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Cranbrook Herald Apr 18, 1918

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„u--ris.i ("1-VMItU.
THURSDAY,   April   18,   1918
OEM OF J. I. lie
Wo regret to report the death of
Mr. J. A. Harvey nt Vancouver on
Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Harvey
has been In falling health for some
time nnd hi* death was nut altogether
James Albert Harvey waa born In
Perth county, Ontario, on February 11,
1858, He waa educated In Perth enmity public schools and the t'nlleglate
iiiHittute, hi. Catherines, Prom 18S7
to ism ho followed the profession of
School tonclier and In 1X1)5 commenced
the practice of law at Hi. Thomas,
being a memhur of the firm of Maxwell and Harvey, He came to British
Columbia in 1897, settling first at
Port Steele and moving shortly alter-j
wards to Cunbrook where lie remained until 1008. Ho was appointed K. 0.
lu 1907. In liuiK Mr. Harvey went to
Vancouver und formed a partnership
with S. 8. Taylor, K. C. He was promoter and first director of the Hank
uf Vancouver established lu 1910, and
took a prominent part In the organization aud on the directorate of several other financial aud industrial
concerns. He was an unsuccessful
candidate for Cranbrook at the Provincial Election In 1907. He was the
senior member of the firm of Harvey
McCarter, Macdonold and Nlsbet of
Cranbrook, a member of the Methodist
Church and a past master of tho
Masonic Order.
Mr. Harvey leaves a widow and
six children to mourn his loss, to
whom the Herald extends deep sympathy.
The charges against Wilhdin Lind.J
bartender of the Cross Keyi Hotel and ■
Joseph  Buchanan,  proprietor of the
  Hotel, in connection with alleged of*
ftnees under the Prohibition Act,
A highly successful and Interesting came on for hearing on Tuesday, be-;
entertninment was given on Tuesday Tore Police Maglfltate J. Leask and
afternoon by the Women's Auxiliary Mr H. White, J. P.
to the Oreat War Veterans Association Mr. W. A. Nlsbet for the defence,
ot. tho lattor's headquarter In the raised a technical point with tegard
H« i»ym ■*■*>«■,.<*-«:» ,,tfanniy*n ulhftmmJhftw^mtJI^n
The Knights of Pythias held a very
enjoyable whist drive and dance at
the Parish Hall on Wednesday evening under the heading of a Basket
Social.   After keen playing the prizes
form of a tea and shower of small  to  which the magistrates decided  to  for CMd pUfU(L werc aWurd(ld as fo|
furnishings necessary towards fitting; defer giving a decision until cases of
up rooms for our returned veterans.
The walls of the rooms were most
Interesting to the visitors, being hung
with flags, also photos nf different
contingents which have left) Cranbrook, us well ns other pictures, and
the beauty of the rooms was further
Increased by the many tea tables
Which filled two rooms and which
were artistically decorated with dainty linens aud centre pieces of faster
IllltOH, daffodils, and other cut flowers.   The ladles of the Order served
a similar character now before tlie
courts are decided Upon by Ills Honor
Judge Cayloy.   Pending receipt of the
Judges'  decision   Hie   hearings   were j
The April meeting of the Kuskanook
war  refreshments   which  were thor-t Chapter, I, O. I), E. was held on Friday
nughly  enjoyed  hy   the  large  crowd  last  with  au  attendance of  twenty.
nn ran rains
The Food Production Mm- Organized
present, nnd considerable interest as
well as enjoyment wns taken In the
different kinds of delicacies, cornmeal
and similar materials, for years past
considered by many people too course
for use tn dainty repasts; truly our
new war delicacies are a revelation.
Wliile tea was served Mesdames. P.
M. MacPherson and J. E, Kennedy,
and .Miss Dorothy Mackle rendered
vocal solos, also Masters Tom Kennedy sang "Good luck to thc Boys of
the Allies," which was especially enjoyed by his audience. Miss Alice
Pye and Mrs. Whltehouse gave piano
solos and Mesdames Tyler and Boy
recitations. In an adjoining room
were placed the donations consisting
of 32 towels, 18 pillow-slips, 1 woollen
blanket, .1 pillows, l quilt, 1 laundry
bag, 5 table covers, 7 plates, 4 large
plates, 29 cups and saucers, 1 bundle
books, ." bound books, 1 dozen teaspoons, 1 mixing bowl, 1 large teapot(
1 small teapot, 1 tea-kettle, 7 tumblers
O'Cednr Mop and polish, several bars
nf toilet soap and $12.25 in cash. A
number of oilier things have been
promised. The ladles of the Auxiliary
are furnishing other bedrooms at the
O. W. V. A. headquarters, as well as
making more comfortable and Inviting
the other rooms for our 'returnee*
heroes, and greatly appreciate the,
generosity of their many friends.
lows. 1st, ladles, Mrs. Geo. McNeil;
ladies consolation, Miss St. Eloi; 1st
gentlemen's, Mrs. Carr and gentlemen's consolation, "Wasa." The
Kootenay Orchestra played in their
usual pleasing manner for the dune
ing and did much in make the affair
enjoyable. .Mr. Pearron proved a very
pleasant und capable floor manager.
About midnight Mr. E. V. Brake begun auctioning off the basket* which
brought lu a very substantial sum
aud creuted much interest and pleasantry. Most of the buskets were decorated fn crepe paper in patriotic ef-
, fects, pink and white, green and pink,
} blue and red, orange, and holly claiming the attention. They showed con-.'
slderable time and work and were
well worth the prices they brought.!
Each guest wore a favor of mauve}
ribbon, these being pinned on as they
There is more urgent need for food
production today—tills year—than at
any other time ln tbe history of our
nation. People are starving lu Belgium, Servla, Poland, and Armenia,
and many other quarters of the globe.
The people of France and Great Britain arp on Jjkfc.__ve.rge.of starvation.
and are dependent to a certain extent
on the production on the American
continent to relieve their serious food
problems. Owing to transportation
conditions every ton of food stuffs
grown In Canada is worth to the
Motherland two tons grown In India
or four tons grown in Australia, and
if tliis country does not raise a big
crop this year ber Allies will suffer,
weakened, If not paralyzed.
Realizing the serious situation exist- j
lug, the "Soldiers of Hie Soil" Movement was launched by the Cannda j
Food Board, und as a result of the
enlistment campaign conducted, about
25,000 older boys have enlistei! iu |
Canada's Second Line of Defenoe, |
The farmers are now assured of this
labor and ttt ail parts ot Canada will
undoubtedly increase their seeding
operations <,*ii<1 use tl)jt» boys in
caring for and harvesting their crops,
MM Boy* Kallfltod in  It. ft
In the Province of British Columbia
about 1,600 boys have enlisted for
farm service and are ready nnd an* j
xlous to serve their country by an-]
slating tn grenter food production. I
Employment hns already been arrang-
id for nearly 500 boys, and applica*!
tlons are being received dally.
ttraerN   Should   Mali'
Every farmer In the Province win,
will   require   the  service;,  of   boys-
win ther It be tor immediate service or
later In Hie season    Should make ap
plication now.   Application tonus nre
being sent out hy the Department of   fed
Agriculture to nil FnrmeiV Institutes,     if thoy do not, nor Allloi
Womeno* Institutes, Hoards of Trade,  to accept b Gorman pence.
and Post Masters in the Province, or1    And if so, what of Canada?
muy be secured direct from the Op- I    The Kaiser  would  gladly sacrifice
partment nt Victoria. | millions ni men  to number Connda
Arrangements have been completed, among his  possessions.    If one  may
with     the     Education     Department! ludgO   from   the  battle   now   r;-f*lng.
whereby boys are permitted to Ro out, millions would gladly sacrifice them-
for farm service If required, but nol selves.
boy should leave school with tho ex-I    Think of (111;-:
pectullon of being placed until he Isj    Tlie  only   thing  thnt   now
"The food wauled by mankind doe?'
not exist.
Thp word 'shortage' Is not strong
The whole world ls up ag.iin.-i a
nasty thing, familiar to the people of j
India, called 'famine.'
Lord  Rhonddn,  Britain's  Food
One year ago, only Hie enemy
on rations.
Today, Great Britain, France and
Italy are on rations. Italy, in hourly
danger of another big offensive, is on
the verge nf starvation.
Can anyone doubt that every ounce
»f energy thnt we possess should be
directed toward production and conservation? Can anyone doubt Hint
It Is n time to lay aside criticism
and ro-operalP?
Cpon Hie L918 crop from Canada
and the United States depends the
fate of the democratic peoples of the
Owing to the long voyage and the
danger   from   submarines   the   wheat
of the Argentine and other distant
countries  is   not   available   for   our
tpplirMflnn*jtjlles,    Canada and America are thej Honorary member
) -ole source nf oiit'idp supplies.
These two countries must, during
huh, increase their export of wheat
by 160,000,000 bushels, and oilier commodities In proportion
If they do this, tbe  Allies rnn  be
one.   Three uew members signed the
roll, one member wus elected and two
uew members proposed.
A donation ot $25.00 was voted to
the Canadian Nurses Club ln London,
an 1. O. I). E. undertaking which was
opened on March 1 and which 1b being
supported by donations from the various chapters.
A cheque for $110.00 was received
from Superintendent A. c. HarBbaw,
accompanied by a tetter stating that
a year ago a number of the C. P. It.
employees agreed to abstain from the
use of tobacco for one year or if they
failed to do so to contribute  $10.00
each to the I. O. D. E. funds.   Mr. Harshaw   stated that   some  hud  broken
the agreement a few days before the
year expired lu order thut they might
be able to contribute to the  worthy
cause.   Two of the number are now
overseas.    Others who hud kept the
ugrecment,  nevertheless  made  their
contributions.    The  following  signed
the nou-smoking pledge a year ago:
A. C. Harshaw, W. J. Manley, V. D.
Thompson, G. D. Brown, E. O. Doner,
W. D. McLeod, E. W. Spence, C. Van*
Braam, \Y. H. Wormian, S. T. Evans,
It.  Bartholomew.. H.  Chester, J.  W.
Spence, H. P. Kay. II. A. Brown. 8. S.
It uni say
A donation of $63.15 resulted from.
the recent Masonic dance and $10.60!
was sent  in  by Mrs.  W.  C.  Adlard, I
Secretary of Methodist Ladies Onward
Bible Class being proceeds of an auto-;
graph rjuttt which had been made by;
the members of the class.   The quilt j
has been donated to the G. W. V. A.
The puichasing committee reported!
having bought  supplies to the value
of $895.88,
Tho   result   of  tbe   month's   work
show Hie following articles completed:
lOti suits pyjamas. 110 pairs socks,
i 264 personal property bags, 7 stretch-
I er caps, 3 pairs wristlets.   Five boxes!
were packed and shipped last month, j
was|ihe contents Including: 117 suits pyjamas, 258 pairs socks (including 60 i
! pairs made by Women's Institute) 426 j
[ personal property bags, (including;
j Ofi being a donation frnm the Rebekah i
! l-odge).
i    Mrs. J. P, Leslie mentioned that In I
, consequence of her departure from the
city in the near future she would have
. to resign from office as Begem at an i
j early date.   On motion of Mrs. W. E.!
Worden, seconded by Mrs. W. |l. Me
Karlane, a resolution of regret at Mrs.!
Leslie's   departure   coupled   with   au
expression of appreciation of her un-j
tiring  devotion  to the   work  of the
Chapter was carried unanimously audi
the sentiments of the members con-j
veyod to Mrs. Leslie ln suitable, terms)
by Mrs. A. A, MacKinnon, Vice-Regent. I
The   following'ladies    were madef
of the Chapter in
view of assistance in connection wltl j
Red    Cross Work    viz:—Mrs. James'Now, Mr. Thompson, It's up ti
Macdonald, Mrs. McEnchren and Mrs. I whatever you decide we'll do,
John Puttcrson. i We're game to see this old war thru
The  report   of work  accomplished!    Am' nc'D t0 wnlp t0 Ka'Bpr-
during the first three months of 1918
shows thai  .158 pairs nf socks, 623
suits  of   pyjamas   and   426   personal
property  bags  have  been  completed.
Thc canvass of the city on March 19
resulted In raising the sum of $577.00.
The receipts for the  past month
Included, ftannellette fund. $7.20, dues,
♦10.50, Prisoners of War Fund, $7.00.
Mrs.   Dallas and   Mrs. Shankland
were appointed cutting-out committee,
Mrs, Davis and Mrs. Fyles will assist
an-j8  Mrs. Palmer with tbe packing, Mrs.
Ericktjon will check up the sewing
For the housewives who have been
using drippings br chicken fat in
place of butter, here is a way to make
use of thc scraps left over when beef,
pork or chicken  has been  rendered.
Grind the scraps through the meat I
chopper, then use them as follows In i
One cup brown sugar; two eggs;
one cup ground scraps; salt and
vanilla; two level teaspoons baking
powder sifted with two cups flour.
A very few walnuts crushed with this I
preserves the illusion that they are!
made entirely of crushed nuts.
Fried onions, served on a platter'
and covered with slices of hurd-builed;
egg and grated cheese, make a palatable, nutritious and inexpensive substitute for meat.
Here is a graham pudding that Is
as delicious as It Is patriotic:
One quarter cup shortening; one,
half cup molasses; one half cup milk;
one egg; one and one half cups flour: j
one half teaspoon soda; one teaspooni
salt aud one cup of fruit; steam two1
hourn. Serve with a caramel sauce.
This will serve  plght or ten people.)
Potatoes—free   samples   of   fifteen
pounds each of any three of following
sorts:    Gold Coin, Eureka, Carmant
.No. 1, .'nd Netted Gem, can be hud by
1 any   member  of  Farmers'   Institute
i free for experimental purposes.   Also j
j 1   11)   samples  of  North   West   Dent j
j and  Minnesota  No.  18,  Fodder Com.
Inoculating bacteria for alfalfa seed!
j at 85c enough for 60 lb:; seed.
All applications for above through
he Secretary,
Crop competitions In Potatoes 14
icre, and wheat 1 acre, will be held a-,
lain this ypar.
in the report of the Board of Trade
meeting in our last week's issue we \
1 slated that a delegation from thc
Women's Institute waited on the coun-
ell in regard to the matter of securing positions for returned soldiers.
This was an error and should have:
read "a delegation from the Women's
Auxiliary to the Great War Veterans'
We'll square ourselves for any stunt.
Cinch up our belts without a grunt,
And reed the fellows at the front,
80 they can bomb the Kaiser.
We'll give up cakes and rood white
And eat cornmeal flap-jacks instead,
Because the armies must be fed
To perforate the Kaiser.
We'll give up sugar tn our tea,
Weil live on rabbit fricassee
And ship our pork .-.cross the sea,
And holler, "Swat the Kaiser!''
actually needed nnd receives a letter | between Germany nnd the realisation
to  thnt  effect   trom   Mr.   James   H.   of  her   dreams   of   world   dominion I ■t»tl Mrs. Thompson the knitting.
Beatty. Associate Provincial Superln-  Is that few  miles of battlo-llne In     T,le Secrotary reported that the &ec- j Wf.-d Mve on mons-- an<t speckled
tendent.  Parliament   Buildings,  Vic-  Flanders—nnd tbe British navy.       ; essary forms In connection with regis-!       trout
torle. [    Sometimes we hold our breath as Nation of the Chapter under the War To try and help the allies out;
I we think of the tremendous task that! Charities Act hove been received.      I We-d eat  Dutch c^eese  anri  BflUer.
Super vision of Boy*.
The entire Province has necn div-
line is facing; of the stupendous odds
The Cranbrook Club have donated! j-ral|t|
ided into .iktr...., ,.,-i ,.-,.-,.1,1   hm<B, I that It must overcome, I* quantity of blinds and) awnings.]    ,f t'1)at woul(l 8p|te lhe Kn,ser
Wed Into districts and capable boys ,    We dfl w|| (0 ,ww conrillcn(,e ln  which will be disposed of and the pro-!
men. who will give voluntary service. ^ w|jmf o, 0Uf mon   ^ wp do | CCQrSs U9ed for , 0 ,, E puriJ08eB,    1 We'd use our spuds to fatten hog-,,
are being secured to take charge of woU  a]m j,M (|      im|egfj      I    A vote 0f thanks was passed to the I And live on ducks and hams of
the supervision 0   the boys iu each  .^.^ fei ^ ^ {]m ^ ^       J nebekali   Lodge  for   donation   of  96 ■       frogs,
district.   In addition to these super-  |)Hfd wUh fnod ,hpy pnn|m, Iw|(| thftt personal property bags. . Or even shrimps and pollywogs,
doe, ..       «... I    To help to strofe the Kaiser.
We may send money and Red Cross BORN
visors, a local committee will be appointed in each centre to keep in constant touch with both Hie boys and
their employers nnd tn assist in the
Railway Kates
This matter has been taken up with
supplies    to  Europe,    sufficient  to Smith—On April 10th at the home
block  the  traffic  there.    They will of Mrs. B. Rondeau to Mr. and Mrs.
not win the war.   If we cannot feed T. A. Smith, a son.
our men, our cause Ih lost. ,
Upon every man, woman, boy and The Women's Auxiliary to the G.
; We'll mix our bread with chopped up
j       Btraw,
We'll buy a patent Iron Jaw,
Then get a bale of hay and chaw,
To circumvent thc Kaiser.
the railway authorities and we expert girl   rests  n  personal  obllgotlon   to W. V, A. are holding a whlBt drive The hoys tn khaki aro the ones
to be ablo to make definite announce- servo.   Every pound of food produced, In tho Royal rooms on Wedneadny, We'll feed the lads behind the guns.
ment regarding special rates for "Sot- in whatever form, is a contribution April 24th.   A charge will be made of It's open season now for Buna.
dters ef tbe Soil" very soon. to tht cause of freedom. 2U each, person. Veto out to get U* Kalier
Order No. 25 March 18th, 1918.
Whereas by Order of the Governor
General in Council, dated iL'iii day of
' March. 1018, P. C. 59ti, it was amongst
Other tilings provided that the Canada
' Food   Hoard   may   make*   regulations
respecting  the consumption  of food.
And whereas by said Order-in-Coun-
cil Hie regulations numbers one and
) two  under  the  heading,  "Applicable
to Public Eating Houses," enacted by
Order-in-Council Of the ninth day of
August, nil", p. c 2190. were repealed
and reclnded,
And whereas it la necessary in the
public Interest to enact the following
Therefore, it is hereby ordered:
1.—For the purpose of these regulations,
(a) "Public Eating Place" Includ-
ea hotel, restaurant, cafeteria, club,,
dining-car, or steamship, or any place
whatsoever where meals or refreshments to the number of twenty-four
or more per diem are sold or served'
to persons other than members of the
family or household of the proprietor.
2.—(a) "Pork" shall include an; |
part, of the carcass whether fresh ori
cured in any form, save and except |
feet, tonguesj heads, hearts, livers,
kidneys, lard, sausages and other offal
products and products made there-1
<b) "Beef and Veal" ahull Include1
any part of the carcass fresh or cured
In any form save and except heads.'
tongues, hearts, livers, kidneys, tails,
sweetbreads, suet, tallow and other
offal (products, and products made <
(c) Thc morning meul shall mean:
any meal served between the hours of,
r,.:,0 a.m. and 10 a.m.: the mid-day.
meul. any meal served between the
hours of 11,80 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.; the ■
evening meal, any menl served between the hours of <l p.m. and 9 p.m.
3,—The following regulations shall
apply to all public eating pluces other
Hian military, lumber, logging, mtn-
ng, construction and fish curing!
camps and hospitals.
4.—(a) Beef and veal may be served ut the evening menl only on any
day: and on Wednesday and Friday
none shall be served.
(b) Pork may be served st the
morning meal only on Sunday Turn-
day and Thursday; and at the noon'
meal on Monday and Saturday; and on
Wednesday and Friday none shall be
le) At the mid-day meal each day
not more than one ounce of wheat or
product of wheat shall be served; and ,
at every meal where white bread Is,
served, there shall nlr.o be served:
some substitute or substitutes such'
as corn-bread, oat-cakes, etc.
td) Except under special licence
fronted by the Canada Food Board,;
and fn accordance with regulations
made by them, no public eating place;
shall serve to any person more than
one ounce of wheat bread or any product made wholly or in part from
wheaten flour between the hours of
10 a.m. and 11.30 a.m.; 2.30 p.m. and:
'> p.m.; 9 p.m. and 5.3U a.m.
(e) Notwithstanding any contrary!
provisions, sandwiches made from j
.vheatbread and pork, beef or veal,
may only be served at railway lunch
counters at any and all times to bona!
tide travellers. All other public eating places shall not serve sandwiches;
during the mid-day meal, nor shall
they serve sundwiches with fillings of
beef, veal or pork during the hours
and days that these meats are prohibited.
5.-— (a) Bread shall not be placed!
on tables until the first course 111
[hi There shall not be served to
one person more than two ounces of
wheat bread or rolls, or other product made from standard flour, of
four ounces of bread, or other pre.
duct made from bran. corn. oat. barley
or other flour at any one meal.
le) Except in railway trains and
steamships, bread shall be twelve
hours old before being served.
The serving of bread, except under*
poached eggs as a garnish In any
form. Is prohibited.
The serving of wheat flour dump-
lings In pot pies, meat stews or sou.--.
Is not permitted.
fi.—fa, On and after the 7th day
of April, 1918, no bakery operated tn
connection with a public eating place
shall make wheat bread or rolls, pastry, or other bakery products frnm
wheat flour other than the standard i
flour, or from flour containing a
higher extraction than the standirl
flour, as prescribed in Food Control-1
ler's Order number 11 an 18„ without permission from the Canada Fend
1 tii In manufacturing bread and
rolls, there shall not be used to etult
barrel of flour of one hundred and
ninety-six pounds, the following Ingredients In amounts exceeding-
Sugar.*—In excess of two pounds of,
cane or beet sugar, Including the su«!
gar In condensed nr powdered mi'k
if such b* used.
Mult Kxtract or Malt Hour.—In I
excess of two pounds. If malt be]
not used, the eoaivelenL in weight of
-mger nay ho used.
Provim lal Library of
.. it -. - ilr.n bin. Aug C-1S
Special display of
Fashionable New
Hats on Sale at
$4.00 each.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook- £>,> Goods »nd Clothing Store
GW>'" ■■ «***'■ is *A   M-tV  m*A    ,isfr   \,*\   m*f^.m\
THIS is ihe Time when > >.u should lake a tonic that
will liuilil it], j-imr >i)'steiii. strengthen jour nerves,
|.ut rich, red hliiud In vour ieln- und restore your wore,
nut hod) to its normal eooit health.
Comp. t"xtracl **ar«upari|la. $1.00 per bottle
is >nlit with the fiirniiila on lbr I il.il for i.ih |>rolM,ioii. k.cp -«r
-kin ire. from Plm;i m, Bolls' Krnpllons, scurf, scrofulous Sor»«,
l.Uti- .Sunt., rtr,
Cranbrojk Drug & Book Co.
Phono 74.  Nlghl Phone, 411 :,n<: VjH.      W. J. ATI HISON, aUaaftr.
"> have just received a lurirr consignment of
Aluminiun  Ware
H'e are selliue these at  the riirhl prices.
THE    8EEQS      ARB
An\ person. .Mnrket (inrd-ntr, htmicr or Institution wiahlnr seed
In larer or small onnntllles, I. Invited lo innil ua a list ot their requirements nnd ne will nrompll) retain II with the lowest market
Fats,  either   Vegetable  nr   \nima!       (el    In making bread or roll., ther*
or compounds- of name.   In .urea* of shall not be added any uuitar, or fata
two pounda. lo  the  rNincli  during1 tho proc.as 01
Milk.   In eiceaa of hIi pounds ni baking; or to the bread or rolls whan
liquid skim milk or Its equivalent of baked.
Mmdanatd or po»s*end aallk. ifoalbautd an page two) PAflE TWO
THURSDAY,   April   18,   1918
M, A. Benle, Kdltvr mul Scerctnrj
It. A. K;i>. Mumtuer
t-miiltnHik, II. ('.. April IHth, HUH.
may come from a variety of causes
Usually sewing or tasks that require cloae application of ihe eyes
on any Particular object. Sometimes it comes from trying to read
in an imperfect light. Nn matter
what the cause, we can cure it by
the fitting of correct Glasses to
children's eyes. But—don't delay!
Uring them here nt once.
Raworth Bros.
N.-\t in l-oBt Ofllec
C. I'. If. Watch Inspectors,   Opticians
K»ht. Frame, Prop.
' ic-.it  Itrotlll, Cukes, I'lt'S
und Pastry
Ptione 37
Norbury Ave       Opp  City Hall
Meets in Mapio Hall second
Tuesday of every month at 8
p. m.
Membership open to Britisti
Visiting membors cordially
E. Y. Brake,        J. F. Lower,
President Secretary
Meets In the
parish Hall
first Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
at. 'A p.m.
pres., Mrs. W.
It. McFarlane
Seoy, Mrs, J. W. Burton, P. 0. Boi621.
All ladles cordially Invited.
t'i vll nnd Mining Engineers
II. (J. Land Surveyors
Daylight Saving is now an accomplished fact iu Canada.   In CranbrooK
the new time came  into    existence
'■ without any of   the   Inconveniences
: 1 redlctedi the advantages of un ex*ra
hour's daylight after work being gsn-
crally appreciated and it is quIM sate
io forcast that we will never go back
, to the  pre-war time  schedule  after
\ peace Is restored.   Daylight saving Is
bore to stay.
1 In England the saving in the use of
fuel and artificial light for tlie sum-
I mer months has been estimated as
! equivalent to SLi.ynft.oon, Franco has
I effected a saving of fuel of fully 10
! per cent
Daylight saving means increased
efficiency in the Improvement of the
health, morals and welfare of tbe
community, li means nn hour extra
for gar don Ing, for production of food,
bills for electric light will be cut
down, and out of door recreation will
he stimulated.
It makes one wonder why wc have
been losing this hours daylight all our
Wc publish elsewhere in this issue
tiie new regulations just issued by the
Canada Food Board. It is inconceivable that there is any human being in
existence who fs so enamoured with
Ills stomach as to oppose the modest
restrictions called for. Too easy by-
far. The Allies are looking to Canada to save the perilous food situation. Food is in nbundance in Canada and there is plenty, nol only to
keep the wolf from our own doors but
even to save the situation for tlie Allies, provided we conserve It by a
moderate degree of unselfishness.
The cry from the trenches, from the
munition factories, from tiie shipyards, from the millions of our own
race who are giving themselves
Wholly and unreservedly to the cnuse
for our freedom as well as their own,
is flung across lhe sea, "Give us this
day our daily bread". We are safe
and secure because of this sacrifice.
Is It much that they ask? To control
our appetites that they may live—to
fight on for us to Victory and Peace.
Tho issue of tho battles during the
next few days will be of far reaching
coiiseinieiices and will be awaited
witli deep anxiety; to hold thc enemy
now Is to defeat him and it Is certain
he will throw thc whole weight of his
enormous forces against the British
line In his effort to break through,
but remembering tlie Marno and with
the knowledge that the French and
American Armies are speeding to
their support we can feel assured that
tlie British Army will obey Field Marshal Hnlg to the last man.
If vou want satisfaction
with vour waabli-F
Bend It to
Suecial nrlces for famllv
Forwarding und  Distributing
Agent for
Lethbrldge and Greenhlll Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlstrbutlon Gars a Specialty.
Uruylug un,i Transferring
Given prompt attention
Phone 63
l»rs. Green & MacKinnon
Physicians aud Snrgeona
oilier  at residence, Armstrong
Forenoons   9.00 to 10.00
AtUrnouns 2.00   o   4.00
Evenings  7.30 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
Tlie Shoe Specialist.
.101*: -MARAl'ODI
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Headquarters for all kinds of
Phone 3,111
Norbnry Aie, next to Clly Hall
£(>» Mctropnlltan Mrig.,
Day  Phono, Seymour  4462
Night Phone, Falrmount 8016
Head  Office, :if2 lllbhcn-llnne
llulldintr, Victoria, It. C.
Phbne J1412
Montana Restaurant
Meals at All Honrs
Cigars. CiguretteN and Candy
Opposite the Bank of Commerce
hlu Km-
J Hitting I'lll tor Wiuneii. |,r> a box or UireofOT
10. .gold at All I'l-ntf Stores, or mailed totny
MldMHon ri:cifi[it ni -.rice. Tim Scoht.li. Diua
Co., St Cut burin fn. Oiitnrlo. _	
Brafl-HONOLF0RMEN. ?,?„'.»"
Vitality* for  Nerr« nnd Drain; InOrtJUM "ifrey
■*««".»'.'.iiile ■H'llll.itllil yi'll lip. Uftl-OI.or
two for J-V nt "iri'tf ntimn, ur hy mill un rocflfif
•Iprli-B- fm flmuEi.t Ju.ru Co., St. OtUurlMt ,
It is lamentable to think that the
British leaders should be harassed
with tbe Irish problem in an Intensified form at this critical stage of the
world's history. What would be the
good of Home Rule to Ireland U Germany wins the war? The Irish would
then have German home-rule and
they know, or should know, what thai
means. Ask the Russians. We wonder
If the Irishman has lost all sense of
proportion. Whether his hntred of
British rule Is so contorted ns to
make him oblivious of the danger to
his country.
It Is doubtful If the findings of the
Irish Convention will help the unhappy situation nnd the effect of Lloyd
George's bold suggestion remains to
be seen. Is the Irish Sinn Felner and
Irish Nationalist such a favored species of tlie human race that he can
expect to receive the protection of
the British Army and be exempt from
the Conscription which creates that
Army, or can It be that be prefers
German rule?
If lie were wise he would be willing
to relegate Home Rule lo the hack-
ground while tho war lusts and lay its
foundations on solid rock by fighting
with all his strength and numbers
against the Arch Enemy of Home
Rule--ihe Kaiser.
That is the way the women won tht
franchise, but it Is too much to expect
of the Irishman.
Apparently the Irish quostlon is to be
determined. We use the word determined rather than settled because the
question of a settlement Is still very,
very doubtful.
And it is this very clement of doubt
which lias become 'the! .renl bane,
rather than the question of Home
Rule itself. It has caused a tendency
toward impatience to develop In the
minds of those who want to see the
mutter disposed of in one way or another, fnr it la safe to say thai it is
this question which has done more
than any other to create suspicion ami
division In old country politics, Much
progressive legislation has been made
impossible and some retrogressive
measures have found their wny to
Mil statute book, because of this distrust and Busplclon, which, in tho
final analysis is, sad to say, religious
rather than political.
Whatever we may think of tlie wisdom of Lloyd George, we cannot but
admire his courage, If courage it finally proves to be.
We British people have a peculiar
trait of waiting until the result of an
action   is  determined,  before   we  decide its quality,   We must therefore
I wait before we render our verdict.
There nre many who cannot see
[anything else lu the premier's nation
t except the counsel of darkness, be-
I Moving as they do thnt It will but add
j one more terrific burden to the already overtrled military staff of the
, nation.
j Bul It is a gamble ami tile premier
has taken his throw and Irelnnd must
' throw next.
There is a subtle psychology that
I tends  to  put  the  odds  In   favor  of
I the premier, however, in that he acted
first, and it  is this:    With decision.
| defini'e and unequivocal, there is a
1 moral force which works silently and
; powerfully.   It injects a question into
j the  opposing  mind,  as   to   whether
j there may not be other factors In the
yame which have not been made public and which may he more than wns
i bargained for.
Confidence on the one side begets
! n corresponding doubt on the other
oftentimes. The question that the
i world therefore now waits the answer
to Is, which of the parties have the
greater confidence.
Get that garden ready for a bumper
crop of spuds
Joseph Martin, that political star of
meteoric brilliancy, has made his positively last appearance on the B. C,
stage. He intends to again cast his
lot with the British Labor Party. If
we have seen the last of Joe we shall
al least hear of him, but last appearances arc sometimes elastic.
During the titanic conflict which ls
now raging on the Western Front, the
thoughts of all free peoples turn towards the brave British Army fighting
with its back to thc wall with grim
tenacity and determination to check
the overwhelming forces which aro
being thrust against it.
It recalls the first few weeks nf the
war when Ihe Kaiser ordered his conquering hosts to crush tbe "contempt-
able little army," the terrible rttreat
from Mons and the intense feeling of
relief when the tide was turned with
the ever memorable battle of the
Mame which compelled the rttreat of
the German Armies almost at the
gates of Paris.
Once again the destruction of the
British Army is the great object of
the German High Command, and tbe
present conflict is even more terrible
in its intensity but the British soldier
today is of the same breed and stamina and he may he relied upon to fight
with the same dogged determination
and to be ready at tbe right time to
hurl the enemy back.
The present situation is undoubtedly serious, even critical In the
extreme. Field Marshal Halg's
orders that positions must be held at
all costs makes It clear that the Germans have reached a point In their
advance where important stragetlc
positions are in danger and lines of
communications threatened; the Canadian forces nt Lens are also in Jeopardy and should the whole of Mob-
pfiN'H Ridge fall into enemy hands we
must Anticipate their withdrawal
(Continued from  page one)
(d)   There shall only be manufactured  a  single  loaf,  or  a  multiple
thereof, closely batched together and
baked in a pan with no cutting or
washing; provided that bread containing no less than thirty-five per cent
(357.") of rye flour shall be baked on
the oven bottom in two styles only,
viz.:  either a round or stick shape.
i Rolls shall be manufactured only ln
: weights of one and two ounces and
I shall he baked on a pon nnd not on
I tho oven bottom.
7.—(a) Meat and game shall not
be served In larger amounts than the
following portions for each person:
Such portions to be the weights
specified after cooking, not including
Beef    g   QZi
Veal 6 oz.
Mutton and Lamb 6 oz.
Fresh pork  6 oz.
Pickled pork  8 oz.
Venison and other wild
meats  ft oz.
Bacon  4 oz,
Ham   4 oz.
Zam-Buk's soothing and heallnj
power. " Uam-Buk has been our
household balm for fourteen years,
end we could nut do without it,"
says Mr. George A. Kllburn of Swan
Lake, Man.
For eczema aud skin troubles ot
all kinds Zam-Buk hue bo equal;
aUo for old sores, ulcers, abscesses,
boilt,pimples,blood-poisoning, piles,
cuts, burns, bruises aud scalds.
All dealera or Zam-Buk Co., Tt>
routo.   oOc. box, t for fl.25.
(b)   Only one serving, composed ot
meat or other flesh or fowl shall be
served to nay person at any meal.
8.—-(a) Not more than one half
ounce of butter or olemargarlne shall
be served to any person at any meal
unless a special request be made,
wpen a second serving of not more
than one-half ounce may be given.
(b) Except In railway trains and
steamships, sugar receptacles shall
not be. left on dining tables or counters; and not more than two teaspoons-
ful, or nn equal weight, of cane sugar
shall be served for the purpose of
sweetening beverages; and sugar for
any purpose shall only be served when
called for by the person requiring it.
0.—(a) From and after April 7,
1IU8, all menu cards, uotlces and advertisements published by any public
eating place relating to mep,ls pr
food shall feature fresh and dried
fruits, preserves, jams, honey, maple,
corn and cane syrups, cereals other
than wheat products, eggs, fresh, salt,
.smoked and shell fish In sen huh potatoes, roots, green vegetables, salads,
and soup::.
th) From uud after April 7, 11118,
iu the dining rooms ol' all public eating places there shall be prominently
displayed, so as lo be easily read by
all guests or persons partaking of
meals, cards having printed thereon—
"All persous in ordering their food
ought to consider the needs of Great
Britain and her Allien, and their armies, for wheat, beef, bacon and fats,
and that the Canada Food Board desires tlie public to do everything in
their power to make these commodities available for export by eating as
little as possible of them, and by making use of substitutes, and avoiding
waste." Or iu lieu thereof, all menu
cards shall bear, clearly printed in
red, the above notice. ->
10.—Any menu card or advertisement of any kind authorized by auy
public eating place offering any food
during the hours or days such food
is prohibited under this regulation
or under any regulations made relative- thereto, shall be deemed sufficient
evidence to convict the proprietor of
being guilty of an offence under this
11.—Garbage cans shall be provided
for swill; aud separate containers
shall be used for the depositing of
ashes, broken glass and crockeries so
that all table and kitchen scraps may
be readily inspected aud available for
the feeding of live stock.
12.—No proprietor, or manager, or
cook, or steward, or waiter of any
public eating place shall destroy, or
allow to be destroyed, any food or
food products which are fit for human
consumption, and shall not knowingly
commit waste, or wilfully permit pre-
' ventable deterioration arising out of
i the storing or sale of nny food or food
I products.
1 13.—Proprietors and managers of
public eating places, and all persons
Including waiters, cooks and stewards,
shall be personally responsible, and
shall b- liable to prosecution for ttit
Infringement of any ot these regulations committed, or permitted by any
such persons, under this Order, toi
waste of food or food products found
In swill or garbage cans, or wasted In
any manner whatsoever and which
could be used to better advantage.
14.—(a) On and after the first day
of June, 1918, no person shall operate
a public eating place without having
first obtained a license from the Canada Food Board.
(b) No person owning or managing
a public eating place shall buy, contract for, store, or otherwise handle
food or food products for the purpose
of restricting the supply, or of monopolizing, or attempting to monopolize,
either locally or generally, any food
or food products, or which has the
effect of so doing.
15.—The violation of any of the provisions of tills Order are punishable
I under the terms of the Order of the
Honest Opinion Doctor Gave
Hit Patient
Bedford, Ohio.—"I was in a pitiful
\ condition,   weak,   nervous   and   run
down so I could not do my housework.
' I had doctored for yean and tried
' everything under the sun.   A friend
I told me about Vinol.   I asked my
doctor about it, and he replied, 'It
i certainly is the best medicine that can
: be had today.   I couldn't give you
any better.'   I took it, and today I
am as well and strong as any woman
could wish to be, and it was Vinol
that saved me."—Mrs. Frank A. Hor-
kev. Ash St., Bedford, Ohio.
i    We guarantee this famous cod liver
I and iron tonic for all such conditions.
Cranbrook Drug & Rook Co., Cran-
S brook, B. C.   also at the best drug-
j arista In all B. C. towns.
Notice tn Householders.
The City Council  are making ar-
! rangements for the cleaning of streets
and alleys within the City, and own-
! ers, tenants or occupants of premises
nre hereby required to have their
premises cleared of all garbage, refuse
j etc,.which should be placed in a suitable receptacle on the alley at the
rear of their lots, on or before May
1st. Those falling to comply with
the above regulations will be subject
lo the provisions of the Health By-
Law of the City.
City Hall, cranbrook, B. C, April
i 10th 1018.
1 Thos. M. Roberts, City Clark.
Governor General in Council, p. C.
597, dated the twelfth day ot March.
1918, pursuant to the powers conferred
upon him by the War Measures Act,
1914, and which regulations aie as
(a) Any person violating any of
the provisions of these regulations, 01
of nny Order made thereunder, or obstructing or impeding any officer or
person enforcing or carrying- out any
of the provisions of these regulation!^
or of any Order made thereunder, ls
guilty of an offence, and shall be liable
on summary conviction before a Police
Magistrate, or two Justices of the
Peace, to a penalty not exceeding one
thousand dollars, and not less than
one hundred dollars; or to Imprisonment for a period not exceeding three
months; or to both fine and Imprisonment.
(b) Where the proceedings In any
case In which a fine Is Imposed under
the authority of these regulations are
instituted at the Instance of any muni
cipnllty, or by any officer of a municipality, the fine shall be paid to the
treasurer of such municipality, lo be
disposed of as the municipality may
from time to time direct. And whore
such proceedings are Instituted nt the
instance of, or by nny provincial officer, such fine shall be paid to thc
Provincial Treasurer, to be disposed or
as such Treasurer may, from time tr
time direct.
It IS mamilacturcd
tobacco in its purest
It  has  a   pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically   prepared
for man s use.
KEY CITY UHMli:, No.'•-'
Meets every
Monday night
at Fraternity
Hall.      Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
E. H. MoPhee W C. Aillnrd
Secy. N. Q.
r. n. jiii.es
Office in Hanson Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
rK.tNiiKflOK  coTT.un:
Private Nursing Hume
Licensed by Provincial Govt
Maternity ami General Nursing
Massage und Rest Cure, Highest
References, terms moderate.
Apply Mrs. A. Crawford, Matron
Phone 26!) P. O. Box 84,",
Address, Garden Ave. Cranbrook
llarrlslors, Etc
«'. K. (iurd 0, J. Spreull
litANIllIIMIK, 11. ('.
I If s the great wartime sweetmeat.
—the benefit, the
pleasure, the economy
of a Sc package of
-has made it the favorite "sweet ration"
of the Allied armies.
—send it to your friend
at the front:
-it's the handiest,
longest-lasting refreshment he can
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meels every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
c. H. Collins. K. R. & S.
In Canada
The Flavour Lasts
A Truck for the Farmer
FARM equipment which will effect a time and labor-
saving, and therefore a money-saving, must be carefully considered by every good farmer now-a-days.
The farm wagon, which for years was the most useful
of all farm equipment, is now being replaced on the best
farms by a sturdy, dependable motor truck. The truck
will haul any farm product—fruit, grain, vegetables,
stock, fertilizer, or wood—around the farm, or to the
town or city many miles distant, in half the time, and
at a much lower cost
The Ford One-Ton truck is a rapid, economical and
very serviceable means of transport. One of these on
your farm will save you weeks or time in a single season
and will enable you to pass through a crisis of labor shortage with less difficulty.
The Ford truck is supplied as a chassis only. This permits you to select any of the many body styles especially
designed for the Ford truck and already on the market.
Thus you can mount the one which suits your individual
Price $750 f.o.b. Ford, Ont
Thmtf tht many beii/ttyltt that mag imumttitn tht ftnl truth thmbt
Hanson Garage — Dealers - Cranbrook
m THURSDAY,   April   18,   1018
W^jjagftptimisiij ■ ii :.;.; ..^■'■[''■;m.:i!i!iuTii.!ii"i!:';rnini]iii!:
Siassos jtre
They lend dignity to.intelligence, and charm to ar."
attractive face.
We can supply, the miat
modern styles and gtiart-n-,
tee pleaslnr results!
Wtl. 1b. Wilson I
•mi. <HTUiA\
I .
Jy,^.UM---IF*J«rl.l/..t-.IJ,1lL -rf .* jt ._V_l  ."l.lin.JJ :„ „i It, I "ly,
Screen Doors
Screen Windows
Garden Hose
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook     -     15. C
Can you think of any reason why
there should not be one in your
IV,    llorail,    tmnliriMik     Aircnt
I ill
I.IK  MOTtil.  WITH  A
Tlt.fi     llllllSI'     llftH      I'll
bnppy (llsiliK't'nn nf being the fiivorlte stop?.
l>ing place hi Spokane
for the people of British
CnlmtiMn Wo ii|i|iri»rtate
this patronage nnd do
everything in ,tiir power
in tiiulte ynu cnntfortnhfe.
Our    lOf'Hllon    If    ex eel lent    —
•tow* to Oront Northern station
ind 0 W it ft N.-MHwmike
'ermhiiil, and within a mlo'.te't.
vulk frnm the principal business
imiHoa and places of amusement
Hvv   KleaiiMilii   nn   Itoof
;    Ktlby frames pictures
!    Mrs. John Patcrson entertained at
tea on Wednesday.
!     Dr.   F,   W.  Green (returned  from
j > Halifax on Wednesday.
.' Mrs. C. G. Bennett .of Creston Is the
guest of her mother, Mrs. Erfekson.
Mrs. Erlckson was hostess at a
lea on Tbiiiyiday In honor of. Mrs.
(,'ard party and dance in the Parish
Hull, Monday, April 89th. Cards 8 to
li). dancing 10 to i.
I Mr. 11. II. IIobr, a prominent lum-
• bormnn nf Waldo, was a visitor In
the clly on Monday.
Mr. Kddie it. McMahon of Calgary,
; 0. P. It. eagle eye, and a former real
' dent, Is visiting frleiulH In Ihe city thin
The regular monthly meeting of the
! id tali Morclianta Association win be
: held In the City Hall on Friday even
: log .April IDtb. at 8 o'clock.
i Mr. A. K. Leitch, manager of the
■ (Hast Kootenay Lumber Co., Jaffray,
'■ was a visitor In the city on Monday
1 and Tuesday.
lie sure and see Ihe "Geyser" Elec-
j trie Washer and the "Eureka" Vacuum ('leaner, the world's best, at Pat-
i more Bros. 16-1,
j    Miss Gladys Parnaby left on Mon-
; day for Golden, B. C, where she has
I taken a position ns stenographer to
Mr. H. G.  Lock wood, lawyer.
j    The regular monthly meeting of the
| W. C. T. U. will be held on Thursday,
April 26th at 3.30 p.m., at the home
■. of Mrs. Hersey, Burwell Avenue.
Mrs. Olive Embury of Coronation,
i Alta., arrived in the city last week
and has Joined tha office staff of the
: 6. p. n.
Mrs. Turner Lee and Miss Hynes
left on  Wednesday for their home
I at   Bennington   after   spending   the
| winter months in Cranbrook.
Twenty-six  Ladies'  Coats Jin  the
: very latest shades and models to be
sacrificed;   a  Ladles Coat in  tweed
j or    English    Covert    Cloth—regular
! $17.50 for $12.95, at W. D. Hill's.
Mr. J. Jordon of the Railroad Constructing Firm of Burns & Jordon,
Spokane, arrived in the City on Wednesday and left today via motor car
•■'for the Windermere country.
Car owners! We have installed a
Vtilcanizer; It will pay you to have
your tires repaired; all work guaranteed. Agents for "Firestonf" tires.—
Cranhrook Saddlery Co., Ltd.      16-2t I
Mr. A B. Macdonald was called to,
Vernon last week on account of the I
illness of his brolher, Mr. John Mac-i
donald. news of whose death was rc-i
reived on Tuesday.
One quarter of the full amount of
your .purchase means 259J <>f a saving; this applies tn all and any lines
of merchandise bought al W i> KIH'a
Dry Goods store, commencing on Saturday and lasting (or two weeks.--
\V  l»  Hill, the Ladles' Wear Store.
Mr l" I' Covorbill of tha British
Columbia Pores try Department victoria, arrived in the city on Saturday
to confer witli Mr, McFadden. the
local official of this Department, us
to the requirements of this branch for
the coming season.   Mr. Coverlid) left
for West Kootenay points on Tuesday.
The Cranhrook branch 0. W. V. A.
acknowledges, with many Lhaiibs, the
following additional furnishings for
the Club rooms: table, Mr. X. A. Walllnger; bureau and stand, Mr. and
Mrs. A. C. Bowness. Thanks are also
due to Mr. Geo. It Leask for loan of
piano for recent entertainment.
Patmore Bros, have secured the
Agency for the "Geyser" the world's
most efficient Electric Washer, and
the "Eureka" Vacuum Cleaner, which
was awarded the "Grand Prize" the
highest of all awards at the Panama
International Exposition at San Francisco, 1915. These goods nre on exhibition at Patmore Bros who will
be pleased to give a demonstration of
their labor saving qualities at any
time.   See them. 16-1.
We are moving from our Okanagon
store $20,000 of merchandise consisting largely of staple dry goods, Prints
Ginghams, Ladies. Misses and Children's shoes, hosiery, etc. We will
sell everything at a reduction of one
quarter off, a saving of 259&.—W. n.
One of the first men to leave Cranbrook on the outbreak of the war recently returned home on leave. George
Cam. an Imperial Reservist, responded to the call on August Sth . 1914,
| and was in France the following
; month.    Be was wounded after about
two months al the from bul was a-
guiii in France for several months in
1916 until transferred to Salonika
where he was wounded a second time
fn August, 1916, Cam is at home on
ninety days leave.
The members of the St John Ambulance Association wish to thank all
those who loaned their war trophies
and photos on Tuesday, April 9th and
also  the  citizens  of Cranbrook  for
, contributing so generously and helping to make the "Flag" Day such a
success.   At the   meeting   held    on
; Tuesday evening it was decided to
send a donation of $300.00 to the St;
John Ambulance Brigade Hospital at
Staples, France
The April meeting of the Cranbrook Poultry Association will be
held at the Clly Hall on Friday 19th .
lust at B p.m. The subjects for discussion '•'•'ill be "Hatching and Hearing of Chicks". A shon talk will be
given by Mr. I Robson in view -if
the fact thai a great many people in
thu district are taking up poultry
keeping Hits spring, tills subject is
one of considerable importance. \
cordial Invitation is extended tu .Ml
Interested to attend.
No. .. Canadian General Hospital,
went lo England In August, 11*lf>. and
sidled shortly afterwards for an unknown destination. After a trip of
considerable duration the hospital unit
arrived al Salonika and FergUBOn saw
Bervlce there until his health broke
down. He returned to England when
Him Canadian Medical Services were
transferred from Salonika in September last.
Pastor; Rev. Thos. Keyworth.
There will be service both morning
and evening on Sunday at 11 a.m.,
and 7.30 p.m. The pastor will preach
on both occasions.
Sunday School and Adult Class at
3 p.m.
Kee.p Tuesday. May 7th. clear of
other engagements so that you may
take in tin congregational meeting
which will commence with a war-time
supper for all members and adherents at  H,3n pm.    More details later
The Church of the cordial welcome.
Private J. a. Ferguson arrived iu
the. city on Friday last and spent a
few days visiting old friends. Ferguson left hero in November, 1914, but
on arrival at the-Coast was unable to
pass the Medical Examination. He
stayed at Victoria and in May volunteered again and was able tn pass
for overseas service by joining the
Medical Corps.   He was attached to
Rev. Hlllls Wright, Minister.
Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School at 3 p.m.
Young   People's   Guild   on   Monday
nights at S p.m.
Strangers and visitor* to our City
are   invited   tn   make   Knox   their
Church home while In our midst.
Seats are Free
Everybody made Welcome
E ^fflnfflffl™ C^^'IONS LT..,H»tHLTON,C'ltADA.;-N
Large    shipment    of
Men's and Boys' Suits
Latest models and designs.
Excellent Values
Make your summer clothe* -Dress i
Making   Classes   at   King Edward's
School every Thursday evening from'
7 to ii, $3.00 per month, payable in
advance 16-1 m.
How much does your washing cost!
vou iu a year? Figure It out. Then,
Invest In n "Geyser" Electric Washer
and snve all this expense. It will
pay for Itself and make the washing
a   pleasure.   Patmore   Bros.        16-1,
Highest prices paid for Hides. Furs.1
Metals. Scrap Iron. Bottles. Old Machinery,  and   Pipe.   Western   Hide and
Junk Co.. Ltd., Calgary, Alta.   Refer-;
ence. Merchants  Hank.
Master Rowan Cllne, son of Mr, W.
E. Cllne. C. P, U. Trainmaster at!
, Medicine Hat, arrived in the city on
Wednesday and will visit at the home j
ot bis grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Mages, for some time.
Ladles' one-piece Dresses in all the
newest shades and material', will he.
sacrificed at even lews than wholesale j
prices a $17.r.n dress for $13 50 at
W. D  Hill's
The O. i a to the n. of l. e. pur*
'pose holding a May Day Sale of
Aprons nnd other useful articles on
Surdity afternoon, May 4th, at the
Palm, Norbury Avenue. An invitation
is extended to the public to attend.
Miss V. M. Cherrlngton entertained
' a few friend;; at King Edward's School
on Wednesday evening. The evening
; was very pleasantly spent in games
nnd music, while dainty refreshments
i wore served towards Hue close of
1 the evening.
j    Cost of living fs high; house help
! is scarce und costly.    Save this cx-
; pense   by investing   in a   "OeyBer"
i Washer and Wringer.   It makes washing a pleasure Instead of a drudge.
Ask   for  n   demonstrntIon.-~Pn!more
Bros. 16-1.
Mr.'George H. Gtlpin of Tacoma,
an old time merchant and resident of
Crnnbrook, was In town on Wednesday renewing acquaintance with his
many friends. Mr. Gilpin speaks enthusiastically of Hie Immense energy
of the Americana in rushing to thej
aid nf the Allies.
*R *'' "*'   "*'  "* " "       ■*       a      'ti1      Ti Tf-   Vi-   if-   If-  V-   V-   If      yin iifun ,<yuq
Which Must at Once Appeal to the Purchasing Public
**.,™*" ■"■ '*"' *° l"*Tllr ,l"tkH w,,h "«""»»M» s-»dr«hnudise.   Add to thii •
»-i»'MHI "tuck which we lire movlne from the Ukuiun-un Store to Cranbrook. Merchandise thnt
"" MM IhmwM rlnht, paid for ind Is our. to do with what we wllL We ha., a couple of doteo
,ad es Coat«, Ihlrtj.four Ladles Suit, and one hundred und fnrtj-.twn Ladle* O-e.Plete nreiw
in al the latest materials and shades. Ktery imrment guaranteed to be this season', model,
nought hj iieople who understand their business. Follow ns closely and note carefully the
sacrifice In prices.
Regular Price
Regular Price
Regular Price
il 7.5ft for *I2.».',
29.50 tor IS.*.*,
»:.5ft   for     18.»;
Women's nr Misses' Coats In Donegal Tweed or English Court Cloth
A hunch of .Misses Cheek Coals nt *«.(,.">.     Itegtinr #14.50
We believe today we have the most up-to-the-minute styles in Ladies Spring Suits
in the Kootenays in all colors and material.    Note carefully the sacrifice on this line:
A $17.50
A 22.!>n
A 27.50
A    37.50
Now we will quote prices on a line we aie extreme}' proud of, viz., Ladies' One-Piece
Dresses.   They consist of serges. Poplins. Taffeta Silks, "Crepe" and Crepe de Chene.
Indies' and Misses' Dresses,   regular price - - $12,60 for ( '.ft.'.
  " " " - 18.50 for   1.U5
  " .... . 22.50 for   15.1.1
  " ».. . 2750 for   18.85
  " " " - - "5.00 for   44.D5
Almost all the above are individual models and will at once appeal to the woman
who knows values and is conversant with t he prevailing styles. Coupled with the
above, we will offer one quarter (Vi) off.all prices of Ladies', Misses and Children's
Shoes, Dress floods, Flannelettes. Ladles' and Children's Hose, Curtain Scrim, etc.
We will attempt to reduce our stock at least one half in the next two weeks (If a
saving of 25 per cent counts for anything).
The Great Sacrifice Sale will commence on t *{
and will continue for two weeks only. .Mot nu article to leave the store on approval.
Nor will we exchange anything once it leaves the premises.
Ladies' Misses' ond Children's Wear Exclusively
hmvit j-c-eo-ji b«» «i| ittr
&-A—«Jii'■■a-■ »a .iiI, im     ■■     ■■     ■■      ■ .,  -y-  v     v -   -m     ¥    v    tjv   -frfi PAGE FOUR
THURSDAY,   April   18,   1918
Tho big play "Too Much .Married";
gtven by tho Wardner Stock Co. in the!
Club Hall Inst Friday evening, April
L2th, was il screaming success. People from far and near came, und;
the hull was packed. It lias been reported by many of tlK old settlers
of Wardner that ii was the best that
has ever been played in this town.
Tlie cast nf characters were: Bob*
Hennhaw (the lending part), Mrs. G..
Stone. Mrs. Stone look the part to
perfection, and received many compliments on her splendid make up of
a young man. Jerry Flnnegan, (the
gardener), was played by Miss Dot
Feldhausen. Dot kept the crowd
roaring from the time that Bhe ap- i
peared on the static until Iter departure. Her make up of patches and
Old rage were certainly a scream
Really ihe would have made Charlie
Chaplin blush with shame. Sally (the
hous,- wife), Miss Margarel Feldhausen, Margarel made a charming little
house-wife and acted her part well;
Cordelia, (the old maid). Bather
iVnderioti, EAher made a blushing
old maid and her many old maliiisli
remark* were enjoyed by all. Uncle
Silas (Hob's Uncle) Jack Uniltlie-
waiie; Jack was rlgll'l there With the
Roods as un uncle, ami his make up
was killing. All together the characters were line and they all received many compliments as to ilielr
,. leu Md acting. The stock Co. will
put on another comical drama iu
about three weeks. Watch for the
Mr. Tony Thompson was taken to
the St. Eugene Hospital at Cranbrook
Monday morning, where he was operated on for appendicitis. Roporta
are thai ne is doing fine.
Mr and Mrs. Brown and Mr. aie
Mrs e t'osaiuan moioied to "V nu
last £ i natty.
pouglas Finals. Sidney Murgatroiil
and M',-.- !.. Leask, were visitor*: a'
the Feldhausen home on Sunday.
Mr. (Ins Kay made his usual trip
to Cranbrook last week.
Mr. Jack Hraithwaite gave an Informal dinner parly at tlu Hotel on
Sunday evening. Those -present
were Lottie Leask, Dot and Margaret FeUlhaueen. Douglas Finnls, Sid
Mtirgatroyd and Jack.
Tho Red Cross Society will Riv«? a
basket social and dance at Hie Club
Hull. .106 Marne St., next Friday
evening, -April 19th. Come one nnd
ELKO   iVOTKS   HY   YHY.lt   1(00
Elko entertained three of her returned soldiers Wednesday evening
to one of tiie most delightful .social
events ever held In the old historic
burg. Tin affair wan engineered by
Mrs. A. J. Mott who got every citizen
interested, mid nu.de It a big family
affair, uud the beauty and chivalry
turned out en mtuse to do honor to
tlie brave men who hud done their
bit. By the kind permission of the
Officer Commanding the 107th at Mor-
rlssey the band came down and supplied the music which wus a feature
In Itself and very much appreciated
by all present. Tiie Hall was beautifully decorated with tlage und bunting
and the floral decorations were exquisite and the occasion made the
happiest possible. The fair ladies hiul
on their new Easter dresses. Ray 0
HirU was M. C. and with railroad
promptness started tho ball at 8.30,
and the merry crowd hesitated, lame-
ducked, waltzed, Wi nni pegged, and
one-stepped, but Fred Wlldman's ping
pons two-step sot everybody golni*
and coming. It was heaven with the
cream left on, and put your back-bone
where your wish-bone Is now. The
Waldo crowd was so enthused with it
that they advertised a dance for the
Friday following. U'ildman said thnt
dance would drive the poison out of
your system. The waxed floor shont
like a mirror und Ihe Ladies ull looked as sweet, us the ladles In Laura
, Jean Lihl-y's novels. At midnight an
excellent supper wus served, cakes
that would really taste good to an
angel, sandwiches that would put
flesh on u mine prop, coffee with renl
cream beyond reproach, and the service a miracle of speed and politeness.
During supper there were speeches
by tho returned men, who were Lieut.
C. J. Lewis who certainly made the
speech of the evening and was well
received, Sergt. N. Brewer, wearing
two sold stripes on his left arm, and
I'te. Tom Hardman. Bandmaster
Chorlton gave two 'cello solos which
wire worth Roing miles to hear and
worth three times the price of admission und then some, The Morris-
sey contingent made far.t friends in
Elko and every citizen of Elko thanks
them for the brilliant success they
mane it an Jim Thlstlebeak remarked,
hnd It not been for the boys from tht
107th Regimeni the affair would have
been ns fl»t. as one of .Mrs. Brown's
pancakes and as cold two hours after
At h llttlO after one o'clock the bnnii
struck up Wildraon'fl ping pong, und
such dancing and prancing wns
never seen in tlie nld historic burg before, aud the dancing lasted until
after four o'clock when the beauteous
rays of the morning sun were just
twiiing with ruddy glow the eastern
sky, the orchestra swung into thnt
pblnllve melody of "Home Swe.-t
Home" and the guests who hnd stnyfd
that IjUe said the last good-bye i.
The receipts will go to the Red Cross
and  returned  soldiers  comforts.
Among tiie visitors to Rlko Inst
week the following registered at Roo's
Store, Klko. Hood old English brawn.
Officer Commanding. The Black
Watch Chewing Tobacco, and Abide-
with-mo-clgars; Halpenny, Hie hardware man from Calgary, whoso oratory would woo the birdies from the
trees and skim the turpentine off
the white lead, with n full line of
"Happy-days" wash-boards, blacksmith's anvils. Hy-trapB, and monkey-
wrenches. "Sam Black" an insurance
man from Winnipeg, to put his words
into music would crack the brass
drum and to listen to him a few minutes yon began to think bow nice lie
would look in a coffin.   Al. Simpson,
for several yenrs with the C. P. R.
: dining curs hud to resign on account
j of n sprained wrist inking tips, with
I peanut soup, und walnut pot-roust,
canned rabbit, and stuffed owl. said
■ ho would go up and kiss u cow on
I the fate if lie could get some fresh
milk. A dry-goods man from Toronto
: with a complexion like an under-done
' pte crust, wearing a white shirt he
couldn't take off without a can opener
', and looking as if lie could catch anything from pip to splnul McGinnes,
witii silken hosiery nnd billowing
multi-colored mists of frocks divine,
Bandama handerkerchiefs, and overalls. He also had n line of lingerie,
the names of which were harder to<
pronounce than the roll call of a!
Japanese regiment, Cleary with Fow-|
ier's Wttterplane fizz, submarine
whiffs, iron brew and other kinds of
stomach bitters An old timer in
these hills, j, \v Smart, from Brnn-
■•« ii Manitoba. ab-Mt :is n*.t Testing us
a lump of dough, with leather gloves,
horse blankets and a side line of cambric hankerchiefs, pink candle shades
and rtd tape, and looked as lonesome
as a sheepherder in a cow camp. Miss
I laUie-Maria-lMabelle-Two-Stockings
from Macleod. Alberta, her jet black
hair hanging down her cheeks like
aoa-weed round a clam, going down
io Tobacco 1'lalns.
l am prepared to receive tenders
tor thr purchase of the lumber yard
mil promises of the Farmers Lumber Ct in puny Ltd., located at the
corner of Third Avenue uud Seventeenth Street, City of Lethbrldge,
Alberta. The property consists of
eleven lots, large and commodious
ofllce, with large double vault, also
two large warehouses three lumber
sheds 90 by 40 feet each, comfortable
stables; premises inclosed by 7 foot
board fence, water and electric light
runner*. Lumber Company Ltd.
n;-H. P  O. Box 189, Lethbrldge
Notice is hereby given that 1
shall, ou Monday, the 20th day of May
next, at 10 o'clock In lhe forenoon,
at the Government Otlice at Cranhrook. hold u Court of Revision under the "Provincial Flections Act"
for the said district.
Haled this 5th day of April. 1918,
Registrar of Voters,
, cranbrook Electoral District,
mi uni stn: x »;•
Sealed tenders will be received by
the Minister of Lands not later than
nron on the lltli ay uf May. 1511
for the purchase of Licence X 95, to
cut 1.217,000 feet of Fir. Tamarack,
Yellow Pine and Spruce, and 14,000
Fir and Tamarack Ties on Lot 0245.
Sand Creek, near Jaffray, Kootenay
District. Two f2l years will be allowed for removal of timboi. Further
artlcularu ot Hie Chief Forester. B.
C.,  or   District   Forester,   Cranbrook.
B, C 16-41.
Scaled tenders will bo received by
the  District Forester. Ciunbrook, B.
C. not Inter than noon -Mi -he 24tit
day of April, mis, for the purchase of
Licence X 1817, to cut 175.000 fec-t of
Pine. Fir and Tamarack on an area
situated on Lots 2705 end 2700, near
Waldo, Kootenay District. O.ie (ll
year will lie allowed for removal of
timber. Further particulars of the
Chief Forester, Victoria, B. C, or District Forester, Crnnbrook, B. C.     16-1
Imiiriirail Bred.In.lay SIiirIc Comb
rrn bonded by male bird trom Ferria.
*i.ini |i,-r Soiling.
JOHN JOHNS,   llnx 2d",
12-lOt* Oianbrooi.' n f!
for snle.—See Binning. 14-tf.
HMMl- "Daughter*, of Empire"
badge; owner may have same on paying for Hits advertisement. 16-lt.
LOST   Military badge with letters:
U. S, N. In silver.   Finder return to
Herald office and claim reward.
WANTKD-A middle aged lady lor
housekeeping.   Apply at Moffats store
or at Herald Office.
FOR   SALE—Horno   and   harness,
democrat, sleigh, safe.—Apply J. A.
Leask & Son. 15-lt*
Skin Sufferers
You will sigh with relief nt the
first magic touch of D D D, the soothing wast of oils. Many of our customers thank us for this advice. You will
too. Try D D I) today. We guarantee It.
WANTED-Good  steady  youth to
learn automobile business.—Apply,
Kootenay Oarage. 15-lt
sale; apply to Miss Lundeen, Marysvllle, H. C. 1B-21*
1UH-     ORPINGTON     EGGS-ftt
hatching; good winter Inycrs, $1.50
setting,    Leaman,  Phono  104.       15.
WANTED—Man with -tunic lumber
experience for retail y-rd In Southern Alberta. Write P, O, Box ISO,
Lethbrldge, Alberta. 15-31
KOR HALE- Good buggy and saddle
horse 5 years old, weight about 1000
lbs; ulso for sale, harness and buggy
In good condition.  See or write,—Nick
Marunchnk, Wycllffe.
FOR   SALE --Six   roomed   cottage,
furnace heated; with acre of ground;
garage, stable, and outbuildings.—Apply Herald Office. 14-3t.
The LictiiidWci-sli
Cranbrook Drug A Book Co.,
Crunbrcok, B. C.
HOUSE FOR SAM.-K rooms ami
bath; furnuee, full-sized cement collar; connected with sewerage.—Apply
Mrs. Geo. Leitch. 1.1-41.
LOST—On Sunday morning, April
14th, Pearl Sunburst. Brooch, one
pearl missing, between 112 Harwell
Ave., and the Baptist Church. Finder
please return to Mrs. Jos. Ii, Palmer,
112 Harwell Ave., or the Herald. Reward. 16-2t.
CHEVROLET - $900.00
Your Last Chance at $900 F.O. B. Cranbrook
Auto Lite 2 unit system stuffing and lighting system.
loo1,   efficient,
Demountable Rims
Antl skid Tire- on Roar
tine .Man Top
Honeycomb Radiator with Pump Circulation
Kobe Rail,        Foot Rest
Pockets in doors
Ittiln Vision Sloping Windshield
Kxtru Rim and Carrier on Rear
Standard :: speed transmission, etc., etc. etc.
The Kootenay Garage
Also Agents for DODGE Bros .Cars
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Cauada. Limited
attire, smelting and Refining Department
8M v. iT mis and u i: fi m: iis
Fight with Food
A Call to the Whole Dominion for the Utmost
Effort to Produce Food for our
Soldiers and Allies
OUR ALLIES arc desperately short of
food. In the midst of plenty ourtelvet we
must face the item reality of England on
shorter rations than the hat been for over a
hundred years, and France with only three days'
food reserve. Even from their present small
supplies they are saving Italy from collapse
through hunger.
Sitict shippitif mutt b* conctntrsted on the thorttit
■routes, Canada and the United States mutt continue to
be practically the only source of supply.
Canada must provide wheat and meat In Increasing
quantities to meet a situation that imperils the issues of
the war.
Men who can be spared for work on the farms must
serve in this way. Those who are obliged to remain in
the city or town can at least raise vegetables in their
gardens or on vacant lots.
Every effort will be made to see that labor it forthcoming to harvest the maximum crops that farmers can
An increased spring acreage in wheat and other grain
is vitally needed.
Stock raitert are atked to provide the greatest possible
production of meat, especially pork.
Starvation   is   threatening   our   Allies.   Everyone   in
Canada mutt fight by doing his or her utmost to produce and to conserve food.
Director of
and Dim-tor
Of Conwrvition
Director of
Agricultural Labor
CANADIANS have good reason to be proud of the position Canada
holds in the world today. This pride is justified by the activities of
her people, by her unlimited natural resources, by her splendid institutions, and particularly by her Industries.
Facts about the immensity of
some Canadian industries would
astonish most people.
These industries, when viewed
in the light of comparison with
other countries, are simply tremendous.
The growth of any industry is
limited to the number of people
it can serve, and that is a fact not
often properly appreciated when
Canadian industries are compared
to similar enterprises in, say, the
United States.
For example: the population
of the United States exceeds
100,000,000. Opportunity for industries there is almost unlimited.
ln comparison, Canada with its
seven million population is a small
country—yet in spite of this comparatively small population, Canada possesses several industries
which ih actual size rank among
the biggest in the world.
In shocmaking, one Canadian
concern lias developed a volume
of business and a service to the
Canadian   people   which   is   not
equalled by another shoe manufacturer anywhere in the world.
This concern, if located in the
United States, would rank as one
of the twelve largest out of some
two thousand shoe manufacturers
While the sales of the largest
shoe manufacturer in the United
States -selling lo the American
people -do not exceed twenty-five
cents per capita per year, the sales
of Ames Holden McC ready to the
Canadian people last year were
approximately eighty cents per
In a comparative sense, therefore, this Canadian concern is
greater than the foremost American shoe manufacturer in the
United States.
Thus Ames Holden McCready
truly merit the distinction of their
title ''Shoemakers to the Canadian
Just imagine for a moment the
enormous work of supplying a large
portion of Canada's 7,000,000 people with its boots and shoes:
—if requires—huge up-to-date factories equipped with the most
modern machinery able to turn
out 8,000 pairs of shoes a day.
-r-iV requires—a variety of nearly
800 different styles to meet the
requirements of all classes of people, for different grades, shapes and
kinds of shoes.
—it requires—the maintenance of
six large distributing branches in
principal cities from coast tc coast,
and in these are carried over a
million dollars worth of stock,
ready for quick delivery to retailers.
—it requires—sixty travelling salesmen to call on the retail trade,
because out of approximately
10,000 retail dealers who sell shoes
in Canada, more than 5.000 handle
A.H.M. Shoes.
—it requires—many other details
of organization and equipment,
but this brief outline will give you
some slight idea of thc part that
this great shoe concern is playing fn
the business of supplying footwear
to the Canadian people.
You will be interested in these facts, because the next time you buy footwear
bearing the A.H.M. Brand, yoa will know that they are the product of a large and
efficient organization making shoes which will in every ease give you th* greatest
value for your money.
"Shoemakers io the Nation"
tr. JOHN
Whtn you bay
Shot* look for—
^ ^|p«"i!f§i


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