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Cranbrook Herald Apr 18, 1912

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Array ,-,-^sr''
We are well equipped to
turn out tlio best cIuuh
of work.
nia 83 ML
NO.  10
Knrmcrs ol the Yahk and Kings-
Kate sootion have, organised under the
AgricuHtiral Associations Act mil
and on Saturday night last elected
officers us follows:
President—A. L, Barnhardt,
Vleo-Presidait-C. Hilton,
Secretary-Treasurer-- E< A. l-ytb
Bireetors—S. Fyles, C. Wobslor and
I*. Haywood.
It ifl very desirable that (lie namt'K
of paitl. up members ho submitted to
llio supciinteud*:iit ol lust tutos with
iu the next len days, uud Secretory
Lylhgoo requests tlmt all members
forward to liiui tlu-- annual subscrip-
tion Ico of Sll mils at tttctr oar I lost
 *>,,*     .
A Herald representative made
tour of the outskirts of the city
few days ago and had his eyes properly opened as to the rapid growth
and expansion of the residential districts of tho city and the territory
immediately adjacent thereto. It is
really surprising to note the number
of private residences going up In all
directions, particularly in the southern and eastera sections. When Slaterville is reached, one is struck by
Die rapid growth that section is making. Many tine new residences are
under way or nearing completion, a
splendid sidewalk has been laid down
, •connecting with the new sidewalk to
'the St. Eugene hospital. Altogether
Slaterville presents the appearance of
a very thriving burg, whieh must Inevitably, sooner or later, throw. In
its lot with Cranbrook.
Thc necessity for the new school in
the east end is made plainly obvious
by a visit ont in that direction. On
every hand new dwellings arc going
up, indicative of thc steady growth
and expansion of the city.
The Herald has been advised that
Mr. 13. Mallandaine is iu the field as
a candidate for the nomination in the
forthcoming Dominion election in the
Kootenay electoral district. Personal
ly no objection whatever can be raised ugaiust Mr. Mullnndniui-'s candidature, lie is well known throughout
the Kootenays, has a very thorough
knowledge of the country, aud has
been more or less closely identified
with the lumber Industry, through
his connection with thu C.P.lt. B.C.
laud and tie department. Tlu- Herald
believes Unit if Mr. Mallauduiuc will
give the necessary pledge lo maintain
riidcp-cndeiice, until such time as lie
has secured the redress 'ol the lumbermen's legitimate grievances, his
candidature would bo favorably regarded, without reference to l>(ls party
AUTO     CUB      WILL
Cranbrook city and district will
Im well represented at llu* Dry Farm-
ing Congress to lie held at LeUt-
bridge in October.
A committee of the board of trade
haw in band arrangements for the
creottoa of a special frame exhibition
building, and the Automobile Club is
arranging fot a tented city.
Steps have attend) been taken to
secure a suitable site for the Cranbrook exhibition building) district
lumbermen will In* requested to provide thi' limber. Mr y. Rossiter, Um
architect, bu agreed to prepare plans
for the building ftec of Charge I *>■
building will in* utilised to boose ail
the Cranbrook district exhibits,
which will in* representative, not oolj
of our agricultural possibilities, but
of the lumbering ami mining Interest*. The big district oxhtbftton
building,   together  with    the tented
lit)   of the     Automobile club.       Will
bring Cranbrook verj promlnenUj bo-
foie tin* crowds that wilt tlock Into
Lethbridge foi the Drj Farming
Congress, and .would prove verj vain
able publicity mattei.
The pitj rouactl contemplate Issuing debentures on tin* sccurtt] ol tin
watei revenue account (ot about 115,-
000, which will obviate the oecesslt)
oi the proposed loan bylaw.
Ibe reason toi nlsfog additional
mope) at Ibe liiisi'til time Is to put
the syntom in   bet Ui shape and     ma
irii.iiu reduce maintenance expenses
Prom Decembei 1st to March 80th
over ji.tiHit was expended (or this
pin pose, which, by lhe earning out
of CcrUrin improvements will be obviated in Ihe future. In addition extensions will lie mado to blocks not
at present served. It Is desired to
lower the pipes in certain portions tl
tlie city nnd to lower tlw main Irom
tin* city limits to the dam. Tlte reason for lowering the main to the
dam is because the present water
pressure is found tt  he inadequate.
With reference to thc proposed
school loan bylaw nf $1500, It may
Ik* said lhal binds nre needed to
complete tbe present public school
huildin.; and put the grounds in irmd
A sitting ol the supreme court tor
(he trial of civil causes, will be held
In the court bouse at II a.m. May
A special meeting of thc city council took place on Wednesday morning
lo finally adopt and pass thc Hate
Bylaw, 1912. There were present,
Mayor Bowness aud Aldermen Cameron, Clapp and Johnson.
Bylaw No. 105, the rate bylaw for
11)12, was reconsidered, passed ami
The bylaw calls for a levy of 3*>
mills, divided as follows:
fi mills for school purposes.
1 mill for board of health purposes
fl mills general tax.
15 mills to pay off instalments on
-attain debentures.
Press Men at Wasa
Delightful Outing at N. Hanson's Hospitable Resort*-Visitors
Charmed with the Scenery
Secretory Halsall, of the board ol
.trade, is in receipt of thc following
communication from the governor
general's (Bukc ol Con-naught}) military secretary:
Dear Sir: I am desired by His
Itoyal Highness tbe governor-general
to thank you for your letter of the
8th instant, in which you invite him
to break his journey at Cranhrook
during his Western tour. His royal
Highness' plans are not hy any
means complete tor the summer, hut
he will lie glad to bear your invitation, which he much appreciates, In
mind, and I shall inform you later
whether His Royal Highness is ahle
to arrange this visit.
I am, yours truly,
11. C. I.owther.
Lieut.-Coi. Military Secretary
Ottawa. April li.lh, 1912.
Cranbrook will celebrate Victoria
da) in propel Style this year ami a
cordial Invitation is extended to all
the neighboring towns and to all   tbe
people m Ihe district to join with
ns on tlmt da] and make the occasion one to Im* loin remembered as a
day of special feattvtty,
At a meeting of business men and
Citizens held   in UM committee looms
at the Cranbrook hotel on Wedneadaj
evening it was decided to arrange a
Bplcodtd programme of spoils foi that
Mi. meeting was called to order Ity
Pi.   .1    W. Hut ledge, nnd Mayor BOW-
in    was chosen  lor chairman.   Dr.
Kulledge defined tlie objects of the
tit-ting and stated that a committee
.( business    men had seemed the fall
grounds   Iron  lbs Agricultural    ns-
xiattoa for the day.
i*r    RuUodfe was appointed nere
On motion the following committee
ii   finance   was     appointed:    Mayor
Bowness, it. i:. Beattle and J, P.
Committee on programme was named ns follows: Or. Rutledge, W. A.
Rollins and F. A. Small.
Advertising committee: .las. Rates,
F. .1. Deane and A. L, McDermot.
Committee on grounds: Dr. W. S.
Hell, Chas- MeDougall and Pete Ma-
•I. P. Fink wns chosen as permanent president and Thos. Holier ts for
permanent secretary,
It was decided to charge an entrance lee of 50 cents lor men and
25 cents tor ladles and children.
Another meeting will be held on
Monday evening to henr the report ol
tlw finance and programme committees and to perfect further arrangements.
Tbe programme will Include athletic sports, horse races, Indian races
and automobile races. It li proposed
to raise |7H lor priise.
N. Hanson's hotel al Wasa was the
scene uf a great gathering of auto-
mobilisis and newspaper mon "ii
Thursday evening last, It So happened]4
that on Thursday afternoon, just
prior to the Cranbrook District Automobile association setting out for
Wasa to hold their annual general
meeting, a number of newspapermen
arrived in town to confer with President Deane of the Alberta and F-as-
torn Hrilish Columbia Press association, Mr. W. A. Buchanan, M.P.,
past-president and editor of the
Lethbridge Herald, being among the
number. He was invited by Mr. V.
Hyde Baker, president of tho Automobile association to join the outing.
Explanations followed as to the reason of liis visit to the city, wilh the
result that arrangements were
promptly made to lake Ihe whole
parly ol newspapermen out.
Some fifty persons, all told, enjoyed the trip out to Wasa, where
tliey were most hospitably entertained by Mine Host N. Hanson and bis
obliging    staff of    assistants.   Alter
+ + + + * + •!• -I- + •!• + + *
•!•            DISTRICT Al TO
.].             ASSOCIATION.
•J.     Hon. Prcs.—N. Hanson.
.j.     President — V. Uule Uakor.
.J.     Vice - PreaMcnt — Dr. .1. II.
+  King.
4.     SiT.-Tmis. — Vi. II. Wilson.
+     Directors — Dr. F. ff. Oreen
•J.  A. 11. Fenwick  and Geo. llofr-
+  sarlh.
•1- + * + + +*..]• * •!• * + *
untiring efforts during the past year,
were passed amid applause, and the
meeting adjourned to meet again at
the call of the chair.
ilu* best cl everything in ibe eating
mnl drinking line. "Hanson's hospitality" is proverbial throughout East
Kootenay, and his guests last Thursday and Friday certainly experienced
it to Lhe fullest extent.
Georgo Hogiiuih's adventures with
the Persian cats would make an excellent story, but lack ot space prevents adequate attention being paid
thereto. So also would Kditor Foster's adventures in to the realms of
politics, but that, after all, is a
story not entirely in place at this
time. Kditor Jennings will have a
good story to tell bis Edmonton
friends of thc intricacies of access
and egress to the Wasa hotel annex.
Many other Interesting and insi native incidents mlghl le made subjc
matter for good copy, but discretion
in grinding out copy is at times d>
The seventh annual n port of
Provincial    Game and Fort?; Warden
A. Bryan    Williams, is to ban I, and
very interesting an I Instruo-
(Special  correspondence)
Elko,     April 17-—W.    G. Barclay,
manager ol thu    Crows Nest Trading
company; Mr. Macdonald, manager ot
tlio Home    Bank,    Fernie; T. T. McVittie, P.L.S., Fort Steele; R. Hors-
fitll, electrical   engineer, Colne,   England,      came    down   in automobiles' live reading. Unlike man)
from    Fernie a few days ago      and leagues m the  provincial .
picked up the   writer and went down'employ,   Mr. Bryan Williams .;    ara
lo Roosvllle.   At Fruitlands WB   met to make   it lu- busin ,.
Mr. M. Phillipps and received the lol- fairly    thorough '.  I        ol   the
lowing Information. I whole  province aad
"My attention has been called to  a public with reliable and ■■■ *
tetter that appeared in the "Cranbrook Prospector" a low weeks ago,
written by Mr. Asbworth, about the
few small   orchards in tlio FruHlands
Information i> lot ive
hand. In the course of his l
provincial game warden says:
'For the pasl s*.\ years and a
I  i .
subdivision ol South East Kootenay. I game  has been     pro! el d
Those who know Mr   Asbworth must province. It is true the
regret    that he   made   a misleadiog.ou a very small scale, hardlj worthy
Blatomcnt    aboul a   section oi    the    ■ thc  anim ..■ proU ial all   but
country he has never men. rove
"Perhaps a   fen    words about the ment ovei   former yea wl         men
applo orchards ol    Fruitlands     may I openly broke    the was
mil   be OUl id place.                                   j H I lom .,.;■■ to
"Let me stole at once th.it I     lay prtsecuu      Sin* ai bos
Mr.    N. Hanson owns several bund
Whilst the auto owners were in ses-.f'd acres of land around Wasa      ami
sion, thc oflicers   tf the Alberta   and  tron,   what one was aide to see of It,
Kastern B.C.   Press association tore-] would Indicate lhal  Mr, Hniiso.
gathered   in   another room.    Among goml judge of land,
ample justice had been done au excel-j those present were:   W. A. Buchanan.!    To those    Interested in nrinln
lent dinner, tin-    motorists adjourned M.P., past   president,    editor of llu
tbe Lelbbrldge Herald; F. .1. Deane, pro
and sideut,   Cranbrook     Herald;   M.    H.
to a room specially provided for
occasion to hold their meeting
the newspapermen followed suit.
The outomobllists assembled to
number of forty, with President
Hyde Baker iu the chair. •
some routine business had beci
I Jennings,     editor of    the   Edmonton
thei.Journal; W. Cl. Foster, editor ot  the
V.  Nelson News; Frank Day, of Edinon-
Aftcrj ton, a member of
dis-, committee, and \V
cabinet iu the Wasa hotel, offers special attractions. Tliere aro exhibited
some choice specimens of mineral
bearing rock, gathered from claims on
Tracy and WoW creeks, some few
miles from Wasa. With tlw complo*
the local publicity! Hon ot the Kootenay Central railway
F. BoberU of the  ■' '-■ reasonable to assume Hi.it active
j Nelson publicity committee.
|   Tbe object of   the meeting was
pi setl of, a resolution Instructing  the
eretury (Mr, \V. H. Wilson) to communicate with the superintendent of i t]i.vUUt ,,,,„,, ,,|(l (iates for i]w aMmi\
roads, wiih a view to having copies HUmmet gathering of the Press As-|
of the "Hides id lhe Hoad" posted up
in several conspicuous positions, was
unanimously adopted, as also a lur
ther suggestion that for public advantage the press be requested to
give publicity to these rules.
On motion of A. B, Fenwick (Fort
Steele] ami Dr. J, H. King was
resolved that a permanent road
committee ol four tic appointed.
The president appointed Messrs
Fenwick,   Hoggarth, Hanson ami Wil-
m, to    act upon this committee.
Upon the recommendation of Mr.
Fenwick a committee was appointed
to confer with the Cranbrook iioard
of trade, re arrangements for a motor trip to the Pry Farming Congress
at Lethbridge in October.
Messrs, A. c. Bowness and E. II.
Small were appointed to look after
this item. It was further decil-d
that non-own.!, ol oars may become
members of the association on payment of a fee of $t.
At the suggestion of J. P. Fink
and tf. Lafdlaw, a legislative oom-
mittee of three wns appointed, for
Ibe purpose of conferring with the
provincial governmenl with a view
effecting an arrangement whereby
holders ol B.C. automobile licenses
may secure   free access Into Alberta.
This commit lee will I*- composed as
follows: Messrs. Fink, Bowness aud
\i   Doyle.
of Iheso   claims, notably
will In* started on several
the *T.iun7'
Swan,"   "Huh" and    "Candy    Nn
."    There is every reason to antlcl-
■■ ,.■»,.,..„ t„ h- h.'hl ibis venr at'',al1, t,iat m,n,n« activi'>' wI» * '"l>
Nelson. The dates deci'dM upon nrova,eftt in this strtlon in the mar
were .July 20th and 27th. |fUlUro ami   Jll(1<*inK b>* the SHm-,l"N "'
To Mr.'Foster, of the Nelson News,'0™ "» vi,'w at Wasa' t,,at l»t*w««l
in conjunction with the officers of the ,,tUo 8Dot wi" crfl ,0n? £ *» m,U'1
Nelson publicity bureau, will fall thei0' ■ lar«c ,nini"« l»'l,,lIall*>"-
task of completing the programme of    Tfle   Kootenay     Central
entertainment nf the sixty or more
Albertan and British Columbian editors, who will foregather on that occasion. The president ami the secretary, Mr. D. Elton, of Lethbridge.
will he in charge ot the programme
of papers to Ih* read and discussed on
that occasion.
As roughly oullinetl, the programme
Will include a day or two at the
C.P.lt. Balfour hotel, trips on the
lake and a visit to the Trail refinery.
This will be one of the most notable
gatherings of western newspaper publishers and will bi largely of a sightseeing and holiday making character.
The   object is   to afford   the Alberta' Buchanan, M.P., said lie was
The Kootenay Central mean
great deal to Wasa, antl should materially assist in placing our mutual
friend, N. Hanson, in tho millionaire
class. Construction work on tbe K.C
It. is underway, about a quarter of a
mile from thc Wasa hotel. A big gang
of men, with teams, are busily at
work track-laying, and as the ground
is easy to handle, rapid progress is
being made. A townsite has been
laid out and in due course city lot-,
in Wasa will he selling at boom
The   visiting    newspapermen   were
more than   delighted with Uu*    auto
run to and    from  Cranbrook.  W. A
so   de-
newspapermen nn opportunity of ste-l lighted with Wasa and its surrounding up a few of the possibilities and tag* ,hat •*«-' Would endeavor to re-
some of the resources of the Koote- ■""• ,ht'rp wilh his family in the
nays. It is hoped to be able to ar-" »"al' future and spend a few days re-
range for some of the gathering to cuperatlng from his parllamentarj
return by way of Windermere. In this',l|,,'l's*
endeavor   the   co-operation   of    the     M.jR.   -Jennings,   editor,of tbc Ed-
Cranbrook Auto association will    be'monlon Journal, thinks that Wasa  Is
one of the   most delightful spots    he
lias yet struck    in a long and varied
sought for.
newspaper career. He Intends rctun*-
Neither the automoblllsts nor     the '"* »>' mtUiT *** a"11 »^»<  •■■"■■-
Other business   transacted was   the n(.u.spa|lrriIira devoted all their  time>Vcral «ood    wlow>  from tbo    far
appointment ol ., c.mmttee to select   ,0 ]m,n^ Tha,     WftS ^^M    u>orth-
1 ",,,ls W>d omb,om' wWch wiU promptly and with despatch, but     In!    Krank Day, an enthusiastic Ed-uon-
bo performed    bj tbe   secretary and (Im, vtmh(t 0ppf,rt,mjl>. wus S(.i/ftl ito ton automoblllst and an acllvo factor
Mr. R Small. Mv    s0,m.thinc (l[   ,(',,,    surrounding In    all  publicity  matters, Intimated
\. Mott.    \. Fenwick and ll. Mc- |hstriH   nn(1 {Q    ,.nHiV (|(C tse0fttota that be    would endeavor to organise
Kowan were    ap rated a committee impHalltf   ol   Mine   Host Hanson.!*  ■Pecial    Edmonton   builnessmm's
to prepare  rules and bylaws for  thelWnsa   ,s   ton Wl.u   kn^ t0 mMfc,e«mnicn to Wm during the coming
ctllb' I readers ol the Herald to call for any summer.    He, too, has travelled    far
The election of    oflicers for tba en*j description in these columns, none the  and    wide, and had ItoVci struck     a
sunn; yeai  was     quickly and happily less, as it   was ye editor's lirst \|sit, more charmim, i
disponed of, in the re-election ol   Um some mention must bo made ol  tWs
presenl officers,   With the addition otl beauty spot, quite one of the loveliest
Dr   .1. II. King as viee-presideiil.        pleasure nsorls he has had the piivi-
Detoro adjourning Mem, Fenwick lege of visiting in tins province!
and the si-cietarv were appointed a Beautifully situated, in the mldsl of
lommlttee t.i canvass every nutolwidrapread, level land, the Wasa
iwncr in the district t< join the as- hotel. n most attractive and excel*]
soclation. Ilcntly   appointed
Votes <tf thanks   io N. Hanson andlcomfortable quart
w.  f. Roberts
-ou's publicity
•t reat.
,   than man of     V'-
bunau.    will     iron.
iiiiieefi.ith   be numbered among   the
simi-rcst boosters ot ffaaa and Cranbrook distiict m general. Tlw moioi
drive out lo Wasa, by way of Ft rt
Steele, simply delighted him and be
hostelry, afiorU returned borne entbustentlc our tbe
where one      i* scttiic charms of this section of Bant
the president ami secretary, for Iheir1 always sure ol a hearty welcome and Kootenay.
The Cranbrook Auto club's contention that the nutolsts of British Co-
lutnb.n should not he taxed in Alberta, provided he is carrying a B.C.
license, seems reasonable, ft is not
fair that a visitor from the neighboring province shoutd bo forced to take
out an nulo license in Alberta when
he is merely making a trip of a few-
days or a week to some point in Alberta. K is true b.' has the use of
our roadl, which the government
maintains, but the Alberta aiiloist
can use the roadl in British Columbia without uin/, compelled to take
out a license there. All that lie requires is Us Alberta license In order
to be recognised.
Let there Ik* reciprocity In this
matter between Alberta ami British
Columbia. Take down the tariff on
autos between the Iwo provinces, Il
will encourage n better feeling between the autolsts of the two provinces nnd it will not do Uk* least bit
of harm to Alberta, its treasury or
its roads In allow It C. aiilols-ls the
privileges Alberta nOtolsts are allowed in British Columbia— Lethbridge Herald.
lu committee meoUng it was decided to bavo only a business meeting ofi
Ihe above at **.   p.m. t<  " p.m. sharp,
next Tuesday evening, 2.ini inst.
From n p.m. to 2.3n a.m. the
Cricket club will hold a social und
dance. Tickets $1.00, to be obtain,tl
Itirtii tbe secretary, K. Sainsbuiy.
im claim
grower of
Mr   DaMd
ay, that honor Is to can truthfullj bt
h. an old ami      re-1 substantial ba
Bpeclcd   minei ol    ttibi Horse Creek, j ft r future years n
I am, however, I think, iln* first   to     "During these ('eat
lay out    commercial orchards and al- in ihe  province ha an
though the orchards «»r Fruitlands are, enormous extent, and so, to has thc
i hly from four to ten acres m extent, number of men, and ei*en women, who
with the exception of tbe one belong-!are to be seen during the   year with
■ither rod,  gun, or rifle, and It      is
I very evident that the British love   ol
eighties    of sport is as strong lure as n. any part
purchased a of tbe empire. That Ibis is so i^     a
trees   and'matter ol   congratulaHon, as there i*.
-•tark Broth-'nothing like betd-sports for producing
Ing in Mr. George Scott, which is of
lai    i extent,
' M  was in    ibe early
the   ■ * ■ otnrj  that I
lai e iiuantltj     ol apple
sn     ' hi rry   trees (ram !
ers. through their a**.»'itt, Mr. R. E.|o healthy, hardy ran. and a thor-
Leonard ougfa knowledge of lb
"Mr. Leonard himself, and a   oum-joinong the men ol   r might
her of others planted orchards at the some day  be of gi the
same   time,    In   1895, raj   orchards & ience ol Uie empire,
were in heavy and   profitable hiring
and 1 was able to supply one of     th)
Oreal Northern contractors for     his'   "It  is a    matter ■ ■:   great       rel
large   crew.      Profits, too, were lnr-i teat during    the  post
gpi then, and I remember we filled up should    have been      I i    ol
train  sacks,    with   tlw   apples,   no' shooting   accidents,     . ot them
bother or expense about'bom-*, i still(fatal ones too.     H  ■ i i r.table
grow apples and fruit and my proud- this may be, tbc laet remains tbat
est boast today i-, that I baveI there are fatal accidents in oB outstayed with the game, not tbat'duor sports to a greater or smaller
growing fruft fn Fruitlands i* a ^degree, and if an estimate could be
Ramble, but with work and care, a'Obtained of the nuraber of men who
profitable business. But this is Old lose firearms, and of tbe number of
history. If is of the Fruitlands of days each man gc*s out, tbe percent-
today ihat I write. age of accidents would not seem     so
•Fruitlands   is absolutely sheltered  great after all—at any rate, nol com-
from the cold winds from the north
and east by the Rocky Mountain foothills, open     to tht- sun   and warmth
from the south and west. It is  more Hun
favorably situated    than Fort Steele I bit ion
pared with Uni in 1
How t.i devise a ranedj foi       pi
vention of accidents is a hard    ques-
In some of   th-
of  shoo'.ing    does, It .     aid,
r Windermere, the only other points! maku men look   more corefuBj before
thai can at all compare with it    for
fruit growing.
"Tne best crop ol apples during the
past season was grown by Mr II. W.
Met iui re.
t late ason is always a good
fruit year, and thc swatting apple
buds show that we shall all have a
greal crop   this year.   With hundreds
firing. Wearing red coal ..   a
help m some places, but in i a
climate    as this,    where wet    days
would change the ooloi to a
hue, it would be more .. li
crease    than     fi.*. 'i.i! *• -
Many other    suggest! ns have
mad'* which    might
sen   the   danger, but .
towns and cities sprinttir.g up  said and   don*", the on
along tbe new railway lines in Al-
berta, the market will bt* a Rood one.
"I would ask Mr. Asbworth to
visM us an<l then write of our orchards, either during the beauty of
tbo blossom, or better, in September,
when tli** ripening fruit gives a glory
nf color tn the orchards of th.- Fruitlands division of Easl Kootenay."
A meeting ol loeal baseball enthusiasts is called for Friday evening
next at H o'clock, in the Y.M.CA.
rooms, to organise » city baseball
leagu Everyone Intonated in ont-
!....[ -poiis is Invited to attend this
as n is Intended to tak«* up
the QOestfofl of grounds, nnd it it
hoped, with tbe co-operation of all ink-rested, tn mail satisfactory .u-
rongemente f"i securing readily ae-
idble and conveulcnl grounds,
Miss Clara Barton, founder ol the.
American Red Cross ami piobably the
iiust widely taown American woman'
of in*r day, died last Friday morning
al tl o'clock iii her home, Red Cross,'
in Glen Echo, Maryland.
Sim was ninety years old. Miss
Barton suffered an attack of pneumonia in February, lill, had a ra*
lapse, and the case became chronic
At the Y.M.CA, bowling tourna
imnt last week the five men team
was won by Thompson, Teet. Brown,
Porter antl Turnley with 83S4, an
the second by H. E. and W. E, Step-
bens, J. Turnhy. Milne and D. P\o
with 8818 pins. For th'- married men,
J. S. Teet won first with M0 nnd 11.
E, Stephens was lust willi B93; Teet.
Htood, r,H7; Milne, third. S58. For
the hijrh single, W. B. Stephens,
first, M8; Milne, second, 21ft; II. E,
Stephens, third, 211.
ii'*s In a proper ichooling In tbe use
ami care ol dream -.th up.
If a boy is given  such a
becomes second nature to I car
ry a gun properly, and to lool     an -
fully before  he   shoot
over,    his eariy   traiDin'-, does away
with that excitability and en        desire  to   kill BOmctfaia
what it is, which Es so I
cause of an accident
"Tbe    um of     I ito
was prohibited tW .
filiation was f...
great    many  "
complained agali I
beeng    -t. ■ .-
piiln|Hf-ti*ji   U
a good di si m
the bands of    eX|
hands of the tyio do S
not in a«*t'ial killi:.
and   scaring birds,    espo
fowl.     There are,  bt
of good sportsm*... : i with
discretion, and prefer that stylo ol
•fun to any other, If they were
limited to two shots there would be
no harm in their use, bul they would
ban to have ill i mags i ut down
so that they could n"t be alter I to
hold more. 'I!, would bt a simple
and Inexpensive thing to dn. and is
piobably the best solution ol the
\, i:. Sutherland, organizer for the
Ordel of Moose, hns rented a cottage
fiom I. P. Sullivan on Cranbrook
Receipts  for the year v.,
Licenses  17,777.00
jsale of beavei pelb      141.99
Refund on engine i'1- '-,l
Pines under "Come   w '     l.iso.so
Tttal  19,948,99
(CooUnued on pate ei|Jitj THE   UBAJNBKOOK   HEBALD
********************** 4444******************
Place   thorn   in   Ui a llgtit
aft1,   and   allow    only   oni
Commercial Potato Culture
French,     U.S.A.
The potato   crop    as a commcrcia .*slJ1{lllt-
nsset is  skadily   Increasing in value/'1"1 ljt
in Hritish   Columbia. t'p to a     ' '   v
years agp, the product-ion    did
form on each tuber.     Thi
llowed to grow as long    a
nclies,     Cut off the lower    cn<
equal the home demand, imports
coming from Ontario and thc Unite
States. The general quality an
character of our product have long
been recognised, and the recent victory which the British Columbia tat
load attained in the New York National Irrigation Exposition over -1"
t\-si\ other    competitors frnm
of the potato when planting, and
■careful not to break the sprout.
Preparation   ol    tho     Soil.—Fall
plowing    is advisable lot early potatoes because     you    can get, on     Uio
f ground    earlier iu the    spring,   For
main crop potatoes, spring plowing is
I probably just as pood as fall plowing
.   I except   in case ol heavy soils. Potato
,, ■ ground should bo well prepared i>cfore
planting.      Tin* plowln]        *
parts of the   I nited States and ( an-. , ... .
.... .,.. ... bainvaiil manure or clover wil    0
ada has   [urn shod   striWng eontinua-, ..     •   ..   ,     , ,    .    .  ,    .        ,
... tic soil, furnish plant food, ant     ra
tion of Us superiority. ' . ... ,
crease tho water-holding capacity of
Tbo Helta and bottom-lands of th \m sni] lf nm))im. is . 0|) (|) thfl
Lower Mainland produce very hug 8pring) M s,|01|1(| |)fl Wfill n)Uw, ,m(t
yields ol main crop potatoes, which thoroughly mlXH, wUh Uu, soU.
are consumed principally in tbo Mamm. sh(ll|I(, n„t )i(, t |ft ^ (Ums
:....!  ..     '.  : :.tii.,-! . The AshcroIt;wiUl |h(. K% ^^ m(murc ^ ^
has been prepared and   bow carefully
Hie sets have   been planted, lhe crop
will be much  reduced il the soil      Is
allowed lo become hard, lhe weeds to
grow,   and    the.  moisture lost whicli)
could  be saved.    ■Cultivation   should
begin soon   after planting.  The com-j
mon drag harrow, or   a weixlor,    caul
he nm over the ground three or four
times, or  until the potato plants ate
three or four inches high.   From then
on, most of Uw cultivation is    done
with, lhe single horse  cultivator. The'
first time tlw cultivator is used    tho
ground should    be    cultivated  fairly j
deep and as near the plants as    pos-,
slbfo without   injuring them, to loosen the soil for the tubers.   Later cultivations should  be shallow to    prevent injury to the   roots and tubers.
The soil should Ik* cultivated     every
wee!, or ten days, depending on     the
weather.   If   the soil   becomes baked,
evaporation   takes    place rapidly. It
potato has long been justly famed lot
its peculiarly high "quality, and other
Thompson Rivet Valley points, with
Asbctolt, are steadily increasing their
output, Around Armstrong the pro
duclion <d early potatoes on the uplands has been made an especia
study, while the river-lands produc
very largo late crops. The early varieties produce two to lour tons per
acre, marketed at from- %'M to $40
per ton; late ones running eight t
eleu-n toll
per Ion.
ly In tl
tolo  cl
acre, at $ir> to $22
I Vernon, ami espeeial-
Coldstream Valley, tlte po-
will average    about clgll
tons under irrigation, ol high Quality.
In the   Kelowna    dislrict both early
ami lute potatoes are grown, the lal
ter producing about eight tons,
selling prices above quoted. In
(irand Forks districl, a large c
business is also   developing, pc
yielding seven to    nine tons under
rlgatlon, and    four to five under dry-
farming methods. j
The potaio     mallet   is one subject
to   peculiar and    unforeseen ftuctua-|
tlons,     Predictions as  to crops   ami
prices an- more difficult to make    iu
potatoes than any   other of the main
or   staple    food    crops.    Generally
speaking, tho   price received per acre
leaves   a good margin over the    cost
of production, hut ibis is fcruo  moro
as an average ot      years   than   as    j
certainty every year.
Certain factors are peculiarly essential to success with potatoes as a
main crop. The grower must stay
with tbc game, year in and year out,
so as lo make kgood on tho average.
It is essential to secure varieties
suitable to thc district, and to the
market, and to have a good strain ot
Seed of that variety. The grower
must keep down the cost of production by tbe use of machinery, and by
intelligent management. The districl
must gol into the carload-shipping
class, and he a factor iu the market
every year.
As a side issue, the potato is one
of the most profitable inter-crops in
the orchard, and for production in
small areas by men engaged in fruit
growing, poultry raising, and ia
general farming. Cnder there conditions, financial bucccss is dependent
on well selected seed of the most
desirable variety, combined witb
careful and thorough preparation of
the soil.
Soil.—Potatoes can bc grown in
tact with the tubers induces scab.
The soil should bo plowed deep and
thoroughly harrowed until well pul-
eri'/ed and loosened, t'nlikc some
crops which succeed best when the
soil is moderately firm when really
for seeding, the potato succeeds best
in soil which is loose.
Planting.—Tho time of planting,   of
course, varies with different district!
For very    early production the pot
1 toes should be planted as soon ns the
ground can be thoroughly   worked
the    spring.    If there is danger    of
frost when lhe sprouts are just above
tbo ground, tliey   can be protected by
plowing   a     little   earth     on   top ol
Main    crop     potatoes   arc usually
,.'  'planted during tho month of -May.
ai load 1    '"   ordinary practice, i! is custom-
tfttoo |;uv to plant potatoes so as to admit
j,-. 'of cultivation    in one direction only
[the rows being spaced   from 30 to 3(i
I inches.  The    sets ale  dropped about
j 12 inches apart in the rows. Ordinar-
j iiy, potatoes   are  planted practically
on   thu   level,    without throwing up
1 ridges. For   early     production,     the
seta should lw planted about 2 inches
deep, and for the    main crop    about
3 or I inches deep,    ll early potatoes
are planted   deep, many ot them will
not sprout,    because   thc ground    Is
colli.     Planting   potatoes by hand on
the   large    scale is rather expensive,
and   it   will    pay   the  large potato
grower to buy a potato planter.
Fert ilizers.—Barnyard manure and
, clover are the cheapest fertilizers for
potatoes. It is not advisable to manure heavily the year lhe potatoes are
grown, but rather to put a heavy
dressing on the year before. Potatoes
take from the soil about twice as
much potash as wheat, hut a light
dressing of manure will supply this.
'I'he cheapest way to supply the nitrogen is to grow clover and plow it
Under. If barnyard manure Is not
available, commercial fertilizers ure
often used. If potash is required, it
should Ih- put ou iu the form of the
sulphate ,,f potash. The muriate of
potash tends to form a waxy potato.
If nitrate of soda is used, it should
he put on in small dressings throughout tht- growing season. Commercial
fertilizers, if applied, ehould he distributed along the row aud mixed
with the soil. It should not be placed
in contact with the tubers.
Variety to Grow — Thc market re-
    quins a smooth,   shallow-eyed potato
variety of soils it given proper lot fair size. For the main crop,
treatment, but good drainage is es- white potato usually sells better than
sential. to a good crop. The ideal a red. Before choosing a variety to
soil for potatoes appears to bo a rich,! grow, go around and visit your neigh-
deep, driable, warm sandy loam, Weill bors, and find out whicli variety is
supplied   with   decayed    or decaying| doing   the best in your particular lo-
vegetable matter. The kind of soil
to some extent a (Teet s the quality ol
tbe tubers. Thoso grown on sandy
wiil are generally of better table
guallty than those grown on clay
soils. Now soil is most desiralde,
'and in it the tubers are generally
healthy. Potatoes require a law
amount ot moisture, thus a soil
which has the power of holding a
large amount uf moisture will give
the best results. Such a soil
ually contains plenty of humus. For
early potatoes a light, rich, sandy
loam with a south or southeast slope
will give tho best results. A warm
soil is essential for early production.
Seed.—For tbo production of early
potatoes, it is a common practice to
plant tubers of early varieties which
have been grown for several seasons
farther north. This northern grown
seed seems to give better results for
early potatoes. It is a good plan to
select vour seed potatoes from plants
with good tubers and a large quantity nf them. Medium sized whole
potatoes often give best results for
early production. For general planting, the most economical sets arc
those cut from medium-sized potatoes, anil each set should havo a
large amount of llesh and two or
three eyes. The sets should not lw cut
long before planting, and it is generally advisable to have a change ol
seed every three or four years. To
obtain the hesl returns, it is very
Important to select good seed nntl to
know where ihat seed has been raised.
For extra early production sprout**
Ing potatoes    is sometimes practised.
cal Ity. Very few growers in British
Columbia have gone in for extra ear
ly production, and in the interior ol
the province no good test has been
made with early or late varieties to
determine which are doing the best.
Thus it is impossible for us to recommend varieties for different districts.
Some ot the principal varieties
grown at present nre:
In the interior—Vick's Extra Fairly, Early Fortune, Early Hose, Early Ohio, (lold Coin, Money Maker,
Mortgage Lifter, Million Dollar, Bur-
bank. Empire state, Carmen No. 1,,
White Wonder.
On the coast—Sutton's Reliance,
Empire state, American Wonder,
Rural N'ew York, for main crop. Extra Early Moonlight, Early Puritan,
Early King, for early.
(in Vancouver Island. Raleigh is
principally grown.
Irrigation. Where irrigation Is practised, the water should only be applied when the condition of the plants
Indicates that they are in need ot
wafer, ns by thc darkening of the
foliage. Care should lie taken not
to wait until the ground is too dry,
because one can seldom cover tlte
whole field in one day.
Potatoes planted the first of May
seldom need water supplied before
the end of .tune or the lieginning of
July. Bo not  water attec thc middle
ot August so as to ifve plenty ot
time for ripening in dry earth. Cultivate ns soon ns possible after each
irrigation, (ireat care In supplying Irrigation water   is necessary for   best
ild be stirred   alter each rain.   If
laud is weedy, the more frequent
cultivation the  less  work with
hoe lo keep the area clean. From
to six cultivations, or oven more
none too many, and it is usually
found that the  crop Increases in proportion to tlte number of cultivations.
The last, two or three cultivations the
earth should In* thrown towards   the
plants if the    potatoes  arc near the
surface.     The   weeds that are      not
killed    by       the   horse    cultivator
should    lie hoed out or  pulled       by
baud. Hilling potatoes in dry sections
is a mistake of much too common occurrence.
Harvesting. Potatoes may he dug
with thc four-tined potato fork
plowed out, or dug wilh the potato
dig||T. The former method is used
when lhe area is small or the ground
stony, and also in case of digging
potatoes early, when care should he
taken in handling, not to bruise the'
tubers mole than necessary. Where
there are large areas to be dug, Uie
potato digger is essential, as digging
wilb lhe fork is too expensive, now
thai good men arc difficult to get and
wages arc high. There are a number
of good potato diggers on the market.
Potatoes, unless affected with Late
Blight, or Rot, are. ready to he dug
as soon as the tops have died, if the
weather is favorable. They should be
dug in dry weather, so that when
laken lo tho cellar or store-room
the) will bo perfectly dry. If thc potatoes are affected with Late Blight,
it is advisable to leave them in the
ground as long as possible, because
the diseased tubers will usually show
slffis of rot before they have to be
taken np on account of frost. Potatoes in wet land should be dug before
those in dry or wel l-tl rained soil, he-
cause there is a greater tendency to
Marketing. Potatoes which have
been dug iu an immature state should?
be marketed immediately and placed.
upon the market in such quantities
only as will admit of immediate consumption. The mature potatoes may
he shipped in the fall or held over until spring. Growers should lw very
part Icular about grading their potatoes before marketing them. All the
small potatoes should be picked out
and fed to the stoek. ,
Storing. Potatoes are twst stored
in a Cool, well-ventilated cellar or
root-house which is perfectly dark.
Too much stress cannot lw put on
good ventilation, lf there Is not a
good system of ventilation in thc
cellar, slats can he nailed a little
apart about five or six Inches Irom
the wall. A temporary floor with
cracks between the hoards can bc put
about six inches before the permanent
floor. This allows the air to circulate around nnd through tho pile. If
the pile is very large, slatted ventilators enn he placed here and there
from top to bottom.
Potatoes slu uld be kept at as low a
temperature as possible without
freezing, ami at the same time keep
the surrounding air as dry as possible. They should be mature when
harvested, ns skin-slip potatoes do
not keep well.
In some sections ot British Columbia potatoes are often pitted. This is
mt re often done In the drier parts of
the province. The pit should bo made
from six to eight teet wide, about
eight inches deep, and as long as
needed, The potatoes are then placed
in the pit about four feel deep and
covered with enough straw to keep
the earth from coming thrntq-Ji, and
then about one foot ol earth is placed
on top of this. Do not cover thc lop
immediately. Leave n strip along the
top for a week or two for venUlntioii.
If tbere is danger of rain, this can
lw covered with sacking. Wben this
strip is covered leave a small hole
for ventilation every eight or ten
feet. In the winter time, if there Is
danger of very cold weather, the pit
can be covered with some strawy
The value tf potatoes for seed or
for eating is greatly lessened it they
are allowed to sprout.
Diseases. The principal diseases of
the potato arc the Early and Late
Wight, Rot, and Potato Scab. The
two former   may be controlled      by
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One of the best sketches which Norman S. Hankin, the lislus \ouni
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For lliis   purpose medium-si ml potn-' results both for market potatoes nml
tot*!i aro laken,  greened, and    placed f"r iced stock.
in Hals in a cellar  with temperature I   Cultivation antl Weeding.    Tlio sur*
spraying with Bordeaux Mixture
throughout tho growing season. Gen*
orally three or lour sprayings arc
siilTlcient. The spores ot Potato
Seali may bo destroyed on ihc potato
belore plnnting by soaking the tubers
in:    Formalin, I pound in 30 gallons'
Hon. Hoht. Rogers, minister ot the
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bis neighbors, encourage business ot
nil kinds, assist in the Improvement
ot his town by making it attractive
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I of
of -in degrees to -lit degrees F. Tubers'coas    of  the   potato   crop depends! m wa*cr' oc
not quite matured nro best.   In    tht!  largely upon Ibe    kind of cultivation, 1 ounce in 7 gallons water, for
Hprinjr set Ibe potatoes, eye end up, in  given. No matter    how well the laud hours.
in corrosive sublimate,'
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A Personal
To Cranbrook Citizens on
Anchoring Against Adversity
Did you ever stop to consider the vast opportunities that
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Do you know that your climatic conditions are atlractinj.;
capital for the purpose of exploiting your garden truck and
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Have you ever realized that the good lands surrounding
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or later the chilling wind ot ADVERSITY and hard times
stares them in the face. Help is being laid off at the factory, tlie
mills reduce their forces, mines shut down or pinch out. the
office force is cut down, and salaries are lowered to reduce
expenses. Sometimes sickness comes to the head ot the household, and he who is usually so vigorous and jovial is pinned
down for weeks to a bed of pain and his family for the first time
feel keenly the gaunt fingers of want clutching them. These are
instances of the afflictions of adversity and the moral that adorns
The best way I know of to anchor against the storms of
FINANCIAL ADVERSITY is to save for a home that will
produce an income and which will at the same time alTord a
safe and pleasant shelter for your family. After all, it is not until
a man owns the ground he stands upon and looks from his doorstep to the shadowed plumage of his Iruit trees and plunges a
spade in the ground, that he knows the true meaning of a
The best place I know of to get such a home is in thc
where Ihey can grow money-making crops that surprise thc
KOOTENAY ORCHARDS is one of thc best fruil land
tracts in Ihe CRANBROOK DISTRICT and is well located.
The prices I am asking for KOOTENAY ORCHARDS
arc at present within the reach ot every person desiring a home
amid pleasant surroundings, and terms arc the same to everybody—Only $10.00 Cash and $10.00 per month, or 33 cents, per
day.    Interest 5 per cent.
Our contract provides that in case of sickness or your
inability lo make your payments through adverse circumstances,
same will bc suspended.
I believe lhal Cranbrook is destined to become Ihc garden
spot of tlie East Kootenay and the commercial centre of a vast
country whose fruil producing capabilities are just beginning lo
be realized
This properly is selling fast to the people of the prairies, and
if you desire a five acre home in KOOTENAY ORCHARDS
act to-day, as to-morrow may be too late.
Ask R. E. Beattie, of the Beattie-Murphy Company, what
he thinks of kootenay orchards.
Boost for Cranbrook, the home of the Big Red, Juicy Apple
Writu mo to send you my Booklot, " INDEPENDENCE
wliicli in no wuy places you unilor nny obligation to lmy.
403 McArthur Bid-*., WINNIPEG, or
The Home of the Big, Red, Juicy Apple
403 McArtlmr fitdg.,
Please neiid ino your Inoktei,
" Independence mt Fivo Acres,
■in tli* under*tanding 1 nm In no
way obligated tu lmy.
Namk .._  	
AtltlruDi — -
Hot Springs in the      f
Canadian Rockies   I
(.1. Laiming in Toronto Globe).
Away up anion*; deep passes ami
gorges rn the Canadian Rockies, close
hj a rustling mountain torrent, wjiose
loy waters take tholr Bourco trim the
perennial snowa nf Hit- Beam-fort
Range, o\ erlooklng Hit* < lolumbift*
Kootenay Valleys tliere existt^j, long
beforo tin* lust white man made liis
appearance ovei tin* summit or even
ventured in his [rail river boat neai
ihe source of the beautiful Columbia,
Uwi ni three 1 Julian Iiu 1 s, formed ol
poles and rudely interlaced with
branches and Hi war lod brush from the
neighboring finest. Those rude shelter*, mollified a little by continued
public usage, still remain and in.uk
the *vpoi from whence the Thermal
Springs of Sinclair have tlieir Bouree.
Tin* Sinclair Creek (Iowa Irom, 'be
watershed between the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys in a succession ol
swift rapids and cataracts through
canyons, extremely plctuccsq-ne, thc
waters growing more powerful and
noisy as they rush onward to swell
the flood of tlie (i|Uiot and unassuming
The junction of the heated waters
with the icy mountain torrent occurs
at j*, point about three miles from
tlie imnks of the main river, and in
addition to the few rude baths of
stones dug out by tbe Indians in earlier times is marked Iiy ,, thin veil
of mist hovering continually over the
junction point.
So closely united an- thc sources of
tlm spring waters witb those of tbo
creek bed that it is quite possible to
stand between the two streams antl
place a band In each—tht; healed
waters budding from the fissure at
l)(l or 7(1 degrees ('. forming a marked
contrast in temperature to the almost icy waters from the mountain
snows. The beauty of the surrounding view is enhanced by its very
Though the Indians ami while men
alike have used the springs for ages,
leaving records of tlieir friT-|icnt visitations in old camp sites, brush
huts, and pebble baths, tbi* waters are
free ami uncontrolled.
There are no luxurious hotels within a slime's Ihrow, no marble entrances to the various springs, no
linen-clad attendants or toll collectors, but everything wild and undo*
coratod as nature formed it. modified
onlv by time ami its eroding Influen-
lief of bis ancestors, resorts to the
baths as a specific for rheumatism
and other   diseases, antl enjoys    the
une privileges as the white man   in
es. The Indian, still living in tin* be*
this regard, tlie Hritish Columbia
government having very wisely reserved these springs and others of
similar occurrence in tbc region for
pubiie use.
Through summer and autumn, winter and spring, tbe waters issue autl
•low on. There is no diminution
tbrouirh the changing seasons, cither
in volume or temperature, evidencing
tbe geologist "s faith in the existence
of juvenile waters (waters -which
have never reached the surface) at
depths beneath the earth's crust.
Tin* process by which nature boils
water away down at immense depths
must imh-cd bo one of great Interest,
and we fain would pierce the resisting t-rust- to observe it. Such a measure, however conclusive, is by no
means practicable, and if we would
know anything of nature's sources ol
luat and fuel supply we must tie con-
lent to reason somewhat coiudusm-ty
from experiment and observation.
lu the hands ol lhe skilled petrog-
rapber, the microscope reveals the
existence ol minute nnd sometimes
numerous inclusions of water and
water vapor in even the most ancient
rocks forming the earth's crust, and
this fact, together with iho knowledge 1 hat all volcanoes throw oil
Immense volumes of steam, gives conclusive evidence that water forms a
constituent of no mean proportion of
the e-.irlh's interior composition.
Volcanoes, too. Brrangcd as they
are with marked uniformity along
certain known lines of weakness in
the outer crust, betray in a measure tbe true condition of earth's
most inner soul, ami we are forced to
Imagine as we Struggle along in our
iint-lilU' way over the surface that
everywhere beneath oui feel at some
approximately uniform deplb iln>, vulcanic fires of an earlier ago still
smoulder, but that it is only through
lissures, lines of special weakness and
volcanic vents, kept open by thc ever-
nscendiug molten stream of lava, tbat
this soul of fire nml molten mass ean
rcaeb our view.
Above this .smouldering mass
tarth's juvenile waters exist at a
temperature far nliovc the condition
of ebullition and follow a quite natural tendency to rise. In this state
they act ns powerful solvents, ami in
their efTorls to find a passage to the
surface attnek and even dissolve cei-
lam elements met with.in their path,
tbe action continuing till a fracture
or fissure is found, lo which they adjust themselves quite teadily and
continue their upward flow, cooling
and depositing contnintil sal's
each tall in lempeiaturr, retaining in
llm case of thermal iptlogl a great
heat even tu the auitotv.
Geologists also tell us that lu t
springs aro characteristic of volcanic
regions or those which have recently
been   bo.   Tbo    celebrated Mammoth
lb t Springs
others found
Italy, New
evidence this
,1 Yellowstone Park an
in   California, Mcxici
Zealand, Iceland, etc
facl, but there is   als
ample evidence obtainable thai e
where over the earth's BUrfaci
si uie ininicn.se depth in bet (
Umu heated  waters exist.
The deepest mines have none di
onh foui to live thousand'foot, and
pron at those shallot dt'inhs—shallow
indeed compared wiib Lho Immense
thickness which forms the earth's
shell—-waters, whenever found, havo
been Intensely heated. ;
When the St. Oothard Tunnell was
in Hie course of construction through
the Swiss Alps a point was reached
overtopped by a thickness of 7,0IU)
(cet of solid strata. At this point a
sorlcs of hut springs hurst in, necessitating an almost complete change
in the engineering plans. Thai theso
waters came not from tbe glaciers
and perpetual snows of the mountains
above was apparent. The source lay
in the youthful springs below. i
Though the one characteristic feature of hot springs is their continuous
and uniform flow, many, like ancient
volcanoes, have become extinct, particularly is tills apparent in thc
mountain region of the Columbia
River, U.C. Here and there among
the present springs aro numbers ol
old vents partly overgrown with wild
vegetation, while iu and around arc!
deep lulls of carbonate of lime—the] -
deposits from the springs of au earlier age. |
In this interesting district also
along tho valley of Toby Creek,'
wbieh joins the Columbia mar lliej
town of Atht'lmeir, there aie numbers of delicious soda springs, much)
resorted to by travellers and tourists
while eu route to the summit of the
Kvcn the tired pack horses ■laboring
along tbe trails to tin* lumbering and
mining camps are privileged to halt
at the springs and quench their thirst
from those natural soda fountains.
Have ;i very lim
assortment <>f
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All tr
offered for snle lire grown in onr own uurserii!
the Coldstream Estate
P. Di VERE HUNT, Loeal Agent, CRANBROOK, B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
li. ll.
WII.KIK, President.
ROBEKT JAFVKAV, Vlce.Pre»idenl
Acoonuta   of
Letters of Credit Issued available in anj part ol
., Corporations,   Munieipalitii
1'nrinerniiml Private Individuals invited,
Drafts and
thu worl I.
SAVINGS  DKPABTMBST     Speeial   attentio,
given  to Savings  Hank Accounts.     Dep .its    •  Hi  I   ,„
upwards received and interest allowed from dali
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
********* 4****4***4*******.
An Ottawa despatch nays: Confederation uf tbe British West Indies, antl
perhaps union with Canada, may b<>
of the results of the trade confer*
e whieli lias just been concluded a:
Ottawa. The delegates from the inlands, when nol engaged in talking
trail"' with Mon. Mr. Foster, gave a
gootl ileal of attention to the way
confederation war brought about, anil
the way it has worked in Canada,
Thev were mucb impressed with whal
they saw here, ami seriously discussed tin* possibility of promoting some
ruth arrangement among the Blttiab
dependencies in the West Indies.
One of the delegates remarked that
he believed there would be a politic
union similar to that in Canada, Aus-,
tralia and Scuth Africa brought
about in the West Indies within a-
few years and that union with Canada might follow. A centra! admmis-
tration would result in a good deal
of saving antl a West Indian political
Union would give the islands a political strength and importance far
greater than they have at the prc-
sent time in,their separated and die-.
u ii it etl state. i
For all practical purposes th Islands were united on this mission for,
the promotion of better trade with(
Canada and this is practically the
first time the islands have been BO.
united. I
It mlghl take some years to work
out a scheme of union to which all
or even a majority or the Islands
would agree, "Tliere an*," bo sald\
"n good mativ matters which would
have to ba settled. Including the location ol the act*) ol government, which
is always a     ili!.n-'lty in NOb ptMH
Tin'ie is the (fueiUon id uniform
teritb) of communication and id administration generally, as well as representation. Tin home authorities
would have to be consulted and
Would have to endorse any scheme
which might Ik- decided upon by tbe
people of Mm islands."
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Agricultural, Orazinu anil Timber Land's.
Insurance, Stocks and Bonds
Wholesale Dealers in Lumber
Corner Fenwick Avenue and
Baker Street.
****** 99*9******94**********
11. I.. 8TKPHBX8, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
"Illi* Hotel with "The Reputation'
You'll get your Money's Worth.
Inrorfiorattd  " — '•
Capital Paid L'p $6,250,000 Reserve $7*4gO,O00
Total Assets, $110.53^,512.19
li. B. HOtT, President     K. L. PKAflB, rien»ral Manage'
Accounts of Kirmi, Cor|(oratior,i>*nil Individuals! solicited.
itiii-nf town boslnesa rtcetres every attention.
HAVINGS DEPARTMBNT-Depoaltiof tl.00 and opwardi rece red
and Interest allowed at current rata.   No formality 01 •!«!»)* iti
A lieiif-rul Hank : .' ii i-.i,---- t niti-.ii *.■■■:.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL
Manager      J
Forty seres ol |00d laml, situated
half mite from IN-rto Rko Siding,
bordering on lake bounded on east by
Government road, one ami a ball
miles of the Town ol Moyie. Spring
of water on place flows alt >i-ai,
subsoil sand and gravel, $'»uo caafa 01
$18 iht acre, three payments,     it'-ti
Apply W. C, Ityiield, Movie, B.C.
Large   warehouse    nnd   gimind   It
stands on.
Apply »., Herald office. 12-tf
A  Good   Home j
is what is dear to every man,   A bomi 4
is where Peace, Comfort, Contentment *
niul Plenty ii found, That is tbo reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Granbrooa" Is mentioned think "f tbe
provisions Jos. Hnmlt hits made for un
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
Lost.—A   hutirli nl kins, ronulnlni;
limit    iiilir.'   i..\     Sn. 1113.   Klnilrr|
' iilco*.' trove at Ili'Likl iiIIIit.       ll-tl
The Cranbrook Plumbing,   |
Tinsmith & Heating Co.      X
V. II.  BOX 11)1
\\. f. rotUtSOH, PropriMoi
KliWAIIIi BT.    *
*********************** TUB  ORANBitOOK   HEBALD
Hy the Herald   l'liti..suing Company,
k. .1, Deano, Managing Editor.
til IMIIHIOK. II. C, April 18,1912
Joint nomination and election by
acclnmation would appear to he the
course ol wisdom in the mailer of the
h\e-i'lcetiuu in the Dominion constituency ot Kootenay, necessitated by
Mi. a. s. Goodevo's resignation to
accept an oiiiee of emolument. Ono
vital question alteols tbe Kootenay
district todaj more than any other,
the continued prosperity anil expan-
siit-ii ol the lumber industry. An op-
|K)rtunity now confronts, not only
tJio lumbermen of this district, hut
the electors generally, to take strong,
definite action in tin* direction of so*
iiiini!; a satisfactory solution of tills
problem. Surelj no one will he so
partj huh' hound as to even suggest,
the Idea oi sacrificing tins opportunity (oi .my purely partisan purpose.
Certain farts confront us, they
must lie grappled with wholc-*beartc*a*
ly and unanimously, and the people
of Koolenay ean make their wants
known and secure redress if they will
hut act as one man on this occasion,
al tins moment we iln not consider
il. advisable lo review thu whole lumber situation in the interior. Certain
iacts aie well known to every news-
pnpei i'.uiti ami it is with just Uioset
facts that an attempt should 1)0
made to deal on this occasion, Mr.
Ooodeve's resignation bas made ai
opening and ii \vill be little short of
disastrous if the electors ol Kootfno)
fall to seize upon it lo advance theli
own best interests.
Ono of     the besi Known
prominent    Consci vatives
Kooh nay, in iht,* course of fl
sion with Die lleiahl relative
presenl situation, made lhe ft.Mowing
suggestion, which wo very bcprtUy
concur in: Let there Ite a joint convention of Conservatives and Liberals
ii» sclecl a candidate, thoroughly capable of representing thc lumbermen's
ease, who shall he elected by acclamation, upon the distinct pledge that
until such time as he bus secured satisfactory adjustment of Uie lumbermen's legitimate grievances, tie will
maintain lus Independence, avoiding
attendance at either patty caucus, or
in any way Identifying himself with
either of tin- greal parties. In a word,
let Kootenay notify Ottawa tbat bt
people an* as one man iu this mattei
Itrielly, th.* foregoing outlines
situation ih.it tin* HiTahl fs prepared
to accept and justify. Tlie question of
the continued prosperity and expansion nf our lumber Industry is above
all pet11 patty considerations, lu
the evenl of this course being adopted, the Herald cares not whether tbe
nominee he a Conservative or u Liberal. It will only demand that the
choice -tl the convention fall upon a
man, who can be trusted implicitly
to stanti hy his guns, irrespective oi
any and all overtures that may be
made to him to sidetrack the fgstic, a
man thoroughly conversant with the
needs and jusi claims d thc industry capable id presenting the facts in
vigorous language before parliament
ami equally capable of holding his
own in a committee of ministers
Kast Kootena) can provide more
than one man of the typo specified.
Either Mr. (Mis Staples, ol WyclifK-.
or Mr. I'. Luml, ol Wardner, would
lill Ci,- lull admirably. Every elector
in the Kootenays knows lhal neither
Mr. Staples, nor Mr. Lund, could be
Induced to sacrifice the interests of
the lumber industry for the sake of
some personal advantage. We believe,
if the idea of » |oini convention he
carried out, that it will meet with
tin* wbolc-hcartod endorsement of ihi
Liberals ,d Kootenay, and Irom all
we ean gather, we believe, that the
ljest element in the Tory ranks will,
with equal heartiness, respond to the
of late a complete renovation.     Tha
visitors are very musical and revival*
ists of note.
Everybody    cordially Invited,     Do
not miss these sorviees.
Kretl'li  A. SI ride,
Itev, W, 13. Dunham, pastor.
Sunday   services: The pastor
preach at H a.m. and 7.3(1 p.m.
Morning   subject: "The Choice o
livening subject: "Tlio Loss of
rilanic."   A commentary    on the re-|Wl,t.|. - t.oll|,| „„, ,Mll on „ B|,,
Head How Useful 11 Proved in Theso
Widely Different Cmm.
/.um-Huk's strongest point is its
effectiveness in all kinds of skin diseases and injuries, .lust note how excellent these persons proved it In
widely different directions.
SOUK HEEL.—Mrs. C. A. Campbell, of l'owassan, (Int., writes: "One
of my heels was very badly blistered
by a pair of new shoes, aud the poisonous tlye [rum my stocking got,
into it, and made a bad sore. For a
sea   disaster,       Text
shall Ih* no more sea."
special music will la* rendered
tin* choir at both services.
Itev. 0. E. Kendall, pastor.
.Morning    worship,     11.00   o'clock.
Subject of sermon: '''Eternal Life."
Bible school, 3.00 p.m.
Evening     worship,     7.30    o'clock
Subject        of    sermon:     ''Burning!
Tbe privileges of our house id worship an* heartily extended to all.
suffered great pain. 1 appluui /..unlink, autl in a few days it drew tbe
poison out and healed the wound."
BAD CUT.—Mrs, .1. Virgint, oi
Onondaga, tint., writes: "/.am-Uuk
heated a bad cut which 1 sustained. I
was hurrying across my yard one day
when 1 slipped and fell heavily, my
knee striking a sharp stone, At the
moment I did not realize bow badly I
was hurt, but 1 found 1 bail a had
eut about- two inches long, very Jagged and very deep. We bathed tlie cut
and applied /.am-Buk. This stopped
the smarting very quickly, and iu a
few days it had healed the wound
completely. For cuts and bruises
Zam-Buk is a splendid remedy."
ECZEMA CUUED.-Mrs. Antolnc
Arseiiault of Maxiamville, P.E.I.,
writes: "1 can highly recommend
Zam-Buk to any person suflering eczema. 1 bad this disease and was under doctor' treatment for two years,
a recent provincial government circu-l without any good results. I then tried
lar, entitled "Our Prospects in Fruit /j0m-Buk and iu the end it cured
ami Vegetable Growing," me."
The deputy minister of agriculture |   /ain-Buk   is just as good for piles,
W.   ]•'.. Seolt, in     the course ol     bis blood-poison, festering sores, pimples,
reply, makes lhe following naive   nd-J eruptions, cuts,    burns, bruises    and
all   skin iujurie
Secretary Halsall, of the Iwartl ot
trade, bas already received sonic replies to his communication re omission of East Koolenay district   from
and diseases. 50c.
hox all druggists and stores, or post
free fm* price from '/.ain-Buk Co., To-j
ronto. Try Zam-Buk Soap, 25c. tab-j
"This omission is quite inadvert-
ani I am of course quite await- that
fruil is grown in considerable quantities iu the Kasl Kootenay district,
and Ihe omission of course was not
Intentional, hut merely an oversight,
I shall lake care, in issuing future
publications dealing wiih tin* different
districts of   the   province, tlml     due
■cognilion is given."
Hon. ft*. It. Boss, minister of lauds,
The matter   will be enquired
once awl you   will la; further communicated with."
'Ih se communications arc of inter
est, iitil they still leave very much
to be desired. How comes it that
there should be possibility of a
"mere oversight" in the publication
ut au official circular dealing with the Indian song
fruit aud vegetable growing jiossibili- Song—-"Wben
lies ol the province? The minister of
agriculture ami his deputy were both
visitors   in the district   last summer Piano duett 	
and uijoyed   ample opportunities    ol     Mrs. Manning and   Mrs. Wrightman
investigating     conditions    at    first Selection from "Bright Eyes" 	
Imnd. f      Orchestra
Hon. W. IL Boss1 promise that the Vocal solo, "La Serenalos" (TosM)
matter will Ih- enquired   Into is mon Mrs. A. II. Macdonald
satisfactory. What   is needed Is       a  Vocal quartette—Selected	
through enquiry Into the methods Mrs. Chapman, Miss Kennedy,
adopted by the department officials in' -Messrs. O'Connell and Raworth
the   preparation    ol  these circulars, Seng—"Angela  Guard Thee (Rtego)
ami a stringent  understanding    tliat     Mrs. Paterson
hereafter "Merc oversights" will not  Gypsy chorus and Tableau 	
he tolerated. JSong—"Au Printcmps"   (Gounod)...
__ I     Mrs. Macdonald
Violin solo—Selected   ... Mr. Kumsey
The   following is the programme tn
hi rendered    at the CatlhoHo Ladies'
Aid concert in the    Auditorium    to-
into morrow (Friday) evening: i
Select ions from 'The Spring Maid"   I
Chorus—-"Hail King George"  j
Song—Selected   Mr. IL Thompson
Violin solo—"Etude" (Kaiser)    ... .   j
 Master V. Fink'
Vocal solo—Selected ...Mrs. Paterson
Seven Little Boys'
Summer iu   the
Mrs. J. K. Kennedy.
place to buy your gent's furnishings
goods. Our spring and summer suits
are made by the old tollable firm tf
Green Swift and Co., which is a
guarantee of quality and durability,
Everything in this department is new
nobby and up-lo-dnla. Our prices
talk.-i:.  K. Mere. House.
A special meeting of a coimniltco
of the board of trade was held on
Tuesday OVOQling    '"   meet Mr. A. K.
Howard,   speel il representative     of
Messrs. Sells, Lid., publishers, ol
London, England, who are engaged in
lho preparation of a work devoted to
"British Columbia, Its History,
People, ( ommeiee, Industries and
Resources." Mr. Howard's iiim in
mooting tin* board ol trade ot this
city was to secure tlteii co-operation
in the preparation of mailer Ihat will
be absolutely reliable in every particular, After prolonged discussion it
was deckled to appoint tiie following
committee lo prepare mutter to fill a
page: Messrs. Beattle, Baker, Fink
ami Deane. It was also decided to recommend to thc hoard the advisability of securing an extra page in the
publication, for illustrations, al a
cost nf $150. This production ol
Messrs. Sells will he entirely tree
from advertising matter and will be
edited with very special care, in order that it niay provide absolutely
reliable information for Intending
setllers and investors.
! FOR SALE.—Buggy, In good condition, $55,110, also heavy wafton, almost new. Apply P. 0, Box 212,
(Ity. iv-ll
Additional purchasers of Kootenay
Ocehartls lauds have arrived here during the week, among them were: A.
■I. Knightley aud wife and Mr. and
Mrs. E. II. Taylor, of Winnipeg, who
have purchased two blocks east of
the water works reservoir. Fot temporary purposer they have rented tla'
Heibcman cottage ami intend crcoting|
collages (d their own as speedily as
possible. A. .1. Mansy, of Olelchcn,
whose purchase was noted some time
ago. is returning immediately and intends hill Wing near the reservoir. Mr.
il. S. Harding, another prairie purchaser, has secured four blocks iu
lot 8558, soulb of lown.
We Want Your
Order for
You Will Find the Quality
and Price Right
If you can't conveniently
come in, don't forget
thc PHONE,
No. 78
F. Psvrks & Co.
A LAUGE LOT on Blook 184, near tba Public Schools,
212 teet by Nil feet, with house snitnlilc (or u smiiil family
uml hitting tor rent nt $8.00 per month niul presently occupied by ii tenant,   t'rico, with fee simple title,
$000.00, Crmli anil turnm
810 ACRES, in fee simple, one million feet timber, excellent eight-room dwelling house niul offices; abundant water;
2n neres under cultivation,
$11,11011, Cash niul terms.
llest buy iu the Kootenay country.   Convenient to rail ami
Tliis problem is un to Cranbrook
citizens to solve in so lar as laundry
work in lliis city Is concerned. Thc
Cranbrook Steam laundry lias Iktii
oporatod, loo some time imst, under
decidedly adverse circumstances. Sup-
pnrl that was legitimately anticipated bus not been forthcoming, and Mr.
Davis, the proprietor, lias to serious
ly consider tho advisability ol v-lng
elsewhere.  This would    bo    a nasty
lib w lor Cranhrook.
Hi is reasonable tn assume thai: in a
largo measure tbo lack ol patronogo
extended to tbo white laundry bus
IJeon due rather to cnrolemmcss Ihan
tn any prclercnco to Chincso labor.
The Chinks have been sn accommodating in ihe mailer ol tho collection
ami delivery ol laundry that many
people, who have no use ti r Chinese
labor, have not into tho habit ol em-
ploylng thorn, and it will lake very
earclul canvassing and close attention
to the convenience of customers to
withdraw thai trade Irom the Mongolians, Al the presenl time lho
Cranbrook steam laundry's monthly
wane hill exceeds (000, a 1 iily llttlo
sum lo be distributed every month
among tho merchant*, ami others in
Iho city.
Mr. Davis is no quitter aail he will
continue to operate thc strain laundry until snob time ns;
In-      is      thoroughly       convinced
thai       Cranhrook       i plo   pro-
ler Chinese to white labor.    I.rt     lis_
hope thai time will never come.
90 ACRES Crown granted, 15 acres under cultivation,
5 acres almost ready for the plough, $1,000 worth of Ings
on land; 1 loam of horses, wagon und harness, mower niul
complete outfit uf line agricultural implements; boiler mid
engine with cordwood sawing outfit; ton room dwelling Iioubo,
water iii kitchen; burn with new hay carrier fork; carpenter
mnl lilucknmilh simp, fully equipped, 1211 chickens, incubators, brooders,   Will sell us n going concern- ■
$10,000, Cash mid terms.
f I guarantee the foregoing to lie well worthy the closest   «'
X   investigation by prospective investors, ] [
♦   Raworth Block CitANHROOK   • >
t "
Ladies Misses and Children's Outfitters
Special Sale of Famous Miladi Suits
These are the balance of the season's stock
only twelve suits left to clear. We want not one
suit left over. These suits represent most of this
season's best styles and sellers. In order lo make
a final clearance we place the entire lot on sale
at one price. These suits range in price from
$20.00 to $40.00.
Final Clearing Price, any suit, $16.50
Wall papers slaughtered in order t
elos. out.      \ny price takes ihem.—
11. II. Short. 11-U
Since tin' above was in type Secretary Halsall lias received Uto following additional letter Irom Deputy
Minister Scott:
Victoria, April Kith, 1913,
Walter Halsall, Ksq, Sec. Cranbrook
Hoard of Trade, Cranbrook.
Sir:   I have   the tumor   to acknowledge   receipt ot your favor nf        llie
sin Inst., to the Hon. the Minister ol
Agriculture, and in reply lug   to   Inform vou tliat tht:
lar No. 11, about
shall lie brought lo his attention.       ling, lhe 21th April:
In view i>t   the explanation whieh llSong—"The   Amorous   (i old fish"  ...
gave you in  my letter, it will     n»t      Mrs. K. I. Patterson
In* necessary tor me to go further into Song—"My own Llttlo CHri"   —
the matter, I omitted  to state, how*     Mr. (ieo. F. Stevenson
Seh etion—"Slimmer Days"
(.ml Save tho King.
Cranbrook Operatic Society's
Concert Programme
Tin*   following programme has heen
arranged in    connection with       the
(mission in Circa-jdatiee to    he held   hy tht' t'ranbrook
which you speak, Operatic Society on Wednesday even-
Sundays—Low mans at H 30 a.m.;
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 to 3 pm.; Rosary and Ilene-
dtction at 7.30 p.m.
Monday- and holy days ol obllgn*
ttafr—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at v am at tha
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
Sunday Services.
Sunday morning, II o'clock—llnli-
noss meeting,
Sunday nitcrnoon, 2 o'clock—Sun
day school.
Sunday  afternoon,    3.30 o'elock -
Free and Knsv inretlng.
Sunday hlght, * o'clock —Salvation
meet inc.
Dlblo meeting: "Tho Uncertainty ol
Maj.tr and    Mrs    (Heen. provincial
commanders of   lie,  will tn* in th
elty on    Momlav nnd Tuesday, April
SMS,    The services will be held    in
the    AttQ)   hall, which has ni-tli trc-tii'
i slatr, I
BVer, that this series ol bulletins was
Issued hy tlte horticultural branch oi
this il-'p.it tim ni under my direction
for use in the short courses which
have been recently conducted hv this
branch of tlie department, and anno! tor public distribution, but
merelj lor the information and
guidance ot the students attending
these courses,
1 have the honor to Im*, sir,     votir
obedient servant,
Wm. B, Scott,
Deputy Minister.
Chicago,    April I".—Formal    complaint    hy the Canadian govrnuncni
against William Itenttic NestiiM in
connection with the wrecking ,,i thr
Fanners' llank of Toronto, bt| Iktii
tilnl with I nited State* ComnitsMnn-
er Foots, seeking the extradition ot|
the prisoner to    Toronto nn 1h.n-.--4
oi   forgery, -lames Rogers, of     ihe
Canadian federal police. Bled Uh* complaint.
Nesbitt wilt In- given a hearing   on
lhc extradition charges, April Ut'tli.
Quartotto—"What   Will the Marquis
Mrs. Paterson,   Mr. Ilaworth,      Mr.
Itryniner and Mr. McSweyn.
lum—"Two Little Chicks" 	
Mns Kennedy and Mr. Itaworlh.
Song—"JI That's Not l-ovo What Is?'
Mrs. Ilutichnrd.
Song—-"Under the Dcodor"	
  Mrs. O. F. Stevenson
Solo Danco—Miss Kumsey.
Song—"Jappy .lap Jappy"	
  Mr. 1). J. McSweyn
Double  Quartette-"!!    You   Will
come t*n Tea1'
Miss Seivice. Miss Hall, Miss Green,
Miss Williams, Miss Kennedy,
Messis. McSweyn, McDermot
nnd nrymnrr.
I       —
Buy the Best
Cheapest Always
Ogilvie's Royal Household Flour
is guaranteed lo make mom bread nml better bread than nny
"Iiii r mi tln> ninrki't.
Is nsi'.l 1 ■ v liis Mnji'sty   Kiiiiz George nml  tlio   Itoyal
081b. Sacks    $8.78
lllll..   ••           1.110
241b.   "          1.00
U you feel like trying cheaper brands, try QLENORA,
al $U.7B ixt cwt.. or IMPERIAL at $».85 pur cwt.
Guaranteed to 1h> tlio lieat of t Ini r kind.
Campbell QL Manning
C.P.lt. CRICKET I'l.ril.
The almvo dull will hold a SoOltl
nail li.iciri' at Carmen's Hull un
TiiiMlny. 23rd April,  1*112.
Ductal 22.30. Whist Drive 2IK.
Orohatrr.' Mrs, WatHngot and Mrs
Ticket! lo admit lady and Rilillr-
iniiri. ! I mi
Itctmhmenta will he served hy a
committee uf ladies.
IMI Hcr.-Titax.
Ilc.iiilitul Senile I'roduelloti.
"Three   Weeta," the dramattaatton'
nl Minor lllyns' '.munis took, which
fumes tu Hie Opera House (or one
lierfurmanee neit Monday evening,
will he an es|ieeially elaborate one
Iruiii .1 semie point ol view. I
Tins Is Ihe lirst appearance here nl
this (anions play by a strictly llrst-
i lass company, and as "Three
W.vhs" hus been une ul the most sllc-
erssliil plnvs of riTent years wherever
ll is pri-scnted, a lnrne audience
will nii.liiiiiiiiillv lie in attendance at
ihe Opera ttouae to sec this tamnns
play isi Monday eTftthlft.
II. it, Ileal), representlnn tbe Mac-
lei.l Plourlnf Mills, Ltd., was in
town iliiriim the wei*, appointing
ul'ciiIs lur his company's products.
Messrs, Haul and Harris hate been
,i|il',iiiil(il Iln- local agent".
Tea and Coffee
Five O'clock Tea Sets
Chafing Dishes \
Newest and Finest Line j
in Cranbrook:
Cranbrook B. C.        Phone 5
No. I
$20 Misses' Suit lor SI6.S0
One Misses' Suit fancy
linlil mixture Norfolk stylo,
liiu'li waist lino skirt, size ll
yours, spli'iuliil vulue al $20,
Snlo prlco *jl(i.60,
No. 2
Misses Suit $20 lor $16.50
Fanoy brown tweed mixture. Norfolk ooat trimmed
with brown broadcloth, size
18 years. Regular $20.00
Sale prieo $111.50.
No. :i
Ladies' Suit 27.50 for 16.50
One suit of Peacock blue
ladies' cloth, silk lined, trimmed With fancy IVrsiun braid
size 2'i. regular value $27.oO.
Sale price $10.60,
No. -I
27.50 Ladies' Suit lor 16.50
I im- soil fancy mixed tweed
nicely linisliisl with plain
cloth to match, silk lined,
si'/.u III. regular value $27.iitl.
Snlo price $10.80.
No. 5
Ladies' Suit $21 for $16.50
Onctlxford grey suit, plain
tailored style, silk lined, skirl
made with high waist lino.
siae 88, regular price $21.mi
Salo price .510.50.
No. tt
Ladies' Suit $25 for $16.50
< Ino brown ami wbilosbop.
herd's check suit, plain stylo,
silk liiuil. a stylish suit, regular value $25, Bale prieo
No. 7
Ladies' Suit $22 fnr $16.50
due line lilnck sergo suit,
plain style, silk lined, high
waist line skirt, a pure wool
Berge, regular value $22. sale
price $10.50,
No. 8
Ladies' Suit $30 for 16.50
tine line grey fancy cheek
suit, newest style, trimmed
with fringe 1 buttons, silk
lined, size :iil. regular value
$30,8lilo price $111.50.
No. !l
Ladies' Suit $25 for 16.50
One fancy black ami white
tweed eitcot, trimmed witli
fancy lil.'iel; aud white silk,
also silk fringe on pockets,
size 'Mi. regular value $25 for
salo price $10.50.
No. II)
Ladies' Suit $10 for 16.50
One coronation blue broad.
cloth suit, very lino quality,
trimmed with Mack satin,
size 88, regular price $10.00,
Salo price $10-50.
No. 11
Indies' Suit $32 for 1650
One extra line quality lilnck
serge sail trimmed with black
liberty sntin nml silk braid,
cutaway style coat, size -It',
regular $:i2 value at $10.60.
No. 12
Ladies' Suit $65 for 16.50
One wisteria colored broad*
cloth suit, long coat, trimmed
with  black  ttioivo   silk  and
buttons, regular vulue $05,
side price $10.50.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D, D.C.L., Psesiosnt
ALEXANDER LAIRD, Gi nliiai. Manhoih
CAPITAL, - $10,0O0,0qO_ REST. -   $8,000,000
Kv.-tv In .null of Tlie Crtri.uii.iii Hank of Commerce ia equipped to Usui drafti on
tlie principal citiM in the folloffiiur rountrici without tlr-lay t
*'-'- r~*- - NM /ralarJ Siberia
Norway Sourlaa
I'-n. m« South Affka
1-rn.i* Spain
I'm. StoiteStttU-fi-rata
I'liilip-vinalrJaaJt S-ndra
IVduol Swilurlaa-1
Koumanla Tatktv
KuMJa UaludSutM
Krtfia Unfit**
WmI Indtw, ite.
Africa ' Cfrta
Ai*.-ia . Cuba
A, K.-nliM Republic jVnmarh
H, lil'iim
Faroe IsUmli
11-1*11 j
FrVh Cochin China Malta
German •> Manchur
Ureal Itrilaln M,-«i,->>
The Hinnunt of theie limits is Malnl in the money of Ihe country where they are pay*
able | ih.it ii thev are drown In merlin-*;,, funic**, marks, lire, kronen, florins, yen,
la.'N, roublei, etc., ai the raw may be. Tltia cnaurei that tha payM abroad will
receive the actual aasouat intended. A2S3
K. T. Brymner, flanager Cranbrook. B. C. THK OBANBKOOK HERALD
4,000 ft. of Film
Wo hnvo the Inraost stock of Wall Paper ever brought
In tho Kootonuys, Every ili'corntur whu has iiiBpuutnl it
snysi "Tlio lii'Ht rtBBorlitient ovor."
Wo Iiml in lmy tho quantity t" got tho prieo, We give
J'lill tliu lll'lli'lit.
All wn ,-isk nf you is liiHjHH't our Block, compare the
prices, ami we will be satisfied with tlio result.
Wo nro pri'puri'il tn give an ostimato on any job of
llniiHc Dooornting,
•Sample Books xeut In uiitof-lciwn customers for selection .
Freight nr express paiil on all orders of ten dollars
or over.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The $GXaJlll Store
Cranbrook - - - B. C.
Wo Imvo an exceptionally
nice assortment of Diamonds
in Single Stent's and Combination Settings. Single
sn Hit's are of the finest quality
white Wesseltons, and prices
range from $20 to $450. < >ur
combination rings are made
up with a great variety of the
more precious stones and are
priced at from $10 to $100.
Young man. if you content*
pinto tho purchase of au Eu-
tfagenient King, look over our
asssortuieut aud you'll surely
tind something to please yon.
Our prices are reasonable.
l*n incident tout it fait impr^vu
nous oblige ft renvoyer A In Bomnt*
ne prochaine rartiolede notrocol-
Inborateur fnmenis A. Gandy.
Large Warehouse—Apply F. J.
Deane, Herald Office. *tf
Nice rrlsp lettuce ntui asparagus at
Ward and Harris.
Mis Col. llendernon, .<i V irt
Steele, was visiting fiiends in tht*
i i/ .    Tueaday,
I Ilium    sells    ami   multipliers       ••*
Pink's l*uii* Pood Qrocory,
I*'    \   iiml Mis   Small worn        in
town   Irani Kingsgate  during    Uie
Oat-Hen scetla in packsges and bulk,
—Oanipbell and Manning,
Mis. Rlwcll antl famil) sull from
ICngland foi home on April 27th, on
board Un* Majestic
Tin- laaioui ltedland tnn I ,i>
oranges at Waul and Harris,
A. s  (Ioodevc, i\ M v  (.i Koote
nay, Iins    arrived   home at Rossland
feom Ottawa.
Onloa setts ami multipliers at
Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
Solfoltor W. P. Ciiiril left Monday
on a week's business trip tu Victoria
ami other coast prints.
Some choice potted plants.—Camp-
boll and Manning.
in. Maxwell, accompanied Iiy liis
family, drove over Irom Korl Steele
the lirst ot tlie week, BpCftdlng a lew
hours here.
Green onions, cucumbers awl rhubarb at Want am) Harris.
Have Wilson, formerly ol lhe Kink
Mercantile company's staff, has moved to Hosmer, where he has taken
over the management of a grocery
No. 1 dairy butter, in 1 lb, bricks,
al Kink's Pure Pood Grocery.
It is important that bottlers tf
waler rights in litis province should
have memoranda of claims file-d in
the water department at Victoria not
later than tlie 27th Inst.
Some special   prices on dinner sets.
Campbell ami Manning
li. II. Short, the painter, has had a
new o| men busy this week repaint-
Ing the liuildmg occupied by P. Burns
ami Co. and 1\. A. Hill.
\ hill line of dried fruits at Ward
and Harris,
Mrs. ■ Ionian. Miss .Ionian and Mis
Hm ns arrived from Spakaoe on Wednesday evening, being hurriedly summoned on account of the accident to
Contractor .Ionian.
Seeds) Seeds' Seeds! Full assortment, both tnlil antl garden, at
Fink's Pure. Food Grocery,
.1. 1*: MoDomM, formerly proprietor of (lie t'ranbrook Cigar store. It.i-
purchased  a hotel at Phoenix, B, C .
and  will  lea.e OCX I   WOefc  let his new
New shipment ol Mtnogeso china
jusi  arrived—Campbell and Manning*
\ mooting the lhe local Tiadi-s Mid
Labor Council was held Monday even
ing lust,   a goodly  number oi repre
sentallvcs ol    local unions wen- pre*
sent.      A   huge volume of lmswiess ol
Hardly n day goes by without a
call for help from Homeone who
lias bfian MilTeiiiij* fmiii
until (hey ean Maml it no longer,
Have your eyeB examined before
tho trouble 1b seriously developed
und avoid the constant necessity
of wearing glaBBeB, Our woik in
right, because we have theaclen-
tlflc EnBtrumentB to do it right.
Nu guoBBlng. Your eyes are too
Jewelers and Opticians
Attractive Spring Garments
Received   at   the  Oranbrook   Trading  tVs slore,  ono
ar uf
whieli WD aro Belling at
$3*75 P^r sack of 98 lbs.,
mnl tin* smaller saokB in proportion.
Wo Inure also received one ear of tho
Best American Coal Oil and Gasoline
It will |inv those rising Gagolind tn gel our prieo 1111 811111Unml
tost the quality. Also AU, KINDS OF OIL AND UKEA8E
FOR AUTOMOBILE USE, Come, in and got our prices and
save mouey.
The firncerv Rtminece iB rushing ^°m. •>»* **
1 nc urutery missings ,,„„ |lcIp IHore ,Kop\,, to
siivo money if tlioy will bring along their liusinoss to us.
Flour, Feed, Poultry Supplies, Carriages, Saddlery,
Implements, Harness Repairing
-importance to labor was transacted
The way your feet nre clothed helps
to create the impression of being Well
dressed. Our -shoes are the nobby kind,!
built on classic lines that hold their
shape ami always appear neat.—13, K.
Mere. House. j
Fraser Sinclair, wha has been em-,
ployed ia the C.P.H. shops here for
more than a year last past, departed
Monday for Athabarea Landing,
when* ho Intends lo engage In lho
driii- business.
Australian kiln dried onions, very
fine, at Fink's Pueo Food Grocery.
Win. I.aidlaw, of tin* Fink Mercantile company, bad the misfortune to
severely cut his hand on a piece of
glass this week, which necessitated a
piece nf the flesh being amputated ami
has proven a most painful accident.
Beale and Elwell have for sale
properly of the Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands, Ltd., situated In
the Windermere District; also, a few
lots in the Townsite of Invermere.
Call and sec them. 11-tf
Vineland corn, peas and beans, 2
cans for 25 cents, at Fink's 1'ure
Pood Grocery,
John Moil, owner of the store    nt
Wheat Centre, the    prstmaster    and
Bccresary-treasurcr    of   Grain Ridge,
■hoid, is dead,   lie came from Elko,]
B.C., and located at Wheat tenter in
1908.—Lethbridge Herald.
Celery, green onions, cucumbers,
lettuce, tomatoes, asparagus and rao>
ithes, fresh everj day.—Campbell and
Manning, i
C. H. Isbworth, ol Fernie, has1
been transferred by 1 ho Quain Electric company to this city, taking the
place ol Richard UcdrMb, who is niw
ii. the employ of the CCS.
Cabbage ami parsnips at Fink's
Pure Food Grocery.
w a. Buchanan, M P., writing ,
from Lethbridge to Mr. J. P. Fink.1
re the \ib. 1 t.i license Imposed upon
B.C. motorists, says thai he has tak-'
en the matter up with the Alberta
attorney-general, and hopes io secure
sin ii an adjuslmenl if the matter as
will be fair to B.C. visitors.
Before  ordering feed gel oui prieea
and   examine   llie quality of our  hay
.mil grain -—Campbell and Manning,     j
Contractor Jordan,   while working
with a crew     ol      men at the Burns
ami Jordan camp near Hull Itiver on!
Wedin-sil,i\    suffered    a   broken    leg,'
being caused h\  ,t    rock falling      on
him. The engine   was uncoupled from j
the work train ami be was hurried to
Cranbrook, Dr,     Kin-: was summoned
ami the Injured man taken to      the]
si   Rugene hospital. j
(iiani nasturtium need, special vnr-,
h iv, at Fink's Pure Food Grocery, I
Tin* Jeniies-.Ioliiisoii tight pictures
at the Auditorium nn Wednesday j
evening drow a large crowd nnd the j
pictured events in Reno mi July Ith,
1010, wen* applauded as vigorously as
if the memorable battle was being
inst enacted and   itol a matter     ol
doing out of wall paper business.
Choice slock must be disposed ct at
any price.—B. II. short. ll-tl;
A disastrous lire occurred al Marys-;
villi* at noon last Saturday, whereby
II. L. Sawyer's hotel, the Uoyal,1
was completely destroyed, Some otl
the furniture wns saved. No lives
were lost ami no person suffered any 1
Injury. Mr. Sawyer's building was J
well insured. The cause of lhe outbreak is not. definitely known. Fire
was lirst discovered nt the hack 0! |
Ihe building and spread wilh great
Cheap prices generally means cheap
goods, Om Btock is subject io Inspection ami everything gnarnnteod.— _
Campbell am) Manning,
Through careless pr«nf reading a
silly en or crept into a news item
published Inst week. In mentioning
the names of lhe new firm it architects, win, have opened offices la tftia
THE new Spring Coats and Suits are receiving an abundant share of admiration.
New   styles  are continually  being put
on display to   meet  the   insistent   demand  for
smart  tailored  apparel at popular prices.    We
invite you to view and compare our offerings.
BROWN SERGE SUIT, in a strictly tailored model.    The
lapels are long ami of medium width.   The eoat is Silk
lined and of tlie cut away style    very smart
antl dressy.    The  material   is   BEST  QUA-     a*ip aa
LITY  $35.00
BLUE SERGE SUIT.—A reproduction of a popular Paris
model.   Coat lias a black satin collar and lapels are faced
with satin.   The sleeves have sell' cuffs.   As
u serviceable, yet effective suit this cannot    *-*so aa
be equalled  $Z(S.UU
Spring Millinery
Women, Misses, and Girls
Yon will Hml n display of onthori-
tivo mnl exclusive shapes, showing
Hit? newest colors nm! innlerinls in
in Dress uml Tailored Bats, in line
ami medium qualities.
The nnswer fnr ynur N'ew Hut
problem iB waiting for yon hero.
The Craze for
is easy to unclerslnno! when one sees
tlte mtiuifoltl uses lu whieh these
lieuiitiful, yet inexpensive prints, can
lie applied.
For curtains, on your furniture, on
your bed, or ou your vernndnli —
everywhere ihey nre being used.
Spring importations of these fashionable materials ure on display.
Enquire about them.
A Swagger
Riga! .IhJel
We invite all the young men in town to come and tta
our new Regal " 'Varsity" model*.
All the mott pronounced ideas in this season's footwear
are included in these smart Regal shapes. They are exclusive custom styles you'll not find elsewhere in town.
Spring Clothing
UV   9 ish    to    direr!
your attention loa ]
ticularlj fine si o« ing of
Clothing fnr   .V
every garment carrying
witli  it  somfl   tlifft ■
style feature and a 1
air of retii 1
The prices are from
$8 00 to $28.00
and  a   mi*ir 11 I
every suit.
We're op n ft - comparison with anything in
the market.
May we show you'.'
Our range ol sampli 9
for  made - to - mi
suits is  the  laig  •
this city.
A perfect fit is gunr-
nnteen and the prices
Cranbrook's Dry Goods
and Clothing Stores
- _ ,A
city, they appeared as J. J. O'Gara
and P. O'Gara, Instead of P. O'Hara,
Mi. O'Hara, who also comes Irom
Calgary, will be thc resident manager, lit- has already secured a house
ant) his wile and Imir children will be
here in    the course ot a lew days.
I.owiiey's chocolates In handsome
miniature grand piano cast*?), at
Kink's Pure Food Grocery.
it was reported around town ihat
Mr. .1. G. Cummlngs, the surveyor,
was among the passengers oa the ill-
fated steamer Titanic Enquiry ol his
brother-in-law, Mr. Moss, elicited the
comfortlofi (act tbat Mr. Cummtnga
was still in England when the Titanic
sailed, he having received a cablegram (loin linn mi Friday last.
1 )ur Ice cream parlor is now open
to the public. We handle only the
best in Ice cream, Irutt and confectionery.—\V. V, Johnston & t'o.    l-i
At a meet ins ol the Cranbrook Agricultural association on Monday
evening the lair grounds were rented
to 11 committee ol citizens for us*- lor
sports on the 2ith ut May. A special
committee, consisting it Messrs. W.
8. McFarlanc, Simon Taylor, W. H.
Bardgett and F. A. Russell, wero appointed to act in connection with the
board o( trade committee iu preparing tbe exhibit for the Dry Farming
Congress at Lethbridge. A committee
was appointed to arrange for a Tag
Day ia the near future tor lhe purpose ol increasing the membership cl
the association.
Wall papers slaughtered in older to
close out. Any price takes them.—
B. II. Short. 11-tf
The concert in the Melhodist
church last evening, under the auspices of the Ladies' Aid, proved very
enjoyable. The attendance, though
not whal tbe merits of the performers warranted, was fairly large ami
everyone voted it a decided  musical
ireat.   The  To lo  Mah* Quartette
are some singers, their equal has
rarely been hoard hen*. Mr. Uuthven
Maciiuiiaiii, Uw celebrated basso, moro
Mum made pood
Lady thoroughly domesticated, 1
good cook, desires position as housekeeper or chambermaid in hotel. 1U-
fcrences. Apply Hox 133, Medicine,
Hat, Alta. 13-3 H
Chief Provincial Constable Mintyj
was down from Pernio during the
Week. He went out, to Marysville
antl Port Steele in company with
Constable Morris, nn a lour of In*
spec tion. Whilst in Fort Steele,
Constable Minty enquired inti the
claims of thai locality for an additional constable. Constable *ios.
Walsh, the present Incumbent ol otlice
there, is pretty badly overworked,
haying lo do both niii'it and day duty
nntl it is felt that bc should have an
Our tec cream parlor is now open
to the public. We handle only the
best in ice cream, Iruit nntl confectionery.—W. L. .Johnston A Co.     1-t
The Callcc Poudre ball given by Uw
Ladies* Auxiliary to the II.ILT. al
tbo Auditorium on Tuesday evening,
which was unique in the matter ol
lieing strictly informal in dress, calico being the preference for the la
dies and lhe gentlemen appearing In
soft shirts and wilh their coats otl,
A very enjoyable time was had and
dancing continued until a late hour.
Supper was served at midnight.
Vineland tomatoes, the finest procurable, 3 cans for Tin cents, nt
Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
Mr. J, Pavies has arrived in town
from Fernie to,open up and take < ver
lhe management of the branch uf the
11 Market Co., ot Pimher Creek, Alberta, which has secured premises in
the llansrn block. Mr. Davies Intimates that his company handle the
very best of meals and will make a
big effort to secure a share ot the
trade of the city. Tlie store in the
Hanson block has hern neatly fitted
up, including the instflllat.ion of n
fine, modern ref rigerat ing system,
Mr. Davies expects to open for business on Monday next.
FOR SALB.-Egga for hatching
Irom pure S.   C, W. Leghorn*; heavy
laying strain. No. 1 pen, Si 50 perlcoi-rv* ol a few weeks. Mr Clark's
dozen, $1.30 per 100. No. 2 pen, departure will be regretted by ,1
ll.fift per dozen. $7.50 per 100. Ap- large number of tm-rnh He was ac-
plv S. .1. Harrison, Wardn*-:, Hritish hive in Io-jI !*-.'. 1 the
Columbia. U-8fe|time ol his   departm
Miss   Jeanne   Towler,   on Monday jtar 7 ''f lhe    ^c4\ A O.F., a raembei
ovenlng, al tho Auditorium, delighted
a large and thoroughly appreciative
audience, with her interpretation ot
"The While Sister," notwithstanding
obvious defects in her support and In
the accoustlc properties ol ih-' hall,
-''iiii'. White Si-iter" certainly proved
to bo very much out ot the order of
plays presented here, and its successful production was a splendid testimony in thi* dramatic ability ol Miss
•Icanne Towler, for she was practically lhe whole cast, her support being,
generall) speaking. entirely incom-
A, Clark, who lor some time past
has been in charge of the car depart
menl ^'or-*. of the O.P.K., has been
promoted to the position of store-
keeper al Calgary and left for his
n* w field of duties   on Tuesday even*
of the Over Seas cluh and of tbi
&  AM.
A carload of PIovs, Harrows
Seeders, Cultivators, etc , unloaded
this week. East Kootenay Mercantile House.
POR SALE.—Well bred turlti
$3.00 tf r sitting of nine      ';      B
S.. Cranbrook. 10-lt
His familv will follow in       the 14-11
Property owners .*-.: d
hereby notified Uiel on Maj
polite wiil .:. *
premises in the city and th
hav-* not cleared awaj Uk rubbish
and debris will bo liable Un a pen
alty. It is bnperatfri tbal all yards
tie   in shape by May  1st.
.111 !
■ I  1
FOR SALE     j
10 Room Modern Residence
On Fenwick Avenue, Baker Hill
Two lulu, nicely Improved, lawns, etc.; 2 story dwelling 1"
rooms; 5 bedrooms; water nml other accessories, ballroom,
etc.; telephone; electric lii?lit; slonii foundation'; ci '■
basement,   Heated throiighonl wilh 1ml water
As an entertainer, the Edison Phonograph is
a wonderful thing. It brings the talent of the
world's greatest artists into thc home and places
it at the disposal of whoever cares to listen. The
Edison Phonograph
has every improvement and advantage which the genius of
Thomas A. Edison has been able to suggest. Put one in your
home. Your whole family will welcome the new songs, the good
stories and the bright music. There is an Edison Phonograph
at a price to suit every purse. There are new records of all the new
music and songs every month. Any Edison dealer will demonstrate
and explain this greatest of all home entertainers.
gist Hi tlw lormltrg ol a good Imso-
liall team. The olilrers olcotod worn
illows: V. I.umllioiu, manager;,
Mr. SlianloM, captain; G. Vi. IHraii-
hoc, secretary ami treasurer. Delete
llie ineotilng closed, a subscription oi
$7S was raised Inr tlie lioys.
Mr. Patrick moved his family to
Wardner last Friday Inrtii Cranlirook.
Mr. Patrick Iras been engaged to
work for Uw Inmller company here.
The Crows Nest Pass Lumber company are busy preparing two largo
double cinder tennis courts, Tliese,
when completed, will be open to tlie
employees oi Uw company, ami will
afford very pleasant recreation during Hie coming spring ami summer
Mr. !■'. W. Burgess and Mrs. Burgess, ol Cranbrook, were Hie guests
of Mr. and Mrs. 1'. Lund over Sunday.
Thera nre Edison dealers everywhere. Go t« tin* nenrest and hear
id.* l-ih-ini I'lmiiiiBniiili j.luy txitli Kdi-trm Muti-lunl nml Kdrnoii
"imberol IW-iunK (lei r(impli'l<-n*,t-i|.-*ifrmn ymirdfuk-ror fronmn.
hli-ni, |'li.,i,»irii|.hi. $19.50 t,.$240. Kdi.--im Staiulwnl IU*.(in.N,40c.
Kil.--.-ii Aii,l..'fnl IU-.'i.r,ls (iilny twice ns long). 65c. Ktliswi Criuid
A complete lit* of EdiMB PhsMmphi «d Records will bo found et
100 Lakeside Av.au.
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co. Ltd
Beattic-Murnhy Co. Limited
ikiim...*. *+*. *~< iw—f
\    News of the District
levelling.    April loth, lor lire   purpose
j ol organizing Ihc Klko baseball team
for the season of 1012,
Tbe following    officers were elected:
I'residenl— Mr.  I'.  A.  Klingeiislnitb.
Kir si Vice-President—    Mr. Joseph
Second Yiee-I'reslileiit    — Mr. .las.
! Thorns, n.
■ Treasurer — Mr. 11. 11,
illy Prod Roo).
.1. (•'inlay, px-mayor of Cranbrook,
nml Btfnial Josopli Jackson, ex-p*osi>
iiiitst.r, botli .flopped oil Uu* |hikm*ii-
ger train at Elko last Sunday, and
like Finnigan, utoppct) tm again.
Toiirl ts claim thai Elko is us  dry I   Secretary
as a wooden leg on Sunday. Evident-* Sinclair,
iv lliej   il" not  know ihi* location of*   Mnnagur—Mr. .1. \V. Kerr.
tin* water worka, j    Captain — Mr. Ray flirt*/.
It's the ilope   ihal'*; rend thai pays}    a now si*t t»f unllorma have lieen or-
In advertising. Thai is  what is    In-ldcrcd, to ho purchased, lho colors
creasing tun business.   Every knock's same lo  bo    cream with black trim
a boost. mlngs,
Knockers never built a city    or   a     Tho hoys arc looking [inward to
small village. There's always    some- very   sucoesstul season, and are goinj;
thing   to laugh at cV{*n it its      only   to put   forth every effort to make   a
've boon laughing at my- winning team, and    Incidentally cap*
I lure tlie   JliHI.dll    prize here on Mav
ii,   deputy slier!H nf Un- 3-iHi. They play   Llielr flrsl same   nl
was in Elko mi official Waldo nexl Stmda
„   secured a K*»wl posl*
tompany's saw mill    uk
April 21st.
sell tor yeai
Wave Ili-.v
coin   County
business last week.
in. Ralph,   presldciil of Hie Northern Securities Co.,   Winnipeg, boughl
.several thousand acres ut land      near
Elko last week end.
Walter    I lar wood  and  his popular
bride visited Elko Sunday from    Per- . .
t    ,,  „   *   ...      . was in town a tow davs ago on busi-
nie. Also Goo. |„ Pedlar with a largo
volume  «>l   railroad news Irom    Fct-
(Special corrcapondcnce),
•I. S, De Shcmta, of Rossland,
Mr. and    Mrs. Geo. Oufttot arrived
In   Wardner   lust    Saturday erantng
frnm their   ranch near   Castor, Alta
Mr. Custer has
tion al    thr
Mr. Wm. Barclay went to Cranbrook last Sunday morning and left
Tuesday Irom that pface to continue his work in Calgary.
Mi. P. Lund left a few days ago
for Clnresholm, Alta,, where he will
lie present at a meeting ot the shareholders of tlie Western Camwla Lumber and Grain Co., which is to take
place in Claresliolm this week
Tho Gait Engineering Po. who have
had the contracl for the building ■>•
the liig 'C.P.R. dam at Hull River,
have finished tlieir work and will return to Calgary in a few days.
Last Monilay evening a largo number of tlie young men turned out
with rakes, shovels and foams an'l
cleaned up lhe baseball grounds.
Miss Hazel Lund returned on Monilay morning to tlw St. Eugene hospital at Cranbrook.
On Sunday morning last Otto Wis*
ner and Louis Larson secured a boat
and taking with them their guns went
down the Kootenay river to secure
some game. When returning home
their boat upset, near the C.P.R.
railroad bridge. Both men were
thrown into tho water. Mr. Larson
succeeded in swimming to shore,
while Mr. Wisner clung to the up-
I turned boat and was carried down
stream for some distance before he
{ was rescued. Mr. Wisner lost a very
valuable gun. We congratulate our
I friends on their narrow escape from
drowning, as the water at tho point
when* their boat upset is about twenty feel deep and also has a great
manv undercurrents.
Mi Timmons, the Creston Iruit
rancher, was in town last Tuesday
boosting Creston.
Mrs. 0. Black, wife of the local
C.P.lt. agent, spent Tuesday of this
week with friends In Fernie.
Mr. Norman Moore left last Wednesdav morning for bis rancn on the
Tlie many Wardner friends of Mr.
and Mrs. Len Rcnwick, of Galloway,
are pleased to be able to congratulate them upon the birth of a young
son a few days aft).
Causes Baldness.-- We Cannot
Change the Head Dress,
But We Can Prevent
Up to the time we began to civilize
him a bald headed Indian was a
tiling unknown. Wearing nothing on
his head except tbe covering furnished
by nature, and lieing a straiirjjr to
the use. of a hair brush, especially
the public on1, the sealp and hair
had plent) id ventilation, much sun
light ami, hence, a condition favorable to a luxuriant growth ol hair
existed at all times.
11 was the adoption of air and
light excluding bead gears and artificial head decorations generally, together wllh the occasional use of a
community hair brush, wbicb gave
the dandruff germ iis opportunity.
Since lliis parasite lias multiplied to
an alarming degree until now there is
hardly a person who is not troubled
more or less witli tlandrtill and falling
Many, to be sure, have passed the
worrying stage. Having become chronically bald they realize that nothing
is capable of producing natural hair
for.them. Let these he a warning to
all who are experiencing thc significant annoyance of dandruff antl falling1
Dandruff, which is due lo a germ
and falling hair can both be overcome by the regular use of Newbro's
Tliis wonderful scalp remedy k
the vicious germ which causes dandruff, cleanses the scalp and stops the
hair from coming out. The destrue
tion of the germ permits the hair to
grow naturally and luxuriantly as
nature intends.
llerpicide makes the hair bright,
snappy, Iin'ii and fluffy.
One dollar   sizo hollies guaranteed.
For sale at all drug stores.
Applications obtained at the hotter
barber shops and hair dressing parlors.
Send 10c. in stamps or si-ver for
.sample and booklet to Tbe llerpicide
Co., Dept. R., Detroit, Mich.
Heal tit-Murphy Co., Ltd., Speeial
Tlio Loading Huhhiuhr College
of the Nortliwenl
Where young people ean receive
a thorough ImtnueBB training,
1« in KOBsiou twelve months in
the year.
No entrance osiiminatioiif).
Board and room at very reasonable rates.
Wo secure positions for our
Our new beautifully Illustrated
catalogue sent free upon request.
Write for it NOW 1
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
1st & Ma til eon     .      BPOKANJ'.
Messrs. Magoon   and La Point** left
..„.     ...     ...     ,., ,   .   ,.      lasi Thursday for Marysvllle, Mr. La
Elko will   celebrate    Mclona D»v,   _, .       ,       * .'...».,
„,,,    , ,.      ,. , ...      ,.'    Polnte has the contract for the anv-
2111] of May, bigger and boiler    than, . . ,.    at  «     .
li- Vi -   i     ,      ,i ... ng id   ihe   logs    on ihe St. Marys
ever.    Frontier day In old Cheyenne I „r
will look like the Liberal party      In '
I.r. compared   to Klko. Tho     com-    Mr' flmI   Mrs. Oeo. Wlllson    spent
mil i.e arc working to make it      the » ''"V last *«-* wiln frU'nils •" Vra
biggest and hesl     ever held in South
Kasl Kootenay
A big bunch of travellers antl tram
jumpers ai rlvod in Elko Monday
nlgllt. It's back lo lhc land where the
most if them should be. It's tbe
one horse wholesale houses that are
robbing tho prairie provinces of lhe
plow pilots and spud suiters
A couple of young men came into
town a few days ago from Jennings,
Montana, and after haying a lot of
supplies IpH lor home by the Kootenay river in their canoe.
About sixty if the hoys and their
fiiends gathered at the Library ball
last    Friday evening, in lhe interests
enthusiastic meeting      was ol the Baseball cluh. All seemed very
held in     Mu* Elko hotel on   Monday' anxious to do what, they could to as-
A meeting! of the owners ol Lol
3012, will In* held at the offlce ol
William V. Qurd, on Thursday, tbc
2nd day ol May, 11112, at 1 o'clock
p.m. to make regulations as to the
supply, use ami distribution of water
available for irrigation purposes tor
said lot 8912; as to the maintenance
of the main canal, laterals, and other
irrigation works and in particular to
arrange for the work for the current
Dated    at   Cranbrook,   B.C.,   this
ltith dav ol April, 1012.
"Ileale and Elwell"
'-'K. IL Wortliingtoif'
"O.  Nishivama" 16-2
THIS FALL.    W^ffi^
You Can Buy "DOMINION PRIDE" RANGE At Factory Price
Direct From The Largest Malleable Range Works In Canada
■<**~x tr vmnmrTr ■»
mi want to save from \ti$ to $30, and at the same time get the most satisfactory kitchen rmigemade, writs
or onr Catalogue and look into the merits of tbe "DOMINION PR1DK," at fr-.m fci to $49*
If we sold yon identically the same range in the usual way, through a dealer, you would have to pay
$69 to 178 for it.   Vou would be paying two extra profits—to wholesaler and retailer—which would add
$25 to f 30 to the cost of your range, but absolutely nothing to
its value.
n-si.w coMl-if- much lr»i than other raac** 1* Ui clau, the
"DOMINION I'KIIjK" Is much more mi It, factory. It ta mule of 9*mm*
ttronu, mallcahU iron ■nil the Wit Una polUh-1 ilnl-malei lal* which will
nol worp, crock or bre*l*.
The polUlieil iteel iloet not need tilickian-ilmplyruhlt over wllh a
cloth. With its cold rolled rttcel plate oven -ecUonal Iron firelwa llolag,
with llr Chamber*—anil ilotiMe-wallfd tinea lined with a-.li---.toi -the
"DOMINION TRIDI'." U the must economical ranee you can bu*-. Actual
teat* have proved Ihat tt m*m over 301 of futl. burntif either wood
or coal.
A ''dominion PRIDK" Hnnge. wiih hlf-h closet shelf asdelevated
tank or flnr.li tr*er*/o|r, with sine alieet to no nader raaie, I sections
blue polMird iteel !>ipr and two elbows, will he delivered lo any elation la
Ontario, giiebei: or tlie Maritime Prorlmea for U*. ot to aay station In
the four Wealeia Provinces for t*> f .1 to •* •*"* *"llb order and balance to
t>ei>ai<l when tlie KatiRe ^delivered at your station. U not ennvanient tn
pay caah wa will arrange tn accept yonr nolo.
wannt ■* a mm*
"The Evelatlf-a si
Ike CMk Sine"
TKLW about
cooking I mm
the lime the
Cave Dwellers
dropped hot alone*
Into the potto hull
li. It alto telli all
about "Domlniua
pride" Raatfet.
Whether you nerd
a Kaage jtiit now
or aol you will
enjoy reading tlii-i
WrHf lor free €•»y.
Canada Malleable & Steel Range Mfg. Co., Limited, Oahawa, Ont
Whoa writing it will bo a distinct favoe lo ua if yon will meotlM tkls pepor. 7
Wall papera slaughtered in order to
close out. Anv price takes them.—
U. II. Short. ll-tl
If ynu conn1 It
un* fort rt-'it im-iit.
'•xpect to In*
cornl II oihtfH
have failed expret
rm- to inn* vmi.
(Jlitem I know
tlmt I iiiu t-iire
vmi I will not BC-
ffpl    vtmir   <hh:
nml in every In*
atrtnee I treat h.v
tnv own origltnil
ndvmii't'il nml
Bcie utlflc  me*
Spermatorrhoea. Organic WeikKif,
Lost Vigor. Varicocele, Hydrocele, Contracted Ol-Mrdcrs, Specific Hlood PoImi,
Piles and   Strictures — restoring   nil
affft-ti'.l organi ti<uorniul nnd healthy
action iu thu ehortest pos-iihle ppac'o
of time.
t h< nil til A forms <■( Dirt-mntm nf Men.
I'ttiiMiit«tiun nml InftrneHve lmnklft ir-i*
ni offieeorby mtiil.
Thou Recovering from Any Severe Illness
Alter » long wasting Illness, eon-
vsleacents require nourishing food
that will not overtax the digestive
functions—and in the way ot a
strength-restoring and vitality-making
tonic, wa know of nothing that equals
Vlnol, our delicious cod liver and iron
tonlo (without oil).
Vlnol creates an appetite, re-establishes good digestion and helps the
dally food to make rich blood, form
flesh, strong muscles and Impart new
Hf* and vitality to every organ In tba
body. We sak those who need a
strength and flesh-bulldlng tonic res-
toratlve to call at our store and get a
bottle of Vlnol, with the understanding that If It does not help them wa
will refund tbelr money without question.
Cranbrook Drug and Hook Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
«;   FOR SALE    :
::       —■*-       i:
!! HOUSE on Burwell Avenue!!
Five Rooms, Water nml
Eltsctric flight
! I Apply nt OIHcti
I*.  D   HUNT
i 44*************4***'*t
ii i!
Archie Waller!
i: !i
Builder and
i •
11   Septic Tanks niul Concrete   ' >
!! Work generally » ''
!; Estimates   Freely  Given.!!
P.O. Box 346
!! Cranbrook, B.C. |;
ii ii
< 4********************
. Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on favorable terms.
ICvory euro and comlort
A  lioiiut Iiiuu  home
Bpecinl attention iu uhkah of
Maternity, liluiuuiutiHiu
niul Piii'iiinoiiiii
Ti'iihh  luoilorale
MRS. li. RENT, Matron.
P.O. ""» Plions 'J7H
Cranbrook    Lodge,
No. 8t
A.r. * a. ii.
Regular meetings on
the   third   Thunder
ol every month.
Visitinjf lirethren welcomed.
D. J, McSweyn, W.M.
J. S. l'cck, Secretary.
A.M. fan-Sou. C. K.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Office over Cranlirook I'mti anil Book
Co's. Store
Telephone ss'.i
V. o. Box :t:
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
\ n'i nl ile French regulator] never falls. '1 lici-c
pills nro exceetltiittlv pnwciful in r-ciiliilini! the
ifcuefativepnrUiinolihi'li'iiiiilt* sv-ittm. Kelii***
oil cheap Imitations, Ur. de Van'e nre Bold at
Ma li..**., "r llm*-! Ior|10. Maild In nnv aMil'cis.
Th* Bcoboll lirnrc Ct.. St. ratliarinca. "nt
For sale at,  lU'ait-.*, Murphy &  Co.,
Opposite c.l'.ll. siniiiiii
Hemliiunrtcrs for all kinila of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Tlie Shoe Specialist
Provenzano Bros.
Ganoral Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     •     B. C
p.o. mum      nmu*
II yuo want satisfaction with
your washing  send
it to
Hpecial prices lor family work.
Hufw.«i>rtor".T. F. PKRKV
White Leghorns!
■ h.
Well known (or
I To keep up  tin- stamina i* tlie kj
I Kreatest prottleia of llu- breeder, ^j
i |S.60per 151 (7.0(1 per BUl III! 00 jjj
por 100,(100 per 1,000. |
IIHS. KINti & llRlil-N,
Physicians and Surf-eons.
Office at Resides!-*, Araislrong A.e
forenoons 1.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - - 3.00 to 4.00
Evenings ■ ■ ■ ■ 7.80 to S.30
Sundays ... - 3.90 to    4.Sll
Obbsobnt Loiiok No. 3Ji
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets   ever;   Tuesday at I p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
T. O. Jones, C. C.
J. M. lloyrs.K. ol R. N. S.
Visiting lirethren   cordially invites'
to attend.
Meets In    Fraternlly Hall First an*
Third Fridays.
T. Kraser, E. (?.
M. MacKinnon, M. It. and 0.
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
B. O
Cowiclisn, V. I.
• to 13 a.m.
1 to   • p.m.
7 to   S p.m.
Olhcc in Hanson lllock.
B. C.
Crunbrook and Port Steele
♦  j. a. cuMMiNas
p II. Hi,, Ills
T.I No. IB
Cranbrook, B.C.
Norlmry Ave, next lo City Ilfl II
Dav I'hniu' 233
Niylil I'lione :'.50
B.  C.  land  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    ■     B. C.
Ask for Halcyoi LITHIA WATEI
For family one tliere is nothing
so wholesome anil so pure as
W. R. BMttr. rinwral Dlnctor
Cranbrook B. C.
Phone I! IH
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
Phono 2511 Matron.
P. O. Box 815   Armstrong Ave
H. E. HALL, D. D. S.
Crown nnd Hriiluu Work
a specialty.
(lllice over F. Parks Hardware
Store. Baker Street
I'lione No. 2SKI
Van Homo Ntri'i'l   (opposite   Depot)
Ciuritiii a full stock of
Repairs lor above always
in stock
Electric Restorer for Men
PhOSDhono! rotor** every nerve In th. body
r lo it* proper tension t realm.,
vim in.I vitality. Premtture derav ami all nexual
mMkiip., avtiicl *t .ne*. PfcvHalMao, «lll
in ike vmii a new m.n., PrlcSSs bo*, or two lor
■V Malle.l to any a.ldrj... rkeSwikj.UO.T4J
Kor aals at BsaMto-Murpli- Co., LU.
Meets every MonSaj
night at   New Fra-
Wi^a-»  ternity   Hall.    Bo-
Jonrning Odtllcllowa cord iaily iavltad.
II. .1. Kendall, Vi. M. Harris,
N. Q. Sso'7-
Meets first  and    third Wednesdays
ia each month.
A   cordial reception extended      to
visiting brothers.
Ollieers July lst to December 31st.
C. P.-H. Clayton.
Scribe—W. M. Harris.
No. It.
Meet* every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekahs cordially Invited.
Miss Nellie Maker, N. O.
Mrs. Anna Beattle,   Rec. Sec.
Meets In Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at I
p.m. sharp
Win. Henderson, CR.
L, I'earron, Sec, Hox 618.
Visiting brethren made welcoma.
Meets in Carmen's Hall drat sad
third Thursday ol eacb month it
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu Hayward, Rec. Sec.
W. 11. MeFarlane, Chief Ranger.
Visiting lirethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
4th Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citizens.
N. A. Wallingcr,
C. Ctebbln,
P. 0. Box 135
Visiting members cordially welcorn-
Presbyteriait Cbiircb:
Sunday morning service at 11 "
'cli '
Sunday   evening
7.30 o'clock
service   at' '
Sunday      School   and    Bible
Class at 3 o'clock
Presbyterian    Ouild, Tuesday,
at 8 o'clock
: Baptist Church
Paslnr, II. S. Speller.
Parsonage, Norbury Avenue.
'Phone. 281.      P. (I. Boi IM.
Regular Service*:—Sunday, II
a.m.    and    7.30   p.m.;   Ilible
; ; School    with     Youag   latdlee' i
I'hlletbea    and    Youag   Men's i i
lasi.1t> Class, 8 p.m.
Monday,   Young Peoples',   •
Wednesday, Mid-Week Meeting.
A cordial   Cbrlstlsn weltwrne <
< > to all.
Prealitant: T. .**-. Gill
J"Wr-»iury: S. Macih»nai.i>
i i Kui lulurmAtlon regarding lamia i
ami  ngricnltnro   anply   lo tli« >
Secretary, Cranhrook, B. G.
Every setoml \Ve<jneR<lay
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
Nineteen Years the Standard
Pruii'ritititl niul recoromemlfHl for wo-
men'i allmonta, n scientifically pre-
l>iin>il reineily of proven worth. The
reiult from their nro ll unick and pcr-
manoni.   For uie al all dra|itorei. TUB   CRAJNHHOOK   II KHALI)
Why Salves Can't Cure Eczema
Every Viewpoint Reveals Advantages
ANY way you look at the clothes question
you will find the best answer to your clothes
requirements in " Fit-rite." Some men lay
most stress on style. Others say wear's the thing
that counts. We say, you should expect both
correct designing and honest materials, and we
oiler you this combination in "Fit-rite" high-
grade garments for men.
__s__c -
B- C.
The Toronto   Globe's Western fan- fashioned and    furrowed lur tlio Open
atla edition has been Issued, to which ami gladsome life of man.
thc editor-in-chief, Mr. .1. A. McDon-.   "Uk* sinewy   upstanding West calls
aid, con tributes    tin* following Intro-, for the virile, tlie adventurous,     Ute
duction: [self-reliant from among the people ul
"The voice of iln* west is strong, Uie Bast. It oilers no chance (oi the
Sometimes it is boastful. Always it wastrel and tbe .vi-aUing, for its
Is confident. It is ilu* voice of a race is to thi' swift and its battle
youth wliost* (iist enthusiasms are tu ihe strong. Its door is .pm wide,
unquonehed am! tbe withers of whose but its n*wanls arc not foi Ute
strength are nnwninc. li is the as- tbewhss scions ot defeated families
sunt! antl steady voice "f a people'and its welcome is not gladdest tot
recruited from everj greal land, and the wonted remnants of backward
in whose volns are mingled the hlo.wis race* Send us the bCSl ye brood, .**
of every great race. I its long insistent call
"The West speaks to Ute East of "Not alone fm the best .-[ the
its prospects and of tis problems. Of [sons ami daughters of eastern homes
Its Prospects liist      In the sp,^e!i     ol   docs the   West call, but for the ition-
the West prospects are al>*.a\s him ,\s (|lim eastern banks, Uie output
The horisons of its lib* are so wide, from eastern factories, the handiwork
the perspectives aie sn entrancing,I (rom eastern mills, the merchandise
tlw romls running everywhither lead from eastern stores. Itself the great-
wi switMy to the gieat goal Success,,est stretch of farm lands the sun
that be is counted ■,• Faintheart win
best totes because   there aie problem
lo U- solved. jus soil in   exchange for the arts ami
"And lb.* DXpandlnp prospects      of!crafts of the older provinces. Clothes
tho  Wesl  warrant iln* undaunted op- for its people, furnishings for    theft
limisiii uf iis   people, ti would seem homes,  Implements  for   their farms,
as though   all-bountiful Nature,      at machinery tor their   industries — the
work Uirugh tbe creative nge> in   ber thousand   things    demanded    hy    ,\
mysterious laboratory, having enrich  people of   high standards  and goner-
nl the American continent, South and-ous    ways the   West requires today,]
Kast, here  wiib one favor ami there and everything of the besi.
with another, paused awhile on    ibc.   'Hut the   West   worrhtps at otter]
edge of    the vast silences ot Ibe West altars than tbo tireless shrine ot   thc
aud Nortii, and, as   wilb the Impulse grool god    Things.      It has its proof Invisb abandon,   flung fat ami widei phots by whom it is tcrevot reminded
ovei   prairie and volley ami mountain thai man  cannot live Iiy bread alone,
am! s<-a the gifts which elsewhere she Tb,- c(,ll.*gHiml   Sky Pilot goes over
vivifies     Into   harvoats-aW.flOO.OOO  l"
prairie acres— it tillers tlm fruits   oi
showing excellent results. I'p tt*, thc
present Cranbrook has been known
afmost exclusively as* a lumbering
center, and there are today some
twenty -  live      sawmills within
a       ratlins       of forty    miles
of ihe town. Hut here, as
at oih.*r points in tho province, the
necessity for agricultural development
as a basis of stability has Iwl to increased attention being paid
to the cultivation of the soil
It is computed that there are 8000,-
000 acres ol good farmin'i land
around Cranbrook, nf which only
some three or four hundred acres
ate .i- vot Under cultivation. An excellent market offers for all the produce that can be grown, lor the
Crows Nest mining dislrict is adjacent, ami the pralrlc provinces are
not far distant, where large quantities of foodstuffs have to bo Imported
"Crnnbroi k i showing a steady
growth, wilh some development in
the wholesale direction, which bids
fan t.i make it an Important dislri-
mter.   Tlie building of      the
Since thi1 old-Iasliinmd theory ol
curing eczema through the blood lias
been given up by scientists, many different salves have luen tried fur skin
diseases, Hut it has been found that
these salves only clog ihe pores autl
cannot penetrate to the inner skin l*e-
low the epidermis where the eczema
germs are lodged.
This—the quality of penetrating—
probably explains the tremendous success of the well known liquid eczema
remedy, oil ot wlntcrgrcen, thymol,
glycerine, etc., as compounded in D,
li, li. Prescription.
We have   sold     other   remedies fur
sl.iu troubles but nunc that we can
recommend as highly as lliis fur wc
know that D.D.D. slo|>s the itdi ut
Of course other druggists have 1).
Il.ll. Prescription—go to them if you
can't come to us—hut don't accept
Mune iiig profit substitute.
Hut if you come to our store, wo
tun tell you all about D.D.D. Prescription and how it cures eczema, be-
tause we have hat! the agency for su
Or yon can get a free trial bottle1
hy writing the D.D.D. Laboratories/
I" I'clhounie St,, Toronto, Ont.— '
Ciauhrook Drug and Hook Co.
A bulletin has been issued hy the
seed branch of the department of
agriculture, Ottawa, giving a full reprint of Ibe Seed Control Act, 1011,
which is the law governing the bale
of seeds in Canada. This act, witb
the regulations of tbe governor-in-
cuuueil, names the weeds which are
considered most noxious and are particularly legislated against and defines the standards ol quality in regard to purity and germination to
which seed of various kimls must eon-
form when sold for seeding purposes.
The standards for four grades ol
timothy, red clover,- alsiko ami alfalfa seed arc given and full information regarding the law as applied to
farmers and the way in which It may
be used for their protection.
Tlte second part of the bulletin
deals with seed testing work ami the
application of the law through seed
inspection* Seed lattoratorics arc
maintained in Ottawa and Calgary
for the use of seedsmen and farmers
whero samples are tested free of
Tho largest part of lhe bulletin
and perhaps Hint of most interest to
fanners deals with weeds and seeds.
About ninety different species are Illustrated and described and wilb ihe
use of the bulletin tbe identification
of both the growing plants and the
seeds should bo comparatively easy.
The weeds considered noxious under
tbe Seed Control Act are fllven lirst,
in botanical order. This bulletin will
he very Interesting ami useful to
those inlecested in tbe identification
and control of weeds ami the means
to adopt to prevent their introduction
anil spread through commercial seeds.
It Is known as Bulletin No. S—(i and
may be had tree on application to the
publications branch, department of
agriculture, Ottawa.
. 1 ,
Macbela, Nature's Scalp Tonic, t
only remedy ever discovered that
similar to the natural hair foods
liquids of thc scalp, lias a record I
growing hair—OS cases out of 1"
Price for complete home trcatmei
$l.oo. Sold ami guaranteed by t
Cran. itn ok Drug and Hook Co.
bestowed   but itngl) and with prudent hand.
"In ibis issue ol The Qlobe the
Wesl tells its own story, and waits
expectant for an aoswci it is the
new romance of   the new  Canada,
everj trait. The school slamis in
every settlement. Already each province has its university. Here and
there is hoocd tIh* voice of the dreamer of western dreams—the novelist
who ItnoWl the eamp and the canyon,
The island o( Vancouver, keeping sen-1 the poet into whose blood has gone
tinel on the great Pacific port, the passion and the tragedy ot the
boasts an area equal to Nova Scotia, quest tor the gold antl the wheat, the
and Its forest giants and fabled wistful seer who keeps alight tho in-
wealth of soil and mine await lho visible flame in the turbulent soul ol
coming of the people. All Hritish Co-,tho West. Not tor a living merely,
lumbia, coastline and interior, the but for a life as well, a more, ahund-
wide valleys of the Soulb nnd the ant life, the West speaks to the
nniualtheil   passes of the North,   the En-*t,
entire   province  Is crammed       with ,1. A. M."
wealth  and    liursling to yield      its    of the  Kast Korlcnay district gen- .„, ....
stores to a million   people whero now erally, and   Cranhrook in particular, to   $50.      nn-
hut a tew    thousands gather the rich the (llobe    has relatively little      to
flrst-fruils. ! say, but Ihat   little is more to    the
"Alberta    Ilea basking  under    the point than is    usual In eastern news-
clearest .sunshine Ihat ever filled Iln
sky, and from Ihe mountain-peaked
horlxnn line of the western foothills
down over fertile Saskatchewan and
Manitoba to tht* forcst-rlmmcd l.nke
of the Woods there rolls n limitless
and billowy expanse as if the gently
swelling sea ttsell   were fixed       and
The Globe says:
"In the vicinity of Cranhrook lies
probably what is Ibe largest area ot
virgin land tn British OolumWa-St,
Mary's Prairie. Tbe soil and climate are well n-lnpM to mixed farming, root    crops    and   small   fruits
ley of the Koolenay and down the
Columbia Valley to Golden on the
mam line ol tbe C.P.R. and the con-
structlon if a C.P.R. branch south to
Baynes Lake district, both of which
ar,* now under way, will help this development. A power company is establishing a Hydro plant at Hull
Itiver and will shortly furnish power
to the town, thereby affording faoiU-
lies [or tb'- establishment ol industries.
"Heal estate values are considered
very reasonable in tbe town, though
during the past year they have shown
a noticeable advance* Property near
the new post office site which could
have been secured many months ago
tor $800 is now* held at 12,600. Elso*
where in the lown there has lieen a
similar Improvement, ami this has
been accompanied by a population in-
crci.'.e that has meant the occupation
of all available buildings. A number
ot new blocks are to be erected this
"The land on St. Mary's Prairie,
and, in fact, the bulk of farming
land, Is now held by laud companies
nntl individuals, Tho average prices
run from (10 up to Mil nn acre nnd
on the prairie the range ts from (30
large compnny, the
Lund Land nm! Development compnny, purpose utilizing some six
hundred acres this senson tor demonstration work. They have already
hod some land under cultivation nnd
have had splendid results with potatoes ami small fruits. Tliere Is some
Irrigation in Hie district, tint this ts
not essential, though il is useful in
Starting orchards and in safeguarding
against possible dry seasons."
Boole and Elwell have two lots for
sale on Watt avenue, within the city
limits for (500. 10-1
The Herald is informed that the I
Order of Railway Conductors at]
their, last regular meeting on Sunday
took steps to expel Geo. K. Millet j
from (lie older because of conduct un-j
becoming a member of the O.R.T,
0. A. t'rosbie, of Vancouver, super-
visor of branches of the Royal Hank
in this province, has been a visitor in j
town during the week, inspecting the
loeal branch. Mr. Croshie was very j
favorably impressed with the business
outlook in this city and district.
Work is once more procecdin*;
briskly ui the sewerage system, up-.
wards of one hundred and twenty
men arc employed. On Tuesday a
start was made on the North llaker
lane sewer. The septic tank is ncar-
ing completion. It was routed over
this week.
City workmen have been busy all1
wivk eleaning up the Streets ami have,
made a good job of it.
Koit sai.K.-Household   furniture.I
almost new, ami ot the very best.j
Complete furnishings for six roomed
house. Inquire J. Payer, Garden Ave.!
city, or P. O. Hox 352. lC-2t*
Dr. and Mrs. W. P, (Ireen were   to
have sailed this week from Knglaml
for home. Dr. Green has been taking'
a post graduate course in Knuland.
21th, will be a gala occasion at the
Auditorium, when the Craubrook
Operatic Society will be "at home"
to their friends, Au enjoyable programme of musical events will he Interspersed with dancing, Keep the
dale clear.
Mrs. K. M. Macpberson is spending
a few weeks iu Lethbriilge visitinn
W. M. Krler has leased from .1. B.
Cully tho barber shop at the Cranbrook Cigar store for a period ot two
Miss Hazel Luml came up from
Wardner 0n Monday and is spending
Hit- week, the guest of Mr. ami Mrs.
Harold Darling.
Mr. ami Mrs. Kred Hurgcss, who
were recently married at Sarnia,
Ont., have arrived in the city and
nre the guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. G.
Tbe Western Union Telegraph Co.
have made • arrangements for th*
Northwestern League baseball returns to Cranbrook and they will bo
bulletined every day at Hit* Hotel
Crnnbrook, Cosmopolitan hotel ami
Cully's Cigar store.
FOR SALE.—Potatoes, will mature early; American Wonder, also
Early Ohio, Borco Early Manistee,
(1 per 100 lbs.*-E. Anderson ami Son
Wardnei, B.C. Hi-It*
The Canyon City I,umb*cr company,
Creston, expects to be making boxes
and crates by about April 25, sume of
the machinery having already arrived.
The addition which was necessary to
tbo mill plant to house the new
machinery has heen finished and
everything is in readiness for turning
out a large number of boxes ami
crates before the summer season is in
full swing.
Local Catholic circles arc greatly
Interested over thc forthcoming visit
to this city of Rev. Father Donnelly,
formerly of London, Knglaml, at present engaged in missionary work in
this province, with headquarters at
Vancouver. Itev. Mr. Donnelly will
i pen a series ol missionary services
iu the Catholic church, commencing
Sunday, April 28th* He will lecture
every evening on rellflfous subjects,
in the mornings instruction will bc
given preparatory to the sacrament,
and special sermons will be delivered
mi Su.-idays after mass. Rev. Fathei)
Donnelly has a continental reputation
as an eloquent and forceful preacher,
'lhe services he conducts are along
the line of "revival services," free
from anything of a sensational nature.
'Ih* Ladies' Aid, of the Catholic
church, are hclding a concert in the
Auditorium on Friday evening next,
April 10th. Great care has been
taken in the preparation of the pio-
iraiiime nnd a thoroughly enjoyable
musical evening is assured all patrons.
After thirteen years active busines
career in Moyie, Mr. R. Campbell has
decided t<> throw in his lot with this
eily. He has opened a general merchandise store in the Campbell and
Manning building on Hanson avenue.
Mr. Campbell is well known locally
as a bright, t
/^OME in and see the new spring
styles in Fit-Reform Suits und
They are worth looking at—we
promise you.
We'll show you styles and effects
that are jumping into favor —
because they are distinctly new
and distinctly good.
Even if you are not ready to buy,
come and see. You are welcome,
Is at its best a hard proposition    Let us
help you by sending our large
With an experienced operator
Call us up and have a talk about it
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Everything in Electrical Equipment
and be will doubtless soon realize;
that he made a wise move m coming
to i'i.mbrook.
IV. 1.   Johnston, formerly one      of
Campbell   and    Manning's   salrsmen
has ju.-t opened up in that firm's new
block on Hanson avenue, a well    ap-|
pointed refreshment parlor, where alii
the tlainties of tbe seascn can be ob-j
tained.        Ice   cream, confectionery,'
and   fruit   will    be specialities. The j
parlor   is   tastefully furnished      an-i
•rything is bright   and   attractive
making   it a   pleasant  resort for la- j
Householders are again reminded of;
tho necessity of having their hack'
yards thoroughly cleaned up before,
the end of the ii.or.th. Dr. Hell, city j
health officer and Fire Chid Poster j
hare this matter in haul and will be
sharp tm the tracks of all those who
neglect this duty.
Iatp'trt-xj la  t-.   . .,   .„.„ fcgfg
tt :.*.  *•■■■-   .*,   - ib#Kin*-'i St-edfiora,
Ri .   V- j    -  .      --:.--
A.J. WOODWARD, Sole Agent
E i -* I rasi
Bi   '.
.'.:-.. fietoria
n-rgetic   man of nffair:
WANTKn—Young woman to assist |
In care of children. References re-
nuirrd. Apply to Mrs. Nisbet at
Collage Hospital, Cranbrook.     lfi-lt
In addition to their line nt MAS-
Patmore Bros, have secured the agency for the well km wn INDIAN
MOTORCYCLES and are having
one rushed in by express fur exhibi-
tii>n purposes,   Watch loi the Indian,
Wednesday     evening   best,     April
After Childbirth
The depression ami the sense of
micr nerve fatigue experienced
by women blot-; out interest in
everything. The fist step towards recovery lies iu rebuilding
the worn out nerve fibres, which
in best bu done with Lecithin,
t'.ie form of Phosphorus required
for nerve repair.
Nervous Exhaustion
contains Lecithin (concentrated
from thousands of eggs) and
makes possible Ihis cure.
It feeds the nerves, Induces
sleep, quickens the appetite, aids
digestion, nnd soon restores full
nerve vitality. The beneficial
effects are evident almost from
the first dose.
Hot. Mule. ,0ilny.' Irralmmt. ,l.!A.
Obtain In.lu tlir mil afc-ruta.
Druggists, Cranlirook, ;.-. C
M "tiir.nl.
IH.I.Si l>wfnoC<v, (Vie Mfr'
Wot. Mien. I. irli-i - < >■
I East Kootenay |
Butcher Co. I
'; ___________ ®
!         MEAT  MARKET ®
®          _   Dealers In |
•           Fresh and Cured <»
®                    Meats. (»
Poultry, Game and, Fish   ®
in Beason. ®
mvr.    UM   A    llllll.
East Kootenay
Butcher Co. %
The Old P. Wood's
*   Tin: •
« »
* Columbian     »
* ♦
*, \. n iinarniitrdl pallsy. 'Unit .-.*>
4j istlstsotloa Is guaranteed in every *
4 '"■''"'•   **• Z
♦ Nelson Iron Works JJ
4. LIMITED        j.
^ n.1- an  ersr Increasing ilocki^
. Wiin* ihem (or particulars,        -
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
(KUROPJ ■>.*.
A n ■ li rn a [trip* ■   I   I      mod ••..'■■
ri ■ -
i:   •••   J!.''■».■:.:■:;
Corner ol Howard Bt.ai    Frt
Our hut* !nr)<*to r)1 trail.-
The Coeur D'Alene Company
raoi aissi ai
JAB0B 00ETZ, Presideol
HARRY I". BAER, Secretary
New, Dry
Tamarac Wood
For Sale
Cut in lengths lo suit.
Apply lo
R. S. McNeil
PHONE  81-c
Nelson's Leading Hotel
l.ooiiifl with l.iilit.   Tlm
every room
Barber Bbopon Lhe pmnli
Thnrotiifhly up to ilflti*.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
New 1911 models—of that reasonably priced ;;o-rarl—tlie WAGNER—leader   Yl\
of them all.    It's just the kind mothers can handle easily—just the kind baby   \\\
enjoys because it's so comfortable, roomy und —.—   — -.—_3H_—-
easy.  Under the seat—to absorb jar and jolt
—you'll line two nickeled coiled springs—just
what mothers and we dealers have been asking
for a long time.   It's always double pleasure to
show a
Good Hea.lth  t*******************************************************************
Quick Folding Go-Cart
because it's a guaranteed cart—wn know for sure
that you nro amply protected by the Wagner trade
mark: because the Wagner Cart makes ^ood
—fulfills all claims. The following are
some ol its superior features. See them for
yourself—come in, let us show them to you.
It's roomy and comfortable—hat adjustable, reclining back—hai large, roomy, four-bow hood—
hai springs that absorb jolt and jar, and make
riding easy for a baby of any age -opens or closes
with one movement of handle   it folds compactly, can be ca
anywhere -Its large wheels make easy riding for baby, easy whe
for mother—has strong brake that prevents accidents—it's beauti
finished in enamel and nickel—upholstered in high-grade leatherette.
Wish wc could tell you the whole story here.   We have a full lim: of the new 1911 models.
May wc have the pleasure uf a call—even though vou may not come to purchase?
$9.00 to C. C. 5.  $25.00
OF Tit T
ones, thoso to whom Lhey n.vtfl   pro-, anil three wero dismissed. As the Act
lection, take iheir way t<> safety.        reads at    present, successful prosccu-
w•Sinking »hy the head. Have cleared lions in the above offences an:    very
boats    1111 (1 (Hied     litem with women dlllleuK to obtain, ami it would bc a
The   loss ol   tin*   Titanic, thc 20.h
century triumph   of shipbuilding,   on
ber maiden   voyage, has sent a Uie.ll
of  honor    throughout     the   worlil.
Hen* in    Cranbrook, thousands     ol
miles away Irom the scene ot the disaster, entirely out of touch wilb seafaring   incidents, the excitement ovor
tin* meagre reports    of lhe calamity
was widespread,   and enquiries   have
been    pouring into   ibis    Office, ever
since tli.* first news of the wreck wus
received, asking lor latest details.
Camplctc del-alls of the horror   are
still lacking, but ihc billowing   New
"York dee patch, tells as much as wUl muHt ol them soon to be widows, til-
be known, until tho rescued possen-1..,- „,, rrom the cabins ami over tho
gers land: |sldc mid away to    life. Tbe men-by
New York.—Between 1,200 and fai ibe greater pni 1 nf Ihem—re*
1,500 persons, passengers and crew, innlnetl lo die, millionaire and pea*1
perished on Monday when tho "un- ant, am) men of middle class alike,
alnkable" Titanic, tbe JIO.ihio.ouu bravely it must have been, riiarlng
White star liner, went to the bottom eacb other's   lale, and going down tt-
of tne sea.                                          J a common grave.
So report tho steamers, which,    in,	
and children."
This was the linal message these
brave men sent to tbe world, lor U
was directly afterward that their:
signals sputtered and then stopped,
altogether, '
Tlw picture that Inevitably pre-!
seats Itself, in view ot what is known'
is i.f men like .lohn -Jacob Astor,
master ol scores of millions. Benjamin Guggenheim, of lhe famous family of bankers; lsador Strauss, a
merchant prince; William T. Stead,
veteran journalist; Major Archibald
W. Butt, soldier; Washington Roob-
ling, noted engineer—ol any or all of
these men stepping naldo and bravely, gallantly remaining 1 *• die that 07
the place be otherwise mlghl Imve ,|(|
lilltH could, perhaps, be taken by |{,
some sabot-shocd, sbawl-inshrouded,
Illiterate and penniless peasant wo-
' man.
The stream of women with toddling
infants or   babies     iu arms, perhaps
very bard matter to alter it without
running Iho risk of doing a serious In-
could not be found."
Vim and Vitality
Aro assured i! you will cleanse your
stomach ol undigested food and foul
gases; tbo excess bile from thc liver
ami the waste matter from tbe lu-
testincs and bowels by the use ot
tlio great Iruit, kidney, liver, stom-
aeh anil bowel remody.
At all dealers 25 and !i0 cent boxes
or mailed by The Fig 1*111 Co., Kt.
Thomas, Ont.
Sold by The I'rmibrook Drug and
Hook Co., Ltd.
In Nortii Kasl Kootenay, deep arc
said to bo mon* plentiful than they
have ever been known, In lho Okanagan, wlnie a few years ago It looked
as if Uny wn.* doomed, they arc got-
tlllg quite plentiful, and iu some parts
of tho district exceedingly so.
"Will tot ailed deer have Increased
well all throiirfi Kast Kootenay, but
in tbe southrrn pact ol this district loo many are being killed; it
has !>r*en reported that in the neighbourhood of Cranbrook 2nd hood were
killed In a very smalt area. Tho law
now allows five head to eacb man.
It might be well to restrict this
number to not more ihan two or
three rt any one species."
"It is not generally known that the
East Kootenay marten aro extremely;
high priced in tlie lur market. II
you want a really dark, prime pelt
it is from East Kootenay you must
look for it. They arc extremely scarce
there, as the whole country has been
systematically trapped by the most
experienced of our trappers and unless they are protected for a number
of years there is no chance f0r them.
The value of these furs might still
be a valuable asset to this dislrict."
ion statutes governing trout-fishing,
according to these laws the open
season for trout on the coast is from
answer to the Titanic's wireless'
shrieks for help, "Hurry, Hurry,]
Hurry," rushed lo her aid.
'there is little hope that the dread
report is not true. CM the 2,200
souls who wire aboard llie once
mighty Ship, 808 wen* saved.
The Titanic, the largest, most lux
urious—vaunted as the safest—
steamer tbat over Balled tho seas
collided with an iceburg at 111.15 p,
m. Sunday, in alioul latitude 11,40
north and longitude 50.11 west. Tliat
is, the Ill-fated boat was about 1,2011
mills easl ol Sandy Hook and about
unit miles Boulbcast of   Halifax, N.S.
The Titanic was the 20th century
triumph of shipbuilding. Yet, as always, wben puny man's tnlgbtiesl
work is brought in collision with nature's forces, sbe crumpled up when
--in* struck tho Iceberft
Hut, sbe struggled   lor her llle and
for the lives (,l those on board ber.
At 2.2U a.m. (Monday) she wcnl
to her hist resting place, sank by
the bead after lour hours slowly.
slowly, most of her thirty "water*
Ugbt" comportments bunting under
the pressure that no human mado
Titan tould resist.
Most of those saved wen- women
and Children; tin* splendid rule ot tho
sen   prevailed, 'Women and children
first."       These     Women antl ehiltlien,
in   boats    against   which   toe Son
crunched, were picked up by the Cllft-
ard steamer ( nrpatliin.
"During Ibe year lflll, as far as
i el urns have been received, there have
been seventy-four     informations laid;
out   of this number    there have been! March 20th (east of    120th meridian,
sixty-three    convictions, nine dlsrals-  May 1st) until November 15th.
sals, and in two cases the dclcndantsi    "The open season is all wrong. Hod
cniiii.d not lie found." Ashing for steel-heads in coast waters
"During lhe years 100D-10, bounties shnuld commence a    mouth or      six
were paid on •>'••• wolves, 'Its;! cougar,  weeks earlier, as by March 25th they
1,-151   coyotes,    851 hig-horued owls,   begin    to get off color. The so called
ami 2" golden    eagles.    Kor IQlO-ll,   Doily Vaidcn should not have a close
bounties    were  paid on 581   wolves,  season at all. Again, lu many ot   the
277 cougars, 8,053 coyotes, 2,285 big big lakes in the.interior, notably tha
owls,    ami 73 golden eagles, Okanagan Lake,    tbc huge lake trout
show a diminution of wolves is at its best    iu lhe winter months,
on Vancouver Island and cougar     on and iu some   of the smnim-r mouths,
the Mainland.   The enormous Increase when lhc open season is in, they   arc
of coyotes this year is probably    due spawning in thu small streams.
io    "mange" nn longer being as pre-(   "As    a    matter ol   fact,   to make
vahnt as ji was. The number of big- proper seasons   for trout throughout
horned owls is probably duo    to   tbc tbc   province is a    very hard matter
facl dial Die bounty on them became and requires a lot of careful consider-'
more generally known; as a matter of ation.    Diflercut   species    of    trout
faei, thej have been scarce on      tho spawn at different limes, according tc
coasi during llie past year." . thc district and local conditions.    It
I would he very hard tu lind a   month
in the year when there are nol trc-ut,
"The number of  general licenses is- spawning somewhere. |
sued is a few short of last season's. "Another mailer Ihat requires at-
lt would have been greater but for teiilion is some sort ol a bag limit
the fact tbat many sportsmen who In certain lakes, notably Fish Lake,
Winnipeti, April 17.—Thc news was wen* desirous of bunting In Kast near Kamloops, it is possible la
ceived   licit* tonight thai PresWonl
NO doubt you will require, at this house
cleaning season, some new floor
covering. Our stock at this time is in
excellent condition for your inspection and
selection. We have just placed in stock a
large consignment of
direct from England. This shipment contains a beautiful
assortment of patterns, and we will be pleased to have you
inspect our stock and get our prices before placing your
order.   Our range of
Mattings and Grass Rugs
is larger than ever before. These are nice for summer use,
and save work.
2nd Floor
2nd Floor
LOST.—Between St. Eugene hospi-l
Inl and six mile ]'nst one brown
pi-ip wilh small black satchel, con-J
saining bunoh ot toys.    Finder please
return to llcralil olliee.
Hays ol
pass, ngei
Carefully compiling the. available
lisl*. the r I nl tbc Identified survivors ol the disaster stands si^ul-
Ooantly ihns Men 78, women 233 and
children Id.   Total, :««..
ol the   remalirlog 640 known    sur-
rlvors ii is estimated ihat not
Ihan 100   were seamen required
Grand Trunk Pacific,    a
lhe Titanic, is    among
men who were rescued.
Koolenay could noi obtain guides at summer months lo catch list, by tla
the lime Ihey required thorn. East hundreds. This is no exaggeration.|
Kootenay, Including lhe districts «t Two men, a year or two ago, caughtj
Columbia, Ferine and Cranbrook, had 1, Hm (Ish in a lew days, and leli
a   record year lor tourists, anil      as  mosl of them to rot. j
many as thlrty-ono general, seventeen "Trout may not bc caught unless
hear, and twelve anglers' licenses Uny are 8 inches in letfilb, nor a I
were issued." | trout Ih? sold under 3 lit. in weight.
The latter would Ih- an excellent regulation if the   word "trout"    were
"In lhe Columbia dislrict of   East carefully defined and the law onioned
Kootenay there has now been a three
B. 0.
years' open season, and while cows
are plentiful, calves are scarce. It is
evident that too many hulls have been
killed, and there should in- another
close season declared.''
I'lie Dominion authorities have always considered that trout arc a
menace    to lhc salmon industry, and
question is    open lo argument;  less, and    also an extension to    the
Invite   tenders  lor   the slnkinn ct
winze a distance ol lcr, leel, more or
to do well in spile of the past severe
winter.    It is    extremely   lortunate
Ihis question is    open
but granted that they are, there are'present tunnel on tlte Aurora mine at
many thousands ol miles ot streams Moyle, B.C. The contractor to pro-
I anil lakes in this province which are vide all supplies.and outtit necessary
not Iroquented by salmon at all, or,! but Ihc company will permit the use
' ol whatever tools and equipment now
and lliesc waters should receive at- on hand at the mine,
tent ion. Especially so is this the case '
'In Kast Kootenay wapiti continue at «J raU'-   •» a W smal! «*«'*
in I'.lioof (ilins' famous play "TTirec
Weeks." at Opera House Koit
Monday Bvcatng.
man ihc boats,     This would    leave)standing
approximately   140, and in the ordinary proportion of women and children
in the steerage, where the passengers
(Continued from page one)
"The   oiillit   ol the Sloncy Indians
managed to get over Irom Alberta in
to East Kootenay this year, ami  an
reported  to have done some damogo
rnr.rc' Ii is to  he regretted Ihat the deputy
to; at    Athelmer,   owing to a rnlsundcr-
was nol on il'it v at
particular lime, us about the same
time there were a nllllllier ol other
serious   offences by while men.    The
In the Titanic's ears numbered 710,1 valley ol lho Kootenay needs oonlln-
ii seems probable the greater part oljual watohlog, and ii is most advls-
these 11(1 were women nnd their' able Hint the deputy lor Ihis distiict
"tf« ""es. j Ih- a permanent man."
Nothing could show more plainly "There have been a great many com-
Ihe heroism nl ihe crew and lhe men plaints ihis year ol people running
Passengers, who stood by lhe doomed den with hounds. I*. n number ol
ship facing Inevitable death, and cases Investigation proved Uml lho
sent the women and children away hounds wero out hunting on their own
In lhe llleboats. Some would have account, and were in ihe habit ol do-
to be Ml, Hint wns a certainty, ing so. In other cases there wns no
Hundreds, in Inci, were left, flat to douhl. Hint the owners ol the hounds,
nil appearances Ihe men who were nnd others too, were deliberately liifc-
lelt stuu-d behind deliberately, calm- inn part In Ihe chase, and five dlflcr-
ly, stepping     aside to let the weaker   ent cases     wire brought up I* eoutl.
i the number ot men out hunt- ""**,°f*ln8 ,n
hut nl late vear
lhal the close season was extended,
as wiib I bu coal strike on in thai
(Hit i
inn would have boon enormous, ami
far too many animals would have
been killed. It seems a pltv lo o|w*n
tbo season nl all for at least a
COUple more years. Fresh country is
si ill being stocked; every season they
are being beard of in new territory,
and il seems unwise to run any risk
nf si-iimis damage until (he whole
tlistriet is fully Stocked. There on- also reports ol wapiti being wen la
several districts on the Mainland
where they have n»t been heard of for
years. Some i [ these reports art' un-
doubtcdly line, anil it really l<n»ks as
if, wiib proper reservation! there is a
good chance of several districts once
mure having these magnificent animals." I
Por further information address
throughout     the   whole    KooUiuy,, THE AURORA   MINING AND Mil.
where there used lo bc some of    the LINO CO., LTD.
thc whole province, 1 T, O. Jones,
Acting Secretary,
owing to neglect, is
rapidly deteriorating. In this district 12-3t
lhe s«M*alled "squaw fish" arc ra-
pldly replacing lhe trout, and while
snwtltisi and lishing may have helped
in Ila* depletion, the,extermination of
the "squaw fish" would do most
pun I towards bringing up the stock
of trout; a hatchery on the Arrow
l.al.> would be a great thing, but the
**st(naw lish" should receive attention
first. |
"I nder present Conditions, laws
arc made by the Dominion authorities
dealing with these matters, some aro
good ami some Ibe reverse; but no
matter to which class they belong,]
they are not enforced, and there is j
general dissatisfaction throtighmit the
.very spring and winter there are
Cranbrook, B. C.
Held In Carmen's Hall
CoWicicd b> Mr*. K. A. R4CKLVBPT !
Oerttdcstod Teacher imn
l.mi.I.ui School IIouhI
We have still some good snaps in this property. These are going fast, and we advise
you  to partake in this one great opportunity.
Vim Hornc Street. l'hone Hill
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Meats arc Government
Head Olfice. CALGARY, ALTA.
I. C.
lill., Ill ,
10 I l'.lll.
I'lioNK iil'ii P.O.BOX -'•»
i *********************
"In Kast Kcotcnay, sheep have niimbrrs ol men fishing nut ol season;
heen very searee; it Is nni Ihat sn Ihere are numbers wlin would like tn
many hove, beta killed by onr penple, <'" s" »lso. but *'"1 nnt because there
Inn excessive, limiting has driven the Ih a law against it, This ls not a lair
slleep Irom tho main ranges nver intn deal In a cnnseienllnus sportsman
Alberta, where Ihey have lallen a '•»' "s have proper laws made, and
prey tn the Slnlii'y Indians. This is '"* H"™ be enlorcefl nr else do away
especially   the ease   ol    thc Knrding M'"h """"• altogether. |
River Haniie, nml 11 is mosl advisable "These matters cannot he prnperly
In declare n rinse season there, not retaliated Irom Ottawa any morn than
nnly (or sliii|i, but Inr all other can thc game laws, and they should
llierclnre bc In the hands ol the!
provincial authorities. II this were
lhe ease, a vast imprnvement would
lie made and Judgment necessary tor
prnlccling Irout could lie used, so as
li i years pasl; this applies to all nnt to interlerc with Ibc salmon In-
sncclcs, const, mule, and white-tailed, duslry." '
nmnl rv
a whole,
il •
nnt    tiein
plnil iliil
Strawberry Plants:;
i Scssl.r Duslop aoil Parlon'* tcauly , ,
Two of lho most liunlv nml
prwluetive varieties. .
i    ProlHignteil umler tlie most ,,
J | fnvoniulo coiulitiniis from the
<, It. M. KeH'w strain of pedigree plants.
; Price }I0.00 per Thousand i!
1 f.o.b. Wynmlel *|
10% Discount on all onlera ] ',
with rciniltiineo in full   re
ccivetl before March 20lh.
Wynmlel, 11.0.
Have mi ill un hand fnr Bprlog I'lanling
Wnicencr Northern Spy Wealthy
Jonathan rttlnto.h Red Wincsnp
Snows (Iravenslcin King David
Rome Beauty Ked Checked Pippin
Plums, Pears and Pcnchcs
Kslalilisbed ill Ml.   I'.'.'i Aim*
P. H. WORTHINIITON,  Local Agent
Don't Miss Hearing
Toronto Male Quartette
Dndorthe leadership of
Cnnnilii's UrenteHl BiiBSii-Cuntniite
nt the
Methodist Church. April 17th
Where to go for First Class Job Work


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