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Cranbrook Herald Mar 2, 1916

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THURSDAY,    MARCH 2nd, 1916
French Turn Tablet, on Enemy Who  Are  Now  Trapped  In
Douaumont Fortress—Germnn  Commerce   Raider,
Moewe, Im Caught hy Hrillsh Cruiser.
(Special despatch to the Herald)
For the last week the Germans have
boon hurling enormous masses of
troops against the French in an effort
to capture the fortress of Verdun,
and though they havo mado slight
gains at awful cost, the momentum
of the attack seems to be spent, and
It iB likely the French wlll be able
to regain the lost ground.
Two thousand of the famous Brandenburg corps, conslaercd the flower
of the Kaiser's army, are now trapped
In Douaumont fortress at Verdun and
must surrender or be starved out. The
French surround It im all sides. Douaumont has changed hands tour times
ln the terrible German attack on Verdun. Breton forces by a terrific
charge through a perfect hall of Hun
shells, are responsible for the latest
succoss which left tho Hun troops ln
fort, prisoners.
The German raider Moewe, which
has been doing extensive damage to
allied shipping, hns been caught by
British cruisers and taken to Trinidad.
That President Wilson said that
the States entry Into the war on thc
side of the allies might not be ungrateful and might result ln advancing civilization by ending the big war
by midsummer, Is tne reason given
by Senator Gore for his opposition to
Thc President has demanded of
both houses a vote on the question
of warning Americans off armed liners and will accept no compromise.
For the New 225th Kootenay Battalion—Only Four Recruits
Signed on This Week.
The name of the new battalion for! there are now 25 In barracks for the
this district Is the 225th Kootenay bat-■ new battalion.   Those signed on since
tallon, C.E.F., with Col. MacKay of our last list are as follows:
the 107th Regt. as Commanding Officer.  Adolph Gunrud, single, baker, Norwe-
Capt. H. E. Barnes of the 107th has     glan.
been named as Adjutant, and a ma- Mike Mtlland, single, railroader, Nor-
Jorlty of the officers of the 107th wlll;    weglan.
likely sign on. Meut. VenuB has been William Williamson, married, farmer,
appointed recruiting officer at Cran- j    English.
brook. We understand Lieut Brechin : J. T. Tipper, married, farmer, English
and Lieut. Harris will be among those | Edgar Wright, single, rancher, Amer-
holdlng commissions, while Mr. Sea-!    lean.
man, of the Imperial Bank staff, will Samuel Harrison, single, Ry. wiper,
be attached provisionally. j    English.
Official authorization was received   Alex   Hanson,    single,    lumberman.
by  Lieut.   Venus  Monday,   but   the .    Swede.
total number of recruits since that, Herbert M. Niblock. single, shoemaker
time is not what lt should be.   Only     Canadian.
four have enlisted since Monday, nnd Thomas Wilson, single, railroader,
If the promises are to bo made good      American.
Immediate steps wlll have to be taken Pete Buschovitch, single, lumberman,
to stimulate recruiting among the lo- i    Russian.
cal men. Recruiting committees have Harry Hanson, single, carpenter, Am-
met with good success In other places      erican.
and steps should be taken at once to dins. Edgar, single, laborer. Cnnndlan
assist the local military officers with .Tames Con rov. single, conk. Cnnndlan.
the work. With the number trnnsfer- Albert Erbanks. single, cook, Amorl-
red   from  thoBe  previously   enlisted  can.
elected   by   O.er   4,000   Majority-
Campell Wins by Nine In
Tho victory of M. A. Mncdonald In
the Vancouver bye-elcctlon on Saturday proved very popular locally Mr
Macdonnld was a former resident and
In tho last election unsuccessfully
contested the riding against Mr. Caven, tho prosent member. He Is a map
of ability and an orator of no ni-tin
order, and has a host of friends her*
who rejoice In his success. Hon. Lorne
Cnmpboll, Minister of Mines, wos
elected by nine of a majority In
llosslnnd.   Following nre the figures:
KosslHllll  KCNIllt
Hon.   Lorne  A.   Campbell    831
W. D. Wilson, Liberal   BSD
W. W. Lefoaux, Socialist  411
Majority for Campbell       9
Vancouver Result
M. A   Macdonald, Liberal   0,692
Hon. 0. B. Tisdall   6,432
.Proposal to Pnrchase St, Mary's Sep.
urate School for That
A special meeting of (he School
Hoard was held on Friday night last
to discuss the matter of purchasing
tho St. Marys It. C. Separate School
for use as a High School. The Inspectors have been urging upon the
Board for some time the desirability
of having a separate building for high
school purposes but on account of tho
financial stringency no action has
heen taken by thc Board till the
A proposition has been mnde to
sell the St. Marys School to the Board
at a figure .much below the cost of
building, The question of a Government grant hns been taken Into consideration, nnd If n sufficient grant
can lie secured from the government
to take enre of the larger part of the
purchase price the matter may be submitted to a vote of tne ratepayers. An
Informal meeting of part of thc city
on net I nnd the school bonrd was held
L. a Taylor. Independent    194 M Sni.,Taay nftPTnnon, and while no
Majority for Macdonald  4-lM, definite arrangement was arrived nt
■ "       ' thc question wlll bo brought up at a
By the quality of tholr first production here, "Within the Law", the
United Producing Co. have made a
reputation for themselves which will
ensure them a good house as long aB
they keep up to tho standard sot
Saturday night. They propose putting on a series ot good plays at Intervals of six or eight weeks, and the
noxt one to appear here will be "Fine
Feathers", followed by "Peg O* My
Heart", "The Shepherd of the Hills'
and others.
The plot of "Within the Law" 1b a
strong one, of a girl wrongfully sent
up for three years, who on her release organises a "crook's trust" and
succeeds In getting her revenge and
enriching herself at the same time.
The Company Is a competent one In
every respect, with not a woak member, and the large audlenco thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the
later meeting.
The annual parochial tea and entertainment at Christ Church on Wednesday evening proved a very enjoyable social event ond was attended by
a large number. An excellent supper
was served by the ladles, after which
a splendid program was glvon, Including dances, Instrumental and vocal
numbers and addresses. Rev. Mr.
Simpson was presented with a handsome "travelling companion" In recog- j
nltlon of his services tn conducting
the mission Just closed and made a
suitable response. Afterwards dancing was enjoyed to the music provided
by the Cranbrook orchestra.
Conservatives Tender Smoker to Local
Representative and Pass Resolutions of Confidence In
Federal and Provincial
Friday evening last Mr. T. D. Caven,
M.P.P., was tendered a smoker before
his departure to attend the meeting of
tiie legislature at the Coast. Ther*
wns a splendid turn-out and the whole
proceedings though very informal
wero most pleasant and enjoyable.
Resolutions of confidence In the Federal and Provincial Governments and
In tho local member, Mr. Caven, werr
adopted unanimously.
Mr. W. B. McFarlane was elected
chairman of the meeting. Various
matters of Interest were brought to
tho attention of those present and discussed very thoroughly, such as the
Compensation Act, the poll tax, the
tax on wood, etc. Mr. Caven made a
short address touching on matters to
be brought to the attention of thc
house and asking for suggestions or
criticisms. Mr. A. E. Watts of Wattsburg waB present and gave valuable
assistance ln drawing up resolutions.
He also spoke briefly givinng Mr.
Caven much credit for what ho had
Telegrams were despatched to Hon.
Mr. Flumerfelt, Minister of Finance,
Hon. Lorne Campbell, Minister of
Mines, and Hon. E. Tlsdal, Minister of
Public Works, It being the eve of tho
election ot the latter two. The telegrams were couched fn complimentary
terms and expressed confidence tn
their ability.
A resolution waB passed advocating
the Imposition of a tax in place of thc
old poll tax, but recommending the
exemption of persons paying other
The taxing of homesteaders at the
rate at 26 cents a cord for wood cut
off their own property for sale was
also discussed, and the following
resolution adopted unanimously:
"That this Association wish to draw
the attention of the Hon. the Minister
of Lands to thc hardship Imposed on
very small farmers or homesteaders,
who are not in very good circumstances and who are trying to earn a living by making firewood, being competed to pay 25 cents per cord. That
this Association think It would be a
gracious act on the part of the Government to give orders that payment
be deferred unttl better times; it
would also be highly appreciated by
great numbers of poor men."
The resolution of confidence in the
Federal Government evoked quite a
flood of oratory, everyone prosent
expressing their hearty concurrence
with the spirit of the resolution, which
was as follows:
That the Central Conservative Association of thc Cranbrook District In
general meeting assembled wish to express their admiration of the manner
In which the Federal Government hns
conducted the affairs of the Dominion,
and especially tn regard to the assistance given to the Mother Country ln
her fight for the maintenance and
protection of the liberties of mankind.
Tho last resolution of the evening,
expressing confidence ln the Provincial Government and In Mr. Caven.
was carried with equal unanimity, as
"Tbat the Central Conservative Association of the Cranbrook District In
general meeting assembled, wish to
express their full confidence in the
Provincial Government, and also In
our representative, Mr. T. D. Caven,
nnd note with pleasure that the Hon.
W. J. Bowser, our Premier, has made
provision to conduct the affairs of the
province with nn able body of business
men, and that the proposed legislation touching the Workmen's Compensation Act, the Agricultural Act, and
other measures wlll be productive of
much good to the whole community."
Pupils of Mrs. von llriiiiin anil Kim: Edward's School  Please
Large Audience—Excellent Ihiurinic wns strong
Feature of the Program.
In addition tn lis other edueatlonnl tha danolng, which waa of a vory much
"Quit or enlist!" This In the ultimatum the Medicine Hat City Council
has hnntlntl ont to all single men In
the employ of thc city. The resolution
carried without a dissenting mice.
Judge Ryan Talks In Interesting Style
of Conditions on the Prairie as
Noticed on Bccent Trip.
In the courso of a conversation with
Joseph Ryan, who has returned from
a busin.'.is trip to Medicine Hat, Reg-
inn and Calgary, he stated that the
conditions In the Prairie section, taken generally, were decidedly prosperous.
"I could see tn all directions" Bald
Mr. Ryan, "thc signs ot well doing
and comfort. Business men wero more
than hopeful; most of them admlt-
tng tbat their accounts were being
met tn a manner that was surprising
after the depression of the latter end
of 1914 and the early part of 1915.
There Ib a shortage of cars to get the
grain to the east coast, and this cannot be wondered at when it la stnted
on the authority of tho C. P. R. that
there aro no less than 12,000 cars of
facilities Cranbrook is fortunate   In
possessing u lilgh-ei.i ■) private school
known aH K hg Edwurdi School which
stnrtlng with the kindergarten classes
for the smallest tots continues right
up to tho more advanced training of
young men and women, ln connection wtth King Kdwartf's School In
addition to the regular teaching .staff.
Mrs. van Bream tenches thc Torpsl-
chorean nrts, and lt is doubtful If any
more competent or better qualified
teacher Is to be found anywhere. Herself an artist with n continental experience she hns the knack of imparting her knowledge to hor pupils as
was clearly demonstrated Saturday,
Saturday afternoon the Herald scribe
hnd the pleasure or witnessing the
annual entertainment of the pupils of
Mrs. vnn Branm nud King Edward's
school. This being our first experience
wc must confess to being delightfully
surprised by the quality of tho performance, and thc finished work of
the pupils ln each nnir every number
reflects grent credit on the teachers
for their untiring patience and perseverance. Many of those taking pnrt
were such little tots that It seemed
almost Incredible that they could go
through the various n'lmbers, Including dnnceR, part KongB, drills, plays,
etc. without the slightest hesitation or
confusion, but there was absolutely
no hitch to the program from start to
finish. Just a few days before the entertainment one of the little girls,
Lillian Jackson, suffered a broken
*irm which necessitated a re-arrangement of the donees In which she was
to take part, but ln spite of the very
limited time to rehearse In the new
order, everything went off In good
The program was opened with an
exhibition of physical drill by the
pupils of King Edward School, flrst
some of the simpler exercises by four
very small boys and six little girls,
and then some of the more Intricate
motions by thirteen pupils Including
some of the older ones. Then follow-
cd an exhibition of club swinging
that certainly was excellent. The
physical exercise uud club-swinging Is
a valuable feature of the school curriculum and not only gives thc pupils
the right kind of exercise but re*
lieves the monotony of steady wort
at the desk.
A humorous recitation In which fou?
of the older pupils attempted to Improve the elocutionary style of the
youngers, to the disgust of the latter,
was very amusing, the following taking part: Chester Roberts, Dorothy
Deane, Nancy Nisbet, Pauline Bridge,
Aurey McKowan, Kenneth Campbell,
Frank Campbell, Doris Wallinger, Alice Fransen, Muriel Wallinger, Norah | ••*-««•*; his Three Fiddler
Among cucl. a host of excellent numbers It ls hard to single out nny for
especial mention. A very pretty costume number was hy King Edward's
"Pierrots and Pierrettes", the children In their dainty costumes, dancing
and singing with true Pierian abandon. They were Dick Spnrway, iBabel
Christie, Alex. Nisbet, Marguerite Caven, Harvey Dixon, Botty Green, Humphrey Madden, Phyllis Small, David
Mecredy, Norma Wallinger, William
Green, Wlnnlfred Beale,
superior cluss to that usually found at |
school concerts. The work or Tnt-
I riela McDermott In particular Is vory
, exceptional for a ohlld of her tender
; years, and Is equal to the work of
many professionals. Her Interpretation of the Spanish Dance "Pera Nona"
and her graceful toe-dancing Is worthy
of special commendation, She was a
hard-worked little artist Saturday but
not even In the lust number did she
show uny sign of weariness. Iu addition to her two numbers, tho Spanish
solo dance nnd the Shadow Danco,
she took solo parts In the fairy dance
and the horn-pipe,, ns well as taking
part ln every otlier dance ou the
program but one. She wns presented
with two flornl tokens during her
Another clever little dancer Is petite
Marguerite Caven, a tittle seven-year-
old but one who nevertheless has already acquired a grace and skill that
marks her as a "comer" If she stays
with lt. Even ut her tender ago she
bas acquired the ability to do a certain amount of toe-danctng. Betty
Green Is another clever little dancer
who Is acquiring the difficult font of
toe-dancing, and goes through all her
work in a finished and artistic manner,
The Grunny Dance was a quaint
little conception, the children with
their old-time costumes looking very
sweet Indeed, several of them leaning
on walking sticks taller than themselves. The "grannies" wore Pauline
Bridge, Marguerite Caven, Betty Green I
Alex. Nisbet, Patricia McDermott,
Phyllis Small.
The Highland Fling, Minuet, Fairy
Dance and Hornpipe dunces were all
much enjoyed. Wltli the exception of
Harvey Dixon who took part in the
horn-pipe only, the other dunces were
given by Jean Corson, Alex. Nisbet,
Marguerite Caven, Patricia McDoi*
mott, Betty Green, David Mecredy, und
Phyllis Small.
In the children's play "The Court
Card"  the  various   characters   were
those well-known nursery rhyme people familiar to all children the world
over.    The story Is of a king who
tires of the conventions nnd frivolities
of court life and compels his courtiers
to adopt the costumes and assume the
parts of the nursery rnymo Individ- j
uals.    They were all there, dressed
true to our conception of their style,;
and the embryo actors and actresses <
sustained the various parts ln first-:
class manner.   The cast of churacters j
The King, Mae Small;  the Queen.
Doris Wallinger; tho Ace, Botty Green j
the Knave, Harvey Dixon; the Herald. [
David   Mecredy;    the   Page,    Frank j
Campbell; Old King Cole, Muriel Wai-;
Dorothy •
Deane, Pauline Bridge, Nancy Nisbet: [
Old Mother Huhburd. Norah Po*vnaU;
her Dog, Tony;   Dr. Faustus, Allte j
Fransen; Simple Simon. Jean Corson; j
the  Pieman,    Phyllis   Small;    Mary i
Quite   Contrary,   Norma   Wallinger;
Jack and Jill, Alex. Nisbet and Mar-
guerlte Caven; Tom, the Piper's Son,
Dick Spurwny; the Executioner, Hum-
phrey Madden; Little Bo-Peep, Isnbel
Christie;  Little  Miss  Muffet, Wlnnlfred Beale; Little Jack Homer, Wil-I
Ham Green; Little Boy Blue, Chester,
Roberts; the Babes In the Wood, Aub-
A strong feature of the program was  rey McKowan and Kenneth Campbell.
IiRKADN'OlliHTS ts submarines;
Another sensational hockey game Is      7he Herald has received the follow-
to bo staged at the rink to-morrow j lng letter from Edwin A. Ketchlngham.
night.    The nnmes of the opposing j now a lieutenant In the 7th Norfolk
teams    at least   are   sensational -•*«*•• BBP- dated Feb. 3rd. 'some
,.~     .       .. ,.      ... .       .   ' „   ■    I where In France':
"Dreadnoughts" vs "Submarines . In-     „, ..,   u _..,., .,„.„,, r,nn
I Sir—A copy of the Herald dated Dec.
stead of the usual hockey sticks and : 23rd mB| hos JuBl camr. t0 „„„,, (rom
pucks tho players will use brooms: gome c„BDr00j, frlenda nnd n letter
and a football, anil much amusement; from Fnn^ Roirel„ particularly at-
I. looked for. The """fd"0UB**t" j tracted my attention.
players arc Lloyd Crowe. C. Connoly, pronk m(j tnyw]f wfM nmong ln„
Geo. Stevenson   Bill Attridge  H. Mc. j        t |n f.r„n„r00k aml
ll....lHn        <*1#w.        *.*.,! l*Ss*ss*s*a A linn Asrs    t *
we spent some time tocetlier in Val-
Uwaine, Geo. McCreery, Allan de
Wolf, while the "Submarines" wlll
rely on A. Bullock, Stewart Morrla,
Bob McCreery, Bert McPhee, Carl
Olll, Dave Sutherland and M. A.
Beale, to uphold their title.
Thc Columbia River Lumber Company have sturted all their logging
camps up again at Golden, B. C, after
having closed down for the past six
weeks.   Employment will be given  to I antl bave )wlt t01|Ch w|t),
about 300 men for the bnlonco of the .r|end.
cartler camp and on Salisbury plains
I saw him once or twice during last
summer ond heard the report that he
hod boen blown to pieces. I om ex-
trcmely glad to learn tliat he Is alive
and progressing favorably.
May I ask If any of your readers
would give me some recent news of
any ot Cranbrook's Ilrst sixty men who
left there on or about Sept. 2(lth, 1(114.
Since Octoher 24th, 1915. I hnve held
commission in the Norfolk Rest
my    old
Bokhout and Moore, thc two prison-
ers held here tor the Inst month, havo
elected for Jury trial and wlll appear
Tours sincerely,
Edwin A. KetrhlnRlmm, Lt
7th Norfolk JloRt
B. E. P.
"h^^e-""'l".rTir'!:!,0."t|'« tho next Sitting of the assises Ini N„,„on Presbyterian Church took In
May. They were taken to Fcrnie thia j 41 m.w members lost year, nnd re-
woek. I duead tha church debt by f 1,000.
tbe prospect of a ship to got It to
(Continued oa Page 4)
Sale of Muslins, Crepes, and Foulards
Wc have placed on sale a limited quantity of the above
Materials,   They are all good desirable patterns.    They
were regularly priced at 30c.  35c. and 40c per yard.
Now Selling at    15c per yard
White Turkish
Extra special  Quality, 18 In.
wide     8,1c yd.
Crash Roller
Good quality, special    10c yd.
Plain White Voiles
These materials which are mosl popular this season
are selling very quickly, manufacturers advise us that they
cannot supply auy morc for some months to come.
While they last:— 441n. width, fine even weave,     60c yd.
4Sin. width, a very fine quality "Ac yd.
Infants' Feeders
Mado up in soft Terry material, neat blue nnd whltfl
pattern   lie
Specials intlair Pins
I-arge siie package containing atmorted styles, usually
sold for 10c. Selling at   , «c
Sale of Evening Dresses
Six only prctly evening dresses to be sold this week.
Space will not permit description. They are all good styles
and sold regularly from $18 to $30. now only $10.00
We ship mail orders same da; as received.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clotbinf*. Stores
If It's Furniture
You Want
lint don't feel ynu can pay the usual
prices, you can find the solution of
your troubles at this store.
Kvcry article of Furniture is to be
closed out at sacrifice prices. Whether
you want a whole suite, bed-room, dining room, or parlor, or a single piece
such as buffet, dresser or perhaps in
easy chair, we can satisfy you in re*
irartls to quality and price. Call In and
sec for yourself.
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, Ltd.
Another Carload of Choice Alberta Steers Just Arrived
SI'Kfl.U.TlKS—Premium Cooked Ham, Hrookfleld Sausage, Sweet
Clover and .Kwlft'H Premium Lard, Alberta Dairy Butter. Fresh
Killed Turkeys.
and  uelne  practical   we  know
which  are the  hest.    Try ovr
tUO, 12.00 ur ti'.jl)
All Guaranteed;
ot the best, striking hours and
half hours from fl.00 tu $311,011.
Jewelers & Opticians
Next to the Tost Ofllce
Issued   Weekly   Iiy   The   Craubrook
Herald, Um.lt .1.
T. Ha Kay* Editor and Manager
Crai.hr.Hik, It. ('., .March iml, I1IHJ.
In a recent Isbuo the Herald reprinted an item from a coaBt weekly in
reference to M. A. Maodonald's position as a director of tho Vancouvor
Sun. Tlie article In question Mat. nol
regarded by us uu any reflection on
tho personal honosty or Integrity of
Mr. Macdonald, which we believe to be1
beyond question, but ub referring only
to bin position und aettoue as leader
of the Liberal party and was publlf h
by us from that standpoint only. We
havo no desire to do any Injustice to
Mr. Macdonald, and make this explanation of our own accord. Wo regret
that any other Interpretation should
have been placed on the Item.
member circled by the huge majority
of *tlG0. In the largest vote ever polled
in the city, cannot be accounted for
solely and simply by the cry of hard
There is, of course, no doubt tlmt
the severe financial stringency and
business depression at the coast was
a very material factor In the situation. Highly or wiongly the party
In power always gets blamed when
hard times malte their appearance,
with about as much reason as the
said party will lay claim to most of
the credit when any great wave of
prosperity comes along.
The desire to see the opposition
strengthened was another factor In
the situa'tlon. The lact that not a single Liberal was represented in tho
House, instead of being a source of
strength was a source of weakness to
the Conservatives, for no matter how
correct the legislation passed by tli
1 thero was always the possibility of a
charge of "railroading" legislation
j through in the absence of opposition.
The prohibitionists probably also
'. east their Influence and their votes
largely for, the Liberal candidate,
They have not been entirely satisfied
with Premier Bowser's delay in stat
Ing his attitude on the question, and
with the rapid growth of prohibition
sentiment public men cannot afford to
neglect, or even appear to neglect,
their petitions and appeals.
The foregoing along with the campaign of abuse and slander In connection with the Government's submarine purchases, the wreck of the
Dominion Trust Co., and the alleged
exploiting of the resources of the
province, are mainly responsible for
the turn-over.
We have nd doubt that Premier
Bowser will be capable of meeting
the situation as ho finds lt. During
tlie ensuing session of the Legislature
he will have an opportunity to enact
beneficial and constructive legislation, afford every facility for Investigating any responsible charge of
wrong-doing on the pnrt of the Government, and be; uble to go to the
country In the next election with a
platform and cabinet which will merit
and receive the support and ondor*
notion of the electorate.
(Calgary Herald)
Some Brllsll Columbia Liberals see
overwhelming defeat for the Bowser
government as a reoult of the Vancouver bye-election of Saturday last.
But these are tho same Liberals who
have seen an opposition victory in
■very general election In B.C. for
years past.
It will bc a source of gratification
to all good citizens that authority has
finally been granted to authorize a
Kootenay Battalion under Col, Mac-
Kay. The result has only been brought
about by bard persistent work in pressing tho claims of this district, both
Liberals and Conservatives working
hand In hand with thc one object in
view. Had it not been for the determined and continued efforts to impress upon the Department at Ottawa
the claims of this dlstrfct tu recognition the probability is that Kast Kootenay would still have heen used as
the recruiting ground for outside battalions. It ls estimated that at least
three full battalions have been recruited to date iu Kast Kootenay. Kast
Kootenay will now hnve a battalion
distinctly its own even though the
boundaries are not precisely the
boundaries of the riding. Our own local militia regiment, the 107th, will
be largely the nucb us of the new unit,
and the officers and men will be mainly from this riding, and entirely from
this district.
Tho next step Is to see that the battalion Is recruited to strength with as
little loss of time as possible. In
pressing the government for authority
It was urged thnt the battalion could
be raised "In short order." It Is now
up to us to make good on this representation.
This district has made nn enviable
record In the number of men enlisted
for overseas service, but there are
still many men physically fit who are
available for service, many of whom
we believe have been waiting for the
opportunity to go witb a distinctly
local company. This opportunity Is
now offered, and wc have every confidence tbat thc young manhood of the
district wlll readily and quickly respond to the call to nerve their King
■nd Country.
In Canada the call to nrms Is n matter of choice with each individual; in
Qermany It Is a matter of obeying orders from military authorities, the Individual has neither the choice as to
whether or when he Joins the colors.
This ls a war to preserve and maintain
the rights of the Individual, and no
sacrifice, even that of life itself, is
too great to attain tho desired end.
When not only King and Country, but
the Liberty of mankind ts threatened
with destruction and our services are
needed, lt should be considered a privilege to "do our bit."
(N. Y. Kvening Post)
Canada's increasing financial sacrifices for the prosecution of tho war
hear out the repeated assertions of Sir
Thomas White, Minister of Kinnnce,
that the Dominion Is ready for the
greatest exertions to relieve the Mother Country. An additional wur appropriation of $250,000,000 Is being
isked for, bringing the total raised to
$■100,000,1)00. This for a country whose
m mi ul expenditure before the war was
about $L"*0,000,000, is answer enough
to those who saw the overseas dominions' chief reason for loyalty In their
linnncta! and maritime dependence upon the Empire.
"Tho energy of the Dominion of
Canada in facing the future is evident
in the fact that slit* has been able to
reduce her ordinary controllable expenditure by about $:M),000,000 a year,
The special war taxes of a year ago
were not light, but tliey will bc Increased. Communities whose econ-
unic development depended on the
filling up uf gaps in railway systems
must wait longer, and the national
lebt b/ lino will approach $(.00,000,-
100. The country is iu a prosperous
condition, It has reason to boast that
ihe Canadian Government has been
ble to finance all war expenses without assistance from thc Imperial
The significance of Saturday's bye-
elections to tho Conservative administration of the povince cannot be
hastily explained uway, and If a further ond greater defeat Is to ho avoided the.fnctg of the case wlll have to
be facad honestly and Intelligently.
That a man with the clean public record of ■Hon. C K. Tisdale, offering for
election In his native city as Minister
of Public Works, should bo defeated
Ib a tort-election n.n an opposition
(Western Lumberman)
"Wc must take steps", said Mr.
Walter Hnneinian, In the Imperial
Parliament, "to see that (iermany Is
unable to carry on a crude war against
he entente allies after peace is signed." And It is pertinent to ask what
lanada is doing in this connection,
rile allies an- so busy whipping Germany into submission that they have
little time for after-war plans. But no
matter how badly the Teutons are
beaten tliey will emerge from the
war with their business organization
unimpaired, They will be ready to
jump in and command the world's
markeiH the day peace Im Signed, Tliey
must have on hand a tremendous u-
mount of manufactures for which the
Hritish fh-et has prevented them finding a market, Once tlie seas are open
thc Germans will be busy, And the
only way to curb their commorolal Invasion oT the allied countries in to
build n tariff wall around the central
powers, Make It so high aud strong
that Qerman trade aggressiveness will
he held in check till the allies have
had time to organise tlieir eommerclnl
forces. This defensive measure Is necessary from a military as well ns a
commercial standpoint. For so sure
as Germany's commercial campaign is
assured, just so soon will siie proceed
to prepare for another military onslaught on the world.
Of the 18 poHtofflces doing over
$5,000 of buslnesH In 1915 four of tliem
are In Kootenay.
Restored To Health By Vinol
Atlee, Va. —I was weak, rundown,
no appetite, my blood was poor, I could
not sleep nights and was rapidly losing; flesh, but I nm a farmer and liatl to
work. Medicines had failed to help me
until I took Vinol. After taking three
bottlea my appetite is fine, I sleep well,
my blood is pood and 1 am well again,"
-Orlando W. Borkey.
Vinol. our delicious cod liver and Iron
tonic without oil. is guaranteed to overcome weak.run-tlown conditions,chronic
coughs, colds and bronchitis.
Cranbrook  Drug  &  Hook Co.,
Cranhrook, B.C.
Tho services of prniao proved a
great "attraction at the Methodist
Church last Sunday evening when a
capacity congregation gathered to listen to the excellent program thnt the
choir offered under the leadership of
Prof. ('has. P. Nidd, organist ot the
A few minutes after seven the church
was nearly full and by the time the
organ recital was half through the
church was crowded to the doors
with those eager to participate In the
The organ recital was exceptionally
good especially the March In R. Flat
and Jerusalem the Golden with variations.
Of the progrnm perhaps 'The Glorls'
from the Twelfth Mass uud 'Crossing
thc Bar' to Bridge's setting constituted
the cream of the choruses, the former
being rendered wtth that Inspiration
and volume worthy of It, while thc
latter had an especially pleasing effect, being given without accompaniment.
Mrs. L, A. Manuel won praise for
herself for the effectual way In whicb
she rendered "O Rest tn the Lord" and
the sweetness of her voice. Doubtless
she will bo in demand very much In
the musical circles of the city.
Mr. Russel also acquitted himself
with his inimitable skill while the
quartette was also enjoyed to the full.
The program as rendered is as
Organ Recital, 7 p.m.—March In R.
Plut, Wely; Andantlns In D. Plat,
Lemare; Jerusalem the Golden, with
variations, Spurk; Serenade (duet for
flue and horn), Titl.
7.30 p.m.—Doxology, Prayer, Hymn
116, "O Thou God of my Salvation";
Prayer, Lord's Prayer (chant); Anthem "The Palms", Funrc; Les«on by
thc Paster, Psalm 107; Solo, "O Rest
fn the Lord", Mendelssohn, Mrs. Manuel; Chorus, "The Giorls, from the
12th Mass', Mozart; Hymn 117, "Jesus-
Lover of my Soul"; Cello Solo "There
Is a Green Hill", Gounod, Mr. Percy
Parker; Quartette and soprano obligate, "As Mountains Round His People Rise", quartette. Mrs. T. C. Phillips, Miss Raker, Mr. Shepherd, Mr
Ivor Bassett, Soprana, Miss L. Richards; Offertory No. 2, "Grand Off°r-
toire de St. Cecilo," Batiste; Hymn
853, "O Day of Rest ami Gladness";
Anthem, "Crossing thc Bar," Bridpe"
Solo, "Hold Thou my Hand", Briggs
Mr. IX. Russell; Anthem. "Hnsanna"
Granler; Hymn 812, "Tho Dny Is Past
arid Over"; Renedlction; Vesper.
Tex! of Address Given by It. T. Williams ut Meeting ot Farmers'
(Continued from last week.)
Our pext point for consideration I*
Incubation. The advantages of tht
natural method include tin; Important
of Its being inexpensive, close attention Is also unnecessary and a
small breeding pen will supply frequent settings of fresh eggs. While
-iilting, hens should be cooped separ-
itely nnd encouraged to leave the nest
mee daily for feed; hard grains only
being supplied. Frcsn water should
he within reach at all times; grit nnd
charcoal are also desirable. While
opinions differ with regard to moisture being supplied to eggs set under
hens, good results hate been obtained
when eggs were sprinkled occasionally and dipped in warm water on
eighteenth day.
Hens should be given too few rather
than loo many eg>;s und when hatch
omes off keep the hen confined to a
unall run for a day or two, or there Is
longer of loning some of tho cltfcks
in consequence of t..eiu having too
much exercise.
With regard to artificial Incubation
thero ls an almost endless variety
of Incubators, all huvlng good point'
but some having bad ones, uias. Our
best result;:, (and we huve used several different varieties of Incubators)
havo heen obtained with a lurgi
"Cyphers" and it small "Hatchalot."
Whatever make of machine one ubi-k
the Instructions for that particular
machine should he carefully followed
and when a hatch proves unsatisfactory, be quite sure Hint the machine
has had proper care nnd attention and
was tilled with hntchable eggs before condemning the incubator.
Shallow dishes ()f water may be
placed under tbe egg trays until the
machine Is finally closed up and thc
addition of a little vlncgnr to the water during the Inst week has a tendency to make the shells more fragile
at hatching time. Whether moisture
is advised or not by Incubntor manufacturers, it has been round necessary at this altitude and a number of
poultrymen consider the best results
are obtained when temperature Is
kept from half a degree to one degree
higher than usual.
Darken the egg chamber when hatch
la coming off,    Do not endanger the
entire hatch with sudden drop In tern-;
oeratnre by opening incubator to help j
from the shells nny chicks that appear to bc In trouble. Those not strong
slstanco may Just as well not get out
nt all.
enough to leave lho ehell without as-
When hutch Is »|| off and chicks aro
thoroughly dry thr* can bc truiferredj
to the Hover. Tliii; Is usually on tho
twenty-second day. It Is safer to leave
them In the machine too long than I
to take them out too soon.
We now come to the most important
work of all, via, Btarting the thicks In
life under circumstances that will enable thorn to mulure us rapidly as
After experimenting with several
varieties of Hovers we discarded all
but the "International Sanitary" and
since doing so have not lust a single
chick from over-crowding. It Is essential that both In the Hover and in
space ulloted the chicks for exercise
that nll corners be eliminated, otherwise tin re is great danger of crowding
aud consequent loss.
Two or three inches of sand or earth
makes a good scratching floor and cn
sures freedom from log weakness. Alfalfa in 'ill and short straw Is also good
material for litter.
After the chicks have been confined
lu the hover for an hour or so, they
should be given line grit nud oyster
shell and nu hour Inter may be given
a drink. Sour milk is the hest drink
for young chicks and hus considerable
medicinal value. If sweet milk Is used
it must bc constantly renewed ub the
digestive apparatus of a chick cannot
stand a variation of sweet and sour
Let the chicks rest for another hour
and then they can be fed. Rolled oats,
scattered on a small board or shingle,
in quantities that will bc readily cleaned up, should he given every two hours
for a couple of days. Feed sparingly
rather thun generously the Ilrst day or
two, They can then be fed five times
a day, later reduced to four times, thc
rolled oats being gradually replaced
by cracked wheat and corn, the hardest grulns being preferred hy tho
chicks as tliey advance In size and
powers of assimilation. Grit nnd bran
should always be available. Sifted
beef scrap should also be supplied, but
very sparingly, mixing four parts of
charcoal to one part of beef scrap.
Charcoal should be given very liberally; the charred bark from stumps
being an easy method of supplying
this. Clover leaves, lawn clippings or
mreds of lettuce will be relished when
chicks nre kept In runs. Under no circumstances use old runs until well
limed and spndcd over, and give free
range as early as possible.
Never use any moist or sloppy foods.
Some dry and crumbly mash may he
given when chicks nro some weeks old.
but not until, If best results are to be
It Is impossible to estimate how
many chicks are needlessly lost every
iprlng owing to white diarrhoea. This
lisease cannot be cured but can be
avoided by careful selection of absolutely healthy breeding stock and keep-
hip young chicks scrupulously clenn
and dry. "
The programme outlined for enrly
care of chicks calls for considerable
time nnd attention which cannot always be given where poultry keeping
forms but a small part of a farmer's
operations, but results have proved
that it Is time well spent and where-
evrr profitable poultry is desired, nothing Is more important than getting
the young stock properly started.
The 1915 output of the Fernie coal
mines was about 6,000 tons heavier
than the year previous.
S.ftO a.m.—Holy Communion
11 a.m.—Matins and Holy Communion
1.00 p. m.—Children's Service
7.30 p.m.—Evensong.
Teacher Rev. W. H. Bridge, B.A., L.th
Pastor, W. K. Thompson
Morning servico 11 a.m.—Subject—
"Tlie Possibility of Betrayal.'
Sunday School and Bible Class 3p.m.
Evening Service 7.30 p. m. Subject—
Anthem morning nnd evening.
"Wine is a mocker, strong drink Is
raging, and whosoever Is deceived
thereby in not wise.—-Prove.bs 20c, lv,
mi.thomst niuitcn
Pastor, Rev. Thos. Keyworth
Organist, Chas. F. Nidd
Services ns usuul at 11 a.m. and 7.30
P. m. Sunday School and Adult Bible
Classes at 8,00 p. tn.
Morning services on Sunday will bc
lu the nature of Children's Service, lt
being the first Sundny ln the month.
All nre cordially welcomed to this
Services ln S. A. Hall
Saturday evening 8 p.m.
Apple-hand Sunday School 11 a.m.
Sunday evening service 8.00 p.m.
Tlie above  services will be of    a
bright and cheery character and all
arc Invited to attend.
Don't Forget-
that when constipation, biliousness or
indigestion is neglected, It may causa
a serious Illness. Act upon the first
symptom—keep your digestive organs
in good order by thc timely useof
JAsrsmsfJUeAAm stAjemm ksAmWmM.
I.U.sstimss*. UUaaa«a
Wc clean chimneys, we clean toilets,
wo clean up garbage, cheap to compete
with bad times—Phone 358.
Notice is hereby given that the firBt
sitting ot the Court ot Revision for the
purpose ot hearing complaints against
the Assessment tor the year 1016 as
made by the Assessor for the City of
Crnnbrook and the Cranbrook Sehoool
District will be held ,n trio Municipal
HaU, Norbury Avenue, Crunbrook, B.C.
on Monday the twenty-seventh day o,
March, lylli, ut ten u'clock a.m. local
time. Notice of uny complaint must
he given to the Assessor In writing
ut least ten days previous to tho Hitting of tho Court.
Dated ut Crunbrook, 11. C.,
tills 22ud Uny ot Kch.  1916.
t~ tit. ABSOBSor.
IN THE MATTJSn ut tho "Land Keg-
iHtry Act" uud in the Matter of
Lot 4, lilock 4 of Lot 132, Group t,
Map 1181.
TAKE NOTICE tint an Application
(No. 3797-1) has beeu made to register
William Summer Frazler as owner in
fee simple of the above lot under a
Conveyance to him from Baynes Lake
Lund Company Limited et al, dated
21st December 1914 and that unless
within 3d days from tho date ot the
Hrst publication hereof you file in this
office a caveat or Certificate of Us
Pendens I shall register tho said Wil-
llnm Sumner Frazler as owner in foe.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
Nelson, this 9th duy of February 1916.
District Registrar.
To all to whom lt may concern.
Dato of first publication 17th day of
February; 1916. 7.4*,
Month!)' Moiling oa
at 2.30 p.m. ln the
Papers on Cultivation and
Crowing of Small Fruits
Mixed Farming and Government Financial Assistance to Farmers.
Ultraviolet Rays
In  Treating  Human  Ailments,
Young and Old, at Home
Our Generators cun bc used
ln any room wliere Electric
Light Is.
A child cun sufely use it. Booklet Free. District Representative
wanted.        Write
a.'lil Mh Ave, E. Calgary
Chief Head of the Salvation
Army Forces of "Canada West"
will visit
March 15th
Hrlgadles McLean of the Pacific Division will accompany the
Chairman—A, <s. Harshaw.
Cranbrook Retail
Merchants' Mutual
Protect ive Association
will hold
Annual Meeting
Monday, March 6
nt 8 p.m.
Ry.Y. M.C.A.
Household Goods
at Mrs. J. S. Mcnnle's Is
Articles Included are
DrtsHHlnc* Tables, Kitchen
Tallies, Small Tables, Linoleum, and other articles.
Cor. Lumsden Ave & Edward St.
I'lione ail
Brighten Up Your Home
lt> the use of n little pnliit. Now thut It's bright and sunny outside the
dark mid dingy finishing!, need touching u]i more than ever. We have
paints nil mixed ready to apply, In all sizes nnd tints, and will he glad
,o assist you with suggestions.  Let its help you with the problem.
If your Auto Needs n new rout of Enamel you run
get the best here.
Tiiisniilhlnn;, I'luinlilng and Heating
Peameal Cottage Rolls
Done up in the sume fashion asjaar famous l'eaaieal Bacon, and la the
same cluss (or i|iuilllj und goodness, made of the best quality smoked
shoulder willi lhc hiiiic Uikrn out, keeps well, and is most convenient
and liuntly (or the housekeeper.   Per pound   23c
P.   BURNS  & CO.,   Ltd.
New Navel Oranges
Oranges are now at their best.   We have just
received a large shipment of the new crop, sweet
and juicy, at prices ranging from	
  loe, 25c, 35c, 45c, to 65c per dozen
New Grapefruit and Lemons.
This season's new Celery, Cauliflower and lettuce.
Milk and Cream
D livered every morning in sterilized bottles
Sold also by
Little & Atchison
IN 25, 40, nml 110 WATT 8IZI58, for
Wo have just opened a consignment of DOMES,
which, tor bounty and prico cannot bo surpassed.
Cranbrook Electric Light Co.
Subscribe to the Herald — $2.00 a Year THURSDAY, MARCH 2nd, 19If,
Before you find fault with your
children   for   low   murks   at
school make sure that you yourself   aro   not  to   blume.      No
child can bc expected to Btudy
well wltli weak, tired eyes. The
only nafe way is to lmvo your
children's eyes tented nt regular Intervals.   We have made
a specialty of caring for children's eyesight, and you wilt llnd
our prices moderate nnd   our
work deponduble.
W. H. Wilson
Mnniiiarlnrlne Onlli'liin
Sergt. It. Campbell, u former busl-
nens man of Moyle, wns In the city
this week recruiting for the 131st
Battalion, O.E.P.
Large line of Baby Buggies and Go-
Carts Just received.—Kink Mercantile
The Ladles' Auxiliary of the Ry.
Y.M.C.A. will hold their regular
monthly meeting on Monday, March
(ith, commencing at 3.30. A full attendance in requested.
The Herald has a fine line of vlslt-
Mlss Enid QUI returned home thlsj
week from a visit wltli relatives iu
Miss Nellie Handley of Marysville
spent the week-end in the city with
Mrs. George Kennedy.
Miss Jessie Kennedy of Kimberley
spent the week-end in the city at her
Mr. T. J. Beattie of Portage la
Prulrle, Is visiting his son, Mr. B. E.
TOWN Tories
Kilby Frames Pictures,
Mr. L, Hilton of Wattsburg was a
city visitor Friday.
Incubator for 'sale, cheap.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
Mr. Law, representing the 41 Market
Co., was a Cranbrook caller Friday.
Capt. Corsan of Fernie was a Cranbrook visitor Saturday.
Mr. Geo. Hunter of Jaffray was a
city visitor Saturday.
Modern houses for rent.—Apply to
Beale & Blwell.
Mrs. Corsan of Fernie waB in town
for the King Edward's school concert.
Mrs. Madden of Baynes Lake spent
tho week end In town.
Seo our ad. for Eaton's grocery
prices.*—Cranbrook Trading Co.
Mrs. K. Green was the guest of Mrs.
M. A. Beale for last week.
Mrs. A. C. Pye will receive on Saturday, and not again this season.
Last Dance before Lent at Parish
Hall, Monday, March 6th, Gentlemen
60c, Ladles 25. Dancing 0 p.m to 2 a.m.
Mrs. Fred Wasson will receive Wednesday the Sth, and not again this
W. Mulrhead, expert ladles and
men's tailor, has arrived nt Fink Mercantile Co.
Large line of Baby Buggies and Go-
Carts just received.-—Fink Mercantile
W. Mulrhead, expert ladies and
men's tailor, lias arrived at Fink Mercantile Co,
W. MulrheRd, expert ladies and
men's tailor, has arrived at Fink Mercantile Co.
We'have Just added a full line ot
Ladles' and Gents' Boots and Shoes—
Cranbrook Exchange, Armstrong Ave.
Mrs, C. O. Staples of Wycliffe has
been In town visiting Mrs. V. Wi
Mrs. W. S. Ryckmnn left for Creston on Monday where she wlll spend
a few weeks with her son.
l-arge line of Bnby Buggies and Go-
Carts Just received.- Fink Mercantile
Mr. IU. Street of Des Moines, town,
lias lii'i'ii renewing acquaintances here
during the week.
Mr. 11. D. Kindluy (rem Victoria
Island, an old Cranbrook resident, has
been a visitor In the city this week.
l*urgc Hue of Baby Buggies and Co-
Carts Just received ■ Kink Mercantile
Mrs. Walter Soden Is spending a
COUplO et weeks nt Kitchener, the
guest of Mrs. (icorgw Andeen.
Mr, A. K. Watts of Whttsburg Shipped n rnrload of entile to Eastern
points last week.
Urge linn of Baby Buggies and Go-
Carts JUIt recelTcd.—Fink Mercantile
Mr. T. I). Caven, M. P. P., left for
tho coast this week to attend the provincial legislature.
Messrs. J. D. McBride and W. B.
MacFarlane left on Wednesday for
Large line of Baby Buggies and Go-
Carts Just received.—Fink Mercantile
Rev, W. R. Thomson Is attending
the meeting of tho Kootenny Presbytery In Nelson.
A hockey team trom Cranbrook wlll
play a game with Invermore on Mondny night. A rettii* game will be
played here oo Friday, March lotb.
ing curds, Imtli ladles aud gents,
us  print your next supply.
Made Strong By Vinol
Greenville, H.C.,—" I want others to
know of the great benetit I have derived from Vinol. I am Hi years old
and Vinol has given me strength, a
healthy appetite and overcame nervousness. It [a the best tonic recon-
Btructor I ever used. " — Mrs. M. A.
Vinol is a delicious cod liver and
Iron tonic without oil, guaranteed to
overcome run down, weak, devitalized
conditions and fur chronic coughs
and colds.
Cranbrook  Drug & Book Co.,
Cranbroolf, B.C.
Mr, H. W. Edmondson resumed his
duties with the C, P. K. Wednesday
after a protracted illness of about
three mouths. He lu now quits recovered.
Vonr Fire Insurance should not bo
neglected see Beale &  Elwell about
Safety Deposit Boxes for the storage
of your valuables are recognized by all
careful persona as a necessity. Tho
Beale & Elwell vault is the safest and
most convenient place.
Mr, Gus. Thels of Perry Creek was
a welcome culler at the*>Herald ofllce
Wednesday. Mr. Thels says the snow
is very deep at Tlio Creek this year
and nothing can be done in the mining
line until the snow disappears, which
he thinks will be some time yet.
Cheapest tliis year—Choice Navel
Oranges this week, per case $4.50;
half case $2.50, per dozen, 15c, 25c,
35c, 45c and 60c—Cranbrook Trading
The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Parks passed away on Thursday last aged nearly four months. The
funeral was held on Saturday, Rev.
W. K. Thomson officiating. The sympathy of the community will be extended to Mr. and Mra. Parks ln their
Private McGruder is Just out of St.
Eugene Hospital where he has boen
confined for the last month suffering
from a cracked ankle-bone. He
speaks In the highest terms of the
treatment accorded him by sisters aud
Lot |     Rev. J. P. Westman, field secretary]
for Sunday Schools of the Methodist
Church, Is to be In the city on March!
Uth iu the interests of his work.
TllO Moyle Lodge of Oddfellows have
amalgamated with Key ('ity Lodge of
Cranbrook, and the occasion was celebrated by Key City lodge last Monday
night In the way of a banquet. Mr.
W. H. Laird of Moyie was present and
with D.D.G.M. McPhee
details of thc transfer.
Mr. W. H. Wilson, Jeweller, has an
interesting war relic on exhibition in
his window in the shape of the brass
casing from an eighteen pound shell.
This was picked up on the battle
Held of Flanders by Private Leslie Williams, who has been on the firing line
for the last eight months, and was
sent to Mr. Wilson by parcel post.
Private Williams is an old Cranbrook
Kilby Frames Pictures.
Mr. S. J. Mighton of Vancouver spent
a few days in town during tlie past-
week. Mr. Mighton is one of the old
timers und was warmly welcomed by
a host of old time friends. Mr. Mighton
returned to Vancouver on Monday accompanied by Miss lnuis Hill.
The Leap Year Dance given on Tuesday last by thc Kootenay Orchestra
at thc Maple Hall was a big success
over 40 couples taking the floor. Encores were frequent and nobly responded to, somo choice new music
being rendered with a few old timers
by request. Ed. T. Uh.he was floor
manager. The genial Ed. was at his
best and the way- he got after the
bashful ones wasn't slow. Special
mention should bc made of the Ladles
Choice "Circle Two-Step", the music
for this being specially arranged by
Mrs. Edmondson. Dancing was kept
up till one o'clock.
Last Dance before Lent at Parish
Hall, Monday, March 6th. Gentlemen
50c, Ladies 25. Dancing 9 p.m to 2 aJU.
At the debate between memhers of
the Women's institute and of the Farmers' Institute on March Tli in the
Maple Hull, at 8 p. m., the Women's
Institute will he represented by Mfl8-
damos W. B. McKarlane, II. Palmer,
0. Couldwell, and J Shaw, while
arranged the I Messrs. B. Palmer, I. Basaettt, II. T.
Williams, and John Mitchell will take
up the cudgels on behalf ol the Farmers' Institute.
The subject of the debate Is "RoboIv-
ed: That the Women's Institute Is of
more benefit to the Community than
the Farmers' institute." Afternoon
tea will be provided by the members
of the Womenb' Institute, and they
are looking forward to a record gathering of the city folks.
In a recent letter io Mr. I. Bassett,
Mr. W. E. Scott, Deputy Minister of
Agriculture for this Province Bays:
"I note that the Farmers' and Women's Institute are going to have a
friendly competition In debating that
the Women's Institute is of more bone-
fit to the community than the Farmers'
Institute. This should prove a very
interesting discission, and I hope
that your members who are chosen to
act for the Farmers' Institute will put
up a good case. I shall be very Interested In hearing as to how this competition comes out"
Rev. Thos. and Mrs. Keyworth entertained the members of the Methodist Choir and their friends to dinner  on   Wednesday  evening.    About
thirty sat down to dinner, and ufter
the coffee had been served Mr. A. E.
Hill proposed and Mrs. T. C. Phillips
seconded a very hearty vote of thnnks
on behalf of tbe choir nnd friends to
their host and hostess for their kindness in entertaining them,   In replying H«v. Mr. Keyworth said that he
The Ladies" Auxiliary of the V.M.C.A. j hoped this occasion would be the pre-
will hold a Shamrock Tea and Cook- i hide to many such.   A very enjoyable
ery Sale on March 17th In the Y.M.C.A. | time was then spent in parlor games.
Mrs, Dupont returned home on Friday lust from Windermere where she
rus been since the death of her father, j
Mr. Klmpton whose remains were taken there for burial. While at Win-j
derme're Mrs. Dupont bade farewell
to her son, Ashton Powers, formerly j
of this plaee, who has enlisted and i
gone to Kamloops. '
songs, stories and the like, the evening coming to an end nil too soon.
Last Dance before Lent at Parish
Hall. Monday, March 6th. Gentlemen
50c, Ladies 25. Dancing 0 p.m to 2 a.m.
The small  boy who can scare up
a pain in his tummy is going to be
in clover.   When snld pain developed.
a dose, or a threatened dose of castor
We have Just added a full line  ofj "H. generally worked wonders,   hut.
Ladles' and Gents' Boots and Shoes- | loyful word lt Is. castor oil becometh
Crnnbrook Exchange. Armstrong Ave.! Scarce nnd soaretl. in price.   The price
  j in fact has gone up about 500 per cent.
since the war started. Blame the war
They are using great quantities of this
delightful summer drink for the manufacture of gun cotton and for other
Mrs. Grace Blanchard of New York.
representing tho New York Metropolitan Company was fu the eity Wedncsr
lay making arraogementi with ths
managers of the Auditorium TheatreJ HWPOMi relative to the manufacture
for the appearance here ou June 2nd
of this company nf grand opera singers
and Instrumental artists. The company Includes the eminent Danish
violinist Skovgoard with his $isoo
Stradivari us violin
Last Mauce before Lent at Parish I
Hull, Monday, March 6th. Gentlemen
50c, Ladles 36, Dnnclr-K 9 p.m to 2 a.m. |
"Old Buster," the dog that is known
from Crow's Nest (o Cranbrook in
every lumber camp, was killed hist
week nt Mct'ooi's siding while endeavoring to board a train. Buster, upon
being driven away from a ramp, would I
straightway hike for tha nearest railway station and take the train for
some place where he would be more
welcome Hi- usually hid under the
sent tu the roach in order lo avoid
being kicked off Iiy the conductor
Pernio Free Press.
Lust Dance, before Lent at Parish
Hall, Monday, March 6th,   Gentlemen
50c. Ladles 85. Dancing o p.m to 2 a.m.
of war munitions. Some castor oil
used to come from the East Indies,
hut now the growers thero are shipping alt their seed to England.
Miss Bessie Woodman was thc successful compeditor ta n close contest
for elocutlonery honors, marked by n
gold medal, which was held nt the
home of Mrs. Pi E. Carman. Armstrong Avo, last Thursday afternoon
under tlie direction of the W.C.T.U. of
this city. Each of the five contestants
had been successful In some former
competition when silver medals were
awarded, nnd this contest proved a
kind of final heat In the race for premier place. ?
A large company wns present, nnd
at the close of the program, In which
Mrs. L. A. Manuel nnd Mrs. Keyworth
figured favorably, partook of the kind
hospitality of Mrs. Cnrmnn. Mrs. W.
F and Mrs. G. Attridge nnd Mrs. McKowan, wero judges.
Particulars of the Short Courses for
farmers of this District have now been
received by Mr. I. Bassett.
Four of the Department of Agriculture's experts will be on hand on
March 22nd and 23rd to toke up
the questions of Dairying, Mixed
Farming, Crops for Live-Stock and
Poultry. These experts are Messrs. T.
A.F. Wiancko, S. H. Hopkins, H. O.
English, and J. II. Terry.
The meetings will be held in the
City Hall, the first day at 8.00 p.m.,
nnd the second day at 2.00 p.m.
These meetings wlll be open to all
those interested, whether members of
the Farmers' Institute or not, free of
Charge( but the Secretary of the
Farmers' Institute hopes that all those
who come to the meetings and arc not
yet members of the Institute will be
sure to bring their 50 cents membership fee along with tliem, so that he
can have the pleasure of making
them duly qualified members.
Now that the long hoped for Cream-
ery Is at last In sight, three of these
addresses will be of particular Inter-
est to those farmers who contemplate
supporting the Creamery, There will
be an opportunity for discussing at
the close of the lectures all those
little problems which the farmer finds
arising from time to time fn connection withlifs live-stock.
So rally round, farmers, and let
these Government experts sec that the
Crnnbrook district contains real live
wire farmers.
Handsome Designs in
New Lingerie Waists
SHIPMENTS received by express during the past few
days show many entirely new effects — models that
will set the fashion for early spring.    The fine fabrics
employed and the pretty embroidery and lace trimmings are
such as will appeal to women who seek models of dainty
The values, too. are worthy of note.
We have never before offered Lingerie Waists quite so
good at
$1.25 to $3.50
We invite inspection     We invite comparison.
Nights of Sleep vs.
Nights of Agony
Will (ihe a St. Wrick'*, nance
March 17th Next.
Verdict Favors 1>. 1>. IK
The Executive of the Club met on
Monday last and decided to give   a
dance on St. Patrick*-* night, Friday,
March 17th, at the Christ Church Fnr-
-—- | Ish Half.
It Is foolish to lie awake all the long I    The Dance wlll be quite an Informal
night through with that intolerable, wUh an adD)lg8,0Il fee of flfty
itching caused by Kczema and nwalt I      .    . .  .  .        ,       .        '.. *
the coming of the day.   D. I). D. Pre-)centB ,or «™h lady and each gentle.
scrlptlon ls made Tor you If you are a
sufferer. It will' cool that hot, In*
flamed and itching skin, ynu will be
able to rest at night, awake In the
morning refreshed and life will bo
worth living, We know it will do all
theso things, ns we havo testimonials
from many sufferem right among your
man; this will Include refreshments.
Tho Cranhrook orchestra has been
booked for the occasion, so a splendid
danco is assured for all who attend.
The Tennis Club wish to make it
quite clear that everyone will be wel*
como whether a member or not.  "Tho
neighbors.   Try a bottle and you wlll j moro   U)Q   morpier»    Members   aro
not regret lt.   Come In today.
The annual meeting and election of
officers for the following year was
held In the Council Chamber Friday
February 26th! The Secretary's annual report showed a total of $553.70
collected for Ited Cross purposes during the eight months smce organizing.
Also $81.50 collected for tobacco for
Cranbrook Soldiers, During the year
eight boxes of BUppnQS hnve been
made up and forwarded to the front
Tho Treasurer's report showed n balance on hnnd of $166.73,
The election of ollicers for the next
year followed, Mrs. Miles acting as
chairman, The following ollicers
were elected: Regent, Mrs. J. H. King,
1st vice Regent, Mrs. J. S. Blake; 2nd
vice Regent, Mrs. Miles; Secretary.
Mrs. McKowan; Financial Secretary,
Mrs. fi, Paterson; Treasurer. Mrs. Oeo.
Taylor; Standard Hearer, Mrs. \V. H.
Wilson. Convenors for sewing days
were appointed ns follows: Mondays,
Mrs. J. K. Smith; Tuesdays, Mrs. McBride, Thursdays. Mrs. W. H. Wilson;
Fridays, Mrs. Barney; Cutting Committee, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Wilson and
Mrs. Sutherland; Buying Committee,
Mm. Christie, Mrs. McBrldo and Mrs.
Paterson; Sunshine Committee. Mrs.
King, Mrs. Miles nnd Mrs. Smith.
The Order will still be grateful for
tbe loan of sewing machines aa the
work Is hampered by there being too
f«!w in the Red Cross Rooms. Tbe
ladles wish to acknowledge Mr. Powell's kindness in loaning one Indefinitely.—E. McKowan, Secy.
Mr. I. Roberts 76c, Mrs. Kennedy 10c;
total $6.0-5.
Per Miss Alexander, February-—Mrs
Cherrington 26c, Miss Cherrington 10c,
Mrs. Woodland 10c, Miss Woodland
10c, Mr. R Woodland 25c, Mrs. (1.
Mecredy 10c, Mr. Geo. Mecredy 50c.
Total $1.40.
Per Mrs. Paterson, February— Mm,
F, M, Macpherson 25c, Mrs. W. I. Man-
ley 25c, Mrs. F. I. Hurgcss 25c, Dr. F.
B. Miles 25c, W. I. Attridge 25c, K
Paterson 25c.   Total $1.50.
Per Mrs. Bridges—Mrs. G"o. Henderson $1, Per Mrs. McBride 50c;
per Mrs. Laurie tiOc; per Mrs. Christie
$3; per Mrs. McKowan $1; per Mrs.
Phillips $l; LadiOs of Kimberley $'.'0.
Total $36.56.
Rhoda L, Paterson, Fin.-Seey,
BRANCH—In Cranbrook. on Wednesday, March 1st, to Mr. and Mrs. K.
W. Brancii, a daughter,
BISHOP—At Mrs. Bent's Hospital,
Cranbrook, on Fob, 20th, to Mr. and
Mrs. T. C. Bishop of Kimberley, a
GILLIS—On February 19th, 191*5, fo
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Gillis, a son,
WALSH—In Cranbrook, on Wednesday, March 1st, to Mr. and Mrs. \V.
A*. Walsh, a son.
THOMSON—At Cottage Hospital, on
March 1st, to Rev. Mr. and Mrs. W.
K. Thomson of this city, a son.
Mr. Andrew Clark and family wish
to tender their best thanks to all
friends for their kind expressions of
sympathy also flowers tendered to
them during their recent sad bereavement.
. i'i*r word fur Ilrst week, and lc. pei
word for each  week after
FOl'NIl—Chlld'M purse,
quire at Herald Ollice.
Owner in-
FOK HALK   Furniture, Lawn Mow-
er almost new, etc.—Phone 4S2.      tf.
WOBK WANTED by Bay or Hours
-Apply Mrs. Pilon, phone 124.  9—2t*
FOK   HALK-Few   llolslrin   tirade
Heifers,  due  to  calve   Hrst   part  of
March.—A. O. Morrison. 9—It*
FOR KALE—One good tcani of young
horses weighing about 2fi00 lbs.—H.
H. McClure, Wycliffe P. O. »-3t
COME OX—Make me an offer for
this valuable farmstead of 4% acres.
John Brennan.
RANCH FOK RENT—flood house
and stable, about five acres cleared.
Apply phone 317. .    8—3t
Democrat, almost new.
A first-class
Apply phone
FOR HALE—First class ranch horse
weight about 1100 lbs., $75 each. Also
barrel churn, size O. $5.—Davis Ranch
next to Wm. Hamilton. 9—St*
FOUND—Bay more* wM,'s fare with
mare colt, white face; branded cow on
right hip. Owner can have same by
paying for this advt. Apply—A. Plg-
hln, Luke Creek, nr. Marysville.   8—3t
Kuskanook Chapter I. O. D. B. ack-   M Kootenflyi , f
nowlcdge thn following contributions
to tho Supply Fund:
WANTED   A man lo look after a
young apple orclmrn of 200 ae.rett in
period of three
four   months      Apply   llox   407,
Pernio, B.C. g—2t i
For Mrs. Hrnko, Her.. Jan., Feb.—
uHkeii to encourage tlieir frlenda   to j Mm. Martin 7fic, Mrn. P. S. Morris tte,
«r   15   i(i»r»   jconio und havo u itood time.    Tlio I Mlsi S. P. Byrnes 45c, Mr. N. Gardiner
^  ttut    Standard   j Secretary and other mombers of tlio 50c, Mr. Kdgnr HiivIb »l.r,o. Mrs. Coults! dltion, u snap, J20.   Milst lie Hold.  Ap-
**1*"»1"" NUll    Itemed*    Executive will be very glad to glvo 76c, Mra. K. A. Clarke 10c, Mrs. Dupont | ply Kllby's O. K. Barber Shop, Arm-
rranbrook Drug t Book Co, Ciaubrook I auy further particular, al any lime    130c, Mlaa Klmpton 30c, a Friend Ik, I strong Av.au*. i -it
I'OH SALE — liomlnion  organ,
stops, 2 knee swells, In splendid eon
Groceries at Less
Than Eaton's Prices
Don't make the High Cost of Living higher, gi'evour
orders to us. save money, buy in large quantities for cash.
On Hie list below our prices are away below Baton's, as
we deliver free at your door while you pay freight, drayage
etc. from Winnipeg on Eaton's prices. You can see our
goods any lime and you do not have to wait one or two
weeks to get them from us. On other prices not listed
below, Baton's prices with freight and other charges will
average a little more than ours.
. Sic.
.. Mb
Same at Eaton's. Winnipeg
Eaton's price 55c.
Same at Eaton.fi, Winnipeg.
Eaton's price 55c.
Same at Eaton*.
Same at Eaton s.
i tits ler tie.    Eatons 15c.
 Me.   Same at Eatons
  tt*.   Same at Eaton*.
  lie. time at Eaton*.
    te. Eaton's Cc
Same at Eaton's. Winnipeg.
Iloast lleef, 1 lb. tin 	
('lurk's 2 lb. tin	
Cornell Href, 1 lb. tin	
1! lb. tin 	
rickles, !'. \- It- pint, per bottle
Fens. (xtra fine, per tin	
French Sfojrcn feu	
Instant Fostitm. *ntall tin 	
Fostum Cereal, 20 oz. package 	
Corn Flour, brown & Poison's, package ..
nine Itccbllta, package 2 bags 	
(Jolil Dint, package tit.
Feurliee   10c.
Vaseline, bottle     Hie.
Muck's .WHub Tablets      5c.
lion Anil. 2 packages   ttt.
Sunlight  Soup, bar       5c
Lifebuoy soup     5c.
I.oltl   Soup         tt.
Niiptlin Soup 	
Lye, tin 	
Lux, package   	
HOCK Suit, 25 lbs. for 	
Jell)   Powder, :i for 25c or »uc
Syrup, l.jle's Leiden, 2 lb tin  ...
Sunflower Seed, 1 lb	
Veils! takes, eacb   	
.Illlpleine, 2 OZ.  bottle  	
Chrlslie's (.niluiui Wafers, tin  ...
Vinegar, per gallon, 	
Beans,   choice   Ontario,   lb	
Limn  Beans, ib	
Salmon, finest Sookay, 1 lb. tin
Corn Slarcli, .1 packages   	
Ilicc, No. 1 Japan. 50 Ib. bag ..
Grape .Nuts, package  	
Fiii'i'cd Wliea, 2 for 	
Com Flakes, Kellogg,*, package  ...
Corn Flakes, krinkle, 3 for 	
Shredded Wheat, 2 for 	
Peltllohns, per pkg	
Jam. 1 lb. tila.sH Jars 	
Jell;, 1 lh. tllass Jars 	
Apricot., cboi >   evaporated. Ib.  ...
Fi lines, extra choioe, 40—50 per lb. 15c.     *   "       "
Case, 25 Ihs  «***"■      "   "
Apples, lirlcil, 5 lbs for    75e.      -    "        "" "
Fear-, Evaporated, per Ib  LV. HUoo'a price 22c
Kggo Raiting Powder, 1 lb Uu 2.5c.  Same at Kaloa'a, Wfaalpeg.
Van lump's Pork nnd Brans, 1 lb Un. 2 for .. 25c.   Same at Eaton..
. 10c.
... 50c.
... 25c.
... UH.
... 5c
. . 50f.
. 50c.
.     10c.
... lie.
... 25c.
... IOC.
... 23«.
... 25e.
... the
... tie.
... 25c
...  20c.
Almonds, .boiled, lb	
Walnuts, v.. | California, per lb.
Cherries, llojul Anne, IU lh. tin
Fear-. Ilaillell. .''..  lb. tin   	
Tin. Illne Hlhlion. per Ib	
Suliiihl Tea. Blue Label  	
Chocolate Ubcl 	
Fines! Gunpowder Tea, Queen .■
Spider   Leg   	
Coffee. Flnesl Mooba and Java, lb.
Chocolate, Ilak.-rs. lib bar	
Hone,. I
Honey. 25c Ib :
line.   Same at Eatoa's. Winnipeg.
..25c.      a   a •            a
. 3Jr.      "    "
tut.      •    " »             "
. 45c      "   " *             "
tie.    »  * *
. 45c       "    "
.   15c.      -    - -
.   45c.      «    " "
40c      "    "
45c          "    " .«              "
". lb tin *l.25t Jars. Ne aud Me
Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd.
Short Courses  for  Farmers
in connection with the Farmers' Institute! will be given by
Agricultural Department Expertt in the
as follows:
Wednesday, .March iiml, al 8.00 p. in.—
"Dairying", by Mr. T. F. Wiancko.
".Mixed Farming" by Mr. S, II. Hopkins.
Thursday, March i.'lnl, al i.oo p.m.—
"Crops for Live-Stock", Iiy Mr. H. O. Knglish.
"Poultry" by Mr. .1. It. Terry.
THURSDAY.    MARCH 2nd. 1916
Moots every
Monday uiglu
at    Fraternity
■all.     Bolournlaf   Oaatellawa
aoralally lnilted.
W. M. Harris, A. M. Davis
Sec. N.O.
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
lamarlal  Bank Bnlldlag
Cranbrook. B.C.
Heats every Tuesday at I *.m. A
the Fraternity Hull
R. C. Carr, U.C.
P. M. Christian, K. R. * S.
P. 0. Box Iti
Vlaltlng brethren wralallr ■»-
Tttad to attend.
(Successor to W. F. Qurd)
Barrister,    Solicitor   and
P. 0. Box 859
Meets every second and (aorta
Wednesday at  Fraternity Hall
Sojourning Rebekaue asralal.
ly Invited.
Sis. C Bonnet, N. O.
Sis. A. Hickcntothum, Sec.
Physicians  and  Surgeons
OQlee  at  residence.  Armstrong
Forenoons    9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons  2.00 to   4.00
Bveolngs    7.30 to   J.S0
•aaaaya    3.30 to   4.10
Cranhrook,   B.C.
Meats in Maple Hall seeaad
aad fourth  Tuesday  al every
month at 8 p.m.
Membership   .pea  la  Brtatak
B. Y. Brake,        J. F Uwar,
President aoorotary
Visiting   momlxua   earalaU*
•ffloe  ln  Hanson  Block
9 to 12 am.
1 to   • p.m.
7 to   I p.m.
Meets in tlie
Maple Hall
first Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
nt 3 p.m.
Pres., Mr«. W.
li. McFarlane.
Secy, Mrs. John Shaw, P, O. Box 441!
All ladles cordially invited.
*%..•,     i
k**&%   -r
Brttwoily ami General Nursing
Garden Av«.
Tanas on Application
UKg. A. ■ALMON, Matron
Phon* III P. O. Boi 846
Miss .Mary MacFarlane was in Cranhrook the latter part ol last week
visiting nt the liomo of her uncle, Mr.
W. B. MacFarlane.
Mrs. L. A. Home and family arrived here from Rossland on Saturday
Miss Cartwright returned on Sunday from Cranbrook where she visited friends.
Mr. W. II. Laird made a business
trip tu Cranhrook the tlrst of this
week .
bust week several men and teatna
were engaged putting up lee on the
Moyie  Lake.
Sergt, It. Campbell was here the
Ilrst of this week securing recruits for
the 131st Battalion, O.RF. Sergt.
Campbell was a merchant here for
many years, und during his resident's
lie helped on all public affairs. Ho
was a member of the Moyie Board of
Trade, Knights ot Pythias, Oddfellows
lodges and Moyie Launch Club. He
also had a building erected fur his
use as u general store aud warehouse.
Mnrardtng    and    Distribution
Agent for
Lethbridge Coal
M-lli* Puwdor
Imperii.] OH Co.
•raring and Transferring
Glviiii prompt attention
Plume fi»
Phone 346 P. O. Box 585
Funeral Director nud Kmbalmer
Undertaking Parlors
Fenwick Avenue
Near Baker St.
Civil and Mining Engineers
B. C* I.uimI Huru'jorf
■•adquartars for all  kinds
tatlsfartten   Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Day Phone 233 Night Phone 35
Norbnry Ave., next to City Hall
On Wednesday, Feb. 23rd, Elza
("Streeter") Shumard left Baynes with
his wife for Spokane. Mrs. Shumard
is seriously ill.
A large crowd of well-wishers met
at tho home of Billy Williamson and
gave him a surprise party on Tuesday last. Billy heard tho call of
King and Country and those who gath<
ered at hla home showed their respect
for him by presenting him with the
splendid sum of $52. The visitors
brought with tliem good things to eat.
Who'll be the next? We'll do the
same for you!
Mr. James Muir was a visitor to
Fcrnie last Wednesday.
The many friends of Mrs. Hardman
of the Elko 'phone exchange, extend
sincerest sympathy to her on the death
of her mother, Mrs. Thompson, Fernie. Tlie Rev.C. L. Cowan of Waldo
journeyed to Fernie on thc 23rd to
officiate at the funeral.
Tho gonial Flndlay Robson representing the Cranbrook Jobbers, waB
a visitor here on Monday.
Owing to the death of Mrs. Doctor
Ross, mother of the brothers Ross,
of the Ross Saskatoon Lumber Co,
the entire plant was closed down on
Wednesday 23rd—the day of the fun.
eral in Winnipeg.
There was a large crowd of Waldo
and Baynes people at the service held
In Adolph's hall under the auspices of
the I.O.D.E. last Sunday, Feb. 27th.
Such hymns as "O God our help In
ages past", "Onward Christian Soldiers" were sung. Miss McKee of Elko
rendered a sweet solo in fine manner,
and so did Mr. F. W. Adolph. The
Rev. A. B. Lune took the lesson and
led in tlie prayers, and the Rev. C. L.
Cowan addressed the gathing on "The
Relation of Christ to the present crisis", stating In the course of his ser.
mon that "A Britain on its knees
must win the war; but a Britain drunken, dissolute, prayerless, even with
.all her mighty resources stands a
chance to lose." The preacher thought
of   the    detachment   brought   from
There are other buildings here
which are historic. Iu Major General
Steele's intensely Interesting book
Forty Years in Canada, he mentions
many of these places, Galbralth's
Ferry and Landing, also Major General Steele spoke particularly of Mr.
R. L. T. Galbruith's hospitality and
generosity to the officers and men of
the N. W. M, P. This town was then
called Galbralth's  Landing.
Mr. John H. Fink, formerly of the
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. and for tho
last ten years a resident of Spokane
has beeu appointed general manager
of Fernie Fort Steele Brewing Co. He
will reside In Fernie. Mr. J. H. Fink
Is a brother of Mr. J. P. Fink of
Mr. Felix Rock returned last week
from a hunting and trapping trip to
Wild Horse. He reports that the
snow is very deep on the mountains.
Mr. Harold Camp, aud Mr. John
Walsh, drove to Cranbrook on Saturday 26th, to sec Within tho Law.
The Messrs. Cameron of Mayook
were lu town ou the 23rd inst.
Alfred Kershaw was a young host
at his 7th birthday party ou Saturday.
The children enjoyed the goodies Mra,
Kershaw gave them and tiie table
was decorated In proper patriotic
Mr. 10. Stodnrt. mine host of the
Windermere Hotel, when In town this
week stated that horses und cattle ln
his district were doing well, and the
snow fast disappearing.
MrB. Spencer, formerly of Fort
Steele, now of Wilmer, was to have
been married to Mr. Brewer on the
26th Inst, but we have not heard It
this event took place on time or not.
Sister Justinian, principal of the
Kootenay Industrial School, left last
week for her vacation tn Vancouver.
Born—To Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Tannhauser, formerly of Fort Steele, a
daughter. Mr. and Mrs, Tannhauser
live in Kerrlsdale, B. C, but are at
present ln Vancouver.
Harry Hanson, formerly of Fort
Steele, came in from Athelmere laBt
week and renewed many acquaintances.
Dr. Bell, now at the Front, said ln
a letter to a friend that he was ln good
health and had so far met with no
■serious accident. •
Bob Eassie In writing home said
that the latest German prayer Is God
Save the Mark instead of God Save
the Kaiser.
The marriage took place in Nelson
on Sunday 2Stli inst of George Cuthbert Henry Coleman and Violet, daughter of Mrs. Roberts of Willow Point.
The bride was given away by Mr. T.
Munroe Cairns and Miss Mable Dale
acted as bridesmaid, Capt. F. P.
Armstrong acted as groomsman. The
bride ls well known In Fort Steele.
Mr. and Mrs. Coleman will reside at
Mrs. J. Metcalfe will leave Fort
Steele on Saturday the 4th of March
and will reside ln future in the vicinity of Cranbrook.
Arthur Fenwick, jr., and Mary Fenwick arrived home on Sunday from
Jaffray with their mother, Mrs. A.
Fenwick. The children have been visiting their aunt for several months.
Mrs. E. Dilts, fo** many Years an
invalid, was on Monday driven to the
Cranbrook Hospital. Mr. Dilts and
Mrs. Wise nccoinpanled her.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Barr of Wasa
1,.   M.   SMITH
Ladies   aud   Gentlemen'B   Hats
Clcnned and Blocked
I'lione 204
Bob I. Frame, Prop.
Pit-sb   Bread, Cakes,  Plea
ami Pastry
Phone 87
Mafftmry Aro.      Opp. City Ball
If  you   want   satisfaction
with your washing
Bend it to
Bpeclal  prices for family
Phono 10ft P. O. Box 33
Organist  Methodist  Church
Receives Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio* 23 Norbury Avt
Oeneral Merchant
lmployment* Agents
F. O. Box 103 Phont 144
Farmers, Ranchers & Trappers
It does not cost you anything to
Get Our (ash Offer
on your furs. Express them to us.
We Pay All Charges
over a $5.00 valuation.   We make you
our offer
and Hold Your Furs
for your reply, returning them
at Our Expense
if not purchased,   Try us.   In
business since 1888.
218 Eighth  avenue west, Calgary, Alta. 47-tf
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let ui
show you why
this Ib true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Itooms elegantly
furnished. Hates as low
as at the more ordinary
Sea Steamship oa the Roof
RUintths Pill for Women. $9 n l>ox nr tlirccfor
|1m. Sold nt nil l>ni.'' rjioroH, or mulled to nny
Hililf^uon ivffi|i*.o( |.r!'v. Tub Hruitr.Ll, Dauo
Co i St. Cathanno, Ont-irio, 	
Vitality. f.T Ncrvo (mil Praln; increases "grey
matter':-. Tnntc- trill IitiUd ynu up. Ida box, or
t«o lor fi, »t drug fttnrr-s, or hy limtl onrnoelpt
of prlfp Tits Scorn :.], ]'iti.tiCo.,at. Catharine*),
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Agents,
Took Her Dp
that the cause of the war lay beneath
mee hatred, desire for territorial ac wew to tm^IHl tost,
qulsition, love of power—it lay in thc
neglect of the Christ. Before the address "Crossing the Bar" and the
"Recessional" were sung by a united
choir, and that very effectively,
Constable Dryden was In Fernie last
Miss Irene McKee was visiting Mrs.
Saunders last week-end.
"1 wouldn't marry you If you were
thc last man nn earth!" said the girl
"Well", replied the young man who
takes things seriously. "If I were
the lust mitn un earth I'd he mourning
Leo many friends uiul relatives that 1
don't suppose I'd feel much like
part In a wedding anyhow."
(By Fred Roo)
James Findley of Shawntgan Lake
is visiting the Joyce Bros, at Flagstone this week.
Big BUI Murdock of Flagstone,
lender of thc Literary and Artistic
set, returned from Crunbrook this
W. M. Walker of the Burns Co., Fernie, wus In Elko this week.
What are the wild waves saying
around Victoria these days, wait
while the clouds roll by March the
fourth, Steve, then everybody wlll
Charlie Sparrow of Fernie was flying around Klko this week.
R, Joyce, Chief Accountant for the
Flagstone Lumber Co. was visiting
Elko und Craubrook this week.
Rev. Mr. Cowan of Waldo passed
through Elko for Nelson this week.
Is thc Elko Conservative Association dying of a broken heart, wake up
Jim Thistlebcak and get busy. Blessed
Is ho that expects nothing for he
shall not he disappointed.
Lust week a Roosville Valley rancher lost n line horse. The Vet stated
tlmt tt died of acute Indigestion. Jim
Thlatlebeak said lt must havc got
Mime bran that was Intended for
breakfast food for humans.
Fred Roo was down to Flagstone,
Gateway and Roosville several days
last week, and reports everything
running us smooth as a Wednesday
evening prayer meeting and the pros-
pects good for a grain elevator being
built at Flagstone this fall.
A Winnipeg clergyman resigns his
imstorute to become a British aviator
aud left last week for England. Jim
1 hlstlcbenk says that having had long
experience its a Sky Pilot he feels
safe In trusting himself tn an uero-
The I.O.D.E. are holding a big
meeting lu Elko this week.
The Flagstone Mutual Admiration
Society gave a dance Saturduy In honor of Bill Newcndorp's return from
the fur north. The dance was well
attended and closed when the cuckoo
clock wns striking the midnight hour
by request of the Attorney General's
Department, Waldo.
Norman Gardiner of Calgary was In
Elko and Waldo this week selling
home made Canadian sausages and
other garden truck.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McDonald of
Okotoks, Alberta, are visiting with
Mrs. McDonald's parents at the Square
Deal Ranch, Roosville Valley.
Miss M. Blair returned on Friday
from Cranbrook, where she attended
the funeral of her grandmother, the
late Mrs. A. Clark.
Mrs. F. Cann entertained at several
tables of cards last Wednesday.
The Misses Jane and Ellnore Curley were hostesses at a very enjoy-
ablo tea on Saturday the 25th. Cards
were enjoyed and there was also some
Bowing for soldiers before the especially dainty refreshments were served. The Misses Curleys' homo la
worthy of note ns It was onco the
homo of the North West Mounted Polite officers In or about the year 1887,
In fact this house was tho officers'
moBs when Inspector Steele (now Major <Jto«ral Steele) was al tba bead
Mr. H. Camp drove in from FIbIi
Ijtkes Saturday and returned Sunday
Mr. A. Jollffe drove over from
Cranbrook on Sunday.
Mr. J. J. Hughs and Mr. C. H. Rat-
cllffe, mining men of Spokane, reg.
Istered at the Imperial hotel on Sunday.
Dr. Hetherlngton of Alberta has
opened the Invermere hospital and
will reside there as resident physician.
Father Lambord was In town Wedncsdny, Saturday and Sunday.
On Saturday night In the Masonic
Hall the members of the Roman Catholic church attended a very enjoyable
social given for the children. Games
were played, refreshments served and
then a Uttle dancing. The older people Joined In the games and it waB a
very merry evening.
prospebIthoie prairies
(Continued from Page 1)
England. It is the shortage of ships
more thnn a shortage of cars that Is
causing the tie-up now existing. Bank
managers and men who are responsible for the operations of large concerns all agree thnt tho present business outlook Is satisfactory and that
the contrast between things as they
are and as they existed a little morc
than a year ago ls, In some cases at
nny rate, startling.
"The chief official of the Standard
Oil Company in the West told me
that he visited ono or his agencies In
tho early part of 1915 and with his
representative at that point—It ls
somewhere on the pratrlos—-he cnlled
at tho local general store. There he
ho found the wife of a local rancher
with a little sickly baby In her arms.
She had exhnustcd all persuasion to
Induce the storekeeper to allow her
some $3.50 worth of flour nnd groceries. Ho assured her thnt, much as lt
pained hlm to refuse, he had to bc
just to those who had trusted hlm with
the goods, for which, he explained, he
had not yet paid. Tho poor woman
excused her persistence by saying
the baby wns 111 for want of food, and
turned to leave the storo. The local
agent for the Oil Company knew her
and her husband and asked her what
she needed. She told him—a most
modest Uttle bill or trifling matters,
but all In all to her and hers. He
made out a list of requirements such
as would carry her and her family for
half a dozen months, and having signed his name to It directed thc goods
to be sent to her home. The look In
that woman's eyes was moro than
thanks to him. Of course, there Ib a
sequel to it. It Is this: The other day
the husband of that woman went Into
the ofllce of the man who guaranteed
the account and laid on his desk a
cheque for $8,600, the price of his
wheat. 'I want you, Mr. X," said tho
rancher, 'to pay yourself out of that
cheque, first of all, and before I pay
a soul else.' 'Nothing doing' said X.
'Go up and deposit thnt cheque ln
the bank and then wrsuo your cheque
to the store for the amount ot the account, ub If you were a millionaire.'
So Bald, so done. After a while the
rancher came back. Oo jou consider,
it would be aa extravagance tar st.
A large shipment of the famous
Lidway Make
just received this week. The
prices are very reasonable and
the quality is excellent
Mr. X., to buy a Ford car and so save
horse labor coming Into town.' 'I don't'
said X. 'Come along and I'll see If
I can't get you a discount off the
price of one for cash.'
"That Is how sudden prosperity
works out in some cases. It works
differently In others. I saw a woman
In Medicine Hat, plainly a Bohunkess.
She weighted about 300 lbs. and was
clothed from neck to heel ln a genuine seal-skin garment. I cannot
say she wore either a hat or a bonnet. Better say she wore a creation
of truly awful proportions upon which
the modiste had lavished every fruit
and flower that Eden ever knew and
several pounds weight of other fearful things, the product of a depaved
Imagination. This erection was slop-
lied over the eye of this leader of
fashion, a perfect riot of color. In
her arms waB a child tricked out, covered I might say, In a saffron colored wrap wtth crimson stripes. That
garment would kill a squaw at a hundred yards. Coming closer I notice
that the amplitude of tho lady's swelling proportions had burst the buttons
off the garment of seal skin and that
button number one waB linked up to
button hole number two. Much she
cared. The day was actually warm
and she, poor woman, suffered ns
much for fashion's sake as any of her
more sophisticated sisters. H was
clear to me that her husband's wheat
had enabled her to satisfy her hcrrt'a
desire, maybe the longing of a life-
time. That she was wearing the
top boots of her better half—size 14—
was only a trifle, but It added to the
splendor of the ensemble."
For Best Quality
Milk and Cream
We lune secured lie nenlces of M. McCrlndle as herdsman. Mr.
Mi'Crlnille, iv lm lias lieen two yeara nitli the Braemar Slock Farm, haa
had a life experience In producing milk and cream for the most dls*
crlniliiiitlnK bade.
T. E. AUSTIN, Proprietor.
Monthly  Meeting to be of Unusual
Interest—How Farmers May Obtain Financial Assistance.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Farmers' Institute will be held In the
City Hall on Saturday, March 12th, at
2.30 p.m. Addresses wlll be given by
Mr. John Mitchell on Cultivation and
Growing of Small Fruits; by Mr. Albert Netntel on Mixed Farming, and
by Mr. A. E. Watts on Government
Financial Assistance to Farmers.. Mr.
Watts will explain the IT. S. Government methods of assisting rural organizations and thc co-operative financing through local bankers, whereby farmers pay for their dairy cows at
the rate of $2,50 per month which ts
deducted from their account at the
local creameries; also the BrltlBh
Columbia Method under the Agricultural Act of 1915—of co-opefatlve
financial assistance for agricultural
development in many ways. An application to the Hon. Minister of Agriculture has already been stgnod by
nearly enough persons to form a Co*
operative Company. Documents for
signature for all who wlBh to Join aro
In thc hands of Mr. I. Bassett, Secretary of the Farmers' Institute, who
will present them to the meeting.
In view of the fact that the Government of this Province Is taking steps
to borrow 91,000,000 with which to put
the Farmers' Loans Act into immediate operation, Mr. A. E. Watts' talk
Bhould be of great Interest to all
farmers, more especially too as the
opening of tho Creamery here will
create a demand for the keeping of
cows which many small farmers wlll
be unable to secure without some
form of Government assistance.
A hearty Invitation Ib extended to
all those who havo the welfare and
progress of tho great agricultural possibilities of the district at heart to be
Mr. W. E. Scott, Deputy Minister of
Agriculture haB JubI notified the secretary ot the Farmers' Institute that the
Dnparmont are arranging to publish a
monthly magazine for circulation a-
raong tba farmers. This will contain
uUclea an all nrancaas at farming
each month, nnd a page will be devoted to what to do on the farm. Tho
first Issue will be available for distribution next month, und a copy will
be sent to ull those who were members of the Farmers' Institute last j
year. A nominal subscription fee of
25 cents for the year will be charged
to cover postage.
The Cranbrook Meat Market Is now
doing business at tbeir new location
an Norbury Avenue, opposite tho
City Hall. Their new building was
built especially for the meat trade,
and Is fitted with up-to-date and
complete refrigerator compartments
and icc-maklng machinery. As well
us being more central the quarters
are much better equipped, and Mr.
Walklcy will be in a position to give
his numerous customers better service than previously.
The second of the fortnightly meetings of tho Cranbrook Poultry Association was held on Friday, Feb. 86th,
which equalled the first meeting both
in numbers present, und blrilw on exhibition. This was Orpington night, nnd
several splendid specimens both In
Whites nnd Buffs wcre staged. Mr.
A. D. Smith nnd Charlie Hheppnrd
ably Judged thu birds, and placed the
awards as follows: K. G, Cooper,
White Orpington hen, flrst, and BenJ.
Palmers, Buff hen, second, Tho prizes
wore 50 His. whent donated by Atchison's Poultry Farm, and a box of Robinson's Idee Killer donated by the
Crnnbrook Jobbers Ltd.
Tho next meeting wl" ■"' hold on
Friday, March 10th Id Stephen's   old
grocery nt 8 p.m, when Rhode Islnnd
Reds will be up for discussion.   This
meeting has every Indlcpt'nn of being
the boat of the Beason, quite a number of breeders having promised to be
on hand with their Red**.   Tho Association wish to emphasize the fact that
these meetings are open to everyone,
I whether they are members or not, and
I a hearty invitation ls extended to all
| lovers of poultry to attend.    If you
are an enthusiast como and boost your
! fancy.   If you are not, com« anyhow,
I you may be converted.   Prizes for the
] next meeting wlll be announced later.
Breeders of
Barred Rocks, S. C. U. I.
Reds, and S. C. W.
Hatching Eggs—
Barred Rocks $3 per IS
Beds .. $1.50 yer 15 or $8 per 100
Leghorns 91.50, 15 or 97 per 100
Produced from  the  best  egg-
laying strains.
P. O. Box 441      Phone 377A
Medicine Hat city council Is Btrong
on the economy stunt this year. Although somo reductions were made
laat year In the City Hall Btaff, tho
present council has dismissed eleven
employees, and trimmed the salaries
of others, making a saving of $10,000
forltll. Furttar cats an lmalsaA.
Nelson trustees aro of opinion that
$75 a month Is too large u salary for
Junior school teachers.
Nelson's flre loss during 1015 Is placed at 1224,700, with a total Insurance
of $137,160.
200 coke ovens at Michel, that have
been idle for three yours, uro now running full blast.
Tho Kootenalan fears tho high price
of gasoline will seriously affect Kus-
lo's motor boating this summer.
At thu Lawrence Mitchell farm at
Golden during the January cold weeks
tho flock of (10 hens averaged 25 eggs
a day—a Columbia Valley record.
Fernie Free-Press: Tho cold weather has put the plumbing business In
| the samo money-making class as tho
manufacture of ammunition.
I On Tuesday last Archie Aberdeen
of Greenwood almost expired while
I coughing up a piece ot clay pipe stem
| which he had almost swallowed.
' Last Tuesday dogs chased a deer
| through the streets of Trail, but it got
away safely across the river.
Kaslo claims a 20 per cent Increase
| In Its telephone business for 1915.
Femle Presbyterians closed 1915
over $500 to the baa. To keep down
the heating expense morning service
will ln future be hew In  tba baaa-


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