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Cranbrook Herald Oct 15, 1914

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Discussion of  Men  on City  Work—
Siiirution Army Asks for Grant-
Wood uml foul Hyluw
Regular council meeting for tho
montll of October was hold nt the
city hall on Tuesday evening. Mayor
Taylor presiding. Present, Aldermon
Hickenbotham, Horlo, Catnoron* Leask,
Campboll and aonest, city clerk t.
m. Roberts. City Qngtnoor J. G. Ololt-
Minutes of previous meetings were
read and approved.
A communication was read usking
tlmt tlie council up point nn otlleer to
govern llirlllg men on city water
works, also to make list of mon now
employed with data concerning tlieir
^nationality, whethor married or
single, resident or ratepayer, otc.
City Englnoer Olenday lial already
prepared the list which wns reud and
tho council generally expressed the
opinion tliat tlie contractors wore endeavoring to live up to tlieir agreement in every way. The list contained a total of eighty-three men, most of
whom were married residents or ratepayers. There wero only n very few
whose right to tlie work could be
Frank Provenzano appeared before
thc council on behalf of some of the
Italians who complained that they
could not secure work on the city
water works. Some of these men had
beeu working on the water works for
the past three or four years, according
to Mr. Provenzano, but were not allowed to work this year on account of
so many white men working or looking for work. He considered this an
injustice to the Italians.
Mr. Goode spoke on behalf of the
contractors and stated that he was
doing all In his power to t-.ee that the
right men secured the work, but that
there was not room at tlie present for
everyone. He would be starting some
new work in the near future and
.thought that he would be able to provide all with work within a short
Communication was received from
. L. Bent asking for the extension ot
land as auditor for the city books.
The time for the completion of the
assessment roll wus extended to November 16th.
Bylaw No, 141, repealing Bylaw No.
42, entitled "Road Tax Byluw," was
Introduced and read tlrst time.
Bylaw No. 142 entitled "A Coal
Weighing and Wood Measuring By-!
law," was introduced and read lirst
and second times. Council resolved
itself Into committee on the whole
with tlie mayor lu the chair for the
Capture First Vonr (tames .'nun the ' Lurgely Attended Meeting Addressed
1'hllailelph'ii   Athletics
Boston, Mass., Oct. 18.—ThO Bon-
ton National league club completed
the most sensational record in modern professional baseball by defeating the Philadelphia Americans in
the fourth uud final game of the
world's series at Fenway Park today
discussion of the bylaw.   Bylaw read j iy a 8(Joro nf .( to j
Beginning with tlieir rush from last
by iter*. J. P. Westniuu Sunday
In eieatiiitial   Court   of   Arbitration
I'rged    ul   Methodist    tieneral
Conference in Wur und
Peace Manifesto
A very well attended patriotic
meeting was held at tlte Hex theatre
at four o'clock on Sunday afternoon
at which Mr. J. P. Fink presided.
The theatre was upprooriati'ly decorated und the members pi the ('run-
brook companies occupied reserved
seats ut the front.
The meeting opened with tie- ling-
ing of "Onward Christian Soldlors,"
followed by silent prayer und then
the Lord's Prayer.
must report,:"    "'    ^   - 7   "J* "/Tr ,  Mr' J' P' Hllk '"""'"^ U,e mMl"
to tho chief of police on the day of dc-  lat? tllhi ***** champions of the Ink welcoming these m atondance and
j universe, leaving a truii of startling referring to the importance of the
surprise  and  upsets  In  their   wake gigantic etrugglo now transpiring on   moral reform, or what I
whicli It will be hard to duplicate in tiie European buttle fields.   Through'
■ years to come. j out tho length and  breadth  of tin
Lust und fur from the least of their British empire men  were volunteer
third time. Thlshylaw provides that a
cord of wood must measure l-S cubic
feet and that wood must not be sold hy
dealers hy the rick or other measurement. In case of customer believing
that he is short in weight of coal or
measurement of wood h<
place In tho senior league In the middle of July, the Braves huve broken
traditions and records iu the national
sport with s|ieed and abandon during
the last three months.   They emerged
livery and If lu tfie opinion of the
:hlef that short weight or measure has
heen delivered he ls Instructed to immediately Issue a summons for the
"It hus been demonstrated that
great nrmnments do not guarantee
the blessings of peace. We have seen
that wur dues not solve, but accentuates tho social und economic problems on which so much of human happiness depends."
This is an extract from a manifesto
on war and pence, rend to the Meth-
odist gonereat conference by itev. Dr.
W. W. Andrews, of Regtna, and embodied us u sub-report of the report
of the department of temperance und  At'STHO-(i KH.MAN
Allies of Peace
"And besides this, the leading nations as allies of peace may agree to
pass a decree of non-intercourse in
tiie case of any nation refusing to
obey the findings of the court. So interlocked have the interests of the
nations become tliat no gnat nation
could afford to face the consequences
of this less costly and bloodless warfare.
"The conference prays that tbe
peoples of the world muy learn wisdom from the unspeakable horrors uf
the present strife and prepare to
organise the forces uf the world for
the conservation of tho higher interests of mankind, under the Und of a
church bearing faithful witness to
the one essential thing in the message
of her  Lord."
The city  clerk was Instructed  to i ■"•t'omplisbments was the overthrow  i»g to fight and Cranhrook hud
send out notices to those whose taxes |in   four   BUecessIve   games      '
to be known
In future ns the department of social
service nnd evangelism.
In the manifesto the "barbarism of
militarism" is vigorously condemned
of   the  one <juota and wus preparing to send  und the men and millions of tho em-
Total Suld to he Admitted Iu Berlin
fs Million Three Hundred nnd
lift) Thousand
are delinquent to tlie effect that un-1 worW'a fi"»oua baseball machine of j another.     Everyone   must   do   their  pire are dedicated for the purpose of j
less arrears aro paid by thc flrst of Cotinie MncK- wIth *ta $100,000 Infield, part, either on the battlefield or at  destroying the menace.   An interna-1
December that a list of all those In   nome nm heroeB un,i corf,s of «hil-1 home
arrears at that date will he published ' <«"**  "leaded  veteran  and   youthful |    following his addn
In the local papers. pitching   staff.     Tonight   the   new
Council adjourned. I champions gathered under the man-
. the audience
I sang "Nearer My God to Thee."
\    A number of patriotic slides show-
! agement of George stnlllngs are cole-! Ing flags of the various countries  at
THE SCENE HAS CHANGED  brating their ascent to the champion-  war, some of the Important men en-
  I plonship throne while the wreck of I gaged In directing the struggle, uml
When Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Webb ^'e Athletics' baseball juggernaut Is j scenes at Valcartler with photos of
travelled to England with the "Hands hound for the home of William Ponn, some of the Cranbrook boys ln unt-
Across the Sea" party of one hundred ; stunned und stuplfied by the unlocked ; form were thrown on the screen uml
and eighty Canadian teachers tlie S.S. I 'or calamity which, temporarily at j received tlie tumultous cheers of the
Grampian reached Plymouth Sound on : feast, racked it to the smallest cog.    j audience.
Saturday, July llth. She hove tc ofl' The Boston club won this year as k RCV. J. P. Westman Btyo a patriotic
Devonport, Just In sight of both towns, i follows: First game, Boston 7, Phllu- M-ddross, which was one of the best
A tug came out to take off a party, as ; deljmla 1; second game, Boston I.;ever heard ln Cranbrook. He revlow-
tlie ship had made a special call at Philadelphia 0; third game, Boston 5, |,,<l tne conditions ln Germany und the
Plymouth en route to Glasgow. I Philadelphia 4; fourth game, Boston j growth of tho war spirit there
On the tug were representatives of 8, Philadelphia 1.
the Allan line, the Great Western I Ah tho winners the Boston players
Railway Lines, Plymouth City and the recdvoa* fi0 per cent of $121,000.41) or
city band, which played the "Maple ; 173^40.50. while the Athletics, ns lon-
Leaf Forever" and "Rule Brittania,", cfS| proflt to tll0 wtent of $4S,7C0.3S.
to welcome the visitors.   On all thc'
tlonal court of arbitration is urged,
which should have jurisdiction over a
body of world police. Only when nations decide, nn these measures will
disarmament tnke place.
The Manifesto
The   manifesto   was   heartily   endorsed by the conference,   it read,
full us follows:
London. Oct. 16.. .The Chronicle has
received from a correspondent In
Holland who has lately been In Ber-
Lln tho following:
The authorities In Berlin estimate
'heir total losses in France nnd Bel-
| '{him up to date as more than ;,ofl,000
; men.     Tliis   does   not   Include   their
n. J losses on the eastern frontier, which
In j they estimate at more than 150,000.
1    They also acknowledge that Aus-
low hills near the harbor were onlookers who wcre not accustomed to
the Glasgow boat, etc.
The  party  was  conducted  around
the  harbor  and  docks and  saw  at
close quarters several of tlie vessels
".' '".""' '—""•" *"*  **•- ""*""""«*".III now busy protecting the waterways of
the city water to his property outside! ' ' '
the city limits. Thc council were unable to comply with the request at thc
present time on account of a new provincial law, which provides that a by-
the empire, but which then seemed
like monuments of wasted money.
In Time of War
I*ondon, Oet. lfi, 2 a.m.—tfpon Plymouth, with Its wonderful history, has
law covering such   cases   must    be j
referred to the provincial authorities jfllI!p" the honor of welcoming the Ca-
Of the Boston club, 26 players are
eligible to share in the prize money,
giving each man $4,688, should the j
money be divided evenly. Of the Ath- J
lettcs 2A players nre entitled to divide
the losers' end, which would give each |
Mackman $2,031.68 on the share and;
share alike basis.
Each of the four umpires receives  j. f
$1,000, the money coming  from the
national club's percentage of the profits. _
The world's series of 1914 was tlie
suld that German children were
taught that 11 was a sign of weakness
to pity tli? weak. Pity always made
for weakness. Ue stated thut lie
would not fight for war but ho was
rrady to go to the front to light for
The meeting closed with the singing
of "God Save tho King," und tho
"In the present momentous days as
a general conference we wish to call
the attention or our people to mutters
tn which as followers of Christ we arc ;
deeply concerned. ,
"That It should be ^posBlbte for
Europe after twenty centuries of'
Christian teaching to exhibit the un-.
trla's /.-.ses  exceed  500,000.    Official
reports   which   huve   been   published
.only concern a* portion of the Pros*
.Ian losses in France.   Xo official lists  of* marriages
liave   bei
Principles  of  Lodge  Chen  hy
Laurie, Worthy Muster
The open meeting and social of
Star of the West Lodge. No. 93.
Ladies Orange Benevolent Association,
held In their lodge room in the Royal
Black Knights of Ireland hall last
Tuesday evening was well attended,
the hall being comfortably tilled with
members uud their friends und all en-
Joyed the program very much.
The hall wns nicely decorated with
flowers and flags, and on a pedestal
covered with the Union Jack und sitting in the center of tlie hall, rested
the open Bible.
It. S. Garrett occupied tbe chair and
the meeting was opened by tlie gathering singing "The Maple Leaf Forever," after which the following took
part in the program:
Miss Vera Bradwlu Recitation
J. P. Broughton Song
Mrs. Laurie  Address
> Mr.   t'outts song
j Hev. O. E. Kendall Address
j Mrs. s. Ryekman Instrumental
I Rev. W. K. Thomson Address
J. F. Smith Bagpipes
i Mrs. Laurie, worthy mistress of tlie
above lodge, gave a very able address
I in which she brought out the alms and
j objects of the association, as follows:
l. The upholding of the grand principles of tlu* Protestant religion.
-.   To oppose all encroachments on
lour public school system.
3.   To   resist   thnt   infamous   thing
1 known as the Ne Teniere decree, us-
| ing our influence for a federal marriage   law,   recognising  tlio  validity
performed by qualified
published  regarding the clergymen of any religious denomlna-
losses of troops from Bavaria, Wur*
temburg. Saxony and Hanover.
From this evidence the AuBtro-Qer-
oxamplod welter of carnage we now man losses approximate 1,350,000. This
behold,  must awaken   serious  tjues-! figure covers killed, wounded nnd mis*
tlons among us. \ dug, and of course Includes all prra-
for approval before any further requests of this character could be allowed.
Communication from Col. Green, of
Vancouver, commander of the Salvation Army for tbis district, asked the
council for a grant for -the support
of tlie work in this city. The recent
action of the Cranbrook Retail Merchants' Association in curtailing the
support of the merchants for this
work had decreased the revenue necessary for the support of the cap
tain's family to less than
week nnd $3.00 ot this money was
sent by the Vancouver authorities. The
matter was referred to tlie committee
on health anil relief for action.
Relief for the family of M. Cayo was
asked for. This matter was referred
to the health aud relief committee and
the chief of police.
Accounts  were reported ns follows
by the finance committee and ordered
Cranbrook Drug A Book Co..$
Cranbrook Steam Laundry...
Cranhrook Eloctrlc Light Co
Cranhrook Cartage & Transfer Co	
City Transfer A Warehouse...
C. IV It. Telegraph	
Craubrook Meat Market	
City Clerk's Sundries	
Koolemiy Telephone Lines	
McNeill. It S	
Manning, Irn 	
McBride, J, D	
Parrett, T. N	
cily Engineer's payroll	
City Engineer's payroll (water
account)   •
City officials 	
School payroll 	
Police payroll 	
Fire department	
8elhy, W. ,1	
Herald Publishing Co	
I. It. Manning, Ltd	
nadlan volunteer contingent for Great
Britain's expeditionary force.  As soon
Milk, Secretory Board of Trade.
Cruubrook, B.C:
Dear Sir: During the spring of 1914
the horticultural branch of the department of agriculture conducted
tenth between the pennant winners pruning schools, twenty-five in num
of the major leagues since the na-  ber, at a number of points in
Lesser Matters
"Have tho churches of Christendom
been so emphasizing tlte lesser matters of creed, ritual and mystical experience, forms of organization und
denominational loyalties, that they
huve obscured the supreme claims of
that love which Is the end of the commandment and the fulfillment of law?
Have we forgotten that the only purpose for which the church exists ls to
establish brotherhood ln the affairs ol
men?   Why has the church not made
dug, and of <
tion, or other persons vested by the
law with that power,
4. Our motto is "One School, One
Flag. One Language" tTho English},
5. To be an auxiliary to the Orange
Association and aid them in every possible way.
6. To shed our influence for good
wherever we may be placed, to visit
th.- sick and do all in our power to
alleviate suffering and grief wherever
Thirty Days Sa*cd on Yojtg* Front ((0un(j.
Tuoomu tn DnhUtt-Sartlg in      ^    7.   To   caro   for   tliv   or,)hanB   of
Cost Effected ■ Orange brothers and sisters, and to
— ste that they are educated in the Pro-
Dublin. Oct. 15.—A good deal of in-  testaot kith, if it is possible for us to
terest In   shipping   circles,  says  the 1 j0 so
Irish Time's, was attracted by the ar- \    S-   To trJ. and strengthen our mem-
rival   from   Tacoma,   Wash.,   of   the   •oerSi   j,y   inducing  as  many   earnest
steamship Daldorch, which is the first' Protestant women and young girls of
the message of Jesus grip the con- ■ British   vessel   to  pass  through  the i sixt^n and over to join our lodges,
science of the Christian nutions? ls | Pan((ta» <'*l»a* and has made Dublin j amj thereby do all we can to prevent
the I       rcndy now t0 beaT faithful witness j its port of arrival.   The Daldorch left ' that   deplorable   mistake   of   mixed
as it was known on Wednesday morn- tlonal commission, the highest court
Ing that the transports were arriving of baseball, took charge of the an-
the crowds hurried to all points over
looking Plymouth harbor and greeted
the men with cheers to which the Ca-
ladians responded heartily.
The vessels anchored off Devon port
The bands aboard played lively tunes Th
and sounds of merriment came across
the water all day long ns succeeding
■drips came to anchor, The last of tho
?F..ilO per I transports arrived at 8 o'clock at
night. Only a few of the Canadian
soldiers have yet been landed.
province,   As these school
be very helpful to the fruit growers,
nual autumn battle In 1304.   Today's I the department has decided to offer
victory of the Braves brings about a  them again.
tie   for   inter-league   honors,   since
proved to ' for lier Ma8tt'r- who 8aUi M*°ve >,our i Tacoma on August 4th and In conse- ( marriages, so fruitful of trouble to all
J enemies'?   'All judgment Is committed j quence was abl*> to pass through the concerned.
Prospector Publishing Co      80.00
Hanson (luruge      1800
Hallett. J. W        7.00
Milltiu Companies lectured by Cap'.
Bavlt'M on "Ihihcumt*- In the
.Members of the militia companies
and their friends held n smoker at tho
Kdison theatre on Wedncsdny evening, There were about 175 men present The meeting was opened nt 7.SO
by Captain It. D, Davles, who gave
the men u very Interesting tnlk on
Infantry Mameuvres in the 'Field.'
The lecture wus full of Important Information of u practical nature con-
', earning thc advanced work of Uio
! niilitiu forces,
A song by .luck Ferguson was the
next number on the program, nnd he
' was followed by Capt, Davles, who
1 sung "Roaming in the Gloaming."
j Hvciyoue joined in on the rendition
[Of "Qodd Bye My Bluebell" *nd "Tip-
perury," two fnvorltes with the Holders.
H. W. Henry favored the audience
witli "King Henry the Eighth Am I"
nnd won great npplausc.
Archie Itaworth rendered a comic
[song  entitled   "Thc   Beauty   of     the
I Guards."
i    Corporal    Malcolm    recited
Graves of the Hundred Dead."
American league and National league
clubs have each won five pennants,
Am'erlcun league victories and
the clubs thnt won are ns follows:
11106, Chicago; 1910, Philadelphia;
1911, Philadelphia; 1912, Boston;
1913, Philadelphia.
The National league triumphs were
won; 1905. New York; 1907, Chicago;
190S, Chicago; 1909, Plttab'l-g; 1914,
unto the Son.*    Before him ull  the' «ajM\t which was officially opened on Canada today is a Protestant nation
nations and the church alike are bp-1 August 15th. tbe voyage to Dublin be- and we must endeavor to keep it so.
The department nf agriculture will I Wg Judgcd'   Is Uie *wnh 0n itS re*'lllB accomplished in fifty days. Usual- The  separate* school  is  unnecessary
'■ cord ready to stand before His great \ \y the time occupied in the passage and  unwarranted, said Mrs,  Laurie.
provide a competent Instructor, uud
pay hit; expenses. The local administration uf the pruning schools will
be placed In the hands of u reasonable local body, such as the Farmers'
Institute, the Fruit Growers' Association, or the Board of Trade, who will
be responsible for the guarantee of a
minimum of eight pupils
more than twelve} with the proper
qualifications, at a fee of two dollars
each,   to   take  ten   lessons  cf  three
lightened conscience of the world. | volving long steaming by South
"In our perplexity and sorrow at' America, wns eighty days and fre-
the lamentable war in which we are quently more. The saving of thirty
engaged we rejoice In this, that the t flays at least on the voyage hns been
inns of Britain huve been called to j attended with many advantages, such
the service of the weak and her blood : aB ieHS consumption of coal, shorter
(but   noi''S belng for tlie Sake 0f nonor  Period of engagement of crews and
among the nations. reduction in provisioning.
Military Barbarism
"When the barbarism of militarism
Marlti    Heads    Rebellion    In
Northern Part of Cape
[hours a lesson, the school extending  has been recognized and its Influence |
i over five days.   Where the number of  destroyed, human Interests the world
pupils in a district justifies, two pruning schools may be nrrnngeed for. In
which the minimum guarantee wilt be
sixteen pupils, and not over twenty-
four. The local organization will also
provide nn orchard or orchards, where
women like to annoy tha Catholics,
but that is not the case, as true
■)rangemen and women are sorry for
the Catholics, because they know they
nre a deluded people, kept down by
th*-- system of the church ln which
•hey have been born and brought up.
Mra. Laurie concluded by saying:
"1 hop*? that 1 hav*- gained your Interest In our order in such a way that
FRIEND OF RUSSIA you will wish to join In our stand for
  Protestantism in Cranbrook."
Oct.    11.—A   dispatch   to      jfv. q, K. Kendall said he had lis-
men.   Through these anxious days let ■
London, Oct 13.-
been declared throughout the Union
of South Arflca ns a result of the
discovery of a rebellion in the northern part of Capo province, which adjourns German Southwest Africa.
Lieut.-Col. Marlti, a Boer officer, j
together with 0 number of his officers.
and men, has gone over to the Ger-
man forces of the Oerman protector- j
ato, und Is in rebellion ngnlust the j
government of the union.
While It Is known thnt Col. Blarltz I
bus only n small following, the affair j
Ik considered unfortunate at this moment.
Marlti is 11 transvaaler who fought
in the Boer war, but at Its conclusion was one of the Irreconcllinbles
who crossed over Into German territory, where he fought with the Gor-
-Martlnl  law has {the Instructor muy bold the pruning  us pray to the God of Peace: 'Hallow
classes, und a hall or room in which
the lectures may be held.
Besides the actual practice In the
orchard, of which the course will consist chiefly, where the pupils will
prune trees under the supervision of
the Instructor, there will be lectures
on the theory of pruning, which will
Include talks on pruning us related to
the formation of fruit buds, and to
plant growth, also the subject of top-
grafting undesirable varieties will be
dealt with, along with many other
points of Interest.
The pupils wlll provide tbeir own
pruning tools, tho necessary tools be-
ing a pair of pruning shears, a saw,
und a pocket whetstone. A pruning
pole and a light ladder mny also be
necessary for lurge trees.
The department expects tbat the in-
mans against the natives. Htructor will be met on his arrival by
Later he returned to British South , „ome responsible person, who can pro-
The  Africa, got un appointment In the po-1 vlde htm with ull tlie necessary lufor-
llee und worked his way to thc com-1 mutlnn. so us to get the school under
over will bu safer. To this cause we ,
dedicate our men and our millions and R?«er'. from Bucharest, under date tened with pleasure to Mrs. Laurie,i
pray that through the'empire's sacrl-iof "»'«">ay, recorUmB the death of _te_. _ „as pissed with the ob-
Bco war muy the sooner cease aud', KinB Ch*rte>- says: '^ °< ihe »«««'«l°» ""> l"»d «•
ever widening good'may come to all I    "Tl,u  l0u"c"  of minlater. in «-  tnow   that   It   was   a   light-glving
traordinary session today, the leaders  agency.    The  speaker  said  that  in
of alt parties being present   lt was   south   America, a  Catholic country,
decided to convoke parliament tomor-   ;e p,.r-<:ent of alt children were born
row to proclaim frown Prince Ferdinand   king  and to  administer the
What Armaments Don't Do        I statutory oath to the new monarch."
"Our greatest concern us Christians j    The   late   king,   whose
is tlle establishing of lasting peace,   known thc   world  over i
ed bc Thy name; Thy kingdom come;
i'hy will be done.'
out of wedlock, and when the L'nlted
stat»s took,over Cuba tbey found-**)
Ijer cent of the population illegitimate
wife   was  and history tells us lhat similar con-
"Carmen   dltlons  largely apply to all  Catholic
We believe the world as a camp of j Sylva" died childless. The new king
armed forces can never train its i Is a nephew. He was prince Kerdin-
populatlun to walk in tlie highest and of llobeii/.olli,ni-Hlgmaringen. He
putbs of progress. It has been de- j was created Crown Prince of Hou-
uionstrated thut great armaments do [ mania in 1880,    He was married on
Total  18,882.41
Tlie   city   engineer   presented   Ills
monthly report as follows;
1 beg to submit herewith for your
consideration report of work done during the month of September, 1914.
Two leaks on the distributary Bye-
tern were repaired at a cost of 14.70,
averaging $2,115 per leak.
One new service was Installed nn
Durlck avenue nt tot 2, block 28.
Sewerage Disposal Works
Trays  over   primary   filters   wero
cleansed off twice during the montll
and works were generally maintained.
Siding around prlmnry niter was replaced.
Plumbing Permits
Ono plumbing und sewer connection   permit was  Issued  during the
J. 0, Olenday,
, City Huglneer.
Tbe city clerk was Instructed to
••cure the services ol Mr. I. il. Birther-
The meeting closed with the singing  malid from which lie has Just been re-
ot   "The  Maple  Leaf  Korever"  and  ||nved.
"Uod Save tlie King."
The territory affected by the re-
bollloua movement Is the southern
end of the Kalahari desert, whicli is
parallel with the Oerman frontier.
There are about twelve thousand
McIYI'OSH HED APPLES white farmers In the district, whose
farms are widely scattered.
The action of Marltz has had thc
effect of clearing the atmosphere ln
; South Afrleu and will compel thc
: Dutch to choose sides.
I lt ls believed here that thc large
: majority of the people of the country
1 wlll follow Premier Ilotha, who has
I taken over the command of the army,
| and that Merits will be quickly put
way without loss of time
it hardly seems necessary to pre*
not guurunte the blessings of peace.
We have seen that war docs not solve,
but accentuates the social und cnouo-
nilc problems un which so much of
human hupptness depends. When we
have grimly curried to a finish this
fateful wur. which Is the first war to
DiTect Injuriously all nations, let us
hope thut tlle sense of human brotherhood In tile heart of the democracy uf
lhe world will wipe away the bitterness engendered In the struggle and
prepare the way for the statesmen uf
the world to arrange u safe und mug-
naiilmous pence. We make our appeal
to  the  democratic  consciousness  of
January 1". 1S»3 to Princess Marie,
daughter of Alfred. Duke of Sake*
Coburg. their children being Prince
Carl, born 1S911, and Princess Kills-
both. **
The new king Is rejiorted to be
strongly Rusooplllls and hli accession
to the throne may mean ItoUmanla's
entrance Into war lis one of the allies.
sent to you the Important advantages  'he world to Judge on which side stand
4 lbs     .85
llox   11.65
Two Boxes t!*.*2*»
The day9 are Betting longer
now and you need OIL
By the Gal    .45
By the Can tl.80
lly the Case 18,50
These are net cash prices
or monthly account to those
who pay every 80 dayB.
What about Wheat, Shorts,
Poultry Supplies, Kic. A large
stock now In,
freedom mid world-wide good, and so
to express their judgment aB to promote tho cause of human rights und
perpetual peace.
World Police
"Hchold this court and subject to
Its orders only should be a police
force comprised of national units of
air, land uml sea forces dedicated by
the several nations to the service of
TO RECLAIM  100,000 ACRES.P°acfl-    wlu'n  annieB °r nggression
  and defence have been dissolved, we
shall still need a police force to do
patrol duty among tho nations. Only
by some such out-and-out commitment to the cause of peace can  we
to bo gained from a pruning school.
Pruning is ono of the Important operations of first-class fruit, and oue on
which tlie orchardlst cannot hnve too
much Information.
H. M. Winslow,
Provincial   Horticulturist
Wm. E. Scott.
Deputy Minister. '
Victoria, H.C, Oct. 8th, 1014.
Washington. Oct IS.—American
railroads may transport free of charge,
i!f they decide to do so, gifts made hy
the children of the United States for
I presentation on Christmas day to
the children made orphans by the
Kuropean war.
This ruliriK was announced by the
interstate commerce commission today
in connection with the plans of Amer*
lean newspapers to send a "Christmas
help" obroad.
0. o. Bennett, manager qrthe Bank
of Commerce, who, with Mrs. Bennett
and Miss Krickson, have spent the
past three weeks at Windermere and
Crnnbrook, returned to town on Saturday.— creston Review.
CHII.B'H IRON COT lor uie chat*
rtwM »7. a
Bonners Ferry, Idaho, Oct 10.—Ar-
rangemt'nts are nuder way to have engineers of tlie United Stutes nnd Canadian governments meet here to ln-
vestlgi.'-' the problem of Kootenay
Valley drainage. If plans are carried
out, 100,000 nereH would he reclaimed.
Senator J. II. Itraily, who spoke hero
yesterday, received a wire from Washington saying a United Statu government engineer will be named to meet
William Young, representing thc Canadian government, here loon.
On Tuesday evening .Mrs. John
Leask entertained in her commodious
home on (Jarden avenue the Fellowship Bible Cluss of the Baptist church
countries. He advised the ladles to be
tolerant In all their works, and do all
because of love.
Hev. W. K. Thomson said he was
in sympathy with everything the worthy mistress had said and judging by
the able addreKs thc ladles association
will do a splendid work for Protestantism. Show that you are buoyed up
with the belief that you have a true
conception of Itf.* and also he able to
||TS I rational ld'*a of why you belong to that order, said the speaker.
The Kucharistle. congress or al least
soma phases of It, such as the carrying of the host, should bever have
been allowed in a Protestant Canada
In the 1.0th century. London had refused It. Canada permitted It. Protestants must be true to their principles
and be tolerant, but not too tolerant.
Just as truly as (iermany had for
years been Quietly preparing for this
war, and buying a little laud, or a
strong position here, and another
' there, so lhe Roman Catholic system
■ Is quietly laying her plans to win
Canada, and one day she wlll disobey
the neutrality of her home life, etc.,
and endeavor to get control of Canada. He said she won Quebec by her
quiet work and her quiet mode of pre-
; Deration. The Roman Catholic system n/not give us freedom, but oppression and tyranny. Are the Protestants preparing for the clash? If
we were as true as the Roman Catholics we would do all in our power
and their friends.   A choice program  tu w)n th,,m to thr fR|thf bul only by
hope to change the iigc-loug custom i „r musical ami literary selections wasj)0y0i j,ut nnt t,y [)(l(llR („0 ..,lHy mid
nf the world. Then and nut before,
only when a sense of security and
mutual trust has been produced
among the nations can disarmament
take place. Then every frontier tn
tho world may become like tin*, three
thousand unfurl.1ml milea betwtf.-»
Uie Untied States and Canada.
rendered   hy   mom hers  and   friends. lon tolerant.   Jesus gave us a clear
(lames were Indulged In and n merry conception of liberty and let us take
time was enjoyed by the large com* n0 ot|irr than thai for our guide,
pany  in  attendance,    After  refresh- At the elose of the musical program
meats at the midnight hour the com- and addresses Ihe ladles of tho order
pany dispersed voting thut the occa- B|.rv«d coffee, enke and sandwiches,
sion waa one of the beat celebrated afn»r which the meeting was closed
tbis season.    M_ fry atorgtog "Ood Rave lhe King "
THURSDAY, OCTOBER ir.tli, 191-1
Howard St. and Truut Ave.
A New And
Modern Hotel
.   modern   equipped   Cafe   a
moderate   prices
Rates $1.00 and up per day
Our bun moots all trains
The Coeur d'Alene Co.
JACOB GOETZ, President
IIAItKY    K.   BAKU,   See.
\\. K. Worden, Prop.
66   PHONE  66
Slab Wood
Rick Wood
Baggage Transfer
Sand nnd Gravel Supplied
(ainnl Powder
Moving Pianos a Specialty
Furniture   and    Baggage
J. MILNE, Malinger
Comej' Cranbrook  .Street
Phone 201
Open liny and Might
Candies, Fruits and Cigars
Good Itooms In Connection
1, B. THOMPSON, Editor imHUMffr
Sipurlptloi Batei
ion*   Ywr    UOO
I Six Montha        100
Three Months     50
Advertifiai Haiti
Dtaplay   Advertlslne,   25   cents   per
Column inch.
j Rudlni Notlcei or ClasilOed Adi. 10
cent, per line.	
Cranbrook, B.C October
i    Our   next   Ihsuo   wlll   be   entitled
Vigorous measures will be taken to i
Increase tlio circulation und make the
paper a valuable medium for advertisers.
The lirst issue will contain un ar-
tide by A. B. Watts on "How tn .Make
Cranbrook Prosperous and Farmers
Contented." with u rejoinder or criticism by oue or the most able writers
In thc west, and an editorial on the
same subject.
We Invite criticisms and remarks
adverse or otherwise, and the editor J
wlll publish all ot them.
There has been a feeling of gloom
nst over the European situation by
! the German success in capturing Antwerp during the past week und the
over running of pructtcully the whole..
ot   Belgium   by   the  German   army. I This meant the wholesale abandon-
SAVE       I
A stitch or a tack in time
saves shoemaker's bills.
Every man can be his own
cobbler If he has one of our
"Friend" cobbler sets.
Complete 'outfit, including
lasts, stand, nails, knife,
tacks, awls and directions
for soling for 91.95.
Better ones, very complete, at #2.00 and #2.50.
We also sell leather
soles, thread, wax, etc., at
low prices.
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranhrook, B.C.
Wellington's, Napoleon's day,
(Section SO)
I well'
Standard dictionary: "A time or I NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that
period; an age." Adam died within | on the lirst day of December next aphis day.
winds  and  Germany   took  complete
liossesBion of all conquered territory,
Did ho receive his wages? "Thej
wages of sin Is death." Lot us see.
Gen. 1:7 . . . breathed Into bis
nostrils the breath of life nnd he
became a living soul." Nothing more,
not a mixture, not n hybrid, not a
mule, not a cross between divine nnd
human, but Blmply u perfect human
soul—a man.
Next the law nnd penalty: Gen. 2:
17: "But of tho tree of knowledge of
good and evil thou shalt not eat of it,
lor In the day that thou cutest thereof
thou shalt surely die." And the sentence: Gen. 8:19: "In the sweat of
thy face oliult thou eat bread till
thou return inlo tlie ground, for out
of it wast thou taken, for dust thou
art nnd unto dust thou shalt return."
Thou tlie mau the soul: not body ouly,
return to elements, be dissolved. Then
th execution of sentence: Gen. 5:5:
"... und he died." The breath
ot life ceased. "The soul that slnneth
ft shall die. Is this not thc wages of
sin? Will nny Jurist say tho penalty
above" stated was not paid In tills
ease? Under what principle of law or
equity, how ln Justice, could the
Creator ugaln deal with this man except as an uct of mercy.
He Matt. 10:28: "And fear not them
which kill the body, but are not able
to kill the soul; but rather fear him
which is able to destroy both soul and
body in hell" (Gehenna). In harmony with other scriptures this
teaches that man has a hope of re-
| surrection. God created him, and the
same power is able to recreate him.
His Identity, physical, mental, moral,
Is preserved by the Almighty.   Man
plication will be nmde to the Superintendent of Provlnclul Police for renewal of wholesale license No. 92, for
the sale of liquor by wholesale in and
upon   the   premises   known   us the
Cranbrook   Brewery,    situate    neur
Cranbrook, upon the lands described
as Lot 29, Group 1, South Enst Kootenay.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1911.!
Cranbrook Brewing Co., Ltd.
42-4t Applicant
1,11(1 (HI ACT, mm
(Section 42).
on the Ilrst day of December next up-
pllcutlon will be made to the Super?
tntendent of Provlnclul Police for re-
newal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail iu the hotel known
as the Wycliffe Hotel, situate ul \Vy.
elilte, In tin' Province ol British Columbia,
Dnted tills 15th day of October, mil
42-4t Applicant
l.llll Oil ACT, llllll
(Section 42).
on the Ilrst duy of Deeomber next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of Hit! hotel license to sell
liquor by retail ln the hotel known
us the Tourist Hotel, situate ut Hull
Hiver, ln tlle Province of British Columbia.
Uutcd this 16th day of October. 1914.
42-4t Applicant
1,101 (II! ACT, 11)1(1
(Section 42).
While this may appear at this time a ment of evciything possessed by the ,.„„ not rra(.h lt t0 deBtroy lt Soul
groat success still a sober reflection I inhabitants, who lied to Antwerp and, lme staled )s „,,„ i(lentlty, 0o(j c0„
will reveal that the victory is of no j "ther fortified places In fear of mur- relnstnt(, t„„ original at His will. The
itrutegic   Importance  ns  far  as  tlio I lor and outrage.
1 outcome Is concerned.    It only '    Belgium is a ruin and the people are
The  entire  world owes a
ulds to the stigma on Germany.
list plea was that all she desired was I
i passuge through Belgium and
friendly overtures were made to King
Albert and his government offering
ndemnlties nnd full reparation If Bel-
slum would allow Gorman troops pos-
ingo. This was indignantly refused,
.sow the Germans have driven tlle j
Belgian government out of the coun- j
.ry and they are finding refuge In j
France. Thc people ol Belgium are
Homeless and wandering over their
lair land as beggars without food and
without a place to lay tholr heads. Tho
■iimlty of tho whole neutral world
lias thus been engendered.
As a  matter ot arms  the  victory
may  allow  the  Germans  to  disturb
Her! starving.
debt of gratitude to the Belgians
which money can never repay, yet
money will do much to alleviate thc
present sore necessity. It will buy
rood and clothing, even though it will
not restore life to the thousands of
lead who wore sacrificed on tlie altar
f German rapacity.
recreation will never be finished until
awakened in imperfection from the
sleep of death, he is chastised ami
corrected, encouraged and assisted
until that perfection Is regained |
which was lost by disobedience, and
enter into harmany with His Creator.
The foul breath referred to G. M.
C. ls the result of d'sease. It will disappear along with other infirmities in
the discipline mentioned.
One of Your Readers.
Cranbrook, B.C., October 12th, 1914.
on the first day of December next ap-'
plication will bc made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of tho hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in thc hotel known
as the Perry Creek Hotel, situate ut;
Perry Creek, in tlie Province of Brit-
Ish Coluinbhi.
Dated this 15th duy of October. 1914.
42-4t Applicant
Editor Herald;
Sir: Your generosity In the matter
of space for letters for and against
Russelllsm is most commendable, ln
view of the large income gathered
from tbe members of this cult—some
$202,000 annually—and its vigorous
propagation, a healthy discussion of
The British board of agriculture
hns advised the householders of
Great Britain to utilise every foot of
spare land In the planting of gardens
for next year, to supply as far as possible their own garden produce. In
this way they can assist in relieving
London with their Zeppelins but re- j ;U1V ghortage which may develop on
sirts from the old country uro to the I ac(.oulu 0f war conditions.
.licet tliat  London  is  fully  guarded \    T„|a   SUgge8tion    iB of   equal   im- ,  ,        ,     ,
„„1 protected against such an inva- j llortance t0 Canadians.   Attached to "8°!rlt" ,•&, £7   ,_%l\\\. T„
-    The allied armies are still pres-j„oarIy    every   home   „re   „leces   of  u»'«!« J lffl<;»11 *-•«. »"8™«n    ""
„ i.., ,i,. n.ra... .a<    _..._'. .....,-.   -. __  ,„ I matter nt sufficient length by print
are many,  therefore, .through your
, , , .        ,   „    „„. i klndnoBs we Invite all purchasers of
may be converted into p oduotWe gar- „„ ^.^      js__^
lens. It requires very little space tor
i garden thnt, with ordinary care, will
supply an average household with
vegetables. By cultivating the available ground many Canadian families
can reduce their living expenses, and,
at the same time, secure vegetables
which are absolutely fresh.
LIQUOR ACT, llllll
(Section 42).
on the first day of December next application will bo made to the Superintendent of Provlnclul Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in thc hotel known
as the International Hotel, situate nl
Kingsgate. in tlie Province of Brilisli
Dated this 16tll day of October. 1914.
42-4t Applicant
ing lieavlly against tlie Germans nnd j ?rounj which at present are merely
lhc battle with the Russians Is pro- j waste wn()     With little effort these j
reeding  witli  fury" along a  300-mile
front.    Tho decisive  victories of the
MIH'OK ACT. 1910
(Section 421.
on the first day of December next up-
plication will be made to tlie Super- j
tntendent of Provincial Police for re-
newal   of  the   hotel   license   to   sell
liquor by retail in tiie hotel  known j
as  tbe   Imperial   Hotel,   situate    at i
Eort Steele, In the Province of British
Dated tills 15th day of October, 1914.
42-4t Applicant
ar are yet to come and the events
,f the past week will appear luslgnl-
Icnnt once a decisive engagement on
■Ither sldj of thc huge lighting units
is announced. If the allies should
vin In Erancc then Germany wlll be
forced out of Belgium much more
rapidly than when they entered.
There Is yet no cause for gloom,
only sorrow for the suffering Belgians
und the desire for Increased energy
against tlie ruthless and devastating
i ierman hordes.
(Toronto Star).
This Is not an ordlnnry International war. The crimes committed aro
not against Groat Britain, or Prance,
or Belgium, but against humanity. It
is not glory thnt tho allies are fighting
for. but decency nnd the home, the
safety of women and children, and
the sanctities of domestic life. Thc
wrongs of Belgiuni are the wrongs of
humanity and must bo so Investigated
und so punished. The armies of the
allies are tin- police of humanity, engaged in hunting down ns foul a gang
nf criminals as ever terrorized a city
or a countryside.
Iliiskln Knew the German Character
"For blessing Is only for the meek
| ind merciful, nnd a German cannot
tie either; he does not understand
•von the moaning of the words. .
hut no quality of learning ever makes
n German modest."
So wrote John Ruskln as long ago
is 1874 ln 'Fors Clavlgera.' "Accord-
'ngly." he nddod. "when the Germans
tet command of Ujmbardy, they bom-
hard Venice, steal her pictures (which
they can't understand a single touch
ofl, and entirely ruin the country,
morally nnd physically, lenving bo-
hind them misery, vice and Intense
hatred of themselves, wherever their
accursed feet have trodden. They do
precisely the same tiling In France—
crush her, rob her, leave her in mis-
>ry of rage and shame, nnd return
iiome, smacking their lips and singing
fo Deums."
The embargo on the exportation of
Jam trom the United Kingdom will Increase the demand for Canadian made
lams. During the fiscal year ending
March 31st, 1914, over *.600,000 worth
ot Jams, Jellies, and preserves wore
Imported from the United Kingdom
Into Canada.
Dominion Canneries, Limited, is op-
crating Its Jam factory at Hamilton at
maximum capacity, night as well as
day shlftB being employed. E. D.
smith and Sons, Limited, has increased the staff In its Jam factory at
Winona, Ont., nnd will have a record
output this season. In the plant of
hinders. Limited. .\>. Toront:, for example, where, under ordinary conditions, about forty-five hands nre employed. It Is expected that night as
well as day shifts will be employed
for the next six or seven months.
A mooting of the Cranbrook Voter-
ins Brigade will be bold at thc orderly room. 107th Enst Kootenay Regiment on Friday evening, October 16th,
nt 8.20 p.m.
R. D. Davles, Capt.
BA.V'll    COII   BENT -Comfortable
bouse, stable for six horses, about
ten iteres broken; good grazing
land, plenty wood and water. Ap-
nly Herald office.
While British Columbia hns a relief problem of more than usual necessity at the present time, there
eomes from tur-nwny Belgium nn np-
iienl for nld which muBt strike n sympathetic chord in every heart. Tho
Belgians have borne the brunt of an
Invasion aimed not alone at France,
but nt civilization and tlie rights of
tiuin. The plucky Utile nation has
withstood an attach of such ferocity
that the country Is today but u remnant of the prosperous community of n
few months ugo. Cities and villages
hnve been pillaged and destroyed.
Property   rights   were   cast  to   tho
Editor Herald:
Sir: Relying on the courteBy heretofore shown me, I beg leave to submit the following: Genesis 1:5: "Let
us make man tn our own image, etc.,
and let them have dominion over all."
It does not seem probable that God,
liter making the beautiful plants and
.inlmals perfect, woutd create man Imperfect. Gen. 1:31 declares all good.
Would anything look good to the all-
iioweri'ul Creator If It had a ilaw?
However, the man couldn't die perfect. An autopsy shows a corpse to
hnve a flnw or flaws, cither from disease or violence. When sentence was
pronounced he was driven from the
perfect conditions In tho garden to
linttle with adverse surroundings, and
he begun to wenr—to die. Our friend
CI, M. C. puts too narrow limit on day,
a term which defines any stated period of time. Scrlptliure: land's day
III tho wilderness—40 years. Thc day
of salvation—already over 1900 yeara.
"Saw my dny and wan glnd."
Secular uue:  Ctesar'u day; Crum-
nnd all who are Interested to any degree in it, to nttend the Baptist
church in this city on Sunday evening
next, when the pastor will present
some facts which all should know.
These facts, exposing Russell and
Russeliism, are such as can be substantiated In a court of law If necessary.
O. E. Kendall.
(Section 42)
on the Ilrst day of December next application wlll be mnde to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail ln the hotel known
as tlie Wasa Hotel, situate at Wasa,
near Cranbrook, in tho Province of
British Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1914.
Thc Unionist Investment Co., Ltd
for Company
4l>.4t Applicant
(Section 20)
on thc Ilrst day of December next ap-
pllcutlon will bc mnde to tlie Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of wholesale liquor license. No.
107, for llie sale of liquor by wholesale In and upon the premises known
is Bowness' Wholesale Liquor Store,
dtuate on Baker Street, in tlie City of
cranbrook, B.C.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1914.
12-4t Applicant
(Section 42).
on the first dny of December next an-
I illcutlon will bc made tn tlie Supor-
! Intention! uf Provincial Police for ro-
i newal of the hotel license to sell
i liquor by retail In the hotel known
I as the Nortli Star Hotel, situate al
) Kimberley, In the Province of British
Dated this 15th day of October, 1914.
42-4t Applicant
Mill Oil ACT, 1910
(Section 42),
on the first duy of December next application will bo made to the Superintendent of Provincial Pollco for renewal of thc hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Central Hotel, situotc at
Marysville, in tile Province of British
Dated this 16th day of October, 1914.
_'_._l Applicant
(Section 42).
nn thc Ilrst day of December next application will bo made to tlie Superintendent of Provincial Police for re-
llnuiir by retail In tlio hotel known
as the Windsor Hotel, situate nt
Fort Steele, lu the province of British Columbia.
Dated tills 15th dny of October, 1914.
42-41 Applicant
We Are Introducing
American Silk
American Cashmere
American Cotton-Lisle
They have stood the test. Give
real foot comfort. No senilis to
rip. Never become loose or
buggy. Tile shape is knit in—
not pressed in.
Gl'ABA.M'KKII for fineness,
style, superiority of material and
workmanship. Absolutely stainless. Will wear 6 montlis without holes, or new ones free.
to every one sending us $1.00 in
currency or postal note, to
cover advertising and shipping
charges, we will send post-paid,
with written guarantee, backed
by a five million dollar company,
11 Pairs of our 7,'ic. value
American Silk Hosiery
nr   4 Pairs of our .Mir. value
American Cashmere Hosiery
or   4 Pairs of our 511c. value
Amer'n Cotton-Lisle Hosiery
or   II Pairs ol Children's Hosiery
Give   the    color,    size,    and
whether Ladies' or Gent's hosiery Is desired.
DON'T DELAY.—Oiler expires
when a dealer In your locality is
I*. O. Box 244
t 42-12
Yield When
the right help Ib sought at the right
time. Indlguflttan Is a torment
Biliousness cuuat'H HufTt'Hng. Either
is likely to lend to worse and weakening sickness. The right help,
the best corrective for disordered
conditions of the stomach, liver,
kidneys or bowels is now known to be
and the right time to take thia famous family remedy ia at the flrst
sign of coming trouble. Beecham's
Pills have ao immediate an effect
for good, by demising the system
and purifying the blood, that you
will know after a few doses they
Are the
\*emm,*m.A Assr ti,lt,s..mA.YImii.
M,i«*ii.. s.kmm.ts^m.
Boys Winter Overcoats
Wc have just received a nice
Assortment of Overcoats
for Boys from four years to
twelve years.
Prices range from$4.50 to $9.00
Bring the boy along to see them
Halsall & Co.
CRANBROOK       -        ■       BliriSKOUIMSI,
whose love for liquor is stealing him
f r o m y o ti, don't
waste words on him
—your boy is not
depraved,  but  sick
will restore his love
tor you, and give
him back his own
Imperial Bank oi Canada
Capital Authorized  $1(1.(1(10,(100.00
Capital Paid Up         7,000,000.00
Reserve and Undivided I'rotils     8,3A«,(I00.00
D. R. WILKIE, President
HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY,  Vice-President
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants,
Farmers and Private individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any
part of the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT—Special attention given to
Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards
received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
A Good Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
is where Peace, Comfort, Contentment
and Plenty is found. That is the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault has made for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
j: P.  BURNS & CO., LTD.|i
Packers and Provisioner.t
N.w Zealand unit shamrock Qroainory—
■10,: |iur lh. or 2 lbs,lor 75(1.
KiiiprchH Crow,, Creamery—
Mo per Ib, or 8 ii'» im li <»i
I'UIIK URD-8'l, BOu]  Ci'h,
tl.'ii; 20'«, »:i no.
COMPOUND I.Mlli-.'l'«, ifc;
10'".;H.48|20'*,, |2.M.
********************** ********************* >
1.11)1 (lit ACT, Kill
(KiTllmi 421.
on tho Ilrst dny of Dtrcembor m-xt application will liu mnde to tlm Superintendent of Provlnclul I'ollca Tor ro-
newal ot tlio hotel license to sell
lienor by retail In the liotel known
us tho Kootenay Hotel, situate at
Moyle, In the Province of llrltlsh Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1914.
42-4t Applicant
l.Hll'lllt ACT, 191(1
(Section 42).
iu tlie tlrst day of December next application wlll bc made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of thc hotel license to sell
11,ln,ir by retail In the hotel - known
as tlie Ynlik Hotel, situate nt Yahk, in
lhe Province of British .Columbiu.
Dnted tills 15th day of October, 1914.
42-4t Applicant
1.11)1 (lit ACT, llllll
(Section 42).
on the tlrst day ot December next application will bc made to the superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of tlie hotel license to Hell
liiiiiu;' by retail ln the lintel known
ns tlie Central Hotel, situate at Moyle,
ln the Province ot British Columbia.
Dated tills 16th day nf October, 1911.
42-4t Applicant
LIQUOK ACT, llllll
I Section 42).
on tlie ilrst dny of December next np-
pllcntlon will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of tlie hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the liotel known
as tlle International Hotel, situate at
Moyle, In thc Province of llrltlsh Columbia.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1914.
42-4t Applicant THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15th, 1014
PAGE th:
Save Your Eyes
1IIf there is anything
the matter with your
EYES, go to the man
who has made a special study of visual defects, and one who
has the proper facilities for tlieir correction. Our 14 years of
experience, and the
.many cases in (his
district we have benefited is siilllcleul proof
that ynu should eome
11 Wc guarantee satisfaction.
W. H. Wilson
Send your heads to the Cranbrook
Deposit boxes for sale nt Beale &
BI well's at nominal ruteB.
John Leash and George Leask left
Wednesday for Spokane, for a few
days on business.
Born.—On Saturday, October 10th;
1914, to Mr. and Mrs. H. Venus in tliis
city, a daughter.
Born.—On Friday, October 8th, to
Mr. and Mrs. H. K.Graham at Kings-
gate, a daughter.
Mrs. \V. H. McGregor will receive
on the third Wednesday instead of the
third Thursday as formerly.
Born.-—At the Cottage hospital in
this city on Sunday, October llth, to
Mr. and Mrs, Louis Hilton, of Wattsburg, a son.
Steamship tickets to England and
Scandinavian points for sale at Beale
& EI well's, Wo book direct from
Dan Evans, Esq., of Vancouver, formerly of Cranbrook, is spending the
week with his daughter, Mrs. E. H.
McPhee. und renewing old acquaintances.
Dr. J. H. King and G. H. Sadler are
leaving today via automobile for the
Windermere country, expecting to
return on Saturday.
Mr. J. M. Christie, manager of the
Bank of Commerce, is slowly recovering from un accident to his knee,
which has laid him up for several
J. D. Gilmour, head of the provincial forestry department for this district, accompanied hy his family is
enjoying his animal holidays visiting
at Calgary und otlier Alberta points.
Elmer Hudson and William Malcolm
wcre slightly injured by a cave-in of
the trench on Hanson avenue lust
Tuesday afternoon. The men were
employees or the contractors engaged
in Installing the city water works.
An Austrian, wlto tried ta cross the
line at Kingsgate this week, wns held
up by Inspector Dunlop ami detained,
He was sent to Crnnbrook uud it is expected Hint he will be held as n military prisoner uud scut to Vernon until
after the war.
Posters are out announcing the tir»t
dance of the booboq at Kort Stoelb. It
i» announced os a sheet and pillow
case HnlloweVn dance and will be
given on Friday, October ftOth, The
Crunbrotik oreln'stra Ims been engaged
and refreshments win bo served.
A men's meeting wlll he held at the
Hy, Y.M.C.A. next Suntlny. October
ISth. at 4.lfi p.m. There will be good
singing anti a good nirnct solo by 10.
W. Kettorlngliam Mr Q, H Thorpe,
the new BOQretary, will he the speaker,   All men are heartily welcome.
Annotincetnens has been nmde of tlie
forthcoming marriage uf Miss Katherine Morrison, eldest daughter of
Mrs. John Morrison, of this city, and
Mr. John Alexander McAuley at eight
o'clock on the evening of Wednesday,
November 4th, It'll, at 225 Lumsden
Hev, J. A, Clark, H.A., of Knox
church. Calgary, will visit Craubrook
on November tlrst aud will conduct
anniversary services at the Presbyterian church on that date. On Monday evening, November Snd, ho will
deliver a lecture nt the church on
"The Story on Joan of Arc."
Baker A Ban field are nearing completion with tlieir work on the roof of
the pout ollice building. The improvement does away with a couple of
unsightly cupolas on eacli side of tho
frone of tho building and the placing
of drains will prevent the water seeping down on  the bricks us well as
E. Home, of Bull Hiver, was among
the visitors in the city last Monday.
A. E. Watts, of Wattsburg, was
among tlie visitors in the city the ilrst
of tho week. '
Lloyd Crowe and Mr. Nordman, of
Moyie, are enjoying a few duVs hunt-1
ing trip near Moyie.
R. L. T. Galbraith and A. Doyle, of.
Fort Steele, came over on Wednesday, spending tho day In the eity.
Miss Anna L. Deems, of Spokane,
has arrived for a visit .in the eity, the
guest of Mrs. J. H. Thompson.
Green repairs HUjHes. Ureeu
makes key*. Green repairs
Kims, ete. 41-2t
Geo. v.. Henderson, munugcr of the
Bull Hiver Electric Power Co., Ltd.,
was a visitor lu tlie city the lirst of tho
Huv. J, P, Westman was suddenly
called home to Calgary last Tuesday
by the sudden illness of his little
The ladies of thc Sunshine Society
wish to extend a hearty vote of thanks
to all wbo so kindly assisted for the
cookery sale.—Mrs. A. A. Johnson,
recording secretary.
Donations for tbe St. John's Ambulance Corps, or the Hed Cross fund
will be gratefully accepted and same
may be left at either Mrs. J. H. King's
or Miss M. R Paterson's.
There wlll be no meeting of the
Knights of Pythias on Tuesduy, October 20th, as they have very kindly
lent the hall to the Hebekahs to en-
tentaln tlieir Grand President.
Mrs. Fred Ege, Mrs. 0. T. Evans,
Mrs. H. K. Mackenzie and Miss Lois
Gamble composed a party of Kimberley ladles who were visitors in the
alty last Monday.
Harold Scott was a visitor at Fertile on Monday and was present at the
patriotic dance on Thanksgiving night.
He reports the dance a big success
over one thousand tickets being sold.
Lord Cobliam, of England, who Is
largely Interested In this part of the
countiy, has been so kind as to send
to Mr. V. Hyde Boker, of this city,
$100.00 to bc used for the Cranbrook
relief fund.
To consider how other countries
are meeting their problems, to adapt
to Canadian conditions their most successful expedients and policies, and
to Irani from their failures, Ib the
duty of Canadians to Canada.
The Sunshine Society will bold a
public meeting Monday afternoon,
October 19th, at 3.30 In the Presbyterian Sunday School room. A'full report of all work done since organizing will be given. Everybody welcome.
The Cranbrook branch of tha St.
John's Ambulance Corps wish to
thank Mr. V. Hyde Baker for his donation of $10.00, also Mrs. Geo. F.
Stevenson for n contribution of two
pairs of socks and Mrs. Logan for
one pair of socks.
The dance given by the Cronbrook
Lacrosse club at thc Auditorium on
Monday evening was attended by
about sixty couples and a good time
was reported. The hall wns specially decorated for the occasion and the
Columbia orchestra furnished the
A special musical program at the
Methodist church last Sunday evening
was a feature of the evening's service.
An orchestra of twetve pieces augmented the eholr In two special numbers. "Gloria" and "O Canada." Hev.
.1 p Westman delivered the sermon.
There was a lurge attendance.
The turkey shoot, which was post*
mod    from    Monday—Thanksgiving
day- on account of inclement weather, will be held on the range of the
Rifle association on Monday, October
l!Hh, commencing at 2 p.m. An entrance fee of $1 will be charged,
which will cover cost ot ammunition.
B I*. Williams, who has been working for the Bridges Lumber Co. nt
Fort Steele, came in town the first of
the week and will leave on Friday for
England, Whorfl he intends to enlist
uud go tn the front. Mr. Williams has
been a resident of Cranbrook for several years and was formerly employed
as engineer nt the Cranbrook Snub it
Door Co.
Gordon Q. Hunt, the nlneteen-
mnnths old son of Mr. und Mrs. Geo,
It, Hunt, died at the St. Eugene hospital on Sunday, October 10th, of pneumonia. Undertaker Macpherson took
charge of the remains, which were
shipped on Thursday morning to Sacramento, California, for burial. Mrs.
Hunt is a sister of Mrs. A. Dufour, of
this city.
James Stark, nf Vancouver, Grand
Master of the Masonic order for British Columbia, arrived In Cranbrook on
Wednesday on his official trip over
the province. He was accompnnled
by Wm. Henderson, of Vancouver, and
was met here by Dr. Douglas Corson,
of Femle, nnd J. C. Pitts, of Windermere. This party was accompanied
by a number of Cranbrook members
to Kimberley on Wednesday evening
for a meeting with Selkirk lodge. The
eliminate the danger of snow Htldes j ofllclal visit to Crnnbrook lodge will
striking   passorsby   in   tlte   wintor | *» wwto lI,lB owning,
time.   Their work Is enhancing the
beauty of tho Jmlldlug, preventing the
corrosion of tin* bricks from water and
u ton or nu of leu HUtltiimly fulling on
Home unuontu'.loiiH iicdtmtrlan on tlio
Til PKNT.—PIt*. nnrnipd milage wltli
bat I, ,in,l nil modern convitntonees;
ftnnii location on linker Hill; fan
eod; newly pnpered nnd nulntod
Hire,nclmut. Very warm nnd com
fortnblo; fid nor month to food
taut   Applf phowi 31T. 41
.1'     TQRQMTn ONT    ism—
IC. Dunham, I'ast
services:   The   |)
slur   will
I read! at
1 a ni. anil T HO |i
subject:   "The
Yin ity   in
subject: "Making
Men Like
Tlie che
ir  will  render ;
i anthem
il each service.
Adult Bible class
at 3 p.m.
All are
Invited   to  the  I
bove  sur*
kmix I'UEsnm'Kus cnuncH
tor. w. K. Tlic.ui
| ic. per word for first week, and lc. per
word for each  week ufter
FOB   KALE   VEB1   CrtFAl*   Strung
[    cutter used only six weeks.   Apply
.-'OK   SALE—A   good   second-hand
wood   stove,   nearly   new.     Apply
Herald ollice. 401
P, J. Doiiohue and family, of Kdmonton, arrived this week for u visit
In the city. They were former residents of this district.
Mr. Jackson, who came out from
Kngland this yt-ar to farm on the
Heale and Klwell tract with Mr.
Greene, In returning to the old country this, week to enlist and go to war.
WANTED—Copies of the Herald of
June 18th, 1914, and July 2nd and IK,
1914. Anyone having copies of these
dates will eonfer a favor if they will
inform tire office us we ne d same for
file purposes.
John Cayo, a son of M. Cayo, of this
city, who has just recently returned
from a reformatory at the coast, was
arrested this week on a charge of
breaking into the Kast Kootenay mill
at Loco aud stealing various articles
of small value. His trial will he held
before Judge Thompson on Friday.
The interior of tlie post offlce was
changed the flrst of tlie week by cutting off a portion of the corridor at the
west end and extending the money
order and stamp windows across this
portion. The new change increases
the working space in the interior and
adds to the appearance of the public
side of the windows. When the original plans were drawn for the building It wan intended to have the windows arranged in their present manner , but the plans were afterward
hanged and Postmaster Henderson
hus been working for tliis improvement since the stuff went Into the new
Mr. J. P. Fink, of the Fink Mercantile Co., rushed into the Herald office
today with a late announcement which
he stated was of much importance to
the ladies of this city and district.
He had just received the news that
Mr. W. Oarstens of Uie Arm of Car-
stens, Coldstone, Ltd., would visit
Crnnbrook on Friday. October 23rd.
and would show in the Fink store
tlieir exclusive line of coats, suits and
dresses. This* will be a golden opportunity for the Indies of the city lo
have their measures taken by an expert and have their garments tailored
and a guarantee to suit their individual requirements. The Fink adv. contains further announcement.
Morning service, ll u.m. Subject;
"Tlie Word uud the World."
S. B. and Itible class, 3 p.m.
livening service, 7.80 p.m. (Subject:
Th*. tlrst of n series of addresses on
"The Four Oreat Religions of the
choir leader—Mrs. B, Paterson.
Organist   Mr, H. Stephens,
j     Devotional service Tuesduy, S.lfi p.
ni.   Subject:  Eternal Help.
"For wisdom is better than rubies;
ind ull tlie things thnt may he desired are not to be compared to it.*'—
Prov. 8:11,
Kev. O. E. Kendall, pastor
Services, 11.00 a.m. and 7..S0 p.m.
Morning topic; "Strongholds of
Sin: How to Cast Them Down."
Kvening topic: "Hussell and Rtts-
sollfsm Kxposed by Facts Proven by
Mr. Kussell."
Sunday school, 3 p.m.
Fellowship Bible Class 3.00 p.m.
Baptist Young People's Union, Monday 8.00 p.m.
Weekly prayer meeting Wednesday
8.00 p.m.
Vou ure cordially invited,
r'OH KENT.—A lhe room modern
cottage In good location on Garden
avenue; vacant September 15th
Apply W. J. Atchison. 36-tf,
HI it SAJ.E.-Twenly young pigs.
*ight weeks old, and two brood
sows. Cheap If taken at once. Apply W. J, Hamilton, city. 42-2t*
MiTH E -Strayed   to   my   premises,
near Mission, about three months
ago. oue bull, brand SO. left hip.;
Owner will kindly pay expenses and
remove at once.—C.P. McPhee. 44-3*
WANTED—Horses for winter pasture
-Have abundunce uf good grass,
Htubble, straw stacks uud futir miles
water frontage. Price (1.50 por
head month,—George Gow, Cowley,
Alta. 39-4t
WANTED.—Some live person to re.
present us for the sale of Canada's
War Patriotic Picture, "Doubling
the Watch." Send 25c. for colored
sample copy und our terms.—Malone Moulding & Framing Co., Ltd.,
Montreal, Qee, 41--t
WANTED.—A live manager to repre-i
AGENCY in this town. Must be
good tpylst and bookkeeper, with a
knowledge of the collection husi-
ness, and must he ready to devote
whole time to it. Apply at once,
stating previous experience to llox i
392, Pentlcton, B.C. 41-2t I
1-ABY WISHES T(l HEM, line Scotch
linen sheet and two pair new pll-
low eases; very large double
Damask table cloth; table centres; I
case silver tea knives; beautiful old
lace veil. .Apply "H." Herald of-1
lice. 42-it* |
Special Prices on
Suits and Coats
For Ten Days Only
These are, without doubt, the best suits and
coats for the money that you have ever had the
opportunity of buying in this city.
Ladies' Suits  Priced up to $4o.o
now selling: at
Ladies' Coats Priced up to $25.00
now selling- at
Every Garment is a Real Bargain
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and
Clothing Stores,
I    Sundays-—Low mass at 8:30 a.m.
, high mass. 10:30 a.m.; Sunday School'
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Hosury and Bene* j
: diction at 7:30. p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation— Mass at 8 a.m.
The Sunshine  Society  wish  to acknowledge  the following  cash donations:
Mr. Plum  5 1.00
Merchants  Association     10.00
Mrs. Miles    1.00
0 McLeod   1.00
Merchant Chinamen   64.00
Thanksgiving      matinee,      Rex
Theatre   9.76
Mr. Hyde Baker   5.00
A Friend  1,00
Green repairs Mercies, dlreen
makes keys. Green repairs
guns, etc.        41-2t
It, tnohiiient Orders by Major J. II.
Cullen, Commanding **('" and
"!>** Companies
Week ending October 24, 11)14.
Orderly officer for the week—Meat.
.Next for duty—Lieut. Venus.
Orderly Sergt.—Sergt. Scott.
Orderly Corporal—Corporal Hamilton.
Parade   of all ranks Monday and
Friday at the rink for company and
platoon drill at 7.30 p.m.
Recruits drill Tuesday and Thursday at the rink 7.30 p.m.
"H" Co.
Parade of all ranks every night In
the week except Saturday for drill at
rink at 7.30 p.m.
N. ('. O.'s class will be field on
Thursday at 7.30 p.m. for Instruction
in duties and drill.
"C* und "I>M (Vs
Companies will parade at the Kdison theatre on Wednesday ut 7.30 p.m.
where a lecture on company and
platoon drill will be given to bc followed by a musical program arranged
by members of the corps.
(Signed) It. D. Davles, Capt.
Acting Adjutant.
LOST.- On Tuesday ut'.ci noon near
Burwell avenue, black aud gold
mourn Ing ring, set with smalt din-
mond; Inscribed on Inside with
name of James Kent. Finder will j
be rewarded on return to Herald I
ollice. 4:'
all persons having any claim against
the estate of the late William French,
who died on or about the 18th day of
September, I»i4. at Wolf Creek, ir
Hie Province ot British Columbia, are
required on or before the 1st day of
November, A.D., 1914, to send by post
prepaid to the undersigned solicitors
for Valentine Hyde Baker and Gt-orgf
Mashlter Edwards, the executors uf
tli<- said estate, their names and addresses and full particulars of their
claims in writing and a statement ot
the accounts and the nature of the
securities, if any. held by them, and
such  statement  shall  be   verified by
statutory declaration.
AND TAKE NOTICE that after the
1st day of November. A.D. 1914, Valentine Hyde Baker and Qeorge Mashlter Edwards will proceed to distribute
the assets of the said deceased having
regard only to the claims of which
they shall then have bad notice, and
will not be liable to any person of
whose claim tbey shall then have not
had notice.
Harvey. McCarter, Macdonald & Nisbet
•iulSt   Solicitors for said Executors.
Send for Five Roses
Wnli Nim*  **<!  AiiUtn   Mt.
Don 1 IVhi 10 «■..!'.*•  *•"» C«i
Cook Book-
choetn dom lhe contribution! uf over two ihnmand
tuc.ituiul uteri ol Five Komi Flout ihrouf hout CanaJa.
Alio UkIuI NoIm on the vauout clatttt ul good ihinifi
to -■(. .11 of which ana been -e-elJIy J.-vLcd *t,-l
le-th-ckcd by competent ainHorii*.
MtmjMjiiiiiigi 11 mm or im wows mint co. us_ mmu
Cranbrook Jobbers cSSS*
"Business as Usual"
There Is nothing particularly warlike in the slogan, "Business as Usual," but the principles for which it stands are
playing u part in the affairs of the Empire second onlj
in Importance to Ihe operations In the actual theatre ef
The vast resources which make ultimate British victory
certain were built up by men whose close attention to haziness was as productive for Empire as the daaatless eour-
uire of military und naval heroes.
Considering the present safety of trade routes, and having
in mind the glorious achievements of British arras during
the first month of the war, there is no ground for panic.
There Is every encouragement for work and ronlidence.
The general consensus of opinion is that this war will lead
to the permanent advantage of British trade. In this advantage Canada must obtulna proportionate share. Events
move quickly. Opportunity comes und is gone. Already
British and railed Stales manufacturers are concentrating their attention upon the chances afforded them nf establishing themselves In colonial and neutral markets In
certain lines of trade in which our enemies have hitherto
transacted large business.
This Is a time of testing. False steps nt Ihis juncture will
Imperil us Individually und weaken us nulionally In the
commercial world The i|iialllles we must produce under
test ure perseverance, confidence, und stability. Perseverance will arise oul of a determination to stick to the
guns of commerce: confidence will assert Itself natural-
ly: stability will lietmalntnlneil unconsciously.
The llomlnion Governmc.nl anil other authorities huve
committed themselves to lhe policy of continuing public
works. These public works must be supplemented by
private enterprise. Sacrifice nt such u lime Is unuvoid-
able. It will be fell least if distributed evenly throughout
the whole community. Willi factories running und constructional operations in progress, the sacrifice will be reduced to a minimum.
Example counts for much. Pessimism spreads—sn does
optimism. An optimistic business man can do much tn
keep trade moving by the encouragement of his own attitude nnd by Intelligent argument and advice Inspired by
confidence and the spirit of "Business as I'sual." lie member lhat every contract placed, every sale or purchase
made now, serves to increase Ihe general measure of confidence und that every retrogressive step exercises an ud-
verse influence upon lhe community at large. .f AOE FOUR
THURSDAY,   OCTOBER 15tb, 1914
Regular  meetings    on    the
third Thursday of every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
H. Hlekenbotham, W.M.
J.    L.    Cranston,   Sec.
Cruulirook  Lodge
No. 1049
Meets every Wed-
nesday at 8 p.m.
in    Royal    Mack
K n 1 B li ts' Hall
linker Street.
. Dictator
k  Curlso
l,   gee,   llnx   7:,f>
I...i.i Orange
No.   1S71
Meets Ilrst and tliird
Thursdays at s p.m.
_  ...      Royal      maek
KuiBlits of Ireland Hull, Baker
U. S. llarrett, W.M.
W. C.  Dunstntl,  Ree.  See.
laj e e t 8 every
Monday lllglli
at    Kraternity
Hall.   "Sojourning
cordially Invited.
B. 11. Mel'llee, .
S. I,. Coop,
Fin. See.
W. M. .Harris, Ree. Secretory.
NO. 12. UJ.O.F.
Meets tlrst ami tliird Wednesdays in each muntli.
A eordial Invitation extended
to visiting brothers.
r. w. Russell, Chief Patriarch
II. White, Scrlbo
Pride nl Craubrook Circle, No.153
Meeta In Carmen's Hall 1st and
3rd    Wednesday    ot    each
month at 8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie, CO.
Mrs. A. Uuthrie, Sec.
P. O. Box C02
Visiting Companion! cordially
Cranbrook. II.C.
Meats every Tuesday at S p.m. Ill
the Fraternity Hall
Alex. Hurry, CC.
!■;. Ilalsall. K. of It. * H.
I'.  0.   BOX  022
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
1,0110k. Ml. Ill
Meets every second and fourth
Wednesday at  Fraternity  Hall
Sojourning Itehekahs cordially Invited.
Sis. 1,111a Maine, N.G
sis. Ada Hlckonbotliam, Ree. See
Meets in tin! Carmen's Hull
first Tuesday afternoon of every
montll nt 8 p.m. and the fancy-
work class meets ou third Friday evening in the same place at
s p.m.
Mrs. K. if. Leaman, I'res.
Mrs. J. Shaw, Sec,-Treas
l>. 0. llnx 442
All ladles cordially Invited.
President:   A.   II.  Smith
Meets regularly the first Friday
evening each mnntli
Information on poultry matters
Address the Secretary
W. W. McGregor,
P. 0. Drawer 469
W. f. GURD
Barrister,   Solicitor,   Etc
352 Richards St
(Successor to W. F. Gurd)
Barrister,    Solicitor   and
P. 0. BOX Sail
Physicians ami Surgeons
Ollice at  resilience, Armstrong
Forenoons    0.00 to 10.00
Afternoons  2.00 tn   4.un
Evenings    7.30 to   8.30
Sundays    2.:;o to   1.30
Cranbrook,   B.C
Ollice  in  Hanson  Block
0 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 tu   8 p.m.       *
.Maternity ami General .Musing
Garden Ave.
Terms on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
I'lione  2511 I'. O.  llox  845
Civil und .Mining Engineers
It. ('. Land Surveyors
Court Cruubrook. sll CI
Meets in   Maple   Hall   second
and  fourth   Thursdays  of  each
mnntli at s inn. sharp.
John Shaw. IMt.
L.   Pearron.   Sec,   llox   018
Visiting brethren made welcome a
Meets lu
Maple   Hall   second
and   fourth
Tuesday  of every
mnntli at s
Membership open  to  British
ti. V. Brake
.1. F. Lower,
memhers    cordially
Itiirristcrs,  Solicitors  anil
Money tn Loan
Imperial ■•mi). Hiillrflnir
Henilii will Open Subscription List!
iur These Needy People
; Editor Herald:
Sir; May I solicit your assistance In
collecting a Hritish Columbia fund
for the relief of tho nppalltog destitution and misery of tlio Belgian people?
I should like to bring forcefully to
the attention of your readers thut
Bolgiura, mindful of her obligation
to observe strict neutrality, is today |
in u state of immeasurable sn fieri e.g.
Seven out of hor nine provinces
huve been devastated by the mos-.
dreadful war known to history; The
peaceful country-side Is strewn with
the dead and tho dying. Thousands
of people have nothing in tho world
left, not a roof over their hoods, no
money, nn clothes, nnd no chance of
earning u living of any sort. I um
told tho sight of these poor refugees,
wandering over tho country seeking
food and sliolteris more pitiable than
words can express, and that It in
scarcely possible to exaggerate the
calamity which, with over whelming
Buddonnoss, has fallen upon this
peaceful, thrifty and aolf-rollant
I realize that we in Hritish Columbia may expect more or less hard
times this winter, und that the old
adage "charity begins at home" muy
within limitations well apply, but.
sir, I foel sure you will agree with me
thnt n broader Interpretation of this
principal is now warranted.
The Belgian people have, in our
cause, and to our great benefit, committed their fives, their families, und
their homes to this nobler view of tlio
obligations we also owe to the world
at large, and we in Canada who ure
spared tlio awful sufferings of our
brave allies, may well show them
that, in their time of great need, we
extend the helping hand so much repaired und so fully justified.
In Montreal a strong central execii-
1 five  committee  has  been  formed  to
.1. ii. CIMMINliS
Irrigation Kngiueer
lh.minion and  I'linlm-lnl Lund
I'. O.  Box  liis     Telephone 143
KulutiiiK I'll) for Women, f5 ft tiox or three for
iiu. Hold nt nil Drug ytores. or mulled to nny
iL.ldren'jon receiptor price. Tan BcOBlIA DlVO
Co , St CutlmriurB, Onlitrin .	
Vltnlltytfor Ne"'0 n!,(l I"™1"1 "»«**•«"«**
matter'tn Tonic -will inilil yea up. *J a box, or
two (or IS, lit 'Irnu' Binrps, er Ity mall on receipt
of price Taa Scobbll mini Co., St. Catharine.,
Beattie-Murphy Co.. Ltd., Agents.
collect relief tor the homeless and
destitute Belgians. H.R.H. the Duke
of Connaught, Premier* Borden, Sir
Wilfrid Laurier. Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy, and many prominent in
the political and commercial l!r(- of
the eastern provinces havinc given
their active nnd generous stipyort.
In Vancouver we have a representative local committee for thc mainland
ot British Columbia under the patronage ot Ills Honor Lieutenant-
Governor Paturson, the Hon. Sir
Hicham McBrldo, the Hon. W, H.
Bowser, K.C., 11. H, Stevens, M.P.,
Mayor Baxter, Sir Chas. H. Tupper.
K.C.M.G., anil many of the" leading
professional ami business men of the
I believe the many other Important
points of the Mainland wlll unawcr
this appeal of our allies, and on behalf
of tlie i«i,pie of Belgium I ask your
tillable aid In muklng up a substantial contribution to help their distress.
Will you upon a subscription list,
uml Invite your renders to donate
whut they think proper nnd can afford.
As this call for help Is urgent, nnd
with the winter months close at hand,
I should like to remit the British Columbia relief fund by the end ot this
month, und would therefore nsk you
to remit me -any proceeds of your subscription list by the 31nt Inst. If possible. Cheque should be made puy-
ahle to the British etuoitataetaooati!
able to the "Belgium Itelicf Fund," and
I will send you my consular receipt
and grateful acknowledgment. In remitting proceeds to tho Montreal executive, each district contribution will
bc separately mentioned.
Thanking you In anticipation of
your great service to this cause, I am,
Yours respectfully,
John M. Whitehead,
Consul for Belgium
Vancouver, B.C., Oet. 5, 1914.
The Herald takes pleasure in opening a subscription list for this cause
and any money contributed will be
duly forwarded. The above letter explains conditions fully and we cordially invite subscriptions for thc Belgian
IV. li.
0 340
P. O. Box
Hut Renovator
Remodelling Ladies Hats
a Specialty
16 Fenwick Avenue
Phone 204
Day I'lione 233 .Night Phone 33
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
r ii i:   o a a n it it o (i k
is open for engagement
Dunces, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wulllnger
Cranlirook, H.C.
General Merchant
employments Agents
P. O. Box  HIS Phone 1'41
Forwarding    anil    Distributing
Agent tor
l.elllhriilge   Coal   •
Xl-llc Ponder
Imperlul nil In.
Drnjintr and Transferrin!;
Given prompt attention
Phone 08
Taxidermist and Eur
1'. (I. BOX 131
Calgary, Alberta
iht, 1 nunc, Prop.
Hread, Cakes, Pies
and Pastry
Phono 87
Ave.      Opp. city Hall
Koadqtiartoffl for all kinds
Reimtrs •
Sul Marl inn   t.iiiii'inili-cil
The Shoe Specialist
.1. Taylor, Proprietor
I las just purchased a car of
mail grave cons
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice dally
llultcrmilk twice a  week
The only clarified milk in
\\f  guarantee  to   Please
Short Initial,   Stenography,
liiinkkccping. Etc
on .Men.. Tiles, and Tliurs. Li'g.
from 7 to ii o'clock. $8 per month
King Edward's School
Cranhrook, B.C,
, Per week
High School course      3.fit)
School  course       2.50
Kindergarten'  —    1.86
Private lessons         1.00
Miss V. M, Clirrrlngtoi.
Phone  2110
If  you   want   satisfaction
with your washing
send it to
Special  prices for family
Plione 106 P. O. llox 33
Organist Methodist Church
Receives Pupils for
Organ,  Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave
Hours:  t to l!
Bvonlnga by arrangement
(Special correspondence)
George Crowe, who has been in the
local hospital with typhoid fever, wos
able to be out lust Thursday.
Harry Barr and Jacob Nelson, from
Wasa, were In   town Thursday last
transacting business,
so stout since he left Steele, that he
has decided on a course of wrestling
An Important and Remarkable Announcement in
Women's Wearing Apparel
i.— m &_\\%__% i BKBMMHMMHIBMBmM
That Will be of Special and Unusual
We have made arrangements wilh Messrs.
Oarsteiis. (ioltlslone, Limited, whereby their
exclusive line of Coats, Suits and Dresses will
be shown in our mantle department by tlieir
Mr. \V. Carotene on
Friday, October 23
It Is Jtu event you have been wailing for—
an opportunity lo have a custom tailored stilt
made at a moderate price, and Ibis line Is one
of (be newest and most complete made.
Caistens, Golilsldne, Limited, are described
by the trade as the "House of Practical and
Stylish Clothes"; every garment they make
possesses a distinction tbat is coinpelliligly
' A feature suit at $27.80 that we would particularly like you to see, comes in three styles
and In several of the new clothes in Copen,
Maroon, Purple. Blue and Black; the coats
have cape effect backs and the skirts are the
newest flare tunic styles.
Mr. Caistens will take your measures and
each garment will be tailored to your individual requirement's.        •
Delivery will be made in ten days.
Mr.   P.   Adolph,   sr.,   and   Mr.   P.
Jacob Iiob got A(i0iph, jr., are visiting in Spokane at
j    Mr. Stanley Radford. Into of Bay-
to reduce his weight to a minimum.      neS| )8 now tn a „K,n-s outfitting store
The Bridges Lumber Co. ot Bum-1 in walla Walla,
mer Flats, closed down their mill un-1    A capable teacher in the person of
til further notice on Friday last. I Mr Frnseri BA„ i108 been secured to
We are pleased, however, to an- j ,cach ,„ Ba}.neii sr|100|.
nounce thnt C. B. Ayre, of thc North j Dr j,.oster, veterinary surgeon, of
Star Lumber Co., Klko, has decided to GatI!WllVi wclt ,,,, „„ business In
take over thc work at 0 mile, whicli W(lja0 on Tuesduy.''
was recently worked by Leask and \ Nol B whcel iB turning in tills Iccal-
Jolinson. Mr. Ayre. who is here, now 1(), but (hL, inhabitants are optimis-
hns a few men looking Into details of, ()(,
the work. prea Hai-traiii and family have mov-
Mrs. Ernest Howard and baby and cd from tne rallch |„t0 town for the
Miss ltuby Mather, her sister, arrived wmter
at the Windsor hotel Friday, for a     Litigations are going on at Pernie
week-end stay with their mother. between Messrs. Hart and Mclntyrc.
An afternoon tea was given by Mrs. (o( BavneB> ovcr property values.
it. L. T. Galbraith on Saturday after-
noon. The guests numbered sixteen.
A guessing competition for prizes
given by Mrs. Galbraith, were won by-
Miss 10. H. Curley and Miss Bessie
W. H. Enssic arrived ln town
Thanksgiving day with a small bunch
of turkeys from Kimberley. He cx-j
pects to take tbem out to Mayook
this week again to winter them a
little longer.
Kelly, with the green necktie, is In
town this week. Jim has taken out a
hunting license, and expects to do
some marvellous work this fall.
Our old Tllllcum Oranby Dalyardno
is witb us once again. He expects to be
In town till spring.
Bob Barker is sure giving that auto
of his some speed. He is occupying
these days hunting, with tho assistance of a few of the well known
guides, who stick around the burg.
Mr. R. Milne Is in Spokane haveing
an operation on his nose for polypuses.   Mrs. Milne accompanies him.
Tom Prentice wns selling liis wares
ln town last week.
The Hev. A. B. Lane from the Cranbrook district vi3ltcd Mr. .Madden on
A meeting of the Daughters of the
Empire was held on Monday afternoon
In Adolph's lull. A large number
-aimed out.
Canadian Pacific
Very Low Fares
in connection with
Excursions to the Old Country
Daily Nov. 7th to Dec. 31st inclusive.
Limit five months, stop over and extension
Full information re Rail and STEAMSHIP TICKETS frcm
i    Ticket Agent, or write
District Passenger Agent, Calgary.
Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 14—Humors of
an early appeal to the people by the
government still persist, but so far as
can be learned tonight no definite decision has been arrived at by Sir Rot)*
ert Borden and his cabinet. It is asserted tliat there will be no announcement made until after the impending
changes in  the Quebec whig of the
We regret to state that since her ■        ^ t ^ a„„
arrival   In  Steele  Mrs.  Barker  "«-'„,„t ,„ ,10t llko,v to be before Friday,
been confined to hospital with a ser-  ^^ of par„ament, moro partlou.
lous cold. ,   ,    tfgm Ontario, '00111111110 to nr-
A  sheet and  pillow case dance  Is
, billed for Hallowe'en night In Steel
opera house.   This wlll be the first
the dances to bc held in Steele tbis
yeur.   We hope tlle dunce club of Inst
year will gel active once again, and
i help us pass the winter nights in glee.
rive In the capital. The majority «l>-
'',, pear to think that there will be on
' election, but some are of a contrary
opinion. Should the government decide on an 8Pl»al to the country, Unvoting. It is suld, Is likely to tuke placi
during the second week In December.
Who has cast adrift his workers, who
dies sweating ln his bed,
And who snarls to hear the laughter
of the man who keeps his head.
Let the poor man teach thc rich man,
for   the   poor   man's   constant
ts from day to day to seek work, day
hy day to war with life,
And the poor man's home hangs ever
hy a frail and brittle thread,
And the poor man's often hungry, but
the poor man keeps Ills head.
Wlicn   the   ships  come   back   from
slaughter, and the troops march
home from war;
When the havoc strewn  behind us
threads that road that lies before,
Kvery hero shall be weleouied, every
orphan shall bc fed.
By the man who stuck to husiness, by
the mon who kept liis head.
—Harold Bogl-le, In the London Dally
Two Hundred Mil Filly flMctals Are
Established In None ol Best
Buildings ol I'll*
There's a man who lights for Britain,
and he'll keep her still atop,
He will guurd Iter from dishonor In
the market and the shop,
He will save her homes from terror
on thc fields ot Daily Bread,
He's the man who sticks to business,
be'B the man who keeps his head.
President   A.  II. Smith
Secretory   Alb, ll. Webb
For    Information    regarding
lauds ami agriculture apply to
tiie Secretary, Cranhrook, B.C.
Meeting--The tlilril Thursday
of each month, at old Gym, ut R
The Columbia
Hon -.'Ml
Tonus tm Application
Plume 2114               P. 0. llox "SS
Curpcliter anil lliillder
Plan- nml Estliiuiles furnished
nn Shori Mntlro
;    Havre, Oct.  14.—All the members
of the Belgian cabinet have arrived
i hero with the exception of Charles da
i Bouqucrvllle,    who    remained   with
King Albert for a consultation after
the other ministers had lett Ostend.
■ Tlie premier, wlio is also minister of
< wnr, was expected later In thc day.  Let the  foe  who strikes  at  Britain
The French legntlon came with tlie i       bear   her   wheels   ot  commerce
others   und   continues   Its .routine        turn,
nul|e8 Let the ships thnt war with Britain
i    Some of the best public buildings In I       see her factory furnnce burn;
! tlm city hove been placed at the dls- Por the foe most fears the cannon,
| position of the Belgian olnclals, who        and his heart most nuolls with
number Ua.   The official party was!       dread,
escorted by 125 gendarmes. ; When behind tho man In khnkl Is tbo
Celestln Hnnnlon, former prefect of        man who keeps his bend.
police of Paris, who has been III. main
bis request that lie again be permitted' , ,      ,
to enter the  service has been ap- Brand him traitor and assassin who
pointed to the duties of looking afler
llie security of tho Belgian government here.
with miser's coward mood,
Has his gold locket up in secret and
bis larders stored witb food.
(lly  Knnald   McCnsklll  In   Maclean's
Hearken, ye whelps of the l.lon!
Stir ye, nwuke from your dream;
Hnrk to the world flung challenge,
1,1st to the eagle's scream;
Thrown In the teeth of the nations
Terrible; menacing; grim:
Hear ye thc words of defiance,
Hurled to the Empire's rim?
••Stand   trom   the   pnlh   of   my |
southern mate,
Stand aside lest we be ton late
And I tear thee limb trom limb."
Hearken, yo whelps of the Lion,
Hear yo his arrogant cry?
"Where is there one to dare me,
Ono who'll do battle and die?
Pear I the bear that was conuuorcd,
Cowed by tho small yellow man?
Heed I tlle squeaks of an upstart
I ground in the dust of Sedan?
Who talks to me ol the Linn's
sway I
A lion's cubs may be eagle's prey I
And mercy Is none of my plan."
Hearken, ye whelps of the Lion,
What soys thy mother's roar?
"Who is this Teuton boaster
To prate so loud of war?
Long have I stood his insults.
Long have I leased my might
But never brooked dishonored pence.
The time lias conic to fight!
ttise then ye «helps ol the Lion's
' Thy mother's call Is the Umpire's
And battle for the right!
"Send me the men from the Southern
Kager to do their part;
Semi mc my sons from tlie frozeu
I Men of the mighty licurt.
I Give me the men from the sun-baked
I    veldt,
, Bred to the rifle's emok;
-Send tm- alike both rich and poor;
No fear that men I'll look;
Making one muse ullb my sons
a I home,
Warring on hinil nr suit sea ioiiin,
. To* fight for the Union Jack."
Few people like to tuke physio, especially salts, because thoy ure so disagreeable to take and because of the
griping und pains Ihey cause. Hexali
Orderlies enable you to tnlto lest)
physic, and all without griping, purging or excessive looseness. Suits and
harsh physics usually give only teni-
"orary relief and often leave the
bowels worse off than before.
Hexali Orderlies move the bowels
promptly, and soothe, tone and
strengthen the Intestinal muscles,
leaving them healthy and regular In
action. They taste like enndy, and
the movement they causo is as easy
and natural as though your bowels
were In perfect health and you never
had to take any physic at all. We
have so much faith ln Rexall Order-
ltes that we urge you to try them with
tho understanding tliat, If they do not
satisfy ynu in every way, all you have
to do Is to get your money back is tn
toll us. We honeBtly bolleve them to
bo tho bust bowel remedy made, in
vest pocket tin boxos; 10c, 25c, 50c,
You cuu buy Hexali Orderlies only
at Tlio Rexall Stores, and In tills town
only of us.—Boattio-Murphy Co., Ltd.,
Special Agents.


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