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Cranbrook Herald Mar 18, 1920

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Array ' '■• "tar 31-ao
A HUH iUJt mt HOMt-
llli IV11UK8IN Ut I'HAN.
BkllOI    KOKtMu-ll     ll.WHS
The WorldN to Which We Are
Supposed to I'mns Art;
Described In imhII
LONDON. March 10.—Somowlmt ot
a sensation has been created throughout England through the publication
by tho London Weekly Despatch of a
very remarkable series ot "messages
from beyond tho veil" received by thc
Rev. 0. Vale Owen, vicar of Orford.
Warrington, Lancashire.
The Dispatch has hitherto maintained, and still maintains, an attitude of
great reserve to all such communications. But the documents published
are considered of so Important a character that it deems It o duty to place
them before the great public lt .serves.
'Xo "(spirit" messages yet published
even approach; these documents in
range and completeness.
The Rev. G. Vale Owen, who received the remarkable "spirit" messages, is a typical clorgymean of thc
Church of England, devoted to his
parish and completely absorbed in his
Nothing was farther from Ids
thought*, a few years ago. than that
he should be made a medium for
"spirit" communications. Psychical
research did not attract hut was distasteful to him.
His career has been uneventful,
Born in Birmingham in 18H9, aud ed-
tuuited at the Midland Institute and
Queen's College, In that city, he wus
ordained by the Bishop of Liverpool
to the curacy of Seaford fn tS9.i: then
was curato successively of Fairfield,
1895, and of St. Matthew's, Scotland*
rlad, 1807—both of Liverpool.
It was lflOO that he went to Orford.
Warrington, a curate-in-clmrge. Orford church was built In 1008. when
a new parish was formed and he became the first vicar. His vicarage
was built so recently as 1916.
No one who knows the Scotland-
road district of Liverpool or the labor involved in the charge of a new
parish will underestimate th-. value
of the warm aiTectlon and esteem in
which Mr. Owen is held in both places,
"During April and May. ma," he
states, "my wife waa constrained by
an influence independent of her wishes to take a pencil in her hand and
write what wns put In hot mind.
"This she did. nml it soon became
apparent thai a bftttd Of people were
trying ;o commuuloate. la time they
were able to got through mossagos of
a more or lens consecutive character
Among these were repeated invitations
that I should sit In Uko mnuner. 1
disregarded these, as 1 hnd not only
no deal re to comply with them hut
an aversion to doing so. During the
ensuing months, however, n steady
mental pressure wns applied to me.
which 1 shook off. only to find It return. It wns g On tie and kindly, but
iiuite steady and cumulative In force
I fell that friends Wore ut hand who
wished very earnestly to speak with
me. 1 decided at last that I ought not
tn refuse any longer, So. unless prevented by other business, 1 snt In my
cassock In Ulfl vestry daily after even*
song—that Is. from ahout 6.16 p.m. to
tl.OO to IU0 p.m.. or i.iei'enbniitH. On
Si ptember 0. 1918, the experiment was
not very successful; the writing wns
disjointed nnd BOtaippy, On Septein-
Iwr 18 It began to take a more consecutive form, and so continued iinlil
January 2, mu. During the day-time
I dismissed the nutter from my mdiil
as far tm poeslblo, and so went to
any sitting free Of any premeditated
Ideas. There were, in this period. "S
sittings, and ihe average of writing
was 2-1 words per minute. The first
messages were from my mother and
a group of friends; these continued
until October 31, These messages
camo from guides who had ascended
higher lu the sphere*** tt light; they
contlnued until January 2, 1914.
"Afterwards, ftvun September, 8.
1917. until April 4. 1919. another series of messages wero received from
other guides."
An Intimate friend of Mr. Owen supplements this description or how the
messages came with tho following interesting particulars:
"Tli* continual Bitting** proved n
very groat strain on the health of Mr.
Vale Owen, and when tho writings
wero about two-thlrdi,. of the wny
through his health was iu such danger
that the communicators suddenly
ceased writing. But after n quietness of noarly a year the communicat
ors urged him to start again through
his wife's planohette.   And the nar-j
ralive was then taken up from thej
exact place where it ahd been broken
the   year  .previously.    And   so   thej
script, in the course or two mouths,
was finished.   During the past three;
weeks Mr. Vale Owen, after nearly a
year's rest, has been again impelled
U> take up his pencil, and further rev-
olnttons are coming through."
A general complaint about "spirit"
messages -and one only too well
grounded—Ib that they are always too
vague, usually too fragmentary, audi
frequently too trivial to cull for serious consideration. But in the Rev.
Vale Owon's writings are found a co-
lioroticy ol' plan and au amplitude of
detail that challenge attention |l>ELKGATIO?i OK LAMES
In describing the words after deatl:
the message*!  show the  people  win __._
llVn   therein,   their   dwellings,   their
dress, their work, their music, their CH)' Employees Given Increas*
sciences,  their  alms  ami  organlzat-
fou. tlieir whole surroundings.   They'
TUX RATE IS   a,|||^a"|M'09||fi«
li is reported thai (ranbrook will
ALDKK.UEN WRESTLE WITH)^ reiiul- frm w ,;lcrflaMd ra(0 for
lectrtclty, should tbe Public Utilities
also show many other things of more
restricted hut possibly more Immediate Interest; How people are received
In the spheres of Unlit and the realms
of darkness; how friend meets friend;
how youth nnd uge are transformed;
how difficult it i« for most to pierce
the veil from Ihe other side.
Further, they give a glimpse of the
earth's future und of the relations
with other plants.
The    messages    describe   Mr.  Vale
s In Salaries in All thi*
Several nepnrtiiienis
inga; a home of music; a great bridge
over the chasm between the regions
of light and of darkness; n crossing-
over from earth; and the reunion of
long-separated husband and wife In
the other world.
The Crnnbrook City Council wn
busy body last week, two meetings
bolng held, the regular meeting Thurs
day evening and a special, but brief
meeting Saturday evening.
At. (he regular meeting the council
considered the estimates for the year,
and tlie session was a lengthy one. A
number of Indie*  were  present  and
Owen's mothers home and surround- u representative of the local  Board
of Trade nnd a delegation from thc
Orent War Veterans' Association.
After all phases of tho city's business were considered, it was round
the requirements would necessitate
the fixing of the rate at 50 mills, and
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Bowlers to Hold
Prol*nun   Has   Keen
and Will Commence mi
Next   Wednesday
It is  observed  that in the earlyitllis was accordingly done, the ordl-
■.tagos of these "worlds to come" thcjnacp *? wtlU',) tlie machinery will bo
t put in motion being passed at tlie special meeting Saturday evening.
The Board of Trade was represented
. by Mr. J. F. Gulmont, who appealed
i to the council as chairman of the fi-
: nance committee of the board, to glvo
the board the same assistance given
last year when $25 per month  was
: voted to aid fn the publicity work the
Arranged !board Is doing.   Mr. Gulmont outlined
fully and to the evident satisfaction
of tlie council what, was being done by
the board and his appeal did not fall
on deaf ears, the grant being made.
The Great Wur Veterans' Association
A bowling tournament will be held.had several spokesman in seeking a
in Cranbrook commencing Wednesday
March 24th.
Te program is to be one worth
while and will afford good sport for
the lovers of the game.
There will be men's singles, rtoub- at some length in setting forth the
les.  and  three-men  team  knock-out requirements of the veterans and told
contests. tt*hat hnd been accomplished since thc
Mixed doubles and Ladies' singles veterans undertook their new home;
and  doubles knock-out contests  will: die association was in debt and de-
nlso go to make up the program. sired to clear up  the  indebtedness.
Twenty valuable prises will be of- Major Hicks.  In endorsing the re-
fered and the touruamev.i promises to marks of President Ashworth. thought
be most entertaining. the grant should be made rather than
Particulars of tlie tournament may a Welcome-home banquet whicli was
he had at the Railway Y.M.C.A. or ofj proposed by the i91i» council.     Mr.
any of the Bowling League committee. ■ Limn was appreciative of the recept-
Bntrles must be handed in to the ion tonbered the delegation and was
Secretary   of   (he   Y.M.C.A.  not   later  hopeful  he  would  have  the pleasure
grant of $1500 from the city. President
Ashworth   of   the   association   and
Comrades Hicks and Lunn presenting
the. case of the veterans.
President As worth went Into details
than   Monday,   March   22ml.
will lie announced on Tuesday,
Wycliffe Boy is
Called by Maker
ami  Mrs.  Hugh Clark  Bereaved
Through the Lets Thursday
I.H-.I of Ihelr Yimiiiu Son
The ten-year-old huh. Hugh Currie.
of Mr. and Mrs. F, A. Clark of Wycllffe, died on Thursday morning \M I recommendation   was
of  pleurisy.
The little fellow had been nn in
mate of rit. Kugcne hospital suffering
with an  Inurjy to his leg caused  by
Drawsjof reporting they had met  with  suc-
March  ,-ess In their appeal.
Mayor Genest informed the veterans
that the request would be given consideration when the estimates were
taken up; that everything possible
would be done to comply with thc
request of the soldiers.
The whole matter was referred to
the finance committee.
Tho Road Tax by-law permitting nil
women to vote who pay tlie fee of $2
was approved.
A man named UUI had applied for a
poolroom license for tho basement of
the Hansen block, but the Police commissioners recommended to the- council that the same be refused, which
approved, thc
mayor giving his reasons for not granting tho license and some of the aldermen thinking ii would not be the
proper course to pursue In view of
tho hots*- he was riding slipping on It,,B location of tho place In that It was
thc frozen ground. Having recovered n0( OXPO-sed to the view of the police,
-.ufil.'lenily. In len the hospital for ri,>' officials generally nnd nit the
his home and two days Inier wns nt- i employees of the city were feeling the
tacked wltll the disease to which he'high «Mt °f llv!»K ann 'he requests
■mii climbed '■ wore numerous for Increases In snlar-
Tlie funeral took place on Saturday ' l«* C^Y Clerk Roberts received $5.00
afternoon from the Methodist church,Uddlttonnl on his monthly pay: city
tho Rev. fl. Pnnntmker conducting UlO Engineer Hassle $15; the city steno-
scrvlees. grnphor, $5; Chief of Police P. Adams.
Te mourners wore Mr. and Mm P. |10i Constables Johnson $5: Fire
A. Clark and son. John. Mr. and Mrs. OWof Recce nnd two of the regular
H. H. McClure. uncle and aunt, Mr. employees of the department $15, $20
and Mrs. Norman McClure. uncle and)end $10 respectively, tho volunteers ln
aunt, Mr. and Mrs. John McClure. nn- the department to receive a flat rate
cle and mint nnd Mr. and Mrs. Robert I of $f> nnd $2.50 when they respond to
Fleming, friends. [calls, and when nt work nt a fire $2.50
Besides family wreaths, there were!for tllc first nour nm1 *2, for oarl1 a^
floral tributes from Wycllffe Sunday jdltlonnl hour.
school   and   the Cranbrook Women's]    Otty employees are to receive 50c
Institute, per hour, for an 8-hour day.
 ■■»■    —■ I    All the departments fnrod well in
I'ltOIIIRITlONISTS TO MEET       ! the estimates.
■ ii     i !    A lengthy list of accounts wore or-
The annual meeting of the Prohibit-1 dered paid.
Ion Society of this olty. will be hold,    City Clerk Robcrtr. wus Instructed
Monday evening, March 22nd, beginning at S o'clock, In the Baptist
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A rati: tr keep in mind
eminent, and as a result of their rev-;
I omuiendatlous this amendment had I
; been drafted.
| Mr. Bowser opined that a period ofj
'ten years was looklug some distance
into tlie future. People had been led
: toe believe that because of the ravages
• of the war In Europe, of the tre-'
1 mendous demand there for lumber, n
.'demand which inspired the campaign by the Agent-General in favor
of the wooden house fn Kngland. there'
[would be a great increase In the ex-.
'pons of lumber from British Columbia Much had been said about th*
need of shipping facilities, lhe IV>-'
mlnlOO had been urged to establish the
shipbuilding industry on this Coast
and today in Victoria au effort waa be-1
ing made t" Inaugurate a company to
build ships to carry te- the market.-, or
the world the Province's lumber products, products manufactured, not on
Puget Sound, but In British Columbia,
Mr. Dowser red rred to the policy of
the former Government, that the timber wealth belonged tu the Province,
< and if the people were to bent-fit thereby our special Correspondent In the | frmil lt was U€Cwwur that the ,,„,.
legislative Press Gallery.) 1^  nuist   v  manuf(Ictured   in   the
VICTORIA. B.C., March It!.- Object-   Province, to the end that the wages
tiovorutiMMl Will Kvletid Vow
j    ers Permitting of Kxport of
riiiniiiiin'ucliirc.l Lumber
Commission finds "-.at the application
of the CraenbrooU Electric Company
Limited lor an Increase In rates from
18 io 22 cents per kilowatt hour should
be granted, through another company
coming in -n-re.
It is not known w-hul company i-
conslderlng tho question bin appllcai
ion lino been made tu the Ferule Ch;
Council by the British Columbia and
Alberta Power Company to supply that
City wltll electrl'Ttty. and it Is hinted
the same company is considering com
ing this way.
The Herald is reliably Informed that
a proposition to come into the city is
a certainty, although the name of the
company wns not divulged by our Informant.
The local company does uot hold an
exclusive franchise and there Is nothing to prevent another company coming in should they consider this gevod
Thc British Col urn hl u and Alberta
Power Company   has   made   Fernie
"I ^dAU,^t™i"i ^e^_om'efl..1'11 terminated with" Uie o^nmnt "majority approving  of the amendment
Also    Hn*    Until   That    Large
Number*- nf Tourists Are
i outing Into District
: loa taken by Mr. W. J. Bowser. K.C.,
; Conservative leader, to the proiwsed
■ amendment to the Forest Act grant-
• Ing to the Meutenant-Governor-ln-
Counctl, until March 81, 1980, the
power to permit the export from the
j province of unmanufactured lumber
j upon such terms and conditions as
might be deemed advisable, started a
two hours' debate in the house which
the Canadian Bank of Commerce building there,
Farmers' institute
Holds_a Meeting
Many Subjects nf Importance tn the
Ranchers of ihe District
Are BIhciism-iI.
[though the Conservative Opposition
found the soldier members, as well as
1 Messrs. Hanes and Belt. Mbcrals-. sld-
i Ing with them.
j The power sought for. would, Mr.
j Bowsor declared, mean a distinct reversal ln the policy in vogue for seventeen years, one that sought to build
I up the lumber manufacturing industry
; of British Columbia, thus keeping at
j home the financial results from such
i activity.   He admitted that the for-
There could bo uo more convincing
evidence that publicity counts than for
the skeptical to peruse the report of
kept her*' and the, the Annual lienon-l meeting of the
On some special OC-; Fernle Board of Trade, which city is
co-opeittng wtth others in an endeavor
to briug before tht outside world tlie
advantages or South Kasi Kootenay.
Besides electing a new set of officers
a general discussion waa had regard-
spent  would   be
country built up.
caslons   to  meet   pressing  needs  as
they arose the Oovernment had allowed exports of the manufactured product, but it had never departed from
the original policy.     |n 1915. consequent upon condition.-, arising out of | leg tho question of publicity and som<
the war, especially the lack of ton-1 Interesttng data wns brought out
nage and other factors, a change In |    The following officers were named
the former policy was permitted and
provision was made by order-ln-coun-
cll to allow unmanufactured lumber
to bo exported to the State.* to be
manufactured, perhaps to come back I P
President -Thos  Prentice.
VIce-Presldentr-K. K. Stewar
Secretary—Fred g  Perry
Assistant Secretary and Trees
, Parker
Owing to so many of the rancher:
of St. Mary's Prairie and surrounding
and compete in the Prairie market' Executive Council—It M Young, ti.
with the British Columbia maoufao-|o, Henderson, J. F. Spalding, J. I..
tured product Again In 1916 power|o*tes, A Corrie, H. J. Johnson. 1>. ti.
was granted to th* Uentenant-Oor-1 Harriet A B. rrttes and i»r tiee.
ernoMn-Councll to penult export of' The Fernle Fre* Press in detailing
unmanufactured lumber from sectlems'the business of the meeting, says:
adjacent to the international bound- "Under the heading of general bnsl-
ary, where, because of the topograph-: ness J F, Spalding addressed the
ieal features manufacture could not j meeting wiih reference to the maimer Government bed. during the war'be carried em on this side It wa; ior of publicity and tourist possibtl-
period, when shipping racilitu-.-, were further provided Uiat the Lieutenant- j Ittes ib aad ---round Fernle, and gave
lacking and the lumber Industry *as|Ut,T*rnor-ia-Couni:!l for tht period of,tn*t*rc<«s of to-xns whlcb had uo;
in ji bad shape owing to lack of ac-Jthe waj- and *1.\ months afterwards, I nearly the attractions we have, ex-
districts attending the funeral of Mr. cesa to markets, permitted export of
F. A. Clark's -son on Saturday, the l°Bs '° ,,l|Ret Sound, Tlte then Gov
meeting called for the Farmers' Instl-. eminent had only done so under great;
tute at the City hall wns poorly at- i pressure from the lumber interests!
tended. : and 111 the face of great doubt as to i
A. H. Playle presided and A. n.: tho legality of such a step. Farther,
Smith presuted his report of the Ad-;ln Wlfi- II Wfls provided that foi \uv
trlapry Board meeting held In Febm- j remainder of the war and tor<«aS
ary at Victoria. [months thereafter,  power should be;
Such important subjects as obtain- jvestB(i ln tl,e Lieutenant-Governor-
ing authority for the Royal Northwest I ^-Council to permit exports on cer-;
Mounted Police to police the ranges!tItin conditions, but those expectlons
wore not, he claimed, and deviation
in settled policy. But now. lie suggested, the lumber Interests had Impressed upon tbe minister the necessity of permitting, for practically an
Indefinite period, such exports, the net
results of which would be ro build
up the lumber manufacturing Industry
on Paget Sound to the detriment of
WITH TIIK WAB TETERAXSit0e British Columbia industry.     He
  pointed to the fact that no mention of
the proposed amendment had been
made by the Minister of Lands when
speaking on the second reading, but
only at the very last moment, when
the bill was about to complete its
committee stage, was this proposed
complete change iu policy sprung up-
and tlie local veterans think thc same!011 tlie House. At least such power
aid should be given to them. The should be granted only from year to|jjj"r*
grant will be asked for. ; year< to the end that the Legislature
'uesday evening the Finance Com- might be permitted to revise it If nee-
Imttee from tlte city Council, com- j cessary.
posed of Chairman MsoKlnnon andj Hon. Mr. Pattullo and Premier 01-
members Dunn und Jones met with a iiver declared theOpposltlon leader was
ommlttee of veterans*: at Uie Veterans'! merely seeking newspaper notoriety by
hall and discussed the question of the'hlH stand- the former claiming that as
grant of f 1500 asked of the city. ; the Act now stood there wu* the au-
and tiie appointment of a permanent
residential agricultural represntn-
tlve, .such ns ure opratlng ln Kamloops. Creston "nd Nelson, were dis-;
A special meeting of the fireat War
Veterans' Association was held Sunday afternoon at which meeting the
Question of soliciting a grant, from
the Provincial Government was taken
up. The Government has aided many
other similar bodies in the Province
(Continued on Pjge Fonr)
Will Elect School
Trustee March 31
RrturnJair Officer T. M.
Notice ef Noniaatioa Day and
Bate of the Election
In another column of the Herald
day appears notice of the election oi
a member of the Board of School Trustees to succeed the late W. J. Atchison
whose death occurred recently and
who was elected by .'.criamatlon at the
last City election.
The date for filing nominations has
been .set for March 27th. the polling
day. if such a poll is necessary, being set for March 31st at the City
Hall, Norbury Avenue.
It is rumored the fair nei will put
forth a candidate.
No names among the sterner ->ex
have been mentioned for the ptace as
can be ascertained.
A uie*ting of the  BiOUtlve of the
The committee have r.sked the vet- j tliorlty to the Government to indefi-
erans to supply them with a state-1 "Itcly permit export; the latter as- j which the question of theappotntinent|to give hi
ment of their finances and revenue sorting that al) that was desired was'
they are at present deriving and it j P°wpr to do legally what the for-
Is believed after everything te gone I nler Government had done Illegally.
Into that some assistance can be fig- Mr. Bowser declared that the mln-
ured out for the returned men. f ,Kter had evidently been  in confer-
The mayor and councllmcn have in-! enco w,th t'ie loggers and some manu-
i>tin^ entirely off tourist traffic.   He
wai interrupted by questions very
<often. but had convincing replies to
(hem all. The interruptions Rot so
frequent that his talk finally ended
; In a general discussion terminating In
;the resolution to ask Cranbrook and
(other towns in this section of British
Columbia to on-operate with this Board
H-tbert-. «»|»e» of Trade and endeavor to raise the
nece-ssai-y funds for the appointment
of a permanent man to take charge
of the work and institute a vigorous
"Amongst the things which lie me-
pbaslzed wae the fact that every business is be nefitted by th la t ravel.
Whether it comes directly or indirectly.
Tim the tourist is often on the loe»k-
out for Investment whilst on his -way,
and many an Industry has been located i.i towLS which never would
have nu<ce^ded fn gettinp them by
any other m*-ans Ht emphasized
the fart that the booklet which is
being i>-ued li descriptive of the
whole dletrtcl and will be the means
of brlDEinc tourists to the country,
but as no one place waa favored more
than another, the choice of where he
shall mak.* a slay is left with the tourist lt is now up to Fernle tn apecltl-
Izft on the Inducements here to entice
them to stay off for a few days or
weeks He wus sure that this could
he done if properly .'Jttnded to. and It
would develop Into a very bin thlnw.
He toid of Uie- amount of his time
whicli th!-- work ha*- taken up and
stated ihui it has reached beyond *-x-
Board of Trade was held Monday, stjpectattons uo». and needed someone
ntlre tone to It"
of a permanent publicity agent or The boad went on record u<- favoring
secretary to carry *>a U;e work now a continuation of the work which had
being done by business men and oih-. been dr»ue by the commit.e-e-d uiing
ers and keep up an active campaign, the past year and that the secretary
was discussed, [ take up with the various point*. In the
The ejuestion has at last come Into) district with a view to obtaining ■■ per-
timatcd that they are desirous of ald-l facturers who had imprcsed him, tola concrete shape whereby something nianent serretary of publicity and alao
ing In every manner possible, but the their own advantage, with the neces-1 muy come from the move made by I to ascertain whether the district points
llnnnclal condition of the city and the! slt>r ot perpetuating a policy that Pernie Board of Trade at Its meeting j would co-operate In providing the nec-
hcavy demands being made upon it! would .prove most dangerous to the
may not permit of the entire sum be-; best Interests of the lumber Indutsry
ing advanced. ,0' tuo Province, but which would un
doubtedly be welcomed by the American manufacturers, whose raanufact-
last week, when It was decided to ask
other boards to co-ope rat"t In the
movemeut for good.
The board did nm. arrive at anything of a  definite nature but   will
RPwbw!w\t^^ produce W0Uld corapetfl wl,h HhoW '•10,,lor IDeotJnB Frlday and de-
i KBflAnijfl i ' t »m 11 i AVBii I j BrIt,sh Columbia product In the mar- clde definitely what Cranbrook can do
. . , kots of tho world. < hi repard to the suggeste-d movement
Jr. Spalding, who was here thte     T]]fl ameDdnwm  !o whtoh the 0     t0 mal(e raorc (,ffccttvp thc puWirltv.
week from Pernio, is canvassing the L^^ took sllch  strong Section work for the district
the ( riinbrooltli>rortded that, notwithstanding any-j U is pretty generally bellved the:
thing In the Act, the Lieutenant-Gov-1 question can be worked out satlsfact-
ernor-in-OouncIl may, until March 81,1 ortly and the finances nccssary to!
19.10, permit the export from the Brov-lkeep a paid man In the field will he
local   executive   nf
Board of Trade, relative to the ap-if*
point ment   of  a  permanent   publicly,
agent, seeks the position.
essary amouoi to pay one to do Uw
work which would be necessary to K**t
effective results
Mr. Spalding wm in Cranbroook ou
Tuesday and had confernces with the
local board executive members r^Kard-
lug the publicity campaign as outlined
In the Herald some time ano.
Mr. Spalding has demonstrated he |ncft of Iinmflnuf0(.tured tilllber upon! forthcoming.
can get results and is eminently well
qualified for thc position. If such
place is created.
—— On Wednesday evening. April 7th,
Itundolph  Bruccfi of Invermere. a'the teachers of Cranbrook aro giving a
guest here thla week, and one of tho j dance In honor of the visiting teach-
foremost booster* In tho advancement i ors In the auditorium of the High
of this section of tho Province, will de- school.   The public are Invited. Tick-1thorough reorganizing to get going lnj posed of a representative of tho log-
part soon far the Old Country. l«t»—$1.60 a couple; extra lady, 60c,    I good shape. I gen, tho manufacturer aad tho Gov
such terms and condition* as hB may I
see fit
Colonel Mcintosh niggestcd the term j
• • ' —* mtght well be cut for five years.
CRANBROOK (Mil P08TPONEK       !    Hon. Mr. Pattullo stated thc original
ITS MEETINGS INDEFINITELY Idea was to leave the term indefinite.
  'The policy of the Government was to
The Cranbrook club, composed of Insist upon the manufacture of lum-
n number of young men of the city, i ber In the Province, bul it had to be
met at Parish hall on Monday ev-1 realized thai out of nobut one billion
ening and decided to postpone their feet cut last year only about M.ftOO,-
mectlngs. Indefinitely. Tlie club was 1000 feet had been exported. He ex-
organized just previous to tho out-j plilned that tho matter had been corn-
break of so much sickness and needs a sldered by the export committee com-
At a late meeting of thc local V»ard
the Katun question -"-s has been brought
up by the Pernie board was discussed
as well as the, formation of an Associated Board of Trade for South
Kast Kooteny, and in the event of a
permanent paid official being put to
work we may yet see one of the most
active commercial bodies in the Province.
J. P. Spalding, of Pernio, to whom
the work of enlisting thc CO-Opemtlon
of tbo District Bourds was delegate
by th*» Pernie Board of TYade, Is now
at work In an effort to get. action at
oact along tho lines suggested.
The Methodist church is undergoing
a thorough renovatkm wtth kalsomine,
pato*. y.nd varnish. The building will
present an attractive appearance when
the work is completed, which It Is
hoped will tie by Easter Meanwhile
tho services are being held In the
old gymnasium building next fo the
The sun is beginning to Imve a wiling effect on the snow and mud during Uie past few days, and the strets
are. quite dry now In many places.
There Is every Indication that the
longed for Spring It. Hearing ' A G IS     T W (t
Till,       <   It V \ lilt OOK       UK RAID
lluirs.laj. Mnrcli is. 1980
Your Nexl
Will be a
Find out WHY
Call To-DAY
Raworih Bros.
JcicliMs & Opticians
Ni ii i,, ii,,' iMsiiirrv,-
All branches of this Bank are in a position to
give the most comprehensive Banking service.
Government aud Municipal Securities are
dealt in. Foreign Exchange bought and sold.
Money Orders and Letters of Credit issued.
Collections made on all points in Canada or
overseas. -»-
Cranbrook Branch,        - -        11. E. Howard, Manager.
Snb-Al-ney >i Klrab-ri-r.
Extracts (rom tlie Cranbrook
Herald ot tills date, 1899
il  nl
Che Cranbrook Herald
PuMuhtHl  ISv
"Willi   i,   *ll*.-.l„„i   Willi,,,,I   ii   Missile"
I'rlulcil l,.,   I "i,„i  l.iil,,'i
Subscription t'rlco $2,110 a liar
Subscription t'rJcc, I.S., H8.50 u l'car
Advertising    Rates   , >,,   Appllt-al	
Cllanpes ror  iVdvorllstna  MUST  ]„■  in
thi.H offlee Wodnosday  ' it"- rum "'
iveoli !,• Beciiro atlenl	
mnl address ot the wrll
admits i.r ,n, exception.
THURSDAY, MAUl'll  IV 1020
Tin1 proposition nl Uie Pernie
Board of Trade, decided in the
Annual meeting of the Board
last week, in request other similar bodies io co-operate in the
maintenance in the (letd al all
times of a permanent working
secretary or publicity "agent, ia
one of merit, mnl should have
the hearty Bitpporl nf nil tlie
commercial bodies in the district nnd business Interests.
Tim action nf the Penile
Board is simply voicing the unanimous opinion nf members nf
the In I hoard, the question
having been full" discussed al ;i
recent meeting nf tl\e Cranbrook board when il was deciH-
ed to appeal to other boards
in ihe districi and endeavor in
bring nho'ul tin1 organization nf
an Associated Board fnr South
Easl Kootenay.
Al. tho same time speakers
uportance nf such st'HOOl. iio.utn I'Assis
in olllclal as is now proposed        iiisni.i iiii\ itniuitnixil
in pin in ilie lii-ld. and the local IIKATll ()*■ OH: of IIKII UK IIS
, xectitive should nni hesitate in  ■
giving iiu' undertaking tlie sup-' ti,,- Board „t Sdiool Trtutoos nioi
pi i" possible, especially in view "» Frldns ovoning, Mr, W, ll Wlillo
ot the fact that the question was prattled, and iliuso preoeni wore
apl roved nf -.nine time ago.        Tr.i»teo« Homloraon, W1U mil Ni*
Tin' work has become sn vol- bet,
liiiiinnns and  the  pt'OBpectS  in     .Mnilrmi.il White deplored the loai
Bighl an' Unit it wll continue tn ot Mr w .I Atchison n insmber ol the
increase in the point  whore ii  bonrd and sensed tho dllllculty ot nil-
is  quite  unfair  In  expect   any Ing tiio vuenncy adequately.   A  vole
husiliess man  In give his time ofcondol io was passed with tho will*
In lho work. ow nml f.iinily, th,. members standing.
.Mr. .1. I''. Spalding is mil  for     It was resolved Urn  lho Bocrotnry
ill"  place, and  his  work  is so l>o Instructed to purchase 10 volumes
well  known  that   nn doubl   he ot "Our Wonderland."     T ■econi-
will receive lhe hearty support u luilons ut tho modlcnl ollicer lo
of ill" local board fnr lho place close tllo Control bcIiooIs ror un ad-
|f il can lie provided fnr in a (l-idltlonnl weolt,  icounl ot the prov-
naiicial way, alenco ut mumps, was ondorsott.
Had such an official been  111     Tho High school opened tut usual on
Sandy McDopgall is In town again.
It is' rumored that a new mill will
i put In r.t \Vardiior Boon.
W. It.  [toss ami Alex Wilson came
ovor I'i'taii Port Stoole last week.
' Jmnes Kerrigan mounted his Arabian stood and hlod himself tn Port
Steele yoatorday.
i William Stewart, iiu' hold owner,
mine owner and i*onornl rastler of
Suini Crook, wttap hero this week.
Tin, tiiiini Powder Company has decided in locale :i waroliotiBo in Cran*
and iniik*. iiii*. Itcndquarters.
Tiio proper pl'-co ror tiio Govern-
ii'llt ollices nl* Sotllll Kast Kmitl-miy It.
i some lown on tiio mil way belt
office when Uio California moving picture company was scek-j
lug ;i  place iti Blage a snow]
Cairt. II. It. Uniy, Ofilcor, plume 263,
SUN'DAY :. |).m„ Sunday school;
T.;n> )i.ni., "Seven Devilfli;" 7.HO p.m..
Monday, "Music Class." Enlist now.
Sovoral young people ptan to take
;i trip in Nelson, where the Salvation
Army win conduct Y. P. Councils for
Ifiili and tlie other schools "ill  Canada wost; other officers wlU'fiBBlst.
inie on Monday, Marcli 22nd. Cranbrook party will leave Saturday.
ii importniit resolution rrom Kns-1 March 27th, returning on the 20th and
scene, and when ii decided to
go in Golden, later being side-
tracked hy a Vancouver ipl\vs-
pauor which advised the cotn-
lo was heartily endorsed, petltlonlne 30tli.     Now you young ueople. come
Ihe Provincial Governmeni ror Incroas- aud join the bunch; age Hint 14 to 24
ed grants. Inclusive
Tf date xihd i'or nominations i'or it —
, ,I y I here was IIO snow ill thai (trustee to till the vacancy occasioned   ,                  „
section in till' early pari nl the by the death or the Into Mr. Atclilson,
coming   mouth,   IhiiiKS   might I wns llxod tor March 27th, nml Bhould it ynu nre hungering for the Truth,
hr different and'some excellenl   It bo necossary tin- n poll to l„> taken, the whole truth nnd nothing but the
publicity, nml   probably a per- election rnr March 81st. truth; It you deslro to do His will bo-
manenl thing would have been             »-*-. . jtoro nu else then you win look up
established  in  the Golden sec-  p. r*ij    r   J   J ' Co1'-3:l(t-17 1 2 C6r. 0:19-20 and
linn.                                                     JVP   iifl    ri-MIPn \mimy other passages that oppose your
This Is bul another instance UJfC  U,U-  ' aUCU double life,
bearing out this paper's coivten-                i-*             ■■   ■     ■   i U  1s   needless   to   mention   the
tions thai  (he Coasl  iH "hog-                UTGSS   mStGNfll "1,caltl1" 8l{1° ,,f the ,innrp: the """
ging"  everything and   that,   l(»: godly   hours   kept;    no   nymnasium
hold nnr own and progress we  would advise or permit such.
DlUSl   become active and offset   "Diamond Dyes" Make Shabby Apparel What do the churchoB think of the
Ihis soi'l of propaganda.                         Stylish and New—So Easy Too. dance?       Kvury   church    should   be
In other words wp have live-  against   it.   The  Presbyterian  Hoard
Wire, paid publicity men to com-      Don't   worry  about  perfect  results, publishes the following: "The dancing
bal and wc musi meei them in a   ''*■" "Diamond pvos," guaranteed to wive school. Instead nt' being ciilleit it school
similar manner to the tactics ^SU'woo^ '"' efl8y ",:ilK,'s- 0UR,lt rnll,or ,0 be
they have adopted    -be alive and   goodsrr-dresscs, bloUBea, stockings,Bklrts, st>'lfid a nlncc where sirls are touabt
go ufler tho things that right-1 children's coats, draperies,—every thing I to mibatttute  lhe  finesse of the co-
^voma and
jSufievior Quality•
TWO SIZES gg^% ■£* ■■.:;■■;.:.; g^;iBjg,j JJiS*a.«lr.
panlments of lho dance us mi nmuse- Horace Buslmoll: "Thoy an* lite con-lthe an. my frload.   The sell-centered
ment, saidi "Wo ought conscientious- trivet! possibilities ot license, which life, iho life of worldly pleasure. Is
ly belong lo ns.
A nlrcction Book t* in
, ,.   ., match anv material, bavo deiib'r
lhe tune i;i now, when sotr>t ■-„,-•„. V,1U -niaMimil ;i,/<" Color Cord.
action along the lines suggested • *-*>-*■	
by Fertile Board, should Im de-i    Remombor the dance m thoAitdltor-
cjded upon, lum Bastor Monday.
tlttctte tor true tomlnlne delicacy, nnd
where .luiys take  their primary leu-
sons in tlir- arts of seduction."
Bishop jUende, of  Virginia, speak-
inn of the evil tendencies and accom-
ly in Inquire whether lis groat llubll-jbelongs to high life only when It runs simply the vstlbule lo Hell!
liy to abuse, antl lis ninny aokuonledg- j low."   What Is the socrol ot its pow- "lie lives who lives to God alone,
ed abuse,?, should not make as frown  or?   Answer—Sex.  . And nil are dead beside;
upon It in all Its forms."   He express-;   "ii mtnglos the Bores in such dose- Por other source than Qod is none
wi  Ins  onpllon  further, thai  "social ness of personal aproach and contact     Wbeneo llto can be supplied,
dnuclng   Is   not  among   the   neutral Us. outside ot the donee, la nowhere Por life, within a narrow ring
tilings   which,   within   certain   limits, tolerated   ir.    respectable   society."—]    Of giddy Joys comprised,
wo may do us pleasure, mid even that | Wilkinson,     "it's   chief   fascination I Is falsely named—is no such thing—
lt Is not uholig the things lawful, hut ; Uos ia lho relation of the S0X68."—Dr.      Bat ruther death I'isguisrd."
not expedient, but that it is. in Itself, Brand.   "Take sex nut of the dance.I—-   .—
wrong, improper and of bad effect."     .nmi t would lose lis fascination fin
Bishop Mel lvalue, of Ohio, once de- most of those now capUvated by it.'
claed of the theatre and ilunii':  "the   Dr. Haydn. .,-.,,!,,,       ", i   • .     ■
only lino I would draw In regard to I    Almost every church Has denouced     j™^' vnnr £    V*      * H
these is tot of entire exclusion." Said j dancing a, some ,1mc and the church |   BeSm's Pills    A toy liver
Clull Hamilton. "The very pose of tho thai does mt Is am worthy of their    anrj   overworked    ~lno.
patlc,>  suggcsis  imprily."      Suid   Dr.'mitne.   B net ourl calling a high ODO?     kidneys allow food   /ffiSpb
Then como t uui be u nun.   Som,"   poisons to circulate t®ffi!l
ou,, bus snld. "the better ibee rancer    m the  blood  and vit-11^i:-aX
. the llghltr the bend." so If you arc a irritatetheen-
nitiy perofrmer you will know what     l-k-^       tirebody
clnss you belong to,   Dnntol Wobstor     ■-■-■'--
! being nslu'il once by ;i li im dandy why
he did nm dance, replleUi "Sir, I never    ,        ,.,,,..
,,, , , , Ur«..l S.l. „f Ar.r M. JWi,. |„ H„ Wo.U.
hnd lhe ambition or the (.lent to I, am      SaMmr/wfa-nlaCu*... ia bai... ISt., He.
-   Whenyou"know"
Cham's PILLS
line "Stone For Spinning*' Asbestos
Upper Picture is Lower Quebec, the Chateau Krontenac, and Dui'ferin Terrace,
Lower Picture is River St. Lawrence juid Jxjvis Jleights, from Quebec.
buutllilti blatikctu tu tjeyarate tholr
aalica from tboot- of tbo funeral
pyre; ChailemnRiiP aBlounded bl«
guesirt on one occasion by h.iving a
tablecloth, made uf "cotton at.on#."
cleaned after a meal by throwing It
Into the lire and taking It out un
* The graatefit known dftpojlt ot
wbefttos In tbo world In In tho
•fOYlnco of Quebec and the mining
0 thla extraordinary mineral baa do-
Cilojwd into an lmporiant Jtidusiiy
oit of the aabentou mined In Can-
•da la exported to tbe Untied States
Etd there  manufactured   for   coni-
erolal purposes. A great American
duatry   la   tliutj dopu.iUunl ou the
Cauadiau raw A>^.tofi.
}MQkjin$? A&esrfos? %
Aabestns derived ltd name from a
Greek word meaning "Inconaumahlo"
and although thc knowlrd«e or lbr
flro-refllstlng ttualltlee ol nsbcaloa i-s
very unclenl, II I.i only In Hie laal
deoadfl ibut lin multltudloiiB imej)
Imve become a matter ot common
knowledge. Orcoh mid Roman liie-
lorliiim tell that tbe corpnefl (ir tlieir
kings aud heroin, when prepared for
u'ymuUoJi, wtu'o wrupped lu Incoui*
the beet grade down to $10 a ton
tot ttie ehortMt fibre.
Aebeatoa la used ln makUg fireproof roofing ehinglea and water,
vormln aud fire-proof w-alle; aabeatoi
paint, plaater, tlleB and even
aabontos   lumber  are   uaed ln flrt-
„ . ,      proof oonotructlon.   It li comnonir
73/ injured, but it bas been put. to use; use(i for theatre ourtalna, firemen'a
ruiy ln modern times. 1 and   electrlolam'   glovea,   flrennn'ti
The fine quality of Canadian ae- ] garraenta, backing and Inaulatton for
1 eatoa and lhe ease witli which it' Hteom pipe*, bollere, refrlgeratari
ean be spun and woven—a very good I atu| many tpeelal purpoaea.
Imitation silk can be made [rom U| The landscape In the natghborhoed
-caused Amcrieiui aud English, nf the asbeitu raluea U curiously
eapiial io invesiigtiie the Canadian! transformed by the grey aibeatwi
mines with ihe result thai grenl rtyflt whloh covers the tTaei and Una
mining camjin have arisen nt Hl.uk > without deatroylng than. The Irarel-
l.akc and Thctford. ranadn Ib now lor on the Ouebeo OaatTal Railway
iho center of the nshoHtoH mining [ loolu* out of the ear wttulow and dU-
Induatry of the world, produelng' oovere hlmaelf suddenly in a country
aboul 76,000 tons yearly, with tbe!0f silver grey hum, fleVda KSd heugaa
wiluu ranging from |300 a ton ftu^-^jjjtartoiw ttmi AM wJlMit -I*
■ a
Quebec, thc largest of ths eabteru
provinces, la an all-year playground.
Ths EngUib travelsr. uatk:hlug
sight of tbe low-lying sboruh whicli
bare their sided to the sptuab of tbe
St. Lawrence, eiclaiab with nu-
ii-sual eutbusla.-iiii. "But tbU*. la not
a new world, with the erudeueis of
u new.    lt  la an old!"
It ls the whltewadbed cottagOfl
with their yellow roofs glinting in
the sun, amidst tbe greenery of
meadows and tbe gentle slope of
hilts, which caiibcs Hi.■ >-.u lainaium.
From the decks of Uie Htcamtrs
which ply up and down lhe river.
one can bear the song of the habitant
fishermen who live in the whitewashed cottages. Here Is one of
ihelr choruses:
"Derriere cbez mon pere,
Derrlere oho/, mon pere,
Derriere cher. mon pere,
11 y a un pnminler doiu,"
Rising here and there ln stately
eminence above the rotteges. are lhe
homes of the more prosperous, old
manor houses which date rrom tbe
time when the Governor-*, rrom the
homeland ruled the new colony.
There are hotetn Itor the vlr.'tors and
aluaf wm   mtt  will ■I'M  jmnjaa
^--I^B-'>MI    ^    ^TT^^B^K   ■ -..- ■      ■
selves Into -'iiiiLps for all wlio prefm*
tbis kind or nte i<» tbe conventional
Quebec City Is a miniature Paris
set on s mountain made memorable
by tlie last battle fought by Wolfe
and Montcalm, 'lhe policemen are
French gendarme.1, tbs eabblcu ad
tin-!", their prospective fares wltb
"Votture, monsieur? C'aleebe, monsieur?"
Iu the summer, the population
parade up and down Dufferln Terrace to the strains of a military
baud. Or they visit the sacred
shrine of Ste. Anne de Beaupre,
where tbe maimed and the halt and
the blind have been healed of their
afflictions, Or they make excursion*
to Montmorency I'alla or to Lorette,
a habitant village at tho foot of the
mountain. They drive through the
queer, twisted little streets of the
city, past high stone walls that
shelter a largo building from whose
turret the bolls pour their silver
treasure Into the lap of glowing day.
An Aichnvetnie In a broad-brlinmed
bal and a long purple robe Btanda
beforo the tall Iron gates. Oroupa
of children,   newly    rekusrd from
bool, bare their heads and bow
One of Ih* "show places" Is Mont-
calm's house, a modest frame cottage which standi', modestly between
great grey alone buildings, Anoiii-i
1 Ib the convent ur ihe Frauclacafl
I nuns, before whose allar Iwn iigoien
j In white are always kneeling, 'Ihen
1 there is Sous le Cap, tin- narrowesl
street   in Canada.       It   is just   wld*
.enough to receive the motors of
j sightseers. It has funny bridges
; reaching from oue upstairs window
I to the opposite one.
I The Chateau Kroutenac is a reproduction nf an eld French chateau,
It lookB out on a big stoue-pared
court, where one may expect to ne*
[ cavaliers riding, with clankln.?. sputa
and seventeenth century uuiforins,
This is Quebec lu summor, Quebec in winter Is just as gay, just as
Irresponsible, Just ai fascinating—
tf It is not more so. The sleighs are
crimson and ure piled wiih warm
rugs, Thu belln Jingle uud dilute
and every one Is merry. There Is
skating und skiing and tobogganing,
No one minds tbe tweakfl (bat Jack
Front gives at human noses, (or
every oue Is Joyous with the brilliant
sunshine turning the sum..garbed
world late a tLuaAuUituMf* ma-
- •■ •■■•.--■... -■   - Thursday, Mnrcli IS, 11120
TIIK      ('RANBROOK       II K It A I, II
Stop The Leaks
That Steal
Your Profits
There arc many expensive leaks in
your factory that you know nothing
Loss of power through slippage mi
pulleys- -spoiled materials- - idle
machines—employees paid for time
while repairs are being made—wrong
placing of belts—each one costs you
money in power waste and lost production. They take more out of your
profits than oiur better belts would
Dominion Fridlion
Surface Belting
will eliminate most transmission
troubles, for it is more than just a
belt—it is service built into a product
which, by keeping your plant run-,
ning continuously, will save the cost
of idle machines and idle employees,
reduce your cost of upkeep and power
bills. It stops most transmission leaks
and increases your profits in the same
Our engineers are ready to demonstrate to you, without charge, that
Dominion Friction Surface Belting
will lower your manufacturing costs.
They will make a complete analysis
of your transmission equipment and
put it on the nearest approach to a
loo per cent efficiency basis.
Phone, wire or write our nearest
service branch.
Dominion Rubber
Service Branches
Our sOominit'tl llmo, Packing
und Industrial fiublwr Gooila
tiro alt tho Same High Stand-
aril a.* Dominion Friction
Surface Helling.
81, John,
1 nnJoit,
North Ray,
Fori William,
Tin' t>.'*l prndurts of HrllJsh Columbia* good KiinliMi  lands rre iVrketl I
nt tlu, light  Hlniiii unil pftcklt)  -vliilrl
iin'i't.tt nn.tr.s
iSlrlimll",-    Hl'llll-I
ttt louder .vomit* litvuis, inrpfiilly bo- |
lOCtod mul lull linn runs.
Aiii ynilr uriii'Pl'
lliniiliiloii ('auntrs II. ... Ud,'
limit Oldeni
Vancouver- II. I'.
I'litilf lurilm Hone
I.U'fnstil  by   ProvlDcltl   tiovl
Mil-Till) nil Giwral >'uriln|-
Miiuie and Rett Cure, Hiilien
Hefereni-es. terms moderate.
Apply Mrs. A. Crawford, Matron
I'hone lis P. 0. Box 84t,
Addreai. (larder. Ave. Cranbrook
HBPATOLA removes Gall Stones
corrects Appendicitis In IM limire
without pain. Registered under
Puro Food and Drug Act.   $1100
Hnlf Mannfirtnrer
WHN.   GEO,    S.    ALMAS
lliix 107.1 im 4th Aie. S.
 gjrtatm, HmL	
Hlit-n   lu   Spuknur   Hake
It thc
The Hotel Wllh a Ferion-
(iiiivfiilcnl In KtcrythliiK
Verj Moderate Haiti*
Phone No. -ill*
CranliriMik,   .    .    . H. ('.
jBe Gone Dull Care;    TAX RATE IS
icontiiiuad from Pag, One)
tion woe taken regarding the disposal work wlilcli had bene don., in ct it- lumber ranm- had proved Itivalual   ■
-f the old truok,oltliough the question Ion w he Improvements ui rink..,,  ,,. innibmilns ilie tin mnl condition,
wore much more satisfactory in Viand-
f brougbt Mnn tlie trouble; otttzens luiii win .ml,
safety of aided in caring fur tho *lck. Hi,  low
io write the Government at Victoria H„- recent slight emlc of   iln   ti„.   Auditorium   thentre.    Alden  death rate testifying ... i ffectlve
Noted Kntirtnlmr to he In Cranbrook and ask for assistance In  providing Alderman Jones seconding, iho resolu* Flowers mul Balmont moved tlie pro-'ness of tbelr work   not only in tl
suitable drainage to proven! .He water ton being ,.n»se,l nnnnlmuosly. all tn, „,,,,„r, ,„. „„„„„„ .„ ,„„k , -jter-Uy but „ie surro„,1(ll   . ,||s„.ict aa
from tbe publio highway flooding tlle council being very thankful l„r iho atl -■ t
sed m some length.
.Vldermru  Dunn offered a  roeoln
--** ion tliiiiiltitiK nil who hnd assisted in
ut llu- city ri'.servolr.
The ropori of iho fl
at tin- Auditorium Tlu*i.!rt\ oil
Tliiir-dnt,  Miiirli  -'■'•Hi
cemetery, this deplorable condition be- work of the volunteers vrtil
I ing brought to the attention of the thougtyl had done imfcli ■
council by Alderman Balment. check   to  what  looked  nl
ry to comply with tho well,
it was  requirements of ti„- nre  regulations      Mayor Oenesl   was  in  the mayor's
put   u   by-law, whicli motion was unanimous-  chair, and Aldermen  Balment, Plow-
I, |. ,,,,, ,,„,... .,,, ,,...... t .   iii..ii>]cr.        11     "       i  '   ","'    ' ',ftase0* hi*s. Dunn. Jones and MacKinnon were
it is not often »e tmw We ouunci :    Alderman   Jones   championed   the might develop Into a serious situation      Chairman of tlie Health and Relter in nttendnnce
ion of hearing an «nL-i of the calibre UurehasB of a hot auto truck   he wn*     Rnth rttv v,,.*..,t,,. v ■ ■,,. nn,i Pir    ,-       -.        , attendance.
!'«"""' rr *£ » "' "'Jested and aiv,r mptruok os, ,„g the ,™rk "of tbelr d.partmenU, the Zi g tl,   l.e ep den c o, t„e      Z   I:,,»       J t tl I 7a H°m"
international reputation       Hie tact tuWi WM aritni mna<isei.   No ao* j farmer report showing In detail the, ibe number of Brit a ,1
that so famous nn English nume is toj      ;    -    —  -     __—_::_^-_llj:—tt——: ■ ■ — "!_____
he with us next Thursday will lie BUf-
men in  the,and Plre Chief Reece.
flolenl to attruct a capacity audience
to the Auditorium wJthoul question,
and doubtlem other engageniAnta will
be   pUI   lo   ObB   side   to   nmke   this   a
rousfns nmi brilllaat welcome,
The ehtertalnthertt offered is of nn
umiffual character nml varied nature.
It covors wide range, from olasBical'
music and ii ni nm io nonsenca, songs j
and humoruus character sketches
Miss Margafol him. a young eharm-
lug BOprano, will nlso appear in popular and henutlfiil BOngB, and the ton-,
COrt is to ho followed hy a linnce with '
special music.
Tim whole forms an entertainment
of  unsurpassable   excellence.    In  thp i
afternoon, Mr, Gftu&mith ims offered
to   treal   the   pupils  at   the   schools,
when he will give an educational lee-j
ture on music, following the afternoon >
rcrcess,   No doubt those interested in
this Important educatlolal subject will
he admitted on request,
OF A WIMt-EfCtfEUt. (M'H
INVERMERE, B.C.. March 15.—The
second annual meeting of the Windermere Dtfitrlct Rod and Game Club
was held Friday at Windcrmer, John
A. Hope .presiding, The busltteiaa of
the past year was reviewed and thc
reports of tho retiring officers were
read and after lengthy discussion,
were adopted.
The report of the treasurer showed
that the club was In a sound financial
condition, and the reports of the other
officers showed that considerable attention hnd heen paid to the requests
of the club for the correction of some
of the evils which were thought might
be corrected. Many important resolutions were passed for the direction
of the hoard's officers for the coming
year, the following being elected:
Honorary Presidents. John A. Bnck-
Oolden and E. T. Cooper,
r the Crnnbrook Rod and
President. John A. Hope;
Vice-president. Joseph Lake. Athalmer; Secretary-treasurer, Basil 0.
Hamilton;    Executive   members,   R.
j Howard Cleland. Dr. Darrell, P. Han-
nington, J. C. Pllts. William W. Tayn-
ton, F.  L Archer, A. C. Cuthbert, A.
i M,   Chisholm,   a,   Cochrane,   Frank
| Richardson, Captain A. H. MacCnrthy,
Ed. TurtnacllfTe. Walter Nixon, H. G.
Il-ow. SpilMmaehene;  F. C. Stockdale.
[James L. McKay and George A, Bennett.
ham, M.P..
president i
Gun  ("Inb;
Tor   Sick   Headache,   Sour   Stomach.
8'uggith  Liver and Bowels—
Take Catcarets tonight.
Furred TotiffUe, Bad Tih-Io, Indigestion, Sallow Skin mul MieeraAile Hem!-
hoIuw come from a torpid liver an I
clopgvnl boweUj whloh cause your atoni-
Holi   to   Uvtuiu'   (tiled   tt itli   iiiidigc»Le<i
fowl, tvhloh sours mid ferments like gaj-
ipgs in a uwill barrel. That's the firat
itep io untold misery4—Indigestion, foul
:.-.-•, had breath, yellow akin, mental
iiara, everything that ia horrible and
naitsoatin^, A Oeicaret tonight will
,..■ your constipated bowels r thorough
Icanslng und atmiphten ynu out by
lorning. They work while you alsep—
Irtnwrit bos from your druggist will
e-jp you  feeling good for months,
Clarke & Sainsbury
Fhote 71 er 171     P.O. Bex 601
Koolenftf (J ran He k Mon-
umeuUl Co., Ltd.
Qineral Stone Contractors and
Monumental Works
Freat It, Nelsea   F.0.bex8tt
Joseph llaij;!). a young Pernie ml-;
ner. was seriously injured In B North i
mine. Conl Creek. lum Wednesday;
while acting as trapper on a trip of
coal cars He mn forward to open the '
of iho trap doors tu allow the trip to
pass through nnd before he was able ■
to do so the enrs cr'-ahed into him
badly crushing his legs. When he wits
received at the Fernie hospital lt wus
found iiect'ssnry to amputate one of
his legs an the bone wan split, and,
a portion of the bone hail been crush- j
ed, I
Delirious "Fruit Laxative" Can't Kara
Tender Little Stomarb, Ll**r
aad Bowels.
Look at the tongue, mother! If
coated, your little one's stomach, liver
and bowels need cleansing at once.
When peevish, cross, listless, doesn't
sleep, eat or act naturally, or Is fever*
ish, fciionmeh mjur.brtath bad; has sore
throat, diarrhoea, full of cold, give a
leaspoonful of "California Syrup of
Figs*," and in a few hours all the foul,
constipated waste,undigested food and
sour bile gently moves out uf Its little
bowels without griping, and you hare
a well, playful child again. Ask your
druggist fn a bottle of "California
Syrup of Figs," which contains full
directions for babies, children of all
ages and for grown-ups.
If you went news while H  new*,
■ubierlae* Car ihe HeraU.
We Own and Offer
Allen's Vancouver Theatre
8 Per Cent.
Par Value $100.00
Wllh a Bonus oi Common Stock to the amount ol 25
Per Cent, ol the Prelerred Stock taken
The Shares offered are Preferred, both as to Assets and Dividends-
are a first charge on the Company's Assets. No change can be
made in the status of these Shares without the consent of 76 per
cent, of the Preferred Stock. The Shares .ire Redeemable at
the Company's option on any interest date at 110 —a premium of
10 points.
The Shares above offered constitute the entire Preferred Stuck issue of Allen's Vancouver Thentre, Limited. The interest nf thc Messrs. Allen in the Company is represented entirely in tlieir holdings of Common Stock. Nn representative of the Allen interests can draw Salary or Director's fees or share in the benefits, except in the form of
Dividends on their holdings of Common Stock.
In connection with the above offer we submit the following statement by the Messrs. Allen as a fair and conservative estimate of the
income and disbursements of the Allen Theatre.
Rent  of ground    .,     (U'OOOOO
Prefol'rcd Stock Dividend, $300,000 at tv.        :', sou o»
TttiealMlllimlffI)         5.600 0.
l.e.nn rental of six stores at $75 per month. $4.',0.00—12
•0 00
(Muklliff filed  weekly charges of approximately
Fixed   charges   (above)         S
Pay roll  	
Film  service    I
incidentals and Light	
lis eoo.09
. ,oe.o»
or $111,800.00 estimated profit pet year
This Is nearly six times the amount required for dividend
te Pay a dividend of 129b on the Common Slock,  beside.
.,*   Pre
tig „)-
It   Is
sfa* lor
.- restm.
»r,-,init;  a
,-hain  of 49 theatre!
dividf-tid on its Com-
ln fi'
Million Stock sjx months after
ul is now paying ] per cent.
,'ks ir had earned net
Hinting to H16.44S.40.
The above statement is iuadc by (lie Allen interests, who are ttxluy n
throughout Canada. Every Allen Theatre now operating is paying a s
oioii Stock after meeting the prior liabilities on Preferred Stock.
The Allen Down-Town Theatre in Toronto starlcil paying dividends m
opening. It paid 10 per cent, on Common Stock during tlie following yen
monthly. .
The Allen Theatre in Winnipeg started operations on January n ln-i
pvofils. after providing for Interest on Preferred Stock ami all  other i
This is equivalent to an annua! dividend of 17.10 per cent, on Iho Common Stock.
Subscription Lists for the Preferred Stock above offered open at the offices  of the  Companies Friday,
March Sth, and will remain open for two weeks, closing Friday, March 19.
Prospectus and complete details furnished on application.
Royal Financial Corporation     British-American Bond Corporation
1001 Rogers Block, Vancouver, B, 0.
Phone : Seymour 4630 1 2
Carter Cotton Bltlg., 198 Hastings St. W.,
Vancouver; Phone :  Seymour 7620
Carter  ,'otloli   Ilillldlng,
Vancouver. B, C.
'001 *   Rogers  binds.
Vancouver,  H. c.
I htr«by apply for   Preferred Sharti of Allen's  Vancouver  Theatre  Limited,   ptr  value  lioooo,
and agree to pay    Dollars for tame. It le underetod that
I am to receive a bonus of Common stock equivalent to 26% of the amount of Preference Stock  purolused.
1 hereby agree to accept the number of shares applied (or or any Bmaller numher thut may be alloted to ue.
Enclosed please find I	
Dated at     this  ...
of       1M0.
Sireel   and  No.
NOTE—To adjust bonueee we will bay fraoUone of Common stock Shares on the hi*nin of f-.o.oo per there.
Place Your Orders Immediately with
The Cranbrook Agency Co. I- A G K    P 01B
I' II V.      C II A N II It 0 0 K     ■ II K, II A Ml
Thursday, Marcli IK, l»2l>
WHY IS IT   wmjEa
tluU chronic skin discuse:! which
have defied all other treatments
yield to Zuui-Buk V
it Is because Zam-Buk Is germicidal, and also haa such power of
penetration thut it realties disease
iu the underlying tissue;, aud cures
. from the " rout " up. Thai Ih tlie
ouly way a perinauent cure can he
Mr. H. 0. Buckley of 461 K. Broadway, Portland, Oregon, says: "For
chronic skin diseases there Is
nothing like Zam-Buk. For fifteen
years I had eczema, and 1 tried au
endless number of so-called ' eczema
cures,' but nothing was capable of
curing 'ne permanently until 1 used
Zam-Buk, Ten months' use of Zani*
link has effected a complete cure."
J-'or ulcers, abscesses, bulls, ringworm, blood-poisoning, piles, burns,
. calds and OUts, Zam-Huk im equally
pood.    All dealers or Zam-Uuk Co., I
Toronto.   TiOc. boi, 3 for $1.25.
[Continued from Page Ono)
exports,   He  could   re-
prossun   brought   upon
Ciovernmenl  by the I
a   who had  plendod
paralyzed tho local mnr-l
it owing to the complete
shipping ,lie>' could not;
im*   nruduci   to   the   Old
losses. I
wus, nev
wllh the
uhl suffer vc
enernl policy
,\,i  which it
liter by Lho n
ret sight, Air.
lln>   six
;1 Ik nbout
io lumber Interests
pressure upon the
■o ngntn bach seek-
i'X,poi'l  oi
Unit wot
loader was merely seeking newspaper
nolorloty, Premier Oliver declared it
was not the policy of tlie Governmeni
to perniil  auwlogs or other unmanufactured lumber to bo manufactured
in tbe Stntoa.   All Unit was proposed
was lo do legally just what the for-1
mer Government, on the admission of
tho Opposition  leader, had done llle-
thatlB&Uy*     Tbe  latter bad  been  trying
hard to dig up something against the
Governmeni   nnd,  the  Premier  said,
he bad  been  informed some   eighty
I cenl item had boon unearthed.   Full-
! Ing results thero Inul been sol up the
tl eagle cry of building up the
itles on  Puget Sound at the expense
t   those   iu   British   Columbia,     it
be uproot)  thai  the  proposed
r period wns too long, but iho
Opposition lender would have opportunity t,
ment vault and study every ordor-tn-
councll passed under tho proposed
amendment, and thus keep close watch
upon the iiiivernni'nt's administration or tho power to bo grautod to it.
Rolnllvo to Mr. Howsor's suggestion
thai ihe (iovei'iiinent would not bring
mi dissolution of Pnrllninont until the
Him moment, Mr. Oliver mid:     "Thu
bring on iIIhhoIu-
i sprem
ildtont j m'shi
tod in ;ton y(
[Secton 13*1.)
In tlie Matter of Appicntlon No. '6402-1
In the Matter ot Lois 3, 4. 6 and 6,
Block 27, of Lot 132, Group I, Map
1181. Kootenay District.
TAKE NOTICE thai the above application has been made to resistor
Gerald Granville Hopklroson as own-
■r of the above lands, and for the Is-
mo to the said Gerald Granville Hop*
klnson of ti  Ccrtlflcate of Indofeas-
j Ible Title thereto, and that in support
licit  application  there  has  been
bury himself In the Govern-1 produced a conveyance dated 12th November, 11114, from tbo Baynos Lake
Land Company Limited, whoso title is
C, P. K. Encourages Loyally in
The C.P.R., to encourage loyalty
ht  service,   and   recognize   the   prin- !
clpie of co-operation   has.   through
the president. Mr. I;.. W. Beatty, an '
flounced   a uew    departure    whlcb
will, doubtless. )h> much appreciated.
Thi* is the granting of annual pass- j
es to   officers   ami   employees   and ;
their    wives    under the    following J
Employee on a Keneral superln- |
tendeut'o district, who has had continuous service for a period of not I
leas than ten yearn, will be granted ,
an annual paw. good over district on j
whicb employed.
Suoh employee, who has had continuous service for twenty years and !
over,   will   be  allow.*!   annual   pass
good  over   eastern  or   western   lines :
upon    whichever    employed.    Km-
ptoyee of any other department   ot
the service will enjoy the same prl- \
liege as above, slating the   terrl- j
tory   over   which   pass is desired. ,
Head office employees who have had ,
fifteen   yeara'   service   will receive \
annual passes over eastern or western lines where employed.    Women \
tuaptoyeet. are lo be treated ibe same j
men in    this connection.     Tliis '
action espressos    the policy    of   the !
C.P. H. to aim at ih«* contentment
|and   loyalty of   the    employees   of
whom there Ik au army of £10,000 ul
present, Including all classes.
The Penalou Find,   a free   nift of
^e  company,    was  tlie  thought  of
ilxM-d Shaugbnet-sy.    The   ompb
contribute   nothing,     Already
operation   ot  the  fluid   bas
treat  benefit.    The  effect
been  to  Increase the    cot;
[and loyally of the employee
[the sen.,*.   t,i    mutual   fo ■
■ nnd to Btlmulal'      In     geu
pose aud Inleresl   of the
'.There are many all over U
'-on the Pension I*'und, whn
-protection In declining yt
lions of dollars are lnvol
operation of the  fund   alt
} then
ol tortli in
now?   Was
brought in
lho lumber imnion i.-.- i
',' Whs ll intended by j
mendme-.it to wipe ont j,,,el
of  th.
lumbermen I
ho hu]• nested
political   bin
ut  l>is polilic
i Vancouver?
llmi ho was
ider in thus
.oaaure Unit might ben-
large lumber Interests.
l future was not to be
lerod in the face of the future
•« of tho groat lumber Industry,
mi iimendmonl was n most dnn-
n ono in tlmt ii would give to tho
I stales manufacturer the right
no over to British Columbia, give
ier price for the logs and nmnu-
■e Litem across lhe line, thus oil-
i compote with tbo Brit-
mnntifaclnred  product
natural to suppose log-
would warn
ider Irrespectl
i hem 1
i htsl
iest Iii
owser b
,1 by tl.
sell   lo
of pnt-
dad tlmt if
eudmont to
il has
al pur-
iii tlie
is in-
or il
o Legislature to c
he best  policy to
li. took the Judg.
decide between Mn
recipe and lhe one :
Finally Ihey Bole,
cause It was the n
two and easier to
lift's pudding is go
»B  a   long time to
N.   ('.   Stewart's
ent by Mrs. Mess-
led liie latter, bo-
.ore simple of thc
mako.   Mr^ Slow
,)d     we  tried   It.
from   year  to  year
(insider each
be pursued,
would nol be so much objection.
ii was, it virtually meant the
ildlng concerns, the Cholberg
people in Victoria, for instance, would
liavo to go lo Puget Sound for tlie'r
cargoes of Brills!] Columbia lumber.)
It was taking ■* hap iu the dark for
ton years, the threatening of a great
natural resource al n time when the
Minister of Finance required every
dollar from ii to keep up with th;
ruck)ess expenditure of Iiis colleagues
He hoped the Premier would see the
fallacy of Uie proposed move and in-
si, t. thai the power sought would be
granted for but a year. Then at the
next session of tbe House the matter
would again  be considered.
Hon. Mr. Pattullo thought tlie Opposition leader was just building up
a man of siraw for the purpose of
knocking it. over. It had been the
policy of the former Conservative tiov
eminent to have British Columbia I urn
ber manufactured in the Province, t
policy be was ready to commend. But
to claim that the amendment proposed
Id merely build up Pugel Sound In
Premier intends
"When?" queried Mr, Bowser.
"Thai lis something for uu* to suy.
Even if h Is necessary for the Govern-
wall  until Ihe clock strikes
.welvo, 1 veuiun to say we won't wait
two hours after twelve, as did the lute
Government," replied the Premier.
Mr. Ross asserted that even if tbe
action of the lata Govornment iu permitting the export of certain lumber
bud been illegal, the present Government, under like circumstances, would
Imve done the same thing. The policy
enunciated hy the proposed amendment was one of opportunisms. Tiio
Government figured it could got n
little more revenue and tit the end of
the year made a little better
the while entirely overlooking
greator question of the permanent de-
voloinucnl of the industry,
Mr. .1. W. Weart declared he hnd
never beard of the amendment in caucus. He concurred in,the view that
ill lhe timber and natural resources
should bo manufactured in British
Columbia, but there were times when
i fixed policy could be advantageous!)
Altered. He suggested, in view of tlie
power to he given to the Lieutenant*
Qoevrnor-iii-Councll* tlmt some profiling conditions should ho noted,
notably that of exchange. At present
il  was possible for lumber bought al
iuetorj at l.udner, II. C.
li (presenting
jiMirnti:  nun: ani>
jlliirlicvi Cnsli Price Pftlil to
i     lto Secured In Cnniulu
AT    < KAMtlfOOk    MOTEL
— . 1,
dustries .
expense of the Province was wholly Incorrect. The power was already In the Act, and were
the amendment not mad. the p.n-1 system would go on Intlellnltoly. Under
the new export committee the question of export of logs could tie fully
considered in each case ns It arose.
Mr. Bowser staled that the former
Qovernrtielnt bud. it was true, permitted export of certain booms ofj the
logs which were threatened with de-
si rucl ion by tho loredo worm, and
for which theor was no homo demand.
He was willing to admit there was
a grave question whether the Government bad a right to permit tbat
Premier Oliver-Why not say right
out it wns Illegal?
Mr. Bowser was ready In admit Hie
fuel, but nt the I line the order-in-
councii was passed the 'ben Government bud given notice that "1 the nexl
session legislation ratifying it would
$34 per thousand leet at Vancouver
to bo sold nt $.!2 in Portland and yet ;
.i profit he made. The exchange situation gave United Stales buyer.-? thel
power to underbid local prices. He,
favored a clause providing that every!
dollar's worth of Canadian logs sent
to tho United States must he paid for
n United Slates currency at the poim
of shipment, Ho would support the
amendment with tlie warning thai he
might huve something to say at the
next session.
Colonel  Mcintosh denned It  unwise
to set any definite period.   Ho pointed
to tlte goid results following Ontario'-
prohibition of saw logs exportation,
on the lumber manufacturing industry of Northern Ontario,   ll' tlie Gov- In the
eminent   would   show  similar  course
and foresight it would agree ihat from
year to year the amount to be exported would be decided upon.
Mr.   Hugh   Stewart.   Conn
the amendment would proteel tht log
gors.    Past experience had shown
Ihe embargo had lieen taken af
tage of hy tlie manufacturers ti
press prices.
Mr. Bowser asked Hon. Mr, Pattullo if it was not a fact tlmt arrangements bad been made witli thi. lumbermen for n len-eyear period,
The Minister staled such was not
use. At lirst nu indefinite period
was decided upon, hut under later
representations tho ton-oyar term wns
Hon. Mr. Ferris believed the whole
question was whether, if conditions
arose requiring export, the Government should be legally empowered tn
act. and whether It was wisp to fix a
ten-year lerin or decide the matter
from year to year. If tbo latter
course wna adopted, it would only
mean Uie Opposition wold mako tbo
same outcry yearly.
Mr. J. \V*. Cowpi r pointed to the
fact that tlie cut of Umber lu llrltlsh I
I utbjecl to certain contracts for sale
(Inter alia) set forth In tho Schedule
heroin and which contracts are unr. Ignored  in  this olllce.
■■bin   legist rut Ion  will  he oftootod llll
pursuance   of   the   above   application .
j ind n Certificate of Indefeasible Tl- ;
and a Cerliflcatcu of Indefeasible Ti- |
tie to lhe saliid lauds, issued to the
aid Herald Granville HophlnKon free
from sueh unregistered Contracts uf-j
, er tbe lapse of :tl) days from the Her- \
I .ice upon you respectively of this no- |
Lice   (which   service   upon   yon   res-;
i ipocllvoly may he effected hy publlen- j
I i Ion   hereof   for   I wo   weeks   in   lb©
'Cranbrok  Herald"   Newspaper)   unless yon respectively or your respective legeal  representatives shall take
ind prosecute ihe proper proceedings
io establish your respective claims, If!
nny, to the said lands or to prevent
nuch proposed action on my part.
The Schedule above referred to:
Contract No. fl In favor of A. Bur-'
roil, conveying l-ot 2. Block 28, Map
Contract No. 10 in favor of H. Barrett, covering Lot ... Block 28, Map
Contract No, 20 in fuvcr of F. M. E.
Venahles, covering Lots .1. 4. fi and fi,
bowing Block 27. Map USl.
thej Contract No. 22 in favor of J. Barnard, covering Lot fl. Block -1", Map
Contract No. 5t> iu favor of J. M.
Hupp, covering Lol 1, Block W2, Map
Contract No. (IS in favor of 11, W.
Hart, covering Lot 4, Block 2S. Map
Contract No. 101 iu favor of II. F.
Abels, covering Lot 1, Block 81, Map
Contract No. 14:'. In favor of E. King,
covering Lot 7. Block :i2. Map 1181.
DATED at thc Land Registry Omee,
Nelson. B, C, this 3rd day of March,
A. II, 1(120.
District Registrar of Titles.
I To: A. Burrott,
H Barrett,
F.' M. E, Venahles,
.1. Barnard,
J. M, Hupp.
It. W, Hart.
II. F. Abels.
E, King.
Important Notice!
BtlMrtmint it Jfnuu.ct
Boimnioii ot tCanab.i
Your IncomeTax
Should be Filed
at Once!!
All persona retridinft in Canada, employed in Canada, or carrying on
butlneM in Canada, are liable to a tax on income, as follows:
Entry corporation ami
joint utock company, whose
profits exceeded t2,MH)
during the fiscal year end
ed in 1919.
fwry unmaruw-rf person, or
r widpmftt. wthoul de
pendente «* defined by the Act,
iM* dmtnf vahndai yemt, 1919,
reeetved ei eetntd 91,090 or moro.
AU other individuals,
who during caltndar year
received or earned $2,000
or more.
Forma to be uacd in filing
returns on or  beforr   thc
JUt of March, MM.
Truate-M. executed, ad-
minatrators, agent* .ind
uBMineei must use Form
T 3.
Employers making a
return ol' the names and
amounti paid to alt directors, official-*, agenU or
other employees must uee
Form T 4.
Corporations and Joint
Stock companies makiqg a
return of all dividend* and
bonuses paid to dlmrehold-
erb and members during
191M, must use Form T 5.
NOlt ltiiitwt«*l« *'uiupr.tii>MM
Mifaip mutt hh r-rturna it tk«i Wtov
Jul (.tiife-ii* en Form 'I' I or T I A.
gvary pcraou who )■ required
Co make thla return, who faili
to do so within the time
limited, ahall he subject to a
penalty of SIS.SS fur each day
during which the default
CMtlftUM- and all such penalties shall be assessed and
collected from tbe person
liable to make the return la
the same manner In wblch
taies are assessed and collected.
Time Limit
All person* in C1ji>s 1, as
shown hereon( musi bit* on
or before the Mat of
March, 1«20.
All persons In Class 2, as
shown hereon, must lilt-
on or before the 30th of
April, 1920.
General Instructions
Obtain Forms from the
Inspectors or Assistant
Inspectors of Taxation, or
from Postmasters.
Read carefully all instructions on Form before
filling it in.
Pre-pay postage uw
letters and documents forwarded by mail to Inspectors of Taxation.
Make your returns
promptly, and'
Forms to be used hi Mi
returns nn   ■
30th of April
All   individuals
than farmers antl ram lu r?
must use Form T 1.
Farmers and nine hors
musi use Form T 1 A.
Corporations and |i iul
Stock companies nm-1 u <
Form T 2,
livery  person required  in
make a return, win* i.i, lv to tin
so within the time limited,
shall be subject to a penult)
of twenty-live per centum
of the amount ot the t.i\
Any person, whether ratnlil«
or otherwise, whu falls to
make u return or provide
Information duly requlri-d
according io the provision*
of the Acti shall be liable on
summary comic tion io .i
penalty of $100.00 for each
day during which tht'defaull
continues. Also thut any
person making a false st.ti.'-
meni In any return or in any
information required by the
Minister, shall lie liable, on
summary conviction, ... a
penalty not exceeding $10,000,
or to sii months' Imprison-
mem or to both tint' ami
Address of Inspector of Taxatlon.fur this District:
R. W.
Commissioner of
(Section 134.)
of   Application
Katlierlne MacDonald, popularly
acclaimed us the most bountiful woman on tho screen, will be soon in her
lirst production for First National Exhibitors' Circuit Friday and Saturday,
wlipjj "The Thunderbolt/' of which sho
is tiio star, will be seen at the Rox
theatre.     Cast In the role of a girl
Y. M. C A. WORK.
ne enacted, and thai had beon don
intliHj Columbia each yenr was but
Willi the expiration of that six mnn
lu   tin'   Matte
Matter of hots 3 and 4. Rluck
It; nf l.ni t:!2, fJronp 1. Map 1181,
Kootenay District,
TAKE NOTICE that the above application Ims been made to register
I William Williamson and Beatrice
Rl.ntod | Williamson ns owners in fee of the
alum- lauds, ami for the Issue to said
William Williamson and Beatrice
Williamson of a Certificate of Inde
feasible 'flltle tfiereto. and that l*.i
support of such upplicaton there has
been produced a conveyance from the
Haynes Lake Lund Company Limited
to John David Aye ar.d a further conveyance from the said John David
Aye. The title of lhe Haynes Luke
Land Company Limited ls subject to
certain contracts for sale (Inter alia)
set forth in tht Schedule hereto and
which contracts are unregistered In
this office.
ihat registration will be effected in
pur usance of the a'bove application
and a Certificate of Indefeasible Title
in tlif suId lands, issued to the said
William Williamson and "—"■'—
tyllllnmson free from sttcl
tered contracts after the lapse of SO
days from the service upon you respectively of this notice (which service upon you respectively may be effected by publication itureof for two
weeks in the "Crnnbrook Herald"
Newspaper) unless you respectively
or your respective legal representative shall take aud prosecute Iho
limpet* proceedings to estftbllnU your
respective claims, If any, to tlie said
lauds, or  to  prevent        * *
In a foreword to aa attractive littit
pamphlet Issued by tbe Railway Y.M.
CA. of Canada, Mr. E. W. Bmtty,
President of tbe C.P.R., pays a tribute to tbe work of this association.
"Tbe hlgb value of tbe work," says
Mr. Beatty, "of tbe Youag Mea's
Christian Aeaecliftiou in tbe Interests
of men and boys ban come to be gen-
■mmm , , ■     i erally and properly recognized, par-
whose dream of married hoplness la j Ucuiarly oa acoount of lUi efforti Md
accomplishments ou  behalf of our
soldiers during the recent world war.
145,000,000  THEFTS
shattered hy a "spite" marriage, Miss
MacDonald does the greatft-i wark In
her screen cflreer, Eastern cities do-
c la re.
Qiriet Try it! Hair gets soft, fluffy and
beautiful—Get a small bottle
of Danderlns.
sueh  proposed
niiuiii natural growth and I action on my pnrt.
ItiltQ   willing  to   leave   the     Tiio Schedule above referred In*,
tf export in the Minister. rn".tr,,,'.t Nn  Ll"lfft1VPr1Jt MS1*"'
,,   '    „ .   ,   ,,     covorlng lot 0, Block Hi, Map 1181.
0.  McOoor suggested  thu I   contracts Nos, W and 18 in favor
ont ofj of S. J. Morrow, covering U>ts 1. li,
his employees Orientals, the while tlm'T and S. Block HI, Map 1181.
loggers  are  employing   white   labor,     Contract No. 88 in favor of E. Pen-
,.,.   .' , .,    teens, cover ng Lot 7, Bock 15, Map
was not entitled to any undue cnusid-' 11S1
Until tho time arrived wlien |    Contract  No. 45 In f»vor of I, A.
Williams, covering  Lot  7, Block 20,
tlou nf ibe
manufacturer wiih ulnoty
after tho war period there will he no
power   in   the  (inverttliienl   in   permit
tin manufactured lumber to he exported,   Vol  lha Minister of Lauds was
arguing Urn I power would still con-
Untie    Appnrently the latter did not
know what was in his own Act, for
tho hill now h» fore the House provided
ror the raponl of the section lu the or-jar
gliiul nd whicli the amendment now I Hi
proposod Intended to amend,
Mr,   Bowsor  claimed   tlmt   tho  In -
lonllon of the Minister in perniil per-
pi'tniil expnri of unmanufactured lum-   ,------^^^^^__^^^^^^.^_^^^^^
Per wns'nol disclosed by the MinliHer | eut there had boon Bome tentni've uron   the   second   rending   of   the   bill,1 raugement  between the Minister and
though he must imve had It in mind, the loggers nnd some manufacturers
It   was only when the bill got  Into that   the ten-eynr period  should  lie
Hie committee stage thai ilie section |fixed,
limiting it to ten years wna brought
in    Apparently the hill bad been caucused, and Govornment supporters re-j tho Govommeni majority,   mo *-wm-i
fused to aland for the first proposal, i servalives   were   supported   in   their'
threatened  shortage ofl
lumber for the manufacturers li wiu+i*1"'1 \lolt, .,    ...    .   „„ „, n nr
,. .   ,,, Conlrucl No. 71 In favor of D. W
not lmportlvo that thoy should ho con- Hnrt) covor|)lg Lo, i, Block 20, Map
sidorod. IU81
Mr. llnwser declared It was iippar
Thc Opposition tlomnnded a vote on
tho aiuenilmeiit. wltSch was carried liy
-Itlie Govommeni  majority.   Tho Con
il for lhe first proposal,
Even Hie Premier wllh nil Ms egotism
could mil see ten yer.rs Into the inline.
If be could do sn even ten inniiihs lie
would favor dissolution of the Hnusi.
but rather decide to hang on tn lhe
tnsi minute. Mr. Dowser exprosod tlie
hope that, supporters nf tho Government would show un interest iu the
hill aud nol sit like rubber slumps
under (lie crack of the party whi,
Buggestlug    that    the    Opposition' Ion.
opposition to it hy the soldier mem-j
hers, Colonel Mcintosh and Duncan'
and by Mr. Hanes. Mr. George Bell.
Liberal, Victoria, did not vote nndl
when Mr. Uow#er called intention to
tlir rule that every membor must
vote, Mr. Boll stnted that he had lint
voted because be did nol like the idea j
of a ten-year term. But, If ho must
vole, he would vote With Ihe Opposll-
Contraet No. 7S In favor of 8. Wolf,
covering Lot 8. Block 15. Map 1181.
Contract No. 9« In favor of 0. Hor-
tnaiiHon. covering Lot 5. Block l»,
Map 1181.
i    HATED at the Land Registry Ofllce,
■ Nelson, It C, this 8rd day of March,
** D" 1926' B. S. STOKES,
District Regstrar of THIph
To: .1. Backs,
S. J. Morrow. rf
F*. Pentecost,
I. A. Williams,
1). w. Hart,
S. Wolfe.
C, Hermanson. 	
Tf you care for heavy hair that frlis-
tens with beauty and ie radlsat will)
life; lias an inuouipar«ble eoltum uud
is fluffy and luetrout, try Banderine.
J uBt one application doubles t he
beauty of your liair, besides it inime.
diately dissolves every particle of
dandruff. You cun not have nice heavy,
uee.lthy hair if you have dandruff. This
destructive scurf robs the hair of its
lustre, iU strength and its very UU,
and if not overcome it produces a fever-
ishness and itching of Gil- soalp; the
hair roots famish, loosen and die; then
tlie liair falls out feat, (surely get a
muall bottle uf Kuowltoa's DtuiJeiine
from any drag fctoro uud just try it.
I Section 24)
MATTEIt  Of  Lot
"Among tbe various spheres of the
Aa relation's activities not tbe least
valuable ls the work of tbe Railway
branches wblcb minister to tbe intellectual, tbe social, tbe moral aid
ibe physical needs of railway nu
irrespective of race or creed.
"The inception of t-bis work on the
Canadian Pacific Railway dates back
to 1806 when the building at Revel-
I stoke, B.C., was erected, and so well
' satisfied were tbe Company's officers wltb tbe experiment tried there
tbat 9 additional braach associations
have since been established. These
provide bome surroundings aid coaa-
forts for men ln train service whn
away from bome and to many employees located at outlying potats
tbey afford the only hone facilities
tbat are available to them.
"It is not only thnt good meals an*
clean beds and baths are provided,
but tbe educational advantages, the
recreational facilities and the opportunities for social intercourse amidst
wholesome surroundings must necessarily contribute to tbe well being of
Ibe men and benefit the community
In which tbey live, and the Company
with which thoy are employed.
"Tbe eminently satisfactory remiltn,
of this work on the Canadian Pacific
lines in tbe past for which I desire
to express my admiration aad appreciation, have without doubt been
achieved through toe earnest and
cordial co-operation of the Company's employees with the Aaoocla-
tion's officers and staffs, and wttl
the continuance of their united efforts the future success of the work
can, I feel sure, be confidently en-
tmeted to them."
Tbe Railway Y.M.C.A. prewtded
Mii.tiim beds to railway men and
served .121,000 iiipsIh In ItHft. Its
bulldlniiis are valued at 1619,000,
"Pape's Diapepiin" neutralises excessive acid In stomach, relieving
dyspepsia, heartburn and
distress at once.
IE MATTER of Ul 14, Block
ti and Lots 17 and 18, Block 11,
Town of Klmberley, Map mil, Kootenay District. | 	
Proof having been Hh'd In my of-' * •'
flea or tho loss of Certificate of Title SOUR' ACID STOMACHS.
N<>. 3466K, lo ilie above mentioned'
lands fn the name of Jumes F. Armstrong, und henrlug dato thc 5th May,
Intention at tho cxpirUlon of one
calendar month from lhe Brut publication hereof In issue In ihe [.aid
Jumes E. Armstrong a fresh Certlll-
cate of Title in lieu of such lost Certificate, Any person having any information with reference to such lost
Certificate of Title Is requested to
coin ni u n .cute with tlie undersigned.
Dated at lhe Lund Registry Olli.c
Nelson, B. C. this Kith day nf February. 1020,
District Registrar of Titles.
Dale of Plnrt Publication Feb, 2fi, 1020
Booty Double Thut in Any Pre-
War Vear.
Wholesale loiitiup ot merchandise
lu trans t mi thc railroad* of tbe
United Wales Paused a loss or up-
proximately J45.000.000 in 191!*. ac-
eordlUB io United riiates Railroad
Adinlnlsti aituii statistic., uiudr public
This i* estimated to tie mole ihuu
double  the  losses  -naituuni   iu  uuy
] pre-war year, but It to pointed out
>' tin., the Increased cost of the toiu-
I modtlles stolen, roughly esihnat.-cl id
average V. per cent, must be taken
Intu  cnnsirteratio.1   when  cow pit nag
,   Ibe losses iu Uie duys of low prices
|   with lusuea now.   Nevertheless there
I  has been u steadily lucre*sine uwu-
i |ber of packages stolen, and tbe or-
1  sanitation   combatting  tbv   thieves
i  have met au Increased Ingenuity lu
:   diverting goods from their owners.
A technique of robbery bas bees
; developed so highly tbat tbe methods
i of "master thieves" ure simitar lu
\ tbe United Stales, England, France,
: Italy and Argentina, according to a
> recent report of the United States
\ chamber of Commerce lu Argentina.
i Detectives, however, are inclined
! to discredit that ornunitaUoe's
| belief that a "widespread interna-
\ tioaul oPfaaicatlon" U si wort steal-
,   lllg merchandise.
Substitution le   tbe   umiuI method
■   n. ed    by tbe   thieves.     Sometimes
1  boxes supposed to contain velvets are
,   round at their destination to he filled
I  with calico or other cheaper grades
or doth, but aA a rule, waste paper
Is round.   These are referred to a*
"concealed loe&es" by railway men.
and are especially difficult to trace,
ae the shipment leaves aud arrives
apparently in good condition, aad It
hs almost   Impossible to discover at
what iwint tbe theft occurred.
The silk Industry baa been one of
tin- most severely bit In lhe lasl
year, and ho great has tbe risk be
come that tbe Itallrood Administration hus heen imi.-idcrliir. excluding
raw nuts from ibe privilege or
frelghl trunKporlstion by rail. The
Merchants' Assoclstlou of New York,
thrnuxh Its miffn bureau, Inn*, pro
tested against Much uu exclusion, ad
vocation some lean radios! measure
in m'nlml/e or prevein the theft of
HIH i" "■ »-ii
Time il!    I
ac|i   dlBtresB,   i
Nn liidijjeslloii
Mc-iiiiu "I' -j0.
Bested fund, ii
Montana Keitaurant
Meals at ill Hoars
(Igars, Olgaretfei and tandi
Opposite the Bank of Commerce
i live in tunica nil Atom-
uc in acidity, *\\\ K"
henrtliurn, sourness ur
it eructation* of audi-
dl//iue-.1-, lilmuitiKi  f°nl
iirenlli or hendache,
I'h lie's Dlnpepsln Is unted for Its
spied iu regtilntlnu upset stouiachs.
It is the surest, quickest stuinm>h sweet-
ener iu the whole world, and besides It
is harmless. Hut an end tn stomach
distress nt nnee hy iv'tthi;. u lurj-c ilfiy
pent rase nf I'ape's l»iti|ic|isiu from uuy
drug store, You reallste iu five minutes
how*needless it Is to.suffer from indirection, dyspcpsti. nr any stnmseli din-
order caused hy fermentation due to
cxeessivo acids in itomftcli.
If It's job printing you are.in need
of, telephone tha Herald and let our
solicitor trail. Wo are at your service
with un equipment second to none In
the Province. Buy at home and help
make Cranbrook a Ufger city.
Few Prope ot "Prseanne," Tl
Corns Lib Oil    NoPuinl
A tiny boltlo nf "Pree/.otio" cu*
Utile ut any druu storoi apply
drops upau any, corn in os|lt}|,
•tsntly it stops liurting. then shortly
you li'it that l.i.ilii'riuini' corn ur callus
iiv lu "-- with your lingers. Truly I
Nu humbug!
Job Printing
HeraldOffice Thursday, M»r«h 18, l»2«
Tin:      c it A Ml It IIII k      ii i: it i I II
PA UK       IIVK
You save when you buy
You save when you bake
Baking Powder
E|f-0 Bikini Powder Co., Limited, Hamilton, Canada
(Continued from Pag,. On,'
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
•il CiiiiuiIh 1.1 ii,II.-,1
orn.'cH, Smelling ami Refining Department
SMKI/I'KHN      AMI      It MINI.'UN
I'liri'lMM-ra nl' Oold. Silver. Copper and l.tiiil Oris
I'l-mlu-'er* ol' Hold. Silver, Copper. Mut-slmi.*. I'll? I.ttnd nnd
Zinc ••TAllANAC" Urn ml.
1.0. II. P.
Meets every
Monday nlghl
at Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning   Oddfellowa
cordially Invited.
Noble  Gi'and, He,:.  See.,
J. H.WIiltehouse   W. M. Harris
Cruknok, B. I'.
lieeta every Tuesday at 8 pn In
tbe Fraternity Hall
C. 11. Borgtitrow, CO.
C. H. Collins. K, It. & S.
Vliltlng brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Regular Meeting
uoulli al 2 |i.m. iu Ilie I'll) Hull
Meets  lu   tin
Pros. Mrs. IS.
II. I.rainstn
?toy. Un, J. W. Burlou, P. 0. Boi 621
All ladles cordially Invited.
nniTisn roi.niiiit
1'K.ISI'tl "lints'   ASSOCIATION
1,1*1 Koolottay MMi'trl
lA-Col  r. It. Pollen....Hon Proa
Clias. !■:-ICvnn*. Bsq President
Harry Oamblc, Esq., ...Vlce-Prea.
.1. P. Huchcroft, Cranbrook,
.1. T. Laldlaw, Esq Executive
W. II Ensale, Esq	
Dun   M, Inis.   Esq	
■loliu 1.,'nsli. Esq	
Win   Evnns, Esq   	
Organization completed Jan. 7,
1980, mt'inii, i ship r„ll open ror Ilie
enrolmonl ot nrospectore Applications nnd correspondence wtth
aiifgeatlous lending t„ promati the
interests oi proapeciors solicited
Annual matnlii rshlp t,','. .■•""
Tenders Wanted
Btrnctcd bv the Liquidator nf
tho Mount Sicker & Brltlah Co*
liinilii.i Devolopmonl Company
Mil., ui Invite offers for tho
purchase nf the following
Crown Oranted Mineral ClnimB,
Bltuatctl In Ihe Distrlol of Koo-
III "Sliini'unll Jankioll" Minimi Claim, lot Itfldi.
(3) --lll.lii.-l Fraction" Mineral Claim, Lot UU.
(8) "rtnpiii No. '-' l-'riieliiiiiiil"
Mineral Claim, Lol B084.
Purther parllculars ran be
ohtninoil from the undersigned.
Adonis fur ,I0II> II. Sl'i:II.
IIINC.IN, ll. l'„
itird February, lieu.
medicine for nil IVllinleCOIHplnllll    !■' '■ •'
ortlirec fur JiU, run >•■*•" '    -United -*■'■
HddreMoti ifl i|>i i.i i>' in   Tin '-  *';,T -'"
I.it  Net vi- mnl Itt.iiti; lutini 11' i •• y 11..11..
■ Took "WllMrtiiWYOU up   Iflnfmy.Di iwo
ftltdra|■lurH ni'liy m;illMniil.'i'it.l of (n
hrs. (Jrt'cn & .MurKIniiAii
Physicians nml Surgeons
Oltici. ut  residence, Armsirimg
office hours
Forenoons   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons   2.00 iu  4.00
Kveulnga 7.30 tu   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
lilt. V. It. MILKS
nttice lu Hanson Block
9  to  12. a.m.
1   to    6  p.m.
I) It. \X . A. F E R d I V. g
: iiiiiphi-M->lnnniiiLT IIlock f
im c o: 1
H'iice I!..irt's. >., in IS; t in •'- p.m. f
lteniuitelllitg umi lifpiilrs a
It 0 W I A Ml   K I X G
The C, M. Faseett Co.. Inc.
Rnglneers, Metallurgists
Chemists, Assayers
Laboratory Supplies
207-300.2tl.2ia   Wnll   Slrwt
greater part of the oondlttons »-<>re
closely resemble those of earth than
oi" Mic transcendental state generally
pictured as that of a futon Ufa Familiar thine ar seen and done; the
range of Ideas and method of expression are easily recognisable as those
of many of our everyday friends
Birds such ns ono red In the warden
are again mot; and mosenger birds
aro used, but more ae pretty fancies
than ae a necessity—for th6re nro
rmlckor menus nf corarounlcat-
n we possess. Horses arc ninrej
or tho fiii-nils of man nnd tlieir
Horvants; "little furry animals" illsjjorl themselves in thi .
groves. The troos and Dowers of our
own countryside reo-ppoar, nnd those
who have eoughl to Iind the Mceats
ol tlieir growth mny contlnuo tfiolr
^uilii s
But Uioro aro also, oven in tl arly
sU-ges, caniHUons ns strange to nn and
ns Irlttlo Intelligible as ar.'  ror exam-
pie,  ■ neroplano, onr wireless tel-
ogrnphy, our electric light In fact,
mosl of the iiixpnralua at our civilisation to n trlho buried In the forests:
of rcuir.il Ai'iim our experience
bills to give us something to compare
them with, to judge them by. Also
the standards of value are different;
luuiiy tiling* on which we set high
value on earth ure found to lie of Utile consequence; qualities on which
we sol little store to be a greatest importance.
As we puss beyond the earlier
stages, so do the conditions of earth
become niori' remote mid those of the
higher worlds more wonderful and
glorlns, jusi us those of the lower
become more grim. And those who
find in the earlier messages too great
un Insistence o nexternhls, on what
might he called the machinery of the
organizations, nre hidden to wait until
the full story is told.
Through all, us far ns the messuges
permit us to see. the individual persists; the man or woman, however ultimately transfigured, derives directly
from the bqlng who wus on earth.
The vicar always followed the writing ns it (lowed from his pencil, mid
In that way was able to interpose
questions, here and there, which were
immediately answered, and often thc
nature of the replies surprised him
In many cases, in the latter portions of the script, the story seemed
to thc- recipient rather abstruse. He
thereupon asked if the communicator
would elucidate Hie matter, and at
mice :t parable or » story would be
given of such n character that it immediately made clear the difficulties
of previous communication,
Clergymen and psychic investigators
who have read Mr. Vale Owen's messages claim that one of the chief features of the eulire narrative is its
orthodox nature. It does not wander
Into thoo.-ophieal speculations-. They
consider thst the principles of Christianity and the ethics of church teachings are observed throughout the
script,   although   there   are   In   many
tlplled lils life is more restful.
lu ihe sphere beyond the radiance
is Intonst/lcd, the conditions more
aetlierlaltsed, the power more bone-
llctent And Lhus lho ascending scale
Those In higher spheres'may descend to ihe lower. To do bo they
must first "condition" themselves; for
lhe Unlit in a lower sphere seems dim,
the atmosphere heavy, to one from
a higher.
Spirits sent on u mission to earth
have thus to undergo a change beforo
ihey can see and move iu our dense
and murky atmosphere; still more
ltd Ihis necessary when ihey go ou
some merciful errand into ihe realms
of darkness.
Differences lu "ago" disappear.
There are no "old" in lhe Spheres of
Light; there are only lite graceful and
Earth's   standards   of   values   go.
Outword trappings, deceptive appearances,   pretences   of  every   sort,  fall
Wliat Sir Arthur I'..nan H..jlc Says
Spiritualists! who have rend Uw Rev,
(i. Vale Owen's "'spirit" revelations of
Heaven nnd Hell consider them the
mosl authoritative ami inspiring messages of the kind thnt the modern
world has received.
Sir Arthur Cot)an Doyle, iu .particular, has been most enthusiastic in his
references to them, and believes that I
ihey are of such consequence that
thoy should be accessible to the world;
at large.
After reading the manuscript Sir!
Arthur  wrote to the  Itev. Vale Owen J
••The sustained grandeur of this
script 1 have never seen the like before."
Referring iu another letter to the
writings, Sir Arthur sold: j
"It is the most remarkable and Interesting script, the highest that 11
have ever seen, and 1 have seen a
great many, li is important, aud ■
gives such splendid reeding that it
sliouud bo printed in good large type,
und if flu publisher needed a gunrail-l
Mines of District
The Big Shippers
Sulllvail  und   Wlh   Star  Continue  In
Shew I p Itlu in lhe Shipments
of lire tu the Trail Smelter
Out  of ;i  toluI of 3638  Ions of ore
hipped  to the Trail  Smelter of the
onsolldaled   Mining   and   Smelling
om pa ii y of Canada   Limited  for Hit
ook ending .March 7th. tho Sullivan
i--lead   mint!  and   the   North   Star
mini al Klmberley supplied over one*
half of the ore. or 1371 ions, (his dis-
tii-1 continuing to lead in shipments
reci ived at the big works
The reporl ul tlie smeller follows:
Mine and Location Gross Tona
Kill I hill), Utile) kliuberlcj jiiim
Siillhnn. (lead) Klttberlv?  Ill
Nurih Slur. KltnhorlP)  l«l
Aspen, Salmo   8
Kinimi. Collorn   ttsl
Qmorald, Salmo   2S
0 lads tone, Boundary, Wn  46
Iron Mask. Kamloops   c US'
Josie. Ilosslund   Wo
Ottawa, Slocan City   OC
Providence, Oreenwood  41
puradln, Athalmer   us
Rambler Cariboo, Rambler  ,...c 31
Sovereign, Sandon    44
Standard. Sandon   C 2ti0 '
.^...   .... -__,*---i--».*-ti-^ff-wpsl
"c" signifies concentrates .shipped.
The delegate of the British Colum-I
hia Prospectors' Aasoclstlon- Kast |
Kootenay District— wllllf m lhe.
Vorthwesi Mining Convention In Spokane, Wash, recently, arranged for j
a complete exhibit of Kast Kootenay |
ores lo he placed ou display at tlle
In tern a tional Mining Convention to
ho held in Scallle, Wash., on April
7th to inih next, ami al this convention it is imperative that as large a
number as possible of Kast Kootenay
prospects he represented, with as
large an 1 fairly representative samples of their ores ilia the owners can
secure at the present season of the
year. 10 to --» pound samples preferred.
Arr'-ngenfeitts are being made by
the Executive ot the Association for
iho assembling of the exhibit and il
will he necessary for all samples I'he delivered to tht secretary on or
before April lst next, in order to permit of the collecHon lieiug reshippeil
hi time.
AU samples should be accompanied
with u brief description of the property and the address of the owner or
his ugent on the enclosed blank form,
a copy of which should he kept by
the owner,
Wh.v are
flavors like the
pyramids of Egypt?
Because they are
And WRIGLEVS is a beneficial
as well as long-lasting treat.
It helps appetite and digestion,
keeps teeth cUan and breath
sweet, allays thirst.
Tho duiico which i'„linus lho Leslie
Qrossmltli concert Thursday next at
I,',,. Auditorium, will he supplied with
special good music,   Don't mi*- it.
Phone ii.'.ii
>i,ilmri   lie. next In   I'll. Hall
spin, res
tee against loss i would be witling lo
s rather illlterem vlow-potats ofj •„,„ aama for „ „,.,,„, „„.„.,
Mr,, hereafter irom those usually     T|u, -„,.,  „,.„   sttci,  „, reinarkubto
■■t'M, J manuscript w».h lu existence wns first
l.lglil   nml   llfulniv   „|| Drought to the notice of tho genornl
No. B" >e. KS
l)nil> Dallj
12.16 p.m  Ar Cranhroolt l.v. 4.16 p.m.
:'.". iiu l.v Cranbrook Ar 4.05 p.m.
■Train BS3 will leavi  for Klmberley
ih  i-\ epl  Miii.lu\   ai  T li, and train
1  will iirilM- rrom  Kimberley dally
eept Sunday at ;' 1« p.m.
Kootenay Central Branch nn change
public by Sir Arthur himself In a
speech at Leicester on Oetober lit.
in order thai ihe full ecopc of the 1010. Replying to criticism of Iiis
Kev. Vale Owen's messages may be I views on spiritualism which had been
indicated, a slight outline \n given oft made tit tho Church Congress a few
ihe framework into which the narrn-ldnys before, ho ..aid.
tlvo Is filled: :    "in  Mr. Vale Owen, the  Vicar or
Encircling the earth and reaching; Orford, were to he found the lllgttosl
powers of automatic writing possessed
hy any medium in Britain. I have read
ever outward are zone upon zone of
ihe realms of light. States of life and
power rather than "localities," thoy
are imperceptible to onr spn-ie.-..
In due course tho outer of thene
are imerwovoii with similar zones encircling other planets, nnd at length
it zone embracing tho Solar System is
reached. Still higher /.ones in turn
commingle with those of other systems.
Till: IKIJli: 1UKI.KY
UoliL t'Miue, Prop.   •
t-'i'Mli lli'i'ilil, I'nk."., Plei
umi I'll sir)
I                     I'hone 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp Oltf Hsll
I'orllaiiil, Me., lliilhtix. Uvornool
limn I'uriltiml   Hulh'a\
i aniiilo Vnrll I7lh   April 18th
wtiitn w UM
\ow    Verb,    rijmoiilli.    Cberliiinru,
Sn nl lilt mpl nil
New Vork        March 37tli   April B-lth
Bt Caul    VpHI Brd- May Mh
ChflndclphJo   vprll Huh -May Sth
MU   MUth.   lllMHI'lKi
Manchuria March  87th    Mav sth
MAngoHn April   H)th    Mny 22nd
\en Vork, Nonlltiimptiin. liih\ei|>
ICroonland  March 8-Kli—Mny 1st
Upland  April 8rd—May sth
Plnltnd  April Till—Mny ISlh
Neiv  York. I.iter|ieei
-'edric April   10th
Baltic   \prii  mh—May 22nd
Celtic  May lfitli
Nen   York,  SiMiiluimpliiii,  Via. Clier-
liimru. Km nn*
Adriatic March 20th—April 24th
S'ew York, lilhraller, Nuplrs, Uvm.ii
Orotic   March Dint—May 28th
Can6p|c  May nth
For reservations and tickets apply
to local agents or Company's olllce,
(.!. P, Sargent. *.l!i Second Avenue,
Sent tie, Washington.
in script a long and detailed account I
of the next world written by .Mr. Vale
Owen's hand through ihe Impulse of a
spiritual guide, and I can only say
that it Ih ont of ihe mosl remarkable
and inspiring narratives I have ever
Sir Arthur concluded by expressing
the hope that "the manuscript would;
The messuges come from zones up I soon bo available tor all the world."
in the tenth    And that, as far as is   adding thai In his belief "it could not-jl
known, is bul a beginning; there may' mil to produce a profound sfiisalion." 11|
be a hundred centered on the earth,
From a borderland we may descend I j
by degrees of dimness mid gloom Into
realms of darkness.   Or we may ns-:
i end by degrees of light to regions of [
■ piendor too dazzling for ns now toi
ai death n man pasrofl to the sphere I Tablets   without   "Bayer   Cross"
for which his stage of development flta
him. lie may. for example, pass to ihat
pun   of Hn   borderland  fringing  the
liml zone, or sphere, of light.
There Is no sudden change in his
Quickly laud ■» .NMtraMng
H.mlln't Whir* Oil
A tale and harmless preparation
to relieve the pains of Rheumatism.
Sciatica, Lame Back and Lumbag.j is
Hamlin's Wizard Oil. It penetrates
quickly, drives out soreness, and
limbers up stilt aching joints and
You will find almost daily uses for
it in cases of sudden mishaps or accidents such as sprains, bruises, cuts,
burns, biles and stings, lust as reliable, too, for earache, toothache,
croup and colic.
Get it from druggists for 30 cents.
If not satisfied return tlie bottle aud
get your money back.
Kver constipated or have sick
headache? lust trv Wizard Liver
Whips, pleasant little pink pills, 30
cents.   Guaranteed.
Sealed Tight-
Kept Right
ny»-"-*-|yv'- .-Vi,.! i-Vi,ii -ym .ty.* *-y»«« i<*ji>m -»-vnH
> Cranbrook Cleaners and Dvers
P.   «'.   WILLIS,   Man.jer.
I'orcmost Cleaners »ml liter-, of Everything
Phone i:>7        titAMimttiK.it. t. Box ;*
tSfAi"i utt\< ttm/t/i t,st\i mssi\i »i^i waV *"*%• mttsmmt
fftctljotnfit Cljurclj
SUNDAY next:
7:80 I'. M.—Divine IVorihlp.
Preaehert BEV. II. IV. l.b'E
Yon are Inviteil
*"."r;'".^i^tt-^.."-. ~
are not A-piriit ut all
A Rough Road for Wheels But a
Smooth Road tor Passengers
(let genuine "Mayei TiibleU of Aspirin"
in 11 "Hsvn" |ia,'k,'t"'. plainly marked
with the snfety "Bayer Cross."
The "Bnver (ross" i< your only way
of knowing Ihat you are getting genuine
Aspirin,   prescribcl   by   physicians   for ,
*  '    . .._..__      .-..s    ..........I     ...I.*.    I.\-     n. i I .
KorMirdlug  mil  'Jlitrlbutlng
A Rent fur
l.tlbbrfdfe *nd Urwahlll Coil
loiperldl OH 170,
Dlitrhutlon Can a BpecUlty.
OniyhiC nml TriuiHft*U'lng
Ulfen prnmiit at ton tlou
Phont IS
pernonallty. He Is not at once transformed iu sueh a manner ns to make
h'm. In fact, a difforeni peroon. Ho
may gradually grow moro fit for n
higher Hphcre; or remain for what wo
counl an ago in thnt In which lie flrsl
In the tlr.-it sphere of light he In
among the things he knew on earth.   n„t    r.„     ...
here are lhe somo types of trees nnd! nineteen yen™ mul proved safe by mil-
nownr, only more varied and bean..-  jjj- JJ-  H-**-^^JStlm)
ful. Immune from deray, nnd endowod, |>ai|| ,enertj|y.   Mads in Csnado,
with qualities Hint mako them more a I    Handy lilt' bOMs »'  l- tablets—also j fl
part ot his lift.   Around him are birds; larger sited "Bayer" parkages.
and  other animals lie  was familiar   . XmW5.l1 -l« {•«'• ■"»* „ »fJjfffl
\ in' CanadHl   ai   pity*'   Mil nu ltd lire ai
wllh. hut different in ninny ways, andj MonoawtHiwIcbHer «<' Salicylicaei.l.
■ehlofly in thai  thai they escape the      vviille it In well known that Aspirin
fears   and   cruelties   that   opprara   niemix Bayei • Munnfaeturfl, to aulM.the
■   1        , 1 miK1i.>  i"iiin-l hiiit.ii'-'i--- the l-i-ileU of
gloomier regions, gMlj gttrtm ^    ^ ^
lie finds houses and gardens, lml of i wj£|.   t|„j|r' „t.uur«l   trade   mark,   the .
tiiihatniico, color, nnd ntfflOSphore more ■ "flayer CrMl.
responsive  to   his   presonco;   water,  ■*•*>* ■
whoso playing Is mimic  with  wldel    Let lis supply you wllh your next1
ranging harmonies of color. oounlor sales hooks.   We have a oom.;
He finds everything more radiant, pleto line und prleoa are aa tow as
morn Joyoi». more eiqulsltely rom- the out-of-town fellow will give you ,
plea, aad whllt hit •cUvltlet are mul-1 The Create ook Herald. |
Haleh (Merland I »u rimuli cob*
hie- or iiiilniproied mails. Hie ttlieel*
fn|l"» -.tiri'aie iiiequulllleo, lml Hie
»<>uderhil ne« Triplex Sprlnu- give
ear and pa-M-imer* remarfcalilt- rid-
imt ileadlneaii
The llireeopoliit iil.it:.»iiull)-iMlHcli.
ed Triplex Springs ilhe CWMnrli
Sprlnghuse lu it ear nf l-HMncli wheel.
I'hio make- for the gentl} him)am
n-.nl aciiou nf n (urge, Iiphu ear nlth
the  opt'iatlnu  ecoiJOinj   ami  gOHTenl*
elite i*l' liumlliiiu nt a -i i< iithit alii Ji-.
-iuneii liuin c«r.
IrlpliA Springs ul-ii mean rare-lrei
imilntemiiii-i'. tu perfect It do t In 1
prolcel the delicate perls of the mi
from ruiiii •train*
I lectrie Blurting ami lluiitiiia. door,
ripening enrialn<< and «(h-Ii light gite
imt a him "I the rompleteneii mimI
•iiiitiiii which characterise -eirr-fihim:
»t t OrerUnd ).
:.-ir:.--' ■**■     -*■■*'"•*
Call in and see
the demonstrating model and
see the latest
in automobile
I construction.
That oitra 30 Inchon provided hy the thret-.point cantilever sprlnps is one
tiie cause* of extra comfort to the passenger! und extra protection io thee
J P Afl E     SIX
TIIK      CltAMlItOOK       II CK A I, I)
Tlmrsilii)', March IS, 11120
 ■■■!.■   '..'■.:":-    ::l":l- t-'"1'-' ■""•■j --/■'"
01 nu: womivs instititk
which tins postponed from Marcli it, will dike place iu the
Huuelug from 11.80 till :t
TICKETS—Single, $1.00; Double, $1.50) Extra I,inly. 50c \
Proceeds for Clilldren's Aid Society
,=,[;., -.-.::. ,:::. :i  . ..
tmiiM-iii«-iit  I'm-  Kxftillonco
lllllltV   AMI   SVTI'lllltV
htlllllllM;   MAIIHIMI.il
"The  Thunderbolt'
HITII I'lltltl.KS III mi n
"The False Code"
diii: THIGH'S in a 11.
ai.sii oood commit
wkhm:si>ay Tilt'USD
i:mii iikxsktt
n   hi-    seroml    One    lliimireil
TliiiicuiMl  liiillar Pa limit y
4 A 1*1 AIN   KID'S  KIDS
nary Invoices, ¥3.00; Invoice ot returned American goads, $1,20,
+ -I- +
Speaking of the harbingers ot the
welcome Spring, Cranbrook has had
many Indications of its coming In tin
put few days with the varied won 111
or, typical ol March nnd the capon v.l
the klddloe with their Introduction ot
ih,. tryclclo, blcyck and out-door rec
reallon    it cannot coino too .soon to
+ + +
A, tlill, whom tiie lit ni ui mentioned
lust wook as having boen chargod wltl
assaulting n workman »i Klmberley
ami being dismissed he ca uso of tin
prosceutlng witnesses falling to pul
in an ai-jionrtuice, deetres the Horald
in state that tho prosecution did ap-
j pear hut  failed tn make a curie.   Tin
! Herald, according to Mr. (Jill's statement, mu»l have heen mlBintormod.
+   +   +
Ida M. Tarboll, tho famous America!
woman publicist, niiponrod here in tin
Auditorium thoatro lust evening under
! the niiBplces of the local Lycemt1
Course, Always IntoroBlIng, the visit-
ors   nddrcaa  was mosl  ontertainlng
I those iu attendance enjoying her tall;
-I-    +    +
| The Women's Institute postponed
danco from March .ird. will ho held on
i Easier Monday ui the Auditorium,
Dancing,   A.30   to   3.   Refreshments
|Tickets, -iimle, $1.00; double, $1.50;
cxhlru lady, run-. Proceeds for Chli-
dron's Aid Society.
Over ibe tea Cup$
Insula wllh nenlo A Rlwoll.
+   +   +
Monday, April Bth, hig dimes at the
+   +   +
The poBtoOlce elnck went on a
strike Sunday anil was out ol coin-
mission until it could be started up
ou Monday.
+    +    f
Wednesday was St Patrick's Hay,
and  the  wearing  of  the  groon   wne
pretty general in honor of tho noted
Irish saint.
+ -i- +
The St Patrick's night dunce tu the
Auditorium theatre last evening was
patronJzod by a goodly number and ii
most enoynbie Jeveniug was had to
the strains ot a four-iplece orchestra.
+ + +
Tin- High school resumed its sessions ou Monday after the schools lunl
heen closed fur about ten days because of so much sickness among tho
pupils. The Public schools are scheduled to resume Marcli 22nd.
+    +    +
A good lime is assured to patrons
at the Raster Monday dance,
+ + +
An unusual treat is in store for us
all next Thursday at the Auditorium,
when Leslie Qrosamith will appear.
"Unlike anything else." ia tho only
description wo cun offer. Heur Miss
Marguerite Hill, the charming young
+ + -f
The Teachers' Convention, Ka.-i and
Wesl Kootenay, will be held in Cran-
brook April 8th, 7th and sth. This
Is the lirst convention Of teachers held
tn the Kootenay. Prominent speakers
have  heen  secured  ami  a   profitable
llmi!  is expected.
+     +     +
TIlO American COOMll al  Pernie has
announced that beginning April let,
ihe following Tees iin Canadian currency) will bo charged Tor the certification   nf consular  Invoices;      Onll-
I Mm ue P.
ii ion have anything to sell or want
to buy, call ou us.
DUC.AN—Good tune, li! stop;;. $25.00.
feet condition. $25.00,
for sale.
i puis    TOR   SAI.K -Purebred York-
!    shin-   pigs   for   April   delivery.   A
B.   Smith,  Cranhrook. 3-lS-5t
all conveniences; three or four
rooms or largi r. Apply pal Ihe Her
atd olllce, Hox ii. 3-18-31
your chimneys good and cheap.
Take no chance of fire, have your
chimneys swept. W. J. SELBY
P. O. box :M!.. 3-11-ltno
large front rooms, well furnished
and healed; ou Garden avenue;
suitable for gentlemen, All con
veniemes. Apply Ikix A, Herald
HOUSE FOR SALE—Eight rooms,
furnace heated; sewer connections
and hntli room; concrete basement, etc. For terms, apply to
Mrs.   (ieo.   Loltch. 3-11-lt
roomed house, hath and toilet. Cran
brook street, opposite Ibe Central
school. Cash or terms. Apply ut
the Horald office. 3-4-81
Rock ,peii of winter layers; $1.60 per
IS. Mrs. C. Franklin Drown. Dull
River, D, C, 3-11-21
CANARIES FOlt SALE—Singers and
htiiiR, Prices an application) reus*
umihle.   Dux 301, Kaslo. D. <.
Farmers and Ranchers who contemplate sowing Oats,
Wheal or Ityc. should lose no time in procuring Ihelr re-
qulrements, as Hie supply of these grains are very scarce
in Western Canada. I have ou rails two thousand bushels
of While Banner Seed Oats. Requisitioned one thousand
bushels of Hod Marquis Wheal, and a quantity of Spring
Rye. The Seed Grain Commissioners may embargo the
Red Marquis wheat, as Ihey control the sale of this commodity in Canada.
There is only a slighl difference in buying the best
seed, and Inferior grain (less than 60c per acre) and for
Ihis small sum you will procure a much hetler crop.
It behooves all Partners and Itiini'licrs to purchase
the best nl' seeds.
James Kerrigan
ji $ ■$■ <«. * $ <$> 4> 4, 41 4 4, tf 4> 4 |> 4- A,
.*. f 4>4*4t44,4>44>4>4>44t4>4>4f4
ELECTION—School Trust."
English entertainer find musician, at
the Auditorium thentte, Thursday ev-
onlng, March 25th.
BOW'LLVG TOURNAMENT— Commencing Wednesday, March 24th, at
the Hallway V.M.C.A.
and Wesl Kootenay, to he held here
April lltli, 7th and Sth.
ANNUAL DANCE -Women's Institute, Easter Monday. April 5th in the
Auditorium theatre.
PUBLIC SCHOOLS- Reopen Mnrr-li
DANCE—To he given hy the teachers ot the eity in lhe auditorium of
the High school, Wednesday evening,
April 7th.
PROHIBITION MEETING- The annual mooting of thc Prohibition Society will he held Monday evening in
the Baptist church nt s o'clock.
CELEBRATION—Watch for the announcement of the 24th of May Second  Annual  Celebration.
Secure your tickets early for tlie
Leslie Grossmlth concert and dance
next Thursday at the Auditorium and
keep iliis date clear.
The Women's Institute were unable
io make their usual annual donation
last December to the Children's Aid
Society, owing to many calls on their
funds for other objects. At the East
tr dance on Monday, April 5th, the
ladles are cndenvorlng to raise a handsome amount for the home in Vancouver aud are deserving of good tup-
port iu Ihis movement. Encourage
tlieir efforts by purchasing a ticket or
attending the dance.
J. G. Billings, Ferule, was here lust
Friday on buslnes.
D. H. Foster, Wycllffe, came iu last
week-end on business.
Mr. and .Mrs. L. Burley, Port Moody, arrived here Monday.
M. J. Bonner. Moyie. was among last
j week-end'* visitors to the eity.
A. K. Leitch, Jaffray, was a weekend visitor tn the clly last week.
' D. B, Serimegour, Vancouver, was ■-
\ business visitor in Uio city this week.
ii. I,. Sawyer, Kiugsgate, was am-
pug tho outsiders in the city lasl Fri-
! day.
! Mrs. Cariner, Fori Steele, was among llu visitors ia the city last weekend,
Mesdames Kufo unit Sinclair. Alhal-
mer. were visitors In the city Saturday.
Mrs. II. E, McCrcight, Kitchener, was
among lho last week-end visitors In
the eity.
Hiiuriolph Bruce, the live-wire booster from Inevrniore, was a business
visitor in Die city this week.
John K. Wegener and wife, from
Drumheller, Alberta, were guests In
the city tlie first of the week.
Mr. uud Mrs. Liddleontt have removed to Creston where Mr. Llddi-
coatl has been for some time.
Mrs. Patterson of Calgary, is in the
city the guest of hor parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. F. Cameron.
Mr. E. Home w-.w sufficiently recovered from mumps to be able to leave
St. Eugene hospital on Wednesday.
Mrs. Lcclerc and daughters Helen
and Loreita, were on the sick list last
i Horn—At tiie Cottage hospital, on
; Monday, March 15, io Mr. and Mts, A.
Lettli, of thi-i city, a son.
Miss Ida Howard of the teaching
j Btaff is Buffering with mumps.
\ Mr. Andrew Plete of Wycllffe, will
ibe able to leave lhe hospital iu n few
| days. Mr. Picte was very dangerously
: ill with pneumonia, but is progressing
| favorably.
! Tho children or Mr. aud Mrs. Ed.
Paterson are now recovered.
We can make it. as easy
for you as anybody. By
n "high-grader" we mean
u watch that Is scientifically designed, and made
with extreme care by
skilled workmen using the
most costly materials-. For
Instance a Hamilton; it is
plain to anybody thai a
watch like that has got to
cost somo money—but it
is a great comfort to Its
owner. It is nn article of
personal adornment, and
a constant, lire-time servant,   both   lu   one.       We
quote you $:to up.
-te*rattnoiiiadHiiiHmsiiaE& .•
i    Mrs. George  Warren  of  Kingsgate.
is visiting In the city.
Fred ami William Bidder of Sprlng-
j brook, were visitors in the city last
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to
tiie Electors of tlie Cranhrook City
School District that 1 require the presence of the said Electors al the City
Hall, Norbury Avenue. Cranbrook. B.
C, at one o'clock p. m. (local time! on
tlie 27th day of March, for the purpose ot electing a person lo represent them on the Board of School
Trustees as Trustee.
The mode of nomination of candidates shall be as follows:
Tlie candidates shall be nominated
in writing; the writing shall he subscribed by two voters of the Cranbrook City School District as proposer and seconder, and shall be delivered to the Returning Officer at any
Umi between the date or the notice
uud threo P- in. (local time) of tlie
lay of nomination; tlie said writing
nay he lu tho form i umbered :"i In the
tc lied llifl of the Municipal Act. and
tbn.11 rUlO the nnmos, residence, and
occupation or description of each per
on proposed, In such manner as suf-
lontly i<> lib-ntfl-fy such camditdnte;
and in the event of a poll being nec-
ury, such pull will he opened on tiie
RUI day of Marcli at lhe Clly Hall
Norbury Avei.ue. Crntihr.'ok. B. C, nf
which every person is hereby required
to take notice mid govern himself accordingly,
Any person being a British subject
of tiie full ago of twenty-one yours
actually residing wlthlr. the DN*"1ct,
and having been for tlie six months
next preceding the dale of nomination
the registered owner, lu the Land
Registry Office, of land or real property In tho olty school district of the
assessed value, on tiie last municipal j
assessment roll, of five hundred dollars or more over and above any registered Judgment or charge, nnd be-|
ing otherwise qualified to vote at an
election of School Trustees In the;
said School District, shall he eligible1
to bo elected or to servo as a School
Trustee in such City School District.
Given under my hand at Cranbrook,,
B.C.. this 15th day of March. A.D. j
Returning Officer. J
j Mrs. Wm. Neale of Klngsgate, spent
tiie week-end iu Cranbrook.
I The Hide daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
I Lewis Owen has been unite, sick with
i ear trobiile.
i Archie Elweli wlio was suffering
Trom a slight attack of influenza, has
■ left tho hospital.
Mr. and Mrs, C. Lawrence who have
boen residents of the city since last
November, left on Monday for Fernie,
wliere they will in future mako tholr
Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Bridges, of Nelson have arrived here and will make
Cranbrook their home, Mr. Bridges
taking tlie position of operator at tlte
Hex theatre.
Dave Emerey. together with bis
family, are quarantined at Crow's
Nest Pass because of one of the little
children having a mild attack of the
small pox.
Mr. and Mrs. TIlOB, Caven liavo re-
| turned home from Hip Const.     Mrs.
Caven was visiting wltll hfr mother
land contracted the flu while there, but
hns nbout fully recovered.
George Hoggiirtli. Simon Taylor
ami John Chalditch. departed Monday
Tor Waldo, where they went to attend
a mooting of tho directors of the Bn
I ker Lumber Company,
Kolii rt McCreery. of McCreery Bros.
J store here, who Is located In Winni
' peg l» a similar business, and who
' wns In ihe city on business Inst week,
| has returned to Winnipeg.
i ~
| George Custer, who recently acquired a lumber mill at Wasa. was In the
I city Monday purchasing supplies. Mr.
-Custer expects to have his mill tn op-
ieration this week. He will employ a
number of millmen.
Mrs. John Murray and children,
who have been here awaiting the arrival of their household good*, and
will reside at Jaffray, wliere Mr. Murray has Joined the staff of the Kast
Kootenay Lumber compnny. departed
fnr Jaffray Monday.
R. M. Maeaullay, of the stnff of the
Consolidated Mining nnd Smelting C'-d.
or Canada, Limited, Rossland, arrived here Friday evening and departed
Saturday for the Mir Sullivan mine
■t Kimberler. wfem te wttl Mt «•
superintendent in the absence ol Mr.
0, 0, Montgomery who departed nil
Monday for Montreal where hr goes
lo spend a few weeks with home-folk
and will accompany Mrs. Montgomery and little daughter buck to Kimberley after their visit with Mrs.
Montgomery's parents.
A. 15. Seavonson, Creston, was here
on business Tuesday.
P. H. Sheffield, linger, Oregon, was
hero on business Tuesday.
J. F. Spalding of Fernie.-was hero)
on business Tuesday.
R. T. and R. W. Wyllie. Oak Bay,
were among Tuesday's arrivals.
Messrs. E. 0. and W. H. Shear have
gone to their home In Morten. Idaho,
Mrs. Thos. Gusjhnet, Coleman, Alta.. t
was among Tuesday's arrivals in the!
It. E. Beattie was au outgoing pass-]
enger Sunday for Eastern points on]
J. E. Brady "nd F. S. Bennett, Sand
Point, Idaho, were among Tuesday's!
arrivals In Cranbrook
Mrs. H. E. Jecks, who wns in Lethbrldge last week visiting with friends*
arrived home Saturday.
Mia-.. Ida M. Tarbell. ihe Lyceum
leoturere, while fn the city was the
guest of Dr. and Mrs. F. W. Green.
John Talt, Inspector of C. P. R. tei-1
of Navy ami Grey Serge and Tweeds. All
these goods are guaranteed to give entire satisfaction.
Then we use lhe very hest hair cloth, linen duck, linings and thread, and the pockets we put in will stand
woar and tear.
We have two excellent tailors who know how to
cul and make a suit to lit and \\v are not a hit frightened
to guarantee you entire satlsfnclion, in cloth, style, lit
ami workmanship. Vou need only lo make a small deposit when you order the suil and pay the balance when
ymi gel your suii and SEE thai IT IS satisfactory,
Then another thing, we can save you from $5.00 to
$1.5.00 on your still. Come lu and let us prove Ihal we
ean do this.
Cloth  is very hard to get, hut   we  have quite a
turn hero shortly and take a .position |
wth thc Bowness company.
Mrs. T. c. Armstrong, who lias been
We waul  to thank those of Waldo
pernnli offlrf--:   wim nmnne the hnaUl .   . ,, i who  sent  their  kind  sympathy and
egrapn   .mm.,   w.i.-   .uuoi.j.   in.    nasi | ,i,e vU.lim 0, gastritis, is much Improv-;.      lOfti! flow
ness visitors  in  the city this weekly
from Nelson.
Harry Stevens of St. Mary's prairie,
was in the city on Saturday attending
Mrs. Piete's sister. Miss Sallte Le-
pisto. arrived from Spokane a week, „,0 nfenn|I of Curry c]ork<
ago to take care of the family until _
ers during the great loss
of our dear mot hor ami wife.
Alexander Molntyro and Children.
Waldo, B. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Plete are recovered.
R  L. Archer thc cattle king from:
The Cranbrook Schools will remain
j Canal Flats, was :* business visitor In ;
Miss Helen Grigor, of the local staff ()      u       d Mr. Archer reports I  .      .      .....     .   .,.,   .   ,_.,,,
of teachers, who hae been spending the ma cJle ,Je u.m,stoml the i« unti^rcl   22nd. 1920.   This
last two weeks at her home in Ross-, „i(.      |ln(| fl ^lim, m,r ^ honK nn   « °>> "WW of MUMPS being   rova-
land lu r-vnoetPd to arrive here Sntur-    , . .  .   , , lent among the children.   Parents are
ianu, ta cxpenen to arrive nere nmur | *]|C ratlRea shows thnt thoy are in lhe  .,  .„ , «    .   ,
to resume her duties when the schoola. l)r,, .,.. condition - '        y re1,,esled t0 «>-oi*»te In ,pre-
resume on Monday. j venting further spread of the disease,
  .   .      '        r-**'    „.    ' by keeping children at home In cases
1    Let us supply you with vour next     . .        ,.,,,,    ,
where any member of the family Is
George   Dixon,   who   is   taking   a counl6r 8aie8 books.   We have a com-
course in bookkeeping at Nelson, was i |)]ete ,j|ie an(] pr|cM Rrfl us |(W as
here for last  week-end and departed
I the out-of-town fellow will give you
iln Saturday.   Mr. Dixon  will  «• |The Cranbrook Herald.
By order of
Penslar Dynamic Tonic
Penslar Dynamic Tonic Comes in Two Sizes,
75c and $1.50
—at thi:-
Uuy I'liiuii' 74
Nlghl I'lione 204
If you artt in lhe out-oMoivn district, drop us « teller or card and
anything; you want ln our line will he sent by return mall or express.   We give speclul attention to out-of-town orders.
01)11 SUNDAY HOURS ARE 4 lo 5 P. M. and 8 lo » P. M.


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