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Cranbrook Herald Jan 24, 1907

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Array l*Ti»!»tive Library
April l(4f
<:. '''CTOB't^
OBANBllOOK,   ltlllTlSU   COLUMBIA.   Till liSDAY,   .IAMAKV 21.   1901
Paid-up Ctpital, $10,000,000.   Reitrv* Fund, $4,500,000
■I. I. WALKER, G.ii.r.l M.,,.,., ALKX LAIRD, km*. Oml MlMf
a itMfil lutlm, ku.ta.ii Irtmtctts. AcctunU ma, St 1.11K see
nail Willi all kcuiihn al this lank.
DtpmlL of $1 aud iipwardi. received, add Interest
•amnt rain,   ilia depusltm- la subicist lo no delay
ever In th* withdrawal ol th* whole *r aav
purlluu ul tlia deposit
Cranbrook Branch,
F. C. MALPAS. Manager
Imperial Bank of Canada
:: Caiptal Paid Up. $4,515,000. Rett Account, $4,515,000
Capital Authorized, $5,000,000
D. R. WILKIE, President.
R. JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in Prorinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatche-
wan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
; ; INTEREST allowed on Savings Accounts FROM DATE OF
DEPOSIT ut current nites and credited half-yearly.
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*********** **********************
"We shall haul down the British ensign from the suit
at Government buildings and run up the Red Plag in its
place." -fir. Hawthornthwalle at the Grand Theater, Vancouver, last June.
"No alliance with those revolutionists who would destroy our system ol Government and haul down our Hag,
but on th* contrary co-opcrntion with that great body of
labor which would reform abuses in a constitutional way."
"The treatment of the Cranbrook District by the I*lc-
Brlde Government was neither fair or Just.
••It Is laid that the Kaien Island scandal forced Bob
Green out of the cabinet, and that Dick rtcBride was In
that deal as much as Bob Qreen." -J. H. KING.
King Rally Largest in
History of District
EnttHisiasm Runs High and Liberal
Speakers Receive Vociferous
The Liberal rally held in Went-
worth hall on Thursday evening last
was undoubtedly attended hy the
largest number of people ever gathered together at a political meeting in
East Kootenay. When chairman J
O. McCalluui called the meeting to
order every seat in the house was
taken and the hall was packed to the
very doors with those standing,
Dr. J. H. King, the candidate tor
the Cranbrook riding, was the lirst
speaker, and, il one is to judge Irom
the interest with which be was listened to by all present and tlie
frequent bursts of applause, the impression created was that the district had made no mistake in their
selection of the representative three
years ago, and that that selection
would be confirmed at the coming
election by an overwhelming majority. Nearly the entire speech was
confined to local needs and conditions
and the earliest manner of the doctor In dealing with them convinced
all of his sincerity, lie clearly outlined tbe unfair manner iu which the
McBride government had dealt with
this riding, in retaliation lor his
election, and explained that while ho
had used all available means to convince the government of our needs,
the benefits derived had indeed been
paltry when the amount of revenue
the government had received from
the district was considered. He
alluded to the well known tact that
.1. A, Harvey, the Conservative candidate, had long controlled the patronage ol the district, ami that it
we had not received Justin- !.lr.
Harvey was the proper person to
blame lie tht-n explained his position on the smelter bill and explained that when this bill was first
introduced by Mr. H.iwthornthwiute,
that not only was the conditions of
the province unfavorable for its passage but thnt it bad turn sprung
upon tbe members without a
moment's notice a nil Hint no time
other opposition members considered that the bill
should he turned down until an
Intelligent Investigation of Ihe conditions could lie made ami an effort
put forth to bring the smelter owners and employees together on the
subject. This view proved correct,
as immediately, after the adjournment of the legislature, through Mr.
Macdonntd's influence these meetings
were brouglit ahout with the result
that the eight hour dav was put in
force. At the next meeting of the
legislature the bill was again
Introduced, and was heartily endorsed and voted for by Mr. Macdonald
and the majority of the opposition
hut was Wiled on its second reading
through tbe influence of Premier McBride and three members of the cabinet, Messrs. Tat low, Fulton and
Potion. Mr. Kine closed his address
by stating that if elected he would,
In the future as in the past, put
fortb his utmost efforts to obtain
justice for this riding and promised
t-ha-t- if a Liberal government was
returned there would be no doubt of
our obtaining the same.
Mr. Harvey was the next speaker,
and instead of relying on facts tor
an argument resorted to ridicule in a
vain effort to offset the facts advanced by Pr. King. Mr. Harvey
took up lb* allegation that he controlled the patronage of this district
and made a ludicrous attempt to
prove thati if be was to be held responsible for the government tailing
to deal justly hy the Cranbrook riding, he should be given credit for
tbe -benefits that had accrued to our
people without regard to whether the
t^vftrnnent bad been Influential In ob
taining them or not. Mr. Harvey's
sarcasm fell Hat and after a malicious attack upon W. W. B. Mclnnes
for entering this campaign he closed
with an attempt to holster up the
government's attitude in tbe Kaien
island, Midway & Vernon, and Columbia & Western deals, by repeating
a few of the pet phrases enunciated
hy Premier McBride and "thirty-live
dollar!, a month" Bowser, at their
recent meeting here, and which they
repeat at all meetings held by them
without variation.
Mr. Kelly was then called [or but
being absent, S. Macdonald look the
platform in his behalf aud denounced
the Herald ami Or. King for assert-
ing "that Mm people responsible for
Mr. Kelly's candidacy were Socialist," and stated that tbe accusation
was false. Mr. Macdonald also
berated the "red Hag" Socialists and
announced that he was not, in any
manner in .sympathy with their principles and that in his opinion labor
aud capital should go hand in hand.
Mr. W. W. B. Mclnnes was then introduced by the chairman ami for the
next hour ami thirty minutes devoted
his lime to such a powerful and
masterful arraignment of the McBride government that the large
audience was moved to freipient and
prolonged applause. After u brief
and satisfactory explauaUo . of his
reasons for resigning tl^e governorship of the Yukon to enter provincial
politics he Uirncd bis attention to
the claim that McBride saved British
Columbia from bankruptcy, "This is
the most nonsensical trash, British
Columbia has never been and cannot
be bankrupt. How qould it be with
all this wealth of natural resources
and grand opportunities. No; that
band of amateur financiers were taken by tho throat by a bunch of bankets ami frightened into borrowing
$1,000,000 at 5 per cent. Think of
this. Why 1 know fanners ou Vancouver island who can borrow money
for less than this. Then so far from
being in the financial straits that
they pretend, they have not used half
of this sum yet, aud you are paying
interest on this money, though half
of it lies uncalled for. ' So much for
their financial difficulties and the
bungling manner in which the McBride government handled them."
The British Columbia Southern
scandal was next touched on it trenchant terms, Mr. Mclnnes explaining
bow the McBride government has refused to make the railway company
pay Uie taxes it should pay. Had
the government collected those tuxes
it would have been entirely unnecessary to pass the Iniquitous assessment act which increased everyone's
taxes 4*i p. c. on real properly and
Mill per cent, on personal propertv,
whereas a great and r.cb corporation
had been allowed to shirk and dodge
its obligations. The amount that
should have been paid by the railway
company was more than enough to
make ii unnecessary to Increase the
genera, taxation.
The government, declared the
speaker, had been most unbusinesslike and he instanced the tremendous
tracts of very valuable timber in the
northern part of Vancouver Island
which were being given away to
speculators at but a fraction of a
reasonable price—lo speculators and
not to tbe men who would develop
it—to the speculators who bough!
only to sell again at a profit. Millions of dollars worth of timber
bad thus been practically given away.
Mr. Mclnnes said that he believed
that a good business administration
could so handle the resources of the
province that it would soon not be
necessary to levy any taxes.
The matter of "better terms" is a
simple one. Years ago the provinces
entered into a partnership. Now, as
might have been supposed, as the
years have gone bv, il bus been found
that things have hot ran as smoothly as they might, and have from time
to time required adjustment. This
simple matter of a- business adjustment was taken up again a short
time ago, McBride alone, of all the
premiers who gathered, went alone.
Older premiers went with ministers
to assist them. It may he that Me-
Brhte knew that he had no man in
the cabinet fit to take with him.
He did take a newspaper man with
him and he went to send out to the
coast bulletins as to the great hero
McBride was making of himself. One
would have thought that he was reporting a prize fight. No such thing
was going on there. No more dignified body of men ever gathered in
Canada than those who were there nt
that conference. Thev were there to
calmly consider the claims of each
province and fnirlv nword to each
what was fair to each. Now. McBride, either because he did not
under»tand the case he had In hand,
or  because he had no desire to   do-
otlier than raise an election cry,
bungled the whole matter. Then,
when he had found that he could not
run Uie whole show, did he retire in
a dignified manner? Did he act as a
sin teaman should''    No.     Ho rushed
out,      slammed   lhc    (loot   behind bun
and at once began to accuse bis
brother premiers ol having treated
hint unfairly and ol being dishonest
Now, when you think of Ibis, you
must acknowledge thai so long a»
human nature remains as it is, Me*
Iirlde has put himself out oi court
lurever so far as better terms aro
concerned. He has accused the only
tribunal from which better terms
can come, of being dishonest. Ho
can never again appear before them
ami hope for consideration. It will
remain for a Liberal leader like Mr.
Maudouald to go, us premier of British Columbia, lo a new conference of
premiers and there, bv uu able, and
statesmanlike presentation ol the
claims of British Columbia, get what
We are so clearly entitled to.
Referring to the relations existing
between the McBride government and
the C. P. R. and with the government's efforts to divert the attention
of the country Irom that guilty connection, Mr. Mclnnes alluded io the
notorious refusal of the McBride government to tax the C. P. K. East
Kootenay lauds, to say nothing ol
Uie iniquitous grant ol bou.iuju acres
uf land to the C. P. R. in the Columbia & Western grant. In detail the
speaker went into this giant show-
lug that it was not a new matter,
that the road bad been built and
running for years, and that lor nil
these years the C. P. It. bad been
begging and importuning succeeding
governments for the lauds, livery
previous government had refused, bm
instead of forcing the C. P. It. into
the courts to prove its contested
claim to the lauds, the MoBrlde
government deliberately handed the
lauds over. Then be showed how thu
meddling interference of Minister of
Rliaiico Tatlow, had stopped work
on Ihe Midway A- Vermin road, Ihe
only possible explanation being that
the Midway ,v Vernon would he a
competitor of the C. P. It. In the
one case everything had been done
for the C, P. It., iu tbe other nothing
Was done hut lo stop the building of
Ihe railway, and that because it was
not the C. P. It.
At the close of Mr. Mclnnes1 speech
three rousing cheers were given for
King uud the Liberal parly and the
meeting was closed by singing the
National Anthem.
Revel stoke, .Jan. 21.—"The most
successful political meeting ever held
iu Revelsloke," was the verdict of
Liberal and Conservative alike after
the great gathering in the opera
House on Saturday night at which
Liberal leader .1. A. Macdonald was
heard in a masterly elucidation of
his parly's policy and a telling and
iiicotitrovertrble arraignment of the
misdeeds and blunders of the McBridu
administration. Of the meeting held
here by McBride and Bowser a week
ago, local Conservatives have boasted
that it was a success that neither
Maedonald nor any other opposition
speaker could equal. As a matter.
ol fact it was totally eclipsed by the
Macdonald meeting, not only in the
matter of attendance but iu enthusiasm and appreciation of the points
scored in a masterly speech.
The meeting was.presided over by-
Mayor Brown. E. A. Haggen was
the' first speaker and he devoted himself principally to telling criticism of
local matters, showing how shamefully the constituency had been
treated in public works despite wild
promises just prior to the last election aud then Lefeaux, the Socialist
look his turn, making full use of the
chalice to propound lhc usual Socialist propaganda. Candidate Frank
Cayley spoke but shortly, making a
manly and effective appeal for the
votes of his hearers. He was given
i splendid reception. Leader Mac-
■loiiald spoke upward of an hour and
a half during which he was constant
ly interrupted by outbursts of applause us be made point after point
ii his most efieclive style, All the
main issues of the campaign wore
touched upon at more or less length
.Mr. Macdonald spoke very strongly
on the question of irrigation, show
lug bow the government had so completely neglected its plain duty and
had iu fact not even made the mat let
an excuse for its usual promises
until the opposition had come out
witb its clear cut policy.
Mr. Tom Taylor, the Conservative
candidate was on the platform and
was given full opportunity to speak.
He received a very good hearing bul
failed in a labored attempt to
answer Mr. Macdonald's scathing
criticism of McBride and bis government.
Mr. Alex. Henderson, of Vancouver,
cloned the meeting in a characteristic
lighting speech which aroused Uie
greatest enthusiasm. He confidently predicted victory for Cayley, and
was answered Willi cheers. The
meeting has confirmed the confidence
of the Liberal wotkers here who
state now that Cayley'a election is
Moyie, .Jan. 21.—Tbe Far to! block
was burned here Saturday, the lire
starling about 2.30. The building
and furniture belonged to Miss
Mamie Farrell, and were valued at
$2,600 and $400 respectively. The
insurance on the building is $1,200
and that,on the furniture $200. The
oilier occupants of ihe block had no
insurance and their losses arc as follows: W. If. F. Crosby, entire
stock in store, $1,5110; W. L. Lucas.
SHOO; Harold Chapman, $150; K. I).
Stinson, $75. The four persons last
mentioned lost clothing, books and
other personal effects to the extent
given. Oordon Monkhons got his he>
longings out, but they were badly
damaged by water. The fire is said
to have started in tbe rear of W. II.
Crosby's stort.
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This way ladies and gentlemen.
J. D. McBride
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Const iuiciicv-ltctiiiiig Member
Allln—Dr. Young (Con.)	
Albornl—Wm. Mnnson (t'on.) 	
Cnrlboo-J. Murpliy (Lib.) 	
Jltil Scut—11. .tones ll.ib.) 	
Ohllllwack-C. Mtiinii (Lib.) 	
Collllllbiii-W. ('. Wells (Lib.) 	
I'niiiiis-ll. Grant (Con.) 	
Cowlchau—J. N- Evans ll.ib.)	
I'taiiliriKik-lir. King (Lib.) 	
Delta—John Oliver (Lib.) 	
ivwilni'v-U. McBride (Con.)	
Esqulmult-C. E. I'oolcy (Con.) 	
r'ernie— W. It. Hoss (Con.)	
Grand Porks—Geo. Frascr (Con.)	
Greenwood—I. K. Ilrnwn (Lib.) 	
Islamls-T. W. I'aterSon (Lib.) 	
KamliHips—F. J. Ktilton (Con.) 	
Kiislu-li. K. flreen (Con.) 	
I.illooet...A. McDonald (t'on.) 	
Naiiaiiiio, J.W. llnwthointhwaite-(N)
Nelson—I. Houston (Con.)	
Newcastle-P. Williams (Soc.) 	
New Westminster—T. Gilford (Con.)...
Okanagau—P. Ellison (Con.) 	
lievclstokc-T. Taylor (Con.) 	
Richmond—F.I.. Carter-Cotton (Con)
Rosslitnd-.l. A. Macdonald (Lib.) .
Snanieli-H. Tanner (Lib.) 	
Siinilkillliceli—L. W. Shatlnrd (Con.
Skeeno-C. W. I). Clifford (Con.) ... .
Slocan—Wm. Daviilson (Lab. Soc.) .
Vancouver—1—R. (1. Tatlow (Con.)
"      2-C. Wilson (Con.) 	
"      3-.I. K. Garden  (Con.) ....
"     l-W. .1. Dowser (Con.) ....
"     fi—A. II. It. Macgowan (Con)
Victoria—l-R. I.. Drury (Lib.) 	
"     2-W. G. Cameron (Lib.)	
"     8-.I. D. McNiven (Lib.) 	
"      4—It. Hall (Lib.) 	
Yale—Stuart Henderson (Lib.) 	
Ymir—H. Wright (Con.) 	
John Irving	
II. Itrewster 	
11. .luues 	
.1. Yorston 	
0. W. Munro 	
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.1. N. Evans 	
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John Jardine	
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'M. Kagleson 	
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11). Thomas 	
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Dr'. Macdonaid 	
It. Caley 	
J. W. Weart 	
J. A. Macdonald .
.1. Picrcy  ...
Smith Curtis	
Dr. Kergan 	
A. II. Docks-leader
.11. 1*. McLennan ..
T. F. Ncelnttds ....
A. Henderson 	
I.I. W. Dell. Farris
iW.W.B. Mclnnes. .
11. L. Drury 	
W. G. Cameron ...
J. D. McNiven 	
K. Hall 	
Stuart Henderson
1. Fred Hume	
Socialist, Labor or Independent
Dr. Young	
!Wm. Matison 	
C. Wilson	
F. It. Campion ....
iS. A. Cawlcv 	
111. (I. Parsons ....
tl. Grant 	
W. II. Haywaid ..
[J. A. Harvey 	
F, J. .Mackenzie .
li. McBride	
0, E. Poolcy 	
W.  II. Itoss 	
B, Miller	
E. (I. Warren 	
A. E. McPhllllps
F. J. Fulton	
N. McKay 	
A. McDonald 	
Dr. O'Brien'	
I. Kirkpatrick ....
—. Cairns	
T. Gilford 	
Price Kittson 	
Thos. Taylor	
F.L. Carter-Cotton
L. A. Campbell .
I). M. Kberts 	
I.. W. Shatford .
W. II. Lord 	
Win. Hunter 	
II. G. Tatlow ....
J. F. Garden	
A. II. Maegowan
W. Bowser 	
Dr. McOuire 	
li. McllrMe 	
It. B. Thompson
J. Behnsen 	
F. Davy 	
Chas. Semlin	
Jas. Scliofield ....
J. Cartwrlght (Soc.) 	
Dr."w.".i" Curry",'...'.'.'..,'".,','.'.
T. E.'kei'ly"..!."..'.'.'.','.'...','.'.'.'.'..
W. Moore (Soc.) 	
John Mclnnes (Soc.) 	
E. Dynes (Soc.) 	
W. .1. I.edingliain (Soc.) ,
J. W. Ilawttiornthwaite (Sue.) ...
F. Phillips (Soc.) 	
P. Williams (Soc.) 	
I. S. Itaiiiey (Lab.) 	
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—. Win'kicr (Soc.) ............ ........
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It. P. Pcttiplcce (Roc.) 	
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Ottawa, Jan. 18.—At the opening
ol the house this afternoon, Mr.
Fielding said: "Mr. Speaker, be-
fore you proceed with the orders ol
the tlay, 1 would ask the couscut ol
the house to make a statement as to
lite matter which was mentioned by
the right honorable the prime minister. A tjucstiuu was asked with regard tu the disaster iu Jamaica.
Owing to the breaking ol the cable,
it has been found very dillicult lo
gel any oliiciai iuloiiuatioli and we
are dependent almost entirely ou
newspaper reports. There seems lo
uc no reason, however, 10 duuut thai
the disaster is a very great one,
that there, has beeti a large loss 01
Hie, a very great dcsiructlou ot
properly anil consequently very mucii
utstress. We limn, lhat, withuui
waning further lur olhuiul iutoruiu-
lion, it will be the wish ul thu parliament ol CuuuUa lu lake imuieiu-
uto steps lo express iu a tangible
way the sympathy ot Ihe Canadian
people with lueir hreiuieu 111 Iuc
ivest Indies hy Ihe making ol a suo-
stanliul grunt. As lu what the
.luiuuui Simula he wc are uul prepar-
l'U al this luuiucul 10 say mure man
mis, mat we will take lhc usual
sums lur asking the assent ol parliament lor a gram 01 »ju,iitiu a
nisi step, nun uie uuUerslanUing
lual il lurlher iiiiuruialioli sltou.u
allow lliul tlie uisas.cr is 01 sucn
cuaraelcr as lo make the uncus
greater, we shall ask parliament to
tuu.uuu, making ,iini,uuo II uccc-
.iijipliiuonl it with another gram ol
sary, Intormaiiou nas reuuiied
mat a steamer is about 10 sail from
ilulitax Lu Jamaica aud the pruprle-
lors of tue line, Messrs. 1'ickioia
uiat-k, bave generously oUeteii to
convey tree ol transportation
cnaiges, auy provisions which lhc
Canadian guvernuieut or people may
wish lu send, instructions are being
sent 10 lhc collector 01 customs
ilaiit'ak, who fortunately is a man
lauilliar with West Indian conditions
Having been tor many years connect
i-il with West Indian trade, to make
inquiries Hum well informed people
as lo what il may he desirable 10
send, and lo purchase at once whatever provisions are available and,
in lhc opinion ol those whom he may
consult, arc suitable lor the needs ul
Ihe peuple uf Jamaica. An endeavor
will be made to have these, logelhcr
wnh a supply ol tents liolu Uie null-
liny department ut Halifax ready lor
■latuaiea tu-morrow."
Air. 11. I.. Uorden said: "1 am
sure there will be uu ijissentiiig voice
in the house lu lhc proposal of the
government. It seems that the disaster has been even more appalling
111.111 we were inclined to think a
(lay or two ago, and the action
which the government and parliament will take will, 1 am sure, commend iisell to tlie people ol Canada.
It might not be uut of place also to
express the appreciation which 1 am
sure all of us feel at tlie prompt anil
generous action which lias a I readv
been taken by Ihe president and congress of the United States relative to
the disaster."
Santiago, Cuba, Jan. 18.—The
steamer Thomas Brookes has arrived
here Irom Kingston with 17 refugees.
They paint a horrible picture ol the
en bast roplie and confirm the reports
id the destruction of the principle
buildings, The pilots do not dare to
enter the harbor owing lo the
changes in the channel. The Macli-
ado cigar factory, in which many
Cubans were at work, crumbled anil
125 ol them were killed.
London, Jan. 18.—A special despatch from Kingston, dated Jan. 17,
says: "The recent earthquake was
more serious than any which had occurred 1 in Jamaica for two hundred
and fifty years. The first shock was
siicweded by 15 or 16 shocks. The
wooden structures stood well but-the
brick houses collapsed wilhin a radius of sin miles. The immunity of
250 years led the Jamaicans to forget that they are within the earthquake /one and they have been building brick houses. But lor this, there
probably would have been no loss of
life. There has been no tidal wave.
The defences at Port Royal were
destroyed and the pallisades broken
through. Black mud is coming to
tho surface. The conduct 0! all
classes is admirable."
That tlie Spokane-International
will be taken over by tlie Canadian
Pacific within the next lew mouths
is the story which gained some circulation in railroad circles yesterday.
While it cannot be divulged, the
source of the report is such that
onsiderable credence is generally
given it. The iuformatiou coiecs
Irom persons iu close touch with the
ahairs of tlie Canadian Pacific uud
having close relations with Canadian
Pacific officials.
It is known that under the traffic
agreement between D. C. Corhili ol
lhc Spokane-International uuid the
Canadian Pacillc officials, covering a
period 0! 40 years, it is stipulated
that no American line can acquire
title to the Spokane-International.
There seems to be some question
whether the Canadian Pacillc can
directly own railways in the United
States. Mr. Corbiu is in Ihe east
and could not he seen regarding the
rumored absorption.
From the same source comes the
iulortiiatiun that the Canadiau Pacillc will within the next two months
upon ail ollice in Spokane, aud that
Joe Carter, now general passenger
agent of the Canadian Pacillc at
Nelson, B. C, is to be placed is
charge 0! the ollice. Carter is one
ol the best known railroad men in
the northwest, and it is argued that
a man of his standing would not be
picked lor the Spokane ollice were it
not that he will be slated tor the
management of the Corbin road, 11 it
is taken over by the Canadian Pacific.
Tbe same informant states that In
British Columbia and in Canadian
Pacillc circles the Corbin road is
known as tbe Canadian Pacillc branch
to Spokane, and ft is generally expected that it will eventually become
a Canadian Pacific property.
Vancouver, Jan. 19.—All seventeen
candidates previously announced lor
this district llled nomination papers
to-day. Barrister Marshall sprung
a sensation just at tbe close ol the
proceedings by protesting all save
the Conservative nominees on tbe
technical ground that the papers
read "City ol Vancouver electoral
district" instead ol "Vancouver City
electoral district." Returning ol-
llcer Parkes refused to entertain the
protest ami ordered the usual poll.
1000 WERE t2,UI0,7SI) NET.
Late advices Irom New York say
that the Granby company ol the
Boundary, B. C, has during 1906
earned approximately $2,130,780 net,
or $15 on each new share, par value
Mini. During tlie year lour dividends
ol 3 per cent, each were declared,
calling lor the payment ol 11,620,000
leaving $510,780 either for new construction or to be added to the surplus account. Net surplus on June
.10, 11106, was $2,547,738.
The company's output in the 13
months just ended was 111,7711,0110
pounds ol copper, for which an aver-
!age price of about 19,278 cents was
received, comparing with a production in the fiscal year ended June 30,
1908, ol 1(1,939,004 pounds, sold at an
average of 17.78 cents per pound.
A. B. W. Hodges, the company's
general manager, speaking of the
furnace equipment, says;
"We have eight blast furnaces, and
two ot them are large ones. We
have three of the six small furnaces
now enlarged and hope to have the
other three enlarged some time in
February, which will make our daily
capacity anywhere Irom 3900 to 3300
Ions, or about 1,000,000 a year,
which will give us a copper production ol Irom 25,000,000 to 30,000,000
pounds a year.
"We also have increased our converter plant by another converter
stand, having three now, and it gives
us a converter capacity ol 30,000,000
to 35,000,(100 pounds a year."
(Nelson News.)
When Premier McRride introduced
into tlie legislature his remarkable
hill lor the "relief of Dewdney," an
emphatic protest against the injustice
threatened ratepayers throughout the
province was promptly entered by
the Liberal opposition. But the
measure was carried through the
house in spite of every effort made
by J. A. Macdonald anii'liis supporters to procure its defeat. It is
noteworthy at the present juncture
that it has never received very
hearty support Trom the Conservative
press, either at the time ol its
enactment as law, or since it has become one of the issues of the present
campaign. The silence prevailing 011
this point is signilicatil, lor it is as
direct an admission of condemnation
as could well be expected from parly
The whole principle ol the measure
was indefensible. Dewdney, in its
corporate days, at the request ol lhc
owners of low lands, borrowed a
large sum ol money lor dyking purposes, with the explicit understanding that the owners whose lands
were improved should be specially assessed until the whole amount of the
obligation, principle and interest,
was repaid. Shortly allerwanls
Dewdney defaulted. The ratepayers
refused to elect councillors, aud the
municipality was thus left for years
without a responsible head. As
payments on the loan were not met,
the interest rapidly mounted up until the whole sum owed hy the municipality on this score alone reached a
total of $30,1100.
Then the creditors, unable to deal
with a council that did not exist,
went to the government iu the hope
ot inducing it to assume that debt,
and pay them their money. The government consented, much to their
surprise, and equally to their delight.
Hut, in planning a solution of the
difficulty (a solution which was alter-
wards given legislative effect in tlie
Dewdney relicl bill) It struck at one
of the first principles of administrative justice, namely, that people who
have no part, cither directly or indirectly, In contracting a liability
should not be taxed for its liquidation. The government compounded
with the creditors for $25,000, paying $10,000 out nf the public treasury arid arranging to raise the
balance by a special assessment on
all lands in Dewdney, whether improved, or unimproved, by the dyking operations.
On the surface, this settlement does
not seem such a had one. and no
casual critic would find fault with
any of its features save that breach
in Hie principle of justice named
above. But there is a darker side
to the stnrv which has yet lo he
told. The men who profited bv this
transaction were, first, the creditors
of Dewdney municipalltv; and second,
the owners of the low land reclaimed and Improved bv the dykes. Had
the latter been struggling farmers,
the government would have deserved
credit for going to their assistance
at the expense ot the general public
But they were not struggling farmers. For the most part, thev were
speculators, whose holdings had been
increased In value from tl per acre
to from $50 to $190 per acre. Thev
had profited in large measure bv the
eons! ruction ot the dvkes, and were
well able to meet the llahllllv which
they themselves had contracted. But,
they had sufficient influence with
Premier    McBride to induce him    to
;'£!'..■. a nrt "'    ,tleir h'xt debts
(debts they were better able to pav
iktSh     ,wrj" ,MJr ra,i*bors on    the
(£„ '"n*1" adjoining) onto tho
moulders of every ratepayer in British Columbia.
[Such a transaction surclv cannot
he defended nn onv score' No
wonder the Conservative press Is
numb; and no wonder the settlers on
'he high lands of Dewdney arc   con-
I suiting lawyers to see if thev cannot
escape tne payment of the special
taxes levied on them hv the govern-
S?J 1" VF '"Improvement works
behalf „r Iheir more wealthy neighbors of Ihe rich, low <lvl;<rl lands adjoining. The action taken bv McBride in the "rellel ot Dewdnc'v"-a
tiiisnomor, since the relief was' onlv
accorded a part nf Dewdnev-practi-
™'v    amounts   to taxation without
bis confiscation ot E. * N. 'i„nds at
the dictation of Mr. HnwMiornth-
waite, and indicates how far he will
go when political expediency on the
one band, or the demands of clamorous and greedy friendB on the other
urw him to move along lines directly
antaeymistlc 'to all rules ot justice
and fair play. *
"Mi CUHE."
Yet  Zam-Bnl.  Has Completely Cured
So powerful nre the healing es-
aences in SSam link thgt In some
c.im'.s which li.ivr ix*i*ii pronounced
beyond relicl they havo worked com-
pli'it* cure! Surii an Instance is just,
reported1'Irom Invcrmay, Sask, Mis.
.1. M, McCormlck, ol that place,
savs'     "About seven yeava ago    my
face brqko out in rough   hTotchca.
which'*'burned and Itched and smarted
in turn almost beyond endurance
I commenced ' io try every known
remedy I could go! for Ince ami skin
tioiihii-N. Soint* of them gave a
little relief, si ii i ir none, but no mat
tor how much 1 used them, as noon
ns I went out tin* trouble started all
over again. I consulted doctors, ami
they told mo lliora waa nbRolulely no
cure for me, but that 1 should Imvo
to wait until  l outgrow th.' disease
"Finally my luialmnd sent fur a
supply i»f Znin-Buk. We npplled a
small sample to n small patch of tlm
disease.*'-To tun delight the portion
treated with Zam link very ipilcloly
honied. We then obtained n proper
supply, ami ln-jj;.i]i I hi* '/am-link
treatment. I am now delighted to
slate thai after having used n few
hoxi's, 1 am free from the old trouble
ami completely cured.     I will ncvor
lit* will I  X.im HiiIj in the bouse   as
long as I live, and to all who arc
troubled witb skin diseases in uny
form 1 would say, wnste no time in
obtaining a supply of Zam-Duk.
Since proving it in my own Case, 1
have obtained a supply for an old
lady who had nn ulcer on her leg for
30 years. Three h'ises wen- sulli-
clent to close the wound."
Znm-Buk cures cuts, burns, bruises,
sealds, ami all skin injuries, as well
ns skin dlsenscs. Applied to eczema, scalp sores, pimples, poisoned
wt Hinds, children's rushes, ulcers,
boils, abscesses, itch, sore back,
festering and discharging wounds,
etc., it acts like a charm, Its antiseptic Ingredients kill all germs and
proven) inflammation nnd festering.
Then its he.ilinu powers come into
operation and build up new, healthy
tissue. All diuiruisls sell Znm-Buk
at fifle. per box, or ohtainahle from
tlie Znm-Buk Co.. Toronto, [or price,
li boxes for  J2.50.
John Burns, England's labor cabinet minister, was asked hy an American woman to contribute something
to her autograph album. Mr. Burns
kept the album three days and then
returned it with the following original stanza:
Born in struggle, renml in strife—
' Agitator all my life.
Blessed in health";  my only wealth
My aiu guile wife.
i No person shall allow any horse,
mule, hull, ox, cow, sheep, goat, pig
ir other cattle or poultry to run
at large within the city, otherwise
the same may be impounded and the
owner thereof is liable for damages
Any person may Impound nn animal
found running at large. The line to
tbe poundkeeper for every animal is
us follows:
Stallions, $5,011.
Other horses, mares, geldings, fillies or mules, Jl.liu each.
Bull, $5.1)0.
Cow or other kind of cattle, $2.00.
j Boar pig, $4.00.
Dig, sheep or goat, $1.00.
Fowl, 25 cents..
The poundkeeper may also collect
$1.00 for impounding any animal and
23 cents .for impounding auy fowl,
and for feed may charge as follows:
i Horses and mules, $1.00 per diem.
, Other cattle and swine 50 cents.
Fowl and geese, 25 cents per diem.
If tbe animals are not redeemed the
poundkeeper  will  proceed  to sell.
, There shall lie a tax on nil dogs of
$1.75 and on all bitches $5.00.
It is the duty of the owner of
dogs to procure a tug from the City
Clerk, otherwise the dogs will be impounded and unless redeemed will be
sold or destroyed. Tags must he
placed . on dog's collar so as to be
plainly' seen.
in addition to the above charges,
any person guilLy of an infraction ol
the by-law is liable lo a penalty ol
$100.00 ami costs or two months im-
T. M. Roberts,
ii ■ City Clerk,
♦ «
is now located in its comfort-
t able and attractive new quar-
? ters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to-
date and is modcrnly equipped
I to do iust the best work in all
t branches ol the tonsorial art.
When You
Come to the Metropolis stay at the
Palace Hotel
5tephcns & Rockendo. I
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PKR   OAY
Calgary, Alta.
I Cranbrook   Foun-1
i        dry and
| Ma chine Shop::
McKinnon & JohnstoB *j*
We nro prepared to
ilo nil kitiils of repair work heavy ami
light, iiiuke castings,
turn shafts, etc.
Any available Douuukia Lands
withiu the Uailway Bolt is Unlink
Columbia, may be bumestcaded hjr
any person who is tbe sole bead ol a
laruily, or auy male over IU rears of
age, to the extent ol ouc-ipiai let
section of lliu acres, more or uess.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land ollice lor the district
in which Uie laud is situate.
The homesteader is required to per
lorui tbe conditions conuccted tbcre-
witk under one ul the lollowiug
(1) At least six mouths' residence
upus aad cultivation of the laud in
each year lor three years.
W II the lather (ur mother, II the
father is deceased), ui the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity ol the land entered lor, the re-
quileiuciils as to resilience may In
salislicd hy such person residing with
the father or mother.
(3) II tiie settler has his pcrma-
ucut residence upon laimiiif, laud owned by him iu the vicinity ol his
homestead, tbe rcijuiiciiicais as to
residence may he satinUcd by residence upon the said laud.
Six mouths' notice in writing,
should be given to the Ooiniulssiouer
of Dominion Lauds at Ottawa ol intention to apply lor patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at 510
per acre lur soft coal aud S2U lor
anthracite. Not mure than 32(1
acres caa be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the
rate of ten cents per ton of 2,(100
pounds shall be collected on the gross
Deputy at law liialstar ul law Interior
Scientific    Horseshoeing   a J
Livery &
Teams uml drivers furnished for suv
polut in the district,
A. DOVLB. Manager
deceives both ladies and gentlemen
as resident or as day students. Hal
a complete commercial ur business
course. Prepares students to gain
Teachers' Certificates of all grades.
Gives the four years' course tor the
II.A. degree, and the first year ol the
school of science course, in affiliation with Toronto university. Has a
special "Prospectors' Course" lot
miners who work in B. C.
Instruction is given in art, music,
physical culture and elocution.
Term opens September 17th, DHltL
For calendar, etc., address "Columbia College, New Westminster, B.C."
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds of finish work in
way nf ilimrs, windows, trunnions, ol'-. Kiln ilrii-il liiiiilmr
fur inside work. Our work is
tftitiruntOGtl ami our prices urn
satisfactory,   Horeuti   ilm,rs
.{(Highanil Dressed lumber
Pot Sale
Notice Is hereby Riven that fit*
days niter date I intend to apply to
I lie riiiif Commissioner ol Lands
ami Works at Victoria, lur permission lo purchase the following described kinds situate on the easterly
siilc uf Goat Hiver Canyon, adjoining Die northerly boundary ol hit
812, group one, mole particularly
ilcsurihed us lollows;
Commencing at a point on tho
northerly boundary of lot 812,
group 1, distant Hi chains west trout
flic most northerly angle ou the
easterly boundary ol the said lot
812, thence north 211 chains, thence
west 2(1 chains, more or less, tu the
right-nl-way of the Canadian l'acillc
Hallway (Crows Nest Branch),
thence following the easterly boundary ol the said right-of-way in a
southerly direction 20 chains, more
or less, to the northerly boundary ol
lot 812, group 1, thence easterly tol-
lowing said northerly boundary 20
chains, more or less, to the point,
ol commencement, the whole containing 40 acres, more or less.
T. W. Leask.
Dated this 24th day ol December.
UUU. ta-it
Undertaking and Embalming
Funerals directed from private houses, churches or our
own parlors.   Firstclass undertaker In attendance ■*» *
GranbrookGooperatiYe Stores
Rambling Reverie*
as a tiger dunks blood.
apathy, the cruelty ut li'
begot when bride ami am
I utterly. Would that ou
,could strike deeper, seek ti
well as Iced, encourage
ii.ls, arc
iiiioii die
nd reatri-
> all
luui l
TARS 01 T nl
The iool destroys lus own health Irmrte as well .is clothe. Wc
while drinking to the health ol oth- oi us apt to gather out skin
ers. lus,  hold    our  noses   atnl avert     nut
  eyes while    vie hand out nut     gat-
GOOD WORDS FOR GIRLS. meats ami out btc.nl. Blessod be the
Your mother is youi best Irieinl. soul that is Inspired enough to gc
Have nothing to du with gnls who down into tin- shadows and lend     .1
!        I'kOl-USSIONAI. CARDS
III The Cosmopolitan::
' •###■####-•-# *Jt'######<f
snub their parents.
Tell Uie pleasantest tilings you
know when at meals.
Do not expect vuui brother 10 he
as dainty as a girl.
Exereist, and never try to look as
il you were delicate in health.
Introduce every new acquaintance
to your mother as soon as possible.
' Don't think it necessary to get
married. There is plenty ol room
for old maids, and they ale utteti
happier than- wives.
Enjoy the pleasures provided lor
you by your parculs to the fullest
uxlsmt. 'They will like that as a reward better than any other.
Most fathers are   inclined to over-
indulge their    daughters.    Mate   it
1 ' ' impossible lor your lather tu   spoil
" ; you ay fairly    returning his devotion
, ,1 , and affection.
1 „       Never think you can afford to    he
1 11 1 dowdy.at, home.     Cleanliness, hair
,. . ' "    well dressed, and a smile will   make
man will return after j 8: $jjg j^K,?;1*'",,ie ""* °'a
, , „ |     Do not quarrel with your brother
StODDinS* OnCC. , „ i do not preach to bim and do     not
>i i and do not expect him to be     your
»• servant, n.or let    bim ex|ieet you tu
be his.
Don't call your mother "old
woman." rVeioIten hear that from
young men. Stop ami think how it
sounds. . Old lady is bad enough,
but the "old woman" applied to her
who gave you life and nursed your
infancy, is rude and unkind. Once it
was "Mother, I'm hungry, mother
mend my jacket, mother put up my
dinner" and many such things, and
tnottoer would spread the bread with
butter and stow away the luncheon
with her heart brimming with affection lor you. Now, is she the old
The  place  where a
helping hand
To be very poor, and
vet carry a el
•ar life and keep alive
ambition and I
ope is like soaking   to
s-*t    .i    white
rose growing in    the
bosom of a co
l pit,
■ i
! i clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name, i
11 "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in \ \
\ \ make call and see the new stock of Ready
\ \ made clothing just received.    All Union
:; Labor.
Dominion  Meat  Co., j
We are slaughtering it cur lotul of extra prime
cuttle this week: setul its your orders. We guarantee the quality of our meats.
Dominion   Meat Co., i
XeaMno Business
1)0U8C8 of tl>av\>8-
*)[{[£   Pot Smelter gin?-
Marysville has
come into her own.
The town now hit
a perinttuent payroll. Tbe Herald
can heartily en-
ilurse the following
business houses;
I Central Hotel 2TE.
HANDLEY « COLE Proprietors Marys valley,
loing Room service the best.
The place to stop when visiting- the Smelter City
A. P. Chenette Proprietor
Has been recently refurnished and is now we ol
the best hotels in the district.   Headquarters for
the people.
Marysville Drug Co.
We carry a complete stock ol everything in the,
Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away
foryour foods.
At a receut marriage anniversary
an appreciative husband thus addresses his wile: "To you, my
wife—as 1' review the past I am
minded that through all these years
you bave , been a true, faithful and
loving mother, ever ready with a
word ol encouragement in the darkest hours, always willing to bear
more than.your share ol life's burdens, making many sacrifices for my
own aad pur children's happiness and
comfort, a«d I feel that surrounded
by the perplexities and vexations ol
a busy Hie 1 may have failed to show
to you my appreciation of your many
Success supposes conditions and
preparations for it—the energy, sell-
abnegation weight brings brawn aud
breadth and dignity, strength, wisdom and skill. We cannot iiimp
salely into success; we are likriy to
get hurt and fall back disheartened
to where we belong. Some try to
succeed by jumping into their lather's shoes; but these shoes do not
fit, and causes the youth to walk so
awkward that he generally makes a
Iool ol hiniselt.. Nearly everything
ol real worth has to be ranted: To
be appreciated ami judiciously appropriated, our possessions must have
cost their value. The toil and
struggle and plodding that brings
gain, brines also the mature experience, through discipline, and hard
knocks thaj make up stalwart inau-
, hood and permanent success.
I Boys, when you speak ol your
father don't call him "the old man."
01 course you are older now tlian
when you were taught to call him
lather. You are niueh smarter than
you were then, you are much more
manly looking, your clothes lit you
better, your hat has a modern shape
and your hair is combed differently,
in short "flyer" than you were then.
Your lather has- a last year's coat,
a two-year-old hat and a vest ot still
older pattern. He can't write such
an elegant note as you can and all
that, but don't ,call him "the old
man." Call him lather. For years
he has been rustling around to get
things together, he has hecn held lo
the thorny path ol uphill industry,
Bird the brightest hull of life has gone
from him forever, tint, tic loves you
though he goes along without saying
much about it, therefore, he is not
so ungrateful or so inconsiderate.
"A wise man inakoth a good father."
If you would Increase your happiness and prolong yum lilc, forget
your neighbor's faults, forget the
temptations. forgot the faultfinding and give little thought lo the
cause that provoked it. forget, the
peculiarities of your friends, ami
only remember tlie good puints that
make you fond ol thorn, forget all
personal quarrels, or histories that
you huve heard by accident, and
which il repented, would seem a
thousand times worse than they are.
Blot out as far as possible, all the
disagreeable, things ol life; they will
come but ,ttiey will grow larger as
you remethber them, and constant
thought ol the acts of meanness, or,
worse still, malice, will only tend
to make you more familiar with
them. Obliterate everything disagreeable Irom .yesterday; start out with
a clean sheet lor to-day, and write
upon it lor' sweet memory's sake
only those things that are lovely and
lovable. . .
I   The cold weather of the week that
is past has wet us all to thinking ol
the poor.    We wonder to how many
ol us tire ... weary .dreary phase ol trie; it will compare favorably with
hopeless poverty is i anything more anything at several times its price,
than a romance. | Sitting in our for Uie small sum ol one dollar ami-
warm and ... comfortable homes, by a-half It brings every week lor a
pleasant Urea wihli luxurious beds year the best articles Mint appear
watting to reccivei our well fed during thf week In the leading Brit-
bodies, we can have nn more com- ish, American and foreign publlca-
prehension ,of wha.t grinding poverty tions. Of course it appeals to the
means than,an angel in (tie lull glory thinking element in each community,
ol paradise can know of the deepest those who want to know what the
depths of. hjtvdcs.,.. Think ol Itl No world thinkers are thinking; but
fuel. Absolutely none. No bed, these will find it as full of rare en-
but piled up.rags; little children wall- tertaitiment ns of wisdom. It is ab-
Ing with .«old ..and hopeless with solutely world-wide in its Interests
hunger; closets bare as old Mother and has no axe to grind. The 1111-
lluhtwrd's;. smells that reach high mi.il subscription includes mini
heaven in if/heir foulness. And in CARICATURED, a most entertaining
ttieir depth ol poverty, to which even review ol the past year.
our imaginations can scarcely des- Sample copy tree of charge to any
oend lies a lurking curse like the wild address. Tbe annual subscription
beast in ,ita. lair. Tho sordiduesa ut price is tl.fili and th. publishers are
poverty tats oat the soul ul a man John Dougall & Son, ol Muntic.il.
Toronto, Jan. 10.—D. .1. <!'•
Dottoghue, Dominion [ail wage ol-
licet, died at his home tills morning
as a rciull ol illness contracted at
ferine. II. C, while there in connection with the strike.
D. J. O'Donpghue was one ol the
most active and able men associated
with the labor movement ol Canada.
His name is a good indication ol the
nationality he belonged to, nnd he
was never backward in asserting his
pride in and patriotism towards his
birlhlattil. He was born in the
County of Kerry, August, 1844, and
when not more than eight years ol
age emigrated to Canada with his
parents, and settled at By town, now
Ottawa. At twelve years he found
himself at the head oi a family ol
mother, brother and two sisters,
having the misfortune to lose hy
death his father. Alter some harsh
experiences as a bread winner, he
apprenticed bimsclt to the printing
business. His active temperament
found employment in spare inonicnVs
in St. Patrick's Literary society. 11 s
self-education was not purely ol u
mental character, athletic sports,
especially Ihe use ul the gloves, were
not neglected.
Receiving the nomination of the
working people, he was elected to
represent Ottawa in lhc legislature,
in 1874, and at tho general election
ul 1875 was again elected. In 18711,
lie was offered, hut declined, nomination by both parlies, and was dcleiit-
od. While in the legislature Mr.
O'Donogliitc was an unswerving supporter ol labor legislation, such as
Ihe Mechanics' Lien Act, Master ami
Servant' Act, an act exempting $35
of workman's wages Irom garnishee,
and others, lie was seconder uf the
lirst resolution ever offered In that
body on manhood suffrage, at elections, a proposal which lie has lived
lo see an accomplished reality. Owing largely to his trades union
principles, the Irmlt of his employment became verv circumscribed, ami
the spring of 18811 found him working
in Toronto, with which city he has
since bren associated. Here he became attached to the Knights ol
Labor movement, and lhc trades
council, and was secretary to the
legislative committee of that body,
lie was always a strong advocate (it
technical education, nnd bus repr
tented the Toronto trades council t
the technical school bnnrd ol Unit
city since its creation in 18811, and
wns also chairman ol said hoard
KlIIRs ,
llllllllill    IL,
stricken Ki
rupt .xn,l |i
jcujucncc ol
injection i
an sailors
Icariiig tlie
Jamaica, Jan.
vis' mission ul
llgslon    calm-   I
. inf.it conclusio
Governor Swi
i the presence
engaged in the
-ok     ii
id mil
mil succoring
streets, guarding pro
Uie   wuuiiiii-i! all
iiiii.itiug iu a letter to th
peremptorily retjuestiirg lor
to rc-cmliark all parties which Ira
been hinded. Admiral Davis wu
Sjrca-tly shocked and uniuitl, ami pah
i formal tisii tu Governor Swctleti
ham io-d.iy, Itilormlicr him thai tn
United Slates battleships Mlssoul
and   Indiana   and ihe gunoout tuna
loll would sail tills aflcluuuli.
*lo Uie Associated   press ho
that    immediate     compliance
uovernor swettenham's request
tne oiny course consistent witu    uiu
dignity oi tlie Cluted States.
iuc Inchon between me governor
ami the admiral began with Uie arrival ui tlie American warships, wheu
lue governor oujeeied to the tiring ul
a salute in his nunur uu tlie. ground
that the citizens might mistake tue
llllllg lor a new earciquaKc. tic also
declared there was no necessity lor
American aid; that his government
was tuny able to preserve oruet
lend iu the wounded and succor
Murphy A: fisher,
Parliamentary,    Departmental
Patent Ollice Agents.
Practice Bclore Railway Commission
Charles Murphy, H.iruld Kislicr.
Liiiu.i; Nn. X',
Crbsi km
Cranbrook, H. C.
Meets every Tuesday at  8 p
New   " 	
m. at
Fraternity Hall
T. M. Roberts, K.R.4S,
J. A. Arnold, 0.0,
Visiting   brethres   cordially tamed
to attend.      	
I.O.O.F.    key City Lodge
No. 41. Meets every
Musdav night at
New fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
I   THOS. T. McVITTlE, P. L, S,
I J. T, LAIDLAW, a.   b.
Notice is hcicby giu-u that au ap-
" plication \wll be nude iu the Legis*
tunic Assembly ut Uniish Coluutbia
licit scat
ucorporale the
ging Railway
puller  to  build,
iiu, lot an Act lo
East Kootenay Lug-
Compaay,"     wiui
COUSlmct,   :.....!.Uiu
H. McKay,
N. O.
London, .Ian. is.—The conferences
which have been recently going on
between relatives and others concerning the differences between the
Duke ami Duchess of Marlborough
have resnlted in an arrangement hy
which their affairs will not he
brought lielorc the courts, and
separation will be effected -without
publicity. This was largely brought
about through the. intervention of
royalty, which is desirious ol averting public proceedings involving the
.indent ducal house. The following
is believed to embody the most    e
ential features of the arrangement:
Through the intervention of the
Marquis ot Lansdowne, the duke's
uncle, tlie duchess has been induced
to take a position favorable to an
adjustment. The duki- and duchess
will live apart, the duke retaining
Blenheim palace and continuing to
enjoy the 1100,(100 a year settled
upon him hy the duchess' family,
with the custody of their two sons
for six months each year, the control of their education until they become of age and the choice ol their
On the other hand, the duchess will
enjoy the use ol the Marlborough
family jewels, nml will have prefer-
cnec as a duke's wife, with the right
tu take her sons'with Iter to anv
part ol the continent during their
holidays, but without Interfering
with their studies alter the age of
11. II is also said thai the agree-
inenl exacts that the boys shall not
to taken tu America for an extended
period until they reuch the age to
choose a place ul residence for themselves. The younger boy, Lord Ivor
Charles Spencer Churchill, has been
ill at Blenheim with measles).
Mrs. Oliver P. Belmont, who has
been with the duchess lor five weeks,
has done her best to further an
understanding between her daughter
and the duke. She is still with the
lormer at Sunderland house, whero
Mrs. Hcluiont is also staying.
'World wide' is a marvel ol interest
ami cheapness as a high class celec-
roionto, Jan. 21.—The trouble between uovcruoi Sweeuiutiam, ol
Jamaica, anu Admiral Uavis, ui Uiu
untied states, is creating much cutu-
imait here, i-resHlcut Byiuu r.. Halter, ot tue u.iuk ul Commerce said lo-
if the news received exposes the
whole situation, 1 uiinlt il is a ease
al unfortunate inability on the part
ut uovcriior swceiciiiiiiin lu up|>icui-
aie one ul lhc most Irlonuiy acis uf
wo Lulled suites Ims siiuwn to
cnglaiid. Them may, ut course., be
sumo unexpected circumstances    be-
IWl-en tlie lilies Hull ma) .liter me
tacts as now set tuitli, nul, i du
nut ttiiiik there is. i Uilnk
governor was annoyed at ret
iiurul Davis lauding and .setting up
ills Hug wnbuiii some lonuulitics ut
icd tape."
New York, Jan. 21.—The ilcclin.i
lion of Sir .lames Alexander Swcel-
eiilliilu, Mtc governor ol Jamaica, lu
accept American alii has resulted in
ihe departure ol tne American war-
ships under commander Keat Admiral Davis. It is also learned that
swcclcltliain has refused the ollci ul
ihe United states war department tu
,1'itd lii.utiii rations tu Kingston, li
is reported that the city council ,.1
ivingsloii met alter the incident became known and at once disapproved
the English governor's action it
not only sent a letter ut regret lo
Hear Admiral Davis, hut asked bin,
lo reconsider his decision to leave
■iml lo remain with the American
»-iii|is, us every aid was still urgent
iy needed. Admiral Davis replied
Hint lie had no alternative but tu go
in accordance with the desire ,,t the
constituted authorities.
English newspapers comment ot
tlie incident is unanimous in regret
ting the occurrence and iu expressing
the hope that the good relations
existing between the United states
and Great Hritain will not be endangered thereby.
Loudon, Jan. 21.—After a confer
(.'lice to-day between the ollicials    ol
if colonel ollice, the latter cabled
Governor    Swcetcnliam   ol Jamaica
So i"? ,'ersl0!' ot th<! situation
which led to the withdrawal of Rear
Admiral Davis' warships Irom Jam
aica on Saturday. Nothing has been
received Irom the governor concerning any phase ol the incident up tu
noon and his report in reply to the
specific request of the colonial office
is now anxiously awaited. No persons were more surprised at the ac-
Jf°» 2 Governor Sweetcnham than
the officials ol the foreign office who
learned the first particulars through
the press.
W. T. Haynea,
(.raotironk Loegt, No. j.
a. f. *:a. m.
Regular meetings on
the third Thursday
ot every month.
Visiting hretk.en welcomed.
S. H. Huskies, Sec'y.
M. A. Beale, W. at.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every Wednesday evening   at
I p.m. in B. ul L. F. Hall.
Dr. Cuthu Aerie Physician
P. 0. Ilux 28!
Chas. Smith, VY.P.
M. Ii. Billings, Secretary.
Visiting brethren cordially invited.
Meet at B. ul 1.. f. Hall 2nd
lib Saturday each mouth.
Visiting biethico always welcome
T. liiiyter, Jas. E. Larrrgan,
W. M. Sec'f.
The story ot a misplaced mustard
plaster and tile consequently losing
ol a goodly portion of cuticle by a
well known knight ol the grip,     as
told    by   Conductor     ul th,-
North Coast Limited, is well worth
retelling and is also illustrative ui
the uld saying that "A woman away
Irom home is a woman without .1
The story, which is vouched lur, is
that a very dignified and rotlited appearing lady and her husband wore
occupants uf the sleeper on the North
Coast   Limited   on a    trip hotw i
Butte and this city, a lew days ago
in common with a number ol traveling ,'llleli.
During the early part uf the lilglil
the lady in question was compelled
to arise and administer t„ her husband who was Buffering with intense
pain. She sought the aid ul the
conductor ami with cloth Irom the
trains medicine chest and niusiaid
furnished by the chel ol the diner
was able to concoct a powerful
mustard plaster.
Armed witli this powerful pain killer she made tier way back to the
sleeper and placed the plaster on lite
hack ol, as she supposed, her husband, who, it appeared, bad dropped
into a sound slumber. She then
sought the ladies' dressing room to
remove all vcstagis ol the plaster
from her bands.
When she returned to her berth
(lor she found the right one this
innel Iter husband Inquired, amid
groans ul pail,, -.is to the wlicn-aljoiiu
ul tire plaster. She replied that she
had already applied it tu the ailing
port ion o[ his anatomy ami with a
woman's persistence succeeded iu
persuading him that what she said
was so and the alliictcil man dropped
oil to sleep.
In the early hours of Ihe next
morning the occupant of the next
berth awoke with a smarting pain
on the back, investigated and found
that he bad acquired a mustard I
plaster but had lost a considerable
amount 1,1 cuticle. With sounds ol
mullleil rage he dressed and made tho
rounds nl lire car in a vain attempt
to (mil which otic ol bis Icllow drummers had perpetrated tin- practical
ami vile joke upon him. He swears
that la the future In will always demand an upper berth .-Spokesman-'
»Review. i
W. F. (lURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
tlaiell Block Cranbrook. B.C.
J      C, H, DUNBAR       |
I   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   «
Pubuc, Etc.        ;
Cranbrook,    •    •    B. C.   I
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave
Forenoon. • . . . t.U M   11
Atternswss . • . • 1.30 to ISO
Evenings . . • • • t.tt to I.J«
CRANBROOK :,    ::    tl    ::    B. C
I to 12 a.m.
1 to   I p.m.
I to  • p.m.
Office aad residence oa Armstrong avs
I to 11 a.m.
1 to   • p.m.
I to  I a.m.
OBee la new Rekt blocs
aud operate a In.c ur lines ut rail-
fay ul sundald ur other guage,
ii Last Kootenay district, tu
,c operated b> su-am, electricity   ur
an)  oli,el punel, lui the luriytlig   ul
Iruigut, passengers aua express u\ci
lue iul,utwl,b routes.
l.   inum a   puiul     uu the Crows
,1'St   I'asb      blaiitu  ul    Ibc   LauaaiaU
1 aauc ftailwuy, al ui near wucre
lac said railway crosses Lut jaua,
tjlulip 1,
iaj lu a point ua the suutnerif
siuu ui Rock Creek, a distance nut
cik.ueuin£ niteoa miles, passing
luluu£u l.uis ait>, 3ig( ijjpj- and SHI,
tuuup 1, auu adjaccut lanus.
(Oj lu a puiul at ul near wueie
he Kootenay River is iatarseetetl by
tlie  llilcltutlulul   buuudaiy,  lulluWiUft.
course tuiuusi. Luu at, aw auu
Uau, uiuup 1, auu thence tu liuiu
Creek aua    iuiiuwuuj the said ciec*
uu the saio tkootenay River: ui
iuiu auy puiut uu tne Said luulc to
iuc saiu souuiern uiiuiuus   thereof,
.un a rigui oi exteaston uuiuiciiy
ui westetty up eucn ui tue branches
Uie said Gold Creek, tu tue iiuuroe
ut iuc iauic respectively.
ICJ Aulluell) Ul^u^a Lots JUi.
Hi, daj, 313, Jl- anu all aua intervening ur adjacent iabjs.
- i.,J Mum a puiul al ul v.1111-
lu   tout   miles   casi ui run   Steele
IUUU1UU uu  Uc    a„.a    LTuws      .Ncsl
Railway westerly, a distance ui   nit
miles, with   oia^ucj, lu   the   uuuu
■u suutu, Lot exceeding three miles.
vbj   .NuiUiciiy uu the north-easter.
1>  side ul the said Cluws Nest Kail-
, a distance nul exceeding    mice
From a polLl uu the said Cluwa
Nest liailv,.,)   between sidings kauwu
ss Lutu ami bwausea.
u,   Te uae ur muic puinu distant
ut muic    Uuu tea    uiius easterly
Hum the point ul commencement.
Ibj following tbe luulsc ul the
Jpper Mujic Rivet and tbe branches
Uctcvi tu a point abuut six miles
-cat ul tbe easterly limit ul Lui
.jy-, l»iuup 1, and ulbcl blabcb hue*
ot exceeding ten uiiles. in leugth.
itith puwci tu connect with and
i-tci ii.lu laumiig arrangements with
t..e Canadian Pacific Railway, ui auy
Other laiUay situate neat plupused
railwa, ui any pail tbtreut ana to
'-i.stii.ct sid.»j,s at sui|j connec-
rti.i-iic Irum auy pcrsuu,
buuy     corporate,
fciauis ui land, moaey"or other
sets in aid ul the construction ol the
sa,u uuueiukliig; wuu puwer tu
tuastnicl ana upmaic telegraph aad
telephone tines lur the purjiusc ui iu
business a^a iyi tue public, with
power tu uwa ical estate tur ngbl-
ot-way and utner purpuses and to
u*b, use and operate water powers
loaicbict iu tbe road lur ianw„,
and utber puipuses aud with sucn
otjcr puweis anu privileges as are
Usually give:, to railway cumpaaies
Jatcd at   Cranbrook,   U.   c, this
Ulird day ul JJectuibfcl, A. D. IS06
W. F. Gurd,
as.it Solicitor lor Applicant*
John W. Wolf
Boot. Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes tnade.new.   All kinds
ol repairing!,   (live me a call.
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work in our ailvprticemeiit, tint w«
-ml thin a.) in Uie lleial<t,tu
emphatri-te it.
SVnr I/iwer irmStrong Avenue.
♦   A. W. McVittie   j
Dominion and Provin- j
ci-il Land Surveyor, i
H. H. McVittie
General Agent
.Notice u Ucituy gr.cu Uut tbirty
tl-i)ii isiifci cuatc i mteaa to appiy w
Uc iioit. titiei Comiuuiium-i ot
i-AWii ami Works tor a specuu
iitcuke tu cut .it.u earry away lun-
trt-r Iron. Uie ioUowiuji; atw;riirtfa
uuas, titiute in buulU k*a*i h.ool*>
ComaeiiCicg at a point ttv
ctiaiu. uiai ol tjjfc i»ouiu-(-*ii»t coruw
oi lot cjoo, group l, ibeu-e east su
k.-a.-.iua, tL-jia'.e boiiti au cLuum, tueuvv
WCbl   flU     iMalLh,      UiCOCt   t»0UlU        fiU
CDamii  to    puibl   oi coameucenieut,
louuinui bat acres, moit oi itaa.
2, Commtiicm'.; at a point 120
citauia vast ol tne •ouu-t-.ai corner
oi lot -i-JH, group 1, tnenct- east tu
uwinji, Utncc kuutn 5U ofcaiw., liitott
wtit au cuain-t, tnencc nunn bii
ciiaim-i, io point ot comuitncviaeut,
containing fe40 atrt-b, mult: of let*.
James Kubter.
W.    F.    Gurd,   Solicitor,      Cranbrook.
liated al   Cranbrook,   B. C,    tbib
2«lo day ol .November, A. D. 1906.
Notice is Lereby given ttiat thirtj
(Ja>'b ui It t date 1 Intend to apply to
ibi* Cliief Commlulonei oi Landb an«t
Work** lor a t>pecul llce&H lo cut
aiitl entry awa> uustiei liom tbe tol-
turviiig o .t.uuf-j UnJii i. tSoulb Kabt
1. Commencing at a post planted
tu chain* *>ouib and bo cflaini c^si
ul mile pobt No. ly, on tbe easterly
limit ol Lot No. 4iUJ, gioup 1;
thence norlb ib'b cbainii, east 40
■.-nains, soutb 100 chains, west 40
ttuins to tbe place ot beginning, con-
Uimiig btu acres.
William Higgius.
Dated     the (Jib   day oi December,
A. D. iyoti.
2. Commencing ut a post planted
40 cnaint> suulb and 120 cbaint, east
oi mile post No. 10, on the eusteily
limit of lot No. 4.r»y2, gioup 1;
thence north 200 chains, thence easl
IO chains, south 60 cbaius, west   40
hains, south 140 chains, west 20
chains tu the place ol beginning, containing Md acres.
William logins.
Dated    the 8th  day   oi December,
V D. 1907. 38-5t
Eight teams ol well-nroken logging
bursas. luur tu nine years old.    Six
ol these teams weigh Irom 3UU0     to
31110 pounds per team.
Apply to
Pineher Creek, Alta.
Iv W. Lnac, B. Acct., will reoetv.
private pupils lor Instruction la
I agraaosd acenuatlaa. teadiag to . tie-
{'     ree ut B   Acct, I'. A.     Himni No.
     , Koyal koW, or Address Bo- 76. THE  CRANBROOK  HERALD
TIIK   l'AIT.Il   THAT   IS   READ   I'.Y   TIIK   l'KOlM.K
tty Um Herald   Publishing Company
t^ /<2tt*»
Editor and Manager.
further land grant,
sure to do, whei
stand on the propi
Does Mr. Harvey stand for tho
attitude of Mr. McBride on the
51,000,000 subsidy for the c. 1'. K
lino from Spence s Btltlgo, ih.it was
killed by i be solid notion ol the opposition .nut three honest Conservatives!
Vote ''kilt and you will elect
King; .ttid a Libera I government.
It looks more than over like King
.inU victory,    lu fact it is a cinch,
The Conservatives arc now busy i
telling what they will do in the fu-lj
ture, if elected.        That is their cry '
.ill over the country.
Probably Uie greatest political
ueetlng ever held hi the interior was
iiui held ut Nelson last .Monday
light.    The opera housu was packed,
l   least   two    hundred   people     were i ,   :,,.    -,.,.  „ • ,    .
mliiig, and n large number    were 5j?; ,    "°£rWo lsu lJftkiB«1 tKn,!K
niiu.inu*.    Mr. Mc-Ishr^''    l'llks-       .'!•' l« petBtetenily |
One good     Conservntive In Nclso
tillable to gl
nines was never lu better loriu, and
ibe manner iu which he handled the
.socialists whs a marvel, lie took up
ihu McBride administration, and basing his comments upon the record ol
luu legislature alone, punctured the
i.uhble ol McBridu's pretensions iu su
effective a manner, thai even his
..pponeats cheered him io uu acho,
a was .i marvelous meeting, uud at
lie close many were heard to say
that it made dozens ul votes fur Dr.
, kill.
Where Is Dob Ureeii? Where Is
Charley Wilson'.' Why did they resign irom the MeBridu cabinet'.1
solthei Mr. MeBridu or any ol his
speakers on the platform have y,et»
attempted tu answer these questions.
Why is this? Is there some tiling
a rung?
The records show that it was D.clJ
.McBride and not ihe Liberal parly
ot British Columbia who bus had
negotiations with the Uraud Trunk
J. A. Macdonald has the confidence
ol Liberals, Conservatives and Socialists, nu matter whether they vote
lor him or not. The whole province
lecognizes In that gentleman one
who has ability and integrity, and
.is premier who would do all that is
possible fur the province.
J. A. Mnedonuld will he premier
.liter February -, and the Cranbrook
district will have a member who is
with the government, and who will
work lor the Interests of tbe Cranhrook district.
There is no longer any doubt but
that the Liberals will win iu the
province. Thai will he a big thing
fur the Cranbrook district. Everybody will be benefited, laboring man,
business man, prospector, in fact the
whole population oi tbe district.
It is 23. skidoo, fur Harvey. j
The ballots will all he counted this
Ask yourself, before you mark your
ballot, who it Is who wants Harvey
elected? is it the laboring man?
\'ot hy any means? No, No! Is
it the corporations? Well, th y are
iiis strongest supporters. Why;
Mr. Voter, you can answer this qucs
If Mr. Harvey can build the Wardner bridge after his election (the
saints forbid) why did he not build
il during all the years that he bus
held in tlie palm of bis
Land the patronage of the government for the Crnubrook district?
No, Mr. Harvey, the McBride
promises don't go any more in this
To judge properly ol a candidate,
one must fake his nctlons in every
day lire when there is no election on;
one must size up his dealings with
Ins fellow man from duy lo day,
uml month to month. It' is not the
eamlldate wo must judge, but the
man ns we have known him in years
past. It is impossible for any one
to jump into ihe arena and in u few
short weeks Iool the electorate.
Every candidate must stand on the
personal record tli.it bo Ins created
during his associations for years with)
his fellow men. The laboring man
in this district is not a fool. Tho
pleasant smile, ihe cordial hand
shako, the fullsome (lattery from the
man who had little io do with
humanity until he sought political
r.ivors goes for naught, it Is the
established record of the man that
counts with the voter. That is why
so many men of this district are
rallying to tbo support ol Dr.
King. They know the num. They
know that he never look the advantage of a living soul. They know
I hat red blood Hows through bis
veins, and from a heart that has
always heat for humanity. They
know that his time and his money
Was iii ways ready for the needy.
They know thai campaigns made
no difference in his treatment of the
people. They know* that to him Ihi
rich nnd the poor have always been
alike. They know that in the practice ol his profession the payment of
ilic bill was Ihe last consideration.
They know that in Dr. King the poor
man, tbe laboring man, the well-to-
do man, were all treated alike when
ihey came to bim. That is why the
doctor has the sympathy, the con-
lidenoe and the support ol the grcal
masses in this district, and that is
why, coupled with his ability and h s
intense desire to advance the best Interests of the people of tills district.
With no thought of personal sain,
thai he will he returned by n much
larger majority lhan he received   be-
dodging the errors his administration
had made, and il takes a good talker to do that."
Governor Mclnnes is doing good
work all over the province, and his
telling blows are counting with the
Vote fur King uud have the member from this district with the govern men t.
.Mr. Bowser did not so to Phoenix
wiib Mr. McBride, The chief assistant ol the premier who had declared that "$35 a month was enough
for any working man," evinced no
desire to moot the 700 miners of
The record ol the
in the house in slant
Bride ndmlnlstrntii
and thin, is    like a
three Socialists
lag by tin* Mc-
i through thick
wet blanket on
lhc     caiididucy  ol    Mr.   Ilawihurutll-
wullc's followers in Ibis campaign.
Mr. McBride was afraid to discuss
the Fhithcnd i-ucsiiou at Grand
Forks, where the people were mulcted out of thousands of dollars hy
paying for licenses to lands for
which they* could not secure titles.
He was asked to explain the matter
but dodged tbe issue.
Dr. King is making a winning
campnign, and the people of this
district are rallying to his support
iu a manner that is extremely
gratifying to the doctor.
The war will soon be over.
Where is Boh Green? Who has
beard his dulcet tones in this campaign? Ami yet, when be resigned,
the Conservative papers were full of
what he was going to do on the
stump for Mr. McBl'Tdc, even to touring the province with the premier.
Mr. McBride is  talking like a los-
If there is a laboring man, a business man, a clerk or anyone, aside
from those who have been direct
beneficiaries of the government's coffers, can show bow any act of tho
McBride administration has benefited
them, let him speak up.
The McBride party is riding over
the province on special trains and
special bouts. It costs money to do
this unless they are furnished' as a
compliment  to  the administration.
Cranhrook has elected an excellent
council, and ihe affairs of ihe city
will he in safe bands the coming
year. The Herald extends congratulations Mayor FlnhiJ, and
Aldermen Fink, McCowan, Ryan,
Hickenbotham,  .Inctawm ami (till.
Watch Cranhrook grow.
What has Mr. Harvey, ns tbe dispenser of patronage for this district,
done for it? Every man should ask
himself that question before ho
murks his ballot.
This is the year ili-it you are voting for your pocket.
The Kaien island deal is a hard mil
lo crack for ihe McBride speakers.
Keep boosting  Cranbrook.
Don't lose your temper in Uie battle
of ballots.      It  don't pay.
J. A. Macrlonnld, ihe peerless trader ol   the    Liberals, has I n    met
everywhere by unprecedented enthusiasm Mr. Macdonald will make a
.jront premier.
The   Same
Today  and Tomorrow
Bach suit gives the wearer a
striking individuality—an indefinable something different than
the rest, an appearance that the
clothes were made for that particular man and no other. There
is not a firm from Winnipeg to
the coast that carries such a
large stock of clothing. We
also have odd trousers of this
justly celebrated 20th Century
brand, and can fix you in that way
Ties for Men
the latest New York creations.
Tics and Collars for Ladies
Nothing newer, nothing nicer.
Dress Goods
Dressmakers in attendance who
know how
if'-you have not visited our new
furniture store on Baker street,
iu the Kink Bros.' old building,
you have made a serious Christinas mistake. There is a glorious place to get
Just What You Want
Take advantage of the opportunity
Mr. Ma
ilonald has
on.icil as
id       oiht
-•.'ii misled   and   Hint    iu      future    campaigns   such
the tacts,    and  dirty luetics will not be resorted to.
Crnnbrookites The above is so palpably false   that
Ihe impressionj il     is   a    surprise   lo    all   ili.il  any
1 because they wen- present nnd editor would allow it lo appear in bin
k purl in iiu* convention thai they publication, let alone giving it a
e instrumental In Mr. Kelly be- prominent position in his editorial
ling 11 candidate. Hut such is columns. Mr. Bowser, iu his speech
mt the case.     Mr. Kelly is the can-, here attempted to misle.nl his heur-
and   wa
Western Canada
he world.
is the granary   of
Vote for Ihe man whom you know
will look nut for your interests, and
not consider his own in legislative
if tho Mcflrhlo government would
happen to be returned, and the Columbia and Western would nslt for   a
Every man owns bis own vole. Declare thai ownership on February '-,
when you are alone in the polling
booth with vour pencil ami your
Mr, McBride, in endeavoring to
show that be and Bob Green bud
made a grenl bargain for the province, iu the Kaien island deal, shows
hy a map that they retained one
fourth of lhc townsite for the prov'
ince. They did nothing of tbe kind.
A law passed several years ago did
Thp Liberals will have a safe
majority in the next house.
The Cranbrook district cannot
stand for .1 Socialist member who
will take his place under HaWthom-
ihwaite, even if the candidate has a
"Labor" label in this campaign.
uloimed by
'cderat  <
bo celled
lie   lhc   !>
.* pre
1 tin
porl   '
tern Federation    of
selected days    prim
the convention, and
of   the   Herald    was
Ihci.il of tbe Western
1 (several days prior  to the
1) thai I lie convention would
and   thai   Mr.   Kelly    would
mince. Further than this
lombers ol labor organlvai-
Idei is oi Cranbrook) who
>ni at the convention,   and
sed to the nomination ol
;ts a labor candidate who
ny wav he connected Willi
have since staled openly
saw the trend of matters
ivenl ion and refused to stip-
Kellv, Further, when it
tlu consideration thai everv
so-called labor candidate iu the Koo-
leimvs and the bounrinrv is n mem-
hrr of the Western Federation of
Miners ii heromrs more apparent
who is responsible for Mr. Kelly's
candidacy, and we therefore contend
thai the people responsible, as
aforesaid, are Soeinlists, as at a
recent meeting of the Western Federation a resolution was passed cn-
dorsint' socialism and iis principles.
And another fuel in sulrstnnlintion ol
the claim is Hie fact that Mr. Le-
hency. Ihe principle speaker for Mr.
Kelly in his campaign, is following
the same lint; of ntumenl and
enunciating the same principles us the.
sneakers furnished hv the Western
Federation for the Sboinlisl candidates in other districts,
Dr. King, il is said, told a
Cranbrook audience Monday
nichi thai ihe British const f-
llifion (in the Dr.'s opinion)
enlilled every naturalized
_^^^_^^^^^__^^^^_^^^^^_ Chinaman   and   -lap  ffl  vote,
In his remarks at the Liberal I Perhaps it would if Dr. King
meeting Thursday night last Mr. S. wns relurned nn ■ February
Macdonald     accused   the   Herald     of 3ml,        Rul   we    me   not   yet
uttering a falsehood when it asserted burling our eyesight studying
Hint lhc people responsible for Mr, Chinese—Movie Leader.
Kelly's candidacy were Socialists. If the above is n fair sample ol Ihe
Mr. .Macdonald is'one uf Cranbrook's "clean" campaign being waged In-
best citizens, a hard working and Mr, ilnrvev and his supporters the
Hiscieirt'lous mechnnlc and would not. electors should voice their jusl in-
inientionally do an liihtsllco to any- dlgnntlon hv turning thi' Conserva-
one.    But in this particular instance live candidate   down   so thoroughly
believing that the Dominion
government hud al tempted lo inter-
iiii' with our franchise laws aud
in suppoit of his claim read extracts
Irom official communications Irom
Ottawa hi regard in an entirely different matter. Dr. King, was not
present when llvese letters wcro
rc.nl. hit on entering the hall was in-
for I id tin   fuel, and, after asking
Mr. Bow ler if such were the case,
mil rccoivlng an alirm.itive answer
he in.i.fe ihe following statement;
The Domli Ion governmoirl under the
Vrliclcs ..f Confederation has no ii-rht)
l tetf-rc in any way with franchise laws « f any province, and
Iiui 1 he (King) wns Willing lo leave it
In Ihe people of ihe province whether the Chinese and .laps should
vote." Furthermore at the Liberal
meeting ihe following Thursday night
Dr. King reiterated ibis statement
ami declared that he, personally,
was decidedly opposed to the Chinese
or .Jnp having the right 1o vote, 11
Mr. Smyth wishes to retain tbe fair
name he has made for himself by
■iis newspaper work in this district,
he will lose no time iu retracting the
false st a lenient appearing in his
paper an I will make his apology lo
Doctor King as public us he did the
vile slander.
Dr. King held meetings at Fort
Steele, Marysville ami Kimherlcy
ihis week and if the reception be is
receiving nl Ihe various points in tlm
district is uny criterion be will receive a magnificent majority at ihe
'lolls on February 2.
Victoria, Jan. 22.—The liislory    of
government was no attempt ut coercion, but merely a notification ol the
business agreement made between the
Dominion and the G. T. P. by which
the Dominion government,,' with ihe
consent ol the Indians, sold the lui
ter's right ol possession to tbe G
T. 1'. The application was made in
1001 anil representatives of the company discussed the price and terms
with Indian agent Morrow and tbe
Indians in 11105. The company was
informed that unless the provincial
goit■rument waived its revisionary
claims, u title would not he given,
nml ou 2nd April, lOOfl, tbe B. C.
government was asked it such claim,
would be waived. It replied that it
could not favorably consider Die suggestion. On being so advised ihe
company stated th.it it was prepared
o accept the properly on the terms
tiered bv the Dominion and made a*.
cclarotloti to take title Irom the!?1
Dominion without recourse 'in tlie
ease of establishment of the claim
lor revision. In August, llMiti, thr
Indians executed the surrender of
1.1,510 acres, being portions of Kaien
isbnd and Dighy islands and part ol
the mainland. The terms were:
Purchase    price $7M per acre   and
satisfactory    settlement     for Iirdianjf't'rit, interest Isccnlred in ihe (niTh-
laims for'   gardens,     etc., fifiv pcr^voming appearing of the* troupe     id
■»♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦♦♦♦♦< ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»♦♦■»■»♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦?
McBride and  rlawthornthwaite,   Harvey   and Kelly.
A vote for Kelly Is a vot« for Harvey, Hawthorthwaite
and fleBride.
A vote for Harvey is a vote for McBride and
nivcrsaiy   of    the birth     id Robbie  DEPUTY RETURNING OFFICIOUS
Burns,  Scotland's immortal  bard, bv
giving a splendid conceit ami    dan-e APPOINTED,
iu   Ihe      Wetitworth   hall. On   this 	
lime-honored    occasion     when Scots
the   world     o'er arc     adding fresh     Tho deputy  returning oRlcuVi    tor
:Jusiie to his name,   Cronbiook,    not
the negotiations in which the Grand
Trunk Pacific sought to purchase a
portion of the Indian reserve at Port
Simpson, Dighy and Kaien island
nlaees the transaction in a light very
diHorent to that attributed to it by
ihe Conservative pres-s. There was
nn invasion of provincial rights in
ihe mailer and the Dominion
ernment's application    to the
cent, to he paid to the Indians, men
and women, of twenty-one years mid
over; the balance to be funded and
and interest paid annually for the
maintenance and improvement of the
villages nf the Indians. The company hns since paid $1(13,202.5fl, This
is the whole story of tbe sale of 'n
part of tbe Indian reserve tn the
railway company.
Thorn was a lad was horn in Kyle, ■
But  whal'nn day, an whnt'nif style,
I doubt it's hardly worth my while
Tue he sue nice wi' Robin,
(he ton
1 Hod
I, has    prepared n    pro-
/oriby of this event. No
time mu trouble has been spared hv
the Chief of the society, Mayor Find'- "Cock, Wm.
'lay. and scciclary Alivineiuy, to
fniMic everything a-.BUcedss.
: Tho, fatuous "Scotch Haggis" will
tali" -'in prominent part iu the pro-
gVi^pjyu*:      "Warm,     reck in,     rich.
election have been ap-
k-M.      A. Deale,    C.   A.
Bush, W. Hay ward, U.
Our   monarch's   hindmost year    Tin I
Was five and twenty days begun;'
'Twns then a blast o' Jaminr' win'
Blew hansel iu on Robin.
He'll line misfortunes great nnd smn'
But aye a heart nhoon them it';
He'll be a credit tae us a'—
We'll u' he proud o' Robin.
The    candidates     for fins district|
have appointed    their agents as   foi
..--_ n-----_^—M- ('* H» Dunbar for Dr. King.
gov-     The Caledonian   society is to cele-I   •'■ A. McDonald for T. ly. Kellv.
B.    C.I brain     to-morrow   evening,  the an-     CajF^Ragers; for...I. A.  Harvey.
IllffJiinrwl dancers (Thr McCowans
ami McCnllums), n good reception is
assured them us thev are nn enter-
taiumeiil  in themselves.
The vocal pari is iu tbe bands .of
-tlm amies! tfllenl of Ihe city as seen
%.,'lhc nwiowicetucnt. The Cran-
W'ook bunfPhm's- are l;o have a hand
in tbe selebrution by playing a few
The dance, which Will follow, will
lo the first of its kind iu thi' city,
riie grand march bended In lhc so-
doty pipers wilt ),(. ,i spectacle
.violin- of everv citizens' presence.
I'he events nf the bonspiel for this
evening will:'he a ncellod so as to
(tllow the curlers to make "Roof and
rafters dirl" wi' glee, All that re
liialnp'flow.is for (.'ranhrook's ejii-
iin\x*'\n turn nut ami enjoy a "nicbl,
wi' the Scots.""
Mofiatt ^^^^^^^^^
Wusu—P. •-Jensen.
Vnhk-J. S. McCartney.
Ryan-ChnB. Smith.
Wattahurg-A., E. Walts.
Kimhcilev-W. A. Whitmorv
Marysvlllo-O. Delaiigee.
Waidnel-A    Sheppard.
Movie-F. .1. Smyth.
Foil   Steeh-Robcil   Little.
Lady Caramels
Peanut Brittle
Maple Cream
Turkish Nougct
Assorted Nuts
Salted Peanuts
TELEPHONE  NO.   If! thi; cRANnnooK iieuajj)
nt    Moylc
Annual January Sale
Everybmly looks forward to ottr ANNUAL JANUARY SALE.
when every one nei'iln to niiike e;u:li ilollilr go as far as possible,   it's :i
It's  « irreul lu'lp to econo
eottllnail to any otia il6|iartinont, and no matter what yon want, there's A DISTINCT SAVINli I.N I'.l i'lNU
IT IX JANUARY AT IlEID & CO.   Note a low ol the (allowing prices i
Beantlfullv tritnmad with lace
on Collar OuS.   Assortsrl colors,
slightly damaged.   Regular price
,1.86 and |1.M,   Sal.' i » . Uc.
ChlHrca's flsinelcit.   Drifters, as
sorted, regular UOe., lor        45c.
Any Suit up to tltt.iHi,
o'tltir than "Kit-He-
form," for -	
Any Suit from (10.00
up lo SIs.ihi (or	
All Fanoy Silk Blouses, Lustre,
Flannel an,l Flannelette Win-in
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These Suit* nro all wall TIHMJIKI1
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W. It. .lolitimm .V Co. ami .lo'llt ».
IV, k A In
.lllvi'lj iioiioiiiIs ,'linm.i.l.
upruvul ui snli' I'll,','..
Heavy Twill  Hslllai  Tweed, oitra
j.,,,.,1   Wnrkiim   I'atltS,   reiiulai
Jll.rjO anil s)i).00, for -   H**
I In. Tweed snd Worsted Dress Pssts.
all sites, regular M.no, (or  U SO
Han    Jlclntosl
town to-day.
: .1, A. Compton, ol Crcston, visited
' Cranbrook Tuesday.
II   r.   Cumtnlngs, ol Nelson, is   iu
: Cranbrook on business.
u   li  Walker, ol   Nelson, Is "i tl
| a l.'iv day. iti town this   week.
j   Geo, A. 1..-H-ii- v. !- Irom Crcs-
-..-:  ieveral days tbe no l wrek.
I t; I. UcCreo ul Man ■ 111, was .,
gucsl ..I tin- Royal huti   t'rl lay Inst
I Miss t'.iilm and Mis T T. Me-
] \'iiiii- were Cranbrook visitors today.
The   wile ol
,'i'iion (orcman
ring illness
iiiili-r   has   ■
in Wardr,
si   M.i,,-.:.
■I, died   nl
i   .i,l.-i      .i
niUis.   Mr.
Ol    I li,'
.lU'Illt'lll. i
I tills, OUT MIR OUR Hill I: (IF IS.
Regular pries ♦1.00, (LIB and
tl.,10. A big bargain if yon need a
a shirt,
B. C.
< ►         " ROOr, MON, suop "
G. T. R. TEA i
! '    If you want to do justice to your
, ,     sweeping line a
;;        CURLERS' BROOM"
, ,    Light it,h feathers, yet ho tightly
, ,    boiiii.i that not a straw comet.
i >   loose,
1    At the rati* uf Hpeed you can wiehl
* out light brooms you will require
* to tie w-11  shod.    Our meilium
1   weight TAP SOLE RUBBER in
,    just what you need.
is   to   lio   tin1  only           |
liijuiil ri'fri'sli-                <
ttll'llt  IISIll                           . i
on the                    |
Ice,                     ''
Kii'[i away trorn drink, tliut't, fl«y,       i ,
Tlmy will makeyoiirpoorheadditsy    ' '
Anil kwp your two leu. busy                   , ,
.V. can lie.  Drink Tea.                     , ,
-O. T. K     , ,
► ^^K      t^kr*     ^^fc             »                   Fancy and Staple Groceries    < ►
'    1 «         I         K   AOA1*G   antlCMukury.Mltti, uluvei    o
> V^«      *%  •    IVvgvl O    bootu A Shoeu. Craiibruok.
ll. E
Taylor, of
to attend
Kimherlcy, Is in
the Laboi mect-
Chus. Finch, id     Marysville,
business In town
i mi pit
- AND   -
We Have Them-Just What You Want
The   Druggists
Wholesale and Retail
Cranbrook, B. C.
Winter Carnival
Feb. 12,13, 14, 15 and 16
& Grand Trophies and $3,000 in prize*-.   Two bands In attendance
HOOKEY—International ami I utor-Provincial Championships
SNOWSHOEING—Championship of British Columbia
TOBOGGANING—A miles mintitetlowii the" ZIP"
Horse Racing
Jumping and Racing.    Championship of Canada
RACES   For Championship of British Columbia
OUKUKQ   A Provincial Bonspiel
Masquerading, Tngs-of-War aud other interesting events
Reduced Railway Ratea on all linos.
J. B.C.KUASKR, Pros. God Snv
For tnrther particulars apply to
Hie King E, ADAMH,
Win. Carl In, ol Port Steele, is in
town to-day.
Dr. .1. \V. Collin was down from
Marysville Monday last.
Tom Leask was up from Crcston
several days this week.
J. A. McDonald was down from
Marysville Monday evening.
Airs. Whitehead, of Movie, was a
Cranbrook visitor Tuesday,
I,<1ST—Bet ween Wen t worth hot el
and -station, crescent shaped pearl
brooch. Finder  please leave      at
Herald office.
Chas. Farrel, of Moyie, was in
town a couple of days this week.
W. Van Arsdah'ii, ol Fort Steele
was a Cranhrook visitor Tuesday.
David Brecken ridge was down from
Wasa a couple of days the lirst of the
week. ►■
-ille a    C(
of days
IN FUTURE, wc will be able to turn out all the
good, clean, and wholesome sausage, of every kind
that is required. We always did put up the quality
but fell short on the quantity. Our new machincr which
arrives this week, and an expert sausage maker coven
the difficulty.   Phone your orders.
P. Burns C& Co., Ltd.
week.      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
.1 II. Doyle, of Marysville. was
transacting business In Cranbrook
,1. A. McDonald, of Nelson, wns
transacting business In Cranbrook
this wtvk.
LOST—•Between Cranbrook and
Wattsburg, a parcel. Finder please
leave with -ins Neill, ut Wattsburg,
or at Herald ollice.
Mrs. Wm. Cameron has been confined to her home several days with
an attack of grippe.
M, B. King has bee:
tho liOUSC several days
tack of rheumatism.
W. II. Griffith, of Hit
her company, bus lieen
oral days this week.
.1.  P,  Fink  IWi   Friday last for
short visit  wilh Mrs. Fink a
children at the coast.     ^H^^^^^
Mrs. George Bremner has been suffering from an attack of urip the
past few days.
Geo. Geary, ll. Mathers nml Dan
Mtinro, ot Fort Steele, were register-
d at   ihe     Cosmopolitan Saturday1
with an
Adolpb Lutn-
ln tovtn sev-
Mrs. L. H. VaiiReeur, who
siting ut the coast    tbe
returned home Tuesday;
X What you want for the camp, the bush or the t
♦ shop.   Our *
X are of the best makes, and our prices are right f
t down to a fair basis.
have been V
past month,
afternoon. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Rev, B. G-wwl field will preach his
farewell sermon next Sunday morning ami evening. All friends are
cordially invited. j
LOST—Tuesday night, between
Methodist church and Baker Hill, a I
pair of eyeglasses. Suitable reward
for return to this office. *   J
Mr. and Mrs. 0. H. Marsh and!
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Benedict, of
Mayook, spent a couple or days with
Cranbrook friends this week. I
Conductor McBurncy and Engineer
Killens, who were-hurt In-the wreck1
near Wardner two weeks ago bave
recovered sufficiently to be around
Services will be held in the Methodist church as usual next Sunday, the
pastor being in charge. Evening
subject, "The Present Election
Methods." All are invited. Song
service commences at 7.30.
NOTICE-Mr. S. H. Hadley,
pioneer of Stillwater, Minn., has
moved his barber shop to Spokane
and will open up at 609 First Ave.,
where he will be pleased to see old
friends. Mr. Hadley is -stepfather to
Clarence Washington, musician.   44-4t
Pat Leahy, a C. P. U. fireman,
while attempting to take water at
Moye Saturday night, had the misfortune to slip Irom the tender to
the ground and wns injured about
the head. Although rendered unconscious Mr. Leahy was not, seriously
hurt, but returned to Cranbrook next
day and appears none the worse for
the accident, with the exception of a
badly discolored ogtlc.
nd Mis. S. A, Inglis, ol Jaf-
fray, were guests ol the Royal hotel
Francis McCoimcli, of Baynes Lake,
spent a few days in town this week
visiting friends.
A. F. Kruplcl, nener.il
the North Sl.u Lunih
was up from Elko Prlda;
FUR RENT-A furnished house
Apply to Derail Bros. 39-tf
Mr.  and  Mrs.  Stuart
Saskatoon,   were visiting Mr.     and
Mrs. S. J. Mlghton the pasl week
The Eagles of Fernit* intend holding
a inasojuerado ball on the evening of
St.   Valentine's day,  February  11th.
Harry Wright, tho ox-memhec for
the Ymir district, was in Cmnbrook
a couple of days the lirst of the
I). Ii. Yates, manager ol the
Staples Lumber company, left Saturday on .t business trip to Winnipeg.
Cranhrook has been crowded with
si rangers this week, and the beds in
the hotels have been working double
Don McKay is one of the many
Craubrookites who have been suffering from an attack of grippe the
past week.
WANTED—Situation of any kind.
In town if possible, but we want lo
get  to work. Address  A.   Barbel
and G.   Booth, care of Royul hotel.
Constable Joe Wilson, who bus
been confined to St. Eugene hospital
for some time, was able to return to
his home at Crcston Tuesday.
William Kidd, one of the popular
miners on North Star hill, came to
Cranbrook Wednesday for the purpose
of having some dental work done.
Mrs. A. Leilcli and Miss Khodu
Leitch have both been under the
doctor's care the past few days, .suffering from slight attacks of grippe.
The St. Eugene mine and mill at
Moyie after a shut down of about 10
days for an account uf cold weather,
slur tod up again last Tuesday night.
LOST-Two $lu bills between Imperial hotel and Scotty McArthur's.
Reward will he paid on return of
same to Imperial hotel.*—Robfcrt
William Kemp, an old timer ot the
district died last Wednesday of general debility. The luiierat w|Il take
place to-morrow (Friday) at l p.m.
from Realty's undertaking parlors.
WANTED—Men lur all Mum, of
work. Address the Ferine Lumber
company. 39-tl
Chas. FylTe, city ticket agent
for the 0. I*. R. at Feruie, wns in
town a few days the past week re-
Roving one of the operators at the
Little Mazle Small, who has been
confined to St. Eugene hospital with
typhoid fever, for some weeks, was
sufficiently recovered to be brought
home Sunday.
S.   J.   Mlghton,  Cranbrook's  popular cigar and tobacco merchant, was
confined to    the house   several d,
the past   week  with a severe attack
of grippe,
Mr. and Mrs. K. .1. Peltier and son
Whfrid arrived from Brandon Monday evening for a few days visit with
Cranbrook friemls and leave to-day
on an extended tmu ol the Western
Stales and Old Mexico.
J.   Ci   Brewery    was in town    a
couple of days last week, having just
come up from his     ranch near C
ley, where be bad been confined     to
bouse a couple of weeks with
.'iui look p
s uudertnkii
was killed |,
Bvllle the latter |i
last week. The bud) was shipped tu
Liudsuj. i it.' . iii interment. Tlm
deceased was well known in this
district who will learn with regret
of bis untimely death.
It. .1.   Burde, m ws   edltoi ol    H
Victoria Colonial,   who accompanied
1'iemicr McBride on lus tour uf   Ui
Kootenai a i-. it.,
ectlon. Ten u
Dick visited the
< oliiiubia, but 111
■iay.1 on  tin*     promie
\ 'box cai oi   thu i".
enough foi him.
Cleveland Uuncan, i
Leask, at Crcston, i
Tuesday while luking
to the' mill. Thu
him   underlie
help arrived he bad expired.
in  friends
s shipped
ngcr in
twelve years    ago
interioi ot British
did not ride those
miei s innate car.
ruad* were    good
,,  lenmster lor T.
n,  was killed     lust
load of logs
deign   upset,
11 li   .uul before
The de-
.i ml had
The body
11 Crcston.
.,  Wotherbj
Arthur Chappell, the brakeman kiil-
led lu the unforlunulu accident two
weeks ago, carried $51)1) insurance
with nn accident compaiij represented by Messrs. Arnold i\ Roberts. It
[s needless to stale that the payment of tne pulley was promptly
met, us are all policies handled by
this linn.
People living iu this section can
fed Uianktul that they have hud
nothing horse man Uiu cold weather
iu contend with tne past lew mouths.,
nit residents of the prairie have been
vastly more unfortunate, as in
audition lo lhc extreme euld they
nave siiiieicd severely [ruin numerous
snowstorms and bl-MZards, and in
many instances thousands of dull.us
Worth of live slock have su&ei'cd
until iii these storms,
Thu coroner's inquest over the
dcutii ot A. L. ChuppeR was resumed
lu-iiuestiay      ami      completed WIS
allonioou, ami after ine eviuenco una
ail iu tlie following uunmmuus verdict was rendered by the jurors;
"Ue find that A. L. Cunppell euuio
lo ins utMiii one mile anu a quarter
west ot jucksoii on Uiu Urows iSest
orancii of uie t.'. p. It, m u rauwuy
uccincnt al u.li) ou tne mornuig oi
.January lltn. Alter bearing an the
evidence of Uie witnesses we eonsltter
ilial no blame can ue attached lo lue
nam crews or Ueapatcners, who acted uiua-i Uie present lutes ot tue
company. But in our opinion we
liiui a serious detect in uie existing]
rums governing trams lunmiig unaer
slow orders and would suggest luat
trains receiving slow orders should
uc run on what is kuowu as Uie
uloek .system."
There will be a big Liberal rally
held m Wcntworth hull on,Wednesday
evening, January 30Ui, at which Dr.
iving and otlicis wilt speak. Don't
forget the date and bear in mi ml
that everyone is cordially Invited tu
be present, regardless ol political belief. A cordial invitation is extended tu the opposing candidates to
be present and participate iu the
I wish to express my hearty thanks
to the citi/ens of Cranbrook lor tbe
honor bestowed upon mo when they
made me their unanimous choice for
mayor for the ensuing year.
.lames  Finlay.
the kTIET aT^onspeil
Notwithstanding the fact that tbe
weather, the C. P. K. train service
ait.i the coming election proved serious handicaps, the bonspiel opened
Monday morning promptly at
o'clock and has been carried on ever
since with unceasing fervor. At the
opening only two outside rinks,
Greenwood and Phoenix, were present, but three Nelson rinks and a
Rossland rink arrived on Monday's
delayed train. While the weather
was so warm Monday uud Tuesday
as lo cover tlie ice with water, no
uue was badly discouraged and the
' roarin" game was good-naturedly
kept going. Iu all six outside rinks
are present, composed ns follows:
Greenwood — Wilson, Bunting,
Johnston and McMynn.
Phoenix—Svrschan, Campbell, Mor-
rin nird McMynn.
Nelson—Holding, Booth, Fox nnd
Form. Deacon, Jones, Richardson
and Wallace. Oulmetto, Bunyan,
Carrie ami Walley.
Rossland—Armstrong, Squire, Watson and Ral e.
The lirst event started was the all
comers competition, in which Cranbrook had to cuter a rink fur each
outside rink, and was won by the
visitors by a score of 74 to 41, the
rinks playing as follows:
severe attack of grippe.
"Dick'' Frnser, who has been confined to bis home with lumbago for
tbe p.ist week, is able to be around
again. Mr. Frascr has lost considerably     in   weight as a    result, and
WANTED—Work at anything. Have
had no experience in lumber camps,
but are willing to get in and drill at
anything we can get to do. Both
understand horses. Address Arthur
Pierson or George Hobdeu, care of
says it was the worst attack he  has
ever had. ,
William Stewart, of Moose Jaw,
Sask., and Harry L. Loyd, of l)wen
Sound, Out., are spending a few
days visiting with W. D. ■Luidlaw,
of the Fink Mercantile company.
William Stewart is a cousin of Mi.
A Conservative rally will be pulled
off at Wentworth hall next Monday
nitcht. W. A. Macdonald, of Nelson,
will be the chief spellbinder. He
will explain the "Whvfore of tbe
wbyness,,lof the McBride administration.
Don't forget the Burns anniversary
concert and dance at Wentworth hall
to-morroW (Friday) evening. Spec-
eial preparations have been made for
the occasion and the Caledonian society have left nothing undone to
make the event one of the most suc-
cessluLIn the history of the town.
WANTED—Situations for two men
as engineer and firemen, good references; twelve years experience; sober
and reliable. Apply at Herald office. 40
The Pacific Loan company's drawing went to E. B. Nobles, engineer,
New Westminster, contract 5IB. Mr.
Nobles is now eligible for a loan of
$1,000 at less than 2 per cent interest, or he may sell his loan privilege
for a bonus of $125. For further
information apply to W* Pender St.,
Vancouver, B. C. •
The annual ball of    the C.   p. R. ^^._
Quadrille club was held in Went-! In the phiyofi amongst the winners
worth hall last evening. The hall Walley beat Roll; McNicoll beat Mc-
was prettily decorated for the    oc- Mytmj Forln bent McMynn, ana In the
ion ami there were a large num- final Forln won out from McNicoll.
Her present, and the occasion was] Notwithstanding the fact that the
most thoroughly enjoyed hy all. Tbe CrantWook rinks are nearly nil cotu-
C, P. R. club has made an enviable posed of new players and that none
reputation for tlie excellence ol their of them had any practice to speak
dances and the one last night was no of, their staying has been rernarkably
  good, and while tfcey may uot    sue-
C. Wiliwn
W. F. Attriilj-e
II. Uuntins
M. A. Bcalo
S. M. .Inhnston
J. W. Ww*1
W.G. McMynn. skip. 11
B. H. Short, iklp—1
A. Slrachan
F. E. Kinft
1). V. Cumpboll
A. I.. McDermot
.1. A. Morrin
!'. McAl|>!n«
D. J. McSweyn, Hk..
J. A. Forln, Hk 14
rutrwire, fk	
F. Duacon
W. H. Junes
W. Richardson
J. H. Walli.ce. iV—-14
Tut*. Hk 	
F, Armatron*r
J. Sfiuires
A. W. WaUon
E.A.Rolf, Hk 10
Rogers, si	
J. OuimctU
,1. Bunyan
A. Carrie
A. T. Walley. ek ----8
Ryan, «k 1
exception to the rule.
-r.il ii) ImliliiiK any ol tin- principal an    atl'oitili
ii ,s lull',   they  llttVC imlliinj;  \u    In- (troutrtl       L.1
is'i.iin,-,! ,,[ Iii tlie record ilii'y    liavo isl about l.jl
I'leratis .ii Uie Imsi- ol ill.' ilcbi n
!• the Nelson   rinks where 1  wu
tho |irin,Ipal I'veiiis in-iiii  hi pro
;     Ir,l.uil.lllt
kill  ii  li.nl In-
mi hum  Ih.-I.ui
I |,  I
the lei
.' lii.u
til St   III      Hi,
lu    the
it  viit'iiV-
1 .      the
ii . liuly
I   can
Tin' liill'ow li'.'
luui   l.'.i'liue I've
joirrg tu press:
,11 go I
'SUlt   111
iii- time
(111 WU I'll M.I.KNtii: CUP.
b    then
^^^ lied slow. ^^^
ui i was beared. Tula is a
ice U i graft, everybody alt-
it ... ii inii yotu humble
and I guess that he would
il iime wi n anj ■■; eni . i.
also appears to be made
vt ry quickly li* re. Tho common
events are one ui two murders per
week, .t holdup at least every night
and .i divon ■•■■ ii c q month. Tiie
city is a bus) bive at present, but
owing to the long rami ive have had
it in not a pleasant place io be in
al present. Men have i ome iu Irom
..il pal Is ol the world, mostly
mechanics, consoinjcntl) living has
gone up. Material is still shun,
' ■.- ; mg the call for it, but,
ever) thing w ill be good In ihe spring.
Hundreds ol buildings are springing
uj' on every band and the thousands
■.•I mi:. working on a fine day Is indeed ,t sight it. see, Most of the
largo structures are built of brick
una stone, but steel structures and
reinforced concrete buildings .ire in
great evidence. The Chronicle buildings arc completed and occupied.
The Call buildings are being rapidly
renovated and will be ready (or business about June next. Most of the
business from Market street has been
removed to Fillamoie and Van Ness
avenue. Tlie whole oi the Chinamen left Frisco and located ova .a
the city ot Oakland, which is also a
grand citj and building up rapidly,
li.- population has increased from
I',t'Uu   in nine months.
| Oakland be.
*~ w
OLIVER ct:p.
't   £
s I
e E
Los Angeles, (.'al., Jan
Dear "Old Man" Simpson:—
I am just sending you a line to let
you know that I am still on the
earths crust. Ross Carr and myself arrived at Frisco on third ol
December, 1906. and alter some
little difficulty we got diggings and
settled down to see Frisco. The
city was an awlul sight at that
time, the skeletons of most of the
buildings were still standing and
were a menace to pedestrians day and)
night, until the morning of December
10, 1900, when the city encountered
a terrible storm of wind and rain,
when many workmen were killed and
injured. The board of works then
took the matter in band and pulled
down, or caused to Ik* pulled down,
the remaining walls which were dan-
generous to the public. At about 10
m. I wns passing the ['. S. mint
On 7th street, when one ol the skeletons was- blowu.   down aud -apiuktu-d
half ol the iradc
er she will hoi
seen. We tanve
for the last Ii ui
pleasant it ma)
does nol appeal
us who have t<
left Frisco ou lb
had a splendid '<
barn, which c
buildings and w
and arrived at.)
ing a very be
us tx*atu:g
four hours
ill to pit
ces toi
Cage to s.utia Bargains     some    line
tderful brick yards,
s Angeles, port dur-
storiu, winch   kept
oft" the port loi twenty-
This is .ndeed a lovely
city, it lias the remainder
places I have seen skinned .ill to
pieces for beauty and .it present has
Frisco's complaint (plenty of ram.)
One thing 1 admire hero is the busi-
i.t's men s mode of doing business,
which la strictly on business principles, and everyone appears to have
tbe happy knack ol letting the affairs
of bis ucigttbo! alone, while acutely
looking after his own affairs. I
must now conclude my letter to
you and ;oin with my Irlend Ross
Can In wishing you and Mrs. Simpson every success, and accept our
kind wishes lor the continued prosperity of the Herald. 1 remain,
>ju:s truly,
J,  Edgar Davis.
The lirst regular meeting of the new
council was held Wednesday evening
wiia Mayor Fiodlay in the chair ami
Aldermen Ryan, McCowan and Oill
A petition sigried by a number oi
citizens was presented by W. B.
Bsirdgeit requesting a amendment reducing the amount of line iu ukj
pound by-law. un uiutiou this pe*
lition was laid on '<■'•«: tunic dutil
there shouiu bt a full attendance of
The mayor then appointed the ful-
iuYwiig committees fox the enduing
Finance—Fink, McCowan and Hick-
Works and property—Ryan, Jacl;-
on and Gill.
Health—McCowan and Gill.
Fire and    police—Fink and
Taxation    committee—Ryan
The mayor then inquired as to
tiie comliiion ul the city s finances
ami was informed by the city cleuc
that the lire hall fund had bet-n overdrawn to the extent ui $62.50; ol
Ihe sidewalk fund there was still on
liand a balance ol 12,240.48; municipal building fund on hand JC, 141.82;
gincral fund (1868.53.
Alderman Uyan then slated that
there were a number ol people in
town whose water pipes were frozen
up, and stated that ll the electric
light company wen- inclined to thaw
the pipes uul .by electricity they
wuulu be unabic lo do ao, "^ since
the def.-at oi tbe franchise by-law,
ii wouiii I** illegal for them to string
more wires even foi temporary use,
without special permission of the
city council. Aldei m in Ryan explained that al pre ent ihe electric
light company could not thaw pipes
a.-, the> bad no transformer for the
purpose, but that they had one on
the luad and when It arrived the permit granted ly thi council would enable them to use It. It was moved
by McCowan, seconded by (inl ih.it
permission be granted the electric
light company to string temporary
wires for thawing p poses. This
motion was carried, Alderman Ryan
being  excused  from  voting.
The council then adjourned.
Feb. 12-16.
The Canadian !'■ ciflo Railway announce an excursion rate of lare and
one-third for the round trip for the
abo\e event from Revel stoke,
Fernie and all inter
mediate and branch line points.
Tickets on sale Feb. 11 to 16, good
to return till Feb. 18.
Phone 76    •     Armstrong Ave. TUB   CHANBKOOK    USUALU
jMfr-wste.w^ca-.-.^w**-^ \
(ooil exhibition     »l
iKrun Th. Moyie r»»il«r.)
,.| Iras turnnl at Uie
lot i week.    '""'"»
e I'm
; the
I ween
Tin'  un
I In'     M.i
tell,   '
.1.11 s
r two
I'lu- company is rn»MiM
ellorl to procure coal,
nl thi
t mly
the Spok-
l.mi-in- mm
.,.,», 15 J.ivs tin- coropai
„    secure only «»•--, ,,
,ml were it not tor lie   suppl)
,„.,l ili,-v hail on hitiiil ™
iinilii havo been shut down "•
,veeka .ito.
■verv posslbk -        -,   .
,„d it is not anticipate! the
„, will be lor any sr-at length ol
uml probably l"r only
longer.    Very lew
leaving       the    ™"1
'   t.Tiiiv   illtv     carloatls
werehauicd tbtouRh Mnyi.-ai.il taken
ilown Into the Stall's ov".
 iiiii'iiiiiiii«iiiiii'     rnis
,aires tho pcopc Indignant, as tliey
SuTve "ho British Columbia needs
,,,„,,, ,„st lie supplied before ship-
,,„,„s art- made out nl the country.
w 1'. Philllpps lias returned Irom
Seattle, bui Mrs. I'hlllipps will ""
,„.„„ ,„', the const lor the wtoter.
ilcnnlc Smith, assistant in tne
pnst ollice, spent a couple   ot
days In Craniirook during  the week.
Percy Large returned to Moyie yes-
M lav Iniiii Cranhrook where In was
in the hospital with blood poisniiiiin
in his right arm,
Mis I! Campbell and daughter re-
„11'lll.,i „„„„. last Saturday from
Vancouver. She was accompanied by
her two sisters, Mrs. Ihivin and Miss
Kiln Held, who were on their way
...isl, but siiiiiiird oh in Moyie lor n
it'iv days. .. i,,
Daniel Mncdonald, who sliirlilh
sUlrbed n Inral hotel man lasl
Saturday night, was given a prel m-
inarv hearing before justice ol the
ni'iii'i' E. A. Mill Wednesday afternoon anil was bound over to u|i|M-ar
More Hie county court at Cranhrook. The victim ol the affray was
not very severely Injured, but his
issailanl's Intention wns evidently
lo kill him Macdonald is a miner
and worked for a short lime up on
> In- hill.
which stood
Hull    mi
grand '
set nii-iii'
team  ri
nl Coleman
; in,' score,
 I     tin-
-ii one,  anil
"s'crltiiiiiago 'i ( place below
ills wiui.- the Marli'oil play-
i- Rood sink -handlers they lull nil  in  ituliwilii.il     and
ilaiul plnysi     wilh the    con-
' that      lhc line combination
displayed   by the Coleman
'sultotl    in scoring goal alter
»h.i I
I toll.
I hat
(Frm Mm r.r.i. Km. Him.)
On Saturday A. .1. Mott left for
Toronto, where he will be married
lo.M iss Lamb, who is well known in
iliis city.
H'rank Chambcrla'n, a popular
voiing niiin of this citv. met with
terrible death Saturday morning
Hie M„ K. & M. railway. Frank
was a brakoman on the mine roatl
and while coming down with a train
load ol coal at 1 o'clock in the
.iioruiiiE he slipped bclween two cars.
His body was caught by the brake
licnms niid was dragged all the way
to Pernio, his lantern, lound near
Coal Creek, indicating where the ac-
liilent hail occurred. It is supposed
that tin- deeeased lost his looting
while selling a brake, through the
snapping of the chain. The marks
on the next ear showed that he
jumped, and apparently had a good
footing, hut he over-balanced and lei!
hack between the cars. The body,
when released, was lound to be horribly mangled. It was taken to the
undertaking parlors oi Scott & Hoss,
who took charge of the funeral arrangements. The funeral on Monday from the Roman Catholic church
was largely attended. Deceased.
who was oiily lit years ol age, was
llie son ol Mrs. IVI.aurier. He was
ii fine specimen ol physical manhood
and was well liked by those who
linew him. The impicst, which was
liegtin on Saturday, will be continued
next week.
Messrs. .1. tl. f'litnmiiigs and Albert Cttmmings will form a partnership in the early spring, with orliees
here and at Cranhrook. The former
after his return from his honeymoon
I rip to California will reside in
I'rantirnok. Albert, who recently
secured his P. I,, s. papers, left this
week lor Kingston to complete hi
ifiiii in the civil engineering course
at Queen' suniversitv.
Mi. nnd Mrs. II. E. Martin were
l-'ernie Monday and Tuesday, guests
at tlie Niiininee. Until were formerly residents of this city, the latter
being Miss Edmonds at thai time
They weir on their wav to lladistv,
Sask., where Mr. Martin takes
charge of the construction nf a railway bridge for Mr. Norman E. Ilrn-
h-y. This bridge is a big aflair and
uill employ inn men until the middle
nl .Inly.   '
Tlie town has now enjoyed
uue of the political rhetoric
is going the rounds jusi now.
owing Ur. King's eminently successful meeting of Friday night, the
labor candidate ami Ills henchman,
Mr. Lelii-in-v. addressed an audience
In the hall on Saturday, Their remarks were mainly confined to a
vain attempt to refute Mr. King's
statements of tlie previous evening.
\n opportunity was given lo supporters of thi- Libera! or Conservative parties lo address lhc meeting,
anil Mr. Hunt, in the Liberal lnler-
■st, responded with a very able
speech, remarking thai il anyone was
flitilled lo llie labor vote ill was Dr.
King; thai it was by Ihe labor vote
he was successful before and it
would he llie labor vole Hint would
put him iu again. Tliere was nn response on heh.ilf of the Conservatives
which was lather signillenilt.
Tin- new pinning mill will lie running iu about a fortnight anil when
completed w-ill be one nf llie finest
mills in Ihe province.
At a meeting of the Mountain
Lumber Manufacliirers's association,
Ill-Id ill Nelson last week. Mr. Lund
was appointed prest-lcnl fur Ihe eur-
ithi year and is lo he congratulated
on this recognition of his ability ami
Mr. W. .1. Montgomery returned on
Saturday from his trip In Ontario
greatly benefited hy his holidays.
There seems lo he quite an
epidemic nl la r-rippr- in Hie fnwn at
present, owing probably lo Hie
'•haiict-able weather we have been
having. Among Hie sufferers from
this disagreeable malady is Mr. Lund
who has been confined In tlm house
for several days.
lit  111,-
vot   MUST AttKEE IN TH1S:-
Tlmi headache does not necessarily
mean there is anything wrong with
your head! That being so, you must
look to some other organ for the
trouhjto Is tbe ache in Uu* forehead,
nml does it erase it you press iff
That is neuralgic headache. Is il on
one Mile of the head only'.' That is
loctors eail "megrim."
onus arise from lack of
eg torn, Is youi headache genera) and accompanied by
sickness to tout breath or constipation' Tli.it kind ol headache is due
lo liver ami stomach disorder. Nine
headaches in ten arise from these
causes. There are two methods of
treatment, **'»' is to take htsuhu'hw
powders. This is like trying to escape pain by taking chloroform. The
other is to correct the organs which
by their dctaiig-'inenl are causing the
trouble. That is the Bileaii way!
Bileans cure headache by their hene-
ficlal operation on the digestive system, the liver and the blood. Correct these properly and you will have
no more headache.
Mrs. K. G. Illaek, of 3li It lev ins
Place, Toronto, says: "1 suffered
acutely from headache. The attacks
were most violent aud made me so ill
I could hardly do anything. The
headache was accompanied by digestive trouble, heartburn, and constipation, and it seemed as if I were
going from bad to worse. Until 1
tried Bileans 1 was able lo get anything which gave me relict. Bileans, however, acted like magic.
The) not only cured the headache
hut also relieved me ol Uie indiges-
Notice is hereby given that siity
days after date 1 intend making application to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the foi-
lowing described hinds:
Commencing with a post planted
at the north-west corner of lot 7008,
South East Kootenay, thence running north twenty chains, thence
running imsI twenty-five chains,
south twenty-five chains, west twenty-five chains to place ol commencement.
A. K. Kraptel, Elko, B.O
Dated January l.Mh, l!.f>7.    44-»t
n the matter of the Act respecting
certain works in and over certain
navigable waters, being Chapter 22,
It. S. 0., 1886.
Notice is hereby given that one
mouth after date an application will
be made to the Cover no r-in-Council
hy Hales Hingston Hoss aud Joseph
Whitehead1 Boss, carrying ou business
nt Elkmouth, in tiie province -of
British Columbia, under tbe firm
name of Boss Bros. & Company,
under the provisions ot the above
Act for    permission     to    construct
dams, booms and other improvements for logging and saw milling
purposes in Kootenay tltiver in South
East Kootenay, British Columbia.
The plans ol the works proposed to
be constructed and a description of
the site thereof have been deposited
with the Kenistrar of Land Titles at
Nelson, B. 0., and wilh the Minister
of Public Works at Ottawa, Ontario.
W. F. Gurd,
Solicitor for the Applifiitits.
Bated at   Cranbrook, It. i\,    this
ttou, heartburn and constipation. I
have proved that a lew doses ol Bileans will remove the most violent
headache, and as a cure (or const!'
nation they are absolutely unequalled. No family should be without a
box ot Bileans oil the shelf."
Bileans are purely herbal in their
composition and are also tree from
alcohol. They are a cure for all
digestive ami liver disorders, cou-
tipnliou, piles, debility, anemia,
blood impurities, colds aud chills,
ihuemulisii). wind spasms, female ailments ami irregularities, sallow com-
plexlon (due to bile iu tbe blood),
dizziness, etc. All druggists sell at
."die. u box, or may be obtained post
tree from the Bileau Co., Toronto,
on receipt of price. t> boxes for
W. It. Butty, Kuntml l»lrecu>r
Cr*iibn«k B.C Phoaa No,
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It It Healthy
It Is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Take notice that thirty days after
date we intend lo apply to the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, B. C, for a special license
to cut and carry away timber from
the following described lands situate
in S. E. Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-east corner of lot 331,
thence east forty chains, thence
north forty chains, thence west forty
chains, thence south forty chains to
place of commencement, containing
ItiO acres, more or less.
Mayook Lumber Co., Ltd.
Bated llie 12th day of January,
1907. 43-51
(From The Blairmore Times.)
In spite of the fact that the lack
of ears and the extreme cold weather
has curtailed the output ot the
Frank mine at least 300 tons per
day, still it Is maintaining an output of over fiOft tons. The new
tipple, which has a capacity of
I too tons per day, is giving the best
of satisfaction. This property now
gives employment to over 200 men,
which will he increased as soon as
shipping facilities on tbe road improves. The main entry is now in
on the coal a distance ot two miles,
and never before in the history of the
mine has there been so large a tonnage of Qoal block-en nut, and it is in
j position to at any time largely in-
.-reuse its output.
Thursday evening the rink was
opened here, and many skaters from
both Blairmore and Frank took advantage of it tn enjoy a skate. The
rink this season is much larger than
formerly, and the dressing room
much more comfortable than in former winters. Manager Spence.r
Lewis has it now In first-class shape,
.ind is deserving of a liheral patron-
age from the public. It is Intended
that this rink will be used In common by both Frank and Blairmore.
as the former town has given up the
idea of piittinr- in a rink this season.
It is the intention of the management to announce    a carnival short-
The hockey game played In Cole-
tnan on Wednesday    evening was    a
Earthquakes are among tbe most
common phenomena in the world,
scientists est Imii ting that Irom
twenty to fifty occur on the world's
surface every day. Fortunately
however, the vast majority of them
re very slight. The most destructive recorded in history are recorded
fi.'l A. I).—Hereiilaneum and Pom
pcii practically destroyed by violent
1115—Four Asiatic, two Grecian ami
two Gala t Inn cities overturned.
358—Nicodemiu destroyed with all
its inhabitants.
557—Thousands perish in China.
724—Over 500  towns   destroyed
Syria, Palestine and Asia, awful loss
ot life.
1137-At Catania, Sicily, 12,000
in the ruins.
U5K-In Syria,  20,000 perish.
1181.-A Snlahrian city and nil its
inhabitants overwhelmed in the Adriatic.
12I.H— In Cilicia, 00,000 perished.
1456—Naples, 40,000 killed.
1531—Lisbon, 30,Ouo burled in city's
1596—Thousands perished in Japan.
11182—Port Roval, Jamaica, destroyed, 3,000 lost.
1033—Fifty-tour eil ies and towns
and 300 villages destroyed in Siliev,
Hin.nun lives lost.
1703— Jed-do, Japan, ruined, 200,-
000 perished.
1718—At Algiers, 30,000 dead.
1731—Pckln,   100,0(10 swallowed  up.
1746—Limn and Cnllao demolished,
is,mm buried in Ihe ruins,
1754—At Grand, Cairo, 40,0)10
1755—Ka scba n, North Persia,
lestroyed, 40,000 killed,
1755—Lisbon practically wiped out
within eight minutes. Upwards of
50,000 persons perished in the ruin
■mil by being engulfed by a tremendous seismic wave. The shock was
lelt iis far as Scotland, and many
cities Buttered severely. In Moiico
more than 13,000 persons lost their
1750—Bnnlbec,  in Syria, destroyed,
20,000 dead.
17H7—All the country Irom Santo
Fo to Panama shaken, 40,000 (lend.
1812—At  Caracas, 12,000 lives lost.
1822—Aleppo destroyed with 20,000
of its inhabitants,
1842—At Cape llavtien, Sanlo
Domingo, two-thirds of the town destroyed, 5,000 dead.
1857-Over 10,000 killed in Calabria.
1868—Many towns iu Peru and
Ecuador wiped out, 25,000 perished.
18fll—In Japan, 10,000 dead.
1896—Northwest of Japan, 1,001
perished by earthquake, and over
10,000 by attendant seismic wave,
1626—Thirty towns near Naples
destroyed, 70,000 killed.
1667—At Sehamaki, 80,000 perished
in shocks within three months.
1906— In April, San Francisco, California, nnd other adjacent cities
were devastated. Ma uv kil led.
Valparaiso, Chili, was partially destroyed and thousands killed.
I met Rev. Charley crossing his
mot Iter's grounds one morning, and
be told me this little tale. He had
been out lo Chicago to attend a
convention of Congregational clergymen, and had taken his little son
(Harriett Ueechcr Stowe's grandson)
with him. During the trip he reminded tbe little chap, every now
and then, that he must he on his
very best behavior Ihere in Chicago,
lie said: "We shall be the guests o.
a clergyman, there will be other
guests—clergymen and their wives—
and you must be careful to let those
people see by your wall* and conversation that you arc ot a goodly
household. Be very careful about
this." The admonition bore fruit.
At the first breakfast at which they
ate fu the Chicago clergyman's house
he beard his little son say in the
meekest and most reverent way to
llie lady opposite him: "Please
won't you, for Christ's sake, pass the
"Papa, you could make most
kind of a clock, couldn't you?"
Clockmuker—"I  think   so, my son.
"Make me    one that   will run the
bases after three strikes?"—Ex.
Dentist—Women are much more
careful with their teeth than men.
Patient—I guess that's right. My
wife locks hers up every night.—Ex.
"Twice a day for two weeks he had
called. Each time the servant declared the young lady was not in,
but he knew she was deceiving him.
But to-day he hud tlie proof. He
had seen her through the window.
"At last 1 have found you out!'
he hissed a.s he turned upon his
Take notice that sixty days alter
dale I Intend to apply to Uie Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria for permission lo purcksm
Ibe following described land* iitu*t*t
in Soutb East Kootenay:
Commencing at the south-east coiner of lot 7316, thence north 40
'bains, uhenoe east 80 chains, thence
south to Wm. Paoli's north line,
thence west 80 chains, aiong Wm.
Paoli's line aud the Great Northern
railway track to point ot commencement, containing 320 acres, more or
W. R. MacKay.
Dated at Elko, B. C, October 34,
1906. 34-96*
"You can't do any good work in
the world without offending somebody," said Congressman Longworth
in an address. "The man who
makes no enemies is the man who
does no good.
"Some men but tor this tear ol
making enemies might accomplish
something. As it is, they iwnind
me of the dying man who was too
cautious even to make his peace with
" 'Do you renounce the deril and
all his work?1 the minister said to
this man.
"And the dying man replied in
weak, hesitating voice.
" 'Please don't ask me ot that.
I'm going to a strange country, and
I don't want to make myself
enemies.' "
Perhaps G. Washington's taxes
weren't very high.
When you are down don't advertise
the fact.
One of the compert&alions ot
stupidity is that it doesn't know
that it is stupid.
Doing the little ray ol sunshine
net is all right it you cun get some
one to guarantee a salary.
When a man is spending Hme"at
the seashore it is superfluous lor him
to tell you what else he is spending.
Being on your dignity is impressive if it isn't funny.
When a
wife he
husband is dependent on    a
s apt to be well taken care
Chancellor James R. Day, of Syracuse university, in a discussion ' of
the craze for athletics that sometimes becomes too rampant in the
universities of America, said with a
"Why, I know a young clergyman
—he had been an excellent first
baseman ut college in his time—who
after reading a portion as he closed
tlie Bible one Sinrdny morning In the
baseball season:
" 'Here endetb  the second Inning.' "
It Is pleasant to go away from
home just to experience the Joy of
Experimental knowledge has no veneer upon it.
The girl   who isn't looking tor
husband     is the   most   apt to    find
The work be doesn't do is enough
to make a lazy man happy.
Flattery is never turned down ii
presented discreetly.
Being constructively honest seems
to be about, as near as some men can
come to it.
Public notice Is hereby given that
all licenses due the City for the ensuing  six months are now due  and
payable at the City Clerk's office.
43-lt Thus. M   Roberts.
For particulars Call up 'phot.  No.
C8 between the hours ol 9 ..in. ud •
ni., or   'phone    No. 60 .Iter oBoa
ours.       All    order,   will   r«c-i»»
prompt attention.
3» C.   .1.  MANSFIELD.
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Kverybody knows that Coil Liver Oil U a wonclt
fle-.li |>ruthuvr, IF you can take it.
NuboJy ihnihts th.tt Iron is the greatest enrichi
the blood, IF you can ili^rst it.
It is well known that l'bo«phorus is tho (deal n
and brain tonic, IF it is properly administered.
"IF," ah! there's the rub.
Hut everybody does not know that Coil Liver
Iron uml Phosphorus have nt last been combined in
an emulsion sc» palatable that anybody can take it.su
easily assimilated that the smallest infant can ili^e*.t
it without difficulty and so perfectly and scientifically
prepared that tlie value of the original Ingredients is
enhanced fourfold.
This emulsion is known a.s
(Iron and Oil)
" FERROL " has wiped out the " IF."
"FERROL" has brought the wonderful and universally recognized virtues of Cod Liver Oil. Iron and
Phosphorus within easy reach of the multitudes who
need them.
"FERROL" is the only perfect emulsion of Cod
Liver Oil, because it is the only one that contains
IRON and no emulsion is perfect without it.
That is why  FERROL  is an  unequalled  system
FERROL it not . patent mystery-   nit Formula is freely published,   li Is pit
Take notice that thirty days alter
utt* wc iiitt-u-t to apply to the Chief
Commission*1." ■>! Lands umt Works at
Victoria (oi a s|n-clal licimse to cut
ml carry uway tlmlier from the foi-
tiwjiif, ilcsmWit hunts iu South Kant
Communotng at a post planted st
Uu* f.ouUi-wi'Ht corner ol lot 3553,
group 1, Knutt'iiay     district; thence
mi Hi I iti chains, thence east 56
chains, thence north U'O chains,
morn or less, to the southerly limit
nl Mit-hiti'l Kelly's pre-emption No.
HSJH, thence westerly along said
Boiitherly limit of said pre-emption
:«i chains, more or less, to the
sun th-west, corner ol the satd preemption, thence north forty chains
to the southerly limit ot said loi
3553, thence westerly 20 chaim to
the place of licKlnning, containing
(tin acres, more or less.
The Standard Lumber Co., Ltd.
W. V. Gurd, Solicitor, Cranbrook,
11. C.
luted the 12th day ol November,
A. 1). limit. 38-ftt
the bell riiy-iicui.!..    ll ii etulutscl by the itio-st cm
proatinent HospiLiU, Sanitariums, etc.
uent Medical Journals,   li
eribed by
„.,1 in tl.e
Beattie & Atchison Druggists, Cranbrook
Sixty days after date I Intend to
apply to the Honorable tbe Chief
Com in iss i oner of Lauds and Works,
Victoria, for permission to purchase
the following described land iu Soutb
Kitst Kootenay:
Commencing at * post planted
about one chain south uf the south
corner post of Lot three hundred and
sixty-three (3t»3), thence north about
twenty-eight t-d) chains, thence east
about three (3) chains, thence south
about twenty-eight (23) chains,
thence west about three (3) chains to
the place ot commencement.
ll. K. Qreen,
.1. Lynch, Locators.
Hiited the 6th day ot December,
1900. 38-9t*
Our "Clean-Up" Sale dispised of many of the Pianos nml Organs wc
ailvertine.1, hut we nt ill have a numl-cr of Instrument!) mi luui 1 that have
been taken in exchange for
We are bsc rill dug these at prices below what we allowed for them
We must have the warehouse room for now stock, llereareufewspeclals—
EVANS' PIANO. Mahogany cane,
in suod L'uniJitiiin. Nn. 5G, may tie(
bouflit fur ■
Walnut Parlor Com, with bcvt-l-
Inl Kr«ieh Plato Mirror, u ht\n.l-
Hmt instrument In fiplfiulitl
order, No. 03	
hlfb back, 5 octave, 3 seta rv*\»,
lOMtopa,   Mothproof.   Nu. 7 —
6 octave   parlor.  Walnut caw.
good aanew, No. B 11-——	
DYER BROS.'OROAN, 5 octave,
Walnut, bevelle.1 mirror, hitfli
Lurk. No. 08, a goat] . i.- ,'. •   -.
PIANO, originally noltl for W00,
No. A 5, now i-lteml for -.
A NO EI. US   On
Player. N... Pi), v
.s ;:i-i. i
linMINJON ORQAN.fi feel liii
Goclavea, 1! set* reeits, 7 Btni
Vox Human!, etc., No. 9	
laves.   Walnut   Cuae,    N».
offered for	
h'.Kaiiv. Style S. T t-*i octave*!,
overstrung, a ivully fir-it rate
I'mnu. was SAGO, Nn. 12, can in-
bough I fur	
PIANOLA, Walnut Cane, i»*rf,'i*l
condition.   No.  I'l',   was S'tnu,
We have a few other hargnuiH ami will send full list on application,       -J
We will take any of these Instruments buck at full value, ue partial
payment on a new .Mason t\ KU'ch Piano.   You can't go wrong,
Mason & Risch Piano Co., Ltd.
ntulion'ii Bay Block      Nlil.Sl IN, B. 0. P. (). Box (tlfi
******* **********************
;|| Distillers Company,   imited ||||
;;;; in wood <><>
. >< i
D. V. L Scotch 12 Years Old
,,. >
, ,i >
JR. R. Rithet & Co., imited |i
Victoria, British Columbia
: Christmas Photos
Your folks at home
woul.l rather have
your picture than
anything else, Hetter
have il taken early as
there is ut way* a rush
the   last   few weeks.
Prest Photo Studio
I will Imve my winter supply
>>f Coal iti a few tlnyn. uud aui
reatly tu take onltirs. I will
Bankhead Hard Coal $8.75
Soil Coal 16.75
List winter I was out of Coal
part ot timo. This year I pro-
puKii lo keep 11 good supply oil
hand, ami will sell
lit- tint's iiiihIi'iii work
in 11 modern manner
Winn vim want paint.
iiu: ilei'oriitiug, |NS|H-r
I have the finest lot of
Wood over put iu this
Bi'i'tion. Any length,
will deliver on   onler,
Anything iu Stoves and
imy old thing to fix up
your house.
! said the cook;
"As I go ' by the book'-
I said
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The long winter evenings are here
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tho   military    pn
he   solved   unless
' form oi universal
Alfred Lowe, a well-]
plavt'i, .mil a member
Hill Rovers team, h
twenty shillings and (
month Imprisonment
Staffordshire, foi    ass,
Bullock, a      tiiimliv
team, at a matoti
Walter Lees, the Suirey cricketer,
ami (i. W. Ayers, a former Surrey
and Essex player, have been made
life governors oi the Richmond (Sui-
ie>) Royal hospital in recognition yider
ol their services In the promotion Aot, t
<il tin* annual cricket match on Rich- siring
aged forty-seven, and a woman of Lady Stirling-Maxwell, Colonel J.
'thirty-nine, had married, ami repair-'Smith Hark said he became more
led almost straightway to bhe work-1 convinced every year Lliat we would
house and entered into residence not succeed in getting a propel
there as inmates. One member was I lighting force in this count i) without
in tavor ol ejecting the pair, but the'some torm ol compulsion
chairman, remarking thai both were SUrlhrgrllaxwcll also exjj
a little weak mentally as well as bvliei i
I physically, said it was really D would
matter for parliament. adopted
nnwn fooUiall ,   |vice-
ol the Hurst!   A number of    influential gentlemen
is been    lined have started an organization to    be '
ists, or    one known   as   the    Central Emigration
at     Sedgley,  hoard with the object ol encouraging I
ultlng Joseph land assisting in promoting the  emf*
an opposing grntlon of desirable and suitable |ier* i
sons from the United Kingdom     to
British   colonies.    The hoard's  machinery will he open to all classes ol
tlie community desiring to settle   m
the colonies, and ii is especially hoped that the services ol the board may
tie of    use to   disttess   committees
the    Unemployed   Workmen's
Ofi, and other puhlic bodies de-
put into effective operation
Novembei loth
mond Qroon    lot    the benefit ol the tlteir statutory powers relating
hospital. emigration.       The following gontle-
—    ■■ men have already    Joined   the board'
Two post office officials, earning Sir Clement Kinlocfa Cooke (chalr-
£150 and £171) a year, were sued by lutii), Lord Hindlip, Sir William
a money lender at the Southward Chance, Hart., Sir Edward Stern,
county court, London. A friend ol Lieut.-Gen. Sir Edwin Collen, Sir
one of thorn said that most civil Charles Bruce, Rev. II. Russell Wnke-
survants were constantly in tlie field. Hon. R. B. Wise and Mr. Har-
hauds of moneylenders, nnd Judge old Boulton, with Mr. Edmund Stone
Willis said that when lie was in Nor- as honorary organizer and secretary,
folk     he* was     constantly   having -jhe  offices of   the hoard are at 70
to commit i civil     set-  and 71 Temple chambers, London.
Miss Braddou's hooks arc much
sought after hy convicts in gaol.
Influenza is very prevalent in London, aud many society functions have
had to be abandoned.
About a million pounds is spent in
salaries every year at theatres iu
the West End of Loudon.
A Birmingham churchman admits
that dancing may lead to evil, "hut
so may anything, even church-going,"
he adds.
The last census returns showed
that in England and Wales there were,
some 27,701) women engaged as barmaids.
The three chief perils of motorists,
according to Lord Montagu, are
children making mud pies, lovers in
lanes, and drunken men.
There are at least five firms busy
at work constructing flying machines, even the automobile houses
are turning their attention to it.
At the end of December Ihere were
766,570 persons in receipt of relief in
England and Wales. As compared
with last year, this is a decrease of
11,785. j
During the past week primroses
have been gathered in several parts
of Devonshire, and a pear tree is in
full bloom in the garden of tlie
Grand hotel, Torquay.
A sea captain named Wenlock has
been elected mayor of Brlghtllngsea,
Kssex, the ceremony taking place in
the church helfry according to immemorial custom.
The entente    cordisle comes pretty i
high when     reduced to pounds, still- I
The Inscription on a tombstone in
.in Edinburgh cemetery reads:
"Erected by his surviving widow."
A Scottish National song assocla-
I tion has been formed for the purpose
of promoting Scottish song iu the
I Dundee has ^now raised £22,5(10 for
n technical college, ami the city Is
to get a similar sum Irom the
education department.
I Three patients of the Morniugside
lunatic asylum, Edinburgh, escaped
drowned. One patient, a woman,
drowmod herself iu a shallow pond
Iiu the grounds. Another, a man,
I was cut to pieces on the railway.
The third returned.
I An outbreak of fire occurred in tho
i institution for orphan and destitute
I girls, Westland Drive, Whiteiuch,
Glasgow, and a portion of the building was destroyed.
The Salvation Army have arranged
to open a branch of their emigration
department at tiie Scottish headquarters, 202 Hope street, Glasgow,
exclusively for emigration business in
The death look place at Dunnlast-
air, Perthshire, a couple of weeks
ago, of Mrs. Burton, widow ol Mr.
J. C. Bunion, of Dunalnstalr, who
was lor many years chairman of the
Caledonian Railway company.
! While retiring to rest, apparently
in his usual health, recently, Mr.
Alex. Gilchrist, Balleraiu, one of the
best known farmers in Kiniyre, dropped dead on his bedroom'floor. He
was in his fifty-first year.
A   picture    recently sold at Aher-
llttgs and pence. The Lord Mayor f]mi for a £10 note has been cleared
ti|i and found to be the work of Jan
Steen. a Dutch artist who flourished
about 300 years ago. The picture
has gone up considerably in value by
the discovery.
i»f London's recent visit to Paris
said     to have   cost   the   gay     city
.CM 10.
There nre     nearly     Sun  theatres
music halls and    concert halls within
a ten    mile radius of Charing Cross; '   j|PVi
thirty  years     ago  there    were only   senior
forty-five theatres, and practically no  Church
music 'halls.
Anthrax has again made its appearance in Mid-Cheshire, three sheep
in a herd of over one hundred on a
farm at Vale Royal, Norlhwich, being affected. Tlie animals were
slaughtered and the rest put into
George Kit/pat rich .lames,
minister of Bristo V. P.
Edinburgh, has died, alter  a
lingering illness, at his residence,
East Saville terrace, in the seventy-
first year of his age and the thirteenth year of his ministry in Bristo.
I After having l*en in existence for
nearly half a century, Patrick passenger wharf, Glasgow, was    closed
i recently.       The Cycle       Trust
some time ago decided io widen the
river at this point, and the wharf
is in consequence to be demolished.
The Queen was a successful competitor nt the Birmingham dog show.
Ucr Ucrzois ass Ilka carried off the,
first prize and other honors, and her i The Scottish Patriotic association
Chow Chow, Sandringhara Loot Choo, has been voicing the national scnti-
w.is marked "reserve." , mont   regarding   the Borestone    at
'  | Hannockburn and its claims    to   be
Mr. George Woolward, who for the   preserved from the encroachments of
last twenty-live years was the mace-
bearer to the Windsor corporation,
and who was a familiar figure in all
the state functions iu which the
munieiuality was concerned, died
■lames and Annie Godfrey, man and
wife, were lined at Wlilesdcn for using bad language. Only having .sufficient money between them to pay
one fine, the wile at once s;iid: "All
right, Jim. I'll do ihe time with a
good heart, like n mood wife si mild.
So limn, my Old dear, and look alter
Ihe kiddles until I come out."
A woman who npji
Mniylelmne police cm
mice from the poor box
recommendation from
She    was questioned,
that   she owed      the  la
and intended     t<
t  fo
t the
hauded up a
her landlord.
it ml confessed
id lord money,
him some     of
what she expectoti to receive. Thu
magistrate ordered a policeman to
Investigate her circumstances.
Color-Sergt. James Gregory, a
Crimean hero who has died at Taunton, had seven sons and four daughters, of whom (en were six feet high.
Six of the sons were in the army at
the same time. Queen Victoria, not
long before her death, sent him a
letter expressing gratification with
his long service and the number of
sons he had given to the army.
FOR       d»5   ^C       A
ONLY    *P0*LD    YEAR
F. E. SIMPSON, Manager Herald
the miner, the builder, the tramway
promoter, and the tourist who sharpens his dirk on it after the kissing
operation is over.
A mysterious case of poisoning is
reported from Cumnockt, where Miss
McKerrow, niece of a retired farmer
named Lennox, took ill on Friday
evening after eating a piece of shortbread, and soon diet) in great agony.
The cake had been received anonymously by post, and appears to have
contained strychnine. A relative
mimed Thomas M. Brown has been
arrested on suspicion.
Mr.   Bernard   Partridge.    In    his
, Punch cartoon, deals picturesquely
with the incident of the Scots Greys.
The drawing Is entitled "The Horse
Thief." Mr. Haldane., wearing a
ilmarnock bonnet, and mounted on
a grey horse, is galloping down the
road from Scotland to England.
Close at his heels runs Lord Rose-
bery In the uniform of a trooper or
the Greys, exclaiming: "He's awa'
wi' ma horse! An him a blither
The Presbyterv of Tnverary entertained Rev. Neil McMichael, minister
of Craigish, at dinner in the Argyll
hotel, Lochgilphead, on the occasion
of his jubilee as a minister of the
Church of Scotland Mr. McMichael, who was ordained hy the Presbytery of Kiniyre on November 2(1,
1866, and who was inducted to his
present charge on July 25, 1860, was
presented with an illustrated address
ami a silver lamp bearing an appropriate inscription.
The Middlehorough stipendiary magistrate in sentencing n man named
Patterson to three months' hard
labor for stealing n bicycle which
had been left outside a cafe, commented strongly upon the practice of . ■
leaving machines outside shops, and I Major Houstoun and Mrs. Hour-
said that in future cases of the kind   toun, of Johnstone Castle, are     at
At the close of the forciiooi
vice recently, Rev.     Mi. Willi
iiu*     niLuml.cn*    of    Edzell
church, electrified  Ins heaiei!
li mating that evening services would
In- discontinued until  turthei   notice,
and itt.ii- ihe congregation would have
to consider how best to augment his
stipend, which he deemed to be  con-
In.ibly  below  what   it ought  to he
a popular    holiday rosorl    Mko
ilzell.      The substance ol  the foliation  was that,  unless his stipend
M Increased lie would only   preach
■ sermon a week.
Uy the death of Mr. Imrie Bell at
his residence in Croydon there has
passed away a well known Scotch
engineer who was specially Identified
with bridge Work not only iu tho
West of Scotland, hut also in India.
He was born In Edinburgh seventy
years ago, and after being educated
in the high school there served an
apprenticeship With a Leith engineer
and millwright, being subsequently
articled us a pupil with Messrs. Uell
and Miller, a Glasgow firm of civil
ingliiccrs, of whioh he subsequently
became the chief, lie was associated with several engineering works in
the i West of Scotland, notably with
bridges, one of the latest and finest
being that carrying the Great Western road over the river Kelvin, completed in the early tin's. He retired
from business about eight years ago,
and since then has resided in Croydon, where, after an illness of six
weeks, he died on the 2lst ult.
By the death of Colonel Alexander
Wilson, of Bamiockhurii House, there
passed away one of the great,
pioneers of the volunteer movement
iu Scotland, ami one whose Interest
nml connection with shooting was of
.iu international character. About
a year ago Colonel Wilson had a
serious   illness,     uud although     his
Hung constitution enabled him to
pull through, In* never quite reeover-
d his strength. His death occurred
unexpectedly, however, for ou the
previous evening he had been enjoying
the company of friends in his own
house. He was head of a large
bwcod manufactory at Hannockburn,
which has been iu existence for about
ISO years, and for a long period the
Wilson family were the makers ot
the tartans for the Scottish regiments. Colonel Wilson was connected with most of the local
hoards, aud was a strong supporter
of the Free Church. Banuockhuin
House lias had many distinguished
visitors, and one of the rooms, ol
which the colonel was genuinely
proud, once sheltered "Bonnie Prince
Charlie." Not only in his own district, but throughout Scotland, the
death of Colonel Wilson will be genuinely regretted. He was seventy-
five years of age, and is survived hy
a widow and grown-up family.
• i ten yens of age at Florence in
1858. He taught liei drawing, and
i opitl in uftci years to nuke tie) his
wiie. In 1872 she decided thai it
was impossible. Religious dlflereu-
res weiu among the obstacles. She
,fll into ill-health and died in 16.j.
ihe death oi Rosin was the greatest
..n.'i oi Ruskin s life. He suffered
much irom sleeplessness aud had un-
iiaturull) vivid dreams, lb- came
uto contact with spiritualism, ami
icUeved that lie Had ueUutl) sceu thu
vim ol Rosie.
Tlir general report of Uie National
ll...thi b uispectois on the slate ui
national education during the school
yeal li)05-li, opens strangely enough,
with tlw duel inspectors report on
thu training colleges tor 11)04-5, says
the. Freeman u Journal, Dublin.
Why a uiue Book Issued m November
could nut bung the information it
contains up to Jul*, is not explained.
Tho report ui lilU-i-5 shows that the
training colleges were still suffering
from the low giade ui candidates now
being attached to the service ol Irish
education. "The failures ou the pan
ol the men were again very numerous," we icad, "due largel) iu inferior candidates having lu be admitted," "The number ui applicants
fur admission, always comparatively
limited, was still further noticeably
reduced, so thai lu some ut them
all who i'a.-..-..-d the entrance examination had lo Uu taken and, iu others,
several places were left uutilh-4."
••owing lu the rather low standard
ot uttuinmeuts of the Kiug s scholars at entrance, it is impossible to
spare more time lor their purely
professional work (practice ul teaching without encroaching uu ihe time
required for general culture." This
is the effect oi the pulling down oi
llie teachers' salaries.
he would order the parties to
alt the costs of the proceedings.
The Golden Jubilee of the Right
Rev.   Mods.    MeCartun, P.P., V.O.,
was recently celebrated in Dromore.
Addresses were presented, and subsequently the members of the socle-
t ies who presented the addresses
were entertained to dinner I by the
William Manna, a well known Belfast grocer, Was killed instantly
while attempting to stop a runaway
horse. The galloping animal
knocked him with great violence
against an iron pole supporting the
trolley wire, inflicting terrible injuries upon him. Several other persons were injured before the .animal
was finally stopped.
Bananas grown in the Duke of
Manchester's gardens at Kylemore,
County Galway, were on sale in the
Dublin fruit market recently. They
are fully equal lu size to the Jamaica
The wives of two brothers named
Donelly, of Droghoda, have each given birth to male twins. The
paternal grandfather and grandmother and great-grandfather and
great-grandmother of the twins are
still alive. The four boys aie to be
christened Matthew, Mark, Luke and
I oh n.
A strange will suit, which had occupied Mr. Justice Madden aud a
jury for four days, has just been
concluded In Dublin. Mis. McPar-
laud, widow of Terence McParhiud.
one of the leading merchants in
Newry, sought to set aside his will,
which, while leaving great sums to
charities and to friends and relations,
cut her nff with a shilling. The
evidence showed that Mr. McParland
had accused his wile ol misconduct,
but the widow declared that he was
mad from jealousy. The jury found
that the husband's suspicions weiu
without foundation, uml the will was
set aside,
Mr.   John    Byrne,     the   Goodna,
Queensland, centenarian, who celebrated his 108th birthday on June
10, 1006, was horn in the Loughs of
the Seven Church, County Wicklow.
and there is not the slightest doubt
that he is a marvel, says a writer in
the Queensland Times. He has'been
a resident of the Uedbank and Goodna districts lor over fifty-three years,
having arrived in Moreton Bay in the
ship America on January 11, 1853.
I called in to see the veteran].! little
while hack. Fie was very feehlc, but
otherwise enjoying himself—smoking.
Who can wonder at him heinu feeble
when he is—108, not out! I wish
my old friend many happy returns ot the day. Two years ago
Mr. Byrne walked in the St.. Patrick's Day   procession in Ipswich,
pay   present at Cyprus, and arc taking an j distance of about two miles, and un-
Iinterest lu tlie condition of the come- Mil recently he   was one of the most
I tery where many of the Black Watch active   members   of   Father Ilynes'
Frederick Stratford, nineteen years sleep—the first person Interred   there congregations at Goodna.
old, a butcher's assistant, who   was  being Sergt, McOaw, V. C.    A pro-1 	
charged at the Highgate police posal to build a house near the bur- Mrs. John La Touche, whose death
court with embezzling £2 18s. 7d. of lal place, which would have some- is reported from Dublin, in her
his employers money, pleaded that what destroyed the surroundings, 1ms eighty-first year, was the widow of
he had been eating "more than he ln-eit nipped in the bud hy the gal- Mr. .John La Touche, D.L., of Harris-
could afford. He denied that he had lint enthusiast, who has purchased) town, Coun'y KHdare, and the
been betting or drinking, and the the ground, and is to have it planted mother of a young lady, Miss Rose
with shrubs. Lucy    La  Touche,    who largely  in-
—— ffuenced Ruskln's later years and was
At the annual gathering of the a great sorrow in Ins life. Miss La
First Lanarkshire Royal Engineers Touche is the "Rosie" of Buskin's
(volunteers), when the prizes won "Practenia." She was Introduced
during tbe year   wtift pitwnted   hi to Russia when gh# was a little girl
You can't always tell whether a
man is able lu,raise the wind by the
imount ot blowing he does.
A man can't help taking chances
.oi net lines, because some lolks are
•anil "easy marks."
The chronic toucher loves lo keep
iiis hand in—ihe other fellow's
It takes a lot of faith to make a
woman lecl bumble when she is wearing a new dress.
Tan seemed iu the harvest field
is nol neailj so aristocratic as tan
acquired on the goli links.
Tlie one-menl-a-day fad is never
popular with the man who can afford
hut one.
A man with no music in his soul
may still run a phonograph hall Uie
iilglit because he dislikes the neighbors.
It is a strong-minded vegetarian
who does nol fall when the fried
spring chicken is passed.
It may do all right tor a savage
race, but no refined nun will eat dog
if lie knows it.
WHO ARE you:
Of course it riles you through     and
To have a clerk get gay with you,
V man you're certain cannot get
One-half'your salary, and yet
He acts   as   though  he owned      the
\nd has the nerve to call you down.
But don't let that yom temper mar,
Perhaps.he don't know who you are.
When the conductor on the train
Will not allow you lo explain,
Rut wants to put the blame on you
Because he missed you going through
And says    you tried to beat     your
Aud didn't really mean to pay,
Don't rise and throw bim iioiu    the
Perhaps he don't know who you are.
When the policeman swings his club
And   gruffly    says, "Move on,     you
Or I will land you in the jug.
Don't call him, then, a hired thug;
Don't    answer him, "The street    is
And part of it belongs to me,
Hut quickly hie yourself afar;
Perhaps he don't know who you are.
How can the man with but two eyes
Know you are good and great    and
You do not bring your pedigree
Along for every one to see.
The multitude can't understand
Ihul   once siKKik your hand.
And that your father saw   the czar,
Pertiaps they     don't know who you
Professor Boyd Lavnard, ol    London,    England's leading author     of
ks on hygiene, gives these twelve
 >s for those who desire to live   a
healthy and long life:
1 Avoid every kind of excess, es-
peeially in eating and drinking.
In. not live to eat, eat to live.
Select those aliments most suitable
foi nourishing the body and not
those likely to impair it.
3    I k   upon ftesh  air as    your
tiest   fri.-nd Inhale its  lite-giving
ixygen as much as possible during
the dav, while at night Bleep with
the bedroom window at the top for a
space of at least four or five inches.
Follow this out even in the depth of
winter n i- one ol the great se-
crets of long life,
i Be ' lean both in mind and
body. "Cleanliness is next to
godliness " it is a fortification
.gainst disease,
5, Worn not lllir grieve. This
idvice may seem cold philosophy and
o be easier to give than to follow;
nevertheless I have known persons of
a worrying disposition almost en-
tirelv  break  themselves  of  it  by     a
imnle effort of the will. Worry
kills. ,    .   .
ti. Learn to love work and hate
ndolence. The lazy man never be-
:omes a centenarian.
7. Have a hobby. A man with a
hobby will never die ol senile decay,
le lias always something to occupy
cither mind or body; therefore they
remain fres-h and vigorous.
S Take regular exercise in the
open air. but avoid over-exertion.
9. Keep regular hours, and insure
luffloient sleep.
iu. Beware uf passion. Remember that everv outbreak shortens lile
to a certain degree, while occasionally it is fatal. ,
11. Have nn object in lite. A
man who has no purpose to live tor
rarely lives long.
12 ' Seek a good partner in lite,
hut not too early.
magistrate declared that it was   the
1 first, plea of overeating that he  had ,
heard.     Stratford was remanded.       |
It was reported at a meeting ot tins
Scarborough Guardians that a   man,
John Ingalls, the crop expert, had
b(vn describing some of his foie-
casting methods.
"You see," he ended, laughing,
•'these forecasts don't seem so remarkable when you once know how to
set about making them. The result, no doubt, is wonderful enough;
yet the method ot obtaining it is
"Simple methods give always the
best results. You know the story
of the parlor maid and the two
young men?
"Wei!, a certain clever parlor maid
hurried to her young lady one evening and said breathlessly:
"'Oh, Miss Fanny,'both young
young gents you are engaged to has
called, and they're in the parlor together, and somehow they've found
out you've been false to each, and it
looks to me as if there's going to be
some  terrible  trouble.'
" What shall I do? What shall I
do?1 Miss Fanny moaned, as her
powder puff dropped from her nerveless fingers.
" 'I'll fix it,' said the clever maid
after a moment of deep thought
'I'll go and say you're crying your
eyes out because your pa has lost
all his money, then you can keep
Ihe one that stays."
"'Good,  good"   Miss  Fanny cried
"The maid withdrew. Some minutes passed. Then she returned with
a seared, awed face.
" 'Hoth gents are gone,' she said.
In   the    barber shop   the scissors
clicked merrily away, and the   barbel's dog lay on che floor close   bo-
irdc the   chair.   looWng   up intently
ill    the time at   the   occupant who
,vas having Ins hair cut.
"Nice dog,  that,"   said the    customer,
"lie  is.   sit,"   said   the  barber.
*Hc seems   very   loud ol watching
.ou CUt   hair."
•It aiu'i ih.it, si:." explained the
barbel, smiling. "Sometimes l
make a mistake and take a Utile
aicce off ^ customer's ear'"—Ex.
U. Peter setUn1 at de gate;
Nigger passim by-
it. Petei up an  sex ter him:
'How did jet come ter die?'1
Go ax de man whut belt de gua
A pintin' at dat roose';
lo ax de dog whut belt my loot,
An' wouldn't turn hit loos'!"
An, so," St. Peter set ter him,
"Y"ou wm kotvh in de ac'?"
Dat nigger tnrnt an' looked ai him,
Au   'spon's     "Hit is a Iac'1"
'Down in de pit den you mus' go,
Fci stealm' uv dat hen!"
Dat   nigger    scratch his haid right
St. Peter had him den!
But d'reckly liftrn' up his arms,
He Hop 'cm on his side,
An' 'zackly like a roosier crow
Three times out loud he cried!
Si. Peter bur:g his haid wid shame-
He 'mtmbeied uv his sin,
An' grabhin' up a great big key,.
Uv let dat nigger in!
Most every girl is warm-hearted in
the aunituer time.
The reign of the coquette is of few
days ai.d lull ul troubles.
If more men were sturdy oaks more
women would be clinging vines.
The only thing more foolish than
-Id leu*--;-, is the reading ol them.
Looking at it the other way, the
.ua is setting on some portion of
British Columbia every hour in tbe
The proper place for a crook is in
a ^'traitjacket.
A lady suspected her husband ol
kissing the hired girl and resolved to
detect bim In the act. Cue evening
she passed quietly into tbe kitchen.
The lured girl was out and the kitchen dark. The jealous wile took a
lew matches In her hand, placed a
ihawl ovei her head, as the hired
jirl ufit-n did, entered tire back door
ind immediately she was seized and
kissed and embraced in an ardent
maimer. With heart almost burst-
the wife prepared to administer a
terrible rebuke to the faithless
mouse and tearing from his load
embrace, struck a match and stood
lace to face with—the hired man,
Tom—I hear Fred is ruar:ir>d, I
always thought he was too timid tor
nything ol that kind.
.Jack—Oh, he married a widow,
Tom—A widow! Where did he
meet her?
Jack—He didn't meet her at all.
She overtook him.—Ex.
Sealed tenders, addressed to the
Postmaster General, will be received
at Ottawa, until noon, on Friday,
ihe 8th day ol February, 1U07, for
the conveyance of His Majesty's
mails, on a proposed contract for
tour years, once per week each way
between Cranbrook and Golden, from*
the 1st day of April next.
Printed notices containing further
information as to conditions of proposed contract may he seen ami blank
forms of tender may be obtained at
the post offices of Cranbrook, Golden
and intermediate offices, and at the
office of the Poet Office Inspector.
Post Office Inspector's Office, Calgary, Alta., Dec. 28, 1906.
A. W. Cairns,
41-St       Post Oilict Inspector. THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
We still have a few  of these SNAPS at   prices
below stated.
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(Victoria Times.)
The Colonist cannot underst a nd
why the Grand Trunk Pacific people
should have conducted their negotiations with the government for the
acquirement ut Kaien Island through
intermediaries; but it intimates that
that is ol no concern to the public
il the bargain was a good one iu the
interests ot the country. That is a
very convenient way ot disposing ol
a very disagreeable, not to say unsavory, matter. It is the only attempt we have ever heard made lo
explain why the Andersons and Lar-
sen were commissioned by. tlie Me-
Bride government lo convey the harbor and tow unite ol Prince Uupert lu
the railway company at a profit lo
themselves uf thirty thousand dollars, a profit which would have been
much larger if the Grand Trunk Pacific officials had been so easy to work
as the government was.
The assertion that the Grand Truulj
Pacific Kailway company preferred to
conduct their business through Intermediaries is intended to create Ihe
impression that Anderson *v L'o, approached the transcontinental railway)
and were commissioned by the olli
cials ol that company to acquire the
terminus for them. This is an insinuation, we are sure, that Messrs.
Hays and .Morse will consider anything but complimentary. Whether
ihe Andersons lirst secured the property and then offered it to the railway company, or whether the Andersons managed to convince the railway company that, they had strong
connections and could exact special
treatment from the government, does
not matter a great deal. The important fact Irom the public point of
view is that the Andersons uud Larson were the principals of the transaction. They acquired the land Irom
the government, the government by
suppressing all outside knowledge of
the order iu council for a year or
two, until such time as the notorious
syndicate had staked most of the pub-!
lie land adjacent to the port at
which they knew the terminus would
be, proved in the most practical milliner probable that when the Andersons claimed they hail a control of
the strings which would secure thorn
preferential treatment they were
making no vain boast.
Through the government, which has
now assumed full responsibility tor
the  Kaien  island     affair—and ' which
has admitted is indefensible bv
thrusting away the principal actor iu
the deal—cannot explain why the
terminus was transferred to the
Grand Trunk Pacillc through two
such peculiar intermediaries, the public in genera! has had a fairly shrewd-
idea in regard to all that, has been
going on in the Lands and Works department since the late commissioner assumed control of it. Mr. Green
has probably been taught a very
valuable lesson by his experience.
Hut although one ol the transgressors lias been punished In the only
manner possible, it will not relieve
the others of their responsibility to
say that while the business was conducted in a manner that cannot be
defended, the province has not suffered at all, that although the price
for the land and the waterfront was
low, it must be remembered that the
government reserved one-fourth of all
the property for the benefit of the
public. The government did nothing
of the kind. Tlie reserve was made
by statute of the legislature. The
government could not have given
away the portion of the property reserved by statute to the people if it
had tried: as it would assuredly have
done if its hands hair not been tied.
Its care lor the Interests ol the
people was shown by the manner in
which the water frontage was disposed ot. Premier McBride points
triumphantly to the provision iu the
instruments' of transfer which says
that the length of the water front
blocks shall not he "less" than one
thousand feet as proof of the transcendent wisdom of the government.
The blocks may be made from one to
five thousand feet in length under
this provision, but it was the evident
intention to convey the impression
on the mind of the premier that under it the blocks would have to be one
thousand feet or less, and that therefore the province would have ample
opportunity for the selection ol its
In whatever light this Kaien island
deal is regarded, whether we look at
the peculiar manner of its transfer
or at the peculiar agency through
wlilcrh it was transferred; whether
we consider the terms upon which
it was conveyed to the band by the
government or the terms upon which
the hand conveyed it to the railway
company, the transaction hears the
clear impress or crookedness, dishonesty and intrigue. It is absolutely indefensible, antl no man or
newspaper imbued bv the desire to
uphold only that which Is of good report in connection with government
Will attempt to defend it. We cannot expect the ministers upon whom
the responsibility for this crime
against the people must rest to acknowledge that It was an unclean
transaction; hut if thev are wise, and
their organ has nnv particular desire
to see them placed in the smallest,
possible minority when the new
house meets, they will avoid the
subject of Kaien island ns much as
Vancouver, .Ian. 18.—A new and
important industry was launched hero
to-day with a capital of a million
dollars, under the name ot the
B. C. Car Co. It's object will be
the building of shops for the construction of freight ears, etc., to fill
the great demand in this line. Tin
organization includes A, C. Flumor
fell, ,1. O. Woods, F. Buscombe,
Robert Kelly and others, and Canadian and English capital is behind
it. Located at the seat of raw
material, the new industry will fill
long felt, want of the railway's, and
the incessent public demands arising
from car shortage.
As a result of the failure 'of the
railways to provide transportation,
the Hastings mill has now thirty
million shingles on hand that cannot
lie moved. The Hastings mill announces additions to its shingle mill
nnd also the construction of a new
sawmill on the inlet at a cost of one
hundred thousand dollars, lo he
operating is May.
Frederick Bolton, a
Lock-port   man. w a a
& Btruok on the arm by* a
Plymouth Rock rooster,
and   neglected  the
w >und-     Blood poinon
aet in and he died within a week.    The air in
full ot  disease genua   and
poisonous microbes, and no
op 'UHure.nocut.nocoldcrack
\v   la Bafe If neglected. J net think!   A box
, \\   of 'An o Buk might have saved Bolton's
\ \ \  life] Zam Buk'sgerm-kUiintzpowernu
l     been proved to ho greater than  that'
of crude oarlHIo acid!   -Just imagine
HiK'li power! Vol /,iiiii-Buk is p'iiiuhhH'
Appllo t to a wound or sore it first kills
all w,-nil's and  prevents  blood poison
suppuration and festering.    Then its
healing  powers come   into
operation mi* it builds up
— ,lb       new healthy tissue. Whether
7        on outs and wounds or on ul
-s*w-«<d^       oera or diseased sores, such as
o, ss. un, etc., just as etttictive.
Healing, soothing and antiseptic all in one,
Kv.-n  wliuii   I.I I  poin-ii  Inn. abend*.   »a\   in,  ftuu-Hllk ll mill juM   -.-.
efleelive, Miaa Smhlliiuti.u, ul lluiitsvillc, M-nt.), tmy*i :- "1 had -. aealded
huh whinli went th.' wiontj waj mid buunii lo hwbII very badly. Thu pain fmni
Itwua terrible and when I went to thu uwtor ho said it wus bluod pol-mii, Fur
to tuonilis I was very bad tvithit, I tried all aorta «>■ reniedltw, hul euuhl nut
get .-I'M-. Ulan; nothing (.feme. One .h.\ in the-Imuae of a friend Ztttu link
wits recommended in inu On nu friend's recominundation I n*ipli«-.l some Ktiin<
link that aiiino night, but K wm more to pleaae her than heoaiiae I hud mueh
fiitib in it. T<> ihj liiteiipeniiipi'lsu when I awakened iiexl inoiittiig my arm
whs nmolt .'tilti'i*. 1 thereupon obtained a supply of Zam-Buk and mntimteil
wilh Old trenlmtmt regiihuly, In Hire weeka Ihe arm wan quite well, and 1
I...*.** never fell am irnee ul pain from il alueo, li ix now some moutlia iluee it
wan unrud,   u that it is cvlduut the cure is poi-ninnei't.
Since that time my friund'a hiisl-nnd cut his arm.   Tint wound ulao turned
I., blood [loison.    /.am link way applied ami hi his case ulsu oompletoy euro.il"
Send ie stamp ami naiuo
of this paper to /am ■ Hn k i'. i .
Toronto,  ami   fl'<'*'   trial  Iii.I
will be mailed you.
Might have been saved by
Si JSt
iCanadian Hotel!
Jg One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- J2
g{ brook.   Warm rooms, good meals g|
{-j and a bar stocked with the best "3
1 B
IJoseph Brault, Proprietor!
In Hie matter of the Companies Act
and    Amendments—-and—In      tho
matter ol the Cranhrook Elcctrlo .
Light Company, Limited.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to
ihe I luu. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special Timber License lo cut and cany away
timber from the following described
hinds, situate in South East K'ote-
Notlee is hereby given that ap- commencing at the north-east cor-
pllcntion will he made to the Su-ncr of Harold Darling's timber
promt- Court of British Columbia on license, thence east HO chains, thence
Monday, the 1th day of February, south tit) chalis, thence west 80
1007, at     the hour   of 10.30 o'clock, 'chains, thence north 80 chains to the
in the forenoon, ill the Court lion
Victoria, It. C, tor an order confirming the alteration made to the.
Menornnduni of Association ol the
above mentioned Company by ihe
special resolution of the above mentioned Company passed nt a general
meeting of the said Company held ou
tbe 15th day of November, I'lOG,
nnd subsequently unanimously continued at a meet inn of the shareholders of the Company, held on the 20th
day of November, 1000.
And notice is also hereby given
that all creditors who wish to object
to the said petition must file their
objections with the Registrar of the
Supreme Court of British Columbia
at Victoria on or before the 1st day
of February, 1007.
VV. P. Curd,
Solicitor for  "The   Cranhrook  Electric Light  Company, Limited."
Under and by virtue or the power
of sale contained in a certain Lrusl
dei*d made iu pursuance of the
"Creditors Trusl Deeds Act, LOO I,
and ummdlng Acts" and which will
he produced at the time ol sale,
there will he offered for sale hy public auction, on
the following property, namely:
All   Ihe  stock     iu    hade,      I ■.,
cigars, etc.    Bar    fixtures   ami tur-
IlishlllgS in Ihe .said hotel, and also
all furniture, cupels, liuilroom
suites, etc., therein, belonging lo the
estate John Frederick Drlnglo,
The furniture, carpels, etc., to he
offered lor sale nro of excellent quality, and have only been Iu use a
short time.
inspection of tho above properly
may he made at any time ou the
Terms of sale: Twenty per cent
of the purchase money to ho paid at
the time of sale, payment of bnlance
to he arranged at time of sale.
For further particulars and     conditions of sale apply to
Or to   Harvey,   McCnrtcr   A    Mno-
donald,   solicitors     for   As-ignce,
Cranbrook, B.C. 43-ltt
place of     commencement,   coiilai.uug
til li acres, more or less.
.las. Warnock.
W. F. Quid, Solicitor, Cranbrook.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. C, this
twenty-eighth day ol November, A.
I). 1900. 37-5t
Uul.lie notice is hereby given that
the British Columbia Southern
Railway company, did, on the 2nd
day of October A, D. 1000, deposit
in Nelson Land Registry Office al
Nelson, in the Province of British
Columbia, in accordance with the
provisions of the Railway Act,
1003, plans, profile and book ol
reference, as No. 521 "Y," showing
the revised location of its Yahk
branch as located Irom Yahk on the
said railway In the Province of
British Columbia, to the International boundary, mile 0 to mile 8.57,
to be built under authority of 02-03
Victoria (l)om), Chap. 55, See. 2.
Daled at Winnipeg this 27th day
ol Deccmbei A. D. 1900.
p. MoPhorson,
Aflat. Right Ol Way and Lease
Agent.. 41 2t
Winter Carnival
Prom Revtlstoke, IVrnle mil
all inlerniedliile anil liriinch
line ,«>i.»ts
I in mile Keliruury   II U>  Hi
Limit—February 18.
For .li'iuili'il Information, n|i|.lytn
j.ii'lll llyi'lilH.
B. J. COYl.E      J. S. CARTER
A.tl. I'. ».,
VAN. llliVKIt
I). I'. A ,


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