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Cranbrook Herald Aug 5, 1909

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Array V**
NO. -ll
II Was a Great Success In Every Way
Tin1   celebration   al   Fernio     last known him   by that name?—president
Monday was unique in Ms wny, as
it was it commemoration ol thf rise
of thai town after thu terrible
disaster oi a year agoi when
it was swept away Mom the lncu ol
tin- earth by one uf tlio worst, conflagrations Unit Western Canada bus
ever known. And thf colobration
ttns a great biiccoss in every Imaginable manner. Thru' wero peoplo
tliere Horn nil over tho district mid
from outside points, nud they wore
lllnf iu rejoice with tbe pooplo
ul l-Vime uni' the groat surrcss thai
Uny hnd achieved after a blow that
would havo caused many people to
have   given   up iu   despair.   A year
of tin- Board nf Trade, presided, and
he did himself honor in that
capacity, lie Boomed to he in propel touch with the occasion ami wus
ably assisted by sumo mighty go .1
people in I'l'inie, sueh nn A. I. Fisher, iln- solicitor, Mavor Herohmer,
1; Mending, W. II. Koss, one ol the
besl inhii is and most genial gentlemen in the provinee, George K.
Stevenson, the secretary ot the
Uoard of Trade, ami lo whose energies (be sneeess ol the Hoard is
hll'gely due, .1. II. Tierney, a public-
spirited individual, aud ll. Vi. Trcn-
holme, manager ol the Canadian
Iiiiuli ol Commerce, and a rustler tor
there wus virtually naught but anything that pertains to the ad-
ashes nnd smouldering embers in iim vnitccment of Fernie. Rut there are
lown ol Kernie. Todav it i.s again others. Look at A. ti. Trites,
a city built hetter than ever who is with one ol the largest com-
belore, with a confident and courage- mcrclal firms in Western Canada, R.
oiis people who know no such word as Vi. Drew, who represents tbe C.P.R.
fail, hut with confidence In the re- in Fernio, K. V. Ambcrry, tlie elo-
sourecs of the dislriet, the town, and quent speaker, W. W. Tuttle, who is
themselves, are doing glorious work now living in Spokane, but was
in making a new and a better Fer- mayor at the time ol the fire,
nie. One ol tho big industries that and do/eus ol others who are thc
was wiped out ol existence was the right sort, but whose names escape
Kernie brewery, and on Ibis page ns just at this time. Is it any
is an article by .Joseph Ryan, writ- wonder that a visitor enjoys a trip
ten especially for the Herald, show- to the Pittsburg ol Canada when
jug how that eompany recovered and sueh men are in charge? The Her-
spent a quarter of a million aid takes pleasure in saying that the
dollars to make a better nnd a people of Canada join in wishing you
larger plant. The saw mills have all the best ol prosperity and good luck
been rebuilt, tbe business blocks are in the future. May Fernie flourish.
better than heloro, the hotels arc in Naturally thc first toast was to
shape   to   give the people the    best  the King    and it was drank in    sil-
that   ever drew   the breath   ol lile, I   Nor was it hecause more than Jo,- ofliee and customs building will soon
and C     \   Klingensmith   mayor    of 0OU*,-UU0 worth   of   tbe goods ol   tins bo   ready Ior   occupation,     and will
Klko, ami all three ol thdm did great Iworhl bod    so suddenly been turned have cost $65,000.
credit to their   communities by   the into useless ash heaps, and   all   the lhe    new     city hall is completed,
manner that    thev discharged     their beauty ol   the eternal lulls had been the   new    provincial    court     house
duties     The City of Kernie was     a turoui into one \ast graveyard      ul winch, when     completed, will     cost
toast proposed by Judge   Wilson and limbless tree trunks which were   left nearly 1100,000. will be ready for the
responded tu by Mavor Herohmer, W. gnuning at us from out ihe   smote- fa!.1!,'rm ,,f £chooJ\„  ,„
(i. Uanlav and A. H. Orell, and thel"*. iw hideous skeletons of then de- lhe city    has built 130,000 worth
en all did themselves proud In 1 parted grandeur. 0  sidewalks, and is busy at the con-
cso, not    because uf any of   these strucuon
things do our    people rejoice.      The plant l
memory ol   those things   sliould  aud
does soften   tho spirit within us   us
we aie rejoicing   over   the rapid re-
have   made—willi the gen-
lbe talks that they made. The railway and commercial interests was
proposed by Vi. It. Hoss in a most
pleasing manner and wus responded
to by P. Umd, of tlie Crows Nest
Pass Lumber conipanv, It. Vi.   Drew
C.P.lt., and
were some mighty    good
by each one  ol    them.
when you think ot  it
speakers these    western
of accommodation, the residential
portion of the city has heen rebuilt with beautiful homes, and today
Fernie is a substantial Kernie, a
town that has the confidence and
the respect of the financial world
and has secured the admiration of the
people  on   account   of their bravery
Then followed a toast to the
Dominion ol Canada, proposed by
•lohn It. Pollock, president ot thc
Hoard of Trade, and presiding officer
for the evening. This was responded to hy .Judge P. E. Wilson and F.
K. Simpson, of Cranbrook, and A.
I.     Kisher, of   Fernie.    Both Judge
llieir good nature, their fortitude and  Wilson and Mr. Fisher, being lawyers
their determination to win out in the
face   of any misfortune.
It was a happy idea of the Hoard
of Trade of that city to hold 1 banquet in memory ol their misfortune the Province,
and invite the outside people, thoso
who had done all in their power
to assist the people of Kernie, in
their time of trouble. And what a
banquet it was. There were nearly
one hundred people gathered at the
tables in the Waldorf hotel and a
better prewired banquet was never
nut un in Kast Kootenav. And who
did it? Whv, Leslie Mills, who was
a kid in short parts a tew years
a^o in Wardner and is now one nf
tbe popular and successful hotel men
of Kernie. The tables wero elaborately decorated with flowers that had
been furnished hv the ladies, nnd
the room was lighted by Chinese
lanterns and emblems of the country, ".lack" Pollard—we might
have said John, but who would have
und natural talkers, did credit to
themselves aud won all kinds of applause for thc good words that
thev said ahout thc Dominion and
The Province ot Brit-
Columbia was considered one of
the important toasts of the evening, and was proposed by Mayor
Herohmer and responded to bv W. U.
Ross, K.C, M.P.P., and Harry
Wright, government agent at Nelson.
Sav, those two gentlemen did themselves proud. They talked right,
and they did not mix up politics with
their spiel.        No, thev talked busi-
of    tbe
ami there
things said
11 is  funny
what good
business men become- and they always lulk sense. Our Quests was
proposed iu u most eloquent manner
bv Oeorge F. Stevenson, secretary
ni the Hoard of Trade, and one of
the hest singers along the Crow.
This toast was responded to by C.
II. Allison, secretary of the Cranbrook Hoard of Trade, and he made
a name lor himself, as lie showed
that he was a talker and a man
wlio knew how to handle facts and
sentiment, Men like Mr. Allison
make friends for their town and
their district. The press was answered by E, F. Ambcrry in a manner tliat reflected credit upon that
gentleman. Mr. Simpson also
Tbe toast to tbe ladies was proposed in a most touching manner by
Mr. Trcnholme and responded to
most gallantly by T. S. Gallon, ot
tlie Imperial bank, and Mr. Bonwcll,
a bachelor who has a great fund of
humor always on tap.
The bust was responded to in a
mosl neat manner hy Leslie Mills in
a few words that were., right to
the point. The banquet was a success and the people who were there
were glad of the fact. Good for
Kernie. May thu town continue to
prosper. Tlw, more that it prospers the more that the people of
Cranbrouk will be satisfied.
A. B. Trites, etous assistance of a mighty host of tu;
of a new electric light
$50,000 aud thc totalling of the new Facey Creek
water system, which, with the purchase of the old water plant of lhc
coal company, will moan the cxpcndl-
luemls from everywhere—from deep
ucspafring distress to u new begriming of a new material, mural
and spiritual life which we fondly
Hope may ever increase.
uc   are rejoicing because   out    ol
a new   city with   un assessed valuu-
f another $1011,000.
The contract Ior the erection of
lhe     new     lire   ball hus    been let,
which, with the equipment, will cost
The city has purchased    from the
Coal   compauy l"is   acres   soutb ol
town for      park   and recreation pur
loin    today   of     (1,114,780; because Poses. *M<*f    With the contemplated
tliere      is    more     than   H.OOO.OUO Improvements, will cost $15,000.
worth ul   property, in and adjoining IJebcftturos have been voted ior   all
the town, nut    included iu the    as- U"*?   properties and improvements,
sessment, but   which will be on the «r|*icIli added   to    the   sewer Uebcn-
rolls ol  the city next year. t,l"'s «{«*   •"•' **« Jitnv,'IS   stalled
Ol this    latter sum there is   more Wow   he fire, makes a total bonded
than half a   million dollars worlh ol jKyljjJ ,tt'ss      now   Wrtftandln*,
new    buildings in   course of erection *8«,0IHI.
in Hit1 luwu, not on tbe present rolls
because uf non-completion, and there
uie an addition of 450 lots iu tbe
north end just surveyed, besides a
number in Hk park at the south end
ol town, which will be added to
the tax roll soon.
The large new brewery just completed by the Forme-Fort Steele
Brewing company, just outside the
town limits to the soutb, has been
built of brick manufacturing by the
Fernie Hrict Manufacturing company,
ami which represents a capital ol j
nearly   a quarter ol   "        ";
itemized, these debentures
Sewer   debentures   	
Water debentures   	
Khctric   light   debentures
City hall debentures 	
School debenture!   M
Fire hall and equipment ....
idewaik debentures
are   as
$ 53,000
,    20,000
Park and   recreation   ground   15,000
Total ...
Of   this
that    the
amount,    it   is estimated
electric light   and water
liitlltoii I properties will return a revenue
1 Orient t '   " "' ■' '    '
Fernie, B. 0., August
The mayor proclaimed the 2nd
of August as a civic holiday
commemoration of thc first anniversary cf what cau truly be said to
be Greater Fernie, and while the
banquet was an affair of the Board
of Trade, the whole population observed the day, and are proud ot the
material prugress made during the
first year after what seemed to
many a bewildered denizen ol the
ash-carpeted, smoke-curtained hollow
between the fire wrapped hills, to
have been thc hopeless ending ot
everything, instead of the hopeful
newer and     Greater
dollars.      This, with     the   value of
property in    West Fernie, represents J
another   half     million    uf property,
which,   while   not in   Kernie proper, ( ...        ,,,-,.      ,       n
is in   the school district and contrl-1 !lfiH»,s1   ,1"'   whole district and   will
t iill charges and    lcavi
surplus to apply to other indebted
The school   debentures are
No,   ...
ness, and   they talked good, common j heginning of a
sense.    It   was a pleasure to   hear  Kernie?
them and   there should be more    of     And why do   wc rejoice?
thc same kind   of talks on occasions :    Not because nearly a score of lives
of    tbat   kind.       Our Sister Cities   were   lost.       Oh,
was nronosed   hv   Mr. Reading    and  tlieir ashes."
responded to by G. B. Steadman, of] Nor yet is it because .thousands] The public works and buildings ot
Mtchel, Vi. A. Buchanan, M.P.P., ot 1 were made homeless in those never- the city have kept pace, if thev have
Lethbridge, editor ot the Lethbridge to-he-forgolten three houts of one not outran, the private building en-
Herald   and   one of   the best fellows]year ago, J terprise.      The new Dominion    post
butes to the building fund and to tin
running expenses of the cily schools. [
In the husiness district of lbe new
city tliere are completed and in
course of construction more than
$1,1)00,1010 worth of fireproof buildings.
The Morrissey, Fernie Si Michel
railway company has built a machine
shop where, besides the ordinary repairing ot rolling stock, the building
of new cars is being carried on; the
trucks of the many ears destroyed
in tbe great fire bring made use ot in
the construction of new ones. The
Klk Lumber company bas rebuilt its
big mill and it Is running double
shift, ami the Fernie Lumber company has had its new mill of fifty
thousand capacity going since early
spring. The coal mines at Cual
Creek are being overhauled and extended upon systematic plans and arc
already beginning to increase their
output. New slack bins are under
"Peace be to[ way and one thousand new coke ovemj
are to be added to thc old plant.
lmve a larger assessed value from
which to meet thc charges than is
represented by the citv assessment
Hy deducting only the water and
light bonds from the charges to Ik
met by direct taxation, there remains a total indebtedness ol $171,-
000, the charges ot which will have to
he met hy direct tax levies. This
is nol a heavy burden to carry
upon the present valuation, and will
grow rapidly less in thc next few-
years as a result ol the rapid increase in valuation, which is sure to
C R. WARD, Manager
C. J. LITTLE, Secretary
P. O. BOX 19.
Choke Residential Property and Building Lots
Farm and Ranch Property for sale
List your Property with us for quick sale
We want help of all kinds for the Lumbering
and Railroading Industries.    We can place 125
men if they apply at our office at once.
(By Joseph Ryan.)
"Ilopfen und MalU Gott
erhalts," iu other language, "may
the Lord preserve malt and hops"
That motto seemed tu be largely and
most generously approved by a
thirsty, but entirely appreciative
crowd at the formal opening of lhc
new premises uf the Fort Steele
Brewing company at Fernie, on Monday last, the anniversary of the
great fire of a year ago, which swept
the older concerns oil the earth in an
hour, or less, ol the afternoon ot tbe
1st uf August, 1008. Most people
would . be inclined to mark tbe anniversary in mourning; not so the
people running the fortunes of the
Fort Steele Brewing company. Instead of recalling the occasion with
sorrow, they wisely issued an invitation to old man, Mr. World, and his
wile, even to thc third and fourth
degree in blood without regard to
age, sex, nationality or previous conditions ol servitude. And they
came. All of them, ur nearly all ol
them. The beer, the good, clear,
amber-colored beer, was free and
there was no end to it. The end,
at any rate, lay at the far side ol
the f.000 barrels in stock. Thc
thirstiest Slav or Dago might well
mourn tlw limitations of human capacity. Seven thousand barrels! It
it were mere gallons some of them,
who came there to perform on their
national beverage with a freedom and
irresponsibility borne of the knowledge that tbe "blow-out" cost tbem
nothing, might   cope   with it.     But
barrels .       It fairly beat them.
Thc crowd was mighty and the hospitality was as profuse as the capacity of' those who were about to
receive. And they were truly thankful. Beer in glasses, goblets
schooners, men-of-war, dreadnoughts,
Cheese, from thc delicate variety ol
Switzerland to the deadly product ot
Lim burg— thrice accursed ol the
gods, but beloved ot those whose
olfactories are away out of plumb.
Anon, the Italian bund came out
from Fernie and played most excellent music to u delighted crowd. Let
the crowd revel while we have a
look around.
When a public compauy has a lormal opening ol a plant that cost,
up to the present, a matter ot a
quarter of a million of dollars aud
which will cost another fifty thousand
before the mailing and bottling departments are completed, thev are
justified in asking their Iriends round
to have a glass of beer and to take
u look   at their property.
Prior to tiie great fire the company
had a fairly extensive plant on the
present site and a widespread trade
in alt parts of thc country. Tbe
,, husiness, however, bad entirely out-
, , grown tbe capacity of the plant, and
tbey, accordingly, had the plans of
the present structure in their hands
at the time of tlie conflagration
They had cost them over $4,000, and
the duplication which became necessary after the fire cost, for the
mere copying, $500. That will give
an idea of their completeness.
Almost More the fire was out of
the old foundations, that is on the
15th September last, work started
on the new building. Inside eight
months the huilding was finished as
we see It, and in nine months they
were brewing.
Looked at   from the railway tracks
thc      building   gives     a   singularly
airv, castellated    impression,   except it
that   nu ancient    castle, no matter'
how handsome it might be, had win-
constriiction. Industrial     struc
tures, as a rule, are brutally ugly.
Like some of tbeir owners they seem
iu boast, "We are business buildups. Practical, get-l he-dollar bus-
incss buildings. No frills about us.
(if course, we are ugly as toads- Uut
tandsome is that handsome does."
Ml right, hut what have vou to sav
igauisi .1 really handsome'building [1
it can dn as handsomely as a
brute beast of a mere utility structure' lu short, this structure is
distinctly beautiful in iis externals
and will [uim u most pleasing feature in iin- landscape when thc
{round about it (it stands on twenty
acres of its own] are planted and
beautified. The highest point is
ahout 1211 feet above the ground, and
ii i.s a distinct compliment to the
arcldtect that the smoke stack is
so worked into the design that it in
no way offends the eye1—and your
iinoke stack is a grim, filthy monster
for an architect to handle with taste
and skill.
The best way to get an Idea ot
the interior is' to follow the adventures of a parcel uf malt as it
proceeds througb its process of evolution Irom malt to beer.
Well tnen, up comes a car u( malt
on tlu- spur, which comes within a
few feet of the doors. Oft goes
tin- sack and away with it on the
elevator up to the very top of the
building. That elevator, like every
otlier mechanical unit of tne plant,
is operated bv its own indeptvOctn
electric motor! Down into a steel
door goes the mall and falls Into one
.if thc great, steel storage bins. The
famous rat that ate the malt that
uy in Llie house that due* l»u.i»
..utii.i lu'U'i put u marauding u-vih
on anv ul tne mult Dial lies in
Lite tiuuae uu. muu bum. iou can
guuiuie on unit. Then suppose that
,uaii is wanted lor a brewing, an
diuoinulic measuring device allows
ssnry quantity to tall to tho
uuu on the ground iloor.
not tier independent motor
tones charge ot the grinding operation and when completed ttte malt
,s elevated again io the top ot the
ijiuluing and tun Into the mill hopper, its real troubles start wfaeu
wilh a quantity ol hops ami boiling
waler 11 goes into thc mash tun, a
uuiublc big affair, with rakes on a
nuge spindle, which spin fur purposes
ut agitation with the power of nl-
leen horses—again supplied by the
moioi of the masti t :;- These
motors are the attendant spirits of
lhose giant implements. Watch'
Albert Mutz pulls down tbe copper
Knife-blade switch on the wall and
pushes over the arm ol the
rheostat and at once the bevel gearing at tiie top sets those awful
rakes to rasing with a sweep and a
swirl that gives a hint uf what
would happen a man if he fell in.
After sufficient ol this churning at
a temperature regulated by the experience of Mr. Valentine Oppl, graduate master brewer of the American
Brewing Academy o( Chicago. 1903,
the liquor is drained ofi into the
Kettle—the beer kettle. That is a
■prober bhffifc in kettle:., all right. It
is ol solid copper, hand made, polished and riveted. It was made bv the
Laubenheimcr company, ol Chicago,
and holds some 160 barrels. Here
the beer is boiled for some two and
three hours by means ol
superheated steam taken direct from
the main boiler on the ground floor
and introduced into a false bottom
of the implement. The steam and
vapor arising from the boiling is
tarried into the outer air by means
of a copper pipe the size of the tunnel of an ocean liner. After boiling
the liquor falls by gravitation 1
the hop-jack and thence to a double
tube cooler, two sections of which
arc water cooled, the third section
being cooled by the ammonia and
carbonic acid process. Thc beer goes
through a center tube, the cooling
medium traveling in an outside tube
or jacket. Bv means of this interesting apparatus the liquor can be
pumped up to the fermenting vats at
any temperature required by the
master brewer. The fermentation
process takes about two weeks, and
in lhe process a deal ol carbonic
acid gas is given ofi. This gas, being heavier than air, hangs upon the
surface of the liquor and is caught
and carried away by a most ingenious process. ' It falls to the
compressor engine on the ground
Hour, where it gets a gentle squeeze
of 250 pounds to the square inch.
Allowed to expand it goes on its
refrigerating way (as is the way of
all gases under expansion) through a
labyrinth of pipes that are covered
with frost a quarter of an inch
thick. If the fermenting room is
cold, be sure that the apartment
where the storage vats stand is
colder still. Mid-winter weather
here in mid-summer. These storage
vats are filled by gravitation from
the ferment ing tanks. C.reat burly
fellows are those storage vats.
Corpulent giants, standing about 22
feel in height. The squad of them
on duty hold 7,000 barrels between
th.-iii—and don't appear to be a bit
ih.- worse of it. Here the liquor
lies for the goml ot its health in
quiet and severe cold and considerable
darkness for a matter of two and
half or three months. Next it goes
for a month's sojourn in the pressure tanks and thence to the racking room, where tbe barrels and
kegs are filled with the finished product. It only remains to run thc
barrels into the waiting freight cars
for general consumption- In time
the barrels, and so on, come back
and are washed and brushed and
painted and tidied up outside and ir
by machines of almost devilish ingenuity and made ready for another
trip into the world. That is about
the routine as far as an outsider
unskilled In any of the art ol
brewing, sees It.
It is said that you    can brew beer
in fi      tea   pot.      That mav lw  so,
but    it     takes    brains,    expert skill
and capital in    plenty to make   beer
nowadays   that will   catch the pub-
lie    taste as     this beer is catching
Tbe beer that made Milwaukee
lid oilier places famous is said to tie-
in peculiar flavor from the   use
or at all. Nothing can be used but
mall and bops, so that our home
pioduet is a purer and moro whole-
article than the Imported beverage.
lucre was a time when brewing
ras carried on hy a son ol a rule
f thumb. In our day a brewer has
u have a profound knowledge of
many arts and sciences, chemistry
especially. No matter bow great
the care and cleanliness, something
nay go wrung, chemically, with some
part ol the brewing process. Here
is where the fine skill ol Mr. Oppl
cumes in. lie lake?, a minute
quantity ol tbe liquor to his laboratory and subjects il to a nns-
croscopic test under an Instrument ot
about BOO diameter power. II it to
something affecting thc ferments he
readily detects the cause, corrects it
suitably and goes ahead. Without
such knowledge thc entire brewing
might be an utter failure. Ue is
German, and like many ol his
countrymen, is thorough. Indeed,
thoroughness is the dominant note
ibis magnificent plant from end to
us now go Into the engine
an.l find whence cumes all
the power that does the work. On
the property about tour hundred
yards frum the brewery, is a most
beautiful spue-; ot exactly the right
kind ot watel fur brewing purposes.
You cannot make good beer Irom
certain kinds ot water, and tbis
water is exactly ihe right article.
it is carried En glazed pipes trom the
spring to a pressure box outside tho
engine room, goes by suction to an
apparatus, where it is heated to
degrees by exhaust steam,
ihence lo the
er, and ihence to
feet engine you t
tt is rightly cal
was manufactured
McCulloeh Co., ol
the   115  h
ihe most per-
1 saw spinning.
1 The Ideal and
b\ ihe Goldlo-
iH. cm.     lt is
right to saj at this point that the
ompany bought everv article they
>.ssii.lv couw in Canada and only
csorled to Ure I . S. markets for
u-.li things as weie not to he had
\. home. The engine is 15 h.p.
mi runs at 290 revolutions per
minute, wnn as little noise as a
-vatch. It is coupled direct to a
io kilowat dynamo, which is the
irimary motor uf all the other
motors in thc building, besides
supplying the lights all over the
place. Near by is the refrigerating
engine and beyond an automatic air
pump for supplying compressed air
to the different machines using this
power. Close by the water intake
is the pump for tin.1 boiler and general cold water circulation of the
building. This part of the plant is
under " the command of Mr. Paul
Whittock, the engineer. He loves
his engines as a man lo.es his
children. Vou can see the signs of
his care in their shining, burnished
metal work.
As for the interior    of the building
itself,    it    is     concrete     and steel
broughout, without enough wood   in
the   whole      concern     to make      a
gon box.     The floors and ceilings
are    of    concrete   carried ■ on steel
rders sunk in concrete also to   prevent rusting.     As concrete is    somewhat pervious to    water   all       the
:loors   are   laid   in asphalt. Nothing
been   forgotten   or    overlooked
science and ingenuity could suggest.
A quarter of a million dollars
worth of a plant. ll is a large
order, but when you hate seen it
anu studied it out yuu will agree
mat it is amply worth it. This you
aiH sav is a plant that will endure. 'It is no beggarly aggregation
of contraptions bred and born ot
emergencies and the crazy policy of
make shift, but the perfect dower
of ample capital capably and wisely
Disgested down to a fact that anyone can grasp, this plant can turn
uut about 125 barrels of beer per
dav wilh the labor uf four men
under the direction of the brew-
master. Of course, there is the
olflce and clerical stafi under thc
charge ol Mr. Smith, the secretary
of the company, and the usual number of teamsters used in tiie deliv-
il the goods. The cost of production is reduced to thq minimum
and lhose best qualified to speak
the matter declare lhat the
earnings cannot be less than from
30 to 50 per cent, per annum on
the invested capital. On Monday
there were many keen business
men present who know a good investment when they see it. There
was not une of them but made up
his mind to have more ol the
k. Nor were they shy in saying
so, either.
During Uw past two weeks the
Queens hotel has been undergoing a
line „t Improvements that has made a
u-rv material change. The roomi
upstairs have been papered and
painted, the dining room has twen improved in many ways ami thc hotel
does not look like the same old
place. Messrs. McDonald ,v Andeen
arc anxious to Rive the public tbe
best in tlieir power an-l tbey have
made the Queens hotel one ol the
most popular in East Kootenay.
Doth gentlemen arc well known in the
district and their personal popularity is constantly increasing theii
dows so large and Imposing. Thc „r ri,*,* in some stage ol thc manu*
general tone ol the color work is Inotnro. Here in llritisli Columbia
creamy white, this being the tint ol t!„- Dominion government does not
the hard, glossy Kernie brick, usod In permit the um   ol rice at anv stage covery.
Newark, .lulv 25.—Mrs. Thos. Rett-
wick, :« years' „l age, wile ot a
Newark confectioner and lhc mother
of three children, gave birth to five
children yesterday at her home on
Springfield avenue. Four ol thero,
two bovs ami two girls, were boro
alive, hut died shortlv afterward.
The filth, according to I)r. I'ctcr F.
Nolzonbcckcr, the attending physician,
bad died ahout six weeks alter conception and its sex was not distinguishable. Tlie mother ol tbo
children, although in a weakened
condition, the doctor says, Is doing
well    and   he looks lor a speedy re- TUK   CRANBROOK   II Ell AM)
No Deep-Dyed Body of Italians, Say Prominent Men,
to Conduct Organized Blackmail and Murder.
5CARCELY ii day pnasea without loldental more than the result of tho work-
some mention  coming up in  the.Inge  of uny  criminal   organisation.    In
news  of the  misdoings ot  "The I grave crimes iwo or throe of these lndo-
Qlack Hand Organisation."  Either [pendent  Italian desperadoes might  band
li is a "Black Hnnd Robbery," "A together, but noi because thej
Black   Hand   Kidnapping" or "AIbers of any criminal orgnnlsati
Black    Hand    Dynamiter,"    and cause thla is a common practice among
n "A Black Hand Murder." criminals of all kinds, Americans un well
■Tha Blaok Band Boclety" as Italians,
lmve it'i.i .-ii constant and bo recurrent   There are many Itathn criminals In th's
Hint the whole country is kept m a state country.   Prominent Italians admit n,i,,
i'f continuous alarm.   Now the question Una they blame the Inderal governmenl
hht 'nine up, somewhat paradoxically at for permitting mo many of tn m tt> cute',
lirsl It seems, »ii there aotuatly sueh a jn Italy thero are two laws wh'ch prahihlt
criminal organisation or Italians opernt- the mayor of any city from Issuing pass-
ii,    together and known »s 'The Black ports to criminals ir ihev have » mltted
ent Itnliuns in New Vork]a crime whieh
ire, and those also in ii
i: pnrti
t-ily  and i
puMtlon to mosl know, scoff at the Idi
nnd deny without exception thnt iuch a
"In the rniii'i states 'Tiie Black Hand*
ip a myth, in bo far ae tho phrase conveys
Ihe Impression that -in organisation nt
Italians exists In America, or thnt Iho
Cnmorrn or tho Mann has heen nnt-iml-
I/.--1," anotnno D'Amato, former president
of iii>' United Italian Societies, wrote in
n recent Issue or the North American lle-
i- an t
Pctroslno, In charge of
ni ut Headquarters, re-
enn he traced, threaten
; lettors are generally a hoax; some of
im ore attempts at blackmail hy incx-
i.-m-e.l criminals, whu have thf idea
tgcsled to them by rending about 'the
uk Hand' in the sensational papers,
i ihe number of threatening letters sent
'ii tiie doll berate Intention of unlng via-
it e nn a last resort to extort money Is
iculously small."
im mi R. Edmond Mayor des I'lnneheB,
iboasador to tlio United States, from
ly, who more tlmn any one else knows
- conditions of Italians in America and
, is  dean ol   iln-  Diplomatic Corps in
ishtngtan, has repeatedly announced
ii he docs nut believe that in the I'nited
itcs thoro exists an organization of
ni.mil Italians operating from any
in :il agency, like "tlte Itluek Hand,"
1  Ur. <i. IS.  hi  Palma  Castlgllone, of
- Labor Information Office for Italians,
'. is In touch every day in the week with
linn immigrants of all classes, Bays:-
b an organisation 'the Black Hand' 1b
i-cxlstont, IIh sole existence, in fact,
untitled to a literary phrase, which has
rant, sn compelling ami terrible a sytn-
Imii thnt one must almost believe It
liy exists when one only hears the
•use 'llluck Hand.' "
of the Commissioner General
ould make them li
debarment in the i'nited states
Immigration  officials,    No  Italian,
Say,    uli.mI.t    Ins   permitted    lo   enter   the
United .states until his penal certilicate
has been examined. Vet there is nn examination of the papers of immigrants of
any klml ut Kills Island. If he has committed r.o crime lu Italy the penal certificate wlll be blank. If the certificate Is
not blank the lmmlgratii n authorities
should deport him at once to Italy.
According to the federal laws, nny person may be deported who ban been convicted of a felony or nny other crime Involving "mural turpitude." The federal
government as yet has no precise category
of crimes which lu Its opinion Involve
"moral turpitude." Conscious of this defect in the Immigration laws of the United
States, the Italian government nas re
quested the federal government to spoctty
which crimen involve "moral turpitude,"
as the phrase is n vague one. In Turkey
au Armenian may be looked upon as a
criminal; elsewhere he might be considered us some kind of u hero.
Up to the present time the federal gov.
eminent has given no answer to the
Italian government. It la suid In Washington that the decision must be left en-
Ul-ely to the judgment of the Immigration officers who examine the incoming
Immigrant. "The Italian government does
Us best to prevent the departure of criminals for America," Mr. rastlgllone, of the
Labor Information Ofliee fur Itatluns
said. "There are a number of Italians who
leave Italy not from Italian ports but from
French and German ports. The Italian
government, of course, cannot reach
those, because it has no Jurisdiction over
them. Tho Italian criminals In this country are to be found among the Italians
who come without passports—that Ib to
say, from non-Italian ports."
Prominent   Italians   In   New  York   cilv
nn.l elsewhere complain that every Euro- B,mu|d ftt 1(l[lst 1)P aM   ,„ Bpeak the Ital(an
penn of dark complexion, unless be wears i.,,..,„„,„, „-„ , „,.„....,_,. ,„ l... ,,,i0 i,,*.ra
tion, Frank P. Sargent, in toil.   . Turkish U-v winn arrested   Is nut down   'ir'ff,mK''■ a"   '^cessnry to keep this large
r ttllen-4  «i... tt* n,-,t ',,,,,..    "m7r1"- IK P"1,""        Italian population under out ior ty. say the
L~™£J™.iL"!atl™«» P°llco Matter_m.being an Italian,|promlnent New York Italians.
Neariy J0O.C0O Italians in New York and but Forty
Pol.cemen Speak the Italian
Orence to the facts about the so-called how proportionately few) are criminals?
"Black Haua Society." This  la  unfair   not only   to tlie   Bulbm
"There ts no doubt thnt among the two]race, hut It le even dangerous to America
million   or   more   Italians   living   in   the nnd Americana,"  Mr. Cnstlgltone  said.
United States   thero are many criminals,"     It In quite evident that so long an cm-
Mr. Castlgllone said, "ond if Journalist* deuce is given by the papers and the
Would eonllne themselves to studying the American  public  at  large  to  tlie  stories
especial characteristics nr ituliun arlm-|relating to Ihe so-called "Black Hand" or-
inais n would i»- legitimate, but so many gantaatlon   individual   Italian   criminals
liiiscleiitille ami uninformed writers strike Mill he encouraged to continue keeping
not onlv at the Italian criminal*, but utjtip their delusion, for by doing so lliey
ll,ill,ins themselves, nml for no otlier rea-jhldO llieir own crimes behind tho phrasu
'tlie  Black  Hand."
-f {7-r MKBIUA   Is   slill   lu   need   or   set-
/A tiers."  Mr. Cnstlgllon ntlntied.
le "Large tracts nf its territory must
"The 'Black Hand' Is not a tree spread'
ing  Its  loots   deeper   nnd  deeper  111  thu
national life of the United states, as i
many hysterical writers have alllnuel.
is uot a closely  woven system, as others y.,(   t,„  cultivated,    In  mousing  n
hnve written.    II  Is only a general name feeling of disgust  and   rem- ngninst   I till-
appropriated by Individual Italian crim- inns mnny sections oi ihe country an- pre*
liuils, umler which they iiltlo tlieir uwn vented from using tli.in In (lie develop-
wrongdotngs. I incut of their natural resources.   A few
"Tile   publication   of   Ihese   hastily   pro-l months ago the  Lcglsllltliro of  the Kioto
pared and Bonsatlonn) articles is nu nf- ol Virginia passed a resolution  the aim
lence against American common sense and uf which was to prevent the sellleuiettt
ngninst the Italian American cltliens.jof Italians In Virginia. In |M7 lu North
Articles of this kind powerfully conlrlb- Carolina, there uus olso some legislation
iite lo thu creating of an unfair feeling enacted to this effect, ami yet in st. I let-
nil over tbe country against u large part enn (the same State) there Is a lloiirlsh-
ttf  Uie   Italian   population.   These   stories ling   settlement   of   Italians.    They   have
circulate not only  in the larger cities,.their own church, co-operative store, bake
where the renders aro more sophisticated, oven, blacksmith simp, ami thev have debut they Alter their way Into tbe Interior signed and built nil these buildings them-
f the country. Into  the smaller towns, selves.    The   Southern   newspapers   time
icies i» correct, wuu me «" '«»»'" gets "the scum nf Italv." It Is significant
nded on fact, and In every Italian they that only one and one-half per cent of
l,J'v^.^'Lben!!?,>:a„.Prrn.^1'"0"tfl»llil» Immigrants are debarred by the
• he Ur
the vai Ions public In- and In this way the Italians are made re-
ti.rl   VUnl.iu      Tl,.,  1.....t  ii.._    r.—   ....:,     _ 1.....1    i.„   _.i '
eil  StoteB.    Tlie total
len Inmates was 44,'JS;, and of
-t only 8,266 were Italians, in
Institutions tliere was confined
is. as against 9,8£i other aliens;
ne asylums Wore were mi Itol-
n lust Ifljftl other aliens, and in
ponslblo  for crimes committed  hy other
charitable  Institutions   thereiassassins |nv
'The Blnck Hand hus scarcely even been
nationalities. An an,,,!,,!** has tarn go- ^.."'-{SoS^omC witm-i'TS
sssr jssr^'sasa ^ra-^MS ~»«
rprlslng Journalist   as being one of the
wero 1,230 Italians, as agnlnset 15,335 other
aliens, uf tho 1,313 Italians In the penal
institutions, 760 were Incarcerated charged
with grave crimes ami Oft! were incarcerated charged wltm minor crimes.
"III3SE figures have heen given to in-
the unfairness of making the
is as ii race suffer for the
t ut their proportionately fow
criminals. Those who have Deon arrested
for being members of tbe "Black Hand"
organization really are Independent malefactors,, who might happen to he socially
'd In the murder of King
Is picture was copied In all
approximately two thousand policemen,jits chiefs, Its offices and its officers, and Hammonton. nnd that there were
which Includes the carablnlerl. the soldieri U is made up of ruffians, "cadets," pro- names of Sicilians and Southern Italians
police. Two tu three hundred policemen, lectors of usurers nnd adventurers In gen-jon tlie tax register. :ii her report Is >8
who. ir they nre not themselves Italians, oral. Of course these criminals belonging Btated that nearly every week or so a
      to tlie Camorra  do  far more desperate house Is built between RoBedale and Wlne-
things than  collect debts.    The Mafia Is low by some Sicilian.
not an  organisation,  but, like the   Ken-    <"|-i-,c    Italians    of    Hammonton    *how
tucky feuds, It is  rather u spirit of re-jtliemselvca   to   be   a   social   people  with
Vonge,  and perhaps  It is  less cruel  than B|m,]ie   natural  tastes,"  she  says;  "their
the feuds of the  Kentucky mountaineers, loVfl  ()f  llo]|1(1  ai)il  children  is   healthful.
for it at leiiHt stops at the grave.  " ""-■-  ' ' '
All  Italians   wlio como from tlie BOU
era part ul Italy or Sicily are looked U
cither  as   being   members   of- the   '"
Black   Hand"   or  "The  Malia"   or  sc
uther criminal society, yet of the 1.197
origin in Spain,   lie contends that individual  Italian criminals in this country un
shearing the name the Black Hand.
, iho paper, thnnigh-n-t Amerlci it eeeo{-^''Xi^H-'n'^,t"*vm\mllfit)
nail, foundI It. way into th. Italian ite.**-'  ^"tEES cVlmlnal   employed '     ta?
papon In min country, nntl il waa then ,,„„,„ „ „t.„.d un ,*,„ recolvcr  ,*,„
copied l.y newspaper. In Italy.   Mr. n|,,n. „„ „„. „„,„„ ,,, „ „.„,, „„„„.,, n„,hor n„t«
 ,     , ,  . ,    ,     ,       'on tlie juilgnu-nt of an editor, one ltulhtn
THESE figures have been given to In- »">" lost all bis iriends and Ids business ,      kfjr ||lllHtrated to tho wrItip
dicato the unfairness of making the decreased; he died within a year, Ids ac-                     ,.,im\ntu
Italians   as   a   race   suffer   for   the qua ntances said, or n broken heart. , « ° «J« « rlmimu        ...        uni„u ,     „ >T -.■„....(„
l8 the Cft,morfrt-  »"d the Camorra  exists is given an account of the rise and growth  h "I,)";,,im ,m8 been able to accomollsh In
,„.     ,. ,       I only in the city of Naples.    The poverty of the Italian colony at  Hammonton, At-  ,llP ,ta!!an ,,a? t,Ge" abIe -l0 «««»*"« ln
,EW   VORK   city   (rontons   anywhere „f   Xlll,k,3   )llis   i)eeI1   responsible   for   its lantle county.   N.   J.    This  town,   which
|from&>W.(^t(>>v^nannm^yattnen;C|mtlonl   as   the   Camorra   Is  a  sort   of numbers nnw between four and Ave thou-
ure only forty policemen In the I mice ..rimliiul collection agency. AlmoBt the only sand, has been hulk up almost entirely by 	
„,,„,.      ,„-..,,■,■;■■'■■■        ,    .    ,l»I»runonl    who    eitllttr   speak    llie V,iy  n  usurer's debt con  be collecte.l   in Sicilians.   Miss Meade praises tbe Sicilians Sr l'Ij over tIie country P">mlnent Hal-
inumato,  tlte)   might  frequent  ihe samelltallnn  language   »r are themsi-tves IMI-, Naples   Is   through   the   cti-npfratlun   of as fruit growers nud  as farmers, and hi   /XtanB are surprised that the immlgra-
,.arc, or they miffht occoslonally meet to-,lans.   In the city of Noples, which cun- the Camorra, because'the penpie of the general hns nothing but praise for tlieir /-\tion authorities nnd the police depart-
cuine of cards, hut thaiejtalne aliout the sume number of Italians city ore so poor that n Judgment   from temperance and  Industry.    She Indicates!       ments   of the  various cities do  not
irts Is valueless.   TheCiunorrnhustii.it in HKXi-7 they paid (4,4113.67 taxes in' more thoroughly inform themselves In ref-
. persons who migrated  from Italy
a years IIKH and 1005 only 6,000 were Nen
i pjlitans, nnd nil certainly did nut come l
the  United States.   Some   went  lo  Siiitl
America and Canada, nnd others wool U
Australia and other countries.
In the report mode
Meade for the  federal government,  inil*;,^-,      *     ^*  (l]        of S|c„ian   .       .„
,^,l^lt„nn '" UW !iBll?d ln lh0Au"Atin.^ La.bor:_SIai''A™l'iarants.   It Is a safe conclusion that what
 o Ignorant, primitive, childlike, but
ihcli' faults will largely be mended by contact with good American customs. Their
courtesy, gentleness nnd love of outdoor
life anl simple pleasures are actual con-
lHI>nlions to American life. The country
environment seems to develop thtlr bettor
qualities and they take a normal part in
the life of the community." Miss Meade's
general Mimmlng up of the colony of
Sicilians and Southern Italians in Hammonton Is ns follows:—"In Hammonton
found   the  results of twenty years'
and arc read by tho gentle and peaceful
"These simple-minded readers believe
(irmly that every word printed In these
articles Is correct, that the stories are
laborer with bis dinner pail, they see a
Block Hand' member. And if hi tlie.se
portions of the country there are no
Italians the residents take steps to prevent any from ever settling there,
"Ib it foil to tlio Italians, ls it useful
for ttds country thut this feeling should
he created aud spread among Its citizens'.' ' Mr. t'ast.gl.oue continued. "Of tho
two million Italians In the United States
many lune token out their papers and he-
nine naturalized Americans. Many of
hem have settled hero with tbeir families,
re sending their children to American
schools, nre Investing tlieir savings In
American renl estate, in American Industries, lu American business enterprises. In
the city of New Vork alone conservative
estimates place tlie value of real estate
owned by itollnus nt twenty millions of
ehietnno D'Amato, In his North American Review article, pluces the wealth of
the Itiillnns of tbe United StateB, and
Iwhlch lie Bays hns all been enrned within
the last twenty-five years, as follows:—
Property. tliti.Ouo.i-CQ: invested In wholesale
commerce, fino.000.000: real estate, 150,000,-
000; deposits In local bi.nks. f20.000.000.
The large majority of the Italians work
hard to bulb! tbe subways, to ditch the
sewers, and tlioy nre obliged ror the
limited wages they receive to live In Blums
where mnny or them contract tuberculosis and otlier dreaded diseases,   Others
and time again have featured and written
up tlie virtues and progress or the Italian
colonists nt St. Helena, N. C."
The  usual  Impression  is  that   Amerlci
gets "the scum or Italy."   It Is slgnlllci
i Hammonton   he   can   achieve   elsewhere
under similar circumstances."
dings ore a matter of chance and ac-'os does New Vork city, no more, tliere are Ithe i
Immigration officers. The Italian immigrant* are usually strong, healthy nmi
able bodied, tlieir ages varying from twenty to thirty-live years. These Immigrants
never become paupers. Mr, James Forbes,
chief of the mendicancy department of tin
Charity Organization Society, says bo has
never seen or heard of nn Italian trump
Detective Sergeant Petroslno mv* he hns
never seen or heard of nn Italian woman
"on the street." and Miss Meade, in her
government report prn'sc* the ehantitv of
the Rleillnn women In Hammonton. N. J.
Although the Itnl'ons drink considerable
of their own light wines, tbey yet are a
temperate race. John Foster Carr says;—
"With the exception of the Russian Jews,
the Itallnns aro hy far tbe most sober of
all nationalities." James J. Sturrow. uf
Boston. snj'B In a recent article:—"The
Italian drunkard hardly exists."
"So far from being the scum of Italy's
paupers and criminals, our Italian immigrants are the very flower of ber peasantry." John Foster Carr Bald in n recent
article In tho Outlook. "They bring
healthy bodies nnd a prodigious will to
work. Tbey lmve an intense love for their
fathcrlnnd and a fondness for old customs, and both ore deepened by the hostility they meet and the gloom of the tenements they are forced to Inhabit. Tne
sunshine, the simplicity, the happiness of
the old ways nre gone, nnd often you will
hear  the words.  "Non c"6 placere nelhi
are building Hie railroads, excavating the I vita" (There Is no pleasure In life herel
oimls, anl they live lu labor camps
far from nny civilization, sleeping In
sbnnlle-i. nourishing themselves with poor
food. Still others are working in the
mines, tlie quarries, risking their lives
every moment of every day. without practically nny protection of the law In case
of accident. Many Italians devote themselves to agriculture. Prosperous agricultural colonies ure io he found in Vlneland,
K J.; Tentitown, Ark., and St. Helena,
N. C. In California Italians own and cultivate the largest and linest vineyards In
the United States. In Louisiana mnny
Italians are working in tbe cottonfields
and In sugar plantations.
"Is It fair to arouse a national feeling
against tbem, and only because some of
them (and the statistics eloquently show
But yet they come, driven from a laud
of starvation to n land of plenty. Koch
yenr about one-third of the great host of
tbe industrial recruits rrom Italy, breaking
up as lt lands Into littlo groups or twos
and threes and Invading the tenements almost unnoticed, settle in the different onto-
Hies of New York. New York tenement
houses are not adapted to life ns It If
organized in the hill villages of Italy, and
a change has come over every relation of
life. The crowded living is strange nnd
depressing. Instead of work iiccompnniea
by song in orangeries and vineyards there
is silent toll in the canyons of a city
street; Instead of the splendid nnd expostulating carablniere there is the rough
force of the New York policeman to repre-
Bent authority."
IN a
half    mile   of   the   village   were   two
hemlock  trees,   known   to every  man,
woman and child in tho vicinity.   They
were called  "the twlna," because they
were Joined lo eaeli other within a few
feet  of   tho   ground   by a solid,  substantial branch that grow from tho older
iind  stronger tree Into the trunk of tbe
younger one. thus forcing a natural rustic
By Martin Petry.
James said ihis -so^pnthelically thnt An-iyoung hemlock.
little stretch or woods witliin a  picture.   Her light brown hair was wantonly blown across the young mans face „le*s
by   the   mischievous   wind,   but   he   paid -,1,01a
little attention to ,« Kvery now und then waa H
the girl   would  cos.  a  sly  glance ut  him ,u,|  have a
out of her blue eyes. Jnmos-alwnya hod even when children to-
"Well, J.m. If you are go.ng to be blue g0ther-and though she often went for
to-day, I might us well turn buck, wild|hjm ,|ko Jt tigress mi the slightest provo-
the young woman, breaking t)l.l .-uience.   !Cfttlon, she was Jusl as quickly sorry fur
"1 can't  heip feeling  bad,"   replied tile |t, *
_  cannot bear  to   see
'tied   and   she   forgot nil'hiin weep."
Frank   Uniiiks  and   the  dance  audi    Thus James sat for a few moments, ana
rry for tier display of temper, She then went his way.
place In  her  heart   for
often rnndo use of by the villagers.
For some weeks a young man and young
woman had come to that spot and sat
band hi hand for hours at a time on that
natural bench between the hemlocks,
whispering the same old sweet nothingr
that had been whispered in lovers' ears
since the world began. It was an Ideal
romantic plnee for lovers. Near by a brook
gurgled along tbe rocks frirm the mountain side, and the music or Its waters,
the lazy mimmcr wind sighing In the treee,
the singing of the birds and the chirp of
insects, alt combined to render a symphony such os even the genius ot Beethoven failed to write.
Ttie twin hemlocks were greatly Inter-
estcd In the lovers nnd always looked forward to their coming with much Joy. In
fact, tlie trees were lovers tbemselv
little reguru1
iivu  yu
young mun.
for my feelings, Annie. '
"What bave I done now
always doing sonicth ng I
"Woll, to be honest,  I'm Jealous,"
"Jealous?  Of whom, Jim?"
"Now, Annie,  don't  play  Innocent,   You
know as well us I do who ll Is.    Come, sit
n on the bench here between the twin
now, .larii-'s. don't be angry.   I
. 1      .1 „m|',tl1 no1 n,Pnn al1 ' 80ld.   You know I am
I know 1 am the 8nmc RlrI , ahVf(V8 wn8»
"I thank you for saying that, Annie.
Frank Brooks' fine manners and clothes
have blinded you, but 1 trust In your good
sense afler  all."
Just then the blowing of a horn was
heard in the distant Held.
trees.    It's worried me u great deal and I j   "Annie, there's the signal to return to ttie
"Ves, Jnmos, we must be off." and reluctantly nuw the young mau uud woman
wondered off slowly arm iu arm.
Tlie twin hemlock trees Imd buon clone
listeners to the lovers' spat, ond as thtlr
steps grew fainter  ttie tall hemlock
ant to talk lo you almul It."
"Well, go 011," snid Annie, annoyed.
"It's Just this, Annie,' nnd the young
man took off tils soft imt and twirled It
nervously hei ween his lingers. "I don't
like your carryings on with Frank Brooks.
The other night ut the born donee you
were all eyes nnd ears for hlm   and did
I   "1 om so glad lliey made up before they
not seem to care Whether 1 existed.     Ami iL.[t    It would worry me so much If lucre
their own peculiar itflte or existence. andjA-unt Jennie told me this morning that you!waa any difficulty  between them.   But I
from the time that they were mere sap- were out driving with him Sunday whenUear for Annie.   There le something cumin*
pllngs they hnd been drawn townrd each I thought you wore to your brother's."      between, and 1 am ufruid lhe true love ot
Well, and what of It." said the young such a whole-hearted young man us James
woman, with a glance of Indignation  In ly being tampered with by hur for a butter-
pllngs they
other, end  Nature's minister had  linked
them, one to the other,  for life.    There
was a year's difference between them, and her eyes and a puckering up nr her smull, liy.   Straus*-', but It seems lo be a weaktiesa
  • -  -.unkind lo be attracted by line
• mil, stately hemlock was a great protection to tlie younger one, and when the
storm broko and the wind howled tbruugh
the woods, thc young tree would ulways
nettle close and tie protected by the tall
form of Its companion.
"Human folks make ]ove thc same as we
do, don't they?" suid tho young hemlock.
"Koch feels that without the otlier life
would be darkm-s* "
"Yes, my dear," replied the tall hemlock,
"love 1s the same tho world over, whether
In the human family, the vegetable world
or the animal kingdom. But you know as
yet little about the peculiarities of love.
Sometimes It undergoes 0 change."
"A change? It seems Impossible to me.
How could such a dreadful thing happen?"
"How Innocent you are! Any number of
things can happen to bring about a change,
but tbe most likely is when some one
cornea between."
"You frighten me."
"Aye, but lt happens every day."
"But It would be cruel to rend two lives
"Certainly, but that does not alter the
fact. Do not the little birds tell u« of the
scandals In the village, where many a
smiling face tries to cover a broken
"Ah! that may be possible ln the human
family, but not with us, dear. We are in-
spparably linked. No one can come between us."
"True, we have grown together, and
years have but strengthened our love.
But see, here come the lovers. I can hear
their soft voices."
Along the narrow pnthw-ty Mrewn thick
with fallen leaves coioj the young man
and young woman. They w*ire not holding each other's hands as formerly, hu!
tho young man was nervously 1 shewing
on a pieco of straw and walking witb
head licit down.    He wus in bis
how It makes a fellow feel wben the-
A few weeks later the little birds agnhi
had Interesting news to tell, ond it was
thut Annie and Frank Brooks hnd parted.
Both hnd tired or each other, and, repentant, Annie had come back and on her
klie3S begged James' forgiveness. Brooks
bad not tarnished her purity, for she knew
how to protect herself and she had divined his purpose nnly too quickly. She
saw then how she hod flung away a good
nun's love and thought she had loat il
forever. However, she determined to come
back and face all tlie sneers ond indignities of the village gossips to will bock
James. And when sbe 1
hooted and Jeered nt by
lag pole," said one, "but I am afraid we
will not find one to suit us here."
"Well, look at this fine hemlock," said
another. "You could not hnd a better
tree than that."
"Ves, that's so," said the third, "but remember this Is the twin tree and the folks
wouhl not want that to go."
"Oh. tho deuce with sentiment," said tht
Hrst man. "lhe folks will get over It
when they see our fine flag pole."
Tho two hemiocka surmised from the
conversation that tlieir fate had been
sealed and the birds and the wind and the
brook broko Into a plaintive melody.
"How like a fool the human family Is.
How little ihey think of us trees.   In tho
spring ihey suffer from disastrous floods
1 she   wae and   In   tho   summer   long   periods   of
urchins. In! bought and heat, and all this could be
of tlie village store, but she walked avoided if they would only 1
,m proudly and their Insults wero but vat. i,v ,. sinuie «win* uf
as water on a ducks back. ,    a apie„did tree tliat has taken yean
jumes was working in a  field  nearby   lo groW.   My dear   hc-8 gttU1 *B ™
and an old gossip ran to him and  told Iwlng ol, me.   This is the end of our long
hlm Annie was buck again.
"Thank Ood."   he said.    "How I   have
prayed for this!  Where is she?"
When told she was coming directly to
him   he could hardly conceal his Joy.
"But you ore certainly not going to re.
celve her," said the gossip,  „ „  Vl  ,
"Receive her?   With open arms.   I lo\e thud nnd tho tall hemlock trembled
her, oh! how I love her.   I can swear she     "This is going lo bo a lough Job," said
comes back ftB pure ns sho wenl away,'nne of the mon.
but were alio to sink Into tlie very gultor|   The nxo swung quicker nnd stronger, end
of that clly down over tlio hlllB, and she soo„ u,o hemlock began to bond.
days of lio-ppiness.
"If you go I go with you," said the
young hemlock,, brave In this crucial moment, ns many weak souls are ln times ot
danger. "We aro ono, uud 1 cannot live
without you."
There waa a swing of the axe, a dull
red  mouth.    "Are we tied to each other of nil ■•- - -      --- •• .•>  -•-..-■ .   ,, ,- , ,,
that 1 eunnot go with whom 1 please?   We clothes. held out her arms to me. 1 would g-
ere not married yet " "il>"3 \*i»wt\ ond  tho lovers no longer her.
•■No Annie to mv sorrow I would <,Jlll,<1 to Ul° st'at bL'lwl''!» "'o hemiocka, And Annie came, sank on the ground
m**!i JStoUl. it i*» «l?!h« imJo (Something was certainly wrong and both bofore hlm, nnd with tears In her eyes
"Sn* SSSi mSi wil ll!" wondered"    Finally strange stories came bogged for bia forgiveness. 	
••SSL   a!B1   itSt  m*Z IhVt    1 Ant*; """• thS vlll,lKL'' i",J °".1' ,la->'11l,»; ro"lui    James made no reply, but took her up »nldr     ',„- lu companion with It.
?«?; mako vJ    l«v       :t\'d'nt «ho made lli-lr nesl nearby   told tbe start- his arms and kissel  her right before lbe.    SJ JJ "   (l  vnJ „r  lwo ,„n|B «*  once,'
mean to make you angry,, but you knowing news that Annie had disappeared with| village gossips,   uis     "     ■■'-"■■■ »	
Vou will hove tu cut the scut, too," said
Ilie (bird speaker.
"Oh, 1 won't bother," und ns the tall
liimlock begun to bend uvcr there wus a
rash, and the  tree  went  tn  the ground,
1 sl cue ■'!  lh-'
girl   he thinks so much or goes wltti some w.iunlng Inceeinntly
One else." I    "Just what I feared,'
Frank Brooks, and gossipy tongues wero ttlltl u„.y W(,nt their way, only eiiakln,!
laughingly snid ilie men.
said tho tall hem-
You men are nil eo selfish.   Most of ihe'locit.
time your love Is nothing more thun shut.I   "Hut  you  never   told  me your  fears,"
ting up a woman in a cage-some In gilded'said the younger tree,
cages, perhops—but, nevertheless, It is .1    "No, my dear; 1 know It would worry
1 heir heads slgnlllcontly.
"So," snid the man Who swung tin
'We will let the w 1 dry for n few davs
peared to a visitor In the Senate Chamber some years later and had gone through
the turmoil of the Confederate struggle, it
could be inferred that his early years were
placid and all his association congenial.
The final settlement of the slavery question was an all absorbing topic of Congress and the country. Some favored
Clay's aeries of resolutions, wiili'-a covered
all questions touching Territories, States,
Che District of Columbia and the Union un-
followed by loud explanations for such
thoughtless acts of parliamentary Indecorum The Senate, tlie people, and especially the gentlemen of sporting proclivities were all excited over tbo counter,
Kven the dorks and pngt-3 of Congress
were debating the probable length of a it-
cess In case of fatal results ,'ivni a duel.
The following day Benton rose to a quesUon of privilege, charging thu,t the newspaper report of tho day before was a lying
der a general omnibus bill.  Others favoredj account  from beginning to ond;   that   11
as many separate bills as there were objects of legislation. The North denounoed
"fire eaters" and the South anathematised
"abolitionist*," while t'ne excitement needed no Inferno to make It Infernal.
On March 26 Foote moved the Senate to
take up the Territorial bills, and was Immediately replied to by Benton ln favor
of taking up the California bill. With a
great deal of dignity and a show of eloquence Benton rose:—
"As a friend of the State of California,"
he said, "I now come Into tlie action, and
from this time forth I will struggle for the
admission of that State."
At once Foote arose, and with withering sarcasm, declared:—
"I am glad the honorable Senator from
Missouri has come into the war. He says,
'I am the friend of California. I announce
sir—I announce—I, the Caesar, the Napo-
would be perjury if sworn to; that portions
were added which were not uttered in the
debute, as the following:—
"At present he is shielded by his age. his
open disavowal of tlio obligatory force of
the lawe of honor and his Senatorial privileges."
"Shielded by his age! By his age!" fairly screamed Benton. "Blr, let any nun insult me where an appropriate chastisement
can be employed and intllotod upon blackguardism and he will find out whether I
?.m. n°l >'ounB enough to resist; he wlll find
g any
At thla Foots again oame to tho front.
adopting all that was printed ln the papers,
and proclaiming an uiier contempt for lhc
Senator from Missouri.  j*)r nineteen days
tho tires smouldered, ror nineteen day.s the
reonofthe Senate-I announce that I have S™™"^ **»■«<«.   On April 1!
come Into the war with sword and buck- «•   f- *»vlnjr the floor, declared that he
. ■ ■— i_ ..it (•i,*,iui„n,inm|'*"l|i-i   snow   that   the  s.-.ini,   tv.i*  i,>   „..
.     the  Scuth   was  In   no
danger; that there was "a cry of wolj
when thoro wns no wolf," by which the
Of-tintry was thrown Into n flame.
Koote followed In a (terrible arraignment
full of loathing and contempt, till finally
in the middle of a sentence ihat was nei-r
finished    Benton, white with rage, arose
decorum.   This much I believe, and, nowl*™™ »■ seat, and, passing around through
sir, I wlll tell you what 1 know.   I know !»» loopy end bickef lhc nd bnl» i.vmiii,
that the attacks made upon my motives
to-day and heretofore In this chamber are
Ier.' There Is no man In all Christendom
that I would rather meet on the arena of
contest than hlmseir."
Considerably nettled by this sudden affront, Benton arose:—
I believe, by tlie laws of this Senate,
that personalities and attacks upon mo-   ' "'»™'««»w a sen ence thi
lives are forbidden, and also forbidden by JjJftJ.   Benton, white with
ntered the aisle Inidlng lo Foolo's desk.
Foote Immediately advanced to the Opeil
space ln front of tho Speaker'! ohalr,
drawing n revolver ns he moved.
The entire chamber and galleries were In
an uproar In a second and several of the
Women spectators fulnled.   Dodge, ,,r wis
„.. .,...- ... «. e,"isln.  Jumped In  frnni   of  Benton  and
lines ae wore evor listened *»iockert hla path, wbu,, pnnlol H. Dlokln-
or oh could hive beon ul- *'''; °r N"w, V"rk' ".shed upon Foote ood
wlih   a   quick   movement   snatcbetl   lhe
raise nnd cowardly."
No soom-r was llie word inward uttered
than did Foote flame forth upuu ttie Hennte
In a rejoinder merciless and vindictive;—
'Yen,  sir,   this   Poler  Semitt,   this  censor moruin, pours forth a full tide of ait
offensive pers
to In the Sen;
tercil with equal voluhll ty and miction by
a rmuiur ale botlM
nage.   If these are your sentiments 1 think von.    However,   I   am  afraid   It   had   to!Cl)U,,|e<"
.... |We:i|mn from his hand,
ru. 1    1 „    ibnini  »n.'    "'"hig   tin.   uproar    Benton   could   bJ
  -     I U-il    lliu(    llellloll   Was   j..,iri  f,»,.|„t,„|n*».
That very afternoon the two faml'lar the aggressor; that be wui cool and unea-,"^"0^™^,   B,._. .,„ .,... _,„
fomsof  /nnle nnd .lame, came again I Celled;   not   carried   nway   by   sudden   and  ,    '   '" * ™ 7'"';   " ' "''    '   "'' ^    , ,i
--cloved spot, but their sent was goni. tempestuous wrath] not Instigated by feel- gjj „mJJft fltt •
All this Inl.rosiin.i; news was brought Loi   "l  '"",'',' '''Ji " .''.Vm'tn haul It ownv"l   Further
tho twin h.n.locks by the birds ond there >_d then bring rtotcam jo_wu^«^wg^j( Mrww
ivuii Joy lu the woods.
"Didn't 1 tell you," said tlio tail homlocu.
■Believe me, there wlll not be a hupidcr
to ha ft lugs of cold ami sulh-i
It Is best for both of
1 that
understand come,  as  Annie would   never have been
And (hen.
l'l;iy:-"l   hope  (hut  order   wlll  be
each other at onee.   I may as well toll you*satisfied otherwise,   She would have mar-
that 1 like Frank Brooks.    He Is a line rled James In a matter-of-fact  way and
young man. He's been to college and
knows how to treat and entertain a girl.
You, James, are au different. Oh, 1 hate
'Now, Annie, don't get excited," and the
young man laid his hand affectionately on
ter arm, but she at once shook tho hand
off. "You always did have a quick
"Temper or no temper, I will not stand
any dictation from you, and you may as
well know that now. In fact, to loll you
the truth. I do not think we could ever
get along woll together anyhow."
"Oh, Annie, don't sjy that."
"I know It. Vour tastes nnd ambitions
do not go beyond this village, while mine
soar over yonder hills down to the great
"Yes, that city in to many a country
boy and girl what the light Is to the
"I am so tired of this place," continued
Annie, without heeding James* remark.
"Always the same old thing, morning,
noon and night. Mr. Brooks has Invited
me to a dance to-morrow night. That wlll
clothes,   having  Just  come  from  Iht  hay lbe a change."
field.   The young woman, with her arms    "And are you going?' _■-._,
bare to tlio olbow, and sliorl skirt, dis-     "Why shouldn't I go? Bvorybody li
closing   M1HUI,    well   formed   reel,   evening.   You must oome loo.
though shod lu heuvy shoes, made a prelty    "Oh, no, I will not be there.
always longed ror Brooks.
"And what will happen now?"
"Believe me, all will be yet for the best.
She will tire of Brooks, as we all tire ot
pretty things that have no heart or feeling  and then James will be her Idol." 	
The younger hemlock was so affected they would harm us.
by the sad affair that a moan waa the[  Just then tho voices of men were heard,
Whnt a shame," suid James, »,,.,,,
-,-:—.,    ,,,,   .   ,    ,,   .  _, „„„„ ,,„t-,,.  1] ,.,„ these trees-" llH 'r ,0 "ond ttie distinguished Missourlon ,._„„«-..,,*'.
Ml. WM I. that ,tr»nB. no,.. I|««mJ;«^- »„,„ ,„„, ftMj,. »,ma«l,„ » ,r,*,,.y ^ ^n^^tjlm.jm*..* ".T^l „„. b™ br„wh, „,,.. ,„	
near?" said the young hemlock. 1   -un, » am ■«-•»■*'   - ,:.',"„,..:*.. *,..., ,„,,„,,. _.-...„ ,.,„, '■|lt;,l ,1„1.( hirfMusiJ    '* vmm ""■ uv™ D"»"iw' ■-"'"
ua, but lt Is the woodman's1 with   tears   In   lur  eyes.    M    n»>   «  •'       «'"  " VJ "'..,. i...
strange   fancy   of   mine,   but   It   alwajs blemished bis ehtracter since the days or »,,„, „„ „,„■*,,,„ „. (i,i.,k 1 ...I-	
seemed to me lhat tho-<e two trees loved his early manhood; ther< were
„»;^^  „„,
ow tlicy are cut down forever."
hemlock trembllna all over. |now they nre oui uuwh i...c.... man of honor rrom the obligation to rec-
•T don't think w-The people think!   "If tbey only could como together aaalnj „„„!,„, m U9 „ fitting aniagoul.t."
ao much of us twins thut I do not ttiink as we did." But, waiving all and everything, Footu
"If Ihcy only coul). ***-*** gave "the Senale und llie country to un-
And looking lovingly Into each °™""'derstahd that If Mr. Benton wlll acknowl-
— lerod off, and tne
only reply.    So the "days" passed and the'and three stalwart farmers' sons, one car- eyes they ilowly "gn«""b™L *JJ\l*g?ledge himself responsible to the laws of
oniy nw*  ,_,_, .m'__JZZ*t*A    1* «„.'rving an axe across his shoulders, came wind,   tbo  birds   nnd   the   »™w J*"™™;,honor be shall bo accommodated to plHtols
Into view out of the thicket. I sighed and moaned for the tw.n nemiocas fflr   (W(J    .  du   not  (|enoilIK.e  ,, „, ai t
"Wc must have a very high tree for our I which they had loved so woi^ coward.   Sucn  language is until ror this
      rrtr="-=^-~—      laudlence.   But if he wishes to patch up
reputation for courage, now greatly on
lovers' soat remained unoccupied. It was
near the end of tlie summer, however,
that James came to the spot alone, and
the whole forest became Interested. The
hemlocks whispered "How sad he looks,"
the birds Bang "Oh, Were Annie to Come
Back Again" end the brook gurgled "Get
her and bring her back.   She loves you,
ie loves you."
All this language of Nature was, 01
course, wasted on James, for he heard It
not, and would not have understood lt,
JamM sat down on the bench where ho
had spent so many happy days with Annie, looking with longing eyes upon the
hemlock trees and other familiar objects,
Just ns the wanderer after long absence
from home comes back and views familiar
acenos. Presently he r-Mted hla head In hla
hand and sobbed.
"This la too much lor me," aald  the
The Only Time a Gun Was Pulled^
in Congress.
unlive In slsn and ipilio reelilu in
When the principals were quieted. Immediately calls for the floor were heard from
all puns of tho Senate. Suggestions were
mode by several Senators pro and con for
tlio appointment uf un Investigating committee. Benton repeatedly demuuded of
the Senate that It take cognisance of the
roci that n pistol "hud been brought to
assadSJiutc" him. But no onu would mako
BNATOIUAL   chivalry   Is   often Foote, of "'"'"'^^"'^'hoTin11
■    ■■        ■-••'.. _ ■ ^(>n fnim ttie some Slat's ns tho piin-
-jlpnls ln Uie most recent episode.
lt wns the only time thai a revolver has
ever beon drawn by one member of Con-
gross upon another in debate.
If one could foi'gel the Senate scene of
April 17, l-*">->. and were not confronted with
excerpts from ttie Congresekmal Record
that detailed that parliamentary cyclone,
und could think of Foole only as he ap-
thrown to the winds in tbo general men
whirr   of   the   national   legislative
machine in  Washington,  ami  Con-
Sresslonnl forenaics reduced tn
stlouffs—but tho gravest ami most
thrilling distinction thnt has eve-
occurred during parliamentary proceedings was precipitated In the Senate'Chnm-
ber three score years ego between Thomas
Hart Benton, of Missouri, and Henry 8.
,,„:  certainly have an op-j
C^^'S^L'if'reVrarrSes1" ™*MI   MrWy'••!* that Instead or an invre-
ffi wh.r.H7c«tlnoi rtiiffl I-**-"*' «_ _%*mu iK> "'" '""""■"
Cnn I take a ouduel to lilmT  la a Sanitor •■*"■ .the ■e,™_   .     .,_,,. „
to be blackguarded hero In the dlacharne •   To Kill propoaal Benton disdainfully re-
of hi. duty   und the  culprit  go  unpun-1Piled:-
lehcd? I» language to be ueed here which "I bave done nothing on Ood Almighty a
would not bo permitted to bo used In the earth to aulborlle nny man to ghurge „,.
lowe.t pothou.e, tavern or oyster cellar,' with a brc-aoh of the peace, and 1 wlll rot
and for tho use of which he would be | In Jail before I will glvo a promlie aJ„iL -
turned out of any tavern by a decent land- *-•"■< ***iiit I,ll! cliurg,- Is true."
■onl*/*- I   "I   shall   olwuya   wear   armi,     too,.
Thoie ohlvalroua festivities were a fn, apoko up, -when 1 suppose I am In da,,»cr.
tlmaa Interrupted by taint eal'a lar ord r, lar Uie purpoaa uf self-defenca alone." THE   CHANBHOOK    II KI.'A I.il
Dr. H. E. HALL
The   Expert   Crown   and
Bridge   Worker
Ollices over Air. Short's
Wall       Caper      Store
Armstrong   Ave.,  Cranbrook
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News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned irom Newspapers §
The. Best is None Too (iood for Our    <
Corby's Whisky
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Schlitz Beer
And the Best of Imported Ooods
A. C.  Bowness
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A cosy little Collage on "Hill" for - $o50
5-roomed Residence, l'ooley Avenue [- 825
5-rooined Cottage, Van Home Street    -     1150
8-roouted Dwelling, Norbury Street     -   12C0
lhe assessed vttluo ol this property is f1S75.00
2J story Residence, Norbury Avenue     -   11,50
Beale <& Elwell
Nature's   Fertilizer
To gel the best results (rom vour fruit trees you
must put nourishment into the ground. Try our
Dried   Blood  Fertilizer
Dried   Blood   and   Bone   Mixture
Dried   Tankange
P. BURNS <a CO., Ud.
P. 0. BOX i
5 Acres Fruit Land
11 miles from [ids! office
It will pty you to investigtte, Address—K.P. euro of Herald
(From the Creston Review.)
Mcssi s. Willson, Uu- well known
Croston ranchors, are about to em-
| bark in a business that should he 1
{paying one. Tbey Intend shortly ti
onset it canning tactory anil to instai
u modern canning machine with a oa*
(iiiiity ol one ton a duy, und should
iln- business prove n success they
contemplate putting in a larger plant.
Tlicy  will    can Iruits and  Vegetables
of all kinds.
A Loyal Orange ordot was organized on .Miiiniiiy evening last hy Mr. J.
;W. wiiiU'lry, ot Vancouver, organizer
for    liritish    Columbia.    Seventeen
I charter   members      were   taken iu.
Another  meeting    will bo    held  on
! Monday, August -.   when more mem-
I bers   will he Initiated.    Following is
a list ol   the olllcers elected:
Andrew Miller-W. M.
(ito. Hruderick—I). M.
ltev. F. .1. Huthertord—Cliap.
A. |'J, Mutton—R. S.
duo. Sherwood—Treas.
(ieo. Ih'ndren—F. S.
Win. II. Breeze—I-ect.
W. .1. l)ow-I). of Cer.
Committee—D.   I-earmouth,    .John
.Johnson,   John Spratt, D. -Johnston
and A. Ilendren.
.1. II. Sihofleld, M.P.P., accompanied hy his two sons, .lack and
-Jim, arrived on Sunday from Trail.
They left the lollowing day tor
Kitchener, where they commence a
camping season. Mrs. Schofleld will
join  them later in thc work.
Thc body of Alex. Muir, who was
drowned in the Slocan river on
June 2!), has been found at Bridgeport, Wash., having travelled a distance of 150 miles.
Kenneth Chester, government veterinary, now located at Kingsgate,
will have charge ot thc new port.
All horses arriving at Rykerts will
have to pass the "Mallein" test tor
glanders, a test that will take twenty-tour hours.
The canvassing committee ot the;
celebration to be held in Creston on
Labor I>ay will meet in a tew days
to report progress. We do not know
how much money has heen guaran-
I teed to tlate, but there is every
i probability ot the sum required heing
Fred. Watson left tor Cranhrook on
Wednesday to take up a position
with the Kast Kootenay Lumher
Everybody in the district will
learn with deep regret ot the death
of Mrs. .Joseph Hamsey, mother ot
Mrs. E. Mallandaine, of this town,
whieh sad event occurred at Nanaimo
mi Sunday last. Mrs. Mallandaine
was appraised hy wire of the serious
condition of her mother last Friday, ami in the afternoon she left
for her sick motlier's bedside, but
the lady passed away three hours
before her daughter's arrival. Thc
deceased lady was the wife of Mr.
Joseph Ramsay, a well known retired mining man at Nanatono, who
survives her. She also leaves three
other married daughters and two
single ones to mourn her loss. The
married daughters are Mrs. .1. I>.
McK-ay, Mrs. Western and Mrs. J.
A. Irvine, ot Fernie.
(From uui >.wn correspondent)
Mr. and Mrs. James McKee were
Cianbrook visitors Tuesday.
Mr. J. Hanbury and family arrived
last week to spend a few weeks va-
ation in Klko   and vicinity.
J. L'sher, of Cranbrook, was sha'-
ing hands with old time friends last
Miss Holbrook aud Miss Bardslcy
wen- visiting friends in Waldu last
W. Frost, of Kuicka, was in town
lasi week looking over tlie fruit
lands. A large party nf Fernieites
were alsu looking over land in this
vicinity Monday.
Howard McGuire*. ui Tobacco
Plains, was in town last Monday.
Curl   Connor    has gone lo Butte,
Mont., to see his brothel, who has
bi*eii very sick for some wciks
past. ^ j
Messrs. Lowe, Hartley, Muir and
Hums, nf Medicine Hut, Alta., have
been fishing up the South Fork for
the past few davs uud havo made
some record catches.
Come lo Klko for fruit lands, game,
shooting and fishing.
J. W. Ood trey, ot Victoria, was in
town last Sunday.
Jack McSweyn, ot Cranhrook, was
in town on Monday last.
(From the Michel Reporter.)
.Mrs. It. II. .Moore is leaving ou a
visit to Spokane,
The Michel miners will hold their
seventh annua] picnic on Labor day,
nn Michel recreation grounds*
J i tinny     Regan   is      around on
crutches   this    week, the result of
slipping ami breaking a bono in his
(From the Fernie Free Press.)
Fergus McDonald and Bert Whimster spenl lasl Saturday ami Sunday
at Lake View camp, Moyie, the
guests ot Mrs. Taylor ami Miss Cunningham.
Brick (or the new court house will
be obtained from Calgary instead ol
from Sand Point, Idaho.
Mr. Ellis, of Lawe Si Fisher's office, leaves tor Victoria tonight to go
into a law ofliee   there.
Thomas J. Knox has been appointed Secretary of the Board ot examiners at the Coal Creek colliery in
place ot George O'Brien, resigned.
Dan McNcish is authority for the
statement that within two years
there will be one ol the finest driving roads in the province between
Fernie and Elko.
The water pipe for the city line is
expected from New Westminster today. It is wire-wound wooden
pipe. Eleven cars will be required
and it will be placed in the ground
as fast   as it arrives. i
A bush fire near Morrissey darkened thc sky here on Friday and Sa-1
turdav. Fi re-Warden Murphy wcnti
down and got the fire under con-
trol but could not ascertain who
had set it out. Farquharson and
Boisjoli lost about four thousand
cedar (ence posts. There was
another lire this side ot Klko Uiat
bad probably been started by careless
campers, but its origin could not be
traced tor a certainty. No more
fires will be allowed in the park
until fall, when there will lie less
danger ot a big conflagration.
A double wedding took place at
the Presbyterian manse on Thursday, when Wm. Greiner, toreman for
Digby Si Waidie, was wedded to Miss
Ida Frey, ot this city. At the
same time Gustavc Mueller became
tbe life partner ol Miss Hermine
Frey. Rev. Grant tied the nuptial
Mr. C. A. Klingensmith was tn
Femie on business iast Monday.
Ed. Prettie, ol Wardner, was shaking   hands    with   old   friends    last
Destiny evening.
Mrs. J, Todhuntcr entertained the
young people lasl Friday evening at
progressive whist and a very enjoyable evening was spent by all.
It. Ilirt/. has been on the sick list
for the past tew days, but it is
hoped by everyone that he will be
around again soon.
Mrs. Harry Grilllth, ot Baynes
Lake, was shopping in town last
Say! Did you see or hear about
tlte healing Elko gave Michel at
baseball at Michel on August 1st
Not much to see, ch? Michel play
bull.    Score 22-5.
The Sunday school picnic Irom
Michel and Fernie on August 2nd to
this picturesque spot, was a decided
success in every way. About 1200
people, men, women and children, en*
joyed themselves on the grounds.
Miss Lauretta Armstrong, ot Cranbrook, is spending a lew weeks holidays with Mrs. C. A. Klingensmith.
Mr. J. Houston, ot Dorr, is spending a few days this week at his
home here.
W. S. Herron, of Pugh & Livingstone's mill at Dorr, was in town on
business Monday.
D. McDougal left tor Moose Jaw,
Susk., last Tuesday evening.
(From the Frank Paper.)
Engineer Wilcox, of the Coal company, is leaving, the Canadian-American and takes his departure this
evening tor Bankhead, where he will
join the forces ot S. M. Moore, ot
the Pacific Coal company, lormerly
manager here. The family will follow later.
Wm. Northam, chairman ot the
school board at Albion Ridge, near
Lethbridge, and Mrs. E. B. Palmer,
teacher there, were married at Knox
church, Frank, last evening. It is
said Mrs. Palmer declined another
term ot school, but thc people there
were bound she should not leave
the community, so the chairman of
tlie board determined upon heroic
measures to prevent the calamity.
Tbe happy couple lett tills morning
(or tbe Seattle (air.
' A horse, helnuging to Seigle Si Co.,
was struck by Hie westbound express yesterday morning and injured
so seriously it had to be shot.
A chiropodist was in town this
week, lt is rumored that some ot
the members of the Board of Trade,
who reeenlly acquired cold feet, have
been operated on.
The outside papers give great
prominence to a reported Black Hand
scare, and from the tenor ot the
remarks Michel would appear to be
an armed camp. Nothing could be
further from tho truth. It is t*
tact that some live people received
these so-called Black Hand letters,
but trom the manner ot the hold-ups
it looks mote like an amateur at-
tempt at extortion than the genuine
i The Klk Prairie Agricultural society was organized last Sunday at
the residence of W. Weaver. I, A.
Rhodes was in the chair, and W. J.
Cook acted as secretary. The following were appointed a committee:
W. Weaver, F. Harmour, A. 1.
Rhodes, J. Mansfield, Tom Patterson
and John Fristal. A school will he
located iu tht! neighborhood, as there
uie now twenty-nine children nf
school age.
J. R. Pollock, ol the Pollock Wine
eompnny, Fernie, was here on
Thursday along with Jules Hurel, nf
Hosmer. Wliile here a large parly
drove out to the Elk Valley brewery.
Andy Good's menagerie is a delight
to the little ones, and his pet monkey is   dead in love with the ladies.
Spencc Lyon, an old typo, is one
of the mixcrologists at the Summit,
and the irrepressible "Doc" is head
push and general manager, ami
Andy Good—oh, well, Andy's big
enough to look after himself now.
4 4
(From the Moyie Leader.)
Tliere was a very pleasant gathering at the home of Mrs. IL II.
Dimoek Thursday afternoon in honor
of Mrs. J. Swinnerton, ot Macleod.
Mrs. Swinnerton lived in Moyie several years ago, when her husband
conducted the Mnahattan hotel.
Those present were Mrs. Crowe, Miss
Pike, Miss Crowe, Mrs. Stinson, Miss
Stinson, Mrs. Keaney, Mrs. Hawke,
Moss Hawke, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Lives-
ley, Mrs. Fitch, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Mae-
Eachern, Mrs. Hutt, Mrs. Turner.
G. T. McGregor is home trom
Vancouver, aud is feeling better than
for some time past.
F. J. Tanner, thc jeweler, is now
nicely located in his splendid new
j quarters in the Long building.
I The baby of Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Potter died in Cranbrook Thursday
and   tlte burial   took   place there.
Mrs. Goldwin Stewart and children
have returned trom Calgary, where
they spent a good portion ot the
I Mrs. Kempston, wife of Constable
James C. Kempston, left last Saturday tor an extended visit to Ireland.
The families ot J. S. MacEaehern,
A. Ferris and K. I). Stinson have a
summer cottage on thc west side ol
tbe lake and are residing there
during   the hot spell.
It has practically been decided to
build a new four room school house
in Moyie. The present oue is nut
large enough and unless a larger ono
is built the children can not be
properly taken care of. Tbis is a
necessity and. everybody should du
all in their power to help it
A young man trom tbe country
who, (or obvious reasons, shall be
nameless, celebrated iu Frank Saturday night and Sunday to such effect that when he started home lie
got tired over in the slide and got
off his horse and laid down to
snooze. Later he tound the horse, I Mrs. IL Tierney, who has been
but the saddle was gone. It was visiting here for the past week re-
rceovered by the police at Cole- turned to Cranbrook on Tuesday
man. | evening last.
I        WARDNER J
>     (From our own correspondent)
i   II. Durrani   and   D.   .1. McU-llan
lett last   Saturday Inr Calgary, Alberta, where   they intend to take up toria-Nanaimo
a homettca*!. Coasl port.
Thc police have this week been engaged In endeavoring to trace the
past record ol Mike Kulciyckl, who
killed Angus Huts in a fight Saturday!
ol last week. It had been reported
that Kulczyckl had had a knltc record
I at Edmonton, but thus lar In prying into his lile lor the ten years
he has spent in dlftetwit parts ol
Alherta and British Columbia nothing ol a damaging character has been
I   'Tlie C.l'.lt.    has railed Inr tenders
lor grading    and bridging the     new
branch Irom Cameron lake to Alliprnl,
tla, last section to connect thc Vlc-
road   with thc West
Mr. It. II.    llohart was in
brook this week on business.
j Imperial Bank ol Canada
RESERVE  -     -     -      -
I). R. IVII.KIK. Pretident.
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants,
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts und Letters of Credit issued, available in nny part of
the world.
SAVINGS DKl'AIM'MKNT- Special attention
given to Savings Hunk Accounts. Deposits ,-f SI.U0 aud
upwards received and interest allowed at current rate from date
of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.
Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd.
fhone  i8j
P.O, Hov A*
Robin Hood Flour
A brand of flour which vre highly recommend for
its splendid taking qualities. Those who have
tried ii 8p,*u!* highly of its virtues. The pri,*,* is
the s.-tin,- as otlier brands.
Try it!!
and  you  will  1„* another pleased  buyer of  this 2
sterling flour. ♦
Harness Repairing,  Carriages, Wagons.   Trunks,   X
Saddlery, - - etc., etc.   *
East Kootenay Bottling Co.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Carbonated Beverages.
There are others, but!!
phone ;:; •        P. 0. BOX S01
Bargains in Real Estate
400   ACRES
^^^^m^^^ situated 3 miles south of Fort Steele, ovei 200 acres
entirely cleared and under cultivation and e\eryfcotof it under
irrigation with a linme running across the place; watti u* supplied hy
two creeks which are on tlie place having a large flow. The oilier 2Ut)
acres not cleared but can he easily cleaied as Blumpfl aie not thick.
Fine water for domesti. use. This is all good agricultural land; tlie
soil Is rich, as is proven by the large yield of all crops on this place.
Potatoes on this place yield lo tons per acre. This is the best buy in
Eaat Kuotenay today. 10) ton! of timothy hay. one team of horses,
set of double harness,wagon and mower go with this place at $8000
♦    320   ACRES
situated 2 miles nortli of F'orte Steele,  -10 acres
cleared ami partly undei cultivation This place can le easily
cleared as the stumps are not at all thick. Ie fenced and lavs practically level, soil being a rich loam. Creek runs through this place,
also a very deep lake on llie place, making Irrigation « very easy
matter. This is a good buy. Price $13,50 pet acr<-, $2000 cash,
balance arranged.
II The East Kootenay Investment Co.
|   P. 0. Box 46.     CRANBROOK B. C.
Phone I39.
r,„irl,„„- ihooM l„> ,l*-,„rut,*,l
hi,I, .<>„<>' ul ,.„r ,I„|„1, ,-fI- .*,.,„
frnm onr handsoas
H lll'W
designs and colors.
Retnembsr **■ mti
■ yon -'."
Armntnnijr An-., Cranbrook, I* U.
The ladies of St. Andrew's Prcsby-1
terian church will Rive a social on
Friday evening, August tith, in the
Library hall. No admission fee,
plenty of ice cream and cake will he
Miss K. Rowland returned to Cranbrook this week afler spending a
couple nf weeks with Mrs. T. Gaff-
The friends uf Mr. and Mrs. Gomel
Jones will he very sorry to hear
that their little son Uichard is quite
(Continued on page nix.)
Pride of the West Flour
$3.50 per cwt.
Cotedyke Baking Powder
10c., 25c, and 75c. a tin
TE  J. flANNlNG TvS0^
►********************** THE   CRAiN BROOK  HERALD
2.00 A YEAI!
AUGUST 5, 1909
Uv the Herald   Publishing Company,
Editor and Manager.
A 4
, BY THE OLD MAN.        w
S. M. Newton has succewh-ti John
Houston as editor and manager ol
tlio Prince Uupert Empire, and in his
Inst issue be bas the lollowing to
say     of   Mr. Houston:
"On Thursday, July 1st, Mr.
John Houston, the founder of
The Empire, bid adieu to Prince
KUPCt-'it, and headed for Mexico.
In bis departure, an able man is
lost to the community. Not
only did he make tlte umpire a
power iu British Columbia, hut
he was fearless, energetic, honest
and resourceful, both in bis newspaper work and in bis citizenship. When tbe day arrives for
writing a history of Prince Uupert, we predict the name of
Johu Houston will loom up in uo
uncertain sound. In wishing him
future prosperity in whatever
sphere he may choose, we feel
we are but echoing the sentiments of a large percentage of
the residents of Northern British
Tbe people of Kernie have reason to
he proud of the progress that they
have made during the past year.
'lliey have displayed courage uud determination, and that is what
brings success in thc west, livery-
body in Canada have reason to taKe
oil tbeir hats to tbe citizens of
that towu for the reason that tlicy
have shown themselves to lie true
oluc. Here is to tbe people of Kcrnie.     They   are all right.
W. H. Koss has developed during
tbe past few years. Today he is one
of the liest speakers that we have in
the province and hu has brought a
lot of money here for internal improvement. These ure tbe kind of
men Uiat help to build up a country. 	
There is going to be an election
Ibis fall, judging from the way things
look now. There are all kinds of
candidates ou the Conservative side,
hut there are many people who say
Uiat Tom Caven, who stood the
brunt of one election should have
thc lirst show. Many others are in
favor of A. Leitch, one of the old
timers of this district. Then there
are 0. T. Itogers, J. D. McUride,
Ci. 11. Thompson and A. E. Watts,
who iire mentioned. On the Liberal
side there is no one mentioned at
the present time except Dr, King,
and it is conceded the man who
would run against him would have
a hard time of it. There is one
thing that might be said and that
is that the McBride government has
been pretty good as a whole and it
will hu a hard proposition for
any man who represents the Liberal
ticket. No man has nerve enough
lo say that the McBride government
lias been immaculate, und one who
would do so would he a fool, for
there arc breaches in the breastworks of uny party that is open to
a favorable attack by the opposition.
One of the best talks that was
ever made in this district was
made by W. A. Buchanan, editor of
lhe Lethbridge Herald and Liberal
representative in the parliament of
Allierta for the eity of Lethbridge
al the banquet in Kernie Monday.
"Billy" Uuchanan is one of thc best
men that (iod ever created and thc
people got a great asset when they
located him there in the newspaper
business. Ile is "gilly gold" wherever you take him and you can
gamble on him from start to fln-
osh, for there arc no better made.
We know Buchanan and wc know
him well, antl we will give him
a certilicate any time he shows his
If you want to help Cranhrook do
the liest you can to boost the town
and the district. That is what pays
for every individual.
Cranhrook is going to have a big
celebration one of these days and we
will have all of the people of the
district here at that time. Cranbrnok does not ask for mueh as
a rule, but when it has a celebration of that kind it simply wants all
of the people to   be present.
Albert Mutz is a hustler and a
good citizen nf the district. He
has built up one of thc biggest concerns in this part of the country
nud is entitled to the credit for doing   thc same.
We received a letter the other day
saying some very nasty thing's
ahout certain people in this district and wo naturally refused to
publish it. As a result we lost a
subscription. Well, we are willing
to lose every subscriber that we
have before we will indulge In that
kind nf journalism. The Herald has
a policy of cleanliness and will
adhere to that no matter who
The Herald is increasing in subscription and husiness everv month.
That means that the Herald treats
thc people right and that the people
believe and have confidence in the
Where can you find a better climate than lhat to be found In this
Eust Kootenay seems to be all
The tiniber limits of this district
are good for the next twenty years.
The chronic grouoher would do well
lo ki'vp quiet.
This is tlte banana belt. That is
what makes it so popular.
(iuod for Kcrnie. The people of the
wesi like a town that ean redeem
Itself. Kernie did this and did it
in good shape.     Hurrah for Kcrnie.
Cranbrook will have one of tho
best main streets of auy town in
Western Canada within a few weeks
and the credit is due to Alderman
Hvan, chairman of the street corn-
mil tee.     Bully tor Ryan.
Evorybody believes in Crnnbrook.
Why not? Cranbrook has always
made good. There has not been a
lime in her historv that this has
not heen the case. That is why
rybiwlv has faith  in this town.
"Mountain Moving Faith" will be
lhe morning subject of Pastor King's
sermon, and "Tbe passing Plus the
Permanent" at the evening service.
A cordial Christian welcome to all.
Public worship 11 a.m. und 7.30 p.m.
Bible school witb Voting Ladies'
Philethca and Young Mens' Baraca
classes, :i p.m,
Mid-week meeting, Wednesday, 8
p.m. Young Peoples' meeting, Friday s p.m.
August 8lh.
Mr. James Moyes from China will
conduct the morning service. Members uud friends uie requested to
make an effort to be present.
Bible classes aud Sunday School
ut 3. A hearty invitation given to
all who can attend. Visitors passing through tbe city are always accorded a welcome.
The pastor will preach at 7-:*".
Subject: "By Their Fruits Ye Sball
Know Them."
' pen air service, weather permitting, on     Baker    street at 8.46.
League prayer meeting before the
.service at 7 in thc inner vestry.
Monday—Mission band of the united
churches will hold service at thc
Standard Lumber company mill at *
1 ucsday—Epworth League. Subject, Marcus Aurelius. By the president.
Wednesday—Garden party on thc
parsonage lawn at 8 p.m. Ice
cream, and other good things. All
are invited to spend a pleasant evening with us on the lawn. The sum
mer will soon be gone. Enjoy tbe
social season out of doors while
Friday—Choir practice at 8.30.
The Cranbrook Evangelical Mission
band .visited the North Star camp
iast Monday night, and held service
for the boys. The band hopes to
visit all the camps in the near
vicinity in turn. These services are
appreciated by the men, many of
whom are not able to get into town
for a service on Sunday. The united
churches bave the arrungements in
hand, aud a plan has been prepared
covering the work for the summer.
Aug. 15th.
Morning     service    at     11 o'clock.
Evening service at 7.30.
Sunday school and   Bible class    at
10 a.m.
Young Peoples' Guild on Tuesday
evening ut 8 o'clock.
in the absence of thc pastor on his
vacation, Hev. James Moyes, returned missionary from Thibet, will occupy tbe pulpit on Sunday morning
and evening.
The time I've lost in baking,
In watching, and in shaking,
The buns and pics,
That scarce would rise,
lias lieen my heart a breaking.
But Patmore Bros, sought mc,
Aud wisdom's lesson taught mc
Kor lo! the change—
A Sask-Alta range
Has household   comforts   brought
The band will give the usual concert on Monday evening next at the
new stand. Following is the programme:
fcotisa march'Thc Loyal Legion	
Concert waltz „ ...
     "Sweet Remembrance"
  F. J. St. Clair
Solo for cornet 	
  "Kathleen Muvourneer"
(Mr. Walter Miller.)
Selection of latest   bits from New
York and Detroit..Bodewalt Lampe
National uir of Canada ...   ,.,.
    "The   Maple Leaf Forever"
Oavotto   "In Cupid's Garden"
 Mut C. Eugene
Two step   «. "Old Faithful"
God Save the King.
F. E. Corrison,
A delegation appointed to represent the Moral und Social Reform
Council of Cranhrook will meet the
police commissioners on Kriday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the City
Council chambers to present thc petition of property owners asking the
enforcement of the law relating to
the social evil. The following
gentlemen compose the delegation: J.
K. Armstrong, Dr. E. W. Connolly,
Rev. C. O. Main, (I. Vi. Patmore, W.
fi. Morton, J. E, Kennedy ami F.
A quiet wedding wus celebrated at
lhc Presbyterian manse on Monday,
July 26th, when Rev. C, O. Main
united in marriage Hamilton Richard
aud Miss Marion Kimmous,
both of St. Paul, Minn. The happy
couple left immediately Ior Spokane,
Tin- election held last Tuesday l„r
tin- carrying <»! the bylaw that was
to give to the city the waterworks
wits carried l,y a rote ol 01 to
17, a very good majority. This
i,leans thiil as soon as tile financial
anaiigeiiienls can he mado the city
will take „u'i* the citv water svstem
an,I it will become a public utility.
(lluyie Leader.)
Tlie alitor    oi the Leader arrived
home     Thursday    irom   the   coast,
w nere lie      was   ou a mission
business and pleasure. At Seattle
tue A. \. l\ was visited. The exposition ns a whole is good. The
grounds ate, iu perfect order, with
i,ia, concrete walks, green lawns ami
iji-tls ol llowers. All ol the exhibits
arc interesting and instructive, and
tue attractions along the l'ay-
streak ate ol a higher order thau
usual. Canada is well represented iu
,t building all lo itsell. On ap-
ptoaching litis building the eye
cntohes the two mammoth chunks of
ore Irom lhc St. Kugene mine.
Each chunk weighs over two tons,
aud Micro is not a better or more
i,,oiiiu,cutly displayed piece ol mineral ou the grounds. The name ol
lhe mine and Moyie, 11. U., appear in hold letters. Over ai.liuu
people puss tbruugh the exposition
gates every day, and tlie total at-
tcndaiicu so fat* is considerably over
tne million mark.
ill*, and Mrs. S. Moore arc still
ut Nakusp aud arc prospering in
thut thriving town. Mr. Moore had
just returned Irom attending the
teachers' convention at Victoria.
Miss Jessie Nicholson, also a Ior
mer teacher iu the Moyie school,
bus passed lief examinations and has
i.een engaged at Trail.
Mr. .Mcl'rec, lormerly ol the Moyie
Presbyterian ciiurcb, is assistant in
oue of tlie largest churches in Vancouver, lie intends taking a course
in Mctlill college.
J. A. Harvey is comfortably
settled in liis new law ollice in the
Imperial hank buildiag in Vancouver, ami lie and bis partner, S. S.
Taylor, are doing all thc business
tlicy   cun well take   care ol.
"Hutch," ol Cranbrook, is running
a moving picture show in North
Vancouver. „     ,
.1. B. Angers, also -well known
in Moyie and Cranbrook, is doing
well in the real estate business in
A. I). Drummond, a tormer constable here, is making money in thc
real estate business in Vancouver,
and Ur. S. K. llarvie is said to he
building up a remunerative medical
practice. . .     .,    ..
While he did not see llubc Scott
we heard he was doing well. He
recently paid several thousand dol
lurs for a lot well ia towards the
center ol Vancouver and is putting up
a building. He will open a grocery
(Nelson News.)
II. 11. Vaughan, ol Montreal,
sis taut to the vice-president and
bead of the mechanical department
ol the C.P.H., accompanied by Grant
Hall, ot Winnipeg, superintendent ol
motive power, and party, arrived iu
llie city on the coast and boundary
train on Sunday evening, having
traveled down the Arrow lakes Irom
Arrowhead that alternoon.
The members ol thc party are all
ollicials ol tho mechanical department and arc in Kootenay on a tour
ol Inspection. They were guests al
llu- Strathcona over night and lelt
yesterday morning in Mr. Vaughan's
private car, the Lethbridge, tor
Eholt antl Phoenix, inspecting the
company's shops at the lormcr
place antl visiting thc mines at
Phoenix. Thev will return this
rooming to Trail, where they will
visit lhe smelter ol tho Consolidat-
e,l company, and will reach Nelson on
llieir return at 3 o'clock this alternoon. ,   ,
Leaving here at 7 o'clock this
veiling lbe pnrl'- will proceed east
ia Proctor, Irom which place their
car will be taken on board a barge
lor t ransli-rcncc lo Kootenay Landing, from where they will lie taken
by special train to Cranbrook,
where Ihcy will visit the company's
shops nnd roundhouses und will then
return east.
li, addition to Mr. Vaughan and
Mi*. Hall, thc lollowing ollicials are
imiiibeis ol the party: 0, H.
Temple,' master mechanic at Winnipeg, and O. H. Eaton and H. C.
Kennedy, also ol Winnipeg; W. E.
Woodhouso, master mechanic at Calgary; R. W. Burnett, ol Montreal,
and S. Phipps, master mechanic ol
tlie Pacific division.
This is Mr. Vaughan's first* visit
to Kootenay and he stated on Sunday evening lhat he was very much
impressed with the grandeur ol Koo-
tenav's scenery. Tho trip Irom Arrowhead to Itobson was, trom a
scenic standpoint, one ol the best he
bad ever made and he would not
have missed it Ior anything. He is
verv much Interested in the mining
nnd smelting industries throughout
A few cars ol     Al Timothy    and
good feed oats.     A mixed car order
nf   hay,    outs, bran,   Ogilvie's flour,
etc., supplied if desired.
P.O. Box 112. Lethbridge, Alta.
liirg<i   consignment   of
STETSON   HATS   >» all the latest shades and shapes.
A New Line of SUITS AND  PANTS (or Boys and Youths.
This is tho nicest line of this class of goods wu have ever hud tti.
Of course, we soil
20th Century Clothing
Recognised as the Best
Recommended by the best
medical authorities.
Wholesale Wine Meiehant
********************** ***
i •
Nu family order too him ill uml no wholesale order too hig to rereive
prompt ami careful attention.
Armstrong Ave. ?.TbS? ,U
Products of the Dairy
QUALITY,   In 1   lb.   bricks...22|c.
QUALITY, ln tubs  23c.
BUTTER, In tubs  85c.
DAIRY   BUTTER,   In tubs ... 35c.
BUTTER, In I Ih. bricks. 3
11,8. lor  95c.
As an inducement wo are still tillering:
ROYAL   CROWN    SOAP,   140
bars lor, per hox  % 5,00
SUNLIGHT SOAP, per box ...   5.0U
35c. and -15c.   TOILET SOAPS
lor     25c
15c. per cake, 7 lor    1.00
per hox, 3 cakes     35c
SOAP, big box ot 7 cakes ...   35c.
cakes In box    75c
Summer Reductions in
Our Shoe Shop
Our sale of OXFORD TIES still
continues to attract the purchasers
who are seeking good, reliable goods,
at a greatly reduced price. New
goods these arc—not old-fashioned or
shop worn. Nothing cheap about
them only the price.
OUU $1.00 SHOE is worth that
money, yet at our sale you can buy
THIS SAME SHOE for $2.75. Other
values tliere are, that wc can show
you wlirn you call. See our window
for prices.
»■>■»■»♦♦»♦♦♦-»♦♦-»♦-»♦♦♦♦< THK   CHAfNHKOOK   1IKUALD
b. r w4ikkr, pretidrat Paid-up Capital, $10.000,000
AiEXABDi»uiRD,G.n.r.iM*in.z., Reserve Fund, -  6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in tlie Uniicd States and England
PnilNTRY  RU-SINPQ-J Every facility afforded lo farmers and
buunini uuoiwta-i   (,llK,ls for-the ll,,ns.ulion of ,htlr
banking business.    Sales notes will be cashed or taken for collection.
BANKING BY MAIL   <\*""""s «<W •>• «P«nc«l by mail and
unnninu vi   mniu    mgnin deposited or withdrawn la Ihii
way with equal facility. 121
K. T. Brymner, rianajtcr Cranbrook Branch
Ih natural 11,„hi precious gilt.  Blieultl you r,>,|iiiro
advice, call aud aoo us-WIS ARE SPECIALISTS,
Watches, Clocks and Jewelery
KepnirH of every description
0. P. R, Watoh Inspectors CRANHROOK, II.C.
****** * *************************
A Genuine Bargain in
Improved Ranch on Kootenay
We have been asked by the owner to find a buyer for
bis ranch of 44 acres on tbe Kootenay Kiver, -0 ncrcs of
which is cleared nnd s is in crop. This land dues no' nerd
Irrigation and it does not become flooded, 'Ibeie are a
number of fruit trees planted.
With the ranch goes ;"> head of cattle, it head of horses.
(10 chickens, harness, implements, wagon, democrat, etc.
Good terms can lie arranged.    For particulate write—
| J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C.
»♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦
l,if„,*|iiir„t,'il  lHIti)
H:ad Office: Montreal, Quebec
$ 4,700,000
II. I. HOLT, President
K. L. PEASE, General Manager
Accounts of Firms, Corporations and Individuals
Out-of-town business receives every attention.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. -Deposits o£ $1.00 and
upwards received and interest allowed at current rate.
No formality or delay in withdrawing.
A General Banking business transacted,
Cranbrook Branch: W. A. SCHWARTZ, Mgr.
buy the Wedding
Present at   Hi
| Empress pure Mocha and .lava
codec nl Kink's I'nte Komi Grocery,
I ti. Prod Benedict, a brother ol H.
Ht'liclnl, stopped „lt here on his
turn from Seattle I„r a visit   this
I Mr.
iiu* i'i nl,
vcyliis party   that
fot Oils Staples.
Misses     Ada   and
Miss     Crawford    returned
Seattle last   Monday.
Uuiili-n llOSO in all Iriir.lliK nnd
quality at I'atmore Hros.
Oranbrook Bouvcntr china in   blaok
and gold at   the Kink Mercantile t'o.
Messrs,  Lundburg ami Wilson ruvo
a very successful dunce last Tuesday
evening at   the Auditorium,
Mrs, S, tt, Walsoii, of Sirdar, speiitt
the week end with Mrs. 11, E,
Mr. S. Mnit has taken a trip east
to spend a short time with his
parents in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
The Kink Mercantile Co. report a
heavy sate ol Carr's English biscuits.
.loe Walsh, the Fort Steele guardian of tlte peace, was in town -last
Miss Stamp has gone to the
roast for her annual vacation and
will   he   absent aliout a month.
The work ol putting in tho new
stcvl bridge at Wardner, over the
Kootenay river, Is progressing in a
most favorable manner.
We nre now killing daily'at our
Cranhrook slaughter house and you
can -depend on our meats being fresh
ami Juicy.—P. Burns & Co.
Mrs. Warren DeBeck and sister returned last Saturday from New Westminster, where Mrs. DcBeck has been! residential
visiting for some -Ume put. avenue   to
Rov. and   Mrs. McKay, of Carman,
I Man., wlm nre   un   their way to the
(torn Seattle exposition, spent a day with
II. II. MeClure.
peaches   and  pears at
Mercantile Co., Thursday,
ist, 121-b.
Elwcll has returned   from
where lie      was with a sur
was doing work
Maud   Hickcn-
Itirough the Cranbrook Agency company.
i WA NTED—To buy, one hundred
and fifty cords best taniarac and
jflt cordwood; state price F.O.B.
Cranbrook. Apply to E. Forct,
| Francis, Sask. 19-4t
I ltcv. Main and .1. McCallum will
leave mi Monday for thc headwaters
nf High River in Alherta for a fishing excursion. Rev. Main will visit
friends in Great Falls, Mont., before
■ lie returns.
| The Kink Mercantile Co. arc show-
Ing a line of Roval Doulton jardinieres seldom equalled in the largo city
I Anions those who attended thv For-
nif celebration last Monday were S.
Mlghton, R, L, T. (iailiraith, P,
I.und, A. Doyle, N. Hanson, .1.
Brown, I,. Clapp, .lames Buchanan,
C, II. Allison and K- K. Simpson.
lota on Baker Hill for sale. Price
WOO cash. Apply hy letter to Box
177, Cranbrook. 18
A. C. Pye, of Aiuprioi, Ont., was
in Lowu last Friday.
Mis. tt. Halsall und sou arc visiting Mr,   and Mrs. Waller Ilalsall.
tt. Wayward and wife arc taking
vacation trip to   the coast.
Horn—Al   Cianbrook,   U.    C,   c
Saturday, -July aist, laou, to    Mr.
and Airs. Frank Dezall, a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. E, D. Shackleton
left ou Monday for an extended
(tip to   the   east.
W. U. Morton and wife left last
week for coast points and the
Seattle exposition.
R. 1*. MoOat   and family have   returned   from a   three months    visit
to the   east,      where tbey spent
very pleasant time.
Miss Bessie Barker, late bookkeeper to the Herald, left on today's Flyer for Winnipeg, Iter former
■liium*, where she will reside in
The dance given in tho Auditorium
last Friday evening by the Ladies'
Auxiliary of the Brotherhood ot Railway Trainmen, was a decided success in every particular. Tho Cranhrook orchestra furnished the music.
F. A. Russel left thc middle ot the
week for Kalispel, Mont., where he
will register and take a chance in
the big land gamble that is being
held hy Uncle Sam on the Indian
Mr. F. S. Rossetcr, resident engineer of the C.P.R., has sold his
handsome residence on Oarden avenue
to Mr. A. B. Macdonald. This deal
was put through by the Cranhrook
Agency company.
Thc city hand rendered a .splendid
programme on Monday evening last,
wliich was listened to by a large:
number of citizens. The trombone I
solo by W. 11. Wilson is deserving ot
special mention.
avenue. Easv terms and reasonable,
price.    Apply Harrie Pettet.   20-2t*'
When you want a range real bad,
you want it "real good." That
means that wc can suit your requirements exactly. Sask-Alta is
the name of the most modern range
on the market. It's a pleasure to
demonstrate.—Patmore Bros.
FOIt SALE—Cay use, marcs and
geldings. II. G. Peckham, Fort
Steele, B. C, 18-31
The Craubrook Agency company
havo been appointed oflicial customs
brokers for this district, owing to
tho growing importance of Cranbrook
as ti port of entry. This step has
heen rendered necessary to facilitate
tho handling of tbe increasing business. This will Iw a great convenience lo people in this city and
position as chamber maid or
seamstress, good references; state
wages. Address E. A. Ateheson,
Lethbridge, Alherta.     Bos 3UU. 20-3t
J. Tannhauser, the philosopher, ol
Fort Steele, was in tbe city last
Salurday. Mr. Tannhauser claims
that he can see further in the future than any other man living in
this part ol the country and he
says   that Cranhrook is all right.
lt. ll. Bohart, the Wardner hotel
tnagnet, was in the city last Monday. Ho has just returned Irom a
trip to Spokane and says that he
finds it almost impossible to secure female help in that city. It
would be a good idea if some good
Samaritan would bring to East Koolcnav a number ot girls tbat would
like " to have positions as domestic
help. There are all kinds of openings in this district and good wages
will be paid.
The. Voung Ladies' Philethca Bible
club spent a pleasant social evening j
on Tuesday at the resilience of Rev. |
and Mrs. Charles W. King. It was
t he occasion of tbeir semi-annual
business meeling. All the old ofli-
werc re-elected for three months,
the nexl appointment to lie in October for six months.    In the absence
f Miss Crandall, their leader, who
is visiting in the Maritime Provinces,
Mrs. Taylor presided at the business
part of  the evening.
Oil and gasolene stoves will do
your cooking ami keep your bouse
cool this warm weather, Wc have
sonic good ones.—Patmore Bros.
Mr. .1. A. McNicol, of the C.P.R.
engineering department, spent Sun*
day In the city with C. R. Ward, ot
the Cranhrook Agency company. Mr,
McNicol has many Iriends in this
district, having been here a good
deal during tlie construction ot the
Spokane International railway, some
years ago, lie is now engaged in
making a    survey   for thc proposed
Mrs. Harry Almead, of Stettler,
Alherta, was' the guest ot Mrs.
Peter Woods last week.
Lark and   Curtis Lane;in,   of Chip-j
man, N.    B., arrived   in   the    city
this week   and   will become permanent residents of this city.    Mr. Lark]
Langln has   lived   here before     and!
knows something   of     this   country, {
and his   brother will   soon catch on,
Tlie other brother, Lorin,.is in     the
customs  office   and he   can tell   bis
other brothers a   lot of things, j
J. Scott and wife, of Souris, I
Manitoba, were the guests ot A.j
L. McDermot and wife for a few t
days this week. Mr. Scott returned j
homo last Monday but Mrs. Scott
will remain for several days. The
many friemls of the Scotts only
hope that the conditions will change
so that Mr. Scott will be transferred back   to Cranbrook.
Simon Taylor brought In last week
from the east a fine load ot horses
ami lliey were heing admired liy
everybody in Cranbrook. They
weie surely a fine hunch and the
people of this part of the country
marvelled at the faot that Simon
was so fortunate as to get such
a lint! hunch of animals.
Winnipeg, Man., Aug. 8.—A good
deal of real progress has been made
toward the consummation of Canada's International exposition, this
week. Tbe most important item of
news is the Provincial government
grant of a quarter ot a million dol
lars toward the exposition expense
account. This sum, added tu the
half million that Winnipeg will contribute lo the fund, will bring Manitoba's credit up to three-quarters of a
million, and this amount will undoubtedly be increased to at least a
million dollars.
Within the next tew days thc Provincial governments of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan will
be asked to state definitely what
part—In dollars—they will take in the
exposition. There is no doubt that
the conferences which arc soon to
take place with thc governments of
the three Western provinces that
have not yet been asked to definitely
declare themselves, will produce satisfactory responses; - When the Exposition committee made its tour of
the west last spring, they were ac-
•orded the most hearty and cordial
reception throughout ttie country
covered by thc committee's itinerary.
Placed openly, and frankly heloro the
public and press as a project ot national import, the exposition received strong endorsation.
Monday, August fl, is the seventh
anniversary ot the coronation ot
King Edward VII.
I Don't Care
if you are a railroad president or
a travelling salesman.
I Don't Care
If   yon    aro   a    Presbyterian
preacher or a porter.
I Don't Care
if you are playing in tbe National
League or the Kpworth League;
you need a smile in your business
for what aits you.
Ender's Safety Razor
and yon will vear a
Smile that won't come off
Hardware   Cranbrook, B. C.
li,ilium returned home last Saturday kootenay Central railway.
alter spending a   very enjoyable va-    .. . „ „        ,    ,.
cation nt the coast. Patmore   Hros., sanitary plumberi.
„,     „   ,, ,, . „. ,, |steam and hot water fitters
Klpe Ilartlt-ll pears at Fink's Puro'work only.
Kood Orocery. I ...
it,,**,,   At   (v*,,,-*,.™,,    n     r,    ™     1. M. Krost. who was so badly ln-
H, n aV    AtmustSSd' l«m  to"M? iurt-tl in at. accident last April while
,,    iIU    i- S™ '  . qi'J°     . i" an automobile that went over   a
tandier ' '   ", Mdge near    Haynes Lake, waa    In
s I town tills week limping around oa a
Tl)   KENT—Fivo  roomed  cottage, crutch.    Ho had ono leg broken, the
close to new   school; electric   light, I pelvis   bone fractured and two   ribs
water ami 'phone.     Apply Mrs. IHI- broken    as    well, which lelt him ln
ton, north end Van Homo Ave. lii-tl pretty had shape.       He was tortun-[
WANTED—House  to   rent.   Apply ate,    however,    that   he was    not
at the Herald oulce. 1541   , killed, as the automobile turned over
Mrs   Jardine and Miss Mnran *u,er*. <"*• caught  him underneath and    it
.*„iw t„ I-iiihSe ist mffr £ r-a °"r j'";*",1?*?*..1' s
the death of Mrs Jardlne's lathe/ ■■>••■•'■"","■• "V/.10"^" ,'^iSS*
who is also the grandfather of Miss !,n^' ""'l ?5S ,lrat ,"■? ',""* Iattd8
lartllne «™»™» -*" »•■»» |lusini,ss nt navnes Lake is prosper*
.',„,',, , ,,        , ing In a most satisfactory manner.
Weston's  home  mado   cook es   at    ?,„■•..      ,„*,,.,   „u ..,„.„,.    „„_
'Kink's Pure Food Orocery. , l'"s1,,rl,I'"i",",ioW ,w?tcllv  W
i ' lace with black   ribbon lob attached.
Mr. Chas. Harris has sold his   fine Tlie Under   will please leave at Her*
property  oa    (larden aid ollice,   where they will be     re-
Mr.   K.    B.   Ilosaeter, warded. XM1
Fergusson &
Phone 210
that I, J, K. Robinson, ol Nelson,
II. C, will apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
(or a license to prospect tor coal
and petroleum on the lollowing
described land, situated In South
Commencing at a post planted on
the south-east corner ol Lot 6820,
thence norlh eighty cbains, thenco
cast eighty chains, thence
south eighty chains, thence west
eighty ehains to place ol commencement.
.1. K. Robinson, Locator
J. H, P. Drewett, Agent.
Dated tbis 10th day ol July   -   '
We cordially invite you to inspect our stock, you  will  find tlie designs and
colorings rich and subdued, nnd prices undoubtedly lower than anything ever
sliown in Crnnbrook before.
Kanata Wool Rugs
"Pretty two tout, effects"
Sizo .'1 yards x li yards nt     -      $ 7.50 ouch
Sizu '.i yards x 111 yards, nt   -       $ H.75 each
Size il yards x 4 yurds, nt     -      $10.50 each
Size-il J yurds x 1 yards, tit   -      $13,60 each
Algoma Wool Rugs
For Bedrooms
Sizo 3 yards x .'1 yards, at
Sizo il yards x ill yards, at   -
Sizo 3 yards x I yurds. at
Sizo 1IJ yards x 4 yurds, at   -
$10.50 each
$12.50 each
$14.00 each
$17.50 each
Tapestry Rugs
Special Values
'i yards by 11*} yurds
Seamless Tapestry Rugs
Just opened  up
The most perfect colorings and designs we
have ever shown.      Suitable f„r Parlors,
Dining Rooms, or lied Hooms
New Brussel  Rugs
The prices will compare with uny Eastern
House—Come and see for yourself
Size 3 yards x 31 yards, tit
Size 3 yards x I yurds. tit
for the
JuhI tii ink of liiHt Winter mid
how raid it wuh, this yenr niny
lio worn*; mid yot lunt year jou
vowed you woiiM never live in
tlie.boiiM) unotLur winter without
You munt get Imsy. Thin Ih
the only reliublu anil -rum-
pletely itttiHlnetory lorm ol
beating in theiie tluytt.auil wben
alt points art. com-ident] it iH
fiiuml to be the cheap-put
Hyetem In the long run.
Ueutlng Contrectom of
fortheHeating nud Ventilating
of the New Public .School.
Thii tlrm'tt heating eyetemi
are cotuidered by nil upertH to
be the most nutlnfuctory iu une
throughout Caiiadu. We handle
their eyetemi eivlueivcly.
(Mr. A. V. Barrett)
in a mechanic with the wiib nt
experience In thin particubir
Htj le of work, and carries high
clave recommend ntione fnun
the leading healing Anne of
We ehall commence work nt
the oew ichool boumi and at
vuriouH city retddentvH in the
course of a few dare, uud we
solicit your enquiries riuht
away. Should you require u
syetem installed by our
the best In Western Cnnnda
by both the mekere of the
system and
McCallum & Co.
Just received, a mixed car of BIJAX, SHOUTS,
WHEAT AND OATS.   Prices right.
Two and a quarter miles from Cranbrook; 300 acres
level and easily cleared; 20 acres in crop; four acres in
fruit trees and small fruits; frame house and log stables.
Good creek runs through place. All under crop is irrigated; 200 acres can be irrigated with tbe same syslem.
Five miles from Cranbrook; about 90 acres good, tillable
land; balance somewhat rolling BIT GOOD FKCIT
LAND.   Good sized creek runs through place.
Call and see us if you are looking for land.
I Fred A. Russell C& Co.
Office: Opposite Royal Hotel, Cranbrook, B. C.
P. O. BOX 144
1 You'll find a Clock
here to suit any room you may witli to put it in.   We
have Home exceptionally good valuer
wood and iron cane clock*, to tliat anyone Deeding a
reliable timepiece cannot (ail to lie Halted with   uur
Jeweler and
Graduate  Optician
Does Not
Get Dull
A NEW ONE If It does
Two-Storied Residence
on Norbury Avenue—5 room«—water and electric light
ONLY    $1400
Property in first -i-laea condition and wunl. moie, I ut
owner needs the money at once and is prepared to
eaeritke the property.
| Apply to BEALE & ELWELL
9 CKANBROOK,       - • - B. C.
Wireless communication is to he cs-
lnblislii-,1 between Vancouver and
l'rincti Uupert,
Spokane Interstate lair, September
20th to 25th.
Westminster lair, October Uth to
Nils,,ii lair, September S2nd to
Crnnlironk Agricultural Society
lair, September 14th and 15th.
Lack ol pluck in apt to lie the reason tor a man's complaint about
his luck.
In order l„ work [„r v„„r best Ift-
tcrcsts ynu must be Interested ia
your work.
If you stop here once
you will look for
the 'bus when you
visit Calgary again.
(',(>].1) FROM THE FAR NORTH. The Alabama nightingale, as    sbe  is
—— ealled,   deserves      all       the pretty
A million    and a quarter in   pure, things one   might   Bay ol her,   and
shining,     yellow gold!      Exposed to leave a   lew unsaid.     Billy    Young,
the eyes of   tht, visitors      at     the as Ned Walkback, fills   all the     re-
Alaska building ol the Alaska-Yukon- i|uirements and   sings and acts well.
Pacillc exposition, securely entrench- Tla,   choral   music   is enjoyable, the
,*,l 1,,-liind a double steel cake, is    a dresses      Iresh     and Ia good taste,
fortune in   nuggets   and bricks. Taken all   in all,   tbe show Is a rip-
To tlie ordinary, mind, gold   la    a ping good one.
thing      to   be    measured in ounces ————.	
and not in pounds.    And yet la this ihti-i- vm-n'i.*
display    is      to be seen over    two I               WATER NOTICE.
\"'11 "I..1?"!?' ?. p"?.5L?*??,?***e!*!* i   NOTICE    IS   HEREBY    GIVEN
Canadian Hotel
u n
{■J One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- IB
E5 brook.   Warm rooms, good meals Q|
{3 and a bar stocked with the best 01
1 Joseph Brault, Proprietor!
it m
st st SEts3Qs$aQiaEtiaqsbssaiaexeiqjas©
Now and Strictly Firat-Class
Amoricun Plan, $2.50 per duy up
Telephone 20811
Chas. Habtnbv, Proprietor.
Cor. Seymour uud Cordova Sts.
Opposte 0.1', li. Station
Vancouver, B. C.
Now Manui>emoiit
Improved in Every Way
Cranbrook,   B. C.
♦ iauk Mcdonald and oust, andeen, proprietors
X Our Motto : " The Best is None Too Good."
Manitoba Hotel
Headquarters for
Th« Manitoba in centrally located and has one of the beat din ing room a
in the city.   The bar is supplied with the best of Liquora and Cigars
We Perry Creek Hotel
The place to spend  a   happy day or week.
Fishing antl Shooting in season.
Tho best of everything on the table at all times.
Pidgeon & Anderson, Proprietors,
Men employed fur all kinds of
work. Wo solicit correspondence
with mill operators and other
other industries.
ADDRESS: f, 0.10X232
But go to the right
plaee where everything     is     modern.
|   The Popular Barber Shop   f
Open on Sundays for Hatha nml
Shlnps Irotn 10 to 1 o'clock a.m.
(Continued from page three.)
ill.    We hope   for   a   speedy recov-
Mr. I*. Lund was in Forme this
week on business.
Mr. Harold Darling and little son
Dudley left on Wednesday morning
last for their home in Calgary.
Mrs. It. II. Holiart entertainnd on
Tuesday afternoon in honor of her
guest, Mrs. Harry Tierney. The
guests   present were: Mrs. I'.    Lund
and mother, Mrs. Couzens, of Chatham, Ont., Mrs. I). Drcckenridge,
Mrs. S. C. Smith, Miss Rowland, ot
Cranbrook, Mrs. Donahoe, Mrs. T.
(iaflney and Mrs. Tierney.
Mr.    Lund's     two beautiful     new
automobiles arrived in town this
week from Calgary.
W. II. Mclnnes, freight traffic manager of the Canadian Pacific Railway company, has announced that
the eompany bas inaugurated a flvc-
hlearner freight service weekly on the
(Ireat Lakes between Owen Sound and
Korl William.
justice to tbe days ,hal „„ app,u.atton will be made under    I'art  V.   ol tin-    "Water Act,
19-99," to obtain a license    in     Uie
Cranbrook Water District,
ta).   The namo, address and occupation ot     the applicant:   Hubert
Hums    Benedict, Cranbrook, H.
('., real   estate agent,
(b).   Tlu*    ilium- ol the lake, stream
„r source: St. Joseph's Prairie
(c).   Tlie point ol diversion:     About
<„„• milt- above l.ot r,15fl
(tl.)   The (inutility ol    water applied
lor: 15 cubit- leet per second,
(e).   The    character ot the proposed
works: Ditches, Humes and dam.
(I).   Tin-   promises on  which     the
water   is to Is-  used: Lot 6138,
Sub l.ot II, til l.ot W.ll, 1>. it
I Oil I-I'. It. 10112.
(K).   Tin-   puipuses   tor    which   the
water is to lie used: Irrigation.
Oh).   II tor   Irrigation   describe    the
land   intended    to be irrigated,
IIKB acres, heing parts ol     Loi
8438,     S.L.     11,     I'.R.    1091
P.It. 1092.
(j).   Area of   ('rown Laad intended
to bo occupied   by the proposed
works: None,
(k).   This notice was posted on the
23rd day    ol    July, 1909, and
application will bo made to the
Commissioner on   the 23rd day
of    August,    1900,   at   eleven
o'clock    in   the forenoon, railway time.
(1).   Give the names and addresses ol
auy     riparian   proprietors
licensees   who   or whose lands
are likely io be aflected by the
Sropost-d works, either above or
clow thc   outlet: East Kootenay Lumber   Co., J. A. Steele,
F. R. Morris, F. O'Neill.
Robert Burns Benedict,
20 Cranbrook, B. C.
thut   would do
ol Aladdin.
Taken Irom thc frozen earth ol
Alaska bv men who have risked
llieir lives t'o obtain this most, precious ol metals, it lies peacefully ln-
titiiiR the wonder    ol    thc visitor.
1)„/ens ol gold bricks, larger than
paving blocks, lie in tla- center ol the
xlubit ol wealth. Kaeh one ol the
bricks would mean a fortune, .lust
figure it out; with gold bringing IM
an ounce and a brick weighing
around l',0 pounds, t-at-h one means
over lorty thousand dollars.
Surmounting tlw whole tm a special rack are five of the largest
nuggets ever found. The one which
occupies tht- middle holds the record
for a sing],- piece ot native gold.
II is worth nearly lour thousand
Tlte visitor ut the exposition instinctively wonders what would be
lhe sensation of a man who ac-
,*i,l,'iitly ran on lo one of these
nuggets. To pick up a piece ol pure
gold six inches    across would cause
tl Kiinnry man to pinch himself to
rind out il he were not dreaming.
Around the nut-side of the display
is a frame ot gold nuggets in
bottles.    There arc so many ol
these bottles full of gold that no
one ever takes the trouble to count
them. The mind is merely stunned
hv the wealth.
Nicely polished nuggets are also arranged in heaps about the bottom
ol the cage. Shining brightly ln
lhe well lighted building they make
a beautiful display.
II is a matter ol interest to watch
the crowds that (lock around the cage
to catch a glimpse of the metal they
all are striving lor. They seem to
love to get as close as possible to
the pile ol wealth. The secret is
Hint no man could ever get at it.
It is enclosed by a double cage ol
strong iron bars in the day time.
At night it is lowered Into a vault
beneath the floor of thc huilding.
This vault Is fitted up with elec-
1 tit- wires charged with 2,000 volts
of electricity. Any hapless man who
placed a hand on one ot t
wires would he electrocuted in
hundredth ot a second.
In addition to this burglar alarms
are in operation in all parts ol thc
safe. The entrance ot any man into
tlial pile of wealth would mean hta
Instant death and also would notily
the guards ol the building that it
was time to come and remove the
This huge exhibit of gold was
loaned Ior exhibition purposes to thc
Alaska exhibit by thc Scandtnavian-
Amrrlran Bank of Seattle. At first
it was the plan to merely put the
gold into an iron cage in tbe building hut the bank complained that
would not insure sufficient
The electric protection was
then installed.
The nuggets and gold bricks came
Irom various camps ol Alaska, chlcflv
Irom Nome, Klondike and Fairbanks.
Most ol thc metal Is placer gold,
but a considerable portion is from
the quartz mines which are now
turning out a large share of
Alaska's gold production.
With many of the nuggets there
are connected wonderlul romances,
telling of poverty, privation, hard
work and finally the strike. The
large nuggets on display will never
lie melted hut will be preserved entire as curiosities.
Thc largest nugget ot the collcc-
ls called the "Phantom Nugget," hecause of a dream the wile of
one ot the Orst owners had ot the
claim which told of its existence.
Before the discovery of this -wonderful piece ot native gold, tbe claim
was sold several times. Tbe nugget
was finally uncovered by the Pioneer
Mining company, which had secured
the claim. In the drilling operations ol its first owners, poor men
who were making a hazardous living, they came within six feet of
the spot where It was located. They
quit work just one day too soon
and abandoned tho claim for the year.
The lather ol live children is usually willing to admit that he knows
very little about how to raise
Some men think they are unselfish
because they arc willing to let some
other lellow have something they do
not want.
It has been a long time since we
met an old gentleman who -wore a
cabbage leaf in his hat to ward oil
,      ■ *i
The Dixie Troubadours held the
boards at the Auditorium last Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
This aggregation certainly deserved
more liberal patronage, for they undoubtedly were the best colored aggregation that ever visited Cranbrook. They were really excellent and entirely different
Irom anything in tbe colored line
that ever visited Cranbrook. They
are colored musical comedy artists
without any ol the bones and tambourine business in their makeup.
In musical comedy no one looks
lor anything more than the merest
excuse to hang songs and dances
and in this case tbe excuse is
lurnished by a "Trip to New Or*
leans" by a stranded opera troupe
under thc tnonled management ol
Silas Green, played by Oeorge Taylor. Me is head and
shoulders over anything in the colored comedian lino who ever convulsed
an audience here. He is tbe lite
and soul of a great show end his
eflort arc hacked up splendidly by
W. A. Cooke, who dances like a piece
ol electrified gristle. He is a holy
terror and great fun too. The
Merry Widow waltz, as "delivered"
by himsoll and Silas Oreen ls
bound to make you howl with
laughter, II you have a laugh concealed under your collar bone.
Sarah Oret-n, as tho prima donna of
he Strollers sings excellently—brilliantly, indeed. It Is asking her to
do rather too muoh to sing the three
songs in the second part without a
rest, but sho has the power behind
the natural sweetness    ot her voice.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Peter
Stewart Idington, of Cranhrook, B.
C, Cashier, hereby apply for permission to purchase the following
described lud:
Commencing at a post planted
about on quarter of a mil* west ol
Benedict's Siding, on ths Crows Nest
Pass Division of the Canadian Pad-
lie Railway Company's right-of-way,
thence south 20 chains, theses east
20 chains, thence south 20 ehains,
thence east 20 chains, thence south
10 chaias, thence esst 20 chains,
thence north 80 chains, more or less,
to Canadian Pacifio Kailway Company's right-of-way, thenee west 80
chains, mors or less, to the place cf
commencement, containing in all 250
acres, more or less.
Peter Stewart Idington.
Dated Hay 11, 1908. ll-10t
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned and endorsed "Tender
lor Customs and Inland Revenue,
Fittings, Public Building, Fernie, B.
C," wiil be received untii 5 P.M., on
Monday, August 23, 1909, lor the
work mentioned.
Tenders will not be considered unless made upon, and in accordance
with conditions contained in forms
lurnished by Department.
Plans and specification to be seen
on application lo Mr. It. Kerr, Clerk
ol Works, Kernie, B. C, and at the
Department of Public Works, Ottawa
Each lender must be accompanied
by au accepted cheque on a chartered bank, made payable to the order
ol the Honorable the Minister ot
Public Works, equal to ten per cent
(10 p.c.) of the amount ol the tender.
By order,
Department ol Public Works,
20-lt Ottawa, July 27, 1909
TAKE NOTICE tbat I, Malcolm
Coleleugh Idington, of Cranbrook, B.
C, Bank Clerk, hereby apply tor permission to purchase the following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted at
the north-east corner of Lot 6318,
thence west 20 chaius, thence north
20 chains, thence west 20 cbsins,
thence north forty chains, thence
east 20 cbains, thence south 20
chains, thence east 20 chains, thence
south 40 chains, to the place of commencement, containing in all 180
acres, more or less.
Malcolm Coleleugh Idington.
Dated May 17th, 1909. 13-9t
We, the Robinson-McKenzle Lumber
Co., Ltd., intend to apply for permission to purchase five acres of land,
inure or less, bounded as follows:
Commencing at a post set at the
northwest corner of Lot 3558, thence
north about H chains to the southwest corner ol Lot 35, thence easterly along the south boundary ol said
Lot 35 to the point where the convergence meets the northeast corner
ol Lot 3558, thence west along the
north boundary ol said Lot 3558, to
the place ol commencement.
Kobluson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
J. W. Robinson, President.
Dated July 12, 1909. 17-9t
that I, Maurice guaia, ol Cranbrook,
B. C, Electrician, sixty days alter
date intend to apply to the Chiel
Commissioner ol Lands and Works,
Victoria, 11. C, lor permission tu
purchase thu following described land.
Com mencing at a post planted on
tho suuth side ot the Upper Moyie
wagon road, about 20 chains west
Irum the bridge crossing Nigger
Creek on said wagon road, thenee
running 20 chains north, thence 40
chains east, tbeace 20 chains south,
thence 40 chains west to the point ol
[commencement, containing 80 acres,
more or less.
Maurice Quain.
Dated May 26th, 1809. 11-Bt
to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works tor a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described lands, situated in the
district ol South East Kootenav. Province of British Columbia, to wit:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southwest corner ot Marie Hen-
driksen's claim, tlence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
south GO chains, thence west 80
chains to place ot beginning, containing 640 acres, mote or less,
Marie Hendrlksen, Locator.
A. Hackett, Agent.
Located this 18th day ot June,
TAKE NOTICE tbat I, Beverly
Arthur Carter, occupation, Lumberman, of Cranbrook, B. C, Intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
lollowlng described land, situated in
cranbrook Land District, District ol
South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southwest corner of Lot No,
9890, thenco west fllty point fllty-
two (50.52) chains, thence south
lorty (40) chains, thence west nine
point lilty-seven (9.57) chains, thence
uorth liity-sevea point lorty-elght
(57.48) chaias, tbenee east sixty point
nine (U0.9) chains, thenee south seventeen point forty-eight (1, •■,*>,
chains to the point of commencement, containing one hundred aad
sixty (160) acres, more or less.
Beverley Arthur Carter
George Hungerlord, Locator.
Staked this eighth day ot July,
I960. 17-9t
TAKE NOTICE that we, Paul
Handley and Daniel Howe, of Marysville, B. C, occupations Hotel Keeper and Rancher, respectively, intend
to apply lor permission to purchase
tlio lollowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
the southwest corner oi tbe Lane
purchase, running forty ohains west
on the river bank, thence forty
chains north Irom river, thence lorty
ehains cast to Lane purchase, thence
lorty chains south to place ot commencement, containing one hundred
and sixty acres, more or less.
Paul Handley,
Daniel Howe.
Dated June Uth, 1909. 17-91
lliggins intends to apply tot permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
thc Kootenay river, on the northern
boundary ol Lot 338, thence west
chains, more or less, thence 40 chains
north, thence 40 chains east, tlience
40 chains north, theuce 20 cbains ease
to the Kootenay river, thence lollowing the Kootenay river to the
point of commencement, containing
•100 acres, more or len.
B. W. S. Hlgglns.
Dated at Cranbrook June 16th,
1909. 17-St
No. 1.
Notice Is hereby given that 30
days after date I Intend to appl)
to the Hoaorable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works tor
license to prospect tor coal and
petroleum oa tbe lollowing described lands, situated ln tbe
district ol South Eaat Kootenay, Province ol British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted on
the northeast corner of Sigrid Jeldness' claim aod adjacent to lot No.
7752, thence south 80 chains, the
west 80 chains to the C.P.R. survey
line, thence north 80 chains along
C.P.R. survey line, tbenee east tu
chains to place ol beginning, containing 610 acres, more or lets.
Sigrid Jeldness, Locator.
A. Hackett, Agent.
Located tbis    18th day ol June,
No. 2.
Notice is hereby given that 30
days alter date I Intend to appl,
to the Honorable Chief Commissioner ol Laads and Works tor a
license to prospect for cosl aad
petroleum on the lollowlng described laads, situated In tbs
district ol South Eut Kootenay, Province ol British Columbia, to wit:
Commencing at a post planted at
the northwest corner ot Handle Jeldness' claim and adjoining Lot No.
753 on tbe south, thenee south 86
chains, Uience eut 80 chslns, thence
norUi 80 chains, thence west 80
cbsins to place ol beginning, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Handle Jeldness,   Locator.
A. Hackett, Agent.
Located this 18th lay ol June,
TAKE NOTICE that I, Edward
Carey McKinstry, occupation, Liveryman, Intend to apply lor permission
to purchase the following land, situate in the Cranbrook Land District ot
South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted 20
ehains distant and ln a southerly
direction trom the northeast corner
post of Lot 7800, thence running
north 80 chains, thenco eut 20
chains, thence south 80 chslns,
thence west 20 chains to the point of
commencement, containing 160 acres,
more or lets. ,
Edward Carey McKinstry.
Staked this Ith day ol June,
1809. I***
No. 1.
Notice is hereby given that 80
days alter date I intend to apply
to the Honorable Chief Commissioner ot Luds and Works lor a
license to prospect Ior coal and
petroleum on the lollowlng described lands, situated In the
district ot South Eut Kootenay, Province ol British Columbia, to wit:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast corner ol Olaus Jeldness' claim, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains to the C.P.R.
survey line, thence south 80 chains
along the C.P.R. survey, thence esst
89 chains to place ol beginning, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Olaus Jeldness, Locator.
A. Hackett, Agent.
Located this    18th day ot June,
No. S.
Notice Is hereby given that 30
days atter date I intend to apply
to the Honorable Chief Commissioner ol Lands snd Works tur a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following des-
cribed lands, situated la tho
district ot South East Koo*
tenav. Province ol British Colum
bia, to wit:
Commencing at a post planted on
the northeast cornor of Alice Over
land's claim, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains to tho C.P.H.
survey line, thenee north 80 chains
along" C.P.H. survey, thonce east 80
chains to place ot beginning, containing 040 acres, more or less,
Alice Overland, Locator.
A. Hackett, Agent.
Located this 18th day ol June,
TAKE NOTICE thut I, William
Tarrant, Free Miners certilicate
Number UtiOtiO, intend, sixty days
irum the date hereof, to upply lo tue
Milling Recorder lor a Cerltiicatu ,„
Improvements, (or tho purpose ol
ubtaiiiiiig u Crown Grunt ol the
ubove claim.
thut action, under .Section 87,   must
be commenced  Indole the issuance of
such Certillculu of linpioveiuciils.
William Tarrant.
Dated ut Cranbiook this 2ilb day
ol May, lllllll. Ill-Ill
No. 6.
Notice is hereby givca that 30
days alter date I intend to apply
to the Honorable Chiel Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum oa the following described lands, situated In the
district ot South East Koutenay, Province ol British Columbia, to wit:
Commencing at a post planted on
the northwest corner ol M, M. Bom*
gard's claim, thenco south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence north
80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
plaee ol beginning, contalaing 610
acres, more or less.
M. M. Bomgard, Locator.
A. Hackett, Agent.
Located this 18th day ot June
No. 7.
Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date 1 Intend to apply
to the Honorable ot>w Commissioner ol Lands and Works lot
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the lollowing des*
cribed lands, situated iu the
district ol South East Kootenay, Province ol British Columbia, to wit:
Commencing at a post planted
the southwest corner oi W. J. Mc-
Mellin's claim, thence north
chains, thence west 80 chains to C.
P. R. survey line, thence 80 ehains
south along the C.P.R. survey
thenee east 80 chaias to place ol beginning, containing 640 acres, more or
W. J. MeMellin, Locator
A. Hackett, Agent.
Located  this    18th  day ol  June,
No. 8.
Notice is hereby given that 30
days alter date 1 intend to apply
to tbe Honorable Cbiet Commissioner ol Lands and Works lor
license to prospect lor coal and
petroleum on tbe lollowing described lands, situated ln tbo
district ol South East Kootenay, Province ot British Columbia, to wit:
Commencing at a post planted on
the southwest corner ot Frank Bom-
gard's claim, thence north
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chalu, tbenee west 80
chains to place ot beginning, containing 640 acres, more or lets.
Frank Bomgsd, Locator.
A. Hackett, Agent.
Located tbis   18th day ot June,
No. i.
Notice is hereby given tbat 96
days alter date I latend to apply
to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
license to prospect for cosl and
petroleum on the lollowing described lands, sifiated In the
district ol South Eut ho,,
tenay, Province ot British Columbia, to wit:
Coiiimencing at a post planted at
the nortlieast corner ol C. V. Mc-
Mellin's claim, thence west 80 chains
to the C.P.R, survey line, thence
south 80 drains along the C.P.R. survey, thence east 80 cbsins, thence
north 80 chnins to place ot beginning,
containing 640 acres, more or less.
C. V. MeMellin, Locator.
A. Hackett, Agent.
Located this    18th day ot June,
No. I.
Notice  Is  hereby  given   -that   10
days (Iter data   1 Intend   to apply
No. 10.
Notice is hereby given that 30
days alter date I intend to apply
to the Honorable Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the lollowing described lands, situated In the
district ot South East Kootenav, Province ot British Columbia, to wit:
Commencing at a post planted on
the northwest corner ol Florence
Hackett's claim, thence south 80
chains, thence eut 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thenoe west 80
chains to place ol beginning, containing 840 acres, more or less.
Florence Hackett, Locator.
A. Hackett, Agent.
Located this   llth day ot June,
IMt. IMt
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Kohert
Stark, ol Victoria, 11. C, Artist, lull-nil to apply to tile lion, the Commissioner of Lands, ior pel illusion to
purctiuse the following land:
Commencing ut a post planted at
the S. E. corner ,,l Lot 1,251, tlience
-10 cliains west, thence soulh 80
cbains, theuce cast 411 chnins, thence
north 80 chains to point oi commencement, containing ltiu acres,
more or loss.
ltobt. Stark,
George Lloyd, Agent.
Dated May 31st, 1909. 12-9t
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with Baths.   'Phone in
every room
Barber Shop on the premises.
Thoroughly up-to-date.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
B. TOM KIN, Manager
176 PageGutulogus Fr,*,*
A Bargain for Quick Sale
of Fruit Land.
situated between i'iirrtin timl KinwRnte
108 Acres of good Fruit Land
10U Fruit Tn*H plumed; nlno 100 mure
tn (limit tlilHHpri.iK. Situ ll tei in lieuii-
tiful timer Moyi.- Valley whom 2H
mile-s from I'tirum mul -I'it tnileu Ir in
Kiii(jnnii'i'. Bounded on m>utli Hide with
the Untie Itiver ami tli- went niile liy tlie
Spokane Internal im id ItuHwti-. All
guod II it torn Lmiil.
Government team mini rntntc through
the Vrtl'ey tld* Hprinic- *tt wn* nl tlria
laml cleared, riNt ol land fiiny to elenr.
Beautiful rich noil.
The irceteit nap ever offered
Ii Fruit Laid
Price per Acre $50.00
Ni Sib-dlvide $5,400.00 ipot caifc, lor
particular! ipply BoiIHCranbrook,B.C.
The Lrailiag Frail Store
Phone 76 Armstrong Ave.
Old Curiosity
JOSEPH H. McLGAN, Proprietor
llt-nU-r ill
All Classes of Secondhand Ooods
Furniture of All Kinds, l„»lh
New and Second-hand
Sage's Old Stand, Hanson Avenue
MONK 251
lis. movrd bin LAUNDRY
next to tin, NnnitoKB Hesti.ii'*-
Hlit, Van Hor-in Street*, where
|,Htr„liH m-,*,* leave their linili*
dry, and where hII huelne*. will
Iw, done. Bert Laundry it, ll.l'.
LoulM and Van Home Streeta THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Francis E. Corrison
Bandmnater Oranlirook Cily Bund.
Choirmaster Knox Preuhyterluii Cli,
bate HM. IIU Majesty's Royal Welsh
Teacher of
Violin, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin and Standard
l-easons in Miuuetil Theory
Physicians and Surgeons
OHIca at Resldeace,  Artnstroni At.
Forenoons -
Evenings -
■Sundays - -
- - 9.011 to 10.00
- 2.00 to   4.00
* - 7.311 to   8.39
- 2.30 to   4.30
::    li    II. C
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   8 |,.in.
7 to   8 p.m.
Offlee In new Held Illoek
CRANRROOK -      -       -D
W. R. It.**,,,,.
Cmibmok 11. C
l-'„„,*n,l  |,ir,..*,f,
Cranlirook ami If*
.ft Stuolu
J. (1. CUMMINUS    X
i'x'„"ii!,ls Cranbrouk, U.C.
B.   C.    .tid   Surveyor
CSANBROOK     -      B. C.
.Ill In re,
1111 i*-nik ,
to  weelvo
III,*     tll'Hl
Hi,1 784,
Ask for Halcyoa LITfllA WATER
For Iniiiily use tliere is nothing
so wholesome nnd so pure iih
Contractor and Builder
If y<»i are intending to doany
huililing, you fun iniike money
hy consulting witli me.
Qeo. R. Leask & Co
Our work m our advertisement, but w»
put thin ail hi the Herald to
emphasize It.
Nenr Lower Armstrong Avenue
(ul than an angel's, as it hovered
over you, watching every opportunity
to minister to your comfort, and
every one ol those wrinkles would
teem lo lie bright wavelets ol sunshine chasing each other over the
dear face.
She will leave you one ol these
days. Those hurdens, it .not lifted.
Irom her shoulders, will hreak ber
down. Those rough hard hands tbat
bave *lonc so many necessary; things
for you, will be crossed upon her
lifeless breast.
Those neglected lips that gave
yonr lirst baby kiss will be lorever
closed, and those sad, tired eyes will
open in eternity and then you will
appreciate ymir mother; but it will
lie too late."
Trouble    seems   to    have wireless
connection with the fellow   that
looking for it.
A man never adds to his hank account from the proceeds of a hardest of wild oats.
One trouble aliout Mug fat is that
nobody will believe it when you tell
them vou art1 not feeling well.
Rambling_ Reveries
Take time; it is no use to fret, or
do as the angrv housekeeper who
has got hold of the wrong key. and
pushes, s-hakes and rattles it about
the. lock until both are broken ami
the door is still unopened. M^^^^^^^^^^^
The chief secret of comfort lies   in Won school education,
not suffering triiles to vex us, and in    Teach   them     that     a   good   rosy
cultivating our undergrowth of small romp i.s worlh lifty consumptives.
pleasures. I   Teach   them to regard the morals
Try to regard present vexations as and    not      the    money,   of    tlieir
" would regard     them   a   month beaux.
Teach them how to make their own
leach tbem   how to cook
Teach them  bow  to darn  stockings
and sew on buttons.
Teach them every day, dry,   hard,
common sense.
Teach them to say "no" and   mean
it, or "yes" and*'stick- to it.
Teach them    to wear calico dresses
and do it   like queens.
Give them a good substantial com-
per   acre   cash
liy virtue of uu execution issued
out of the County Court of Kast
Kootenay liolden at Cranhrook, B.C..
against the goods and chattels of
.1. K. Deacon and Jessie Deacon, consisting of:
2 work horses.
:i setts hob sleighs,
2 sets double harness.
1 cutter and pole.
Cant hooks, axes, chains and other
miscellaneous articles connected with
The above will lie offered lot
sale hy Public Auction at the Jail
on Saturdav, tin: 7th day ot August,
limn.    Terms of Sale: Cash.
F. R. Morris,
20-lt      _____\       Sheriff's Deputy.
Wnldo, B.C.
PAUL ST. JOHN, Proprietor
South-east Kootenay's Great
Summer Resort
Jost thu ptaee to spend a few
days' vacation
Bur stocked with the heat
Dining Bervice firm-clans
Comfortable KoomH
P.O. Kwiinncll, D   I.  H., »  0. L. B.
A. I. Itobortson, M U. L. S,
Dominion ,„„! UritlnhCoiumliin
P.O. Drawer701 VICTORIA. B.C
********************* ;
tl'HONHIKl. 1". O. Box MOT ' '
The Finest Drivers j |
Up-to-date Rigs ''
Uood Saddle Horses ' |
I   WM.    KERR   i
* I'i- •„•,.„•    •    RRANBRUtlK, II l'   ! !
♦ PreeiilBtil i T. S. llm.
i    *-,*,*,,.i;,,,*: Qrohok Ashworth
T in, information rp**sr<lin*- IrihIs ]
♦ nn.l   Hgrlctlltltre   ,i|,|<!y   to the ,
♦ Si...,,.,H,*y, OrnubrooK, II. C.
JOHN    W.    WOLF
lll,l  SI »   M,„l„   Now.
All Kill Ih ol K«|,iiiring.
Give me it cull     ::     ::
,1.   W.   UUTI-EDGE
Grattiintoof iintiirio Votei-imir-y
Collage, Toronlo, in IHIW.
tln„l„i,U* ,in,l Mtnlulllst ol
MeKilli|i's Voliirltmry Uolli'ijo,
Chicago, in WHO.
Nine    y,„in,'    experience    in
Veterinary practice in Matiitolitt.
Office il Cr.nhrnok Hnlel
Provcnzano & Sacco
Central Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK    -    B. C.
father talking     lo his careless
rlilet  said: "1 want to speak   to
i ol your mother. It may be that
havo    noticed a careworn   look
ii her face lately.    Ol course    il
nol  heen brought there by    any
imi    nf      yours,     still it is your
duly lo chase il awny.     I want you
tu gel nn tomorrow morning and get
lhc breakfast, and   when your moth-
•r comes and   begins to express  her
surprise, go   up   and kiss her.    You
nn't imagine    how it   will brighten
Iter face.       Hesidcs vou    owe her a
Kiss or two.    Away back, when you
were a   little    girl    sho kissed you
when no one else    was tempted    by
your fever-tainted breath and swollen
face,     You   were   not so attractive
linn as   vou are now.    And through
those years of childish sunshine    and
shadow   she   was always readv     to
inn', hy     the    magic of a mother's;
kiss,   the    little dirty chubby hands!
whenever   thev   were    injured       in
thoso first skirmishes with the rough i
world.    And then the midnight   kiss1
with      which   she   routed   bo many
j luui dreams  as she leaned over your
1 restless pillow, have lieen on interest
these   long,   long years.     Of course
she   is    not as  pretty and kissahle
' us vou     are,   hut   if you had done
| vour share of work during the    last
Men    vears  thc contrast would
\ have been so marked
that an application will   be made under   Part    V. ot tlie "Water     Act,
limit," to obtain a license     in    the
Cranbrook    Division ot   South East
Kootenay District.
ia).  The   name   address and occupation of the applicant: The King
Lumber Mills, Ltd.
th).  The name of   thc lake, stream
or source: A creek running over
Lot No. 5801.
(c).  The   point ol   diversion: At
spring in said Creek, about two
hundred   yards,   more    or less,
from   the south-west corner    of
Angus Morrison's land.
(.1).  The quantity of    water applied
for: One cubic foot per second,
te).  The character   of the   proposed
works: Pipe, ditch and flumes,
(f).   The    premises   on  which     the
water is   to be used; That part
of   U>t    5801 belonging to applicant,
(g).   The   purposes    Ior which     the
water is to he used: Industrial,
■j).   Area of Crown land intended to
lie    occupied   by the   proposed
works: None,
(k).  This notice was posted on   the
31st day of July, 1009, and application   will be made to   the
Commissioner on the Oth day ot
September, 1909.
(1).   Give   thc   names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors    or
licensees who or   whose    lands
are likely to lie affected  by thc
proposed works, either above or
below   the outlet: Angus Morrison.
The King Lumlier Mills, Ltd.
20-lt Cranbrook, B.C.
In Liquidation.
pursuant to the Companies Winding
Up Acl, 1808, to all creditors ot the
above Company to send or deliver to
Jacob P. Kink', of Cranbrook, B. C,
Liquidator of the said Company L
or to the undersigned, on or betorc
the third day ot September, 1909,
their christian names, surnames, addresses and descriptions, and lull
particulars of their claims, and the
nature of tin* security, if any, held
by tbem, or in default thereof they
will lie excluded from thc benefit ot
any distribution made before such
debts or claims arc proved.
W. P.   Gurd,
Kink   Block,     Baker    Street, Cranhrook, B.    C, Solicitor for    the
Dated    this     2nd    day of August,
1911(1. 20-lt
hence,           _
Since we cannot get what we like
let us   like what   we can net.
His not riches, it is not   poverty,
It is not riches, it is not poverty,
The world is like a looking glass
Laugh at it, and it laughs buck
frown   at it   and it frowns buck.
Angry thoughts canker the mind
and dispose it to the worst temper
in tlie WOrM—that of fixed malice
and revenge. It is while in thii
tempo! thai most men become crim
Stony your sense by saying much
in a tew words.
Try to speak some kind word or
do sume kind deed each day of your
Set your work to song.
Wlien should we begin to teach
children good behavior? We should
teach it to them by inheritance. We
should ourselves behave so well thut
our children should learn it by lollowing our examples.
Kindness is a safe rule tor gentle
manners. Kindness, combined with
thoughtful ncss. He who is kind aud
thoughtful is never very rude.
Children should he taught to
sped other children's feelings ut
school. Ilere wc have sometimes a
line display ot selfishness. They
should be taught to respect their
teacher. II he is so ill-behaved tin
you think you cannot, just stop
them Irom school. No parent should
speak ot a teacher's faults in the
presence of a pupil, it they expect to
continue their child in school. Remember, no one is pertcct save the
Great Teacher ot teachers, Jesus
lt is not merely thc lilting o[ thc
hat, the graceful bow, or the soft-
toned "thank you" that is true politeness. We can do all that ami
yet totally disregard thc sensitiveness of other people,
We should teach our children to be-
ttave in atl places of public worship,
let it be lhat ot a Jew or a gentile. That is a strong mark of «-ood
breeding. And he who misbehaves
in church breaks one of our great
commandments, namely, Honor Thy
Father and Thv Mother. Old or
oung (if they are old enough to
know better) dishonor their parents
iu misbehaving in church.
There never was a woman but was
just aching to tell some other woman
how to do up her hair.
Teach them all the mysteries ot the
kitchen, dining-room nnd parlor.
Teach them that the more one lives
within liis income, the more he will
The reason why women do not propose is supposed to be due to the
tact that they want to have the
last word.
Mothers,  don't scold,      Vou     can
he llllli     Wltlioul scolding yuur ohild-
ren; you can reprove them ior their
lauits; you can punish them when
necessary, hut Uuu I get into the
habit ot perpetually scolding them.
n dues Uiem nu good, 'liny suuii
become su accustomed to fault-finding
and scolding that lliey pay uo attention to it. Or, which often happens, Uiey gruw hardened aud rcck-
Icss in consequence of it. Many a
naturally good disposition is ruined
uy constant scolding, aud many a
cmld is driven to seek evil associates because then; is no peace al
home. Mothers, with their mauy
cares and perplexities, often fall iuto
the habit unconsciously, but it is
sad habit lor them and tlieir
children. Watch yourselves, and
don't indulge in this unfortunate and
olteu unintentional manner of addressing your children. Watch the
the tunes of your voice, above all
watch your hearts; fur we have divine authority for saying that "out of
the abundance ot thc heart the
mouth speaketh."
Misfortune uud trials are great educators, and tlio way to happiness
docs not lie in attempting to hung
uur circumstances up to our minds,
but uur minds down to our circumstances. Let us build our house on
the hilltop ot cheerfulness, so high
lhat uo shadows may rest upon It,
uud where the morning comes early and lhe evening tarries late. She
is lo be pitied whose house is iu
some valley of grief, with the longest
night and shortest day. Uod has
pul us here to make the world
brighter and happier by uur lives
anu every one of us should study how
lo be a blessing to others. We
must get the wrinkles out of our
brow aud wo must have smiling
faces. Let a mau go home at
night worn and wearied by the toils
of Die day and how soothing is a
word dictated hy u cheerful disposition, lt is sunshine tailing on his
heart.     He is happy    and the   cares
f life arc forgotten. Smiles, kind
words     and     looks characterize the
hildren, and peace and love have
tlieir dwellings tliere. Home should
be  the center of joy.
and 621 once each
year thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA FARM
in the British Columbia Southern; Columbia and
Kootenay and Columbia and Western Railway
Companies' Land Grants. These Farm Lands
are eminently suited for the raising of
Fruit, Grain or Stock
and miy be purchased on these EASY TERMS
from the
who are looking for Settlers for this part.
Timber Lands of the highest character, situated in
these Grants, are offered for sale in blocks of from
640 acres upwards.
thousand dollars a
,-„. . _.. the habit ol looking
on the bright side ol things.
It ib worth
year   to   have
pursuant to the "Trustees and Exe-
utor'a Act," to all creditors ot the
,-stiite of Hit, said Audry I.ansrud,
, lio ilieil on or about the mth day
I .May, lllllll, lo send or deliver to
I In* iimlersignetl on or before the
lliinl day ol September, lllllll, tlieir
'iiris-tinn and surnames, addresses
iiuil descriptions, lull particulars ol
tlieir claims, 11 statement nl tlieir ac-
'ounls anil tla, nature of tlie vt-cur-
itv lield  by them 11 any.
tliat alter said date thc administrator will proceed, to distribute the assets ol tbe deceased, having regard
only to the claims ot which -he shall
then have notice, and will not be
liable lor such assets to any person
or persons ot whose claims he will
not have received notice at the time
ol this distribution.
W. F. Ourd,
Ink   Illoek,    Haker    Street, Cranbrook,   H. I'., Solicitor for   the
Administrator, Torger I.ansrud.
Dated   this    Snd  day  of   August,
lllllll. 30-lt
(In Liquidation.)
more wrinkles than yours, tar
i more, and yet if you were sick
that lace would appear more fcrautl-
TAKE NOTICE that at a General
Meetin-T ot tlie Shareholders of the
Company, held on -the 2nd day ol
Vuniist, limil, E. .1. Avison resigned
the l.lquldatorshlp ol tlie Company
nnd T. W. Leask, of Cranbrook, B.C.,
Lumberman, wns appointed Liqutda-
notjtnr in his stead.
Her lace has,I.eask  Lumber   Company,    Ltd., (in
LlniildatloR),  per   T.   W. I-caak,
Dated 2nd August, 1MB.
A natural element ol the soul,
heaven born, is that ot perfect faith
uiiil trust. This luxury of tlio soul
presents to us the great responsibility of parents und teachers. The
parent or teacher oltcn teaches      a
'"?"J11 '5„U „,„^- Sous* o -va>'s   ">   manufacture a    nation ol
out loud, and much more injurious to ^   am| Maullen ,„ by thc    ob.
a ingestion.      ject kssoa systL,I1K    A mot,i,cr tastea
...  ,        .     ,„„, , „,„„„ ,„     ,,,. some nauseous medicine, assuring the
kindness   istowriI *way in     the    ,w       wor|]s ;. >»
heart like   rose leavesiln a drawer- .,„, '  ,        Tbe child takes    the
to sweeten every object around.       |lncdldJ    dctccts tl,e ,,„ tho mother
Many    a   Die lull   ot promise has ,|as w •,
been wreckt^lowing to   theiwant ol ,,;,           consequents never
a dehnite aim in  He, and the   onlyl^ mountain      top
way to Insure    success is to deter- £
mine   upon a certa n line of  action   sl(|(, Washington.      No
to      have   an    ultimate   object in   .,w rou|d   J      ,         *
"''"■I ?!"■ ^ra™lC-,er*,L tte nrJe !™re " ™"'>     have had, had     tbe
reach the goal and secure the prD-c, motk.r   ,„,,,„ -.*,„„    and •„,,,_ „TMs
, wc.coAnir medicine is   bad to take.     You   are
A MhSSAUt. \skk   anq jt is    ncccssary  that     you
She wasn't   on tbe    playground, she take it to get well."    Such a course
wasn't on the lawn; | would   inspire    confidence and trust;
The little one was missing, and bed- truth would not be sacrificed, but   a
time coming on. I lesson ol    obedience      and courage
Wc hunted in the garden; we peeped nianilesteil in   the presence ol one ol
about to see I tho little ones nl   whom the    Great
If sleeping   under   rose tree or lilac 'leather   said, "Sillier     the     little
she might be. children   to come unto mc and   for-
But nothing came to answer to   all hid them not, Ior of such      is     the
our anxious call, king-dom ol heaven."     Another     in-
Until at   length we Itastcncd within stance—this used to belong    to   the
the darkened hall, * scliool    room,    possibly the practice
And then upon   the stillness     there has   gone    out ol date ere this—wc
broke a silvery tone— i allude to   the practice ol selt-report-
The darling mite was standing    be- ing.    A young lady ol truthful char-
lore the telephone, I ticter, ablioriiig lying, with a st-rupul-
And sollly,   as   we listened,     came ously truthful    mother wlio instilled
stealing down the stairs, this   virtue    in   her daughter,    was
"H'lo, central!     Give me heaven, I made  to    how lo   untruth  by tbis
want to say my prayers." jovil practice in the scliool room. At
—— I lirst when her classmates, who had
There are two kinds ot schools in been whispering all dny, answered
this country, lioth strong in tlieir "lictlcct" she felt a loatliing and
inlluences, educating tho bovs in disgust, and always said she hail
slriiingly opposite directions. Tlio whispered. The others who lied
school house education on the one about it were praised continually,
hand, and the street itlucation on while she was publicly reprimanded
the other, are alarmingly dilteront. Wore the school. Tims tlie teacher
The nation's prosperity depends upon «»» Riving a reward lot dishonesty
which school educates the hoys.  '"'"
Apply to the address as shown on thc attached
coupon for Maps, Application Forms, Regulations
and Literature.
J.   S.   DENNIS
Assistant  to  2nd   Vice   President
Box 104 ... Calgary. Alberta
Please Bend me nil facte pertaining to youi lands in B.C.
and while unconscious ot the fait
was aiding Satan to discourage virtue, and during the otroractcr-Iorming
jiernul of lite established au Imported custom in one that might breed
ruin and decay. Lot uk remember
children are Keen observers, but
ihey are naturally sociable and
friendly 1 und any departure from
l nilh will wound the sensitive ami
trusting nature ot a child. As wc
grow older we realize no poet's pen
painter's     brush can ever depict
Never bear more than one kind ot
trouble at a time. Some people
bear three kinds: All they had, all
they have now, and all they expect
to have.
Of all thc things tor which a
young person should strive, a gooil
oharacter stands easily at the head
ot the list.    It mav lie hard to get
but   without a good character,     no thl. Jf07y"if chlWhood',   Kor such"
but   w thout   a good   eharacu-r, no d       (II|e    woul:1 al|uost Ucat 1>ack.
permanent and enduring success   can wan|8    trough the checkered years
attained.   ami encounter   thc trials and disap-
"""   ' piiititiuents- and    pains and pcrplcxl-
There is always hope lor a man ties of lite, and view as in the
who ean find something to do. For, olden time on either side their
alter all, tliere is something inspiring withering hopes. Parents, live in
in labor. There is something noble such a manner that when you give
in work—an act performed, a deed to vour children thc good-bye kiss
done. For what is idleness but timy v\\\ honor you, and revere your
waste, ennui, perpetual despair. Betr loving counsel? Teachers, so con-
tor, far better, to wear out than to -juct your schools that your pupils
rust out, than _to liveaan inert, may never learn to manifest brazen
audacity and exhibit wares not their
own and unlawfully obtained. Immortal souls arc in your keeping.
Their happiness for time and ctcr-j
DAUOH- irlty largely depends upon you. Do
not ho Instrumental in introducing
(also methods and wrong ideas, and
false ideas ol advancement, but train
en the children in the morning ot
warm life in the "nurture and admonition
of lile in l-ord," remembering that
and "ns the twig is bent ttie tree fs  in-
listless, senseless life, and then, final
ly, to be stranded on a barren, desolate shore.
Teach them self-reliance.
Tcaeh them to make bread.
Teach them to add up bills.
Teach tbem   to wear thick,
Teach them     bow   to wash
ao-li troa ctottos.
Probably the first lender ot its
Kind 011 record is that written in
poetry recently by an Jltoid contractor, lu uiu appended six-line verse
undertook to supply collecting
noxes lur the local hospital carnival,
and iiis poetic offer has been accepted:
Iwo    hundred     boxes,    lirm      and
Five inches wide,    seven inches long,
With screwed-on    handles, ami     fell
The   hole   cut square, ami wood well
Machinery-cut,   and nailed by   men-
Two   hundred     boxes—eight    pounds
ten. ■
Scotland Vard is at present investigating an extraordinary robbery
Uom tne London ollices ot Mr. A. W.
Mills, the coroner to the Kins 8
household. Three tons of legal documents, tiie accumulation of --"-> years'
investigation, have mysteriously disappeared. During the ausence ot
Mr. Mills four men in charge of
van drove up lo the offices
Chancery lane, and, stating they were
sent to remove the old papers
from the cellars, packed the van,
and drove away. They re-appeared
later, and quietly tooti the balance
of the documents, and vanished. No
trace has since been found ot
Two women iu whose possession
about t'ju-j in bank notes and coin
was found when ihey were taken to
llitthin workhouse, Herts, the other
day, are sisters, aged sixty and sixty-one years, who had lived together
in a cottage at t'odicute, a village
mar lliiciun, for a number of years.
One of the women asserted that her
sister had thrown live £10 notes on
tlie fire before leaving home. The
only explanation they could give as
lo where the money came from
was that tbey had saved it out of
au allowance of 13s. lid. a week. The
women have been removed to the
Three Counties asylum.
Mr, Wealherley Phipson, of Monk
Sherborne, Hampshire, who died recently, left property worth £17,722-
aird directed in his will that his
body should be cremated, the ashes
placed in a glass or earthenware jar,
and this jar enclosed in a porcelain
vase, the lid of whieh should be
t)Ul on wilh a strong cement so as
lo exclude the air. lie directed that
tii some cemetery ot convenient access, a vault ol great Strength and
solidity should he built, and that his
ashes should remain there tor
over. He left £300 for the tarrying
mil of   these instructions.
At an inquest at Wolverhampton
Lhe othei day on the body ot a
laborer named Vernon it was shown
it about a fortnight before his foot
was injured by a nail in the heel of
the boot, lie remained at work for
some days but developed tetanus,
and was removed to the general hos-
ilul. There a small wound in the heel
was completely cut out, hut he died
trom exhaustion consequent on tctan-
The coroner remarked that
people could not to too careful even
with a     scratch, and it was always
ihisable to keep an injury clean.
The life of an old man named
Henry Fletcher, aged 7(1, ot Preston, was saved recently by the devo-
ion of Di. McDadc, a police-con-
lablc, named Warden, and a little
group of friends. Fletcher was
found unconscious in his bedroom,
With lh«' gas, which he had accidentally turned on while getting into
(I, pouring into the room. Krom
the moment assistance was called,
through the dav, and the following
night, and until the next morning,
the band of helpers kept np artificial
respiration until breathing was regularly restored.
j An exciting man hum bad a sequel
at l ckiii-iti police courl recently,
when beurgc Uracil, a gipsy, was
sentenced io sii weens' hard labor
foi cmcken stealing. Police Constable Aice traced tne man lo
bridge, and took bim into custody.
Prisoner struggled, siippid tlie baud-
*.*...-. and ma\ie off. Coming lo lbe
river, be jumped in and began lo
swim. The constable also look to
tit*.* water, and an exciting &uug&ie
ensued between tbe two men. With
assistance, tbe accused was brought
out .iiid safely lodged In tlie police
: A bulldog owned hy an Eastbourne
resident, Las shown an antipathy to
the music ul a military uarnt, which
, bas bad unpleasant consequences lor
la number oi people, dua, finally, ior
itself, d., will Ik seen iroui ihe lol-
lowuig table of casualties: Band
drummer attacked, htue boy's
lutiiiiig torn, uuuiuone player bitten, constable's trousers damaged,
more    children      attacsed,   auouier
arm -.: seized    from tbe rear, man
pulled to the ground, dog cho..ed by
a policeman.
Mrs. Rebecca Clark, of Wood Green,
North London, entered upun ber lonth
year a week or two ago. She is
still able to read wi ibout glasses,
and in line weather walks to tne post
ollice to draw her pension. She is
tbe oldest pensioner in London, and
can remember ihe battle of Waterloo, in which two of her brothers
fought. Six of her nine clilldren survive, the eldest being 72 years ol age.
A quaint testamentary injunction ot
an eighteenth-century gardener and
botanist was a week or two ago observed for the l&O-th successive ye*u
at Shoreditch Parish chuich when
what is known as the "vegetable
lecture" was preached by tbe vicar,
the Rev, F. Ii. Ford.' In 172!)
Thomas Fain laid died al the age ot
iii years, and bequeathed £25 to the
church wardens o( Shoreditch, stipulating that the Interest should be
paid annually for the delivery by a
selected preacher of an address on
"The wonderful works of God in
creation, or, the certainty of tbe
resurrection of the dead by certain
Changes of the animal and vegetable
forms of the creation.'' Fairchild
had extensive gardens in the days
when "Mie ifoxton hamlet" was notr
ed for its production, and he introduced many varieties of foreign fruits
and flowers. In the borough council's small public garden in Hackney
road, close to the church, there is a
tombstone recording the injunction as
to the lecture.
Life without Ins sweetheart's love
was not worth living in the opinion
of Richard Allchln, who was indicted
ai thc recent Stans assizci for at-
tempting to drown Harriet Louisa
Put. The parties had beon "keeping company/1 and prisoner became
very jealous. Owing to this thc
young woman lold bim that she did
not wish their acquaintanceship to
continue. Allchln said bu would not
give her up, and used threats. However, they met hy appointment on
the evening of the'attempted tragedy
and went to a theatre, and, after
visiting a public-house, started to ,
Walk home. When they got lo tbe
canal Allchln dragged the girl along
tlie towing-path and said: "You bave
ended it, and now we are gging to
die together." He tied a handkerchief round her neck, remarking that
it would protect her from the cold,
and he also put a handkerchief round
his neck and then he tied the handkerchiefs together. The next thing
the girl knew she was in tlie water,
but sho could not explain how that
happened. Tlicy struggled to the
other side of the canal, and prisoner
got out, and prosecutrix alleged that
until she appealed to him he did not
attempt to get her out ot the
water. In his defence prisoner
slated that they fell into thc water by accident, and that he used
evrrv diligence in rescuing the young
woman. Thc jury found him guilty,
and he was sent to penal servitude
for five years. TIIK   CltA-NUltOOK   HERALD
■ss with the main mine at Pass-
rg. The output is gradually incasing and altogether the company's posilion is most favorable and
A useful pamphlet lias been issued satisfactory.
hv authority of the Legislative As-j ln opening the new property, .1.
sembly of British Columbia for cir- Kerr, formerly, in charge at Passburg,
eulnlion at the A.Y.P. exposition. It J goes lo llie new mine ami is
eonslsls i f a few facts, briefly and succeeded at the old works hv T. II.
concisely set forth, dealing with the Williams,
products ami prospects of the province. Tiie following extracts give
an idea of the straightforward, businesslike manner in which the pamphlet  has been edited:
British  Columbia's  trade  has      increased by over ninotcob million dol-
Inrs in four vears.
British Columbia mines have    pro
duct d   or
1: uud ml
acres of
Hritish Columbia
[arms produce over
lars annually,
Hnlii-di  Columhia
three    hundred million
Columbia   fisheries,
and fourteen  million
i dollars
ilumbia ho
pel   makin
are   the
millions     of
material   uu-
oichaids      and
even million dol-
oul deposits nre
sive       in       the
nay coal fields alone
yielding ten million  tons
'ar    for Bcvcn    thousand
Dlumbla has immense il
in   me awaiting dcvelop-
,-cro Iniiii,*,! last Thursday
lin- „! snpposetl spontauc
pad  I
sh Columbia's urea ,,l standing
s tin* largest uml most corn-
North America.
i Coiumliin lias over In,  mil's ul wheat lniiils.
liiiiisli    i'i,lumI,in proiiuccs    over
two    million pounds <>f butter    an-
liiuiilv, anil im|iorts over tw„ million
llrilisli Columbia Imports over two
million tlollnrs' worth ol eggs anil
iml poultry.
Hritish Coiumliin shipped over sis
Hioiisaml tons ul fruit in 1808, und
Imported fruit l" the value ,,l two
luimlreti thousand dollars.
Tu llu*  capitalist—Thc most piulil-
iiiili* held ior investment in thu known
11, Uu* manulacttirer—A great
ivenlth ,,i raw materials. I nsiir-
inssed shipping facilities, ltupidly
u, leasing markets at home, ami in
i.i* inw provinces „l Saskatchewan
iml Allierta, Mexico, Australia mul
i„* Orient.
Tu llu* fisherman—Inexhaustible
Itiatitltlt-s el salmon, halibut, cod,
lerring and other lisb.
Tu ib,* fruit grower—Many thou-
i.iuiis ,,l aires uf land producing all
ii,.* hardier fruits, us well as peaches,
!*,...j,<.*,, npricots, iiirlifiis, mils, etc.
To the dairyman—Splendid pasture
a..I lilgli prices for butter, milk    and
The carpentering, planing and paint
simps at    lbe  British Columbia peni-
night h\  -a
ous origin.
Sn Ch titles Rlvers-WTlson, president of tlie tliaud Trunk Railwav company, sailed on Thursday
from Liverpool tor Canada, ami will
go over the completed I irand Trunk
Pacific from Port Arthur to Ed-
itionton, before he returns to Eng
Thc largest of four C. N. It. siir-
\eving parlies bus reached the summit close lo Vellowbead Pass, when
ii will work towards Kamloops
connecting with the party now working northwest of North Thompson
nver. Two otlier parlies arc on
lhe east side of Kraser river, one
working   down     from Lytton,     the
ber working up from Vale, Hearing
North Mend. October will probably
see the surveys finished.
A meeling of the police and license
commissioners was held in the city
hall Thursday evening. Commissioners!
Millie! and Galer heing present. A
notice of intention to apply for
ininsfer of license from McArdle &
Anderson to Charles I lagan, of the
Knob Hill hotel at the next regular
meeling, was read. A complaint
from lbe chief of police was read
agniiisl the Central hotel. The com-
iiluinl was that the Central hotel
has no license exhibited iu ils bar
and thai the hotel is run by a person oilier than the license holder
[contrary to law) and no steps have
heen taken lo transfer the license in
the present occupant. The commissioners adjourned the hearing of the
complaint against the Central hotel
iiii Moiiilav. and the license to sell
liquor at' the Central is suspended
i.nlil further order of the commissioners.—Phoenix Pioneer.
en am.
To   Ihe
market fo
To   llie
mixed   fa
poultrymnn—A cash    home
i  poultry and eggs at    big
ng  ami
go profits
icgelable   ,
io tv
A number of miners from Phoenix
Hill have gone to work at the
Mother Lode mine, in   the Boundary.
A six inch seam of free milling gold
is reported to have been struck on
the Volcanic mountain, North Fork.
hundred thou-
squnrc miles of utrprospectcd
il-bcarliig country.
tin' workingman—Fair wage
reasonable working day.
Hu- sportsman-—An infinite va-
nf game animals, big aud small,
game fishes and game birds.
To ihe tourist—Magnificent scenery, uood hotels, well equipped trains
and     '(alia! steamships.
To everybody—A healthful climate,
Inspiring surroundings, golden opportunities in nil walks of life, just
laws (well administered), a complete
modern educational svstem—free, undenominational primary and high
schools; all the conveniences <>f
civilized life, health, peace, contentment and happiness.
Mr. J. A. ARNOLD started the Fig Clock at 13.44 o'clock on Monday, the 2nd inst.
The Clock and Guesses are now in Mr. Arnold's charge, as he sealed the doors oi the
show window which contains them. If you have any guesses in your possession, or if
there are any due you, please call and get them and fill them out by Friday night, the 6th inst.,
and we will ask Mr. Arnold to place them in the box in the window. The Winning
Number will be announced in this space.
(The Frank Paper.)
The Leitch collieries has commenced
the work of opening a new mine at
police Flats, jusl to the east ut
lis main workings at Passburg.
The property is what has been
known as 'the Brewery properly
wliich was purchased by General
Manager W. L. Hamilton, of the
Leitch collieries from .1. C. Drewry
and later consolidated with the
I.eil eh property when the Leitch
collieries was organized. It was the
original intention to open thc first
mine on this property, but being
unable ai that, time to acquire llie surface rights to the Police
Flats, then a police reserve, and
wliich was becessary for a working
site, the opening of the property
hail to be postponed. Recently lbe
necessary surface rights were
quired and it has accordingly been
decided to begin operations.
The work has already been started
and the haulage tunnel is now in
about Hm feel on nine foot scam
of dial. When the entry is in SIM
feel a cross-cutting tunnel will be
driven both ways to open the adjoining seams. In all five seams will
he lapped which will be worked ft
ihe one haulage wav. The main
seam in he opened lies'to the west ot
lhe main entry and is a seam averag-
ing about twelve feet of a splendid
quality of coal. To the east of the
mi t; ' lie three seams running trom
six in ten feel in thickness, all
clean and carrying fine coal. All
llie < earns run to nt least 2-fHHt feet
ni" eover over the entry, making
it on.' of the big properties of the
In addition to the work of starting the tunnel, lbe erection of a
tipple is also under way while the
necessary buildings, blacksmith
shop, store building, stable, etc., are
in course of building. A large
boarding house lias already lieen
The mine will be eonneeted with
lhe C.P.lt. bv a spur track crossing
Police Flats a distance of ahout a
nuiuier of n   mile   from the C.P.H,
Mike Coranvlch, of Phoenix
peaii-d before Magistrate Hood
Wednesday evening on it charge of using a knife on Petn Ilatovitch at
tbe Granby hotel. Mike was sen
leneed to sixty days in jail
Constable Bocksleader took
prisoner to Nelson yesterday,
will he deported ou his release
A Masonic lodge was instituted at
Irola on Monday.
.1. A. Anderson, the alleged bank
absconder, was arrested in Vancouver
i few days ago.
Police Magistrate Augustus Wil-
iiims recently sat on his own case
ii tbe poliee court in Vancouver,
md lined himself $'t nnd costs for
iverspeeding his automobile.
Tliere is   quite
it Poplar Creek.
points Umatilla to Pendleton aud
norlb at rate of one and one-third
line for the round trip. On August
11 from Umatilla to Pendleton
and north will sell tickets at rate
uf   one fare for the   round trip.
"Tlie Spokane International will
sell on August 8, !) and 10 from all
points on their line tickets at rate
ol one and one-third fare for the
round trip, aud one fare for round
trip August 12 it requested.
"The Spokane, Portland & Seattle
will sell from points west of Grand
Dalles on August 8 and 9 and from
points Grand Dalles and east on
August K, tl and 10 tickets at rate
of one and one-third fare tor the
round trip, and will sell tor trains
arriving at Spokane on August 12
from points Grand Dalles and east,
tickets at rate of one tare for the
round trip."
a revival in mining
The beginning of the hydraulic scant in Cariboo is lhe latest on     record.
Crescent Lodge No. 'A',i
Craubrook, B. C.
Meets every    Tuesday at 8 p.m.    at
Fraternity Hall.
•J, B. Henderson. C. C.
.1. L. Walker, K. ot R. & 8.
Visiiing   brethren  cordially Invited
o attend.
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt fn British
Columhia, may be homesteaded by
any person who is .the sole head of a
family, or any male over 18 vears of
age, to the extent of one-quarter section of 160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at  , ,     ,
the local land ofliee tor  the  district *****     Ko°tt,»a>.
in which the land  is situate.   Entry t!,t',lcc       eWT
by proxy may, however, be made on
certain   conditions    by   the   father,
mother, son, daughter,   brother    or
sister ot an intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to per-
Spokane, Wash., July 30.—Transcontinental and interstate railroads
operating in Washington, Idaho,
Oregon, Montana ami Britisli Columhia announce a rate of one tare for
llie round trip from points in the
Inland empire on trains arriving in
Spokane on August 12, when the irrigation and industrial army ot
in,uuu uniformed men will have its
parade, beginning at 4.45 o'clock in
lhe afternoon, in connection with tbe
I7th session of the National Irrigation Congress during the week ot
August it. There is also a rate ot
fare ami one-third for the round trip
effective on August .s, ti and in,
with a minimum selling rule of $1.
The final limit   is August 16.
The appended letter, signed hv representatives of the lines joining in
the rates, has been received bv It.
Iiisinger, chairman of lhe hoard of
control. It gives the territory in
wliieli reduced rates will prevail, us
"The Northern Pneifie will sell
tickets from points west of the
Nnrlh Dakota-Montana state line and
from points west of the Cascade
mountains on August 8 nnd 0; from
points west of the Montana-Idaho
state line nml east of lbe Cascade
mountains on August 8, !i and 10 at
the rate of oue and one-third fare
for the round trip. Will sell on
August 11 from Lcwiston, (irangc-
vlllc, Siites and intermediate points
and from the Washington and Columbia riser territory; from KUenshurg
and intermediate "territory tor trains
arriving in Spokane August. 12, tick-
els at rate of one fare for the round
"Thc Great Northern will sell from
points in Montana east of Columbia
Falls and west of Leavenworth
Aiifoist 8 and !l tickets at rate of one
(Lethbridge Herald.)
Tiie directors of the Lethbridge and
District Agricultural society are
.-.paiing neiuier trouble nor expense in'
maKing tiie fair of 1000 bigger and
better than ever. This year upwards of *7,000 are being offered in
prizes and purses. Special attractions are engaged. Prol. Khol Will
make a thrilling balloon ascension j
i day and a death defying para-j
chute drop from mid-air. Special
platforms have been erected for thei
troop of trained goats and for thej
world fumed gymnasts and acrobats j
who will perform each day immed-1
lately In front of the grand stand.
ihe music will be furnished by the
Lethbridge Citizens' band, a uniformed bund of 45 pieces which was a
prize winner in the hand competition al the Winnipeg exposition this
year. Thc Indian parade and pow
wow will again be a feature. Lethbridge fair is recognized as the best
place in America today to witness
au Indian display in the old-time war
paint and feathers. Good horse racing Is assured, thc generous purses
bung ti]) being an incentive for the
presence of thc best race horses in
the west. Tliere will be splendid
displays of draft, thoroughbred, and
tandard bred horses and pure bred
cattle, sheep aud swine as well as
j;rains and grasses aud vegetables as
liberal prizes have been offered in
all these classes. Professional base-
hall games will be played, also lacrosse games. Come and enjoy
yourselves. Lethbridge welcomes
vou. See an up-to-date city. Sec
ilie eighth wonder ot the world,
the gigantio railway bridge over a
mile long and H00 feet high. Come
and enjoy the hospitality of the
citizens of Lethbridge. Have a
good time. It is assured you.
Cheap rales on all railways. Ask
vour depot agent. Remember the
place and dute, Lethbridge, August
Hi, II and 12.
For further information write
Major Vi. n. Burnett, Secretary-
Treasurer, Lethbridge and District
Agricultural Society, Lethbridge, Alberta.
trtnnmoii Lodje, No. S*
\. P. ft A. M.
KfKuui mertiaits oa
itv third Thurtdaf
ii' *vrr>  TioeU
I.O.O.P.    Key Cily Lodff
No. 43. Meets notf
Monday    night    at j
New     Fraternity    Hall.      Sojourn- form the conditions connected there
ing Oddfellows cordially Invited. with under one of tbe following plans:
C. R. Ward. W. L. Hall,'   0)  At least bjx months' residence
N   q Srt'y , upon and cultivation of  the land  in
each year for three years.
(2). If tho father (or mother,
if the father la deceased), ot the
homesteader resides upon a farm in
the vicinity ot tbe land entered for,
the requirements ai to residence may
be satisfied by such person residing
with the father or mother.
(3). If the settler bu hia permanent residence upon farming land
owned by him in tbe vicinity of bis
homestead, the requirements aa to
residence may be satisffcd hy residence upon the said land.
Six months' notice In writing
should he given to the Commissioner
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.
COAL—Coal mining rights may be
leased for a period of twenty-one
years at an annual-rental of $1 per
acre. Not more than 2,570 acres
shall bo leased to one individual or
company. A royalty at the rate of
Ave cents per ton snail be collected
on the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior. 2-29t
that sixty days after date 1 intend
lo apply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Woiks
tor a license to prospect for eoal and
petroleum over the following lands,
situated in Block 4503, South
East Kootenay, British Columbia:
Beginning at a post marked
W. L. Fross' S. W. corner. Said
post is adjacent to N. W. corner ot
Lot No. 8727, Group 1, South
thenee eighty chains
thence eighty chains
theuce eighty chains
to point of commencement.
W. L. Fross, Locator.
Dated July 1st, 1900. 19-tit
that sixly days atter date 1 intend
to apply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner ot Lauds and Works
for a license to prospect tor coal and
petroleum over the following lands,
situated in Block 4503, South
East Kootenay, British Columbia:
Beginning at a post marked
E. L. Finley's   N. E. corner.    Said
Visiting fireth en welcomed
W. H. Wilson, W. M.
E. W. Connolly, secretary.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every   Friday     evening at 11
fn Carmen'. Hall.
K. W. Reeves, W. P.
Win. Anderson, Secretary.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
nnil one-third lare lor llie round
to Mir mine. The survey lor thej trip; from points it, Montana west ol
spur lias been made and plans filed! Columhia Kails to and Including
and il is expected the building ol i Leavenworth on August 8, II and
ll,e spur will begin in a few days.      llu. including    points on the Spokane
Tl,,* opening ot the new mine is of Kails and Nnrlhern division as lar
great Importance to the Passburg ns (Irand Forks, R. ('.; from Leaven*
community, as it is regaeded as one worth and intermediate points to
of Uie finest properties in Ihe dis- Spokane and from points on the
liift and in   opening it lbe eompanv Spokane Falls and Northern as    far
will I,,- able l„ greatly increase   its as Grand Forks     lor trains arriving south,   more or   less,     tlience fifty
uulnul in   a   very short lime*. .Spoirano August 12, will sell tickets eliains wes-t, tlience forty-one   ohains
\lready   lbe effects    ol   thc    new •*,!    rale of one   fare for the    round norlb, more or less, to place ol com-
uorl* are being felt, in Ibe vicinity of trip. mencement,    containing two hundred
Pas-shunt, and    numerous new build-    "Tbe Oregon     Railroad & Nnviga-|nnd live acres, more or less.
Inn, reside,ins, el,*., are going   up. Ii,m company    will sell on August Si        Irving Hcward Cameron Willson
Nn less   thau   five   new houses     of and !i   from   all points on their sys- Roht. Stanley Chapman
substantial character are being built ten,   nnd   tbe (I. W. .-•• 1. tickets at .lames Martin.
ai   II,is lime. ial,*   of one nnd one-third lare    lor1 Robert Stanley Chapman, Agent
Tin* eompany is making good   pro* the ri I trip; on August 10    from'   Dated July 12th, 1909. 19-Bt
TAKE NOTICE that we, Irving
Hcward Cameron Willson, Robert
Stanley Chapman and James Martin,
C.P.R. Agent and Bookkeepers, ol
Cranbrook, B, C, intend to apply
for permission to purchase the following described land:
(.'ommencing at a post planted fit-
teen ehains east of the southwest
eomer ol Lot M22, thenee fifty
ehains east, thence   forty-one  chains
Meet at II. of L. P. IUU 2nd  and
itb Salurday each moatk.
Visiting brethren always welcome
Abel Horsman, W. M.
Jos. Wallace, Secretary.
No. 19.
Meets every second   and fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning Rebekahs   cordially invited.
Mrs. K. P. Simpson, N. G.
Miss A. Hickenbotham, Sec.
Repairing a Speoiiiliy
Aikens Block, Crnnbrook
0„l« Promptly Alt,-,„W
huv I'll,,!,*- No. II
N'ltlit  „     ,, 21W
R. H. Dwyer
Funeral Dire-tur and
Piuh timer
Hplillft ur [mini will) II i* mm— ,
Get our Free Trinl Offer.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Charles
Reginald Ward, of Cranbrook, B. C,
occupation, Civil Engineer, intend to
upply to the Chlel Commissioner ol
Lands and Works, Victoria, B. C,
lor permission to purchase the lollowing described land:
Commencing at a post planted on
the north bank of Munroe Creek,
about fifteen chains distant trom the point
where Munroe Lake empties into
Munroe Creek, thence west 80
chains, thence south 40 chains,
thence cast 80 chains, thence north
40 chains to the point ol commencement, containing 3211 acres, more
Charles Reginald Ward,
Dated July 15th, 1800. 19-9t
post          is
adjacent           to
■I.   L.   Daily's
N.    W.    corner,
thenco       eighty
chains      south,
Ihence       eighty
chains       west,
thence       eighty
thence        eighty
chains     north,
chains      east,
lo point of commencement.
E. L.
Finlcy, Locator.
Dated July 2nd,
1008.              19-lit
. Hulk   0RH1VP r
Statitu^q* jf*
"■nu*v. tfidu*' tXiinAtu
0* Oya-VlWjiHl
\firf j^r^(r*<Ut*.Ci*
'VMnrbdM. Ltv <y*u VWiff
that sixty days alter date I intend
to apply to tho Honorable Chiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works
lor a license to prospect lor coal and
petroleum over the lollowing lands,
situated in Block 4593, South
East Kootenay, British Columbia:
Beginning at a post marked
Jennie Moss' N. E. corner. Said
post Is adjacent to C.
F. Petersen's N. W. corner,
tlience eighty
thence eighty
tlience eighty
tlience eighty
to point of commencement.
Jennio Moss, Locator.
Dated July 1st, 1809. 19-Ct
that sixty days alter date 1 intend
lo apply to the Honorable Chlel
Commissioner ot Lauds und Works
Inr a license to prospect for coal anil
petroleum over the following lunds,
situated in Block tlm. South
East Kootenay, British Columbia;
Beginning at a post marked
Sophia Petersen's 8. W. corner,
Said post is adjacent to
0. P. Petersen's N. W. corner,
Ihence eighty chains north,
thence eighty chains west,
tlience eighty chains south,!
thenee eighty chains east,
to point of commencement.
Sophia Fctcrscn, Locator:
Dated July 1st, 1909. 19-Ct
Ladies' and Children's to be had at
Gentlemen's can be obtained at
Fink Mercantile Co.'s Store
that sixty days alter date 1 intend
to apply to the Honorable Chiel
Commissioner of Lauds und Works
lur a license to prospect lor coal aud
petroleum over tlie lollowing Unas,
situated in Block 4593, Soutll
East Kootcuay, British Columbia:
Beginning at a post marked
'/.. L. Daily's N. E. corner. Said
post is adjacent to S. W. corner ot
Lot No. 8727, Group 1,
Soutb East Kootenay, Coal Lease,
thence eighty chains south,
tlience eighty chains west,
Ihence eighty chains north,
thence eighty chains east,
to point ot commencement.
Z. L. Dally, Locator.
Dated July 2nd, 1909. 19-Ct
that sixty days alter date 1 intend
to apply to the Honorable (hiel
Commissioner ot Lands und Works
for a license to prospect tor coal and
petroleum over the lollowing lairds,
situated in Block 4593, South
Eust Kootenay, British C.I,in,bia:
Heginning at a post marked
E. 0. Thompson's N. E. corner.
Said post is odjaunt lo N. W. corner of Lot Nu. 8727, Group I,
Soutll East KixiU-nuv, Coal l-casc,
thence eighty ehains south,
Ihence eighty ehains west,
thonce eighty chains north.
Ihen,*,' eighty ehains east,
lo point ol commencement.
E. C, Thompson, Locator.
Rated July 1st, lllllll. 19-Ct
!: Presbyterian £btircl>::
********************** **********************
y morning service at 11 '
dock ,;
Sunday   evening
7.30 o'clock
Sunday     School  and
Class at 8 o'clock
service   at ' '
Bible ; ;
Presbyterian   Guild, Tuesday,' *
at 8 o'clock *
that sixty days atter date I intend
to npnlv to the Honorable Chlel
Commissioner ol Lands awl Works
(or a license to prospect (or coal and
petroleum over the following lands,
situated tn Block 4593, South
East Kootenay, British Columbia:
Beginning at a post marked
C. P. Petersen's N. W. corner.
Said post is two miles west of N. W.
corner ot Lot No. 8727, Group 1,
South East Kootenay, Coal Lease,
thence eighty chains south,
thenco eighty chains east,
thence eighty chains north,
thence eighty chains west,
to point ot commencement.
C. F. Petersen, Locator.
Dated July tat, INI.
that sixty days alter date I intend
lo applv to the Honorable Chlel
Commissioner ol Lands and Works
(or a license lo prospect lor coal ami
petroleum over thc following lamls,
situated iu Block 4593, South
East Kootenav. British Columbia:
Ik-ginning at a post marked
George Woodward's S. E. corner.
Said post Is adjacent to N. W. corner ol Lot No. 8727, Group 1,
South East Kootenay, Coal Lease,
thence eighty chains north,
thence eighty chains west,
thence eighty chains east,
thence oighty ehains south,
to point ot commencement.
George Woodward, Locator.
Dated July 1st, 1900. IMt
Somo men have an Idea that "good
fellowship" consists in spending their
money for booze.
When a man hegins   boasting that
be "can drink or let It atone" It It
IMt' time for  Um  to tot it iIom.


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