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Cranbrook Herald Jun 8, 1916

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THURSDAY, JUNE 8th, 191'!
For nearly two years Belgium Ims
been trampled In tho dust under the
Iron lieel nr tlie Prussians. Tlie miseries of tiie people havo not lioon forgotten Imi It Ih only occasionally tlmt
Die curtain Is drawn aside nnd Hie
real misery Hint prevail". Is shown. A
Strong uiniei.l for old Is sent Iiy un
Amerlcnn rollof agont, who writes:
"I   linve  seen   tlltlllsullllM    nl'    people
lined ui' In tiie snow or ruin. soaked
nnd cllllloil, wultltlg lor lirend uud
liolip. I lune relurued to llie tlllllrl-
limine station*, nt Hie end of tlle Cat
uud hnve fount* men. women nnd
children, still stiiiidluit In Hue, hut
Inter compelled lo go back tu their
pitiful liotnoa, cold   weak uud miser-
llllle.    It  Willi lint until  IS vvenry hours
uftorwnrtl Hint they gol (he inoul thoy
hull missed. The 'nienl' Is lliree Illicit
nllees  ut   lirend   uud   ll   pint   id   simp
. . . Picture the nieiitnl condition id
people witiiout work tor mure than ii
year und u hull", dully luce to face witli
tlie possibility nf starvation, eut nft"
from communication wltli the ontBtde
world by barbed wire uml armed cordons. There lire 8,000,000 tints Buffering und destitute."
Local Bubsoriptlons mny be left ut
Tlie lleruld ollice or with Mrs. J. II.
King, und will ull be acknowledged
through the columns of The lleruld.
Thn total subscribed to date Is $57.26
from the following donors:
C. A. Cock %!>, Miss Mary Burton fl,
Mrs. W. J. Munlcy BOc, Mr. und Mrs.
M. McCrlndle $2.50, O. W. P. Carter
»10, I). A. Kay $2.50, T. 11. Kay $2.50.
Mrs. It. T. Williams $2.50, Mrs. Pownall $10, Mrs. Q. \V. Johnson. $2.50 Noel
Wallinger 25r, Dr. J. H. King $5. Dr.
P. Miles $2, A friend $2.50. Mr. Howard $1, Donald S. Burton 50c, Mrs. A.
C. Harshaw $2, G.I.A. to tlio II. ot It. T.
Recruit* Continue to Mini l|>- Kill-ill
Being Added During the Lasl Week
-Fernie Still Leads
Recruiting for B. Company of the
225th lias been very brisk during the
past week, no less than fifteen men
being signet! on. B. Company now
numbers 130 men. A Company In Fernie Is up to 180 men bo It is up to
Cranbrook to get an extra hustle ou
to make up the fifty odd we are behind
the Pernie total. Though the response
to the call has been very good there
are still a number of eligible men who
could serve their country letter in
uniform than in the positions they now
('.apt. George and Asst. Adjutant Sen-
man were in the city last week, the
occasion being tbe semi-niontlily pay
to the members of B. Co.
Lieut. Richardson. O. C. of B. Co..
Lleuts. Brechin, McCreery and Harris,
and Corp. Boyston took In the Regimental dance at Fernie last night The
dance was a huge Biiccess, the receipts netting over $110 towards tho
recruiting fund.
Some of tho later recruits ot B.
Company are still without uniforms
but these are being rushed forwurd
with all possible despatch and Bhould
be here in the course of a few days.
The men make a very smart appearance marching along the streets of the
city on tlie way to the drill grounds.
and B. Company will compare favorably with any other Compnny of similar length of training, not only in
proficiency in drill but also In physical fitness and size of the men.
In the return gnme of baseball between the Royal Hotel nnd tin* Soldiers tlie boys in klinkl again demonstrated thnt they could play hall ns
well ns handle a rifle by trimming Un*
Roynls by n score of S to .1.
Three morn recruits came io from
Athalmere Tuesdny night, nnd. like
tlio former hutch of men who came
from thnt part of the country, they
nre a welcome addition to IV Company
ns they arc nll » most desirable cluss
of men.
Private a K. (Bart) Parker ims
transferred tn the Regimental Band
at Nelson and will be a mosl desirable
addition to the band men of thai city,
though n loss to musical circles here.
The Michel quota of "A" com pan j
numbering tUty-flvo offlcora and men,
whu have been quartered ai Michel
Bill CO the (late or their enlistment,
were brought  to   l*Vrnh* Inst   week   to
go Into barracks there with the bal-
clire of the compiiny. They will remain in Pernio until tho battalion is
ordered to mobilisation camp.
Col. J. Mackay, 0 C. 835th. hns received notification from Phoeulx. B.
t\ that the cttlsens of that place do-
sire to present to tho battalion Instruments for the hiiinl to the value of
8,000. Ill making this offer it Is stated
(tint tiie town of I'hoenix lfl unable
ut  this  time  to   furnish   iveriilts   for
the battalion, and in view nf this thoy
desire to lend their asBlstanoe iii an
alternative manner and consequently
tholr doololon to furnish the Instruments for the battalion was ncoopted.
A concert and dance will be given
In the Auditorium tomorrow, Friday
night, by B. Co. A concert will he
given by local talent from 8.30 to 10,
followed   hy  n  dance   from   111 to  12.
Mush* by the Cranbroolt Orchestra.
Following nre tlu* names of the new
Lewis   Hen   COK,   married,   inilliiuni.
Thomns Nortli, married, fIranian Knglish.
Frederick Murray, Blngto. prospector,
John Uden, single, laborer, Russian.
Thos. Noble McNeil, single, rancher,
John Davldovltcli, single, lumberman,
II. I. HcGuffle Getfl %"*m Damage* for
Auto Accident—Kootenay Orchard
Test Case Still On.
Supreme Court opened last Monday
morning belorc His Lordship Mr. Justice Clement,
The lirst case was that of HuOnfHfl
vs. Tweeilel. This is an action for damages for an automobile accident, ami
was tried before the following jury.
VV. Attridge, foreman, A, Raworth, it,
Hrown. A. Bridges, A. B, Smith, H.
Carr 12. II. MoPlloc Jas. Martin. Tic
uccldont occurred In the full of 1914,
II. c. McGuffie •was n passenger on an
auto Btugo fm- the round trip Pontic
ion to Koremeos and return the staff*
being rim hy It. Twoodle of Korameos
tin tlio return journey Tweedle's car
was filled and lie ashed McGuffie to
ride lu anotlior car. The driver of
the oilier car smashed Into two bridges
eiose together, overturned the car, and
threw McGuffie Into the creek, as a
result of whieh Mcduffie claimed to
lmvo suffered for a year and ii half
frum neurasthenia, to have been laid
off work part of the time, mid to have
been caused other loss and damage.
Tlu? defence clniined that as the other
driver wns not In their employ they
should not hi* held responsible Tor his
action, A verdict of $700 and costs
was given for McGuffie, Mr. Ladner of
Vernon for lift., A. B. Macdonald for
The case of Williams vs. Shields was
commenced Tuesday and Is still in
progress. This Is a test case of the
associated settlers in the Kootenay
Orchards claiming reclsion of agreements of purchase and damages for
fraudulent representations at time of
Bale by the vendor and his agents and
in literature sent out by the same.
This is being tried witiiout jury. Thc
ase opened Tuesday with the plaintiff,
It. T. Williams, under examination all
afternoon nnd thc following morning,
after which His Honor adjourned the
■ourt to allow consultation between
he plaintiffs nnd defendants in an effort to reach a compromise, without
rejudice to either side. The vendors
offered to reduce the price one half
which was refused, and the case continued at two o'clock Wedncsdny afternoon. Mr. Stender, Mr. Gilpin and
Mr. Binning were in the box in the
fternoon for the plaintiff, the two
former ns to clearing work done for
Mr. Williams nnd conditions on their
own locations In the sub-division. Mr.
Binning was called to give evidence
re photos placarded "('ranbrook Fruit
In Kootenay Orchards" prospectus,
which the plaintiff claimed were of
Creston fruit exhibited nt the Cranhrook fair. A. B, Smith occupied the
land Thursday morning. The case
wns still In progress yesterday afternoon.
to show ihat tiiere are sufficient dairy
cows in the district tributary to I raii-
hrnolt to support a flourishing creamery if nil dairymen will do their share
by sending in what cream thoy can,
The otlier end of the bUHlneM, the
marketing of the CiniBlied product, Is
likely   tO   prove   the   tinniest   problem
duriug the slimmer when there Is sucli
an influx of butter from the prairies,
Cruubrook citizens can do much to
help out by always asking for the
product of the local creamery, which is
for sale at tho creamery and at all
grocers, their brand being called
"Kootenay Brand". It hns the advantage of being much fresher than it is
possible to get any imported article,
and the quality is uniformly good.
Tlie management guarantee every
pound tliey turn out and will very
willingly replace or refund the money
on anything tliey turn out if it is not
satisfactory nnd In every way up to
tlie mark. If citizens will remember
the fact that money spent for butter
or otlier products of our own creamerv
stays in this district, being paid to the
farmer who In turn pays it back to
the tradesman or professional man,
it will not be necessary to remind
them further of the wisdom of patronizing "home industry." Price and quality being equal tiie home product
should have the preference every time.
The creamery has made two churn-
ings this week, as well ns making a
considerable quantity of fee cream.
The Ice cream is made out of pure
sweet cream and Is a very smooth
article, true to its name "Velvet." It
also is for sale in hulk at the creamery
or at the Ice cream parlors.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Women's Institute was held on Tuesday afternoon in the Maple Hall and
as usual was well attended. Mrs. W.
B. MacFarlane at the outset made
feeling reference to* the calamitous end
of Lord Kitchener and his staff and
nlarged upon the extreme loss to the
Hritish Kmpire. Tlie members rose
;uiil sang reverently "God Save our
Splendid Men" followed by the National Anthem and the Maple Leaf. Mrs.
Anne Kennedy led tlie singing nnd
arranged the social program for the
A copy of the Cook Book recently
compiled by members was passed a-
rounil nnd a discussion arose as to the
kind of cover most suitable it being
agreed to carry out tlie colors of the
Institute if possible nnd a charge of
50 oenta be made for each copy.
Committees were appointed to arrange a cookery sale on Saturday afternoon. June 17th, providing a rendezvous can be secured nnd full particulars will be given in next week's
Herald. A letter was read from the
President of the Advisory Hoard encouraging the Women to put forward
every effort in patriotic work and regard Buch as 'conscription for women'.
\ little wool is still on hand for malting socka which Mrs. MacFarlane hoped would be knitted up by July meeting.
nf the scheme for tlie day was
a demonstration by Mrs. Clapp- "What
Dishes   to   Prepare    When    Appetites
Need Coaklng." Unfortunately Mrs.
Clapp was too HI to attend and Mrs.
Henderson Kindly came lo the rescue
with some very skilfully aud tastefully prepared dishes warranted to
tempt the poorest of appetites. Re-
elpes were given. Mrs. MacFarlane
I'o I lowed with a demonstration on
"How to Preserve Strawberries Uncooked." This was splendidly given
to the minutest detail and by carrying out the Instructions it is possible
to keep them in this way fnr two
years or longer,
The afternoon was somewhat marred by the loss of Mrs. Geo. Couldwell
who is leaving for New Westminster
Mrs. Palmer In a happy little Bp-nch
spoke of her membership from the Inauguration of the Institute nnd moved
a hearty vote of thanks. Mrs. Ren-
man hi seconding the motion also In
men ted her severance with the Inst)
and hoped she would return to
Crnnbrook In tho near future.. In reply-
Mrs. Couldwell expressed her gratl-
le, regretting her removal from
Cranbroolt but would still take a practical interest In the work of thn Women's Institute.
It was decided to hold the usual
acting on July 4th at the Maple Hull
and tlio ptenlc to take place the day
following when it was hoped members
would Invite their husbands, friends
and families nud make it a community
affair. Mrs. Beech %nve an excellent
pianoforte solo and Mrs. Spence a
humorous reading, after which refreshments were served.
Crjiiihr.i-ilt   Creamerv   Is   Gettlug   the
Cream and Seeds the Patronage
oi' All Citizen*. In Dispose
nt' Tlieir Butter-
That the Cranbrook Creamery is going to menu much to the tarmers ot
the district  Is  already  being   proven
by tiie patrons who are now bringing
in their cream.   On Saturday Inst Mr.
Roy Myers ot Cherry freek brought  .'iu'hiTsonril.'Jecks R. LoaBk, M. Mac-
ln two oaas, one of sweet cream and k,nnon<  A   McBirntfl.   M.Mann,   0,
if sour,  for which   he  received Moth c, st Biol, H. Stepson H. Smith
$88.08,.the crean lng oi exception- c Taylor ,  Ward £ Po8U}r- Average
ally good  quality,    Mm* amount  oi
cream being sent lu is exceeding the!
ixpectatlon of the promoter! and goc
Division 1
Perfect attendance-—C. Armstrong.
William Atchison. & Beattie, M. Baxter, Q. Brookes, M. Dallas, M, Drum*
mond. A. Davis. J Hopkins. (J Musser, J Noble G Parnaby, 1). Heed, A
Reekie, M. St. Biol, O Thompson, (j
Tavlor, J. Love,   Percentage 87.81.
R. S. Shields principal
Division 2,
perfect attendance—X Belanger, I
Bidder. F. Bridges, D. Hrown, E, Cummings,   11    Deacon.   Ing   Wai   Hoy,  1
attendance 81.10, percentage 02.85
Ivor Bassett vice-principal.
lii.Muit S
N. Beech, M. BeJongor. A. Hrown,
r Chapman, O. Hamilton, M. Morrison, D. Reekie, a. Sarvis, V, Sarvis,
k Simpson, U, Taylor. K. WoBcon. K.
Williams. B, Lech re, M. Druiittnimd.
K. Snook. Percentage 03.86. Honor
Roll- C. chapman 83, (1. Hamilton 32,
D. Bennett S2, K. Wasson -Sli, N, Beech
S.J, A. Sarvis Hli. K. Snook SI, E. Mur
gatroyd "!). B. Woodman 78, M. Morrl*
sou TS. 10. Couldwell 77, V. Sarvis 77."
10. M. Bechtel, teacher.
Division 4.
tl. Armstrong, K. Black, J. Brake, C,
Carson, M. Fenloy, L, Hill. A. Horie,
.1. Kirkland, M, Messenger, H. Musser,
It. Parker, F. Roberts. J. Stevens, R.
Somervlllo. Honor roll—R. Somervllle, !,. Hill, 10. Lewis, M. Brake, J.
Stevens, J. Moffatt. Percentage attendance 96.21.
H. Glegerlch, teacher,
Division .">.
Perfect attendance—N, Caslake, B.
Chapman, It. Eakln, J. Frost, C, Henderson, M. Henderson, E. Hogarth, S.
Johnson, J. Logan D. Morrison, J.
.Mueller, W. Park, T. Reekie, A. Somervllle, R. Scott, O, Woodman, A. Brake,
II. Leclerc. Honor roll—C. Henderson,
V. Kummer, C, Musser, A. Gill, T.
Patmore, A. Brake, R. McMillan. Pupils enrolled 46, percentage 88.08.
,1, M. Richards, teacher.
Division tt.
Perfect attendance -D. Baxter. E.
Clarke, M. Clarke, M. Henderson,  It.
II, Wong Hum. 1,. Jecks, W. Lee,
It. Lister, V. Lister, C. MacKinnon, A.
Messenger, H. Mueller, H. Somervllle,
M. Somervilic. R. St. Eloi, E. Spence,
U. Taylor, .1. Taylor, 8. Fyles, C. I^ees.
Honor roll—R. St. Eloi, E. Parrett, V.
Lister. W. Jolllffe, Louise Kelsey, A.
Jolllffe. Percentage attendance 89.64.
B. Pye, teacher.
Division 7.
Perfect attendance—M. Brogan, M.
Carson, J. Dixon, D. Ewin. 10. Jecks,
S. Kimball, R. Ladds M, Leask, A.
McDonald, G. Moseley, M. Park, F.
Roy, D, Thompson, W'. Taylor, E.
White, D. Whittaker. C. Gon Yee, P.
Hawksworth, P. Kennedy, B. Murgatroyd. E. Elwood, J. Hlng.   Honor roll
J. Wilson. G. Johnson, A. McDonald,
C. (ion Vol, F. Hawksworth, J. Brogan, W. Stewart. J. Hlng. Aggregate
attendance 885.5, percentage 93.60.
iO. Msher, teacher.
Division S.
Perfect attendance—D. Brooks, C.
Blaney, 10. Atchison, A. Chapman, B.
Cliarbaneau, M. Godderis, H. Godderis,
D. Henderson. F. Hep Chang, D. Jecks,
S. Lee, M. McDonald, K. Parrett. V.
Rov. A. Shankland, K. Strachan, R.
Taylor. E. Willis, A. Wallinger, H.
Kemball, R. Kelly L. Jordan. Honor
roll—A. Shankland. W. Snook, L, Jack-
on, 10. Bowley, E. Atchison, A. Chapman, H. Godderis, A. Wallinger.
N. 10. Faulkner, teacher.
Division il.
Perfect attendance—A. Badham, P.
Blaney, A. Cahlll, G. Chapman, M. Vox,
(!. Dale, I   Dezall, D. Frame, H. Gnid,
It. George. S. Harris, D. Haynes, K.
Harrison, S. Jolin, H. Ladds,  W.  McDonald,   1.  Mueller,  S.  Manning.    D.
Mosely, J. McFarlane, M. Mitchell,   E.
Speers. L. St. Eloi, B. Si«nce, H. Simpson, E. Walsh, P. Walsh.   Number enrolled -14, percentage of attendance 92.
lienor roll—A class: S. Harris, L. St.
Elois; B. ClnssiF. Binning, J. Wallinger; C. Class: J. Russel, Ivy Dezall.
Miss McLennan, teacher.
Manual Training School
Reader   Percentage      Order of Merit
I From "The Mountaineer", tiie
Battalion newspaper)
March    Year
Maid Wanted—For general  housework.   Apply Mrs. Clapp, phone 266.
Nicholas   Hondron,   single,   laborer. |    RflV. Mr. McClintock of Brantford.
Joseph Monnell, single,    lumberman,
Prench-Cun ad km.
Herbert Huggins,    single,    rancher,
Walter Reade, marled, clerk, English.
Jack Bridge, single, rancher, English,
Ernest Denser, single rancher, English
Henry   Tlckner,    widower,    rancher,
Alex. Danieiovitch, married, laborer,
Sydney Phillip Moore, single, laborer,
Out., is the new Presbyterian pastor
nt Fcrnie—for four montlis' stay.
Miss Glegerlch was hostess at the
Tennis Tea Saturday afternoon. There
was a large attendance of members.
Baldness is caused by a microbe
which destroys the hair root and
closes the pores. The Rexall "93"
Hair Tonic arrests this process. Rold
at alt Rexall Stores.—The Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
ix ft
Tlie discovery of molybdenite on the
St. Marys River was announced a
short time since. A sample of the vein
matter has since been sent to thc Provincial Mineralogist at Victoria who
states that it also contains bismtlthlte-
or bismuth glance, worth about $:i a
pound according to the latest quotations. Tlie bulk of this material comes
from the Bolivian Andes, South America, where it is found sparingly nt
altitudes over 16.000 above sea level.
A small quantity is procured from
One of the chief uses of bismuth is
In pharmacy where in the form of the
iubnltrate It is administered in acute
cases of dyspepsia and also in dysen-
Por these disorders it is looked
Upon ns the safest medicine so far discovered. A very interesting quality of
the metal is its power of expanding
as it cools from the liquid to the solid
form. On this account it is of special
use in making high grado castings,
especially sucli as nre needed for
electrotype work. Another peculiarity
of bismuth is its power of lowering
the fusing point ot metals associated
with it in thc form of alloys. For
this reason it is mixed with tin and
lead to form the fusible plugs used
in automatic sprinkler Installations
in theatres and other public buildings. Further it may be said tliat it
rarely occurs except in combination
with gold.
That spelter will maintain its present price of close around Dl cents
per lb. is doubted hy everyone iu
touch with market conditions. When
about a year ago the price went to
previously unknown heights prophets
foretold that hy the end of 1915 it
would sag to ti. or Sc The production towards the end of last year
was fifty p-er cent In excess of what
it was in the lirst quarter, yet the
price still kept soaring. Production
is now steadily reaching out after the
market and once it gels fairly abreast
ot thn demand, look out lor serious
hreaks in the market and a BlacknosB
in the demand for zinc ores. Some
of the mining papers say spelter took
a boom more or less on general principles, as a 'war-baby,1 What will
further induce a lowering of spelter
prices is the steady extension of the
electroyllic method of zinc separation.
All the big companies seem to be experimenting wltll it the Kellog people
in the Coeur D'Alenes being a very
notable example.
Copper is the steady darling of the
metal operators. Time was, not so
long ago either, when the Idea of
the real 101 Dorado wns associated
with nn assured market nt 15c a lb.
Now tin* metal Is close hy the BOc mark
and has held at that for many a day.
Copper, In the form of brass, Is being
burned up, torn up, shot away and
destroyed for commercial purposes, In
piantities never realized before all
along tlie various battle fronts in Europe. It will liave to be made good out
of the  natural  source of nil metals,
the  mines of  tin*  world.    When  the     „,    ,,     „    , ~7,       ,    ,, , ,,,„
supply will, in this case, overtake the ( The Practical Exam nations o the
demand is a long question and a dlffi- Associated Board of the Ro>al Acad-
cult one to answer. It will, at any '''"■l,^1"^ T , ' !M ?uE
rate, take years and years. This out- \_ M,1B,lct,we/enheid ^Wffi ^
look ls what assures the copper pro- 32nd ,at P™\ V\ht.MMJ *}*?%the
ducer the smile which won't come off. examiner being Arthur Hanton, Esq.
He knows he can make a profit on The following condidates were suc-
llc copper. He cannot fail to make a ce8Dsf"1:~ bv\T\KXw^T fc"
fortune at 30c and a rapid one. This --Primary BoBsle Woodman. Jean
will give our low grade copper ores wi,B,,l1'; Vera* Woodman, Richard
a chance to assert themselvos-that tt«BMl1; Martha McBuntey; Elemen-
is, if we could only raise up our hearts lt,vr>' Division: Augle Davis, Dorothy
to a reasonable pitch of hope and ftilth McKowan. Evelyn Hill, Margaret Sarin the country around us. Borne of us vl8i ,'mv,'r Wv-sion: John Noble;
believe. Wo huve the faith. We shall \W°*\. hlS,ier d vision: Reta Cameron;
liave. also, the kingdom of realization, vocftl, Intermediate local centre, Mrs.
If we fall the stranger shall Inherit |Jean Illllto11
Sr. IV ...
Ir. IV ...
sr. Ill ...
Int. Ill ..
■Ir. Ill ...
Honor Roll—D. Finniss, O. Thompson. W. Laurie, H. Smith. 1). Brown,
O. Gill, D. Reekie, N. Beech, V. Woodman. It. Musser, J. Frost, C. Musser,
E, Hogarth, J. Logan, J. Mueller.
Albert H. Webb, teacher.
Division 1.
Perfect attendance- R. Askey, C.
Bassett, J. Belanger, G. Coleman, M.
Darr. .1. Drew, A. Finley, M. Horie, H.
l.hmell, A. Shaw. s. Shaw, L, Sneddon.
13. Williams, J. Malone.
A. Woodlands, teach er.
Ilhlslon S.
Perfect attendance—P. Belanger, N.
Black. K. Bassett; J. Cassels, B. Eakln,
Mack llorrle, A. Murdoch. F. Malone,
P, McDonald A. Williams.
J. M. Deane, teacher.
To move the 500 troops that nt present constitute the 225th Overseas Battalion to Vernon, would, it Is conceded,
lie a serious hindrance to recruiting In
this district. Now that the different
eorps and units such ns the Tunnelling
company. Pioneer corps and the lltli
C.M.R. are allowed to recruit in this
district, It is goim: to lake the besl
efforts of the Kootenay people to bring
this battalion to full strength and to
have the tniinini*. cam ii al Cranbrook,
the centre of the district, would witiiout. a doubt, be a ureal aid to recruiting.
Capt, Ritchie of tin* Royal Canadian
engineers, ou his last visit to Cranbrook, reported that the grounds just
below the city wen* Ideally suited for
training camp purposes, being level
as a floor, of gravelly formation which
absorbs all moisture, leaving the
ground perfectly dry and ready for
manoeuvers a fow minutes after the
cessation of rain. There is also an '
abundance of good water, and altogether ("ranbrook as a training camp In
every respect compares most favorably with Vernon.
The military authorities should ho
pleased to do anything in their power
at this time to help along recruiting
and tiie biggest help they can give this
Unit is to hnve the summer training
camp of the 225th at Craubrook.
'lireiudoglst Contributes the Sum of
MINI to lite City Coffers,
Yesterday morning W. tl, Alexander,
who lias been lecturing and reading i
heads in the city for the hist ten days
was up in police court on a charge of
practicing the profession of phrenology without a license. Chief Horsey
prosecuted and Mr. Alexander conducted his own case. After hearing
the evidence nnd tlie argument of the
defence Ills Worship Judgo Arnold or
dered Mr. Alexander to pay the (5.00
license fee and Imposed a fine of $100,
which was paid.
On Juno 3rd Inst Fred Smith was
charged by Chief Hersey with theft
from the Canadian Hotel, and on a
charge of house-breaking and being in
possession of house-breaking instruments was remanded to June Tth. On
tiie remand case coming up yesterday
he was committed for trial ou tin*
charge of theft.
On Saturday last Win. Anderson
was charged by tlie C. P. R. constable
witli being drunk uud disorderly on
the depot platform on the afternoon of
Friday, the second, lie was fined $10
and costs or 14 days. Tlie fine was
Cranbrook has been particularly fortunate during the past season iu the !
class of concerts given here, and th.-
I«rformance as rendered last Friday
evening by the New York Metropolitan
Company was of a better class than
generally looked for In a small town.
Unfortunately the soprano was prevented by Illness from appearing, and
tills caused the shortening of the pro-
gram, but the several artists were very
generous In their encores, every number being heartily encoured, and in
some cases the audience refusing to be
satisfied with leas thnn two encores.  '
The headliner of the t'ompany was
'Skovgaard", tlie Danish violinist,
and his playing was enjoyed by the
critical audience present.
Alice McClung, the pianist, was particularly good in her rendering of
Chopin's Polonaise, Op. 53, and is an
accomplished accompanist. Of the
vocalists Clara Freuler, the mezzo-
soprano, was easily the favorite. She
ims a strong powerful voice, nt all
times well under control, with a very
sweet pleasing tone. Her Interpretation of the two selections sung in
French was a pleasing innovation.
Francis W. Cowles, baritone, and Molly
Byerly Wilson, contralto, in their songs
in costume completed a very enjoyable concert *	
Well and Favorably Known Company
of Clrls In "Tlpperury Mary."
Next Monday night at tlio Cranbrook
Auditorium, the Famous Bostoniaus
wlll appear in "Tipperary Mary", a
rollicking musical play o? auld Ireland
whicli has delighted audiences from
Calgary as far east as Port Arthur ami
the Twin Cities. Many of the former
fuvorites will return with this popular
company among whom are tlie Misses
Hellen, Patsle Henry, Noll (Babe) Mason, Dixie White, Ina Mitchell, Billie
O'Neil, Lola Fox. LHllan Defty,
Blanche Ogden, the Johnson Sisters
and several others. There will also
bo many girls who have never before
been seen here.
Mr. George Bromley, the Bostonlans
iwrsonal musical director, will conduct
a special orchestra. Special scenery,
made from sketches of old Tlpperary,
Ireland itself, and new lighting effects
assist fu making this a perfectly
mounted production.
The Bostonlans are well and favorably known here and it capacity house
ts assured. Scats are being booked
rapidly at Beattie-Murphy's.
"Rexall Orderlie*! arc the most pleaa
ant and sure remedy for constipation,"
Sold only at Rexall Drug Stores,-The
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
our doctrines, our faitli and our reward.    But to those who seeing, see
These examinations, the order of
which is, Primary, Elementary, I-ower,
nothing and believe nothing, the otitor iHlgher,   Intermediate   Local   Centre.
darkness and the want of the Inner
Advanced Local Centre and the final
Licentiate, are held annually throughout tho British Colonies. The same
grade of studios and pieces, Is strictly
adhered to throughout the British
Kmpire, the successful candidates thus
Certlflrate of Impnnemcnt
"Ethel" Fr., "Altn" Fr., "Badger",
Fox" and "Deer" Fr, Mineral Claims,
situate In the Fort Steele Mining Division of East Kootenay District.
Where located—On the Sullivan Hill.
Kimberley, B. C.
Take Notice that the Consolidated
Mining & Smelting Co. of Cunadu, Limited, Free Miner's Certificate No.
90141B. Intend, sixty days from tho
dato hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Grown Grants of the above claims.
And Further Take Notice that action
under Section 85 must be comment
McCreery Bros.
Goods tknnoL'ril Iiy Water nnd Sinnko,
inun) linos only sllirlitly nnd Iiy no menus
This is n great opportunity to Iny in n
siippl) oi' ri'liiililo goods nt ii fmotion of tlieir
net nni north.
Ladies Dresses
Childrens Dresses
Yard Goods of all kinds
Ladies Skirts
General Dry Goods
See onr posters for n fen of the prices.
We must elenr our stock of nil these iliini-
iit-ed goods nnd onr prices nre niennl for
Oiiiek Belling.
All sale goods STRK Tl.V CASH, nothing
on approval.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
Buy Linoleums Now
Although wholesale prices on Linoleums have advanced 65 per cent,
since the commencement of the war,
we can still supply from our large
stock, bought at before the war
Our lines ol CARPETS and
RUGS are complete and are well
worth your attention.
supply your needs at rock-bottom
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, Ltd.
Implements    Carriages    Wagons
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We Guarantee Our Goods
tSvane—In Cranbrook on Juno Gtli, to gaining a certlflcato which corn's- Ibuforo tho tMuanceof hucIi Cortlficat
Mr. anil Mrs. Bvnilfl of Ktlmonton, I ponds to what Ih gained in Umdon, of ImproTtmu'ntH.
AllMTtu, a Hon. ' king. Dated thlJ Ami day of April, 19111.
Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd. PAGE TWO
THURSDAY, JUNE 8th, 1916
The same grateful
goodness that urged
Col. Otter to praise
so highly during thc South
African War makes it today the favored choice
of our boys "somewhere
in France.*' But now our
boys have the added advantage of a more convenient package. Each
of thefive sticks wrapped
in wax paper and tinfoil.
Any of five mellow flavors
to choose from. Your
dealer has Tutti Frutti
in the new package.
and tlm ds of tho dny must of no-
rt'sslly bo vory far short of. whut they
will bo when declarations ol peace nro
signed. Ou tho manner or cattle we
brood now will depend our success und
, profit not alone then, but always.
i Live Block breeding in a branch ot
production that, following the bountt-
I ful harvest of last year. Ib naturally
! pre-eminent in the agriculturist mind.
j Taken in conjunction with fruitful
, fields if successfully, wisely and thrift-
; lly curried on it means untold prosperity to the country. It means help to
! Britain and her Allies. In short it
means profit all round. The main thing
needed to bring tliis nbout is to breed
to tho available best, to pay every possible respect to health nud sanitation,
to hold on to producing cows, to give
' every good heifer a chance, to bear in
mind in securing service that the
cheapest is more Frequently than not
the dearest in the lung run, nnd to remember that Canada's reputation as n
producing country will be particularly
nt Btako in tiie curliest shipments after
tiie wur.
IttHiifd    Weekly   by    The   (rinibnii'K
Herald, Limited,
T. II. hay, Editor uud Manager
-rrnuhrtiuk, It. <'„ June Kill, lillii
The Hon. w*. it. Hoss, fnr reasons
of liis own, lias seen fit to sever his
connection with our neighboring constituency of Fernie, after a great many
years of faithful service, in the which
he haa shewn himself u true friend of
tlie district, und his loss will naturally
hn severely felt. MuW fur the new
standard hearer wlll be able to make
up for this loss remains to bo proved,
but there Is not a shadow of doubt
that a very worthy man has been selected, worthy of the honour destowod
upon him, uud worthy of the confidence
thut the party has in his Integrity,
knowing us it does, that though identified with the labour movement, Mr.
Uphill has sufficient mental balance
and practical experience to do the
right thing at the right time, neither
disavowing labour principles on the
one hand nor jeopardizing Conservative principles on the other.
Judging from tlie personal of the
delegates every section of society wns
represented ut the nominating convention and Mr. Uphill is to ho congratulated on the universal estem in which
he Is evidently held. It may bo remembered tliat when running for tin
Mayoralty of Fernie lie amassed the
bih'gest uiujority known in thut City,
uud last year was elected by acclamation, This, of course, is the record of
a man who Ims mude good, und then
Is every reuson to expect that his parliamentary career will be equally success ful.
Horn In the beautiful country of
Somersot iu Kngland, 'lliomas Uphill
has inherited tho characteristics of tin
solid yeoman; and tlie practical ex
periences of the new world huve only
consolidated these characteristics, so
that the man, confident In himself,
goes to neither extreme, hut pursue;
his way steadily with a fixed object
in view, uud tliat is, to do Ills duly to
tlie best of Ids ability; und lt is this
type*of man that we must look to to
reinstate, If i»oss|ble. In public estimation the reputation of parliamentary
representatives Hint lately hus experienced sn sad a depreciation. Thomas
Uphill in upholding tho Conservative
principles will In this next election
curry with him the good wishes of all
who believe In definite aspirations of
honest purpose With hlm lie takes
our earnest wish fur his success, of
which, fortunately, thero appears to h
little doubt.
(Vancouver World)
"Considerable disappointment  over
ih« provisions of the Prohibition Act
is expressed bv many members of the
Prohibition Party," says The Hun with
tliat air of authority that deceives no
rnie except Itself. Prohibitionists will
lie   iuteresftd   to   leui'll   that   they   nr-.'
disappointed with their own bill.  They
never suspected it before.
Oue source ol alleged regret, according to The Sun, is the absence of
u limit to tlie amount of liquor which
n citizen may keep in his own home
for his private use. Alberta, says tiie
newspaper, curtailed the amount; why
dlil not British Columbia? We take
pleasure in Informing the Sun tliat
tiiere Is grave doubt whether tlie provision in the Alberta hill of which it
approves so highly is workable. Brilisli Columbia Prohibitionists wished
to make their measure ubove all
things practicable and reasonable;
hence tliey left out the Alberta restriction on this particular point.
The Sun says it wishes to avoid
taking sides with any party In tlie
discussion of the Prohibition question,
it is strictly neutral. But its advertising columns and its former appeals for compensation for the liquor
men Indicate a brand of neutrality
that resembles that of tiie hyphenated
Americans across our southern border.
Hopefulness uud confidence in th
future wero the noticeable features at
all the live stock meetings held dur
ing the winter, and they were general throughout the country. United
wltli tlie optimism expressed was tin
urgent cull to the farmer to breed
better, or as well as possible, und I
breed true to typ-y. Not alone the Dominion Department of Agrlctulture, but
ulso the various provincial departments, ure engiiged in active efforts
to place pure-bred animals at the dis-
posul of farmers generally. Thus tiiere
Is little excuse for breeding to scrubs
uml seventeenth degree mongrels. A-
bove all Is tlie Item of health. The
wise farmer wlll Uke care that the
eattlo he uses ure not only true In
pedigree but nro good In -conformation, sound lu health and tree from
possibility of hereditary disease. In
breeding, above all things, there Is
truth in the saying tliat a dollar well
Spent Is a imuiid well earned.
At all times it behooves farmers to
note that things are well with tlieir
live stock, but there never wns a period wlion Canadians were more earnestly summoned to do their utmost in
tliis resect. Never was tiiere a period
when so much depended upon their efforts. In a comparatively short time,
reckoned by years, probably before
the cattle begotten tills year come to
early maturity, tiiere is going to be a
universal demand for live stock of
every description, but esiieclully for
thu bovine. The nations at present at
war will Im; very tired of eating canned
and salted stuff and will demand fresh
\teet, and as for dulry cattle, tiiere In
even now a scarcity of milk owing to
tho greut output of cheese required,
[London Free Press)
There is u world of potency in tlie
cell to young Canadians to "back up
the hoys at the front." It patriotism
itself were not impressed upon the
mind uf the men in Cunada who are
eligible fur the ranks of the Empire's
defenders, there is here a plea that
penotrates to the thought of every nor-
ltiul mind mid thut makes its demand
upon the manhood of the individual
that, given any consideration at all,
seems to leave no ground for further
Tlie "boys ut the front" are the men
who left Canada in the earlier days of
tlie war. Tlieir response to tlie call of
home and Umpire for the defense
against a great foe was huppily not delayed. If theso men had held hack as
many young men in Canada today are
holding buck the day Ui Ypres would
not huve heen saved.
(The Mvlug Church, Milwaukee)
Newspaper despatches tell of the
martyrdom, ut I'rmi in Persia, of a
physician, Hr. .Joseph Shimmun, sometime a communicant of St. Stephen's
church, Philadelphia, a graduate of
Jefferson Medical College, who, returning to his own people us an Independent medical missionary, was
equipped with the necessary outfit by
the generosity of the St. Stephen's
people, under Dr. Worcester's inspiration. Seized by the Turks, tiiey offered him his life and a place as surgeon iu their army if he would profess
"shun. He answered, "I cannot do
that, because 1 am a Christian." They
then saturated his clothing with oil,
and told him tliey would give hlm one
more chance, saying, "Acknowledge
Mohammed to bo yonr prophet." He
replied, "Jesus Christ Is my Saviour."
Then they set him on fire, burned him
to death, and cut off his head.
(And still we sometimes hear of
men who say "Tliis war Is only England's husiuess."|
In Kaslo constituency the Conservative standard-beurer in the neit provincial election will be It. J. Long of
Creston, a choice warmly endorsed
hy the Creston Review, Liberal,
In Fernie Thos. Uphill is tlie choice
of tho Conservatives, on account of
Hon. Mr. Koss running for another
constituency, and ft is confidently expected tliat he will be returned by a
comfortable majority,
lu Nelson we understand that Mr.
Miici.eun, the present member, Is
withdrawing from the field, and that
the nomination will be tendered to and
accepted by Dr. Hose.
i    Tlio May  payroll at Trail smelter
] was close to $120,000.
Golden has been unable to secure u
citizen to run the town cow pound.
We da not hold ourselves responsible
for opinions expressed   bj
There appears to be n general feeling of dissatisfaction over tlie results
of the recruiting in this district, judging by tin* appearance at the done is
uml other places of pleasure of crowds
of nun of military eligibility i ot In
klmki iu the make up of the non-en-
either ill   tlle  Illuke   up of tlle uoil-en-
listed, or iu the method of recruiting.
Whatever the fault, tin' fuct remains
thut tiiere ure nuinv men of tha right
age wiio will not enlist. Why is this?
Several reasons may be given; business ties, or u Bweothoart griovou, or
homo ties ure loo simile, .wry rea ion
under the sun lint tin* true one, thnt
of cowurdln*. A girl should huve nothing to do with a man who isn't willing to get out lo protect her nnd lu
home, lu* will mako n noor husband
and If I were u gtrl my choice would
liaVO to he lu kliakl or (hire would In
no engagement,
However, it is about time thut some
thing should he done, and it is up tr
every city, town, village nml cummin
Ity to make aud keep a list of slackers
so that aTter the war Is over, honoris to lie given where honor Is due and
not a single slacker ought to get a
day's work until every recruit hus
got a job.
The basis or essence of society today is respect; the respect of our
neighbors, We keep the law and wnlk
in the paths of rectitude, not because
we nro afraid of the police, but he-
cause wo want to keep the respect
of those whom we know; now what
respect can anyone have for a slecker7
lt is no wonder thnt conscription is
talked of; it would In* a mighty good
thing if all these men were made to
work on farms from daylight to dusk,
and generally assist fnrmers who need
help, aud in this wny do their share
for the Empire, getting tlieir hoard and
lodging only, the wages going to patriotic fund. With tliis us the only
alternative to enlisting I feel sure n
change would come over the spirit of
their dreams.
A pleasing event took placo Monday
night at the regular meeting or Key
City Lodge I.O.O.F. when tlte faithful service of W. M. Harris, now Lieut.
Harris, as recording secretary of the
lodge was recognized by tin* members,
Mr. H. White, P.G.M., on behalf of the
I^odge made the presentation of a pust
grand's Jewell und a wrfst wntch to
Lieut. Harris, expressing his unit the
lodge's appreciation of the services of
Mr. Harris during the eight years or
more Mr. Harris has filled the onerous
duties of recording secretary, Lieut.
Harris mude a brief but feeling reply.
Safety First
Indigestion, constipation, biliousness
and many ailments of the digestive
organs are often the source of serious
illness. At the first sign of disordered
conditions take the reliable family
remedy that is always dependable-—
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Portland, Ore.—A movement to a-
mend the Oregon Prohibition Act is
now on a well established footing. Dy
means of an initiative petition a large
number of prominent residents of
Portland will endeavor to have a vote
taken nt the November election on the
question of allowing the sale of beer
throughout the State. The measure is
the result of strong feeling against
the rigid enactments of the Prohibition Meusure and is receiving support
from all parts of the State.—Contributed.
Why Shamed by
Blotchy Skin
If you are a sufferer from Eczema
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Just whut It means to havc that humiliating backward feeling about meeting strangers nnd oftentimes friends.
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Crunbrook Orug * Hook Co, Cranbrook
Winnipeg:-The Macdonald Prohibition Act which went into force through
out Manitobu on June 1 has brqught
about a very serious financial problem, the solution of which is admitted by even radical prohibitionists to
he difficult.
The Act means a loss of over $250,-
000 annually in public revenues. This
amount must be made up In some way
as the cost of enforcing tbo now law
Is expected to be us much us the enforcement of the liipior laws under the
license system and, during tiie first
year of tlie new uct, will probably bo
considerably greater. How to meet
this deficit lira difficult question. One
Hugcstinn which ims been made is thut
a fairly heavy license fee be exacted
from the temperance hotels. In return, these hotels would he given
monopoly of the pool room privileges
and tobacco trade. Nntiimlly the men
now engaged in these open lines of
trade object strenuously to this proposal. It is ulso proposed to place a
heavy tax on places of nmusamont mid
here, again, strong opposition Is being
Washington,—-U. s. Internal revenue
receipts for the year ending June :.u
will bo over half a billion dollars, according to a report of Secretary Mc-
Adoo. Of this amount the taxes ou
whisky, beer nnd tobacco constitutes
over CO per cent, or $;{0:i,000,000.
Notwithstanding the recent passing
of the prohibition legislation, the internal revenue receipts show an increased consumption of liquor for the
year. Although there is a decrease hi
the amount of beer consumed, there is
a marked advance in the consumption
of distilled spirits. The receipts from
this latter source are $10,00,000 greater for tlie past ten montlis than for
tho corresponding period of last year.
The comparative showing on beer
and distilled spirits proves that the
effect of prohibition laws Is to Increase
the consumption of hard liquor and decrease the use of beer, This is due to
the fact that prohibition laws compol
tlie Individual to send to an outside
point for supplies of liquor, These orders ure naturally placed for distilled
liquor rather than tlio lighter malt
beverages.   Contributed.
The Western
University Battn.
Needs Fifty More Men to Complete the Establishment
Lenders in the community, should help
the cnuse, by Impressing upon the public the need for men, and the common
duty. There is only one convincing
wny to do thls-by ENLISTING
Ynu not only give your own services
to the m.tlon. but Incite others by
your example.
You have no future, your dependents
hu/e n. 11.ing to live for, If (iermany
av.is. Diii-e you take any chance In
such a matter.
The greater the number of men
available for service, the shorter the
war, and the fewer the losses. You
owe It tu yourself, your country, and
the boys at the front, to act at once.
Men of the university type have already done much — thousands liave
gone—but tlieir identity has been lost
hi tlie various units they have Joined.
The University Hattalion was designed to preserve their Identity—to help
by force of example as well as by service ln tiie field.
You liave an opportunity of rendering the double service, under most
agreeable conditions In the Western
University Buttatlon. Don't wait for
your neighbor to point the way or to
force you to do your bit.
Apply at once to the Officer Commanding, U. of B. C. Company, 196th
Overseas Battalion, G, E. P., cor. 10th
und Laurel Streets, Vancouver, B. C.
Transportation to Headquarters forwarded on receipt of medical certificate or telegram from a doctor as to
medical fitness.
Prince Albert is
such friendly tobacco
that it just makes a man Sony he didn't get wind of this
pipe and cigarette smoke long, long ago. He counts it lost
time, quick as the goodness of Prince Albert gets firm set
in his life I And P. A. can't bite or parch I That's cut out
by the patented process by which it is made I Prince Albert
has always been sold without coupons or premiums. We
prefer to give quality I
Get on the right-smoke-track soon as you know howl
Ask your dealer for Prince Albert. If he cannot supply you,
ask him to secure it through his wholesaler. Quick as you
can, understand yourself how much you'll like
Fringe Albert
the international joy smoke
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Men, get us right on Prince Albert!   Wo Ull
you this tobacco will prove better than
you can figureout, it'sso chummy and
fragrant and inviting all the
time. Just realize tlmt you
can smoke all you want
without a comeback!
Certificate of Improvement
Comet Mineral Claim, situate in tiie
Fort Steele Mining Division of Bast
Kootenay District. Where located: —
one and a half miles above Kimberley
on north side of Mark Creek.
Take notice that I, Thos. T. McVittie,
P. M. C. No. 6738 BB, agents for Elgin & Jones, Free Miner's Certificate
No. II 79608 Intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improve-
ments, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
Aud further take notice tliat action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this twenty-seventh day of
May, 1916,
In the Matter of the "Land Registry
Act" and fn tlie Matter of Lot 2,
Hlock 74 of I.ot 132, Croup 1, Kootenny District, Province of llrltlsh
Columbia, Map 1181,
Tako .\otice that an Application
(Xo. 3974-1) has been made to register
Arthur Gale as owner In foe
iniple of the above lot under a Conveyance to him from Baynes Lake Land
Company Limited et al. dated 14th
day of May 1916 and tlmt unless
within 30 days from the date of the
lirst publication hereof you file in this
ofllce a caveat of Certificate of Lis
Pendens I shall register the said
Arthur Gale nR owner In fee on the
Register of Indefeasible Pees.
Dated at tlie Land Registry Office,
Nelson, this 25th day of May, 1916.
To all to whom it may concern.
Date of first publication the   flrst
dny of June, 1916. 22-4t
Prince Albert h tolJ
throughout Canada, gen-
trolly,in the *.**-ft. tidy t\ J
tint tilao in pound end
half-pound humidor*.
Win-.ton-Sale.il, N. C,
Pendens I sliiill register the said
David Wallace Hart as owner In fee
Philip John Hanham Aplin as owner
In fee on the Register of Indefeasible
Dated nt the Land Registry Ofllce,
Nelson this 20th day or May, 1916.
SAM'L. 13, HOB,
District Registrar.
To nil to whom it may concern,
Date of  first publication  lhat  first
day of June, i!U6. ^2-4t
In tlie Matter of the "Land Registry
Act" and In the Matter of Lot 1,
Block 20 of Uit 132, Group 1, Kootenay District, Province of British
Columbia, Map 1181.
Take Notice that an Application
(No. 3877-1) has been made to register
David Wallace Hart as owner In fee
simple of the above lots under a Conveyance to htm from Banes Lake Land
Company, Limited et al, dated 15th day
day of January 1915 and tliat unless
within 30 days from the date of the
first publication hereof ynu file in this
ofllce a caveat or Certificate of   Lis
In the Matter of the "Land Registry
Act" and In tlie Matter of Ut 8,
Block 33, and Lot 3, Block 30 or IM
132, Group 1, Kootenay District,
Province of British Columbia, Map
Tako Notice that an Application
(No. 3973-1) lias been made to register
Philip John Hanham Aplin as owner. In
fee simple of the above lots under a conveyance to him from Banes Lake Land
Company Limited et al, dated 2nd
day December 1016 and that unless
within 30 days from lhe date of the
first publication hereof you file in tills
Philip John Hanham Aplin as owner
Pendens I shall register tho said'
Dated nt the Land Registry OfTlco,'
Nelson, this 25th dav of May, 1916.
To all to whom it may concern.
Date of first publication   the   first
day of June, ifllO. 22-4t
TAKE NOTICE tlmt the Crnnbrook
Jobbers, Limited, liave taken possession of all tho stock hi trade, fixtures,
assets, and hook accounts of the Sun
Grocery, carrying on business nt Cranbrook. under and by virtue of tlio provisions contained iu a certain chattel
mortgage dated the 16th day of March
1915 and now In default, and also by
virtue of the provisions contained in
an assignment of book debts dated the
10th day of January, 1910, and all persons who nro indebted to the said Sun
Grocery aro hereby required to take
notice that payment of the said indebtedness must be made to tlie said Cran-
Common  Sense
Saves Dollars And Cents
Yen ran pay more for a cream sepuratoi* luil ymi runnel hay »
heller, simpler nr more durable separator limn Hie HEATI-tlCE nl anv
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Mnde.in.Crunbnmk «KOOTKNAV RIU1W (IKRA.llllltV mni.lt
for sale here or ut your grocers
Norlniry Avenue, Cranbrook, H. 0,
Skilled (mechanic and factory
workman appreciate the fine
mechanical features of the
"Massey'. A wide margin of
strength and safety is built
right into its light yet sturdy
Price «45.oo
C. C. M. Model "F" 185.00
Cnubrmik Agenta Pataiorr ll™.
Toronto. Onl.
Screens for Doors and Windows
Refrigerators of all Kinds and Varieties
Garden Tools of Every
Garden Seeds in Package or Bulk
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
lit   Clllallllal,    l.llllill'cl
Onlce, Hni.'itiiiK iiml Hi'fhiiiiK Departmi nt
H ii i: i, t E it 8 A mi it ■•: v i n i: it s
run-lumen* af (iolil. Silver, Coiiiieil nml I.mil Ores
Tlnfunlthlng, HuiiiIiInk and lleittlng
Cream Separator
Until You Havo Seen
The Magnet
The Kootenay Garage
riiane Iii
Low Rates, Cara ran be got
any liaur of duy or night by
calling 58.
1. K. McllOMAMI, Prop. THURSDAY, JUNE 8th, 1916
One Pair of Glasses
Instead of Two
Do you bave to remove your
rsudthg glasses when looking a-
cross the room or at tiny distant
object? Or do you use two pairs
of glasses—one pair fer tear
aad the other for far vlulon? If
so, why not let us fit you with
iida pt cd for both fur aud near
Uct us explain and demonstrate
them to yon. It will bo a pleasure tn us, whether ynu intend
to tldopt tlii'iu or not.
W. H. Wilson
8     PHONE    8
FAIR   I'lIK i:s
There's a Square llenl
For Everyone
We Specialize in
Prove our (Jiiulilj
flettlng Your Supplies
Cranbrook Meat
Kilby Frames Picture*.
Mrs. Judgo Thompson Ib visiting at
Wycliffe this week.
Mrs. Venus left for Morrisey last
week to Join ber husband tbere.
Furnished house to let.—-Apply to
Beale & Blwell.
Mrs. A. C. Pye who has been ill for
the las two weeks Is getting better.
Mrs. A. Taylor and Mra. P. Lewis of
Kimberley were vlsltlug frlenda in
town laBt week.
Two second hand carriages for sale
cheap.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
Mrs. Norman McClure and children
li*rt last Thursday Tor a visit to Ontario.
Steamship tickets to Kngland hy thc
safe American Line, for iiule by Healc
A   Klwell,
Thu regular meeting of the 1.0.n. 10.
will hn held Kriduy, June 9th, in the
Council Chamber ut 3,80,
Mr. and MrH. A. (1. Wllnmt of Jaffray have been the guusUi of Dr. and
Mrs. Miles for a few (lays.
Tim Iriends of Mrs. Woodland will
he glad tn hear that she Is reported as
Improving ufter her Illness.
Mrs. Walter Edwards of South Edmonton is visiting with Mrs. Jas. H.
We are carrying a full line of boots
and shoes. —Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Juno brides can make certain of securing correct wedding announcements by ordering from The Herald.
If there's room
for more hair
on your head
we recommend
Rexall "93" Hair
DrivM away dandruff, makea
the hair glossy without great*
Ineu, atopi Ihe falling out and
promote'! a  healthy growth.
9oU   tuliwlvtly    it    Rexall    Drug
Atom. 50c. ud 11.00 boitlci.
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Patmore Bros.,
of Cranbrook
have to say about
cream separators
this week
S \TOU will find the De Laval ia
£ y the easiest and most satisfac-
S A. tory to use and keep in good
£S running order.
5 There ia nothing about the oper-
5 ation, cleaning, adjustment or care
SS of a modern De Laval which requires
ss expert knowledge or special tools.
_ There are no parts which require
S frequent adjustment in order  to
£ maintain good running or to enn*
■K form to varying conditions in the
~ every day use of a cream separator.
3   >"*^    c
On!r toolr.tiulrrd
There ia nothing about this machine that cannot be lateen apart,
removed or replaced by anyone wiio
can use a wrench or screw driver.
In fact, theonly tool which is needed
Separator is the combination wrench
and screw driver illustrated above,
furnished free wilh thc machine,
We w.JI bt glad to havc you ex-
!   amineaDe Laval
i   and aee for your*
|   self the-simpli-
:   city and conven*
;   knee of its con-
)   struction.
I Sooner or
! later you
I  will buy  a
I ■ pe Laval
l'astor, Uev. Thos. Keyworth
Organist, Chas. F. Mild
Morning service at 11 am.
Sunday school and bible class it p.m.
Kvening s*nice 7,30 p.m.
Pastor, W. K. Thompson
The Hev. W. J. Agnhoh will eondiicl
lintli services.
Morning  Service  11  a.m.
Sunday Bchool and Bible Class :. p.m.
Kvening Service 7.80 p.m.
Mrs. P. H. Pym left yesterday to
join ber husband at Waterton Lakes
Park, Alberta.
Mrs. G, M. Benney arrived home on
Wednesday from a visit with her
mother at Cranbrook,—Creston Review.
Several cars of No. 1 Timothy Hay
Just unloaded.— Cranbrook Trading
Don't forget that Flre Insurance
Policy—Flre Insurance Is a necessity.
Phone Beale & Elwell and they will do
the rest.
Mrs. J. H. McClure arrived on the
noon train yesterday from Brampton,
Ont., where siie has been spending tbe
winter wltli her parents.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Ladies' Auxiliary to tbe Ry. Y.
M. C. A. will be held on Monday, lune
12th at 4..S0 In tlie Y.M.C.A. parlors.
We are carrying a full line of boots
uud shoes. — Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Messrs. K. H. McPhee and R. W.
Russell leave on Saturday tor Vancouver as delegates from the Key City
Ixidffe I. O. O. F. to the Grand Lodge
meeting to be held there next week.
For June weddings the Herald can
supply wedding invitations and announcements printed in the latest type
face.   Ix)oks like copperplate.
Private Percy McAllister was Included among the wounded in last week's
casualty lists. Tills makes the third
time he has been wounded.
Hev. W. K. Thompson will preach
at Fort Steele and Bull River on Sunday. Hev. W. J. Agabob of Fort Steele
will occupy Knox Church here.
All Fancy Goods, Stationery and
Toys must M sold in the next few days
regardless of cost, slightly damaged.
- \V. J. Atchison, t'ranbrook Drug &
Hook Co. stand.
Just a few dozen left. W*» will sell
while they last a lino of Ladles' Black
Hose at .1 pair for BOc, regular price
85C each pair.—W. D. Hill.
Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Hill and family
and Mr. \\\ IV Hill left last week on
an auto trip to Sinclair Springs In the
Windermere- Valley. They will be
joined (here by Mrs. W. D, Hill.
Mr. Thomas Henderson returned to
his home fn Kdmonton, Alta., on Tues-
ilav alter spending a few days with
ids brother-in-law, Mr. It   E, Ileattle
Mr. anil Mrs. Couldwell and family
left yesterday for New Westminster.
Mr. Couldwell has heen employed
here for Ihe last twelve years on
lho C.   P.  It.
Kilby Frames Pictures.
Kvcry fashionable feature demand-
cd hy ladies of discriminating taste
will be found lu the range of shirtwaists and skirls shown exclusively
by us.- W. D. Hill.
('ullage  services  every  Wednesday
Kootenay Orchard District 8 p.m.
Salvation service Saturday 8 p.m.
Sunday School 2.80 p.m.
Sunday evening 8 p.m.
Yon ure Invited to ull the above services which are bright and cheerful.
AH Fancy Goods, Stationery and
Toys must be snld In tho next few
ilays regardless of cost. Slightly dain-
nged.   W. J. Atchison, Cranbrook Dru*
■v  Hook Co. stand.
Divine worship at 11 a.m.
Subject— "Putting   the  religious   emphasis where it belongs."
Sunday School and Adult Bible class
at 3 p.m.
Divine worship at 7.80 p.m.
Subject:—"Tbe Call of Opportunity.
Y.P.S.G.E. Monday at 7.30 p.m. Topic
"The Will and the Wny." Leader, —
Verne Woodman.
Mid-week Service Thursday 8 p.m.
8.00 a.m.—Corporate Communion
11.00 a.m. - Mattlns and Holy Communion.
3.16 p.m.—Address to Young Peoplo
"Borne Builders of our Faith and
Empire:  Wesley."
All Goods damaged by Bmoke or water will !«■ moved out regardless of
original cost. —W. J. Atlclilsou, rranbrook Drug & Hook Co, stand
By a special effort made on Empire Day tin* ladies ol' Kingsgate and
East purt raised the sum of $26.25
which has been forwarded lo Mrs. j.
H. King of this city for the Red Cross
Mr. Bert Parker, who is well known
In musical circles and who was a
member of the Crnnbrook Orchestra,
left on the noon train Thursday for
Nelson, wiiere lie has transferred t
the 225th band stationed there.
it seems quite evident that the rain
Is  making  tlio mushrooms  grow  as
me about six Inches In diameter
wero found in tho vicinity of Cranbrook by Archie Elwell on Tuesday.
R. E. Beattie has over 200 acres In
crop on bis recently purchased farm.
Mr. Beuttle haB Imported a gopher exterminator which is being used with
On behalf of the Red Cross Society
Mrs. J. II. King bogs to acknowledge
a donation of $17.30 from Mrs. N.
Hundley of Marysville, the same being
tho proceeds of a dance held at that
By the new summer time-table
which went Into effect on the C.P.R.
this woek there Is a small change in
timo for each of the passenger trains
running through here. No. 613 now
arrives at 12.30 noon and leaves at
12.40, twenty minutes earlier than before, and No. 514 arrives at 16.20 aad
leaves st 16.60, tha easse period later
than ta* aid sbrdale.
Mrs. Harry Piastow (nee Miss Evil
Dixon) of St. Thomas, Ontario, who
visited here about si\ years ago,
arrived In town on Wednesday to niril.e
an extended visit with her sister Mrs.
W. Haslam, and while here will be
glad to renew old acquaintances.
All Goods damaged by smoke or water will be moved out regardless of
original cost.—W. J. Atchison, Crnnbrook Drug & Book Co. stand.
Mr. E. E. ("Tommy") South, the popular tonsorial artist, left on today's
train for tiie coast cities wliere he will
take a well earned rest nnd be away
for a couple of weeks. Frank Foley
will have charge of liis shop during
his absence.
Ray Beech, youngest son of Mrs. E.
A. Beech, met with a painful accident
on Thursday on the school grounds.
The Doctor was called iu Immediately
and found tiie leg wus not broken but
severely bruised. Mr. McDonald in
his tiioughtfainess drove the little fellow to his home on Armstrong Ave.
The first copy of "The Mountaineer",
tho Battalion newspaper published at
Fernie for thc :'2*tli Battullnn. lo to
hand thlj week. It Is a bright, uell.
printed and well-gotten up sheet, with
news of the "doings" of the different
units, as well ns more or less general
Two local men arc Included in the
officers' casualty list of Canadian losses on June 2 and :i. southeast of Ypres
between Hoogc and the Ypres-Menfn
railway. They are Lieut. H, H. Bourne
formerly of the Imperial Hank here.
and Lieut. J. R. Martin, more familiarly known as "Billy."
For cheap Fancy Goods, Stationery,
or Toys buy those slightly damaged
by smoke or water at Cranbrook Drug
.v Honk Co. stand.
Tlie Fink Mercantile Co. have n
simple yet attractive window in their
ladies department this week. It displays a couple of thc new Bummer
dresses, together with some summery
articles from the furniture department, and is one of a number of good
window displays shown  recently.
At tlie Wednesday evening cards and
dance In St. Mary's Hall last night the
gent's prize was won by Mr. Wallace
and the ladies' by Miss Jessie Rondeau.
Next Wednesday evening another
dance will be held with cards during
the early part of the evening.
The grain crops on St. .Mary's
Prairie are looking fine and in many
cases cover the ground. On Hie farm
recently purchased by A, C, Bowness,
100 acres is sown to wheat and outs.
a wire fence extending the whole way
around hns l>eeii completed, and a
new house has been erected. A year
ago tho farm was raw prairie,
For cheap Fancy Goods, Stationery.
or Toys buy those slightly damaged
by smoke or water al Cranbrook Drug
& Book Co, stand.
A few straw hats have made their
appearance wilh the good weather of
the last several days. So far this week
the weather has been nil that could he
desired. A hot spell just at present,
with tho amount of snow still remain*
lng In tlie hills, will make high water
in thc rivers but nevertheless we cannot help hut feel good over a cluing.
from the cold wet disagreeable wrnth-
whlcli   has  been   so  general   this
ar to date.
Mr. Ammermati, manager of the
Crunbrook creamery, was here Monday
and Tuesduy gunning for more patrons for the Cranhrook butter factory
aud met wilh considerable success. Tn
facilitate and encourage the shipping
of cream In small lots u cream-receiving depot will be opened nt Creston in
couplo of weeks when* crenm in nny
quantity wlll be accepted and tested
as soon as taken In for the convenience of patrons. Mr. Ammermnn Is
well pleased with operations ut the
plant so far and is hoping shortly to
be getting the cream from at least
150 of the Valley's dairy cuttle.—Cr
ton Review.
Cut off the FREE COUPON
It entitles you to a full sized tin of "MALKIN'S BEST'-the purest
spice obtainable
"flALKIN'S BEST" Extracts and spices are packed in our new
Hygienic Factory with the most modern machinery.
The W. il. MALKIN CO., Ltd.
Wholesale Grocers and
Sergt. S. h. Coop sent the Herald an
interesting letter from Shorncliffe,
Kngland, but as he threatens to stop
his paper if we print any of It we regretfully havc to keep It to ourselves.
However he says that Company Sergt.
Major VW Chambers has gone to the
front with a draft after hard work
his part to get consent to go.
Sergt. Coop says "It Is a very difficult proposition for an Instructor of
real value to get away from the training staff. Walter was, as you can
readily imagine, an expert bayonet
fighting instructor and 1 liave yet to
see the man who could stand against
him. Ills popularity with all ranks
was demonstrated when the draft pulled out and it beat anything I've seen
yet for u send-off." He also goes on
lo speak of Sergt. Chamber's popular-'
ity with the ladies of ('ranbrook judg-
inn by little remembrances—but there
we might lose a subscriber If we said
topre, and we won't-take any olianceij
The citizens of Sandon are clamor-
lng for a bank. That town had two
hunks lil years ago.
/   Every 10c
Packet of
'   $8°-° WORTH  Qf   ANY-
Clean to handle. Sold by all Druggists, Grocers rod General Stores.
Including Mining. Chemical. CItII, Mccfc-
nufc-tUnd Klcclticul K-.g.a«r.Bf.
••mIom ia Mediciaa.
The Arti COUTH mny be taken by tan*.
-HWtideftce, but Muilcin* derirlnf to |radu*
titc muii attend one ncwtiuu.
For A Charming Summer Dre^ See Our
Selection of
Snowflake Voiles
Yin have ti greal wrl
I'lnk Hoses, iiml fflillc wltli
dresses, light iiml cool tn w<
Is now starting, nml pleasing
stj    ill    Pink,  HI He.   (urn.   While  tt II li
Blue  Hoses tliat will make beautiful
iir   during   the   lint    weather   ne   lm|ie
Iti the eye.   Buttons to mulch all goods.
No mailer how discriminating nor how hard to please you
may he we know you will lie utile lo find something to suit you in
our lurge and varied stork.
Long Silk Gloves
Long Black and While Silk Gloves, double tip, IS inches long, a
splendid article and worth more than we are asking.
Ladies Pumps
Our stock of Ladies'
sizes in Patent Leather,
Paris Last.    Very stylish.
Pumps is exceptionally well selected.
Velvet,   and Satin,   with  Cuban Heel
Cranbrook's Exclusive Ladies1, Misses', and Children's Store
I-Ml A TIM. HI NKl >l
I By our Tame 1'oeti
Our local mllltla Is great.
IU valour would fill a big crate
llul a nice gentle rain
Dirties new boots again.
So no drill till a further date
Just   Three  Days
2c per word for first week, and lo per
word for eacli week after.
FOH N..I.K- Household furniture.
Apply Mrs. J. Breoliln, phono :i!i7, P.O.
Box 243.
IjiiIj stenographer wishes position
ii. Oranbrook ahout July 1st. Hxper-
tenct?. tn grocery and hardware. —
I-.o. Box 243, Criinorook,        20—.if
FOH NAM:-A 11 x-r of piirelireil
and grade milch cows, all highly tested at (Jovcriuncllt Kxpcrllnentiil Kami,
Clareahnlui. Apply A. tl. I'lnyle, Isix
41*. Craateoak. 22-tt
We are cleaning out many odds and ends In China and
Glassware at Halt Price, such as Broken Sets, Plates, Fruit
DIsheB, Vases, etc., etc. If you want to pick up something nice for wedding presents at a low price ste what you
can get in these lines at half price.
Mack to your bUSlOGM
on Monday feeling bettor tlian you ever did
before*, with all craving
for liquor gone, hi fart,
u new man.
Frw HiMiftlct.
The Neal Institute
Cranbrook, B. C.
In   Kooton
Trails   I
iu mil,.
ar tin1 production of sine     For purchasing liquor for interdicts
y  haa  Increased  700  ikt Kd Hulger of Trail was fined lion and
costs liiHt week.
sesamenl    will    1st-   over      tn four yearH tlie Standard mine al
ia compared with |014,000 Silverton, haa mild more thnn (2,0110,
11110 iu dividends. *?AGE FOUR
THURSDAY, JUNE 8th, 1916
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to l.euu
Imperial Bank Bntldiug
1.0.0. Fa
^i. Meeta    every
Monday night
spsjtr^rsr at Fraternity
Hnll. Sojourning Oddfellows
cordially invited.
W. M. Hani:
S. Kyles,
(Successor to W.F. ourd)
Barrister, Solicitor nnd
P. 0. Box 859
11 IIS. klM
Physicians und Surgeons
Ofllce ut rosldi
liee,   Al'llisll'u
Poronoons ....
... 0,00 to Hi
Afternoon*. ....
... 3.00 to   -1
,...7.80 ti>   8
Cranhrook, B. ('.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in
thc Fraternity Hall
lt. ('. Carr, C. C.
P, de Vere Hunt, K. U. & S.
P. O. llox i,2-2
Visiting brethren cordially In-
vlted lo attend.
1)11.   F,   II.   MIIIS
Office In Hanson Block
11 to 12 n.m.
1 to   6 p.m,
Meels In Maple Hull second
Tuesday ot ovory montll ut 8
p. m.
Membership opon   lo   llrltlsh
Visiting members cordially
IS. Y. Ilrake, .!. F. Lower,
atdellt. Secretary
Maternity ami 0 rut Nursing
Gordon Ave.
Terms on Application
MltS. A. SALMON, Matron
Phone 2511 P. O. Box 846
11 ii v i t:
Mrs. Attwood was a Crnnbrook vis- ■
ilor Friday of lasl n'eek.
Mrs. Willis anil   daughter   returned I
from Cranbrook on Sunday .
It  was decided at a   meeting  held ]
on Saturday evening to hold u cole-1
bratlon on July 1st here.   Amusements j
to consist of children's sportB and  a
Mrs. McTavish and Miss Bennett of
Hull Hiver wen- Mrs Bonner's snests
Uo lirst of tills week.
Amongst the names of visitors registered ut Hie Cluh House of Hie   lll-
veiinere Gold iiiiiI Country Club are
Mr. und Mrs. W. R. Qrllbbe, .Mr. and
Mrs. L. H. Rogers, Mr. ami Mrs. W.
Ilareourl, Dr. Kwart, John A. Hilck-
liani ami Charles A. Warren of llolden;
Miss Paget und Mr. and Mrs. MeVillle
of Revelstoke.
There Is every sliia of an early ami
active campaign of work being aboul
to open 111 lho further development of
our local mining properties up Tobsy,
ilorsctheif und number or Frances
Creeks, since the Bprtng opened many
capitalists and mining experts huve
visited this neighborhood hut as yet
jit hus proved to be too early in tills
particularly late season for any of
them to reach tlie uroportlos in the
Meeta ill tlie
Maple      Hall
Ilrst Tuesduy
ufternoon of
every   month
at 11 p.m.
Pros., Mrs. W.
11. McFarlane.
, P. O. Box 442
diolly invited.
Phone 3PI 1'. O. Box r.sr,
luiieriil Director ami I'.iiilnilmcr
Undertaking Parlors
Fenwick Ave, near Baker St.
Forwarding and  Distributing
Agent for
l.clhlirhlRc Coal
Xl-lto Powder
Imperial oil Co.
Denying nml Transferrin);
Given prompt attention
I'lione III!
Civil uud Mining Engineers
B. C. Lund Surveyors
lluy Phono i'til, Nicbl I'lione X",
Norbury Ave, next In City Hall
Phono 105
P. O. Box :i:l
The Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction tiiiurunteeil
ondquarterfl for ull kinds of
Organist Methodist Church
Receives Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice
Studio: 28 Norbury Ave.
Ladies and tlentlenion's Hats
Cleaned and Blocked
111,11 SI'VI.I S ItLJKIllKI.l.KII
Pin  201
ttobt. Frame, Prop.
I'ri'sh lirend, Cakes, Pies
mill I'nstry
Phono 87
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Oeneral Merchant
Kinploymciit Agent
P. O. Box 108 Phone 241
N urse
Maternity work a specialty
I'lione 319.
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patronu (rom
Brltiah Columbia
than any other
Hotel ln Bpokane
On your next trip
to thin city, let ue
■how you why
thit li true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the mor* ordinary
See Steamship oa the R*of
It you wait to euro that ikin oit-
esse of yours, you can only io so
by using an ointment so refined as
to be capable ef penetrating to tht
root ot tbe disease. Zam-Buk la
capable of doing this, whereas or
dlnary olntaoiU remain oi the surface skli.
Besides Its wonderful lower of
penetration, Zam-Buk la such a
strong germicide tbat germs cannot
live wkero Zam-Buk la applied.
Thus, all germs, both on the surface
and In tbe underlying tissues, are
destroyed. Then the herbal essences,
of which Zam Buk It composed, promote the growth of new tlBsut, and
a complete aad permanent cure Is
the result.
Prove lt tor yourself. All druggists, BOc. box, »r Irjtvlsk Co., Toronto, tor prist.
A, Ptgliln nml W. Awmack an* shipping cream tn the Crnnbrook Butter
Tlm Patriotic Dance which tool,
lilacs ou Saturday last was a real success, tlu* miners ami their wives trom
the Sullivan being fully represented,
also other outside points. There was
a collection taken which amounted to
$28, Tlm balance over expenses will
go to the Red Cross Society.
J. P. howls, Uu* Kimberley butcher,
Is filling tt Ions f(,lt want by making
weekly calls on the ranchers, etc., taking orders, and delivering the goods.
We wish Mr. Lewis, who Is a very energetic young man, every success.
0. S. Williamson. Mining Engineer
of Spokane; Alex. D. Smith of Gateway and ll. W. Wood of tho firm ot
Trites Wood, Kernie, were looking over
mlnglng properties here last week.
Tliey were very favorably impressed
witli the "Park Oroup" owned by Alex
lllisholm nf oFrt Steele, also tlie Dew-
er property on Alki Creek. Messrs.
Chisholm and newer accompanied
tliem over their respective claims. Tho
party were brought in by VV. G. Tnn-
lliiliser of Fort Steele.
A. Barney ami J. Smith of Fernie
were doing business lien? last week.
Mr. Hesse, head of the Craubrook
Brewery, was doing business here
on Saturday last.
N. W. Burdett.and M. W. Drew of
Kimberley, and A. ti. .hums attended
a meeting nf the Executive of the
Cranhrook District Conservative Association on Friday last, wliere they
made known the needs of their respective districts. Tliey were accompanied by Ed. Handley.
Hans Lund, proprietor nf tlie Hiver
View Outing place nt St. Marys Lake,
went up this week to put things in
shape before the big rush which In*
anticipates tills mouth. Hans is quite
a popular man these days, very obliging, etc. Those who take tli* eatH
with them he very Wildly given them
the use of liis stnve, dishes, etc. We
wish Hans all good luek for the 1!>H>
A huge streak of dust was observed on the Main Street on Saturday
evening notwithstanding the recent
rains. Those of quicker observation
said It was C. 11, Staple:? nt Wycliffe
and Ills motor cycle.'
A. A. Ward, Provincial Game Warden, W. Evans, and Qoldlo Hodgson
left on Sunday for the upper St. Marys
on their annual bear hunt. The writer
cannot understand how il is that witli
the quantity of hear that roam in tlie
St. Marys district so few from tlie outside come in to hunt. There is al
together more bear here than up the
Kootenay and we have in Goldle Hodgson a guldu who knows every inch of
the country also the haunts of the hour
goat, cariboo and moose; another case
of luck of advertising.
If vou want satisfaction
with vonr washing
send it *o
Sr-eclal prices for faniilv
julmttiK Pill (or Wuinui. «,'■ n U>\ nr Itiruofur
l.U. riul'l nt nil J'ruff Htort*. ur inulloil tunny
■ul<1r**Mim rewlptof I'-loc. l iik Hiqhkli. Onto
Co.. fit. Catthkrihi-*,, nutiirlri.	
Vitality; fur Ntrvo snd Bfftlni iiicrtueir'Hruy
irmll.T" iiTmilr   .\i:it>ii!i.i you up (9 ti I'OK.nr
Iwu fur (*, nt UruK xtoTH, or hy man "ti r lt-t
Dfprlsi Tfir. BOBPILLblliuCo.Tt CrUl.ui1.ft*,
Boftttle-Murphy Co, Ltd., Agents.
Diversion ami I'm
i TAKK NOTICE) that tho ('rows Nest
Pass Lumber Co., Limited whose ad'
dress In Wardner, 11. ('., will apply Tor
ii license to take and use 200 acre leet
of water out of Ha Ha which flowB
easterly and drains Into tlie Kootenay
I River about Sub lot D of lot 325, by
!underground passage.
The water will be diverted from the
! stream at a point about 10 rods down-
; stream from where a dam Is now built
Oil the land, or about 15 chains from
i Westerly boundary of land and will be
! used for Irrigation purposes upon tbe
I land desertbrAas sub lot D of dist '
I lot 825, plnn-w.
This noticirrviis posted on the
ground on the 2Bth day of May, 1910
A copy of tliis notice and an appll
cation pursuant thereto and to the
"Water Act, 1!»14," will be filed In the
office nf the Water Hecorder at Cran
Objections to tho application may be
filed with the said Water Recorder or
with the Comptroller of Water nights,
Parliament Building, Victoria, B. C„
within thirty days after tho first appearance of Hits notice In a local
Crows Nest Pass Lumber Co, Ltd.,
By W. R Ourd, Agent,
The dale of the first publication of
Mils notice is 85th of May. 191(1.
Jim Thistlebeak says you can holler
about a white 13. C, but the burning
question while watching the Alien
enemies grab every dollar in the country is how to live on nothing, until
something turns up.
A Detachment of the 225th, Corp'
oral Wm. Murdock iu charge, are down
at Flagstone and Tobacco Plains re
Mrs. Mitchell of Fernie was down
visiting her grand daughter, Mrs. U,
O. Hirtz. Riverside Drive, this week.
Klko Conservative Association is
holding a meeting this week and milking arrangements fnr a big Conservative Rally on Dominion Hay at Klko.
School Inspector Hove, Nelson, wn:
In town this week, n!so visiting Oello
way, Paynes and Waldo.
It's hard to love ynur neighbor as
yourself ir he keeps chickens, wlill
you aro trying to raise a garden.
A t'ompany of the 107th Regiment
was ln Klko Sunday.
Jack l-owo of tiie Dominion Bxpross
Co., Ferule, was In Klkn Sunday pur
suing the elusive and ganiey Trent
with several New York capitalists.
J. II. Marshall of Calgary was in
Klko this week making social calls before leaving for Toronto where In future he will reside,
I'd rather be a booster, and only
boost u mite, than bo ;*, knocker,
knocking at everything iu sight. Cheer
up, ir It wasn't fnr tlie rain, there
wouldn't be uny liny to make while
the sun shinci'i.
Frank Hawthorne of Nelson says no
house Is furnished unless it hns children und a wheel barrow in it.
Privates Port Hyde, Travis Bagley,
G. Clotworthy of the 225th are spending tho weekend at Flagstone tills
week and privates J. Webster, H.
Lockton, and G. Hammond are visiting their folks In Klko.
The British Army lias put the taboo
on tho Charlie Chaplin mustaches. Jim
Thistlebeak says they are very popular
witb the 22f>tli.
Chief Paul of the Kootenay Indian
Reserve, Tobacco Plains, returned
from his visit to Ottawa where he has
been for the last two months, It would
hnve been fur better If tlie party that
coaxed him to make tlie trip had come
and helped him put In a crop.
Mr. James Flndtey of Sliawnignn
Lake was In Klko and Flagstone this
Speaking at a Mother's meeting last
week Jim Thistlebeak said that a model husband Ih ono who takes more
notice of his wife's headache thnn Ids
own bally rheumatism,
Tlie new barber iu Elko is doing good
business, and the other night, lie was
singeing U inan'a hair with a taper,
iiml some little fellows were looking
through tin- window when one of
.hem shunted, "Come here, Billy, ami
sou ttie new barber hunting 'em witli
Frank Armour, game warden, waa ln
thn district this week from the Klk
. tl, Newton of London, England,
was in town this week looking over
uue prospects;
Tiie Calgary Albertan makes a sorry
mess at writing up B. C. Politics. The
proof of the bluffer Is his failure to
make good.
.Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Klingensmlth
with Mr. and Mrs. J. Sawyer motored
to Fort Steele and Craubrook last
Mrs. J. Thomson and Miss Annie
Murray wen; Fernie visitors this week.
A very good crowd assembled in
the Band Hall on tlie .utli to hear
W. G. Agabob's recital of u book entitled "A Stranger in a Strange Land."
The reading wus illustrated witb songs
and in str ii mental accom pan imeius
on tr United by Miss E. Curley, Miss A.
M. Bute und Mrs. P. Cann of Fort
Steele, also Mrs. Hyde, Mrs. Lungrldge,
Mrs. Nealy, Miss Robinson and Mr.
Sims of Bull River. Mr. R. L. T. Galbraith made an excellent chairman.
The novel has been lately written by
ii resident of town writing under the
pseudonymn of Ford Steele, lt concerns John Harglzzlan, a young man
nf Scotch-Armenian extraction, who
left his native city of Rangoon ln
Prltish Burma, for Scotland, to complete his education und learn a pro-
ession. Tlie story relates the salient
vents and experiences in the life of
John as a strangr in u strange land.
The distinctive feature of the work
Is tho author's departure from the
stereotyped presentation of lovers. A
critic of Mr. Steele's story Is credited
with the comment that "One does not
require high topped rubber boots to
wade through this book, as there ts
an absence of slush."
Tlie love interest, however, is sustained throughout and tho narrative
ends witli the man and girl both happy,
with tlie rough course made smooth.
Mr. and Mrs. Young, Miss J. Curley
nnd Miss E. Curley drove to Wasa on
Mr. W. J. Agabob will give a reading from Ford Steele's newly written
book "A Stranger in a Strange Lund"
at Craabrook in the Presbyterian Hall
on the 12th inst.
Mrs, Matiier returned last Wednesday from a trip to tlie coast, She
was accompanied by her grandson,
Robert Johnson.
Eddie Walsh has lately written from
the Front that he is well.
Colen Dunlop said in his last letter
that lie expected to be moved to the
front any day and that It could not
be too soon for the Canadian boys.
His Grace, the Archbishop of Timothy Casey, with Father Lambord and
Father McGulre paid a short visit to
Fort Steele on Friday. On Ascention
Tide His Grace held Confirmation Service at Mission. A large crowd ot Indians uttended.
Mr. und Mrs. Attree and Miss G. Attree are spending a few weeks at tlieir
ranch a few miles from Wasa.
Mrs. A. Fenwick and daughter Tlmo
returned from Spokane on Friday.
R. Woods, Mr. Trllts of Fernlo and
Mr. Williams of Spokane were tn town
lust week.
Airs. Harrison and son Cyril visited
Wasa mi 2nd Inst.
T. T. McVittie returned from Kimberley last week where he was surveying.
O. T. Pownall, Mr. Gardner, R.
Woods, Mr. Smith and Mr. Williums
were in town lust week.
A. Doyle, T. T. McVittie visited Fernie last week as delegates at the Conservative Convention. Mr. McVittie
(well known as tlie Conservative War
Horse, but popular ln all circles) was
elected ns President of the Conservative Assoclutlon for tlie Fernie Riding.
Mrs. J. Clark iss at home after
spending a few weeks at Wild Horse.
Mr. Richardson visited Wild Horse
Tuesday, returning Wednesday.
"Hugh" Dunlop looks very nice indeed in his khaki. Hugh is the third of
his family to enlist, his two brothers
Douglas and Colin having dono so last
year- tho former being nt present a
prisoner of wnr.
Tom chisholm iw recuperating quickly from his operation which he underwent, at Crunbrook lust week. After
a siiort rest lie will bo off to Cruubrook to train.
Charles Reynolds has returned from
Portland to live here again. Ho has
important and valuable claims In Wild
Horse Creek.
Most Exquisite and
How Reasonable in Price
l.iulies who have examined our Xew Blouses and Dresses describe tliem tn the above manner.
We liave a la ree riince nt' these garments to choose from.
On account of the ureal difficulty in getting delivery from
British manufacturers the variety of dress materials is extremely
small yet we manage to add a few new lines almost ever) week,
HOYT FOUGHT lhal we still have a large quantity of
Scotch  Linoleum
Ibe besl in the world.   The prices arc—
X Quality, li II. wide  *:i.r,ll It II. wide 91.7ft per lineal yd.
i Quality, li I'l wide .. #:I.IM> ll it. wide ... |8,9t lineal yd.
tl ft wide       #l.»0 lineal yd.
Tliis Includes cutting to measure Imi nni laying.
Furniture For The Spring Bride
Our furniture department is complete In almost every detail, selections made now ou which a small deposll is made, will be laid aside
until required.
ABSOLUTELY FREE—With any selection of Furniture, during
lhe montii of .lune, amounting lo 9l.1ll.lMI we will give a full 117 piece
dinner sel.   *>Vc have a number of nice designs lo choose from.
Conservatives are invited to attend a general meeting to
be held in Clapp's hall, Cranbrook, on
Tuesday, June 13th. at 8.30 p.m.
Business of importance to each one as well as to the
District in general will be dealt with.
FREE TICKETS for admission may be procured
from the Secretary of the Local Association of which you
are a member.
Make it a point to see your Secretary, get your tickets
and be present at Eight-thirty, Tuesday, June 13th.
The Cranbrook Central Conservative
sIiiimN III
iliirliiit tlie Reason
uml luilsiire of lime ill tin'
1 iiillc frum Wycliffe
Buy From Burns
Local Fresh Killed Meats
Shamrock Hams, Bacon,
Butter, Lard, Sausage, Eggs
Quality is our First Consideration
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
A  U D I T O R I U M
•  -   -MON.,JUNE 12
This In NOT ii Motion Picture
(12th Successful Season)
Mr. II. E. I.img Presents Ihe Famous
Tipperary Mary
"A Breath of Mirth and Melody from Auld Erin"
Music, Comedy, Dancing-Last Musical Comedy this Season
Prices*-$I.OO, 75c., 50c.  Children 25c.
gnat on gale st Brattle.Xarphy Comiisny's Druf Store


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