul t.i keep the cup,
tm! with strong rinks playing all they
knew how, made a BUCCQS0fu1 defence.
I ' i   *■   nil was Howness lost his game
Tin' ovor ng bolng still young, the
. same rinks started in to play 'l nll
, over again    Bowness lust again by
two, and M'>i::trt!i by four
,    Then, ts Borne * haneo thai anotl   r
„        ,       .attempt win he mad" to bring tin*
your Bonn  a ISO during tin* rnrly part    .. .    ,  „   .        ,.*..„
\ '• ■      ,,    ' '       sllvor mug back "where it belong
of tbe year to IfiCUre for t ranbrook
the location hero of a Military Train-'
lng .'amp. ami DJUCh corresponden	
hy letter and telegram took place with
Various officials nnd an Interview was
tmd with the Dietriet Officer Cam
mnudlug nt Vlctorln. Colonel Ofll«
vie. during a vlall he paid lo this pnrt
of the country but 1 regret to nny (hat
we met wtth no HiiccenH whatever.
Thi' work of the board wns somewhat
dliorganlied tbiH yoar owing to the
removal from lh"1 City of our former
Secretary, Mr, Basiott, 1 happened alio
to Ile ablOOl In the east nt the time,
nnd on my return we were unnhle for
some time to locate the hooks and
records of the Board, in this connection I wlflh to place on record the
appreciation of your Executive for the
services ns Secretnry rendered by Mr.
R I! McPhee since the removal of Mr.
Bassett, without remuneration.
In ronrluplon I would just like to
remind ns all that the problems that
fncp Canada ns n nation and us as
Cnnnd'nns. ns n result, of the chanced
conditions duo to tho war are many
and -f our proj-reas as a nation and as
Canadians Is to ho real and If It Is to
bo successful, every district In tbe
country nnd all tho Individual members of each community must do their
part. Let each of ns therefore resolve
that wo will do our hit to help our own I
community and In this way help to
solve the larger problems.
W. A. Nisbet, President.
The auditor's report showed a small
balance of caah on hand.
Mr. B r Boaitfa wmi ritttod Pmt
ting organ offertory while tlie collec-
tlon wai being taken, A departure
from Ui" usual style of vocal numbers
In tho long services was beard fn the
rendering ot Strattons "Softly fall the
nl evening." the double quart-
otto acquitting tltemsolvos well The
ever welcome "The l^iRt Chord," arranged bj Arthur Tagge, was the dosing number by the choir, sang In n
mannor best ralculatod to bring out
i ie varying i mt tlons of the composer.
Thi* aorviei closed wltli tho Hinging
of "The Daj Thou gavest" followed by
tho Benediction and Vesper Hymn,
the latter being the organist's own setting
Country lie had always strenuously
upheld the cause nnd particularly in
the direction of holding aloof Trom affiliation with any political body or
party, tlie essential point for women
to remember Ik "Voto for the Issue and
not for the party";  if tills was once
liampionshlp for five-man team!-, ami
wil extend throughout the month of
.March. A Gold Modal will also be
presented by the Association for tbe
winner of the high average In tills
competition, particulars concerning it
being posted in the howling alley ami
lobby of tlie Association building.
Mr, J. M. Dudley, Railroad Secretary for the International Committe
who ia in charge of all Canadian
Railroad Associations, will visit thi
local Y.M.c.A. on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, nnd will meet
with the board of director:; nn Tue! day
evening as they are postponing their
regulor meeting until that date..
On Wednesday evening at the Par-
Hnll, the lirst gathering was held
Insisted and acted on, both political of th* series of Wednesday social even-1
parties would have to play the game |ngB tliat will be continued through
In order to be endorsed hy the Non i^nt, und which became so popular
Partisan League. Personally speak- iHsl yoar< The programs conslBt of
ing he was neither a Conservative nor, Instrumental and vocal solos and part!
a Liberal and allowed neither pnrty plocoB, with a reading by the Rector j
to use hlm as a catspaw ns has been rrom some well known book or play,'
so often suggested. and  aro thoroughly  -enjoyable,   the j
Mrs. Laurie wus then called on. and . programs containing nothing at which I
after stating the pleasure It gave her I the most particular can cavil,
to be speaking In  favor of such  n      |,UHt night Rev. W. H. Bridge read |
league, the Immense possibilities for  the chief part of "The BellH",   the J
usefulness of which she could readily
perceive, she called upon tlie women
of the district to register ns voters
as BOOR ns jHisslble nfter the 1st .March
Bvoryone knew that the present political parties needed hoUBecIeanlng nnd
there were a great many cupboards
thnt needed cleaning out and it wns up
tn the League to do their share In
the cleaning; it would be something
to right for; their fathers, sons or bro-
Piece wltl. which Sir II. Irving's nam-* |
Is so Intimately associated; the reading wns excellent, the diameters and !
scenes  heing  so  faithfully  portrayed
that ninny people went home with that
creepy feeling inseparable from hearing "spooky" stories.    Thin piny wns
probably written nt the time mourner-
Ism  was just becoming fashionable; !
Uio pivot of the play being the fear'
of the murderer of a local mesmerist ■
there were at the front fighting for  nnd tlio effect of tl.e four during his
civilization, empire nnd Canada and   Bleeping hours, in which he confesses
I It was up to the women at home to see  thfl crime.
land do what is humanly possible to;    Mrs. Whltohouse opened the evening
make Canada worth fighting for.        j with an excellent pianoforte solo and
.    Tho chairman then  Introduced the  during the Intermission between the,
visitor of tho evening. Mr. W. Irvine, j nets  a   very  pretty  vocal  duet   was
who In the course of a splendidly dn-, RfVen Dy MIsBes Roberts and Muriel!
; llvered discourse, spoke particularly Wallinger, and two violin solos by j
p strongly of tho evils of party politics   Mrs,   Walllngor     Their   Items   wen*
and tho essentially important part a  greatly appreciated and mado excel-
I strong   Non   Partlzan   League   could   lout Interludes, the violin  fiolos call-
play to clear away all the erookednoBs | |I)R forth much applause,
nnd dirtiness of present dny polities |    These evenings should nppeal to nil
and wipe away the reproach attached  those who delight in something out of
to the name of "Politician." It is only  the ordinary, and as thc next Wed-
now under the instruction and know-  nesday evening will be devoted to   a
lodeo brought about by the stress nf  rending of  Maaeflold's "Pompey  the
wnr that we are beginning to see the  Oreat"   with   severnl   musical   Items,
true inwardness of social life ind to  tt Is imped thnt n eoodly number wl I
Yft have
tin* largest
stuck of
ami hi:-
in is.
Our ueerk is
eliili,' ley ;i
ii nm n vrho
knows liis
liuslness .V
Ills Hierli, nl
prlees Hinl
ore right.
•        !
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an Ansco Yest-
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1*. >*''nR clenrre* |, l u| n Blivjr roll,"
Hon  will be* martr lee eWrny tlio e^x-
pf*nncH nf the* hall.   Everyone I* we>]
tnke* politics seriously.
The roit of IiIk spooeli will iee* taken
lip at our neext lusue*. na it ls ten, important to nlerlelKee anil it   la tfiee  IntP
to Include it. in its entirety iie tliis  come,
isaiio. I _.
A neccltnc to e*!e*cl officers elc wna I.i utile, anil a tileher treefnr arrnnr
1,1,1 Immediately nfter. tnwar.l, Ik" I e t tor at till P.'rllh ILi'l fur Weelnr
foundation   and   formation    eef   the | *ay aflernm i.
, M i ICTlt, ffOlftl, White WcimI, Mink, Lyai. Bea-
r, UM -.,..; c i ,;r Ucareri rollrctcd In yoar MCtlttn
tt n i i::'ij)i:ti:(;Ti-.,'siH!Hi'!t'r,ifc**UriMt
.., | M ■•- ■■..' j r •.':n-.ltMv In Muil'IH UlUfii ANlUUf »l MS
-■■ -"..'., >tt—wio FurflooM with tm BnM<aSjuw up*
• f.T "mor*! Hi an a th if d«f» century." -t J"*if* »-v
■    -  -n ; n ^ IMir h^i;*T.rra prompt,SATIVaPA'TnitV
. ...i.J.rflums.   Writ* for'TOfMnKl 9mmr
— w   i.';i'.rmiiri;rtrt"pon»ntlprtoeluiH(UjlLl-*vi,
Vrfta .nr ii-Now-ir« FrtBB
inuoiti-UftUiGi ue[i'.t.italic Aco.u.aX PAGE TWO
Usuod   IVerklj   bj    lli*>   Urnnbrooh
Humid, l.iiiiii.-.i.
Subscription; $2 por ycur In udvauce,
Craubrook, It. C, Jlarcli lit, 101V
We are going to take our readers Ir.
to our confideuco, we are withou. ai
editor; si v. cat ay plications r ■ tin
position Lin* or file but our D'.cctor.
..: t
best man i i
job and that takes time, in the meanwhile, perhaps lui- three or four we Its,
the task of publishing tho Crau'oroon
Herald falls upon amateurs in tb«
Editorial Art, and we anticipate tliat
our lack of knowledge of Its unknown
pitfalls and crevices will be much in
evidence and wo therefore humbly
crave the Indulgence of our readere
tor a short time, Wo approach tlie
task with tear and tn pldatlon, but we
are g to tl. our best, we aro going
to try and give you a readable newsj
nowBpaper containing buoIi Information as wo believe will tend to th i ad-
v.'iNi-. rnont of tho district, that is our
principal aim and objoct, and ivo want
every one ni you to give us a helping
A good local newspaper is unquestionably n great asset to any coiuniun-1
Ity and wo want in make tho Cranbrook Herald a real live wire bul we
cannot do ii alone, we need your holp,
and tliis is the way ynu can help us.
If yon know any news of Interest seud
it in i" the Herald off co If yonr
head Is bursting with an Idea which
you think will advance tho interest ol
the community, relievo tbo congotition
by a letter to tho Hi raid, we wanl lo
\ -mnl ii. ■ * oilier investments may
Indin        t'l'tially uactul toward
winning tl ■   >■ ir; but a study of them
would   ■".   time and  space  und
would perhn i me duly complicated, livery dollar of Bpare Income
should li" used lo produce something
useful and it ls safe to say that, not
only tho part to be played hy Canada
in tlie actual warfare from now on,
but also I)..* conditions which are to
follow here Immediately on the close
of war depend upon your Bnvlngs.
While the war Is on we must fight It
witli every resource we have. In a
last analysis this means munitions nnd
supplies ;is well as men. After the
war there Is Mire to bo a demand for
vast quantltii s of products of all kinds
wl Ich Canada is In the market to supply atul If Canada Is In a position to
finance a good share of tho business
and sell on credit, as a result of the
thrift and savings of its people, we
need have smnll worry ahout employ-
m nt for ourselves and our returned
l'l.lM'INKNT      ltlll.UEKS
-tJ! states and reorganising their govern-
I i ment.   At tlio same time, the disband-
I   ment of tho Union tinny created no
I I such Industrial and social dlflcultles
of interest to Parmer, Handier, | j ns ,iro expected to follow tbo demobl-
Agriculturlst and Ollicrs.       |   ltzatton of the British forces,  For ono
 **"* i thing, recruitment in America had not
\t last the farmers have done it.  effected so closely the everyday lit*
I "The   United   Farmers    of   BrltlBh   of the country, and, for another, the
ers,  arming   merchantmen,   develop-: Columbia" is now no longer n vision ln  needs of the opening west offored al-
ing scientific ln\-ontIonB tor ^e i«»-; u      ■   ,    f f     but im accora., moat automatically opportunities for
r-dvei'v nnd destruction ot suDniarines * .- -. ... .... .
and organizing Be» lanes tor neutral | PUi**** 'act.   The following report ot |.«x-Boldler» and others in search ot
Honct tor Cranbroolt whenever ynu
■ ■ nn opportunity   iiem't knock.
e IT
'  nil
11   I'l.
el lasl 1
.11. V IH'I
loots nf material Inter
tint least, don't forgot that mot
tho pnpor to talk and If yuu aro nol
already n subscriber, send along ynur
two dollars lur :e year's tnibBcriptlon
that will !«• real encouragomont,
It will bo "f Interest to our renaors
tee le'nrn tliat wo 1,11v.- made arrangements witli ii number eif lhc laudina
literary gcntlt m  of Cranbrook  to
form an Editorial Staff therefore li
may bo expected thnl tiie diversified
Iti'ms eif ;i ile.mn or so wlll be more
interesting than one sel nf brains
could produce.
Sn tar we. havo not succeeded In
arranging r..r the co-opcrntlon ot tho
ladles in this rospoet, wc olin.ll !»■ glad
to hear trom nny ladies who wIbIi t'>
contrlbuto uril,:l,K  which   will  earn
at in
their masculine competitors. \ meeting ot Hi" Editorial Staff will lie hold
OnCO ;i  lllnntll   wine  Will  UCl  US  i'lll * '
iii  cs  ■   Dt competltlonii inr prize
:M   will  bo glvon  tor articles or
letters written by Bchool children nnd
prizes awarded Bach month. Prizes
will also hi? given tor the best collection of "gems eif thought" clippings
from Um journals and magazines.
It is specially requested that any-
ono wishing to contribute articles
will have aaoie in met iator than Wednesday noun In order to insure ln-
sertioa In that Issue.
Mloloter o
f Finance nt Otti
Ims si
'til mil a i-i
re'iilur addressed
The 1
icople nr (
lannda."   it bogl
e>   Willi   C'lllll
Kit  HI]   to   the*  I'l
___________ "■'
can help in tlto must practical way by
Baving their money and placing it al
tho disposal ot the Government to
assist in financing tho war."
Economy and thrift will bo good tor
tho Individual at all times and of
courso i' follows that what is good
for i! o Individual must bo good also
Tor tlio Nation, But at this particular
moment ihere Is special urgency upon
the Individual fm* the Empire has Iiub"
needs in carrying on tho war. and
money Bavod and put at the national
disposal will help mi win tbo war. ll
Is not tteeoBsary to make a deep study
nf inve itraonts In order to bo sure thai
your money will find a channel leading to public Bemce. A Bavin go account In tlie Post Offlco Department
or a chartored hank will find a channel fnr yon quite efficiently. But a
new form of Investment has heen devised by the Minister or Finance with
the Idea of making u a of small savings nud at Hie same time giving the
.subscribers n footing of personal enn
nectlan with tie war ■ flnanci ■ Tin
Finance Minister lias Issued War Savings Certificates f"r tin. benoflt of
small Investors Thi y are In denominations of $25. $50, and $100., and are
payable three years from date of Issue, Tho chartered banks and Post
Office handle the subscriptions and
the dato of Issue is the date on which
ymi subscribe. These certificates
yield a return of about 5%. Rein*.:
snid at a discount, tho prico of a *~-
certificate Ib $21.50, The transaction
is simplicity itself to both the bank
and the purchaser. The bank gives q
receipt which in tho course of ten days
may bo exchanged for a War Savings
Certificate sent out from Ottawa.
Your money is remitted to tlie Minister
of Finance Immediately and at once
becomes part nf the fund for purchasing munitions nnd paying the soldiers.
There is a provision for those who
mny find themselves in need of their
money before tlie three year period
expires. You can always get hack
what you have paid by making an application through a hnnlt but no interest is to ho allowed those who make
application within 12 months of the
date of issue.
Tlm Wnr Savings Certificate Is an
Investment   Tho Savings account Is
an Investment    thoso thing!! pay un a
certain amurod but limited income.
'i ho recent (Jorraan retreat on the
westorn fronl  Indicates a shortening
ni' llieir line,    n  |s not ho long ago
that  Htndenliurg declared there was
o necessity to do this;  wo wonder
■hat caused him to change bis mind?
Tin. raising of flvo billion dollars
f new money for tho third Hritish
Vin- Loan is the most effective reply
et made to President Wilson's poaco
iii". Thero can bo no doubt about its
leaning and it will put fear into the
earl of tlie linn.
Trade <   n  bo  made
tltutlon   fi r   the  ad-
l i f the district provided It
In   wholehearted support of
,n* n; [el us make a new
,.   Turn in nnd help to make
and turn oul  to every
"(ivilt   ACTS"   AGAINST
He - ur minds are full of "over
eta," the commission ot which dlroct-
'I . ilnsi the United Stateo has led
'! . iiie;it Wilson to tnako snme torc-
ile-feoblc declarations, wo might re-
.n for a moment jtiBt a few of thoso
i t (J rmnny baa committed against
umanlty nnd In defiance i.f the laws
f nod and man. it is a terrifying list
I ! wllllo il may fall to move the
■■ th of neutrals ii cannot he contem-
! itc ' i ■*■ any man who is a man with-
it burning indignation.   Here it is in
!>ri: nrod l"1"' tbe wnr.
i   llberntely brought about the war.
• Wo willed this war, we had to will
"   Maxmillnn Hnrden.l
Secretly mobilised on July 25, 1914,
Invaded neutral Luxemburg, whose
• uirnlity she had guaranteed, on tbo
ii > pretcxi that France intended to
Itivadi d    neutral    Belgium,    whose
• titrailty she had guaranteed, because
r.eci Ity knows no law," thereby
i nuulttlng "nn enormous wrong."
Si ol   wmie ii. priest.; and babes.
Movi d   troops   forward   behind   a
. re* 'i of terrified women and children
Tortured women.
Mutilated women.
"I wi
nbatanta by the thou-
Mtirden il   prisoners and  wounded.
Kii-e.l on the while ria*-'.
Brought up machine guns ami ammunition under the Red Cross.
Murdered Nurse Edith Cavoll.
.Murdered   Captain   Charles   Kryatt.
Attempted to assastnato the King
of lhe Belgians and the King of IlOU-
Murder, d    1 IDS   men,   women   and
children iu the Lusltanla.
Sank rottr hospital ships and one
rt rugeo ship.
Polsonod welis in South Africa with
diseoso genus.
Killed and wounded by Zeppelin
al lacks on towns remote from thc
fronl 1500 m.n, women and children.
alum i ;tii non-combatants,
Killed and wounded 7f,o non-com-
batantH by n wanton bombardment of
residential districts lu Hartlepool and
Plundered Belgium, levied $200,000,-
000 a year on her, and drove off her
starving peoplo as slaves to Qermany.
Plundered Northern Franco to the
extent of some hundreds of millions
ef dollars.
Plundered and burnt a large part of
Bombarded  Rhelmi Cathedral.
Sank hundreds of ships on the high
sens and murdered scores or non-
combatant men. women and children.
Deported tho Serbians and Roumanians into slavery
Thoso are iu truth "over acts" sufficient to shut out (Iermany from nll
hope nf mercy when the Day of Jii5'
ttco   arrive*;    Vancouver   World.
Tlii:   snnuiriNT   CAMPAIGN   A
In view of the very great Interest
v; Ich Bitot lies to lhe submarine cam-
I algn.  wo  roproduoe  tlio  following
from    tlie    Victoria    Daily    Colonist,
which is one of the host posted papers
u Canada on naval matters.
In a ret*, ut speech Sir John JelllCOQ
-aid: "Tlie submarine menace to tlie
merchant service is far greater now
than at any other period of tlie war
ami requires all our energy to combat
ft. It must and will be dealt with; of
that I am confident." This slgnlfi
cant observation was made before the
enemy proclaimed his policy of unrestricted warfare at sea, but it showed
that the admiralty was adopting measures whicli the Firsi Lord wus con
fident would effectively counter thc
menace. Yesterday Sir Iledworth
Meux, another able naval officer, said
In parliament that he hnd every reason to believe thai tho navy wan in
a fair way of dealing with tho submarine troublo as it dealt with the sep'
polln threat. A high official of the
admiralty told tho Associated Press
that unrestricted Mibmarlue warfare
had been expected uml measures had
been takeu which lu? was confident
would frustrate the onomy'B campaign,
in tho House of Lords Lord Cur son
outlined In n general way whnt tho
admiralty measures were,   (ireat Brit
ain, he said, was multiplying destroy
It will take some time to put those I ■
measures into effective operation. No;
matter how complete may have been
the preparation, practical application
was impossible until the enemy revealed tho nature of Ills attack. This,
of course, is elementary. It is the
same in the case of counter-iuoasurGB
on land or In tho air. And until the
defence is perfected the Teutons "are
hound to reap a considerable harvest.
Their first onslaught necessarily must
he tho most formidable. There again
the analogy of land and air operation:;
holds true. France's most difficult
tlmo in the Verdun fighting was in
tho first five days. In thc Initial big
Zeppelin raids last summer every ,i\v
ship returned Barely to Germany,
Within a few weeks England had bo-
come a veritable Zeppelin trap, in regard to tho present situation we Hhall
seo tho same results. The score of
tin* enemy , high at tlm hi ginning, will
gradually diminish until it roaches tlie
normal figure of loss. His ubmurine
fleet in men and material will diminish hi the same degree, for the measures iidopted by Creat Britain will
exact si heavy toll of Hun undersea
craft nnd their crews, the latter being the most substantial loss and one
which In time will be Irreparable. I
Some of them will he captured, but we
may reckon on tho majority of the
boats hist to Qermany being sunk.
Most of the measures adopted by the
navy will permit of uo other outcome, j
We must not overlook the vital, ea-
ntial fact that tho enemy's submarine campaign is a massed attack which
has behind it. tlie same purpose as tlie
various concentrated opera linns on
land since the commencement of Uio
war. After tho battle of the Manic
and tho extension of tho batth front
from the Alsue tn the Channel const
the central empires fell Into n slate ot
Beige. They tried to break out first
lu Flanders and disastrously failed.
Thereupon they turned to the eastern
front and drove the Russians bach
many miles, overrunning Poland
Courland, Lithuania iiml Volhynia and
to-conrptorlng Gallcia, But l his did
not alter the main situation. Ru dn
l'> nt hn- did not 11-. i.U and lhe J "
man wave came to a standstill. Thou
the Teutons delivered their massed llt-
tack in the south, overcame Serbia and
gained tho most Important of tin Ir
successes, but it did nol enforce the
raising or the Beige. It gained no separate peace, no outlet to the seas iiml
finally entailed fresh burden- upon
their resources. Tliey then tried
France at Verdun anil Italy in the
Trentlno and again failed with enormous losses bestdcB facilitating u Russian advance which accounted for a
million Teutonic casualties. The
Rumanian campaign was worthless in
its relation to the chief essential fact
of the war. It could have heen of vital
value only if it had been followed up
with tlio invasion nnd conquest of
Bessarabia, au undertaking whieh tbe
enemy was no longer strong enough
to carry out.
Now tbe massed attack Is being
mado upon Greal Britain. Il cannol
be conducted with au army and the
enemy at present fears* to try it with
Iii-; navy. The Zeppelins failed. The
submarine campaign always has heen
on the Qerman cord since the Cressy,
Hogue, and Aboukir wen* sen! down
by i;-» in 1814. It wns attempted in
February 1916, but tho counter-mens-
nres adopted destroyed no many (it r-
raan submarines after the first few
weeks that the enemy abandoned the
gamble, file decided to try again
when he hnd constructed a sufficient
number of more powerful . uhnuirincs
to carry out mi intensive campaign,
Ho does not expect to stnrve Great
Britain into subjection. Thnt fustian
is for home consumption. Ho knows
that the nation bus sufficient resources
to establish sea lanes for ships laden
with Imports of food ami nococsary
raw materials on which his submarines would not daro to trespass fer si
day. He knows, too, that his submarine losses will be porporttonately as
great as Ills losses have bien iu similar massed attacks in the air und on
land. He believes tbat losses in trad".
discomfort and fear will discourage
tin* BrltlBh poople and Induce them to
agree to peace.    It Is the roaBonlng of
si swine, but, on the testimony 'if n
well-known Bavarian proverb, thai i
all the Prussian is. Ho may murder
:i number of innocent non-combatants
ami revel lu it, but lu doing sn h i
merely drives more nails into his own
coffin. He cannot rah e the st Ige,
expel tlie spectre or famine from bis
country or escape tho decisive overwhelming defeat In the field, the pro-
ludo to the awful   scene;   whicli   will
mark tho downfall of Prussian militarism.  And the thumb of ovt ry power
nn earth now neutral will ho turned
down when the time for tbo finishing
stroko arrives.
Convention held last week at Vic-  employment.
i gives a Bummary of the business      "Nothing will he the same after the
I done. war" Is today tho one prediction on
With tho adoption of a constitution   which everyone seems agreed.   In the
and by-laws aud thc election of ollic- ■ first place, the political machinery of
ers," tlto   Unit, tl   Fanners of  British , the Brltlsii Empire as a wholo will he
Columbia, the title finally decided up-  thrown into the melting-pot.   As early
n. became an established Institution  aa possible, the overseas dominions,
romoters  largely ns a reward for their services
tho agrl-   in the war, are to receive a share lu
,,  11 rday, one \
iu! eve will resul
■ultural Industry
,   moro   m i are   bat Is,   It
litlon ■ ol lhe agrluulturu
v. luetion of greater orgn
rati   ■ ■ fforl  In tlu
.,,,1 markntlnt  nl iheir i
■ince upon
rove con-
by the In-
,;tti,,u and
nluci. ti"d
I et mil of a hoIIiI front being presented
-   11 question   , tal to the Well-bolug
of ibe Industrj.   \ cbango In lhe nnmo
if the organization  from the British
Columbia Fnrnit rs' Union, as decided
upon al Friday's meeting, wns made to
ihe above.
waa the unanimous opinion of the
itei  thai tho element of politics
Bhould be eliminated, and Instead of nn
all nipt being made to form an independent' political organization, to .in-
the control of imperial policy.
To effect this momentous constitutional change without serious friction
will tax the resources of both home
and colonial statesmanship, The peculiar status of India will demand special considoratlon, Such readjustments
must have profound effects upon trade
developments In distant parts of the
globe Australia, for instance, will
huve something (o suy about relations
with Japan, and therefore upon ttie
conditions of British labor.
In domestic politics changes are
expected almost Immediately that will
produce speedy reactions upon industrial life. Tlie existing electoral roll
has been made obsolete by the disturb-
mflno tho political activities of mice the war has caused, and its renin tlie education of the form- vision Is likely to be drnstic, A tle-
; economic lines and enlist the | mand for the extension of thc fran-
ot candidates of the existing chlso not only to women, but to all
on behalf of such policies as adult males has suddenly acquired
eiu the industry,  Another fea-1 unprecedented strength.
It has been seriously urged in thc
Times, of all papers, that the existing
system of representation should be
completely scrapped, and thnt members of Parliament should no longer
be elected by districts, but by industries or occupations. The reference
to localities, It is urged, is fn these
days an anacronlsm, tho renl community of interest bolng not between
neighbors, hut between persons wbo
follow tbe same trade. Now tbe basis
of election to the Parliament that will
have to undertake the work of reconstruction will make a great difference
to the quality of the resulting social
changes. Whether, for instance, the
bind laws will be revolutionized or
only tinkered with will depend upon
tlie more or less democratic character
of the new House.
Any   such   reconstruction   of   tlie
machinery of government will be the
more   far-reaching   in   its   effects   in
I view of the stimulus the war bas given
to the extension of governmental ac-
wlil bcnE
tin'* of tli ■ new organization  will be
the full rights of membership to women "hose valuable assistance, especially in respect of the social side of
■; ■ Cub ii   wer * fully recognized.
Pi ivincial organization will
i ' i.i bring into P.; fold every local
organization in the Province and pro-
vl ion is made for the organization of
-nidi locals and for tin* grouping there'll' Into district organizations, each of
which will he represented upon the
board   of  directors,   while  delegates
tre .eli local will also attend the
atinunl conventions of ihe central organization.
Officers were olected as follows:
President; Mr. C. <:. Palmor, Duncan
Vice-Presidents: Messrs. J. W. Perry
i ;ly; U. A. Coupland, Kelownn, and
ii. Moore, Saanlch,
Directors: Messrs. ,T. Johnston, Nel-
iii, it. X. Hurford, Courtenay; L
' orth, Kclowna: U. ll. Ileimer.
immerlond: and W. K Smith. Itevol-
Mr.  Georgi
;■ cretnry: (pn
igster, Victoria.
p about two we lm' time, a meeting
the directors   will  be heldhere,
.n   further  step.*  towards  making
etive the organization's plans will
N iu all we have to do is to pull to-
Tf-ther and every one of us cnergotlc-
li> back the formation ot a strong
lonnl in onr own section of the country
and we will have a channel through
which to bring home to hankers, mer-
tlvlty, When peace comes, the citizen
will alroady have become habituated
to forms of state regulation which
were scouted as undesirable and impracticable before the war. For more
than two years the railways have
been a state department. Other Industries—coal, shipping, agriculture—
have been brought to a greater degree
than ever before under the control of
the state, either as purchaser or lessee
or as regulator of prices. In certain
areas tlie liquor traffic Is now a gov-
chants, manufacturers  and  must   ofj eminent monopoly, and everywhere it
ill politicians, the aggregate organized j has been mnde subject to new restric-
Ideas of the farmers of this province j tlons.     These   emergency, measures
as  to  the  policy  of  each  of  these j pave done much to prepare the public
groups In   tlieir   t" ■:tli»':':-   with  tho mind for collectlvist experiments on
i'  li   c.    Hciu eforth  the j a larger scale.   A more ready hearing
Is nowadays being given to pleas for
the permanent and complete natlonnl-
govornment will labor undor no delusions as in the past, as to thc opinions
of the farmers on Its acts.   Formerly
onlupins .	
st'lutes, live stock and other subsidized societies, and how could these of-
fi' lally express disapproval of the acts
ol a government on which tliey were
dependent  for their life blood as or-
«fan!zed association*,?
Wo feel we an* justified in hoping
that this will mark a new era In B. C.
but I" this end every farmer whether ' oni>' (imi to Give every ono an oppor-
hon or horse, b - boof, man must' t,inil>' to assist tn financing our wnr
■e t in his infu' nee and his mite for | expenditure, are now on sale at every
without the sinews of war no organ-
Izatlon can do work that will count.
With tho permission of the management wo hope in this column to keep
t moves in completing this or
  . I izatlon not only of tho railways, but
taken  from  farm  in-[ also of the canals, the coal supply,
shipping, life insurance, tlie land.
Tbo new Wnr Savings Certificates
which liave been created by the Government to encourage thrift and econ-
bank and money order post offlco in
Canada.   Tho $26 certificate sells for
$1!1.(V), the $fiu for $43, and the $100
for $8ti.
       As an investment theso certificates
i.nlzinton before   tho   ranchers   of] offer many attractive features,, chief
ranbrook and Kast Kootenny.
They  Are  Rim  Now*  Port  nf
England's Problem
CANADA CAN  IMlsi;   \l.i,  PUNDS
Ottawa, Feb. 10    I n Is no truth
in the report thai tho Itomlnlon
go vow mon t will float u loan hi Mew
'< ork this spring.
Tbo only Issue which Is In contemplation is the Canadian domestic war
linn, the prospectm for which will
a: ptar in tho press early in March.
Proceeds of this I-jhuj. it In exp ctcd
fttll carry the govcnnmir along unlit about tbe end o.' .luly. II is said |
tfiitt tlie preliminary announcement of
tht third domestic isiue Iiu- been well
received, and that it already premises
of which are the absolute security and
tlie excellent interest return. For
every $21.50 lent to the Government
now, $i!5 will bo returned at tho end
of three years.
Thero are two other features which
are especially interesting to small Investors. First, tbe certificates may
  I be surrendered at any time, if the buy-
Tin re i*. no parallel ln Amorlcan or should need his money; and second.
history, -ays Herbert W. Horwlll In Caen certificate Ih registered at Ot-
"Tho Survey." to the situation that I tawa in tho buyer's name and, if lost
will confront Uio British nation on or stolen, is therefore valueless to
id., declaration of neaco.   The period \ anyone else.
of "reconstruction" In Kngland. as Hut while tbey aro excellent from
it has come to be popularly called, an investment standpoint, the certifi-
wltl show little resemblance to the catos should appeal strongly to Cana-
I'l'i-iod after the Civil War to which dians because they offer to those who
tho same name is given. In (Ireat must serve at home a splendid oppor-
Britnln tiiere will bo no problems tunlty for a most important patriotic
analogous lo those of restoring the service. The person who honestly
prosperity of tho devastated southern  saves to tho extent of his ability and
Save those dollars
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Name .
Canadians wanted for the Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer
Reserve for immediate oversea! service, Only men of good
character and good physique accepted.
Pay $1.10 Minimum per day — Free Kit.
$20.00 per Month Separation Allowance.
Eipcrieacerl men front 38 ta 45, tnd boyi from
15 to 18 accepted for service in (he CANADIAN
NAVAL PATROLS for defence of the Oils.
Apply to tho nenreBt Naval Recrult-
"~       lng Station or to the
Dept. of ihu Naval Service
places his savings at tlie disposal of
the Government by purchasing these
certificates, may feel tliat he Is having a direct share in feeding, equipping, and munitioning onr Canadian
soldiers, who are so nobly doing their
Pastor: Rev. Thos. Keyworth
Organist: Prof. Chas. F. Nidd
Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School and adult class ut
3 p.m.
The church of the cordial welcome.
Doctors Fail
"Terrible case of Eczema—contracted when a mere bn*—(ought dlBoane
for ten yenrs, with half dozen specialists, Both legs in terrible condition,
Almost a nervous wreck. It took Just
eight hollies to clear up Ihis disease."
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his remarkable story In full on request. We have seen so many other
cures with this marvelous liquid wash
that wo freely offer you a bottle on
our personal guarantee.   Try it today.
District of East Kootenay
Notice is hereby given tliat, sixty
days from date, I intend to apply to
the Minister of Lands for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
the following descrihed lands, situate
fn Lot. 4693, -South-Hast Kootenay,
Commencing at a post planted at Uie
south-east comer of Ixit 7401; thence
about 70 chains south, east about 70
chains, north about 70 chains, nnd
west ahout To chains to point of commencement.   Relocation of Hot 7403.
Located this 2nd day of February,
.\. li. Fisher, Locator.
Jumes Fisher. Agent.
Cranbrook Book & Drug Co.
Crenbrook-rB. C.
Notice Is hereby Kiven lhal the first
sittiiiK of the Court,of Rovjslon for
the purpose of bearing complaints
against tho asBCBsmont for year 1917
as made by tin- Assoesor for tho City
of   Cranhrook    ami    the   Cranhrook
Boi 1 District, will he held In the
Municipal Hall, Norbury Avenue,
(ranbrook, H. C. on Monday. March
20tll, 1!M7. at 10 0'OloCk (Olty Time.)
Notice of any complaint muat he kIv-
en In writing to tlie Assessor at leant
, ton days previous tothe Hitting of thn
Hated at Cranbrook, ll. C. this 12th
! day of February, 11)17.
Than, M. Roberts,
to be n success.
The policy of the minister nf finance'
Is to raise his loans from the Canadian
people so that a considerable part nf
tho wnr debt wlll bc held hy Canadian
people. It. Is pointed out thnt. the last
domestic loan wos ovor subscribed hy
more than one hundred million dollars,
Since then there has been a hie in- |
croaBO in national savings owing lo thr
munitions business and the high prices
obtained from agricultural aud othoi
products. It Is believed tbat Canada*!
economic condition is such thnt sin
can readily raise the money roqillri i!
for her war expenditure within In i
own lm*-,tut's
.llie average per It, ascents
Our Aim
<Jti:ililj nml Hen ler
We will have dally ihlpmcnts
of Fresh Fish fa) take care ef
vimr orders right llinmirlil the
Lenten Season.
I.ako Pond d' Orllle Whltrflsli.
Northern Lake Whiteflsh.
Kippered Herring
ilulili'ii Huddle Fillets
Cnd HI ft.i
Atlantic. Herring
Boneless Codfish, 1 lb. bricks
Phone 10 P- BURNS (Ei Co., Limited THURBDAtfitiARCH 1st, 11*17
Have You Seen Our
Optical Section?
If you have, you will understand, how veil equipped
lt Is for the proper examining of the eyes and the
correct fitting of glasses.
If you have not, and are
beginning to be Interested
lu the benefitB which properly fitted glasses will
bring, a visit will give you
conlidenco and re-assure
you on any doubtful points.
Wc invito you to pay us
a visit. Let us show you
how fully qualified we are
to examine yonr oyes and
fit you with llie glasses you
W. H. Wilson
■ Kilby frames pictures.
Mr. P, S. Ryekman la a Creston visit-
!     Don't neglect your fire insurance;
j no (*ne can afford to carry their own
risk, tl.' cost is trifling in comparison,
Get Beale & Blwell to .juote rates.
2c per word for first week, aud lc per j
word for eacli week after.
Modern  cottage
Beale ft Elwell.
When  Bain   cleans
Plione 157 or 58.
Sugar cheaper thi.-;
! $1.70—so Ibe.   Cranbro
Wc are pleased  to  see  MrB.  Jack
Stannet ahout after her serious illness.
— Tho regular meeting of ihe Women's
to  let.    Apply  to  Institute will take place on Tuesday.
.March Bth in the Pftttlh HaU at 3 p.m.
(prompt*    The speakers will bo Mrs.
it,  it's   clean. B. Palmer,   ubject "The Keynote of the
1916 Conference," und Mrs. J, F. Smith,
subject "laws pertaining to the die-;..FOK SALE—UomJnJon organ,
i which-we live."   There will Del $120.00 will sell cheap for
FOK SALE—Fine Jersej bull tali.
one month old. JB6.00,   Particulars t
Etarald Office 9-lt*
a musical program and refreshments | Box 31 B Herald Offici
will bo served.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Macdonald lefl
for the Coast on Mondny.
Mr. Ilulliii
nt" Wynn
Ib a
In Hue 1
lin nl
mn Bpent
1 we
ok end
Willi   III
1 imr
11   uloans
Tie   1)
■ BS.
Wo in
le tear
1 villi; 11 Mil lime e
f leieeeti.
Mill      Hli
\ ilrn
||! Avo.
Tlie Mission Band ot tl
byterlan  Church, wish
j thoso wlm  helped  with
; POB HEST— Modern bungalow, three
Knox Pn»- rooms and bath. Apply I' 0. Box 428,
i thank all Cranbrook. 6-tf.
llie-  mill* ofj .._	
8     PHONE     8
Onr Iti'inilallien lias been built
ii|i li) lhe A 1 I'iiiiIIIj
of our
Fresh Killed Beef
and Pork
THEV GET IT;  nt Uio
II  the
ilte Is making a rapid
tit. Eugene Hospital.
cookery, fancy work and candy, givenl WANTED—Man ami Wile ti, work
by Hi.in in the Knox Schoolroom onion farm. Apply to Canadian Hotel
Saturday lam.   Tho proceeds amount* ti.if
ed lo J04.00 and the children are great- 	
ly encouraged in Hnlr missionary ,-f-1    Kill SALE-Kmall minion, -me mill
' r"rt:!' | anil iogKing outfit.    Apply,
  | llox 189. Lethbridge, Alta
A ' ting of the Farmers Institute
will bo held ..ii Saturday, March 10th I
III tin* City Hall at ;.30 o'clock.   AI
papor wii| I,,, read on Hairy vs lieofl__
fm nnai production, uiul a dlBcusiton [   ioit SALE—Oierlaiul ;. iiusseugcr
"" l"'Hl  ",,s to Increase pork pro-  automobile, good running order, new
dnitlnn in the district. Also a report tires »25u cash. Tho Kootenay Oar-
from commltteo on the potato question | Qgt. n.i|
I'lill SALE—Fresh (ness. one I ream
I Separator, Apply Mrs T h Cadwal-
i laili-r, near Cronbrbook B-3t.
Mr. 13. II. McPhee Iiiih purehuHi'd the
bllwoll residence een Lumsden Avenue.
wood;  4 ricks ja.110; 2 rirku
Cranbrook Trading Co.
lo the Regular
Meat Diet
He hare a supply of
Fresh Killed
and Rabbits
that will prove .Inst what you
Cib Vkat Market
\\. It. Itl.ACK. .Mut.
4    DOORS    WEST    OF    OEO
K *
l;n you think nf nny rcaion why
thira ihould not he Olll *n your
Mrs, Petor Woods Iiuh returned to
her home at Cherry Creek.
Mr. L. Paulson, of Bull Hiver, lit a
weok end visitor.
Mrs. Ray Crosier of Creston is vlaltlng her mother. Mrs. W. E. Ryekman.
We are carrying a full line of boot**
tnd shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
Vrmstrong Ave.
James T. Laldlaw left for Victoria
on Sunday, he expects to ho away for
about three weeks.
i.ad.e.s! see our new dresB skirts.
Tliey are the most beautiful we have
ever shown.—The Fink Mercantile Co.
The Maple Leaf Rebekah Lodge No.
19 will hold a St. Patrick'H dance on
Thurflday, March 15th.
Miss EasBie, who has been the guest
of Mrs. Fenwick for the past two
months has returned to Fort Steele.
Mrs. John Ewen of Kimberley was
a visitor in the city Wednesday and
Thursday of this week.
Ladies! see our new dress skirts.
Tliey are the moat beautiful we have
ever shown.—The Fink Mercantile Co.
Mr. VV. C. Marshall has received
word thai hit brother Robert Marshall
who was on t o torpedoed S. S. Lacon-
ia. is amongst the saved.
I     Just received, btfr, shipment of Child-
' ren's Presses and Middles, the newest
| styles nnd  lowest  prices—The  Fink
Mercantile Co.
The Udles Aid of (he Methodist i
; Church will meet at the home of Mrs,
: E   A  IH11 on March Ttli at 3 p.m
Apples. Creston. \V« pliers, Jonotlians
Spys, (1.86 a Im>\. Crnnbrook Trading
Mr H
the C. P
of Inspct
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Manning entertained the members of the Methodist
Church choir at their home, on Wednesday evening, Feb. 28th. The guests
appeared representing songs by various emblems worn nnd the first part
of the evening was spent in guessing
the titles. Miss Helau won the prize
for the highest number of correct an
swers, while Mr. Keyworth carried off
the consolation prize. The next order
of tin* evening was a musical competi
tlon In which Mrs. Phillips won 1st
prize and Miss Belau 2nd. A short
musical program was greatly enjoyed
by all present after which supper was
served bringing the evening to a close.
TO HENT-About April Ut, room)
cottage; furnished or unfurnished; all
modern conveniences; eloi
garden.    Phone  74.
It  will  be  appreciated  if every
I person receiving news of or from
lour   Boys   will   kindly   notify   the
! "Herald."
tt _ „jt
Lieut. Hicks lias been promoted to
the rank of Captain.
"Ted" Halsall is reported seriously
Pte. Horsspool who was on the staff
of the Bank nf Commerce here, has
lost the  sight, of both  eyes.
. card was recently received from
Captain Mottatt Haying ha wau quite
Word has been received from some
of tlie 225th boys stating they had a
good iriji across. They are stationed
.it Chyngton Camp. Seaforth. Sussex.
WANTED—400th well cleaned seed
spring rye, also some pullets or young
hens. L-et me know what you have.
With prices.   Box 48, Cranhrook. IV C,
WANTED by an old country gardener. 25 years experience, position oil
fruit farm. Married, wltl two children
Apply J. (J., G002 Burn si and Ave., Man-
cheater, Calgary, Alta. 9-2t*.
DONOVAN, TOM—Lut-heard of six
years ago. wrh then with the Porto
Rico Lumber Co,, .Moyle. Any Information will be gladly received by his
sister. Nan Donovan, Letch worth Village, Theills, New York. I'. S. A.   B-2t*
FOR RENT—The Ban Howe place   ID
near Marysville;  ir> acres ready for j
crop; vory best potatoe or hay land.'
You can  raise  50 tons potatoes and I
some hay this year.   Yon want a good
team and a little money.    Write,  p.
Lund, Box 189. Lethbridge. Alta.   S-.r.t
HMt  RENT—The  Clayton   Kaiirh, I t«"th
TAKK NOTICE that an Applli
(No, 4459-1) has bee:i made to i
tor Bertram Arthur Graham Shelley
on the Register of Indefeasible Fees
as owner in fee simple of the nbove
lot under a Conveyance to him from
Baynes Lake Land Company Limited
et al, dated 12th August 1910, and that
unless within 30 days from the date
of the first publication hereof you file
in this offic.' a caveat or Certificate ol
Lis Pendens I shall register the said
Bertram Arthur Graham Shelley a*
owner in lee.
Dated :ii (lie Land Registry Office,
Nelson, this 16th day of February, i;tl7
Samuel n. Roe. District Registrar.
To al!  to  whom  lt may concern
Date of first publication March 1st,
K '■■ 2-        •'*-■-   &}$M
IS ■ ~  wmSim
" ^—-??3£: t-i
4 miles west of Marycvllle, 20 acres
under cultivation;; house and barn;
GO tons of potatoes and some hay can
he raised the first year. Renter must
have a good team and a little capital.
Write P. Lund. Box 189. Lethbridge,
District (if Kast Kootemi)
Notice  is  hereby  given   thai   sixt)
(00) days from date I intend to apply
Miniver nl' Lands I'or a licence
to proapec
Sergeant Coley
for some months
225th, has joined
Transport, and is
who resided here
and left with the;
the Inland Water I
now en route for
POR RENT—The Clayton Ranch, I
miles west of Marysville; 2 acres under cultivation; house and barn; r.O
tons potatoes and some hay can be j
raised the first year. Renter must have
good team and a little capital. Write
P. Lund. Box 189. lethbridge, Alta. |
t for Coal and Petroleum
following described laud'
e in Lot 4693 South-East Koote*
Iiriiish Columbia. Commencing
at a post planted at the south ea '
comer of Lot 7.197 thence north 80
chains, east SO chains, south about 20
chains, west about 10 chnlnB, south
ahout io chains, we3t about 20 chnins,
south about 20 chains and west about
50 chains to point of commencement.
Relocation of Lot 7.I9X.
Located this 3rd dav of February,
X  H. Richer, Locator.
James Fisher. Agent.
J. Reed, IxjchI Foreman at
H. Shops here, made n trip
tion to Sirdar today,
Trappers, Farmers.
It does not cost you anything to
on your furs.   Kxiireeitt tliem to us
over a $5.00 valuation.   Wu niuki*
you our offer
for your reply, relurnluK them
It nut leiirclnueil.   Try us
In l.tislnieNs Since inks
Bend for Price List,
Special price paid for Dark Martli
Mackay & Dippie
fltt Ith lT«M, t'ralfMT, AM*.
Mr, and Mrs Etrtckson havo returned to town and have taken up their
, residence In their house nn Kdward
Tlie Non Parti turn League wlll meet
, next Monday evening, March 6th at
**. pin   Id the assembly room of the
Finish   Hall.
Tho open  meeting of the  Baptist
ladies Mission Circle will be held at
, .1 .00 o'clock in the church on Thursday, afternoon.  March  8th,
|     The Police Commission will enforce
'the   Liquor   License   Act,   the   Pound
By-law nnd the Curfew Hy-law from
im March
The Alexander Club gave a very successful   dance   III   the   Maple   Hall   Oil
Friday the 23rd, The cranbrook Orchestra supplied (he music which was
| excellent as tit tin I
j Nurse Miller, well known In f'rnn-
j brook both In her professional calling
■ and private life, has left Cranhrook
i lo lake a position us nurse in the prl-
j vnte hospital of idiiley K- Warden, Fertile
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Kny left on Saturday for London, Ontnrin. noth,Mr.
and Mrs. Kay during their residence
In Cranhrook made hosts of friends
whose very best wisheH tliey carry
Tho Daughters of the Empire are
appealing to all the citizens of Crnnbrook and the neighborhood for money to help them In their work. For
this purpose the Order has arranged
to make a house to house canvas on
March 10th and trust that they will
meet wltli a liberal response      9-lt.
j Examinations for It, C. Licensed
Scalers will he held hy thfl Forest
! Branch Ht Waldo on March twenty-
' third and Cnmbrook on Mnreh twenty
BlXth,    Further information may be
| obtain ed from the lllstrrlrt Forester,
rranbrook, PC Ht'
This action came up for trial ii the
County Court and lasted nil day. The
plaintiff claimed from the defendant
$144.70 for vegetables supplied, and
the defendant maintained that the
vegetables were to be paid for in exchange for manure which the plaintiff took from the defendant's premises
The defendant also claimed that he
was entitled to the value of certain
sacks which he had aold to the plaintiff
Tho Judge Bald ho believed the story
aa to the formation of a loosely word-
il contract was correct, but sold tin*
ont) way he could decide the conflicting claims was to base them on
straight eale and delivery of goods.
The i-i.nii. ef tho judgment was that
he found the plaintiff entitled to $100
Council for tlie Plaintiff. A. B. Macdonald,
Council for the Defendant, Ceo. J
FOK RENT—on shares or cash The
Belanger Ranch at Marysville, B. (..,
126 acros under cultivation—fenced
(food buildings. Parties rontlng must
have experience and some capital; or
will sell to right party on easy terms.
Write. P. Lund. Box 189, Lethbridge,
Sunday  Services—
8 a.m.—Holy Communion.
11 a.m.- Mattlns and Holy Communion.
.1   p in.   Sunday  School   and   Bible
7.30  p.m. - Evensong.
Address, Second of course on Science
of Religion—"What is Matter?",
"...Op.iu.-Meditation In Church.
8.00 p. tn.—Dramatic rending, Mase-
flold's "Pompey tbe Great" nnd musical  Items,  in   Parish  Hall.
S.00 pin.Social Service Study Circle:
"The   Coming   Triumph   of  Christian
Friday—Intercession at 7.J10 p.m.
Restored To Health By Vinol
Atlee, Va.—"I was weak, run-down*
no appetite, my blood wits poor, I could
not Bleep nights and was rapidly losing Heidi, hut I am a farmer and had to
work. Medicines Imd failed to help me
until I took Vinol. After taking three
bottles my appetite is fine, I sleep well,
my blood 'nt good and I am well again,
Vinol, which contains beef and cod
liver peptones, iron and tnuiijfniii'Hc
puptonates and glycerophosphates, is
guaranteed   for   run-down   mndltions.
Craubrook Drug & Book Co,, Cranbrook, ». C., also nt the best, druggtsta
In all Brltiah Columbia towns.
rmtutm.il LUMBERMAN of twenty years practical experience iu all
branches of the business, having good
connections with prairie yards and
with a few thousand dollars to Invest,
wishes to get in touch with parties
having timber holdings who are willing to enter into manufacturing partnership, and supply timber on a cash
atumpage basis. Address all correspondence to P. O. Box G33. Nelson, B.
Christ Church Lending Library Is
open on Wednesday uf ternoon and
Saturday evenings. There Is a large
number of volumes of fictional and
general literature. Terms $1,00 a
year; same to everybody.
MMrici of Fast Kootenar
Notice is hereby given that sixty
(60) days from date I Intend to apply
to tho Minister of Lands for a licence
to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
over the following describehd lands
situate In Lot 4593 South-East Kootenay. Commencing at a post planted
at the south east corner of Lot 7B37,
thenco south HO chains, east about 10
chains, north about 20 chains, east
about 50 chains, north about 60 chains,
nnd west about 50 chains to point of
commencement. Relocation of Loi 78-
Located this 3rd dav of February
N, H, Fisher. Locator.
James  Fisher, Agent,
Millions of bars supplied every month to
the Ari id Navy. Every bar means more
power to our forces    at home and abroad.
Send some in every letter and parcel to the
Front. in cost, but big in benefit.
r       jguss—Antiseptic
Cleans,    me     \: imc! Ueth.   Helps appetite and
digestion.    Refreshes,   soothes   and   satisfie-.
Ve VI. ',  I [GLEV, Jr. CO., Ltd.
iVriKl      Bldg., Toronto
ee Uiii* I'lll i„r ,'• eto.ee    ,.'. u Iwt „r i!i-e.
,"J.   tfl'l lit ell   -n, ■ .-•■ it*, fir i:   ,10,1 '..,
rOHl'OKATlQ.I   ni   TIIE
i iMMiitmih.
VI :i ......
u&. ",ray
XOTK l. IS III.in in I'lVI N lhal ot
uml nfter Morcli l-l mvt llie provl.
-leni. „i l,li|inir  in. tin' i>i,iin,i and
/our Lasts J *
l»**-   lie'*   IIj-Uh  llllll III,, ( nr(,«   lly.
I.in, »||| li,- itiictl) enforced.
Hi order of the Police Cominliffon.
er-. ( ranbrook, li. <_ rei._ l.'.tii 1917.
iim-. >l. RobcrM.
(Ink  ti,  tin- (MiiifiN-li'iii-ra.
m f*m f*M Jf^*\ J54 *' " incite you particularly to
tmWml\A.\Mm\m+y&m visit our STORE during the
next few days of this GIGANTIC SALE, We have an enormous
range of p|00r    COVeringS
Prices on which we have cut without mercy.    We have every line you
could desire and we can save your Dollais for you.    Don't delay!
The Big Sale is Now in Full Swing
Just bring along the size of the room you wish to cover and come with
the crowd.
Look for
the Big
Blue Sign
The Cranbrook Co-operative Stores
IS Till: II »\l,s ul   Mil
is The
j20^':8&Vi*i    Monday night
Hull.      Sojourn;*!!*.    Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
E  II.
McPHBE,        S. FYLES,
Secy.                  N. Q.
Cranbrook, It. ('.
Meets every Tuesday at S p.m. in
the Fraternity Hall
U. 0. Carr, C. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. R. & S.
P. 0. Box 522
Visiting  brethren cordially  invited to attend.
Meete in M
tnlu H
ill  second
Tuesday  of every month  at 8
p. m.
to   Brilisli
Visiting   m
ml) ers
E. Y. Brake,
J. I
. Lower,
»-, Meets  In   tli
■S.V   VO Parish     II.ill
Ilrst   Tuesday
!1       lit
ion tli
°^ ^Siii i'ri's- Mrs- w.
II.   MiFiirhiii".
Secy, Mrs. j. W. Burton, P. 0. llox 021.
All ladles cordially Invited.
I'lll!   S
nu* Spcciallsl
Hem 1
ers fee
' nil  klllllll of
Till;  110)1 r BAKE
Itnlit. Frame, Prop.
rVosn llrciid, ('likes,
ii nd i\>**lr)
Ptio:io 37
Norbury Ave.      Oi>p  Clt;
Llconsod In- Prov. novorniaen
SiiceiEil attention given lo ti
trcal in nf i-li, nm..11 in
mm **
SJkk V   5ft*/ ill     Beware
rVUN -
.-.,     j.! 8.
(111      fill'
•'J*3 «l:Sr'
sraopsis or  (oal  minim;
Coal mining rights or tlie Dominion, In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, tlie Yukon Territory, the
North-West Territories and in a portion of tin* Province ot BrltlBh Columbia, may be leased tor a terra ol
twi nty-ono yoar   al an annual n ntal
Of  fl   an   ncre.    No  more   tliaii   2,560
iicn'** will in* lea ■ 'i Lo one applicant
Vpplli Atlon fur a lease must li*'
m do by the applfi anl in port on to
tho Agi nt or Bub Agont ol tho district in which the rights applb d tor
are   Ituati d.
in surveyed territory tho land must
be described by sections, of legal subdivision', of sections, and in unsurvej
ed territory tile trad applied fnr shall
be stake ii out by tlio applicant hlmst If,
Each application must bo at ■ n
panted by a fee of $r» which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwl A
royalty shall be paid on the mi n h-
antable output of tho mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
Tin* person operating the mine Khali
furnish tho Agent with sworn returns
accounting for tbe full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tho
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated sueh returns should be furnished at least once
a y.-nr.
The lease wlll Include the coal mining rights only, but the losee may bo
permitted to purchase whatever available surfaco r I trills may be constdi red
neeessary for the working of tbe mine
at the rate of MOOO an acre.
Fnr full Information application
should be made to tho Secretary nf
the Department or the Interior. Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister nf tho Interior.
N It Unauthorised publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
i;ri(I) ,V Sl'REULIi
llanislcrs, Etc.
IV. F, t.iiril I-. .1. Spreull
Drs. Green & MacKIunon
Physicians and Surgeons
OITlce nt  residence, Armstrong
Forenoons   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00  o   4 00
Evenings  7.30 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
lilt. F. B. MITES
Offlce in Hanson Block
0 to 12 am.
1 to   6 p.m.
j The Red Cross Dance held Feb. 2-tth
at Wasa Hotol proved to be a great
j success. A Inrge crowd wns in attendance.
Tho dunce given In the School Houbo
on Saturday, illh ulto, for the benefit
' of the School, was not so well attended
aa was expected owing to a false report of the dance being cancelled.
,    Mrs.  w.  Flemmlng left this week
for Portland. Oregon., where she will
! visit   with  relatives  and   friends,
!     .Mrs.   Beunctt   and   Mr.-.   Mellor   of
: Marysville and Mrs, Watktns of Ken-
I nox, Altn., were visiting with Mr, and
, Mrs. Conover this week.
Matcrim*, i.i.] Gonoral Nursing
l'linnu 1!
Garden Ave.
iiih on Application
A. SALMON, Matron
11               P, O. Boi 846
(l.pft over [Yeem hint week)
I On Wednesday ovonlnn thc member;
nt tin- Alinr Socloty gave a verj en-
jeiyiililu wlilnt pnrty nnd conversa-
glono in Dosanlnlora Hull. Betwc n
70 nml sn peoplo wero preaont. Mrs
i llnriite nml Mr. T. Parrell won lhc
Ilrst prlacs for cards. Itofreshmonts
wero Bcrvotl. Tho Bum of $^*.r,o wns
oloarod Iiy tho sale ot tickets at ZBc
Mra. j. r. Parroll and Mrs. P. iiuln-
elnn wero responsible for tho enti r-
talnmonl arrangementa.
rl, II nml mining Engineer)
11. C. Land Surveyors
1'. JI
!   I'lll.
ie* aim, Nhiiit i'Iuibi* ii,*,
Ave, next to Clly Hall
Tonclicr ol I'hiniefoiio
Cranbrook, 11. C. Box 889
Kootenny Dance Orchestra
I'iniiii - MrB. 11. W. Kelmondson
Violin - - W. Tbompaon
Iiriiciis - - A. J. Parker
Phone 220 P. O. Box 289
K vou  want satisfaction
with vour washing
send It to
Soeclal nriees for familv
CHAS. S.  I'AliKEI*.
Forwarding and  Distributing
e\Bnnt for
lilliliriilire Coal
Xl-lte Powder
Imperial (111 Co.
DniyliiL- ami  I runsferrlng
Given prompt attention
I'lione 03
(.in,Till Merchant
Employment Agent
'   O. llnx  108 Phone 244
Spokane, Washington
Tin-; iiotrTj with a
Thin hoiiso 1ms thn
happy distinction of being tho favorite stopping place In Spokane
for the people of British
Columbia Wo appreolato
this patronago nnd do
ovorythlng In nnr power
tn make you confortablo.
our locntlon is excellent —
* ■■ t.i Oreal Northern station
mnl (i w k & N. Milwaukee
terminal, and within a minute's
walk from tho principal business
Iiouscb inui plocos of amusement.
Soc  Stemnslih) on   Hoi*'
The house wbb situated about throe
miles across the river from Waldo nnd
help from this place was totally out
of tin* question, Tho Inmates did not
have wnter near them in sufficient
quantity to tight the fire, and hnd to
stand by and watch the house hum.
They   unfortunately  lust  everything.
Mrs. Milton Kastner of Fernie ts
visiting with the Rev. Mr. and Mrs.
Hobson this week.
Arthur I-lnrby, Manager of the Roosville Store, has resigned his position
and will leave shortly for the Coast
where he Intends going Into business.
Charles Salter, or Chlnora, was taken to Pernie on the 23rd inat by Constable Dryden and charged before
Judgo Thompaon with having obtained
goods under false pretences from the
Adolph Lumber Company's Store at
Baynes Lake. Ho pleaded guilty, but
on account of being under age the
Judge was unable to sentence hlm, and
the matter was referred to the Attorney tieneral for a decision, The boy
was previously an Inmate of the Reformatory School at tho Coast, and it
Is thought likely that he will be sent
back again.
Tho Ladles Aid of thfl Presbyterian
ci urch .i-e putting on n concort on
\i ii! flr ' which will consist or a play
:i k< ti >, nnd singing numbers by
Vrchlii Prentice of Fernie, the Harry
!.under or the  West,
kort sthki.k
j    The dance which the people of Wycliffe are giving on the loth of this
I month lu the Club House in aid of the
| I. O, D, E„ is promising to be a great
i success.     Arrangements   have   been
made for good music.   Tickets are now
' being sold  with the speed of soda-
water in an Arizona desert, and If the
weather god will just remain amicable
until that date, a tidy little surplus of
cold Inert! should he realized.
I    Mr. Jack Braithwalte, who was oper-
' ated on In the St.  Eugene Hospital
last week is progressing steadily towards recovery.
John Monro an employee at thc Otis
Staples Lumber Company's logging
camp, was taken Into the hospital on
Tuesday of this week with two crushed
fingers. It is said that the injury was
sustained while in the act of coupling
Tin* Marysville danc ■ billed to tuke
place ;.t the Kails View Hotel on Saturday, March 3rd, bids fair to be a
huge success judging from the amount
of tickets already sold. This danco
will be under the auspices of thc
Marysville Red Cross Band of Workers. Tickets are $1.00 fer gentlemen,
ladies free; as usual a lap supper will
bo served and a good time Is assured.
J. W, Glfford, Manager of the Park
Mine, ('has. Kvans of Whtteflsh Cteek,
aud Hans C. Lund returned ou Tuesday from Spokane after attending tho
Mining Convention at that place.
Several men came In this week from
Spokane wliere they will he employed
by the Selkirk Mining Co., at the Park
Mrs. P. Handley was a visitoi to
Cranbrook on Monday.
W. H, Shira of Wasa. Supt. of the
Hale Lumber Co., was a visitor tills
week and was the guest of Mr. and Mrs
Lundin. Mr. shira returned to Wasa
on Saturday.
A. <:. James the instrumentalist was
a Wasa visitor on Saturday where he
supplied tho music for the Patriotic
dance at the Wasa Hotel. While li on
he was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. J.
Walter Mason, a former resident
here, who has been away for the last
three years, was renewing acquaintances here this week.
George Bidont Kvans of Royal Bn-
glnei rs, formerly resident engineer in
Port Steele, has received his captaincy.
Artlmr Innocent, also formerly of
Fort Steolo has received liis commission and ie now a lieutenant in Warwickshire Veomanry,
it. Winslow of Victor Mine was ln
town during early part of tlie week.
Hi* stated prospects were bright at tho
"Victor". A new tunnel of 7f. feet hns
been math* and the ore ts from ?, to
10 feet solid.
it. L, T. Galbraith left on 27th for ft
trip to Creston.
At the Red Cross meeting last week
Mrs. C. It. Akers was in charge. The
ladles discussed the paper saving idea
and it was decided to save all spare
paper, winch will he collected and
taki n to the Red Cross rooms, later it
ihlppcd to Nelson or elsewhere
A large bundle c
ressiug-gowns eti
orysoon to headqu
lembors since Jai
R. Alt.
;' socks, bandages,
will  be  shipped
irters.   Three new
nary 1st are Mrs.
Werden and Miss
left on 26th for
siting in town
(Left over from  last week.)
On the event of Mr. Hoffman's birthday on Feb. 7th, this kind gentleman
entertained at a dance In tlie hall of
the International Hotel, with a great
number in attendance. Everyone enjoyed the evening to the utmost, and
we thank Mr. Hoffman moBt kindly
and earnestly.
Mrs. W. Smith of Coulloo City, Wash,
spent the Inst week with her slater.
Mrs. H. Ii. Sawyer. Mr. Smith accompanied .Mrs. Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. Chisholm left for a
visit In Spokane on Fob. 10th,
The meeting of the Kingsgate  Red
Cross club took plate on Friday, Fob.
17th at tllfl home of Mrs. J. Dunlop.
Mrs. Chlsholm entertaining.
A danco was glvon at the International lintel on Saturday evening
last fu honor of Mrs. Boyle who has
been spending a week visiting with
her mother. Mrs-. Leach of Eastport,
Mrs,' (Dr.) Caldwell return'd bo
Kingsgate after a month's absence
Mrs. li. Graham returned from Crnn-
Brook last Sunday where she has been
receiving   medical   attention.
Mrs. Wade of Eastport entertained
a few of her friends nt tea. Among
those present were Mrs. J. Dunlop.
Mrs. 11. Sawyer. Miss II. Daitey, Mrs.
Levet|iie, of Kingsgate and .Mrs. Gordon* Mrs. Itedpalli. Mrs. Peckenpaugh,
Mrs, Sherman of EatHport,
Mr B. Graham has returned to
Kingsgate much Improved in health
ns the result of a successful operation
In the Cranbrook hospital.
|    Mrs. L. T, Lovoquo entertained al
ber home by means of a progri isive
| whist party,   .Mrs. Gordon and Mrs.
Graham carrying off firBt prlzo, and
; Miss IL Dalloy and Mr. Cordon COnSO*
| latlon prizes,
W A 1.00
A serious outbreak of flre occurcd
horo on Tuesday morning which completely wiped out the residence of Geo.
Hammond. The fire e Idently was
caused hy an over hentcl sieve pipe,
Certificate oi Improvement*,
Grey Eagle Mineral claim, situate
in the Fort Stoeh  Mining Division of
■i i Kootenay District.
Where located:- About 3 miles
'ottthwost <>f Cranbrook.
TAKK NOTICE tliat John Wright,
Free Mirnr'*- Certificate No. 800D2B,
Intend, sixty days from the date here-
if. to apply to the Mining Recorder for
■i Certificate nf improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Gt'nnt
of tho above claim.
Anil further lake notice that action,
ndor 'ei tlm. sr.. mn<<t be commenced
tiefnre the (RRiinnco of hiicIi Certificate
if Improvements
Dated tlitti Htti dav of .lanuary, A. D.
inn lit.
Tells How Vinol Made Her Strong
In her eighty-second yonr Mrs. -loin,
Wickerslmm, of Kussellvllle, Pa., says:
"I wai in a run-down, feeble condition
and hud lest tteali. A neighbor asked
nie to try Vinol, nnd nfter takinu two
hot I les my strength returned i [ am
saltilng in flesh, it has built up my
health and 1 nm feeling liia* for K
woman of my nge, ho I get around and
do my housework."
The reason Vlnol was so BUCCwisfut
in Mrn \VipktTnhinn'n ense Was lia*
cause it contains the very elements
needed tu Unld lu-r up.
Crnnhrook Drug R- Bonk Co. Cranbrook, O C, nlflo nt tbe bept dnini t«
In nil British Columbia townn
Ella Fenwick.
Miss Rubv Matl
ReR. Baker is v
Miss U. Eassio has returned from a
visit iu Cranbrook
The annual meeting of tlie Fort
Steele Farmers Institute was held re-
catty. The directors elected for the
nsuing year were: A. Doyle, Thos.
Cameron, II. W. Barr. J. B. llayf's ami
P. C. Douglas. Ses-Treas: Geo. S.
Baker; Auditor; A. B. Fenwick;
At a directors meeting held at the
close of the above in .ettug, H. W. Barr
was elected President, and A. Doyb
Two pedigree bulla are being olv
taincd for member: through the Dept
Of Agriculture, The institute Is also
shipping In a quantity of good seed
potatoes for mombers.
■ The men and teams of the Bull
Wvev Crows Nest Lumber Co., have
been moved to Skookumchuck. Locking has been facilitated by lust week's
heavy fall  of snow.
Board of Trade Holds
Annual Meeting
(Continued from page li
W.   A.   Nisbet,   II.  C.  Seaman,  W.  J.
Atchison, Joseph Ryan, A. C. Bowness,
The question of a permanent Secretary resulted in the following resolu
Tliat the Board of Trade ask the
Retailors and Agricultural Assocla
tlons to appoint committees to meet
a committee from tliis Board appointed
by the President. That our committee
report back to tin* Executive who are
hereby given power to deal with the
Messrs. McCreery, Seaman and Robson were selected as a committee.
Mr. McPhee introduced tin* subject
oi' a Hour Mill, citing estimates of
costs of installing and the amount
of wheat, oats etc, grown in the vlcln
ity last year and the amount that would
lio grown if the market were assured.
The President, Mr. Beattie, in this
regard, pointed out that the farmers
nf his dlsiriet art* rather handlcnpped
ac to tin- growing of wheat ns the
freight rate to Kort William, unless
during such a year of high prices as
the present, is prohibitive to profit for
(In* producer. The installation of a
mill would stimulate production hy assuring the farmer of a ready market
and would also lower lhe prices or the
"modules milled to the consumer.
Messrs. Beuttle, Bowness and Mfl-
I'l'-e were appointed a Committee to
'<•< I: ii,In lhe matter,
Mr. Christie spoke re tbe Kxpress
on CH nn. citing tllfl case of Mr,
Powlett, of Cowloy, with whom he Iiml
ombbrabie correspondence in this
'ogi rd    He Informod the meeting that
this matter bad been laid before tie*
Railway Commission and lhat WO hnd
lieen promised n hearing wh?n the
Commission met In .Nelson.
And it was resolved that tlie Railway Committee Interview the local
officials of the Kxpress Company, nnd.
!f necessary, Mr. Holm, to secure n
dally expross service between Cran-
brinik and Kimberley.
A resolution was passed appointing
Messrs. Paterson. Manning nml Mc-
Creery n committee to Interview Mr.
Hnrshaw re the stationing of an agent
of his Company at Kimberley and n
better passcntrcr service between Kimberley and Cranbrook: also ask'nr
that a local service he put on between
f'rows Nest and Cranhrook.
The following resolutions were
Tbat this meeting nppolnl the Presl-
•■ Ident to act fn conjunction with n
member of tlio cltvcounotl and a m in
hor of the Retailers Association n*-
ati entertainment committee nnd that
we request the other bodies to appoint
$16.35 LOOK MEN! $16.35
Starting SATURDAY Morning
February 23rd, a
There is one big rack containing 47 suits, all sizes 36 to 44, regular
prices up to $27.00, all good colors and materials. These must be cleaned up before new stock arrives.    The price should do it $16.35
No free alterations except finishing sleeves and trousers.
Vonr Mon*')- Bark
if (JoihIs are not as
Principal repayable lBt October, 1919.
Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April ami 1st October by
cheque (free of exchange at any chartered Bank in Canada) at
tho rate of five per cent per annum from the date ol purchase.
Jloldnrs of this stock will have the privilege of surrendering
at par and accrued interest, as the equivalent of rash, in payment of any allotment made under any future war loan issue in
Canada other than an issue of Treasury Bills or uther Uke short
date security.
Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.
A commission of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed
lo recognized bond and stock brokers ou allotments made in
respect of applications for this stock which bear their stamp.
For application forma apply to the Deputy Minister of
Finance, Ottawa.
OCTOBER 7th, 1916.
the mayor and tho president respectively.
That tho Railway Committee take
up the question of grain rates between
Cranbrook and Ft. William and ask
for equitable adjustment on basis of
Lethbridge rate.
That the Legislation Committee
draft nnd forward a request to the attorney general's department asking
that criminal assizes be set for Crnnhrook.
That tho Legislation Committee petition the Government; that If a District Registry be formed for any part
of Eaat Kootenay It be placed In Cranbrook.
That Mr. McLeod, of the Dominion
Fisheries, be asked to re-Btock St.
Marys Lake and that the Inspector's
attention be called to the winter fish-
lug which is being practised In the
That this Board represent to the
Government that the sheriff for tho
district should be located at Cranhrook or if district Is to ho divided a
sheriff should be nppolnted for 8.
Kootenny, located at Cranbrook.
.Mr. Manning pointed out that the
advantages of this district as to flflh-
lng, scenery, roads, etc., was not sufficiently ndvcrtlsed to tourists,
This was referred to the Publicity
At nn Executive meeting held Immediately afterwards] the following
chairmen wem unpointed.
It was dlclded that the chairman of
each committee should he appointed
and that he should havo power to
choose his assistants.
Railway and Freight Rates, Mr. J.
P. Fink; Roads, Mr. W. J. Atchison;
Natural Resources, Publicity and Education, Mr. Joseph Ryan; Finance and
Membership, Mr. J. M. Christie; Legislation, Mr. W. A. Nisbet; Agriculture,
Mr. A. C Rowness; Entertainment.
Mr. R. R Beattie;
Tha 1917 Ford Touring Car
/ o. b, Ford, Ont
or for your husiness, the Ford Touring Car al $496 la the
best investment you can make.
It gives you everything you can ask of a motor car In the
way of service; It's j mrs for less than live hundred dollars
and lt exacts but llttle from you for running expenses after
you buy lt.
Hy all means, see our models demonstrated and give us
your order early—
Worth a Guinea
a Box
The speediest remedy for sick
headache, biliousness and indigestion is a dose or two of
****** SJ. if Imt *****>** m .W «Mi.
S.U.,s.,<smm.   UtaaaaMla.
Trail Hide Dealer
nwilH lor to|, ensli (irlcr, f.ei.le. Trail
and STKMt HIIIKS  17c ner II),
Oreen Salt Cured CAM' SKINS un.
der If, iiounda 20c to •.Vic ner 11).
(ireen Suit Cured BULL'S   STAGGS
and OXEVS   12c per lb.
er lb. loss than Salt Cured.
  SOc to 25c por lb.
Will bay I'elts, Wool, Old Rubber
Hoots and Rubber Shoes, Copper
and Ilrasn Scraps and all kinds of Fnn
A. IIBKMIM, Trail. B.C
Hr. Ahln E. Firkins, Expert
I'liimi Timer and lleiriilulor.
I'lnnoliis uml I'ln),*)' pianos,
luteal models overhauled.
M turn being later Ihan usual
owing In Illness And comes
•e'veeii'tiy endorsed by six best
pliino niunulnrlurcrs. Wlivl He.
cause Ihey know that It Is'the
kind en' workmanship that foi-
lines llieir Instruments In the
'••''"*» Iiml will hulld or destroy
tlie rrpntntlon of Iho makers.
Parties requiring hli services
(or Inning etc,, will kindly lea,.
Iheir orders at the offlee of tli


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