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Cranbrook Herald Jun 30, 1910

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Array :i 01
In the Herald Paya — Try
Our   Local   Columns
10c. ii line
We are well  equipped to
turn gut tlie bent clBH
NO. 18
National Apple Show
Kootenay District's Opportunity to  Make Coast People Stop
and  Think
Maxwell Smith, editor or tho Knili
Magazine, mnl manager ol tlio firsl
Canadian Naliotiiil Apple Sliuw, to
in* luiil in Vancouver, October 3lsL
lo November (ith, vvas in town lasl
week, attending tbe Masonic. Urniul
Lodge. Incidentally Mr. Sinitb was
very much concerned about Interest-,
hit; Kast Kootenay fruit growers in
tbe forthcoming apple show in bo
belli nt Vancouver. Mr Smith is
well known aw an enthusiastic hull
expert ami be Is working early anil
late, witb all of bis customary vigor, to ensure the success of Iho show
be wus Instrumental in starting.       i
Prize money to tlw tune of (25,000
will in* hung up for competition ami
the exhibits will, it is expected, occupy a lloor space of two am) a half
acres. ■
Carload lots may be shipped direct
to the buildings, wit bout cartage
fees. i
"H. (.'. now    has ber first     ureal
opportunity to make a display    tlmt.
will    In- talked   and     written about |
more after    than before    the     show.
takes place," says Maxwell Smith.
"I hope all the Kootenay ilis'uic's
will unite in making one grand Kootenay display that wilt make the
thousands of visitors from all over
the continent and abroad, stop and
think," was another expression of the
enthusiastic editor of the Fruit Magazine. ■
Whilst in town Mr. Smith took
occasion, along with a number nf
tbe other visiting Masons, to visit
the public school, speaking ol which,
Mr. Smith said: "Vour school bulM-
ing is certainly modern iu every
particular and the work of your excellent staff of teachers show.-, to
good advantage iu the class rooms ''
Mr   Smith also noted wilh approv
ing eye   "Ihe  several  beautiful,
kept lawns."
lu    further   rofcrenco to the
apple  show,    Mr.      Maxwell   .-
"There is no doubt whatever tint
lhe first Canadian National Apple
show which will be held at Vancouver ou October ."U-Novembci ■'». will
outstrip everything in that line ever
held. That is to say, it will be tho
greatest apple show ever held iu the
world. A fund of $25,000 will lie
distributed in prizes. This, it may
be pointed out, is SfilHill more than
the Spokane show will have to distribute, though perhaps it is hardly
generous to make this point. The
show will he distinctly national in
character and we have every assurance that there will be representative
exhibits from every province in the
Dominion and from the neighboring
stales. The support given liy thu
press, both of liritisli Columbia ami
the east, is heartily appreciated.
"The arrangements for the show,'.1
explained Mr. Smith, "are on an
ample scale. The exhibits are expected to take up a flool space of
Hio.uuu square feel, or about two
and a half acres. It will be held in
two of tbe largest buildings of tbe
Vancouver exhibition association, iu
Hastings park. These two buildings
will be joined by a temporary covering, bringing the whole show practically under one roof. The effect of
this will he tn make a magnificent
impression instead of dissipating tho
attractions by scattering the departments. Clue of the advantages of the
location is that exhibitors ean ship
thclt exhibits directly to the grounds
without  breaking bulk,
"The management ol the show has
selected     for   tin-   carload and box
will   classes Ibe hesl     known commercial
varieties of apples,     in addition     to
hig'the carload,    box  and  district        i.is-
iii,It  plavs there are   classes for over 300
| varieties in  the plate display.   In  tlie
carload alone there an* ten classes.
"The management has selected a
staff of judges, the lust lo he found
on ihe continent.
"There Will lie somewhere lielw
1,500,110 uud 2,000,000 apples *it .
play altogether. Buyers in
principal frull markets of the world
will he on hand and upwards ol ton
thousand visitors from outside.
"This Is British Columbia's lirst
opportunity lo make a demonstration
in force, that will convince the world
of its capabilities as a fruit growiig
province What I waul to see ih
the whole of llic Kootenay district
unite in one grand display representing the Kootenays. That Iocs not
iu the least interfere with all the
districts taking part in the competitions and retaining their Individuality."
The ollieers or the lirst Canadian
National Apple Show are as follows:
Honorary ['resident—His Excel !eic*y
Karl (Jrev.
President—Sir Thomas Shatighm.8-
Honorary    First     Vice-President—
Hon. Richard McBride.
1    Honorary Second     Vice-President—
Mayor L. I). Taylor.
Vice-President—.1. N. Ellis.
Treasurer—O, K. Baldwin.
Malinger—Maxwell Smith.
Secretary—I,. (I. Monroe.
Secretary Monroe, wbo is ex secretary of the    Spokane chamber       ol
I commerce, is* already installed iu iho
offices    of the    show   in the Winch
The fact that tlie Canadian Con-
soli-dated Mining and Smelting W nt*
pnny, of Trail. Is now more actively
engaged than ever before in mining
operations in East Kootenay, adds
special interest to the smeller i«--
turns of that compan; fot the month
of May lasl
During Mav tin* total product nl
the company's smelter at Trail was
575,58:1    giving a   total   for   the ti
months nf thf i pain's fiscal year,
which ends nn June SQth next, ol
15,4-90,731 as against f-1,879 nOfl
for the corresponding period nt 1
tear, an Increase ol $511," I*
Provided the returns foi June are
up io the average "I lite preceding
eleven months, the returns foi lite
yeai will be approximate!) (6 lino nun
whieb will make the prescnl hv fai
the tiest yeai In the company's hli
During thi- twelve month*-** i it led
.lune 30, 1000, the company's output
was (5,506,000, which was then re
gatiled as a record to in- pro i. ol
This vein, however, promises to be
ut least ball a million riollai
Tlie company's showing is especial
h gratifying In view ol the fad
this on- is nol drawn from anv pai
llculnr section. It is from East
Kootenay, Sheep Creek, the Slocan,
Nelson, Rossland. the Boundnn and
even from tin- Sitnilkamivn
\nothci pomi which makes the
showing particular!) sattstacloi. i
the fait that this year's results have
been attained in lhe face of an extremely low metal market II,ul the
metal prices ol a couple of years ago
been in force the returns would have
been verj eonslderablj  Increased
The May returns bring the total
output of ibe Trail smelter, since it
was started In 1801, up to tho neighborhood of $-13,000,000, a striking tribute to the mineral resources ol this
portion of British Columbia, especially when it is remembered thai then-
are two other large smellers both iu
operation in the country, each treating u large amount of ore daily with
satisfactory returns.
During May tbe amount of untreated was 11,133 tons white there
wns 39,031 tons received at llie
smelter. Ilolh the amount of ore
received and treated at the smelter
is larger than the monthly average ol
the year, thus affording furl lur evidence of the progress of mining in
this purt of the province.
'I'lit* session nl Grand Lodge \ K
,v A. M. closed lasl Thursday evening, too Int.. loi iln.* publication ot
Hie complete list ol elective and appointive ollieers In tin' current ll»*r-
ald liiiou uiii in* lound the list
in lull Tlie closing ceremonies .-I
Orand Lodge Thursday crnim; included the Installation of officers, tins
[ceremony in*ini* performed bv Immediate I'ust    Orand   Master lllch.
* Tht* plllcers elected, appointed an.l m-
stallcd were a** follows
j Orand Mastcr-M « Hro. E II
Paul, Victoria
|   Deputy Orand   Master—If   w. Hro
j F .1   Kurd, Vancouver
Orand s,*in..t Wardon—K,
\   II. Nlo'\, Kamloops.
Orand .lunion Warden—U. tt Hro
.1   M. It'nlil. Vinaiino.
Orand Chaplain—R. tt Bro. Hei
il. ii   l*'i.*ioi.-. t'linioii. Vancouver.
Secretary—H tt. Hi.. Ilrctt, \ Ic
roi   II   »   Bro   ll   II. Watson, Vancouver.
Orand Tyler-W. Bro   Michel!
tppolntlve officer*—Dlstrlcl Dcput)
uian.I Masters -
s..  in -\  ii Taylor.
Orand lllatorian-De Woll Smith,
Si*., Westminster,
Orand Senloi Deacon—L&mhcrt
Orand .liitnoi Deacon—H M. Manuel.
Grand Dlrcctol of t'l'li'moiiit-s—Vi
(irnrnl Sn|il of Works—Dan Mi"'al-
Orand Marshall—Robert Duthlc
Orand Sword Bonrep—L. ll Fraser.
Orand Standard Bearer—11. .1. De
Orand Organist—E, Howard Russell,
Orand Pursuivant—M. Bnr'r.
iiraml stewards—A. .1. Forbes, Vi.
W.-Burke, John Stewart, Vi. II  !.■*»-
tianl. .1. Hudson, .1. T. Pollock.
1   \
'   1.
A   1
• .It'll
1 -p
I   tt
I. -Jj
I    M
l.rmoiiera lemons are llie liu.-.t pi
curable—one   trial   will  convince—nl
e'iak's Pnm Kood (liomy
j It vou are not satisfied after using
according to directions two-thirds of
a bottle nf Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets, you can have vour
monev back. The tablets cleanse nnd
Invigorate the stomach, Improve the
digestion, n "date the bowels. Give
them n trial and get well.   Sold    by
loll druggists and dealt is 14-tf
"TO    MK    THE    SOt'RCE   KKOM
In conversation recently with a dignitary of the Prussian Protestant
church, the Kaiser uttered .some remarkable sentiments regarding bis
own personal religious views, which
are attracting whlc attention. Hi*
Majestj sold:
--I read the llihlc often and with
pleasure. A Hible lies beside me ai
night, in which most of thr precious
thoughts are underlined I cannot
understand how so many men exisi
who do not bus) themselves with
God's Word. In nil my thoughts ami
actions 1 ask myself the question
'What docs the Bible say on the
point?' Thr Bible is to me the
sourer from whieli I draw strength
ami llghl In hours of ircmblinj;
nnd fear l lay hold on this trcasern
of comforl
"It is nn firm belief that many
who have fallen from God wilt again
embrace the faith. In the Christian
church times of strong doubt awaken
in nn especial decree the courage of
confessors and tho joy of the faithful \ll of us must pass through
'Gethsctnanc hours,' hours in which
our pride is humbled.    To he humble
is bard    fot    es.       We would lie our
own masters."
In tbe course of further conversation the Kaiser remarked that ho was
fond of giving Bibles to Catholics
Rponklng of lhe difference betwi en
Protestants nnd Catholics, his majesty said the essential difference
was thai Protestants had onlv one
mediator between them and God,
while Catholics bad manv mediators.
True to his promise to stand as
godfather to the eighth child in any
German family, rich or poor, the
Kaiser, at Berlin, recently attended
the christening of the eighth hoy of a
house-painter named Uusch, of
l let i lliiseh has received a sum of
£3, through tin- local authorities,
from the Kaiser's private purse.
The rate or increase ot the population of the country bas recently
diminished. This was regretted by
the Kaiser, who, like Mr. Roosevelt,
regards large families as a guarantee [
for the future of the nation. It Wits,
thifl feeling thai led the Kaiser to
offer a signal honor lo parents with.
eight children.
* s>
•*    Mr   0     *l.   Wlgon,   the   well w
* known strawbem grower nl *
*> Wyndel, B. 0., has Instructed *
** Hie   Herald   io discontinue his -*■
* advertisement, because: "1 haw w
14 received more orders for straw- *
* berries than 1 can properly .ill *
*a al the moment." *
* Messrs    Heale and   El well,   llie *
* local real estate men, in sending *
* m change ol their advertisement *
*% this week, inform us thai lh< *
4* :.   acre   block   advertised   usee -*
* only   in   tin- last   Issue of the *
* Herald,  was Immediately simp  -a
W  pill   Up.
* Tlies.- mv little straws ilun *
w tell   which     way the wind   is *
* blowing.    If ymi have anything *
* of merit to sell, tell the people **
* t.f Kast Kootenay the fact i *
A about it through the columns of *>
* Die Hera!d *
t> 4>
C. P. It.
tint* of tin- hapiifcst gatherings ever
held in the cily tflolf place in the
Carman's ball on .Wednesday evening
The occasion was tlie visit tn ('run*
brook of Mi. .1. A. McClelland, ol
Montreal, the special organizer id
the c. P. It. Federated Trades.
Mr McClelland reported thai Hitmen in Hie mechanical and car de
part ment 8 were now organized sun
per cent, and rare in far better
shape numerically nnd financially
than at any time during lhe hist try
of tlie federation.
At the conclusion nf Mr. Mct'lrl-
land's address, the brothers assembled, spent tlie evening with nonp
and story, the principal singers hclnji
J. A. McCloIlaM- "Erlends ami
Faces," Bro. Lower, "The Wounded
Trooper," Bro. McMillan, ".lust y
Song at Twillgbf," Bro. Houston,
"Foo the No..." BJo. .1. Neshil, »Mj
AIn Dearie," Hro. \\. Pettet, "Tlw
Picture of His Wife," Bro .1. Ben-
nett, "The Pardon That Came Toji
Late," Hro. .1. Donaldson, "A Sea
Song," Bro. II. Hinckley told a
story of a "Wild, Wild Itose."
A number of other brothers told
stories and sang other songs until
the wee siiia' hour.
Mr F. Christian, ol the Herald
represented the press, and in a few
well chosen words, echoed the sympathies of the craft. Mr Christian's
address was followed by a fresh outburst of song on the pari of n number of brothers who had heen reserving their nightingale abilities.
Mr. S. Griffiths was n pronounced
success as chairman and Mr. Houston very ably assisted at the piano.
Cranbrook citizens will undoubtedly
invade Movie in large numbers to
morrow tn utt"!il th.* big Dominion
Day celebration to be hud in that
town. Arrangements for the affair
wen* completed nt a final meeting nl
the various committees held in Miners' Union ball, Moyie, last evening
and all tbal now remains to make
the celebration a huge success i-*.
that visitors turn out iu good numbers aud that Jupiter Pluvtus con-
tonues to be an absentee.
A special train has been chartered
and will leave Cranbrook at 8.3(1 a
m. The members of the Cranbrook
ban.) will journey to Moyie on thM
train and may furnish a little music
en route.
Residents ••[ Movie havo always
proven themselves to lie good rntrr-
laiiiers   nnd     will   no doubt uphold
their rcputatloi  this occasion.   A
visitor from Moyie stated l*-s' *" en-
Ing that all thai was now worrying
the committee was how to crowd In
such a large program i'i the hours ••(
daylight. Tl»' whole affair Is i-
conclude with a spectacular display ol
fireworks from the island on Mo/ii
lake, thus winding up what promise)
to he a mosl fitting celebration ol
tho anniversary of confederation.
Tho full programme of sports to be
carried out at Moyie tomorrow fflll
he found on another page of this
+++*S**\*t*+*\AA+*+A+& *+***+++
r* #
4> .  J>
\4    Orders    were    rrcehed   from *•>
♦ Victoria    todaj      to    close  all **
♦ three   bars   ai   Marysville   at *
4} mid nlghl      tonight       Why or *
♦ wherefore     deponent    knoweth *
♦ not. *
♦ #
Loyal Orange Association
Brief Sketch of  Origin and Mission of  this Organization
Big  J 2th of July Celebration to be held here
On ihe eve of the Twelfth of July,
the Orangemen's anniversary day, a
few words mi this modern movement
in the Anglo-Saxon world, will tie "i
interest   tu Herald render.-;.
Tin- Loyal Orange association i.<
Irish in its origin. The order came
into existence shortly alter 'A I
I in in, Prince of Orange, beoded the
Piolestant cause in the home laml
during the reipn of King James ihe
Second, of the lasl ipiailir of the
seventeenth century. Today the association is world-wide in ils ur^a*!-
izat ion and influence. I ts st rong-
liolds are in the British lsh-s, Can*
ada an.I the ('nited States, imi n i-
now both international and inter
denominational, being represented
chiefly in all the EnglIsti-spenklug
countries   and    among all the Inrgoi
Protestant    d linn Lions,   ii    has
among its leading members sonic of
the mosl prominent ministers ol (tin
English, Presbyterian, Methodist,
Baptist and Congregational communions, besides other prominent men,
influential in government, parliament
and civic circles.
In Canada alone there is an eu
roll ment of some two and a lul'
millions, n<>t counting the I'n.e
Blues, which is a preparatory order
Including youths and leading up to
Ornnglsm, In British Columbia the
Orange order claims the largest
membership of any ol the traternal
societies. There nre some seventeen
lodges In Vancouver alone, and evrrj
B. C. town and city has its L. O. L
Winnipeg is another bin Canadian
center, as also Toronto, with its
thirty or more lodges and a host of
municipal, church, temperance and
moral reform officials among its
most ardent supporters nnd workers
As the Orange order at heart i*-
distinctively patriotic and religious,
this now more than ever in its history, and thus having to do with tin-
two mightiest Bprings of the human
feeling and motive, it is not to In-
wondered at 'hat its real mission
should he misunderstood, as it is   bv!
not a few.    Itui this is owing chiefly
to the peculiar conditions, ami the
exigencies of sternct and more
: strenuous limes. Today, under the
; searchlight of a beneficent press and
pulpit publicity, more alive than ever
to the country's vital Issues, and
with a vastly better educated and
less bigot-blinded populace, the real
mission ol Orangelsm i* rapid!/
coming to be understood in its true
light; and the question, "Ia there i
cause,"   is not   so  lrL-queiilly  put      of
late by cither the Komnnist oi Protestant neighbor
Both are coming to see that  today
the Orange association stands a;    a
bulwark for eonslderablj  mote   limn
tho cause of protestantism, that     it
stands lor the    liberty o| conscience
(or every   man,    with   Bpcclal ptivl-.
leges   to none,   whether he be   Protestant or Itmnanlst.    Every Orange-j
I man is sworn to live foi this, an i no J
(true Orangeman forgets   this exalted
fprinciple or goes hack on it.     if hei
ever     does,   i!   is    'from    want ot j
thought, rather than from wan*, ot
heart " This, hit nearest neighbor I
is not slow to recognize, li Otangn*l
men arc solemnly obligated to work
(or Protestant rulersWp, for the ntvt
solute separation ol church and!
state, for the non-marriatjc of Ptn-j
tea tan ts to Roman Catholics ami (or
the education of the Protestant
young in non-Catholic institutions, i
it is because they firmly believe tbal'
the larger and more vital cause ol
political and religious liberty will he
belter answered and the greatest
good to our country's citizenship
secured and guarded thereby.
True to the greal     character-bull.
ing    principles    of   the   Protestant
faith and true   to the   forward   u.it-
slonary, temperance anil moral      reform    movemrnts   nf     *be tuMtitf.
century, the (trance association       ol
this country ii rapidly   becoming
leading and mighty factor lot the *;,--
lift of society anl    the stability    of
our beloved   Dominion.     Ir come   *
with all the great    (raternal bodies,
no    man in the   Intoxicating Ifq   *
business is allowed    to be a member
of the Oranct* order, and drunl r.t-
on the part of an Orangeman Is noa
regarded    as a   scandal and severely
disciplined in the lodges It is nig-
ni(leant that not u lew lodges now
have a strict total abstinence pledge,
with an open ami avowed temperance
policy as a part of their work; aud
lhat every Grand Lodge in Canada
has pronounced strong!) against the
legalized drink traffic as a menace io
the    public     good. Some   ol  tt'.t*)
stronger district lodges have a regular course *-f educational addrcssci
and lectures that have dune a hugs
amount of good in the creating of
right public sentiment. The order
supports a successful orphanage institute and I* itrongl) and equitably
organized in it*- insurance and sick
benefit department, bavii > one .-I the
safest and least expensive contracts
for its membership
There aie Ave regular degrees in
tin-*, older Tbe Orange, Purple, Blue,
Royal Vrch Purple and llie Royal
Scarlet Chapter, with a sixth, the
Royal Black Preceptor)*,   which   has
eleven degrees   of Its own     The lasl
two—the Scarlet and Ute Black—are
■■: (formed and knighted lodges.
The rweltth of July Is the Orangeman's great annual celebration day,
and Ur occasion will i» marked this
year with a procession, addresses,
games, etc. In Cranlirook Tb?
h-cal lodge will assemble on Thursday, the lith. ..: ■' a m at the Auditorium, and later meet at the station to greet visiting lodges and
their friends from Lethbridge, Fernle, Creston and other outside
points. The Cranbrook city hand
will be in attendance for the afternoon, and there will tt* a procession
abrtut '*o ft'elock, followed by a
mass rv.e****inR with addresses ard
j-port.*: following, including a ball
came. etc. The whole evening of
this daj will tv* devoted in lodge,
with visiting brethren, to degree
work, when not a lew are expected
to assume the s ligations and
honors of the Orange association.
Knight     Ciempanion    of   tbe   Royal
There vvas a large gathering at In
grounds of Christ church rectory on
Tuesday evening for the strawberry
festival aud open air entertainment.
The evening was cool, tin* strawberries ami ice cream of the lest aad
the program KoimI in every respect,
so that the large number of visitors
thoroughly enjoyed themselves. What
with admission lees, sale of reft lie
incuts, candies and (lowers, a sum iu
excess of 11(10 was netted. The cu
tertainment was organized by tlw
Young People's Ouild ami the proceeds are to be devoted to the organ
The city band was In attendant-
and rendered several Helectiona
throughout the evening, adding very
materially to the success nf tin* al
fair Miss Rita Cameron and
children's chorus rendered very prettily a Bong and dance "Any Old
M:. V. M. Ilrav sang "•The Garden
of Dreams," which elicited a hearty
The chorus "Marv, Mary. Why So
Contrary'" followed, those taking
part Including Mrs. Brymner and the
Misses Paterson, Anderson, VYHIIan.s.
Leslie, Armstrong! Erickson, Fro c
and Caldwell, and Messrs Hray,
Taylor, Oarrett. McCreery. Slmm*.
Ra worth and Flewelllng.
The star item on the progcan .
was the song and chorus, "1 Don'l
Think That's the Sort .f (iiil l Care
About," iu which Mr ltrymner sang
the solo, Messrs Raymond Klewel-
llng, A. Raworlh and ('. Garrett
took the parts ol the girls, Ml
Hrymner did not altogether approve
of, the chorus licing made up as
above The niris certainly sustain"!
their parts admirably, causing auv
amount of laughter.
As n finale, a tableau, "O Canada''
(Special to the Herald ■
Wardner,  June ;>'».—The advent    Of
the    Kootenay     Central    U alread)
making its Influence lelt in our town.
A surveying outfit was here last sretk
ami restaked the former survey ol the
townsite.       Town    lots arc telling
briskly and enquiries ar<- corning    in!
thick and fast (or the Inst locations
at opening price*:.     The Crows Seat
Pass    Lumber    company,   Limited,
purchased a number ol the.se lots ara'
expect   to build several  handsome u-,
sidencestOO  ihem In the near future■
to meet the growing demand (or   aO-l
Hotel accommodation is overtaxed
and our worthy townsman, p. Kantz,
is building a large annex to his hotel 1
to make provision (or the influx o(j
population, which is sure to result
from thn time that active operations an- commenced on railway construction
The CP.lt. have a larite foro- ofi
men ben engaged in extending Lhe]
present ridings and contract m? new
ones in anticipation of the Increased
traffli thai i^ expected There H
al " a steel ga ig engaged in changing
the steel of the main line ol the
Crows Xesl Psss branch Irom '.i
H to vi Ih rails, which would indicate that traffic over tins line is
about to become much heavier
Taken In all tl-«-r- are signs ,;..ii
the wave ,,f prosperity has rra« h-p-t|
us nt last and Wardner is sboul to
become something more than a men
mime upon the map.
Severe tii-uugL Un shock was, the
strip was la no vmj damaged.
No other oaUteslrip yet completed,
except tbe sister ol the Sao Paulo,
'.he Mints Genet-, can On nch a
t-ruadsni* In the latest     iiritisb
Ureaflr.oughts now In service the
i-rvadside Is delivered bj eight instead of ten U in. gui.-. and thirteen
i in weapons. The niun-bec ul weapons Is the Mine, hut tbe weight of
metal It very much .•
The Sao Paulo has been contracted by the tickers Maxim company.
wns most effectively presented, the I
principal parts lielne  taken bv Mei
dames Ucale and Raworth and '«Ls,
A   large  assortment   of picnic a   I
lunch goods   at    Fink's Pme Food
In the official trials of the DrtlllltO
battleship StO Paulo a few days ago
a record broadside was fired No
(ewer than ten \2 in* guns and eleven
t.i l in    guns    wen simulUne-oosly
discharged by lhe Itra7t1ian officer
charged with the duty of taking her
out. Admiral Bftttllcr, simply depressing a key
The weight of metal find in this
salvo was inst over 0,000 pounds, or
more than four tons The force d«*-
Vriopcd would have Iktii sufficient tol
lift the BfM Paulo 30 It   in the alt.]
It bodes well (or the lutore ol the
empire that enrdgcat' Irom Great
Hritain have of ROenl raara settled
wiUuh its confine! In increasing duuj.-
Of 2-9-1,7-11 Hutihh nubjecls who
left the t nited Kinfldom last veai I"r
countries ny*. ol Eorlpe, 1*83,591, or
*T per cent , wen Nmnd lor the
Cantsla claimed *j«* ;-»t cent., Aus-
tr.ilia arid New /t-.i.,i..i , , ;ni cent ,
South Africa •« \mi cent . tad India
and Ceylon i pet cant. While in
iht periods Iff-Mf md lltaxn tbe
percentaze „t British sub)eetl going
to Un I nib . -'.>■■ i .i ristjr-ttv-
en, in the tttt decade 11 *^s only
fi.rn -se\en.
1 in- nntnbei ■■' ttoee wbo proiceded
tn Hritish North America lell from
lSl(llt m I--'-;. Io 11,321 In LB-M,
and recovered lo *r>.*< In IMO; and
the Bumbet ><t those who proceedtd
to Uie Coiled states, alter (ailing
Irom 110,361 in 1907, to B6S.BB iu
."•ns. iijcreased to 109,700 last  year.
Mtogetbei -"),561 more British sutv
|eeta left Qreal Britain In 1909 than
in the previous twdn  months.
During the >e,ir 1,101 British emigrant.-* were sen' hack Io Orcit Hritain—Iht from the United States,
113 from Canads elesw Irom South
Africa nnd thnr (ton, New Zealand.
In IfiOJ tlie total was I W8, Canada
alone betne responsible for K7ft
The cient majority of those dealt
with were rejected eittter because
tfsn were "paupers or likelv to bc*-
eotni a (iiiMu ehtnTSJB,'1 01 btCtUSO
thej   were mriitallv   affiietcil. THE    CRANBROOK   HERALD
i-tici*:, roiioxi
i ni.uitjsm 11 iMiiT
b. e. walker, Present ! Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
ALEXANDER LAIRD,G«aenl Hana;« | Reserve Fuild,   -    6.000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and In the United States and lingland
tv received und interest allowed at current
I;.- opened in the mimes of two or
id willulruwala nuule by any
one i'i Llieivt or by the survivor. 124
R. I'. Brymner, Manager Cranbrook Branch
Deposits of $1 und iipy
rate*..    Aecounis
more  pees
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-a* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦#€>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
News of the District
(Frum thu  Leader.)
Mr. McDonald, of the P. Hums Co.l
of Cranbrook, vvas iu town Monday
on business.
Mr. K. Holmes, of the East Kootenay Lumber company, of if affray, was
in town last Monday.
I   Mr, L.    c.    Smith spent Sunday
  I with Mrs. Smith In Cranbrook.
A. K. Krapfel, of Trlwoou, is down- 	
on a visit to Waldo. |    Mr   ,,-.   ,,      (Uidvviii spent Monday
last wilh Cianbrimk friends.
Orrin (iuml, of Spokane, was
Waldo visitor last week.
Merchants Bank of Canada
Head Office, Montreal
CAPITAL        - - $6,000,000
RESERVE        - - -       $4,602,157
Sir II. M    U.i.AN, I'rwiilvlll
I.. K   IIUIIDKX, limiural Munngu
A <:.-ii.->-i.I Ranking Un-ini— imiiMii'tril.   (Ini-ol-lmvii Ad'ounti
auhi-ilud.    Uufiiit.it8 i.i* wilhil.niwilla may I.i* Hindu In' mall.
♦ |l.IIU ujiund mi ilucounl liili*n**t inliil al 1.it'll*---*, ,-iim-iit iiiti*.*.
♦   fflko Branch:   C. R. Wickson, Mgr.
Engineers,   Founders
and   Machinists    ...—
P. (I. Ilox 888
We are Specialists iu Sow Mill Machinery
and Repair.*)
We make Hie Best 1-aw Ouitle and Arbor in
l-i. C.   Any si/e required.
******************************** ^^^
A Bpletidid library, eon-ai-stinK of IIW Volumes of the
World's I*+**-»*  M to rut ore in n luuiuBome cuse, will bu given
FRKK lo .my OHurcli, \, • \.i:, >>r luntiuition in Cranbrook or
District that r*tn gucurt- tin- largOBt number of votes in
it's fuvor
The merchants lUtcil below will give with ouch 10 cent
parchiseu vote -\ ballot l> •**, is placed in Beutlie-Murphy
Cjmpuuy's Drug Store where votes can be deposited.
The Humid will publish the respective standing uf the
contestants eaeli week.
Tin* Library is now on exhibition in tbe window of tlie
Fink Mercantile Company's Store.
The ffi-nilil will ujvu Hi) votes to every new subscriber
annual) during tbe contest.
The contest begins Marcli Ith and closes August 6,1910.
Remember Vrotes can only be obtained by trailing with
tin- merchants listed below, nml every dollar spent at any cf
these stores entitles you lo lu votes.
Fink Mercantile Co.
A. C. Pye
Hen's Furnishings
Patmore Bros.        -     Tinners & Plumbers   J
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.   -   Drugs & Stationery
Dry Goods
ewelry, Basraving, unit M title* I
Hill & Co.
riclntyre & Erickson,
Cranbrook Opera House,   •   K. A. Fraser, Proprietor
■ In lln-in.-i. I-.,, Y.Mir Aiiiii*.,*i,.,*m"
l-'or New Annual Subscriptions to the Herald, 100 votes
aaaa a*a**\a\ a* at a*a**% ***-> <**-. ■***•/*-> <**-> -/*. a *•***, *% *a*a* a a aa a a a a-aaaaaaa-aaa.
■•» V W v WW ww*^^'*9^'w*w*w*w*w*w*w*w *w wwwv www www
********************** ************ **********
M You   have   our  deepest   Bvmpolby   if   it   wns  n
0 "Cranbrook Brick," becauso you must have been
1 \ Hnnl Beaded Indeed if ii did'nt ut least make un
i > impression,
* 't Our Brick is making b deep impression on all who
< ■ have seen it.   Write for prices*
♦♦♦♦♦♦W*W4****WWW*+*AAAAAAAAA   ww+W+W
•> THE HOYAt- HOTEL.      c
•;• Mrs   I,.     V.   Roberts,  I'mprif- •**
•> tress.                      <
»;• for. Stanley and Silica Sts.   <
•;• NELSON, B.C.             <
•> Free carriage or 1ms from all <
•;• boats nnil trains.                      •!
•;• Rates, Sl nnd Si.Sti per day.    c
**• Remember   our 25c.   Chicken ••
+ dinner nn Sundays             48-ouej
The pianola fur Old Waldo bull ar- 	
rived on Saturday, and F. .1.     Me-
Stopping an ad. lo save money is  Crolmn ami   Mr. Ktlby, piano tuner,  ,.    f. ,, '      ;   H'     .
like stopping r clock (., save time,   (came down to install ii in the bull. l}"   lmsolmU   grom,dlfl    m'xl J*MU?a>
... , .        ,       ,. attertioon at 2 n.in., between the Jiii-
  I It Is a fm*1    instcument   and       tlw . ,,..,,
Tin- ronulflr aiiiuiiil   meotlnii nt   ihe \      > ,.11 u, ■■ ,    , 'ray and Wanlnrr teams.
1111   iikiii.ii   minimi   um nut, in   uil   peoplu 0( old Waldo an; to lie con-
Aurora Mining and   Milling I'ompnny, grflllJ|uUM| un t|„. nm\\   0[
will be held in Moyie next Thursday ■ encrirv an l uersevcrauce,      A tne
Jmie 30tli. crowd gitlliered in llie ball on Satuv
1 , 1 ,*...    morning
  ' day   cumlni;    und    a pleasant little
Miss   Maude Helen,  wlm lias   bold   jumy was u,.|(j,
tiii- position as    clerk in tbe Moyio  .
post oiiiiv fm    sunn'    mon lbs past, I
left yesterday lor Vancouver, , ••a****»******ss*a**»*****i
Imperial Bank ol Canada
CAPITAL SUBSCRIBED      -        $5,575,000.00
RESERVE      -      -
It. It. U'll.KII*;, I'resld	
A,*,? Minis   of   Ourijomtioiis,* MuuiuIpttlitieB,    Muruliants.
Kfiniici's uuil I'riviiti* liiiilvkluiils invitfil.
DraflB nml l.i'tli'i's i>l' Oiuclil Issued iiviiilnblu in nny purl nf
n'"[     Mrs. A. I*:. I Sim nml Mrs. Until- It Uio world.
Mill  '""" le,t '"' cl»ll0,vll*J "" Wertnt-silny   J        SA y | N(is   |,K-.A |{*|**,| |jj>]
'  n  lasl,   when*   thry   will   :;|n'liil : *
Everything is In readiness for    the
hii; Dominion   day celebration which  w
will be held at Moyie July 1st.    Ibe   w.
hcadfl ol tbe various committees have
irruuged the   programme   ol events'
us printed below.     It  will lie oliserv-:	
ed that the aquatic sports will      iw   tlu' il-   *-'. coast   cities ou Thursday, j |I0||n    i.nmbi'i ami   Grain companj
held near town in the forenoon, and   -"l- White   1ms   been     veterinary iu-jwas (,, i„u,i \llft[ WM.ii ,„, busini'ss.
tho remainder uf the programme will  spector here fur the Canadian    gov-
lake   place at     the    grounds    nftei   crniiii-iu   for twelve     mouths and is
lunch.      Tin- lirst train will    leaveinovv leaving to   till an Inspectorship
(Spi-cial ccirri-spoudenctf.)
Ur. and s. A. K. White leave
uple of months.
Miss Irene    Donahoi
dav  lasl  willi Cranliin
spent Wediii
>k Iriends.
Mis. I'. I,und, Miss lln/.ol I.Uiul,
Arthur I.und and Mr. Win, Uovclny
motored to I'ratihrook last week lo
witness the detllealton of iln- lien
Masonic Temple,
Mr.  (im
Wilson,   of   llic  ri.i
lor Aldridge at 12 o'clock, and the
second at I p.m. This will give
tbe people their choice of eating
their lunch In town or at the
grounds. Meals will he served on
the grounds both at noon and in tlu
evening. The Cranhrook hand will
lie in attendance and there will be
good football, baseball aud othei
events well worth seeing. There
will be dancing ai thi> pavilion during
the afternoon ami evening.
-tl u.
Will take place
in the lollowing or-
der, as nearly us
DOSSible, subject   h>
revision by the commi
Second. Third
Rowing race-
Single sculls
$ a
$ i
Rowing race-
Double sculls
Canoe race-
Single .
Canie race-
Lor rolling   .
Motor boat race-
in       :■
Motor boat race-
Motor boat  race-
Special   uri/c
Swimming race
.    7.
iu     j
Tub race	
Tilting canoe
Best decorated
12 o'clock sharp
, lirst train.
1  o'clock sharp,
mil  train.
under the It. c. provincial government. The kindness and consideration which llic dictor has shown to
all comers lias been much appreciat
ed aud everyone regrets his departure.
Sllb-Collcctor   David  Hoover      ie
turned  home on Thursday.      Me
much Improved in health.     ISveryom-
is delighted to have bim back.
Mr.    Frank   De rosier, nf   .laftrn
stient Tuesday last in town.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Peterson moved
ibis week into ihe house rcccullj
vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Northcoll.
Mr. II. C. Adncy wns at Dull Rivet
last Tuesday on official business
A manlier of the young men ol Hull
* I River    spent   Sunday with Wardner
Time 12.30.
IHO yard dash    ..      .     $10 5      2
Three-legged     race      ...   h i
Sack race .1 :j
Standing bnmd   jump   ...    '.* -f
Running high jump ... .     I -
Hop step and    jump 5 .
Miners race ...10 "i     -i
Miners' race open only to men over
25 years of age and  working under
l.mv    sawing     contest      li '•
Log   chopping   contest,     ii :t
Time 2.20 p.m.
Moyie vs    Cranhrook.      Pri/e JlfiO
Time 6 p.m
Hoys' (tames
Football    match,   In, SI   and 50c,
Vaulting contest, (3.50, 11.50 and BOc
Tng-of-war, t*t     and    $2; Kite living
contest, best     maile kite Hying    Ibe
highest.    15,   U anil 11,60; Consolation running race,    100 yards handicap, 12 to IN years, tl, 50c. and 35c.',
Hoys from li to 12, tl, .Vic. and 85e.;
Hoys under n, 25 cents each.
Girls' Games
Girls   flag   drill.    SIO;   Egg    and
spoon race,   tt, SI and f,iN* , Tug-flf-
I, S'l and    tS; Skipping    contest,
tS.fit       12   and    SI.Ml;   Consolation
running race, ■"•" yards, handicap, ute
der    10   yetra,   tl, 75c.     and   BOc ;
Over   to   years,    tl,    75c. and HOC.;
Alt    girls   who   have not won, 25c.
Tune, 6 no p m.
;. .;. .;. *-***.*:********** *#****** ***
;. ER AND CIIKMIST.-Charges: -fr
;• Gold, stiver, copper or le»d, tl *•>
;• each,   gold-silver,  21.50. silver- *>
:• lead,   11.50;    gold-silver,   with <•
;» copper or lead, 12.50; 7.inc, 12; *t*
;• silver-lcnil-rinc, t:t.     Prices lor *>
*• other    metaiH   (m   application. •(>    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
M.onn  dlitance 'phone t;7.    P.O. ♦>  t«ry.      our boys are working  hard
;. Box, CHUN, Nelion, B.O.    4»-ly>   and aim to hr the 1k*sI team In Kast
1*Vwyyw4>wvwww'w4j   Kootenay
(Special correspondence.)
A large number ot spectators witnessed the baseball gr.me between
the Waldo and Michel teams, played
on the athletic grounds belonging to
the Hakcr l.umlier company on Sunday, June 20th. There was some
tine playing on both sides and although Michel won, still the) did
not  have by any mentis an easy Vle-
A great crowd is expected here ou
the Ith. Come and see what a good
time you can have. \ musical programme, baseball, horse and foot
races and dancing will be the
order of the day.
The past week tins been quite a
notable one for the number of emigrants who have passed through here
seeking a home in Canada, lu ever)
instance tbey had good horses und
were in every respect most desirable
citizens, Canada has a hearty welcome for the thousands who are every
vear leaving the Stales [or Canada.
A large party of ladies and gentlemen (rum Kalispcll bound for Gulden,
li. c, camped here on Tuesday and
Wednesday, and left early on Thursday via Klko. Mrs. Foot and 'amity were camped here fur some time
last summer aud made many friends
who were glad to welcome them on
their return.
A carload of stock arrived troill
the east on Friday (ur Messrs.
Smith and White-marsh, who are
ranching on the Voung ranch across
the river (rum (ialeway.
Mrs. Harvey Voting bad an International party on Wednesday. She entertained Iriends from both sides oi
thr line.
Miss Steenerson is the new lady'
operator   at    Gateway.       A no the i
young lady i« very welcome here, es
penally among Hie boys,
Mrs .1. II. Penkukc was a Sundaj
visitor in Gateway.
Mr. T Van passed through here on
Saturday on his way from the Per
tne hospital.
Last Sunday evening Mr. McCor-
mick began a series of sermons on
the World's Religions. These will
be continued for several weeks.
Mr. Lewis, game warden, wai ii
town on Tuesday on business.
Prof. Charlton gave his show i*
Library hall nn Tuesday evcnliiB
Mr. Geo. 1%.well, nl Cranltroos
was in town this weefc on business
T Special attention
i tiivvii tn SavingB Bunk AouountB, Depnsita of S1.HU nml
w  upwards ivivivnl und interest nl lowed from ilute ul' ilepnsii.
|    Cranbrook Branch: ", W. SUPPLE, Mgr.   j
Muse Itr.-iml  Rxtrncts
aud .lolIv  Powdera
Just received a shipment of
Wedgewood China, the most
dainty ever shown in the city
Campbell   &   Harming
International  brokerage Company
Financial Agents—Mines—Real Estate
(ioldwin Smith, who died recently
in Toronto, left nrartieully all ol bis
estate to Cornell University. Thin
was the news given nut by President
Sehurnian al the annual meeting ■>.
the Alumni association last weeh
President Scluirinan said hr was
unable to say Imw much this would
bo, but that it would be large. The
executors ol tlw estate will not maki
their report to the probate court in
Toronto until next week at the rallies t.
(ioldwin Smith was professor nl
history at Cornell university la its
early days, coming to Ithaca when
tin- university was still very young,
ul the request of l»r Andrew |).
White, and serving without remuneration for several vears. Tlie beautiful new Hall of Humanities al the
university, dedicated a few jrears
ago, is nuinctl in his honor. President Schurman read the foi lowing extract from the will ni Gold will
"All the rest and residue ol my estate I give, devise and bequeath to
Cornell University in the State ol
New York, United Stales ot America, absolutely to be used by ihe
board of trustees for lhe promotion
espeeially of liberal studies, languages, ancient aud modern, literature,
pbitosophy, history and political
science, for whieh provision bas been
made hi the new hall which bears my
name, and to the building of which
my wife has contributed.
"In comfirming this bequest my
desire is to show my attachment to
the university in the foundation ol
which I had the honor of taking part,
to pay my respect to the memory of
1 t&ra Cornell, and to show my ai-
Itnton of the two branches 0! out-
race on this continent with each other uml with their common mother "
! r I't*i*J* «■■ t-'.t1  1
(-Special Correspondence.)
Mr.  Northcott     left for Cranbrook
on Kriday last to take chart;--- Ol his
new  position.
A  toad of young     folks from here
drove t«   .faflray on Fridav evening
last   to take in   the dance In    that 1 fcchment air an Englishman to
Mr l.cn Henwick, of Galloway,
spent Saturday wilh friends in town.
Roger I.und arrived home trom
Calgary last week to spend his vara*
tion nt Ins home here
(irahain Donahoe left last Thursday
evening foi Lethbridge to join bis
brother, where tbey will do homestead duties ou a piece of land wbieb
tbej have recently purchased
Mr     Harold    Darling, of Calgary.
s[ient the week end with friends
Mr. Peck, ot Cranbrook, wus
town last Saturday on business.
Miss Minnie Service, of Cranbrook.
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. K
A   (Ircen
Mr. Wm. Barclay, of Claresholm,
Alia .   spent     the     week end    with
friends in town
Roger I.und, accompanied by his The wholesale Distributors lor
friend, Air. Craig, spent Sunday wilh Western Canada of Mathieu's Nervine
fJalloway friends Powders, and also of Mathieu's Sy-
—— rup of Tar and Cod Uver Oil, tin-
Mr (lurd's surveying gang are busy Rreftt tvmnU. -Qt Coughs, are
Ibese days mapping out the townsite * iDcnw A rn
of Wardner Now ia the time to buy FOLEY BROS. LARSON & CO
lots here before the boom U on.             *m..tHC      [CMOtilON      VMfCMVil
nl.!.' Addr-Mi Intetbroke'
A. ii. a, -till Edition
VVutsrn Union
VANCOUVER   kcups  --rowing   Bust. WEST HUMS'! ER
k.*.*|.*i uivwing West, which means liml projierly lying
li*l\v,.|.|i th,. two cities UN A CAKI.IM: is botiml lo
We hnve n f,*» lots lor sulc on tlie VANCOUVER N W.
WESTMINSTER CAR-LINE ri^lit nt .Iiit.it.*.- Sliition. f„ur
miiiules run from Central I'.uk ami only twenty minutes
run Irom centre ol Vancouver, |,,,ts nro high and ilry,
Size .">*.' hv lli.'i leet. I'ri.i* S*7.".l).IIO e.ieh. We rucoillllleliil
them as a go k1 iiivesttnent.
Write for I'.ill |,irtieulnrs nml terms Io ll. T. ROIifiRS.
I We have some
!    SNAPS
• in
j City Property
lhe 5 acres wc advertised last week we promptly sold
hut we have aim I lnr
lo offer for this wri'k
li urri'fe, of whieli "1 nre eleiin -I nml miller eultivntioii lltljohi-
ing the City of Crnnbrook on Lun biIoii avenue. Dwelling
Itotisu, utiililo, chicken Iioiibo, St JosRph'B Creek runo
through the profperty. Prico f"r Lhia beaultful piece of
pro|x*rty, only
Torms, >'i"ii(i cash, balnnco to sn it.   See u-. nt onee
>***************************•*•**** ***********
The Prettiest Spot in 1). C.
UN ft  MAHY'S I.AKK. Iii Mll.l-S H'l-'OM
maiiysvii.i.k.    mirrisn    rol.i.MiUA
Just received a consignment of new boats
to be placed on the Lake at once
For further information call up       PAUL H AN OLE Y,
Central Hotel, Marysville, B. C. THK   UHAJSBdtOOK    IIHH.AL.U
Grand Trunk  Station,  Yards,  and  Shops
The   Hour   of   Your   Opportunity   Has   Struck
Our Golden Kobg I'ark Addition is now ready fnr the public.       DON'T   WAIT !   !
Indications are stroti^ly pointing to nn Unpreceilonteu' rise of vhIugb in Golden Rose lots       WHY ?
Booiuibq this bonutifttl sub-division lies ri^ht between the site selected b) tho (xrunil Trunk Railrond, nnd the city.
Think whnl it mennu to own property in close proximity lo n Station. Yards. R nil Fond Shops, etc.
Street Cars and other oonvoiiioiicos will be a necessity in the near future, wliich will be passing by Golden Rose Pnrlt.
The locution of the (irand Trunk shops. 1 miles from tlie cities of Wiiniipeu nud ICdiuuiiton, caused no small exollenient in those cities und property values
went up by leaps and bounds accordingly, in the vicinity of the railroad works
Similar Inls in Winnipeg nml
Ktlinontoi*, which sold far STr,
each Mltt'Olll*. the locating ol the
Railroad Works, are NOW cota-
mandlng from «:W0 to $800 a lot.
As yon can plainly see It is jnst
a simple question ol ''BEFORE"
and "AFTER."
History repeats itsell. Do not
wait till it is "AFTER."
The successful man always got
in "BEFORE."
|        PRICES       |
S      -
il             it
ii             ti
M      -
it            il
0      -
il            il
ii            ll
0      -
ii            it
Our  terms  are   made   to   suit   the   moderate   purchaser.
$15.00  cash   and   $5.00  per  month   secures   you   a   lot.
REMEMBER—Prices   may   go   up  at   any   time.
Phone   1-Mi;
Keferenccrs: - l'nion    Hunk   of   ('lunula
Phone    Ilir.
Ue bave nt a great expense
thin beautiful suburb ami tlie Iota
are fenced already. Thete Improvements will ADD to the
VALUE ol lots in tins particular
K vou iln oot lire ni Calgary
and want to take advantage ol
tins opportunity send us a first
payment on as many Iota as you
want. We will then cive you tbe
best lots on band There are do
bail lots in this suburb.
Canada West Colonization Company, A. VanAalst, Manager
211A   8TH   AVENUE   EAST,
hkskuvi: ■
Tin* London Titm-s itovotcd a page
i'i a rt-ti'iil issue to an tlliisti.tt,.,!
article on "The Timber ami Lumber
Imtustrj of liritisli Columbia." in
eoune "I il»* article ilu* lollowing
siaiisins are given: "II i*. Interr-I-
iii*. to compare tbe acreage aniiei
(oreat ot tin* trailing limbci countries
,,l Hn* world.    The) are as follow*
I V>, .'.iiiU'iii*
t nited States
l&O.OUU.I I  I
.Ml  Europe
720,000 01 l
110,000,1 00
\ ust missis
3ft,000,(i n
"Canada, therefore, has more mn
Ihm than .ill olhoi tlmbri countries
and continents combined anil ni her
rin.iiin.ii-. lores! area there me
188,760,000 acres In British Columbia, ei innii' limn iu India, \ ii
nsirt unit New /.calami combined,
llrttlsfa Columbia i-., in tact, the
lasl great lores! reserve "
The writer nl the article remarks
"Tin* iiriti-.li Columbian li pn 11 j
wide awake us to tlu- growing value
ei 'Hit- lasl stand,' which belongs tn
bim, hut Ih- cannot provide all the
capital required by nimsell When
Hit- American cornea in .unl offers it
he accepts; but he would rather take
it Irniu tin' British Investor Onl]
unfortunate!) the Untish investoi
needs much persuasion belore no can
sec a   good iiimn       The  American
MUM  tn sir  it   nn liis own  account
\nti he has seen it prel-fj quick!)
and prottj clearlj in ihr case nt
iltitlsh Columbia timber." Turning
in tin' future, tin* writer remarks:
"Enough lias been written on tho future nf tin- demand and tho supply
it now remains lo gtvo some warning as to ilu' i'lUni1 as ii concerns
the Hritish Inventor. There can be
little room fot doubl that tin* Umber
ot Hritish Columbia will provide an
opportunity for Investment thai will
will       shortly        tench the
dimensions nl a 'boom.1 In (act,
its eiploitatlon in tin* Hritish market has ir-jim already, ijuitc a
short time ago no capitalist in London would took at it, although tin1
Amerirnns bad already begun In
come In, and now own T.j pet cent
of tin- available Interests. Hut litis
year three limber companies have already lit'i-ii floated in London, and
more are   in    process ot formation.
Options an- iH'iiifc snapped up a:
sunn as tbey aro brought over. Carc-
ful Investment will bring greal returns, ami fortunes will be made out
ol timber In London as well ai on
the Pacific slope. Hut the danger
will Im* ol tlif swamping of the sound
companies in rotten ones, holding
properties In   which    tin* timber is
tint  of llic tn'si, nr, what   is jusl    as
bad, properties In which the limber
is good, imt tho distance frnm either
coast nr Inland communication will
rendci II unsaleable al a profit, oi
only saleable al a very small protit.
(lood timbci and accessible timber
an- the sine qua non, and the companies that tin nol offer them aro on-
I) to be avoided it these pitfalls
nre escaped, ll will he able to be
said, as it was once said ol leather,
'there is nothing like timber.' lis
enhancement in value itui mo cease
even during the reccnl greal trade
depression    In     tmcrtca, foi  while
eirrythiiiit    else     was     cninn   down,
timbci was going steadtlj up Vs
long as H Is to be   had   the   world
will    have      it,   ami      slnOe   ill a  lew
years hut little will be obtained
elsewhere, the world must como for
n to 'the last stand.' "
pretty well take uji the time of a
Judge and be convenient wnrk. We
trust tlie provincial government
will nol forget their undertaking tn
look Into tins matter with a view
m having a re-adjustment nf Judicial
districts along the lines Indicated,
'lhe time has come foi the revision
ol the mini districts ..( the interior,
and the line which the revision
should take is an adjustment along
the lines nt railwav instead of north
and south, savs the Revclstoke
M.nl Herald \s    matters     Stand
Judge Forin takes West Kootci BJ
with headquarters  at   Nelson,    nnd
.Judge WllfOn      lakes   Kast  Kootenav
with hoadquarture at Cranhrook.
Doth Judges have done excellent
work in their respective districts,
bul when it is eotisidered that eVcrj
trip -Indue Korin lakes to Revelstoko
necessitates three to four days travelling, and every trip Judge Wilson
takes to (Jolden in winter means a
week's travelling under much personal
difficulty and inconvenience, it is
readily seen bow diflicult it is to
work ihe northern and southern parts
ol Hie countries tog-ether- Las! year
the board of Irade took this matter
up wilh Premier McBride and Attorney-General Bowser with a view to
having Die Counties re-adjusted and a
separate judicial district established
(or North Kootenay, with a jmlgc
resilient iu Kevelstokc. In addition
to the county court sittings held al
Revclstoke, Uil hut nnd (loldcn, similar slititu". should lie held at Arrowhead, Nakusp and Field us well,
this making a    circuit   which would
The magnitude ol the work undertaken hv the Dominion government
in the construction nl the ijunbcc.
bridge is suggested by the requirement nt a million-dollar bond
from tilth companj submitting a
tender, says the Toronto Globe. Tho
department nf railways has issued a
call lor tenders, ami they will he received until September. Advertisements will he Inserted in tin- most
Important engineering ami technical
iniiiuats nnt only in Canada an.! Uu
United states, hut in (ireat Hritain
ami Germany, and it is expected that
tenders will he submitted hy all the
leading bridge-building companies nf
the world. The bridge will he the
largest nf its kind in the world, ami
the work <>f construction will tint
only he uu extensive business enterprise, hut an achievement of distinction in the modern line nt structural
steel wmk Tin world's greatest
firms will regard the bridge as a
work that will bring recognition, having in a Commercial sense a value as
aii advertisement. One Canadian
Arm at least will enter the competition, and Will have a chance id winning agalnsl the strongest ami most
experienced Arms nf both continents
While all Canadians would he proud
tn have a work nf smh magnitude
carried oul successfully by a local
Ami, there must Ih* perfect fairness
hi Ibe treatment nf all who submit
tenders. All firms have heen asked
in good fai Hi to tender for the
work, and mi tbal understanding the
responses will he made. When the
lime comes (or making the award
each tender submitted must tie con-
, sldcrcd on its merits, and the contract mast be given to the firm making the most favorable offer. This
• is a great under taking worthy of the
expanding Dominion of loday, and in
every feature must be carried out
' wilh the larger vision of national
(e). The character of tbo proposed
works: Hydraulic power plant and
necessary dams, Humes, pipes or
(f). The premises on which the
water is to be used: l'art of Lot
1589, Group One) Kootenay District,
  Iabout 1 mile .south of Elko,
Lord Dcsborough    recentlv unveiled    (B)*  The ,,,,r,mscs f,'r which    ""
at .Dover a memorial to   Capt. Mat- wat"   is   t0 ■*•   UBC,,: Vmt    mA
threw Wchh.     wlm swam the Channel "*"%M
in   twenty-one hours    aud forty-live    '"■   If ,llp water is to 1r' 'T     "
power nr   mining    purposes describe
:.*-..*     i
minutes In   August, 1875, ami   win.
s later while lhe PIace whcre ,ll(' wttM 1S
r..|.i.is at Nia- rclurned t0 Bomfl naU,r? channcI'
and tin difference in altitude between
point of diversion and point nf return: Point nf return distant about
two and a half miles smith, and alti-
larcm-c Lawn, "lllc 3M ",•, l"w'-r'
bronze bust
which hears    an
urih bis historic I
Area of   Crown land Intended
coupled by the proposed works.
was drowned eight year
trying lo   swim    t
Tin- memorial is i
a granite pedestal,
Inscription setting
feat.      It stands   i
mi the sea front.
Members nl Capt, Webb's family
and the survivors ol those who witnessed the swim were present, as
well as the corporation, ollieers from
the garrison, ami many famous swimmers.
Mr. Luke, the secretary ol the lund   ,
....                       .  ,.'               ...   of anv riparian    proprietors nr llcen
which has   'provided the   memorial,]  _•;,   ' _   ,   ■ ,    ,    __ ,.,.„,„ ,
said thai the lund I ad given a
drinking fountain to Dawlcy, Shropshire, where Webb was born, a tablet
to the church where lie worshipped,
a shield for a swimming competition
among the hoys ou tho Conway,
where he wns trained, am) a silver
replica ol the Dover memorial to the
Amateur   Swimming association   (ot
285     KDMO.N'DSON, K. W.
330    WILSON, Ii. I'
28*3    ROY, JOHN  K
II* side nee
► ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-*■♦♦«
In 111  i
(k). Tins notice was posted on the
15th day of .lune, PJlfl, and application will he made tn the Commissioner on the 15th day ol July, 1810,
it).  Give the names and addresses
It - th»* Same Place
The Place that is Popular
(iool as the lit st
Better than the Rest
The Cosmopolitan
yon '■'.".•   oi
an annual team compc
Lord Dcsborough p
bale to Webb, who, I'
an example for all tii
ami endurance so prlzi
ish nation. "Anyon
"wlm has seen til
Niagara will Uu
a high trl-
aiil, had sel
Ol the pluck
i.l  hy  lhe Hiil-
.■■,"    he added,
whirlpool       ol
at   Untie  lull       a
Lame shoulder Is almost invariably
' caused by rheumatism ol tbe muscles
and yields quickly to the tree applie-
at ion of ('hamhcrlain's Liniment.
I This liniment is not only prompt and
effectual, hut Iii no way disagreeable
to use. Sold by all druggusts and
s wlin nr whose lands are likeh
be alfeoted by the proposed works,
enco in altitude between point ol
either above nr below the outlet
(in). Tbe name of the Compan) In
full: The Pacific Exploration Company, Limited.
1 (n). Thr bead office: Kelson, B.C !
j to), The capital, how divided,
showing amount paid up: 1800,000, of
Which J is fully pan).
(p), Copy of such parts ol the
Memorandum -*f Association as
authorize the proposed application
and  works
(a). To obtain water rights cither
hy location, recording, purchase nr
assignment and tn utilize sut-h water
ami water power fnr generating power and electricity,
(I). To construct, operate and
main tain electric works, power
works,    generating   plant and    such
  other conveniences as may l* neces-
NOTICE   Is    IIKKKBY   OIVEN Slir> •""•" generating electricity.
that an application will be made un-    <*>•  T" produci- power in any h.-il-
der   Part V.   oi    the   "Water    Ael,  n,'r ■■"■■ ,,f ailV kiml-
1009," to obtain   a license    in    the    (ll)   To Rnnerate electricity tor Ifg
Southern Division ol Kast Kootenay ,l1- ,,,,at- Powwi lhe operation      ol
District motors, engines anfl machinery of all
<a). The name, address
lion of the applicant: I'a
athm Company, Limited,
(by,  The name ol the lake
or source: Elk Itiver.
(c). The point nf diversion: About!N ,,fm'r
one mile south ol  C.P.R. station at    pnC|flo Exploration Company. Ltd
Elko, D. C,
(d).  The quantity ol water applied B' John w  Ft"*' *mX
for: 400 cubic feet. ' Nelson, 11. C. IT-
man with a lion hear! wmild havi
dared to trust hfmsell in those wai
Vou will conn again
I". II  SJI \I.L. Pbopribtob
0 B
Q 'I he restless arc rested 0
S The hungry are led and ^
S Thirst Is quenched 0
a ia
H at the Q
si B
1 Canadian Hotel 1
nl oceupa- •*in,,s- propelling   tramways, driving,
ic Kxplor- '"'"'"'K'   Ifftlng,   crushing, smelting,
drilling, nulling, nr fnr any      pthcr
stream  P'l'pose which it can lie used, rtthei
alone or in connection with anv oth»
♦ *»*>♦♦♦*•♦*>♦♦♦♦♦ ♦•»< «♦♦ ♦♦♦#♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦
If you slop here onct
you will look lor
the 'bus when you
visit Calgary  again.
******************************* THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
2.00 A YEAH
JINK 30, 1910
Hy the Herald   Publishing Company,
F. J. Deanc, Managing Editor,
Wc believe all ol our readers, interested in fruit growing in thu East
Kootenay district, will ugree with
Mr. Maxwell Smith, who claims thai
the forthcoming apple show in Vancouver, will afford an unique opportunity lnr the Kooteuaj Bccllon ol
the province lo prove in the most
conclusive manner possible its claim
tu being the banner apple growing
district ol On' province. Mr. Maxwell Smith advocates a joint Kootenay exhibit and wo think Ins idea a
good one. Let East and West Kootenay unite in preparing n greal
showing ol apples and let litem lie
placed nn exhibit under Hn- "ue banner ..I "KOOTENAI " lu this way
an Impression will he made thai
will prove indelible, The wnrk ul
organizing n thoroughly rcprcsenlii
live Kootenay uxhlhil should' he Lak
en in hand at once and the almost
care exercised in see thai every sec-
lion nt Kootenay is properly canvass
>'il tin good apples.
Whilst t sidcriug  Vancouver's hig
apple show, attention musl be given
tn Cranhrook'a animal fall exhibition. So lnr as we can learn lhe
outside districts nre keenly olive lo
lhe importance nf Ihis annual blww
and are preparing tn semi nl then
hesl This is as it should he and
augurs well for the success ol the
coming bIiow. Bul the rcnl success
nf ihe annual fall fair musl depend
upon the energy ami enthusiasm [nil
Into ii hy the local managers and in
tins respect we cannot speak as
hopefully. \«< date has yel been
set foe the show, tlie prize list has
not heen issued ami generally speak
lug a state ol uiipreparcdtiess appears
to exisl. This is imt the way lo
secure the success ol Cranbrook's annual fall fail. Those iu uuthorit)
should take immediate steps tn set
the dale, issue the prize lists iml
thoroughly advertise the vurlou
events and attractions iu connection
What promises to he one ol the
greatest g»dd strikes iu Hritish Columbia was recently reported Irom
Stewart, B. ('. All engineer, tn the
employ ol the O.T.P., has sent tn
the following report:
"it is almost unbelievable, A
thousand stamps could he worked *■ r
a hundred years nu the ground wc
had traversed, and scarcely mark the
red, fnr il is many miles in extent,
aud in plates more than 2,000 Icel
high, as 1 Judge, ll is more than a
mouiilalu ot nie, an entire range nf
ii, in lact. Ureal porphyry dikes
extend through the reef, and between
them lies the nre in places Illl !■•
I .nun feel     wide.     It. is mv opinion
lhe leet will <■ ■ ml n.ilh he li.nvl
down the canal, and it will prove lhe
greatcsl mineral discovery ever
Leader Dordcn would appear lu
have been driven tn take a very
questionable attitude nn ihe naval
question during his recent Ontario
lour,       We       can well      un
derstand that Mr.        Dor
den found discussion ol tins question very distasteful, Imt he had tn
talk about something, and, obvlou ly,
having nothing aboul which in- could
talk in a critical nr a condemnatory
mood, be had lo devote his al tent tun
to the naval policy, and, iu sn doing,
he certainly made a had break Ile
is reported In the Tory organs i"
have given voice to tho following remarkable expression ol opinion.
".lust as soon as the prescnl Canadian naval project Is carried out, on
that day Canada will be separated
from the British empire, The na\a!
law that was placed In our stal iti ■
during the past session nl parliament
means nothing else than a political
declaration ol separation Irom inn
empire, and I say that In my opinion
the people "f Canada will nol stum!
fnr it."
Mr. it. I. Borden voiced the foregoing prediction during his speech nl
Long Branch, where the second meeting ol the opposition leader's toui
through Ontario was held last week.
If we had nol encountered ihis report in a true blue Tory paper, wc
should have hesitated to accept il a-,
entirely genuine. Even as it is wc
can hardly bring ourselves to credit
that a man of the stamp <>f H i*
Borden could sn far forget himself
as to utter such absolute rubbish.
It. L. must he finding the mad very
Hrcsomo when he gives voice lo such
unmitigated nonsense as is contained
in the foregoing extract.
The C.P It* is coming in tot .i
great den! ol notoriety just now mi
two entirely different counts, In the
lirst place the Toronto World is eon
luctlug a campaign, having for Its
)hject tbo compelling ol the C.P.It.
to live up to tho law, which limits
ts distribution of profits to slime*
lolders to ii) per cent. The World
claims thai tho U.lUt. has paid as
high as 11 per cent, On this subject
the World editorially remarks:
"II ihe greatest corporation wc
have can break the law and defy the
law why can't anybody else do lhe
same thing? How can Sir Thomas
Sbaughiicssy and his colloagucs demand any consideration from the law
in this country''' Whal right have
On-) in appeal tn the courts fnr redress m- interpretation nf the law
when they themselves refuse to abide
hy it, especially tho very law lhat
created the Canadian Pacific as ■„
corporation? Who can have respect
fur ilr Judges ul tho land when the
chiel institutions in the country defy
iln* law Liml tlie Judges Interpret'.'
Wlm ran hoasl about the laws ol
Canada as being guod, when as ,i
matter ni fact they aie not enforced?
When the Canadian Paeiiie respects
the law oi this country ami make
restitution to lhe people ni Canada
iu the way nf reduced rales ni Iln
money illegally taken Irom them,
thru it will he time tn talk about
the dignity and sanctity nl our law.
In Die mr'aiilime we are sorry to sav
that the greatest and most defiant
lawbreaker In ihis country at this
motnciil is iln- Canadian pool lie, ami
what is mme tn the discredit id ill
parties concerned is that this defiance
•d th>- law is instigated liy the fnr
clgu shareholders who have the. man
agcmenl  iu Cunadu at their mercy."
In tin- second plan- the C.P.II. has
a dispute nn hand willi its employes
as in wage schedules. A conciliation board has Investigated the demands nf lhe men and has brought in
a reporl, awarding the men a blglici
scale nf pay.      This report   the C.  P.
It. has intimated a willingness to accept and ael upon. But the men
claim that the report does not do
ihem justice ami declare that they
will imt accent anything less than
their original demands, At this
juncture n looks very much us il re-
iin division will        um
he directly Involved,      nt-
though there is talk of a wa...-
which, happily, lhe men on the western division will Ih. directly Involved, although there is talk of a walk-
nut in sympathy. The situation is a
sumcwlmt remarkable one. On the
nne hand the company appears to he
troubled over the division ol profits
ami nn the other, unwilling to disburse a fair share of those profits In
raising lhe pay of its employes In
a level with the pay drawn by the
employes ol some twenty other rail
mails m the same territory. Ii Is
in be Imped that some settlement ot
the wage question will In* reached
without recourse to a strike, for a
lie up ni the C.P.R, at this scasnu
ni the year would lie little short ul
The Dominion nf Camilla celclirat"
her forty-third bortlnlay tomorrow
ami Ihal jnyous festivity may v.ill
In* heartily participated in hy evil;,
native bom and adopted son. Great
things were anticipated of ibis ia*w
nation hy the fathers nf confederation and certainly great things have
heen accomplished, but what l.a***
been done is nnt a marker to what
will he accomplislieil iu the years in
ciime. Whilst Canada can hardly he
described as a land (lowing with milk
and honey, it dues oiler practically
unlimited opportunities in mm nf
grit and determination. Conditions
nf living ale, nu tlie wlmle, better
fm Hu- masses id the people than lu
any other counlry under lhe sun.
Then- is imt an entire absence ol lhe
evils common in the old world, bul
they nre nnt anything like so prcval
ent. In fact, it may Ih* fairly sunt.
ihat Canada adonis a good living,
under pleasant conditions, to every
man wlm is prepared tn do an holiest
dav':. work. Whilst tho foregoing
applies in Canada as a whole, it is
particularly true ot that portion ol
th<- greal Dominion in whieli ihe
bulb ol our readers reside—British
Columbia, the taiiest, richest nml
most promising nt tlie provinces mnk
Ing up confederation
The following c. P H new appointments in connection with the rearrangement ol western mileage have
been announced:
.1. .i. Scully, superintendent ai
Moose .law, appointed general superintendent ni the new Saskatchewan
division wiih headquarters at Moose
■ law.
.1. M. Cameron, trainmaster, at
Vancouver, succeeds as superintendent
at Moose .law.
T. Martin, assistant engineer nt
Mouse Jaw, appointed assistant division engineer,
A. T. Short, distriet master mechanic at. Cranhrook, appointed master mechanic   ol new division        al
Mni.se  JaW,
M. R Smart, dispatcher at Moose
.law, appointed cur service agent of
new division there.
Sundays—Low mass at 8.HO a.m.;
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation—MaBS at K a.m.
Week days—Mass al li a in. at llie
Father L. Choinel, O.M.I ,
Parish Pries!
July 3rd.
Children's service al 11. Boys ami
nil Is especially invited.
Sumlay School and Bible classes ,il
Ibree. Epworth League prayer sei-
vlee at 7 in the inner vestry, con
ductal by tho Voung People. Short
and hriiiht service, only lasting ono
huiir in the evening, commencing ut
7,30. Solo, and well known hym >s.
Vou are invited to come and hi in-,
Tuesday.—Kpworth League devotional service, led by .Mr. .1 Lower,
at «.
Wednesday.—Lawn open for croquet
and social chut.
Thursday.—Prayer service at 8.
The annual picnic nf the Sundav
school will he In-Ill uu Friday, .lul-.
Special [rut i mi ic sermons, appropriate lo Dominion Hay anniversary
will he delivered by Ibe pastor,
Charles W. King, al both services. A
cordial christian welcome tn all
Public worship, 11 a.m. and ,*.*>
p.m. Itilile school will) Philelliei
Voting Ladies and llaraca Young
Men's classes. At Ibis session the
honor lull of scholars [ur faithful
school and divine service attendance
will be announced, The Lord's Supper and right hand of fellowship lu
new members at the close nf evening
Monday, a p.m., Young People's
Wednesday, K p.m., the mid-week
meeting for prayer and praise.
Strangers always welcomed.
July 3rd.
Morning service at 11 o'clock.
Communion will lie dispensed at this
Sunday school and Bible classes al
3 p.m.
livening service at 7.30 o'clock,
Special patriotic service: "The
Strangers Within Our dales."
Ou Friday evening, July 1st, at
fl o'clock, pre-cniiimunlon service A'lll
Ire held in llic church.
Those desiring to unite with lhe
church and those with certificates
will please be present if possible.
Young People's (iiiiltl on Tuesday
evening ai n o'clock,
Tbe lawn social held by the KlioX
Girls' dub on Mr. McCallum's lawn
on Friday evening last was a very
successful affair in every way. The
evening was Ideal, ami the score of
daintily dressed young ladies wailed
attentively on Iheir patrons in wiving ice cream, tea, culler ami sandwiches, Flower, lemonade ami
candy booths were also well patronized, The lawn With its evergreen
trees heir ulid there iu the glow nf
Chinese lanterns and fancy elect ii<
lights looked like fairyland. The
Cranbrook cily hand entertained Hie
rowd with a good prngramme ul
music The evening concluded With
a few   minimal     games.     Something
ver ninety dollars was received.
Itev   and     Mrs.    Charles W. King
have been appoiuliil  tn represent   lhe
Dapiisi church at the Brlslsh Columbia convention in Ih- held in Vancou
Ver, July 7th to Ulb. A large lie
legal inn frnm all over the province
is expected this year, there bein;
Important wnrk in hand. Fnrwaiil
moves in the educational, Young
peoples, and missionary activities id
lhe denomination arc under way and
the outlook in D. C. was never
An order-in-coiincii has been passed
fixing June I next as the day on
which the cuisus is to be taken
throughout Canada. The schedules
which have been approved by tbe
governor-iti-coimcil are practically the
same as those ol other years, ll is
expected that the figures will all be
tabulated in time to make it nos-
slble for tlie government to introduce the redistribution bill during
the session ol 1012, which will probably lw the Inst session ol the present parliament.
Tin' iiiitilic school dosed thin afti*i-
noon lor iln* slimmer holidays'. Thoro
was in s|ii*i*i*il unlerlaliimont, both
It'aclii'is mnl scholars having been
busy up In tin- last molliont wilh tlio
customary examinations. Something special in tlio way ol a closing
entertainment is jiromlscd next lern.
end. Below is the regular return *»i
nt tendance during the past month, as
well as a full list of jirmm.tiotis:
On Ave. atitcuil-
roll,   unco,   IM'.
Division I -
I..   ,1.    Cranston ...28   10.02   110 IH
Division II —
Miss     Caldwell     ...49   111.23   *I».SB
Division Ill-
Miss Alward     II  2B.W  05.M
Division IV-
Miss Slewart   fiO  31.112   03 M
Division v.—
Miss Rotlinlc   ...   .53  31.62  05.13
Division VI.—
Miss Clinic    33  23.1(1  70.17
Division VII.—
Miss Kroner     50  35.18   70%
Division VIII.—High School-
Miss Crandall   10    9.09   90.110
Totals 314 213.31   71.12
The diplomas sent by the department of education to la* given to the
pupils wlm rank lirst in proficiency.
punctuality and regularity and deportment, have been awarded as iol-
Division I.—Ilculatl Slewart.
Division II.—Lauretta Armstrong.
Division III.—Arthur Burch.
Division IV.—Marion Leitch.
Division V.—William*. I'rudcn.
Division VI.—Irnia Ward.
Divi.vion VII.—Muriel Baxter.
Division I.—Florence Wood.
Division II—Katherine McCallum
Division III.—Orace llardgett.
Division IV—Helen Bridges
Division V.—Sydney Corrison.
Division VI.—Dcljdiinc Bennett.
Division VII.—Ella McOoldric,
Punctuality and Regalarity
Division I.—Charlie Morrison.
Division II.—Hazel Taylor.
Division HI.—Robert liurcli.
Division IV.—Merle Taylor.
Division V.—Stanley Stewart.
Division VI.—Stanley MoBat.
Division VII.—Vernon Woodman.
Promoted to Division L—Sr.
Lauretta Armstrong, Earlc Stewart, Katherine McCallum, Florence
llatliie, Ernest Jones, I.aura Richards, Frances Drummond, Eva Con-
toy, Carl Oill, Bertha Brown, Harold Stevmson.
Promoted lo Division 1.—Jr.
Gladys Itickcuholhum, Alice Hee.t,
Beta Cameron, Oracle lliggtns, Wanda Fink, Bert Heard, Jennie Pulton,
Edith Adderlcy, Edgar Hundley,
Hazel Taylor, Alired McltltcllI,*,
Neil MeCalluin, Jasper Moser.
PromoMd to Division II.—Sr.
Willie Laurie, Marion Robertson.
Hullo Johnson, Violet Deacon, .Murray Robertson, Rhodo Wright, Molded Carson, Aiklie Bennett, Marguerite Drummond, Arthur tlurch,
Albert Laurie, Robert Burch, Noble
McNeil, Dorothy Monkey, Vincent
Fink, Edith McDonald, (loft Cook.
Promote,! to Division II.—Ir.
Mabel Turner, Olive Dow, Alice
Hrown, (ieorge Pratt, Alice Wood,
Bernard Kirwun, llu/el Orlfllth,
Irene Elmer, Lottie Uwik, Annie
Pation, Noel Wallingcr, Delia Bow,
Dolor Brault, Dora Grant.
Promoted to Ijlvislou III—Sr.
Orace llardgett, Nigel Thompson,
James lleikie, Rainsford Parks,
Eric Spenee, Delia Aubertln, Eva
Troop, Annie Crow, Minu Carson,
Sum Bennett, Vera llradwjn, Law-urn
Cadwalladar, Brunswick Hamilton,
Charles Hcrniinan, tlladys Johnston, Mamie Lower)', Bertha Barclay, Mav Barclay, Julia BrauD,
Enid GUI, Ha/el Danlorth, Waller
Meyers, Sydney Murgatroyd, Douglas
t'inniss, Mcrrltt Leask, Russell St,
Eloi, Harry Doris, Helen McKinstry
Promoted lo Division III.—Ir.
Marlon Leitch, Helen Bridges.,
Charlie Elmer, Norma Moser, Rosie^
Mayers, Herbert Stuart, Merle Tay-I
lor, Caroline Ito, Pleasant llinkley,I
Donald Taylor, Lome llotterlll, Nellie Grant, Bertha Gill, Harriet Mof-
lat, Crystle Tucker, Sadie Ncsblt,
l.ia Art, Antoinette Bougie, Norman
Fowler, Joe Michaud, Orvllle Thomji-
miii. Clarke Wallace.
You Can't
What Kind of Mother
a Boy Has by the
Amount of Dirt
He Gets Upon
His Face
Neither vim you loll hy llic outside appearance, what kind nl
you am getting; il inny bu n layer
of liuanls outside anil liucil willi
mi'tiil inside; or it muy In* ]nit together iu Boinu oilier eijunlly
cheap fashion,
Our Leader
are constructed us follows:
first, nicely finished onler wood
■'using, then sheathing,thick filling
of mineral wool, two more thicknesses of sheathing, air spuce, wood
lining and then the inside metal
Heat Can't Get In
Cold Can't Get Out
You can readily see tliey will l.-n-t
for years, and will give perfeel
We are -«till selling $23
values for
and $18.00 values for
McCallum& Co
The Hardware Men
Cool Jraderc/as/ien/
Cool, Clean, Crisp Things in livery
Line  of  Our   Men's   .•urnisliiiij-s
Cool Shirts
You'll simply rvvi'l  in our comfort-?
fthle Blttrts, niiulr with soft rovor-siblu
Promoted to Division IV.—Sr.
Karl Kin,-;, Donald Kennel ly, Margaret St. Kloi, Sadie Wood, Alex.
Mennie, Doris Wallinfcrr, Francis
Cad wai lade r, Hoy Mowforth, Willie.
Daniels, Nellie Marcellats, Dpi hi
SomcrviHe, Heryl Cam Aon, (lorilon
Taylor, Fred Swain, Melo Drummond, Apies Reekie, I lush Fraser,
Bradford Carson, Clarence lllchen-
Promoted to Division IV.—Jr.
Glayds Spcticc, A rniaiul Kuj;lisii,
Mary I .-cask, Howard Armstrong,
Harold Ihinfortb, Klsie Taylor, Gordon Argur, Harold Leask, Hcllc McKinstry, .loan McVittie, Rosa Tito,
Adricn .Mom pet it, Helen Auhertin.
Grace MoFarlano, Huhy Deacon.
Promoted to Division V.—Sr.
Ilu rei ay McNeil, Sidney Corrison.
Mabel Hrown, Kdward Turner, Huhy
Finlay, Lillian Taylor, Mabel McOoldric, Stanley Stewart, Nellie
Lawsoti, Samuel Whit taker, Klsie
Heattie, Irene Beech, Thomas Laugh-
Promoted to Division V.—Ir.
Muriel Havler, Harold Haslam,
Frank Bridges, Hoy —, Join
Drake, Kdward Hrown, Joseph
Swain, Allen I.ucy, Winnie Troop.
Irene Harnnrd, Mary I.ncy, Lily |.nil■
eeritcr, Volt Onsklll.
Promoted to Division VII— Sr.
Merle Hiiihir, Hugh MacDonald,
Kvelyn Moore, Muriel WnlHngcr, Hector Donaldson, Kdward Bnrntinrd1
Jim Titos, Mabel Cameron, David
Iteekie, Freda Taylor, Kiln Mcflold-
ric, Janet Nesbltt, Vernon Wot d-
man, Hirdie Willinnl, Itev Main*.,
Charles Clapp, Charles Hotural, Kriu
McKinnon, Winoiin Slinsoii, Onrllcld
Taylor, Jack Kirkland.
Promoted to Division VI.—Ir,
Irma Violet Ward, Dclnhiiu. Dennett, Howard Morfitt, Irene (line,)
Jennie Louise Hopkins, Violet Jones,
Margaret Anne Morrison, Rdllh.
Cauldwell, Harvey Joyce, Honour
Argue, Sadie Lacey, Ada McKinnon,
Bruce Laurie, Bessie Woodman, tier-:
trude Haines,  John ChnUingtoti.
Promoted to Division VII.—Sr.     j
Mary Carson, Hay Scott, Carmen
Tato, Samuel Speers, FJizaheth N.s-
bet, Jessie Finnesey, Kdna Sanderson, James Kemlialt, Stanley Mnt-
tatt, Wlnnifred Armttagc, -Inblii
Tuwnaeod, William Leask. I
J^^T^^TS UVImvo tin-in  in  oool Bilke, silk
^$jb.J,?4 y-jfo-*™***..ij^y        iiiixtun-H, yiiightmm niirf muslins.
\-*' ■ ¥'■'''m$ *^0' oxpcsnsivo   but kooiI (junlity
k   75c to $3.75
Cool Underwear
thai will make ynu forget "I lid Sol's power,
Athletic Underwear with knee pnuls and sleeveless shirts
Per Suit $1.50
Light Weight Bulbriggan Underwear in all colors.
* Per Suit $1.00 to $2.00
* Silk and Silk-Mixed Underwear lightest weights.
* Per Suit $2.50 to $4.50
i McCreery Bros
CRANBR000K,    -    -    B. C.
This Town Cannot Go Dry
for some time
Just Received -1 Carload cf Domestic Liquor
I      ••      ••  Foreign Liquor
I       "      "   Quinary Beer
1       "       "    l-ulmt "Beer
SJiNIi   IK    ViH II   OH11K1IS   Mi'.V
A.   L.   McDERMOT
PHONG   17 Wliolesnlu Win,.   Merchant I'llUNK   17
tli.ii it it* eiisier mnl heller tn Hen.1 tliolr u'trn i** to un tn I leaned
or dyed iliiin lolmtlier with tl"*'" lliem-wlv-vi-,   Wo have tlio faelllitua
tn iln tho work thoroughly and ex|todttltuidy.
Our cyatem nf doing llm wwk prod urea the Input result* nnd Injures
■ HAKE It STREET—noxt Manitoba llolol— I'liotio210 I
Read the Herald $2.00 a year
Tiie uiiuiiiiiioiiH tuiBwor is
Tho pt-opli* of Cnui brook soy
so, uud tlio puoplo who visit
0rniibrook wiy bo, Look ut
last week, 'llic Kiii-ihts of
Col UU) bus woro lien- from
Albortu, Hritish Colli iiiMti,
lit.'ilin;uii| Wushiup'toi), Thoy
Woro iul'uliiutt'd with Cniu-
liro.ik. Tho MiiBoufl id' liritisli Coin iu bin hold tliuh*
grand lodgo liore last wook,
uml I'Vcrv visitor wus loud in
hia prnifloaot bonntifitl Cruii-
linn»k. Why'r* it u u n u u o
■Urnii brook iu all riff Jit. .N'cur-
ly nil iln- visitors woro in mir
Btoro, nud tht')' won1 titniized
ut tho sissy, nml variety nl'
our stock nud tlu* tjuulity of
our ffoods.
One muiiHiiid, "Wllltliepeoplu
Imiv tills class of good*?" We
tolil ttiPiu that tliov would, tluil
they 'li>l, uiul ilmi they hnd *< i
lining so for twolvo years, I'm
tliav cnuuol luiy Orst-cliiM- goods
unless flrsi-'dasB goods are kept
in stock. * lit r lutsinitps i« far
g rea ter this year than ever before,
Tin- pen|i|o want the goods and
know that ive can anpplv their
need****, whether ii in in stnlion-
er , t -Net uriirli'ii. leailifi *■ Is,
.■ni ifln*a, Oiling, tnckle, sluivfi g
sniinlies, bunk***, in fact eivry-
thitig vim would find in a lirM-
elsss Drni! an.I I'ook ntote in
Winnipeg, Sj.nkitiit' or Vane, uver
-   CO., LTD.
P, S.—We luiil an old prewrlit.
tion sent in nn lift week from Al-
lit-in m I..- refilled Tin* a-Der
snld, "I who ihis pui up right.
That Is wliv 1 am sending it tn
you." I' pays to give the people
"what ihey |tay fur.
Fishing Tackle
We have just received a swell as-
sortment of flies;
the ones you have
been looking for,
are now  here.
tlardwurt1.      Cranbrook, B.C.
nhout our hniili'il goods.   We use no
mini titration* oi pieservatives in nnr
lii'iinn -n.ln, snranntrltln, glngoi nle,
iiii-I othai I'lirhoiiiited drinks,
are healthful «s well rtr* refreshing
and pilnial.lt'. Shall we semi vou
B case just to«0A how g tod they ate,
(Sipecinlly al idi-* r-cnHoiiV
East Kootenay Bottling
nn whluli to went an engagement ring.
Ami the right ring Ib the one you
choose from the beautiful assortment
lo ho seen how, llectiuse like all our
jewelry our rings are llrpt of h11 reliable
mill hllVO IIS well all lhe tllSlP unit hoatt-
ly of thajuwulur's best mt.
W.   H.   WILSON
Large, cool,   dry   storclioimu,
very sale, <Ji>iilili* doors, no cii-
li'micc, cxce|it llirougli private
Apply al lleralii OHlce. 17-11*
Irom Wasa d'n*
*1iil\   1st as |in*\
papers   cheap    a
Born—At Itosslanil o
.lune 2.*itli, nun. to Itev.
Mrs, Kwiiif* (ni*i* Miss C
W. C. and
innolly)     a*
, pure Food I
Judge Wilson went down t
\. Hanson was
ing Hie week.
Fresh fruit at The Palm.
J. F. M. Pinkham lias been iu
town from Calgary during Ihe week.
Gils Theis wa* .down from Perry
Creek this week,
For wheat, oats and hay see A. C.
Bowness. lr-tf
Mrs. J, It. McNahb will receive o.,
the second Friday ol each month.
Flaiiellettes on sale Saturday after
noon at Be. yard.—C, C. s.
I law! wood ice cream at Stewart's—
strawberry and vanilla flavors.
Dr. ItllUedge has returned fn.m :i
holiday trip to Kaslo.
.Miss Irene Deacon returned Irom
Spokane yesterday.
Preserving cherries at Fink's Pure
Fund Grocery.
Mrs. Frank Leclaire, nf Marysville,
visited Cranbrook last Monday.
tt', t;. Morton and wife left lor the
coast this morning.
Mrs. Wade left Tor Calgary this
•Harden Pete Hethodist Lawn.
July is.
Miss Florence Erickson has returned home from Vancouver for the bummer holidays.
Born—To Mr. and Mrs. .1 Woodman, of this city, on Tuesdaj, June
-Md, a daughter.
The big Hurry Out Sale Is still in
full swing at the C. C S.
Mrs Elton, ol Kort Steele, bas
been the guest nf Mr. and Mr-. John
!■'  Smith during the week,
Born—To Mr and Mrs. John Macdonald, ol tins city, June 28th, .1
Call and have a talk abuut autos.--
Uranbrooh Trading Co
P DeVere Hunt has been out nl
town all the week. He is at present
in Nelson,
Geo. II, Deane, Inspector ol public
schools, is in town   on oflicial hitai-
.*   s
Ulsa Minnie Armstrong left ou
Puosday lur a few weeks outing with
fricndi in Mo) Ic and Creston,
IN Im; Hum 1 Hit Sah' is still in
lull swing at the C   C. S.
Miss      t'nilie,   ni   thr   public   School
teaching staff, will spend hei summer
holidays in Nelson.
Ml Orangemen ami their friends are
Invited to make tin; Vudltorium iheit
headquarters on the Twelfth.
Mrs.   Arnold   Itaworth will receive
• 'ii     I-'tu l.n,   Jul)  Mh   from    I  to B
I" in .  instead    ol
[oust) announced
■ n LY-Wall
Creston buttermilk at The palm.
Conductor tt. A Martin, wlm has
been enjojing a holiday uu the
coast, has returned and is bach on
his regular nm again.
See our Wedgwood china, in while
and gold hand, very dainty.—Campbell and Manning.
The   customs receipts     fur       the
month of June totalled $67X4,02, cud!
the inland revenue receipts amounted!
to S17SI.SI. I
(lo to Stewart's fountain. He
dispenses cool nnd refreshing drinks
that, touch the right spot.
H0111— \ t Cranbrook, B. C, on '
Thursday, June 23rd, 1910, to Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Mauley, twin daughters. 1
The first kiln of brick of the season
was opened at the Cranhrook Uriel:
company's yards yesterday, containing 880,000 bricks.
Prime masts of beet at the same
old stand - P, Wood* and Co.
Texas crackers at Fink'
The Ladies" Aid ol the Methodist
church will meet at the home oi Mrs
Frank Parks on Wednesday next ;■■
3 p.m,
Grain fed pork, which cannot bo
excelled.—P. Woods & Co.
Tire Voung People ol the Baptist
union nre preparing a fine programme
for tbe coming quarter. Watch nexl
week's issue of the  Herald.
WANTED—A capable girl to Lnki
charge of house for one nr tw-
months. Apply • *. F. Huehcroft,
city. 18-H
Air. and Mrs. ,1 I.. .McKay and
family, of Sinclair, H. ('., are visiting in town, the guests ol Mr. and
Mis, T. G. Jones
JULY—Woll        papers     cheap      a'
Mr .1 A. McClelland, ol Montreal,
representing the Federated Trades,
Canadian Pacific railway lines, is in
town this week nn oflicial business,
J. P. (iroulv, printer, ol anywhere, is spending a few dins vacs
Hon in Cranbrook, the guest of the
Herald printers.
Divisions six and seven of the
public school, celebrated the close oi
the school term hy a picnic yesterday afternoon. The youngsters bad
a very enjoyable outing.
Fresh I iazel wi it id buttermilk a I
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ingram returned
lasl Tuesday from their honeymoon
trip to Spokane. Tbey were accompanied by the bride's sister, Miss
Hazel Cooper.
Flanclloltes on sale Saturday afternoon at Oe. yard.—C. ('. S.
It. E. Brett, secretary of Grand
Lodge, A. P. and A.M., spent n few
days mil at Fort Steele, the guest
of G. F. Pownall, ami returned to
Victoria on Tuesday.
Grain fed pork, which cannot I,.-
excelled.—P. Woods & Co.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Scsbitt are leaving
this week fnr the coast, where ii is
hoped Mrs. Neshitt will soon regain
her usual good health. She has been
suffering or late from rheumatism.
Prints on sale Saturday afternoon
at ile. a yard.—C. C. S.
The mills in Cranbrook district arc
just full with orders. Perhaps this
accounts for the unusual activity
among the townspeople and people
nf this district.
The big Hurry Out Sale is still in
full swing at the c. C. S.
W. Halsall returned nil Tuesdav
from a week's vacation sjtent n
southern Saskatchewan. Mr. 'la.-
sall reports crop conditions all thut
could he desired in that section nl
the country.
Garden Fete lethothi-t Lawn,
July 15.
W. A. Rollins and family and Thos.
Eccle-S and wife are spending a two
weeks' vacation at St. Mary's lake.
In the meantime Vic. Rollins Is in
charge of ihe Royal hotel.
Tbe Coal Creek hold-up eases have
at last been finally disposed of
Judge Wilson this week sentenced
Frank Belanger to six months imprisonment to date from dav of his
arrest, March 10th, and John Belanger to two years.
For wheat, oats and hay see  V I .
Bowness. ir-if
The haseliall match lasl evening,
Mojie Intermediates vs. CranbrooV
cubs, resulted in a win for the local
youngsters by a score of I" to '',
which should have been 1" to S, .■.*,
one ot the runs allowed the visitors
was not properly scored.
Flaiiellettes mi sale Salinday afternoon at Oc. yanl—C. I*. S.
ll you see the Herald man walking about town and you have a bit
Ol news ol interest, put bim ner..
The paper he represents g.ies farther,
interests more, and gives iH-nelits to
a larger number of people than »ny
other paper in the  Kootcnays.
Leave your orders for preserving
cherries ami raspberries with U*,
Prices and ipiatity guaranteed.—
Campbell and Manning
Cranhrook just now is a seething
bee hive ot activity, commercially
and socially. On all sides we hc;*r
of the various business houses enjoying greater returns for the month .-t
June than ever before,     We are going
ahead now—quiet, hut strong.
Prime roasts of itecf ut the same
oh) stand.—P. Woods ami Co.
Mr. and Mrs. T* Utah suffered e
sad bereavement last Sunday mowing by the passing away of their
baby son, James Ivan. Numerous
relatives ami friends gathered at the
home for the funeral service on Monday afternoon, Rev. Charles W. King
officiating. Mr. nml Mrs. Leaak
sincerely appreciate the sympntl
Prints on sale Saturday afternoon
at oc. a yard.—C, C, s.
Pastor and Mrs Charles W. Kin.;
will he home Dominion Day ami
cordially invite all young people lo
spend a social time on the parsonage
grounds, afternoon and ovening.
Music, roko, ball gflfnos, etc. Bring
your friends.
1    JULY—Wall      papers   cheap    at
E, II. Small, Vic. Rollins,     Tom
Glass and     Jim Hl'Ott
for Reno    to    witniua
fight on Mondaj next,
fries and .lark     John*
conclusions    for the
weight   championship.
wen- not naming their el
thej loft,
LOST-Gold slick- pin,
depot nnd Royal     hotel
night      Finder please ret
the   |„,   p,
nf  IV
11 pol
lis and Co,   i
ig will
about by the sting uf a small iaseci
These small insects arc verv trouble*
some,    Beware!
The big Hurry Oul Sale is "II In
full swing at the C   C s.
Hereafter the time of arrival ul
C.P.R, trans-atlautifl Btcamcrs at
Montreal win be bulletined al llic
local depot, and (he dale of arrival
of Cranhrook passengers will nl-** ha
Sewing by the day —Miss Twntnlcy,
care nt Mrs. Stratton, comer lirnise
opposite public school. !■>-->'
Garden Fete Methodist Lawn,
July 15.
THE ONLY place iu Cranhrook in
buy ice cream is The Palm.
Principal Sawyer, of Okanagan
College, • Summerland, has a good
word to say for Cranbrook. The
few flays he spent in Cranbrook were
both restful and invigorating.
Flaiiellettes on sale Saturdaj afternoon at Dc. yard.—C, C. s.
Miss M. Ouelelle, who has hen:
visiting with her sister, Mrs. Geo,
Long pre, at Hosmer, for the last
Ibree necks, returned Lo town Thursday last, having thoroughly enjoyed
her visit.
Choice watermelons at Stewart's.
Plums, peaches, apricots aud cberrie
at Stewart's today.
A, T. Short, district mash 1 me
cbanfc, c.P.It., wiih headquarters iu
this city, has been promoted lo lhe
position of master mechanic at
Moose Jaw, and will assume his new
duties nn July 1st.
Heinz sweet gherkins in bulk at
Fink's Pure Fond Grocery.
The fi. I, \. tn the It. m !,. K.
are going to In.Id a garden parly in
Monday evening next, July Ith, on
Mrs. Murgatroyd's lawn. Ice cream,
strawberries and other dnlntj refreshments   will    he served and the
Sum merit
nd, P. C.
uwussi I'oii nun.
HI:   Kiwi l«
V U-uclilnir Btali nf
•.v!    ..:'„-:.■■    ■!
i-vottil   uml   h
lie liulMInaociutiirn
•nt [a ujMu tlu
linrgea moderate.   I
ir iiai'tlculan
V*. A., D.O. UPrfncipti
Tho only colk-jre fur the Interior
of ihi*. ->ruvtni-«
s   leaving
lake up a
the einpliM
position 11
»k Tradiun
G  hesl   little rity 1   have see;
what he has to say of It,
li. right-of-way   agents   r.r
town today and left  later |i
noon to    go over the   routi
if  Fort      Steele.      Mr.  C.  H
yet," is
I    K,   C.
rived iu
the nfle
smith    •
Pollen accompanied ihem. Mr. ,1
N. Logan, ol Winnipeg, is the ageu'
iu charge of the works, He was nc
companled here by Mr, F. M. Mac
pherson, senior right-of-way ollleial
of Winnipeg,
Prints ou sale   Saturday nfteruorr
at Oc a yard.—C, c. s.
j Mam
1 di.d
hospital, after a sr
pliold fever.     lie li
from Kngland thrci
11 Wednesday il
ling     Crosby,
in      the      St
ig   \\ii-
ere attack of ty-
d only been out
months, and va-
a bright ami intelligent young
much respected by all who knew :
His brother Pert is employed at
; staples Lumber company.    The
oral look place this afternoon,
ceased    was a   cousin of    Wm. ■
Crosby, of Wvcliffe.
Mcintosh'-;    toffee at   Fink's
Food Grocery.
Mr. F. K. Cor ri son, bnndmnst
the city hand, is looking forwa'
having a good time at Moyl
morrow, Something lively in
way of music is being provided inr
the Moyleites. The hand boys are
all right and Movie evident)} thinks
so too by the reception they ate
providing for their visitors.
For wheat, oats aud buy see A. C
Bowness. ITU
Among Hie .speakers who will .11-
dress the mass meeting under Un.
auspices of tin* Orange association,
Thursday, July the Twelfth, will he
Mr.  J.   W.   Wheal ley,  the able       nn I
popular organizer ol tho British
Columbia Grand Orange Lodge. This
will be noted with considerable plea-
lure by all the    members and friends
Kindly: id tbe
a hi
Mr.  ■.. .1
Fernle high ■
aI   tbe high I
n  this ei*,,)
rs and loma
choice fruit
mc, groceries
, from Camp
am active ii
Hew school
elonglng   ti
hand will he iu attendance
keep     this  date  ill      111iIlll,
time is anticipated '
McLaughlin autos are the best.—
Cranhrook Trading ('<>.
Bruce Brown leaves for the coast
nn Stinda) nest- Mr. Brown i-, one
of tbe bcsl ad. writers in this pert
of the country, ami an all round good
fellow. He will be greatly missed
from the store nl .1. It. MeBride.
where he has been employed for tlie
past three years.
We have now on hand A No. 1 hrst-
class guns at  Old Curiosity Shop.
Miss Crandall, principal nf the hl'jh
school, will spend her holidays iu
Nelson ami Vancouver. Before goi'ip
west Miss Crandall une-; to Ferule t ■
preside over the high school examinations in that city
Bruce, principal of ti;
school,     will     preside
hool     examinations
opening on Monday.
Onrden Fete Methodist Lawn.
July 15
T. 0 Proctor, ol Selson, nud
Mayor Fink were up to Canal Flats
tbis week. Mr. Proctor, who a interested in a big logging contract,
said, on his return, thai the final
drive will likely take place nevt Saturday week, completing a contract
for 5,000,000 feet.
Very choice   cucumln
UK's at Stewart's.
Yon   can always tet
aud fancy, pure, wholesol
absolutely    pure  goods,
hell and Manning.
Dog poisoners   arc ag
the neighborhood of    thi
Monday morning a dog
one of the Chinese gardeners fell
victim to strychnne       owners
valuable   canines should   chain Ihem
up until the   dnngei 1- over.    Soino
twenty-five   dots   were   poisoned in
this neighborhood iu tbe early spilng,
We have a first-class, seconddiaud
organ for sale ehrap, Dominion
make.—Old Curiosity Shop t
FOR UKNT-Barn lor one team ol
horses und bugg\, hig hay loft upstairs; $8,00 pel month; behind
Frank Godderis' barber shop. Apply K. Godderis !7-2t* ■
McLaughlin autos arc the beat.—
Cranhrook Trading t'n. j
For wheat, oats and hay see \. C.I
Bowness. I *-tf
Tbe building trade is very brisk
about town, tbe various contractors
being unusually busy at this time.
Baker and Baulield with residences
for O. Powelll John Crooks, Miller
and Bradley; Christian and Jones
with Hugh Block's ami Queen's
hotel, etc.; Q. Leask and Co. with
Imperial Haul, and McCallum nml Co.
With tho V. M. C. A. building.
A familiar figure is about to leave
our midst. John Spraggs leavei
Cranbrook for Winnipeg nexl Mondav
to spend a few weeks, afterwards
journeying onward lo London, England, where be will reside with Iii-t
relatives. Mr, Spraggs hits lived in
Canada some '-ill years, the Inst six
of which   lie has spent in Cranhrook,
dat, B.C.
order in the Kootcnays; am!
bis presence will |a* an added attraction to swell the already substantial
number of visitors tn our cltj on
that day.
The (Jtialn Fleetrical Supply <'-•:..-
pauy is settling down in its new
quarters, adjoining the Hotel Cranbrook. Part ot the large stock is
already set out, but there Is a great
deal more to come and when complete
Cranlirook will boast the best appointed electrical equipment store iu
the interior. An unfortunate rr-is-
hap overtook the large plate kIuss
windows imported fnr these premises,
When the eases were unpacked the
large glasses were found to be badlj
shattered. In the meantime smaller
windows have been installed
City Solicitor Geo, Thompson re
turned on Monday from a trip to thi
coast. Whilst iu Victoria Mr
Thompson Interviewed the government in reference to the purchase of
ihe city's interest in the government
building and arranged that tin
amount to he paid to the city should
be available at an early dale, so
that there rued lie no delay In proceeding with the erection of the new
city building. Mr. Thompson wen'
down to Fernie on Wednesdaj on
legal business.
Harden I ite Methodist LftWlt*
July 15-
With     the   closing of    tin*   public
school tho teaching staff is dispersing
in various directions for the summer
holidays.        Principal  Cranston,    ac-
!■' companled   by his wife ami si*tcr-'*..-
law, Miss Rothnle, leaves tonight ov
In the Flyer tor Virden, Man Miss \
d.wanl is going back to New Hrm.,-
Io wick. Miss Fraser will spend her
a holidays at hot New Westminster
,,f home       Miss Stewart leaves      tor
Hamilton, Ont.    Th.- three lasl men
Honed are not returning to      ''■ in*
brook.     Miss Caldwell will spend hi-r
holidays in Greenwood.    Mention   .,f
the movements of the other teachers pect to be away fnr three
is made elsewhere in tiii- issui months.
A lax. Adair
III  (i.   Powell   tl
Finn,, feed, saddlery,
and iinptcmdnts.—Cranbrr
Interest in the library voting ("litest apparently increases as it draws
to a close, August Sill*. Baring tl;o
past week supporters of the Presbyterian church put forth special efforts
and rolled up a vote nf over 15,01)0,
placing Knox chinch at the head id
the poll wilh a total vote of SB-titU.
The Methodist church is close behind,
however, with a total vote of 30,771*.
St. Kugene hospital comes third
with 20,013. The other contestants
remain .stationery, Church of England, 370-1; B. ..f L.  F. &  K , 22\h,
Public     sel 1     lun,, and    Uaptisi
church, 600.
Melax    Apple
Pure Fond tiro.
nothing SArisrrr-s
LIKE OOOD  ,404'
.\. '/..   Alward, ..f the public
staff of   teachers, left today
in New    Brunswick,
for h.-r
where she has accepted a teaching
appointment in her home town Both
Superintendent Charles Shepherd and
Charles King of the Bible school In
the Baptist church, spoke words ol
appreciation of the devoted and efficient service Miss Alward has rendered as a worker among the young in
school and church effort in the lust
few months. She will be greatlv
missed among ilu- young people of
tlie Baptist congregation.
milch cow, one Mellette cream scpar*
atoi Sue v.. 1, lo be used .vith'
herd of from s to ltt cows, \pply
(1.    II     Tlbbetts,     Marysville,    B ,
C .-'.!.
-I. H. McBride, who al present 11 in
Chicago, under date «.[ June JUL,
sends lis copj of an Aviation Meet
program In* attended the day previous
at Minneapolis Among the events
of the program were some ot very
special interest, notably aeroplane
quick starting contest; a fwe mile
free for all automobile handicap race,
won by Barney Old field, in t SO 1*5;
a ten mile race between .1. M Mc-
Lalne, driving a Bunk st,,H ear aad
Kay Ifarroun driving a Marmon. The
latter wmi in 11-- --"». World- iir-
cular track time 'rial, distance one
mile. Barney Oldfteld in bis 300
II P Lighting Bin/, the fastest automobile iu the world, broke th-- record held by IV Palxa, on this
track. Vi 1-5, doing the mile n,
pt :i-.*i
Call and have a talk about autm.—
Cranhrook Trading Co.
For wheat, oats -ir.d bay sec A C.
Bowness. 17-tl
STKAWBKlinfKS     F<"M{        I'P.K-
serving $2..Mt per crate F.o B. Wymi-
This price *.o take effect
■-> lime
with less work ihan tt t.iki-s o.
1:1 ike .1 pudding or :i pi.-. I'*
lhc direction* that *r--.vic with every
White Mc ' 1 Freezer, and you
can make fine [rained, im
li. joui li e crc im that will make
the whole family happy. 1 ome in
and talk ii over.
"The Range Store"
apricots at  Kink's Pi
iats and baj see \. c.
Presen ing
Food Grocer 1
For wheat.
Bowness. :; if
Flour,  feed,     saddlery,    carriages,
and   implements.—Cranbrook Trading
A meeting of the executive . ncil
ol Civ Associated Boards ot Trade ot
Kast Kootenay was held yesterday
iu connection wilh the preliminary
arrangements for the placing ul an
exhibit ol East Kootcna; pro I is
at the Drj Farming Congress, to Im
held in Spokane in the first week in
October, It was arranged that th*
local boards should look, aft.-: the
collecting of the individual portions
of the exhibit and the whole assembled at a central point for shipment. Free space has been secured
and tlie freight    el srgi       . exhibits
is  borne   hy   the  t tuttsi   Stat.*-     ■;■■»-
eminent, so tl - xpensi 1 w. ;'■ 1»;
lulu. This 1- an 1V'' 'Hi nl opportunity foi advertising our district
anri the Co 1 peration ol .ill parties
Interested will be heartily appreciated. The other matters taken up at
the meeting were ol a routine naturt,
Prints <*u sate
at 9c a yard —C
Sal trday afternoon
c. S.
Principal Sawyer, ol Okanagan
*•.-• Summerland, B. C, who
•*prnt a few days in Cranbrook last
week, reports himself as greatly
pleased with what he has been of the
city. On Friday be visiud the pub-
lic - ■!. where he met two of his
former students •! Acadia Unlver-
-•;";..  M:-.-- i':u'. ;-..    .;   . Currie.
The tormei reviewed hei nigh school
June 21st. Fill jour order with d/tt, in Uttn. the professors old
shipping instructions direct, or witbUodlu subject, and he was delight-
your express agent, and get straw- „• rith tbe eicfcllent showing mads
berries perfectly ripenM tn tl*|M (be itudeots in a none I ■*• ease
fiuiung field and pickwi same day as test      iir   Sawyer thinks Cranhrook
you receive them Do not miss to
preserve a libt-ral quantity of 'THR
QUEEN ' of fruit -THK STRAWBERRIES " Pack and quality
guaranteed— ■ 1. J, Wlgen, P. O*
Creston, B C. lMt
Quite a lot of new and src«*nd-hand
watches ou hand, splendid timekeepers: prht all right, at Old Curiosity
Foil SALE—One four hone Sweep
horse power, in ^'"-1 running ■:. .
cheap. Appl] to T. .1 Mott, W*,-
clide. B. C. IMt*
has reason to t* justly proud of its
splendid, up-to-date school building
and equipment. Dr. Sawyer is familiar with the various sections of
British Columbia and thinks he
knows a good Udng when be sees it;
and he sets (a Cranbrook all the Indications ■; .'•.-,■:;. and e*ea rapid
development. Dr. Sawyi r speaks
glowingly ol the future ol his college
at Summerland. which Is enlarging
t;->. cope ol it*- usefulness in an addition to it tc cbini -.tafl, including
a jvpecialis*. ::. '•':•:./ r f music
wort, and the erecting M two lar^e
The   prospective wealth   of      thel hmldinss tbfs r—a gyi aaslum
Portland Canal district, nov the et-|ito- a 1*^^ rtsMence—which will bt
cltcment among coast mining    men. resdy for use when the college *;)*'ns
is not all to tins Into coast tre*-* ar-! lri th„ fa|,     -.      ,  .  ,       -■ :l. sev.
Kootenay people .   , r-; «*' f>ur yotrrag   people will avail
whatever is going in that!themselbea ••! ,v' I    the
region. A local syndicate has -sr
organized and has v-r.t two pr«.s,iec-
t.ir-. Into that section to locate some
of the gold bearing ground The i-j.
lowing Craobrook men ha\c ..rear,
ed and have sent forward Frank lag-
era and K. McKinnon. an old Kwite-
lay prospector, to si/e tip the situation and gel a cinch upon anything
good that is going: Dr -'. II King,
II \ Macdonald. pr F W Green,
.'an.. 1 Lardlaw nnd Jos. I*eba 1
Messrs Angers and McKinnon left
for Portland Canal, hv wav ol
Seattle, last Monday, line's hoping
that the. strike it rich. The\ *\.
work   winch  this  institution
n      1 i.* ■* |. in.
>»X'-.i i .y  10 ., Ii.. *'■
Pfwrial 1.. .*. ego bt »rrm .*•■! *l,.n
t.* lolrad.
Arnutroiig Avenue
Near  Telepliunc OfflCV
AH Aboard for Moyie!
Train leaves Cranbrook for Moyie at 8:30 o'clock a. mM
Friday July 1st, and will return in the evening.
Take a day off and enjoy an outing on beautiful Moyie
Lake.   Good day's sport assured
********************** **********************
Not an Enterprise
for the
By John Wananiaker
IF there is one enterprise on
earth that a ''quitter" should
leave severely alone, it is advertising. To make a success of advertising one must be prepared
to stick like a barnacle on a
boat's bottom.
He should know before he begins
it that he must spend money-
lots of it.
Somebody must tell him that he
cannot hope to reap results commensurate with his expenditure
early in the game.
Advertising does not jerk; it pulls.
It begins very gently at first, but
the pull is steady. It increases
day by day and year by year,
until it exerts an irresistible
Visitors at tlie Vancouver exhibition, August 15-20, who arc not pci-
snnally interested in some animal -"X
hibit, poultry, agricultural or mining, but ure looking for live days of
fun, will not be disappointed In that
To begin with, the association will
have uu elaborate display of the
highest class amusement shows possible to obtain, the concessions for
sonic Of which have already bCCU let.
Vaudeville acts of the besl will be
given afternoons uud evenings, likewise hand concerts; while under n
new scheme taking form now there
will be a number ot special amusement features In tho various buildings on the grottmls. For lovers ol
music, Manager Hoy of the association promises something unique ami
Of the greatest interest, probably,
will be the dally races to be held,
for wliich big purses have been hung
up. The races for which on tries
will Ire received up lo July 15th, are
divided ns follows:
1. Three-year-olds, lor horses
owned in It. ('.. previous
to July 1st, halt mile
heats.    Purse   Milne  1360.00
la, Two-year-olds,    tint    for
horses    owned in     11. C,        ti
previous to July 1st, half-
mile beats.    Purse  value.,$300.00
2. 3.-I0.   Pursy value  $100.00
■i.   2.2ii.      stake.       tin tries
close July  15th  $500.00
I. Stallions in service, having
served ten mares or itior.i'
in    ltlltl, hall-mile    beats.
Purse value    $300.00
Three-year-olds, for horses
owned   in  [I.    C. previous
to July 1st;   one ball-mile
heats.     Purse  value  $350.00
Two-year-olds, pace, for
horses, owned in It. 0,
previous to   July Ist; one-
fi.   3.35.
mile     heats
..$ mm,
, having
nr more
hibiliou grounds are now hives of
industry, and everything will be
ready fur the olllclnl opening on
Dominion day, July 1st.
A large list of rooms has been secured from residents all over tbe
city to assist the hotels in providing
accommodation for exhibition visitors. Everything points to the exhibition being a grand success.
wilh a
uf tbe ii
when complete
iu the world.'
UCSS uf   these
it* uu dispute,
It, as leader id tbe op-
*, hen ii n Ids Ontario tour
•bitifily critical treatment
i'j ut tins "national uu-
wbich be says will       be
d "Hie greatest bridge
About the correct*
haracteruutiuiis   there
and,  thereto ie,       otic
Men Earn Money—Women
Spend it
lfyi.it really iloulit-'l Hi is statement, you cotild t-usily
I in. vi • its truth.
Tnkoany(lopiirtntotit store tlmt you know. Wlmi per-
cutitiiKC -d Hoor s|i;nv is for BlHetty 01611*8 goodtf
Or tnk» thu rutu'l district in your own city. Hew many
stores are there in which most of the customers are nut women?
(ir lake your own family.
Who's the Buyer in Your
Tin* man who today ran ulTord family comforts can't utfonl
tlio time tu buy them,
Su the Hoi'snwiri: beconn ■ the BDTBIt,
Sho buys the food tin* furnishings- tho toilet p.oils the
clothing for herself and children and practically all the household supplies.
And the Buyer for the family is of more importance in
mosl campaigns than is the Buyer for the store,
The women of Cranbrook and ;
surrounding districts read
The Herald
You   will   find    no   waste
circulation in the HERALD
if yours is a Household Article
Purse,  value
.Inly 15th ...
.H.   2.12.     Purse, value
ii.   Stallions iu service
served  ten mares
in    1010,   half-mile
Purse, value 	
10    Free     for   all.
11.   Farmers'      race,
horse.    Purse,  value  i    Call
\2. (lentlemcrts1 road race to
four-wheeled buggy, owner
to drive,   half-mile   beats.
t'up, value % 50.00
Weight fur age.    No entry tee.
Kntries close day  belore race.
13.   Half mile   dash.     purse,
value  (130.00
11.   Five-eighths     mile   dash
Purse, value Si""" ""
IS.   Three quart i-i     mill1   dash
Purse, value ...        $l> ■"'
Iti.   One    mile   dash     purse
value  *:	
IT.   Team    running    race,    t
harness,    half-mile    heats
Purse, value  $500.00
IR    Flat   race,    six  furlongs.
 t'up or trophy.
I'i    Flat  race, eight furlongs.
 Cup or trophy.
2D.   Hurdle   race,    two miles.
over ten (lights hurdles  .
  Cup or trophy
21.   Hurdle    race,    one and a
quarter   miles,   over    five
Hights hurdles 	
  Cuji or TronliJ
lhe entries for the provincial exhibition to lie held at Calgary .lime
80th to July Tth, hue closed und
are going to keep the management
extreme); busy in providing the
in-eess.it v accommodation. Following is a comparison of some ot the
most important entries witb those ol
last year:
Sheep and   sw
Auric, product:
These figures dn not Include anv
championship entries.
It wilt he noticed that lhe increase is very large in ench department. In tlw acre-yield competition
there are It entries.
The exhibition othi.es and the     e\-
recti tage
v,r, on
may fairly express surprise thut be
mattes no allowance for the enormous
diiiicult) uf lhe enterprise, says   the
1'orolltO (ih.lie. Anybody can be
wise after the event, and when by
implication, it not explicitly, he tri
to saddle the Laurier government
with responsibility fur the collapse
of the partially completed structure
lie ignores ihe real hardness of the
situation in which the government
was placed. Public opinion will be
more tolerant, now that the dilltcul-
ties are in a fair way to be overcome.
It is worth while to recall the fuel
that not till within a very lew years
did anybody except a few enthusiasts
iu and about the city ol Quebec, have
any faith in the feasibility ol a
cantilever bridge across Hie St.
Lawrence river at the selected sile.
Nowhere in the world had a span of
the length there required been attempted, not lo say accomplished.
When the believers in the bridge failed ufter long effort and persistent
advocacy to convince successive governments uf the expediency of undertaking the work they endeavored lo
accomplish their purpose hy forming
a private company to carry it out,
it wus and is obviously absurd to
suppose that unassisted private capital would prove adequate io the
task tbey assumed, and, the rei ore,
financial aid from the Dominion par-
lament wus not only justifiable hut
inevitable: the bridge could not he
instructed without it.
Plans for the structure were pre
pared as carefully and intelligent!) as
the world's experience of cantilever
construction made practicable ut
that time. Mr. Cooper, ol New
York, who stood in the very Ironl
rank of tits profession, was selected
as chief consulting engineer. The
Phoenix Bridge company, ol Philadelphia, were competent contractors
When a difference of opinhn aruse between their engineer aud Mr. Co.iper
the company,and also the government
could not undertake to decide be
Ivveeii them. To take the side o
ihe former was to dismiss the lutter
■ami there was nut enough known with
certainly lo warrant any s'icli action. Much bus been learned
various ways since that time, and all
lhat has been so learned makes llie
role of adverse critic easier than il
would otherwise have been. Mr. Uot
den will probably lind, however, ibat
lhe public will incline lo regard h
expatiatiou of the bridge disaster us
tending toward ghoulishness.
Far more Important than llie
gloomy past of this great project is
its promising future. Tlw plans for tbe
new structure have been prepared
with the utmost care. The contractors will la- held to their work with
vigilance and pereinploriuess. The
financing of the bridge has been ,'til
beyond all peradventure by basing it
broadly and frankly on the credit of
the Dominion as part of the National
Transcontinental railway. Progress
may lie slow, but it will be sure, uud
no delay will lake place. Hy the
time the main line uf the railway is
completed to lhe river on each side
some method ot transporting freight
across the St. Lawrence will be devised lor temporary use; there is no
need to "cross that bridge" until the
country reaches it.
Can indigestion be cured? 1 Kindreds of thousands ol people who
suffer from belching of gas; biliousness, sour stomach, fullness, nausea,
shartness of breath, bad taste m
mouth, foul breath, nervousness and
other distressing symptoms, are asking themselves that question daily.
And if these same doubting dyspeptics could only read the thousands of sincere letters from people
who once suffered as badly as tbey do
now, but who have been quickly and
permanently cured by the use of
Ml-o-nn, the mighty dyspepsia remedy that cures by removing tho
cause, Ihey would go to The Uoattle-
Vurpby Co. this very day and gel a
large box of Mi-o-na tablets, and
start themselves on lhe right toad
to health at onee.
The priee of Mi-o-na tablets is only
all cents, and The Benttlc-Murpby
Co. guarantees Ihem to cure iudiges-
sioit, or money hack.
Thin or lean serawney people will
find in Mi-o-na a maker of flesh and
blood, lieeausc it causes the stomach
to extract more nutritious matter
from the food, which quickly enriches
the blood.
Barrister, Solicitor. Etc.
Money to loan on favorable toriUB,
BM fl
(MOrWWO NfGH-O'Mi) m
Bronchitis. Croup. Coup'**;, and Colds, ci
monev *.'ru e " ' •■.irante.d K*
the Beattie-Murphy Co.
According to oflicial estimates the
l>o|]iilation ol Australia on December
11, 1000, was 4,37*1,120, an increase
in twelve months ol !is,82:i. Tlie
population by status was*
New South    Wales
South Australia
West Australia .
.. r>72,ii'*i
..    1 Iti.017
..   273,631
,.   lSli. Slill
It is slate*1 in London that tin
coronation ol Kin**; George V. wil
occur as soon as possible alter tin
anniversary ol King Edward's death
Immediately tlwrealtcr it is expected
the Duke ol Connaughl will sail t'
Canada, to take u|i liis duties as gov
Mrs, E. Bent's
•iilty, III,,
1,1  I'lieim
. ®ulk  BR'H/VP t*
&tot;JU«*.f> jf-**
"l^m- • ifiduA- <%1*Um
\jTf WUyrr<t.<n<Zllc>. Ch
'VMKr boi**, jUY tyvut POK
^  Hf-Muwttt-HI
-13.*; tlu. Cw --^j*-
i.l  Slriiii*
SIiiii.Inr.l Iiinii'IIIiii*!
I'linllt   THAI**.'Kit
Miss Mabel Wellman
I'ijul-l and Teacher
ill.' I l.lll'il I.I
M..H.I ol «'IniiI|ii.|i
Physicians and Surgeons.
)i*u*„ ., Kt^tilrur..  Armstrong 4v>
Forenoons - - - - null to 10.00
Allerr.oous - - - 2.011 to   4.00
Evening* - - - - .7.30 to   8.30
.Sundays - -  - - 2.30 to   4.30
'.•RANHROOt  :, ,!     II     tt. C
II to 12 a.m.
1 to   0 p in.
7 to   8 p.m.
(itli*,*,* in new li *l.l lllock
I.'RAMIKOOK -        -        - I
Foil SALE—My house and three
lots on lliirwrll avenue. House contains 7 rooms, pantry and shed, hut
air lurnace, bathroom, electric light
flxtuni and range with II Vi attachment. Apply .1 F. M. Pinkham. llm 1287, Calgary, Alta.   11-tl
Am*:ric.in nnd Canadian Scientists tell ui the common
house liy is tho cause ot more disease and duaih tlian any
oilier agency.
li',1 all t'.iu llics and llie disease J.CHUJ too.
that an application will be made under Part V. ol the "Water Act
1908," to obtain a license iu (Tan
brook District.
(a). Tlie name, address ami occupation ol tlie applicant: Adolpb l.iiiu
ber Company; Head Ollice, llaynei
Lake, II. C; occupation, Lumber
(b). The name ol the stream or
Source Irom which the water is proposed to lie delivered is a stream rising on Lot 319, and (lowing into
Rock Creek on Lot 323, said stream
to be known as Adolpb Creek.
(e). The point ol diversion is tlie
S. W. quarter ol the S. Vi. quarter
ol Lot 319.
(d). Tlie quantity ol water applied
lor is ten cubit* leet jier second.
(e). The character nl the proposed
works: Dam, ditches ami flumes.
(I). The premises on wliich the
water is to Ik* used is the S. \V.
quarter ol Lot 319 nnd part ul the
S. E. quarter ol Lot 319.
(g). Tlie purposes lor which the
water is to be used: Irrigation and
pumping water lor irrigation.
(h). The area ot land Intended to
be irrigated is the S. Vi. quarter ol
Lot 319 and II) acres ,in the S. E.
quarter ot said Lot.
tl). The reservoir lor storing will
be 1500 leet north anil 1875 teet east
Irom the S. Vi. corner post nl Lot
319; the means will be a dam built
across the said ereek; the area ol reservoir at different heights ot water
will lie as follows: 1 lout in pom!
500 sq. It: 2 leet in pond 2IIIKI sq
It.; 3 leet in pond .1150 sq. II.; I leet
in pond I M'li sq. leet.; 5 leet in pond
liiuili si!. It.; li leet III pond 10,080 sq.
II.; 7 leet in pond 11.750 sq. It.; R
leet ill pond 1*1,5211 sq II.: 9 (eel in
pond 15,3119 sq. II.; Ill leet in pond
17,l>40 sq. It ; 11 teet in pond 211,3011
sq. It.; 12 lift in pond 21.0110 sq. It.:
Tlie quantity ol water would not exceed 10 acre-lccl. The land is the
property of the applicant. It Is not
intended to store the water In nny
natural lake. Ihe water will be run
through a tail race and used lor generating power lor pumping the water
lor irrigation and the surplus water
will be returned to Adolph Creek.
(]). No Crown land will he occupied by the proposed works.
(k). The date of postim notice:
The 24th day ol .lune, 19111. and a|i-
plication will he made to the Commissioner on the first day ot August,
(1).  No riparian proprietors      or
llcessees, or their lands, will he nl-
fected by the proposed works.
(Signature) Adolph Lumber Company
per K. W. Adolph
(P. O. Address) Hayms Lake, n. C.
By Harvey, McCarter li Macdonald,
TWi Solicitors. 17-51
Notary Public
lu Cosmopolitan Hotel
Crnnbrook mnl Fort Sti*,*li.
J. II Iln
, Tel Nn
Cranhrook. II.C.
I,.,     vrauuruun, ii. v. *>
B.  C.   and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK     •      B. C.
A l. EXT
Life ami Kin* Insurance - lleul Esi.it,
lllliee—Next iIiiiii to
Post lllliee
Come in uiul let me quote yon rules
Auvust 15 to 20,1910
Vancouver, Hritish Culumhia
Prizes & Premiums
S|ict-iiilly low rales from all
11111111" nu mi ffnyi mid Ionic.
l-.xlilMts ft'ii I im fii'iulit ru
Canadian Ultra will lit leiutmtl
Stij.t'rl. uml  uiii<*iti>  attractions
in t$|iQe(Hng I'.v-'iitt- ni il I'm- Slirnv
S|M-t!tni'iilni 'l-'iuliiir<j tln> Hiiiih-*-*,*
DrofiCllO      r.iiMt iuif     ('ninjii'liimi,
Wood GhopnlnK Contort. Trouti-u
mnl hieing Bventfl mnl Hunt I'luli
Knliii't* i-ltiM,' August iKt.
Write for ))i Ixo Hm mnl Itiloihi*
iitimi tn
Mnlinger mnl PerrofAry,
Vnncoitver Kxliililliuii Aarociattoo
t-iuUoa' iiml OhUtlrmi'ti tu lie lind nt
(loiiLloiiion'Bcnn lioobttiiiiPil ul
Fink Mercantile Co.'s Store
Does Not
Get Dull
A NEW ONE II It does
Geo. R. leask & Co
Our wnrk ic our advertisement, Imt we
put thii* ml in the llenilil to
emphasise it.
N.-.-.i Lower Ann---tn-.ii: Avenim
TlXl.rilONK IH
♦       Preside nl : T. S, Gill J'
T       Secretary: 8, Macdonaiij       (
Z Kor Information  re^muin^ lmnlfi
4> ami  agriculture   npply   to the
j (Secretary! Cranbrook* It. 0.
w Meetlng-
t       Kverysecoml Wedneiday
♦ Tlie Leiiillan Fruit 8tni» I
z    Strflwliertie.     Strswl'i'iilis    *
* Cie.loii.iiiiilnsiliilly J
X      llijili Oroilu Conlci'll *ir      X
* llwelwooil lceCieiuii *
• Phone "■•» Ariiiftn'iii* Ave, ♦
U|i|iiwite r.l'.M  Suiiit.ii
Till*:     PLACE     TO      I'T     A
tioni) HEAL
Ili..*iili|iinrli'rs fur all   Liiuls (,f
Salisfnctioti OttnrntiU'wl
Tho Shoe ISpcoinlUl
If ymi unit ii lira I class Innii, huir*
cut, slutve, Khniii|nni. m iiiml ii'ir
in tin* itiithtT line, ni11 un.I give
nn- a trial.
Provenzano & Sacco
General  Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANPi-OOK     -     B. C.
P.O.BOX 194 PHONE 744
\\. it, B-Mtty, hitwnl Plraetot
I l-Mt.l.ri.ik  II. c.
K.C. BwatmeU, I). I.. s„ it (•. |„ s.
A. I. ttobertwn, It,O.K. s.
lloinillloli tlllil HiiliHlil'oliiiol.m
P.O. Dr.w.r.t).! VICTMU. IC. TH£   CHAN BROOK    I1K1IAI.H
Omisojbnt l.iuiuii No. XI
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday ul 8 p.m. at
Krulernity Hall,
J. M. Uoyes, U. 0,
.I. L. Walker, K. ol R, * S.
Visiting lii'eilii'en cordially tnviloil
tn atteud.
Meets every Monday
lligllt at   New Fraternity   Hall.     So*
ioiirninn Oddfellows cordially Invited.
W. M. Hi
I'. .1. Little
N, Cl.
Cranlirook     Lodge,
No. .'II
A.F,  A   A.   M.
lire 11
Regular nii'otlngg oi
Die   lliiril   Tliursiln)
ol everj inoutli,
ten welcomed.
I*'. A
tv. r
in.      ft .11,
iiuiolly, Secretary,
| WATER ACT, 19(10.
TAKK NOTICE that Adam lloyd
Dalziol, of t'ranbrook, u. ('., Parmer,
will apply to tlio Water Commissioner nt Cranbrook on llic lltli dny ol
.inly next, at eleven o'clock in the
forenoon for a license to divert ono
cubic fool of water per second rrom a
spring rising on Lot "2211, Group 1,
Kootenay Dlstriot. Tlie said water
will lie used for llie irrigation of said
Lot 72211, hold by the applicant miller
a Crown Grant and will bo conducted
hy flumes and pipes over said l.nt
T22II only. No Crown Lands will lie
(used mnl nn riparian proprietors nr
j licensees will he nfTootod hy tlio
This notice was posted on ihe 30tb
day of .May,  mill.
11 61 Adam Hnyd llal/iel.
LOYAL ultAMIK I.iiihii:, Ml. JH71
.Meets at  II.  It   C,  A. Hull  Ist  and
Unl Thursdays each month.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
.1. A. Cninbcll, Vi. M.
W. II. Hrown, Sir
No. 111.
Meets every second and   lniirth Wed
nesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Itehekahs  cordially invited.
Mrs. W. U. McFarlane, N.O
"Miss Hlokcnbotham, .Sec'y.
Meets In    Fraternity Hall First anil
Third Fridays.
Haze! Hnwuess, M. E. E.
Annie Uoyes,   K. ot 11. A* S
Visiting members cordially Invited
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second ami
Fourth Thurs.iav ,,[ each month at 8
p.m. sbar|i.
.lames Sims, Chlol Hanger
I.. Rent. Secretarv.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
TAKK NOTICH lhat 1, Sarah .lam
Alnodonalil, of Cranbrook, tl. t'., occupation, married woman, inU-f.il ti
apply for permission to purchase
tin* following described lamia:
Commencing nl a post planted nl
N. W. eornor nf Lot No. 10003,
tlit-iiri! west in c'.iains, thenou soutl
till chains, tllOltCO east 10 chains,
Llionce north ulmig tlm Spokane
rlglit-of-way to point <*f commence
Saruti .fane Muoiiomiid, f.oculur,
Samuel Macdonald, Agent.
Dated .Mav Hrd, 11)10. ll-llt*
Term a Moderate,   r O, Vox 2-16
Orntihrook,   -   Iti it Mi Columliia
WATER ACT,  1000.
TAKK    NOTICE   lhat    Robert E
Sullivan,       of      Seattle, Mer-
cliant, and John II
Hawkins, nf Wattsburg, miner, will
apply to the Water Commissioner at
Cranbrook on Tuesday, the 12t)t day
of .Inly, at eleven c'cloek in the
forenoon for a license to iih
three cubic feet of wat'T per second
from the Movie River, a tributary of
Moyte Lake. The said water will be
used for hydraulic mining purposes on
placer mining leases applied (or by
the undersigned, and will be conducted hy means of a dam, Humes and
ditches out the land covered by said
mining lease applications, and be re
turned to the said Moyie River at
China Mar. The difference between
the point of diversion ami the poiui
of return is 120 fret. No frown
Lands will lie used and no riparian
proprietors or licensees will be affected by the works.
This not ice was posted on tiie
day uf June, 1910.
H-4H* John II. Hawkins
11  you    want    satisfaction    witt
your washing   send
it   to
Special im*.-- im fa mill ■.»*..k.
TAKK NOTICE that Joan Marie
Lemolgne, of cranbrook. Hritish Columbia, intends to apply for perml*
ston lo purchase the following descrihed  lands :
Commencing at a post planted
twenty (20) drains south and ten (10)
cha:ns west of the southwest corner
uf Lot tune thousand seven hundred
ami ninely-sevcii (9707), tiroup One
ill Kootenav Jiistricl. thence north
forty i I'm chains, west forty 110)
chains, south forty (in* rhains. east
fort) i Mi) chains to point of cm
.lean Mane Lemolgne
Dated May 21st. A fi , IQ10,     H«9t
The   Noted   Barber
from Medti Ine lint ■-* m Mm .Ku.nl,I'-
Old Stand.    Hive him mull
a- id tl..- wlinreAbonta uf William
A, Pin lay, i.i-i t.--.t. t of in, yean twin or t-l.i.n Hmn k. thoiitflil i.. l.-
iii Hie employ ol die IM1 li llelniive*
an slum tu Iwate bim    It will It ..I
ad van inge tn htm tot" tunicate with
uiiili"Mlgitm) Hn i- forty tiv,- yearn ,i
agOtUlr ...iii|it*>\i m. ahnin ■.■*, fi-pi In
halillit, iiii.I nf high nelmlarly attain
Please nommnnle ite with
n.i",-  Ac
I'KI'I itRououaii,  ON I.
W  r  til'ltlt. I -.[
Itarriner,   a-
to in CRANHKOOK,   !'• U,
TAKE NOTICE that C. Hat.u.l
staphs, ni Wycliffe, Hritish Columbia, .iivnp.it ..,i IMvll Engineer, Intends io appl) for permission to
purchase tlie follow inn <i* scribed
Commencing at a post planted i'i
chains north of the north-west corner
of Lot   mm    er I.   10142), thence
south 171, chains; thenee east Ofi
Chains, mote or less, to the St
Man's RfVcr; thence following the
south bank of the snld St. Man's
River in a north-westerly    direction
to   the     southeast      corner of Saint
Armour's pre-emption; thence    west
to the place of comiiiencimier       ami
containing Mi acres, more or liss.
C   Bayard staples.
Dated June ifllh, HMD. 10-9
.1.   W.   Ill'
ll*H.|>'i,i<*     ..1     ,1**1
r*.il-,*.. T	
1,1   III
Ilmi iii.I M* In
11,1 ..1
VI. 1* -
tfll r, r .11'
•   1*1
In   II
Sill,.  ,,.„r. ,.,| i
«<- III
'ilH'lli ■* HI
Oilier   n.\t *)„.,. In I'ii-I lliii.,*
Muse IM
Ro, IH.
Nijrtit ,*,,ll - ll  It s'*„i*r
II..-I.I <•
llcneral Blacksmithing
Wagon Repairing
Ajjeiil. Iiirl'iitinili Hlnvulll .M.ilin. I',..'-
Al.ti [leering .Mkuith nml Ittik,-.
Nelson's Leading Holel
it I Willi  HrtlllH.     TIlllIK, III
every room
Iturln'r 81,0*1 OD llm premise*,
Tlioroii-fiily ii|,.to*iUte.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
UKO. I'. WEI.LS, Proprietor
H. TOMKIN, Manager
Ask far Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use there in nothing
ni U'hoh'iiimi*- Htnl no  pure hh
that an application will he made
under Pari V., or the Water Vet,
l-W.-l, to obtain a license iu ihe (ran
brook Water District,
(a). The name, address and occupation of ihe applicant: The Hull Itiver
Klectric Power Company, Limited,
Wardner, IJ. <\
(h). The name of lhe lake, stream
or source is: Hull Itiver.
(o). The point of diversion is one
and a hair miles up stream from Hull
River Hritigo (pack bridge.)
(<l) The quantity of water applied
for i.* Three hundred and forty cubic
foot per second.
(e). The character -*f the proposed
works; Power, works for the generating uml utilization of electricity un-
riir authority of the Company's
charter. (See Ael governing section*
if}.  The    premises on which    the
water     is   in      he   used.     The   power
works  above    referred    to and such
oilier places as the Companj  maj dele to sell powei.
(g). The purpose lor which the
water is to he used is foi developing
power for the purpose of the Company's undertaking.
(i). If the water is to lie used for
power purposes, describe the place
where ihe waler is to lie returned to
some natural channel, and the dinvr-
dtverslon and point of return: The
water is to be returned to Hull River ten thousand feet below the place
of diversion. Difference in altitude
|K91ween point of diversion is two
hundred nud sixty-one feet.
(j). The area of Crown land intended to he occupied by the proposed works, so far as is known, none.
(iu). The name of the Company in
full is: The Hull itiver Klectric Power Company, Limited.
(n).   Head ollice: Wardner, H. C.
(o). The capital, how divided,
showing Amount paid up: The capital
is Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000.00)
divided into (2,000,000) shares of One
Dollar ($1.00) each. Two Hundred
and Fifty Thousand Dollars ($3">0,-
000.00) paid up.
(p). Copy of such parts of the
Memorandum of Association ns authorize the proposed application ami
"(e). To carry nu the business of
"a power company in all its hraneb-
"es; lo exercise and enjoy, on com-
"plytng with the provisions uf the
" "Power Companies' ItelM Act,
"1002" and the "Water Act, 1000,"
"all the powers, rights and privi-
"leges which a specially incorporated
"compan)  may acquire, exercise    or
"enjoy under tl Water Act, 1900";
to construct, operate uml maintain
"electric vurks, power houses, gen-
"crating plants, and such other ap-
"pliances and conveniences as are no-
"nessary and proper for the generate
"ing of electricity or electric power
"or any other form of developed p.»w-
"er, and for transmitting the same
"to be Used by the Power Company,
"ur by persons ur companies con-
"tracting with the Power Company
"therefor, as a motive power tor the
"operation of motors, machinerj or
"elect nr lighting or other works, or
"to supply to ronsumers for beat or
"as a motive power for propelling
"tramways, or for driving, hauling,
"lifting, pumping, lighting, crushing,
"smelting, drilling and milling, or
"f..r any other operations to which
"it ma) be adapted, or for any oth-
"er purposes f.>r whieli electrlcuv oi
"electric power may he applied or
"acquired ami generally to own and
'operate water works, watei po.'ers
atnt electric appliances.
"(f). To construct, equip, operate
and maintain telegraph ami tele*
"phone lines, electric supp y lines,
■able or other trainwins ■■* s'reol
"railwavs for the conveyance ol
"passengers ami freight operated hv
'electricity or other motive powtt,
'and to hold any and all rights, in.l
'privileges and franchises Incidental
'or iieeessar> therein.
"ig). To suppl) compressed nir,
'electricity and elootrlc power, or
'any other lorm of developed power,
'to consumers for any pur poses io
'oi for which compressed air,
'electric power, or any other form of
'developed power may he applied or
(k). litis notice was posti-il on the
1Mb day of .lune, 1010, and application will Ih- made to the Water Commissioner on Tuesday, the 20th day
nf .fuly, 1010, at two o'clock in lhe
(I). Give Die names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose lands are likelj
to he affected by the proposed works
either above or below the i.tit let: The
Canadian  Pacific   Itailway company
us owners of Lot Four Thousand rive
Hundred and Ninety, Group Cue,
Tht Hull Itiver Klectric Power Company, Limited,
Per "CL K* Henderson," Manage!.
;" fit
. . . . ,   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦  compared with Mav of lasl ....
f owcoijntrv Ntws: ,,,sr\,,r,'loatr'808„u1,o"',,:';
* *   minimis,   iiiwl   lli,<  liu-gi'gt   llini*ii .i*  ul
♦ INTERESTING ITEMS     ♦  rreoril [oi any one muntli.
********************** „ l,:x!,;;r,,v'','!: ,s'"' ro,,ucla "*
In London mi    Hie iiiRlii in I'.lini- $3,537,228.     Exports i.r lorelmi |n*,,-
*»')' HI* "I i1"5^ I   ""•"' '■"'' mi iliictn totallcil !**!,iiIk,.-i77. aii increase
fewer   thu,i   mill   persons who wen* n[ ,,,_■,.,■ (JIJl. minion.
Iioraeless.      Tills is a most  remark- Km* u„. (Jrst Iim montlis   in    tin*
able laot disclosni in a return   jusl ,*,iit  liseal vear tin* total iraile i.l
mule   Io llic   Lomloii county council (jaiuHla   was    $105,171,801), nn      in*
civmj; llic* resnh ul a eensils milk* mi crease  of    ueenly-lhe anil  a quarter
Hn*  all..I,*     liielilimie.l     llale.       I*.*.,ri mj||j,„ls   „s   cOlllparlHl   Willi   lie*     Cor
street,    aller.    juilijlc stairway, anil responding montljs nf last year,
arch in Hie metropolis   was raited, u    u„.    present  rate .,['   Increase
■is well as casual uai.ls ami llie tar- Canada's total trade uill within two
""''• l«»titut s where iree slirltci is ,,*i,rs reach He*   liilli lollar mark.
given     The resull was Ilu* ilis.-.n,.,*; *,*„,*   u„.    curt(,nt   ,,.„,.   indications
Unit .in   ihe   nlghl in i|uesi nu :,;-: p0|nj ,,, „ ,,,,.,| lraje ,,( „u.r ^„tlr
men. 8IJ0 women ami  li youua   per- nun.mm.
sons were homeless     nf lhe total ul fin*   customs    revenue    lor    last
5u" ""    lewn    than 2*500 men, iiu ,,,,,1,111 was 16,818,100, an Increase ni
women and 1*7 young persons were un (|,67||,I70, as    eiuniniieil willi     Hu*
Me I"   "'""i" I'    ' *      <*'»mi 1 ciirrcspomllng month nl lasl year.
willi    Un* fieuies   l.n  nun and HlOII
Un* lotal .,f si* 11 shiiwa a torrllile ln-1  ♦
eretise. lasl  year the niimhel    being
■')»«. und in  Iliui  17
Tlie Imard nl irade 1
•tnrns fn
whieli  lune  jusl   heen
that   the   li.lal   value
il   the  ;
fm Mav   amounted
.1  t.'ir,.^
is compared wilh i. 11
nl tin*
Chamberlain's Stomach and l.tver
Tablets will brace up the nerves,
lianisli sick headache, prevent
ilcspondcncy and invigorate the whole
Kvstem. Sold liy all druggists am)
dealers. 14-tf
POH S.M.E-lloine witli all conveniences, furnished nr unfurnished;
reasonable price and easy terms. Apply W. M. Pettet, Aimstlnng Ave.,
linker Hill. 17-31
TO KENT—Large, basement warehouse, dry and cool; S10 pet month.
Apply at tlie Herald olUce 11-tl
corrcspomliiig month nf Inst yenr-
an increase nf till,II1,ii.il. iln* exports reached a lotal value nl
£33,007,311, against |***!l,.-,*ia.7ii, lot
Mai. Iiuin-nii increase nf 61,081,5115,
Kor the live montlis ended on Ma)
31 tin* imports    amounted to E270,-
(H-'KK'IAK     CALL ISS1 KM     K
;i Ti) ii
1)1)2,801—an Increase as com
with Hie similar |>i-ri<.il ot Dili!
E30,ni0,2l(. The exports I,
live iiit.iitlis nt Hie jinsenl
reached a I..lul value nf III.!,
'hill—an Increase uf C32,5fill,iilll
llic amount for Hie live montlis
mi Mav Hi. I'M'). The largesi
crease in liritisli exports is nm
t8!lK,0llfl in rcspecl of col tun ^
Itecogtiizcd    exports  from   varlow
parts of the   world   will participate
in (he ili-liberations   at the lilt I
mini sessions   of   the   Dry Kat
r.uinress iu Spokane, October  s
(), ami explain modern inctbotls
Illage, conservation of moisture ami
ideptntlon of crops io clltnatu    ami
l'al snil in   farming  illstrlcts nl limited
,,:'" ni- irregular rainfall.    Thej  will also
,l-r discuss legislation favorable tn    Un
lrii further ilcvclopmenl of ilrj  lands, b)
[-slnlillshing demonstration farms and
experimenl stations, ami ways   ami
moans liy wlilcli the unoccupied agricultural   acreage of   this ami otliei
countries   may he   made tu successfully produce profitable crops.
lu  tbe ollicial call,  issued lusl   Saturdaj   Congressman  I*'.  w.  Mnndell,
uf VVyoitr-Jng, president, Alfred  \tKin-
son, of Montana, chairman nf Uu- executive committee, and David       T.
Ham, uf Spokane, chairman nl    tlie
Washington board   of control, II    Is
announced   thai    stunt- nf tin*     must
distinguished   men in America,     Including governors and ministers    nl
1 western slates and provinces, will deliver addresses,  also ihal   agricultural colleges in llie United stales ami
international   sections will be represented b> experts in various lin-'-. "I
t wnrK.    There will he exhibits "[ -in
I farmed products from many districts
in  the  United  Slates,  Canada,   Mexico uml    possibly   Germany, Russia,
lliingarj,   Turkey,     Smith     Africa,
Australia and Brazil, al the International Exposition in connection with
the ("uugress, October *i tu li
Tiophji-s and cash premiums   id   a
>m 11.   iriiiiiimi .:■■■! exports cotton  tota, vaIm. o/ j*,-,,,, w||1 ^ mtM
tor exhibits of grains, grasses, roflta
and fruits m competitions open tn
the   world,    under   ihe direction of
Applications for poor-law relief In
Olusgow during the six mon lbs ending Mav 15, showed a decrease uf
over 13,000, nr nearly 50 pel tent.,
the decrease being attributed J>\ the
authorities tn the improvement in
trade uml the decline in Intemperance,
The improvement in British foreign
trade cou-tlmied through May, according tu the nlflclal returns issued lasl
As compared with .May, mon,
ports rose by tlit.u I,nun tu -J.V.,-
209,000; exports of Hritish goods by
ei,O81,0QO in L'.ct,un?,uuil; and le-
exports nf imported gootls by
£1,013,000  to   £8,2111,000,
While Increased imports are mainly
in raw material fr—food, dunk and
tobacco accounting [or £1,1182,1158
more than in May, litotl—our increas;
ed exports are chiefly In '•articles
wholly ur ma in I \ manufactured,"
which are  £3,781,082 lifgher.
shpws the greatest Increase—-£838,-
131 nmre than in May, 11100. Woollen
goods come next, with £170,037 increase
The shipbuilding industry |»ro-MSor   w. ll   Olln, of folorad-
Is-, shows   an increase   of tl^s.iiTii
new ships exported,
Growers  may   also compete fur (*>,-
."iiui iu pri/es. offered hy the SpoKanc
fair,   by bringing
The displays,   coi
1 Interstate
The prlsou report fm Scotland, is-'t.vhi,,j!s
ited    n few   days ago,   shows that  -  e||*tr,w  w||, ,)(. bousw|
il,030 (teople wen* setil to gaol ilur- ^
ing the   pasi vear,    a   decrease   ol
113 frum the abnormal!) high   fca-
ire uf tlu* previous year.
The must marked decrease was iu
convictions for drunki nness. The
imissinners attributed this diminution in the iiiu'ii to iwo causes
working together—firstly, the general
waul in employment, resulting in
scarcity ui money in lhe hands uf
the unskilled laboring population,
and, secondly, the Increase iu the
price of spirits which took eflecl at
the end of April. |
Tbfl decrease in iln- drunkenness
convictions in Edinburgh, Glasgow,
and Dundee frum May I was more
than four times greater lhan iu the
first four months of the year. In all
the towns of    Scotland lhe decrease
iu    the
nest tent in America, to be erect
ed on the fair grounds.
"This will be a consres-. devoted
exclusively to agricultural matters,"
President Mondell suys: ''Live issues
pertaining dtre.'tly t» ihe rittrlop-
meiit uf dry lands, lucluding plan
fur a world-wide co-operative movement uf general uplift will [*o discussed from the pint form and floor
and the program promises tn tie une
of the must interesting ever presented at a farming convention. The
practical educational side nf farming
will he given prominence and several
hours will In- devoted to talk* hy
experienced farmers, truck gardeners
ami orchardists. There will also be
for the whole year was altnosd 2~
per cent, and in llie country 10 per
cent The total Convlclions for the
vear were 25,0(10, as compared wilh
82,025 in Ift-flH.
The report adds: "Il Is earnestly to
Ih- hoped that this change In the habits of the people will nol he merely
temporary, but that, even with Increased prosperity ami nmre ready
cash available, less nun he spent
upon Intoxicating liquor "
It is most desirable, said the
comuiissioners, that there Bhould
he adopted a more rational metlu d
of treatment [or drunkenness than
the present one of repeatedly Imprisoning men nud women for short
sentences, nnd liberating ihem with
the practical eertnintv ihal they will .'
he imprisoned agnin nt a few days,1
or, at most, weeks.
A longer period of modified re-!
straint and conipulsiuii tn wurk, followed hy a tprtn of probation, would
appear to be a more hopeful system. |
a number nf institute sesi
Hn- direction uf dry farm experts."
Resides its membership thi- cun-
gress is composed of the president
aud vice-president uf ihe t nited
States, cabinet officials ami members
nf congress, representatives nf foreign national Interested in arid agriculture, ministers am) secretari*-** i>t
agriculture, governors ol slates, territories and ministers ol province?,
ollieers ami members uf facultlei ut
agricultural colleges and experimental
stations, national, state ami county
agricultural associations and grange
lodges, officers of the United States
weather bureau, State land hoards,
state engineers, stair boards nf agriculture, conservation, ii\esiucn ami
horticultural associations, railroad
companies, commercial bodies, -nun-
ty commissiuncrs and mayors of eit-
and presidents uf towns.
CEED $800,000,000.
The figures uf Canadian irade
May, issued last week, BboW ai
record advance over last   year.    Tin
total    trade   for   the    month     wai
$50,187,071!,  an  increase   of $11,370,
236, ur over thirty per cent*,        as through there.
The    civic   authorities   ot Quehe
city, have been informed in a letter
received frum   Monsignor  Roy, anxi-
; Mary bishop ol Quebec, that a   congress ol temperance will be held    in
i thai city beginning on   Augosg 15th
,..._ nexl, ami closing on Scplcmhci 2nd.
i Mgr.  Roy asserts ibat  Bqmo      two
I ibousand delegates from all parts ol
America   will   be there to assist at
for the   congress,   while   I.inn who are
ther coming from Kurope to assist nt the
The eucharioUc congress which will    he
held in Montreal, will assist    at the
temperance   congress    while   passing
TAKK    N'OTIOE   that    Robert E
Sullivan,      uf      Seattle, Mer
chant, and John ll
Hawkins, ol Wattsburg, miner, will
apply tn the Water Commissioner nt
Cranbrook on Tuesday, the 12th day
of July, at el.-vci, (,'cluck in the
forenoon for a license to divert
two cubic feci of water per second
from near the old shaft house, near
Weaver Creek. Tho said water will
he used for hydraulic purposes on
leases 111 ami ] 12, and will be conducted hy means of a ditch and dam
over tbo land covered by saiil Mining
Lease applications am! be returned
at lower end of lease No. ill. Tbo
difTerence between tho point of diversion and thr point of return is 1 in
feet, No Crown Lands will he used
and no riparian proprietors or licensees will l»o affected hy the works.
This notice was posu-d on tin-
day nf June, loio.
''-:''' John II. Hawkins.
Any availahiu Dominion Laml*.
within lhe Railway Uelt in Duiisli
Columbia, may be bomesteaded i>>
any person who is the sole bead ul a
family, or any male over 18 years ol
age, in the extern of one-quarier section id iwu acres, mure or less,
i-.ntiy musl he made personally at
the local laml office fur tne district
in which the land is situate. Kotrj
"> proxy may, however, be made on
*iitain conditions by the father,
mother, son, daughter, hiuther oi
sislci nl an intending homesteader.
The hoiiiesi.-aiii-i is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans:
ih At least six months' residence
upon ami culli*.atiou of ibe laud is
eacli yeai for three vears.
i-j. If the father tor mothei,
if ihe f.iihet is deceased), of the
homesteader res lues upon a (arm m
thu vicinity of the land entered for,
the requirements as to residence may
ne satisfied ia such person residing
with the lather or mother.
U). If the settler bas bis permanent residence upon farming land
wned by him In the vicinity of bis
homestead, the requirements as to
residence may be satisfied by residence upon the said land.
Six months' notice In writing
should be given to the Commission-r
nf Dominion Lauds at Ottawa of in
lent ion m ap|H) for patent.
COAL—Coal mining rights mav be
leased (or a period ol tweoty-ou
years at an annual rental of SI p*-r
acre. Not more than 2.570 acres
shall be leased i" one individual or
company A royalty at the raV »-f
five rents per ton shall he collected
on the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy ol the Minister of tbe Interior. 89-Sst
Asaya Neurall -
THI     ni. *.v    REM!    DV    (OR
Nervous Exhaustion
Heredity i* oue of the iiiaiii causes
of nervous exhaustion, Children
whose minds give way in school,
girls lacking iu nerve stamina, and
yottngmen exhausted byordiuary
business cares, prove this. Occasional treatment with "ASAYA-
Xi:n*.u.i." i.s their salvation. It
feeds the nerves, induces sleep,
improves (he appetite and digestion, and restores full nerve power. $1.50 a bottle.   Local agent,
TAKE NOTICE that KemKtli 11
Carrutbers, ot Moyie, Hi' . o ., ,
ti'.u, Mining Engineer, intend. Ui ..j.-
!>!>• lnr jiermission to purchase Um
lollowing described lands:
Commencing at a po*,t planted
twenty    CWi chains   south   ol   the
irtbwest corner nf Uot 2111*, thence
north sixty (t.di chains, thenee west
Oity (■*'"» chains, thence south sixty
li") chains. th,*t,c*.- east hi**
chains tn the point ol commencement,
excepting the railway right-of-waj
Kenneth H. Carrutbers.
Ilateil May 7th, 1910. l*,-9t
TAKE NOTICK thai  Mildred Oal-
hlaith, nl Kort Steele, 1! C . i*ccupa-
ti*.n. Spinster. Intends t.i apply tor
permission tn purchase the lollowing
described lands:
Commencing at the N ff. cornei '
Lot 7211. thenee east 13 chains, • *-
or les-.. tn the S. W e.,rm*r oi Lot
30S7, thenco north 10 chains to the
\. IV. comer 3057, thence west 20
■bains tn the s VI, comet 72!**.
thence south 2 ehains. more nr less,
in the imrth boundary of Wolff's j»rc-
emptfon, thence east 7 chains, more
l,*s*.. tn the V E. corner nt the
Wolfl preemption, thence south it
hams, more *>! less, to jilac,: of in-
!*iiiMn*:.   i**.:.t j,.- in*. .,(r.*s. more
r less
Mildred Oalhralth
Hated .lime 10th,  1910 17-0t
Farm, Stock and
240 acres of iirst olnss l.iinil.
within I null* •*(' Bchool, .ston-,
nml |xjst orfioo, mi now K (' UK.
1" iicri's in timothy, ll 0
ncros more l'1"-! Iwttom land,
I,;in_'o oruek nml h1" inches nf
wMrr r.L'lil i-ioes with plnco,
j lioraea, '•'< cnMlo, mower nnd
ink*-. v\nii"ti mnl linrness,
Situill frnma bouso, log Iwm
mnl Ii.iy »hi*-l.
iiox K, Herald Office
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦« +«•»♦-»*>•>< r♦♦♦♦
Ineseitt 6,1
X   WALLER   !
X Builders uml Contractors J
♦ ♦
:       -—      :
♦ All kinds ol
X    Boiler nml Kanj-o u
♦ ♦
■»■*>•>•»•>■»«•» «* *************
s ille.l or
ii ikllli ' r( : p s.ii.io notice; I. .::.! guar-
»nt« |*. sent out; to
rent nousi - rooms b ..' to sell
'"u Iruil ' * * i property loi
a small .
Addi *   -v.'  '   rker, ii: Baker St.
NELSON, lie.        i*..|2t
-I IM \ ' I - ; '  i.s !-l!l*l. tXI
tl* Tjiadje M.nKa
C3-»YRi:.*J-3 Ac.
'■*•** m.T
Scientific Jimcricatt.
A  r *'■■•■ •    i          - -      wr. v't     :*.-«-  dr.
»             ■ t   - i * 7   •  !w
• \- -*,i- t *.-: k j*-'**". I-v*4a*> V-- .'-i.    .-*-■*. Lj
1*J :-»*..      -»
MUNN&Co."'^"-- New York
♦ The Cranbrook Employment ♦
♦ and ktal I siaie Agency   *
-.I'  ITIOXs   SKI ' RI |.      ♦
Uy ur fur X
I.       *•*':. •     I     i  • ■ ..!..  T
builder.       Z
■I.  A** *
i      • •■ I     i *■ :--.     CO. I 2 ',
Fernle Pantorium
Nl.'. ".I.I.
FERNIE       *      li. C.
to .*.    r mi   *
FHOil   Si'   U   LP.
L'l i.  ■
- *   ' Hi ii
.SumJaj* tn *n,ii./ serrloe ai 11 <
o'clock *
Sunday   eeenlnjf    ..r*..,,*   »t *
7.30 o'clock
S'lnilaj*     School   and    liidle J
'las, ,,t .1 u'cli^k
Piethjrtorlan   '; illd,   i      :.
at s o'clock
X Baptist Cburcbi:
I'ast.ir. Charles W. Kinc.
Parsonage, tforbary Av**nnr.
'Phone, 38-1,     P. O. lint 267.
Regular Services:—Sunday, ll
a m. and 7.30 p.m.; Bible i ►
School with Voung l/adles' i •
Phflethca an l ^'nnnit; Men's I '
Bible ('lass, :' p.m.
Monii.tv,   v   in- Peoples',   8
I Til.
Wednesday, Mld-Weeli Meeting-1 ►
A cordial   .'linstinn wekotDS
U> at).
<•>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦« THK   ORANUHOOK   HHKALI)
(By Tommy Clark.)
The all absorbing topic in the
sporting world just now is thu up*
proaching forty-five round battle between Jack Johnson and Jim Jeffries. As was lo in' expected, Jeffries is the favorite in lhe betting at
odds of m lo 7, imi this in reality
is more a question of senllnicnl than
cool, unbiased Judgment. Mon win
make n elosu study of pri/e fight
nnd their form are nol su prone In
ilsli their ilollurs mi the white man
who has been out of tbo game as
long us Jed. Then, too, tbey realize that in Johnson he will face ■•
slroiiK, husky, clever and hard billing man.
While the (orIncoming llghl is in
many respects the most Important
ring battle thai lias over been held
in ibis' country, no (lglit of Importance has drawn forth so much uuf.iv-
orablc criticism Krom one angle It
looks fai more like a battle tor dollars than a fight I-" a title, The
.spirit of coinmercinllsm ho pervades
tho whole scheme lhat many of tlie
more suspicious hove cried "Kake!"
and go so fai as to say tbnl .1 will
be a picture light and perhaps n pi"*'
fight later.
This talk is » ncnrlj all rubbish.
There is no such thing as "lain-' «l-
lached to the big mill, nor will il he
a light solely for tbe pictures. The
but lie will he Cough, on its merits,
and the best man will win. About
ihe commercial side «>l the big mill—
who can blame the men for trying it-
get   all    Ihey   ran     mil   of   the   wrap*'
I'eiliiips never again will .such u largi
parse be offered foi a pugilistic
battle, Kive years ago were one to
suggest that an) two pugilists would
Iiu lighting foi n purse ol Ilui ,01111
"they would lie informed thai an m
sanity expert was needed. Not alone
is the purse the highest ever pul up
for a fight, bul it is expected that
ihe gate receipts will lie a record
breaker, and it Is also figured Ihal
over a million dollars will lie bet oi
the mill.
The fight promises to be one nl the
greatcsl in the history of tlie itrize
ring Johnson and Jeffries represent
the best fighters ol their races, and
the result will depend on the muttei
of condition, ll Jeffries could entei
the ring with the strength and .-.kill
that characterised liis lighting before
he retired he would lower Johnson's
colors beyond any doubt. Hut the
wheels of nature were not made to
turn backward, and tho man who
breaks the laws of nature must pn)
llie penalty.
Jeffries has been in training lor
many months, and Ins handlers sav
be is the Jeffries of old, ready t«> pul
up tlie greatest battle oi his career.
While the big fellow may appear !-•
hv in great physical condition, who
can tell whether lie ean put up the
greatest battle of his career' Thi
contest alone will answer that N."
■doubt Jeff has trained faithfully and
worked very hard to attain his present good form, bul when he battles
witb Johnson thai vitality winch is
absolutely necessary for any kind of
a" athletic contest may he missing.
In other words, |n my opinion tt has
been ilupus'sihie fm Jeffries to bring
himself to the shape he was In when
he gathered in his laurels.
lines any one realize what "coining
back" means? it is like trying to
regain past years Tin- pri/e Ling
has yet to see ihe jirsl man "come
back." When Corhetl heal John I.
al New Orleans Sullivan was trying
in come hack Corbett lid a merry
life between this time and his meeting wilh Kit/ m i'arsou City. lie
also tried to "come back," and ring
history tells yon that he lost his
title. Is Jell different from other
men'' Hardly. It makes no difference whether one leads tlie swift,
merry pace or takes life easy tor a
long tune. Dither method takes
away lhe strength, vitality and
agility needed fnr a long battle. Jeffries is now in his thirty-sixth year,
and us every Intelligent chap who
follows athletics knows it is Impna
Bible fnr any athlete at thirty-live t ■
be within 2a per cent ol his form nl
twenty lour years ol ace Koi .ny
one to claim that .len Is aa pit' ileal-
ly lit today as be was ten years ign
is rubbish In other     wotds. Jell
may appeal t" he in grand shape;
but, to tie candid, he has passed the
zenith of bis career.
How about Johnson'' The negro la
now at the belghl ol liis career. He
has been fighting steadily ever slnci
he became a pugilist. Between lights
be may be a high liver, but he has
never hem out of Condition, Johnson
is as jH-rfect a specimen of physical
manhood as any one could wish tn
Many fight experts refuse to <ivc
Johnson anything but a slim chance
with Jeffries through prriuiHcc
against Ute colored man Some rmy
be can't hit. he always backs up, he
has not the punch ami he is always
stalling, ami a few more things. The
more conservative critics concede
that Johnson is one of the greatest
pugilists thai ever donned a mitt.
As clever as Jim CorbOtl   WAS in hi--
palmy dav.. Johnson is Jusl a Utile
bit hotter.
Kit/sinimniis was considered the
hardest bitter   but  tlu- colored man
ean wallop every bit as hard. As a
ring general Johnson classes with the
besl in tlie game. It has been claimed lhai In- has a yellow streak, hut
no mie has ever heen able to prove
"Johnson has never defeated a first
heat a pair a midgets who are jusl
good middle weights, and Kaufman was never a first-
class henvyweight," say a number
of light experts. These same fellows
point with pride at the class* of men
thai Jeffries mot—Corbett, Sharkey,
Ruhliu and Filzslmmons. Now, the
trouble with these fellows is thnt
they underestimate the ability of
Hums, l.angfi.nl, Ketchel and Knuf-
man in attributing superiority to
Corbett, Sharkey, Rublin anil I'itz-
Lnngford is a bettor man today
than Sharkey ever vvas. Ho can
punch harder and is a better boxer.
Hums at his best would defeat Sharkey. Kaufman is iln- equal of Rublin, ami the chances are thai he
Cuilld heat (ius wilh the latter at
his hesl. Johnson has a more effective defense than Corbett, has       the
strength   that m  ol Jeff's victims
possessed ami can hit banter (ban any
uf   Ihem.
Johnson will cuter the ring coihhl*
en! of winning. When ihey start
you can go broke lhat the negro will
use all his clcveriicsti to prevent Jeff
from landing tin- terrible right thnt
has wrecked sn many men. That
means thai Johnson will keep mi the
defensive until he thinks .lell bas lost
u liii ni his strength ami is having
trouble wiib bis wind. When Jack
is snlisiieil that he holds the upper
hand he will change his tactics ami
try l" heat Jell down with those
sharp uppcrcuts ami stinging jabs
ih.it will lake lhe bit; fellow's euergj
away ami leave him an easy mark for
his colored rival. Kor comparison
the coming llghl might lie called a
long dis I a nee horse against a nig
ilrafl Imrse.
The t'ranbrook team plays ul Nelson on July 1st and at Rossland the
following day.
The team for t'ranbrook will he
made up of the following: T. Clark,
J. Clark. Bartholomew, .1 McKwen,
T McKwen, K Torrance, Miller,
Wallace. Harrison, f.umsdiii ami Wat
The watch that is being disposed of
t<> raise (iimls for the Football club.
is a 31 Jewel led Waltham, adjusted
in five positions, in a gold dust-
proof case. It will pass the standard railroad inspection ami is valued
AI  55li
Cranbrook's baseball nine will play
a match with the Moyie boys ot
Dominion Day at Udrldgc. Tbis
game will in- one id tiu> chief feat ii rea
i-f the Moyie celebration.
Tin- Moyie junior baseball team defeated the Cranbrook cubs at Aid-
ridge last Thursday evening by a
.score of h, ti, .(. |{ay t'risler was
umpire The "Cubs" looked -..well
in their new suits, and played good
hall, Iill were completely outclassed
hy the home learn It was the lirst
game this year for tbe Smyth cup
"Billy" Rollins is manager id the
Cranbrook boys Following was the
Moyie— .It,Im Iturke, light field; |>
Conrad, short stop; K. Ch we.
catcher; L. Crowe, 2nd base; tt
(Jonlnon, 3rd base; A. Crowe. 1st
base. \ McDonald, left field; W.
Vttwood, center Held. c. Sordmau,
Cranlirook—Hay man, pi teller. Her-
rick, catcher, [lay man, 1st base;
McCrcey, 2nd base, Harvey, -trd
base; Monlpetll, short slop; Klmcr,
center field; Kerr, left held. Hallo",
tight held
Vernon chapman, of the Moyb
Leader staff, was in Cranlirook lost
evening. \ii chapman was Initialed
as a member ol Crnnhrook Typo
graphical union, No. r,tu
LOST—Team ol horses, one white
ami one imy mare, weighing auonl
•<:'* pounds each, last heard of nhout
a week auo near Cranhrook -my
nm- giving Information about them
to Antonio Hvee, Sew MielH, will
receive reward, is-o*
_"■ buys a pound <.( eand) at The
Palm oti Saturday
Word reached lown today that \lr
S. II. llosklns, nt the provincial gov
eminent staff in this city bail he-en
transferred to Nelson as mining i*
corder for the West Kootenay district. Mr. llosklns bus been to'
several years in the government tin
ploy in this district. From WM* i,
1903 lie was connected Willi the pr**
uncial police force. In I'Ul'j be tie
came connected with tbe local government oilice. Ills departure will
tie regretted by a farce circle ■•
friends and acquaintances, tint rl
will rejoice that be has secured pro
motion of a substantial character
Whilst it Is not definitely known
when the transfer "ill take place, 11
wilt likeh  .tat- from July 1st.
in our effort a lo procure pure extracts ami jelly powders wc have
round it necessary to have a special
brand imt up fnr our exclusive use
We guarantee Rose iiraml to'lie all
Milutelv pme due It a trial —
Campbell ami Manning
Get Ready for the First of July
HE day we all celebrate—the day of excursions,
outings, picnics is only one day off.
ARE YOU READY?   Perhaps you'll want something in Clothing, Furnishings or Headwear ?
The Best to be had for Your Honey is Here
Elantiul or two.plouu (iiitinj;  Suits, tn single or tloiiblo  brousti'il.
for .16,00 to	
: '' $15.00
Suits of Fn nr v Wnrsti'il nml Tweeds iii vri'v lusty palliTns CIA AA
for $12.00 to    ■  ... ..           <4>a*.U.UU
Elogimt Suits nl nil worsted, in light mil medium Blmdes, mttde up C.OC AA
iu tin. vory latest plain ami novelty suoke. lnr $2<l,00 tu iBfcJ.Ut)
Straw huls from 50e
Linen hats from f>0e
Genuine I'ttimnmti from
$4.50 to	
Outing nhirlH from
Sl.llii to .   .
I'urn silk shirts from
$8.00 to	
♦tttHMf«r»Vvv,     ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦♦♦■»♦»♦♦» »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦■»♦•»•»♦♦♦♦«
One iif tlie prettiest weddings of
the season took place at the home
uf Thomas Wilson, Armstrong
nvcntlC - on Wednesday last, .lune
22nd, when George B. McKarlanc,
c. |». R. engineer, was united in marriage with Miss Isabel M. Moran by
Rev. C. O. Main.
The bride looked very pretty i.i
llrusM'lIs net over silk with orange
blossoms in ber hair and carried
bouquet of carnations. Miss- Dell
Cameron acted as bridesmaid, ami
It.  K.  Knight supported  the groom.
Alter the ceremony ibe happy
group enjoyed a splendid supper.
Among the guests present were
Mr. and Mrs. 0, Ncilson. C. Little,
],. I.. Langtll, Miss Tannhauser ami
Master Moran.
Doth young people are residents ol
Cranbrook ami very general favorites,
nnd carry with them the best wishes
nl their numerous friends.
The happy couple left tbe same
evening on the Sno-Portland train
for Lethbridge, Calgary, Winnipeg
ami other eastern cities. Tliey will
return to reside in Cranlirook.
A pretty double wedding was celebrated before about twenty intimate
friends on Wednesday morning at
eleven o'clock bv Rev A. M. Gordon
at the home of lhe bride's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. I». tl McKay, Lethbridge, when Miss Kvelyn McKay became tbe bride of John Ktlcy, of this
nn, ami her sister Miss Kthel M.rul
McKay was married in Charles ,J
Little, ol Cranbrook.
A     profusion of    white carnations
and palms adorned the rooms.    Mi-is
Kvelyn looked very charming In    he:
going-away gown ol   wisteria Illicit)'
ut in,   witb sleeves   and yoke of llnb
net  ol the same    shade       Tbe    gflwu
was effectively braided with soutnehc
Miss Kthel was very attractive in
her smart travelling costume ol navy
rajah, built upon s-mi-piinccss line*.
a touch of hami embroidery adorned
the waist anil a rhcmmlscttc ol rose
point wus tbe only other trimming.
She woro the groom's gift, an exquisite pearl pi mlatit Roth bri les
carried immense showers of i'nj -
break carnal ions and maiden hair
ferns. Mr. Kdey's gill to bis bride
vvas a diamond rinu.
The wedding Rifts were very beautiful ami numerous. The laud oii*c<-
BlaR presented Miss Kvelyn with
Limoges dinner sel, ami both young
ladies received many substantial
The party left on the afternoon
train for their honeymoon trips, Mr
and Mrs. Kdey going to Hniiff nnd
Mr. aud Mrs. Little to tbe coast -
Lethbridge Herald
The enrolled members of the First
Cranbrook company are requested to
take note that a special order will
lie issued in a few days regarding a
marcli out and picnic. All .\ bo
have their uniforms at home are requested to see that tbey. are iu IU
condition for this occasion.
of miles travelled, 16,*t29; expenses
of fire wardens, $2,447.25; mlsccltauc
ous 1270.10.
A record price for a large crop of
bay is reported from tbe Diamond
Ranch. Ilulkb-y Valley, R. C , last
week. Foley, Welsh and Stewart,
contractors on ihe o T. P. eon
Slmotion, paid 140,000 (or 1,000 lotth
of this brand of dried grass to ibe
owner of the Diamond ranch The
crop was gathered last summer, and
in the fall the price offered lnr it
was s::n a ton, but tbis wan refused.
Chief    lire   Warden,   Wynyanl C
Gladwin bas transmitted    to       thu
minister of lands bis general reporl,
I review    and     summary   of the work
.done throughout the province by tbe
I divisional and     district fire wardens
during the month of May.        lu tbis
| report  it is pointed out  that  the extremely dry     weather during    April
rendered conditions     especially  dangerous during early May, aud it was
.during  this period  that   most of tbe
' reported damage     was accompli shed.
This  was especially   the case in    the
Interior,   ami    while excellent work
was accomplished    by the lire   wardens, as shown by tbe returns,     the
organization    was not yet perfcctcl
in the early period, as the districts
have all been re-arranged, and re-allotted, and tlio new fire wardens have
yet to become acquainted with their
Tbe weather record shows twenty-
five tine dry days, and six showery
■lays, the latter It-cing May 10, i.%
21, 2a, 2ii and 27.
In all l'.i fires took place, originating from causes as follows: twelve
from campers, nine from donkey engines, thirty-two Irom settlers,
twenty-eight from railway locomotives, ami forty-eight from unknown
causes. Four fires took place in
district Nn. I, Iwo in district No. 2,
one in district No. .'t, one In district
No. I, three in district No. it, four
in ilistrict No. 7, four in district No.
7a, one in district No. -S, one in
district No- 0, one in district No
III, oue in district No. 1-1, one iu
distriet No. II, six in district No.
lla, IWO in district No. 15, two ia
district No. 21, two iu district So.
25, six in district No. 27, one in
district No. M, nil in district No.
20, two in district No. 30, one tu
district No HI, five in district No.
Ti, four In district No. 33, eight in
district No. 35, four in district No.
3tl, two in district No. 3tia, one in
distriet No. 37, lour in district No.
80, thirteen in district No. 39a, one
in district No. 40, four in district
No. lla, nine in district No. II,
nine in distriet No. 12. three in district No. 21a.
Amount ol standing timber in R.
M. destroyed, 1,300,000 feet; 85,000
feet cut logs on brow; amount of
cord wood: poles destroyed, 143 eor.ls;
15 curds shingle bolts; quality ol
timber destroyed, 1-3 good, rest fair,
value of timber destroyed, $11,000;
value ot improvements destroyed,
$1,225; one house, 50 fruit trees, two
cabins, two culverts; value of live
stock destroyed, nil; number of men
engaged fighting Ores, 171; wages,
$2,021; expenses incurred by owners
of timber lands, $1,000; total nnmbti
Kor the next few days no city iu
the world will enjoy ns much publicity and advertising— perhaps of a
doubtful kind—as tbe little city of
Reno, Nevada, where .Iim Jeffries
and .lack Johnson will tight it oul
for the world's championship on
July I. After that it will drop back
into its usual obscurity,
During the past decade, but more
especially since the alteration of the
South Dakota divorce laws abolished
Sioux Falls in that state as a
"divorce colony," Reno has attracted
attention as an oasis in the lesert
to actresses aud others who timl the
divorce laws of Nevada very ac-
commo-datiiiL' in an emergency. Itight
now the "divorce colony" of Reno
numbers about 2uo persons, although
sometimes the average runs considerably higher than that. These 200
are of both sexes, hut the feminine
sex predominates nearly three tn
one. They are living there for six
months in order to establish a residence iu the stale and secure the benefits of tin* divorce proceedings that
ean then be legally instituted to separate them   from   incompatible    life
| The people ol Reno look upon all
this as a very disagreeable hut uti-
I avoidable condition of affairs. Tbey
are hoping that some day lu the
near future tbey will see the dawning of a new era iu Nevada when the
stigma ol being a resort for the
matrimonially 'misfitted will be lifted.
lu all other respects Reno is quite
an ordinary town—or city, as any
community of over 5IHIU is called iu
the west. It is a very pretty place,
continually bathed iu tbe pure, rare
air ul tbe higher altitude, a center of
the Nevada stock raising industry,
and with fertile expanses of laud
sloping to it tin either side.
Krom the standpoint ol tbe moving
picture experts who are vitally in
t crest til in the coming clash of
champions, the selection of Reno will
suit them heller even than San
FrandSCO. TN) dry, clear atmosphere of Reno will conduce to better
aud clearer pictures ol the fight than
if tbey were taken in California.
This will at least lie Interesting
news to the thousands who had
planned to see tin' tight if it had been
held iu San Francisco, but who bad
to change their plans and abandon
their intention when Governor Gillett
got his hammer out and dealt the
knockoiit blow to pugilism there
In population Reno is quite cosmo
politan. There nre many young men
who have gone there from tbe east
in quest of their fortunes. They are
sober, law-abiding and industrious.
There are a number of Indians wandering about the streets looking at
the "sights." There are also a lew
Japanese merchants and some Chinese laborers.
The city enjoys good police protec
tion, but that has been nne of Itic
hig problems, for it has grown rapidly. In 1000 Reno was a village ul
3,000 inhabitants, Now it has fully!
15,000 aud it has taxed the city fathers to keep pan* with needed Improvements.
lis hotel accommodations, so far as
tbey go, arc quite adequate, or,
would he (or any ordinary amount of
travel. Hut tbe hostclrlcs there will
he quite unable to cope with the
crowds lhat will swoop down on the
city for tbe big fight. Rut there are
broad, expansive spaces where tents'
mav lie pitched, and these hastily,
erected abodes will have lo accommodate main hundreds, if nol thousands, of visitors that will throng
the city for at least a couple of davs.
prior to the bin championship battle,!
to s.iy nothing ol the thousands thai
will swarm in there on July I and
have to he fed somehow.
Reno is the seat ol the Nevada
slate university aud the state hospital Tor mental diseases. It ean he
reached by the Southern Pacific, the
Virginia a Tuckec and tbe Nevada,
California ami Oregon railroads,
In Reno one loses sight sometimes
of the sordid tilings of life—except,
possibly, iu matters of divorce. The
Iiu mil t aius, the immense sense of
bigness, tho pure air, all combine
to inspire one with the majesty ol
nature and tin- Insignificance of man.
Viewed from a distance, the long,
thin fingers of snow stretching down
from the white-capped mountains
seem to hold it, a pearl, in the grasp
of ihe infinite.
•*»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ »♦♦■»■»♦♦♦♦ »*|
Haying Tools
We hive a lull line «f Pork*, Hand Rakes, Scythe*
and Snaths. (jrindMunts and Whet SI. nt-s. Ilieiirj;
Mower,  and   fakes, flachlne Oil* and   Oil   Cans,
Wrenches. Hay Fork Hope and Pullr j *.
J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C.
No Old Worn Out Cow
ever supplies Ibe U-ef foi litis
iiiiiikei. Onlv meat from young ' ■
choice cattle if permitted to en
ter here. You cannol jm--ii ly < •
know what lha beat \teet ta**te»
\\Ur until j on have |-ut tun
teeth into one of our losMtor
Meiikf. Try one today lor gnud
eating's take.
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
II you wuut im Auto   nml of count) ynu oimM to
Ynu  slimilil  llUVH II
D.V.M0TT, Agent S^tKTlJ


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