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Cranbrook Herald May 24, 1917

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Mr. Justice Clement arrived In Cranbroolt mi Tiiiirsiiuy for tha purpose
of liolillng tin* sprliiK nastzos.
Several motlonB wero disposed of
Included Uu* following:
Wllliiun v shields, tills waa an un-
iilloatlon nu hi'iiuir nr tin* plaintiff to
aottln tin* form of Judgment hi this
ciibo which wiih lioaril in Crnnbrook
a year ago. W. A. Nlsbel apponred for
tin- plaintiff iiml a. .1 Spreull lur tin;
defendant, His Lordship declined tn
dt'iil wltli tlio mutter ut this tlmo,
Tlie cabq of neatly against the C, p.
It. was tn hnve been heard nt these
nsslzoB, This wus nn action In which
tho plaintiff surd tin- defendant company tin' damages for injuries sustained by hiiu ai Jerome Station Inst
July. \V. A. Nisbet nppearod for tlm
plaintiff nnd C, H. Hamilton, K. C„
und 0, J. Spreull for the defendant
company. The plaintiff applied for
leave that this case .should stand ovor
until next asslxes owing tn his in-
nbllity to liave Or. King present at
this time. The application was granted.
Tlie caso of Mather ngainst Matheson
was called, Mr, Xisbet appearing for
(lie defendant, the ptnintlff not being
represented. The subject matter of
this action was the ranch which belonged to the late Peter Boylo, The
action was dismissed with costs.
Andersen against The Consolidated
Mining and Smelting Company. Alexander McNeil and G, J. Spreull for the ;
plaintiff aud t*. H. Hamilton. K. C for
thc defendant company. Last Octoher
Anderson was engaged at the Sullivan
Mini- in barring down rock, He al-
hedged thai he wus Instructed to tte
| this ulnne and Hint tbo universal practice is that thoro should bo two men
fnr ihis Job, bo thai ono could hold
the caudle. Owing tu his Inability lo
see properly a rock came down on the
riiil ul' his bar ami forced It Into Ills
groin, inflicting serious Injuries. Ho
maintained thai tho company was negligent in not having two men al ihis
Job, and In not. supplying] calrbUlo
lamps, ami called evidence In support
of this. The defendant company denied tliat tiiere was serious danger in
doing this work alone and said that he
cmiid have called a mucker to assist
him, and that satisfactory carbide
lamps could not be obtained. The evidence of tlle defendant's witnesses was
to the effect that the company would
like to use carhiih* lamps if good ones
could be obtained. On the conclusion
of the evidence the Judge directed the
Jury that there was no evidence of
negligence in not supplying the carbide lamps but left the question to
them to say whether the plaintiff was
directed to do tiie work alone, and
whether this involved negligence on
the part of lhc company. Jury found
In favour of the plantlff on all points,
and assessed the damages at $2000.00,
Judgment was entered accordingly
with costs.
The Court adjourned on Prldny
night at half past nine and sat again
on Saturday until half past twelve In
thc afternoon.
Mr. \V. 11. Wilson was foreman of
the Jury.
Word has just been received
lhat [lute Pye has been kilted
in action.
Dave enlisted witb the I mini
ami was transferred t*» France
with the 39th. He was a Pre.
vine lal [.ami Surveyor und mirk-
ed for some time with l.uldlaw
& Dewolf,
The deepest sympathy ol the
Herald Is extended to the family.
Letter of Thanks from C. W. Johnson
l.nmcil   A sited   to   Help   Coal
I reck  Explosion Fund.
Tin' adjourned regular meeting of
the City Council was held on Tuesday
evening at which Mayor Clapp and
Aldermen Macklnnon, Eakln and Hal-
mem ware present
Mr. It W, Kdnnjiiil'ieii appeared before tin- Council and stated that he
though! Mi" license fee of $75,00 on the
Maple Hall waa unreasonably high and
tbe matter was referred to ihe Finance committee wltli power to acl
The following letter was read from
Mr. Conrad W. Johnson:
Tin* Mayor and Council of
tlio City of Cranbn
With deepest gratttud
press my sincere apprec
(ooni|ier« Committee Acts with Defense
(Special  to  the   Her:.Id  from  nur |
own correspondent.) j     Washington,  1). ('..  April   12.—Full
Invermere, II. C„ May 23rd.. 1917— and loyal support to the Government
A cable just to hand slates Private ' in   war  against  Germany  hns  been
Douglas Kennedy died In France from I pledged by organized labor of Amer-
wounds   recently   received,    lie   was  ica.
bum in  Ireland but for many years!    T||0  Nflt*onn,   council   of   Defense
lived here With A. G. Cuthbert. Supt.
Columbia Valley Irrigation 1/ind Co.
makes this announcement in a statement   giving   details  of  ii   conference
brothers fighting in the trenches and
a sister living here. He enlisted In
May ion;.
He has relatives  In  Ireland, two  neld witll   ■*.„ fldv|BOry   commission.
Samuel   Gompers,   president of the
American   Federation   of   Labor,  and
heads of various oilier labor and cm-
.1. Grnnlto la also reported wounded j plovers' organizations,   No strikes or
in the eye,   !!■' was a late resident of  labor disputes of any kind during the
Wilmer.  11   C. , war Is the program
Quebec to be Included
in Conscription
Ottawa. May 10, Tier • Is no Intention of th" government to exempt Quebec In tbo corcrlptlon proposals
Tliey will apply to the whole of Con-
Vii   Ollinta   fJllCKS
Thu Mt rnlng Citizen wiys that with
details yi I to bo determined the ' ins
nro of s let tiv" const'! Iption to bo
Introduced by tho govorn-'eut would
bo by clan en nnd probably along the
following linos:
Firsl   single men of 18 to '2$.
second    Single men of is to SO.
Third Married men of 1^ to 36
without ilopi ndenl
Fourth   Married men with depend*
The Citizen says     "Very probal ly
thero will bo n proclamation calling
on all men within co lain nge* lo i n
roll or to slum canso why llioy should
mn do so    Ucnl Im ards will likely be
created iu attend tu the work
Mini Industrie*.
-in  the  selection  of iii.* various|
« i,i   , •■ «.-iii rt tn tin- ordet in Ih iitod i
iinii* win bo consideration riven to
itif class <f work now being done.
The men riguged lu vital Industries nr
ihe country, while not totally ot cm plod, all! be iniiHiderod with  reference
to I'le  Viilil.■ to  lhe sl ile uf their  e\*
Istlng occupations.   Attention wlll be
paid   to  the needs  of  agrtriltnre, of
trnnnportallon, of munition factories
and similar activities, but. us slated,
there will be no entire class exemption. In England they started lhat
way and lhe slackers swarmed to the
safety first jobs. PoBRlbly In the event
of au overplus of recruits resulting
from the application, regard will be
had lo past performance and results
in the localities In qitoctton,"
Winnipeg Rejoice*
Winnipeg. Man., May lfl,- -ConferIption   Was   received   with   the   greatest
enthusiasm by all classes lu Winnipeg,
especially tlio votorans, Scores of
wlrea wero sent to Sir Itobert Borden
congratulating blm on his proclamation and assuring blm that Ibe west
wan ready tn tbe last man and lust
dollar     Among   these organizations
sending telegrams wero the city council, mayor, board ot trade, Grain ex-
i lunge. Industrial bureau. Returned
soldier,.1 association, Qreat War Veterans' association, Daughters of the
Kmpire. Women's Press club and Credit Men's association. When tbe news
became known hero last nlghl crowds
gathered In tbo lintels ami cheered
and | atrtollc airs wero the rule A
number or bands paraded, and all soldiers on the streets fell Into line and
milled to the enthusiasm
Xew l nro) menl
Toronto, May io a new enrolment
fur ail Canada, will probably be tho
rirsi Btep by thc Dominion govemi icnl
in carrying oul nonscrlptlon proposals.
according to Colonel C ll Williams,
chief recruiting officer for Canada.
win. ii bore today.
Colonel William*, rmfd thai lhe
national registration llsti would not
do The Dominion govern mon I would
probably ask municipalities to make
an entirely new enrolment of manhood
inr solectlvc draft purposes, After
tbo enrolment is mado Colonel William** said KOlcctloni should be made
entirely un Industrial and social value,
ami nel on marital basis.
"it cannot bo workod out equitably
on a single basis," suld Colonel Williams, "because the age at which men
marry in one province Is different
materially from othera,"
Credll for Men Sent.
Colonel Williams said credit would
be given various localities for men already sent.
According to Colonel Williams the
following quotas will now bo supplied
by ihe various military districts. If
enough t.ien are culled out by conscription to bring Canada's army up
lo 500,000,
District No, I Loudon, S.ouu, No. 2
Toronto, 17,200; No, :t Kinc^ton, Ki.ooo.
Nos, f» and 0, Montreal and Quoboc,
27,800l Nn. Hi Manitoba and (Saskatchewan. 12,000; No. il Hritish Columbia, 5.2(1(1; No, 13, Alberta, MOO.
Colonel Williatie- said no distinction
should be made between slugle men
Tbe remains of lhe late Alderman
Nils Hanson were laid to rest In the
i'ranbrook Cemetery on Saturday
Mr. Conrad Johnson, nephew of tlie
deceased, and Ills wife brought the
body from Vancouver, arriving in the
city on Friday afternoon. It was
met by the Mayor and corporation Mho
acted as pallbearers to the city hall
where the body lay In state until noon
on .Saturday then being removed to
Christ Church.
At two o'clock the church  service
was held by the Rev. W. H. Bridge,
after which the funeral cortege proceeded to the Cemetery.    The large I nm-n grateful,
motor truck from the Hanson Gar-. Conrad W. Johnson,
age had been suitably arranged and' A lottor was read from the Work-
conveyed the body to tho grave, an-1 mon'„ Compensation Hoard informing
other motor truck carrying the mnny I tbo eity tlmt volunteer fireman do
beautiful flowers. n„t come ,mi\cr the Workmen's Com-
The memhers of the Automobile As- j penBntlon Act and that all assessments
soclatlon, of which the deceased was •■ |mi(1 lltulGr t|ifs head will be applied
Honorary President, attended in full j to ti-0 city's credit to cover assoBB-
q I beg to ex-
intion of yonr
numerous proofs of sympathy In my
great sor-ow and the many touching
tributes paid to (he memory of ray beloved Uncle Mis Hanson,
The iiii.'haken faith in Cranbrook's
future whicli he always demonstrated
Inspires me with the desire lo continue in hi.: footatcpB toward the development and progress of the city.
In endeavoring to attain this object
1 trust le your co-bporrtlon and assistance for which I shall always re-
We Do Not Hold Onrselre*. Respon-
slble For Opinions Expressed by
The Editor, Cranbrook Herald.
force, fifty two cars being in tho procession.
The stores and offices were closed
and practically the whole city turned
oat to pay their last respects to
"Tlie Governor."
In recognition of the late Mr. Hanson's services as Alderman of the
city the council presented the burial I council by letter th.
and men who have married since the <
Mar began.   There might be some con-
stderatlon In regard to the number in
the family.
Hint of Details
Ottawa,   Ont.,   May   18.—Ottawa's
Interest noM* centres in the details of!
tlie   government's   conscription   pro-
posals and the attitude of the Liberal ■
party. While the government has decided on a policy of conscription, the
details of the legislation nre not yet
completed,   it will take some time to
draft the legislation nud thresh It out j
in the cabinet, nnd it is likely the hill j
will   not   bo   introduced   for   another
week     Ii   Is  understood the government lias decided on the British system of conscription with modifications ■
to meet the Canadian situation,   Tiiere
will be local boards in every district
before   which   every   man.   single   or
married, of military nge. will have to
enroll for national service.
Sinirle Men First
After enrolment the required men
Mill be culled out. As the premier
placed the number of men required
as from fifty to one hundred thousand,'
only single men of a certain uge will
menl  on  employees who come under
the Act,
Mr, Ford Wnsson having received
notico from tlio Chief of Police that
tho wall fronting his lot on Norbury
Avenue was unsafe and In a dangerous condition and becoming a menace to the public safety, reminded the
t the wall was
time ago and bo
i the city to do
No action was
built by the city son
thought it was u]i
the necessary repair
Petitions were received from residents outside the city limits asking
for nn extension of the wnter service.
This matter was referred to the City
Engineer witli instructions to prepare
nnd submit estimates of llie cost nf
the proposed extensions.
Mrs. ll. Rondeau wrote complaining
of the lack of street lighting at the
south end of Clarke Avenue. Her complaint Mas referred lo the Flre and
Police Committee with power to act.
The petition of Mr. II. ID. Jecks for
tli" sprinkling of Cranbrook Street
was referred to the Hoard of Works.
The committee of tho Coal creek
Explosion Fund are appealing to the
City of Cranbrook to render them assistance in supporting the dependents
of the victims. The committee report having on their hands 24 widows
and 4!i children and dependents of ten
single men most of whom are left In
poor circumstances. The appeal follows:
"On Thursday, April 5th, 1017, a
disastrous explosion occured In No.
3 Mine. Coal Creek, Femle. Ii. C,
causing the death of thirty four mln-
Dear Sir.—Judge Thompson'-
tent Ion deserves consideration
suggests thut by using up our spare
energies In cultivating land we, as
amateura are placing a hardship upon
tho farmer. That would be iru ■ In
normal times—although as a matUr of
fact most men an* some per cent farmer In tels country—Imt if. as our
leaders tell us, there is a grave food
crisis abend, that Mils is aggravated by
tbo  labor shortage, there  would   not
appear to be any danger of such over
production as would effect the farmer
unfairly.    Of course, ar* n  matter of
economic fuct, it does no', matter whether We cat the 500 ton*-*, cf spuds wo
grow, or sell them for patriotic pur- j
poses, the market price will not be
effected.   We have be. n u:gcd to produce.    We  are  told  by  the  world's
greatest food und market, expert;; '.hat
we are face to face with world hunger.   It behoves us to Bcrew up to a
higher w.ir standard.   Many men are
cultivating their own lots and gardens and that Ik good national service.
Others  are looking for opportnn'tles
for service.   There   are   also   many
young men  In  Cranbrook  whom  we
have, yet to ree doing anything strenuous to help the nation.   I believe the;
are not always the slackers tliey ap*
pear, and havi* the reputation for be
log and that they  would  welcome :
lead In this matter.    Will  not  sum
one get   busy, someone  with a  Ultl
more knowledge of the technical sitl
of the matter than  I  have, and or
ganlse? Yours faithfully.
D*Wtp***»S**>*VM*Wle»»    **IU'    M^t^.^.M-^^H
— ,•
'I'licsv Dresses lire ver) smart Inelndlng:
in ii ii\ in' t tu* Intesl colors uiul nre distinguished ii) tho new nnvelt) (oiidies, There
nre Xbv) Blues, Gnus, Greens nml Tans,
prices ninirii.tr from
$12.00 to $28. OO
likely be called to the colors. Certain
necessary industries, as in England.
will be exempted, There will also be
exemptions for Mennonltes aud Douk-
hobors, as they were brought to Canada under definite agreements that
they were to be exempt from military
service The Liberals will call a eau-1
cus on Monday to discuss their atti-
tude. The present outlook is that it
will be a Btormy caucus. Sir Wilfred
Laurier and Hon. William Pugsley
both reserved judgment yesterday un-
ni the measures were brought down.
The Liberal Attitude
If Sir Wilfred opposes the proposals,
and hitherto he has definitely stated !
be would oppose conscription, be will
lead a much-divided party. The Applause ul a half-dozen Liberals, led by
Or, Clark, showed Iheir attitude.
Outside of A. K. MacLean, of Halifax, they are all westerners. It Is
understood lho western Liberals al*'
most to a man are In favor of conscription. Mr. MacLean Is the only
maritime Liberal who has given au
Intimation of his position. Party line*,
are closely drawn In the maritime provinces and, as in tiie case with bllin-
guallem, it is likely the rank and file I to the speed limit
of the opposition wlll stand by their I    Pool Room Py
ers. Most of these men were married
men with large families. A large
number of widows and orphans have
thereby been suddenly deprived of
their breadwinners, and great distress
will be caused to the dependents unless monies are forthcoming for their
To help take care of these dependents a Fund is bring raised to be
known as the Con] Creek Colliery Explosion Fund. Three trustees will be
appointed by Gladstone Local Union
No. 2314. XTnlted Mine Workers of
America, who shall have charge of
said fund, and control the distribution
In the meantime subscriptions should
be sent to the Mannger of the Imperial Hank of Canada, Fernie. B.C., or
lo tbe undersigned, wbo shall deposit
same to ih.* order of the trustees of
the Fund. All monies received will
be acknowledged through the pro*i.
Alex. I   Fisher. M. P. P.
Thus. Uphill, Mayor.
Thos. France. Secretary Femle
l.ocal I'nion.
The Chief of Police was Instructed
to warn users cf motor cars agab.-it
the hreacli of the Motor Act In res pad
nl Liersonf IP-Mf.
.aw Vo. 101, Rate
leader no matter whnt his position,    i By-Law No  162 and Rebate of Taxes
The only Ontario Liberal whose at- By-law No. IH wem finally passed
tltude Is known Is Hugh Guthrie of, and -.iloptod.
South Wellington, who bas stated prl- ===== -    	
vately he is in favor of conscription. As ror tho French-Canadian Con.-.er-
In view of the strong feeling in On- j vatlves it is evident the cabinet minis-
tario, It Is hnrd to see how any of the tors approve of Borden's declgloft, and
Ontario Liberals could do anything I it la believed iho majority of the mem-
but support the proposals. I hers will support lhe government, nl-
As for the Quebec Liberals, their j though, as in tbe bilingual voto. there
attitude  will    depend largely    Upon  might he some defections.
Laurier,   If Sir Wilfred supports the      a prominent French-Canadian Lib-
measure ho can  swing  with  him  a | eral member stated tn your eorros-
large portion of his French following,
While It will simplify the question of
enforcement In Quebec. If he opposes
It. ho wlll have a solid French-Canadian support, aud it will make doubly
difficult the problem of enforcement
In thnt province. Ills In a most responsible and l»|MvtaBt devlnlon
pondonl today thai be felt the government should not decide ou such an
Important question without consulting
the people. H" favored a plebiscite
or au appeal to the electorate If be
apeaks for a large Heetlon of tbe party
this may he the decision renehed at
tbo caueni on Monday.
Tin; Editor, rranbrook Herald.
Dear Sir.—I was very glad to notice
a letter In your issue of last week
from Mr. Bridge, mentioning his success In organizing a girls club, but re.
gret his inability to do the same for
the boys. I notice however, that one
of the requisites for membership of
his girl's club, is membership or association with some relfgfous body.
The club I had In mind in contributing the article to your paper was
quite different, I would bave It opened to the toughest and worst hoys In
the community as well as the members
of the various churches, for the toughest and worst, are sometimes the best.
The "Sissies" and "Mother's Darlings"
wlll he helped by association with the
ragged, rough and tumble boys nnd
girls who have probably just as much,
if not more good in them.
1 notice It is stated that there are
no experienced drill masters, or teachers of games In the city. There must,
however, be some young men who are
fond of games, and out of door life
and who would like to be "Pals" with
a lot of boys.
What Is the Y. M. C. A. doing?
There must be many young men in
that organization who would not only
regard It as a duty to help their young
brothers, but would enjoy themselves
in so doing.
Rightly or wrongly the ministers
and churches are looked askance at
by some people; and the majority of
the people in Cranbrook are non-
church-goers, I*et us therefore take
people us they are. \*et us have a
company or companies of Roy Scouts.
the members of which mr.y. or may
not be associated with any religious
Yours etc
VlrglnlbiiB Puerlsquc.
the innier in I
tic ii Inr
H to I'J. nnd |.ric«
tilntj  mnl correct, not only
uhlcli nre so favored by pnr-
iiien, hut the plitluer ones, slues
rmitring inun
•S/.50 to 70.00
Minn non silk>, leer iiincj dresses nnil
tlm popular Silk uml a^lii.-n mixture for
outing Mills mnl skirls) Int. of shades to
choose from nl rensonnlile prices.
McCreery Bros,
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
■   **/.*.    *|/Vw  ,*|ftw  t*lf*m  ,l*sp*mm**ysssmsm
The I. O ,D, B, gratefully acknowledge tl.e following donations for May:
Per Mrs. Barvls—Mrs. a. w. Jnim-
Bon BOo, Mrs. Hartnell 26c, Mrs. Willi-
10c. Mrs. D. Campbell 86c, Mrs. A. A.
Cameron 2'>c, Mrs. J. Hoy 26c. Total
$1.00, Per. Mrs J. S. Brake Mr T
Roberta 26c, Mr. Wallinger ...V. a
friend 26c, Mr.s. Morro 26c, Mr-
I'arks 26c, Mrs. Foolfor fiOc. Mr-. I
Johnson 16c; Total $1.00. Per, Mrs,
Patersnn-I)r. Miles 25c, Mrs. Miles
2."c, Mrs. Macpherson 60c, Mm. Attridge 2.r.c, Miss Florence Clarke 10c,
Mrs. paterson 60c, P. Parks & (V
(donation) '2r<c; Total 12.10. Per Mr-
Manning—Mrs. Dale f>0c, MIrk Chalmers 2fir, Mrs.Dallas 2r,c, Mrs. Mazy
25c, Mrs. McCallum 2.r.c, Mrs, Manning
2",c, Total $1.76, Mrs. Harshaw 50c,
Mrs. Worden .*0c, Mrs. Scott McDonald aTic, Mrs, nonohne S1.71, Mrs.
Raiment ii0c, Mrs. Gillis f.Oc, Miss
Alexander $1,00.
We have just received a large si
Poods—Egg Producer, Lici k;:;.
Ointment,   Head Lice Cure     I: :
pment  of  Pratt's  Poultry
Roup   Cure.   Scaly  I>-g
absolutely fresh from tbe
•- time tn preservj •■..-?-. -.v. ■:. they are at their lowest
Use the National Water Glass, madr- In f'anada
35c for i pound tin
Prescriptions u Specially,
Prnnipt Sen iee Oar SToUo.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
W. J. ATI HI80X, Manager.
Iiy the supposed accidental niixini*
NKWS Of THE  WORLD   I Iof ball cartridge! with blanks several
IN   HltlKK mi were killed and about a hun-
tj  II  <in.*fl injured in a sham battb- in which
14,000 ichoolboyi took part on May
6tb In McxUo City. Th" battle was
a < lose '" tin- week's fes*
tlvltl .;. onor of th'- Inauguration of
Pre doni t'arranza and tin- * <-,«-i*r.i-
Mon ut tbe great national boldlay 'if
Maj '-t bi memory "f t;.'- defeat
• .  Pri r      In 1362
Because of It-- tendency to Increase
the consumption of breadstuffs the experiment of a meatless hay a w.-.-k in
London and some provinces of England i- tn h.' abolls ied
The Rev. Alex  i-air I.
English literatim  at thi   Royal Military Col lego,   King <»n.   ii"-i   In   t..-      Field   Marshal  JMfr"   *r.<    .    I   :
Hoyal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, on       atrea        May ISth, had probably
May 10th, aftor .i Ions. I line**, aged I s gi    I   I  reception ever glv n * i
;,i years eny  man   by  the city,  hundred-  of
• iming oul to da
A conspiracy has been dl    ■• red In thi     •-     il  tn.- Marne    In Ottawa
Salonlca tn murder ex-Pretnler VenI* M   Vivian!   former iin-micr md noa
I solos of Greece.   Nine mei re minister oi lusUce of Franci
I arrested, confe -<■•■ that they were acl ed a al addre    lo thi B nal i ■
lng under Instrui tlons from s
' committee formed In Athci
! tary offlcen and polltl
Tho Pri',      Wai   Ofl
titAMtiiook Hi.im.n nt:it;i
: that the voluntary :'■ iriiilii.L- agl   «   '
.-oon he extended to mi r, up to fifty
i years of ng.', both ilngle and married
I 'i'hc announci men) < \ pr<s- es tin hope
' that those who come forward will he
I ready and willing in serve when called
; upon.
Pour thousand realdeni es, thirty
warehouses and several factories and
public buildings were destroyed and
fitly iH-r-niis wen- killed by an explosion in tlie munition shedn of Osaka,
Japan, mi May 6th. Tlu- .., me of the
explosion has not been nsi ertalned,
but alien plotters an- nci used
1j-.1i Oovornment ii*i!- sent
■ of prote-t in tin Oerman
concerning  tli.'  tnn"''!"-
J|lng of Spanish  vessels, and  will  es-
^} tabllsh a patrol by destroyer   lietwi en
11 the Ciintitlirian couM ami frame   The
Mini submarine pirate sink:* a Spanish
another nott
roviouHly acknowledged  jn.To \ Qovernment
TrniiHferred from old account ...0.00
Itolit., Mary, Rachel a- Ruth (Ireen M
Miss   Roberts           $
MIhh J.  Richards       $fi.00
Mr«. J,  M. Murray    $2..._.
Div. I South Ward School .... $1.25 voaael wiih as little compunction as j nt l""--W.
Total  fm.xrJ in- do«i a boll Igor en I
joint si -in lu th.
H ■, i ■ : i ■ ■ Bol membei«
of thi i:'- -.< ■ Comral
cry nf tl. \iifi m, | . a.-item fronl
.. for mon men and till more rm n,
ti ii,. ■ i ".. German Invader and ex
pel him from Belgium and Pram •-
II  rr von  BatOCkl, the German fond
dictator, now admits that the crops
in Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary and the
occupied parts of Roumania are di-*
,i, olntlng, and that American io*
o| era!lon wiih Kngland to prevent
food reaching Qermany through neutrals ends all hope of help from this
source, which has been considerable,
As heretofore, Herr von Bfttockl Insisted that the country would pass
through this year's crisis until the
harveal but he said it would be a
herd task BatockTs admissions have
made a deep impression throughout
Oerman y ami lead poo plo to think
that they nre preliminary to a further
rigorous cutting down of food, which
cannot be sustained without destroying the working capacity of minimis
i.iiiMicit  on   page  four I TACK TWO
THURSDAY, MAY 24th, 1917
Shamrock Creamery
Crown Creamery
llonnclirook Hairy
Alberta Dairy
l'iuisl ,
Cambridge Mnusagp
Try simile, they aro Ihe best
on the market,
Irish Halibut
Fresh Salmon
I'resh Codfish
I'resh Herring
Always on hand to fill your
P. BURNS tr*
t *V
Issued   Weekly   by   The   ('ranbrook
Herald, Limited,
II. A. kny, Manager.
I ranbrook, II. C, May 2Mb, 1917.
In another column will be found an
article on Proportional Representation. There are unmistakable signs
linn this new Bystem of election will
at no distant date be universally n-
The strong recommendation In Its
favor of the Speaker.; Conference
which was held lu London, has focus-
sed the attention ol' clip puhlic on the
Importance of tho subject and sucli
statements us we print in this issue
from a statesman like Karl drey
cannot bo overlooked.
a fooling exists amongst many that
the system is complicated mid would
he cumbersome in practise but this
Is not so and lu view of Its pending
general adoption a careful study of the
plan Is recommended, It Is of importance to every citizen, Wo nre all
gradually becoming moro or less
weary of the present system of Government representation, with the adherent curse of patronage and party
corruption. Proportional Representation Is a possible remedy for these
„„r. ,N    HUM.
TIIK CUMIN!' lllll  llll'Ollll
Kurl llii) uml Mr. II. II. Hills Wnrnil)
Siii^eiirl rrojiterlioinil Iti'iii-i'snila.
linn Uim'iiiisi- It 0|i|.|is III,' Diiiii-
I'eer   llie   Outside   Mini.
trices et*. \m,
Jl  I— LIHlTtO— •_
Bf««15aRaToCcmcHAWISi0l _
on Ihe
5 A rem
lile Ho-
K . ''-.i.i: Pill (or Wumeii. |n i. trat or Ihrwtor
""    Bold ni nil Imii* Stori-u, or m»ll«il v *nw
To all whom it may concern:
Take notice that U Is good patriotism
to keep chickens but It is poor patriotism to let tliem scratch the seeds
In neighbors' gardens,
Watch Proportional Representation.
It la looming large on the horizon.
We Invite correspondence on the subject. The columns of this paper are
open for a general discussion.
vim t.1.4
Vltal.lv; for  Ner»t> *nd Bmln; locr    ___.
mnltit " n ■''■.Tin-- win I.11...I yon ap. U » boi.or
'we fur $,',, nt ilruK tl'im, or bf lull oa
if Iin-'i-    Tris SCQSItLDice M.. SI. ' "
Notice  re  I'unebheard*-.
Public Notice in hereby given to
those interested that cn and after
June Ist. 1817, owners and users of
Punchboards within the Municipality
will be proseented to the fullest extent
nf the law.
By order of the Police Commissioners
Prnnbrooki B. C.
April   lilili   1017.
( iMMitmok    KLKCT0RA1
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
on Monday, tbe 18th day of .lune next,
at 10 o'clock In the forenoon at the
Qovernment Office at ('ranbrook. hold
a Court of Revision for the purpose of
benrlna nud determining any or all
objections to the retention of any
name or names on the register of
voters for the said district.
Mated at Cranbrook, It. C, April
28th. HUT.
X. A, Wallinger,
Registrar of Voters,      18-Bt
IcenBOd by Prov. fJovornment
lecinl attention given to Ner-
uis and Rheumatism cases hy
Violet Ray Treatment
Build up the system and
tendy the norvea through Elec-
Ic Vibration, Internal Kxcrclse
iolet Ray and Ozone, a por-
ctly natural process.
Tbo Citizens of Cranhrook are offered the use of the Young People's
Chili building on I lun son Avenue on
the condition that they pay for the
upkeep—taxes and Insurance. The
cost of operating the Club has been
figured at $120 per month and It Is
proposed to chaise an annual fee of
$10 for men and $f> for ladles and for
all hoys and girls under 20 years of
A committee have heen canvassing
the city obtaining the names of those
who an* willing to join the Club, ahout
100 have signed, another 100 arc-
needed to ensure Hint the necessary
revenue will he forthcoming. If these
signatures are not obtained the mutter will he dropped,
It will be more than unfortunate If
this splendid institution with Its large
swimming tank, well equipped gymnasium imd reading rooms Is permitted tn remain shut up and we feel
it Is only necessary to place the situation squarely before the citizens of
Crunbrook to secure their willing and
prompt response to the appeal for support.
We need to look after the physical
training of our boys uud girls by giving them the means of securing
healthy nnd Invigorating exercise.
Here is the opportunity—let us hope
il will not be passed by.
("Proportional Renrosontntlon Is
complete   Democracy."- Earl   (!rcy."t
C'Proporti mal Represontntion i^ tho
charter to enfranchise the non-party
Briton."—li. U. Wells.")
Tho remarkable Speaker's Conference on Electoral Reform in (ireat
Britain, which has made Woman Suffrage a possibility of the near future,
also unanimously agreed to tho principle of Proportional RocpronBoutallon.
The Prime .Minister, however suggested that this Issue be held over and
not included in the forthcoming Bill.
But the advocates of it strongly oppose
such   withdrawal.
A Real Choice
"It Is the most fundamental and tho
most salutary reform In tho machln-   pared with SO per
corded al the same date since I'lOtl,
and reflect the exceptional severity
ot tho pant winter.
Hay and Clovt|r Meadow!*.
Owing to the lateness of the spring
this year, it was rather too early
on April .10 to judgo of the extent
to which hay and clover meadows liave
Buffered from the effects of the past
winter; but the indications are that
something like il per cent of the area
undor those crops has been winter
killed, Their condition in percentage
of the standard Is for provinces this
yoar being between 82 and 9ti per
cent, of the standard.
Progress of Spring  Seeding.
For tho three Atlantic provinces it
was too soon on April .!0 to report as
to spring seeding. In the other six
provinces the spring Is reported as
being very late, ovoti later than lest
year, and only about 14 per cent, of
Ihe total seeding was accomplished
on April BOlh, This is tho lowest
proportion sown ou April BO since the
records began iu 1010, Last yeur the
proportion was only 18 per cent, but
in liiir., when thu spring was exceptionally early ami conditions wero
highly (nvorablo, tho proportion was
as high as BB per cenl, For wheat
the proportion of seeding completed
on April B0 Is 13 per cent, as againat
2~ per cenl. lasl year and 04 por cent,
in 1D1B, for oats the proportion is
12 per cent, against 8 per cent lust
year and 4fi per cent, in 1015, and for
barley it is 0 per cent, as against .1
por cent, in 1916 and 38 per cent. In
lilir,. The provinces most advanced
in tlie seeding of spring wheat are
Ontario 28 per cent, as compared with
4 per cent, last year and 7.1 per cent,
in 11)15, Alberta, 27 per cent. corn-
Tit, and 01 per
Ormaii     Military     Authorities
Apparently Convinced of
Tbeir 1'selesNiiess in Wur
Oenevn, April 30.—It Is reported
from Romansboru, on Lake Constance,
that since the deuth of Count Zeppelin,
who was always supported by tho
Kaiser lu his aerial plans, u number
of employees In tho Zeppelin factory
ut Frledorlchshafen lmvo been dismissed and ordered to join the army.
The framework of a large airship,
which would havo beoti finished 111
six weeks, according to ordinary work
during the war, will not be completed
for sever:.! months owing to lack of
The general opinion at Priodorlcbs-
hafon is thnt tbo German military uu-
thorltloa will construct no more Zeppelins, No furthor orders for building
have boon   receive.:.   !>;■ lly Colonist.
cry    of    representative    government
which has ever been devised," says the
Manchester Guardian,
"The  essence  of  the  new   syslem,
cent., and   Hritish   Columbia  20   per
cent, compared with 66 per cent, and
80  per cent.    In  Saskatchewan  only
por cent, had been seeded of the area
which cannot long ho resisted, is that i to   be   devoted   to   spring   wheat   as
for the first time it gives the voter a ■ against 36 per cent, und 04 per cent,
real choice In the person for whom ho j on   the. corresponding  dates  of   1916
shall voto, and thus nt a stroke liber- j and 1916.
ates ii thousand  sources  of  political ,	
interest and energy which our present
i lamentably imperfect methods of se-
j lection repress and sterilise."
' "It Is the electoral method most in
' favor with tho thinker who looks to
j the broadening nnd deepening of the
j political mind of the nation," says the
| Nation.
"The subject  Is comparatively new
Apropos of Conscription It looks
very much as if the "wents" will soon
be followed by the "sents."
Tbe International Mining Convention which wus held at .Nelson last
week was undoubtedly a great success.
Hats off to Fred Starkey and the other
promoters, May the various resolutions adopted hear much fruit.
Wounded   Girl   Who   Hesrncd   Haby
From Top I'liu^r -Preyed In
The splendid courage of a little girl
of thirteen during a Zeppelin raid was
rewarded yesterday when thc Lord
Mayor ut the Mansion House presented
her with a gold wrist watch, the gift
of the Carnegie Hero Trust Fund.
She was sitting up with her grandmother waiting the return of her parents, At the top floor of the house a
baby had been put to bed. A bomb
roll very close to the house, causing
considerable damage. She rushed upstairs and secured lhe haby. By this
lime the stairs were rocking and some
of the steps had disappeared. Still
clutching the baby she slid down,
somehow, and got Into the street.
Here In the excessive darkness, all
lights having been extinguished, she
knelt down and prayed. She then
made her way to a hospital, where the
baby was taken Into safe custody, and
the surgeon on examining thc girl
found hor bleeding and wounded, and
subsequently a piece of glass was
taken from her cur.
The l^ord Mayor said: "Such pluck
by a girl of tender years must arouse
a thrill of pride throughout the country.
"By saving the baby she had displayed the spirit of Britain in its determination to defeat the power of Might
against Right.
"By her immediate and tender
thought she had shown all those qualities which had produced In Kngland
thfl Florence Nightingales of the present war, and her action would be the
admiration of the motherhood of the
Potato    Shortage    Prevents    Berlin
Authorities From lurrying (hit
Promise-Rations Must  lie
Further Reduced.
Copenhagen, Miiy 15.—Tiie potato
shortage in (Iermany is making itself
to tliis generation. But it is pari of felt in spite of the assurances at the
the emancipating movement which is ' time the bread ration was reduced
stirring Europe and bringing a new last montll that enough potatoes were
political world to birth." on band to permit a weekly per capita
Furl Grey's Protest : issue of 5 pounds until the next har-
Earl Grey, the late Governor-Gen- j vest. The bureau of food control, by
eral of Canada, who was a member ' strenuous efforts, has been unable to
of the Speaker's Conference, says he; supply a five-pound ration In the
would have withdrawn from It If the , Berlin and Westphalia Industrial dis-
proposul had not been adopted, and j trlcts, where the labor crisis at the
others would have done the same.       | time of the reduction  of the bread
"1 cannot refrain."
In a hater to the Time
Ing an earnest hope that if his Majesty's Government introduce a Reform
Hill which does not safeguard the cardinal principles of democracy, by ensuring as nearly as electoral nrnmgi
ys Earl Grey ' ruton was particularly acute. Hitter
from express- complaints, however, are coming from
various other sections of the Empire
whieh feel that they are being slighted.
In many sections of Bavaria, according
to reports to the Reichstag, the potato
ration   is   only   twenty-four   ounces
ments will permit an equal share of I weekly.
Parliamentary representation to every \    The Hamburg ration is now and has
elector, all those who believe that the | been for weeks three pounds, and the
wise government or the United Kingdom and the safo guardianship of the
Empire depend upon the establishment
of a good House of Commons wlll or-
sister city of Altona bas been placed
for the next 3 weeks on a pound and
a half allowance.
It Is true that, In accordance with
ganise a stout and determined resist-; the Government's promise, the bread
ance to Its passage through Pnrlla- . ration is not reduced where the five
"No man, can lay claim to lhe name
of statesman who is not aware that
a wide and uniform franchise, coupled
with majority representation, nnd unattended by any constitutional checks
or safeguards, has Invariably led to
disaster," says Earl Grey.
Ottawa, May 12th. 1917.~The first
crop report of the present season issued today by the Census and Statistics Office relates to the area and con-   just been  finished, has, according to
pound allowance of potatoes Is not
furnished. Every pound extra of flour
supplied for this purpose, however,
upsets the Government's scheme of
distribution, which was based on the
fact that the stock of grain in the
Empire Is barely adequate, under reduced rations, to carry tbe population
through until August 15, the earliest
possible dale when flour from the new
harvest Is expected to be available.
Ilimest to be Late
The national military requisition
and expropriation of grain, which has
ditlon or the fall wheat crop, the condition of hay and clover meadows at
the end of the winter and tbe progress
of spring seeding, ns reported by correspondents at the end of April.
oi Full
Ftiod Commissioner Michael Is, not uncovered unreported grain to materially
affect previous estimates. Also tbe
prospective date tor the harvest has
been still further deferred by the con-
: tinned cold weather experienced since
' the revised scheme of distribution was
I put out. Iu the East and West Prussia
dlatrlctB, two of tbo great grain districts of Germany, frosts were reported as late US hist week.
,    ruder the altered circumstances tiie
authorities face the allerualive of n-
Wluter hilling and Cunil
Tho area estimated to be sown to
winter wheat lust fall is 813,400 acres, j
of which 666.600 acres ere in Ontario
105,700 acres In Saskatchewan, 38,000
acres in Alberta, 8.000 acres In Muni-'
tobn and 6,200 acres iu British Colum-   „„,,      ,    ,     ,,    ,      ...
,      '    ,   *, , gain reducing tbe bread ration or con-
Hi,    n Ontario the proportion o  ibe ,__,,,.       ...      , ,      .
fronting n hiatus of more or less dur-
area  reported  to  he  winter killed   S   „,*„,.   u ■ , »  *%
' atlon    between   tlle   time   (if   the   i*X-
6 por conl, in Manitoba I  pot■ oont,> „„„„ „, „„. slm,k|l ,l||(| ,„„
"' ,'*""■■•"• u' ""r "'''."" "' Dflu'"  Incoming ol tlio first 1017 (lour.  Thl.
th. winter_ Wiling ot fall wheat. »ro „ommmU r,„. ,t „,,s\„„5. „,„,. 10
available  for Sackatchewan,
the proportions in tin* two neighboring provinces nf Manitoba and Alberta
aro 14 and l!i per cent, respectively
check striken by the positive asuraiice
that neither bread nor potato allowances would he further reduced. Apprehension is also being experienced,
it is assumed that the proportion of   ^.eM^i^i/iV^n^i^^.^ieK.'at^the
K, per cent, also applies to Saskntche.  (||roai]s wh|c)l t,)(i ,ncreaBe(J mPat ru
lion granted when tlle bread allowance was reduced, Is making in the
ment supply.*—Dally Colonist.
wan.   The result of a total ostimnted
destruction through winter killing of
187,000 acres of fall sown wheat rt.
23 per cent.   This proportion is larger
than In any of the two previous years
when however the amount of winter j
killing was exceptionally low being' Made Strong and Well by Vinol
not more than about tl per cent. In !    This letter proves there is nothing
each  year.    After  deduction   of  the' r(pi»l to Vinol to create strength for
aroas estimated to be  winter killed   w$k» ™n4mtn rondttloMk
.   .    , .,..,,, vestal Centre. N. Y.—"I am a fer
tile area to he harvested of fall wheat   mer u ()f nm|     t inU) R
Is ti2fi,400 acres.   The condition of fall   rt*eak, run-down condition as * result
wheat ou April 110 is reported as il" per   of the Grippe.   Our druggist suggested
cent, of the standard representing a i Vi"11' l" l"lil'1 mv UP ami  • aut*""**
Ml crop in Ontario, tin por cent. In K 'S'TrS^-v'tt^.l
Manitoba, ss per oont, In Alberta, anil ■ ,.Un now .lo u good day'a work.   My
Hli per cent, tn rtrltlHli Columbia, mah-, wife tne* almt tuk.-n Vitieel for s run-
Iiir the figure for all Canada (Sos-   'l»»'n condition with ...leeudid reiulto."
katchowan oxcoptod) to be 00 per .-.*nt.,        "' l'B*m'
Thin In n lower porcontngo TCproaent-1 !'r"",''™'1' nr,"E * .J-""* ,c°* c™-
 ' ,     , brook, B, 0„ aluo at the beet druggists
lng condition than any previously re 11„ „„ „,.„',, rollinbto l0WnB. "
r.lSIAI/l'IKS (If Till: « Alt 'I'll KM)
ftusMa—killed, 1,500,000, wounded,
8,200,000, nilnaiiiK. 2 600,000, lotel, 7,-
2110,0110. (lerliinny—killed, 1,000,000,
wounded, 2,r*oti,oou, missing, 200,000,
total, -l.T.IO.OOO; Franco— 000,000,
wounded, 2,200,000, mission, 400,000,
total, 3,400,000; Austro-Hungary—
killed, 1100,000,wounded, 1,700,000, mis-
slng, l.riOO.OOO, total, 3,000,000; Great
Britain—killed, 400,000, wounded,000,-
000, missing. 100.000, total. 1.400,000;
Turkey—killed, 100,000, wounded, 2.10,-
000, missing, 90.000, total, 440,000;
Servia—killed, 06,000, wounded, lr.o,-
000, missing, 86,000 total, 300,000;
Italy—killed, 70,000, wounded, 176,-
000, missing, 90.000, total, 335,000;
Belgium—killed, 36.000, wounded, SO.-
000, missing. 110.000. total. 176,000;
Bulgaria—killed, 26,000, wounded, i',0,-
000, missing, 15,000. total, 100.000:
Roumania— killed, 50,000, wounded,
150,000, missing. 200,000, total, 400.000;
Total, 21,245,000.
(II 111 ST    I III 111 11
White  Sunday
8.00 n.m.—Holy Communion.
11.00 a.m.—Dedication of Choir Holies
und Choral Celebration.
3.00 p. m— Children's Service.
7.30 p.m.—Evening Service'. Special
W. H. BRIDGK. Rector.
Intercession for the boys   at   the
front every Krlday at 7.30 p.m.   We
extend a cordial Invitation to nll.
Eczema Wash
A touch of D. D. D. to any eczema
sore o rltchlng eruption and you'll
be able to resa and sleep once more.
Think—Just a touch! Is it wortii trying? Get a trial bottle today. Yonr i
money back if the first bottle does not
relieve you.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co
Cranbrook, B. C.
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has but one
object-to provide the proper
style for every
It's an advantage that this
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the styles we're
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tailored perfectly to
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Cranbrook Herald
Is Distinctly a Cranbrook Manufacturing
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Everything in Printing
I Job Department       Phone 18 THURSDAY, MAY 24th, 1017
In the price oi
Cut Glass
therefore uur Spring Purchases
have been on n larger scale than
ever before. During our lfi yenrs
ol' business In Crnnbrook we
have never shown a larger or
more varied assortment which
permits nf amnio choice— the
range of prices suits almost any
purse—the purity ami richness
of each piece ensures appreciates When you have a friend to
remember make 11 CUT (H.AHS.
W. H. Wilson
Kilby  frames pictures.
Mr. S. Young left last week for hi
home in llie east.
Saddlery for gloves  Utli mitts.   W
buy right and sell right.
Mr.  ,l.   p,  Pink  made n  buslnes
trip to Waldo this week.
Twlgo Overcud spout  Sunday    In
town with a friend.
Mr.  Currie -and   Howard   Manzer
nf WyclliTe spent Sunday in town,
.Miss Ella Ryekman went in Creston on Thursday lust to attend the
marriage of her Bister, and returned
home on Krlday.
Baseball!  Cranbrook vs Kimberley
i»n Victoria Day, May 24th at 2.30 p.m.
on tlie ball ground near Qovernment
building. Net proceeds to go to Pat
rlotlc Fund.   Buy :i booster, 25 cents
RocrultB Tier Illl
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ii con
o urgently no
III oil,
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We an* carrying n full line or hoots
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Armstrong Ave.
Mr. .1. it. McDInrmld oi Montreal
wiih a  guest at   tlit* Cr.iuhronl.   lintel
hist Saturday.
Nurse aillchrlst of Nelson passed
through here on Sunday on hor way tu
If you want to buy or sell or rent
a house in fact, If ynu want anything
-nee Heale &. Klwell.
Mr. W. Q. Fallen of Unit, was In lhc
city last week end, u guest at tin* [
Cranhrook Hotel.
We sell rubber heels—mens ami
womens, all sizes.-—Cranbrook Saddlery Co.
Mrs. A, J. Smith and family of
Moyie moved to Cranbrook tbo first
of the week.
Miss Bcrnndctte Doyle of Calgary,
passed through Saturday to her home
in  Nelson.
Mr. Tom Martin of Calgary is visiting with his brothers, James and John
Martin of tliis city.
Mr. Frank Qulmont returned last
Wednesday from Crows Nest and is
working as third trick operator here.
Mr. C. M. Edwards of Waldo arrived
In the city last Friday to attend the
funeral of the lute Mr. Hanson,
Hev. W. II. Bridge is n guest of tne
Convocation uf the Church in Spokane
this week.
We are carrying a full line of hoots
and shoes.— Cranhrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Llttlo Helen Christie was laid to
rest In Christ Church Cemetery on
Saturday, May 19th. The funeral being  private.
Mr. II, W. Lathrop of Seattle, a
well known commercial man. was
transacting business in the city lust
week end.
Safety Deposit Boxes to   rent   nt
Heale -X-   EtwoH's.    A  safety deport
vault is the only wife place foi
! The W. C. T. U. will mee/at thc
home uf Mrs. w. B, McFarlane on
Garden Avenue on Thursday, .May 3Ut
at 3. 30 p.m. a special Invitation Is
extended to all.
Mr. J. A, Stewart of Vancouver,
representing the Qunrdlan Insurance
Company, was in the city lust Friday
In consultation with Mr, C. K. Ward,
the local agent,
Tho drawing for the cushion which
was raffled by the St John Ambulance Association took place at thc
Hex Tiii-aire on tli,' evening of the
21st. The lucky number wns it and
was held by Mr. Eric Spence.
Messrs, Qeo. B. Watson, it L T
Qalbrulth, Fred Blnmore, A, Doyli T
T, McVIttlo, Ben Werden, and    Wm
Carlltl of Fort Steele, arrived in till
city hist Saturday lo attend the oh
Boqulm of (he late Mr. Hanson.
Mr. W, H. Hill, tlio local dry good!
merchant, left on 514 Inst Friday foi
h.'s home in Armstrong, B. C, and expects io be absent about three wepfc
He  will  visit Vancouver and  othe
coast cilies before returning.
Mr. C. R. Hamilton of Nelson, bar
rlster, was in the city last- week attending Court in the capacity of tin
defendant's solicitor iu the cnE" ol
Anderson vs Tho Consolidated Mining Co,
Mr. A, MacNoil, Barrister of Fernie
arrived in the city Inst Thursday to
look after lhe interests of Mr. Anderson In connection with his suit for
damages against the Consolidated Mln*
| ing Co,
Mr. Harold Darling, expert accountant, a former resident of Cranbrook,
but new cf Vancouvor, ts In the city
this week making an Inventory of the
Hanson Estate and incidentally renewing old acquaintances,
At the sitting of the local Assizes
last week before Mr. Justice Clement and Jury lu the case of Anderson
ve Tho Consolidated Mining Coy for
damages for injuries received, a verdict was rendered for 12,0*00 in favor
of the Plaintiff.
Wi- regret to notice amongst the
"killed in action" the name of R, II.
Ashmore. Mr. Ashmorc was principal
of the. High School In Cranbrook for
a year and resigned his position last
October to enlist I'n the medical corps.
Tho sympathy of the community Is
extended to Mrs. Ashmore.
Mrs <;. Russell and Miss Amy Lewis
of the Cranbrook Hotel staff left on
I on Tuesday via motor car fnr Invor-
' hut.' and other points in the beautl-
, ful Windermere Valley where they
will spend a well earned vacation nf
about a week or ten days.
MlltTUIVl Mill uihiii ||| h IUTK   impors lo secure their supply or papci
at a prln. which they can afford tu
Owing to the plague of wood ticks| 1'ity. Witiiout this actlnn. many 0(
this year and thc dangoroiiB and some- them wnuld no doubt have boen com-
times fatal effeel i ri suiting from tlicir polled in cense publication.
int.-. ihe greatest care should be oxer- Canadians ar.- wasting i'n enormous
cised and a close ami frequent exam-1 otnount of paper daily. Very small,
ination made ot heads of tl:,. children, Indeed, is the supply available for rent k, not unfrequently hang i< u- clamntlou compared with the amount
acton ly to il,,. Bkln, bul if tliey are distributed daily by the newspapers
ed    Wltll   nil   or   vaseline,   tlm.   alone      All   of   this   paper.   If   saved.
■ o ; :* their breathing-pores (situate could be used again for other pur-
bach ol tho fourth pair of legs) they poses, such as the making of building
release tlieir bold more easily. If papers, boxboard, roofing felts, filling
pulled    too  rout-lily,    the capltulum   f"**  pasteboards, etc.,  thus   relieving
lead")   is  lil; ly to break off and   the shortage of new materials,
remain in tin* skin. t    With tho scarcity and Increased cost
of pulpwood. tlte public should make
\ ">1H,I]\). I'liT" every effort to assist.    Mu ih can be
  accomplished by saving waste paper.
A corresponded in London, Kngland nnd various organizations have had
writes thus: "Hjave yon a 'Silver good results. in one day, eight
Thimble' fund hy which to raise mo- schools in Winnipeg turned In 5%
n--y ror your [pet war fund? 1'i-r- t"»s "f "Id paper tu the Red Cross J
i liaiice you have bad one since the war Society. This achievement can he
began If mn. then listen while I toll repeated :-.ll over Canada. In many of
you the tale of whal the old silver the smaller places, bcIjooIc could com-
thimhl - have done lo help In the bine tholr collections. Boy Scout or
greal war. Tiiis land was started In airl Guide troops could colled and
July, 1915, to collect old silver thim- deliv.-r in a headquarters, or collect-
blcs, broken silver trinkets, brace- lng boxes could he placed at street j
lets, watches, brooches, cigarette cases corners where the public could de-
colns, or any other nrttclo In silver posit parcels nf old papers. Through
or gold, with a view to raising two the use nt collecting boxes In Ottawa
thousand dollars for an ambulance, the Daughters of the Empire are se-,
In eighteen months seventy-five thous-! curing Sfi tons per month. All qual-
nnd dollars was raised and expended Ities of paper can be used: nowspnpera
as follows: Five motor boats fur books, magazines, manllla nr krafi
Mesopotamia, seven motor atnbul- > wrapping, cartons, etc,
ances. a trench dlslnfoctor, the sum Numerous organizations could with
of ten thousand dollars to the Navy advantage undertake this work, look-
Employment Agency for Disabled Sol- i ing after the gathering, packing and
diers. and twelve thousand dollars and ! shipping of the material. A large
more .for tlle Star and Carter Fund, revenue could he derived from this
All this from the odds and ends of source, and valuable service thus ren- _
useless old trinkets which many of us ; dered to Canada In relieving nur forest
save for sentimental reasons.    If all' resources of a heavy strain.
such articles were cleared out nf every '	
home the amount raised for war work ■ MUII A ft   RKMKF   FI7NII
would   he   stupendous.     The   shabby
gold mid silver is molted down audi    Collections from Wycliffe and Kim
goes to the Red Cross, the really good j Morley were:
Wycliffe $26.01
—  - Staff Captain Peacock, Young Poo-
Mr. Walter LeeUel, a popular knight; ,,i,.-s Secretary for Canada West, will
Atft, W. F. Pnran, Cranbrook Exchange  of the grip from Vancouver, was In-   i»„ visiting Cranhrook Wednesday and
terviewlng  his  various  customers  In   Thursday.  May 30 and  31, and    will
 i tin
city   last   week
Specials for
this Week
Fresh killed Local
lltisll     1IIATS     IMVAY8
HV   IhMl
t.l\l  is \ TRIAL
Cily Meat Market
IV. M. BLACK, Mgr.
2    DOORS    HtST   OF    (Hit
PIIOlfR 297
Mr Kred 0 Perry of Femle, Official
Court Stenographer, was in the city
last Thursday and Friday In attendance at the Assize-;
Mr C. Brown ol Nelson, representing the Imperial Tobacco Co . is in the
clly this week soliciting orders from
the local tobacconists.
Mrs. chas Mngco loft Mondaj afternoon for Medicine Hat where she will
visit for a ffcok or ten days at the
home of Mr. nud Mrs. VV   |*J   Cline
onduet special services in tiie Snlva-
lon Army Hall at 8 p.m. each even-
tig A hearty Invitation is extended
o all. especially the young people.
ngs are put aside, valued and snld.
A "Melting Pot" to recelvo all such I
onatlons of gold, silver, etc., Is now
i Raworth Bros,' Sti
The winners in the White Sewing
Machine guessing* contest held at
the Craubrook Exchange hist week
week were Mrs. A, Webster and Mrs.
W. McClure, The number on tho sewing machine was 42442. Mrs, Webster's
guess was 42443 and Mrs. McClur
42255 Each one of these Indies r
celved n pair of shoes as advertised.
Don't  put
should be di
The Cranbrook  branch of the    St,
■—  i John Ambulance Association has made
ff nil to-morrow what   the following donation to the Convnl-
o today    Protect ynur   ascent  homo at Balfour, B. v.:    28
proporty  by  a   fire  insurance  policy
Issued by Beale A Elwell
Mr and Mrs Peter Backs ami Mr
M MolliBok of Waldo motored into
Cranhrook   lasl   Saturday to ilo some
shopping and returned homo Sunday.
Mr T W Btngny Of Trail was In
the city last week attending court ns
a witness lu the case or Anderson vs,
The Consolidated Mining Company.
suits pyjamas, fi pair bowls. The
bowls were very kindly donated hy
Messrs, T, M. Roberts, A. B. Macdon-
; aid. j Cholditeh, B. Patorcon and Drs,
Qroen and Miles.
Mrs. T. Horseman and family wis1,
in oxprctx their thank* for the mr.li)
kindness  shnwu   them  and    for    Illl
honuUful   floral   tokens  received   In
. tnolr Into sad bereavement.
•wnr    0NTARI°
Mining, riirmli-fil, Civil, MpcIi.hi.ciiI and
Blcctriciil F.iigi-jeering.
Am Cour-,i* by rorrtipondcnce.    Degree
Wltll OIIP yen', llllrinllllllf.
tr School    Navigation School
*k —*i Aanr«       Dm-mmIm* to April
U CIO. Y. CHOWN. R^btrar
Mr. \ K Stephens, manager of
the Bex Theatre, left Tuesday for Calgary to attend a humtuct and lecture
on Motion Picture wiork given hy
tin* operator's union of Calgary,
Mr. (leorge Hogarth, proprietor of
the Cranbroolt Hotel, and Mr. Wm.
Ilatellffe nf the Hanson Oarage staff
motored to Invermere on Tuesday and
export tn be away for nbnnt a woek.
Mr. B. Vi. Howard. Manager of the
Imperial Bank, has returned from
Nelson greatly improved In henlth and
expeels tn resume his duties at the
batik at the beginning of .Tune.
A unlet wedding was solemnized al
the home nf Mrs. W. S. Hyckman at
Creston on Thursday, May 17th nl 5
p.m., when Iter daughter Annie, formerly of the nursing staff of the St.
Kugene Hospital, Crnnhrook, wns
united in marriage to Mr. 1.. 13. c.
Paulsen of Dundee, Scotland. Hev.
J. S. Mahood officiating. Mr. and Mrs.
Paulsen will reside at Creston.
in loving romombrnnco of our dar-
; ling girl Merle Gladys Taylor, died
l May 20tb 1015.
Owing tn continued III health I will j -phis lovely hud se young and fair,
sell my undertaking business nut right       Called hence by early doom:
nr separately.   This Is not n cut rale' c«nm to show how swoot a flow >r
proposition nn T do not Intend to, renew       i„ paradise would bloom,
my stock.   There Is no set price nn   njro „■„ ,.,m|(1 |,alTll „r Bovww fade,
anything I have,   floods ore new und,      n,.,,||, camo W[t|, frlondly care,'
some of thom have not been unpacked, j The opening hud to heaven conveyed.
No reasonable offer refused. And Imdo it blossom there.
W   It   lli'iittlf, Undertaker I Her Aunt
■Experimental Kami Note.
It will be of interest to poultry
keepers Ihrnitglinul Canada to know
that there is now au export who de-
voles all his time investigating the
diseases of poultry. Hr, A. H. Wlck-
ware, Assistant Pathologist to the
Health of Animals Brancll has been
assigned to that work by lir. Torrance,
Veterinary Director General.
Dr.  Wicltwaro is  by no means n
novice In poultry diseases. Kor several years, under Dr. Hlgglns, Dominion Pathologist, he has devoted some
of his time to the diseases affecting
poultry and has given special attention tn Black Head. Realising (he Importance of Investigations in poultry
diseases, Mr. ,T. II. Grlsdale, Director
of Experimental Partus and Dr. Tor-
ranc > arranged for Dr. Wick ware tn
take up this question exclusively. He
Is therefore now co-opernllng with the
Poultry Division. Central Experimental Farm, where, since last fall, he
has been conducting experiments
along this much needed and very Important  line of work.
Continued attention is being given
to Black Head in turkeys and many
new investigations are being started.
These relate to chick diseases as well
as to general diseases of poultry, Including parasites of all kinds.
The annual losses that occur from
poultry   diseases  and   parasites   are j
tremendous.    No person knows what!
the amount is but it is well Into the
millions   of  dollars   each   year.     Dr. j
Wlckwnre's  work  will no doubt, do
something to eliminate part of this,
but the co-operation or all poultrymen
who have any disease iu their flock
will be appreciated.
As usual communications to the Ex
ii rlmentnl Farm re diseases of poultry
will be welcomed aud with Dr. Wlek-
wure now giving all his time to tills
mailer, even more Information will be
available. Specimens of sick birds
should be sent when practicable und
may be expressed collect If addressed
to Biological Laboratory, Experimental Farm, Ottawa.
with $1.25 Trom n
brings the total nm
unit tn,..
■ollei'tor. '
y. m. e. n. mn
Hours n a.m. to s p.m.
Iteuular 1 Holier A Short Orders
Reasonable Prices
S| inl   Table   for   Ladles.
O. Fa
^**mlB3m\\mm-      Meets    every
OJj£iE?S M0'"*"" "is1"
**W&3Ez*i*t    st Fraternity
Hall.      Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
E. H.
W. O. Itolllnsien.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday Bt 8 p.m. in
Ibe Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. R. & s.
P. O. Boi 632
Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
Enormous* Qiiniititlos nre l.eesl Which
Might In. tualn lllllml.
All available sources of Information
re'iieert shortage ln raw material feer
waodpulp. Recruiting fur the forestry
and other battalions haa taken many
wiiurl me.ii out of llie country, eueel .Inr-
llIK  tho  I'ileet  s.*:ls,*n   the*  cut   lit  WOOd
liu> been very much below the avor-
Tho el>.tunnel rm* Canadian woodnulp
Is rapidly Incronsing. One of the
moro Important factors is tin* cutting
eeiT from the Untted States of the supply from Norway iiml Sweden owing to
hul; of shipping. The heavy stile ot
nowapnpors, with news of the wnr,
Ims nlso greatly Increased the demand
for paper.
Meets In Maple Hall second
Tuesday of every month at 8
P. m. **%
Membership open   to   British
Visiting   members   cordially
E. Y. Brake,       J. F, Lower,
President. Secretary
Meets In the
Parish Hall
first Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
at 3 p.m.
Pres., Mrs. W.
B.   McFarlane.
Secy, Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. O. Box 621.
All ladles co*<Jia!!y invited.
€(It won't mark tin* nialtre**-* in anv wav, because its
Enamel Finish is
(QTbe Banner Spiral Spring rests the whole body,
because it- iou steel spirals support ever)' tired
r vou if vou
Let us make you acquainted
with the new, luscious
ving gum
making is  a
.WRIGLEYSl *■*--
■■ *=f   -e PERFECT CUM rtsHl
JVoiy three flavours
Chew It after
every meal
Get it wherever
confection*, are aold
Sealed Tight-Kept Right!
The Flavour Lasts
Made Strong and Well By Vinol
Waynesboro, Pa.—"1 wns all run down
after n haro* hjm-11 of bronchitis so it was
hard tor me to keep ahout. 1 hud pains
n my client  and  took void easily.    A
Cin-bin Scheiil.
SEALED TENDERS, impericrlbed
"Tender for Corbln School," will .
received by tho Honorable li M •
of Public Works up to 12 o'clock noon
of Tuesday, the 22nd day of May, 1917,
for the erection and completion of a
largo nii"*.''M,m Bchool-houHfl .it C.*ibln,
in  lhe  Kernie  Electoral  Dislrict.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms .if leidei may he seon on and
after the let day of May, HUT. a* the
office*, or lt. Hi wot, Qovernment Agont
Pernio; N. A. Walllngor, Qovemiuent
Agent. Craubrook j (J. Spencer, Secretary of School Beard, Co;*bte; and the
Department of Public Works, Vlct'-rla.
By application to the unde.'fl? led,
'ontractors may obtain a copy nl the
"lans and snee'f'ratlons fer   '.e sum
of len dollars ($10), which will be
funded on their return in good order.
Each proposal must he accompanied
by an accented hank cheque on a char-     ''oa* mining rights or the i>
tered hank or Canada, made payable to  lon, in  Manitoba, Saskatchewai
the Honorable tho Minister of Public   Alberta,  the   Yukon   Territory.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Ollice. Smelting and Refining Uepartm*nt    .
SM K LT \. US   A \ 1)   R E KIM: RS
refunded if the rlRhts applied for ar»
not   available,  hul not Otherwise,    A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output Of the miiifr at the rate
f rive cents per ton.
Tiie person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for tha full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
and ■ royalty thereon,
If the coal nilnlnf-
  | rights are not being operated such re-
Kde?,' »K 3S.il1 be KltoTll x"«"-w-»' Terntorlo, and In a por-' j™. rJ el., fnrnl.hed at in.t one.
the* party tendering decline to ..eete-r ll"" "' lll« Province ret British t'eeliire- .    ;
Into contract when called upon to do liiu, neiey lee  leased  r..i- a  torm  nt     The leaao wlll Include the coal Bin-
Bo, or if he fall to complete the »„rk twenty-one years at on annual rental   '"K rll!'"s """'' b"t "'" '"'"" n'ay '"'
contrac  tor.   T ehequea ot un- „, ,, ,„ „',     ..   _.,."'   permitted to purchaae whatever aTall-
successtul tenderers will ho returned       " ''" ',rp;-   ™ nllirc «"«" -•"''"; able surf rights ma; le,* considered
lee tlu-ni upon the. execution eel the. i-een- "rrm wl" "0 Icuseetl to ono mepllcant.    „., etlary for (|„, working nt the mine
fri.n.l !,^k.<l ne.- tu try Vinol.  1 did, and | trart. Application   for   a   lease,   must   be* I at thl   reel.i of IID.no an acrn.
it I.uiI* mc un so I am strong and wiell i    Tenders will nol be considered em- made by Uio applicant In  nor.nn i„      ,.,,,,,                     „   .
an tblee to do my housework which   less made out on the forms a ed, Uie Agent or Bub -Agent of the   ill*        r           'nfnrmailon    application
I .'i.i.i not done fe.r throe m.mtlea iK-fnree   "igneei witli lhc actual signature nf tin. trlct in whioh the rhrliue     nil  i i i-   : ll""1'1 bo made to the Beeretary  ol
lakinje Vlnol."—Mrs, V. 11. Hobiwooh,  tenderer, and cnclosod In tho envelopes „„ .„„„, .             h      "W""" Mr  the Donarlraent ol  the  Interior,  ni-
Wav horn, l'a.                                furnished, ,lr Mlu'11""                                     !,„„;,  „, ,„ Bny A|ent or Bub-Agent
Vlnol creentoi an appetite, »i.l« elice'..      The lowest or any tender nni neces- '" survoyed territory the land niusi.i of linmlnlon Und.
tie.e eke„   pure  lil I   eiiej  erente.   sarlly accepted bo described by sections, of legal sub-                            w   m   rnnpiv
itrcnuUi,   Vour money back If It (alls. I                    A. B. FOREMAN, divisions of socllons, and In unsnrvoy-S
Cranhrook Drug ft Book Co, Cran- Public Works Engineer, ed territory tract applied for shall.] Deputy Minister of the Interior.
""''"" '"'""'    ""'u<. '"' »'«ki*il oul by lin- applicant htmsol*-!    N. 11 -UnauUiorlied publication  of
prii soil,, inn. i    Each application  must be accom-:! this advertisement will not he paid
nV3t ipanl.d by a lee of »t. which will bet| fnr.   :iiw»o.
Criinlerook  Unit* ft Honk Co., Cran-  „ ,,,   „,   ,    ...
brook, II. 0„ also at tho best druggists   ' ",'1''' Wnrke. Heparin
In ull llrlllsli Ceeliimbla lowna. viilorln, ll ,... Api PAGE FOUR
THURSDAY, MAY 24lli, 1017
Barristers, Kit*.
IV. K. Ourd 0. J. Spreull
1)11. F. H. MILKS
Offlco in Hanson Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
MateriiTfj mJ tieneral Nursing
Garden Ave.
Te, ms on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Phone 259 P. 0. Box 846
I'ivll and Mining Engineers
11. I'. Land Surveyor!
liny I'lione 288, Night I'hoie 35
Norbury Ave, next to City Hall
Teacher nf I'iannforte
rranbronk, 11. ('. Boi SMI
Montiinu Restiiurnnt
Meals ul All Hours
liuars, I ik'iirelles nnd Candy
Opposite tin: Bank of Commerce*
If vou want satlsfaction
with vour wasbine
send lt to
Special nrices for familv
Forwarding and Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge and GreenhUI Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlstrbution Cars a Specialty.
Ilrnjiiiir and Transferring
Given prompt attention
Phone 63
General Merchant
Employment Agent
P. 0. Box 108 Phone 244
The Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Headquarters for all kinds of
Bob*. Frame, Prop.
Fresh lirend, Cakes, Pies
mill Pastry
Pbone 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp City Hall
Spokane, Washington
This house has the.
happy dinunction ot being tho favorite stopping place ln Spokane
for the people of British
Columbia We appreciate
thia patronage and do
everything In our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location Is excellent —
clone to (ireat Northern Station
and 0. W. R. & N.—Milwaukee
termlnalt nnd within a minute's
walk (rom the principal business
houses and places of arauHement.
8«e MIi.umnIiIii od  Roof
KLKO XOTKS ItV VUV.U ItOO        ley, May 25tl
Drs. Green * MacKinnon
Physicians and Surgeons
Ollice at  residence, Armstrong
Forenoous   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00 :o   4.00
EveningB  7.30 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
A   bunch   ol'   what-u-cull'
tin* Morrissey trenches were down to
tin* Roosville Valley and Flagstone
this weok looking  for Qerman sub-
Dr. Ken Foster, wifo and family
with Mrs. Joe Uharlesworth of Gateway, B. C., passed through Elko for
Fernie this week overland In an Overland.
There's no fool like nn old fool,
says Jim Thistlebeak. unless a young
woman who tries to get a No. 7 foot
into a No. .1 shoe.
It. C. Cabinet Ministers are accused
of having accepted graft. The people
of B. C, arc expected to recover
from tha shock.
If Count Von llnfi'cnlieimer and
Baron VVelner Snicklefrltz who escaped from Morrissey will send their
address, wo will be pleased to forward them tho souvenirs they overlooked  taking  wilh  them.
The residents of tho Roosville Valley and Flagstone are sending In big j
I petitions for more police protection.)
Undesirables ure turned back at the
I Port of Newgate and tliey just collie
| in via Itoosville and Flagstone,
Several  Fernie Miners  were down I
the Roosville Valley last week looking I
tip locations.   Poultry, big red apples,
and honey boos wlll make the small
farmer in the    Valley rich,
Mr. Qeorge fleam, painter and il
(iood music. Erne sup-
mmlttee  intend  giving
I the Vall'-y one of the biggest boost!:
from   lt ever got at this dance, you will miss
it if you miss il.
Miss Belle Thomson, graduate nurse
of Calgary, is visiting her parents at
tho Columbia Hotel. Elko, this week,
.Miss Harris and Aliss Armitnge ol
Flagstone motored to Roosville Sunday and visited with Miss E, B. Paterson.
Mrs. Jack Hart of Fernie is spending a week the guest of Mr. and Mrs
T. Letcher at "Tlle Square Deal
Ranch" Itoosville Valley,
Big automobiles meet ill Klho Juno
8th, don't forget the date, you can
never forget ttie plaee, the best lown
111 the Crows Nest Pass.
Somo people are so stupid In passive
goodness that their whole life would
not fill one yard of a moving picture
Miss Sltonfteld or Coal Creek Is
vislilng her aunt, Mrs. Win. Shen-
field, Elko.
J. VV. CHttord. Mar,
kirk Alining Compuu
kano tills week on <_'(
James Angus aud
hnve.   large   mining
r ef the Solvent lo SpO'
;iny business
s iSvans who
trout  on   the
A message from Toronto annouiiC'
the death of Lieut. Colonel (Icon
T. Denison, jr., son or Colonel Ceo. '
Denlson, Police Magistrate of Turin
to, a leading Imperialist aud head ■
one of the most prominent F. I
loyalist and Military families In Cn
Si, .Marys, attended the mining con
volition at Nelson ilils week.
Handley and Sou's Auto stage plying between Kimberley aud Cranbrook
bus so far proved to be a very successful venture, so much ho that tbe Company has purchased another new Ford
for extra trips, and lias secured tbe
services of Mr. Anderson of Kimberley to run it.
(.1. B, Bnttersby a prominent mining
man who has considerable stock in
the .Selkirk Mining Company, wus
loking over the Uewar property on
Alkl (Jroek this week.
Tlie dwelling house, barn and outbuildings on the Hodgson Ranch,
■1 miles west of Maryc.-illo on tlie St.
Marys River, was burnt to the ground
this   woek.   the   cause   nf   tbe   flre   Is
I lomostead   Inspector   Wllmot   was
visiting llie severnl home:'le;uls i:i this
locality this week.
Oonurul   Superintendent  Archibald,
of ihr C.  M. & S. i'n.. was a vislior
you send a parcel to your soldier
friend In training or at the front.
don't forget to put in some
Zam-Buk. The soldiers say they
cannot get enough of It.
Capt. Brooks, No. 4 Company, 7tb
Battalion, writing Trom the front,
eays: "Tell my friends, if they
want to help us, we should be
awfully glad of some Zam-Buk. We
tlnd it just splendid, and can use
all that Is sent ub."
Nothing takes th_> place of
Zam-Buk amongst the soldiers. They
use it for rheumatism, blistered
feet, sore hands, cuts, burns
and scratches. Being antiseptic
Zam-Buk prevents festering and
blood-poisoning. For eczema, or
any skin trouble. It Is equally good,
and for piles there Is nothing to
compure with Zam-Buk.
All druggists und stores, or
Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, 50c. box t
for $1,25.
orator. Fernie. was in Klko this we ik, i iUia.   The son, just killed, Is 'the slxtl
brightening  things   itp  around    the
Aberdeen   Livery   and   Auto   C.arage,
besides  hanging flower garden  wall
paper at the House.
The Hon. Robert Rogers says that
Canada s war contribution pludge
must he redeemed to the letter or figure, ar.d says Jim Thistlebeak then:'*
just enough hrass buttoned knights of
uncommon gall pulling down big fat
salaries lhat should go to the patriotic
aud other funds, to make tlie letter or
figure good. These Military Internment Camp operations are like Canadian Politics, beginning to stink
worse than a Hoitentot Sunday School
In July.
Billy Mackay. the Potter Palmer o'
Waldo, was In Klko this week.
Report says that there's a Qovernment OHicinl down at Waldo newly
appointed that gets his hands full ol
silvers every time he scratches his
In another week the crop of Juni
Brides will be rlpo.
Advance notices say that James
Black from Ihe Orkney Corkney Islands, will show in Klko this weekend
Mav the Lord have mercy on Elko.
The high cost of living-When »
country hoir goes to a large paeklni'
house at say 14 to 16c a pound and
comes bock breakfast bacon at 40e *
nound he is not the only hog In th'
trim suction.
A Baynes Lake Farmer sent away
fifty cents to find out how to ra-se
turnips successfully, he found n"f
"Just take hold of the tons and lift."
A. E. Krapfel of Medicine Hat arrived this week and says that about
thirty families from  the Hat will be
in Elko this summer,
If you can't be cheerful, he absent.
Mrs. Duncan of Vancouver Is visiting the Thomsons at the Columbia
Hotel this week', ami her Ison at
Wardner. Mr. Tom  Duncan,
Miss Dolly Neldrntt of Wardner was
down vlsltlug her parents at the South
Fork Park this week.
Several Elko town lots have been
planted to the coming Dplld that will
be in big demand for years to come
called "Bernard Special" the spud that
made Ireland famous. There Is two
thousand ways of cooking spuds, but
theso are so delicious yon can eat
them raw.
The Merchants Bank staff from
Winnipeg and Lethbridge was in Klko
this week looking over tholr property.
Mr. fJ len denning of Toronto Is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. II. S. P. Orcg*
son of Dorr this week.
A patriotic dance will he held in the
Roosville School House, Itoosville Val-
Road Sllpt. Cummi
was a vlBllor to st
Saturday accompnuh
Section foreman ('j*rls
ing uver his seetion on
Sunday 1; st was nverri
line speeder and was so
that it wc.s necessary h
js of Cranbrook
Marys   Lake ou
i hy foreman F.
111 while look-
a speedi r on
n hy a gaso-
uiuch injured
. rush him to
2c per word for first week, and lc per
word for each week after.
KOll   SAI.lv—Few   Holstein   grade
heifers   due  to   calf  soon.—apply  to
A. C. Morrison. 21-lt1
dairy cow.   Apply to Edwin Griffiths,
Fernie, B. C. 17-tit."
Hilt SALE—fi acre track In Hueiin
Vista Gardens, partly cleared; $100
down balance on easy payment!!. Apply to Herald Office. 21-lt.
Roadster; this car witb extras cost
$1400; runs and looks like new; can
be boucht for $fi0() or would consider
trade for small five pasnoigor car.—
It. J. Binning. 10-tf
Co. Orant Lands.—Title to same revested In United States hy Act of Congress dated .lune 9, HUH. Two million three hundred thousand acres to
bo opened for Homesteads and Sale.
Timber and Agricultural Lands containing some of the best land left In
United States. Now is the opportune
time.N Large sectional maps showing
land and description of soil, climate,
rainfall, elevation, ete. Postpaid one
dollar. Orant Lands Locating Co.
Box «10,  Portland,  Oregon.       16tf.
KOBE   M'lisis  WANTED—Three
vacancies In the Gait Hospital Training School for Nurses. Thorough
training given in every branch of the
profession. Throe years course.
Eighteen in tho school. Good opportunities after graduation for either
institutional work or Private Nursing.
Comfortable rooms In the Nurses
Home which is a separate building.
Remuneration given 1st year $8, 2nd
year $10,, 3rd year $12, per month.
Three weeks vacation, Pupils can be
taken lu nl once. Apply—The Lady
Superlulende.it, Quit Hospital, Uth-
hrldfr, Altn,
of the family to fat in the present
war. Before the war Cclotlel Denison
made annual visits to England where
his speeches on Imperialism and tbe
necessity for preparation were marked feature!*.. Mrs. Denison, the Colonel's wife, Is u niece of Mr. Chas.
Malr of Fort Steele, as is also the
widow of the fallen officer, for curiously enough, father and sou married
It ls reported that Major Hungor-
for Pollen has been killed in action,
Major Pollen is well known here, mid
in fact, all through the Kootenays.
Charles   F.   Law   of   Vancouver,    a
pioneer cf the Windermere country,
passed through Fort Steele this week.
Mr. Law is on his way to Peace River
District where ho Is looking after the
interests of Lord Rhondda for whom
he Is financial agent.
Qeorge Geary and old timer of Fort
Steele, has heen appointed rond supt.
of Fort Steele section of Fernie riding.
Messrs. Cummlngs and Ramsay,
civil engineers, were Inspecting roads
and bridges iu and around the town
last week.
Sisters Justlnla aud Jarvis of the
Mission were in town on the 17th,
A double wedding took place ut the
Mission on May 14th. Father Lambert officiated. Ignatius Jack was
married to Helen, eldest daughter of
Mr. Shortnanna, Tobacco Plains, and
Michael McKay, to Elizabeth, second
daughter of Mr. Shortnanna.
Sam Cadleux made the trip to Sheep
Creek on the 17th in his new car.
Miss Vivian M. Hate, will Is well
known in the Kootenays, will sail for
overseas In the near future, with the
Canadian Overseas Medical Corps.
Miss V. Bate is a visitor to Miss A.
Maye Bate of Fort Steele.
Mr. Newnham of Wardner held
morning service at the Presbyterian
Church on Sunday.
S. Jeffery of Fort Steele has been
called to his homo in New Brunswick
on account of the severe Illness of
' his mother.
Mrs. E. Attree entertained her
friends at tea on Wednesday 16lh.
Everyone was more than glad to see
Mrs. Galbraith out again and looking
splendid after ber recent Illness,
Miss M. Blair visited Cranhrook
on 17th.
Dr. F. W. Green visited Fori Steele
this week.
At the annual water mooting of the
Fort Steele Water Works held on
Monday night, at the office of the
Company, Mr, Q. F. Pownall was
chairman. The annual statement and
financial report when submitted approved and passed; showed that, the
Company are in a very proporons condition. The old board of directors
were  reelected.
Wm. Myers of the Victor Mine is
in town for a short time.
Visitors in town on the week-end
were: W. W. Douglas, Bull Hiver:
C, R BGordon, Vancouver; Mrs. E.
McLellan. A. Siitheiland. Nelson; Wm.
Sc.had, Bull River; Wm. Anderson.
Mouse Creek.
Visitors In town this week were:
Ed. Baker. Six Mile Creek; W. L.
Folsey, Elko; T. Richie, representing
Wilson Bros., Victoria.
(Left over from last week.)
Mrs. Soper. Mrs. McMahon and son
John, of Kimberley, spent Monday in
town and later left for Cranhrook
wliere John will attend school.
Mr. T. McVittie Is spending r. few
days at Waldo with the Rev. Mr. Madden.
Mrs. T. Fenwick and Mrs. Leslie
of Cranbrook were visitor:: in town on
Mr. Watson is making his residence
look very nice by renovating the placo
and reshlngllng the roof.
The Victor Mine bus 8 more men
employed at cleaning the trail. Mr
Abernethy stnted that he expected to
ship one carload a woek of load ore
ns soon i:s the smelter ("tn receive
shipment:', r.nd also that he bus a good
showing at the mine.
The water main on tlie front Btreet
burst on Sunday .ir.tl caused a cave in
hut tills has now been mended,
,1. fl Cummlnc1', provincial road
surveyor of Fertile and Cr. uhroni; districts! Is laying out road work for the
summ- nnd iirrnnclmr for the Fori
Steele Bridge over the Kootenay L. bo
V. Bhimore has tills week shlnped n
carload nf notntoes to Fernie, P. Kerrigan Is also shipping a carload.
Wi   ,S.   McLeod   hns   imported   tw
Spitz dog:--, from Spokane,
A Spokane compnny Is going to in-
stal a steam shovel to work nt the
placer benches, Wild Horse Creek.
The seeding In thc district is about
completed. A Doyle has planted 14
acres of potatoes with his new potato
A collision oceured on the Wycliffe
hill between two Ford jitneys. No
persons wore hurt. Another car witiiout brakes turned over at tho bottom
of a hill nearby.
Dr. Green of Cranbrook paid a visit
to Fort Steele last week.
S. Cadieux's new Ford car arrived
on the week-end and Mr. Cadleux is
already an adept at the wheel.
Two new ears, Chevrolets, are expected any day for Banford Crowe
and Qeorgo Watson.
E. Attreo returned Inst woek trom
Fairmont HprlngR.
pltal for
.1   .11.   Maclean
Sunday in town
Mrs.   Ellen   Bidder   visited   Cran
brook on Saturday.
Mr.   nnd   Mrs.   Daw?
week-end in Cranbrook
Wallace Bidder of the Sullivan Mine
was visiting relatives lure this week.
Ben Keer tlie dairyman mado a flying trip to Cranbrook on Tuesday.
spent   the
Mr. Joseph II, Choate, the eminent
lawyer and statesman, and former
United St::tes Ambassador to Great
Britain, died suddenly at his home
iu Now York on May 14th, aged 85
years, lie had taken an active part
in the entertainment at New York
or i lie British and Prench War Missions, and probably over-exerted himself.
The House of Commons has unanimously passed the resolution of Mr.
W. ll. Northrup calling for the appointment of a committee of nine,
five to he named by sir Itobert Borden and four by Sir Wilfred Laurier.
to consider forthwith and report nt
the present parliamentary session
steps to curtail tho expenses of parliamentary sessions. , Among the
things criticised was the 'Hansard.'
whose cost seems to bo growing yonr-
tlgation of the sinking of the
dreadnought   'Leonardo   da
'aranto some time ago shows
xplosion was due to an in
Vinci' al
that the
femal machine of improved type, with
a clockwork arrangement timed to
cause an explosion at the exact moment when tiie ship was to leave port.
It was expected that she would sink
at tin* entrance to the harbor, bottling
up both Italian and other allied vessels there for some time. Fortunately
the bomb exploded prematurely,
Hvperiniciiliil   larni   Notes.
There   are   great   areas   in   Canada
where tlio  Kuropean  plums, Bitch  as
Lombard   aud   many  others,   do   not
succeed, either tlu- iruit buds or the
trees heing injured or killed by winter.
There are two species of wild plum,
however, in   Canada,  the  cultivated
varieties of which enable one to grow
this  flue  fruit in  very cold  regions.
In  Eastern Canada  ihe common wild
spoeics is the Canada   plum,   (primus
nigral, which in .Manitoba the common
native species is the American plum
(primus anierii-ana).   It is surprising
tliat   trees  of  these   plums  are   not
planted hy everyone having a garden
when there Is room enough to bave a
few trees, as they hear young and hear
abundantly, anil the fruit of the best
cultivated varieties, while not as good
as the best of the European sorts, te
excellent when eaten raw and makes
very good jam when properly cooked.
At the Experimental Farm, Ottawa,
over 100 varieties of these plums havo
been  tested  during  past   twentyeiglit
years- The outstanding or most widely
useful variety of the Canada plum has
heen  found to he the Cheney, a red
variety of fairly good quality whicli
cooks well.    The Assinibolne, a new
variety,   Is   very  promising.'   On   account of its earliness, the Cheney is
particularly useful In the prairie provinces wliere many of the varieties are
too late to ripen.   Few of the American sorts usually offered for sale are
sufficiently early for the prairies, most
of tliem having been originated In the
states of Minnesota and Iowa, where
, earliness Is not so important.   Seedlings of llie native Manitoba sorts are
j now being grown at the Experimental
Farms on the prairies to obtain other
and  hotter  ones.    The  Major  plum.
, which has been brought lo notice hy
■ the Brandon   Farm, is a very early
' sort.
! Wild plums in some parts of Canada do not usually develop well owing
to disease, but it bas been found at the
' Experimental Farm at Ottawa that
thorough spraying evory year will usually ensure good fruit.
Wrstftn   Farmer.   " If hi
enst of removing stumps
Tlie rijrln powder
Get the right kind of
powder for stumping
"Tlie farmer needs to know that
lie is ncttiii}; quality iu the powder
that    lie   is   pun liusini',"   says   the
secures the riejit  kind of powder, thc
is greatly lessened."
tn list' lor stump blasting is
because it is made in British Columbia especially for
blasting tbe kind of stumps that are found here. It has
been used by British Columbia land clearers for 32 years.
It is the original Giant powder 	
— the pioneer Canadian farm
Giant Stuinpinu Powder lias a greater
heaving and lifting effect than ordinary
powders. It therefore goes further and
gets the stumps out cleaner than explosives that merely shatter.
Get our book;
save money
Free Book I
pioees of charcoal on
TO Kill
Cut a few
shovel and light it; let it burn till red,
thou pour over it a few drops of carbolic acid.   Wave this around tlie room
Our book,"lietter
Farming with
Giant Stumping
Powder," will
show you how to cut down your blasting
costs, lt explains the latest powder-saving
ways of loading and firing, li is free. Mad
llie coupon or ask for it on a post card.
Slump Bin (tint
I    Boulder Blading
1    Rond Making
I    Tree* Bed Blaitini
Ditch Blailing
□ Mining—Qi.-,rryinf
Py      W-Vl/M  Me-Vl/HII   jafVt/alll  M *^j^ ' m ^\mf* ' *S» ^^ ' *j*t *JU* '  W ^ftf^Hlfl
I' J-
Send the Herald
- ( a few times aud see the files disappear
The unrest and strikes among llrltlsli munition workers have caused the
Government to give warning that they
cannot ho permitted to Impede output by strikes,   it reminds all con-1 Instantly.
corned that under the Defence of the) . ,
Healui Act those who incite to strikes NOTICK
are liable to life sentence or less pun-,    WHEREAS certain persons borrow
isliment.    The trouble Is  due to tbe ' eded witiiout our permission over half
dilution of labor and the fears enter-! a mile of % inch steel cable, 1000 feet
tained by engineers, who are now on j of steel rails, and the brass fittings
strike, that the war conditions would \ from   two  donkey  engines   standing
be permanent.   A conference has been  near the International Boundary line,
held nt which Ministers have given | Fort Hill,
the  nHsnrnt.ee  that   the  dilution   at'    If  said   persons   will   return   this
labor  and   the suspension   of  trades ; property no charge will he made;  if
unionism   are  only  emergency  wfar j not, legal action will bo taken.
measures.   The conference supported
the Qovernment in deprecating strikes
Slnco August. 1!)H. Kngland has
been grimly marching through tbe
ruins of ber former self to a new
England, She has been learning day
by dny lessons branded in letters of
blood and fire. She was a giant fat
With pence, Now she Is a giant strip-
pod, cleaned muscled, with her navy
a shining Impenetrable shield, her
army, a sword keen ns death, her economic organs healthy, reinvlgorated.
her heart heating strong with national
pride and purpose. This Is one of ibe
miracles of this epic time. Are we
cning to ignore It? Must we pass
through the same darkness and agony
to learn the same lessons?
Wattsburg Lumber Co., Ltd.,
Wattsburg, H.C.
to our Soldiers
Letters from the fronl convey the Information Hint there is
no more welcome visitor lo lhe hoys overseas thnn tin
I'upcr.   The home paper iihvnys contains much news Unit the
boys want but which those al home would not Ihlnk of writing.
The Herald Is willing to uo hall' wav in meeting the friends
and relatives of these overseas, sn that the pleasure of getting
(lie home news mil) he given as mail} as passible of lhe hoys.
u/te Proposition
The Herald will be sent to any Soldier
overseas for $1. 00 a year, or 50 cents for six
months. (
IVie do Un* eveerk, sii|i|tly tlie* imiior mill |ili) tli<> |in.liii!i' meet
.vein pay huh' price.
'' Jferald Office, Cranbrook, P. C.'
er\s*,ts   m*Aym.mt%sys*.,l\f\,ss..1\fssSS, ee\fsss*^^mt\jfmmtSsmsstr}jfmm*mmt\
White* Cake
White* Liquid
Don't Take Risks
If your stomach is strong, your liver active, and bowels regular, take care to keep them so. These organs
are important to your health. Keep them in order with
Beecham's Pills
and avoid any risk of serious illness. A dose or two
as needed, will help the digestion, stimulate the bite,
and regulate the habits. Their timely use will save
much needless suffering, fortify the system and
Insure Good Health
Prepared mIt* by Thomu BmcImm, Sl. H»Um, UMuhfarfkCa
SoMtsMfWmnlmCtM*UtmU.3.AmSiU*  Ia.WaM.2Sa
and Childrens Shoes
Looks Better
Easy to use
Best fbr Shoes
* %«,ti A.hV*&6v,*trl KmI i i.T O N , CAN.
A Large Shipment of Ladies', Misses' & Gents
Give uh a Trull. *l.uo u Uox,  2 for %\Xu  li for tUU


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