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Cranbrook Herald Mar 23, 1911

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Array .« ' tS-
We am well equipped to|
turn out (hit lic8tcliu.il
In the Herald   I'nys—Try
Our   Local   Column*
10c. a line
Sewerage Situation Discussed
I.usl   m-lil''. speeial  mooting of  lhe
board of (mile brougbl together an
untiMiull. large nnd representative
gathering nf btu.tiu'8nmoii ami proper
Iv owners.
The Mibjcel foi consideration was
Hie report of the committee nppoinled to secure signatures lo the petition nuking for Hn- resubmission of
the Hcwerage Inlaw ami to Investl
gale causes of ihe defeat ol the or!
ginnl bylaw.
President  nrymnor occupied       tlie
chair   ami will 1 mi) preliminaries
culled upon (he committee to make
their reporl.
Mr N. 1. Harrison was the first
member of the committee to bo
heard from, fie commenced by Baying that no regular report hail heen
drawn up, hul (hat each member
would speak for himself, Kor his
part, Mr. Harrison said that while
circulating the petition be found certain clearly defined causes for the
defeat of the bylaw, viz:
(I), f.aek oi Information, which resulted in several volets assuming
that the council did not want them
to know   the fads.
(2).   Objection to the city solicitor
i-i) Want a guarantee that the
funds would he handled economically.
M), A strong and well defined feeling against the so-called* $3.00 vote.
Mr. Harrison continuing, said: li is
necessary in my opinion to approach
these several objections in :\ calm
and reasonable spirit, wholly devoid
of prejudice and with an eve single
to the best interests nf the city.
The first objection, I trust, will lie
met by the council ai the proposed
public meeting. The second, re cltj
solicitor, I do not care to discuss.
The third can easily be overcome by
the council adopting n straight business policy, with the necessary auditing ami other cheeks on this expenditure. The fourth objection,
that of Hie so called U vole has
been presented in the light that    the
people who    suppl)   the in \   should
elect tlie council, who have the
spending of it
Mi Harrison proceeded lo deal al
some length with this lost Issue,
quoting rrom the Munli Ipal nausea
Ael to show that the roiiu il had
powei to do awa) with the objei
lionahlc 12 vote lie referred i
siih set tion \\: ..I section SO ol the
Ael of 1906, as follows:
"In every municipality lhe council
may, from tune to tinu. make, allei
ami repeal bylaws [oi nn] ol th*' foi
lowing purposes, oi In relation to
maitets coming «ilhin the * lasses
of subjects m-\i hereinafter mention
eit: lu eitj municipalities, roi raising
within ihe municipal!!) toi theii
own use, sim h sums, in >n n ol road
lax, nol exceeding In the whole two
dollars pei head, pei annum, and de
fining who shall lie liable lo pnj such
pei ^.*iiv
road u\, among the male
ovei lhe ace ■ -. twentj one years and
residing within tbe municipality, oi
foi levying ami collei tin" road las
subject io the othei provisions ol
this   Vol with reference thereto
Mi. Harrison expressed the opinion
thai the council obvtousl) had pom
ei Ij- amend then bylaws so as to
meet the grievance complained ol mil
Im thought, in Mew .'I the well defined objections to tins *'j tax,
•.ni li amendments mlghl eastlj be
made as would eliminate from thc
voters' llsl the j lass thai onh quail
fied b) tins means Con. Iselj sum
mod up, the objection Mi Harrison
iml wilh might be staled as foi
"The  people   who li.Or  Ij'  pa)     Uil
 v are the owners ol th rpoi
atlon propert) and arc the people who
should     eleii     lhe     council    which
spends   thai   ra •>     Whilst, undei
present   conditions,    the   U voters,
who  contribute a    matter of   some
(500,  ic.illy decide    who shall adnilti
Istei Hie affairs of the corporation."
ll bail heen suggested, said Mr
Harrison, thai the 12 road tax
should he cut nil entirely, hut he
could not agree with that view of
lhe case. Itoiia fide tenants or lease
holders, who pay the lax through
Iheir rental, and who do not otherwise quality, should* bo in a position
In vote As the city council may define who shall pay Hie road tax, he
suggested Ihal Hie bylaw be
amended so ns to retain the bona tide
tenant and exclude lhe hoarder nud
roomer merely. And, if al all possible, tbe proper oll.eers should
instructed strictly to enforce
amended bylaw
Concluding bis report Mr Hai
said: "I would ask thai all forgel
Ihelr prejudices, il they have any;
the mistakes of the other fellow*, If
he has made nnv, and lo remember
tbat    Cranbrook today 1*   at ciisin.
Three Story Brick Block
which requires the united efforts of
nil her people; to remember that the
knocker must be nbolishcd and his
hammer handle broken. That, now,
ou lhe eve of the best limes Cranlirook has ever known, thul those
who have labored heir for years,
sum i1
merely a living, that Ibese will set
all differences aside and seek in the
good of all the truest prosperity
and happiness, la this spirit let
us boost for u Cranbrook of j.noii
ami a commission form of government."
Mr. Harrison's report was       very
heartily applauded.
Mr. Rlwell then presented the petition,    signed, us be stated, by probably the   full requisite  number,    although   he had   not     had  time
thoroughly  canvass   the. city.
El well's remarks were brief. In
canvass for signatures he had
une   across a single opponent
tlie bylaw. |   Dear Sir: While   I do not desire to
Mr. MacKinnon, the other member rush into print, nevertheless, as you
>f the committee, said he had been have asked for my views on reclpro-
loo busy to give much attention to city and ns I believe that it is the
the   matter, but that be had cncotin
With a view to stimulating local
intccst in (he reciprocity agreement,
now the foremost topic of discussion
throughout the Dominion, lhe Herald
has arranged for a series of letters
gaining prosperity and others from n-sidmt representatives of both
ihe great parties, reviewing the proposed arrangement from their respective points of view.
Iu this issue, Mr. (leo, Thompson
and Mr. M. A. Macdonald open thc
discussion, llie former on behalf of
the Conservative part;, and thc latter on behalf of the Liberal patty
The Herald hopes next week to
print replies to hoth of these contritions, written by prominent members
uf the two parties.
i onfldcnce, ami it is lhe duty
loyal Citizens of  Canada  lo li
the opinion of tin* majorit) ol
electorate.     The    mainl.ir,. )M
which    the   Liberal   purl)
from the electors of Canada
ly   in 1896,    but     in the sn
elections,   when     tbey have
to the people, has been lhe <
' tiua   with no     radical < Itutij
protective policy framed and
by the government of Sir .1,
Macdonald;    and   while   tin
government has mischievous!;
ed   with, the tarifl'   sine,* ii
into   power,    they have mi
the present   date     ventured
| throw    the National Pollcj
'entirety, turn   back tin  wlir
progress, and retrograde frnn
w e\ e
hai had
not on
[C   Of   Ihe
Im        A.
fully t<'<>k into il
colleagues In tbe
more, oiu' is led t
commissioners h,i\
at lhe bauds of I1
Hon. Klihu Kin
I This week a flesh siait was made
on the excavations for the Hanson
block nt the comer of Baker street
nml   S'oibiny   avenue       Conlractoi
beh "■■
ami the
the i
has a gong of men at   work blllty    ol a large
wtth frontage on Norbury avenue
Tin- second story will be divided up
into offices, suitable fo. lawyers and
professional men      There is a possi-
ricaii commissioners, the proverbial
gold brick, which they lune brought
hack to Canada; ami il is not until
now, when (he men il
of the opponents of reclprocl
scraped oli Hie thin veneer
thai thej see that the) hn
(Hinflamed Into accepting a t
lump of brass. It is the ilui *
government to appeal to the
ami obtain their sanction,
ean. The long ' lease oi now.1
gu incuts
ll) haw
of gold,
VC been
Ol    till'
it the)
nations, the brick, for the jond   stor
is been hauled   on to     the
oiind, and the   contract tor      thc
ructurc will  he awarded  shortl)
llie plans provide for a solid   sub
mt ml  brick   building    of     thrci
tries,   with 36   feet frontage     on
IBaker   street    ami   121 feet on Not
section of the sec-
enl   bascn
There is  to be a
ent the full size of
To   the   Editor
of the
, not
ei ed   much   the same objections   as
luted by Mr. Harrison.
ll should have been stated tbat
in closing his report, Mr. Harrison
asked that the present committee
be discharged and a new one appointed to continue   the work.
Afler some further general discussion, a motion to receive the report,
discharge the committee and appoint
a new one, passed unanimously. In
Hie further discussion that ensued i
on certain features of the report.
Mayor Hunt remarked that he was
the father of thc so-called $2 tax in
Cranbrook, and he explained what
led up to its Imposition. Some
years ago, when the tat rate
amounted to 21 mills on the dollar,
Ilia then council decided to so adjust
expenditures as to effect a reduction
lo 20 mills, hut at that Itmr the
question nf purchasing   the cemetery
(Continued on page eight 1
duly uf every citizen of Canadii
only to consider the question carefully, but so far as possible to disseminate his views, f have much
pleasure in complying with your request; and in advance thank you ior
the opportunity of making public my
reason for opposing the measure,
My first objection io reciprocity Is
the means by which the government
of Sir Wilfrid Laurier have brought
it before the people. The Liberal parly was returned to power tn ISO0,
through many causes, principally the
disintegration ol the Conservative
!party at,that dale, combined witb
ithe cry that was raised on the Man!
toba school question Since that
date, they have heen consistently re-
Iturned to   power, mainly upon theli
record,  and,   while   I d I believe
ibat thc record of the governnienl
'has been such as to warrant the con
|fidencc of the people, slill ihe people
have in several elections decided that
ihe   government is   worthy ol their
»k policy which has broi
from a position of ohscui
| one. of the coming natlo
world- I say thai the i;
lhe people to the Liberal
been protection. This |iu
the electors time ami
with varying trade pi
stricted reciprocity,
union, tantt for revenue
never until tbey praellci
the trade policy of the i
party did they win the n
the people. Today, wilhoi
1\    lo
is  of
Sir    Wilfrid     Laurlei and his pail
have obtained,    has  made Ihem      In
lieve that   the) ate lhe masters, no
lhe servauls, of    the people ot Can
landnte of
part) has
Uy went I.i
time again
inly, hut
Uy adopted
nfidenco ol
1 obtaining
a mandate from (he pei
serl   their authority lo
the whole    policy of Cal
if possible, the
pie,   they as
ada, lo will,
people       Of
dut)      lo
season and
nol       for
obey      The
j appeal to
il the go*
nl   take up
st, briefly,
sure     I
Canada        from
and    light    for
tion,    politically
nml to throw  us
ttms into the arn
Hie hope
Impel ial Kcdera-
iiml commercially,
as unwilling vie-
s of our nelghbois
j Bay
lhe south. 1 am nol afraid I
thai not only have ihey refused to
take the opinion of the people of
Canada, hut, as the Hon. Mr. Sllton
and Mr German have said, ihey have
not taken the opinion of (heir own
party. In facl. the tn oris one leads
what has occurred, il is doubtful it
ihe    commissioners   sent hy Canada
ada; ami il should be OUI
impress upon them, in
out of season, thai it it
them to command Imi to
Conservative party ha' i
lhe Liberal government 1
the  people.        Why  does  n
ernmenl act honestly .
he challenge?
VHOW     me     to      dial   li
wilh the industries in oat   i
vicinity    which    aii   most |
alleeted by the propi  id mi
propose to deal    very   iulelh With
ibis questioti as it has been dealt
with most thoroughly by Mr Good
ve and his associates irom British
Columbia, and I believe Ihal Hie subject is of such intense Interes I to
be people of Canada ihai ihey have
agerly read all that has been said
n the house affecting the measure,
ml it would be presumption on mv
paii to venture lo add anything to
what has been already said by our
wn niemhei in the house, Ther.* i-,
o doubl hut whal in our Immediate
iiinity the main Industries at the
present    time, are   lumhei ing        and
(Continued on page two.)
As   p.
the  gtoi
lously announced in these
i, the ltoyal Bank will nociijn
unit iioin corner, having fron-
n Bakei street and N'.-rbmy
avenue Adjoining the bank, on
Norhury avenue, Messrs Heale and
Klwell will have line quarter!
'here     will  he  tWO large  stor
being laid ,,nt f,.i <liili
loom purposes, there befng a move
ment on font tn resusttatc the defunct Cranbrook club Mi Oeo 11
Thompson has already seemed offices
on this lloor, as also have Mt tt K
Ourd and Di iMIIes The third story
will he divided up Into bed rooms,
connected with the Queen's hotel
The building will be built tbr..ugh
out of brick, manufactured bj the
Cranbrook brick company The plans
show a plain, solid structure, that
will add materially to the business
section of the eit)
K Mallandaine was entrusted with
the prepataiton of tbe plans and the
nnd Ibuilding   will be erected undei      his
Iso j Mipervjsion
For This Year's Exhibition
I  the close of
i rade meeting,
representatives of ibe Cranbrook
ricullural     association    and     thi
id   "i trade    was held   lo disiuss
situation in regard to this year's
i bit. on.
Thos (Jill, president of the Agri
cultural association, look the chair
In his opening remarks, Mr Gill
sp.ike of the difficulty confronting
the officers of the association m
Hie matter of .securing proper
-rounds (or show purpose He re-
terretl to the Bar* association's
grounds, which had been offered t-i
them at a price, but he was of    the
last nighi's board  Where could suitable grounds he   seal joint session    ol cured and how1
I Mi tt B McFarlane said thai a
line traa of land, quite suitable for
their purposes could ti* wnind Immediately below King's mill at a
r.-asonable prue
Maym Hunt expressed bl« views
regarding the advantages of the annual (air and th- means "t securing
necessary finanua!  asslstan i
Finally Mayor Hunt and Messrs.
Benedict and McFarlane were appointed a committee to investigate
likely sites and secure prices of
■same, also cost of pulling laud into
-hape and of erecting neeessar;.- build-
;nizs, and they wore further empowered to call another meeting immeii-
opinion     that these grounds
not suitable.       The    question   was
omethtng definite to
All Eyes On Kamloops!
Ii   YOU have   INVESTIGATED   you   know  WHY
Imt in..ri of us am in
the back nf the house nn.l don't   hear ilu* KNOCK when it .lui.-a cum..
Known that two of ih,* moal Important feature! in connection with RISING REALTY VAI.l'KS are
Local Improvements.
Hum- YOU  ever (topped to CONSIDER what $2,000,000 spent iu the Kamloops Distri.-t this year is going tr, .1,, f.,r Real Estate values in
At » Council meeting in Kamloops, mi March lllth ii was ileoiiled to extend the City Limits ami take
into the Cily and iuslal
Consider what this means to this property,
LOTS 50 x 120 PRICES $210 to $490 each.
Terms: 1-8 Cash, Balance at the rate of 5 per cent per month.
The choicest lots are going fast and if you want the best locations you
had better ,„,„,
P. P.. Simpson, Oeneral Sales Ajjent, Kamloops, B.C.  , . —., mm ***** a***. *,**      »-..*■•»
were (lately they hart
The feeling of .he meeting wai that
the provincial government should be
prepared to assist financially In a
matter of this kind and several of
(those present intimated that Mr.
T U Caven. M.I. A , bad promised
his active co-operation In securing a
government grant. U was also felt
that ibe city council should co-operate in this undertaking, but some
djjubl was expressed as to the city's
powers In this respecl This matter
• ill hv Investigated at once and if
advisable a petition presented to tbe
council asking aid.
The conoensos of opinion of those
present was strongly in favor of doing everything possible to make thi*.
\ear"s exhibition a record breaker
An early start 1- the desideratum
and that will be ■••• ired if the enthusiasm of those presenl a* last
evening's meeting be matalned at
anything like its present height.
Ofeatei and mote beautiful than
ever la the display ol this season's
millinery styles at HcCreery Bros
Tbe tailored hat- aie smaller this
year than before, toils necessitating
th*' small coiffure and 't.i dress hat-.
are even larger than Is I yeai Tin-
tine braids predominate, but coarse
braids are much used Crochet
lare is used to trim man) of the
hats and is retry effective
The new (oral -.bade holds sway
among the colon Ilia' k and white,
however, are shown a great deal anil
Coronation blue will be vet} pop*
The new shapes „ii ihown in all
imaginable developments, Bolero
shapes, with the crown nf Milan nt
hemp, ami brim of coarse
straw, an prominent Tm
bans, Leghorn   shapes ami Mushroom
shapes, peaked, in the gable efleet,
at both sides aie among the newest. _
Om ol the most noteworthy lea
lures of McCreery Bros millinery
display is the large number of hats
and grrat variety ol shapes and
colors. In lact there seems to In'
something suitable fnr everyone, sn
large is the ranee carried.
Miss McLcod purposes postponing
tier regular spring millinery opening
until about the middle of April, just
before Kaster However, lot Friday
and Saturday ol this week, she will
make a special showing of earl)
spring tailored hats, Mtnothlflg very
tasty that will appeal lo lhe ladies
ot t'ranbrook and the surrounding
districts THU   OBAN BROOK   USUAL!)
Reciprocity Agreement Discussed by Geo. H. Thompson and
M. A. MacDonald
(Continued from page one).
fruit, 11 lias been asserted lime
uiul' time again that Hn- lumbering
Imlustrj raiiiioi hr affected because
Ihere has been pi art it-ally no change,
anil that 11 any change has been
made, it is on!) in enable the higher
grades nf lumber to enter the United
Stoles iiec ui duty. This is quite
true ami mi llie face of it, the argument thai ihe lumbering Industry is
not affected is a very plausible one.
what are the facts, however, ami in
stating ihis I am quoting from in
formation l have received Irom pro
mlnenl lumbermen. Kveryone will ad
nut that the capital Invested In lhe
American lumbei mills in the west
is far gieatei than that in vest cil iti
our own Hritish Columbia
mills. Their output is grealei and
Ihelr markel is in a great extent fot
sins written about
to speak of     lus I
Money is the '
tn God, Many men seem lo ;
raise, not onlv their children, I
nnd blatant wltlli
the man who dare
love of    country,
try 11
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French riglllatoi; never Inils. These
pills are exceedingly power lul in regulating llm
generative purtlun ol tlie female system. Kefuse
nil cheap imitations. Dr. <l« Vnn'a nre at-ld at
15 a box, or three lor fid, Malli-il to anv address,
Tha Boobelt Drug Co., St. ('tit bar Ine* nnt
For sale at Doatio, Murphy & Co.,
lhe higher gn
know lhat the
ed into the
yeai 110 M IV
prices with wll
eould not hope to
Molds,   lhe     Alii.l
Ing lhe prairie pi
of lumber.  We    al
ii-iiean mills dum|
ralrlc provinces
of rough lumbr
tbi' Canadian mill:
compete,   In nlhei
lean mills are mak
es their
ing ground     Mulish Columbia
fotlghl for some lime [oi a pn
latin on rough lumber in orde
prevent  ibis dumping    Should
presenl   measure ol reciprocity      go
llirough,   ihe   hopes thai     our mills
will he protected will be permanently
goiie ami as tbe demand Increases in
the   stales    fm  high graile lumber,
more  and    more   will the American
mills continue  to dump   Into      the
prairie provinces iheir surplusage   of
rough   lumhei,    and    make it  impos
sihle for   ihe small operator in Brll
isli Columbia to sun
protection   will be
dians ami   the   teat
tarifl will   leave the
hul ours as well, to believe that the
American  (iod must be-our Clod. As
u hoy, 1 was brought up in lhe home
of a Canadian, himself Ute sun ol    a
Canadian who had fought iu '37, anil
1   wus brought up to believe      Lhat
Ihere   Were thiee things winch above
all others. 1 must reverence and love
—God,   my   parents ami my country.
There seems now to he a lendcnej to
belittle our former teachings ami    lo
buhl as an example before nut child
u-n the men who have made a    success in   the accumulation ui'   money.
Not for one    instant, would  I accuse
i   Sn Wilfrid   Laurier or any reputable
I   member of tbe   Liberal partj uf ills
i    loyalty to   ibe empire, hm  I believe
lasl | here is    a generation growing       up
, al   whieh knows   nol the teachings     of
ui fathers. Material advantage   and
financial success are thc watchwords
of the day, and the lime will     soon
mine when, if we become hoiiml       In
tlie United States by commercial Lie,
we must become bound to them poll
leally. It will not he iii mii genera*
inn, because we can remember what
lias already occurred, but it must.
come in (he future,
I   dn nol say,    let us avoid      all
commercial relations with tbe United I
States, but I say let us follow     tin- I
great teachings of Sir .lohn A. Macdonald when he said: "A British sub- ■
ject I was horn, a British subject    1 I
will die,"     Lei    us   follow   Iho ear
lier   teachings of Sir Wilfrid Laurlei:
red. The hope of   w|lon [mpressed as hewus with
h.st   tn III
ri open
l-'ltllt,   We  nine hoped   Would   be one
of ihe greal industries nf liritisli
Columbia We have read ihe nrgu
ments of Mi Ooodcvc and Mi Itui
rell on the fruit Industry; and I believe lhat there has iml been one
instance where an argumenl lias been
ndvanccd conlrndictlng their state
ments. My friend ami foe of reclpro
city alike, it seems in lie admitted
ihai the fruit Industry in British Columbia will be ruined It is very
easy lo speak nf lhe productive pow
eis nf Hritish Columbia fruil farms,
Ihal, we al! agree with, but we are
facing cold, hard facts and ean we
possibly argue thai the man with lhe
productive fruit farm, as most       nf
idea of imperial unity, he assisted in
what we call preferential Irade with
(ireat Hritain. I.cl it be mit aim lo
become more and more nol dependent upon the mother country, hut associate with her, sn lhat ihere comes
between lhe colonics ami the mother
country not iho dependence, cf the
child upon its parent, hut lhe dependence ol comrade upon comrade.
Let us ask ourselves seriously, not
from a   party standpoint, but    from
the   point   of   View   nl'  a   i'ltl/1'll   of       .1
vaster British empire, is ii well
become commercially bound to
I nited States, or is ll well lo
mined in commercial bonds in tin-
empire, remembering ihai in a future generation ihe commercial bond
musi tie exchanged tot a political
li   is easy lo say thai if mir coin-
To the Keillor of the Herald:
Vou have asked for my views
the recent     reciprocal trade arrange-
meiil entered into between Canada
and   Die    United   .States   and    now
awaiting ratification by both countries with thu object, I presume,   of
stimulating    discussion    hy citizens
generally ami Lhe people of the dis
iiiit, uf a question whieh merits
careful consideration. If the question were discussed apart from parly
bias I believe the people of Canada
generally would approve of a policy
vvhicb fm the country enlarges tbe
orbit nf trade just us the merchant
welcomes any change of conditions
which Increases the number of his
customers, So fnr as this province
is concerned we are immediately interested in the probable efleet of the
nnngemcul on the lumbering, lish
ng, mining ami agricultural Industries and Incidentally iu the general
elTecl on Canada as a whole, as, of
course, the prosperity of lhe whole
country redounds to the prosperity of
its component parts. So far as the
lumhei industrv is concerned, il is
evident that lhe views expressed by
lumbermen on Die lirst intimation of
the arrangement—based on Incomplete
fuels—have been greatly modified, if
imi altogether withdrawn. Admittedly the coast lumbermen view it with
favor. They will obtain free access
in lhe United States market, lying
at their doors, so far as rough lumber is concerned, while the duty   on
|shingles is reduced from fifty cents
lo thirty cents a thousand.   In   this
idislriel the lumbermen depend to    a
j large extent, if mil   almost  exclusive
ily, ou llie prairie markets. That
markel was created hy the vigorous
Immigration    policy    nf (he   govern
|men! whieh populated the west, and
it by the free Interchange of farm
produce lhe   further development     of
{ the prairie provinces is assured—as I
believe ii Is—certainly that is      thc
1 practically unanimous view of tbe
farmers of the prairie provinces—tlieu
j hat markel will be further enlarged
om   with   corresponding beneficial results
'   to   tin-  lumbermen  of this district.
our lumbermen are, uf course, anx
A Chat With Mothers.
"Whenever my children have any
sore places, cuts, or skin troubles,
they ask for Zam Muk. They can always depend upon il lining what is
So says Mrs. A. Alec, of 170 Chat
bam Street, Montreal.
A missionary, writing from the
West Coast of Africa, says: "One
boy who was treated for a had case
of ulcer, came back recently and said:
'1 like best that green medicine.'
The 'green medicine'  was  /am Muk "
Now why should children, all llie
world over, show such a marked pre
ference for /.am-Iluk?
Children like /am Muk because, ns
soon as applied lu a burn, a eut, or
sore, il stops Hie pain ami then
gradually, but surely, it heals. As
soon as the pain of a wound or sore
is relieved a child can go un wilh ils
play and leave '/am-Huk to finish oil
the healing.
Mothers might look a little more
deeply into the action of Zam Muk
First, it js highly antiseptic. As
soon as applied it stops all danger nf
festering, blood-poisoning ami inflammation. Second, it is soothing. It
cools lhe wound or sore; allays lhe
irritation; stops the pain and smarting. Then, thirdly, it stimulates
the cells, beneath the injured part,
to healthy action, ami causes the
speedy creation ol new, healthy tissue.
Just try Zam-Buk for cuts, or
burns, or cold sores, or eczema, ulcers, rashes, bad leg, piles, varicose
ulcers, or any Inflamed ur diseased
condition of the skin. Its effccl will
highly satisfy you. All druggist
and stores 50c, box, or free from
Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for price, lie-
fuse harmful Imitations and cheap,
worthless substitutes
Ihem are   to ihe    south of us, will  mcrclal relationship with ilu- United
to swamp oul his com
lis side uf the line, who
capital, musl hear lhe
first few years of niipin
lo then he forced to sell
lhe low profit whieli bis
ompetltot is willing    tu
not he able
petltor on I
wilh slender
brunt of the
his fiuit
I might lake up    further instances
of    the   different     industries   which
would   be   nffected.    but     llie subject
would he Inexhaustible ami I do not
wish io trespass upon your valuable
space, citing trades ami occupations
which must   tu- well known lo   your
readers [mm  the diiTereut  discusslniis
whieh have alreadj taken place     in
the   dlfielellt   public   bodies
met and ihe newspapers,
ono  phase uf tin- reclpro
evei,  which  is      tu
Importance    than
lhe ho
that have me
There is mi
cily question, hot
nu mind of vaste
ihe financial nm-    How
lure? What     efleet    i
going iu have upon the
the empire''      What i lb i
about   the fu
i the measure
relation with
t will it have
states is not satisfactory we can
discard it, but if it is iml satisfactory to ns, is ii nol going to bo
satisfactory to them? The very
facl that this argument has been advanced by some uf lhe advocates of
reciprocity shows thai Ihey fear il.
Is the United States going to allow
us to back out uf an agreement once
relationships have been established?
I doubt il, not because, and I do not
for a moment imagine, tbey would
force us by a strong hand, foi linage of war is ceasing, but Uu- ngu
of commercial war is jusl beginning.
Today, we aie iou dependent upon
tbe mono) markets of ihe United
States. Whal       will       wc        he
when lhe channels uf irade have
been forced from    then courses from
east tn west to those of moth ami
.south, perhaps ibe more mil mal
from a material standpoint? Hm II
wc desire io remain British in our
sentiments, tbat trade must eon
tunic lo flow easl and west That
upon ihe  .tuning generation?   I have  ™urM WM established bv  ih.  .-.pen-
noticed in reading the .lin.-t.-iii argu  !,||,,IH'  '"' 80 ,lll,,u     mil ,s iin,i ra'
menu on both sides, Ihal there has tablWicd as th.- outcome ol Ihe de
been a great tendency inwards cxag- Utotata thought of the greal men of
gelation, tn   both some of the   Uon-   ''n™'11*. both Conservative and    Lib-
servatlve uud Liberal newspapers,    l   ,,,al'   lf wt' desire '" ,"'1  A,mii
believe that Sir Wilfrid Laurlei and «"" '" ",lr tendencies ami sympalh
most nf his colleagues are as patrlo- ,ca- ,r' "s Mlnbllsli thai course of
lie Canadians as any Conservative I oade north and south, but lei us
behevc thai Sir Wilfrid Laurier has •lsk ourselves, can we afterward al
iu his heart nothing hut lov.- for his lt'' ,llnl course? And as reasonable
country and foi Iho empire; and thai   mw,i WP ln,lst S11V ,,N""
any measure which ho may hung   be-      In   conclusl  let me say H is nut
foro the people of Canada or before 'he present result of reciprocity Ihal
the house of commons, is brought for I fear so much. It i^ nol the elTecl
his country's good, as he sees It. Tn »P"n our irade at present, though wc
Sir Wilfrid Laurier's character, to (will feel thai efleet, tun ii is the
his reputation as u statesman and as 'fleet upon the Inline, upon our
n leader of the Liberal party, there children It is the thought that they
has never been to my mind but one »HI not he able to stand before the
objection. He Is on opportunist- world und say, to paraphrase tho
too easily swayed hy men who are greal Apostle. "I um an Knglish til -
unfit to associate with him. Forced IWD," but that they will bo forced
unwillingly, I believe, al times to I" lower their heads as the con
please party before country. He has quered race, conquered, nol by
not the personal strength ol mind of lighting or battle, thai is absurd,
Sir .lohn A. Macdonald, who con- but conquered in the relentless war
trolled not only his colleagues but "f commerce Lei us then, both the
his party. Sir Wilfrid Laurier too leaders and we who are the follow-
often is controlled hy the worst ele ers, ask ourselves seriously, which
merits of his party. But any per- course shall Canada puisne'' We are
son who would argue that Sir Wll- nl Ihr parting of the ways. Shall
'frid Laurier is not a patriot is not a our way lend to onr mother land
lover of Canada and the empire, federated empire, nf which wc shall
bus become so blind by party piejml constitute n mighty part, or dues it
ice thai his opinion Is valueless On j lend to our commercial and polltlcnl ,
the other hand, I have noticed wilb 'absorb!ion by the United Stole
a great deal of regret, especially In WhlcM
some of our    western papers, a ten
detiey to belittle   and sneer at     pal      *^M	
Holism        We   lead   siieelilig  lemaiks I (i    II    Tllolii)
Vours  11 uh ,
i preserve that market for
themselves and object io the free
admission of rough lumber from the
states. Nn lumberman, however, can
oppose this    agreement in the belief
hai hy doing so this condition will
he changed. It is well known lhat in
view of the fact that rough lumber
is so indispensable to the prairie
farmers aud for that reason was
placed on the free list years ago,
that neither party will now advocate
lhe imposition of a duty niiou it.
\uy one who doubts this can satisfy
himself by addressing a lei ter to
Mr Horden requesting definite information as tu tbr intentions ol the
Conservative party in this regard
should they he returned to power.
Then in regard lo the fishing Indus
i iy, il is well known that this province is llie largest producer id lish
in thc Dominion. It is not possible
in gn into details in a communication necessarily brief. Will anyone
seriously argue, however, that free
access lo lhe American markets will
not he of enormous benefit to Ibis
industry'' If the curtailment oi
markel r and t rado rest rletlons on
natural products which we have lu
sell is a wise policy to pursue then
uf course the proposed agreement is
wholly bad, hul the proposition need
only he stated to show Its absurdity.
In Ihe mining Industry the removal
of Die duly ou coke is openly regard
ed hy lhe coal companies in thc
Clows Nest I'ass as a positive boon.
There is only one opinion in this re
gnrd in Kernie, for instance. They,
nf course, know, too, that the Increased prosperity of the coal companies will efleet beneficially in an
indued way all Ihose who in a
business way depend upon Ihis Industry for Iheir own trade and the lab
ni interests are also well aware
bat increased prosperity among
operators is their best lever for
exacting larger returns for their
labor. True, the agreement might
have gone further—if it were possible
lo obtain it—and include u reduction
at least in the duty on /inc and
lead, but wo are certainly moving in
llic right direction and it may be
that with a government in power
anxious for the removal Of unnecessary tarifl restrictions tbat relief
will in the fui uio he oh'tnined in this
So far as agricultural Interests are
concerned, the chief opposlston comes
from the fruit growers. I rather
think that the consumer Is silently
thinking that the excessive cost of
fruit in this fruit country calls nl
least for examination into the
causes. Does anyone .seriously believe
thai there will riot nt all times be nn
ample markel for all the fruit that
ean be raised in tbis province yielding an adequate return In the pro
ducei7    due would think from     the
agitation of fruit growers lhat Ihey
had a local market in this province
and on the prairies which has been
peculiarly their own and that by
the importation of free fruil from
abroad il will be taken away, ll is
difficult to get statistics, but every
one knows that at present perhaps
ninety per cent of tin- fruit consumed tm the prairies is Imported, not
withstanding the duty. In this prov
Ince the local market Is not at all
supplied by home grown fruit, lt is
also.true that in very few instances
is lhe fruit of one province or state
matured nml marketed al the same
time. Why, then, slioulil the fruit
grower in this province object to the
consumer receiving frufl from abroad
vvhicb In- is hound to Import—at a
cost just exactly less the amount of
lhe duty when he may enter the
market at a later period and demand his own price? It is said
that the Industry iu this province i
in its infancy and cannot competi
with the more matured orchards of
Washington and Oregon. This argu
ment iu itself shows thai any sel
hack which can possibly occur would
only be temporary. Personally, I do
not believe thai even a temporary
set hack will ensue. Fruit lands arc
cheaper in this province than in the
State of Washington. The home grower, therefore, has an initial advantage
Further, the home grown fruit is
better. Why then tear competition?
lt seems to nu- that the value of
fruil lands iu this province should be
further enhanced and that a general
levelling up with values on the other
side nf the line should result.
I believe that il is owing to the
fact that—viewing the whole matter
from a purely business standpoint —
lliere are no uieritorous reasons for
opposing 1 liis proposed t rude arrangement that opponents endeavor
to raise Imaginary fears by asserting
that it is the forerunner of political
union with the States. The agree
ment, however, alTootS "goods, war
es and merchandise" only, not national sentiments and ideals and it is
humiliating that anyone should he
found lo asset! lhat au efforl lo
gain access fur uur surplus products
lo a markel uf ninety millions of
people lu the south of us with whom
we are on friendly relations, should
Ultimately involve lhe loss id our
national existence The suggest inn
is nn insult in and a misrepresentation of the spirit aud temper of Canadians.
M. A. Macdonald.
Nervous Exhaustion
When convulcsciiig from LaCirip-
pe, Pneumonia or Wasting Diseases, nothing hastens the return
to health like a short period of
treatment with "Asaya-Nku-
xaix." It feeds the nerves, induces restful sleep, quickens the
appetite, aids digestion, and soon
buoyancy of spirits and the sense
of restored vitality are attained.
Afewdoscsconvince. Si.jonl-ot-
tie. Obtain from the local agent.
Opposite c.l'.lt. Sliilinii
THE    PLACE    TO      GOT    A
0001) MEAL,.
Hendquartors for all  kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Tlio Slum Specialist
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Empleyment Agents
P. 0. BOX 194 PHONE 244
It yuo want satisfaction with
your washing   send
it  to
Special prices for family work.
Ii prepared to supply help, ikilled oi
unskilled, on shortest possible notice; to find employment and guarantee positions when sent out; to
rent houses and rooms and to eell
you fruit lands or other property (or
a small commission.
Addreit.-W. Parker, 312 Baker St.
NELSON, II. V. 18-ly
A.NIt CHEMIST.-Chargcs: Hold,
silver, copper aud lead, $1 each;
gold-silver. $1.50; silver-lead, $1.50;
gold-silver, with copper or lead.
$2.50; zinc, J2; sllvcr-lend-ztnc, y.i.
Prices for other metals on application. P. O. Hox C.D., 1108, .Nelson, B. C. 40-tf
Nelson's Leading Holel
Hooms witli ItittliH.   'Phone in
everv room
Bat l>er Shop on the pi em it
Thoroughly Up-to-date.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. V. WELLS, Proprleto
B. TOM KIN, Manager
Chop  Suey   Noodle
A Quick Heal mnl a Good M.**il
Knaliles traders throughout the world
to communicate direct with Kngllsh
in eacli class of goodB. Besides lieing
a complete commercial guide to London and Iti bu barbs, tlie directory
contains Hats of
with  the Goods  they ship, a lidlho
Colon ini and   Foreign  Markets they
arranged under the Porta to whieh they
sail, and Indicating the approximate
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants,
etc., in the principal provincial towns
nml Industrial centres of the I'nited
A copy of the current edition will he
forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of
Postal Order lor 20«,
Denier* Banking Agencies cat) mlvi-r-
llie their trade cards for 20s., oi largro
advertisement a from 60s.
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
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Don'l pay cxpns-H or dut)
on Shoot Music ur .Music.il
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supply ynu wilh KVKIvV-
THIN.i in lite Mimical Line
nt prices which can not bo
Imnti'ii, Any wliere.
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cater t<> ;. music-loving
If Vuu tiii' a
Music St mien I
SilitffliH Tcaehcr
Choir Lender or
Concert Kinder
I can supply your every want'
* CRANBROOK,    -    B.C.
* M-ll
Lots in the Original
Townsitc of
An Important Manitoba Divisional Polnl mi Ilu* main Iim- ol
Iln* tlriiml Trunk 1'amlii; Railway, I IJ miles weal ot Winnipeg
Tliis live ami rapidly growing young cily imw tina a population
"1 1,200, Al llivi'is, llie Cimnl Trunk 1 '.i.iii. mnlntnlna tin*
ntORl extensive inaeliiiu* Bliops mi ils line, Itutwecn Winnipeg ami
l*:,ln 1<n,.    Tin. immllily   payroll nl Ilu* (linnil Trunk I'nclOe al
Itlvera is approximately 181,000,
No Lot  More  Than   Four Blocks
From Main Street
A few splendidly located business IoIb nro available tm
Main Slreel, ami ou First, Second nn.l Third Avenuea, rlghl
in ihe business district of Kiwis, No business m residential
lol in lhe lowitslle is moro than four blocks   rrom Main Slreel
Easy Monthly Payments
These Grand Trunk Pacific IoIr iu tho townsllo uf Hirers nro
olTereil upon (lie payment of one-li-tilh of the purchase price with
application ami tin- remainder in nine equal monthly Inula!!
ments, rn- a discount of live per cnii will bo a I lowed toi mil
cash payment, No interest ami no taxes lo he paid liy the pur
chaser until in 12. All payments are to he made direct tn the
I,and Commissioner ol the Gram! Trunk Pacific itailway. nml
upon the completion of payments perfect title will he Issued by
this railway. l«'ur further Information relative to Wns offering
of closo-ln lots in Hivers, write
237-243 Somerset Building, Winnipeg, Man.
Somerset Building, Winnipeg, Man.
Exclusive Representatives for the sale nf Hivers Lola   i.
Crunbruoli ami District.
W hu will   In-   [il.-asul   to   furnish   complete infoiiiititibn
upun request.
Traoc Manna
,mm^mmmmmm^m.m^^.     Copyrights Ac.
Unrnne ■rTi.l.r.u n-!.,-;< h *v,l ili'-i-rli.!! *ti tu1:.
..ll. ,_,_  ,„ ftttjtliiiJier an
Scientific American.
A ...in-tani .-'v ii:ii*ti.ti-*-1 wH>k1r.    rue-Hi drill..! H uuf taiii-iHittr-   j.Miiitt.1.     Icui.*.   tor
e-Htita. f r. t* y-ar, i-wtu,!.' piri«i>i.   Bold by
ill (ira.xli-i.lell,
WIUNN&Co.«'--^ New York
Ilrauvti onl.u, (VS I' Ut., Wiaihln^tu.., V C
TAKE NOTICE Uiai I, liarry S.
Gamble, of Kiniberley, it. v., occupation, Mini.' Foreman, iutend to apply for permission to pun-hus..- Ibe
•Uowiug described lands:
lii-gilining ul u post planted 011
nortb boundary of Lot Jul l, and on
west boundary ot Timber Li.vi.m; .No.
1432, thence nortb thirty-five chains
ml torty-stx link:. (-35.40) to southern bouudury ui Lot ■hum., Ihence
westerly live chains and twenty links
(5.20) ulong southern boundary ol
Lot 108ti; theme south-westerly lil-
ii'iti chains and llfty links (15.50) following the eastern boundary of the
Kinpire Mineral claim; thenee north
westorly nineteen chains and lifty-iivt-
links, following southern boundary of
Kmpire .Mineral claim to the N. Iv
.uuer of Lot 8012; tin-tin- following
ust boundary of Lot 3019 twenty-
wo chains and seventy three links
(22.78) to the S. Iv corner uf Lul
IW2j  tlience westerly, following sou
llicrn boundary of Lot ...Tu four
uins and ten links (1.10); thenco
easterly, following northern boundary
of Lot 8032 eight chains (H.00) to
wesl boundary of Comot Miuernl
claim; theme northerly following
west boundary of Comet Mineral
claim nine chains (0.00) lo N. W.
comet of same; thence easterly following the north boundary of Comet
Mineral claim twenty-two chains ami
M-vetily-three links (22.73) to the
\ K. cornet' of same; thenee southerly fui lowing east boundary of t'ont-
"t Mineral claim twenty-two chains
and seventy-three links to the S. K.
fnrnor of same; thenco easterly following northern boundary of the
Misnali Mineral claim flvo ehains
(5.00) lo west boundary of Lot 2013;
fhenre northerly following west
boundary of Lot 20 is twelve chains
(12.00) to the NT. W. corner of same;
thence easterly following northern
boundary of' Lot 20|.1 twelve chains
iml five links (12.05) to place of
beginning, containing eighty-three
irres (83.00) more or Iprs.
Horry s. (iambic,
Dated March 15th, 10U. 1 Ot
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt in Hritish
Columbia, may hu humestcaded by
any parson who is thc .sole bead of a
family, or any male over 18 years of
age, to the extent of one quarter
section of IM- acres, more or less.
l-.utry must tie made personally at
the. local land office tnr the district
in which the laud is situate. Entry
by proxy may, however, he made on
certain conditions by the lather,
mother, son, daughter, brother or
sister of an intending homesteader.
Thu homesteader Is required to per*
for, the conditions connected therewith under one of the following
(1). At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2). II the father (or mother, it
the lather is deceased), ol the
homesteader resides upon a farm in
the vicinity of the laml entered for,
the requirements as to residence may
be satisfied by such person residing
with the father or mother,
(3). It the settler has his permanent residence upon fanning land owned hy him iu the vicinity of his
homestead, the requirements as to
residence may be satisfied b) residence upon the said land.
■Six months' notice in writing
should he given to the Commission
er of Dominion Lands at. Ottawa ol
Intention to a|iply  for patent.
COAL.—Coal mining lights may he
leased  for a    period     of  (tw-nlyot.c
yoars at an annual rental nf M pet
acre Not more than 2,870 acres
shall he l.-aseil to uni- Individual 01
Company. A royalty at the rate of
live cents per ton sliall In- collected
on tin- merchantable conl mined.
w. w. coitv,
Deputy ol the Mlnlstei   ol   the
LK.II Oil   ACT,   I'MU
(Section 10)
that on the 21th day of April next,
application will In- 11111.lt- tu llic Sup
orlntendont of Provincial Police fur
the Iraiisfor ol the license for the
salt- of liquor by retail in mil upon
she premises known as the Kails
View Hotel, situate at Munsvillc,
llritisb Columbia, from Charles I'
Finch to I'.van Thomns Crowley, ol
Marysville, Hritish Columbia,
Hated    this    22ml   day of   March,
C. E. Finch
Holder of License.
V.. T. Crowley
5-5t Applicant for Transfer, tiiic  ouanbi.ook   iiiciiai.I)
Views of N. W. Rowell K. C.
\. IV. Howell, K.C, one of Toronto's forcmuHl lawyers, was advertised in tin- Mail and Umpire as he-
ing nuiong tho ntiti reciprocity agitators    ui   tlmt     city.     Mr.    Howell
pr idly   took   exception    in being
thus stigmatised and addressed thu
following communication lo dial
To tin- Kd i   Th,' Mall nml Km
in your Ishuu of yesterdit) mj
immo appeals 111 a Home wlmi proinilien I place ntnongsl Ihe nam.-** ol
DlDSe   Blnlcil     Ul    have been on Uio
platform ai, I in* .mii rcci|H't)i-[|j  -I
ing in Mnssi'j hall nn Thursday even
ing last. I wan nol uu Hi,- platform
on Thursday evening, bul with
scores of other members nf the general public I occupied one uf Lhu
choir scats In lhu rear uf lhu plal
form, the ground lloor scats being all
taken when     I arrived, Tin- pr in
ciico which has been given my name
Induces mo to briefly state iu, posi
Hon on tin- mattei.
Permit mo lo say thai I listened
wilh close attention to (It.- addresses
delivered, and must frankly confess
my very great surprise ai tbe entire
failure of every speaker to attempt
even tti deal seriously with the present foreign trade of Canada nml its
manifest tendencies in relation in
ilu- present political ami patriotic
sentiment of Canada ami its manifest
No one will question lhat in reecnl years Camilla has attained In a
sense of national Bolt-consciousjicss
aud of impel ial relationship and
partnership quite unknown to us lit-
teen or twenty years ago, and thai
this has been a steady growth during al) these years. Side ny side
with this growth iu Canadian ami
Imperial sentiment there has been a ■
great expansion of our foreign trade
What itas been its tendency? In 1807
onr total trade with tho United
States was ■$00,740,000; with (Ireat
Hritain it was $08,035,000. in 1010
our total trad.- with Oreal Britain
had increased to (23-1,810,000,
whereas our total trade with the
United Slates had increased to $321,-
702,000, Wc, therelore, Hnd thai not
withstanding our trade wtth thc
United States has been increasing by
leaps and houmK, Increasing much
mon- rapidly than our trade with
(ireat Britain, thee.- has been at thc
same time a steady growth iu Canadian ami Imperial sentiment. Out ex
pciieiice heals witness that  there     is
no inconsistency between the two.
Most of tho speakers magnified the
trade and transportation policies un
der which   wt- have been living,   ami
credited   our*   abounding   prosperity
very largely to these policies,    Theli
argument  was: this ts not the time
to change,    l must confess, trom mj
point of   vantage overlooking       the
audience, l saw n great ni.ui> <-f    my
Conservative friends   enlhusia     a
applauding,   probablj     foi thu   fit I
time iu then  lives,  the wise       ami
patriotic    polli \  ol thc Llbi ral    fl I
ministration   t ndei  ibis nolle),     to
which all speakers   attributed      oui
presenl progress ami prosperity, it Is
intercaling to note more pai lleularli
the development ol i radc    * lui bank
ers in   reecnl    ytars, In n
monej   market, have grcallj ini rcas
rd thi' amounts ol Uu li loai
t idled states   niiiil now thesi loans
probablj Ircqui i  iy    ex   nl Ihe toi il
paid up . apltal j'i all thc banks      In
Canada  The miners ol Canatl i
been   • teadilj    tnerensil
nl iIhii ii.uii' with Ibe I nited Stat
es,   until last yeai  thej sold eight)
live pei "-i'i ol theli   mrplus produi .
in ih.   V mer icon market   Thi
true "( the lumbermen, who lai t yea
snld   list) rcvi :. |s i cent j'i      theli
surplus products in lhe i nt
. •   Nobody hns suggested anv tendon
cj tu disloyaltj on tho pai I ol eilh i
ihe bankers, the  mini rs oi lhe Ium
hemim   K\en the manufai lui 11   lai
.cu snld al i nn,     pel cenl       ol
theli entire surplus produi Is i<• the
t mint si .Mi ii must have been nd
vaalageous lu ihem «>i sun u \h*\
would nol have run the risk ol hat
ing theli affections alienated I h
Kngland hv going into this marl 11
Itv reason ol thi almost prohlblltvc
tarifl ol tho i nited Stales ui on Ihi
produce of lhe fatm the farmers lasl
yeai succeeded "■ disposing ol onlj
nboul eleven p< i cenl ol llicli surplus
agricultural products in the Vmcrican
market, nnd ii we. tm lude animals
and thcti products, onl) about thir
ti-en pei cenl \nyotic who care
fully studies the present agreemenl
will see that iis real effect Is to give
llm farmers nf Canada freo cntrj Into tin- American markets ns tliey
have ftee cutiv intn tin- British mar
kets for their surplus products. It
om country has been steadily increasing in prosperity, and Canadian and
Imperial shipments have been steadily growing while Ibe hanker, the
miner, the lumberman ami the mami-
faclurer have been rapidly Increasing
and expect lo continue to Increase
Ibe volume of their business   In   the
KiiUed Stales,   I can r -h no olhei
conclusion than exactly tin- same re
sulls will     tullnw    II the faiinei  has
the same opportunity.
ll wns conceded by most ol the
speakers that lhu policy now propos
ed is suhslaiitially (he policy pro
posed hy tin- hid: Sir John Macdon
aid in ist!) nml approved ami sup
ported     hy tin-   Conservative part)
from tlmt time Up In at* least |S!l|,
and equally supported ami approved
by the Liberal parly during lhat
whole period, hut Limy stated, and
stated truly, Unit Ilu- Canada uf mil
Is Uol  the Canada uf [870, nr v\en ur
IN.it, ihal in 1*7*1 wc had   to am
large extent developed intei provin
cial trade; lhat wo had nu transport
allntt lines spanning the contlnenl
rrom easi to wesl and binding all oui
provinces together, thai wc had uol
developed trade willi th.- British cm
pin- ns we have done iu recent yearn;
thai conditions loilaj are entirely
different from whal they were
in 18711 or 181)1, ami tbey might uls »
have pointed out, that we hail imt
thou discovered the great hinterland
of Ontario, which iu Die not -distant
future will he settled and will form a
further and mosl substantial bond oi
union between east ami west, thai
the nttitudo of Ilu- United States to
ward Canada has very materially
hanged in recent years, and their
ondiiei, hoth with reference to the
International waterways aim Uie
fisheries dispute, as well as in lhe
present I ratio agreemenl, indicate
that tbey an- now prepared to deal
fairly and honorably with us.     If so
rent au imperialist as sir John
Macdonald iu the year 18711 ur iu the
r 1801, in Die hour of Canada's
weakness, could sec no tendency i to
ward annexation nml no suggestion
ol disloyalty iu such an agreement as
is now before parliament, how is ii
now- possible, iu tin- day nf Canada's
strength, with her presenl national
.unl imperial aspirations, to sec anj
suggestion or tendency in such an
agreement? li anyone prior to
Thursday night's meeting had any
doubt in his mind as tu tin- spirit
and character of the prescnl ajlta
lion, this doubt should certainly
have been removed hy Mr. Black-
stock's speech.
The serious aspect of the present
agitation is that representative men
ne stating in effect tu th.- outside
A-orld that the loyalty ol Canadians
is a purchaseablc quantity and de
ponds upon trade advantage, where
is the loyalty of Canadians depends
ui no such considerations, bul rests
upon n deen seated and personal attachment to onr laws, out Instil I
tions, our form of government and
the British crown. They are convey
ing the impression to the people
the United States that if this agree
ment goes Into effect, as I Believe i
will, Canadians m supporting it an
willing to sell iheir political future,
which is untrue Thi v are
veying the impression to iln- timet-,
of the thousands ot Americans citl
ens    who aij- coming .....
trj thai they need nol toreaweai al
■ lo the Stars and Strlprx,
hut thai some daj the Stars ai i
SI rlpes nun v ave o Cn
Ihereb) Mm j are j reatlng an imp-ret-,
slon which maj be mosl disturbing
and disintegrating In Ihe daj - I -
i ome
The imperial penny postage, thc
British preference, tin- participation
il j ai ads in the wai of South Ktt\
a and Uu- establishment ol n l > .
I Ian n.n \ have all been nets ol
greal     Imperial signtfli ance, i x\
i anada'a recognition ol hi r plai c
and rcapoastbllit) as an Integral
part of the empire The settlement ol
ih,- dispute ovei international bound
ai i waters between the ' nlli I
States and Canada hv lhe Inten .*
it,,iuil waterwaja treaty, thc aettli
mem ol the long outstanding fisheries
dispute hv the Hague Tribunal, and
imw tin a presenl t radc agreemenl.
ore all oeti ol greal imperial and
International significance, Indicating
tin- drawing togethei in i lo* i bjn
palhj and more prni ileal eo -p- h
iiuu uf the .hiVrcni branches ol the
Bngllsh-spcaklng race, and Canadian
.ne commencing to realize the great
pai i ihi-ii eountrj mnj plaj as an
integral part of the empire, helping
to unite the English speaking rnrrs In
sympathetic and practical co opi ra
tion for the preservation of the peace
nl the world and the maintenance of
oui Christian civilisation against the
possible dangers arising In the fai
cast. The majority <•( these great
movements were most adversely cm
iei/iil ami strongly opposed hy the
majority uf the men who aro opposing the present trade agreement
Time has shown that Miry were
wrong and that our present leaders
were right. Canada can trust these
same leaders in the present emergen
|[-,lrust m.ii will (tn me the coin!
Usy'M giving tbis statement equal
prominence to lhat given my name lu
the report of the antl reciprocity
N. W. UottclK
,iver,   Sloninch and    Bo vi II iii onl
is      Fit!    PILLS j ure lihcui n I
,y dissolving thc uric acid In
ilood.    Guaranteed In do ail
laim.     Price 25c. pi i  hi i ui
leading druggists, oi  mailed oi      re
lelpl of   price by The   Fig Pill Co .
ii. Thomas, Onl,
Sold and   guaranteed in < runht
iv   The    Cranbrook Drug am! Book
Co., Druggists.
In Honor of St. Patrick
Si   Patrick's   Day, In Uio *  null
v.i*;    VLT)1    happily   i*i*l.*l.i,ili*il   l,j     nil
iioso uli.. Imil Uu* g I 1*.iiiiiii*    l<>
iiii'inl Uio ...ii*■*!t lii'l.l in Hi,' Viiill
luiiiiiii A lengthy mii-.ii.il in*.
iiiiiii- wns capitally rendered iii
local Inlonl, Including sonic ol i rai
t.k's nm**! popular amatour ar-
lists    The chief features ol an    un
KUally Hlronj*   programme were   tlm
i.ilm duel,   Mis   Walling,
Ouerard, anil the choruses
.iniilv gave llieir services lo      make
i ie   concert one ol I In-l  sienl
rents ni llie   season, I tliilili .1 spec
il word uf   thanks 11 ilu, 1   ivill
 Iiui, i" Mi   and M     William
(lui rani, of   Uu  '*'  'ra *, ith
nli.mi   the idea originali I    ul    ivlu
rgely a sisled  ...    1u.1l 11        Uu
choruses and other items imrlhy   of
Iln-    Church    "1   tho   Holy   Name,
amounted, after   paying all expense
 rer .150.00.
Vours very truly,
I*   Planiondim, O.M.I
Parish I'riesi
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rcKtudless ol ymir condition nr age.
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ilii'es results.
I'llUSI'IKiNol, promptl) dispels
.ill forms nl nerve weakness, such a
lurk nf control, twitching of nerves
and muscles, despondency, mental
worry, lilues, indecision, weak hear!
•and impoverished hlood.
Price: $3.00 a hox, or two boxes
Ior K.00. Wc will mail Ihis to any
address under separate cover on re
ceipl ol price, THE PHOSPHONOL DRUG Co., St. Catharines, (nn
, In*
I    Mi
1 iiiiiii
i      *.!. '.<,!■' HI. I'Jttir
ber nf young Indies.
crowded house
greeted lhe per
ffili-d Iiiiui Ur
kindliest reception, After an over-
lure by the orchestra, n children's
■horns rendered "Isle Crowned With
Shamrock," iu a very pleasing man
ner, hearing testlmom in lhe skill
if Mrs. Win. Ouerard, who had acted
us trainer, Mr, Geo. 1>. Ingram was
tlu- nexl to appear, lit- was in ex-
■ni voice and sang "Killarney"
in a manner nml with n vim ili.it
highly delighted tbo audience, The
nations, "Kngland, Ireland, Scotland
and Canada," was lhe nexl selection,
admirably rendered bv Josephine
Totiltz, England; Prances Drum
mond, Ireland; Dorothy McKie, Scot
Iuud; and iK-iie Elmer, Canada.
A pianoforte solo, by Miss Kerwan,
followed and was deservedly encored.
Then come a trio hy Musters Wilfrid
Kennedy, Many Doris ami Chas. HI
mer, "The Itiver Shannon," which
.Isu gained a hearty encore, That
ilwoys delightful song "The Last
Hose nf Summer," rendered by Mrs
■I. ,t. Kennedy, was lhe next selection, and Mrs. Kennedy's rendering
thereof was so captivating thai she
bad to sing another song in response
tti vociferous applause. Then came
me of the choicest items on tbe programme, tho violin duet. "Fur All
■.tenthy," by Mis. Wallingcr and
Mi. Qucrard. This was exquisitely
rendered and completely captured lhe
audienee, necessitating an encore,
The chlldrens chorus rendered i
Can't Do Thai Sum" in a very pleas
ing manner. This choi in, was made
ip as follows:
Children's chorus: Marion Drum
mond, Kathleen Drown, Patricia Mc
Dermot, Helen Leclerc, Charles Kl
mer. Mario Campbell, Helena Vubi i
tin, Irene Elmer, Alberta l o< ler<
Prances Drummond, Dorothj Mackie,
Gladys Doris, Wilfrid Ki nncdy an I
Harrj  Doris
Mi 9 Paterson, atwaj a .1 .
with Cranbrook audiences, gave .1
harming rendition -»f rtAsthorc"
and, iu response to enthusiastic ap
ptause, favorwl with anothei populai
Irish illttj rlirfi came the big hit
tl the evening, w\ >. \■
dies' chorus ■-.*■ 0 "t*c| gj Brady"
and as an encore, sang with even
great-i 1 effect, "Who Are ^i ou With
1 onighl "' The young Indies wl 0 ■
i      rendered    these
horusfs  were,    Me idan 1    Boui hai
and  Qoddard   and   Hl« 1        Hlrt7,
Miss M    Kennedy,    Miss V   Crisler,
Miss   Jacques,    Miss   Louise   Rimer,
Miss    Joslc    l»t um nn unl,    Miss    Eva
Conley, Miss Delia Drummond, Mis;
Tot" Frasei. Mir- Reta < 'ameron
Mis ,iack McDonald, of Made id,
n former Cranbrook resident, favoi
wIth a solo and an encore Mi Dp
llelmer added lit bis laurels as a
101 allst bj a wi M rendered ■ ■ Id 11 ■
Then followed Hie popular male
quartette, Messrs McSweyn, McDer
nml. Thompson nnd Ingram, with a
line rendition ol "Farewell KlUor
nej " \ duet, "Where Are You Oo
Ing Hj Pretty Maid," was very prci
til) rendered bv Irene and Chas
1 Imi 1 Thc children's chorus it • '■
lhe concert with "Lot Erin Remember the Dais .>f old" and the Nation
al Anthem Altogether the concert
ftrll.m tribute tu ln,-al
talent and to tin- skill ol Mrs    Wi
linn,nil,      whn      was  larn.l*.   ii'spi*:
slid.- foi   the organisation and train-
;iiiK nf the s, < oral partlclpanU,
a danco followed, participated in
bv a large crowd, and was kept merrily going until midnight, A verj
BUcceutul entertainment in every re
ipeel nn.l highly creditable to tlm c
responsible rot Its organisation, The
funds ol si. Mary's church wen
appreciably   Increased  by the      i«-
(The Electric Restorer)
PHOSPHONOL restores every
nerve in the body lu lis normal leu
Nerves that have lieen dormant for
years will vibrato once more with
vigor. Two boxes ut PHOSPHONOL have been known lo make weak
men Teel as they did at eighteen.
Weakness is converted iuln strength
where PHOSPHONOL is 11 ed; pre
mature decay is impossible; Bcxtial
weakness is converted lulo strong
manhood, both physically and mentally.
^ ——-	
We arc in recelpi of a very altrac
tive booklet   containing the comp let 1
series of    ails, for   Scfil of Alberta,
the Faultless Flour, which is      now
appearing in this   paper. Tbe ad ver-1
Using contains   solid, scientific facts
showing why Seal of Alberta i:, a sti   !
perlor flour.   The company is placing
these advertisements in about tweuh |
papers in the west, iu order lo   en
able    Uie general   public tn become
thoroughly acquainted witb the mer j
ils of their product, though after all |
ii Isjiot the advertising whieh    will |
build a permanent market  fur        Hie j
flour—H is   the   fact that   for years
tlie company has striven fnr auperloi
excellence, lhat they have now    at
taim-il llu-ir   aim,     and that for uni
fortuity   of quality and general    ex
i-fllcnee, Seal uf Alberta, lhe      ll	
that makes a lighter, larger, liner
flavored loaf, is becoming thorough!)
known to every baker and housewife
iu the west.
A copy of this booklef will be
mailed to any person interested III
better flour.
\   The properly wc advertised last week for $650
% was promptly sold but we have another 4
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(i iler ai il. Opeta House. Ti If
Editor The Herald:
Sir: Permit   me. through your col
mois,    to very heartily thank     all
 <etiied in the    St.    Patrick's Hai
[concert, which proved audi a marked
luccesa last ovening and at the
.amo time to express my mosl cm
dial appreciation of the manner In
whieh the occasion was palr.mi/eil
by the public without, I am glad to
record, anv regard to class or need
Where nil deserve praise, both   the
ladies anil tbe ryitlleiueii,    wbo line.I
*   ". -      .  iC'aal rt ■ * *l V^iwalVj   '..     a
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* with aa
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B *-'r,*iit
steak or
■  M,:.rk»*t
*,* to ynu.
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
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Canadian Hotel
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ami Ini t nllnwe.l at earrenl rat, •    '•'■*> "'
\ iaral ttaoklnfl BarinaaatraaMctea]
Cranbrook Branch: D.I). McLAWS, Hinafcr I
By the Herald   Publishing Company,
K. .1. Deane, Managing Kditor.
CKANBKOOK, B. C. March 23. 1911
Lust night's lioard ol trade meeting musl have served to clear the
an- in regard tn tin- presenl status
ol ilu1 sewerage question In this
city. At last we have In definite
shape thr main objection in, or rath
.■r. the main cause ol, tlie defeal ol
llic sewerage bylaw . on February
2.stli last. Men, win. apparent!)
spoke with knowledge, staled empha
• tleally thai it was the so-called
$'J vole ili.it caused so many proper*
ty owneis to vote against the bylaw.
Hrlefij pm. theso property owners
resented th.' idea ol these li votes
practically controlling the city elections, ami they determined tn show
thai when it tame to passing money
bylaws ihev were supreme, Having
demonstrated clearly their position,
these propert) owners now declare
iheir willingness to pul the sewerage
bylaw through, provided the voters'
list lie cleared of thrne irresponsible voters. Their claim apparently
met with the unqualified approval
rn; the members uf the board ol
trade and with the expressed endorsement nl Mnyor Hum Consequently we may reasonably anticipate that
tlie. cily council will lake early action in the direction ol removing this
grievance, and look forward with
confidence to the passage ol the
sewerage b) law, when re submitted
In this connection lliere is nne point
tn whieh we would draw the attention of the council. in amending
thc bvlaw, regulating the *2 tux,
and restricting tin- catcgorj of those
eligible to rcglstei as city voters,
we would strong!) advise ngalnsi ion
drastic action. There should tie no
occasion tn   disfranchise young   citl
/ens,     wh.i are, ami have lieen, n-gii
larly engaged in business, oi in lhe
pursuit of their particular occupations, for the sole rmson that at
present tliey have not homes ol their
own. Their are numbers ol young
men in .this, as in all other cities,
t<> he classed among tin- best .iti
/ens, who fnr the tune being room in
private residences or live in hotels
To disfranchise this class would, in
om opinion, he a grave erroi l<
should he possible to prepare an
amendment io tin- bylaw, in this
connection, that would qualify anj
man who, fm a stated period prior
to registration had resided pcrman
■•ii11 v in the cily and paid a minimum rental, say of trom (fl to $s
per month, for room In this wav
the rlgnl of eiii/eiishlp would be
conserved to many young men, now
threatened, if tlie amendment propos
ed ai the board of tt.tde meeting   he
enacted as adopted.
The article,    entitled "Clearing tn
f.ogged-Ofl Land." appearing in   last ,
week's i-?-. f tlie  Herald,  was supplied ns bj  Mt   R   It   Benedict, see j
retar) of the hoard    of trade.   Men
tion of   this   faei  was inadvertantly
olllltted last   week .
A new departure is made In this
issue with the reciprocity discus
sioit Ih.- Herald has invited local
leaden of ihe two greal parties tn
discuss ihe reciprocity question from
lhe pnlnl   fll   View of     llleil   ITSpCCtlVC
pai i ies Messrs Oeo Thompson,
fm ih.- Conservatives, and \l \
Macdonald, for the Liberals, open the
discussion in this   issue.    We do    not
propose at presenl to make any com
ment upon eithei contribution, oui
idea being to have  other rcpresenta
lives of lhe two parlies criticise the
views expressed bj Messrs Thomuson
and Macdonald It |j quite likely
that subsequent contributions in this
connection will appeal under noms do
plume, as we desire to avoid am
Hum. that mav i&rof nl a personal
We would diaw speeial attention to
the lettei written b) S w* I towel 1,
K v , of Toronto, on this reciprocity question ii is an exceptional!]
interesting ami valuable contribution
to the controversy     of greal Inlet
est.   loo, are lhe     \ M-\\ *, of   \lnrt M .Ui
lumber Interests on this subject,
which are sei forth u. an article reproduced from tin- Canadn Lumber
man The Herald is striving to provide its readers with the besl and
most dispassionate views of reputable
publicists, as  well  as of  UlOSl!        wllO
speak for special Interests, in ordei
that the teal Import of (in* ureal
issue nun he thorough!) grasped
Nol foi manv years have lhe Calm
ilinu electorate heen confronted hy
so vital an issue and il is well Dial
11 should be considered in all its
hearings, with entire freedom from
animus or extreme partisanship,
The political prophets started a
rumor lo tho elTecl Hint there will
lie an appeal lo llic counlry at nn
early dale. This rumor ts based ou
the allegation tlinl the Conservatives, in their hitter hostility lo lhe
reciprocity agreement, purpose withholding supply as long as possible,
and generally following obstruction
tactics. There may or mu) not he
any sound basis for tills rumor, hut
it is always good polity Lo be pre
pared for an emergency and we would
strongly advise our Liberal friends
to he looking afler their fences, It is
hardly conceivable that ihe Domin
ion government would bring on an
election this year, hut Tor) tail ies
may force such a course, and in nnj
event, it will do no harm to make
ready for   the evcnlualiu
('. R. Ward, ..f tin- Cranbrook
Agency, reports ver) encouraging ao
livlty in local real estate circles, and
de notes a steady rise in values oi
properly on linker street, Nin'hury
avenue aud other business streets
This week he sold two lots on Muk
er street, opposite the post office to
W s. liall, at a price considerabl)
in advance of llnil far whieh he sold
the same lots a liijje while back.
The Cranhrook Agency also disposed
of another loi on Norhury avenue to
\ |] Bullock, who now owns lift)
feet frontage on that thoroughfare
and  contemplates  the election  of     a
large barber shop and bowling a!l.y
on lhe property   in the  near  future.
Mi. Wm. Ouerard this week purchased through the Cranbrook Agency a home in this city. Ihs purchase
consisted of an eight roomed house
on Garden avenue, known as the
old Cooper house.
Mi s. .1. Robinson contemplates
ilu- early erection of a house ou
■Taiden   avenue,      property      recently
purchased by him from Mr. W. s.
George Chapman purchased ■ ' T.
Reld's house ami two lots on Poole)
avenue through Bealc and Klwell.
Messrs Meale and Elwell are putting on another addition io ihe city.
They are handling Messrs. (iill aud
I'aslakt-'s propert) iu block 150, lo
ihe norlh of the city, which has heen
cut up into twenty-two lots, of from
.Ml to lit. feet frontage and depth of
122 feet. Already some of the lots
have heen disposed of and there ap
pears lo be a good demand for the
I se Newbro's   Herpicide Instead.
Wearing artificial hair is a barm
less deceit of which ninny ladies are
guilty. These women are all objects
for sympathy rather than criticism.
Early neglect lu the care of tho
scalp has caused the loss of sn -4JUll.il
hair that their personal appearance
is sadly marred. To correct this
defect they resort to artificial hair.
Most Indies would resent any imputation of personal carelessness and
neglect. And yet very muny women
permit their natural hair to become
so .lull, brittle and lusterless that
it looks no better Mian the artificial.
All this is as unfortunate as il is
unnecessary. Hair that Is unsightly
or thin may usually be attributed
in the malevolent activity of the
dandruff germ. This vicious germ
din rows down Into thc hair follicle,
diorllj destroying its life. Tlio hair
becomes dead, loose and finally drops
There    is a     remedy sold by    all
rugglsts, the intelligent use ol
winch will kill thc dandruff germ.   11
Isn cleanses lhe   scalp    of all ami
I illations and makes the hair shine
with the luster of life and beauty.
Thai remedy is Newbro's Herpicide
he Original Dandruff   Germ Destroyer.  This preparation   In one    dollar
r.c hollies    is   .sold and guaranteed
cry wliere.
Vpplications may he obtained at
lhe   best    barhci      shops  and   hair
Iresslng parlors.
The Herpicide Co., Dept. It., Detroit, Mich., will send a nice sample
mil booklet to any address upon   re-
lipl of lflc. iu postage or silver.
Heattie Murphy    Co.,Ltd.,    Special
Mi .1 W Lord, writing from tho
Muat Central hotel, London, to the
Standard of Empire, says:
"Replying to Mr. Redmayne's let
fci in your issue of February 17, l
should like to say tbat my experiences as a fruit grower in British
Columbia, extending over many
years, have led mc to very different
conclusions from those expressed by
your coi respondent. My views on
tin- question of fruil farming, as af-
I retail by the reciprocity agreement,
j ie iu the main    entirely opposed  to
I hose of Mi Itedmayne. Tin- reclpro
Ity agreement, he says, will empha
Im iho difference between (mil
grown wllb irrigation am! that
grown without lu this I entirely
agree with him Any I'nited Stale-,
j mil whuh conies into Canada will
in- fniit from tb.- Irrigated lands ol
Washington ami Oregon, nnd tins,
with similarh gtown fiuit from the
."drj   hell" of British   Columbia.      i^
going to compete witb the products
of the non-irrigated areas of the
coast (wei belt) and Kootenay dis
| trict,   which    every  om- knows aie
free from the ticav) tales and lahoi
eXpefUCI attendant    upon,   and ii.s'p
arable   from,    Irrigated lands    and
My practical  experience has taught
Taylor Milling and Elevator Co..
Manufacturer* nf the famous
"Pride nf   Alberta "
"Mother's Favorite Flour.**
I Wire mid WarollOUBU on O.P'R. Limits.
West of Frniu.it Sliedg.
me ibat fruit   grown as it is in  the
Kootenay Valley under nature's   own
conditions cannot     only he produced
cheaper,   but is also of better flavor,
hauler, and   necessarily keeps longer,
.md ships belter than tlmt grown by
artificial means. Mr. Itedmayne care-
illy avoids any mention of the semi-
it in id    beli    of Hritish    Columbia
namely, the Kootenay Valley) and I
an only assume lhat he Includes this
rea in thc wet belt, and I write unci lhat assumption.
The Kootenay Valley has been   my
oiue for many years, and of it       I
laim to speak  wilh some authority,
lor I was one of the   pioneer      fruit
farmers there. I believe it to be   the
one   district     in    British Columbia
where fruit   can he grown under ide
conditions    of rainfall.    In speaking
eulogist leal ly of the Kootenay, I can
only say ihal     I speak   of   it   as I
know It to he, and as T have worked
there for    a   period of fifteen years,
and at Ibe business end of the plow,
I think I may   justly claim to speak
from Mh> teaching of the hardest   of
all    maters, lhat of   personal experience,
As regards lhe contemplated reciprocity arrangement, 1 am strongly of
opinion that it wilt benefit the Kootcna)   fruit grower. »
■very puint of view.
The cumniittee in charge of ar-
aiigemcnts is composed as follows:
II. White, chairman; W. M, Harris,
secretary; C, li. Ward, H. hi. Heat-
tic, W. S, .Maciloiiald, J, !'. Kink,
K. It. Morris, 11. lliekenbotham, J,
Manning, J, llalloi, W. S. Hall and
E. II. Patmorc.
The Y.M.C.A. will have a football
team in the held this season. Steps
arc already being taken to organize,
Practices will he held, commencing
Monday evening nexl and any young
fellow, fond nl tho game, is welcome
to take pan.
The C.P.R, intend cleaning up the
grounds surrounding the building, nnd
making a garden aud lawn, which
will add still further to the attractiveness of ihe new Y.M.C.A. building, already   one of tin- show   places
if the town.
Tho regular meeting of Maple Leaf
Hehekah lodge, JO.OF., was held
last night, and a large number were
j present. The lodge is planning to
have a show entitled "Alice in Wonderland," wnich is to take place
April 7th and 8th. This show has
heen put on in all the large cities under the auspices of different lodges,
and has heen a great success, which
doubtless it will be here. Any members of the lodge who wish to take
part in this are requested to meet
at Mrs. Cameron's home on Tuesday
evening nt 7. All the members who
possibly   can are urged to attend.
"This year will prove the greatest
in ihe history of the Hritish Columbia lumber industry owing to the
enormous iiitliix of settlers to the
prairie provinces," said Mr. .lohn
Hanbury, a well-known lumberman,
who returned to Vancouver last week
iioni Winnipeg.
"Tbe most conservative estimates
agree that at least three hundred
thousand people will go on the hind.
The capacity of the railways i.s already taxed in bundling the newcomers who are arriving in Winnipeg
oi passing through Portal, ou the
Soo line, in irainloads. It is a certainty Mial their first requisite will
ho lumber Millions of feet will also
he absorbed liy the various towns
and cities which are keeping pace
with the growth of ihe country. Cal
gar) is talking of erecting ll-ByOO.OOO
worth of buildings litis .summer.
"Slocks in the interior of British
Columbia ate about normal. I cv-
pecl the cut (or the entire provimi-
Wlll establish a new record. This will
mean Increased prosperity."
1. 0.0. F. GRAND LODGE
Committees have hern appointed
and are alreudy at work making detailed arrangements (or the meeting
iu this city in .lune next of thc
(•■ami Lodge, i.o.o.F., Orand Encampment, Department Council of
the Patriarchs Militant and Kcbckah
assembly. It is anticipated that upwards of two hundred delegates
from all parts of the province will
he assembled hero on this occasion
and it is thc intention of the local
(bid fellows that nothing shall be
lefl undone to assure their visitors
every comfort and convenience during their brief stay. The Independent Order ot Odd Fellows stands
pre-eminently as the first benefit and
fraternal order on the continent. It
also ranks lirst financially ami numerically. The meeting of Orand
Lodge in this city, ibis year, is an
event of exceptional Importance, and
M will not be Ihe (nult of tbe Itx-ul
brethren if the coming meeting fail
to prove   n     record breaker     from
Sundays—Low mass at 8..'10 a.m.;
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Man at 6 a.m. at the
Father Plamondon,
Parish Priest.
March 36th, 1911,
Regular morning service at 11
o'clock. Subject: "Chrisl and the
Hethany Home—Au Exposition."
S. S. and Hible class all together in
review by the pastor at 3 p.m.
Kvening service at 7.80.
Choir practice at 8 p.m. All members urged to be present.
Social to the congu'gntlon by the
(liiilil Tuesday, 28th, at K p.m. Entertainment: A night with the humorists, and refreshments.
C. 0. Main, Pastor.
Sumlay, March 20th,
Services al 11 in the morning,
Sunday school at 3.
Kvening at 7.30. Subject: "The
Drink Curse and It's Cure."
A special temperance recitation
wilt he given, and a solo rendered.
Ladies are asked to remove their
lints during the sermon.
Tuesday.—Epworth League. Mock
parliament. A large attendance is
requested for ibis interesting evening. A bill will he introduced hy thc
government affecting millinery which
the opposition are determined to defeat if possible.
Wednesday.—Ladies' Aid reception.
Mood programme and refreshments*
During the evening the ladies will
lelt of the various ways In whieh
Ihey earned Iheir talent money.
Everybody is welcome to this entertainment.
Thursday—Rev Mr. Morgan from
China, will pay us a visit and give
a limelight talk on the Mission field
Admission free. Collection for ex
peiises will lie taken. We hope tc
have a good gathering to meet Mr.
Friday—Spei ial choir practice
Kaster music ai H
l). S. Lumber Trade
Opposed to Reciprocity
With very  few exceptions members
of the lumhei trade In the United
States have taken serious objection
to the proposed reciprocity with Canada  This was naturally to t xpect-
cti, ns possibly the most sweeping
provision ol (he arrangement is the,
proposal lo allow rough lumber from
Canada to enter the United states
tree ot duty, instead of paying 11.25
per thousand feet, wbicb is the tin ill
at present in force, says the Canada
Lumberman. The most interesting
view expressed by the trade in thc
United Stales so far, Is that whieh
the Hardwood Manufacturers' assocl-
tinn embodied in a series of resolutions passed at the recent ~ annual
meet ing of t he assneint fon, which
was held in Cincinnati. Inasmuch ns
lhe hardwood manufacturers of the
United Stales have tittle nr nothing
to fear in the way of competition
rrom Canadian hardwood, the actual
lumber trade situation does not efleet them. Their opposition lo the
arrangement is bawd on quite a dif
fcrent ground from most of the other
objections which have been made.
Tbey fear that the removal of the
tariff ou products uf the soil will reduce the value of lands which they
own, after they have been cut over
and ure on the market for* sett lenient. This fear is expressch concisely in the following resolutions which
were adopted by thc association:
"Whereas, the Hardwood Manufacturers' association of thc United
.States, whose membership consists
of individuals and firms who are interested in the manufacture of foresl
products produced in the Southern States:
"Whereas, the major portion of thc
lands from which these forests arc
removed nre more suited and valuable
for agricultural purposes than for reforest a lion;
"Whereas, thc proposed reciprocity
treaty with the Dominion of Canada
purposes the removal of the tariff on
products of the soil, both forest and
"Whereas, this action would he inimical to thc interests of the mem
bership of this association who are
the possessors of these lauds, and
would retard their development by
settlers, (aimers ami agriculturists;
therefore, be it
Resolved, that this association is
unalterably opposed to any form ol
reciprocity that singles out for a reduction of tariffs the products of the
Resolved, that the efforts of each
member be directed to protest
against the inflictatlon of an injury
to our section, so vitally Interested
in agricultural development and progress;
"Resolved, that the secretary of
this association be, and is hereby instructed to convey copies of this resolution to the members of Congress
and senators of the United States."
The "Southern Lumberman," of
Nashville, Tenn., bus always paid
special attention to thc question of
tariff. A large number of its readers
are Interested in southern pine and
as this lumber enters extensively into
competition with Canadian white
pine, they are closely concerned
about thc proposed removal of the
duty from lumber entering the I'nited States. The "Southern Lumberman" expresses itself upon the subject in part as follows:
Even a cursory glance al tho
terms of the proposed treaty will
show that its chief excuse for existence is an effort to redeem party
pledges—that there may he something more than the Payne-Aldrich
Act to which to point the linger   ol
Republican pride in  1812	
The balance of trade under the
terms of the treaty is easily in favor
iu Canada. . * A summary of the
total values of the principal articles
(of import) affected by the proposed
agreement amounts to $48,487,012.
Of this $20,007,080, or 12A per cent
of the total, is (or boards, deals and
planks, laths and shingles. Thus it is
seen that the lumber industry has
to carry the greater portion of the
load. . . Hy thc reciprocity agreement we are given access, not to
Canadian forests, nut to the products of Canadian sawmills, for there
is nothing in the reciprocity agreement which would prevent the Canadians continuing their regulations
forbidding the export of saw logs,
etc., and requiring their manufacture
in Canadian mills. It is a measure.
so far as the above features are concerned, directly for the benefit of Canadian saw and shingle operators, at
thc expense of those of the I'nitcd
.States. . . The present treaty will,
it seems, effect the yellow pine industry more directly than that of the
otter woods, ns it comes into competition more keenly with Canadian
lumber. It is, in (act, not without
its good features for the hardwood
people, as it calls Tor mutually reduced' rates on a line of manufactured commodities whieli includes motor
vehicles, agricultural Implements and
a number of other articles into the
manufacture of which hardwoods enter very largely."
The "Mississippi Valley Lumberman," taking much the same view as
thc "Southern Lumberman," sums up
tlte situation us follows: "It may
not he ultogethcr accurate to attribute Uhe continued depression in the
lumber industry, so fnr as values are
concerned, entirely   to the reduction
of the duty by the tariff hill now iu
force, but wc do believe that this
reduction of the duty contributed to
it to a considerable extent, lhe tact
that tbe importation of lumber Irom
Canada has increased substantially
since the present act became effective
and in spite of the fact that the Ium
her business has lieen very unsatisfactory during the past two yenrs,
would Indicate thut Ibe Reduction iu
duty was influential to a considerable
extent in keeping lumber prices nt a
point where manufacturers bave made
little or no profit. Only within the
past few months has there been nn
improvement in the market for low
grade material. To remove the remainder In the market for low-
grade material. To remove the remainder of the duty on lumber
threatens our markets for all classes
of wood and particularly for the
low grade stock."
Edward Hlnes, the well known
lumberman of Chicago, in his evidence before the Ways and Means
Committee of the house of representative., at    Washington, said: "Under
Joseph Ryan
Real Estate.   Notary Public.
Conveyancing, Deeds,
Contracts of every kind
• •
SANCfi directly on the oust shore of Koolennj' Lnke,
one of the most beautiful situations iu Iho
Kootenay country, 52 acres of prime fruit
lund, cloae by Myrtle Creek. Very little
clearing. Fee simple title. A bargain nt
$1110 OU an aero will sell at $06.00.
CRESTON, Seven acres cleared. About four ami
a half acres were crop (oats) last season- All
ready for fruit planting. Fenced wilh four
rows of barbed wire slriing ou cedar poslH.
Nice littlo shack with bIovc etc Woll partly
sunk. Fen simple title. The greatest bargain
in the market and un admirable investment.
• •
Raworth Block*
Baker St.. Cranbrook.
• •
*********** 0*******4
Hii.li Ura.le
P.O. 10X831
RaTIHATKll ..*>
Illgll Mill  l.n**
Vii.iiiiin H'.t.ntH
llllUl :lll,i;iM|.|* |
Ve'ltilniillg Mali'l
But Water si-t.-n
reciprocity tin* .American liunbet- Industry would give up protection on
$33,000,01)0 Canadian exports in order to get a market fnr $1,000,0(141 uf
exports to Canada. Tlie pending bill,"
he said, "makes tile lumber industry
bear by far tlie largest portion of
tlie reciprocity burden. Lumber imports have increased under llie Payne
law, whieli reduced the tarilt 87J
per cent, and the lumber duty is nut
protective, bul Ior revenue."
ACT,  1908.
tbal a petition that a petition Ior
eonlirming a resolution reducing the
eapital of the above named company
from £15,058 tu £10379.10.0 by returning in cash to the holders of the
.'1110 issue shares paid-up eapital to
the extent of £1.10.0 per share, bring
capita! in excess of tbe wants of the
company, was ua the 23th day ol
February, 1011, presented to His Majesty's High Court of Justice and is
now pending and that the List ol
Creditors nf the Company is to be
made out as for the 15th day of
May, 1811,
Any person wbu claims to be a
creditor of the above named company must on or before the said liith
day ol May, lull, send iu his name
and address and the particulars of
his claim and the name and address
of bis solicitor (If any) to Arnold
James Trinder, Esquire, ot 156 Lead-
eiihall Street, in thy 1'ity of London,
England, a member ol the undersigned Arm ol Trinder ('apron & Co., ol
thc same place, tbe solicitors for the
above named company, or in default
thereol he will he precluded Irom objecting to the proposed reduction ol
Dated this stb day of March, l.'llI
Trinder ('apron <v Co.
150 Leadeiihall Street,
London, England.
Solicitors lor lhe Said Company
lhat thirty days alter dale, I intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner
nf Lands and to the Assistant Cum
inissioner ol Lands tor tbe distriet of
East Kontenuy, for a license to pros
|iect for eoal and petroleum on the
following dc.si'iilicd l.,iid, located on
the North Fork ol Michel Creek, five
miles north ol tbe Crows Nest Pass
llranrh of the Canadian Pacific Railway:
Commencing at tbe S. VV. corner nt
A. E. Wayland's claim, being the Intersection of the north Hoc of the
property ot the Crows Nest I'ass
Coal Company's laad, and a survey
lino running north and south, Ihr
same bring the initial post ol I. II.
Preston's claim and marked "I. 11.
Preston's southeast corner," thenee
80 chains west, thence 80 chains
north, thence 80 chains cast, thence
80 chains south to place ot beginning,
containing 840 acres, more or less.
I. II. Preston, Locator
lattice Lameroiix, Agent.
Located Jas. aith, Mil.        S 5t«
§ East Kootenay
® Butcher Co.
@ ——————-^
® Dealers In
® FrcBli and Oured
® .Meats.
_ Poultrv. (Innii*  .-.iial l-'ieli
® a
x. in Benson.
@      'GIVE   US   A   TRIAL
* East Kootenay
I Butcher Co.
® _
i      The Old P. Wood's
® Business.
if you appreciate n puro
spurklini,' beverage.   Tliero
is not another lirmiil so well
known us
You may order any lliivor
you like, one is equally iih
goud as another. If you
HAVO ucviT lnstnl Our
I *rin Uh. ymi nil' mnvly
losing a treat Order to-tloy
East Kootenay Bottling
Dr. M. B. Hall, D.D.8.
Crown ami Bridge Work
a Bjwololty.
Phono No. 2IK)    Armstrong Ave.
Cranlirook, B.O,
Unless you i*an nuike II. prolltuble
Ior people lo watch your store nils.
you'll nnt make your store nils, profitable to you. Nothing is surer
than that.
The Job department ol this papor Is
(quipped with the most up-to-date
faces of type. You get what you
want when you want It at the Her- TH1CRANBR00K   HERALD
March Winds Play Havoc
With the Complexion
Unless you use a Good Cream and Talcum
Powder. We have ALL THE GOOD
ONES, but recommend Our
Cream of Witch Hazel
Lyman's Talcum
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
The Prescription Druggists
Cranbrook, British Columbia 11
Children's Eyes
should be tested about mice
in every twelve montlis.
We pay speeial attention
to childr..ii's,*t(>s.nud guarantee satisfaction in every
particular. We will make
a thorough test, and it
glasses aro needed we'll
frankly tell you so, if not
no charge will be made.
chocolates—all  flavors—al
Tin* Palm.
We can supply your wants lor
spring cleaning and solicit a call
from you to inspect our lines.—.1. 1).
A court ol revision ol the voters'
list for Cranbrook electoral distriet,
uill be held on Monday, May lith,
by Mr. J, K. Armstrong, registrar
of voters.
Seville   hitler   oranges Ior making,
marmalade   at Kink's   Pure     Pood ■d",ll>r im™d
TIME   |
Can lie accurately cheeked if
you have your Watch or Clock
cleaned or repaired at our store.
All work guaranteed.   Charges
Jewelery Repairs
Of every description.^ Design!
made to customer's orders
Precious stones remounted,
matched or supplied. En.
graving done in lirat-claai style.
KOIt SALE.—Transposing scale
lleiiil/.maii and Co. piano, worth new
StiOII.UO. Sale price $800.00. See Wm.
Ouerard, Opera House. 5-tf
I. It. Terry, provincial poultry expert, will visit this city iu the
course ol the next'few weeks, accompanied by M. A. .lull, to discuss
with poultrymcn t*n operative methods of marketing poultry products.
Lots of those sweet Sunkist oranges at prices that please—Campbell
and Manning.
On Kriday, March 24th, Major Morris, of Vancouver, (provincial commander Ior B.C.) will conduct a
greal meeting in the Salvation
Army ball at 8 o'clock.    All are cor-
An Easy Running Wheel
doubles   the   pleasure   of
We  would   like to  show
you the latest  models in
Easy Running Bicycles
Come in and examine our
Massey " Silver  Ribbon "
and the
Special ortlei
The palm
See -I I). McRride'i wlvprUscmcn
mi this page,
Hazelwood ice cream at Little an>
.1. P, Kink has been visiting puint
east ami is at Warttnot today.
■•   Oarden seeds in imlt. and packages
—Campbell and Manning.
Mrs Fraser, mother ol cr it. op
crator I>. .!. Fraser, returned to hr
home in thr east  yesterday,
iiIjjjm!  oranges—svect   am!
Campbell and Manning,
Mr. and Mrs. W S Mortt
leaving on Saturdaj foi Si<
la., on a short holiday i rip.
Frank Detail is preparing foi
wheeling season, having laid in
stiM-k of Cleveland wheels,
('lull   Con   Com
Food Grocer j
■lohn i.eask, or Leash and Johnson
Mayook, returned today,from .. husl
ness trip i" Calgarj
inirv —
Fink's Purr
Oeo. P. Tisdale, of WyelllTe,      has
heen gazetted a commissioner under
the Provincial Elections Act, for the
Cranbrook electoral distriet.
If you are fitting up for spring eall
ami see nur harness and wagous. Wc
havo a full line of the best at reasonable prices.—Cranbrook Tradiag Co.
Angus MeKenzie, of Vancouver, formerly foreman of the cily water
works, arrived in town yesterday on
a short visit.
Hazelwood ice cream at Little and
l. S, Maekay, formerly with the
Worth .star Lumber company, is now
with the Kast Kootenay Lumbei
company in a similar capacity.
New shipment of Heinz, good pickles, relishes, etc. Sweet, sour, gherkin pickles in hulk—Campbell ami
FOB RENT,—Fivo roomed cottage
on Fenwlck avenue, garden ami
stable. Apply B. McGoldric, Hox
158, city. 5-lt*
Or. and Mrs. .1. II. Kini; and Miss
Williams have returned from California. Mrs. King's health has mater
[ally benefitted by the change.
Hazelwood ice cream at Little ami
Tlie Impel ial Hank is opening
Foi put ii \ .iti.i flavoi   drink
Senator Rostock
England on prlvnti
mil he lia>l. in OH
Of Mav
has had lo pro to
bu ii i ami will
iwa Hnnl iin< iii si
branch at South Porcupine, ol
which Mi w. Bourkc, formerly ol
Oowganda, will he resident manager.
pure bred Silver Laced Wyandottes.
Imported stock; '2 DO per 13. Apply
T   K. South, Bos 834. '. ii
Golden Flower navnl oranges       at
Flnk'a Pun- Food Grocer j
| What about a buggy this year''
Vou eon afford a McLaughlin Come
.unl mv ..in stock ami set out
prices.—Cranbrook Trading Co
j Tin- Epworth League enjoyed a lit
crarj evening last Tuesday, winding
up with a basket ball match, in
which   the ladies joined heartily
Choice celery, lettuce, cucumbers
und ripe tomatoes at Little and Atchison's.
FOR SALE.—Transposing scale
Heiiitzman and Co. piano, worth new
SfiflO.OO. Sale price $.100.00. See Wm.
Gucrarri, Opera Mouse. 5-tf
| The staff of thc Cranbrook Agency
company, of which Mr. C. It. Ward,
is     the  manager,    has been supple-
! merited by tbe addition of Mr. II. .1.
.Scott, formerly assistant to the C.P.
R. resident engineer.
| California celery and Florida totna
toes.—Campbell and Manning.
| Mrs. A. B. Macdonald left on
Tuesday for Victoria, via Spokane,
for the benefit of her health. Mrs.
Macdonald's departure for the coast
created a vacancy In the "Geisha"
caste, which has been filled by Miss
V. Henley, who will take tbe part o[
Miss Molly .Seamore.
i Steele Hriggs and McKen/ie's field
and garden seeds at Fink's Pure
Food Grocery.
FOR SALE—Transposing scale
Heintzman and Co. piano, worth new
JfiM.flO. Sale priee $300.00. See Wm.
Guentrdt Opera House. 5-lf
Stanley Peek and Harry Kendall
have just returned from a holiday
trip to the Old Country. Stanley
Peck intimated that  Cranbrook look
til good to bim, although he had en-
,i Joyed the time uf bis life   in the old
'The Range Store"
On jfntiay anti ^aturbag anti tbe
follotofng t»ajt>0 0ur ;%torc totll
present tlje aut&orttibe anti represent
tatfte exposition of 1911 faflfttons.
Grand Spring Opening
Wc carry a complete line of supplies and invite
everyone who intends doing Spring Painting or
Cleaning to call and inspect our stock which is
NEW, having just arrived
We give special attention lo PHONE and MAIL
Phone No. 5         _^ Box 195
land. Stanley returns to the C.P.
IC. depot and his duties as ticket
agent on Monday.
.lust Arrived —Anolher shipment of
Flower City marsh mallows at The
Tbat Cranbrook Tones are alive
to the possibilities of an early appeal to tbe country on tlie reciprocity question is evidenced by the
dodger circulated around town calling
for a meeting of both seniors and
juniors to be held tins evening in
Clapp's bnll to discuss the posxibil
ity of an early general election.
WAXTKn-Seeomt-hand boiler, 25
to -li) horse power, good enough to
generate not more than ten pounds
pressure Must be cheap for Cash,
Apply to C .1. Kekstorm, Lethbridge. Alta 5~2t
"Tlmt safe feeling." Isn't it comforting to feel that when you buy
your foodstuffs they are perfectly
tree from dust, microbes and extraneous things—our modern dust proof
bins eliminate all foreign elements.
-The Kink Mercantile Co., Md.
Poult n men are reminded of the
annuat meeting of the Cranbrook
Poultrj and Pet Stork association to
be lu-ld tomorrow (Kriday) evening
In tbe Y.M.C.A. committee rooms,
at tU0 o'clock M A Jul!, seere-
tnry of the ll. C. Provincial .association association and government
poultry expert, will address the
(lo to Little and Atchison's for
ice sweet, juicy orange*.
.lohn W Sickelsmith, Greensboro,
IV, has three ehildren, and like
most children they frequently takt
cold. "We have tried several kinds
or cough medicine," he says, "but
have never found any yet that did
them as much good as Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy." For sale by all
dealers, 4-t(
A. V. and Mrs. N'elson have returned home from a visit to Winnipeg. Mr. Nelson says they enjoyed
their trip immensely and speaks enthusiastically of the wonderful
growth of the prairie city. Settlers
are already pouring into the country,
says Mr. Nelson, and all immigration
records promise lo be discounted
tbis year.
Ml kinds of fresh vegetables. Daily
The most common cause ol insomnia is disorders nf the stomach,
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets correct these disorders and
enable you to sleep. For sale by all
dealers. .j-n
V. H. Powell, of Calgary, inspector of C.P.R. telegraphs, was in
town during tbe week. Mr. Powell
Is just at present engaged m super Intending the transfer oi the wires'
from the. Curzon office to Vabk,
where thc C.P.R. is establishing ibe
junction for the Spokane connection,
T. Wady is foreman of tin- gang in
charge of this work.
Seeding    time   will st    be here.
('all and see our collection of garden
and field seeds.—Cranbrook Trading
Choice grape fruil al Llllle ami
An extra special attraction ai the
Auditorium theatre Friday ami Saturday will be ibe Passion Play or
scenes of tbe life ami death of Christ
as enacted every ten years al the
little hamlet ol Obcramincrgau in
Havana Tbis production is in
three parts or reels, beautifully hand-
colored and was made bj the celebrated Pat he FiTi'is Music and
songs appropriate to the scenes will
be rendered throughout the entertainment.
It is impossible u
tasty dishes that are
tempt the appetite tin
year, unless yon have
material.   We guaranti
make those
required to
i time of the
tbe best of
e everything.
Phone as a trial order.—Campbell
and Manning.
I). R. Sharpe, of Rochester Semln
ary and a graduate uf the I Hi ver
sity of New Brunswick, has received
the unanimous call of ibe
Haptist churcli to succeed Kev. C
W. King in his pastorate. Mi
Sharpe comes very highly recommended and Mr. King speaks in the
warmest terms of the qualifications
of his successor, Mi King's future
plans are not as yel definitely decided upon.
3n our bisplaj? of iettlltnerp. Costumes,
^ttits, Coats, Wmta, lingerie, rtr„ you.
totll ftiib r.vart roptcs of thr rorrrrt
.Parisian nub ilrto J)orfe motels anb in
some rases tljr original masterpteees tm-
porteb Utrrrt.
3n coimmion tuitli our ttnlr -#tiotti tot toil! also DH.-Jl.iit
ample aaoortmrurs of liritjlit *prinij -/BfrrlianDiBr iiirlubituT
Qvrsa ifsoofts. -iil.isli if-ooDs .nib thr Urrti nrtorut itobrltirti
in DrrSe .urrBsorirB, ttt.
You are cordially invited to visit this store
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores.
At a congregational social to be
given in Knox school room hy the
Voung People's flulld on       Tuesdaj
[•veiling, March      2Mb,   tin- inh'l lain
ment will be a night with the humorists, and refreshments K very-
no is invited to recite, slug, read or
lell something humorous, ami a prize
will be rewarded to lhe one giving
thc most humorous selection to be
decided by a voir ol the, audience.
Little and     Aldus
fm all kinds of fruit
"The Fanatic" will preach on management.
The Drink Curse and its Cure,"
Mtthod'st Church, Sunday n>V.
Temperance rccita in ;nd solo.
Ladies will please remove their
Seeds! Seeds! Seeds' When you
buy your seeds from Fink's you are
sure to get the kind that grow
Fink's buy need seeds   each year.
The Fink Mercantile Co. have had
the walls in their Pure Food Grocery made snow white—"cleanliness"
is the watchword In Fink's Pure
Food Orocery.
A deal is pending foi lhe transfer
nf McCallum & Co's hardware business tn F.Parks ami Co Final details will probably be completed this
week   end and     ibe nev.   proprietors
placed  iu  possession        Whilst   Ml.   ,1.
destruction of tbe timber may be
enormous, and in some cases such
(Ires have reached to the homestead
"f tho settler, destroying his crops,
buildings and "ther improvements
{perhaps his little all) and even human life.
The othei dancer—not so ir.urh ap-
prcclated until late years, and ever.
now only by a comparative few—is i
the hindrance to tbe tree seed* and
headquarters [the. Utile trees which this mass of
litter presents. Even when the seeds j
all, thoy have small chance to start
"i germinate. Even if they should
gel thus far, the delicate root encounters nothing but dead wood,
chips or peat, and dies from lack of
nourishment. If by any chance a
small tree does spring up it grows
with difficult j and bos great cbamv
of being swept over and destroyed
hy the fire,
E\en during the present yeai
(1010) many forest fires have raged
In cut-over land, those ol September,
[near thc citv of Vancouver, BC.
eitig a case m point
Mi. MacMltlon figures that for
every foot of timber taken out of
he forest by thc lumberman throughout Canada, an average ol leven U+\
has been destroyed bj tire This, it
may be said, is a lower estimate
than bas been made of certain dis-
Iricts uf Canada, e.g., the Ottawa
rtver valley, where Senator 'V C
Edwards, one of the most prominent lumbermen "f the country, thinks
lhat at hast ten times as much
lumber has been destroyed by the
fire as has bun taken out hr the
dries out and in a few montlis be I Various othei topics are discussed
comes like so much Under. A lighted i» the bulletin, such as the chief
matcli, a   spark from a camp-fire.
"Tbe   handling of cut-over lands   Is
llie greatest problem in foresl protec  .
tion and   forestry in Canada today." !
lu these words, taken from Bulletin
No. «l of the forestry branch of    the
Dominion   department of the interior :
(entitled    'Forcsi   Fires  in Canada, I
1900*), the author,    Mr. II   R   Mac  |
Millan,   one of   the assistant Inspcc  .
tors of forest reserves, sets forth one
of the chief   aims of Canadian foresl j
Cleveland Wheels
the most suitable I I  tbi se
roads.   At
Frank   DezaU's
when repairs of all kinds aro
'luickly am] efficiently
'♦♦-♦ + 4♦♦♦♦
DAY OLD CHiX      j
We offer tbe above from *
heavy laying straiuB. aa ♦
well as Show Winners in t
White Wyandottes  ami I
S C.   Wbile Leghorns, ♦
The danger from these cul ovei
lauds Is twofold. In llie flrsl place,
they are the worst possible menace
tfi the forests because of the readl
ness witb wbicb tire starts on ihem
al the least provocation Aftei the
lumberman has finished cutting tin- |
limber, there remains, scattered ovei
the laml, a mass of chips, lice tops
and other   debris,    which   graduall)
0. McCallum\
been deflnitelv
future plans have
decided upon, be
pects to remain in Cranbrook, en
gaged in the contracting business.
The boys purpose removing to Vancouver and there starting in thc
hardware business.
lighted cigarette dropped, and awaj
goes the tinder, and almost with lhe
speed ol thought a    serious Jiic     h.i *
developed. Perhaps thc fire me. i •>
ttith no worse fuel than more of the
cut l ini; debris.
| Then thr loss is not so serious, bul
even so the lire may have consumed
much,  il liol   all.    of the    thin      soil
characteristic of some forest regions,
and nny possibility   or further    tree
!growth is lost for centuries, if     nol [	
for over.
| Should the (Ire come to mature and |™GS 'Wl
valuable timber, the loss from     the
causes ol foresl tires, the effects <>l
the titcs. in the destruction of timber, the destruction ol the soil, the
Interference with the water supply
and thc effect ol future tree srowth
nnd the means of preventing lires.
Anyone Interested in these topics and
In torcstrj matters gcnerallj ma) obtain a copj ol the bulletin free <>f
i barge on appli* ation '•< It H
Campbell, superintendent ol forestry,
Ottawa, out
************ **********
ienced lady stenographer
Box 30, Kernie, B.C.
I'opham's chocolates always fresh
In lancy bores in* In li»lk al Little
and Atchison's.
According tn Information received
at Revclstoke It. I.. Horden, leader
nf the opposition at Ottawa, wlll'ar-
rive in Nelson August 21th anti ail
dress a meeting of the constituents
on the evening of August 25t1i. Th'is
will bo on the retina trip nf Ins
western lour ns he is provisionally
hooked to appear in Revclstoke mi
August It; Victoria, August '21, anil
Vancouver, August 22nd,
Experience loaches. Thai is why
our Eastern Townships butter has
that sweet     flavor—because     il    Is
shipments Irom tlw best hot house -'mad* bjr old   reliable butler makers
OauaMt and Mania*. ' -Campbell and Mannini*.
We handle tin*
$1500   F.0.B,
One of these now on
view in our store.
My Leghorns won first ami second
at Cranbrook Agricultural Fair last
'year iu strtuin competition. Book 01
ilers mm* lor eglts, Si!.00 pel 13,
I Mso s r Rhode Island Reds ami
Iliaik Cochin Bantams llnniam <*m*.
' 11 DO per I.i. Reds »2 nn pei 13
|Box HI Cranbrook, H c
T... ;-.„. «i™
Sinker of Gu.lily
Sold Everyatier.
Toronto,   Canada. '"
Live man nr wnn.ar. wanted (oi
wnrk at home, paying '- 00 r 13.00
per day will: opportunity to alliance. Span- time can i*** used
Work nm dlfllcoli and requires no cx-
prricnir- Win-!..',. Limited, Spodlna
Ave , Toronto l-5t
TAKK NOTICE lhat I, .lohn .1.
■Johnston, of Kort Steele, n 0., oo*
i.npatlon Farmer, intend to apply fnr
permission to purchase tin* lollowfag
described foods:
Commencing at a post plaaled al
the north-east corner ot Lol N..
810(1, thence 2d chains easl, thence
iii chains Bouth, thence 20 chains
west, thence III chains north to place
nf commencement.
.lohn J, Johnston,
Dated February 7th,  101]    M H*
Proniilent : T. S. tin i
Beetetaiy'i B, Mm domud
> For iuformiii.m regarding lanria
> Hnd   aRri.'i]lti.rt>   ni>|*ly    to  tin*
' Nwretsuy, UruilinmK, It. 0.
Kvery iMond Vvednfidty THK    (JHANRKOOK   HJSBALD
News of the District
Dr. Mattel's Female Pills
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned Irom Newspapers
aVsasJTSXJaVBSa -^>jr>«.*.B«**»*a«.tSBV»*>»**-dWS»*«J^
(Uy Kred Hon.,
Cheapness always produces misery.
never happiness.
If yon nan! lo see your towi
grow, 1ii*I|i push ii along a llttli
yourself ami smile, darn yuu, smile.
Jim Thisllelieak, philosopher, say>
il   will     lie  much   wanner licxl     sum
mer than il is iliis winter and Tuesday being a line day, In* clipped Ins
John William Hull, president "I the
Yorkshire Pudding club, was in   lOIke
Kllllilai Ml     Hull   possesses n   rich '
tenor voice ami liy special request
sang Unit beautiful antliem entitled
"I   \m So Hn."
Mi nml Mrs Arthur Sampson ami
Tamil1 passed through Klko for Vancouver Monday, tjuile a number nf
Klko friends wen* ul Uu* station lo
wish Ihem good lurk.
spent Sunday al tin
Mrs, it. .V (lieen.
Mr. H. .1. McDoi
I,, company's olliee
dav in L'ranhrook.
Mr. A. I.uml, o
a few days Ihis w
Mr,   Herb Kci
with Cranbrook trlcni
Mr. Hen Donahoe
Wash., left nu Siiiula
lus ranch    near     Li
ihi. o
IlllV, :
i*k at his
pent   lhe week em
ecureil a teacher,
ecu him nor    her.
hown up at Hull
l'lie fact
s.   i>i)\vt', manager nr l
ir    Klk
, was plaj mil; marbles i
i.   Mum
t Saturdaj *
ssi'.s Hi.iis and Margery .1
liiaml  new     MinhiHitit'ts
.1 l'. Kink mnl (Wo. i>. Ingram,
o( Cranbrook, liollt live wires ami
business unit, were in Klko several
daj's tbis week, They all come i«i
li was ai Lhe Columbia hotel and a
parij ui Greal Northern railway ol
finals were eating break Insl and a
ienilic pounding was going on, and
nni' iif tin- guests asked the dining
room girl II thai was a C.P.R, pile
driver working in ihe yards making
nil the noise. Oeh, moa, it's just
Mrs. Thompson trying lo wake up
Kitil Sheridan will paj a handsome
reward for   Hn- old Kentucky Home,
wiib  ul   Without   tin- s'l.li.,' •:.
The Klk<> board nl I <nh- entertain
nl .1 s T, Alexander, government
agent, in a game ol talk last   , nd,,
in ihf big building rush and other
important events taking plan- in
Klko, tlu- quesl tor Dorothy Arnold
has been allowed tn languish,
Harry Laeey, ol Victoria, was in
Klko ibis week peddling peanuts,
prunes and pickles.
Miss Wiltoughby, wlm bas charge
nf Klko'a rural temple nf learning,
is proving a splendid auccesH as a
lonelier, ami tin- children are making
great progress
Tin- Missis llcllc and p I.i-telii-r,
uf I'Vmir, spent the week end in
Klko, tin- guest* of Miss K Maj
o'Ki'ifr, the mllllotinlro gambler,
was in Klko ibis week.
\ party nf Knglish settlers arrlv
ed at  ll.iiins Lake last week,
Tbe mads   an-   almost impassable
now and very little travel t  from
tin- eountrj', -lus. llnss, of the
llogs Saskatoon, was in from Klk
mouth Buffering witb a cold tbat
would [mt a thill on an leeburg, but
wearing a smile thai would pui a
den I on a   new Un buckel
The v Pit. branch tine is surveyed
it> the Itn s Saskatoon yards only al
tbis writing Tin- sunry party have
made a permanent catup mar llaj
lies,      and     work        wilt      lie  Mislinl
through. The develupmenl of this
neck of 1 in- woods will need several
branch railroads in ibe neai future
Krnesl Marks, Armour's overland
troul peddler, was In town tins
w eck
\b\ Hlrnle is builditig anolhci One
residence on Main slreel, also an
automobile garage.
Tb.- Progressive Investment com
panj will plant out seven thousand
more npplu i!"■ i this spring nn
their laml mat town
('. .1 Lewis, tin- game warden, was
home a few hours tins week \isii-
ing bis family.
As we go io press there's seven
1 ren resident doctors and two more
drug stores heading for Klko li sure
pays to advertise when you've got
tin- goods anti the're all heading lot
Klko, It's the best place nn thc
We shall have a splendid write up
about Itaynes Lake in ibis column
nexl week, something authentic, and
a few remarks about \um-s Deans
Cameron's write-up ami advice t.-
ladles of means Whal Vgnei Deans
knows about Baynes Lake will never
cause   her poor old brain to ache.
.1. \ Tormey, ..f Haynci Lake,
was in Klko ibis week
Very remarkable, don't you know,
but they all come to Klko Mis
Cotton, eomi milliner, will open up
u branch In Klko. wiib Miss Rankin
in charge, They are both leaders
in their line.
spending a few days witli
in town,
Mr. II. K* La Polnto was
brook Monday lasl  nn busiue:
Mr. Harold Darling, of Uu
Land and Development c |>
lice,   Cranbrook,     was here
day mi business.
Mr,     It   L.   Hrown, of
hardware, Cranbrook, was
Inst Tuesday witb friends,
Mr. C, W, (hilllti, uf 1
spent Tuesday last will) d
Mr.   Chapman, of Galloway,   spent j
Tuesday lust with Wardner friends.
Mr. Luriil, of Spokane, spent a few
days last week, the guest of bis son,
Mr. P. Lund.
Mr. Stearns, superintendent nf tin
Crows Nest Pass Lumber company's
saw mill, was in Cranbrook this
week on business.
ends      ii
is we bave had   several applications,
which were accepted.     In one    case
we accepted by wire, ami   tbe   path
started   for Hall Itiver, bat    beforo
she   reached   ft'ardner, she evidently
me I with greater Inducements,     aud
dropped a letter al Ibe Wardnei I'D.
explaining   tlmt   she   had    accepted
anotbel school.    Tbe gentleman   ynu
have referred lo, wrote as tbal     ho
unterod   domestic   ben-aveil    was   compelled tn dlsap-
Tbe school board       lias
•iv pltorl possible since Jan-
v    isl to   obtain a     teacher ami
A   tbcj    have about  given up       in
I point
I made
led      b)
A num
,eie pre
Mr. Wm. Kmhree was in Cranbrook
lasi   Monday on business,
Miss. Meken/ii-1  of  Nelson, is        a
guesl at tin- home of Mr. ni
It. II. Bohart.
The S'oung Men's club gal
successful dame on Frida)
March 17th, Tbe music w
eeedlngly good, being sup|
I lie Cranhrook orchest ra,
ber of out of town visitors
The Christian Endeavor Society, oi
ibe Wardner Presbyterian churcli,
met on Tuesday evening last in tin
churcli at s o'clock, with a goodly
attendance. The subject, "Thc
Vbumlance ol Life," was fully discussed hy tiie president and Pastor ;
Itev. .Sinclair, the meeting was then i
thrown open for discussion by the
oilier members of the society. After
the usual business matter.; bad been
settled the subject ".Stepping Heavenward" was decided upon for nexl
Thursday evening's meeting and tin
proceedings ended with choir     prac
(Special correspondence).
The Napanee hotel was formally
opened on March nth and is a great
credit to Un- town, lt ranks willi
the best hotels of the west and is
above the average found in cities thc
size of Kernie.
I The Catholic concert and ball given on Kriday night tlie 17th iust,
was largely attended and greatly enjoyed liy all who were present.
j Miss Cochrane, of Nan toll, Alta.,
arrived on Saturday night and commenced her duties as teacher in lhe
j Central school pn Monday morning.
j Tin- school board are Working on
I plans for an addition, which is
greatly needed at the Central school
■ 1'oui more rooms are necessary al
I present ami in all probability four
more will be necessary after the
-summer holidays, so tlie board have
decided to ask the council for
grants necessary lo carry on sehool
work and have the Central school
enlarged to a sixteen roomed build
ing instead of eight as at present.
| More teachers are wauled at Kaster.
I A most unusual and sad event took
place at the eitv jail on Thursday
;tight of last week, wliere one of the
Pal Kelly,   by name,   hung
Prescribed and rettn
men's ailments, a
juued remedy of pr
result from t licit
permanent. Kor
uncalled tor unscientifically pre-
ivoii worth. The
use is quick and
sale at all drug
bad condition
their progress
ler a rather
clear in the sin
of tbe road slopped
ami tbey returned af-
liiiril struggle gelling
w drifts.
I ile.
The item in lasl week's issue which
n-ad: "Mr. Graham Donahoe returned
■ ui Tuesday last from a vIbII with
friends in Ontario," Bhould have
read Mr. .las. Downey.
On Tuesday and Wednesday evening
of tbis week Brown and Miller's big
Vaudeville Co, featuring Hob Miller,
played to a fairly good audience In
ihe opera house. "Thai Minstrel
Man," the singer ol cooti songs, lei
lei of bright and witty stories,
comedian, dancer, rerlter, etc , was
exceedingly good and provoked an
abundance of laughter.  Tin* pictures
f the  opciascope, too, wen- enjoyed
ij all present.
(Special correspondence),
Mr Geo. Powell, ol Cranbrook,
was doing business in lown last
Chief Constable Mutime, of Kernie,
was iu lown lasi Friday on business.
Miss Irene McKce, ol Klk*-, spent
llie Week end iu town, tbe guest of
Mr. and Mrs   It    \   I lieen
Mr P Kant/, of the King Kd
ward hotel, wa-< in Cranbrook last
Friday on business.
Miss Minnie Service, ol Cranbrook,
(Special coi respondence.)
Ifarvej Handley lias gone down   to
Itoberl   si. Claire, CP.Il. cruiser,
ivai lu-re on business lasl  week.
Kred Payne, of     Loudon, Kngland,
Was a guest  at   tbe  Koyal last   Week
A special meeting of the Conserve
uii' association was held recently,
ll. L. Sawyer, vice-president, presid
mil:       The chief  business  was the
striking ofi of deceased members and
absentees,  there heing three of  the
former and twenty-one of the latter,
also tbe putting on of s
names ami tlie correction
of IWO
all >'
(.special correspondence),
Robert    Henderson went io
Steele   last week to celebrate
l?tll of Ireland.
Quite an extensive snow slide
down Burnt creek last Stindaj
noon, which made things Verj
lercstlng roi  a while
The C P.It. tie camp, -Vn   I.
closed for the  winter, and   tbe lahoi
ets   an-   striking for m-w   tit i it my
Some   fnr   claims   on     tbe prairie,
while others go to thc const
This   One weather    has occasioned
iiisiderable activity among lhe own
s of placer claims, wbo an-      htisj
mstrmting Humes and pipes       ami
making other Improvements that will
prove   advantageous   to ilevelnpmcn<
ami output for the season.
Goo K. Henderson, manager of the
Hull River Klectric power company,
wearing a broad smile these days.
This happy condition is dm- io the
splendid manner in which the recently constructed big lliiiue has come
through ihe winter, The Ire all
looiened from the sides of iln- Hume
in as fine condition as it was before
ibe winter set In This is a very
satisfactory result In a Hume seven
tn sixteen leet in sUc and nine thousand two hundred feet m length.
We noticed an item in your
valuable paper last week wbicb ap
peared In the citj news, liml thn
Hull ItlVM    public school bad al   lasl
V, Bailey, who has spent tlie winter on Mr. Kronen's ranch al Wolf
Creek eame down Sunday, lie Intends
to go east for lhe summer.
Wm. Krencli, af Un- "Orange," was
a Wasa visitor lasl  week.
•L It. Uurgess, of Canal Klals,
came down t|H- other day for a load
of supplies from tbe local store. Ac
cording to Mr. Uurgess there is slill
much snow in the upper valley.
Au accident, which resulted in a
couple of broken libs happened to
one of tbe men a; K. II. Pearson's
logging camp ai Skookumchuck. lie
was taken to lhe hospital in Cranbrook,
.lohn Sullivan, who a few days
ago went up to his mineral property
at Tracy, returned from then- the
end of last week and went In to
Cranbrook Sunday.
II. K. Blrtch, part owner of the
Kootenay Fruit Land ami Development company's holdings near Wasa,
gave out the statemeiil thai tbe logging oft on their 1200 acres of land
is over for tbe season. The winter's
wnrk has turned out far above expectations and preparations are now being made lo plant fifty acres witb
fruit trees. Mr. Blrtch intends to
remain here to give this work bis
personal attention.
The last few days have .been warm
and .springlike. The trees ure already
budding and butterflies have been
seen here. Nature Is awakening after
its winter's sleep aud fresh lift1 is
put into everything,
A mineral exhibit, which promises
to be quite an attraction, has been
started by C, W, Johnson, of Wasa.
The Intention is to gather ore specimens from all lhe mines and claims
in this vicinity ami in an attractive
way exhibit them, giving detailed
description with oath specimen. The
collection will be a good advertisement of the various mineral deposits as well as Instructive.
himself in his cell. He bad be
jail most of tbe winter, hut his
l.'im was Hearing its end and it looks
i\ if in- lather dreaded tbe idea of
depending upon himself once more.
Kelly was an cx-Brltlsh soldier and
bad served in India quite a number
< f years. His home was in Cork
County, Ireland. The funeral took
i lace ou Saturday morning from
Thompson ami Morrison's undertaking parlors.
Miss Ramsay, of Vancouver, is the
guest of her sister, Mrs. .1. S. Ir
\ ine, Maker avenue.
M A Love, of Calgary, spent the
week end in Kernie.
Mrs. (Hot i Alex. DutM. of India,
arrived in lhe city on Wednesday
evening to visit her sister, Mrs. A.
C. I.iphardt. Kev. Mr. Dunn is down
at tin- coast, but will visit Kernie
previous to liis return to lhe oust.
Kev. Mr. (irant arrived home ou
Wednesday night from Vancouver,
where he has been holidaying for a
few weeks.
The pulpit of Knox Presbyterian
hureh was again occupied hy Mr
Wilson, of Hosmer. Mr. Wilson is
fast winning a place in the hearts
be notes a steady    rise in   values of
lUrscs are both learned and practl-     "What can    I   do  with   these ba
eal bles?"   exclaimed    the Liverpool sti-
Mis      V.     Iv    Lyons and Mrs. .1.   pendiary magistrate the other day
Crawford   left on Kriday last fnr the   lie gazed upon five tiny lots iu    the
'list. dock.     The youngest   was seven and
V V K Superintendent Price passed thc eldest eleven, yet the quintet tor
through Kernie on Wednesday morn- two montlis have carried out thefts
He vvas in very poor health ami and other depredations with such
medical aid was summoned. skill and cunning that the police ami
Ibe   monthly     tea of   the Ladies'  detectives     have been trying in vain
Md "i     Knox church was held       at   to find out who were the thieves. N
Mrs.     Iln.)     Corsan's   on Tuesday,   fewer   than      forty    charges
arch 21st. brought against tbe   children, twclv
Miss Turner and Miss Coglmul,    of   being for theft
airmore, spent the Week end in The seven-j ear old child wns said
town, the guests of the Misses Koss to Im* the worst of the gang and the
McDonald. I ring-lender, and to he quite an adepl
Ibe Kernie Liberal association met at thieving aud plnnuiiig thefts. Since
une evening last week aud endorsed .Christmas numerous complaints have
ibe   proposed   reciprocity agreement, Ibeen made to tin-   police of pilfering
as one   of Ibe best  moves (or the   from shop (ills and shelves in the
good of Canada | north dlatrlcl of the eitv, and detec
L   I*   McDonald is putting in       a   Hves were ballb-d iu I hei I efforts   to
carriage maker to take charge of the Idiscover ibe thieves.
wood working department of his gen j   It     now   turns   out that the baby
oral blacksmith business   Mr  Scott,,thieves showed much Ingenuity    and
method in their operations. Usually a
m a.*aim*%A*\t}mak *x aaaaa aaaa,
♦       INTERESTING ITEMS       *
During tin- coining financial year
the sum required for the payment of
old age pensions is estimated at
L'12,116,000, as against £0,720,000 in
tbe current year.
William Tuck, of Mrockburst,
llanos, ;t pensioner ot the Koyal
Marines, is one of the survivors of
the wreck of the Birkenhead troopship, which went down wilh the men
standing at attention liity nine years
ago on Sunday.
Luskin College, Oxford, Is to he rebuilt, ami plans for a handsome
block of buildings to accommodate
fifty working class students have been
adopted. A scheme is being dratted
for the endowment of a new trade
Union and cooperative scholarship.
An American has ofiered laml
Lanadowne £100,000 for ihe famous
Kembraiull landscape, "The Mill,"
which has been in tbo possession ni
tbe FlUmnurice family for aboul a
The following statement has heen
issued by the directors of tlie National Gallery:
"Lorn Lansdowiie, having heen offered a large price for liis picture of
"The Mill," hy Kemhraiult, has of
feted tin- refusal of tlie picture, which
is still in Ids possession, to (lie trustees of llie National gallery, and bas
promised, a donation of £5,000 to-
. wards lhe purchase of llie picture ior
tlie nation, Tlie mallei is now under
I tlie consideration nf Hie National
Gallery hoard."
I According to this, £115,000 will ho
the amount whieli wili have lo hn
j provided iu addition lo Lord l,an«-
dowue's contribution of £5,000 if llic
picture is to remain in Knglalid,
Keiiihiamli was extraordinarily
prolific of porl rails, Imi ins laud-
scapes are comparatively few. "Tbe
Mill" was probably painted in Hill,
when Uie artist's powers were ai
their zenith. Tlie picture shows Ibe
last rays of tbe sun lighting up .*
lonely windmill perched on the ram
part of a ruined bastion, about a
wide moat. The lights and shadows
are wonderful, and tlie picture, i-.ni
pie enough in its composition, breathes the spirit of mystery wliich is
cbaractcrictic of tlie master's voik.
Formerly in tlm Orleans gallery,
tbe picture, when tha; famous collection was dispersed ;n 1708, oainc In
Kngland, being acquired for y."»00 by
Mr. W. Smith. A few yours laic, at
a figure not very much greater, it
was added lo the housu a*, Itowood,
wbicb it lias since adorned, I: hangs
at the end of the drawing room. i.:.d
as the Marquis of Lansdowne's retti
is not a show place the work hn*
been seen by very few people.
If the price of tvlOO.Ilim is nullum
tie, it easily constitutes a record
paid for a picture cither in Kngland
or abroad. Curious enough, the
largest price previously paid fnr a
picture vvas also for a Kcmbianilt
This was the "Descent from Uncross," which changed hands two
years ago for £76.000.
1 Electric Restorer for Men
Pliosphonol 1"<-3,01'*!B every nerve i» the body
 ' — tn Us |iri)|i«r tdimloti; rmtnres
vim nml .it.ility. I'reniiitui-j ileci.y nml nil Huxunl
..eikiiess .i.'eitcd ut once. Phoiphoool uill
iii.il.,- vmi n new mnn. Frlco 18 ft box. or two for
tr*. Mailed m miVH'ldre«!i.- TlieHcolxll Drug
t:ii„ St. ('nttuM-ln-Oat*, Out.
For wile ut Dcatlo, Murphy & Co.,
During the last four years it  is estimated   Ihal  over $111,111111,11011      have
heen saved In Canada under tho
working of llie Industrial Disputes
I Investigation Act, ruder tho act
ono hundred conciliation boards were
applied fm, and in ninety one ol
these eases strikes were prevented*
Statistics show that the average dm
al Iou uf strikes lu Canada has been
twenty-four days, and as in lhe Hm
eases dell wilh 1)11,812 im-ii were iu
voived, earning an average ol $2.1111
per day each, the working men nl
Canada saved in wages llie sum of
$5,073,(120, producing au output ol
commodities valued al $10,0(10,01)1)
The lion. W. L. Mackenzie King,   the
minister of labor, who is mainly responsible* for Iho not, stales that in
tlie greal majority of cases il lias
aflorded u far heller means ot securing u fair and just settlement than
did a strike, and thai in llie majority of llie cases where llie award had
not lieen accepted and the men had
struck, Ihey had finally returned tn
work on tho terms defined by tho
lioard, or others not as good.
the m w inanager, is capable uf mak
ing anything in the line Dl ear
Mages, automobiles, etc, uml in fu
tare all demands of such neeessitie-
tna\ be supplied at home.
(Special correspondence.)
L. Broadwood, who has spent the
winter hunting near sheep Creek, nr
rived iu Wasa the end of last week
Mr. Broadwood is very enthusiastic
uver this valley and intends to erect
a residence on bis recently acquired
land at Sheep Creek lake, a beautiful spot in the mountains. Here he
intends to reside permanently.
K. Campbell ami D. Wiseman, C.P.
K scab-is, came down from Skook-
linchuck last Week to settle logs,
which have been taken out hy vur-
|0UI parlies during Ihe winter.
Au attempt was made last week hv
II I-:. Blrtch and 0, Hanson it*
reach Cranbrooh pei an im nubile The
cuuph- entered u shop ami naked for
|some I rifling article which necessitated the shopkeeper rummaging nhnut,
and when bis hack was turned one or
| the would-be customers would disap
pear with whatever he could lay
bands oh, lu tbe meantime, the other
members of the gang were keeping
.watch nutsjile, ready to give the
alarm or share the spoil.
| The Special accomplishment of Ibe
; youngest was in slipping round shop
counters during the absence ol the
proprietor and rilling lhe Iill.
) At last one ol the youngsters wns
caught in the act of thieving, nnd
this confession led to the arrest ol
Ihe gang.
| "These children will have to he
I taught better," said the stipendiary
,1.1 the parents. "I do mil ask yon
iln ill use them, Imt for wrong like
this they should be punished, ami I
Would rather tbnl yon did tbe pun
ishtng." lie adiouineil lhe ease for
ten weeks to m< how Die ehildren he
A mill-boy at eight years of age, a
mill-owner when quite a young man,
and a millionaire ai Beventj Such
is the record of Mr. James Hodgkin-
soii, bead ol the well known Pontile
ton firm of .lames llodgkinson (Sal-
ford), Ltd., makers nf mechanical
stokers ami ccoudmlscrs.
Mr. llodgkinson has just sold for
ei.OOO.OOO to a huge American syndicate tbe rights for that country ui
an invention by which live times a-
miieh salt can bo produced In a given
time as jt done hy tbe present pro
eess. The new method is also e\-
pected to lessen the consumption of
coal used in salt making by 7.'. pel
The life-story of the inventor reads
like a romance. He slatted work at
eight years of age in a mill, ami naturally had little or no schooling,
Kill he educated himself, and even
taught others. Later lu- was ap
prcntlccd to tho textile trade, ami
when be was quite a young man
owned a mill id bis own.
He was not much over thin, when
he began another business—bis present one—and it was while, titling up
automatic stokers at the Nutlhwicli
works of the Salt Union lhat he con
celved the idea ol lhe invent inn
which* promises to revolutionize the
salt industry.
For four years he worked on his
idea, hut it was four years will
spent..The resull is a patent stoker
hy whieh, with the Use of one lire,
every quality of salt, from the finest
table tti the coarse,"fishery." can be
produced iu one plant. There arc
seven pans, and a system of dampers
controls the heat and keeps up a
uniform feed nud tlie constant temperature so necessary in sal) making
Not only will the Invention rovolu-
tioni/e-the salt industry hut ll will
practically abolish smoke fmm the
"1 have spent a lifetime in lhe
battle against smoke,"       said     Mr
llodgkiiisoii,    "il hji'il  being      tu
produce a fuel feeder thai will    pit
vent     waste.   That I have achieved,
md salt districts need no longer  be
oVrted hy clouds of -u nl P "
The Canadian rights have hen. told I
lo tlie Canadian pacific railway, w o <
have found hiim- along then line, hut
Mi    tlndgkiiisuu    cannol at presenl
disclose (he price      Ml Uie proceeds j
of the sab-s   dn not go to Iln        in
ventor,   There are several prominent I
business men wtrn havq i
had a good deal        to
do with the important trnnsne
tions which have ended s.. sallsfac
torily, and who will be entitled lo
some considerable reward for tluii
efforts. Tbe option f»r the purchase
of the English lights lies with the
Salt Union (Ltd), at whose works
at Norlhwieh lhe process is to In-
worked on a scale of some magnl
Mr. llodgkinson is close upon seventy years of age, the active partners
in the business being his two sons.
Live   man   or   woman wanted tor .
work nt home, paving $2.00 or $1.00
per day with  opportunity to      ml-■
vance.      .Spare   time can   he   used. :
Work not difficult nml requires no ex-
perlenre.    Winston, I,I in I led, Spadina
Ave, Toronto l-5t
When you have rheumatism In your
foot ot instep apply Chamberlain's
Liniment ami yon will gel- qtiiok relief, It costs but a quarter. Why
suffer?    For sale by all dealers.   8-tf
;; Baldwin & Lancaster I
,,    —    -
| ' ('.iiiiiii.'loi-In, nil MihIfuMYIIiii
Work,  t'oaB] li.,  I'liiiniliiii.iii-i,
Wi.lla,   I'lpo    Uyins   uml nny
wmk nl liml ilupciiplion.
\V Irn  I'lpo   l.ti'ir*.
J Calgary Realty writo um for full pnrliculnrs.    Wo will «,
♦ gladly givo you full information ns lo thu rnliietif out- *>
j HJilo KiiiiilivisionK. *
♦ Calvrary Realty is soaring.   Now is tin* lime to invest *
f before the car lines are ooinplutcd. J
♦ BOX   1237 *
* *
II. I.. BTKt'llENS, Prop, X
CALGARY, Alberta !
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worl It.
■ li3rmZrVkm)gi3Zs&2.7.^K.l';- i
The Wonderful  Cure   |
Ur. Kluli.li'i. Speclflcor"00f," ii iln* only ipoclflc
ever dlBCOvereti lo cure liluod imi.on quickly 11 'I
■uccetifutly. We Imu* ii-cuicd lliln leiuerknble
npecflc "WW" which hai hrenfullyteiled nml proml
n. lien I'OSll'IVI*: .in.. Ini lhe leriiljiiui ■peeille
blood .loeite,.. '*fl0G*' ia now in uie in oui
laboratory.   Remember "ROO" haa cured lliour-nndn
nf ilii-l, ill'Kilrnpi': uni-t "1 lln-lii   win* i*ilti*il   nftei
iir-*t treatniont. IVo nr»* experienced medical
doctor, mnl know how todlagnotc your caee, uaing
v..ii Dungorn'i Blood Ten,
Write for  Information.
Special   treatment   t«r  all  "Hut  dltearei   ol   men,   Nerreai
Weakaeta,   Variiioav Vain*. Hydrocele. Ill-inj   mnl   Skin   Dlaaracra,
Sis,    Ulcert,   klilocy.    Bladder   mil   Uecnl  DlMrten,  Iii... and
Coalratled Ailment.
Ileal Anatomical Museum in the Mortli-wret.
Dr.   Kelley's   Museum
2io Howard Street, Spokane, Wash'
WmM?MJR'Mf&K***''.~. * ."flTtfc j
Imperial Bank of Canada
CAPITAL PAID UP     - - 5,575,000.00
RESERVE FUND         - - 5,575 000.00
n. It. WILKIE, Preahlont.
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Morohants,
Pump-re anil Private Individuals Invllod.
Drafts add Li'ttcrsuf Credit Issued nvailnble in any pul of
Ilu* worl I.
SAVINUS DBPAItTMBNT Bpcoiol nlteiilion
given lo Savlugs Bank Aaconnli, Uoposlts ol I1.H0 and
upwards riM-i'ii'i tl and Intoresl allowed from dut,. of doposil
|   Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE. Mgr.   ,
**: i :*************************** *************
It is the Siiiiii* Place Z
The I'liico that is Popular *,
tlood as the llest
Bolter than the (test
The Cosmopolit n
you cotno onco,
Vou will I'liini* again
v        E, H, SMALL, I piiiktoii
Read thii Herald, $2.00 a Year THB  CHANBROOK    II Kit ALI)
 ' 3
ii—— mrfrr""^  •-"->■■
W. F. (IURD,
Barristc**, Solictor, Etc.
Money to loan ou favorable tenna,
society and church   ii
directory j |
Ohbsobnt Lodge No. 88
lllllll! HOSPITAL
S| ini nltoutlun in * i*.*.
M il.ii.iiv   llhi'illiin   .in
nml l-iieiinionla
Toruu  > lomta
MRS, li. BENT, Matron.
rn Hn, i'	
Physicians and Sur '•.■<• is,
Ofllce al Reitileaca,   ariuatn ■-.   * *.-
Foreutiona - - - - 9.011 to i« 110
Altoraoons - - - Hon t.,   i nn
Evenings - - - - 710 la   8 SO
SuiiiUvh - - - - 2.30 to   (.80
B, 0
,1.   W.   RUTL1SDGE
Ormlmi..    nl    On
r.mti.. in   IN'1*.
(Iril.lmil.'iiiiil Hi'ilnlll.l i.l *.I.*:*,ill!i.*,.
V,.|,.i*in,,ri r ,ll**u ■   i*lii.*i*i,..
In  111 n
Nilit. vi'iiin .*\|i.*ri**i  ill   Vi.ii.fi,inn*
nill«-nt\i door In I'ijsi Ollice
Phone 1.1V      *      P.O. Hit IM
N'i*:ii! call— R II. Short's l:.-i*i*	
Cranlirook, li. C.
Meets overy Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
.1. M. Ilnyse, Cl".
I'. M. CliiiBtlan, K, 11. & S,
VI,Uiii*- luetlucii cordially invited
In ullend.
l.O.O.K., KHY CITY 1,01)01?, No. 12
flleets every Monday
iilglit nt   New Fra-
SKi ■■?i~~*y**   tetnlty   Hall.    So-
iniiniiiin OiWtollotva oiirdinllv invited.
I'   II   I'.iiiimii* u   M. Harris
N. tl. Sec'y.
8 to 18 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 lo   8 p.m.
(Wire in new Reid in. ck
CRANBROOK        -      -       - It. I
Oiiuilir.mk mnl Fori St< ti**
. 1* o  li..* 218    .. i     I.    .    a)
, T.*i No in   Iranbi.iok. Il.i. «
O.   C.   anj   *3 ir /eyoi*
CRANBIIOOK     .      a. C.
Ask for Halcyon I.i IT!! t WATER
For family n ■■
,*,, *i *,.*'
SOLI*   i
INHUII \\. r   txn  111 tl
Mian, ...   I |,|    11   *
lu \ irlm *
I** 'in      .
w. it  I
Qenerol Blacksmithing
Sl..'i,;li Repairing
Logging Slcl |h made In order.
Large Sitn.k ol ll irdwi ■ i] Run
IHT- rtll llflllll.
.   .■ ii,.,
'• llm
Ciniilitiiiil;     Lodge,
No. 81
A.F. .<■ A. H.
,    *
■        '
ul avory month.
Kiilnr mooMngi nn
third  Thursday
Visiting brethren welcomed,
A, tv Sliankland, W.M.
!•;. w, Connolly, Secretary.
No.  ID.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday nt Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekahi  cordially In*
Miss K. .Johnston, N. 0.
Miss llicKenliothaiu, Sec'y.
T. K.
Meets in    Fraternity Hall Fire, and
Third Fridays.
T. Fraser, E. C.
M. MacKinnon, M, It. anil ('.
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Meeta in Carmen's Hall Second anil
Fourth Thursday ol eucli month at t,
p.m. sharp.
Wm. Anderson, chief Ranger.
L. Bent. Secretary.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmon'a Hall first    and
ihird   Thursday ol  each mouth    at
* p.m, sharp.
Mrs. Lulu Wayward, Rec. See.
IV. II. McFarlano, Chief Ranger
Visiting hrethren made welcome.
h^csbytcrian Cburcb f
t        — X
* Sunday morning aervirr ,,| 11 ♦
» o'docl. ♦
» «
I .v   evem.14    service   at f
» ...ui o'eloct ♦
t f
*  '..*.      School   and    ini.ti* J
lass at 3 o'clock J
J   I'i.*.:**, t. um    (iiiiiii.   i';i, si.,;, J
,. .1'   S o'cU-Ca* a)
* «
»**<-f>* ***************
I Baptist Gbtttcb X
g Pastor, Charles Vi. Kins. X
Norbury Avenue.      *
1        P.  (>.  liiu  M. *
Services —Sundae, U ,
-.suiitur.  11 i
7..10  p.m.;   uthie 2
mug   1 ,v,Ilea' 4
♦  I'l.'IfllifH     and     Young
* l-imellirn     anil     tonne;    Men's
* law, 1 |i ni. ♦
Mi'iiilay,   Young Peoples',   s  1
Wed cedar, Uld w.-rk Ueettnt, ♦
Christian weleomo *
X 'o all
» lu in 1 . ,.|   pri,|<, r-tj   t..i
** ill     III   l',*l!*;l,l>    .*,*ili s,*
* ir.* 1, .nit*, li,  corn a
|.i.|iilim: with
i-at" j
[ 1'Tier;.
Thi- Dominion fiscal year ends on
March II 1 Ml claims for bounty
upon Ii-.mI, earned up to thai date,
musl he promptly presenled, Minis
having an  March   shipments, should
I immediately tend iu i-*t pw coht,
and final It) per eenl claims,
I   Thom   ha. Ing     March   shipmenU
,inusi arrange tti gel prompt returns,
.iml present (heir claima to mc (duly
certified nt iho Hmolter) nol later
than April 8l.1i.
i llalanccs nl me, on hand uname)<
liil, must in r-iiii'case fir ascertain
ed, and the amount nl lead represented li) such unsmclted balance deduct-
• ■I fN.1,1 iii.. claim.
Prom   April    nli tn sti- mj ottii
EUBIS/I .!"iuiv;H;r|i,''H(^vii.vii!\'i'iil'iii-iil'i t it
:  "ill hr in tin- SLratlicohO 1-.1.1, Ncl
PHONE 211 § ion,
(i iv Buchanan,
Supervisor nf Lead Itountta,
Is Canada in Danger ?
Opponents ol lower taxes and larger trade lor Canada held 11 mass meeting In Masscy Hall, Toronto,
tm Thursday evening, March .ith, to condemn the proposed trade arrangement between Canada ami the United
states. It was presided over by an cx-lieutetianl governor ol Ontario am! was addressed by a number ol pro
iiiiiieiii citizens ol Toronto.
A resolution wan passed expressing tbe sentiments ol those pn    ut      Vs thc    eting had hern arranged
[..1 Uio purpose ol passing the resolution ii must be presumed thai ii ml been carefully prepared, and that il
expressed in the must forceful terms possible the matured opinion lhe men who organized the meeting
Tlio resolution therelore has the morn of putting In convenient lorm the t,csi reasons that ean be given
ngnlnst  the ngreement, ami so enables a reply to the made.
Following is the text of the resolution, and tin- obvious an    -■    ■   ach assertion:
Moved by /.. A. Lash, seconded by
\\. T While, tbat this meeting pm
testa against the adoption of the
reciprocity agreement with the is.
nf America because;
U). it would substantially reverse
the policy which has brought Canada
to her present prosperous and envl
able position and cause widespread
disturbance iu her trade and Injury
tn many interests; jeopardize the
commercial ami political status , nl
Hie Dominion.
(2). It would hamper Canada's
freedom in developing lier own resources in her own way and hy her
own people.
only two features
K'j'i'u'ii!   One is reiluiti n
ition, the other expansion ol
■ t'hese have turn ihe leading
in he pollcj  ol the Liberal
y evei since it succeeded to pow-
fteen years ago , As witness the
1 reductions of 18U7 and 11107,
llritisb preference, Lite French
treaty, ami Hn- Btandlng offer ol the
lulermediale tariff, Canada's present
material prosperity ami .strength ol
national sentiment nave been attain
ed under ami because of that policy,
ercial ami political iu
its eoiitiniianee and ex
ovided iu the proposed
ami 1
in, ns
tin*   i
reducing Die burdens nn
in taxpayer aud opening
more profitable markets
t ni ttie four creative in
'anada: farming, lumber
il would aid iu tbr
f   Canada's resources
{.'t).   It   would
and   development
check the growth
between the var
Inns provinces and parts nf -Canada
with each other and between Canada
and the empire, and diminish Can
ada's position and influence as a unit
within the British empire.,
(I). It would lead tn commercial
union and ultimately tend to political union with the I*. S
(5). Because the agreement was
negotiated in secret uud without
consultation with the commercial in
teiests Involved and without anv
mandate from Inc people
(fl) This mooting claims before
the agreement is made executive by
legislation tho question should be
passed upon by the people at a gen
■-ial election; and that to prevent a
continuation nf the commercial dis
turbancc which the agreement has
alreadj caused the election ihould
be held without delay
jllg ami fish 1(1
by her    own   people    ami    to their
greater  protit
t.i) Canada's foreign trade is
great ci  titan ever before
Her Inlerprovincial trade is greater
than ever heforc.
When her foreign trade was least
her iliterprovinclal trade was least
Prosperity resulting from Increase
nf foreign irade inevitably Increases
inlcrprnviiicial irade.
{II. Ity giving Canadian producers
all Hie advantages nf the I'nited
States markel without political as
social mu of any kind, even to Hie
limited exlelil nf a trade treaty, it
would tnke nway any possible reason
for a tendency towards political
union with Hie United States
("») The agreement was made In secret as all trade arrangements between
countries have always been made and
must always be made. Great Britain
has trade treaties with every important country in the world—all
negotiated In secret, without con
sill tat ion with the commercial inter
ests involved ami without any special mandate frnm the people, A special mandate is nol necessary, because under the British system of
responsible government, every government has a standing mandate to
protect and advance the best inter-
(>ls ol the people whenever opportunity offers.
iii). There is no warrant for commercial disturbance iu (he terms nf
the arrangement,
The arrangement can he terminated
without notice at any time the
Canadian people desire.
The only way in which the people
■ an have a fair opportunity to pass
upon it is by giving it final and de
Unite form and efleet hy legislative
enactment, so that they can know
exactly what they are voting on—
su that they uill he voting on n concrete proposition and not un nn abstract   theory. They  then have        the
■I,,uiile opportunity or rejecting lhe
agreement and ol punishing for their
error the men wlm made it. in ac
i-orilance with thc well established
British system ol responsible government.
Is Canada's danger from the government that would reduce
taxation and increase   trade or from the s.
as represented   at   the   Toronto   mectln
called "commercial Interests" (but actually "combine Intern
which would Increase taxation and restrict trade?
The agreemenl Is evidence to the combines that they do not control the government, therefore tiny fight
the agreement ami the government that made it.
flu question is. shall Cunadu he governed by the combined
ests" ..j shall II bo governed lnr the workers, whether of the Ian
Canadian nationality and imperial loyalty have been strengthened by Iho government's progressive pollcj
nl the pasl fifteen years. They will be still further strengthened bj  tho estensi f the policy as expressed In
the proposed trade arrangement.
until i   the   pet name   of "commercial inter
it, the forest, the   sea,   the mine, or the lac-
iiii-; vii:i:it THINGS that MEN
The primitive races of mankind eat
many things that seem strange and
repulsive in us, though imt more sn
ilun lome nf our favorite dainties
appears to them. The diet nf these
children of nature will he well illustrated at the Dresden Hygiene exhibition, the circular nf which, lly-
glola, gives the following interesting
At the end of the rainy season the
Bushmen of South Africa go foraging,   taking   with   them   their wives
il children ami most of (heir eaitti-
l\ possessions. The men hunt, using
arimvs tipped with a poison whieh
appeals to he harmless when taken
into the stomach. (The South
American Indians claim Hint the curate which they use fnr this purpose
makes the flesh of the game more
iligestible) While the men hunt, tbe
women ith. edible rools with Sharpened sticks. The favorite root or
tuber, culled leiisbo, Is its big as a
ncnamil, like which il is tilled with
a milky     juice, sn   that tl appeases
both hunger and thirst. Caterpillars
are collected, killed bj crushing thcii
beads and carefully packed in
for future use. Good walei h often a
.highly prized luxury, and in bottled
in antelope skins foi transportation.
I Tbe natives of Australia live ver)
largely upon the seeds nf«mnny spec
lies of grasses, for each of wliich thev
I have a distinctive name, They also
eat the seeds of various palms, many
roots and bulbs and the gum exuded
by trees, A sort nf bread Is made of
the inku.1 root and a grurl of karan-
ga seeds. The animal food ol the
Australians Includes ants, caterpillars, cicadas and main othei Insects
A favorite dish, called tuinamha, is
composed of pupa cases. Tbe tent like
coverings which tbe psylln larvae Infesting the eucalyptus make for themselves out of tin1 sweet and glutinous
exudations ol the leaves, ami their
own secretions, are diligent!) collecl
ed and form a dainty which rescm
hies manna nnd Is called paralja.
Another delicacy is the llesli nl snak
cm which, witb tbe exception of lha
liver, is ton dry ami tasteless In appeal tn elvlll/ril palates    Meal is us
ually baked iu a primitive oven, made
bj digging a hole about a loot deep
iii the ground. In the boh- is built
a flic which  is    covered With itonCI
i When tbo stones have become verj
hot, the fire Is extinguished and tbe
■  lones aro covered with green leaves,
Itm Which Hie meat is placed Th*'
[hole is then tilled with earth and Is
not n-opened until the lime dder
mined for the cooking ol the meal
has elapsed,
Many   a man   has  frequently been
persuaded or tempted to withdraw
from a savings hank the hard-earned
savings which he has, perhaps, toi
years been laying aside lo keep him
iu his old ago, sometimes by a friend
wlm applies to him Uo a temporary
loan—"just for a few wicks," the Inducement to pari with his money be
ing the oiler of a handsome bonus,
hm mora frequently is he the victim
nf the silver tongued   esponenl      ol
some «et rich-quick scheme EspCI
lenec teaches us, however, that too
dieu does Ihe borrower fail in       Ml
GRAY   and
Brown are
(he dominant
shades for Spring
We are showing
both these colors at
their best in superb
English Worsteds
and Scotch Tweedi.
Fit-Reform was first
in Canada to give
high Class, hand
tailored garments for
men at reasonable
Sole Agents in Cranbrook.
probablj good Intentions, and the lender lose tbe amoual lenl as well as
iln- Interest whh h his money would
have earned bad ho left it in the Bat
Engv bank, and that iu ninet) nine
limes out ol a hundred does tbo get-
rich quick scheme fall to materialize
—in grasping at the shadow we have
loal the Kubstatu e The Canadian
government Annuities Act protects .i
man against improvidei i acta and Injudicious, in11 linen! i—it twleguardi
linn against himself. Moneys paid into the annuities fund cannot be alienated oi used lor any othei purpose,
Ij it must     remain intact lor the ob-
■ i f.ii which the payment ai
iireii made, otherwise the end aimed
.' would never, as has been illustrat-
.1 above, bo attained, and old age
ivould overtake us unprovided i"i its
many trials ami tribulations.
Further information '"mi   the subject
may be obtaim d by applying to
postmaster, or direct to the superin-
Intcndcnt ol    annuities, Ottawa,   to
whom .ill letters ga Iree ol postagi
bead office,
1,000 iu 5000
Amount paid
lake, stream,
the descrip-
Nearly every   store   advertisement
holds "probable profit" for you, N>
body else can decide lor you what ad.
il is—nr in what way it holds profit
for you.
"at n Kii.t sines wo''
ft aa\\ §
( _ a,
oavAonr Monty.
"•Smiwice How!
\e ral cvnyoittto torn
lljal uc are paying *
c~4% Iitoratro
permmum crc3itc3 mftty
oaaavinSs fepositetW-
(■rtt'tttl ))>■ chcffviic & *
^ 5% Interest"^
on Me deposits of*
S^fmoiitb & over. -
V.c invest natty fonlieria
in lirst mortgages SJoa
tHracial fiiniKial business.
& if)-ou arr nd r-avinj -
i^cirattiaitf, * * * *
Deposits by mail * *•**
■ * • i■...ilj.'lwiM —
V . i  • ml ty'lVaft,
;, Watered • *<
better <V ■■.■'ittidraffato
csu he m.iOi' ->♦♦"■? -.
* * 5Sf ^Sf Wi W|slt •
Ware Responsible
Refer IS*'* * **
ot 1» anyone in *
\X/cilc us alwuT ft to-W
! 32 IfcnbU Street,
1 Vancouver B.C..
tbat an application will b" made under Pari V. oi the "Water Act,
1809 ' ta obtain a license in the
Cranbrook Watei District
(a) The name, address, and occupation "i the applicant Koss-Saska-
tooo Lumbei Co . Ltd .
Waldo, D C., capital (5
ibotos ol I10Q each
up Ji00,000.
tb )   The name ol the
or source (it    unnamed,
tion is): .\ spring m Timber License
No    2017, in tin- canyon neai      llie
(c) The point of diversion: At the
<d).   The quantity of water applied
■ '*  pc:  M-vi.ml.
(e). The character of the proposed
works: A dam, pipe, and a water
(1). The premises on which the water is to be used describe same):
The Inecir,;: railway ol the applicant.
(*%). The purposes f«ir which tht
water is to be used: Supplying locomotives.
fj>- Area of Crown land intended
to be occupied by the proposed
works: None except highway.
(k). This notice was posted on the
15th day of February, It]], and application will be made to the Commissioner on the 4th dav of April,
fl). Give the names and adiirt-sses
of ar,y riparian proprietors or lit'tu-
sees who or whose land* are likely
to be aRe<ted by the proposed
works, either above or below the
outlet: The Baker Lumber Conjpsny,
Ltd . and Fred Hammond
Boss-.Saskatoon Lumber f'o , Ltd ,
II   If   Boss
Waldo, it  C i-St
PntMsot: T. S. (iiu.
Secretary: S. MjLCDOKAl
For Information regarding lands ]
ami  agriculture   apply   to tin
] | Secretary, Cranbrooir, ii. C.
Kvery lecond Wednesday
TAKK NOTICE that I, .Joho J.
Johnston, of Fort Steele, li. C , ov-
Mtpttlon Parmer, intend to apply fur
permission f" purchase ihe lollowlig
described lands:
Commencing at a post planti-d at
the north-east corner oi Lot No
BliM; thence 20 Chains east, thence
10 chains south, thence 2(J rhaios
west, theme 40 chains north to place
of commencement.
John J, Johnston.
Dated   February   Tth,   1911     52-91*
•J'1) Tom (localSlough
in    NcirilitTii   Alberta.
t K. vr partlonlan apply,
♦ I'IKlSTd, ALTA. ♦
x uti
********************** THK   (JRNBK00K   HEUALD
*.l sli
a I*
(Continued Irom page
.It illl*     Ml   I-
i.l $500.     Willi
inc ilu* reduced
■ti'iiilcil, nl liis i
ilu*    t nail    tax
llioimlil ii n   pi
,.[   ta.
 r tax,
it      wus i
iii   apply
Hi* li.nl
s      there
*i I
council, mm
l|UL'St.      II   IV
that   tin* p
some pai I iti
Iml  Iln*   ci
is thai    Hi
■Uill   lu*   slill
n* iii iln* shape nl
mi  ilniii a   ilcOnil
is    tlnin^iil    liy
upiisril amcmlmci
Inl'S, urn* I"" i.i
rnis per day i
■i  Nile five n
while   where
v   crops only
ins, F. *l* Deane pi
tho exclusion ot roomers
unless carefully tfunllflcil
franchise ii verj ilisiiiihi*
voters,     wiiiim wage ca
,,imlill   iilcnlllii'il
III Illl
•ilmi to have a sa;
Inn wlm were entil
something lo the i
Hi.* mv, ns they wi
benefits of iln* in
etc in bringing u
hail never thoughl
ii. which il might h
In* hail lieu*] been
un;    any man,   win
ml    iillir
mill In*
in in i<* a Hairs.
.-.I in contribute
■at ni running
.* enjoj inn the
inicipnl utilities,
this vote In*
f the corruption
nl Personally
i partj In ask-
huil nut a bona
ml.* rlghl I*, register, in pay tin*
tax "tilt a view in securing a vole,
If it run lu* shown thnt tlu* objection
is well     I itii'1'.      1 luvi.t     such an
nmcnilmenl us will confine tin* 12
tnx t" those actually employed within Ilu* citv.
Thos (Iill spoke nl sunn* length on
this point, lli* claimed Hint tin* 12
vote had been a long standing sine
Tin* fart liuii tin* present council
wus practically elected b* Uu* J2
M.ii*. wus un,]iicstlnnnbly ilu* main
renson lur   Hu*    defenl ..i Hn* sewer-
«*! vi.ic in* nbol-
11W    Wll
1 III 11.
■nil III
In   tin*     pi
age bylaw, If the
Ished lu* believed th
submitted, would
unanimously. Tin*
only Im considered
waul ..I conlldenei
\t tins juncture, Mayor iltint announced that u ineinbel ol tbe
Call (engineering company would he
presenl nl lhe public meeting      pre
pared to answer iill quest s     thul
may he asked by ratepayers
A motion ivjis then moved liv Irn
Manning uiul seconded )>*- Mayor
Hum thul u nen committee ..I three
he nppolnted lo cireulnte tlte pell
lion (or signntures This motion he
■ tin adopted, the president  nominnted
Hie  lollowing:   Messts        Klwell.   Mini
ning uiul Ourd
Tin* following motion, mover] hy
W K Until nml seconded hv lla
Manning, wus iln*,, brielly discussed
nml tituilh ni
some three ol
(Special  correspondence.)
win I
I, A. Ilamiltoi
tor many years
ruiiiMiissioiHT ui ihr Cn
railway, with head uti
peg, ami wlm since I
has lu-i-ii making a closi
rk'iiltliral conditions
llirough Kgypt, wrlli
from six hundred miles
river, from tin- puint t
a trip in a dhnbabycb, ,
some of the   points wh
uf 'I'i
was tli<< laml
mull an pacific
i.f- in w imi!
,ist Xovembei
■ siiiilj of ng-
un llie Nilf
>s t<> L'nnada
up that greaJ
if starting on
iml sets i.iiili
lelt emphasize
most clearly the bencflts tbal musl
result, otherwise, fur centuries tbe
fieoplc mi this river's hanks wuuld
imt have ti.'.'ti devoting their continuous energies tn sucb a pursuit, He
savs in part:
"Wt- an* now in a district given up
largrly to ""• growing ol cotton,
sugar, barley, beans and date palms.
\11 thr land must hr Irrigated iu m
der tu produce results. rin- water
fur this purpose is token front the
Vile, li is il I at ri billed in small can
als, ami ditches over ilu- surface as
is done in Hn- great C.P.R, Irrigation work iliiii is going on in \i
hmta, and as is thr practice In many
uf tin. smaller undertakings tn rough-
out British Columbia. Tin- greal
difference, however, is In connection
with tin- labor that tbe users have
tt. go tu in order tn obtain theli
meagre supply. Where In the pin
iri'ts lhat every person in the west-
cin parts ni America is familiar with
iln- water is simply taken uut hj he
Ing diverted from Ms natural than
nel, hi-tc ii is raised io the laml by
-taklehs worked" hy rati!.'. These sak-
jclis are, endless ropes running ovei
wheels operated hy camel power oi
eattlc,     To these ropes arc attached
there heing
dissentient v
i-.ii thenware jars.
ol pel
Tin- lowcsl on
thr whirl dip Into the water and
nil up and then nn rising emplj na
lurolly Willi tlu- turn nr thr whirl,
theli contents being caught in a
trough which allows thr water \o he
carried in tin- distrlbutary-
"Many nf thr farmers, however, air
in poor to own cattle, sn ii    they
-ns wbo have no   in j^gi, ,„ irrigate, thr   water is lilted
v, ami thai    ihr [ol kj  shadoofs, which    consist     nf    a
in thr presenl bylaw bucket made of   goat skin. This    is
^IS081 attached to a long pole supported hy
i pivotal stick near ils eenler    and
landing Bcvernl leel up from      the
ground.   Thr other  end   ol ihr pole
has a   luiii|) nf   mud attached in it.
is a counterpoise to   tlu
way tlie bucket       is
"Thai  Ihr board
thai ihr definition;
l« r i  In pay a mad   t.
bylaws ni    tbr   City
Inn unlr   and   eonlei
upon many pn
tcresl in tbr .■
lowing   words
namely "and being between the
<>f :il and nil years" hr struck
and     that  Ihr    following  hr in
Instead thereof;    Tbr owner or occupant over   the ane of 21 years In bis
ot hei    own    rigbl     nf   a   dwelling i w],ic|, actg as
bouse,    who has hern actually rcsld-1ilUCkt*1   In tin
< under       the
f Cranbrooh is
the franchise :
i'd I
tut   uu s'li'h    premises    for
months   Immediate!} prior to
lime of his or ber  exercising
rights under ibis  Vet, Iml  shall
Include   or mean hoarders or lodger
thr i
lowered    Irom  ilu- hank into
merely, or such other charge which
in ihr opinion ol thc council will
limii the franchise tn property own
eis, tenants and holders of trade li
censes, wlm have been carrying on
business under such license three
months prior tn helm; placed on the
Voters' lis! "
The adoption of this motion,   prac
tlcalty terminated  proceedings      foi
thr ium- being,   There was some dis
river   hy hand,     ihr    pole   is   then
l"V jHWUng around and the weight of   the
""' .counterpoise aids iu lifting the load
I bucket   on   io the   higher ground
. ways
I lift c
lhe river. Tbe Bhadools ■■!
have iwo lifls, sometimes
•ach lifl being say seven feel
which means that in a Unci
ie the water has In hr rlcval
il twenty (Uie feet   in this slow    and
primitive   fashion   before   ll  reaches
ihr reccptlcnl, which conveys   n    to
thr distributaries This operation    is
all    baud labor    Mm, Bcatlllt)   attll
nl,   furnish lhe   power nnd an- pnid
Uveiilj ine cents per day as a wagu.
(in   the   LOW
are taken,
presenl thr
The land is very dear In price when
compared with figures that wr are
accustomed to, varying frnm three
hundred tn one thousand dollars per
When we contrast the character ol
ie hind which is to be found along
ilu' Nile and the costly and prlml-
■ conditions under which Irrigation, and in fact all manner of* ng-
iculturnl work, is performed and yet
furnishes the workers a livelihood, it
is easy to foresee the ureal opportunities which lie before the person
Inlying land in Canada, where o con-
slant and easy supply of water is
furnished and guaranteed tor irrigation purposes. Unquestionably, given soil and climatic conditions,
there is no class of farming that
brings belter results than nn Irrigated proposition.
Thc Imperial Hank or Canada have
completed arrangements for thc
opening nf nne nf their branches
here. The oilier is now being furnished and will be opened between now
ami the end of the month for lhe
transacting ol a general banking business Mr, Orubb, of the ltevelsloke
branch, will ael as manager, while
Mr, J. A. Wood, of the Golden
branch, will he accountant.
There is going to be a large tourist
andland seeker traffic throughout the
whole valley this year stimulated by
tin- proposed construction of the
Kootenay Central railway and further aided by local enterprise. A number of personally conducted parties
from Kngland, the United States and
from lhe prairies are already featured      The   Cu! bin Valley Irrigated
l-'rull Lands, Limited, are taking au
active part iu this missionary work.
They have now put their .lauds on
the markets for sale and hy means of
a liberal distribution of maps, pamphlets and the establishing of a good
line of agencies throughout the English-speaking world ihey are certainly going lo make things wnirl.
This year at least t .vo lines ol
boats will he operating nn th1 Columbia river from Golden south in
Windermere, giving a boat each wav
lor nl least every day In the weel;
'Iln- time lahlcs air not yel out,
hul 11 is understood thai in the
ease of the straight passenger steam
i rs they will sail from Golden al
7 a.m.. reaching Windermere the
same evening and return the following day, sailing at 7. The mixed
nnd freight carrying boats will likely
leave Golden on different days at a
similar hour, but will take a slight
ly longer time iu making the pas
sage. Alt ihis pasl winter teams
have heen steadily engaged in haul
Ing freight iu from the main Hue of
the Canadian Pacific railway. With
the advent of settlers ii will keep all
the boats which can he made to run
busy in transporting their require-
meiits, A great reduction in the local
freight  rale is assured.
Mr R. Randolph Hruce, vice-president and manager of the Columbia
Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands, Limited, who has been in the Gld Country
simr last October, has booked his
passage home on the liner sailing on
tbr seventh ol April. He will nave
with liiin a personally conducted par
ly, who are coming Into this part ol
Hritish Columbia lo take up homes.
Great attention is being called to
the Columbia valley, mbflrTSpeclally
the upper part as a place most desirable for mountain climbing. Quite
a sensation was caused by the publication or a full pagr Illustration in
the Illustrated London News, Canadian Supplement, picturing the     six
Swiss chalets, which the C.P.R. propose erect lug ai Gulden and foi
which Mr, Deiinls, manager of tbe
It. C. laud department nl Calgary, is
now calling for tenders. This is considered to be only the beginning of a
long line uf sports tbat will surely
This spoil
well in this
game llnds a
instie rniiti'
Saturday ni
flees met [ua
Office men
Toplium wns
single string!
aud  178.
Spring Tailoring
TT'S  Time  for   Spring   Tailoring  nnd   we're   ready   for
your order.
If you know our reputation for Fine Tailoring,
we rest our case—for we know we'll have your
If you don't know about our good Tailoring, there
will he no better time than righl now lo get in line
with   the  besl  Dressers   in   this  locality.
Suitings, Overcoatings anil Trouserings in exclusive patterns, Stylis
tlmt will not confront you every whoro
lias I'viilcnlly caught oil
cily ami eacli loaguo
largo crowd nt cnthtis-
s ui attendance. Last
-111 tin* Slio|is anil Ol-
well [ought Kami*. Tile
■iiiih* oul winners 2—1.
man iu lintli llie
iggregntc witli ■-ill.
r I' It
Mauley    ...
I'lillllps   .
Hrown  ... .
Sinclair   ...
111 I
112 I
Ilia    I
. Ill
.. 81
i mi
210- 178
118- 370
137- 383
112- 117
115- 152
008   21 llli
130- III
112- 377
112— 3118
123- 116
1211-  12a
2*2   Iill   1000
Monday, (lie 20th Inst, linker Si
South ami the Kink' Mercantile Co
played a pleasant game, wliich was
won by Hater St. Soulli liy 3-11.
The Kink boys were handicapped by
lack of practice. Myers was thc
hero of this match, running up 2nn
for single string nnd 107 for thc
three strings.
Baker St.  Soulli.
!•'.   I've   ...
Kink Mercantile
P. Hrown
MoLcot! ...
Corbelt ...
I'ntcrson ..
132- 125
131— till
131- W
Illl- 381
82- 20li
151- III
587   5li7
Last nigln linker SI, Norlh
Ihe Y.M.C.A. by two siriitgs t,
Itaker si. North.
l.umhcri* ..
Clarrctl  ...
Stlnson ..
 I in
 i in
182— 505
155- Hill
111- 300
1117- 375
Iln- 330
IHI- 351
131- 352
137— Mill
111*1— 320
180- 3811
518   553
North won bv :
linker si
215 pins.
Thompsnn'shlghcst string 103
highest aggregate. 505,
1183   18311
lo I and
Tin* annual general mooting of lhe
C.l'.lt. Cricket dub was held int the
Y.M.C.A. on Saturday nigh! last,
Mr, Iv Hi.ike iu the chair.
Secretary Sainsbtiry's reporl of
last season showed lite dull lo he iu
a nourishing condition. Afler considerable discussion it was decided lo
issue invitations to men in the town
who are interested in cricket to
I at lhe Y.M.C.A. tonight lo
discuss the matter of forming n club
'omposcd ot C.l'.lt. men ami town
men which might he called lite Cranlirook Cricket club.
SUITS $27 Up.
The Tailor and Clothier
Tin' goneral meeting ot the Cranbrook I,awn Tennis club was       held
a Monday evening ami by the number in attendance ami tbr enthusiasm
liuwn t ne eoniing season should
prove a great success.
Thr following officers were elected:
ilmi Prcildentr-C. A. Cook.
President—W, K Ourd,
Hon, See. ami Trens.—A. Raworth.
Committee—Miss Armstrong, M, A,
liml,', it it. Benedict, s A. Wallingcr
Ladies Commit tec—Mis. Brymner,
Mrs. Benedict, Mrs. Erickson, Mrs
Ourd, Miss Patterson.
At   tbr   close   nl tho meeting
hearty vote of thanks was given    to
Lhe retiring ohlcers, wlm bud     done
s<> well during the previous Bcason.
--....._.....__ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«
*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦»♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦!>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Wo openod u Inr^n »hiti-
nii til of lints this week uiul
they met with itistuiitniieous
success, Vou will sou litem*
nil tin, Ill-mis nf the best
dressed men in town.
If it's u Kink Special it
matters not to you if you are
in Oronbrook ur Spokane,
they nre over popular und
sold and worn all over Ilia
Dominion. You tnke no
chum'es with our hats.
A most conipK'l,* assortment of nil the correct styles.
Creston's Prosperity
record with any reliable accuracy
where it catches on to any other
purl of tht- Cl.N.It. Bystcm hut now
and again, once a week m once a
month, as occasion may serve, a
l rain comes up from Bonners Ferry
and earefuiiv boosts the cattle,
horsCS and hogs oil tlir dark and
proceeds on to Creston and Sirdar
uml in due time disappears hack in
the .States somewhere. Wonderful
line, indent It is used as a horse ami
eattlc highway by the Indians down
on the reservation aud now and
again it gets a spurt of Industry ami
kills n few of the aborigines when
tbey are meandering along the
track asleep on their cay uses.
But things are about to change.
P, Burns and Co. have an eye on tho
probability of their getting cheap
at tie from over the line aud arc
building an abatoir und refrigerating
plant down near the (} N. tracks
for thc purpose of dealing with the
trade at lhat end. The refrigerating
machinery will he the mosl up-to-
late thing of the kind ever seen in
the Kootenay country. The milts of
the plant are not large but are so
constructed as to he added to with-
mt any trouble as the exigencies rd
trade require.
Creston is doing splendidly. It has
grown lo he quite a little city, and
stylish, too. They have what we (tf
Cranhrook lack, signs on the corners
of their streets nml avenues anil on
■naiiiclli'd tablets, al that. The man
who knows lhe names of the street
r avenue on which tic lives in Cranbrook is quite out of lhe common—
rather prides himself on his recondite
knowledge, in fact. There tliey have
their electric light, telephones and
the very deuce and all of a high pre*
lUro water supply. The pressure is
nough, almost, to lift the pipes out
•f the street or to tear a binning
bouse Into Hitters
They want cable cars, though. The
bills are a caution. Fine exercise, lo
be sure, hut they are somewhat trying, all the same. With the cable
cars this difficulty will be easily
Iovercome. And the Crestonlans will
atuive them all in their good time.
Someone said the other day they
had Knglish sparrows there. If he
had said they had bubonic plague he
could not have worse offended. Fnr
the information of those Interested In
the Knglish sparrow il can be said
that they come anil go ou the hox
cars. Maybe the birds seen in Creston {If they really were Been) were
merely tramp, or hobo, or dead heat,
sparrows on the hike for the coast.
Anyhow, there arc no sparrows
there. We have tons of them in Cranbrook, blackguardly   little raggamui-
368    I.AKI.I'.l'lt. C  Itcsldeocc
Every Night
Saturday Matinee at ,1 p.m.
Of Oberammergau
Depicting in beautifully huml colored
pii'turcH scenes   from the life and
death of Christ.
(tegular     Saturday     Matinee   of
I'iuturcH intfieMiiiK to the children
hi uhuhI priee>,.
Mont leal, March 28.—A private
ruble received in Ihis city from Nas-
sun, Hiiluumis, states thut, following
a long debute in the Hahumu legisl.i
hue regarding annotation
with Canada, the members voted i'i
to ii in favor of opening negotiations
with Ibe Dominion to ibis end.
Popular opinion in the Bahamas is
running strongly in favor uf the
The Central  Meat
We arc liookini; orders tor
Rose Comb Rhode
Island Red Eggs
for hatching.
Price $2.00 per selling
From   1st  prize   winners   nl
Omnbrook Agrieultural Show,
A. .Inline. I'mpriilnr.
It is plain that Creston will bene
fit by iln* proposed reciprocity agree
ment. lis situation  tends In this tii* ,
rcctlon owing tn Its dote proximity Hns ol birds that they nn\ but tliey
In tin* International boundary down |are ant doing us a pennyworth nt
In which and over which runs Ihal .harm. Creston wniild nnt lip Injured
woclul appendix ol tho (treat North-!by a lnr worst* plngui* than n spar-
i.in railway* lt Is ah..out thr great- row or two. II Is distinctly nil
tsi curiosity In tin* railway line that [right, nnd tliey hnvr a place well
exists nut n! doors. Legend does not  wnrlh boosting
Kihn. .iiiiui, Mun-li 28,—Kdinnntnn
Imard nf trade last week by
whal was practically a unanimous
vote endorsed the reciprocity agreement. Thc nucstlnn was brought up
at the request ol the United Farmers
nl Alberta, nt the regular weekly
meeting ol tlie hoard There was bul
little discussion, VV. II. Clark, a
prominent lumber man, wns the only
person who opposed it.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modem equipped t'uie at inotlorale
I!ute* f 1.00 anil up per iluy
Corner of Howard St. ami Front Ave.
Our Ihih meets all trains
The Cocur D'Alene Company
J X. Callahan, Mgr.


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