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Cranbrook Herald Nov 2, 1916

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.Legislative Assembly, Apr.-Hi
THURSDAY. .NOV. 2nd, 191tT
ns yp to sn j ion
Splt'inliil Showing at llie Homi'sinkc
Minr.   l>t*vt*lo[»Hirii1 Win!, Now
I trim:  I'iisIm'iI   Kiiiuanl.
An invitiilon trom tin* management
of tin- Cranbroolt Homoa-taka Gold Mining Compnny to pay u visit to the property appeal ed to a tiunal-mlulng man
ami a record of bin IniproaBlouB may
l i Borne Interoat in cranhrook peo-
plo, oapcelully to thoae who, Boiuowlmt
alia id ni' mining vouturoa anil akop-
Ileal ol thr valuo ol mining stock, yet
fool as though thoy should help homo
Industry.   Tito victims or mhtttig spec-
lllntlnn hav.' I tl sn many Mini no 0110
can ho blamed I'ur nol luVOBtlllg In
mining stock, ami yet II thoy didn't
many legitimate ami worthy proportion would wall ror ovor perlmim he-'
run* a capitalist company could be Induced to do sufficient work lu put'
tlie-in on a paying basis.
The Crnnbrook Uomostnke Is practically in this position; the surface
Bliowlng, consisting nf throe wide led-:
Ki'H, Is very satisfactory ami although
considerable work has been done on
t.io surface, no great <1 -i-ih ban beuu i
obtained: the ore in the shnfts ami
tunnels give up gold in In- pan, uud
there Is no doubt us to the values on
tlu- surface. Very many assays have
been made, some very nigh up to ?200.,
and siimi- very low, 50 cents, hut true
sampling has always given good results, and It appears tliat a value of
$4.00 per ton would most nearly represent the average voln of ore from
the three ledges combined. These
three ledges, thenurrouvst of Which is
21) feet wide, the widest porhaps 100 tt.
an- parallel and also parallel to the
creek, so tbat one working tunnel will
tap all three and thia excellent physical property together with good
water-power, timber and transportation facaliiies , make this a very enticing proposition.
Why then is capital chary of investing? One tiling alone ami tbat is want
of depth, and it is to gain depth by
means of ;i tunnel tliat people are being asked tu subscribe. Till.*; tunnel
df 000 feet length will give 400 feet of
depth or back in mining parlance, aud
will demonstrate without cavil, tin*
Btrength ami deep aeatedneas of the
ore body. With thia underground confirmation, tlie company wlll bo in a
position to determine a prico for the
property b^ausc quantity is what
companies want.
In Alaska, two or more companies
are paying big dividends on $2.00 ore.
in Dakota tiiere are several companies, Including the orlglnnl Homestako
.Mine, paying huge dividends on much
lower grata ores that tbo general run
or the Perry Creek Homestake, nnd one
propcry on the Arctic Ocean, handling
HOOO tous pi r day i f ere contn!nfng
only $1.16 per ton of which only S2fl Is
saved, bringing lb-* ore value to onl>
!tr> cents per ton, is pnylng large dividends because tbe expen ■■"- only com
to 07 centa per ton
Taking these a- typical i -samples of
what can be done with low grade gold
tires, can anyone see any reason why
Perry Creek should nol bo a winner?
ir the people of tin- locality "ill
eome forward ami pui thi* tunnel la
ami n\\o\\ thai paj ur, nl depth exists
on the Homestake, il wilt do inun to
improve Cranbrook proBpopta than
anything else, a- Pern Creek i- large
enough to support practically nny
number nf big companies   m   these
lltlgo lodges are traceable fur many
mile!* ami nn one yel li i nnj Idi i ol
iheir number; geologleall) Pi rrj
Crook bus received n ver> i tronti i n
dorwmenl from Dr Bhofleld of the
Dominion Clcologlea! Departmonl as tu
tn,. itrengtli ami coulluulty *>r Its
With llie camp lei Ion of the counting of the oti-rseiis soldiers' volfl
in London Imlaj ibe oiitlro British Columbia election Is finished*
II leaves tin* standing of Dm* new
legislaturei Cousorvatires, Hi;
Liberals, Mj SoclallBis I. The
most iM-iahi, -111,1 mude bj lite
Conservatives (miii) waa In lhe e-
leefiun of Premier Hawser, the
overseas soldiers'vote carried hi in
lit abend of hva Liberals, mi that
In- is iinn tin- fit'lli member far
Vancouver, Tlio election of Hon.
w. it. Hoss is ulso confirmed'
Hawser nud Koss brhn* the nni,*,
(uo ministers re-eleeled
I'm III Illl Jon passed lit a art total
of oMIt, Tin* civilian uiii- guve
a limjorll* of llllltI ami lhc 15,000
soldiers' voles ml down Ibe total
bj III im
Stuart-Whyte's Ne*,*, Production Js a
first- Class Musical i:\irawigaiiza
Ami Pleased ( niijlirook Patrons.
Ever since his advent into the western Canada field ,if theatricals K.
smart whyte inis been Improving and
enlarging his company until ihis season   llo ilOB one Of Ho*  hest nlld  largest
companies which has ever toured this
pan uf do- Dominion Hi.-, patrons
have always lieen sure of good clean
Ientertainment, ami Aladdin, though
a much in,oc iunhitiuu* than .my ut
Ale. VVhyte's previous offerings, has
bein kopl remarkably free from vulgarity or coarseness
■ The tliomo ul Aladdin and bis won-
etlerrul lamp is taken from Hit* story In
Tho Arabian Nights ami is presented
wilb a wealth oi' dazzling costumei
laml beautiful scenery which trims
ports tin- audience into fairyland for
the time being, The company is the
largest which has played this city in
vial's, and is well balanced throughout. Tlio chorus was charming and
nut only fair to look upon but poiises-
sed of good voices, tlieir singing being
'much above the average. One of the
most enjoyable musical numbers on
the program however was the duett
between the Emperor, .Mr, Donald
Gray, ami Princess So-Sht, .Miss Beatrice Carman, .Mr. Cray's voice iu particular being unusually rich and musical. Tbis number war, encored again
| nnd again by an enthusiastic audience.
Mian 'Aura Clinton iu tho title role
made a good looking liny, fair enough
J to attract the eye of any lady, or man
either. Hilly Oswald was na irrepressible as of yore und just as funny as
ever. His side-kicker, Harry Hoyland.
a new role, that of the Widow
Twankey, and created no little share
of the general fun. Tre -■.bow was flrat
class from start to finish, and .Mr.
Whyte is to be congratulated upon liis
success in catering to the theatre-going public of western Canada.
HON. V.. ,1. BOWSE]!
Elected in Vancouver by Soldier'.-*- Vote
The sum of $5.00 has been received
Ihis week I'rniu .1. K. Myers for the
Belgian Relief, bringing the total-up to
$018.35, While we are iu the midst
of plenty and preparing to enjoy
Christmas in tiie usual way it is well
io think of these poor refugees who
through on fault of their own will
have but a scant and skimpy Christmas, many of them perhaps going
hungry. A few dollars n bead from
lh-* people uf thi- country may be the
means of keeping thousands from actually starving in death, Send in your
contribution now ami it will be duly
acknowledged through the Herald,
SI 11001a. II TK
Tlie preparations are nearly completed for thi ho; Si liool I'Vie du Wed-
d v .,. Nov, ir.ih, i-i ;iid oi the Belgian School Children ami all thai n
main-* is for tiie public in patronlsi
tie* affair iu thi ir t usti m.ir> i
manner All funds raised will he for
ihe relief of Hi.   Belgian children
i       ■ venlng's   entortalnmi nl   will
he iu the : in   ol       ' ■■■    i id.   - I
Invent Ir or. Iieetra undi i I     dlrei
ol  Mi   i' n |   Parki i     I u*n   < ii   bi
lea    re- in .   fortune telling    bootlu
cookery stall, school pxhlblts, coffee
room, candy stall, fish pond, rpioll .
rfm ■ rj stall, eti Ilcmcmber the
,iti, Wi ,i - day, Noi mber Ifith, and
the place. Central School, and tbe time,
eummeui on* al 8 o'i loi i. In ihe even-
Statement nf Receipts ami Expenditures from the Inungurntlon nf the
Fund in August, 1014 to June 80th,
rContrlbutions to evening nf June 30th,
! $12,150,1141.0& Contributions Special
account Detroll Auxiliary,, $700.00.,
I Interest remittances therewith, $0.1,
102.90., Contributions including Interest remitted therewith to June 30th,
[l81G, as per published list of subscriptions tn end of June, Total—$12,
214.303.99. Int. rr; t added to Hunk
account to June 30th, $91,S93.64.
Advanci account for advances to
hramhi-. (Including special accounl
charge of $700, advanced to Detroit,
Michigan.) $8,625,834 .;:'., Releif payments by Honorary Treasurer direct
vis:- Soldiers' dependents, $16.120.78.,
Officers' dependents, $17,200.00., Soldiers' Object -'. ran::.'fan Patriotic
I'l'ud  Association  (Boer War Fund),
US      Total   $33,600.78.
Management Expenses Head Office,
'.: Campaign, |$l2,18fl 23., Administration, $30,643 :*n Total $42,813 18
th. Balance nu deposit a:; per
Bank Balances, Total--$31604.
Grand Total $12,300,197.53.
". T.  HTHTK,
Honorary Treasurer,
This  surplus  should   he  re-
reduced tn the extent of
ni projtjmati l>    $180,1    hy   the   fact
' .ii $06,912 51 was being held fur ihe
Manitoba Patriotic Fund, and [Im* Sas-
katcbewan Branch h:oi overdrawn to
I';.* extent uf $112,500 noi debited diir-
■!,:■ June,
Itlii'l'isil COLtflfWA.
Receipts ami IMsburnonicnts. .
$219,846 :::,    Victoria City,    $24B,456.0J
»1 * '■ 61, Provincial points $^i>.t04.
1»., $863,961.62 Oreator Vancouver
$601 net 22 Total Receipts $941,636.06
Total Disbursements-*, $1,073,863.02
Kxcem .-I Expi ndiliirea over Receipts,
, 00,
mini. J
The management of the Hex and
Auditorium Theatres is desirous of
thanking the public of Cranbrook aud
vicinity tor the most generous support
given to their presentation of "Tlie
Birtli of a .Nation" at tlie Auditorium
un Tuesday hist; and to further assure
tlieir patrons tbat, us promised io a
recent Issue, gonerous support of local theatres will lead to further offerings of a similar superior nature.
That tin* people id' this city DO appreciate efforts made toward tin uplift ol
the drama was probably never better
demonstrated than on Tuesday last.
JudKint: huth by the Blip port given und
the unhesitating prais.* bestowed upon
the production. The Management, ou
tlieir purt, are proud to think also of
the enthusiastic reports thut are sure
to be made upon the evidences of up
preciatlon shown ami support given hy
tin- people nf tliis city, whicli cannot
but react to the everlasting credit of
tin* district.
Following is announcement of current attractions at the Ilex, all of
which are guaranteed tu the limit:
.Monday aud Tuesday next week Cleo
-Madison in the live act Bed Feather
feutnrepluy "Her Bitter Cup." The
scenes in tills photoplay are witiiout
doubt the most dramatic in which Miss
Madison hus ever appeared, aud thut
Is "going some", having promise of
making tliis attraction one of the
strongest presented for some time.
The comedy feature or this bill will
be no less than Chas. Chaplin in the
convulsingly funny laugh-producer,
Tlie Floorwalker", in two acta. To
see tliis is to roar for forty minutes
straight, if yon don't luught— well—
we will notify the undertaker.
Friday and Saturday this week, William Fox presents Dorothy Bernard in
"Her Hidden Past." a lavish spectacular drama iu live acts from tlie story
Iiy (ii-urges Ohltet This is produced
as only Fox knows how, and lias prov-
d a .sensation wherever shown. Prices
for all these truly IiIr productions wlll
remain for the present tlie same uh
usual, which fact may be better appreciated when we Htutc that for the
present film service we are paying
fully 60 per cent higher than before.
We frankly hope to benefit by the additional outlay—-we are positively certain that you will.   Be a Booster.
Ity Harding In tlie Brooklyn Baglo,
w \uiii iiiM.i 11 i.i itimi's
(Special iu toe Ibrald)
Waldo Oct. 26th, We noticed
through ibe columns of a Calgary
paper where a soldier bad died nt
Sarci e Camp from the effects of drhik
ing May Rum. Several of the Hindoos
illl this burg got ou a toot on Saturday evening last, and proceeded to
do some house cleaning around their
shacks, und although we do not think
they bad boon drink' ig bay rum, it
sure proved to la* very rum stuff,
ami while it did nut tend to kill tbe
consuming parties, it proved a very
strong Incentive towards killing others
as ovldanced by tin- display of bruised iii-ads, -xi's and several other miscellaneous articles of warfare which
were exhibited in tlie Waldo Court
Hoii-M' this week. Tlie case wus lieurii
before A. .1. Goule and II. U. Orogeon,
J. P's. and the parties pleaded guilty
and wero eacli fined $!">.O0 and costs
of tbe Court.
Wanted- Board and room In private
i bouse, tiy steady working man. Wrltt;
1 Box 2111, Herald OHlce.
-—-A   word   of  explanation—
In handing to a certain prominent
and respected citizen an Invitation to
the forthcoming conference upun "Tlie
Municipal Laws and bow they arc to
be enforced'   I was surprised to re-
e  whal  night be described as a
rebuke.     My   friend   practusally uc-
used  me of t-elng an  agitator and
Htely hin*"l I shouil be wis*   if I
minded my . v .i busine..*..
It maybe ■ ere nre otii   j wiio hav?
Iii* im   , nc ptlon of Ci. Social Scree  Coundl    ir  tlie  o-f-uuiz,ifl.'i,     i
which I i.m quite willing to take re-
ponsibility.     The   Council   does   not
xlst to interfere with anybody's business or to agitate against law and oriel*    it exists as an organIzatlon for
the study of social and industrial con-
litions, and fur the expression of the
►pinion of ratepayers and citizens upon mutters of common interest.   Similar organizations have come Into existence   recently   in  all   the  cities  of
Canada.   In the old country the Christian Social  Union  whicli numbers u-
mong its members many of tiie most
prominent public men and women of
the country, lias carried on  similar
rk for 20 or ,'tO years and lias been
instrumental in obtaining many nced-
fd reforms.
As regards tin- conference to bc held
in Nov. Hth, in the Parish Hnll.our object is to arouse tho interest of citizens in their own (ity. Every citizen
should have a working knowledge of
his city, of iiow it is governed, how
it may be Improved, bow its resources
may bc developed, If things an* not
done right or are left undone, citizen,
should have an opportunity to brim;
ing tliem to light and public officials
Bhould have it fair chance to stat<
their side, a subject iu point Is tin
luestlon of the local time. We havi
got into a lovely muddle over the unit
ter simply because uo control body has
dealt with tbe matter in u representative way. Decision on thc subject is
invited at the conference and a resolution of ratepayers will be pasr.ed. It
Is a small matter but *n the meantime
nf considerable importance.
The fact of the forthcoming municipal election should give it special Interest to the conference. The meeting
will be open to tiie public and any
citizen with an idea relative to the
social, moral, or financial development
of Cranbrook and Its environs Is invited to speak. We don't ask for long
speeches: wo want straight forward
and to-tbc-pnlnt expressions nf opinion.
Old-Timer Suffered From a Delusion
Tbat He Could De As He Liked—
Interesting Deckel nf cu**cs
Does the fuct oi being an "Old-
Timer" carry with it a sort of "divine
right" to do us you please regardless
uud Irrespective of ihe law of the
land'.' Apparently so thinks Joe Boyle
who wus up on Wednesday on a charge
of vagrancy He has dune no work fur
the last two months ami haa im visible
means of support, but is on intimate
terms with tin* Inmates of the ited
Light district and otlier questionable
characters,    He was quite indignant
however   at    being   haled   before   hi*-
Worship Judge Arnold and maintained
tluit lie was an old-timer round here
and had a right in du as he liked.
However His Worship failed lu see'
eye tu eye wltll Joe and gave him
twenty-tour hours to leave thc town
for the good nf the town.
Clara Bates, one of tin* demi-monde,
appeared Monday nu a charge of vag-!
runcy. A fine of t2S. or two mouths '
in .Nelson.
Toby aud Patrick, two Indians, were i
given 15 days each without the option :
of u fine for being drunk.   They make
a valuable addition to the staff uf city
J. K. MeUUan, alias Patrick Hon-|
nessoy, lacked only the shillelagh to
complete a true Irish rough-house
from tin- effects of a too free indulgence With John Barleycorn. lb'
started In nil his joyful found at the
Cross Keys lintel wliere be marked up
another devotee of the flowing bowl,
hut stories differ as tu whu waa tbo
uggressor. At tlie Montana Kestuiiranl j
however alias Patrick Hennessey having spent Ills money on the liquid re- j
froshment, and feeling the need ofj
something more solid, attempted to [
mako an Innocent bystander pay furl
liis wants. Upon tin- innocent bystander refusing to be made the gout \
the man witb the Irish alias made an j
, but
attempt to take it out of bis hid
here tlie police stepped in, und J. 13.
or Patrick was given free lodging for
tlie night at the expense of the city
Tiie following day, Tuesday, he wns
assessed a $10 fine and $:!.!"»() costc fnr
damage done In the Montana. Arrangements were made wltli a lumberman who was in need of labor tu employ the pugnacious gentleman and
keep bis fine out of his wages.
Silas Brown was taken off No. M4
ou tbe 20th for jumping bis hoard bill
at  Kusin.    He  wus handed over to a
representative uf the Kaslo police and
taken back for trial.
The annual meeting nf tin- Winder- \
mere District Bed Cross Branch wnsj
icld at the Windsor Hotel. Athelmer, I
on Friday. Oct. Clth, ut S. p.m.   About
SO members were present.
Tin* proceedings opened With snme j
patriotic souks given by Mr. ami .Mrs. I
''hlvers and .Mrs. Shaw. The Branch I
(insists of;   2  life members, 'A\ active
members, A'A associate members. The
balance sheet showed that $844.17 had
been collected during tiie year From
Ills sum $458.84 hud been sent in cash '
io headquarters, $05.00 tn Prlsnn-rs
nf War Fund and 1*i7,4i: to th- Brilisli
d Cross.    The mm of ?L'ltl.40 Imd,
been expended in woo! ami materials
ami made into 1150 article*] which ha v
nt to hea<''itiarter-i Last
Christmas, '.'.', puree's were despatched
Mi local men ut tiie front
Tlie following offic* iy and committee were elected for tlie coming year:-
Presldent, Mrs. Parham, Vtce-Prev
ulcnts, Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Bennett,
Mrs. Forster Mrs. McKay. Mrs   .1    N
Phillips,     Committee   Mrs   Crlerle,
.Mrs.   Hamilton. Mrs.   Kimpt m,
Mrs.  Taylor,    Se?retarj   Mrs,  Cuth-
I  rt.    Treasurer, M -   Hurcourl,
tt was arranged tha h. John Am-
1 ul nice lectures shoal I begin a- Tm -
Oct. ,'iist. Tbe It. ■■ R 0 Than In r
then made a most Inspiring appeal
for tlie support of the Lord Mcut<-*n-
ant's British Red Cross Fund and this
appeal was ably seconded by itev a
Huguet. The meeting then closed,
after vules nf thank.*-, wltli (i ni -av.
the King.
The sum of $si).00 was collected on
Our Day" and forwarded to tin- Lord
There was u capacity house Tueaday
to see tills famous picture and though
much hud been expected both tlie picture and thc music were up to tbe advance notices. Tlie film In a most rcal-
Istto one, nnd with the uld or thc music bold the attention of the audience
at fever bent throughout
Lethbridge Herald:—The new passenger schedule, however, does not dn
uway with the dissatisfaction regarding the lack of daylight service on tlie
Crow's .Neat branch. Travel on tliis
line is as inconvenient as ever. Tin.
people of Cranbronk have realized at
lust tliat the present service is mllit
atlng against comfortable trav.-l along
tbe line, and the Hoard nf Trude of
that city has taken up the matter nf
securing a return of the daylight service In effect two year- ago Other
towns ulong the line are expected to
take the mutter Up also, an business
through the Pass la increasing enormously, and present accommodations
for the travelling public nre the cause
of much adverse criticism for the
failure of tlie residents of tin* towns
affected to inuke a more strenuous effort to necuro a return or the former
ser v ici*.
Heavy Winter Coats
For Ladies
Up to the minute, smartly cut
models in Tweeds, Plain, Novelty
and Bear Cloths, lined and partly
lined. Some have yoke linings of the
material. All shades to choose from.
D (®, A and
Gossard Corsets
Made of the best materials Rustproof  Boning,    low  or   medium
and some high bust. Many different
models to choose from all sizes 18 to
32,     $1.00 to $8.50.
McCreery Bros.
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Dining Room Furniture
See our fple'inlie] Bhowlng uf
We will make It to your advantage in leiey
now, by quoting Low Prices,
v* C o.
Another Week's Speclitl Offering nl I ranhrooh Urug I "'-*..
Ll in Ited in 8 Days' Helling
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
The«e are Genuine Money garlng Op]  rtunll to
onablc Toilet Preparation ;it .t ver) Bpeclal Prici foi thr*   da)    ■'
each week until November 18th, when «*  expeel to mo<
now home    Ii you believe in saving monej
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co. Ltd.
I'roncrlptloiH a S|i«*lallf,   Frompl se*nlce', Oar Me,n„.
IV., I. ATCHISON. Manager PHONE 71
Xmas Photos
IF you can'l gel back to
the* old home as frequently or as regularly as
you'd like,, a new photograph will come nearual to
taking your plan* will
bring cheer to home-keeping hearts.
Mako ti,,' appointment to-day.
Binning's Studio
PHON I.   97
THURSDAY, NOV. 2nd, 1916
l„seii-el   We-e-kl)   li)   Tlio   Crnnbrook
lleruld, Limited.
T. H. Kay, Editor and Manager
C'roniei-eieik, 11. C November 2nd, 1910
.Tlie-   IHU  'lien-   ->   the   Hlgll   Cost   Of
Living, ope iicil uii bj lie v. W. II Bridge's communication i Isewleero In tlila
Issue, is "ut peculiar to Crnubroolt n-
lono but es .1 world-wide problem.
It may be less acute lu one place than
another but tho difllculty i xiBts in ve r-
theless. Tho Dominion Government
was aalted to take up thia mattei but
shirked tie ■ reaponaiWilty b) ihovlng It
ott untie He- municipalltios, with thc
result that nothing will be done. What
is tho cause or whal la the remedy?
Perhapi mo ol uur readers wlll help
out with an answer to tho qui tlon
Mr   liri.i^. ■    atat, menl   Ileal   tie iu
sands ot dollari nre b In     onl out ol
Cranbrook overy month is. we are ft*
traid, only tootru     Wlicther it is bas-|
ed on good grouud or not the belief un
iloubtly exists in tho minds of man)
peoplo tbat money can bo saved by|
buying out of town, with a resultant j
loss to tbe best Interests of tho place.
Merchant, business  mo "I  bouse- \
holder i re all Intercoti I in tlio progress nnd prosperity ol their town, and
tholr Interi sts really aro Identical If
thoro Is a feeling of suspicion eer 'lis-j
trust on suy tho part of tho household-,
er that tlte merchants are charging
moro than they should, I tho sooner
the business men meet thc situation
face to face tho better fur all conci rn- j
Thero Is nothing li'i "eal "Get-
together Conforonco" to clear up old
misunderstandings   anil   annoyances
witli  I fit  tu everyone concerned.
Ilrn- is ii chance for   Ilotnll Merchant's Association or any merchnnl
Individually to turtle- the problem nnd
otter a solution of Hi, difficulty. The
Herald will bc glad te. lend lu columns
for a discussion of tho wholo matter,
Tl yes of tiie world are turned towards mining developments now us
porhai ver before, and thc high prices uf teils aro causing the opening
up ,,r abandoned propi rtiea nnd thc
development of new proapccl on n
scnlo thnt to aorao auggosts a mining
"Boom", but to thoso boat in tbo know
is ley no mt-iuis a ■'lieiiuu" iii thc ordinary si-ne 1 lli" word, luii Uu bull
ding up uf an industry which will still
!„■ many years beforo It catchc I up to
tho Increased demand e,r the proaent
und tlie- future-.
Not only Is Cranbrook In tho centre
of a district rich in the lower priced
ore's sne:li us Bllver-lead, Iron, copper,
etc., but thoro is a vast area of low-
grade ceild ore awaiting development.
Last week-end a party frum thia telly
paid a visit tu tin- Homestake property on Perry Creek, which in tho iiiilu-
u,i; nf iilil and experinced mini ra who
urn now working on that pro] ty i
Jelling to  lee- eitee' Of tbo  blggCSl   tilings
on this continent. Soveral of thos
mon nre- minors with n llfe-tlmo of
exporionco behind them, nun who havo
worked in somo of tin- biggest gold
mines in America, and whose knowledge und experience gives we'lght tee
tholr opinion. All that Is needed, In
their opinion, is a little moro capital
to further prove tlio property to satisfy capitalists looking rur good propositions tit this sort. It would require
ton nini'h monoy to imt In the necessary plant, staiiii. iii.ii , etc., I" enable a local company to gel it guiiiie.
and outside capital rausl bo "shown"
before thoy will Invc I Thai is whal
tin, proaent company la nimtuu lo do
hut there is still further work necessary to prove that tlu- oro exists In
sufficiently largo quantities to justify Hi" Initial expense, nnd more capital Is nodod tu imsli Hi" work nhead
If Big Capital can bo convinced thai
tli"   proporty l"   all thnt is   clal el
for It and work this ono mine It will
mean the commencement ot bucIi u
devlopment In that dlstrlcl ai "ill pnl
Cranbrook on tlio mau ae one "f thc
larp" gold-producing centri ot the
continent, and remind the old-timers
of Uu- day of tho Wild ll i
Perry Creek placer gold, Tlie Homo-
stak" Is lun om nf many properties
e'linw-lng excptlooal proi pi 11
ri        r      TORONTO ONT.    - ^^
(Vancouvi r Standard)
Every one mu I glvo and give whal
they can afford n gularly The Rift
should boBomothlng tangible and nol
something wlih h it cosl nothing to
give, It ij ii"'1 boo itlng of nor
fin** patriotism and allowing others to
do the patriotic work, ir patriotism
(■mints for anything It will weigh
heavily for or against us in the days
which ar.- coming. Onr real patriotism
does not necessarily consist In raising
600,000 men for tho armies of the
Allies. It does consist in "seeing lt
through," not only by supplying tin
men, imt by supplying the needful organization voluntarily to handle thc
problem which tho Canadian Patriotic
Fund is endeavoring to handle ns best
It may.
('anuria lias heen giving for yean
with a lavish hand. Now alio dcmnndi
and puts our patriotism to tli ■ tcst
What h; going to be our reply?
,;oine ii i" raonallty. He lias failed to
-el mi friendly terms with tlte Amerl-
■ ana, Wilson, on the other hand, Bcor-
d triumph iii the ract that Robort S.
Uovett, Chairman of tho Union Pacific Boards, and F, D. Underwood,
l>ri ddi ni of tho Erlo Railroad, have
declared tin mselves on tho side of the
Democratic candidate. That Bpeaka
well for Wilson's standing In the eyes
of the very men against whom bis recent rallwuy-strike legislation appeared to be directed. Wilson's course
ng President of a neutral power lias
alternately chagrined us and amused
us. but wo expect nothing better of
Hughes, If as good Indeed, and on tho
otlier hand onr Weat—or such part of
it as is clamouring for acceso tu tho
United Slates wheat maket—la lm
patient to seo Wilson win. Tho election of Hughes means the wiping out of
tlio present offer of reciprocity,
let politics wait
(Toronto Globe)
Mon and mon* men are tin- greateat
need of Canada.   A Btrong message to
tho peoplo calling for recruits from a
parliamentary commute composed of
Conservatives ami Liberals cannot fail
rn   do   wood.     Such a proclamation
should have been made long ago in the
name of tho government.   A mesaage
from  Sir  Robert  Horden as  premier
should havo found its way many montlis ago Into 'very homo in Canada in
which there are young men fit for military service,   These thlngB have not
i n done, ami it may in- tliat failure
do them leaves tho government open
serious censure.   Tliis. however, Im
it a time for party recrimination, but
r Hi" united team-work of nil good
uiadlans in securing tlie half-million
■ ii promised by Sir Itobert Borden
almost a year ago.   Tbo resignation of
r Thomas Tait ought not to be the
tans ot diverting the attention of
■ Canadian  people from the great
irk of raising men in sufficient mini
bers to maintain Canada's forces at
tho front in undiminished strength till
the end of the war.   (live patriotism
the right of way.   let polities wait.
nibrook is not the only plaee
from tho rapid advance In
f living is evidenced by the
from the Calgary Herald:-
who have considered thc
f the high cost of living ae
lng Canadians today are di-
• ir opinion as to the remedy.
those of a certain political
o think tliat the disappear
-Iff wails would make all the
and there are others who
. greater  production In til
So far as tlie present high cost of
living era is concerned Its chief victim is tin- family man on salary. It
may be that his salary has boon Increased, but bis wane increase, if he
has had one, Iiy no means keeps pace
with tho ever-increasing cost of living.
Pood and clothing prices are constantly soaring and the task of making the
dollar aorvo even a fraction of What it
formerly served becomes more and
more difficult.
The farmer, tlie manufacturer and
lie business man- all these are doing
i/ery well, for times are good with
tbem and tlieir profits are Increasing
is times become more prosperous, so
thut tho Increasing high cost of living
bothers them Imt little.
it Is vory doubtful ir the removal of
the tariff would do tin* wage earner
much good, If any, at this time. Re
cause of thq war, food prices in the U
lilted Stutoa are rising just about n.
rapidly as thoy are in Canada. And
even if it were otherwise, the removal
of the tariff would be an uncertain re
lief, likely as not to prove as Injurious
as beneficial and more than likely to
bo of no real value at all to the wag'1
Greater homo production looks tin
more roasi nnblo solution of the prole
u in and Calgary people wbo have for
ii pasl 3 years Interested themselves
in the Vacanl Lots garden movement
will be ready to agree that it goes fur
to offset the drag of blub living costs.
Tho i atgary working man who today
has Btored In liis cellar nil the potatoes and other vegetables bis family
will need for the winter, cultivated by
liis own hand and at practically no
exponso, (.iii afford to view the stlUQ
tion With a decree of calm not posslbh
with  liis levs fortunate wage earning
Olven BUfflcicnt production in every*
thing that Uo- country Is able to pro
duce, only In moat abnormal times
would there bo auy plaint of the high
rust of living. Individual producers
might not make so much money, but
in the long run the country would be
better off, for tha great inasi: of Its
peoplo would he living In comfort
both physical aud mental, something
tliey are not aide to do loday.
win, irnsos win:
(Canadl m Courier!
Two weeks ago election hots In New-
York were being made nl two to nne In
favor of Flughofl defeating Wilson for
tho Presidency.    A    (111    Ih wrilleti tlo
odils liave been wiped onl.    lu oilier
words,   Wilton   Ir   running evenly,   If
not ahead of Hughes.   Hughna bus not
caught public, fancy,    lie lum not D*>
nt Cn
lost ei
t lie
1 III th
o nre
il   Will
nl' uu-
Tells How Vinol Made Her Strong
In her oighly.Bceond year Mrs, John
Wickersham, of Russellvtllo, Pa„ savsi
"I wns iu a run-down, feeble condition
and had Im-i flesh,   A neighbor asked
me to try  Vlnol, and after taking two
buttles my strength returnedt I am
gaining In flesh, it bus built up my
henlth and 1 am feeling ftno lor a
woman **f my ago, m l an around ami
do my  scwork."
Tin- reason Vlnol was ho successful
in Mrs, Wickersham'a case waa be*
cause it contains tin* very olemenia
needed to build her up.
Cranbrook Drug K- hook Company
rranbrook,   11, C,
Also at lhe best druggists In all B, 0.
Weii-hiiinui Mining Engineer Sees
Proof that Boom is Certainly
Coming in B.C. Mining.
"I have never seen so many American mining engineers In the interior
of Hritish Columbia aud tt shows that
the Americans ure wide awake to the
great possibilities of mining in this
This was the statement made by
Mr. A. Ersklne Smith, a well-known
mining engineer, who is by the wuy of
ing a big game hunter when lie can
get away from his otllce. Mr. Smith
, one of a party that left here towards the end of last July to seek
tha bear and the sheep uud the goats
In tho wilds of British Columbia mid
that they were successful Is prov id by
tie tact that each member of the party
begged no less than two mountain
sheep, not lo   mention   Innumerable
lie of Utile* kii.d,
Tliey went north of Hazelton and it
was in tliat region that Mr. Smith
nine aeross engineers who are spying
out the land with a view to develop-
unt of the mineral resources of this
"1 do not think", he said, "that I
ever saw so many as I did on tliis trip.
I found tbem everywhere nnd it only
goes to show that American capital Is
ready to come into British Columbia
if the prospects are good. Mining was
never so active as it is at tlie present
time," hc went on. "The mineral ls
here and it only requires money to
develop It."
In all the districts he visited Mr.
Smith saw indications of extraordinary activity in mining. Everywhere he
was told the same story of more work
being done.
"The boom lias started," lie said today, "there is uot tlie slightest doubt
of that und you are going to see prosperous times for Brltlsii Columbia
when this gets going strong.
The other members of tlie party are
not expected to return for the next
two weeks.—Vancouver Province.
Dear Sir:-
No one wltll two eyes In hli; bead
can fall to realize that tiiere Is a good
deal of trouble brewing for this tewn
in tiie mutter of general prices. It is
coming everywhere, but in Cranbrook
it will come In an accentuated form.
There is a two-edged problem: the
store-keepers edge and the housekeepers edge. At present we know
that thousands of dollars are being
sent out of Cranbrook every montii
If that money circulate..! in Cranbrook
we should nil benefit. But the honest
fact is, and this is the fact for storekeepers to face, our house-keepers
can't keep house wlhout strict economy: und strict economy ddniandi
cheap buying, (that's business isn't
it?) in some cases the buyer can save
10, ^0, and up to409! by sending away.
Now preach all the civic loyalty you
can but u.iless you can show tbe buyer
a good rerson for sacrificing this percentage, he vill continue to send away.
What is the trouble? PoBfltbk ciMlsos
nro these: too many stores; too ex
ponslvo and wastotul a delivery syn
tern, this largely resulting from
thougl tlecs shoppers asking for 'lu.lf
a pound of butter and please send It In
time for tea, etc. etc. Present customers paying for ancient bad debts eon
tracted In the credit period; overhead
charges heavier than ure justified by
the buslnesB.
I am convinced tliat the house-keepers of Crnnbrook would prefer to
spend tlieir money here every time.
Our store-keepers ure patient and give
good service. But there Is a growing
lack of confidence between tlie two
parties. Tills Is disastrous. The Inter
ests of both parties are one und a con
tluuenco of the present situation ls
detrimental to the development of tli
What can be done?
Here Is a subject, sir, It might be
well to air In your columns: let's havo
a little open-air straight talking from
both sides.
Mr. Dun McDonald of the Went
worth Hotel bas received a letter from
Private Johnnie Kelly from "Somewhere in Prance" which contains some
interesting paragraphs.   Ho says:
"I siipiHise you will have hoard that
lllll Robertson got killed. We hud
Just finished dinner and Bill was going behind tlie parapet. 1 think it
was a sniper got htm. The bullet entered under tin- arm and lodged beside
bis heart. He only lived ubout half
an hour and was unconscious all the
time. We were coming out that night
.Sept. 8th. to the 2nd line.
"All the rest of the boys are well.
I mot Oeorge Crowe in the trenches
the other night. He seems to bc quite
at home; he was on a working party
hopping around the parapet like n
squirrel, I saw Smith (John Allan),
and lie lias a good line to peddle now,
something new, when he gets back to
"The mud and rain Is the worst we
have to contend with and Is certally
hell, There Isn't much to write about
from here, and wo can't any anything
about the country. Tiiere Ib one thing,
it isn't us healthy ns ours at present,
Wo are out for a rest now and we sure
need it. It will tako a week to scrape
tlie mud off our clothes."
During its first year the creamery
at Kelowuu produced $17,000 worth
of butler.
tt-      ■ «
It must be very gratify'.ig to the
Old Timers of this great proviuce,
with Us long established British associations to know that their sons
and daughters have responded bo loyally and numerously (especially In
proportion to the number of its Inhabitants) in the Empire's time of
need, and the World struggle for freedom,  liberty und  righteousness.
Surely tho greater the/ sacrifice,
tho greater  will bo tlie blessing.
Although scarcely as yet an Inhabitant of your city—I trust I may
not be considered intruding—by asking the attention of your readers to
what is, in my judgment, of utmost
urgent importance, not only to Eastern Kootenay, but to Craubrook itself.
Although tlie war Is not yet won,
we can now safely say, we are winning
It, and without much doubt, tbere are
reasonable prospects of victory Within
the coining year.
Then will follow Canada's great opportunity, Are we in tlie Kootenay.s
getting ready to share In the tremendous development that will Burely
A few years ugo B. C, was considered an ideal province ln which to
settle, not only as to tho splendid climate, but because of the possibility
of making a fairly good competency,
and enjoying a healthy out-door life.
Many good men and true, came and
purchased after Inspection, but muny
more purchased upon representation
with no knowledge of the difficulties,
paying as much us $100 and more per
acre , for cut-over land, In some cases
water for irrigation promised, but not
deliverable, and the natural result
lias been disappointment and I fear,
failure; and the province and Us Inhabitants generally huve been blamed,
and Immigration checked, if not killed,
unless the Dominion and Provincial
Governments can see the way to right
the wrong already done and set the
pace for the future upon clean and
honorable lines.
Tlie financial Times of February 1st
1910, is responsible for the following:
"Baron Shaughnessy gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal tliis
week in which lie said thut lie believed that Canada after the war
would put in operation the biggest
national land settlement scheme In
tlie history of tlie world."
The C. P. R. are preparing a large
number ot ready made farms on the
prairies in anticipation of Hie largr
increased demand likely to follow the
it is said to be practically certain
that the Dominion Government will
treat the returning soldiers, as well
as the families of those who have
fallen, very liberally, encouraging as
many as deemed fit, to settle on the
land, under much more favorable cir*
cumstancea than under ordinary horn.
bt ending conditions. Not placing them
away back out of sight and touch of
civilization, but upon idle land through
out tbe Dominion, practically com
mandeerlng suitable desirable locations, at fair valuations. This surely
will bo approved by all concerned.
Many of tlie settlers will prefer B.C.
with its milder climate and Ideal
health giving pure air and water .being
content with a much smaller piece of
land, especially if cleared and ready
for use, with irrigation water avail
able when and where necessary, than
what they could get on the open
As an illustration of the loyalty and
generosity of the rank and file of
our people toward those who are risk
lng tlieir lives for world liberty, it
should be noted that the Dominion
Trades and Labor Council recently
passed a resolution, suggesting tliat
tlie Dominion Government should
make provision to increase the pen*
slons of returning soldiers of our
Allies who come to our Dominion to
settle, whose government allow them
less than we do ours, making tliem all
It Is said that New South Wales has
promised to provide 1,000,000 irrigated farms, and give equal treatment
as to employment,. Otlier states hav
put fortli tempting propositions,
muklng It self-evident that Canada
must wake up and get busy, or lose
her opportunity.
(continued on page four)
to Succeed
Throw off the handicap of
petty ills that make you
grouchy, listless and depressed. Get at the root of
your ailments—clear your
digestive system of impurities, put it in good working
order—keep it healthy with
They act promptly on the
stomach, liver and bowels, re-
moving waste matters and purifying the blood. Not habit
forming, never gripe, but leave
the organs strengthened. To
succeed in life, or work, first
have a healthy body. This famous remedy will do much to
Help You
****** **!••* Aw Usssmsm. m. tmm Wall.
laMaeaa.aiaaa mmmms.smsmssms.
It Is
This Twist
Plus the Alaska patented interlocking construction, as
shown in the border, plus the strung parallel tension of
the sturdy helical springs at each end, that makes the
> much superior in buoyant comfort ami durability to any woven
win* spring- bar none—Ili>.ii|*,h practically lliu Mime iu price,   -Qlta
strrl-rcinlorced adjiutahlu comer cuBtlttgB (patent applied for) ensure a
strength, rigidity, anil accurate lit on uny lied,   (J Ynur dealer sells
          this Hpring ur will pet il il you unit fnr it hy nam*.
X3mJ)I)|N^ .If,.*-...,/ IM.t-Wi .id H.M.*-, SHw
•^■da ;,. CaiU»»*   VANCmiVKK Cilgar** llrKli>a WINNIPEG
"ALASKA mi m irtlcl*. me-tru it,*!, CrwJi B*wj J'orii. it"
n Can**
the Pink mercantile co-, agents, ckamirook, B7o.
Men Wanted for the Navy
The Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer
Reserve, wants men for immediate service Overseas, in
the Imperial Royal Navy
Candidates must he sons of
natuml born British Bubjfelu
and be from 18 to 38 years
of age.
DAV $1.10 per day and upwards.   Free Kit.
•*■** ***■ **■   Separation allowance, $20.00 monthly.
Apply to the nearest Naval Recruiting Slation
or lo the
Department of thc Naval Service, OTTAWA.
on the Ilrst duy of December next up- j
plication will be mado to the Super-
Intendent of Provincial Police for re-
newel of the liotel license to sell
liquor by retail iu the hotel known!
us the Nortli Star Hotel, situate ut [
Kimberley, in tlie Province of British ;
Dated tbis 12th day of October, 1910.
41-4t Applicant.
LKR'OK ACT, 11)1(1
(Section *..')
i n tlie Hrst day of December next application will be made to tlie Superintendent of Provincial Polico for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
us the Imperial Hotel, situate at
Fort Steele, hi the Province of British
Dated tliis lOtli day of October, 1910.
41-4t Applicant.
Be Popular and Buy Popular
Goods at Popular Prices
BUTTER, etc., are unequalled
Bear in mind lhat good wholesome food is the
health giver
(Section 20)
on tlie first day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of wholesale license No. 92, for
tlie sale of liquor by wholesale in and
upon tlie premises known as tlie
Crunbrook Brewery, situate near
('ranbrook, upon tho lands described
as Lot 211, Group 1, South Eust Kootenny.
Dnted this 20th dny of October, 1910.
Crunbrook Brewing Co., Ltd.
HARRY  HESSE, Munagcr,
41--H Applicant
White Star-Dominion Line
Twin Screw $. S. "Northland", 12,000 tons, will sail from
Montreal for Liverpool November 18th.
Only cabin and third cluss carried.       Rates—Cabin $55.00 and up;
Tliird   class   $33,76.
For further information apply to Company's offlce, 619 Second
Ave., Seattle, A. B, Disney, Agent, or Bealo & Elwell; J. W. Spence,
Agent, C. P. R., Cranbrook.
(Section 42)
on the lirst duy of December next np*
plt-jiH on will be made to tlio Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of thc hotel license to sell
liquor by retail Ir tho hotel known
us the international Hotel, sltuute at
.Moyle, in tlie Province of British Columblu.
Dated this lOtli day of October, 191ti.
■ll-4t. Applicant.
I.HM'Olt ACT, lillll
(Section 42)
on the Tlrst day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal uf the hotel license to sell liquor
by rtuil In the hotel known as the Central Hotel, situate ut Marysville, in
the province of British Columbia.
Dated this ltitli day of October, 1916.
•12-it. Applicant.
That craving gnawing desire that
consumes your very soul is removed in
just three days. No bad after effects,
or return of thc desire, unless alcohol
is willfully indulged ln on tho part of
the graduate. Write for booklet, Neal
Institute, Cranbrook, B. C.
You'll Have
to Hurry
If you want to get a share
of that good Creamery
Butter nt 3 lbs for 91.20.
Wo only have a small
qnuntity left aud it's a case
of Ilrst eome first served.
For those who are too late
to get in on tliis we have a few
hundred pounds of another
brand tliat we will sell as
lung us it lasts ut only
45c per lh,   8 lbs for |U0
This is all first class butler that we can recommend
aud guarantee, and Is considerably below tho regular
market price. The iiuuntlty
at this price is very limited
und for cush only.
Butter   Company
Opposite City Hull
KuiiiUiiK rill lor Women, |& a bos or threotur
|l(i. Mil Rt all Dnw Utorn, or mailed to any
ml.lri'hs.m rucclptot price, Tut ScObitLl. lutu.i
Co., Ht. Culliurlni*!, Ontario.	
Vi,,,litv; (or N„rv„ eeeirt Hralei: Itecraajea '■gtss,
nuttier" :ee.Tniek'~willl,etIlel you up. II. boi, or
tarn l„r (:>, at clrttic ateera,. or t,y null on rade,,
bt'erlrf, Tn I Href"' DIM <>, H *sms\*sm*s,
Cottage Hospital
Terms Mmlenili'i FlMMnt Situation
iiml well equipped. Writ* for Proej.
■eiectuH   to
MBS. A. SALMON, Matron
p. o. Box 8tr> TcicpiMin* a;,»
llon-iltst AcMretiS 8*> «»"*••"> An*.
The New
Meat Market
Tills week wo wlll havo
somo fine.
Veal, Pork and
in addition tn tlm
i itr:sn.kiu,i:i> iii;i:k
which we always carry,
Tiiis is ail local produce and
nl' llie very best quality. Our
prices will help you keep down
the High Cost of Living,
Armstrong Atomic*
Wext to hilhj's
TIM It Kit SALE NO. 690
Scaled Tenders wlll ho received by
tlm Minister of Lands not later than
noon on the 18th duy of October, 1916,
for tlie purchase of Licence No. 690, to
eut 1,000,0000 feet of Odar. Larch Fir
und Whlto Pine, 1,000,000 feet Cottonwood and fi,000 cords of posts, on an
urea adjoining lot 461, Qout Hlvor,
Kootenay District. One year will bo
allowed for removal of timber. Further particulars of tho Chief Forester,
Victoria, B. V... or District Forester,
Cranbrook, 11. C. SMI THURSDAY, NOV. 2nd, 1910
We take a great deal of
pride In every Watch Repair leaving tliis shop. If
you huve a faulty watch
hriug it here, and we'll
guarantee you a first class
poh. We use nothing hut
the besl of material, so you
can safely leave your
watch here knowing if will
be taken curt* of in a work-
inun liko manner.
.It* wrier
Kilby repairs umbrellas and sunshades.
Just Received—The very latest New
York models hi ladies' COtttS—Up to the
minute in correctness.—Kink Mercantile Co.
The regulur nieetiug of the School
Board will be held on Friday tiiis
week,, council meeting next Wednesday morning.
Safety  Deposit  Boxes for rent
Beale & Elwell's,
8     PHONE    8
Onr Coolem are full of tilt'
of excellent quality
Fresh  Killed Clilekentt, Plneett
Hairy lluflrr ami Kextfs
Smokeil nnil Cooketl Meats Rest
Cranbrook Meat
Miss Alvyn Nutt, ot Hosmer, has
been the guest of friends in the eity.
Modern cottage to let. Apply to
Beale & Klwell.
We are carrying a full line of boots
and slioes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Tlie monthly service for tlie children will be held on Sunday morning
in Knox Presbyterian Church.
Holland bulbs for sale, new stock
just received, Kast Kootenny Greenhouse,
The October report of the Public
School is crowded out of tills week's
issue hut will appear next week.
In preparation for tlie Dig Bazaar
on the 28th November, Christ Church
Ladies' Guild is meeting every week
Just Recolved The very latest New
York models In ladles' coats up to the
minute In correctness. Kink Mercantile Co,
Tho third i»f a series of sermons will
be delivered n Kaox Pre«byterlaii
church on Smuay evening. Subject:
"What Is therj iu God to Fah",
Ensign Kerr of the Salvation Vrroy
will proaeh In the Presbyterian
Church, Kernie. on Sunday, Mnvember
Mrs ll, J Binning and little daughter Kloronco lefl on Monday for Toronto where tliey wlll spend the winter
witli Mrs. BInning's sisters
Mrs ii McKeusleand daughter Vivian and Mrs  Kvans ol Kimberley nre
spending the week with  Mrs   It   II
We are carrying a full line nf biHits
and niities Cranbrook Bxchango,
Armstrong Ave.
The nuptial Mission Circle wlll bo
llNll   on   Thursday.   Nov    nth   al   the
home „r Mrs  vy  llnynes, (ranch), al
:i o'clock
Tlie sum of $1»».00 was tlie total
'amount of tlie collection tuken ou
"Trafalgar iiuy" for the British Bed
I cross and forwarded to the Lieutenant (iovenor at   Victoria.
Hot supper aud concert. Knox
I Church, Wednesday, November 8th.
Admission BO cents. Come and bring
your friends.
Don't forget the "dirt" sale to be
given hy tin* ki. John Ambulance Association lu tin* empty store next lin*
K. Parks Hard war o store on Saturday
UrtomOOII   and   evening,   Nov.   4th.
Mr. Ormston hus now returned to
the Government office and is taking up
many of Ills former activities. Applications regarding tin* Parish Hnll
should h<' made to hint.
Just Received—The very latest New
York models in ladies' coats* up to tlie
minute lu correctness.—Kink Mercnn-
tile Co.
No. 514 was u couple of hours lute
tm Monday owing to the run-off of a
freight cur at tlie Toehty switch, tlie
cur fouling tlie main line uud holding
up tiie passenger until it was removed.
Hot supper and concert, Knox
Church, Wednesday, November 8th.
Admission 50 cents. Come und bring
your friends.
Steamship tickets for sale at B°ale
& Elwell's.
The sum of $50,00 was collected by
Miss Grace Watt in Wattsburg and
forwarded to Crunbrook for tlie British Red Cross colleeion on "Trafalgar
j Day".
We understand Lieut. Oeorge McCreery has been promoted to a cap-
Itaincy and transferred to a Vancouver
I Uuttalion which ts leaving shortly for
overseas service.
Apples #1*8."' a box, .7 boxes at #1.75
n box. A car ui choice Creston apples
| just In, consisting of Mcintosh Ked8,
1 Wealthy, Jonathan, Spy, Wanner uml
Home Heaulj. a few boxes of small
size Jeuuthuus at *^1.5n u box.—-The
Crnnhrook Trading Co.
Mr. Kilby gave a demonstration in
j picture framing to tlie Iloy's Club on
(Friday. We understand thut Mr. Kilby
|is to have an exhibit of framed pictures ut llie Christ Church Bazaar on
| tiie 28th of November. Miss Madden
of King Kdward School will be showing sunir; excllent water-color sketches
Beverol minor changes in name took
place on the C.P.R, with the inauguration uf the new time-table. Tlie
name of th,- Cranbrook sub-division
lias been changed to the Fernie subdivision. While tlu* Cranbrook district, us it was formerly called, Is
knowu as the Cranbrook Division in
the Pacific  District.
The aeeond conference of tlie Social
Service Council will be held in the
Parish Mall of Christ Church on
Thursday, November Bth at 8 o'clock.
Th,* subject for the evening will be
Municipal Laws, nud How Tliey are
Enforced."    In view of   the   coming
election lhe evening ought to be of interest to ratepayers    All are cordial!
tenCO to cause citizens to adopt th*-*
C.P.R. standard remains to be seen.
At any rate tiiere is no danger of missing the train, though there may be a
long hour's wait for those wiio forget for tiie time-being that there has
been  a change.
A letter has been reteivtd by the
Secretary-Treasurer of the St. John
Ambulance Association from tlie Canadian Red Cross Society at Vancouver!
asking for donations of apples from
tiie apple growers of the district to
use us Christinas gifts for the B. C.
soldiers in the trenchs. If anyone
Wishes to make a donation of apples
for this purpose, tliey will kindly notify the Secretary-Treasurer of tiie St,
John Ambuiunce Association aud the
the same will be forwarded to Vancouver.
, O. P. E.
Cranbrook is likely to
Mlraele Play at ChrUtms
choir of girls is already at work under
Miss M. Roberts and is making wonderful progress. By Christmas, we
fancy Cranhrook will be able to boast
oi a really excellent "Girl's Choir."
"Kager Heart" is tlte name of tlie
play in preparation, it is one of tlie
prettiest things on record.
Next Wednesday evening tiie Ladies
Aid of Knox Church will give a Hot
Supper from 2 to S o'clock, followed
Iiy a splendid local talent concert.
The price for tlie concert and supper
combined is only 50 cents, and
this very low price tiiere should be
a bumper crowd in view of tlie reputation tlie Presbyterian ladies liave
always had for providing "good eats".
The regular monthly meeting of tlie
Women's Institute will be held in the
Maple Hall at 'A p.m., November 7th,
1910, An essay on "The Value and use
of Nuts" by Mrs.J. T. Survis and a demonstration on "Candy" by Mrs. Clapp.
A programme of music and recitations
will also be given und refreshments
served.   All ladies are Invited.
Hallowe'en was productive of the
usual amount of boyish prunks uud
minor dumuge to property in which
some older boys who should have
known better appear to have taken
part. It is very likely tliat a police
:ourt case or two may result from tlie
trouble If the perpetrntors do not
come forward promptly and make a-
The brand of fall weather Cranbrook has been receiving continues to
be satisfactory, and is the envy of
points u short distance Kast wliere
they have had considerable snow and
! Supt. A. C. Harshaw of tlie C. P. R.|cold weather. Tlie mountains all
returned on Wednesday from a confer-, «r<»'»d Cranbrook are covered with
ence of district superintendents at ^'"w 1,l't the city has not had enough
Moosejaw.    Master Mechanic Moth fs|t0 cover tne ground '•■■<■* the weather
1. O. D. E, collections for tin* montt
of October for Flannelette Fund.
Per Mrs. Survls.-Mrs. J. Roy, 10c.
Mrs. T .Gill, 10c, Mrs. D, Campbell,
first 25c, Mrs. W. McKenzie, 25c, Mrs. T.
large Drummond, lUc, Mrs. A. Cameron, 25c.
Mrs. ti. W. Johnson 25c, Per Mra.
Paterson—Mrs, VV, F. Attridge, 25c,
Mrs. F. B. Miles, 25c„ Mrs. F. MacPherson, 50c. Mrs. W. J. Manley, 50c.,
Mrs. E. Paterson, 25c, Miss F. Clarke,
10c, Dr. F. B. Miles, 25c. Per Mrs. J.
F. Bridges-Mrs. A. Sluter, 25c, MIbs
Uarbett, 25c, Mrs. Jones, 25c, Mrs.
A. D. Bridges, 25c, Mra. Kennedy, 10c,
Miss Dewnr, 10c, Mrs.' C. H. Phillips,
50c, Mrs. Carman, 10c, Mrs. H. R.
Hinton, 25c, Mrs. Finniss, 50c, Mrs.
T. Horsman, 25c Per Miss Alexander,
Mrs. Cherrington, $1.25., Miss Cherrington, 50c, Miss Alexander, $3.25.,
Mrs, McBride, 50c Per Mrs. J. S.
Brake,—Mr. T. Roberts, 25c, Judge
Ryan, 25c, a friend, 25c, Mrs. J.
Coutes, 25c, Mr. N. Gardener, 50c,
Miss Klmpton, 10c, Mrs. Dupont, 10c.
Miss Symes 10c Mrs. F. R. Morris, lOo.
Mr. N. A. Wallinger, 25c. Per Mrs.
Brake for Prisoners B»*ead—-Mr. N. A.
Wallinger, 25c, Judge Ryan, 25::., Mrs.
Blaln, 10c, Per Mrs. MacKinnon for
Prisoners Bread—Mrs. H. It. Moseley,
50c, Mrs. H. White, 50c, Miss Pye, 50c
Mrs. Geo. Leitch, 50c, Eric MacKlimon
50c, Mi's. J. Woodmau,25c, Mrs. T. N.
Parrett, 25c, Mrs. Manley, 25c, Mrs.
Thompson, 20c,Mrs. MacKlimon, 50c,
Mrs. McBride, 50c.
The I. O. D. E. gratefully acknowledge a gift of socks from the Baptist
Ladles' Guild, knitted by the following
ladies: Mrs. W. H. Brown, two pair
socks, Mrs. W. Huynes, two pair socks,
.Mrs. J. Woodman, one) pair socks,
Mrs. J. Lcui.k, one i air socks, Mrs.
Bassett, one pair socks, Mrs. J. Palmer, one pair socks, Mrs. B. Palmer,
one pair socks, Miss Smith, one pair
socks. By mistake the name of Mrs.
Spence was omitted from last week's
report, also two pairs pyjamas made
by her.
i now at Vancouver attending a conference of the Master Mechanics in
tliat city.
A dance in honor of the Misses
Cartwright was given by Mr. aud
Mrs. H. A. McKowan at their home
Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Adolphe and Mr. and Mr.-. Frank A-
dolphe and Miss Thorburn motored in
from Haynes I«nke to attend.
The fortnightly ' whist drive and
dance will be held on Wednesday, Nov.
S at Christ Church Hail. Cam.* lo begin a S.30 prompt. Refreshments at
9,45. Dancing from 10 to 12. Admission. 50 cents per couple, extra lady
25 cents.
The marriage of Miss Ann Wilson of
Cranbrook    to Mr.    James    Davidson,
locomottve fireman, of Lethbridge. took
place on Wednesday, Nov Ist. Tlie
service was conducted tiy Itev \V K
Thomson, nt the Manse. The couple
left for Lethbridge where they will
Tlie Secretary of the local branch of
the Patriotic Fund has been advised by
sir Herbert Ames that a contribution
of $1(10. has been received by Ihe Fernie Branch from the potor A Selppol
Lumber Co., al Dubuque, lown. Tlie
Company lu their letter say "Wo are
willing and anxious to do our share
towards taking proper care of the
wives and children of the men of British Columbia who have gone to lhe
Fronl. and trust Hint onr small contribution will lie accepted In the same
spirit (hat it Is given."
been very mild and enjoyable.
The Wednesda;
and dance at th
great success, i-
made up for tin*
Alice 1
evening whist drive
Parish Hall was a
iventeen tables were
cards anil over fifty
i afterwards took the floor,
bye the way. is in first cluss
The prizes were won by Miss
.irry nnd Mr. Dan Burton. Music was rendred by the Cranbrook
Orchestra, while Mr
admirable manager.
Lieut Chas. H. Seaman, formerly
of the Imperial Bank staff here, was
married in All Saints Church, Montreal, on Sept. 22nd last, to Miss Violet
Tobln of Furgus, Ont. The ceremony
look place iu All Saints Church by
Rev, J J. S. Seaman, M.A., brother of
the groom. Lieut. Seaman is now at
Shorncliffe, England, having been a-
tnong ihe draft ot officers sent from
Canada to tin Old Land in September.
Dr. King arrived home tlie lirst of
lhe week after .spending some time in
Victoria in consultation witli Mr.
Ilrewester, pn uiicr-elect. It Is understood tliat Mr. Brewster has selected his Cabinet but Dr. King was
unwilling to give out any information
lor publicntion as to whether lie
brought back a portfolio witli him,
understood however
lie of tlie new minis-
British Columbia school children
are to liave before tliem a constant
reminder of tlie perfldiousness of
Kaiser Bill in tlie form of a facsimllie
of tlie signatures from the original
treaty of 1831 guaranteeing the Independence and neutrality of Belgium, which was confirmed by the six
liowers In the famous treaty of 1831),
the breaking of whicli by Germany is
Brake made an ! responsible for tlie present war with
Great Britain. Tlie posters are being
supplied by the Department of Education aud a number for use in the local
schools are now in tlie hands of the
Secretary. They are Intended to be
hung in a conspicuous place in the
ll is generally
thai he will be <
J)o Not Worry About Baby
We have Everything Necessary
for its Comfort
FEEDERS      N11TI,KS       COM HUM'S.
All lliie Host I ii fu ii t Foods, vin :
HKNIiEH'N.   etc, uIwiivn kepi frcsll.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
Apple*. 91,8*5 a box, .', boxoa at *l,.;.
ii box, A nir of choice Creslon apple*.
jusl in, consisting of Mcliilosh iinis
(Wealthy, Jonalliuu, Spy, Maimer und
ltoiue Ilea u I j) n feu boxes of small
si/e  J.'iintliuu*. ul  s|.;,u  a  box.   The
Cranbroolt Trading c<>,
Crnnbrook boys ure doing tlieir
share in the present offensive of the
British in Prance as evidenced from
the number appearing on tlie casualty
| lists. During the week no less thun
i two Craubrook men have made the
supreme saerlficu in the couse of
Freedom and Justice, a. Pigott and A.
Shaw, while another, Hoy Argue, lias
been reported wounded though how
seriously is not yet known. All three
were among the Ilrst contingent   to
The change from Mountain to Pacific: Time went into effect on the C.P.R,
here on Sunday last but the citizens
generally arc still using the old standard of time. Tlie postolllee, tlie city
hall, the hanks, uud practically all
the places of business are continuing on Mountain Time iu order to a-
void shortening the hours of duyllght
In the afternoon, all too short as It la
during tlm winter. Whether the dual
, standards will be maintained or whe*
'ther there will lh* mitBeU'iit incmtreit
Restored To Health By Vinol
Atlee, Va.—"I was weak, run-down,
no appetite, my blood was poor, I could
not sleep nights and wss rapidly losing flesh, but I am a farmer and had to
work. Medicines had failed to help me
until 1 took Vinol. After taking three
bottles my appetite is flne, I sleep well,
my blood is good and I am well again."
—-UR1..4NDO W.   BOHKKT.
Vinol, which contains beef and cod
liver peptones, iron and manganese
peptonates snd glycerophosphates, is
guaranteed for run-down conditions.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Company
Cranbrook, B. C.
Also at the best druggists in alt B. C.
2c per word for first week, snd lc per
word for each week after.
I'OH SAI.K-Purebred young Ilerk-
alliro pigs. Apply Mrs. Cadwallader.
neur Cranbrook. 4.J-21*
WANTED — maid fur general house
work—Apply to M. A. Beale.
FOK SAM: One base burner, and
one hard or Boft coal heater—cheap.
Apply—Box U'2 or phone 339.      42-2t.
LOST- In Auditorium or Pout Office
on Tuesduy night, u small book in
case, finder please return to Herald
Ofllce. 44-lt*
FOK  SAM: Twenty-Are  head*  of
mixed cuttle. Fifteen miles north of
Cranbrook on Wasa Hohd.   Apply A.
M.  Doherty. 42-21*
IHU FOKII (Alt Fur Kale, good as
new, splendid condition, Master Vibrator Speeder-up, Prestollte and electric horn, speedometer and accessories
$3B0, cun try out. Now tires tills year.
30 Winchester for sale. Apply box
22 B, Herald ollice. 41-31
Thanks, Ladies!
Wc wish to express our sincere thanks to the ladies of
Cranbrook and district for their appreciation and very generous
patronage of our Waist Demonstration last week-end. It
was an inspiration to us and an encouragement to further efforts in giving you up-to-date articles and a big range to select from.
The New Fall Coats
Are now arriving and we bespeak your closest inspection
and comparison. They are the newest styles that money can
buy, yet within the reach of the average women's pocket, and
each Coat will have that Individuality and Finish upon which
this store has built its reputation.
You are always welcome. Come and see our Fall showings.
Thc Ladies' Wear Specialist.
Armstrong Ave.
"Please se^ii
me some
is the kind the boys all like.
It's sealed in a wax-wrapper.
Air, moisture and dirt can't
harm it.
The chap with some Wrigley's
to pass around is 'cock of the
It's so refreshing and thirst-
quenching. Send some of both
mi        t. i*i     WR!GtFYSs      ,,
The   boys   like w*m;ii^ after
nilllST   I III IK II
Rev W. II  Bridge, Rector
(All MTVle-.'s, ,t, . ;,t i ity Ti i
8.00 n.m.—Holy Communion.
11.00 a.m.   Matins  I Litany
Address: The, need for Co-operation,
7.30 p.m.*-Evensong.
Address: Tlie- Chun h Allvo
The wheat ere,i> In He,, Okanagan
Valley is IIkM'! than ie-n.il tlii- year
(Irani!  Keerke,  dairies  have'  DOOSlod
thn iirlre nf mlltt In ISH eentH u quart
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
uf Canada, Limited
oinre', Bmeltlng atul Raflutng Department
s ,ii i: i, i i: it s an n n i: r i N k ii s
Purchasers <>t' Gold, sil.er. Copped und Lead Orea
THURSDAY, NOV. 2nd, 1916
Barristers, Etc.
IV. t, Gurd G. .1. Spreull
Pltyslctans nnd Surgeons
Offlce at residence, Armstrong
Forenoons  9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2-00  o   4.00
Evenings 7-™ to  5.30
Sundays   2-30 to   4.30
Meets   every
Monday night
j,-***?.*    at Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially invited.
E  11   McPHEE,        S. FYLES,
Secy. N. Q.
111!, r. 11. Mill's
Offlce In Hanson Block
0 to 12 n.iu.
1 tee    6 p.m.
Criiiiliniok, 11. C.
Meet:' eve ry Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
P. de V,re limit. K. B, St S.
P. O. Box 62"
Visiting brethren cordially Invitee) to attend.
Miitcrn-t) i.e.! Goaornl Nursing
Qorden Ave.
Teems on Application
MRS  A. SALMON, Matron
Phone 269 P. O. Hex 811
M, ets in Maple Hail aeeond
ruesday of every montii at 8
|,   in.
Membership open   to   Hritish
Visiting   members   cordially
!•:. Y. Brake,       J. P. Lower,
President. Secretary
Philip Conned returned last week
from Missoula, Mont.
The junior room of the Moyie school
was closed Thursday afternoon and
Fridav owing lo tlle indisposition ot
the teacher, Miss Baker.
Mr. Walch, ol Spokane, was here
Saturday and visited the Empire Mine.
Clean shipping ore lias been found in
tlie tunnel they aro now working In.
Mr J. P. Farrell, one of tlie owners
made a business trip to Kingsgate,
Pacific Time' bus been adopted here.
Eric limner, who lias spent the past
fortnight visiting his mother, retur-
neel <>,i Tuesday tee Uie Emma Mine,
Mr. J. Whitehead ami family have
moved from tlii'lr ranch and are* oc
eiipylllg   llieir   dwelling  in   town.
it is sure death to a duck when John
Tavlor  ges   sight  ill' it.    Monday,   he
Bucceded in bagging eight In a very
short time'.
Mr. Williams, Inspector of Mines,
paiei Moyie a visit last week Inspecting
llii' mines ill tlle district.
end more, people with chest and
throat troubles have tried to cure
them by pouring cough syrups,
lung tonics and the like into theii
stomach*. All a mistake] Thc
Peps way Is different.
Peps are tablets made up of Pine
extracts and medicinal essences,
which when put into the mouth
turn into healing vapors. These
are breathed down direct to the
lungs, throat and bronchial tubes
— not swallowed down to the
stomnch, which is not ailing. Try
a 50c. box of Peps for your cold,
your cough, bronchitis or asthma,
All druggists and stores or Peps
Co., Toronto, will supply
Children's Clothin
i'lione 34«J !'■ O. Hon 6S5
Funeral director nnil Embnlnicr
Undertaking Purlers
Fenwlik Ave, mar llake'r St.
CUll uml Mining Engineer
11. C, Land Snnejeirs
Meets In tlie
Maple Hall
first Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
at 3 p.m.
Pres., Mrs. W.
It. McFarlane
Shaw, I'. O. Hon 442
o-ilially Invited.
Phe Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction Guaranteed
idquurters feer all kinds of
Day I'hnnc 288, Nlgllt I'lione 35
Xnrliiiry Ate, nexl In City Hull
I'liiine ill I'. "■ ■•»* :l;!
l'rolcssor ni Music
simile,: um Armstrong Ave.
Ladles and Gentlemen's Hats
Cleaned and Blocked
I'lione 20'
Unlit. Frame, I'rop.
Frcsli Dread, Cakes, I'ies
uml Pastry
Phono 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp, City Hall
.1. B. Gilford of tlle Selkirk Milling
Co. now operating at the Park Mine
was u visitor to Cranbrook ou Friday.
The dance given at the Palls View
Hotel on Saturday was well attended.
Cranbrook, Port Steele, Wycliffe, Kimberley anil Meadow Urook were well
represented. The floor is probably one
of the best In the Kootenays and the
music wlilcb was delightful was fur-
nislie'il by tin* Kootenay Orchestra.
Miss Handley kindly lent the piano.
The proceeds over expenses go   to
I'atrieetle' cause.
ns C. Lund leave's tliis week for
tlle Perry Creek gold fields where he
will engage in Ills old occupation, that
if cook.
John Hughes was in from his ranch
,n Tuesday.
13, Attree let' Port Steele was ll Vis-
tor on Saturday.
Word has heen received ofilciully
Unit Percy Bidder of tin- 64th Butt,
been wounded in France and is
now In Hospital, the' nature ot tlie
wounds lias not yet been reported,
Charlie Larson and Jack Little of
yi'liffe attended the dance on Saturday, and said they hud the time
of tlieir lives.
Misses B. Ryckmnn. V. Terry, Mr.
lleeme. Capt. 0. P. Tisdale, Mr. and
Mrs. Munroe, eMrs. Clarke and Mrs.
Ingham of Cranbrook attended tlio
dance on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Conover of Meadow
Brook spent tlle week end with Mrs
Cnnover's parents at tlie Broadview
Ranch, uud Incidentally took in thc
Mr. uiul Mrs.  Williams. Mrs.    \V.
Fleming ami Miss Newman of Meadow
Brook were ln to tlie dance on Satur-
Thrashing is in full swing at   the
> Ranch.
Rev. T. Keyworth conducted the
Methodist Church services litre on
Sunday last.
Mrs. Handley, Miss Handley, Ed.
Handley, Hans Lund and Mrs. Oeorge.
Janie's motorod to Cranbrook on Tuesday, taking in the show.
I)'. F. Heirniall was a Cranbrook visitor on Monday.
. A. Ward. Provincial Game War-
dell and Goldle Hodjson returned on
Tuesday froni Ibe head waters of Mark
Creek where tbey were bunting "big
game". Their bag consisted of one
fine spcclment of the cariboo, its ant
lers having 211 points.
Tlie amount collected tor Red Cross
fur Sept.  was $9.00., tor Oct., $14.75.
tho Increase being caused by tlie new
subscriber at Wasa.   A full list of sub- [
serlbers is as follows—(per montii)
11. L. T. Galbraith 50c, Mrs. Galbraith 25c, Mrs. Rlclr.rdson 25c. Mrs.
Cann 25c, Wins. Malr 50c, T. McVittie
50c., Mrs. E. Attree 25c, Miss S. Macon
$2.00., Mrs. B. Werden 25c, Mr. Doyle I
25c, MIsb M. Bate25c. Mr. Blnmore
26c, Mrs. Blnmore $1.00., Chas. Rey-
nolds 25c, Bnnford Crowe 25c, J.
Tannhauser 25c, Mrs. J. Crowe 25c,
Robert Crowe 25c, W. Tnnnhauser 26c
G. Baker 25c, H. Kershaw 25c
Those   subscriptions being In Wasa
and   vicinity.-  C.   Weston   $2.00.,  J.
Knowles $1.00., A. J Miller $1.00,, F. i
Zubal 50c, Philip lloskoll 50c, J. Stuk
25c. Lee Roy SOc.
Tbe amount collected for September
in  subscriptions to Patriotic Society
Fund was $20.00  The list of subscrlb- i
rs  is as follows:- A.  Doyle  $5.00.,'!
R. L. T. Galbraith $500, Chas Mair
The greatest care should be
exercised in selecting Children's
Winter Wearables.
Style, wearing quality, and warmth should all be
We are showing a very complete line of Underwear, Hosiery. Knitted Suits, Mitts, Gloves and
Shoes for Boys, Girls and Small Kiddies.
See our big window of Men's Suits at $17.75.
Your Money Back
If Goods are aet as
Kilburn Lunn has taken over the
store lately occupied by L. F. Crosby,
anil 'vill open up a quick lunch counter, also a pool room wltli barber shop
in connection.
Dr. D. Blaek returned from ■Weyburn. Sask., lust week end where he
was visiting Ills sister who was seriously III.
Constable Dryden was a visitor to
Ferule' last week end on official busi-
Forwarding  aad   Distributing
Agent for
Lethbrldgo Coal
Xl-lle Piieieler
Imperial Oil Co,
I) ray I n ir nml Transferring
Given prompt attention
Phono 83
Spoki  Washington
This houso lias the
happy distinction of being tlie- favorite stopping place in Spokane
for tlie I pi'' of llrltlsli
Columbia Wo appreciate
tbis patroaago and do
evorytiilng In our power
to mako you comfortable.
Our location   Is  excellent
cIobo to Ureal Northern Station
aad 0  W, It   *■ N    Milwaukee
terminal, anil within a minute's
walk from tlie principal busin	
bouses nnil places ol nmii i ne ill
See  Sli'iinisliiii   on   Root
loal mining right! or the Dominion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan ami
Mli. rl.i. llie Yukon Territory, the
North-We Rt Territories ami In a por-
ti f tie Province ot llrltlsh Co*
— I..mlna, may lie leased for a term ot
twenty-ono yenrs at an annual rental
,,i $1 an acre No mure than 2,600
will i„- leased tu ono applicant
Application tor a lease must be
made by tin   applicant lu person to
\... ut   or   Sub-Agent   of   llie   llis-
trlcl in whicli llie rights applied lor
ire Bltttatl ■
In surveyed territory tbe land must
b" described bv sections, of legal sub-
,livi, ions of sections, nnd lu unsurvey-
■ ai territory tbe tract applied tor shall
li,   .tale ,1 out by llie applicant himself.
Kuril appllcatloa must be accom*
panted ley a tee uf $5 wnlcli will be
refunded if tlie rights applied for are
not available, lent not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid ou tbe nierch-
antabl tptlt of the mine at the rate
of live cents per ton.
1 Tho person operating tbo mino
shall furnish the Agent wltll sworn
returns accounting for tlie full ipian.
ilty ut' merchantable coal mined nnd
pay lie' royalty thereon. If the conl
milling rights are not being opernted
such returns should lie furnished at
tea t nine a year.
Tiie lease wlll include tho conl
mining rights only, hut tho lesee
may lie permitted lu purchase what-
ever available Burfaco rights may be
considered necessary fur the worklnng
of tint mine at the rale of $10.00 an
For   full   Information   application
liould ie- made tu the Secretary of
tie. Dcparl "t of Hie Interior. Ottawa, or t'l auy Agent or Hub-Agent
nf Dominion I Ib.
w, w. cony,
li,,iiilv Minister of tho Interior
N. Ii   Unnutliorltod publication of
.tliis advartlsement wlll not tie paid
I tn. tneiein
1 for. —B0090.
Ve'rbolT. of Wycliffe, spent nev-
I'ral days In town tills week visiting
Dr.  Foster, of Gateway, MonCpas-
througb town this week from Cal
ry wltli a new Overland car.
VI at Divers, Planing Mill foreman, witli the nous-Saskatoon Lumbor Co., who recently got Ills eye Injured witli ii piece of Steele, left this
wei'k to cienstilt an eye specialist in
Snokano, bis eye turning out worse
thnn wns at first anticipated,
.Mrs. James Fllssil and Mrs. W. Mc
llintils were week end visitors to Dorr
last eveek end.
Win. .Million of Fernie Is spending is
few days on Ills ranch gathering in
bis crop.
Lewis Smilh of Krag lias accepted
tbe bookkeeping responsibilities wltll
llie .Meadow Creek Lumber Co. at Newgate, will) expect to do considerable
logging tbis winter.
Jti.' Krasoff, wbo was injured last
week witli a horse returned home from
tbe hospital this week and is progressing very favorably.
lleo. cblnora has n contract witli
tlie Lethbridge Mines for a large shipment of mine props, and oxpcctfl to
employ a large crew on this work during tbe winter.
The school children of Waldo will
give an entertainment In Hoss' Hall on
November llth In aid of tlie Bolglan
children. Te*a and refreshments will
he seTvi'd and u sole of work will also
be conducted.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Hnrby and Mr. Ilngby
were Eureka visitors tills week.
It. J. Smith, district passenger ngent
of the (I. N. was a bualness visitor to
town last week end.
Norman Qardiner, the well known
traveller for the i\ Burns Co.. wns in
town this week on business and incidentally bidding adieu to old friends.
Ileneefiirlli Norman wlll work out or
the head ollice nt Calgary.
C. c. Snowdon, tiie "Dustolyn Kid"
from Calgary was in town tills week
selling nil.
Tlie Concert given by the Children's
Club In linker's Hnll on Tuesday even
lng was a decided success. Quite a
large sum of money was realized iu
behalf of Hie nod Cross Society.
Tlio lloiis-Snsnkatoon Lumber Co.,
Btoppod sawing eiperiiliimn tor the urn
sou iii Iheir sawmill tills week.
H. Kershaw $2.50, It T. Richardson $2.50., Heg linker $2. A J. Grez
$1. Miss Masou $1. G. linker $1. Mrs.
Cann 50c, Miss Mayo Date 30c.
Mrs. F. Blnmore leaves shortly for
Toronto where slip will visit her niece
Miss D. Denton.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Fenwick, Mrs.
a. Watson visited Cranhrook Saturday,
Mrs.  Duncan  is  tlie guest of her
mother Mrs. Mather.
Things look most promising at tlie
Victor Mine. Machinery and supplies
have been token up, and arrangements
made for work. Five feet of rich lead J
silver ore have been found. They ex-
peet to ship ore in 60 days.
Tiiere is much discussion in town nt
.resent as to the cause of the dog
poisoning. Mr. Kershaw's dog died on
Tuesday after terrible suffering.
Later, there were Mr. Wise's two valuable spaniels, Mr. Lee's dog and a
government horse, Mr. Galgraith's two
dogs, one a collie, are very sick also
and needless to say theso dogs are
very precious to Mr. and Mrs. Gal
bralth having been trained from puppies.
W. B. Forward of Creston will aet as
C. P. It. station agent until tlie new
agent and family arrive.
It. Abernetliy returned on the 25th
from Spokane and had a pack train of
supplies for his mine to prepare for
the winter.
John Kerrigan cold his "Six Mile
ranch to Mr. Bridge.
Sam Cadenux drove in from Sheep
Creek on the 27th.
J. S. Parker came in from his ranch
at Skookunichuck on the 27th.
Mr. and Mrs. Jns. Thompson nnd J.
W. Kerr, motored from Elko on 28th.
Emll Banks returned from Klmborly
on 2Sth,anil Is leaving Sunday tor his
claim on Wild Horse Creek.
Mr. Wlrth returned from Bull River
on Sunday.
norn—on Mondoy,80th, at Cranbrook
Hospital, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. Duncan, formerly of Fort Steele.
Among other things, such as wind,
hall, rain, we had n half hour's snowfall on Sunday which soon disappeared from tlie ground.
Mr. and Mrs. Fenwick, Mrs. Blnmore
visited Cranbrook Tuesdny and saw
tlie "Birth ot n Nation".
J. Walsh (Jr.) and Wm. Anderson
drove in from Fish Lakes on Tuesday.
Ted Bower, Reg Baker, Warren
Woodland have left town for the present to work in the Johnson & LeusK
A very large crowd is expected at
tlie Red Cross Masquerade' on Friday.
Already 90 tickets have been sold In
Cranbrook. Wasa and Bull River.
A charge of 25c will be mnde for
admission to tlie concert for Belgian
Children on November 15th, given hy
tiie school children. Rehearsing is
progressing nicely.
Those children attending every dny
during Octoher were. Div. II—Geo.
Werden. Robert Werden, Harry Chaining, William Walsh, draco Baker,
Pearl Johnson, Grnce Brander, Helen
Brennen, Amy Ban Quan, Alfred Kershaw. Helen Wlrth, Margaret Werdeie,
Sylvia Baker, Robert Johnson, Geo.
Co Mestors
Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.
Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by cheque (free
of exchange at any chartered Bank in Canada! at the rate of five per cent
per annum from the date of purchase.
Holders of this stock will have the privilege of surrendering at par and
accrued interest, as the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment
made under any future war loan issue in Canada other than an issue of
Treasury Bills or other like short date security.
Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.
A commission of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed to recognized bond and stock brokers on allotments made in respect of applications
for this stock which bear their stamp.
For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa.
Trail smelter ore shipments for the
year now run well up above 1175,000
Oils Soothe
Skin Disease
Oil of wlntergrecn. thymol, glycerine and other healing ingredients com.
pounded in proper proportion into the
D. D. D. Prescription lias now become
the universal favorite of skin sufferers
in relieving skin disease, lt is a mild
wash that penetrates thc pores and
gives instant relief from nil burning
and itch ng. It kills and washes rlt
ti.e gnawing disease germs and its
soothing oils quickly henl tlle inflam-
ei! tissues.
Como to us nnd wc will tell you
more about this remarkable remedy.
Yemr money back unless tlie drst bottle relieves you. D. D. D. Soap keepj
your skin healthy.   Ask about it.
Dn  f\    For 15 Years
, i|. U, the   Standard
,^m***********m Skin   Remedy
Crnnbrook Drug * Book Co.,
(continued from page two)
Cranbrook has an immense quantity
of Idle bind close around the city.
Not useless land, but of the choicest
quality, capable of producing large
quantities of vegetables, small trults,
and certain kinds ot apples, to perfection, with free range lund ut the back
thereof, upon which thousands of cot-
tie can bo bred and (ed. Some one wlll
suy, What Is the use ot producing stutf
if you cannot sell it ut u good price?
To this 1 reply, with co-operation,
an up-to-date Canning and otlier
necessary plant, a sure ninrket could
be created on the spot contracts
could be made In advance wltll the
manager ot the factory, and quick
returns assured. Perhaps not high
prices, that is not tlie most successful
feature In uny settlement, prices of
almost everything have been soaring
higher and yet higher, until It is becoming a great problem us to how people can pay their way. Large production of the best possible quality Is by
far more Important, to secure success.
May I suggest to your readers tliat
If they look at the labels on most of
the canned goods In tlio stores, and
then consider how tuucli is going to
the railway companies for haulage ete-.
and ask themselves the* question why
cannot we produce theso goods right
here, and be exporters Instead of Importers,
Even incuts (lieef, Pork, Mutton I
could bo BUecesstully canned, and tlie
bones ground up for the poultry. It
might be Information to your readers
that Ontario stores in summer and
and winter, sends west, millions of
dozens of eggs. Why Is this possible?
I Poultry thrive better In I). C. than
I Ontario, having a much milder nnd
shorter winter? Eastern Kootenay
alone could care for a million hens,
and clear a dollar per bead on them.
jOf course we must liave an increased
population to do it, hut tliat ls easily
number of the agricultural Incoming
ity of her Idle landlwarrnnt, three
things are necessary.
1. Those of us who own tlte land
close around tlie city must be willing
to sell It at very reasonable prices.
2. It must be cleared of the stumps
and mnde ready for tho settlers.
0. Wnter, which is within easy reach
must be mado available (or nll.
Clearing Ibe land.—At least a thou-
sand ranches could be provide'd close
around Cranbrook, making it a beautiful garden city, within sight of the
c. P. It. There is already a trail that
could be easily made a puhlic road,
moro or less in crescent shape, leading
from tlie Crnnbrook road over the benches, or rather around tliem, passing
the pretty little lakes In behind, at tlie
foot of the higher mountains, and coming out again near where tlle C. P. It.
crosses the road at the north end by
the drainage works. This could be
ninde .: lovely drive, increasing the
beauty of Cranbrook suburbs, and the
ranches could be made to fit in with
this drive.
I liave heard that the I). C. Provincial Government has had under consideration the question of their taking
over the management of Irrigation
works and wliere desirable', put in the
necessary plant rather than leave this
to tho settlers themselves with their
very limited capital.
The cheese factory and butter erealll
erlH or the east brought lite fanners
together and taught thorn the vulue
of co-operation, anil this same proceed
ure In II. C, will surely lead to a more
friendly Interest in oacll others good.
Waller Stark.
Y. M. C, A. ('ratlin k. II. 0.
Offers For Sale
riortgage Sale
Under and by virtue of the powers
contained in a certain mortgage,
which will be produced ut the time of
sale, there  will  bo offered
.MONDAY, the L'itli day of
NOVEMBER, A. D„ 1916
at tho hour of 2.30 o'clock in tbe
afternoon, at tlie ofllce of tho
('ranlirook, B. C.
by C. It. Ward. Auctioneer, tlie following property, namely:—
ALL AND SINUULAH that certain
parcel or tract of lands and premises
situate, lying and being in tlio city ot
Cranhrook, in tlie Province of British
Columbia, more particularly known
and described us LotB Eight (8) and
Nine till. Hlock twenty-throe (23) according to a plan filed In the Uiul
Registry Office at Nelson ns No. 809,1).
The terms of sale shall he eaBil, but
other arrangements can probably bo
made If sulllcletit puyiuent is made
down and proper security iB given
fur the balance at tlie tlmo of sale.
For further parllciiliirH and conditions of sale, apply to the undor-
Blg I  at  their  ulllees  In  the  Homo
iliiuli Hull,line. Pernio, II C.
Hilled at Kernie, H. ('., thlB 20th day
of October, A. I)., 1910.
48-Gt. Seilicltors for thn Mortagoo
222 acres, 100 acres under cultivation, SO acres of
which are seeded down In
Clover   and   Timothy,   4
acres In orchard with irrigation; electric light   and
gravity water supply. A full
line of Implements, toenails and feed can be purchased with the place. Several horses and about 100
i.ead of cattle and poultry.
Tlie improvements on this I'nrm nave
tost $13,000.00.   Will sell lund   and
Improvements for $12,501.00,  Jii.r.oo.oo
each, balance 10 nnniial payments with
interest at 7 per cent per nniiuiu. Tills
It an Ideal homo and Dairy Hunch;
a going concern.   Addres".
1'. HIND.
Box ISH, I.i'tlileridge,
Wardner, B. G.
tho reserve existing ou certain lands
in thu vicinity of Luke Crook, Craubrook District, surveyed as Lot 6620,
Kootenay District, by reason of a notice which uppoared In tin British
Columblu Gazette on the 27th of December, 1907, 1k cancelled, and that all
vucunt Crown lands within the boundaries of said lot will be open to pre.
emptlon entry on Monday, the 13th day
of November, 1910, at the hour of nine
o'clock In the forenoon.
Applications for entry wlll be re*
ccived at tlie ofllce of tbe Government
Agent, at Cranbrook, and must be confined to an area not ezcecding 160*
It.   A.  RENWICK,
Deputy Minister ol Lands.
Lands Dept., Victoria, B. C.
■  tat September, MM, **■***.


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