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Cranbrook Herald Mar 13, 1919

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v ictona
J**    ■   ■ 'I   *
THURSDAY, MUti'll I3lb, l!U!i
xriiw.ii 11
Loco/ Overflow fj.jj, BOWLING LEAGUE
Miss Uiiinsuy's Kindergarten School
is prospering. She has an excellent
course of Instruction fur tlie children.
The council met on Monday evening
all the members preseni. Mayor t'uni-
eron in the Chair.
A delegation from tlie Rml and Gun
Club wns heard iu regard to the use
of water free for hatoliery. Use of wuler wns granted In the old curling rink
for a period of two months for the
season for $1.
The auditor's r '1   »*f received      Mrg   „.   m< |y ^ ,,.m[,]]tl,r ,„,
and ordered lo bo submitted i <•   m „ |uv   |u   v|>||    M|fi   ^^
ratepayers. I,.,,,,!,. .,, WymM
Ordered Hint lol 88, block ! 1, Ulan
089B be sold to Vliiceinso Polio tor tile
sun, of |80,8*.   Ordorod thai lots I-.
The gelling of the coin Is like tin
wearingof tlie green—It is the badge
of admittance into aristocratic society
Qet primed for your house cleaning
Use the EUREKA Vacuum Systran.
Patmore Bros
The Y.ll.i'.A. Bowling League continues to furnish some very exciting
mul keenly contested games.
On Saturday, the High School umi
I'.i'.it. Officers teams met. tile result
being n draw, each team registering
two points.
The regular meeting of the iirnm
will lie held on Sunda>- afternoon i
:: p.in,   "Don'l Forget It."
The   following   letter   was   left
wi ok
Uev. II St. I .yon hi Toronto, pr ill-
-   .ll   two  very  acceptable  sermons  in
18 anil 14, block Hi, plan 000, bo "t>l't'Ul[, |.,,.„,,,,,.,.,„
to Job. Illllery und ll. W. ISdlllomlsi
for lhe sum of $1600.
Or. MacKinnon's i-oslgiintlou as
medical health oftlcor wns accopted
and Dr. Green wiih appointed nt n
salary of |2L'.fi0 per montb.
Ordorod that the Royal llotol building be leased to the G.W.V.A. tor tlie
tern of ten years at the renin! of $1
church Inst Sunday.
Sevonly-lwo bone, apiece paid for
Die fleece of two gentlemen of thu
grip of tlte bootlegging variety al
Fertile lust week,
Ncxi Monday Is St. Patrick's Day,
■hloli  nil iin.*  Irishmen and  lovers
, of the  ijinorald  Isle will celebrate
per year, with the understanding thai .    |)la W|mr.     n|, |ho        ^
all structural alterations bo subject lo
the approval of the city engineer. L ,,  Bu fl| |1.<|rj(t ^
ordered thnt a notice be placedJn R(„. „ c/> f
the Herald offering „ reward of «I5 mmm, ^ m ^ ^ ^
for lufornuition leaning to the convic* ^ ^       Cranb      ^
tlou of the party or pnrtlqa who stole
ni. Monday the Supt's  office umi To the Women's Auxilij
lhe Simps put up a good game,   ilie end the G.W.V.A. Crnnbrook:-
latti r team taking threo points out of      We wish to thank yon tor tbe , our
the four. tesy extended to ii- by the Women',
On Wedni .-day the Maple Loafs Jura- auxiliary of the G.W V. v. and the a.-
peii Into the lend by giving the His W.Y.A. and the people of t'ronbrooii
patohera a seven, coal of whitewash, | during our stay in thls'clty.
Ttie flrsl ami second g i of the (Signed) Sergt. .1. i'. Stclalr
siring were very exciting, bul  ll  tew Pie. J. Ci. Powell,
"doubles" toward  tho end  shattered      Tlie Ladles'Auxiliary have dlsplay-
Uie  Dispatchers' liopcn of gulnlng  I some s| d since the) were asked
Point, ... !.i,|S(. a lllm| ,,, purchase a piano
A, 206 seme by J. M Dallas was .mil n is confidently expected that In
the outstanding feature of the tame,    n short time the amounl n
The game between Ihe C.P.R Oftl this purpose will lie in Inn
cers nnd All Slurs, which was sched- ■ tions toward this fund may
iileil for Monday nlghl. was postponed   Mra, Smith, hox 7i',7.
eg unable t»      Donations lo Urn U.W.V.A.
iiulred for
d, Donn-
be .ent to
Lyceum Lecture Course—The liev-
erley Entertainers, In the Parish Hull
on Tlmrsdny evening next. March 20,
under the auspices of the I. 0. Ii. ii.
Remember the Methodist Ladies Aid
Cookery sale, Saturday, -Marcli 16th,
In the Old Gym in :'. p.m. Afternoon
ten will he served.
, window from the Arena Rink building.
Ordered that "5.000 insurance ho
placed on Hie Arena Rink building
and $1,000 on the furniture and lix-
tures of tlie (.'Ity Hall nnd the snme
be divided between Heale & Elweli
and Martin Bros.
The matter of extending the city
lighting system wns referred to tlie
Mayor and Aldermen Flowers and
Balmenl. with power in act.
A communication from the Crnnbrook City Hand ro '160.00 donation
was ordered filed.
Tbe following account, were ordered to be pnld.
Beale * Klwell "S, Burroughs Adding Machine *7.SU. Cranbrook Sash &
Door Co. (83.86, Ciillln W. II. "0, cranbrook Electric Llghl Go. $204.06, Cranbrook Meal Market J8.70, Cranbrook
Cartage ft Transfer $14.76, Home
Bakery *5, Imperial OH Co., J32.68,
Kootenay Telephone lines $18.10, Lit-  BUperln.endent.of the Trail lead  ami
tic ft Atchison   J1N.SV,.   Manning   J
$48.06, McCreery Br
$8.00. NIMook (I. $8.00;    Pay Rolls
Police dept, $886.00,   city   Offlctali
$277.60, Plre ilept. $820.00, Engineers'  ■ ,
Dept f'oo.Oii. Miool board I-S406 is: Dont raise tho DUST It's laden
Sundry iai.li payments $108.88, Webb, with DISEASE GERMS. Draw it Hilt
Read ft Co, $200,011.   Total $1.mi.sr,     lhe  Vacuum  Cleaner,  which   is  the
owing to the Officers bolng unable ti
rale a  lean,.
League Standing in Dole
Gaines Polnti
Maple  Leafs    3 0
Dispatchers 3 ii
Shops   a u
High Schools   2 r,
All Stars   2 ,|
Officers       2 I
Bupt'a, Office   :: ;i
High Scare le Dale
VI. E, Leaman (Maple Leafs) 220
High Average le Date
W.  lv  l.camaii   (Staple  Leafs  16S
received as follows: Sullivan .Mine
$600, Methodlsl Church $60, W, C, T. C
$31.60; Carmen's 1,'nlon, a number ol
chairs; .Mrs. .1, s. Brake, chairs and
The  Wills)   Drlv    Friday   last
was well attended unit everybody enjoyed u good time. Mrs. .1. Coutts and
Mrs. Adlard rendored vocal numbers.
during the evening.    Mrs. Moe  w	
the Undies' prize and Mrs. Venus touk
the booby. Mr, Fyles scored for ft
gentlemen and tiie booby wenl In
Mr. Kemball. If yon wain lo spend i
real tlmo, come out ami eel acquainted.
The Baptist Young People aad a
hoigh-bo sleigh ride on Monday evening.    About  twenty five of the  kids.
.las. Unlay, of Shawnlgnn Lake, is  k,-,dl°" ttml l(l,ll',|s I1"''1'  • « nig
in lown nils week. He looks us If "I'l**" and rode out to tho mission and
the sail air Is agreeing with lilto.Thal '""'''• aM ""'■' <'"-"•' ttionnolves?
nidi of h!s looks Inst as formidable   w<,n- !'°" "'""ll1 -lllnl< "> lr W heard
as ever. ""' noise they made    We have ol'len
 , seen a ball game where the fans did
There was IIS Inches or a snowfall "'" ''""' ""■' '""ll"'''
during the month of February I" Cran       . . _.
brook.   Ttie lowest registered by the
thermometer was 20 below, the high-      Creston Review—Mayor Little Is the
est 48 above. first to  lounce   u   hntch   of   1010
chicks.   He boasts Of IS from 24 eggs.
Pred Beusley has been appointed 'ho hlrda coining  Februaty 2B.
The mayor states they an  partlc-
opper refineries, succeeding   the late "lar lm"'d- Jusi lions—which may ne-
$70.20. McBride ••■ ><■ Batcheldor.   John .1    Flngland """"  '»'  "l" «»''» «<">" '"""•   <« ,     - |iml|| Knf  vi,,„I|
has been appointed superintondenl of "ls'"a '"' |n,,s llm chickens in the
lhe silver refinery. "v"" •"■'• ,s hnm-fiil that this sort of1
i.i: 111 k ni nn: unn'Oll
To lhe Editor:
will you please publish the following letter ill your next issue,
Ol!  Tuesday  lasl   the    clly    Band
turned out to aid in ei dig two re
turning  soldiers,  if wl i  wn
an officer, and on their way back
from the depot were accosted by n
resideill, who by the way. wears a
ser .-Ice badge, lie remarked that tho
boys were a poor — bunch.
serenading nn officer and letting the
riink inul file come homo without recognition, We would call attention to
the fad thai ibis Is nol lho ('so by
any means.    The J'lrs,  occasion    on
Newest Models from
;s the Eastern Houses.
Crepe-de-Chenes and
Crepe Dress Good? for
Evening and After •
noon Dresses.   Many
Beautiful Sli.iics to
chnose from
■icCreerv Bros.
bringing up will have the effect of Inducing the pullet io lay fried eBKs
anil omelels.
I trout,  Hire
I   home   trim
of the ranks
clean house in   n   Sanitary
,.„p  Don'l raise the dnsl    Use the
,;„.   ANA     Vacuum  Cleaner ami draw all
yew sir   we consider tlie remark.
made   to be    ilecliledly    unjust    and fl
would ask the opportunity of assuring j|'
the Band tiiat  we appreciate their ji]
piilillr siiirli in this matter and    we J
trusi llmi the Incident will nol cause ij
ihe Hand to discontinue their valuable ■'
only safe and sanitary method. Let qoi.| Johnson, of Wardner was a
us demonstrate the BUBBKA, the ,,„„„, ,„ town'on Monday. Heeayi
best on the iniirkei    Patmore Bros.     the cattle have wintered tine, lhe past
weeks being the worst  of   tin
ni.   lie sins the new cattle graz* |MI'' '" welcoming relumed soldiers,   jj
cranbrook bat the Plclscliman cup  """ ' ra-se tne oust    use the -kcu-   ||lg w]] Jm ^      ^ |(„.h].Ull|.(,     The private »• nine in on Tues- |
tied down with lock and chain to thc    ^-'       """"" Cleaner and draw all   ,f ., mn ,n |1[(, ^^^^^ ,]av m, accorded the bei
lown pump.   Our curlers have wen   dnst with Its IHSKASK QERMS Into   ,, „.„„„.,, „„„. ,   ( ,,.„ ^ n| v. A. liavo. which every r
the coveted trophy three limes oul ol  «■• machine,    A-k ns for a demon*   M.r|]b ,,|||ls tfm rmu,      , , gota, and onr roturned   fr d   and   t|j
four   This cup Is In great demand. II  -'ration-   Patmore Bros It Is very disheartening for n cattle, critic, who by the way declines   lo   II
tt hnd the miraculous quality of fill* ,mm wnn |B trying to uroed up   his become   a   in ber   of   the   local
e   r,in<lom I .tnei* to hove a scru'o bull In    lhe O-W.V.A. and who as far as wo  i
,.,, ascertain doc nothing himself lo help
in welcoming back the boys, could do
far worse llmo make the cranbrook
the li. W.
lined m I
ing Itself with clinnipnigm
spnrkllng always full of bubbles   of shooting In the woods, falls to bring
Joy and Intoxication it could nol be ll""'" --" wme.   Advertising       the
more In demand   There mil i I*  mme rn] kilul   is " continuous campaign
kind of bubbles in n thai enchanl and ,|"s,'l>' related lo salesmanship, and      Judge Thomp on explal I at    It. j Band an apology.
lure for Ii ha- be,n followed up b) "" business lions,, would hire sales- Crowe-Sword's  lecture   on    Tuesday              The Great Whr Veterans Asso,
some of 1'ernie'. t«-st rinks until their ""'" -"*' f"r ■' day or a week evening (hat nltendlug meetings was               (Signed) A. Ashworth, Pres.
reputations havt collapsed    On Wed — — nol cranbrook's long suit. In tact ii                    L, Richardson, Secy-treas,
nesdiiy  of  last  »e,k  Iwo of    ihelr "" Sunday evening ut 7.30 p.m   In was her-shortest.   Bul when :t came	
crack  links came i" cranbrook  for '!"'thipiist ciiurcii. it, v  J. p. Btnchtlr to 'Ibutlng to any. patriotic causo       (ANtlUAV I'lTIIIIITII   I'l'Mi
the cup inn had to return with Ihelr ",|" conduct memorial service for the she made tlie basl showing In   lhe                       	
brooms at half maw    Vgaln last Fri. L"'1  '"'  Charles Sheppard who to world   Wo might suggest thnt when               \oilce In Contributors
dny Herchmer and Kaatner came up mme years was a member and deacon the nexl   patriotic   lecturer   comes!
and  were  fortunate  onougli  to  win '" ""' -**-PtW Churoh,   ,Mr. Bheppard along a tag day be held and all who:    Tho Local Executive ure In receipt 5
out by three joints agalnsl Hogarth 'l:i''' '" Vancouver some weeks ago, imve  bought  lugs  be admitted  tree of a request thai as this month will
and Bowness.   It was ii sum, rordlcl "" widow anil child have now re- .,,, the lecture.   The roaull  we ven*  terminate the voluntary system    of
and luck »a- a pronilm m chimin In mrnod to. Cranbrook. ture lo say would bo a net procoods contributions to the aid ot soldiers1
,'he giune, —— ot $ipo.or more.                                   dependents, a special effort should b<
Before thai  Kleisciinoiii cup   had •'"""" * ""ris Imve finished then                                              I made to collecl all arrears and our
time to *ei over lis dlsiy ride in tin- contracl at Yalik for the c.iMt, They                                                           : renl subscriptions to the above fund,
train Cuineron mid Hogarth wore al "-''ll "I1 '-MOO 'eel ol lumber in HiVj    *••   •'''"" ■"'""■ ""' no*1"'1-1' -10*      crauhrook ami Dlstrlcl have no rea
terlt.  Oomemn's rink consisted ot it. construction  ot bunk   house, cook countanl ol the Canadian  Dank   oil       |(i ^ M ^ Q(   |p.||>t t]|t,,
Adnnison. \  a Walllnger, A (' How houio, warehouse and cottagoa.   The Commeroe, lefi lasl Baturday Tor van- |jaye Mm |n |]||s lp|,|]|||f mi we (](
ness and W   I,  Cameron, skip.    I buildings nre nl  best of   their ™*vor where lie lias boon transferred.               ^ ^ inM [Q |1|nsQ w|i|
HogarthV. rink was made  t  the «lnd     All  the buildings  nre  lathed : *--"■->.! Ills flye-year stay  In  t ran- ( h|n.(i g|velJ 1||(](r |mm| g subB,.r|b,
following bulky and lusty fellows, A "nd plaslorcd,  This firm i, now busy brook Mr, Miller formed around mnn     Ui|fi grm| W|i|.k  thu| c]||r|rl(, ||i|:
ll Mcrrearj and working In lown, ■ l»r«<' 'lr'1" '"' '• is   A -,rog,™"- month thoy should make a special
lv,. and publlc-splriied   town   like | (o ca
" E I1A1 I  ,11 -I    ! U>!.\    ill II    IMKMOKV
ami i imi n i.  iiavi    roo   MAXY   WASH
l'llESl \\ I  ll 111. I I.I All ni ih.- nl.li PRICES
lliihu.m. It  Fimllii
QeorgQ iinwiiiii iiuyiiitii
Thoy wore <"* Uia t-■■ a. Pernio Im-
foro luntiio on Monday morning win
W   It   u'ii-i
a tolegram
nl  UiOuage
, t'ranbrooh tlirowa many honorary pos-
I ittons on tlie rIglit man and Mr, Miller
elusion the n<>"'i work thoy hove Ik-ph
llu- tur
f ii«-tsttnk' lu ttie past,
Herchmer   opposing   Canwron   and j Uiat his Bister, Mra. A  H. Wo-jer, had  wa* lh0 ,m,n-   Mp'  Mlller s\mJ- t0     Let It be said thut those of
lhe Coasl a simri linn1 alio and Cran-
from any reason wore unable to take
Kastnor sharing the rlnh with Hog   ,|1''1'  '"  Winnipeg, on  Monday, Mur.1,
arth.   in tiio former game there were  '"    Mr, ami Mrs. ISnuor used lo live ■l,n,,,k deP,orea thelr "Partmo as   .. im|1 |n thfl Qroa( Wflr hfipt rR|Uj w||h
«mn« rory brllllnnl sl.oU,   Horehmer In Cranbrook, Mr, EOagor having been!800161 |o8i:   7° i,rt' i!lt,,,   ,, ,     ' our promises to the dependents   of
iimiir a shot thai was a mnrvel,  he  locomotive foremnn hore Mr four,orfhowo,ve,r» llinl th0 |m,r "r" """''J„"'" those who foughl the battle for us.
ears.   The bereaved Imve   the   1«fllnied lu Vancouver »<■ thoy will bo Canadian Patriotic Fund.
draw through a narrow run taklug
■•r tliis community.
nut  llu-  winning  kIioI  and  la)   f
but Oamoron came baok at htm twice  •—
In the second and third ends and Colonol Pollond, wife nnd family nre
from thai on Crapbrook'a Mayor was guests at thu Cfanbfook hole!. The
never again in danger, He «on out colonel, who is nn enthustastls rod
by a acore of Hi to 10. I *lIW- R1"1 m»n. Bays thai it la marvel-
Moantlmo Hogarth was* putting upall°ua '" '-bluk thai wo havo the lakes
roaring game agiiiiiHt Kusin*»r. ticonr j In the neighborhood ho well Btocked
never put up n betler giime in hi*, lire! with game fish and that these lakes
aud thut Is talking Home. Doth rinks [will be one of CranbrooVs greatest
wore playing tip to form. They were | drawing cardfl for tourists from all
tied on the eighth ond but iu   the   ports of Jhe continent.
nlneth George failed to get a pond ton . —
hold and Kaatner counted throe,   lr I    W. J. ClaHdlje, of Fernle, dlstrlcl
ory iiuuh ut hom.' there,
Cranbrook Brauch,
.1   P   I'inlt.  ['resident.
T  M. Roberts, Hon. Beoy
tho tenth and eleventh etida. however.
tho Cranbrook popular skip rolrlov-od
himself unit at tiie end oi' the eleventh
end the «ume wan again a tie and In
tho last end Hogarth built up a tlir
representative of tlie Fliforniallon and
Service Branch of the S.C.R., waa in
town on Tuesday on off bin I business,
This department haa opened n temporary office in Fernie for llifl Fast
Illustrating whal one patriotic and'
elithusiaslli' si'lionl |iriiic!pnl lias dime - 	
to oneturage ihe habit of thrift a- , Corporntlon of tin- city of rranbrooW
mong his  pupils mul    Incidentally tfi5,0fl l!l\v\itit
allowing what others can do to fur- 	
ther the |uccess of the War Savings'    '■■■„., a]UiVP reward will lie given to
Campaign, Mr. James Gordon, prtn •  anyone giving Information leading to
otpal of the Kelowna Public School, U0nvlction of the party or parties who
lias organised n aobomo for tho bene-1 Rto]0 a window from the Arena Kink
fit of his own scholars.   Every Thurs-: Building.
day /the children bring their quarter* p_ ADAMS,
to the school  and  purchase Thrift j n.jjt chief of Police,
Stamps, Mr. Gordon buying sufficient '	
from the local bank to satisfy require-1 '  "
montfl.   When lhe pupil lias acquired   "'HAT TO I'SK TO
Are You Particular?
Ate you particular aboul tha thiiiKB yon
eat, at to tl elr fn shnesa and tbe maft-
ner In whicli Ihey are served; and do surroundings rei 1!;. count?
Call in foi I,mull or lur a Late Dinner,
" VOU Wll.I. l-'lMi GOOD POOD,  WELL
nu: novum ni' »'i u.iiv hits
1(1 Thrill siinntiH, tlioBQ urn excliang*
iililf for ii Wur Bavlngs Stamp.   Tlte
I    Criuilirniik pooplo .-limilit know nlm-'
omler anil tiio Kiinm wae won with u   Kootonay illairlm wlirro llicy urn pri'-1 |„hl| ,,„|,,R lir,, publtBhqd In the local' |,i0 buoktliorn hark, glycerine, Btc   ua
Bcorcof 11 iiolnts up. II In ». ^ Pt-reil to handle ell mnttore inlntliiBj newspaper each wook, nnd Hum   tho I ralxoil in Adler-l-ka, rluBhon tlie EN-J
The KieiHcliniiui cup t» bitch ngnln lo the govornmont'a actlvltloB roganl* elilhtran anil their ptironte ure knu j Tl,ll'; howoi tract m oonmleWly tlintl
In Cranbrook bubbling over with Joy. i ing llm ra-ostatiltahmonl or the mil- In touch with the progress nt tho Wur | siiooxn'-'r Adlor-l-ka r.-nV'v.is '\nV
Fornix «ont word tliui Ihoy would b*i dlora.   Thoy will I'lirnluh Information  Savings plan.   Mr. Clnrtlon oommonc* cA8B* spur' stomach, gas or constlnn*
prnlr-JJim- back, toothache «*■
n ul Hniilni Irounlu m quickly
ttor,   ft Im- t*f«-ii lolil for tu ff-nu.
.'Knvco.. Hamilton i
after the cup iiKaiu on Wednesday,
but the weal her man objoetOil and
sent soft wcathi-r. Tiio game, there-
for*, hat been [.ontponf.fi.
vnralinnut trafniiiK,    lautl sntll
ment and registration for employment
lifiiflhiK the I'HliilillHhiurnt nf Ihe rov- I hh Hi
ernment employment hureau. ably.
ed with a very .-utir-iiu tory week, nnd t Hon beoAuse it remove** .u.i. foul mat-
uiifliliMiily predicts Increased retlirns
nleresl   Ihih  grown   coindder
tor which clogged antl pi.iHoneii   your
eyfitom, The INSTANT action Hll
prlBSB both doclom nnd pntinnt:
-Bwttlo-Murphy Co., Ltd., druggUti.
-"Herald  Want Ads  Pay PAGR TWO
THURSDAY, MARCH 13th, lfild
Cran b rook  H e ra i -d
Published Every Thursday by
W. A. MYERS,     :      ;      :      :      :       Managing Editor
Athcrtlslug  Kiites.  on   application.   Changes for Advertising MUST be In
this   office   Wednesday   noon   tliocurrenl   weoj  to   secure   attention.
Tlie Qraud Trunk Pacific has at
length fallen into the bands ol' tlie
government, On Monday lust this col-
lossnl blunder oE tlie Laurier government thai furnished ao much plunder
•Tor eontraetlnp exploiters and real
estate boomsters collapsed und Hon.
j. 1). Ueid. Canadian minister ol railways was appointed receiver, Prom
the time C. M. Hayes, the tlrst president of the company, went down with
the Titanic the Qrojid TrunU Pacltlc
has been in dec|i waler, Time ami a-
Kain it has heen helped out by tin*
Dominion government, but to no avail.
Freight and express rates imve been
boosted sky high to keen thc O.T.P.
out of the hands of a receiver, bnl 11
was impossible t<> raise the ratos high
enough i <i meet the oxponsos of thc
company, the white elephant has
therefore been turned over to tbe
government and the people will be
called upon to pay for its keep.
Up to date figures place the total
liability of the Grand Trunk Pacific
at $200,000,000. This liability is «|i-
vlded as follows:
First mortgage, $00,000,000, guaranteed by the government.
.Second mortgage, $23,000,000, guaranteed by tho Grand Trunk.
Third mortgntee, $25,000,000, guaranteed by tho Grand Trunk Pacific,
Fourth mortgage, $50,000,000. guar
anteed by the Grand Trunk.
Fifth mortgage, $3:1,000,000, repro
seating government loan tn reaped of
which there is no guarantee
l,l;t.lNI,ATIVi; NOTES
Tlu- leader of tlie opposition litis a
new name for a good deal of tho leg
Islatlon now bolng introduced by the
government. Ho calls it "Paper Legislation."
The government hill on tho Initiative und Referendum is a compromise
Ii acknowledges the principle to be a
(good one. but It does not. give the people anything in the way of enlarged
powers. Oliver gives and ho takes
away nl his own good pleasure, blessed be the name of Oliver.
I —
■ -,-». '*Ulrs R-jf.-Ht-!- has characterized many
Uf ...'* billh introduced this session at
„ vote-catchers, Said he on one occa
ston: "In the past fifteen years 1 don't
know of a single vote-catching sell
ihat did nol figure in some Liberal
platform or other. We have heard
of the abolition of patronage, of "abolish the machine,' of tho slogan 'expenditure within revenues', of no more
royal commissions, of no more rule
by governor-ln-councl), of a dollar got
for a dollar expended, and many
01 hers.
Mr. Bowser is beginning to think
that the people "will nol huve a chance
of voting him in as Premier for some
time. "From the way the Ministers
are holding to their seats," he remarked, "there would be no general
contest until absolutely necessary,
perhaps not until 1022.
Has the Oliver government degenerated Into a mere machine for turning out legislation? asks former Premier Bowser. Certainly u good deal
of half-baked legislation bus beon
turned out. Last session the attorney
general had tho floor most of the time.
This session tlie minister of lands
threatens to occupy tho premier place
Henry C. Hall, the juvenile member
for Victoria, has brought  his ponderous mind to bear upon a question of
Constitutional law, the settlers' rights
bin, which tlie government is determined to re-enact In spite of the fact
that   the   Dominion   government   has
vetoed  tl.    It  looks  as though  the
government  wns framing up a  case
for the privy council in England so
n» to enable tho attornay-tgonoral to
luke 11 trip to London nt lhe expense
nf the public treasury.   The minister
of mines will, of course, accompany
him and the retinue Hint will make up
their train will be worthy of the grent
and rich province ,,i British Columbia.
New taxes ure to he levied and a loan
for several million dollars ls to   be
floated, and of course n way must he
found to spend the money.   What are
a few thousands out of a few millions?
Why It Is only one-tenth of one per
cent.   But when the government   is
walled upon by the municipalities or
by the good ronds representatives and
asked to spend a few thousand dollars on needed Improvements or In
the construction of good roads,   the
reply of the government  Is there is
no money.   When they are asked for
a portion of the amusement tax or of
the motor tax, their  reply  Is   'Nix'
every dollar of that tax hns already
been ear-marked.   If the people waul
their money spent on useful improvements they will have to tax themselves with a siiper-Hiirtax, us every
other kind of a tax that the government can think of has already   been
pre-empted for lho sole use aud benefit of the lloutminnt-govornor-ln-coiiii-
dl, their heirs and assigns until the
next election romen around.
Th* in.iit.-nt cUmaml for ami pi-miling kith pricai of ImW fcw« mtdm Ih*
-U-r-tlopment mt thi* induitry cMt-ntUl and profitablo.
This Bank can aiiiit your plan*.  Coniult our local Munir. IM
The provincial governmeni recently
floated a loan for $.1,000,000 bearing
B%per cent interest and they got
within a shaving of 100 cents on the
dollar. The credit of the province is
good In spite nf tlie extravagance of
the past und present goovornmonts.
The incalculable resources of the province iu agriculture, timber, minerals
and tish will hear a load of debt equal
t<» tho gross cost Of tlto war and if
tho money raised upon those resources were only spent for revenue producing Improvements instead or Tor
Junketing trips, wild cat .schemes, jug-
handled railway policies, with the
handle firmly grasped by unscrupulous exploiters and to feed lawyers,
aud noedly political grafters al the
publte crib tho lot of the British Col-
umbian would be the most enviable
on the lace of lhe earth.
Tho feeling is growing in Victoria
und throughout the province that
something strenuous must he done in
the way of carrying on worlt of a
revenue producing character to prevent the province from a heav.-break-
Ing period or unemployment. Early
in the session tho government took
the stand that not a dollar should be
expended for needly public works except what was needed to keep up repairs. Wo understand, however, thai
It is now the intention of the government to spend three or four millions
on needed public works. If they do
that and spend the money judiciously
in u way that will help lo develop oour
natural resources and not for the purpose of mendlnjg the fortunes of needy
politicians they will be in line with
the wishes of the people.
Private Mddicotte returned on Saturday and was welcomed with hearty
cheers hy a large crowd at the station. For ten months he hnd been a
prisoner of war in Germany and he
surely looked as though he had seen
some pretty rough usage. He bore up
bravely under a most inhuman experience but when he reached England
he nltnost collapsed. Some one asked
him how he liked being a prisoner of
war anil be replied that be would not
Ehoose u .". mi peoupatlon. in repVv
to the question jwfaE kind ul treatment he received in the German prison camp, he said: "In ttie prison
camp Itself there was not much to
complain about. Red Cross parcels
reached camp very regularly and
those to whom they were sent received them promptly. Hut out 011 command It was different. 'On command'
means when they were sent out to
work In the mines or any where else
in charge of a German officer. There
the parcels from home very seldom
reached tlie prisoners and the grub
provided by the Germans was rotten
■nol fit for a doj? to eat and in starvation quantities." He was mightly
glad to get back.
At the Shower Held Saturday March 1
With Star nnd Crescent, contributed
by Mrs. Jackson; Poems und Sketches
(Harte) Mrs. Dupont; From Bapaume
to PaBschendflle, Mrs. Bmslle;   Tho
Autocrat of the Breakfast Table, Mrs.
Johnson; Scenes of Clerical Life, Mrs.
Wilson; The Maid of the Whispering
Hills, Mrs. Shepherd; The Coining of
the    King,    Miss     Hlgglns;     Poems
(Emerson)   Mrs.  Braudor;  Canadian
Almanac 1019, nnd The World A1 mantle, It. B, BoattlOi Over the Top, Miss
Violet Simpson;  Canada lu  Flanders,
Mrs.   Powell;  The  Foreigner,  Mr. J.
.Manning; The First Call. Miss <-nrt*.
wrlghtj Uleiirk House. Miss Woodland
Wooi".' and Mm .-'ed. Miss Woodland;
An Inland Voyage, Donald Morrison;
The   [title   Hungers.  Miss   Gertrude
Parntihy;  Sidney  Mania's Chri.-tmas,
Miss  Muriel   Iteade;   Les  Mlserables.
Mrs. Scott. MacDonald; limner's  Iliad, Barry MacDonald; The Mnn in
tiie iron Musk, Barrio MacDonald;
Tlie Inside of the Cup, N, A, Wallin-
ger.  Wlirds   Frequently   Mispronounced, X. A. Wullinger; Wnlpolo, Uev. J.
P. Sinclair; Madame Therese, Itev. J.
P. Sinclair; Green .Mantle, The Better Man. The Net, Hark Days, Aunt
Diana, and l.ittiry Lane, nil by Mrs.
R. M. MacPherson; Treasure Island.
Miss Ethel Atchison; The Wandering
Dog, Mrs. C. J. Little; How to Argue
and  Win, Miss  White;  Conquest   of
Granada, Miss White; Pendonnls, Vol.
1, Miss Mutree;   Pendennls. Vol,  2,
Miss  Howard;   The  White  <  ■ upany,
Mrs. Chester; Ardath, Mrs. MacDonald; The Captain of the Kansas, Mrs.
Hurry;   In Russian Trenches,    Mrs.
Brake; How It All Came About, Mrs.
Shield!;    Averil.   Mrs.   Shields;    A.
Sweet Girl Graduate, Mrs. Shields;
Three   People,   Mrs.   Hersey;   Bessie
Among the Mountains, Mrs. Hersey;
Tho Great Poets of Italy, Mrs. 3. W.
Burton;   Twenty  Years  After,  Mrs.
Bidder; Freckles, Miss Phyllis Thompson; Nautical Lays, Miss Petty Green;
Ballads of a Cheechnko, Miss Hester
Thompson; Elsne's Young Folks, Miss
Bennott;   The Young  Carthaginian,
Miss Bennett; My Lady Peggy goes to
Town, Mrs. Barrett: The Throe Mus
keteers, Mrs. Benedict; The Broken
Trail, Mrs. Ward; Tlie Blue Flower,
Mrs. Worden; Round the Moon, Miss
Dow; Four Girls al Chautauqua, Miss
Dow; The House of Pride, Mrs. J. B.
Henderson; Friendship, Mrs, Baxter;
Barbara Ladd, .lean Walllnger; June
Eyre, Miss -D. Hodgson; Cousin Mona,
Miss Norma Walllnger; Seven Lamps|
of Architecture, Mrs. Miles, Sesame
and Lilies. Mrs. Miles; The Ethics of
lhe Dust, Mrs. Miles; Tlie Singer Of
Ihe Kootenays. Mrs. Miles; Beautiful
Joe. Mrs. Miles; Tlie Highland Widow
Mrs. \V, II. Wilson; The Bishop of Cotton town, Douglas Home; Tracy, D.
Home; Canada In Flanders. Miss De-
war;   The  Second  Chance,  Mrs.   Mi-
Clennan;   Dr, Jeckyl und Mr. Hyde,
Miss  Irma  Wnrd;  The Web of the
Golden  Spider,  Mrs.  Richards;  Canada iu Flanders, Mrs. McKinnon, Golden   Legends,   Mrs.   McKinnon;   The
Head Coach, F. C. Corry;   The Young]
Pur Traders,  The  Harvesters,    Tho I
Light   it Scurthey, Beside the Bonny]
Brlor Hush, by  Mrs. T. bill;    Good I
Morning.   Uosamoud,   Lion'n   Shiire,
Tho Net, How Bolglum Saved Europe,
My Year of ihe Great War, Billy Im-I
pott,  First   Hundred Thousand,  by I
Mr. Nlsbet, :
Tbe staff and pupils wish to express]
their Hum Its for donations.
Your Next
Will be a
Find out WHY
Call To-DAY
Raworth Bros.
Jewelers & Opticians
Next to the Poslofflce.
Run=Down People
Vinol is What You Need
Weak, run-down nervous men and women need
Vinol because it contains the most famous reconstructive tonics in an agreeable and easily digested
form: — Beef and Cod Liver Peptones, Iron and
Manganese Peptonates and Glycerophosphates.
We guarantee there is no tonic equal to Vinol.
Detroit, Mich,
"I got into a weak, run-down condition, no appetite, tired all the tlmo
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around and do my housework. I read
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now have a splendid appetite anil feel
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Mrs. John P. Watson.
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work-Vinol has restoredmy-strength,
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I can do my work as well as ever.
Every run-down woman should take
Vinol."—Mrs. Emma Britt.
leather Light
The users  nre   the  Con-
Muuts ill tlie
Parlsli    Hall
first   Tuesday
afternoon   ot
every   montii
at :i p.m.
Pres. Mrs. 1).
Campbell, l»ix
Secy. Mrs. J. W. Burton, p. 0. Boi 621.
All ladles co-dlally Invited.
Clill and Mining Engineers
It. I'. Land Surveyors
Iirs. Green & MacKinnon
I'liyslcliuis nml Burgeons
Olllce ut residence, Arnislrong
11.011 111 III nil
2.(111 In   4 M
".:«! to s.nn
80 tn   '.SO
Forenoon:. .
Afternoons .
RlVflnlngs ...
I. O. O. F.
Meets   every
Monduy lilglit
at Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordlnlly Invited.
E. H. MePhoe VI. I). Gilroy
Secy. N. G.
10!. F. II. MILES
Olllee In Haiisini nimk
U to 12. a.m.
1   lo    ,1 p.m.
itTOl3fi^^es Strength
('ranliroi.k Drug anil Hook Company, Druggists.
Nnn Open fur lliiaiiiicnieiits.    One to
Four Pieces
Tiio Music Willi tlie FEP.    For Terms
or plume 2211 Crnntironk, B. ft
Private Cursing Home
Licensed by Provincial   Oovt.
Malernlfy nnd General .Nursing
Massage anil Kesl Cure. Hlgliest
References, terms moderate.
Apply Mrs. A. Crawford, Matrou
Phone 259 p. 0. Hox 846
Address, Garden Ave. Cranbrook
We nre registered with and recognized by Hie United states Wur
Trude Board nnd all of the Collectors of Customs under Licence P. B.
R 110, und you can send your furs to us direct by our tog or nny teg,
changed to suit, if marked "Furs nf ('iiiuidiini Origin1' nnd your furs
will come right through.
The mien and ethtcu of thc exchange do not permit ot sending
out alluring price-lists, yet we give ynu an exact, aud expert grading
and pay you at a rate of live to twenty-tiro cents more on th<* dollar
limn tlie average advertising far company us we cut out all middleman's profit In dealing direct with you.
ST. LOUIS Fur Exchange
Till A CHESTNUT,   ST. 1.(11 IS. MO.. B.8.A.
In every Coeur d'Alene bedroom is a framed card ou
which Is printed the rates ot
the room,    lu other words
the    Coeur d'Alene    Hotel
marks  their  selling  prices
in plain figures.   Tho patron knows what his bill will
bo; lie knows that he is not
heing overcharged   through
a misunderstand—his or the
clerk's—he  knows that he
is paying just what every
other occupant ot that room
pays—   no   more,   nu   less.
That's   standard   American
practice In first class retail
stores; some duy It will no
doubt bo standard practice
In the host hotels.
That framed card Is a small
detail,   but   It   illustrates   the
Coeur d'Alene way    of    doing
things.    It's one of the many
concrete   applications   of    the
Coeur d'Alene policy of fairness
and a full and honest money's
worth, to every patron whatever
kind or  price of room  lie occupies.
Spokane, Washington
Unlit. Frnm"-, Prop.
.'r'rimli Hreiiil, dikes, |>|«.s
a ml Pastry
Phone 37
Norbury Ate.      Opp city Hall
Cranhroul. a C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p m. In
the Fraternity Hall
C, (1. Borgstrom, C, C.
C. H. ColllDB, K. 11. & S.
Visiting  brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Forwarding aud  Distributing
Agent for
Lethbrldge and (treenhlll Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Plstrbutlon Cars a Specialty.
IIiiijIiii: ami Transferrin!;
Given prompt attention
Phone 63
Tlie ShoesSpeclaliftt
SalWiielliiii Guaranteed
..eadqunrters for all kinds ot
You Know Ivory
When ynu buy a cake of Ivory Soap you
know it is pure and good. You know
because it has been pure and good for 39
years and has a priceless reputation to
maintain. It is well to place your trust
in Ivory. It gives you everything a
soap can give and contains nothing to
irritate the tenderest skin.
Uni. iii Ol. Precis, I Cembl.-hnmir. el Hamilton.
OUT   THAT   Ol.ll    HOl'SK
down on nivi. is i cox.
THAI T   TO III 11,11   VOU   A
Clarke & Sainsbury
riiunc ::i nr :i;«    P.O. lift- wm
I'lmiii' ii.iii
Nnrbnry Ave, nest In Illy Hall
Montana Iti slniirnnl
Meals at All Honra
Cigars, Cigarettes and Candy
Opposite the Bank nt .'nniinerrn
Can you think of any reason why
there should not be one In your
If vou want satisfaction
witli vour washinir
eond It to
Soeclal prices for family
Write, glviiiR full particulars to
UK. UeVrti. ,-i .'i.t,."UI i lixo;,
PH0SPH0N0L FOR MEN. ?f',"a
Vltn)!tV;(or  Kervo nnd Until; Iih-kmci "icray
cuUer'iftTotiUwwi.l build you up. 13 I box or
&*£* ♦5j,'t ■iB* itorf"' °r b» «mii wiwiiBi
ttptlr*   THI HrarmLUMMCa.Ht. OMb4*t THURSDAY, MARCH t8Ul, 19111
THE      CRANBROOK      UEilAl.ll
Good t<3
Style %0
After many experiments men
have adopted the Waldemar
chain Cor securing their
watches. With n good watch
nt one end and » useful ornament at the other, tliis is a
sensible combination.
Wo commend our present ns-
Bortmont [or yonr conoldern-
tton. Onr stock comprises
everything desirable In watcji
efl. chains and ornamonts.
Atfocal and personal
Paste tills
uiiiliiliiiliiin in y
m banana belt.'
'. Morrison i
nlslilng stbi
iil» 11 new gents
Klmberley next
\v. s. Stamps pay well.
Insure witli Beale & Elweli.
Kllby frames pictures.   Phono li.
Mrs. Deo. I.iiim relumed on s.ti-
iirilny from Moyie, where she was
the truest ot Mis- Lillian Conrad.
Fancy and Ball-room Dancing   taught,    Por   particulars
phone 404 or bo* 428.— Mrs.
Vim lli'aain. 46-tf
!'■   '       f        ■'    ^
VI. A. Myori
1 the Herald,
rent Hie Cuasl
EATS     (A
MADE  IN    ft
1 w^-»- .\ V
Maid Wanted—Gonoral servant, apply Mrs. ll. 51   Smith, pi  III.    S-31
The McNabb house rhanged hands
Inst week, thai is i) wnership illii.
A A. MacKinnon being Hii' purchaser.
Wanted-    Second hand
mat be In Kood condttioi
tlclmrdson, Herald office.
ly   I..
io nt
nm imieil
.i depth
llnrris mid Private Sc
mi Tuesday aud war
t Hie Btatlon i\ Hii Hu
ul :
i-t i
TiiiiKi: si/.i:s
50c.   60c   75c
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook,    -    B. C.
s~'    Primary  and   Kindergarten   tutu
school: Principal, Miss  Rum*:
say, Burwell avenue.   Por par
titulars phone 3"i7. 2m.'
i link
The bi
n never sliouo In the Banana
n in.
i' pla
o delightfully Hum II did in
n hi...
Tin i
k mi Sunday,
it Cranbrooki j, k. Mi Unman oi Vii tarlu, hns me-
llead Die Her- reeded John Miller ;i- accountant in
tho local branch of the Canadian
Hunk of Commerce.
;i- opened ror [.onl Rod Beef Cow, 5 years old,
■'■'.   Thej have  Bhori rough horns, G tents, $5.00 re-
I inter <*    ward!  strayed   Feb.   22nd   M.   Prost,
also scats for  crnnbrook, it. C 10-21*
  - Bee  Vmorlca first, but he sure and
,  Ethel   Luttrell,  piano,  violin   include Crnnbrook in your Itinerary.
The annual St. Patrick's dance on  and harmony.   Studio:  Hanson   Vour mur will not be complete with-
March 17th, will be held In the Parish   Block, phone 254. 3-lm!ont it. -j-f*
Mull under the auspices of the Tennisj   	
Olub. ■ ]U'Y- ■'■ ''* Sinclair went to Ferule [     Lyceum  Lecture Course—Tho  Bev-
' 'in Sunday evening to occupy Ihe pul-1 erley Entertainers, In tho Parish Hall.
pit of the Baptlel Church iu the coal on Thursday evening next. March 20,jj
town and to entertain the kiddies with j under tiio auspices of the 1. O. D, E.
n lantern Bhow.	
  |    Wiord has been received From 13   \
Tho Parochial Supper held al  the  Hill, who has been enjoying the glor
Parish   Hull  on  March  3rd  was an   ions climate of California since Chrlsi
unqualified    success.     $14d.8fi    was! mas.   Ho expects to leave for homi
Mr. and Mrs. 13. Parker and ramlly j token fn. and alter alt expenses were Ion   Saturday und   will  nrrlve    lion
I of Alice Siding, have removed to Nel- \ i»M ll clear Profit of ?i*7.(.r, was rea-! about Wednesday next.
Miss Alice Emhree,
engaged tn tho st. Bni
a nurse-ln-tralnlng.
of CroBton, is
me hospital as
Izod for the belief tl of the dn
' The ltud and (inn Club had a bee
un Wednesday afternoon setting up
tho hatchory in tho old curling rink
Mr, Ogllvlo is expected lien* in a few
— I'linne—
PHONE Ml. 400,
CIIAMIIMMIK         ■         11. ('.
Hundroda nl thousands ot railway ■' JI Dudley, of Montreal, Interna*
lies liavo been out in the varlousB tional secretary ot the Railway Y.M.-
ranuis of tiio district Mils winter.       ' --■-■■. w-» » visitor In lown over Sun*
  ! day,   Ou Monday Rev. H. 13, Pow, sec-l days nml Hie trout Try from Vnltlmn
A roceiitlon mjJ.1 be temlorod the re*   rotary of the Cranbrooh Y.M.C.A., anil   is duo lo arrive nboul Hie ond of Ihis
uirneil soldiers of lhe Creston Valley   Mr. Dudley lefi for Flold In nttend a! inonlli.
hy lhe citizens nf I'reslnii nn Marcli 8S   V.M.C.A. conference lliore. 	
Kiiiiti'iiny Granite k Mon-
iiniciiliil Co., I.td.
(Icjinral Btone Contractors and
Monumental Works
Kriiiil SI.. Nelson   I', o. bos MS
Sore Throat Colds
QtncKly Believed 3y Hamlin'*
Wll "£.  Oil
Piano and Theory lessons by! Creston Review-The weatiny rearrangement. Phone 404 or box port Tor February shows the Valley to
428—Mrs. Van Braam, 237 Bur- imve heen favored with n total snovv-
we'I Avenue. 46-tf, full for the month ot 27 Inches, and
__ ,1 rainfall of almost hair an inch, The
Tliere Ih nol so much snow al tlie j -.'-Ird  was the coldost ilny when one
coast  as there is   in   Cranbrooh    -above  Zero  was  recorded,  nnd   tlie
neither is there so much sunshine,        wannest, was tlte 18th when the nier-
  : etiry showed -10 in the shnde.
Up tin effective booster—that K be 	
an optimist, ami a noisy one nl that;      Singer Sewing machines for family
but always tell the truth as you know   use, took all the first prizes at the
it.   That nives you plenty of latitude.    San Prancosco Pair judged by experts.
  They must be the best machine; for
Mrs. Prod Taylor, nf Alice Siding, sale r| the Sinner store for live
who underwent a successful opera- dollars cash and $3.no monthly. Wc
tion at the St. Eugene hospital, has i will take your old run rhino in part
returned home, i payment.   Phone 157. 2-mlv
Mr. 10. C, Manning of the Provincial Forestry Department. Victoria, is
in town for a few days. Mr. Manning
is ou u tour oi inspection and i Incidentally renewing old acquaintanceships in Cranbrook,
We have just received
an assortment of the
Considering the quality
of the material
M   ^
Owing to the fad that our Job il
pnrtment is crowded with work we ', jH~*
have to curtail 1 lie size of the Herald ;
this week.   We would rather enlarge
ihe size of the newspaper pari of our ,
business  than  make   it   small-'!-,  but
you  know the reason   why we can't
d 11" is a simple
attnent lor sore
:oids Used as r-
oat *t brings quick
tin chest it will
hard, den. seated
Creston is doing its best to retrieve
Die loss of men caused by the war.
The two births recorded last month
were both boys.
FREE- A 50. bottle of Rojurah Sat
het to every customer who makes   a
Jl.no purchase of La'Parislenne Toilet
Preparations from March l to 31.—
its    Mrs w ti Fanning, Res. Mur   call at  jf w Ke, together and purchase puro-
"    lis Lumaden Vv& or phone 347  10 it*   bred -ires of the breeds decided upon.
Creston Review—There was finite a
good turnout of stockmen al the Farmers' Institute special meeting on
Saturday night, al which the question
ot community breeding of livestock
was vigorously debated, Hie idea being to sec If tllOBe interested could
agree on one type of hull for dairy
cattle and another Cor beef cattle and
D    l-'iilli
aching   tect.
,,i Oil wiilal.       Mr   iUHl  Mr
;o cents    ohlld arrived on Sunday from  Fred-
he bottle and   erlcton. \. B on a. \i-it to Mr    nnd
. t     Mrs,  ll. Jordan
Viurd  Uver
pink pills, .ill      Don'l ro to the Coast looking for a
[ob-you will only join the ranks of (en
—— | thousand men who are there already
looking iu vain for a job.
do this.
It. Crowe-Swords, n  returned sol- ■
Viler and a member of tlie executive of
Die Vancouver branch of the (J W.V..V. '■
gave an Interesting   lecture   In   the
Methodist Church on Tuesday evening,
lie deserved to have a crowded house.
lml owinig to luck of advertising and
ti  very stormy night the attendance
was very .-Urn.   Tlie lecture was well j
Illustrated  with  lantern  slides.      it j
showed many interesting scenes at the
front and also Illustrated in a   very
Vivid way the great things the Domln-
Ion Government is doing to re-establish  the  soldier.     One   would   elmosl   -
think that the day of miracles wn-i m
l-assed when the work thai is dnn> hy
the artificial limb factory of the government   was  passed  in   review.    If
the Lord were to re-create nun    ho
would probably use wood Instead   ol
clay.    Mon  without  legs
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
ni' Canada Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers .u' Gold, Silver, (upper and Lead Ores
Producers of Gold, silver. Copper, Bluestone, He Lead and
Spelter "TADAXAI *' Brand.
Vou do not have to be b real estuto
igenl to be an effective booster for
four city. To illustrate: W. ('. Cleave
if Canyon City, who recently bough!
i piece of land tliere and erected a
teat new house upon it. returned to
Ills old home near Macleod on a bus.i- j arms have been rebuilt so tlu thev
uess visit aud iiis good report of the can do almost any kind of manual
now Canaan induced a neighbor to j labor; even to climbing ladders and
purchase a home iu the famous ('res-! pulling teeth. Judge Thompson pre-
ton Valley. Ho you like Cranbrook? sided and n iieartv vole of thank*, was
Fifty second hand sewing machines   ,.. vn|[ (]o ,,„„., ,)(i backWftrd ,„ gayIng   pfl886(1 ,0 ,Ilp ,fl,lliriM,    A
..    We will  gladly let yon  Imve tlie    was taken up for C.W.V.A. widow
heap  nt the   UM of t|l(, I1(,r,|I(, flfl „ megapi,onB(     orpfians.
in good running order, most of them
drop   heads,   for   snle
Singer store, phone 167. 2-mly
,'■—LIHITtn- •
Mil   | llO
■ i   \ M.'H'S
i\ mi: vi
1917 FORD
Wan less Hum I.VI0 miles.   In
first elasR cmidlllfin, with 9HM)
e\lra ri|ul|)ineiit,
PRICE $000.00
\VVL\ HOX Kill, en UK KAMI
OPEIUTIONS for appendicitis mny
he avoided, Gallstones removed In*
2-1 hours witlioni pain. Mrs. Geo.
\Imas, r...'4 l-'iiiirth Ave., N'., Saskatoon
oie manufacturer; nol sold by ilrng-
dlsts. 8-4t*
l.yeeuin Lecture CoHrse—Tlie Bev-
erley Knlertainers, in Ihe Parish Hall '
mi Thursday evening next. March -".
under ihe auaplcoi ^ tho 1,0 D, R
Cranbrooh ims a number "f men ot
j whom  she  is  justly  proud  because
i hey have made a glorious record on
I the military pages of Canada.   One of
' these ia Corporal P, McNeil, who loft
. here with the Mth Pat tn I Ion on June
| 10th. 191R.   He won the Military Med-'
nl for "Bravery on tlie Field."    He
j wus in the trenches until the armistice
| was  signed  and   was  only  wounded
' once.   He was with the Imperials at
| the Modfllncs and Pelcar Ridges and1
at ('a m bra I and Valenciennes during
tlie last buttles of tho war.   lie waa in
the Kiel rebellion in ISSfi; in Egypt j
with iho renowned Canadian  Voyag-
etirs and in South Ai'ricu with   the j
Strntheona Horse.    Ho recently  re-
turned from ttie from.
Cranhrook is away up in the world
--over MOO feet above sea level, Tlie
City carries Itself very modesily, considering Its elevation. It is like a city
M-t on a hill, although it is renting in
:i heautlfnl valley. * Instead of hiding
its light under a bushel it should leti
ils light shine, if Baker afreet, for]
Instance, were lit up with clusters of I
electric lumps lt would keep abreast
of lho times and add greatly to the I
^jj1 attractireoen of flit city, j
ave by the vV.
.8 a  megaphone
S. Plan.
Put "quarters" into Thrift Stamps
Have you bought your
"    weasel I Tthem
Put your
on an
Remember, when you are
filling up your Thrift Card,
thai the 25centThrift Stamps,
which you can buy wherever
you see the above sign, are
simply a means to an end.
Thrift Stamps earn no interest.
The interest begins when your
Thrift Card, filled with 16
Stamps, is taken to the Money-
Order Post Office, Bank or
other place displaying the
Beaver-Triangle sign, and exchanged as $4.00 in the purchase of a War-Savings Stamp,
which costs $4.02 this month.
S' ~ff of War-Savings Stamps earn V/i
. // ,?> per cent compound interest,
beimt redeemable on January
1st, 1924, for $5.00 each. l'AOfi POU1
THURSDAY, MARCH 13th. 1910
i-riiitt ihe Market Examiner
With light receipts at all the western yards for the past week owing to
Hie severe weather there lias been
little fluctuation In prices. There
have not been any really choice animals reported in the Calgary yards
and tho top sales were at $16 on n
uw head. The Bteer market i.-- per*
Imps 2m- lower than last week. Cows,
on the other hand, Imve gained fully
that much and tiie choice cows will
bring up to $12. Oilier cattle are
practically the sume. There are n
lew choloe veal calves which will
bring  -?ii,  but  mosl  ot the choice
heavier  ones  sell   al   $10      While   Hie
-.toeker and feeder markci is suid to
he alow, the medium weight feeders
.ne selling ut $10.ii0. whicli ia about
tlie same as last week. The regulations which restrict tlie axporl 11 the
i' ters should naturally have :i tend
ency In pin many of those animals in
competition with the common und
medium steerH which have lieen «o-
Ing us beet aud loKically Hie mnrkel
should drop on Iheiu.
Edmonton yards has also been having a llgjlt run nl' cattle, hut prices
are holding sternly, with the top price
on steers %U and cows up to $10,
There is .-till a hid demand for Ktocker
rattle ami American buyers are willing lo buy up to two thousand head
of light steers.
Confirmation of the announcement
made iu  hist  week's Examiner that
the hog Irade with the Old Country
wns going lo open up again, the price
has boon   stiffening.    Tlie    Calgary
markol opened up Us first business of,
any volume for Hie week, yesterday.
with the price at $17.!i0; with fl 3c cut
ou lights und simioth sows.   This inor- '
Pin.- (he sales were at $18, with  lhe
re.-plpis   for   the   week   rather   light, i
There is nothing to indicate thai the1
removal of Hie fixed price iu Hie United States will seriously affect  our
market for the present.
Strength has also been maintained
tn Edmonton on lio^s and tlie sales j
yesterday were at $17.'.0 with receipts!
fairly li^'lit.
PltlM MM1.  AM> .1AMT01C
Prom the Kaslo Kootenalan—The
main excitement of the camp tliis week
is the little argument that took place
at tiie schooihonso lust Tuesday after-
uoon between Principal P. .T. Murphy.
of Hie public school, and Janitor T.
P. Miller.
information to Hie effect that a
display of hostilities had heen Btaged
was brought down town hy Hie kids
afler school wns lei out. None or
the youngsters, so far us is known,
saw anything happen, hut they wore
peddling various stories around lo the
effect that tlie public school principal
and Hie janitor had got into a mix-up
of some kind and that, both showed
evidences of more or less mauling
and bruising. By supper time tlie
news /was going around that Miller
had a black eye. so did Murphy, and
thoy had scratches, and cnls and nil
the rest, of it.
Tiie appearance of the alleged combatants did not indicate, however,
that any grent damage had been done
to tho person of elllier.
Piecing various bits of information
together, it appears that Hie principal
had issued Instructions to lhe effect
that, while lhe snow was on lop of
Hie ground, no fin; alarm was to be
sounded or fire drills hold. On the
afternoon in tpiestion, however, tlie
janitor determined to install some
new ballerien in tlie fire alarm system, and was assisted by Joblo Olog-
erieh in ihis task, and just as they
had completed it, "hang!" went Hie
fire alarm. The principal refused to
accept Miller's explanation, apparently and a row resulted.
According to the story told by Mr.
Miller, Hie principal, after getlhig the
scholars back iu tiieir places, iind
jumped at him for nol obeying his Instructions, nnd (lie result was that a
little dust was kicked up,   He, it np-
"\Vh;U~nro tney? A mild faun of
froBt-bito—a chilling of the part to
such a degree that Inflammation is
Bet up, causing a tingling pain, ex
eesslvo irritation, and often swelling. Zam-Buk curc3 chilblains by
drawing out ihe inflammation, tta.'s
ending the pain und Irritation aud
reducing the ■welling.
Miss Annie Lepard or Beavcrdale,
Ont., says: "I suffered agonies from
Chilblains and used many remedies,
but nothing gave me any ea.:o until
I need Zam>Buk, which, attor a
little perseverance, completely rid
mo of this painful ailment."
Regular applications of /nat link
will prevent a recurrence of tha
trouble.   Keep it handy.   BOc. boi.
Due to certain    complaints    being
, brought to the notice of tho St. Louis ■
. Pur Exchange, 7th & Chestnut Streets,
1st. Louis, Missouri. C.S.A., of unsatisfactory grading of Curse us made by
Borne or the advertising fur houses of,
j that market, where in January over
ten million dollars worth of furs were!
sold,   they   are   now   also   receiving j
: IT. S. War Trade Board and all of the
shipments of furs from the trapper
direct, and are recognized and regis-
1 tered under license P.B.P. 30 with the '
Collectors of Customs, thus insuring:
freo passage of furs when addressed I
to them with the words "Haw furs ot!
Canadian Origin" on the package or
shipping tag. Their advertisement appears ou page two,
For the well dressed man
who prefers a medium broad
toe. Made in Black or Tan
Calf and Kid, with medium
weigh I sole.
pears, wns addressed by the principal
in an Impolite way. and also His
bund of lho principal, or one of the
fingers therof look a furrow of hide i
off .Miller's nose. This peeved the'
Janitor, who put up n scrap, the result being some disfigurement of
both parties, and some damage to
the Immaculate wearing apparel of
ii:e sehooi head,
Ai  any  rale Miller claims he    had;
ihe best of the little argument,   but
says he Is not satisfied with that, as
he is either going to take the matter:
into court, or have an Investigation by
iho  sehooi   hoard,
The matter rests there at tlie time
of writing, bul for the time being, at i
any rate. Miller is tho while headed '
boy among the Kaslo youth Of the
public school. He could be elected!
to the office of premier of Canada
tomorrow If thoy bad their wny,
IjATBP   Murphy has been summoned to appear in Hie police court.
"•■■ >'ilr.i^t,t'lv:;l,ir,,":„,,,«,j  A  Well  Known  Trade  Mark  and
Band, another lament story.
11 a.m.—Divine   services,   sermon
Biibjecl "The Rivor of tho Water
of Life."
13 noon -Church school & B. Class
7.30 p.m.—iCvening Worship,
The pastor will conduct memorial
service For tlie  late Mr. Charles
Thursday, 20th—Missionary Meeting,
Address by Uev. U. \V, Lee,   on
"Indian  Missions".
Be Conspicuous by your Presence nl
What is Back of It.
MOST Canadians will instantly recognize our trade in.irk as standing for certain
standards "f quality in shoes.   But what i« back of ii ?   Why should it he so
generally accepted as a sufficient guarantee "f good value ?    Let us see—
i'iti:siivTi:i!i.\N church
Morning Service—11 a.m.
Sunday School—3 p.m.
Kvi'iilnj* Service—7.30 p.m.
Hill  KOItKIGN Tli.Vllt:
Tin1 public hardly roalUos tho ev-,
tent tn which Canada's export truildj
Is dependenl on the providing ot credits tor other governments. Since the
middle ot 1918 credits amounting to j
$240,000,000 Imve lieen advanced to tlie
British Clovernmonl ns follows:—
Imperial Munitions Hoard. $182,000,-
iiDO; for the purchase of Canadian
grain, $[15,000,000; for tlie export of
dairy products, »:ir,.noo,oo(i; for the
sale nf H. c. Salmon pack, $s.0iiii,000:
for other exporls of tool!. I.Hl,Ullll.O0n.
Tliis money camo from the Canadian public in the term of loans. Out
ot tholr savings over 1,000,000 people
In   tliis   country   bought   Dominion
I h niils. and llius provided the funds
iint nf which those advances were
made,   Tins practice musi he contln-:
, tied If Canada is to jm-I iier share of.
tiie exporl trude. Those whn liny Wnr
Savings  and  Thrift   Stamps  supply i
! money for these credits.
' Tin: I'Oltl'OltATIOS OF Till' CITV
Xntire is hereby givon that the [
firs! 91111111* of the Conn "f Kcvision
for the purpose or hearing any nr all |
complaints against the assessment fori
the yenr 11119 as made by the Asses-;
aor of the Corporation ot the City of |
I'ninlirtinli. II. ('.. will lie lieli! In   llle
! Council Chamber at the City llnll,
Cranbrook, H. c. on Muudiiy.. March
Ibe Mth 1919 nt 10.30 n'elock iu lhe
forononn, City Time.
All appeals stutltiK grounds of appeals nmstWic made in wrltinr. lo the
i Assessor at least  10 days previous lo
I the first sitting of tbe Court.
!    Dated nl Cranbrook, ll. c. ibis 10th
' day of February, A. li. 1919.
I S-ft Assessor.
Hex. B, W. T,oc, pnsior
duitbap fflml) ictft
11 a.m.- Morning Service.
12 noon—Sunday School.
7.30 p.m.—Evening Worship, Subject
"The Historic Christ," second mi-
dress on "Tlie Inside of Hie Cup"
by Winston Churchill.
Wash Away
Skin Sores
D.D.a. the liquid wash, hns become n :
household word, it has proved itself a
renmrkubio remedy. If you nre a sufferer From shin diseases, Including ulcers, pimples, scales, crusts or Kczentn
in any form, tliis remedy will not disappoint you. It hns stood the test and
today is tlie muster preparation for all
skin diseases. Try D.D.D, today. We
guarantee it.- cranbrook Drug and
Booh Co., Cranbrook, B, C.
D. D. D.
hioxk    -   awt or  nit
In the first place, there is buck of it by far the
largest shoe manufacturing organization in Canada,
with resources far beyond those <if any other, umi
greater buying power in tlie material markets.
But that is not all. Important as those things are,
they are not the most important. For back of
the trade mark there is something else which we
could not escape if wc would: au obligation to keep
faith with the public.
The manufacturer of unbranded goods assumes no
responsibility fur them after they leave his factory,
The manufacturer of trade marked goods assumes
an obligation which lasts clear through to the
last day of their use.   Thc trade mark puis him
under bonds, as ii v
of his product, or It
r his
err, to maintain the quality
eh! bis reputation.   And the
, becomes, ttie heavier hii
NobUstt. oblige.
That is what is back uf tiie A.Il.M. trude mark.
That is what we offer to Canadian wearers of shoes.
That is why we ask you to look for the manufacturer's trade mark on the shoes you buy.
booklet entitled ''How to
c send you a copy wiih our
We have prepared
Buy Shoes." May
Please address our head office at Montreal.
"Shoemakers to the Nation"
When you buy Sftoet look for—
—this Trade-mark on every sola
A'Moffatt'Cook Stove
and Electric Washer.'
both almost new.
t|i|il! -2 Clarke Ave., fit).
YOI Ml YllltkSJINtt: llll til
G1MNDBOOK, 11. ('.
P. o. Box 4ir,.
Ra.w Furs
Tapper* .Ffcrnjer*.
lt does not cost you anything to
Get Our Ca.sl* Offer
on your furs. Express them to us
over  $5.00  valuation. Wc lnnko
you our offer
for your reply, returning thorn
if not purchased,   Try us
In llu-.liie'-s Since l**ss
Send for Price List.
Special price for Dark Martin
Mackay &Dippie
Sis 8th Avenue, Calgarr, Alia
Next Lyceum Attraction--
The Beverley
Parish Hall, Cranbrook
Thursday, Mar. 20th
Admission   75c
I I'.llll II SAI.K \  I .".ll I
I    Scaled tenders will bo rooelved by
! lho District PoroBter nol  later than
; noon on lho 7th duy of Mnroh, 1010,
tor lho purchase ol Licence X 1694.
j io cut 00,000 foci of l.'lr. Tamarac- und
Piiu' mul 2,300 Fir und Tamarac Tlea
on mi area Bltuatetl on Munro Lake,
iifur Moylo, Kootonay District.
TIIK ST AII SKI (IN l> HANI) STWIK     One in year "ill be nllowoil for
I removal of timber.
Further particulars ot tha Chief
Forester, Victoria, I), i'.. or lilstrlii
Forestor, Cranbrook, B, r.
1,1-1  uf Bargains this  Yiett.
Flat-topped desk, 5 drawers, $13,
Cradle washer, good us now. HF,o.
Wlhite Sowing Machine, treadle, fl-. j
Ohlnu cabinet, ninliogany, I'ondillon
ui* new, cost $80, for *40.
Ladies' writing desk, $22.
I'luno. Nordheiiner. $285. worth
I'luno, Classic, condition ns new,
saorlflce, $206,
Phone ti; If you want to buy anything
Phono I)
Yorkshire Boar for service—Apply
Hox 611, Clly. 10-0t*
FOK   SALE—2   Brunswick  Balko
Pool Tables, good condition, cheap,
nlso barber chair. 1.18 Hanson Av. 7-3t
FOIt BALE—Por Cash or terms,
small resilience on nuker hill. Apply
Herald Office. 7-(t
WANTED- Man or boy to help on
farm ami milk flv cows, apply box
1.1, Herald.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
rcservo established on tlie undermentioned lands by notice pnhlished
In the HritlBh Columbia Gasell.t otthe
27th December, 11)07, ls cam- Hod and:
Hint the said lands will bo open tor
pre-emption entry only at the office
of tlie Oovernment Agent at Cran- j
brook on the 2isi April next nt 0 a.m.
namely: -
Lots 12252 In 122110 inclusive, group
1, Kqolonay District.
No person will he allowed to pro-1
enipt more Ihnn one lot und applications made by returned discharged
soldiers shall he given .preference
over any applications made by other
0, It. Nudon,
Deputy Minister or Lands. I
Department of Lands. 8-et|
Victoria, IIC, I2lli Feby, 101(1
Gold Soap is the best cake of yellow
laundry soap you can buy. It is
also the biggest cake. Compare it
with any other cake at the price,
you'll see it is bigger. Use it once and
you'll continue to use it. Remember
the name and the wrapper so that
you'll be sure to get the right thing.
Cold Soap is made in lhe Procter A Gamble Factories
at Hamilton, Canada
Music Lovers Amazed hy
Edison's Daring Test
All told, a,ooo,ooo music lovers in Canada and
the United States, on more than I ;oo different
occasions, have gone to one of their local theatres
rilled with curiosity regarding a startlingly novel
musical recital to which they had been invited.
In each case they
have come away amazed at the almost unbelievable demonstration
which had.taken place
before their very eyes,
and ears — the most
daring test of a phonograph or talking
machine ever made.
They saw a noted Ediion artist stand beside
"The Phonograph with a Soul"
They heard the instrument -aing in ihe artist'* voice—in other
word.., re-treale her voice, Presently the artist herself began to
sing note for note with the lin-trume.it. Musically trained ears
strove in vain to distinguish tin* faintest shade of difference between
the actual voice and thc Rc-Creatlon, Then, suddenly and without warning, the artist ceased singing, leaving the instrument to
continue the air alone, Only l>v watching tlie artist's lips did the #
audience know that she had ceased singing and that they heard the
instrument alone.    This is the famous Kdison Tone Test.
Only Edison makes this test. Only Ediion can malte this test,
because only thc New Edison actually rt-treates the human voice
and the music ot human-played instruments with every tone quality
ami every shade of expression. Ordinary phonographs, and talking
machines, merely reproduce.
If you have ml httn fortunate enough, to witness tin Edittn
Tone Test, you may at least hear Jidiwt's wonderful new fht-     166
nograph at onr store.   Make th" tifne to suit your cenvtuieHce,      ^Ji
Cranbrook Drug & Book Go, Ltd., Cranbrook, B.C.


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