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Cranbrook Herald Jan 23, 1913

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Array '•"'"olive A,s,,„i,|
(p.,,1 a i
IAN 2fj   I
We are well equipped to
turn out the beet ulasu
c -,
In  the Herald   Pay I—Try
Our    Loral   Columns
NO. 4
There is p. tool born every
minute,    and  the too) ami his
money uro easily parted)
Words Liken from the (limit
Hook of Universal Experience,
A few days ago a certain man was
waiting for the Soo-Spokane train In
the waiting room at the depot when
lie was approached hy a party whi,
very gracefully engaged him in conversation, The man was the tool
and the "party" was the fellow who
footed the fool. In a few minutes
the party learned that tke man was
hound for Spokane and was a carpenter hy trade, whereupon the party offered the man a job down there emoting a saw milt for a brother ot tho
party aforesaid. Thc man was quite
satisfied and fell in with the ideas of
the party who, about that time, discovered that the train was likely to
he about three hours late. They mutually agreed that there was nothing
the matter with their going down
town and discussing future affairs
over a quiet drink or a mild cigar.
Down they started and near the Hank
of Commerce a financial magnate was
seen counting a wad of money and
cheques big enough to suffocate an
elephant. Let the party of the third
part be called a magnate. The party declared he knew the magnate and
that when last he saw him he was a
book-maker on thc Minoru race track
near Vancouver. Hack went the
party and told the magnate he knew
him well. "Thou Best," replied the
magnate, "1 have heen in the lumber
business here in Cranbrook for the
past four years."
"When 1 saw yon last," declared
the party, "you were a book-maker
on the race track in Vancouver.
More than that, yon got into trouble
about hotting there—skinning the
ring some way or other."
"Well, you have'the drop on yours
truly," said the magnate. "I admit
1 am in the betting Imsiness. Fact
is, I stand in with all ths pool -sellers
in the States and Canada and when
a horse is going to win I get a wire
telling me which of the gee-gees is on
the job, I have a code here with
only initials used for the names of
the horses so that the ginks in the
telegraph offices can't find out what
tlu' right name of the horse is.
The party saveyed all tight He
put on a dollar, and the man, just to
show he was a spoil of tlu1 right
heart, put on another. Away went
the magnate to wire tbe bets and Inside a few minutes back he came
with the monrv doubled Encouraged
hy this wonderful profit the party
lumped the whole four dollars Oh
another ''certainty" and this hot
was also wired nway by the magnate
who again brought them back (heir
money doubled This t imc they
were eight dollars to the good, At
this pome the maginite declared t,hem
boll to he Lw-grude pikers and that
he would not waste his valuable time
wiring their little bets. If they
wanted a decent 1h>1 he was the man
for their money. Then did tbe
party grow wrath and, to prove his
monetary stability, he drew « cheque
on some hank in S{ioknnc for $31)0.
Not to be behind hand tbe man pulled
out Km iu good Canadian money and
gave it to the parly who gave cttOqUo
and cash to the magnate for immed-
inte investment ou another "certainty" he had running that very instant
down in Junto*, Mexico You liet
your life they were going to kn(.ck
the eternal spots off the ring this
time. By Rlld hy hack came the
mugoutc and told the patty and tbe
man ihat there was a song of -lews
banking round the local pool room
(it was supposed to be situated some
where, close to the Fink Mercantile
store)1 and thai they were getting
leary nf his little game and had raised some question about the cheque.
To mend matters it was decided that
nil three were to go at once to Spokane aud there cash the cheque and
gamely "follow their winning hand"
as soon as they had a fund for the
proper destruction ot the sinful book-
makcrs. Before gel ting on the
train it was arranged that the man
was by no means to be seen speaking
to either the party or the magnate;
in fact, they each sat in different
coaches, When tho man got about
as far us I-oeo he went in search of
his friends. They were not on
hoard. The chances are tbey never
left the Cranbrook station. They
have not been seen since, neither has
the man seen his good looking fifty
dollars. Me has the experience.
The magnate and the man have the
coin.    The wickedness of moo traus-
cends the duplicity of his satanic majesty.
A fellow named Thomas Gatcly has
been sent up for trial by .fudge Ryan
charged with gpttlng the cash tor
three cheques purporting to be signed
hy Mr. Hanson, of Wasa, one for $10,
another for $31 and a third for $10.
Easy money, easily conic by and easily spent. Gatcly went around, that
was thc day of the municipal election,
having the greatest time ot his life.
No sooner, apparently, had he blown
in tla» proceeds of one elieojue than he
went and drew another. It was a
splendid game ami beat working by
about the length of a city block. Hut,
brfore the drink was half out ot his
head, Charlie Baxter und Louis Mao-
donald, naih'd him, and what will
happen will happen.
One Smith or Kilbey, on this same
memorable election day "tttiohed"
one of our loading citizens tor tho
usual $10 on a cheque drawn un the
Bank of British North America, Port
Arthur. Thc strange thing* about
this case is that there is no branch
ot the Bank of British North America in Port Arthur. Smith, or Kilbey, is now lying in the city police
cells awaiting his preliminary Investigation.
Lastly, there is the case of a
young chap named -Jasper Mosicr.
This kid will not be seventeen years
of age till April next, but what he
does not know about the gay life Is
not knowledge apparently. He engaged two rigs by calling up the livery
barn over the 'phone and telling thc
man in charge they were wanted by
one of our most prominent professional men. He got them and used
them to prove his "plutocracy" to a
certain light-of-love who very promptly informed. the owner of the rigs
that Mosicr was sailing under false
colors.    He was laid by the heels in |
double   quick   time and is now down ^'^^ par(lclpate ln tho
in thc hotel steel, over which     (on-
stable Morris    rules   supreme. Latter
on His Honor .Judge Thompson   will     _.
hold parley with htm-       This highly |...
Important Gathering of Representative Business Men of South
East Kootenay Deliberate Upon Requirements of this
Section at an Extremely Enjoyable Meeting
in Fort Steele
Kaslo to be Next Meeting Place, on the 4th Wednesday in
September  1913
On Tuesday evening quite an unusual crowd of business men Hocked
into Fort Steele, and this pretty
little town's hotel accommodation
was soon at a   premium.     These in- Galbraith and Al. Doyle
Trail—F. W. Blngey, Noble Biuns.
Creston—R. s. Bo van.
Elko-.L W, Kerr.
Fort   Steele—Jos. Walsh, R. L. T.
interesting youth is under a suspend
voders composed the first detachment^
of the army of delegates from all
points in South Kast Kootenay, as
well as from West Kootenay points,
to tbe fifteenth annual session of tlie
Associated Boards ot Trade of South*
Kast Kootenay.
It was a jolly crowd, intent upon
having a good time, but earnestly desirous of getting down to business
Immediately, in order to dispose of
the long list of resolutions, which
made up the programme for the session.
It was found inconvenient to bold
any meeting on Tuesday evening, and
as tlie town was all excitement over
a fancy dress ball, to take place iu a
few minutes, it was decided that tho
delegates should defer business until
10 a.m. Wednesday morning and in
delights of the merry whirl, with the
youth and beauty of Fort Steele.
was    held  in the Public
spacious building, with       a
ed sentence for forging a cheque
the name ot    Br. Hall about      two
years ago. It is very unlikely that
he will get a similar sentence this
time .
Tbe police department has done excellently in all these cases, getting
their men in every one of them except where the liim-flnm artists were,
concerned.       If they    only   ha*! a
nance at those fellows they would
have put them behind thc steel for a
certainty. They pulled off their
game between trains ami made their
gct-awny before their viet im even
 * .
'good floor for dancing, which
Jn j been prettily decorated. The ball was
given by Mrs. Wallinger's orchestra,
of this city, and the music supplied,
hy Mrs. Wallinger, Miss Skinner and
Mir. Wattes WaWb, certainly delighted)
all the dancers, from far and near.
The costumes were very pretty
and, in some cases, displayed rare
taste and considerable artistic skill.
Special prizes were awarded to the
following, by the judge, President
Starkey of the Associated Boards of
Trade ot Southeast Kootenay:
"Thc Beauty of Ireland," Miss
"The (told Bust Twins," .Mm and
Kd. Murpby.
Mother Geese, Miss I Men Curley
and Mrs. May Baillie.
Clown, Kd. Baker.
Thc dance    was kept merrily going
Following the reading of the credential committee's report, the president's annual address was read.
This proved to lie a very comprehensive document, specially prepared]
with thc idea of showing what, the
organization had accomplished in the
past, and outlining the work for the
future. The address was referred tu
tlie customary committee to review
and report.
Below we reproduce the ehief features of Mr. Slurkey's able and exhaustive address:
It is with a deep sense
tion I have the honor of
lftl'h annual cmnvcntlou i
iatcd   Boards of    Trade
of gratlflca-
ipciiing   the
f the Assoe-
of Eastern
British Columbia, In the city of Fort
As you are aware this is the first
time the Boards have had thc opportunity of meeting here, although the
Fort Steele hoard is one of the oldest affiliated with the association,
ami since thc inauguration of that organization has regularly sent representatives to our conventions, no
matter in which part of the district
ihey haw been held. , Furthermore,
their delegates, at all times, have
displayed an intelligent and comprehensive knowledge of matters under discussion.
One reason, possibly, why we have
not visitpd Fort Steele previously
for thc annual convention, may have
been through the lack or direct railway connections. However, at the
last year's convention, when they submitted an invitation to bold tho
1913 meeting in Fort Steele, it was
shown toy the unanimous vote, that
their ambitions were fully appreciated. Thc delegates will feel that the
Associated Boards of Trade, in
Editor "Craabrooto Herald":
Sir: Judge Ryan has just forwarded to me your issue of December
19th, containing his write-up of the
Chicago Land Show exhibit, ami also
drawing my attention to your editorial.
I wish to thank you tor having so
favorably mentioned my name in connection therewith- When you say
"how it illustrates for the ten millionth lime how ready people arc to
help those who have the energy to
intelligently help ami assert themselves," this, I thinki, is the keynote
of it all,   and     1 have made it       a
until tlie wee Etna hours „[ the mom- Wing by their voting for thc   coning and was thoroughly enjoyed. Thel8Um„ialion „r    Ul|l building if      the
summation nf
meant that every young lady present
had as many partners as she wanted. I tion   ()|     ,)„,
It   would have    done  their   friends openwj ,,., w|j
a world    of good  to have   seen how | w,.u|t|, 0f u,e
some of the old stages, forgot     all  j.^,, generally.
Knowing a good deal oi
of Fort Steele from 1897
• to an important see-
country, which when
add greatly to the
district and the proV-
about business and then increasing
Infirmities, got out and danced every
dance on the programme. Probably
our friend Zwickcy from Kaslo,
| proved the best ot the bunch, but he
i ager of tlie Sullivan mine, Kimber-
I was        bard run       by        .1.
A. LalTerty, banker,        of
Hossland, C. II. McDougall, man-
ley, Guy l.owenberg, of Creston, F.
W. Blngey, of Trail, and notably It.
W. Drew, I'.l'.lt. district freight
agent, etc., of Nelson. That wor-
■ thy old time merchant, of Kaslo,
Mr. II.   Geigerieh, also showed    the
boys a thing or two. Hut tlie other
strong point in my department, and Nelson delegates, Messrs. C. F. Me*
I was so impressed with what I saw Hardy, Chas. Scott, really were the
at Lotfabrtdgo, that I might say s^r foot workers on this occasion,
there is no city or district in British i It was just aboul the best affair of
Columbia that had the energy or en- the kind ever hdd in old Fori Steele,
....,, .„ i . . now resuming youthful airs ami hah-
tcrprise as   hat of Cranbrook, and   I   .,     ' " '      .. .„ .    .  .,
its, by reason of the arrival of the
quite realize what it must have K vAl um, mty<m freely conceded
meant to the people to raise money tmi, Fort Steele needed no pointers
to carry out their projects in such upon entertaining visitors, even if
n splendid manner and I feel sure thev did drop in unexpectedly and In hraith's. Ho was glad lo see us, and
that   all     will be' greatly benefited ,arR m,mbm- ' lnP wnrmr<1 lls "p awj *" ,IS   som°*
I wns greatly   impressed when      1
the history
and very
little regarding the years preceding
that date, 1 thought'H well to verify facts and secure a correct synopsis. With thai object in view I requested my friend, Captain Armstrong., to furnish some data.
The following brief account will, I
m sure, innkc pleasant and interesting reading:
Captain Armstrong says:
"I saw Fort Steele, or as It was
Imn named Clalbraith's Ferry, on the
th day of February, 1R83. Another
kid, Jimmy MacaUly and myself bad
come from Canal Flat. It was extremely cold, and though we had
orses we were forced to walk to
keep .ourselves warm. The trail was
unbroken and there was about eighteen inches of snow ou tlie ground.
"The side resident of Ftrt Steele
was Tommy Baker, a nephew ot Gal-
thing to eat. After supper he showed us a room with a fire place
After  a   most   enjoyable evening's
entertainment, it   wns sharp at    III
a.m. Wednesday morning that tbo dc-!where  we  might stop for the night.
visited your   city a year ago,      und   legates once more assembled in     Cie .There  were   no beds or boughs      or
have been    endeavoring to make an- Public nall> uul bv this tlme aM the   blankets,   though there    was a roof
it      , n   .  . .  ■    ■        signs ot eaietv of the previous even-'ami the
other visit, but was prevented    from , B"" "■f1'        ,, /     .  „„..„,,„,
r ing had been    removed   and  several
accepting the invitation of your Ag- ,mr(, i>o]d Afy looklnK tllhles, am) a
rlcultural Society when they had ,nUch. greater number of equally
their exhibition, hut I hope I shall cheerless chairs had taken their
find time during thc coming season, Place. However, these dry cold
. ,    ,       ,   „     .      ,   factB, simply   braced    the men      to
to spend   several   days In Cranbrook ■" "■< =>»»e>>
and   surrounding district, as I think     ^ Uem    upon   tIlP   pr0Rramllw
most favorably of the prospects   you wns the report of thc credential com-
have for mixed farming'
Again thanking you,
Believe mo, yours sincerely,
Price Ellison,
Minister of Finance  and Agriculture.
Victoria, .Ian. Uth, 1913.
I mittce, vl/.:
|   Windermere district—D
B. 0. Hamilton.
Rossland-E.   S.   H.   Winn
Lalterty and -lesse Kemp.
Kaslo-M. E. Zwlckey, IL Ceiger
ich and a. O. Buchanan.
.1. Brady,
I. A.
fireplace, but no wood in
sight. We talked the proposition
over and decided that we would sleep
with Tommy. So we went back in-
so his room and said that that was
good enough for us; we didn't, want
an outside room nor n bath nor anything but him, so we stayed
"At this time Kootenay meant
Wild Horse. \ letter addressed
Kootenay found its way after many
days to that mining camp four miles
from Fort Steele, H was to get
some of these letters that we had
come over 2nd miles from Moberly.
The mail was apparently delayed so
we  waited there for nearly a month,
About the first of March, Ned Bray
came in from Bonner's Berry and
brought us the first news wc had received of the outside world since October. Next day wc went an.und
to sec our neighbors, First to tin*
ginld commissioner, William Fernie,
who treated us most hospitably, and
told us there was only one man with
whom we should shake hands, in thc
country, and that was John (lalJ
bra ill i. All the others he said were
had, especially the priest. We found
the information was corrtct concerning John Galbraith.
"Our horses having strayed near
the Mission, we thought we would
go and sec if the priest lived up to
his reputation. It was not altogether a surprise to find thai the rcver
end Father was a better man than
Fcrnie himself. He insisted on oui
spending the night there and alto
gcthcr treated us royally.
"Young as I .was, the truth was
borne in on me that in these small
and isolated communities the ha<(
points are the ones which are noticed
and the really good qualities and
sterling are left for the stranger to
find out.
"Fort Steele was not at all new at
that time. The house that Tommy
Baker wanted to put us in was built
hi 1863, tlie ferry, being the only
one within many miles, and on 'he
direct route from Walla Walla, has
made It a very important' point.
"Wild Horse, which had produced;
somewhere around $15,000,001) in
gold, was pretty well worked out,
hut thc old ideas obtained in many
and curious ways. For instance,
pepper was still $4.09 a pound and
bacon, sugar, salt, etc., three pounds
for $1.00. There was absolutely no
currency in the country. If one
made a purchase he handed his poke,
big or small, and the storekeeper
took what he wanted out of it.
"How much the Associated Boards
of Trade have improved on those old
time methods is not for me to say,
but I remember that they were very-
happy days."
Last year our convention was held
in Hossland, "The Golden City,"
where thc citizens, board of trade,
and tbo club members excelled themselves, showering kindness and hospitality upon us. In this connection)
I cannot refrain from mentioning the
thoughtrulncss of Messrs. Stewart!
and I'urcell, and other members of
the staff of the Consolidated Mining
Co.,' who showed our delegates
through the many miles of tunnel,
and wonderful mines—some 2,800 feet
deep—the Center Star, War Ragle
and the Old Le Hoi; the latter bidding her "majestic bead" as the leading producer ot golden bullion,
which supports thc wonderful city s,,
properly named "Golden." (
Last year's meeting at Hossland
was indeed a signal success. After
thc president and vice-president's addresses had been delivered, thc secretary-treasurer's statement adopted,
am) the officers elected.for the ensuing year, a telegram was forward.il
to A. II. Mackenzie, who was absent
on account of sickness, notifying him
>f his re-election, and wishing him
a speedy recovery.
ln speaking of this resolution, ii is
shown that approximately 30,000
acres, of land, contiguous lo Creston,
Is subject to a yearly overflow.
Therefore the provincial govcrnment|
was petitioned to grant n sum of
money for the purpose of having un
engineer or commission duly appointed with a view of reporting on
the feasibility, awl the best method
to be adopted, for the reclamation
i ( the. said lands, that when complete, the report to he issued lo the
public for their information, in acquaint them witb the suggested plan
ami otherwise lo induce private enterprise to undertake thc reclamation. I am pleased to say that the
government acquiesced in this request and granted a sum ol money.
Ab a result considerable work     has
(Continued on page two).
The.new city council met and organized at the city hall on Monday
afternoon. Appropriate addresses
were made hy the mayor and a vote
of thanks to the retiring council
passed. on motion it was decided
to have tho regular monthly meetings of the council on every second
Monday at 2 p.m. Wednesday,
March 5th, was lived as the day for
the setting of the court of revision
and the following were named to act
iu that court: Aldermen Lea.sk, Carr,
Ward, Kennedy and Mayor Bowness.
The following standing committees
were named:
Finance—Messrs. Clapp, Ward and
Works and Property—Messrs. Leash
Clapp and Erickson.
Water—Messrs. Ward, Carr und
Fire and Police—Messrs. Erickson
and Leask,
1 lealth and Belief-Messrs Ki n-
nedy and Carr
I ,cg|s la t ion—Messrs. 1 .cask and
Sewerage—Missis Can. Ward and]
M. Knights of
occasion   beinz
Tuesday was a red letter day
thc   history of    Crescent lodgt
Pythias, the special
the visit of Grand
Chancellor E. S. IL Winn, of Hossland, awl Supreme Representative,
Noble Binns. of Trail, B.C. Both of
these well known men with their high
standing in Pythian circles coming
here at tlie same time, was a noted
honor and distinction for the Cranbrook lodge.
There was a good attendance at
the regular meeting on Tuesday
night at the K. of P. ball and work
in the third rank was put on. and a
local candidate initiated. Following
this the newly elected officers were
installed as follows:
C. C.-A. Hurry.
V. C— G. W. Bonahoc
Prelate—C. O. Ber us trom.
M. W.-D. McGowan.
M, F.-E. A. Hill.
M. E.—I. L. Walker
K. of H. and S.-F   M   Christian
M. A.-.J. L. Walker.
1. G.-A. P. Carr.
O. <!.-.[. II. Hyslop.
Grand Chancellor Winn then spoke
praising the work (A the lodge -an<\
in glowing terms hespoke success for
the local lodge on account of ihe enthusiasm shown and the spirit of
progressiveness which pervaded their
After the dosing of the regular
lodge work tlie visit* rs were invited
to the banquet room, where a sumptuous repast had been provided by
the Pythian Sisters. Good speeches
were the order of the evening. the
f< flowing toasts and responses bn-in^
offered: "The King," "Grand Lodge,"
Grand Chancellor K. H. Winn; "The
Empire of Canada," Br. .1. II. King.
"Cranbrook, Our City," J. P. Fink,
"Pythian Sisters," Supreme Representative Noble Binns, ".Subordinate
Lodge," E. A. Hill; "DDK K." F.
Kummer; "Crescent Lodge No
N. S. Houston.
to H. F. Green, MP., asking him to
use his Influence to obtain a grant for
a government-aided telephone system
In this district. . A1 tho present
.time the settlement is without means
of quick communication with ihe outside, which iu the case of sudden illness, or accident, might iisuli in serious consequences, an efficient telephone service would also minimize to
a great extent, by securing immediate help, the dangers ol had bush
tires, which In the ordinary cause of
events are extremely likely, owing to
tho large amount of heavj timber
aud thick bush in this vicinity. Other business of Importance was dealt
with by the committee.
Work ou the summei resort ,sit(- at
Lockhart Creek is being pushed tor-
ward with expedition bv the government Robert Yull, i.bv well known
old timer, is In charge of the men,
and under his direction a commodious
bunk and cook house has been erected, roads have been cut and clearing
of lots has commenced The surveyors, under A. 1. MeClllloch, of Nel-
ron, finished their work last week.
It is expected that, fhe property will
be put on   the  market in (he spring.
The new steamer wharf ut Roswell
is now rapidly Rearing completion,
Construction was delayed i\>i some
time owing to the shortage of lumber, but this was remedied a few
days ago by the annul of a car
from Watt shin g 11 lVn v l,eake
down tor a day ot Iwo last week
•iiinevtion with the wharf work
Coupland, late ol Bum tries,
tland, who opened a general
e hew last VugUst, has been
forced by tbe rapid increase ot business to erect an additional building
urrnnodate his increased stock
and for the greater convenience of his
customers The building operations,
it is hoped, will be completed next
The recant heavy falls <.f snow have
made bob sleighing and toboganninej
extremely popular. Tlie government
To,*! close to the steamer landing
having a long steep grade has been
almost entirely appropriated for this
School was re-opened on Monday
last. Miss L Sytnonds, formerly of
Hed Deer, Alta.. is in charge.
Bertha McClelland has returned]
from her home at Sndar in order to
attend the Boswell school. She is
staying with Mrs. J. Coupland.
W. Mitchell, who has been visiting
his son-in-law. Sid Cummlngs, at
Goat ('reek, has returned to Silver-
Eugene Quion Is now hack in Bos-
wt-11 with his father. M J. (Juinn.
He has been working for several
months past in Fernie'and Jfosmer.
B. Fletcher is back from Nelson
where lie was spending a short holiday. He brought down some nice
fur, chiefly marten, from Goat
Creek, where he is trapping with his
partner, C. Sarver.
If Stephens is trapping mi the
west side of Kootenay lake, CulttlS
and Midge Creeks beinu headquarters.
W Tangye has a trap line on Co-
umhia point.
A dance will he given bj the Boswell Social club on Saturday, the
1Mb inst in the school house, commencing at * o'clock, \ committee
meeting ol the club will he held at
Church service was held morning
and evening on   Sunday las) by H^v.
I   I*   Mahood, of Queen's Baj
(Special correspondence)
A meeting of the Boswell Conservative   association     was     held at   By-
worth   ranch    on the 12th inst.     In
spite of inclement weather and       the
bad condition of the trails a      large
number were present.    The president,
S. .1. C-'immings, of Goat Crock, wns
in the chair     Several resolutions of
Importance   were passed, the    principle one  king a request that      tlie
trans-c<ntinental    trunk    road should
be constructed   through Creston   and
along   the   east     shore of Kootenay
lake to Pilot Bay.        It was pointed
out     thai     this   route is by tar the
moat practicable as   it is open     all
the year round, is as short    as   the
j alternative routes,   it   would be    ot
I immense hem-tit   to  the communities
I through   which   it   would pass, eg ,
I Kuskanook,   Sauca,   Boswell, Davie,
La France,   Grey's   Creek, Crawford
Bay, and that for scenic beauty      it
could not ho equalled.
1    Another   resolution   was forwarded  Tuesday evening
Y. M. G. IN01ES
The men's meeting at tbe Hy. Y.
M. C A. last Sunday was addressed
hy Rev. .1. P. WestmKii, formerly
pastor of the Methodist church of
this city. There was a splendid
turnout of the men of the town to
hear Mr. Westman, evincing tin* esteem in which he is held and tin- appreciation of what he b&s done, He
spoke along the line of ;, man having a purpose in life, having something to aim ff,r and concentrating
his energy iri attaining it He
spoke plain)j and convincingly and
all those present fell the importance
of the message Mr Noiman Gardner, who is well and favorably known
in tin' city, sang "The Holy City" in
a very pleasing manner, the audience
recording its appreciation. Next?
Sunday Messrs. Furlong und E, W.
Tumlcy will bo the speakers, their
subject being 'The Characters of
Groat Men Which are Worthy ot
Emulation hy Is." Mr. Geo. Stevenson has kindly consented to he the
soloist. There is a cordial wolootno
to all and every man is asked to
bring a pal.
Thc shorthand class will bo held on
Thursday night at 2b :tu tins week,
instead of  the  regular meeting       on THE CRAXEKRO HERALD
Erom page one).
n-.iik Ippvii     p
imc   liy eapuMe i
ocrs, therefore
wc may expect,
pip- long, tip In
ve some dcfmlte
,lt,  ;,s  l,i  till'
reclamation ,>r
.itu.itplp' acreagi
ppf pnstural   awl
cultural lauds.
Wo have urgently requested and
shown tor many years, the reasons
why we should have such a farm In
south eastern portions ot tho province. 1 lb ink that the Hon. M.
Hurrill will agree thai Hw conditions
ol altitude, soil and climate, trom on
agricultural and trull growing view,
are so rtlfterenl from those found, say
on tlie lower KniM'i. therefore I
suggest thai we petition tho Hon.
minister ot agrlculturo to use his Inuring toi us whal would
vo such a valuable as-
new settlers, who ailing Into agriculture and I
I,, th,. district     men   I
eesstul dairy output than many districts of our province today, which if
settled by the proper class ot farmers, would in- the means of keeping
within our control millions of dollars tbat are yearly sent abroad for
dairy products and other provisions
which could easily be produced at
The delegates will have several    re-
I solutions   appertaining to roads, and
in nearly every instance they are    of
distinct  importance to the welfare ot
i our people, and development of     the
'district.     1 feel safe in saying   thai
we are justly entitled to prompt recognition   upon the iiuestion oj    immediate construction   and completion
of thc roads, that will be brought up
for discussion.
fluenco in s
naturally p
sistance lo
rapidly nil
fruit growi.
ninisler of marine and flsher-
ilylng to our secretary early
summer as regards the ur-
g(.m>j of the building of this being
carried [«, completion, replied, tbat
I list ructions have been Issued tor the
M.nk to tic proceeded with n't once.
The Inspector did visit Kootenay
lake, and. as I understood at the
tune, decided upon Geirard for the
building ot tho hatchery, but so far
no further action has been taken. H
is ot the ulmost Importance that the
necessity of a fish hatcheiy, tor tne
restocking of our interior lakes,
should again pointedly be brought, to
the minister's attention.
Lasl year a resolution sotting forth
that Ihe advance in the cost of living has  increased   much    more than
Last vcar we had a resolution placed before us for endorsntion, which
had been passed by n convention of
mine owners and delegates from tho
Hoards of Trade held November 21,
IB] I, asking for a commission lo Inquire into silver, lead mining and
other matters pertaining to thc industry, also a resolution urging upon
the Dominion government the necessity of creating a portfolio of minister of mines. No definite conclusion.
ho far as we know, has heen arrived
at by the Dominion government.
A memorial addressed to the Rt,
Hon. R. L Borden, premier of I'an-
aud signed by the'producers of lead
ore since the inception ot the lead
bounty net, will come lief ore us for
endorsation. The memorial is similar to tlie one of last year, requesting a commission to be appointed tor
the purpose of Intjulrlng .into tho lead
aud zinc industries.
It will be our duty to endorse this
memorial for the purpose of assisting the mine, owners. The bounty
extension may not he looked upon
with favor by the present Dominion
government, yel wc can claim exceptional consideration ou account of
the amount of our bounty not being
used. Therefore, it is possible the
government may grant the prayer of
tlie petitioners to extend the bounty
until the balance has been paid out,
The memorial requests tbat the
commission, if appointed, should consider some form of encouragement to
Jbe/.ine mining industry ami the rc-
I solution for reaffirmation gives
these points, also others, that the
commission might receive evidence
The continuance of the experimental work, adopted by the late government upon their grant of $50,000, ami
the granting of farther sums if necessary, is assumed possible on the
ground that no definite or public announcement lias lieen made In regard
lo the successful solution of the zinc
and  lead ores. Nevertheless,  it  is
generally understood that Prof. Gor-
the means of the consuming public,
especially those depending upon employment. I am of a firm belief that
if the government should gram our
.petition in regard to the appointment of a royal commission composed of practical business men of unbiased minds, and those who are fam
[liar with the dirieree.it lines of business, and make a thorough investigation of the cost of production and the
price to consumers, with n view ot
remedying the present Inequalities, I
think I am safe in saying it would
result in showing that tbo largest
share of the fault is due to Ihe great
combines al Ihe present lime operating throughout Canada-
My   claim    has already been borne j
on! by the fad that petitions      and
resolutions have been passed by many j
public bodies that are Interested    In
the welfare of    the people and      de- j
velopnieiit   of the country generally. <
We see daily hy these mergers, small \
men dislodged Irom their business by
the prices being cut down       to        a.
non-profitable point, until the small ,|"11 iTcncb's formula has proven
individuals who, to my mind, are the
only protectors against high prices
are forced to close down, and when
they are ruined the corporations rind
air open held, and prices Consequently
advance immediately.
It might also he admitted thai lo
some wctcnl the dillidence shown by
our fanner friends of the prairie provinces, |(\ confining themselves practically to grain growing, may be responsible for the high price of articles they produce, but not in sfifll-
cient quantities. I believe that they
would make nn important factor iu
reducing and offsetting sonic ot the
excuses as to tbe "scarcity cry,"
made by tlicsc combines, in meat and
produce, if they would pursue a
stronger diversified farming policy.
The government   wot » justlM   wl":n «"y<hinB was at
in any expenditure which il might
make toward aiding the farmers in
the experiment of raising cattle,
sheep, swine, poultry ami general
dairy products, all of which would
have a tendency to increase the farmers' income, if properly inartoetod!
through well organized co-operative
societies of their own, The government could be of great assistance In
the organization of such associations,
and by such aid, would cnooUrngc and
add to the production of these necessities. II this i re tarried oiil, it
would do away with some of the
millionaire-magnate pi edict ions tbnt
the   price of cattle and
ducts, of which tbey have torn
yd in their Immense warehouses
In- higher.
The same thing might he applied to
our own province, if the government
would inaugurate some policy whereby assistance could lie given in the
way of a loan to practical farmers
settling on lands where the many
railways are opening up pint ions
suitable tor mixed farming- Guarantees have heen given to the railways for construction purposes, and
the time has now arrived when something should he accomplished hy wa\
of pushing forward production with
a >ii w oi relieving) thc tension ot
high prices, and at ihe same time tie
veloplng trad,- for the railroads,
which would naturally lie ., safeguard
for the guarantees made by the government. Il appears to me Uierc is
no country     more suitable for a sUC-
success, and that the rights lWAV
been, purchased by the Consolidated
Mining and Smelting Company of
Trail. If this is a fact, Prof.
Preach should receive the government's and the people's sincere- appreciation, and moreover, if it is
true the Consolidated company has
purchased it, we can feel certain that.
ihe solution is assured and further
the producers of this class of ores
may be congratulated that this company are the owners of the rights.
However, when one looks hack on
the conditions a few years ago compared with the present time it is
easy to understand that wc have
much to he thankful for. The excellent work of the Consolidated company which came just al a time
low ebb, saved the situation by
keeping the smelter at Trail running,
thereby encouraging mine owners to
continue their production instead of
closing down many of the most valuable properties now in operation,
While the idea prevails that a more
economic treatment may be discovered, all that we may reasonably
hope for in thc meanwhile is that
the Consolidated company will lose
no fcimo in applying Prof. French's
formula, which will undoubtedly lit1
I lie means ot drawing thousands ot
tons of the lower grade ores to tbo
smelter and generally benefiting the
mining Industries of the Kootenays
and Boundary,
I The 1H12 increase of production lias
come about as predicted in my mineral resources for the province, of
$32,600,000, an increase over 1011
of $0,216,000; the Kootenays and
Boundary country $17,014.8.73, close
upon $4,000,000 gain over 1911.
II is safe to assume the increase
for the interior would have lieen
much larger if Ihe coal production
had run to its normal possibilities,
but owing to the Crows Nest companies, failing to have things iu
good running shape after the protracted strike, and a claim of short
age of cars, which in some Instances
amounted to the partly closing down
of the mines, nnturally eurti.ilrd the
output      I might add to this,      the*
liasttoiis Hies at the Hewitt mine.
which caused the loss ut u mill and
many thousands of tons of ore, tne
delayed completion of the Kaslo-
Slacan railway aud also thc con-
HagiuLioii which destroyed Ihe mining buildings of Lucky Jim, Hie
White Water group, and other proper
tics' buildings, all of which had the
efiect of limiting tbe production.
Last year I referred to Prof. A,
Gordon French as having proven
beyond a doubt, that the ores of this,
district carried a number of noble
metals, such as platinum, canadium,,
tc. Not wishing'to detract in the
slightest any of the credit due to
Prof. French for tne magnificent
work In connection with finding this
group of metals, f think it only
right to mention that such eminent,
men as Frederick A, Johnson, superintendent of the L. L. White Dental
Manufacturing company, ,lf Prince
Hay, N.V., Dr. Island of Toronto,
connected with the Island Smelting
and Refining Co., Ltd., W. K. Newton, assaycr for Van Roi Mines,
Silverton, and K. W. Widdowson,
provincial assayer. Nelson, have endorsed Ihe positive contention us
stated by Prof. French, that the
platinum metals are here in paying
Dr. Island in referring to erection
>f plants in the province says that
he is not in a position to state what
the cost of such a plant would be,
bul iu view of the value of our ores
and the cheapness of the process for
separating and extracting tne metals,
there arc innumerable financial possibilities for those who are fortunate
enongl) to possess ores containing
these noble metals. .
Before concluding this report I cannot refrain from extending on behalf
ot the Associated Hoards, our extreme regret at tlie continued illness
of our secretary-treasurer, Mr, A. H.
Mackenzie, whose position has tcm-
porily been so ably filled by Mr.
Kemp. My personal thanks are
due to the members of the executive
and delegates, who have attended tho
conventions under my presidency during the past three years, for the val-
able support 1 have received at all
times and I trust that the same generous support will be given to the
newly elected officers.     It has heen a
oii'tinual source of pleasure to me t0
carry on my onerous duties, which I
have endeavored to perform always
n the best interests of the districts
■oiniug within tbe jurisdiction of the
Associated Hoards of Trade, and at
the same time to make our force
widespread—provincial and federal.
Relieve me, gentlemen,
Faithfully yours,
K. A. Slarkey.
The Right Honorable R. L, Harden,
P.C., Premier of Canada,
Sir: We, the undersigned, who have
heen producers of lead ore since the.
nceplion of the Lead Bounty Act, or
,vho an* dependent on the marketing
of ore upon the lead smelling Industry respectively request your favorable consideration and that of your
cabinet to the following memorial:
1. That thc lead mining industry is
a very important one to the Dominion, and especially to British Columbia, but it is handicapped, and is
entitled to a considerable degree of
■ucourugement for the following realms:
(a). Thc distance from market;
the greater part-of the lead produced
has to be hauled praelically the
width of the continent to the large
manufacturing centres of the east.
(h). The high rate of wages imposed upon tbe industry by the scale
current in similar mines in the United States, which mines by reason of
tbe United States lead tariff obtain
far higher prices for their product;
the average difference during the ten
\ears ended with 1011 being over
$20,000 per ton.
tc). The tariff upon supplies and
machinery used by those engaged in
the industry.
2. That thc lead bounty, which
will be discontinued under thc present act on June 30, 1013, has by insuring a stable minimum price, been
exceedingly beneficial to the lead mln-
ng industry, so much so that without the advantages so obtained the
industry would have been completely
crippled. This bounty, if renewed,
will continue to benefit and stabilize
the industry, but the logical and permanent solution seems to be thc imposition of such duties upon lead as
will he the equivalent of the present
duty and bounty. Compensating increases in the duties upon lead iu its
manufactured forms will then also be
3. That without the aid of such
additional duties or the continuance
ot the bounty, the inducement to
spend the large sums which arc necessary in exploration and development will cease; thc present reserves
In our mines will he exhausted, after
intermittent operation, and the lead
mining industry will cease to exist.
I. The undersigned, therefore, respectfully request that you appoint a
special commission to enquire thoroughly, into the form and extent ot
permanent encouragement to the lead
industry, and that this commission
might also properly consider some
form of encouragement to the zinc
mining industry, zinc mining being
closely allied to lead mining, and at
present conducted in British Columbia under very great difficulties.
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">. That pending the submission to
you of the report of such commission,
and until such time ns its recommendations may be made effective by
legislation, wo respectfully roojuest
that tho present Lend Bounty Act,
expiring -lune 80th, 1918, be extended.
1. This board recommends Uia
the government should establish an
infirmary for persons who are incapacitated from earning their own
living, through accidents in thc industries of the province, or while
prospecting or pioneering, or, in case
of blindness, that a teacher be employed, that they may learn some
trade which will enable them to become self-supporting.
2. That the building of tho inter-
provincial highway between Trail,
Hossland und the Boundary and contributory territory be opened up during thc coming season; that the B.C.
Telephane company be compelled by
thc provincial government to follow
the trade road and establish stations
every five miles through unsettled
Resolved, that the Dominion government lie earnestly asked that when
parties visit Canada, and especially
Hritish Columbia, under the auspices
of the Dominion government, that the
Crows Nest route t>e included in the
Whereas, the conditions as to altitude, soil and climate, from an ag-
I [cultural point of view, differ greatly in the interior from those found
ou the Lower Fraser, therefore be it
resolved that the minister of agriculture of the Dominion be nii'moralizcd
by our executive to establish in the
south eastern portion of the province
experimental farms on lines similar
to that at Agassi/., and that a copy
of this resolution be sent to the mem.
hers representing the interior districts, and to Hon. Martin Burrell,
minister of agriculture, with a re-
ijuest that they exert their influence
In the direction indicated by this
1. Whereas there is at present in
existence a telephone lined owned by
Ihe Dominion government and in operation between the village of Oolden
on the north and the various settlements in the Windermere district to
the south of (Jolden;
I And whereas there is a system of
company owned telephone line between   Cranbrook and Wasa,     which
'\Vasa lies to the south of said Windermere district;
I And whereas there lies between
these two parts a stretch cf country
' many miles in extent which up to tlie
! present, is, generally speaking, but
sparsely populated—too sparsely populated, in fact, to warrant a local
line of telephone being built at the
present time;
| But whereas inlcr-communicatUm
is greatly desired by both Gulden
and the Windermere district with the
places tn the smith ot them, tiiid vKv
I Therefore be it resolved that it is
the opinion of this meeting of the
Associated Hoards ol Trade of Eastern British Columbia that the Dominion government extend their sysU'in
to connect with the one owned by
the private company, and that they
lie and hereby are asked to take this
subject into serious consideration.
| Further that the secretary be asked to send a copy of this motion to
the minister of public works tor the
Dominion of Canada, and to the superintendent of Dominion government
telephones at Ottawa, Ontario, and
to R. F. Green, M.P., asking that
this consideration be given,
2. Whereas it is a generally recognized practice in other provinces of
the Dominion of Canada that the
"rule of the road is to turn to the
And whereas in this province it is
tlie "rule of the road to turn to the
left," thus leaving open greater
cluuiccs fi r accidents through collision on    account     of tlu- number of
■   tlie
strange drivers who will he travelling through this province, and who
arc generally more familiar with the
"Uiru to the right rule."
Therefore wc, the Associated
Hoards of Trade of Eastern Hritish!
Columbia learn with great satisfaction thai there is a movement on
foot to ask thc provincial government to indjee the "turn to the
right" practice throughout this province;
Further, that we heartily
this movement and pled@c
every support.
Whereas, at the convention
Associated Hoards of Trade,
last year, there was brought up the
question of building a wagon road
across the SoMrks, through Karl
Grey (Wells) Pass;
And whereas no definite work of
construction on said wagon road lias
been commenced;
And whereas the construction of
this road would be a step in th.1 way
of finally constructing an automobile
route over said pass and of making
communication between the Ea«t and
West Kootenays;
Therefore it is the wish of tho
Associated Hoards of Trade of Eastern British Columbia that tbe question of the propositi wagon road ho
taken up with tho provincial government and that
they' lie pressed t o consider
and that they be pressed to consider
the question of cnrrylng out si»me
construction thereon.
Further, tbat copies of this motion
be sent by the secretary to the various ministers of tbe crown, to whom
the petition of last year was sent.
At the conclusion of ihe reading oi
the president's address, general business was taken up.
The auditor's report was presented, showing a small deficit, for
which steps were taken to have il
wiped out.
Some little discussion then arose
as to the dropping out of the Cranbrook and Fernie hoards of trade,
from the association, and it was decided to take earnest efforts i"
bring them both back, within the
fold. In union is strength, was the
president's closing remark mi this
A communication from W. A. Ans-
tle, of Calgary, secretary of the
Mountain Lumbermen's Protective
association, expressed his regret at
his inability to attend, and exlended
an invitation to tlie members of the
convention to attend tbe lumbermen's
banquet to be held in Nelson on Friday, February 7th.
After due consideration, in th.'
course of which several excellent addresses were delivered by various delegates, the above resolutions were
adopted, and, in addition, certain
minor resolutions were also passed.
It is impossible to publish at this
moment anything lihe a full report
of tbe discussions, or even to give all
tho resolutions under discussion- In
this connection it must he pointed
out that our report of the president's address is very greatly curtailed.
Following upon the disposal of resolutions came the election of officers for thc ensuing year.
For president:
There were nominated for this office: Fred Starkey, 11. Geigerieh and
Geo. Buchanan, the vote wns distinct
ly in favor ot Mr. Starkey's retention in office for yet another year.
For Vice-I'rosident—Mr. II. (lelg-
Secretary-Treasurer.—Mr. Kemp
was unanimously requested to carry
on Mr. Mackenzie's work, until such
time as he could be corresponded
with and definite information obtained whether or not he would be
able to resume Ihese oflices iu tl»'
near future.
A committee was appointed to interview boards of trade in tbe district which were not at present »f!i^
Hated with thc Associated Hoards of
Trade of Eastern B.C.
Messrs. Galbraith, Buchanan and V.
.1. Deane were appointed a committee to interview the boards of
trade of Cranbrook and Fernie, and
secure their co-operation in tbe work
of tlie Associated Hoards.
On motion it was decided that in
future the annual meetings of tho
Associated Boards of Trade of Ens-tern   B.    C. should be held earlier in
tlie year, so Unit visiiing deldgatos
may have a better chance of Inspecting the surroundings of Ihe place     ol'
Kaslo was chosen as the next
meeting place, and the meeting will
he held on the 1th Wednesday in
Mr.    It.   G. Hamilton, of Windermere,    announced    that    his     board
would put in an application at     the
next annual general meeting, tor the
meeting in 1015 to be held in     Windermere.     By that time, at     least,
there will be direct railway communication between the Crows Nest line
and tbe Columbia Valley points. The
I Windermere   people   propose making
I tbe convention, when it is held      in
their     town,    soiiieihing of a public
1 fete.      In addition io ihe customary
provision for    the entertainment     of
j delegates, tbey propose to provide a
Carnival of     Sport.      In presenting
his claim for an early meeting of the
1 Associated   Hoards    at Windermere,
Mr. Hamilton toota occasion to refer
briefly to the    largo areas of    land,
the companies, in that locality, bave
I in a state for immediate settlement.
The   Columbia      Valley     Irrigated
Lands  have 15,000 acres, the Cokim-
! bin Valley Orchards 12,80(1 acres and
Mr.   II. ' E. Forsler,   M.L.A., fiOOO
acres.    Over thirty thousand acres of
the finest,    land in B.C., already for
cultivation, and   with thc immediate
prospect of a large number of    carefully selected   settlers from England
in view.
I After the transaction of some
j further minor business, the session
closed, with the singing ot Auld
Lang Syne, and the National Anthem.
Adjournment was made to the dining    room   of the   Imperial    hotel,
where Mine Host Hen Werden,      had
everything iu   readiness  for a    very
' delightful   bnnuuet, over   which   Mr.
' R, L. T.    Galbraith   presided. Some
I new arrivals were noted around    the
festive hoard,    including   Messrs. J.
P.     Fink,    W.   Halsall   and   A. E.
Ample justice was done a very excellent menu, and then for several
hours, in fact until the early hours
of the morning, there was a (low of
eloquence from many among those
present, who bad had an adequate
opportunity of expressing their views
at the business sessions,
j Thc toast list was not lengthy,
and opened, of course, with "Tlie
King." "Our Guests," was the
second toast, to which Messrs.
Zwickev, Brady, Lowenberg, Noble
I Binns and E. S. IL Winn, responded.
Then came the toast to "Our Dom-
' iuion,"    which   elicited specially interesting talks from G. 0. Buchanan,
j and A. E.    Watts, the latter distinguishing himself, by a very clear and
forcible   review* of   the     Associated
Hoards   of    Trade   work   in recent
! years,   criticising   here and praising
there.     Mr. Watts made some excellent suggestions   for future sessions,
including one for     the establishment
of commercial courts, .presided    over
by   practical business men, at which
no lawyers    would be allowed      to
(practice.     Mr. Walts also discussed,
pretty fully,  bis ideas of government
assistance to    new settlers, quoting
the course pursued in Denmark      in
this connection.
i "The Kootenay Central," was the
next tou>t, which found capable respondents In Mr. Hamilton aud Mr.
Galbraith, who pointed out that, il
was particularly due to Sir William
Why to, and Mr. Deiwiis, ol the C. P.
IL, that   the   road was now rapidly
Hearing completion.
Mr, Mclltnos, another late arrival,
also spoke to this toast. Mr, Mo
limes is ,* representative ot tho
Hums and Jordan, the contractors
tor the K.C.IL "The Province ol
Hritish Columbia,1' was responded lo
by V. Starkey and .1. P. Kink. For
tbe toast to "Tho Press," K. .1.
Deane, F. M. Christian and R. S.
Garrett replied.
The big toast of tho evening was
that to the "Ladies," to which tho
respondents were tbo eloquent young
banker from Hossland, Mr. LalTerty,
Mr. Brady, of Windermere, W. Halsall. Eassie, Btngay, Scott
Bcvan, of Creston.
"Auld Lang Syne," followed
ihe National Anthem, brought a
very enjoyable banquet in a finish^
..uuiewhere around 2,:h) a.in. Thursday morning.
With one accord the several delegates expressed their hearty appreciation of all the kindnesses shown
to them by tho citizens of Fort
Steele. It was the lirse visit of
many to this lively little berg, and
I hey did not hesitate to express
their delight In the beautiful surroundings. It is quite evident that
Fort Steele's days of recuperation,
after the big gold rush, of some
years back, is about complete. There
are still good prospects of rich mines
around the old town, bul, from the
general conversation of tho Foil
Steele business men and property
owners, it would appear to be their
intention to engagq rather in rustic
pursuits than return to the fascinating game of developing claims. The
territory surrounding Foil Steele is
rich, in every respect'for successful
agricultural pursuits.
It certainly was good io ride into
Fort Steele on the rails, ami it
should mean a lar^e access of prosperity to the residents ot the little
town, now tiiat tourists can ride on
a Ir.iin from Vancouver ri^bt into
what is probably the pretties! situated settlement iu this province of
beautiful vistas.
The Epworth League will meet on
Tuesday evening next at S p.m. in the.
Methodist church, under tht; direction
of ihe citizens' department. A de*
hate on the subject of "Canada's
Navy Question" will he the principal
diversion. Mr. A. Cameron will
speak on the affirmative and Mr.
Fred Chapman on the negative. A
hearty welcome to all.
It mnkus in illircrcnco what pot) iVirc /t
l'lriiiti..i: iliin kmoii—\ti !•«» »up,)!y j'--».
■ml wioi Oiu .'ini'st ii'iiitity d[ tuirwry *t<x:i
fur iri"ivii.
All trHi, plftoti, tlnif, timii"., rtmhj,
I'viTBii-p'tin,  rOMI,  tie,,  li.lil  l>y  U mu gil-pf-
Tit I'll TO  NAM!.
It will pay jun l<> |fll In ttlli'll  >vllh H«.
,,  BVRRV 1'MNTIill ftftKDS Ol It nQOK-
32 PAGES,        lOll\ATAMP3)
Burning Kerosene (Coal Oil)
It Outshines Gas or Electricity
HERE is an oil •burn! tig lamp which produrrs a llnnd of
pure, white light—more brilliant than nan or electricity
—yet wonderfully mellmv and easy on the cyci. It i" simple
and safe, clean and i mi self si, dnex not till (he room with ubnuic
ious.unhealtlifulodors. 'I'utiaveabeiiL'rlighk-dbouie.wiilian
Aladdin Mantle Lamp
will ■dually coit tnu nottiinn,   Il will pay (or lliclf In ihrt oil It um.   I am
tlie igcm foi the Mnule Lamp Compar.y of Amttici and am irHIng you whal I
wtobealitolmefadi.    Ptolcnor Rojeu, of l.ewli Imiiiutr, Clilrano, made
them at my own tiik.   I will be glid 'o lei fim
t on my wutd only.   All I »k It the opportunity lo privt,
TRY an Aladdin Lamp in Your Home Before You Buy
I futnlih Table, Bucket, Hanging, Wall and Chandelier lypei ol lampi—In fact Almlrfin hanipi lor every
purpose. Just dtopmei poit cord and limply lay you are Interfiled. I'll be glad lohilni anAladdinLampto
allow you >nd leave Iu tout home 10 uae t Alibi 01 two, entirely without obligation.   Mail Ike can) today.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., I.I..D., D.C.L., President
General Manager Aaalalant General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
The Canadian Bank of Commerce, by reaaon of its large number of branches in
every Province of Canada, with direct representation in London, Eng., New York,
San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Ore., Mexico and Si. John's Nfld., with Agents and
Correspondents in ivery part of the world, is able to offer unsurpassed facilities to the
travelling public, enabling them to obtain money in the simplest way at any point on
their journey the world over. The Travellers' Cheques and Letters of Credit issued
by this Bank overcome the annoying difficulties of obtaining funds abroad, especially
in places where identification is difficult.
Cheques and Drafts on all the countries,of the world, drawn in sterling, francs,
marks, lire, kronen, etc., can bs cashed or purchased at reasonable rates. e a
R. T. Brymner, /lanager Cranbrook, B. C.
A Good  Home
is wliut is ilour to every num. A home
is where Pence, Oomfort, Contentment,
mill Plenty is found, Thut is the reusou
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions >Iob. Brnult has made for un
ideul homo at the
Canadian Hotel
A Wise Legislator once said:
" If I had my way. I would write the word ' INSURE'
on the door of every house."
Remember, the neglect to insure to-day does not provide
for sickness or accident of to-morrow.
Spend five cents a day with us, and we will step in when
yon are disabled. It means protection to you aud your home.
Accident and Sick Benefit Policies
are real protection,
Let ns add you to our list of Policy-
Corwin-Bruce Investment Co.
Ageits International Casualty Company
P. 0; Drawer 60 Phone 487
Phone : Seymour 7UH0
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS BROS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER      -      B. C.
Two hundred elegantly furnished rooms. Every modern
convenience. Elevator service. Cafe in connection. Rooms
$1.00 per day and upwards.
Up-country visitors to the Terminal City will find every
convenience aud comfort at tho Granville Palace, special
attention being paid to their wants.
i;P-  BURNS & CO., LTD.::
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Meats are Government
Inspected ''
Head Office, CALGARY, ALTA. ,,
p i
'WW Wajaaasas wwvvwwwasvWSSBBsasj assy as
ii Ii You Want
Your house connected with the now sewerage system,
PHONE 840, Our work guaranteed. Estimates of cost
cheerfully given.
:: The Cranbrook Plumbing, Tlnsmithlrvg <
Bind Heating Company
W. F. JOHNSON, Proprietor
The Quebec tobacco growers often
experience difficulty in the spring in
rearing good healthy tobacco seedlings. In bulletin No. A-13 of the
Tobacco division, entitled "Quebec
Tobacco Experimental Stations. Season 1911," Mr. Chevalier sets forth
the advantages of the "warm bed,"
he has been using for the last three
years at the St. .Jacques l'Achigan
station. This bed is more economical than the "hot bed," as it does
not require manure, it is not so
damp, and enables the young plants
to be kept in a much healthier atmosphere that is more favorable to
their normal development.
This bulletin also contains an account of the work carried on at the.
St. Jacques l'Achigan and St.
Cesaire stations. The results obtained at tht.«; stations show the
importance of a rotation of crops
and the advantages of the use of
chemical fertilizers to supplement
the inadequate applications of manure generally made in the province of
Quebec. Particular attention has
been given to the growing of seed
A copy of this publication will be
supplied free to any one who applies for it to the Publications
Branch, Department of Agriculture,
Ottawa, Ont.
fit of nearly 92,500,000 in 1H12 Besides these, Evan Thomas, HudclilTe
and company, with thirty vessels,
made a profit of $1,500,000; W, .1.
Tatein and company, with twenty;
steamers, a profit ot $1,055,000, and
W. and C, T. J&nes, Ltd., with eleven ships, a prolit of $340,000.
There is every likelihood that ihe
flourishing conditions in the Kuphsb
shipping industry will continue. One
shipowner has refused an oftei of
$120,000 for a steamer of about
4,800 tons dead weight, which he
bought three years ago for $Kr>,008.
A steamer of 0,000 tons which cost
$150,000, was completed not long
ago, and on the average made a pro-
lit of $500 per day.
' Tonnage is still in demand, hut
shipbuilders are accepting delivery.
Prices are abnormally high In
fact, such has been the advance      In
| values that a vessel of 7,500 tons,
uow in course of construction on the
Tyne, has been sold for $290,000, as
compared with $180,000 paid for     a
j boat built to tbe same specifications
in 1909.
WORTH $509,437,000 WERE GROWN
Ottawa, Ont., Jan 21.—Pinal estimates of tbe yield and value ol the
principal field crops of Canada for
the season of 1912, issued by tbe department ot trade and commerce, upon the total area under Held crops,
shows that 32,474,000 acres were
harvested. Tbe value is calculated
on average local market prices, to
make a total ot 1509,437,000.
The area under wheat last year
was 9,758,000 acres, of which 781,-
000 acres represent the harvested
area of fall wheat, grown principally
in Ontario and Alberta, but also to
a limited extent in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The
total production of wheat was 199,-
236,000 bushels, valued at $123,522,-
000. Tbe fall wheat production was
18,396,000 bushels, valued at $13,-
735,000. Oats upon 9,161,000 acres
yielded 361,733,000 bushels; valued at
$116,996,000. Barley over 1,415,000
acres yielded 41,174,000 bushels, valued at $20,105,000, and flax, 1,677,-
SOO acres yielded 21,681,500 bushels,
valued at $19,626,000. Comparisons
with 1911 show that the results ol
last .Tar's harvest both as to yield
and value were upon the whole inferior. The average prices realized on
most crops were somewhat less,
while the yield Irom wheat, rye,
peas, beans, and corn for busting,
were also lower. On tbe other hand
oats yielded about 13,500,000 bushels
more than in 1911, and other crops
also show more or less excess yield.
The three northwestern provinces of
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, had a production of wheat of
183,322,000 bushels, compared with
194,083,000 bushels in 1911; of
oati, 221,758,000 bushels, compared
with 212,819,000, and ot barley, 26,-
671,000 bushels, compared with 24,-
043,000 bushels. The conditions affecting live stock were much the
same as in 1911. Mild weather
through to Christmas enabled tbe
fanners to economize in feeding supplies, and live stock entered winter
quarters in excellent condition.
London, .Ian. 21—Thc present year
will see a record in British warship
building. The naval dockyards and
great shipbuilding firms have already
twelve battleships and battleship
cruisers In hand tor the navy, apart
from vessels nearly completed. In
addition, there are six battleships or
battleship cruisers building ln England for foreign powers. II ten new
ships are ordered this year, as is expected, there will be twenty-eight armored ships of the largest size building in this country, with displacement ot over 850,000 tons.
Thc completion ot this enormous
fleet with speed will demand most
careful organization. It is rumored
that there must be serious delays in
construction. Already the recent
British programmes are heavily in
arrears. 6
Thc difficulty which confronts both
dockyards and private firms is to obtain the skilled labor required tor
ship construction. There is an insufficiency ol workers at the dockyards, where day and night shifts, as
well as overtime, are being worked.
All indications suggest that the admiralty will have to revise Its calculation that the largest battleship
can be built in two years.
Cardiff shipowners are rejoicing in
prosperous times. It Is estimated
that Ave hundred vessels which belong to that port, earned a clear pro-
Calgary, .Ian. 21—"Luther McCarty, will have to beat me before
he can claim the heavy-weight championship of the world. I was the
last recognized white champion. I
was never knocked out by Johnson
and I am still in the game. Two
years ago McCarty came to mc and
wanted me to look him over. 1
watched him work out and gave him
some encouragement. He recognized
me then us the white champion. I
don't see where he has a ghost of a
chance to claim that honor now unless lie consults mc."
In these words did Tommy Hums
formally defy the claim of Lullier
McCarty to thc heavyweight championship. Not only did he defy him
verbally, hut he started active training yesterday afternoon in No. 4
Ever since before Christmas the
former champion has heen doing light
work, has cut out nicotine entirely
and from now until McCarty meets
bim in the roped ring.
Ho has established his training
camp and intends to get back into
condition by easy stages.
Burns expects a busy year with
several big matches in sight. The
Bombardier Wells match which was
announced for Calgary some time
ago has practically fallen through
because ol the inability ot the promoter to turn his real estate holdings into cash and Burns refused to
post his deposit until the money was
placed in the strong box of a local
bank. The man who was promoting
the affair was serious enough in his
endeavors but, owing to the stringency ol the real estate money market, it was impossible to raise the
ns njnw
Uoldcn, II. 0., Jan 32.—Whether
numerous residents ot Kootenay have
been victimized by a swindle or
whether the postal authorities at
Winnipeg have been negligent in their
duties is a question over which W.
J. Wright of Golden is concerned.
Early in December advertisements
were sent to local papers throughout
this territory by the Winnipeg branch
of the Empire Oil company. Tho copy
was accompanied by a request that
the account be sent to the head offices
at Indianapolis. It called lor a half
page and offered a barrel of oil containing 48 imperial gallons for $11.55
with which was to be given a parlor
lamp free. Mr. Wright is one of
many who sent tbo above sum to
P. O. Box 2196, Winnipeg, but is
still waiting lor his shipment. A
letter sent by him ashing why the
oil was not sent has been returned
by the dead letter office marked "Out
ol business." If this is the true
state ol affairs residents ot Kootenay
are probably minus several thousand
dollars, as the advertisement appeared in tlie majority of local papers
published in this county. There may
[be some mistake, but thc returned
'lotter was addressed identically to
the one containing the money and no
acknowledgment whatever has been
received.—Golden Star.
The Herald carried this ad. along
with many other papers of British
Columbia and we desire now to
warn readers that thc concern is
either "out of business" or a swindle.
A letter addressed by the Herald to
the number given was returned by
the dead letter office marked "out ol
■business." Wo hope none of our
readers have been victimized and
warn all not to send money to thc
address given in advertisement.
London, Jan. 22.—Huge industrial
disputes which will dwarf the great
strikes of the past are likely to occur in the war future, according   to
Lies in That Cough and Weak,
Worn-out Condition.
Grippe, pleurisy, pneumonia, these
are greatly to be fearad at this time
of the year.
To prevent grippe from being followed by either pleurisy or pneumonia, it is important to drive the last
traces of it out of the system quickly.
Our advice is to take Vinol, our
delicious cod liver and iron preparation without oil, and get your strength
and vitality back quickly.
Mrs. A. A. Grabill, or Strastmi;:.
Va. says: '•Grippe left me weak, run
down and with a servere cough, from
which I suffered four years. I tried
different remedies, but nothing seeuipd
to do me any good until I took Vinol,
from which I received great benefit.
My cough is almost entirely gone, and
1 am strong and well again, and I am
glad to recommend Vinol to others
who suffer as I did."
Try Vlnol with the certainly
that If It does not benefit
you wa will give back your money.
Cranbrook Drug nnd Book Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
Ben Tillett. Having just completed
an organization tour of the country
on bclulf of tbo transport workers,
Mr. Tillet gave his views of the New
Year prospects upon his return to
"Tile next few years of the present
century," he said, "arc going to In-
fraught with important happenings
for labor, and it is more likely that
1913 will sec the beginning of the
workers' real struggle with the dominant forces at present arrayed
against them. Younger men are rising up impregnated with the Socialist idea; they arc full of energy and
initiative. One of their first efforts
will bo towards combination. We
have already done something in thai
direction among the transport, workers; the rallwnymen are fusing into
one organization; other industries are
similarly preparing; anil the conviction is growing that there will lie
bigger strikes in the near tuture than
anything Unit lias occurred in tho
"The duy is not far distant," he
added, "when the economy of t Instate will he freed from such appclln
tions as "Cotton King," "Railway
Magnate" and "Merchant Prince."
Capitalism will soon have to pay its
debt with interest to labor."
East Kootenay District
Take notice that    Alice   Gertrude
iorris,   married woman,   of    Cran-
rook,   B. C, intends to   apply    to
urchase thc following described
Commencing about 40 chains south
and 120 chains east of the south east
orner ol Lot 9970, Group One,
thence south forty chains, thence
west eighty chains, thence north,
orty chains, thence east eighty
Alice Gertrude Morris.
J. G. Cummlngs, Agent.
Dated December 7th, 1912.
East Kootenay District
Take notice thgt Stewart Morris,
urveyor's assistant, ol Cranbrook,
B. C, intends to apply to purchase
the following described land:
Commencing about forty chains
south and eighty chains east ol the
south east comer ol Lot 9970 O. .1.,
thence north forty chains; thence
west forty chains, thence south forty
chains, thence east lorty chains.
Stewart Morris.
J. G. Cuuvmings, Agent.
Dated December 7th, 1912.
District ol South East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that Robert
James Crooks, ol Cranbrook, occupation Baggageman, intends to apply,
tor permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at tbe south cast corner ol lot six thousand three hundred
and forty-five (6345), group one (I);
thence west eighty (80) chains, more
or less, to the east boundary of lot
eight thousand five hundred aud forty:
one (8511), thence south teu (III)
chains, more or less, to the north
boundary of lot six thousand two
hundred and forty-three (024:1),
Group One (1); thence east eighty
(80) chains, more or less, to a point
due south of the point ol commencement; thence north ten (10) chains,
more or less, to the point of commencement, containing forty (40)
acres, more or less.
Robert James Crooks.
Dated November 28th, 1912.   48-9t
East Kootenay District
Take notice that II. C. Miller,
married woman, of Hossland, U. I'.,
intends to apply to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing     at A.    G.    Morris'
north   east    corner,    thence   south
eighty chains,   thence  east    eighty.
chains,    thence north  eighty chains
thence west eighty chains.
H. C. Miller.
VI, O. Cummlngs, Agent.
Dated December 7th, 1912.
************••••***•*****************„ *****\
\        MONARXH
This Range Makes Cooking Easy
The Range to Buy. Come in and see them
Cranbrook, B. C,
Phone 5
Un Uaroaakt Ross,
Tin' nosl modem t ml.
A. B. Tait. Esq., U.A., Principal
j^/Phe Staff of Mintith iii Langara in
nn I'M'i'iiti naliy atrooff one. moat effieiimt etaO ».( nil  il
*< lltiolr. ul til.' lUitlllinnli.
Each mlttTOMa Kperinli.itIn
Itvi;..'"!- training in gymon
huh. K .-••mpwtiHii mlttren
Cnroful Bupervlaloo nl tbo pupils In 'heir Ramanm "nil ■•»« in thftrttudti
Special attention paid to the titrelopiarnt ol i hnmctw.
Rotll ccIi.xiIh lire under tli» ni.it.-  ^iif-i  ol " Wf*te
Ltd."   VIinter Tern oiieni Tneadaj*, TiuJnnnarjr. IP1H.
Application! fur ftilmieeimi diuulil b* made at ont ■
Dr. E. D. McLAREN. 1947 I'endrell Street, Vancouver
Hn,vn prepHivtl for tbe matriculation
i-MiniiiiiitianH of Caumliau UnlVanH*
lie* or fitr tl'e entrance examination
of die Royal Military College, King-
leutlal S.Ii.m.Im.
• ♦<***+*.   * -v .-..•*.* <?♦♦•*♦*•» •••«* + '/
No .In»(['r .■!  iinpotl  . ,   |M*ti
Ko <lr*iug out ii i
Si' injury from (uiiiipit n
one of ihlpmeot
All our treee are vlntpred in tru*t*prool cellar*
Therefore protect jottrnell by ' v.t ing our int-f   Write for Catalogue
an'.i Price LU. to
I i&php.  Ooebandnd aod tmotj-flTa axrtja
Representative: F. H. WORTHING ION
X. B -w.- lip,,-.. DWARF stock in M. Iiiiosh Bad, «.alt!,,. Jonathan, IV
Cripuga. Ontario. Kdrtbefll S],.v nip.l Wngp-urr
Van Holderbeke Nursery Co.
Has ready for sprint; delivery one million
Write for Catalog lie and Special Prices
Live Agents Wai.te.1 Brer/whan
Free expert advice to fruit growers by Prof. A. Van Holderbeke,
Ex-State Horticulturist of Washington
MILK      MILK       MILK
Experience has tanght us every precaution for tin- pro
]',   duction of the highest grade of milk.   Wo feel sure that one   J[
p p   trial will prove this.
J. A. PRINGLE, Prop'r
An Opportunity for a
Reliable Man in
Wo have some Gilt Edged Original Prairie Towiuitea
itmt suli-ilivisionsi. which appeal to tho intelligent investor, anil we intend to put on an extensive ailvertising earn.
|iaign in CRANBROOK as soon as we complete arrangements with a first-class man. who can follow up inquiries.
We mail the district thoroughly. The right man who will
apply himself can make this a permanent and wry profitable position. Apply H. W, McCunly. 602 Temple Building, Toronto,
I,,,..r|,..r r.t.-■ I IHfit*
Capital Paid Up $11,500,000        Reserve $13,500,000
II. s. 1101.T, President
I'KASE, General MaliHitor
Account" of Firma, Corporations anil Individuals solicileil.
Onl-ol town Ipiieineaa receives every attention.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT—Deposits ol •l.i«n an.l unwardi received
and interest alloweil at current tale.   No formality or delay in
A General Rankinn Business transacted.
Cranbrook Branch
T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager
************ THE   ntUNBHUOKUHBALU
Hv ihe 11,'ppiM   Publlsblai Company,
I-. J. 1V;iiip\ Managing Editor.
CKANBHUOK. II. C. January 23,1113
Knit Steele did herself proud in
entertaining thc delegates to the
fifteenth annual convention of the
Associated Hoards of Trade of South
Eastern Hritish Columbia. These are
thus nf renewed hope and cheer In
tlie old burg. Thc men who know
tne district surrounding the town
best, are full of confidence in an early
resumption oi mining activities, there,
are big propositions ill sight and
now that the transportation obstacle h.is been removed, tilings
should go along In tho liveliest manner       Many ol tho old timers      in
Fori   Steele have persisted, i>        held
..ii. conftdenl that sooner or inter the
tide    of fortune would turn      their
way, and it looks verj much now as
II they had not walled in vain.     But
apart    (nun mining and agricultural
possibilities, Fori Steele It.ts an   asset  in   her surroundings thai cannot
he    equnlled   in ibis   province,   or,
probably, on the continent    With direct   railroad communication       with
ll,e outside world, Fori Steele-    will
now he nblo to   make- a strong    bid
for iniiiisi     Irafflc and if the   transportation men he alive to their business I hoy will bend every effort     to
induce the pleasure scckors to   visit
Fori Steele and take the motor road
through   the   Columbia Valley     into
the  Windermere and surrounding districts, where such a feast of natural
beauty,   unequalled     in   the   world,
Switzerland can offer nothing    more
attractive,    can   be   secured.      Wo
look for hig things    doing in      this
lovely section of the province before
many months have passed hy.
There is one little incident in connection with the recenl session of
the Associated Hoards of Trade    of
Eastern H.    (', at Fori   Steele,        to
which Ye   must   draw special atten-
wltich we must draw special utt.cn-
delcgates from both thc Cranbrook
and Fernie boards ol trade. This
fad was peculiarly noticeable when
one noted the delegates present from
all other districts of tbe territory
within the Jurisdiction of tho \ssoc-
i.iled Hoards. It is to be regretted
tlrat the business men of these two
cities ever permitted some petty
misunderstanding or Imaginary grievance, lo cause them to drop oil I of
tins Influential organization. That is
no way to work lor the ties! interests of the sections or the province in which they are mainly interested. Before another session of the
Hoards is held, il is to be hoped
thai the members generally of thc
hoards of trade of these two cities
will have taken up tills matter and
determined upon a policy of united
effort. "In union is strength,"
must   be    the watchwords of the
boards of trade ol Eastern B. 0., if
the- are lo secure anything like fair
treatment from the dominion and
provincial governments, (let together, is Ihe best advice the Herald has
to offer
and hand-
Mr Samuel Fyles, of this city,
has been appointed janitor of the new
Dominion guvernmenl building. This
appoint men! carries with it a salary
of $ti", per mouth, as well as the use
of one of the neatest and cosiest
suite of rooms in Hie city.
In the course of a trip outside the
city last week the Herald man was
fortunate enough to gel the opportunity of looking over lite stock and
premises of Mr. .lohn Prlnglc, proprietor of the Hillside Dairy.
Mr. Prlnglo has only recently opened business as a dairyman in Cran-
hrook, but it was very evident to
his visitor that he is no novice in
dairy work, for he gave proof in his
conversation   >,f loth    a    thorough
Norbury Avenue
Sacrifice Sale
132 fi'd fronfaifio .in Xnr-
Imrv. ninl 122 fp'ct <ni Edward. I'ppsitivclv tin- lirsl
available closo in corner
in the City.
Price $2,000.00
Half Cash
butler see thin nl onoo,   Exclusively by
Chapman Land&lnv Co.
Two doors from tin- Rex Theatre
Iiiik ol dairy slock, ami ulsu ol a due
sense ni the value ol cleanllnees In
his pputlit anil Iipiiv In pit-solve the
same Tlif writer beitiv; not altogether ignorant ol mauj p'l tile
iiami's ol note in the dairy work
hack cast, hy a Question ipi two soon
louml out, iii suite n( his moilcsly,
that Ayrshire cattle c,( choice breeding and the uuted breeders ul l^ue-
bec province and tlieii practices were
as household words to Mr. l'ringle.
As an enthusiast (or that most
economical ot dairy broods, lite while
rent-payers of Ayrshire, Mr. Prlnglc
is not likely to be outclassed not In
his knowledge of how lo pick animals that will pay their way and
produce an article thai ought In
richness to satisfy the demands of
tin- most particular.
Selection, howovcr, being only the
beginning of a dairyman's troubles,
Mr. Prlnglc sliows also the ability,
after getting the slock, to fp'dl and
handle so as to get the results that
p'vp'iy dairyman desires, a line knowledge ol values ot feeds and lioW t,>
comblno them to provide an economical ration, a studied purpose ol making his cows comfortable, which goes
a long way towards profit, n care to
keep them clean, evidenced by having
Ids stock clipped, by thc arrangement
ol his stalls and proved by Ihe up
licuranco ol his animals, most of
which are nearly or quite white in color, and were al our visit as clean
as uny driving horse in the eltv
.Mr. Pringle's herd al present consists of a very uniform bunch of high
rade Ayrsbircs, which were reared in
that home of dairies, Huntingdon
County, Quebec, and would take cred-
tablc places iu ;i provincial exhibition, one in particular gave ovidcacc
ol being a producer oi quality quite
as rich as a Guernsey. Mr. Prlnglo
showed the writer the pains lie went
to in handling his product after milking, all the bottling, cooling and ut.li-
r work being done in a separate
building at a distance from the stables and every effort being taken to
insure all the utensils and hollies being thoroughly sterilized belore using. Although al present located in
temporary quarters, not yet having
built on his own location, he lias
been at great pains to provide for the
comfort of his stock and to insure to
bis patrons thai they shall get only
ilich products as he can feel perfectly
certain no fault can lie found with.
With tlie knowledge acquired in a
lifetime spent in the production of a
high Pia-ss article for (tne of the most
discriminating trades in the city of
Montreal, it would be strange indeed
if those citizens wlin palroni/.e "The
Hillside Dairy" would not lie satis-
Il is the intention of Mr. I'riiifil.-
lo work along bis present lines till be
has a herd of pure bred Ayrshires not
nfericr to anything in the province
is producers and nt !!»' same time
ii such breed quality as to he an
iltraelion in any stable or show
ground, a credit to the district and
capable of going out and bringing
back Ihe blue ribbons al exhibition
time, if ambition leads him in that
Uev. W. Klson Dunham, pastor.
Sunday services: The pastor will
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning subject: "Christian Conflicts."
Evening subject: "The Community
Selections by the choir and pipe organ voluntaries at every service. All
are invited.
Uev. (). E. Kendall, pastor.
Services nt 11.110 a.m. and 7.:)ll
p.m. The pastor will conduct the
services of Ihe day, speaking on the
topics: "Seasons of Refreshing From
the Presence of Hie Lord," in the
morning; in the evening the pastor
will preach tlie second in the series:
"Conversions in the Acts," viz.: "The
Lame Man at the dale Beautiful."
A song service will be conducted lor
ihe lirst half hour of the evening service. An Invitation is extended to
W. K. Thomson, pastor.
Morning service al 11 ami evening
service at 7.30. Mr. .Neil MacKinnon, of Ottawa, will conduct both
"the oiiwiiiiior
JANUARY   I1TH, 1»13.
Many a reader of Holy Writ has
thrilled as he read the story of l>aviit
and the Philistines, and single Wnd-
ed, his overthrow of the wicked
Goliath, Tho talc has grown- more
precious the further it recedes into
tbe obseurity of the ages that are
K<*ie, and there seems to be a feeling
tbat auch   great enterprises were all
>n lined to an earlier era. Once in a
long while an incident occurs to
show that there flro still heroes ilwrn
of the order of David, ready to at
tuck thc Ooliaths of a revised vet
i. There is a very good example
ill this prnvince today of a light just
is unequal as thc old scriptural houl
referred    lo The   modern   David
stands forth   in the person ol Mr. A.
E. Watts, president ul the Wftttsburg
Lumber Co., Ltd., whieh has mills at
Wulisburg and Proctor, B.C., while
his entrenched and powerful enemj
is alleged to be the Canadian Pacific
railway. The light is ou to the
finish. While David's weapon was;
a sting, Mr. Watts is depending on
publicity and the Dominion Railway
coimimston. ln regard to the former, he believes he is relying ou a
broken reed. He charges that many
of the newspapers iu this province are
subsidized. I would not be surprised if there were some truth in the
assertion. For the most part the
newspapers in Hritish Columbia are
young utui struggling enterprises, aud
like to tight on tbe side of the
strongest battalions.
Thc G.P.R. has had a bald on the
province lor a quarter of a century,
or, practically ever since it amounted to any thins. It insisted on much
before it. would run the line across
the Rockies, and iu many of the B.C.
towns and cities through which thc
line runs, including Vancouver, the
company owns about everything. To
be fair, however, it is only right to
admit that the province owes much
of its development to the C, J'. R,
Tlie rapid development of the prov-,
ince and the inability of the company t(i keep up with the growth,
have produced much bitterness
against the line, and for some years
the average Hritish Columbian, has
devoted a portion of his evening
prayer to a petition for much needed
railway competition. Tho prayer
will soon be answered, and it tlteti
remains to be seen if the C.P.R. will
continue its present attitude west of
the Rockies. Up to the present it
has had no competition in the matter of freight rates, and the charge
has been made frequently that this
province has been discriminated
against both in passenger and
freight rates. Tbe complaints have
been loudest from the interior. Even
today, freight is shipped from Montreal to Vancouver and then back
from here to points in the interior a
few hundred miles east, cheaper than
if shipped directly to the interior designation point. Mr. Watts is one of
the few men in a business where tlie
company could put on the screws
who has had the courage to make his
complaints public. lie charges more,
than discrimination- id freight, rates,
and he has carried his troubles to
the railway commission several:
times. Now he alleges that the
company is retaliating by refosing
to give him cars for Ihe transportation oi his lumber. The feeling in
his own district toward him is voiced editorially in the Nelson Daily
News, which this week says: "Mr. A.
!•:. Watts has several important matters before the meeting of the railway commission held here, Many of
these were matters of public interest
which Mr Watts took up without
any possibility of any direct return
or benefit to himself more than to
the public generally.
The railway commission sat in
Nelson recently. Mr. Watts presented a petition asking that the
commission shall he given extended
powers aud jurisdiction, and that it
shall have the power to compel railways to recompense those who sutler
loss by the injustice perpetuated by
railway corporations. Also that
the commission be given power to
investigate the financial methods
adopted by railways, and that no appeal he allowed against the decision
of the board except by permission of
Hie premier of Canada. He alleged
discrimination in the distribution of
cars to shippers, and that the company bad not fulfilled promises, made
to .the applicant mid to the late
Judge Mabee in the matter ol restoring certain roads. Orders desired
by Mr. Watts included all that»
railway companies in Canada be
compelled to supply small box cars
of from six lo ten tons capacity;
that tbey be compelled to restore
public roads destroyed hy them; that
the C.P.R. he compelled to restore a
steamer landing and buildings alleged
to have been destroyed by the company; that railway companies tie
compelled to provide proper cattle
guards and crossings and fence their
rights-of-way through settled districts; that the C.P.R. be compelled
to produce certain witnesses who are
alleged to have been shipped to
Italy, etc. He also urged that the
railway commission use Its influence
iu investigating and making known
to the public thc amount of "watered stock disposed of by Ihe various
railway corporations," and in preventing the C.P.R. from securing a
further extension of time for the
Completion of the Crows Nest Pass
railway, lie also asked the commissioners as to thc most effective
way ol preventing the II, C, government from paying the C.P.R- tor the
return of (and grants which he
claimed the company never earned.
In support of his claim ol discrimination in the matter of supplying cars,
Mr. Walts said he had experienced a
Shortage in -Inly, August and September last, ami asserted the company had made a dead set against
him ever since he had brought the
railway liefore the railway commission four years ago. In .July, he
received 17 cars, in August 2» cars,
ml In September 19 cars. In October he was kept for ten days without cars, but the company had
rushed in IK cars after he had wired
to the railway commission. The
commission issued an order that M.
J. McCaul, the inspector lor tho
hoard in   Hritish Columbia and     Al-
can be   cured  by the great fruit kidney aud liver remedy,
RranUord, Ont., Aug. 13, 1911.
Your medicine, Fig Pills, bos worked wonders tor me. The rheumatic
pains have entirely left me aud 1 owe
everything to your remedy. Yon arc
at liberty to publish this.
R. H. Gailmmn.
At all dealers 25 and 50 cent* or
mailed by The Fig Pill Co., St.
Thomas, Ont.
Sold by Tbe Cranbrook Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
berta, should make a thorough iiv
quiry into the charge. Decisions on
the other points raised were reserved. There is no doubt that Mr.
Watts deserves credit for his campaign, and tic has earned the gratitude of many business men in his
own province.
A great deal of attention has been
devoted by thc prcsB generally to the
proposed extension of the parcels
post system in the Dominion. As
some of our contemporaries, mainly
Conservative sheets, have attempted
to give the credit of this idea to
Hon. Mr. Pel letter, the present postmaster general, it is only fair that
the readers of the Herald, should be
placed in possession ot the actual
facts. For that purpose we reproduce here certain extracts from
Hansard, the official report of the
proceedings in the house of commons, dealing with this subject. Of
course our extracts cover but briefly
what proved to be a long and Interesting discussion, but they will
suffice to make clear with whom originated the cheap parcels post proposition.
From Hansard of January 15th,
No. 21, wc take the following:
Hon. RodoJphe Lemieux (RouviHe)
"That in the opinion of this house
the establishment of a cheap parcel
post system would be to the advantage of thc consumers ot Canada."
He said: Mr. Speaker, this question of a cheap parcel post was
brought to the attention ol the
house last year, and since then I
believe there has arisen in the country an agitation which must ultimately lorce the hands ot the government and induce my lion, friend tlie
postmaster general to take action at
no distant time. I notice in the
press the other day that the hon.
gentleman had stated that he was
studying the system recently adopted
by the I'nited States government
and that within a reasonable time he
might probably adopt a similar system for Canada,
This question is a most important
one, as it affects the whole country,
indeed it affects every household In
Canada. When I had the honor of
being postmaster general the question was mooted and the officers ot
tlie department were studying a plan
which could be put in force in connection with the rural mail delivery
system. When I expressed the opinion that the parcel post should be
in operation in Canada as it was in
nearly all the European countries the
department was at once deluged
with petitions from all sections ol
tho country opposing the proposed
adoption of the system. I was
somewhat surprised at this because I
thought that, cheap parcel post
would be a great benefit to the consuming masses of the country. However, I found after a survey of the
whole situation that the opposition
came apparently from the country
store keepers in their fight against
the increasingly grasping power ot
the departmental stores. 1 suspected
tbat the store keepers had heen put
up by the express companies, and I
have no doubt, and my hon. friend
who is now nt tlie head of the
post office department of Canada has
no doubt, that the opposition comes
chiefly from the express companies.
The parcel post system is essentially
part of the work of tlie postmaster
general. The postmaster general,
not to speak ot thc American continent, but in Europe, and even- in
■ Japan, is not only at the head of
the post office system proper, hut is
also termed the minister ot communications. He looks not only after
the post office, thc transmission ot
letters, but after the cahle rates,
the telegraph rates, tlie telephone
rates, and in nearly all civilized
countries the transmission ot packages through the mails. The parcel
Europe for many years, and it is un-
post system has been in existence in
dcr the direct control of thc postmaster general in the various countries, ln England it has had an
enormous success, in France also, In
Switzerland also. In Germany it Is
on the cheapest scale, and is of the
greatest advantage, especially to the
farming community, It lias a direct
relation with the high cost ot living.
Mr. Pelletlet: Hy hon  friend's mo-
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tion calls lor it cheap panel post,
Wnnt does be moan hy cheap?
Mr. l.pinicux: I would liW tn leave
to my hon. friend the fixing of a
rate tor a Canadian parcel poet, hut
asking a Kcneral view of tho system
now in vogui- in various countries, I
would say that tho system and the
rate adopted hy the United States
post office authorities should he accepted hy Canada. Of course there
are details to be worked out in the
department, but that would seem to
mc a good basis on   whieh io work.
employ the word i-heap parcel
post in general terms- The present
system is a dear parcel post BYStemj
it is, in (act, no parcel post'system,
it Is only the shcleton of a skeleton,
but it my hon. friend will follow the
United States system and base his
system on the one adopied at Washington I think he would he rendering
a real service to the country and
carry out the conclusions of the very
illuminative rrport which has been
made to tlu; Toronto hoard of   trade
under the direction of Prof. MacKen-
Mr. Pclletier: Oh, no. What I
meant was this, that our parcel post
policy would not only be one which
would bcue.it the parts of this country where thc railways and consequently the express companies go,
because we shall have to go where
tbe express companies do not go.
Hut I did not mean to say that We
.should only go where the express
companies do not go. We shall havo
the same points as they cover, and
more; that is what I meant. Now, I
think the bon. member for Itouvillc
has attained the object he had in
view, and I would suggest that the
motion be dropped.
, f ■
The annual Fcrnie bonspicl opened
with five excellent sheets ol ice in
commission. The only outside rinkl
to take part is that skipped by .Judge
Wilson, of Cranbrook. The other
members of that team were Messrs.
Ilawes, Pyo and Cameron.
1 There were four competitions—the
grand challenge, the Fernie cup, thc
1*. Hums and Co. and the coiisola-
1 tion. Thus far the Cranbrook team
has made a sweep iu the games
played. In the grnmi challenge Walton won from Maclcod m the lirst
round. In tho Kemie cup competition, Kerr beat .lames .Johnson 8 to
5, Walton defeated Miller 11 to 8,
llcrchnier won from Henderson H to
)i, Kastner beat Heck, and Wilson, of
Cranbrook, defeated McLeod. In the
P. Hums series Henderson won from
Walton 111 to 8, Miller from Kastner
13 to 12. II. II. .Johnson from
Beck, Hi to 12. .James .Johnson
was defeated by Lyons 12 to 10, Wilson, of Cranbrook, beat Mo Leon", and
llerchinor defeated Kerr.
Wilson won from Lyons iu thc
second round anil as two of Hie previously mentioned games were lives
this placed Henderson, Wilson and
Merchnier in the semi-finals. The interest in the various competitions is
very keen and there is no lack of enthusiasm. The games will lie continued today ami Friday.
The Wilson rink succeeded in ■carrying olT the grand challenge cup ami
the FVrnie Club cup. They were
also in the finals for the P. Hums &
C'o.'s trophy, hut they had lo leave
before the contest was concluded.
FOR RENT.-Store 44x25 It.,
possession December 1st. Apply W.
.1. Atchison. 4fl-tl
The corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
GIVEN that the Court ol Revision
Will sit on Wednesday, March 5th,
1912, at the hour of 10.30 a.m. (local
time) at thc Municipal Buildings,
Cranbrook, B.C., for tho purpose of
correcting and revising the assess
ment roll of the City of Cranbrook.
Any person complaining of an error
or omission in the. said roll shall give
notice of his complaint iu writing to
the Assessor, and the grounds of his
complaint, at least ten (10) days lie-
fore the sitting of the said Court.
Cranbrook, B. C,
January 20th, 1913. l-lit
The following have been recommended as police commissioners for
the ensuing year: Dr. RuHedge and
Aid. Qua ErickBon,
For license commissioners: Alderman Clapp ami .las. Castake.
Cranbrook District.
TAKE NOTICE that Annie Mac-
auluy, of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation nurse, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted nt
the N. W. corner of Lot 10080, ti. I.,
thence north 50 chains, more or less,
to the southwest corner of Lot 3552,
fl.l.; thence east 40 chains; thence
south (10 chains, more or less, to the
N. B. corner of Lot Hlnsii, 0.1.;
thence west 40 chains, moic or less
to point of commencement, contain.
ing 200 acres, more or less.
Annie Maemiley, Applicant.
.1. 0. Cummlngs, Agent.
Staked Doc, loth, LOIS, ,VJ ttt*
District of   East Kootenay.
TAKE NOTICE that Thomas Joyce,
of Calgary, Alta., occupation, mason,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted on
the south end ot an Island in tho
Kootenay river, opposite Lot 35B,
and two chains cast of the north end
of the island applied tor hy W.
Murdoch; thence north 40 ehaius,
more or less; thence all around the
island, back to point of commencement.
Thomas Joyce, Applicant.
W. Murdoch, Agent.
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week on business,
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nl Ward and Harris.
Harrj s Mather, proprietor of the
Windsor, hotel. Fori Steele, is visit
Ing in thc Nicola I.nko district.
Ayrshire milk Irotn Hillside Dam
contains tho moat perfectly balanced
form of food obtainable l-tl
.lohn Mitchell, the taxidermist,
ami H. s. Garret I drove ovei lo
Fori Steele Wednesday afternoon.
Ila\e you seen Fmk's grocery bar-
gain counter,
Mt Tbos, Christian has recently
Imported a trio of choice Silver Grey
Dorking chickens from Ontario,
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ami Manning, 3-2t
Store closed Friday afternoon next
week. Stocktaking.—Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd,
Leslie J. Bruce, 'inspector of
schools for East Kootenay, was in
the city this week.
Don't fail to see the white sewing
machine in Fink's window.
Tne next game of hockey in the
city league will he between the C.p.
It. and the Hovers on next Wednesday evening at Arena rink.
Store closed Friday afternoon next
week. Stocktaking.—Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Choice eating and cooking apples at
Ward and Harris.
Scottle Burns, an old timer of
Fort Steele, came in on Sunday from
Athalmer, where he has been lor the
past two years.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Don't fail to see the white sewing
machine in Fink's window.
The offices of the Corwin-Bruce Investment company on Hanson avenue
[were closed this week, Mr. t'orwin
leaving for Vancouver.
Pimento cheese at Fink's Pure
Food Grocery.
It. W.    Henry, representing    Hunt
and Darling, went to Sirdar on Won-
j day, spending several days west      "f
the city on business.
120.00 dinner sets at 118.00 What
Ea snap.—Campbell and Manning. -t-.lt
Maurice Qualn left this week lot
Medicine Hat to take charge ol bis
growing business there. He expects
to remain there Indefinitely making
occasional visits here.
Cleaning and pressing neatly and
quickly done.—Fink Mercantile »''»
w. F. McFarlane left Wednesday lor
Victoria to attend the minimi con
voutlqn of the Vgrtcultural Associations of Hritish Columbia, being a
delegate from Cranbrook Agricultural
Now is tbe time when a dollar can
work overtime nl Fink Mercantile
Co., Ltd.
Mrs. (iarrett. mother of Mr C. B.
Garrett, win. has been in town lor
Several weeks past, visiting hef son,
has loft   for Ihe   coast, where      she
Will remain for some time.
Cleaning ami pressing neatly and
quickly done.—Fink Mercantile Co.
S. Macdonald left the first of thc
week for Victoria to attend the Central Farmers' Institute as delegate
from the Cranbrook Farmers' Institute.
Lea Garden preserved fruits put up
in sealed glass jars, extra nice.—
Campbell and Manning. 3-3t
A masquerade ball will be given at
the Auditorium on Wednesday evening, January 2»th. Prizes will be
given for first and second best fancy
costume and first and second best
comic costume. Masks must be
raised on entering.
(Meaning ami pressing neatly an.]
quickly done.—Fink Mercantile Co.
Basil G. Hamilton ami Mr. Brady,
of Invermere, are visitors in the
city today. Mr. Brady formerly resided here, being connected with the
C.P.R. land department.
Rax-awa Ceylon lea 35c, 50c, and
60e. per pound at Ward and Harris.
A. M. Sneddon, who has been clerk
at the Cosmopolitan hotel, has accepted a position with the Qualn
Electric company. His place at tbe
Cos. has been filled by Mr. Conrad,
of Movie.
Don't fail to see the white smv.'ng
machine in Fink's window.
i ,
The lirst hockey game of the season
and the city league occurred at the
Arena rink last night, when thc
Arena rink team defeated the C.P.R.
team 5—0. Tlie game was very
interesting. Games in the city league will be played once each week.
Meet me at Bob's Plaee.
Purity, cleanliness ami high food
value are tlie points we emphasize at
Hillside Dairy. l-tf
Rev. .1. P, West man, ol Calgary,
field secretary tor young people's
societies ami Sunday schools, of the
Methodist church for Alberta and
Hritish Columbia, conducted both
morning and evening services at the
Methodist church last Sunday. On
Monday evening he delivered a very
interesting address in tyie church on
the theme "Across the Continent."
"(i rimes Golden" sweet apples at
Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
W, M. Hay, of Fcrnie, general
manager of tbe 11 Market company
was in the city last week and completed the purchase of the business of
the Central Meat Market, including
tlie stock belonging to the former
proprietor, A. .lolfffe. The transfer
Of tho business will occur on February 1st.
Mrliimtdiliti and Ciinaila Carriage Co.'s make
Cull and Ret our Prices
The Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd.
Now is Uie time when a dollar can
work overtime at Fink Mercantile
Co., Ltd.
Thc fancy diess carnival &i the
Arena rink on Monday night is attracting considerable Interest and a
big crowd is sure to attend There
will be prizes for best ladies' and
gents', girls' and boys and comic
costumes. The city band will tie in
i Cue Hillside Dairy milk for that
young hopeful in your house unit give
him a proper start in life. i-tt
Leave your orders ft r cream at
Fink's Pure Food Grocery,
Among the delegates lo the Fort
Steele convention of the Associated
Boards of Trade of South Fast Kootenay, was Mr. Geo. I). Buchanan,
of Kaslo, a former president. Il is
some time since .Mr. Buchanan Ims
taken any active part in public affairs, ami his return to the work in
which he had hitherto displayed such
great Interest was a very pleasant
feature of the session. In the course\
of proceedings Mr. Buchanan entertained and Instructed all present,
with several illuminative addresses
upon questions under discussion'.
The Veterans' Brigade will give a
whist drive and dance at Carmen's
hall on Saturday evening, February
1st, for the benefit of the Veterans'
relief fund.
B. H. Short this week sold a business lot and building on Armstrong
avenue to Mr. Klmslie, a recent arrival from Scotland. The new proprietor is a brother-in-law of AiUgUS
Morrison and will engage in some
business in his new property, Mr.
Short will move his painting and
wall [taper business into another
Don't fail to see the white sewing
machine in Fink's window.
Del Monte preserved fruits in gold
lined tins—very line—at Fink's Pure
Thc Cranbrook Lawn Tennis club
are holding their annual dance at
the Masonic hall on Wednesday evening, January 2Hh. Dancing from
10 till 2. Tickets may he obtained
from any member of the committee,
Messrs. Gurd, Darling, Beale, Cocta,
Dr. Bell and Raworth or at the
Store closed Friday afternoon next
week. Stocktaking.—Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd.
FOR SALF.-Well matched team,
mares, weight 800 each; age 7 and
8 years; very gentle; ride or drive.
Apply to W. N. Stewart, Gateway,
B.C. 3-it
Cleaning and pressing neatly and
quickly done.—Fink Mercantile Co.
T. Corner Jones came in Sunday
from Windermere. He is manager
for .Lis. L. McKay, and is running
an automobile stage from Cranbrook
to Golden, selling town lots and
fruit lands, ami conducting a light
and power company. He says he
manages to keep busy. After shaking bands here Monday he returned
via automobile.
Store closed Friday afternoon nexl
week. Stocktaking.—Flhtt Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Hillside Dairy is always open for
inspection as to feeding, milking or
handling the milk. 4-tf
Wm. Bartholomew, of Wycliffc, a
pioneer resident and farmer, was in
Ihe city today and reports a very
prosperous season. He has disposed
of over $3(lll worth of eggs during;
the winter mouths. His liens have
been laying remarkably well. lie
keeps three hundred line White Leghorn birds, besides seventeen Indian
Buhner thoroughbred ducks, He had
been farming for the past nine years
ami reports the past year the most
profitable be lias experienced.
Tbe Fink Mercantile Co. have arranged for regular shipments of
"Laurentin Cream" in pint bottles.
This is pure, fresh cream, homogenized.    Price will be 80c. pint net.
Bargains tbat you can't afford to
miss in china, crockery and glassware.— CampbelI and Mann.ng. 3-2t
The funeral of the late .1. S.
Brake took place last Friday afternoon. There was a very large attendance. Following Ihe hearse ami
tlie chief mourners came to Masonic
brethren, of which order deceased
was a respected member, next came a
very big turn out of tbe members of
the Brotherhood of Railway Carmen,
followed by a long string of carriages. Tbe funeral service took
place at Christ church, Rev. E. P.
Flewelling officiating, Undertaker
Macpherson had charge ot the arrangements. After tbe church service,' the long procession wended its
way to the cemetery, where the Itev.
E. P. Flewelling performed the lust
rites of the church and the Masonic
service was read by Bros. Wilson
'and Dr. Miles Tbe whole ceremony
{was very impressive and constituted
a splendid last testimony to the
'merits ot the deceased.
An English Chemist Has
Discovered How to
Grow Hair.
In England the ladies have entirely
abandoned wearing rats, which is due
entirely to this new discovery.
It has been proven that Henna
leaves contain the Ingredients that
will positively grow hair. That they
contain this long looked for article is
proven every day.
The Americans are now placing on
the market a preparation containing
the extract, from Henna leaves, which
is having a phenomenal sale.
This preparation is called SALVIA
and is Iwing sold with a guarantee to
cure dandruff and to grow hair in
abundance. Being daintily perfumed,
SALVIA makes a most pleasant hair
dressing. The Cranbrook Drug ty.
Book) Co., your druggist, is the lirst
to import this preparation into Cranbrook ami a large, generous bottle
can l>e purchased for 50c.
Tlie last Gazette contains the following announcement: Herbert C.
Rayson, of the city of Alborni to 11.
government agent at Golden; rep, s*
4rar of voters lor the Columbia olec-
I oral district; gold commissioner;
assistant commissioner of lands;., and
stipendiary magistrate for the counties of Yale and Kootenay. Magistrate under the "Small Debts Court
Act" for the Golden ami Windermere
Mining divisions; court of revision
and appeal for thc Golden Assessment
district; water recorder for the Gulden Water district; and recording of-
fk'cr for thc Columbia Cattle district from the lfrtti of January, 1913.
Frank Murphy, of the Boatblc-Mur-
phy Co., has been confined to bis I, d
for the past week with lagiippc, bul
is around again and feeling bettor.
Fifty 10-plece toilet sels in dainty
patterns, Regular $3.60. Sellers at
$2.50.—Campbell and Manning.     3-2t
Vlneland solid pack tomatoes in 3
It. sanitary tins; B (ins for 58c. at
Fink's Pure Food Grocery,
Ask anyone using Hillside Dnlrj
milk what they think of it. I ll
WANTKD.-Girl for general house
worv. Apply to Mrs. I. K. Man
ning, Garden avenue. 1 it
WANTED.—Experienced cook and
nurse. Apply Mrs. Harold Darling,
city. I-It
FOR SALF.-Barrcd Hock cockerels; thoroughbred; large birds; $3.00
each.—P. O. Box 396. 3-2t*
WANTED.—A general servant. Apply Mrs. G. A. Lei ten, Armstrong
Ave. 3-tf
HOUSE FOB RENT.—A five roomed modern cottage; bath room; summer'kitchen. Apply Mrs. T. Ecolcs,
city. l-tf
Tlie annual meeting of the Overaei
club will be held in the Carmen
hail on Tuesday, January 28th i
8 p.m. precisely, for the purpose i
electing officers for the coming yea
As this is a very Important cli
meeting every member is urged ■
put in an appearance next Tucsdi
Members kindly keep this event!
A delightful dancing party was
given at the Auditorium on Friday
evening, .January 17th, by the Ancient Order of Foresters in celebration of the ninth annual birthday of
their organization in Cranbrook. A
large crowd attended ami enjoyed the
popular pastime until early morning.
Guerard's orchestra of seven pieces
furnished the music, which was unusually good and gave entire satisfaction.
A good supper was served hy a
committee of ladies, consisting of
Mrs. J. Whittaker, Mrs, .!. Draper,
Mrs. I. Heigh, Mrs. J. Bird, Mrs. 1.
Laurie ami Mrs. G. Col well. All
pronounced the report furnished as
sumptuous and the ladies were complimented on their efforts. The
guests had a very enjoyable lime until I a.m.
1.   B, Pettigrew,  a   local   0 IMI.
ibrakeman, and Miss Pauline Dorn-
hush, of Minnesota, were married at
the Methodist parsonage at 8 o'clock
on Wednesday evening, by Itev. W
|E. Dunham. Witnesses were Mis
Mary Parkins and Pete Matheson
The newly married couple will reside here.
John A. Jones and Miss Margaret
Gladys Bettbow were, married at the
manse in this city on Wednesday,
'January 15th, by Rev. W. K. Thorn
| son, pastor of the Presbyterian
church. The groom is employed
by a sawmill company near this city
and they will reside there
Archil- Waller, tho well known
j builder and contractor, -if this city,
was married to Miss Jessie Kli/aU't).
Chtlds at the home of Mr and Mrs,
E. A. Hill, on Garden avenue, on
Wednesday evening, January 22nd, hy
Radical Reductions
Every one of the following bargains are very
special—price concessions that are rare. You
should give them your particular attention
All Ladies' ami Children'
Hats mi
Suits and Coats
A  reduction   on   all
Ladies'and Children's
Suits A- fonts.   i/j Off
A i^rcat sacrifice of every fur [Mistook.   Tbey are being soiil aboul
Wo do not wntit a single bv
loft in stock. At the prices v
asking they are moving i|u
See for yourself.
All kinds Silk, Messnliue, Dp'
laine, Lawn. Lustre, Net, lite,
at exceptionally low prices.
A special clearing of Men's
Shirts. Regular $1,85,$1.50,
$1,76 values,
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stoics
■MBaTaMHalMaMUa'JaaMBa^HKK^. i .
********************** **********************
Imperial Bank of Canada j
6.620,000 00
D. R. VVILK1E, Prwiplent.
Accounts of Corporations. Municipalities. Merchants
Farmers aud Private Individuals invited.
Drafts anil Letters of Credit issued available in any 1-iart of
the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT — Special attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of Jl.nO and
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
Rev. W. K. Thomson, pastor ol the
Presbyterian ohurcb. Alter a brief
honeymoon the newly married couple
will take up their residence in this
city, Doth aie well known and have
a large circle of friends who join in
best wishes and congratulations.
Joseph Patmore, ol Cranbrook,
was married at the residence ol W.
Mount, 918 Kootenay street, Nelson,
i»n Monday. January 20th, to Miss
Fannie Tillie Dick, of Nanaimo, by
Rev. A. K, Smith. The happv
couple will spend their honeymoon at
the eoa.st.
Local curlers are practising daily
and are enthusiastic in their preparations for the forthcoming second animal bonspiel which will be held on
tin- Cranbrook ice nn February 3rd,
WIS. There will be four open com*
petitions and consolation, besides individual prizes, for each event. Ar
rwigOincnts are being made for the
entertainment ol the visiting rinks.
which arc expected from all towns
in the Crows Nest Pass. Tlie <M\
II, has granted a special passenger
rate (or this event
The annual congregational moating
of Knox Presbyterian church was
held in the church on Wednesday
evening, the 22nd inst. and was well
attended bj tho mem-bets and adherents,    A very gratifying feature   <»i
Ihe report ot the hoard ol managers
was the announcement that the
mortgage on the church building has
been completely paid of! and that
tho church property is now tree Of
debt. The managers staled that it
was due verj largely to the splendid
assistance they received from the
ladies ol the crmgwgatfon that they
were able to secure the necessary
funds. It is well known, however,
thai ibe managers themselves were
untiring iu their efforts throughout
tbe year and lire meeting voiced their
appreciation of tlie result aehfovod.
Cranbrook Kindergarten
K,l«.-,t,l Slr.»i
Oftttetad TwuliPr. S. I,,..,l B'd  l„r l.pplid.nj
H-pon loto 13   '.'•.. i
TBR1I8   »:!.-.  forfMl aarts
Thc reports of the various oi#.ni/.-
atioris of the church showed substantial progress notwithstanding tbe
unavoidable interrupt ion in the
church work caused bj the change <->(
ministers during tbe xear li is felt,
however, that with all tbe organizations more fullv equipped much
greater progress will he made during
tbe coming year.
The following were the tiDIn rs
Hoard of Managers—Mesiri P Dezall, II. White, W. \, S'lsbet, W. E.
Wordeo, S. Taylor. I-, M Macpherson, II. II. McUure.
Treasurer—Tf. White.
Congregational Sen tar) -W. A.
Envelope Secretary—K, M Wao-
I shers—Messrs. Laurie, M< rowan,
Bdthle, Oascol, H .Stephens, W.
Nelson and Kernle arc icheduled to
play two fast games .it Kernle next
.Monday and Tuesday nights. The
Nelson team are the champions of
West Kootenay and Pernio champions of Kast Kootenay? and these
contests promise to be decidedly
warm, und to settle tbe championship of tho Kootenays Mr Dunlop,
the manager of the Pernio team, re-
(inests that Cranbrook visitors notify
him In advance and he will arrange
the games so thai visitors can catch
the (Iyer back After the game, THE   OBANBROOK   HERALD
News of the District
(Special correspondence).
Mr.     Whitley   called at Cranbrook
on Thursday to see the doctor.     We
are sorry that Mr. Whitley does   not
improve more rapidly
to attend
high school
Miss llavill,
a   businesss
Mr.    Hawthorne.
if Cranbrook, was on
'ip lo town Thursday
of the Hudson':
Hay company, ol    Nelson, was doing
business in town Thursday.
The skating at the rink is becoming more and more appreciated by
the people as the season advances.
Kverybnc is welcome. So do not
stay away
Mr,   Bradley,    ol   tbo  Cranbrook l
Jobbers ^^■^■■■■■■^■^.^■i
(for   Calgary
last week. j
I   lias anybody here seen Riley? I
I ,Ino, A. Hrooks, U. S. customs department, Gateway, was iu lOlko today on official business.
,   Travellers  and   train   jumpers arc i
(locking   into   Elko now, like lumber
jacks to a purple whisky,
j The yolb ol an eg^ will polish
leather furniture, but at present
prices it is cheaper to buy new furni
In Montreal, milkmen are fined if
they don't have clean hands. That
would be a good law to apply to law
makers too.
Tbe Cranbrook Jobbers sold a carload of groceries in Elko last week.
Mrs. Fred Roo is In Elko Irom the
doing business in town'Roosvlllo Valley, coming via     O-ate-
Frlday last.
It II Italian was in Pernio Thursday on business.
Mr. Fred l.eard was taken to the
hospital Friday suffering Irom pneumonia.
Mr. tlaydcn Mollis was in t'ran-
brook on Friday last.
Alfred Johnson wus in Cranbrook
Saturday Inst.
Mrs.   Louis     Lai sun and Mrs
Sprajjuo   wore in   Cranbrook on Fri-
day shopping.
The hockey match Sunday after-
■noon was a Very rou^b afTuir. Every
player seemed to tbink that lie had
Mie only grievance. The game ended
lliree all and IIh- rasult was indicative ui" tlie play on both sides from
all points.
Mrs. Otto    Wisner was a      Cranbrook visitor on Saturday.
Mr.    Roy     Anderson   accompanied
Muble to   Spokane,     where  he   will
complete his education.
Arthur l.uutl was in Cranbrook Saturday-
Mr. Lessc) Young, ot Crescent Valley, B, C, has accepted the position
as filer at the mill for the coming
season. lit is moving into the
Irouse formally occupied by Mr. Murray on laurier avenue.
Miss Florence Herlc is assisting at
the post office.
Mrs. P. Luctcr, Mrs. P. I.ueier and
Mrs. (ialTncy very kindly entertained
the children of the Band ol Hope on
Wednesday afternoon. Nothing is
too gotHi for tlie children, so Mrs.
Lucler says,
Mr. Whitley, of Oalloway, spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Burgess.
Mr, Walter Mogoon called on friendti
in town Sunday. Mac is foreman at
camp 5, C.P.U. Mrs. Magoon is in
camp enjoying lite as usual,
B. E, Markle was a visitor to
Cranbrook Monday on business.
Mr. and Mrs James Bates, of
Hull River, were at Cranbrook Monday.
t\ II Smith and Mr. Lessclyoung
were in Cranbrook Monday on business.
Mrs. IV Heric left on Monday for a
holiday with hei son, Fred Heric, of
Mrs. V A. Wallinger, of Cranbrook, was a visitor at V. E. Mac-
kinder's tor a day or so.
Mrs. R. H. Roharl has been very
siek for souie days. Al present
writing she is doing very nicely.
Mr. Sadler, formerly with the C.
I'. R. office department at Bull River, has accepted ;, position with Ihe
company's office force.
Mr. Graham Donahoe was in Cranbrook Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mrs. P. Lucler entertained her
Sunday .school class last Fridai afternoon, from 3 to f> p.m. al her
borne on Laurier avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Leask were
Cranbrook visitors this week.
We may our faults alright, alright,
but letting thc grass grow under out
feet is not one of them.
The Walnut Valley and Skookum-
chllk specials allow passengers BO
minuu-s for dinner at Elko.
"You're a line sort of a husband,
you are," said a Baynes Lake lady
the other day. "Before we were
married you promised me we would
live in a 'browu stone front' with
hardwood floors, porcelain bath
tubs, Persian rugs, bric-a-bTac. 1
often think of your promises when I
sit in the wash tub."
Mrs. J. Thomson, of the Columbia
hotel, attended the funeral of D,
Patton last week
The Elko Lightnings played     tttel
third   match ot the season ou Saturday afternoon, Oalloway being      the
visitors.     The home team put up
We promise you that, if your hair
is falling out and you-have not let it
go too far, you can repair the damage already done by using Rexall
"93" Hair Tonic, with persistency
and regularity, for a reasonable
length of time. It is a scientific,
cleansing, antiseptic, germicidal pre-
i paration, that destroys microbes,
[ stimulates good circulation around
tbe hair roots, promotes hair nourishment, removes dandruff and acts
to restore hair health- It is pleasant to use as pure water, and is
delicately perfumed. It is a real
toilet necessity.
We want you to try Rexall "93"
Hair Tonic with our promise that it
will cost you nothing unless you are
perfectly satisfied with its use. It
comes in two sizes, prices 50c. and
$1.00 Remember, you can obtain
Rexall Remedies in this community
only at our store—Tbe Rexall Store,
Beat tie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
which tbey also cashed, but could
get no satisfaction from the man it
was drawn upon.
Cranbrook     I.wiRe,
No. 34
A.F.  & A.  91.
Regular meetings on
the   third   Thursday
ol every mouth.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
D. J. McSweyn, W.M.
J. S. Peck, Secretary.
Chicago, -Ian. 21.—The American
league brought out its heaviest battalions last week, and captured
Frank Chance. The former Chicago
National league team's manager, was
signed to manage the New York
American league club at a salary and
interest which amounts to $120,000,
for three years which he signed—the
largest amount ever paid to a baseball player. OI this sum 175,000 is
salary and the remainder the estima-
v | ted value of five per cent of the net
earnings of the club.
The terms,   learned from an      au
thoritative   source, though not ofli-
much better show than they did"last'daily announced, include for Chance
With  thc aid   of    C.-H.   » contract to manage thc club
Itowc, at Point, and R. .1. Rake, the
"sale" from the good old Rank of
Kngland in goal, things in general
wore a much brighter aspect. The.
game emded in favor of Galloway.,
■i—2, but     the   local   fans expressed
-^—x™ tor
three years at $25,000 a year and
live per cent of the club's net earnings for the three seasons. Thc
latter, it is believed, will amount to
$15,000 annually, perhaps, more.
Chance will assume active manage-
themselves as well satisfied with the 'ment of the team February 11, when
result, and have again started "talk- he will reach New York to attend
ing" hockey in earnest. Prospects the American league meeting. He will
bright for a really good fasti then arrange tbe details for the
game when next the Lightnings mecjt, training trip. The New York club
Waldo. I will have its spring work-out in Her-
Lack of   money is the only,    thing 'muda, where Farrel! has engaged    a
(Ry Fred Roo).
"Though deadly germs in kisses hide,
E'en at the price the cost Is small;
TIs better to have kissed and died,
Than never to have kissed at all "
Mr. aud Mrs. Abbott, of Gateway,
way. passed through Elko on their
way to Nelson, returning Friday,
Mr. -las. Miller, manager for the
Pal Rums company, of Fernie, was
in Elko this week offering special
prices on bacon and bams that had
only been fried once.
Mrs. Davis, from the Isle of Cinder, heeds, Yorkshire, near England,
is visiting Mrs. T Leask, Knob Hill,
Fred. W, Swain, Cranbrook'x popular insurance a^ent, was in Elko last
week doing business.
Hughlo Rarr, champion two-handod
accordin plaver, and solrist, was in
Elko this week.
■lack Tanner, the "He Lily" ot the
W. H. Malktn company's selling staff
was in Elko this week, .lack has
thv "Hibernian" gilt of the nab, and
a sweetly persuasive smile. His jellies always jell,   but his smile     you
Is visit-
_^___^ lt   is »11
right, but the lawyer finds there is
more money in defending the guilty,
American papers say that President
Taft shook seven thousand hands on
New Voar's day, which seems to include practically everyone who voted
for him.
Masters Roy and Harvov Joyce,
sons ol Mr. and Mrs   R. -lover,   left
which keeps a great many people
from making fools of themselves.
The people of Fernie can look with
pleasure for the next year to having
the gates ajar.
Harry Oldham shipped two tens oi
lire clay to Chicago last week. The
fact that the big American Steel
companies are moving into Canada
is making a big demand for this
Tom Prentice, the popular manager
of Femie's leading wholesale house,
was doing a big business in Elko
Monday for his firm.
Contractor Bernard, of Baynes, was
ii Elko Monday.
Rig Jim McKee, who is building
tlie high level bridge at Wasa, spent
the week-end with his family at
Kilmarnock Castle, College avenue,
can't l
the   innoce
Invcrmcre, B.C., Jan. 22.—The first
annual meeting since incorporation, ot
the Windermere District Agricultural
association was held last week at
.Uhalmer. The business of the
past year was placed before the meeting in tlu* report of Mr, Ed. Tun-
naclflfc, the association's secretary-
treasurer. The financial standing as
therein .set out was a very satisfactory one, showing that alter the
payment ol all expenses in connection with the lair ot last year that
there still remained a surplus ot
three hundred dollars In the bank to
thc credit of thc association's general account. Mr. Tunnaclifie, after
making his statement, said that it
was with regret that he found that
the demands of the work on his time
were greater than he could give to
the association and that be would
not be eligible for re-appointment to
the position of secretary-treasurer—
manager. This information was received with great regret.
The annual election ol officers resulted in the appointment it Harold
E. Forster, M.PP-, and It, Randolph Bruce, CD., F.R.S., as hon-
ary presidents, for the ensuing year.
The other persons elected to hold office were: President, James Johnston; vice-president, Samuel Hrewer;
secretary, Alexander (i. Cutlvbert;
treasurer, Captain I. II. G. White;
directors, Judge Stalker, E. Mallan-
daine, Frank Richardson, Joseph
Lake, Edward Hoar, John Jones.
Mr, A. G. Cuthbert was also elected mjW by the accused
to uct as delegate tor the association I
at tlie annual Central Agricultural
association meeting which takes
place next week at Victoria, B. C
An especial efforts will be made this
year to hold the local exhibition during the first week in September. No
pains will be spared to keep up tbe
high district standard which Ihe association has already established. A
handsome bonus was passed in favor
of Mr, Tunnacliffe at the close of the
meeting to evidence the hearty appreciation it the association for his
f.blc  management
ricket field
for the diamond    prac-
True lo promise, the publishers ot
the Family Herald and Weekly Star
of Montreal have vastly improved
that already great paper during thc
past few months. It is said several
new editors have been added to thc
start, and still greater improvements
are contemplated. The beautiful picture, "Mother's Treasures." is in
great demand. Everyone who sees
it wonders how such a picture can
be given with such a great paper at
one dollar a year. It is the best
dollar's worth to be had, and those
who miss it will regret it. Old subscribers should see that their renewal
subscription is sent at once to guarantee the picture.
London, Jan. M.—More than $25,-
000,000 in landed estates, many of
them dating back to Cromwell's
time and (he majority of them belonging to the nobility, have been
forced into the market in the past
year by tlie new -parliamentary policy of breaking up the land into
small farms for the benefit ot the
tenant farmers und laboring classes.
The Earl of Ilchester's "Red
Lynch" place in Somerset county,
one of those sold, wns mentioned in
Dome's Day Book in 1085-1081) and
it was once the home or Sir Stephen
Fox, one »! the founders ot Chelsea
hospital, who lived iu six reigns. At
one end ot the place is Colt Maws,
where King Alfred is said to have
Another of the estates disposed of,
Finedon Hall, in North Hants, has
on it the Bell Inn, whose license,
dated 1042, is the oldest in England.
Breastan Plaee, in Kent, goes back
to Edward II. Napoleon III once
dwelt there. The Earl of Cran-
brook's place at Hemsted, in Kent,
was named in a charter granted by
K>ing Ethelred in 993. Queen Elizabeth stayed there and some centuries
later the famous .beauty, Kitty
Fisher, was a tenant.
Other, estates that have "gone" are
those of Earl Howe, the Duke of
Sutherland, the Marchioness of Graham, thc Earl of Stradbrake, Lord
Delamere, Lord Bradbourne, Lord
Dimsdale, Lady Men/.ies and Lord
and Lady Knaresborough.
All ot the estates have brought
high prices, even up to $300 an acre,
considerably higher than good farming land commands in the United
States; and the noble lords are gen-
Tally considered to have made a
good thing out ot the crusade against
medieval paternalism in land tenures.
On some ot    the estates are entire
Wages, which were owned as absolutely by some lord in "free England" as the settlements in Russia
and Austria and Hungary are possessed for centuries by the royal nobles
of those countries. These English
villages had been entailed from generation to generation. Now they are
actually and literally free of noble
Millions of dollars thus realized
from the sale ot estates under the
Day and George crusade have been
invested in American securities,
which pay a better rate or interest
than farms or dwellings.
Hut for thc immense rents paid by
American millionaires tor grouse and
deer shooting places in Scotland and
in the Nortb ot England, those places,
also would be broken up into small
dairy and sheep farms.
Ckesuent Lodge No. U.i
Cranbrook, U. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
N. S. Houston, 0,0.
F. A. Stride, K. ot U. & S,
Visiting brethren   cordially invited
to attend.
Lethbrldge, Jan. 21.—Through information communicated to the local
police by the chief ol police of Cranbrook, Van Hemert, a homesteader
near Altorado, was yesterday arrested by mounted police at Warner,
and brought to the city last night.
Chief Cory Dow, ot the Cranbrook
police, arrived in the city this morn
ing to take tbe prisoner back to that
city to stand trial.
While in the city Hemert posed as
a real estate agent, selling lands for
a Wolverton company, of Nelson, R.
('. Throughout the summer he was
a familiar sight on the streets and
was well known in the business section ot the city, having lived at tbe
Alexandra hotel while here.
It is alleged that while endeavoring
to finance himself through his difficulties be made the mistake of Issuing forged checks, one ot which led
to his undoing. It is also charged
that while selling real estate here he
heat a lot of his friends, although
the extent of his transactions of this
nature is not fully known to the police us yet. Two or three cases,
however, have been reported, one of
them a pitiable one ot a lady in this
city, who, it is understood, lost all
her money     through a deal consum-
It is likely that alter Hemert has
stood trial at Cranbrook he will be
brought back to Lothbridge, where
further charges ot obtaining money
under false pretenses will be preferred against him.
It was because of an attempt to
defraud Messrs. Campbell and Man.
ning that Cory Dow was put on
Hemert's tracks. Hemert had previously got Messrs. Campbell and
Manning to cash some cheques of
his, which proved O.K. Then he
came along    with a   draft for IMA,
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Spokane, Wash.
:nt no. n.
Moots first  and    third Wednesdays
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Officers July 1st to December 31st.
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Creery ol Cranbrook, 11. C-, occupation clerk, intends to apply for permission to purchase thc following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southwest corner of Lot 656 G.
I., thence west 80 chains, thence
north 20 chains more or less to the
south boundary of Lot 1235 G. I.,
thenco east to chains to the southeast
corner ol Lot 1235 G. I., Kootenay:
District, thenee north 20 chains,
thenco east 20 chains, thence south
20 chains to the point ol commencement, containing 200 acres more or
George S. McCrecry.
Stewart Morris, Agonl.
Dated 16th ol Dccember.Hlia.
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Companions of tne Forest.        »
Meets in Carmen's Hall 2nd and 4th
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p.m. sharp.
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apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at u post planted
about 21) chains in a westerly direction trom the north-west corner of
T. L. 11575; thence 80 chains west,
more or less, to thc east boundary of
lot 8281; thenco north 40 chains,
more or less, to the south boundary
of lot 0238; thence east 10 chains,
more or less, to the northwest corner of lot 92.11; thence south 40
chains, more or less, to the southwest corner of lot 02,14; thence east
80 chains, more or less, to tho point
line north of the point of commencement; thence sliuth 10 chains, more
or less, to tho point ot commencement, containing 200 acres, more <
John Stanley Feck.
Dated November 23rd, 1912.    49-9t
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(Special correspondence)
found any policy except to prevent
the constructive work of the Liberals
from going on.
naval service, etc," and Mr. Borden
led the opposition in unanimously
concurring with that resolution.
No time was lost in acting upon it.
The naval bill was presented next *-^^^^^^—^^^^^^^^^^^^—
year providing for the "speedy" con- ( Rt- Hon. Winston Churchill, in the
.struction of a powerful nucleus for imperial parliament, March 20th,
the eventual Canadian fleet. Tenders 1912—"Britain's most 'urgent need at
were called and the contract could the present time is an increase in
have been awarded before the 21st of the number of her torpedo destroy-
September,   1811, in  full accordance 'era."
with the will of parliament and tile j Rt. Hon. R. L. Borden in the Ca-
pcople, but in view cf the coming nadtau parliament, December 5th,
election Sir Wilfrid Laurier, with his  1912— "The total   cost of three such
Ottawa,    Jan.     20.—During   seven
years of   Liberal administration    iu        ,............,.,.,._,.,.,.,._..._._____._
England    the     British national debt. Icustomary    strict   interpretation   of
has been   reduced by £03,000,000 ac-   constitutional ethics, considered
cording to a statement recently made [proper to wait until the people    bad
by Lloyd    Cleorge, the   chancellor of 'spoken.
the exchequer, in the British house of I The change of government followed;
commons. This means a reduction [and what became of "speedy" Mr.
of debt of about $15,000,000 a year, ! Hcrden? The practical naval pro-
or $10,000,000 a year more than the gramme be had demanded in 1909,
Borden "emergency" donation. In ad- 'reposed under tlie dust of a cabinet
dition to this during the past three pigeon hole. The tenders were left
years the British government has unheeded although their preparation
provided for an extra expenditure of jhad entailed great expense ami labor;
£13,600,000 on thc navy, over and | Then "speedy" Mr. Borden had an
above the   ordinary programme     of inspiration.        After   lying    in the
believe thai we must find
permanent co-operation in naval defence, and that any such basis must
afford to the Overseas Dotmnh ns an
adequate voice in the moulding and
control of foreign policy."
And again: "I have alluded to the
difficulty ol Gliding an acceptable
basis upon' whieh the great Dominions co-operating with the mother
country in defence can receive and as-
: sert an adequate voice in the control
und moulding  ol   fi reign policy
. 1 am assured by his majesty's government thai, pending a final solution of the question of voice and influence they would welcome the presence in London oi a Canadian minister during tbe whole or portion ol
each year."
Rt. Hon. Lewis Harcourt, Imperial
secretary of slate for the colonies, in
official despatch to H.R.H. the gov-
einor-generul, .lunuaty 0th: "Mr.
Asduilli aud 1 had subsequently several conversations with him (Premier
Borden) at which be expressed the desire that the Canadian and other
Dominion ministers who might he In
London as members of the commlitre
of imperial defence should receive in
confidence knowledge of the policy and
proceedings ol the imperial govern
ment in foreign and other affairs. We
pointed out to him thai the committee of imperial defence is a purely
advisory body and is not, and caw-
jH.t, under any circttmstances become
>a body to decide on policy, which is
ami must remain the sole prerogative
j of the cabinet, subject to the support of the house of commons."
| Premier Borden has repeatedly emphasized that his price for a perman-
I ent naval policy of cn-nperai ion with
the imperial govemmenl is that Uto
Canadian government should have "A
voice in shaping the policies of peace
or war."
The Imperial secretary of slate for
the colonies emphatically declares
that Ibis is matter of "policy is and
must remain the sole prerogative of
the cabinet, subject to Ihe support or
the house of commons."
Nothing could he more definite. Mr.
Burden is specitically denied a voice
as to policy which be demands before
venturing upon u permnnwil policy,
There is only one answer. To he
consistent he cannot produce a permanent policy-)probably he docs not
want to. That must mean tlie perpetuation of the. Nationalist-Tory
compromise of a contribution as a
species of permanent naval tribute.
the opposition) said thai lot a gener k'lestlod
atum the    Liberals bad been emulal    lo recoil
ing Sisyphus.     Thej  had rolli d
stone f,( the lop of the hill  tot
third time, but the cheers over
vote brought it down, this timt
the bottom. ^^L___
Once ' they     nave   Mr. Redmond a | 1
parliament  in Dublin he could alter il
in any way he pleased.
Compared with IKK*) and 1893, the
demand for Home Rule had decrefls
ed, while the hostility against il had
inleiisilied. The real demand came
from the Natlonalisl party, whieh
had eighty votes to sell. Tlie
Unionist party, he said, would remove that temptation when il gol
the chance by reducing the Irish representation al Westminster to just
proportions, Ho challenged Mr.
Birrell to say thai the hill could Ire
Imposed upon Clslor willuxil bloodshed,
"No rebellinn would he heller Justified," the opposition leader declared,
"The men of Ulster arc ready (o
give up their lives at ihe hands ol
the British soldiers, If the) shool
ilown a hundred in Belfast, two
thousand will be ready ne.vl day ' •
slmre their fate."
Mi. Birrell concluded the debate.
He regretted that, the opposition had
merely belittled the movement which
for years had been the son! of Inland. He challenged anyone to say
(hat. tlie present system of government could go on Indefinitely.
When the final debate on Ihe Homo
Rule hill was resumed in Ihe hollSQ
of commons this evening by Sir Jos.
\. A. Simon, thc solicitor-general,
there was   no! a   seal vacant, either
He thought   il would lead
at ion    nl' all the interests
ui slake   between   the North      and
South of Ireland.
| Regarding Hie financial provisions
ui tho bill, although they wore less
liberal than had been expeotod,   they
tn live lier daily life mide
agemont of those win, constitute
nothing but a disloyal faction This
and declare here, will
bill, I behe\
lie fatal to
'■land and  Kng-
battleships, which, when lauuctied,
will be the most powerful in the
world, will be approximately $35,-
000,000, and .we ask the people of
Canada through their parliament to
grant that sum to his majesty the
King of Great Britain and Ireland
and of the Overseas Dominions, in
order to increase the effective naval
forces of the empire, etc." B
Evidently   Mr. Borden understands j --.-—-
Britain's   needsi better ttian the first |nlLL PASsed  THIRD   READING
shipbuilding, dock construction, etc.— Torres Vedras of indecision and
an extra    expenditure in three years   dispute     between   Nationalists
lord of the admiralty
of $67,500,000, or almost twice the
amount of the Borden gift, which will
take, at least, three years to turn into ships.     And-during the same time
Tories he in 1312 underwent a transformation. The chrysalis ''speedy"
bloomed out into the butterfly "immediate."     Charged   with this
——^^^—^^—^—. Charged ^^^^^^^^
the Hritish government has paid its I mentous word Mr. Borden sailed
enormous naval expenditure complete- 'away to England, listened to whan
ly out of current revenue, while    the [the British
other European   nations, and notably [got that the Laurier naval plan  had ' jn England
Germany, have   financed    then nrma- j heen specifically agreed to by himself , was loaded
Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill in tho
imperial parliament, March 20th,
1912. "Our position at thc present)
time is a thoroughly satisfactory one
mo- j and I do not think there is any,
chance of its becoming unsatisfactory
n the future."
few months later      he
up    with, "emergency"
ment creation out of loans. tas to be "Along    tbe lines suggested |what the mother country needed   for
Canada's thirty-tlve millions     will |by the  admiralty    at tho last naval '
not cut n very imposing figure beside |conference."     And after listening   to
After a long, stern battle, the
Home Rule bill passed the British
house of commons last week by a
majority of 110. It was later read
for the first time in the house ol
^^^^^^^^^ i two dlvisioi
the lower house. Mr. Balfour's motion for its rejection was defeated
258 to 3GH,    while  the third reading
and demanded a $35,000,000 cboqtie as was carried   hy a vote of 367 to 257
member of each side having   left
on Ihe floor of the bouse or in        thfl
The solicitor-general's speech, liki
that of Rt. Hon. Feeder!
Smith's legal counter at lack, d
evoke any interest among Ihe
hers or the public, who were w
ti, hear Mr. John Keitmond, the
When Mr. Frederic* 13. Smith, l,|x<
Unionist lirebraud from Liverpool,
sat down and tbe Nationalist leatlei
rose, three rounds of (he parUamen
taiy equivalent ot » cheer was glve.i
"We oppose the exclusion of t Intel
from the Home Rule bill on several
grounds," said the Irish champion
"but the supreme objection is Mini
nothing would compensate the Nationalists for the mutilal'ion of their
Mr. Redmond then reiterated what
he had stated during the debate i n
the lirst reading of the bill, namely,
that the Nationalists accepted the
bill as the final solution of the vexed
ultimately to an end ami
uld be an opportunity ol revising them.
Mr Redmond declared thai the Nationalists refused to regard Watermen ns anything but brothers and be
invited them to join with the Nationalists in the emancipation and the
government of their country, He
went on-'
"I believe thai in spite of the house
of lords, Ihe Home Rule bill is going
to pass into law within the lifetime
of this parliament. The house of
lords, \w I'lnmv, is going lo throw it
out, bul, although the t< ids still
have teeth, they cannot bite."
Sir Edward Carson, who was ab-
seitl yesterday owing to the illness ot
Lady Cars&n,' resumed the opposition
onslaught (his afternoon.
"Tins bill," he declared to a
crowded and animated house, "is
pari <>f the most nefarious aud provoked conspiracy against civil and religious liberty that ever confronted a
free people. II means that the Liberal government if Britain would
compel    the     people of Ulster, what
ever their creed, to live under u constitution which they never had the
opportunity of voting upon and which
has never been submitted either to
them or to (he electors of (he Coiled
"Ireland, under the measure, would
he forced to accept what is admitted- ,
|   Belfast,
Jan.     10.—'
amis   of
and     mem
,i   the
Unionist cl
ubs    held di
rt ration si
outside    tl
le city hall l
it       and
burned    a
copy of the
bill,     There was much
ot     ro
vol vers, mo:
stly blaak «
tl l Mil
ses, but
one man wa
s shot in th
c bac
i. and is
in a critical
re   were
no further
disorders, h
M l'.i
rids par-
ly a subordinate   place in the       em
pile.      She     would    have to dissoh
partnership    with the richest      ex
tieijtier in the world and would ban
(Section   18]
that on the 15th da> ol February
next, application will be male to the
Superintendent of Provincial police
fur the grant of a license [or the
sale of liquor by wholesale in and
upon  the   premises  known    as   my
store     situate at Cranl ft, it   »' .
upon tin- land described ss Loi 24,
Block 89, Baker street, I ranbrook,
Dated this 16th day ol January,
\. i.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French NguUtOI: nvwt l.ii). These
pitta «re oMMoUVpi ,■■«<■'!' It) 'rcfvlatlnf Ihe
generative portion oltr.e feno.tr sv-iwt... Refuse
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"(,!-• SpMslil to Spokane
. Budtnui
us trrattllf
| BjVtioJ
ratm'ut  I'V
uur innil>l».
muil '
io da,
2io Howard St.
the British   ministers he calmly listed them what    ho should best do to
these huge sums, hut even that    will
have to be   financed by a loan,     because even it tor the sake of political Igjvo "immediate?" effective aid.     Nn-
etToel it tnaj be Inken oul ot revenue, I turally the admiralty gave tin- anew
it   will   mean   that bhe governmont Lr he hail  put into their mouths—al-'
must increase ils borrowing in other   though they     emphasized bis express I
lllrcctioils su that the result will    be) limitation—and back came Mr  Borden
the same     The $35,000,000 will    he Iloaded   down   with his "immediate" j
borrowed in   Ehgland, a ohoque hand-  solatium.       And the immediate    reed over In the British admiralty   and   Sl,u was that the Hon. Mr. Monk re-
then be followed by yearly tribute of |signed tils portfolio, while the      plan '
immediate  effective aid   to tide over
that emergency.
Perhaps it is fortunate tor Great
Britain that it is deprived of tho
services of simb a naval expert as Mr.
Borden on the admiralty.
interest  to English capitalists
If there is sueh an emergency tlu I
Mr. Burden must rush to borrow
185,000,000 t*i save the empire, how
is it that the British g, vernnicul hns
not also discovered the emergency,
ami Mislead (if Using its immense surplus funds tn meet it goes steadily
along using the money to pny off
debts while as steadily continuing its
permanent naval policy?
The more this emergency talk is
anal-, /ed the more palpable is the
truth of Sir Wilfrid Lnurier's statement in parliament that tbe empire
has not to fact1 an emergency but a
permanent condition. Sir Wilfrid
proposes to join in facing that condition along British lines by Creating a
new force—a Canadian navy ol real
CflcOttVe value Mi, Hiudeti proposes
to Ignore the condition and defer his
cabinet troubles hy emphasizing an
old Tory organ—Increase iu Canada's
national debt.
On March 89th, 1909, Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, after pointing out in his I
famous naval resolution thai the,
t'ime had conn- when Canada as it in |
creased In. wealth and numbers should
assume in larger measure the responsibility of national defenee, proceeded— "ihnt this bouse will cordially
approve of any necessary expenditure
was denounced by Nationalists out of
office and swallowed whole by. the
parliamentary Nationalists who pre
(erred portfolios and indemnities to
The "speedy" political acrobat in
opposition had no difficulty turning a
somersai.il t into the "immediate"
fiRiirr juggler after over a year's car-
Illation. It should not he difficult
for plain taxpayers to ji«lg« whieh
was the better—the, "speedy" follower of the Laurier policy of the Canadian navy or the "immodiate" destroyer of the Laurier policy and inventor of the cheque donation expedient.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier's proposition
for two fleet units, one for the Atlantic   and one tor tlie Pacific,    has
the bouse in the interval
l The result of the division was tor,
much of a foregone conclusion for a
tremendous demonstration, but Irish-
| men inside and outside of tlie house
did their best and, assisted by the
Liberals    and    Labor I tea,   gave the
j measure for which they hail worked
so long, a good scnd-ofT on its way to
the house of lords, where its fate is
certainly sealed.
I The division was preceded by another series of hrilliant speeches by
members, and    the veterans, Messrs.
' -lohn Itcdmond, Timothy Ilealy and
Rt. Hon. Augustine Birrell, chief
secretary tor Ireland. The house
was crowded throughout tire day. The
| Nationalists were only short one    of
their   full strength,   Mr.   .Joseph P,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Nannctti being prevented from attend-
.. - ' -   ling by a  paralytic  attack, which he
Hon. Dr. Roache has been appouvt-  Natlonflii8te|   who were  seldom able
Hon. Sydney Fisher at Granby,
Que., .January 3rd, 1913: "Today wo
are at tbe parting of tne ways. If the
Conservative idea of centralization
wins, good-by to the future growth
f the British empire, good-by to responsible government in Canada. We
rant responsible government in
Canada. We want responsible government and not the centralization
and despotism of Tory cranks."
ed chairman of    a cabinet committee
t>i i lie red today
Several of the older
• from Ireland   for  the
to consider the question' Ol amend- L„ ,, ...
I .....,..,„ , .... i to attend, c
rnents to the  Civil   Service Act, (ul-   , ,  ^
lowing Sit    George Murray's report. | '    ,      ,,  „„,, uhorit„| to,,
The first   work  ol    the    commlto I^     ,   ,„  ki     „,„ „,,, ,:n|o„.
might be to follow Sit George s   ad-  |s,s m)M ^ ,„ 1|p|nw tMr    ,otal
vlee and plaw, Uu outside seryiee un-1 strai^h     Tht    lk,vkv   „.t.rp   m^
det tbe  Civil    Service commission- L,^ »„„, ,0 „„,,,. ,,„;,,,       thc)s<.
and again it    might not. Whofl    the | „„,„„,„     mia   „1(.llK„,    „,1UU. ,„K.
senate is reformed by some more    nf -^.^ o[ „„, ,.,,,,„,, ^ „„. Hull,,„,
^^^^^^ Mr.     Borden's   "discredited    politi-
Ihmii criticised by th*- Tories as in cittns" m& ^fl Civil Service is cram-
odvancc of his own policy of UNO and nied with Tory camp followers, It
his position at previous imperial \.\\i lm time enough to consider other
confercnoes, Tbe criticism HliM-1 reforms. Meanwhile everv dav wil-
trotes the contrast between the tor- Desges fresh hatches of dismissals in
pid Conservatism of the true Tory different part of the country.
and the progressive instlnels ot Lib- a typical case is reported from Yar-
eratism.     Sir Wilfrid's resolution of]mouth,    N.    S., where  Mrs. M. C.
[ififllt, which preceded his naval construction, programme, set forth "This
j house fully recognizes the duty of
I tbe people of Canada us they increase in numbers and wealth to   as-
designed to promote the organization I ,    . ,.,
,     ,,      ., ,       ...     . sume in larger measure the responst-
of a Canadian   naval service in    co-  .....     .7,    ,   . ,      ,,      „,
.blllty of national   defence."       Since
11909 Canada's  wealth   has increased
to the Imperial navy, along the lines
suggested   hy the   admiralty   nt the
enormously—under tho policy formed
and ben. ilea tiled by the Liberals—and
ber trade has grown hy leaps and
hounds until this year it is around
the billion dollar mark. Naturally
Sir Wilfrid has progressed with the
He was accommodated tlme8 His nnval programme of*
by Sir Wilfrid, who amended his re- j il>t2 boars the same proportion to
solution to read: "To promote tlu* tho national resources as did that of
speedy organization   ol  a    Canadian,; ifli|9       The Tories   bave not      yett]
warmly   approved   by Mr.    Borden,
then leader    of   the opposition,    so i
much   so    that  he wanted to hurry
things  up.
'Godct, postmistress of West Puh-
nico, was summarily dismissed, although she had efficiently and faithfully performed the duties of her office tor forty-nine years, under both
Tory and Liberal administrations,
| without complaint. .She could hardily have been a political partisan, Sq
it may fairly be assumed that some
political!! partisan wanted Iter job,
and got It.
Ut. Hon. Mr. Borden, in house of
commons, I>cccmber 5th, 1912, Introducing bis naval contribution propos-
itlc*-"No    thoughtful  man can fait,
inn peace plenipotentiaries.
When the figures were announced
the Nationalists waved hats, handkerchiefs and papers, and cheered lustily
for Premier AsqulUi and Mr. Redmond. The latter, who is usually
mpassive, was carried away hy the
enthusiasm of his fi llowers, nud entered into the spirit of the demonstration as effusively as they.
Those who crowded Ihe lobbies received the figures with another roar
of welcome, aud followod this by
cheering the bill itself as a copy was
carried by an official from the commons to the lords.
The upper In use met especially to
receive the measure am! tor mall J
passed ils first reading,
In a characteristic speech during
the course of Ihe debate Mr. Redmond sp(,l>e feelingly of the years ot
defeat and discouragement through
which Irishmen had pnssed in their
efforts to secure Home Rule, and now
this day of victory had arrived.
Mr. Andrew Hon*r Law, leader   ol
in six months I'll
look like this
eventually I'll look like this
Hero is one Now Vi'iir rotplntlon llinl jour pride, if DOtbioa els.', should mnka >0,1 keep. Don't
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is not 11 difficult task, lint it is pi task thai must nut lie neglected.
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Newbro'i Herpicide ii hoI<1 everywhere in two ilitel-- 50c. and $1.00.
Satisfaction Unaranteed or money returned.
Applications at the belt barber itiopfl ami beauty parlorn.
Special Agents CRANBROOK, B.O,       /$■
\      PERMANENT      lMH.lv \    OK
Wilson has enunciated clearly In
speeches the funilaniental truths
note tomorrow in whieh the Ottoman government agrees to the proposals embodied in the Joint noU* free traile, ami exposed ruthlessly tbe
with regard to the cessation ot tbe fallacies oi protection, and more es-
fortrcss at Adrlanople and tlie future peel ally the fallacy of Mr. Bonar
disposition of tlie Aegean islands, Law's pel arguments, repeated on
and places itself in ihe hands of the the 14th of November ami the Kith
powers. inst., that the protection of the
The note ot the powers was rend, products of labor protects labor. This
at   an audience niven hy the Sultan, is brought out clearly in the remarks
Mr. I!   II.   Campbell
the work
upon the
as    conservators
wealth.      lie sajs:
"The   organization
enl    forest    reserves
them fireproof anil ti
management is work tbat
good permanent stall and o
lu-nnani'in     itiipt
ninioii ilt-
islry, iu an outline of
federal forest branch,
the   Pulp   and Paper
particular   emphasis
forest reserves
Hie     national
if   the  peiinau-
Bo as to make
provide  propel'
requires h
system oi
such   at
lo. As the
for handling
ii the rlgbl
il the great
if thetf
forest ranger s
bridges, telephone lines,
forest ranger stall is th*
of all    the organization
ihe reserves, Ihe choice
kind of men is a factor
i si    moment,       The
work abovo     referred ti
un the n serves     is nere
is l<> be effective protection and man
ngcmetib, ami   as all this work is yet
la in- done ii will lie seen that there
must   he Q large   initial   expenditure
wbioli eaiiin-i he expected to he      r?
turned   by the   foresl    Immodlatel;
Tin"    work   -ui   permanent improvi
meiits is, in   fact, ;, capital expend
lure, and   should   he considered      ;.
niter which Nnzitn Pasha, the minister of war, declared that the army
was eager to continue the war. Turkey might even hope for a measure
of success, he said, but there was
little chance of relieving Adrian-
The most onerous task, however,
developed upon Norandunghinn Ef-
feinli, the foreittn minister, who set
forth the international situation.
lie dwell especially upon the attitude of Russia, which, he said, had
warned the porte on two recent occasions that a continuation of the
hostilities might oblige Russia to
depart from an attitude ot neutrality.
-♦ 1
unci) ,\ proper system of r, ads,
trails, buildings, etc., throughout the
reserves will cost ;1 lar^e, amount of
money, (he incidence tf which should
he distributed through a series of
years, These works, once done, will
require a comparatively small expenditure for maintenance, in add!
tion to such work us may he done by
Hie permanent ranker staff. So long,
however, as this work remains un
done the forests are exposed to dan
ger which cannot be coped with in
seasons of light rainfall, ami which
renders much of the expenditure thai
is being made for lire patrol finally
nugatory, as the history of the dry
years so eloquently testifies.
It must he expected, therefore, that
ihe expenditure on the forests for a
considerable period will exceed the
revenues, A permanent policy, ii
the prcswil condition of our forests,
Cannot lie worked out on any other
expectation. The waste of years of
unchecked fires cannot he repaired in
a day. When the fire danger has
heen eliminated and proper syslem of
cutting limber introduced, the condition ot tbe forests will steadily improve, anil finally will reach the
stage where a sustained annual viielil
can he obtained which will give revenue sulheient In cover the costs of
administration and furnish as reasonable a profit as H government would
he expected to obtain.
The protection of the vnsi extent or
northern foresl is a task of ftreal
magnitude. Tlie hell of land, more
or less forested, stretching from
Hudson Hay m ihe Rocky Mountains, covers a distance of l.fiOn
miles from east to west, and from
30(1 to 700 miles from north t«,
south, ami, with I ravel, railway construction and settlement steadily
working into it from all directions,
the danger of lire is great and con-
slanl On- the whole, the staff of
rangers patrolling in these districts
is of a good class, hut the number so
far employed, 2110, is utterly Inadequate to the task when the season is
at all dnngorotis."
Constantinople, Inn. 22—Turkey
submitted today In tlir will nl the
uinvers. The grand council nf Ihe
Ottoman empire decided in lavnr ol
necopting the proposals of Europe fur
n poneo settlement between Turkeji
nml the Balkan allies.
The joint mite ol the powers ailvis-
ed Tutkoy tn cede Adrlanople to the
allies anil in leave the lato nf the
Vegtan islands t,. tho powers for future determination. In return tlie
powers promis..: i heir benevolent
support as long as Turkey deferred to
their counsel,
As oulclally announced tbo grand
council "approved the government's
polnl ol view, declared its confldence
in tlie sentiments 'if equity voiced by
tlie great powers, and expressed the
wish to see the promises und pro-
poscd assistance effectively realized.
Ii also asked tbe government "to
exert all its eflnrts tn insure In the
tuture tin- entcty ol ihe country nml
the developments ptf ils economic interests."
Tin' p|iiestmn submitted today by
Ihe Turkish government tn tlie
graml comieil was: Should the re-
commendations contained In Ihe note
nl ihe European powers hi- accepted
or rejected'
The government frankly confessed
itself in favnr ppf agreeing Ipp the
suggestion liuiile by Ihe powers
The Marquis .lobnnn He Pollavlc-
ini, Vuetro-tlungaflnn ambassador,
ami dean nf tho diplomatic corps ut
Constantinople,  v.HI tie handed      a
\\'v pay ft i all medicines used during the (rial, if our remedy fails to
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tie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
BONAR       LAW,     LEADER      OK
. In a speech at Axhtoii-uiHter-Lyue,
Lancashire, a market town six miles
east of Manchester, on the tilth December last, Mr. Honar Law declared!
One after another, at different
times,, all the great countries of the
world and ail our colonics have abandoned our system. . . In no single
use where the system has been abandoned is there a political party in
country—not merely the government, but Ihe opposition—a serious
political party In any country which,
Iter an experience of that system,
proposes to return to the system
which prevails in England.
It may be said that this statement
unfounded—al least, so far as oppositions are concerned. Il is, indeed,
an unqualified denial ol facts within
thc knowledge of all newspaper read-
The last general election In
Germany turned upon the very question of such food taxes fts the taril.
formers want to impose upon the
I'nited Kingdom, and resulted in an
unprecedented increase of the anti-
Proleetionisl element in tbe Reichstag, The representation of the
Free Trade Socialist party, now tbe
largest in thai chamber, was more
Ihan doubled, and, together with the
Radicals and other Anti-Protectionists, now constitute a powerful minority that is only only some forty
votes short of a majority. Vet Mr.
Honar Law, a month ago, chose to
ignore tin- avowed policy of that opposition, which he now characterizes
as not "serious." Baron von Mir-
bach, speaking m behalf of tbe Radical section of that opposition, said:
Free tra.de remains today tor thc
Radicals the final Koal of our economic development." At thc
meeting of        the Soeialis-
U-" party held in Saxony in
September, they passed n resoluth n
demanding the abolition of the pol-
of the president-elect on the American
tariff, whieh he charaeterl7.es as a
"dam" tbat restricts the activities
of the American people.
I want tlie men out of a job to
know that there are fewer jobs in
America because of tlie tariff, because the great combinations limit
the output, limit the production,
limit tlie number of those who produce, and, therefore, there are hundreds of thousands of poor fellows out
of employment on account of this
very thing.
The American workiagmen have not
l.een taken care of by tbe gentlemen
who have enjoyed the benefits of the
t high tariff, for Ihe men in unpro-
Itected industries are at this moment
| getting higher wages than most of
I the men in protected industries.
j As a matter of fact, some of the
must highly-protected industries in
this country pay very much lower
| wages ihan the unprotected industries, pay wages that are below the
living scale, at thc same time that
Hie profits they are making arc so
great thai they can build new factories out of their surplus every second
year. It is one of the grandest
pieces of hint, and humbug that has
ever been known in the history of
political deception. (New York,
.lanmiry 4, IfU2.)
j In accepting his nomination as presidential candidate in August last,
Dr, Woodrow Wilson said:
| Our own clean conviction as Democrats is that in the last analysis
the only safe and legitimate object of
tariff duties is to raise revenue for
the support of the government.
This standpoint of the Democratic
presidentelect, which is identical
with that of British free traders, is
confirmed as follows in the Democratic platform for the present year:
We declare it.to be a fundamental
principle of the Democratic party
tbat the federal government, under
the constitution, has no right or
power to impose or collect tariff duties, except for tbe purpose of revenue, and we demand that the collection of such taxes shall he limited
to the necessities of government, honestly and economically administered.
No unprejudiced person can doubt)
what would he the attitude of these
American and German democratic
parties if engaged in the fiscal controversy now going on in this country. It is obvious to all who arc
acquainted with public affairs that
practical statesmen called upon to
ileal with complicated commercial
and economic systems cannot immediately reverse long-established fiscal
arrangements, however bad they may
know the results ot them to lie, and
however ardently they may hope to
see the shackles of a hampering tarift
cast off one day. But surely there
is no excuse lor representing such
statesmen and politicians ns tbe opponents of the very policy they arc
pursuing simply because they take the
only practical course open to them
for its realization.
his  fertile   .many   Valleys which are    at
(present being subject alternately    to
deluge awl drought, and consequently
utterly unfit for agriculture.
If the ptoviuce of Hritish Columbia is to maintain the lead which she
has already attained, in fruit producing, it is essential that no fires be
allowed to lick thc one retentive influence, the forest, off the mountain
As a result of many urgent demands from rruit growers in the
Okanagan valley, the forest branch
has determined that a very strict
patrol shall In? maintained during the
dry months, and the fire protection
branch of the Dominion Railway
Commission has issued an order for
more efficient patrols along the tines
of railways.
As is well known trees that have
been killed by fire but not wholly
consumed may he salvaged to a certain extent if cut within a short
time after tbe conflagration. Joseph Burke Knapp, forester in district «, U. S. Forest Service, Iras
compiled tbe results of a series of
investigations on the properties of
lire killed Douglas Fir, which indicate that the wood after a consider-
ahle number of years, is slightly
weaker than cut from green timber.
Tin- difference, however, is not
great, and, in structural sizes containing the defects ordinarily found
in timber, very largely disappears on
is ohseuied by other factors, especially by the variability of the indiv-
id'tial pieces in any lot of specimens.
Bridge stringers of lire-killed wood
are somewhat leas strong than green
stringers; while the floor joists (of
both kinds of wood) are about equal
in strength. In stiffness, the fire-
killed wood is fully equal to green
wood for all sizes tested.
In general, the tests indicate that
the sound wood from fire-killed Douglas Fir of the Pacific Northwest
may safely be used for general construction purposes and that its merits are nearly if not quite equal to
those of material from green, growing trees. It should be emphasized,
however, that these results apply
only to sound wood. Pieces showing indications of decay, whether cut
from green or from dead trees, should
he rigidly excluded where strength or
durability is important.
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date Druggist*, has
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Maxwell     and F. H.
over from Fort Steele
Tom Rookes and wife, cf Edmonton, were registered at thc Hotel
Cranbrook on Tuesday. Mr. Rookes
jwas formerly engaged in tbe hotel
(business in this city and was much
j impressed with the growth the city
has made iu    the past lew years.
P. R. Reeve, who lias been teller
at thc Imperial bank for the past
year, left this week for Vancouver,
having been transferred to the position of teller in that city. A large
number of friends regret the departure of Mr. Reeve.
Mr. Garrow, employed by the pro
vincial forestry survey, passed
through Cranbrook Tuesday from
Kimberley on his way home after
several days work in that section.
Large Basement Warehouse, 20 x 100 ft.
Very warm and dry. $7.00 per month if
rented for 3 months or more. Apply at
Herald Office. tf
(Special rom'siiondcnce)
The Western Canada Irrigation association limiting in Victoria last
wick took iuji tho matter ol protection of forests around thc headwaters of streams. There was a strong
lii'ling among the members that thc
maintenance of a woodland cover on
thc mountains was the only real solution of the problem ol constant water supply, on which the growing fruit
industry depends, Where water Is
high In the spring and low in Uie
hot summer months, It was urged,
there is no real chance given to the
yield Ihe crops of whioh il is capable. It has bwn proven lime and
again that with the forest there is a
steadiness In run-off, and a general
increase in the amount of water. The
I Slaughter Sale
:: of
j; China, Crockery and
$2,000.00 Stock to be cleared out to
make room for New Goods
forest protects snow from the rays ot
t protection, of the system of. the sun, holds moisture in the soft
Import certificates, and of duties on I Which cover, and through old roots
corn and forage; and advocating the nnd tbe loosened ground, transfers
admittance of entile ami meal into 'water from Ihe surface to sub-sur-
t'he country, as well as the Import*-   'wc drainage, and prevents evapora
tion of fresh and preserved meat, and
especially nf frozen meat." Speaking
on behalf of the Socialist party at-
Hirmimgham on .January 25, 1912,
Hen Molkenhuhr, one of he leading
deputies, declared:
The German Socialist vote of four
and a quarter millions, everyone
given   by a  man   over    bwenty-fivo
years of ago, is more than all  a
protest against lite present protective1
system in Germany, which you are
being asked to copy In this country.
In tho United States the Democratic party has, since 1910, been fighting what   is in   reality an Antl-Pro-
I In the case of thc Tennessee river
In the I'nited States, whose headwater forests have been- devastated,
has been found that in twenty-four
years the increase in floods in pro-
1 portion to the flood-producing rains
is about 19 per cent.
! The damage wrought by tills Increase is greatly out of proportion to
tho excessive watcrllow. Losses ot
many millions are wrought annually
by floods, -destroying the works of
many years, and the utility of soil
which has been carefully preserved
through irrigation.
(European    countries     are spending
led lorn;,l    campaign      Dr. Woodrow   millions annually in un effort to make
$20.00 DINNER SETS reduced to $12.00
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« Omo.       *
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