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Cranbrook Herald Jun 28, 1917

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miiTisii I'oi.nuuA
THURSDAY, JUNE irstli. 11117
nor our ens hutd meeting td be
On Tuosday morning the Chief of
Police and Constable John a rattled
a room In the Queenh lintel, whore
gambling wns supposed io he taking
place.     The   itnnr   wan   found   I netted
but mi gaining entrance seven men
wore found Inside. Ou the mom being
searched, en ids nml chips were I'i until
bidden la a drawer nnd the men wore
arrested and taken to the Police Station where on bolng noarchod, a considerable amount of money and chips
wcre found on them. Hail wnr. iir-
ranged thut night ut $20.00 apiece.
The case eamo up before Magistrate
Arnold on Wednesday morning Mr.
A. II. Nisbet nppoorlng (or tho defence
with the Chief of Pollco prosecuting.
The ease wus remanded until 2*.80
p.m. Upon resumption considerable
spurring took place between ttie Chief
and tho. defending counsel, the latter
olalmlng that no case Kb6" heen made
out. Chief Hersey on the other hand
claimed that it wns a clear cut case,
lt was clearly established that obstruction nnd delay wns caused by
the Inmates of the room nnd when
entry wns at lust gained there was
found to be Instruments of gaming in
the shape of several pucks of cards
and chips, those cards and chips wore
hidden in the room therefore under
Soc. HSU nnd 986 aud also a section in
the 1913 Amendments there wns
prima facie evidence of a disorderly
house nnd proof of the gaming
Counsel for the defendant
at the close of the ease for tlii
cation that tho charge should be dismissed without calling for nny do-
fence. He claimed that the charge,
as tramed by tlie police, was for an
offence tut known undor the Criminal
ovldence of the Police absolutely failed
to show hi any way thut tho Queens
Hotol was a "common gaming house"
miller the Code. It was not shown
thut tho proprietor got any "rake nff"
out of the game and it was nnt even
shown whnt. giim(. if uny. wus being
pluyod. As the Police had sworn,
however, that there wan it delay nr u
couple of minutes in opening the door
of the mom, the magistrate suld this
wus "obstruction" nr the Police and
that undor unothor Section of the Cod«
this wns prima facie evidence that
the place was a gaming house. Evidence waa then given ly two rf tbe
men to the effect that thoy were staying at the hotel and had gone up to the
room of nne of them for u friendly
game of "pitch," that there was no
"rake off" nr payment to the proprietor of the hotel mid that he knew
nothing ahout the gnme. Defendants'
counsel then argued thut on thc whole
ease there wus nbsolutely no evidence
whatever that would justify anyone in
saying that what hud taken place
would mnke the Queens Hotel a gaming phu-e. It wus shown there wus no
"ruke off" to the hotol, that there
was no "banker" In tlie game that
was played nr that uny player had
nny udvuntuge over uny other, Those
nre nil essentials In the make-up of a
"gaming-house" under the Code.
The magistrate in summing up suid
that there bait been reference made
! on both sides to many technicalities
irKiiod | |n,t he was going to take what lie con-
sidored u common sense view of the
case. Hc asked the Chief to withdraw the case against the Uceneee of
the Hotel. Chief Horsey said lie was
willing to withdraw at the request of
the magistrate providing tluit the pres-
Code.   The men ehargod with "unlaw-1 ent oase waB not prejudiced In any
fully   playing  games   nf  chance or Wily
mixed nr.mes of chance nnd skill" ia Magistrate Arnold then suid tliat he
the Queens Hotel.   The only porsible „„,, g,ven  t)ie maUer thor0Uf?h con.
offence thoro might be would he un- s|(|(.rntion    und be    conrtdered that
dor  Section   220   of   the   Code.   viz. thnpp WM on*y one tWng he could d0
"being found without lawful excuse iu .im( that waR t0 find the accused men
a common  gnming house" and tliey g„utj, ,lIU, im[l0f,pd a f(ne of ,2(l eacb
were  not   cbnrged   with   tliis.    The or  twn  months  lm!-,ri;,onment.    The
Chief of Police while admitting tbat , ,, ..       , ,,     ,,,.    ,      ...
irffv       *      , .   „   ,,    , ttner were pmd and the City benefit
ho wan proceeding under this Section '
would not amend tie.- diniw ond tier   "»''•<'"•<•'■■  to the  ..mount  of  $140.
magistrate   overruled   the   objection
Mr. Nisbet  then  contended that the ' appealed.
CranKrook   Agricultural   Association
\ Trunin*   Prize   I.lsl
The Crnnbrook Agricultural Association held its regular meeting on
Monday evening and practically completed the prize list. This will be in
the hands nf tlie printer In a few days
Some very attractive prizes ure being
Offered as lho directors are anxious
that the largest number uf exhibits
over shown in the district should lie
entered this year.
One of the prizes, offered hy the
Hansen Oarage, for tho best decorated
unto, ut the "Wall Pair, will be a "Nnbhy
Trend" tiro valued at $4D.
The sports committee of the Cranbrook Pall Fair nro endeavoring to i officora and N.
arrange u base.bull tournament which doWn 8eeni lo |
will Include tennis from Femle, Wai- jowa W],„ j1B|p
do, Wardner, Kimberley and Cran- | better for the tt
brook. If successful in their efforts ■„ t|l(1 fronl ■*.,
tills Bhould prove a very interacting an(| ;im .,„- ■•,.
and attractive feature,
(The   following
letter  was received
by   i:    Y    Ilrake   1
Lunn i
'mm   Private •)    P.
Dear  B   Y   I! .
Just o tew Mnec io
let ymi know thai
1   am  still  in  the
lund of the living.
1     hope     thia
will     find     you
enjoying tl e beet i
i hei ;t   and going
aroun 1 ai   .i ual
i  tm V" been over
here over a mnntli
now. but can't say
very much about i
i yei    The moat or
th- places that 1 h
uve seen so far, are
Just  what is left  u
1  them and  believe
tn- that Is tmt vei
■y milch.   Mostly a
heap of ruins.    1
am m C Coy., 2nd
C,   M    It.   Battn..
Prance,  li   K.  p..
A. iv (> London an
d um nf the opinion
Dr. Hutchinson of tbe B. C, University, who is at present inspecting the
Cranbrook School, addressed n meeting of the School Trustees and other
citizens in tbe Council. Chamber on
Wednesday evening, in regard to
school scholarships. Dr. Hutchinson
said In part that the scheme will depend for Its success entirely on pub- , 1"
lb- support:
The proposed scheme is tbat theso   •»*«  over  n"r"  now-  *°  t,,!lt  mRkeH
scholarships  should  be  founded  by  tllil*^ n",n
City  or   Municipal   Councils,   School
Boards, Corporations, or other local |
good outfit The
Os rom the 0, C.!
flne;biincli of fel-
make things much j
I have hud u trip!
so iii the supports j
ut for a rest now before '
gain. I Ian tell you It has |
y in make ono feel queer.
I suppose one will net used
all other things, thut is if
is the luck tn live thut long.
Is uue good thing ahout Et, tiiat
way they have got Fritz on tlio
move. And I can toll1 ynu the wny
that nur fellows send over the dope
to hlm is not slow, t don't know
whether Fritz is netting short of
material or not bul I know he Is not
sending us over near so much us we
send over to him, Our bin nuns nre
Bonding il over to him morning, noon
uud night, it don't seem tn matter to
them when Ihey work or when they
it. Quite different to waiting nn tbp
whistle at  17k.    The weather is very
going in fl
n  tendenc
tn it  liko
Is tlu
li  is understood the rase
wil)  be
Oh Mmi 1.
■ Dnrr,
ti. Tod
vrchie Pin*
Lucy Pns-
ir Orr,
Promotions to Intermediate
Header: Ethel Williams, Marl
Florence Bradley. Connie Bnsst
Worthlngton. To Junior Third
tor Llnnell, James Malone, Arcl
ley, Margarel Horie. Ivy San
To Senior Second: Am;
Sam Shaw. Albert Johnson,
cuzzo, Phil Belanger, To Junior Sec
nnd Header: Gwen Worthlngton, Ken
netli McNeil. Wlunlfrcd Malono, Eve
lyn Nell. Edith Johnson, Edgar San
derson. Sandy Pnscuaai
First Reader: May \Bki
sells.   Bessie   Kakin.   Kl
McDonald, Roll or Honor for pro*
flclcncy Hector Llnnell; for punctuality und regularity Samuel Shaw
For deportment: ivy Sanderson
Perfect attendance Connie Bassett,
Joseph Meluuger, Phil Belanger, Florence Brndley. Mnrle Darr, Margaret
Horlo, Albert Johnson, Jamn Malono,
Kenneth McNeil, Ivy Sanderson, Sam-
no) Shaw, Amy Wllllnma, Ethel Wit-
Hums, Jessie CobsoIIs, Sandy Pascut*
io, Edgar Snnderson, Edith Johnson.
Roll nr Honor    Third R<
Wllllnma. Marie Man-    3,
Senior: Hector Llnnell, Ji
Second Bender Junior   A:
Samuel Shaw.    Ptral  Be
Owen Worthlngton, Kennotl
First Bender Junior:   Edgor Sanderson, Edith Johnson
m   li  I...*,  teacher
Oh Mnn '1.
Perfect attendance Kenneth Bus-
sett, Frank Malono, Margaret Malone.
Stephen Magro, Camilla None, Leslie
Sainsbury, Wllllo Tnyldr, Dorta
Haynes, Josephine Poscukko, Stanley
Owen, John Magro,. Boll of Honor-
Second Primer: Doris Haynes, Low-
Ile Sainsbury, William Taylor. First
Primer: Prank Mnlone
Finley, Annie Monro, i
Hazel Williams, Stanley
bur  Miller,  Colvln
bodies or fioeletle-s, or private Individuals, and that thoy should he
awarded by local Committees. It Is
further recommended that In making
tlio award the financial circumstances,
character, nnd intellectual promise of
the candidates should be tuken into
consideration as well as their standing
I tn   tbe   Matriculation   examination.
Some of    the advantages    of the
scheme are as follows:
It gives to those interested in the
cause of University education an opportunity of helping it in a direct and
effective way. Scholarships established by the liberality of private individuals, and City nr County Councils
are common in Croat Britain and the
United States, lt is believed that
there are generous and public-spirited
citizens lu our Province who will welcome a method by which they can
the j gfVfl practical expression to tlieir sympathy and goodwill.
Tho Committee which should award cume i
tlio scholarships would he composed ; Doolan
of local people, such e. g. as the Chair-
The following extracts ar-* taken
from a pamphlet Issue) h> tbe i'nited
Stutes Treasury Dept., Aug. 8l8t, 1ST'
The   owner   most   report
first customhouse aftor -nterfng this
country and present such certificate
to  the collector  of customs,  who   if
satisfied that the machlna is Imported
in   good   faith,   will  admit   the s-imc
without  formal  entry  and will  issue
n certificate in duplicate in the following form (Cot.. No. 3309)- the original to be given to tlle owner, who   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Hhull  present  it  to thc collector at 1 promising students to look forward to
the port of departure from thi** coun-'il University career, and would thin
tnfnrtuhte. I have just
heard that nne nf nur nld officers,
Lieut. West, got killed ihe first night
in the trenches. I dont' know which
unit CnptB, Brechin nnd Harris went
to, Cnpt. Whitlow from Fernie is the
only one thut came to this unit. It
was too bud about Major Black und
Lieut. -Banfield getting theirs so
quick. 1 saw both of them at Senford,
Bert was certainly looking well. He
came over and shook hands with us
all on nur arrival. Bnnfb'ld was Musketry Officer there. ( nlso saw Bnb
Brown who used tn be locomotive
foreman, he was machine gnu officer
he left word in the Hut for Murgatroyd, MacDonald and myself to eome
down tn his quarters and see htm.
But when I went down he had got a
Bttdden eall to Franco. I think it was
24 hours notlco that he got. T believe
he Is In charge nf the Motive Power
Dept. in some new construction outfit that bus started over here. I hnve
nnt honrd anything of lilm since,
saw Slim Milne in England, he
Picnic and Baseball in the Afternoon
Pollened b) Ounce in the Evening
Tin*   fifth   annual   tne ting   of   tiie
Cranbrook District  Auto  Association
Will be held at FoTt Steele nn Wed-
nesday afternoon and evening, July
4th and will take tho form of a basket
picnic, The meeting of thc Association wlll bo called at 8 o'clock ond it
lh expecte-i tho largest number of
unto owners thut hnve ever assembled
iu East Kootenny will he present on
tliis occasion. Several members of the ;
Fernie Aiito Association have nlgnl-1
fed tlieir Intentions of being prosent to
discuss ihe betterment ...' mud conditions throughout the district, At
this time It is particularly urgent tn*
every owner of a motor cor and those .
interested in the maintenance of good
muds should be In attendance us mat-
ters of special interest to every motor-
1st In tlie district will be dscussed.    j
The   Cranbrook   and   Fertile   Auto
Assocluthins   ure   Issuing   a   booklet.
with u description of tin* district nnd
Interesting side trips. The booklet will !
coiitufn a map, with u complete log
of the roud from Crows Nest to Koote-1
nuy Landing ami Kingsgate, and will
be particularly Interesting to the lurge :
number nf tourists now passing thru
the District,
A hnse-bnll mutch is being arranged
for the afternoon. Tho Cranbrook
Bund will he In attendance. .Hi the
evening tho ladies of tho Fort Steele
Red Cross Society huve arranged a
dunce, which no doubt will tux the
large bull to Its capacity, The music
will he furnished hy tho Cranhrook
Summer Goods
for Men
ul l.lbrnrj ol
.   '
—nllli iiii  element   in'   character.     Uur
mm us Iii Moil's Shirt-, lui* mil lieen  lij
iim nee. Tin. exclusive patterns, fit, hitrl,
cluss finish mnl general excellence of our
shirts is lin* reason the) arc Me popular.
(ul along llie gooil nlil custom muile
lines uml n \urlel) nl'sleeve lengths
tt.ii, 11.50, »1.J5, M.00, *•'.■>:,
Wi* lire showing ii large .arid) of
Straw Hals lu nil the licst shapes. Until, suit all tasti's iu the popular weaves,
also I'liniiniiis unit Itangcocks
;:>r in fs.oo
ST.   ,1011 >
from  France, also  Eddy
- are both over for their
and   both   looking   and
man of School Boards and the Mayors I feeling fine    I met Billy Johns while
or Reeves of cities, towns, or munlci- j 1   was  ut   the  divisional  school,  he
palIties in the district.   Such a Com-
mlttee   would   interest   Itself   in   the
people of the district und encourage
cond Reader
,mefl Malono
uy Williams,
uler  Senior:
noth McNeil,
trv The duplicate copy will be re-
talned In tho files nf the Issuing office.
When the owner of a foreign
automobile desiring to enter this country for n period not exceeding seven
days Is well known to the customs
officer, the collector mny udmit such j
machine without requiring tho production of n consular certificate, but
will issue the customs certificate in
the manner above stated
The   owner   nf   an    American-built
automobile desiring to enter the United States for ii stay of tint more thun
--even duys should In all cases report
to the collector of customs nt llie port
of entry, but DO formal entry will he
required, nor will It be necessary to
produce the consular certificate of
Identification above described.   The
collector Wlll, however, issue the prescribed customs certificate nnd such
certificate wlll be presented tn the
collector ut the pnrt of exit nnd mulled
to the collector at (he port of entry
In tlle same manner as required in the
case of foreign nutonioblloH.
Owners of automobiles coming
to this country for whatever purposes
should report to the first customhouse nfter entering this country and
have their machines with contents in-
spected nnd  passed.
wishes to he remembered tn you. he is
still with the 54th. I also met Scotty
Clark, he is stationed right close to me
now und is attached to brigade mach*
Ine cun section. Cam Lindsay and
some nf the other boys are with some
battery around  here so  T  am  going
Tho Sec rotary-Treasurer of the St.
John Ambulance Association hogs .,>
acknowledge a donation of $1,00 from
Mrs. (i. Rnrnoy. In response to the
appeal for funds for the Canadian I
Field Comforts Commission. Shorn- i
cllffe, Kngland, Mr. B, I., staples, i
wycliffe, it. c, bus donated Ron.
At the regular meeting of the St.
John Ambulance Association hold nn •
Tuesday. June 19th, It was decided in
discontinue the meetings during the
montlis nf July and August as so ]
muny of the members nre out of town j
for tlie holidays.
The Treasurer reported the funds to
be in good shape so it was voted that
n donation of $50 ho forwarded to tlio
St. John Ambulance Brigade Hospital
at Etaples, France, also $50 to the
Canadian Field Comfort:- Commission,
just leaving enough on hand to pny
the running expenses until September.
—i'ur .Men Who Know, Those >vho kim,,
—kiieen (hul tlie; have never luul better
clothes thnn line Imt here—best tilting,
must comfortable, stylish ami fairly priced.
Huml rmiLre of patterns in choose frum
(17.110 In *3i.:.ii
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods ind Clothing Stores
QVn  i<^w  tty*m   *\f*n   *\f$* ty* it}f*jm Ifrwwafl^
i,     Florence j
Joe. Chins:
Owen. WI1-
Mcl3ornlo, Promotions from second primer to first
reader: l^eslie Sninnlmry. Doris
Haynes, Willie Taylor, From first
primer to Second primer: Frank
Malone, Annie Moore, Florence Finley, John Miller. Bert Laurie. From
A. clans to first primer: Edward
Black, I.IUlon Russell, Stnnloy Owen.
Kathleen Worthlngton, Camilla Wnso,
Maggie Malone. Colvln Mcllernle,
Hazel Wlltlnms. Itoll of Honor-For
Proficiency: Leslie Snlmbtiry. For
Punctuality nnd Regularity. William
Taylor. For Deport mc.it: Doris
J. M, Donne, rearhrr.
it la seldom Indeed that the people
of Crnnbrook huve the opportunity to
witness so wonderful u spectacle as
thut afforded at the Auditorium tin
Thursday night Inst when D, W. Griffith's production "Intolerance" was
presented for their Inspection. The
fact that such u show is appreciated I
was well exemplified by thn number
present, the building being filled to
capacity, "Intolotanco" Is the same
nature of production as "The Birth
of a Nation" which proved such n favorite a short time ago, j nd It la Indeed n worthy BUCCOESor. Tlm same
orchestra was with the ompany, thia
time and.,toil by n choir if lady voices,
and wnn, In itself, a rare treat tn all
inutile lnvt>rM of thin city.
a University caToer,
be  itself an   educational  Influence of
The scholarships would excite a | to try and hunt them up.
healthful desire In the pupils of our : I pope Mrs. D. nnd Miss Brake nrp
schools to excel not only in scholar- j both keening well. Yon might be so
ship, but in qualities of character and j good as tn give them my best wishes,
would stimulate nn Interest in higher Ernie Turnley te around battalion
education in the community generally.; headquarters somewhere but havo not
Teachers nnd parents especially will j seen blm yet. Brown who was In the
appreciate the Importance of this. stores has not got over here yet.    t
Scholarships might, If It were so j don't know whether he Is going to
desired, ba restricted to students who [ muko it or not.
intended to follow somo particular Well. I must ijuit now so give my
calling or profession. They might be j bM, wWhl,s ,„ t|1(l boys also Tommy
open e g. only to students proposingL^ w |g stm |(| Eng.
to eipiln themselves for scientific re-
search or for positions requiring tech-1 Ii"1,!     wiM ,rv and Kivo •vo" " bPtt,ir
nlcol  skill   tn  the  industries of the  latter next time, so with best wishes
district, ns e. g. mining or agriculture, and hoping to hear from you snme day.
In Ihis way, the district would prob-       • Remain
ably reap the benefit nf the. scientific , Yours sincerely,
knowledge of some nt least of those ■>,,,   j   \.\ Lunn.
it had helped to educate.   In conse-, No, 631310.
nnonoe of the Immaturity of most ofj       ___^_
the pupils at this stage, however, it Is ~
probably desirable that In most cases .
the award should be made to tbe most
deserving student Irrespective of the
career be projKised to follow.
lastly, a eonsldera'Ioa of u  *noro
general character may be. reierrcd to.
The need for men with a thorough j
scientific training Is being keenly felt j
In every sphere of enterprise—commer
clal, Industrial, and professional.   In .
out Province, specialists in Agrlcul- j
tore, Mining, Forestry, Fisheries, etc.,
are.   urgently   required.     Commerce j
with countries in South America nnd j
iFrom  our  own  correspondent.!
Fort  Steele.  June  20.  1917.—Word
has just been received by Mrs. R. L.
T. Galbraith that her brother. Cnpt.
Flemyng of R. N. R. nnd bis crew of
the ship  H.  M. S. "Middlesex" were
attacked hy a submarine lately nnd
It wus only by a miracle that they es-
caped with their lives.   Tlio ship was I
sunk  and  for seventeen  hours Cnpt. j
Flemyng and his crew drifted about
off the Irish Coast.   Tliey were rescued by one of His Majesty's Destroy- j
The "Middlesex was on her way
to Australia and was only three duys
A few months ago Capt. Flemyng j
wns wrecked off the Coast of France
and his ship badly battered.
What's Your Number?
Saturday Special
We will give two Buttons In place of one with
every dollar cash purchase. Watch for your
number on some other person. It will be worth
Five Dollars In trade to find ie.
Prescriptions a Special!}*.
I'reemiet SeiTlce Uur Me.tte..
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
W. J. ATCHISON, Hamper.
Britain l« preparing lo spend on education in the coming yoar ii sum larger
by £4.000.000 thun in nny previous
year, uud that In the I'nited States n
conference of representatives of npar-
ly six hundred of tho higher institutions of learning has been held to consider means of making these institutions more effective during and after
thn wur. This conference is a part
of the National Government machinery
and bus made unanimous recommend*
il is believed that the scheme, if
Eastern Asia Is being greatl> eroded, I successfully curried out. will help to
and men with commercta. training nmke our Provincial University a more
and a knowledge of the languages j effective Influence In the life of tho
npoken In these countries wlll be In i Province, and It Is therefore earnestly
Increasing demand. In the professions ! recommended to the nctlvo support
too, a high standard of education must j of ll" w,in "f*1 interested In the cause
be maintained. Wo should look to nn-' nf University education.
tlve sons to fill these positions, and to j The expenses of a student boarding
tbe Provinclnl University for the train-' In tbe City, together with the fees for j
Ing necessary to fit them fnr their j tho First Year in Arts amount to nt
various careers. lenst $250.00.
It may lm thought that the present |    The speaker suggested lhat scholar- i
time, when the country's energy and j ships mny rnngo from ., minimum of
Christ Church
Thurs. July 5th
»l IM p.m.
on the Rectory Lawn
resources are taxed to the utmost by
the war. Is opportune for this appeal.
It fs a twflVftfit reply that flrrai
finn.oo to $2110.00
nnd mny be made
ir over
ior nnnnm,
for one or
Dancing in Parish
Hall from 9 to 12
Till* Colnilllll I'nliliniirk
((iillt, ill present on illsplii)
In Kink's window, m ill lie
ruffled during Die evening.
Hot Weather Wants
China <& Crockery Bargains
On account of nur business ye*ur ending June 30th. we
are anxious to reduce our slock of China and Crockery
Therefore for tlle remainder of this month prices will he
cut on everything in llii'*.** lines except slock pateru cups
and saucers..
Several Incomplete Seta at l.e*j iltmi Ceeata.
'„'.'. Tit I i'lll Oft nil Fane* China.
lfi Per Out Off nil r<»iii|.ii-ii. Dinner Net..
'.'.'. I'n* I Vill Oil ull .lanlliiliT,-.
IS l'i*r I fut mi' all OlBsfwure.
I.*. Per Cenl 'Ui all Slonc Crocks anil TetpoU*
This Is a Money Saving proposition. Call and look
through our Slock.
IRA R. Manning, Ltd.
Phone   56 PACE TWO
THURSDAY, JUNE 28th, 1317
i His. fnr 65c
We guarantee the quality
<e[ ihis Butter
We nili have a few choice
fur this week end.
1.4*1 ns lmvo your orders
can supply >nni* minis »ill
I'l illh I'l IS
roast i'okk
.11:1,1.11:11 Pigs i'i:i:t
I III. packimcs
head (ii i:i:si:
COOKED   .ll.l.l.ll'll
P. BURNS & Co.
v. m. g. jn. ami
Hours ll ii.m. tu s ii.m.
Iti.i*iilnr liiiiiii'r it siiiert Orders
Reasonable PrlceB
Special  Table  for   Utiles.
Meets every
Monday night
at Fraternity
Hall.      Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially invited.
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\l'\l n. r..sl OHi™
leow to ele'jil  wlli'li  tlio timo e'eellii'S.
Wllllo tlie e':il! lor more men Is 11
gout and Inuinrntlvo, »■,. should ne
forgot IIiiii the .'.ell for more nioni
iel those wil
Till; ITIAMIIilllil. lllltAI.II
Issneil   Weekly   lei   Tlie   riniiliriiiek
Herald, l.lmileil.
11. A. Kny, Muiiiieei'.
II,   A.   Ilellle,   Seerellir.l    llllll    Klllllir
I riiiilirieiek, II. I.. .lime S8II1, Illl!
Anti-conscriiitlon fooling in Quebec
is nut surprising in tlie liglil of Quo-
I boc's iiolltlcnl history. Uver Blnco tho
days of Honore Mercier it tins boon
tiie policy eel certain Froncli-Caiindlan
tiolltlclans ie. Btlr me Hn. iirojudlcos
of their compatriots iiitsiinst things
llrltlsli. Sir Wilfred Laurier's whole
political career lias beon ono long
rocortl nf uncoastng effort to create h
spirit uf separate nationality among
Froncli'Canadians, evinced ley Iii*
dofonco ni Louis lii'-l. liis stand during
llm liner Wnr. liis anti-Imperial utii-
uiile nt BiiccoBSivo iHmpire conferences,
Nis doctrine e.r Colonial neutrality,
his separatist, and, lnsl. hut not least,
Ills failure since I Iw war began In
make any reasonable nppeal tee Quebec in eln lis share in tlm struggle.
Kir Wlltroil Laurier sowed the wind.
nml today Cntiado is re'iiping the.
Menta In
Mnnlu Hall Becond
Tuesday uf every month at 8
p. m.
ilp open   to   British
m-'inlnTH   cordially
R. V. Brak
J. P. Lower,
it.              Secretary
Meets   In   tlie
Parlsli Hull
iir»t Tuesday
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every month
at :t p.m.
II.   MeFariiuii*
Scry, Mr*. J. W. Burton, P. 0. Box 021
All ladles cordially invited
Hiivvn: hospital
.Ici need by Prov. Qovernment.
pedal attention kIvpii to Ner-
.'niis iiml  Rheumatism cases by
\inlet Hay Treatment
Build up tin* system and
steady tlm nerves through Elec-
rlo Vibration, Interna! Kxerelne
Violet Kay and Ozone, a per-
lectly natural process.
Mij.ta.al. ChemlMl, Civil   Mrrlt..i.ie.,l ftnd
BleKtrical LtnglneerlNs
Ada Cuuisr by correspond elm,    Ur^ir*
witli OM year'snltr-uili'tii**.
Hammer School     N*vi(-*aion School
Mr ****6 Auguat DhihiU, to April
i,ai nines  Kviuiti:
Tin* I'i'ioris at aovcrnmont coalition failed because Uitrler failed—
Tailed lo rise nbove party and nurtl-
Banshtp ami to look beyond tlie confines oi' bis own province whose people he reared tu alienate. Never In
llie history of Canada, cither before or
since the days of Confederation, had
so glorious ami so vital an opportunity
lieen presented to any statesman to
show real leadership.
Sir Itobort Horden witli a safe work
lng majority behind him, both in tin
House or Commons and in tlie Senate,
hail nol only offered lhc olive brancll
lo Sir Wilfred but in tbe great cruise
of Empire, had proffered him a most
generous share in the Government of
tlie country. I'or it was recognized tliat
Sir Wilfred was tho real lender of
French Canada ami thai her people
would follow htm as tliey have for
Sir Wilfred did nol rise enunl lo the
occasion, He listened not to the advice of his patriotic Liberal followers
in Ontario and elsewhere, nor to ihe
voice of reason, nor to the inspiration
of patriotism. Rather he listened to
llie small voices of the iniall men of
Quebec, nnd listening, fell, ii was
betrayal of Canadian mil Imperial
triisl as abject as It is pitiful. Tlie
Kingston standard.
<!AN,UU Wil,I, hit its lltlTV
Sir Robert Borden's bill for selective
conscription is miiUiiig satisfactory
headway, gaining new adherents daily.
That It will speedily become law and
effective Is only lo be expected lis the
arguments supporting it arc preponderating and convincing wllllo Sir Wilfred Unricr and those of his followers who appear lo regard tlie safety
of the Empire ns subservient lo the
safety of their parly are basing their
opposition on unsound principals.
Il will perhaps In* impossible to
entirely overcome violent opposition
from  somo quarters;  Irreconcilable)!
nre bound io exi* 1 li,  believe a
largo numbor of tbem enn be \*<ui over
or at least persuaded to adopt a noro
reasonable attitude by calm and mod-
crate speech
Wc   do   not    endorse   the   excessive
epithets  of   vltupornllon   whicli   are
sometimes hurled al Ihose who do
nol see eye to eye with us; sueh tactics have never won adherents to any
cnuse; neither can wo endorse tlie
sweeping assertions thai are frequently made Hint all young men are cowards and traitors wlm have not yet
seen fit to offer their services lo tlie
Empire. Many of those may feel lhat
tlie present voluntary system in unfair
in thnt others under more favorable
circumstance* should Join up first.
Selective conscription will settle that.
Many are sincerely rent by a conflict
Inn sense of duty to their country and
to liielr families. Selective conscription will decide for thorn.
Many hnve offered llieir services but
owing to some physical defect have
been refused, there is uilfortunntfl;
no symbol of honor lo bestow on such
nnd fhey nre oftentinien classified
amongst the socallcd "slackers."
In nur humble opinion the out and
out slacker or genuine coward Is
amongst nn almost negligible minority
and  witli   (love  tlte  Htnlf-  will   know
be left behind should stand ready and
1 willing io snerifico luxurious living in
„rder ihat as tar as possible tlie dangers ol' tlie lads win. Clgbt for us may
1 be minimized.
, Dale in' lull lair Sel Mailers of
This can only ie- su.*, 'ssl'tilly ace, m-
; pllshed hy an Infinitely greater econ-
■ miiy of living and sell denial than
! prevails at present.
Arc those ol as who emtio! rigid
ready for Ibe test?
Wc believe thai when the call come*.
; Canada will do Its duty both in men ■
' and money
mtTi/.w >iai>m:ss
i Noi iii (he way prescribed hy tho
Toronto Globe can th.* storm of parti
[ strife be slillod and ibc pounlr) made
I io brace itself for the effort, t 'ii*
durance nnd the sacrifice whicli will
l be necessary before peace |s restored
Even il" b wero true that, as the tllobn
| says, "Sir Roborl Borden has t'aihil lo
| measure up Hn- stature nl Cam.,hi'
! ideal of a Prime Minister in M  ol
supreme rtangor," nnd* thnl he is incapable of "uniting Un* nulion," u iv
more th:,u doubtful if Sir Wilfred
Laurier would succeed ;*.'iy better, t r
so well. "There is uo mic iu I'nrllu-
uieiii wlm, in ibis Imperative task of
welding the country togother, can take
lhe place of Sir Wilfred Laurier," -ays
the (llohe.
Ah. that's it. (iiily let Laurier gel
back to power and all will lie forgiven,
It is the cry of one blinded with par
li/.aiiship, No one but a blind partl-
znn would fail lo see thai in the present crisis the majority of the people
of Ontario and the West would endure
far worse government than we hnve
luul rather than entrust Sir Wilfred
Laurier with supreme authority i.t Ottawa. H is very doubtful if even a
majority of iim patriotic Liberals of
this province would care to sec the
Liberal leader at Ihe head of national
affairs at tliis time,
The question whicli is of greatest
national moment at present is Lie
question of conscription. It threntens
io divide the country on racial lines.
The populace of Quebec province is.
apparently, fanatically opposed to
compulsory military service in any
form, The Globe support:', conscription. "No true Liberal." it say-.
"weighing well the issues in this war,
can do other than give undovlating
support to any measure that will
strengthen lhe allied armies in brlng-
Ing to naught the toui conspiracy
which Prussian military nutocrncy has
hatched against the liberties or democratic peoples," Well. Sir Robert Borden hnji proposed cdniicrlptlon, and lis
government is committed to that policy. Sir Wilfred Laurier had lhe opportunity in support the Prime Minster's proposal, but he kept sflenl and
has maintained his silence. His Inti i
public utterance on the subject was
n condemnation of conacriptlon end a
declaration lhat it would never be
Introduced in Canada. The prevailing
sentiment in the province which is
Sir Wilfred Laurier's political stronghold is against conscription. The prevails sentinieui in Ontario and the
west is in favor of conscription. In
the absence of any evidence that the
Liberal leader bar, chane.eil his mind
and is ready to place himself in opposition to his supporters in Quebec, Is
it not rather odd for the Olobe to declare tliat "tiiere is no ore in Parliament who, in this Imperative task <>f
welding the country to-jo'licr, can take
the place of Sir Wilfred  Laurier'."'
No. the difficulties und dangers of
the political nituation at Ottawa nre
not to ne overcome by th'' madness of
partlzansblp as exemplified in tho proposal to replace Horden with Laurier
as the head of the (ioverilllieitl. Till
besl solution of the problem is the
reconstruction of tin- Government on
eoalilion lines the retirement of several of the weaker ministers ami tbe
appointment in their places of as ninny
able and patriotic Liberal members
men or lhe type of Dr. Michael Clark
and Mr. Maclean of Halifax Hamilton Herald (Ind.).
i    which   the   stale   Is
,.  iufcty ot prosperity
■oiumonwealth, in our
. may he described as
unity   nf  free  eill/elis
mn obeilieni,. to law.*
make, lhe purpose ot
■dnnce wiih Hie prln-
and truth     The i late
is roxsnupTios phi'ssiwismi
(Vancouver World i
A correspondent wiio differ radically from The World's attitude on
conscript imi. ye! who does so with
such moderation .nm nddress Hinl w«
regret ho does not wish publlcnilon
of his letter, lakes . x-  pilon lo tb.
following   assertion   de   in these
>r by u contract, bill a BO-
nen and women hound to*
ei'cali- better conditions of
;'!i oth'v. iu accordance wilh
vice" is li« wntcliwo.d, and
of each citizen to the wel-
are oi' the whole is f Inmontnl.
Therefore every citizen rrrr.>i oJn y
lie laws of this country, laws Willi ll
ire lor should be) designed to pro-
ecl tin* weak, to ensure liberty and
listlce to all. and which may call l n
lo' citizens to give his life and prop-
irty in defence uf tiie community or
if ihe principles upon which tb it
-omiuiitiiiy Is established.
id t
the miBsinn con-
e    in Oermnny the
iti/ens:   not  an   nr-
ic  cnl: rgement   of
issoclntion   of  five
lir to advance eacli
ed  prosperity.    On
the contrary,  it is something abovo
and apart   from  the  people   nn  abstraction  to be revered, nn  authority that cannot be questioned..   It bus
il-- own   policy npnrt  from  whal  lie
eeption of tlu
state is not
gnnlzation   f
liberty;   nol
people In
other's   ,
ibedlence.    Under it the citizen has
io responsibility: liis whole duty is
o obey. Tho aim and purpose of tho
tnte Is not tbe welfare of the Indlvtd-
mls that compose it but, as General
Bernard! nnd Count von Billow have
old us. iu limited use of power as an
id i
Tills .
Illl.'    Kl
Inr no
r rriT.ii
nn: it
is  ;l
ih- e
ml iiiiis
i i \
own.   u
>l ii
Illy bee
Villi  Ils  I
wn v.
nil if 11
i' me n
, rrrey
of  n
, n.
fence of their freedom tlu.se upou
whom is ensl the duty of defending
• ini preserving the commonwenltli and
lhe principles on which it stands i re
Instifiinl in using compulsion.
THK piik i: of n.m ii
lu governed bj tin p"'1 •' of wheal In
the big grain markets, ns every •■*'
knows. Whenever prices go up it Is
u '*nun i by many people that spot illation on tlle Grain Exchanges is re*
■lo t-.ble. nnd that nothing is required hut action by the Government,
ireferably hy hanging somebody, to
bring prlc s down to comfortable lev-
d-. again.- In an article entitled
"Whnt caused tho wheat market excitement?" nppoarlng in tho Monetrry
Times of June lath, we au* nol a little
astonished lo find' responsibility for
the extraordinary prices of May attached to tin- housekeepers themselves
It Is pointed out thai, lo begin with
the pojltlon ibis spring was extra
irdinnry, and  ncconnted  for n  hlgl
The agent nf the \llled Governments won large Imyer*.. -id. as visible mpply diminished nnd new crop
prospects deteriorated, their demands
•■ einingly In came more imperative,,
Hut, contrary to general belief, professional speculators were not buying.
This class "i Traders were looking for
prices !<- go down Instend of up, and
'sold abort" in oilier words, sold
whai iiuy had nol got. The most accurate   and   lar-ieim*.   Calculations  of
tbesi men, whose life study ;s the
grain trad , si emed to prov.' Hint,
li< fore May had passed, there would
he pnoiigh wheal In sight In go round,
i ,,i pr.li i ■ w .■!•-■ pan ley and there-
i. re b u ; Ih nnd ui tltnl rontracts
mi d in -Inn iry, February and March
..id I.,* rni.it in May.it ii profil Tho
ui  k< 'i"i   nn ol thoi c professional
"The conception of citizenship ml !   nH-itlntUnis    Alarming reports about
lng In every civilized land Impose* on I winter wheal crops nnd the f I iltn-
;ill men ih.* duty of defending their   atlon In general had an offoel nol an*
country.    This  Is  fundamental, nnd | tlclpnled,  for   it   started  Iho  bouse-
to take n referendum on such n une*:
tion is , "i'»vnlenl to taking a referendum as to whether a nation shall
meet its debts, whether il shall administer justice, nr whether Its cltl
zens shall be compelled In paj II
kt epi i' toying iii unusual stocks of
[lour, Tlle Grocon stocks were sold
out, grocers bought heavily from tin
millers, and millers went Into the mnr
kel nnd bid the price of eash wheat I
■ high premium.
e   effeel    was   to   off   lhe   market
win nt ii i^ary to ordinary and nor
' ml requirements.  On Mnv 16th when
■f •.* In chieo-o to ?v-,r, '. r bushe
ir the state :   r..__ ... ._
..Hon.   That     .        . :[™
ndivtdnnl is    | I fc   j r.-;1
Apropos thereof, our enrreipo.
"This    conception    of   citizenship
plncos the stnte  before the citizen.)    	
The citizen exists Ihen for lhe slat
This Is the German concep
the state exists for the Individual te
the democratic conception,   Thai ll
wish of the majority of citizens should I   j,j Ycu V'lil find relief in Zam*
first be expressed before n  radical     ;j \\ cr.;33 tllG l.uminy, &ti _
change is made in public policy is n | pain, elop9 bleeding and brfngi
fundamental In this concopHlon of | ease. Perccverar.ee, wiEhZam-
citt*enBhlp." fa BUk monnscuro. Whynotprove
In Justification of our original as      a ^jS7   dil JJntggi*'* '"irf Stow*.-
serllnn  we  would  point Olll  that  our     * ' *v:'!-
and of course tlm advances in flour
exceeded    all    speed    limits.      Now.    it
is claimed that professional speculators in future have a tendency to level
the market thai is to prevent these
violent fluctuations. When prevailing
prices seem too high they sell for future delivery; tlie -effect -of these
speculative trades Is felt In the wheat
market, uud prices steady, or drop.
When calculations prove the price too
low. they buy for future acceptance,
and the offect Is to raise quotations.
These trades work the market through
our old friends "Supply and demand:"
ipecitlativo buying adds to immeedlate
leuiand, speculative selling increases
potential supply. Bill as lhe real demand Cor wheat is hunger and the
real supply Is farm production, the
general   level   of   prices   depends   on
thoso two things, nml professional
speculators are but stock absorbers
helping to level tho bumps In price.
Of course when mistakes occur In the
aleiilallons or sudden calamities at-
Inck crowing crops,   BllOClt absorbers
thrown    completely   out   of   geill*.
Speculative trades are then an uggrn-
alloii   and on  May lBth lust the ox-!
bailees cloned against them,
drain   oxchnngos   receive   nlmoBt |
dally reports as lo growing cropa from |
ll the world where wheat Is sown,
nd even in n normal year there may !
bo many llttlo flurrie.. i i the nmrket ■
caused by alarms us to the prospects
oi  some crops    Which  reminds us
thnl we heard of no alarms tliis spring
on account of an old and proven "bull"
"tfle green bug in Kansas,"
The moral is. "look Into ynur neighbor's cellar before hanging anybody."
We cnnnol win the war with a
Quebec is against conscription, hut
If Quebec bad done ils share we would
not i d conscription.
The curvivors of the ii**st contingent
who have to stay at the front because ;
they an* needed are tin* only men who
have rencon to complain about compulsory service.
This war is different from any of
lhe [una and its requirements are far
greater. A country can co about so
far with voluntary enlistment and
then ii win stop; and it will stop far
short of the military enrollment of a
nation tit:.i has compulsory military
service England found Ibis out. mid
Canada is finding it.
"Britain  need only sell Cnnade.  to
U-- in order to pay her war experses
and  also  the   war  indemnity  due  to
i Iermany   and   her   Allies."
This astonishing suggestion was
made in :.ll seriousness a few days ago
by Prince Frederick of Lowenstein.
in an address on "Germany's economic
future, and tin* Qerman peace." in
Munich.   Glasgow Herald.
"Send us more men." is the request
ol' Marshal Joffre, made to the people
of Canada, on behalf of Trance. "We
need a hnlf a million more men before
July." is Die request of Gen. Robertson, made on behalf of the Empire.
Can Canadians. In tlu* light of all our
protestations nbout the underlying
causes of this wur. remain indifferent
to these requests? Can we see onr
British kinsmen slaughtered and he-
role Trance bled white, while tbnu-
snnds of our younp; mon remain at
home iu security and ease?
"We will not have conscript ion," I
declared Sir Wilfred Uiurier in the
cily of Quebec a few months ago.
When Ihe Liberal leader gave such
assurance to a portion of the country
which had enlisted fewer men than
any other part of the British Kmpire. I
be issued a blank cheque to every
man who is willing to let other men
do his fighting. Is it any wonder that
today the yonntr men of Quebec City,
remembering Rir Wilfred's encouragement to shirk, are the first to protest
agnlnst being compelled to tnke a
pnrt In the wnr?
TIM:   I'Kltll,  OF   A   KKmtLKNm'M
in the ovenl of a referendum, as
some suggest, who would vote against
Kvcry poltroon and shirker hiding
in the funk-holes of the country, would I
voie against it.
l-.very flannel-mouthed crank taint-
0(1   wilh   pro-Germanism   would   vote1
against it.
Tiie llourasses and lhe l,nvorgiiesL
and Hie Choquottea nud the hn tic tots
would vote ngnlnsl it.
livery om* of the precious heap In j
Quebec    who   Ihliik    we   hav,*   "done
enough for Knglnnd,', would vote
utmlusi it.
ISvery miser In IIIc country who hus
refused to contribute to ibe Patriotic
or Ked Cross funds would vote (igalnsl
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mend at the Star Shoe Shop.
.Miss E. M. Davidson, who has been
visiting" her sister, Mrs. D. A. Sutherland, for a few weeks, left on todny's
train for Canorn. Sank.
Have Binning do your picture framing.
I Dr. Douglas Corsan of Fernie has
been installed us Masonic Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of British
1     Special this week fo| cash—Apples,
j Wagner  and  Roman   Beauty, $2  per
box,   4tbs   for   25   cents.—Cranbrook
: Trailing Co,
Dayton Computing Scale for -.ale
| cheap at Fink's.
Mr, Byron McKay mai'e a trip    to
Wardner en Wednesday to arrange a
baseball match between Wardner i.nii
: Cranbrook.
Our Crockery and China sale ends
this week. We have many bargains
that yon cannot nfford to mlSS.—Ira
R   Manning Ltd
Thc monthly meeting of the Cranbrook Board of Trade will be held in
the Cltj Hnll on Tuesday, July 3rd at
We urc ciirryine a full line of boot? j
nnd    slides ~ Crnnbrook    I'lctninge,
Vrmstr.ing Ave.
The monthly meeting of the Cranbrook Board of Trade will be held In
iho city Hall on Tnesday, July 3rd at
Rend Fink's ailv
Onr Crockery and China sab* ends
this week. We have many bargains
Unit you cannot afford to miss lra
lt   Manning. Ltd
Summer time Is the best time to
have  the children's  photos  taken
mnke  nu   appointment   today   nt   Binning'*-
Miss Jean l-atracc entertained a
number ol her little friends on Wednesday, June 20th, the occasion being
hdr 7th birthday She is leaving
rranbrook very hooh for her home In
Armstrong, R. c.
J    Small safe for sale cheap al Pink's.
! Mrs. W. McKay left on Thursday
for Calgary to spend a few weeks the
' guest of her sister. Mrs,  B. McFar-
' lane.
The Oranbrook Board of Trade have '
i received inquiries for several c&Yloads
' of tamarac and jack pine corftwbod.
! For information apply to the Secre-
1 tary.
For quick sale—10 aefes of Improved property mile and half from post
office; 4 acres under cultivation; over]
lfl» bearing appl* trees and small |
fruit; two storied dwelling housi*.
9 rooms, cost $1500; good well water;
land under Irrigation. Property
worth $4000; going for $1876; »easy
terms.—Apply quickly to Beale end
Blwell, Cranbrook, B. C.
Tlie regular monthly m&etlftB of the
Women's Institute will be held at thc
1'arish Hall on Tuesday, July 3rd at
3 p.m. Mrs. II. II, McClure will give
a paper on "A square deal for our
hoys and ■■Iris" and MlQfl Alina Barvls
wlll give a demonstration on malting
maple cream. The young people will
In* responsible fo.- the program and
school ch.ldren and children of members aud friend:; ure specially Invited
the scheme provided being a children'a
Captain Norman of the Salvation
Army desires on behalf of herself ami
Capt. Weir to thank the people of
Cranbrook for their kindness to them
(hiring their stay here. They are
leaving for their respective homes,
Armstrong, B. C, and Morse. Sask. on
Thursday June 28th for a vacation.
Also the Captain desires to thank all
those who assisted ln the recent self*
denial effort which was a great sue
I. 0. I>. K.
The I, O. D. B. gratefully acknowledge the following donations towards
the Flannelette Fund during the
month: Per Mrs. Patterson-Mrs.
Nisbet, $12; Mrs. F. W. Green, $10;
Total $22.00. Per Mrs. Manley, $1;
Mrs. McCreery $5; Monday workers,
$;i.85; Mrs.. Carlson, $1; total -10.8iY
Per Leonard Burton, 25c; Mrs. A.
Carter, 10c: Mah Hlng, 25c; Jimmy
Logan, 25c; Marjory Burton, 15c; Donald Burton, 10c: total $1.10. Per Mrs.
J. S. Brake—Mr. Thos. Roberts, 25c;
Mrs. F. R. Morris, 10c; Mrs. J. Coutes,
50c; Mrs. Dupont, 10c; Miss Klmpton,
10c; Miss Symes, 10c; Mrs. N. McClure, 25c; Mrs. Morris. 25c; total
$1.05. Per Mrs. Manning, 25c; Mrs.
McFarlane. 25c; Mrs. McCallum, 25c;
Mrs. Dallas, 25c; Mrs. Dale, 25c; Miss
Chalmers. 26c; total $1.50, Per Mrs.
Sarvis—Mrs. Willis. 10c; Mrs. A. Cameron, 26c; Mrs. D. Campbell. 25c; Mra.
J. Roy, 26c; Mrs. Hartnell. 25c; Mrs.
Geo, Johnson. 60c; Mrs. T. QUI, 50c;
total $2.10; Mrs. F. Parks. $1.00; Mrs.
Watts. (Wattsburg) $1; Mrs. Dan
Campbell, fl: Mrs M. Gillis. 60c; Mrs.
Laurie. 50c; Miss Phyllis Shaw. 25c;
Mrs. F. Ege, (Kimberley) $25; Mrs.
W ll Wilson. $2; Mrs. Harshaw. 50c.
Little Davenport
,11K A IS AT Alii, HOIKS
'hike   In   thti   I,. II.  nfter
Hi). Slum.
fuUtltiK Till fur Wumi'ii. »:. n box or three fur
flu.   fluid tt nll Urn,; Mori***,, or mulled tu anv
SteaAMa.I|S"*»"* mA
VllaUtT'.for  Niim* nn.I liralii; inrnuta"r*i««
■Mter':ftTMilt> -win nana yon up. u » boi, or
'.« Mi p, at drni atnTM. or Uf Mill oa rtMtrti
JMn   Immiiu ..»».« Co.it *M*mm*M\
Gasoline llniitin** }>liiut tor Bale
Don't FflrgGt the meeting of the Farmers' Institute tn be held on Saturday.
June 30th at 8:80 In the City Hnll.
Kveryliody welcome. Among1 other
bltfllneofl the proposal of a live stock
sale will be discussed; nlso the matter
of a stump piillinu machine, which the
Government have offered this district,
will be tfiken up.
Mrs. McPhee, Secretary Citizens Com*
mlttee, Cranhrook. I), C.
Would you kindly convoy to the citizens of Crr.nbronk my warmest thanks
for the beautiful Rift presented to tne
bv them on my departure from Cranbrook sometime -ten and recently received hy me, T will always chertsh
nlensnnt memories of Cranbrook nnd
Its people where T spent so man?
happy days nnd T trust though nb.irnt
for the present 1 wlll still he rennrded
(lfl'one nf you. WItli ileepMt appreciation.   Ynure rinmely,
ttelfe t. Bias-
a imkfwei.i. m:vr
A very pleasant time wns spent at
the home of Mr. and Mrs, D. Campbell,
Armstrong Avenue, on Monday afternoon In honor of Mrs. (!. w. Johnaon
who is to leave the city accompanied
by Mr. Johnson and family for their
new home in Kdmonton the end of
this week. Mr. Johnson having heen
transferred to the prairie city last
During the afternoon a flower contest took place about thirty ladies taking part. Mrs. Walter Hrown being the
successful winner was presented with
:t boquet of pink carnntfons. After
the nerving of dainty refreshments tlie
Officers and members of Selkirk Division No 478, Grand International
Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Vo*
COmotlVO KnKineers took the opportunity to present Mrs. Johnson with a
beautiful colonial cut Rlass vase with
r boquet of forget-nip-nots and the
following address:
Dear Sister Johnson.-- It Is With
sincere regret that we. the officers
and members of the Selkirk Division
No, W, 0. 1 A. to the R. of L. K„ hnve
met together to say pood bye. Altho'
we have known for some time tliat
this was to take place sooner or later
we eould hardly realize it to be true.
Vou liave ben mieh a valued worker
and highly esteemed member of this
division ever since it was organized
that we could not let this occasion po
by without showing our appreciation
In some tangible way, and ns a simple but earnest expression of our esteem as a fellow worker, sincere
friend and loving sister, we ash thnl
you wlll accept this small token from
tlie members of this Division und that
God will bless you and brother Johnson nnd your family In your new home
and that what Is one loss will be snme
other Division's gain Is the sincere
wish of Selkirk Dlvlson.
Sgned on behalf of Div. No.  47.1.
Mrs. J. T. Barvls, President.
Mrs. ft; A. Cameron, Secretary.
Mrs. D. Campbell also remembered
Mrs. Johnson with a half dozen old
colony pattern cereal spoons and Mrs.
O'Hearn with a sterling sliver thimble.
Mrs. Johnson responded in a few
well chosen words. The compuny dispersed all feeling It was too had that
Crnnbrook should lose another of
their old time residents.
Packet of
\$8°-° WORTH OF'ANY /
The whole of Helghim occupied,
minimis facing starvation, sepatrte
peace, restoration tnrl emnpenntlon
w«k *mno*% Blag Al»«r«   He algbl
Clean to handle. Snld by all Druggists, Grocers and General Stores.
have said:  1 liave ioni enough.   KIT
Loyal to Ills Allies, helping them
in tin- last, trusting to them to look
afler his  starving  i pie, he fought
on fur the cause of Humanity,
i mi wi  betray that trust? Hnve we
done enough for the ■ pie win. liave
given their all lor Humanity ami have
mortgaged in thai ■ buho all they may
have foi the nexl liuudrod years?
Have we given nnnugh? Perhaps we
never can do enough bal we may start
now and persevere In our efforts to
gave Innocent starving women and
Send contrlbutloim to:
Prevloimlj ai knowledgod ... ,$87.10
itkjis   oi    i\ti:im:st   to!
farmers'    institute
>ii:miu:i{s ami others
Hun. John Oliver. Mlnlsti r of Agriculture, li: s authorized the purchase
of a limited number of stumping
machines to bo supplied to Kurmnr;,'
Institutes mi ;i defer red payment system. Thia action on the part of tlie
Minister t.i" Agriculture Is tho outcome of ;. number of requests which
liave been received by the department
from Farmers' Institutes
In giving .the Farmers' Institutes
tliis opportunity to piirclinao these
machines the Department assumes absolutely uo responsibility ami makes
no recomnu ndattons (regarding the
compnrntlvo efficiency of lhe various
typos of inucliitios "it tho market. Tho
Deputy Minister and Superintendent of
Institutes, Mr. Win. K, Scott, has witnessed several demonstrations and at
each rue the results liave heen satisfactory.
Tin* Department ot Agriculture will
supply application forms to any Fnrmers' Institute on request. Theso forms
must be signed by tho President, Vice-
President and directors and also by
five nieinl ors of the Institute, Freight
charges on the machines must bo paid
by the Institute rrom tho rnctory.
Terms of payment for tlio machines
are: One-tliiVd on delivery: one-third
in rnie year and remaining tliird iu
two years
Nn inter >a1 will be charged on unpaid blllailCOB Imi interest at 109* will
bo charged on overdue payments. In-
Btltutes thai fall to make Iheir payments promptly, wlll not receive their
capita LT.int mi account of membership but litis sum will be devoted toward- the payments due. The Department recommends thai all Institutes
securing these machines adopt a plan
whereb} a fixed charge of so much per
diem he paid by memb ts who use
lho machine. By this means a fund
will lie provided towards paying the
r.ist of the machine and the depreciation in value.
Mr .1 1! McCulloch, District Agri
culturlst with headmiarte'rs at Kamloops, has resigned Inun the service
of tlie Provincial Government to take
a position in Winnipeg. Mr, McCulloch made his headquarters at Ques-
iicll for several months but recently
his dlstrlcl was enlarged and his headquarters  transferred to Kamloops.
Mr, Geo. C. Day. who has been stationed al Telkwa for the past year
and a half as District Agriculturist,
has lieen transferred to Kamloops and
will fill the position vacated by Mr.
ll' you have unt uln-ml)   [i
done bo ««• would luggeftl   I
J'OM Ir)  n ; nd nl'
The besl vulue ill It'll today
IWielU III** Illl
Little & Atchison
Cbe Ulasa hotel
Hunting and Fishing
•Unionist liw$tmenis Ltd.
The British Columbia .Nurseries Co,
Ltd., of M98 Seventh Avenue West,
Vancouver. It. C„ are offering a pretty
colored calendar for tin* current
month to all intending planters who
ask for it and mention "Tlie Herald."
IHtcr«li>n and Use
Take notice thai tlm Consolidated
Mining ami Smelting Company, of
Canada, Ltd., whose address is Trail.
It. C, will apply for a license to take
and use fitlOO galls per IM hours out of
a spring which flows southerly and
drains Into .Sullivan Creek about Kimberley townslte. The water wlll be
diverted from a spring about thc east-
em boundary of Lot fi, Hlock 10. Kimberley Townslte. or opposite this lm
on Boundary Street, between Estmere
and Kimberley Townsltes. This notice
was posted on the ground on lhe 2nd
day of June lfll", a copy of this notice
and an application pursuant thereto
and to the Water Act 11*14 will be
fyled in the office of the Water Recorder at Cranbrook. Objections to
tiie application may be fyled with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Flights. Parliament Buildings, Victoria, D. C. within
thirty days after the flrrt appearance
of this notice in a  local newspaper.
The date of the first publication nf
this notice Is June 7th 1317.
Consolidated Mining and Smeltins
Co.. of Canada. Ltd.
J. K. Cram. Asent.
District of Kast Knntciint
Wash That
Itch Away
There is absolutely no sufferer from
QCZemil     Who    ever    used    llie    simple
wash D. D. D. ami did not le., immediately that wonderfully calm. cl***I
sensation thai comes when the Itch
is taken away. This Booth Ing wash
penetrates the poros, gives instant
relief from the mose distressing skin
The Cranbrook Drug & Book Co, Ltd.
Cranhrook. it. C.
Notice i» hereby given thut sixty
days after date 1 intend to apply to
tlie Minister of Lauds Tor a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum
over the following described lands,
situate in Block 459.1, South East Kootenay, B. Ci Commencing at a post
planted at or near the south east corner of lot 7280, thence 80 chains North,
80 chains West, about 40 chains Smith,
about 40 chains Kast. about 40 chains
South, thence about 40 chains Kast to
point of commencement.
Located this 5th day of May, 1017.
Flathead Petroleum Co..
Leo Wardwell,   Agent,
! Coal mining rights of the Domfn-
I ion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
I Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
; North-West Territories and In a portion of the Province of British Colum-
i Wh, may be leased for a term of
twent-f-one years renewable for a fur-
: ther term of :*1 yearn at an an-
{ nnul rental of Sl an acre. Nol more
than 2,680 arres will be leased ta one
■ applicant.
Application for a lease must be
I made by the applicant in person to
i tin* Agent or Snb-Agetn of the dls-
j trlct In which the rights applied for
: aro situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
; be described by sections, nf legal subdivision** of sertions, and in unsurvey-
e<l territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out hy the applicant himself.
Kacb  application  must  be  accom-
i panted hy a fee of $5 whicb will be
refunded if tiie rights applied for are
1 not available, but not otherwise.    A
[ royalty shall be paid on the merch-
i notable output of the mine at the rate
j of five cents per ton.
!    The person operating the mine shall
j furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full  quantity  of
; merchantable coal mined and pay the
I royalty thereon.    If the coal mining
rights are not being operated such re-
; turns should be furnished at Jeafit once
a year.
The lease will include the coal mln*
i lng right*, only.
For full Information application
j should be made to the Secretary of
i the Department of the Interior, Ot-
i tawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
I Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B    Unauthorised publication   of
thta utftftt-MMMt Vtll lHWNM
-MUM   l\  I IMIH"
The 1917 Ford Touring Car
S495.00 f. o. b. Ford. Ont.
Vou pay less for this cur Imt it gives you more
enjoyment, more mileage and longer .service 'linn
those which < usi mire.
The touring car gives iiu* utmost In automobile value pride Df ownership and economy.
Iiuy a Ford this year and save money.
$560.00 Cranbrook
Somewhere at the Front—
Every day boxes from home are goin**
to the boys in the trenches. And of
the things they get, a great prize is
WRIGLEY'S — the Gum with Lasting
It takes the place of foot*, and drink in
case of need—which is often. It keeps
spirits up—gives vigour and vim. A
packet in the pocket lasts a long time.
The Flavour Lasts I
Chew It
after everyJ
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
OIUcp, Smelting and fle-flnlng Dee-eirlment
Sli K I, T Kits  A XI)  REFINBRg
n in mstiis ok oiiMi, sii.Ti ii. C0PFEB, ii: * ii /tin line tmr.n
THURSDAY, .HINR 28th, 1917
GUM) \  SI'ltKl'l.l.
Barristers, Etc.
Yi. i. Ilurel 0. J. Sprmll
News of the Surrounding District
101(1* STEELE
(belt eevcr trow lust wouk.)
formerly eel'   Fort
I   lnsl
iim tlie
Drs. Green * MacKinnon
rlijsiiiiins mnl Siirgt s
Ollice nt residence, Armstrong
Forenoons   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 200 0   4.00
Evenings 7.80 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
= I of uny commodity, nnd In 11117 of ull
years just u little, more Hum usual of
imlillclty will lu, reqnlrod.
Ami while Cran let k. oft hand, muy
nol look like a vory big market Tor
FI.KO   NOTES   IIY   1111:11   IIOO    j"'"1' *■ Information Is tlmt at least
11 elozen carloads nl' !l|i]*le's would lee
; none le'ei muny I'm- 11 year's trnde in
1 Mint city uiul tributary country.
11 Canada and urc 1    That le. business wortii navliiK. uml
close in Australia. [ owing to Creston's nearness assuredly
belongs hero had wo tlii' facilities for
handling il.   One. ol the sur.'sl ways lo
Bccuro tin. greater sllco e.f il is in
Bhow  lh..ni  whul  we have tee oftov.
Te,    OCCOltlllllsll      this    HOtlllng      qtlltO
..minis 11  meieel display on occasions
limn 7s years e.r   „.a7'iii  EHm'TnTs" week 'visiting o'idlsuon ns full fairs,
friends.    Mack  wu"  well   known  In j    On Mils 1 aslon wc feel mire thnt
lir   McCallum,   een  ij u.   ™,     Calgary nap
I Steele uml win. recently wus awarded  „r U|e wul.|,| „
'the M   C. fnr lil" brave deportment  watcn|ng „s v
ut the. front, is now with liis family  Now   „■,. sincerely   nope  imy  won 11
iu Tieneiiiee uml is on Hie staff ot the*   ||1(I    llu. w„0>0 „j- Canada ley Quebec,
base heisliital eel' Heat city. 'l,„„u „„ Quobec it you will Australia, j
I Colonel Doherty ot Burnecrannor. mit cU,„.t ovoriooli the buys from the
near tbe clly ot Londonderry, died on ■ Weat „„,| whal they havo done leer the
Wednesday 13th al the Crnnbrook hob-  protection of those St. Uwrenco River
t pltal e.f BOttenlng of the brain.   The, prenchuien,
late Col Dohorty came tee Fort Steelo j,.,,.^ sIiitIuiiu, Morlnvillo, Alberta. |
li, 1864. lb* was nbout is years uf j „.„„ In Kll<l, (ins week visiting old
Mr. aim' Mrs. I*. Dornn ami son I'nl , crnnbrook In 1890 ami muii ami wns I (.reBton.s willingness to thus co-oper
'"' J."V,""'1 !^I/™J°K.   l^8t'1\|mc',e^t0rCr^0,?k<,i,',,1, „ U I" nmklng 'ranbrook exl.lbl
on Iherelein  wel'.. tlm Ktn'sis oi  with,   nn.lrn<- days,  when  e.lel  man  Minitsun
1)11. F. II. MILKS
Office ln  Hanson Hlock
II to 12 a.m.
1 to   5 p.m.
Licensed by Provincial Govt.
Maternity iiihl Oeneral NurBlng
Macsage ami Rest Cure. Highest
Refer eos,  tuir terms. Apply
Mils. a. Salmon. Matron.
I'hono 259 I'. O. Box 845
Address.Oarden Avo., Cranbrook
Civil uml Mining engineers
II. 0. Land Surveyors
,1  Wnlsli lasi weok. I wns in rinwvr and tho lm
i Robert Dempsey, a former pioneer ,h|nnoil from tlio soiitli.
of Furl Steele, but now ot Hnnmiry, j|n, Thistlebeak says, speaking ol
i n c is renewing old acquaintances In , ,ollll, llf ,1,,. i|rummors. thai they cun
> lown ami will remain n tew days. . ,„, Boml |0nk|ng und oven til lo nssncl
I Aboul 100 cars of logB wero sblpppil „i0 w|tii, imi If lm over a. is 11 Inlo
1 through Fori Steele last weok via K.; |i1b nm.r Bt01ll? tlmt bo Is     nl la looli
' C Hallway trom tho Crows Nesi Lum-: ,„„,„ ,. , „),.„,
bur Company to Wardner. ,    \v,„. Morrison, Contractor, Fernie,
on Thursday last the following wore : i,,,,,,,!,, „ section of laml In tho Huo -
visitors In Crnnbrook:   Mr,  I Mrs. I vtllo Valley Hn  miles nortli af llie
I f  Blnmore, Mrs. Cann, Mr, and Mrs. | „„,, lim,.,,
,\   11  Fenwick, Mrs 11   Wntson, Mrs.,    ...  A   Parker ami Mr   Spnrriiw nf
Levitt, Mr. It   L, T. ilnll.raiih. Mle» | Fornle  sponl   the   Italf  liollday   lusi
Blair ami Mrs. Crowe. 1 weok fishing out al flock Creek,  Tliey
II  Perrylonke of NolBon, Nell t am-11,„,| „ Bplendt<1 catch considering lilgli
, oron, Mayook, were vlslteers In town : Wlllp,.,  0vory  muscle  aching   like  a
1 insi weok. I gonornl    Infirmary    pulling oul  tlio
Uev Newnbnm of Wardner held sen--1 Blum,v trout, Inn feeling as sociable as
vi.e al  tho Presbyterian Church on ;., couplo of strange pups.
Sunday. ,     ,     I    Mrs. II. Taylor ami family of Crnn-
Miss Then Fonwlck is visiting her   imilk ,..„,„. cic,„.n (ll ,.:ik„ n,|s „.,,, k
unit. Mrs. Dorosler, In Jaffray. j „n,| motored out lee lhe. Baynos Luke
The- water ill the* creek anil river is : pineries wltll Mr. Taylor
retting hinlu'r every eluv although it i    Messrs c. Stephenson, .1. M. Wntson
s nothing In comparison to tho holghl   and S. Frederlokson of the Roosville
•enchod last vear. Valley pasBod through Elko Snturdny
I tor Edmonton, Alberta.
 ' ' ■    Fnr    your    Information    "Mal" I"
Quoen Elizabeth wns of Hi ujy
»»M 'queens nr England  who   lived  until
she died,   A greal many of tlie others
imy |>hone 288, Night Phoie SS
Norbury Ave, next to City Hall
Teacher «l I'lanehirte
Craabrook, ll. C. Box 889
Montana Restaurant
Meals »t All Hours
Cigars, Clgarettea unit randy
OppoHito tin; Dank of Commerce
MUs M. Uask mid Mlsa BubIi I n't
Wkisa on Sunday tor Cranbrook whore
they will try their entrance examinations ror higli school.
Mrs. W. Mush apont Sunday last
in Cranbrook,
Mra. 1. Crotnoy of Sheep Crock \:  -
sed through Wn
way to Kort Stol
w.rc murdered,
J, McMullen of Cnlgary mi old tin
Wilnnlpogger who came over the Dnv
aon  Route [rom  Port Arthur in tl
late 70'a was In Elko thia week,   ,,t
says "Oasis may mean a fertile spot i
the had lands or snndy rtoaorl Imt in
k  on  her i Alherta it means where you can hay
| a drink.
Mr. Kershaw of Kurt Stoolo raffled      Every paper you pick un now n ih-vs
n kitchen cabinet in his store.   Mrs. says "every man must do hla bit." -I'm
1.  Cretney of Sheep Creek  had the | Thlatlebeak s
tlmt much tho bigger and better
will he productive of tanglblo returns
thai will handsomely repay tor all
tho expense incurred in making a
illaplnj lu every rospoel worthy
i'n'-Inn Valley and its products,
UIMX.    IN    ItltlilSII
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washine
send it to
Special prices for familv
Forwarding  and  Distributing
Agent tor
Lethbridge and GreenhJU Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlatrbutlon Cars a Specialty.
Ilrayinir nnd Transferring
Given prompt attention
Phone 63
General Merchant
Employment Agent
P. O   Box 108 Phone 244
The Shoe Specialist.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Headquarters for all klnda of
H»ht. Frame, Prop.
Fresh Brend, Cukes, Pies
nnd Pastry
Phone 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp City Hall
"overy man miist do
his duty," sounds better. CoiiBerlpti m
is a serious thing, Imi it is not half
sn serious as engaging in n greal war
and being whipped. The Germans
hnve ;i dicta I or named Hlndenbnrg,
and not only the people Imt Knlser
[till and "Little Bill" granl him
prompt nbedlenee. Wo in Canada
have such a dictator in It. !,. Ilnnl n
mnl we must grant him such obedience. We'd sooner be in Hades w'th
nur hack broken ihan be a German.
Lead on Monica, etc., et*-.
Jack Kennedy, mi old Crow Construction Brakemnn, well known in
Cranbrook, Wattsburg ami Bull River,
accepted tin* position of Pre-emption
Inspector, that W. A. Wllmot resigned
from hy arrangement.
Mr. and Mrs. Artlmr  Mott late of
the 107th regiment moved to Klko this
week and rented the old Agnow residence.
The lightening bug is brilliant,
But te hasn't any mind;
It travels through tho darkness.
With its headlight on behind.
There were sonic rattling fine nutos
passed tliruiigh Klko Sunday to the
Waldo .Meadows.
A woman In Klko hns R all figured
out that a tax of $1.00 a y
mongrel don in Klko would in twenty
years pay tor tin*  Water  Works  i
Jim Thistlebcak says to shake hand
with some people te about ns thrilling
ns grasping an iron pump handle on
n winter's morning, and if you bored
a hole Into the same peoplo yon would
sen the saw dust sift out.
We have hnd requests from California, Vancouver, Toronto and the
trenches lu Prance for copies of thia
column which proves tllat il pay., to
advertise |f you  hnve the goods.
During the recent revival in New
York according to V. s. papers, the
Uev. William Sunday, the wealthiest
sky pilot the world over knew, converted several professional ball players and hundreds of fans, hut there la
no mention that he led any umpires to
see lhe errors of their ways.
Contractor Cameron from Hook
Creek Pineries was lu town Ihis week
looking for tlo makers.
Mrs. W. X. Goodwin and daughter,
Gwendoline, of Minneapolis,! Minn..
are spending a few day!* in Klko
They are on their wny to Victoria to
meet Iheir son and brother who has
Prance, wounded.
just returned from Soinowhore hi
Cheer up! vou are alright if ymi urc
bald headed outside, if you are ant
bald Inside. Remember Samson did
his biggest killing aftor he lost hit
,    .   . ,     .     ,    ,,      .hair.   Vour bald head is like Paradise,
icept position in hotel. -Apply Her-  tl|(>n,v „„ .mrting „,„.„    Vllll|. ,„,.,,
26-lt*   may bo out, and your hnlr mny he thia.
■  ■■ —.  - vet there's  uiiiiiv  a  good  lune tn  an
WANTKU   I'osltl.in    In office,   hy  old violin.
rl   of   lfl.   not   experienced. - Apply I    Conductor  Billy  Or
lucky key which took the cabinet,
Wasa visitors this week were Harry
Llddlcote, Wolf Creek; Mr. Parker,
Cranbrook; W. Kny, Wolf Creole; It.
Crowe, Port Steele; Mr. Anderson,
Port Steele; M. McLeod. Port Steele;
.loe Walsh, Port Steele.
Mrs. Dawson of Athalmer passed
through Wasa on Prlday last on route
to Cranhrook where she will spend a
few days the guest of Mrs. I.. Chirk.
.1. Taylor of Wnsa spent a few days
in Cranbrook last week.
P. Bodac spent the week-end in
Mr. nud Mrs. James sponl Inst weekend in Wasa the guest of Mrs. 3. Miller.
Mrs. Jenson of Ta Ta Creek spent
a few days iu Cranbrook" this week,
Mrs. B. Roberts of Wasa spent a
day in Port. Steele this week.
Mrs. X. .leffery of Port Steelo spent
a few days at Wasa this week the
guest of .Mrs. S. Cameron.
Sanford Crowe of Port Steele spent
a few days in Wasa this week.
Leckte Miller of Wasa spent n few
days in Pernie Inst week,
Miss Bush of Wnsa is in Crnnhrook
for n few days this week tlie guest of
Mrs. Pinery.
Geo, Barr spent the week-end in
Mr. Qnartley motored to Crnnbrook
on Saturday and hack on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Cameron and family of
Wasa spent last Sunday nt Wolf nrooh.
On .luly ISth lhe Ladles of Red
Cross will give a picnic nt Pretnun
Lake everyone cordially Invited from
Port Steele and Cranhrook. The party
will leave Wasa nt nine o'clock Sunduy morning in ntitomoblles.
2c [eer ward feer first week, and lc per
word for each week after.
IIOIISi: lllll SAM:    l|l|ll)  lleemill.
loll Kxi.ress Office. 2'.-lt
TIVII t'Ollli (Alts KOll HAM!
cheap.   Tlio Kootenny tlarngc,
,IANTi;i) A iniilil In hol|i leink
ufte.r two children. Mra. Martin McCreery. 20-tf
IVA\Ti:i>    ]iee>ilteill ns lillljel, wlilllel
iccept II
Illl (Ifl'ie
Hy K Jncolra
The Onilnecn Minor, l-lualton, an ,1
mi  Hi..   lOtli  Inntnnt:    The snow  Is
rapidly leaving tho hills, I the proa-
pectorH  of lllis  ellslrle'l   nro  lei'|!llllill!|;
tholr nnmml pllgrlmngoa.
Tho Enterprise Mining, Dovolopinont
St Powor Company lin*. lee'i.n organized
in Spokane. A Washington publication states linn tho ohjeel of tlio company Is to develop u group of mining
claims near Paulson, ll. C.
A group of lour iiiiiie'rnl claims situated on  tho  -lie  fork of Olncl ir
Creek, In Portland Cannl mining iliei-
,ioii, lias 1 n bonded to Alaska men,
li is stni.'ii that much development
work hns boon done on these, claims
diirinix tin. Inst t.'ti years and tli.it
there is on tliem a lode some, twenty
I',','I in width and containing on' having u good copper contonl
A s.Vlieli.'lll
ie high cost of living is being
iiy reduced by 2,500,000 hotise-
ves who cook llieir meals on
W Perfection Oil Cook Stoves.
Wilh Hornlilr Cutil Hi/ nNnv Pirficlhn
ivillcook snur mrnl (orfrom
,e to I.i tertlt
u*  Long  lllne  Chimney gives
rfect combustion,    All the heat
es  In   lhe   loud—110 smoke,  110
k iIi.m- dealers:
I'AkKS & Co
IK  IMPERIAL OH. company
I1RA.NI III s IN Al 1. i I I'ICS
hit 1011 thi: iiam.axt hi:n:\ri:
pit it in 111:1,1am,
il is admitted Hint tlie French Army
would have been swamped, Paris
taken, lhc French U'l'steTn Coast oc-
cupted, England unable to send any
army to tho continent and Germany
thus in possession of extonsive submarine base* would hnve threatened
British shipping even moro so than to- j
dny. Thus wo own our very lil',. io
Belgium. Hnve we done I'liougii for
iliis gallant Ally'.'
On receipt of tlie Qerman ultimatum
f Vancouver meu with ■'" August mil. Belgium might havo
Ilnir,.  1*1 • Illl
lleaiili'iiri.  1113
The World Moves and so do We
City Transfer & Warehouse Co.
1\. 1:. tVOIIIIKX, I'mprlclm*
lli:.U,i:i!S IN COAL, WOOD AMI ici:
AuciiI*. I'm* Hie liiiniiii*. Mnsscy-lliuTls Machinery
i.iam I'uiviler        Mil oil'- nils.
MIITOK   Till IK    IMVAVH   on   Till:   JOll
ll, r.ilil nni
Spokane, Washington
This Iiouho has the
liappy distinction of being tlio favorite stopping placo In Spokane
for the people of BrltlBh
(Jnlumlila We appreciate
HiIh patronage and do
everything in our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location Ih excellent —
cIohij to fJreut Northern Station
and O. W. It. & N,—Milwaukee
terminal, and withm a minute's
walk from the principal btiHineim
hoiiHeH and places of amusement.
H«w  KlemiiHlili)  on   Hoof
tv ■tVIKh AT ONCK Iwn irMs lor
hotel work, wngoe $30, North Blnr
Hotel, Klmberloy.
PINK IMI I It \ Hit I'l, Wis $1.11(1
u dozen: del I ver od nny where in Crmi-
i.nioK.   llox 4S. Crnnbrook, li c, 23-tf,
TO ItKNT   l.iuge tilrj (mill mum
on Armstrong Ave. nbout ono block
nnd n half from Baker Sl. Apply
Crnnbrook Drug a- Book Co.       :':'-tr
brook sioppi'.l oft In Klko Sunday and
mingled wltli the Htghtseors between
•dops, cheery na over.
A mnn in Pornlo says thai a floeii
of ducks turned loose on a lawn v il
devour all the dandelions, which .Hn
TlilBtlcbenk denounces ns n "(|iinck'
.lim  Thlstlobeak   -a,-*,  it   mav  i„
come   necossnry    for   K:ii**er   Hill   tn
eml   md   a   Iraci r   In   ill irn< mi*   v     I
hits lei nine of ttie llli.ili'tili ' ■* lim
\   t'KIMON   i:\lllllll'
Tlie Creston He
KOH SA(,K   h'lne Inun  IVrchen.n I    According to th,. Herald a group of
mares, about 150.0 each; also registered Holstein Hull Call 11 months old.
Apply Uox 0, Wardner, IV C.      26-lt*
I'O It SAM;   Smith Holor Wheel, in
good condition; cost $!>», will sell for
J50. This motor can be attache;! to
any bicycle converting it into u motor
cycle   Apply to llerald office.    21-tf
MASON  nnd   ItlSI 11   IMAM), COSl
$700, In splendid condition, for quick
sale $isr.; anyone looking for first
class Instrument for absolute bargain
price, now is tlie chance.— Apply
Kilby, Armstrong Avenue.
Mr. 15, C. Johnson, formerly with t'ie
Aberdeen Minns syndicate, of Merrltt,
S'icoln Valley, as secretary, te roportod
to bave bonded a group of mineral
claims situated in the northern part of
Aspen drove camp. Tbe Hrst work to
he undertaken will be to dewator two
prospect shafts, one i.** t 'id tho other
SO feet deop. PIve men an* employed
to commence with, but it is stated tt.at
thero wit! lu- twenty on the payroll
within a month.
Cross l.eiul Cul <m the I'ticn
Cone irnlng progress at ttie Uticn
miii'-. situated near the divide between
Ainsworth and Slocan mining division.
I'll* Kaslo Kootenalan .stated last week
that on the Sth instant Ibe crosscut
twin. 1 which had been driven from
•he main level of tlie west vein of the
rtha witli the object of tapping what
'-■ known a ■■ the cross lead, encountering ii- objective, cutting it nbout 300
fool distanl from the point where the
tunnel left the west vein drift.
At tin* point of contact tbe croi-i
had was clearly defined, and moreover showed most encouraging Indications, Hie entire lead brins apparently Inpregnnted witli specks and snuill
-earns nf gnlena. while tiiere were
two parallel streaks of about eighteen
inches eacli in width which seemed to
la* still more strongly mineralized than
■lie surrounding vein matter.
lly tin- nielit of the tonth lust the
crosscut had penetrated the lead for
i distance of at least eight feet and at
that time had not reached Hie hanging
wall, while the cut war mineralized
l.e entire distance across the face.
nie ore im y possibly be good mill
feed, but a: says had not yet been made
that would definitely determine its
Tin' -tribe is regarded as encouraging, as aside from the nppen nt
strength   of the lead at   Ibe point of
contact, tie* rinding of such mineral
Ization in a crosscut so quickly docs
not frequently hnpnen.
lt ir. Intended now to drift to the
west ami explore the lead, as Indications are thai a good body of high-
grade ore may be encoiinli red in that
direction, The point ol" contact Is
about 200 feel below tbe surface, and
a* drifting westerly is carried on, in
creimeil depth i*; attained. Thu crosi
lead was discovered originally on Ho
-uiface. a few hundred feet westerly
from the present main workings, and
win re a -.HIIt was run iu on It showed
nevoml indies of high-grade ore
Drifting tu tlu- oxteul of 500 or 000 tool
will lmvo to be di  to gol  under-
neath Hii   point    Dally Colonist.
\\\    U TO  'TIS  OK  TURK
My nui - 'tis of thee, short road to
poverty,! f thee I chant, I blow n pile
of dough, on thee tliree years ago,
and now you refuse to go, or won't
ur ain't. Through town and countryside, you were my Joy and pride, n
happy .1. y, I loved lb;' eaudy hue.
thy tvl.llo tyres new. Imi now you're
lown mid oul for true, in every way,
Ihe old rattle box, < nine many
i.mpti ami knock*--, for thee 1 grieve.
Bndly the top is worn, frayed are the
-■i -I nnd worn: tho whooping-cough
elf .ts thy bom, I do believe. Thy
perfume swells tho breeze, while good
rolka i hnke and whoozo as wo pass by,
I peld fo" thee a p'lce, 'twould buy
n   mat* ir'i   I vice,   now   everybody   is
v: Hlng "ice" I wonder why? The
motor bnti Iho grip, thy spark plug has
tlio pip, and woe Ir thine.   I. too, bave
AN    HONKST    KNr.ltf.KTIC    MAN
can obtain constant employment with
ns; full or spnre tlmo, by representing us locally or travelling,   Apply
IlllllM'ilb.tely  It   C.  Nursi rlCB Co   Ltd.,
Mini, 7tii Ave, w. Vancouver, n. c.
live ones have been induced to incept
office lu tlie Cranbrook Agricultural
Association, and Hint these wideawake
citizens are now busy devising way
nnd nienns to make tho fall fair in
that cily,  in   September,  everything
that an exhibition In such a community really should be.
One of their great desires ]s to liave
as bin a display as possible of tin  products of the Creston Valley, particularly in the fruit nnd vegetable Hue
and doubtless in other lines as well,
though as yet there Is no definite announcement to that effect. _M
And It la hoped Mint nny and nil I suffered chills, ngue mid kindred ill.',
propositions of this sort will liave ser I end wvorlng to imy my bills since
tons consideration by thoso Interosled thou were mine, (lone In my hank
at ihis end, regardless of pasl an- mil now. mi more would choke the
pleasantness nu this same score | cow, ns one before.   Yel, If 1 bad the
ll Is now very generally recognized I mnn, yo holp mc .lohn, amen, I'd buy
lhat advertising is an absolute neces- myself n car ngain, and RPOOd some
nary  factor lu  thu ttucruMttful  Belling   mor*.
nt ii strong protest, allowed thc Gillian  lu.riles in puss .'nil thought she
had dime enough. HKT X01
After Uege held, longer thnn the
most snuguine expected, nfter tlio
flower of the Belgian army had been
sacrificed to allow tbe mobilization ofj
the Allies. Belgium might have cried
enough! BUT NO!
•Triinbnink   Herald"   Belgian   Relief)
M.   A     It. ale.    Ks<|„   The   Cranbrook
Herald, t'ranbrook, It. C.
Hear Sir We beg to enclose herewith our official rocelpl for tlu* sum
of $25.00, being proceeds of collections
for Belgian Relief Fund, nmde by the
Cranbrook Herald. Phase convey to
the kind donors our best thanks for
this contribution.
Wo would like to mention tbat an
Impression seems to have been created
lo Hie effect tiiat onr Fund was no
longer accepfling moneys, This is
not correct. Tbe position is that we
have hitherto applied all our moneys
to helping tlw Commission for Relief
in Belgium, this being one of the many
relief works, and being the most important one. At present, in view of
tlie lack of shipping facilities, the
Commission cannot ship more food j
than that which is paid for by the
Belgian Government. Hence ii is
nnt necessary any longer for us to'
help this particular relief work. We
shall, however, be glad to receive further subscriptions which we will now
he able to apply to other relief works'
in Belgium, which are badly in need
of money.
Thanking you for your kind interest
In our Fund, ne remain. ,
Yours very truly,
A. Do .larilin. lion. Sec. Treas.
Belgian Belief Fund, Montreal.
M. A. Beale. Ksq.. Treas.. Belgian Re-'
lief Fund. Cranbrook. B. C.
Hear Sir.—Wo have pleasure in en-,
closing herewith our official receipt j
for $254.12, being proceeds of a Tng i
Duy held In aid of uur Fund in tlie
Cranbrook District.
We would ask you to accept for
yourself anil kindly convey to the
people of the Crnnbrook District our
feelings of deepest gratitude for this
so ningnificieiit contribution to our
A   Hi* .liirill.i. Hon. See. Treas.
Belgium Relief Fund. Montreal.
Look for
the Name
woven in lho binding,
as shown above, when you buy
It protects you—anil guarantees both the
quality and ]>rice of lhe genuine OSTERMOOR.
Only $|8 L5,
Ask your dealer leer the OSTERMOOR eer write us
for naiiie of nearest agent,
Makers of Bedsleath and Bsdtling
VAM'.Ol VER i«n
ada on an attic), mean. 111,1, Credt Every Particle"
50 Years of
tful Sleep
Mr, nnil M
Illl UN
Die   Memehey,   Jnnt?
n. r. Ilyeiii.
36th.   In |
siiiiii'i'i I   im Siindny, .1  -Mile.,
In Ml'  Iiml Mm. li, A. Hutliorlumli n
Qrnlmni On Wotlnosilay, Juna 87tli,
hi Mrs. Bout's Hospital, ne Mr. nnil
Mrs. II. 11. arnhara, ei son.
McKay on Satnrtluy, Juno 28rd,
eit Hi,. Cottage Hospital, Qartlon Ave1.,
in Mr. nml Mrs. .1 a. McKay nl Moylo,
:i seen.
Mlllliaf, I'lirmlfinl, CM). Hrahuniciil and
|..l..'tn,';il KnflDeeriteg.
A/la Coitrae  t.v ,-i,rraapon,l.iicr,     laa^rr.
witli uii<*ye«r,a.ttenil.ii>ct.
Summer School    Navigation School
Jul. and Auauat Baa—haa to April
IS CEO. Y. CHOWN, (aajlaUr


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