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Cranbrook Herald Oct 19, 1911

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|We are well
turn out the beet liaa.
ol work
id to
In/jlh. Herald Pay.—Try
l/Our   Local   Column.
^ 10c. a line
NO. 42
Long livening Devoted to Consideration of Plumbing Sewerage By-Law—-Auditor Appointed
There wus u special session of
till) city Council held on Tuesiluy
evening, ut which three hours
were ilevotcil to the coiislllorntion
of by-law No, ll'.l, respecting,
plumbing, Sewerage anil llruiuage.
Those present were Mayor Hunt
ami ulilcrmcu t'uiuplicll, Jackson,
.lolinsoii, Itowness anil McNitb.
Before the proposial by-law wns
taken up. some minor mutters were
disponed of, among which were the
straightening out of some Electric
Light Company uecouuts and the
appointment of a city auditor for
the present year.
The Electric Light Company's
accounts, in dispute, were finally
referred to the Fire and Police
committee with [lower to act.
Applications torthe position of
auditor Were read from the following:—C. H. Asbworth, It. B. Benedict, 3. B. Sutherland of Calgary
and John Cholditch. Tho fee demanded was $2.00 save iu the case
of R. 11. Benedict, whose fee was
placed at 115 par diem.
A ballot being taken on the
Applications, resulted iu favor of
I to 2 for John Oholdltoli,
On motion of aldermen Camp.
bell ami MeNub, by-law No, '.III,
wns Introduced rend u first uml
second time nnd taken up iu committee of the whole, where it is
likely to remain for  some   littli
Editor Lugrin's Impressions of Lower Portion of
Columbia and Kootenny Valleys
New Council Inaugurated There Last Sunday by
Cranbrook Delegates
(Special ti   the Herald).
\.s  I nwutionod in   my last letter,
iv     niiicli ul      Uie   rood between
Canal Kloi and Wu-su is fur the most
pari through timbered country,   '.mil
time yet, ns it is u very long and hence its capabilities cannot In- very
comprehensive measure, requiring well Judged Irom what on,- can see
careful consideration in every de- from a motor cur. The Umber is
tail, chiefly    hill pint- and tamarack     or
in  tlie course ol my Utc, and I i
how pioneer,    air hi    ilu- lianil    ol
talking tc    Btrangers.       -s   a ruh
they arc   nul optimistic; but    ever)
i-ld |
111! 1
Hi ii id
The latter is deciduous and
as le
After three hours of close oppli- •Bun.^.^.^.^aM
cati  the first twenty   sections  ll1" nocaie-llko   (oliaKe    turns a deep
were disposed of and the meeting -'•"""' '" ""' i""""1"     ll Mntrasts
ndjourncd .finely with the    pines, whose reddish
trunks   lend     variety to   the  scene.
evidence uf (lie
A contented lar
the Kootenay vollej
uf them had anything
say uf I tie country
un- the I. .1 lui.ssiiili'
goodness ol the land
iht is wiiril. more as
Briefly siiiiuuiirisial, the main
features of this bylaw are the
following:—provision for a I'lumb.
iug Inspector, for Plumbers'
Licenses, for Applications for ]ier-
mits to connect with the city
sewers, regulations governing
materials to be used in making
connections, annual fees for use of
same, nature und restriction of discharge, regulations governing every
description of plumbing work, penalties for infraction of any provision of this by-law.
a prool
of   Hie I
I lies.
hilities i
Progress of Columbia
and Kootenay Valleys
.   (Special to the Heraltl).
Wilmer, B.C., Oct. 10.—Tho
extension from tli.-* railway's north-
announcement that the Canadian Pacific Railway will likely push tin1
construction of the Kootenay Central
Kaihvuy to completion and that with
this end iu view they have let a fur
ther contract lor twenty-one mites nf
track from Kort Steele to Skookum-
t'liiu-k to Messrs Hums ami Johnson
ami the further     announcement thai
Tin* great park-like expanses, through
the   openings of   whh-li glimpses    nf
lie mountains can In? got on every
mile ol the journey, were thought by
some nf our parly to he even more
attractive ihan the spacious landscapes nf the Columbia. For ihe
most part the soil will require Irrri-
gaticn, although I am told that dry tilling the soil, hi.il i
farming has li.en carried on very (their own experience
successfully in some places. The available tillage area is very great.    Per-
oiis   with   whom I  conversed, mi
that there is as wide ati extent of it
as   there is between the upper Columbia lake and    Oolden-      It is nearly
'if iln* value nf a potential
region than all lhe opinions
Xpert's, who report on coun-
When 1 express a very high
upon tin- agricultural possl-
i    lho Kootenay valley,    I
upon what i my
upon   whal   pora
ver the regions   told  \\iXl,.T.
roster grade to the    west than ihat ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
at present enjoyed   by them by way all under tlie 3,000-foot level, and  as  farming
of the main     line.  The   alternative apple trees on    the Wild llnr.se r'ver
route to lhe     Pass, tip    the    Toby have been   in bearing lor forty years
Creek,—one ol the    main tributaries at an altitude of 4,000 feet, It Is ob-
jof the Columbia Rivet near its sour- vious that     the area available      for
cc,—and then down the western Blopc farming   must be    very large. There
of the Selkirks to Kootenay Lake. are already a number of fine ranches
I   With the construction   of the ral and   I talked   with some    of       tin*
.way f'dlows the building up of town- owners.      What Impressed me    mos
; sites.   Two uf these tlie railway bas was  the great   faith in the country,
already established,     being thos;* nf They did   tint know there was "chiel
■till) River and Wasa.     Slill another among them takfn ' notes"; but     re
will likely he at Skookumehuek Prai- garded me simply  as a sight-sen.
rif* another at Canal Flats, and possibly tin* most important as it stands
a Rood chance for a divisional point
along with Athalmer, will be Tnver-
mer, on Columbia Lake. Rplllnta
clrene at tin- oullet of that river will
not be overlooked. Tlie chances for
the most important place however
all lean    towards    Invermere as th.*
has been my lot to Ity out on
edge    of settlement,     a good
base it iu pail
saw, in part
who have 1t*i*n
mc, but also   in   very urea! part up-
what the mi-it     wlm arc actually
say      a'.n;il
     n H eiiiiitiy
aud their anticipation nf iis future.
Including in tho Kootenny volley, th*
lateral valleys and the extensive
prairie in which Cranbrook stands,
it may he saitl that lieto is an area
which fruit raising and mixed
will one day he carii. 1
on very extensively, supporting a
population and maintaining Import
ant towns and cities.
This valley and thai of the (Mum-
hia need two things and both nre
likely to In* provided al a very early
day. One is transportation, and
this the Kootenay Central, now Iti
course of construct ton, ought i"
f uni ish within a twelve month. The
other i-s irrigation, and this will be
forthcoming as soon as the railway
maki's the   country easily  access!'CC
There was n time, and it was
very long ago, when most of us
looked upon Kasl Koolenay as a
where   mining might   bo carried
(nu* of lho pioneers said to me: "Wc
►never thought of    doing any.farming
here. I came here expecting lo
inal'u a little money antl get out-
Now I look upon it as a land where
thousands upon thousands of people
will make their homes permanently."
A point iu tho Kootenay vallej
that is of inlcrcsl is known as Wasa,
It Is i'l miles n'ovc Kort Steele and
21 miles from Cranhrook. it will Ik
a station on ihe Kootena) Central.
Here is a tine, wide, val.ey in which
there are good ranches, Mr, N.
has a very much up-to-date
It embraces 1,200 acres, and I
he has a huge hotel, a general store
and his nun Irrigation plant". Fori
Steele is one of the oldest settled
points, There is yol standing hero
a store with the dale 1801 upon it.
[which is almost prehistoric in this
part uf    the world
I have said   not bin   ol Ihc mining
prospects of      ih   Kootena)  vallej
Many   people rate   them very higU)
1  nm only   trying to tell of what  '
myself saw.      Neither have I      said
much   about tl.   timber, but 1  know
from what I uh*- *rvcd, rrom whal     I
have been   told and from the choi i
let   ol    the   sow    mills   thftl Ih :
would be a great deal ol it. To sum
it    all up, this valley is certain   t<
be    ihc home oi extensive and varii -
Industries   nnd    i look   upon Cranbrook    as one of the most promising
clttcs iu the province
Rossland, Oct. is-The   Knights ui
Dlumbua arc reaching out and    con-
t|iiering   new territory ofl every side.
[The most recent evidence of their
traordioary activity   is tlie Inauguia- iCardfnel .Manning; W
'tion ol q new council at Rossland onjPbfl.    Dunne, all ot
; last, 15th inr taut,      In Mai council.
the Nelson council was formed I   Tlie    banquet    at
in iun hall, which coi
in  charge of Frank E. Horsey, state
deputy    foe    the   State ol Washington, assisted    In M.   *'   Murphy, 11,
ex-j.I. Manning la nephew ot the      late
i'  Leary   ami
the    Spokane
last      .^.^__^^_^^_-
and in another    month  ot two it
elstoke    -.-.ill be brought in line with
the   rest of    the*cities of (West   and
Kast Kootenay.
The credit  for the great        work
must be given       fl   the  Cranbrook 	
council, which was formed only in |shades ol pink, anothei ol
May of 1908. It has not alone in- tones in corn yellow, and so
creased in membership,Itself, but oon a" •*''"* worked into the
also claim to   be    lhe parent ol two |perfect ami artistic harmony
a tea 11
in   Ih
; Rossland
i table varied
[one  being
other councils-
added   to It—ii
before long.
in   thr  earlj
tin;   tilst   steps ^^^^^^^^^^^
formation of ihe Rossland council,
land in tht* hands nf Rev. Fatbet
Chaput. the very recently appointed
parish priesl of thai city, and <-f
William B. Costello, Uie prellmlnar)
work presented no difficulties. In th.*
meantime the Cranbrook council was
working hard on training a d«*ct«i
team tn put on the work at tho in-
auguratlon ceremonies.
'Id,' Cranbrook contingent [eft      onl
last and, joined with nth- Jword "spread
Movie   and other points. |«*'   lr> Br*sP
the   Miners'
luded the day,
plendld function, pii>-
Catholic ladies       „f
dfcoratfonts uf   each
the color scheme,
lhe   must    delicate
hy   (Ite
\ third will soon bo Iflora) oecoratlons    and   colored ehv-
ybo e'en a       fourth |,nc I'imps corresponding  with       tho
general tune     The decorations while
porl   of Soplemboi elaborate were effective In the highest
*—* taken foi      the [degree, beiiiR   warm,    cheerful   and,
above all.   Karmonious ami reposeful,
Tin tut nt* fjeene had the effect    ol a
huge display of cherry blossom.       A
capital orchestra   rendered an excel-
lew selection   ol music up to      the
smarting ui      the   toast list.    wlteu
Toastmaster   Descbamps, ol the  festive   and bilingual     tongue,      took
charge    of affairs.
About two    hundred ladies      and
pen (lemon enjoyed the   spread.     The
is suitable.     It helps
the sense of lavish-
H  fro  	
reached    Rossland early on Sunda> [ness,   full-handodncss, no stint,      in
morning      Rossland will not readfl)  short, elegant bountltulness.   Genuine
forget   the occasion   of their visit ig11**-* taste    continued     with   plenty
II. L.
plans have been fylcd for the further j commercial metropoll^ of the Valley,
extension front the railway's norther.. witl* Athalmer, which Immediate!}
ern starting point, for a distance of | adjoins it and nestles under its pro-
sixty miles, has all been received meeting wings, as a place fur the.
with great delight and with ,Company's yards and industrial
that unbounded       enthusiasm . works
wbieh always character- *
Valley,-more     especially     the   'Old | ■ OSllHflSICr JOS. JflCKSOR
Timers"   These     latter have
prevailing throughout this li iiuuuu-
ity. Aid. Jos, -lacks*.-*) has made!
good in On* past in all that he bas
undertaken and tm une doubts hut
that he will more than make good
as postmaster of the rapidly growing city of Cranbrook,
period of years, now    extending loto
the decides, been  living here p.ttniil
It grubbing away at a few acres ol
ground out of the many which the)
each possess and daily wonder n i
when the anticipated rallwnj would
enme alon*; iu order to enable them
Ottawa, tut 17.—Hia Royal Highness, the imke nf Connaught, motored
from Rfdeau Hall to the Governor-
General's cflloe in th** Kast Block on
/Monday mm rung, antl swore in Mat
tin Hurrell, member fur Vale-Carl-
K HKATT1K RESIGNS \FTKK ,„„,, as immst,.r .,, Krini|lliri. Mr
\hARS OF EFFICIENT ,(i!rn.u (niIll(, ln Jtm thl. tt(S,    ,|U1.
morning The Duke administered the
rath in lite presence ol Premier It.
I.. Borden All the members uf tin-
new cabinet have hem sworn In.
Since Srptemh*! tstis R. E. Bcattl
has verj     acceptal.U     and ellicirtiih
to reap a    huiintiful   barvesl     from ll,',i' ■'"'   postMon of post master   nf
then    many acres     ol un tilled land , Cranbrook.       This   um it he bats re
"Fnr myself personally l
have only one wish, and that
is to serve Canada, to make
myself at home in tiiis country, ami to do all 1 ean tu
promt te its best interests,
ami also tn promote that connection it> tin- empire which I
ibink uf such itnpurtan'ce tu
Tlti-.se were the    wonts nf 11.
lill the Duke nf Connaught,
governor-general uf Canada,
on the occasion ol the first
public event after his Installation. It was his first message to the Canadian people
as ihcit governor-general.
MKssw.i-:.   0
Officers of the proposed club Jiayc
been elected as follows:
President—II. A. McKowan
1st    vice-presidents—F. Brought- n
1st   vice-president-*-*-!*      Broughton
2nd   vice-president—Oeo   tlougham
Literary department    *
3rd     vice-president— .fas.    Bl cbi..
Athletic department.
Ith vice-president—Pr.   II. K. Hall
Social department.
Secretary—Rev  \V. E, Dunham
Treasurer—J. It. McCroery,
Trustees—l. D. McBride, chairman;
and of the date ol the formation
of the council ot the Knights of
'Columbus who furnished the spec
taclc, rare in u western mining
camp, *ii some two hundred men attending service in a body and ap
proaching the sacraments ol tbett
church, thereby proving themselves
men in the true sense by tbvir
recognition   "f       the eternal troths
which wil live on when our sun will ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
roll on its orbit as a burned out I probably the oldest merater of the
cinder heap, one cf those mysterious .order Mr. McTeague, is a genuine
dead, dark stars. old timer, and     was born in Ireland,
Taking as his text tlie words of either at Waterford or Tipperary,
the epistle of the day, "We are mem- lover -SS years ago- In 1849 he was
lit- one of Another." the Rev. Iin the center of things during the
l.cuis ChoincI, now of Greenwood. (California gold rush when the Argo-
and formerly parish prl**st of Cran- Inants had their glrrious day. Later
brook, preached, not alone an elo* [be »a-> in the Wild Horse eicite-
ij'icnt, but a most impressive and men*, and came intr this part of the
memorable    sermon   at    the solemn j Kootenay in March. 1864. with   Daw
were the key notes ot an entertainment at which there was any
amount of fun and jollity. In which
certain of the young men from
f'ranhroi k appeared to take more
than their fair share in trying to
monopolize an undue propertkn of
the feminine youth and beauty of
It is   interesting to record      that
Rossland    has in    .John    McTeagwe
9 j\Vm.   Attridge, secretary-treasurer;
• Dr. IL     E. Hall. W. .1   Inn, W.-H.
• ; Wilson. II.   \. McKon.tr. aid 0   ff.
• Patmore.
• t —
• i
A ■■
Canada's Population
which would of course use high in
price when and us tho line nf railway
grew ilnsei to them
The Kootenay Central Railway, as
il is understood here, is une of tin*
many side inns owned bv the Cnna
il iun I'ucitie Rallwa] lis terminal
points me the village td Golden on
tin* main hue of tie Canadian Pacific
rallwa) and Jukeson, a station nn
tin* Crow's Nesl   Cass  lltanch of the
same rallwa)        Tho location
Golden is midway between the
signed and  his   place has been taken
by  Alderman Joseph Jackson
With tho erection of th.* new poet
office building b) Lho Dominion gov
einnieiit, Mr, Beattle realized that
his connection with tie post ofllce
would have to cease unless he were
prepared to devote his time exclusively tu the wort of that office
This he was mt prepared to ho,
his other business interests in this
nf city and district being of inliuit Iv
gee |greater Importance ta him than  the
nl the Rocky and Selkirk Mountains, salary ol postmaster. CNmsequently
lust   where Uw Kick inn Horse   rivet with Lho carl) prospect ol the   com-
juins the mlajbt)  Columbia   Tin ■ [plotlen of    the new post office      in
tire length uf the rallwa) is In the sight, Ur. BcalMo sent in his resign
neighborhood ul two hundred ation nml Mr. Joseph Jackson, for
miles and lot the many years    um* of the city fathers,
has he
the mighty bunded miles ami foi   tbe
whole ui the distami* it imis through
a part nf the    Province nf    British
Columbia tlmt is   parUcuIarrltj rich
in alt natural resources. These have
all lam dormant    waiting transport
at nm facilities (ur their development
Tliey constitute
deposits ul low
utatituiliceiit sttcches ul bench laml
preeminently suitable for farming,
ranching and tlie growing ol hardier
varieties of fruit. The route ol the
railway will for its entire length be
along the far famed valleys of the
Columbia nnd Kootenay rivers, In
addition to the many possibilities in
the working up if a good line of
freight haulage lite construction of
the railway will    open up a part uf
Potato Growing
Reeentl) the Herald recorded    the
fait ihat John Levett. nf ibis city,
had raised a nop of potatoes, that
WDUld run OVPI 17 tons lo the acie
Later measurements sbnw that he
actually raised   spuds that     would
measure up OVCt thirty tons lo the
Frnm a* simile row 88 yards long,
Mr. Levett dug B78 pnumls of spuds.
from nine rows i f similar length, he
tunk ti'illU pounds of late rose variety. In a full acre there would se
7u rows, 70 yards lone, and this
would give a yield on the same
basis of over do tuns
This    is something    llk<
Where can it In* equalled?
strung. New ore bins and nu
sorting plant are being erected
the mine.
Upwards of 125 mm are steadtl)
employed and the force will likely
Ih- Increased a** lhe Improvements are
I       —♦—.
Gymnasium and
Swimming Pool':;
lion.   .Martin   Burrell,  tlio  now
i minister of ngricnltore, lias issued
.,- n preliminary statement Governing
■it tiie recent census, which  is  us
1011 1001
ivul Population— t.usI.kij.i— .»,?7l.::i5
lush mass celebrated fnr the occasion: the text giving him an opportunity to comment on the intima***
connection    between    the    Catfcdk
church a.'d the Knights of Columbus.
The choir, sj-cciailr augnc-ntei,
ca\e an elegant ami dignified render-
in*,'     of Millard's Mass In O.
After divine service the candidates
and   visiting Knights assembled
Griffith, nob Dure. BJly Boyle, Colonel Doherty and the rest of them,
fn 1*65 be was amongst those who
faded ofl the Rockies IWiind Fort
Steele at the whisper of the big
strike fm McClellan Gulch. Mont. His
last call was to Rossland. the
Oolden City, where he still is, rugged
and strong as an oak and just as
honest and uncompromising. On Sunday   last he insisted on signing
the hall, whece    the following mem- [application for neafterstrip and   took
bers   "f     the t'ranbrook council   put   bis three degrees like the splendid old
'son  of the Kmerald Isle tbat he Is.
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Nova Bool is
Fdwsrd li-
appointed  as his successor,
taking possession ol Ins new oftlci	
Saturday Inst.
Whilst the reiirement nf Mr, Heat
lie frnm the position he his titled
f"i su long a period, in a mannei st
generally acceptable to the public,
timber lands, huge [will lb greatly regretted, there will
grade mineral, andjbe equally general approval of the
choice made i f a successor. Mr.
Jus. Jackson, as his long term of
office in the city council amply testifies, holds the confidence and respect of tlie citi/ens of Cranbrnolt
to  a     Very marked extent. That he
will bring    to hear on his work, tlie ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
same care ami regard for the welfare  CANADIAN CONSOLIDATED MIN
i CU D
North VV. Territory
:::;i ISO
2,610 002
168 ■'.' **
1'lll.liUH II
nit the first and second degrees: Joseph Ityan, Grand Knight, W K,
("line, Past Grand Knight. William
Hankies, Deputy Grand Knight; Jo
seph Cassay, Councillor; Eddta l»<-*il
in, Financial Secretar*.; Ales K
l»01 Sutherland, Warden; I*. C. Leahy. |and mysterious phrase. It prohatly
Ji!'!!:*"- ,n,l,-r ,,,iar,l "nd James H. Kennedy, rneans that -lohn has something t.,
Outer Guard. | think abnut tor       the rest of
The work uf the third degree     was   innocent days.
SOI ,815
"Faith," said he to the district
deputy when all was over, "faith
I'm thinkin' 'tis a fin*-* pack of play-
acthors >•«• are." It passeth the
.wit  of man to Interpret this cryptic
in the race, four hens to a team,
and each team housed by itwlf in a
teparate pen A fifth bird will be
permitted as a substitute In cam. <.{
One hundred small frame
houses have been erected for
contest The entries are from Canada, Mexico,   Cuba, South  America,
Progress at
the Sullivan
of    citizens generally on has characterized his   work   as an     alderman,
 pws without saying.    There will be
lite country well known for its scenic'universal approval of bis appoint
beauties and that will attract a great men! to the ofllce, not only because
deal af tourist travel. In fact some of the appointee's fUnesR for the
enthusiasts nre so sanguine as to jpottitinn, hut because this appoiut-
speak of this immediate part as jmenl marks ,i recognition or a very
about to be the rival of some of the .Important and influential class of
more famous resorts ol Switzerland, the city's pnpulaiion, viz: the rail-
not forgetting tlie peculiar atlrae- j roadmen, who all too rarely receive
Mens of the winter sports of St. any special attention when govern-
Morritz. Another all Important pur- 'inent offices are bclig distributed,
pose which tla; Canadian Pacific Hail- The    Herald   heartily  congratulates  i,,,,^
Tbere is a great deal of development work under way on the .Sullivan properly these days. The Canadian Consi liduted company have     a
large force ol men at work, carrying cm) with building operations
out an extensive   scheme of improve-  addition to a modi —*—*
For some lime past members of
the Methodist church, in coojunotlon
with thru pastor, Ki v. w I-: run
ham. have been organising a dub,
which should provide for the young
men of the clt) a pleasant place nf
resort, where gymnastic exert is ■**
cmild be indulged iu and Othei lorm.
ol recreation be provided.
(Mans have advanced to such a
stage that it is extremely prihnhle
that in the near future a large
addition will Ih* built to the old gym-
- nasium, in which seeommodatlon
I will be provided fur a larne hew,
r ami up-to-date gymnasium and a
[ large swimming pool.
I  Already upwards of seventy   mem-
- bers have been enrolled, ami all that
- is lacking is    tin* consummation   of
negotiations, now   In progr
st curing
1' :i,.-.
Japan and      the
Tin* Herald has recrUid copies
,i   new     weekly newspaper -n.
t  Yancoiner,   entitled 'The i brotr
i'le." ami derated to lho hrtei   I
women This n-w publication is ,.' Ileal rstatt transactions continue
very creditable production, both ll'vly. and s gow! deal of cHy prep
from a mechanical and a lit :■>*. ■■''' changes hands almost dell)
I view     it aims to mi      ....   *u I transactions was   tt*.
purchase ol two lets un Maker street,
gentlemen were shown Uw sights if
the city hy Mayor Hunt, local represent at ne of the Prudentta] Life,
and they were greatlj tmpreaaed
with !!.•■ signs of gn-Ath ami prosperity. Mi Robinson was particularly taken with the substantial
character of    Craonrook's many pub-
lotted  lie and business building**, expressing
Iiurprfse that tire ti-wti sIhiuM he
nf such proportions, bn*Hl| heretofore, had the impression, Thai it
was   onl)   a small hamlet
 (S,     ■
ary cash to pro-
n gymnasium and
ul, It   is  iirtendisl
Important nit be In provlnt ial o
nallsm And from the care and ski)
shown in the preparatitm of tin
numbers received should qulcklj •■
tablltfa Itself in Hie favur of the
ladies of llritish Columbia. "The
Chronicle" is published at 720 Hast
logs st. w Tbe annual subscription ll 12, pautlde in advance, it \m
ublished to furtbei the eomraon in
tcrests of the women of British Co
lumbla, an.I its i otumt • are open in
teodcri t.ir the discussion
matters  pertaining   to tlie
adjoining the Edison theatre, by I)r
II. K Hall fur S1000 a piece. C. K
Ward purchased an adjoinlugi Int. Mr.
T. H O'Connell, tbe new manager "i
tin- Royal bank, showed ins faith in
lhe future ol Cranbrook, by the put-
chase of i\ lots on Fenwick avenue,
opposite the Masonic hall      Beale and
Thus QUI returned hume last Friday frum a trip to the coast ami an
unexpected visit to Bdmonion, Mr.
(till left some two weeks ago for a
brief vacation un tlie coast, expecting to be gone about a month, and
intending to visit the principal coast
cities However, after be had bean
f.»r a few days in Vancouver he received   word that a brother of      his
purchased   another   acreage jwas ,iviri!< in Edmonton, lie therevip-
to       the   north of the city. nn hagtcm,|    immediately to     that
block,      ^^^^^^^^^
which     ihey have bad cut up
of  all lots and arc now offering fnr sail
I i  ral —
ments.      A concrete dam is      Uin,   large   swimming pool, it
erected on Mark creek, and n Wooden  to etplip   the Club With a good     lib'
pipe line is being constructed, a mile  rary.
'ments n
way Ik said to have tn view niul with
which oliject they have made preliminary    surveys
Alderman Joseph   .lacksi.ii upon    his and
appointment   and    tn   so doing, hut ire
to connect    with a compressor
electric    plant at Ihe   Sullivan
Klectrlc   lines tor light
Is to    obtain un 'give-*    expression   to  the sentiment  and power purpnws are also     bring
will be
that m
In this way certain require
the SOCial   life of the city
provided    fur, In a manner
nihei rxistlng organisation last one year
place.     The brother,   lames Gill,    a
widower, aged fi9,     died while Mr.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Oill was in Edmonton.     Whilst In
.md  social wellare     ol     Al g I(.mit ViHjUrs \n town was Vancouver Mr   T. Gill attended the
Mt   Oeo   Miner,    formerly a maiden! 'reuninn of   Ouelph Agricultural Col-
^^^^B                          'it this city, wlH'tt he wti   engaged in [lege obi boys   at  which upwards of
Anani;cm**iits    are J
(oi    ih.    International   Egg I..mi. now general  manager of the Proden- |He
contest, in be conducted under     the lial Life  Inturthce company, of Win- second vice president   hr  the  B. C.
super.i,ion ut   -the Cnnii 11 it ut   ft (pri ntpofl      11 ■- was nceutupanieil on this  branch   nf t Im* organization.  Another
culiiiral College     The contest     will occasion by Mr  .1  I>. Hnbinsrn, pre- .brother, Mr  -lohn Gill, returned with
nmeneing November sideiit of ttu* cuinpany, and one       ol jhim   1i» Cranbrnnk autl stayed     wtM»
complete tin hardware business. Mr. Miner   Ik [forty former   members were present.
had the   honor of   being elected
meets them
There Will bc five hundred     hen:.   Winnipeg's leading citizens These him   here for a tew days THE CIIANBROOK   UEHA11)
A Philosophical Discussion of the Latest Invention '
in the Transportation World — Its effect
on the Owner and User
"My lord, ihe carriage awaits with
-Without  what, hast* valet,     without
what ''"
"Without horses,    my lord—11 is an
That the autninuhile is here seems
lu he a fact beyond cavil,
That it is lien* m slay may safely
in* assumed.
The ijue-stiun then fur us tu consider are these:
I    Why is it here''
2.   What is its cltoet upon s clcty?
:,. What is its effect upon the Individual Who owns one?
As to why the auto is bete, let it
first Ih* recorded that man is a migratory animal. The protesl nf Hw
child, "I want to go somewhere," is
h part uf tin.' race instinct and is r.ol
tu be silenced. Man can not down
nor still this universal desire for motion, movement, action—"'to go
The autn is here in answer to prayer, f«u "Prayer is the heart's slnccce
desire, uttered or unexpressed."
Everything new. in the world is the
result nf a     want      If there   had nut
bum a desire for a horseless carriage,
the it.ventuis would not have imagln-
ed me,    and then math*     the dream
enme  11 He
The auto is a result of the Law pi
Demand and Supply, iu motion.
The desire io l ravel   from place <"
place, rapidly and easily,    Is one of
the signs nf ihe times    Ii is n mat
ter       of       human communic
ation, a getting together ol humanity
—a bin factor iu human brotherhood,
lu point ol Importance, the protluc
tion ul things comes lirst.
Second in Importance comes their
Man makes things, then he trans
porta them. Also, lie transports himself,
Robert Pulton sent lhe "Clermont"
on Imt trial tri-p up the Hudson in
Eighteen Uumlfi'l Seven.
The lirst steamship to cross the
Atlantic was the "Savannah." This
was in Eighteen Hundred Nineteen
And while an bun. gent, in the Units.'
nf Commons was making a speech to
the effect  that  no ship    could cany
enough fuel In feed      let   boilers  nil a
transatlantic trip, the whistle of (he
•'Savannah" was heard im the offlifg.
She was answering Iu's logic. Later,
the argument was put forth that th*
carrying of this awful mass nf lire in
ilie hold of a boat was flying in th.*
face ot Providence, and disaster was
sure to come to every ship that Incurred the risk. Hut lhe steamship
has come t<> stay, and still plows lho
Aboul   Sever, teen       II uml inl   Ninety
came the discovery that a wagon
moving in a rail. Intend of on the
dirt, could carry double the load.
The discovery by Wall of tho expansive quality of water when subjected to beat gave the cue for the
locomotive, which John Ituskli. pro
phfsicd would ruin England. He de
saying things to    people nut of sight.
to go traposlr-g up and down the land
in search of thrills.
Ami, personally. Husk In moved to
Contston, a place where tho 'screech
of the Iron horse would never lie
Hut  the railroad bad time to stay.
Mono with his dot uml dash come
it. Eighteen Hundred Porty-foiir as
an added security—a necessity—in
tin* running of trains iu opposite directions on a single track
In Eighteen Handed Seventy-si\,
Graham Bell, a canny Scot, gave us
llie telephone, in response to ibe universal desire for a quiet means ol
saying things ft   prople Mil ur sight.
It was only n coup d'etat that gave
Broadway a horea-rallroad and banished the 'bus.
Then came the cable-cat, BS an attempt to sidestep the Suciely for th*
Prcvenli- n of Cruelty to Animals
Oui hearts bled for tho poor old
street-car horse, galled, limping,
panting, that we mlghl lly thru space
at   tbe rate uf si\ miles an hour.
VS a luver uf ibe Imrse and a bleeder of horses, I bail the     automobile
with glad acclaim.
Horses never commanded so bin it
price as they do today: ami all the
time tlie demand is for a higher-grade horse. Thus does tbe farmer
The electric car arrived as a mutter
of course, lor when people want a
thing they get it We reach up iu
the air or dig down in the ground,
and lo! wc find it, for everything is
Natural gas was discovered and
piped foi light, heal and fuel when it
was needed and thus nre the lords ol
electricity kept civil
In an attempt to render kerosine-
oil noil explosive—so many servant-
gills going l"- ll"* Giber Side bv the
Kerosene Route—gasoline was removed from Illuminating -oil by chemical
I process, Many good people preferred
candles, and called kerosene a fad,
and dangerous. Kerosene wns worth
twenty cents a gallon,     ami gasoline
j two cents.   Gasoline     was a glut on
I the market,
j To utilize this dangerous by-product, lho explosive engine was Invented,
i Fi. in a plaything ot une lo live horsepower, tho gns-englno grew in
The   noiseless   carriage Is   In  ■
sense a scheme for utilising it hj pro-
duet— just as art is Urn's by-prmluel
And behold! Kerosene is now cheap
er, ar.tl better quality, Ihan M hus
eiei be//i in the history of commerce
Koroseno is now lho liy-product, and
thus dues the proletariat wax glad
and the farmer rejoice, If gasoline
ever soars as high as it has In Fran
tv, we. will use ilemtlured alcohol
made from mangclroots and turnips,
' One greal value nf the iiuln in Sn
defy is that il relieves Ihe st reels nf
horses, and thus adds Lu sanitation
ami cleanliness.
Three years ago when the proprle
tm* of a big hotel in New York nslu..
the iiulicc tc keep bis curbs clear oi
cab-horses he was denounced as finicky and fussy.
Now, no good hotel man will allow
horses lo stand in proximity tu his
ostclry. One thing, horses attract
swarms nf flies in Summer, autl their
presence creates un paved streets an
unsanitary condition all the time.
Horses belong to lhe soil, anyway.
The horse's hoof is made for the
dirt. The auto adtls lo commerce the
value uf increased time, because il
carries the man ur tlu* parcel tn the
desired place iu less than half th'
limo that horses can turn the same
Next, the auto brings the outlying
sections Into proximity to the city,
since twenty miles with an autn is
equal tu six with a horse. Thus will
nuhurlun property he broughl int
market ai.d take nu a value otherwise
impossible. The telephone and thu
autn are doing away with lhe lone
Iiness uf the farm, antl as consequence
farmcre' wives have quit going bughouse as a- business.
Tbe auto is here to slay, exact ly
as tbe .steamship attd railroad arc
here to stay. It can neither he laughed down nor argued down. When you
see a man who tells you what is
going to happen if this benzine-buggy
craze does n't stop, In* is getting
ready to buy one.
Now, supposing the automt-bil ■
were .substituted fur the horse for
transportation purposes generally, we
would have a rather interest hit; lesson in economics, There are something like twenty-one million horses
in these United States. About nine
hundred thousand horse-drawn vchl
eles are sold every year, ml counting
farm and delivery wagons, of which
about four hundred thousand i.cw
ones arc snlil annually.
. Now, assuming, which wo can safe
ly do, that there are in daily use in
ibis country seven million vehicle*,
drawn hy ten million horses, which
travel an average of four miles ,\ tluv
apiece, »ml figuring the horses* keep
nt twelve    dollars a   month each, it
: costs to maintain this aggregation ol
horseflesh considerably in excess id .1
billion dollars a year!
j Moreover, the cost of lab. r to drive
these ten million    horses Is nut loss
[1)11111 three cents a mile. Hence it
costs lo drive lhe seven million vehicles rather more than three hundred
million dollars a year. Adding th'
cost ol driving the vehicles to lb?
cosl of maintenance of tho horses,
and wc would have a total expend 11
un* of over a billion and a hall dol
lars a year for the twenty-eight million vehicle-mile's traveled.
j Let us figure now huw we would
come out by using a like number uf
automobiles for these twenty-elghl
million vehicle-miles per day, using
the ordinary    runabout for   Ulusirn-
j tion.   Estimating 11n* ci st of auloino*
1 inie depreciation ami Ores at two and
three-tenths cents a mile, we get the
total cost of six hundred fourty-four
thousand dollars a day. Similarly.
figuring the cost of labor at ono am!
one-hall cents a mile, and oil at one-
! tenth cent per mile, we get a total of
I four  hundred sixteen thousand,    one
.hundred forty thousand ami twenty-
night thousand dollars a day, respec-
Ively, for seven million automobiles,
rr a grand total per day of one mil-
linn two hundred twenty-elghl thous-
I ami dollars, which amounts tn a year
to Tour   hundred   forty-eight million
1 two hundred twenty thousand dollars,
.Or, compared with the hoise, tlie total saving effected by tbe autoiuoblr
would Ik*  considcrnhl)    more than a
. billion dollars a year.
I These figures are prclfy big to
grasp. Therefore, let us use as a
onmparltion a one-horso buggy ami a
.small automobile runabout, relnlllng
at, .say, six hundred dollars.
If wo figure tlml a horse and buggy
average four miles a day, this menus
a yearly mileage ol ono thousand four
hundred sixty miles. A conservative
estimate of the cost of tins mileage
would ||.aco it at nol less than one
hundred fifty dollars.
Now, then, experience proves thut
a small runabout can be operated at
an expense per mile ui one und mii*-
hnlf cent for gasoline and mie-tcnlli
cent for oil. Allowing one half cenl
for other expenses, wo net a total of
iwo and three-fifths cents a mile, ui
one and three tenths cents per passenger-in lie. That is to say, what
tliv horse does al a ci st of one hundred fifty dollars il takes our runabout less than thirty-eighl dollars
tu accomplish. The question then
quite naturally arises: as an economic
factor alone, is n'i lho aulomolt'le to
j bo considered as vastly superior to
ih/ horse at;d nn tho -side of conservation of tiiH'i'iy and economy of npet-
nt ion? Well, I guess so!
! The subject id good roads is a vital
one i" the autoisi, everywhere thru-
out th:* world the owners ul autos
aiv agitating the subject.
i in New York and in various other
;Stales of the Union, the money received frnm automobile liens s is
being used fnr ruad-hnildiiig purposes
Tl.c sum to be raised each year for
good roads will exceed two million
j The Humans nf uld bull I Iheir famous roadways fur but one purpose,
ami thai was lo transport an army
.from one place to another, Hut, regardless of the motive, they taught.
the world a ejreat lesson.
J John Wesley says in his Journal,
, I was beholden of the truth thai,
'. farmers       wbn live        along
a good read grow
rich, while those who are nn a hud
mad are usually poor." The farmers
un- iio< organized sn as to build good
mads. About all (hey have dune is
In patch bad ones. To make a good
mad requires science, skill, money
and wise foresight. Oood toads nro
built fur Ihe future, quite ns much as
1 for the fleeting present.
j The auto-owners an* mostly men td
affairs, and it can safely be said thai
all men of affairs are nutoowncrs
■ Tlio type nf man wlm used to have a
carriage and coachman is not your
, typical outolst, The auto-owner is a
'man with a Hue scorn for ease and all
soft luxury. His fad is motion.
; lie possesses initiative and is a
good sportsman- Wherever he noes he
uh es tilings, lt*r beside lieing an auto-
uwuer he is a fanner ami is fast becoming a lover of the country and a
loving student of Nature.
I Thus dues ihe auto transform tho
! The various automobile clubs nr*
handed together so they can bring
Iheir influence to bear on legislation.
Tho fanner is mt a lobbyist, and bis
.interests have been neglected. Hui
now that the farmer and the autu
owner are grasping hands, this matter nf good roads will nut he allowed
tu palter, falter nor rest.
j The old time Roman with his lust
for conquest was tho supreme type of
j road-builder. Hut now a brooder,
; better, liner and stronger man Is coming in nn bis high speed, and this is
the nutoist. He has all the enthusiasm of the Roman, and ten times
; his resources,
The boys with lhe auto are our modern "Invincible Tenth Legion."
The lasl question fnr us tu consider
is the effect nf the auto on (lie owm-i
and user.
Om- thing sure, any man wlm has
had a car never wants lo net along
Itcroaftcr wltout one.
j 1 suppose if does not have tu he
shown that the autn is rur. out of
doors Thus ii cites a play uf fresh
air thai is not possible to him who
lingers close to lho steam beat.
Man is a movable uh'-ltuut. He
thrives only when bo is in the open,
Sun, wind, storm— all are things lo
which be must become inured. The
imi In takes ymi cut of the crowded
city, oui of the fumes of noisesomo
streets. It gives you an air-bath,
and breathing more ynn think mure,
feel more, know mure, live more.
To reside ten or twenty miles frnm
business um) take that trip night and
morning Would dnnlji* tint capacity nf
imi:,l men. The commuter In the
sun ker or "ladies' coach" absorbs a
lot uf bud air antl silly conversation
that Jhave already been used.
The auto subdues conversation to
things that should be saitl, and eliminates most of the vacuous mouthy
nothings.   That is, it, gives you rest.
As fur the man wlm runs tills own
mnchlliO, there is demanded an exercise nf eye and hand that develops
judgment, skill, courage, and gives
coolness In your cosmic engine under
difficult its-.
All those thinns must iu a generation have a decided effcel on tbe ell-
tire race. The North American lu
diiiti developed his noble body when
he was obliged to hunt, and he lust
his noble qualities, in groat degree,
when he was put nn the Reservation
and made to stay thcro with every
thing provided.
The man with an auto Is nn Reservation Indian.
He travels far and fast, lie is
pretty nearly a freewill agent, lie
sees, hears, grows, bikes, bun's and
becomes. His face is bronzed hy the
kiss uf the wind and sun. 1 l*s pulse
is full nml own. His appetite is pro
The stimulant uf o/One, and the
sei.se nf power coming from ihis thirty-horsepower or Blxty-horsepowei
uu tm at his linger-lips, gives him
all I'.i 11 ci 1 tli it his body craves,
Nu nun wh really loves Lho merry
music 01 tl.e cm off takes fn strong
The niilo is a great move in behalf
uf temperance. The man who runs
11 machine prizes his brain and rejoices ii. sinewy hands, muscles ol braided silk and nerves nf sled. UooZe
is for the wobbly and weak—your uii-
tuj.sl will have none nf it.
Thus dues the aulu make for sanity
sotintl bleep, efficiency ami length ol
Within two years' time there lias
enme about, n very decided protest in
publie opinion against lhe nuto
The paco is now becoming reason-
abb* and moderate. Tho nervous novelty is wearing off. To fly thru the
lititil, run over chickens, kill dons,
scare horses and put wagons in Ihe
ditch is getting to he decidedly had
foi in. line reason is thai the driver
—owner ui* hired chauffeur—Is now a
sober man. He neither overeats nor
overdrinks. A lifted baud will stop
any machine, anywhere—this is today
the rule. The natural goodness, decency and courtesy of si rout; and
healthy men are being fell, for as we
grow iu health we evolve in consideration for the rights of others.
The licensing of chauffeurs is a
good tiling, nml is having its effect
un character.
The ree'dess driver is soon out of
a job, ami once out he is a marked
man ami out forever, Vou must keep
your record clean.
As for the extravagance uf tho people who buy a machine when Ihey
are not able to afford a haby-huggy,
a word is in order.
That many autos have been bought
by (hose who have no business with
one, is true.
A new Invention, like ,\ new reform,
is bound to lure u lot of the heedless
ami unthinking.
The world still has a full supply
of the chucktoheaded.
Hut there is one big protest against
the cxtrvaganco of tho automobile tu
which we should hearken. It* comes
irom Wall Street. Look you! The
small trailers iu Wall Street are buy-
Ing uutos, ami thus have ceased lo
gamble. The joy cf the auto has replaced the joy of the Bucket-Shop.
The chances nf being put into lhe
financial ditch are replaced with the
risks nf the road.
Take your choice—of two evils
tboose the lesser:
From an editorial in the "Milliners' Rovlew" I see that the milliners and dressmakers are suffering
from Hie craze fur the autn. One
editorial says: "Many women wlm
beforo were well gowned arc now
content wilh khaki ai.d little, tight,
homemade automobile bonnets—anything that will keep the dust out of
lhe hair. Ami when lhe husband lets
his wife make choice between beautiful party gowns or a new machine,
she voles for the machine without a
In the NJewelers' Weekly," T find
a similar voice to this effect, "The
diamond trade is suffering frum this
extravagance iu atitomolt'.lcs."
A Fifth Avenue tailor, recently interviewed, says: "The genuine, well-
dressed gentleman is getting hard tu
Iiml. Instead of clothes made to
measure, overybody is buying a rca-
dy-to-woar suit at half price, saving
the money for gasoline."
It will thus bc plalrly seen I mi
there is going nu an exchange nt on;'
extravagance for another, so the net
loss is n't quite so bad as our pessimistic friends would have us think
We save on diamonds, pieturc-lmts
ami party dresses, ami this money
goes Into machines. Very well, lot'or
go! The world is the gainer. It
means tan, brawn, suiind sleep and
good digest ion, againsl pale Cheeks,
weak eyes, and nerves that uetd n
Then, note you this: The man with
an auto takes the whole family witb
bim; whereas, the old-time sport with
his fast, horse had a one-man wagon
ami went iHurie. The wife along is a
governor to the social engine. Sure!
Don't buy an auto If yon don't see
how to pay for it. Debt is a ro|fj lo
your foot, cncklcbiirs in your hair, n
fly in lhe cold-cream of your leanty-
•Keep within your llnnnclal speed
limit, or Kate, like a country constable, will surely pinch you. There is
lets ol fun in walking, yet. Hut cx-
trnvaganl ami wasteful people have
always lived. When Oliver (Toldsmtth
dressed up the bailiffs and had them
serve I be feast, he was a t|inl as well
as a poet. Look behind—also look iu
front—and toot your horn, before Von
lurii the corner into debt.
E are ready to show you
sll the new winter Overcoats,
Here are tlie big, roomy,  w.y
kind—that make friends witli you at once,
Styles  are   distinctively   new—    lit
patterns are beautiful—and the tailoring is right
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In connection with its Travellers' Cheques The Canadian Bank of
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Also, anybody who insists un Itolng    Hui because there nre extravagant
exlravnganl awl buying things ho cam  PcoP'o In    the world    Is no reason,
Thorcsa,   why wo should have melan-
amird, will, uni ill Gehenna
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Thoroughly up-to-date.
Rales. $2.00 a day and up.
OEO. P. WKI.l.S, Proprietor
B. TO.MK1N, Manager
Enables trailers ihronghoul Hie worhl
to communicate tllrwct tviih   English
in each class uf goods, (-tendles lieing
a complete commercial guide tn London nml iii BiiburhSi tin* directory
contains lii-t*-1»(
with  the  Goods  Ihuyebip, mnl   the
Colonial  tunl   Foreign  Markets  Ihey
arranged under the Port? to which thev
tail, mnl indicating the approximate
of lending Manufacturers, Merchants,
etc,in the iitiiirip.il provincial towns
mnl industrial centres ol the United
A copy of the current td it toil will lie
forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of
Postal Order for 20s.
Dealer! seeking Agencies can advertise their trade eifilt* for20s., or largre
advertisements from fiO».
The London Directory Co., Lid.
25 Abthnrch Line, Union, P.C.
| East Kootenay      •
Butcher Co. I
Dealers In
Kivsli mi,] Cunil
Poultry, (liiine uml Flail   ®
in Senson. <•>
HIVE   rs   A   TRIAL
East Kootenay
Butcher Co. •
The Old P. Wood's      |
Business. ®
*) if) is> ®i»i 3 i" • •••■• . .• . •
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane. Wash.
A modern equipped Oafti »t tnotlernlo
HateH |1,00 nnd up pot day
Coriier of Ilowiir-1 St, ami Pri i.i Ave,
Our l.u- tnei-t*. nil trahif)
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr. THE   CHANROOK   HERALD
********************** *************>*********
as to Thanksgiving poultry.
ItiMi'in] of liooBl itifj the pi ive
because everybody wants-turkeys, chicfcetiB, thick*- etc., we
bought in liig quantities and
can ft'llat big quantity prices.
Come ami select yonr bird.
Wegnatnnlee you'll my later
that never hint BWaeier or
toutlet er poultiy passed your
P. BURNS &  CO., Ltd.
ORANBROOK ... - B. 0,
(Special correspondence)
SPegtCS   Woiulcl:. foi
this    was   only
willi iis.    Wi; reel
^iiuil work   will
Mi Slovens, us
liis s.eimil Sabbath
confident tlml this
oiitiliuc.  Mr. Sl<■ v
: The :
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Frull, Agricultural, (Ira/.iiiK nnd Timber Lands.
Insurance, Slocks anil llunds.
Wholesale Dealers In Lumber.
Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue and
Baker Street.
4**9**4 4*4 44 4*****4*********
Incorporated IHiili
Capital Paid Up $6,300,000 Reserve $6,900,000
Total Assets, Over $95,000,000
II. S. HOLT, President      K. L. PEASE, General Manager
Account, of Firms, Cor|K>ratloria uml Individuals solicited.
Out-of town business receives every attention.
SAVINGS DEPAKTMKNT-DepoBltsof |1.00 ami upward, received
and interest allowed at current rate.   No lormality nr delay in
A General Banking Business transacted.
Cranbrook Brunch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager
Herald Publishing Co.
Cleo.    I-]. Hendersoni jr
Cranbrook    last     week
charge of a dentist.
News reached camp hist Thursday,
•if tin- death ut Hilly Hates at Vane ;
mivvr, Wash..whither he hai! Ron:- for
climatic change, having been ailing
fm tin* past year. Ih' had been with
tis fit several years in the capacity
of nn engineer at the saw mill.
IH   Lena Bnelor, of [{©public Wash ,
a heavy slock holder in our company,
was visiting us the Iirsl of tin* week,
at.tl  was well salisfietl  witli  llu* promt condition of tbe Co
There     were five    nf our     Rosalia
Wash,   slock holders    visiting    ami
king    over our   pn position    laal
■k ami were well pleased with lln-
piest'lil   OUllook.
\ Ictlt'i     from     Taliet, Alta, con
ve;i to us tin* Intttigcnoe, Hiat Tom
nictnlenlng, formerly of Hull Kiwi
l-'alls, now a resident tf that plate,
mel wilh a serious accident while in
discharge of his duties on Uu* dray
line, which n>Igll1 have cosl him his
Mr. McNIfih, the Pernio d 1st riot
mad comiiiissioner, accompanied hy
Mr. Ford, tbc governmenl fOngenoer,
were here Inttklnj*; over tlie condition
of tlie bridge across the canyon
near ihe falls, which will soon be
placed under repairs.
Prof. Richardson and wife, Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Fenwick ami Miss Woodland, COthO down from Stifle lasi
Sunday for a pleasant trip iu an
auto. Every thing went well until
tl.ey readied within two miles of tbe
camp, when the rear axle of the autn
broke, and they were forced bo walk
the balar.ee of the journey. Not withstanding the mishap tht* party unjoy-
eil a most delightful time visiting
friends in camp, while an expert came
over from Cranlrook to readjust the
Mr. t'arlln was n visitor In eamp
last Tuesday. We are always pleased
to sit* bim.
ens will (N.N.) sing two Boll s
was at next Sunday evening's service
under tho I — -*	
of discoveries.  To
t  has fallen out lo-
Madame Sherry",
ailEAT    NEW    VOllK     MUSICAL
Arrangements have been made with The Mac-
Lean Publishing Company, Limited, Toionlc.
whereby we can supply both
 AND ==
For One Year for $2.00
Th* regular subscription price of Farmer's
Mtvgazine alone is $2-00 a year. It is a big
160 page magazine, highly illustrated. It is the
only high grade national magazine in Canada
devoted entirely to farm matters and faim life.
Every phase of farming is dealt with by specialists in tlu respective fields. No feature of farm life
ii overlooked. The farmer who closely follows
any one of these special articles will get more than
$2.00 worth from each article.
The man who has lhe success of farming at
1i:irt will find this publication of inestimable value
to him.
Articles of special interest to the home appear
in each number, also a number of the world's
best stories.
Forward $2.00 to this olliee and you will be
credited with one year's subscription to The
Herald, also one year's subscription to
Farmer's Magazine. Send the money today, so that your yearly subscription to Farmer's
Magazine may commence with the current issue.
Sample copies of the Magazine may be seen a
this office.
(Special correspondence^.
Mr It. J. Pearson ami Mrs. Pearson wen* in Cranbrook fast Wednesday with friends.
Mr. LaDuc, of Cranbrook, was visiting with Wardner friends last Wednesday*.
Messrs. Mallandainc antl K rick son
called here last week on their* torn
of inspect ion at the Hull River
camps iieioiiguifl to the c. P. It.
Rube Hanson, late of Wardnei,
bow cook at one of the Hull River
camps, was here Sunday on his way
to Cranhrook.
Mr. Lindsay, ot the Creston
Fruit (Jrowcrs, called on friends hero
last Thurshay.
Mrs. Pred Speaker spent the wet!:
end with her friend, Mrs. dottier
Jones, in Crantroak.
Mr Iv M. Carson, ol Utfl Great
Wist Sadder? company, of Calgary,
was doing business in town last
Mr. Hugh Clarke was in '"ranorook
Inst Thursday on buslnessf
Mr.  Doyle, district manager for P.
Burns and company,    with hea-h-uri-
ters at Calgary, WM a Wardncr •*i*i-
■r last Friday.
Mr. Sweet, of Victoria, was in
Wardner last Friday on busine***.
Mrs. William Green and daughter
mini, ol Galloway, spent tbe week
■ml with friends in Wanlner.
Tin* kindly stork vtittcd the home
.1 Mr and Mrs. Fred Hcrric, River
(reel, on Thursday last ami pre-
rented them with a bouncing filial:*
Mr. lames Downey, photographer,
was in Cranbrook last Friday ou
Mr. Frank I'linningham, of the
Crows Nest store staff, spent Sunday
in Cranbrook.
Mis. Sam llillis wns visiting in
Cranbrook lasi Monday.
Mr. Fred Speaker) of .faffray,
spent Sunday with bis family here.
Mi Archibald E. Reeaoc, of Macleod, Mborta, spent last Tuesday
with friends here.
Mr. C. M. Pcnnock, ol tho   Cro*
Nest ofllce   stall,    was in Cranbrook
lasl Tuesday on business.
The hand boys held their last prat
I Ice for a time last Monday night   as
tbe boys are about   to separate,
mill   having dosed down lor       this
seast n, on account ol the low wain
Wc nre very proud of our bawl. They
rtainty have   made very rapid progress   under tlie able leadership      of
Mr. Goodwin.
Mr. ManUlly has almost completed
repairs on the Bull River bridge,
witb the result that it has been
again opined for traffic.
Mr. Fenwick, of Fort Steele, came
Into town in his motor car last
Mr. II. 0. Adney spent Tuesday
lasl in Cranhrook on business.
Mr. Roy Anderson, of tbe Crows
Nest, office staff, has resigned his position ami will leave for Heniury
next Saturday.
Rev. Stevens spent several days of
last week organizing the work assigned to him at some ol his outlying poknts.
It is a falrlj     lorogi no conclusion
that        the Auditorium       will
be crowded during        the
■ttgagemcnl, announced        foi
Thursday the 26th ins' ol "Madame
Sherry",   the    sensational    musical
imedy success to be in ter pri led
hero by Lira Karl Hoschna Otto llm
orbach New Amsterdam Theatre Co.,
direct from New Votk, when* tile
production's success Is the one big
ashing musical aensol ion ol i lie
lenl season. Once in may lie ;i
score of years a hit occurs like thai
rod hy    this   production.  Tl gh
hut half a year old in this country,
most of tin* ai is of "Madame Slter
ry", 'tie already popular numbers In
every town and cil\ where music it,
understood, "Every Little- movement
lias A Meaning All Ms Own", the
theme song of the piece 1ms been n
rage in town for months. "The Itut
terlly", is another air that has the
town by the cars, llm it is in
laughs as well as litis (hat ''Madame
.sherry" is unique as a sensational
success, according to report. The
company assembled for the presentation of tin' production here Includes a
roster of famous musical comedy eel
ehrities.   In New   York tl rgani/a
lion has been alternating with the
other New Amsterdam Theatre Coinp
any. The role of Yvonne Sherry,
described as one of the most capti*-
ating prima donnn conceptions in till
Uh* realms of musical Imagination
will be -sung hy dainty little Ethel
Hell, a prima donna who.se most
recent lyrical hits were scored iu
New York musical succ sacs; Walter
("aileii, a comedian who hat* been a
laughing hit in many important met
ropolituit pri duct ions, will appear
here in tho leading low comedy part
of ibe piece, and of course there is a
feminine chorus. "Madame Sherry"
js stilt an overflow bit al the .New
Amsterdam Theatre, New York,
where it has been playing to steadily
packed houses since late in the summer, with an advance sale so large
that any suspension of iis run before
next May is impossible. A specially
enlarged orchertia is another feature
of the company.
George W. Led) let's name as a
producer of muslcaj pieces usually
sfjiclls som-thing near the hist word
in approximate perfection <f product-
Ion. Playgoers familiar with the
manager's successes while he held
forth at the New York Casino, at a
time when ho controlled the fortunes
of Lillian Russell, Jefferson Do An
evlis, Walter Jones, Da*Is Warflcld,
Louis Mann, Edna May, Mayhelle
Oilman, Paula Bdwardcs, and other
stats, hat) opportunity during that
period to observe the finished quality
of tin* manager's theatrical equipments. In "Madame Sherry", a
musical production that has scored a
success this season in New York of
greater popular magnitude than any
music piece offered in the metropolis in a score of years, the Lederer
touch and the Lederer manner are
said to he vitally contributing
elements. Aside from the notes of
mirth struck by the story—and past
performance has demonstrated that
no one better than Lederer knows
| how to effect stage fun—"Madame
Sherry" is said It* fascinate not
alone hy its score with its ravishing
•■Ev'ry little movement has a meaning    all    it's own", theme,    but to
nlbrall as well by the general beauty shimmering throughout the production's three acta. Tho scenic opportunities for tills Lederer artistry
are a New York gilded youth's
studio, with bevies of dancing feminine guests devoted to Grecian tcrpsl-
chi re, the    salon ol a    millionaire's
acbl at anchor iu New York bay.
ami too after tick of the same yacht
under moonligt. under full s..ii in Hit*
waters o ff Coney Island, with Uie
yacht's feminine gurato as models lor
the bedercr  ingenuity    and taoto ta
Costuming. The coivduct of every
member of the east, which term
takes in the feminine chorus, is said,
too, to reflect ihis general sense ol
betuty, a quality that one unconsciously appreciate*-, who listens to
many of the airs of the published
score of the production. "Madame
sherry" is to be presented here at
the Auditorium bj lho New Amsterdam Theatre Cotnpuiy on Thursday
next, October 26th.
This is an 009
glow hair after,
day is a reality.
SALVIA, the (Heat Hair Tonic
and Dressing, will positively create a
new growth of hair.
If yi ii want to have a beautiful
head of hair, free from Dandruff, use
SALVIA once a day and watch the
salvia is guaranteed to stop falling hair and restore the hair to its
natural color. The greatest Hall
Vigor known.
SALVIA is compounded by expert
Watch your hair if it Is falling out
If you don't, you will sooner or lal
er he bald.
SALVIA prevents bnlilnesst by fastening lhe hail   to the loots.
Ladies will (ind SALVIA Just tbe
hair dressing they are looking for. M
makes the hair soft ami fluffy ant! is
not sticky. A large hi.(tie, fillets At
the Cranbrook Drug ai.d Rook Co.
W. F. (JURD.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc*
Money to loan on favorable terms,
th.* creditors of the above named
Company are required on or before
the d8l.li day of November next to
semi their names aud addresses nml
particulars of their debts or claims,
and -the names ami addresses of their
•'olicitois (if any. to George llarmer
lollUSOU   of  Ii2,     New   Droail   Street,
London,       Englaml, the       llq-
ildator of the said
Company, ami if so required, by notice iu writing from the said Liquidator, are personally or by their soli-
(tors to come in ai.d prove their
said debts or claims al such time and
place as shall )■> specified in such
Notice; or in defai'.i thereof they
will he excluded from the benefit of
any distribution made before such
debts or claims ate proved.
Dated Ibis 5th day of October, CHI
Geo. 11. Johnson.
Every care ami comfort
A   home  from   home
fecial attention in cases i
Maternity, Rheumatism
ami Pneumonia
Tertni   moderate
MKS. E. BENT. Matron.
I, Hn, Phone :
Physician*! and Surgeons
Irlli'. .1  ltnlilr.ee, Arm.trong if.
Forenoons - - - . 9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - . . 2.00 to    4.00
Evening. * - - - 7.90 to   ft.SO
Sundayi, - - - - 280 to   4.(0
'KAMIHOOK :,     il     I.     I.     U. O
Cranbrook     I.odg.,
No. 31
A.F.  SAM.
Regular meeting, on
llm   third   Thiir.d.T
of every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
A. C. Shanklaiiil, W.M.
E. IV.  Connolly, Secretary.
OUKSOBMT  I.Olillli No. 'A3
Cranbrook, 11. C.
Meet,   every   Tuesd.y .t 8 p.m. i.
Fraternity Hall.
T. O. Jones, C. C.
.1. M. Iloyes.K. of 11. N. S,
Visiting brethren   curdlally invited
to attend.  .
Mmu In   Fraternity Hall Pint ant
Third Fridays
T. Fraser, K C.
M. MacKinnon, M. li  and t'.
Visiting sisters cordially united.
C—*       s*~\ r—^*—
The i.i-ii,liny Business College
of the Northwest
When-young people con receive
a thorough huahiees training. *
le i„ teuton twelve monthstln
the year.
No entrain-,, examination..
lluat.i ami toon, ai very reason*
able rote.
We  secure  poiltiotis   f,»r our
(Inr new beautifully illustrated
catalogue sent free upon request.
Write lor it NOW!
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
Ist k Madison     •      SPOKANE
The Ad. That's Worth     1
A Dollar to You
•ii mny bo in this issue- nml n
jjj si-inch of ono minute may §
B reveal it to you !
S Of course it may be tbat §
E there are ails, printed to-day |
| thnt are worth a hikhI many j|
| dollars lo you. lint it ouubt Si
| to lie
Easy To Find
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.ui.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office in new Held Block
'HANRKOOK -       •       - B.
Oranbrook and Fort Steele
$    '   0. CUMMINQS
. T.I No. n:i
Cranbrook, B.C
B.   C.  and Surveyor
CRANBROOK    •      B. C.
Ask hr flakiM LITHIA WATEI
For family itae there i. nothing
so wholesome ami so pure a.
W. R. Btwttr. Purwrml Dfractor
Crmabrook *B. C
i ad. worth ONE DOLLAR |
 — I
Make the Search       |
as an experiment
TAKE NOTICE that Stephen Pollen, ot London, Eng , occupation Director, intends to apply for |m*i niis-
sii»n lo purchase tire following lies
crihed lands:
Commencing at a post planted al
the S.E. corner ol Lot 9970; theme
80 chains north, thence »u chains
cast, thence 10 chains south; llunc-
80 chains west; to the place ol commencement.
J. Blake.
Dated July 6th, 1911 22-91
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application.
MRS. .*,   SALMON.
Phone 23!i Matron.
P. 11, linx St.",    Armstrong Ave
Dr. H. E. Hall, D.D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work
u specially.
Phone No. 200    Armstrong Ave
Oranbrook, B.O.
Meet, every Monday
night it   New Fraternity   Hall.    Sojourning Oddfellow. Cordially Invited.
\. Fergusson W. M. Harris.
N. O.
t!,iri! Weuiie-ilayB
Meets first   and
ill each mouth
A   cordial reception extended
visiting brothers.
Omoara -luly 1st to Dccoinii.r 3lat
t'. P.—II   Clayton.
Scrite-W   M   Harris.
No. 1».
Meet, every second and   fourth wM*
nesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning    Kebekah.   cordially Invited.
Miss Ada Hickenlolharu.N.O).
Miss M. Hickenbothatn, Sec.
Meets lr. Carrcen'. Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ot each month at •
p.m. sharp
Wm. Anderson, Chiel Ranger.
L. Bent. Secretarv
Vl.iting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall first aad
third Thursday of eacb month at
8 p.m. .harp.
Mrs   Lulu Hayward,  Rec. Sec.
W. B. McFarlane, Chief Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦<-♦♦♦< '
| Presbyterian £h*\Kb\
Suod&f moniiDg lemce at 11
Sur.«Uy    ereniQft     tervlec   at' J
7.30 o'clock
Sundt-f      School   htui     Hit,.*
Clua at 3 o clock
Pr***b*f-tcrlati    Ouild,  Tuesday,
at 8 o'clock
Van Home Blreel    [opposite  Pej>ot
You are not raporlmonllng on your-
Btltchej means Disorilcri*! Klilncys.
Cough Remedy lor a cold as lhal
preparation has won its ureal reput*
utii ii and estensive sale by its
remarkable cures of colds, and can
always be depended upon. II Is equally valuable for adults and children
and may bc gdeu lo yiuiiig children
With Implicit coiiiideiuT as It
tains no liarinliil drug. Sold by
FOR SALE—Two do/en May hatch
Scarcely ever Won   did the Ward- jwhllo Hocks nnd Leghorn l"»ls    Ap-
nct churoh m-.- such a cougicgallon as ply    iiaptisi      paraonage,     •*•'"'''"'>.
Unit nl lasl   Sunday evening.    Tills avenue. lllll HI
I, William Crowston, ol Catllegar,
B.C., by occupation a farmer, give
notice that I intend on the seventh
day ol November next, at eleven
o'llock In the forenoon, to apply to
Ihc Water Commissioner at Ids office
as Cranbrook for a license to take
ai.d use one-hall a cubic feet of wai-
pcr second from Little Bull River.
The waler will bc usi-d on suli-divi-
sion 11 of lol 818, group one, and
the point nl diversion is near where
Little Hull Rivet crosses the boundary bolwccn lol IOC and Mib-division
ll, block 818, group one, Kootenay
William Criiwslon.
Dated this  Mlh day ol September,
io r,i
Carries ;i full -luck of
Ki-puirB for almve always
in stock
: Baptist^ Cburcb
Pastor, H. S. Speller,
i Paraonage, Norbury Avenue.
'Phone, 284.      P. O. Boi 187.
Regular Service.—Sunday, 11
a.m. and 7.80 p.m.; bible
School with Young I.adlea'
i Phllethea and Young Men'.
> Bible Cl.ia, 3 p.m.
' Monday, Young People.', I
! P m.
7 Wednreday, Mid-Week Meetftag,
A cordial Chrl.tlan
' (wall.
Prealdant i T. s. Oiu.
Secretary: 8, Machosai.ii
For information renaiiliug land, i
•ml   agriculture    apply    to  the <
tiecretary, Cranbrook. II. C.
Even- second Wednesday
ovir ea vtAM'
" ixpcs-icricc
ANI) CHEMIST.-Cbarges: Oold,
silver, copper and lead, It each;
gold-silver, 11.50; sliver-lead, 81.80,
gold-silver, witb copper or lead,
18.50; 7lnc, 12; silver lead-zinc, 83.
Prices for other metals on application. P. O. Boa C.D., 1108, Nelson. B. 0. 81-M
CoPYRiaHTt Ac.
int. kit ■u-'-orini.i .,iirii|;iiiMiJtH«;«l«*«
ini." ''-ii i* r,-,|,,,nr'1 r i,*i*s,,*J*,'lft-j "'oi'nii.tou-
n..■■•'«!ili-t**-.. iiiMot.ti*!. HArtOBOtn fmr»t**i.u
IVantl t»*n-r. tF.Mtitili  huim A tw. rw»IW
tptrielrtut, VltkOUwafMb»W*
Scientific jFltnericatu
l tanAt»ir»lr Illn-rU^ — -"      ' " —  *•
■iiwmi ft m -to''1"'",
I'.nvU. ISH a   jrar, V*M
Jll lNlttrtMl**tB.
A k.«*»>n.,lr llla«nO-l MfW.    I«'f*« •»
i".». Jl-fVr^rl^*"*.",'.,,.. Vh a
all  IM*»|r*ll. f» -. li     _■
By the Herald   I'ublisliinn Company, I
I***, .J. Deanp, Managing Kditor.      '
CRANBROOK, B. C, October 19,1911
P. DcVerc Hunt, as mayor ol
the city of t'rnnbrook, province of liritisli Columbia, under and by virtue ot the authority in mc vested as such
(Ulcer, and for and in appreciation ol lhe visit ol lhe Nobli-
of llu- Mystic Shrine to our
city on October the twenty-
fifth, and Ihc receipt of which
is earnestly anticipated, do
Nobles cl ibe Mystic Shrine,
and to each of them severally,
all ol Ihc real and personal
property situated iu the said
city, nl every kind and nature
whatsoever, upon condition
that ihc said property shall
n-verl lo Uu- lawful owners
thereof al Hn- eleventh hour
of the lollowlng day, reasonable wear nml tear expected.
And I, tlio said mayor, fur
mysil! and Ibc ollicials ol lhe
eily and    Inhabitants thereof,
undertake  I ngreo lo defend
lhe said Nobles of the Myslic
Shrine attains! any lawful or
oilier Interference by police or
other officers within the limits of the said eily, between
llie hours uf eight o'clock a.m.
on the 25th    day ol October,
lllll, and Ihc eleventh I r of
the day lollowlng, oi lhe said
Anil for Hie said consideration, we do hereby further
convey lo the said Nobles oi
lhe Myslic Shrine, the ri|rht,
diiriiic, the said time, to tht*
USO of tlie streets, alleys and
ambulances ol said city for tbo
TENDER handling ami care of
1 have, by llie power in me
vested, subscribed my hand
and nirixcil the Hie. SEAL id
lhe city, at Cranbrook, B.C.
Cranbrook, lie.
P. lleYere Hunt
I hereby certify llial, before
uie, a notorious republic in
and for the saitl province, on
lhe mih October, 1811, personally appeared the within
named —— to me Units, wn, who in my presence
acknowledged tbe execution ol
tlie within instrument lor the
uses ami purposes therein
I have hereunto scl one ol my
ind   affiled the    Hill
ibis 18th ol October,
(I   I     NOVICE,
Notorious Republic.
Sundays—Low   mass at 8.30 a.m.;
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at 7.80 p.m.
Mondays and holy days el obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at 8 a.m. at the
Father Plamondon,
Parish Print.
Rev. W. Bison Dunham, I'nstor
Sunday service:—The pastor will
preach at 11 a m. nml 780 p. in.
Morning subjeot: "The 1'ust
Five minute object sermon on
' Tho Eye. A Telescope," also ul
tlie morniti}* service.
Evening subject:—"Gifts Worth
All are cordially invited lo the
above services.
Thu Herald lias ru|»'ntrtlly called
.attention to Ike need of a uooi!
highway  between   this  city  ami
tliituwuy.   This need is more
gonial present in tlmt large blockB
of laml, have recently been Bold in
that vicinity, which  in  the near
future will be lotuti'd ti|X)u by oid
country    settlers,     whose    trnd
should, in the ordinary course of
alfuirs, come to Cnuihrook.   This
is it matter that should In- stroni'ly
improas,'iI upou  the minister   of
public works.  Hon. Thus. Taylor
by the bnard of trade.    And  right
now is the time to make Hie nee.
canary recommendation.       Hon.
Thos. Taylor will   very shortly Jlie
engaged in tho preparation of his
estimates for the coining session of
thu legislature.     If nn   adequate
appropriation for this work is to la-
securiKl. so that work on the road
may  la. coinuieiicd and   pushed
through to conclusion next spring,
tins necessary facts   and   lii*ures
should be laid before the minister
ns early as possible.    It is well
known that a very large area of
arable land is to Imi found in the
Gateway district, already this land
is lieing settled up by a very desir-
able class df settlers, uud n  large.
thriving community will   shortly
exist iu that locality.   The most
convenient   business    centre    for
settlers in tlu; Gateway  locality is
tli.. citv of Cranbrook. and it is up
to the business men of Cranbrook
to   see   thai    the   lies!   possible
means of access to this centre aro
provided  with   the   least possible
Lame hack Is one ot the most common forms ot muscular rheumatism.
A lew applications ot Chamberlain's
Liliiinciit will give relief. Fur sale bv
all dealers. lull
Services: —11 n.m ; 7.110 pin.
Bible study JI p.m. Lesson Ezra,
Chapter Ii.
Morning subject:—"Very Early
in the Morning.''
Evening subject:—"God's ttseot
his Sovereignty."
Everybody welcome,
t ■     ■ ■
North Star Lodge, No.30., A.F, .v
A. M., had the honor of welcoming)
provincial grand master Bunt, past
grand muster Rich, grnnd junior warden Henderson, and district deputy
urand master Jewell, last Friday
The officers ol Nortii Star Lodge,
IV. M., R. T. Rlohadson; S.W., Harry
Mather; .1. IV., .1. o. Tannhatiscr,
treasurer, H.L., T. Oalbralth, and secretary, Hugh Watt, M.D., assisted
by the members ai.d a lfirisc delegation from Cranbrook lodge, No. 31,
among whom were the following:—
E. Mnllnmlaine, 11. St. Clair, Dr
Hell, .1. P. Fink, N. McKowan, Dr.
Miles, ,los. Campbell, Simon Taylor.
D. c Johnson. W. 11 Wilson, D. Burton, F. A. Dunn, W. Attrldgo, F.
Parks, T. II. Banlield, A. C. Shank-
l.ind, F. J. Donne, M. A. Urate, J.
S. Peck, T. Wilton, and Evan Evans,
extended a very cordial welcome to
Cic visiting grand lodge officers. Dr.
Cursaii, worshipful master of Elko
Itiver lodge. No. 85, was another of
the visitors present on this occasion,
which was a notable one in the his-
I ,ry ol North Star Lodge.
At the conclusion ol lodge work,
the visitors were entertained at a
banquet, served iu excillent style in
the baiiqiicttihg room nt the lodge
. The visiting grand lodge officers
proceeded the next day to Windermere where Ihey paid an official visit
lo Columbia lodge No. 38, being cordially welcome and hospitably entertained by Worshipful Master C. I). Ellis,
bis oflieoEs and members ot tbe lodge,
who turned out in giod force for the
iln Sunday the grand bulge officers
proceeded to Oolden, wtiere on Mon-
iluy they    paid an    official   visit to
Here It Is!
You Have Been
Looking For
The  Illustration  explains why it
is us handy as a pocket in a shirt.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware, Stoves, House
Furnishing Goods
CRANBROOK,      -       B. C.
Vocal selections:— Piano, Harold
Hickenbothinu; duel. Moll'at and
Sims; songs, H. Leuiun, G. Sims,
W. P. .Macdonald, It. P. Moffat,
Hugh Campbell ami I,. Bent;
nniirtotte, Moll'at, Tyler, Sims ami
Henderson; apprentices' choruses,
tlickeiilKitliain. Jones, Clark,
Lowery, Kottimeir and Neai.
Proceedings closed with " Aitld
L ing Syne," sung by all presenl
Mountain Lodge No. 11, concluding a
very siicesslul and enjoyable lour ol
lhe south cat Kootenay section of
their jurisdiction.
Grand Chancellor Ruwlinson. of
the Knights of Pythias, will pay
an oflieial visit lo Crescent Lodge.
No, lill, on Wednesday eveniug
next, October 25th. Tho regular
mooting of Crescent Lodge, which
hoiild be held en thu evening of
tliu illb, has been cancelled for
that occasion. The committee in
charge of arrunu'ements hope that
every member of the order in town
will make a point nf bcinu present
to welcome the Grnnd Chancellor.
A Biiocinl program of music is
being arranged for the evening of
liis visit ; refreshments will be
served and every etfort made to
worthily entertain the distill-
t'uisliod visitor.
I'has. A. Welsh, Illustrious
Potentate of Gizell Temple. Victoria. II. ('.. lias issued a call for a
business and ceremonial session,
to lie held iu tliu Citv of Craubrook
ui October 24th nml 25th. tor tlie
purpose of organizing and insti-
iiiting n branch of the Ancimt
Arabic tinier of Nobles of the
MystloShrine,an Order lo which
inly Knights Templars and Hind
Degree Masons am eligible, t'p.
wards of 40 local and district " nil-
regenerates" will on this occasion
"plucked " from the " darkness.''
A large attendance of Nobles of
G izeh Temple. Victoria, is expect, d
for this imposing ceremony."
The local lodge of tho Machinists' Union held nn enjoyable
musical social in Carmen's Hall
Inst Tuesday evening, at which
Mr. Thos. Walton presided.
This was the first entertainment
of the kind held by the Machinists
and proved entirely successful.
Thu program of toasts and songs
inelndiil tlie following: Toasts:-.
The International As ociation of
Machinists', reply bv S. McDonald.
"Tlm Old Timers of No. f)8H", W.
.1. Jones; "The Apprentices". Roy
Wm. Breeze, who until recently
has liM'ii coinJucting the C.P.R,
hoarding house, lefl today for Peach-
land, where Ih> wit engage In thi*
Itimlwring '.business. Thos. Ford,
formerly in the employ of the C.P.
II. as a painter, has taken over tin*
boarding house. Accompanying
Breeze to Peaehland were Alex. Mc-
Parlane, Wm. Lyons ami Hani;
Itriudler, who will \v associated with
him in  his lumbering enterprise.
E. Maimscll, a large stock rancher
*f thcMacleod tlistriet, last week
concluded the sale of 2,500 head ol
prime beef cattle to I*. Bums. Mr.
Maunscll said that lie received $21,-
oim less t lum iu* would have if the
reciprocity agreement with the United
Ktalcs had lieen passed, and he considered that he was out just that
amount through its defeat. "I would
not have required to ship the cattle
to Uiigago to have received the increased price either," he said. 'I
would have got it right here in Calgary." In speaking of crops nnd
crop proper ts he said: "As an old
timer in tlu? country I will venture
In make the prediction that next year
will lie the most favorable season for
the farmers and ranchers of Alberta
they have ever bad. 1 base this belle!
on the fact Ihat an unusual amount
t*f moisture has fallen this fall and
the land is thoroughly soaked and
will Ih- beiiefitct! by the winter
Fresh Hubbard squash and pump-
kios.—Campbell and Manning.
Work on laying the sewers has
been SOmcwhni retarded of late, owing to water, but an electric pump
was placed in operation this morning, wbieh has overcome that difficulty,
at Ward and
and pumpkins
There has been stmc hindrance to
active progress on tbe new post office building of late, i|* reason of delay in arrival o! the granite. Several carloa-ds have just urrived, ns *.*.,■..
an additional ear of steel. If
present weather eomlitfons continue
for a few weeks longer, tlie n*of
should Ih* hi before winter wis in
mid work continued right along.
SNACKS from     10 a.m.    to 10.80
p.m. every day at The Palm.
His Honor Judge Wilson estaMish-
d something in tlio way of a record last Saturday. At 11.10 a.m.
he was holding court in this city, and
at 5.30 p.m. the same day he opened
ourt at Wilmer. This speedy work
was due to quick transportation In
K. II. Smalt's uniti r car.
Tenders will he received by the
Secretory up to IH o'clock ISnlur-
day. (let, 2Kth, l'.lll, for the leasing
term of one year, commencing
Nov. 16th, l'.lll. The lowest or
any lender not necessarily accepted. Terms and conditions may
Not Onlg the Average Man,
But Every Man
THE more particular gou are about
the fit of your clothes the better will
you like your " Fit-
rite" suit. The most
enthusiastic admirers
of the "Flt-rlte"
brand arc men who
have previously worn
custom-made clothes,
and who have grown
tired of the tedious
delays and uncertainties attending the
work of even the best of tailors.
"Fit-lite"   clothes   ore  "rendu-to-vpenr"
clothes, tailored.   Even.) detail of the making
Is the work of experienced tailors, expert in the
line at which theij work.
The stule ideas shown in the "Fit-rite" designs
are those which will be most in vogue the following
season, but uou have them first.
If ijou are hard to fit or suit, examine these clot lies.
We have uour size and we can suit uour taste.
Ei,h.r call at the .10,. or .end ua • po,, card be.. Itia your n..n, and
•ddraa., .nd«o'llaha»;" » copy ol lho /ilril. .11.lo Forauat, con-
..iauta .he l.le.t n. w. of faakioa l.nd. nil., for ihu eotnln. roll end Wloi.r.
Baker Street      -      •      Craubrook, B* t.
h BOM X-T- iii rii* NHMH 9S9
Select Stationery
We have just received something
new in up-to-date writing material.
It makes no difference whether you
want Linen or Bond in Papeteries or
Tablets. Nothing can please the recipient of your letter more than a
well selected note paper from OUR
STORE.   We have the best.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co., Ltd.
P. 8,—Ask for your prescription and briiie; il lo ns.
We know our business thoroughly and use only
the purest drugs-
Good Itushmeii, Sawyers.
Swam|iers. etc, frinn t'i00 to
*}2,75 per day.
Teamster, $38.00 lo $-111,011
per month.
Bounl Vi cents per day.
McLarens saw mills
Blairniorc, Alta.
Magician, Musical Specialist
and Entertainer
will present nu excellent
program of
Clarinet, Glassophone
and Guitar Solos
Between ihe Pictures
WANTED.—Teams   to    haul woo
hy  lhe cord;    two and    a halt mile
haul.       Apply hy    letter    to A.ll
Herald office. 3.MI
| Purpose giving a
I Tuesday Eve., Oct 24
In the !
■: I
at 10 p.m.
p! Ladies free.
Knltmoir; "('mnlirmik I'ity". W'.IIki had on application to the seen-I
lleiidersiui.        Instrumental   and Mary. Iv II. MePhee. 12-21
Si'II'iiik our tun.licd I. |l>.
i.lianull.. alack. r'reo onttlt.
('nth weekly. Kiehlalve territory.
Toppeal.li,      -       •      Wart.
Cut Flowers:: Plants
K. II. STAM.KY, Manlier
ttepreteiitinit n Com|mny Open).
Ing 45,000 ft) friM nt ulai'f.nii'pif-
. pat nl tn pupplv my t* mount of
| CUT FLOWhltS on ■ few Ih.ii-»
t notice.
at Killiy'", II, Arniatn.rii Avenue
(Neat Prc.peclui tttJcil
•toast Plants, Seeds and Bulbs
At Kaaeonahlo Pi ice.
Now I. the time to plant liulba
lor HprinK KliiweiiiiB
Apply Boi 324.
1 NOW is the time
| lo have your
p Wc do it right
:*•      Norluiry Avenue, near Auili-
toriiim Tlivatio
B i
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosohonot realorea every nerve In Ihe body
"""P" ' ' ' ■ Ua proper tenalon: rctorea
vim anil vitality. Preaiatureilec.lv and all aeaaal
wL-ikue.a avi-rled al once. Phoaphoaol will
in a new man. dice 13 a box. nr two (or
Per Sale at   Boattie-Murphy * Co.
On the lllth September,
between the Royul Hotel and
the Fnir Grounds,
trimmed with opossum, deep
collar, and beutiui* the T.
Eaton tai,'.
Fin.'1 r will bo liberally
Apply to the Herald.
Oct. 26,1911
The World's Famous Musical Comedy
'rrlU.O. iii »w au a     »-u .   lar all l»   m.
Hi Bawnw it wog mniTim trujjg h w nrnguijB m m
ll.U.Tana.Sn. tf WOODS', PtABI* UDSSXB ItaMMHl txeak
Large Beauty Chorus
Special.Augmented Orchestra carried
by the Company
Seats on Sale Monday, Oct. 23rd, at
the Beattie-JVItirpby Store
$2.50, $2.00, $1.50 and $1.00
I Year in London — New York — Paris — Berlin
Harmony Rose Glycerine Soap
Is the soap without a peer, It is fine
for hard water, delightful for the toilet
or bath, and unexcelled for the complexion. Try a cake and if you are not
That is tho way all liexnll fronds nre sold. Don't
accept inferior substitutes and remember you
enn only buy this soap ill ono store in each town,
namely, the leniliiin drug store, which you will
invariably lind is tho
The ftexadUL Store
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
Cull, 'phone or write for a cuke of this soup and
Ihi happy and eatislicd
rj pi
Cut Glass
They Come!
Another shipment of nil
that is new aud natty in
Fall I Jewelry has just arrived, und whether your
intentions are to buy now or
later, it would do you good
to come in and look over
the many new creations,
which seam to be more
artistic each season. We
have also received an excellent assortment of loose
nnd ununited Diamonds
which will bear the closest'
('In ice caiing apples
at Ward  nti.l
Carney, timber inspector, Is In
Salads Teas st 40c, 50c, 60c.,
70c per lb. at East Kootenay Produce and Provision House
Iv L. Best, who has been engaged
in missionary work at Kimbcrley, is
leaving in a day cr two lor Columbia University,
Mr. atnl Mrs. (lordon Sutherland
returned to Calgary yesterday, oiler
spending an enjoyable vacation will,
relatives in this city.
Daily shipments ol fresh fruits and
vegetables. Prices right and quality
guaranteed.—Campbell and Manning.
Mr. 1). Smith and wife, of Londonderry, Nova Scotia, are visiting Mr.
Scott Hill, on their way home Irom
t lie coast.
The Baptist church is being renovated and repainted externally. Improvement*) are also to be made to
tho parsonage.
llustbane, the sanitary sweeping
compound, at E.K.P. and P. House.
Don't Forget tbe uie of Home
Cooking on Saturday afternoon,
Oct. 28th.
Silverware   I
% 1
|     Birthday Gifts,   Wedding |
| Presents, Etc, are constantly |j
a demanding your  attention, (1
3 S
a Cut  Glass, Hand    Painted %
3 Is
| China,  and  Silverware  aro jl
a always   appreciated, because i
ij they are practical nnd useful ra
w        ' JJ
I'l gifts.   Wn call your attention
s to   oiir   window   display of |
i-i these beautiful   articles   at
ra moderate prices.
C. P. K   Watch Intp«cturi
Some choice preserving crabapples.
—Campficll ami Manning.
A son was bom to Mr. antl Mrs.
.1. A. McDonald, en Tuesday, October
Home made candy 2(lr. lb. Saturday only at Thr Palm.
At iht*  Home hospital, bom       to
Mr. antl Mrs. A. It. Morris, ot   this i
city, a son, Tuesday, October 17th.
.1. A B. McDonald, ol Moyle, has
ini'ii gatctted deputj mining recordei
for thf Fori Steele mining division,
Breakfast foods, every kind stocked
ami sold at tbo very lowest possible
prices.—E.K.P. ami P. House.
1   The Edison orchestra will give
[dance in tin*   Masonic hall on
'evening   of   Tuesday,    October '.
Tickets $1.50.     Ladles free.
H.K.W. Bchnsen, M.L.A., of Victoria, came Into town today from
Pernio, on one if his regular business trips.
(Slopped    nats   and f«vd     wheat.*—
('.imp!HI nml Manning.
Oeo. M Willard ami J, K. Stod-
lart. well known Wilmer settlers,
wen* in   town    during     tlie     week,
guests at  the (Vsiupolitan hotel.
M A Macdonald returned
ii Tuesdaj from an extended
1*. hei oW home in New Brans-
B Nntliiiiu is ItcttiT tliun tlm |
g iH'st; therefore wo keep |
vi     nothing but tht* brat.
Clary Air-Tight Heaters are tbc
best value on the market. If you
are going to burn wood, this is
your stove.—Patmore Bros.
When thinking of buying china,
crockery, glassware or dinner sets,
call and see our stuck.— Campbell and
The Welsh La-dies. Concert company
gave a creditable entertainment the
other evening, showing considerable
improvement in choral work since
their last visit. The entire program
was most enjoyable,
W. Moffat t, chief inspector ot the
Imperial hank, was a visitor in town
this wick from Toronto. Mr. Supple,
the local manager, took Mr. MofT.it
over to Windermere and he expressed
unqualified delight with the trip.
An Englishwoman wants offices to
clean.   Apply     A. II.,     Herald oiTi-
42-1 f
Tlu* dance to he given by the
Ivdison orchestra in the Masonic hall
on Tuesday evening next, promises to
Ik* largely attended, Dancing will
start at 10 o'clock. Refreshments
will lie served.    Tickets $1.50.
Don't miss the dance to Ih1 held in
Masonic hall next Tuesday evening,
tinder the auspices of tlie Bdlson orchestra. The floor Is of the best.
Qood music will li* provided and refreshments will he served.
D. A. Brace, of Calgary, post office
inspector, was in town on Monday
checking up ilie transfer of the local
post office from It. K. Beat tie to
•les. Jackson, Everything was
found to lie in satisfactory order.
Listen! You can get something
for your Thanksgiving Dinner at
the Home Cooking Sale* Oct. 26th.
Tea will bc served during the
Afternoon. Supper from 5 30 to
8 o'clock.
Good Taste in New Fall Attire
UTUMN is here, and Ihis store that gets the new things first
is ready with a creditable showing of Suits, Coats, Dresses,
Millinery, New   Fall   Dry   Goods,  and a great variety of
Novelties, Etc., suitable to be worked up for Xmas presents.
A visil to this store through the Dry Goods and Men's Furnishings Depaitments will reveal a splendid arrav of the very newest
attire for men and women.
Beautiful Dresses and
Wa hfive just opened up ihi. wielt a
Bliipmctil uf Drosses, Govnaantl lliuu.es
siiilalile for afternoon and crenlngwear.
Space does not permit description, lint
you will bo surprised to see sucli dainty
iiml fashionable I'tmneiits al such mode-,
rate prices.
THESE Clothing Styles are absolutely correct in
every detail. Nothing extreme. Refinement
in every line. The young man and the middle-
aged man will find types suitable to their years
—the dash of youth and the dignity of maturity,
each symbolized by distinctive cuts.
Distinctiveness and Individuality
an* tbo kejtit'tt
of t-iir
ficer, on
Worthingt'-n,   medical ot-
tbe staff of the new  gov-
pound nt Raxawa tea,
ihi    pound at Ward
ll   Wilson will not Teeetvi
month,   but will i*c "a
the   fourlh Kriday   in No
         Try I
  land HOC,
TRADING'S    GOOD."       Our
"Belle Oak"  Coal    and   Wood Mrs  V
Heaters have duplex grates   can ogata this
be shaken without opening door, home" on
Result, no ashes on floor.   We are vember,
the Stove Men.   Patmore Bros. 	
  A Hitting of the supreme court  foi
Mrs    .1   ff,  (lire chief, Foster and |tl.e trial    of    civil cases will       be
Children left on    Monday for Calgary   mid in   this    city on   Monday next,
ami other points to visit relatives    'imt which  Mr. .lustier Clement will
v  .1. Dorun autl wife returned   on ■ * —■
Sunday (nun a month's vacation trip     a full lim*  p| table and pnaaninsj
to U.S.  points. tntlts tl  Ward and  Harris.
Piesrreing     citron,—Campbell   and |    (le-    It.   I .cask    hns been awardcif
Manning. the contend for     the erection of the
superstructure of Campbell and Man
iiing'f new (.in l iii tu* mi Hanson
inaught, is b
, \V. rthingloii.
the  Duke of
brother ol Mr.
the    well known
i»r F. \v Green .returned on Tuesday Mom Mix, vt'.i , when* he en
Joyed several days excellent shooting
Colin S. Campbell, ol Vancouver,
has been appointed superintendent ot
provincial police in place ul the lal'*
Superintendent Hussy,
\l a meeting ot the members; of
the eily hand, held on Tin-sdny evening, the rcsivfriution of (I. D. Ingrain,
as ha ml in as ter, was accepted, and It
ff. Russell appointed in bis plan-
Flour, Peed, Poultry Supplies, Carriages, Saddlery,
M Mi nis, i\lat Im serial yearn
Iws been manager i.i Un Bank ol
Cotntnerco in Toronto, 1ms retired
.imi lins been succeeded In Ml. II. A.
I'iiiiii-n-ii. itiriuiriv manager ni the
Dawson I'lty branch.
nul wanted Inr general housework.
Apply   Mis. E  II. Palmare,       n-ii
lli-Jc nml Khvi'll. tin- t-ity real   cs-
l-ltl' agcntS, Imv,- JMilrli.lv,it   ||i,>    finii
acre t.',K-k, jnsi north nl the city
limits, owned by Wm. Burton,    ami
nn' liiivinn sitini'     rut uu into     lilty
loot lota. Tin- Iiml is nil cleared
nml will innkf vi-ry tli-slvnlilr residential property.
White Granite and White and
Gold Ware at prices that it ly competition. Easl Kootenay Produce
.- ad Provision House.
IV. II. Wilson and Oordon Sutherland rtiinuil an fX<'r-ptlonally Rood
day's lisliiiic nn Tuesday nut at
IWntlshurg. The riart location nl
ithelr Ashing ground Ihry decline to
disclose, but that they had excellent
sport was shown hy a catch ot thirty
beauties in less than two hours.
I Don't trifle with a cold Is good advice lor prudent men and women. It
may he vital in rase nl a child.
There is nothing better than I'linm
ll-rlnln's Cough Remedy lor coughs
and colds in children. It is sale and
sure.    For sale by all dealers, mil
Among recent land seekers in
lown was a partv nl 1'rcslm men,
Including II. Stark, W. IV Stark, li.
Stark, 11. Walmslcy, fl tllark and
F.ll.ll. I.atinglon. Tiny were up In
Klnlay creek, Just beyond SVnnViiin-
TWEEDS -very dressy, in &
liniwn mixlnri'B, onl in
thu lnlest styles  $18.00
SERGES - Est™ li.ml
cloth, mado up in llireo
butt o ii conservative
models $22.00
witli long trousers in
smart brown nnd dark
grey cloths.    Sizes '22.
S3 uml :;i $8.50
" Exquisite Millinery "
That's the venlict of every (jerson who views uiir Lnlliea
Each iluy brings new models to the show rooms uml you
are heartily invited to see the new tilings we nre offering.
(lur price, will suit everybody-
You Require a New
Vou will find our range to be complete. As in suits.
Brown and Dark. Greys nre the prominent colore, while, of
course, black holds its own.
fitting military collars,
single it ii «1 double
breasted n.- $18.00
Belt collar, three quarter
box style.    An exoelleul
coat $25.00
in very ilivssy patterns,
with Arctic and Plain
collars, in double and
Bittgle-breasted uuxifls.
Mail Orders  Shipped
Sum. Dun iis Received
Quarterly Uti/le £uui:i,
;"Jc'.. irith Coupon .jund
The Crantrook yacratic Society '
have family dcciitcq to give an early
production ol that impular 'comic
opera "Tlie Country O-trl." Ileliear-
s.ils will be underway shortly and in
due eourse an excellent performance
may l»* anticipated.
prices on McClary's Sieves of all
descriptions. You know tre quality. You will be agreeably sur
prised at the price.   Patmore Bros.
A warrant is t ut for llu; arrest or
.Joseph Q ratio, known around town
as "Dago ■'t■^,." whe on Sunday last
brutally assaulted an inmate of the
restricted district. dratio presuin-
ably skipped oui oftAown Immediately
after committing the assault.
The Store of Price. Quality, and
Prompt Service. Ea.'t Kcotcnay
Produce and Provisicn Hou:e.
What is believed tn he a World's
record iu transforming standing graib
into bread was estabUshod last week
hy \\ S. (tali 1, a farnur living
near Bcloell, Kansas, -lust thirty
minutes elapsed between tin* time
when the wheal was cut and when
.Mr. Oabel took tin* lirst blto nf a
biscuit which had been mado frnm It.
Constable Sllnson returned from
Spokane mi Tuesday, when* lie had
pone in connection witli llu* trial of
the colored sulilirt. Harry Wilson,
'arrested here some time n^n hy the
city police. Wilson was given sn
Indeterminate sentence of from five tt
•iRht years.
An Kr.LHishiiiati wauls ofllces to
clean. Apply A.M., Herald office. 11411
sepll Walker, a young Scotsman, I Biliouansei is due to a disordered
aged 20, recently out from the old wndttion of the stomach, chambcr-
land, was brought in from Wanlner ||aJD'« Tablet! art esseritlally a
suffering from typhoid fevsr. Ht sue- itcmaci. medicine, intended especu.ll)
cimhed to the disease ami was t.* act on that organ; to cleanse K,
buriod ni Tuesday afternoon. R«f. strengthen it, tone and Invigorate it.
(', (>. Main offlclating at the funeral. U0 regulats ihe liver and to banish
Matt Armstrong, a young Canadian, biliousness positively g-.d effectually.
from   Wycliffe, succumbed    to      the 'Kor salt by all dealer-.- 40-lf
same disease on   Satin day last. The
funeral took place yesterday.
mentioned lot in the name of
Thomas C. Armstrong, which certificate is dated th** 12th day of April,
900, and numbered 3062 K-
Sam'1 R. Roe,
District Registrar
Nslson, B.C. 40-4t
Now is the time to see afcoi-it j if^Wffffffffffffj
ivingr your Heaters iixed up. We | x    C T^^ I   f*T AA   f
having your ncatcrs tixed up,
can save you at least 20 on a y
Stove, Heater or Range. Cur!
prices aie E ist ern, plus freight, and
we buy in car lots right from thej
manufacturer, so the jobber's price;
i; saved and our customers get the
benefit. — East Kootenay Produce
and Provision House.
The Cranbrook Liberal club was
formally organized last night, the
. Saturday night, a Black riilk i
■ Crapon Evening Dress, trim- ♦
'. uied   with   jet   uml    beads. '
Bo« 868, Cranbrook. B. C.
A. E. Inghant, will sell over three
Ihcusaml dollars worth of potatoes
riff n small acreage al Sheep Mountain, near Klki, this season. His
apple trees are loaded with fruit
Mr. Inghnm is doing more to advertise the resources of tbo Kootenay
Valley ihan all <*f the real estate
men operating there.—Pernio Free
Two deaths ocetim d dining the
pant few days nl St, Eugene hospital, both    due tc typhoid fever, .lo
wing officers being elected: President, J. V- Campbell; committee,
.1. R. McNabb, E. Paterson, Dr. Bell,
T. Roberta, Bccrctary-treasurer, w.
llalsali, hoard of directors, Dr. .1,
II. King. M. A, Macdonald and R. K
Ueattie. Tho club quarters are located in the two front rooms over
I, Clopp's cigar store, and will Ik-
fitted up with every convenience tor
members, in the Shape of rraditiR
mallei, Raines, etc, Pottnlgtrlly
discussions i f live topics will he a
feature of the clulfs proceedings
I The club roorts are to be kepi
open night ond day.
The    Bostonians    gave   two tei»
reditable performances at   ihe Auditorium this    week.    The youngsters
acquitted   themselves    to the entire
satisfaction cf Iheir audiences and
{havo made themselves strung favor
ites wilh all Ihcatrc-goeri
The approaching appearand in
this city of the popular musical
sketch "Madame Sherry," is lieing
looked forward to witb keen interest
by all music lovers. Cranhrook Is
very fortunate in securing the sp-
penrance here of such an eicellehl
production and a crowded Imusi is
Ia tht matter nf an application
fur the issue of „ duplicate certificate ol title to lot 18, block 1,
Town of Fort Steele, Map f!2l
Notice is hereby given that it is
hit intention to issue at the expiration of OM month after the first
publication hereof a duplicate of the
certificate   ol   title     to Uw      above
Arrange to meet your
friends here
************************ ^^^^^^^^^
Beale & Elwell have just received the plans
for their new North End Addition, and these
lots are NOW on the market.
If you want a cheap lot on easy terms, all
cleared, rich soil, close to town, you had better
see us at once.
Tlip bast plaster. A pier. 0I flannel
Dampened will, Cliamherl.ln'. l.lni-
liii'nl anil Imiinil on hut tin* .flecteil
imrls ls superior tn a piaster ami
rnsK only our U-ntli .. oiu.li. Fot
ul. I,, all dealer.. <t-M
Paiitnr I titJrin'*: '""''"    I   A W0NDEB■i'l,,, wsoov-eby
, . I    A11 i-mluwt, sdiMili.il, ■ In- ul.li.ij llun
yDsesaationar ►>•■• his opniiun mat »*• musii-vm*
oViiiil iliKi'iiyi'iy nl ri'i*fiit years wns
f' tin-.; disiiivoiy   nl   gftitn'-liijk..* OnsH
llliuk! As Siion as u slltglo lllin luyi'i
TRl.l.S COLONIST    I1KAD1011S 01'
HIS TRIP FROM fJAl'.I.Bei-"'•-
MOTOR ('Alt.
Wiwlt'i'mi-ru,  .|Miiii'i', Atlu'liniT anil
liivt-niH'if anvali { points iiiuuuu.. llir
lower, or nniitmrrjWml ol Lake Whi-
iliTiiii'ii'    Tlie lakr is ^liimI a      n.iU*
or   So in wMHl.      It'.-is llankiil       Iiy
lienclH's   iwehiBg liuok    I"   1 lie fool
hills, mill a   resident of     the     lirst
iiaiiu-il Ideality    told me that    lliere
must   lie Su.iiiiiiaotar'uf laml around
lhe lake thai ean be    utilized       lor
afilieiilliire    when . :uw*    irrigation
u-i-rks lime keeu-tltaiKW.   Tliere    is
alniiiilaiti '.rarer lor this purpose, line |
inoiiiilaiii .streains flowing into      llie ,
lake on belli sides.   Wilmer is     uvk-1
JUKI on the lake, hill u Utile liClOW
il on llie wesl title ul lhe I'oliiui
Iiiu, uml at n iiioileriilc aliunde
above the river. Aihelmor is al lhe
loot i I lhe lake. Inverinere Is on
Ihc wenl aillc, aimul a mile lull! a
halt Irom Windermere, ami Windermere is on llle cast snle, alioiil
hall way up Die lake. In point of
business, and population 1 should say
Athelmer is the most Important
just now. Here il the slcainlio.it
landing lor i-rait comiiiK up frum
Oolden, a voyage of two days at tins
ol Zam-Bult '.Is appflild .tu a'tfimjtd or.
a sore, such injury is ii.sureil against
hlood    poison!    Not   one species   oi
' miyrobo lias been loiuiil that Zaiii^lliili
ilcWs hot kill! '
I Then again.. As sunn as /.ain-lliik
is applinl to a sore, or a cut', or lo
skin disease, it stops tlie smarting
T'iiat is why children lire such friends
'ol Zani-Uuk. They rare nothing lot
the science    ,.[ lho    thing.   All Ihey
know is that    Zam-Buk slops   their
IpHin. Mothers shsnlil never 'forget
I Again. As soon as Zuin-lliik Ik ap
(died to n   wound or     lo a diseased
I pari, the cells bonoath the skin's sur
lace are so stimulated that new
healthy 'issue is quickly formed This
(nrimne .J in»h healthy tissue Flto.M
IIKI.OW is Znm-lltik's 'secret ot heal
iug. Tin' tissue llius lunnril Is woik
id up lo the sinlaie nml litexallj
casta oil the diseased lissm- above ii
This is why Zmn link cures are per
Only lhe other day Mr. Marsh, o!
lot llelorimier Ave., Montreal, called
upon the Zanolliik pomuanv and |ohl
i liein that for over twonty-llvo years
lie had been, a -martyr In ccwiiiu. His
luiftifs-were nt one time so covered
with sores that   he l.ad to   sleep In
, **************************,* 	
************ !■.>'.*********************»************ *********
• * .       ■  I
ly situated and is certain fo be
point nf inei easing importance as the
iri'i«aliil area of which It Is the
ei'iiter is hnlnVgOtl'. Invenwre' is
tery pictnrcsi|iiely situated on the
lake shun*. The lino id'liio *r>f*>H*
nay Central, now under conslfueiioh,
wiil pass through ihe townsite. M)
impression is that this is the onl*.
one offtfio present centres of popula-
lion thai wiil lie on Uu* railway,
ulMioiigh Ihis can hardly he yet said
with eertainty. The people of Windermere od the east side of the lake
say they do nut waul the railway,
for they wish tlnnr (uture, town to
lie I he. resort of plensun-seekvrs and
lho center of a fruit-growing seel ion.
The Hoeiieiv around Lake Winder
mere fs very elm rilling. Tlm valley is
wide, say from eight to ten jniles,
ami the mountains on the cast sldp
are exceedingly picturesque. The
highway south of Winder mere
mainly through the timber ill j
way to Wasa, which is 111 miles Irom
Cranhrook. However lYic landscape
visible, from a motor ear ity not as
extensive ns in the Columbia vcfllej*;
Imt Inj very many places il rivals
ihr latter. Upper Columbia lake af
fords snme exceptionally tint* views,
tioiahiy, thai from Thunder I lil'
ranch, the property of Lord Hindlip.
wht», by the. way, . wa*}, ejfpjected
inert* the day after we left. Thunder
Hill is a very formidable elevation
and Uie descent from it down to the
Canal Flats is so steep, su narrow
and on the edge of so .precipitous a
cliff, that the most-Impressive parts
ut tlie Mijahat Drive are as nothing
in comparison. I went over this
Drive a week before descending Thunder Mountain, and will confess to
have felt better pleased when tge
ear went slowly than when it
kepi at about the speed limit, but it
seemed to us when we got down
to the Flats as if the worst part of
Mulattut Drive were like a beulevard-
nl city Street. Considerable money
will have to Ih* spent in widening
the roadway down Thunder Hill,
but I doubt if it can ever Ik* made
less sleep.
Canal Flats takes its name frnm
Ihe canal connecting the waters of
the Columbia and the Kootenay, lhe
former Mowing north and Ihe latter south. Here is a very interesting illustration of the geological
structure of tho Kootenay country.
Possibly I can make it understandable without Hie help of a map.
Colonist readers are more familiar
with the route of the C.P.R. than
willi the country further south, and
so I will attempt my description
from Ihat line as a base. The C.P.R.
leaves the Columbia at Golden antl
ascends the valley or tire Kicking
Horse, About half way to Field
there is a station known as Lean-
ehoil, which is about twelve miles
from the Columbia by a direct route,
hui is separated from it by a high
mountain range. Near l.eanchoil
ibc Ilea ver foot river joins the Kicking Horse, coming from the south.
It. PiSOB in a little group of lakes
lying just within the railway I
ot twenty miles southeast from Lean-
choll, and in another group if lakes
nearby the Kootenay rises. Tho
BOUSCe of (his river is almost due
south from Stephen on the C.P.R.
and about thirty miles distant from
It. Its course is very nearly parallel
to the Columbia, although separated
from it by an exceedingly pictures-
que mountain range having nn average width ot fifteen miles. In the
latitude of Windermere the Kootenay
swings to the west, and the range
narrows to a single massive elevation, which Mr. Parsons, M.P.P., for
the -district, says will herenftter
beat the name of the writer of this
letter, an honor which I the more
appreciate because on the mountain
wall is a painting of unknown anti-
i|iiity. This massive rock, which is
not conspicuous for its altitude, viewed from the south is seen to he tbo
southern -terminus of a mount nln
chain. To tht west of it. the broad
valley of the Columbia is seen extending as far as    the eye can reach;
season.     Wilmer is very pi.Mn^n.-  gKvc^, F,*4n'years ago Zamltuk w
„ ,J "    »' introduced ■   lo him, ami m     a few
■ndiiccrl " lo him, ami iu
months it cured him. To-day—over
three years after bis cure of a disen&u
he had for twenty;live years—lie is
still uured, and lias had no trace of
any return of the ec/ema!
:' All drngglsts sell Zam-BUk at 50c
box, or wc will semi free trial box if
you send this advertisement, and a If.
stamp (to pay return postage). Address Jlani-lluk Co., Toronto,
to the east of it the narrower,
yet spacious vjjtey of* the Koolenay
reaches fnto a region of wooded
mountains dunked by snow-capped
Tho source ot    the Kootenay        >>
■1,158   feet, above tlie sea;    at      the
Ca»al Flat" it ts 2,710 feet.    In    the
valley  of    the river for about twenty miles above tbe    Flat there is    a
considerable area that will be titili/-
is   ed   for   farming when the timber has
tbe |taen cut ofl.      I would not like     to
suggest  bow much of It may be    so
ela-aaed, hut that    any ot it Is      so
possesses interest because it    shows
that there   will one day bc       fruil
I farms    in    the   very    heart of Uw
j Rocky Mountains.       Today I talked
'with   Mr. Farquharsou, a       Umber
cruiser   who   has been almost overy-
i where in this    part et the province
With a large  map   before us 1 pointed  out one river after another ami 1
asked him as to the adaptability    of
Iheir valleys    for settlement.   There
I was hardly one of them which he did
not   say could     he utilized, although
in some of    them the   water ot   the
streams would have tc lie used     for
irrigation.       The     Kootenay Valley
below      the Flat will lie the subject
of my next letter.      *
C. H. L.
(Harper's Weekly)
We have admired I.aurier in power,
-ai the zenith of liis popularity, imi is
.mlably the first man of his country,
acknowledged the greatest of his
..Main. With undiminished admira
tion we salute Laurier in defeat. The
Liberal cause lias Buffered a grievous
reverse. In the wake ot splendid
triumphs ami advances all over the
world comes now a sudden and unexpected check in a young country ol
Uie new world whose Irnt has seemed
to l>e almost wholly toward eiilight
eninent and freedom. Hut the good
old cause did not lack Ihere a chain
plon worthy ot its host traditions ol
of leadership. He is fallen because he
chose io risk has apparently secure
tenure of power and*place in a struggle against -Hint fettering of trade
which is so old and so effective a device of privilege, and he wenl down
lighting superbly. All we who are el
bis faith are for the moment much
depressed Iiy tlu; disaster; but there
will abide with us the Inspiration ami
Die heartening of that gallant white-
haired figure.   Thtrre come back to us
ain, as Ir. him also, wo trust, the
images of other such leaders who
have faced daunt lessly defeat in siflii
lar disasters. We remember Macau-
lay's lines on his own defeat al F.diu-
burg, aud tbe noble roll of (ilndsto-
ne'a sentences when he nml his Government were going down before an
angry storm ol prejudice und bigotry.
To have a lame back or painful
stftches means Disordered Kidneys,
and* the sooner you have the Kidneys
and llladder in a perfectly healthy condition the
sooner you will enjoy life.
As far as* wc know, there is only-
one remedy that is guaranteed to
cure you, and that is PIG PILLS.
If they don't, make you a strong,
healthy person in two weeks, your
money will be refunded. At all
dealers, 2,'ie. per box, or The Fig
1*111   Co., St. Thomas, Ont.
Sold and recommended hy Thu
Cranbrook Drug and Rook Co., Ltd.
'        .
Copy-writing is not a matter to be delegated
to the office boy or the junior store assistant. IT
If you were called upon to give a three
minutes' address to an audience of a thousand
persons in one of our public halls, would you not
spend much time and anxions thought in the
preparation of those few words ?
The Extent to Which the Public Read Ads, is
Governed by the Extent to Which You,
Mr. Advertiser, Make Your Copy
Attractive, Interesting and
When you put. an advertisement in "The
Herald" you are addressing an audience of
SEVERAL THOUSANDS, and you are talking to
them on a subject that is dear to your heart, for
what can be dearer to a man's heart than his own
success ?
There are just three essentials to the success
of your advertising--a saleable article, a medium
that reaches the people who buy or who can be
persuaded to buy your goods, and well planned
and thought out copy.
Look over the ads. you have been writing --
see if you have given them the time and thought
they require.
Have You Fully Realized
Your Responsibility?
, H ,
I ,. >
... >
,1. I
I I. I
I II ,
I .< I
I I. ,
,,< >
< II i
IH   I
1,1 I
1,1 I
,.' I
1,1 I
,H I
<>< >
I   II   ,
I  I,   ,
I   I,  ,
I  II  ,
I   ll   I
, I, >
<>., ,
• I, I
I I, ,
I 'I,
I i.o
. Hi
I H ,
I M •
i M .
. .1 ,
. .. .
' '♦
i 'I .
I i| ,
I II i
i ii ,
i il .
i II ,
I ii ,
i H .
I ii •
I -I .
i ■< •
■***»«*».*»»<- ^_ THIS   ORAM BROOKE   M It A Li)
^•▼^♦♦♦•♦♦♦•♦♦*a* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
A movement is on foot in Rochdale
to celebrate in Novemlier next tho
centenary of Uw lilrth of John
General Booth, who Is cighty-twi
years of age, concluded a month's
motor-ear campaign al Cardiff the
other day. During llie tour ho travelled I,(inn miles and addressed sixty
According to an official abstract
just piiti'islieil there are lliis year 20,-
:irii),72") acres under crops lu the
whole of Ireland. A comparison of two
years shows an increase in all kinds
live slock except sheep.
Ir. a very short time a transformation of Oxford circus wil convert it
into one nf the lines! shopping spots
in lhe world.
The leases will soon fall in, anil
the Crown, which is the freeholder,
has approved the designs for the complete rebuilding of the Circus.
When finished, Oxford-circus, will he
architecturally, one of the sights of
mantelpieces, beautifully   carved and '
decorated, aie splendid examples of
Kaily English eniflsmansliip, an J
were copied by Pllgln when he designed the fireplaces fur the Houses ut
Parliament. The mantelpieces, which
are of stone, uie decorated wilh hor- '
aldlo shields and devices, among llicin
the arms of Lord Cromwell, Lord
Treasurer of England, who built the
castle about 1110, and the Treasurer's purse. Tbe castle, though little
now remains of it except the great
Keep Tower, is the finest piece of
mediaeval brickwork in England) with
the possible exception of Hurstinoii-
Since the death ol Sir Neil Men-
/ies, eigjhth baronet, who expired in
Paris last December, there hud been
no meeting of the Clan Men/its, a
very notable one in Scottish history,
for Sir Nell was the hist male representative of Ihc family, and when be
passed away the baronetcy ceased.
His place as head of the elan has
now, however, been taken by his sister, Miss Egldia Men/ies, of Castle
Mcnzles, ami Royal-avenue, Chelsea,
ami a general meeting of the dan has
laken place nt VYeem, Abctfcldy, to
acknowledge her chieftainship.
The pipers played a lament for Sir
Neil, all the clansmen standing up in
Hence, autl .Mr. David Men/ies then
stiiil they all lamented the early dcin-
»f their chief, wlm took a great
Interest in the clan society, lie asked them alt to give Miss Men/i.s,
their hoootircd chlcftalness, a hearty
greeting as the head of their clan.
The chieftainess look llie chair, and
xpressed her pleasure at seeing So
many ni the clan Menxles present
ti)  mm   Ui
The While Hart Inn, iu the
Borough, which readers (lf "Pickwick
Papers" will remember as lho plan*
where Sam Wellcr was discovered
cleaning boots on q frosty morning,
has i-iTii transformed into a warehouse by Messrs, si raker, Ltd., stationers.
The White Hart, which is memtlon j
ed as early   as I lOn,    was the head-
quarters of   .lack fade     when he led i
the   "Men of   Kent" to London     in j
order tt obtain reforms   from Henry '
James Gordon «e-s n misanthrope.
; Kor five year.* be bud lived ilons in
I bis Mm in Hope Mansions, and daring
I thut time he bad not exchanged I nlf*
[ dozen words «iih his nelgl bors
Brer) morning, punctually a( n.no
o'clock, he ioi-l.ed hi* door autl went
She been writing for fifty years, ami   out for tbe du    Ha returned u pan
has written ovei   fifty novels, beside ! -unity ever) evening nt five o'clock.
children's   and travel    stories.   Her I    "  "* *»™ l,m* !lw ******«•
husband,   Mi   Thomas    Rotterl Mac
naold, who is   iiiuru i*iu\ has bad a
long and ttoncurabfc careei a** an art
anbrook   Drug
brook, Mr.
Mrs Katherlne s. Wacquoid, th.
novelist, who is eighty-seven years of
age, has written a new bowk. "Molly
Montague's Love story." which will
Ih* published early next month. Mrs.
Maequotd  is a  romarquablc a oman
ist am! black and white draughtsman
Much Intern is being manifested In
a new project said to lie undei con*
Ideratli n In     Staffordshire f,.r     the
manufacture   >'f steel     ,»i Johonnt *
ll is stat.d that the class ol steel
tn lie manufactured i> lool steel and
bastard lool steel, and that ihe open
lieai ih method Is to be employed
Details   haw    not yet   been    mode
public, bul   Nhi-.lichl  a*-- Well .1*. Slat
fordehlro Is Intetetted In Ibe scheme,
and ihe ran material «iii bo tnalnli
Houlh Win an native scrap Special
conceasloni   have been    secured from
ihe South Min.in Oovernment
Patent rights have been grant d li
England for nu  "Improved ilrshlp,
which   at a distance    ol a U sand
yards will i»  InrislUe   The envelope
< f   I he  nil ship   *.*. til   le   mad - nt t I10I11
iniiim, a metal possessing such a
hlghlj polished surface that It will
Ih* pmitvttenl   in a   mirror.   Ns the
metal will always    wfieel Un col	
ri iis environment—bright 01 murkj
according to the atmosphere—-the airship will be IndlsMngulshabtf To
prevent Um* lower part of Iln* aiistnp
slu wing a reflection nf the part-fa—
wliirh wi ulti make the vessel stand
out   promlnentl)       in the   sty—
Ihere will he a special keel running
the Whole length The keel wilt tapei
to a point, ho Hint there will be no
surface from which the earth eotiM be
Tattcrsball Castle. Lincolnshire, a
famous relic of fifteenth century England, bus been bought by a C. S. A.
millionaire. It is the new owner's
Intention to transport the bricks of
th* castle I" 1he States, and carefully re-erect it there. For this purpose
each ol Ihe half million bricks will be
iinmllml Tiittctslmt was brought
prominently before the pablie id lata
owing to the efforts Ihat were made
lo save for tlu* mittoii tlie foui his
torlc maiilelpliivs In tlie 1 anile.   Tla*
11  eras  years sine.* ihe
i-ad ceoi ed tke overtun       rhe
children mad    ui   stories shoal bim,
old hear a chl d
Ish roll e on Main    Ht re » ti.e
black m 11 '
Hut that   1 s   before Mr. nu.i Mrs,
Wllh 11 SI d Dol t nine (.» the Ms        I -
Dot wsj Mansions
i rt sei ■ ilbllltles of ad-
venlure   1
She srai alone when ilrnt she
tf. 1 .tiiii'.< ■ 1. irdon   lie had tusl made
.■ stain ■."•ton be
SlmOBl   fell   ..>..r a    wee   Kill   busily
tlrawlnR wonderful chalk pictures on
■ ■
\ 11    lit  oDt'S  baby
ihe cooed.   "Nice
.. ■
ii- took md 1 is bad extendid
to him, and knelt down.   There was
neither form noi anything Intelligible
in iu- chalk, « rlbble, but be gravely
. • si   thai  it was verj   oh e,
■  ■'.
Dot 1  ruled -.-.ftii delight.   Hei blue
■ 1.        -     :       ihe placed her * balk
in hli Liu •'
"Nice man make picture," she mir-
geeted pereuaslvel] Wiih both her
tut imi.' bands sbs seised bli wrist,
uml palns-iaklnglj guided It over the
dusty floor. The resall oi Uw.' combined efforti urns *-'» droll thai nn nn
seenstomed Isugh fo 1 Itaelf 10 liis
jips. hot fair!) shouted in bar da>
She  tii.tii   makes  pictures  better n
jDot," she announced gleefully.  "Haka
some more, nl ■■ mnn."
!  itui Gordon stood up suddenly,  tie
I Shad heard a st p behind them on ihe
' tit airs, nml lis line nssnnieil Its usun'
mask oi rigidity.
"Dotty, darling, jrou must come away
nml have lea," a K«*ntle voice said, "t
hope you will excuse my lit llu nlrl.*'
Mrs. Willetl continued, atliln'mtiiiR
(■onion, "she lias n perfect nenlui ftir
makluK friends, and she never slops
to consider whether her advances will
be appreciated."
"Who could help appreciating
Ihem?" James Cordon said. Dot ban*
ol forwnnl aud held bur rosy lips up
In be kissed. Jnmes hesitated, and
r.liim* d nervously at Mrs. Willetl.
"Certainly," she said, in un undertone. "She expects 11."
He kissed lhe ehlld, nml there was
a new tenderness in bis voles when ha
iniii. "Good-night, Dot"
'   "Qood'Olght.    Hod  blest you, nice
man." Dul responded.
After Hint   Pol  c»i   Into  Ihe  bnblt
of waiting on me stairs tor iim return
of her "nice man" every evening, Bha
wns always ready to lie amused, and
portion crew oddly fond of the little
mite who bad claimed his friendship.
Very soon Uu asked Mrs. wniett'n permission i» entertain Dot t*> tea tn ids
tlat.   ll wus nadilv amiitud, end (lor-
'dun managed lo have hi:; office I
'nn hour earlier thai be might Bel
Home particularly appetising eak
Some Impulse made him don li
suit, uml be was 14I111I In* hud done BO
when Mrs. Willetl carried Dot ilown
resplendent In a white Bilk dress.
As Gordon said, it was a "ureal"
occasion, tic hml losi the air of melancholy which had hitherto distinguished him. Dol hod crept Into
heart, uml already his outlook wus beginning 10 change. She had infecti d
him wiib inr joyousness,
On the next evening 110 gurgle of
baby laughter greeted James Gordon
on his arrival home, A reeling of unaccountable loneliness assailed him un
he entered his Nat.
lie been ne anxious when, on tlie
next nlghl again, she was not there.
The child bad taken such a fancy tn
him, he roll sac would not willingly
miss coming to see him. Perhaps
there was something the matter,
At any rate, it would only be polite
'to Inquire, ami ho hastened up the
stairs 10 the WillcMs' Mai.
• Mrs. Willetl answered his knock
end lie Btarred back tu ihe Bight of
her. Her eyes were red wiib weeping,
uml her face wore a strained, anxious
■ "Whal is the matter?" he nskod,
faintly.   "Is Ii Dot?"
Mrs. Willetl nodded.
:   "I can't ask you to com:1 In," Bha
said.    "Dol  is  very  111.    tl   is   diphtheria."
I "Is there anything 1 can do?" Gordon asked hoarsely. "Could I bring
her anything—grapes, for instance?
[ "She couldn'i eat them now, Uiuiik
ffOU," Mrs. Willetl saitl sadly. "No,
(there is nothing tu be done but loliow
the doctor's Instructions, unless—"
She checked herself,
"Unless what?" Cordon i.sked.
"Mrs. Willett, ir there Ib any way I
could help, any way at all, It would b •
a charity to let me do it. Perhaps n
"Dr. Mayne saitl I ought to have a
nurse." .Mrs. Willetl said slowly. "Wo
couldn't possibly afford tt."
"Then you must let me send for one.
I can well afford it, antl it is for Dot's
sake." he saitl. then, without waiting
for her const in. "if you don't mind. I
will slip to tne~nearest telephone ami
ask Dr. Mayne to tend one nt once."
Ile ran downstairs, ami Mrs. Willett
stietl thankful tears.
Hut when Nurse Haines arrived,
and Infused freth hope Into her. she
realised hoe much she had needed
her, she was passionately grateful to
Oordon, and tiled to express something of her gratitude when be en I led
next day.
Gordon was distinctly perturbed, so
much SO, that on the three following
days he waylaid the doctor on the
smirs and asked for news of Dot.
A loatl was taken off bis mind when
Die doctor was able to assure him
ihat the child bad taken a turn lor
Ibe belter.
Then one evening be missed the doctor.   Pot an hour be waited with his
door open, listening for his footsteps,
until he could slant! the suspense no
longer. He moat go up to thL- Wllleti's
ptettinK the Job of unloading, If that's
what you want. We're cnlnp too far
away for that."
Om'Q at Bournemouth, Marlon felt
that she could breathe freely again.
Klutoii wrote telling her how greatly
she was missed In the vfl'nge. and .-lu   _, w _ ,.
had been able to reply that she inlssed i this   :
the village  quite as much.    At   the I raugeinnt ■*,   ■
lame  'Hue. she  was unnb'u to fix a
date for her return.   H d.d not seem
possible tbnt   she would cut be able
10 nn back and take up Hie old life
again  after all   tbat   had  happened.
ll was on tbe fourth day aft* r lur
arrival lint her atiui said tt) her at
the breakfast-table:- -
"I am obliged to go out this morning, my dear, and 1 shall not be bom*
till lunch. If a gentleman should call
to pee me. perhaps, you will tell htm
bow sorry 1 am to Imve mltscd him.
I forget bis name for 'he moment—I
am so bad nt renumbering names—
bui t wrote to bim asking hlm lo »al
thta morning, snd now t am unfonu*
palely pri>\en'iii from meeting him
after all."
Marlon replied a little listlessly
iiml she would rmivey her aunt's apol-
egbs ns desired. A Utile inter lu the
morning Ihe maid enme Into the draw
tit,; room when MarlOP wns writing.
ami wlthvui preliminaries of any
kind announced the gemwman in
Question. Marlon jump-id up from her
t-'iit wiih n cry s'ul than sio.ul hn*k
11s she recognised  her nant's visitor.
i.ighr years tad mads vary little difference Iii .loltii I'nvlcy. Ai thirty h ■
was ns bandsomi ns he had been at
tWsnty-tWO, though time had lcfi 11
deeper line here and- there ihan Is
usMti nt so young nn cite.
"I hope you will forgive this Intrusion." be laid f]\ ll tly.
"How do you do. Mr. Pnx!cy?" she
said, controlling her emotion with
some success, "Will you sit down?
Did my auni know that It was you I
was to meelV
"Yes," he 1 aid quietly; "she qeltr
undtislands. ' told her at much ns it
wns necessary for her to know, in
order that 1 mlghl imve her permission to 1 ail. YOU see. I l*u\e Jest
cone back from the Htalis. and—"
"nh. yes," replied .Marion, racking
tu r bmiii tor some topic of cinverra-
Hon thai would relieve tha torlnrTng
tension ol tin* moment, "I h.ard of
your rtturn, I iiitili'iuttintl we tm.i'
to congratulate you on having sue*
cetd d to H? While HOUSS property."
* r.h,'" he asked, With a s Ivhi a an.
"Who eOttld  lave  spread   Hi-   news
abroad? 1 aaa toiim to keep 1 uuiet
HI) I In d seen you.   Hut   you   mum
A prominent, citizen rt Kvansville,
Ind., writes:—"I was ill for five
months with a pulm mary trouble,autl
had the best of doctors, I had hemorrhages and v.-'u; in n very bad way.
Through lho advice of rt friend I tried
Vinol, and I feel that i! rsnved my life.
It ia all you reeomt. ond 11 to lie. I
believe It In tho greatest .medicine pn
earth, I have advised others lo try
Vinol, and ihey hnvo bad the Bamn
results." (Name furnished on ro* 1
Wo want every one in this vicinity
who is troubled with chronic colds,
coughs, or pulmonary troubtcs, to
mine mid pet a bottle of Vinol.
If it docs not go to ihr* seat of trouble, heat tlm Inflammation and stop
the cough, we will cheorfully return
every cent paid un for It. This shows
our faith, and proves that you take
no chances.
P.O. Hox  .llu
I Cranbrook.  B.C. |
and    I took   Co.,
ch a hurrj
i'   lb.118   lloW,"
rph Mil smile.
■■nl ihal out?"
e et Id.    "I am
 ir>. ■ t wunt
0 throw mj ri on j 1 r ra r y.   As
tc ..: • . all .   i   forgivo all,
' . r lhal   trn up to whom
ave fcorre bi .; 11 Borapa
to   lot d   your  tab','
ci e l, start ing to
t.uy say
You rem
your t*i rvf.nf
nnd  who  ' • i    d
' ; ai   ras
■■■ 1. ■ :■    1: ' *;i
"Vou see," he wenl on, ns if prepared for som   1 iirii 0 itbursl of (moil. Ui "1 wai cd to .- r you a jnfn"—sii ■
e.as nh j a ;. intei ruj t, bul be hi Id up
l 1 : •.: tl 1      alln '..   "and I knew n 1
one in Hit village Dt whom I eoidd
make Inquiries   without  si emlng Im-
pertlnei t,   Th ■        ulse v bb an easy
one for me—Heaven knows I have lal
to assume  ii   In prim  n ality   often
enough   in    my   wanderings—ami it
helped ire to learn whol I wanted to
know   that you wire sti'l free, and it
might be, would be willing to bear ino
If I spoke again,     f   arranged   this
I meeting with your aunt, without your
I knowledge, for fear you sbou d refuse
j to   see   ifie,  and—1—I  wns afraid tf
I thai.   I have many tilings 10 ask your
1 forgiveness n r."
! Marion had not Intended to listen bo
! bug. bt:t *-!*v found she bad grown In*
■ rested In *\ Ite ot bet-self.
"Of course. ! cm very plcus.d to sec
vou agnie. Mr. Paxley." ah*- Baid. "und
J your sdventur s rather atnure me than
n site mt ■■ Hut 1 do not under
: ta id why ak n tho irauble
i to do au this.   Dots Mrs. Paxley—"
•-.Mrs. Paxley?" he echoed, stepping
■ tos   to her.
"Ycb."   sho   r piled,  haltingly.    "I
went to tbe White House n few days
ago. and the gardener showed me the
biautlful rhododt ndn ns Hint you have
tlnntcd because your wife 1b so fond
"Dear, dear!" be said. "Don't you
understand, Marlon? 1 have no wife,
Heaven knows, I have never been in
a position to keei* myself until now,
let aloti s v :■•.. Winn I came Into
and was making ar*
^^^^^^^^ l'*M ihc garden* r I
wanted th drone because I
hoped they would please my wife. I
wns boiling then, ns I an hoping now,
tbnt I slum;.I 11 uny Ihe only woman I
have evei lo' ■ d. Wi n't you tell me
ihat I wns righl in planting them
there for—you?"
He held 011 his hands as he spoke,
Marlon rail I In wn as If \>* tnko
ihem. and then, t bins he must
not mind her l Ilih l are, buried her
face en !.: • iter insi ad.
H ,i,ii rtiiHi' I,
11 ■ :.., Iiralm.nl
, ■ ., , 1,1 l„
rami.   II .„l„ 11
I11.1." 'l    kl',','.
i' 1,1
.mi 1 aiii not in'
"!■! ,,.iir i'iihk
.111 I '.: T.rj li
.titnrr I Irani liv
in, n.n original
'■''vim I  nirl
 nl ill.-   nn-
Spermalotrhii-.i. (Irjtnnk- Wc.kneaa,
l.nal Vi.or, Varicocele. IliJrucelc, Cnl<
lr.de. lll.or.Kr-. Spcclllc I'lund 1'ui-iia.
Pl'ca ...   Strldorr, — roiiorlng  nil
II Ifi'i'lcil 1,r111111al1.11 " iiiiil.iii'lhoiillliv
nriinn in ilii> Bliorlo.l 1 ililu ,pacu
*.*'i,llili.>ri'i<"...i l)laanM.ol Urn,
'illllili.il'in,) >. 1111, tu,  I klctlnr
II Iiu.In,   In
" I'l '.	
Uin Mil
Palace Hotel
Hnl, 1.1 NS lliii is., Prop/ictors
1221 Granville Street
Two hundred elegnntly fnniislietl rooms. Every modern
convenience. Elevator service, Oafe in connection. Rooui-i
$1.00 per day and upwards.
Up-country visitors to the Terminal City will find every
convenience and comfort at  the Granville Palace, special
atti'iifitm being paid to their wants.
Dancing Season
(li pieces)
Can be engaged on
Moderate Terms
All communications to
W. Thompson,
P.O. Box T,
Twenty-rive 'fasti1 pra.-tiral experienct.
Fira yaara Inapactoi ol onumncea,
IMumbinit an.l Bnwage Bxpart for Sirin-
•lur.—30.»«*jO papulation.
**t ******************* ********** *************
X It's   the Same l'lace
J The Place that is Popular
liood as the linsl
Butter than the Itest
The Cosmopolitan
IE you come once.
You will come again.
E. H. SMALL, Pbopbietor
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»♦*»♦♦' 4
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CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
Everything in Tin ar. : .*:.<■•'. lrontn.ile
to order
Hot .Air Furnacet.    Hot   U'ater anJ
Steam Boilers
Vou will Hod ns .t our oi.l aland.
PHONE 140 P.O. BOX 1*01
*********************************** **********
A  Good   Home
is what is dear to erory man, A boron
is whore Peaoe, Comfort, Co ti tout men t,
untl Plenty is found, That la tin* reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"OranbrooK" is mentioned think of tin.*
provisions Jos. Brault Inis made for un
t ideal home nt tlie
Canadian Hotel
Prescribed ami rccnnmirr.drd tof women's ailment*, a scientifically prepared remedy ol proven worth. The
result from their use ia quick and
permanent For sale at all drug
•tores. 3 toUelS
♦ * ♦ # 9 4 *'** iTi ♦ •
4.1* H (rilaiiilili-ed imlley.   'Hi:
«j. aniialiictiiiii i.gnaranleedine
reapeet.   The
* Nelson Iron Works*
4 Ii.t« nn ever Incrtmitng itock
-     IIMHI 1111*111 inl   | ill 11 It'll III It".
Wiiid them (or imrtlcalan
|Time is Money |
•Save tltna Iiy learning to write
-•''(■.ly tniti'in hy • prat-ticnl
an-i exparlanoeil taaehar,
Parllenlari on application lit
A. T. ROBERTS, P.O. IUm 856.
j'    The  " IbuW"   has   been 9
t \ put in commission and is tied X
'» up nt Athalmer.
11    Oonrenient for |>ass'*nL'**r8
1 [ coming either by boat orauto-
., mobile.
Motor boats,oanoes <»r rigs
arrsnffed Cor on board.
t. P. AllMfTliO.Vli.   Pre.ilent
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
TAKE NOTICE tlmt William Murdoch, of flagstone, B. 0 , oocupatlon
I.timber man, InU-nds to apply lot [«r-
mission   to punhsss (he tollowln|
il'"-i■iilNil lAtidn:
ConMnsnoIng «1 a post plants on
the south i*iid o( an ; 1 it.d on tlw
Ko< t'nav Rivet BBd on r line with
thr north boundary line ol lot 327,
tbenos ranntng north atom shnr*'   to
point ol comitieneeinent
William Hurdoeh,
ItHteil  l«th AttfBSt,  I'tll 16-91 THE   ORANBItOOK   HERALD
Does your work require a solid well-made Shoe?
Bargains in Working
Shoes, $2.98
Made by the TAYLOR MFG. CO.,
fax, Nova Scotia
Full leather stock, chrome tan, soft and
Heavy sole leather insole, one piece
sole from heel to toe, with stout half out-
sole solidly put together with MODERN
Seeing is Relieving.
To convince customers of this superior
inside construction of the Taylor Shoe, we
had one cut completely in two. Call and
examine it. A glance will convince you
that for genuine value this shoe has no
equal in Cranbrook.
For outside work of any kind, buy the
Taylor Shoe.
comparatively short, tlrao he hud hewn
ami mined his way into a com potency,
Then ho roverted again to tho hai'd-
ivuir idi-n, ami estftlillshcd his slim*
al Sudbury. Hero his huslnt'ss rapidly ttovelopod, nml Boon there wasn't
anything you could possibly wanL in
11 lumber nr mining cam]) whicli could
mil in* procured at "Cochrane's," and
everything was tin* host, too.
Alpul Lliis Unit' Sir -lames Whitney had been called to the Premier
ship of Ontario and was casting
nhotil lor a northern man Lo "rim"
lhal great now district, ItseU larger
than many an old world kingdom,
His- rye fell upon lhe Sudbury storekeeper, the experienced woodman antl
nil ite
Co., Ltd.
by    Bent tie-Murphy
Special Agents.
Nearly i-vi riniie has damlrun", ami
must reconcile themselves li lhe idea
of becoming completely bald or re-
sori in lhe use of Newbro's Herpl-
The manufacturers have absolute
faith in llerpieide to lull the germ
ami remove all traces of dandruff,
So perfect is Ibis belief llml all
instructed to sell lhe
with     a "money back"
dealers are
1   neiil no further.    Frank evidence
was transplanted from the "
of the imi th into a mod- suit, hence
if   llt-lpieid-
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, Ltd.
i-iiii/eil office
od   "Miuisle
II     was a
iu Queen's Park, lahell
■ of Lands, Forests  and
ii> confidence is the best
lhe world if the merit
They knew the      re*
* gunraiitco. It urotects
lhe purchai
LTsoil   ..s
eide   l i ts
drull and ]
he gen
a   remarkable oxporlmenl
Itui it worked out well. The tall, Bin-ling i ut       li  sii
nu. sileiii Niiin    Irom the north set   scalp, which is i
in work in "run" the country he
knew according tu bis idea of iis future. He christened il the "Greater
ini'tario." He looked askunee at nol
ilicians, sill*, hatletl deputations and
newspapermen. Hut nu open sesame
always awaited the man in tb
nioy, the practical fellow with
There wns almost an uncanny
, Neivliro's lleipi-
ii that causes dan-
t!,i* hair from eom-
i Idling of the
Send Inc. in postage ol silwr fur
sample and bi.o'.hi to Tin* Hepplolile
['.. , Dept. IE , Detroit, Mich.
llerpicide is for sale by all llnig-
mses, and applications may lio     ob-
taiiicti al  good baiber shops,
■old  j   Iteattie-.Murphi     Co.,  I,Id, Special
ideas,   Vgetrts,
it this new   northern Minister oi will he present and   will give a brief
(Town,   lie came to bis office mi address ou tbat   occasion. On     thi?
bis amputated limb succeed- occasion "open   house" will prevail,
artificial member,   lu a few everybody   will bt;    mado    cordially
Sketch of Hon. Frank Cochrane, Minister of Kail
ways in Borden's Cabinet
Forty years age ami more, when til man knotted a handkerchief around
northern Ontario was little moro his severed linih. and, turning lo lhe
than an uninhabited wihlncss, a lad railway men, observed, with a wan
was entrusted wilb an important mis smile; "Looks as though it was done
sion for an old Hudson's Hay factor, for. Vou bad better fake mt* tc a
It necessitated travelling some thnn   hospital."
miles in midwinter through wild, tm The boy and man were Frank
settled country. For two days aie Cochrane, Minister ol Lands, Forests
two nights the Ind cngam*d in a tor- and Mines in tbe presenl Ontario
tiiilt* running itnhi win. timber wol- Government, ami organizer of tho
"■.es, his only n-st in the boughs of Conservative forces ia Ontario i»
trees, with tbe howling pad below, ihe recent election, ivhei. they took
On the morning of ihe third day, 72 out of sr» seats,
sleepless hut [indomitable, he reached Frank (*tK*hrane was born In Quo-
the post aud delivered his messages.   hoc, in a little village named Claten-
Seven years ago a man swung him- eeville, fifty-nine years ago, and got
self to the platform as an incoming hjs education In the public schools
c I*. It. train stopped ut Wahnapitae that Province, although a Methodist.
one winter evening. lie threw hack i.\,r a time lie worked as a clerk in a
his shoulders and paced up and down, hardware store at Pembroke, hut
inhaling lhe cold, clear norlbeti aii early in life tbo call ol tbe woods
for several moments. Then the train came lo him and he wenl lo Sudbury
started ag-in, -\ cloud of steam ob- when Sudbury wasn't much to look
seined ihe moving cars, He grasped 0L There he made his headquarters,
the platform railing, Intending tn ||>ut be lived most ol the time in tho
leap upon Hie slcps Instead he open, and developed muscle, acquired
swung between the ears, slipped to .that clear gcey-bluc eye, ami learned
Ihe truck, anil the wecls passed over that habit of carrying his head ti;i
his foot antl   log, grinding and crush- '.when he walks.
ing them to pulp.   Alone nnd unseen,       \ man either     Is or Isn't   In that
mosl  men, from  shock    and    pain, [groat north    country ol pioneers and
nl hy
months lhe crutches were east aside
and au ordinary stick took their
place. Within a year lu* wns walking his twenty miles a day through
tin- hush, the only unwearied man in
ii party of inspection. He llkowlsc
revolutionized Ministerial hours al
the Parliament buildings. Long before the official hour id
opening he conns striding in and settles himsell at his desk,
lie gets in his best work before the
lest   of the building wakes up.
Mr. Cochrane Is   r7.ike the admiration and despair of   practical politicians.     In battle there is no more ardent, darinK of doughty warrior.   Ibis an enthusiastic party man.     and
I with a consecration and abandon tbnt
(keeps bis followers alternately thril-
,Hng and     shivering.   He    takes tall
Chances as though Ihey were     every
day occurences,   lie    is none of your
smooth gumshoe political artists, litis as direct in bis methods and mines
through ditnculties much as a moose
travels through    the northern   bush.
He crashes through ohstac'es and may
smash branches aud   destroy the un-
lergrowtb—Inl   In* -j;. ts there.   As an
administrator he is    the bole nolr *>."
lhe party   man.   He has ;i clear-vis
ioned sense of public service, coupled
with personal    Integrity.   Matters of
patronage are as naught In coinpail-
Ison lo lhe public weal,   lie meets deputations with a "yes" or "no."
On Friday evening,     October 27lh,
t here   will he a Fall Rally     nt   the j
V.M.C.A.    Something new in lhe en- i
tcrtninment* line, and something that
nn Sunday, October 89tli, tbe first
Men's Meeting will he held at 1.15
p.m. Mr. McAllister will address this
Mi. I. li. ' uily and his bride ar*
riled in town a few days ago from
Si. -lohn, N.H., witli ihe intuition ol
remaining here permanently. Mr.
Cully, it will be recalled, was the
victim of a painful accident here
some lil tie while back, when acting
as van! foreman, by which he lost an
.1 It. rJowitson returned from
Spokane on Tuesday, whither bc had
gone ti* undergo treatment for his
left eye. His many friends will
regret to learn thai he has permanently losl the sight of the injured
optic, lie will he returning to
Spokane shortly to undergo further
treatment for tlio right eye, lb.*
sight    ol   which is also endangered.
\ number nf Eastern Townships
Pan1; officials paid Cranhrook a brief
\ i-.it lasl week end. They wore very
favorably Impressed with the appear
ance of the city ami expressed surprise at Us si/e and evident prosper
| in*. Those comprising the party
were, Prcsi lent Win. Farwell, General Manager -lames McKlnnon, VV. L.
Mail, manager of the Winnipeg
1 ranch, and Directors Mitchell, Stevens, Callian, Flumerfelt, Howard,
McCrca, MP., and Foster, K.C,
promises to prove very til tractive.
The Literary and Debating club  ut
ibe Y.M.CA. are working hard     to
make Ibis evening a big success.
A Rood musical programme Is being
arranged, and the graduates of the
,('First Aid class will Rive n very. Interesting and Instructive exhibition.
Don't tritle with a cold Is Rood ad-
for prudent men and women.   It
Would have dropped to their death.
Not so this man. Ile clenched his
teeth, lightened his nnc-haiid Rrip on*
the car rail, ami hum; on while the
train quickened iis spuil. Ii travelled some distance ere he was tliscoici
eil.   Then it was I topped,   The malm-
trail-breakers. There was no plac
for the misfit or tbe weakling in those
earlier days, Frank Cochrane made
good in the forests antl, later, in the
mines. From swinging an axe him
self ho soon got things so tbat others
were swinging it for    bim, niul in a
Visit Our New
and Inspect  Our Up-to-date Stock  ot
Everything in the Line of Electrical Supplies
Davis Bros. Electric Co,
Head Office:
Phone I
Baker Street,
Cranbrook,  B.
I', o. Drawer Q
s. McAllister, general wc
tlie Kcnora lly. Y.M I'..'
I K'l
j may ho vital in ojs" ol a ctillil
iThi-rr is untiling better Ihan Cham-
botlaln's Cough Remedy Inr coughs
nnd .-..Ids in childrrn. It Is sale am',
sure.   Knr sal,* liv nil dealers.
I Tin* Rev. .Inlin AltholT, parish
! priest of Nelson, has been appoint.
I ml Vicar-General nf the ttiooese.
I This   appointllionl   will  facilitate
tlispensations in tin1 eastern pa-
risln s.   Tlir  appointment   gives
The Big Blanket Sale
Ends Saturday Night
Here's  a Chance to Replenish Your Supply at a
Substantial Saving
Two particularly worthy items will be placed on sale Monday
morning for one week. Through an error in shipping instructions we
received a double quantity of Blankets at a keuuckd price. We were
induced to keep the whole lol. We will pass on lo our customers the
saving we effected.
Pairs   Nice,   Clean,  Warm   Grey-
Blankets at 45c. per lb.
6 lb. Grey Blankets
7 lb.    "
Grey Columbia Blankets at 55c. per lb.
7 lb. Columbia Blankets       - ' - $3.85
8 1b.       " $4.40
101b.       "              -              -              - $5.50
50 Pairs of White Blankets
Slightly damaged, but easily cleaned.
8 lb. Edinboro, at 65c. per lb. - $5.20
8 lb. Imperial,   at 60c.    " - $4.80
These goods bear our full guarantee of" Satisfaction or money refunded."
him ilu* added title of Monsignore.
With n vii'W to providing proper
sleeping nnd hotel accommodation
fortbeii dining car employeesat
IVinnippg. Calgary antl Vancouver,
Ihe Canadian Pacific Railway has
tinderconstnetion al those three
laiints employees' liotrls, where the
Kiiv/ York's welcome to
"the world's Greatest musical sensation"
i i
• I
Wear, heavily ovoi.tocktr) in LADIES' UNDEH8KIHT8, Iheio-
fiiri' for Siilin-liiv ami  Mniulitv in- i.lfi'i  eicenllonal vain.*,  vnliia
AWAY BELOW MASUFACfl'llKUS' PRICE, roll llm an n ia ut
ita height fur tlii-.e goon*.—qniililio* tl al a if light in ti .;i 111 ili>) Ir
Thi* i* un ,i|,|iurniiiity ymi fin nml afford lu mi...   Below we glvo
it ft*.v quotation.:—
Silk Petticoats at $4.85
Spit1 n<1 ill .'ii'iliti-'*- in Silk IVlli-
GOftti iu colon tircfii, Ktteila,
liliirk** nml Nnvy. Nicoly flnltlictl
wiih Frill-- autl' knife Pleating;
rn11|fi11|f in prire fiulii I'i.OU tn
♦ 111 00.
Sateen Petticoats for $100
\ Iplentlltl tiitrmctit at thin
priCO. Kino even hint loll* limi-h
MtMfl with knitted jfiift'y topi
rltiHiii: titintl mnl 1101111' huteneri.
iifiriiiiir vulue up lof.'t 00.
A Better Silk Petticoat
at $11.95
An i-.vtrn lim' garment,   Beau*
tiflll linn (Ilk. Ili'livy II.iun, I'
niul knit,' I'lrnlt'il. t'ninia: t'li*-
iliniil. lirtM'ti, Nii.v itnil Illni'l;,
llegnlar v.lno, lis tie.
Black Sateen Petticoat, 99c.
A lino oven   hlslilv  flnlalinl
clolli. Hi I  Willi  Hun' lllll.
nml anil.' plosiltig. Will sirs
goml rorviresblo troar. iimul
vulue mil fill
(Inc Table ol Petticoats at 25 per cent Pisc-innl
i Hit nai u'linii'iiia iii llili Int. NRWRRT OOODR, ronilallnu nl
dlffartnt ilisdu,  All nicely Rnlihoil will, Tuokii, frill., ota., nml
annii' \,illi Einliriiiili'rril Kffenla.   Any om'will givi'um il Iin'ii urai.
All tnarkotl in |iliilii tlgnre..   Any petticoat on III. laulo nl
■ •
i >
• >
i •
• I
• >
• >
• i
• i
• ■
' i
ini'ii nfl.T Iheir work mny sloi'p, or
llvo lii'twci'ii trips.
The liiiililini's. whicli will lai the
only places nf Ihi'irkiiul in Anicricii,
will cosl. in tlm nniuhliorhooilof
lifli'i'ii tliousnml ilnllars apiece
anil will he hiiiiilsnmi'ly iipiippcil
in ovory imrticulnr. All will he free
evii to wanhinrr anil evervlhiii)'
will he dime to provide every
oonvenlonco and comfort for the
m ii.
fuller theheiiiliiii'iif "Toot Vonr
Own Horn, "the followini* intercsl-
ing jinsle appears in tlio "I'raclicnl
Pi ii ter": A lien is not snpiiosial to
have much common senao or tact,
yet every time slid lays uu egg she
cnoklesforth lhe fail. - A rooster
hasn't gotII lot of intellect In show
hut. none the leas, mosl moatcm
Imve enough good sense to erow.-
The mule, the molt despised nf
heasts. Iins a persistent way of
lotting people know he's around Iiy
hia insistent bray.— The busy
little I ices they buzz, bulls bellow
and cows tnoo, and watch.d. gsbark
and ganders ipinck and doves nnd
pigeons coo. - The peacock spreads
his tail und sipinwks; pigs squeal
and robins sing, and even serpenls
know enough to hiss before they
sting - But man. the greatest
masterpiece that nature could do-
vise, will often stop und hesitate
before he'll advertise!


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