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Cranbrook Herald Dec 17, 1914

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Array J&>
AT By. Y. M. C. A.
Muny fllluens lleur Addross of .1. M,
Undlcy on Jlondnj Evening—
.1   Hood   Program
Tlio .Patriotic Nlglit nt tlio Ity.
Y.M.C.A. on Monday evening wns ut-
tondod by n vory large Blued crowd,
the double reception rooms being
taxed to Boat tlle viHltorH who attended to bear the program. Several
of tlio local members of the ll)7th
East Kootenny Regiment wero pre-
sent In uniform.
Mr. Harry White occupied the chnlr
for the evening mid announced tho
The building wiih appropriately decorated throughout the downstairs
wlih the Union Jack ami a vast blending of patriotic colors in bunting,
lings, etc.
lor this purpose. He stated tlmt he
had been promised a tent and would
personally look after tlie erection of
It at the school.
Trustee Fink reported on > visit to
the Central school and recommended
to thc board that thermometers be
provided for each room to assist the
touchers in regulating the heat In the
different parts of the building.
Vlsllor. al School Last 1'rlday Kind
Pupils Busily Engaged—
Uiely Competition
local   Curlers   llrpinlre   finentten!
Kinks Iv 1'urllripale lu
Winter's Sport
A meeting of the Cranbrook Curling Association was held at the city
Creery, w. p, Cameron, B, 11. rat-
more, II. Hpcnco, Mr. Uoodo, T. M.
HobertB, 1.. J. Cranston und W. M.
Harris. The committee on rlnkB con-
slating of Oeo, Hoggarth, 11. R, Beuttle
1-ast Friday afternoon the Manual
Training school kept open house and   .„ , v
Motion that thermometers be pro- i entertained a numbber uf wlsltnrs. On j hall at 7.30 o'clock on Tuesday even
cured nnd tested and placed wa,B car- account of the cold weather the num- j Ing, President Campbell presiding.
I'led. I ber of thos,. in attendance was not I The rinks fur tho season were orgon-
Chulrmnn White reported on bis ef-   so great us In former years. . Ued   with   the   following   named   as
forts to establish school gardens. This A class of boys was busily en- skips: Oeo,.Hoggarth. A 0. Bowness
It Is expected will become a tact dur- gaged In working from three to five.. J. P. link, A. A. Ward. J. F. Campbell,
Ing the next year. | the receiving hours, and the various ' It. E. Beattie, Oeo. F. Stevenson. K. W.
On motion It was ordered tliat the models and drawings of the grades | Russell, 1. li. Henderson, J. It   Mc-
August salary of Or. J. II. M. Bell ss   were ou   exhibition  und  proving  the
medical health officer be paid. school is still advancing.
Application of Miss Mary Htevens . The work of the Manual Training
of Nanaimo, as teacher was accepted : sclioul into three divisions and tbe
and slio was given position on the course provided covers a period ol
Btnlf at u sulary ol 176.00 per month. [ thre   years.    The    three    subjects I and J. n. lleudersou will liave charge
.,.,„. .„..„  „„„ ,    „  ,,,    ,„      T,ie  **m**mtf   *m  Instructed  ta! handled are drawing, woodwork undiot tho rinks during tbe scasou and
I" on am ,,,,1,.,. t|lc auppllcs  requisitioned  by theory.   The subject of woodwork Is  muy appoint now skips or make chan-
Mlss   Woodland,   Principal   Cranston  divided   Into   thirty   divisions,   the , geB In the list as tbey deem advisable.
and Junltor Ugan. 'pupils being supposed to handle ten      A motion that sixteen green men
The following  accounts   wero  re- 'divisions each year.     However,   no : be picked from tho list and that each
ported by tho finance committee and', pupil is held down to the ten dlvi-1 skip be obliged to pick ono from this
say they  nas0(i bv ,„,, board; ' slops and each pupil is allowed to ; selection for his rink wob carried.
! Teachers salaries  II,386.00 ! advance nfl far as possible each year, t    A   committee   was   named   by  the
Health officer  4166 i   T1'erc '" n0 ,ln"bt Du* "ml l"° l,0>'8 ' chairman  for arranging competition
caslon and the generous hospitality h0™^  ' 18MHfr™ '"" work <" "•• «"»"' Train-jas follows: Messrs. McCreery, Steven-
of the Y MCA Janitors      189.001lng    c,'°"1 as *  welc™1' diversion , son and Russell.
Ho wns followed by Mrs IS Pater-! Beattie-Murphy Co        7.26 i f*"om tllc  nours    "Pent over   books;   The skips must make their scloc
son who rendered n solo to a moat 'Cranbrook Drug & Book Co., ! "ld ln tne ctaR" ""™s "' tbe other j tlons and report to the club secretary
appreciative  audience  and   she  was ,   u"        '••• i "J."'. „ .      , .   ,     , ^ ""V""0'' '"an "'*** ? """ "'e ^
obliged   to   respond   with   a   second !Cl^ T"""*<* 0"       «•»« !    "'"" "?   ,*l,° "™ f th,tl """ °< ™ 8 ™"!n  «"mc »»' bc on "> fu"
j.m) *    j Cranbrook Steam Laundry..       130  tnc class '"  ""'   l"IDllc 8cl|ool   are blast In this city not later than the
'  Mr. Percy White gave a character c"" <■' Cronbrooli      4B.00 ''•»°'n«   "'    "'?   Manual    Training beginning of next week.
recitation which was responsible for ' Crnnbrook Electric Ughl Co.     41.60 ' work ma eamt " Kecn Interest In     Two rinks were in shape at the be-
his again being called on 3oUn °"','°         *M idolng th"[r work we" ln tn0 school,    ginning of this week and a few prnc-
A violin solo by Mrs Arnold Wal ' Ko°'™ay Telephone Unes..       3.60     Tlle following are the subjects und tlce games have already' been pulled
linger was well rendered und she re-;J' D- M**rlde        3.M i Jh« ""visions us they arc covered, by l off.    With the curtailment of many
sponded to nn encore with that old | Plltral>r<l B'°»       3-»B H iU""} >'ear 8 ('ol"w: a0m 1H,'",m'!'', <-•'""»»''» P'emler win-
1 "'"-- --- Drawing
was a selection hy Ihe Juvenile orchestra, whicli organization is becoming so well known to music-lovers
In tlio city that words of praise are
unnecessary. Needless to
were encored.
The chairman then gave some appropriate remnrks concerning the no-
A. Waller .
favorite, "Silver Threads Among the	
Mrs.   Maurice   Quain   rendered   a j ANNUAL MEETING OF
patriotic    song    with    a    military'
rhymth   which   carried  the audience
along nnd they vociferously applauded until an encore was received.
The address of the evening was
tiien given by Mr. J. M. Dudley. International Railway   Secretary   wltli | ■   ■■ ■
headquarters at Montreal.   Mr. Dud- !   The second annual meeting ot the
ley has been in Cranbrook muny times : Craorook  Civilian  Rifle Association
and     elevations;
use  and  meunlng of the
Election ol Offlcers lor Ntw leu (I
City Hall on Tuesday Evening
—The Ottccra
Scale drawing; Isometric drawing.
Lessons   In   design   os  applied   to
construction of models.
English and metric measurements
to be used.
ter sport, Is giving every evidence
section  """ " wl" be ,no leading diversion
during the next few months.
The Rest Show Cranbrook Haa Hid
In Many Moons'* Thai Is Whal
Theatre-doers Said of Scottle
It Is not often that we have the plea-
First model to Introduce planing,  su'e of writing up a ahow in which
before nnd hos a wide acquaintance ln I was held on Tuesday evening, tbo ! "Waring, tenon-saw, striking knife.  | we con conscientiously ten tbe truth i
the city.   Ho has spoken on previous : llith. when about twenty-five enthus-  '     "
occasions at the Y.M.C.A. here.   On i instlc riflemen were present.       I
Monday evening In opening his. address he referred to the causes of the
present war nnd gave a definition of
pntrlotism. A German military write:
had produced n hook fn which b,
claims that Germany wns a Christian
nation, but   that   the   command   of
The election ot officers tor the season 1915 resulted In the following:
Captain—A. H. Webster, for second
Secretary—H. H. Bonne.
Treasurer—C. J. Little.
Executive Committee—W. J. Atchl-
Chrlst to "love thy neighbor ns your-! son, A. C. Bowness, E. McMahon and
self" did not refer to men of different
nationalities. Thnt was a bald, plain
statement of Germany's patriotism
Tolstoi hnd said, "Patriotism Is a
crime." He was a world-citizen ami
spoke in a sense which was not meant
to be taken literally. A little boy in
Canada when he said his prayers nf
night was In the habit of winding u)
his prayer with this plea: "Oh. l-oril
please kill the Kaiser and all the
Germans." That was a sort of put
rlottsm, but not of the highest type
Mr. Dudley thought that real patriotism lay somewhere between thes,
widely diversified opinions. He recited the instance of a Y.M.C.A. mar
who enlisted In Montreal, a man whe
had never thought of such a thing
until war broke out, a man who was
not carried away hy the love of excitement or any Intense hate for IK,
Germnns, but who thought that 11
was his duty to bis country when tl
wns engaged in n struggle for the
right und be enlisted with his fan
white with a fear that was In his
hcurt. Thai was the real kind ol
Mr. Dudley gave some description of
the work of the Military Field Service department of the y.M.c.a.'s of
Canada, devoted some time to a few
remarks on the local situation and
asked for lhe support of the citizens
generally for tlie local Y.M.C.A
through this time of stress.
At tlle close of bis remnrks chair-
man White iiiiotiuced tlie last number on the program. Invited the ladles
downstairs to the bowling alleys and
others to participate in refreshments,
which were lo he served In the dining
The program closed Willi a selection
by the Juvenile orchestra anil the
singing ol "Uod Save the King"
Second model to introduce horizon-   —they are all good—but there ere
tal chiselling, guuglng. ' many different degrees of good that
Third model to  Introduce  vertical!a,e Pencil pushers are often In doubt j
chiselling. about the number of adjectives to
Fourth model tn introduce boring. l|ren"; t0 the word good.   Tho Ver-
bow-sawing. sallies which appeared at thc Audi-
Fifth   model   to   Introduco   sand-1 'orlum last night wero good.     This!
papering, end-grain filing, calipers,     j "me It means that they were a well:
Sixth model tn Introduce notching   balanced       comrr"y       with        no
Seventh model to Introduce chnm-'oa(1       one" among      them,
F. Lister, together with the captain, I ferlng. they   gave   a   good    clean     show j
secretary aod treasurer. Eighth model to Introduce modrll- '"" °' fon and several of the num-
Tlie appointment of range' oOoers j Ing with the knife. "ers presented have not been equalled :
was left to the committee), and these <    Ninth model to Introduce end-grain  ,n Cranbrook In many moooB.
will bc announced later. : boring. Their   production   of   "Scottle   In
The captain. A. H. Webster, was     Tenth model to Introduce half-lap  JaPan" Is not designed to put cor-
clcctcd delegate to tbe meeting of the Joint rugatlons in your brain with a depth [
'ounrll of the Interior of British Co-     Eleventh model to introduce nail-   '' P'01, "'" *" "**' comedy and music
'umbln Rifle Association to be held In  Ing, shootlng-boaid.
Nelson on the 17th of December. Twelfth  model  to  Introduce   hous-
A considerable discussion took place, Ing-Joint, spokesbavo.
From the Biggest Stock of Holiday Goods
in the Kootenays
(Local Views Excepted)
i-4 Off all mirrors
These and many other huge discounts on every Holiday Line in
the store.
Just keep track of the big money we are saving you and see what tt
amounts to.
Don't forget our regular prices are better than most people's with a
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
Where It Pays To Deal
Cranbrook, B. C.
and frivolity. Billy Oswald, a» the
irrepressible "Scottle" waB a whole
•how Id himself aud did several stunts
with regard to the possibility of pro-      Thirteenth    model    to    introduce  tliat were new>    M|8B Zartt cl,nton
urliiR a miniature range ln the city modelling with spokeshave, scraper,
.'or use during the winter month** and Fourteenth model to Introduce end-
i committee wan appointed to work *•"***•■ chamfering,
in  conjunction  with  the  107th  East Fifteenth model to Introduce inlay-
Kootenay Regiment, to see what could i ing.
u* done in tills respect. Sixteenth model to introduce glueri
The treasurer's report proved to be Joint, end-grain planing,
was a pleasing young lady full of giu-
ger and tlte possessor of a good voice-
She made a hit with the audience witb
Public .Market Receiving the Support
of Public Bodies in the City—
Now AhNured Success
At the Farmers' Institute meeting
■ield at the city ball on last Saturday
evening Secretary A. H. Webb gave n
most satisfactory.   The association at
'he start of the saason being some
f5S or f(io behind, are now $16 to the
■u'ixk! and  have still the government  model suppll
mint for   care   and maintenance of any uf tlie pi
Seventeenth    model    to    in;ro.l*.ice
mortlfe und tenon joint.
Eighteenth   mod;]   to   Introduce   a
I ly eacb boy b.*.9td on
coding oxerriaos.
Tlpperary," being tbo flrst to Intro- j report of the progress   made   on   the
.luce that now  worldd-famoua aong. public  market.   As  members of the
Billy  Menales  song,  "Just  a  Wee :hief public bodies In Cranbrook have
Doeck and Doris" and the Russian signified their Intention to be present
quartette were the  features of the at the opening and many ranchers
1r«t papt. ,iaT(J promised to bring ln produce,
Frank Maxwell song several songs t looks as If the Market was almost
during thn evening and was well re- assured.
range to come in?  In view of this the     Nineteenth    modi'-    to
meeting decided to amend the bylaw  parallol c mglng.
sotting  the  annual  membership fee     Twentieth model to introduce ro
it tl, instead ot $2. bating,
In completing the target practice     Twenty-Ural    node!   to   introduce
return, averages, etc., Mr. W, J. At-j tongutng and grooving
jliison was found to be the best shot I    Twenty-second  model  to Introduce
tn the association, having an average t modelling and goiiRing.
Of  4.1,   which   Is   highly  creditable.      Twenty-third   model    to Introduce
-dure tliis  was  practically his fin*t
lOAflon on the range.
eelved each time.
The whole show was replete with a
variety of numbers which would sure-
Tbe meting of tbe Institute was prodded over by President A. B. Smith
and was well attended considering the
ly entitle the players to the name of ■ weather.   It was decided to hold crop
Mr. uml Mrs. I tmrlf« Kteiea* Knter*
inln Iriends al the Haw Httel
on lust Friday Evening
-topped housing.
Twenty-fourth  model  to introduce
'topped chamfering,
Twenty-fifth    model    to    introduce
conr.tor-plane and keying.
Twenty-sixth   mode)
easy dovetailing;
Twenty-seventh model Io fntroduc
stopped rehatfng.
Twenty-eighth model to
dovetailing (more difficult)
'Versatiles." They expect to return
to Cranbrook again when they wlll
doubtless have a larger house to
greet them.
Not only are the "Versatiles" patriotic In their stage work, but tbey are
giving twenty per cent of their season's profits to the war fund.
:ompetltlons ln potatoes and oats during the coming season and five dollars
was granted as a prize In the Junior
potato competition.
A well   thought   out paper on the I
brood sow was given by the president.
This was followed by a short discussion.
Names are required for thc pruning
■chool to be held next spring.   Fee
IS COMPLETED   $l,00.   A sum of $21.50 has been reintroduce j First Passenger Train Over New Rood celved from lhe IocaI farracrH towards
FrMay-OttcialB Inspect the a ('- l-wt-tute'a patriotic fund
|.0(|(*l ' -vhlch wil be sent to his majesty's gov-
  eminent to be used as they deem fit
Introduce     The Kootenay Central Is finished! 1*°* *h« *■«!'*'' ol the sick and needy.
I Tho flrst through   passenger   train  T-1* UHe of thtJ clly ha" has been ob-
thousand tons in two ehips. I
havo asked the Admiralty for
another collier that we may
send at least expense further
goods to alleviate this great
distress. The Belgian relief
committee at Halifax will continue to forward supplies shipped through this port. 1 feel
that Canadians generally desire to Bhare more largely ln
this work and am respectfully
asking premiers of other province.*! to make these efforts
nation wide, a number of
Canadian newspapers have offered their hearty co-operation collecting funds If responsible committee take
charge of necessary disbursements. I am satisfied
that all Canadians will regard
as privilege any assistance
given to Belgians. Would you
kindly undertake the rc.-ipon-
(ilbillty of appealing to the
people of your province and
obtain the assistance of your
press towards this end, appointing central committees
if not in existence. 1 think
that through united Canadian
action we ran do splendid
work along lines to great advantage of the empire and at
the same time something that
will help those who, as you
know, have made an enormous and pathetic sacrifice
tliat can hardly be estimated.
I believe all Canadians are
ready to render some sacrifice for the Belgians, who,
nccordlng to reliable reports,
are  homeless and  starving."
OKIiT om B. cv
Halifax. Dec. w.—Thirty-eight invalid and reacted seldtf-rs from the
9r*t Canadian contingent returned by
tbe Allan Uno e-te&mer Scandinavian
today. Tw«Bty-thrc are on the sick
Hit, and retain their uniforms. The
other fifteen art- "misfits," who have
been dUmlued becaaae of drunkenness and dlaorderly conduct or other
misdemeanors. Some of the "misflta"
. were not loath to air their opinions of
things mittUtr at Sfcltabury Plain.
The majority of the fifteen, however,
regret thafWerrors aad many Kay that
they would be only too glad to get
another chance with the troop*.
The men dismissed, whose names
are not mode public, are thn-* from
St, John, N.B.; Ave from Toronto,
three from Winnipeg, out from Vancouver, one from Brantford, one from
Ayrca, Que., and one from Montreal.
The private event of the season took
place  on  the   llth  1nst  In  a  dance i
given hy Mr. und Mrs. Charles Steven*
■it Die Wasa hotel.   It was a most pro-
over the new road of the C.P.R. nr-1 tain*d ,or thp January meeting,
rived  ln  Oolden  on   Saturday.    The
SCHOOL »OAHl)|nouneo(] BUCCMB nnd Judging by the
enjoyment manifested will not bo for-
Considerable    liiisinesN   Transacted
h) liimrdlans nt Cranbrook's
Temples of learning
Meeting  of the school trustees of
the Craubrook school hoard wus held
nt tlie city holt lust Friday evening.   l,(! desired.
Chairman White presiding.
Present—Trustees Kink, Laurie and
Minutes of previous meeting were
read and approved.
An acceptance from Miss Fisher ns
Twenty-ninth model to introduce
modelling and gouging (more difficult).
Thirtieth    model    to   Introduce   a
model lUppllod by each boy based on
any of the preceding exercises.
Recognition   of  common  trees  by throttle. Occupying thc private cars
I gotten for some time.   The host and their leaves, (lowers and fruits. were several  prominent officials of
hostess did nil In their power to make     Recognition of common woods by I the company, Including I). 0, Cole-
'the guests nt home, and the floor and thtl,r markings, weight, smell, etc.       man, general superintendent;  A. C
1 the music—supplied by the Cranbrook
cruulirook orchestra—left nothing to
From 6 o'clock on, lu I    Seasoning and marketing of tlm-
spite of the cold weather, merry sleigh j ber.
train consisted of two  private cars  ASKS ASSISTANCE
and a caboose, and left Colvalll at 7 FOK liEIOltNH
o'clock in the morning, and was   In
charge    of    Conductor    Shackieton,
with   Engineer   Atchison     at    the  r,*M> Thousand Tons of Foodstuffs of Nova Scotia, will ba greatly ap
Needed Per Month For Seven Mil-     ."eclated.
lion Homeless Belgians.
The editor of the Herald is in re-
Materials used In the construction I Harshaw, superintendent of the Crows  celpt of the following self-explanatory
of the tools. .     Nest Pass division, and Gus Erickson,
Growth of trees. \ superintendent of construction.
The residents of Oolden turned Delglum:
out to celebrate the arrival of the first
communication from Premier McUrlde
on  behalf of the starving  people of
bells announced thc arrival of sleigh-
loads of happy people, while the honk
Products of trees.
Enemies of trees.
train over the new road.
. * * .       *,    t   Grinding nnd sharpening of plane ID. H, WILKIE
of the motor cars assisted In making |ron and r ch,Bfi, |u' *• " "''"*'
the event all the more pronounced. •—	
Victoria, Dec. 14, ISH.
Editor Herald, Cranbrook, B. C.
Dear Sir:   The Honble. O. H. Mur-
Fresh lUliins In pkts. 2 pkts. for. .2Gc.
Fresh Raisins In bulk, per Tb lie.
Fresh Currant* In pH». 2 t>*ttJ>. fur.2i'.
Fresh Currants In Lulk, per tb.     l'c.
Sultanas In pkts. per pkt    ..dc.
A subsequent telegram was recelv- SllltaB„ ,D bulk; per lb ].<■
from  Hon.  Mr.  Marray, advising  iUi(l!nH for eatl|i| In 1 lb. pkts, ptr
'   '" ""'    '   """'',      I'kt    25c
Dates In pkts. 2 pkts for 25c
Dates in bulk, per lb Ito.
Figs in bulk, per Tb 2c.
Fancy tigs for eating. 3 pkt* for .25c.
Orange peel, p«*r lb 20c.
i<**mon peel, p*r Ib 20c.
citron peel; per ft 23c.
Cranberries, per ft 15c.
Mince Meat, "Wetheyy. 2 pkts for.25c
Icing Sugar, 2 pktafor 25c.
tt'll T    luvuipivs Icing's "Chocolate «nd Maple" und
OKT COXTBACT! White Sugar, prr ft *c
  Per cwt 17,0
A   numbr-r   ot   local   lumbermen "ro*" Su»ar, pw ft  lc.
have given up hopea that Brltltih Co- |*,,r cw> I'<6
lumlila mlllm™ will nocuro it« por-.I Walnut», ahellfjoVpfMr It) 60c
mo thai the steamer Trengloee would
be available nt UtillfHx about Decern*
ber 20th for free trnnH|iortntIon of
luppllea to Iii-tgium.
Your co-operation  In  this  mutter,
ih roquested by the Hon. the Premier
Youri faithfully.
Premier Mcllridc.
ray, Premier of Nova Scotia, has tele-! tion of the contract for 10,000,000 tle« Almond*,, shelled, per lb..
to  be  Equity  Divide*  Be.
twee* Two Sous and
teacher on the ataff wns received. Thia At 9 o'clock tho dance commenced and l a farewell dance will be given In
Vnoanoy won caused b y the roelgna- kept up till 3 In the morning, a moat I hono rof Mlaa Elalo P, Van Slyke, who
tion of Miss Cartwright. excellent auppcr being provided In the , |, to be married shortly, by a bunch of
Trustee Qualn reported on a vlnlt .Interval. |her unmarried friends, on  Wednes-j   -„,„„,„   .^"Tfrtsn I... n   » ■
by Trustee Laurie and himself to the i    T|„ „,,„,(„ itrtyei f,0B ,nrf „,«, dty „,„„,, DMeml)M tM ,„ ,„„ Ma.     ™°» »•   *«. "■   ™> *"""j |
South Ward school, where they found ,„ ,„„ V|Clnlty ,nd Mr, ,nd Mra. st.v-.onlc hall.   During her residence In H^J*!., 1600 000 Ther
everything  In  a  sal sfac.ory condl-, m milBt bc congratulated on th. .««-' Cranbrook Mlaa Van Slyke haa been a I \_\   „" ",, ^"•h.u, ZIt in W
tion   A number of children  ion, tha „„„ „„„ „„, ,w.ng with which every-l^ci.! ,„8, wl,l, . long list of ac £ "J ^°rrWfJt££admlnK
country districts were unable to at-1 thing went, while the thanks ol the I qualnt.nces nnd  admirer.  In  tli»-> «' "PPW'nK  Ira
, tend school during tho oold woatljar on 'guests aro due to tho management of J circles.   She will bo greatly ,.,'sse
account of there being nu stable for I n„, liotel tor tho car. taken In look-
horses ut lhc achool. Tnislcu qualn him after tho comfort of the gumto, In
proposed to erect a tent at the school their usual perfect way.
by the young people Iter?, j.i ,,i #*um
are wishing her happlneaa In her new
home and new life.
LEFT $500,000; graphed me, asking my support In ob-
' talnlng tbe co-operation of the press
' of this province, as follows:
"Herbert Hoover, chairman
American Relief Commission,
states tho hope of help Is
gradually being narrowed to
reliance upon the generosity
of those who live In thc Nortli
American continent lo supply
the actual necessities of tlie
seven million people remaining in Helium. Itellabte authorities estimate tluit elghty
thousand tons of foodstuffs
a month wlll he required
' throughout lho winter. Thus
lar Canada haa sent about all
for thc Imperial government. 'Candy "Royal Mix," per lb 13«.
Just at present this would mean a-i*'*""1-'' Chocolates, per lb... toe.
lot for the lumbermen of this dls- CUM**7* Caramels, Klasea, Jelly Beans
The estate will be equally divided between two sons, Arthur, now at
the front, and Htewart, In the Royal
Artillery, and Mra. Kerr, giving each
about IIW.WO.
trlct and Cranhrook In particular.
There are thousands of lumberjacks
around the district who would welcome n couple of months work.
E. H. McPhee, secretary of the local
Conservative, aaoclotlon, has received
another wire from ,Mr. II. K. Oreen,
the member for Kootenny In the Dominion house, adftalng direct representation by the lumbermen to llrltlsh
j Railway executive. The wire concludes: "American    Arms are   prtw-
,iilng hard for It."
Etc. per Ib 36c.
Nuts,   mixed,   ■Walnuts,   Peanuta,
Braxlla and Almonds, per lb.., ,!>6c.
Nuts, Peanuta, per 111 17c.
Orangea, per doien. .30c., 35c., SDc. 46c.
Umona, per down tsc.
Bananas, per dooen. 4»c.
Apples, Jonathan and Wagners, per
box  ji.ca
Special Apples, per box ll tr,
Extra Special Apple*, per bo»..|i.7i,
W. F.Ut'Itll
Barrister.   Solicitor,
362 Richards St
(Successor to W. P. Ourd)
Barrister,    Solicitor    anti
P. 0. Box .Su'J
BwlgUrg,  Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Imperial  Bunk  Building
PhjrsifliiHs   nml   Surgeon*
•Aee at  resilience. Armstrong
Fereaooiis    0.00 to 10.00
Afteraooas  2 00 to 4.00
BvenlilRs    7.80 to 8.30
■aadays    2.30 to 4.30
Cranhrook.   H.C.
Taxidermist  nml   Fur
P. II. Ilex  Illl
Calgary, Alberta
(1,11 anil .Mining Engineer,
It. ('. I.uml Snneyoi-H
(•client I lie it lift lit
Employnienls Agents
P, O.  Box  HIS i'lione 244
forwarding    add    lllstribiitliig
Agent for ■
l.rllihriilgc   Coal
Xl-lte Poiiiler
Imperial Illl Co.
Drajlng ami Transferring
Oiveu promiit attention
P!iol|e (13
Headquarters  for ul]  kinds of
Satisfaction  Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Shorthand,    Stenography,
Bookkeeping, Etc
on .Hon. Tucs. and Thiirs, Kv'gs
■from 7 to U o'clock. $8 per month
King Edward's School
Cranhrook, B C.
Per week
High School course     3.60
School course.      2.60
Kindergarten        1.35
Private lessons       1.00
Miss V. M. Cherrington
Phone 2'JO
The Columbia
Box 2H1*
L. !'. Sullbttn, Editor
J. It, Thompson, Business Manager
SupHcrlptlua Kates
One   Year     12.00
Six Months         1.00
Three Months     GO
Advertising Rates
Display   Advertising,   1.5   cents   per
I'olumu inch.
Heading Notices or Classified Ads. 10
cents per Une.
CranbrookT IU., I)e«'mbt*r"l"th« 1914
m real money, or an aiijirovved lien
note that llnuker SupiiIp will accept in j
lieu of cush on batunco days—and tliat
the llerald coal bin will he overllow-1
, ing till summer's bulmy breezes blow.
—Creston Review.
The Cranbrook    Herald has    been
taken over hy J. H. Thompson and
: L. V. Sullivan, two practical printers
| who have been connected with thc
(paper  for  years.    Tlie  Star  wishes
tlieni abundant prosperity in tlicir un- j
1 dertaking. The Herald is one of the '<
j best publications In the province, hut!
! tlie business men of that city should
be ashamed of themselves for thc rot-
|ten   support   they are   giving   it.
Princeton Star.
tlio greatest loss of life occur-j    Evening   subject-    "The   Uso and
The war ollice glvea tho number Abuse of thc Sabbath."
of dead at Hartlepool as seven soldiers and 22 civilians and the wounded at 14 soldiers and 50 civilians,
At Scarborough, where a battle
cruiser and an armored cruiser ahcl-
lod the town, 13 casualties are reported, while at Whitby two were killed
and two wounded.
Men, women and children wero left
dend or wounded without warning
while at bieakfast or nt work. In all
the casualty Hat totuls 114. according
to the official estimates, of whom "1
are known to bc dead.
Tiiere will bo speclnl music at both
All aro cordially invited to attend.
Who put tin* I'at in U'atlriotism?
Hag! Hag! Everybody's chewing It j CRANBROOK HAS "WHITE
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
11  a.m. Subject:
r. II. Ml
Html Ist
tu   Hanson
II lo 12 a 111
1 tu   6 i' in
7 to   8 ii.m
Xatpmit* und i.encnil Nursing
Uuiduli Ave.
Torois on Application
MM. A. SALMON, Matron
r**SS Ml I'. (1.  llox 845
. Director
e 341
i'. 0. Uox
1 nile linker
Phone 233 Niclit
'hone :'.r,
Ave, next to 1
•Ity Hall
———-                               —
Knbl. Frame, I'rtip.
Fresh  Itrt'iid, Cakes, Pies
and Pastry
Phono 87
Norbury Ave.      Opp, City Hall
Only eight days more to do your
I'liristmas shopping.
Honor womanhood If you would
keep faith in humanity.
He up and doing you tillers of the
soil. The farmers markt-t opena Saturday.
The strongest boy in the family and
the large market basket wlll be in
' evidence Saturday.
Say, Mr. Farmer, have your farm
produce ready for the opening of the
public market Saturday.
A clear conscience is more to be
desired than a pull with the police.
It's hard lines when you have neither.
"FooIh often rush in and win while
wise men Investigate." We hope this
will uot prove the rule at the forthcoming municipal contest. We are
paying a high rate now and nre just
keeping our heads above water.
■ In this year of war plan to make a
tew others happier than your mere
family circle. Remember the poor,
the unfortunate and the hungry. It
is not he magnitude but thc spirit ol
I the gift that makes this old world
I move.   Plan a charitable Christmas.
Keep the dollars In t'ranbrook. Tin
people of this city should arrange to
buy their Christmas presents of tin
home merchants. Money spent ii
•'ranbrook wlll (always help Cran-
, brook. Money spent in the east In
of no benefit to the town. Hulld up
your own town.   It pays.
Each week brings nearer thc muni*
Icipal elections aud present Indication.'
point to a strenuous contest for tin
offices of mayor and aldermen re
spectivoly. What is tiie attraction'
We hope It ls for a business council
Whatever it may be tbere will hi
enough candidates in the field to con
test every scat on the council board
It Is pretty generally understood
that a number of the present counct'
will not seek re-election, some ot
them claiming that life is too short
and time too precious to bother will
municipal affairs. The coming yeai
is going to be a troublesome one.
Members of tin: council know It already.
We must use our heads this comiuj
January nnd endeavor tu elect a business mayor. Just who the candidate:
will be is not at present divulged
Hoth sides are saying lltle at present
Whoever tbe men arc it will pay tlu
property-holders to look them ovei
pretty thoroughly this year. We need
men uf .exceptional executive abilit;
to handle the city affairs the comlnp
term.   We need a business council.
When some poor individual appears
at your door asking for a bite to cat.
or seeking employment, don't cal:
him a bum and slam tbe door in hit*
facc. If yon do not feci disposed tr
assist him ln any way, it would b<
well to direct him to the city hall
where he can at least get enough t<
subsist on. That "bum" may be tin
victim of circumstances of which you
know nothing. A kind word costs
nothing. Some people can only sec
I the poor through a telescope, whilst
often In the shadow of our homes
some needy soul Is trying to Hv*
upon scenery, busted hopes, and tin
sweat of a cookhouse window.
ln n nicely bordered paragraph
prominently placed on the front page
.if Saturday's Nelson News was conveyed the tidings that Hon. W. J. ilowser and Hon. W. It. Ross "will leave
in n few days for a brief trip to Kootenay  to  Inform  themselves  of the
needs of the district, and also to visit
the Doukhobor settlements."
In Monday's news appears the Itinerary of these gentlemen, which includes stop sat (irand Forks. Trail,
Hossland, Brilliant, Nelson, Fernie
aud Cranbrook; the return journey
being made by Spokane.
To say that Creston is disappointed
in not having a visit from the ministers while tliey are down tbis way
"to inform themselves of the needs of
tlio district," Is stating the case mildly.
This particular little district lias
several little matters that should he
brought to the attention of both ministers; matters tlmt Mr. Hoss and Mr.
Howser cannot very well be correctly
informed of at Nelson or Cranbrook,
or any otlier point.
Just why tlie ministers should dud
it necessary to stop at both Rossland
and Trail, whicli are less than twenty miles apart, and not feel It incumbent upon them to make a visit between Nelson and Cranbrook, n
spread of 1110 miles of country (in
which Creston is centrally and In
otlier respects advantageously situated) Is a trilling mysterious, to say
the least.
Conservatives, Liberals and Socialists alike have not forgotten the
pass-up Creston got when tlie Redistribution Commission appointed by
the provincial government was liuld-
'ng sessions iu Kootenay, and so soon
ifterward to be again overlooked
loesn't—well it doesn't tend tc
Urengthen the Conservative cause in
these parts. -Creston Review.
Tin* man with th.
in summer time It
these days.
"nice cool house"
not saying much
Morning service,
S. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Evening service, 7.30 p.m. Subject:
"The War."
Anthems ut morning nnd  evening
Choir Lender—Mrs. E. Paterson.
Organist—Mr. H. Stevens.
,,„.,,...,.„. isnsHiii im*.'      "Peace   I   leave  you;   not  as  tho.
FEATHER" BRIGADE | worW glvet1l| ^ , unl„ vm,   Let;
hot your heart be troubled, neither
.Urn Who Poke Fun at Local Mlllthi ;
Should Kerchc Hen
let It be afraid."—John 14c;l!7v.
Forewurned is forearmed. Tlie
(jarents of the many school children
are laying lu a supply of castor oil".
It's awfully funny to hear the
ihronlo grouch talking about the cold
spell of weather us if lie Intended to
Ix It soon.
"Yeast" is the name of a new play.
It is a suffragette production, makes
the men rise and then cooks them to
i dark brown.
The banana belt was visited by n
slight frost Monday night, but It is
Cranbrook has candidates for olllccs
other than mayor and aldermen, lt
has some candidates for tlie "White
Feather." This lien extract should be
presented to young men who are In a
position to go to the front and light,
but are convinced tlie town cannot
get along without tbem. They entertain the idea tliat someone must stay
at home and "rub" thc soldiers.
I*ast week as thc local soldiers were
assembling for drill, one of our stalwarts  wus heard to remark, "What
not thought tho crop  bus  been  af-  Eools tll0>' arn to drlu-   ThW im* be
If there are 30 mills In the Cranbrook district not operating and property owners will have to pay 30 mills
next year, how 'will this affect the
!>rice of lumber?
called on any time." Pructicully every
crisis of a national nature produces
fools, but they urc seldom found on
the firing line.
A number of young ladies are now
preparing for thc members of the
"Feather Bed Brigade" and will invest
them with thc white feutlier, und per-
Saturday, December 19th at 8 p.m.
a song service entitled tlie three parsons.
Tuesday afternoon Sunday school.
Evening at 8 p.m. u gospel service.
All aro heartily Invited
Capt.  aud  Mrs.   Hustler.
catholic nu'itni
Sundays—Low muss at S:'.<> a.m.,
high mass, 10:30 a.m.; Sui day School |
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at 7:30. p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligor
tion— Mass at 8 a.m.
P. Plamondon. O.M.I.
Must You Be Bald?
What have you done to stop yom
hair from falling? Hnve you tried
ReMll-WHalrTonlc? lfnot,wt
want you to try It at our risk.
If you havo dandruff; if your hair
is falling oat and your scalp u not
glazed and Bhiiiy, if you use Rexall
"Q2" Huir Touio according to dtrcc-
tiooB for thirty days, and at tho end
ot that time you aro not thoroughly
mtlsfiod With the results and wil tell
ua so, wo will immediately baud back
your money. We won't ask you to
liroini-io anything. Wo won't even
question you. Wo will tako your
more word and return your money.
Doesn't it Btand to reason thut
Retail "93" Huir Tonic must be a
mighty good remedy und have given
great, satisfaction1 to our cusluinorB if
we endorse it liU tliu? We know of
no similar rc.nedy that ia us nod. II
in bocauso'of what Hexali "03 Hair
Tonlo baa done for others tbat wa
back it with our own money.
Why suffer scalp und Imir Iroublo
or ho bald, when Hexali "B3" Hair
Tonlo will remove dandruff, ■■irtko
ynur acalp comfortable and hi'ulthy,
promote Imir growth and tend to
provout baldnoM—when we wil
pay for tlio irea.mout should it fail
to plu.uo you?
Wo don't qbUgato you to anything.   You "imply buy tho treat,
inent;   huh it, and if dot pleased,
coma pack inns omptydiaiidod - and
wu will baud back whut you paid ua.
Two BliW, .*0u nnd 11,00 A bottle.
You ran buy Roioll "03" Hair Touk
i- *iu*j community only at our store;
liiutlie-Miirphj Co.
The fe*cu*l Shu
Thorn In a Jl. mil .Sunn in nearly fvttv town
MM1   citv  ill  lliii   1'i.ilnl, Hl.il.".   rniifto.il. ftw
tin-at Britain.   Tiioro in a dittontnt Henl)
Jtiittiodv tor niNirk* ev.-ry ur.liiinry Iminnn III —
e.ich .•upwiiilLy <*i*>imu'.l W tlm purlii*ul»r ill
for wlii.'n it ia nooinmondod.
The Rcxull Stores ore America'! OnatMl
Drug Stores
I GIVEN to tlie electors ot tlie Municl-
I pality ot tlie Corporation ot tlie City
Tlie shortest ilny anil the longest  Imps when tlie next bunch ot men go \ 0« cranhrook thnt I rciiulro the pres-
nlght of the year are close nt hand,  forward In response to the call of i ence of the said electors at tlie Muni-
duty, this bunch of "we don't belong to | ciPal Offices, Norbury Avonue, In the
.,,„„„,,    .       , . ,   City of Cranbrook aforesaid on thc
the soldiers" will bc forced to march   luf, (,ay   0,   Jnlllmry,   1915|   ut   12
at the head of the procession. ''o'clock noon (1   o'clock   p.m.   local
If those fellows have not In their  time) for the purpose ot electing per-
,   . ,, sons to represent them In tne Municl-
"make-up spunk enough to go and pal Counoll as Mayor an(, Aldermen
fight, or at least Join the local militia j anj to represent them on the Board
and   prepare  to  fight—and  it takes I of School Trustees as Tructees.
rrt rto te" rT-,'"::1 ?Ky; ^^\^~'^ zt
A real Eye Opener story lias been had better go away back and sit down • dat(,s s]mll t)e nominated In writing,
;olng the rounds of the local gossips and keep their mouths shut until tlie, the writing shall be subscribed by two,
his week.   Tlm moral of the story is. war is finished, and when the East! .oters of the   .Municipality   n»   pro-
'It never pays to take more than the Kootenay   boys  come   back   covered l _>__**_. 5!ca?SLftdidSl S .¥:
If your electric bill looks large, blame
'lie calendar and not Edgar Davis.
A linotype operator formerly in the
jtnploy of the Pernie Free Press lias
:ome into possession of $200,000. Ye
',-ods! when will- fortune favor the
Herald operator?
Tcimfl on Application
The newspaper situation in ('ran
hrook Insofar, at least, as thn Herald
Is concerned seems to hnve at last
got down to a permanent foundation.
Kor some time past residents In
tiie divisional city wore not quite sun
whether the place boasted of one
newspaper or two, or two In one—as
was the case for one week—though
to the credit of the Herald he lt snld
It never missed an issue In all the
times of stress.
Now comes the announcement that
, Messrs. Thompson aud Sullivan have
leased the plant. Mr. Thompson was
formerly In charge of the business end
nf the Herald and will continue In thnt
capacity, while Mr. Sullivan wilt look
after the news and editorial part of
tlie works. Mr. Thompson has the
husiness ability nnd If he of the Irish
cognomen can deliver the goods successfully also the future of the Her-1
aid Is reasonably safe.
The Herald has always been and is I
today one of Cranbrook's most valu- j
able' assets, nnd  It Is of the  most j
vita) puhlic importance that tlie paper
In* kept going.    No center occupying
the place Cranbrook does fn Kootenay ln particular and llrltlsh Colum-
Ma Iii general can afford to be with-!
out a lively newspaper. i
Here's hoping that every subscriber
wilt come through with his two-spot'
j    And to think wo let it get away!
It is too much!   Two Hundred Thou-
! sand Dollars (Count 'om) In real sure
regular money!
It happened this way.   Chris, Nord-
i hougen  sat at the keyboard of the
! Free Press Linotype and said nothing
j This in itself was remarkable, as the
J machine is a very present inspiration
j to say tilings.    It is the first lino-
'■ type that  was  ever made  and  has
j little tilings about It that later ma-
j chines never dreamed of.   It ought to
be in the Smlthson's museum, along
with Haynes' horseless carriage and
'urtis' flying machine.
But tiiere it was, and Is, and there
was Chris., but alas, is no  longer.
Well, anyway, Chris, used to sit there
ind say nothing, being taciturn to a
degree.   It is said tluit he forgot how
to talk through long association with
deaf-mutes in a school of thnt persuasion,   He didn't look like money.
In fuct, he and money moved in different spheres.
Vet, right there, Intent within the
same silent Christopher, were the
possibilities of a "touch" that would
enable n man to give winter the hilarious salute. If we only hnd him
now! Why, beauteous reader, Chris.
Nordhougen is now the possessor, in
his own right, title and Interest, of
tlio enormous, not to say stupendous,
aggregation of collated wealth bespoken.
It fell on him. Somebody died and
—bingo, Chris, is a fifth of n millionaire, llut the sad part of it is to
think lie is no longer hero, wliere we
'might help him spend It. Yea, verily where we might even Bpond it for
him. For what will he know about
spending coarse money like thnt?
Wo should be awfully nice to Chris
If he were here now, we should. Tn
fact, we should mnke quite a chorus
of friendship for Chris.. It would
be: "You know me, Chris. Don't
you Chris? Eli, Chris? Remember
how I helped you to change that
heavy magazine, Chris? Some old
load of Junk, that, wasn't it? But I
don't care, so long as I wus helping
out a pal. 1 know you'd help me out
If ever you got n chance. I didn't
mind that sprained wrist. It was all
right in a couple of weeks. What's
a sprained wrist, between friends?
Those were the good old days two
summers ago, weren't they, Chris? j
Remember how wo used to go Into the
King's and get a friendly drink? I
remember how you used to insist on
paying, Just like you, always genor-
ous and anxious to do something for a
The Hades of it is that Chris, was
always a taciturn chap. Ho might
still ho taciturn.—Pernio Free Press.
mortgage calls for."
It is said tliat there Is a time in
ivery boy's life when lie ts about 19
years old that he needs one good lick-
!ng. If lie doesn't get It he will be-
'ieve for tlio rest of his life tliat he
| 'uu lick his father.
A woman, whose husband died re-
•ently, leaving her $2,000 life lusur-
ince, reported tlie sad news to her
eastern  relatives-, tliusly:   "Jim  died
rthls, week.    Loss   fully  covered   by
; insurance."
The big guns of the Conservative
party ln British Columbia ore ex-
iected in Cranbrook tills week with
t new line of ointment for wounded
. ind disappointed party adherents. It
is snld tliat miniature oil booms hnve
j followed their course over the prov-
! ince.
.,, . llvered to the Returning Officer at any
with the glories of war they will be ; Umo oeUveCll ti1G jate of the notlco
permitted to shout with the crowd and; and 2 n.m. (3 o'clock p.m. local time)
relate at Ave o'clock teas how "we fel-' on the day of nomination; tho said
lows helped to put the kihosh on the »«*{ XSer'nT the" Slcfpal
Kaiser." Election   Act   and   shall   state   the
Cranbrook's "Sidewalk Heroes," of*, names, residence, und occupation or
which  we  have  only  a   few, thank | description of each person proposed,
goodness, know
"It's a Long Way to
in such manner as sufficiently to Iden-
,    tify such candidate; and in the event
and that the walking ls*of a poI1 beiug ncccasary, 8UCh poll!
. will     bc     opened     on     the     14th:
  day    of    January,    1915,    at    thai
j Municipal   Offices,   Norbury   Avenue, I
(■HOR AL SOCIETY ' crnnbrook,     B.     C,     of     which j
dtiaqi-j \vi7pik i every  person is hereby  required to [
jw,iJttMAiH4ga>  take nottcG mr\ govern themselves ut- j
  : cordlngly.
Membership of Sixty-One — Elects Qnallficatluns for Mayor. Thu per-.
' sons qualified to be nominated for and ■
; elected as the Mayor of any City shall
be any person who ia a male Bi-itlsh
\ subject of thu full age of 21 years, not
' disqualified under any law, nnd ban
. been for the six months next preced-
j ing the day of nomination been the re-
Sew Oflicers and Will Commence ltehearsuls In
The Crnnbrook Choral Society wns;
gistered owner hi the Land Registry
newly organized with a membership of, omctl| of iand or real proporty in thc
sixty-one nnmes this week. The flrst '■ city of the assessed value, on the last
meeting   for   thc   organization   was' Municipal Assessment Roll of $1000
held nt tlie Y M C A   lafit nlirht     Mr    or more over and above ;iny R«8>Bter-
- -   Iem " "ie VMl"A- la8J n«M-   "Ned Judgment or charge, and who is
■mploy of the Fernie Free Press, and  Ge0- R stGvenson occupied the chair1 ltliorwlse duly qualified us a Municipal
end was assisted by Mr. C. F. Nidd as   wter.
secretary pro tem.                                  QuttlJOcatlOM  for  Aldermen.   Tho
persons qualified to be nominated for
Some discussion on thc subject of an(] elected as tlie Aldermen of any
the organization brought out a con-  City shall bo any person  who la a
sensus  of opinion  that the  society  male British subject of the full age of!
was hovering in the neighborhood of should  he reorganized and  proceed J}wf2Jj'hJJ for aU^onths^ext P"H
ten below, the towel slipped off tho  ~'""     '   "    -■■•-•--   •' <••--      .....        	
At the time of the Fernie fire, some
*ix years ngo, Bert Whimster. then in
j who came to Cranbrook each week
i thereafter to have the Free Press run
'. iff on our press, left a towel in tlie
; composing room of tills office. Mon-
, day  night  last,  when   the  mercury
nail  and lo!  and behold, thc towel
broke in two.
London, Dec. IC—For the first time
in centuries England has been struck
by a foreign foe. A squadron of swift
Qerman cruisers crept through the
fog hist night to tho eastern coast
and turned their guns against the
When day broke they began the
bombardment   of   thrco    important
towns—Hartlepool at the month of the the first Mondty In January.
Tees; Whitby, U5 miles southward and I Holy City" by Gaul w»: '*_■'._
with   practices   during   the   winter ceaing the day of nomination been tho
months. registered  owner, in  thc  Land Re-
™,.     ,   .,       ,   „ ,. j gistry Office, of land or real property
The election of officers resulted as g »* CHy 'of thfl aS8e81jed ^ 0£
follows: the last Municipal Assessment Roll ot
President—Mr. Geo.  F.  Stevenson,; ^500 or moro over and above any Re-
re-elected gistered Judgment or charge, and who
| Is otherwise duly qualified ns a Munl-
Vice-Presldent—Mrs. Maurice Qualn. [cipal Voter.
Librarian and Secretary—Mr. O. H.     Qualifications for School Trustees.
Thorpe I The persons qualified to be nominated
for and elected as School  Trustees
Mrs. Oeo. F. Stevenson  and Mrs. 0f any  School  District  shall  be  a
J.  V..  Kennedy were named on the Brltlsii subject of the full age of 21
music committee In addition to the y™**>  actually   residing   within  the
,,       m District and having been for the six
other officers. months  next preceding  the  date of
Mr. C. F. Nidd wlll act as conduc- nomination the registered owner, In
ter and rehearsals will commence on the Land Registry Office, of land or
"THp real property ln the City School DIs-
1 trict of thc assessed value, on the last |
nrst Municinal Assessment Roll, of $500 or
Seal borough, noted us a pleasure re-  selection to which the society will de- more over and above nny Registered
sort, 15 miles beyond.                              vote  its efforts.    There  Is  a large Judgment or charge, and being other-
.    .         .  . ,    .  ,    .,       ,. wise qualified to vote at un election of
Hartlepool     suffered     most.   Two  amount of vocal talent In the city Sc|I00j Trustees.
nnd  in   past    years It has    proven Given under my hand at Cranbrook.
helpful to the singers to have BUCll j B.C., this 8th day of December, 1914.
work as that of the Crnnbrook Opera- T- M. ROUK!' I.;.
tic Society and thu Choral Society being carried on.   Tho work takes the
rough monotony off many a barren
A heathen named Mln, passing by
A pie shop, picked up a mince pie;
If you think Mln a thief
Pray dismiss that belief;
The mince pin that Mln spied
Wbr Mill's pie!
battle    cruisers    and    an    armored
cruiser   were  engaged   aud   ut  this
The Brightest
Women Find
sometimes that they aro dull in
mind, depressed in spirits, and thnt
they havo headache, backache,
nnd sufferings that make life
seem not worth living. But these
conditions need bo only temporary.
They nre usually caused by indigestion
or biliousness and a few doses of
will quickly, safely and certainly
right tho wrong. This famous family
remedy tones tho atomach, stimulates the liver, regulates tho bowels.
Beecham's Pills cleanse tho system
of accumulating poisons and purify
tho blood. Their beneficial action
shows in brighter looks, clearer
complexions, better feelings. Try
them, and you also will find that they
Are Worth
A Guinea a Box
I ^'•''^..lAnMAs.sms.ma.WmU.
SoH mnmfam,  h, la.ua. IS oak
Upturning Odloer.
winter's night anil affords some healthy and Instructive diversion for
those who attend. All success to thc
new society.
Rev. O. 13. Kendall, pastor        \
Services, 11.00 a.m. ond 7.30 p.m.
Topic for morning—"Perfection
Through Suffering."
Evening topic—"How Shall Wc Es-1
capo If We Neglect Salvation?"
Sunday school, .1 p.m.
Felowshlp Bible class, 3 p.m.
'    Baptist oung People's Union Mon-'
j day 8.00 [(jn.
Annual Christmas concert by the
Sunday School Wednesday, 8.00.
lit thc Name of the Prince of Peace
we extend Christmas Greetings to the
Herald and Its readers.
llnl Removal or
Remodelling Ladles   llnls
a Specialty
15 Fenwick Avenue
Phone 204
W. E. Dunham, Pastor.
Sundny   services:    :Tho   pastor
wil preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
]   Morning subject: "Hellgloua Cour-
—•" ■ ,.    t_J. iXtist
We are Sole Agents In
this district for the Famous Gait Coal, Briquettes
and Bank Head Hard
Coal. We strongly recommend this coal to our many
patrons during the coming
J. MILNE, Manager
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Has just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice daily
Buttermilk twice a week
The only clarified milk In
We  guarantee  to  Please
rhone 105 P. O. Box 33
Oa... ist Methodist Church
Receives Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte,  Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave
Hours: 2 to 6
Evenings by arrangement
Phone 2C4
P. 0. Box ',
Carpenter and Builder
Plans and Estimates Furnished
on Short Notice
If  you  want satisfaction
with your washing
send it to
Special prices for family
Spokane, Washington
"THK   IIOTia   WITH   A
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel in Spokane
On your noxt trip
to thiB city, let us
show you why
this is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
See Steamship on the Bool THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17th', 1914
■ •*
1 *
A Gift that will
be doubly
If Borne wife, sweot-
heurt or sister Is going
to receive a watch from
yon tliis Christmas, why
not make it a Ortieii
Wristlet Watch?
In addition to being the
timekeeper she lias wanted
and needed for so long,
its convenience and beautiful appearance on tho
arm will appeal to her instantly.
Ami, ton, Hn depend*
ahlenesH as a Mmekfloper
will he a constant source
of satisfaction, Tho taut
that it Is made by tlie
iiiiikiTs of tlie famous
(iruen VerUMii Watch is
your guarantee of real
ilnu'lti'i'piiij- QUnlitlec In
a Oruon Wristtet watch,
Conn* In and ii»k to svt1
(liN watch. The price-*
range from lift to P.M.
Wolf   left   today    for
Mrs.   John
Prank Parks is still confined to his
home with illness.
200 boxes Jap oranges at 8»c. per
box.- Ira It. Manning, Ltd.
Choice oranges and lemons for thc
Christmas tree te Ward* & Harris.
Born—At Mrs. Bent's hospital on
Tuesday, December 8th, to Mr. and
Mrs. Byron MoFarlane, a daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Phillips an
leaving today for Spokane, where thej'
will spend a few days visiting.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Pollen and family left today for Victoria, where thej
will spend the Christmas holidays,
W, B. McFarlane returned yesterday from Calgary, wliere he has beer
spending tiie past week on business
Mrs. J. E. Davis will arrive from
Vancouver Saturday to spend tlu
Christmas holidays with her son
Edgar Davis.
In our   crockery   department   upstairs many dainty and useful thing:
well he found for Cliristmae presents !
—Ira K. Manning, Ltd
Dr. and Mrs. J. H. King will be a' ,
home to all tlieir friends at their re  \
Bldence   on   Armstrong   avenue   or j
New Year's day from -I to G ami fron
8 to 10.
It  Is  learned  here  the  Kooteim:
Central branch of the C.P.R will b' |
opened for traffic January 1, when it
will be taken over by the operating de  I
par tm ent.
Cranbrook   sportsmen   are   farini I
pretty well these days.   Monday tlire  j
fine deer were landed at tin* station
A number of people looked the sped  j
mens over and smacked their lips. In
eluding the editor of this paper
ln tin* report published fn lu [
week's llerald of the Cranbrook Poul
try show it couple of errors crept inti
the write-up. In the ll. I. Red, H 0
class Curtail Chapman won flrst lien
It. 1. Bed, 8. C. pullet wns also woi
hy Qarhut Chapman; in (he s C
Brown Leghorn class, ti P, Tlsdah
won second cockerel.
The Christmas entertainment of tin
children  of   Knox   church   Babbatl
school Wlll lake plaee ou Wi'dinsilay
evening at the church.   A program "t
Hongs, recitations ami drills win i»
given by the sebolars. Mrs. Wallin
ger's juvenile orchestra will be Ir
attendance, Tin* juvenile class under Mrs \V. Stephens will be entertained on Tuesday afternoon In till
school room.
A large case of clothing and bed'
ding valued at 9126.00 was sent today by Knox Presbyterian Ladles Aid
Society to the Belgian Relief depot at [
Cftlgary, to he forwarded with tin
next shipment to Belgium. Thi-'
clothing was practically all new, most
of It being bought iu the local stores
with halt the proceeds of the entertainment, "The Minister's Bride." The
quilts were donated by members of the
Ladles Aid, the Missionary Society
and the Mission Baud of Knox
Tho Belgian Belief committee wish
to announce that with the funds donated by the teaching staff or the public school, Mr. L. J. Cranston and
Mrs. V. Godoris, thoy havo purchased and forwarded to Calgary to bc
Included with thu shipment from there
the following groceries: 1 largo case
beans, |4.00;  2 eases veal, 94.00;  1
Choice line of nuts and candles at
Ward & Harris.
Tuesday brought the bunting season to a close.
Cranbrook Meat Market, phone 8, for
fresh killed turkeys.
Mr. A. C. Pye made a business trip
to Bull River Tuesday.
Cooking and layer figs and layer
raisins at Ward & Harris,
Raxawa tea 3Bc„ 00c. and 60c. per
lb. at Ward & Harris.
Orders takeu for cut flowers aud
potted plants.—lra It. Manning, Ltd.
The thermometer registered is below yesterday. At Wasa it was ilor bust.
('apt. Davis returned from Vernon
-Jiindny. where he took six prisoners
jf war.
To arrive, choice grapes, grape
fruit and tho usual Christmas fresh
fruits at Ward & Harris.
Mrs. A. A. Johnson returned Mon-
iay from a visit to Hpokane and other
American centres.
Mrs. Drown, of Jaffray, wus a visitor Iu the city the first of the week,
returning home Tuesday.
School closes on Friday afternoon
'or the Christmas holidays and every
dd in Cranbrook ls happy.
Mayor Simon Taylor was called to
! >Vasa on Tuesday on business in con-
lection with his lumber business.
Chief of Police Adams returned
lie latter part of the week from New
Westminster, to which city be accompanied Edgar Sainsbury.
A good crowd attended the fort-
Ughtly dance of the Maple Halt
Dancing Club, which waa held at
Maple Hall Tuesday night.
James Boyce, locomotive foreman, i
it  the  local   C.P.R.  shops,  left the!
NOT   every gift
gives pleasinv to the
ifwipient,   "He"  or
".■.lie"    may   say   it
DDKs,  Lui   there  are   many
considerations Mint have to 1)0
looked tu in making a gift,
Our   exporionoe   in   these
matters will help you.
Come in and let us talk it
Next In IhH fn.I (lllli....
{    Cranbrook Meat Market, plione $, for
1 Crash killed turkeys
j Mrs. G. H. Thompson, who has been
, ill for some time, was taken tu Spokane this week and Ims undergone an
operation. Word has been received
by her friends in this city that she j
is succKsfully recovering.
Mrs. J. H. Doyle and daughter Ber-
nadette left Wednesday for Creston
where they will in future reside. In
the removal of Mrs. Doyle t'ranbrook
loses a most valuable resident, being
charitable to a degree, and always
doing her utmost to help those less
fortunate than herself, a number of
friends were at the station to bid them i
good  bye.    ThB town  of Creston  will
profit largely by her presence.
A number (if people in the Windermere country hav.* been bard bit hy
the Dominion Trust smash-up in Van*
Jeouver. One man in particular, who
1 bad deposited every cent lie had in
I the world, is today penniless and do-
pending on his friends fur the nocCB-
j sfties of life. Probably the Hon. W.
j J. Bowser will be able to throw a
': little light on this subject ut the Con-
, servative meeting here Saturday
i night. A number of people In this
' district are very much Interested.
Holly and mistletoe ut Ira It. Manning, Ltd.
Craubrook Meat Market, phone 8, for
fresh killed turkeys.
Sweet and boiled cider for mince
meat.—Ira R. Manning, Ltd.
■lrat of the week for Lethbridge, Alta, I Wrfgewood China, dainty Xmas pro-
-vliere he spent a few days on busl-! Bent«~Ip« «• Manning. Ltd.
  j    P* Burns & Co.'h store for Sham-
R. J. Pake, the Blko druggist, mi"*   "J^ ,meat'   *****   MUW
-mong the visitors in town the flrat j kr*U* and Chr,8tmas 8',t'cia,t,t,8•
if the week, being In atendance at the
neeting of the officers of the 107th
Tomorrow the public schools close
for the Christmas holidays.   Tlie several   divisions are each  providing u
sood line of entertainment and amusement.   There Is a smile ou tlie kids
faces today that ts noticeable hy the
biggest grouch In  Cranbrook.     The
school children are in their glee. May
they enjoy It to their hearts content.
The teachers of the Cranbrook schools I
are  noted  for  their  hospitality  and I
Koort-fellowship, and this year, as in !
Mrs. A. Joliffe is in a very wcnk!t!ic ye»ra £one by, they are keeping:
condition at Mrs. Bent's hospital. well up to the standard.
See our display of fancy china suit- The lire at Slaterville Tuesday I
able for Xmas gifts.-lra R. Man- morning brought the fire brigade out;
nlng, Ltd. at a protty ,ively cU|)( but on arrivfll at
I thc scene of the conflagration it was {
D. M. Young, engineer of the Koote- j found the building wns doomed, nnd
nay Central railway, was In the city; the efforts of the firemen were con-;
eentrated In saving the adjoining
building. The burned house wns occupied by Mr. J. Elliott, who lost practically everything but the clothes he
stood in, one or two odd pieces of fur-
nlture being the only articles saved.
Mr. Elliott has been tlie victim of several occurrences of late, and the
wheels of fate are still turning against
him. The building was owned by
Mr. J. Bottomley.
Cranbrook Meat Market, phone 8, for '
fresh killed turkeys.
| of opportunity TuesCay.
Fancy     Limoges,    Japanese    and
Christmas Problem
We have made a careful study of the gift question this year. We
concluded that useful and sensible presents would be given.
As a result of this, we have gathered a huge array of WEARING
APPAREL of all kinds for ladies and gentlemen: as well as a splendid
You have only to make one visit to this store to settle your gift
problem.    You will be surprised at our very low prices
A Small List Of Gifts That Will Meet With Approval
Holeproof Hose (guaranteed).
Handkerchiefs,    initiated    ami
plain I.'u'. to 50c. each
Dressing Gowns    $5.00 to MS.OO
Neckwear,   un     ciidless    variety   25c. to if 1.75
Sweaters, an almost   essential
garment #2.511 to #10.00
Mufflers, a l>lg assortment 50c lo #11.50
Shirts #1.00 to #5.00
Travelling Hags #1.50 to #25.00
Gloves 50c. In #8.50
Caps   50c. to #0.50
Furs, a splendid assortment, 25';
off regular price
KvciiliiL' Dresses #15.00 to #86.00
Coats nnd Suits at 111 tr Reduction's
Klniouus    #1.50 to #IS.00
Kiilerdowns, some lieaulfful designs  #5.00 to #20.00
fancy Collars, very neat und at-
tractive      85c. lo #2.5»
Sweaters #2.511 to #10.00
Kancy Wink Hugs, Etc.
Linens, verj dainty designs, all prices
Slippers    . #1.25 (0 12.50
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
■ Bolpb and Joe Palmer returned this
! week from a hunting expedition, se-
i suiing one lonely, despised little
On account of a quorum falling to j B',u
materialize no council meeting waa I    _,
5eld on Monday night.  The mayor has:    S,,op earIy t0 *et >"0,,r choice of
■ailed a special meeting for Saturday j
; Xmas
Rosa Carr, the painter and decora*
Watch our Dig
Manning, Ltd.
nnd    decorations,
windows.—Ira    R.
Born—To Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Wil
itor, returned Monday from a visit j linms. of this city. at Mrs. Bent's hoa
o Spokane, Seattle and other coast Ipltal   on    Monday,    December
oints.   He was accompanied on his'1914, a daughter.
Isit by Mrs. Carr. 	
Rev. W. K. Dunham, pastor of the
Methodist church, has decided to accept an invitation to go to Chilliwack, j
II.C., next June at tlie end of his term '
here. He is just completing his third 1
year in Cranbrook, and tlie members
7th» i of his congregation are expressing j
their regret at his departure. Since J
his coming to Cranhrook the church •
Hay* Report*  Are True About Ger.
man Cruelty—"Shbr.'y* Learn*.
a Fen* Things About Field Work
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦**>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦♦♦♦♦••>♦♦
Packers and Provisioncrs
Martin Bros, have been Instructed
)>* the owner to sell or rent that nice
•iingnlow on the corner of Leitch and
vootenay (near school house) at flg-
ir.-s away below value. -47-Ct
The opening of tlie Oranby smelter  ims made a great increase in mem-
is helping out conditions here a little. [ bership as well as Interest, has ad-
but the railroad men say
«tand It and then some.
John Calvin Hlliott. a South African
'olunteer.  wil)  please communicate
ith W. F. Gurd, Solicitor, Vancou-
er, B.C., who will appreciate any in*
irmntlon aa to Mr. Elliott's where- ■ jaimn" company
bouts. 50-2t: routo to Nelson,
Miss Ethel Hulbert. who has been
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Pringle for some time past, returned
to t'owansville. Que., yesterday.
Mrs. Cherrington and staff of the
(Ing Edward school will not receive
in the third Wednesday In December
nit ou Saturday, December 19th In the
vening. Music from 8.20 to
0 ;t0. 50-2t
Harney Seott will be well provided
'or tlie winter, so far as dainty v«*ni-
»on is concerned. On Tuesday he
nnded tlie best specimen of derr In
own for tin* season. The animal was
hot near Toehty.
j    The   members   of   the   "Scottle   in
went west today, en
where tliey make a
land,   commencing   to-
they can 1 deri a new pipe organ and now haa
one of the finest choirs in the eity.
Rev. Dunham was the prime mover
fn the erection of thc Young Men's
Club, an organization which lia?
largely influenced tlie Uvea of many
young men since its erection. Rev.
Dunham ls a great organizer and
wherever hl» work calls him will be a
recognized    factor    in    keeping    his
W. E. Worden Is in receipt of a
letter from James Milne, who left
Cranbrook with the Hrst Canadian
contingent and is now in training
m Salisbury Plain. Some time ago
we published a letter from thc same
man, and it was read with keen Interest by the Cranbrook people.
Extracts from tho letter received by
Mr. Werden follow:
We have had a good drill today and
I learned a few things about field
work. We are quartered in comfortable quarters and no complaint to
make, except that we are all anxious
to get to the front. The men are all
tired  of  review   drill   and   want  to
Fresh Eastern Sauer Kraut
Shamrock Mince Meat
See our Windows for
Saturday Specials
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦•»♦♦•»♦♦«
two   nights
m orrow.
church  In  the
work and religious zeal.
front  rank  ln  good ' *et on tne flrln* llne"
On Saturday evening lhe Hon. W. J.
Bowser and Hon. tt* It. Ross will pay
Cranbrook a visit. A *-moker is being arranged for their entertainment,
which win be held nt tho'Royal hotel.
A mooting of the ofllcors of tlit
107th East Kootenay regiment was
held in Cranbrook nn Monday afternoon nt tin* eity hail. About twenty
Officers from outside points were pro-
Siilvatiou Army will be having J KOnt
Christmas tre and entertaln-
11.nt on Monday, December 28th.
inula Clans will visit the Army
unlors. Why not you come and put
> present on the tree for your child-
vii or a friend?
Among Pornjo visitors in attendance
at the meeting of Officers of East Kootenny regiment in Craubrook Monday
were Lieut.-Col. J. M.'tckey, Captains
Stalker and MotTatt, and Lieutenants
Mticdniiald, Darin s and Corsan.
A neat advertisement is being given
n customers by thi
u' Commerce, lu tin
Blotters  for   private   use   bound  to*
[ether under u hnndsome cover. Tbe
J. S. Arnold, who was elected alder-
Canadian Bank J man of the city of Calgary Monday,
form of several j «-BH formerly a resident of Cranbrook,
snd Is a brother of J. A. Arnold, polio* magistrate of this clly.   Uld tlm-
und handy I ers will recall "81d" Arnold.
lew  blotter ts attractive
for household use.
  .    Cranbrook Meat Market, phone 8, for
On alarm of tire from the lodging Ifrosh killed turkeys.
muse   of    Maud   Jackson  on  Clark 1 	
Hemic on Momtty evening caused the
ire department to make a fruitless
run. A cigar butt In a pall of debbrls
n one of tlie rooms was smoking with
1 pungent odor causing the excite-
Dan Dezall, l-ester Clapp and Chas.
loekhart returned Monday night from
a week's hunting trip. Luck was
against tho boys this time and they
returned empty handed. Detail sighted a couple of tall-euders making
good their escape, but he says this Is
poor satisfaction.
Harry Roblchaud returned Saturday from Golden, where he had been
employed on the Kootenay Central
railway. Mr. Roblchaud enjoya the
distinction of having had charge of the
tlrst work train on tho Kootenay Cen-
Ed. .Mallandaine. of CrcHton. was
In the city Monday. Mr. Mallandaine
came In for the meeting of the officers of the East Kootenny regiment.
The "Cup" takes an active Interest In
military affulrs. While in the city; WANTED.
lie was tiie guest of his old friend,
Mr. John Cholditeh. Mr. Mallan-
daine returned to Creston on Tues-1
The Sunshine Society wishes to acknowledge the following contributions:
Mr. G. W. F. Carter, $5.00; Mrs. A.
Ferris, Kimberley; Harry, Arthur,
Wiiiton aad Alice Manning, of Bull
River, B.C., for the Santa Claus
fund, $4.00: Macdonald & Nisbet, $15;
Mrs. J. Christie, 1 stove; Mr. V. God-
eris, 1 sack potatoes, 1 sack turnips.
Was  Frequent Visitor to Cranhrook
and Heavily Interested In the
Crows Nest Pass Coal Co.
Toronto, Out., Dr.c. 16—Senator
Robert Jaffray died at 4.20 this
I Thc Hon. gentleman, who quite recently succeeded the late D. R. WU-
' hie, was well and favorably known In
tills city, being a business visitor here
; on several occasions. The town of
.laffray. some twenty miles oast of
Cranbrook, Is named after htm.
One of the m»n who just returned
j from furlough today was telling me
j that he can believe all that he sees In
I the papers now about the Germans,
j as he was talking to a nurse, who had
been sent back to England.   She was
i 'oeking after some wounded soldiers
' when tlie place was raided by Germans,   They killed all the wpunded
and then cut both her hands off and
put her out to look after herself. Two
brothers met her at tlie train when
she came home.    They didn't  know
anything about it till she arrived and
they both enlisted the next day.
Sgt. J. Milne.
D. Co. 12th Battalion
Sling Plantation, Bulford Camp
4th Brigade,
Canadian Expeditionary Forces
Salisbury. Eng.
Imperial Bank 0! Canada
Capital Aullinrizftl  110,000,000.00
Capital Paid I'p     7,000,000.00
Itosern' and Undivided Profit*     MM.000.00
MR, PELEli HOWLAND, Vice-Picsidenf
JIH. EDWARD HAY, General Manager
MR. WILLIAM  MOFFATT. Assistant Oeneral Manager
Accounts of Corporations. Municipalities, Merchants,
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available In any
part of (he world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT—Special attention given to
Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards
received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
lo, per word for lint week, sad lc. per
word lor etch week liter
Dally slilpnifiitM of celery, lettuce,
tomatoes, cauliflower, etc, arriving
at I. It. Manning, Ltd.
Dmanaklnic it hoar or
by tho day. Apply to Minn M. Chester, 116 Hanaon avenue. (io-tf
rcuiionable rates. Mrs. Cory Dow.
Illl Llimaden Ave. 51-21
WASTED—Wort by the day of say
kind; handy at anything. Apply
Mra. Mutter, c|o Mrs. 11. Hondeau,
or phono 298. 6l-2t*
TO IBM1, t'nmfiirtabblf fiuir-ronmed
cottage In Slaterville; twelve dollars per month, Including water.
Annlv C, Selby. fil-lt*
caso corn beof, in.on; 2 cium pork j tral railway and participating In the
snd boanH, $7,110; 1 sack rlco, 13.00; j closing events of Friday last. Harry
1 case corn, $2.75; 1 cuse snlnion, j Is ono ol tlie oldest men In the em-
$1,110: Iti bbl. fish. $7.86! 1 case | ploy of the CP.lt. on thia division, and
pruneB, $2.26, making a totnl of $411.76 waa the first man married la Crsa-
•xpendod. | brook.
Tonight the third annual ball of tho
Overseas club Is being held at the
Auditorium. The committee in charge
have arranged everything in apple
pic order for llie entertainment of
Oversells guests. The event Is al- j
ways one of the functions of the season and Is eagerly looked forward to I 	
by the Cranhrook public.   The ladles j wAsTKO Tli  11 IRK  for  Christmas
of Ht. John Ambulance Corp will serve     week,    a    good    phonograph    or
tho refreshments, und the Kootenny:    grsmaphniio with a number of good
,„.,,., ,        records.   The utmost care would be
orchestra   wlll   furnish   the   music.     ™£™o( ,,,„ outnl.   Apu|y „.B.u.,
What more could mortal man want?    I    1)0B 301, r||y U
FOB SAI.K 1 genuine Italian mandolin in perfect   condition;   splendid
I   tone; also 1 guitar; American make;
line tone; prices reasonable. Apply
T. E. South, city. 60
All Neatly Boxed
SSi-m S3r. and SOc
In Attractive Boxes
SOr. Pair
15c, 20c. and 86c. each
Charles Emslie
Excursions to Eastern Canada and
the United States
On sale  December 1st to December 31st. 1914
Very low fares to Toronto. Hamilton, Sarnia. Windsor,
Montreal, Ottawa, Belleville, Kl'igsiou, St .lohn. Moncton,
Halifax, and all oilier points in Ontario, Quebec and Marl-
time Provinces.
Reduced rales to points in Central States, IncludiiiK Minneapolis. St. Paul, Dultitli, Chicago, Kansas City and other
All further information from any Ticket Agent,
Or        ,
District Passcdgor Alien I.
Calgar), Alherta.
4 ,


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