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Cranbrook Herald Sep 17, 1908

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no. lit;
Olliiwii. Sept. I".—Sir Willllll
l.iiiiriei- nii'l willi several tncniln>rs nf
lli,. cnlilnol yesteiilav nml arritii",eil
inr life dissoliltioli of palliainent and
llie lllllllllIK of life I'lirlions on Sloil-
da), Oi-tolii-i lllltll,
1   I-dirt Tuesday » representative    ol
thr Herald    visited Wm. Haimtlton's
fruit rnncli just     west ot tne    eity.
Unless   one    visits    this   much   (it
should   bo   called   nu    experimental
stiiti(ui) one cannot realize (he
mi'tise iiiiiitiiiit nf energy, thought aud
work which .Mr. Hamilton has    lined,
ihir'iijf llie last seven years, jn bringing his place lo lhe liii-.li stale       of
cultivation     il   is    now   in.     Many
fill I ll res and  sonic successes    is     the
\\,i\   in whicli  Mr.  Hamilton Minis up
Irs work,     However, when he  walks
ilitoiiu.il his     llvi'-aere orchard today
lie    must,     nietaplinricatly  s|ie,iMm-;.
pul    himsell    on the bach tend say,
willi Josh Itillintrs. "I have stuek to
I     lill     1 i-.oi there."       Indeed. Mali,hi .if     iin-   fruit     trees, literally
leaking down with the weight      of
fniN, lhe    color nf the rosy skinned
annles, the blue plums aud the baud
,    ,    some pea is is one that is not    soon
evening s  fni'KOtleii.        Fanny     eight   or  nine
eiilertainmeiit.     Through  the eonrl-  yearn ngo.anyone being rash enough
esy of the Edison management     the  to make fie statement that Martlett
audience were treated to some   very  pears could be grown within a mile
pictures,     instrumental  of Craubrook.     If anyone had    been
Salmon mid illuslrat- so hold to«snv such a lliing he would
.„„ ....  ...rs. Develt.     .1,       \V,  jinvo been called a     deseiple of An-
Itobin.son oflleiateil as chairman wiih uonlas if he escaped being run in for
A. L. Molkmmt ns secretary. Tbe n lunatic. Hut its a fact, not only
principal speech ^nt the evening      was  ate lbe Hart lelt pears in hearing in
"" "     '      * "      on  this ranch, but there are many trees
rd wilh all fruits which are
if being mown in this part
of Die country. Mr. Hamilton Is
une of those men who aro onlv U>o
glad to give a lioginuer nil the in-
fonmit-ioti' regarding fruit growing
which years uf experimenting      have
tin- frame
'tnUit, sold
-n-ii oitoncc
nu i-i-     30
fine     ami:
vp, wnp-
The Liberals of frnnhrook held   a
smoker last    Thursday evening,   thai
was gotten up on short notice,
over one hundred people gathered
the    Edison theatre for the
music by N. V
ed songs hv Mrs.
im address by M. A. Macdonald
the question of Oriental immigration. 	
Taking the records of parliament ami i-auahli
Ihe nelion of the Liberal party, Mr.
Macdonald phieitl the Meltride goVeru-
fiicib and Mr. Bowser, the attorney
general, in rather a poor light, demonstrating timt tin1 Liberal    party
had kept faith with llie people of Uughl him to be the best In this
llritish Columbia on this mosl im- pari of the district, In conversation
port-ant question. Mr. Macdonald's .with Mr. Hamilton the following i-u-
—"--• "        " 'irumtioii was secured.     Asked as lo
exhaustive address was received wiih
creal' enthusiasm ami many prft'ilu
for Hie first time thoroughly understood the question after he bad closed. Short talks were also made hv
M. B. King, A. B. McDotuM. W. K.
third and •). H. King, M.P.P., after
whleli the meet Mm adjourned with
rousing cheers for Sir Wiufrid Laurier and Smith Curtis.
Another smoker will he   held nexl
Thursday evenln-r    ami arrangements hardv.     I have also planted
ale lieing made for one or two    well  her of (ireeuinr, SI. Lawrence
wind  varieties of fruit had done the
best with him, Mr. Hamilton said:
"I have found Yellow Transparent
and Duchess of Orenburg the two
best early apples, and Rleuham
Orange tho best mid-season variety,
and Kin-; the hest keeping winter
fruit. The Has lop crab is the best
nreserving erabapplc I have grown,
ll is exceedingly prolific and very
known     speakers     Trom the outside.   Wealthy, hut  these are not vet      In
Everybody is welcome to this smoker, hearing',' so I cannot say how    they
general   will    he, but   they     appear     to be
nourishing       splendidly, Among
j plums I lind     Italian prunes, Broad-
slutw, and Yellow !•>*' do well    and
lor nreserving Orand Duke and     Uo-
lumbiti Gnge are hard to beat.     All
these varieties do well with    nie.   I
rietles of pears
and the committee extends
(Lethbridge Herald.)
The strikers continue in excellent
solr'ts and apparently are enjoying
thi-ir holiday. The renorts received
were more encouraiiiin: Uwn ever. The
local men say Out meetings are
heillg held in England to warn men
against coming to wort; .for lbe Cl'.
H.    The circulars sav tn part:
"We are neaiimr a crucial Mine in
the history of this- ureal flp-ht, We
have met a number of trying times
and proved the quality of the noble
firm)* of fi.onfl battling for n principle. Victory is within our gras|i—
one week—two weeks at the most
will see every man return to work
provided there is no break in our
ranks anywhere. The eompanv has
staked their all on the men breaking
and whieh should have occurred ;it
least two weeks ago. We know it.
We also know the eompanv cannot
hold out two weeks more unless some
Indication nf a break shows tip nexl
Week.     Tvl:s li no pipe dream
"Mr. Sh.uitrhnessv said no later
than today that he believes in organization, and siill you know bis lieut-
euants are flajhtlri? the organization
with intent to kill. Mr Sli.nn-.li-
* nessv can he hoodwinked lor o time,
but " not nil Ihe lime, nnd before
another weeli passes, he will have oc*
e.ision to doubt tbe men who are re
Sponsible for the strike Ihat Is coaling so much and pulling lhe road in
had repute.
Mr. Shamrhncssv does not know Ihe
actual condition on the line, hut we
are taking steps to open his eves,
and the genHenten who nre deceiving
bim will he compelhll lo move to-
Wnixls a seltlemetit to save Ihem
TIIK oitwo mas
Hugh Pulton, grand master ol the
1.0,0. F- Ind^v, for lhe province of
Hiiiish Columbia, niiido his ollicial
visit to hey Citv Lodge last Saturday evening, a special imvlinv, being
railed for Ihe puipos.' of greeting
hlm. A slum Session id the subordinate lodge uas held, ntW atlei Ihe
adjournment tbe uiemheis of Maple
Leaf ItcVlmh lodge look ebarge ot
Affairs and spread tables in lhe lodge
room toi a simiptuii.is repast. After
ibe main *.**<**i tilings served had been
ha\e otlv ,^_____
healing, tlie Flemish Beauty and tlie
Harllelt. The former is a sp)et*tid
keeping pear and is very prolific. So
far die English Morelln is the only
variety of cherry I have in bearing
hut I ha\e pliinted an acre of Ost-
miin, a sour cherry and Bing, a
sweet one, bui it will he a year or
more before I can report u|kmi these.
I have an acre of King raspln-rrles
whieh will fruit next season. With
Kooseberries I have never been able
lo succeed wilh the Knglish varieties,
hul have found that the Oregon
Champion is freest from milldue, and
a 11 In nigh soniewha t smaller is a
very large yielder. All the currant
family, block, red and white, do
woll. This yeai I had a ton each
nt black anil while eurrants and halt
a Imi of red, [ grew a ton and a
hnlf of i^-ooseheiries and shall have
1 tvlieve, sixty boxes ot apples and
eiuhiv crates of plums. 1 did not
keeptrnek ni lhe cherries 1 sold hul
they weie a large quantity. I put
up about 15(1 do/en quarts of jam of
various kind tor which I have lound
a ghod marWl  locally."
\sked as lu when he considered the
lust lime to purchase trees and when
io plant  ihem, Mr. Hamilton said:
■ 1 have tried fall planting and 1
have tried sprlnn planting, purchasing the stuek In llie Spring and 1 have
iiiine t<> tlie conclusion that thc only
v.ii'ist.u toi\ svstem is to purchase
youi stock in (he fall, heel it in
over  winter  and    plant   it   iu the
spring. Tbi> reason for tbis is that
you have vour trees at hand aird cau
phi nl Ihem as soon as your ground
is iu shape iu the spring and not
have to wait until lhe nursery man is
ready to send them."
I Mt I la mil I on believes thoroughly
nn the future or the district as a
nml growing section nnd says that
he lias bv no means finished cxpeii-
i.e expn
despatched, E  1!. Sinn
>sou officiating
as chairman, called foi
i.ltler, and llie
Ml owing        loasi
lisi          was
presented           and
lhe         re-
sl»Mises were     of a
eharaeter that
made Hie evening a
most on joy able
"Pre*.cation     is la'tt^r than cure."
mw    application ot the oM saving
nil  l»' made in considering forestry
(jliey.     lu ibis ease Uw saying may
Mini into something like   the
ll  is better    io prevent
lies (and so sa\e many tbmi-
d dol lam1     worth ol valuable
iniilieii limn lo try to remedy      Mie
evil In  plain inn     trees to fill        the
pi,ires ot those destroyed."
Plve dollars per acre is the minimum given by     forestry experts for
f sl     I lee    planting, and Hie price.
i.nmes hum this up to *lo pv>r acre
and mole.
When ibe lower figure is given as
the basis of calculation, the plant iiiu
of one square mile will cost M.lWU;
to plant leu square miles will re-
tpiite (32,000, and the planting up of
ti township six miles square (area,
iliirtv-stx  square miles)  will receive
tl xpendlture of slla.ann.      Such
figures arc apt to make one stop and
think hefore uidvoeating extensive
The cost tn the Dominion government of |in I rolling the railwav belt of
British Columbia during the la-si fis-
eal vear (April Isl, 11)07 to March
31st, I HON)     amounted to Sl-1,111.0-1.
Tl row of the railway belt is       a
little   over ten million acres.     The
cost,    then,    of patrolling IWs tract
was less than IJ mills per acre,   or
it-'out I'd cents per square mile.    No
lire of any    magnitude was reported
during the year.    The railway   belt
—p^—p-,^,^,^—^^^^^^^^^^^ Is    exceptionally    well guarded, but
At   Cranbrook, on   the llth inst.,  even with the cost several times wtoit;
tlie   Infant   son ol   Mr. nud Mrs. T.  it   is,   the    exiiense Is    well worth
ftaffhev, of   Wardner.      The funeral  while, consider ing the value ot      the
took place   at   Wardner last Katur-  mature timber and young growth Urns
The kin.-.
Maple Leaf
(irand Lodge
FuHon, Orand Ma
British Columbia
Dr. .1. II. King
Kchekah Lodges
Mrs, W. il. McKnrlnno
Subordinate Lodges
M. I). Billings
Song: .1. A. Ferguson
Sister Lodires
It. E, Ilea!tie
W. S. McDonald
The   meeting    closed with sinning
"Ood Save Ihe Kim:," after    which
lhe guests dispersed.
At the request of local
'be lollowing extracts Iron
laws are published:
Non-residents must take out a license—big game, $100; game birds,
$5 (for one week.)
Birds living on noxious insects ami
pheasants, quail, partridge (English
or gray or Hungaiiaii). robin, gull,
chaffinch, blackbird (English) Hi rush,
linnet, skylark, swan, eggs of protected birds musl. not be tftken al
any time.
Beaver (until 1st August, mm
Cow or calf ut caribou, moose, elk oi
wapiti, deer (fawn) mountain sh«p
(ewe or lamb), musl not he taken at
auv time.
Ihiek of all kinds, snipe bittern,
hei on, plover, meadow lark, mav lie
taken from the first day of September to the first dav of February.
(Irouse of all kinds, Including
prairie chicken and ptarmigan, may
he taken Irom the first day of September to the 3lst of December—tlio exception is willow grouse, which cannot he shot until after Oetoher 1st in
the interior.
Moose (bull) caribou (bull) elk or
wapiti (hull) hare, may he taken from
September 1st to December .'Mst. Bv
oider-in-eouncil a closed season is
declared iu certain districts.
Deer, mountain goat, mountain
sheep dam) may be taken from September I to December 15. By or-
der-iiH-oiincil a closed season is declared in certain districts.
Land otter, marten, mav be taken
from November 1 to March 31.
it is illegal to kill in one season
more than !i caribou (bull) ,r> deer, -1
civ or wapiti (hull) 2 moose (hull)
i mountain sheep (ram) 250 duek,
!50 snipe.
The following game birds only may
tie sold: Duek, snipe, heron ami plover het worn the Ut Hi-ptembcr and
last day of Fehruarv; moose (bull),
mountain sheep (ram), mountain
goat, cariboo (bull) ami hare between the first of October aud .'list of
December, deer (buck only) between
1st September-and 15th November.
It Is not lawful for Indians to kill
does or fawns from the first dav of
February until the first dav of August.
It is illegal at any time-
To export game birds or animals iu
Iheir raw state, or any portion or
part of same, except bear, marten and
inml otter and animals or birds killed
under lieons-e grnnt-ed to non-resident*,
To Mil or take game birds or animals of any kind imported for    ae-
Umatlzation purposes;
To hunt deer with doys;
To kill deer :or tlie hides alone;
To trap, net, snare or ta-c by
means of gins, baited lines, drugged
bait or other contrivances, any ol
the hiilrts mentioned in the act,'or lo
attempt to do m%
To take, or attempt to taW1, trout
by using any explosive, lime,poison,
net, seine, drag-net or other device,
uttier than hook or line. (In lakos of
"nl s'quare miles or over, nets, seine
u* drag are allowed);
To use salmon uie as bait lot taking trout',
To buy or sell heads of mountain
sheep, eik or wapiti, moose, caribou,
>r the teeth oi wapiti or elv;
To sell grouse of any kind, prairie
chicken or ptarmigan;
To kill anv game birds or animals
between one hour alter sunset and
one hour after sunrise;
To use for taking wild duck ot
*eese, halt cries,   swlval   guns      ot
uiiken punts iu non-tidal water*;
To expose for salo any deer, mountain shivp,    goat,    elk     or     wapiti,
moose or cariboo     without the
To expose auy game bird for
hlimit its plumage on;
To sell or expose for sale any game
hiiils oi animals during close sea-
To yep game in cold storage
any time;
to trespass or permit dogs to enter
on enclosed lands.
To buy, sell or oficr for sale, barter or exchange any deer ot the
black-tailed species, alive or dead, or
the skin or hide or any portion thereof, on Vancouver island and adjacent
To export from Ihe province any
deer, alive or dead, the hide or
ther portion thereof;
To kill, take, trap, or attempt to
kill or take braver, or sell barter or
have in possession uutanncd belts of
heaver ul anv time during the iwriifd
of six vears from    the     1st August
To take trout under six1 Inched in
A closed season has been declared
hv order-in-council for the following
animals and birds in the districts
Mountain sheep—nil that section of
the province to the soulh of the
Canadian Pacific railwav Irom the
coast as far east as the Columbia
liver, from ltevelstoke to lhe Interna
ttonnl Houiilnrv;
Moose and wapiti (commonly called
elk)—In Kast Kootenay.
Prairie chicken—throughout the
province until August 31st, lOOOt
Willow grouse and blue Krouso—in
the Okanagan electoral district until
September, 1008;
Grouse of nil kinds in the counties
of Vancouver and Westminster between the 31st day of August. 1008,
and the 30th dav of September, 1008.
The uew Dominion re«ulations relative to the fishing Industry in British
Columbia contain a few clauses of
special importance to inland waters.
The tak'n-g of trout of all kinds is
nrohihited Irom November 15 to
March 25, fallowing, except in the
waters of the interior of the province
ol British Columbia east of meridian
I2fl, west longitude, where the taking
of trout of all kinds from November
15 to May 1, following, is prohibited.
No kind of nettinjr is nllowod in
fresh water lakes and on non-tidal
Salmon under three pounds must he
returned to the water
THEY   BLOW     	
Last   Fridav     morning   at     about ;
30 o'clock the Kink Mercantile company's store was broken into and the
l>ir safe blown   un.      It seems    that
W. I). Laidlaw, who rooms above the
ton',    was    awakened   by Uic noise
nd jar of the explosion.     Throwing
in n   dressing    gown  lie   ran   down
fairs atid  looked  through the     wln-
lows   into the  store.      Lorn l.anirin
vas passing at  the lime when      Mr.
Laidlaw unlocked ibe door of       the
A.s   soon as   he    did so n
strong smell of powder permeated (he
tmospheie.       .Mr.   Langin  went     at
incc for Ollicer Dtliicnn McLean     and
n his arrival all three enteral     the
store   and   investigated.     II        was
found that  the right hand door      of
Hie safe   had    been  blown    open,  hut
that only the lower hinge had     heen
broken, the   latchos and   upper hinge
siill   holding,   tmibillrg   it impossible
for the thieves to effect an entry inlo
the   sllfe.        Further     investigation
Imwid ihat the robbers entered    by
way of the cellar window and    made
their exit by the hack door, first having broken off the lock with a shdge
hammer.     The hurglurs must     have
sized uu lhe situation fail'y well for
Ihev bad provided themselves with a! hike park an actual fact
sledge hammer anH other tools by
breaking into Flunk Deznll's blacksmith slio'i. Later in the morning
was found that some $7.50 in
change had been taken from the till
■t lbe post olhee and it is supposed
that this was the \\oi<k oi the same
three pounds cannot he
or exposed for sale in th
The general penalty for eael
is a (mc not exceeding Slim
days' Imprisonment, both fin
For shooting mountain shei
iti fir elk. moose and carili
season   or   iu   aeccss   of   Hie
allowed, $5u for eaeh animal.
For shooting mountain goal out ot
season, or in excess or the number
allowed, .i tine of iir* tm i-aok animal.
For taking trout out of Benson, a
ime not exceeding $50.
Kor faking trout bv Hlegal devices,
i ime not exceeding S250.
Am constable, pence Officer or game
warden ean anesi without warrant
,iny person found committing an offence against tin- garni* act, .md has
power  In  search   persons,   vessels and
iivcyanees, and shops wliere    game
Usually     exposed      for  s.lIc,   store-
iircs,      \\ alehouses,     restaurants,
lels ol LoUSfM     -^^■^H
Everybody admits that Cranhiook
e one of lhe best sites for a city
a the whole Canadian west, but,
\etyone realizes the fact that there
as always been um- thing lacking
nd that i.s a public park with a
sheet of water. Everyone iu Cran-
l-rooi; has always envied Moyie, its
beautiful lake and many bale been
the ideas promulgated io provide a
-.beet of water for this eily. Some
nt these ideas have be. n wise, some
otherwise, but now, if action is taken
at mice, Craubioo*. can have a heauti-
inl driveway, a splendid park and a
gem oi a lake. One mile east Ol ihe
eity is Sylvan lake, situated on the
property of Robinson t\. McKenxle.
This properly or any pail of it i.s for
sale and il is the opinion of a
j number ul citizens that lhe citj
should purchase a portion of this,
including ibe lake, for the purpose of
Festablishing a public park. Baker
(street could be extended so as to
THE BIO SAFE  reach this lake and a driveway could
.-im1 . sen i.-       I||t,    nuwju    a||     ,imm(      t|1(,   ju|.e  um-
eventually planted with Maples, Russian Poplars, and other fast gfowlng
trees so thai ft beauty simii would be
jficau-d for the citizens to spend thei]
leisure hours during the summer
months. Some jieople will say ihal
this is a premature idea hut if they
will think, just for a moment, thpy
will .see that this is uol the ease.
This propel iy can be acquired now at
a reasonable price, hut if the purchase
i.s put off for one, two or three
years the cost will be a great deal
more. Again, it is only, a question
ol lime whcii Cranhrook must have a
resort of Ibis kind and it seems to
the Herald that this is the time to
make llie initial purchase. Sylvan
hike cau be deepened ami spring
water brought into it at a very
small to-t.1, in faet tbe survey lor a
ditch from Joseph's creek has already
lieen made. What a delightful thing
il would he if one were able to lake
a nice drive along a well kept and
boulevarded load to a pretty little
lake where boating and bathing might
lie indulged in, and this eould he
done at a very smalt enst. This is
a matter that really should he carefully looked into, because it is not
only twinv that must lie considered,
hut" also the    future.     Make Sylvan
Lumber ul present prices is a good
investment.     In u few  weeks    hence
t most     present     prices enimut he
duplicated.   ' If the mills had to   dc-
1 on rough lumber alone, at present     prices,    they     would   starve.
Dealers, of course, would sav. "What
is lbe use of buying lumber, uo mat-
how cheap, if    1 cannot sell H'.'"
Surely crop conditions are now at   a
point which will enable the dealer to
determine whether
have lo carry lunik
t lie    winter.       The    Inevitable car
hortage will    soon arrive to further
complicate     mailers, and the dealer
should now know what he will   need
■arry bim over.    The market    iu
all lines but    ioiihIi lumlier is show-
signs of     strength, and the present rough lumber prices ate due entirely  to compel it ion  between     the
Mountains and Coast  mills.  If     the
ler has been able to keep mU'es up
Ottawa, Sept. tl.—From present appearances a good many men who
wielded the sword in South Africa
will shortly follow the plough iu
Western Canada. The net of last
.session qualifying every man who
served on the Canadian contingent in
South. Africa for a special grant ol
three hundred and twenty acres ol
laud beyond the ureal latacs is proving
exceedingly popular among the soldiers. Word of the government's action has carried far. Of eight thousand odd men who made up Canada's
three contingents over five hundred
have already written to the militia
department declariiift they want land.
Letters are coming every day. Most
.. are from Western Canada, hut Cana-
r not he wmild (Hai| m^\eVH -vc writing from all
bought over   .,.„,(-, l(! ,h(, worid, «
The veterans will be able   to make
themselves exceedingly comfortable
in the Canadian West, for in addition
to the soldiers' rights they will be
able to exercise the homestead and
pre-emption privilege's of an ordinary
settler, and can become the possessors
of a squnre mile ot land or six hundred and forty aeres.
i Warrantshave been printed for thc
soldiers, and the militia department
will Issue from from now on in favor
of men qualified, and forward them
lo the interior department, which will
"ive the necessary aythorimtion to
take up land.
to last year's leve1. so much the
better for him. If he has gradually
brought prices down to correspond
th the lowering ol the wholesale
ni lees, the margin will gradually
row. unless be ean buy at the present  low     figures.     At  this writing ,_^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
,»|'"' is »*> »' «•",<>< *»r«,   »»<i THE HERALD ESSAY CUMPETTION
he can iret  what he orders with little .
lSrorwlll  mohablv he a heavy -JwU-WW    ™™E     ™ST AND
land for lumber duriui* the remaining bbwbwmibi,
lonths of the vear-     statistics show      Tlu. IIcw,d     -g ^^      t *
there has lieen a great nativity      in'     -          -  * * ■    -
building in ibe cities.     This     means
[leotetel  local stocks. I
Thus there are two reasons      whv   ■..*.-.„,,  nt (»ranhrftolc
lumber should he   bought    now: Re- !K5?-a «i 52S2
cause it is cheap, and because      hv
buvin'r    now   the    denier avoids thc
hortage.—Canada Lumberman.
the first of $2.00 and the second of
$1.00, Tor the best essay written  by
'pupils of the public school ou thc
subject of Cranbrook. The conditions of thc contest are as follows:
Thc essav not to exceed two hundred
words and must be received by    tlie
[lleralil    on or     belore October 1st,
I The essays must be addressed to
the Herald Publishing i'o. aud marked "Essay Contest," on the outside
of the envelope.
All essays to be written on     one
side of the paper only in ink.
No name is to be signed to      tlie
.s, hut this must be enclosed on
a separate piece of paper.
Messrs. Joseph Ryan, C. II  Dunbar
and Kdward Elwell have kindly   con-
Invariably the merchants who do
the best business in a community are
the merchants who advertise freely.
The advertised bargain counter is
often misleading inasmuch as if a
customer went to another store and „s!"a\.
asked for a bargain on the same
goiids, he would get the same bargain
nrices.    The advertisement, however,
ibf^sloinm" k^r^ttmttto^ ^7o"ict^]W'WaiS"& will
the uisiomci Knows that We prth d ml t k w-atness and ortho-
mises m the advertisement will    bu er?phj:   and    natH,_Writ-nK into C(m.
Day by day the truth ot the
prophecy made by the Herald ten
years ago, that Cranbrook was destined to become a city of homes is
made plainer, Each year has seen
more nnd more residences being built
in various parts <*t the city. This
\»;\i more homes have been built
than during any year before in the
hisiotv of Cranbrook; and, it may lie
slated ihat the h-juies now lieing built
are not mere dwellings but hou-tes
with ,i 4ii-.it deal of architectural
beauty, so th.it the residential portions i.f tlie city take on the appearance of homelike comfort which
strikes the stranger so favorably who
walks on our street*. Beautiful
lawns ami Hardens there are many.
I tiies. give an air of permanency
u*li is luMy [list(fled hy the manner
in which people, once ambltahcd in
i\ here and if for any
• leave do so with reg-
The following is the wording of the
act to authorize a bounty to volunteers who served lhe Crown in South
llis .Majesty, by and with Uic advice and consent of the Senate and
House of Commons ot Canada, enaots
as follows:
This Act mav be cited as "The
Volunteer Bounty Act, 1008."
This acl shall applv to nil volunteer.-, then domiciled iu Canada who
scnnl with the British forces in
South Africa during the years 18B9
iniej, both Inclusive, or who, being so domiciled, enlisted with or
were appointed to Canadian corpfl
and arrived in South Alrica for the
purpose id so serving, but. owing lo
the close of the war, were not ou
active servjee,
"Volunteers" shall be deemed to in-
I.uie female nurses.
The goyernor-in-Louncil may   grant
o every such volunteer, or, in . the
event ot his    death between the date
i his enlistment or appointment and
the 81st day of December, lsio, to
bis legal representative, iwo adjoin-1 ret.
quarter    sections    of Dominion
lands,  available for homestead       cii-
suhject to lbe conditions   herein
Eiery  such grant    shall be subject
• Un.*  eonrlitions    that the grantee,
' his substitute duly qualified ut
ihat  behalf as provided In the   next
uccccdiiiK section, shall select     and
titer for ihe said two tmarter-scc-
lions in the Dominion lands ollice or
ihe laud districl in which they     arc
ituated on or  hefore the 31st      of
December, 1910; that he shall perfect j
his entry  by commencing actually to
reside upon and cultivate the     land
within sis months after the said day
ml that lie shall thereafter reside
upon and cultivate the laud for the
period and in accordance wilh the
terms of conditions prescribed by
the homestead  provisions  ot  the  IK*
union lands act.
No person shall be accepted as    a
ubstiiute unless he is a British sub-
ift, or declares his intention of becoming a British subject, atai is ot
the age of eighteen years, and until
he has filed in thc De.|writueni ot the
Interior at     Ottawa, an instrument
xecutcd in his favor by tlie grantee,
iu the form A. in the schedule to the
Act, the execution of which has been
duly proved by an affidavit, in the
form B. iu the said schedule, to be
made by a subscribing witness to the
execution of such    instrument, before
oiucone authorized to administer  an
alii under the provisions of Section
15, of The Interpretation Act. In
the case of a substitute the land shall
be entered, and the patent therefore
shall issue in his natiui but no patent
shall issue to any such person until
be has become a British subject. No
such instrument shall be accepted or
recognized by ihe department which
nol executed and dated alter the
date of the warrant ot the mimsiei
of militia and defence provided for in
section 7 of this act.
Auy person entitled, under the
foregoing provisions, to select and
enter for, either bv himself or by
his substitute, land as a homestead,
may, in lieu thereof, if he or his substitute so chooses, receive scrip for
U60, which shall he received from
ihe bearer at its face value in payment of any Dominion lands ojw-n for
sale. Provided that any person
choosing to take scrip shall notify I
the minister of the interior of his j
choice on or before the 31st day of
December, 1910.
Everv grant of land or scrip under
ihis act shall he made by the Minister of the Interior,     upon a warrant   iu ,
ssued in favor ol the jierson entitled ljf,l(. residences as these will be, lo-
thereto. by the Minister of Militia cated as they are. in one ot t*e very
and Defence, which shall be recorded!*,-^.-, corners of the city. S. Ryck-
in the Department of the Interior, im^n i,a}i *t$e contract tor the erection
under section 91 of the Dominion |tP- \-r McKarlant's boildiwc.
Lands Act, and all scrip issued sec-j _
Among the handsome homes which
tve been constructed during the last
w weeks is a large two storey ic-
lutc, on Lumsden avenue, which   is
just about finished, for M. A. Beale,
the well     known real estate broker.
Mr. Beale i*. having the grounds about
place thoroughly leveled and   will
next spring have a handsome lawn
nd garden.     D, J. Johnson had tbe
contract tor thin building and it does
liim credit in every way.
ll. i.. Rossiter, the reddeue engineer tor thc C.I'.K., has had erected
uot only an artistic but a most com-
codloua residence on lbe south end
f Garden avenue. Mr. Boeailer's
lotne is a new -departuie in Cian-
irook, ..*• lo us style nmi reminds wuw
a ,i Norwo-tfan country bouse.
Conductor McNabb has erected au
exceedingly haudsome residence close
by the C.P.R. superintendent's home
on Harden avenue. Mr. McNabb was
determined to bare a comfortable
home aud has chosen one of the nicest
parts of the city m which to make
his home.
H. McCowan, of Uw Sash i* Door
factory, has had a commodious home
built ou the Hill during tbe -st
few weeks which will be one of the
most comfortable homes in the city.
Mr. McKowan believts in having a
comfortable place of rendance and  a
ante ai the bouse he is having
built for bim shows that his idea is
being carried out.
N. I. Harrison, accountant ot Un
Electric Light company, has erected
a most comfortable home on the
(farden avenue aad tte natural sur-
roundinfcs assure bim a very pretty
residential property.
On the corner ot Garden avenut
and hidwards street W. li. Mc Far Lane,
manager of the Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, bas io course of con-
*.:ruction a double dwelling. This is
io u- modern io every respect and is
h.-.ended for renting purposes. A
septic tank- of the most up-to-date
pattern is being installed and all
modern conveniences will be put in.
Mr. McFarlane will bave no difficulty
in linding tenants   for such comfort-
tion 6 of this act shall he subject in
all respects to tbe provisions of sections HI, »H, 97 and 9R of the Dom.
ininn Lands Act.
The entries made and the patents i—
siirtj under this act shall be exempt
from all fees and charges exacted in
the ease ot nn ordinary homestead
The Klondike's output tbis year
will he increased t2,fln0,M0 over that
of last vear, maMng a total of lf>,-
OOll.fiUtl this year. The increa-s* is
due to the Installation of new dredges
elect rlcal conveyors and hydraulic
plants. Thc output will be greatly
increased next year, and the Klondike soon will he yielding hy a hie
process as much annually as in iti
palmiest days.    The only difference i
Conductor B. BicGoldric has a very
comfortable residence building on
the Hill. Geo. LeasV & Co. had the
contract and they have shown that
they know their business in the way
in which this resid?nce is brfng
Joseph Campbell, of Campbell &
Mannfaft has one of the neatest col-
tai.res on the Hill, mst about finished. Mr. Campbell had it built by
day's work under his own supervision and erected to Ms own design.
This is going to mat* a very handsome little home as soon *a the
<ro*jnd.s axe put in order, whih Mr.
Campbell proposes doing next spring:.
<>n ttie flat iust below tbe government olhee, J. K. Bridges, oi Uie
Cranhrook Trading eompanv has
■■M-cted a large home tor bis own
which is distinctly a credit   to
sideratlon, though the main point
will he the composition itself. The
Herald hopes to receive a law number nt essays trom the scholars of
the Cranbrook schools.
kepi by ihe merchant, and he thus
deals with the advertiser and not
witli ibe man who does not advertise.
The customer ta'.es It for granted
the nrices are low hcenuso the ndver-
Uoalflnfe&nts who run cards    in'FOB BETTER SCHOOL FACILITIES
the paper     get     more business thau -—
those who do nol   although coal     is A, „ meeting of the school trustws,
the same price all over lhe citv. and ,|(,,d at th(l    home oI (,   A   ||arV(...
wilh     dealers in     lumber.     Al- |iiSt. Thmsdsy afternoon, it was   de-
thne-li the price id lumber; mav     he d(|(M t0     s(lt:urfl the     smices ^ ft
the same at any oilier   mill or yard jirst-elass teacher and establish       a
in the vidnUr  customers will      In- W((h Mtmol here at once.    A resoiu-
variah v patronize ibe advertiser who llon waa alsu paswd t0 nwinoria|iM
has   old    him    esacth what can he ,.,u, clty    fmmc„ on     rttt suhjwt n(
houtrht     for    such and such a price. MUnK hiMt,t Bch0n- a0commoda*tion,
Wliere niece stud ami special lines are as tlw    prpsent    4,uii-jinRS -t- allo_
handled    nf course the  advertiser is KlMh-,r    inadequate,     there being 84
of added value     In tact, an ingenious children in one    room alone,    which
advertiser can figure ..nt many   ways m|mber ■„ aitOK,»ther too much    for
of attracting customers that        will m~ t<wher to hand|e#     W!iat action
nay for    Ins    advertising n hundred ,h(. ,*,,.,,.,■■ wiI* take is o! cmirse mrt
fold.-Western Canada Lumberman. Imown at the present time, but     no
•—~~~ doubt provision will he made to huild
WILL HAVE TO OKT A SAFE an adequate school building, not only
——,   . tor use at present., hut with a    view
(Greenwood Ledge.) to the future needs of the citv. What
The Ledue will either   have to buy ever else we mav    have lo contend
a safe or Induce another bank      to with, our educational facilities must
locate in the city.    Since the   banks not    be    stinted and    no taxpayer
withdrew their    patronage, suhserip- should    grumhle at    whatever    the
um-, „,„-,-■ ,-,, tlons nre comiinr in faster than    the neecssarv taxation may he tor   this
Trout under CPU. is getting scans. purpose.
ihat ihe corporations are getting the  that part ot the town-    Mr. Hndgt-s
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^js a man who bas every faith in the
future of the city and shows it    by
Investing in a home.
bulk of the gold Instead of the
dividual miner-., vet many individuals
still employed.
L. P, Sullivan, of the HeraW staff,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       has just completed a cottage       on
■' ' ■ 1 Cranhrook    street    lor renting pur-
,    . ,.     .looses,       This is    the second bouse
It is very Important that    South t(llilti b, Mr- Sullivan this year   and
African veterans who are entitled to |boWl jj^ hf j, wtl afraW ^ Cun.
320   acres of     Dominion government u<y(fk real     ,iroMfrrly.     Huchcroft &
land should locate their claims     at   Uowness wen the contractors.
once.     Ihey have two vears and     a I ■
hall before it is necessary tor them | yt ]t{immt has a neat residence be-
to commence homestead duties so iltf. ,,„--* fo| hjm ^ i^n*-,-*,-^ -.venue
Ihey have this advantage over the or- hv Hudicroft & Bowness. Mr. Du-
dinary settler, who has to be no his muIlt ,-, an ^ timer j^ inrt j^
Inn! within six months. By locating aIwayi y*^ in Cranbronk as a
now ihe holder of scrip has two ami place of residence.
;> half years to dispose ot his holding, j '
which should net him at least $15 an     Across the track near the Sath <fc
acre by that time.     Locate at once.   |loor compa--,y'g factorr. Mrs. Fraser
♦ lis building a neat reaidenee. in   fact
-*.r»i,--iv-»f !'hat   supurb of the    city Is rapidly
ORIGINAL. growinz and it    would asem that in
.   i , the verv    neat   future that district
should he brought    within tbe    city
The   following unique claim notice limits. ___
Is   posted    on a   mine in the Grand "•-"—
Eincampmeni, Wyoming, U.S.A.:' The above only speaks of the
"We found it and we claim it by the homes which are in course of con-
right of founding it. It's mir'n. Its st ruction or have been built within
7.r)0 feet in every direction except the last few weeks, (mt durlna tho
southwest and northeast, and there summer some forty other residences
is .100 feet on each side ot this writ- bave been built and their erection
In'. It's called "Bay Horse" and dulv noted In tlie Herald. Cran-
we don't want nobody jumping on brook Is a city ot homes and from
this bay horse. That's what these what can be heard 1909 will see
trees is around here for, and we've building operations more to tbe
got the same piece of rope -tbat we fore than ever Watch Cranbrook
had lu old Missouri—Signed — prow. TBBCRANRnoOK 11 Kit A I.I)
Imperial Bank ot Canada
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on Deposits (rom date of deposit
I Cranbrook Branch: J. F. M. PINKHAM. Mgr.
OITor tlto liiiluwiuo Kiwps for iink-lt Kale.   Small uiiali
ami monthly imynienia ean lie arruiigoil.
S'fiiir School.   Only rt'eoiilly built
6-R00ME0 DWELLING, $1600
TwoSlory.   On linker Uill.   All Modern ImproviMiiuiitii
Wo hnvo it low Houses lo Let.   ('fill nii'.l hui* our List.
Beale  & Elwell
Insurance that Insures
Protect'on that Protects
Is What You Want
The Insurance Men
********************** I
\ Cranbrook Cafe
A lirst-t'lnss Hostmmint, w hurt- all the delicacies
of llie season may bo hnd prepared in sin-h u
wny nn lo,satisfy the most opiuttrenn fancy,
Onr MERCHANTS' LUNCH, tr»„, ll ....... lo
■_' p.m. lias always been u fentore with us.
(i. M. BLAKE        -        Proprietor
■ *******************************************
H The Dominion Elections
will   probably    take
place   before
November 30th* 1908
Yuu want the news
of the camp-tign. The
" Herald will print
the news, and you
can get the " Herald "
from now until December 1st for
********************* *********
;; A number uf liain and Chatham Second-band Logging
11 Trucks.   Jusl Hie thing for Tie Contractors lo buy.
',', \ut particulars apply to
< 1
||  The East Kootenay Lumber Co.
Cranbrook, B. C.
ElevaliiiR ami conveying water
must economically, t-flicieiitly and
under all weather conditions have,
[rom affes hack, heen tlie study ot
Uiose whoso purpose is In solve tho
iirohlt'in.s nt supplying man's oommod-
ilie- One »il iho most perplex hi ■j
problems uf tltoso Isolated trom puhlie water, wells, springs and natural
reservoirs, is how and hy what
simple nml practical manner they may
obtain .tn cltlcloiit water supply suit-
ahlo tor, all necessary requirements.
Irrigation has within recent vears
liiriioil arid prairies inlo fertile lields.
The enterprising hard working farmer
.need no longer depend on ihe mercv
j«>f the weather lo lninii rain tn his
.crops. He can hv his own •■■ -en-
nit v. supply his fields wilh water.
Ut is possible for him to irrigate his
lauds not onlv hy natural uravitv,
[with st renins from reservoirs, hut also, hi el.-va.Iinn the water to fields
nhove the source of supply, This
ran   he  accomplished   by hydrnuli
jianis,  whicli  are made III sizes sulti-
eieiiiiv large to supplj  the ordinary
demand in such eases.' Among the
iiump.s exteiisivelv nsul for these pm-
(n.ses aid lhe Ifife Automatic ||v-
ilmilllc rams, as well aa other similar engines, all of whicli are luting
used hu lifting water above tho
source of sun ply. Such a ram Is a
letn ih-u'lopnieiii of its ancestor-
The agronomist 0! tho agricultural
experiment station at Moscow, Idaho
has issued the following press bulletin:
"On account ot the numerous in
quiries coming Into our station we
lind it necessary to issue this press
bullet in    concerning    the   so-called
Alaska' wheal.
"This wheat, when given ample
lield spaeo or conditions favorable to
tho individual plant, has a branching
head borne oil a rather tough straw
At a height of between four ami live
feet. The mesh hears two and Hired
Kernels. When grown under close
lield conditions lhe head lends to be
much smaller, branches less, and tbe
mesh hears frmu one to two kernels,
very seldom three. If heads grown
under these conditions alone were examined the Impression would be obtained that ihis wheat never bears
but two kernels to the mesh, a mis-
'\aM. whieh aomo writers appear u
have made.
I "The boards, while not numerous,
nre dark in color and considerably
[Stronger than we iimi on our common
wheats, but not so long or still
!those found on the Dunuus or Mar-
Jioni wheals.     Thc normal kernel
» oM taslfio,,;,! .y„^,;„. Isoi such ffi, ', ™^,.  .Z^TilS wl h
ows tlio keifii'l lo lie easily broken in
litoshing'.     A cross scotion    show";
lilfc interior to bo white and nowdory
, .   ,      ,      , ,   .     'with    comiwiiitivt'ly     HUIr    horny
what watoi slto ffCOfln Ir..m lsh,rcj,,    T|lc shrunken kernels uatur-
are harder.
flip maximum amount ol water from ,
the source "I Biinulv.    lieing a   ma-
iliiue of manv  s.i'/es il. mwits alt re-
nitiremcnt3.     It can oonvoy   to   th
tlio sjnim, Mm- distance twin       fin.
t'!','i,'':,i!,fw"w,f!',"'l','v ll»h"1*'.'•"•"!   "Taking evcfftlfiuK into consldcra-
...       >„ "   .'    ' "M''l!,' '-r ",**"  "on ' am Id   0 c»,,clu<lc that   this
"•               "OnvOTtaR to a l,s Ul0 Egyptian or Miracle wheat, a
Poulard, and that it belongs to that
variety of the Egyptian bnown      as
I'ltlorntlo, which is very closely related lo the seven-headed variety,
'The    l'outards     are     pwuliarly
„..,,. (,„.   „.:,,    ,.,„  „.„,,„. .....lined    to   dry   regions, but never
?,m 1,      ,7 "Wu    m   have been grown to anv extent
iirther attention, day nnd nighl. vear   imc,icl,    Vi,..,.. vield^'hiv,.     ........
in and year out, and never in nml ol *SSuo be o,'sS a nature as t"
I   The;,- rams are simplicity itselt and  KTS&'tad"Xd'Xlnler'loX
,Is nothing lo break and noUiing   to  „„, nm-uction of breajd.
got ont. ol order, and ^thrt-g.-** ,   . The high yields claifnd lor      the
wheat in this section of the country,
the ngent for
dry ami     barren    field all the water ',
necessary to irrigate the tract. Such
a  machine,     when once placed      to*
work by falling water—only a fall ol
two feet is sufficient to convey       a
1 ream any distance at- an altitude ol'
I liver an abundant and reliable stream.
I A band pump is out of the question
,1-ir any amount of work, and a wind
J mill runs only hi a breeze, and it, is
,wiun and subject to repairs, needs
t oiling, etc., a casollne engine requires
attention, needs fuel and is wore cx-
pi-nsive. None of these troubles enter into the running of a hydraulic
tain, the expense of which operation
is nil.
' This kind of hydraulic ram makes
it possible for a number of towns and
cities lo install a system ot waterworks, whereas, under certain conditions, they would bave turtle. All
1 mm id pal i ties cannot afford to incur
an annual expense ut from $1,500 to
$5,0(10 for operating a .steam plaut
to run a waterworks, hut it becomes
,\eiy easy for them to lay out about.
Mu a year lor minor repairs where a
hvilraiilic ram is doing the work.
Numerous towns throughout the
I lilted Stales ami Canada are using
such ruins lo supply their reservoirs
and siaiidpipcs wilh water. Fire
protection is a most urgent necessity,
and, where natural conditions justify ['.j
it, il is hard to understand how any
town ean well afford to be without a
svsU'in of waterworks where the cu-
ghiu in question does the work.
| As evidence of the merit found In
these machines, it mav he stated that
lhe .t'nited States government has
adopted some at various points, bMh
for supplying tan'V*. used for fire protection and others tor waler supply
in some eases 277 bushels per aere.
are fabulous. One of the promoters
slates thitt from one head of Uie
wheat lie obtained seven pounds,
frum these seven pounds he produced
1,515 pounds, or a yield iu round
numbers of 120 fold, lt Is from
these Ilgures that tlm yields noted in
the various papers, and in tlie circular of the Adams-Hobo Seed Grain
Co., of Jullaettn, Idaho, are computed. To show the ridiculousness of
computing yields in this way, wc determined in a couple ot cases, the
number of grains produced [nun oui
seed of Little Club grown under favorable conditions in our breeding
plat. One plant produced 1,178,
il Ihcr I,KOO kernels. Now, reasoning as this seed company has
done, il we should plant one bushel of
Ibis Little Club to the aere, wc
should obtain 1,17li or I,win bushels.
This would lie a rather high yield,
eveii for Idaho.
"This year, the company had 700
acres in the wheat grown on different
iu this locality. A 'Mi acre
tract near Moscow, which was
threshed in tlm middle of August,
Went about 32 bushels per acre. Mr.
Attains slated at that time that his
best yields had been 35 bushel
He supplemented this remark, how-
pier, with the statement that his
stands were poor in every case. Hut
considering the large acreage, tlw
fact   that     several   different farmers
■ .,..    ....               ,. .  ,               , *re\v the crop, and the effect of
|    the Uite rams which have now been dosu BtamJ Il0twl abov-.   W(!      milst
on    the    market    lor nearly fifteen Ulii). tWa as m indication at least, of
vears   are used eitenrfvely here and t,il(l    yielding power   ol   the   wheat.
abroad, many haying- found       their -niiS| however, would not be consid-
way to fields cil irrigation in   South m,,t Ull cxtrft liirKe villI)i Inr       lM„
Amcrlcn, South Africa and Hawaiian ,.,-untry.
Islands. The Tniled States eovem-
tnent onerate.s a number In the Philip-'
|iine Islands. T>o vou need one on
vnur ranch? Write to II. X. Parker,
Cranbrook, n. C., for further particulars.
I        —♦—
'The analysis ol lhe wheat upon
which tlie company n|H>cars to Inrse
ils Imiies amounts tn practically
nothiug in determining the bread
! making finality of thc flour, lt is
line, thai lllucsteni wheat whieh
'analyzes higher in protein than Little
(Hub, makes a better quality ol Hour
hut it is also true ihat Marconi
(wheat which an-.flw.es higher in pro-
I Vancouver, II. C, Sept. l.-Anoth- I*1"* t,l»"„ Uluratom makes . lower
er hundred miles east ol the termina- 'I1.1™, °! "?".r. n**11 .e«»-«iuently -,
tion ol present construction work on rllsor "nlnated against by the m ller.
the O. T. P. out ot Prince Rupert The low (trade lours turned wt Irom
will be let shortly, according to a ">',r ml"» "su»"*' *ow a higher pro-
■Jatcment made by Mr. Collliwwood J**1" <**"**".11' 'Vn tl. I"1*1'"1- CSn
Sehroiber, general eonsulth« enginctr l,as eonstdcrable protein, but Ihe
l.,r the Ki-mininn government. Mr. chemist seems unahle to lind any
Schreiber further addeil tint an addi-, '-''"'j''',J™"' »« ess-ntial l«art of a
Hanoi luintlred miles will nlso soon f"<!11, I""'r1',. .*-■?"" H'e chemist
he let west from the summit ol the . '*'"' '""nd ,« '"R'1 K1"'*™ •'™"-lt, '"
i Yellowhead Pass, which will give *»**» wheat, wc would still not he
(iil'Hier lmiietus to the flmM for a )"sl'«-*• "| eoncluding that the wheat
'wagon road to the Pass bv Revel- J,""1'1 '"*''• j* ft*'1* I1'"11')- of. Hour.
sioke. Kamloops and Oolden. I,11"'J'.'""'."' J*«    wh,,»- ls '»  ->»
I   Alter the letting ol these contracts,111.';'."1 " wlil ,"»l"!-    ,    .,
there will then I* Uut a   mere   lour',    ' u0" .""|     r"|ll",»l   tlie company
I Ired miles   ol   Ihe (Iraml  Trunk tas Promised Hi have a milling   test
Pacific not contracted tor.    Grading ""'f .s00n'      ' »'»    this test     Is
wesl nl Edmonton will lie completed mnde, howover, we must assume that
siMv-IKe miles     lo    Pembina river  ""; "l'™1 *il1 ""•I"; no be ter   Hour
within one month, and If the weather under the name ol ■Alaska' than   it
permits trnck-laylnn will then he im- '"fr™ k"0"11 "s      ■,,leat °' *"•-
uicillaielv proceedefi with.    The work ,u ,,,*      ..    ......      ......
I...  120 miles west of Edmonton    Is I   . '« f^ "' »" ''»' *aulilul slorira
under conliact iwhich have been    written concerning
Ihe origin of    litis wheal, regardless
il Hie manv    wonderful things which
bave liccu imagined about its totality.
and taking    into    consideration the
Impression as lo yield, which has su
skillfully    heen      thrown   broadcast
eveursiotts    are always short   Uiroiigltoul lhe American continent hy
,'e gii out luikin.' lor trouble.   Mt    seisl   company,   who adverlise
i lheir wilful Inr sale al  i'o pel hush
cl, we have yet to lind any points til
merit iu it which warrant tlte puhlie
paying mure for 'Alusku' wheat  tlian
Ihe prevailing market price td    onr
'I'he trouble with most airships    is ' imon varieties."
Hie hot air nf the promoters. I ———*———
I We love In read nliout "Pre* Turkey." but we ejpeet that wc will
have to buy one next Christmas.
I When a man starts out to fool
somebody he usually hei,ins with
'   Long wishing
means short enjuy>
Wlten some prodigals return It In
Hie failed goose that shoiihl lie
We never rode in a balloon, but
we hnve been on In lhe air ott several
propositions lately.
II vou cannot plant an occasional
flower along the path nf llie. vou can
at least pull up an occasional weed.
Ottawa, Sept. 2.—Three additional
niembers of the board ol railway
commissioners provided hy lite act
passed last, session will not, it is understood,   he appointed   belore next
week, perhaps not till later on.
I It is said to he practically settled
that two of tlio new commissioners
will he Hon. Thomas (Ireenway, and
Mayor ll'Arcy Scott, of Ottawa,
while Hie third may be W. (lalli-
her, M. P., thus the east, middle
west, nml lar west would be represented In section.
Some time ago Charles Chapman
caught fuur mountain goats whicli
were shipped to tlte Zoological gardens at New York and it seems that
now these goats ate reproducing
their species there. The following
is from Rod, Gun and Motor Sports
iit Canada:
Ihi May twentieth, 11108, thc lirst
Rocky Mountain goat ever bred
captivity was horn in New York
Zoological Park. Its parents were
hrougbt from British Columbia by
nirector llornaby in November, 1005,
with three other specimens. All liv
were horn in May, 1000, nnd were
captured in the mountains north id
Fort, Steele.
Since the arrival ol tlte little herd
in New York all its members bave
been maintained in excellent health.
They are fed on very clean crushed
oats iin tbe liiilll, sliced carrots and
potatoes, iin occasional apple ami till
Hie clover hay Ihey can eat. There
are three adult males and two females, ami tbey have been given
three large corrals and a rustle barn
iit the southwestern corner ol the
park. Kor amusement nnd exercise
thev climb all over the root of the
bat ii, ntul spend much lime aloft.
Alt'inngh very level-headed anil
cjbltn in tintes of real danger; tin1
Mountain Goat is shy of being handled, and ivlleil and with nervous tin-
nal lence flings It-sell away from an
nuistretchcri hand. One member ol
the herd will permit their keeper to
touch It. Although Ihey are not
quarrelsome toward each other, tliey
were so free in proditing eaeh other
with lheir skewer-like horns It was
necessary to saw off au inch from
each horn tip.
Quite :i numlier of goats have come
inlo captivity, but very few have
survived longer than a few months
The climatic conditions of the Atlantic coast region have carried off
eight other goats of our acquaintance
in two vears or less, and until now
it has been doubled whether it were
possible to acclimatize the species on
the Atlantic coast, anil maintain it in
health aud vigor up to breeding
point. For this reason, the news ol
the birth in Hie New Yorh herd will
lie hailed with delight by all sportsmen and nature-lovers.
The period ot gestation was Irom
November twenty-live, 1007, to May
twentieth, 1H08, or four days less
than six months. The Md now
public eye was born at three a.m. At
t-hree-teu it arose to its feett by
three-thirty it was Jumping about the
stall, and climbing upon its mother's
back, as sbe lay upon tbe straw. It
nursed for thc first time at thrce-
twenty. Two days after birth it
was thirteen and a hnlf inches high
at. the shoulders and weighed seven
and a quarter pounds. OI course Its
pelage is pure white, nnd like nearly
all voting hoofed animals its eyes now
are practically black- It is very
strong and capable, and seems to
lake fi very hopeful view ol Iile. In
sex it is male, anil it has lieen
christened "Phillip,"—tor reasons Ihal
every goat-hunter will iinilci.sta.uil.
When il sticks it stands directly under ils mother's body, and makes s
continuous whining noise like a young
pnppv. Frequently it butts the udder, and the mother patiently lifts n
hind leg into the air to give ber oil
spring tne best possible opportunity
The mother is a mode] of what wild
animal mothers should be—a good
milker, alTcctlonate, solicitous lor her
offspring, hut quiet and sensible toward the keepers.
The Zoological park goat Itcrd Is ilt
charge of Keeper Bernard McEnroe,
who bus managed It with great skill
and success, lie never permits any
ol tlte gonts to get thoroughly rain-
soaked, but shuts up the herd whenever it lieglns to rain. In New York
it was quickly found that Oreamnos
cannot endure the rain. Tlto pelage
soaks up water like a sponge, holds
it for hours, and the animals have
not sufficient vitality io endure it.
John McKanc, formerly ul Ross
land, who iuvcaUsI jli.DOO.iiuo ul
Schwab's money in Nevada mines,
aud cleaned up a million du.lars lot
hiiusoil, and gained mure lame by
paying 12.50 tu ride acruss oue street
iu a hack, bus gone back to Scot-
laud to live, and is a candidate Iur
parliament in the Uutulricsbiro districl, the uld home of Andrew Car-
it wus Carnegie who recommended
McKanc to Schwab as a mining engineer when the latter decided to Invest iu the gold lields ol Nevada.
McKanc has written to Iriends
abuut bis British political aspirations, and as Carnegie's Scotcli
friends are supporting him, he thinks
he has a goad chance to become a
members of parliament from the Caledonian district, where be has takeit up
his residence.
McKanc was one ot tbo famous
hotel bellboys ol those days fondly
tccmcinbcr tbe one dollar and live
dollar lips he used to give them.
He is probably thc only Palace
guest who hired a hack to drive him
over tho street to tbe (Hand hotel.
"1 want to hire a back to go to
the Grand hotel," said he, Christmas
eve, 1005, to a hackinau at tbu
"It's Jusl across the street," replied tbe Jehu.
I know Dial, but I want a tank,"
vm the reply.
So bo gol his carriage and in a
minute wus driven to the llrand. lie
paifl 11.5U lor Ihe lolly -loot rifle,
ami made an evurlusling friend of the
huekman by giving hint a dollar
McKanc had a quarrel witb
Schwab. Ho wired lbe lormer president of tbe steel trust that he had
closed a ileal lo buy the Montgomery
interest in the Montgomery Shoshone
mine in Nevada tot one million dollars. Schwob sent a savage telegraphic reply that it was too much
money, and to hold things statu quo
until lie could arrive ou the scene.
When Schwab got lo Nevada Mrs.
Robert Montgomery, the wile ol
"Hob" Montgomery, refused to sign
the McKanc deal with her husband.
She wns a ball owner with him, »nH
had to be consulted. Schwab telly
had In pav her one million dollars
and her husband one million dotlaes.
That was the only time a woman
ever got the best ot Schwab, and be
does not like to be remlnddd of tho
matter eves to tbli day.
spenders at the   Palace hotel,
Francisco, before the lire, and
ukiii oil li r:. niKON'in
tsl.viillslll.il IMT
B. E. WALKER, President
ALEX. LA1KD, Cenetal Mana;'rr
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Reserve Fund, -  5,000,000.
DRAFTS AND  MONEY ORDERS soW, and money transferred by
telegraph or letter.
COLLECTIONS mode in all ports or Canada atid in foreign (
FOREIGN BUSINESS.    Cheques and drafts on the United I
Great Britain and other foreign countries bought and told. ,u
K. T. Brymncr, riaivi-ror Cranbrook Branch
[)or-.t pail To See
li^Wi^ --Di-JTwFKiiiT Disrwwi rKOM
B>uKr7 nnd DofiSuws.
A,i|lf  In INIbl HCO'-C.liOyf srCY.i— HO MUTTON BI Oi l> M'i'lv.l!
Hl"61K f'O   KAILROAD   RATL.h
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********************
Wu hitvti lot- nf Milk uml wu arr bound lo gol rid uf it. I'ricrs:
I pint iwrtltiy   tU ijnurtH for $1.00
I c|imrt pur dny    II     " I.INI
■1   - -            12     " I.(HI
1 uulliiit     "         Ml     " 1 .(Ml
2 millotis nml owr pcrdny..    II     " 1.00
Orunui, pur i|iutrt, 50o ; ratus for Inrgur ipitiiilitius.
Skim Milk        25 quarts for $1.00
I! illuniiilk. mIiuii wu luivn it ..     Ill cunts pur quart
',',              BIRDS. RUQS. FISH. INSECTS, ETC.. ',',
▼WW ▼▼▼▼ *F-F ▼▼ -FV W ▼"•*▼ f f f f ?f ff f f fff f f ffffff W*
If yuu nre  intoicu-wl,  write nml  sny  whut you  want.   Give ii \\
-liwriptiun ut' (lie Itit'iifiiui of your Bt renin ami h pri ne; ii« sizt> hm, - ,
nattily ue you can it'll it, ntul the upproxitnnleeleritliun of tiie|t|iiees < •
where you il»--*ii-.* tlie wafer forced; bay how iniicli witer vou need— - '
I willadri-eynnu to what I ran iloli
H.   Y.   PARKER
''   willf-ivi.it. uml I will tulvl-o yntt tts to what I mu ilo lor vou ami wlint    ', ',
~    itwilU'osi. ~
► **********************
A. C.   Bowness
.Vholuaulu llu.'ilur in
Wines. Liquors and Cigars
Wu  rooom I   P, DiiwHou's  SCOTCH  Wl||s|<||.;s ns
IhulH'St,    And Mi'IuIiui'h ItKD I'IMSS IIIN.
All other iilioluu lirnuda ko»l in atuuk,
\ \   Toi-luar for sloulilukiiif-. wo will rnhiiii lhu prlii-i imi OiiIh Io   *
■   tllll.mij Timothy, lail.OOi Wlmnt, lilll.Oll.    Htrlflly u->ol uiinh.   i>
Fatmily   Groceries
Thai L>mhr:u*e<- u great many UililKS-ntuI u li-t would Oil n
tiewHpu|ior. Sit wo .simply waul lo itupresH llie fuel tliat out
Ht-tek otiihriu't's ull lhe line.-) needed iti a home ami nmially
earned in aifioeeiy.
Wi'Htrive to have all goods delivered promptly.   Telephone
orders  solicited.
********************** i
-**-*■ TIIK   CHAMIRIIOK    lll'ltALO
P. O.IBOX 33
Hindu of pun' materials, mixed
with skill governed by experience, applied by thoroughly
competent mechanics, STAYS
The Practical Painter nml Deeorator
It you stop here once
you will look lor
lhe 'bus when you
viiil Calgary Again.
Proprietor f
Try a   Case of
Two Dozen   Pints   $2.50
Gpial to (iuiuiiuss'.   The finest beverage on thu market
for family and table use.    Imparts vigor ami
health, and tonus up thu boily t-tmurully
Brewer, Oranbrook,  Ii. 0
********************** **********************
I Canadian Hotel |
One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- )Q
brook.   Warm rooms, good meals
M and a bar stocked with the best
8 .     I
I Joseph Brault, Proprietor |
5 st
***********************   ^^^^^^^^^
* Beg to announce Hint lltuy ,'iru now open to give estimates
for Contracts, largo or small. All our quotations nre reasonable, uud nothing but. Hrst.class work. Let us quote you
tor your biiililiut'. uiul compare our prices with all others iu
*********** *********
New atul Strictly Kirst Glass
Amerieaii Plan, J'J.."iO pur dny up
Ti:i.i:i'tiiixi: 20811
Oiias, 11 AitTNUV, Propriotor
Oor, Hoymottr ami Corilma Sta.  t- „-*.    ***     #
onpo.too.iMi.siauon     Vancouver, B. C. 1
Dezall's Livery, Feed and   f
Sale Stable
|   line Drivers, Handsome Rigs and Comfortable Stables   ♦
Aulomobilc lor Picnics, Rides and Trip* to
surrounding towns
Crescent Louue No. SU
Cranbrook, U. C.
Meets every 2nd and tth Tuesday al
8 p.m. at Fraternity Hall.
10. K. .lobasofi, C. C.
.1. I,. Walker, K. ot It. * S.
Visiting  brethren  cordially invited
to attend.
I.O.O.F. Key Cll) Lod|«
No. 41. Meets every
^^^^^^^ Monday sight sl
New Fraternity Hall. Sojourn'
lug Oddltllowe cordially invited.
V. S. l.iddlcoatt, Wm. Harris,
N. O. Sec'y.
Ireebruflk l.odie. No. jt
«. P. t A. M.
Regulai meeting* ut
lk« third ThurwU,
ol evert  miisU.
Vintttfi-- hretl.se welcomed.
S. II, llo.sl.ilis, W. M.
M. W. Connolly, secretary.
Cranbronk Aerie 967
Meet every   Friday     "veiling at I
p.in.,  in Carmen's Hall.
Thos. Cole, W. P.
Chas. Smith, Secretary.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
Meet st 11. ol I.. F. Hall 2nd  and
Ith Saturday each mouth.
Visiting brethren always welcome
.1. 10. Larrigan, W. M.
• lului Mcl.aiighluu, Itee. Sec.
Rambling Reveries
Whatever you <l<», don't worn,
If vou fret, thf wrinkles will craw;
\ bright cheerful    smile will trouble
Ami dispel even mountains ot woo.
There's    nol lung   so     catching    as
It drives death oft hack to its lair;
It acts on thr nerves—it uood lic.illh
And annihilates loads of despair
Then lot il eome out   when vou feel
Don't, oheck il, but give it full play;
Jt will drive    away grief   il there's
any around,
And Illuminate IIV» sunshine    your
'TIs like silvery     ir.oonliKht ;it evening-
It     liirlits up   life's    dark, slormj
Does fcood honest laughter, 'lis that
Uiat  we're after,
Then let ns all rIvo it full play.
Tin- i.esi wav to cxtond charily   to
persons who mv In ihnnI is to    nht
litem    work        Don1! iclve nuy able-
hndlod in.iii a    ;i(-ntiv oi a mouthful
h'ss ho workw for it.     llv Hiis the
nu ret.lins his srlf-respcct, and the
profeaafon of tho tramp is n<>i       mi-
■*^Hragod.     If a man needs help and
able to work and vou are tempted
urivc    him      something,      don't
vou do it.     Hut    instead, glvo    him
work.      Odd   jobs  can  always        be
found, and set liim at these."    We do
not advise refusing to relieve hunger,
but  we do advise thnt it be ilone In
a manner that will not hreed dependence in men.    If everyone would   do
this nil    over the land, this country
would soon eease lo ho the paradise
for t rn nips that it has been.
Sunday morning service at 11
.Sunday   evening    a
7.30 o'clock
Sunday     School   and    Itihlc
Class at 3 o'clock
Presbyterian   Guild, Tuesday,
at 8 o'clock
A room without a eoiieli of some
sort is half furnished. Life is full
of tips and downs, and all that, saves
the sanity of the mentally jaded and
physically exhausted fortune-tighter is
lho periodical "good cry," and momentary loss of consciousness on the
upstairs lounge or sofa iu the slt~
— ***.        _ .        _**,*, .    x .ling-room.        There nre    limes when
t ftMbuttridfltfhurcn *   ■■•(,,iv --f ■■■■• t,iin«s '■■■■i ,ust^|(','
*| ri¥#•/«/•%■ IWn t^l/wi*■/ f--„-„ (.n|||,| ))t, strajrijtencrt out, and the
way made clear, if one only had a
long, comfortable conch on whose
soft bosom he could throw himself,
hoots nnd brains, stretch his weary
frame, unmindful of tidies and tapes-
try, close bis tired eyes, relax the
tension of his muscles and give his
harassed mind a chance. Ten minutes of this soothing narcotic, when
the head throbs, tbe soul yearns for
enldlcss, dreamless, eternal rest, would,
make the vision clear, the nerves
steady, the heart light and tbe star
jol hope shine again.
- j Swear ofT, young man, on guzzling
bocr; the limes arc- bard and you
' should save; this vile decoction never
I gave to any one a lasting cheer,
[Swear off nn jokes; a joke that
wounds another's breast is no more
like a jest than yonder lantern's like
la star. Swear off on selfish thoughts
and deeds, his life who Uvea for self
alone is like a swamp that's ovcr-
|;rrowu with deadly vines nnd nox-
jious weeds. Swear off scowls, that
.dark and deep, distort the brows and
draw them down; a smile is hetter
than a frown, and you will find it
ins) as cheap. Swear off on blowing
in a dime for everv nickel you receive,
or you will live to mourn and
grieve, and swear off buying t-hlngs
on time. Swear off on loafing:
honest work will make a palace o!
vour coif, but future Irenisons will
not encourage vou to try to shrink*.
Swear off on all that hurts the mind,
or brings corrosion to tbe heart; from
our life let hate depart—-swear off on
all that Is unkind.
President: T. S iiiu,
KooreUiry: G notion A tit worth
■ For information regarding liuidt* '
, and   Hgti'ultun*   applv    to  tin-
. £fcreiary, Oruubrook, li. 0.
Old SIiul'i Miule Sew.
.Ml Kiwis uf Repairing,
(live me a call ::
In Cranbruok, II, (.'.
looatlon mill a |*ootl Im
ut house anil Imrn oi
Walervvotkti on lol,
I'or fiiirfi.-uliuj' iipi'li to "K.O.
Old Curiosity j
ew Miinimuniuiit Improved in Every Way
Cranbrook,  B. C.
GUST. ANIJEEN, Proprietor
Onr Motto t " The Bi'Bt is None Too Oootl."
JOSEPH II   Mcl.RAN.  Proprlelor
All Classes of Secondhand Ooods
Furniture ol All Kimls, l.uli
New mul Scowl luinil
Sage's Old Stand, Hanson Avenue
HOME.      ■	
There Is n vast difference between
a house ami a home. The house
hut the building ami furniture, tbo
outward shelter and gathering phu-u
of the houscllohl. The home includes
the kindly familv affection, tbe
thoughtful care and ren-tly- sympathy
ami mutual confidence and trust of
Hie members. A true home breathes
the atmosphere of love. A child
should he made to feel that his home
is indeed a home, thi- happiest place
in the world to bim, nut merely an
outward shelter and resting place,
but a center of enjoyment, sanctified
and purified bv love, the thought ami
remembrance of which shall he the
safeguard of his life as he goes forth
into the world, Riving strength and
proportion lo his character, and turning bis though Is to all that may
prepare for the heavenly home when
the scenes of earth shall have passed
Henry  Ward Um'lii-r once said:  l'I
think I am more grateful to 0-od for
the sense that  came  to  me through
my mother and sisters of the subst-an-
(society can make it—tbe opening st.ive
of an everlasting psalm-■the fair !«--
uniting of an endless and blessed
eMsteiiee*—the goodly, modest, well
|m-portioned vestibule to a temple of
find's building that shall never de-
<.iv, ui wax old, or vanish away,
The rose of Florida, the most beautiful of flowers, emits no fragrance;
lhe bird of l'ar.rdisc, the mosl beautiful of birds, gives no songs; the cy-
press of Greece, the finest of trees,
j it-Ids no fruiu dandles, the shiniest
nf men. genera llv have no sense; and
bull room belles, the loveliest of
created creatures, are verv often
Tho last issue of the British Columbia Gazette announces that ca
sitting of the supreme court will be
held In Cranbrook on October 20.
Hnth criminal and civil cases will h>
t r. Muvtrrm,
Provincial Land Surveyors
KUI.WtV   'XII  NI.1H.I  RHDI.taBltlNfl
ll'TIOKS  AT Hilt'l' STEKI.K  AM'
I'i.tifiiiiten FiiiiiIhIii-,1
r.nisiwii. r. o. Bos sn.
CiHlllirooG I', ii. Hon 11.
■ Telephone 171.
(Illlio In Cranlirooli: Ilelil I.I... k.
MiiiiilFilctumra ninl Donlcra
Dotltij Wnrk it Specially
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work is onr advertisement, bui wi
Itut this ad in the llmaM Itt
emphnsixH il.
Near l-ower -irmstrotiK Avemm
In Hpriuif Nntui'c rmatcH niien in
lli-tt uiul E -i«Ht.   Wl.nl more tltlintc
time to tllm-nnl tlto * iMtiiti iliemi »t
winter and array oiumi'll in Hot hen
whluh intin--i.v r-il*-' t thajitjr of ift<>
utit-liMiiT' undermlutiy *i\ft*.
Vour inifi'iil r-vifw of onr ->-iriitir
1'iliiliit will Miuxi'ci-t un Appropriate
We  hkII nvprythluK from   Ann
nioliilcH to Itnli.v ('iiiTiit)-!"'.
Wolniy miyibliifr Mtitlpr I he huh.
(tie-it Mt.H-k ufH'H^ITI'KK ntul ♦
OAttPRTHnnw on hand.
M.itt'i yon  want   n   stove?    Tli
winter if rniiibi|C.
llniiNuii Ave. IViHilirook
I tiiiT Integrity, purity and nobility   ol
| womanhood,    than     for almost any-
] tiring else in this world.     After    a
ilorw life I can sav that I have      not
lost  faith in women.     The lonner   I
Jive the more   chivnlric is mv retrnrd
I for Ihem.     I should look upon it    ns
,a fatal canker in     mv soul if I fell
from mv    confidence  in   the treneral
.Iruslwoi'thiness, homwtv, honor    ami
,nlmrltv of    womanhnti.1.    Therefore,
■ when T hear vnurm men. or men     in
uiHltlle life, or did     men, cast cross
Uwerslons on the character of    wo-
itnen. I feel ns If I   were In a   den of
ihtsslnc ser|H-nts.     Mv soul, eome not
,into communion with such men; abhor
dfcM#M»#AAaAaAAAAAAAAAA-a i IImi|»- Pass hv them,   for tliey      are
*•***•*•••••••••••••*• ] themselves far     down  in corruption;
 If T hear a man speak cflWtcmntuoua
^^^^■■■■■■■■■■■■■^^^^^BI words of
tlto thoiiifbt     tbat  he h.-^l a  mother
whose memory he Insults."
I have peeped into quiet parlors
where -the car|iet is clean mil not old,
ami tno furniture is polished and
bright, Into rooms whero the chairs
aro neat ami the floor carpeted, into
kitchens where the family live, and
the meals are cooked and eaten, and
the hoys and jrirls are as blithe nnd
ioyous ns the birds overhead, and I
soo that it is not so much wealth, or
learning, nr clothes, or servants, or
toll or Idleness, or town, or country,
or station, as tone and temper that
render homes hnppv or wrertched. And
I see, too, that in town or country,
food sense and kind feeHnR, and
Clod's grace make life what no teachers or accomplishments, or means, or
Nelson's Leading Hotel
llooraa with ll»tlia.   'Phone In
every room
Barber Shop on tlio premises.
Thoroughly up.to.lato.
Rates, $2 00 a day and up.
OKO. P. WK 1,1.8, Proprietor
B. TONKIN, Miiiiuger
Wlnnlpea, Port William.
Dul-ith, 51. Paul, Sioux City
New York
St John, N. K.
St. Louis 	
Sydney, L.»'....
. #07.50
. #1*1,10
# t :i I .-jo
Tickets on Sale MAY t nml IS
JUNB6.6, lllnml'.>ll,.IL,I.V ii. 7,'.".'
•ml 23, AI'iil'ST II, 7, 31 uml 32,
tttm. Pint Clii«s. ll,Miii,l Trip
Ninety Days* Limit.
KnuTKH.— These tirkels Hre i*or„l
via any nn.o"iii*e.l routes in one or
lulti itirei'tions. Tn ilestinntions east
ot GhietlKO are finn-l via tlie Ore.it
For further  iitformntlon,  Hates,
Sleepini*   (lar   llonervation*.   ete.,
apply to
ll.C. A.. I). P. A.
WINNII'Kll. MAN. NKI.SllN. 11.0.
W-ildo.  B C.
PAUL ST. JOHN, Proprietoi
(South-east Kootenay'« Gtoat
Summer 1'eeurt
.liiBl the place to upend a few
days' vftcftitbii
Barstoeked with tlie best
Dining service Drit*cltMs
Comfortable ttooma
Now growing in otic nurseries lot
the fall trade:
iiU.OUU peach, apricots, nectarines,
cherry, plum, prune, pear and apple,
iu all the leading varieties.
100,000 small fruits.
Hi.oou ornamental tree*, in all thc
Ir.idniij varieties fur ll.C.
Strictly home grown wiUiout irrigation uml not siit.jivt to damage
noiu lumigatiou.
Stock of bull)-; to arrive iu Augu^i
(ruin Japan, Kiai.it- and Holland.
Hee supplies, spray pumps. -,ct«.U,
MO page catalogue Iree.
VANCOUVER.     -     •      1. C.
uniler Section 117 nnis-t be commenced
liofore the IssuanC* ol such Certificate
nl ImiiruYcmcnts.
O. C. Beattie.
UaM this     JTth   ilay ol   AuRust,
1II0S. 23-H
I hereby give notice Uiat thirty
days alter dale 1 intend to apply to
tlio Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works lor permission to establish a
jiablic highway Irom a point on tha
wagon road near Fish Lakes it Lot
No. fi.li, Uroup One, East Kootenay
Ilistriet being (6.72) sii cbains and
.seventy     -  two       links north,
figliiy-three degrees east
from the   S.   W. corner ol Lot No.
li.ii, Uroup one, thence (0.94) ninety-
l Weill}
I, James II. Drewett, ul Nelson,
II. C, give notice that 1 will appl)
lur a license to prospect for coal anil
petroleum on thtte following fiescrined
lands on Fording Itiver:
Commencing at a post planted ou
the tiorlh-casi cornei oi Lot liH.o,
ihence easl nil chains, thence suulli
fin chains, theuce west au chains,
llience north HU chains lu place ul
Jas. II. Drewett, Locator,
.1. I*. I'uiH'rtson, Agent.
hated tins filli il.iv ul August,
I MM. 21-lil
Talec notice that I, William A. Kol
lilts, will apply to the board ol License Commissioners lor the City ol
t'ranbro.»kv at its next meeting heltl
aller this date Ior the transfer Irom
myself to V. Hyde Baker, of the license to sell intoxicating liquors b)
retail iu the premises known as the
Wentworth Hotel, situate on Lots
II and 11, Block 94, jn the said City
uf Cranhrook.
William A.  Rollins.
Dated August 29th, 1903.       2t-5t
(Form f.)
Take notice that I. James A. Harvey. Free Miner's Certificate No.
1,'liiR, acting as agent fot Ike M.
Ely,   Free   Miner's Certificate    No.
1117131," intend, sixty days from
Ihe date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder lor a Certificate of
Improvements,   for the   purpose    of
ntainine a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
A.id further take notice that ac
lion, undet section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such
I'ertifieate of Improvements.
Dated   this   27th day   ol   August,
\.D. iao«.
2l-9t J. A. Harvey.
links south,' im
west to tbe
boundary ol   Lot No. 67b,
Iine, thence south
■ iliac degrees, west
six chains and thlrly-
s)\ links, composing a portion ul
Lut Nu. 812, Uroup One, to ths
northern boundary oi Lot No. 6030,
Uroup one, at a point about (6.00)
six chains from the N. E. comer ul
Lot Nu. iiu.lt,, Oroup One.
Dated Aug. 7th, 1908. 2«-6t
A. J. Ur«e.
lake notice ihal 1, Cbarlea Kltng-
Mtstnttli, ul Elko, li. C,, uccupalioi.,
lluicl Keeper, intend tu apply tot
pcrinlsstun iu purchase the ioliowlns)
described laud.
Cuiutucucmg at a pust planted uu
lhe east boundary ol the Crows Nest
Southern right-of-way, about 40
chains south ul the S.W. corner of
Lot A746, uroup One, theuce tunning
east to Elk river, tlience foilo'vaiji
els River southerly to a point au
chains suuth, ihence west to the
a'.orcsaid boundary ui the Crows Nest
Southern nglit-ui-way, theuce lulluwing the saiu buundary ol said ngtii-
ut-wa) tu the puiul ul cumuieucciueiit
in' coutaimug AO aeres, inure or less.
Chas.  Klingensmith, Locator.
July Ath, 1908, 17-ttt
Take uuliee Ihal Catheline Melnnes, ol Klkmuuth, wile ol M. Mc-
Ittnee, intends tu apply for permission iu purchase the lutluwtiig described land:
Commencing al a pust planted at
liic intersection ui the eastern boundary ui tbe rigbt-oi-way ul The Crows
Ntut Suulheln Railway, with the
uuiibem boundary of Lot 128, Group
une, Kootenay District, thence east
along said boundary AO chains, thence
nurih au cbains, tbence west to the
eastern buundary ut Lot 4142, Uroup
one, tbence south to the souab-east
ucr ol Lut 4142, tbence west along
the southern boundary of said
Block U.4S to the eastern
boundary oi the right-of-way ol tbe
t rows Nes*. Southern Railway, thence
south along the said eastern boundary ut saiu right-of-way to the point
ul commencement and containing 480
acres, tuure or less.
Catherine Melnnes.
Dated June 23rd, 1901. t*-«t
Notice Is hereby given that an
order has this day becn made by ti*
Honorable the Chiel Justice, Guru"
Hunter, lor tbe amendment of tbe
plan of thc Townsite ot llosmer, said
;,l,it> lieing Died in the Land Registry office at Nelson, B- C, and there
numbered 772 and lor the filing ol
amended plan unless objections thereto are filed with the Registrar of the
Supreme Court ol    llritish Columbia
t Victoria, 11. C, within sis   weeks
I the lirst publication uf this nolice.
Tlie amended plan which shows the
proposed amendments and petition
may he seen posted in the ofliee oi
the Government Agent at Cranhrook,
Dated this 12th dav ul August,
W. K. Oerd.
.Solicitor lor tbe Elk Valley Development Company, Limited.
First publication 27th ol Aunust,
1908. 23-6t
(Fom r.)
Take notice that I, James A. Harvey, F.M.C. No. 1380, acting as
agent lor James T. Laidlaw, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 6353, Intend,
sixty days Irom dale bereol, to apply lo tbe Mining Recorder tor a
Certificate ol Improvements, tor the
purpose ol obtaining a Crown Orant
if the above claim.
And further take noties that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance ol such
Certificate ol Improvements.
Dated this filth day ol June, A 11,
19-l0t James A. Harvey.
(Form F.)
Take notice that I, 0. C. Beattie,
F.M.C. No. 1H1311, intend 60 davs
Irom date bereol to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certiorate of
Improvements lor the purpose of obtaining a crown    grant ot the above
1   And further take notice Uut action
Any   available    Dominion    Lands
ithin tbe Railway Belt in British
Columbia, may be hols is leaded by
any person wbo is tbe sols head ol a
lainily, or any male over 18 years of
age, to the extent of OMtpiarter section ul UO acres, DOis or less
Entry must bs made ptrsunally at
the local land ollice for tbe dlsuici
iu which *V* land is situate. Entry
by pruxy may. however, be mads oa
certain conditions by tne lather,
mother, sun, daughter, brother el
sister ul an intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to pel-
Iui in the conditions connected therewith under one ol Uie lollowing plan.
(1) At least sii awntht' iesid-oce
upuu and cultivation ol Ihe land in
each year lor three Itan.
(1). II th* lathee (or luether,
II the father ia deemed), ol th*
buuictteader resides upon a (arm ia
the vicinity of tb* land entered lor,
the requirement* nn to naldinci mar
be satiated by such person residing
with the lather or mother.
(3). Ii ths settiet bas his permanent residence upon farming land
owned by him in the eieinMy of Ms
homestead, the requirement* aa to
residence may be eatleSed by residence upon the eaid ltd
Six months' noMo* In writing
ehould be given to th* CommiasloMC
oi Dominion Lands nt Ottawa *l intention to npply for pattnt.
COAL—Coal mining right* may be
leased lor a period ol twe-ity-on*
years at nn nanus! ratal of 11 pec
acre. Not awn than I,i70 aere*
.shall be leaned to on* Individual ot
company. A royalty ah th* rata ol
five cents per ton shall be collected oa
the mercbantaW* eoal rait"-*.
w. w. cony,
Deputy ol tb* Minister of Uw Interior
$2.00 A YEAH
Bv the Herald   Publishing Company,
SEI'TEMItER   17.  1!M>8
Editor and Manager.
'llie Herald is worth Sl» a year. It
co:.ls only 11. No man in Soulh
Lasi Kootenay cau afford tu lie without ii, and everyone living uutsiiic ol
the dislriot, who is interested tn the
progress ol this section, sliuuld iea.il
It It publishes the news while il is
news. 11 is controlled absolutely hy
lhe publishers. No clique, party or
individual dictates Its policy. it
itun't Ity to please the people. It s
desire is to publish a newspaper that
will be a credit to the community.
Send lu your subscription aud yuu
will he lliankliil ever afterward,
Advertising rates tl P" Inch pel
li,until, uo more and uo less.
Heading matter 15 cents per line
lo non-advertisers; 10 cents per line
tu regular advertisers.
II you desire, lo reach the people ol
South East Kouteuay yuu must ad-
verllso in Tlic lleralil.
The lleralil lias a fllsl class job
plant,, and its wurk is of the best.
Tlte Herald don't want charity. II
wants a sijuarc deal oil your job
Woll,. If we can't suit you in quality and price, kick, and send your
work lu some ('heap John house in
the east that never S|iellds a cent iu
g^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^g
5,800 a. Month
Tli la If- Uic -juiimiili't-il
cithilhinof thf HtmiM
J'lCSH I.H.III  Kll.l  -i.li-.Ti,.
tion lints open h> iiiv-'-ii-ju-
ii-m Ity 'nUt-rilr-fi!* at any
Tlm Humid ijiven a dollar
in value [or u dollar ill liioti-
••y. Tlio uitvurlism lias I lit'
right to know wlnti In-  i*.
tCCftlVlOg     till    I ill-    money.
Tlie Herald  ih  one  paper
Ihul i-iiiirtH iliVBHlitlgutilill,
I, K. K. Simpson, manager of tlic
Cranbrook Herald, do hereby stale
ili.ii the pressman's b.ooks show, nnd
tliat 1 ..avc every reason to believe
that the circulation ol the Herald fm
iiiu past three mom lis has been
IT,Kin copies, divided as follows;
Issue of June 4   1,175
Issue of June JI  1,16ft
Issue of June 18 1,100
Istmc of June 25  1.176
Issue of July 2 	
Issue ol -luly !)	
Issue of July 16 	
Issue ot Julv 23 ...   .
Issue of July 30 ...   .
. ...1,200
Total July 	
issue ol August II ...
Issue ot August 1,3 ...
Issue of August 20 ...
Issue of August 27 ...
Total   August  0,894
Tolal lor the three months, 17.-Hill
ur an average uf 5,"23 copies n
.Subscribed and swum to heloro me
lliis 39th day ol August, 191)8. at
i ranhrook, H. C.
John Hutchison,
A notary puhlie In and for the Countv
ol Kootenay, llritish Columbia.
«»> i a - wm *«-,.t-s-.t s t-i-e * ■-*
i HY Till* OLD HAN. »
****&***** •**«*•• ;-;•*--«•«*'■
There Is eonsidi'tiihle being said al
this lime iu regard tn flic Koofenny
atvl Cnrllion liilints. nnd inueii
giipmring being indulged in ns
wltnther or not Ihese eleollons will
be lield at the sninc Unit' as Ihe
general flection or inter. The Herald would 11I.i- in see lioih of thorn
lield al Hie time uf the genera] elections, simply as n matter of political
principle, Iml ns one who is deeply
Interested in the progress ol this
ilistriet, ive would rattier see bve-
elccliniis hold in lho Kootenay riding. II is n nattle nf polities nt
which neither party has reason to
object. If Ihe Conservatives continue in Iheir objections thev virtually concede 1h.it there is no doubt
ol Liberal success, lor if llorileii was
tn sweep lbe [lotninion. a hve-elee-
rioii would lie nn advantage lo the
Conservatives. The Herald will
take this stand iust In demonstrate
ils loyalty tn the Kootenays: If
there is a bye-election in this riding,
and the Conservative party wins in
lhe Dominion, the Herald will do
nothing In Interfere with the election
of Mr. flnodeve as it will lahe the
stand Ihal il Would lie lar hetter tn
have a representative at Ottawa who
Not many years now remain
lo me. The" snows of winter
have taken r-lie place ol spring;
but, however I may show the
ravages nf time, my heart still
tvma.iiis young, and 1 feel thai
1 have us much strength as
ever fnr the service of my
country. In spile of my sixty
vcats, of which so much has
been spent hi the service ol
ihe IVmiiuion, 1 am sure that
some time remains Ior me yet
to oppose those sinister combinations, and especially have
1 ,i loot'h Ior the unholy alliance between the Castors and
the Conservatives. Our
greatest work Ior Hie advancement oi Canada is the construction of the (Hand Trunk
Paoifio, which means so much
lor our country's future, and
with which I hope lliy name
will he chiellv associate*!, The
more we know aboul this line
Hie mini' we see Its advantages
to Canada. In tact, ils advantages nre alreadv being
[nil, as even now it is taking
its part In the transportation
of the western wheal crop.
Within two years wc shall sec
this line running from .Moncton
to Winnipeg, onenina UP trailic
tn new empires nf the north,
where generations vol 1^ coino
will lie able to settle ami mate
their livelihood. 1 tell vnn in
.ill sincerity liul 1 want lo
carry the coming general e'ee-
Utui In order tn finish Hns
great wnrk, and when ii is
completed I shall he .content
tn sav with Die nrophoi nl
old: "Lord, now let Thv
servant depart in peace' -
The Premier nl Sons.
oaiLviE s
Royal Household Flour
Has stood the test of years. There aro
other Hours, but none excej OUILVIK'S
iti excellence.   It litis distinct advantages.
Yon can ili-peml on it always.
Von ean Rot wore loavcB from n sack of
than from any other,
Try one baking of it nml lie convinced.
l',-r sfi.'k of IIN ll,s. $3,90
WHEAT MAMIES"-')'« l'«-'ecl BrwMiit I	
Hoots,   Shoes,   Hosiery,  Gloves,   Mitts
Crockery, Cut Cllass
CRANBROOK,                                            I.C.
New Fall Suits
Our tu'w stylos for Full nnd Winter Wear are
nearly ull in.   Thore nre   boiuo good ones in
You get finality nud ulylo.  There are no bettor
limits inn.If.
" Km-ty-to-Wi-ar *'  boot	
wiili rubber heel	
G1KLS' HCIIOOL OOT,  witli hnv heel
LADIKH'TAN hl.l'CliKiiS Juki,
r.t in is,  leather   li I. rubber   heal,
wulurproof mil*', tbu vory Iwhi boot mmlt-
WOHK1NU   MEN'H HOOTS   wulnrproof
tuiil.'t-kiii $6.|)<) $3.60
► ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■■»♦♦♦*» ♦♦-^♦♦M»-»*M-t-» ♦
is n member of tlie party In power,
robber thnn have a representative lit
(h-oree It. rowan, K.C, will matte
:i torniidable candidate for the
c.iiiKrnat-ivt- party in Vancouver, hut
lie will be sacritleed on t-he altar nf
tbu almighty dollar. The people uf
Vancouver know that tho Laurier nd-
mi it Ul ration will be returned, und
they want a representative who is
witli the government, und who will
In- a fighter for the interests of
Vancouver. That is just the reason
why W. W. B. Melnnes will he elected. Tlto voters of Victoria and
Vancouver look after their own Interests when au election comes
around, and tbat is why every Conservative candidate was elected at
lbe last provincial election, uml that
is also why W. W. II. Melnnes and
lho tion. Mr. Tcmplcmun will inflected at the coming election. You
Hill see the usual amount of campaign bluster by the Conservatives,
lint (Jie votes will go for the Liberal
candidates. Those consl people look
out for themselves first and thu
parly last.
Craubrook has reason lo be proud
of herself. Professional burglars
now appreciate tbe facl that there is
money in this town.
Auy lime a sale breaker goes
through (he Herald safe und finds any
money we will cut it in two with
Canada does not want anv more
London and Colchester elections.
Magistrate Williams, of Vancouver,
sentenced a 16 year-old hoy to sii
mouths at hurd labor in jail for the
I heft uf $1.85. There is a muu who
deliberately ruined a life to show
his power and emphasize Iris oflici.il
dignity. It would have been far
better if lie bad murdered the boy
ut the start. Such men have uo
right to hold otUce and the McHride
government would perform a humane
act if it would depose him without
furtliei  delay.
Uisliop Dontenwell, who lias lett
for Koine, has jkist been made archbishop of Victoria, with headqtiniters at, Vancouver, This will lie
guod news for the bishop's many
friends iu this district, wbo admire
biu for Lis learning, his pleasing
manner und his general Rood worth.
Sir Charles Tupper has again announced thnt be will take no part
whatever in the coming campaign.
In this division the Conservative
parly loses a strong advocate and
tho country loses Hie kind of a man
who should be in politics.
It. I'. ivttipiecc has consented to
he the Socialist candidate for the
Medicine Hat district. Pettfpleoo
has always hail a bantering to be
in thi! limelight in polities. ai»l there
.nc members of lubor organizations
who entertain tbe idea that he
should either resign ns lahor orgaulz-
ei or quit running for ofliee,
The * 'onservatives of Vancouver
have nominated o. il. Cowan for the
Dominion boose. Mr. Cowan Hill
ma'ie fi strong candidate but be will
imi receive the honest support id the
McUride government.    C. E. Tisdale
  tiie government candidate, while
the people lurked Mr. Cowan.
Oue of tbe speakers at the Liberal
meeting lust Thursday evening muted
that he had been too busy to prepare
it speech for the occasion, hut that
he could easily remember the days
in Ontario prior to 18ft6 when everybody bad plenty of time on their
The Herald is offering prim of
$2.00 and $1 to the pupils of tbe
schools for the best essay on Cranbrook, full particulars of which ait-
given in another place in this paper.
The Herald is doinfl this lo offer an
incentive for the children to know
"Beautiful Cranhrook" and to study
thc possibilities of what is considered
one of   the bent towns of its size in
iVestvm Canada. We have still
another object iu view, and that is
in induce the children t-o pay more
rilteniton lo the woik ol composition,
.ni Uic art of placing on paper
die ulcus oi ihe iiuud is one thai
should hv cultivated to the fullest extent.
The Honorable Richard McHride
wus nol a catidtdate for the Dominion house in the Victoria district.
Mr. Mcliride is wise and knows that
a bit il iu tiiu hand is worth a whole
covey in the bush.
Let lite election he a clean one.
The peoplo demand that such be the
The financial standing of Canada
wus never as good us al the presenl
Tlie Alberni Pioneer News calls
Italph Smith a "blatherskite." There
i.s nobbing in Mr. Smith's record to
warrant such unfairness, and the
I'ioiieeet* News makes a grievous er-
uhi'ii il iudulges in such language
.iIimii men of Mr. Smith's standing iu
i he province und dominion.
Kev. Kirhy, of Calgary, has issued
a request that the laities id ilie cou-
Kregatian take of! their huts during
church service. Thai would settle
Ihe blaster millinery display.
The sooner the elections are called
and the campaign is over with the
bottat ii will be Un  Hie country.
Keep boosting the park proposition.
Everybody in Canada fully renthw
that foster and Kuwler are lbe real
leaders of the Conservative party,
tun nobody wants men with such records iu charge of the affairs of
this Dominion. That is why Smith
Curtis is to get the support of every
laboring man in this riding.
Smith Curtis is making good all
over the district.    Tbe man who has
lood for laboring men all his life
has the advantage over the matt who
is mulfiiui; a grand stand play lo get
an ollice. That is why Smith Curtis
will gel the majority of votes over
.Mr. Ooodeve.
Thete is no doubt iu tbe mind of
any individual resident of Cranbrook
or lhe Kooteuay district that Sir
U'flfrld Laurier will be returned by a
(rood sate majority, and in view of
tins fact a man would be foolish to
vote the Conservative ticket this
vear- We are ul) working for our
different communities, and the best
way to work is to cast a vote for
Smith Curtis, who will be with
Ihe government and be in a position
to advance the best interests of this
part of the country.
All of the papers oi Vancouver are
in favor of ( owan, ond yet it is a
twenty to one shot that Melnnes will
be cleeM. Party organs and purchased hot air will not overcome the
will of the people.
Tisdale was the McHride candidate
at Vancouver and he was badly left
in the lurch.
The Liberal meeting held last
Thursday evening was pretty good
DVldonco of Hie feeling in this community. There were over one hundred people present, notwithstanding
lbe fact tbiil the meeting was called
hurriedly. Bast Kootenay will he
ull right when It comes to Dominion
elections, simply been use Ihe big
labor vote will stand hy the Liberal
partv that 1ms done so much foi the
detclopmeiii uf the west.
Whal has the Conservative parly
Over done tor tho great army of laborers in Ihe Dominion of Canada''
The Herald asks that in all Sincerity
and hopes for an answer. Hut It
will not gel one, tor the reason that
everylrody recognizes Ihe fact that
lhe Conservative party is autocratic
und has no more use for tbe laboring
man than the lords had for slaves In
the days of feudalism.
Show where Mr. Hoodevc ever said
a word for the laboring man eicept
when be was a candidate for ofliee.
Mr. Ooodeve is a consistent Conservative and never has lost any sleep over
the conditions id the laboring man.
Tlie Liberals will have a majority
f not less tliun from thirty to forty
iu Hie next house, and yon cannot
a bet from any Conservative that
the Laurier administration will not
be sustained.
Mr. Ames, in his tour over the
Western country, failed to say that
since Mr. Oliver went into office there
had been nothing of which lhe mosl
radical Conservative eould complain.
The reason that Mr. Ames failed to
dwell upon this phase of the subject
was because he was making a political fighl and not trying to deal fairly
with Ihe country or   tire people.
I Wa toll Cranhrook grow. It is today llie best town in Western Canada.
It has been demonstrated that
Crunbrook can raise all kinds of
fruit. That means that this town is
to be thc commercial center of a
great fruit-raising area.
I Keep boosting Cranbrook, the
hest town of its size in all of Canada.
i There are uo "'lawless saloons" in
Cranhrook. On the contrary thore
are hotels here that arc conceded by
all people to be tlte most orderly in
ull of tbe province, and they are licensed by the government and are on
ilie same basis in consequence as any
other legitimate business institution.
No man objects to a fair line of worki
in favor of temperance, but ull people
arc opposed to fanatical measures
and unfair criticisms. Let; us ull
he honest in our work of reform. If
we ate the results will be far more
The Herald is still wailing Ior
some Conservative organ in Western
Canada to condemn the practices indulged In at Colchester to secure a
Conservative victory. Why is it
Ihal these papers Ihal are supporting
lhe Conservative party have not tlie
moral courngo to conllemn poiitie.il
rottenness in tiieir own party? Tlie
London election wus without a doubt
rotten, aud the Herald said so at tlic
time, hut the servile slaves of party
are afraid lo sny a word at this
time. Door tilings. They arc slaves
The Statist, of London, Knglawl,
•stfiliates that during the year -tiding
June -'Kith lust, more British capital
was suit to Canada than fo all tbe
rest of the empire, including India.
In that period the new capital de.
mauds, which were met in Oreat
Itriiiiln amounted to $500,000,000,
exclusive of refundings. Of this
about Sinn,OOO.uoo was invested
iibroad. of which $105,000,000 remained in the empire. The amount
which it is stated came to Canada
Is $05,000,000.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier's government
has given away more of the public
domain than aiiy of ils predecessors,
hut it has been to Uic homesteaders.
It is practically settled thnt
Thanksgiving day will be Monday,
October lfith. The change Iroin
Thursday lo Mondav has lieen made
In older Ihat travellers and students
may be able to sjicnd the week-end
with their families while at home for
Thanksgiving. It is expected
Thanksgiving will be on a date previous to the general elections.
It is estimated that the 1907 voters' list, which will lw used in the
approaching Dominion elections contains fullv 250.000 niore voters than
were entitled to vote in the election
nf mm.
at work. The Meteor eould be heard
travelling through space for several
minutes before it struck), but the
boy thinking it. was a passing train
took no notice.
j The death is announced of .1. Schubert of Armstrong, B.C. .Mrs. Scru-
bort who was 02 years of age, crossed the plains iu the fifties with n
company of gold hunters.
I Whilst hunting near Cloverdule.
Oeorgc Cline fell, bis shol gun exploded, the churge striking him in
th:' hip. II is doubtful whether he
will ever he able to walk without the
aid ol crutches.
j A young Scotchman by the name of
•lohn 1 lastie committed suicide at
Salmon Ann last week by taking
strychnine. No reason is known for
the rash act.
It is said th.it Dr. Oiiinlan, of
I'rinco Itupert, will contest lhe Co-
mox-Atlln constituency in the Conservative interests in opposition to
Win. Sloan, Liberal.
♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-»■» |
A runaway engine tore out the end
if the engine house at Orand   For''s !
.ist week. j
A. K. Adrian Meyer, customs officer at Vernon, died on September
1st. Mr. Meyer was a man who bad
travelled extensively in the Orieat before settling iu British Columbia. He
was lhe father of Alderman Meyer, of
A valuable strike of free-milling
gold i|tiart7. has been made on the
Oratiitc-Doorman group, live miles
west of Nelson.
It is reported tt»at ''Swiftwater
Bill" Oates, who was so well known
in the Yukon country in the earlv
days, has made another elean-up of
something like half a million dollars
in Nevada.
j A car of ore is being shipped eaeh
week* from the Fisher Maiden, near
New Denver.
John Houston, editor of the Prince
Itupert Empire, in answer to tbe
query: "When will lots be put on the
market in Prince Rupert?" replied,
"I am unable to state when, because
if 1 answered vour question I should
only he guessing and I'm not good al
guessing. If I were 1 would not be in
Prince Itupert now."
Joe Jordan, of Duncans, has during
the past few days, killed lour panthers and has received the irovernment
bounty of $15 a head for them.
New York capitalists have just Invested $.100,000 in 10.000 acres ot
timber limits situated In the northeast comer of Vancouver Island. The
deal was negotiated on a stumpage
basis of fifty cents a thousand feet.
For stealing a horse from S. II.
Thompson, a livery man of New
Westminster, William Madden, a
voting man, was sentenced bv Judge
Howay to five vears penal servitude.
I Gold in large quantities of the
character as that which made Poplar
Creek famous some years ago. has
heen discovered at Ormtsllde. south
of ltevelstoke, near the Arrowhead
branch of the C.P.H.
It is stated that a limited number
of lots in the townsite of Prince llu-
ncrfc will lie offered tor sale this
Hon. K. O. Tatlow, provincial minister of finance and agriculture, has
left for Kngland, where he will arrange for larger and more commodious olliees for the British Columbia
agent general.
Tom Taylor, an Irishman. was
drowned last week while fishing in
the Kootenay river near Nelson.
The British Columbia team won the
Loudon merchants cup at the Rock-
HfTe ranges, Ottawa, last week. The
team vvas made up of Captain Mc-
Horg, Captain Forrest, Lieutenant
Cunningham. Lieutenant Milne, Ser-
ireaiit Richardson, Sereeant-Major
('a ven, Sergennt-Ma.ior McDougall
'and Sergeant Parr.
'- The river steamer Caledonia sank
at a point seven miles above Tele*
.-Taph creek on the Skeena river, a
few davs ago. The boat belonged to
the contracting firm of Folev, Welsh
A Stewart.
Dr. Koch, the fatuous haeterinloglst |   r«plnin Hart MrTFnrg. of Vaneoii-
^"iH-SL^ii^ hmlm* n0f W, has won the Transvaal cup    for
India to \ancouveHas   week       Dr.  r|fl« -*linfti|-.-, for tU,..second Ume   in
Koch has hern touring the Orient and succession,
is now on bis wav home to Paris.     |                           .
A wireless tcleirranh station Is be.
ling instulhtl on the DHarrt hotel Victoria.
The   highest temperature   recorded
in Canada this summer was at
Spcnc/s bridge, It C, where, during
July the mercury registered 108 in
the shade.
W. F. I-Mgar, a prospector ot
Ymir, left some days ago to do assess unlit work on his claim. As be
did not return, a search was instituted and be was found dead at his
claim, death lieing evidently due to
an explosion of dynamite,
A proposal is afoot to establish a
fruit farming colony for Anglo-Indian
retired officers in this province.
Tiie Orand Forks Fruit Orowers'
association are building a cold storage.
Duncan Ross is holding political
meetings iu Cariboo.
A party is surveving tbe country
between Carmi and Pcnticton for tbe
C.P.U. ami estimating the costs of
J. O. Warren, of Toronto, president
of lbe Kettle Valley railway, wns in
the Boundary last week in connection
with the extension of the line.
Two of the Orecnwood banks have
withdrawn their advertising from the
Orecnwood Ledge. Brother Lower)'
will get even hy hanking his money
iu his sock.
-at ing
The Pentlcton   Press is ndvo
city incorporation.
Au Indian was shot by another Indian al Kamloops on Friday.
The total assessed value of nil
buildings within the citv limits of
Nelson is $1,2110,000.
Thomas O'Brien, K.C,, of Golden,
died at Spokane last week. He was
iCP.R. counsel and formerly private
secretary to Sir John Sholy/,, governor of Manitoba.
The rate war between the Canadian
Pacific Navigation Co. and the International Steamship Co., goes
merrily on.
There    are     172 teachers    lit
icbools in ine citv of Vancouver.
A. I). M.irfnrhuii1, who bas been
editor of the Greenwood Times for
the past vear, has resigned his position fur lbe purpose of studying law.
A splendid sirike of ore has heen
made on the New England group ou
Deep creek, near Rossland, The
group has been held for ten years hy
B. Stout and his associates und it
seems that nt last their patience
and  perseverance has been rewarded.
The Greenwood Li-dge has a pleasing way of apologizing for being late.
Jt says: "The Ledge is one day late,
owing first, to—well, vou all know
how it is. This is a mining camp,
the editor is awav, and lhe hank
managers are all solier."
1 Tlie Brooklyn, Rawhide, Mountain
Rose and Sunset mines, belonging to
the Dominion Copper company at
Greenwood, are all working.
The first court of revision was held
ill Chilllwnck last week.
i IL is roported that the Middlesboro
mines of the Nicola Valley Coal A
Coke Co, will ho taken over bv lhe
The people of Jed way, the most
important town on tho l/ut-cn Charlotte Islands, are asking for a posl
ollice to lw established there.
' A shipment of a carload of nre
from the St. Klitio mine by the lessees, peter Johnson and John Sella*
was recently made to the Consolidated company's smelter at Trail.
At Duncans, while working iu his
father's garden, last week, Willie
McKinnon, the fourteen-year-old son
of Angus McKinnon, had a miraculous
escape from death. A meteor about
ten inches in diameter fell from the
skv and hurled itself in the ground
about % feet from where tiie hoy wai
I The Arrow Lakes Lumber company
will instill! an up Nutate hox making
plant in lime for next season's dull
Richard Armstnno, one of the pro
motors of lhe Green wood-Phoeni*
Inline), gives out that actual work
will commence nl once and that lie-
fore the end of the vear substantial
progress will have been ma*|e. The
cort)tinny has been launched with a
e.i nil al of Vi.imii.imii i„ which all the
e.iiiHu-1-. on the Phoenh hill are
Thero is said to be uu epidemic of
a mild type of typhoid fever at
I'lince Itupert.
T. C. (iiiiiu, Orand Trunk engineer,
from Fort (ieorge, reports that the
location line of ihe road will bu
completed within a lew mouths.
James It. Anderson, tor many years ,
deputy minister of agriculture, has
resigned ou account of ill-health and
has been succeeded hy R, Al. Palmer,
who will combine with his new duties
those id commissioner of horticulture, which position he has hitherto'
One hundred rooms are to be
milled to the Empress hotel at Victoria before next season. Work will
he commenced nn the addition im-
mcdiatelj uficr the annual visit of
Inspection of Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, which takes place next month.
Tiie Silver King mine, near Nelson, has resumed the shipment ot
J. B. McArthnr, the well known
railway contractor, and J. A. Po-
wnr, have purchased from ,1. S.
Deschamps, of Uossland, anil J. A.
MeKcrcher, of Vancouver, fifty-one
timber limits in the Kilamaat ' valley. The priee is $250,000, $00,000
of which has been paid.
Chas. Dins, a storekeeper of Sap-
pcrtoti, a suburb id New Westminster,
had his home burned down last week
and while returning from the city on
a street cur with a cheque for bis
insurance in his pocket, be was
thrown oil' and cut in two.
Professor Piper, of the engineering
.staff of the UpiversitV College of
llritish Columbia, died ut Regina on
his wav back from Kncaiid on September Sth.
Sir Charles H. Tupper is confined to
his home at \aueouver suffering from
the effects of a bite from a spider.
The bite look place while he was
walking in  lhe woods near Banff.
Toronto, Sept. 0.—Confidence in
the slrehffth of Liberalism, coupled
witb a determination to leave no
stone unturned lo secure the victory
for lbe cause in the coming elections,
was the dominant note at tiie
fourth annual meeting of the general
reform association of Ontario held
here today.
"We enter the approaching federal
election with confidence and enthusiasm, was the inspiring declaration
of President Mowat, at the outset of
proceedings and the same spirit of
healthy optimism wns reflected in au
encouraging message from the minister of railways who unfortunately
wus unable through indisposition to
take part in the meeting ami in all
the speeches Ihat Were made in the
courst of the three hour's session.
"The outlook is most encouraging," wrote Hon. Mr. Graham, ''and
everv indication to uu increase
lather than a decrease In the
strength id Liberal Ism. "Let every
in.iii tht his dutv aud the victory is
Word    comes    from    Ihe   Ingeuiea
country lh.it uit hough there   is gold |
there is not  sufficient  to make       u ,
successful camp.
Bears   are reported tn lie      very ,
numerous    around     Hope  Mountain.
Thev are supposed to have been driven down bv forest fires.
Petty thieves ami burglars are giving the police of Vancouver all they
want to Ido in lbe wny of tracing
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
have leased premises and opened a
branch at Revelatoke.
In an article entitled "Twelve,
Vcars of Lihci.il Rule" The Toronto
News (Cousei vati ve| savs: "No
sane person iirolcndfl that nothing
of nation.) I v.ilue bus been uccom-
illlshed hv lhe Laurier admintstra-
ii"ii. onlv n mad partisanship
would deny the ndvnnlngo* nf certain of ils acliiccineiils.   't'he MiHrli
preference, the railway     iIhrIoiii
the Lcmicuv Acl, lhe extension      of
the   Ill1ririil.ilii.il   i,|j|w;iv  at Moil-
lieal.      lhe    impioieineut of    the St.
Lawrence waterway, the activities of
the dcpniimcnl of Immigration, all
Klnurl to its credit. The department
of liurleulhll'e bus been well administered. Oood work has been done
hv the labor donniiment. There have
been uood results from tbe heavy ex-
tiiiidiiiuis ou lbe militia."
Chewing Mam
The big black plug.
_^ *->—
< i
Fall Millinery Opening
At Burns Brothers
We havo pleasure iu announcing that our Speeinl Opening of NEW FALL MILLINERY will be on the above
dates. The eolluetton is ihe Itnoat and moat bewilcliing we have ever had the pleatmre of showing lbe ladies
of Cranbrook.   Kauli llm leoms to surpass Its lovely Bister iu beauty.
We cordially Invite you to visit   MILLINERY SALOON on thii ocearion; whether you buy or not, you
are welcome.
F.tnn Nn. I.s'ltt
.  O-tlGir-ATEO   BV   US
120 tTovri in stock best service in the kootenays
.1.  11    MeltlttllRi I'llANHItOOK,   ll.C.
Receiver1^ Xo.        Tune Klletl
DO IT NOW~l*uyyour Heating Stove (
lieforeour Htock bccoiuea broken up. )
Sept. 17, 1908
To C. Racksmen:
Our safe not locked.  In case of
doubt combination written out on a tag
attached to knob. No valuables in it at
any time. Our creditors pinch all we
can collect and look for more.
J. D. McBRlDE.
e .1 P|iU i.i! I'toposhimi to iioike yon if you wmil
• iu ami net it tree hook on Mi tile on Shaving
| Cranbrook Drug & Book Company ii
C, II.  ALLISON.  Miniagir
********************** **********************
! Don't Be Deceived
By buying nil Inferior quality of CUT (f LASS.
Wo ha
LililiyV   ihe world's best.    Costs
no moro than tlio ordinary out icIiibb.
W*f *   H.    WIL/dvllNt      Gradual* Opilcla
********************** *********************
Wa ur,' r-'i'i>ixiug Lliia vn-tik 11 Blrainlil etir nf
This will !»• Hu- liiir»t i>vur ]>ut un tlio Cranbrook niliiket.
I'i'n'rH will bo down to bud-rock.
.i.ihi h'ovinil, n now siiipini'iii uf CANONC CHOCOLATES.
As w.' aro llm largest handlers of FRUITS AND CONFECTIONERY, W' »'""' yur iinsineoK.
(lur stonk ol' FANCY AND STAPLE CR03ERIES «ill lw
found ooniplcto.
EVERY EVENING.    No Gtouerli s sold nfler II o'eloek.
k ****tAAiAi4AAi-*-----*-"*AA
r ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼*1r*1r,W*lFV'F,F*»7,W,F,»
Marmorzall&n after dlnui'i tea cups
un display in Fink's china department.
Harry White, customs ofllcer, spent
a few tlavs at Pincher Creek with
iiis trietra, llie Rev. .1. !■". Hunter,
last week.
Since last issue of the Herald wo
have sold iwentv-one suit-., made to
ortler by The I louse nf Moherlin.-
C. C. S.
Tlie dance al tin* Auditorium last
Thursday was •* ereat success, the
music furnished by Prolessor Salmon
and his orchestra, consisting ol
cornet, violin ami drums was excellent.
See Hoherlin samples.—C.C.S,
Advance    shipment of Royal Bay-
nili     china at the Kiulu Meieautili-
uasluii^ machines,
such satisfaction.—
See uur, line ol
whieh are giving
I'.itniuie llros.
Miss McLeod's uUllncrv opening,
Monday and Tuesday, September 21st
and timt.     Itememner the dates.
Iton't forRi't Miss McLeod's millinery opening, Monday ami Tuesdav,
September ilst ami 22ml, Miss McLeod has secured this year the very
latest in the way ot millinery art
ami she is satisfied that with her
'slock this year she will lie able    to
Miss McLeod's millinery opening, nioet the demands of ihe ladies of
Monday and Tuesday, September 21st! Cranbrook. She asks all of the la-
and 23nd,     Remember the dates.       dies to call and look over her stock,
The local police    are cation    fried no matter whether they can buy   or
See Hoherlin samples.—C.C.S.
Furnished room for rent. \pnk to
J. (.cask. -.; tf
Harry Dinitnoek, of Moyie, was iu
town last Tuesday.
A. E. Watts, of Wattsburg, was iu
the eity on Tuesday.
Oeorgc Laurie, of Creston, was in
the city on Friday last.
When vou want, fresh fruit go the
The Palm, 'phone 141.
Dr. F, W. (Ireen visited Creston
professionally yesterday.
Mrs. Warren DeBeck will receive on
Friday, September 25th.
FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms.
Apply to Mrs. S. Richards.        2:i-tf
(t. E. L.     MaoKinnen, of Hosmer,
was in the city yesterday.
Frank  Angers is visiting some of
the Pass towns this week.
E. A. Hill and daughter, oi Movie,
were itt tire city last Friday.
II. W. Drew, of Kimberley, was in
the city on business Tuesday.
((rant Itelange, of Marysville. was
in the city on Saturday last.
| C. H. Stanley, ol Hosmcr, was a
Cranbrook visitor on Tuesday.
j George Geary, uf Fori Steele, drove
over to Cranbrook on Tuesday.
j Tom Atmstrong is improving his
premises by building a new fence.
| R. II. Benedict, the Mayook lumberman, was in the city on Tuesday,
I S. S. Taylor, of Nelson, was in
the city on Tuesday on the Chinese
| P. Wood, the Cherry creek ranchman, was in Craiibrool-i on business
last Tuesday.
I Miss Ida Lowr will Kive evening
classes in shorthand. Apply Herald office. 25-tI
I E. C. Smith, the WyclllTc rancher,
was in the city yesterday with a
load of produce.
I Paul Handley, of Marysville, was
doing business in Cranbrook at the
end of last week.
i l>. It. Yates, ut the Otis Staples
Lumber company, Wycliile, was iu
the city ou  1'ucsday.
I "Big Jim" McKce, of Elko, was
in town on Tuesday on business connected with his department.
i H. W. Wood, of the Trltcs Wood
company, of Fernie, was in Cranbrook last Tuesday ou business.
I Miss McLeod's millinery opening,
Mondav and Tuesday, September -Isi
lind  --ml.      Remember  llie dates.
| Charles Farrell, ot Moyie. was in
Ihe city on Monday ou business con-
neotod with the Society Girl mine.
|   .1. K. M. Pinkham, niana-gcr of the
1 Imperial Bank, left for Calgary yesterday tin n duck shooting expedition!
I E. .1. Cann of Cak.uv. was in
tbe city on .Mondav oft business connected with the Brunswick-Balk Col-
lander Co.
I Thomas Cole, Inlo of the Royal
hotel, is managing lhe Monro hotel at
Creston. (hiring Mr. Monro's absence
in tbe east.
I W. A. McDonald, K.C, of Nelson,
passed (brough Cranhrook on Tuesday to attend the trial of the Black
Hands at Fernie.
i li. c. Corbin, president o( the Soo-
l.ane International railway, passed
iliioiiuli Cranhrook nn Saturday afternoon tm his way east.
1 Albeit Mut/, East Kootvnay's beer
king, was in Cranhrook on Saturday.
Mr. Mut/. suys work is progressing
satisfactorily on the new brewery at
William Meeehain was down from
St. Ma rys luke yesterday. Mr.
Mcccham says that the fishing is
very good iu the lake and river at
Mies Hanson, governor of Wasa,
drove into Cranhrook in his automobile last Saturday. The governor
savs that ducks are plentiful around
his place.
1 Kron, the man who wus so badly
hurt hy the train last Sunday on a
trestle near the Moyie river, Is in
■i very precarious ' condition at the
St. Eugene hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. VanDecar
returned from an extended trip to
the western part of the province last
Monday. Mr. VanDecar says that
they had a very delightful trip.
I South African scrtp—All those wishing their scrip located on easy terms
bv an experienced locator, apply at
once to T. S., care tbe Herald. 2s-at
chicken toklay. There wns a Chinese
case at the court house yesterday and
four chickens wore decapitated for
the purpose of administering tho
Celestial oath.
We expect our second cai of fruit
Friday, September 17th. qiialiu
guaranteed as ko<h1 as first car.
Mrs.   Jones    and   Miss    Gertrude
Jones, of Belleville, Ont., arrived   I
Uie    city on   Thursday last.      Mr:
.loins will   make her home in future
with her son, Harry Jones, manager
ot the IJoyal hotel.
Since last issue ol the Ileiald- w
have sold twenty-one suits, mode t
mvlei  by Tho     House of Hoherlin.*
c, c. s.
Michel Phillipps, of Tobacco Plain;
who has been in Uie hospital for
some time suffering from the effects of
a runaway accident, is Improving rapidly and his complete recovery is
looked for very shortly.
New shipment o "Baby Rose"
Limoges china arrived today. Ladies, this is the time to sort up
while our stock is complete.
James Henderson, accompanied by
Mrs. Henderson returned from a six
weeks visit to Fort William. Ont.
Mr. Henderson has been transferred
from the tie department of the C.P.
R. to the laud department.
Fink's Pure Food Grocery eustoui-
rs wear a satisfied look. Ask them
why and tlie smile will tell you.
Chas. Gaskill returned from the
north last Sundav. While ut Question Mr. Gaskill saw Harry Joyce,
who is busy bulllling a saw mill for
parties there. Question now- has a
population of over  I,nun ami overy-
ic is busy.
We guarantee lo drive away the
blues at the Edison theatre.
In offering fur sale the new "SASK
ALTA" range Patmore Bros, are putting Into practice what they believe,
that "Nothing is too good for the
peoplo of Cranhrook." Take a look
at it and bo convinced that there is
"no better."
Always be ready lo laugh and grow
fat when you go to the Edison
D. C, McMorris, secretary of the
Nelson fruit fair, has extended the
lleralil the usual courtesies, It is
pleasing to note the management of
the fair appreciate the work done hv
the press in making the fair known
to the public.
WANTED TO RENT—Four ur live
roomed cottage with citv water. Apply 0., Herald. 2li-2t
Thomas Hader, of Morrlssoy, was
iu tho city at the end uf Insl week
Mr. Hader met with a serious aud
painful accident the other day while
splitting wood. The axe he was
using glanced and cut of! the thumb
of his left hand. He was in the city
to consult Pr. Kinj;.
The nine million dollar laugh is always ou top at tlie Edison theatre.
We cant help talking about our
"SASK-ALTA," the new raiigo. We
are now placing these ranges in the
best homes in the city. the people
ul Cranbrook appreciate a good thing
and    recognize In     this range great
lue for their money. Usa pleasure tu show it.—Patmore Bros.
Genuine imported Turkish delight at
The Palm.
Captain C, Paddon, of Crawford
Bay, was in Craubrook on Tuesday
between trains. The captain is fruit
farming on Kootenay lake but is
much taken by the appearance of
Cranhrook and Hie district and will
return and may locate la-re after the
trip to the east, which he is now taking.
Since last issue ol the Herald   we
June sold twenty-one suits, made to
Hler by The     Houso of Hoheilin.-
C. C. S.
A. Pratt has been employed bv the
Dominion government to construct a
retaining wall along tho St. Mans
river neat the mouth to prevent the
encroachment of lho stream on the
Kootenay Indians' reserve. Mr.
Pratt, who is thoroughly conversant
With this class of work, left last
Tuesday to commence operations,
Lady caramels, chocolate cream
caramels uml coconnilt kisses. 20c.
per III. Saturday only at The Palm.
One of tbe prettiest gardens on
Dafer Hill this slimmer was that of
S. F. Morley. Mr. Morley is a
first-class amateur gardener ami has
succeeded in growing flowers which
have nut been attempted by other
neople. Some three years ago Mr.
Morley raised carnations Irom seed
and these have grown and florished so
that this summer he has had a blaz*
of color and their delightful fragraiwv
could he enjoyed frum a great distance.
No money for Hoherlin suits until
Vou are sntiislied.—CCS.
Mr. and Mrs. S, J. Mighton returned from the east lust Sunday.
Mrs. Mighton has been absenl about
three mouths enjoying a vii-.it with
relatives and friends In various parts
of Mie cast, and has spent a most
pleasant summer. Mr. Mighton left
about six weeks ago to Join his wife
.,-id also lo take a trip, combining
business with pleasure. Both ol
them are pleased to get back to
Cranhrook, feeling i»»ch Wter for
their vacations. While in the east
Mr Mighton visited Toronto, Montreal, Woodstock, Detroit, Minneapolis and St. Paul, conferring with the
leading tobacco dealers of those cities
ami sizing up the general business
situation. He found Hie people in
the east very much Interested as to
the crop prospects for the prairie
provinces and the general development of British Columbia, hut he had
more Inquiries obout the Fernie fire
and tlm progress of tho relief work
Since last issue uf the Herald wc
have sold twentv-one suits, made to
lorVler hv The    House of Hoherlin
te. C. s.
The boys brigade was well attended
last Monday for the lirst ollicial
drill, Lieut. W. Selby was in
charge, and being an old 51 tti London
boy, put the lads into quick touch
With the lirst turning movements
There were forty answering to the
roll call, and more nre expected next
Monday. The management wish the
parents to understand that the rule
regarding tlie minimum age, ten
years, will have to be strictly adhered to, and that thc hoys will not
be kept longer than one hour, so that
ii will out be necessary lut them to
be out on the streets very late at
night. Boys arc requested to
attend punctually, with clothes well
brushed and clean boots. The boys
appearances will be studied, and they
aie all requested to do their brat
to establish a good smart appearance
for the first Cranbrook brigade, Atter drill Kev. 0. O. Main gave the
lads some training in physical exercises; regular classes will lie formed
for this object. After the work was
finish*! play .was allowed on the floor
for a while. This will he tlte rule
every week.
•^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦t *«+♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
C. B. D. PIPES m"ma
S.   J.    MIGHTON.   The Tobacconist
Chlpmnn, N. 11., Sept. 2.-Ono ol
flic most t'hnnniiij- weddings of the
season took place this inorniti", at
ilu- llniitlst church, Chlpmau, wlwn
.Miss Nellie (Iraec, third ilaunliter ol
Mr. aiKl Airs. K. fl. I'ranilall, was
united in marriage to Irving Heward
Willsim, of Cranhrook, U. <:. The
ceremony was porlormoii hy tho Rev.
Milton A,Mtsi>ii, the pastor. At precisely in o'olooh the hridc, aMiri-l in
cieiihi eoliciitie hcaiitifully trimmed
wilh Irish lace and insertion, wearing
tlic customary veil ol Itilie and carrying a largo bouquet of white roses,
marched flown tho aisle on her
lather's arm to the strains ol The
Voire Thut litcathi-1 O'er Kden rendered liy the choir. She was attended hy her little sister Esther, sweetly
gowned in white point d'esprit with
trimmings of bahy ribbon and a
lovely basket ol flowers on her arm.
The groom was unattended.
The chnreh was exquisitely decorat-
iH by the young people under Miss
McMurray's supervision with cut
flowers and plants, thc altar being
entirely hanked with moss and carnations. Thc arch over thc choir was
done in golden glow nisi lerns. At
tho finish ot the service Mendelssohn's
untiling march began, during which
tho bridal party departed to thc
hi.tne of the bride, where u sumptuous
luncheon awaited them. The table
Im iked very lovely with quantifies ot
white asters and smilax and ribbon
streamers, the house lieing decorated
also, with the addition of ferns, asters, etc,
Mrs. t'rnndnll, mother ol thc bride,
wore a green crepe de chene dress
iiiminrtl wilh chtlton and lace. The
sisters all looked charming in silk
muslins. Mrs. Richardson wore a
dainty gray batiste, Mrs. (I. H.
K ing a Copenhagen with eolicnne with
lace trimmings. Miss Lena Baird,
daughter of Senator Balnt, and an in-
tiniato Iricnd of the bride, wore a
princess embroidered net dress with
t,niches ol blue and gold.
The present*) were numerous and ot
a costly nature, the groom's present
to the bride being n poarl pendant, tn
the little flower tit! a irotd locket and
chain, to tho ushers. P. C. Alexander and F. Uohany, pearl tie pins, and
to the organist, Miss McMurray, a
pearl safety brooch.
Thc happy couple lelt on the alternoon train for Si. .lohn, (rom whence
in a few days thev leave ior Toronto,
llultalo and the Great Lakes and finally for Cranbrook, via Calgary,
Revelstoke and the Arrowhead lakes.
They will reside in their new home on
Armstrong avenue, and Mrs. Willson
will lie ai home to her manv friends
alter October (ilteenth and sixteenth.
One of thc most artistic windows
ever sliowtt in Cranbrook was exhibited to the public yesterday at the
store ol llurns Bros. The decorative
and color scene is thoroughly aesthetic in its combinations. Neat cards
hearing the words "Kail Millinery"
arc displayed and the fall idea is carried out liy the use ot wheal sheaves
iff the decoration of the window, lt
is impossible to describe the hats
which arc displayed, except to say
Ihat many ol them are direct importations front Paris, while others
nre replicas of the latest styles from
thc French capital, London and New
York. This tall it swus that hats
run to bright colors and size. Bums
Urns, ure to be congratulated upon
lheir enterprise in getting such a
mntgnifircnti display together.
A branch ol the above society hat
been inaugurated at the smelter town
with thc lollowing officers:
President—Mrs. Chlsbolme.
first Vice-President—Mrs. E. Bidder.
Second Vice-President—Mrs. Wat-
Sec.-Treas.—Mrs. .lames.
Arrangements will be made to have
pleasant and profitable evenings during the winter months, including the
following departments: Devotional,
missionary, literary and social.
• *—
At Marysville by the Rev. R.
Hughes, Nellie Agnes, the daughter
ol Mr. and Mrs. ,1. W. Watkins; Alfred Ernest Leslie, son ol Mr. and
Mrs. A. 0. .lames; DonaH George,
son ol Mr. and Mrs. O. II. Tlbh«tt.
Also af. Cranbrook on the 14th..
Clarence Burton, son ol Mr. and
Mrs. David Hoot*.
to use our Store in any legitimate
way you may wish. Make it a
place for meetinj- your friends,
taking a rent, or a pleasant half-
hour looking over the largest and
best assortment of
Local View and Comic Cards, Local and
Mountain View Books, and General
Souvenir Goods
to be found on the line. This
means you and yours are welcome
The SAPPHIRE ''   the  Birth  Stone (or September,
nu.l signifies WISDOM.
sapphires and Diamonds
for a riu/ ..r brooch.
ske a very pretty combins*
Ollicial    Watch
lor 0. I
W.  F.  TATE
"The Jeweler"
Sunday, Sept. 20th.
Service in the morning at 11 o'clock
Sunday scliool and Uible classes
meet at 3; special invitation to
children who go tu no other school,
also to visitors who mav be n.
Evening service at ~:t(i. Setinon
to young men, subject: "Your \.-ji.^
.Men Shall Sec Visions" Tho men
around town, who don't, as a !■■'-
go to church, arc asked to come
this service. Thev will be v>eko
and we hope, interested.
Tuesday—League social at 8.
Wolnesday—Prayer meeting at S.
Friday—Choir practice at S.
The Ladies Aid are busy preparing
for the church anniversary and Harvest Festival supper which is to be
held on Tuesdav, the 20th. Thf
Rev. Dr. E. 11. Ryckman will preach
Ihe special sermons for this occasion
on Sunday, September 27th.
The secretary of the Nelson Iruit
fair has been notified by the passenger
departments of two railways runnin2
into Nelson that single (arc return
tickets will lie issued during fair
week. The selling dates arc from
the 21st to the 26th, with final return on Monday, the 2Nth. This will
afford visitors an excellent opportunity of visiting the fair, and of
spending a few days sightseeing in
Nelson and vicinity. The same rate
and the same dates applv on the
Crows Nost line from Medicine Hat
and intermediate stations. Half lare
rates will apply to children. It is
expected that a laree number of visitors will he in attendance from the
towns of East Kootenay. and also
from the prairie towns and districts
as far east as the Hat. The fair
promises to be the most successful in
the history of the association, and
everv dooartniiiit will he fillnl witli
exhibits—all representative ot the
hest that can he produce!.
Word has been received irom Home
that the congregation ol thc Propa-
Kanda has appointed Bishop Dontenwell, Catholic bishop ol New Westminster, to the post or archbishop ol
Victoria, in place ol Archbishop Orth,
resigned. Rev. Alexander McDonald,
vicar-general of Antigonish, succeeds
Bishop Dontenwell at New Westminster. Archbishop Dontenwell Is
well known in Cranhrook and the district, where be is always a welcome
bisitor. Ile has worked verv hard
in the interior ol British Columbia
lor many years and his ■ advancement
to Ihe arohbishopic will be welcome
news to Catholics and Protestants
alike. The archbishop will make
his headquarters at Vancouver instead of at Victoria, as formerly.
Five siiuare miles ol timber, situated three miles Irom Crows Nest
Pass Railwav. near Cranhrook, B.
C, estimated to contain 15 million
leet. Easv logging and down hill
roads. Applv to Mrs. E. II. Husband. 121 Main St., Hamilton.
Oat. aMt*
i; Second-hand Buggy
in good *•:.■!■•' ami trill lell
I iii* week we will sell
Sweat Pads
ay,   Imi it   in   GOOD a ml   the
prlcfl i* awav down low.
- > Shipping onteri receive prompt
■ * attention
, , Phone So. im
l.i-i. P.O III
;; The finest Drivers
JI Up-to-date Rigs
i, (lood Saddle Horsei
IIAShl.KY's ol.li STAXIJ
********************* \
X f
/ft*-*tXxt< *-*$■&- -^•c-jj-** •&*<£€ €t**f+\\ ■
-4-n. 1K4- *fw**l5&'
* '.'.
af% af\ aT\ ml l*" \f% ^** 'llU0 '''* ti,w*1
COOKED        Cooked Han.
vtui e?er tried.
For Lunches, Picnics,
Camping, etc, it
la ilelMoua
j|  P. BURNS fcCO., Ltd.   |
News of the District
Written by Brifht Correspondents and Gleaned Irom Newspapers
**********************   ll.'iiil/tlliui pianos.
', ', SIXTH   ANNUAL '< '<
• > NELSON. B. C. ; |
i;   _k\. September 23.24, 25, 26,1908 .A.
ii       LAKOER ANI) BETTER THAN EVER       ii
"  =.  , i
il  I'I.'kk i:nti:i(T.mn'.mi:nts iuii.v *
,: tiiiii:i' horse hacks n.ui.v
  ._.... =     .      *
Kill-leu' Dny, Tliuralay, So|,t. *'.    Clillilrim'8 Day, t'lliliiy, Sept. 85   ,,
(From our owa coiicipim-i-at)
II. c. Lindsay spent Lahor Day at
liis home in Spokane, Wash,
relet' l.ntiil left tin Monday tor the
nrtiirle provinces,
, |  Miss lla-i'l I.nnd was in Cranbrook
last week.
I   Now is the time lo eichatlf-G   your
'straw li.it loi a pair nl skates.
I   Messrs.   Win. White and Frederick
, llanifs s|M'iit  a few days in      I'ran-
■ lirooli last week,
I   The political candidate is now tak-
lllg     diitnli   lull  elertise to   get) his'
j. il in in shape fm the p,lad hand act.
x For fnrthtir inforinalion or 1'iize List, w-iite
X    II. C.  MOIUtIS, Secretary,  I*. O. Ilos 95, Nelson, llril|sh Colnmlilil
********************** **********************
Onr Smoked Meats lire ulwnys fivsli stock, We itre sure
, * thnt if you try them once yon will a^reti with us that they
][ are tho besl Havo rail mul most wholesome smoked meats you
have ever eaten.
ii R. KEMP, Armstrong Ave.
I*. O. KllN IA'
, , ,
;i   If you want THE BEST in
Fresh,  5moked   or
Salt  Meats
Call up PHONE 45 ur leave your
Orders at
i The Calgary Cattle Company, Ltd. i
ur in other word", for lhe
refrtldliiiiiint of ittiestH, Num. uf
oill lllllll CLASS WINKS are
not unly desirable, tint «w,«ri.
Wholesale Wine Merchant  ',!
ji The Cosmopolitan li
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
mum 111 nut iiiiiit'
Hotel a* s
j Mi. (iiti'ii, tin1 t'lief ai the company
hoarding houso, was iu I'ranbroo*:
1.1st ft'wwsday.
All. David Urerki'iu'i.lKi! was in I'ort
Sleele Wednesday last.
There is one riiltcrence lietwoeu
travellittn in an airship uiul a Pullman tar. iu Die former 'Lie ear
tloct* ibe ii|»4-inj'; and in lite other
1 in- itassonKoi's-
Memy Bohart wns iii Cranbrooh
Wednesday lust.
Mr. Itiohardsun was in Fernie last
I Willi dollar wheat tlie farm world
[need not call the hanker his uncle.
I Mr. Ootner Jones spent the wecki
end in Marysville.
J Mr. Hawthorne was registered at
tlio Wardner hotel Sunday last.
I.Mr. James Hates, representing the
Aiiii'K-Holden Shoe company, wa.-. in
lown Monday last.
I Mr. Alex. Hrown was iu Cranhrook
last  week.
Meanwhile it often happens that the
'More one knows of a man the less
une thinks of him.
Mi. Davidson, of Smith, Davidson
'-Y Wright, Vancouver, was in town
j Monday last.
Lord Strathcona hay crossed     the
ocean over a hundred times.    And in
'spito of the stewards he still      has
:   money.
Mr. Henry Hohart lus opened a
meat market next to the Wardncr
Itotel- where he will nc pleased t*)
1 meet the l>eoplc of Wardner and sur-
;! round-fag country. We bespeak for
liim siiccess in his undertaking.
I '1'1'e Scotch farmers, who aro on
a tour of inspection ol Ontario      at
Ipresent, took u special interest in the
process    employed at   the    oatmeal
Police Constable Adney was in
Cranhrook Saturday ou official business.
Messrs. George and Thomas Anderson left for Pincher Creek, AUwrta,
Sunday last In work on their ranches
at  that place.
Miss Peck, the mountain climber,
disappeared for two days and search
parties were out. She is a Peck of
0. W. Donahoe spent Sunday with
Cranbrook friends.
Airs. Inglis, of Jaflray, is spending
a few days with her frieud, Mrs. tt.
II. Hohart.
chas. Utile, of Cranbrook, was
visiting Wardncr friends Saturdav
They have two kinds of criminal
law for the trial of wealthy murderers in tint United Stales, the unwritten aud the rotten.
Mr, Harry Had ley, of Spokane,
Wash,, bus accepted lhe position of
stenographer in the Crows Nest
Pass lumber company's ollice.
Messrs. Stinson and Lee. left Fridav last for a trip i-hrtmgh Southern
Mr. James Hrown left for
1'ranhrook Saturday last. Mr.
Hrown has taken over the Manitoba
hotel nt. that place.
Air. and Mrs. T. Gaflney desire lo
[extend thanks to their friends    and
nelabbors for tholr manv acts of
'kindness   ami sympathy shown      to
them during their recent bcrciivemcnl
'in Ihe death i-f tiieir infant son. also
for the beautiful floral offerings.
I The following gentlemen, ull Interested in the Hull Itiver Kleetric
[Light & Power eompanv, were rogis-
■ temt a I   the     Wardner hotel       last
■ week: T, K. Plrohnrd, Itosalla, Mass.*
John Poiilsim, Itosalia, Mass.; J
HDvernm, Kasn-lin, Mass., c, Altolh-
Iwamt, Vallevford, W. I.; P. B, Hvan,
Wankesha, Wis.-, t'has. V. Hille. Chicago, III.; P. P. Buckley. Wankosha,
■ Wis.; H. 13. Crogo, Aurora, III.;
(Jen. B. Henderson, Hull River Falls
Jas. Gibbons has gone to Field,
where he has accepted a Rood posl-
'tion as blacksmith on tlie C.P.R.
tunnel work.
I The follow ine is the result of thc
Miners' union election whieh was hetd
last Saturdav. A second ballot is
being taken today for the office of
. president:
Hawaii! patrcqtiln—Vlee-Preswonx.
Thos. E. Kelly—Financial secretary.
James Union—Recording secretary.
James Roberto—Treasurer.
Joe Mel.atvn—Conductor.
Mike Regan—Warden.-
Finance   Commit tee—Hugh   McDon-
Id, John Fraser, James -Inhntt.
The sawuiill nf the Porio Rico
Lumber company near town has been
closed down for the season. However, Ihe company will still continue
lo cut logs on their timber limits on
i.amh creek, and hotwecn (arty and
fifty men will he employed continuously. Some splendid roads have
heen cut through these limits. The
mice of lumber does not justify the
company cult tag any moro logs into
lumber at present.
If. C. Danduraiid, rather of Arthur
and Alphonse Dandmaiid, arrived
from the east last Monday and will
cmain tor a sliorl lime.
A. P. Macdonald and wife and Mrs.
Manning came home from Seattle
Tuesday by wav "f Spokane. They
had a very pleasant outing while on
the coast.
Harry Gamble, foreman at the St
Kugene, was away Ibis week and was
in both Spokane and Rossland.
Miss Grace Dudley and Miss I.aurn
Dudley, of Fernie, and Miss Georgie
Small, of Cranbronk, were here this
week on a visit witb Mr. ami Mrs. B.
K. Taylor, Miss Small has just returned' from ber trip to Mexico,
where she went as one of the successful candidates In the Saturday Sunset  competition.
The payroll   Thnrsdav    at
St.  Eugene amounted to ahout
0(10.     Hnsiness was brisk as
OgWti Cffarl a Specialty
flood StaMlif la CoaacctioB
Nenrent to railroad and depot.    Hai accommoda*
tlmiM for the public unequalled In Craubrook.
Hot and Cold Huh-
Hoggarth & Rollins
t •*****• ■» taj $)***-* ♦*»->«♦♦
(From tbe Moyie Leader.)
Mrs. .1. It. Woods is qiill- III at hn
I   Mrs. II. 0. Jennings rcturnrtl     to
lipr liotno In Fort StepUi Wnlnrwlay.
.1. II.   Hawke has hern   appointed
' annul lor the Helntzmati and Uerhard
I        GATEWAY I
(From the Oateway International)
lv J. Merriu, ol Spokane, former
ly of Gateway, Mont., was in town
liiKt week.
Alter liviiif- in Oateway Ior nearly
six vears, Mrs. McCannon anil
familv left here Saturday evening
Mrs. and Miss McCannon lelt for
Wliiteiisli, .Mont., where tliey intend
to spend a lew days with Ur. and
Mrs. Lees. They intend to leave
lor Spokane about Thursday. II. r.
l.iindecu and Percy McCannon leave
for S|iokanc Wednesday evening.
There was a large crowd at the
train to see Mrs. and Miss SlcCannon
oil. Kvcrybodv was sorry to see
them ro and tliey will lie dreadfully
Mr. .loin, .McCannon passed through
Oateway Saturdav en route to Fertile. Ile teturned to Gateway liy
the evening train and drove to Hur-
eka Sunday.
-Miss Florence Hrown drove in
Irom their ranch Saturday to i.id
farewell to the McCannans. Miss
Ilniwn spent Sunday with Miss l.ud-
Miss Elsie and Miss Hilda .loule
crossed the river Sunday and spent
the day wilh Mrs. and Miss Mills
Among the ranchers who came to
Gateway Saturday were: Messrs. ,1.
Watson, C. Stephenson, A. O. Abbey atiil others.
Mr. George llioshl has taken a
house in town Ior the winter to enable his children to attend school.
Mr. K. II. MaeUonali! spent Sunday
evening with Mr. ami Mrs. .loule.
III. Ilonnell and Mr. Illackstone
came up from Kcxford ott a speeder
Saturday and returned to Fernie on
a freight .Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mis. Scott from Seott and
Itummcll's fruit ranch spent Suuday
witli Mr. null Mis. Men ill aim Mrs.
Masler ISIsn Swoatnam crossed the
river wiih .luild Mills Saturday
morning and returned lo Gateway
On Monday evening Mr, and Mrs.
Joule gave a bery dellgblltil card
party, Among those present were:
ll. F. l.andeik, lv II. Mailloltald, I..
Mel.. Doom, I'eny and licit Mel'an-
tnili and others,
We regret lo announce tbe death ol
Adam Bardsley, elder brother of
George J. llardsiey, ol Oateway, It,
C, which took place at Bradford,
Pa„ on Aug. lllth. For many vears
Mi. Bardsley had lieett master-mechanic in West Superior and hail tire distinction of being lhe first master mechanic employed on lhe Winnipeg and
South Western railway.
Mr. Lewis Hruckhonscr made his
; last trip to Fernie as conductor lor a
couple of months.
I  *	
(R. J. Btirde, Editor Albernl Pioneer
| Nam.)
■ The publisher of the Prinec Rupert
Umpire who has, on many occasions,
demonstrated an ability to see obscure causes, shows a weakness in
this respect when his own achievements form the subject lor cowtdora-
tion. The circulation of bis high-
priced paper, he says, la 1100 copies
per week while the white population
of the town in which it is published
is not more than 500, "and has been
obtained because The Empire Is the
only paper in British Columbia that
ean si>eal-j its mind freely on all questions tbat can be discussed in a newspaper that is readable in the homes
of men and women."
Leaving aside, tor a moment, thu
sweeping nature ol the relative part
of tbis statement, we will acknowledge a partiality for newspapers
thai, like the Empire, steer a coursu
of fearless imtapmidoflce. The Prince
Kupert editor entered on his venture
under conditions that gave splendid
opiKirtunily to a man ut bis calibre
to lot-in picturesque in the public
eye, and he made good use of it, but
III an endeavor to eredit himself witb
II the admiration that was intended
foi him lie has failed lo allow any
discount for tlie alloy of curiosity.
While the Pioneer News cannot lay
lair ii |<> a circulation of 1100 pies
per week it is subscribed tit by muc-
lically every resident of New and Old
Alberni, ami yet it has a circulation
in other parts of British Columbia,,
in the prairie provinces. Eastern
Canada, the United States, England,
Ireland aud Scotland, that amounts
to more than that at home. Tbis
patronage has all heen hestnucd
without solicitation.
With all this appreciation we have
never been made to feel that our independent treatment ot all questions
was responsible for the large outside
demand for our goodn. A small portion of this demand we can attribute
to our well-known policy ot ex-toslng
"wilil cat" laud sales, hut the bulk
of il has come from peoule desirous of
l,iviii'' t-nstnd on developments in
and around Alberni. which, for more
than a i-car Past, has been attracting
much attention.
It will he conceded, we nresume,
that Prince Huperl has a larger hold
Mian Alberni on the attention of the
world, in which case Thc Empire
must, have obtained a lot of its circulation in the same wav as tbe Pioneer
Forget it, Mr. Editor of tbe Empire. There is not such a universal
dearth of free press opinion that
people have to call to you, in your
far away home, for it. Nor does
everybody who reads vour tmpcr take
your opinions seriously. The burlesque in your work catches some of
Returning now to the reckless
statement calculate!) to bratid every
paper, except his. own, in British Columbia as servile we will cat! for a
show down with the Empire man.
Here, in Alberni, is a newspaper
absolutely unfettered and strongly
opinionated. It has never accepted
any but strictlv legitimate and moral
business. It bas rejected and condemned propositions out of which,
alone with others, it might have
profit-ted. It lias commended propositions out of wbleh It never sought,
expected nor received a cent. This
paner is so]civ owned and controlled
without restriction or advice, bv the
man In whose name it is published.
Tt can speak Its mind freely, and, observing decencies, it does so on all
questions Within its limited.
The Pioneer News owes no allegiance except Ihat, which everv* news-
naner owes, to the public weal.
We trust tbat The Empire is, In
everv sense of the word, as independent.
(Calgary News.)
The criticism ot Mr. Frank Sherman- Socialist candidate in tbis riding, of the lemieux Act, passed to
assist in the settlement of labor disputes, is hardly warranted by thu
facts. It is quite true that lbe act
occasionally falls to bring about a
peaceful settlement; as in tbe C.P.R,
machinists' strike, but since it was
placed ou tbe statute books a large
number of Industrial disputes have
been averted, ami for tbat tbe act
should be given credit.
Tlie Dally News holds no brief for
the minister of labor, but common
fair play compels a tribute of praise
where praise belongs. The Lemieux
act is an experiment, as all suoh legislation must of necessity be, and until it has a fair trial workingmen
would be lacking in appreciation iu
condemning it. Canada led the way,
and if time reveals defects tbe parlies interested have tbe privilege ot
agitating tor amendment, rather tban
indulging in wholesale denunciation.
Tbe Lemieux act gives the working
man what he never possessed before,
ami that is the machinery to force
the capitalist to arbitrate. All arbitration is not successful, hut if lb is
successful eight times out ot ten the
fact should not be condemned to extinction because of the two failures.
Some complaint is made that the
finding of the arbitration hoard Is
not binding, If it were, then would
rise the cry against tbe libertv o!
tne subject. Where would tbe O.P,
R. machinists he today if Ihe law
compelled acceptance of the arbitrators' award? At work under conditions which tliey feel to be unfair.
The Bally News thinks the glory of
tire Lemieux Act lies in the fact that
the right of the toiler lo strike is
not interfered with, should tbo arbitration prove unsatisfactory. The
Lemieux act provides tbe opportunity
for arbitration and prevents forcible
means until peaceful methods have
failed. How much further should it
go? Time and experience alone
wilt solve that problem. In the
meantime credit the Lemieux act with
iVln-r what was never given before
and don't be carried away by superficial criticism. There's as much opportunity for fairness in politics as
in tiny other game.
Brandon, Man., Sept. 2.—Dr. liar-,
court, secretary of tbe Mheral as- ,
sociation of Brandon, received a letter from Hon. Clifford Sitton today
in which Mr. Sitton stated that he
wns willing to have bis name come
un before tbe Liberal convention,
September 22, as tbe Liberal candidate for Brandon. 1
What it Means to You
This trademark is the mott
important part ot a Fit-Reform
Suit ot Overcoat.
It is a definite promise of
quality and service—or
It promises ihat you must be satisfied with
your purchase ot you can tvl your money back.
Today, thousands of men in every part of
Canada will not buy a garment that does not
contain this wreath.
It means much lo you.
Look for it whenevci you buy.
Suits and Overcoats, $ 15. $ IJ3, $20 up
Cranbrook. EC	
Thai's what any woman is after a hot cup of Fragrant
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It chases away the old tired feeling, and fills
her with new life.   So DELICIOUS too.
Manitoba Hotel
dan Mcdonald, propkirtok.   chanbhook. k. c.
Headquarters for
The Manitolia iit i-eutrally located aud ban one of the best dininif rooms
in tbe eity.   The bar is h up---it-J with tbe IwhI of l,ii|iiuin and ('warn
Will iMU'it ii IIAXIIK
s'I'ffVK iiiivulii-i..
A'p Imuillc lli,M«li.|inili.il
Tht- Sin vim i liiil iin» iiiiiiniii i .if|
llririlwnrtf  •  I'rnfilirnolJ, I). (J.
********************** **********************
Thi. mill-known Clonornl Mirrlnint
pli'iimil tn lllllkll
iiiiniiiiiii'i'iiii'iit Unit Im riinicH nil   kimls
nf iiinroliuiiillan, nml rvoolved tho
stork nf PIsIiIiik Tackle fvir boon horn.
Si uni' Jenkins |H'i hi hi in it*l>' '''ill mi' n
Kilt Krinl lino is lui|i|iy
knowing Hint ho linen rt'piitiitinn in
for vomi'ity which is worth more to him
thnn uulolil gold.
Ilnler !»!-
Harmm ui SiMlli
Mlllcin'   •■!   Pm.
|ii'.loi»' Suppllei
llty llMdn
R-w lun
fruit ni (tttt
India* Cartel
FliklHf TKkli thai
Ciicku Itt Fill
FRED ROO, Proprietor
MagUttatt I'eny, of Goldfields, H.C, believes in making a
B'mhI tiling kaowu. Writing nt /..nn link, lhe great househtilit
lului, he say*.:—"After a very lair n [ul l^iave |>t ived /.un link
eiiiiiienily latislactory, In my case it cured a .skin rush ul live
ytn* siantlittg whicli »<■ iluciui lu-i been able to llo any gootl
fnr. 1 wiinlil certainly encourage any person to keep /.nn-ltnk
in his home.'' The magistrate is i-uite right. Every home needs
Zam-Buk! Unequrtlleil fnr cuts, hums, bruises, etreiii.t, liloutl
poisoning and all skin diseases. All stores and druggists sell ii ni
•jo cents a box.   Sure cure fur I'ilcs.
A Chicago man lias just died li<mi IiIimmI poitnn-
Ing atising liom neglect uf a sm.ill sore, I*-n't
neglect a cut, a jiatcli nfcCMIlft ur an i<]»en inre
nf any kitnl. l'h-- nit il IjII uf poiton licrin-,
waiting to start up their evil remits in neglect---!
Mires, wounds, etc. In Znm-lluk is safety, Zam-
Buk is so highly antiseiltic thut iiipli-.it lo any
sklntHseascnr injury it makes I>l t pol&o»iit£ impossible. In using /..nn Milk you have (luce
processes going on at once l"t Zam-Uukishealii g
so--thing ami aiui-t-piic.    Tiy ii withuut  delay.
ippreclafe lh^ position taken by the man nr woman wlm
--■ if youi preparation is what you claim, you hliouM
have no objection t«> leUtHg us try it before spending our money
on it,"   To every person taking thUvlew we say, send one ctni
.stamp(in r■ y letutn postage) and nunc and dale.ol thi- ->.i-i(l
to /.fi|i-l|uk.Cn , Toronto, ami we will mail ym n free Uial U.\
nf/a'naj;_uh. /.mi-liuk is imtflylicihal. suitable fur iheddiaic
skin uf litilecltihlieu, yetpo«erlul enough i" heal chronic son s
of lung years' M.*inilir,g."Sr\il druggists aud stores, 50c. pel 1». ,
'3f« $1 .-j. -•■   -
CampbeTl Oillott, a chemist, who was ihat she would capsize. Must of
found dead in his fathei\ garden nitli the flshors lu the othei boats witii cup of poison by his side, a young mxtscd tin- inejdent, and realizing the
'I told a strange    story.    Gillett, danger ol n-niafaing in dose     quar-
[ver/ Home Needs
********************** ***********************
New Town of Monarch, Alberta
..mi .
uic n
in Uiu Ni'w Ciiiiiiliiiii PiiotHo Townsite of MONARCH, Alborlu, are now
KOI! SAI.K nl  D. M. Itnss's (Hllco. Olnresliolin.
Business I ots, $250 to $450
Resident Lots, $100 to  $150
TKltMS : Oiio-lliii'il Cnsli, balance six nut! 111 mouths.   Intercut It -iur I'lint,
Tliis now townsite nl' Monarch is situatcil on tlic main line of tlio ('iinailiiin I'lifilii's
Crows Nest lino, known ns Uic ljclliliriilKc-Macleotl cut-oil', hnlf wny between I.uthliritlgc
ninl Mnclcoil in one ol the best fiL-iicnitiirnl diatrits in Southern Alberta nml there isKOOtl
openings in all lines of business here.   Write, wire or phone for any iuforinniion.    ...HI
D. N. ROSS, Townsite Owner, Claresholm, Alberta
I have a live acre trael of Fruit l.ninl n little over a
mile from town that I will sell at a price that will prove
attractive, with part cash payment uml balance on reasonable terniB.   This is u simp.
'-FRUIT   L\NI).
of   Herald   Office
********************** **********************
Take notice that Gcorgo Hannant,
ol Wasa, II. <*., occupation Farmer.
intcmls to apply [or permission t'l
jiiiirtuM' tlic following ftcscriliod
i'oinmcitdti", at a pnst planted al
tlw south-west corner of P. It. ll):il
(A. T. Miller) tlience cast im chains,
moifi or less. In P. lt. B39, bhonce
smith to S. W. comer ol i'. It. B20,
thenee east 211 chains, more or less.
to the N.W. corner ol Lot 071'.
tlience sotitli to the S. \V. cornet "t
Lot 071, Ihence wesl to lhe
anisic ol Lol 6033, tlience north W
[mint ot commencement, containing
4IKI acres, more or less.
(leoree Hannant, \ppHoanJ
luted Sept. 1. l'.ms. :'.l Ot'
Nolle* is lieiehv riven Uiat il is tho
intention ol llie "Cmnbrool* Lodgci,
Nnnilh'i ,'lt, Inilepenilenl Owlcr ni >MU
Fellows," to applv 10 Ihe l.ienlennnl
Onveriiiii- tn-l'nnneil, ptirsunnt to Uib
Itelicvolcnt Soi'h'ties Act. for authority to chaliifc the name oi the suiil
I.hIi*-* as lleli'in hetnre slaleil, anil I"
nitopti the name of "Kev I'itv liffllRO,
Number I'. Imlepemlelil lintel' ot Oilil
And lake further notice that n
nnvleni'. nf the said loiliro nl O.UI Follows will he helil nn tile It, llav nt
OilolM't. ItMK, to ilelefinine Ihe ae
Hon to lie taken.
Da lnl tins lilli flay nt September,
W. N
l.   Percy   Thomni    Haywood, ol
• 'fulfill.*',. Wood Mi nil,ml    inli'inl t.i
applv to tlie   Commissioner "t l.m.l;
.Ml.l Works nt  II.  ('    lor pel mi. sinn   to
11,11'liase      the      following     described
I'oltilltetieiiiif nt post 20 ehains \V,
ol N. VI. corner ol Loi H7ll. thenee
siiiilh 10 ehains, llielieo east 'in
ehains, thenee north III ehains, thenee
west 20 chnins tn pnint nt ennnnenee-
nient, containing 80 aeres, moro or
Hated Sept. Slli, IMS.
2V0t Percy Thoinas llavwnnil
cordwood ;;
Harris A WwhIh nro now
eel lint?
l.t-avc ymn niiltos witli
• I
• i
Thr 1 Iiu<i Krnit Store
i Hllll'K I'll.ll'ilKSIA TIlKAY
\NH M II.AIIA IllUt'ta
II f'l.KWllOI) li'li I'llKAM
lotio 75 Armstrong Ave,
j pi
M„n employed Inr all kimls nt
\nik.   Wesollollcormsnoiulenco ■ »
liih   mill   onoroton ami oilier ' i
AUDRESS : P. 0. B0» Tit
' '
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦' '
Hul now ulittiilt'.l
uunibur of
Young Apple Trees
,i( fin- vaiii'ties R|Hielit|ly
nn'eiiliiil ami lllltnlile Im
2ND    "      -  20   "
Delivered al Critnliroitk
If Kelecleil hv Hie piir-
uliimap, Isi choice, '-'lie.:
2ml choice, inc. Apply in
E. W. HUSTLEV, Nursery ; |
near Wiliner, It. 0., or
M. lll'Tl'IIISllX,Oianl,innk,l!.L'
^Ask for MalcyM LITHIA WATE«^
l-'nr family use there is nothing
sn wiinlesnniA nml no pure nn
In the year 1.051- Immctllaitoly after
ihi' disastrous liattlu oi Worcester,
Kiun Charles II., Hying from inirsiiinK
soldiers, was succoured by a loyal
farmer named Uichard Pendcrel, who
hid lhe King amid lhe foliage of au
oak tret-—whicli has come down
through history as the "Boscolrel
oak.'' Charles JI., ingratitude (or
Uic honest farmer's services, gave him
a pension of ililrt a year, which lie
ordered Mas to Ih; paid to l'eudcui
and his heirs forever. In 1859. two
men, James Witlrington and Holiert
.Maci.areii, both drsoemlnnts of the
original .lames Pi-iidcrcl, were sharing the pension between them, noth
decided to st-ll their life interest in
the pension. MacLaren, witli the
«*niii which he reall/cd, Itecame a calt-
owner; Withington, staling his intention of going abroad, disappeared
completely. In December last year,
Messrs. Petch & Co., a tirm of solicitors, published particulars of With*
ingion's disappearance, but no fctil-
int,*s id value reached the solicitors
until a few weeks ago, when they
received a letter from a Mrs. Shot-
tun, who lives in Wolverhampton.
She claimed to be a h.ilf-sister of the
James WH-hUlgtoil wlio bail disappeared. \ representative of the linn
went to see her, and established, to
bis satisfaction, her claim of relationship. She descrihed to him How,
when a child, she had beard of .lames
Withington being drowned In the
Itiver Avon. Tbe solicitors thereupon made exhaustive inquiries, but
no record could lie tound at Somerset Mouse of .lames Withmgtou's
death. Hul what Ihey did find was
thai an unknown man had been
drowned In the Avon, near Warwick,
at a lime which cor responded with
Mrs. Shot ton's recollection of her
half-brother's death. Seeing that
the age of this unknown man corresponds with that of .lames Witbiug-
tnii, and the description also tallies,
the courts will in- asked during thc
next sittings to presume his death.
Tbe result of this romantic search
will be tb.it if the judge presumes the
missing James Withingtiin's death
his share of the pension, amounting
to tl a week, will revert to bis old
associate, Itoltcrl MacLaren, who is
still alive nnd in London, although
considerably over 70 years ol age,
nml iu poor circumstances.
Dowries amounting to I'fiO for two
poor girls every year form one of (he
outstanding features ol a remarkably
inteies-tiiig will (hat was recentlv admitted to probate. Mrs. Waldo-Sib-
thorp, who lived at Itelgrave Man
s-iniiK, <iros\eiior fl aniens, London,
beipieathed: £20,000 to the Hoyal
Hospital Tor Incurables, Putney;
tio.omi li, SI. Catherine's Home tor
Ka'len and Friendless (lirls; C 10.000
to the Hoyal Cambridge School Ior
Daughters of Officers In the Army,
Hath; 110,000 to lhe Charing Cross
hospital,, £0,000 in trust for the
Naval Hospital nf llnslar. The residue of the estate she left tn trust for
the West Mml Hospital for Diseases
uf the Nervous Svstem, Welhnek
streets Mrs. Wafrio-Sihthorp aiso
betpicat-hed £1.000 tn be invested and
the income paid each year as mnr-
rlago dowries to two deserving poor
eirls living in or near Sleaford
Lines. "My desire is," she wrote,
"that two yoiing girls may each year
he thereby made verv Happy." The
sum of £1,000 invested at I per cent
would produce -CJfiO a year, so that
two girls will receive about £H0 each
Tho Army Council has decreed that
iu the ease ot the IJests Territorial
forces thc territorial name shall He
spelt    "Hertfordshire,"    and       not
association. Col. Longmore
I i tie origin of the name is Hartford
Iin reply to a question put to hint re*
iteiitly as in the reason for the as-
soclutlou's suggestion, said the old
militia and yeomanry always used
I tbo spelling -Mai is," and the name
i' count) iuid ihe count) town
uiglnall) spelt in lho same way.
irlgltl ol the name is ll.uifaid,
i bait standing in a ford forms
mils of the county and borough.
Tliere is, hovu-wr, a little dotlbl     as
Lo whether il.enauie originated in
this wav, for some people urge that
the woul camo frum •'hetud," or red
find, though that would apply with
more reason io Hereford The suggested change would havo made the
name far moro easily distingiiishablo
from Hereford, its similarity to
which now* frequently results in letters going astray.
Remarkable bravery and presence of
mind were recently shown by a six-
year-old boy named John Collins, the
son of a farm laborer living at Mar
don, Kent. Several children were
playing on the side ot a stream,
when Isabel Hriant, a girl aged seven
fell into five feet of water. Thereupon a panic ensued among the oilier
children, who ran off crying to tell
her parents, but the hoy', John Collins, displayed (he utmost coolness
and presence of mind. Hreakiug i
long branch from an ash-sucker neai
by, he quickly ran along a plan.,
only eleven inches wide, ami held the
branch out to tlir drowning girl, who
was able to grasp it. Then walking
along the plank tlie bov pulled tho
girl fourteen feet through the water
to Some brickwork, where, after n
Irani struggle, lie succeeded in landing
her just as the terrified parents came
running on (he spot. In giving his
version of the rescue the little hero
remarked, "When she got hold of
the stick she did swim."
Aboul 250 earnest students Irom
various pails of the world started
work the other day on the University
of Loudon's holiday course for foreigners. The students Include representatives of a dozen nationalities
of both sexes. The university authorities stipulate, to prevent the es-
lablishment of a modern Babel, that
every student shall have at least conversational knowledge of tbe Knglish
lnn-gnnuc- Conversational classes
figure largely lu the curriculum, and
students will he invited to discuss
various phases of English life ami
maimers, covering such snWjects us
etiquette, lea shops, and town versus
country life. The more serious por-
lions of the course include lectures,
which will he followed by visits to
places mentioned by tiie lecturers.
The fee for the whole course is tiflv
Tbe quaint custom of "proclaiming
ihe fail" al Hon!ton, Devonshire, has
just been observed, the town having
obtained the grant ol a fair from the
lord of the manor so long ago as
1357. The fair still retains some ol
the picturesque characteristics of bygone days. The lown-erier, dressed
in picturesque old world uniform,
ind carrying a pole decorated with
my (lowers nnd surmounted hy a
large gilt model ol a gloved hand,
publicly announces the opening of the
fair us follows: •Oye/.' Oye/.! Oye/!
The fair's begun, the glove is up. No
man ean be arrested 'until the glove
taken down.' Hot coins arc then
thrown amongst the children. The
pole and glou* remained displayed Un-
' the end of the fair to-day.
Dr. A. llulleid, of Midsomcr Norton, Somerset, who discovered tho
llritish lake village at tllastonbury in
1802, has now found another group
• >f lake dwellings at thu village of
Alt-are, about three miles to tlic
northwest of Oastonbiiiy. Thc site
the lake village consists of two
lields covering about twelve acres,
and i.s marked hy a Dumber of grassy
mounds formed liy the lloors of the
dwellings. Dr, llulleid began excavating recently, and has found large
quantities of relics, including objects
iu bronze, bone, horn and pottery.
The village is supposed to he of laic
Celtic date. This village is larger
llinn that at Glastonbury and it Is
anticipated will yield more iu relics.
Tbe ancient church ol St. Nicholas,
IMuinstcad, Kent, which has recently
been restored, was reopened a few
davs ago, the Bishop ot Southwark
attending to dedicate n new chancel.
I'he church, which formerly held only
three hundred people, has been enlarged, and cm now accommodate
nine hundred. The transept and tho
west and south walls of the old
nave, which date from the thirteenth
century, have been preserved. Speaking after the dedication ceremony,
the llishop of Southwark .said that
iu Plumstend thev Imd the blending ol
old and new. lie believed that one
thousand years lay behind this
In Liverpool au extensive system
of money-lending by women is carried on among the wives ot dockers
and other casual laborers. Five of
these women money-lenders were
before the stipendiary recently, and
each lined £20 tor acting as moneylenders without a license. Women id
this elass, il was slated, lend out
small sums at exorbitant interest,
aud stock food, whieh they force their
clients under fear of exposure to
purchase from them nt High prices.
A police inspector said that these
moneylenders go- Interest ranging
from'fiuo to 1,300 per cent,
At   an    iDquest at    New   Harnet
explained, was her lover, and because he threatened to commit suicide before, she stayed with him atl
night in llaillev Woods and would
uut let bim go homo until he hail
promised to give up the idea, (iil-
lett bad previously attempUH suicide,
for whieh he was recently bound over
ai the assizes.
\ traction engine was taking a
number of strawberry pickers to
tbelr work near Karndon, Cheshire,
when, (m a steep incline sometaln-g
went wrong with the machinery. The
engine and the two waggons in which
ihe men and women were ridin-g ran
backwards down the hill until one ot
Hie wagons ran into a wall and
overturned. About thirty occupants
were-thrown out. 6ne woman was
taken to Wrexham Infirmary with a
broken leg. Nearly a dozen others
suffered from cuts, bruises ami shock.
A peculiar and unfortunate inei-
deni occurred in connection with the
collection at Oxford on behalf of the""
National LUchoat Institution. The
chief feature of ihe proeession was
io have been Tot land Hay lifohoat,
which, it was arranged should sub-
sequent!) be launched on the river,
The erew, but not the craft, arrival
in Oxford. The boat was attached
to the . wrong train and taken to
.mother pail -ii England. A considerable portion of the programme had
to be abandoned owing to the absence of the boat.
\ curious fishing ease was heard
before the Whilechurch magistrates
■ntly when the three men named
Webb, Weeks aud Savers were charged witii iishing iu private water belonging to Mr. J. II. ShirreB. Tho
facts were admitted. The defendants
fished from a public bridge, dropped
their lines into a ford, but it was
successfully contended on their behalf
that Ihey had not fished in private
waters, and the hfnch dismissed the
castr on technical grounds.
ters to ilu- whale,
many of     them
gathered up their lines and made Io
the shore as fast as possible.
A remarkable story of a hermit's
fight for a pension comes from Arbroath, Forfarshire. For sir years n
man named Andrew Cordon, has lived
in a cave near Arbroath, both he and
bis wife being in receipt ot poor relief. Should be go to the poor-
house, be loses a claim to a government old age pension, and he has
therefore determined to continue ii
bis present dwelling until Januarv 1
notwithstanding the authorities 'announcement that thev will withdraw
his relief. Meanwhile Gordon is living on thc charity of friends. An old
sack forms both his carpet and his
bed, while another does duty for
bed > clothes. His pillow is a rush
basket. It is a hard life, lie savs,
but he is determined not to give in.
Kour St. Kilda sheep—of the ancient Soa breed, which is said to
have existed in the time ot the Humans—were despatched lately from
l-.dinburgh to Canada bv Prof. Cossttr
Kwart. They have bren sent to a
big sheep farm in Ontario as samples
of the old llritish breed. Sheep of
this kind, obtained from Dim vegan
Castle, Skye, have been at Dudding'
tun for experimental purposes. Three
of the four sent to Canada are this
veal's lambs, and the other is a two
year old.
The island of SandraV, which Ue-
sotith of the Vatersay, and is part
of the same farm owned bv.Ladv
Gordon Catheart, has heen seized b)
raiders. The raiders consist of five
families coming from the netshb
Island of Mingulay. A feature In the
situation, not without its humorous
side, is that the raiders of Vatersay
nn- said to be enraged at this invasion of Sandrav, a.s thev themselves
had designs upon that island
Murphy k Fisher,
Parliamentary,     Departmental    aa<$
Patent Office Ageatt.
Practice Hefore Railway Commlnioa
Charles Murphy. Harold Fisher.
Two Hurt on, Staffs,'gentlemen were
returning late at niglit in a canoe
when they were savagely attacked bv
two swans. A fierce light raged',
and several times their canoe narrowly escaped being upset. The
swans were temporarily beaten off,
but almost immediately renewed their
attack, and would not allow the
party to pass. So vicious did tho
birds become that -the occupants of
the canoe were compelled to drag
th'dr craft from the water across n
lield to a place of safety.
While ihe minister was preaching
his sermon nt the Pcnnarth Congregational chapel, Hrecon. two pigs entered through the doors which were
left open owing to the oppressive
heat. Their grunts and snorts
created a great deal of mirth among
Ihe congregation, but tho subjects of
(bis unusual spectacle were quickly
turned out, although, through their
usual stupidity in avoiding straight
runs, it was not an easy matter to
drive them out through 1he open
\t His wedding at Exeter, Devon*
shire, Mr. Montague Pelt wore his
while uniform ns ehief of the Singapore fire brigade. Members ol the
Kxeler fire brigade attended in uniform, and thc five bridesmaids drove
to the church on a fire engine. After
the ceremony the bride anil bridegroom passed under an archway formed bv the firemen's interlocking
Karly the other morning, Mr. Fred.
Wilson, loekkceper at Sunbury, was
moused by th;* barking of his dog,
and on following the animal to a
skiff moored below the lock he found
a OJ pound trout had leapt into thc
bout. As the fine fish was too severely injured to be returned to the
river, it was killed, and furnished an
excellent breakfast.
It is stated in thc Edinburgh courts
that au arrangement has been come
to between the government and Lady
Gordon Catheart in connection with
tho Vatersay cottars' case. Ten of
tho cottars were sentenced some time
ago to two months' imprisonment for
breach of the interdict of the court.
The government put before Lady Gordon Catheart a proposition for dividing tho farm of Vatersay into small
holdings, with their co-operation. She
bad seen her way to accept this offer, aud counsel said It was Intended
forthwith to formulate the schemes
and consider the application trom
those in Harra who might wish for
small holdings. Lady Catheart,
with the concurrence of tlw government, asked the clemency of the
court for the ten imprisonttl men,
and the court ordered their immediate
A disastrous fire which broke out
mc night recently nt Highhouse Colliery, near Auehlnleck, Ayrshire, destroyed the pithead working and entombed forty workers. The flames
were gradually subdued, and at eight
iVIoek next morning a rescue party
leseended in a sand bucket, worked by
i hand crane. All the entombed
men were found alive, but somewhat
exhausted owing to the beat aird
deuse smoke. As the first Hatch
were brought to tho surface thousands of men, women and children
broke into frantic cheers. The last
butch wns brought to the surface at
a quarter lo five in the afternoon.
Among those nsrned was Robert Allen, a well known footballer, be having been an ex-goaUeepei of Sunderland Football club. The damage Is
estimated at £10,000.
During the recent spell of hot
weather and probably owing to the
great shoals of fish at present moling
about the Firth of Clyde, a whale
has lieen sporting to and Iro in    ttie
vicinity of the Gantocks, and one government to the itHpector-*gt*neral,
iright, white a motor boat was taking!which states that in future head con-
one of the usual cruises round t-he st-'Mes In the Royal Irish contrtahu-
Gantocks- the huge animal came to.'wy *te not to be armed with rifles
the surface in close proximity to the «r swords. It Is stated that in a
boat. So close was it that, accord-,-*ort time the same order wHi aping to a passenger's description ho ply to county Inspectors clerks,
eould have stepped from tbe boat on ——'
to Its back. The length of the' The Shrewsbury,'Salop, town roun-
leviat-han exposed was longer than the cil has decided to carry out a river
boat. The whale heralded Its ap- improvement scheme, consisting of
penranee with the usual "blow," throwing a weir across ibe Severn,
throwing a column of water several Ihe erection of a foot bridge across
feet into the air. The people in the ihe weir, and dredging the hed'of the
motor got a severe fright, not only stream, tlie whole coat of which ts
at thc appearance ot the monster, e<rtWmtt«d at upwards of -67,000. It is
but at the manner in which the boat claimed that the Improvement will
rocked, owing to the upheaval in the clve   Shrewsbury five miles ot hoat-
\ droll epistle from n laborer. (Jil-
hert Crosby, was read amidst roars
,f laughter at a meeting of th.- 1V1-
in (Co. Westmeathl district coun
'il. Crosby's cottage has a smoky
bimney. "I Imve." he wrote
'ripped open the hack belly, and sulc
of this infernal chimney, and even
put a coaxeyoriim on its summit, but
wonderful to relate, the smoke re
treated hastily, made tor the win
dow, and would not even look at my
coaxeyorum. So great Is the suo-
tion downward that no lark can
warhlc o'er, no iaclolaw or [ay can
•(inch Its summit, else they will get
sucked down and cremated in this '
I may break, I may shatter the house
as I will,
lint the smell of the smoke will hang
round It still.
"The walls are In mourning, the
wiling the same, and mv wardrobe,
etc.. saturated with the intolerable
smell of smoke. I must tell you
fiat I am a widower, and mean to
have another try in the matrimonial
market and srteet a fair colleen, onlv
I would be afraid I might be indicted
for woman slaughter if she got suffocated. Hut the two stone-hearted
district councillors should he in tlw
tlock also, because thev would not
even look Into the Black Hole of dl-
eulta—for It   is   nothing else."    It
was    dtrWleil    to   »Un»\ *ut Crosnv's
While two women, one wheeling- a
gocart, with two children, were
walkta* in Donegal street, Belfast,
recently, two other women • ran
across the street and made an attack on thc mailcart. The women
with thc gocart were taken by surprise, and one of the children was
partly removed before it was realized
what was happening. After a severe
struggle between t-he four women in
tbe presence of a large crowd which
had gathered, the child was carried
ft by the attacking party, while the
original guardian was left in tears.
It Is stated that the child's motber
died recently. Legal proceedings for
the guardianship of the child are
A Sheffield man, named Albert
Henry Tate, was recently charged at
Crumlin, County Antrim, on a charge
of burglary. The prisoner is said to
have broken Into a grocer's shop ten
miles from Belfast, conducted by
three young women named Crawford.
Hearing a noise in the shop in the
early hours of the morning, the women went down stairs, and while two
of Uiem pounced on Tate, the third
one alarmed tlie neighbors. Although
fie prisoner stubbornly resisted capture, the women held on tn their man
until help arrived. When Tate was
icarched, a toadrd revolver was
found ii|M>n him, and a quantity of
alleged stolen jewrfery.
Charged at Fermanagh assizes with
Iho theft of £H Irom a farmer named
Maguire, witii whose grariddaughtei
he eloped, a young farm laborer
named Macaulay has been acquitted.
The girl said that sbe stole the
money and induced Macaulay to elope
with ber. The>' Intended to cross
to Scotland and get married at
Crctna Owen, but they only got as
far as I.isnaskea railway station. The
girl was only fifteen years of age, and
admitted she was not specialty fond
of tbe boy.
Br. .lohn Hunter, who has just
died at his limavadv, County Londonderry, residence, close to the
Irish Home of the Brontes, was a
uell known inventor. Among other
things he invented and patented a
mode of calculation, which could determine by day or night, without
tlte aid of a compass, the latitude or
h.agitude of a ship In northern latitudes. This invention, sold to him
for tlMl, ami resold tor £1,700, was
eventually disposed of to the Russian
government for £30,000,
An order has heen issued   by    the
"Hartfordshire," as suggested hy the Hertfordshire,   rcceutly, ou     Arthur  water.       At om time lt waa feared ing on a river of unrivalled beauty.
w. F. qurd,
BamMer, Solicitor, Etc.
Ittnuttutc Tor.mt„r.,nMTVnt„r> ■ >f Mil.,.-.
.11.,, i l,„. I.,-,,,,.. ii.-TWIlh.fr,,,.,,!
Mn.lt Sni.l.v i,,r Cvinii.T. ■
Sll HI..    .UIM'TllclNi;    AVKKI'V
Telephone IM
I.—ui.. in MwlnlTheory
lu an.l Oui of lltuCUy
l-'till Orcheilrn or  l'ii\m» Otilv
B. C.
C. H. DUNBAR      2
S   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   *
I Public, Etc S
a   Cranbrook,    •    •    B. C.   |
Physicians and Surgeons.
)Bc* at HeiUtan, AtmiUom kit,
Forenoons -
Evenings -
SuDtUfS * •
• ».00 to 10.00
t.M to 4.00
7.10 to I.N
* 30 to   till
:;   n   ft    B C,
I to 12 a.m.
1 to   I p.m.
7 to   I p.m.
Office in new RM Hltxk
CRANBROOK -       -       - B.
v ,,.»■„
T.-I So. 1
B.  C.   Land Survayor
CRANBROOK    .     B. C.
:. Snannell, I), I.. S„ B C. I.. 6.
\. I. lioliertMn, II. ('. I.. ~<.
Dofntolon ;*n-i hritifhGtlunil-ui
'.0. Drawer-B3 VICTORIA, I.C
w. ft. Br*!!,. Kunanl Uimior
Cruibraok H. c. Pbom N* »
.1.   W.   RUTLEDGE
(irailiiate ot Ontario Veterinary
College, Toronto, In Itut.
<irailiiate and Medallist ol
MrKlllip'a Veterinary College,
Chicago, in IU0O.
Nine    years'    esperienre    in
Veterinary practice in Manitoba.
Ollice sl Craakreek Nettl.
Knpniriiiif a Specialty
Aikuna Block, Crunbrook THE CHAN BROOK II Kit A 1.1)
N,v lloherliu samiiles.—C.C.S.
Mrs. It, E. Taylor, of Moyie, is in
llie eily today.
I>. E. Klliott, nl Fernie, was in lhe
city yesterday.
Mrs. K. I>. Slofisnn, of Moyie, was
visilinif ffienils in Crnnbrook vester-
Hamilton's   liome-inado koosc-
jam nt Fink's Pure Food (Iro-
But, besides Style and Pit, the honest wearing value- the point which nukes a man buy the same brand again and again is specially
ieatured in our clothing.
The materiale are as good as we can buy; the Finishings and Workmanship of the highest quality.
The result-the Clothing is sold to you over our guarantee of money back if all details ol Style, Fit and Wearing Value are not as
we represent them.
Our Fall and Winter offerings of Woollens is so high-class both as to style and Coloring that all sit up and take notice.   " If it is
Stylish, we have it."
ii Cranbrook B. C. f
Cranbrook in situated ln.-twft.-u tin*
in ai u range ut the ttocay aiuuuuiu*
uud the Purcell range uu a plateau,
known us Ut. Joseph's prairie. Itw
location is distinctly picturesque, tlie
views lu tie ul)i.iini-ii in all direc--
tiuns having uu superiors in tne
province ut llritish Columbia,
Many industries uie established  iu
i near   thv city.       Two up-to-date
ash and door factories nre located ■
just outside tlie city limits, an '
iron foundary,   a   brewery,    a soda ''"die apparently
water factory and two printing   es-  	
uhlishmeiits are doing business in
the city, wbilst at Marysville, fifteen
miles distant is tbe smelter of ibe
Sullivan (Irotip Mining company. Excellent brick and tire clay abounds lu
ttvveral nearby localities ami no
dutibt brick yards wilt be established
in the near future.
(Calgary Albertan.)
The visit ol     Air. Ames to WeslCllt
'anaUa   was  really a good mote lor
ii concerned,    au. Ames sues   lmc.i*
Cianbrook altitude Is 2,1187
above sen level. Tlm climate iy au
ideal one. The snowfall is, as a
mie, liglit. Spring opens early.
The summers are pleasant, the l*ni-
perature always declining at iright-
lall. Tiie Cranhiook district is
noted fur its bracing atmospheit and
almost perpetual sunshine.
As a fruit country the Cianbrook
district is unsurpassed. Although,
at tbe present time, hut few orchards ure oi bearing age, still those
letf have shown wbat can lie done
alung the Lines of fruit cultivation.
"I'he Cranhrook district bas a larger
area of undeveloped fruit land than
any other district in llritish Columbia. Fruit lands may still be purchased at a reasonable purchase
pi ice, which same cannot be said of
.my other districl in the province.
Market gardening is also gone into
*-n a quite extensive scale uud lhe
tjuaiity uf the vegetables raised is
second to none un the continent-
The surrounding district is famous
the world over fur its large bodies
ut silver-lead ore. The Si. Eugene
mine at Moyie is said lu he lhe largest silver-lead mine ou the North
American cunlinent. The Sullivan
group and tbe North Star mine at
Kimberley contain large deposits of
thv same ore. (told placers are being worked ut a gu-od profit uu
Wild Horse and Perry Creeks, while
many excellent copper prospects exist
various parts     of the     district.
Large bodies uf iron ore have
heeu discovered within a very
miles ni the eity.
Excellent water al a pressure of
one hundred pounds to the square
luc-h is furnished by (he Cranbrook
Water Supply compauy, aud electric
liglit and telephone service of the
best kind is lo he had at reasonable
rates from tlie Cranbrook Electric
Light company and t-he East Koole
miy telephone lines. The whole dis-
Iricl, is connected with Cranbruok by
long distance phones.
There are live churches in Cranhrook: The Roman Catholic, the
Church ot England, the Presbyterian,
the MttthftdlNt aud the Baptist. The
Salvation Army also have a post in
the city.
The educational facilities are as
perfect as the board of school trustees can make them. Noue but well
experienced teachers are engaged on
the . staff. Although tbe school
buildings arc large they will have to
he Increased in si/e in the near future, owmg to thv number ot
A large number' ot fraternal socle-
ties have lodge* in Cranbrook. The
Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights ol
Pythias, Orangemen, Eagles, Owls
and all the railway orders are reprit
The advantages of Cranhrook una
residential city is acknowledged bj
all those whose business takes them
into East Kootenav, \tlli a population of slightly over 8,0*10 tbe n-hnol
attendance is far above the a> ewgf
for a popuiatinu of this kt/41
Cranbrook is the metropolis of the
limber industry of South Eastern
llritish Columbia. Throughout the
district there are vast ipianlilies ol
pine, fir and tamarac assuring an unlimited supply for many years to
come. There are between twenty-
live and thirty saw mills in tbe dis
triet, some of them within a mile ol
tbe city limits.
Cranbrook is the principal
slonal point nf the Crows Nesl
branch of the Canadian Pacific
way. Here are located the ollice of
the divisional superintendent, round
houses and machine shops. A hunch
line runs eighteen miles uoith to
Marysville and  Kimberley.
Cranhrook has a gold e (.'Mission
er's office and is a port .1 c-tlry let
the Dominion customs.
Anyone wishing iuf')*-ma1u*t re*
gaiding business oppiu tiHiiUt-"*, cost
of laud, dc , apply to A. I.. McDermot, Secretary Hoard nf ''isde,
Cranbrook, B. C.
s well saUstied wiwi
luiiihHi as il lie nail eoimuccd tlic
jiuo-tiu thai ins story was true, .tuu
ius addresses witn peep show uc-
coiupauimeiits aroused uie people   oi
tho wesl. to IftniC a louk Into lliis umber business,
.vmi the result has been dccldedl)
satisbiclory. before this ihe imliu-
iureal elector, wbo dues not spemi
i much nine in investigating the tales
'uf uie scandal mongers, recognizing
TELIv ' iji.ii -it| iiuni.ui bain*-,*- iuu prune io
Vi'i, rather coneltided that iherc
Iniiglit be something wrong in those
sales. Our American citizens eome
iluicKly io the conclusion that usually, particularly in United States,
there is crooked work in such truns-
actliwis, and perhukis there was something wrung in these.
But When the peep show came, the
peopje became interested and since
ihen have been investigating, Tliey
Uud Ihat from the time Mr. Ames
touched lhe billion until he uade his
bow, that his story is incorrect.
His statements are not correct) and
besides thai iiu bus nothing -definite to
tell the people. He exaggerat-wl the
poverty of our remaining timber
wealth ubout lull fold, and then he
Joes not come out boldly and make
.my charges. That is not the kind
if charges that we can grip.
Mr. Ames endeavors to arouse suspicion. Against those suspicions is
the positive evidence of a irumber ol
witnesses. Mr, Ames susjjwets that
there was some irregularities in regard to the tenders. He hns no evidence, A number of reliable witnesses upon oath say that the tenders
were correct.
And the westerner is puzzled why
Ui. Ames should come out here to
condemn the system of disposing of
limber limits when tliat, system was
abandoned by .Mr. Oliver some -time
ago, and they are surprised that Mr.
Ames should not have informed his
audiences nf this change.
They are surprised, too, that Mr.
Ames did not compare conditions in
I he Conservative days with eondl-
lioiis al the iiresent time. Why not?
The reason Is that the Conservatives
dlil not put much of the timber up
•or tender, but thev handed it out to
the party favorites without any attempt nt competition.
Now Mr. Ames was the forerunner.
He Is doubtless the heavy scandal
man of the opposition, If tliat in
the extent of hi*- message, what i«
there remaining''
The visit nf Air. WlW was- ■ verv
much* appreciated because it, got
"enple interested in public affairs and
■-bowed how baseless tlie slanders
io ice
of the do
be made
Applv to Mrs. Wm. Haywood, Purick
avenue. 26-lt'
Wm. Hamilton's home-made blark
currant jam at Fink's Pure Food
See Hoherlin samples.—CCS.
.1. Scott, chief despatchct, is tflktlig
his vacation and E. Clitic is acting as
bief despatcher during his absence.
Since last issue ot the Hei.thl We
bave sold  twentv-one Sulfa,  made  to
tiler bv The House of Hoherlin -
Ci C. S.
.1. w. Johnston, manager of the
Porto Rico Lumber company, ot
Moyie, was transacting business In
Cranhrook yesterday.
No monev for Hoherlin suits until
VOW are satisfied.—C.C.S.
F. II. McKay, who has been spending the summer in ('ranhrook, leaves
tomorrow for Montreal to resume his
medical studies at McGlll University.
E. M. Paine, of Regina, Inspector
of C.P.R. Telegraph olliees, is iu the
city today. Mr. Paine w*;is formerly commercial operator at this point
fmir years ago.
No monev fnr Hoherlin suits until
you are satisfied.—C.C.S.
S. Hutchinson, commercial operator
for the C.P.R. Telegraph company,
visited Winnipeg last wech to attend
the marriage of his daughter Miss
Audrey Hutchinson, to E. A. Comle,
of the Winnipeg law firm of Maualian
and Comle. Mr. mid Mrs. Comle ai'c
spending their honeymoon at points
in the t-nited States.
Hoherlin madc-to-order suils in
twerd and blae'i nnd blue serges,
It is said that tbe Law, l'nion and
, frown is the only tire insurance
company that refiises to pay its
losses iu Fernie, This company is
being sued and no doubt n very interesting     case as     to the bush lire
BE THRILLING     FEATS  OF NERVE ^T "«'" *^ *"?*'    ,.
**T4nT!F  vr<UTnpe Hoherlin  mude-io-oider suits        in
SIARTLE VISITORS [weed     and    bine* ami blue serges,
Sept.  13.—Announcement I OF FAIR. tt7.fiO.-C-C.S-
lolutlon of parliament   will | *"— I   A. 0. Workman, who has been    e
this     week by Sir Wilfrid I   One of the big siwctacular acts   to despntehet here    for three years, left
. H >
I >i >
, ,i *
. ,* *
t* t
.. >
. .. i
. i< t
, II .
I >« l
t .« t
* t< t
I t* I
The dance given by the Ladies Auxiliary of tlte B. L. P. &, E, at the
Auditorium last night was an absolute success. Tins is thc first time
ihat this organization has given an
entertainment and in doing so thev
have certainly set a pace which it will
he hard to beat. The Moyie orchestra, consisting of J. W". Watkins.
piano, Guy Watkins, drums and
traps; and Robert Wilson, violin,
did magnificent work and there is no
doubt hut that this is one of the
very best musical organizations iu
the' ilistriet. Dancing was kept going until the early hours of tue
morning and the 75 couples present
set-mod to enjoy themselves to the utmost. At about 12 o'clock a dainty
tiincli was served and then the dancing continued. The dance was an
undoubted success ami it is u* he
hoped that it will lie by no means
the last tl.inee given under (lie some
nuspices, Kvery ladv iu the organization worked to iimke the affair a
success  mul   thev   have  I'cnsoh   to feel
proud of tin- it-suit.
The contract tor music at the Spokane Interstate fair this fall has been
uwarded to the Inland Empire baud,
under tbe direction of Professoi A.
1. Reenter,       The baud will consist.
( im pieces, nnd will furnish music
nt the races in the afternoon and for
lhe Paine spectacular program iu
lhe evening.
The Inland Empire hand is oue of
Die oldest  organizations in    Spokane
ml has furnished music for many
important   engagements    throughout
' Inland Empire. The band nas
been engaged tor the past live years
f lbe Interstate fair association.
Prof. A. 0. Reenter, leader uf the
baud since its organization in 11101,
wrote a march, "Sjtokano Interstate
Fair," whicli was dedicated to that
organization In 190-1. The march
will be featured during this reason's
Music will be one of the features
at the fair this fall and Prof. Reenter promises the best band in the
history of his organization. lit addition to Ihis band, the Parker Carnival eompanv, which furnishes the
show for the "Midway," will carry
two 12 piece bands, which are combined bu concert purposes.
No ollicial information as hu put on in Iront of tho grandstand  today
to the    exact date of the election is during the Spokane Fair this   fall is he ha
vet   available, but    it is practically the sensational ride of Frank Smith-
certain   that   the    day   selected for sun on a bicycle down a sharp     in-
polling will be as announced      some cline at   breakneck   speed.     Midway
time auu     by  your     correspondent, to the ground     be leaps a gap over
either   Wednesday,   October 2S,    or the crater of a blazing volcano   and
Thursday.    October 20.      Oood pro- alights on a narrow    platform, stop-
gress has been made witb printing thc pin*; in an incredibly .short space
voters' lists, and the secretary      of comparison     with  the velocity
states   department   is   now   sending which he descends the incline,
ihem out  lt> the   various constltucn- This is one of the attractions carries a» liijildiy as possible. -i«l with the Parker show w-bioh fur-
Sir Wilfrid,     who leaves tomorrow nishes the "Midway" at the fair this
uigbl for Niagara Falls, where     he year,       The leaping of the volcanic
will upvii his Ontario campaign, js in chasm is statetl to be one of the sen-
excellent health, and is confident that sat-lons of the age.
liis administration will he returned to In   Bpcaklng   '
lurge majority.
•I. F. Al. Pinkham, president of the
Crnnbrook Hoard of Trade, has issuw!
a circular nskltlg tbat all interested
do their best to have a good mineral
exhibit al Ihe SpoUine Interstate fair
tti be belli in the city of Spokane
from the ;»ih i.i the lutb of October.
The secretary uf the fair writes that
the mnilngemeiil will allot as much
space as the Board of Trade mav desire for the purpose ot this eibibit'.
Taking Into consideration llie marked
revival in mining in.this district, it
would be well for everyone interested
peels to return to Ottawa for Wed
iiesduy next, when a cabinet meeting
will be held which will probably he
followed by the announcement of dii
It is stated on good authority that
cabinet chance   will probably     be
nnoimeed shortly. Hon. R. W.
Scott, the venerable secretary of
state, after over fifty years of useful
iimi. unblemished public service, is
ready to he relieved of the strain of
statcscruft, and Charles Murphy, K.
C., one of the foremost lawyers of
Eastern Ontario and a prominent
Irish Roman Catholic, is said to
he slated as his successor. Mr. Mur-
tihy will probably be the government
■audiilate in Russel countv.
Hon. Frank Oliver left'for Alberta
last niuht, and will remain west till
fter the election-
Hon. A. B. Ayleswortb is expected
to return to Ottawa from Kurti|M> on
Friday next.      .
.    . f the attractions   the
He ei- advance agent of the 0. W. Parker
shows says:
"The public demands exhibitions by
dare devils nml the Parkers satisfy
that demand iu every respect. Sensational acts of all descriptions arc
presented, tbe highest salaried artists
in the profession bein^ employed.
"Apparently impossible feats ot
daring performed upon veritable death
traps to any one but the experienced
are put on. In addition to the
bicycle dive there will be a high
dive, which is a real hair raiser,
the artist being a man who dives
from an incredible height into a
This performance will be put on
every afternoon and evening at the
fair grounds In front of the big
grandstand. Other spectacular free
attractions will lie put on a1 the
bring in samples so tli,
may be put ihi exhibition.
Halifax, N. S., Sept. 11 —Tho Con-
Tvative demonstration bete this
evening was a complete success, between five and six thousand people
assembling to hear R. L. Borden and
Premier Roblin. of Manitoba, und
Premier Hazen, of Now Brunswick,
was much enthusiasm,
was much enshusiasm.
lu view of Hie fact thai a Dominion general election is to take place
iu lhe near future the dates of past
contests may be of some interest to
readers of the Herald:
The first parliament, elected in
t8«;, was dissolved in 1872, four
years and nine months later.
The second lasted.from September,.
1872, to January, 167*1, one year and
four months.
The third dated from February,
187-1, to August, 1878, four years and
five months.
Tbe fourth from November, 18*78, to
May, 1883, three years and fivo
The fifth from August, 1882, to
January, 1887, four years and t\\e
The sixth from April, 1887, to
February, 18111, three years and nine
The seventh from Marcli, 18(1), to
April, J8.HI, five years and ten
Tbe eighth from July. IKfbi, to Oc
toher, I mm, four years and two
The ninth from December, IflOfl, to
September, imil, three vears and nine
Elections for the tenth parliament
were held on November 3rd, 1901,
ibree years and ten months ago.
London, Sept. H.—The past year
bas disclosed the fact that tbere are
only twenty men in the kingdom with
incomes id over $250,11(11). England
imposes a tax of a shilling on everv
pound, or f> per cent., nn Incomes
over $10,000 a year. The incomes
under SHI,000 n year, earned bv their
possessors, are taxed nine pence on
each pound. England's income for
the nasi fiscal vear produced n revenue of $17,000,000. The total incomes of the I wenl v persons having
more than $250 Oiifi was $0,000,000.
These twent- incliHle several multimillionaire brewers. The Persons
possessing incomes of between $50,000
nnd $250,000 number 211.    There are
The pictures at the Auditorium
bave heen particularly good tbis
weela. Such animated pictures as
"Sports of All lhe World," "Shamus
O'Brien'' und the "Cossacks." were
>f the order that are bound to please
and drew good houses. Mr. Reeves'
rendering of "We Have No One to
Care for Us Now" and "Sleep and
Forget," was, us usual, thoroughly
enjoyed by the audience. Mr.
Reeves promises some surprises for
next week's repetoire.
Missoula, Montana, where
accepted a similar position
lhe Northern Pacific, Mr.
Wm1 man has made a great many
friends in Crnnbrook during his sojourn lure who. although sorry to
see him en will wish bim evei
cess iu his new home.
Hoherlin madc-to-order suits       in
with  tweed     ami     blae'i. and blue serges,
J. I). Cameron has bought out the
cigar store, billiard parlor ami lon-
sorial establishment oi George Welsh.
Mr. C.imemn has secured the services
of Richard Patmore, who will have
charge of t-he cigar and billiard de-
partmeni of the business. Both Ah
Cameron, the proprietor, and Mr
Patmore, his first assistant, are well
Ifiown here and there is no doubt but
thnt the C.P.R. Cigar store will do
an excelh nt business.
Hoherlin made-to-or-iler suits in
tweed and blno't and blue serges,
W. T. Haynes, accountant for the
Fernie Lumber company, is iu town
today. Air. Haynes states that they
are "making rapid progress in the
construction of their new mill and
expect to Imi sawing by tbe first of
lho month. Mr. Haynes spends in
the highest of praise of tbe expeditious manner In which the C.P.R.
bandied the company's shipments ot
machinery, meeting every request for
haste anil doing much to save the
See Hoherlin samples.—C.C.S,
The distinguished party of civil
engineers from all points in Europe
passed through Cranhrook on Tuesday on their way to West Kootenay.
A stop of some hours was made at
Fernie on Monday while the excursionists visited the mines. A three
hour stop was made at Movie to allow of an inspection of the St. Eugene mine. The partv are looking
over the coal bearing districts aud tbe
metallfcrous mines of the province
arid will spend several davs in West
See Hoherlin samnles.—C.C.S.
At the Ivdisou "The Storv of (he
-Music Master," "Beatrix"' aud "A
Family of Cats," were well received.
Three change of programme a WCflkj
makes tbls     little
ment" ver' popular. Mrs. Devett's
songs caught on if applause Is any Indication. It is hoped tbat the
Olympic games will he shown liere
next week.
(Albernl   Pioneer News.)
I.. Rates VanDecar. of Cranbrook.
and his tbree sons, Frank H.. of
Cranbrook, ami F. It. ami A. II.
(Ilert), of Victoria, were among the
visitors in Albernl this week. Tlmy
came all the wav over the trunk road
from victoria iu Uielr private motor
car, and s|Hiit Thursday ami Friday he
hunting uud iishing, us a result of
which they took away with them the
carcase of u deer nnd u largo basket
if trout. Mr. Vanltour* who has Investments In various pails of llritish
Columbia, is the owner of Alberni
town and farm proner' and ho hns
irrwif faith in the future of this town
and district. The partv was registered at the Arlington hotel.
Ah Soo, a member of Cranbrook's
Chinese colony, wns triod More His
"lonor Judge Wilson on Tuesday even-
home "of "amuse-■ tln* fl'** yesterday for the alleged
theft of a sum nf money from a
compatriot, Mark See Kce. ft, II.
Thompson appeared for Ihi? prosecution nml Mavor S. S. Tuvlor, K.C,
of Nelson and J. A. Ilarvev, K. C.,0l
Cranbrook, for (be defence, After
hearing file evidence and the uttdrcsses
of counsel the learned judge found the
prisoner guilty and sentenced him to
33 mouths hard labor tn Nelson jail.
None of lhe stolen monev wns ice
.lames Ten Eyelo, great oarsman
and great coach, is teaching thc sons
of K. II. Marriman to row. lie
hopes that they will do hi rowing
what Jay Gould has done in court
Air. Ten Kyck, discussing rowing
one day in Syracuse, said success depended ou form. He explained what
lie meant by form. Then, by way
of illustration ho added;
"Everything, everything, goes by
form. Thus, out west, iu the old
days, it wns the essence of form to
be informal. AIv father used to tell
us about a squire who used to marry
lbe young couple that came lo bim
in some such form as this:
■' '[till, do yon take this gal -whose
baud ve're n-si|ucczln' to lie yer lawful wife, iu tish limes an skimp?-" '
" 'I guess that's about tbe size ot
it. suture,1
" "Maine, do vou take this cuss ye
■'iiicd lists with to be yer pftrd
ihrollHi thick an' thin*'*
" 'Ve're right for once, old man.'
"All right, then. Kiss in court,
nn' I reckon ve're married about as
tight as the law can tine ye. I
mess four bits'll do. Rill, if 1 don't
have to kiss the bride. If 1 do, it's
six bits extry.' "
I loll,
rest fl
IL 0, Tallow is going to
un his labors for a while and
i tour of Europe, Tbe Onan-
cial minister, as might be expected,
makes uo pretence uf official business
-ailing him to Ihe other side ot the
■v it ler. lie will not ask the people of
the province to pay bis travelling cx-
'iciises. Mr. Tatlow works hard, and
is doubtless in need of a long rest.
(Grand Folks Gazette.)
The North Star mine in the Craubrook district is doing remarkably
well for a property which has been
generally supposed to be out ot ore
A Into report from the mine states
that regular shipments are being
made, 150 tons a week being the
average. It is stated that the prop-
rty never looked better than at present.
The annual meeting of the Alberta
iml Eastern llritish Columbia Press
issocintioii will he held iu Nelson on
riiursd.t \ ami Frida v, Sept ember ll 1
mil llfllb.     II is expected that        a
large t iber id tbe  Alberta editors
ivill meet in Craii'irook on tlu i'.ln)
ml proceed to Nelson together, A
urge nml representative meellng
11 neves I Thanksgiving services will
bfld nl Christ church on Sundav
n. xi, S.< i. mber liiilh.
Harvest lumitsat hoih morning find
■cii-nir smiees. Stevens mil hem
■Ye Slmll  Dwell in  i;M-  Laud '    Will
evening scrvt
nations   liim!
The results of tbe tournament just
competed .at; the Cranhrook Lawn
Tennis club is as follows:      ■•-.
Men's singles—W. A. Wallinger.
Ladies singles—Miss M. Armstrong.
Men's doubles—Morrison unit Nunns,
l.c rendered al tb
Special harvest di
he arrangol for.
Holy communion 	
Matins and liolv communion
Evensong   ',
■ ♦-
. 8 a.m.
II a.m.
..'10 p in.
(Selected.) •
is a petition, not an older.
0 does     not     mean sitting
wailing   for   something   to
tin.nnn nnd tm.Mio.
6.25(1 persons    with
$5,000 to $10,000.
At Cranhrook, H. p., on September HJ, 1008, to Mr. and Mrs. A. Le
Grand, a daughter.
At Elko. H. C, on September 15,
HUH*, to Mr. ami    Mrs. Krapfel,    a
  Armstrong son.
m*l tbere    are and Miss Paterson At CranbrooV,   R. C„ on Septem-
Incomes   trom     Mixed doubles-Miss Af.  Armstrong ber 15, 1008, to Mr. and Mrs. W. fi.
and E. Elwcll. Stevenson, a daugjrtar.
Pa I inn
Tin- ministers who arc returning
irom lheir vaenlions 'find Satan still
on the job.
Men who are really busy seldom
have time to talk about how much
work they have to do.
Fortunately for us married men,
air wives seldom try to live according   lo   the   household magazines.
If we waited   for real trouble to
come before We worried, most of us
could Ih' smiling thc biggest part of
lhe time.
This "affinity" dodge does not
fool people who possess an average
Idea of what constitutes morality.
It is usually the "high flyer"
drops tte b*iwt-


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