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Cranbrook Herald Jan 18, 1912

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Array /^jWiril :ll '«V^
r    JAN ?..\ 1912
In the Herald PnyB—Try]
Our   Local   Columos
10c. a line
We  ate   well   equipped   to
turnout the boat claw
of work
NO. 3
I + + + + + + + + •!• •!• •!• •!• *I* *r
+ •:•
•!•    LIBERAL    CONVENTION,    ...
The lirst Hireling nl Ihc mu ell)
council ii ok pliici* ui li o'clock on
Monday morning ol (his wook, Ihoau
in  ai tendance being Mayor   llownuas,
Aldermen  JoltllSOII,     Alehisoii,  Callip-
liell, clapp uml Cameron,
In opening the roeollng, Ins worship
tirlclly expressed his appreciation nl
the honor conforrwl upon htmsoH ntui
his a Dengues Iiy tin* citi/ens tu electing ihem hv acclamation, His worship remarked ihat this honor merited a certain recognition, thai tliey
sii.mill, one ami all, determine lo exercise their hest Judgment In administering tlie affairs of the city. In
effect they were practically directors
of a large corporation and il was up
to each one of them to give strict
attention to the city's affairs in order that their term or olliee mlghl
prove profitable to all concerned. i
The mayor went on to say thai
lie had certain recommendations to
make at tho beginning ol liis term
o( otlice. In the flrsl place lie;
wanted to see the work so well
Itegun by their predecessors, in connection with the new sewerage system, actively eon tinned antl completed in first-class shape. lie
thought a special committee should
In* appointed to give close personal
supervision to this work, Imt, lu Ihc
meant ime recommended t he conl inu-
ancc in office of lhe present committee, composed of two former j
members of the council, Aldermen I
Campbell and Johnson.
Mayor Bownrss also recommended
that the hoard of works take up the
question of layinj; out the new
portion of the cemetery, utilizing the
old ground for pauper hurtals. lie
would also like to see a committee
appointed 10 go into the matter
of city recreation grounds, and in
this connection lie advised hearty co-1
operation with thr hoaid of trade.
Another recommendation cf the new1
mayor's was that the council|
should nive earnest and early consideration to the question of laying
down cement sidewalks. He thought
the time had conn* when Cranbrook
should adopt this modern method
ant! he would like to sir n start
made on Maker street.
Standing committees lor thi- ensuing year were appointed as follows:
Finance—AW. Campbell, chairman,
aldermen Erlckson and Clapp.
Works aiid Property—AM. Johnson,
chairman, Aldermen Ertckson and
< !lapp.
File ami Police—Alderman Cameron
chairman,  AMcrmon Campbell,
Watei— llderman Uchtion chairman. Alderman .lohnson and Com-
Health and Relief—A Merman Wcbl-
son, chairman, and Alderman Camp-
Legislation—Alderman Clapp, than
man, and Abb im.iu ('.um ron
On motion it was decided to leavr
tin1 old committee in charge ol lhe
sewerage   works, until such time    aa
tin* Procedure Hy Law had been
amended in permit ol the appointment of a rCgulur sewerage cumuli! Ice.
Ou million of Aldermen Campbell
nml Atchison it, wus decided that
the regular meetings of     tlie     city
i til    should he held tm tlm    liis!
Muiida*.   oi each month, at 2 p.m.
A court ol revision will In* held t li
March till al 10.80 a.m. The court
will   he composed as follows:
Mayor Bowness, Aldermen Campbell*, Cameron, Atchison awl Clapp.
Ex-Mayor P. DoVcre Hunt, who
was presenl on behalf of the Agricultural exhibition, then hriclly addressed tbo council. Iii opening he asked
to he permitted to congratulate both
the councillors elect and tho eily
upon the new council, which, in his
humble judgment, composed as sound
a body cf business men as it would
he   possible
Hunt then went on to tell ol the
finances of the  exhibition, to
When a musical corned) is so great •$•
an   attraction     that    over one thou- .j.
sand consecutive performances can Ik; ■>!•
given, it surely is worth while seeing. •(•
Such   is    ihe case with   regard    in *]■
Qoorgo  Edward's urea!    success "The .J.
Country Girl," whicli ran lor over u •{•
thousand nights in London, Km;. •{*
Tins  ohormlng ami   tuneful    comedy .).
will    lie    presented   in lhe near future  •$•
by the Cranbrook operatic Sooiety, *\*
which   has already math* a name    lot  .].
itself. Thai the ciiy of Cranbrook .].
Cranium k
McManiis .
Is   rich iu musical and histrionic tal
enl   is    now   an assured fact,      and
one    glance al       the caste and particulars appended   herewith, will suffice   to   coin nice anyone thai        the
coming  production    will, in     every
way,    he a    musical   ami    i peratie
treat.     The dales set apart for this
pr (Ml uc tion are February fith   aud 7th Sims
and   il     would he    well    for      the
publie   to  keep these (lutes in mind, Ellis ..
in   order to   secure lirst choice        ol
seats.      The seal sale opens at    the MeWha
gel   together.    Mr." B«rtWc-Murphy Co.'s store on P*™-L
Entire new scenery ami special cos-!
issues call pon
iViestdeiit John Oliver, ol the
Hiitish Columbia Liberal association, has issued a call l< i
a provincial convention lo bu
Md in iii.' olt) nf Vancouver,
Tbursda), Februarj  29tb.
Each provincial constituonc)
ot entiiliil lo ten di l ■gates foi
eaeh iiu-mhei of tli- Im nl legislature sent therefrom.
Secretary Halsall will Issue
a call      Bhorl'l)    Tor   a p| 11 ml
meeting of the Liberals of
Cranbrook district, at which
doiogatea from Ibis constituency Will he si-.eelcd.
mark  upon    the growth and "import- \T™ mJ^f   Vt"vamlUn
, ...       .,? ,. . .   „ ,„, fuuntrv (lirl,     ami soiih- mi'
iincc  nf Iins institution and to point ......        .,,   ,     ,    .       ,     ,
......        , .,       ,   , tritai rfltTts   wil also »■ nlroduccd.
out   Uml lust raw's operations   nail ...    , „    .     . , .
, ,.   .. .'.,        , ,--.   .  riii' following is 11,,- complete caste
It-It   1 it' association a ilclicit ol sornt'
+ + + + + + •!• •!■ •!• •!• •!• •!• •!• •!
t'over Polnl ■
liiBllI WlllK.
l.i'fl WiliR.
Tho I'oiinollv
Si Palton and Clifford Earlo were
remanded for li ial In police ooui i
this morning beforo Magistrate Ryan
ilnrgu ol holding up and roll
blng Oscni 011-141*. nn December 83rd.
The eoinplaiiil wai signed hy Chief ot
Police Dow.
Hie ease Ir aa Interesting one an.I
tuat prove Mu* culmination ol a series
»f crimes whicli have been committed
in and about the city during tho
pasl few weeks.
Two weeks ngO     these men       Were
arrested   for  holding up a Mr. Klrk-
l.iud, a   Ulieman in   ihe employ      ui
the    C.P.R.,  bllt   llie    police   wele  un
aide lo secure sufflclcnl   evidence    to
hold   them    and     they   were      dis
char-jed.     However, while  tliey were
. Hot lleid in   jail their shack was searched and
a   revolver   ami hot tie of chloroform
„ Kast on found   in   lhe   bed    belonging       lo
I Palton.
Graham I    following their release they     wenl
. lo   Korl Steele ami   Secured work In
Williams  .1 livery stable and were arrested   hy
I Constable Jos. Walsh    ou wire    by
. McLcod  chief How and brought to Cranbrook
j on Tuesday,
11   lias been well     raid that      the officials  did .1    daring thing.    They
losl conservative nation In existenci brought    3t),otu    ounces ol   prepared
has amoved lho   world   by the revol-  oj .,   to the   execution ground   and
Hati     Iras taken |>lai - again I destroyed   il all in   tb   presence    ol
the   Mauehu rulers and Lhe establtsl an   morn          i-.1    In July, 1910,
nit of a 1 'public, ; Mi. Uin-.;:'- noted   .1   'truly  wonderful
If    ihe cr.ili/vd countries    ol   the ehai           "In Swvchewan,  in April,
in Id  only bul   knew    the condition, i ion    he   .. -■. "I passed miles  anil
which   1.1.   . 0     and ul civil! .1 mi les ,,f   poop)    along the main road
the    regions tbal — todaj  there is none   to be seen,   It
.ui with    western is  to be hoped    that   Greal Britain
commerce,       the will   do her   part   as lalthfulh      aa
greater still. riuna is doing bers "
tion   has Mink
Mr.   Hunt
Geoffrey Challoncr
Sir Joseph Verity
Oraufcr Mummery
five hundred dollars. ^^^^^^^
thought in view of Hie appeal
that   was l„ bo maile    to the    gov- Tl" l,a|ah "' l,l'""« "'
enimtat    for financial assistance    in            '
the coming year, it would be well if
their delegate, Mr. F. J. Deane,
could lay before them a clear shoe-is
He therefore asked that the council
appropriate for exhibition purposes
iln*  sum of $500.
Mr. It. E. Beattle, also addressed
ilie council along similar lines, expressing lite view that the annuel
Agricultural exhibition was one. ol
Cranbrook's best assets, also tin-
fan lhal during the past two
years the city council had not contributed to the financial assistance ni
ibe exhibition.
The matter was pretty thoroughly
discussed, all present
then hearty Interest In tbe exlnb
tion and their confidence in th
good work ii was annually doing ti
advertise the resources of this di**
On   motion of
Mr. G. P. Stevenson
T. Brymncr
Mr. II. Darling
Man (iraham
Mr. McKoc;
Mr. E. Paterson I
D. J. McSweyn
Lord Anchcster ...  .
Lord Orassmerc
Major Vicat   ...   Mr    	
sir ('has. Cortelyou 	
 Mr. R. Mel'recry
Rube   Fairway   ... Mr.   P.   llray
Barrj                 Mr, Archie Raworth
Marjoric Joy   , Mrs. It. it. Benedict
Princess Mcnclaneh of Bhong	
  Mrs. 0. P. Stevenson
Madame Sophie	
  Miss Margaret Kennedy
xpressing  Mrs. Qulnton Raikos	
    Mis. A. L. McDermot
James McCallum, fireman on engine
Afler their release on the hist
cltargo Oscar Gregg made complaint
ami when shown Ih,* revolver found
in ration's lull positively Identified
il as the one taken from him neai
1 be government building on l li
night of December 23rd, when two
men held bim up, took bis nun and
$7,110 and left bis watch and chain.
He had four file marks mi the
stock nf llle Rim which he could
swear to.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^\ This morning when brought before
No. 887, met     with an accident     at  Magistrate   Ityan both    men pleaded
Sparwood  Siding yesterday  as      pa
t-it-ngcr train No. 11 was coming
west, which resulted In his death In
the Michel hospital last  night.
A bad order ear was being picked
up at the Siding hy a wrecking
crew ami just as tV F'-'-r came
along the arm of ihe crane swung
out across the track striking Ibc en-
Kim1 on   the    cab on  the   fireman's
The cab was demolished.   The
Nurse  M	
Miss Carruthcrs   Miss m
Lady  Anehesier Miss Kinniss
' —and-
Udermen Johnson Nan
        ^^^^^^^^ Mi*. I Boml,ar,i;il"';',i,a11i ""'
and Campbell it   was resolved     tint  Sp-ccial donees by   Miss   M.   Kumsey   ,l '
Mr.  Hunt's roc-nest be granted    and     ACT 1 — \ Devonshire Landscape.
act II.—Interior of   Ministry    ol
Kim- Ails.
Stage Director Mi. Loubveb
Musical Director 	
        Mr, Geo  D. Ingram
Business Manager 	
Mi   R, t. Brymncr
secure something Treasure. Mr, D. J. McSweyn
This suggestion ORCHESTRA.
that the sum of S5*no bi- placed at
Uie disposal ol the Agricultural rs*
sooiatlon fot Um* purposes specified.
Md. Campbell Intimated that the
presenl wooden chairs provided for
iin- aid, umn were not up to Wi
ideas . 1 contort and BUggestcd that
stens be taken lo
more etamtortable.
mel unit approval and Aldermen
Campbell and clapp will see what
can be procured (rt a reasonabl 1
cost   that wil' be really irstful
Vld.    Campbell gava notice   of in**
Intention   u>    Introduce a by-law at
the  next   meeting to amend tin* procedure Inlaw.
Coiini J then adjourned.
not guilty. Solicitor Geo. 11.
Thompson appeared tor the crown,
and Miss Ena Crooks acted as court
Constable    Stinson testified        to
searching the shack, finding the    nun
and    chloroform,     and that on     the
evening Gregg was held up lie noticed
two men across   the creek      One    of
lhem hud on a broad rimmed hat with
high peak and a long overcoat.
Oscar Gregg Untitled    that bo was
Kumsey 1 """'"•  ""■ '"""-,  »»«•»-■«     "«» '•"•-   held up   bv two   men, one     tall and
'  man McCallum    was picked up    un-] fcnc other' short.      Tin* tall      one
tne floor    ol    the pointed a revolver at  bim and    told
never regained     con-  hjm   ,(p  -|irmv „„   ,lis    haII(is.    -n,,.
s hurried    to ihc Michel  sllor, ono   acarched him. taking    the
iiml   died at nlno o'clcck revolver and   money.     He noslttvel)
1 Identified tbe gun.
John J. Riley testified thai one
evening just before Christmas he
heard two men talking jusl hack ol
Deacon's barn and recognized
Miss 1. Fitmlss ?**fr'
T. S. Gill,
brook, was badly bruised
I conscious from
.1      Cran-j
and  Pire-
last night-
At the place where the accident
occurred tbe flyer travels ut about a
twenty-tive mile clip.    The crew
No. 11    were suimii. n.il to Ciiinbi       	
today   for the Inquest at 2 o'clock.   I |»atton by his voice, they having f«
Mr. McCalhuu was a yotuifc unmat-   ,ncrly lived together some lime     ago*
They said tliey    should have     taken
ried man who 1ms resided in      Cran
brook   for several years and was held
j in   hieti esteem by those who    knew
The session uf tin- British Columbia
Pairs  association   will open    at 10
oebck in     iiie   morning    ol     lho
22nd at     ibe -Parllamenl   buitdln
\ u 1,111,1, with remarks bj Mi   W   1
Seoti, the  depot)     minister, and an
addreas  oi welcome bj Promlet Mi
'llrhie   item)!;  programmed  lot 10.20
Thin follows routine
P01 tin- afternoon is promised au
addreas In the minister ot sgrlcul'
line, lion. Price Ellison, to he I; I
lowed iii 2.80 in  consideration ol re-
cuiiimemlaMoiis In   the     SsSOCiailon 1
secretary ol a system foi the operation ol provincial agricultural associations, embracing a standard Judging
hook, cash accoiitn book, unitoimily
of award 01 lors, ami specific enumeration iu prize lists of the number of
each variety of products eligible for
display in dislriet exhibits. Mr.
Thomas Cunningham, provincial Inspector of fruit pests, at 8,30 is io
address tlu* convention on ''The Can-
of Orchards"; Mr. R. M. Wlnslow,
U.S.A., provincial horticulturist, following at I o'clock with n recommendation for the development ot
horticulture, and Mr. H. Rive, H.S.
A., provincial dairy inst motor, with
recommendations in respect to dairying competitions. Consideration of
the resolutions to he offered hy the
several agricultural associations anil
tire revision of lhe circuit and dales
of fairs are expected to fully occupy
the remaining available time of the
P. J. Deane left yesterday lor Vic
toria to attend ibis meeting as
delegato from tin* Cranbrook Exhibition association.
(I wi/.i; \ LOCAL CLUB
Tbe l-'iiiii h Canadians and oiliei residents "i Cranbrook cltj ami district, ot Clinch extraction, have recent!) organized tot mutual tdnn-
tnges Tin- association formed will
in- known      as   L'Atnlcole Franco-
< anadifiiiii-, and will lie open to    all
residents of Cranbrook district ot
l-'icneh birth oi extraction The objects of the association will bo tn
promote unity among the Prench n-
sidenis hereabouts and to foster the
Prench language.
Rooms will Ire secured tor club
purposes, al which Prench newspap
era and French literature will be
available for member*.
Officers of tbc new association have
been elected ns follows:
President—A. L. McDermot.
Vlotr-Prcsldent-P. A. Orenon.
Secretary—Louis Pearron.
Treasurer— F. Ktiiiimer.
Cornet .
Mr. Oeo D. Ingram '■'»■       Ho was a
Mrs. Ira Manning pendabte workman.
J. Kumsey
Mr. W. (i
Mr.   Wm.    Guerard
Mi. H   W. ltusM*ll
Mr. ('has. McCowon
Mr.   11. Palmer
Mi   it, it. Benedict
Mr. K. II   Reed
Mr. Geo. Pratt
  Mi. V.. Leuniau
Mt. ll   Robinson
Mr. w. Cartwright
Mr. W   ll. Wilson
Mr. It. Thompson
Ml    V Gremel
from Nova Scotia.
sides in Vancouver.
apable and
lie came
\ broinor
On account of the thaw ii was
decided on Momlay morning that 11
would Ire Impossible to hold the an
nu.il honspiel of the British Columbia
Curling association which was arranged to take place in Nelson this
week. It has therefore been postponed until nexl Monday, weothet
permitting, when curlers Irom Rossland, Trail, Greenwood, 1 irand
Porks, Phoenix. Cranbrook ami other
points an* expected tn compete for
tlm ten trophies which aie offered foi
Cranbrook raptured both     hockey
games from Coleman at tire Arena' sj
rink last Friday and Saturday J
nights. Friday night both teams'
started oft pi ay i lit; close and hard I
and t-lre lirst half of tta- game was
a fine exhibition, ending 3 all. Dur-j
ing   the   second   half       the visitors
a fright they had given him and
what fun they had changing bats.
They said they should have taken
the watch from Oscar antl tbal he
hml   no right to    have a watch any-
! how. In answer to a question hv
Palton, Riley said: "I didn't say I
saw you, but   I  knew you     hy   your
j voice ami    jihi were saying what fun
' you   had with Oscar."
IV. F. Horan    Identified   a revolve!
, produced    by  the  police   as having
I been   sold to him by Earle.
This closed the case I ir the
tin- crown and as no witnesses were
produced in defense, ihe prisoners
were remanded for trial, wbieh probably   will occur    within the    nexl
Si Palton is a brother of Bob
Pa tion who was sentenced from
ci.n.i roob for six months for rob-
Ih-i \, and has tieen under arrest    bi
fore.        The  police   suspicion   tDO   pill
as having had ,1 hand In *-•"< 1 il
robberies here aboul Christmas time,
several ol which have only recentl]
tome  tn  light.
New Westminster, Jan. 17.—Big ap-i   Washington
iipiise   would
To  supply wlsil ibe civil!
eeds   so much al     !':-*    pn n ni mo-
leiit   ,1    daring * om 1 I.:.. If I
nallsl Iins I ravelled in toss Chins    on
fool.   Ihs   name,     Edwin
lias  up    to   the presenl been    little
known   on   the   London press, but  il
is  sal,    to    sn)    tbat   in tho future!
it   will challenge a   place with tbos*?
of  Hn* leaders in tlw profession.
On   tins side  oi    il,- Atlantic this ;
young journalist would probabl)     be
called it     "cub" repot '■ r, something
like Winston ' hurehill when he msdej
the  famous (rip     "Loudon to Lad;
smith via Pn •< ria "
Mi. Din le conceived    tin
walking a* ro >.   lhe   wil lest and nn
unknown   in.ivni.r- ol Western China
111   nni. 1  to  -     whal
to him.
lie   ha I no   ofl       I pa]
man-! i'  peel   ,'.;, i   he    1 mild
-pi'.ik   a    word
itai;> I     ' Sal rail bad
lures,   and    he td
hut enlertainingl).
From Shanghai, miles   up the
Tangtso rivi 1   h ■ n
itself  an  exciting
through    tbo  gi  .-
> el   * tie    tt reti bedness 1 i the poor
still   terrible—mado
. tlj     worse In tlu loss      ol
Mi   Dingle asked
ho*j" to   iiml
wen        still
I ■ 1, ton-j:
"Have 1     tho
boy,   in     lescribii i hotesalo
sellinc    i>. female  children nit.. sl.t\
eiv, * 1     I now. 1 know . you wancm a
■;is ..-  :   .      Cal   lo!     Y" 1 wancbee
_ catch     one   piecec   small     baby, can
catehee,   two,     three I acl.    Wanchce
one pfecee very much tali, ran catehee
■■•:•*. dollar."
•Tins wholesale disposal of    young
• .-.'. -    t!,e  atitoor, "is one   of
tbi   chiel   sorrows   ol   the   district.
ind  well      • light be, fot   thousands
ised .,'   In      the
■!   .1      *.• ,ii I01   a les taela
irtl u     parents,   who   watch
arried away, like       so
be, to be coi ■ -t u-«I in-
riln:. y..   man] cases m this 1 ov-
:.■■..   -..U--
. . .:..   [1     opium I.f     Sol.tO
_joeoiatl ■ ■            * ' '°''1*"'
iatfa I        1  .      ume,
Vangt/e gorges       he    wafted - *,:':     1 raTa ''      '"' ' l
miles   tin..tub a (tea ':      . ■   <"& Cbaa-tong, dij 1 ->*e    little
oils    mountain region, boi I rin 5" " ' ''" ■"*" "f    a6C
Thibet   to    the  frontier ol     Briti h  if"-'-: conveyed by pack-horse   to the
Burma.    Later    wanderings throng : i!' ****** on eilher
interior china brought the total     to "*:    ":   the animal.
;la;.;.'- in Vun-nan, for the    great
majority, are   not coaxed, m t tossed
6,700 miles traversed in that coun-
Some of the plat * - ■-.-:*• ;
have been untrodd n I
Mr. Dingle   went    through
iJangi rous
he   found  pi   ...<■:..*,- 1 -        ■ ivil      war
.md   ol   the    presi nt   retti
inent.     li.* lived      with the I
their foi : 1 theli  lennrn-
Infcsted beds, was    taken ill li     1
mote Vun-nan, lay    fot days .t'-   '
point   ol   death,     n malm d ..'
iuian-fu (01    i-.'   "i.      ■
health, and   bad
ars  by   the  time   this book
up   and down and   petM, not  soothed, nnt humored. There are none    to
IbeJi tears; they have  no
toys    and   dream   no young dreams,
but   an-  •: ughl   il raigtxt into     the
: life.    They an rear-
d   .     »moke ar.d physical and moral
ftHb,   and become   men    and women
■ • j   should be children.
.   . ilac     district       ot
i ■;.■ .1.  .'        -."* ai. uncom-
00 sight to    ace Httle children be-
by dogs,       tbe
completed,    li   is noi   Iran 1 tbc empire, perhaps by
he  has   some fresh   snd ■ ■    ,■..-.     thai bad been their
things  to   tell   about   tbc     Coin from Mrl-b       I have been
their   life in   tbc   fai     interi .,<{.,*% msny    tiroes and lound    thai
provinces, esneclailj  s e-ebwan     and mJ   ho, ,   ;„,.i    itepped 00 a human
Vou-nan. skull, and      neai bi were tbe bones
tin- hardships
imi   I China 	
j   b 11 Ihc stoutesl lu-art and
strongcsl  sto   at h,     Mr. Dingle
presses the btliel    that nowhere    in
he  world unless pi rhaps hi pari     I
■ mote H     ia, a I   di • ■■■
ma discomfort i ol equal to
^—.^—.^^—^^—^—i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—; Ian.      16.—Permission
weakened and Cranbrook gingered  up pmpriations    will be made by      lho'was granted    to the railroads today
ami scored   four more, winning      tho provincial government al  the present by   the   interstate commission        to
game 7—.i.                                             i session    for   the    construction,    im- make  new   rates on grain (rom Can-
Saturday night     the Coleman boys provoment and   maintenance of road*, ada    in   transit   under bond through
endeavored   to    regain  their       lost in   British     Columbia.      This     an- the United   States for export,       on
ground, hut   a number of tine    com- nouneement wns made by Hon. Thoi. three days' notice.      This grain does
bination   plays      by the home team, Taylor, minister of public works,   to „ot go Into the local markets,
resulting   in .goals, aoctned    to  take twenty-eight Canadian Highway     as- The above despatch,    says tlie Cal-
the heart  out    of the    opposition sociatlon representatives, who waited gard Herald, according to loeal grain
and   the Cranbrook boys galloped oil ^ „p„n the provincial executive     at men,     means  that   the car shortage
t                               wlth   ,,H'   lmnors     lfi-3-    Williams, Victoria this   week.      W.   J,   Kerr, which   has   tied   up the   crop move-
the rover   on  the local team,    was 0| \,.w Westminster, president of the ment In certain districts ol Western
Albert Lewis, travelling rcprcsenlsr the  particular    star     of Saturday's association, headed tho delegation,     .Canada  during the   fall    ami    early.
tive for James Munro and Son, Ltd., game, shooting several of the*    goals                               t winter will, to a great extent, Ik* rathe famous Scotch   distillers, was in unassisted.      All     the local      boys     ft)* Brown has completed the    re- I loved,
town  this    week.       Mr. Lewis is a played   ^mmI   hockey and    it      they nx»val  of his pool room and billiard Under the present regulations grain'
most Interesting knight    ot tbe grip  continue  to develop, it  will     soon emporium  Into the building recently or other shippers In    Canada cannot
His duties take  him ull around    tlie take  a   crack     team   to beat them, vacated     Iiy      the   Itoyal    bank and load foreign   ears,   these must,      as!
world.     lie   speaks     ten languages Following wns Ihe line-up ol the two now has a new,   roomy, coinlortablc soon  as empty, In- Immediately turn-    The
BwnHy*                                               I ■*«•■»* fur the two games: awt up-todate gentleman's resort. ed   over     to  tin-   road   which owns incite
of travel En   tne        - a    -:., dog*    had    lefl as   tin n-
are enough to appa I      , .     ■ ., .., ,
**e     In   this deserl ol wreU :. dnei ■   Mi,
'*- Dingle ("nnd      the work      ol      the
mi-.-. ■   slmi   * * be    only
oasis     When bis arm was broken by
falling Irom ,t ponj and malarial lev-
hbd   made   hi! 1      iblinou*.    though
t   s.i chwan   and     Vun-nan, Ui. fx\\\ j,...'      ,,, ,\:,.^ \...ti ,n A\,U£
.   a d scrip lion    of    boa  be ....„,   .,!,!.• road, bin llle
..-■■■     ning the 1        1   al
Dvej    tbo beostoad, usuallj   coi     ro     buat tu      Hi  bas manj      In-
poscd   n   font     planks of    varying  „.,,   ,.,    ■   . ..   .    ,,,..       t|lu
lengths ami thickness, placed    aero ; m|   lonai -      tfaovgl   be found    the
In lies,   1    ised flrsl to    place  ,, ,,,■.,. ;.j.,|   ...,>,■   ,  ■ <■. ,,] i,;      tha
rilskin, then my pu-kal, and thai conflicl   between   didereni   Cbrlstfaa
little creepi 1  ■■■ hh h rhj iw    witb bug
lid not disturb mc muofa Itai m. k,:,.!. ■ ,, -,,■,■,■, edmlts tbal
ran  round and over me in profusion   ,,., .:>, 0 itely oal-
and, oi course, tbe best room being ■,,;..,,; in China 1 base found
Invariant] n are I the ptg tyh tbe C4ri»man--I spestli nl Ua com
there were the usual rrt-enoh s. Tba mon people, foi In m? traveli I have
;""i   was   M thei  l srth   wbli Ised  1 **• tb its  ricb—tbe
" Wi.«lh r ileal  liai        eartl    \nd yd     In
The   ii,*.- o| ; ,. prop -above   tne petty bargatninf
■cneerning tl bai srlan who had buiiness—wc have as it..- antithesis
■"""■   Btnoi ei      with tbe ultec   tbat    tbe tainaman's   word    is his
mpossibllltj     ol     ecui privacy bond      I would rather trust       tlm
iuijwhere,   was aootbei source ol an- Chinaman marelj on    hta word than
noyance,  sometimes of hardship.    In tbe  -lap    with a signed   contract."
the  mam the people were kindly dis 1 Thus be gtea on depleting tbe strango
sed  to  the stranger.    Tboufi'i th | contradlct-kms in lie Chinese cbarac-
reform      mo emenl     was sometimes   ter, until    at last he bas to confess
aid   to discern, the determination lo   that   he Imds it more impossible    at
In.:., h    the opium habit was strong the  end   of two years to make       a
e\en   In Vun-nan.     In  tbc capital of  safe general    verdict    than   when he
that   province      two years    ago the (first started on bis travels.
them  at tbc nearest point, For
stance, grain foi   For!  William
Montreal could not  be loaded on
Chicago and North western oars    al
Red   Deer    because    thai    company
would nol he    getting nny of      tho
haul   aud the only Induoemenl a railway   gets foi allowing iis    cars     to
he   used ovei   Hiese lines is pail       ol
Ibe haul.
*n*i American road*, will tie permitted   to
1,1' quote   through rates on grain    Irom
■ll j Canadian   points to   tidewater     and
thai     tbo surplus of traftie which the
Canadian   roads   are now unable     to
lake   care    of       Via       the    Canadian
route will go across the line.
t tion
i.r  ihe Interstate Com-
Itev. Father    Beck,  ol 31   ICugene
Mission, left on Wednesday lot     the
coast,   where     he        will    enjoy    a
commission    mean. thai     the mouth's  vacation. THE   CTiANnnOOK   HERALD
Another "White Hope"
Afler eighteen months ol Idleness
Jack Johnson, champion heavyweight
pugilist of Uie world, signed articles
in Chicago on Saturday lasi lo fight
a fhiish bottle with Jim Flynn, the
Pueblo fireman, generallj regarded as
ono of Lho besi "whin- hopoB."
The light will take place somewhere
In Nevada next   July. As a tenta
tive date July 22 was selected, hut
this may be changed al any lime.
Tbe tight will be staged either at
Wendover or Metropolis,
For his -services Johnson Is to receive thirty-one thousand dollars and
out-third of lhe receipts from tho
sale of the moving picture rights.
Flvnn's shaie of the purse was not
announced, lb* will ho paid hy his
manager, Jack Curie). who ropro-
sentiil the promoters,    Theli Identity
is a secret.
Bach n^lit-j-i agreed
not        i" engage in      a
contest between Mav 1 and the date
of ihis light without the mutual
const-lit of the other lighter and Cur-
try. This means thai Johnson's
light with Sam McVcj may be shelved or postponed in lavor ol the
(Flyim battle. Beforo May 1, however, Flyim will flghl \1 Kublak in
Toronto, nml posslblj \1 Palscr in
Now York. Johnson protested
strongly againsl the Palser match
laking place.
The referee will Iw selected later.
Tlm Sullivan, of New York, who held
the forfeit   money   for the   Joffrica-
Johnson bailie, was chosen stakeholder. Bcfi re February Id Curley
musl post a foif.it of (10,000 ami
Johnson and Flynn $5000 each or the
articles will he declared void.
Johnson objected only to two sections (f the nrtlclcs. He demurred
to having lo postpone the McVey
battle ami the amount of money he
js \„ receive for training purposes,
SHOO. Ho wanted $1300 cash, tliree
round-trip ticket* lo Sail Lake and
tin* transportation charges of bis
three automobiles.
Curley explained to Johnson thai a
training site at Lagoon, eighteen
miles fn m Salt Lake and nn a line
drive, would be obtained foi him il
he would agreo to the SHOO proposition, ami ihis so plenscd the champion thai he signed withcul further
protest. He will t'o to Lagoon a
month before the flght,
 is Zam-Buk,
An illustration of the way
hich Zam-Buk cures even Ihe most
■rious aud chronic cases of ulcers,
'options autl sores is provided hy
Mr. It. H. Barker, of Oleuoattn,
Out.   He says:
"I would not havo believed that
any remedy could cure so quickly,
and at the same time so effectively,
as   Zatu-Buk cured me,
"My face became covered with n
kind of rash, which Itched and Irritated, This rash then turned to
sores, whicli discharged freely and
began to spread. I first tried ono
thing and then another, but nothing
seemed to do me any good, and tho
eruption got worse and worse, until
my lace was just covered with running sores.
"Apart from the pain (which was
very bail), my lace was such a
terrible sight that I was not 01 to
go out. This was my slate when
stum* one advised me to try Zam-
Buk, l goi a supply, and, marvellous as it may sound, within little
under a mouth every sore on my
face was healed. I was so amazed
that I have told tbe lads to S0V-
ii.il persons, and 1 have no objection
to ymir stating my experience tor
the  benefit of other sufferers."
Zam-Buk is purely herbal in composition, ami is the ideal halm for
babies and young children, for whose
tender skin coarse ointments arc so
dangerous. Zam-Buk is a sun? cure
for cold sores, chapped bands, frost
bite, blood-poison, varicose sores,
scalp seres, ringworm, Inflamed
patches, babies' eruptions and chapped places, cuts, burns, bruises and
.kin [injuries generally, All druggists and stores sell at 50c. box, or
post free from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, upon receipt of price. Refuse
harmful substitutes.
ment bus been meted out to thorn.
They have not only sinned outrageously against society, bul they have
sinned even more grievously againsl
their associates who trusted them
and, who, believing in their innocence, contributed liberally to their
defense fund. Organized labor is not
lit blame for them, however; on the
contrary, it is stronger for their
elimination, and only those who encouraged litem or defend their conduct ought to shan- their condemnation, ...
Organized labor lias learned a lesson—il will be more careful in the
selection of its leaders; and society
may well pause and Inquire if there
is anything wrong in the conditions
which led these men to enter into so
dastardly a conspiracy againsl lib
ami properly.
Canada's export trade ff wood
pulp is increasing annually aud during 1010 amounted in value to live
million, seven hundred thousand dollars, according lo informal ion furnished io the Dominion forestry
branch by ibc department of trade
and cemmerce. The three hundred
and Iwcnly-niiie thousand tons of
pulp exported was an increase ol
forty-eight thousand Ions over the
ami tint shipped in 1909. Wood pulp
export at ions in llllll amount etl to
seventy per cent of the total produced in Canada, whereas In 1909 tl"'
proportion was only sixty-three per
cenl. Eighty-eight per cent of the
exporl was mechanical ptiin, ami llu
remaining twelve per cent was chemical pulp. During 1910, over three*
quarters of the pulp exported went
in tbe [Tutted States, while shipments to nearly all other countries
decreased. The Unit eil Kingdom
lakes most of the remaining otic-
r|iiartcr, although exports to thi
countries have toltcn ofl gccatly. Particularly is this so witli chemical
pulp, not one-seventh the amount
being shipped in 19111 as in 1000, Tin
average value per ton of the pulp exported in 1900 was $14.07 for thi
mechanical ami $80.35' for tho chemical pulp. This is a combined aver-
ago of $17..11 or 11 cents less per
ton Ihan for the previous year. The
prices paid to Canadian exporters   ly
\s might have been expected the
McNamara confessions have given the.
enemies of labor a cliunce to libel ull
who are connected with organized efforts to protect the wage earners.
Men who arc indignant whenever tho
sins of sweatshop owners arc charged
ngninsi all manufacturers, when the
i rimes of the trusl magnates are imputed to all who are eiigart'd in big,
business ami when the vices of the lhr varI°"8 Importing countries wer
"Napoleons of tlnance" laid at the'per ton for mechanical pulp. Unite
door nf bankers generally—these has-j states (10,00 or exactly the same a
I -., n. hurl broadsides at all who]hl ,,,„,, iim, rnit(>(i Kingdom (15.78
earn Iheir bread in tin- sweat of tli
brow. This is unfair iu tho ei
Ircme. The McNamaras have been tl,c amounts paid were: United Stat
guilty of an awful crime and all law- cs, $30.32 per ton and United
abiding citizens    rejoice that punish-j Kingdom, III.(in per ten.
$5.92 more.
For chemical pulp
*•■'■,; ■•^■X-i.'-^f'SKK.j
The Seven Points of Beauty.
4 -v."    -*•*>     e -.-■
How Many
Have You ?
The really lteuutiful woman must possess the futlowini* seven points of lienuty :
A Good Complexion       A Perfect Figure
Beautiful Eyes     Pretty Eyebrows
A Well Shaped Mouth.    Good Teeth
Very few can lay claim to all of thoso
seven ntlriliules of lieauty. .Some slip into
the lieauty i'Iiiss Iiy JiosseBsini/ four or live
niul very many Iwlies succeed in beiiiKexceedingly attractive with only two or three,
points to tholr credit. The ono attribute
which prevent* any woman from being
plain may lie possessed iiy all. and that is
a nice head of hair,
 '.Iln* ^  I■'■"''•'*. wriii a In * r,,,.iit lum nl a woman', Moguls, anil touching upon tbo Imir
in ilar. lHii.,1, lu lainlnih. it I lirilkl, anya --"Anil ivlml u illlffrann ii innki'. in  tholr ii|i|,',riiin- !
iln,  . mnnl l,„,k Hirlr if tho Imir |>r„*a Hiii-a  mill hup ll latin aliM-li    Til. Iiiahii.ll i.i Hi., moment
< I. inn ml. Rlonr liinr (llul Imir tlml lit. eloi. IO llie li.'iul in ,-liu,rili|r li'litlrlla."
To Make Your Hair Beautiful Use
It''1"' Mo care and . ifori in all tlmt Is required to enablo almost any woman lo hnvo grod
Imir, When tlm hair falls out nml in Hiring)', uneven, dry. kittle uud genorally unsightly, the
"'"'idin s uoarlj ah aysdne to dandruff and the germ, that causes it.
Before the hair will '.-r.nv naturally und luxuriantly, the soaln.llke acoamulatll at bo
removed and tha .1 ruffmirm destroyed,   This is what NEWBRO'S HERPICIDE does.   It
is nu md In mi i,r, II I.ii I'll'I l)K keeps the scalp clean, adds ii softn.'Bfl nnd luslre to lhe Imir
winch Indicates health. It not only prevents the hair from falling out, but causes it to become
one of woman's greatest charms,
Beautiful hair and lots of it may be the reward of every woman willing to devote a little personal iir.irl to the use of tho Kirst and Original Dandruff Germ Destroyer. Ibrpieide stoiw
Applications obtained at the better Barber Shops and Hair-Dressing Parlors.
Large Blare bottles sold and guaranteed everywhere.
The Best Shampoo Soap and Most Perfect
Comb for Ladies' Use
I 'i ii* 'I [i -null t.ir ahampotlnn,   H.rpl.los
Aaa|,ti>. Tnr iniik— n aotl, cranma litthvr nml ilnva not
hii'ln tin-Iiair or a <it|> Th.ro I. nothing lii-tt.r. Nt.
lod. ,1111 aniirarl'iln Ilia r.-nl roniforl ol bair-tlrMauu*
Hll',.1.11 II 1|,.||, .   .. .t',,,1,1,
ASK Villi- IlKI'lllilST AIIUL'T THESE THINUS j     Addrraa THE HERPICIDE CO., 0.»l. MB, Wl.ilaor. Onl'
Get Our Booklet and Try a Ten Cent. Bottle
KvHryi>ti-> fthoult) r 1 iln* Itnoklol puliUlinl hv tha
H,>r*.iiii..' Conn-tin-,, uu tliu I'ntt ■>. tu. H.tlr |i ii
worib while, Tli.* lio-'klft nml n trial slu* hottta **•
Hewbroi H<-rpMih- wil tv- milli-d tn nny ml'ln**.-. fnr
'1't'ii Cants in postage of silver to covprcoit of looking
Mllil Hfiiliiij;
Oranges Cost No More-:
aonaBBBHona&aonimn anaaaoannH annH mmammmma
The finest oranges in the world—the prize'".'lit}.
crop of 5,000 California groves—are "Sunkist." '.'•
These arc the perfect oranges wilh the valuable wrappers.   Your dealer will supply you wilh
luscious "Sunkist" oranges—tliat ripen on the
tree—a finer flavor than you have ever before  '^ftit
tasted—at no higher prices  than you have •'.'*» eil
,*x   paid for those of much less quality.
<5jf"j3>*.    Insist on each orange coming lo
sc.,.GJ*,\ y(,u In n wrapper marked "Sun- -
kist."   For such are genuine.     '
Most Healthful of All Fruit '
Children's "sweet tooth" Is -satisfied ,
I bythlswholeaomefrult, Health (ul at
economical "Sunkist" oranges nowf
Beautiful Orani'c Sp^mt Yours $r <J.
Save 12 "Sunkist" orange or K*vjjffr
lemon wrappers, or trademarks •'****•*»;
cut from wrappers, nnrt seudthem
to ua, with 12c tu help
pay charges, packing! elcand we
wfllsendyou this genuine Rogers'
silver orangespoon. For each additional spoon send •'- wrappers
or trademarks and 12c
Not responsible for cusn seuc
through tliu malls.
1 20c                     Eicelleut "•««"» ■*• ■>""**
allty-genuino Rogers* silver. Economical
14 "Sunkist" Premiums "Sunkist" Lemons
i  Tahiti Half j
Table F j» h
{  "Jf-ricii Snoga
Chilll'si linifit
I Bu-jillou Buooa
I Coitet Srsoon
Salad lui-h
/'[/ Sent! fm full rlDScrlptlnn.niiiiiber
Oyelcr rmlt
Child'o Fork ThiD-lklntllKl, cxtr.l
Oraa-t* Sow* Juk >, nnd enoti coqiui la
FmltrUltd u Tft|U«blo"Sunklit"
Sir. wr:ii,l,tr* IwWwiton.
Bailer Spreader "** l'"'y ,:'' ('irIIl*-*-r *liao
i tlii'i ii'iii'.iTi. T.,i-yt-*OBt
wrnppora nntl amonnt oi baili no iiiort una tlio wrap-
neceiaary lu sccura each uriidc. p-.i.*. aro valuable.
California Fruit Growers'Exchange
192 Norlh Cfarh Street, Cbicato, III.    tm
J TAKE NOTICK thai William Mur-
tltieh, of Flagstone, B.C., occupation
miilinan,   inti-mls   to apply   for per-
I mission   to   purchase Ihc   following
> described lamls:
I Commencing nt a post planted ou
Hit* south cuil of uu island in the
Kast Kootenay rlvci", and in a direct
line wllh 'tlm north Hue of Block
;*;27, commejiditig at ihc said post
autl con lining along shore lo point of
William Murdoch,
Dated January Mh, 1012.        .i-H
Hint thirty days after date, I iutes*
io apply to the Hon. ciih-f Com"
missioner of Lands ami Works for i
license In prosptH-t for roal and pet-
roleum ou tlu- followiu-; lauds, situ-
.ile in tht; Dlstriot of South Kast
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4508:
Commencing at a post planted nt
or near 2 miles or Kit) chains cast
of 37 mllo post of C.P.R. survey ou
west boundary ol Block tfi.i;*; and being
the N. W. comer post ol Mr. Sellars
Largely ulaim; tbence south 80
chains* thence cast 80 chains; thenco
north 80 chains; thence west 80
chains; to a point of commencement,
making (ill) acres, more or less.
Located this 6th day ol Novcmlier,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Mr.   Sellars Largely, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5t
point ol   commencement, making 010
acres, more or less.
Located Ihis 14Ul day of November,
Itoy Allen, Agent for
Mary Largely, Locator,
Witness: John Virgo. 2-.rit
W. J. Brantlrith, of Ladiicr, B.C.,
exhibition commissioner of British
Columbia, has received instructions
with regard t<> renewing the representation of llrilish Columbia at exhibitions during the coming year.
For several years past, part of the
llrilish Columbia exhihit at Winnipeg, Toronto awl other eastern points
has consisted ol samples or the various woods found in the provincial
rorcsts. It has been (he custom to
leave t hesc samples from year to
year at tlw same place, thus forming
a sort or permanent exhibit. The department td agriculture lias come to
the conclusion Hint these particular
blocks of wood must by this time
have become rather familiar to the
sightseers at eastern fairs, and Hon.
Price Ellison has instructed Mr.
Brandrlth to see that they arc replaced with fresh ones. For this
purpose Mr. Brantlrith will make the
round of the various sawmills of the'
province in order to -select blocks.
suitable for exhibition purposes. Own-j
tis of sawmills will also bc re-1
quested to    keep for the government
ft ***#*♦*#. *#l»'S> ft
«    TIIK *
« *
*      Columbian     *
« •>
4 ie a guaranteed pulley. That Is, -^
,|i latlitautlon Is guaranteed In every *•.
« respect.   The -
2 Nelson Iron Works*
« *-""Tto  .»
jt Has nn  ever increasing sleek.-
». Write them for particulars. _
any piece of wood whieh they may
think would help to form a creditable
display. Mr. Itnimlrith will get to
work at once ami hy the time the
fall fairs come around he hopes to
have complete new sets of samples
of British Columbia woods on exhibition at all   points in Eastern     On-
Mr. Ell. Mcotatioti lias iH-r-n actively DiigQgnl (nr somo tinir |>a*it, trying In organize a local rifle assmia-
lii'ti. 'llir iiiinirs ill upward* nl nun
Imiiiliril prospective member* liave al-
rcaily I i sivuml, ot whom eighty-
live have paid llicir iiii-inlii'rNliip Ice
nl tl.
Tlio lack ill a riflr* raiuti' lias, so
lar. hindered the consummation «l
lliis commendable enterprise, but it
i* fill Hint il a lit tic c*tra inlcrcsl
be displayed in the matter just now
Hiai iliiiicniiy uni soon lie overcome.
linn. Sinn. HiiKlirs, Hi,, new minister
..I militia, is keenly Interested In the
organisation ol rlilc ajioclftttoni anil
wllh lho proper ri'iircscntntlnns, oner-
11 tirnllv ini-scntril mid some evidence
"I keen Inlereal on Um pari nl
I'l.inliii nk lili/ciis. nri'iini;cmcnts will
lie i|iiirMv iiniii,. inr a suitable rillc
Associated villi Mr. McMahon in
llus umk are Mr. K. II. Morris and
Mr,  IV, II   Taller.
BEATTIE-MURPHY CO., Ltd., SpeciaKAgents
AN    KMil.lsii    CHEMIST   HAS
In England llie ladles havo entirely
abandoned wearing rats, which is
due entirely to the new dlscovcrjr.
It lias been proven that Henna
leaves contain Ihc ingredients that
will positively grow hair. That they
contain this long-looked for article
Is proven every day.
The Americans are now placing on
the market a preparation containing
the extract from Henna leaves,
which is having a phenomenal sale.
This preparation is called SALVIA
and is being sold wllh a guarantee
to cure Dandrufl and to grow hair In
abundance, Being daintily perfume:!,
SALVIA makes n meat pleasant hair
dressing. Tbe Crnnbrook Drug and
Book Co., your druggist, Is the first
to import this preparation into
Crnnbrook nnd a large, generous
bottle can bu purchased fnr 50c
ihat thirty days afler date, I InlttJ
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
liconso to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate in the District of South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4693:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles or Kill chains cast
of 37 mile post of C.P.R. survey on
west boundary of Block 1603 and being the S. \V. corner pt st of Mr.
Sellars Largely claim: theme north
80 chains, thence east an ehains;
tlicnce south 80 chains; thence west
80 chains; to a point of commencement, making li 10 acres, more or
Located this 6th day of Novcmlier,
Itoy Allen, Agent f-,r
Mr.   Sellars Largely, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. --.It,
that thirty days after date, I intifc-
lo apply to the Hon. Chict Commissioner of Lands and Works foi i
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate in tbc District of South Kast
Koolenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4998:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 3 miles east of the 43 mile
post on the O.P.R. survey on the
west boundary of Block 4598, and being the N. ff, corner post of Harry
il. Walker claim; tbence south So
eliains, thence cast 80 chains; thence
north 8ii chains; thence west 8i>
ehains; to a point ot commencement,
maklnsj UtO acres, mere or less.
Located this l.jtli day of Nnvciniic**,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Harry IL Walker, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5t
that thirty days after date, 1 iuUt*
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works fur -.
license to prospect fm coal and petroleum on the lollowlng lamls, situate in tho District of South Kast
Kootenay. British Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles or Km eliains east ot
37 mile pott ol C.I'R. survey en
west boundary ol Bock IBIS, and Doing the N. E. corner p»st of Mr.
Sellars Largely claims; thenee south
80 chains; thenee west Mi chains,
Ihencc north 80 chains, thnue east
80 chains; to a point ol roinmt-ni o-
inent. making ■•." acres, umie 01
Located this tith day of November.
Roy Allen, Agenl for
Mr. Sedan Largely, Locator.
Witness: .lidui Virgo, Ml
that thirty days after date. T Intel*
I to apply to the Hon. Chief Cuiiv
missioner of Lands and Works foi »
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on tbe following lands, situate in tbe District of South East
Kootenay. Hritish Columbia, iu
Block 4593:
Commencing at- a post planted nt
or near I miles east of the I ■ mile
post on Ihe C.P.R. survey on the
west boundary of Block 4593 and lie
ing the S.W. corner post of Bert K.
Palmer claim, thenee north 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains; thence south
so cha'ns; tlicnce west 80 chains to a
point of ctrtiimenceuicnt, making tilO
acres, more or less.
Located this lfttfa day ol Novcii-Iht
Roy Allen, Agent for
Bert K. Palmer, Locator.
Witness: .lohn Virgo. 2-5t
that thirty days after dale. I InUttl
to apply to the lion. Cbitl Coo-
missioner of Lamls and Works lor *
license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate In tbe District ot South Kast
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 3 miles easl id the 37 mile
post on the C.P.R. survey on west
boundary of Block 1593 nnd bctbx
the S. W. comer posl ol Mr. Sel-
:ars Largely claim; Ihence north SO
chaimt thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains; thence west 80
chains; to a point ol commencement,
making 610 acres, more or less.
l*ocat<"d this (1th dav ot November,
Roy Allen, Agenl lor
Mr. Sellars Largely, L-xulor.
Witness: .lohn Virgo. 2 51
that) thirty days alter date, 1 into**
to apply to tlw lion. Chief Commissioner oi Lands and Works for >
license- to prospect f->t coal aud pet*
roleum on the following lands, situate in the District of South Kust
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commenting at a mist planted at
01 near 1 mile cost ol the 39 mile
post on C.P.R. survey on the wesl
boundary ut block 1593 ami being tbe
S. I-:, cornet |kisi of Mary Largely
claim; Uxma north SO chains, thence
west 80 chains, tlrnce smith 80
< bams, thence east 80 chains to a
point ol ctimmenceiiH*nt, making 040
■era, more or less.
Located this inn day of NoitfnUtr,
Roy Allen, Agent lor
Mary Largely, Local* r.
Witness: ,l,,hu Virgo. 2-51
that thirty days alter date, 1 lutaU
to apply lo the Hon. Chief CosV
mlsstomi of Lands ami Works for a
license to prospect for coal and ptV
roleum on the following lands, situate in the Districl of South Kast
Koolenay, British Columbia, iu
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted nt
or near 1 mile east of the 39 mile
post on the C.P.R. survey on west
hoiiiulai v ot Block 1593 and being the
S.W. corner post of Mary Largely
claim; tliencc north 80 chains; thence
east 80 chains, tbence south 80
ehains; tbeace   west 10 chains to   a
llial. thirty days after date, I intend
to apply io tho Hon. Chief Cow-
lilsstoncE of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect tor coal and pel
roleum on tho following lands, siluate in tbi! District of South Kast
Koolenay, llritish Columbia, in
Hloek 451)3:
Commencing al a post planted at'
or near 1 mi.e east of tlie 39
mile posl, ou the C.P.lt* suivey on
Ibe west boundary of Block HSII3 and
being lhe N. E, corner post ol Mrs.
Mury Largely claim, Ihence smith KU
Chains; Ibelice west 80 ehains; Ihence
north 8ll chains, thenco east su
chains; In a point of rniiniietii*"-
uieiii,    making 010 acres, more     nr
Located ihis 11Hi day of November,  Mill.
Hoy Allen, Agent for
Mary Largely, Locator-
Witness: John Virgo, 2-5t
that thirty days after dale, 1 inltr.
to  apply    lo    the Hon.   Chief (
missioner of Lamls and, Worka for
license to prospect for eoal and -.----
ileum on the following lands, siluate iu thu Districl of South Kasl
Koolcuny, British Columbia, in
Block 1593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east of the 39 mile
post on the C.P.H. survey on the
west boundary of Block 1593 and
being the N.W. corner posl of Mary
Largely claim, thenco south 80
chains; thenee cast 80 chains; tlience
north 80 chains; thenee west 80
chains to a point of commencement,
making 040 acres, more or less.
Located this llth day ol November,
Roy Allen, Agenl for
Mary Largely, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 3-5y
that   thirty days after date, 1 In ......
to apply to the Hon. chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for a
license to prospecl for coal and petroleum on the billowing lands, situate iu tbc District of South Kast
Kootenay, British Columbia, iu
Block 4.-V93:
Commencing ut a post planted at
or near 1 mile east of the ll mile
post oil tho C.P.lt. survey on the
west boundary Ol Block 1693 and being the S.E. corner posl of John
llaynes' claim, thence noi tli Si)
chains; tbence west 80 chains, tbence
south 80 chains, tbenco cast 80
chains; to a point of commencement,
making olo acres, more or less.
Located this nth day of Novent-hjer,
Roy Allen, Agent lor
.lohn 1 lawns, Locator.
Witness: .Inbu Virgo. 2-51
that thirty days after date, I in tea.
lo apply to Un* lion. Chid Commissioner of   Lands and   Works foi *■
license lo prospect lor coal ami }*-•
rnlcum on the following lands, situate iu the District ol South Kasl
Kootenay, British Columbia, iu
Block 4908:
Commencing al a posl planted at
or near 2 miles cast of Ibe 80 mile
post on the C.P.lt. survey ou tin*
west boundary of BIcck 1603 ami being the s.w. corner post nf Howard
Neai claim; llirmv itoilh Ml chains,
ihence east Mil chains. IhencO smith
80 chains. Ihence west sn chains; to
a point of comiucii- eiiieni, making
iiiu acres, more or less.
Located this loth daj ol November,
Hoy Allen, Agenl foi
Howard Neai, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo 8-51
WATER act.
the Intention  ot tho undersigned    lo
apply to Hi,- i.i-nil*;..mi Governor in
Council im spprnval ol tbeti proposed undertakings and works In connec
tii ii with Watei Lin-use Numbei
1571, dated June Min, 1011, fm
twenty-five cubic feci pel leeond oui
of Maik Creak, The maps and plans
of the proposed undertaking .oil
woiks will he open to public Inspec
Hon    nl any   lime    during business
iKiirs at   11 fllcc of    ibe    Watei
Commissioner al the Oovcrnmi nl
Building In the City nf Cranhrook lor
thirty days after lhe Hist publication
of this notice in the Craubrook Herald. Application will also be mad
lo the Lieiitenant-Oovernor in Conn
ell to correct the description ol the
point of diversion from Stemwindcr
dam, Lot 303'JA, to Stemwimler dam
Lol 3933, and desrription of tint
point tf user as on Lot 2013, Instead
of on Lo! 9838, Group One, Kootenay
The Consolidated   Mining ft Smelling
By Their Solicitors,
Hamilton A Wraggc.
Dated Dec. IKih, 1911. 51-51
thai thirty iluys oiler dale, I inlrml
to n|i|ily In tlio llun, Cliiil Com-
missioner ol Lands unit Worlts Inr ;
license to prospect for cool and petroleum on tho following lamls, silu-
nle in lhe District of South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
lllnnk 4.W3:
Commencing at n post planted 'tit or
near 2 miles cast of the 311 ni'lo posl
on tin' I'.I'.H. survey on (In* west
boundary   uf Blocli JflOU and    helug
the  N.W. cor ■ post nf Alva      A.
Young claim, llicnco south mi
rliaiits, thence cuel mi clinics; thence
north su chains; llienco wesl sn
clinlns In ii point ul I'uiiiiiii'iii'i'ini'iil,
making iiiu acres, more or Icbs.
Located Ihis 10th day nf November,
Bi v Allen, Agenl lor
Alva A. Voting, Locator.
Witness: ,lolin Vh'go. - "it
lhal thirty days niter dale, I InUU
In apply In lhe Hon. Chlel Cow
niissiiiiiri' nf Lands niul Works fm i
licenso lu piiispi'i-l fur conl and pri
roleum uu tlio lollowlng lamls, siiu-
nii' in the IMslrict of South East
Koolenay, llrilish Columbia, in
Block .IMS:
Commencing at a post planted nf
nr near I mile cast nl lhe 13 mile
pnst un lhe c.l'.ll. survey un tlio
west boundary of Block 1508 und being Um N.W. comer posl ul Harry
11. Walker claims; llicnco south 80
chains; thenco cast SO chains; tlicnce
nortii 80 chains; thenco west 3d
chains; lo a point cf commencement,
inilkinj: Hill acres, more nr less.
Located this 16th day ul November, Bill.
liny Allen, Asent lor
Harry II. Walker, Locator.
Witness: .lohn Virgo. 2*5t
lhal thirty days alter dale, I inl.--
lu apply lo the Hon. Chief Com-
'missioner ol Lands and Works fnr -
licenso Id prospect fur coal and petroleum on the lollowlng lands, situate in the District ul South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block If/03:
Commencing at a post planted nt
or near 1 mllo easl ul lhe I'l mile
posi un the C.I'.H. survey nn the
west boundary nl Block l.vi'l nnd tie-
ins lhe N.E. curner posl ul Harry
11. Walker claim; Ihence south sn
ehains, thenco west SO ehains; ihence
nortii 80 chains; thenco cast so
eliains tn ii polnl c! commencement,
making Iiiu acres, inure nr less.
Located ihis lath day nf November, Ull.
Buy Allen, Agenl fur
Harry II. Walker, Locator.
Witness: John Vitro. 2-5t
Hint Ihiriy days alter date. 1 in;-'—
lu apply tn the lion. Chlel Cos
missioner uf Lauds and Works toi .
license in prospect Inr coal and pel
roleum nu the lollowlng lands, situ
ate in the IMslrict nl South Easl
Koolenay, llrilish Columbia, In
Block 1598:
Commencing nt a posl planted at
nr Mi-:,, :l miles east ul the 13 llllll
posl I'll Hie C.l'.ll. sur.ey nn III,
west   bOUndarj   nf  Hlm*-   lell   ,iliil   ...
ing lhe   s w     corner posl ul Ham
II  Wnllei claim;   thence
chains;   Hienee easl RO chRln.   Ibenci
south    so   chains, ihence wet      BO
eliains. lu a   polnl nt coinniei
in.llun; si" .n res, more
l.,.,.ll,il   I 111 -   15th  il.ll   nl
llm   Ml.-n.   \genl  lur
lliiiiv ll  Walker, t.. il
Witness  John Vlrip
Largely claim; thenco north 80
chains; thence east 80 eliains; tlicnce
smith 80 chains; Ihence west 811
eliains; io a point ol commencement,
milking 040 acres, more or less.
Lncaleil Hits Mill dny ol November,
Buy Allen, Agent for
Mury Largely, Loculur
Witness: John Virgo.
Then* was a notable gathering    at responded to bj !■'.
Ihe   Hotel    ('ninhiook last Thursday, Robinson anil  I).  ■'■ ■
niglit, when    upwards nf sixty repre-     •our Commercial
2-IH stMitative citizens assembled for     llu- ed capital rcsponseb f
purpose nf extending a farewell     t<. DeVcre Hunt ami i;
Mr. M. A. Macdonald who, wiih    ins latter throwing nut
I   Deane, W   F
that thirty days after tlate, I iiitew
to apply to the lion. Chief Commissioner of Lands audi Works for i
licenso to prospect for coal and petroleum on tin- lollowlng lands, situ*
air in the iMstiiH ol South Kast
Kooluimy, Hritish Columbia, iu
Moult  iY-*...,:
Commencing at a post planted nt.
i i near I milt- east of the 11 mile
posl on ih.* o.iMt. survey on tho
west houiitlaiy oi Block 1803 and being tint N. !■:, corner post ol John
llaynes claim; LlioiICO soulb Mi rliaiiis;
tlioncn wesl Kii chains; Ihence north
mi chains; thenco east KO chains to a
point of comuicnccim-nl, making 0-10
acres, mon* or lew*.
Iiii ihis ilih day of November,
Roy Allen, Agent for
John llaynes, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo.
that thirty days after dale, I InUU
lo apply io the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds aud Works for *
licenso to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands, situate in tbo District o! South East
Kootenay, British Columbia, in
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east of the 41 mile
post on the ('.P.R. survey on the
west boundary of Block 4593 and being the N. W. corner post of .lohn
llaynes' claim; thence south 80
chains; thence east 80 chains; then-e
m rth SO chains; thence west SO
chains; to a point of commencement
making Oil) acres, more or less.
Located this Uth day of November,
Hoy Allen, Agt?nt for
John llaynes, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-5t
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
Dealers In
Fresh nml Oared
Poultry, tjaine and Flsli
in Season.
•' East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
••■ _______
•       The Old P. Wood's
.-.... . ® rs a ^ S> iS a ® an
imJ*. l.iiiiil.
p:.sBeallk', Mu1
tlir suggestion
j    In Hn'   coins
manager    nf
sion nf Congrei
Ml.   I.i
•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«<-*♦♦***>*»♦*>♦♦♦ t,::*C********* *********,
* *- I   '     M '   ■■-*  A. I    • ■ *T* *
-1'*^j^--V~-r-r-.     Atcii  Like  To   i
National   l.timbt*1
ociation, wiit
ili.n Hum unfa ulti-i d*tc, I Intend
in u|i|ili tn Un- Hon iiii'l lum
inlsalnnri ,'f Lands and   Works inr •
licenso lo   jii.isl'i*. t  lul coal mnl !•■ I
roleum i.ii   ih,. liillimiiii. lands, situ
nil   ll,       llir    lli-Ulc I   ol     BOUth   I'll*!
iv.ni,-n.ii      iii iii*h    Columbia,
Bluck I'1"
i'ihiiiiii-iiiiiili nl .i posl planted .1'
111 linn :l nulls isisl nl III.' 19 null'
I*. .-I   ,.ll  till'    (' I'll    SIIIM'I       nil     I ll,-
nresl boundarj ol Block 1903 and be
mu ilie N.E cornel nott nl Hrrt !•'.
I'nliinl claims; Un mi' smith MM
chains; Ihencc well 10 chains; Ihencc
north «n chain*; Un-ncc cosl s«
chains in a   nol"' "' commenoenu
lllilkiliU lill" urn's,  inn I leal,
Located Ihta 15th da| ol Novnnb
Iln. Mien, Agenl Inr
Iter! M. I'liltner, Locator.
Witness: .1..Iin Virgo. Ml
If Vim r.'Hi,. li
tin- Ixrtnntmrnt
■spvel tn lo
rami.   If -.Ih^n
h-,.,'f-i,|,..| MM
ron l Hill mi
•/(.I    v.nir   .
spcnuiiiirrtmri. Oriaaic Hraaac m.
Lotl M{nr. Va-rliotcic. Hyirtxtk, C*«
iriiivd OlMNm, Sprdlk Kiwi** PdImi.
Pllei flirt   StrMurc* - nntortlii   nil
v.'. n ii.n^ain lunorntalandlinlUif
1 lion in the ihortesl possible "pace
.1! *	
11  all llu Inns, nt msaim nt llm
kl.-, Irr»
I itiilrni'liv,. Ih
I In 1t1.nl
Mint Ihirty days after dale, I Intend
in apply i" lhe III'". ''Iii''' Com*
missioner ol Land* anil Works 1,11 1
limine to pmspeet lor coal ami pel-
nil 11 1111    Ihe lollowtrrg lllluls, situ
ale in Hie District of Soillll Kasl
Koolenay, llrilish Columbia, in
lilnck 1883:
I'niiiiiii'in inir nt 11 pnst planted at
or near 1 mile cast of Hie II mil*
posl .111 IIki I'.IUt. survey mi the
west hniiiiiluly ul  llloek ISM anil he
I A Dollar to You
'■■ mny lie in thirl issue   ami 1
S search ot one minute may J
I reveal il to yon!
Of course it mny lie that |
Ej there nre ml*, printed today I
, Hint nro worth a good many
'. dollars lo you.   Hut it 01114I1I |
j",1 to In" ' I
Easy To Find        !
1  nn ml. worth I INK DOLLAR !
Hake the Search
lis  nu   ix]>. riim-nt
leaving the next <iny      loi 1 Unit I
wife, wi
His Honor    Judge Wil
niul among  those present
I'. DoVcro II1111I.
II. Wilson.
P, Kink.
I. I
13. Worden.
II  1:  Hull.
Tims   Robert*.
A. II. Macdonald.
Hr. Vi. S. Boll,
II. While,
.1. iV. Mainline,.
II. Iv Boattlc.
I). Elmer.
A. Mott.
.i.l''.M. Plnkham.
nhrook si
MnaY ill Clnnlin
.ii presided which attached to
were the Maodonaid's coal v.
. advertisement for tl
"The    Oily of   i'.
1'lnijlielil    response
ctcot, A.  r. Uowncs
aldermen,   .ins.
Ml .1 P, Fink
toast In Ml. um
llnllillli.    iu   11 few
making  apprcolatlv
Maodonaid's hoc rcc
itiililii; Ins lire
Crnnbrook, and
npel nl M. A.
he ii splerellil
ronbrook" elicited
frnm lho mayoi
is, nnd two ul his
mphell nml Vi. !•'.
liming  the next   ses
s nn nlti'ltijit  will    In1
lumber upon
ks ns I hough
11. while the uiaji rity
ml the senate
• talk ol    Hie
lhe five
t might
V. W. Green, M.n.
O. K. Sleveiisoii.
W. I). McKarliuie.
I). .1. Johnson,
D. I). McLaws.
C. It. Waul.
Dr. Miles.
F. A. Russell.
Qeo. Sadler.
K. ,L Deane.
W. F. Cameron.
11. Darling.
.1. Refd.
fl. Hoggarth.
K. II. .Small.
.lames Brown.
A. C. Bowness.
■los. Campbell.
K. Elwell.
.John McDonald.
ff. P. Robinson.
('. Hodkin.
A. Elwell.
Oeo. D. Ingram.
D. .1. McSweyn.
After ample justice had hci-i. done
to the excellent cold collation provide*! by Mine llnsi Oeo. Hoggarth.
cigars were lighted ami the remainder of the evening devoted to speeches and songs, all very informal and
entirely companionable. "The
King" was honored in duo codrse,
followed   hv a   toast     to "t'anada,"
ii-n proposed
Mis. M. A.
graceful    words,
: 1. rence to Mr.
nl ut citizenship,
i; sidence       in
Hm'   los. social
circles would susiain in iln- departure of Mrs. M. A. Macdonald. At
ihc dose of liis remarks Mr, Fink
prcM-iitcd Mi.   M   A. Macdonald with
Id w
nk .
tcli, tin- gifi of
i-., ..ml fm Mrs. Mac-
pretty   diamond and
a  hand*
donald, a ver
emerald ring.
When the applause this presentation
aroused had subsided, Mr. M. A.
Macdonald responded in onr ol the
happicsi speeches lie pver made in this
city. Mr. Macdonald spoke feelingly
of severing his connection with
Cranhrook, where he had made
Marl in lie. llul he felt tin
of a larger field and found it
possible to resist. What, Mr.
donald described, as one uf Hi
act eristics id Cranbrook, was
aggregation of j;o(jd fellows,
might light one nnotln r vigor*
and  al times viciously, in Iln
mado to    put
list  ami    il li
be successful,
<ii both     the house     i
1,ike im    stock    in tin
"lumber trust," yet the pressure be
hind Ihem is likely l( be so    stron
1l1.1t       they     may yield   to     publi
clamor,       Therefore,   all the consc
tpicntes of reciprocity that wc    hav
gone through are likely to he fell i
un   accentuated   degree, bo fai       n
lumber is concerned, a     year    iron
"Kverj urgumenl thai appeals to
lumbermen, cither in tin- line of business or as citizens, is against putting lumber un lho free list, yet
man) lumbermen feel thai if thej
consent lo ihe action the clamor
againsl them will he quieted.
"Ii is a pity that this question
cannol he settled on Hs merits ami
that the public cannol come to sucll
an understanding on tlu* facts regarding the lumber business that they
will not demand free lumber simply
as a reprisal for an Imagined wrong.
If lhe departmeni of justice could
hurry its Investigations and Us suits
tu a conclusion it might not yet he
too lale for the people to Irani where
blame lies and what their interest in
Ihi* mailer Is."
Buy Meat
V. ! *    mi II.   bee        I
fS-T. " ] 11..1, the, are ai  gel.     5
rMj    ' ties lomoiliinry choice snd
)  S iilaoofgultl,,, all they |.oy
/ I V.- I,,r.     Wiao   women   trade
11-- If inn haven't 1
our mi hi- vet. i! - pi oner T
Villi 'In snlil" liptloi il will I
ii'im yourialile and yuur
I P. BURNS &  CO., Ltd. !
. J CRAUBROOK,   B. C. ♦
♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦*> + **>«>♦ ******** *********$<: ***********
l Imperial Bank of Canada ;
c.   10,000.00
of political campaigns, hui once the
issue was decided Ibe best nf good
fellowship again prevailed, in closing
his remarks Mr. Macdonald paid a
warm tribute tn Mis Honor .Judge|
Wilson, whose early retirement from !
the bench was speclnJly commented
The closing toast, lhal h> "The
Ladies," elicit nl very appropriate '
speeches from Dr. I-'. \V, Oreen, \.
Elwell and ('. It. Wait).
"Auld Lang Syne" terminated proceedings shortly before midnight.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Macdonald I.-ft
on Friday fur Vancouver.
1 his
to n*
interest would lie returned ti
heirs, what a difference this
make in his outlook, how
more contented he would in
main on the farm—fur thr.* i. no
occupation more honorable, and how
much more Independent lie would be
in his old age' This Is wortfl tlie
serious consideration of every tortnti
who has hoys, ami of every farmer's sou who is old enough to
reason for liims, If. The government's system is, i.f course, avallahlf
noi only to farmers' sons autl daughters, but to tin* Boos and daughters
of every other man who makes Canada bis home, no matter what his
nationality or creed may Im-. Literature explaining this provident system may he obtained at the post office, or on application to the
superintendent ol annuities, Ottawa,
to whom your letters go free of
I The Ad. That's Worth
One reason why so many boys
leave the farm for the eit\ is because of the failure of the tallier to
lake the lmy into his confidence and
make clear to him ihat he is not
en rely a '•hewer of wood and carrier of water." hut that lie is in
full partnership wiib him ami hns a
personal tatercsi In the success of
the work. Those of us who
were raised on tin* farm know. ol
course, lhal it would he practically
impossible for the father t<- ol-
trays demonstrate this to his son
hy a cash consideration, but if the
seeds of dissatisfaction are nol to
In* planted, some greater consideration for she 80n*S services will have
to !**■ made than that of merely
board and clothing, If. say, thr
ion knew 1 fiiit he would receive
-veil   .1      small share of     the    pro-
•»«ls rrom   the   sale of a pig, or    a      Medicines    that aid nature are   al
amb,  01 a  calf, and occasionally ol ways most effectual.    Chamberlain
l   row 01 .1 bone, to do    with      as   Cough Remedy acts on this plan.    It
he  might like,   to   save or to spend, allays ihe    cough, relieves the lungi
we  believe,     speaking   from   exper-1 opens the secretions and aids nature
leiiee.     ihat   the   arrangement  would  ,„ restoring the system to a healthy
i«* muiiiaih advantageous. Tlw* son j condition. Thousands have testified
does noi like to feel undei tlie oe-l to its superior excellence. .Sold by
ligation   of going   to   lus    father gjj ■dealers. l-tf
every time he wants a few cents for kor RENT.—Very large ware-
some expenditure, and, besides, fet| bouse suitable for furniture, pianos,
should be In S position to lay up-feed, etc; SI0 per month. Apply
something for tbe "rata) day"    The Herald office. 47-tf
needs of a quartet of a century ago
do not accord wilh the "needs nl
Uh- present day. nor did the boys
of thai lime hate the same facilities for Investment as tbo boyi now
bii\e Todaj we have |iiactically at
our door strong financial institutions which accept small amounts on
deposit, and we also huve the Call.id inn government's cicat Annuities
svstem, in regard to which a won! of
explain) I ion may not Ik onl nf
It   whs   approved hy memlrers    ol
both I ses ol parliament,    has    it
tlie hark of it the security uf tba
whole of tbe Dominion of Canada,
and Ihere could tie no better or safer plan td investment as a means fil
making provision lor old age. Tie
payments may lie spread over si
many years as may lie desired. Tie
government attends to nil the dV
tails free of charge. For example,
a payment of $11—tin* price of om
hog—made for a boy of ten and
continued until lie is sixty, will glv*
him an annuity nf $21520 f...* life
If t-he payments are continued until
f6, he will receive I3S5.78, or over
$130 a year more than he would
receive at sixty. Tbe samp annuity
i null) he purchased tor a hoy of an
older age nt a lit He adv.iu*e in Huh
Cost. If, therefore, a farmer's hoe
knew that at tlw time when he shall
In* no longer able tn work W
would Imve ample provision for the
remainder of his days, nnd that If
hr died before    drawing    the    first
Nothing so Quickly Darkens
the brightness of life as the Inability to sleep. It is generally
caused hy exhausted nerves.
The first step towards recovery
from this condition lies In rebuilding the worn out nerve fibres,
which can best Ik* done with Led
thin, the form of phosphorus required for nerve repair,
■■» Asaya-Neurall"
THK     NKW     REMTPY     FOH
Nervous Exhaustion
contains Lecithin (concentrated
from thousands of eggs) ami
makes possible this cure.
It feeds the nerves, quickens
the appetite, aids digestion, and
full nerve vitality is restored.
The beneficial effects are evident and the ability to sleep returns almost with the first dose.
IS ok i-ottic. ffliUn'treatment, StJSO,
oi'iuiu iiiuu ihc local agents,
nrttKKthts, Cranbrook, II. C.
Hurt*. & i.r.wrriir'- Co.. Sole MtV   Mntitrrnt.
Wiite lliem for ftct tnx*k on tfCfTOHJ
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
a nevTand
A m" li'tn e.|iii|»i'#-'.l Cafe at moderate
iiiite* ii.oo and np par day
Corner of Howard St. a inl Front Ave.
<>nr ini- itie-i- all tralni
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr.
: the :
very Brio imsurtinriit "f
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All trectoffered fur tale are grown in our own nnneriea on
tho Coldstream Estate
V. D. CURRY, General Agent
999**** ****** * * ******9 9* ** * *
invmrnt ul uiiniiily all  tlml ho   Iiml 11 |
A Good  Home
is whut is ilrnr In evory num. A homo
is whore IVno.'. Comfort, Contentment,
nml Plenty in fniiml. Tlmt is tin* renson
iin'ii throughout llritish Columbia, when
"Oranbrook" is mentioned think of tho
provision! -Ins. I.niiilt hns mint,- for nn
iili-.-ii home nt tlm
Canadian Hotel
D. II. Ull.a; i , :■;,.... i
MUX. KOBERT .1IFKRAY, V:,..r ,     .
J   ^ Accounts   nf   Corporations,   Municipnlitie*.    Merohaute
♦ Fnrtnors uml Private [nil ivited.
f      Drafts niul tiutti rs of Crwlil   ssm ■. pari of
i tliu uorl!.
t      SAVINGS  DEPARTMENT rial    attention
♦ givnn  to Savings  liunk  Accounts ;     ,|
♦ upward,) receiveu and inl. real
I   CranbrooK Branch: J'. w. SUPPLE, Mgr.
♦ ♦♦a********.»<.<»♦> *************
t                          Tlie
« Lund Land and Development
*            Company, Limited.
Pruit. Agricultural, (ira/.in^ anu Timber I i'iij*.
4c                          Insurance, Stocks and Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers in Lumber
4                                         —~	
*   Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue a'id
«                  Baker Street.
***** 9 ******** **************
********************************* ************
t 11. I.. STEPHENS, Prop.
j CALGARY. Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
[,   on   rati I  I-'-
Capital Paid Up $6,200,000 Reserve (6,900,000
Total Assets, Over $95,000,000
Itoi.T, Preildenl      R. I- PKABE, Geneml  ■'      1 ■ ■
Accounti "i Kirn.- 1 !orj oral or-iai - -
Oiil-'i( town l"i-;!.">- ■■   •■ ■ ■ - *■■
HAVINGii DEPARTMENT* Dfptrtiti of fl.OOai received
nn-1 loteroit ullowed .it current rate,   So formal
A General Hen nog Baaineeetranneted.
Cranbrook Branch : T. II. 0'CONNELL, Manager      4
***** *********************************
**ii**4*444444444***** ********** *****•******£
lis  the Same I * I.... •
The Place that is Popular
(inoil iis the Best
Hotter limn Ibe Resl
[ The Cosmopolitan 1
If um cone 01
Vou will come again.
I-;, il. SMALL. Propbibtob
Inir, the   S.W.  corner post ol Mary siaBlc'IfUc'iaarMKIEI^ l»W  In    with II per   cent ciMiipnnml, ************
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
\v P. JOHNSON ,x SON, Proprietor*
p.O, iiii\ BM WOBKgi EDWARD BT.
**************************** | ,|»>»M* 11 «•>•»»»■■»' THE   OHANBltOOK    HBBAD
By iht; Herald   Publishing Company,
c. J. Deane, Managing Kditor.
CRANBROOK, B. C, January IS 1912
The main estimates loi lbs coming
fiscal year, totalling $1-10,789.077,
have been tabled In the commons by
Hon. W. T. White, minister, ol finance- As compared with ibe total
estimates tot tho current fiscal year,
brought down bj tho Into gi vera-
menl, tliere is a decrease ol $0,289,-
861. But, as compared with tho
main estimates ol last session, they
show an Increase of over ten millions, and when tho supplementary
estimates art* brought down, later In
the session, it is Bate to predict that
the new government, Instead ot providing for a cutting down of expenditure, as Mr. Borden promised In opposition, will be several millions in
advance of their predecessors.
The   estimates    as brought    down
provide tor a    total expenditure    on
consolidated     fund   account ol $101,-
919,304,   u     decrease     ol $-1,027,012
compared with    the estimates ot last
session, tlio   main items   of decrease
being $2,050,2:*J!J   chargeable to    the
public debt, far which, ol course, the
late   government     can take    credit;
$885,000 in   Iln' naval service, which
is tantamount    to a declaration     ol
policy   tlmt nothing lurtber will    bo
dour  this yeai   for naval defence beyond tbo upkeep ui     Hn* NIobe    and
Italnbow, and the continuance "f   the
Naval   Training     College al Halifax
$4,0SB,fl50 mi public works chargeable
to Income, signifying the elimination
of a   considerable number ol    votes
for  public       buildings,       wharves,
dredging, i-tt*.,    throughout the Dominion, provided lor lasl session    but
, and a decrease of
agricultural depart-
saving ol one mil
Hi.- census,     wbieh
was Included in lasl year's cstimat
t»n  Uie other band,   there are
(leases   of (1,1811,570 in -subsidies
provinces baseil   upon tin* new census
figures;    $191,000     (•>!      additional
See Samples and
Prices of
in our Window this week'
Of 33 %
in prices, and that's no lie.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware, Stoves, House
Furnishing Goods
CRANBROOK,        ■        B. C.
noi   gone on wn
$010,(11111    im   itn
ment, duo lo ■'*
lion dollars nn
t offlce    depnrt
If   a mill  fm
governmenl rail
militia expenditure
extra for     tin-    |>
riMiI, aititl ovei
management of Hi
In a general way
that the new governmenl bas fi
i-d pretty closely Uie estimates
ordinary expenditures voted by
Laurier government; .md Mr.
den's declaration while in oppo
tbat   tbere was an annual wast
'      of
about leu millions in llu- public
pendtlurcs nl Panada, was evidently
merely pre-election talk anil (be at
leged leaks have not been found.
(Hi capital expenditure ,. total voti
of 11 i:«70.:*t:j is asked, i.f which
$86,000,000 is fnr tin- National Trans
roi-it-nerilal    railway;  $3, ,000     foi
the Quebec bridge; $2,ooo,QOO lor tin
Hudson Bay railway; $1,158,350 for
capital Improvements on tin-, Inter
colonial railway, Including $1,000,000
for ih*- branch line fiom Dartmouth
to Dean's settlement; $900,000 for
(locks and wharves at Halifax, and
$400,000 tor new rolling stock.
For tin* Wel land ship canal theri
a   vote    of only $50,  lot  .un-
while Ihere Is no vole a! alt for
the Georgian Hay sbi|i canal. Any
policy which tla- governmenl has
with regard io these projects wii
await announcement in tin* supple
iiM-ntary estimates. Capital expend!
tun- on public woiks provided t"*
totals ol 19,185,000, the main items
being Ottawa departmental buildings, $780,000 I'm! Arthui and Fort
William harbor ami iim-i improve
ments,     $1,000,000;   Quebec   harbor,
« ^wwww*>w* •><>*>*>*>*>*> J
Chapman's Agency;
Repair Department
All KiifH ol Furniture Kt-palri-i)
Ufholiteriiix, MitlrtH Mnklnj*.
New Is ihc lime to bive your work
lose, before the runb begin!-.,
: Chapman's Agency;
! N.rbar) A.eaac. Near lb. .uilllnrliiiii ] [
$7111,00(1; St.     .Ii'llll ll'JTlinr,  $1,llllll,
llllll, TilTin liarlicr, 1137,000; Victoria
harbor,   Out., $100,000;,and Vlotorl
nml Vitiiciiiivi'i harbors,   Hi'., hull ■
million each.
In u goneral way it may be stiitta!
Hint boyoiKl ihc iuilicaliiiiis us lo thu
Icaviiii; ul the nuval ijuesUon In
abeyance lur the year, the ileter-
iiiuiat iun to spend more money on Ihe
militia traiuiiiK, anil tin- goneral lib-
i-i.il attitude on i'X|niiilitiiri'S, there
is no disclosure ol new government
policy in i Ih* estimates as submitted,
The public    accounts lor lhe
completed tlscal year, which were
presented lo the provincial legislature lasl Thursday by Finance Minister Kllisim, show the satisfactory
condition cf the country's business
niul its substantial growth during the
twelve month under review, an in-
iiease in revenue over that ol thi
last preceding year ol tl ,718,150.33
la'iiij: recorded, while the increase In
the aggregate of public expenditures,
keeping pace with the growtli anil
development ol the province, amount-
r.l to tl.Nil.Kiw.iiK, the grand totals
fur  tlu- contrasted periods being:
Set revenue, 1HU9-10-
I 111 II-11-
?M. 192,1192.27.
Nol expenditure, 1909-10—
At the close ol Ihe fiscal year, on
the 31st March last, the balance
sheet ol the province showed a
total ol provincial assets over all
obligation* and liabilities of $1,-197
094.85, wilb u   cash balance in   bank
il   in the treasury  (inclusive ol the
III bar deposit ol $511.18 with the
Canadian Hank .»! Commerce, and various sums in cash in the hands ol
district agehts aggregating $2119
B9B.71) ol no less an amount than
Analysis ol the several sources ol
provincial income pn-diicing the geu-
rial Increase ol slightly lu-tler than
rigjtlteen per cent, in revenue inili-
rut<-s development and expansion in
department* iiroportionutely well
tiiuiiituincd, for while land sales const itutc a notable exception in show-
iiiu       a decrease        lor       the
u-ar       Iran       $2,61H,IH8.75 to
$2,1.11,231 3(1, this is almost offset
by IIk* one related Item ol land revenue, leaping within llu' year
Irom $17.-1.778.11 to 1381,580.1111. (Illi-
r conspicuous examples ol increase
.re noted in tlie advance ol license
receipts Irom 108,981.49 to $92,-
I9N.O0; of succession duties Irom
$1118,495.31 tn $200,459.88 (almost
doubling); „( reffstry Ices Irom $408,-
820.10 to $613,092.22; ot wild land
taxi's Irom $250,904.71 to $316,-
130.8.1; ol printing office receipts from
$05,191.49 to $127,776.19; ol rebates
jrrder Ihc Chinese restriction acl
Irom $356,200.08 to $1,066,000.00;
I lishing and cannery licenses Irom
$31,310.00 t« $82,657.79; and ol intcr-
trnrn $157,493.13 1o $282,-
The M Tie=on " Blouse
11 mM '
Sfl\ Vl   '-J r Mu^C.
H   MftlEON
rAtK wn. a, uu
The Very Newest Idea in Women's Waists
No Hooks, No Eye... No Buttons, No Buttonholes,
No Pin*, No Trouble, No Alterations
nt, the "Tii
' will glv*.
' >
• •
• i
• i
• i
• i
i •
i •
■ •
■ ■
■ i
■ i
I **********************
With its many ways of mljuBtmei
great servico niul satisfaction.
It may is.1 worn in ginilti etlVi't; it inuy bo tied in front, or
it may lie tied at linek.
Call and see it on the models in the store
would bo a good policy in    make
il  ii      was generally agreed   thai
CATHOLIC CHURCH. j11"  annual feature it      this phase of
Sundays—Low    mass at 8 :.u a.m.;   -be Court's social work.    Next nicet-
uigli mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school, ing   night    will   be .on January 35th
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Bene-  -hkI »s k'x new  members arc to    be
diction at 7.30 p.m. j Initiated a good rally is looked    tor
Mondays and   holy days ot onltga-Uy   the Court's officers.
tion—Mass at 8 a.m. j   Tho annual   Installation   ol officers
Week days—Mats at 6 a.m. at the of Foresters took, place, after which
' Hn* members of lho Court disposed of
the good things which Bro. Tooth
ami his assistants had provided, During tin* evening Bro. John Laurie presented Hros. W. P. McDonald, F. Mc-
Kenna and W. Henderson with past
chlel rangers' jewels, suitably in-
Bcrfbcd to commemorate their term
as chlel rangers ol tho court.
. Flnmondnn,
Tbe annual meeting of the parishioners of Christ church parish will be
held in Christ church ou Monday
evening next at 8 o'clock.
Business: Reception and consideration ol reports; election of two
church wardens; election of sidesmen;
election of delegates to Synod,
All members of the church arc cx-
E, P. Flowclling,
Tho following new officers for eusti-
FOR RFNT.-Vcry lar**)
oust*, suitable lor furniture,
feed, etc., $l(i per month.
Iciald office
Regular morning service at 111
o'clock. At this service tbc Lord's
Supper will lie dispensed.
Sunday school and Hlhle class at
I p.m.
Evening service at 7.30 o'clock.
The pastor will conduct both services.
Young People's Guild on Tuesday at
ft p.m.
Congregational meeting on Friday,
January 1-Hh, at 3 p.m.
ing term have been installed by
D.D.O.M. C, It. Ward, Key City
bulge, No. -12, I.O.O.F.:
II. J. Rendall—N.G.
II. E. Stephens-V.G.
VV. M. Harris-Sec.
C. It. Ward—Treas.
J. F. Broughton—Conductor.,
R. J. Taylor—Warden.
.1.  11. Tuniley—Chaplain.
ft'. Sodon—Inside Guardian.
J. Man ning—Outside Guardian.
H. J. Palmer-U.S.N.G.
It.  Maiislield-I..S.\.G.
A. C. Dcll-R.S.V.Q.
M. T. Boss-LS.V.G.
F. C. Thrift—U.S.S.
R. A. Uatclifft*— L.S.S.
Following the installation a social
lime was held, the members enjoying
a   very pleasanl evening.
Kev. O. Iv  Kendall, pastor.
At the? morning service, It o'clock,
subject, "The Christian, the Light ol
the World."
Evening,    7.30    o'clock,    subject,
"Tho Confessions of    Rev. Canon, V
T. Rlchcson and Divine Retribution,
'     ■    *
Rev. W. Klson Dunham, pastor.
Sunday -services: The pastor will
preach al 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning subject: "Connexlonal Responsibility. "
Evening subject: "Covenanted Obligations."
Anthem for the evening services:
"Saviour When Night Involves the
Sky," also a solo by Mrs. Geo. W.
A cordial   invitation is extended lo
Rov. C. W. Prlngle, of Vancouver,
who lias been supplying at the Pre*
hyleiian church for tills last two
weeks, gave a splendid address at tbc
Y.M.CA. on Sunday last-
Mr. Prlngle spent ten years in the
Yukon and knows all ahmil the hardship   and slnii|:ft* in that land.
alk v
very interesting
■il bv all the men
It    i
•, t
*   be hoped that
• will
again heard iu (
is a  man who
been among
men, and can do a man's
all   to
attend the above servic
B. R. C. A.
The nexl meet iug will he held on
January 28th, when some local man
will lill (he chair.
A Bible class is lo lie organi/cd
Mils week. The evening subjects selected will in* announced later.
Preparations are Mug mado to
receive ami entertain the Nelson Bowling club, wlm come soon t« play return matches, Oood scores are look-
nl fm Iiy both teams, as both ure
practicing faithfully and are in good
!   illPnUlECTIONS
The local lodge of Carmen *l
intend   to   lie   left behind so far     as
at homo's/'    socials, etc., are concerned, aud intend    to celebrate    in
right royal   fashion on   Friday evening, January 10th.      A whist drive
dance  ami light refreshments will he
tlie main attractive   features,     and
without   doubt   the Carmen's     ball
will be a   hive ,,.    merriment    once
again.     Should any friends of      the}
lodge be without   tickets  they    will!
be  able to purchase same from    tlie'
doorkeeper, up to !) o'clock ot Friday
A. O. F.
Tlie regular meeting of Court Cranbrook was held in the Carmen's
ball on Thursday night, January
llth. About thirty members were
present, and a most enjoyable evening was spent. Songs and stories
were lite feature ot the evening. I In Kaslo A. T. Garlnnd was elected
The committee in    charge of the re , mayor over F. E. Archer. !
cent "at   home"   In   the Auditorium j    J.     T.    Robinson    was   re-elected
reported the affair a distinct success,  mayor of Kamloops.
Nelson eily turned down Harold
Selous after three years service and
elected J. R. Ann able.
Fernie elected A. W. Blcasdcll.
Nanaimo elected John Shaw.
Mayor Lee was reelected In New
J. L. Beckwlth routed Mayor Mor-
ley from his stronghold in Victoria.
L. J. Taylor was defeated in
Vancouver by James Findlay.
Robert Law was re-elected, mayor
of Grand Forks.
May use as much "Gumption" in Spending the Family
Income as the Husband does
in Earning It!
" Gumption " is not a slang
word by any means. It is Can-
adianese for
" Practical
If the housewife doesn't use
it, generously, in making purchases for the home, she will find
the family income always insufficient !
Imprudence—which is a form
of non-gumption—will discount
and make futile even an increase
in the family income. For the
easiest thing in the world is to
drift along, paying a dollar too
much for this thing and a dime
too much for that 1 And this
is the invariable practice of
those buyers of family supplies
who think it " too much trouble
Read the
For, you see, the ads are as important to the " buyer" of home
supplies as are the market reports to a broker. THB   OBANBROOK HEKALP
Thanking All
for their Patronage during the
past year and wishing all
a Happy and Pros=
perous New
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The **R©XOJ& Store
Cranbrook - - B. C.
tlie nurses from St, ICugenu aud
Cottage hospitals. Atyiut ten nurses
responded and a most enjoyable af-
lernoon passed.
Miss Florence Erlckson, accompanied by her friend, Miss Tunstll, returned to school at Vancouver this
week after spending-the holidays with
her parents in Cranbrook,
speaks   highU
nl    pi
Apply tO Mrs.
-Four   roomed house.
John Leask,    Baker
If You
Are Interested in
This ad is for you. If you own a
good watch, yon ean afford t°
Because if you intend buying it
is important .thut vow buy right.
You haven't very many makes to
choose between* There nre Jusl
a few really high-grade wnlel es
made. Aiumn* tbcm are those
wo are waiting lo ebow you.
Wait ini: to point out their points
of superiority. , Call and let'**
New laid eggs   received dallj at V.
K.P.&P. House.
The    prize*   drawing  at The Palm
was won by Mrs. W. !•'. Gurd.
Ii. J. Elmer left on a buslnci
Klko on Tuesday.
Homo   made cam!) 25 cents pel lb.
Saturdays       Othi'i    da)     IS i Wit*-   -
Tbe Palm,
I!   T,   Brymncr returned Irom To
tonto on yesterday's delayed Flyer.
II   W. Davis and    wit,-, „f WycllBe,
were Wednesday   visitors in the city.   Tannhausci
Agency Co., left today for a few
days business trip west as far as
W. FJ, Worden went down to Moyie
yesterday to load a big safe from the
Imperial Hank ofllce for shipment to
J. P. Fink has been confined to his
home with a severe winter cold,
caught during the sudden change of
weather   the first of the week.
We have some real good bargains
in white graniteware at E.K.P.&P,
Miss Moss was hostess at a delightful dancing party on Monday
evening at lhe home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. F. Gurd.
Mr. Fiinck, brother-in-law of Mrs.
Gen. II. Thompson, is visiting in the
city  and is   a guest of Mrs. Thomp-
T. II. Foster, formerly or Kamloops, has arrived in town to take
a position un the stall of the Bank
of Commerce.
Rev. G. C, F. Prlngle, of Vernon,
B.C., who exchanged pulpits wild
Rev. c. 0. Main, left for home on
ROOM Tt) UKNT.-Bath and phone.
Mrs. F.   Macl'horson. Garden avenue.
city. 3-lt
-los. Jackson is returning to rail
road Work again, after a long vacation. Mr. Jackson resumed his po*
-iiiiii as conductor on Wednesday's
west hound train.
Fifteen sacks ,,f oats were removed
from r. Burns and company's stable
lasl week. Tin* p. lire, us yet. have
no trace ot the light Angered gentrj
who removed them.
Mr. and   Mrs   I,.    I,, i.angin were
0VCI    tu  Fori   Steele 00 Siindav.  visiting Mrs     l.angiu's   motnei,    Mrs
The Whelan Bros , of Fernie, ai
about to establish a llral das ht lei
al Waldo.
New l.iid eggs  received dull) al E
K iv.vl*. House.
Apples! We still have some Jona-
tiiaiis, 11onian Beauties, Wagners,
Black Twig, etc., at   the same      rid
price.— i: k P ,\r. House,
Kditor F. I. Deane left Wednesday
fm* tiie coast, being a delegate Irom
the Cranbrook Agricultural association and will he hi Victoria for tbe
next two weeks. The Herald trusts
tliat au indulgent public will overlook discrepancies and errors and
omissions during his absence.
I laity Roblchaud, Who lias lieen
on the siek list for the past three
or four weeks, Is improving ami
will he about again in a short time.
Goo. M. Jtidil and Win. II. Kassie,
surveyors for McVittie and Parker,
came over from Fort Steele Wednesday to run a few lines north ol
the city.
STABLE TO RENT.-Down town.
Apply Box B., Herald. 2-tf
IL H. Griffith, of Baynes Lake, has
been in town during 11m* week, a
guest at the. Hotel Cranhrook. Mr.
Griffith reports every tiling progressing very satisfactorily out at the
Don't forge! about the grand ball
j at Fort Steele next Thursday. Preparations are being made to give
all visitors a rattling good time,
and nowhere is this art lietter understood than in old Fort Steele.
| J. C. Little returned on Saturday
from a hurried visit t-o his old
home hi Duclph, Ont., whence he
hail been called by tlie critical illness of bis mother. Mr. Little arrived home in time to sec his
mother before she died.
WANTED.—Thoroughly competent
housekeeper for period of three
months. Apply Hf IL, Herald office. 2-tt
Mr. and -Mrs. M. A. Beale returned
Wednesday night from Victoria, whero
tliey spent several weeks visiting
with Mrs. Scale's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. F. Armstrong.
I The regular annual congregational
'meeting of Knox Presbyterian church
will In* held iu the school room on
Friday evening, January l-'th at R
o'clock. A full attendance is re-
I quested, Light refreshments will he
' served at the close of the business
, We have moved our furniture dc-
: part ment upstairs    where    we have
more room to display the many lines
I to  a much better advantage.     Conic
in and Inspect out g-»ods, whether
. you   wish    to buy     or    not.      No
trouble to show ynu about and we
| are sure it inclined io purchase you
, will   Iiml our    prices right and    the
quality     of    the   best.—E.K.P.&p.
I louse.
When given as soon as the crcupy
cough appears   Pbunberladn'i  cough
Remcd] will ward oft an attack of
it'up and prevent all danger and
cause of anxiet y. Thousands ol
mothers use it successfully. Sold by
all dealers. l-tf
Will tin* lad) who paid her account ot $8.00 on Wednesday afternoon, please phone iu her name, as
the clerk who received the money
forgot to make a note of It.—F.
Parka ami Co-
Mr. and Mrs    \mie Campbell, tormei residents ol Cranhrook. hut late-
.1. o Tnnnhauser,    who bos    been  ly of Seattle, have returned tn Cran-
vtatUng his   sister, Mis it   \  Fras   brook to reside.
ei, returned home on Hatunlaj  .
_.— i   Rev, FlcweUIng gave a tea on Wed
Jas.   Martin,      nl     Uw Cranbrook  nosday   afternoon at   the vestry    fot
Wc wish to inform our customers that we have
received a
Large New Stock ol Harness
In Team, Driving, and Express
The Driving we have in all prices and in both black and
tan colors. It would pay to look our stock over before
buying elsewhere.
We also have received a new stock of SUIT
stock of CUTTERS is complete, and worth looking
over. Prices range from $45.00 to $65.00, why not
buy your wife, daughter or son a new Cutter for Xmas.
Thanking our customers for all past favors and
soliciting a continuance of the same.
Flour, Peed. Poultry Supplies, Carriages, Saddlery,
Implements, Harness Repairing
The second joint annual ball of
Selkirk division, No. 173, (i.i.A.,
Hoylo division. No. S6S, W.I..V.., and
Crows Nest lodge, No. M4, n. of I..
F. ami V. . will he held on Thurs-
daj evening, February Rth. Music hy
Nolan's orchestra, ol Spokane.
The attention of those nf our readers interested in horticultural pursuits js directed to the "Spray
Calcnd.it for I8J.8," as issued by the
provincial horticulturist, R. M.
Wlnslow, winch   is reproduced in full
el new here in tin-*, issue. This calendar should be preserved, as it will
likeh prove ol great service during
t bo coming spring and Hummer
When lintim*. a tough medicine tor
children hear in mind tbat Chamber**
Iain's Cough Remedy is most effectual
tor colds, croup and wtnmplng cough
and tbat It contains no harmful
drug.   Kor sale by all dealers.      1-tf
A report from Ottawa Is to the
Bllect that A. S. (loodcve, MP., lor
Kootenay, is a candidate for the
position of governor of the Yukon
territory. His rivals ft r the job
arc James McKlnnon, ot Dawson
City ami Unvid Black, a Vancouver
lawyer. Ooodeve's chances arc said
to In* gord.
North Vancouvci properly wanted
near second narrows ot close in t>
the city; wo have buyers, am! waul
your listings; owners only.—The
People's Trust Co., Ltd., 123 Pender
St. W., Vancouver, B.C. 3-21
A new standard gauge logging
railway ten miles iu lemi'.h will he
constructed next spring near Wardott
by the Crows Nest Pass Lumber
Company, Limited, The company
already operates two sect-ions of railway.
'Ilie Scottish criminal statistics loi
1010 show thai Hn* Increased .oh
liely following lhe increased cosl n
whiskey in IBOfl still continued last
year. The most sober county is th
Orkney Islands, where there wer
three cases Ui everj ten thousand nl
population, tlie least su was mining
and Industrial Lanarkshire with I III
cases per ten thousand people. In the
little town ni Anetruthed (Fife)
there was noi n single ease of
drunkenness. The population Is
about 1,300.
Constipation is the cause of many
ailments and disorders tbat make
life miserable. Take Clkamberlatn'
Stomach and Liver Tabids, Veep
your bowels regular and you will
avoid these diseases. For sale by
all dealers. l-tf
The English billiard match at the
Royaf hotel on Monday evening lie**
Royal hotel on Monday evening between \V. Glcason and W. II. Johnson
terested crowd of spectators. Tho
match resulted in victory for Mr.
Johnson, who played a brilliant
game, bis highest run totalling 110
points. The game was for 1000
Lady out nursinn (maternity cases)
wishes engagements; housework and
children no object. Apply P. O. Hox
293. .->-:.r
'The secret ol success in local advertising for the retailer consists in
tho weekly announcement ol prices nl
goods. When you have created ir.
the mind of your reader the desire
to buy, the thing that next Interests him is the price. Succeasfsl
advertisers have long recognized thi*
and they literally (ill their spirt
with prices. And the facl that.
this met hod has hulll up and is
still building up big businesses today ought to In* su melon t proof that
it is a very good method, as well as
o very simple one"—Frank Mi-Mnl-
Icn in "Good Advertising," Decc-mho*
Moi-kseUet and Stationer.
Thomas Smith, senior provincial
constable in the Vancouver offle*.
has been nntiOed of his promotftM
to the rank of inspector of police
and hotels fi r llu* province, wli»-fe
places him second in position onlv
to Superintendent Campbell. Constable Smith joined the provincial
force in is tin as a special constable
and was placed on tin* regular
force in 1903. During bis term of
service ho has made more than
one plucky arrest, and has shown
himself at all times a capable and
energetic officer. His headquarters
will  he in Vancouver.
Do you know that fully nine out of
every ten cases of rheumatism are
simply rheumatism of the muscles
due to cold or damp, or chronic
rheumatism, and require no Internal
treatment whatever1 Apply Cham*
berlafn'l Liniment freely and see how
quickly it gives relit f. For sale by
all dealers. l-tf
The ice carnival at Hie Arena
rink, despite rather unfavorable
weather, attracted a pretty good
Crowd. The costume' were varied
and in some cases, extremely pretty
and attractive. The prise winners
were the following: Ilest lady's costume. Miss Bertha Brown, best gen-
t.emeu's costume. Cecil Pigeon and
Mr. Williams, a tie, Williams winning
on the toss; best girls' costume,
Miss Mae Small; best boy's costume,
('has. Elmer; best comic costume,
Norman Armstrong. So competitors entered f"i the waits on
KOR SALE.-Thr lesidence of II
Itickenbotham on Baker Hill. House,
wash house, barn and chicken house
ihi two lots. Apply ii HlckcnboUt*
am. Mt
E. R. Dawsoi,, an old employee of
t-he Standard Lum Iter company, died
last Friday at the St. Eugene hospital. DeecaseiTs brother Uvea at
Trail and he had a daughter living
In Vancouver. They hate been communicated with nnd tbe body Is
being held at Heatty's undertaking
parlors pending instructions ns to
the Interment from either one ol
'them. Mr. Dawson was a member
ot the Masonic order nnd the loeal
lodge will take charge ol funeral
arrangements once word is received
from   tbe brother or daughter.
It Pays
To Bear in Mind
Tlmt repairs of bigli-class
workmanship can be obtained
ni nur Blnro nt reasonable
prices. Try ns nml la* con-
C. P. H. Watch Inspectors
A dance    is to be    held nt     Fort
Steele   on   Ihe evening ol  Thnrsdav,
January 2.1th.     Don't miss it.     A
the position <>! resident district man- good time Is assured. l-'It
ff.   Shaw    arrived in town     this
week  from Oolden to lie installed In
' ni»*r for P. Bums and company.  Mr.
' Shaw i esided in     Golden tor    eight
■ years prior   to moving to tills city.
He thinks   Oolden Is wmr town and
The funeral ol the late Mrs. (I. R.
('arson took place on Monday, and!
was   very numerously nltcudcd,    the
deceased being belli in great respect
Ity a large number of friends. Deceased was a native of Maine, "il
years old, and had resided in Cran*
brook for several years pasl. She
leaves a husband and three children.
Mr. Carson, sr., has been working at
Vahk of late. The. children are
Mrs. Moseley, Sime and Pearl Carson. Itev. Mr. Kendall oftlclated at
the funeral, K. Macphcrson being in
charge of arrangements,
The Last Kootenay Produce and
Provision company will hereafter be
known as the East Kootenay Mercantile I louse. A new depart ure
marks this change of name. Henceforth a full line of men's and
youths' clothing will bc carried, including hoots ami shoes. The new
stock has arrived and is being opened up this week In the premises,
adjoining the ffocery department,
formerly occupied by furniture, now
removed upstairs. Tin* growth and
expansion of the East Kootenay
Mercantile House, under the enorgetlc
supervision of Mr. Murray has been
ipiile remarkable. This concern is
now cany ing one of the largest and
mtwt widely assorted stocks of any
mercantile institution in the Koote-
nays. Small profits and quick tutu
over is apparently the guiding principle of the management.
FOK SALE.-Two boilers, two
engine and sawmill machinery. Nn
reasonable offer will he refused for
this machinery. Apply to Tho*. tt*.
Leask, Cranhrook or Mayook.    ."Ho;
Daniel Jackson, a machinist at tho
c.P.H. shops, Revelstoke, was killed,
and Superintendent T. Kll pat rick and
Dr. Hamilton, the company's physician, both of Revelstoke, were badly
bruised hy a slide ol snow, ice and
rock in Albert Canyon, twenty miles
from Revelstoke on Monday. it
wrecked tbe relief train sent to
the aid of No. I, tbe eastbound express which left Vancouver on Saturday morning and was struck by a
great snow slide in Rogers Pass on
Sunday morning. The engine, express, baggage and colonist cars
were derailed, but no one was injured. Tbe recent warm wave has caused numerous slides all along the
main lino.
FOR SALE CHEAP.-One Chatham incubator, _">'i egg capacity, and
two Peerless incubators, 200 egg capacity each, and two brooders. All
as good as new. Apply E. II. Slater, city. 2-tt
A series of four games of hockey
havo been arranged with Fernie tbe
first to Ik* held here next Momlay ot
Tuesday. Fernie is always a formidable opponent Ii j* to be hoped
that the attendance al this game
will Ite larger than at the last few
games, \ good hookey team has
been organised hen* and Um* hoys are
under heavy expense in securing visiting teams       anil thev  are entitled to
moro H'ueroiis support Dettsi
hockey js being played In Cranbrook
than in any town in the interior,
not excepting Nelson, Edmonton or
WANTED.—A competent maid. \r>-
ply Mrs. (i. II. Thompson. 2-U
Stuart Small, who bas been visiting his uncle, Enos If. Small, wai
tak-*n seriously ill this week and his
father in Vancouver hurriedly summoned bv wire.    He arrived today.
Mrs. A, ll Macdonald, who has
been visiting for the past four
months wiih friends ami relatives in
Eastern Canada,    has returned      to
Cranbrook. Toronto and New York
were the principal places seen during
her sojourn.
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
church vvi.l give a social to the
new comers of the congregation In
i he parsonage Monday evening next
al 8 o'clock, All Interested are urged to in' present,
Tbe new   Canadian postage stamps
A Satisfying Selection  of
Distinctiveness and individuality are features that inost
men seek in their shirt wear. We have gathered most extensively from the supply sources thai are recognized ns preeminent and the result is now shown in nn immense display.
New Patterns at $1.25 ^•^■^&pj**t- are
- T the materials in lit'lit
Bro ls with oolored Btripes and fancy figures.     Coal style
nl pleated ur plain fronts.
Handsome Shirts at $1.50 ^"f^tterunaiity
■ i Btnbnc  in white,
blue, grey, nml helio grounds with neai stripes. (IikhI length
sleeves, aud perfect litters.
Splendid Shirts at $2.00 mde■"'!''"sl ,i"'1,,v
______„___________      materials in beautiful
patterns. Coat style with sofl double nr plain stiff cuffs,
Past colors, carefully tailored, equal io custom made shirts.
A Special Line at $5.00 Ma:! *•"■* >,,m '1Uwl
— i Hnnnels of the finest
quality. These hnvo sofl double cuffs mnl are the height of
elegance in shirt wear.
Clothing that Deserves Your Attention
Nn excuse now-n-days tor n man not lieing well dress, i!
Onr Suit, nt $15. si*. $20, $22 and J2."i are examples of
Canada s best tailoring nnd the materials and patli rns nre ns
tlmse set forth by tl troll, rs ol styli      Lei ns sii >« vou
• Slaughter of Millinery, Suits, Furs and Coats •
?   EVERYrtllNG in these lines must be cleared out rcgardlei
w  •
q '         eosi.     Tin- prices nre loss tlinii half the   •
9 original price   so low tbal nobody enn nlfor! to pass lliem   •
9 by,    Its up In ynu to look into this. •
McCreery Bros, j
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores •
• ••••(-.••••••••(-'••••••••••••ca
Have installed a set of ♦
which are offered to the public at ♦
moderate  rental,   either  monthly ♦
or   yearly.      Your inspection   is ♦
invited. *
Also   some funds have been *
lelt with  them  by clients   for in- *
vestment   in   first   mortgages   or *
other good security *
bearing the liken* • ■ ol   King 0
V. Imve appeared .it   tl
Rev. C. 0. Main returned Wednesday from a two weeks' trip to
Vernon, where lie filled tie- Pre
terian pulpit, exchanging -aiiIi tne
pastor then ii- . mm h Impress* :
with tne valley and enjoyed his
change ol scene and visit with
Vernon people
H. E. Beattie vna ., pa
today's flyee, going Ui ■
Medicines that aid nature arc always most effectual, ('hamucrlaiii i
Cough Remedy acts on this plan, li
allays the COUgh, relieves the lung-.
opens tlie secretions and aids nature
in restoring Um system t^ a healthy
condition. Thousand! have testific
to Its superior excellence. SoW bi
all dealers* l-tf
'I Igen
II.  S   Si.ulli
C.P.R. Shop.
C.P.R. Ofllce
Wen. boil
 8 1
,   . :
TjIit ...   .
Ilattiic ...
Sim-lair . .
Vi. Stephen*
ll. Stephens
Randall    .  .„
l*i Acres, -i minutes' -talk from
P. O. au Improvement! have
been don* In die ;aei two years,
Soils either tat I ■'■-■ ken
Kani... truck J arming •>> Dairy*
i npi ■ - - :.*- ■-.-! of one ol
■ iu. 1 noit up-to-date
rhicken houses, 7 tt.long; large
. . ibatoi ro ■;. *r6broodet house
with hoi s itei spp iral
chicken yards; ■Ait.tfr rhubarb
ng cellar, B00 rooti capacity;
j. ■ 1- and lasbes; woven wire
;■*: ■ ■ leasants1 cage; 178 liolt
ttbuil lini*1-; one a«*t*'
slfalls * .1 ■ water right for
. rlgatlon of la cubic foot i>'*r
tecond. Also suitable fo platting
nnd iub*dtvidlng   into   building
ll.nooCub; b*!*ncBona and two
...,-,    ||     D     I -!.'      IUI.-..-.I.
i'or all cad .al,-. I" l"-i e*nt. dl*-
cull nt.— Ailiin-.a I
i,  \ M . Boi •-''■ Oranbrooli
s. TK'.EItS.
ii v 12th.
.1-1   1,1 lit- 111
.138   143 lit— IN
.150   127 131- 411]
,137   139 IN— l">
. 110  111 115- issl'
DBS   718 095—1101
liLKO, B. C.
As I mil 1'iilitililiiliu m* lull- litis-
band'* busine**. I wouM nsk fur
the continued patronage ot nil old
customers, and retpecifall*/ solicit
tin. trade ot all.
Best of KiK*> and Hurscs
..105 187 ISO— !i!2     I am nmv preparfd tn pul up    lea
Iln 111 imi— -170 Inr    sliiininiii    at   rrusnnalilr   price.
.Ml 115 170—518 All orders will bo glwn prompt   »t-
148 111 148— 111' tendon.
,172 ISO 110— 157i A. li. MiFarlanf,
 ' Moyle, B.C.
830 7311 Ml—IIIU     (Citv ill.iiiiain l-4t THK   OUAflHROOK   UEIIALD
The voice of all the people ON the stage
The choice of all the people OFF the stage
llii-utri-   til.*
lillc   nir.-iii
n any theatre
li.lllfi- in tlio w
Think nf tlio
opera, tlie ilnniui, tliu concert, the
ii: ii greater iiiiiI inure vnrii-il program
in the linul. mill pluyillg I" the bigg-rat
slni'H of tlie ilrimiii mill nf tlu- hjhtii-. of
vaudeville; nf llm mastera nf liiBlnimentnltoni rlffht in your own home theatre,
or wherever you go and whene'er you waul lliem.
That's whal il means In you to nun Iln- Kdlson Phonograph.   Ami it
means the sweet-toned, long-playing Aiubi-riil Records—every selection
rendered in completely as frum llm stngu mid us real oa     ^^— »
,'"!oriBi""1- ,,  ,, ,   «r*3u_»aefc«u
Tticrearc Bdlarni ao pvcmvli.-r.-. li,-l i,,i»iileleei,iiil«»rriini
miir (Ir-.il.-r ..I Inn    l-li  1'Iiiiiiiii.tiiiiIi-.
Killiaii.  Sli.i.iliHil  Hi* *. «c.   /MHoil J
twice., long), 65e.   Bdl.an Dranu nneni I
A carapl.L- line of Ediion Phomiar.ph. aad R.cofd. will Im found •(
Beattie=.V!urpliy Co., Limited, Agents
Cranbrook, B. C.
l.iiil Kecords (play  100 Uk.aid. Av.nua.
■imi.. (Ba, Iii I2.S0.  Or.n... N. J., U. S. A.
News of the District
♦♦♦♦♦♦^^o^^X1 >'>»*>**♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*
(Bj Fred (too).
The Klko Atbelllc assoclat.on held
» big mooting Mondaj nnd tlcelded to
olter a purse «•( lift % (Ivo thousand
thillars for the .lolH-on-Flynn
battle    Dominion   day.      The sports
committee will commence building
opera tit i ns at once, an II .*-■ safe to
say these dull I inns no other town
ean outbid Elko—tin- prltlc of the
('rows Nest  Pass.
Tho Medicine Hat Newa of .limitary imb sitvs tlii-n- i. over 1800
convicts in six gnoli in Uie Dominion
ami not one bald head in the
Messrs. Kobson and Carlisle, glass
iMiuse experts ami red cabbage growers, will niiilr some hi- improvement
at theli fruil (tracts wesl ol the
Wm. MnniiH-k. nf [-'lagstone, was
in Klko Saturday. There will he a
big crowd ui new set tiers locate at
Flagstone tins s;uin'j;. Fronds
Ihiwns, ihc lumbei magnate, is ex-
peotod back Irom ilu- middle west
states wiiii ;i parly ol well-to-do
American larmers. Mr. Rub, the
genial storekeeper, i« great I) Impressed with Canada, Ills health is
lar hotter. Mis disposition greatly
Improved anil his cyesigbi remarkable, llr shot four deer in lhe
brad Ihis last fall between thu
Jack Tanner, ul lire tt
company, Vancouver, was
Saturdnj ami Monday, nl
the rivet towns -. itili wiling canned
herring, hath bricks, whisker seed,
matches and oilier pickles, kucIi .is
epsoni salts, oyslet Windsor soap
ami fresh grass liuttci from Now
While in Toronti Oeo, i.. Pedlar,
wlitor i»( the Fernie Free Puss, received Irom the universlt) ihe championship medal ami forwarded    same
to   the wrilet  for being the	
 — D. l\     The   .nm- is
on exhibition in one ol our many
slum cases in oui Klko slore.
Tht- girl that   can cook a good dinner.
There's a millionaire in New York,
says the Winnipeg Telegram, offering
*.i large sum of money to anyone who
will sell about an inch ol tongue lo
In- grafted on bis daughter's tongue,
which she lost in a motor car accident. Wc know several in thf
immediate vicinity of Klko who
could lose that amount of tongue
to the advantage of lite whole neighborhood.
Several building    contracts      have
been     let and     the contractors    art
figuring   ou    considerable     dwelling
houses   to be built this spring.
Alter -lack .lohnson lights Flyim iu
Klko  this   summer he   will go down
in   Itoosvillc and help harvest       tin
melon crop.
Mrs. Hugh Mflnnes drove in    Irom
it.* Itock Creek pineries Monday,
Heaven help ihe man who imagines he can dodge enemies by living
lo please everybody. If such an individual ever succeeds stud him down
ti Klko that we may have one look
iii his mortal remains ere he vanishes away, for surely this, earth
cannol   he his abiding place.
The Greal Northern Cannon Dull
express arrives in Klko from lho
s iiilh at Hi o'clock aud leaves* for
th* south nt Pi.Ml o'clock, rain or
Pete Prlnglo has quit the plop
factory and is registered at the
Columbia hotel,
Klko will see tin* best summer    it
I ever   saw iu 1012.     No matter what
*"   of the    Dominion you go     to
they   arc talking about  Klko and the
famous Tobacco Plains.
Liver   Spots,   Pimples,  Dark
Circles Under Ihc Lyes.
are all Btgns ul tlio system being
clogged. Tlie Liver uml Bowels arc
inactive and llio Stomach is weak
Irimi undigested foods anil loul Rases.
the great, fruit remedy, will make
you Icel like 11 now person.
Winnipeg, Juno 27, Wlf,
Alter lulling three boxes ol your
Fig Pills Im- stomach and liver
troubles 1 loci strong nml well uml
iilile to do my own work.—Mrs. A.
II. Suiiller.
.Sold nt nil dealers In 2"i niul 511
cent boxes or mailed by Tbe Fig PHI
Cu., St. Thomas, Out.
Sold by the Cranbrook Drug nnd
Hook Co., Ud,
Tin- Friends ol Mrs. J. 0. Bcyii, ol
llanoyville, Alia., who is very ill nl
tlio home ol her Bister, Mrs. Ben
l.uiril, will lie glnd to kimw llun
slit- bus slightly Improved, Her
daughter, troin Brandon, is spending
u low weeks wilb her.
Mr. Horace Miinroe niul litlile were
in Wardner Friday evening lor the
Mr. Graves and Len Rcnwick, ui
Galloway, were in Wardncr Insi Friday on business.
Mr, and Mrs. Ingra I Cranhrook,
[iiiiiislii'il the music lor tho club
dance given In lho Library hall
lasl  Friday evening.
A number ol Iriemls Irom Fernie
came Into lown lusl Fn lay nlghl
In ntli'lid the iliinee niul weie gic-.'.s
nl tin' Inline "I Ml. uml Mrs.
I Hack.
Fred Speaker, ol (Igllnway, was
with  his family hero lasl Sunday.
Mrs. Otlu Wisner is- spending n
few days in Galloway, lhe guest ol
Mr.   and Mrs. Len Rcnwick.
Mr. F. M. Stearns wns in Cranbrook last Tuesday on business.
('live Nlelly returned frnm Movie
last Friday to lake in tho club dance
here. Mr. Nicily lias accepted a
position as tie Inspector willi the
Mr. F. M. Stearns, superintendent
nl tne C.N.P.L. company's mill during the past year, has been engaged
lor another year.
Mr. KviTett, ol Vancouver, was renewing old acquaintances in town
lasl tt'tahiosday.
Mr. C. S. Smith, wbn has occupied
tbe posit iun of filer nt tlie company's mill hero lor lite pasl live
years, tins severed bis . tinnection
uilli them nml will move bis family
in   a slu rl time.
Commencing ut a post planted nt
nr near :t miles cast of tbe !•'» mile
post on Ihc C.l'.ll. survey mi 1 lie
west boundary ol Block 4698 and lieing the S.K. corner pnst, nf Hurry
II. Walker claim; tliencc. north 80
chains; thenco west 8(1 chnins; thence
south 80 chains; tliencc cast 80
eliains; tn a point tit oiiinincliccmcnt,
making 1110 acres, more or less.
Located Ibis l.llli day of Novcmlier,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Harry II. Walker, Locator.
Wilncss: .lolin Virgo. 2-5t
FOR SALE.-A pair nl good
shatts; almost new. Apply Box 5,
Herald ofllce. 47-tt*
II. Malkin
'. I part
(Special correspondence).
Policeman KgKles<huw was called to
Gnlloway Wednesday night on olltciul
Mr. Knil {.card's sister arrived in
Wardner from New Brunswick a
few days ago ami will spend some
time wilh friends here.
Owlnfl to the very severe weather
<>f late,     many   of tin* Wardner citi-
The young Consei val Ives hockey
team of Klko plays .lalTray Krtday zens Imvo their water pipes frozen
the 19th, Suffering lardlues, wont {up. As the company have bad so
Hilly Kerr and l-'i.tii!, Dickinson do much trouble with this matter
some shouting. | ihey   liavo    decided    not to open the
Reynolds, the itioc mau, wns in
Klko Satunhi-. Hi- says that on
account of the bin demand for beef-
hide moccasin     thai    puds will     he
8C,  a pOUhd  thi*   ipi i:
"Keep smiling i.. s. beautiful"
says the llun Lillian Russell*, who is
nu*m to marry hei fourth husband,
Hui in giving tin advice she ihould
remember thai v*rj t>'\\ women
have teeth like lur-.
Mr and Mrs. Fred Glcdhill and son
Jack lift Elko Saturdaj for Brandon, Manitoba, where -lack will enter
College when he     nets' old enough.
Report sins the C.P.R, have sent
a tracer out to try uml lind tin* old
fashioned man who used to wan his
A health to   tin* mil thai tan dance
like a dream,
And  the  girl thai can pound    the
A health   to   lhe  girl    lhal writes
verse by Hi'* ream
Or toys with h [<-*>) L\ In soprano ■
Tn   the gill  thai   ..in  talk  ami        llu*
girl Dial  does not,
To   the saint   and tin-   sweel littlu
Hui   here's to   Ih.- cleverest   gill      ot
the In
pipes until spring.
The Wardner school logins the
New Year with a line new llag.
Mr. Manning, superintendent ol the
(' IM! tie camp, was In Yahk (or a
few days rccentl) In tin* Interests
<>f   the company.
A couple ol members of tin* flail
Engineering company, of Calgary.
who have been spending a few days
in town aie moving to Tatouga,
where   ihey have large Interests.
Mr. P, M. Stearns was in Fernie
last   Friday on business.
Mr. Kube Hanson called on old
friends iu Wardner lasl Saturday on
his   way to Crunbrook, B.C.
Mrs. I.yall Darling, of Vancouver,
B.C., is spending a few days with
her brother, Mr. P. Lund In town.
Mr. and   Mrs. (laltney and children
spent last Tuesday    wilh friends
11II bo t Hohart left last Sunday al-
ti-riionn for Calgary to resume his
Mr. Fred llerric lias accepted a position as cook with the King Lumber company of Cranbrook,
Mr. liny Anderson, late of Han-
hut y, has accepted a position mi  the
post office stun.
To Whom It May Concern
Btuevale, Ont., May 4, 1910—"! was
alck for two years with chronic bronchitis and a consequent run-down condition. I received no benefit from doctors or from a trip which I took for
my health, and I hud to give up work
Vinol was recommended, and from tho
second bottle I commenced to Improve. I gained In weight and strength,
my bronchial trouble disappeared, and
I am at work again.
It Is tbe combined action of the
curative elements of the cods' livers,
aided hy the blood-making and
strength-creating properties of tonic
Iron contained In Vlnol which makes
It bo successful In curing bronchitis.
Vlnol ls a constitutional remedy for
chronic coughs, colds, bronchitis and
pulmonary troubles—not a palliative
like cough syrups.
Try Vlnol. If yon don't think It
helps yon, we will return your money.
Cranbrook Drug and Hook Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with Hallia.   Tlnnm in
every room
Hailier Sluij, on il.,- ],t,,inisi'«.
Thoroughly up-to-date.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO, I'. WEI.L8, Proprietor
II. TOMKIN, Miuiaii-r
iMsortoP-T. P. PKRIIY
tlmt thirty days after dato, I int.——
In apply lo (tin Hon. Oblcl I'oin-
liiisuloncr ol l.nniln anil Woilca for a
licenso In prospect for coal nml pat'
riili'iiln mi the lollowlng lamls, situate iii tho District nl Smith Easl
KiKilrnay, llritish Coliiniliin, in
lihirk IMS:
Hint' thlrtj days niter dato, 1 inteaa'
tu apply in Un' Hon. Chlel Commissioner in' Lauds and Winks Inl i
license in prospect for coal ami |ict-
rolcutn nn ll"' lollowlng lands, situ-
nlo iu i!.,' Iiisliiit ol Sonlh East
Kootenay, liritisli Columbia, in
Block 1603:
Commencing nt n posl planted ut
mm I inili- oasl nl tin1 lil mil"
posl uu llir C.P.H. survey; on tho
west boundary ut Block 1898 and bu<
ing tin* S.E. corner pnst ul .lohn
llaynes claim; tbenco north 811
chains; thenco west 80 eliains, Ihencc
South 811 chnins; Ihence east 811
chains; in a point uf commencement
making 040 acres, moro ur less.
Located lliis ISlh day uf November
ltuy Allen, Agent for
.luliii Ilium's, Locator.
Witness: .lohn Virgo, 2-5t
The Leading Business College
of the Northwest
Where young people ean receive
a thorough business training.
la in suasion twelve months in
the year.
No entrance examinations.
Boanl and room nt very reasonable rules.
We secure positions Inr our
Our now beautifully illtiatialcil
catalogue aenl fiee upon reqtlUBt.
Write lor It HOW I
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
lal * Madison     -       SPOKANE
• .!_____• ■__•_-_< ■■_-■--<■
*aan__HBMaas ___»__■_■__>»
w. p. auRo,
Barrister, Solicitor. Etc
Mnnoy to loan un favornhle terms.
, i
Hint thirty days alter date, I inter—
lu apply In Ibe linn. Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works Ini *
licenso tn prospect fur cnal and •-*■-
roleum uu the lollowlng lands, situate iu the District of South Kast
Kootenay, liritisli Columbia, in
Block 4393:
Commencing nt a pnst planted at
ur near 1 mile easl nf Ibe 18 mile
posl ill tlie I'.l'.H. survey nn Ibe
wesl boundary nl Block 1593, and lieing the S. W. corner post of 'lohn
llaynes claim; thenco north 80
eliains; thence east 811 chains; thenee
south 80 chains; tbenri' west 811
chains; inn point ol commencement,
making mil aires, mure nr less.
Located Hns 19th day ul November,
Roy Allen. Agent Inr
•lohn llaynes, Locator.
Witness: John Virgo. 2-51
Hint thirty days alter date, 1 intevi
iu apply In the Hon. Chid Commissioner nl" Lands and Wurks Im •
license In prospect for coal and petroleum on the billowing lands, situate iu the lllstrict ol South Easl
Kootenay,     British    Columbia,    in
Hloek   1.103:
Commencing at a pnst planted at
nr near 2 miles or 100 chains east
ot 37 mile post if C.P.lt. survey on
west boundary of Block 1593 and being tin* s. E. corner post ol Mr.
Sellars Largely claim; Ihence north
Sll ehains, Ihence west 80 chains;
tbetiee south 8<i chains; Ihencc easl
su chains; tn a point ol commencement,   making 610 aires,    more    or
Located this 0th day nl November,
Iluy Allen, Agent Inr
Mr.   Sellars Largely, Locator.
Witness: .lolin Virgo. 2-!»t
Builder and
Septic Tanks niul Conorotc
Work generally it
J; Estimates   Freely Qiven.
P.O. Box Mb
o Cranbrook, B.C.
• i
A. M. Can. Sue. C. K.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Olbce over McCreery Urea.
Telephone 1811 P. 0. Bus :
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A lellabla French regulator; ncer (ails. These
pills are eiccedincly •.■.■wcrl.il In ri-RuImiiiK tie
ii** iterative ->>rtwn ul tin* female ov-loin. K<-iii-*c
.Ui cheap imitations.   Or. tla ¥■*.•_'• are s.-l J at
•fl.. 1'i.l.n, fir,',- I it I'll.     M....C.I    ■>. ll.:! 'r.---
Th« tflcUIl Drag Co., St. rir.rlu.rln-,*. Oltf
Fur n-Je at  Ileali*',  Murphy  &  Co.,
Dr. Mattel's Female Pills
Nineteen Years Ihe Standard
Proicrlbeil ntui immiuiemlrtl for «o-
inen'a nllmoiils, a ■jt:i»*milit*Blly prelum! remedy of proven worth. Tlie
retail fr-'ni tltflr me it* <iuit*kaml |»ei-
itianent,   For sale u all ilrug storei.
0|i|niaili- O.F.K, Station
THE    PLACE    TO     0''Vr    A
lli'iii!i|tuirtiTs tor nil kimls of
Satisfaction (liiuriinlivi!
The Shoe Siiecinlist
Provenzano Bros.
General Merchant.
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     •     B. C.
p.*. mum       mom J..
It yuo want latisiaclion witb
your washing  und
it to
Special juices lor family weik.
l'hone : Seymour 7980
Palace Hotel
UOLL1NS BROS., Proprietor*,
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER      ■      B. C.
Two liiimlri'il elegantly furnished rooms, livery innleru
convenience,   Klevntor service.  Cnfc in connection. Rooms
$1.00 |ii'i- iluy uml iipwiinls.
1'p country visitors lo the Terminal City will Hml every
oonvonlonce nml comfort at tho Uranville Pnlnee, siiecinl
Attention In-int- piiil to their wants.
Kvory onre nml eoinfort
A homo (inili Inline
Sjn'iiiiil attention in ensea nf
.Miilnrnily, llliiiilliiHIislii
nml I'lii'iiniuiiin
Teriua  iiitnliirHtu
MKS. E. BENT, Matron.
IMS. KINO & liW:l:N,
Physicians and Surjceons
'Itllc. at KmMmi'*,   Arlii.lrnni  A...
KiireniHina • • 0U to 10.00
AlliTiiiiniia - ■ ■ 2.00 to 1.00
Evenings - • ■ ■ 7.10 to 1.00
Swiila.s -.. - 1.10 to   4.10
ilKANIIROOI :•     II     II     M     ■. O.
ivr.'.,. Cranbrook     Lodge,
$m':'      No-S4
A.F.  &  A,  M.
$SK'f: X* llefiiilar meetings on
if***- ' 'be tliinl TlnirBilay
I uf overy montb,
Visititis brotbren wolcomwl.
li. .1. HoSweyn, W.M.
,1. s. Peck, Secretary.
CltHII I'.NT   I.OllOl! Nl).  811
crnnbrook, li. C.
Meets   ovt-ry    Ttio»tlHy at K p.m. at
Fraternity Hull'
T. (!, Join's, C, <\
.1. M. BoycB.K. of It. N. x.
Vlsitln-r liri'tliiuit   cordially invited
to attend.
• to 11 a.m.
1 to  I p.m.
7 to   n p.m.
OIHoo in Hanson Hloek.
CRANBROOK -       -       - B. C.
Craubrook nml Fort Steele
IlliKllitrlllV I'MIINEIH
| ?AW Cranbrook, B.C.,
Norbury Ave., n^xt lo City Hall
Day Phone -"':l Nigbt I'lione :I0.'
B.   C.  land  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    •      B. C.
Ask (or Hilcyoi LITHIA WATEK
For family lira tliere ia nothing
an wlinli'snine ami so pure a.
W. R. Bntlr. Ponaral tHraeta*
Crubreofe B.C.
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
l'hone 2o'.l Matron.
P. O. Box 845    Arinatroni; Ave
H. E. HALL.  D. D. S.
Crown nml Bridge Work
n specialty.
Olliee over P, Parks Hiinlware
Slore, linker Street
Phone No. -Jim
Vmi  llntiii' Slrci't    (n|i|n,.ile   |)p|int)
Meet. In    Fraternity llnll tint .nil
Tliinl Fridays,
T. l-'riihi-r, E, C,
Al. Mnclvliinn:,, M   11   ami I'.
Visiting sisters cordially Invited.
Meets Hiuty Monday
_?i niglit at New Kra-
ti'rnity Hall. Sojourning Oilillellims cordially luvltad.
I. A. Fcrgtisson IV. M. llariis.
N. O. See'y.
Meets rust and    tliinl Wednesdays
iu eacb motrtb.
A   coniial reception extended      to
visiting brolbers.
uilieeis July lst to Decomber 31st.
0. P.—11. Clayton.
Soribo—W. M. Harris.
No. II).
Meets every second anil   Inurtb Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekans  continlly Invited.
Miss Ada lIlckenbotbam.N O.
Miss M. llickt-nliutliutii, Sec.
Meets In Carmen's 11,ill Second and
Fourth Thursday ol audi month at 8
p.m, sharp
Wm. Hcndcrs  CR.
A. Clark, jr.. Box 27.., .See'y.
Vlslling iirctbren iiuule welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall first and
Ihird Thursday ol each montb at
S p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu Ilayward,  lice. See.
IV. U. McFarlanc, chief Rangers
Visiting brotbren made welcome.
Sunday inurning service at  11 ♦
o'clock ♦
Sunday   evening     service   at ♦
7.30 o'clock f
Sunday      School   ami    Hihie J
Class at 3 o'clock J
Preshytciliin    (Imi,i, Tuesday, i
al 8 o'olook *
Carries a lull slock ol
Kupatra (nr Altovti uIwa) i
In itock
Electric Restorer for Men
MllOSphonOl '«'«ea ettf*f im In the body
i n r ■■- —to In pfoptr tentlnn; rcilmcs
vi.ii .mil vitality, I'rcmaline d-tay Mint all a»ual
,*,*.knell avritnl at once. PhM^haaol will
nuhev'iii anew man. PrlctjM a bnt. nrlwn hr
ML M^llrianva.Mie-.i. thmHo»UuDrag
• A.,ii,rM_wiiN Oat.
For sale at Heet'tte-Murphy Co., Ltd.
i Baptist (Xbiucb
Pastor, H. S. Spelter.
Parsonage, Norbury Avpuuc.
'I'liiitic.   :hi.       l\ O,  Hoi  267. ]
Hcntil.tr Servlas:—SHiitloy, 11 '
] a.m.    and    7.80  p.m.;   Hiuie i
, Sflnml wllh V.ninn UtdlW1 <
I'lnlrtlien and *i aiintc Mt'it't i
HiiiU' Class, 'A p.m.
Mttiidajr,    YniniR l>n;ilts ,    I
, P-m.
Wctlnrsda*/, Mid Week Mc.-tiiu,
A t-tmlial    t hiiKtimt wplcoma *
tu all.
I; CRAiNBkOOK-HERNUi       |
•        I'reeltlonl . T.b. Uill }
[ | Reerelarji B. Macdohai u j
, , For lufurmaliou reganllny lantli X
< i niul agriculture applji to tin* i
• > Huat'iuiy, Uranbrooki u, 0. •
Mooting ♦
11       Brory lecowl WetlnetiJaj       ♦
*£4&fOVtn OG VKARB'
Maw*    d.-gic .,
- »r»«" *     OopvniOHT* Ao.
»nr**nMi*»i-.'l!i,:; n ulictrti .Hit! Ar***:', III *] m. 1
•inl -i-lt u-r-nr i '".r li ii ...h fm- ■~|i(!i'..r fi
li.nm_i IHili/-;-'!!1 ■'■  ' i. '   }  .'jVi'l'll': !.*:■'       •
'l-   id J ***..*.'l.f-olff
*.".i- i I 1 'I ■ IJ '-',;■
• l"l*   lll'l..  (til'   -t
Iwsnu i '
jl| . till '   illir,   "I    Hirai   .    , I.' IUU
Scttiiiiiic Htmm*
A Iwrintmlf iinMi™t«t wMklr.   i-n- m cli
tiUli. f  uny   r*ti'iitill-   in.,....I.     in    *   |. r
ranHtu, %1-t. * r<»>> 1'wif.i.ii t.i.|»ilil.   h..til by
TMII iU'rtii.!.' .    "«. THE   OBANBKOOK   HERALD
Provincial Department of Agriculture — Horticultural Branch
Jusl boforo the blossoms open. Ubo
ttmo-siilphur C with arsenate of lead.
Litiit-snlpliiii unnecessary in Dry Belt.
Arsenate of lead may be necessary,
Ap *
Kor  seal) or    blacw  bjioI tin fruil,
leaf spot, caterpillars, nitil nil hltlng
Inserts, scale Inserts, nplilds.
Spray   shortly   before   buds burst.
If so 11 mo-sulphur  a, winter strength.
Immediately    aftei    alt   blossoms
have fallen.      Use   lime-sulphur    C,
with arsenate of   lead.     Unnecessary
in Dry Bell-
Do winter pinning before Un* first application. In moist climates oi
if weather in* unusually damp, give a fourth application of lime-sulphur C
two or three weeks after third spraying, Por aphids, watch very carefully to delect first ones, just before leaf buds burst, spray with black
leaf, diluted l-(il), or black leaf 10, diluted 1—800, Pol (tuM-pn 01
Baldwin spot, see circular.
Kni stall ni*    cracltliig, blight, lilis-
Icr mite, slug*.
Spray    shortly   beforo  buds burst.
Use lime-sulphur A.
■lust before tbe blossoms open,    1st*
Hmo-sulphur   it.    Second  ami  third
applications unnecessary   with    non-
scofobing varieties or in Uie Dry Belt,
Just,  after blossoms fall. Uso Jimc-
sulphur C.     Add out* pound arsenate
of  lead   in forty   gallons   tf waler,
for slugs,
NOTE,—Cut, out and burn blight as soon as seen, cutting one fool
below diseased area. Disinfect tools (see disinfectant below). In unusually damp weather, give fourth spraying, time-sulphur C, Iwo or three
weeks  after third spraying, for Bcab.
Plum, Prune nnd Cherry.
Por Brown-rot,    shot-hole, fungus,
sings, aphis, gumtnosls.
.Shortly  before   buds   hurst.    I'so
lime-sulphur A.
•lust after fruit is set.      t'se llme-
siilphur D.
In early June, arsenate of lead, one
Pound io forty gallons, fm* slugs.
Where Brown-tot is prevalent, destroy all   mummied fruit    in tho aut*
limn; prune the tree  in   admit, sunlight, and thin    fruil bo that no fruits
touoh each other.    Look for aphids  jusi before buds   burst, and it found,
spray with  black leaf at 1—lit). Spray for shig   on cherry as on the peai
Kor gtimmosis, eul out gum-pockets, disinfect and paint the wounds. Pnm
bearing cherry trees lightly after fruil   has   been    picked.        Discouragi
heavy growth nf young- trees, by light pruning, ami sod if necessary.
Por leaf curl, twig-borer, mildew.
Shortly    before   buds burst.     I'se
Hmo-sulphur A.
Kor mildew, cut oil and burn all affected twigs at winter pruning, N*
satisfactory summer spray for mildew lias been yet secured. Lime-sulphai
at i—(it is worthy of further trial.
Raspberry and Blackberry.
Por Anitiracnoso.
Before nrowlh   lieglns.      Uw Bordeaux mixture.
Spraying hardly pays fir anthracnose. Cut nut nnd burn old cane-
as soon as fruit is picked. Keep plantations well cultivated ami fertilized.    Set out    new plantations about fifth near.
that Ihirtj daj i afler dale, I intetd
to apply to the Chief Commissions^
ol Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lauds for thu District of
Kootenay,    for a   license to
prospect for coal
tin*   following des
on   Un*   North P.
ribi d Kind, situate
K of Michel Crock,
lorlh of tho Cona-
.'.iH, and lying be*
Croup and tlio
Crows Nesl Pa - Coal Company's
Commencing al .i   posl planted ono
mile north ol a point one mllo    east
of   ih.' Int* i ■  tloti i I ;li" v.ist     side
line ni lhe    m li ills Croup and     llie
nortii side   line ol   tho Crows     Nest
Pass Coal < 'oi ipanj - lai I, said pnst
C. K.
IVeismam I marked "*'■ K.
vVclsmann      NM    corner," Utenee so
chains   wul ■  *" chains west,
■;. j.. d so     .... *.., ihence     80
ehains   east to    place  of  beginning,
more dt less.
V, K   iV'eismaon, Locator,
Bal      I an  roux, Agent.
Located I ber 16tb, HUI.     3-5t
Lime-sulphur   A, winter strength.    Dilute the commercial preparation, I gallon to 0 of water.
Ll mo-sulphur D, spring strength, for apples and pears.    Dilute the Commercial   preparation, t gallon   to 25 of water.
Llmc-sulphur C, summer strength, for apples and pears. Dilute the commercial preparation,   1 gallon to 30  of water.
Lime-sulphur D, summer strength, for plums, cherries, etc.    Dilute the commercial preparation, 1 gallon to 55 or fid of water.     Experimental as yet, try  a    few trees first.
Arsenate of lead, use 2 lbs. of the commercial paste to to gallons of water.    Por slugs 1 Iti. to 10 gals.
Black. Leaf Nicotine Extract. Dilute I-iill for woolly aphis, mealy plum aphis; l-7(i for black aphis, and 1-Ril f< r summer spraying nn apple aphjs.     Black Leaf 10 is diluted, 1-600 to 1-800, fnr different '.;.
Bordeaux Mixture, I, I, 10 formula.    Son Mow.
In Coast and Island Sections, spray trees    with double-strength Bordeaux Mixture just before fall rains begin, to  prevent Black Spot, Canker or Bark Disease.    This spraying, well done, supersedes Bret applica
tion mentioned above.    (See Bulletin 31).
that  tin:*     . . dat<    1  intend
to applj    " ll ■    Chiel Commissioner
of I  ■■..]* Com
mls - unci ul ....   ■ itrict <-/
Easl     is .;    license to
roh um     >n
-..-..   ..:, i, situate
.    , Michel Creek,
..* I'ana-
and lying bo-
.  and    tlw
1 ' ontpany's
tiled    at
(\ K. VVeismann * N.l .   same
being Uu I pt ri ni   \   B     Wll-
lard - claii . an i * tai ted V. B. Wil-
lard's S W i :*..■:.' thence so
bains 80 i hains east,
cbaius north, tlicnce     su
nati - plat □ ol beginning,
ttmtatoing 640 acres, more or less.
A. B. vTillard, Locator,
1 a IX,   Agent,
I  December 1Mb.  1911.   3-Jt
1. INTERNAL ColsoNs Urn Biting Insects).
(ll. Arsenate of lead. Use only paste form, do nol accept powdered.
Ordinarily, use 2 His. to in gals. (Imperial), Fnr pear slug, use l lb. lo
iu gals.     Caterpillars, when plentiful, .1 lbs. to 10 gals.
(2). Paris green for eul worms, mix l lb. Paris green with 50 ths.
bran moistened with sweetened watei. Scatter in cvcnin-i on soil ny
(.1), White Hellebore, 1 ox. to 2 gals, water for spraying. For dust-
ins on plants, use undiluted. For rooi maggot, dust close to plants..
2. contact poisons (for Sucking Insccto]
ill. Black Leal Tobacco Extract. Dilute tbe commercial article with
watei .is follows: 1—60 i»i earlj spraying, oi fm woollj aphis ur mealy
plum aphis in summer; 1—70 foi Mack aphis on cherry; 1—SOlprigeen
apple aphis   in summer.   Black Leal  to, see above.
(2). Whale-oil soap, 7 lbs., Ouassia chipa, 8 ths. t.. 100 nals. water
Boil tbe chips En aboul B gal. watei foi I hour Dissolve the -nap In
Imi waler, strain, ami mix both solutions together, add water to make
Hi!! Kills*.     Tins i- an old and eOicienl rented) for aphis.
(*).   \ cheap and cft-cicnl contn I   upraj    is made by the fo-llowlnj
 uw   vThnle-oll map, *_ lbs., Black  Leal, l ip Dissolve the Whale-oil
snap as above, and tafs El with the Black Leal in 10 gals, of water.
ill   limestiipiiui wash  See undei Fungicides.
Copper Sulphate (Blue-atone) **	
Unlocked Lime 	
... I lbs.
...  t lbs
in gals.
Dissolve the (\»pper Sulphate in a wooden vessel wilb hot waler, pour
it into tlie barrel, and add cold water to make 2d gals.; slake tbe lime
with boi water, and add water to make 2il gals., stir both well, and pour
the  lime Into the copper sulphate barrel.    Observe   these directions  very
Fm fall spraying, fot black spot canker on the apple tree, use double
quantiti--*. of lime anil ooppet sulphate.
The commercial article is used in British Columbia almost altogether.
When bought it should be ol a strength to register 82.6 degree! when tested with a Dannie Hydrometer, nr a peciiic gravity of 1.88 on the specific
gravity hydrometer,
For winter application dilute with !» times its volume id waler. Fnr
summer application dilute 85 times, and fur summer use nu plums and
cherries with .v> to fin.
(Por Wounds on Trees. Pruning Tools Used fnr Blight/
Corrosive sublimate, 1 part to Dmo of water, ((est tn get tbe drag
store tablets, use one tablet in a pint nf water. Apply with brush or
Corrosive sublimate is highly poisonous if taken internally. It also
corrodes metals, and must be used In  wooden or gloss vessels.
1. Oct pruning done before doing winter spraying.
2. Know what you are spraying for.
3. Get a good pump, and take care of it.
I.   Spray with at least 100 lbs. pressure,   using a Urge circular no»li
of  the Friend type.    If you can use 150 Ite. or over, tbc B irdea n a
gives a better driving spray for winter spraying of   old trees,    Use     »i
angle nozzle.
S.   Spray thoroughly.    Get every spot   covered,       There is no Injur
frum overspraying.     Halt-hearted spraying is    useless   foi the tn      .-
costly for the owner.
You  can get further Information on  this   subject by oddreasfo
Horticulturist, Department of Agriculture, Victoria.
•I:.,-  thirtj date, I intend
to apply to Chief t ommissioner
oi Loads .. Istonl Com-
r th   District of
East     Koot. noj.    tor a   Hct nse to
I '.,. , I,   H uate
ot Michel Creek,
about six   miles   nortii ol tho Cono-
ind lying between the M..:.:.■ s     Group and    tho
Crows   Nest Pass    Coal   Company's
at a post planted at
A. B Willard - N.W. corner, same
being ibe initial post of C. L. Ilow-
er's claim ar-d marked "C. I.. How-
S.W. coi thence BO c!mins
east, tbence
SO chains
wring, i ontaln-
..  .
C, L. Hower, Locator,
Bat ice Loinerotut, Agent.
:   16U   1911.   :»-5t
out. you an- confronted wlUi Leap
Vear, m which .i great privilege lies
before you.     Is ii     imt well t.i    bc
*    I
prepared early   t.
awaits you'
That is wh\ soma illiistnou \
omples bine been culled Irom tin
inclines of the past toi the boned)
nf ibe maidens of today,
Tradition credits leveral notaole
women with tales ol ho* they proposed marriage to men who in some
uses rejected and In others accepted
them, llie mute gallant facts ol history gtVtt eredil  only   to royalty     fot
ilie exercise o) the prerogative,
Among i be qui, ns a bo proposed
Marie Therese, empress uf Austria
ami queen uf Hungary, was snle heiress tu the Austrian dominions when
she met the Archduke Francis Joseph of Lorraine in 1785. With the
imperiottsness that characterized ber,
she chose Francis fnr her husband and
i rdercd the ministers of her father,
Charles YI, tn notify him uf the
honor. Francis was, fnrlnnat >|y tor
her, enamored of Inr wonderful
beauty, lie accepted formally but
their mnrrlage proved remarkably
happy for a royal one, Marie Therese
made Francis her CO-regent in I7IU
and emperor fn I7f>fl.
Elizabeth of Russia, daughter ot
Peter Uh* tlrcnt, dispossessed ot   her
rights by the Regent Anna Leo*
poMowna and ba son Han, came
back in the tin one of bet fathei
l hi much the imispiruci achieved by
\le\is Rotumovsky,
\Iler li.-r accession (o Russia*.
throne, Elisabeth propoaed marriage
to Raoumdmr, a request aqulvtleat
m a command, and married him
morganatically m the palace chapel.
\ I though Elisabeth bad one riaugit-
iii, she made Peter ol llulstein. husband of the famous Empn-ss Calhcr-
Ine, hei heir. The marriage it Eli-
'.lUtli and   RoXUmOVak)      was       imt
I li al»ili ..I England in the thir-
I pnlb yeai <<t in*! reign found her
kingdom In roch ■ perilous crista ihat
I,' sini au aiubassadur tu the Em
pciui Maximilian nt Spires, inform-
Irig bun lhal she would be willing to
make alliance with his brother, the
Vrcbduko Charles. Tlie emperor r(*-
plnif that bis brother "had turned
lus thoughts on another match antl
was now engaged to a princess with
Whom there could be no disputes on
tbe subject uf religion." Elizabeth
naturally grew wroth over the
ungracious refusal of her proposal,
declaring "that the rmpcrtr had offered her so great an insult that If
she hati lieen a man instead ol a woman, she would have deflrd him to
single com but "
Catherine Parr, stepmother ot
Elir-nheth ami widow of Henry VIII,
proposed to Thomas Seymour, brother of ihe Earl of Hertford, shortly
afler Henry'i* death, and before the
RlMflng of the dead king's will. Seymour was declared to have tteeti In
love wilh (lie Princess Elizabeth and
to have heroine brtr, thed to Cather
ine  --mipii for ambition, impm^ that
she Would In* made regent during the
miiimity of Imi siep-stn Ed want iin*
the Eatl uf llertfunl had been destituted foi thai office, Seymour and
Catherine weie married in the chapel
ai WinMml: with Elizabeth for a
witness, thirty days after Henry's
death, but Catherine died, heart'
broken hy her husband's neglect and
cnldness, a few  years later.
Ouevti Victoria ut England proposed
marriage to Prime Albert nf SOXO-
CnlM.urg-Ontb-i in 1189, n year after
■he luid been crowned queen of England, succeeding her uncle. William
IV. and when she was hut twenty
yearn of age. The Princess Victoria
bail Ihiii raised in retirement by her
mother, the ducbesa of Kent, and her
aunt, tin* duchess of Northumberland,
and Without any expectation tt the
necessity uf asking one of the royal
gentlemen of Europe tu become a
princc-consoi t. I pon her accession
tc the throne however, tbc eligible
royalties of Europe were diplomatically brought to her attention. Her
interest, however, was won by the
prince of Saxc-Ootha. The story goes
thai Queen Victoria made her proposal to the prince with maidenly
mildest y—iu public view of Kensington (inrdensf Their marriage was
one of Ihe most domestically placid
in  thr history of royal families.
The most recent marriage consummated through the known proposal Iiy
the woman was that ot ojiccii Wit-
helmina of the Netherlands Ao the
Prince Consort Henry. Queen Wil-
lH'lmiii-i, who had iiTeiid.it the throne
as a child with her mother as regent, hail an experience very similar
to that of Queen Victoria   With    Uie
itligible royalties nf Europe at her
disposal she selected u prince whose
principal diplomatic claim was hli
By instuctions of the Hon. Minister
nf Agriculture a distribution will be
made during the coming winter and
spring u| superior suits nf grain and
potatoes tu Canadian farmers. Tin*
samples for general distribution will
consist of-Wring wheat (j Ks), whit*
oats II lbs), barley i"> lbs) and field
peas |.'i lbs). Tln-e will be sent, out
Irom Ottawa. a distribution of
potatoes (in 3 lb. samples) will
eaninl on   from several uf ibe
tario ann    Quebec      lur    potatoes)
'. should I--   addressed tu the Dominion
ferealist.      Central     Experimental
; Farm, Ottawa.      Such   applications
i require no postage.
I    Applications,     for potatoes,   from
farmers in any other province should
: be addressed (postage prepaid) to the
Superintendent of the nearest Branch
.Experimental Farm in that prorince.
.1. II. drlsdale,
Director,      Dominion   Experimental
An English    court has decided that
woman is not compelled tu change
be bet  name   when    lhe    marries, and
'V- that .she incurs nn legal disability  by
ate m     tin*   District <*t   South Ei
Enolenay,      British     Columbia,
Hloek  1593:
Commencing at a post planted ;
or near 1 miles easl of the 13 mill
pnst on the C.P.R. survey on Ihi
west boundary <»f Block -1693 ami being the N". W. turner post of Jh*rt I.
Palmer claim, thence south 80
chains, ihence east 80 ehains; ihence
north   80  chains;   thence   weW   "
eliains In a     point of comim-i. ■    ■
making DM acres, more or less.
Located this 15th day ol November
Huy Allen, Agent fnr
lt.it  E   Palmer, Locator
Witness: John Virgo. Mt
penmental farms, the Central Faun Mich refusal. A test action was I
at Ottawa supplying only the proV*| brought against Mrs. Florence Fen-
ince of Ontario and Quebec. Air wick-Miller, a member of the I.on-
samplcs will he sent free, by mail.     Idon school board.     Six months after'
Applicants should give particulars her election she was married to Mr.
in regard tn the soil on their farms, < Frederick A. Ford, and it was stated
and should also state what varieties! that by mutual consent the bride
they have already tested and inl would retain tier maiden name. The
what, way these have been found ; lady was subsequently te-elccted and
unsatisfactory, so thai a promising; her ur, success ful opponent then
sort for their conditions may be brought an action to oust her on the
sent. ground that she had not la-en elected
Each   application must tn* separate in   her   true    and legal name-    Tho
ami must In* sighed by lhe applicant.[court decided that a woman is under
Only one sample can be sent tu each jno legal obligation     tu   tall   herself
farm.      Appllcatloni nn any kind nf i "Mrs."
printed or Written form cannot       be —— ■—■-..    -  — —■   ■
accepted. NOTICE.
As    Iln- supply    of seed  is limited,	
farmers are advised tn apply early | NOTICK is HEREBY OIVEN
lo avoid possible disappointment, No that thirty days after date, I lotOSS
applications can Im* accepted niter'to apply to the Hon. Chief c(-m-
Fchruary ISlh, mlMloner Ol  Lands and   World fot **•
All applications foi grain (and np- I teens,- to pmspert fur mai and pet-
plications from   Ihe provinces ut On- roleum un    the lollowlng lamls, situ
tbat thirty days after date. I n'...
tu apply i«> the Hon. Chief Commissioner of I-amis and Works loi .
license t<> prospect for coat and petroleum on the following lands ittu-
ate in the DWHel °' South East
Kootenay. British Columbia, in
Hloek -I&93.
Commencing at a poll planted ol
or near _ miles easl ol tbe il mile
post on the C.P.lt. survey on the
west boundary of Block I59S and being the S.W. corner post nf Win. M.
Neai claim,     thenco north Hi> chains;
tbence east 8(1 chains, tlui.ee lOUUl
SO chains; Ihence west 8(1 chains to
a point nf commetiivti'icti., making
(il(i acres, more oc less.
Located ibis 16th day of November,
Hoy Allen, Agent, for
Wm. M. N'eal, Lociilui.
Witness: .lohn Virgo, 2 :.t
aftei date, I Intend
■ ' .■ i
int Com-
missioner ol Lai -      • ";
1..."     Kootenay,    for a   license to
rspecl for cool and pi troleum    <*n
the  following I Ian I,   Ituate
n the   North Fork ol Mi hei Creek,
the Cans-
:. snd lying iw
md    the
, :   ' ompany'a
i lUted    at
C, L. Howei nmo bc-
:   I,   M. Mor-
-       I.   M   Mnr-
89 chains
north, thenct thenee
■    -ii chains
to pis
810 acn
I.  Id   Moriey, l*ocator,
r, Agent
I   .,,-,-; D 8th,  1911.   Mt
aftei date   I li '•■aS
to  apply   to    U ■   Hoi    I M Cuti.-
• ii a
and pot*
: land
a*.- n.    the  District ol   South East
Kootenay,     British    Columbia,    in
Block i'".
Commencing    ■■' -i no '   plopted at
i H    .-.,      ! the U mile
post oi ,; C.P.R iirvey on the
. indary ol Blocl 1593 and being the N.W cornei pi >' ol Wm. M.
Neai clain thenn mWt 80 chain*;
thence easl B0 i; ill tbence nortti
hn chains; their e iins to a
p..mt ol   commencement, making 6*19.
aires,   more nr less.
Lccotod this 16th day ol November,
Itoy Allen. Agenl foi
Wm. H. Nool, I.ncator.
Witness   .lolin \ Ir] 2-5t
FOR sai.i: CHEAP -Baby cah
riaite iu good condition, Apply Hox
i, Herald ofllce. IMI* TOE  ORANBROOK   HERALD
| China and Crockery
I ===Bargains===
B 5c 10c and 15c Counters
J7? Loaded with useful China
B and Crockery Articles,    Cups
III and Saucers, Mustard Pots,
III Tooth Pick  Holders,  Mugs,
HI Pictures,   Vases,   Salt    and
ill Pepper Dishes, Preserve Dish-
III es, Plates, Lemon Squeezers,
Ȥ|j Brushes.
HI Regular prices from 10c to
H 35c, all tabled at
I 5c, 10c and 15c
CranbrooR Co-Operative Stores, Ltd.
SERVE I-iik 11 c.
British Columbia as a paradise t
the true sportsman, whether he hunts
with gun, rod or camcro arc *
liuod iu an Inlereating report, just
published h> Ibc commission ol conservation, on lhe "Lands, fisheries,
Game and Minerals of Canada."
British Columbia is one of tin-
few sections of the gh be, perhaps lhe
only one, where wild animal*, nul
enclosed iu parks oi hunting grounds
as in certain European states, are
Increasing in apitc ol the advances
uf eivili/rttiott. This slate o| affairs
has been principally due to the
game regulations framed aud enforced
by the provincial government. As is
stated   in the report,
"Even in the more nettled districts careful preservation during
(the pasl few years has had a
wonderful result, sn that, even close
to Vancouver, a city ol over
one. hundred thousand Inhabitants,
deer and bear arc IreqUently killed,
while mountain goals still frcouent
the neighboring mountain. There is,
in fact, no part of the province
where good sport eanuol he obtained.
"With the exception nl antelope
und musk-ox," continues the report,
"British Columbia lias every species
of big game th;it exists on the
continent; even the rarest ot them
being found in fail quantities. In
addition, then- are wild lowl and
game birds ol various species, some
native and other acclimatized, Ihat
furnish spurt, while the waters afford the flnesl trout and salmon
fishing in the world. In (act, the
sporting possibilities are so many
thai it would bc Impossible to exhaust them   in uu ordinary lifetime."
"The East Kootenay," slates the
report, "has the greatest variety of
game ut anv district In the province.
To the east ot the Columbia river
there an* moose, wapiti isiill under
close season) big-horn sheep, moun-
goat, mule deer, white-tolled deer,
block   and    grizzly   bear To   tho
wesl nf the Columbia river caribou
are   lu Ik*   found     in   fair   numbers.
Travelling is done almost entirety
. :i horsolt-ack, and owing to the
'.alleys being densely timbered, the
trails have to be loll owed. Moose.
ure now allowed to he shot, and in
places are quite plentitul. Bighorn
sheep are found in fair numbers, hut
owing to lhe fact that the big
rams live on the rough, broken
mountains (in great contrast to the
l.lllooet ami Northern sheep), hunting
them is arduous work. It is a
magnificent grlz-zly bear district
'ii.,re especially in the spring."
from all the mining states we1' "i
tho Mississippi river, it is fait to
presume that any action taken on
questions of needed legislation will
have weight with tlui state legislatures, aud with congress at Washington. All papers presented by tha
principal speakers will receive '""•*■•
sidoratlon In detail, and the broad- ■
est discussion will be permibted on
all phases of the mining industry.
Publicity buttons are being issued,
and a souvenir badge of the convention has been adopted which', wiil
bo both a surprise and delight' to
its possessors fnr all time to
come, as a reminder of "the Spokane convention of the mining interests
of   the great west and Northwest.
WEST.   '
Meetings   are being held daily     by
lie* committees   in charge    ol     the
.'.i-tails     in   preparation for the com-]
ing convention   in   Spokane ot      the
mining   men of the Northwest.     The
annual   reports   of     mining corpora-j
linns   are showing much improvement
tu  conditions, and    there is now au
Increasing interest in the possibilities
bead       for      the   mining industry.'
We only need to place     the     facts
efore   the    people to    insure cordial
upport, and     this will be done     hy
the February convention," is the way
i   prominent    operator expressed     it
.it    the   dinner   ol    the Mining Men's
iluli, Thursday ol lust week. j
Among the speakers of national
reputation who have already sent tn
t-ltcir acceptance are Governors Hay
nt Washington, and Ilawley ot Idaho.
Seattle, Tacoma and Butte will send
strong delegations, aud the Arctic
club ol Seattle will Ite represented
by delegates aud will provide n
speaker to present the Alaskan situation from the standpoint cf
those Interested in the development
uf that vast mineral territory, -las
ll. Lynch, s. W, Kemper, ami Sena**
lot 11 \. Qatlway, and others, will
represent the Citv of Butte, and one
uf these men will place before the
convention a resolution in favor
nl an Increased coinage nf silver
dollars at a mint to be located in
the Northwest, and will ask lhe
convention to endorse an aggressive
move ol a national character In lavor nf  such legislation by congress.
As this convention will lie n rcpro-
sinalive gathering  ol   mining       men
J. D. M c B R_ I D E ii
Stoves and R.anges
Cranbrook B. C.        Phone 5
By A. T. Owen
When I was thirteen years ot age 1
was very much In love. Bhe was a
year my junior, with lovely dark eyes,
and a wealth of glorious, glossy black
hair. To me she was very beautiful.
Her uame was Lily. Looking back on
the years that are past, I ftnd food for
reflection in my partiality towards
Bweetbearts thus named. The Lilys
outnumber the Ethels, Mabels, Hoses,
and Florrles by nearly two to one.
There was only one Beatrice, and she
—but to return to Lily, this Lily.
I remember how proud and happy
I used to fool walking by her side on
our way to tbe Board school which we
attended. lVople, it seemed, singled
us out for tiiclr especial gaze* oilier
boys glared at me enviously. My
Imagination was rather vigorous as a
child. Sometimes—and oh, what
splendid limes they were—I had money. Then would wo march importantly Into tlio cosy little general shop
near tbc school, and 1 would
buy goodies for my lady love. And
sbe, dear girl, would offer me the bag
so graciously. 1 believe I was sufficiently moderate In my acceptances; 1
know I tried to be. I recollect her
preference was for a frosty sparkling
confection called "snowdrop cream_,"
and that one only got six, or, at the
most, seven tor a penny.
In the evenings, after tea, 1 would
wend my way with all possible speed
to the house lu which she lived. She
would come out sometimes. Often,
however, 1 tarried tor many weary
minutes, and was only rewarded with
a glimpse uf her fair features when ii
was nearly eight o'clock and n fond
parent at home required my presence
indoors. I have pondered, aud do su
even now, ou tbo suspicion which
sometimes entered my head, that Bhe
was not always eo busy helping mother as she made out to be; but Indulged
her feminine instincts so much as to
keep me waiting purposely. I know
I used sometimes to think I saw the
curtains at the window of the dark
front room (witch slightly.
On Saturday mornings, after -she
had finished what she grandiloquently
called her housework, she would come
to the park io meet me—niud-stuiiicd
and lightly clad—returning from the
football match. I'sually I had a tale
of victory to tell, of splendid and heroic charging, of science, and elusive
play. Now and again, a beating having been my team's portion, I would
be gloomy and monosyllabic. But ou
whatever occasion, her words and presence always cheered, raising my triumphant Joy to greater heights, lightening the darkness of defeat.
In tbe evening we would go shopping. Advice, serious and very wise.
1 would give her, and warm with Inward pride when It was acted upon.
The Joy I experienced when a pair of
quiet black boots which 1 had recommended were bought by ber In preference to a costlier pair of gorgeous
high-legged brown ones to which her
own fancy Inclined, cannot be expressed in words.
Sunday crowned all. With what loving care I polished my boots tbat day
—the compulsory weekday clean, imposed by a Btrict schoolmaster, received nothing near the same amount
of attention—brushing them till they
shone resplendent in the morning sunlight How feverishly 1 unfolded my
suit of Sunday best, with a coat cut
like a man's, and looked carefully over
each garment to Bee that nothing was
amlBB; that there was no specks ot
fluff, no bits of clinging cotton, no
Utile bursts at seams, no stains. And
cb, the attention lavished upon the
bow which finished off the specklesa
white collar encircling my throat.
How many times I tied and untied and
re-tled li were Impossible to count.
Then, when alt was finished, I would
sally forth lu all my sartorial glory,
arrayed, tn vulgar phrase, "to kill"—
and succumb In tho first moment ot
our encounter. For she, always beautiful, was on Sundays Inexpressibly so.
Sbe would wear—but there, how can
I say what Bhe wore? 1 was blinded,
dazed In her company, and only recollect that it was something that became her wonderfully, as a glided
frame a beautiful picture.
In the mornings Sunday school was
neglected. We walked out Instead,
"the fields" being honored by our
presence on their shady paths. We
talked a good deal, about flowers and
grass and trees. Indeed, Sunday
mornings, tt seems to me now, were
our most loquacious times. Not so
tbe evenings. Afternoon Sunday
school separated me from my goddess
for a few hours, and tea, prosaic
meal, had to be endured before we met
again. Once more "the fields" would
receive us; this time less talkative.
As the dusk deepened we would speak
In whispers; so as not to disturb the
slumbering flowers It may be. I would
hold her band. She used to thrill dell*
clously when I called i.er "dear." The
gloaming made me bold. Sometimes I
would muster up courage to put my
arm around ber waist, and once—
once, whan there was nobody In
sight—I kissed her	
All this was many, many years ago.
•        •*•••
I saw bar again last night. It waa
raining thinly, and sbe did not see
me, her attention being otherwise engaged .
She hod changed. Her eyes, Instead ot glowing softly, burned with a
bright fire. Those lips, which once,
full and rtpe. had met mlno in an
ecstacy of bliss, wore now bloodless
and tight drawn. Her hair, that had
heen nor greatest pride, was un*
brushed, hanging about her face fn
tangled, ttttdy maosas.   Bhs woo not
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dressed, her clotheB merely hung sn
her, a shapeless, draggled heap.
I recognized her by her voice,
whicli, although harsh and shrill, yet
retained something reminiscent ot her
girlhood tones. Sho was saying—but
there, why repeat It? What she said
bas been suld many times before In
similar circumstances. The being
whom she addressed lurched along before her, head bent, bauds In pockets,
mumbling blasphemously. He heeded
her not at all, as, following at a little
distance, sbe poured out the vials of
ber wrath upon htm	
Spellbound, I stood for a moment
listening, while scenes from tbe years
gone by crowded back Into my brain.
Then -she »wor«	
I hastened awav.
Heavy rain was falling. The noise
It made on tbc Iron of the roof and tbe
tiek of the old-rashloned clock on tbe
mantelpiece seemed to possess the
room. It was a large room, the low
celling stained with many rain-marks
and al read] dump In a few places.
Vivid wall-;, per and glt t-f rained oleographs sboi • In tbc Intervals of shadows east by u group seated about the
fire. A kerosene lamp, with a paper
shade, was .lined so low that It Ht
only n smuii circle or the worn tapes
try or thu tablecloth aud made a dim
moon on the i itirky celling. The group
by the fire .onslsled of two women
end three .. en. For the most part
they sat in silence; but now and then,
weary of tt.. strain, one of them would
make some trivial remark. Apart, In
a large old - hair, a grey, withered woman roeketi softly to and fro. Her
lips murmured und her hands twitched
nervously. Suddenly sho ceoied rocking and all the others turned towards
The door was thrust open, and an
old innit came iu, streaming with waler. Ho tamed, and tore off bis oilskin but.
"What's tip with you, mother?" ba
cried. "Can't wc afford karrosene
now? Bring tu your lgugoge, Dick;
they're all I gro,"
"Dick, oh, nick!"
The grey, withered woman throw
herself into ihc arms of a young man
..no bad followed IiIb father.
"Mother how are you, mother? All
right? Noi been fretting too much,
have you?"
"N'oii, no, nick. I'm all right now,
Dlok.  Ol,.! ra glad, I am glad.''	
"You're mother's all light," sold bis
father. "Let her cry a bit; It'll do hor
good. Here's the rest of the family
glad to see you."
His two sisters kissed Dick, ami liis
brothers shook bauds with him.
"No," be i-aid, lu answer to a question. "I'm not very wet. 1 rode inside. I'll slip off this overcoat and we
can have a talk. Where are you off
to, mother?"
"She's going to get you Borne supper," said Jane. "She's always feeding
someone up. I thought they used to
shave your bead. Why, you've even
got o moustache."
"They give you time to grow a bit of
hair before they let you out," said
Dick.   "They're not too bad."
"1 reckon not," Bald his brother Harry. "You're a regular swell. Where'd
you get oil that tailor-made clobber
from? A honest man's a fool, I
"My word!" said Bill. "It's a great
thing to be a swell. It's a great thing,
otn't it, Harry ?"
"It's a great thing to earn your
llvln' honest." said Harry; "that's the
great thing."
"It Is that," said Jim; and Jane said
It was noble, and Mary said: "Indeed,
It la."
Then they sll sighed and looked at
Dick, who nodded approvingly, aud
sold they were right.
"It's not every one that's able to do
hard work," said tbe mother.
"Nor every one that's willing,"
grunted Bill.
"What's that there hard labor they
give yer?" said Jim.
"1 woo worktn' with the masons,"
sold Dick. Hia mother wiped her
"Don't snivel, mother," said the old
man. Jim got up and had a look at
Dick's hands.
"You've been doln' a bit o' graft all
right," he said. "Yer best come with
me, on' I'll break you into the farm-
"What wages do you pay?" asked
"Wages! Pay!" Jim opened bis
mouth in astonishment, and then shut
It severely and sat down.
"What do yer perpose doln' then?"
■old Bill.
"I'm goln' back to Sydney to look for
work," said Dick.
Jim laughed.   BUI was surprised.
"Why," he said, "you ain't got nn
friends In Sydney. Now, don't be a
fool; I con do with a man on my bit
of a dairy. It'll bc your keep, anyway."
"I'm sure," sold Jane, "Robert 'd
give you a chance on the cart. Of
course, tt'd be hard on him bavin' to
keep o closer eye on the money."	
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"I won't trouble your husband,
Jane," said Mirk,
"Ob, you needn't be bo high and
mighty," sold Jane; "It's not every-
one'd tmst a convicted embezzuler."
"Shut up. Jane," said the father.
"Well, if Dick wants honest work,"
said Harry, "he ean have a Job with
uie kit-pin' the tail race clear. It
ain't hard *\ork once you get used to
ir. au' I'll stretch a point for his sake.
I'M give him three bob a day. There,
Harry stood up four-square to the
world nnd began to refill bis pipe.
"Harry," said the old man. "you
know you can't get men to do it for
"He d^n't want work—that's my
opinion." said Mary.
"Let Dick aloup," said the father;
"you're like a park of dingoes."
"Never mind, dad," said Dick; "it's
like old times."
"Old times," yelled Jim. "We never
I'jl no thieves in the fambly lu the
ml times."
"Such n dlBgraee!" moaned Mary.
"Not able to hold up our heads In
the town." said Jane.
"Hut be cau give himself airs an'
•set himself above the honest members
■V the fambly," sold Bill with deep
Then tho little grey woman took the
"Bill," sho Bald, "you did honest
v.ork duffln' cattle from old Robertson's run—enough to earn you seven
-.-ears if you had your due. Jane, the
biggest disgrace this family has suffered was you bavin' to marry In such
a hurry. Harry, you never robbed
them Chinamen's sluices, did you. An'
lira never swindled the Coopers over
thut dummyln' business! An' Mary
in' her husband never burnt no store
down when 'twas empty an' got the
Hoods and the Insurance, too! No,
none of you ever did anything bad at
Ul, an' your old wizened mother don't
regret   brlngln'   a bod-hearted, evil,
lying, lot o' hypocrites Into the world*
God help ber!"
Tbe old man opened tbe door for
"Tbe storm's over," he sold. "Tbe
stars ate out. I never seen 'em so
bright, nor thu air so fresh an' sweet.
I'm glad you all came along to welcome your brother. The road's dirty,
but you're used to dirt. Good night."
—Krom the "Bulletin."
s. A. ItKlli, Proprietor
I have just received a
complete line of new
* Come and see our lines
Jc viens de rccevolr
un assortlment compltt
Venez  voir pour vi us
vous convalncre.
Don't be rush, buy tor cash.
It will wive yon ninny n dollar;
Tins ready cash will iimkr n mash
Much quicker thiiii n BtniidinK collar
Specials to End of February:
DUST BANE ■ • 2 Tins for 75c.
TOMATOES ■ • 3 Tins for 50c.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST,-   $8,000,000
Issued by The Canadian Bank of Commerce are the most convenient
form in which to carry money when tr.uellinjf. Tliey nre negotiable
everywhere, self-ideiiiii'v iny, and the exact amount payable in the principal foreign countries is printed on the face of every cheque. The
cheques are issued in denominations of
$10, $20. $50, $100 and $200, k,»
and may be obtained on application at the Bank.
In connection with its Travellers' Cheques The Canadian Bank of
Commerce has issued a booklet entitled "Information of Interest to those
about to travel", which will be sent free to anyone applying for it.
R. T.Brymner, manager Cranbrook, B. C.


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